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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LXVI    Issue Number: 3373
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 28/03/1817
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LXVI    Issue Number: 3373
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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AND MIDLAND COUNTIES ipaif feif V- ; % general advertiser VOL. LX VI. Printed and Published by John Price, Market- place, Leicester* No. 337.3 JFTvTDAY, MARCH 28. 18 17. f Circulated through the principal Towns, and populous Villages, iri the Cduritifcs of Leicester, Rutland | Lincoln; Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, ami York. > * < STAMFR DOTY id. ? PRICE 7d.— OR > PAPER & PRINT-... i. Sil. $ 6*. Oil. per Quarter Sunday's and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON. MONDAY, Match C4-. Paris and oilier foreign Journals have arriv- al to a late date. ' I h<* v slate I hat the Army of occupation is lo take up fresh cantonments, in order to relevo the districts in which they are pow s' ationed. The Duke of Wellington remained at P'. iiis. 1 he French Chambers are not yet prorogned. Alarming disturbances • have be n ocra ioticd in French I'land rs hy the scarcity of |. r< n isions, and it has been found necessary to call in the military to pre- set ve the public tranquility ; Hie I'rilish troops have received tbe thanks ofthe civil autho- rities lor their exertions.— T he obnoxious toll 011 the commerce of the Scheldt is not jet • withdraw n In the King of ihe Netherlands. HoUaisd suffers much from inundations. The Pope has lesioted the independence ofthe little Republic of Saint Marino. The Emperor of Russia has induced the Nobility of Cour- land to liberate their peasants. Another noble act of Alexander has been to forbid tbe per- secution ofa sec' of Dissenters from the Creek Church ; in the rescript issued tor that pur- JMW, the Fmperor observes that instruction, mildness, and good example, not constraint and punishment, are the true means of spread- ing the doctrines of Christianity, and bring- ing back to the bosom of the Church those who have gone astray. 3. T Ashby tie la Zouch Canttl. Ml F, next gei era' Assembly of Proprietors of tli. s underlal* mg, will lie held at the White Hail Inn, in Aslthv de la Zouch, in the eiiuntv of Leicester, on Monday the seventh day of April next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when and where the several proprfl- tnrs art requested lo at- tend hy themselves or Proxies. JOHN CROSSLEY, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors. Ashbv, 2oth March, lt! 17. The following shows the Losses to the Land- ed and Agricultural Interests in the yeals 181 f. ) 815, and 1816 : — Kent of land and houses, according to the reiuriis under the Property Tax was ^ 60,000, out) reduced in value at li ast one third, or ^ O, 000,000 Produce of 36,000 "( Ml acres of land re duced in value30s. pel ami. lor three years 162,000,000 Reduced value of 1,600,000 horses at 6/ each Reduced value of 10,( WO, 000 rows and oxen at ;>/. each Reduced value of 36,000,000 sheep and lambs, at tjs, each Reduced valueof 5 million hogs, at ; 50S each Reduced value uf poultry. eggs, butter, eltw. se, Ace. Aic. Jf. IVilliam Foster's Bankruptcy. rpIIF. Commissioners in n Commission of flank- J rupt, awarded and issued tortli against *- V j L- 1.1 AM FOSTER, of Leicester, in the county of I. eicester, Ginecr, Tallow Chandler, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet at the Angel Inn. iti Market fiat borough, in the said comity nf LeicrS- ler, on Saturday the 29th day of this iiist. Mnrfcti, at eleven in the forenoon, in order to lake the last examination nf the said Bankrupt, and to receive the further proof ot debts under the said Commission. GEOKGK WARTNABY, Solicitor to the Commission. Market Harhoroiigh, March 19, lot?. f- Samuel Foster's Bankruptcy. ' MIF, Commissi' tiers in a Commission of Bank- rupt awarded and issued forth against SA- MUEL FOSTER. of Leicester, in tiie countv of Leicester, Tallow Chandler, Dealer ami Chapman, intend to meet at Ihe Angel Inn, in Market Harbo- rough, in the said comity of Leicester, on Saturday the 29th day of this instant, March, at eleven ill the forenoon, in order to take the lust examination of the said Bankrupt, aud to receive the further proof ot debts under the said Commission. GEO KG E WARTNAt'. Y, Solicitor to the Commission, Market Harboroiigh, March 19, 1817. I 3, COO ,000 30,000,000' 24,000,000 - ffir 7,500, dftO 400,000 Divided into three years Annual loss 3) 283,300.000 / 3. rpiiE 1 i" FIRE AMI LIFE I N S U It A N C, E HIE Inhabitants of I. e cestel- uild thfe Neigh- • ourbood, are respectfully informed, that Ptoposals containing the Teritls and Conditions of Insuiance ot the BIRMINGHAM FIRE OFFICE, AND THE BIRMINGHAM LIFE INSURANCE ANNUITY OFFlCr., And every Information relative to Life Insurance and Annuities, may be obtained gratis ou ap- plication to ROBERT FREER, I. ETC ESTER. AGENT TO BOTH OFFICES. Hay, Corn, Cattle, and Imp/ orients of Hushandi y, I turned in one Sum, at is per CeHt. Losses from Fire occasioned by Lightning made good. The leading Principles oil which this Office is established, are as follow:— A Capital of half a Million has been subscribed, as a security for all the Engagements of the Institu- tion, the Proprietors taking on themselves tlie sole res- ponsibility. white the Insurers participate with them in the Profits without any risk, as one tliiid part is to be appropiiated every seven years to increase each policy, in proportion to the aggregate amount paid by each person for premium. By order ofthe Directors, R. I. WITHERI11GE, Secretary. RUGBY SCHOOL. I6 To tht, Cleft}/. A Clergyman in Priests orders, who can give the most respectable references as to character, Sec. Wishes to obtain a Curacy ill or near Leicester. A very moderate salary would be rrtjuired. Letters (" post paid) addressed to A. 2. at the Journal Office, Will be duly attended to. 1 f. TURNPIKE BOTDS; From Market Ilarborougli to Loughborough. From Leicester to Hinckley arid Nurborough. From Leicester to Ashby- de- la- Zoudf NOT ICE is hereby given, that the Tolls aris- ing at the undermentioned Toll Gates on the said respective roads, will be severally let bv auction, at the house of Mr. Bishop, the Three Clowns Inn, in Leicester, oil Monelav, the thirty- first day of March instant, at teh o'clock in the morning, for one year, from the loiirtli day of April next, upon such conditions as shall be tlieii stated: and will be severally put up at such sums as the ' Trustees then present shall direct, not ex- ceeding the sums hereunder mentioned. Whoever liappi • lis to be the highest bidder must give secu- rity with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of tbeT in- tees of the sniil t urn pike reads respectively, for payment of the rents and performance of the contracts of the respective takers. JESSE BElf KIDGK, Clerk to the Trustees ofthe said several Roads. Leicester, 17th March. 1817. ^ TO BE LEI', And entered upon at Lady- day next, 4 Genteel House, with suitable outbuildings, i V yard, garden, and 23 acres of valuable land, pleasantly situated in the village of Thrum. c- ton, three miles from Leicester, and twelve from iWel- tort Mowbray. The house contains < t parlotus, kitchen, blew house, cellars, & a. and six lodging rooms; For a view of the premises apply to Mr. - SIMP- KIN or Air. ALLEN, both of Thniniaston; and for further particulars to Mr, CAKVliR. Imarsby. fTMIF, Anniversary Meeting at Rugby I . School, w ill be lioldeu on the 9th of April, being the Wednesday in ISaster week. The Ladies and Gentlemen who intend to favor the meeting with their, company, are requested to beat the School House, at a quarter before one o'clock, at which time the delivery of the Prize Composition and Speeches will commence. The public rehearsal for the inhabitants will take place wu Tuesday the 8th, at ten" o'clock. Those only who are invited, are expected at the previous re- hearsals. Hon. DANIEL FINCH, I Col. Sir KOBERT' III! L, ( Ordinaries and Balls as usual in the New Assem- bly Rooms, at the Spread Eagle Inn. 94,500,00 > Vuluuhle Estate, at East Langton, Leicestershire, j TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, X- By Mr IIOLLOWAY, At the Angel" Inn, in Market Hai borough, on Tuesday the 15lh of April, 1817, at three o clock jn the Afternoon, in such lots and subject to such • conditions of sale, as will be then produced,( un- less previously disposed of by private Contract, ot which notice will be given,) Acres of highly valuable inclosed Freehold 4U I. AN'D, ill East Li'tigton aforesaid, adjoin- ing lo the tow n, and within 4 miles of Market Har- limough, conveniently subdivided, and now in the respective occupations of Thomas Smith, Leonard Coleman, Richard Oswin, and John Watson, who will give immediate possession. Tor a view of the Est ite, apply to Mr. Thomas Smith, ot East Langton; and further piiticulats mav be known oil application at the Office of Messrs. W \ KTNABY and SHUTTLKWOKTH, in Market Harboroiigh. V TO BE LET, From year to year, or for a term of years if required. 4 Capital Arable and Grazing Farm, / V known by the name of the WHITE LODGE FARM, situate at Goailby Marwood, near Waltham. in the comity of Leicester, containing bv a late survey U3A. In. IP. The buildings are very ONSaiodion* ami in good repair, and the land in excellent condition. The premises may be viewed on application to the present tenant. Possession may be had on the 25th . M- jreh instant, ind the terms may be learnt on enquiry nt the office of Messrs. WARD, LOCKE IT, and BAL- GUY, in Derby. Derby, March 6 1817. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, The greatest part Tytlie free and Land Tux redeemed, WITH A MOST CAPITAL MANSION HOUSE And One Hundred and Twenty Nine Acres qf I. A N D, Including Plea- nit Grounds, Plantations, walled • Gardens, and Two Fi ll Ponds, CALLED THE PASTURES, THE RESIDENCE OF THE r. ATE JOHN PEEI , F. SQR. Situated en the Birmingham Road, within three miles of Derby, and eight Irom Burton upon To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BllEAREY, IS ONE LOT, On Wednesday the 9th day of April, 1817, at the house of Mrs. Woodward, King's Head Inn and George Hotel, Derby, at 4 o clock ill Ihe afternoon, subject to conditions then to be produced. r pTI'lS valuable and highly improved estate, X comprises ari excellent stoue built mansion liousc, with One Hundred and Twenty nine Acres of I, and, 111 the highest condition, with several small thriving plantations, two fish ponds, pio^' uctive walled garden, cloathed with a number of choice fruit trees in full bearing. The house which has been erected but a few years, is remarkably well built, and contains in part a lofty and elegant en trance hall, ( with two circular stair eases,) size 26 feet by 16i, ( lining room 28 feet by 21, height 14 feet 6, drawing room 2."> by 21, height 14 feet 0 breakfast room 18 feet hy 16 feet 6, height 14 feel 6, library 18 feet square, height 14 feet 6, small parlour 18 feet 4 by 12, height 14 feet 6, nine capi- tal lodging rooms with dressing rooms, water clo. set, and five airy attics, housekeepers loom, but- ler's pantry, servants hall, good kitchen with stew hearths, roaster, & c. larder, back kitchen, an ice house, four large dry arched cellars, and warm ail- stove. Detached from the mansion is a farm house, with suitable offices, dairy, cheese room, ic. Also a bath with dressing room adjoining. Large paved court yard, with coach houses, and three good slab ts containing standings for ten horses, saddle house, granaries, arc. & c. At a convenient distance are cow sheds, piggeries, waggon hovel, dog kennel, smithy, < Scc. Oil leaving the turnpike road Hie approach to the house leads by a remarkably neat cottage. Tbe house and premises may be viewed 10 days prior to the sale. N. B. The Furniture may be taken at a valua- tion. For Barticnhrsapply to MR. OSBORNE, Solici- tor, Burlon- upou T rent , or Mr. BRtAREY, # er » ' I Primrose Hill. O BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AN excellent House recently built called Primrose Hill, fit for the residence of a genteel family, with convenient attached and de- tached offices, coach house, stables, < S; o and walled garden, beautifully situated within three quarter! of a mile of Coventry, together with upwards of thirty- eight acres of capital land. A person on the premises will shew the house 1111( 1 land ; and for price and particulars apply to Mr. PEA KM AN, Solicitor, Coventry, Possession may be bad at Ladv- dav next Stewards. Notice is hereby given, rp II AT the Partnership subsisting' between J JOHN WILLS and RICHARD CAR FEU, Worsted . Spinners, was dissolved the 18th day of April, 181 j, by mutual consent. ir. JOHN WILLS, jO • RICHARD CARTER. WITNESS THOMAS FI EM LYO, JAMES SUARIM. OW. Leicester, 24th March, 1817. Ik T1 RODUERS'ii Bankruptcy. LIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the Stub of October, 11116, awarded and issued forth against CHARLES RODGERS, of Melton Mowbray, in the county of Leicester, Grocer, Dealer aud Chapman, intend to meet on the 7th April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the George and Talbot Inn, iu Melton Mowbray afoiesaid, in order to make a dividend ot the estate and effects ofthe said Bankrupt ; when and wheie the Creditors, who have not already proved their debts, are to come ptepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend, and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. On the Market Harboroiigh and Loughborough Roads. The Bowden Gate Tolls £ 671 Oadby Gate ' l olls 490 Leicester, or Marquis of Grauby Gate Tolls 767 Belgrave Gate Tolls 941 Loughborough Gate Toils 900 On the Hinckley and Narborou& h Ruad. The Forest Gate Tolls S26 On the Ashbt/ de. la Zouch Road. The Ashliy Ga'te Toils 166 All the above- mentioned sums being tliose the said Tolls are respectively Jet at tor the current year ending the said tom ili day of April. N. it. No bidding will he accepted unless the Bidder previously produces the consent lit Writing of at least two sureties ( to be approved by the Trustees) to become bound tor payment of the rent and performanc e of tbe conditions of his taking, and the highest bidder will be required IMMEDI- ATELY TO PAY ill advance Ten Pounds per cent on the amount of the rent, no Senility for which will be taken except from persons whose responsibility is well know u to ihe Trustees. 2S- A Gentleman or Lady rtlay be accomo- dated with Board and Genteel Apartments, in a Sihall and respectable Family in the town of Ktlgby; For further particulars apply ( if by letter post pa'd.) to Z. Y. Post Office, Riigtiy. y TO BE SOLD ORTET, • ( In one or more lots) ACapital Hunting Seat with convenient otit- offices, stables and granary, one third of tbe Manor of Billesdon, and 15 act-' es of Land contigii- ous to tbe bouse, called the COplow House, in the parish of Billesdoh, with ah excellent FoJt Cover of about 10 acres. Also, A Farni Consisting ot a dwelling house, Out- offiee*, and about 140 acres of land lying round the same, situate in the lordship of Billesdoil. Immediate possession may be had of tbe above e.- tate, and for particulars applv to Mr. HOLDS- W ORTtl, of'TILTONjor Mr. FREER, Attorney, Leicester. II' bluckbourn's bankruptcy. I Mountsorrel— Leicestershire. TO BE LET', ABOUT' 67 Acres of LAND, together with tbe Farm House, barn, stables, mid farm- stead, in occupation of Richard Freeman, situated neai the Plain, in the parish of Moontsorre1, w ith about 5 acres adjoining the house, in the parish of Qiioriidon. A LSO, A Meadow, in the parish of Quorndon, in occu- pation of Richard Freeman aforesaid, containing 9A IR 3? P. Application to Mr. L^ NGWtTH, Grantham,( if by letter post paid) will be immediately attended 10 ; or personally at die Crown Inn, Mountsorrel, 011 the 26th instant. 17th March, 1817. / o RAM INN— Hinckley TO BE SOLD, OR LET, And entered upon immediately, r I AT well known and long established INN, iu one of the best situations in the Town of Hinckley, in the county of Leicester, known by the Sign ofthe RAM INN, with excellent Stabling and every other convenience attached thereto, making it a replete situation tor a Commerr ial Inn, in excellent repair, and in full business, consuming upwards of 20 bushels of Malt weekly. For particulars apply to Mr. COTTRILL ; Mr. CO LL1NGTON ; or Mr. HOLLIKK, Auctioneer, Hixckley. NOB'I H A M PTOK9111H E.— To IS N K EEPEKS. TO BE SOLD, OR LET, HAT old established Inn and Posting House, tlit George Inn, in Kettering, with or without six acres of rich land, nearly adjoining. The horses, chaises, furniture, stock of urines, < kc may be had at a valuation. The situation is very disirahle for any persans wishing to enter into the above business. The in- coming will be easy, and to accommodate a pur- chaser, the greater part of the money may remain on security ofthe estate. Further particulars may be obtained bv apply- ing at the nffire of THOMAS MARSHALL, Soii- citor, in Kettering. rplIE Commissioners in a Commission of JL Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against CHAR1. KS BLACKBOUKN, of Nevvaik upon Tient, in the county of Nottingham, Corn Factor, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on tbe 18th day of Apiit next, at eleven o'clock iu Ihe loreiinon, at the George Inn, iu Hinckley, ill the county of Leicester, in order to make a dividend of the estate and effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where llie creditois who have not already proved their debts are to coinr prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said divi dead, and all claims not then proved will be dis- allowed. By order, JOHN and CHARLES PEARSON, Solicitors, 2Z- TURNPIKE ROADS From Leicester to Uppingham and Wansfurd, A Nt) From Oakham to Uppingham and Kettering. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls aris- ing nt the undermentioned l oll Gates on the said respective roads, will be put up to lie Let bv Auction, it the house of Mrs. E. Reeve, the Falcon Inn, ill Uppingham, on W ednesday Ihe 2d day of April next, at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, iu the manner directed by the act passed in tiie thirteenth year of the reign of his Maji sty King George the Third, for regulating turnpike roads, and upon such conditions as shall be then stated, and will be severally put up at such as the Trustees then present direct, which Tolls were let for the IHS; three years, On the Leicester, Uppingham, and If'ansford Road. Tbe Wardley- lane Foils, 0 0 The Wansford Gate, and Side Gate Tolls 176 0 0 On the Oakham, Uppingham and Kettering. The Ayston GaJe, and Side Gate • • • • 2, i0 0 0 The Rockingham Gate Tolls • 150 0 0 Whacver happens to be tbe best Bidder, must give security with sufficient sureties, to the satis- faction of the Trustees of the said turnpike roads respectively, for tlie payment of the lent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct, and per- formance ol the contracts ofthe respective tiikers. SAMUEL DOUGAL, Clerk. Grauby Lodge, fltli March, I817. TO COVER THIS SEASON, 1H17. . At OUSIOiSE HA > L, near Market Bosworth, t Leicestershire. v- magic, AT FIVE GUINEAS each, Blood Mares, and 5s. tiie Groom; and THREE GUINEAS Country Mares, and os. the Groom. MAGIC was got by Sorcerer, da. m by Highflyer, grandma by Marske. Winners of a £ m plate", or those Mares that have bred winners ofa ^ 50 plate, to be eovcr'd gratis, Groom'r Fee excepted. Good Grass for Mares, and every requisite at* tention. Corn if required, N. B. Tbe Money to be paid at the time of covering, or before the Mares are taken a way. 24 Fraud Prevented. TO counteract the many attempts that are daily made to impose on the unwary a spurious composition instead of Genuine Blacking prepared by Day and Martin, they arc induced to adopt a new label in which their signature anil address, 97, HIGH HOLCORN, is placed so conspicuously in the centre of the label, that they trust an attention to this, and the difference of the type which is unlike all letter- press, y* jll, enable purchasers at once to detect the imposition. The Real Japan Blacking, made and sold whole- sale by DAY AND MARTIN, 97, High Holborn, and retailed by the principal Grocers, Druggists, Booksellers, Ironmongers, Perfumers, Boot- Mai*- crs, itc. in the United Kingdom, In Bottle.-, at ( id. Is. and Is. 6d. each. A ropy of. 1 lie Label will be left willi ail Vcnderi. COUNTY IT RE OFTTCE. TRUSTEES. Tim DUKE OF Ituj- tAXo, K. O. " Trie Marquis or BUCKISCIIAM, THE MAHHUIS OF NOKTIMMPTOK, THE F. ARI, OF Uei'Ea Ossosy, Wii, i, IAM PBAI- vD, F. S « . M. P. S. liisKNAitD Mnaf. ASD, Esa. M. P, 1HRKCTORS. Fort LEICESTERSHIRE. Cot Ci. Crump, Altextim Hull Thomas Leach, f'. s,/: Leicester Thomas iMilter, I- si;. ditto II m. Middteton, l. sij. Hanker. Loughborough. C. H'I), Stanley, Esq. lirau„ stoH Managing Uirector. J. T. Barber Be. uunont, Esq. F. A. S. ET'URNS to the Amount of 14,500/. Iinva been paid within the three Inst years to those have been insured Seven Years ;- « greater Advantage to the Public than hai been kithet'. o yielded by any WELL SECURED Establishment. And the pub- lic may rest assured that claims npnn this office are never defeated upon mere le^ al objections, in order to enhance these retUYns, but that demands are paid in full with the utmost promptness Agents are appointed in all the principal towns who are also Agents to the PROVIDENT LIVE <) FF1CE, founded on similar piincjples. H if. TO BE SOLD HY AUCTION, / v Bv Mr. CHAPMAN, At the White Hart Inn, in Ashby de la Zoacb, on Monday tiie 31st day of March instant, at six o'clock in the evening; ( Subject to such conditions as will be then pro- duced.) HI! REE closes or pieces of Freehold Land, situate on Ashley Woulds, in the following lots, viz. LOT 1. T v/ T TO BE DISPOSED OF BY PRIVATE // CONTRACT, 4 Capital Tan Yard, & c. situate at Wil- harslon, in the county of Noithainptnn, within eight miles of three market towns. T he country around affords a plentiful supply of bark and raw materials. The yard is capable of hold- ing one thousand hides, has every necessary out- building , lately pat 111 complete repair, with a good substantial dwelling house, and two closes of pas- ture ground, containing by admeasurement 15 ai res or thereabouts, and now or lute ill the occupa- tion of Mr. Panther. For a view of the estate apply to Mr, PEAKE NICHOLS, ol Wi| bar> tou aforesaid ; and for fur- ther particulars, or to treat for the same, at the office of THOMAS - MARSHALL, Solicitor, Ket- tering, R. P. 2 0 Asherweod's close LOT 2. Farmer's close t 3 20 LOT 3. Holbrook s close 2 0 8 Further particulars may be had 011 application at the office of Mr. SMITH, in Ashby de la Zoucli. Ashbv, 21st March. 1817. w ho 73- PIKE NIX FIRE- OFFICE if l. vsehy, Leicestershire TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CRAGG, rpiIE valuable fanning stock, implements j in husbandry, dairy utensils, and other effects, 011 the premises of Mr. HYDE, At Loschy, ( who is leaving his farm,) on Thnrsdav, the 3d. of April, 1817. Tbe sale w ill comuionec precisely at ten o'clock, with the live stock, consisting of 50 lamb hogs, ( in lots) 24 shearlings, 5 incalved cows, 3 barren ditto, 5 inciilved heifers, V fat rows, 6 bullocks. ( Irish bred) 6 home bred bullocks, 1 excellent bull calf, aud 5 excellent voting draught horses and mares. I'he implements uf husbandry, consist of 2 broad wheel cut-, 1 narrow wheel ditto, under work for gig, with harness in good preset vation. t ploughs, ox harrow, 2 pair small ditto, roll, 2" lots of posts and rails, large quantity of fence trays, 3 cow cribs, excellent horse trough, grind- ing stone, large quantity of kids and fire wood and 2 drag rakes. ' I he dairy utensils, comprise cheese press, and milk leads, barrel churn, cheese vats, mid 20 tin hoops to match, 2 iron coppers, large brass pan, g- eat quantity of very good tubs and barrels, a quantity of old iron, & c. The Slock is well bred, and worthy the attea- tiou ot the public. RENEWAL Receipts for Policies falling due at Lady day, are now in the Hands of tile several Agents of the Company. Insurances of every Description's are effected on the most moderate Terms. Stock on a Farm may be insured in one '"' um without the Average Clause, at tis. per Cent, per Ann. Losses by Fire occasioned by Lightning have always been paid by this Office. *„* Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds or upwards, will not he charged for the Policy: Aud all Endorsements will be made Gratis. By Order of the Directors, II. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. „ FO It PRESERVING AND BEtUTIEYINO UTLISR'S VLGEI ABLF. TOoTH- i'OWDER' HAS SO long been tbe appendage of evcrv Toilette of rank and fashion that it is unne- cessary to offer any further reccmtnemdatioii of it. Being compo- ed nf V egetahles, aud without the as- sistance of any Mineral or pernicious ingredient whatever, it is free from the usual ohjection against the use of © . thcr Dentilices. lis detersive power is just sufficient to annihilate those destructive corrod- ing particles which generally ad If l'e to the irlltns aud ill the interstices of ihe Teeth, without jejuni].! the surface of either;— healing soreness in the for- mer, and promoting a new Enamel of pearlv white- ness, where it has been injured, or corroded, ou the latter. It likewise imparts a firmness and beautiful redness to the gums;— to the breaih the most delt- c table sweetness: and if used constantly, as directed, will preserve the Teeth in a sound state eieu to old age. Sold in Boxes, al 2. Pd. by R, Butler mid Sou No. 4. Cheapside, London ; aud also by M. - sis. Swinfen and Co. Moore, Derbyshire, Halloa, and Aoi. ott Leicester; Ilijgs, Harburoujek; Adc ick and l. ead better, Meltouj Adauis, Lwugtlburuugli aud iieaJs more, Asbtijr. SPRl. W LOTTERY. J. srVEWRIGHT, Contract O p, FOR. the ensuing Lotteries, in defareuce to tb » W isbes of ihe Public, bus determined to charge ou I v the following verv modemf- Puzes for Tickets unit Shares in the Spring Lottery, vvbich ' begins drawing toe 30ili of APRIL, vi A Whole Ticket only 18 Guineas A half U9 ly Oj Aii eighth II < 5 A quarter 5 1 0 A sixteenth 1 0 O A ml tbe following Scheme is stibniitt'- d with great confid.- nce that if can" n but meet with uni- versal approbation, for instead ol' containing four bhiuks to 1 prize, as usual, the present, contains more than 2 prizes to l blank. • SCHEME, " 9 Prizes of i^ ii. tl n Money. - - -. .£ 40,000 2 20,0.10 Consols 40,1) 00 2 2,1) 00 Ditto -..,.... 4,000 2 2,0ii0 Mmiev-... 4,000 * 1, oiio Consols ...... 4,001) 6 ;, H0 Ditto .... 3,000 l'> 2" 0 Ditto 2,' lilO 10 tun Money j, ooo » > 50 Money l.<> 00 40 .15 Money........ 1,000 2,000 12 Money 24,000 ( Prizes ofa Ticket each in Ibe next I 8,000 < Lottery, lobe diijwu 41I1 Julie* ' 96,000 10.093 Prizes. 4,502 Blanks. Grand Total. ^' 220,000 14,600 Tickets. First drawn 1,000 Blanks £ it each. Every prize above £ 25 entitled, in addition to such prize, 10 1 of tiie abuse 8,000 tickets; so that a ticket or share 1,1 ay not only gain a capital prize in this Lottery, but after that may gain number capital in the next Ivtterv. * T he Lottery to be drawn 011 the 4th of JUNE will consist only ofthe 8,000' lockets giien as prizes iu tbe above scheme, and wit! contain two prizes of .£' 15,000, t of £' 2/ 100. besides oilers of d 1,000, ^ 5l) t>, £' i'M, & c. all of vvbich must be gained bv adventurers in he present Lotte rv, who lur v the option of keeping their Prize Tickets, or s » Hmg < li<* in tor £ 12 each, any time before the 1st of June. Tickets and Sb ires are now on sale at J. Sive* wrigbt's ( the Contractor's) ' Mice's, No37, Corn-. bill, No. 38, Havtnarket, Noll, HolWu, and No 141, Oxf lit street; And by the Agents mall the Cities a Ad Towns as iisuui. L e i c e s t e r Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. •- « — i. " Wednesday and Thursday's Post. LONDON, WEDNESDAY March 16. The Seditious Meetings Prevention Hill wan, by tiie large majority of 111 to 23, passed in the House of Lords on Tuesday night, together with ttie new clause for preventing; mob meet ings ofthe Westminster demagogies Jtuiu being held under the nose ol Parliament, bearding, as it were, the . Ligisiiiluic, and di lying tin Courtsof Jus- tice. Little . was done in the Mouse of Commons ttin Tuesday liiglit. and indeed nothing of Interest is exp. cted until after the Recess, when it may lie supposed the Party will - make another effort or two. Froni the ap- pearance of business it. is probable that this Session will not be much prolonged. We anticipate its rising in June.— SI N, Tiie only important feature in the Foreign Nev. s, late'y. received, is llic annunciation of a general Amnesty by the King of" SI* WN, extending not ouiy over that country, but to ihe Anient an Colonies iO 33- Oil tiie ( 1 r coster, o'clock LL BE SOI 1) BY AUCTION, Bv Mr OWSTON, ( By order of tile Assignees) cftlis'es, the Bowling G^ ecli fun, in T. ei on Wednesday Hit'id Apiil, Hit?, at 10 A the to tin ihe as Lord Exmouth has been in constant at tcnda. uce at the Admiralty for these few days past, and it is in consequence rumoured that circumstances have occurred to render ano- ther visit to Algiers absolutely necessary. Advices have been received . from Canton to the iiji. h of November, which is one week later than the intelligence previously received. ' 1 he Embassy had not returned to Canton at that dale, nor had our trade experienced any 1 . iterruptiou in cuns'- quciico of recent events. The new Dill to explain and amend the '. Act of the 48th of the present reign for re- pealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes, and . graining- new Duties in lieu thereof, aiid to exempt such dwelling houses ai may be em- ployed for the sole purpose of trade, or lodg- ing goods, wares, or merchandize, from the duti- s charged, has been printed: It enacts, tliat tenements which have been occupied as duelling house* shall not be charged said duties when employed solely for purpose of trade ; nor when employed wai'. houses, provided no- jierson inhabits or dwell therein, except in the day time Only, and for the purpose of such trade Such tene- ments, however., are to be brought iiiio assess- meut as- dwelling houses, but on notice thai they are used solely and exclusively as above, the assessor or surveyor, on finding the state- ment correct, is to discharge said tenements from said assessment. . Attempted Escape from Xewgate.— A priso ner named Boiven, w. lio had been capitally convicted and reprieved, made a curious at teyipt to escape on Monday evening from Newgate. Oil the exclusion of strangers from - the prison, or rather ihe prisoners' friend*, Le lioi, one of lhe turnkeys, had his suspicions excited by a very tall person in female attire, who was one of Hie first to get into the inner yard.. The dress was a black gown, and a bouncing French bonnet. Le Koi communi- cated his suspicions to the principle turnkey iu the lodge, The lady made the attempt to pass into the street w ith others, w hen Bishop recognized the features ol the prisoner, Bo wen. — lie told linn lie should not like to' be UMgen- ieel lo a lady, but it was his duty to detain her. Bowen was formerly valet to a Noble Eat I. At eleven o'clock. at night he was sent off in the caravan, with - 20 other convicts, tor Ports- mouth. With the exception of two or three, these men were all respited from death, and n more h rdened set have seldom been sent o . lotiseliohl Furniture and I. ineti, a new rinhhCow, and uther Ellecfs, of THOMAS \\ HIGH I . ( a Bankrupt) Consisting of four post, t'avi- linu, ami other lied stead-, with furniture, good lea* lur and wool hods and bcrttlini , nialmi; aity and otmi table- and chairs, wool and oilier mattresses pier and suing glasses, bureau aud bonk ca-- t*. w a'diobe, chc- 1 uf drawers, 3 hour Clock good k felieu tni'lntine. \: C. . To TiE'soT. i) iTT a~ i TIO. v, • J'- l' By Mr. OWSION, On the premises Elm- thorpe, near Karl Shilton, in Ihe eoitnty of Leicester, on Tuttr- day the 3d. day of April, 1817, a! 1' o'clock, TPW\ KDS ol 120 lots of implements J husbandry, I've, grass, useful goods, aud other effects of . Mr. UOICIIHN<; TON\ ( Whn is leaving his Farm >. Consisting of horse tackle, liarrows, ladders, harvest bottles, cheese shelves, stue. es and caps fortick frames, sevcial sacks of capital lye grass, sontt' old plaister brisk* and sotrghiu'g tiles, a targe quantity of thatch peg-, Hood gates and stops, tur- nip ciiitets, bedsit il l*, titbit s, chaits, good thirty hour clock, 26 . gallon copper, bras* clter. se jam, tubs, barrels, and tlaii v utensil-. Catalogues may tic liatl on tip- piemises, and of . Mr. Owston ' Ar// i. ileal. of bolisetiold TO BR SOI I) BY AUCTION, My Mr. OWSTON, On the premises. Nelkeiseal Pasture, in the county of Lcircsecr, on Easter Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 7th, ( Hh, and 9 th days of April, 1817, at ten o'clock, I I. I the gpiitst- l aud very useful Household Furniture, l. iuen, Glass. arid China, some Implements of Husbandry, atttl other Effects, of tile lale I MOM AS riAHREU. Gent. dec. Consisting of lofty four post and fie'd bedsteads, clotherl with cllhttr, dimity, and other furnitures, excellent feather beds, Ivaukets, mattresses, auti counterpanes, mahogany and painted chairs, ma- hogany, dining, tea, Card, ivotl dressing tables, fl or and bedside carpets, sofa, spring time piece, pier and swing glasses, mahogany wai drobc and chest of ( barters, tr'at - parent blinds, handsome book case with plate gla- s folding doors, mash anil other brewing tubs, several excellent bands, copper and bra « s pots and kettles, and very useful kitchen fur- niture, dairy utensils, and upwards of 10O tuts of Implements in husbandly, which, with the dairy utensils, will he sold on tilt fust day. Catalogues may tie had on the Premises; * t the Printing Office, Ashby de la Zoirrh ; and of Mr. OWSTON. 3J hi/ R'iyat Authority. J. B D I X li I L I., Printer, Bookseller Stationer, aud Seller, LUTTERWORTH, Mu RESPECTFULLY INFORMS the PUBLIC that he is appointed sole Vender ( for the Counties of Leicester. Northampton; and Warwick,) of Dr. WM. ROBERTSON'S Vegctalte, fiilmiis, and Anti scorbutic I) It o p s, By Mrs. GIUER, No. 7, Bloomsbury square, I/ union, Gniud daughter of Dr Knliertsnii, and sole proprietor of tlr. it invaluable Medicine, who resided a shoit tune lit Lutterworth, and effected many astonishing cures, the particulars of which mav be known by applying at J. Butt rill's Library, High street. to- Genuine Patent Medicines. March, 1817. A' io Publicans and others— trethuld Homes and Land. 34- TO BE soil) HY AUCTION, 1 By Mr. BALL. On flic premises of flic late Mr. E 1) W A R 1) F I S H E K, The Bnntt Inn, in Longhliormtgh, On Monday the 7th day of April, 1817, between the hulls nt 4 and ti in tile wfternnon, agreeable to conditions of sale then to be produced; LOT » . LL flint d « sitablemid we'll accustomed Public House, known as the sign ofthe Boott Inn, iu the Market place, Loughborough, consisting of house, 2 parlours, passage, gateway, and a tene- ment adjoining, all in fiout, Containing 7. S feet, large dining room, 7 good lodging room-, good cellars, brettHouse, back kitchens, soldiers rooms , gtwa- ry, saddle house, pig sties, out houses, 12 good stables lo hold seventy horses, barn, roomy yard and gaedeit. ' rite purchaser may have immediate possession by taking the brewing neosiis and furniture at a fair value. This lot is desirable as a Public House, a Fac- tory, or any extensive trade. LOT J. Two Tenements, situated in Wood gate, in the tenure of Joseph Johnson and Thos. Brown. LOT .!. A large roomy Fuelinld House, malt office, large garden, and light of common, at Mount- solid, known by the sign of The Old Red Lion, opposite the Cioss, in the tenure of Mr. Simpson, of M smitsorrcl. LOT 4. Four closes of valuable meadow or pa- tureLand, containing up wards of ltfactcs, in tiie occupation of Mrs Fisher, at the Boott Inn, in Lotighboro' aforesaid. For particulars apply to Mr. JOHN RENALS, Baker, Mr. ATTEN BOROUGH, Malfstei, or Mr. W ELLtNGS,. Solicitor, all of Loughborough. TO HE PEREMPIiiRlLY 2- r SOLD BY AUCTION, ' ^ Hy Mr. BURTON, At the White t. iou Iuri. in Melton Mowbray, on Tuesday the IM day of April, at two o'clock in the afternoon,- ALL tile Freehold and Copyhold Property the deceased, situate at Stntherfi, iu t or such othrr lots, as shall br- ibe time of sale of following determined upon at Under an Execution^ and by order of the She- iff TO RE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JOSEPH DA I .. BY, , On Wednesday 2d. April, and ten following days, (" and not ou Monday the : 11st of March instant, as advertised iast week) Good- Friday and Sun- day excepted, A 1.1. the VALUABLE STOCK OF l\ Mr WILLOUGIIRY W1LLEY, DRAPEI?, On the premises, in Friar Lane, Leicester ; Consisting of a general assortment of linen and woollen Drapery, fashionable patterns, beautiful colours, aud newly laid ill from the first Manufac- tories. AND Oh Wednesday the 1 r) th day of April next, and following Days,' All the modern IIorsi. uo! » !• CKN n URE,. Plat£, Linen, China, Glass, and other EU'eCtv, of The said W. WIILEY. Consisting of handsome full si « ed tnahogafiy four posl bed- teatls, with Mori en and diinlx flu iiifnre,: | lined arid ftinged, pfiine seasoned feather bids, Wiitoa carpcts, and handsome stair carpeting, ex- cellent mahogany ( lining table in four divisions, Pembroke, card, and screen tables, a fashionable side board, Grecian Condi, an excellent 8- dae clock in mahogany > ease, time piece, pier and chimney glasses, prints and paintings, hooks, linen, plate, China and glass, wilh coppers, brewing ves- sels, and rx( ellelit kitchen requisites. Thin furniture it modem und in good preset- cation. Catalogues of tliestock may be had of flic Auc- tioneer. , , " / A TO BE- StUlMirTuxTnON, By Mil. JOSEPH DALBY, Al the house of Mr. James Kirk, known by the sign of .. the Fleur de- Lts Inn, iu the Bi Igrave gaff, Leicester, on ' i'iinrsday the lliirit day of April next, at five o'clock in the Afternoon, sub- ject to the conditions then to lie ptodttt ed,( unless sooner disposed ol by private contract,) ACommodious Messuage or Tenement, situate at the tipper end of Belgian! Gate, Leices- ter in the tenure of Mr. Merry, Carpenter, with two very large Warehouses, and ail extensive yard and out offices, iu tile occupation of Mr. Stone, Couch maker, adjoining the above Messuage, and formerly occupied with if. These Premises are situate in the centre of the town of Leicester, within a short distance of the Mmket place, and an eligible situation either for wholesale or retail business. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIO- NEER, at . Mis. HAlL's lielfiravegate. 77 TO TVE" SOLD BY AUCT'IO. V, By Mr. JOSEPH DALBY, On Wednesday the ltith day of Apiil, 1B17, at five -] o'clock iu llie Afternoon, at the house of Mr. Webb, the sign of the Wool I'ack, iu the Bond street. Leicester, subject to sticli conditions as will lie then produced, unless sooner disposed ol by private contract, " XT IN F. Messuages, situate in the Causeway Tl Lane, in Leicester, in the occupation of Job Gilbert,, and others. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, or to Mr. HENRY DALBY, Solicitor, Lei- cester, Burkston. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, . By Win. COOPER, ( For ready money) on Monday the 31st of March, and Tuesday. the Ist dav oi April, 1- 17, upon the premises of Mr. RICH ARD BARKER, at liarkston, near Grantham, in the county of. Liu- colir, ( who. is" leaving his farm) HIS valuable and superior livestock, con- sisting of 252 Sliccp, viz. 14j inlawh ewes and llu aves, and ewes and lambs, 107 ewe and wether lamb hogs of the true Leicestershire breed, from tlut rams of Messrs. Sluhhiiis, Hreedon, Thos. Stone, and his own for several years. Forty Beasts, viz. tl incalf cows in full profit, 7 incajf liei! i- i>, 7 three jt; ars old bullocks, 5 two years old ditto, 7 two years old heifers, .1 yearling calves, 1 seven years o.' d bull, 3 bail calves. The beasts are real iturlivm'i, having been desi ly bred from till' stock of McSsrs, Collins and Coates. Thirteen Hoisi- s, viz, 1 five years old blood horse, 1 four years old bay gelding, by Vivaldi, 1 four years old bay liilcy, - by Ideas, < 1 rart horses of different ages, 9 capital tart nitres, 1 cliesnnt blood mate iu foal, 1 bay yearling filley, 4 store pigs. Implements itf Husbandry. Three waggons, 3 carls, o ploughs, 5 pairs of harrows, scnfller, horse hoe, bean drill, turnip drill and roll, land roll, plough tackle, 2 winnow- ing machines, corn screen, bean mill, turnip cut- ter, riddles, scut tics, strike, tumbrels, sheep cribs and troughs, 3 stone troughs, 10 dozen fence travs, forks, rakes, and shovels, tackle for six horses complete, 3 cart saddles, and several other articles of husbandry. The Live Stork will be sold on the first day, and the Implements oii the second. Aud on Thursday the Ml. of April, will be So Id, the Household Furniture, Consisting of 4 feather beds, bedding and straw mattress, servants beds, bedding and bedstead, bedstead and hangings, mahogany, turnpiu, and painted chairs, a hog- head brewing copper, and tubs to match, a half hogshead copper, and tubs to man h, a quantity ot barrels, daily utensils, a regular set of kitchen requisites, and a quantity of other u » i fuLhoiisehold furniture. The « ale will begin each morning at 11 o'clock. AS Peckleton. Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAVIS and SON, Oil Tuesday April 1, 1 ftl7, at the house of Mr. Bnrsby, Haniich of Venison, in Peck lotos afore said, at four o'clock ill lite"- afternoon,- if not sooner disposed of by private contract, LK. those 4 valuable Freehold Closes, tuljoin- _ _ ing and situate in the parish of Peckletou, and adjoining Ihe Kirkby lord- hip, now in the occupation of Mr. Hancock the owner, containing about 17 lien s, hr the same more or less. There is a trai n and stable on the premises, and for view ofthe same aud to Heat bv private contract, apply to Mr. HANCOCK aforesaid. r O 0 ]) ' TO Parish of Pre I: let on, Leicestershire. TO HE SOLD BY AUC I ION, By DAVIS and SON, On Wednesday April 2( 1, 1817, ALL the useful Live Stock, Im[ ilements in Husbandry, & c. of Mr. JOHN H VNCelCK, Oil the premises adjoining iheTooley Farm, in tint parish oi I'ecktcton aforesaid. ( Who is leaving his farm,) Consisting of 25 n- cl'ul inlanib ewes, 27 w ether and ewe lainh-, 1 iuealved cow , 2 iucalved heiters, 2 vcnrlingcalves, 4 useful draught mares, ( two of tlietn inloaled,) 1 driuighi fillcv, 2 foals, 2 good lnirrow wheel waggnns, ti inch cart, narrow wheel diito, double plough, pair of harrows, 2 ladders 60 f. nee ( leaks in lots, cow try, chaff cutter, toll, sack bags, forks, rakes, sieves, & c. & e. » Sale to begin ill the inoining at ten o'clock. A1 hi Excellent lurpe Counters, ( Jfuss Cases, Shop . Pictures, Ac. Sr. Lb TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAVIS aud SON, Oh Wednesday" next Api il 2, 1817, on the premi- ses, in the shop late iu Ihe occupation of Mr IMAIOS, Ironmonger, Cheapside, Market place, Leicester. LL that complete set of shop fixtures, _ lass eases, Aic. as now standing in the bovc mentioned shop, comprising two excellent large oak counters complete with drawers and re- cesses each 1H feet long and 2 fee t 7t wide, one smaller ditto tvfeet long, 11 capital sliding glass cases 12 square pane's to each, complete large and small ill- Ms of drawers with shelves, upwards of oi e thousand feci ot shelving in lots,' large clip- boards, capitcl large meat safe with wire lattice, verv good forty gallon copper, small washing ditto, aud a variety of otlu- rarticles. Sale to begin in lilt- morning at fen o'clock. Tilt- above will he found all excellent opportunity to Ironmongers, Grocers, or other Shopkeepers, and private persons for shelving, as they tire in good preservation, will be put op in lots suitable to purchasess, and the whole sold without any reserve. hi A' Little Slrettou, Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAVIS null SON, OnTliuisdny next April 3d, 1817, l. L the valuable implements in hus- bandry, & e, of HENRY COLEMAN, Esq. On the premises al Little Stretton, Leicestershire, ( Who is leaving that farm) Consisting of a useful narrow wheel waggon, 2 capital d inch '- arts, laige water ditto, ( nearly new) double and single ploughs, 4 pair of harrows, tw itch ditto, litnd roll, capital spike ditto, parent scnftler with 2 sets ot irons, twitch rake, 5 cow cribs, 4 sets of bullock tackle, 1 set of shaft lioise do 80 fence ( leaks in lots, cart ropes, good 37 round ladder, quantity of old wootl and posts, lamb tub, large sheep crib on ' wheels, capital winnowing machine b\ Cornforth, coin try, sack bags, three stone pig tmiulis, pair of smiths brtlows, anvil ami tools, forks, rakes, sieves, a variety of other articles, unit 4 stoic pigs. Sale to begin in the morning at ten o'clock. Visldev Furniture, Sr. BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOT 1', On the premises, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wed- nesday next, ( he 31st ( lav of March, ami the 1st and 2d days of April, 1817, at half past 9 O'clock, ( OM account if the large number of lids in each days tale i) ALL the very excellent, genteel, arid useful Household Furniture, Plate, Linen, Books, Paintiugs, China, Glass, Dairy Utensils, and other numerous Effects, late the Property of Mr, HONEYBOHNE, Of DishW- J, near Loughborough, ill the count; of Leicester, deceased. Monday the first day's sale Will consist of the dining aud drawing room Fnr- iiiture, Comprising a set of mahogany dining tables, with circular ends ( in four paits.) mahogany card, Pem- broke. and other tables and chairs, a fine timed pi- ano forte by Holfe, with additional keys and pedal, a baud organ, mahogany sideboar i, set of mock banjlioo chairs, with cane bottoms, mid loose horse hair cushions, beautiful firescreens, pier glasses, and Brussels carpets, glass, China, servant's beds, bedding, & c, Tuesday, the second day, The Furniture ol the principal Bed Rooms, Comprising four capital 4 post bedsteads, with mahogany feet posts, clothed with dimity and oilier hangings; other 4- post bedsteads and hangings, tine feather beds, Marseilles bed n t « , white cotton counterpanes, fine large blankets, beaut- fill solid mahogany wardrobe, with esccutoir aud book Case, solid mahogany drawers, with esoutoir and bootc case/ with glazed doors, beautiful mahogany dress- ing tables, lia- in stands and night chests, Brussels and Scotch bedside carpets, aud painted, chairs., kitchen requisites, dairy utensils, brewing vessels, mangle, ixc. See. Wednesday, the third day, THE PLATE. Consisting of tea pot aud stand, gravy, table, desert, tea, and salt spoons, sauce ladles, soup, ladle, & c iX- c, THE LINEN, Comprising of upwards of one hundred lots of bed linen, beautiful damn- k, diaper, ami other table linen, napkins, towels, <\: c. THE BOOKS, Consist ing of about four hundred volnmes, among which are Johnson's Dictionary, folio, two vols; Elder's history of England, with plates, fitly vols ; Young's Anuals of Agriculture, nearly thirty volsj Carey's English Atlass, 4to. & c. & c.' THE PAINTINGS, Among which are a fine old portrait, said to be of Rembrant's Mother, by himself; Tenier's , a fine painting some miscellaneous lots, among which is a co.- leftion of shells and fonsils^ for the inside of a grotto. j The Effects may be viewed on Saturday the 29th. j instant, from 11 o'clock until .•>. Catalagoes may be had at the Crowns, Leicester; the Anchor and Bull's Head Inns, aud of Mr. BOOTT, in Loughborough. a portrait of ; of Banditti, & e. Sic. and Sutton p.' mington, near low ft r! TO BE SOLD BY AUCT ^ By Mr. BOOTT, hboron^ h. ION, 3Z TO BE SOLD RY AUCTION, By Mr A GARDENER, On Tucsdavami Wednesday, the loth aud 16th of April, 1817, " VIE genteel and valuable Household Furniture, I' Brewing, Dairv, and sundry lots of Farming Utensils, sweet iron bound beer Pipes and ttogs- h. ads, lot ot excellent Cheese, ami other Effects, ou the Prtniise- of Mr. JAMES WOODHOUSF., AtWaU- ole, near Lutterworth, Ldeosteifhire, Who i. s leaving his present residence, ( \ nd will IK sold without lerervc.) Consistingof lofty four post anil other bedsteads, J with mahogany feet pillars, inoriuc aud cheek fur-, tritureto ditto, ( ringed, < Vc. seasoned goose feather beds, thick ditto, mattresses, blankets, quilts, c on crpancs, bcil- roiinil carpets, window curtains, dressing tables ami glasses, mahogany night tables, ditto wash hand stands, excelb- nt double anil single mahogany chests of drawers, wainscot wardrobes, japaued chairs, Itrn- sels carpet 12 feet by It feet, nearly new, a tigureddrngget 17 f t. by 11 tt. hearth rugs, capital mahogany sofa with two cases to do. mahogany Pembroke, pil ar, aud claw tables, set ol dining tables witli circular ends, pier glasses ill Cold frames, wheel barometer,"& c. kitchen furni- ture in gen. rat, 2 guns, 2 mash tubs, working and Cooling ditto, 8 iioesluado, ra- ls. 2 pipes, 2 half, bopdieod* ditto, LOT 1. The copyhold house and pictnises, lately occu- pied by Mr. Wilfnid, witli a close of vei v- rfell pas- ture ground adjoining, containing with the yard, orchard ami garden, about ? 4acrcs. LOT 2. The lower Farm, consisting of sixty- acres of tery good land, divided into five closes, adjoining to each other, ( fwo acres ot which ate freehold, the rcmaiwii'ge. opylK'UI.) with a house and very con venient out buildings-, all newly erected. N. B.— The Grantham ( anal pusses through this Estate. T OT. 3. The Flaxhilt closes ( freehold) containing fifteen aores, with a good barn,. stable, and other conve- niences. These Estates, fmni their extreme fertility, are very desirable for the in v. ,1 incut of property. The Occupiers will she. w the several lots, and fill titer particulars mav he'had of Mil BLACK; or Mu. LATHAM, of Melton Mowbray. Melton, ltlttt March, 1817. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the premises, " Slieepslicad Field, in the county of Leicester/ on Easter Monday, April 7, 1817, ALL tile valuable live and dead farming sleek, implements of husbandry, etc. of Mr. Wm. NORMAN BRAMLEY, She epshead field, who is declining the farming business / j J, N. B. The Fa I m is to be Let. IMil-: ODONTALGIC, or. Chemical Essence of Horseradish, a cure for the Tootb- acb and Ear arli, and Carbonated Dentifrice, an elegant and efficacious TOOTH POWDER, resulting from the recent discoveries in chemistry. ' Ihe Ess. nee possesses the properly ot safclv'and immediately stopping the Tooth aclj, and has the peculiar effect, it it come in contact with Ihe ex- posed nerve, lo pie vent the recurrence ot that tor- turing malady, its opciation being the same as a styptic on a bleeding vein ; iu colds and rheumatic affections of the jaws it will be found partieillally beneficial; also ill the pamiiil Dentition of Chil- drein - . . The Carbonated Dentifrice ' restores to ibeena- iih suudiy jmailer, milk leads, j metalt its native whifeil- ss, gives a tiorid coloor lo Seruptofl llilts, near Scruptoft,. J. eicestei shire. / FT TO BE SOI D BY AUCTION, By DAVIS and SON, On EASTIIR Monday and Tuesday, April 7th and Bill, 1817, . ri^ ' 1 E valuable Implements ill Husbandry, draught Ileuses, pint ofthe useful Household Furniture, tkv. of Mr. CLARKE, On the premises, at Scraptoft Hills, near Leicester, ( Who is leaving his Farm.) Day's Sale, Monday April 7th, ( OI'I NO EASIER MONDAY) Consists of 2 good nartovv wheel waggons, capi- tal six inch carl, uariovv wheel ditlo, two single- ploughs, 2 pair ol harrows, 1 single ditto, capital 49 round ladder, 36 ditto, $ 7 ditto, smaller ditto, good winnowing niaihine, laud roll w ith shafts, ca- pital. 4 hoise power thrashing machine, pea drill, good bean mill, malt mill, sack bags, forks, rakes, sieves, spoking chain, good beam, scales, and weights, capital barrel chtiru loi forty pounds, and other useful dairy utensils. A I SO, Three capital draught mares, 1 Stttrk Bull, 5 yearling Calves, 5 sets of Horse Tackle, & e>. 2d Day's sate, Tuesday April 8Ih. Consists ot 2 good tent bodsteads and hangings, three 4 post ditto, three halt headed ditto, oak square, snap and other tables pair of circular ends, chairs, very good tire ranges, forty and twenty five gallon coppers, 6 .- hike mash tub, working vat, with other brewing vessels lo correspond, one hundred gallon cask, six hogshead ditto, two i> d ditto, all in ^ ttoil preservation. Also, A large assortment of Caipenter's Tools, in good condition; and will be sold in lots, with a great variety of other articles. Sale lo begin each morning at ten o'clock. On the premises, on Monday the Till day of April, 1847, at ten o'clock, PART of the valuable stock of sheep, neat cat lie, draught horses, and implements of husbandry, ihe property of Mr. BOULTBEE. Of Sutton Bonington, ( near Lougbboronghiin the coiinlv of Nottingham, ( who is aucommo- dating an ii coming Tenant of Sutton House, with part of his lautD. Comprising 120 valuable inlamb ewes, 70 ewe hogs, 11 ranis of different ages, and a few wethe r hogs, 7 yeailing calves, 4 storks, 9 two year old steers, 8 fat beast, 5 feeding bullocks, and a weU bred Alderucv bull, six draught mares and horses, anil a vai ieiy ol' implements of husbandry. Mr. Bouitbees flock is well known, and theabove mentioned Sheep are selected as being the prime pait ot his stock. Catalogues may he had on Thursday tlm 271h of March, at ( tie Biackmoor's Head, Nottingham, ihe King's Head, Derby, the Crowns, Leicester, at the Anchor ami Bull's Head, and ot Mr. BooTT, iu Loughborough. Piestwold. Maiden Ash Poles, Kails, Kids, and Stakes. TO BF. SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, On the premises, ( on the South side of the Planta- tion, opposite P rest wold Hall, and near to Button,) on W ednesday the 9th day of April. 1817, ( and NOT on Monday the' 24th day of March, as before advertised) at ten o'clock, foil ft P. A I) Y MONKY. l » Ojl Maiden Ash Poles, fit lor Coopers, Car- • CJvr penters, or Farijiers use, in lots of fifty ( and two lots of forty) in each lot. About 1500 Kids, nearly all Ash, In lots of one Imudted in each lot. A large quantity of Ash Stakes, in lots, of on » hundred in each lot. A qnautitily « f Ash Rails, in lots. The Property of CHARLES JAMES PACKE, Esq. The whole nvav lie viewed oil application to Mr. COOPER, at Chalk Pit House. Iloton. TO uilto palls, s mil us. situ e e press, a lot of cheese, ding r, i 1." s, row cha os, forks and ra. r » , saddles t'tid bridies, with ^ variety of o'tu r useful articles, a- V ill be e& f/ itsat'ii in l. tIalo* ttes, and delivered ivi due time, at the oifleirut litns iu the neighbour, food, place ( if Sale, ai. d at ihe Aacucun, » , Vv 0- bin n, ili di'oidstiirc. N. I!. May be viewed the ins of sale, till tea ( i clock imweilinteiy begin. lite gums, and, hy lis peculiar antWplic quality, removes ( vvi y unpleasant odor fiotn the mouth, and imparts to the breafti a most delicate fragrance; « ubst ivethaf Ihe names of Barclay and Sons are cngiavcel on the stamps affixed to each, price 2s: 9il. Prepared by Mr. King, Apothecary, Brock- street, Bath ; and sold wholesale and retail Sons, Fleet efmcdiciaes iu TOH n aud Countiy < Bru.- k- street, HiMi ; ami som WIIVU- MU dav tiefoie ami mom- J 1,-. Ins tg. it's, Messrs. Barclay and e. Inai the sale will ' Marl et, London. And by ail venders ( I LU IOHII and Coantiv. Thurloslurt Dtdge — Leicestershire. lit* TO BE sm n HY ACCIION, By. DAVIS and SON, '* Oil Mondav anil Tuesday, March 31st, and April 1st, 1817, ALL the useful Live and Dead Farming Stock, Dukv Utensils, putt ol the Household Fur- niture, & c. of Mrs. ELLIOT!', On Ihe Premises, at Tliurlaston Lodge, in the palish of Thorlasion, Leieestershire, ( Whois leaving her Farm.) First Day's Sale, Monday MurchSi. Consists of Ko useful ir. lan b ewes, to wether and ewe lambs, draught horse, 4 good porket pigs, sow and 11 pigs, 2 narrow wheel waggons, inch carl, narrow wheel ditto, sixty fence fleaks in lots, dou- ble and single ploughs, two pair of barrows, roll, capital 36 round ladder, 30 ditto, smaller ditto, 4 row cribs, tour sets of horse tackle, hovel frame drag rakes, ropes, sionc horse and pig trongiw, forks, iakis, Sieves, burn tackle in general, and a great variety of other articles. Second Day's Sale, ' Tuesday April 1 st. Consists ofa capital stone cheese press with iron screw , lai ge bai l el churn aud supportcis, ifpwiight ditto, cheese, whey, and butter tubs, vats, pai s, and tiuckets, ciicese boards and tressels, and other dairy utensil « . Alto, About 70 lots of listful Household Furniture, in- cluding bureau and other bedsteads, flock beds, alunkets, aud coverlet, oak dining, snap and other tables, chairs, fiie range,& c. trays, China and g! ass, 5L and £ 0 gallon barrels, mash and brewing tubs, 20 gallon copper, grates aud fenders, brass pots and pans, k'. triien requisites, A- e. Sale tv> it « gi » each morning at ten o'alock. Acat York Lodge, parish. of Syiton, Leicestershire, hf TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAVIS mid SON. Cn Wednesday and Thursday, April 9th and 10th, 1817, ALI. the useful Live and Dead Stock, Corn, llnv. Household Furniture, Dairy Uten- sils, & c. & e. of Mr. CLARKE, ( deceased,) On flit premise", at New York Lodge, parish of Sv- ton, Leicestershire, let Day's Sale, Wfilatstfay April 9th. Consists of33 very good iulamh aud hiuibcd ewes, 1 incalved cow, 7 shirk heifers, 2 steer shirks, stark bull, 7 rearing calves, use/ id 7- year old iufoat dram. lit marc, 4- year old draught ditto, porket pig, good narrow wheel waggon, double aud single ploughs,' 3 sets of hallows, old 6 inch waggon, ditto caij*. 4 sets of horse tackle, roll, drag rake, corn try, fan, Inddeis, ropes, folks, rakes, sieves, < Kc. & c. A ISO. Three stacks of Beans, rick of Wheat, small do. of Barley, bay of Wheat in barn, and 2 rjeks of well got hay. -•; The straw and bay to be consumed on the premises, 2d Day's Sale, Thursday April UHh. Consists of' a press bedstead, good oak dining, snap, dressing, and othrr tables,• hairs, large bench seat, mahogany < best of dla'• eis, glasses, cup- boards, capital sixty gallon copper, good 14stiike ltiasi, fob, and other brewing ttilis, two sixty gallon casks. bras « pots and pans ( tig.' salting lead, bar- rel chum, and other dairy uftn- ils, kitchen reqtii sites, ami an assortment of other articles, ic. ALSO, A quantity of Cheese, in lot « , « nitable to small pure- mi se » s. Sale to b « iin each morning at ten o'clock. BF. SOLD BY MICTION, Hy Mr. BOOTY, At Mr. Fowler's, the King's Head Inn. in Longli- borough, oil TlonsiU) tfie tenth day of April, 1817, at four o'clock in the afternoon, agreeably to such conditions as will be then produced, V Wry desirable Freehold Estate, adjoin. ng to \ the Clunch yar< l, at Iloton, near Loughbo- rough, ill the county of Leicester; comprising a very comfortable newly erected dwelling Ho » se 1 containing house place, parlour, kitchen, dairy, 3 cetlats, 4 ehambei's, and 2 allies,) with another Tenement, exceilent vaid, stabling for 8 horses, with chambers over, row hovel, piggery, gaiden, andciolt, ot rich land adjoining, containing toge- tlier 4 a lit 311' in the occupation of Ml. William Gilbert, the Proprietor. For further pai fit iilai's and to treat for the same, applv lo the- said Mr. GILBERT, or to Mr. BOO'lT, Sh Freehold Estate. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, . By Mr. BOOT!', On Thursday the 171b day of April next, at the Bull's Head Inn, iu Loughborough, at 4 o'clock in the. afti rnoon, subject to such conditions as will he then produced, unless sooner disposed of by private contract, SEVERAL closes of capital grazing and arable Land, si- uate in the lordship of Hotou, near Loughborough, in Ihe oofinly of Leicester, containing together 8r> acres or thereabouts, in the occupation ot Mr. John Coates, who will shew the estate. For further particulars apply to Mr. HENRY DAI. BY, Solicitor, Leicester, ( lr the Auctioneer. Hinckley. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. IIOjJ. IEli, jDji Tuesday the ttlli day ot Apiil, 1817, and folio* ii- g ( invis A LL the jtiodcrn arid useful household _£'\ furniture, China, glass, linen, books, & c. ofthe late Rev, Mr. Tl'OMAS WRIGHT, Of H in'V ley, det- ea- etl. I'articulaiA m uent * e< ks paper. Leicester Journal, and M i d l a n d Counties General Advertiser. •- « — i. jt-^ Capital H. ouseho/' l Furniture A' TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION. By Mr. F. BURGESS. On tile premises, near tiie Cast Gales, Leicester, sometime in tiie month of April, further particu- lars wi. l he given in afiiture p iper. LL thy elegant, modern, and useful Household Furniture, linen, oriiaiueiilal Chilly, gias « e » . hooks. prints ami paint ins*. ite. coppers and brewing utensils, seasoned casks, and liumi- romt otb.- i valuable effects, the whole in ex- ceiif. it pnscivatioo; the propeltv of Mr JOHN A I) V MS. U ho is removing lo another resilience. Mr. Burgess teg* 10 assure his friends, that a ni '. te valuable collection ot Furniture, ire. has seldom been submitied to their notice t he whole wi'l lie sold without reserve. OTICE is hereby given, that I Wm. NORMAN BRAMCIiY, Farmer. aud Gra- zier, Shcepsliead Field, will not be accountable for any debts that my family may contract, and I hereby discharge all persons front trusting them ou my account. Win. NORMAN BR AM LEY. March 27, 1817, i/ ' t1 lO BE SOLD BV AUG HON, Ry Mr. Ili. iVlTf, On the premises ot Mr. ROBERT TOMPSON, of Black brook, near Sheepihead, in the eoiinly of Leictstci, ( who is i. aving in* I'anw > on Saturday aud , Monday theitti aud 7th days of Apiil, 1817, beginning each Jay at ten o'clock, ALL the valuable live stuck, corn, hay, implements of husbandry, and modern house Unbi liVi- uitiiie, comprising 11 incalf and new milch cows, 5 incalf heiter-, Ssliuks, and 1 three years otd bull, 4 '- arl marcs, j two years old iilleys, colt - capital nag male li. sing 4 years obi, broad an narrow wln cl waggons and cart, ploughs, hal lows, .-. roll, smffier, lakes, forks, horse tackle, if. and even sou or iis « till daily and household requisites. The tanning stock, utensil*, stacks of corn, hay, Sic, w ill be - soltl the fust day Catal. n. iics may be Had in due time at the place ofsalr, iinil of the Auctioneer, in Siieepsheml. islulilhiied I'ru tellers Fun, and oilier Premises in the City of Corenlry, with immciliute possession. / J. liillium . Steere's Dicidriiu. • IMJE Credit.,., of WILLIAM . STICKRE, of X the Borough ol Leicester, Hosier, are desired to send au account of their rtspeetive demands lo Mr. PlI. KINTON, Leicester, Solicitor lo the As- signees, and execute his deed of Assignment on or before Ihe Second day of May next, or they will be excluded ilie benefit of the dividend of In* estate aud effects, which w ill tie made on that day. Bv order, ' NICHOLAS PII. KINTON. ir T Charles Maltetts' Dividend. IIP, Creditors - f CHARLES MA 1.1.11"!', of the Borough of Leicester, liink. eper, are desir. d to send an account of their respective de- nial.. Is in Mr, P1LKINTON, Leicester, Solicitor fur the Assignees, and execute Ins deed of Assign* ment on or betore the 6th day id May next, or tlrcv will be excluded the benefit of the dividend ot'llis estate and tlfccts, which wil: be made on that day. By order, NIC HO I. A S PI LKIN TO N. • i' TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, BY RICHARD BOOTH. At fbe Castle Inn, in the city of Coventry, on Thoitday. the third day of April, 1817, at five o'clock in the at'limoon, under such conditions as will be theiiproduced, flAllE loll, wing 1 let belli Estates, in twoLots; 1 LOT 1- All that capital old- Established, and well accus- tomcd Travellers, Inn, situate in Ci oss- Cheaping, in ihr centreof the city of Cuvcnti y, commonly cal- led or known by th" name of the Castle Inn. many \ eais in he occupation of Mrs. Warner, and now in the occupation of Mr William White, consisting of a kitchen, bar, two front parlours ,„„ ^ two middle parlours, a back parlour, pantry, and ether cmive lilencies, oil the ground Hour; two spacious dining • rooms, one of them fronting Ihe street, aud sixeeu lodging rooms, besides apartments for the family ; together with a eoacli office, and stabling tor up- wards of twenty hoists, with grainaries and lofts over the same, LOT 1- 1. All those extensive hit I lings and Premises ad- joining Lot 1. consisting of part of a dwelling house unoccupied, and a cooking kitchen, pantry, scullery, - Ircwiioiisc, gig- house, a stable with stalls for seven hoinis, and a large yard, ti. rW occupied with Lot 1. ' 1 his Lot contains in front thirty feet, and extends iu I. iietli to the lower end thei'cOifvlicre it opens into a i( tail leading from ^ nnftlilbrd Stlee t to the Momeu's Mai kit i'lace>. 225 tcct or thereabouts. The Castle Inn, has been for thaiiv years past the first Travellers' Inn in tire city of Coventry. ad- joins the coin market, and is very much frequented on a ma. i ket dav. JTIEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against WIL- LIAM GEARY. of Norwich, III the county of Norfolk, Hosier, Dealer, and ChapinHii, and he being declared a Bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself to tlie Cbmiiiissioncis in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the tenth and eleventh days of April, and the tenth day ot May next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ou cad. day, at the house of Lucv Dibbeu, in Lei- cester, iu the county of Leicester, known by the name of tbe White Haitian, and make a full dis- covery and disclosure ot his Estate anil . Effects, when and where tbc Creditors are trt conle prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to cliuse Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the creditois are to assent to, or dissent from the allowance of his certificate. All persons Indebted to flit said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effects are not to pay ol delivcf Ihe, same but to whom the Cnimni- sjoiieis shall appoint, but to give notice lo Messrs LOS'Dd VM and GREAVES, Solicitors, Leicester, or Messrs EDvlUNDS and JEYES, Solicit.) s, Chancery lane, Coinloit TIIE ANNIVERSARY SERMON, FOR THE BENEFIT OF ST. MARY's CIURITY SCII0() J, S, In tihieh One Hundred and Fifty Children are CLOTHED AND INSTRUCTED; writ. / B E PREACH E D AT THE PARISH ST. MARY, LEICESTER, On EASTER DAY, APRIL 6th, 1817, BY HIE REV. JOHN UUTTON, A. M. Rector of Wyrcrby, Leicestnshire, and Curate' of Cottshill, 11 at wickshire. Divine Service to begin at TIIKEB o'Clock in the Afternoon. CHURCH OF The Support of tluse SCHOOLS, far which the continued tienecolence ofthe Pi_ Bl. lt is solicited, depends, in a great m ature, upon I tec Collections MADE AT Til E ClILKCll after tile ASMVEtt- SAtiV Stilt- HOIS 8. The General Meeting of the Subscribers Will lie lie d at the School on Easter Tuesday, precisely at Tell o'Clock in the Forenoon. JJfj FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 181?. MOTE.— The order to discontinue the Advertisement for the letting of the W bite Lodge Farm, ut Gaudily Marwond, ( inserted in the first page) was not receirxd until that part of the paper had gone to press, fire sale of II illoughliy H'iliey's stock is postponed on account ofthe Assize until Wednesday April 2. MARRIED. On Thursday the twentieth instant at Mickle- over, Derbyshire, Bolton Peel, Esq. to Elizabeth Isabella; and Samuel Wildman Yates, F. sq. to Charlotte Anne, the two eldest daughters ot the late John Peel, Esq. of Pastures House, Derby- shire; . On Tuesday last, the eldest soil of the late Rev. Thomas Hcliisley, of Kiihv Bellars, to Maria, eldest dauginfcr of the late William Glover, Esq. of Prest. wold: „ , , On SUM).! Y March 3i\. 1817, A, TflE ANNUAL AlviUlON . J Will. BE' PREACH ID At Hie GREAT MEETING,! Leicester, for the benefit of the Sunday Schools belonging to that Society. •-' ' 11, J the Rev. EDWARD IIIGGimON, of Derby. Hymn by the Children. SONO— iiy . Mrs Austin, CHORUS, ... ' CREATION— Haydn, Ni B. Service to commence at three o'clock — ) C, , JT Y - T— ys- " WO or four lots of Land near the New „ Walk Gates to be sold ut a reduced price. Enquire of Mr. COOK, Architect. nctsbn wishing to keepan Inn, and when flic ilitt'n. l- « - d inuirovements are made, by taking down the Jionsis in Broad Gale, the situation Will Mt be in- d'ci ior to any in tiie city. Jiomediaie possession may be had, arte) the pur. cliaM- i ot l^ H 1, may, if lie thinks proper, take to the lioir. eli. ild furtiilnre, plate, linen, china, and stock of- wines, liquois, and ale therein, at a fair valua- tion. For, a view of the premises, apply at the Castle Inn, and . for farther particulars to Messrs. Wood- cocks aud " Twist, Solicitors, or the Auctioneer, Cu- • ventry. IO BE SOLD, Dark Bay Mare, by L'Orient, sit years XA u'd, a good figure, sound, in high condition, and with good action. Pi ice Twenty Guinea*. Enquire of the OSTLER, at the White Lion, Market place. Leicester, March 28, 1817. IS Loufihlwrough. FOR PROtf. iTIlTO CHRISTIAN KNOW LEDGE. [ A11E Members of the District Committee, for the - DEANERY of ACKLEY, are hereby . reminded, that tiie next QUARTERLY MEET. ING will be held at Hie ANCHOR L. IIT'CI. BO- itouuH, ( III THURSDAY April Third, at Twelve o'Clock. It is earnestly requested that flio'se Members who Intend to honour the Meeting with their presence, Will attend at the time appointed. - M r." B L A i IiTTD e u t i st) ~ 1 T » F. SPEC'I FULLY iiniiounces to the Ladies J[ ant! Gentlemen of Leicester- mid its vicinity, inai being on his road to London he purposes re- maining lieie a few days, and also oil his return from Town, of which- due nptic. e will be given in this paper. Letters addressed to hint af Mr. METCALF's, Grocer, Galluwtree- gate, will be dulv atlendedio. A TO BE LET. And entered upon immediately, Good Shop and House, near the Mar- ket Cross, in Loughborough. For further particulars enquire of Mr. MAR- SHALL. Letters postpaid will be dulyanstVeied [] MVE newly erected tenements in South- aireet, Loughborough, DA NCI AG. MR PARTINGTON, T TTTI'H much respect, begs l » > ave to inform bis T. ie lida in Leicester and its V- cinily, that his next Quai tcr will commence on ' I'hiirstlav the I'hilil of April, al tlic GEORGE INN. The premises « re well worth the attention of any / i t) BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. n COSTON.— Grass Keeping. TO BE I. ET BY AUCTION, On Wednesday ihe ninth day of April next, SEVER A L Hundred acres of valuable Keeping, from the d » v of Auction '. ill the tenth of October next, situate at Coston, Within 7 miles of Mellon Mowbray, iu tbe county of Leices- ter. Satisfactory seen i t » y for tbe payment of the money will be required. Fnrthrrinformation may be lia'. l of Mr. SAMUEL STONE, Knighton, near Leicester. Particulars of cacli lot may he had at the White Swan Inn, Melton Mowbray, two days previous to I lie sale. Knighton. ? 7th March, t8t7. bO- Syston, Leicestershire. TO RE SOLO BY AUCTION, By Mi. SHELTON, At Mrs . Whiles, at the Bulls Head Inn, in Syston aforesaid, on Wednesday the 2d of April next, al seven o'clock in the evening, under stlcll con- ditions as will lie produced ; AFreehold Messuage or Tenement situate in the High- « treci, in Syston aforesaid, with convenient out offices, late in the occupation of Henry Pearson, cutler, andunw iinlenauled. For a view of tbe premises apply to Mrs. While and for Inither particulars to MOOREand SHEP- i'AUD, Solicitors, Leicester. Ll- Mr. Thomas Leu's Bankruptcy. Two of the largest are on the front, and plenty of spare ground to all of them for conveniences. For further particulars apply to Win. LANG- HAM, Bricklayer, Loughborough. ; 70- OLOBE INSURANCE, PALL MALL, AND CORNHII. L. Fire, Life, and Annuities. ALT. persons whose Insurances with this Com- pany become due at Lady day next, are retpuMed to take notice, that receipts for the re- newal thereof are now ready for delivery at the Company's Offices, No. 80, Pall Mall, and No. Cornhill; and in the hands of their respective agents in tbc country.— Insurances due at l ady day, must bepaidon or before the ninth of April, when the fifteen days allowed for the renewal thereof will expire. By order of the board, JOHN CHARLES DUNHAM, Secretary. London; 20th March. 1817. LEICESTER. Leicester— Mr. William Parsons Loughborough-— Mr. William Palmer NORTHAMPTON. Northampton— Mr. Henry Harday Vnrentry— B. VV. Palmer tyttlirgtjorough— ' 1'. 11. Tuck Towcester— D. D. Davies I'eterbarn'igli— W. G. Cole ? JOHN GOODE JOHNSON, Grocer, Tea Dealer, fyc. < RATEFULLY acknowledges the in any X favors coiifened upon him In his friends and the public, during his loielcticr in King- street, anil most respectfully informs them that he li* s removed from thence into Ihe shop in HniH SFITKTT, late in the occupation ot Mr. HLNT, Cunfietioucr, where by everv attention in supplying them with articles ol the best quality, united with the strictest punc tuality, and his utmost endeavours to afford satis- faction, he hopes to engage their fu. ther support and confidence. Leicester, March 26, 1817. Ob Tuesday evening the Judge of Assize, the Holi. Sir KiCHARD RICHARD*, arrived in Town, escorted by CLIMBST WINSTANLEV, Esq. High Shtrijf who w as attended on the occasion by a most respectable assemblage of Gentlemen in carriages and on horseback. On Wednesday morning his Lordship Attended early at the Castle, ami opened his Commission ; and after disposing of some minor causes at the Nisi Prins Bar, proceeded to the Crown Kai to swear ihe Grand Jury, which con- sisted of the following Gentlemen— Lord Robert Maimers, Foreman: Lord Vise mint Tamworlh Sir Ralph Noel, Bart. Sir Charles Thomas Palmer, Rart; Sir Edmund Ciadock Hai topp, Bart. Sir William Walker, Knight Charles I oraine Siniib, Ksq. Edmund Hartopp, Esq. Frederick William Wbllaston, Esq; Richard Norman, Esq George Pocliin, Esq. Chares Ma'cli Philhpps, Esq. John Finch Simpson, F- Sq. Edwyn Amlla vv Iturnaby, Esq. John Pares, Esq. ChaI Irs Godfrey Mundy, Esq. John Ilaitibrigge Slory EstJ. Robert 11 av tnes, I.) ( j. Alexaudi r Dixie. Esq. George Crump, Esq. Richard Ohesivn, Esq. John Maiislield. Esq. Joshua Grundy, Esq. His I. bidsliip in a short address to the Grand Jiny, conipllllittiled them upon their full atten- dance, but declined taking up their time with a lengthened ch. tige, being assured from the perso- nal attendance of so many Gentlemen of the Comity, that they Continued the sound and good old piiuciple, of giving every assistance to the due 4 ImiiiiStralinn of Justice. Besides ti e Gentlemen sworn iu, t: ere were tipwaids of . twenty others in attendance. His Grace tlieDnkeof Rutland, Lord Lieutenant of t fie County, sat with his Lordship on the Bench, aud we never recollect upon any occasion, a larger assemblage of Magistrates and Gentlemen of the Town and County, attending the Sheriff during the Assizes. Just Tuliishcd, itrice, As tid. ATreatise on the SALINE SRIIINTI, at Moira Baths, near Ashby di- la / ouch, Leicester- shire ; wi ll rt muiksou the use ol Warm and Cold Bathing. By JAMES ARDEN, M. D. / / Formerly of Trinity Colh gc, Oxford Sold by T. Combe, Leicester ; S. Readsmore, Asliby de la Zoucli; and T. Wayte, Burton upon Teeiie. ' ' M L< JST, On Wednesday March 19,- near Bowden Inn, ABlack tami'd Terrier Bitch.— Whoever has tonud the same, and will bring Iter lo J. . MEASURES, Humberstohe gate, Leicester, shall be handsomely rewarded. The Calendar is the heaviest ever remembered, there being 64 prisoners in the County Gaol, and 2) in the Borough. Several prisoueis have taken their trials, urn sentence lias not been generally passed. ' I lit- trial wt the Luddites, il is expected, will commence on Monday next. W'. MONEY and STOCK LOTTERY, J. To be Drawn in Classes. M T. BISH, respectfully informs tlie public, the Most VALUABLE LEASEHOLD FARMS, TO BF, SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv . Mr. 1ITTFRTON, At the Three Queens Inn, Burton npon Trent, in the county of Stafford, on Thursday the 3d of April, 1817, at three o clock in tlie afternoon, subject to conditions there to be produced, ami in one or two lots as shall be then agreed T upon ; '. HE following valuable leasehold Estate, sitii" fttewt Linton and Gresley, in the county of Derby, via. AM ( excellent farm house and cverv requisite nut- building, togelhtr with divers inclosnres of truly valuable arable, meadow, and pasture land, situate at Linton and Cluu< eh Gresley aforesaid, contain- ing 162A. 1R. 34P. as now in the occupation of Mr. John Necdham, ofLiuton, and held by lease from T. J. J. Avarne, Esq for a term of 21 years, from 5th Apiil next, nt a reserved relit of 2421. per ami. covenants highly favourable. to a Lessee. Altp, Divers other inclosurcs of nvost valuable arnble, meadow, and pasture land, situate at Linton afore- (. aid, as now or late in the occupation of Mr. Thos. Lea, containing 66 acres and 2 roods. Together with 6 substantial cottages, in the respective oc- cupations of John Ironmonger, William Paiuter, Jei vis Adams, WiJIiam Bates, George Wayte, and Thomas Marshall. All which last mentioned pre- mises archeld by lease from the said ' 1'. J. J. Avarne, Esq. for 21 years from 5th April last, un- der tl. eveaily reserved rent, of 110/. will) the like covenants a » iu the last lease. ' Hit famis at Linton and Gresley are about five miles from Burton upon Trent, near to a good turn- pike mad, and in every respect most valuable, highly useful, and desirable. Immediate possession on giving pi operand satis- f- H tory security may be had, and tuitherpai ticulais known at the ' Olfice of Sir J. 11. FOWLER, and Mr. LOWE, Bat'. spnpon Trfnt, OST State Lottery commences drawing ou the 30th of APRIL ; The Scheme consists of 14,000 Tickets, to be decided in Four Days, containing 2,098 Piizes, amounting to 71 thousand pound in Money, and 53 thousand pound 3 per Cent Consols.— There lire also 8000 temporary Prizes, each entitled to a Ticket in the succeeding or Supplementary Lot- tery, and which the Contractors promise to pur- chase at 12/. each, if presented on or before the 31st of . May ; but if the Public do not avail them- selves ol that offer, they must take their Chance in those identical Numbers which are to form the Supplementary Lottery of 8,000 Tickets, which will be re- drawn ou tiie 4tli of June; the Scheme contains 1,044 Prizes, consisting of 39,000/. 3 per CentCoiisols. aiiel 11,980/ Money.— Both Lotteries are to be drawn in Classes. Schemes, with explanatory particulars, may be had gratis at either of BISll's Offices, 4, CornhiU, and 9, Charing Cross, LONDON. Or of bis Agents in this County, where Tickets and Shares are now selling in great variety, and at the following Prices, which are considerably cheaper than for inanv years past:— Ticket .£ 18 : 18 : 0 Half — „£ 9 19 0 1 Eighth £ 1 11 6 Quarter 5 1 0 | Sixteenth —- 1 6 0 Ia the Lottery Contract just finished, ISi-. li sold 30 Capitals, being ( as usual) gieuter in Number and A mount than those sold by ail the other Oliioe keepers. NURSE MAID. ANTED in Leicester, a young Woman as Nurse Maid. She must be well acquaint- ed with Ihe care ot'a Child,.- ready with her needle anil at getting up linen. An . unexceptionable cha- racter will be expected. Enquire of Mrs. COMBE. Between six and seven o'clock on Saturday morning last, the premises of Mr, Solomon Bray, al t'tie Pelican Inn, Gallowtree- gate, in this town, weie di eoveitd to be on fin ; a quantity of wood having been stowed over flic nrcw house for the purj. os. s ot' lighting files, bee nine so healed liiini the bie w ii. g OH the two preceding days, as at last lo break into a flame ; fortunately it commenced at a time in the morning when assistance was mi mediately ptocured, and hv tiie prompt cxciiiohs of the pally, little more damage was done than burning the stair case, ami some injury done to the Hour. Fiom the very confined situation, a few minutes molt would ^ bbalily have rcndei ed assisl- aiue unavailing, as ^^ vas impossible to get the engines to work near where the lire commenced. rt calamitous cliculi. stai. ee occurred at Air. Winters, at tile Abbey, near Hits town, a shot t timo since; a boy who had been farming-- outhis Horse by candle light, having incautiously studied his caudle and dropped it among ihe straw, il almost instantly took tire, but was jorliiuately discovered by one ol VIr. U's men going lo work. A Horse and Mule lliat were in tiie sUhle could of Radford, near Nottingham, oil the eveninsrof the Sunday before. Christmas day last, wiih f pis » tol, loaded with leaden shot, with intent to kill and murder him, J here where, two others abo ii>. dieted wilhhini. of the iiamCsof Henfi'ej and Wool- ev, who have absconded, but when found, will be tried on the same indictment. Hie circumstances disclosed f> scene of the most wicked am) premeditated intent, not only to niiiieU'f Kerry, but to break the frames in. lfis house, by ' his smail part of Hie gangs of Luddites, who have infested and disgraced this part of the kingdom for some lime past, with impunity. It appealed that Henfiey Hud Wncley brought two loaded pistols to Digglc's lioiisp, iu Bast'onl, on tiie evening before named, arid Shaw, in the preJ Seiice of Diggle and his wife, Wenf and got gnupovtr. derlVom a man ot the naiiie of Pdgson. and thera loaded two other pistols. Henfiey, liiggie, and one Bui ton, then went to Herri's; broke open the door of his house, where he and his family were silling ill peace, aud Henfiey and Diggle went IH and presented their pistols, demiiifdilig that the • wife and family of Kerry should retire into the par. lour. Kerry goi up and seized Henfiiy's pistol, which Hentiey endeavoured to discharge et tilt body of Ken v, but Which Kct- rv, tinned aside, and lilt- contents wl ilt into the fitfe in tlie room. Higgle then discharged liis, pistol ai the head of Kerry, Several of the shot corns front which enter- ed his Hbad, and where afterwards extracted by ft Surgeon.— Kerry dropped dow n, exclaiming lie was shut, and Vras a dead man. Hcnfrev and Digtde directly decamped, Higgle saying, as lit went but, " I have shotTtim dead— lie. fell as dead as a knit!*' Ilenfiey , Diggle, and Wooley, wanted to turn bdek with Burton t who had a hailuns r with liiin for the purpbse) to break the stocking frames in Kerry's house j but this they abandoned for the time. All these facts, with others, shewing the wickedness and depravity of the four Luddites, weredisclosed tlpon the trial. Diggle was convicted upon tile clearest and most satisfactory evidence, not only of Kerty and his family, but of Burton ( one of the tour) who was admitted evidence for the Crown. The Judge ^ Mr. Baron Riohards) then passed sentence of death upon the prisoner,- Diggle, ill a very impressive manner. Few, if any, cottld refrain from shedding tears, on this awful and eloquent address to this unfortunate young man. In the address he was strongly advised to make the best , use of the short time lie bad to live, and exhorted to prepare for eternity, for mercy to biin would be cniclty to society. Diggle, with three others, stood indicted for besetting the house of Mr. William Cook, at Short- wood, near Tiowell, ( « ame keeper to the Right Hon. Lord Miridleton) in the night between the 2( 1 and . Id January last, and iu company With 5 other persons, who have fled from justice, ( amongst whom are to* same Hcnfrey, Woollcy, and Shaw, win) conspired to take away the life of Kerry), anil fil ing at Cook through his chamber window several limes, and also tiling at oife Francis Tllorley, ( a in ighboui of Cook's, alio came to his assistance), with pistols, loaded with leaden shot. In this prosecution Lord Middleton addressed tbe learned Jn. i « c in a very feeling and impressive manner, stating, that as'a dreadful example to the country was about to be made in the execution of Daniel Diggle, who was the principal person concerned in the outrage upon the pedlon, family, and dwel- ling of one of hti gamekeepers, his Lordship ( ltd not wish for any sanguinary or vindictive proceed- ings against the three others in custody, and the more especially, as he had reason to believe they were the least guilty of aiiv in ihe gang ; for as to one of them, when Daniel Diggle proposed to break into Cook's house and ninnler him, that one prevented Daniel Diggle from so doing: and there- tore, with the learned Jiidges. pci mission, hc( Lord Middlcton) wotil> i withdraw all further proceedings against them — h s Lord- hip declaring that all [. ro- per means should be taken to apprehend Henfiey, Wolley, Shaw, and others, who it appeared, « had been concerned in the attack upon the life of Ker- iv, but who wcieequally guilty with Dan. Diggle, in the outrag « , in Ihe middle of the night at Cook's. His Lordship declared that his motive was only pnMic justice, and he thought as lo Ihe four in cus- tody, that end had been obtained. The learned Judge very pointedly complimented Lord Middleton upon tbe propriety of his conduct on the occasion, and in the most solemn aud impies* sivy manner addressed the three prisoners at the bar, informing them, that tliey owed tlutr tires to his Lordship's interference in their favour ; for it ap- peared from ( tocum uts in the learned Judge's possession, that lliey were guilty, and might have been convicted if the prosecution had been pro- ceeded ill. At ihe above Assizes seven prisoners received sentence of death, nil of whom were afterwards reprieved, except Daniel Diggle, who is left fi/ r execution. i 2- \\ ants a Situation, ( As on Ap/ irentiie to a Grocer Tallow Chandler, either in a targe Village or Market Town 1, ASober Youth, of 14, years of age, who has hud a good Ednealtoii, and is ot respectable connections. A moderate Premium would be IIO obstacle. Encpiirc ( if by letter, post paid) at the Journal Office, or of Mm. WAttf), Bookseller, Hinckley. WEST GOSCOTE. " WIE Proprietors andOccupiers of F. s'ates within this Hundred, are requested toattrnd in person, oi by their Agents, at the inckor bm, Loughborough, on Thursday the Tenth of April Next, at II o'clock, for the purpose1 ot taking into consi- deration what steps should be adopted in order to protect this Hundred f'ronV the coiisrqncnccs of a Verdict, j. iveu at liiq Leicestershire Assizes, ou Wednesday last, in an Action lleatkcotcand another, again- 1 Cradock ntut- auother+ t'w: TEN I'iiOUSA N IJ POUNDS, subject Jo tlic /. wind of a Referee;— such Verdict having been giver, by consent of the Defentliiiits, in the above Ajeiion, without Autho- rity from auv [ ii -\ i e I: s Public Meeting ofthe Inha- bitant of this Hundred. By- Order, MILES, ALSTON, and MILES. T eiceTcr, 27ib Maich, 1SI7. - N. R. Every Parish in the Hundred is materially interested in this matter. r. Y Ol der of tlia Court for tbe Relief of Insol- vent Dtbiors. The Petiti: n of Richard Thomas, late of Haverfordwest, in the county ol Pembroke, not be got out, and both were much burnt, the j Shopkeeper, but now a Prisoner for Debt confined Horse lias since been killed, and the Mule is not in. his Majesty's Gaol of Haverfordwest, in tha The late Mrs. SARAH OW SLEY, deceased. r| All IS Assize of Bread for the Hundred of GAKTREE, IU the countV of Leicester, '-/''. The Weight and Price of J" lb. oz. dr. £ s. d. The PeckLoal'whcatcn 17 6 0 « j 8 Half Peck Loafvihcatcn 8 11 0 0 2 10 Quartern Loal w beaten 4 5 8 0 15 HallQuartcrn Loa ! vt lira ten 2 2 12 0 0 » i The I'eck Loafhoiisehold 17 6 0 0 5 4 llalf Peck Loafhousehold S11 0 0 2 8 Quartern Loatbonscbold 4 5 8 0 1 4 Half Quartern l. oal ditto 2 2 12 0 0 8 Set bv us Two ol his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said Hundred, the lath day of Match, 1817, and to continue iu force for seven dayst'tuiu Monda; next. E. GRIFF IN. J AS. BED. F. AS under u Special Decree of the Archdeaconry Court of Leicester, made on oraliont tbe lOlii of JiVuiia- v last, Letters of' Ad- ministration of tile 1 . fleets ot Sarali Owsley, late of IJallaton, ill the County of Leicester, widow, deceased, Were granted- to ELIZABETH FOX and SAR AH PORTER, widows, the lawful Aunts and two of the next of kin ofthe said deceased, who was preuiouii.' od hv the said Court to have died intestate. This is therefore to give notice to all persons having claims upon tbc personal Estate of the said'deceased as Creditois to send. ill forth- with lo Messrs. M. a d II. PAYNE Solicitors Lei- cester the particulars of the- same. And alf persons who are indebted . to tlie same Estate, ol having monies in their hands belonging thereto, are here- by required to pay the said sebts or monies on oi before die 6th day of April next, to the said M, and II Payee, who ale authorized to receive tliq same. By Order, M and H. PAYNE. Leicester 17 th March, 1817. likely to recover Notice has been given that all persons possessed of DOLLAR TOEKVS, who are desirous of receiving value for the same of' 5s. Od - each, are to present them at Ihe Bank of England for payment on or beloie the first of May next, as no further exien- siou ot time will be given to the circulation theieof Pi ices ot Cheese lit Derby fair . on S-. tur. iu v last fur second weighs uI- K- fi- iuii 48s.. tu 50s. pffr cwt; a dairy or I wo ol pi Hue coloured fetched 2s. to 3s. per cwt. more iiioiny. — The fair was very brisk, and many buyers were not supplitil. At Lought. o!.. tigii fair nu Mondny, prices were quite high as ut Derby, t ml brisk sale. Manchester.— 1 he number of niisgiiided people who have been undtr ti niporary resliaiut in the Ne w BayJe. v Prison. Manciteslei, since Hie tenth instant, is 251; nine ot whom are committed to Lancaster Castle, and two held over to tiie next q. iul tti sessions ; ine remainder u, e uise. iai some on giving bail, and others on recognizance to answer at the sessions, if called upon.— Of 21 persons lodged in Chester Castie for similar eon- duct, 16 were discharged upon their own recogni- zances ou Wednesday, and five were ordered to find sureties tor their behaviour, prior to their being liberated. We are much gratified in heti'ing . that Bclvoir Castle, the seat ot Ins Grace the Duke of Rutland, IS likely to exceed its former magnitude aud spicn dour. The foundations ol a very large to wee, to be erected on toe site of that part of the building destroyed by the late melancholy liie, were begun on Monday se'uiiight. The ceremony of lavuig tile, til si stone was rendered highly interesting by the pitati. ee ol the Duchess, anil Duchess Dow- ager .' I Rutland, the fvla. ipns ul tirnnbv, the vnuug , La tiles, and the Rev. Sir . lulu, Thornton, stveraiiy assisted m placing tbe atone m its siiua I mil, and in depositing witl. in it pieces of coin of tiifle rent ileuuiiiiiiations. Ai Dtrny Assizes iheicwusa heavy calendar,— and several prisoners' received sentence of death, but Phillip Potts, I„ I a robbc. y, was the only one left lor execution. IU L. . coin Assizes Elizabeth Whiting, A pauper in K ri loll vv oil: fit. use, was capitally convicted >. f the in to . it r of tier iinant female child. She suf. le red oil balurdMy. ' ll. e AsJ 7. es at Warwiik Cpmnience onTuesdny the first ol next moiitb ; we re gret to state tliat Here are nearly two hundred pi isonefs for trini : tb » greater pi. it of the offeni es are however of a " ill or ilet. cripui. il — Birmingham Gaseite. NOTTIKCH^ M ASSIZES— Attempt at Mwder.— Tuesday Daniel Digg- e was - tried for shooting et Gcoige Kjjii'j,. iii his dwelling house, iu thepaiis Hiity of Pembrok e, will be heard before bis Ma- jesty's Justices of the Peace for tbe said county, at the ( ieneitsl Quarter Sessions of'the Peace which will be holdcn ar Hdverfordwest, in aud for the sai. l county, ou Ftitlay tlif 18th day of April next, at the hour of 9 o'clock in the morning, and that a Schedule annexed to fhesai I petition containing a li- i of lheCreditirs ofthe sitedPi isi. ner, is filed iu tbe Office ol the said Court, No. y Essex street. St in ml, to which the eicditors of tbe saitl prisoner may re- fer, and be docs hereby declare that he is ready and willing to submit to he examined touching the justice of his conduct to his Creditors. RICHARD THOMAS. THOMAS ROYCE, Agent, Westminster road. BY order of the Coin ! tor the Relief of Insol- vent Debtors. The Petition ot John Ball, sued as John Brown, formerly of He'hcisit, near Norwich, | in the county of Not folk, but late of tbcCity of Ox- ford, Lngineer and Patentee of Cook ing Stoves and Cnrcr of Sntokcv Chimuies, hut now a prisoner for Detil confined in bis Majesty's Gaol of Newgate, in tbe city Accounty of the city ot Bristol, will he begird befaie his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said city and county, at the General Qua'ter Ses- sions of the Peace, which will be holden at the City of Bristol, in and for the said city and ebunty, on Friday the i8th day oi Apiil next, at the hour ot 10 o'clock in the morning, and that a Schedule annexed to the said petition, containing a list of the Creditors of the said Prisoner, is filed in the Office of llie said Court, No. 9, Essex street, Stroud, in the comity of Middlesex, to which the creditors of ihe said prisoner may refer, and lie lieiehy de- clares that lie is ready and wilting lo submit " to be examined, touching, the justice of his conduct to his Creditors. JOHN BALL. WILLS and ROBINSON, At. ents, No S, Mint Couri,. Temple. FVIRS. March 31— Ruglj, Warwick, Kidderminster, Led. bury, Woiksop Apiil J— Alcesler, Ludlow. Bitxtori 2— Nevveut, Tetbury, Kin^ fon, Lutterworth, Melton Mowbray - Asl. borne Chappel in le Frith, Manrfeld, Nottiiielisni • Bnrslem, Burton on Trent, Gioiieester, \\ iekvvare, ' Vatlingtoii, ootistuck, l) t. » by, vVii. sier, Jjeicesier, NoitbanjpJ a. 3- PRICF. OF S TOCKS. 3- perCeci Cons, 7')^ I 4 j. » i . eiits — Ditto Red. — J i fet Ce « U99t L e i c e s t e r Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. •- « — i. To the Editor of the Leicester Journal. Si p, Ilistoiy I. as Item somewhat morosely defined, t he register of human follies and of Unman crimes. If we must admit an assertion, so degrading to our fpeCic*, it remains for us lo transmit to posterity, more honnurnble motet nils for the historic muse. Former EXCESSES may IK- I'aiily imputed to imma- turity of know ledge, mil and religious. In this ( lav r- f mt el it it titii splendor, belter things niav be rxpectid We Ii ive studied iiitiu and bis cvnrks and fro 11 nt it her demand perfection. We niav gradually advance, but can cmlqre defects. What is good i% e shall duly appreciate ami patiently wait the season u! improvement- Intellectual siipett- lutl. lor w e ! I; IU' what I was led its I or tv has. indeed, done not lean t to separate theory from practice, we can conceive Irom v, hat wt* can do. I w into this Iran, of thought by bearing n violent de- clamation mi the iltlicieut zenl of the established Clergv. Z(": l is a quality so questional,! nature, depends so much 011 indivulnal tempera- ment, is so unconnected with knowledge, and so formidable in us operation8, that if it limy he de- nied, it nia v be also drtaded; it it may lie Com- mended, it uiav be also execrated , il it sometimes do tried, it otteu does in scliiel. Wisdom may inileeJ correct it, as skill subdues poison ; but in itself, it is neither 1110; e nor less, than the blind Impulse of a mind ill flames. Much of ecclesias- tical history is the nitre detail of its excesses ; no body of 111C11 there fore should be hastily Censured, ifitley indulge with caution, this dangerous pas- sion. It has ever been the weakness, the malice, or the knavery of Zealots, to exact qualities or degreesof qualities, 111 one period of the Chinch and ofSeciety, which wire pltiinlv, peculiar, and confined 10 others. Some people make nothing of tireuuntanecs : though these, in innumerable in- stances, constitute right and wrong, vice and vir- tue, absurdity and wisdom, distribute happiness, Or " scatter around fin brands, allows, and death." Pope speaks of1' the worst ol madmen, iu a s tint run mad," and Drvilen of" a patriots all atoning name." Often has the one ligliti( I up the flames of peisecnritiu, andilieollitr noted in confiscation, plunder, itud blood. Hooker litis noticed I lie per- IIN i'MIS coi.- rqiunces ol attempting to regulate all human relations and circumstances, by scripture •• xamnlfs. It would be well if rli « calumniators ofthe Clergy would weigh the iuipoitance of tins femaik. They would t'if n perceite, that an action prescribed 10 an apostle, may he no rule for us. - J hut p.- encbina at Mars' Hill," is 11,1 precedent for field preaching : that propogat'iig the Gospel " from Jerusalem round about unto Iliyricuiii," is no vnlication of itinerancy : tl. at A poll08 is nnjtis- tification of si If suit teachers: nor tie effusion of the lloly Ghost, ol rant, exstaciii, and sensil le divine impulses. In that period of the Church to " Inch Scripture is confined, Chri- tianity was in its infancy ; winning its way by arguments and mitnrles, 10 the conversion of the people anil the favour of the magistrate. That peisoual inter- course with God, ( if the phrase bo allowable) to winch int first teachers were admitted, seems to litive been absolutely necessary, to invigorate their extraordinary efforts. The labours of Apostles were as supernatural as their powers. But when argument was sufficient, miracles ceased; wbpn less labour was necessary, less was requhed ; and well might they he indifferent to all earthly ac- commodations, distinctions, and pleasures, who hud death e> er before their eyes, aud Heaven ever open to their view. Pretences to extraordinary sanctity, bustle, noise', and novelty, have strange charms for the multitude. Hence the neglect and censure of so many Clergymen, whose silont la. hours and sound doctrine entitle them tn the tell- er; tion iriftheir people. Allow me to add, that when the scantiness of their income is considered, thin it terminates with life, that some provision must be mi'de for survivors, 11 ml: he decencies of their runk he maintained, candour will ( Injustice fo the ardour of their benevolence, and piety w ill reverence their confidence in God. Hut they can- not stoop to the vile tricks of enthusiasts. Vocifer- ation, wild gesticulation, daring assertions, parly phraseology, and uff, cted frequency of public wor- ship, will ev er thin a Church and crowd n Conven- ticle. T lie hinaticnrtfolly and incessantly contracts his ow n ostentatious devotion 11111I morbid activity, with the utiobtruded piety, the calm and steady usefulm ss of his regular neighbour. A blaze will always draw attention. He is equally adroit in the use of a wretched sophism, which serves nt once t « aggrandize himself and disparage the Church. Because, in all great bodies, the majo. rity w ill ever be defective, lie infers from this cir- cumstance, the superior excellence of his own principles, people, and preachers. Now it is only to recollect, that Sectaries are, in comparison, few, and Churchmen numerous, and the fallacy is instantly detected. Yet infatuated followers cannot or will not see it. Consequence is, that this paltry, stale stratagem, is every where, attended, with incredible success, and the Clergy are blatncd lor not effecting, what tlie condition of humanity will ne ver admit. Im- position, however, seldom fails, ultimately, to be- tray itself. Tbey, therefore, who, so uncharitably, exaggerate the general depravity, are often found, in proportion, more depraved themselves, tical seal is the very hot- bed of iniquity profane jumble of lofty pretensions and gross defi- ciencies, of refined spirituality aud disgusting sen- suality, of cant and cunning, of praying and profli- gacy, of scrupulosity and deliberate guilt, can only be attributed to a sophisticated understanding, a perverted conscience and a hardened heart. T rue Religion tends to charity and pence. 1 am willing to rest, the vindication of the Cleig) and the cri- minal inn ol Fanatics, on this ground. The Clergy are, in general, so reluctant to recriminate, that they have incurred the charge of supineness and indifference, Fanatics omit, no occasion, public or private, to revile the Church. Tlie Cle rgy are, to the utmost of their means, the natrons of the poor. Fanatics exhaust tie opulent and peel the poor.— I he Clergy conciliate neighbours and confirm do- mestic union. Fanatics " creep into houses and sepaiate chief friend*." The Clergy jnculc- ite loyalty 11111I submission. Fanatics republicanism and resistance. In 11 word, Confusion is the cry • it Fanaticism, and Concord the voice of the Church. PRO ECCLESIA. their The Faaa- T'he PLAN FOR THE EXTINCTION OF POOR RATES. At present we confine ourselves to the fnct that he plan has met the warmest admiration .. f ninny ,, l our greatest Statists— Has been examined by the benevolent Committee, of which the Archbishop ot Canterbury is the head, and referred by this body ro the Committee of the House of Commons on the Poor Laws, with whom it now is. IVTECTS or Jl'MMAltY OF THE Mr; OVVEN's PLAN. " To relieve uk poor and woiking classes from , heir present distress, and to render it unnecessary .„ tU- country to bear the burden of their perma- ;' tnr support in idleness, the unemployed tioor ,4, pst be provided with the means by which their labour may be brought into action, and also with the knowledge which is requisite to direct that la- bour beneficially lor themselves anil the commu- nity. This can only be done bv allotting to them certain poitiuits of Intnl. and supplying them with the materials and iutoiunition necessary lo its ad- vantageous cultivation. And such provisions may be made lor them in the follow ing manner, with such alterations and modifications as the wisdom ol Parliament may suggest. " The poor to be made national. T he present Poor- rates to he mortua^ ed to the amount of live or six years of its .. mum! revenue. T he money to be bill rowed as it niav afterwards he required.- » - This fund to be applied to the purchase of laud in piQportion nf from 10 acres each, and to the erection ol establishments near to or upon tiie centre of sin Ii lands, e< tcb to be calculated to ac- commodate Irpui 500 to lSt/ J pviions— men, wo- men, and children " The null ne of a plan for such establishments is annexed to this address. It is drawn oil the supposition that the land is l- vel, but a moments refier lioir will make it evident that the plan is sub- ject to infinite* modifications, depending 011 the pe- culiar localities of 1 he laud on which the Establish- ment may l, e formed. The follow iug ti/ e some Of the advantage* which maybe ( leiivcd from such at iT. ngenients lor the manufacturing and labouring poor:— " 1st— Expensive us such a sys'etn lor the ffn- employed poor may appear to a superficial observ- er, it Villi be found, on investigation, by tlioso w hose minds are capable of comprehending such a ' con- hiitation, to be by far the most wcouumicai that litis vet been devised. " Many of tiie unemployed Poor are no . v in a SI lite of gross ignorance, rind have been trained ill bad h, bus— a situation in which, uiulerihe present system, tin t are likely to continue through suc- ceeding generations. The arrangements proposed afford the certain means, 11: a manner ilm most gtutil'yi g to all parties inieW sted, of overcoming both their ignorance and their bad habits in one generation. " 3d — The greatest evils which sit present affl ct society, ai- ise iron* mankind being trained io prin- ciples of competition. Tilt' purposed cirruiigftncnu offer the t est mode of uniting men 111 common measures lor their mutual benefit, bv presenting an easy practical plan, of gtudbully withdrawing the causes of ditlererce'mid animosity aiiiont indi- viduals, and of making their mtcrtstand their duty verv generally the same. " 4th— This sysiom for tl. e unemployed Poor will also afford tiie most ceittun and effectual means of giving tlie l. est liubilsniid sentiments to nil tl. sir children,— as soon a- sot iety slut I .. cquire suffici- ent rationality nutl wisdom to discover what habits and sentiments, or what character ought to be giyn to them. " 5th— It wrll likewise afford the most powerful means of improving the habits and general conduct of I be present unemployed Poor, w ho have been neglected by society troui their infancy. " 6th— It will give ill return lor their labour more valuable, substantial, and permanent coiu- fbrts to the Poor, than have ever yet been offered them. " Till— Iu one generation it will, supersede the necessity of Poor- rates or auy ptcuniaiy gifts of charity, by preventing any one from being poor or subject to such unnecessary degradation. " titii— It will offer the means of gradually qua- drupling the population of the most populous dis- tricts of Europe or America, ami of increasing the strength and political power of the country 111 which it shall be adopted, more than ten- fob'. " 9th— It is easy of adoption. It may be put into practice with less ability and exettiou than are requisite to establish a new manufacture in a new situation. Many individuals of o ( linary ta- lents aud common minds have formed establish- ments which possess combinations much more complex and intricate; iu short, there will not be any thing required which is not rinilv peiforined in common society; and which, under the arrange- ments proposed, will be still more easi. y per- formed. " 10th— It will effectually relieve the manufne. turiug 11111I labouring Poor from their present dis- tress, without violently orjniertiaturelv interfering with the present 111 raugemfps of society. " I lib— It will permit mechanic inventions and improvements to be earned to any extent, for by the proposed measures, every iiuprovem nt 111 me- chanism will be rendered subservient to, and in aid ol human labour. " And lastly— all ranks will be essetitinllv bens- fited by this amebian tion iu the condition of the labouring and manufacturing Poor; and some plan founded on such principles as have been now un- folded, is absolutely necessary to secure the well being of society." In the existing state of Society the unemployed working classes are maintained by nud consume a paitofthc produce ofthe wealthy and intlustiioiij classes, while their powers of body and mind re main unproductive. They are the lean kmc eat- ing up the fat, without improvement iu their own condition. On the contrary, they acquire tli<| worst of habits from idleness, the worst of vices from nbjectness and misery ;— and becoming the bane of Society, poison its whole frame up wards. After enforcing the necessity of training up the children ol tinsclass in ilia practice of iudis- 11 v and in moral habits, Mr. Owen lays down the incontrovertible principle that " the same " quantity and quality of labour under one di- " rection will produce a far more valuable re- stilt than under .' mother." Upon ibis fttuila- intijlai dogma his plan lunges. Tne labour ol the Poor should be exerted under ttic best direction. I heir expenditure, under the same, w ill be dimi nisbed, while their productiveness is increase-:!.—- Their coinlbrts too, will be proportionally aug- mented. " Unite," sajs Mr. Owen, " the iu'ererts and the duty ol the Poor," now so often and so much ut variance, and remove them from unnecessary temptations, which they have not been trained, and cannot therefoie be expected to resist : and you accomplish the amelioration ol their situation, and the improvement of general society. On these piinciples the Plan proceeds. It pro- poses to establish Squares and buildings to accom- modate about 120U persons, men, women, and children, nud to b* surrounded by a regulated quantity of land for cultivation. The buildings contain a public kitchen, mess rooms, and all re- quisite accommodations attached to comfortable cooking and eating. Ou one side is the infant school; on the other the school lor the more ad- vanced, with other plncts lor instruction, Die. See. There me grounds for exercise and recreation, planted aud beautified with trees. Three sides ofthe square shall be lodging houses for the mar- ried poor, each sufficient to accommodate two children with their father and mother. T he fourth side is in dormitories lor t tie children above three years ol age, removed from their parents mid placed under the superintendnnce oil he In- stitution, but still allowed free and proper inter- course with* the authors of then being. There arc store rooms, manufactories, and gardens ; " complete fanning Establishment, limiting brewing houses, corn mill, dairy, every thing which such a Society can wautJur its support. The employment of the Women is chalked out in the care of their iufifnts and bouses; in culti- vating the gardens to raise vegetables for the sup- ply of the public kitchen; in attending to such of the branches of the various manufactures ns is suited to their Sex, but only 4 or 5 hours a ( lay ; in making clothes ; aud iu occasional assistance, according to rotation, in the kitchen, mess rooms, and dormitories. Tlie Children to be trained, in the lighter occu- pations, and without taxing their strength, till they leach niaturer years, and are fit for mnnlv toils. Instruction raid health, with habits of industry, are the primary objects in their treatment. To the Men, the labours of ugr culture, and the heaviest purrs ol the manufactories are allotted, but by no means to the extent that a day labourer is now required to Work. I lie expense of such an Establishment for 1200 persons, comprising ihe purchase of Lands, and ilie ere'etion and Fuilliture of Buildings, is estimated at J_ 9ti, 0l) 0, or a capital of' ^ iM per person. Hie present nnnutil expence of Poor rates lias been calculated at between fight and nine mil- lions! ! In comparison w itli this, even the original expeuce of Mr. Owen's Plan is a mere trille ; but v> lieu w e* look at the hitter as a source of future productiveness, while the former is a fathomless and interminable drain, the expence becomes as nothing. The law expeuces nloiie- for tlie year ending 25th March, 1815, under the present system, amounted to 4s. 8dy This year 11ley will double the sum !! A proposition for the Repeal or Commutation of'tlio Si i. r Dents, having been brought forward iu the House of CooihlonS during the present week, the following observations 011 so important a subject inny not be deemed improper al the pre- sent moment. When we consider that Salt is an article Of the first necessity, as well to the heultb as to the com- fort of mankind ; and thai the duty churned upon it 111 this kingdom is forty litntS the amount if its first cost, we wonder some substitute has llot al- rentlv been found for a tax so obnoxious. A bushel of salt wliinh foreigners buy of us at the price ol ' fourpenee half penny, free of duty, is subject to a lax of fifteen shillings, when used by our own couiitiymen; and iu most parts ol Eng- land, the poor pay more lor a pound of salt, than foreigners pay for a bushel! The consequence of this impolitic rlutv is that foreigners, who buy English salt dutyfree, can employ their on n poor in catching and curing fish, whilst iwr poor ure in absolute u ant of employment They can undersell us in foieigu moikets; and even send us back articles, obtained with our own salt, at twenty times the price they paid us for it.— Again, us the Dutch can obtain our salt witli so much ease, they come upon our coasts, catch our own fish, cure it with our own salt, and then sell it to « *, and our customers abroad, at five times the price at which we could have caught and cured it, by employing our own sailors and fishermen. So iu America, the suljects of the United States have luu away with more than half ourNewfound- luml trade: m. d then supply our West India Colo- nies, by underselling us. Although there is an exemption from duty 011 salt used for our own fisheries, the trade is subject to such severe pains and penalties, and lettered with so many restrictions and conditions, that a poor fisherman unit tailor cannot possibly take the benefit of it: nud many even prefer paying the duty, or more frequently throwing away their fish, to the providing storehouses, subject to the excise, and incurring the risk, trouble, aud vexation of the sa t laws. Yet with ail this severity, the temp- tation to smuggle, where the tax is forty times as much as the first cost, is so great, that gangs of thieves unit smugglers uie to he found in the neigh- bourhood of all salt woiks, as well as 011 our coasts; and as much salt is stolen, plundered, or smuggled, as actually pays the duly. A few years buck 111 . ny hundreds of loads of re- fuse Salt, not fit for the market, were allowed to he used for MANURE iu Worcestershire, Cheshire, & c. and paid to Government a duty of fourpeuce a bushel, for leave to u* e it ; but since ihe great increase of the general tux on salt for home com- position to fifteen shillings a bushel, all tliisru/ ua- ile mwiure is thrown into the river, and entirely lost to the country. At the same time we may observe, that as salt is purchased by retail in small quantities, the an- nual expence of it is greater than most persons seein to be aware of. Few cottagers use much It**, and many use more, 011 1111 average, than a pound of salt a week ; little however, as that seems, it amounts to a bushel a year; which, when bought by the pound, will hardly be got for less tlwn at the rate of six shilling a stone, or twenty four sibl- ings the bushel. Other housekeepers use double that quantity ; some four times us much; particu- larly where there is a good deal of salt meat.— Farmer* are taxed at a still higher rate ; for they want feu It for their butter, cheese, pork, beef, & c, * c. ami would find it of great use when getting iu their hay in wet weather, in making damaged hay palatabiw and wholesome for their cattle, in pre- serving their sheep from the lot, and in many other respects: so that there can be no doubt, but that the w isdom of Parliament may iie able to find a mode of Commutation for the Salt Duties, which whilst it does not cost us half of the extra price we now pay to the Excise tor the duty on salt, may provide AODITIOXAL EMPLOYMENT ill fishe- ries, manufactures, trade, and commerce / br our distressed poor anil our disbanded sailors and sol. d'urs, aud thereby materially relieve us in our poor rates. Wm. Breeze, Hanley, Stafford, potter Wm. Paxton, Goddington, Oxford, baker John Pearson, Portsmouth, draper Stephen Dark, Heddington, Wilts, farmer Edward Grafton, Liverpool, glass dealer John and Wm. Galey, Birmingham, brush makers John Steel, East Stonehouse, Devonshiie, shoe maker Samuel Bradley, Bratnall, Chester, builder John Clrear, Allaingham, Chester, corn miller; and lirooks clie. il', Comjlelon, shopkeeper James Hearu, Penzance, ironmonger DIVIDENDS. From ' Tuesday's Gazette, Mureh 13. AT Gl'II. DIIALL. April 15, II. Lark and J. Woodbend, Essex st. Strand, n ivy agents 12, T. P. Hillary, Mark lane, merchant — 12, T. Nias and J. White, Old 13niad street, insurance brokers 22. J. Keav, Mark lane, wine merchant— 22, J. Irwin, Church court, Clement's lane, merchant 12, J. Coles, West Smithfii'lil. banker 12. S. Crane and 11. S. Crane, Stratford, Essex, merchants 15, E. Wilson. Ilull, Yorkshire, draper 19. T. Robin- sin, ltobertsbiiilgei Sussex, brewer IBE COUNTRY. April 14, E. Williams, Plymouth Dock ; and J" Moir, Millbay, Devonshire, iron founders, at the Weakley's Hotel, Plymouth 10,11. May, Soulll- wold. Suffolk, salt refiner, at the Old Swan, South- wold- 8, A. Hnrdmau, Bolton, Lancashire, muslin manufacturer, at the Bridge Inn, Bolton 8, J. Collier, Bedford, Lancashire, cotton manufac- turer, at the Bridge Inn, Bolton— 3, L. lleaton, lleutoii, Lancashire, muslin manufacturer, at tlie Bridge Inn, liolton 25, J. Hodgson, Birming- ham, merchant, at the Woulpack, Birmingham— 15, .1. Kendrich, T'oitdiugtoii, Gloucestershire, inn bolder, at tli » Swan, Tewkesbury 10, J. Ilew- etsoii, Wigtou, Cumberland, innkeeper, at King's Arms, Wig 1111 9, G. Shutter, Reading, Berks, upholder, at the Lower ship, Reading — 9, R. R. Scarlett, I ledneslord, Staffordshire, innkeeper, at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham 9, J. Wade, Buintwood, Staffordshire^ tanner, at Ihe Bell and Bear Inn, Stone 9, R. Stockley, Iveuey Bank, Staffordshire, innkeeper, at the Bell and Bear Inn, Stone 10, 1. J1- Series, Hanley, Staffordshire, grocer, at the Bell and Bear, Stone. From Saturday's Gazette, March 24. AT BC'ILOHAI. L. April 8, William Nettlefohl, Dartford, butcher 22, Edward Bhitchford, Deninatk street, vic- tualler 25, Samuel Keene, Gray's I1111 lane, upholder 12, David Richards, Jewin street, draper 22, Margaret Maegliie, Jermyn street, miUiner— 26, James Fean, Parliament street, draper 12, George Ansell, Ciirslialton, calico printer 19, Richard Collis, junr. Romfind, watcli maker 19, Archibald Daliell, Great Alie street, merchant—— 29, S. Best, Norwich, upholder 12, Joshua Greaves, Fish street llill, leather seller 15, John Anslev, Star court, Bread street, merchant—— 19, John and G. Ouihwaite, Pancras lane, merchants 26, Peter Bertlion, Cross street, Finsbury square, merchant 5, T. Foster and Edward Sills Foster, Yatding, maltsters 12, John Annetts, Salisbury, linen draper July 5, James Thomson, Charles Osborne, and Isaac Westmorland, Billiter square, London, ship brokers IN THE COUNTRY. April 18, Thomas Springett, Wickam Market, mealman, at the King's Arms, Woodbrirlge 12, John Spikins, Boston, timber merchant, at White Hart, Boston 21, I bos. Pattiuson, Newcastle upun Tyne. grocer, ut the Crown and Thistle/ New c., sile 11, Francis Webster, St. Austell, Corn- wall, linen draper, at the White Ilart, St. Austell 18, James Giilnev, Norwich, coach maker, at the White Swan, St Peter of Mnncrnl't, Norwich 15, Newell Ediss, Portsea, victualler, at the George, Portsmouth n- T BANKRUPTS.. FISHF. R's PREPARED STRAMONIUM ASO OXYHFI., IIEsE remedies are well known for their ef- ficacy in cases of Asthma, Wheeling, and Winter Cough. The fume of the prepared Herb in- haled during smoking, effectually allays the Morbid Irritation,, and feverish Action in the Lungs: while the Oxymel promotes gentle expectoration.— These combined operations have restored Asthmatic Inva- lids to perfect health, whose cases had been pronounc- ed hopeless, witness those of Mi's. Kitsou. Miss Leigh, Sir William Altham and others, which are published in the last edition of " Surgeon lisher't familiar Trea- tise on the euusit and cure of Asthma, Ife" As a distinction against the common unprepared Herb, aud spurious imitations, the public are requested to enquire for " Surgeon Fisher, s Prepared Stramonium and Oxymel," and 10 observe that the nameof ' But- ler, No 4, Cheapside,' is engraved in the Guveruiueut Stamp affixed to every Packet and Bottle-.— R Butler aud Sons, No. 4, Cheapside, London, having been appointed the Venders Price 4s 6d & 8s 6d each; May also be procured ofthe Printer of iliis paper ; Messrs Swinfen and Co. Moore, Derbyshire, Dalton, Abbot, Leicester; Higgs, Harborough ; Ai'cock ami Leadhetter, Melton; Adams, Loughborough; aud Beads more, Ashby. Mark- lane, Monday, March 24, 1817. We had a moderate arrival of Wheat from Essex and Kent this morning, but there has been a good foreign supply since this day se'nnight.— The trade was generally dull, even for fine qualities, which we quote full 8s per quarter cheaper, whilst orde nary kinds are difficult of sale at a further reduc- tion.— Barley is from 3s to 4s per quarter cheaper j and Molt meets a dull sale, unless very fiue.—• There was a large arrival of New Beans, for which there were few buyers, and the sales made are at a decline of about 2s — Old Beans also will not support our Inst quotation. White Pease are about 3s per quarter lower— and there is not much de- mand lor Giey Pease.— The Oat trade > s much tlie same for prime qualities, but all other kinds ace rather lower.— Flour remains as last quoted. AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN & c. ( Per Quarter) IN ENGLAND AND WALES, For the Week ending loth March, 1817. T O T A L. Wheat Rye Bailey Oats Beans Pease. 102 5 I 60 54 49 8 I 30 11 j 54 5 | 55 1 RET URN PRICE OF" GRAIN. Wheat( nt* w) 65s to 80s , White- Pease 45s to 5< 2s Fiue--- - " 96s to 100s Old 106 sto 118s Essex White 70s to 88. Fine 95s to 105 » Rye 50s to 60s Fine — s to — s Bariej ( uew) 22s to SOs Fine 40s to 45s Malt' TOs to 80s Fine 80S to 84s Boilers- - -. 55s to 60 » Grey Pease — s to — 3 line — s to — s lienns( new) SOs to 45s 60s to 65* New Ticks 25s to 30s Old Oats- • . Old -.. Polands 50s to 60s 16s to 34S S3s to 44 » • 16s to 36* PRICE OFFLOUltT fine Hour 100s Seconds B ra n Fine Pollards to 105s persack 95s. to 100. 10s. to 12s. Od. per quarter 17s. to 28s. Od. Smithfietd, Monday, March 24. PRiCE OF MEAT. Tosmk the Offal perStoue ofSlb. Beef 3s 6d to 5s Od ] Veal- • 5s 0d to 6s Od Mutton 4 » 0d to 5s Od ) Pork• • 3s8uto5sOd llilld of Cuttle this Day ut Smitlifil lit. Beasts about 2571— Sheep and Lambs 17890 150— Pigs 240 Calves- ¥ UNION INSURANCE OFFICE, ESTABLISHED 1797. D' and 111 tine \ V. Willey, Leicester, draper M. Hanby, HudUersffeld, liquor merchant R. Cree, Plymouth dock, linen draper J- F. Charleton, Newcastle upon lyue, Durham, ship owner E. Brown and T. Hindle, Blackburn, Lancashire, grocers J. Harris, St. Nicholas, Worcester, baker J. and G. I'laislow, Liverpool, coopers J. Lancaster, Whitley Lower, York, woollen cloth manufacturer D. Morrice, Tenby, Pembroke, rope maker W, Brookes, Paternoster row, silk manufacturer R, Noves Bnlford, Wills, paper maker J. Etheridse, Southampton, bootmaker Andrew Taylor, North Shields, sail maker Lewis Abraham, Craven buildings, Drury lane, glass merchant James Matthews, late of Harefield, Middlesex, shop keeper Sinclair Halcrow, Trafalgar square, Stepney, ma- riner Richard Parsons, Swansea, Glamorganshire, iron master Joel Phillips, Fenchurch buildings, watch manu- facturer Robert Cottrell, Duke street, Manchester square, painter James Billion, Fidward street, Portman square, ironmonger John Henriques, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, jeweller Peter Thomas, Mitre court, Milk street, Cheapside, meiclnuat John Davies, Poppiu's court, Fleet stteet, stereo- type foiind<£ TRUSTEES. The Most Noble the Duke of Somerset, The most Noble Duke Beaufoit, The Most Noble the Dnkeot Argyle, The Right Hon. Earl Craven, The Right Hon. Lord Saltoun, Lord Viscount Althol'pe, Lord Viscount Barnard. Lord Viscount Kirkwall. Secretaries, Messis. T. and S. Bignold. IVIDENDS to the parties insured, of ^ 511 per Cent, have been payable by this Institu- tion fur the last thirteen years. Those whose re- turns aie now due ntay receive their re- payment by applying at the Office, or to the Agent with whom they insured. Upwards of 2", 00( 1 persons Have reaped this important benefit, amongst whom 30,000/. hav<* been divided, the following are some of the parties who have received returns Deposit. Rt. Hon. Lord Ongley, Old Warden 44 3 8 The Hon. S. Ongley, Clifton 23 9 0 Sir C. Corbett, Adderley- hall 119 Lady Nightengale, Knees- worth 21 Edward Win. Martin, Esq Exiling, Suffolk 209 S Wells, Fsq. Biggleswade 293 J. Williamson, Esq, Hal- dock, 2.3( 1 John Prior. Esq. ditto 226 19 10 Messrs. J. Swan & Co. I'" n- sham, 214 0 Messrs. Hobson & Co. Bed- burn, 208 10 PRICE OF HOPS. BAGS. Kent 10/. 9s. to 14/ 9s Sussex 101 s. to 14/ 0s. Essex 01. 0s. to 010s P VCKETS. Kent 1II. Oh to 17/. Os Sussei 10/. 0s. to 16/. 9S Fain 18i. Os. to 25/ (> » PRICE OF LEATHER AT LEADEN HALL per lb. Return. 22 11 II 13 10 7 0 59 13 5 10 10 10 6 Butts, 50lb. to 56lb. each • • • Ditto 56 to 661b Merchatits'Backs Dressing lliilt' 9 Fine Coach Hides Crop liidts, S5 to 40lbs for cut Ditto, 45 to 50lbs Call Skins', SO to 4 01b Ditto, 50 to 70lh. ditto D;< to, Tanned Ilort* IIIdt s p PRICE 70 to 801b. ditto • rib. 2rd. to 22( 1. • 23d. to 24( i. —( I. to— d 14( 1 to d 154el. to 17d. 15( 1. to 17d. 17d. to 20d. 19( 1, lo 21d. 21( 1. to 26d.. 2U( i. to 24( 1. —( I. to— d. OF T ALLOW IN J. ONDON ( Per StoneoJSlb.) St. James'sMarket 4 .. 08 Clare Market Whitecbupel Market S » Od Od 5JA. 3 » 53d. Avarnge Price- Town Tallow*. Yellow Russia- White Ditto--- Soap Ditto--- Melting Stuff-• Ditto Rough • Graves Good Dregs- >• • Yellow Soap 86s.— Mottled • 3s bid 61s 6d to — sOd 59s 0( 1 to — s 0d — s0( l to — s Od — s Od to 57s Odt — sOd to 46s Od — s 0d tu SOs 0d — s 0d to 7s Od: - s0d to 7sOd 94s.— Curd, 98s. 104 12 146 11 11 3 119 113 PriceolCantlles, perdoz. 10s0o.— Mobldslls 6tlt 6tl per doz. ttUoieedfur rrttihi money. 6 107 0 3 0 104 105 0 0 131 121 149 10 Mr. H. Sykes, Hnddersfield, 21U Mr. T. Foster, Heaton Nor- ris, 262 Messis. Slatter & Co. Ilnun- ster, 242 C. Angui, Esq. Newcastle- upon- Tyne 298 The experience of 20 years has demolish at. ( I the scan ity aud advantage of the plan ol this Institution, when adopted 011 an extensive scale, and the rapid progress which it is still making throughout the kingdom, is the strongest proot that can be given ofthe public confidence in tiie system. This will be most fully proved by the amount of Duty paid lo Government dining the last 4 years, which is as follows. 1812 -,£ 18,484 2 0 11113 ai 21,607 16 0 1814—— at 25,383 5 2 11115 „£ 29,260 9 5 A surplus capital of nearly 100,000, has been accumulated, which is retained in aid of the premiums, now exceeding £ 51), 000 per annum. L.\ fe Office— The rates are £ 10 per cent, luwer than those demanded by oilier offices, and the sav- ings are returned to the Insurers by additions to the sums secured by their Policies. The Capital ofthe Office exceeds^ 130,0.10. A Bonus of 20 per cent, was declared at Ihe last general meeting upon all policies effected prior to June 1815, by which the sums secured to the insured are consi- derably increased. Agents for both Institutions are established in every principal town in the kingdom, with whom Insurances may be effected. By order 1 JOSEPH, WALL1S, Asting member for Leicester kviiiiAGE PRICE OF CORN AND FLOUR, IN L E I C ES T E R M A R K E T, SATURDAY, MARCH 82, 1817. WinchesterMeasure Wheat. • from U8s. to 142s. pel Quarter New Ditto 80s. to ISO*, per Ditto Rye — s to 60s. per Ditto Barley 51' s. to t; 6s. pel Ditto Oats 24s to 42s. per Ditto Beans 5l> s. to 84s. per Ditto Hog Peas( — s. tu 66s.' per Ditto Blue Pease — to— 3 per Ditto Oafmeal — to 64s per Ditto Fine Pale Malt 88 to 96s. per Ditto Fine Flour 99 to 105s. per, Sack Secondsditio 96 to lots, per Ditto Thlldsilltto 92 to 97 s. per Ditto Price of Bread. s. it. The Qtiar tern LoafW heat 1 5 Dittotitandard Wheaten 1 nitto Household 1 4 oz. ar. The Penny LoafWheaten to weigh 4 1 Ditto Standard Wheaten 4 3 Ditto Household - 4 5 J. SMITH, Receirtrof AssizeReturtiS. PRINTED and PUHI. ISHED by JOHN PRICF, Market place, Leicester,—— This Paper is re- gularly tiled in LONDON, at the London, Chapter, and Peel's Coffee Houses; and by Messrs. Newton and Co. Printer's Agents, No. 5, Warwick- square, Newgale- street; and by J. White, No. 33, Fleet street ; and Mi. J. Baum, Antelope, White Hart Yard; where Advertisements are received. Advertisements are received, and the Papcrdistribnted by Mr. Barnrlt, and Mi. Dunn, Nottingham; Mr. Marriot i, Derby ; Mi. Bari'ow, Kegworth; Mr. Botti ill, Lutterworth ; Mr. Adams, Druggist, Loughborough; Mr, Lester, Sheepshead; Miss Ward, Hinckley,; Messrs. Day and Co. Melton Mowbray ; Mr, Loseby, Billesdon, Oakham, &- c.; Mr. Beads- more, Ashby- de la- Znueh. aiid Villages adjacent Mr. Glayer, Erisby auiiGiauihaui,
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