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The Hull Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden
Volume Number: XXI    Issue Number: 1167
No Pages: 4
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The Hull Advertiser
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The Hull Advertiser

Date of Article: 12/10/1816
Printer / Publisher: William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden
Address: No.49, Lowgate, Hull, Yorkshire
Volume Number: XXI    Issue Number: 1167
No Pages: 4
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IN MiMOtLT ouru. hi. Bi SEVEN- PENCE The fight between Carter ar. d Oliver took place on Friday, within one iitnidred yards of Springfield, in Scotland, commonly called Gr. tna- dreen, ia the- presence of at least 15,000 spectators. The roads leading to- the scene of action were completely glutted witb all degrees of passengers; coaches, carriages, curricles, gigs, saiid- carls, horses, doritiies, all were put in requisition, and the grotesque scene was not a little heightened by the wet weather, aud dirty slate of the rca- ls. In Carlisle, for some time previous to lb « day of battle, : i o ; « vehicle of any sort, nor a horse could be obtained either for love or money. The battle was lought in a twenty- four feet ring, and the ground, though . not tlie most favourable, was in a very tolerable state. About half- past twelve o'clock, Carter entered- the ring witb great confidence. He was immediately followed by Oliver, who came forward in eqftal spirits. - Carter was seconded by fainter, and Oliver by Cribb; tiie Marquis of Queensberry and Colonel Barton, umpires. Observations.— The battle lasted IS minutes, and was one or the most punishing description— the greediest lovers of milling were satisfied ! Both came into the ' i ng well trained and both were confident, bnt Carter proved much superior in weight and strength to Oliver, and in every close mangled him ierrib'e] on the ropes. Carter saw this advantage and followed it up, but he also had the best of ihe oil'handed hitting; it appeared immaterial to bim. left hand or right, and the blows of both told most eflecllially ; after the 15th round, Oliver had no chance, but he proved his bottom completely, as he scorned to surrender while he knew where he stood. He was taken away from the ring and put lo bed at Longtown, with both his eyes closed, cut up in all direction*, and insensible; surgical aid was procured, and, he fainted several times under the pressure of his sufferings, at Longtown, he afterwards revived and took some refreshment. Carter, though • omparitlvely but little injured, displayed sound bottom; he feels most from the body blow received iu the lOtli round ; he left the ring in hi « h spirits, and amidst the cbeerlngs of his friends.—— Mauy thousand pounds depended on the issue of this bat tie, and tbe Londoners, who were very confident, are taken in largely. They had a notion that Carter had no bottom in him, and could ouly hit witb his left hand ; the event ius proved both ideas to have been fallacious. Carter acquires both fame and fortune by bis victory ; he is now Champion of England, Crihb having declared olf. The battle was more distinguished for desperate, Stright forward fighting, than for science, of which very little was displayed after the two or three first rounds. The Carlisle people have pretty welt lined 3 their pockets, and they mifht have doue so iu a ten- fold degree, ifthey had accepted the offers of the forward Londoners; hut they acted a prudent part. Carter himself pockets about 150 guineas. They fought HI rounds; the i Ot h nearly deprived Carter of breath, and with dilliculty he saved bis time. H. R. H, the Prince P. egent has been pleased, ia Ihe name and on tbe behalf of His Majesty, lo grant the diguity oi'a ConnJess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland B unto the Right Hon. Amabel!, Baroness Lucas, of Crudwell, in the county of Witts, ( eldest daughter and coheir of Jemima, the late. Marchioness Grey) by the name, stile, and title cf Cuuutess de Grey, of Wrest, in the county of Bedford, aud t:, e diguity of au Earl of the said United Kingc- m to tha heirs male of ber body, lawfully begotten ; by tbe laas, stile, f and title of Earl de Grey, of Wrest, iu the said county of Bedford ; and iu default of such issue male, the said diguity of Countess de Grey to the Right Hon. Mary Jemima, i n j . a s er Baroness Grantham ( Ihe only younger daughter and coheir of the said Marchioness Grey), and the said dignity of Earl de Grey to Ibe heirs male of the body of Ihe said Dowager Baroness Grantham, lawfully begotten. On Sunday se'nnight, as some children were playing in a field, lately inclosed : rom W ike Com moil near Bradford, belonging to Mr- Eddison, of Hoibeck, Ibey ( uuud upwards of 100 pieces of silver coin, of Mary, Elizabeth, and James I. The intrinsic value was from three pence to eighteeu- pence each. They bad been turned up by the plough. Sir Sidney Smith has erected a monument over the remains of Captain Wright, ju ( he cemetery of Pere ia Chaise, at Paris, with the following iuscription :— II KB P. I.! LIS INHUMED, JOHN WESI. F. Y WRIGHT, by birth an Englishman, Captain in the British Navy, distinguished both among bis own Countrymen and Foreigners for skill and couragp, to whom, of those tilings which lead to th^^ ummlt of glory, nothing was wanting but the opportunity. His Ancestors, whose Virtues he inherited, he honoured by bis deeds. Quick in apprehending his Orders, active and bold in the execution, of them. In success modest, in adverse circumstances firm: in doubtful enterprises wise aud prudent. A while successful in his career, al length, assailed by adverse winds, and on a hostile shore, lie was raptured ; and being 600n alter brought to Paris, was confined in Ihe Prison called the Temple, infamous for midnight murders, and > acb. placed under the most rigid custody ; but in bonds, and suffering severities still more oppressive, his fortitude of mind, aud fidelity to bis country, remained unshaken. A short time after, he was found in the morning with his throat cut, and dead in his bed. lie died tbe 2Stii October, • 1805, aged 38. To be lamented by his Country— avenged by his God! WI L L I A M S I D N E V SMITH, i n m e m o r y o f a n c i e n t f r i e n d s h i p, erected this Monument in the Year of the Christian JKra 1316. A remarkable Meteor, which was visible over nearly the whole of Scotland and Ireland, appeared also throughout the northern counties of England, on the evening of Tuesday se'nnight. At Glasgow it was first discovered about half past seven, but iu Northumberland and Durham, it was not visible before eight o'clock. A stream of light arose rrom the East, which al first sent off branches in several directions, but very soon extended itself to the opposite point of the I horizon, in the form of a bow. The phenomenon then moved j towards the South, but thf motion of its extremities w » s miich less perceptible than that of the part which occupied the middle of the heavens, ltsgeneral breadth was four or five degrees. During the time of its appearance, it varied considerably, both in brightness and in form. Sometimes, alter it could scarcely be perceived. it shone forth again with renewed splendour, and, at times, the meteor seemed to consist of several disjoined and irregular portions. The northwest quarter of the sky was, during the whole time, strongly illuminated by the Aurora Borealis, which did not, however, discharge any vigorous streams, until 10b. 40m. when, f o nt I short time, a few beautiful ones were observed. The reaeinblance betwixt this meteorand the one of the I l ib September, 1814, is sufficient to show, that they originated from the same cause. Both were first observed near the zenith ; they were both perpendicular to the magnetic meridian ; both had a motion towards the South; and they were both accompanied and followed by an Aurora Borealis.— At Perth, the light which this phenomenon shed was at least equal to that of the moon when she is a quarter old. A French Valet in the service of Lord Melbourne upwards of 35 years, during which period, by a course of frugality and good conduct, he bad accumulated no less a sunt than 15001. died a few weeks since, and bequeathed the whole amount among MB fellow- servauts, according to their respective stations. According to a special list, the number of births in Ihe Rnsvian Empire, of the established Greek religion, was iu the year 1 » 14, as follows:— Males 043,388 Ee males 584,689 GENTEEL RESIDENCE. GAME DUTY GAME DUTY The deaths in the same period were Males Females 838,822 Difference 389,255 more births than deaths. The number of marriages was 309,644. Among tbe deaths were two persoae between 145 and 150 years old, and between 125 a n d 13C. To CURitlEKS and LEATHER- CU ITERS. A Desirable SITUATION at Lincoln, lo be L E T or SOLD, late in tbe occupation of Mr. JOHN HILLY, Currier, Deceased, where a great extent of Business is now carried on. The Property contains Two DWELLING- HOUSES, SHOP, SHED, STOVES, Two WAREHOUSES, STABLE, Two GARDENS, and a Large YARD. For Particulars enquire on ( he Premises; or of Mr. ROQF. B 111LEV, Currier, Gaiusborp'. N. B. If by letter, post- paid. To be LET, J And entered upou imn . Uatehj, either Furnished or Unfurnished, i LANG T O N GRANGE, S ITUATE within two Milts of the Market Town of Staindrop, couoly of Durham, being well adapted for Ihe accommodation of a large Family, with Coach- Houses, extensive Stabling, and Out- Buildings, in complete repair ; logelher with Garden and Pleasure G r o u n d s , to which about T5 Acres of Meadow and Pasture Land may be added if required. Likewise STAINDROP HALL, To be LET, IMME DIA TE I. Y, UNFURN1S11E D, Pleasantly situate iu the town of Staindrop aforesaid, with Conch- House, Stabling and Out- Buildings, together with Garden and Pleasure Grounds, to which Will he added about 25 Acres of Rich . Meadow and Pasture l. and, if required. Tbe above beiugiu the vicinity of the Earl of Darliugton's Fox Hounds. For further Particulars apply lo Mr. T . F. SCARTII, Staindrop. ( One property, j To PAPER- MAKERS, MANUFACTURERS* To. be LET, 1 And entered upon immediately, adjoining the town of Ludlow, M OST eligibly situated on tbe River Teme, with WAREHOUSES, OUT- BUILDINGS, & c. aud LAND, if required :— LUDFORD MILL, which has been for a number of Years j> as!, and till Lady- day last, was iu regular work in the Taper- Making Line, but from its peculiarly desirable situation aed local advantages, deserves the attention of Manufac turers iu general. A full and constant Supply of River Water, a never- failing Well of Spring v< ater, within the Premises, with good Roads, and situated within five Miles of excelleut Coal, w ith a capital Residence, commodious Offices, roomy Out- Buildings, aod near an Acre of Garden Ground amongst its attractions. The working Implements for a two Vat Mill, of every description for carrying on the Paper- Making Business, are complete, and may be obtained ou the Premises at a fair valuation, and Materials for carrying on that Business are supplied in the neighbourhood on tbe most easy terms ; none , r PerfOUof 1 e* pi : lability w ho can fend gooi security for their Rent need apply, but to a good Tenant every encouragement will be given. For further Particulars, apply post- paid, lo Mr. COLERICK, Ludford, Ludlow. DIXON s ANTIRILIOUS I'lLLS. « - T HESE Pills long since obtained a just celebrity in the 1 private practicc of the Proprietor, Mr DIXON, Apothecary ; and from their great success in many obstinate Bilious 1 Disorders, on numerous Patients of distinction, particulai y the Duke of Bedford, the Dowager Lady Say and Sele, tbe Viscountess Bulkeley, & c. & c.' he was pursuaded to offer Pf them to the Public, under the sanction of their names. ' Tbey are found to be an incomparable remedy for Indigestion, and restoring the tone of the Stomach. They remove habitual an J temporary Constiveness, Sick Head Aches, J" and Heart- Burn, whether arising from the acrimony of the c( redundant bile, intemperate diet, or drinking to excess, and will be found a most Valuable Medicine to be resorted to e: upon every Indisposition occasioned by a disordered state of the Stomach and Bowels. si Sold at Butler and Sons, No. 4, Clieaptide, Loudon; in ii Boxes, at 2s. ft J . ; Cs.; and 22s.; and also by I. Wilson, Turner, Topping and Dawson, Craggs, Wilson and Sander- I son, Healey, ' Hammond, and Chapman Hull; Ashtons; Barton; Stark and Lester, Gainsborough ; Turner, Bev? rley, , and one or more Agents in every Town. - j THE CELEBRATED , ABSTERGENT LOTION, i PREPARED by S. Solomon, M. D. Gilcdd- bonse, Liverpool, which has long been universally and justly admired by the Nobility and Gentry, as the most elegant, fra- ' grant, mild, safe, and valuable Liquid or Wash ever offered to the Public, Tor Clearing and Beautifying the Complexion, and for removing, without pain or trouble, all kinds of Tetters, Ring- Worms, Carbuncles, fee. from the Face and Skin.— l* i e - is. ( id. and 2s. 9d. a bottle, duty included. Another Supply is just received and Soli, by Mr. Isaac Wilson, 49, Lowgate, Mr. J. Rodford, j ami lopping and Dawson, Hull; Mr. Turner, Beverley ; Mr. Wolsteubolme, York ; Mr. Hargrove, Ivnaresbro', and all Mediciue Venders in tbe United Kingdom. | r> Observe that tbe words " Sum I. Solomon, Liverpool," I an printed in the Stamp affixed to all Dr. Solomon's merit" ciu.-!., imitating which is felony and punishable with death, B t All others are dangerous connterfeits. * > BEUMATISMS, PALSIES, and GOUTY A F F E C - J t V TIONS, with their usual concomitants, Spasms or ^ flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general Debility ° ( originating in whatever source;, are relieved and frequently ' e cured by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard Pills, after every other means has failed. ai Tbe Fluid Essence of . Mustard ( used with the Pills in those complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most active, pene It draiiug, and effectual remedy in tbe world, curing i< SPRAINS AW BRUISES, Jnless than half the time usually taken hy Opodeldoc, Arque- ? busade, or any other Liniment or Embrocation ; and, if used , immediately alter any accident, it prevente tbe part turning h'ack. Italsoheajs Cuts, punctures from Sharp Instruments, * • Kails, Thorns, Splinters, & c. with incredible facility, without smart or pain, preventing inflammation and festering, and is equally aseful in the various accidents of animals— in short it is a domestic remedy of such uncommon excellence and utility, that no family sensible lo its own comfort 1 should ever be without it. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE, , Js equally efficacious for all ill- conditioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptioas, Blotches, Pimples, Ringworms, Shinties, Breakings out on Ibe Face, Nose, Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and Inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads, and other Scorbutic Humours of every description. Prepared or. ly, and sold by R. Johnston, Apothecary, 15, Greek street, Soho, London. The Essence and Pills at 2s. 9d. each— the Cerate at is. l^ d. and 2s. 9d. Sold by Isaac Wil- Wilson, Topping and Rawson, S. Ross, J. Rodford, Hull : B. Stow, Patrington ; Adams, Selby ; Ainswortb, and Thirl- M- all, Scarbro'; Ro'. gers, Clark, and Ruddock, Whitby; Cass, Thirsk; Langdale, Northallerton; Bowman, and Ward, Richmond ; Bray and Co. Ferraud, Christopher and Co. Stockton ; and by every Medicine Vender in the United JCiugdom. The genuine has a black Ink Stamp with the t i m e of H. Johnston inserted on it. To be LET, And entered upon immediately, ALL that Old- established ROPER Y , situate in Lime- street, with the Out- buildings thereunto adjoining ; in the p r e s e n t o c c u p a t i o n of M e s s r s . HOBNCASTI. E, FOSTER & C o. For further Particulars APPLY to WM. TOPD, Adelphi- court, Georae- Vard, Hull. P E N N O C K T I G A l l , I rUKMISTand DRUGGIST, North Bar- street, Beverley, I F 5 [ I M M E D I A T E W A N T O F A N A P P R E N T I C E . Letters, post- paid. Wintu ton and Wintrinrham, Lincolnshire. Forothei Z Bridling T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , Bridling, By THOMAS WRBTABY, imwil ( B y O r d e r o f t h e A s s i g n e e s o f THOMAS TOMLINSOX, a B a n k - rupt, with the conseut of his Mortgages,) At the Cross Keys Inn, in Wmterton aforesaid, on Tuesday, Oct. .15, 1816, between the hours of Two and Four in the FJH ajternovn, ' ( Subject to such conditions as shall be then and there In the G produced.) Selling al The following very Valuable ESTATES, in Winterton, all Freehold:— I o t T — A LL that Capital MESSUAGE orDWELLINGJ \ . HOUSE, with Ihe Dove- Cot, Granaries, Barn, Stables, Cow- House, Brew- House, and every other necessary Out- building. A large GARDEN, walled in and Shares well planted witb choice Fruit and other Trees, together with the Waggon- Shades, Fold- Y;.: J, well supplied w ith excellent Water, Stack- Yard, Walled in, and all necessary Farming Buildings. This House is most desirably situated in tbe centre of the town, and comprises Three good and lolly Itooms on the Ground Floor, with good Kitchens, and excellent Chambers and Atlios, Cellars, Pantry, Dairy, and other useful Out- offices ; Ibe whole has been lately built uf the best Materials, is well finished, and in ail respects well adapted for the residence of a Genteel Family. Lor II.— All those Three COTTAGES or TENEMENTS, adjoining the Cross Keys Inn, with Ihe Butcher's Shop, Saddler's Shop, Yard, Barn, and other Appurtenances thereto adjoining and belonging, now in the several occupations of JOHN S L E I G H T , GKOHOE HOWSTON, JAJIES A P F L B V A R D , a n a Ally; WI L L I A M O L D F I E L D. Lor III.— All that Close of very rich Meadow or Pasture LAND, situate iu ihe lugs, aud containing by estimation p " Ik. OR. OP. more or less. J LOT IV.— All that Good Substantial apd Well- accustomed rj- irf- it-, C INN, known by Ibe Sign of the Cross Keys, together wf; h H L KJ the Baru, Stables, Granaries, Yard, Good Garden and Stack- Yard, both Walled in, and all suitable Oul- buiidings and „ .. 6 Offices thereto adjoining and belonging, at present in the Hull occupation ofTlioMAS TEANBV. The House comprises three " Good Rooms, together with Kitchen and Bar on itie Ground Floor, a very excellent Boon; above, used as an Assembly Boom, and Good Bed Chambers. The whole is well adapted ^ ^ ^^ £ for carrying on Business to a very great extent, is much used r" " ' d by Travellers, and is now in full Business. And also, all h hat Large and Well- built MALT- KILN, and MALT- OFFI- 1- CES, lately erected by the said THOM is TOMUNSO. V, and c " adjoining to the said Inn, capable of Mailing from 800 to ry 1000 Quarters iff a Season, and ia now in the occupation of '• e Messrs. BURKILL, and in full Business. Ana also, all lhat LIS'i ' ir COTTAGE or TENEMENT, with the APPURTENCES fe thereto belonging, also adjoining lo the said Inn, and now " e IN t h e o c c u p a t i o n o f J O H N L'HIMLSV NAM " r I. or V . - a i l those Two TENEMENTS or DWELLING- ! e" HOUSES, 011 the North- side of the Town Street, with the Grocer s- Shop, Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto Bovntc : K , adjoining aud belonging, and together with a Paddock of Bower very Rich Grazing LAND, adjoining to and on tbe North of no w er — tbe said Garden, the whole containing about an Acre, and Bower n o w in Ihe s e v e r a l o c c u p a t i o n s of E L I Z A B E T H W H I T E H E A D , u0YE !, THOMAS DHIIST, a u d THOMAS T E A N B V . Blanc! Lor VL— All those Three TENEMENTS or DWELLING- Blancl ) n s OliSliS, also on Ihe North- side of the Town Street, and Binnii adjoining the last Lot, together with the Yards and Gardens Binnii thereto adjoining and belonging, and in tbe several occu- Beckv UE I . p a l i o n s of E D W A R D THOMPSON, SE B O E A N T BROWN, a n d Burril THOMAS ROBINSON. Bedell | di_ LOT VII.— All Hint Close of very Rich Grazing LAND, Bell II re_ called tbe Cow Close, together with Ihe Paddock thereto ad- Hell I lies joining, situate on the South- side of the Town- street, and Bornl t[, p containing seven Acres more or less. Cook ess, This Lot is very desirable for Building upon, and has an V, 0"*? 1 to excellent Spring of Water in the centre of it ri r e of LOT VIII. - - All that Close of very good Old SWARTH, sitBate in Segswortb, containing 2A. 2R. OP. more or less, jya wl ; i n in t h e o c c u p a t i o n o f THOMAS T E A N B V . EH JS son, LOT IX.— All that Close of Pasture LAND, situate in the EJH8 der- Leas, containing 9A. OR 4P. more or less. Fox. J n s LOT; X.— All that CLOSE, called tbe Mill Close, situate in Gibsc •' ey, we s t em Slack containing 8 Acres more or less, and ad- ' joining the public Road. NASI LOT XI.— All that other CLOSE, also situate in Western Slack, adjoining the last Lot, on tbe South, and containing 10 Acres more or less, and also adjoining Ihe public Road. Hobi I, OT XII.— All that other CLOSE, lying East of the two l v ( ! ' " last Lots, and containing 5 Acres more or less, and adjoining Hess ' ? the Northland's Road, e d r ^ LOT XIII.— The West Half Part 4A. I R . 0 P . fo be di . and v i d e d o f a certain CLOSE, containing 8A. 2R. OP. called Holl Iters Doctor's Close, adjoining the Nortblaud's Road, on Ihe West, jn and tbe Town- side Road on Ibe South. LOT XIV.—" The East Half Part 4A. IR. OP. of the said CLOSE called Doctor's Close, adjoining the Town Side Road on the South. Otti Iford, JJ [ J. The Two last Lots are immediately adjoining the Town, and well situated for Building upon, & c. l d a " LOT XV.— All that Close of Arable LAND, adjoining to and North of Lot 13, containing III Acres more or less, adpool," j0jninor (|, e Northland's Road, ou the West. j l l * } ' LOT XVI.— All that other Close of Arable LAND, together ' with the PLANTATION thereon, lying East of the last Lot, and containing 11 Acres more or less. PEC- LOT X V I I . — A l l those Two Closes of Arable and Pasture m s o r LAND, equally divided, situate in the Leas, adjoining the ebility Roman Road, and containing together 9 Acres more or ® u uentiy ' ess. * every LOT XVIII.— All that Close of Arable LAND, adjoining to i," and East of the last Lot, containing 11 Acres more or leas. a i those LOT XIX. - All that other Close of Arable LAND, adjoining , pene to, aud East of the last Lot, containing 10 Acres more or less. LOT XX.— All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, now divided into thret Tenements, together with the Yard, Arque- Qa r ( j e i ) ) Orchard, a very good Barn, Stables, and other Out if used jj,, iijings luereto adjoining and belonging, containing in Ihe ( tuning wj , „ | e | 2R. more or less, adjoining Wintringham Road on iments, t| l e k ^ J a D j [|, e Town Street on the South, and now in the L '• w i t h - g e v e r a | o c c u p a t i o n s o f ROBERT MA N T W E L L , JOHN COOPER, s l e r l ne> aud Another. imals L( jr X X I _ T h ( , S o n ( h H a ) f pa r t — Six Acres to be divided ' e x r r . of all that Close of very Rich Arable LAND, containing I2A. comtort i n o r e Qr l e g S j a i l j 0 i n s l h e Town, and North of Ihe last Lot LOT XXII.— The North Half Part, six Acres to be divided of the said last- mentioned Close, ire Legs> JJ. The Purchasers of the above Lots, except tbe first is. Shin- | [ jree, may be accommodated with part of the Purchase Monies ids, Sore on Mortgage. lumour8 IN WINTRINGIIAM. a r Copyhold, fine, small and certain, at28.9d* LOT X X I I I . — A l l that Good, Substantial, and Well- built a a c W i l - Brick and Tiled WAREHOUSE, capable of holding upwards d, Hull : of 500 Quarters of Corn, adjoining the Old Harbour, together id Thirl with Ihe Coal- Yard and other Appurtenances thereto belongby; Cass, ing, now ill the occupation of Messrs. BURKILL. 1 Ward, For a V i ew of the Estates, apply to Mr. THOMAS TOMLINand Co. SON, at Wiuterton aforesaid ; or to bis Assignees, Mr. JOSEPH e U n i t e d TO F T , of S o u t h F e r r i b y ; and Mr. JOHN W A T E B U N D , of with the Thealby ; and for further Particulars, at the Office of Messrs. BBOWN and SON, Solicitors, in Barton- upoo- Humber. East- Riding of the Comity of Fork. T o be S O L D by P R I V A T E C O N T R A C T , j HILDERTHORPI" HOUSE and ESTATE, in Ibe occopa- , lion of Mr. RICHARD GRAY, as Tenant, comprising about 300 Acres of Rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, , the whole of which ^ s Freehold and Tithe free, and tbe Land- Tax redeemed. Together with a large and commodious PEW in the Parish Church of Bridlington. For other information, apply at the Office of Mr, PnifKKST, in Bridlington, where a Plan of the Estate uiay be seen. Bridlington, October 4, 1 8 1 0. JOHN HARLAND's ESTATE, HULL. ALL Persons indebted to the Estateof JOHN HARLAND, of Scale- lane, in the town of Kingston- upon- Hull, Watch Maker and Jeweller, are requested forthwith to pay t h e s a m e t o M r . S T E P H E N ADJ. MS, of S t . A n n ' s - l a n e ; or to Mr. THOMAS S A V A G E , o f R e d L i o n - s t r e e t , C l e r k e n w e l l , L o n - don, the Trustees of the said Estate-, or , lo Mr. THOMAS STAIXTOK, Accountant, No. 7, Castle- row, Hull, who alone is duly authorized to receive the same at that place. London, Oct. 2, 1816. More than EIGHT TIMES The usual Proportion of CAPITAL PRIZES In ihe GRAND SUNDERLAND LOTTERY, and ( except a small addition for expenses) TICKETS Selling at their INTRINSIC VALUE, viz, £ 7 15s must gain £ 5,000, Besides immediate Interest | j And per Annum £ 2 5 0 Shares in proportion, and Sixteenths only ELEVEN SHILLINGS, wiil all share the unusual Number of 150 CAPITALS of £ 5,000 £ 2,000 £ 500 £ 3,000 £ 1,000 £ 200, & c. lowest Prizes £ 100 Each, : Also immediate Dividends of £ 750 SN MONEY. 1 Advantages PARLIAMENT can never grant again, therefore the Opportunity lost cannot be restored.— Only 6,000 Tickets, the greatest Part of which are Sold To Draw 31 st of OCTOBER, AU m One Bay. J TICKETS and SHARES are Selling by the Contractor, J. SIVEWRIG11T, London, and by 1. Agents at e Hull— Thomas Free. Trunk- Maker, Butchery, and Beverley— M. Turner. e ToppingDatcson, Bookseller and Printers, Motion— J. Gibson, Loiegute, Rothcrham and Barnsley— T. Crookes. ( ST of PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES in the East- riding of the County of - ™ 1' York, from the 2X1 of September, to the ~ ah of October, 1816. {? ol \ MF. S of PERSONS who have obtained GENER AL CERTIFICATES at the Rate of THREE POUNDS THIRTEEN Kai SHILLINGS and SIXPENCE each. of Name and Residence. Name and Residence. Name end Residence. ^ nton Henry, Bridlington Grern George, Hornsea Petty John, Soulbcoates , ver Robert, Welham Giiby John, cierh, Barmsion Richardson Capt. C. Garrahy fi(, ver Robert, jun. Ditto Hall William, Leavening Robinson George, Carnaby ver John W . Ditto Hill James, Noitun Ridley R.- clerk, Kirbyunderdale ^ es Bryan, Driffield Hardy Michael, Bridlington Ross Thomas, Bamton ncliard John, clerk, Middlfton tleward W . N. Ditto Strickland John, Boyutoo T. ucbard John, jun. clerk, Ditto Hall Charles, Scorbro Strickland Enstatias, Ditto inington Thomas, North Dalton Harrison Richard, Tibthorpe Sytes Christopher, Westow mioglon William, Dillo Herbert Samutl, Driffield Shepherd lohn, Nortou ckwith John, Norih Frodingham Harrison Richard, North Frodingham Sawden William, West Lutton w rrill John, Hrandeshurtou Hopkiusnn James, Bevrholme Spruce Richard, Leven dell Benjamin, Hornsea Hojlby Thomas, Hnggala Taylor David, Bridlington J' 11 Robert, sen. Rooss Jennings I. F. Driffield Todd John, S. Sledmere II Robert, jun. Ditto Jndson Richard. East Heslerlon Thorold Sir I . H. Bart. Scamp stone irntiarri Isaac. Preston Lloyd George, Bessingby Taylor William, Buiythorpe ok Isaac, Bridlington Lee John, Bishop Burton Tindall James, Knapton Iby John, Leavening Legard Digby, Elton Tweedy John, Driffield P ty E. clerk, Rilliugton I. eaper John, Witbernwick Tottie Richard, Cottiugham irling W. Thorp Basselt Leaper Thomas, Sutton Thornton Rohert, Gilberdike 6 ickinson John. Kilnam Leason Thomas, Ellerker Wise W . C. Norton iwson Thomas, Hutton Cranswi'k Milner Thomas, North Burton Wilson Benjamin, N. Skirlaugh I lis John, Yedingbam Ness William, Sutton's Ambo Wallis Hugh, Preston His Charles, Norton Nottingham Robert, N. Laytham Williamsoo Thomas, Sutton ) X Jofin, Fosham Owston Christopher, Thorp Bassett Wilson Thomas, Preston ibson George; Yedinghatn Preston William, Benythorpe Watson John, Ellerton AMES of GAME KEEPERS who have obtained CERTIFICATES al the R A T E of ONE POUND F I V E SHILLINGS each. Game- Keeper's Name. Name of Manor or Royalty. By whom appointed. obson John Boynton, Carnaby, Easton, and North Bnrton 8ir William Strickland, Bart. CBirdsall, Leavening, W bar ram Percy, Wharram Street J [ essay William - 5 and Grange, Thirkleby, Linton, and North Glial->• The Right llou. Lord Middleton. f stone } ( The Bailiwick and several Manors or Royalties of South J lolborn George - J C a v e ' M a " o r PreV,' S t 1' C e 6 ^ n o r o p Roy a 11 y of Ellerker, aud an ' u odividedCTH enr yJ Gee Barnard, ' fisq^. f moiety of tbe Manur of Bromfleet ..... J Uackintosb William Arram Thomas Sainton, Esq. Uatbers James Scampstone Sir John Thorold, Bart. JtterbLu rn W\* 7i- lil, i- a m } S HowLshy ( ahme ,) aKaad rtFojn, ', 1 [ Bo ga rton', Crumbe Wh i t b y , Wh i t b^ y ) M. . r s. C » h,. ol, m l, e y. Straker Thomas Holme on the Wolds Lord Hot ham. Wells John North Sutton and Welham Robert Bower, Esq. W itten Robert Laugton, Eddlethorpe, aud moiety of Howsham Thomas D. NorcLffe, Esq. NAMES of GAME- KEEPERS who have obtained CERTIFICATES at the Rale of THREE POUNDS THIRTEEN SHILLINGS and SIXPENCE each. Game- Keeper's Name. Name of Manor or Royalty. By whom appointed. Blanshard William Bntterwick and Boythorpe Wm. Beverley, Esfl. Broadley John Lund H. Broadley, Esq. Duggleby John Beswick John Denison, Esq. Garton J o h n . . . Langtborpe, South Skirlangh and Ellerby. Sir Thomas Vavasonf, Bart. Thornton Matthew Bainton, Neswick and Kirkburn John Grimston, Esq. Tanton Richard ... Hatfield Parva John Greame, Esq. By Order of His Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, . M ITT HE IV WINTER, Secretary. IST of PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES in ihe Town and Liberties of Beverley, in the East riding of the County of York, from the 2,' 3d of September, to the " th of October, 1816. NAMES of PERSONS who have obtained CERTIFICATES at the Rate of THREE POUNDS THIRTEEN SHILLINGS and SIXPENCE each. Name and Residence. Name and Residence. Arden John Barker, Beverley Rook Leonard, Beverley. By Orderof His Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, MATTIIEIV WINTER, Secretary. u ftCOgjg) j l S g Q l GAME DUTY. LIST of PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES in fhe Town of Kingslon- itpon- Hul and County of the same Town from the of September, to the " th of October, 1816. NAMES of PERSONS who have obtained GENERAL CERTIFICATES at the Rate of THREE POUNDS THIRTEEJ SHILLINGS and SIXPENCE each. Name and Residence. Steeple George, Hull. By Order of HU Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxei, MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. aessels lacp on. For ELS I NO RE a* d PETERSBURG, The. A L E X A N D E R , S a i S r WILLIAM BUNNEY, Master, Great purl of ber Cargo being engaged, will tail about Ihe 1.5th of October. Apply to ED W. &. GF. O. COULSON; or tathe MASTER oa Baard, or at his House in WJiilefriar- ga.' e. Superior accommodation for Passengers. ' } Ml, 0< (. HI, ItMB. For S A L E by AUCTION. • HQMDUR- JS MAHQGANt % LO'JIFOOD. T HE Ship DOWSON is . daily expected, here from the Ray of Honduras, will) a - Prime Cargo of MAHOGANY and LOGWOOD, which wilLou arrivai, be iaMiadiately put u p a n d SOLD b y AUCTION, w i t h o u t r e s e r v e. B A R K W O B J ' I L , K E L S O N & . C O .. B J R TO A'- UPON- H UM BE R, LINCOLN'S HIRE. For I1JMURURG, The S A L A M A N D E R, JOHN ROSE', Master, k. I. Succeeds The June, t » ew nearly loaded, a; i< I - will sail in Swo or three days. I M , Get- i I, ISJ6." EDWi A GEO. COULSON. For ANTWERP, """ T h e T H O M a S & A N N , THO. HCljGSQN, Master, H now loading, ami. . will sail in a few days. Hutt, October l l , t 8 1 6 . EDW. Jc GEO. COULSON. For HAMBURG, , The J A N E , A . I. JOiIN IIAW£ ESI, EY, Master,"' IV sail in twp or three'days. Hull, Oct. 11, ,, EL ' Ol lWw . & OGEI ' OA . iC- rO ULSON. For- ElSlXORt St. PETERSBURG, T h s O X E N H O P Ji, WM. SHARP, Sails about the IStb October. Hul'„" sepf. 27, IS 1 ft. GEE, LOFT £ CO. r /„. For ANTWERP, The S A M P S O N, J O H N J A G G E R , Sails to suit the trade. Hull. October 4,1810. GEE, LOFT & CO. For HAMBURG, " Tile fine A. I. Smack T H E T F O K D, J E V F E i i y I50UCH, In now loading and will be dispatcbefl Immediately. Hull, bet. 11,18,16. GEE, LOFT & CO. To Us SOLD . by AUCTION, By Mr. WILLIAM MORl. liY, ( By Order of the Assignees of J « nx BROWN, a Bankrupt). the ( ieorge Inn, in Burton- vpon- Hiniiber oforesnid, on Monday, . October : il, ,1810, at Tliree o'clock in the oftcrnoon precisely, IN TUF. FOLLOWING LOTS, And subject- to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, n p H E LIFE ESTATE and INTER EST of the said T 1 JOHN BROWN, a g e d 3- 1 Y e a r s , of a n d in a l l the undivided Third 1' ar. l or Share of all those Three Closes or Parcels of Arable LAND, situate in the East Field in Bartonupon llumber aforesaid, lying in a Ring Fence between tbe East F. ieid Rnad and. Cais. for Road, containing altogether 35A. 3iC6P. eleven Acres whereof are Copyhold of the Manor of Bar ipn- upon- H umber aforesaid, ( fine, small and certain) and the remainder Freehold. AJso ofand in all those two Freehold Closes or Parcels of Meadow or Pasture LAND, situate aud lying in the Little Marsh, jn Bartwi- upod- JHumber aforesaid, containing- together 8A, 7R. 1£ P. ( low in Ihe occupation of Mr. THOMAS K E M K G TON. l o r 2 Also the LIFE ESTATE and INTEREST or the said JOHN BUOWN, ol and in the entirely of all . that Freehold MESSUAGE or DWELLIKG- IIOUSE, now divided into two Tenements, with the Shop, Yard anil Garden thereunto adjoining, situate in lilarket- Iajte, jn tjie town of Bartonnpon- Humber aforesaid, now in Ihe several occupations of ELIZARF. TH C L I F F , AMI JOHN U K R D. Also of and iu all those five other Freehold MESSUAGES adjoining each other, situate in White Cross- Street, in Barton aforesaid, BOW i u j b e several oocupalions of CHARLES ! UWSON, MARY D A Y , JAMF. S CLAYTON, MARY WILKINSON AND W I L L I A M M o a . L E y, A Plan of the Estate may be seen, and farther Particulars Uuown' on application loMr. WILLIAM OWSTON, of Glamford Briggp, and Mr. THOMAS KENINGTON, of Caenby, in the said county ol Lincoln, the Assignees ; or at Ihe Office of Messrs. GEORGE and PATTESON HOLOATE. S o l i c i t o r s , i n ' G l a m f o rd Briggs aforesaid. R. HARMSTROXfi'. Antiscorbutic Vegetable KERB BRANDY, or Restorative Nervous CORDIAL; a never j failing reniPdy for Dropsy in the Chest, Scurvy, Leprosy, • Hypocotidria, Apoplexy, Paralytic. Convulsion Fit*, Nervous Affections, < Sc. Ac. Or" when the Blood lias been contaminated by the use of Mercury, slow Fevers, dfbilitr. ted and relaxed Constitutions, arhjing from an impnix- and scorbutic habit. This is- one of tbe most powerful, safe, efficacious, antiscorbutic aud sweetener of tlie Blood, in the whole vegetable Kingdom. This celebrated Cordial quickly removes Seisms and Pains in . the Stomach, promotes Digestion, expels Wind, keeps up insensible perspiration, gently opens the Bowels, and passes off as a mild provocatrte, by urine. This Medicine is sold . ill Bottles, price l i s . each, er four in one Family Bottle for 33 « . on which l is. w saved, duty included. Sold Genuine by Mr. R. PECK, Printer, Scalelane, Hull; of whom ( nay be had, HARMSTRONG* BOTANICAL BITTERS, ill Black. Pint . Glass Bottles, at l i s . each, and Quarts at 14*. duty included. Tbe only certain specific cure in use, for that dangerous disease the Cholera Morbus, or Disorders of the Bowels, Bilious and Liver Complaints, Pain anil Heart- burn, « tieoded with fullness in the Stomach, Jaundice, aud the Destruction of iVoruis, <£ c. These Medicines are sold by appointment of ( he Doctor, Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. BARCLAY NO. 95, Fleet Market, London. B O B I N S O N & STABLER, CHEMISTS. DRUGGISTS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, M A R K E T - P L A C E , BEVEKLEV, ARE IN IMMEDIATE WANT OF AN APPRENTICE. J U N O T A V E R N, CHURCII- LANE, near Ihe MARKET- PLACE, HULL. W I L L I A M H O P K I N S BEGS respectfully t- o ip, form the Public, that he has entered on tbe above Premises, and laid in a Stock of Choice LIQUORS of tbe best quality. Such Travellers and Others who choose to favor him with their Custom, may depend upon . every accommodation. 3V. B. GOOD REt) f. For ROTTERDAM, T H E A N N A M A R Y , JACOB ANDERSON, Master, Succeeds t i e NILE nearly Iqaded, and will he dispatched in few days. I lull, Oct. 10, 181( 1. - WILSON, WILKINSON & CO. Good Accommodation for Passengers. For AMSTERD AM, The FRIENDS, A. I. ANDREW BULMF. R, Master, Three- fonrfbs of ber Cargo beipg alongside, will be dis patched immediately, RICHARD & ROBERTICER ; or, Hull, Oct. 9, 1816. JOHN l'ULLON. For OPORTO, The fine fasjt- sailing Copper- lxattpmed Brig < G A M B J E R , ' • THOMAS § MITH, A- I - at Lloyd's, Is positively engaged lb nail with the Goods that leave J. eeds, Wakefield, <. Vc, ou tbeij5th instant. Hull, Oct. 5, 1816. " WILLIAM HOPWOOD. Excellent aCcomroo'dation for Passengers. PUBLIC OFFICE, BOW- STREET, F I F T Y POUNDS REWARD. >/ XISrHEREAS WILLIAM CRAGGS, late a y Clerk, in the employ of Messrs. DBCMMON'US', of Charing- Croas, Baukers, stands charged upon Oath with having embezzled Property entrusted to his charge fo tbe amount pf £ 1001). Any Persons apprehending the said WILLIAM CIIAGOS, shall . receive ( be above RE W A l l D on bis Conviction, by applying lo this Office. The abeve- uauied WILLIAM C- RAOGS, i. « about thirty- four Years of age,' five feet si* inches 4>) gh, rather stout, sandy hair and red whiskers, is much pitied withthesmali pox, aud hasa quick way of talking, walks very upright. r p B A N M I S T E R s O L Y M P I C CIRCUS, IIUMBEII- ST 11 E. ET, HULL. HIS Evening, To- morrow, ( Saturday) and Monday, Oct. 14. i s i a , will he presented, Ihe favourite Scotch BaHet of JOCKEY and JENNY, , or LOVE iu the HIGHLANDS. HORSEMANSHIP by Master WILKINSON and Mrs. IVVA vs. TIGHT- ROPE DANCING by the celebrated Mr. HBNGLER, with a variety pf Performances, as will be expressed iu the Bills of the day. To conclude with the Comic Pantomime called HARLEQUIN PLOUGH- BOY. O L Y M P I C CIRCUS. H1ISS B A N N I S T ER HAS the Honour to auuouuce to her Friends and the Public, that her BENEFIT is fixed for TUESDAY, Oct. IS, 1816, whiea a great variety of New Entertainmepts will be brough* forward. 7 For BREMEN, The fine British Brig UETSEY. OEORGE MALLERY, Master, Having three- fourths of berX'argo engaged, will 6ail. iq fen . days. . ." WIDOW HOLLINGWORTH Hull. Oct. i5,1813. and HOLDEKNESS. > V AMSTERDAM, The Dutch Hoy Z E E L U S T, J - A N " D E - C O S I N G , Is half loaded, . and will be dispatched iu a few days. Apply to Hull, Oct. U, 1816. JOHN WHITTON, jun. VALUABLE WAREHOUSE, ST AITH < y PUBLIC- HOUSE. To be S O L D by AUCTION, By liELI. & i l L N D R y , ( By Order of the Assignees of JOHN BAPWN, a Bankrnpl) At the ' House of Thomas'I. anyleg, Ihe sign of Ihe Admiral Dun can, No. TO, in IJiyh- sfreet, l( in" gsldn- upon- Ri'll, bn Tuesday, Octobcr H, lslB, at Three o'clock in the afternem precisely, EITHER TOQETHER o n I N LOTS, And subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, . 4 LL that Capital and Convenient WAREHOUSE and STAITH, with a newjy- erectcd Counting- House adjoining, situate in High- street, in the town of Kingston- upon- Huir aforesaid, most advantageously situated, and wherein the Wholesale Grocery Business has for some time been carr i e d o n b y t h e s a i d JOHN BROWN. And also all that well- accustomed TAVERN or PUBLIH HOUSE, being No. 70, and fronting High- street aforesaid, aud kuoyrn by Ihe sign of the Admiral Duncan, now iu the o c c u p a t i o n o f t h e s a i d THO. MA" LANOLEV. ' Tfce above Premises bave lately been completely repaired Tbe Fixtures in the Warehouse, ir required, may be taken by the PurcliKser at a valuation. Further Particulars may be known on application to Messrs. B E L L a n d HENORY, t h e A u c t i o n e e r s , i u K i n g s t o n - t t i p o n - H u l l; Mr. WILHA. M OwsroN, of Glamford Briggs, and Mr. THOMAS KENINGTPN, of Caenby, in fhe connl. v of" Lincoln, the Assign e e s ; o r a t t h e O f f i c e of M e s s r s . G E O R S E a n d PA'ITESON IIOLSATE, Solicitors, iu Gfaaiford Brlggs aforesaid. // UMBLETON, in HOLDERl\ ESS. To be SOLD bv P R I V A T E CONTRACT, A Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Humbletpn, iu lloideriiess, in'the East- riding of the county of York; consisting of a Capital. Modern- built MANSION UO. USE, " BARNS, STABLES, and OUT- BUILDINGS, Two COTTAGES, and 333A. OR. ? 1P. of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, in the occupation of Mr. FRANCIS HARRISON. The Maiisipp- Honse and Buildings are all uncommonly substantial, well finished, and judiciously arranged. Tbe Land is ol a line loamy soil, aud divided into convenient Closes, by youug thriving quickset hedges ; js particularly compact, and within a ring fence, with the Buildings in the centre. Tbe Estate is i s good cultivation, exonerated from Ihe Land- Tax, and subject only to the Drainage Assessment ; to an Annual Composition Rent of 3/. Ills, iniieu of great Tithes, and to pertain sinall Vicarial Tithes. Humblelon is ten Miles distaut from Hull, and five from Hedon. Tothe latter place Lime and Mauurejnay be had by Water Carriage. ' Other " Particulars may be known, . by applying to Messrs. THOMAS a n d CHARLES FROST, S o l i c i t o r s , H u l l , a t w h o se Oflice Plans ol the Estate may be had. ( By Permission of the Right Worshipful the Mayor.) G E O R G E W I L S O N, ( THE HI. ACKHE. ITII PEDESTRIAN} BEGS leave to acquaint the Ladies and GentlemeH of Hull and its Vicinity, that he will attempt to WALK, ( Sundays excepted) - 1000 Miles in Eighteen Days, In Mr. Clarke's Garden, near West Parade, on the Anlaby Road,' and will commence his Undertaking On MONDAY Morning, the 14th October, 1816, at Six o'clock, and finish on S. vrcRCAY, the 2nd November. This celebrated Pedestrian, ( who is upwards of 5 I Years of Age) has lately performed the following wonderful Feats, viz . At Cambridge, 100 Miles in 4 Hours.— At Lowestoft, 50 Miles in \ i Hours.— And last I j at Lynn, 50 Miles a Day, for Five successive Days. G. W . . svill Walk in such a scientific manner as is not to he equalled by any other Man in ihe Kingdom ; and he earnestly requests that no Persons, ( except those who are engaged to assist) will walk either alongside or behind him, while he is endeavouring to accomplish tbis Herculean labour. Lad'ies and Gentlemen's Admission Tickets, Is. for the Day 4s. each Week — or 10j. tbe whole time. Tickets to be had a t M r . C L A R K E ' S ." %• Servants and Working People, Half Price. HUMBEK£ TON's F I N A L D I V I D E N D. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt bearing date the 31st day of October, IS 10, awarded aud issued forth against MARK EDWARD HUMBERSTON or the town of Kingston- upon- Hull, in the county ofthe same town, Spirit Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 15th of October, 181( 1, at Eleven o'clock in the lorenoqn, at , fhe Dog aiid Dack Tavern, in Scale- lane, in the said town of Kingston- upon- Hull, to make a furtkvr and final Dividend of the Estate and Effects ofthe said Bankrupt, when and where Ihe Creditors who have not already proved their Debts, are to coute prepared to prove the same, pr they will be excluded the benefit of tbe said Dividend. And all Cla ims not then proved will be disallowed. THOMAS < fc CHARLES FROST, Solicitors. HULL, LEEDS and LIVERPOOL REGULAR TRADERS, DIRECT rHitpcUy IN pxis poTTp. M. P I I E N S H A R P , SHIP AND INSURANCE BROKER, BEGS leave to Inform Merchants, Tradjrs and Others, thai he has commenced Carrier by Water, to and from Hull, Leeds and Liverpool, ^ aud tbe intermediate Places, through the Leeds xand Liverpool" Canal, intends sa. ling one Vessel ? ever. y . Week, weather . permitting, and hopes by . dpe attention to the interest pf hijs Employers, fp merit a continuance of their favors. N. B . L e t t e r s a d d r e s s e d to PREN SHARP, H u l l ; - or JOHN UPTCHETT, No. 39, Deaison- street, Liverpool, will be duly atteuded tp. gmles Op prOmte Contract. THE WHOLE or ONE QUARTER PART ofthe Ship EAGLE, with all her Greenland Stores. F o r P a r t i c u l a r s e n q t i i r e pi' M r . THOMAS WALTON, Lime- street, Hull. OAK BARK. CROWN, PIPE, and BARREL STAVES. HUGH COCHRAN, Hull. Oct. 4, 1816. North- end. PETERSBURG U- head FLAX. DITTO CLEAN HEMP. A few Chests SICILY LIQUORICE PASTE. 9 Bags SICILY ALMONDS. Hull, Oct. 1- 0, 1SI6. EDW. & GEO. CQULSON. NICHOLSON'S SKPAUATE D I V I D E N D. THE Commissioners jn a Commission of Bankrupt, hearing date the 13th day, of January, 181$, awarded and issued forth agaiiist THOMA& AMARRIS, of Bartnn- npou- llumber, a n d R I C H A R D N . I C H O I J S O N , of G l a n r f p r d l j r i g g s , in the county* pf Lincoln, Bankers apd Co- partners, ( carrying on t r a d e u n d e r the f i r m o f JOSEPH MAURIS, THOMAS MAURIS, R I C H A R D NICHOLSON a n d COMPANY, J ^ n t e n d tp m e e t ' o n the 1,5th of October next, at Ten ofthe clock in the forenoon, at Guildhall, London, jp order to ipake a Further Dividend of the separate Estate aod Effects of RICHARD NICHOLSON, one or the said Bankrupts, whep- and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts,^ re ( o come prepared to prove tbe same, or they wili. be excluded the Benefit of the faid Dividend. And ajl Claims not then proved will be disallowed. ' MARTIN & SOHOLEFIELD, Solicitors, Hull. ' G. A P. HOLGATE, Solicitors, Brigg. To be S O L D by AUCTION, By BELL $" HENDR. Y, At the Exchange, Hull, on Friday, October 2 5 , 1,816, at Two O'clock, ( If- not previously disposed pf by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given,) O X E S i x t e e n t h P A R T o r S H A R E of Ihe G r e e n - land Ship GI: Ll) ER, and STORES; Burthen per Register 360 Tons ; now l y i n g in the Old Does. Tbis Sbip lias always been in ( he Greenland Trade ; is only five years old ; and has been qne. of the most fortunate Vessels in that service. For Particulars, apply to Mr. WILLIAM IiA. VEnACK ; or to the Auctioneers. SALE POSTPONED. The S A L E by AUCTION, By VV. PEARCE, Advertised for Mondqy, October 14, 1 . 8 1 6 , at the Large Room opposite the . Custom- House, Is - UNAVOIDABLY PUT OFF Until Wednesday, October 18, and following Dais, at Eleven o'clock each Day, Ofthe Valuable LIBRARY, PAINTINGS, PRINTS, DRAWINGS, < fcc. < Scc. the Property of Ihe late ISAAC RBOADLISV, E- q of Brautinghaui. M A R R I S & NICHOLSON' S P R O O F of D E R I S. J I ^ H E Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing 1 date the 13th day of January, 1812, awarded and issued forth against THOMAS MARRI. S, of Barloti- upon- liumber, and RICHARD NICHOLSON, of Glamford Briggs, in the county of Lincoln, Bankers and Co- partners ( carrying on t r a d e u n d e r t b e / i r j u of. JOSEPH MAURIS-, THOMAS MARRIS, HICHAIIII NICHOX^ QSI. AND C'OMPANV, ) i n t e n d to meet on t he J. ilh day of October next, at Ten of the clock in the forenoon, at Guildhall, London, in order to receive the Proof of Debts uuder the said Commission. ; It is requested that such Affidavits as are wished should be proved at tbis . Meeting. may be forwarded, with the Securities, to Messrs.. MAHRIN and SCHOLEFIELD, Solicitors, in Hull, before the 5th day of October, in order that no delay may take place before the Commissioners, or the Proofs deferred to a subsequent Meeting, MARTIN H SCHOLEFIELD, Solicitors, Hull. G, < St P. HOLGATE, Solicitors, Brigg. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, On Account of tbe Underwriters, At the Timber Yard of Messrs. Newmarch and Tcalby, en Monday, October 14, 1816, ot Eleven. o'clock, ' E HULL and STORES of the Ship STOLPF., lately stranded on tbe Hale Sand, on a Voyage j'roui Dant^ zig. Many of the Stores are. nearfy new Inventories will be i; eady in ( Jie course. of a few days. WM. PEARCE, Auctioneer BRICK AND TILE YARD. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N . On Saturday the 26tli day of October instant, at Three o- clocl: in the afternoon, at the House of Mr. Greenwt/ pd, the J'iger Inn, in Beverley, ( Subject to Conditions to be produced at Jhe lime of Sale,) A LL that Valuable BRICK and TILE YARD, containing . ten Acres, more or less, of valuable LAND, situate at Hull Bank, in the East- riding of the county of York, immediately adjoining . to and communicating with the. Navigable River Hull, where Bricks and Tiles may be Shipped to any part of Ihe Kingdom-- The Yard is now in the occupation of Messrs. MIDDLETON and DYSON, as a Brick and Tile- Yard, and comprises two Brick Kilns, with Sheds for the Coals, dtc. and Tile . Sheds, capable of making three hundred thousand Tiles Yearly, with convenient Tenements for the Workmen. F o r f u r t h e r P a r t i c u l a r s a p p l y to MESSRS; H A L L a n d CAMPBELL, Solicitors. Reverley, Oct. 5, 1816. T5 O L D F i E L D ' s F I N A L D I V I D E N D. HE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt bearing date the* T5th day of April, 1813, awarded and issued forth. against WILLIAM OLDFIELD, of tbe town or Kingston- upon- Hull, '. a the county of the same town, Iron monger, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet ou ( he 23d of October, 1816, at Eleyeu o'clock in the forenoon, at the Dog and Dnck Tavern, in Scale- lane, in the said town of Kings ton upon- Hull, fo make a further aud final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of tbe said Bankrupt ; when and where the Creditors who bave not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove file same, or they will be excluded the benefit uf Ihe said dividend. And ali Claims not then proved will he disallowed, THOMAS & CHARLES FROST, Solicitors. S O C I E TY FOP. PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. T HERE will b « a MEETING of the East- riding District B_ Committee of the above Society on Thursday tbe 17th stant, at Twelve o'clock, in the East- riding Sessions Hpuse. Those Members whp wish to procure any Books from the Society by means of the District Committee, are requested to send a list, lo ibe Secretary, of the Bpojss with which they would wish to be furnished previous to Ibe Meeting. Beverley, Oct. 9, 1816. JOS. COLTM AN, Secretary. Uinson; Friends, Ponudsbury; Badajoz, Skiinells; Venus, Willows. From Rotterdam— Onderneeming, Vinper. from Petersburg— Flora, Lowe. FOREIGN" TRADERS OUTWARDS. For Ko'terdam— Courier, Hock. For Amsterdam— Vro\ V Margaretha, Klamp. For Elsinore— Lord Wellington, Brown; John and Sarah, Billon. For Memel— Romulus, Yule. For Hamburg— Richard and Jane, Pinctier ; Prospect, Watson; Mary, Lawson ; Harmony, Canning; Slepheu Gee, Clark. For Amsterdam— Delight, Douglas. For Rotterdam— Drie Vrienden, Vedoe. COASTERS INWARDS. From Thurso— Happy Return, Moody. From Inverness - Hope, Reed ; George and Margaret, Hay. From Bridlington — Bee, Bewitt. From Kirkwatt - Hope, Rendall. From Keith— Fife, Calder. From Scarbro'— Welfare, Ward. From Dover— Misan, Adamson. From Harwich— Mary, Lester. From Aberdeen Corgarlf Castle, Allan. From I. iverpool— Mary Ann, llaxfield. From Sunderland— Good Intent, I. atlaney, From Wainftcet — Arabella, Pennington. From Rochester— Hopewell, Pearson. From Newcastle— Shipwright, Coupland. From Wells —' I'llurNton. Burton. From Yarmouth- Nancy, Seckitis ; Telegraph, Mansfield. From Lynn— William and Ellen, Marfleet ; Messenger, Hall; Richard, ScholefitM ; Margaret, Alsop ; Providence, Gilt; William, Jewitt; Mary, Townsley; From London- Welherby, Temperton ; Mary Ann, Salmon ; Bee, Foster; Masbro', Wright; Hanuab, Parrolt; Jubilee, Plaxton ; Gaiusbro' Packet, Catley ; Thomas aud Mary, Healas ; London, Newton ; Horatio, Colbert. From Dundee— Fame, Wane. COASTERS OUTWARDS. For Lynn— Cleveland, Dann ; Wakefield Packet, Acasfbr ; Hope, Duclier; John and Fanny, Randersou, For . Valdon Maria, Kitchipg. For Colchester— St. Petersburg Packet, Morden. Hor Newcastle— Collingwood, Mackretb ; Vine, Miller. For Yarmouth— Swallow, Hubbard; Commerce Wright; Woodford, Bailey ; Nancy, Seckings. For Welts- Alfred, Frankliog. For Slioreham— Vaion, Dawson. Im Stockton— Tees, Mellanby, For Berwick— Janet, Story. Sunderland— Ann, James ; Si* Sisters, Forsyth. For Bo. — John end Harriet, Ingram. For IVisbcch— Freedom, Pic: ering. For IP/ u^ y— Christopher, Urwin ; Bruuton, Cook. For Shields— Harmony, M'Bride; Thelis, Ritchie; Dunn, Nailor; Rttby, Chapmau- Kir London— Bessy, Thompson ; Dorothy, Lee; Brothers,' Longtborpe ; Leeds, Groves; Met - calf, Tiudle ; Providence, Robinson ; William aud Thomas, Heeps; Maria, Whiting; Brothers, 11 w i n g ; Commerce, Hudson ; Venus, Watson ; Esther, Aadas ; Barbara, Nettleton ; Diana, Sadler; Swill, Dearm iu. For Aberdeen— Thomas, Longuiuir. S O U N D LIST. fihips and Captains From To Sept. 18. Endymion, Munro - Liverpool Stockholm Dixon, Snowdeu Hull Petersburg Osburn. Camplemao Xopdon Dittp Star, Turnhull Petersburg Whitby 19. Maida, Storey Hull Memel Miuerva, Jordan Ditto Ditto Elizabeth, Wrasmaa Ditto Narva £ ilva, Alkin Ditto Petersburg Providence, Beusop Newcastle Copeohagta Houud, Bpyes Hull Petersburg ? 3. Brothers, Jenkiusoa Liverpool Memel Fame, Postgate Daulzic Marseilles Pacific. Beswick Ditto Ditto 24, London, Gray Petersburg London Acorn, Holland Riga Hull Eagle, Dixon Dautzic Loudon Lion, Sbaw Petersburg Leith Friends, Abrahams Copenhagen Loudon Jenny, Ware Riga DiKo Harford, Newton Petersburg Ditto \ r > » E D U C A T I O N OF T H E POOR. HERE will be a MEETING of the East- riding District National Society, ou Thursday the 17th iiist. at One o'clock, in the East- riding Sessions House. Beverley, Oct. 9, 1816. JOS. COLTMAN, Secretary T PUBLIC- HOUSE. To be L E T, And may be entered on immediately, A N Old- established HOUSE, known by the Sign of tbe A WHITE SWAN, i n H i g h - s t r e e t , n o w i u t h e o c c u p a t i o n of M r s . GATES. ^ OAlTCa, on tbe iligh- street, Hull. For further Particulars, apply to P r e m i s e s ; o r t o M r . CHARLES NEWBALDV OLDFiELD's BANKRUPTCY. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N , At the Dog and Duck Tavern, in Scale• lane, Hull, on Monday, October I t , 1816, at twelve o'clock at noon, A LL ibe OUT STANDING DERTS, still remaining Dne, and Owiug to the Estate of WILLIAM OLDFIELI), of the ( own of Kingston- upon- Hull, in the county of the same town, Ironmonger, lieaierand Chapman, a Bankrupt. By Order . of the Assignees, THOMAS & CHARLES FROST. Solicitors. 1 THE Creditors who bave proved tlieir Debts, under a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and ^ ssued ffirth against JOHN FEARN, late of ( he town of Kingston- upon- IIull,| bui now of the parish of Sculcoates, iu thecounly of York, itleretiant, Dealer and Chapman, are desired to n » eet the - ssignee of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects, ou tlie 12tb day of October instant, at Eleven o'clock in the foreuoou. at Sam's Coffee House, iii Ihe said town of Kings on upon- Hull, to assent lo or dissent from the said Assignee releasing and conveying the equity of redemption of and in a Freehold Estate, situate at Scotterlhorpe, iu the Parish of Scotter, in the County of Lincoln, containing seventeen aciesand two roods, or ( hereabouts, unto the Mortgagee, in consideration of his . giving up all further claim to Ihe said Bankrupt's Estaie auu Effects ; and oo other special affairs. By Order, BllOADLEY. & S W A N S, Solicitors. TH TO TANNERS A N D SKINNERS. . VERY DESIRABLE SITUATION. To be S O L D by P U B L I C AUCTION, By BEAUMONT & CORN FORTH, Ai the House of Mr. W. Yeoman, the Angel Inn, in Whitby, in the county of York, on Monday, Oct. 21, 1816, at Pour o'clock in the afternoon, ( Unless previously Disposed Ofhy Private Contract, of which - Notice will be given,) ALL Ihat- MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the GARTH and ORCHARD behind the same, and tbe TAN- YARD and SKIN- YARD, PITS, and other improvements adjoining therelo, situate at Brigg Swarlh, in the township ofAlslaby, in tbe parish of Whitby aforesaid, and now ill the occupation o f M r . ISAAC BALM FORTH, t h e O w n e r . T| je above Premises are, capable of Ihe greatest improvement, and may be rendered ( without any considerable expense) lit for Ihe occupation ofa Private, Gentleman. The Goodwill of Ibe Trade will be Disposed Of previously ( o the Sale by Privale Contract, which from long establishment is of considerable value. For further Particulars apply fo Mr. EI. GIE, of Rnswarp ; Messrs. RAISBKCK and WEIGHT, Solicitors, Stockton; Mr. IRVINE, Solicitor, Gnisbrou^ b ; or at the Office of Mr. WILSON, Solicitor, Whitby, who ate authorised to treat for ( he same. WESTE1 iDALE* s D I V I D E N D. IHE Commissioners in a- Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date tbe 13th day of October, 1815, awarded and issued forth . against WILLIAM WESTERDAIE, of the town of Kingston- npmi- Hnll, Grocer, intend to meet ou the 22d day of October, 1816, at One o'clock in the afternoon, at the Dog and Duck Tavern, in Scale- lane, in the said town tlf Kingston- upou- Hull, to make a Dividend ofthe Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, when and where the Creditors, who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove tbe same, or they will be excluded the benefit of tbe said Dividend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. THOMAS & CHARLES FROST, Solicitors. THOMAS TOMLINSON'a BANKRUPTCY. rTTMIE Creditors who have proved ( heir Debts nndera Com- JL mission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against THOMAS TOMLINSON, of Winterfon, in tbe comity or Lincoln, Cprn- merchani, Dealer and Cbaptnan ( carrying on T r a d e in P a r t n e r s h i p w i t h JOHN BURKILL, ISAAC BORKILL. a n d JOHN BURJULL. t h e y o u n g e r , . u n d e r th. e firm of TOMLINSON and BI BKIJ. LS'), are desired to meet the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of Ihe said Bankrnpl, ou Monday the 14th day of October instant, at Eleven o'clock in the. forenoon, at the George Inp, in Barton- upou- Humber, in tbe county of Lincoln, to assent tn or dissent from the s. iiJ Assignees selling the said Bankrupt's Estate and Interest of and in the Sloops, Vessels, Stores, Stock- ln- Trade, and other Effects, belonging the late firm of TOMLINSON and BUKKILLS', either lo the s a i d JOHN BUTIKILL, ISAAC BCKKILL, a p d JOHN BCRKILL t he younger or any other person or persons by Public Sale or Private Contract, or in such mannel* as the « aid Assignees shall think fit and proper; and to assent to or dissent from tbe said Assignees eutering into an agreement with one of ( he Mortgagees of the said Bankrupt's Estate, to be named aMbe Meeting, for Ihe sale to any person or persons whomsoever by Public Auction or Private Contract, of a certaiu part of the said Bankrupt's Estate, purchased by him of JAMES STOVIN, Esquire, aud which tbe said Mortgagee claims to he comprised in the Mortgage granted to him by the said Bankrupt, upon the Terms and Conditions to be then apd tljere agreed upon between the said Creditors and the said Mortgagee; and to assent lo, or dissent from the said Assignees entering inlo agreements with all tbe different Mortgagees of Ihe said Bankrupt's real Estates- for sale thereof to any person or persons whomsoever, by Public Anctipn or Private Contract, upon such Conditions and in such manner as Ihe said Assignees shall think right and proper; and to authorise and empower the said Assignees lo become parties to, and execute all such Deeds and Instruments in the law as shall be necessary for carrying the said several Sales and Conditions into effect. And also to sanction and confirm the several Sales already made by the said Assignees of Ihe said Bankrupt's personal Estate and Effects, and the Conditions ofthe same respectively. And also lo assent to, or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suits at law or in equity for the recovery of any part or the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects; or to t| ieir compounding, or compromising any Debt or Debts owing lo the said Bankrupt's Estate, and to. their submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any matter or thing relating thereto, and on other special affairs. By Order, BROWN & SON, Barlon- vpon- Hum6er: Oct. 1, IBIS, Solicitors. K I N G H TO N- L PO A - HULL, FRIDAY. OCTOBER 11. 1816. At l'. arbiuloe- t on ihe iOtli Aug.— Jhe Tom Bowline, Laughton , of this port, from Bermuda. At Graves- end— The Dowson, Cunningham, from Honduras, and Nottingham, Maw, from Rostock. At Portsmouth - '.' he ' ry Harbour, Stewart, for Jamaica. At Archangel— The Susannah, Collison, from tbis port. At Petersburg— Tbe Recovery, Draper, from this port. At Hamburg— The Jane, Peck; Richard and Ann, Patterson ; and Amaltbea, Cannnel, all from Ibis port. Perseverance, Mangliam, and Altliass, S'anilaod, both from Loudon. At Bremen— The Endeavour, Mearns, and Four Brothers, Donaldson, both from this port. At Maasluys— The Verwagting, Plas. Jrom Ibis port. At Madeira— The Lady f lora, Brown, i" rom Loudon. At Rotterdam— The Jane, Wood, of and from this port. At Amsterdam— The Jonge Wopke Brouwer, Wessels, from this port. The Nestor, Tinkler, from Whitby to Bengal, was spoke with on Ihe ,3d Aug. by ihe Providence, arrived at Portsmouth from Rio Janeiro. The Thomas, Murray, of London, bound to Perth, foundered off Dimlington, on the coast of Holderness, last Mpuday se'upighl. Ci; ew saved. On Tuesday Hie 241 h ult. was launched at Selby, a remarkably fine vessel, called the Harriet King, of upwards of 600 tons burthen, tbe largest ship ever built at Ibat place. On the 28lh ult, Ihe- Mermaid revenue cutler, Captain Lucas, carried into Ihe port of Berwick, a smuggling lugger, which she fell ill with about eight o'clock a. tu. at sea, off Boomer, ou tbe 27th ult. ajid captured, after a long chase, at about . five o'clpck, p. m. The smuggler, during Ihe chase, threw her papers and a considerable number ankers of brandy and geneva overboard, and received also some damage from shots from the Mermaid, whereby one of the men ( was wonnded ou the shoulder, made every effort to escape, till at last Ihe Mermaid got alougside of her, and boarded her ill Berwick bay. The Mermaid sailed for Shields, leaving Ihe crew, Which consisted or sixteen men, all Englishmen, al the/ cceiVing ship in the Tyne. The cargo was taken out by the officers or customs and excise, and fouud fo Consist of 4556 gallons ol foreign geneva, and 107 gallons pf foreign brandy, and was deposited in the Excise office at Mr. Mowat's King's Arms Iiin, at Berwick. There is no name on the stern, nor anycertain account can be got ( at least as yet) where the lugger sailed from. This lugger, it appears, has been off the coast for some time, was Chased by the Eagle culler," belonging to Shields, ell'the Yorkshire coast, also by his Majesty's ship Pelican, and the Charlotte cutler, of Leith, without success; and it was only by the snpei ior sailing, and a sudden change of wind, that. sbe was caught at last by the Mermaid. During the tempestuous gale on Sunday evening the 29th flit, ( be galliot, Regent, J. Parker, bound from Boston, to W. eymonth, laden with wheat was Ipst about half past eleven that evening, between South wold and Aldborough. Her crew took to the boat, aud rode by her till seven o'clock next morning, by a rope at the mast head, when a French fishing boat being fortunately near, the crew were saved, and put oil shore at Lowestort. FOREIGN TRADERS INWARDS. From Antwerp— St. Paul, Anderson ; Thomas, Pere. From Stettin— Charles, Box. From Narva— Mellon, Cram. From Rotterdam-— Betsey, Mallery; Anna Mary, Anderson ; Friends, Bulmer. From Wilmington— William, Baker. From Stockholm- HertniOiie, Brown. From Petersburg— Stella, ( lenzell. From Miramichi - William, Bowes. From llremnn— Helena, Wolff; Friendship," Pearson. From Archangel— William, Sinclair; Loudau, Willis. From Hamburg— Moscow, Col- Blsinore, Sept. 21.— The upward- bound ships sail soon as ' clcared. Several vessels bonnd for the Norlb Sea are detaiaeJ on account of adverse wiuds. We bave now a li" ht breeze , from tbe N. N. E. Elsinore, Sept. 24.— The few detained upward- bounl sh^ s have proceeded on their voyage. Tbe dowuward- bouVd Ships in consequence of the wind continuing favourable, » il soou as cleared. The F. sk, Coates, of Wbitby, Iroin I. ondni ' to Mcipel, in ballast, bad the misfortune to strike ou BIK ' Triudel Rock, on the 12th iust. but dri ted off aud has brn eouveyed to Claysholni, uear Marelrand, with damage. Ml ihe crew had previously arrived at Gotteuburg. By tlie Paris paper* or Friday last, it appears tbat the lio- f peror of Morocco j* very desirious of liviug in peace with tbe Europeap Powers, He seems to bave entertained great \ apprehensions of our expedition lo Algiers, leet he should be ; ipclpded. in the chastisement, wbicb Ihe navy of EuglaDdf was commissioned to indict upon pirates He even made .- journey tp Tangiers, to visit Ihe British Consul, with the » teutionnf averting tbe appreheutled danger ; and so far fr^' favouring piratical babjts in bis subjects, be has s t r i c t l y ' J hibiied tbem from " taking sea voyages." It is further statfl liiat the two frigates which he ordered lately to he fitted out 1 was done only wilb a view or repressiug the smuggling or the Spaniards with his dominions. However pacific his policy may; bave been previously, it will be wonderfully confirmed hi Ihe news or our naval acbievemenl al Algiers ; and that cld rious aud decisive exploit will produce an impression trticf that part of Africa wbicb is tbe seal of the Piratical StalJ lb - will not be effaced in our time. Tht Elections are still the leading feature in Ihe Parisii papers ; aud indeed they pogbt lo occupy an exclusive pli in tbe mind of every Frenchman, who wishes to seel country, alter 27 yeais of political fernnntation, subside ill a state of quiet aud legal settlement. Dj. on ( he composltj of the next Chamber will depeud tbe solution of the iinpor-. a question, whether Ihe Revolution has terminated, or is on suspended. If there be an organized party in France, bout Io peace and tp Ihe present Governmeut, which we great doubt, because ( hern are no leaders willing or able to dintheir movements, though there are many disaffected perssi and more than ball h e nation discontented; but if existed a re- olutiooary faction, they would exult, above i things, al the return lothe next Chamber of an ultra- maioritl It is Ihe arrogance of that party which wotldmake the natiJ again anxious for acbauge, and enable Ibeenemies ortbe pr<- s4 order ortbingsto carry their views, at no distant period. ' o « execution. AH tbe revolutionary Nobility, particularly'thd o great property and rank, will nol, as long as their luterr- sti are protected, embark iu any dangerous enterprize ; for ( lie possession of an ample fortuue aud 6plended title, is a gotd guarantee or their peaceable deportment. But disturb then in the enjoyment or those advantages, and tbey will bejrfc immediately, for their own safety, to conspire against tic Government, Moscow, Aug. 29.— Yeslerday fbe troops were paraded In the red square. Scarcely had tlie Emperor with much dificulty made bis way through the crowds of fbe euthusiaslic Russians, and passed Ihe Spaskj gaie, when be was so strrounded by tbe people that he could not possibly advauo a st. p forwards to get to the troops. The Police officers were going to disperse the crowd, but tbe Emperor called aloud and d i s t i n c t l y - " Gently, gently, very gently : » bnt scarcely did ( be people hear Ibis command or the Emperor's, when tb « ir enthusiasm broke out wilb irresistible force. All transported with affection, rushed towards him, embraced his feel and kissed incessantly bis boots and his horse. " See bow he loves us," resounded on all sides; " we are ready, like iig brave soldiers, todie for h'im. Huz/. al Alexander' We fc. yno complaints, no petitions, lo lay before you : we are re again to sacrifice every thing if we dp but see you The American squadron which appeared before Naples left that bay, and has arrived at Messina. Some shipping ,,? small account, had been given up; but it was not know how Ihe principal poiuts bad been settled. heUeved that they were postponed, but Ihat the failure of t l ^ r f^ It was geuerallt - — ' lie failure of It negoclation bat) uol occasioned any serious misunderstandid with Mr. Pinckney, for it was tbe intention or Commodore Cbsnncey lo winter at Messina, where be bad already lodged bis superfluous stores in the arsenal. Lord Exmonth, iu Ihe Queen Charlotle, arrived at Porfs month Jast Sunday, with Ibe fleet under his command, froa the Algiers expedition. Tbe Tagus, Capt. D. Dunda. arrived nt Gibraltar previous to bis Lordship's departure fron that port. Capt. Dundas bad come direct from Algiers Hi report of tbe conduct of ( he Dey and the people of Ihat cll< since their late signal chastisement, contradicts ( he account in be Pans papers, which represent tbe spirit ofthe enemy a not subdued, bnl more strongly excited by their late punishment. On proceeding up lo Spithead, he was first cheered In a merchant brig that was lying at anchor there, and afterward was saluted by tbe Portuguese'lVigate that lately arrived f " „ Lisbon with a service or plate for Ihe Duke of Wellington His Lordship returned ( he salute, as did also the Port Adinira from the Boyne, in Ihe harbour. Ou her arrival at Spiuiad she was again saluted hy a Dnlch line- or- battle shin tha htteL arrived rom Holland on her way , o Balavia with troop Lordship also returned this salute, and was cheered V every ship he passed with shouts or j o y . Portsmouth wall' were completely lined with well- dre^ d pepp e T wrtn the pleasing sight," after divine service. Letters were last week received from Senegal; Ihey men! that the Expedition under Major Peddie would n i tav settlement before ( be I st November. Major Peddie | J 3 S f 3 have received friendly commnnic. itipns ' and p r o v e s o » „ 5 ( ecllou. from a great number of ( be Africa., Chiefs, w l * ; ? . been made acquainted with tbe lime Ibat the E ^ d l ou would leave Senegal. ^ xpeu ioii J t e Diikoof Kent Packet, arrived from Lisbon, sailed 3( 1. nit. and tbe next day at 1 P . « . effSt. Julir. ua, W i S J S X V ) Po'acre ship, a hrig apparently, s cruizer ill sighf; at . 45. the Polacre crossed the Packet, Opened a tierof ports, and shewed a large Moorish ensign and pendant. At 3. 30. ehe brought two galliots" too; at 4. 111. she bore away in chaise of two ships and a brig ; at dusk the cruizing brig was lying to, having apparently taken possession of the galliots and also a small brig front tbe Westward. Att important chan; e is mediated in the military system of the West India Islands— the black regiments are considered dangerous to be employed in the tnldst o f a negro population, and are to be removed to Gibraltar, Corfu, A c .— 5000 tons of shipping has be< « taken up fur the purpose at 16s. per ton per mooth. It is well known that several respectable French Bishops would not return to France since the restoration of Lonis, oil account of their objection to Ihe Concordat. Yet, last week, in consequence of letters from the King, they all left London for Paris, viz. the Bishops of Carcassonne, Blois, D'Uses, and t wo others. The fortunate result of the late war seems to have rendered this quite the season for marriages among tbe Royal Houses. Tba two daughters of the Kins of Portugal are on Iheir way from Cadi/, to 3Udcid, to espouse their uncles, Ferdinaud Ihe V l l t h a n d his brother; and a Princess of Bavaria is about to proceed to Austria, to confer upon tbe Austrian Emperor Ihe happiness of having a third wife. Of the Royal Family of England, three have been recently married. Tbe Duke of Cumberland to the Dowager Princess of Salnn. Princess Charlotte of Wales to ( he Prince'of Saxe Cobonrg, and Princess Mary to the Duke of Gloucester. The Duke of Keat it is rumoured is to marry fhe Princess Amelia, of Baden, aud the King of Holland has married a Princess of Russia. Cracow having, by ( he decision of I lie Congress at Vienna, become a free city, the Senate has given the Protestants the Church of St. Martin, as a place of worship. Tiiey have had no religions temple since 1591. One of our Naval Captains, whohada share, in tbe conflict at Algiers, stales, that in the first conversation which the Dey held, afier he had testified bis submission, be observed, " I have seen men tight— I lave seen dogs light— but, until this attack. Inciter . voir Devils fghl." Captain Beveredge, of the Chesrbtl, who. sailed from Leith to New York, some time ago, with passengers, writes home, of 24th August, that a great many of these emigrants bad applied for a jmssage back . afain. ami tbaMJie British Consul was in terras with the' American-^ Government to get them sent bode. * ** PRICE of STOCKS on IV EDS F. S OA Y LAST. 3 per Cent. Consols Oi J 62 j 4 per Cents, shut Ditto for Account j 5 per Cents 92Jf| 3 per Cent. Red. shut 1 India Stock ill,:: per bi On Sunday the following Bulletin was shewn at St. James's Palace:— " Windsor Castle, Oct. 5, 1816. " His Majesty passed ( he last month in a very tranquil stale, and continues to enjoy good bodily health .;, but bis Majesty's disorder remains undiminished." ( Sigued by the Five. Physicians.) In- pa'ienU. INFIRMARY. . Out- patients. Relieved. Discharged Ac.... 5 I Relieved, Discharged & c.. .21 Admitted 3 ! Admitted 18 Physician— Dr. Alderson.- Surgeon— Mr. Young. Mr. S. Middleton, house- visitor. Inoculated for the Cow- Pock by the House Surgeon, last V-' . ljuesday, 10. ';':' • • unfavourable season for the harvest occasoned a ci id- * ; ! •*. ivance in the prices of all Grain at this Market on : the supply of NY heat was not adequate to the and best runs of old readHy obtained from ti to 10s. 1 stale old, and the very damp new in proportion, ' i brisk sale ; nothiug passed in old Oats, End priceg ri . tionoiaifi. il. Beans were full ts. dearer, and new Oats rat'lCf more money. Prices.— Wheat old 78s. 80s. 90s ; Do. new " 35s. 80s. 8' is.; Beans 40s. 42s. 43s.; Oats old 22s. 24s. i/ js!; Do, new 18s. 20s. 23s. During ' be last fonrtdbn days we have not experienced more than two or three line ones most of the others have been attended with such heavy rains as to nearly pot a stop lo reaping of corn, and in some instances the corn is growing in the sheaves. This we trust is not general; but it must be so if the weather does not shortly undergo a change. Most of the corn in this county is j e t standing,- and the greatest part of what is cut remains in the fields, in the county of Northamberlaiid it appears by tbe following extract from Ihe Newcastle Mercury, " that the crops ha- ve sustained considerable injury, and that a very considerable portion of the grain, if got at all, will be completely unfit for human food. ' Ihe present high prices of corn w ill be the means of opening the ports in November, and we are happy to state that through tlie provident foresight of our merchants, a sufficient stock of foreign wheat is warehoused in Newcastle to remove any apprehensions of immediate want."• There appears a very slroug probability thst onr ports will tf* Ihiown open ou the 15th of next month for the free import - of foreign wheat -, and iu all likelihood oats will be above the average price, aud be also admitted. One beneficial effect will result from fhe opening of the- poUs. It will assist commerce, give employment for Ihe shipping, and probably open a great vent for British manufactured goods. It is calculated that above 130,000 quarters of foreign wheat are already un Ie « the King's lock, in London, waiting the event of the averages on tbe I5tb. A few credulous aud superstitious inhabitants of this town have been alarmed tins'week, by the ridiculous rmnonr of a female ghost having appeared to a soldier in the citadel, and we understand some silly people bave i » ee, u digging a hole in the ground, iu search of this phantom, of either a distempered braiu or a troubled conscience, but oeitber ghost or gold was there to be found. We shall pursue the subject no further than to observe, that we shall derive satisfaction in aiding to the utmost of our power, in detecting and bringing to punishment the miscreant who first propogated the mischievous report. Mr. Wilson, the celebrated. Blarliheath pedestrian, has undertaken the herculean task of walking 1000 miles iu 18 successive days ( Sundays excepted) or about 55 miles aud a half each day.' He commences walking next Monday morning ( See advertisement in our second page.) This, we understand, is more than any person of walkiug notoriety has yet attempted. Tbe wet weather and lateness of the season, will, we fear, operate against his success, yet be and bis friends srcm confident of his accomplishing the whole within tlie time affixed. Trial the trade of this port has partly revived from the severe depression It experienced by the sudden close of a war which had formally years thrown nearly ( he whole of the carrying trade into the shipping of this kingdom, is proved by tbe following f a c t : - During the last three months, that is between the 5th day of July and the 5th of Oct. there was passed at the Custom- house 2522 entries for goods exported, aud 1800 for articles imported. At the Fair held here this day, but few foals were shewn, and only few of them sold. As usual the Circus, the Shows of Wild Beast, Ac. were pretty well attended, though great numbeis of persons from ( lie country, were prevented visiting liere, owing to the wet weather and backward state of the harvest. At the late Howden fair there was a large shew of horses of every description, and thongh purchasers were numerous, but low prices were obtained except for high- bred hunters. On Monday last, John Hall, Esq. was sworn into office as Mayor o f Beverley foKlbe year ensuing. On which occasion a most sumptuous dinner was given at Ihe Tiger Inn, to a party of Dearly 70 persons, comprising the Members of the orporation and principal inhabitants of the place, who did ample justice to Ihe variety and delicacy of the viands, and excellency ofthe wines; the most convivial harmony prevailing to a late hour. On inspecting the publican's measures at Beverley a fewdays ago, it was discovered that a large majority of them are jn JSe habit of using- short measures for all malt liquor sold - within the house ; some little more than half, and others threefourths of the nominal measure, which custom is said to exist in many parts of this district. A seizure of India silk- handkerchiefs and Haarlem drops was made at Grimsby, on Saturday se'nnight, on board a foreign vessel fronj Holland, iu ballast; and the articles were taken to the Custom- house there by Lient. Jagar, commander of the Tiger revenue cutter, stationed at lhat port. The vessel has Ibis week been seized at Ibis port, by an order from tbe Commissioners of Customs. A new canal communication between this port and Liverpool, by Ihe way of Leeds, is expected to be opened shortly. AttbcLewesfairforsheep and lambs, on Wednesday se'nnight, npwards of 18,000 were penned. At the new fair held in that town, OD tbe 21st of last month, no less than 22,000 were exposed for sale. In tbe morning the prices for ewes improved about 3s. per head since the 21st: but the day looking unfavourable, very few bargains were made, and the prices declined. Several flocks of lambs fetched from I Is. to 18s. Od. per bead, and the value orewes varied from 19s. to 25s.; a few sold at 28s. On tbe 24th nit. the Hearts of Oak, Coulson, of Whitby, found the body ofa drowned man at sea, on the Lincolnshire coast, in a very putrid state, which ( hey committed to the deep in the nsual form. He had on a pair of new boots dark brown striped waistcoat, a& d a striped shirt marked in tbe breast T. 11. The scarcity of honey this yearis almost unprecedented, at least in this part ofthe kingdom. The circumstance is not to be wondered at, for over- year hives, as well as standard swarms, have been prevented by the wetness of the late sum sner, from pursuing tbeir labours abroad, In conseqnence of which, many of them arc too poor to subsist through winter, unless ( hey are fed at present, anil iu ( he spring, by the owners. Major- General Sir John Byng, who commands in the Northern District, which comprizes tbe counties of Cheater, Cumberland, Durham, Lancaster, Northumberland, West • norland, and York, has established his bead- quarters at I'ontel'ract. General leave or absence will be granted to the Army on the 15th inst. by Generals commanding districts, lo Officers and men under tbeir command. Sncb leave to terminate on the 101 It of March next. One Field Officer, and half llieo'her Officers, must remain wilh the corps; and no Olticer is to leave ' he kingdom without the Prince Regent's permission ; nor more than 10 men from one company to be absent at one time. On Thursday se'nnight, at the Guildhall, York, tbe following Gentlemen were elected Common Councilmen of that Corporation, viz.— Mr. VV. Robinson, hosier, for Bootham Ward, tu the room of Mr. Sheriff Cat ley ; — Mr. ' Thomas Rayson. j. un, bricklayer, for Mieklegate Ward, ill the room of Mr. Mills, who paid Ihe line to be excused serving the office of Sheriff:— and Mr. R. Hornby, for Monk Ward, in the room of Mr. Marnnduke Bnekle, resigned. On Monday se'unigbt, tbe Right Hon Lord Lowther, was elected Mayor of the borough of Appleby, for the en- ning year. William Hodgson, tlie young man who was so long under sentence of death in York Castle, aod whose sentence was ultimately commuted by the clemency of the Prince Regent, for military service, has been allowed 16 purchase his discbarge from the army, aod has returned lo the service of liis old master in Leeds, to whom lie is indebted for life, liberty, and every thing he now enjoys. Messrs. Henry Veou Elliott, Charles Musgrave, and Geo. Walker, Bachelors of Arts, of Trinity College, Cambridge, were, on Tuesday se'nnight, elected Fellows of that - Society. Mr. Bawdeu, tbe lately deceased Vicar of Hooteu Pagnetl, was the translator of that part of Doomsday BOOK, which relates to the county of York. Mr. Roseoe's Sale.- - This celebrated sale terminated on Saturday. The hooks were sold for 5 I Ml.; prints for 1880/. ; drawings for 138/. On Friday ihe Leo. X, was sold to Mr. Coke, of Holkham, for 500 guineas, aud the Head oi Christ, by Leonardo da Vince, for 300. A few dqysago, au anonymous let; ri Tasreceives by Quiatin Blacktffifn, Esq. of North, Shields, with the Newcastle postmark, enclosing a 51. Bank of England note, In which was tbe following notice,—" For the owners of the Lady Jane." After the storm of the 31 » f of August, 320 sparrows were found dead in Yarmouth cluirch- yard! On Wednesday last, a new Chapel was opened for divine service by the Methodists, at liartou- upon- huujber. Asa public building, it is an ornament to the town, being constructed upon the plan of Walthaui- street Chapel, ii: Hull.— • flie fronl is of white stock brick, and presents a uniform appearance of neatness and sym. fry, almost unknown in the county of Lincoln. The Kev. Robert. Newton, of Wakefield, preached the opening sermon from Matt, xviii. 20. which the auditors considered as a perfect model of pulpit eloquence. Wcslerjan Methodists.— From the M iniiles of tbe Conference, lately published, we eopj the following General Recapitulation of the number of Members in the Society, and of the number of regular travelling Preachers :-— • In Great Britain 191,680 In Ireland 28,542 Iu France 35 At Brussels..., 10 At Gibraltar 1 03 At Sierre Leone 129 At tbe Cape of Good Hope. 42 l a Ceylon . 56 In the West Indies 18,938 Nova Scotia, & c. 1,824 Number of Members under the care of the British and Irish Conferences ,241,319 Number of Members in America— Whiles. 167,9* 8 Coloured 43,187— 211,105 To « ' at number of Members in the Methodist Societies throughout the world 452,484 Preachers.— There are 725 regular travelling Pieachers now stationed in Great Britain, 132 in Ireland, 96 on Foreign Mission, and 704 in the American Methodist Connexion.— Total of travelling Preachers not included iri Ihe preceding accoiiHt, .1657. The increase of Members in Great Britain, in the last year, is slated to be nearly 10,000, and in the West Indies 100. Between the 1st February and the 1st August last, there has been reduced in 3 per Cent. Stock the sum of 10,544,976/. 3s. 9d. producing an interest of 316,349/. ,5s. 8| d. to be added to the SinkingFund, which at that date ( 1st Aug. last) amounted to l3, S. 4S, f » f8Z. 1 Is. 8J. applicable fie redemption ol more of the National Debt, which then amounted to 788,202,293/. 0s. 9? d. the interest of which is JS, 952,017/. l i s . 6:} d. Mr. Fagan, the English Consul in Sicily, put an end to his life at Rome, on the 8th September, by throwing himself cut o f a window. Be had been for several months affected with melancholy. H& bad resided several years in Italy, and causeifrequent researches to tie made in theenvirons of Rome, by digging for antiquities, and was always particularly fortunate iu finding articles of value. In the night of Thursday se nnight, the house of Mr. Sewell, the Green Dragon, at. Swinesbead, was broken into and robbed of cloth to the value of about 200/. the property of Mr. Ramsden, of Hnddersfield, who had been attending Swlneshead fair with it. The cloth has since been found concealed in a cornfield at Swineshead. It is with feelings of regret we Inform our readers of another of thote outrages which have agitated and disgraced this part ef the country. On Thursday se'nnight about nine o'clock, several armed men entered tbe house of Mr. Winter, in Woolpack- laue, and two of them proceeding up stairs into the shop, broke two of the frames belonging to Mr. Seals, in the usnal manner, while several others in the shop were not injured. Mr. and Mrs. Winter being gone out, there were no persons In the house when they entered but some children, who createdan alarm, but the alarm was useless, as a number ofarined sentinels were posted in the street to prevent any interruption. When the work of destruction was accomplished, a pistol was fired, and tbey all dispersed. It is supposed there were al least fifteen men engaged in the perpetration of this outrage. We must again repeat, what we have so often said, that these ( hinge ought not to be : being more and more convinced, that if they are persisted In, lhey will inevitably produce the effect of driving the trade away from the town, aod increasing the load of misery which Is always so severely fell.—( Nottingham Review. J An accident, attended with fatal consequences, happened on Friday morning last, about seven o'clock, io Nottingham Market- place. The mail, which regularly runs to Derby, set off as usual from tbe Blacktnoor's- head Ion, with ten outside and four inside passengers. Wben almost opposite the Bell Inn, in front of the shows, tbe beds of the springs broke, and the coacb overturned. Mr. OweB, tailor, of Derby, aged 65, an inside passenger, was so crushed as to cause bis instant death. Two persons on Ihe oulside were also much burl; one of tliem, Mrs. Dale, of Derby, was taken into the Bell, without any bopeof her surviving ; but through the exertions of Mr. Oldknow, the surgeon, who was called in, 6trong hopes are entertained of her recovery. Another person had his thigh broken, and was carried to the Black moors- bead. Porter, the guard, and several passengers, were bruised. On Friday night, the ofBce at Jarrow Colliery was broken into, and a desk forced open, out of which bills/ ind bank notes w- ere stolen to the amount of 277/. 8s. 2d. Tbe three Irishmen lately convicted, through tbe villainy of the conspirators in London, of coining, appeared before Ihe Lord Mayor, previous fo their being sent back to tbeir own country, their appearance was mnch improved by the care taken of them since the discovery of their innocence.— . His Lordship told them that they would find in their own country a fund prepared for their comfort, their passage home would be secured, and part money given for their pocket.— The three poor fellows having expressed their bumble gratitude for the mercy and tender care they bad experienced, through tbe exertions of his Lordship and the interposition of Providence, withdrew in tears. Brock, Peltaam, and Power, tbe three persons convicted of coining, in the case of the three poor irishmen, whom they hoped tosacrificeforthesakeofthe blood- money, on Tuesday, received sentence of death. Tiiey are lo be drawn to the place of execution upon a hurdle, as the law directs iu cases of high ( reason, to which species of crime coining belongs.— They have thus perished by their own arts, and they have fallen into tlie pit which tbey bad dug for these three poor innocent strangers. On Wednesday week 135 convjcts were embarked at Portsmouth for New South Wales, on board the ship Fame. Captain Dale; and the next day, 110 were sent to the Sir William Bensley, for t he same colony. Both vessels will sail immediately ; they touch at the Cape. The Marquis of Anglesey arrived at his beantiful seat, Plasnewydd, in the Island of Anglesey, on Tuesday se'iinight. His carriage was drawn by Ihe populace from I « mdegai. through Bangor, to ihe Ferry, a distance of nearly three miles ; from the Ferry to the Column, and from Ihence to the Grand Lodge, where the gentlemen dispersed, the people being regaled with plenty or Cwrw da. The flotilla from Carnarvon, Captain Greet's revenne- cntler, pleasure- boats from Beaumaris, & c. were beautifully decorated; tbe guns from Ihe various batteries, Gorphysfa, Graig y Dinas, the Column, and the several vessels assembled, had the most astonishing effect, from the rererbereting rocks of the river Menai, and the Snowdonian bills. The town of Bangot was adorned w ith laurel, oak, and every description of Hewers, and with two triumphal arches; there was not a cottage btil had its branch. Tbe shipping at 1' Ort Penrhyn, Beaumaris, and Carnarvon, made a most delightful scene, as well as ( he Carnarvon flotilla, which formed at the Ferry, the Cotomn, and Plasnewydd.— The day being line, thousands of people assembled, buzzaitig,' on the Menal and the neighbouring banks. The new Custom- house, in London, when finished,- will be one of the most magnificent buildings in the metropolis; it presents a very handsome front both to the River and to Thames- street. Tbe following particulars are given in the l » t No. of Walks t& rough London.—" The designs and estimate Were finally approved by the Treasury io 18,11, and an act passed for the. building, which was contracted for at tbe sum of 185,00!}/. by public tender. Mr. David Laing was appointed to be the architect on this - occasion. This vast building, though in a great state of forwardness, will not be occupied by the Customs before the close of tbe present year, 1816; the business in the interval is carried on in Mincinglane. The whole of the interior and exterior, with theexceptioti ofthe south front, is plain, and without any decoration. Tbe river front bas a grand aod imposing effect, and is characteristic of a national official edifice; the stone appears to he excellent in quality, and of agood uniform colour. The whole extent of the new fabric will constitute a range of four hundred and eighty feet by ooe hundred feet : in tbe centre is to be the Long- fotm, one hundred and ninety feet, by sixty - seven. The w hole is intended to accommodate six hundred and fifty clerks and other officers, emptoved under tbe eslaollshment, beside one thousand and fifty tide- waiters and inferior servants. The lower floor will consist of bondage vaults, over w hi oil are lo be numerous store- rooms, with apartments for offices, & c. The principal manufacturers of Iron in Ftaffordshire, have it is said received an order from the New River Company in I^ ndon, to supply tliem with Cast Iron Pipes, to the amount of 150,000/. which will give employment lo 20,000 persons, including the differejit labourers aod their families. In the Oazettcoff » si Saturday, is a notice of an intended application to Parliament for an Act to incorporate a Company for the supply of Paris with water. We understand that, according to the estimate of Mr. Mylne. ilw engineer of the New River Company, who will superintend this undertaking, the cast iron pipes will occupy a disiauce of 199 miles, aud require 20,000 Ions of iron and 200C tons of lead, which, by tbe condition of a treaty entered into with the Corporation of Paris, are to be manufactured here. The importation into Leghorn of foreign iron, and the various ariicles manufactured in that metal which can be supplied by home industry, has been forbidden by the Tuscan Government. Two English families, after having passed Lansanne on their road to Milan, were lately attacked in the neighbourhood of Seste, ( about nine leagues from Milan), by a band of robbers, consisting of fourteen men, completely armed and masked, who stripped Ibem of all their valuables, and it was with difficulty they escaped wilh life. The Princess of Wales arrived at Rome on the 16th ult. and bad an audience the next day of the Pope. Among the nsefnl labours of the Select Committees of the House of Commons during last Session, one of the most useful, perhaps, was ibe inquiry into the state ofthe children employed in manufactories. In this Inquiry it appeared that children were employed in roanfactories 13 hours a day.— Dr. Baillie, upon being asked, " At what age may children, without endangering their health, be admitted into factories, to be regularly employed 13 hours a day, allowing them one hour and a half lo go and return from meals, and one hour for instruction t" replied, " I should say, that there was no age, po- time ol life whatever, where that hind of labour could be compatible, In most constitutions, with Ihe full maintenance of health." Seven years otd is the earliest age at which children outfit to be employed in factories, and then only four or five hours a day ; at eight and nine years of age, six and seven hours; afterwards Ihey might be employed ten hours, and beyond that there ought to be no increase of labour." Last Saturday, about one o'clock in the morning, a most lamentable catastrophe occurred at the erection of tbe new Bridge between Biaekfrrareaud London Bridges. The persons employed there in driving the piles, work according to the running of Ihe tide, and avail themselves of tow water by night as well ss by day. A b^ at is regularly stationed to convey the workmen across the \ vater, aud Is placed outside the first abutment. There ai: 1 l. mporary steps erected to the waters' edge, so that the j^ eii can go to the boat without difficulty. A body of these men, in number 1.5, accompanied by two watermen, ventured into the boat; at the same time Ihe stream running very strong up, and ibe projection of Ihe piles being placed sotrie distance from the abutment, the boat was unfortunately driven uuder a shower of water, which " is forced up by tbe steaui- engiue, and filled. A police boat which was at band hastened ouien y to their assistance, and Succeeded in i- fcscning Iw,-| : h , i, em , oin destrnction ; the two watermen with difficulty escaped by swimming. The remainder, including 13, notwithstanding every endeavour was oiade to save them, considering the lateness of Ihe hour aud the deficiency of means at hand, were drowned. Tbe bodies of four of them, were picked up between ten and eleven next morning. A letter has been published in the Dullln Evening Post, nnder the 8 gnature of " Randal Kernan," stating, that the Pope had demurred to the decree of the Sacred Congregation of the 12th of August last, appointing the Rev. Edward Kernan Parish Prieet of EoniSkiilen, Coadjutor to the Catholic Bishop of Ihe diocese of Clogher, f o r " reasons unknown." This Clergyman is a most unexceptionable character, universally esteemed by his acquaintance. His nomination was recommended by his immediate Bishop, and sanctioned by the majority of the Parish Priests of tbe diocese: but the Pope, without choosing to assign any reason, annulled the appoiiltnient. The English emigrants fo France are returning home ra pidly— most of them discontented and disappointed in their Continental excursions, great antipathy having been shewn towards them by the French people. It is a curious, but po silive fact, that immense quantities of Buckingham and other British thread lace, smuggled into France, have been purchased there by oor credulous country women, and brought home as real French1 The Southampton, Brighton, and other packets, return full of passengers from Frame. The cheapness of living, which was a great motivelo emigration, has for some time ceased to operate with its original force, as tbe price of provisions has been gradually aSvancing. To aggravale the disappointment, the English visitors find that tbey have not fair play, as the hotels and tradespeople have two prices— one for ( heir own conntrymen, and another, upon a higher scale, for their English visitors. Letters received from Germany, Switrerland, aod Austria, by a mercantile house in Glasgow, of the most extensive correspondence, represent the trade of those countries, and tbe condition of tbe people to be in a state of the utmost distress. So general indeed is the calamity which at present afflicts Ihe nations of Europe, tbat it seems impossible to account for it by any oue great cause, excepting the change from a state of war, to whicli long habit had assimilated us, to one of peace; thereby altering the wants and supplies of countries and provinces, and sending commerce through new channels. That to no other cause can we attribute this universal distress seems evident from the circumstance already noticed ; for in countries where taxation is light, and where it is heavy ; where provisions are cheap, and where they are dear ; where manufactures are loug established and extensive, and where these are only heginning : in Holland, throughout Germany, in Italy, in Switiorland, in TurKey, and the United States of America, tbe same distress exists, the same complaints of want of employment, and consequently of lowwages aud prevailing misery. If this cause of the present crisis be justly stated, il follows, that we can look only to the gradual assimilation of our habits and transactions to our present condition, for a solid and effectual remedy ; and that our best course is patiently to submit lo a cure which, though tedious, is certain, and which no endeavours of ours can accelerate.— Glasgow Paper. A dreadful fire broke out at Constantinople en the 15th of Angust, which destroyed 1200 houses and 3000 shops anil magazines. The Janissaries, it is said, did not display their usual alacrity in extinguishing the flameB. The palace of their late favourite, Jussuf Aga, was the only buildiugin the destroyed quarter which remajued uninjured. A musical instrument maker, ill the Rue des Enfans, Paris, has invented a nautical machine, by means of which be purposes to walk from Calais to Dover ! Ou Friday last, Ihe 4tii inslaut, the Lottery finished drawing, wben, as usual. BISH's Offices were pre- eminent, he having sold Capitals to a greaJcramount thau any oilier Officekeeper, as will he seen by the following list, all of which were sold and shared by him. 9,955 a Prize of £ 40,000 3 3,123.. . . a Prize of £ 30,000f o 4,299 . . . a Prize of £' .000 f | 7.181 .. a Prize of £ 300 > o This continued success is nothing mw, as BI$ H hns bad the good fortune to be able lo boast of similar great luck lu almost every Lottery for several years past. Tiie fortunate Holders may receive tbeir Money on demand, or exchange them lor Tickets and Shares in tbe Small State Lottery, of only 6.000 Tickets, which will be all drawn in One Day, the 31st or this . Month. ( October), containing 3 Prizes of £ 20,000, and varioris other Capitals. Schemes, with full Particulars, may be had gratis, at either of BISH's Offices, 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing Cross, London, where Tickets and Shares are now selling; aiso by liis Agents in ilhis Countv, by whom parts of tbe above Capitals were sold. list Tuesday the Poll for a Representative for Gloncester closed, when tbe numbers stood as follows : - For Col. Webb, 829— for Mr. Cooper, 717 — majority for tbe Colonel, 112.— This was one of the most boisterous elections remembered iu that city. Last Friday, a nnmeroo* Meeting of tbe inhabitants of tbe city of Chester, was held for tbe purpose of taking into consideration tbe most efficient means of relieving the distresses of the poor dnring the ensuing winter. Mr. John Chamberlain alter a long introductory speech proposed " That a subscription be entered into, to alleviate tlie distresses likely to increase during the ensuing winter— aud which were lo be attributed to the rapid change from a state of war to that of peace." Three other gentlemen supported the motion. Mr. Ti Whittle oppoj? d it, introducing Into his < speeeh all Ihe low abuse ( hat lias lately been heard from the London and Westminster mobs. At length the clamour get so great the Mayor was obliged lo. jnterfere, and the speaker ceased. Tiie Rev. Mr. Reynolds followed in much the same language, abusing Ministers. He talked of pauperizing Ibe House of Commons, of . chaining slaves to the chariot- wheels « r the Premier, of tbrowiog offal from what bad accumulated from the decease and weakness or a filthy land, and ended a speech full ot similar allusions by opposing the motion fur a subscription to relieve the poor. Alderman Bowes agreed with him, that giving money to tire poor would only increase the welfare ofthe public- bouses and gin- shops. On the Mayor's potting the question, Mr. Chamberlain's motion wasiiegatived, and ibe meeting broke up. COUNTY OF L I N C O L N ELECTION, On Friday last a meeling of the Freeholders of Lincolnshire, was beld at the Castle Yarn, Liocoto. at twelve o'clock. " for tbe purpose of nominating a proper person to be offered to the choice of tjie Electors, in consegtience of tbe vacancy in the Representation occasioned by the death of C. Chaplin, Esq. Nee He King, Esq. the High Sheriff, opened the business by observing that be had a painful ( ask to perform— it was with sincere concern aud regret he had to mention fhe occasion of their heing assembled there, but his duly required it. Contemplating the character and virtues of their late Representative, Mr. Chaplin, w hether in his public or private station, he could not but be deeply affected. How mnch must his loss be felt, who had been faithful to his King, his Country, and his FrieajL Mr. Cnst, then tbe only candidate, was nominated by Sir W. Earle Welby, and seconded by Sir Montague Cholmeley. Mr. Gibh, surgeon, of Boston, then addressed the Freeholders, spoke in high praise of the lale Mr. Chaplin, and after eulogizing Sir Robt. Heron proposed him as a suitable person to represent that county. Altera pause of some minutes, Mr. R Collett seconded ihe noinination. Mr. Cnst then, in a short addresssaid, that should he be elected their representative, it was his determination, zealously, honestly and independently, todischarge the important duties of ( hat situation. Mr. Gibh unsuccessfully attempted again to address the Freeholders, amid cries of O f f , o f f ! Spoke, spoke! some gentlemen also exclaiming that Sir Robert Heron and the county were disgraced by such a nomination. After a considerable pause, during which there appeared to be some alfercation iu lhat part of the Hall where the High Sheriff and a number of oilier gentlemen were assembled, Mr. Gibh again presented himself. He now stated that it was necessary for him to inform the Freeholders of what bad been doing iu that room. Mr, Robinson, one ofthe Under Sheriffs, had told him that, if a poll should lie demanded and granted, it would cost 60/ a day ; and that whoever demanded it - most guarantee the payment of such expense. He ( Mr. G.) theretore, should not press the business lo a poll. He would do any thing in reason ; but no man in bis senses would risk sucb a smn of money. Mr. White, of Branston, observed, that no gentleman who is already a Member of tbe House of Commons, can be a candidate for auother place till be has vacated his seat; Sir Robert was consequently ineligible. Several gentlemen in the Castle Yard now called ou ( he Sheriff toadjoum the meeling till the next day at ten o'elock, which he complied wilh. After this, several persons exclaimed, " Let's chair him! Let's chair htm/" and immediately acting on this idea ihey seized hold of Mr. Gibh and hoisted him on Itaeir shoulders, and thus proceeded with him to the Castle gate. The Hon. Wm. Cast—" I am ready lo swear ( hat I am entitled to a property of 600/. a year." Mr. Carlledge—" Will Mr. Cust take an oath that he was a Freeholder last year !" The Under- sheriff observed that it was not required that a Candidal, e sjiould have had I lie property a year ago ; his having it at present was enough, Slid that be was ready iotwear. Mr. Cartledge—" .1 require tbat he should; l a m a Freeholder, my freehold is at Harmston ; and Mr. Thomas Grant seconds my motion." Tse oath was then administered to Mr. Cust, who swore to having the necessary landed qualifications, situate in the parishes of Faldingworth, Owmby, Easingwold, and Asliby. The Sheriff : ben again demanded of Mr. Graufwbether he would hear tlieexpensesof a poll. Mr. Cart- ledge said thai as it was a common cause, the expense would be borne by subscription. Half of it wowld fall ou Mr. Grant, and - half on Mr. Cusi; aud for lilr. Grant's half a stlffieieul- subscription would be raised by tbe yeomanry for at least Iht first and second days'poll, by which time Ihey would know whether Mr. Chaplin woii'- J come forward. Papers for subscriptions- on both sides were then handed round the Hall, and signed to the satisfaction of the Suerilf. Tlie poll was immediately entered upon, and eo. Hinned for about two hours, When Francis Chaplin iEsq. accompanied by seme friends, weRt into the Hall, and said that time haviag been given ( o Mr. Chaplin, and his friends to cousider of the invitation and nomination of lhat day, he< Mr. F. Chaplin) was empowered to express the grateful sense of the family for fhe obligation conferred in tbe good wishes of the county, and to say tbat Mr. Chaplin ( of lil. inknej) had determined not to appear at Lincoln on- this occasion ; in testimony ol wblcb resolution he ( Mr. Chaplin of Riseholme) should immediately give b'ls vole for Mr. Cust—( which be did accordingly.) In a short time, the Sheriff declared tbe Hon. Wm. Cust duly elected. The numbers on the poll were, For Mr. Cust 113, For Mr. Chaplin 26 The Hou. William Cust/ then expressed bis most cordisl and grateful thanks for the distinguished honor conferred u poo him. He assured the Freeholders that he should always carefully vote for the local interests of this great county, and study lo promole its welfare and prosperity. In tbe execution of the duties ef his station, fie trusted that be should prove himself an honest and steady supporter of our excellent Constitution in Church and State. ( Loud Applause.) For Mr. Chaplin be had the highest regard ; be was a very- particolar friend of his ( Mr. Cost's); and if he had not explicitly signified bis intention of not offering himself as a candidate, he ( Mr. Cost) should not have done so. Wben he should agaio meet the Freeholders of this important county, be trusted ke should be able to give such an account of his conduct as would meet with their approbation. ( Great applause.) Mr. Cast was then chaired through the principal streets of Lincoln, accompanied by a large body of his most respectable freeholders. Ao express having been sent off to Stubton by the friends of Sir It. Heron, wilh the iuformatioo of his being in oomioa tion, be arrived in Lincoln oil Saturday morning. The Sheriff took his seat in the County Hall at ten o'clock, it was objected that tbe Hall was loo confined for the convenient hearing and seeing of tbe Freeholders, and a bustiugs was ordered to be with all speed erected 111 the Castle Yard. Iu about an hour every thiog was prepared. r>< •'•'• E. Welbg '.,-< it lo a few warns renewed iu- nomination ol the Hon. W . Cyst, to supply Ihe'vacancy in Jhe representation of the coimty ; - ami Sir Montague Ctiolmeley again seconded tiie nouiinaUoD, observing, that a'ler the public declaration of Sir R. Heron iu the newspapers lhat he declioed offering himself to the notice of t i e Freeholders at this election, be ( Sir Moujltague) cohld not but fee; surprised lit the attempt to urge pretentions such as were yesterday referred to, particularly as, being already a Representative in Parliament for the borough of Great. Grimsby, Sir Robert was absolutely ineligible as a - aodic'ate, and the votes of any Freeholders in bis favour v-. ouid be: thrown away, This he ( Sir Montague) had no doubt the Hon. - lember would himself confirm. • Sir It. iit'. on then addressed Ihe meeting, and was received wilh loud cheers.. * J| e thanked them most cordially for tbe approbation Ihey expressed of his public conduct.' His intention of not offering himself as a candidate ou the present occasion had beenexplicitly stated in his public advertisement. He had never solicited the vote or interest of any Freeholder ; it had been tbeir pleasure to call for him yesterday, and be was too deeply impressed wilh what was due to the electors of this great county to refuse bimself to their wishes, aud at a future time probably he should claim their support, and then he trusted should be surrounded by numerous noble and distinguished families of the couDly, the lustre of whose characters would be reflected on himself. • At present he must confirm what had fallen from the Hon. Baronet, iMd declare lhat be was ineligible to be a candidate, being already iu possession o f a seat in tbe House of Commons. Had their keen time, he woold have vacated his seat, which the Chiltern Hundreds always afforded the means of doio^; but, now, this could not be done before Monday next, and the Sheriff was bound to close tbe election before tbat time should not more than cue candidate offer. As tbe ease was, however, he ( SirR. Heron) could only lament that so mnch zeal and enthusiasm as had been shown in Ills favor was likely to be thrown away ; aod having given Ibis explanation of ( lis views anil motives, he should withdraw himself, sincerely thanking tbe FYeebolders for their favourable opinion of him,. and offering them his hearty geod wishes. ( Loud uproar succeeded this declaration.) Russell Collet, Esq. trusted that tbe Freeholders would show the sincerity of Iheir enthusiasm by electing Sir R. Heron, notwithstanding what had passed ; and to- enable lliem fo do so, be proposed io the Sheriff to postpone the day of election. The Sheriff intimated that this was impossible after the public notice given of it; and he and the principal Freeholders immediately returned into the Crowu Court in the Couuty Hall. Mr. T. Grant Uien proposed Charles Chaplin, Esq. to succeed his father, this was loudly cheered by Ihe whole body of Freeholders. Mr. Charles White, and the Hon. Frederick Robiosoo, and the Rev. H. Siblhorp, then addressed the Meeting, inlormiogtbem, that Mr. Chaplin requested not to be nominated, and that they and Mr. Chaplin's friends had consequently engaged their votes to the Hou. Will. Cust, and could not abandon those engagements. Mr. Grant still persisted in demaudinga poll for Mr. Chaplin, when tho Under Sheriff asked Mr. G. if he should provide booths and Poll Clerks, would he give secority to tbe Sheriff for those expenses, for it was tbe Sheriff's business to insist upou sufficient security,. Mr. Whilworth could cot see why those objections should be made io the nomination o f a gentleman who was acceptable to every body, whilst one was suffered yesterday to be nominated, wbo was acceptable to nobody. Tbe yeomanry felt an attachment to kind and good landlords, and not to such a family as Mr. Cust belonged to. Mr. W. proceeded for some time lo harangue tbe Meeting iu strong persoual invectives, amidst mostviolent groaniDg, mixed with . cheating, until he was called to order by Mr. Godfrey, of Newark, wbo begged Mr. W. to confme himself fo the business or the Meeting— Mr. W . observed tbat, if Mr. Chaplin was the man of the Freeholders' choice, he ( Mr. W.) was told tbat they could oblige hito to represent them. Tbe Hon. Mr. Robinson said, thai certainly if the couciy would have Mr. Chaplin, he most serve. Mr. Syl anus Cartledge ( of Lincoln) from the gallery of tbe Hall addressed the Sheriff, and said that tbe Freeholders bad beeu given to understand that Mr. Cust was not. possessed of 40s. a year, nor land enough to make a cabbage garden ( shouts;) he ( Mr. C.) had been looking into Biackstone's Commentaries, and he found ftiat a candidate to represent a County in Parliament is required lo be possessed of 600/. a year. Was Mr. Cust in possession of any real property?— and if be was, how long had he been so? ( cheering.) Mr. Chaplin was a mail of immense property, and had satin Parliament; whilst Mr. Cust bad not, and was not possessed of so much estate as even qualified liim as a Freeholder. " I demand," said Air. Cartledge, " to know what his qualification is, aud to see the comeyauce of his estate, that I may iHjrfiv when it was dated." GREAT SUCCESS ! — I n THE Lotteryjiistiinislied, G. Carroll had the good Fortune to divide among the Purchasers at his Offices the following Capital Prizes:-— No. 7. T35, a £ 3 0 , 0 0 0 , iu 12 Shares. £ 1 , 0 0 0 , ia 8 Shares. £ 1 , 0 0 0 , ia II Shares. £ 1 , 0 0 0 , iu 5 Shares. . £ 5 0 0 , in 12 Shares. . £ 5 0 0 , iu S Shares. . £ 5 0 0 , in J 1 Shares. The new Lottery will he drawn iu One D a y , on the 31st THIS MONTH. The Scheme, with ouly 6,000 Tickets, coutaius Three Prizes of £ 2 0 , 0 0 0, & c. & c. Tickets aud Shares are selling at CARROLL' S Fortunate Offices, 7, Coruhill, and 26, Oxford- streel, London, aud by his Agent, O. T U R N E R . Bookseller, Market- Place, Hull, who sold Parts of the above Capitals. BIRTH. 12.810, a 12,530. a 1.366, a ' 3 , 0 2 0 a , 5.800, a 1,860, a . On Thursday tbe20th oil. at Grl « sby,. tbeiady of William Brackenbury, Esq- of % daughter. MA RRIAGE3. On Sats.-* ay tbe iilst ult. at this place, M>. R- Fowler, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Day, of Caeaby, aear Lincoln. On Monday xe'nnight,* t Ackwortb, near Poutefract, Lien tenant Brackeu, of Leeds, late of the 52d regiment of foirt 10 Miss Garlitk, daughter of Ibe late Mr. Garlick, of this to'so, Ou Sunday se'onigtit, at Ibe. CoIlerfLste Church, John Broadburst, Ksq. or Manchester, to Mrs. Sarah Weaver, Batik Parade, Salford. Ou Monday se'uuighi, Mr. Jauies Bei! Fulton, of Lisfcura, Ireland, tu Anue, secouil daughter of Mr'. Hem y Stephenson, of York. OnTcesday ge'lirt'Ight, af afocittoB, Mr. Walker. or Durbato, land surveyor, toduu, eldest daughter of Thinna- lartm, Eie of St. Ann's Hill, near. Stockton. On Tuesday se'nnigbt, at Lauibeth, Thos. Stariiiig Benson, Esq. of Cbampiou Lodge, Surrey, to Elizabeth only surviving child of Richard - Men:-., Ksq. formerly of Liquorpoudstreet Brewery, and grand- daughter to Henry Roxby, Esq, of Clapham,- in Surrey. On Thursday se'onigfct, at Manchester Ricb? rd Dunn, Esq. of Great Driffield, ( of the firm of Mes- rs. Pease, Duou aud Pease, bankers, Maltoo,) to Miss Calvert, daughter of George Calvert, Esq of tbe former place. On Thursday se'nnight, at Warkwortb, Mr. Robt. Daoitla, officer of excise, to MiBs Hanoab Hirst, of Scarboroueh. On tile 3d inst. at Melville House, Fifesbire, by the Hou. and Rev. R. Leslie Melville, Francis Pym, Esq." oldest son of Francis Pym, Esq, A!. P. for the county of Bedford, to the Right Lady Jane Leslie Melville, second daughter of the Earl of I. even and Alelvjlle. Same day, Mr. Henry Redin, son of James J'. edin, Esq. of Brancasfer, to Mliftha Eliza, daughter of Mr. Joseph Young, of Wakefield, csrn- merchaut. Ou ibe 28lh nil. at Paris, James Drummoud, Esq. one of his Majesty's Commissioners for tlie receipt of the War Contributions, to Miss Cecilia A. Telfer, great niece of the celebrated T , Smollet, author of Roderick Random, &'• DEATHS. OR Saturday last, at his sou's house, near Sulton, tn this neighbourhood, in the 70tb year of bis age, John Hlpsley, sen. an highly respected member of the society of Friends, and a man of the most inflexible iutegrity and uprightue- js ot character through life. On Monday last, aged 32, Mrs. Elizabeth Basket, wife of Mr. John Basket, of this place, baker. On Thursday se'unight, at North Cave, aged 48, Mr. Robt. Dalton. On Saturday se'nolght, at Chirtoa, near North Shields, ia his 100th year, Mr. William Elliott. On Saturday se'nnigbt, very suddenly, Mr. Bew, jon. of Burton flail, near Selhy. On Sunday se'onlgbt, at Dumfries, Jeao, reliet of the tate Mr. James iil'CIore, the friend aod protector of Burns the poet, during his poverty and lingering illness preceding his, death. On Alonday se'nnight, al Old Walker, Mr*. Jane Jowsey, aged 104. She possessed all her faculties to the last, and could se/ v, knit, spin, and read s<£ all print without the aid of spectacles. On Monday se'unight, in Plymouth, aged 10.4, Mrs. Martha Evans. She was born in London, Jnoe 19, 1713. About tbe age of 20 he married a Serjeant in tbe aruiy, with whom she travelled through France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and America, where die experienced many hardships in battle, as well as from. conflicting elements by, sea and land. She was the inotlu- T 13 chlidreu, and retained her jneqtal faculties to tbe last. On Thursday evening, at his house io Bond- street, Leeds, Mr. Edmoadson, of the firm cf Messrs. Tickler and Edmondson, of that town, jewellers. This awfully sudden death was occasioned by extreme exertion used in eudeavouring to overtake a coacb, which, by causing a violent rermentation of the blood, produced an internai rupture, and terminated fatally in a few hours. Ou Friday last, in Charlotte- street, Fitzroy- equare, Loudon, aged il, Francis Boyctou, Esq.- formerly of Button Lodge, near Malton, Yorkshire. On the Cth inst. in Ibe 58th year of his age, W . Richardson, Esq. of Fulford. Same day, aged 41, very suddenly, Mrs. Ann Eywater Baynes, wife of Mr. Wm. Bay lies, of York. On the 241b ult. at Yealand Conyers, near Burton- in- Kendal, in the 72d year of her age, Sarah, the wife of Charles Parker, Esq. late of Bentham, in the county of York, aud one of the Society of Friends. On Wednesday the 25th ult. at Leadenham, at a very ad ! vaoced age, Thomas Fowler, Esq. oue of the tew remaining officers of the Old Lincoln Militia, and for opwards of forty years High Constable of the tloudred or Loveden. Ou the 30th nit. at Darlington, in his 77tb year, Mr. Reuben Binks, oue of Ihe Society of Friends, and an Elder of tbe Meet iug for many years. i. r THE SUNDAY SCHOOL ( FROM POEMS BV T~ 1;> MAS CROMWELL.) WHERE on the hallow'd roof'the morning ray, The saubatb morning beams serenely gay, And the slant Instreou each silent histe Streams throagh tbe windows of tbe sacred pile, Soft stillness, conscious of her blest abode. Sleeps sweetly tranquil :• - ' tis the MOUSE oi- GOD! But hark! I heard a genlle murmur there— Perchance some aged worshipper at prayer: Some hoary saint, whose trembling matins rife To where e'en now be lifts his wishful eyes, To yon perpetual sabbath— in liie skies : And yet, no summ,... s from tbe inviting bell The breeze has borne in undulating swell ; As yet no thronging footsteps press file way, To fill God's Temple oil his sacred day, Then whose those accents soft of seeming prayer? What means that bum, that gentle murmur there? Stranger! if right I read thine asking eye, As ' mid the touibs thou wander't silently, ' Tis thus its mute- expression would Inquire: Then, Stranger! listen— tis no hoary sire Within those walls whoseaereuts come and fall, As flit the whispers of ihe r. assing gale: It is not age lhat rears tb i feeble song; ~) But the soft sound of many a childish fcngue,£- The still small voices o au infant throng. J Pause ; and with holy and with reverent mien, View in that sacred house the simple scene; Silent, attentive, are file little band ; K a l e is Ihe tongue, ajic) slill the leslless hand ; Peace reigns o'er all, while wild lns| ruclioiis sway Kach list'uing group ;— llicy listen, and obey. . Aad as the allotted <; i-! t, tbe hymn, tlie. prayer, Their artless tones iu change alternate bear, The simple acc< £ is angels migbl approve, And smile upon, them wilh angfelic love. Head they tbr, hallowed lome?— a present God, Breathing ai. ouud the judgientsof his rod, < Jr beard ill voipe of mercy, aud of love— J. o! age s', iall puuder what did childhood move. The full' / e Cotter, ofl, al eve's decline. Exploring eaeb reuiember'd text and line, Shall ' jless his sabbath [. earning, and shall say The : jabhalb Teacher i. l his heavenward way. And, children loo — ( no means bad lie when young, To hear the Bible from a father s tongue;— f j i a l l lisl'iiing stand, or con the letter'd page, And learn from him lo love each precept sage : " While they too, early bent lo wisdom's rule, W i l l seek instruction at llie SUNDAV SUIOOL, * St. James's Ckapet. PnitowAlle. SONNET. By WM- ROSCOE, Esq. ( Written an parting with his Library.) As one, who destined from his friends lo part, Regrets bis loss, yet bojie^ ag - in, ere w hile. To share their converse and enjoy their smile, And tempers, as be may, a u c t i o n ' s dart, — ' ibns. lov'd Associates ; Chiefs of elder Arl! Teachers of Wisdom! who could once beguile My tedious hours and lighten ev'ry ( oil, 3 now resign you— nor with fainting heart; For. pass a few short years— or days— or hours, And happier seasons may their dawn unfold, Ana all your sacred fellowships restore ; Wh ' 11, " freed from Eartn, unlimited its powers, Mind shall wilh Minn direct communion hold, Alio kindred spirits ..- vitb the oyster fisheries, thai ( bey would not . interfere with the large oyster bed ten miles long, lately discovered seven miles off Dover, so tbat the Deal tisbermeu might a- vAU themselves of it. The Lord Mayor then retired, upon which Air. Alderman Alltins was unanimously called to lhe. Chair. Portions of the address drawn up by the Society were then read by the Secretary, a Mr. Leitb. It stated, among other things, lhat the scale of adventure for ihe present season was proposed to be about 250 lasts. A great desire for being engaged in productive labour in Ibe fisheries bad been manifested by the boalnieu at Deal, not mure than one- third of whom were now employed iu hovelling. Il was proposed also lo fit out a herring buss, of 10 Ions, afler I he Dutch manner, on board of which those herrings might be salted, which couid not be brought oil shore with sufficient expedition in the boats. The accomplishment of tkese objects, however, must in a great degree depend on the amount or the support received. The subscriptions and donations already collected did not exceed 1,503/.; but to effect the objects proposed, 5,000/. would be requisite.— The scheme was not one of a merely charitable nature, it beld out a fair prospect of mercantile profit lo those who should become shareholders. Mr. Alderman Atkins stated, from the Chair, thai it was proposed llie shares ( obe subscribed for should amount lo 51. each, which again might be subdivided into five shares of il. each, which would place it within tbe reach of every fisherman to become a shareholder, and thus give him an interest in the general success - of the concern. He trusted, ( hat t^ e principle upou which the soeieiy meant to act was not charity, but employment, and that every fisherman should gain in proportion lo his industry. He hoped ( bat this society would furnish an example to many oltier pans of ( be coasi, where similar societies might be established. One main point was lo encourage ibe consumption of ilsb, and ef course those who became shareholders would be the more inclined to do so. The Earl of Liverpool was chosen Patron, and Lord Gambier President of the Society. Lord Gambier thanked the Meeting for the honour they had done him. He highly approved of the objects which ( hey bad in view, and should support them as far as lay in bis power. The advantages that might result from the encouragement of the fisheries on our coast were beyond calculation, uot mil j as procuring food at a cheap ra( e, but as furnishing employment to a hardy race of men. As a seaman he might be allowed ( o say, lhat Ihe freedom and independence of the country . mainly rested on its maritime force, and lhat again rested on our commerce and fisheries. CAUTION TO L I V E R Y S T A B L E KEEPERS. Thomas Culler, livery- stable keeper, Castle- street, Leicestersquare, LoDdon, appeared lo an information against him, for letting out a horse and chaise without having Ilis name or number painted on the chaise, as directed by ( lie Act of Parliament of Ihe 4Sth ol'tbe King, which provides for every such default that the defendant shall pay a penally of 10/. with power to the Magistrate ( o uii( iga( e it lo one moiely. George Pople deposed, lhat on Hie 22d of August last, he hired a horse and chaise from Ihe defendant, lo go to Hammersmith, for which he paid hioi 12s. and received a postticket, which he delivered to the collector of Ihe loll, at the turnpike- gale at Hyde Park- corner. There was neither name nor number on the chaise. The loll colleclor deposed, that be asked the last witness wbere he got the chaise, who told him, oil which he said he w- ould fix hiin. His reason for saying so was, that many persons gave a wrong direction, oil accouul of uot wishing lo have ( he ( rouble of attending at ( he ollice ; he however, kuew Pople. The defendant in his defence, said, the chaise was not his, but admitted that he borrowed it l » r the purpose of letting it out. Mr. Fielding, the Sitting Magistrate, ohserved, that from Ihe moment ( he chaise came inlo his possession, he was answerable for whatever use was made ef it. A gentleman, who a(( ended on the part of the Post- office., said, it was not ihe wish of that establishment to press for the full penalty iu this instance. It was brought forward more for example lliau any tbiug else ; Ihe Act of Parliament bad not been acted on, although it was a most wholesome one, and the livery- stable . keepers had taken it inlo their beads that they were not obliged to have tbeir name and number on their oue horse chaises, when in fact, .( hey were as much bound lo have it painted on Ibem as they were on post chaises. If Ibe regulation was once enforced, it would save a vast deal of confusion at Ibe loll gates, for gentlemen did not like to be asked if their gigs were hired. It would also facilitate the collecting of the duties, and prevent frauds being committed ou llie farmer of tbe tolls. The defendant was lined in tbe miligated penally of 51. LONGEVITY. That instances of longevity are not so rare in modern limes as is usually imagined, the subjoined list, collected from various sources. Is a curious proof. The date affixed to each name is the y w r iu which each persou died. Year. Age. | r « u\ 1759 Donald Cameron. .. 130 ! T66 John Delasomer.... 130 1706 George King 130 1707 John Tailor ,. 130 1774 William Bealie 130 1 " 8 John Watson 130 1780 Robert M'Bride 130 17SO William Ellis 130 1704 Elizabeth T a y l a r . . , 131 1715 I'eler Garden 131 4761 Eliza Merchant 133 1772 Mrs. Keith 133 1707 Francis Ange 134 , 1777 John Brookey 134 , 1714 Jane Harrison 135 1759 James Sbeile 13 « I 1708 Catherine Noon 138 I 1771 Margaret Foster . . .. 136 | 1776 Jobu Mariat 136 1772 John Richardson... 137 1793 Robertson 137 1757 WilliamSbarpley. .138 1768 John M'Donougb . . 138 1770 Fairbrother... 13s Age. . . 1 38 . . 1 39 . 13U 1772 Mrs. Clam . . . . . 1766 Thomas Dobson. 1785 Mary Cameron.. 1732 William Ley land.. .140 Couutessof L/ estuoud I4t 1770 James Sands... 140 1773 Swariing( aMonk)., 142 1773 Charles M'Finlay... 143 1757 John Effingham 144 1782 Evan Wiliiams 145 1766 Thomas Winsloe... 146 1772 I. C. Drankeubgrg.. 146 ( 052 William Mead I4S 1768 Francis Con ii 150 1542 Thomas Newman.. 152 1653 James Bowels... . , . 1 52 Henry West 152 1648 Thomas Damme.... 154 1670 Henry Jenkins 169 1735 Thomas Parr 152 1762 A Polish Peasant.... 157 1797 Joseph Snrrington .. 160 1668 William Edwards.. 16S 1780 Louisa T w x o 175 CORN- EXCHANGE. LONDON, Monday, Oct. .' i The weallier continuing so very wel and unfavourable M - the harvest lias created a great alarm on our market, and J occasioned a very considerable advance in prices of nil grain, We had a large supply of Wheat from Essex, Keut, and Suffolk this morning, which sold at au advance of from fls. lo 10s. per or. from prices of ( his day wetk. Barley and Beans are from 5s. ( o 7s. advanced, and l'eas of both sorts dearer.— Our supply of Oals ( his morniug was large, yet fresh old corn sold at au advance of 3s. to 4s. per qr. from last Monday's prices, though tbey move oil bul slowly at this advance : the damp new Oals are very difficult < « ale. Rape- seed, Linseed, and Clover- seed are all dearer. We now tbink our port will open for ( he imporladou of Wheat, Oals, aad Barley, on ( he 15lh November. Wheat, Essexand| Kent, new 70sto 8S » old 98k Ditlo Suffolk aud Norfolk 75s to 04s— Ditto Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and Stockton, 80s to 90s.— I) o, Northumberland and Scotch. 80s. to S8s.— flue 94s.— Do. Irish, 74s lo 86s — Do. Zealand and Brabant, red, 80slo86a. white92s.— Do. Danlzig, Billing, and Konigsberg. 84s lo 96s- Do. Mecklenberg aud Pomeranian Red, bOs to 84s— Do. l-' rench, red 7Ss. to 88s— white 9is. Rye, 48s lo 54s. Barley new, 36s to 4Qs— old to 45s.— Scotch, Irish, and Foreigu, 34s lo 3Ss Mall, 02s to 66s. Peas, while boiling, 45s lo SO* - G r e y or Hog 46s to 50 » . Tick Beans. 44s to 46s. - o l d 00s.— Small Beans, 49s lo 48 « Oats, Poland, Lincolnshire, 24s lo 30s. Yorks. 48s to 32 » — I. ongor Feed 24sto 26s— Do. Small Lincolnshire, 25s io31s. Yorkshire, 27s to 3 1 s . - Do. York, Malion an ; Stockton, common. 27s to 31s- Potatoe, 35s— Northumberland and Scotch, common, 27s. to 31s— Pofaloe, 3 s— Do. Irish common, 2Gs. to 23 « — Polaloe 27s to id* fine 31s— Do. Foreign Feed 26s. to 28s.— Brew, 34s— Pomeranian and Holsteln, 46s. lo 29s. Flour, English Household, 75s. to 80s. per sack. ' Linseed— Archangel, 46s lo 52s— Meoiel, 54s lo 56s. Mustard- seed, while, 3s 6d ( o 6s per bushel- fine dry to 7s superfine to 8s. Ditto Brown, 6s 6d ( o 10s— superfine lo 12s to 13s Tares, 6s Od ( o 8s lo 9s. Od Clover Seed, ( red) 50s to 56s to 00s— fine T8sto 00s— superfine 88s to 98s Ditto ( white) 6 ( sto 6Ss— line fo 93s— superfine to 112s Coriander- seed, 10s to 16s per cvvt. Carraway- seed, 40s to 52s per cwt. Rapeseed 3Ut. to. lii.— superliue 36L to 331. per last. IMPORTATIONS OF LAST WEEK. Foreign,( under the Lock) Wbeal I lOOqrs. Oafs 450, Linseed 5280.- English, Wheal, 4171 qrs. Barley 1691, Malt 1554, Oalf 9404, Rye 34, Beans 1422, Peas 714, Linseed 63, Rapeseed 137, Flour 1878 sacks — I r i s h , Oats 4785 qrs. AVERAGE OP E N G L A N D AND WALES. Wheat 85s. 6d.; Rye45s. I0d.; Barley 39s. Od.: Oals27s. 3d Beans 41s. 4d.; Peas 41s. 4d.; Oat. naal 29s. 9d. Average price of Brown or Muscovado Sugar, from tbe return8 of the week ending October 4, 45s Ofd. per cwt. exclusive of duiies. Henry FiteAlwne - Kogen Duke Jolian Gysors - Richard Hardell 1189 to 1211 i ' j ' ^ J 0 See'e Mercers 1223 to*? „ . . . „ 1 ' 46 ^ Richard Rengen 1227 to 1231 ' l 4 r ° £ Andrew Buckrell ' " 1444'"' \ R e S i n a M Botiray 1245 and t , 1246 5" 12 54 to / 1258 £ ' ^ f l f ^ W m . F i t z r i c h a r d ' liOti' 0 Thos. Filzlhomas 126, 7,., , ac n d'c/ A. , le, in „ S onc, h 1268 \ 127j 0 aj nd ^) J, ob, an A. , ld. ri. pan 1272 and 1273 1275 10 1281 1282 to 1284 1288 fo 1293 1294 lo 1297 1299 and } 1300 1301 to 1301 1316 to 1318 1321 lo 1325 1330 and 1331 1334 and 1335 Elyas Rnssel Julian BkjHnt ^ Julian Wentgrave / Hamond Cliyckl well £ Joban I'ounln I Reynold at Ron Duyte - Henry D'Arcy - Andrew Mobrey 1 • Johan Hamond f337 aud < 1338 I 1339 and i 1340 1343 and ( 1344 1352 and } , . „ 1353 \ Adam Fraunceys 1365 and> , , T . 1166 J0' " 1 0 Lewkyn 1370 and / . , „ 1371 r - lohan Bernes The following are some extracts from the Report of the Deal Sociely : — " Your Committee beg leave to observe, thai the periodical shoals of herrings, in tfiei* progress from Ihe North Sea to Ibe Channel, appear in wonderful abundance in the Downs ill the early pari of Octobsr, and remain till the end of November, about which time they proceed gradually to the westward, and are caught off the Isle of Wight till tbe end of February; indeed, sn h is Ihe prolusion of these fish, while they continue between the Forelands, where they are necessarily condensed by tbe conformation of the straits ; the quantities taken 011 this part nf the coast amount to more than double Ihe average catch of our great fishery at Newfoundland, in proportion to tiie time aud number ol bands employed iu it. " Your OommiKee would be happy if ( hey could say, with truth, that Ibis harvest had, in auy adequate degree, influenced our people's exertions— on the contrary, they have, with coucern, to report that ( he fisheries are at present limited to a very insignificant scale, and conducied in so desultory a manner lhat, in tbe early part of the respective seasons, tbe arlicle is rendered too dear for the general consumption of Ibe labouring classes, and, toward the end of the season, when most abundant, is loo cheap to enable Ibe fishermen lo purine Iheir employment with advantage; so that Ibe boats are always laid up before the season expires, not from the deficiency of fish, but from tbe inadequacy of tbe markets, and the uncertainty of sale. " T h e ill successof Ihe fishery carried on An these straits from the English coast, has lately become more apparent from Ihe contrast formed by ( be French aud Dutch fisheries, the oulfils for which have, since the peace, amounted lo several hundred sail of craft, calculated to stand ( be weallier, as well as to remain at sea lor many days, and proceed to a considerable distance from their own ports; by which means, as your Committee are informed, tbey last year made successful voyages, continuing tbe fishery even 011 our coasts, and under Ihe shelter of our harbours, for several weeks. after the boats of this neighbourhood were laid up. The Commmittee then draw Ihe following parallel between the means possessed by Holland and Great Britain to carry on the fisheries: — HULL TIDE TABLE. High Water. Morn. Tide. Eeen. Tide. Oct. 47 — 32 — 37 - 10 41 — 0 1 • 10 II - I - 2 Feasts, ( sc. mhSun. a/ Trin. £ Sir Waller Harvey 1 £ Nor, liamP - ^ Gregory Rokeslie ^ Henry Waleys ^ Rauf Sandwich ^- SSiirr John Breton 1384 and1 ,£ Nicholas Bremby 1385 1386 and ) . , ,, , 1387 ( J ^ " ' c" 0 , a s Exlon Sir M. Chapman. Sir J. Pilkington. 1( 190 lo > 1692 SD i U 0' 1689 From Ihis list il appears, lhat from the reign of Richard II. lo that of William III. an interval 01 31) 0 years, there is no instance of a Mayor having been elected twice in succession. The famous Whitlinglou was indeed, during ihis period, Mayor three ( imes, but there was a considerable space between each mayoralty. Extou, tbe last precedent of old lime is not a cood one, as llnoffioe was then greatly under Ihe influence aud control of the - Crown : and the case of PilkiugtOD is hardly in point, for he had been most grossly and abominably persecuted under Charles the Second. And the citizens under William, when liberty was restored, might be excused fur breaking through a long custom ill order to compensate a faithful servant for - unparalleled suffering, incurred through excessive zeal for tbe good of the city. V R . T T . F . . SOCIETY OF FISHERMEN'S FRIENDS. We are induced to extract from a London . papei', the following brief account ol a Meeting recently held in that City, which in our opinion deserves ( he serious attention of the inhabitants of this port and neighbourhood. If similar plan, though ou a much less scale, was adopted, a constant and plentiful supply of fish might be secured lo Ihis market, and enable fhe poorest person lo become a purchaser, and procure good and wholesome food for his family, at a price commensurate with his weekly earn ings. For it is well knowu rtliat Herrings are ollen extremely plentiful on ( lie Yorkshire coast between the Hntnber and Flambro' Head, aud still more so further Norlhward, and ihe boats from thence have been known to catch in one night from 8 lo 10,000 Herrings each, and sell them there at Is. ( o Is. Cd. per hundred :— O11 Wednesday se'nnight a numerous Meeting look place af ( be Cily of London Tavern, for the purpose of proinolin ( be Fisheries in Ihe Downs. " Holland " Possesses within herself neither timber, iron, hemp, pilch, tar, slaves, nor salt, but is supplied with every article, exceptthe latter, from tbe Baltic, in return for fish ; part the salt is obtained from France, Portugal, and the Mediterranean, but a considerable proportion frouiLiverpool 1 Ha » 110 herrings near her own coast, but takes them on the roast of Britain, from Shetland to ( he coast of Sussex, commencing at the distance of 230 leagues, and ending at 50 leagues from ber own ports. Herown population iseoinputed te be between two and Ihree millions; a large proporlion of her fish has therefore always to depend on foreign markets forconsinnption , aud, in Russia, her fish is subject to a higher duty thau British. " Great Britain " Produces timber, iron, and salt, and possesses tbe same faciiitiesfor obtaining Ihe other articlesaslhe Dutch; andeven staves of a quality adapted for jiacking fish for inland consumption may be procured at home at an inferior price. " Every pari of our insular coasl abounds with herrings, as well as other fish at different seasons, so that there arebul few months in tbe year in which ilieshoalsare not found on some part of our shores. " The population oftheUnited Kingdom beiog stated at 18 millions, the demand for fish for home consumption, if cured in a manner equal to the Dutch, may be slated at sixtimes that of Holland, while her commercial intercourse with other slates affords superior facilities for foreign trade. " Her maritime poweraffords full security to any national institution on the most permanent and extensive plan, for carrying on the fisheries." " Her fisheries are exposed to interruption, and even total suspension, in time of war wilb Great Britain, from Ibe deficiency of her maritime force . for iheir defence. " Considering ( he amoun( of our population, and in how small a part of the country fish constitutes any material arlicle. of sustenance, there can be no doubt that if it conld be rendered wholesome and desirable io qualify, and cheap in price, so as lo become accessible to the labouring classes, the demand for, its consumption would increase beyond any calculation we can pretend ( o make ; though it must appear on the most enrsory view, tbat supposing the number of families in the IJniled Kingdom to consist of 3,600,000, and each family to consume only one barrel per annum ( equal lo about four pounds of fisli; per week), ( he whole consumption would amount lo 3,600,000 bis. and taking tbej present fishery at one- tbird of lhat quantify, Ihe addilioual two- thirds which might be coniputed lo be produced from extending the fisheries might be valued at 4,800,000i. sterling, affording mainfaiiiance to 960,600 families iu various departments of labour arising from this source." ATTACK UPON ALGIERS. The following is an extract of a letter frffm an Officer of Admiral Sir D. Milne's ship ;— " Ilis Majesty's ship Leander, Motberbank, Sept. 28,1816. " I ninst inform yon that this ship anchored at Algiers at the moment the Queen Charlotte did ; and both commenced firing together. His Highness the Dey, II would seem, was deluded by a false confidence in his means of defence, and ignorance of our naval character. He permitted us lo lake up our position wilhout molestation, intending, it is since confessed, to board 11s from bis flotilla, whilst we were furling sails: 37 boats were all fully manned and prepared for the service; but to their utter confusion, means had been prepared to clue them up, instead of furling tbem, so tbat we began Ihe dreadful havoc and destruction before tliey could apply the few strokes of ( he oar which would have brought llieni alongside onr ships. Tbe tremendous broadsides ol the Queen Charlotte and Lear. der pouring upon them, instantly sent them lo the deep, leaving scarcely a wreck behind, but me harbour covered wilh people swimming from destruction. The Mole was filled witti spectators on our entrance, where the terrific broadsides or the Queen Charlotte instantly spread desolation; and as crowds rushed to the great gale for succour and safety, the Leander's guns, which commanded the principal street, their carried death and destruction. Three times were the batteries 011 the Mole cleared, and thrice were they manned again.— The Dey was every where offering pecuniary rewards lo those jsvlio would stand against us ; eight ae'qulns were to be given to every man who would endeavour to extlnguitsh ibe fire. At length a horde of Arabs were driven inlo ( he batteries, tinder the inspection of lbs mo « t devoted of the Janissaries, and the gates closed upon them. I have never seen men so animated as Ihe Leander's were: the hearty and repealed British cheers sent forth 011 every occasion, when ( be hauses were tumbling about the enemy, not only animated the men on deck, . but ( hose who were most severely wounded reechoed tbem. Tbe brave Capt. Chatham, who exciled the admiration of tbe whole fleet, by the noble position he had taken, and tbe masterly style in which he brought his ship iu, was every where, aud most singularly escaped. Lord Exihoiilh sent au Officer iu the middle of the action, to thank him for bis support. ' I shall never forget,' said his Lordship 10 Lieut. Monk, while shaking him by Ihe hand, ' that the Leander was the first ship to volunteer to second me, and had I chosen throughout the Navy, I could not have bad a more zealous aad able supporter; tell your Caplain, and all tbe Officers and ineu. Ibat I shall ever feci grateful to theui.' Many of the wounded returned to their quarters after being dressed, and many anecdotes could be related of tbeir devotion lo iheir country. All the passage tbey bad been trained to their gnus, and Ibey were seen to take aim and fire as deliberately as if they had been exercising. Nothing lint Ihe most singular interposition or Divine Providence w u l d have saved this ship from ( otal destruclion: without a sail to set, the riggm? Cut lo pieces, every spar injured, and the ship a perfect wreck, she was drifting 011 the rocks, when the wind suddenly veered ronnd, and gave the boats an opportunity or coining to her assistance. The wounded are doing amazingly well; 76 brave fellows have been already restored to the service. I believe it is uot generally known that onr worthy Admiral, Milne, received a severe contusion of the tbigh by a cannon shot— be suffered much pain, but his modesty, as conspicuous as his merit, prevenled its heing mentioned. Il may be worthy of remark, lhat one of our youngsters ( a Midshipman), was so fatigued, lhal heslept most soundly lor an hour, on ( be quarter- deck, dtiring the heat or the actiofl." BANKRUPTS from SATURDAY'S GAZETTE, Oct. 5. J. Webb, or Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, mercer— T. lledley, of Newcastle upon- Tyne, merchant— A. Htimphrys, of Worcester, merchant— J. Cottrill, of Birmingham, sllvermith— ( 1. M. Pearce aud W. H. Dodson, of Liverpool, merchants— J. Brook, of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, bookseller - J. and B. Slater, of Liverpool, joiners— T. Vangnan, of Newport, Monmouthshire, shopkeeper— O. P. Francis, of Maiden, Essex, merchant— C. Vaux, of Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, block- maker W. and J. Kilner, of Dalton, Yorkshire, clothiers— J. Bright, of Hay, Brecon, mercer— H. Coward, of Preston, Northumberland, common- brewer— S. Jacobs, or Manchester, clothea- dealer— S. Yonnge, or Sheffield, mercer. 12. Saturday 27 past 9 13. Sunday 8 10 14. Monday 2 - 11 15. Tuesday 44 12 16. Wednesday. 57 1 , • 17. Thursday.... 41 3 1 54 — 3 18. Friday 20 4 j 4.5 4 i St. Luke. 19. S a t u r d a y . . . 5 I 22 5 I The BABTON BOATS sail from hence for BARTON about ( wo hours and an balfbeftire High Water ; and when ( he wind is contrary liaifan hour earlier. They return from BAHTON to HULL at Ihe time of High Water. Tbe GRIMSHV BOATS sail from hence at High Wafer and re^ turn from GniMSBV aboui three hours and a half before High Water, asgiven in the preceding Table. OLLA PODRIDJ. Questions for Chit Chat ? What Word is thai, which, by adding a single letter, becomes tenfold? What Word is lhat, which, by the conjunctive aid of Gold, makes a mau, perhaps without a good irait, a criminal? < 1- Cultivation.— An eminent attorney in ( he west, who cmployed a half- witted fellow in hedging up a new Inclcsure of moor land, asked bim what seed Ue thought he bad better sow It Willi?—" Loard. uiaesler ( quoth the fellow) I do'ant fhiuk ' twill grow any ( hing that Ibe used lo feel :— Suppose, measler ( after a pause, and scratching his bead)— suppose yon zow it to geeze?"—" To geese? Robin : I do'nl understand you !"— Do'ant ' ee maester ? I'm zure if I cud make zo much by Queels as you can, I'd zow a hundred acres to geeze." M the last Assizes in Durham, an Irish woman was convicted of stealing to the value or ten- pence. The Clerk of the Crown called out, " Mary Jones, you are round guilty of stealing several articles ( 0 tbe amount or ten- pence " — " Very well," answered the prisoner, putting her hand in her pocket, " here's a- shilling, give me three- pence!" Anecdote of the celebrated Leibnitz.—' This Illustrious scholar and mathematician in Ibe early part of his life paid a visit to Italy. While sa. ling in an open boat from Genoa lo Lucca, a violent tempest arose, aud tbe mariners, ignorant and superstitions, knowing their passenger to be a German and Protestant. conceived tbat ( tie ( empesl was a sign or the wratb of Heaven for admitting a heretic into their boat. It was proposed by one of Iheui, more bigolted than Ihe others, to propitiate the Deity by throwing- the heretic, like anolher Jonah, inlo ( he waves. The conversation was carried 00 in Italian, of which they supposed Leibnitz to know nothing; and the proposal was at last acceded to by all the crew, two of whom rose lo carry it into execution. Leibnitz, who had heard and understood the whole, had in the mean time pulled out a rosary, of which be had taken the precaution lo possess hioisslf when he lirsl came into the country, and began lo tell bis beads wilh every mark iff devotion. This saved his lire, tor Ihe crew were struck wilh horror, at their supposed mistake and consequent intention or 1 browing a pions Catholic Info Ihe sea. The tempest soon afler abaled, ;. nd the boat reached ber destination in safely.— FonleiutlU's Eloge de Leibnitz. BANKR UPTSjfrom TUESDAY'S GAZETTE.— Oct. 8. W. Arle, of Tottenham Court- road. Middlesex, saddler— F. Loggin, of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, druggist— D. Radford. ot Canterbury, plumber, glazier and painter— R. Strong, of Whitehaven, Cumberland, mercer and draper— R, Bostock, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, innkeeper— W. Tait, of Stafford, currier— R. Chester, of Much- Wen lock, Shropshire, linendraper— M. Jessop, of Devvsbury, Yorkshire, and W. Mallin- BOn, of Moithill, Bsrstal, Yorkshire, card- makers— D. Robinson, of Branston, Staffordshire, dealer and chapman— F. Hopper, ofSproalley, Holderness, Yorkshire, merchant— W. Croft, of Leeds, merchant— E. Stabler, of Bread- street, Cheapside, London, linen- merchant— M. Tate, of Chalford, Gloucestershire, clothier— G. Smith, of Ludgate- hill, London, haberdasher— G. Hammond, of Mannby, Kirkby- Wlsks, Yorkshire, lallow- chaudler— R. Oldman, of Northwich, Cheshire, draper — F. Gibbons, of Fleet- street, London, mercer— R, A!, Jackson, of Token- fcouse- yard, London, merchant. Pat in France. Arrah! what aqnare place is the city of Paris I A grand sot is be ( hat long in it tarries: Not a soul of ' em here tbat can spake English plain, An oak braucb they call a rammer de chain. I laugh when I think or Ihe blunders ( hey put on, A live sheep, they every one say it is mutton : A shovel, a horse; and a chopper, a bat ; While chaw is the name Ibat they give lo a cat. Tliey call a mad muscle each nate pretly|| m » td, And when a man's ngly they say be is laid; A cap'ring frog Ibey say's a green owl, A mason's a house, and a pool is a fowl. Ah let me get back lo Ireland, swale nation ! And bid iou ™ adieu to parley- voii botheration; Pat will ever prefer, while lire's ocean he sails, Magnifique Ttpperary to panvre Versailles. re are reou I" ore The If ashing Day. Hark ! ' lis 111' importanl day of washing ; Diicord, clack, incessant splashing ; Soap- suds all around are dashing. Unceasing. The rooms all tnmbled inside out; i. inen in heaps i » Ihrown about; And all is racket, noise, and rout, Displeasing. See, close around tbe fire- side, Wet garments hanging to be dried, Hose, and a hundred things beside, Wel dropping! O wretched day beyond expressing ; To roe a day tbe most distressing ; Tho' ' Us our women's greatest blessing. This sloppiflg-. In vain we seek for comfort round : t Comfort is no where to be found ; On these days ' tis forbidden ground To any. And when on « washing day is o'er, Our pleasure's dampt by dread of more; O! joy lo some, but sorrow sore To m a n y! 1' riated by W . RAWgON & CO. L o w g a t e , Hull. I •• I
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