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The Courier


Printer / Publisher: B. M'Swyny J.P. Wanless
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 7419
No Pages: 4
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The Courier

Death of Mr Sheridan
Date of Article: 06/07/1816
Printer / Publisher: B. M'Swyny J.P. Wanless
Address: 348, Strand
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 7419
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Death of Mr. Sheridan (Page 2 Col 3)

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HP § N o . 7 , 4 1 9. SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 6, 1 8 - i S, 7 f t A T a MEETING held at the New London Tavern, on June 27,1816, W. M. W1LBERFORCE, Esq. in the Chair, was destroyed by I Fleet and Army, it appearing, that, notwithstanding every exert ; on had been made, it had not been found possible to raise sufficient Funds in Denmark, for the Restoration of the Church and the Buildings belonging to i t: Kesolved, That a Subscription IX? opened, and placed under the care of a Committee, consisting of the following Persons : — TRE. ASURV. H- T. B A B I N G T O N , Esq. M. P. Co. UMlTTKE, ^ Win. Wilberforce, E! s/ sqq.. M. 1'. Z Macanley, Esq. j . Butterworth, Esq. M. P . C Grant, sen. Esq. M. 1*. l t e v . l) r. Abauzit, French lieformed Church of St. Martin Ogier. Rev. L. A. Anspach, French lteformed Church in Threadneedle- street. H. F. Horneman, Esq. Rev. J . tlulle, German., Reformed Church in the Savoy. Hev.' Wm Kuper, Chaplain to the Court of St James S. Mills, Esq. J lteyner, Esq. Rev. Dr. E. Sclnvab'e, German l. utheran Church in Little A lie- street. Rev. Dr. C. F. Steinkopff, German l. utheran Church ill the Savoy. J . B. Suwerkrop, Esq. Wm. I'errlng'ou, Kscj. Rev D r . J . Weriunck, Minister of the Dutch Church. G. Wolff, f S E C H K T A K V - ltev. A. C. K I E R U l . F . PANORAMA, Leicester- square NOW OPEN, t magnificent View of the BATTLE of WATERLOO, at the moment of Victory, painted on the largest scale. Also the B A T T L E of PARIS— Admittance to each Painting One Shilling Open f r om Ten till dusk. " _ H E N R Y ASTON BARKER, Proprietor. MR. W E S T ' S P I C T U R E of C H R I S T REJECTED.— Many Ladies and Gentlemen, amongst the Thousands who tiave seen this Picture, ( which is still on Exhibition) having, expressed a wish to be informed when it was Mr. West's intention of publishing a Print from it, I am authorised respectfully to acquaint them, and the Public in general, that a Drawing is now finished prepaiatory to that objeet, aud placed in the Room witii the Original Painting, at No. 125, Pall Mall, for their inspection, where Subscriptions are received and printed particulars may be bad. By Order, CHARLES SMART, Secretary 125, I'all Mall, May 11, 1816. N. B. The Exhibition open as usual from Ten till Five. THE JUDGMENT of BftUTtrs on his SON, in the ROMAN GALLERY— the M I L I T A R Y CARR I A G E of B U O N A P A R T E , with its curious and valuable Contents— the MUSEUM of NATURAL HISTORY— and the P A N T H E R I O N - a r e all O P E N for P U B L I C INSPECTION, at the E G Y P T I A N IIAI. L, PICCADILLY. Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer, the Members of the Committee, the Secretary, and the following Bankers : — Sir l ' e t e r Pole, Thornton, and Co.; Messrs. Thomas Coutts and Co. - Messrs. Hankey, Alers, and Co.; Messrs. Ilammersley, Greenwood, and Co; and Sir \ \ m. l'axton, Cockerell, and Co. The following SU B S C R I P T I O N S were immediately made: £ . s. 10 10 F Admiral Lord Gambier Geo. Wolff, Esq. Wm. Wilberforce, Esq. l i t . Hon. Lord Calthorpe 5 T. Babington, Esq. 5 Jos Butterworth, Esq. 5 . Sa- nuel Mills, Esq. •> Joseph Reyner, Esq. 5 His Excellency E . Bourke 5 T. H. iyardahl, Esq. 5 • I. Macaulay, Esq. 4 Jtcv [. I lulle - 3 Major- General Mapaulay 5 C I " . Proseh - 1 And fortheDutch Church 10 HI io 5 5 ' The Danish Church W. Terriiigton, Esq. II. F Hornemhn, Esq. He v. C. I". Steinkoflff J. IS. Suwerktnp, Esq. T. G Babingtim, Esq. C. Clausevitz, Esq. Rev. A. C. Kierulf ' Three Seamen tlev W. Kuper Itev, E . Schwabe - Rev. L. A- Anspach John Dael Rev. Dr. Wcrninck £ d. 1( 1 0 5 3 ^ OR the Accommodation of One, Two, or Three Single Gentlemen, a I- 1 RS I ' V L l l O R to Let, handsomely Furnished, consisting of a handsome sitting room, a two bedded room, and a single bed room, within five minutes walk of the ' Change.— Enquire at No. 11, Camomile- street, liishopsgate Within. TX ) C L A S S I C A L A S S I S T ANT S Wanted in - i FOR MADRAS and BENGAL, intended to Sail early in August, the Fine New Coppered Ship G E N E R AL GRAHAM, ' 1' HOM AS W E A T H E R H E A D , Commander.— Burthen 4511 Tons. Lying iu the City Canal. Has particularly » ood Accommodations for Passengers; tor which, or for Freight, anolv t o BUCKLES, BAGSTER and BUCHANAN, 1 1 33, Mark- lane. structiou in tfle Classics and Composition.— For particulars, apply by letter, post paid, to William Jacob, Printer, Winchester. 3 3 i P A T H O l Y c B O A R D I N G E S T A B L I S H - 3 3 | MENT, Cirencester- place, Fitzroy- square A Gentleman, 3 3 j who receives a limited number of Eight Boarders, whom he in - 2 2 i structs in the Classics,' French, and English ' Languages,. has now a 2 2 ! VACANCY for T H R E E . Any Parent, wishing to place his Son I 14 1' under parental direction, will find this a desirable Establishment, 1 1 1 as the Pupils are treated in every respect as a select Family 1 1 i Religion, morals, health, and cleanliness, are particularly attended 1 1 to. Terms, tit) Guineas per annum, for instruction in English, 1 1 | Writing, and Arithmetic ( Washing included) with Two Guineas entrance.— Prospectuses to be had by applying to Mr. Kenny, 2, Cirencester- place, Fitzroy- square.— School re opens on the 20:! i of tins month. PATENT TEA and CpFFEE URNS Ladies. who preside at the Breakfast or Tea Table, can'make COFF E E and T W O K I N D S of T E A . , i n this Urn, which can be poured out separately or mixed at pleasure. The TIM Bo:; rd, by a simple plan, CONVEYS THE CUPS TO THE PER'SON INTENDED— To be viewed . at J. H. Barlow's,, the Patentee, 15; Leicester- place, Le- icester- squafe. M A T ! ! I M O S Y — T h e r e are F E M A L E S of the utmost delicacy of'mind, ahdevensuperioritv'of condition, w! io may nevertheless . be justified by the peculiarity, of circumstances, inTistening to a proposal of M A R R I A G E , though originating iu a public , Advertisement.— A line addressed to A. B. Walker's Hotel, Dean- street. Soh. o, will be duly answered. ' T « 0 P H Y S I C ! A N S — A n old e s t a b l i s h e d and h i g h ly JL respectable Physician, at the West End of the Town ( being, about to retire), is solicitous of introducing some competent Mr D. as bis Successor. The connexion, is a genteel one. Receipts full lOOOf. per annum. Premium, one yiar's purchase only.— Apply, port paid, to Messrs. Edgar and Co. Medical Agents, 18, Bartleit's Buildings, HolUorn. r p O PHYSICIANS— An English Physician," of 4 . the first reputation, resident in a Commerpial City of great magnitude in Germany, whose practice is exclusively confined to British Merchants, is desirous of introducing some competent and wen educated M. D. as his Successor. To such a one an extensive and truly advantageous practice would be sure to accrue, there being no competitor.— Apply, post paid, to Messrs. Edgar and- Co., Medical Agents, IS, Bartlett's Buildings, Holboru. r i X ) I'll YS1 CI A N S — A physician, of character J L and respe. ctJDility, will undertake to give a personal introduction to any; professional Gentleman ( possessing some small independence of his own) to an opening in a County ' Town, recently vacated by himself, where it is supposed that between " 00 and 4i) l) l. per annum would accrue from his late connection; 100/. only would be looked up to as a remuneration— Apply, post paid, to Messrs E- lgar and Co., Medical Agents, 18, Bartlett's Build- 1 — Hblborn. ings r F O R P A S S E N G E R S ONLY*. FOR BENGAL", Direct, and to clear out this week, the fine fast- sailing Ship BENSON, new coppered and armed A 1, G E O R G E BETHAM, Commander, burthen 570 tons, lying in the City Canal; has very superior Accommodations for passengers'; for which apply to BUCKLES', BAGSTER, arid BUCHANAN, 33, Mark- lane. ^ O the F A C U L T Y — A n old established Medical JL Practitioner in the City is desirous of receiving a PARTN KR. Average receipts about 90VI. per annum. Capable of being doubled Nature of the practice very respectable : 500/. only wiil be required to be paid down.— Apply, postpaid, to Messrs. Edgar and Co, Medical Agents, 18, Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn, O E M OVAL of the NORWICH by Newmarket X V ROYAL MAIL COACH, from the Golden Cross, Charing- Cioss to the BULL and M O U T H INN, Hull and Mouthstreet.— The Public are respectfully informed, that the ROYAL M A I L COACH to NORWICH, by way of Jfewmarket. Bury ist. Edmunds and Thetford, will set off from the Bull and Mouth i n n , Bull and Mouth- street, every evening at a Quarter- past Seven, on aud after Friday next the 5th Instant. J . WILL AN and Co.. Proprietors. For t i e accommodation of the Western part of the ' Town, Passengers and Parcels wilt be booked at the Cannon Coach- Office," Cocksour- street,. Charing- Cross, and conveyed from thence to the Bull and Mouth Inn. T^ AST- INDIA COLLEGE- SCHOOL, Hertford. J C i The object of this Institution not being generally understood, the Public are informed that, besides the E A S T - I N D IA t'OLLECHC, which is exclusively appropriated to- StwKiu* above • t f c e a g e o f l S years, and designed for the I'ivif Service in India, the lion. East India C o m p a n y , in the year 1806, established the. a b o v e School, into w h i c h - P U P 1 L S ARE A D M I T T E D at an early agsr, to be prepared for admission into the College, and also for the purposes of Classical, Mathematical, and general Education. This Scho- il is open to the Public at large, and in it pupils are* taught the elements of general learning, and such accomplishments " as are the usual objects of instruction in the larger seminaries of this country. Especial attention is also paid to- such parts • t' education as may serve to qualify pupils for public business, and for the higher departments of commercial life. ' The annual • urn of 70 guineas is to be paid for each pupil above the age of ten years, and fifty guineas fur each pupil under that age ; which" sunjs, without any additional charge, Include board and instrtTttion in the Greek, Latin, and modern languages, mathematics, history, geography, writing, arithmetic, drawing, and dancing.— Tour g u i n e a s a year are. to be paid by each pupil receiving instruction in the Persian and Hindustanni languages. Each . pupil has a separate bed. The summer vacation commence;, on the ' 20th of June, ami ends on the 31st of J u l y ; the WSntcr Vacation commence' on the 20th of December, and ends on the 31st of January. Other particulars may be known on application to t h e i t e r . Dr. Luscombe, the head- master, Hertford castle, Hertford, " INLAYING CARDS, with coloured backs.— Their J. utility where more t h a i a'single pack is played with at one t- bje, and wearing longer clean, is now well known. White /.' laying Cards, the best superfine Moguls, without potton, only 42?. per . dozen; other sorts lower. Playing Cards for near sighte d persons, whereby one suite cannot be mistakert for another — Vritinir Papers, Drawing Papers, and all kinds of Stationery.— THOMAS CKESWICK, No. 16, Skinner- street, Snow- hill, London. AC L E R G Y M A N ot t h e Established C h u r c h , educated in the University of Cambridge, wishes immediately to receive into his Family T W O 1 ' l f P l L S , of nine or ten years of age. Ilis House is pleasantly situated on a turnpike road, within one hundred mBes of London.— Any letters, post paid, to Messrs. Dunn and Co. No. 9, Fleet- street, will be answered without delay. Ij1 DUC ATLON— At Winton, near Brougb, in West- - i morland, Boys are educated, furnished with books, boarded and clothed, by the Rev. Dr. A D A M T H W A I T E , Curate of' Badley, ami the Rev. Win. A. Vicar of Stockwitl- i, at 22 Guineas a- year, and Parlour Boarders at Forty. The School has been established for thirty years. There are no vacations, and Dr. A. the Rev. Wm. A. and two Assistants, are regularly employed in the School — Fur particulars apply to Dr. A. any morning between the hours of Eleven aud One, at the Chapter Coffee- house, Paternoster- row. OARD and LODGING~ wanted A single professional Gentleman is desirous of being accommodated with BOARD and L O D G I N G in a Family of respectability, where he may have the advantage of cheerful sdciety. at a distance of not less than 20 miles from London. If the situation is such as to afford an opening tor his practising ill his profession as an Architect, the more desirable. References of the highest credit will be given and required.— Address, post- paid, with terms, & c. A. B 64, Lamb's Conduit- street, London. TO A R C H I T E C T S — A Gentleman of the Profession is dt . irous of forming a connection with any Architect of respectabi. .: y, who. may be on the eve of retiring, or whose extent of connection may malteit dt arable to introduce a Partner. He is'enabled to come forward libera 1IV for the advantage lie may derive therefrom. References of the high, st credit will be given and required. Address, post paid, t ® A. B. 17, Lamb's Conduit Passage, Red Lion- squ . re, London. No part of England wiil be objected to. r . t " S WAI TER— Wants a Place in the Country, a sober, steady, acti- v, eingle Man, who knows his business in every department, and. Will make himself useful to his employer : has no objection to any part of the country ; can have a gaod character from his last place where he lived live years Direct, post- paid, for A B. at Mrs. Martin's, 5, i'rince's- court, Drury- lane, London, will be duly attended to. No objection to pay his own expenses to the country. HPO the F A C U L T Y — A n old established - Country j L Practitioner, resident in a To wn within ten miles of the metropolis, is desirous of admitting a P A R T N E R for the term vf seven years, at the expiration m which period the whole will be " given up. { Jresert receipts full 8001, per annum, capable of much extension. Six Hundred Pounds to be paid down, and the It"— sum Oil succeeding to the entire.— Apply, pojt paid, to Messrs". Edgar and Co. Mrdical Agents, IS, Bartlett's- buildings HottiomT 1" the FACULTY A very desirable smaifll . DICAL P R A C T I C E for disposal, in a uenteel village, within ten miles of town, most delightfully situated. Present rate of practice ( good debts) equal to 40/. per month. An excellent H > u~ e at an extreme low rent, the lease of which is considered worth 200/. to be included in the purchase money ; together with Drugs'aud Fixtures. Premium Son Guineas. Three months introduction will be allowed. — Apply, p » st paid, to. Messrs. Edgar and Co. Medical Agents, 18, Bartlett's- bnildinss, Holhorn. CH A M B E R S , L I N C O L N , s - I N N . - - T o b e ; S O LD o r - L E T , avvery pl^ isant small- SET, situate in the Old Buildings, fronting the garden; immediate possession. A large Rooniy Set in the New- square, up- one pair of stairs;- the. Lease, for seven years, to be Disused of. To be Sold, a Double let, situate at No. 2, in the New- square,- two and three nair of » • irs. Freehold and Extra Parochial.— Inquire of J l r . Lane, at the SJ ward's Office. T , *. .. ... BA Y S W A T E R , o n e mile f r om T y b u r n T u r n p i k e .— A CO i ' T A G E to be LET, Furnished, with two good gardens ; iffor- a year or longer period on vecy ivasonablc'terms; consisting of four bed- rooms, two sitting- rooms, kitchen, washhouse, and cellarage : commands a fine view across the fields, and within five minutes walk of Kensington Garden-— For card apply at'the, Baker's shop, 19, Da- vies- srreet, Berkeley- square. H E R T F ^ l D S H T R E . - - r o , be S O L D o r - L ET for a ' Term, an elegant VILLA, with 28 Acres bf Land, the part of the Furniture adapted and the Furniture to b e taken at a valuation, and a considerable part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage.— For further particulars, apply to Mr. C. at Mr. Booth's, Bookseller, Duke- street, Portland- place. r p o B O O K S E L L E R S and P U B L I S H E R S . — T o L be Disposed: of, by Private Contract, a long- established CONCERN in - the B O O K S E L L I N G and P U B L I S H I NG L I N E , with a good Country Connection, as well as a Retail Ready Money Business, situated in the heart of the market - for Booksellers, and well worth the attention of any two Young Men who may wish to engage in a business . already made for . them.— The whole of the Stock, or that part which is now on sale, to be taken, at a fair valuation.— Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Hartwell, Wine Office- court, Fleet- street." The present Proprietor is leaving off in consequence of ill health. All . letters Httl'st be post paid. CO U N T R Y H O U S E — A n y family g o i n g to the sea, or to travel for three months, wishing to let their House in the Country, may hear of an unexceptionable Family, . as Tenants, by whom the greatest care will be taken of every article; there are no children, apd the most satisfactory reference previously given. The situation must be South or West of London, from ten to forty miles; convenient for trades- people and. conveyance, to town ; four or five best bed- chambers, garden, stabling, & c — Letters, iiientioning particulars, will he attended. to.— Direct to B. B. W. at Mr. Underwood's, Great Turnstile, Lincoln's Inn Fields, post paid. '. . . "- V D I N G , a c o m m o d i o u s F A M I L Y R E - SIDENCE, with Chaise- house and Stable adjoining, to be LET for 120- Guineas a year free of ' Taxes, situate hi a superior part of chat town, containing six Bed- chambers, Dressing ruiU Drawing- room, two Parlours, and all proper Offices. At Srrt- arly, 50 mile- f r om Town, a Sporting BOX unfurnished, near the banks ot the ' Thames, with Coach- hodse, Stable, large Garden, antl productive Orchard, for 40/ per Annum; London and Oxford coaches pass the door. Families in Want of Residence, seeding particulars of their request post- paid to Hawkes and Co. Reading, shall have due attention. a 1 ;, BRIGHTON.- The PRINCESS CM A RLOTTE, a New and Elegant Light Four- Inside Coach, in Seven Hours, every Morning at Half- past Nine o'Clock, " W H I T E H O R S E I N N , Fetter- lane, Holborn, W from the By J O H N L A M E S a n d Co. ORTHING. r p O the FACULTY— A MEDICAL PRACJ L T I C E for Disposal, at a Sea- Port Town in Kent. Present receipts upwards of 400/. per aunum, capable of extension. Drugs and Fixtures to h e included in the premium, which will he extremely moderate. Efficient introductions will he given to ihe entire of the abov^ mentioned Concerns.— Apply, postpaid, to Messrs. Edgar and Co. Medical Agents, 78, Bartlett's- buildings, HoTborn. - ' p o PARENTS and GUARD! A- NS.- r- A' MEJ L DICAI. GENTLEMAN-, in possession of an Established Practice in Staffordshire, is desirous of receiving some well educated Youth tut an - VPPIIENT1CE, for seven years. Only 1,50/: wilt be required as premium. References will ne given and required. A desirable opening for a Medical Apprentice presents itself at this time at Windor.— Apply, post paid, to Messrs. Edgar and Co. Medical Agents, 18, llartktt's- huildinus. Holborn. rpObe. SOLD, IMPROVED GROUND RENTS, JL amply secured, and issuing out of Premises in a preferable part of the Llampsread Road, let to very respectable Tenants.— Held for a t e rm of which 93 years at Michaelnjas next will be unexpired, and amounting to, per annum - - 0 0 Subject to an original ground rent of - - T- 21 0 0 Leaving a net yearly income of - ' - - ^ 69' 0 0 r n U N B R I D G E WELLS.— R. DELVES respect- J L fully informs ' lie Nobility and Gentry, who intend visiting Tunbridge, that he ha, taken the KEN TISH TAVERN and H O T E L , and humbly " solicits their patronage; of which he hopes to render himself deserving, by constant endeavours to promote their comfort aiid accommodation. Begs leave also to observe, that he has a Register of Lodging Houses, whereby they may i f i o w , on their arrival, of every House to Let, aud those becoming vacant. Mentions some of those now to Let : — Small Merrivale, from July 5, Warwick House, from July 1, Great Merrivale, from July 13. L Eden House, Bedford Place, Mcunt ' Pleasant, Sinn Place, Letters directed to R. D. will meet the earliest attention. A D l E ^ n T GENTLEMEN— A lot of prime Stripe Flowered Satin Gauzes, at Mily 6s. worth 9s. Cd.; ' Striped Satins, 5s. 9d. ; Poplins, 3s. 6d. ; best coloured Bombsizeens, 2s. 6d.; best Italian Nets, 2s 3d. and a*. 6 d . ; richest Striped Lustres, - is worth 6s.; Long Culrourg Scarves, only 25s.; best Black Silk Velvets, 12s.; rich Satins, only 5s. and 6 » . in black, white, and colours; , prime Silk Hose, 7s. to 9s., Mens' Black iVily los. worth 15s- great bargains; double twilled Sarsenets, elegant Muslin Dresses, 8s. tid. to K> s. 6- 1.— French Kid Gloves, only I Bs. and 20s. a dozen.; Thread Laces, Elegant Shawls, ' I v o r y and other dress Fans, great bargains, and numerous other articles very cheap. The maxim of R O B E R T ' THOMAS Is, that of advancing moiuy to needy Manufacturers; it is on this account that his prices will be found 25 p t r cent, lower than ' other houses. No abatement f r om the pri: es marked. N. B. Family Mourning, equally low ill price. 193, Fleet- street, Chancery- lane. T ON DON wd DOVE R RO AD.— BUI. L INN, - 1 - A Rochester, and ROSE INN, Sitting!*> urne— ISAAC • BALLARD most respactfully informs the Nobility, Gentrf, and'Families travelling the Kent Road, that he has by itid. fiti- : gable exertions fitted up the Bull Inn, where, he flatters hinvelf, will be found in every department., accommodations which, fur '; t'ortifort and convenience, cannot be excelled— And u'nderstandfrom indisputable authority, that his opponents are meanly and industriously propagating a report that he has left the Rose Inn, Sittiiigboucheylhereby deceiving his Friends, I. B. takes the liberty thus publicly to ' aftnounce, that ( as it is his intention to carry on the Rose Inn during his lease) himself and Daughter will always he there to receive Company, that the same establishment shall be kept up, and the same a terition pai3 as heretofore; and, as the posting department will be carried on through the line in a very superior maner, he most confidently anticipates a continuance of that support Whiih, during an arduous trial of 18 years, he has befn honoitred'wjth by a generous Public, and whjch he ; and - his. ifaitiily mflit njjtpectfully acknowledge. L Ballard's connexions at Dartford att'the Rose and Bull Inns. • The ACCOMMODATION POST CO ACH every morning at Seven o'Clock, and a nevy light Four Inside Coach, in seven hours, every afternoon at T h r e e , f r om the White Horse Inn, Fetter- lane, Holborn; from whence light Telegraph Post and Mail Coaches set out daily, direct, to most of the principal Cities, Manufacturing ' Towns, and fashionable Watering Places in the Kingdom, By JOHN' EAMES and Co. INDIA SHAWLS— Warned immediately, a variety of long and square India Shawls, curious worked Muslins, & c.— Apply at Ev'ERI N G T O N ' S India and British Shawl Warehouse, 10, Ludgate- street, near St. Paul's, where the greatest variety are constantly on Sale. Ladies having India Shawls, which they may wish to exchange, will find themselves liberally treated. f N D i A SHAWLS and CURIOSITIES A D A V E S , of Bond- street, continues to P U R C H A S E all sorts of SHAWLS and SMAWI. H A N D K E R C H I E F S , and any other curisus Ornaments of Foreign Produce, at his India Warehouse, No. 71. j A NO FOTlTli S — G R E A T BA R G A 1 N S— ' Two Good Second- Hand P I A N O F O R T E S , with additional Keys, & c. by Brnadwood and Sons, one of 15 Guinees, and another 24 Guineas. Also a capital Cabinet Piano Forte, as good as new, silk front, two pedils complete, stands remarkably well in T une, shop price 60 Guineas, for ." 8 Guineas— May he seen at No. 5, Leicester- place, from T ell to Four o'Clock, at the Owner's, Mr. W'atlen, wbo can warrant the above instruments; packing cases, if required. CHE A P CARPETS and~ 7tUGS— JTI^ TVV. HARE ( late BRITTCN'S), Carpet and Rug- manufacturers, 77, Cannon- street, City, beg respectfully to. inform their Friends and the Public, that owing to a reduction in Materials, they are selling as follows for ready money: — Brussels, warranted first quality and patterns, 6s., ad. to 6s. 9d., per yard; 4- 4ths Kidderminster, 4s. 3d. ; best Superfine do. 5s.' 3 d . ; half yard Venetian, 2s. 8d.; half ill do. 3s. 4d.; elegant Brussels Rugs, 36s.; Druggets, Baizes, Blankets, & c. Carpets made to plan. — N. B. Patterns Ilrusssls only, sent on approbation. VENISON from Granbourn Chafc. e— T. GROVE, Fishmonger and D/ aier in Venison, No. 33; Charing- Cross, London, receives a regular supply of Venison from Cranbourn Cliace, of a superior flavour and quality, which he is enabled to offer to the Nobility, Gentry, and Public, at u very reasonable price. N. B. Orders punctually attended to from any part of Town or Country. NOBLEMEN, GENTLEMEN, AND^ LAFIFS of Consequence may have MONEY to any Amount, immediately and secretly advanced, on every species of good Security, or their Bills Discounted, by a Gentleman who offers his attention solely to persons of the higher class.— Apply to Mr. M. No. 22, Charges- street, Piccadilly. Attendance from ten till six. Letters to Ge post paid. T T . T H O M P S O N , Patentee of the P O R T A B L E J • MILITARY and T R A V E L L I N G BED, begs leave to inform Officert and Gentlemen going abroad, that he has now on shew at his Warehouse, 116, Long Acre, a new and extensive Assortment of good Canteens, Portable Beds for Service or Barrack, Marquees, and Tents, and every other description of Camp and Travelling ilquipage. ' T M I E fashionable T I I U R I N G U E N R I D I NG JL HABIT, invented by G. F O X , i? made up in a tasteful and novel style, so as to shew the figure in the most beautiful form that can be imagined, and can only be seen or purchased but at his house, 28, King- street, Covent- Garden. Twelve Months' Credit given, or 10 per Cent, allowed for Ready VIoney. Ladies, by sending a close dress, can be as well fitted as if seen. For particulars, apply to Messrs. Edwards and Lyon, Blootiisbury- square. - - ' \ / T ON E y 7 " \ G EN C Y OFF ICE.— The oldest J 3 J L Office in L o n d o n , w h e r e from 500/. to 50,000/, is always ready to advance on Annuities or on Bills or . Notes, or any other security. t'e- rsCms of known: character may be supplied on the first application by Burrows and Co. llussel- M e w s , H o w l a n d - s t r e e t , F i t z r o y - s q u a r e . ' ' * . T N S A O T r r C U R E D — m T L U C E T T , with 1 assistance uf. Mi-. " SMITH, Member of the Royal ' Coflegt of . Surgeons, receives Insane Patients at hisjiouse. jii Chertsey. Sy^, this Medicinal process'an abatement in the symptomVis effected in 24 hours, and a cure- is completed in a. veryshWTtime. A \' re?. t number of the most satisfactory references can be given of tj;;' unvaried success attending tbis'proces. l.— A- dMress Mr. Liicetr, Western House, Chertsey; or Mr. It. Smith, Chertsty. . . M I L L A R O ' S E A S T I N D I A W A R E H O U S E S , N o . IG. Cheapside, for I N D I A MUSI. 1 N, SHAWLS, & c. and B R I T I SH M A N U F A C T U R E D GOODS, by the Piece aud Demy, at the Wholesale Price. . . rSPHE Proprietor respectfully hiform's the Nobility, iL Merchants,' and Families arriving from abroad, the greatest variety of India Muslins, for Laities' dress and Gentlemen's cravats, Shawls, Long Cloths, & c. as imported by the Company, together with every kind of superior British manufactured Goods, I rish Linens, Damask ' Table Linen, Sheetings, Articles tor Family Mourning, elegihtFurnitures, Foreign Lace, Sc. are constantly on Sale, at the Wholesale Price, by tiie- Pu- ee and Demy. Merchants and Ladies, having Commissions, liberally treated with'.— India Shawls exchanged, or paid cash tor.— No ahatehieiit hiade. — Proprietors , ef Business in the L\ nuitry . supplied with the fashionable Articles for Dress as they appear. Ui. i. jue Printed Cambrics and Muslins,- and superfine. Gingham-, and Seersuckers adapted lor the French arid other Foreign Markets. WINES REGENCY WINE COMPANY, No. 97, Pall Mail, established for the Sale of jenuine Wines for present payment— the following Wines: fine Old Cape, 34-.. 56s, and 4!! s.; Sherry, 52s.; fine Old Port, from the Wood, 48s.; Superior 1 s 12, at 52s.; Madeira, 66s.; East India Madeira, 80s.; Direct Madeira, at 48s.; and Superior, at 52s. Delivered fre ; of expence to any part of London. Samples of one dozen t i - i i may be had on trial by applying as above, as several thousand dozen are always ready for delivery in the Company's Vaults. . ^ p o be D E P O S E D O F , an O i T ^ s ' t t b i w S i S M t l li X the F U R TRADE, combining unparalleled advantages, being free from the encumbrances that usually attend on entering a concern of such magnitude, where there is a dead stock to be taken at a valuation, which makes the purchase of unfashionable articles comparatively useless, and every advantageous improvement in the valuable premises, to adapt them to the business, has, at a great expense ( aided by many years experience) been added to render it unequalled ill its combination of usef ulness and durability.. ' The, present proprietor having realised a sufficiency, has been induced to offer a continuation of this extensive and certain medium of independence to those whose means are adequate to a remuneration, in which the most liberal construction will be manifested, and undeniable proof given of its importance and perfect security.— For further particulars, apply by letter, with real name and address, to A. B. Andertoc's Coffee- house, Fleet- street, WHITEHALL CARPET WAREHOUSE, No. 51, nearly opposite the Admiralty, where several thousand yards of BRUSSELS' C A R P E T I N G are S E L L I NG from 6s. Od. to 7s. 6d. per yard. Kiddvrniinster, Venetian, and Imperial, equally cheap: also a very extensive assortment of fashionable Hearth Rugs of every description, considerably under the manufacturer's pi ices. The best seasoned Floor Cloth from 20 to 25 per cent, under the usual prices. Old Carpets painted and made superior to new Floor Cloths on an improved principle. DINING- ROOMor^ IBMARY FURNITURE, to be Sold at half the usual charge.— Three sets of Moreen Curtains, three Patent Dining Tables, 60 Mahogany Chairs,. four Pedestal Sideboards, two Plain ditto; 400 Yards of real Brussels Carpets at 6s. 9d. a- yard, 12,- if the cheapest Tttrkev Carpe's in England, four of them very large sizes, one handsome D r ^ e ry Bedstead and Furniture. N I A S and CO. Agents, 32, Berners- street, Oxford- road. n OMAN CEMENT ( commonly called^ Parker's L V Cement), for stuccoing Old Houses, and giving them the - appearance of New Stone Buildings, at the same time keeping the Walls free from Damp; also making ' Tanks, Cisterns, Malting Floors, and every species of Brick- work, in or under water, where particular strength is required. Manufactured, as u-, ual, In Charles Francis, and White, Nine Elms, near Vauxhall, London, and sent out in five- bushel casks. It is also sold at their Warehouse, Puddle- dock, at the upper end of Thames- street, near Blackfriars' Bridge. State Lottery Offices, 4, Cornhill, and 9; Charing- Cross. T BISII, as Contractor for the ' Two Last LOT- . T. ER1ES, most respectfully returns his sincere thanks to the Public for the' liberal patronage bestowed tipon thetii generally ; but his thanks are more particularly due for the large portion which he individually received, and it is highly- gratifying to his feelings, that he is enabled to announce, as usual, a list of Capitals Shared and Sold by him, far exceeding in number those Sold by any other Office- Keeper, as will be seen by the following unequalled!, ist: / No. 2,759, in Twelve Shares 30,00< 2. 6, oom I e, 09<) 1,000 ! i2,124 13,- 51 3,176 11,446 3,415 4,258 2,450 9,403 1,552 2,787 5.602 ' 5,775 6,084 b', MS 49 570 1,424 1,575 2,368 ' 3,211 5,929 11,378 12 760 12','?) 73 300 300 . sort 200 son 200 ' 300' sod so:) 2110 aixi 200 A have now to offer to the Public a S I LK HAT, combining every requisite a Hat ought to possess; it has al l the appearance of the finest and most expensive Beaver, is equally light, will wear twice as long, and is of a better shape, which it retains to the last; it will never change its Colour, which is the most beautiful Black, nor lose its- gloss, if worn for seven years; no weather wiil ever, injure these H a t s ; price 26s.— Galon and Co. Manufacturers, 424, Strand, corner of Bedford- street, London; 10, College- Greek, Dublin ; and at 60, South Bridge- street, Edinburgh, wholesale and retail. S1XTEEN~ YEARS E S ' l ' A B L I S H ED THE Public are respectfully invited to an Inspection of the very large and cheap STOCK of I R I SH SHIRTING and SHEETING CLOTHS, now on Sale, at No. 4, the South side of Bloomsbury- square. The Company, from the nature of their Establishments here arid ill Ireland, offer to the Community the above Articles much cheaper andb.- tter then they can be procured through any other medium. ' Their Linens are bleached under their own inspection, without the help of r- clds. They warrant their durability aud colour, and engage to return the money should a fault appear.— Country Orders faithfuTy attended to.— Agents: John Donovan, No. 4, Bloomsbury- square, London; John Doyle, 31, St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin.— Good Bills on Ireland, or Irish Bank Notes, taken in payment for Linen,- or discounted/ 1 , t 00 500 500 400 400 300 | SOU j 000 i stm 3"> o 1 . . 300.] . The fortuha'e Holders ". iay rcceive their money on demand. A new Lottery is now ' in Sale ; the Scheme of wtiirh is likely to meet with universal approbation', a's it contains many' excellent features, the mast prominent of which are, that the Drawings are to- be equal each day, and the Grand Prizes cannot resnain In the Wheel so long as t:: ey have often done, because the Scheme is so arranged that the very fir- t Prize drawn must he more than 4O. CO0L and it may by pnssi'lji ity lie- 80,000/.!! BJg'tns Drawing 17th September. Sclienies gratis. O N S B M P t l O N S ~ C U R E I X - ^ I T A ' . w S r i o w l vho^ through an extensive practice iu tW^ above dishas been so. fortunate as to uis, eov, er a i^ Iedicine that is an man, who'tlirinigh an exteji.-, ive" practice iu tfi^ abovedis- , s been so. fortunate as to uis. « ov, er a Jledicine that Is an . infallible'Cure tor Consumptions, by which Medicine he lias cured many when given over by eminent Physitians, and when- ln the last stage of a Consumption, _ attei" 1ed with cotigh, spitting of_ . blooJ, and" ( Edematous swellings of the feet, & c. . Tlti'iugh the' truth of this assertion may tyulouhtwl, the Advertiser is - liRfcpy t d ' say, that he has it in hit power to rrf r to those he lias cured, and whemgivenoverby some'of <^>{ firs't ProtVs, ionat - M<- n. - He there- - fore now publicly offers it m j h i i s e . who- are labouring under t h i j -> afflicting diSeise.— lAtters, poSt'paid, addressed for A. B. No. S, L'uujberlaiid- street, New- rfiad^?. l,< ry.- le bone, Jboiidop, Will have immediate Attention, and where a^- jl.' ance is giyen every day .; Sundays- excepted) Itoiii ten to twi'lve j* n ill - foreiiiion.^ ' " RUP TURE.—' The Afflicted aWifXUBst respectfully informed, ffaat SALMON, O D t , Co's , i ' A T E N T •'. S E L P - A D J U S T T i t USSES- c. mtinufeto. be recommended by the most- eminent . Surgeons in towrt and'icojmtiry. iTum the. superior" coiistruction ot. tln se ln- tr umeius tin S'raps are necessaty - and will answer for r i j i t . iir left side -..' t'selftrtfy .- fa also r e l i i v id from the galling pressure Which a'i other T'ruWeS oCCMion: • T'Se ! ' Patentees have the honour to supply the Av- mjiJind Navy, the Mb* —• liiary and Naval Hospitals, ihe Tiansport Board, the Dockyards, the Ordnance, the Marine Infirmary, the Honourable Ea- t India Company, the City of London Truss K-. clfc.- y,. th » Mary- le- bone ItiSrmary, the Middlesex Hospital, & c.— Manufactbry, No. 292;... N. B. Persons residing in the country, sending the citcnmfer- * ene: 1 f the body in inches, just abo- t- e the liijs, may depend dpo* bsiing accurately fitted,, 41 mrrcw M4Jf HAGCE, JULY 3. ^ E C O S D C H A M B E R OF T H E S T A T E S GENIYITAL. s i r r i K o o r THE 2 D JCX- V. A message was read from hi: Majesty, accompanied by a changed project of a law, respecting loa-. ls, opened in the kingdom for foreign Powere, S* private person ® abroad, whith, on the motion of the President, was referred to the'Section'for examination-. Another rjiessigc from his Majesty, acquainting the Chamber ihat his Majesty had acceded' to the treaty coneludedor. the 26tH of S « pte;, nber, 1815, between their Majesties the Emperor of jjUstria, the King cf Prussia, and the Enfysror of Russia, under the najne ® f the Holy Alliance, which'treaty was read, and It was resolvs^- to deposh these documents in the arehistfes of die Chamber- Adjourned ' till, to- morrow— Hcgue Coumiif, July 3. ;•* perlii- V JUNE 25. The report that the fortifications of Cologne are to be razed, and the sctte of them converted into gardens, is wholly; groundless; on the contrary, the greatest ' activity ii exerted in strengthening this place, which is in many respects of such great importance— Amsterdam Courdnt, July 3. ' ST. PETEKKBUROH. 77:; Rtcsszan Gazette of the Senate of••' the; 23d of May' announces,, that the widow of Lieutenant Bariko'Weky, for having. harboured a sailor convicted . of theft, Was in the year ISftodepriyed bf her nobility, and sent into exile s but his* Majesty the Emperor has now fpySn an Ukase, declaring, that the son of this woman, Lieutenant in the 12th regiment of yagers, had by his bravery in the late campaign*, and. t'} e, blood bf his' Wounds atoned for iHe tavilt of Ills'mother, she is therefore pardoned and'her nobility restored. ' ' - '^ K ATRiTiiof A l. r HAYMA UKKT. Tbt » Evening T H E P O O R G E N T L E M A N. To which will be added, L O C K A N D K J jX On Monday, A' B # d Stroke for a Husband: wifn'Darkness Visible- On Tuesday, The Heir at Law. ' . 5* l'ltlGE' OK .-> t in; « . s rats i u * A1 t Wli « . VJS. 3 per Cent. Cons, ecj ex diy. 1 4 per Cents 77f J Ditto for Account 64j> 5 per Cent. Red. 62 jf 15 per Cents shut Omnium ( paym.) 23} pr. THE COURIER. ^ SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 6. Our accounts this morning from Frome state, that every thing lias remained tranquil during the week. ' ' Frohi Leicestershire, we learn, that through the activity bf the. Magistrates, and of the officers sent down frotr) London, two men Were oh Thursday brought to Leicester gaol, on suspicion of being concerned in the attack upon Mr. IIEATIICOTE'S manufactory at Loughborough. Another man is in custody at Loughborough— and one letter'says, that two of the'gang have impeached their accomplices. When they entered the manufactory, they had their- faces blacked, and each was armed with a bayonet ( hung through the button- hole of the coat), a pistol, and a hatchet. Their Captain, as they called him, was fivountcd on a fine horse, and leaped over the toll- gate going to Ashby delaZouch. The poor watchman whom they shot in the neck, has had the'- ball extracted, and is said to be out of danger. By the destruction of this manufactory, above 300 hands are thrown out of employment. We are surprised to hear, that the. coals which the colliers were drawing were given them by the manager of a great colliery, for the purpose of their being drawn to London. They had a painted board too, containing a Magistrate's certificate in their favour. The Magistrates jeht to meet the party that- came by the Oxford road vere Messrs. BIRNIE and BAKER. They represented to the men the danger and illegality of their conduct.— The men replied, that it had not struck them in that light, and they regretted that they had not beep stopped sooner, Our regret is accompanied with surprise, that the Magistrates in any corporate town through which they passed did not make the same remonstrances to them as the London Magistrates. The colliers contradicted the rumour that they had begged money on their way, which they declared was false. This, they said, was contradicted by their placard, which was inscribed, " Willing to work, but none of us wilt beg." They admitted, however, that fhey had received 6Ql. on their way, but this they s'aj'd was . the amount of voluntary donations, totally unsolicited by them. At Henley they accepted nothing. The cpals, which amounted to about three tons, were purchased by the Magistrates, and distributed among' the poor of Maidenhead. The Magistrates then received the placards, and gave them a sum of money to carry tliem home We have receive^ this morning fljdifajj Papers J, o the I j lh ult. The following are - extracts ;— CONQUEST OF SANTA FE. , J *'. " GOYCA, MAY 4. " A couj jer his just arrived here, dispatched by Gen. MORILLO, announcing that the Royal Army, under his command, had subdue J " the Kingdom of .{ Santa Ft*, the cApit. il of which he entered Qth April, . having defeated in their march the several bands of insurgents Who undertook to oppose and stogtlie progress of his victorious army. Tranquillity was so completely restored throughout the kingdon; and its inhabitants evinced their loyalty and attachment to his Majesty's Government, by such proofs of sincerity, tint' General Moj- ULLO has ordered' that a considerable part or' his army. should return to'the provinces of Venezuela, and th. it ,' KW) men should nvvrch • td-' Pammtf. thence to embark fat Lima, with ( he oijett of ' Somphtiirg tite subjugation of Buenos' Ayresi' A squadron of the naval foices belonging to the expedition his received orders to sail from Carthagena and cruise • against the vessels of the insurgents and pirates who were yet scattering over tljesi i/ tsaa. , I, .. " BOSTON, J O S R 7. '• V " The Pntf0att2?- American lias a report, that Mr- Speaker C'i. AV has won tS. 000Jollars of an ' Ambassadorial cards.- . • t •• " i'he'Malifaxjaper of the7th lift, state& t'iat theCreek Indians have deWared war, and commenced hostilities - ijjaiiist the United'States'. .->.'' • A Mail from Holland anised this morning. The King' of the NETHERLANDS has acceded to the Treaty of'the Holy . AUiaace. . German Papers arrived. last night, cneof which, in an article under the head of 2ara, June 18, says—" The . Fanny, a corvette, has entered tliis port, after having had a combat of four hours' duration with a Tunisian vessel, which having much suffered, and having sprang a leak, sunk to the bottom without its being passible to save any of ihe crew. This vessel had hoisted a black flag, which the Captain of the fanny perceiving, did the same." One of the French Papers that arrived yesterday, says, that it is not yet known whether the vessels that escaped from Bona have not fallen into the hands of the pirates. Xet a little, a very little while, and the vengeance of the British arm will fall on them t On Thursday the l lth instant, their Royal Highnesses the D u k e s of K E N T , SUSSEX, and GLOUCESTER, and his : Serene Highness the Prince of SAXE COBOURG, will . attt- nd at Guildhall, to receive the freedom of the City. They will afterwards dine with the LORD MAYOR at the Mansion House, and in the evening upwards of 2000 persons are invited. The LORD MAYOR has shewn great anxiety to promote the wearing of Spitalfields manufacture, and we hope, on this occasion, both Ladies and Gentlemen will endeavour, as much as possible, to support this benevolent intention. Admiral PICKMORE is expected to sail from Portsmouth, to assume the governorship of Newfoundland, in about ten days. The Congreve rockets, which proved so destructive in America, and other places, during the late war, will be conveyed in the fleet about to sail to Algiers, to be there used, if necessary. By a vessel which arrived at Malta the 17th of May, from Coron, it appears that the piratical squadron from Tunis had sunk an English merchant brig near Naravina, and murdered the crew; that a British and a Kussian vessel had been found ofF Milo, deserted, and from their decks being strewed with arms and ammunition, it is sup posed they had been taken by the pirates. The following case appears ia the Philadelphia Mercantile Advertiser of the 7th June : — " Just . is our papei is preparing for press, we hear of a most distressing occurrence. The world is aware of a dispute between PETER RANDOLPH, Judge of the Circuit Court, and THOMAS W s, a delegate from Nottoway, in the Genera! A, y. On Wednesday evening Judge RANDOLPH rod - he Court House of Nottoway ; his friend and cousin, Colonel G R E E N W T L , was in his company until he came within a short distance of Mr. WELLS' house. WELLS keeps a public house, the Piazza, which is near the road. Judge R. went to the Clerk's office, and on his return by W.' s house approached it as if to speak to Mr. W. and stepped into the piazza. WELLS came to the door; no conversation ensued: the latter fired, and shot Judge R. in the breast: he staggered out of the house, and had not yet fallen, when Col. G. who had been to the gaol, and heard the report of the pistol, came up, and found him wounded. Judge 11. told him of what had passed, and begged him not to hurt W E L L S . The latter again came to the door, and ordered Col. G. off. The Colonel refused to obey the con. rnand, when Mr. W. fired at him and wounded him with two balls, one of which struck on one -'. ide of the neck, and wounded round to the other; the other is not yet found. After a short time the two Gentlemen were vcnioved. The physicians have not definitely pronounced upon Judge R.' s case.— 1' lie ball was supposed to have p issed through and lodged near to the region of the back bone. The above is a hasty sketch, and may therefore prove defective." LEIPSIC, JUNE 25.— Though merchants in general complain of the late Leipsic Fair, it has been one. of the most flourishing with respect to literature which has occurred for many years. The Book Exchange was numerously attended every day by booksellers from all parts . of Europe, among whom the most temarkable were— Gralf, from PAter. sburgh; Hartman, from itiga; Schamnburgh, from Vienna; Iiohte, from London ; Turtel and Wurtz, from Paris; Bonnier, from Copenhagen; Wiborg, from Stockholm; Stilpke, from Amsterdam; and several from Milan and other towns of Italy. These and many others assembled here to carry back to their respective countries the various productions of MR. SHERIDAN. Tire last hope of the recovery of this great nun has vanished. " Me grew much worse yesterday, could take no nourishment, aid was speechless for a considerable time. The answer this rooming was, niiat be could not be worse— that his dissolution was expected every moment. Before o^ jr readers receive t^ iis, he will in all probability : be no more. Whit a volume is included in these few words, even when they arc applied to the humblest individual ! The loss of father, or son, of him who was the stay and support o. f declining age or of fsehie youth I— whose counsels guided, whose affections gladdened the little circle around him!— All this mind, all this heart to be mute and motionless and dumb for ever! But when a Sheridan is withdrawn from us— the master mind, the master genius'.— talents that have adorned and dignified A TRUTH. Fill Iiigli the yet higher stilt— ' . Pleasure like this can never cloy; Y, it it sure will b,- uiis. lt ever} ill, . And laU£ titer is « he proof of joy. IVJistaken wretch : t i e wine may drawn The senses, but it drowns not care, And latigiiter is a veil that's thrown Tp hide from every eye despair. True bliss is li'te a < it! ief sjene, A spinmer e v e v i a g i gentle breeze— " 1' is silent all, and all s e r e n e - Noise shews a heart that's 111 at eass. the country in which he was born and the age in which he lived--- the first statesman, the first orator, the first poet, the first wit- - when such a man is taken from us, what a vast chasm 1 what an irreparable loss!--- That so much genius, that so much mind can die. To Mr, Sheridan belonged every kind of intellectual excellence— omnc genus tetigil— nullum tetigit quod man ornavit. As a dramatic writer, forty years have elapsed since The School for Scandal was brought out, and yet what writer has produced any Comedy to he put into competition with it? Who has equalled The Critic? As a poet, who has surpassed the Monody on the death ofGarrick? As an orator ( with the exception of Pitt and Burke), who excelled him ? He had strength without coarseness— liveliness without frivolity— he tvas bold but dexterous in his attacks— not eaiily repelled, but when repelled, effecting his retreat in good Older.— Often severe— much oftcner witty, and gav, and graceful— disentangling what was confused— enlivening what Was dull— very clear in his arrangement— very comprehensive in his views ;— flashing upon his hearers wifh such a burst of brilliancy I— When no other speaker was listened to, he could arrest and chain down the members to their seats— all hanging upon him with the mo'steager attention— all fixed in wonder and delight;— he never tired— he could adapt himself, more than any other man, to all minds and to all capacities—" from grave to ; ay, from lively to severe." Every quality of an orator was united in him— the mind— the eye, quick, sparkling, penetrating, matchless almost for brilliancy and expression — the attitude, the gesture, the voice. Mr. Pitt had more dignity, more copiousness, more grasp, more sarcasm— But in richness of imagery he was inferior to Sheridan, who had no superior but Rurke. He was less powerful and commanding in argument than Mr. Fox, but this was the only advantage Mr. Fox had over him. As an orator we should place him after Pitt and Uurke. It is to be regretted that Mr. Sheridan attached himself to the Party of the Opposition. But he did not submit servilely to their trammels— he burst them often to devote the whole weight of his talents to the service of his country. The gloomy page of our history that records the mutiny of the Nnre is an eternal monument to his honour and to their disgrace. Whilst they were torpid, or rather enjoyed an event so big with peril to the country, but which they hoped might accomplish the downfal of the Ministry, he stepped forward and stood alone. For this act of patriotism they never forgave him. It was undoubtedly the cause of his exclusion from the Cabinet when they came into power. The Tre. tsurership of the Navy, a place not above the capacity of a Tierney, was deemed a fit post for the unequalled talents of a Sheridan, whilst the second and I third- rate abilities of the Pettys and the Greys were call- [ ed to the highest offices of the State. This, we have NA VAL INTELLIGENCE. The Company's ship Princess Charlotte. of Wales having been docked and surveyed, was expected to sail from Bombay for Madias the 15th March ; she had received but little damage. The extra ships David Scott and Carmarthen sailed from Bombay the 18th Feb. KVRAOX'OT A LETTEP, FROM A N OFFICER OK EOAUD o r HIS MAJESTY'S SHIP BANS'; ' " Spittread, July 4. " The last time 1 wrote to yon was from Sierra Leone, on the KCth April, wlitre we had just arrived tyitli two valuable prizes ( Portugcease slave ships). We sailed tlifc following day on receiving information ot two Spani.- h vessel* slaving at the Galinas, a favourite trading place of the Spaniards, one hundred miles to the leonard of S. erra- Leone. ] Living light baffling winds, we found, on our arrival there, that they had sailed three days before, and carried- away nine hundred slaves. However, sire were not altogether !-,- K... .1,.. 1. _ » the German press, to which the complete restoration of j "' ways believed, he felt keenly, but he thought there was peace has given great activity. The catalogue for this I as little dignity as there generally is of utility in comfair forms a thick octavo volume, closely printed, and it contains only new publications and new editions of German and classical works. A singularity at this fair was the appearance of several Greeks, from the Seven Islands and the Morea, who purchased a considerable part of an elegant impression of the principal Greek and Roman classics, edited by Schaifer, Herman, Beck, & c. and published in a pocket size, by Tauchmitz, an enterprising bookseller of this place, llohte, from London, was commissioned to make large purchases for his Britannic Majesty's library, both of classics and German works, which could not be procured during the late war. Some of these foreign booksellers also bring to the fair splendid editions of the classics published by themselves, in this way Turtel and Wurtz exhibited the long- expectcd Herodotus, with notes by Schw- jighausert. Fottche's Memoirs, written by himself, are soon to be published here. To those who are fond" of solar observations, the sun at this time presents a very interesting appearance ; near the centre is a smallish dark spot, something in the form of a kite With a short-- tail ; and parallel to this, westward-, is another spot, of somewhat similar, size and shape, but more obtuse ; these are connected by a stratum or line of an irregular curve, but not so dark in colour as the spots ; near the eastern limb, and niany degrees below the equator, is a large clustea ; the first or western spot is very large arid black, of an irregtllar figure, surrounded by a margin ( usually denominated a shallow), conforming in some degree to the ligur'e ot the'spoty'bat lighter in colour, and in size about twice the diameter of the spot : eastward, and in a curve line,' are six irregular" spots ( some double), whose ' general form are Oval, rather acute at the lower point, and less dense in eoVur; between the last two is a small - and very black spot ; at the end of this range is another spot, nearly as lafge as the first, and equally surrounded • With the same.- appearance; more eastward is another smallish spot ; | he ' greater part " of its edge has a fringelike appearance. This beautiful cluster ( taking the suq's diameter at" 880IQOO m i l e s ) cannot'be less than 150,000 miles in extent. Towards the western limb, and some degree? above the equator, is a considerable large and dark- spot, hut - got surrounded by a margin or shallow. All these have ' c o n t i n u e d for several days, with little alteration in . their form.- From observations of ancient astronomers, and , ilso those of Dr. IIERSCHEL, which he has endeavoured to establish by historic researches, it appears that when these appearances in the sun hive continued for some time, seasons bf plenty generally follow, ' • plaint. He never remonstrated against it. A friend to the Liberty of the Press he was; ardent, uniform, sincere. He never relaxed in hi3 efforts; he was not one of those who would disguise their fears of its power under affected apprehensions of its licentiousness: he knew that every great institution has its defects : he did not wish to cut down the tree because of an excrescence on one of its branches. prom political life he had been long withdrawn. But this is a subject which we touch upon with regret, for it involves a charge of ill- treatment. I| is retirement was unwilling, and he had not in it the comforts that should accompany retirement. We fear that he had not even personal security, and that grief may have had no small share in withdrawing from our sphere so splendid a luminary, the last of that constellation of great men, who rendered the British Senate more illustrious than the Senates either of Athens or of Rome. This sketch is drawn with a hasty and feeble pencil— a faint tribute it is to so great a man— but of the many that will be paid to his memory, we are quite sure that none will be more sincere. nora del Carmen, belonging to Cadiz, and bound, when she had completed her cargo of . slaves, to the Hav umah; having only-> n « month's provisions remaining. Aft. r -. dispatching the prize to Sierra- Leone, we made sail for the West Indies : we \ flere not quite four months on the coast . trf Africa, in. w h i ch time we weits fortunate enough to rescue from slavery near 1000 unfortunate beings, and capture four valuable prices. " Oil the 15th of May, in lat. 10. ?- i. N. and long. 15 54. W . feU in with Ids Majesty's ships Newcastle and Orontes, the former bearing the flag of liear- Adm. Sir p . Malcolm, on their way lo St. Helena, with the Commissioners for the car : of Buonaparte on board, all Well, three weeks from. England., • DEAt,- JOLT 5.— Sailed'tor the Rivtr ihe Knapton, Christie, from Jamaica*; and Pomona, Ilanton,, from Ten trifle and Madeira. Remains - his Maj- sty's ship Ganymede. P O R T S M O U T H , J U L Y .5.— Arrived the Ban'n'ship of war, from Africa. : Spoke the ship Fame, of Liverpool, Sth Januarv, on tits Coast; and on 27th February, spoke the. Jane aiid the brig M;. nerva off Calabar River. Sailed the Suwarrow American Company^ ship, for S;. Petersburgh ; hi*. . Majesty's ship Pilot, for Plymouth; Grecian, . for Guernsey; Isabella, S h i p l e y a n d Bal, tic Merchan s, transports, for London. . FALMOUTII,, JULY 3.— Arrived the Caahce, Tarftin, from Birbadoiis, leaky. , PLYMOUTH, JULV ", J U S E IV.— From the observations made with the Pluvirtieter at the Observatory, it appeats, that since 1773, about the era of the introduction of Conductors ( to preserve buildings from lightning) upon the old Continent, the quantity of rain has increased in the enormous proportion of one- fifth, and the decrease of heat, or the coldness of the earth, has been in the same proportion. A great number of curiou^ persons and men of learning are gone to Villiga, in the Duchy of Placenta, to be present at the excavations, which were to be continued on a great 6cale ; they have been resumed >: pon a plan opposite to that which has been hitherto followed. Since the death of the Duke, nothing has been done to discover the city of Viiliga, the capital of a flourishing republic, and which do appeared by a catastrophe, of which the details are in PLINY. Some private baths have been discovered, and gold medals, of the reign of TRAJAN. Two 3tatues of Vesta have also been discovered by several marble columns. It is hoped the Whole city wiil be discovered. Villiga will rise from its truinj to astonish the world. Two hundred thousand francs have been placed at the disposal of the antiquary, PETER. L A M A , to direct all these labours, hk. eor. c.' rt wuJv'rkp engineer, CIRCQN'CKLLI. carpet :— At top, t w o herrings . . . Middle, one ounce and a half of butter, melted Bottom, three mutton chops, cut thin One side, one pound of small potatoes On the other side, pickled cabbage Fish removed, two larks, plenty of crumbs Mutton removed. French roll boiled ior pudding Parssley for garnish . 1 f ui: « 4 of . — The dinner was served up on china, looked light, tasty, and pretty— the table small, and tire dishes wellproportioned. We hope each newly married lady will keep this as a lesson ; it is worth knowing how io serve up seven dishes, consisting of a dish of fish, joint of mutton, couple of fowls, pudding, vegetables, and sauce, for sevenper. ee.--- Creech's Edinb. Fug. Pieces, H E A D POLICE- OFFICE, DUBLIN- A Gentleman from the county of ' l'ipperary, at present residing at Bilton's Hotel, Sackville- street, attended at the Head Police- office, accompanied by Mr. M ' N A L L Y as his counsel. He stated to the Magistrates, a Gentleman had called upon him at the hotel, to apprise him he would receive a message irt the course of an hour frbm a person, in consequence of his not paying him 100/. which IK-' promised to give to his wife in the year 1810. Some, tin. t after, on going down stairs, he was metby thepersonall'uded to, who flourishedahorsewhip over his head; and threatened to extirpate him, unless he paid the money; he also challenged him to fight, and proposed giving two shoos for one. The complainant further stated, that lie was kept a prisoner in the parlour for at least an hour, and being in dread and fear of his life, he agreed to leave the matter to a gentleman who was with his assailant, who sat down and made an award against him for the hundred pounds, aud thirty pounds interest from 1810, and obliged hint immediately to accept a bill at ninety- one days for or. e hundred and thirty pounds. As the person to whom the bill was made payable did not attend at the office, the farther proceeding oo the business was deferred,— July 2. • % PRINCE REGENT'S LEVEE, COURT, Sfe. Yesterday at one o'clock, a Guard of Honour, under the command of Colonel Iliggitis, marched into- the Court- yard of Car'tun- house, attended by tlie band of the third Foot Guards, it) their state ' uniform.' A party of . the'- Life Guards were stationed in Pall- mall, with then band, who played alternately.: A great concourse of people were attracted, although the weathef was unfavourable—• The Duke of Well ingtonwasrecognisedby the populace, in Pall- mall, who followed him to the Regent's Court, with loud huzzas. Prince Leopold, attended by Sir K. Gardiner, and Baroji Hardenbrpke, arrived directly before from the entrance by the Park ; both the Prince and the Duke wore a Field- Marshal's uniform. Ilis Grace arrived first, and waited at the door of the grand entrance, to receive the Prince, attended by his Staff. The meet- - ing of his Serene Highness and his Grace- was mutually interesting, they cordially embraced ; the band playing God save the King. After the Regent had left his private apartments, Colonel Hill, the Field Officer in waiting, and Colonel Higgins, the Colonel of the Guard of Honour, were introduced to the Prince, to receive the military pass- word of tfce ' day. His Royal Highness afterwards proceeded to. liolia \ 7< x entre Levee, which was attended b y— The Dukes of York, Kent, and Gloucester; I'ritice Leopold, Prince K terhasy, t:, e Archbishop of Canterbury, tiie Cabinet | Ministers, the Foreign Ambassadors and Minister*, the Great Officers of State, the Officers of the Household, the Adjiitant- G. eneral, the Judge- Advocate; Mr. Leach, tile Chancellor of tlie j Duchy of Cornwall, in hisfull robes; Mr. Harrison, the Solicito - General to the Duchy of Cornwall, in his rubes; the Speaker of tiie House ot Commons the Judge of t l i t Admira. ty, the Treasurer of the Navy, the Solicitor- General, t'le President of the iioj. nl of trade, the Deputy High Biiliif id Westminster, Mr. \ V Tooke, Mr. Boyce, ami a tiumeruos a- seuibiage ot. < he Burgesses of the " City of Westminster," preceded by their Mace, with c! w- ir Address to the Regent upon the Mariiage of his Royal Daughter the Princess Charlotte with Prince Leopold; Mr. Cotgreave, the Mayor of Chester, in his robes, Mr. 1J. F. Jones, the Recorder, and Mr. Fi'uchett; the Deputy lov/ n Clerk of Chester, I attended by Ktrl Grosvenor and General ( Jrosv.- uor, with an . Address from toe fcity of Chester; the. I). an of Christ Church, j this l- tre Judge Advocate of the Admiralty, Alex. Cruise, LI.. D. I at Halifax, on his return from America, by Sir Wjiliam Scott, when he received the honour of Knighthood. ' T h e great Levee was numerously attended; ail the • pevtons of rank, and distinction in the metropdliti and its j tjnviro. ls b-- irt< present. — A m o n g them were, DuKESJ- LMuster,' vVe'liu. jt'on, Mjutrose, II.- au; i> rt, Rutland. M . i f a u i s s K i — D i n . g d l , Conyitgliam, fleatiforc, Wche. dey, j Hertford, Cholinondeley, Winchester, Camden, Worthier, Exeter, Barh, Abercuni. j EARLS — Portsmouth, II ire wood, Liverpool, Ilarrowhy, Belfast, Westmoreland, Sunderland, Ulessingtoii, . Mount Kdgcomije, Bathiirst, D i a w a r , Cntciester, Alutgrave, llMbe*, . Mirley, II. tr- | rmgtoii, As.' iburnlnai, Clotmwll, Mexborougli, St. Germain's', Stair, Aylesbury, Scarborough, Lindsay, Grosveiior, Aberdeen, Cirysfurt, Uosslynj Leitrim. VISCOUNTS— Castkreagh, Si Imouth, Weymouth, Carle- ton, Valletort, Tempietown, U k e , Melville, Chetwyud, Keith, and Otrallpford. .... COUNTS— Woronzo-, v, Manner, and Demetrius Valsamuclu. Loans— St. Helen's, Fitzroy Sonv r » et, lirskius, Arden, Kensington, Longford, ISxmoittli, William Fttzgi- rjlu, dinning, Rodney, Wtil'Um Fitzroy, Atlluir Hill, Rous, It. . Ala. iucrs, J. Manners, Gsstilston, icorge Lenox, G. mibi- t, U? Duiis'taiiviHe, Clifton, G. Cav.- ndish, W. FitSUerald, Lovame, i'etre, Muucaster, Herbert, Graves, and Ileiltey. iLiRINS— Nicholay, Ilirdeubrolte. atid Ju- t. CHEVALIERS— Sativayre and Iluspiiii. RIGHT HONOURABLtti- I- AIantiers Sutton. Sir W.. Scott, G. Hose, F. Rob in ion, T . Wallace, U Bat4ur « , Str H. Russall, aud Ftwgerald, . . . . , ,. HONO- JP. ABI. BS IJvwley. Forbes - — Stuart, . Capt. Fleetwood, iVUew, II. Legate, Captain 1' roby, U N . Capt. Jones, F. West, - G. Viiliet v General I'bipps, Ward. Stanhope, F. Greville, ii. 1' achririe, and Eardley. , 011 tiis return from 1' tam, by Lord Harrington. b'. ihg appointed a Coinpanion of tbe Bath. a e, mtu ltdyal Hussars, oil bis tetu. ru from t Stanhope... , . . . SIRS— Robert Garditiar, George Naylor, b. Single, H. lurrens, J . Brown, H. Calvert, E. Kuateiibull, W. Geary, B. lilDomfield, JI. Russell, J. Liddel'l, E. Tucker. C. lVloreaij, J. Il-. nieiu, I.. i It- ffingtoii, A. O. Metal Jt.' i, IL 1' iidges, W. ! I, isle, S . Colthiirst, % i'- rton, J. Mmby, J. Frederick, O Druiitanmd, T Jones, V. Spencer, J- Malcolm, C. Blunt, W. Rowley, S. Fludyer, A. Keij- isoo, w . Scott, W. Dashwood, H. Campbell, C. Futitj — Beckwitb. J, B. Warren, — Eselaile, D.- G « rd « ii, — Rumsey, T. Bloomfleld, H. SherBorn, D. Gould, J. ll. mtdii, J. Graham, H. Clayton, i i Sawyer, J. Baresfofd, C. Cooke, A. Clarke, H. B. Dudley, and H. Peytuu. AX » A3S40OK » AHD MINISTERS— French, Swedish, Du oh, ZhuWi, Spanish, Russian, Prussian, Austrian; Wi'rWiuerg, Portugu - e. i3t=! top' 6f Clogher. • JiaCTORs— Croke, I/ athaui, and Highmore. • V i c i - ADMIRALS— Sir Joseph Yorlte, Sir H. Sawyer, and Sir DfVid Gou'd. HKAR- AOMIRAIS— Surridge, Milne, and Sir I. Pellew. . GKNERAIS— Stephens, Couran, Manners, Al'CIoud, . Fuller, ' Bruce, Taylor, Roberts, BnRir, Sir Charles Asgill, Lt. r. l Mim- ' caster, Loftus, J. B.- lfour, Bouverie, Grosvenor, and l'hurptou. LIEUTEMANT- iirNEK — M'Farlane, Baron Honlpe « ch„ Thornton, I'hipps, Sir W. Houston, Gascoyuej Jtaclean, Chitnpattne, 2cc. ... . MX » 3! T- GA::: EAIT. J Sir Dennis Prop, Ceorge A. Marlden, C j K r t , ElphinStone, Bunt ini. Madden, Adams, Seymour, Sir. Widiani Parser, t . G. Clay Taylor, Sir George Cooke, Sir Colin I L l k e t t , and Sir Charles ImhoiT. C o t O N I t s — Thornton, Doyle, Sunhnpe, Christie; Hughes; Sir R. Barclay, Sir It. Arhutlmot, Sic TudmSu Arhuthuot, OS. jjorne, Thoir. as Stevenson, Srruft, Harris;,. Sr. George, Sir C. Campbell, Madepd, Cocks, Percy, L'agwell, ( tordooi and Chapman. i ' £.'•' t L; EOTRI JTAXT- Cor. OELs— Walker, Sir H. Carr, FreeiViantle', Carrol, Burges Camac, Cameron. Alcoek, Churchill, AliX, Gilpit), Sh. vWe, Boyce, Bitton, Itnoke, lulphin. tone, Rlldell, Str J. Hope, It. Harvey, C. Downie, Norcot", ileise, Watson, Morland, Mait » land, MacdonaM, F Flood, aud Chapman. > 4.\ JORS— Close, Dumareil, Pyms, Hughes, Powell, Digg'e, Di ununond, Wood, Lawrence, ( lore, Thorn, Norton, Asliwortn. CAPTAINS— Gordon, R . N , Ridd, It. N , Greene, Davies, Grey, Peters, Curzon, Sh : l:- peiV, Cadogan, Dallieg, James Montiwu; T. VV. Montagu, G. Wyudham, Mason, R. N. Parsons, I'hotnpsttn, R N.-, II. BA'ce, Schonib rg. I. 1EUTENAHTS— 3. Wasing, Wombwell, Arnold, Cradock, Calcraft, l l u - h Barton, C. Barton, Ikuverie, Douglas, llurd, Dwyer, Manners, Smith. Ilamiltoi), Hodgson, Wallingtou, H. jVlont- igii.— Ensign J. J Sttutt. CORNETS — Me d, Brown, L* « lie. Msssits — Manley, lhyford, Grant, Crofce'r, Rtthu- st, Wellesley Pule, Vatuittarf, Evelyn, Lockver, Canning, Wood, Pitton, Townsend, Leash, Quarme, H. N. Lurti- deii, W. H. Cornwall, John Dig'iy, Wiseorah, Wm.' I'ooke, Thonlas Ramsden, William C r n a c k , Otl'irne Rich, It,- croft. J. Manners, H. Cower, C. 4' ercy, Cong- eve, I). F. Junes, Fiucliett, Chamoneys, Mostyti J. Inyd, IV- rners. , i Eluttoii, Woodbine, Parish, I. aing, Wallace, W. T . SlooVe",' W. Smith. Cotyear, C. Grant, Watson Taylor, U cknell, ( iosiiitg, Elpbinatone, Holmes, Cooper, Bablngton, Thornton, R. Burdett, Swan, Tyrrell, Greenwood, T. Windsor, P. Bormdate, Syivester, llume, Berners, Petty ward, Bootle Wi'. braham, See. The following were ^ mong the presentations F. eld Marshal his Grace the Duke of Wellington, on his arrival from t. ie Continent T ie Marquis of Worcester with an Address, » nd on liis being appointed a l, ord ol the Admiralty. J'lie Marmis of Exeter, on his coming of age. Marquis f'onyngham, on promotion. The Earl of Mount Charles, on his coming of age, by the Marquis of.: onyppliatn. ' " I t E a r l ot P o r t s m o u t l i , on his marriage. ' I'he Earl of M o r t e y , o n his advancement in the Peerage. The K a r l of SuhJerland, on his return f r om abroad. L o r d A. Hill, on his r turn f r om the Continent With Field Marshal the D u k e of Wellington. Lord Bintiittg, on being appointed ot: e o f t h g Commissioners for t'— Affairs ot imtia. Lord William Fitsroy, on receiving the Third Class of the Order of tlie Bath. Sir Jan. es Bontein, on his return from abroitt. by the Marquis of t It r t l o r j. Vice- Admiral Sir Herbert Sawyer, eh being invested Knight Commander of it e Ilatli. Vice- Admiral . sir Joseph York'e, and Joseph Maryat, Esq. oil presenting an Address oil the marriage ot the PrinceesCharlotte with Prince Lropo d, from Satidwieh. Uear- Admir- I Sir >. i'elleWjOii being invested a Knight Contm. ndsr ol the. Bath. Rear- Admiral Jiiliio. on his appoiutmcnt to Command in North America. Rear- Admiral Surridgc. onpromotion. General Roberts, on his return from Fran'ee. Lieutenant- Geherai Sir Gordon Druium olid, on his return from Canada. --> 5 Liettt.- Gener. il MTarlJne, t> « his rctilrt frorb G e r o i. Lieut.- General Phipps, with the Address from Searbosoitgh. Lieutenant- General Champagne, on his' appointment to the command of the 70th Regiment._ • Lieut.- Gent ral Gascoyiit', on appointment as Colonel of the .14tlt Regiment. ' " Brigadier- General Bryce, On his return from the Continent. j\ lajor- General Conrtm, on his return from Gibraltar. : Major- General Sir Denis Pack, on his return from the army id France, and his appointineiit to the Colonelcy of the York Chasseur*. Major- General Madden ( Portuguese service), C. B. and K. C. T. S.; upon which occasion he received the honour uf Knighthood .. • •* • . - - Major- Gen. Adams, on his promotion, and return from Java. . Major- General Sir George^ Cooke, K. C. B. on his- promotion to the command of the 77th lteginu ht. Major- Gen. Sir Charles Iniholf, oil his return from France. Major- General Seymour, on his appointment to the government of St. Lucia. - . Lieut. Arnold, ltoyal Hussars, on his return from France. fJeut.- rColuuel Barton, 2d Life Guards, on proniotion; by'Lieut.- General Hartiin. , . T' Lieut. Bouverie, Royal Horse Guards, on his marriage. Lieutenant llurd, Grenadier Guards, on his return from foreign service. Lieutenant Douglas, 15th, or Kiog's Hussars, oil his return from France. I. ieut D. vyer, Aide- de- Camp to the Earl of Moira, on his return from India, by Major- General Fitzgerald. Lieut. Hamilton, loth Hussars, on his appointment; and return from service. M ' i r Tlnjrn,- 5d Regiment, on being anointed Aide- de- Camp tt> Lieut.- f/ eMerai Sir II. Clinton, G. C. B. Lieut. Manners, Grenadier Guards, on his'appointment. Lieut. K ' nttli, 10th Royal lltis- ar*, on his return trom service. J, eux. Ilodgso-, ttitli Royal I'lu& sflrs- oirhi- return from service. Captl Greene; of his R ival Highness the Prulce Rt gent's own 1 Uegituetll of I,: r! u. Shire Alllitia, to " take leave. 1 Lieutenant Wallington, lU-. b'itoytil HuSsars service. Captain Eittem, by Count Monster. Captain ( ire), 1. tu liu* sars; on lti> retorn frohi abroad. Capt. James Montagu, H. N. on prinnti. ioii, t> y Sir J « lui Gore. Captaiii Parsons, Royal Hussab, on pioniutiOu, and return . from f ranee. Captain G. Wyt C^ pt. Mason, o C. ptain Shaksp service Captain Catlogan, op his return from abroad. Brevet- M. jo'r l) ii . narestj,- oi'the 9th regi.' iieut; on his promotion. Major Pym, ot the. Royal Artillery, on his return from a mission to the coast ot France. Major tligyle, of the 52d regiment, on his prom ttioti and return from Fiance. Major Drtnnmon'd, of the Royal Artillery, oh his being appointed a Companion of the tilth, and return from France. Major Lawrence, ot' ttie 7iid regiment, tram the Cape of Good H » pe. Major Wood,, of the Royal Ilussars, on his return from foreign service. Captain T h o m s o n , It, N. on his return from the Mediterranean, by Lord • Exmoiirh. Major A-. liwor'h,. Ks hri ' iment, on his return from abroad. Captain Schttit be. v., I't .','.,. tt bis return from abroad. Cap- aiu John AlarJiall, R. N. on being nominated a Companion of t: n llat i. Captain Charles White, Coldstream Guards, oil his return from Hanover. Captain Bl'Jard, 11. N. on being nominated a Companion of the liatb. Capt Pcllew, fst Life Guards; oil bis rt turn from France. Captain tlenry Bruce, 11. N. by tie Earl of Liverpool. Capt. Montagu Montagu, It. N. upon his promotion, by Lord Melville. Captain Cro lie, It N. on his promotion. Captain John F. Maples, 11. N. on his being made a Companion of the Bath. Rev. Fitzrov Stanhope, by his father, tbe Eirl of Harrington. Miijor- Getieral Bonbani, late Governor of Surinam, on his return from the West Indies. Col. Sir v i c f o r Von Areutschikl, by Count Munster, on his being appointed Companion of the Order of the llatli. Captain Brown, lc'th Hussars, on appointment. Lieutenant. Colonel Norciitt, ftiile Brigade, on . bring appointed a Companion of the llath, and receiving the Russian Order of S- Vtttie, the Bavarian Order ot Maximilian Joseph, atid oil his return from ser- ice. R.- v. i i Merry, on his appointment to a J.' r. ebendal Stall at C'anteiliury. Captain Latham, Buffs, otl going to France, fey Lieut.- Colonel Ferguson, Buffs. Lieut.- Colonel E'phiustoite, otl return from service. I. ii- ut.- Colonel Boyse, loth Light i.) i avoons, try Major- General Bolton, oh his return from Franc,, aud on being appointed a Companion ot the Bath. * I f ut.- Col. It. Harvey, on hi. T return from Portugal, and receiving pel mission to wearthe Order, of' the I'tiwer and Sword. Lieut.- Col. Cameron, Rifle Brigade, on his return from service. Lieut.- Colonel Watson, 69: h regihient, oil promotion, and return from service- Lieut.- Colonel Gilpin, Bedford Militia, by Col. Osborne. Lieut - Col. Walker, Royal Regimentof Artillery, on promotion. An Address from the County of Kent, on the late marriage of the Princess- Charlotte with Prince Leopold, was presented by Mr. Evelyn, the High Sheriff; the Martinis of Camden, Lord Lieutenant of the County ; Str Edward Kuatchhull, and Sir Win. Gearey, the Members for tbe Couilty, and other Noblemen and Gentry of nhe County. I. iettten tit- Colonel A. Heine, Deputy Adjutant- General to the Hanoverian Contingent in France, on- his promotion, and oil being appointed a Companion of the Bath, a Knight of the - Or* der Of the Guelphs- The Judge Advocate- General, with an Address of congratulation, upon the marriag'- ofthe Princess Charlotte and Prince L e o - pold, front r . e Bailiffs and Burgesses of Scarborough. Commissary General Wood, ou ins return troin the Mediterranean. , , Henry Nivcn L'jmsden, Esq. oil presenting a congratulatory Addre « s to the Pfince Regent, oil the. Prin. eess Charlotte's marriage with Prince Leopold, from'the county of Aberdeen, by Viscount Sid- nouch; upon which occasion he received the honour ot" Knighthood. Air. Alttford, with an Address uporl't'ie Royal Marriage, from S e w Uottiney. Mr. bockyer, the Mayor of Plymouth; with an Address on the Royal Marriage. Colonel Sir 1'. ArbiltJinot, Aide- de- Camp to the Prince Regent, on bis return from America and appointment to a Knight Companion of the Bath'. Mr. Barclay. M P Mr. Samuel Herbert, Mr. Starling Benson, 1 Capt. ttiaitskell, Jlr. J. . Clutto. u,. Me. Janus Freeman, and Mr. Pre « twich, with the Southwark Address. :' '• • Sir l- ienry Bridges, the Earl of Rstbes. Sir ' l'. Turtrln; Ulr. G. Suttrt ,, lieutenant- Colnoel Al'eock, Sir John Fred- rick, Mr. JUIng, Mr. Barnard, Mr. Borradaile, Mr. Swatiii, Mr. Koxby, Co!.- Cocks, Mr. Trotter, Mr. J. Jiawbey, and Mr. L'otirtrey, with the Surrey Address. ..... Hen. Mr. Itowiey ( first time), by Mr. Langford. Mr. Alexatider:. Stewart, i) y the Lord in Waiting. Nicholas Fairies, Esq. and the Rev Robert fireen, V/ ltll an Address, froni South Shields, by Lord Viscount Sidmnutli. Mr. Mansfield, the Mayor ot: Leicester, with an Address.. / Lieuteiiant- Colonel Alulbeck, with an Address of Congratulation from the Corporation of Cambridge, by bis Grace the Duke df Rutland. Major Powell, M. P. foi1 Cardiganshire, with an. Address from the County and Borough of Cardigan, on the late Royal marriage. Air. Stuart, with an Address from the County of Bute, and Borough of Cardiff, by Lord Caitlereagh. Mr. Samuel Smith, M. P. for Leicester, accompanying the Mayor of Leicester, with an Address. Mr. Mostyn Lloyd and Sir Edward Lloyd, sen. by Mr. Ohampneys. The Hon. Captain F. I'ellew, on his marriage, by Admiral Lord Exmouth, Mr. Harvey, Member for Norwich, with an Address. Mr. Charles C r i n t , ' j u n . ivith an Address. Cornet Leslie, lath Hussars, oil appointment, by the Lord in Waiting. Lieut. Galcraft, 2d Life Guards, an promotion, by Lieut.-' Jen. Barton. Lieutenant W » mbwell, on his appointment to the Grenadier Guards, by Sir G. Womhwell. Mr. Calleri'der, on his appointment, to tin- 7tli Huesars. Mr. C. Autrefois, oh 1) is appointment of Secretary of Legation to America. Mr. Lediell, by Sir Phohlas Leddell. Ciijit. Lord d e o r g e Lennox, A. D. C. to the Duke of Wellington, on bis return from France. Mr. Wu. lace, on ltts going abroad. Col. Allan, P. for the City of Durham, with an Address from the Corporation of tlurham, bv Lieut.- Gen. l'horntou. Mr. W. smith, Member for Norwich, with an Address. Sir W. Rowley, Mr. Gooch, Lord Rous, Sir S. Fiuyder, Sir II. Peyton, Sir E. Kerrisoii, Mr. Pettiward, and Mr. Boners, with an Address from the County of Suffolk. ORDER OF THE BATH. Yesterday, after the close of the Levee, his Royal Highness the Prince ive- gent was pleased to hold an investiture of the Order of the Rath, at which there were present the following Knights Grand Crosses, in their full robes and collars of the Order, viz. His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Acting Grand Master of the Order, and Principal Grand Cross thereof, his Grace the Duke of Wellington, Lord Henley, Sir John Borlase Warren, Lord Keith, Sir A. Clarke, Sir John F, Cradock, Sir Richard Strachaii, Sir George Beckwith, Sir Brent Spencer, and Sir Henry Wellesley. A procession of the Knights Grand Crosses - vas made, preceded by the Officers of the Order, into the • Royal presence of the Prince Regent ; and by command uf his Royal Highness, Admirals Lord Gambier and Lord Extnouth were severally introduced between the two junior Knights Grand Crosses, and invested with the usual ceremonies. The Grand Crosses having retired in the same order as they had entered, by command of the Regent, Major- General Sir Sydney Beckwith was introduced by Sir George Nayler, who canied upon a crimson velvet cushion the Insignia of the Second- Class of" the Ordrr, when his Royal Highness the Duke of. York having received from Sir George Nayler the Ribbon and Bad^ re of a Knight Commander, presented them to the Prince Regent.— The Major- General then kneeling, was invested therewith by his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, and lie having also received the Star of the Second Class, retired. . Sir Sydpey has only recently returned from America, and has been prevented by absence on his country's service from, earlier receiving the Order, to which he was nominated ita tbe month of Januarys 18.15. - lie- WW not Knighted, having formerly received that honour, as'proxy for his brother, Sir George Beckwith, at his installation into the Order of the Bath, in the month of June, 1312. The PNTNCF. REGENT, with a view to assist the different manufactories of the country in the grand entertain1- ment lie is about to give ort the 12th instant, has commanded the following notice to be annexed to the cards of invitation:— " The Prince Regent has expressed himself desVrotis that the N » bility and Gentry invited to Carlton- hnuse on the 12th instant should appear upon thai occasion in British manufacture. " Carltdii- house, July ST, LTIIC." Yesterday the Q U E F . N and P U I X C E S S E S honoured the P R I N C E S S C n . V u t . O T I E with a visit at Camelfordhousc. Yesterday a Common Hal! was held for the election of a Sheriff, and, together with BoBliriT KiaBY, Esq. Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, in the room of WM. MOUNTFORD, Esq. who had refused togive bond to take upon him the same. The following gentlemen being the only ones in nomination, v i z . G E O K G E BRIDGES, Esq. Alderman of the Company of Wheelwrights, and WM. PICKERING, Esq. of the Company of Vintners,- were then put up, when W M . PICKERING, Esq. was declared duly ele ted. PIRATES— Tlie Commissary General, Superintendent of Marine at L'Orient, has addressed the following Letter to the principal Marine Commissary at Nantes :— " By a dispatch, dated the 11- th of June, the Minister of the Marine informs me that Pirates have been for some time cruising in the neighbourhood of Turks Isles, and the two Inaguas. Others which have sailed from Carthagena 6ince the capture of that town by the Royal Spanish army, are often anchored at the Beatc, or the Isle sif Vines. They frequent the rocks of St. Louis, approach the land during night, and are Sometimes seen off Point Saline and the Bay of Ocox. " We are assured that some of the latter vessels are commanded and manned by Frenchmen : they have sortie Negroes and some Spanish seam » rt on board. According to the accounts I have received, they begin to chase under Spanish colours, and afterwards hoist the tri- coloured flag. They also occasionally make use of the flags of Christophe and Petion. " I beg you . vill communicate this information to the Administrators of Districts under your orders, and also give notice to the owners and Captains of vessels sailing to Sc. Domingo ot the danger they may encounter in these seas. ( Signed) " R E D O N ." D U T C H SAM.— This celebrated second- rate fighter, whose death had been announced some time ago, in several of the public papers, lingered in the London Hospital until about half- past ek- vetj o'clock on Thursday n ght, when he expired. He has been confined for several weeks in consequence of a i inward complaint, which he attributed to the last battle he fought with his trainer, the renowned Betcher, and to this he lays his defeat by Knoidcs'xo thy, the baker. Ilis constant complaint was, that several of bis- ribs were broken in consequence of being thrown against the stakes, and not afterwards properly taken care of. He was attended by several amai teurs during his last illness, some of whom staid with him I until the awful hour approached; and poor Sam, after 1 i iv? ir iiL- ujanuu Dioonitieiu. ' ding fiiewel to his old friends, in a most maily manner, Member of his Majesty's Council in the Llatid j notwithstanding the weakness of his frame, fin ling death was not to be ba- Hed by science, or art, resigned his soul to eternity with a placid cheerfulness 8'-,' dom witnessed. Mr. Kirwan, » n his appointment, by Lord James Murray. LieUt.- Coionel Chiirchili, Aide- de- Camp to- Lord l i i l l , oil promotion. Mr. WhtMey, on ilis return from Italy. Colonel Harris, 7." d Regiment, on rt turn fro. n ssrvice. Colonel S. Barus, ltoyal Scots, or appointment to the Order of the Iiath. Air. Colpear, by the Lord in Waiting-. Mr. Thomas Williams, on going abroad. Air. Grey, of Northumberland, by Col. Hughes. Mr. Dashwdo i , on his marriage, by Sir 1.1. Dash wood. Air. Robert Grant, by the Lwrd in Waiting. Mr. James, on leave of absence from his situation as Minister Plenipotentiary at tiie Court of the Netherlands. Lieut.- Colonel Charles Downie, Spanish service, Knight of the Royal and distinguished Order of Charles I I I. I lou-' urable Captain Joues, Royal Hussars, on his return from France. j Mr. Scott, on coming of age, by his father, Sir Wm. Scott. Captain Garlum, tin his promotion. Captain Floyd, 10th Hussars, by GenerM Floyd. Capiat". Curzon, 24th Light Diagoons, on his return from India, by General Lotto5. Captain Dalhn. t, R. N. on promotion, by Sir. Wm. Haste. Captain Sir Geo. C. Jlier, by Lord Melville, on his being created a R. ronet and Knight Commander qf the Bath. Captain Hay, R. N. son of the late Major- General Hay, on his promotion, by Admiral Sir J. Bere'sford. Lieut.' Colonel Fremanrle, on his arrival from the Continent. Lieut.- Colonel Allix, Grehadi. r Guard*, on promotion. Mr. P ichin, the High Sheriff of the county ot Leicester, by the Lord in Waiting. Captain Menick, when lie presented a Alemnri 1. Major Norton, Teyoninhokaraweii of the ' Confederates, Great River, Upper Canada. Mr. Bell, the High Sheriff of the couiitf Of Northumberland, by the Lord in Waiting. Mr. Babiugton, w. th an Address on the Royal Marriage, from Leicester. Mr. C Craven, by the Lord in Waiting. Lieut.- Colonel Has Busreche, by Count Minister. Mr. Alauby, of Somersetshire, Otticer of Honour in the Dragoon Guardsofhis Holiness the Pope, by the Lord ftl Waiting. Dr. Ilighmore, fo- the purpose t » t presenting a Petition. Sir George Thomas, upon coniiug to his title. Mr. W. J. Moore, by Sir 11. Russell. Mr Churnside, surgeon,- on appointment, and fctttrn from service, by Lord R. Manners. Mr. J Planta, oil his return from abroad. Mr. Wm. Plowdeti," by his father. Mr. Frissell, byjjjir Benjamin liloonifielil. Mr. Btrrow, of Barbadoes. Mr. Woo. lbine Parish, Chairman of the Scotch Board of Ex I cise, by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. HAYMARKF. T THEATRE> " The Foundling nf the l'nrest" attracted last night a numerous audience. Mr. TKIRY, as the Count tie Valm& nt, furnished 4 most interesting picture, of manly sorrow, and terrible emotion. Ilis portraiture of anguish and astonishment at the moment the Count recogniseJ the paper presented to him by Monica, was in the highest degreetifleeting, and the fury and exhaustion which by turns succeeded, were marked with every imaginable felicity. Mrs. GLOVER, the original Eugenia, acted that character with all that sensibility and talent which first gave it importance^ B A R N A R D was successful in Flofian, as was RL'SSEI-. L in/.' Eclair. T O K E I . Y acted BertfuM foe the first time. A serious chaiacter is quite new to him in L o n d o n b u t upon the whole tiie attempt was successful. Longuevil/ e wlis sustained with much propriety by F O O T E and Monica, Gernldine, and Rosabell, were performed by Mrs. DA v'ENPQftT, Miss TAYLOR, and Miss MAC AtPiNE: { her'fir. st appet*, wq" e on this stage) 1 The iV- eekling Day followed', io'.' vvhieh Mr. T E R R Y as Sir Adum, and Mrs. G L I I B S as Lad* Contest, produced the rtrongfest possible impression on the risible muscles of the audience, and closed the entertainments of the evening in the most satisfactory manner; SEPORt OF TllE SYSDICATK OS filE FltZfVILl. I. iit • • iftsEVM, JU. NV,' 2? » 181G. The Syndics for the purposes. of the late Lord Vij-' ; eoant Fitzwilliam's . Will, beg leave to inform the Members of the Senate : That in pursuance of that Clause of tiie Grace, which authorises them to provide a place for the temporary reception of the Collection, they hare entered into' an agreement with the Trustees of the Free* School for the use of that building. The expense to be incurred by the University under this agreement, will depend,' in some measure, upon the length of time during which the building may be occupied ; the greatest expense will amount to about 1- 300/. the least to about 1000/. With respect to the remaining Clause of the . Grace, by which the Syndics are directed to consult and report to the Senate upon the best tiinde of carrying- into effect that part of the Will which relates to the erection of a Mit* scum, the Syndics conceived it to be especially desirable) that the Museum should, if possible, be built in the vicinity of the Senate House and Public Library; and, as they understood that the Provost and Fellows of King's College had received plans for the completion of their buildings, they endeavoured, in the first instance to ascertain whetherthe objects of the University and of King's College might not be combined. The Provost and Fellows having expressed their readiness- to- aceommodate the University to the utmost of their power, the Syndics have proposed to them to Convev to the University the land extending from the east end of King's Chttpej to King's Lane : which appears to the Syndics to be irl every respect tUe most eligible situation for the Museum; The Syndics beg leave to add, that the preparations in the Free School are now in such a state of forwardness, as to hold out the hope that it wii. 1 soun be ready for the reception of the Collection : it will, therefore, be necessary to appoint a. person who. may Be in constant attendant to take charge of the Pictures, & c.; ahd a Grace will be offered to the Senate at the next Congre^ gation, to the following efTect: " That a person be elected to take charge of, the Fitz- • wiljiam Collection, with a Salary of 150/. per annum." The Grace passed the Senate on Saturday'last. Til a COLLIERS.—( Extract ofa Letter from Maidenhead, six 0' clock, July 5.)— Yesterday morning ( Thursday ), Mr. BIKNIE, from Uow- stree', a tcompaoied by two . officers, arrived at the Sun Inn here," and after consulting with Sir WM. HEARS, and other Magistrates ot this place, swore in several extra constables, and as a matter of precaution ordered it party of military to be under amis. This done, they sent forward the'officers from Bow- street, to meet the- waggon that was approaching from Henley ; it was met on Maidenhead Thicket, about t wo miles from hence, and the crowd attending- it, on being informed that they would not be permitted to procbed, instantly stopped, and conducted themselves with the greatest propriety. The waggon, which was 2 ton, 6cwt. and 12lb, was drawn by 41 men; and a leader or overseer rode on horseback, and directed the whole.' As soon as it was understood by the magistrates that'the party wished to act in the way most agreeable to the lawful authorities, a negotiation was entered into, and the coals were permitted to be brought in here by four of the party and their leader, and were deposited with WM. PYNF., Esq. who will distribute them atiiongst the poor of Maidenhead. The coals were drawn to this place by horses sent out on purpose; the men refused to sell the coals, but g ive them up, as requested, to Mr. PYNE, and received a Very handsome present instead. Mr. B I R N I E , Sir W M . H E A R N, Mr. PYXE, See. went out and negociated. The poor fello\ Vs were perfectly satisfied, but refused to go until the Magistrates signed a paper that they had conducted themselves properly. At Henley, the day before yesterday, they behaved so well, that the Mayor permitted them to go wherever they pleased in the town, and they had up* wards of 40/. given to them at that place, They left Bilston with three waggons in company, and parted at Oxford. One waggon was to be at Beaconstield last night, and the other at St. Alban's, where they would, it is supposed, be met in the same way those were met with here, at about one mile from this place, for it appears they came this side Maidenhead- thicket. They were twenty tilinutes in drawing the waggon up Henley- hill. The extraordinary nature of these occurrences occasioned much bustle here yesterday, but no disturbance. Mr. V I L L I E R S ' S horse Crusade is matched against Mr. N E V I L L E ' S Fireniastcr, at the First Newmarket- October Meeting, for 100. guineas, h. ft. The Duke of G R A F T O N ' S Whisker, Lord H. C A - V E N D I S H ' S Bourbon, Mr. P A Y N E ' S Quinola, and Mr. T H O R N H I L L ' S Sir Thomas, are entered for the Sweepstakes of 200 guineas at the same meeting. At the Second October Meeting, Lord FOLEY'S Scheherazade is matched against Mr. T H O R . N H I L L ' S Sir Thomas, for 200gs. h. ft. D. of R U T L A N D ' S Fandango against Lord F O L S Y ' S c. by Selim, for 200gs. h. ft. Mr. PAYNE'S Quinola against Lord G. H. CAVENDISH'S Nectar, for SQOgs. MARLBOROUGII- STRKKT.— A Captain of a dragoon regiment, was charged, under a peace warrant, with challenging an eminent Architect to fight a duel. The Captain and his wife had separated in consequence of family differences. The Lady occupies apartments in the house of the Architect, and the Captain went to dine with her. After dinner high words arose between the parties, and, 00 the Architect hearing the clattering of the fire- irons and much other confusion, he entered the room for the protection of the Lady, and to restore quiet. The Captain assailed him, and insisted on his meeting him the next day on a certain spot; and it was for this offence he war charged. The Captain ma e the amende honourable, and the Architect conse- nte J to a discharge. EDUCATION of the LOWER ORDERS of the METROPOLIS. ( Continuedfrom our Haper of yesterday.) Mr. J. HONEYMAN, a silknianufacturer'of Spit'alfie'lds, tfaid, that in that quarter in a population of 17 or lb, 000, there were, he should suppose, near 2000 children of the poorest classes uneducated : he did not pretend to accuracy.' The schools in that district were— a parish school, containing 110 children— a parish Sund-. iy School of 150— a dissenting school of 100 children— a Methodist Sunday-. school, in Raven- row, of 500 children, ( he believed on the Lancasterian plan)— a Sunday school in Hope- street, of about 200. A Sunday'school belonging to Mr. : EvanB' Chapel of 800, partly on the Lancasterian- plan. A Mrs. Buxton's school ot" 100 children, paying 2d. z week. - And an adult Sunday school of - 160- These schools are supported by subscription, except that of Mrs. Buxton, which is supported by herself, and-- the parochial schobls, which besides subscriptions have some money funded. He thought there was a great want of education- in the district, and in times of distress, the want of clothing was a serious objection to the parents sending their. children to school. Tile present, he observed, was a time of great distress, and within ten minutes walk of'his house, there were 20,000 hands out of'employ— 7000 looms being unemployed, each of which generally employed three persons. This witness also spoke to the anxiety of the lower orders in that quarter to have their- children educated, and stated, that having surveyed the poor- of the district, for the. purposes of the Bible Society, he had found near 1000 adults unable to read, besides children.; many of them much regretted - their ignorance, Of the schools he had mentioned, si* had been established within 12 years. Many of the schools could admit more boys than are educated at them. The poor rates of the district were 5s. per pound, in the rack lent, and to be raised another shilling. Mr. W. HALE agreed in general with the evidence of Mr. Honey man ; but he thought the number of uneducat- . ed poor nearer 1500, which was about half the children of the poor population. Four- fifths of those who were educated, were educated at Sunday Schools only ; but some of fhe schools so called met for an hour or two one evening, in the week. These institutions had much ini- . proved- the. morals of tlje poor, by inducing them to attend places of worship on Sundays. • Mr. E. MEYIUCK, Treasurer of the Parocliial School of Christ Church, Spitallields, stated that the nuniber of children educated: and annually clothed was 110. It was supported by donations, annual subscriptions, charity Sermons, a; id interest- of money in the funds. The annual expence was 458/; 10s. He conceived there was no want of the nitons of education in the parish, if the parents would send their children. This might arise from extreme poverty ; but he conceived the parents had little inclination to exert themselves to provide clothes. The Rev. W. GUUNEY, Rector of St. Cliiment Danes, and licensed Minister of the Free Episcopal Chapel in Wr st- strcet, Sevtfn Dials, stated, that there were great numbers of children in St. Clement's Parish, who did not attend any school! The reason assigned was their ragged condition ; " m'any were the children of mendicants, who derived profit from their begging.— There are Sunday Schools of Dissenters, in the Pa- iiah ; one, a l irge one, in Drury lane, in which are from b to 600 children ; and two charity schools— one for cloth:, ing and educating 60 boys, another for the education and board of .20 females. He was suspicious there had been another school on a foundation which had disappeared, through some mismanagement; it was called ( he believed}, the I5kie School. Whether the fund arose from any thing transitory, he could not tell; but- he rather, thought it did not, but had been . handed over to the present school.. The building had been pulled down many years ago, but within the memory of many of the inhabitants. - - - : Thereis, besides, within the parish, ft school ill Neweourt, Carey- street, connected with a chapel there, containing 2 or 300. . . . There is another parochial Sunday Shool, which was fijst established three veats ago by the witness and others, containing about 300 boys and girls. The annual expence was 70/. or 80/. At this school some children had learnt to. read. in 18 months, but he should prefer two years and a half. The witness had also a school in West- street, in which 4- 00 children were' taught, of whom 300 regularly attended, it was now supported by the children having been begun upon subscription ; the whole expence was 210/.; the master's salary 50/., his wife 30/. with a donation to them, of 10/. annually. Each child gave 9d. jet;. calendar month, which was paid before- hand. The . school was free to all religions, and many Catholics attended, though the Catechism- was taught, and attended, the. free Chapel, to which the School was attached. If he had accommodation for them, be thought 1200 Children'might be educated in the same way for 380/. a vear. The witness stated that great mischief arose from the ... want of room in the churches, for the poor, and he thought the best plan would be to procure school- rooms in each, parish, which should be consecrated arid licensed as chapels for the poor. In St. Clement's, which con- ' tained 12,000 inhabitants, tilt- church, if crowded,, would only hold 4,000, and the only accommodation for the poor except twelve benches in the middle aisle. The Rev. C . M'CARtHY, Curate of St. Giles, stated the numerous applications which were made for admission to the charity school in that parish, which proved there' was no general disinclination in the lower orders to send their children to school. He thought that in the last • leven years the general appearance of the parish as to morals, had improved. Mr. T. COOKE, of Bloomsbury, one of the Trustees of the Parochial School of St. Giles and St. George, Bloomsbury, gave an account of that Institution. It is for the clothing and education and apprenticing of 101 boys, and the board, cloathing and education of 60. girls. The School was/ established in 1706,' and has b? en supported by annual subscriptions and donations, with funded property raised from the subscriptions and fro'iii bequests. The children who are admitted are rather above the lower ordefs," none being admissible who receiVe parochial- aid. They are elected- by the Trustees.' The average expence was 1700/. at lea » f. The' witness being asked whether there was any thing to prevent such a . change in the rules, of. the charity as might leave the fund free for the education , of lflpO or 1500 children, instead of cloathing and boarding a much smaller number ? said, that he . did not know of any endowment to prevent'it ; but that objections would be niade to it as a departure from the plan of 1706, as much money had been raised which would not have been obtained, but for the idea of boarding 25 atjuitiooal girls, who had been taken a few years ago. The same objection would be made to a proposal, instead1 of'clothing 100, to educate 800, which might be done for the same expence; he did not think, however, that any objection would be made to the introduction of the new system of'education, by which 1100 boys might be taught in addition to those now clothed, provided they had room. He thought there would be objections to apply any part of the funded property to the purpose of enlarging, the premises. Mr. D. BEAUMONT, Treasurer of the St. George's Bloomsbury school, gave two annual accounts of its receipts and disbursements in the years ending April 13, 1815 and 1816. The disbursements in the former year were 2,460/. 13s. the receipts 2,507/. 15s. lOd. In the latter year,, the disbursements 2,155/. 12s. 9( 3. the receipts, including the balance on the former year, ' 2,286/. 7s. It is to be remarked that in the former year the sum of 263/. was applied to the purchase of stock, and in the latter year 325/,, both which sunia stand in the account of disbursements. The funds of the establishment are 10,000/. 3 per cents., 600/. 4- per cents., two annual bequests amounting to 15/., and a house which lets at 45/. Mr, C O O K E being again called, explained that the children were only apprenticed to persons of the Established Church. Other children were not excluded because they were Dissenters or Catholics, but they were obliged to conform to the rules of the school. Mr. R. MuRi'ii Y, one of the Trustees of the Bloomsbury School, and Mr. F. TURNER, were questioned, whether any objection existed to a change in the naiure of the establishment, on account of the terms of bequests and donations. The result of their answers was, that they were aware of nothing which would prevent such a change. Mr. C A R M I C H AEI., the school- master of the same establishment, said the boys were not admitted under eight years of age. They remained till ' 4— which time was occupied in teaching them reading, writing, and arithmetic. lie did not think he could teach a greater number of boys on his present plan to do them justice. ( To be continued.) BIRTHS. jOn. Wednesday last, at Ipswich, the Lady of Major Purvis, ot the f i r s t , or ltoyal Dragoons, of a son. On Tuesday, the 2d inst. in Fitzroy- square. the Lady of Charles Forbes, Esq- M. P. of a daughter. On the 50th ult. Mrs. T. fiudd, of Bedford- row, of 2 daughter. MARRIED. On the 2d inst, at llipon Cathedral, Yorkshire, , T. M Bowman, Esq. Surgeon, ltipon, to Miss Pearson, daughter of thu late Alderman. Pearson, Banker, of the said place. On the 4th inst. at St. Margaret's, Westminster, John Collibe e Hortoii, Esq. of St James's- street, to Miss Eliza Edingten, of Old Palace- yard. IPSWICH BARRACKS, St. Helens — To be S O LD by AUCTION, by Mr. CAN A, on MONDAY next, the 8th of July and etl to he postage paid, three following days, without reserve, on the Premises, j I > ( J C K l \ ( j hi H P I I E F U R N I T U R E , U T E N S I L S , F I T T I N G S , I - O JL FIXTURES, & c. contained in the said Barracks.— And on Friday the 12th, Saturday the 13th', and Monday the 15th, the SALES OF ESTATES A / f A T T E R S E Y , Nottinghamshire— To be S O LD - i ' - L by P R I V A T E C O N T R A C T , a capital, well built, brick and tiled MESSUAGE, incomplete repair, fit lor a gentetl family, pleasantly- situated in the village of Mattersey, in the county of Nottingham, and late the residence of Robert Graham, Esq. deceased, with a good garden walled ronnd, and stocked with choice fruit trees, kitchen garden and orchard, containing about three roods, and a cottage or garden house thereon. Tile house consists of a dining- room, drawing- room 19 feet by 16, and breakfast- room with marble chimney pieces, and library, a billiard room, good kitchen, back kitchen, dairy, pantry, store room, and suitable out- offices, jcod cellars, and eleven very airy and convenient bed- rooms, closets, & c.; also a paddock of very rich land lying opposite the Mes- suage, containing about one acre, with c acti house, stable, dove car, cow house, and poultry bouse; likewise a good farm hsuse, with excellent farm yard, large barn, stable.*, cow houses, another coach house, cart sheds, and suitable outbuildings, and several closes and parcels of rich arable, meado* and pasture land, situate within the said parish of Mattersey, In a high state of. cultivation, and at convenient distances from the buildings, containing about 110 acres. Also SEVEN N E A T C O T T A G E S in Mattersey aforesaid, and Three l'ews in the Church. The Purchaser of the Messuage may have the whole or any part of the land at his option. ftlattersey is situated in a fine sporting country, and a genteel neighbourhood, four miles from ilawtry, six trom Retford, and eight from Gainsborough, all good market towns; Further particulars may be known, by applying to Mrs. Graham, on the premises; Edward Sykes, Solicitor, New Inn, London; or Mr. Hill, Solicitor, ill Bawtry. Letters are re- juent- DIED. At Sertney Castle, Lamberhurst, Edward Hussey, Esq. aged 66 years. On Tuesday last, at Taplow Court, in her 23d year, Miss Catharine Maria Griffith, daughter of the late Rev. Hugh Davies . . , — Griffith, of Caer Khun, in the county of Carnarvon, North 1 buildings, and several closes and parcels of rich arable, meadotr Wales. On the 26th May last,, at No. 15, Southampton- buildin is. Chancery- lane, London, John Henderson, Esq. Suraeon in the Hon. East India Company's Service. On the 30th ult. at Oakley- hall. Staffordshire, Win. Chetwode, Esq. aged 26, second son of Sir John Chetwode, Bart. M. P. On Sunday last, at his house ill Lamb's Conduit- street, Robert Dover, Esq. SALES BY A UGTIO V. MSHIHE— Chalfont, St. Giies l o b e SOLD hv P R I V A T E CONTRACT, a most desirable FREEHOLE ESTATE, called NEW HOUSE P L A C E, comprising a substantial, commodious, brick- built Residence, rewholV of the B U I I , D I N ( t $ comprising the said ' Barracks, toge- j plete with every n. cnunmadation for the immediate reception of ther with 6A 2R. 13P. of FREEHOLD LAND, a Mess- House, I a Genteel Family. The House contains a handsome dining and ogiies describing the particulars of i drawing rut, in. four good bed clianib - rs, and six attics,* an exceilie Furnitare and Fixtures, may he ! 1 nt kuchen butler's pantry, laundry, brewhouse, and the smaller White Ilorse Inn, Ipswich.; j offices of ev « ry description, a lour stalled stable, coach an- 1 cart housc^, bant, gfaua^ ry, and every other desirable convenience. The situation of the House having a southern aspect, is rcniai?;- brick ditto. Offices, & c. Catal the respective Buildings,. also th' had of the Auctioneer, Woodbridj Cups, Colchester; Meggy and Chalk's, Chelmsford; Auction Mart, London; Cups, Harwich; Gedge and Barker's, Bury; son and Matchett's, Norwich. Eleven o'Clock punctually. Sale will comnicilce each day at LAW INTELLIGENCE< COURT OF EXCHEQUER, JOLT 3i RKX V. HALL. This was a motion to set aside an extent - in aid which had been | obtained by Messrs. Oldacre and Co. of Worcester, who, as subdistributors of stamps, had given a bond to account for stamps ill their possession when cal'ed upon. It was sworn in support of the motion, that it was believed that Oldachi and Co. had given this bond for the very purpose of obtaining extents ill aid against their debtors. The SOLICITOR- GENERAL said, that he attended on the part ot the Crown, notice havuig been given to the Solicitor of Stamps. This extent in aid had issued without the knowledge of the Crown Officers, and he therefore should not interfere between the parties interested. He would only state, that lie was informed that this bond had never been required on the part of the hea^ l distributor of stamps, but had been volunteered by Messrs. Oldacre and Co.'; and he thought such bonds should be given under the sanction of some Crown Officer, and, when given, deposited with those who were to make use of them if necessary.— fliis bo- r- 1 had not been so deposited. He left it tothe Court, and retired. Mr. DAUNCET, ill support of the extent, said he would not deny that this extent was issued, not lor the benefit of the Crown, but of the individual. This is, said he, notoriously the casein almost every instance of extents in aid. No one in this Court ! will , deny it for a moment. In another place this has been I the subject af much animadversion. It is said this is a great j abuse;; and, one might fancy, according to what is said on this ' UbjecC elsewhere, that it is highly immoral for an active creditor i to gain a preference before. other creditors. The law allows this. I Any man may gain a preference by suing a fieri facias. A Crown I debtor can do no more than others, only he can do it quicker: j and it is reasonable, for lie is liable to t be called oil by the j Grown oh a sudden ; and he ought theref » re to have a speedy proce- es against his debtor. If the Legislature thought proper to take away this right, he should have no objection ; but while the law remained unchanged, the Court would continue to do what it had ever done. Sergeant C O P L E V endeavoured to show, from the form of the bond, that the Crowii creditor had no right, because he was bound not to pay money due, but to account, and he had never been called on to account; but the Court held that, being a bond- debtor, he possessed the right of other bond- debtors The rule was discharged. In another case of extent which had been decided the same morning, the " Court held that it is not necessary for a party applying for an extent to swear to what amount lie is indebted to the Crown, in order that the Court may see that the debt to the rown is equal to the sum for which the extent iu aid issues. C O U R T OF D E L E G A T E S , THURSDAY. , J O L T 4. HENSHAW V ATKINSON. This was a case which has been already twice before the public, and is attended with the extraordinary circumstance of having been twice agitated in the Court of Delegates without any decision, in consequence of the Court being equally divided in opinion on each occasion. It was an allegation originally propounded in the Consistory Court of Chester, and it was attempted to impeach the validity of a will executed by the late Mr. Thomas Heushaw, in which, after making various dispositions of a large property, he, by a codicil, bequeathed toa Mr. Atkinson the sum of 21,000/. Mr. Henshaw unfortunately afterwards committed suicide, and the Coroner's Inquest found a verdict of lunacy. The suit therefore was brought to pray that ail Intestacy should be decreed, but the Consistory Court had decided in favour of the will; and, upon a removal of the cause to York, this decision was confirmed. An appeal was then made to the Court of Delegates, consisting of six Commissioners, who dividing equally upon the codicil in question, without disturbing the rest of the sentence of fhe Ecclesiastical Court, a second commission, consisting ot eight members, was appointed, whose inquiries were terminated by a similar result. The cause now came on to be tried bef. ire a court composed of six of the Judges, and of eight Doctors of Civil Law. Dr. STODDART was proceeding to open the case on the part of fhe respondent, when Sergeant COPLEY, who was retained on the same side, submitted to the Court, that, as one of the Sergeants, he, ill point of rank, had a title to precede a Doct » r of Civil Law, and that it was due to those of his own order that this title should he asserted.' The Learned Sergeant then handed a written paper sti ri tabling an extract from tome authority oil the point, but which we could not distinctly hear. Dr. STODDART declared he should feel very sincere satisfaction to find that the precedency was due to his Learned Friend. He could not lay claim to auy great experience with regard to this point; but he had been informed by the Dean of the Arches, that there was a case which might be considered as a precedent favourable tothe right of his profession, and which, therefore, it would not be becoming in him to surrender. The truth appeared to be, that there was a perfect equality of rank between the servientes ad legem and the doctores legum tivilium, they proceeded in their respeetive Courts pari passu, the Sergeant taking precedency in foro regtii, and the Doctor in foro civil). To establish this principle, he begged to read a pretty long extract from Sir H. Spelman's Glossary. All the ancient writers spoke in the highest terms of the dignity of Doctors of the Civil Law, and one author enumerated no Lss than 130 privileges which belonged to them. Waterhouse and Oughton, \ fere the authorities to which he would principally direct tile attention of their Lordhips; and if, on consideration of ihem, they should determine for the right of his Learned Friend, he should cheerfully submit to their decision. JVIr. Sergeant COPLEY did not think the quotations adduced hy bis Learned Friend proved any priority on either side, and were therefore not at all decisive ol the question. The Court was then cleared for about half an hour, when it was finally arranged that the point should be reserved— that Dr. Stoddart should open the pleadings, and that Mr. Sergeant Copley should then be heard on the general merits of the case. Mr. Sergeant COPLEY, and afterwards l> r. STODDART, then addressed the Court at great length for the respondent, contending that the evidence on the other side was wholly insufficient to support the plea, that Mr. Atkinson had procured the codicil in question to be made by exercising an undue influence over the mind of the testator, or tlie general allegation that there was any deficiency of testamentary capacity, either at the time the original will was executed, or the codicil. At half- past three tile Court adjourned, iu order to allow time to the Counsel for the respondent to compress the points of thetr defence into the narrower compass, as the Court cannot sit later than Tuesday next. I U . l l , IIUIIUUII , 1 j t , , .1.11 V. IV I 1 , ,, JJ1U J , l. v- l , , U. I. , , -- -- - . -- - •• . . . . . . . . . . . j, . ... ji V ^ I , IS 1 . l l l i l , , .• B.- ll Inn, Saxinundham ; Alexander's, Yarmouth ; and Steven- ably i- y aud healthy anil being placed oh a delightful eminence, • " ' • " ' ' ' commands prospects highly varied and picturesque The Orchard and Gardens ( in winch is a capital green- ln usej with the pleasure ground and p . duock, containing together between four aud five Acres, are all completely inclosed, with a liigh and substantial brick wall; adjoining are 16 Acres of excellent Arable Land, and on che opposite side of the rtud seven Acres of v. ry rich Meadow, bounded by a running stream, containing in the whole about 24 Acres. The Estate is 23 miles from London, on tlie high road to Buckingham, and is well supplied with water. For a view, apply on the Premises, and for further particulars, and to treat fur the Purchase, apply ( it hy Letter, post paid) a Mr. Vines, Solicitor, Reading, IVrks; and Messrs. Jenkins; • lames, and Abbott, Solicitors, New Inn. London. fifc f A ^ y f l V K K T S — T o be SOLD, sundry - Fee Farm Rents^ issuing out of Estates in the Counties of Kent, onthi. To be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. C H R I S T I E , at his Great Room, Pall- Mall, oil WEDNESDAY next, at twelve, for punctually at one, f T < I I E absolute R E V E R S I O N in and to a capital and J L spacious LEASEHOLD MANSION, situate No. 2.5, Portland- place; held for a Term of 8 j years ( wanting ten days} from the 24t. h Junn, 1790.- Fifty- nine years unexpired fiomthis instant Midsummer, 1816, subject to a ground rent of 3. V. The premises are let to l'ett- r Free, Esq. the present Occupier, for a term of 21 years from December, 1812, at the yearly rent of - 120f. I'he above will become the absolute property of the purchaser on the demise of a lady aged upwards of 61) years. Particulars may be had in Pall- Mall. York, Nottingham, Bedford, Bucks, Cheshire, Dorset, 1 Norfolk, SuIriil. T, Southampton, Surrey, Sussex, Monm Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan, and Pembroke, amounts* to upwards of 50! it. per annum, after all deductions — For psutlcubrs and price, apply to Messrs. Still, Strong, and 1' ackham, Lincoln's Inn; or Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square. ( One concern.) ON ' ' S A L E T f w u MANORS, with a valuable FARM, containing nearly 200 Acres, in a ring fence, a commodious Resilience delightfully situated ill a central part of . . Hertfordshire, with numerous arranged Agricultural Buildings; genuine Property and part of the private Stock of W. Gorton, j the whole nearly new built. The Manors abounding with game, and lli- f having within it excallent preserves; a choice trout stream ' running opposite the House, and within a short distance of the Grand Junction Canal; twauty- six miles from London. ImiueuiaNpossession may be had. None need apply but principals. Particulars known from ntne to two o'Clock, 11, SoiitMmpton- buildings, Hulborn; or Mr. Duncombe, Solicitor, Great B. rk'uiustead, Herts. To a i y m i s r s r n i . s T i i . L E n s , c o l o u r m a k e r s . I Sa Others.— To be SOLD hy AUC 1' ION— By Mr. J. ROSE, « GarrawafVf Coffee- house, on WEDNESDAY, July 10, 1816, at Twelve o'Clock, by direction of the Mortgagees, pursuant to an Order of the Commissioners, and with the consent of the Assignees man, at the time of Sale, AL L those Valuable and Extensive P R E M I S E S, with two levelling Houses, Warehouses, Elaboratories, Drying Houses, Stabling, and Erection?, situate in East Row, City Road, occupying a space of about 6000 square yards, suitable for any business requiring room; held on Lenses, tor terms of which 43 years an- unexpired r> t Lady Day and Midsummer,. 1816, at ti t. low rent of 76/. 8s. The Premises are in subs autial repair, and the ^ laboratories and Warehouses peculiarly adaptydt tor the present Business. Immediate possession may be had. the Furniture, Stock, and Utensils may be taken or not, at the Option of the Purchaser; but should ha refuse, the Assignees reserve the- Supsrior OLD PORT and CLARET, in Bottle.— Mr. CHRIST I E respectfully informs the Public, that on WEDNESDAY next he will SELL by AUCTION, at his Great Room, l'allntall, at One precisely, I^ OUR Pipes of capital P O R T WINE, Two of . which have been four years ill Bottle, and Three Hogsheads of very superior CLARET, also ill Bottle, which were selected with great care and judgment from the best stocks in London, the genuine Property and part of the private Stock of W. Gortc Esq. of St. James's Palace; the qualities of the above are su: ciently known by the judges of Wine, to preclude the necessity of any further commendation. Samples may be had on paying for the same, by application to Mr. Christie, Pall- mall. HOPPER v. HOPPER.— Value lie MANORS and TITHEFREE ESTATE.— To be SOLD, sometime in October next, uuder ail Order made in the above Cause, I T T O N C A S T L E , in the county of Durham; MANORS of W r i ' T ON and HAMSTERI. EY, and nearly 2400 Acres of FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE. L A N D ; a valuable L A N D S A L E C O L L I E R Y ; the CORNT I T H E S Of several Townships, and the ADVOWSONSof the perpetual Curacies of Witton and Hanvsterley, late the property of John Thomas Hendry Hopper, Esq. deceased, of Witton Castle, aforesaid. The day and particulars of Sale will be shortly advertised : in the mean time application may he made to Richard Bowse'r, l'sq. Bishops Auckland, near Durham; or to Mr. Meredith, Solicitor, Lincoln's Inn, London. W'lf V... - J - V I - I U U I S L U I : ; - ! , , a n u W i l l i I l i e COIlrieUt Ot t t l C A S - s of Mr. Thomas Randall, Chyr. iist, Dealer and Chapa Bankrupt, in, One or Two Lots, as shall be agreed ou RICHMOND, SURREY. Delightful RESIDENCE, with excellent attached and detached Offices, beautiful Lawn, Pleasure Grounds, Garden, See. sloping to the River. To be SOLD hy AUCTION, by Mr. ROBINS, at Garraway's Coffee- house, ' Change- alley, Cornbill, on THURSDAY, July 18, irist. at Twelve o'Cioek, THE Singularly Elegant, Well- built L E A S E - HOLD RESIDENCE, late the Property of Sir DRUMMONO SMITH, Bart, deceased, most enchatiringly situate at the foot of Richmond Hill, contiguous to the Bridge, with a beautiful Lawn sloping to the River, Lid out with gravelled walks, highly embellished with fine- grown Timber, Shrubs, Evergreens, & c. commanding beautiful and extensive views of the windings of the Thames, and luxuriant surrounding country. The house is calculated for the accommodation of a family of the first respectability, enclosed from the road by a fore- court with folding gates; containing, on the upper floor, six excellent Bed- chambers and a Dressing- room; on the first fl > or, a very elegant Drawing- room, finished with beautiful I . andscapes, and bowed end looking to the Thames, a breakfast Parlour, two excellent Bed- chambers, and a Dressing- room; on the groundfloor, Entrance under a portico to a handsome Hall, capital bowed Dining- parlour, Breakfast- room, Gentleman's Dressing- room anil Study, an excellent principal and secondary Staircase. 1M basement, enclosed from the house by a glazed partition, Servants' Hall, Butler's Pantry, Housekeeper's Room, Maid's Closet, Wine, Ale, Beer, and Coal Cellars, & e. detached Offices recently erected, Men Servants' Dressing- room, Laundry, & c. with water laid on; excellent Kitchen, Scullery, two cool Larders, Coal- hole, and four Sleeping- rooms for Servants; Coachhouse, six- stall Stable, with loft and Man's Room over i Kitchen Garden, Green- house, Drying- ground, and Passage to the Bridge road, and detached Servants' Entrance; containing in the whole about Two Acres. right Of Selling the same on the Premises.— May be viewed seven days prior to the Sale, and Particulars had on the Premises; at the place of Sale; of Mr. Mount, Solicitor, No. 12, Token House Yard; and of the Auctioneer, C>. urch Court, Oldjewry. ALBY's G E N U I N E C A R M I N A T I V E is su- - fi- J> perinr to all other Remedies tor the Wind, Purging?, Convulsions, and those' Disorders in the Stomach and llowels of Infants, which prove fatal to so many under the age of two years. It is equally efficacious in Cholics, Fluxes, and other Ccmpl. iints in the Intestines of grown Persons. This invaluable cordial Medicine, invented by the late 3? ft.' Jostph Dalby, Apothecary, is now prepared by bis daughter, Mrs. Frances Gel!, and her Sons, to whom alone he- bequeathed this property by his Will, it is sold only hy F. Niwhery and Sous, at the old established Warehouse, No. 45, the Ease End of St. Paul's, the third House from Cheaptide, price Is 9d. a buttle; but if procured elsewhere, be sure to a> k for " ( Mi's Dalby's Carminative," and see that the name " 1-'. N'ewberv" is engraved ta c*. e stamps. m success to a perseverance present system of practice, Messrs. CU. RR1E Sfiil Co. regular Surgeons, continue to effect a radical cure in afl cases of infection and disease, which have hitherto bufaled the virtue of every medicine but that of mercury. Their mode of treatment has proved itself equally beneficial in the cure of tho> i maladies, relaxations, and debilities, both ot body and minds resulting- from licentiousness of living, from a long residence in hot climates, from the intem. pt AN I M A T E D BY UNIFO ™ in their Kew Bridge; of Mr. Wortham, Solicitor, Castle- street, Hoi. born; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, of whom Pickets for viewing may be had. , ate pursuit of excessive jdeasure. To be viewed by Tickets only. Particulars may be had on the ! a , K l t h e f-". aI indulgence particularly of the younger classes, i » a Premises; at the Castle and Talbot, Richmond ; White Hart, | certain insidious and destructive habit. An experience ot tliiri-; Windsor; Castle, Salt- hill; Bull, liist Sheen; Star and Garter, j years, sanctioned by numberless instances of successful treai- -- - ment, has evinced the. superiority of their method of cure, and confirmed its triumph over vtilglr prejudice and professional incredulity.— In slight and recent cases of syphilitic complaints, a perfect cure is effected in the short period of two days, and in those of the " utmost inveteracy where other practitioners have failed, a proper perseverance in their plan'of treatment insures to the patient a safe, well grounded, aim lasting re- establishment.— Messrs. Currie and Co. may be consulted by patients with the greatest secrecy, delicacy, and honour, at their house, No. 10:, Hatton- gardeu.— Patient, in the country are requvit-. d to state the particulars of'their case," age, and gciieraThabifofTivnig, and inclosing a remittance for advice aritf medicines, wlieii the sam » will be given or sent to any part of the kingdom. 107, Hattoh- garden. Valuable FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD ESTA TES, at Srooil and Rochester, in Kent.— To be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Bull Inn, Rochester, on TUESBAY next, the 9th of July, at three o'clock in the afternoon, by order of the Executors of the late Mr. Batten, in Three Lots, AC O M P A C T F R E E H O L D E S T A T E , called READ, situate in the Parish of Strood, in the County of Kent, a short distance irom the high Dover road, only two miles from Rochester, six from Gravesend, and twentyeight from London, now iu. the possession ol Lieut.- Col. Minto, at the rental of 8- 1/. per anu. consisting of a substantial and commodious newly erected brick dwelling- liou. se, convenient cottage adjoining, and a spacious yard, with bam, stable, and coach- house, at a suitable distance from the house; a fertile garden, with two inclostires of most excellent pasture land, containing by estimation 1A. 3R. 32P. the whole being a most comfortable retirement for a respectable family. ' The above Estate, from its situation, is particularly healthy, and being on an eminence, commands an extensive prospeet of the adjacent country, dock- yard, an. I other public works, with ay uninterrupted view of the River Medway, as far as Sheerness. A'so, a spacious brick- built Dwelling- honse, in most complete repair, situate at the East end of Nile Terrace, on the New Road, c. ose to the Town of Rochester, with a walled garden, stable, and coach house, with a private carriage- road to the back part of the premises, which are held under a Lease for Mine Hundred ami Ninety- nine Years, at a peppercorn rent. The Dwelling house consists of six airy bed- chambers, and two dressing- rooms, dining- room, drawing- room, and breakfast parlour, kitchen, butler's pantry, landry,* laundry, wash- house, and convenient cellars, the whole replete with every conyentence-, and fit for the immediate reception of a large family. ' I'he situation of the premises is both pleasant and healthy, and commands a very fine view of the River Medway and public establishments in the neighbourhood. Also, a valuable and produrtive Piece of Mea- low Land, abutting on tke East side of the last- mentioned Premises, in a most advantageous situation for building, containing about — acres, which is held under the same Lease. Printed Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had at the Sir J o h n Falstaff, Gadshill; the Bull Inn, Rochester; Iiote Inn, Sittiligbouriie; Bull Inn, Dartford ; of Mr. Duillow, Solicitor, Town Mailing; and of ftlr. 1. Batten, Auctioneer, St. Margaret's Bank, Rochester. IMPORTANT ADVICE. ~~~ HEN Jle- n of Education and professional skill use persevering endeavours to discover the most safe ami certain method of creating a few prevailing Diseases, the success-' ful result i f their experience is the best proof of superiority. Messrs. ( JOSS and Co. Members of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, regularly educated a" d initiated into every branch of the profession ( certificates of which from different hositals, and testimonials from the most eminent Physicians they have to convince any inquirer), have been induced to make jhe" cure of the following the object, of their particular study, viz. of a-' certain Disorder frequently contracted in a moment of intoxication, and its concomitants, together with nervous irritations, aris-"' ing from the imprudence of youth, which by an improved method. are speedily and effectually cured. The result of a long anil exclusive practice has enabled them . by a superior method to remove-" those complaints, however inveterate or complicated, withom' laying the patient under the least restraint in diet or exercise ; and* in recent oases, where an early application is made on discovery of the infection, they pledge themselves to perform a cure it1 the ' short space of two days; Tile unprecedented success ol their mode of treatment ( which has never been known to fail in one single instance, in the practice of 14 years, during which period many persons ltave been cured, even after severe and injurious methods ha- 1 betn pursued by other practitioners without effect), induces them to thus publicly offer their advice. Messrs. Goss and Co. may De consulted daily, personally, or by letter, witfr inviolable secrecy and attention. Patients in the' • cou- ntry art? required to describe their age, manner ot living, & c. 1 including a Bank note, and tne same will be dulv attended to, and' advice and m—,- icines sent to any part of the Kingdom. 13, Bcuverierstreet, Fleet- street.. . LONDON: Printed by B. M'SW Y N Y, No. 34S, Strand; and published by J . P. WANNESS, same' vlhje^
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