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The Hue and Cry, and Police Gazette


Printer / Publisher: Joseph Downes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 434
No Pages: 2
The Hue and Cry, and Police Gazette page 1
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The Hue and Cry, and Police Gazette
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The Hue and Cry, and Police Gazette

Date of Article: 29/06/1816
Printer / Publisher: Joseph Downes 
Address: No 240. Strand
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 434
No Pages: 2
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price 7d. m. 434. CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES. Home— Lord Ellenborough, Mr Justice Burroughs. Norfolk— Ld. C. Tuft. Gibbs, Ld. C. Baron Thompson. Midland— Mr. Baron Graham, Mr. Justice Dallas. Northern— Mr Baron Wood, Mr. Justice Bayley. Oxford— Mr. Baron Richards, Mr justice Abbott. Western— Mr. Justice Park, Mr. Justice Holroyd. SPECIAL COMMISSION AT ELY. SILVER COIN. CIRCULAR WHITEHALL, June, 1816. SIR— I am directed bv Lord SIDMOUTH, to inform you, that his Lordlhip is aware that considerable in- convenience has arisen in many parts of the country, from an apprehension, that the Defaced Silver Coin now in circulation, will not be taken in exchange for New Coinage, now preparing; he therefore directs me to apprise you, that the defaced Coin of the Realm will be taken in exchange jor the New Coinage, as soon as tfie latter is compeared ; and he hopes that, ihe Bankers and Tradesmen of the will continue to receive fuch Defaced Coin in the mean time. To the Worshipful 1 am, Sir, Set. the Mayor of— I. BECKETT. MENDICITY IN THE METROPOLIS. THE Report of the Select Committee of the Houfe of Commons upon the State of Mendicity in the Metropolis has been printed, in pursuance of the Order of the Houfe of the 26I1 of May It states, that mendicity in the ftreets is much diminished, since the investigation of last yeai and that, enforcement of the ending laws, ihe town be speedily cleared of mendicants altogether; but a that course would only transfer the evil into the country. The report recommends that an establishment be formed on Mr. Martin's plan or enquiry, tor the pur- pose of discriminating the meritorious from the other classes ; that due diligence be used to send home the Irish, Scotch, and African Mendicants; thai the Chel- sea and Greenwich pensioners, ( a very troublesome class of mendicants) he taken out of the strects, and some other minor regulations. CRIMINAL LAW. This Day is published, in Four large Volumes, Royal Octavo, Price 51, 5j. in doatds, MR. CHlTTY's PRACTICAL TREATISE on the CRIMINAL LAW, adapted to the Use of the Profession, Magistrates, and Private Gentle- men.— it contains a Comprehensive and Systematic View ofthe whole CRIMINAL JURISPRUDENCE, with a very copious COLLECTION OF PRECE- DENTS, so as to form a compleat CIRCUIT COMPANION, and calculated to afford to Magistrates and Others concerned in the ADMINISTRATION of CRIMINAL JUSTICE, minute Practical Directions for every Stage of Proceedings. Sold by Messrs, Buttcrworth and Son, Fleet. Street ; Longman and Co., Paternoster Row ; R. Pheney, Inner Temple Lane; W. Reed, Fleet- Street; S. Sweet, Chancery Lane; W. Walker, Strand; C. Hunter, Bell Yard, Lincoln's Inn; J. Downes, Strand ; and J. Cooke, Ormand Quay, Dublin. GAME LAWS, HE very comprehensive Treatise, written by A. J. CHIITY, Esq. on this Subject, and which has been found fo highly useful to MAGISTRATES and country Gentleman, who have been desirous of obtaining a complete View of the Subject, continues 011 Sale at all the Law and other Booksellers, 111 2 Vols. Octavo, Piice \ l. HI. ( id. 111 Boards. it contains every iegal Decision 011 the Statutes relating, thereto, as also tiie PROCEEDINGS against OFFENDERS, whe- ther by INDICTMENT, ACTION, INFORMATION, or before MAGISTRATES, to whom it will be found particularly valuable. Some useful Information is likewise given on the Laws relative to . the Ftsusaiss.' This Subject, as well as that respecting GAME, must be, it is presumed, highly interesting to Noblemen and Gentlemen possessing MANORIAL RIGHTS, in add.- tion to their Landed Property ARSON. ONE HUNDRED GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS JAMES CROFTS, late ofthe Town of NOTTINGHAM, STOCKING TRIM- MER, stands Charged on Oath, with having wilfully and feloniously set Fire to the Dwelling- House and Workshops in his Occupation, situate in Fletchergate, in the Town of Nottingham, in the Night of the 4th Instant, ( from which he previously Stole a large quan. tity of Hosiery Goods, the Propeity of various Manufacturers in Nottingham, ) and has absconded and secreted Himself. Whoever will Apprehend ihe said James Crofts, and cause him to be lodged in any of His Majesty's Gaols, fo that he may be brought ro justice, shall be paid all reasonable Expences and ONE HUNDRED GUI- NEAS Reward, by Applying at my Office. The ( aid James Croft, is a Native of Leicestershire, about 36 Years of Age, fta. ds about 5 Feet 6 or 7 Inches high, hat light brown Hair, fair Complexion, and fmooth oval Face, grey Eyes which look heavy and dull; he is slender made, and hangs forward as he walks with a long swinging Gait. Nottingham, By Order 13 June, 1816. H. ENFIELD, TOWN CLERK. STOLEN OR STRAYED From Banfield, Surrey, on Saturday, the Ith Inftant, A BROWN GALLOWAY MARE, about 13 Hands high, heavy 111 Foal; had on a Clog ; has a round white Blaze in the Forehead, s aged, clear brown Eyes, Mane thick, having been hogged laft Year, Tail rubbed, rather low on the Withers, sluggish in Action. O11 Information where the Mare mav be found, ( at 53, Lamb's Conduit Street, London, or the Woolpack, Banstead,) with the view to tracing the offender > r offenders, if stolen, a Reward ot FIVE GUINEAS will be given. FIRST SOMERSET MILITIA. ROBERT FRANCIS, of Eastower, Dorsetsh. laborer, 5 feet 4|, aged 19, grey eyes, light hair, common feature., stout body, common limbs ; driver, lately discharged from the Artillery deserted 19 Oct. last, at Plymouth. Wm. Perrott, laborer, of Eeastower; 5 hct 4! aged 18, thin face, grey eyes, dark hair, common features, slight body, com-, limbs; des. 19 Oft. laft, at Plymouth. SUSSEX MILITIA. WILLIAM COLEMAN, butcher, of Harwich, 5 feet 6, aged 28, long fwarthy f ee, dark hair, hasel eyes, common features, cut right side forehead, stout body and limbs enlisted at Gosport, 9 Dec def. fame day Thomas Edwards, shoemaker, of Eltham, Kent; 5 feet 8j, aged 21, long thin fallow face, dark hair, hafel eyes. com. fea- tures, stout thighs, thick legs; enl. at Gosport, " 29 Aug. laft, def. thence, 13 Sep. Wm. Evans, Laborer, of Bristol; slender, feet 4J, aged 11, long thin fair face, d. bn. hair, hasel eyes, wide mouth, been at Sea; des. at Gosport, 27 Dec. Peter Eving, shoemaker, of Totton, Hants; 5 feet 5, aged 32, long thin fair face, d. bn. hair, grey eyes, com. featu es, thin body and limbs; enl. at Brighton, 12 Aug des. at Gosport, 4 0( 2. Richard Kent, shoemaker, of Brighton; 5 feet 6, aged 23, brown fair face, light hair, grey eyes,' wide nostrils stout body, l thin legs; enl. 7 Dec. 1813, at Brighter; des. at Gosport, 10 Sep. las. Thomas Stonar, laborer, of Henfield, Sussex feet 7, aged iS, long thin fair face, 1. bn. hair, hasel eyes, com. features, thin body and limbs; enl. at Arundel, 21' Sep. last, deserted at Gosport, . Thomas Vaughan, corporal, of Warnham, Sussex; square built, 5 feet S, aged 36, round swarthy face, dark hair, hasel eye-, short neck, father in kneed; was master of the band on board the Prince ; des. 16 March, at Chichester. Thomas Webb, shoemaker, ol Kingston, Surrey ; 5 feet 7, age 127, broad fair face, brown hair, hafel eves, wide nostrils, aukward body, broad shoulders, ' thick, neck, stout limbs, has an impediment of speech; enl. at Gosport. 26 Aug. last, whence he deserted 28 Sep. STIRLINGSHIRE MILITIA. JOHN GRAHAM, saddler, of Callendar, Perthshire; 5 feet aged 22, oval face, light blue eyes, bl. ckh. iir, com. features, stout body, prop. limbs; has lost the great toe of left foot; des. 24 Aug. las', at Stirling. Bryan M'Quillon, tailor, of Kintyre, Argylesh. 5 feet aged 17, round face, grey eves, fair eyebraws, common nose and mouth, stout body, prop, limbs; des. 30 Sep. at Glasgow j speaks with the Irish accent. James M'Fee, weaver, of Barony, Glasgow; stout body, 5 feet 8|, aged 20, long fresh face, blown hair, hasel eves, speaks slowly and deliberately, has a wound inside rhe little finger of the right hand, thieved from his comiades, thought to be an Irishman , enl at Stirling, 12 Aug. last, des. at Glafgow, 26 Oft. Wm. Mitchell, collier and miner; 5 feet 6^-, aged 19, rather long swarthy face, d. bn hair, hasel eyes, round shoulders, stout body, prop, limbs; des at Dumbarton, 12 Nov. laft. Charles Randall or Reynolds, weaver, of Spitalfields, London; 5 feet 3j, aged 20, long tace, blue eyes, brown hair, square" shoulders, stout body, prop, limbs; des. on receiving bounty, a Sep. last, at Glasgow. John Robinson, laborer, of Wilton, Roxburgshire ; 5 feet 6, aged 32, long face, hasel eyes, black hair, rather stoops, stout body, prop, limbs; del. Sep. last, at Glasgow. James Shanks weaver, of Maybole, Ayr; j feet 6, aged 2;, small sallow face, brown hair, hasel eyes, stout body, proporti- onate limbs; enlisted at Glasgow, 12 Dec. deserted next day} fup. an Irishman. Samuel Woodhead, hosier, of Carluke, Lanarkshire; 5 f et 7i> aged 23) round fresh face, fair hair, blue eyes, large nose and mouth, stout body, prop, limbs, 2 scars on his breast; served near 7 years in rhe Lanark Militia. WILTSHIRE MILITIA. GEORGE HARNETT, laborer, of Down Ampney, Wilts; 5 teet cj, aged ti, round fresh face, red hair, light hasel eyes, small nofe and mouth, stout and well made; till, at Marl- borough, 15 Nov. last, ties. 2 days after- Wm. Barnett, laborer, ( brother ot the above) 5 feet 5, aged 22, oval dark face, d. bn. hair hasel eyes, small nose and mouth, stout and well made body and limbs; ens. and des. with his brother. John Campbell, tailor, of Dublin ; 5 feet 7J, aged go, ugly fallow face, brown hair, grey eyes, long nose, large mouth, stout body and limbs. John Chambers, shoemaker, of Worshall, Warwickshire • e feet 3aged 18, small oval fair face, It. bo. hair, grey eyes, small nose and mouth, long reck, slender body and re- sided at Bath; enlisted at Bradford, 26 Sep. last, deserted Marlborough, 1 Oft. John Charles, shoemaker, of St. Mary's, Glocester, ^ feet t aged " 3. round dark face, black hair, hasel eyes, well made stout thighs; enl. at Cricklade, 13 Sep. last; des. at wootton Bassett, 10 days after. John Ember, carpenter and joiner, of Tisbury, Wilts; feet 10, aged 35, long lair face, light hair, grey eyes, small mouth, well made, stout body and limbs; was in the band ot the 2nd Wilts Militia; enl, at Salisbury, 2 Aug. last, des. at Marlborough, 11 Oct Thomas Fletcher, blacksmith, of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire ' 5 feet, aged 40, long sallow face, dark hair, hasel eyes, long nose, large mouth, slender body arid limbs; is a pensioner. & Joseph Hall, laborer on canals, ot St. John's, Devizes, Wilts' 5 feet 6j), aged 29, round dark face, d, bn hair, grey eves small mouth, stout body, prop, limbs; enl. at Bradford, 26 Sep, last, des. at Marlborough, 5 days after James Scott, laborer, ot Oldham, Lancash. 5 feet lit, aged 32, fresh face, 1 bn. hair, hasel eyes, small mouth, stout bode and limbs; said he had been a sergeant in the Beverly Local Militia Wm. Shall plaisterer, of Little Sodbury, Glocestersh. slender, 5 feet 6^, aged 32, long dark face, d. bn. hair, d. hasel eyes, long note; enl. at Chippenham, 15 Nov. des. thence, 28 Dec. Wm. Walter, laborer, of Gunvill, Dorsetshire; 5 feet 44, aged 18, long dark face, bn. hair, hafel eyes, large mouth, long neck, stout body, small limbs ; enl. at Hindon, Wilts, 2 5 Sep" last, des. at Marlborough, 5 Oft. Campbell, Scott, and Fletcher, deserted at Bristol, 26 Sep. ! a< t. WESTMINSTER MILITIA. JAMES BROWN, laborer, of Tichfield, Hants; stout, ; feet 4, aged 29, round fresh face, d. brown hair, dark eyes : enl. in London, 11 Sep. des. at Hull, 31 Dec. Thomas Machell, supposed a cabinetmaker; stout, 5 fee 19!, aged 32, round fresh face, light hair, grey eyes, lost a front tooth • supposed a deserter from the Royal Artillery ; enl. in London* 24 Nov. des. at Hull, 24 Dec. ' Wm. Oliver, shoemaker, of Coventry; stout, 5 feet 74, a? rJ 27, oval fair face, 1. brown hair, halel eyes, stout nose ; enl. in London, i Dec. des. at Hull, 10 Jan. George Wright, alias George Richardson, alias John Turner laborer, of Hull; stout, 5 leet 4$, aged 25, oval fair face It', hair, grey eyes, long nose, stoops in walking, recently punished enl. in London, 13 Sep. des. at Hull, 31 Dec EAST YORK. MILITIA. GEORGE BAXTER, shoemaker, of Elleby, near York ; 5 feet 4, aged 18, oval fresh face, brown hair, grey eyes', thick nose; enl. at Liverpool, zs Nor. des. thence, 30 J* » n. Wm. Caswell, cabinet maker, of Greenock; slender, 5 fe. t 8 aged 19, oval fresh face, d. bn. hair, blue eyes; enl. at Liverpool' 21 Dec. des thence, 14 Jan. George Clarke, laborer, of Barlow, Yorksh. flout make, t; feet 11, aged 23, large fresh face, light hair, grey eyes, small wen on left temple, thick nose, wide mouth ; enl. at Beverley 16 Oct. des at Liverpool, 12 Feb. Edward Fletcher, card maker, of Wibsey, Yorksh. stout make 5 feet 8, aged 34, oval fair face, light hair, gtcy eyes, scar near left eye, mole on left cheek, scar outside right thigh- des. 11 Jan. from escort at Wibsey, near Bradford. Richard Gibbons, roper, of Douglas, Isle of Man ; slender, ; feet 4, aged 18, round datk face, brown hait, blue eyes, small nose; enl. at Liverpool, 21 Dec. des. thence, 21 Jan. SECOND WEST VORK MILITIA. WILLIAM JOHNSON, musician, ( said) of Liverpool, slender make, 5 leet 11, aged 20, small pale face, It. bn. hair, grey eyes, It bn. large arched eyebrows, long thin nose' shuffles in his walk, plays well on the flute; said he had served in Admiral Cochran's band, in which he played the flute; had a woman when he deserted at Bradford, 12 Jan. then pregnant her head and face round, a cut in her upper lip, and had on a blue cloth pelisse, a blue cloth bonnet, and a second mourning shawl, which she stole from the quarters; thought to be to Shields. LONDON;— PRINTED ANd PUbLiSHeD BY JOSEPH DOWnES, NO. 240, STRAnd. SATURDAY, JUNE 2- 2. This morning at nine o'clork the Court reassembled, when judgment of death was passed on the following pris « neis, win had been convicted of capital offence.-: - Aaron Chevill, Richard Jessop, Joseph Easy, Thomas Smith, an I Mark Benton, for burg- lary in " the dwelling- house of Josiah Dewey, of Littleport ; also Thomas Smith, Wm. Dann, and Robert Crabb, for stealing in the dwelling- house ot Robt. ^ peechley, of Littleport; also James Fewell and Isaac Harley, for robbe y f om the person of Robert Edwards, of Ely; also Wm Beamiss the younger, for robbery from the person of Hugh Robert Evans, of Ely; also Aaron Layton, John Dennis Richard Jessop, Wm. Aikin, Sarah Hobbs, John Pricke, John Cooper, and John Jefferson, for robbery from the__ person of Wm. Cooper, of Ely ; a! s> - : ruC" i; " " Aaron . Wm. Atkin, and James Cammell, for robbery from the per- on of George Stevens, of Ely also Wm. Beamiss the elder, and Aaron Chivill, for robbery from the person of Henrv Tansley, of I. ittleport; also John Easy, John Walker, Robert Butcher, and George Crow, tor stealing, in the dwelling- house of Rebecca Waddelow and Henry Martin, of Littleport; also Wm. Beamiss the elder, and Wm. Beamiss the younger, for robbery from the person of Robert Cheeseright, of Littleport. Mr. Justice ABBOT then addressed them to the follow- ing effect: " Prisoners at the bar— You stand here, 34 perrons in number a melancholy example to all who are here present, ar. d to all your country, of the sad effects of indulging in these b- utal and violent pa- sions bv which you all appear to have been actuated in the commission of the crimes of which vou have been convicted. You seem to have thought, that bj your own strength, and your own threa s, you ill uld not only be able to oppress an intimidate your peaceable neighbours, but even to resist the st ong arm of the law itse f. How vain that thought, your present situation shews. It w s suggested abroad, that you had been induced to perpetrate these violent outrages by hard necessity and want; bu1, aftei attending closel y and strictly to the whole tenour of the evidence, which has occupied the attention of the Court for several days, there has not appeared in the condition, circumstances, or behaviour of any one of you, any reason to suppose that you were insti- gated by' distress, By what motive, or under what mistaken advice or disposition, you began to act in the way you did, is best and perhaps only known to God and your own con>. ci- cnces. The preservation not only of the good order and peace of society, the preservation of life itself, imperiously ca,; s upon the Court to declare, that many of you must expect to undergo the full sentence ofthe law. It is some consolation to the Court to be able to say, that in attending to and distinguishing the ca. es of each particular individual, we have found in many of them circumstances which will warrant us in giving to many of you a hope that your lives will be saved. The Gentlemen of the Jury have pointed cut some of you to our attention, and in so doing th'. y have acted with that'merciful disposition and accurate di crimination which they have shewn throughout the whole of your trials. Such of you whose lives may, perhaps, be saved by the Crown— that power alone on earth who can save them— most not expect that you shall be dismissed from your offences without undergoing some severe punishment. Many of you must expect t0 be sent away for a greater or less portion of time, and a few even for the whole period of their lives, from that couutry whose peace they have thus disturbed, and which they have thus disgraced. Human justice, however ii may be administered, a^ it is always this country with mercy, requires that some of you should undergo the full sentence, in order that others may be detered from following the example of your crimes. You William Beamiss the elder you George Crow, you John Dennis, you Isaac Hurley, you Thomas South the younger ; let me exhort you to prepare for that sentence; let me entreat you to apply yourselves, during the short remainder of the time which can be allowed to you in this world, by prayer and peni- tence, to appease that Almighty power whom you have of- fended: address yourselves seriously and fervently to that throne of grace from which hereafter you may expect to find that mercy which cannot be extended to you here. You Wm. Beamiss the elder are a person whose condition in life ought t « have taught you to restrain any unruly and turbulent disposi- tion in your less enlightened neighbours, instead of becoming one of the most forward in the perpetration of those offences which placed your town for several days in a state of trepidation and alarm. You boasted, however, ot your Situation, and took with you your own son to be the partner of your crimes.— Considering his youth, and the influence which your evil example may be supposed to have had upon him, he is placed amont; those wh, are recommended to the mercy of the thrr ne. You George Crow were one of the number who, at a late h ur of the night, broke into the dwelling of two peaceable individ- uals against whom you had no cause of offence. One cf them, • whose age and infirmities were entitled to protection and respect, was subjected to your violence and plunder : the other had the good fortune to escape fully by flying from you. Your offence, therefore^ is not merely that of which you have been convicted; you came there, not with that intention alone, but to destroy the life of one person. You John Dennis are also a person whose cendition in life might have taught you to restrain the wicked passions cf others. You endeavoured, on your first appearance in ti is place, to represent to the Court, - that you bad been compelled by force to leave the place of your dwelling, and give ycur assistance in plundering the inhabitants of this city. The jury to whom this representation was referred Hid even, on that occasion, repudiate the evidence / two other trial's followed, and you were found standing forward as the leader of that lawless band which entered this city for the purposes of plunder and violence, and armed with a more dangerous weapon than the rest of your associates. You Isaac Harley were the first person who assaulted the reverend minister of your parish at his own door: you stood first of that wicked assembly, and demanded money of him ; and having refused that moderate sum he offered, you enforced from him the delivery of his money by your own bodily stiength, forced your way into his dwelling, and compelled him and his family at that late hour for their lives. Yon Thomas South the younger appear to have been one of the most active in those wicked transactions which took place in jour to wn ; you to., k from one of your neighbours the savings perhaps of many yea: s; and then proceeded to an- ethe-, and fared him to mi with such turns as vou an 1 your lawless companions demanded. With a deadly weapon in house of an aged woman, head. In addition to these outrages, there are no less than four other cases in which ' be gianrl jury ol your countr have found bd s of indictment against y- u — You, then, the five whom I have addressed, et me ujai exhort you to apply yourselves by penitenc - and prayer t ob tain from Heaven the pardon of your Crimes It now remains for me to pronounce on each and everv one of you the awful sentence of death; aid that sentence is, that you and each of you be taken from hence to the place from whence you came , and from thence to some place f execution, where you are to be hanged by the neck until yon are dead And to y u William Beamiss the elder, George Crow, John Dennis, Isaac Harley, and Thomas South the younger, apply to the God of mercy that he would have mercy on you." v. During the whole of this awful sentence the prisoners were deeply affected, were taken from the bar in an agony of grief. Joseph Lavender, who had been convicted of stealing some silver spoons, the property " f the Rev. john Vachell, was then brought up, and prayed the benefit 0f clergy, according to the statute. / MR. justice ABBOT addressed the prisoner. He told him that he had been found though a very small part of the property tile Rev. j. Vachell, which w.- s carried away by a most violent and outrageous assembly. It had not appeared', I that he was one of those who t broke into the hoUse Had that fact, or any thing le . dins to that conclusion, him, the Court would have been called upon to pronounce sentence as severe as the . Considering, the efote, all that had been brought against a drawing favorable conclusion, they sentenced him imprisoned in the gaol of that city for 12 calendar months The prisoners who were allowed yesterday to enter into re- cognizances for their good behaviour, were then brought up and discharged The remainder of the prisoners being put the bar, Mr. Gurney stated, that he was instructed on the part of the Crown , prosecution against them. The) disclurged by proclamation. The Court then rose, and, the special commission was concluded. SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 1816. POLICE NEWS CONTINUED. At the Old Bailey Sessions, which concluded on the loth instant, 32 convicts were sentenced to death— 18 to transportation for life— 5 for 14 years; and a great number of others to different punishments. A very extensive scheme of forgery has lately been executed, by which the bankers in London, and in different parts of the country, have been defrauded to a very great amount. The fraud has been effected by means of bills, purporting to be accepted by respecta- ble banking houses in town, and which, from the respectability of the names, were discounted immedi- ately. A person, named Samuel Newman, is in custody in London, charged with uttering fome of these bills at Warminster, where he called himself Hunt; and another person at Greenock, 1 suspicion o: being concerned in this transaction. The dwelling- house of Mr. Peach, of Northampton, was broken and entered in the night of the 17th inst. and bills of exchange and country bank notes stolen therein, to the amount of 1330/. and some silver coin. The house « f the Rev. Thomas Thomas, of Ware- ham, was entered on the 16th instant, while the family was attending Divine Service, and robbed of about 30l. in Notes of the Bank of England and Dorchester Bank, a number of gold and silver coins,' property The bank of England notes Nos. 19,615, and 19,616 for 50/. each, dated 22nd May last;, Noa. 931, 932, May last; were received at the Bank of England, in exchange for a joo/. Note, which had been stolen in a tlenun's house, in the neighbourhood of Liverpool. The same time was stolen, a French gold musical watch, and a plain topaz seal, gold mounted. DESERTER- MARINE. THOMAS MARTIN, private marine, deserted from the Barracks, at Chatham, * n the i6lh inst. He is 31 years of age, 5 feet 4! inches high, hasel eyes dark brown hair; had 011 a red jacket, blue waist- coat, with yellow buttons, and blue trowsers; is thought to he gone to Worcester, where he had been 011 furlough a few months since, where his address then was at the Cat's Head, Lawrence Court, High Street. DESERTERS. MONMOUTH AND BRECON MILITIA. WILLIAM DAVIS, currier, of Radborough, Glocestersh. well made, 5 feet 7, aged 22, fresh face, light hair, grey eyes; a recruit, 13 06t. William Sanders, tailor, of Clasbury, near the Hay, Brecon- Ihire ; 5 feet 5, aged 20, dark face, dark brown hair, grey eyes; a recruit, I j Oil. Thomas Shouel, laborer, of Westbury, Glocestersh. stout, well made, 5 feet aged 23, fair complexion, light hair, grey eyes; enlisted at Monmouth, 26 Oct. des. 2 days after. Wm. Shouel, laborer, of Westbury, Glocestersh. 5 feet 7, aged 24, tair complexion, ligl. t hair, giey eyes; is a brother of the above ; enl. and des. with him. James Williams, laborer, of Llanigin, Breconsh. 5 feet a.: ed 28, dark complexion, brown hair, black eyes; enl. at Mon- mauth, 15, des 23 Dec. John Williams, of Llanyhang'e, Breconsh. 5 feet 5^, aged 2j, swarthy complexion, light brown hair, grey eye-, marked 0n the right arm ; enl. 23 Oct. at Monmouth, des in 22 days. WEST NORFOLK MILITIA. DAVID Lyons, patten maker, of Lynn well made, 5 feet 7, aged 2i, oval frelh face, brown hair, grey eyes, small nose and mouth; enl. at Dereham, 19 Dec. des. in 3 days. PERTH MILITIA. ALEXANDER HENDERSON, laborer, of Campbeltown, Argylesh. 5 feet 6aged 22, long face much freckled, blue eyes, c mmjn nofe, mou. h, and necrc, dark brown hair, square shoulders, slender make, common limbs. James Lanchlan, weaver, of Colmanel, Ayrlh. 5 feet 5, aged 33, long free, blue eyes, common nose and mouth, long neck, narrow shoulders. slender person; speaks Irish, plays the Irish bagpipes; fup in Ir. land Gilber M'Allister, gardener, of Kilhorman, Argylssh. 5 feet mouth, thick neck, bn. hair mixed with grey, broad shoulders, stout body and limbs. John M'Laren, weaver, of Moneivaird, Perthsh 5 feet , aged 18, long fair face, fair hair and brows, hasel eyes, flat nose, round shoulders, stout body, ordinary limbs; has a small impe diment of speech ; enl. 7 June l . st year, at Crief; in Oft. ift. David Sommerville, shoe maker, of North Berwick; 5 feet 6}, aged 20, large face, hasel eyes, large mouth, common nose, d. bn hair, broad shoulders, stout body and limbs. Said men, excep' M'Laren, failed Co join 011 embodying. ROSS & c. MILITIA RICHARD GRAVES, tailor of Montrofe; stout make, J feet t, aged 34, round fresh face, fair hair, a little bald, grey eyes; des. at Tain, at Dingwall, 22 July. Ronald Laird, laborer, of Wick, Caithness; 5 feet 2, aged 20, round swarthy face, brown hair and eyes, la ge mouth, broad shoulders, ftout body, th. cic thighs, slender legs ; deserted ai Caithness 1 Aug Charles Lewis, laborer, of Haverfordwest. Pembroke; 6 feet high, aged 38, round fresh face dark hair, hasel eyes, Roman note, large mouth, broad shoulders, slender body and limbs; enl. 17 May last, ai Tain; des at Ross Shire-, Aug. 1. John M'Aulay, laborer, ot Uigg, Rosshire ; stout, well made, 5 feet 7, aged 20, round freih face, brown hair, blue eyes; de « . at Lewes, Auir. 1. Angus M'Kay, laborer, of Uigg. Rosshire ; well made, 5 feet 7, aged 21, round fresh face, brown hair, blue eyes; des. at Lewes, 25 April, 1815. jonn M'Kay, laborer, of Foderty, Cromarty; 5 fe't 6, aged 36, iong fresh face, brown hair, d. blue eyes, large mouth, short neck, round shoulders, stout body and limbs; enl. at Tain, May last; drs. at Rosshire, 1 Aug. John M'Kenzie laborer, ot Foderty, Cromarty; J fret 10, aged 21, round fresh face, brown hair, black eyes, emall noee, common mouth, round shoulders, slender body and limbs; des, at Ross Shire, 1 Aug. Angus Mormon, laborer, of Barva, Rosshire ; stout make, 5 feet7J, aged 29, round fresh face, brown hair, blue eyes; aes. at Lewes, t Aug. John Mauhbank, tailor, of Dumfries; stout make, 5 feet 6, a ; ed 24, round dark face, dark hair, grey eyes; des. j Aug. at Glasgow; walks rather bent; supposed driving sheep in the South of Scotland. Alex. Ross, laborer, of Rogart, Sutherland ; 5 feet 5, aged 19, round fresh face, brown hair, grey eyes, pug nose, small mouth, long neck, square shoulders, slender body and limbs; enl. at Dornock, 21 Sep 1813 ; des at Sutherland Shire, Aug. 1. EAST SUFFOLK. MILITIA. THOMAS BAKER, laborer, of Blow Norton, Norfolk ; stout make, 5 feet 6$, aged 18, fair face, brown hair, hasel eyes j enl. 9 Nov. at Bury, des. at Ipswich, 1 Jan. sup. about his home. Richard Hughes, slater, of St, Lukes, Liverpool; 5 feet 4, aged 18, long- dark face, brown hair, hafel eyes, fhort nofe, stout body and limbs j enlisted at Ipswich, 9 Sep, last, whence he deserted 7 Nov. John Hunt, laborer, of Eastburgholk, Suffolk ; 5 feet 4$, aged 23, full dark face, brown hair, grey eyes, large mouth, stout body and limbs; enlifted at Ipswich, 7 OFT. laft, des. thence, 7 Nov. Joseph Leggatt, laborer, of Breadfield, Suffolk; 5 feet 2, aged 16, long lair face, light hair, grey eyes, long nose and neck, slender body and limbs; enl. at Woodbridge, 22 Sep. last, des at Ipswich, 7 Nov. Charles Rayner, laborer, of Halesworth, Suffolk ; stout make, 5 feet 8, aged 18, full frelh face, daik hair, grey eyes; enl. at Bury, Dec. 1, des. 1 Jan. sup. at Blow Norton. John Smith, laborer, of Kenninghall, Norfolk; 5 feet aged 32, bng pale face, brown hair, grey eyes, long nose. wide mouth, stout body and limbs; enl. at Diss, 8 Nov. laft, des. 8 days after. Wm. Thedham, cabinet maker, of Harwich, stout make, 1 feet 5J, aged 23, full dark lace, brown hair, grey eyes; des. ai Ipswich, 26 March. ESCAPES. Two prisoners effected their escape from the House of Correction, at Nottingham, in the night of the 10th instant, viz.— JOHN TINCHLER, late of Newark upon Trent, in the county of Nottingham, chaiae driver, con- victed of grand Larceny, at ihe Nottingham Ltnt Assizes, and sentenced to be imprisoned ; 5 leet 5 aged 28, very stout in perfon, fair complexion, blue eyes, and light brown hair. William Cant otherwise called William Caunt, late of Plumptree, Notts, huckster, convicted at the East Newark Borough Sessions, of uttering counterfeit money, and sentenced to be imprisoned; 5 feet aged 22, rather stout in person, fair complexion, hasel eyes, and light brown hair. HORSES STOLEN. ALight Bay Horse was stolen at Pauls Cray, Kent, On the night of the 5th instant; well made, 6 years old, 15 hands , star and stripe an his forehead, mark on one of his fetlocks. A man who is suspected to be an accomplice in stealing said bsy horse and black mare pony, called upon deceitful in- formatipn where the Horses might be found. He is age, dressed like a jockey, in a very light A roan mare, was taken out of a field, belonging to Mr Payner, of Puckleton, Leicestershire, in the night 0f the 3rd instant; 15 hands high, 3 years old, black mane and tail, black fore legs, white hind feet, switch tail, and several collar marks, An iron grey mare was stolen from a field near Shepherds Bush, Middlesex, on the night of the 14th instant ; 6 years old, 15 hands high, with good action. POLICE NEWS. ROBERT ROBERTS, was committed for trial, from the Police Office, Hatton Garden, 011 die instant, charged wiih forging and uttering as true, a promissory note t « .- 725/., paying to himself, ant purporting to be the , said writing of Mr. Fortunatus Crisp of Gieat Yarmouth. As Mr. Milward, butter dealer, of Thorpe, in Derbyshire, was returning with his cart, from Man- chester Market, on the 1st instant, a man affecting to be much fatigued, asked him to let him ride to ease him, which being assented to, and while Mr. Milward was moving some of the things to make room for him to sit, the man struck him a violent blow on the head, which deprived him of his senses for some time, dur- ing which, the offender rifled his pockets of 160/. in Bank of England Notes, and 61, in money, with which he made off, and has not yet been traced. The Earl of Derby, having occasion lately to send 2000/• in Bank Notes to town, encloied them in feveral franks, but which, however, never came hand ; and the fuspicion is, that they were not put into the Poft Office, but previoudv stlen. Two of the notes have been traced to the of a young man of very re- which is hoped, will lead to the discovery of the The workshop of Mr. Warnsley, of Warminster, Wilts, was entered by false or picklock keys, in the night of the 4th instant, and a number of pieces of cloth stolen, of various textures and colors ; and se- veral remnants : Among the pieces of cloth, was one a superfine dark green, which was covered nearly all over with whiteish spots, arising from being tainted, in the loom. A boy has been apprehended for setting fire to the outbuildings of Mr. Bradly, of Lawshall, in Suffolk, on the 12th last May, by which they were destroyed ; who has since confessed the fact. Two of the four men mentioned in the last Hue and Cry, as having escaped from the House of Correction, at Middlewick, in Cheshire, under ihe names of Abel Cockel and Thomas Hubbard, were arrested in a barn, in the vicinity ot Derby, 011 the night of the 25th ulr., in the possession of property, acquired by a burglary, committed by them at a public house, in the parish of Ipstones, in Staffordshire; and committed by A, N. Mosley, a Magistrate, for ihe county of Derby and Stafford. Abel Cockel, called himfelf Joseph Moore, and Thomas Hubbard, gave his name as William Morley. Peter Howie, a private nf the Sth Veteran Battalion, was committed for trial, from the Police Office. Union Hall, on the 15th instant, for the wilful murder of Sergeant Kendal, belonging to the same corps, 011 the 8th, whom he then attacked without any provocation with a sharp inftrument, susposed to be a razor, and cut in several places, of which wounds he languished till the 1.1th, in the York Hospital, when he expired A woman, of the name of Wilkinson, is under pro- secution by the parish, for keeping receptacles for girls, to the number oi 200, mostly between 12 and 15 years o age, in several small houses, in Pye Street West- minster. The facts relative to this almost unparelleled scene, were disclosed before the Magistrates, at the Police Office, Queen square, 0n the 15th instant who took measures to get these miserable victims oi this base woman's foul avarice and black sin, returned to their friends, in the hope they may be rescued from utter destruction. Tw0 notoriously vicious characters have been appre- hended and committed on tile ciiar^ e of breaking frames, at Nottingham. " Nine men, armed and disguised entered the houfe of Mr. Neal, near Hinckley, Leicestershire, in the night ol the 7th instant, confined some 0f the family in different rooms, terrified others, and plundered the house of a watch, money and the plate, to the amount of about fifty pounds. The shop ot Mr. Roberts, linen draper, of Chesh- unt, Heris, was broken open in the night of the 17th inffant, and about 50 pieces of Irish linen, several pieces of ribbon, a quantity of Briiiih lace, silk hand- kerchiefs, mens hats, 5 pieces of dimity, and other property stolen therein* to a considerable amount. A large silver cup and cover, with arms engraved on both fides; a filver teapot with I. E. B. engraved on it, several plated articles, shirts, woman's and chil- drens linen, was stolen in a gentleman's house, at Chigwell, in Essex ; on the night of the 15th inst. An impostor, describing himself to be a lay- brother, of the Convent ol St. Mary, 0n Mount Simplon, in the Alps, in Switzerland, known to be a house of entertainment for travellers, in those snowy regions, is soliciting assistance about this country, towards, as he pretends, 1 his institution. He says, he has been travelling in this way, in England and Scotland several months, and has obtained 50 /,, which he has remitted to Messrs. Coutts, the banker, of London; but which on enquiry, proves to be false. A Spanish sailor, named Joseph Peru, was commit- ted from the Police Office, Whitechapel, charged with the wilful murder of B. Twig, a private in the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Regiment of Guards, by stabbing him in the belly, in St. Catherine's Lane, Tower- hill, on the 18th instant, which caused his death, while being carried to the guard house. About the same time, the throat of John Moody, of the fame regi- ment, was cut near the lame lpot, which is thought to have been done by the fame atrocious wretch. OFFENDERS. WILLIAM WILMOT, absconded from Bristol, 011 the 4th inftant, after robbing his uncle of 20/ and his father of a watch He is about 5 leet Si inches high, 17 years of age, fair complexion, light hair which is rather bushy, grey eves, rather large mouth, nose rather short, carries his head very erect, is very free and talkative ; and had on a dark green lappelled coat, lemon colored waistcoat, grey cossack trowsers. A man, having the appearance of a naval officer, has been uttering at Portsmouth, Plymouth, Brighton, and Chatham, forced bills, in printed form as used in the navy, purporting to be drawn on the Commissi- oners » f the Navy by Lieutenants of His Majesty's ships, for their perfonal pay. The Solicitor of ihe Navy has offered a large rewaid for his apprehenfion. This offender is near 30 years of age, about 6 feet in height, of flight make, pale or fallow complexion, eves raiher sunk, long thin face, straight nose which is narrow and pointed, rather wide mouth, dark hair combed over his face, rather large whiskers shaved straight: speaks the North country dialect, has the ap- pearance of having been in a hot climate ; and wore a black coat and waistcoat, Wellington pantaloons, and boots. At Portsmouth, he assumed the name of Lieut. Wm. F. Saver, of the Meander; at Plymouth, that of Lieut James Bradley, ot the Calypfo ; at Brighton, that of Lieut. John Brown, of the Myrmidon ; and at Chatham, that of Lieut. Thomas Porter, of the Tyrian. Richard Trigg, absconded from Oxford Street, 011 ihe 15th instant, with one 10/. and 5/. Bank of England Noies: On the 10I. note, over the word Ten is endorled ' Mr. Smith, Gent. June 14— 16,' the property of Mr, Jones, of Oxford Street. Said Trigg, is 5 feet 5 inches in height, 23 years of age, rather dark complexion, dark hair, and down look; is a native ot Glocestershire, near market Down. WAR OFIMC E, JUNE 29, 1816. A LIST AND DESCRIPTION OF DESERTERS FROM HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE. NAMES. Corps. 2d, Life Guards 3d. Drag. Gas. gtb 1. Drags do do ift Foot Gds. do 7th Foot do t8th do 36th do 39th do 41a do do 43d da 5 ift do do do do do 52d do SSth do 58th do do do 6gih. do do 81th do 87th do do g7th do do do do do do 99th do 00 tcoth do do 101ft do 1 ft Rills Brig, do do do do ci Vet. Bat. 3d do do do do do do 5th do do 7th do R. Staff Wag. Train do do do do do Foreign do do do do do do do do do do do do do 1 do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do ill Ger. It. D'. ag do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do dO do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do » d do do do do do do do do do da do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Parish. Halifax Warden Henhury Bristol Pyworthy f Sheffield Srokes Drumerary Walmer Ballinrobe Biddenden St. Michael Kilmonney Alloa Birmingham Leeds St. Barry Mr. hr. Tydvill Llanervil Bridge Lincoln Camberwell St Thomas Keaney Clonana Kilmore Ballyvonnell Canterbury Swansea Eaton Grange Kilcommon Newcastle Rahard Wheam Blackrpad Drumaul Ballykelly Mscroomp Braintree Preston Earl Shilton Kilkenny Winterbourne Noiwich Eccles Dranaugh Hull Draybridge Island St. Jago St. Olave Roserea Napton Lincoln Cambrie Laytonstone Witney Stow Upland Hanover Headcom Hatfield Ahrensbury Tandern Wismer Halle Warer Warburg Rehramhausen Ahifeld Stralsuud Soissa Danzie Konigsburg Berlin Dassell Perleberg Brunswick Werlerden Linden Talkf 11 Lentzen Cassells Subs Hamburg Berlin Rosenfeld Brunswick Rosenfeld Gotha Itenbach Frenish Leserheim Paderborm Koclum St. Senlis Ghent Callo Sislum Glebig G Harlem Druaen County. Trade. York Bedford Glocester Glocester Devon York Bucks Westmeath Kent Mayo Kent Coventry Argyle Clackmannan Warwick Ycik Coric Glamorgan Montgomery Cornwall Lincoln Surrey Lancaster Kings . Queens Cavan leitrim Kent York Glamorgan Bucks Galway Galway Galway Rosscommon Cork Westmeath Lancaster Antrim Derry Cork Essex Lancaster Leicester Kilkenny Glocester Norfolk Lancaster Cork York Waterford Cornwall Tipperay Warwick Lincoln F. Flanders Essex Oxford Varat Donitzo Leincks Hamburg Niene Landau Leuenburg HerbacK Sirk Bergheim Heissenburg Lushow Hague Minden Strelitz Oldendrof Lewen Strasburg Maldengen Andreasbdrg Collen Mastrich Brussells Frankenstein Stein Bersch Landau Salienburg Landau Wissbiden Oldendorf Haarburg Brunt Morning Leiven Brussells Niedersec Strasburg Eliza Dahlfasche Banno Nimvegen Gotteniss Nerd Oserabruck Lemburg Ghent Berkenheil Dulmon Hattenburg Landorff Hanover Ghent Berlin Drumstein Obenhauscn Bolers Bern Strasburg Scherneburg Zabrau Mastrecht Pass Costum Bensset Lansburg servant laborer laborer clerk laborer shoemaker laborer laborer mason weaver laborer silk weaver pipe- maker collier laborer wool- sorter clerk collier laborer miner tabor » r farmer carpenter laborer laborer shoemaker laborer laboi" comb maker laborer laborer laborer laborer laborer laborer labo- er la 00 cloth dresser weaver laborer laborer harness maker machine maker laborer labor# r laborer tailor laborer shoemaker carpernter tailor laborer tailor servant laborer laborer Hanovsr Kent Herts Hessia Germany Mecklenberg Prussia Mecklenberg Hessia Pius^ ia Hessia Boncrania Saxony Prussia Prussia Prussia Hessia Prussia Brunswick Hessia Hanover Hessia Prussia Hessia Prussia Hambug Prcssia Lippc Brunswick Lippe Saxony Hessia; Hungary Brabant Germany Brabant France Flanders Brabant Alsace Prussia Holland Holland Holland Flanders Poland Poland Germany Hungary Alsace Denmark Alsace Loraine Coeln Alsace Hanover Holland Prussia Saxony Bavaria Hanover Flanders Alsace Flanders Hanover Lower Rhine Holland Brabant Silesia Pruisia Nassau Alsace Germany Alsace Alsace Nasiaa Hanover | Hanover Germany Alsace Holland Brabant Brabant Hessia Alsace Hanover Austria Hungary Holland Hamburg Leinberg Brabant Flanders Hanover Germany Flanders Westphalia Westphaiia Hessia Hessia Hanover Germany Flanders Prussia Italy Alsace France Sweeden Aliace Prussia musician lahoroi laborer laborer laborer laborer laborer laborer laborer farrier laborer bborer fjiner laborer laborer none butcher shoemak « r laborer laborer tailor laborer laborer none laborer none nr ne laborer none tailor none laborer laborer tailor miller none shoemaker farrier blacksmith blacksmith laborer A. F. I. , Person. Head. Face. | Eyes. The Sum of Forty Shillings will be allowed for the Apprehension of every Deserter from the REGULARS, whether advertised or not; and will be payable by an- ORDER, of the MAGISTRATE upon the AGENT or DISTRICT PAVMASTERS An i .' oe'Surli Twenty Shillings will be paid in like Manner, for the Apprehension of each Deserter from the MILITIA: Which ORDERS will be issued from the WAR OFFICE, as soon as it shall be ascertained that the Persons apprehended are really Disertjj".. \ hese respectively, are distinct from and in Addition to the Ordinary Reward of " Twenty Shillings allowed by the Mutiny Act, for the Apprehension of Deserters from the REGULARS, and from the embodied MILITIA. Note— The 109 Clktwe of tiie + 2 G: o. IIIJ^ C allowing tlie Reward of Twenty Shillings for the Apprehension © f Deserters from the MILITIA, is considered enly as applying to tint Force in its disembodied Stite, [ LONDON;— Printed and Pubiish^ f ijt Authority,) tyJssBM Downs.', 240, S11 Squire Town William Clark William Daws Joseph Green Samuel Venton Charge Hague Charles Hudson Thomas M'Dermot John Thompson James Fleming Thomas Love Jos- ph Riley Alexander M'Neil Alexander Paterson Richard Atkins Moses Boyle George Coppinger, corpl. William Evans David Lewis William Trezise James Smith Chiswell Slade Henry Butler Edward Conroy Denis Larkin Edward Kirr, corpl. Thomas Smith John Turner William Russell John Williams Francis Feary Thomas Higgins Thomas Lee Martin Leonard Bartholemew Rourke Denis Sullivan John Fagan William Roper James Graham Henrv Kilmary John Donohue Robert Brooks John Corry Joseph Spencer Thomas Welsh George Wigmore Thomas Gedge Richard Berry Richard Butler William Cooper Thomas M'CormiCk John Harris William Smith Johs Russell John Spencer John Smith Peter Keallett Wm. Henry Bassum William Cousins, junr, Thomas Diaper Henry Kornrump Charles Robinson William Wilkinson Christopher Neyachel Andrew Ohlen John Ruthneck, corpl Franz. Redeker Leuis Rischmallr Frederick. Rinne, sergt. Charles Ripping. c° rP!- Christian Schwartz Ropp Gustavus Schwedier Adolph Schroder Francis Schmidt Charles Schultz Adolph Siedenburg Daniel Shultz Andrew Sacher Reinhard Saarfeld Ernest Schnur William Schultz Christian Schreilber Andrew Schache t John Shulz Henry Stein Diedneh Tasch Constanten Wedemeyer John Wallbaum Joaquim Wochlert Jacob Walles John Zimmerman Jacob Ahbeck Andrew Brista Peter Brisfer Conrad Boger John Cloudes Nicolas Diest Martin Deschmidt John Dugardin Francis Fuccar John Graiss John Heinricks Christoph Heinricks John Heinrichs Casper Humbert Fransiscus Intondt Ansfried Kowalscheck Martin Kivalla Fredreck Lehmbeck John Lubrick Joseph Lutz John Lane Samuel Lincks Michael Lamoth Vincent Lewen lewis Piroth John Lumpe Henry Mann Lewis Menty Christian Meyer Peter Merg Frenerick Muller John Neron Andrew Noss Anton Neste Charles Offeney Leonhard Pangels Mathias Peters John Presso Anton Reich Gollfried Reche Peter Retz James Rennet Jacob Stitzel Jacob Schafer John Sinner William Sichard Meldrier Schiitz John Schmidt Franz. Storms Joseph Schmidt • Vanbrack William Vanderput Philip Vanderbutt John Ulmer Anton Wille Henry Wreda George Alspach Michael Beineack William Borstet Jurgen Bustow Philip Courner Henry Cregelberg John Carsbruch John Dabik Franz. Damm Francis Dorink Jacob Ehrenstein Christian Gandkuler Hermann Geipp Henry Graff Henry Hossmann Herries Joseph Jung Andrew Kine Valentine Keek John Kork LamineauX Francis Lugeon Jacob Muller Charles Muller Francis Nosbaum Jacob Nyssen John Pesch Francis Purquaim Sebasten Revnerth Renier Godfrey Schulze laborer labortr brick- maker farrier Brabant Alsace Flanders Brabant Prussia
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