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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LXVI    Issue Number: 3366
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 07/02/1817
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LXVI    Issue Number: 3366
No Pages: 4
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m M A iW » t " I is AND MIDLAND COUNTIES //>• WSs- Mm, Per Cent, I Oo' IHIHMj^ j GENERAL ADVERTISER VOL. XXVI. KRTJDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1817. Printed and Published by John Priee, Market- place, Leicester. No. 3300 ( Circulated through the principal Towns, and populous Villages, in the Conn I Lincoln, NottingUkr, Derby, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cai Counties ofLeicester. Rutland ridge, and York. F STAMP DUTY I. 4CK? I PAPER & PRINT Sd. < j PRLCK FD.— OR 8s. Od. per Quarter Sunday's and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON. MONDAY, February 5. PARLIAMENTARY INT ELUGESCli. HOUSE OF LORDS. Monday Feb. 3. SF. THTIOUS PRACTICES. Viscount Sidmouth delivered a Message from his Koyal Highness the Prince Regent, which bfiug re ail in tilt usual way, appear- ed to he as tWtfiiws r— ( isom. E, )'. K. " His Hin a|. Highness the Prince Recent, acting In lire ranir and on the behalf of hi- Majesty, ha- given orders that there isliall be laid In fore Ihe llonse ef Louis, various papers and duGtirtients containing information respectingceitain seditions practices, meetings, and combinations iu different parts of the kingdom, calculated to endanger ihe public tranquillity, to bring into hatred and con- tempt lite Government ol the country, aud tending to overturn the whole system of the Laws and Con- stitution of the country. His Royal Highness therefore recommends lo the Hot se of Lords, lo take the same into their Immediate and serious con- sideratiou." J On the motion of Viscount Sidmouth, the Prince Regent's Message'was ordered to he taken into consideration/ to- morrow, as well as the papers referred tj> in his Royal Iligh- nc- ss's Message, and that the Lords be suin- jnoned 011 the occasion. DECISIVE VICTttllY AT ALGIERS Viscount Melville In pursuance ofthe no- tice given, rose to move the thanks of the House to tile Noj^ lc and gallant Viscount ( not then in his place), for the glorious and decisive victory achieved by him and the various officers and Seamen of the squadrons under his command, at Algiers, on the ii7lli of August last. The Noble Lord introduce d li is motion with a variety of detailed obser- vations on the nature ofthe expedition, and -< if the meritorious aud invaluable service performed. He glanced mi tbe'outset at the difficulties, which, under the circumstances in which the country was placed, prevailed in duly fiiting out the expedition; but < b- scrved, that such were the exertions made, that they fully and completely answered tlie purpose for which they were designed, and proved highly satisfactory to the Noble and Gallant Viscount. Whe n arrived at the place of his destination, ( lie British Com- mander proposed terms of accommodation to the I) ey, requiring an explicit answer within a given time. Upon his receiving 110 reply, he proceeded to prepare for the at- tack, and the several ships took those posi- tions previously assigned to them. With respect to the particular line of operation, Officers of high authority, both in the Naval and Military services, were consulted ; and the Gallant Admiral himself was well aware ofthe strength of the place. But in the re- sult, the various obj- cts of the operations and attack were completely fulfilled. The • attack began about two o'clock, andcontinn- ed, without intermission, until niye at night. During the contest, the skiil an d bravery of every officer and seaman who fcugiit, were eminently con- picuous; they fought with native enthusiasm, and the result was such as might he expected, Our gallant men fought, not merely with that energy which lie might say was peculiar to British sea- men, bui they fought with that steady aud immovable cou. ag - which no danger could appal. The squadron of the King of the Netherlands amply contributed its share to the glorious result of the day ; and lie hailed it as an auspicious omen, that on the very - first occasion upon which the British and Dutch flags, for so many years, fought in • union, and in the same cause, that a victory so brilliant and decisive should be achieved. Both squadrons fought with such a deter- mined anil persevering valour, as rendered it difficult to say which, comparatively, had • conti ibuted the most towards the achieve- ment of the brilliant, decisive, and glorious victory of the day. He felt it unnecessary to detain their Lordships longer, trusting jthey would unanimously concur in the vote of thanks he should have the honour to pro- pose. His Lordship then moved the thanks of the . House to Admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth, < » . C. 13. for his able, meritorious, and gal- lant conduct on the 27th of August, 18 Id, in the destruction of the batteries and de- fences, at Algiers, & c — Agreed to NEM. DIS. been disappointed, we had the consolation to know that the interruption had bee^ c- bul of short duration, and that it arose out ot'Circum- stances connected not only # tfh humanity, but with the rights of nations. With respect to the glorious achievement, he was sure that there could be but one sentiment about it. - Perhaps it might be thought by some, that the enemy Lord Exmouth had to contend with might not rank so high in military discipline, as those powers we liatl been so long accus- tomed to contend with; vet he would say, that there never was a transaction, in all its beatings, which required more ability in its conduct, or was attended with more brilliant results ; for although the Algerines might be inferior to other Powers in the practical sci- ence of war, they proved themselves by no means deficient in bravery. Ye', if their cha- ractcr had not been known before, their in- trepid valour, the advantages under which they fought, and the obstinate resistance they made, rendered our assault doubly hazardous, and eminently glorious in its termination.— We should not find that anv of those great naval achievements which had signalised our name and character during the late contest, had cost litis country a greater tribute of sa- crifice in valuable lives, than the one which had made no eminent an addition to oar fame ; for if we estimate the number that had lalleij, the proportion would be fennel to exceed that of anyone ofthe great victories of the last war. It would be wasting the time of the House to carry their recollection back to the detailsofthe transaction, which they had read already in the clear and animated description given by the illustrious commander himself; but he felt that he should do great injustice to Jesse. Ontlet, Charlotte street, . Kathbar'ne place, jeweller Jtoseph Maekey, Gloucester terrace,' few road, ship owner Jiilin Allcock. Russell Court, Drtiry lane, victualler Christopher Cornelius S. Bodien, Minories, insur- ance broker William Redhead, Little Chelsea, baker James Elliott, sen. Pickett street, tavern keeper James Batcbelor, Falmouth, tallow chaudlcr James Aiggs, Nortliall, Middlesex, dealer Richard Coltis, Roiuforil, waicli maker Andrew Lewis, fl'ackwall, ropv maker James Warbnrton, Hardwick mill, Herefordshire, miller Richard Wicks, Worthing fish buyer William Turner, Vliiteohureh, Shropshire, ar- chitect William Darwin, Wintwortlr, Yorkshire, iron master Charles Broady. Wheelock, Chester, victualler George Howe* Bakcwell, Derby-" hire, flax dicssei Henry Hewlett. Hoi field, Gloucester; dealer Matthew Travis, Manchester, shopkeeper John White, Bridestow, Devon, innkeeper John Price, l. autuist, Monmouth, scrivener John Smith Andrews, lwcine Minster, Dorsetshire, horse jobber John Garner, Worcester, bootmaker JamesCant, Crown street, Finsbiiry square, grocer James Harris. Coventry, shag manufacturer John Boyes, jun. Wansford, York, carpet manufac- turer William Simpson, Manchester, linen draper John Worsiiale, Doniiigtou, Lincoln, dealer it'illiam Brooks, Saint Nicholas, Worcestershire, miller Thomas Hore Taylor, Totnes, Devonshiic, mer- idian I John Solly, Liverpool, linen diaper Edward ilale, West Worldhain, Southampton, dealer George Savage, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, watch maker Islimacl Brook, Hiulib rsfield, clothier William Hoodjatt, Ledbuiy, Hertford, farmer James Faiendcn, Chichester, Sussex, timber mer- chant William Mullens, H'. nstridge, Somerset, dealer T 3 ' Timber and Underwood. HUE Right Honourable Earl Ferrers's an- iiiial T imber Sale in Ihe Rough Heath, will be held bv Aiictwn, By Mr. SH \\ Vf At Mr. Palmer's, the Heath End, on Tuesday tbe lttli day of February, 1817. Dinner at one o'clock. k Capital Freehold Estate ut Ibsloclc. the character of that distinguished officer, if fie did not oiler one observation. We had heard much In that flouse before the expedi- tion, of the facility with which the attack might be made. Persons of scientific infor- mation had made the world believe, that a ve ry small naval force would be sufficient to accomplish theobjcct ; while others were of an opinion so very dillerent, they urged it asa mat- ter of prudence to consider well whether, from the nature of this enterprise, it ought to be undertaken against such formidable batteiies. — lie had, however, had an opportunity of hearing this illustrious ' fficer state his opinion to the head of the Admiralty 011 the subject, and it took a middle course, and the Kobk Lord, as the result of " his high professional ability, did most distinctly state on that occa- sion, that it was an attempt which must ne- cessarily be attended with a considerable de- gree of risk and loss, but he was confident of its success. He then not only distinctly de- tailed what would be the result of it, but pointed out, without hesitation, the manner iu which he intended to lay the ships, and pre- cisely how he meant to place his own ship above all. Having now stated every thing that was injustice due to the important subject, he felt that he could add nothing more, and should conclude with submitting his motion.— But he was desirous to extend it to that branch of our Allies, the naval service of the King . of the Netherlands, which bravely assisted us and partook ofthe glory. No- thing could be more congenial to the feelings of this country than to find their navy join- ed with ours iu fighting in behalf ofthe rights and liberties of mankind. He should now concludewith moving, V that the thanks of this house be given to Lord Viscount Ex- mouth, Knight of the Grand Cress, & c. & c. for his able and gallant conduct in the deci- sive attack 011 the batteries and ports ol Al- giers, 011 the 27th of August, 1816." Mr. Long seconded the motion. The motion was then agreed to, as was one of Thanks to Sir David Aiilne, and the Admi- rals and Captains under his command, and another slating " That this House does ac- knowledge and highly approve ofthe services of the Seamen and Marines engaged in the Expedition." Thanks were also voted to Vice Admiral Cape- Han, for his coidial assistance and co- operation on the occasion in question. DIVIDENDS. From Tuesday's Gazette, January 23. AT GUILDHALL, February 18, A. and 3. Payne, St. John street, A':?; TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of Mr. Russell, llie Crown, inlbstoek, in the countv~ pl Leicester, some time in ihe month of February next, in one or more lot or lots, and subject io such con litious as will then be produced, Compact and excellent freehold estate itnate in Tbstock aforesai t lying within a ting fence, comprising sixty acres of arable, mea- dow, and pasture land, or thereabouts, divided into convenient closes, in a very high stair o*' cul- tivation, very eligible for building upon, and now 111 the occupation of" Mr. Matthew Rose. The laud tax is redeemed. The day ol sale will appear io a future paper, and should the estate be disposed of iu the mean lime by private contract, timely n- jiice win lie given. For a view of the prentices apply to Mr. M4T- THF. W ROSE, of Ihstock afoieMii'd, and tor fur- ther particulars to him, or to Mr. WELLINGS, Solicitor, Loughborough. Jlntock, l- lili January, 1817-. T HOUSE OF COMMONS. Monday, February 3. MF. SSACE 1 OM THE PRINCE REGENT. The Speaker read a Message from his Roy al Highness the Prince Regent, to the same • lli'Ct as tlint given 111 our report ofthe Lords. On the motion of Lord Castlereagh, it was ordered to be taken into consideration to mor- row. THANKS TO LORI) F. XMOUTH, I. ord Castlereagh said, he rose in pursuance ofthe notice he had given, to call the atten- tion ofthe House to the subject of the late brilliant Victory obtained by his l\ Iajes « y's arms at Algiers, It nius. certainly have been the hope and expectation of the House and the country, as it was of himself, when it was so lately communicated that we had closed, with unrivalle d glory, a long and arduous con- test, that we might not be again engaged in hostilities with any power for a long series of years. But if our 1io; eg li: J in this respect 1 It is a fact worthy of attention, that Cough of every description, is not a primary Disease, but simply an eflbrt of nature to throw off some offending matter: Hence the cure of this and other more serious disordei- s of the Chest, is best effected by medicine s which promote the fluid secretions. Direct Opiates are to be avoided, as lending to lock up the cause which excites Cough, rather than to remove it. The NEW LONDON COUGII TINCTURE, is a very safe and well tiied remedy. It acts as a gentle . Diaphoretic and Diuretic, eases expectoration and abates fever. The Doses are small. It is sold at 2s. 9d-— 4s. 0< L— and 10s Od. a bottle, by trie- sole proprietor J, ' I OWERS, Lon- don ; bv li. Chamberlain, Leicester ; and all respectable venders of medicine Hour factors 18, G. Gayron, Edmonton, coach master— C. Wildiiiim,( I rent Newport street, silversmith < 22, W anil \ V.')'. Timhrell, Her- nioiulsey, leather factors J. Culloivay, New Bond street^ tlpbolste- vr Ji'r/ O. liuckcii Ige, PAOGLOWNTI^ rniilH1, merchant IC, P. ILCIark, IIerners street, scrivener— 18, J Loi. de, Token house yard, | 1 erf limit 18, E. Graddou, V bite Lion cnun, Ifircliio lime, luokcr 18, S. S Snug^ Sj Lizard ttieet, builder 18. J. Sunders, and J F. ibnuk, Paternoster row, v, . ueiiouseiiien 18, G. White, Liniebouse hole, shipwright March 15, J Hiiiibiiiy, Sihoiedncb, distiller 22, T. iilane, W aiLrook, merchant IN THE COUN I UY. February 20, Win. W'alond, Colchester, music seller, nt the Swan, Colchester 13, W. H iss and K, Needliani, Manchester, cotton merchants, nl the White Bear, Manchester 24, VJ. Hough- ton, Liverpool, tailor, at the Golden Lion, Liver- pool 25, J. Banks, Birmingham, sredsniiui, i't ihe Royal Hotel. Birmingham 20, G. Roberts, Roddeu, Somersetshire, schoolmaster, the George, Frame Selwood 2- 1, J. Brir- lgman, Torquay, timber merchant, at the Globe, Newton Abtiot 22, G. linHey, Tcdbury, baker, at tbe Hop Pole, Tedbury 19. G. OUivniit, Manchester, iner- cliant, at the Bridgewater Arms, Manchester 20, J. Potter, jun. Stoke by Niiyland, maltster, at the Angel, Colchester 91, W. and E. Moore, Riplon, rtax dressers, lit the Golden Lion, North- allerton— 28, E. Burn, Birmingham, woollen draper, at the Union, Birmingham—— 21, Henry Parrv, Llangollen, grocer, ut tbe Cross Foxes Ion, Oswestry From Saturday's Gazette, February 1. AT CUILDIlALL. February 22, G Bruin, Tonley street, merchant 22, E. II. Feme, St John's street, baker 22, ]. M l ies, Bury court, St Marya**?, merchant 22, S. Harvey, Windsor, draper 25, J. J enter, late of Maidstone, dealer 22, illiant Mackenzie, St Martin's lane, chinaman 22, " I and G Stratford, HuiUinrn bi'ilgft, haberdashers 22, W Bell, Clement's lane, silversmith 18, U* Thimvguqd, Marshall street, brush maker 15, Joseph Kohler, St Swiihin's lane, merchant March ti, S. anil W. I. yuiiell, and E. Perkins, Chatham, grocers TI E COUNTRY. February 22, ' 1' Kershaw, liorhdule, flannel ma- nufacturer, line Buck, lioclnb. lt ' 24, W Car- den, Bristol, merchant, flush, Bristol 24, Edw Craven and J Haggn « i, Buigley, cotton spmii.- rs, at the Devonshire Arms, Kighley—— 2*.', R W Heap, cotton spiiu. er, Manchester Arms, Manchester— — 25, W Harris, Toilless, mercer, Globe, Exeter 22, J liealey, Bury, woollen manufacturer, Manchester Arms, Manchester - 24, It Sowter, ll ll, ntirl T 11 Payne, Ciilluoi street, London, mer- chants, Neptune, Hull 24, W Williams, Wit- leech, money scrivener, Star and Garter, Worces- ter 22, S Tazewell. Brulgewater, grocer. Kings Head, Bridgeware!- 86, S Nevilr and J Sowden jun. Leeds, millers, Cou. t liousJ, Leeds 24, J Barrett, Mam lies; er, linen draper, Albion, Man- chester 25,1'" N Blackwell, Houghton, miller, Geoige, Huntingdon r Very I u/ uable freehold Estates, * LEICESTERSBl tt E. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, " M1E following rich Arable, Meadow, and Pas- ture Land, Situate us j'ollozct: IN CHAKNWOOD FOREST. An allotment near the New Chapel, a triangular piece, bounded on the south by the Oaks Road, ou the north vvi st by the Tin- meadow Road; and Fences ail round, containing more or less 5 2 34 IN QUORNDON PARISH. In Tenure and Occupation of Mr. Surson, on 7, ease, u. hereof six years will be unexpired at Lady day next. Four Closes aud a sma'l Wood, called Great Lawn, New Coppice, Two Cop- pices, and Little Coppice, containing more or less 31 3 0 At an apportioned animal rent of pel. A Draft and Wagiton Road is to be re- served to tbe Great Wood, from the lane leading lo Mr. Bailey's Mill, through Corner Close, Close above tlie Mill, aud Coppice Close J Iso, In Ihe Tenure and Occupation of Mr. Thomas Bai- ley and others, on Lease, whereof six years will he. unexpired at Lady- day next, at the very low Hen I of 60/. A valuable Water Corn Mill, good House, Stables, and Other conveniences, desjrabfy situate near the village of Quorudou; and 3 Closes, eon. tabling together, mole or less 12 1 31 Together with a Close called Wood Lane, adjoining the same, containing more or less 7 2 28 /• Couplet, Colds. Asthma. 1, it*. / Arnolds Pectoral Balsam o f Coltsfoot. SUCH is the virtue, such the efficacy and safety of that most excellent medicine Arnolds Pectoral Balsam of Coltsfoot, tltilt upwards of 180,000 persons afflicted with the most violent Coughs Colds, Asthmas, Hooping Coilsib, Short' ness of Breath, aud Consumptions, have bc<> i> cured. Nothing can be better adapted nor nothing more excellent in preventing the ill effects of damp air, fogiry and \ vet weather, and a'l those train of evils Which too frequently arise from catching cold, In old Coughs, Asthmas of luiur standing. sliulrV and recent colelsaud Coughs, difficulty uf breath- ing, anil consumptions this modi, hif is deeidedly the most safe and effectual ever discovered. It is univetsally'ailowed to have no equal. Above 2000 yea s lias the herb ( Coltsfoot > from which it is pre- pared been held in tile highest estimation. Ar- nold's Pectoial Balsam of Coltsfoot eomfoi- is, and gives speedy relief lo the afftictedindividual, it removes all thick phlegm causes easy expectora- tion, strengthens the stomach, quiets and nourish- es the liiu. i: s, and entiiety removes that tickling in the throat which excites frequent coughing. N. B. Persons will please lo ask for Arnold's Pcctoral Balsam if Coltsfoot, and ub- frve in the Pamphlet rilclusrd a Certificate attested to. by the proprietor, before the Kiulit Honourable Matthew Wood, Mayor of Loudon, at the Mansion House; I lie 2;> lh day of Match, 1816, as with- out which it cannot be genuine. Sold by Mr. Moore, Chemist, opposite the Es » change, Market place, Leicester ; ReadsjuottJ, Ashby de- la Zauch : Hi; gs, Harboioiigli ; Mori- dew and Sun, CoVen'iy ; Ferrrall, and Sinffielit, Birmingham; and in London bv E. Edwards. 6t>, St, Paul's Church Yard, Barclay anil Sons, Evans and Son, ''. uilcr anil Sons, Juluistono, Oie< k str of, by the Proprietor, No. o9. Barbican, autl all other respectable medieihe venders. Pi- ice Is 9d, i 2s, 6d., and ( id- each bottle, duty iu » 9d ; 4 clinjed. 20 0 19 For a view of the premises apply to the respec- tive Tenants; and for particulars to Mr. JOHN LANGWITH, Land Agent, Grantham, Lincoln- shire, wiio will treat for the same, and whcieplan may be seen. IT FREEHOLD ESTATES. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT Or Lei for a term of years, that capital Messuage or Tenement, nn . A'l'H EliSTON F. FH EE Git AM MA it 2 SCHOOL, rpiIE Mastership of the Free Gramm* f JL Sihool, at Atherstone. wiD become vacant ou Ihe 5th of July next, by the resirnaiioii of the Rev. James Ctiartres, M. A. The Trustees will proceed to the election of a new Master on Friday the 2| sl of March. The master will be required lo leach tho I. dlin and Greek Languages, and other branches of Classical Lent ning, aud tu reside in ' lie School House, which affords convenient ar- coniiiiodaric. n for about twenty- live i'. oaiders. I'or the Dwelling btai- e and Garden no rout will be required except 2>. dd. a veal. whi. h the Truster's demand as an acknowledgement tlnit it is their propcily. The animal slip, n i, winch the master rece ves, is one hundred and ten point Is, yviili about six acres of excellent lautl. Th" Ma- et must be a graduate of Oxford or Catlibri l. ami lie will lie required lo " diuit nu'lei- his e. t'r o. ou the Foundation, Ihi'Sunsot acv a- crsoiv res . tent in Ailierstoiie above the age of seyeu years, who vki! read correctly a Chapter in the T. sinmeot. Can- didates are desired to send proper testimonial! of i bet r li lei ai y abilities, Hod racial anil religious Oiiatactcr t., the Bailiff, ( J if. CliAP. uAN") ott or before tin- p. rst of M. iitli. Vtlicrsfnne, 2 ill January, t:; i7. A LL I BANKRUPTS. Nicholas Demozy, Hartley Whintney, Sonth^ mp- ton, innkeeper Wiliam Walters, Hermitage, Wapping, Scotch factor Benjamin HoopeiyOld F » h street, stationer ' lO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv Mr IIOLLOW'AY, At tbe Anircl Inn, in Market Ilai borough, on Tues- day the 18tli of February, 1317, at three o'clock iu the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as uiil be then piorlncerl,( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which notice will be given> ( lose of exceeding rich Meadow Land, ' A in the county of Leicester, containing seven acres or thereabouts, in ! lie occupation of Mr. John WatsoH. ' Further particulars may known on application at llie ofbee of Messrs. WARTNABY and SHUT- TLEU ORT11, in . Varkct HarboroHih. excellent garden, planted with choice fruit trees, paddock, summer bouse, with a fish pond and garden round Hie same; and al.- o ail those ex tensive Waiehousea, Dyehonses, large yard, and pinnises, with an excellent stream of water inn- ing through the same. The whole of tiie ground, including lite scitc of Buildings, containing about three acres, walled round, most eligibly situated at tbe bottom of Belgrave gate, in Leicester, now, and for many years past, occupied by Air. Jonathan Atherstone, The fall of water is 4 feet 6 inches, and capable of giving tlnee horse power to any machinery. These Premises are well adapted for a Tanner, Felltuongrr. H holesale brewer, ( tho water- beiuir of excellent qnalitv',) Worsierl Factory for spinning of Worsted, Hosier, or any other business that re- quires ail extensive and convenient situation. There isalieady erected a Steam Engine, with 8 horsepower, in grind condition. if more convenient to Purchasers, or Tenants, the above Premises may be divided into two parts, oucot which will comprise th Dyeliotise, Buildings, and Yard belonging thereto, as also a range of Buildings, which may, ut a small expcnie, be converted into a Dwelling House; and tiie other part of which will comprise a capital House, with garden, paddock, fish- pond, cold baili, coach house, stable, and every convenience suitable for a genteel Fa- mily. The above Premises mav be entered upon at Lady Oay next, or sooner, if convenient to a Pur- chaser. A LSO, T O B E L E T, A capital new- bnilt House, with good garden, and every convenient e suitable , lor a Hosier, erect- ed on a piece of Lund known by the name ot Spittle House Close, udjiiiumv the foot road to Belgrave; and also a Messuage or Teuemeut, with shop to hold eight Framet'. and three other Tenements, with gardens, situate iu a street called Hampden street, in Leicester aforesaid. A h » , TO BE SOLO BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A substantial built Messuage or Tenement, wi. th new erected Imi n, stable, and Cowhouse adjoining thereto, a aood garden and spacious orchard, well planted with fruit trees, in excellent bearing; toco ther also with five Closes of Meadow and Pasture Land, containing 2t> ,- Vcrcs, or thereabouts, situate and being in the parish or lordship of Willoughby- on- the- Wolds, in the county of Nottingham, now in the possession of Mr. John Biggs, tenant at. will. For a view of th? Premises, apbiv to Mr. J. ATHERSfONE, ill Leicester; c Mr. BIGGS, of WillomdiLy; and for fut ther particulars at ttic Office of Mr. J. M. ROBINSON, Solicitor, lei center. Letters, post aaid, will lie duly at'ended to. Two- thirds ot tho Purchase Money may renin in secured an the Premises at Leicester, if required. [ One- concern. / « 3. TURNPIKE ROADS From Mai ki t Hurborouah to Loughborough From 1 e restei to Jhncklcy arid hurbotOMgh From t eicesier to Melton Mowbray From Leicester to Ashby de- lu-£* uc/ l From Filling date to ihe Melion Mov.' britij Twnptke Uoad, called the lianlip Turn- pike Road. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, Ml AT the Toll', adsiii" at the undermentioned l'oll Gittis. oe the slit I respective R-. ads. wilt be severally LET '•>• AUCTION', at the house ot Mr. Bishop, the Three Or owns fnn. iu Leicester, on Monday ( he tenth flay ot February next, at ten o'clock in the morning, for one year, fi Oil! fh-' 4th day of April next, ili ui. innor directed by Hie Act. passed in the lStliyeui ut the Reign of his present Majesty, for irgnlaiini; Tu rtpike Roads, and upon such conditions as shall bo then slated; and wiil be severally pin up al such Sinus as the Trustee* ih. it. present shall direct, nut exceeding tiie Sums here- under mentioned. Whoever happens to be the hiirlifst Bidder, must give Security, w itli . sufficient Sir relies, to the satis- faction of Ihe Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads respectively, for payment of the Rents, and pcr- formanceof the Contracts of the respective Taktit, J. BKIlltfDaE, Clerk lo the Trustees ofthe said several Roa Is, Leicester. 6th Jinuarv. 1317. On t'le MARKET HAItBOItOUGII and LOUGHBOROUGH HOAiX The Bmeden Gute Tolls / 071 I he Oadhu Gale ' lolls 49T » The Leicester, or Marquis of Gralrby, ) Gate Tolls.. \ 767 The Bel grave Gate Tolls. 911 The I. nuphliorouph Gute Tolls On the HINCKLEY and NARBOROUGH ROA I). The Burbage Common and Side Gale Tolls • • £ 191 The Shilton Gate ' Tills 210 The Forest Gale Tolls 3' 26 The Dane Hill Gale Tolls 29' 1 ' I'he Narboroujth lload Gate Tolls. 200 On the MELTON MOWBRAY ROAD. The Kir!,,, Gate Tolls. - ^ 353 l'he ThurmuKton Main Gate and Belgriive \ ,„. Lane Side Hate' } d< ST On the ASllBY- OE- L V ZOUC11 ROAD. ' The. Leicester Gate Tolls• •' =£ 315 The Grooby Gate Tolls 103 The MorUfield Gate lolls 136 The Long Lone Gate Tolls 122 The Ashby Gale Tolls 166 On tbe WANI. IP ROAD. The Wanlip Gale Tolls £ 16 All the above- mentioned Sums ( cxccpt those fur the Orooby and the Wanlip Gates) being those the said lolls are respectively lot at fur the current Year, ending tbe said fourth day of April; and those for the said Groobv and Wanlip Gate Tolls, being Ihe Sums it is calculated Ihey vr ill respectively produce the said Year, cteai of ike Exprnccs of Collecting. N, B. Suth of ( lie present Kentcrn of Tolls, on any of the said Roads, as shall not have fully paid up their Keels, will not be pnnutted te> lake , ror will any Bidding be aeeepted illness the Bidder previously produces the consent ( in « ritiu<) ol at least tVioS'ji < ii « '. s ( to he appro veil by the Trustees) lo become bound for Payr. ieitl of- tl; e Krntandpei. t'omi& ii. it of the Ccuehtiotis ot Ilia izmvtin* I. rirf> t » T' 3oiiiT: i)!, s » nd Mitilard toiiBtif s GCIICTTI Advertieer. Wednesday and Tlmrsds/ s Post. L / MJO. V, » / VnESJDAY- February j). > r PARLIAMENTART INTELLIGENCE. BOUSE Ob' COMMONS, TUESDAY, FfcBUUAKY 4-. SEDITIOUS PRACTICES. Lord Casilereugh appeared at the bar with papers from the Prince Regent. The pupt rs being brought up, were order- ed to lie on ihe table. Lord ( astlei'eagh, in rising on the present oc- casion to submit amotion to the House, was hippy'to fhink the proposition lie had to otter to- m ~ lit Was one on w hich he could not appie- liend° ti) e slightest ditterence of opinion would exist, as it merely went to acknowledge the receipt of the Prince Reg- nt's most graci- ous message, and to assure his Royal High- ness, that that House would take it into its most serious consideration the papers lie had ordered to be communicated to tliein without delay. Whatever the situation of things might be at present, nothing could be further from his wish, than to say one word that might on this occasion lead to a debate on the present state ofthe country, as the very 1 ature of the communication which had been made indicat- ed secresv to be desirable, as the House were not yet in possession of what Ministers consi- dered to be necessary to give them a proper knowledge of the present state of the country. — It would cause grurit'efubarrassment to him, and to the House itself, were this subject now to be entered upon. All he should at present request was, that they would keep their minds free and unembarrassed, that they might then act as should be necessary on the report ofthe Committee. I'lu re was only one other point on whic h he would oiler a single word. He thought it necessary to oppose the idea thai had got abroad, thai this communication arose out of the late atrocious attack 011 the person el the Prince Regent,' on which he was sure but one opinion could be entertained by every Member of that House, and by every friend to Ihe British Constitution. He begged dis- tinctly to state . that the present proceedings did not arise in any shape out of that outrage, The conyminication which had been made was founded 011 information' which he thought it would be felt that the Government, without abandoning 1 heir duty to the country and t'o the Constitution, could not but advise liis Roy al Highness to submit to the House. Having said thus much, lie hoped it would be most Consonant with the feelings of the House not to filter upon the views which any Gentleman might take of the present situation ofthe coun- tiyT from the situation which they already possessed. —;— He hoped they would keep their minds free and unbiased, that they might act 011 the information'which the Prince Re- gent Lad caused tu be communicated, as cir- cumstances might require. He concluded by Sieving— " That an humble address be presented to bis Royal Highness the P1111. ee Regent, to return bis Royal Highne- s the T hanks of this House for his , most gracious Message, and to assure liis Royal '' Highness, tluit this lloti- e will proceed to take the information bud by his Royal Highness's command . bef. ne this jlouse, into its immediate and most . serious consideration." Mr, Ponsor. by did not rise to oppose the liiotiefli, but he wished to ask the Noble Lord, if he intended to proceed to the inquiry im- mediately, as this appeared to him of all others one w h ell would admit of no delay. Lord Castle) ecgh certainly intended to pro- ceed immediately to ihe appointment of aCom- mittee of '• secrecy. The question was then put and carried, nan. con- Th « Noble Lord then submitted the follow- ing millions to the House :— That n Committee of Secrecy be appointed. Tlint the number of its Members be twenty 011 ® . T hat tliey be chosen by way of ballot. ~ That tl. e* Members of the House shall to mor- row prepare- list* of Members, from wf. icli twenty one shall be taken to form tbe Committee That tbe glass shall, to morrow, be placed 011 tbe table of the House, fiom which tbe names of the MeinbeissiiaH. be taken, & c. Tli. it the papers brought down this day shall remain lis they now are, in the possession of the Clerk ofthe House, till aftfcr the Committee shell be chosen. hese Resolutions were severally put and carried,' mm. con. // v. Ofth: I AHIIA11Y. Till'. SALE BY AUCTION, By Sir. COMBE, An 11 Mr. JOSEPH DA I. BY, VALUABLE LIBRARY, of the late THOMAS ARNOLD, M. D. WILL COMMENCE On MONDAY the < 2lth Instant, With the Divinity and i'. i clcsiastical History; and continue w ith this Class the 2 following davs. Ou THURSDAY the 27th. and 6 following Days, ( Sunday excepted) History, Antiquities, Classics, ( ft, And on FRIDAY ami SATURDAY, The 7th and 8lh of March, will conclude with Medicine, Anatomy, Chemistry, and Natural Histen y. The Books may be viewt d, with Catalogues, which are now ready, at Is each, 011 the tliice days preceding the Sale. The Library Furniture, valuable Paintings & Piints, WILL Bli SOLD, By Mr. JO- EPH DALBY, Immediately after the conclusion of the Book sale, particulars will lie advertised in course. Under tin Assignment fur the Hem lit of Creditors. M ' It) BE SOLD BY AUCTION, //>• By Mr. JOSEPH DALBY, O11 Monday the 10th of February, and two follow- ing days, ALL the large awl ru'unble Stock of Grocery, Cotton Wick Yarn, Tallow, i', xiures, Coun- ters, & c. & c. of Mr. VYI LIT AM FOSTER, Groccrunil '. allow chandler. On the premises, in the Svvines' market, Leicester. Consisting of tine flavnietl teas, sugars, and a general assortment of grocery, iM1 cV. candles, cotton, wick yarn, tallow and soup; the desks, counters, fixtures, \ c. iit the shop; and the valua- ble fixtures and apparatus iu the candle house, viz : all excellent remit- Tints copper, dip, and mould chests, cast iron tallow press, & C. ice. capital w indlass, crane, & e. a good hand cart, large beams and scales, & c. & c. AND On Thursday and Fiiday, tl. e 14th and 15th Ft hi ttaiy, All the genteel Household Furniture, plate, lin- en, ami other effects, of the said WILLIAM FOSTER, Consisting of four post bedsteads, with chintz ami moreen furniture, good leather beds, mahogany chests of drawers, dining, screen, and oak tables, pier glass' s, good 8 day clock, Scotch carpets, an elegant ni. lit reciss, brewing vessels, copper, and useful kitchen requisites, & c. & c. Sale to comn ern e each morning af lfl o'clock. Elm, Ash, Oak, Willou , and fa Deal lit es. / Q. TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, jOn Tuesday the lath nf Febmaiy instant, 1817, al Mr Joseph Knight's, the D.. ke of" York I1111, in Sileby, at 3 o'clock. Dinner at one. If) Elm, 29 Ash, 5 Oak, and 5 Willow " Trees, with the Cyphers, blaz'd ami mini, ber'd, standing i l) the liberty ol Silebyj in five lots. Also. • About 40 Fir Deals cut down and laid in lots, near Mr. Brigham's house, at Cossington. Mr. Joseph Knight will .- lie w the Silebv Wood. For a view of'the Firs apply at Mr. Brigliani's, at CosMngton aforesaid. This wood is well udapti 1! ( jfr small buildings, fences, & c. JOHN SIlEL'l'ON. Syston, February 5, 1817. TO BE SOLITBY AUCliON, fL' By Mr. CHAPMAN, On tbe premises, ou Wednesday February 12,1817, flTlli Farming Stock of the late Mr. THOS. MEXSUKES, Of Norris Hill, near Asbby de la Zoncii. Consisting of Si in- calved cows, ' t barren ditto, 3 stirks, 4 rearing calves, 14 capital ill- lamb ewes, 5 ewe hogs, 2 useful eait horses, 2 gilt pigs, and 2 store ditto ; about 70 thrave of wheat, and 4 tons of clover, both to be taken away; a. so a quantity of grass keip, ( until l. ady ,?. y) with bay, clover, stiaw, aud told yards in lots; 2 gnod narrow wheel waggons, 3 ditto carts, ploughs, harrows, land roll, machine fan, horse tackle, anil most other fanning requisites, all ill goorl condition. Capital Timber, TO BE SOLD BY T ICKET, At the Shoulder of Mutton, Fiolesworth on Wed- liesdav the 10th Fcbrnay, 1817, '- pWELYE lots of capital Oak, Ash and J. Elm Timber I rcfs, of prime quality and large sizes, standing 011 a farm at Wibtofl, in the oocu- paiion of Mr. Thomas Fox To view the lots apply to Mr. THOMAS FOX, Wibtolt, of whom particulars may be had ; or of Mr. THOS. MILES, Surveyor, Leicester. Dinner at one o'clock. / s Limber TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, At the Boll's Head Inn Market I'. oswortli, on ' Monday llie 24tlt of February, 1817, ~ VT IN E. lots of very super or timber, com- prising upwards of two hundred Oak, Ash and Elm frees, some of which are of great dimen- sions, standing 011 Lea Orange, near Twycioss, Mr. Wm. OI. 1) ACRES, of Lea Grange, will > liew the lots ; ami particulars may be had of him, or ot Mr. THUS. MILKS, Surveys'', Leicester. Dinner at one o'clock. / i- T IE Assize of Bread for the Hundred of G A it T N F. F. , iii the county of Leicester, ' The Weight and Price qf U G 0 11). oz. dr. £ s. ( I. The PeckLoafwbeatcn 17 6 0 w 5 4 Half Peck I. oafwheatc n 8 11 0 0 « 8 4} nartcrii Loat vvhcateii 4 5 - 8 0 1 4 HalttJuarternLnatwbcatcn 2 • 2 18 0 (>' 8 The Peck I. oafhousrhnld 17 6 JU 0 5 0 Half Peck Loafboiischold S I I 0 0 2 ' 6 Quartern Loat household 4 5 8 0 1 - n HalfUuartein Loatditto 2 2 12 0 0 Set bv Its Two ot his Majesty's Justice* of'the Peace in and for the said Hundred, the 41I1 day at February, 1817, and to continue in foice for O- M II day* from Monday next. E. ORTFFlN. J\ S. OR I). Duiiy Cvics, Implements and Winter Keep, Sj- c. li- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CHAPMAN, On the premises, on Monday Fcbi miry 17, 1817, T B HE dairy stock, implements of husband- 8 rv, ami other effect*, belonging to Mr. EDWARD GADSBY, Of the Lane, in the parish of Snarestotie, in the county ot Leicester, who is leaving his farm. Consisting or 13 very excellent long homed dairy cows, anil 4 heifers, all in- calf to a Son of'the late Mr. Prince41s Roseius ; 2 fat pigs, and 9 other pigs, a good b inch waggon, 2 ditto carts, ploughs, har- rows, land roller, cow aud sheep cribs. Heals, ladders, rick frames, and most other tanning re- quisites: Also for consumption on the premises upwards of 2ti tiins of capital bay, 3 acres of Swe. ed turnips, a quantity of straw, and about 90 acres of grass keeping in lots, with proper conveniences until I ady- dav next. Desirable freehold Estate al Shurnford, in the county of Leicester. 2*>. ~— TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JOSEPH HAFFORD. At the house of Mr. John Spent tr, known by the sign of the Star, in Sapcote, in the comity of Leicester, 011 Wednesday the 191I1 day ot Feb- ruary iustant, precisely at three o r lock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced; AN excellent and substantially well built I\ Ies- sui'ge or Farm House, containing by no mea- surement in front about 54 feet, together viith use- ful and ronvenient barns, stab'cs, cowsheds pig- stys, and other outbuildings, large yard, orchard ami garden well stacked with choice fruit trees,— The messuage is in good repair, and com prises a liouseplace, parlour, kitchen, dairy, pantry, ex cellcht cellars, 4 chambers, and 3 attics, situate iu the centre ofShariiford, now iu llie occupation of Mr. Wm. l'ridniore, the proprietor. - Also, All those seven closes of rich arable and pasture land, adjoining or contiguous thereto, lying to- gether in a ling fence, containing by estimation about 311 acres, and now also in tbe possession of the said Wm. Pridmorc. This estate is tithe free, and the land tax re- deemed. ' 1 he closes are well proportioned for occupation. The whole of the premises are wed watered, and possession may he had at Lady day next. Shanif'ord is distant from Hinckley three miles, from Lutierworth seven miles, and from Leicester . ten miles. . . For a view of the Estate apply to the said WM. PHIDMORF.; aud for any further information, application may be made cither to the said Wm Piiilmore ; AVAL OKJJNDY, of Wigston Parva, in the county n[ Leicester, Esquire ; Mr. JOHN MUSJSON, of Burbage Lodge, in Ibe same county, Faimcr and Gia/ ier; 10 the Auctioneer; or at the Offices of Messrs. KINO and SODEN, Solicitors, iu Hiiiekley, wlierea plan and survey of the Estate may be seen. >.. B. Tbe useful Honfehold Furniture, Live Hun k, and Ihrnsilf in Husbandry, ol Ihe said William Piidmore, will be disposer! ol by auc- tion, in the early part of next month, of which timely notice will. lie giveu in this pupfcr. ' [ Out concern. Hinckley) Sth February, 1817. < 1 q Timber anil Poles n't Skeflington, X ' TO 111-; SOLD I. Y ALCTION, ( For ready money) al the Farrcll Field Wood, Ski ffiugtun, 011 i ncsday Ihe lltli of February, 1817, at 10 o'clock, ALarge epiantity of capital Ash Poles, cut down and laid into convenient lots; also two lots of useful Oak and Ash Timber Trec- s. To view the lots apply to Mr ROBERT SIKES, Skeffiugton, ot whom particulars may be had ; or of Mr THOS. MILES, Surveyor, Leicester. To Gurdeneis and other s.— Cornwall, Leicester n I, TO BE SOLD IiY AlICTlOiV, By DAVIS and SON, O11 Saturday February 8, 1817, 011 the Cornwall, Leicester, at 11 o'clock, WARDS of thirty well made hand Garden Glasses, sizes - 20 inch square, 18, Jo, 14, 12, and smaller ditto; also several flower glasses, Ac, being the property of the lale Mr. SWINFEN, Glazier, and will be found well worthy the notice of Gardeners, and others. N. B. All persons indebted to the late R. SWIN- FEN, Plumber aud Glazier, Helgrave- gate, Leices- ter, are requested to pay tlteir accounts to his H i- dow, 01 to tbe Executors M. r. SWINFEN, Leices- ter, and - Mr. SOU I'll ERNWODD, Beaumont Leys. [ One roneern. 1 ( 7 BE S< fl. D BY AUCTION, By DAVIS and SON, On Monday next, the- totli instant, in Swilliland Paik.% ill the comity of Leicester, A Quantity of Oak, Ash, and Elm Trees, ill 32 lots, twenty trees in a lot. The sale to begin at 10 o'clock in the morning upon the pre- mises. and sold vvithout reserve tor ready money. —— MESOLDTIY'AUCTION, *** Bv DAVIS awl SON, , At the house of Mr. John Hincks, the Cap and Stoekins:, in Leicester, 011 Monday the 10th day of February 1837, subject to such conditions as will lie then and there produra- d, rg" WO Messunges or Tenements, fronting the JL Htiniberslone gate, in Leicester, nnd fifteen ' 11 iiements behind the same, situate iu Bishop's Fee Square, with a lartre Yard, well paved, linvy in the possession of Burbid » e, Knight, and o'hers. The sale will commence at six o'clock in the evening. For parfictilais apply to Mr. J, M. ROBIN- SON, Solicitor, Leicester. Yi- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, + / By DAVIS ami SON, At the house of Win. Perkins, the Dun Cow, in Fleekney, on Wednesday the l2th day of Febru- ary, 1817, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, ALL that Messuage or Farm House, with th « out buildings, gaiden, tno orchards, and about V0A of excellent Land adjoining, in tbe oc- cupation of Mr. John Iiiffe, situate at Flcckney, in thisconnty. Tbe IJIIHI is iu a ring fence, and adjoins the house and village of Flcckney. Further particulars may be bail of Mr. Ii. IFFE, ( whowill shew ihe premises,) and at the Office of Messrs. LOWD11AM and ORikiYES, Solicitors, Leicester. n TlfcUnty - Leicestershire. ' Til ' TO HE SOLD ISY AUCTION, P By DAVIS and SON, On Wednesday next, February 12th, 1817, riWIE useful LIVE STOCK, HAY, BRICKS, & c. & c. of Mr. SI1ARPLESS, ( deceased,) On the premises, at Flecknev, Leicestershire. Consisting of fourteen jn- laiub ewes and thcaves, thiVtecn wether and ewe lambs, two in- calv'd cows, twostirk heitcrs, and three yearling calves, forks, rakes, sieves, & c. & c. A I. SO, A stack of well- got hay, and part of a stack of ditto, both lots to be taken oft lln; premises. A LSI) A quantity of good Bricks, in lots. Sale to begin in file morniiigat ten o'clock. All Persons indebted to lite above named Mr. SWARPLESS, are requested 10 settle the same with Mr. THOMAS 1SUYARS, ofSaddington ; or Mr. WILLIAM LA III' of Flcckney afoiesaid, his Ex- ccutois: and all Persons having any claim against tiie Effects of the above mentioned Mr, Sbarpless, are requested to send iu their bills that they may be discharged. [ One concern. TO BE LET, 21 And entered upon at Lady- rlay next, AHouse and Garden with four acres of Laud, situate in the centre ofJIcasham, in tbe county nt Derby, with a trade as Grocer and Draper. To treat for the same apply lo S. BICK- 174 l apitut Put Ewes TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAVIS and SON, O11 Monday Ftbrnim 17, 1817, 011 the premises ofiUr. JOHN BENSKIN, ot Wanlip. within 4 miles ot Leicester, ( who is leaving that farm) ONE Huudred and Seventy- four capital fat Ewes, in lots of ti each for the accommo- dation ot purchasers, and will be found well worthy the attention of Ihe Butcher. " ali- to begin iu the morning at ten o'clock. Catalogues may now be liad of the Auctioneers, a ml place of sale, Wanlip. PKIME FAT SBI. F. P, Cows, AND PIGS. „ A llelgruve Farm, within one Ulile 0/ Leicester. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAVIS and SON, On Monday February 24, 1817, tbe property of Mr. H. HARRISON, aud uill be sold 011 the premises at his Barn in Belgrave Field, near I. eicistcr, anil within 300 yards of the T'hiumas- tonToll Bar. ^ OO Capital fat Sheep principally We- tiler's, ill lots suitable to purchasers ; 14 excellent fat r ows and 111 prime fat pigs. Sale- to begin in tbe morning at ten o'clock. Catalogues may be had of Hie Auctioneers, at the above mentioned Barn, and of Mr. 11. Harri- son, Coal Hill, Leicester, nine days previous to the sale. Davis and Son assure their friends antl the pub- lic , that seldom siiili an assortment of prime fat stock comes Under the hammer. Cranoe— Leicestershire. Valuable Live anil Dead Slock, Ilay, and Keeping. ll TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 01' By Mr HOLLO WAY, Some time the latter end of this instant February, On the Premises » f Mr, WILLIAM - WARNER, At Cunoe, in the county of Leicester. The particulars of w hich will appear in a future P » l'er. • Manor of HuneoCe. ?) U TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, At the White Lion Inn, in Leicester, on Saturday the eighth ol February, 1817, at six o'clock in the afternoon, under such conditions as will be produced, r j^ TlE Manor of Huncote, in the county of X Leicester, with its Royalties, Fisheries, and other Rights and Appurtenances. For further particulars applv to Messrs. MOORE and SHEPPA R D, Solicitois', Leicester. Narborough and Littlcthorpe— Leicestershire. \ f TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, At Ihe White I ion I1111, Leicester, 011 Saturday the 8th day of February, IS17, at 4 o'clock in the Afternoon, under such conditions as will be produced, TITHE following Lots of FREEHOLD PRO- I PERTY. viz:— LOT 1. A newly erected, sren'eel, and spacious, brick and slated Messuage or Tenement, situate in the village of Naiborough, in the county of Leicester, with convenient out buildings, yard, and gardens, well planted w ith choice fruit trees, extending from the street to the liiver Soar. LOT 2- A large Farm and stack yard, in the said village of Naiborongli, with good barn, stable, cow sheds, waggon hovel, and large granary therein ; and also a close of exceeding rich pasture land, containing 2A In dp or thereabouts, adjoining to the said farm and slack yard, and also to tbe said River Soar. LOT 3. Three Closes of e xcellent grazing Land, called Slarle Bridge Closes, containing together about 8A adjoining the high rnarl leading from Narboroiigh to Huncote, in the said county of Leicester, am' extending from thence to the said River Soar. LOT 4. A Close ef'cxeellcnt meadow Laud, in a place in Narborotigii aforesaid, called Low Field, aud ad- joining the River Soar, containing about Nine Acres. LOT 5. Five Closes of rich arable and pasture Land, in a place- in Nat- borough aforesaid, called Copioak Field, containing together forty- nine Acres, or thcieabontsC LOT 6. ' A Close of rich grazing Land, and an Ozipi Bcrl therein, called Dowell's Close, situate within about 100 yards ot Littlethorpe, in the said county of Lei- cester, ami containing about eight Acres. The whole ot the Premises are in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Hudson, ( the Proprietor,) and therefore will be quitted ou the completion of the purchase, Narboroiigh is a genteel and pleasant village five miles from the Borough- of Leicester, and nine miles from the market town of Hinckley, and com- niunicates with each of them by a turnpike road. For a view, apply to Mr. HUDSON; and for furtliei particulars, to tliim, or Messrs. MOORE and SHEPPA U O, Solicitors, Leicester. llagdule, near Sir Hills, Leicestershire. 1,1 TO BE - OLD BY AUCTION, ^^ Bv Mr. CRAGG, On Fnday the 141b day of this instant, February, 1817, on the premises of Mr. J. OEEPINO, ot Ragdale near Six Hills, ( w ho is leaving his farm) AMost excellent stud of Draught and other Horses, viz : Tlnee horses 7 years old One horse 8 ditto (. 11c diito 0 ditto One ditto 4 ditto One harness Iforse One riding ditto Five voting horses awl mares: Also a quantity of waggons, carts, awl imple- ments, iu good preservation and nearly new, as follow, viz. 2 waggons, 2 carts, 1 water ditto, harness for 8 horses, plough, fan, screen, sveks, ladders, forks, riddles, strikes, shovels, & c. iic. Tlie whole to be sold without reserve. Credit on approved joint security for 6 months, on all bargains above ^£'' 10, The horses and carriages are well worth the at- tention ot the public. The sale to commence at ten e'clock. Vuluable Freehold P'operty— in 1 ohthlofoi'g 1A TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, MV' By Mr. BOO'IT, ( Un'ler a Conveyance and Assignment tor tlie Benefit of Creditors,) At the house of Mr. Win. Cooper, known by the. sign of the Castle, ir. the Baxter gate, in Lough- borough, on'Tuesday the llth day of February, 1817, at six o'clock, agreeably to such condi- tions as will be then produced ; ( In one or more lots) rpwo excellent, genteel, and roomy, newly erected Dwelling House's, with shops, in a most commanding situatioM for business, in the High street, in Loughborough, in tlie occupation of Mr. Walker, and Mr. John Hemsley. TOGETHER With Three other Tenements, Workshops, Barn, Stable, and a large Garden behind the same, tiie whole are about 1 rood and 12 perches. If the above Estate should not be sold injone lot,'' it will afterwards be olfeied ill 11 lots- Also, IN THREE LOTS, Four Freehold Tenements, all situate to tbe front in the Baxter gate, with Gardens behind the same, containing together about seventeen Perches, in the several occupations of Widow Guthridgc, Moot house, Benjamin Taylor, awl Bciij, Smith Particulars may be known, 011 application to WH LI AM MIDDLETON, Esq. at the Bank, ( where a plan of the Estate may be seen), or Mr. W. FKEARSON ( the Assignees) ; or Mr. WM. COOPER, in Loughborough. Possessior may be had so soon as the Purchases are completed, which must be on or before the 231U March, 1817. ' Printed Particulars niav be had as above, or of Mr. BOOTT. sb- Funning Stock, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, ( Without reserve) 011 Tuesday the llth d « y of February, 1817, THE entire stock ofa" farm at Cadley Hill, near Burton 11) 1011 Trent, belonging to the laic WILLIAM LEA, Consisting of 1 ti capital dairy cows incalf, 5bairen cows,( j stirks, 8 calves, 5 cart mares and geldings, a clever horses rising 4 years old adapted for harness, 29 in lamb ewes, 27 hoggerils, 27 fat sheep, 2 fat pigs and 5 stoics, with all the waggons, carts, ploughs, harrows, awl - other implements of hus- bandry belonging to the saitl farm. The useful household furniture will be sold on the following day. Catalogues of which and the farming stock, nay be had ten days previous te the sale, al the Inns in Burton upon Trent, Lichfield, and Ashby- dc la Zoncli, on the premises, and of Mr. Owston, Tlie Cow s are acknow ledged excellent milkers with an aptitude to fatten seldom equaled, and one descended from the old Linton stock. The Horses aie young steady workers. Cadlev Hill is 011 the Athetstone road, ,1 miles from Burton upon Ti rill ; 1 from Lichfield; 10 from Tamworth ; and 5 from Asiiby de la Zoucli. Farming Stock, Hay, and Grass Keeping, ( Under an Assignment for the Bi ncfit of Creditors.) TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, « '/ By Mr. OWSTON, On the premises, lliigglesrote Grange, in the county of Leicester, on Friday flic 14th of Feb- ruary, 1817, at 10 o'clock; ALL tbe valuable Dairy Cows. Sl^ eep, Horses, and Pigs, Hay ( to be consumed on the pre- mises.) Grass Keeping, Turnips, \' c. of Mr. JOHN CARVER. Consisting ol 15 pure long horn dairy cows, 21 heifer stirks and yfailings, 28 inlanih ewes, arid 30 lamb hogs, 8 draught horses, 2 capital hackney geldings, one 6 year old the other 4 year old, and a poney, 3 feeding pigs, an liipig sow, and three small pigs, bay, grass keeping, tutnips, ic. Six of the cows are by a sou of Mr. Astleys old Brooks, the stirks are by Mr. Jlcak's late Show Bull, awl the yearlings are by a son of Mr. Green's Croxail Bull. The 6 year old gelding is by Eslier, dam by Gam- otn, the 4 year j.! d is by a son of Beiiiiigboi'oiigh, dam byl'ot& os. botlr ca| ital hunters. Hngglescote Orange is on the side of the turnpike load from Leicester to Asliby- de la Zoncb, eleveu miles from the former, and six miles from the latter. Catalogues may be bad ten days previous to st) Ie at tile Inns in Ashbv- de- la- Zonch, on the premises awl of Mr. OWSTON. 3i- Farmthit stock. TO BE SOLD BY AUCT IOiV, By Mr. OWSTON, O11 the premises, at Elmilliorpe, ( near Eatl Sliil- ton,) ill theconniy of Leicester, on Thursday the 13tli day of February, 1817, at ill o'clock, APair of the very useful Li> » Stock, Imple- ments of Husbandry, Hay, Grass keeping, 11 wl other Effects, of Mr. WORfHlNGTON, ( Who is leaviug his Farm.) Consisting of toin tecu capital in calved cows and heifers, 6 fresh barren cows, 3 bull calves, a stirk, and a three year old bull; 3 draught horses, a hackney mare, a cait. colt, and a fillev; six rick frames, watei cart, Thrashing Machine, double plough, 2 fat pigs, and a donkey upwards ot 120 acres of grass keeping, with 4 staeksofhay in lots, to he consumed 011 the premises, 011 or before Lady day next. Part of the useful household furniture, dairy utensils, & c. will be sold by Auction, in March next. -— • 1 -. 1.' 11 M .. -- R- 7 —.— Alton Grunge, near Ashby de IhJSouc/ i. • TO BF. SOLD BY AUCTION. I By Mr. OWSTON, About the middle of February, on tbe premises, Live and Dead Farming Stock, ilay, X Coin, and other effects, of Mr. STRETTON. Particulars and time of sale in next weeks paper. WL . . Moum sorrel. UI TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, At the Crown Inn, in Monntsorrcl, iu the conntv of Leicester, on Tuesday the 25tlt day of Febni. ary, 1817, at three o'clock in tbe afternoon, agreeably to such conditions as will be then pro- duced, AValuable Freehold Estate situate in the gieat thoroughfare at tbe south end of Mount- soncl aforesaid Comprising a roomy dwelling hoit « e, with extensive comb shops, spinning rooms and warehouses, with every suitable convenience for a considerable Manufacturer, ( or the buildings may be readily converted into small tenements) together with a Common Right upon Mountsorrel Hills, late the property of Mr. BAKSHY, Worsted Spinner. Further particulars mav be known 011 application* to W111. MIDDLF. TON, Esq, iit Loughborough, and for a view apply 011 the premises. Iltirzcell. TO BE SO ID BY AUCTION, By Mr. HOLLIER, On Tuesday the llth day of February, 1817, ALL the neat and useful household furni- ture' brewing vessels, dairy utensils, linen, and all the other effects of Mrs. SARAH TOON, Of the parish ot Barwell, in tlie county of Leicester. Oil account of the great number of lots to be disposed of, the Auctioneer requests the attend- ance of his friends at nine o clock precisely. Under tin F. recutwn llJ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv Mr. COOKE, On Saturday the 8th February, 1S17, on Hie Corn- wall, Leicester, precisely at 12o'elork, AVery capital » ell bred Stallion Horse, got by Mr Know- less old ball'! Horse, otn of a valuable Mare from Sir. O lilac res' ball'd Horse; lie is rising Seven years, is a sure foal getter, and his stork is well known, the property of Mr. SAMUEL BENNETT, Of Barkby; To be sold under an Execution.. The Horse may be viewed at Mr. Harrison's the Blue Roar I1111, in Leicester, until time of sale IO BE SOLO BY Al'Cl. ON, By Mr COOKE, On Wednesday the 19th day of February, 18ir, at the house of King Vann, the Bell Inn; in Wig- ston, near Leicester, at 4 o'clock in the Alters 110011; ONE Close of rich grazing Land, situate in the road leading fromWigston to Ailstone, in tbe occupation of Mr. John Coltnian, of Wig- ston, containing, by admeasurement, 4£ Acres, be tbe same more or less. Possession may be had 011 or before Lady Day next if required. Also, Six very capital Ash Trees, of superior quality, growing war the dwelling house of the said John Coltnian. For particulars and a view of the same, applv to Mr CO I. I'M AN, at Wigston, or the Auctioneer, Granby street, Leicester. Valuable Live anil Dead Stuck, Implements in. Husbandly, 0 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr. COOKE, Oil Tuesday, Wednesday, awl Thursday, the i'Iill,, 191I1, and 201I1 of February, 181T, an the pre- mises of Mr, THOMAS IIORSPOOI. r At Houghton on the Hill, 6 miles fiom Leicester. CCOMPRISING 215 Sheep ctf' different! des- 1 criptious, four stirks, seven yearling calves,, five dairy cows, three draught horses, two Wiirs^. with waggons, carts, horse tackle, and several stacks, of well got bay. Also, Grass Keeping of 1.50 Acres. — With the whole of the very useful Household Furniture, brewing ves- sels, dairy utensils, and other effects. Particulars in next week's Journal ; and cats, logues will be ready for delivery on Saturday prer ceding the sale, on the premises, and Ihe Aucti- oneer, Grauby street, Leicester. Sale to cntnmcncc cach morning at 10 o'clock. lib • NERVOUS DISEASES. ' ~ OF' all diseases incident to mankind, those of tbe nervous kind are the most complicated anil difficult to cure. A volume would not be suffici- ent to point out their various appearances. They imitate almost every disease; and are seldom alike ill two different persons, or even in the same person at different times.— Pio'eonslike, they are continual, ly clumping shape; aud upon every fresh attack, the patient thinks be feels symptoms which he never experienced before. Nor do they only effcct the bedy ; Ihe mind likewise suffers, and is often thereby ren- dered extremely w. ak and peevish, the low ' spirit?, timorousness, melancholy, and sickliness of temper which generally attend IK- Iyens disorders, induce many to believethat they are i n ti rely diseases of ilia mind; but this change of temper is rather a cmite- than the cause of Nervous diseases. THK CORDIAL liAl. M OF GI LEAD. Is Decidedly the most elegant and efficacious medicinn ever yet discoverer) for nervous diseases and shattered constitutions, consumptions, weakness of sight . or memory, hypochondria, tremblings rif the-* mind, sexual debility, stomach and bowel complaints, and all otliei diseases arising . from a relax, d state of the r. ei vous system ; w hich are too often brought on by disspatioh iu voHth, and t( ie gros- violation of those ruies which prudence dictates fori be preservation, of health, and the laying a foundation for a long aud happy life,. with a fiun awl strong constitution. Moid by Gregory, Swinfpn, Moore, anil Wood- ward, Leicester; iieadsniore, Ashby- tle- ta- Zouch'; AdamS, Lottglrbonuijili; I. eadbetter, Mebon Mow- bray; and by all Medicine Venders, - price lis each, or lour in on « family bo'tlc for 03s. by w hich one 1 Is. bottle issaverl, with the words " Sarsil Solomon, Lht- rpoot," engraved on tbe kunyp Leicester Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. •- « — i. TO f? E LET, Furi term rtdt wiTiliii* in ycai « , aud entered iip- on at I ady day next, \ LL that capital and eonvenietitMansion House, culled Snareston Hall, situate at Siansion, iu the ecu My of Leicester ; with roach house, dovecot, excellent stable, barn, anil other convenient outbuildings, and good garden, well Calculated for the residence ofa genteel family, » nd may be had with or without 37 acres of capital land, consisting of arable, meadow, aud pasture, immediately communicating with the house ; all which said premises are noiv in the occupation of John Drumuiond, KM). The house comprises spacious front and back Jialls, dining room 17 feet bv 23, drawing room bv 16, 6, breakfast room 17 py 14, 9, housekeep- ers room, nine spacious bed rooms, with, suitable dressing rooms, attic, kitchen, cellars, and other requisite offices. JJ-*-| T The house is pleasantly situated, having a neat- s 2) \\ J qarriage approach ill the front ; is distant 9 niiletr from Atlierstone, in trorn Burton, 10 from Tarn- worth, and A from/ sbby lie la Zouch, and iu the Centre of Mr. Osbaldestoif's and other hunts. The Hour's Kates are moderate. For permission to view the premises, and for further particulars, or 10 treat lor the telling, ap- plication ( if by letter post paid,) to be made to Mr. HENRY RADFORD, Solicitor, Atheistone. Atherslone, 4lil February, l! il7. 0 • L 1 TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, or at Lady- day - next, AGenteel House pleasantly situated it) the village of Nether Uroiighton, about five miles from Melton, and 13 frum Nottingham ; the Mail passing through Itutli Leeds to London every day, witii about It acicsof rich pasture laud ad joining ihe house, with a fi- li pond in it. The liohse consists of 5 rooms on the ground floor, four good slerping rooms, 2 excellent allies, with ser- vants rooms adjoining. A good li stall stable, and convenience to make as many more at a small . ex- pence, a good kitehen garden, pleasure garden well stocked with fruit trees, also couch house, and other useful offices. About forty acres more of licli pasture land can be let with it if required. For a- view of the same enquire of Mr. KICIIARD Htt. r,, of Nether Brongliton, the owner. TO BE LEI'. " And may be entered upon immediately, or at Lady day next, ANeat Cottage situate at Quorndon in this comity, consisting of a good sitting - room, parlour, kitchen, and 4 good bed rooms; also a garden w irli the above. For further particulars apply to Mr. SMITH, larmcr, of CJuorndon. Charnwood Forest unit Rothley Plain In f Insure. MlE Commissioners intend to meet on Monday the 24th day, of this instant, Febru- aiy, at the Anchor Inn, in Loughborough, to pro- ceed in the execution of the Act for tile said Inclo- sure, Bv order, ^ " JOHN CRADOCK. LEO: PIDDOCKE. Loughborough, 6th February, 1817. * A GAMEKEEPER. J j• Wants a Situation, ASingle Man who can be well recom- mended fiom his last situation in which he lived five years : he is a good shot, and understands the management and breaking of dogs, fishing, making and mending of nets, and deslioving Ver- min. Apply to Mr. ROBINSON, liiitla'ud- strect. Leicester, February 5, 1817. . Market Harhorouplt, February 5, 1817. yyj House, Shop, M archonse, t, e. in the Swines JU Market, Leicester. HEItEAS JOSEPH WALLIN, of Ilitick. ey, ill the county of Leicester, Ironmonger, Braziei and Tinman, hath by Indenture bearing date ihe 3d day or February instant, assigned over all his personal Estate and Effects to WILLIAM itlii. i. HOUSE, of Hinckley aforesaid, Gentleman, and JAMES HOI. LIER, of the same place, Auction- eer; in trust for certain specific purposes Iherein mentioned, and ( amongst others) for the benefit of themselves, and such of the creditors- tit* the sa^ rl Joseph Walliu who chose to execute Ihe same, and lake the lu- liefit thereof, within three months from ihe date hereof. Notice is hereby given, t hat the said Deed ot Assignment is left at our Office in Hinckley, for the inspection and signa- tures of creditors. All persons indebted t# the said Joseph Wallin, ale. requested to pay their respective debts to the said Trustees, or oue of thcni, within one month from Ike above date, or they will be sued for the same ; and such of the creditors of the sairl Joseph Waliin who do not ex- ecnfe ihe said Trust Deed within the lime aboVe specified, will be excluded the benefit lo arise therefrom. By order of the Trustees, KING and SODEN, Their Solicitors. Hinckley, February 5, 1817 i- SILVER COINAGE. THE Exchange of the. OLD SILVER COINS of the Realm, for the NEW COINAGE, now ready to be issued, being fixed, by Proclamation, to commence on THURSDAY the THIRTEENTH oj FEBRUARY Instant, and to continue for FOUR- TEEN DAYS ( Sundays excepted,) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That such Exchange wilt takt place at the TOWN HALL, in LEICEST ER, for this Town and its Neighbourhood, Leicester, 6th February, 1817", THE EXHIBITION OF MISS LIN WOOD's PICTURES, IN NEEDLEWORK, For the Relief of the Poor, At the EXCHANGE, LEICESTER, WILL CONTINUE OPEN Until SATURDAY the \ ilh Instant, WHEN IT WILL FINALLY CLOSE. Admittance each Person Is. fQ. d. 30 KLWAhl). WT'HEREAS a stack of Wheat, belonging YV to Mr. JOHN JAR VIS, of Oadbv, and also a stark of Wheat belonging to Mr. JOHN VAKNHAM, of the same place, were maliciously sit on tire on Tuesday evening, January the 21st, 1^ 17 Whoever will give sucli information as. will l.- ad to the conviction of the offender or offenders, shall receive a reward offrom JOHN II. IFFE, Treasurer of the Oailby Association, for ihe prose-' ention of Felons. TO BF. LET, ( Willi immediate possession) AMessuage or dwelling house, with the Grocers shop, t hamllery warehouse, out- buildings, and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in the Swines Market, within the Borough of Leicester, heretofore in the tenure of Mr. Thus. " Wright, aud now or late- of Mr. Win. Foster, or his undertenants, in which a considerable deal of bu- siness has bit u .- arried ou for several vrat's last past, anil w ill there fore be a desirable opportunity forany peison anxious of entering into the trade of a grocei or tallow chandler. 1 11. above property will be let for the residue of the term contained iu the lease, ( of which 4 yea is were- unexpired on the 21 st of Drrcinher last) and the fixunes aud utensils may be taken at a lair valuation. For fin tliei particulars apply to Mr. JOSEPH DAl. BY, Arrimipant and Aue tioneer, Leicester; or Mr. GEORGE WARTNA8Y, Attorney, in Market llarborongh. hist Published, / y. The use and necessity of U> U REVEL A I ION, AN ESSAY RY JAMES CLARKE FRANKS, B. A. Scholar of Trin: Coll : Cambridge. Sold by J. G. BROWN, Market- place, Leic- ster. 67 NOTTGE! " ~ ALL Persons to whom the late Mr. BRYDGES, SURGEON, stooil indebted at tlie time ot his decease, arc requested to transmit an Account of their respective Claims to Mr. GEO. CROSHF. K, near All Saints' Church, Leicester, in order that the same may be discharged : and those Persons who aland indebted to the Estate and Ef- fecls of the' said Mr. Brytlges, are requested to setile the- same with the said Mr. Crosher. GENERAL AGENCY OFFICE, i IV. GLOVER, BEGS leave to inform the Nobility, Gen- tlemen, and the Public, that he has been in practice several years as a General Agent and Sur- veyor, antfliavins! entered upon the GKEEN DRAGON INN, 111 the Market Place, Leicester, Has opened anOffire for al 1 k inds of property ; has had extensive practice in most. parts ofllie kingdom in Surveying, Mapping Estates, . Sir ; surveying aud selling of Timber; valuing, ' buying, selling, and leiing Estates, Houses, Church f refi ruicnts. Reversions, Shares in Public Concerns, Farmers Stock Ciops, and property of every other descrip- tion, T he nobility, gentlemen, and public, may de- pend upon their commands being immediately attended to, and executed with the greatest fi- delity. -., : N. r>. Old maps transcribed, ( reduced, & r. to a small scale), on vellum or paper, ill. the most mo- dern and ornamental style. II Twenty Guiueus Reward. si- TO BE- SOLO OR LET, ( In one or more lots) ACapital Hunting Seat, with convenient out offices, stables and granary, one third ot the Manor of Billes ' on, aud lo. arrcs of land conti- guous lo the bouse, called the Coplow House, in the parish of Bitlesduii, with au excellent Fox Coyer of about to- acres. Also, A Farm, consisting of a dwelling house, out offices, and about 140 acres of land lying round the same, situate ill the lordship of Billeselou Immediate possession may be had of the above estate, and for paiticulars apply to Mr. HOLDS- WOHI H, ot Tiltou; ol Mr. FREER, Attorney, . Leicester. Mr. WRIGHT, at the Coplow House, will shew the Estate. I TO BE SOLI) OR LET', And entered upon immediately, TH ATolil established public houseknown by the sign of the Queens Head, situate in ilie Fnar Lane, now in the occupation of William Simon;. For particulars enquire of Mr. THOS. \\ ATI'S, High street. Leicester, Janu- iry 30, 1817. „ „ TO BE SOLD BY PIUVATF. GON I RACT, 33 A Genteel new built dwelling house with . XJk convenient stables and out houses, yard, valUd garden, oiehaid or paddock, pleasantly si- tuated at Houghtou oil the Hill, within six miles of Leicester, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Horspool. For particulars enquire of Mr. JOHN CL ARK, of Houghton; oi W. GLOVER, Estate Agent aud Surveyor, i. n- en Dragon. Market- place, Leices- ter where a plan of the Estate may be seen. Curnjield LEICESTER ASSOCIATION, For the Prosecution of Felons, Iff AN Ewe Lamb Hog Sheep, belonging In Mr. WILLIAM ROOKIi. of Hiaun- tmi Frilh, in the- county of Leicester, having been felo- niously killed in a close occupied bv him in llic liberty ot Blairnstor. Frith afoiesaid, adjoining the I'llnpike road between Leicester and Hinckley, and the whole of such sheep stolen therefrom, ex- cept its head, skin, and cntiaiis, late last night, or early this morning. The said William Haoke hereby offers a reward of TEN GUINEAS, In addition " to the reward of FEN GUINEAS allowed by the above Associa- tion, to any person or persons who will cause tlie Offender or Offenders to be brought to Justice, both wlrcli rewards will be paid on conviction of such offender or offenders, auel should two or more have been concerned in the above offence, if any oue of them will impeach bis Accomplice or Accom plices therein to conviction, the person so impeach- ing is hereby promised both the above rewards, and that proper application shall be made to obtain his full pardon. T. SHEPPARD, Solicitor to the above Association. Leicester, February 1817. Ladies Bouidino and Day School, Castle Doningtou, Leicestershire. M sMi E. WILD, RESPECTI- UIT. Y inform ( lie Inhabitants of GilStle Doningtou mill its Vicinity, that lhey purpose opening a BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL, for the Instruction ofa limited number of Pupils, on Monday the Kith day of March. 1817, a snict attention lo the lieaith, morals, and edura lion ot the young La lies committed tu their care and tuition, ivil , it is humbly •> Imped, meet with the approbation ot their Pap- nts and Friends. Board, Instiuctioa ill Emtlish Grammar, Read- ing, plain and ornamental Needle work, including Washing anil Tea, 20Guineas per Annum, N. !•>. I he French Language taught grammatically. AT a MEETING < » f the FRAMEWOUK- KfclTTERS, held at. the VAUXHALL, 1 Desirable Situation. TO BE LET', sU Estate— Derbyshire. LL that FREEHOLD ESTATE, ca'led j\ Cornfield Hull, with the Manor of Corn JieliL, and Moiety of the Manor of South Norman- ton; consisting of Seven Hnndred and Si* ty Six Acres Of Pasture, Meadow, Arable, and Wood Land, lyingln tlie parishes of Souili Normanton and Al- ( jrtoii, in the comity of Derby, the whole divided into convenient Farms, with suitable buildings thereon, and let to yearly Tenants. Part of the Land i « tytlie- fr. ee, and tlie Land Tax upon the Whole is redeemed. T he Mansion Hiw& r lias lately been eccnpied as a Farm House, but might h<* niade a convenient Re- sidence for any Gentleman fond of the sports nt the field or of Agricultural pursuits, as the Estate abonnels with Game, mid most of the Land is ot su- perior quality. Carnfield Hall is in the parish of South Noi man- ton, one mile from Alfreton, 8 from Mansfield, 11 from' Chesterfield, 15 from De rby, and 17 from Not- tingham. For further particulars apply to Mr. WILSON, Solicitor, in Alfreton, who has the Map and Plan of the Estate. Alfreton, Dec. 20, 1816. And entered upon at Lauv Davnexf; ri^ llAT good old established Public House, the J ROE BUCK, desirably situated in tile cen- tre of the High street, in Leicester. The rent is easy, and the Tenant will not be shackled with either Malts cr or Liquor Merchant, and conse- quently will beat liberty to purchase at the best Markets, and upon Ihe most eligible terms. The House is well fitted up with fire grates, shelves, bells, & c. and ( if required) the Brewing Vessels, Barrels, & c. may be taken at a fair valu- ation. < For further particulars apply to Mrs. SMITH, St. Margaret's street. M TO BE LET', nd mav be entered upon at Lady- day next, Good Grazing ant! Plough Farm at A Peatliug Magna, in the county of Leicester For particulars enquire at the office of' Messrs. LOWDHAM and GREAVES, Solicitors, Leices- ter. •< f T TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( In one or more lots) At Air Smiths, the Crown Inn. in MountsorrrI, in ihe comity of Leicester, oil Monday the 17lh day of February in- t. at 3 o'clock in the after noon, subject to the conditions of sale which will be then and there produced, AFreehold Estate in Mountsorrel afose- snid, consisting of a modern and substanti- ally built messuage or tenement, with spacious van), good garden, and all necessary outbuildings together with a large building adjoining, in which the worsted spinning trade ha< been extensively carried on, and a home' close containing about two . acres, in the several occupations of Mr. Norfolk, and M iss Norfolka. For other paiticitlars apply to Mr. LAWTON, » r to Mr- PU. B. 1NTON, Solicitors, Leicester. TO BE LET, At Ladv- day next, Old Stile, TWO closes of very good Grass Land, in the lordship of Knighton, adjoining the turn- pike road leading from Leicester to Market Har- borough, containing 31A 3R. 7P. with a barn thereon, in the occupation ot Mr. Aid. BISHOP. For particulars enquire of Mr. BROWN, of Loddington, Northamptonshire. 1 . Mr. THORPE, in the Chair. THE FOLLOWING RESOLUTIONS WERE UN AN IMOC SLY AGltll. U 10. Resolved, That it appears to this Meeting, that the great and lamentable depression of Wages has, principal- ly arisen, not fiuin a desire, 011 th" part of the Ho- siers, to reduce ihe Stocking Maker to that misery and wretehediiess which lie now endures, but from a competition to uudeisell each other in the Market. 21— That the reducing of the Wages of the Me- chanic, at all times to be deprecated as injin iOlio to llie peace, happiness, and prosperity of the great body of tlie People, is pei'ufiailv so at the present moment, when the first necessary of life is exhorbi- tautly high. 3d— That to reduce the Wages of the Mechanic so low that lie cannot earn a comfortable subsidence by his Labour, has the effect of rousing the worst feelings of the human heart, creating a spirit ot enmity between the eiilfereiit Classes of Soi'ietv, producing a spirit of Revenge, on the pari of the Workmen towards his F'mplojcr, and paralyzing that spirit ot In ustry for which the Mechanics of this Country have been so conspicuous. 1th— That the W « ges* of the Storking Maker are now reduced so low, that he cannot obtain the first Necessaries of Lite, by the most patient Industry, anil unwearied Application to the Dulies of his Calliwg; and those cries of his Children f'oi Bread, which pieice his Heart, he can only stop by the most painful chastisement. 5th— That an ADVANCE of our WAGES, to au Amount which would enable us to Live by 0111 l abour, while it would not be felt by tlie Con- sumer, would make us cheerful, contented, and happy. 6th— That in proportion as the Reduction of Wages makes the great Body of People poor and wretched, in the same proportion must the consump- tion ol our Manufactures be lessened. 7tli— That if liberal Wages were given to the Mechanics in general, throughout the Country, Ihe Home Consumption ofoui Manufactures would be immediately moreihan doubled, aud consequently every Hand would soon find full Employment. 8th— That to reduce the Wages of the Mechanic of this Country so low that lie cannot Live by his Labour, iu order lo undersell Foreign Manufactu- rers in a Foreign Market, is, to gain one Customer Abroad, and lose two at Home, y 9th— That ifilie Mechanics of this Country werq to work for nothing, it would not increase our Fo- reign Trade, as 1 lie Governments of other Conn- tries must, of necessity, in order to piotcct their own Manufactures, raise the Duties upon our Goods in pioportion to the cheapness that we can send tliein to their Markets. 10th— That a Deputation be appointed to wait npon Ihe Hosiers, to request them to call an early Meeting, to take inter Iueir coiisidcralinn the Dis- tress arising ( rum ihe great Reduction of Prices. 11th— That these Resolutions be printed ; and eacll of the Hosiers Ire presented with a Copy:— and also, that tlis- y be inserted iu tile Leicester Papers, JOHN THORPE, Chairman. TO BE LET, And may be entered upon immediately, or at Lady- day next, AN old established Fellmonger or Skin- 111 r's Yard, together wiili a new erected House aud other buildings suitable for carrying 011 the said business in an extensive way, situate at Burton upon Trent, in the county oi Stafford, and about five miles toan Oil Leather Mill. Further particulars may be had of Mr. JOHN HAYLEY, Burton upon Trent. m BAPTIST MISSION. On SUNDAY. February 16, 1817, T wo SERMONS IVill be preached at HARVEY LANE, for the benefit of the Baptist Mission, by Rev. R. HALL, A. M. Service to begin in the morning at half past ten o'clock. The evening at half past six o'clock. N. B. No service ill the afternoon. Charity Convert and Ball. nnHE Nobility and Gentry in the Neighfcitir- JL hood and Tovin of Hinckley, are respect- fully informed, that Mr MH. HOUSE, Organist, Gratuitously, with the assistance of the Musical Socie- ty, ( and approbation ofthe principal Inhabitants,) WILL PERFORM A CONCERT, at the TOWN HALL, HINCKLEY, i On TUURSDAV, February 20th, 1817, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE POOR. Mr. PERKINS, ot Atherstone, on this Charitable occasion, has again kindly promised his Assistance, by Singing the following SONGS :— " I'lie Farewell." " Mark d you her Eye of Ilcav'nly blue " " IVhat tho' I trace." " Love among the lloscs." Rev. G.. MEITAM, Rev. J. DYKE, Kev. J. M. COOPER, , „ . Mr. JERVIS, ^ Stewards. Mr. J. POWER, \ Mr. C. KINO, J TICKET'S 5s LE ED HA JJ'. v Insolvency. a A1 • Jb- BOROUGH OL LEICESTER. Ta COMMON IIAI. L, boldeii at the GUII. D- HAI. I.. Ibe 3tl day of February, 1817; THOIVUS MILLER, ESQ. MAYOR. Resolved unanimously, On the motion of Alderman Sir William Walker, seconded bv Mr. Alderman Jcffcnlt, that the fol- lowing Address be piesented to his Royal High ness the Vrince Regent, on the late atrocious at- tack upon his person : and that it be - signed by the Town Clerk ; anil that the Members f'oi the" Bo- rough, be lequesteJ to present I he saint To His Royal flighues* • eorge. Prince of Wales, Regent of the'UniUi- kingdom of Great itritum and Ireland ; MAY IT PLEASE YOL'It ROVAL HIGHNESS J W E, his Majesty's dulif'il at.'' t- vai Subjrrls, tin- Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesse- of tin Boeon^ h of Leicester, in Common Hall asseuiiued boldiuj: iu deep abhorrence the late Treasunable attack up on youi' Royal Person, presume to approach your Royal Higlini'ss with feelings of frrtfent Grntinuli to Almighty God for your Royal Highuess's happy preservation. We trust that the authors aiid abet tors of so dar- ing an outrage will soon he made lo answer to the offended La vis of their Country. In this atrocious attempt we view only the ^ rsl fruits of that desperate system, by which wicked and di signing men have been loo long permitted lo undo mine the principles, and assail ihe loyalty of the people; but we relv upon ihe wisdom and vi- gour of your R. yal Highuess's Councils to put a speedy leruiination to their career. We mean no \ ain parade or idle ostentation when we assure your Royal Highness uf our most devot- ed attachment to your Royal Higlmess's prison, Family anel Government. Indeed, we feel our selves roused to redoubled energy in dufrure of that invaluable Coustituiion, of wliicii your Royal High- ness forms so important a branch, when we sre il assailed by open as well as insidious enemies, and know that il forms the piiile of onr own Country, aud the envy of others ; combining private security with the highest possible public liberty, and em- bodying ail the elements ol National Gloiy, pios- pciilj and happiness. We fervently pray that the favor of Heaven may long preserve your Roval Highness in safety, and enable you to transmit to suci ceding generations this gloiions Constitution niiiiupaiiid. Aud we trust that ail his Majesty's subjects will evince a grateful sense ofthe b| i ssings ii dispenses by a spirit of steady aud invincible allegiance, in which alone can lie found their protection against the- suaresof their enemies. ( Signed) By the unanimous order of A COMMON HAI L, THOMAS BUR I! I DOE, Town Clerk. Resolved unanimously, That the cordial and warmest thanks of Ihe Hall be given to the Mayor and Magistrates for'their judicious and spirited answer to Ihe late Requisi- tion for a public meeting, which answer meets the highest approbation of the Hall, and litis entitled the Magistrates to the thanks of every friend lo his Country. Resolved, T ha t the thanks of the Ilall be given to the May- or for so pioinptly affording lo the Corporation an opportunity of expressing their sentiments,, and toi his exemplary conduct in his office*. THOS. BUHIHDGE, Town Clerk- j *-< A most eligible Situation, TO ; ' TO BE LET, And business disposed of, and may be entered upou on Ladv- day next, THAT truly valuable shop and house situ- ated at the upper end of the Market- place, now iu the occupation of Mr: Wm. HUDSON, ( who is dee- lining the Drapery business) containing an exce llent shop, already neatly fitted up willi comitcr-., desk, shelves, drawers. & c. & c. also 1 dining loom, parlour, and 4 sleeping rooms, be- sides 3 large rooms in the attics ; also goorl cellars, house place, bark kitchen, w ith attai lied and ele- taelied offices. Fnt further paiticulars apply to Mr. HUDSON, on the premises. The abnve situation is w$ ll calculated for any other business, XTTTIEREAS, WILLIAM LEEDHAM, of YV Hinckley, in the county of'Leicester, Vic- tualler, hutli, bv Indentures of lease and re lease, bearing dale the 30th and 31st days of January last past, conveyed aud assigned allihis real and perso- nal Estate, to WILLIAM, BALL, of Highani on the Hill, in the county of Leicester, Maltster ; and THOMAS BOWMAN, of Hinckley aforesaid, Wharfinger ; in trust for the equal benefit of the Creditors of the said William Lcedliam, who shall execute the said Deed of Assignment within two months from the date thereof. Notice is hereby gipen. That the said Deed of Assignment is left at the Office of Mr. CO U DELL, Solicitor, Hinckley, for the signature of the Creditors of the said William Leedbam ; and sncli of th.' in who shall not execute the said Deed, and delivci in their Accounts within the time aforesaid, will be excluded the benefit thereof. All Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the said William Leedhani, are requested to pay their respective Debts to the ^ aid Trustees, or Mr. Cowdell, forthwith, or in default thereof, they will be sued for the same w ithout further notice. Bv order ot the Trustees, W. M. COWDELL, Solicitor. Hinckley, Mb February, 18: 7, FRIDAY, FERRUARY 7, 1817. NOTE.— The order to discontinue the advertisement of Mr, Athrrstone's Property, ( inserted in first page ) was not received until that part of the paper hail gone to press. MARRIED. Oil Thursday, Mr Leadbeater, of Burton La- zars, near Mellon Mowbray, to Mary, youngest daughter of Mr. John Beuskin, ofWanlip, both ill this e- oimty. On Monday last at Twyford, Mr. John Thomp- son, boot and shoe maker, of Rearsby, to Sarah, onlv daughter of Mr. Holland, farmer and grazier, of I lie former place. Yesterday at Blaby, Mr. John Payne, trimmer, of this place, to Miss Mary Brewin, of the former place. DIED. On Saturday evening the 251b nit. at Fenny Drayton, in this county, in the 63d year of his age, Mr. Josiah Grimily, whose family have been formally years distinguished as breeders of long horned cattle and sheep, and whose candour, bene- volence, and integiity. gained him the esteem and admiration of all whs knew him. On Thursday se'nnight, in the 80th year ef bis age, his Grat e the Duke- of Marlborough. He had for some time been in a very infirm stale, though he had experienced very little severe indisposition. He is succeeded iu his lilies, ic. by bis eldest son, the Marquis of Blandford. At his Lordship's seat, Florence Court, county of Fermanab,( Ireland) the Countess of Iniskillen.— She was the daughter of the Earl of' Uxbi idge, and sister to the present Marquis of Anglesea Sunday morning, in Grosvenor place, alter a short illness, Caroline, Countess Dowager of Bucking ham, widow ot John, late Earl of Buckingham, and mother of Viscountess Casllereagli. We gave all the Space we eoilld in Our last to tllS Opening of the Session of Parliament and I be atUk'lt upon the Prince Regent-- and had therefore orjy an oportttiiiiy of limiting the hieeling of Delegates, for the purpose of inllo liicing the high opirtion Mn CoBEEfi- entertained Of the 11 As: POEN CLUJH throughout the Kingdom ; which, that it may not be lost upon oltr readers, we beg to repeat. There is not ( says Mr. Cobbeti), " u Society in England) even could one he composed if Ihe Dirtiest Scan • ugn sf for which I do tint enterlaih a higher respect than for the Hampden Clubi" W e shall uhw pay anolhef mark ol respect to the " Majesty of t! l£ People, by noticing the proceedings of the NATIONAL Co. N « VENTION, in preference lo those of the Blilish Parliament; but, alas, it is no morel By some strange caprice it has dissolved itself, and M . Hunt, whose magic spell gave iI brine, has evave- T his wand, and out the spirits have hhrried, ' black, white, and gray scarcely bad patriotism time to hail its birth, when lo! hope- ami honom are sum- moned to its funeral. Its dying speech and confession tniis| not, hovvhi cvei' be overlooked. The first of iis final ants was to enter into a declaration of its unanimity* p Doubtless the country ami philosophy Were great- ly interested in the question j tor to'both it was highly interesting lo knotf how many blacks will make a white; lio. v many whites of eggs must W mingled to produce taste : in what manner screams maybe introduced lo make liaiiuoiiyg how sitiuku and mud arc to he mingled to produce light: and how much of folly, how much ot treason, and bow much ot malignity will, when melted down » nd amalgamated, produce patriot ism. ' Flic declara- tion of unanimity is somewhat curious, as all re- forming processes arc. First Mr. Hunt and Mr. Cobbrtt disagreed about universal suffi. ige, a car- dinal principle; then another disagreement involv- ed a set ond essential, whellier representatives ought to discuss any question, or be ifireeled whol- ly by their constituents, who had previously dis- cussed it for them ; then up starts a reformer, and recommends " cautious and ttmpeiaie reform;'' and he is put down by a volley of bullying personal reflections. Flerr, one wtftildsuppose, wasi'iseoitl enough on very fundamental questions; bur Mr. Hunt conies forward with his deelaiai ion of una- nimity, and " Chaos heard his voice " To oilier is to agree, and to be at variance is unanimity! Thus, iu ibis felicitous age, we advance in knowledge! Sr irrt'ly, bowever, has the derlaiatiou passed,-.- , when another resolution parts the friends of ihc people, in ihe very act ol hugging each other with frait- rua! clasp, and they disagree agai. i on the question of dissolving th'- convention. Mr. Hunt " gave this sprrious, and doubtless very probable, rea- son To; that ineasure, that continuing iheir sittings might be Construed into an attempt to overawe Parliament, a point on which, questionless, he is vity lefidri ; the imyoiity suppoit him; hut not H tew, unwilling to pan « ith their honours so saon. anil thinking lint little i ffecli'tl, propose to con- tinue, and go through with iheir business. So says the old ballad, written in times to woicbthey Uivfc to look bark. ' f And shall we kindle all ibis flame Only to put it out again. And must we now give o'er And only end \ iliefe \ ve begun? In vain the mtsrhief we have done, If we can do no inore. '* Princes we are if we prevail, And gallant villains ifwefuilt When to our fame ' lis twidy It will not be our least of praise. Since a new slate we roultl not raise, To have deprived the olel. . * " Then let us stay, anil fight, and vole, ' Fill I ondon is nol worth a grual ; Oh lis a faiirnt beast! When we have gal I'd and tii'd ihe mnll>, • And can no long* r have the rule, We'll have the spoil at least. ' Wp think, however, that the tine rea^ til- for rli's. solving the convention, v.- as a tAnivirtmn nmoi.^ Ihnse who have Hie lead ot the Union, that t! Sry wi re not thereby serving their own cause. T" or » il a convention was au experiment worth living ; hut it uassliil an experiment, ami it has failed, X. i Hie first place, il was contemptible in minihei'. Fev^ places, e ompatutivcly, had sent deli gate's. In proceedings were ja'iring and i idiruloiis; and it was loo barefaced lo exhibit a scl of low lived and iguoiant men, vomited forth from country clubs ( I.. l this, with very few exceptions, appeals to be their description, t to legislate for the uaiiou, and new- model the Const tuition. It was showing too cleailv the uuke'dnes's of the land, and thciefor ® -- wisetv judged belter by the governing demagogues to keep at work in theii old way and to leave the populace lo believe that their plans are countenanc- ed by greater men behind tiie scenes, rather rli- iii lit! up the curtain, and show the world, that Cob- bett, Cai twi ight, and Hunt had no bet er agents to accomplish their purposes. No, no, tlee rouvrutimi- will not vet do, that si heme is* not set ripe; they niii- t pioceed with llie organization of tlicii affiliat- ed societies iu town and country, and make mere extensive arrangements to bring ihe " | by- ical forre" of the country into action. Conspitary and riot, these ale their best hopes. We uudeistand tint* the Delegates from this town, were . VIr. Join. tlmii Albrrstoilp, and a Mr. Warbnfto;:, Stocking in. tker and Bagman I !] The Address of the Corporation of this town to the Prince Regent, inserted in the ad} iiirting ee\- liinin, reflects the highest possible credit upon their Loyultv, Patriotism, and good sense. By a notice inserte d in this page, it w ill lie seen that Ihe issue of the New Silver- Coinage is to. take place at the Town Hall, on Thursday next.— And we understand, that iMessis. lnkcrsole and Co. of Harbvrough; Messrs. Jarvis and Co. of Hinckley; Messrs. Goodacre and Co. of LutteuvO'lh ; Messrs. Thorpe and Middleton, of lAughtwrmgh ; iiiiti Messrs. Fisher and Co. of Ashby He- la Zottch, liaverarh nude: taken Ihr CM- hange for their resprc- tiveeeighbouihoods.— An airangeiueut is said IO be ill progress lot a delivery at Melton Mowbray.— These different appointments will very'materially contribute to the convenience ofthe County. From an Advertisement in an adjoining Column, it will he seen that the EXHip- i riosi of Miss LIN- WOOD'S NEEDLE WOKK, at the Exchange, is to be continued only a short time longer, and a » the ve, . i'- ipts am intended solely fot the benefit qf ihe{. M » K » CHARITY, it is liopJil those who- have not jet seen these inimitable productions, will aid a benevolent institution, by au immediate gratification of ihiir curiosity. THE QUORNDON HOUNDS, MEET ON Monday Feb. in, Holt T uesday 11, NorinantOR on the Wojcfk, Thursday Li, Six Hills At ball past ten o'clock. LEICESTER INFIRMARY, February i. Patients ADMITTED. In Out 20 13 DISCHARGI- D. In 9 Out 8 MR. OSBALDESTON's HOUNDS WILL MEET ON Monday, Feb. 10— at OtNton Wednesday, 12— at Aldridge Friday, 14— at Burl, age Wood . Saturday, 15— at Middletoti Hall Each morning at ten o'clock. HOUSE VISITORS. Mr. W, Gardiner, and Mr S. Robinson, THE BARROW HARRIERS Meet at Citow MILL, on Tuesday next, at eleven o'clock, instead of going to Fostou, on Friday the fourteenth, as was intended. FAIRS. Feb. 10- Warwick, Fazeley, Ludlow, Ashby tie la Zoui'li PRICE OF STOCKS. 3 per Cent Coos. 64^ I 4 per Cents 8 « j} Ditto Red, I 3 JKr CeuU Leicester Journal, aud Midland Counties <* « nk* al Advertk « V wm ' l o the I'diioi of the I cicensr Journal. Sin, A pa 100 nph ii, voiir Journal, of the 24ih ult. wlft* Fi- ih you statx- the tart, of some of the in tides, providt- d liv the Ladies' Association, for tiie coin- fort of our distressed Poor, having been nlreadv ofl'rred to pawn, nod refused ( very comm- mdablv) IJV the Brokers; has rc called to my reflection a Subject upon which 1 hail long thought with great interest. The morals of the lower class- s in eve ry nation, and particularly in one civilised ami enlight ened like ours, i » a subject of tbe very first, import- ance. It is not most* necessary to tbe real glory of Old England, that her sohlieis should be brave, hi t . Merchants honourable, her Statesmen inde- pendent ; than, that her Poor should be honest and industrious Now it may be said by those who like to find excuses for errors, on the plea of ne- eis- it\, who can work when there is nothing to dor — granted— it would be an insult to common sense to deny this proposition— but still let it be previously pinved by the assertion, that be or she cannot teully find any one employment of any sort — au l then we are bound, by the obligation of Christian humanity, to befriend willing industry, rendered unavoidably unavailing. Hut particular- ly with regard to lt- iniiles, if tiie- v have no other work to do, cannot they mend the clothes of them- selves and children ?— and will anyone of them osSetf, that no kind Lady in her neighbourhood will encourage and assist her 111 this laudable female duty ?— Would it not be more respectable to mend thiol to pawn her clothes? llo « long this most pernicious system of borrowing money upon pledges, ut great interest, antl running the hazard of ultimately losing the pledge for a Small portion of its real value, has obtained in tiiis eouutrv, I will not stay to eiiquirt—- tliouith the enquiry would be highly curious, and I hope it may be taken up by some Antiquary anxious to reap, Ireini re- semches into past times, results more uselut than the'discovery of thing) whose sole value Consists in their antiquity. I restrict myself at present to a few words of earnest exhortation to our poor neighbours. I would ask them ( intreatii'tc them to consider the question as proposed from the warmest wish for their real comfort,) what is the good tliev derive from obtaining money by paw ning their clothes, the very Covering ut'their bnds— the articles most necessary to then existence? They are in want of a few shillings, ilitv mav answer—- of a few pence, tn buv food, God be praised! this is nil excuse Hot valid in Eugltnil. Every man here has a claim fur sin^ emiuoe, bv a law u luch distinguishes our Nation from ail others on the face ol the Earth, though this law is not justly appreciated by those for whose support it make- the property of nil jiclier individuals answerable. 1 lien you are not necessitated to pawn your litlie property for food. -— You cannot say, that you have used every ho- nest means in your power, to pr./ cure a meal, lie- fore von had rccouise- to this lata I expedient. I call it fatal—- for look at its consequences— you pawn your clotlies— you obtain a lew shillings, which sue instantly expended— you pav weekly a much greater interest tor those few shillings tf. an you uie awnre of—- at last, you can no longer pay it— all power of redeeming your pledged articles is gone— your clothes are gone— your respectability is gone— you are losers beyond calculation 1 Ob ! my poor neighbours! — mid though poor, if vou are honest and industrious, you are truly res pectable ; consider well the lata! effects of this lia- l- ir— you know mid feel them— you cannot help feeling them.— Consider too, the disgrace of it I— tin- industrious scorn aud deti st it.— Mnv not those well be ashamed, who send their children into the Charity Schools, take the clothes, given to these Children, out of the Pawn- shops on the Saturday, Ulul putting them again in pledge on the Monday ? — And may not tlure blush with confusion, who pawn tbe WOIID or Gun? It is a fact, that a travelling Bookseller has lately purch • sed, lVom the Pawn- shops ill this town, a considerable quantity oftlte Bibles distributed bv the Bible Society.— It ; s enough to mention ibis lact. Ir cries, with a loud voice, for interference. 1 u ill no longer trespass— but committing this highly impoitaut subject to mine efficient abilities, and to tlie notice of all who leel, in tbe spirit ol true Christian patiiotism that the well- being ol the British nation involves tbe grand question uf the ptoruls rf the 1' uor! 1 remain, SIR, yours, AN OLD Fill END. February 3, 1817. shall - who when you, tntd one oil — But wlpre's mv wotthv friend your Son?—- could out he In Ip voti out a little ? Jolvily— Mi Son,— Hear hearts' alive! — is goile to Merico.— lie poached, mid wus t » ken, nud wou'd not pay the penalty. Hint wVntolf for Merira.— In- deed, I burl resolved partly i<> set off, anil billow him, and settle there;— but fur this representation of ihe Borough, which lias kept meat home. Kaclc— Well Jniiatv — Do you think we muster well to day, in good numbers? Joruny— Indubitably, Sir; I'll answer for it;— never, never fear, Sir,— they are crowding in by six's and seven's-— two nnd two abreast— I hope, Roger, you will make n long speech, and tell them what fuzzy poisonous stuff this sieecure soup is made of! Iiurk— Never fear,— never fear,— my dear Jon- aty; Vor tho' I'm no spokesman— I'll inform them what sootv < f- d stuff it is;— and how the in- ventors of it suck their profits out of it ;— it is a rascally scandalous proceeding altogether. Junuty— Uul, piithee, Dear Roger, make haste, an I finish. Rack— Presently, presently ; pray dont hurry me.— but tell uiefrankly, Jonaty, " lint they think and say of nu: in this business. Jonaty— Why then, Roger, to be honest with thee; sotne say's ns lion you owe all the property you possess to Hun tli. it went before you,- had ; i place in the disburstrnents at a time more money was to be made of it, than now- nday's ; as Parliament won't now le- t the money lav for more than a fortnight or three weeks at a time: nye, those were the days for : i man to put together a tr. fleof money comfortably. Ami ilu- y sav, rhatns you were so disappointed ut not sue- ending to te place, you ever since have turned Jacobin ; or you yvnu'el now have been on t'other side But p ay God love v ui,— iinike baste and finish. Rack— O, De.-. i Jonnty: ft you knew all; your kind heart wou'd pitv me: - my iil'e is mv misery : Alas! alas!— But. reallv, Jouatv, I fear we shall not muste r so strong as you fl itte r me with. Jonaty— Don't frit yourself, don't frit yourself— De ar Ruck ; we shall do ' em depend ou't— we nre to have all the CoiU'regatioii of our good Friend to a man ; that's for certain— I knoro's it. Rack— That is ndced good hearing:— pray Goil it may turn out so: - ns soon as they cwnse, then let us proceed to business:— and mind and do you support ine, anrl shout, and ^ ecouil me in all I have to sav :— But, O, this wind.— this tilihy wind : — It will be the end of mu :— 1 find I can't survive it long. Jonaty— You mnv command me, Roger;— I'll shnut leitid enough, I warrant you, sav what you will:— Lnck- a- day !— Lack- a day !— How ill you be:— but I hope your Worship feel* some'ut easier. • Rack— Sot one button believe nie— Jonaty. JonulySuw I will ttll you, Roger, pl ainly, where tins matter lies.— Why, here it is— If so be, that we call but have lis bad <> harvest as we had last year;— which God send we may !— we shall Decrowned with success;— mid shall do them pro perly ;— there lies the n. utter. Rack-— Very desirable— v<* ry desirable po doubt, — Dear Jonnty.— But 1 fear we must not b oach ami hold out such wishes and itleas publicly, just nt the present moment:— tho' we may talk of it betwixi ourselves m private confidence.— Bat, O, this wind, this binding wind:— will be the death of me. Jou. ty— Dear heart, O, dear heart;— no better yet— i'oor soul I — How you does grunt;— but I hope it will go oti alter a bit:— Pray tan you It- nil me your smelling bottle? Ruck— llure, Dear Jointly— snuff away— but how i-, the muster? — are they all come? Joi. aty— O? yes, all ready: so let us proceed. Rack— But bear with me one moment, Dear Jonaty, and I'll a tend you,— You mentioned something about the Speaker not allowing nails in tbe Members' shoes — This appears to uie to be a most glaring outrage, and stabs directly at the very vital principles of the Constitution ; and tramples upon the privileges und rights of free- burn Euglidi- - « •• • ' . O I ... H.. I' _ forward, and that it is much better tiiey should ; that tbe safety of the Constitution requires, ut this crisis, raiher a restriction of popular privilege than Hs extension. Instead id' a Reform which would open the mouths ot stir h fellows as Hunt and Gob- bet in Parliament, we nee- d a Reform which would shut them every where. There have been occa- sions, nnd there may be again, when the extreme libeity of the Constitution was incompatible with its security. Tin y who compel the alternative must thank tliemselvts for the decision. Reform !— Yea, truly— when Lord Cochrane rode into Ilonitou on his Bankers' shoulders, the Boroughs needed Reform ; nnd now, w hen he is brought back into Parliament by the Westminster Patriots, the Householders' Votes need it at least as much. His Lordship has taken to the cheapest seat. He paid his borough friends with ten pounds; his liousetiolding friends pay bun with penny pieces. We se> B now why the Spanish Dollars wanted re- cruiting nt the Stock Exchange. It is time for every honest subject, laying aside all temporary differences, to take his post round the Throne. " WHEN BAD MEN COMBINE, GOOD MEN ASSOCIATE.'' One of the Ultia Reformers echoed, the other day, the watch word ol the Re- gicides—" To your Tents I'' The watch word of the Loyal is— To the Throne ! Let then the supporters of the Monarchy, and the Friends ol the Monarch, arrav themselves— Neither personal nor political attachment should now form any distinction. Let them assume their proper token, that they may be known, as ( hey pass along, to the tenor ot' the seditious, and tbe confusion of the disaiT. cled. DA 11 ING ATTEMPT AT ROBBERY AND MUBDER. W'oitssiiP STREET. The following precious moreeau was accidentally p eked up in tbe neighbourhood of If aisl Coats; which a Correspondent thinks too im- portant to be lost, nnd lias requested the In- sertion, for the benefit of those who curt under- stand it. men.— I bis, indeed, calls must loudly for imme- diate redress and Reform.— Thy first motion, there- fore, Jniinty, in Parliament, must be, for leave to bring in a bill to enforce nai. S ( call it tbe " nail- ing act ")— We shall have all our friends at Bir- mingham, nt Dudley, and Stourbridge with us to a certainty; Carpenters, Smiths, Coblers and all,— and cannot fail of success. Jonaty— I promise to do so,— But on to business Ruck~ l attend you— But O, this wind !— this wind !— Jonaty— I wish I had some curdy mum. On Saturday the 1st instant, J. Mason was brought before Joseph Mo- er, Esq. charged with inflicting severe! deep wounds vv. tti some slurp in strument, on the person of Mr. Jones, oflvy lane, Hoxton, and robbing him of bis watch, chain, tuid seals, on I hursday night last. l\ lr. Jones was going along the Curtain road about 7 o'clock iii the evening, when ho was sud- denly attacked by some unseen person, who knock- ed Inn: down, and dragged him under the projec- tion ofthe Gas Light works, where ail atteni| t was made to cut his throat, but providentially he re- ceived ihe cut across his chin, which penetrated to the ^ utns, another cut on the upper lip, a third ou the cheek, a fourth on the bridge of Ins nose, and one of liis eyes was nearly pulled out of the socket. 1 he attack was so sudden and unexpect- ed, that he Inil not time to qry out or make alarm, hut Iiis situation wus ohseived; and on the ap- proach ot' some casual passengers, several ruffians, supposed to be the assassins, n tie seen to run away; they were not pursued; hut . Mr. J. who was by this tune speechless,— and nearly covered with Mo id, wus attended to, and taken to the house of Mr Brown, a surgeon, in Sboreditcb, who exu- iniiied his wounds, and considering huu iu iiniui unit danger, directed he should be instantly til- ken to the hospital. On his way thither, be could only say, " Oti! the villain." Ills pocket book, containing some bills and receipts, ns weli as 18s. in silver, was safe; but the seals were torn away, ami the watch was louiiel as loss as the kneebmid ill his small clotlies, Tbe prisoner is a pauper m 11 ox ton W oik house, tout was pei mute d, ounccount ol his family, to be out. Sometimes be would stay out all uiglit, and was often seen lurking about the spot wtieie this dnrjtig act was committed.— lie is a » tout lusty matt, dressed like a saiior, and bis description having answered that of one of the ruffian* supposed to tie coiicercd m this attempt he was taken into custody ill consequence, mid now underwent an examination. John Shelton, a butcher's boy, cauie forward and spoke tu the identity ol Ihe pi isouer ; tie was positive that lie was one ol tlie peisous who went away nt the time ; lie could not state Ins haying made the attack. A woman, who happened '. » come by at the same tune, also spoke to the same effect. The prisoner totally dented the charge, and solemnly declared he was on London Bridge at the time alluded to ; that he bad not been at all in tbe Curtain road on tliut evening, or never iu his life but once. ' The magistrate informed htm that be should have every opportunity of establishing his innocence, Hit was in his power to do so, but lie must now be com- muted lor further examination. iirnnted by I. P.. Conant, Esq. the son of Sir Na- ihuuiel. When lie apprehended iiershe denied the fact. In her pocket he found a cloth which was stained with blood j she said that she had wrap- ped some meat in it. Oo Monday last, he went to the house of Mrs. King to search for the body ol the deceased : be aud the footman shovelled tbe coals out of the coal house, and underneath them they found the body in the situation it then ' ay- ' 1 he Jury went to the house of Mrs. King, and viewed the body; a cloth was forced down its throat, and marks of violence were upon different parts of the body. Mi. Lees, surgeon, Raker street, Mary le bone, being sworn, said, that be had examined the body minutely, and was perfectly satisfied that it had lived, and had been destroyed by forcing a cloth down its throat, and other acts of violence. The Jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against Sarah Perry. A most horrid murder was committed at Little Ua.- ltiow, Essex, on Sunday morning last, upon the body of an illegitimate male child, about three years old. ' The parents being both dead, the child was put out by the parish to nurse with Aar. e Cam- pain, tbe sister of the cliilds mother, who is the daughter of a labouring man of the same name, re- siding near the Rodney public house at Little Bad- dow. [ u consequence of some words which arose between the father mid tlie daughter, which the prese nce of tbe poor infant child was somewhat tbe cause of, this Anne Cnmpnin, who is about 18 years of i ge, declared that she would diown the child and herself also. ' To the surprise of the poor man, the c lilll and the girl were both missing the next morning; and recollecting her threat, lie im- mediately went to a pond near Graces, about a mile and a half fnwn bis cottage, and I here so clear was the water, that lie discovered tbe infant at tbe hotiom quite dead, with its bands tied one behind and the other before. Having thus found the child, he concluded the unnatuial nurse had exe- cuted berihrents, and thatsbewas also in tbe wa- ter. Without loss of time, be applied to Mr. Simmons, who assisted him by drawing down tbe water, hut the daughter was not found. Upon fur- ther search, this most inhuman creature was dis- covered in her father's bouse, having got over the ceiling of a room info tbe roof. A Coroners Inquest has since been held upon the body of the child, and a verdict of wilful mur- der returned by tlij Jury, against the said Anne Campain, and she was sent to prison. tirate with British capital. Less Wheat has been drilled, or dibbled than for many years past, every coilsideration giving way to expedition and saving tbe season. It is apprehended much of the enrlv sown Beans has rotted from the wetness of tbe soil. Both Turnips and Potatoes expected to be scarce in the spring, and the quality indifferent. Tbe ge- neral bad quality of the Barley fully confirmed, much of it will not malt at all. Flax has been one ofthe most productive and advantageous crops.— Considerable damage has arisen from floods, and impediment to business from the badness of the roads. Lambing began among ilie early Dorset Sheep. Sheep at turnips, upon wet soils have suc- ceeded badly, as usual; and as such an Improvi- dent system ought to succeed. Siore Pigs reason- able, fat at a high price. Fat stock gradually in- creasing in price. Good saddle and coach Horses dear. Lamentable accounts still from various pnrtt of the country, of fanning effects taken in execution, by the landlords. Ma/ Jc- lnnC, Monday, February 3, 1817. We were well supplied w ith most articles of grain this morning, in addition to a considerable quaii- titp remaining over from last week.— The Wheat trade is exceedingly dull, and from 2s to 4 « per quarter lower for all but tbe fin- r qualities— Hav- ing had a very large arrival of Barley since fast Monday, this article has declined full 5s nnd Malt is from 2s to 3s per quarter lower.— Boiling antl Hog Pease continue difficult of stile, though offered ' on much lower terms — There is a good supply of Oats at market, but being mostly of a low quality, they meet a heavy sale, and are about 2s perquar* te:- reduction ; but fi- te old Oats remain at our last quotation.— We do not observe any alteration in Flour. AVERAGE PRICKS OF CORN & c. ( Per Quarter) IN ENGLAND AND WALES, Tor the Week ending 2c< th January, l6lf, T A L. Wheat Rye 103 9 | 02 11 ' 1' r> Rat ley Oats Peons 51 10 | SO 10 | 00 10 Feast* 59 2 RETURN PRICE OF GRAIN. vFor Rheumatism, Pains in the Limbs, ifC. Dr. BATEMAN's PECTORAL PROPS. IN Rheumatic and Chronic Complaints, in vio- lent Pains iu the Limbs, " null in most cases where Colds are the origin, n ' Medicine has ever been used with grealei success, or held in higher es-. i- uiation, than the GENUINE BATSMAN'S DROPS; : t is necessary however lo observe that there arc various imitations ot this excellent Medicine by different pretenders, a I of them utter strangers to the true Prepaiatinn; of such, as you value your health, beware, and he careful to ask for " I'he original and " only true Dr. Bateman'p Drops, which have the " words " DiciiV and Co." printed in the Stamp, " affixed over the Cork ;"— ali ethers are Coun- terfeit. Sold wholesale at Dr. Batem: n's Original Waie- hnuse, No. 10, Bow Church Yard, London; also at the Journal Office, Swinfeu and Co. and Moore, Leicester; Adams, Loughborough; Clark, Melton i Higgs, Harrod, Dawson, ami Gill, Harhorounh; Ward, Hinckley ; Corrall, Lutterworth ; and by all respectable Medicine Venders, in Bottles Is. 1 ' U• and larger ditto at Is. ( 5d, each. ifr MODERN REFORMERS. DIALOGUE BETWEEN/ OKATY Wri. DE AND ROGER RACKRtNT, Overheard w hilst clubbing iu a snug apartment, ill tbe Garden at ttie Bowling Green, a short time before the late meeting on the subject of Parliamentary Reform ! Raekrtnt— Wind— wind— wind,— Dear Jonaty, — all wind; but pray tell uie, w ho can we have for our Member? J: maty— Why,— who is so fitting ns your Wor- ship ! Ilack— O] Dear Jooaty, you » > e I'm not a" fit Member— 1 find I must plead iny outage:— but will ynu stand tor us ? Jonaty— You are very kind, indeed, Roger, to think of me;— who's so fit?— But I have been up to London to the Committee, and ' Squire Hunt told us, that as how I shoii'd gain a se tlement in . St. Stephen's parish by serving an animal Parlia- ment; and sliou'd get removed home by all order : — awl then Colibett got up und proposed that the Parliament shou'd be lix'd for 51 weeks; which was seconded by old Can w eight, and carried nem. eon: — Rack— That indeed was wisely nnd ably sug- gested.— I applaud Hunt— Hunt is a line felluw:— and I am with him;— Be it so— I'll see that 51 « eeks We inserted in our petition;— very wise— very wise indeed— a most admirable hit Junaty— But, pray you, linger,— who's to pay m v journey, and fo; my victuals fur 51 week-, when I am clu. Ecn a Statesman ? Rack— Wliy, the Club to be sure.— You w ill go and return of course by I'ickford'sbont;— and your expences HI London, cunnot exceed more than 9s or 10J a week at uilit. Jonaty— Nine or ten shillings, say you;— I'll warrant that what with washing, wear ol shoes, and tbe like of that, ( for they tell me the Speaker will not allow any Member to walk up the House with linilsin his shoes)— it will cost a man we'll on to thirteen or fourteen shillings, go the nearest way to work he can. » Ruth— Impossible — impossible, Dear Jonniy.— That is a sum which 1 am confident your constitu- ents con'tl not afford to pav, or will ugrCe to. Let ns then suy, at a worj, eleven shillings;— lor we. mean tu be bberul. One shut a week, you know, is as many as you Cou'd possibly huve need of.—• None of the Members of tbe Refouned Parlia- ment will hsve more ttnvu one chau^ e— one off, If ridicule basTieen at all painful to HOST and his abettors, the late infamous result of the- r ma- chinations has done them some service. ' They have not obtained all their puspose; but still tliev have got something. They are no longer to be laughed ut. lht grunil seciet, the fortius uc melius serai resides now, not in ridicule, but in repression: not in a laugh, but in the law. The monkey may mop anil nnme unheeded: but when he begins to cast stones aim firebrands, the animal must be chained :— lie must tic epiiiicellvd that be may not scratch: — be must be muzzled that he miv not bite. When he cannot grin without snapping, it is high time lo suspend the. rights of numhiet. V' • say ibis ill Serious indignation. Ou the late traitorous outtage, titers can he but one voice.— It wus the natural consequence of the halls, yards, aw! fields," itli which tin country has been infested. A gang of disturbers, pretending to seek " Reform," have been haw king Mid peddling about, svimlliiig the people into pel- nous, splashing ami spouting out their OM n disaffection, organizing tumult, • itid preacl ing revoit. They send into Parliament petitions which they know cannot heiece- ived, on purpose that they may be rejected : so that the de- luded multitude may be met— whensoever and wheresoever they chuse— with new occasions of irritation and confusion. We suspected, indeed, something of more than common energy, when ihe " precautions" ofthe Party came forth, a day or two before the open- ing of tbe Session. Toe moderate reformers were growing alratd of their jacobin coadjutors; who by the bye bad tcoiiled their moderation pretty ruuudly. ' They dreaded the result ol Hunt's speechifying,— of Cobbett's Registering,— and ot Cuttwnglu's petitioneering. Not only ihe regular Opposition, but the llniuptleii Club, had been so prodigally be- scouutlttled by tin se Patriots, that some peculiai exertion vvus to be internet as a matter of course. Therefore, ihe " precau- tions" wcroauuou.-. ced : and the tvent proved their wisdom. ' Truly, we are well beset with our Reformers.— One - class wishes lor a Borough Reform, aud no- thing larttier: a stcoud will He finally satisfied with Triennial Parliaments and Householder Vo- ters; a third will accept them ns n stop gap until more can he bad ; and a fourth, the honestest of the set, will be contented with nothing snort of Annual Parliaments and General Suffrage. But no concession, or even discussing, can be a 1 lowed which is nut conclusive of tbe question ; or which, though find!} satisfying one party, may incease the rapidity aud strength ol another. I he parlies may be utterly independent, or they may hunt in cou- ples. We know not, and we care not. For this only we know, and for this only we care: thatthe purfaiidsi nl • lisaffecttou ituw tuud uusyuivoually MURDER OF INI AN T CHILDREN. An Inquisition was taken on Friday evening, at the house ot Mr. Bell, the Westmoreland Arms, Manchester street, Manchester square, before ' Thomas Stilling, Esq. Coroner for Middlesex, up- on the body of a female infant, who wus liiund murdered und buried under a quantity of coals. Elisabeth Armstrong being sworn, said, that site was housekeeper to Mr. King, residing at 51, Mancheste r street, Manchester square. The mo tlier of tbe deceased bad lived five years with Mrs. King iii the s tuatiou of Cook, ller uauie was Sarub Perry. She was supposed to be a single woman by every one in the l ouse. Lately witness bud obsened that the mother of the deceased grew very large, and taxed her w. tli being pregnant ;— but she denied it most positively. On 1 uesday moili ng, the 21st of January, the mother ol the deceased, " iio generally slept iu tbe same bed with her, left her and wertt down stairs ; m an hour after, which was near 4, she was awoke by tbe footman, who informed her that the co" k was very ill in the scullery. She dressed herself and went dow n sliii- s. and asked her bow she was, and it'she could render her any assistance. Sarah Pert y said that she was better, and prevented her trom going into the scullery, by pushing her from the door, and locking it ; she therefore went to bed. Ahouc ten o'clock the same luorning she went into the seulleij', nnd observed s- gus of a woman having been delivered iu that place within a tew hours. Chariet Roots, footman to Mrs. King, being sworn, said that ou the mo oing of Tuesday the 21st of- January, about tin ee o'clock he wasawoke by rhe barking of the dog : about four o'clock he was again disturbed by violent groaning ; he listen- ed and thought the noise came from seulieiy lie went to the door, and called out" Who's there?" Surah Perry the cook, replied, ' It is me; I am unwell in my inside," and advised him to go to bed. lie went up stalls, and inloruied the above witness time the cook was unwell', lie went to bed, and in about tnonty minutes alter, be was awoke again bv groaning: lie got up aud went to the sculie- ry loom and listened for live minutes, ( luting that, time he heard Ihe groaning ol Sarah Perry and the crying of a child. The latter part ol the time tbe cries were not so distinct, and ap- peared more like the efforts of a child resisting strangulation. lie requested that she would in- toiui turn what she was doing? She said " 1 am better, and will go to bed." lie bttiug up late oil the preceding eveoing, went to bed. Imoriuation was alterwkrds given to Bow street of tbe muider, and Sarah Perry was apprehended. William Jefferson, a Bow street officer, being sworn, said that ou Thursday the 23d of January, lie appreh. tided Saraii I'eriy, under a warrum HE Odontalgic, or Chemical Essence of Horseradish, a cure for the Tioth sell and liar ach, and CARBONATED DENTIFRICE, an elegant and efficacious Toolh Powder, resulting from the recent discoveries in Chemistry, The Essence possesses the property of safely and immediately stopping the Tooti;- ach, and has the peculiar tiffed, if it come incontaot with tbe exposed nerve, to prevent the recurrence of that torturing malady, its operations icing the s - me as a styptic on a bleeding vein ; in colds and rhnematic affections © f the jaws it will he found particularly beneficial; also in the paiui'ul Ileum ion ofChildren. Tbe Carbonated Dentifrice restores lo the enamel all its native whiteness, gives a florid colour to the gams, and, by its peculiar antiseptic quality, ie- moves every unpleasant odour fiom the mouth, and imparts to the breath a most delicate fiagrance. Observe that the: name of BAHCIAY and Sons are engraved on tlie stamp affixed to each, price 2< 9d. Prepared by Mr. King, Apothecary, Brook street, Bath ; and sold wholesale and retail by his Agents, Messrs. Barclay and Sous, Fleet Market, London. Also by all venders of medicine iu l'own and Country. W'hent( new) 65s to 8Ss Old 90s to lOOs Pine l ! Os tol 18s Essex White 70stol03s Old 93s t„ loss Rye 58s to 05s Fine — b to — s WhitePeaseSOs to. f0 » Boilers 05s to 7C* Suffolkg.... — a I0 f Grey Pense — e to — s F" re — s to — s Old Ben tij 63s to 70s „ , , - i Fine old-. _ g .„ _ Barley ( new) 2Cs to 30s I New Ticks 2R « Old Malt Fine 3s to 3t>. Fineold. • - - oSs to 7 40s to 56s 70s to 84s j Oats ieMo 32, £ 0s to 95s j Poland,.... t() s s Od to 6s id Mutton 4s Od to 5s 0.1 I Pork.. 4s 4,1 , o 5s Od " eadoj CuttleIhi, Day at SmithfiUd Beasts abou t 2520- SbeepandLan, ' Calves ( go. - Pigs. PRICE OF HOPS. BAGS. Kent 11/. os. to 15/ 0s Sussex 10/ s. to 141 Os, Essex Ot. Os, to O/ Os nibs 15070 • ISO PRICE OF FLOURT l ine Flour J00s. to 105s Seconds P5s. t0 , q0 Bran POCKETS. Kent 12/. 0s to 18?. 0s Susse* ll/. Os. to l( i/. Sis l ain 181. 0s to 25/ ns persack Fine Pollards 12a. to 13s. Od. per quarter 17s. to SOs, Od . PRICE OF LEATHER AT LF. A UEN H A l. L per tb. Butts, 50lli. to 561b. each Ditto 5ti to 661b Merchauts'Backs Dressing Hides Fine Couch Hides Crop 11 ides, 35 to 401 lis. for cut Ditto, 4 5 to 501 lis. Call'Skins, 30 to * 0lb. Ditto, 50 to 70lb, ditto Ditto, 70 to 801b. ditto • • Tanned Horse Hides peril). •• " " PRTCF. OFTALLOWrIN LONDON. 2 d. to 22d. 23d. to 24d. —( I. to— d 14d toI6| d 15 § d. to 17d. 15( 1. to 17d. 18d. t( » 20d. 19( 1. to 21d. 21d. to 26d. 20d. to 24d . — d. to— d. ( l'er StvntofMb.) St. James'sMarket- • • Clare Market Wlhtechapel Market • Si • 0s • Ss 6( 1 Od 5D, For Chilblains, Sprains. Rheumatisms, &> c. STEERS'S OPODELDOC.— This very excellent medicine cannot be genuine unless the name " F. Newberry" be engraved in the stamps. It is become necessary to direct the pub lie attention to this particular, as Counterfeits are sold almost in every tow n and stri et; and often by persons who would not be suspected of an attempt to deceive and defraud tlieir customers. This Opodeldoc is superior to all other applications iu the cure of Chilblains, Sprains, Bruises, Cramps, and Numbness , as also for the Rheumatisms, and for the Limbs when in a paralytic state. Sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, at the old established Medicine Warehouse, No. 45, Saint Paul's, the third house from Clieapside, Price 2s. 9d a bottle. AGRICULTURE. Monthly Report for January. Whcat- sowine seems to have been generally im- peded by the rains, in the first week of December ; and such lias been since the uncertainty of the weather, and the wet nnd puacliv state ul the soil, that this most important business Ins been neces- sarily suspended until the present time, and to the next month. In the Northern aiid all backward districts, not more than half the proposed breadth of Wheat was got in before Christmas; nor was ever the operation more unfortunately performed. From the- scarcity and Inch price of old Wheat, and, ill too many instances, the impossibility i » l obtaining it, great quant tries of seed of a suspicions quality has been used, and much anxiety has been expe ienced from its lying so lotig dormant in the ground. As it will be adding extremely to the risks of the ensuing Wheat crop, to sow nutumnalWheat later thaii the middle, of at latest the last week ill February, spring Wheat, of the red Thracian or Siberian variety, may prove a most profitable sub- stitute, even upon clays, or any lands adapted to Wheat: it may be sown with safety t'roi. i February to mid April. In particular and favourable situa- tions the autumnal W heat was well got in, and 1 xiks well. Ii. unense tvaste has necessarily attend- ed tbe expenditure of the new Wheat from its bad quality, and the old stock iu the country is consi- derably decreased ; but ihe foreign supplies in tbe spring are likely to be in sufficient plenty to aid our consumption, although probably, not to reduce tbe price in any considerable degree. ' There must be great stocks of stored goro in Poland, and tbe boideiiug countries, which we must wbsuidly qui- Ot lltf Avarage Price Ss Town Tallow.. 61s Od to — sOdi Yellow Russia 59s Od to — sOd- W bite Ditto* — sod to — s Od. i Soap Ditto —- 50( 1 to 58s Od Melting Stuff — s Od to 46s 0d Ditto Rough — sOdtoSOsOd Graves — sOdto 7s Od Good Dregs- • • — sOd to 7sOil YellowSoapS6s.— Mottled 94s.— Curd, 9R » , Priceol'Candles, perdoz. 10s0d— Moulds 1 Is 6ei' 61/ per doz. ullowedfur ready wavey. Wheat. • from New Ditto Rye Bailey Gals Old Beans New Ditto- • •• Hog Pease - • • • Oatmeal Fine Pale Malt- Fine Flour Seconds ditto- - Thirdsditto- • • AVERAGE PRICE or CORN AND FLOUR, IN LEICESTER MARKET, SATURDAY, FEBKUABV 3RD, 1817. tVincliester Measure 12' ls. to 140s. pei Quartet 88s. te> 116s. per Ditto • • 50s to o4s. per Ditto • • 62s. to 6(' s. per Ditto • • 2- is to 3os. pet Ditto • • 50s. to 80s. per Ditto s. to — s. per Ditto ...— tools per Ditto — to 74s per Ditto • 88 to 96 « . perDitto « d to tuos. perSack 93 to 97s. per Ditto • 90 to 94s. per Ditto Price of Bread. s. d TheQuarleiTil. oat Wheaten.- • - 1 4$ DittoStaudard Wheaten .....- 1 4 Ditto Household • 1 3 § oz. ( ir. The Penny f. oaf Wheaten to weigh 4 3 Ditto Standard Wheatec 4 H Ditto Household - 4 7 J. SMITH, Receiver of AssizeReturs. n PRINTED and PUBLISHED by JOHN PRICE Market- place, Leicester. This Paper is re- gularly tiled ill LONDON, al Ihe London, Chapter, and Peel s Coffee Houses; and by Messrs. Newton aud Co. Printer's Agents, No. 5, Waiwiek- sqiiaie, Newgale- street; and by J. White, No. 33, - Fleet street ; and Mr. J. Baum. Antelope, White Hart Yard; where Advertisements are received. Advertisements are received, and the Papei distributed by Mr. Harnett, and Mr. Dmtii, Nottingham; Mr. Marriott. Derby ; Mi. Barrow, Kcgvvorth; Mr, Botti ill, Lutterworth,; Mr. Adauis, Druggist, Loughborough; Mr. Lester. Slicepsliead; Miss Ward, Hinckley; Messrs. Day and Co. Melton Mowbray ; Mr, Losebv, Billesdoii, Oakham, io.; Mr. Beads- uiorc, Vsiiov- dc la- Zoueh. and Villages adjacent Mr. Glover, Trisby amlGr^ uUsra.
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