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The Nottingham Journal and Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Grantham, Chesterfield, and Sheffield General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  George Stretton
Volume Number: 74    Issue Number: 3769
No Pages: 4
The Nottingham Journal page 1
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The Nottingham Journal and Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Grantham, Chesterfield, and Sheffield General Advertiser
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The Nottingham Journal and Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Grantham, Chesterfield, and Sheffield General Advertiser

Date of Article: 25/03/1815
Printer / Publisher:  George Stretton
Volume Number: 74    Issue Number: 3769
No Pages: 4
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LEGE, CREGE! " A*; ^ r - r Kit f. rai ifimul frf^^^ M And Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Granfhani, Chesterfield 8f Sheffield General Advertiser PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY GEORGE STRETTON, 14, LONG ROW, NOTTINGHAM. VOL. 74.— 3769.^ Saturday, March 2 « 5, 181 PRICE SIXPENCE, Or =£ 1. 7s. per Annum. MANSFIELD ASSEMBLY. THE FIFTH SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY for Dancing and Cards will be at the Moot Hall, on Monday the 27th instant.— Dancing to commence at Eight (' Clock. THOS. HEYGATE. \ FRAS. WAKEFIELD, JUNK. ^ STEWAEB'- March 13th, 1815. 6th March, 1815. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. BY direction of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, I do hereby GIVE NOTICE, that the General Quarter Sessions of he Peace for the said Countyof Nottingham, will be hold, mat the xveral Pi'accs, and on the several Days following ( to wit), 3fOTTiNGHAM, Monday the 3d of April next; NEWARK, Wednesday the 5th; And EAST RETFORD Friday the 7th : Of which all Persons who are bound hj Recognizance to afqiear, or mho hare any Business to transact at the said respective Sessions, are required to take Notice; and all Persons who have Bills of Indictment to prefer at the said Sessions, are requested to call njnn the Clerk of ihe Peace for the said County the Evening before, <> r early in the Morning of each Sessions'Day, to give Instructions for preparing the said Bills, that they may be ready before the Court sits. GODFREY, Clerk of the Peace. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.— HUNDRED OF BINGHAM. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS OF THE POOR. XTOnCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a Meeting of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, acting within and for the said Hundred, is appointed to be held at the Chesterfield s Arms Inn, in Bingham, in the said County, on Thursday the 6th Day of April next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of appointing Overseers of the Poor for the respect- ive Parishes and Townships within the said Hundred. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, That a SPECIAL SESSIONS is appointed to be holden at the Chesterfield's Arms Inn, in Bingham aforesaid, on Thursday the 20th Day of April next, at the Hourof F. levt n in the Forenoon ; • wheal and where the present Overseers of the Poor for the said respective Parishes and Townships are required to pass their Accounts, pursuant to the directions of the Statute in that Case made and provided, or they will be proceeded against as the Law directs. ( By Order) JOSEPH ANDREW, Clerk to the Justices. Bingham, 10th March, 1815. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Hun dreds of Newark and Thurgarton, and North Division of the Hundred of Bingham. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS OF THE POOH. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a Meeting of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, acting within and for the said Hundreds and Division, is appointed to be liolden at the Sessi ous' House, in Newark upon Trent, in the said County, on Wet! nesday the 29tli Day of March instant, at Eleven of the Cloc It in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of appointing OVER- SEE RS of the POOR for the resp- ctive Parishes and Town- ships) within the said Hundreds and Division :— And Notice is also , kerebi/ given, that the present Overseers of the Poor are re- quir- ! d, ori Wednesday the 12th I) avof April next, at the Sessions' Hou te aforesaid, at ' he Hourof Eleven in the Forenoon, to pass their Accounts, pursuant to the Direction of the Statute in that Case made and provided; or they will be proceeded against as the Ji. aw directs. ( By Order) JOHN FOX, Clerk to the Justices. Ni '. wark, March 16,1815. JOISTING FOR YOUNG BEASTS. and Two- vear old Beasts will be taken in to \ J joist on Trent Sank Land, at Winthorpe, near Newark, at 01< 3 Mav Day next.— Enquire of Mr. BFASTALI., Bulwell, near ISottingham, or of JOSETH MAYFIELD, Winthorpe. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. & JOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Partner- w Rufford, „ of Ilkeston, in the County of Derby, and GEORGE POTTER, of Ilkeston aforesaid, was dissolved by mutual Consent on the 7th instant; and the Affairs of the said Partnership being refer- red to the Settlement of Mr. JOHN HEATH, of Blidworth, and Mr. GEORGE HODCKINSON, of Kirkby, all Persons having Claims thereon are requested to transmit the Particulars thereof to the said Arbitrators, who are also authorised to receive the Debts due to the said Partnership. Nottingham, March 14th, 1815. JOHN RICHARDSON's CREDITORS. WHEREAS JOHN RICHARDSON, of East Ret- ford, in the County of Nottingham, Cabinet Maker, hath, by Indenture of Assignment, bearing Date the Sixth Day of March instant, assigned over his Estate and Effects to JOHN COBLEY, of East Retford aforesaid. Mercer and Draper, and FRANCIS HOPKINSON, of the same Place, Auc- tioneer and Joiner, upon Trust, for the equal Benefit of all such of his Creditors as may execute tile said Indenture within One Month from the Date thereof, either by them- selves, or1 some Person by them respectively authorised so to do -.— Notice is therefore hereby given, that the said Indenture of Assignment is left at the" Office of Messrs. MASON and Mitt, Solicitors, East Retford aforesaid, for the Execution of such of the Creditors as are Willing to concur therein; and that all Creditors of the said John Richardson, who do . not execute the said Indenture of Assignment, within the ' Time aforesaid, will be excluded from all Benefit under the same. And all Persons who are indebted to the said John Ri- chardson, are requested immediately to pay the Amount of their respective Debts, either to the said JOHN COBLEY or FRANCIS HOPKINSON, otherwise Actions will be commenced for the Recovery thereof. East Retford, March 9th, 1815. HEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded / V and issued forth against MICHAEL ENGLAND, of the Town of Ilkeston, in the County of Derby, Butcher, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt is hereby re- quired to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the 18th Day of March instant, at Six in the Evening; on the 1st of April next, at Four in the Afternoon; and on the 15th of the same Month, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, at the Spread Eagle, in Nottingham, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Cre- ditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the Second Sitting to choose Assignees; and at the last Sitting the • aid Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Sir Samuel Whitcombe and King, Solicitors, Serjeants Inn, Fleet Street, London; or to Mr. HENRY WILKINSON, So- licitor, Nottingham. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against THOMAS BEND, of Shirland, in the County of Derby, Maltster, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the 18th of March instant, at Six o'Clock ill the Evening; on the 1st Day of April next, at Four of the Clock in the Afternoon ; and on the 15th Day of the same Month, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the Spread Eagle Inn, in Nottingham, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of hi* Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the Second Sitting to choose Assignees; and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said I ankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or de iver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Sir Samuel Whitcombe and King, Solicitors. Serjeants Inn, Fleet Street, Lscdon; or to Mr. HENRY WILKINSON, Solicitor, Not- rins& ata. given by the Gentlemen of Mr. Osbaldeston's Hunt), twice round the Course, carrying 12St. each. To be THURGARTON HUNT RACES, Over NOTTINGHAM RACE COURSE, on Tuesday the Wth of March, 1815. rpHE THU11 CARTON" STAKES of 10 Guineas each, JL for Horses not thorough- bred, to Carry 12 Stone each. ' The best of Heats, twice round'the Course. To be rode by Gentle- men. Mr. Cooper's ch. g. Garland, by Hyacinthus, 6 yrs old, scarlet and black cap. Mr. Rollestone's b. g. Sterling, by Abraham Newland, 6 yrs old, blue and white. Mr. Sitwell'sch. m. by Chaunter, aged, pink and black. Mr. Sehofield names Mr. Marshall's br. h. 6 yrs old, yellow and black cap, Mr. Crawley names Mr. Dcnliam's Hexgreave, aged, crimson and white. The WOODBOROUGII STAKES of 10 Guineas each, for Horses of all Ages. Four yr. olds to carry 11 St.; five yr. olds, 11 st. 71b.; six and aged 12st. Heats, twice round. To be rode by Gentlemen. Mr. Osbaldeston names Dutch Sam, 6yrs old, green. Mr. Storey's Hamlet, by Expectation, 5 yrs old, yellow and black cap. Mr. Crawley's ch. h. by Hyacinthus, 6 yrs old. Mr. White names ch. m. by Chaunter, aged, pink and bl. Mr. Unvvin names ch. g. Macaroni, 5 yrs old, purple and yellow, and black cap. Mr. Cooper names ch. m. by Hyacinthus, scarlet and black cup. The FARMERS' PLATE of 50 Guineas ( a Subscription Heats, be rode by Farmers. Mr. Bowmar's b. g. by Patriot, 4 yrs old. Mr. HorspooTs br. g. Ragman, by Sir Rowland, 6 yrs old green Mr. Clark's br. g. Diamond, aged, while. Mr. Hogg's bl. g. 5 yrs old, yellow and black cap. Mr. Whitehurst's b. g. Colonel, 6 yrs old,; i « ) A' and blue. Mr. Gallon's bl. m. Jigg, 5 yrs old, lilac and. black cap. Mr. Nix's ch. in. Red cap, 5 yr*- old, blue. Mr. Barker's br. g. by Antelope, 6 yrs old, white and black cap. Mr. Marshall's br. g. 6 yrs old, pink and white sleeves and bl. cap. Mr. Rouse's b. m. by Old England, aged, yellow and black cap. Mr. Holmes's br. h. by Beelzebub,| 6 yrs old, jrnrjUe and white. To start precisely at Twelve o'Clock, and Half an Hour to be allowed between each Heat; and eacii Race is to be run out before another commences. No Persons to be allowed to ride on the Race Course, except the Stewards, and those on Business. The Stand will be well aired by Stoves, and the admission for the Day will be Three Shillings each. There will be an Ordinary provided at Mr. Stubbs's, and those Gentlemen who intend to dine, are requested to signify their intention as soon as possible at the Bar of the ' Tavern. GEORGE OSBALDESTON, Esq. M. V.~) J. B. STORY, Esq > STEWARD. JOHN" GILBERT COOPER, Junr. Esq.) Jnr. LACEY, Clerk of the Race. Gentlemen are requested to pay their Subscriptions to Mr. LACEY, previous to the Horses starting. 53=- There will be an ASSEMBLY at the Rooms on the Low Pavement. A MAIN of COCKS will be fought at the White Lion Pit, between Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire, 51 Mains and 15 Byes, for Five Guineas a Battle and Two Hundred the Main. FEEDERS T GOSLING, for Staffordshire. i? elders, \ RATCL1FFE, Nottinghamshire. A DANCING. DERBY, March 20th, 1815. MESSRS. TUNALEY and KEYS respectfully in- form their Friends and the Public, that their next Quar- ter will commence at Mansfield and Dalestorth, on Monday the 27th, and at the usual Place, Nottingham, on Wednesday the 29th instant. N. B. Families attended. JUST received, a very elegant Assortment of PAPER HANGINGS and BORDERS, which are now selling at the Manufacturer's Prices.— Rooms papered in Town or Coun- try on the shortest Notice. WRIGHT, BOOKSELLER AND AUCTIONEER, NEWAKK UPON TltENT, Feels himself peculiarly called upon to acknowledge the kind Patronage he lias experienced since he made his first Appeal to the Public for a Share of their Support: he feels most sensibly the Obligations it imposes, and hazards a public assurance, that his Efforts to deserve additional Favours, will at once demon- strate his Gratitude, and ensure a Continuance thereof. Estates, Farming Stock, Household Furniture, and all Kinds of disposable Property Sold by Auction on liberal T erms; and no extra Charge made on account of Distance. Valuable FARMING STOCK, at Staunton, near Bottesford, in the V'ule of Belvoir. To be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WRIGHT, ( UPON THE PREMISES) On Tuesday, March 28, 1815, at ' Ten o'Clock, LL the valuable LIVE STOCK and Farming Imple- ments, the Property of Mr. WM. TOMLINSON*, of Staunton ( who is leaving his Farm); consisting of 80 capital In- Lamb Ewes, 1 four- years old Cow and Calf; 2 In- Calf Cows ; 1 three- years old In- Calf Heifer; 1 three- years old Barren ditto; 1 two- years old Heifer; 5 three- years old Steers; 3 two- years old ditto; 6 yearling Calves; 1 valuable six- years old Mare, in Foal; 1 eight- years old Mare; 1 three- years old Colt; 1 capital Haeltney Horse, five years old, sound; 10 Store Pigs; 1 Nar- row- wheel Waggon, 1 ditto Cart, 1 new Wheel Plough, new Gate Harrow, several Beast and Horse Cribs, Sheep Mangers, Fence and Fold Trays, Winnowing Fan, Chaff Cutter, Strike, Riddles, Wheelbarrow, & c. jCj- Six Months' Credit on approved joint Security, or the customary Discount for immediate Payment. WM. DEWICK's ASSIGNMENT. WILLIAM DEWICK the younger, of Laxton, in the County of Nottingham, Farmer, having by Indenture of Assignment, bearing Date the 15th Day of March instant, assigned over all his Personal Estate and Effects to WILLIAM WHITE, of Copthorne, in the Parish of Laxton aforesaid, and ABRAHAM WRIGHT, of Laxton aforesaid, Farmers, in ' Trust for the Benefit of such of the Creditors of the said William Dewick, as shall execute, or signify their Intention in Writing to execute the said Indenture of Assignment, within one Month from the Date hereof: NOTICE IS THEREFORE HEREBY GIVEN, That the same Indenture will remain at the Office of Mr. ISAAC LUDI. AM, Solicitor, Tuxford, in the said County, for the Inspection and Signature of such of the Creditors of the said William Dewick, as shall chuse to execute the same. All Persons who stand indebted to the said William Dewick, are required forthwith to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to the said Assignees, or their Solicitor, otherwise Actions will be commenced for recovering the same. ( By Order) I. LUDLAM. Tuxford, 16th March, 1815. EAGLE INSURANCE OFFICE, BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT, LONDON. THE Advantages gained by insuring at this Office, con- sist in the PAYMliNT of RENT of any Premises destroy- ed by Fire, and in the abatement of ONE- TENTH Part of the Premium usually paid to other Offices. Damage by Lightning made good. LIFE INSURANCE UPON LIBERA!, TERMS. Policies expiring at Lady Day may be renewed within fif- teen Days from that Period. AGENTS. Mr. H. M. Wood, Surveyor, Nottingham. Messrs. Sadler and Gibson, Newark. Mr. Robert Doughty, Druggist, Southwell. Mr. Wylde, Shopkeeper, Tuxford. Mr. Mason, Cotton Spinner, Calver, near Eakcwell. Mr. J. Motheram, Grocer, Ashbourne. Mr. William Pritcbard, Bookseller, Derby. „ rfrflnmrOTHTr rT-—-- - .--.- --- - yftwarrnT, rira- i TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, IENTON PRIORY; that complete and very desirable j modern new built Dwelling House, situate a Mile and a Half from Nottingham; the Village clean and healthy, and the Roads to it truly delightful; with all suitable attached and de- tached Offices, large Kitchen Garden, Paddock, and Pleasure Grounds, tastefully and expensively laid oilt and planted. The Premises are bounded on one Side by the Rivt r l. een, and on the other by extensive Wails, clothed with the choicest Fruit Trees. The House is built of Stone, in the Gothic Style, and Slated; the Rooms are all newly Papered, and fitted up with Marble Chimney Pieces, Piaster Cornices, clean dowelled Floors, & c. and comprise on the Ground Flom, a Dicing ar. d Drawing Room, Breakfast Parlour, oi Study, Chiru am. S ere Closet, fitted up with every C- nveni ncy ; Sp .- ions H.. t, a iu Geometrical Stone Stair Case iargeKitchi t i>. « . with at Inner Court, surrounded with Br ...: ou- e, a at', Pa r-.- s, art. requisite Offices. The Chan. lv;- Story has Eight i. i'iy Bed Rooms, fitted up in the sum hi ite Groum. ' Rooms, Water Closet, & c. exclusive of i wo Set rants' ' 1' Ron „•, and Two Store Rooms ; excellent Wine ai. d ctl. er . . . . The detached Offices comprise a larg V/ ilied Yard, con: fining a Coach House, Three Stables, Cow House, Granaries, DoveeAt, a Building intended for a Gardener's House, and other Conve- niencies. The whole - ia complete Repair aid Condition, and comprises upwards of Five Ac, es ot Ground— Other Land may be had, if wanted. For further Particulars apr- ixat. on must be r-„. Co tc Mr. S'FRETTON, Standard Hill, Nottingham. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED TLL'ON IMMEDIATELY, Situated at F. gmar. lon, one Mile from Tuxford, in his County, late in he Occupation of Mr. Tansweil, deceased, AVery good Brick and Tile Sashed HOUSE ; con- sisting of Dining Room, Parlour, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Dairy, Pantry, and Cellar, with Chamber . nd Attics rvtr the same ; together with a valuable Orchard of choice Fruit Trees, in full bearing, and a Garden; a Malt Kiln, Stables, and other suitable Outbuildings, for Trade, or a genteel Family; with or without a few Acres of Land, lor the Accommodation of the Tenant. For Particulars enquire of Mr. APTLEBY, of that Place, who is authorised to treat for the same. FURNISHED HOUSE. TO BE I. F. T, FOR THREE YEARS, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, Very desirable FAMILY RESIDENCE, completely ilL fitted up within the last two Years, containing a Dining Room, Drawing Room, Library, a small Breakfast Room, seven Bed Rooms, four Dressing Rooms, five Actics, two light Closets, Kitchen, Scullery, Larder, Servants' Hall, Store Room, and Brewhouse; excellent Stabling for eight Horses, double Coach House, good Garden ( partly walled), and Shrubberies; a Dove- cot, & c. ' The above Residence is between three and four Miles from Newark, on the Banks of the ' Trent, in the Neighbourhood of Mr. Osbaldeston's and Mr. Savile's Hunts, and within reach of some of the Duke of Rutland's Covers. ' The Lawn contains Nine Acres, and Eleven more may be had, if required. Enquire of Mr. HAGE, Newark. CASTLE D0NING TON. TO BE LET, AND MAY BE ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT, ACOMPACT modern- built Sashed HOUSE, most pleasantly situated in the ' Town of Castle Donington, well adapted for the Residence of a genteel Family, and within Ten Minutes'Walk of the Earl of Moira's Park.' The Out Offices consist of Stables, a Coach House, Barn, and every pec « ssary Convenience, with good Orchard, an excellent Garden, and Ten Acres of prime Grass I, and adjoining. For Particulars application to be made to Mr. MILWARD, the Proprietor, on the Premises. Castle Donington, March 21, 1815. CAPITAL INN, COMMERCIAL AND POSTING HOUSE. TO BE SOLD, ALL that extensive and valuable HOUSE and suita- ble Premises, the ANCHOR INN, in Loughborough, having been of long Establishment, now in complete Repair, and very full Business; containing every requisite Apartment for the general accommodation of Company. The House and Premises may be viewed on application to Mr. THORPE, the Tenant; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. STAVF. LEY, who is authorised to treat for the Sale of the same. Letters must be Post paid. Loughborough, March 15th, 1815. To GROCERS and TALLOW CHANDLERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, WL'WT IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, \ Most desirable and commodious Situation in the XJL above Businesses, at North Collingham, in the County of Nottingham; consisting of a very genteel substantial DWELL- ING HOUSE, having five Rooms and a Shop on the Ground Floor, and Chambers, Attics, & c.; convenient Candle- House, Warehouses, Stables, and other suitable Offices; also an excel- lent large Garden, well planted with choice Fruit Trees.— The Stock in Trade ( which is small) and Fixtures to be taken at a fair Valuation. If required, Four Acres of exceedingly rich Land may be had adjoining the Premises. *„* Nearly one Half of the Purchase Money may remain on Security of the Premises. Collingham is a large respectable Village, about six Miles from Newark, on the Road to Gainsburgh. The Business hi- therto done on the Premises has been considerable, and is capa- ble of great extension, the Situation being central.— For Particu- lars enquire of Mrs. ANDREWS, on the Premises. ASH TIMBER AND SEVERAL LOTS OF POLES. rpO BE SOLD, upon the Premises, at Lowdham Hall, JL on Tuesday the 4th Day of April, 1815, Nineteen ASH ' TREES, of large Dimensions, suitable for Joiners and Wheel- wrights' use.— Apply to Mr. J. WARRICK, or SAMUEL BAILIN, of Lowdham. VALUABLE OAK TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JACKSON, At the Red Lion Inn, in Wirksworth, in the County of Derby, on Tuesday the 11th Day of April, 1815, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, precisely ( in One Lot), ONE Hundred and Ninety Eight remarkably fine OAK TREES, fit for Ship'Building, & c. numbered progres- sively with Scribes, and . standing in the Shining Cliff Wood, in Alderwasley, ( at a short distance from the Cromford Canal) with the Bark, Tops, and Shanks thereof, except those marked with Red or White Paint. Mr. SAMUEL ' TAYLOR, of Alderwaslry, will shew the Trees, and Particulars may be had by applying to Mr. WOOLLEY, Attorney, Matlock. FIFTH OF APRIL. STATE LOTTERY of only 15,000 Tickets, containing Three Prizes of ^ 30,000 each, and Five of One Thousand Guineas, the latter to be paid without Deduction in GOLD. HAZARD, BURNE, and CO. respectfully inform the Pub- lic, that the Lottery containing the above extraordinary Prizes will commence Drawing on the 5th of April next, and that ' TICKETS and SHARES are now on Sale at their Office, No. 93, Royal Exchange, London. The Tilth and Fifteenth drawn Blanks on the First Day, and the Tenth, Twentieth, and Thir- tieth, on the Second Day, will each be entitled to One'Thousand Guineas in Gold. *„* Letters ( Post- paid) duly answered, and Orders from the Country, accompanied with Remittances, punctually attended to. Government and all other Public Securities bought and sold by Commission. HAZARD antl CO. will pay without Deduction IN GOLD the Prizes so entitled. BINGHAM TURNPIKE ROAD. ALL Persons who intend, and are entitled to Com- pound for the TOLLS of the Turnpike Road, leading from Newark upon Trent to the Guide Post near Bingham, in the County of Porting!. am, are desired to pay their Composi- tion Money, at the Office of Messrs. TALLF. NTS and BEFVOR, in New,!' k, on or before the 25th Day of March instant; other- wise they wii! be excluded the Benefit of Compounding for the Year ensuing. SAMUEL ALLEN, 1 Clerks and WM. EDWARD TALLENTS, J Treasurers. Newark, March 14, 1815. FREEHOLD FARMS. TO KE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that capital FARM, Called Dalestorth, situate in the Parish, and within a Mile of the ' Town of Mans- fvld; and comprising a well- built DWELLING- HOUSE; cen aining three Rooms on the Ground Floor, and seven Bed Rooms in the Upper Stories, with Barn, Stables, Cow House, extensive Cattle Sheds, Dove Cote, and other convenient Out Buildings ( tin reatest Part of the Buildings being nearly new, and the Who! in excellent Repair); large Garden and Fisli Pond; Orcbatd, of about one Acre, well stocked; and also, twelve Closes of good Arable and Meadow I. AND, in a high State of Cultivation, lying in a Ring Fence, encircling the House, and containing together about Seventy Acres. Also, ail that desirable FARM, immediately adjoining the above, and consisting of a roomy Farm House, with Barn, Stables, at. d other suitable Out Buildings, and about Sixty Acres of good Arable and Meadow I, and, in five Closes, twenty Acres of which are old Grass Land; and the whole is in- a good State of Cultivation. ' The Estate is Freehold.— Immediate Possession may be had, and further Particulars known of Mr. GEORGE WIGHT^ AN ; Mr. OHRISHOP, Land Surveyor; or at the Office of Mr. WOODCOCK, Solicitor, Mansfield. March 16, 1815. CAPITAL STOCK SALE AT DONINGTON PARK FARM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CHAPMAN, On the Premises, on Wednesday and ' Thursday the 29th and 30th Days of March, 1815 ( beginning exactly at ' Ten o'Clock each Morning), THE truly Valuable FARMING STOCK of the Earl of MoiKA, at Donington Park, in the County of Leicester; consisting of 36 prime In- Calf Dairy Cows ( chiefly short horn- ed), six fat Bullocks, three Durham, Scots' and French Bulls, three Steers, 13 Sturks, and 1<> Yearling Calves; 46 fat Sheep, 81 Leicestershire In- Limb Ewes, 80 half- bred In- Jjamb Theaves, 101 Lamb Hoes, 36 Spotted Ewes, 1 Spotted and 2 Merino Rams; fifteen useful Waggon Horses and Mares, three Cart Colts 3 Years old, one ditto Filly 2 Years old, three year- ling Cart Foals, capital 6 Years old Nag Mare, a 4 Years old ditto by Bloodstick, Nag Colt, and a half- bred Horse; fifteen choice British and Foreign Pigs ; five 6 Inch and Narrow Wheel Waggons, twelve Broad and Narrow Wheel and Milk and Market Carts, Scuffler, two I, and Rollers, nine Double, Single, and Weeding Ploughs, four Sets of Harrows, Straw Engine, Machine Fan, Horse Tackle, Cribs, Cratches, 1. adders, and a Variety of other Farming Requisites, all of which will be ex- pressed in Catalogues that may be had in due rime at the Black Moor's Head, Nottingham; King's Head, Derby; Anchor, Loughborough; Crowns, Leicester; and of the Auctioneer in Ashby- de- Ia- Zouch. CAPITAL FREEHOLD COTTON FACTORY, WATER MIL I„ and I) W E1.1,1N G II0 U SF S, AT SHEFFIELD, IN THE! COUNTY OF YORK. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. BAR DWELL, At the Tontine Inn, in Sheffield aforesaid, on Thursday the 13th Day of April next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by PRIVATE CONTRACT, in which case Notice wilt be given), LOT l. a LL that capital new erected COTTON FAC- MA ' TORY, situate at Sheffield aforesaid, with the Steam Engine, Manager's House, and two other Dwelling Houses, Counting House, extensive Warehouses, preparing Rooms and Smithies, Turners' and other Workshops thereunto adjoining, lately belonging to - Messrs. Heathfield and Co. ' The MILL consists of six Stories, 142 Feet in length and 29 Feet in breadth inside; it has been built on the most improved Plan, within the three last Years, is FIR E- PROOF, and Prepara- tions have been made for lighting it with Gas. The STEAM ENGINE, of 36 Horse Power, has been in use only two Years, and is one of the most perfect of Messrs. Bolton and Watt's Patent Engines; an additional Engine House is erected adjoining the Mill, and the present upright Gearing is adapted for the application of the Power of another Engine without any alteration. The GROUND PLOT of the Premises, on which the Buildings are handsomely and judiciously arranged, contains about two Acres and three Roods. The MI'. L has been fitted up within the last two Years, with new and the most beautiful and accurate Machinery, antl is now working 4096 Water Spindles, and 1296 Mule Spindles, which a Purchaser may take or not, at a Valuation, at his Option; but there is abundant and convenient Room for working 8000 Water Spinolesand 3000 Mules for spinning Cotton Twist, with all necessary Preparing Rooms. LOT 2. ALL that VALUABLE WATER MILL, also used as a COTTON MILL, ( but formerly a Cutler's Grinding Wheel, called Kellam Wheel), situate upon the River Dun, on theNorth Side of theTown of Sheffield, nearly adjoining the above Cotton Factory, and lately also belonging to Messrs. Heathfield and Co. with the new erected Steam Engine adjoining to and usetl with the same Mill. This MILL is capable of working, and has lately worked, 3304 Spindles. The Water Wheel and Gearing are new, particularly substantial, and upon the best Principle; and it may either be used as now for spinning Cotton, or is capable of being converted at a moderate Expence into a Cutlers' Grinding Wheel, for which its immediate contiguity to the Town of Shet' field renders it extremely valuable. ' The STREAM ( as laid upon the present Water Wheel) is equal to a 25 Horse Power, but being very abundant, nearly double that Power might be obtained by the addition of another Water Wheel. ' The STEAM ENGINE is of 20 Horse Power, and one of the most perfect of Messrs. Bolton and Watt's Patent Engines, and has not been used more than six Months. LO'T 3. A PLOT of Freehold GROUND, containing 159.5 Square Yards or thereabouts, adjoining the North Side of the Goight running from the above Mill, with the Warehouse and Stables standing thereon, lately also in the Possession of Messrs. Heathfield and Co. This Lot would be very valuable to a Dyer, or for any other Business requiring a constant Supply of fresu Water, or it would admit of the Erection of an extensive Grinding Wheel, or other Work, which might be supplied by the surplus Water from Kellam Wheel. LOT 4-. Another PI. OT of Freehold GROUND, situate on the North Side of Kellam Wheel, containing 752 Square Yards or thereabouts, with Nine Freehold DWELLING HOUSES and Conveniencies standing thereon. LO T 5. Another PLO'l ofFREEHOLD GROUND, lying on the East Side of the Cotton Factory, containing 2954 Square Yards or thereabouts, with Fourteen new- erec'tedD WELLING HOUSES standing thereon. ' This Lot is subject to a Perpetual Chief Rent of ^ 29. Is. 6d. per Annum, payable to ' Thomas Holy, Esq. ' The whole of the above Concern presents, perhaps, the most favourable Opportunity for entering extensively and beneficially into the Cotton Spinning Business that ever offered, the Factory being now at Work, with a competent Number of well experien- ced Hands at moderate Wages; and a Purchaser may be accom- modated with immediate Possession. Js3" Tickets for viewing the Mills and all furher Particulars may be had on application to Mr. Broo'ktield, Solicitor, Sheffield, with whom an Inventory and Valuation of the Machinery arc- left, and who is authorised to enter into ' Treaty for all or any Part of the Premises by Private Contract; and printed Particu- lars, with an engraved Ground Plan of the Premises, may be had at the Office of Mr. Samuel Edge, Solicitor, Manchester; at the Black Moor's Head, Nottingham ; the George Inn, Derby; the King's Arms, Leeds; the White Swan, Halifax; the Swan, Mansfield; the Black Moor's Head, Ashbourne ; the Bridge, Bolton; the ' Three Queens, Burton on ' Trent; the Black Bull, Preston; the Hotel, Blackburn; and at. the Office of Messrs. Coldham and Enfield, Nottingham. Msr# h 9,1815. HOLME, NEAR NEWARK. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE!, PLATE, BOOKS, ANh OTHER EFFECTS, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the Premises of F. Gawthern, Esq. on Monday the lOtb, and ' Tuesday the 11th Day of April next; CONSISTING of Four- post and other Bedsteads, and Bedding; Mahogany and other Chests of Drawers; large Dining, Breakfast, and Dressing Tables; Carpets, China, Glass; Kitchen Utensils, and a Variety of other Articles. TOLLS TO BE LET. " VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Trustees X s| for putting in Execution an Act of Parliament, passed in the 39th Year of his present Majesty's Reign, intituled, " An Act for the more effectually repairing and improving the Road from Foston Bridge, in the County of Lincoln, to Little Drayton, in the County of Nottingham," will hold a General Meeting, at the White Hart Inn, in East Retford, in the County of Notting- ham, on Thursday the 30th Day of March next; at Eleven o'Clock in the Fore- noon, for transacting any Business respecting the said Road, which may be necessary ; and that between the Hours of Twelve and One o'Clock of the same Day, will, pur- suant to the Directions of the Act of the 13th Ye. ir of his present Majesty's Reign, for regulating'Turnpike Roads, put up TO BE LET BY AUCTION, FOR THE TERM OF THREE YEARS, ( To cornmence as will be specified by the Conditions then pro- duced), The TOLLS, due, and made payable, at a ccrtain Bar on the said Road, called or known by the name of Markham- Moor Bar, with the House thereunto belonging; which Bar produced last Year, the Sum of Eight Hundred and SeVenty- five Pounds Twelve Shillings and Eight- Pence, abovetheExpences of collect- ing the same, and will be put up at that Sum, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced.— Whoever happens to be the highest Bidder, must, at the same Time, enter into Security, with two sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the said Trustees, for the Payment of the Rent, and Performance of proper Covenants, to be inserted in their Lease, and mus' im- mediately pay down, into the Hands of the Treasurer of the said Road, one Month's Rent, and so continue to pay one Month in advance till the Expiration of their Contract, which Payment shall be forfeited, on their Neglect, or Refusal to fulfil such Contract. MARTIN BOWER, West Retford, Feb. 21,1815. Clerk to the Trustees- TOLLS TO I! E LET. VJOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Trustees Jt^ l for putting in Execution the several Acts of Parliament* for repairing and widening the Road, from Dunham Ferry, to the South- End of Great Markham Common, in the County of Nottingham, will hold a General Meeting at the tVhite Halt Inn, in East Retford, in the said County, on Thursday the 30th Day of March next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for transacting any Business respecting the said Road which may be necessary; and that between the Hours of Twelve and On£ o'Clock of the same Day, will, pursuant to the Directions of tbtf Act of the 18th Year of his present Majesty's Reign, for regii- Turnpike Roads, put up TO BE LET BY AUCTION, FOR THE TERM OF THHEE tEAIlS, ( To commence as will be specified by the Conditions then pro- duced), The TOLLS, due, and inade payable at tbe uhder- mentionec? Bars, on the said Road, with the Houses thereunto belonging ; Which said Bars produced last Year as follows: ( viz.) Markham Bar, the Sum of Forty- Three Pounds Ten Shillings and Six- Pence, and Darlton Bar, the Sum of Fifcy- Nine Pounds Seven Shillings and Seven- Pence, above the Expences of collecting the same, and will be put up at those Terms, subject to such Condi- tions as will be then produced.— Whoever happens to be the highest Bidder for either of these Bars, must, at the same Time, enter into Security, with two sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfac- tion of the Trustees, ior the Payment of theRent^ and Perform- ance of proper Covenants, to be inserted in their Lease or Leases, and must immediately pay down into the Hands of the Treasurer of the said Road, one Qudrter^ s jRe\> ty and so continue to pay one Quarter in advance till the expiration of their Con- tract, which Payment shall be forfeited, on their Neglect, or Re- fusal to fulfil such Contract. MARTIN BOWEfc, West Retford, Feb. 21, 18! 5. Clerk to the Trustees. LAND, NEAR ILKESTON. A TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BREAREY, At the House of Mr. Isaac Attenburrow, Innholder, in llkestorfy in the County of Derby, on Saturday the 8th Day of April next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, ( subject to Con- ditions which will be then produced) CLOSE or PARCEL of LAND, lvin? near to tiie Town of Ilkeston, in the County of Derby, in the Pos- session of Mr. Francis Hogg; part of which is oi Freehold, and the remainder of Copyhold ' Tenure, and contains about eighteen Acres. ' The Freehold Part ( two Acres) will be sold in one Lot, and the remainder in three Lots of equal Quantities. Also, a CLOSE or PARCEL of COPYHOLD LAND, near Ilkeston aforesaid, called the Patter HUl,- containing six Acres and four Perches, and in the Occupation of Mr. John Sills. The Land is Tythe- free, and may be seen on application to the Tenants, who are under Notice to quit at Lady- Day next ? and other Information may be had of Mr. GREAVES, Solicitor^ St. Mary's Gate, Deiby. Derby,- 20th March, 1815. TO COVER THIS SEASON, 1815, ( Blood Mares, Five Guineas and a Crown j others Three Guineas and Haifa Crown the Groom) JULIUS CJESAR ( late the Property of the Earl of Lonsdale, now of John Fryatt, of Melton Mowbray, Leices- tershire). Julius Caesar is a dark Brown, no White but a Star; stands 15 Hands Si Inches high, ffee from any i'. vrmsh.; bred by Sir William Gerard, got by Lord Grosvenor's Alexander, out of Constantia, by Sir Peter Teazle} he is Grandson of Eclipse, and great Grandson of Highflyer. In 1807, at Pontefraety Julius Ctrsar Wort a Sweepstakes of logs each, with 20gs added, for all Ages, four Miles, seven Subscribers, beating the Duke of Hamilton's Crazy ; next Day he won the Members' Plate of lOOgs. for all Ages, three Mile Heats, beating Mr. SitweM's ' Taurus, l. ord Fitztviliiam'sDel- ville, and Mr. Walker's Baronet. At Richmobd he won the Gold Cup, value lOOgs. a Subscription of lOgs each, with u Collection, four Miles, beating Colonel Childers' Baron, Mr. Garforth's Colt by Beiilngborough, Lord Monson's Cleveland, Sir J. Lawson's Oran, and Lord Lonsdale's Filly by Precipitate. 1 « 08, at Newton, he won the Gold Cup, with a Subscription of lugs each, for all Ages, four Miles, eleven Subscribers, beating Colonel Childers' Baron, Lord Grty'S Belinda, Mr. C. Smith's plilebotomist, and Mr. Asley's Newton. At Preston he won the Union Cup, value lOOgs. given by the Gentlemen e. f Pres- ton, added to a Sweepstakes of logs each, four Miles, It/ Subscribers, beating Mr. Clifton's Jo'sephena, the Duke or* Hamilton's Petronias, who won the St. Leger, beating Sir Sit- well Sitwell's Clinker, Mr. Weinitvo.- ih's Maigarc- t, and Mr. Purse's Bedalian. At Pontefract he won a Sweepstakes vi lOgs each, with 20 added, four Miles, six Subscribers, beating the Duke of Hamilton's Peter Little, Sir Thojn; 8 Gascvigne's Filly, by Hambletonian, out of Golden Locks, and Lord tViilton's sir- Paul. 1809, at Preston, he won the Union Cup, added to a Sweepstakes of lOgs each, four Miles, 17 Subscribers, beating Lord Derby's Jacobus, & c. 1H10, at Newmarket, he won a Sweepstakes of 25gs each, beating Lord Lowther s Agnes, the Duke of Rutland's Volaeris, and Major Wheatlty's Hip- ponienes. The Groom's Fee to be paid at the Time of Covering, and the other at Midsummer. £• 7- Every Accommodation for Mares rfnd Foals. Mares proving Barren this Season, Hail Price next. N. B. This Horse won the Premium tor Stallions last Season, at Darlington, Yorkshire. %* Juiius Cassar will commapce his travels in Easter Week; to tne Gianby Inn, Grantham, on Tuesday Nights; Robin Hood Inn, Newark, on Wednesdays ; chesterfield Arms Inn, Binghan., on ' Thursdays; Black Boy Inn, Nottingham, on Fri- days; go through Bunny, and sleep at the Boot Inn, £. ough* borough; and or. Saturdays to the Bell Hotel, Leicester; at Home Sundays, Mondays, and'Tuesdays, during the Season. Julius' C'resar will be « hc\ vn at Nottingham on Easter Saturday. CHESTERFIELD, SHEFFIELD, GAINSBURGH, LINCOLN, ORANTIIAM, MELTON MOWBRAY, LOUGHBOROUGH, KEG WORT IT, AND HINCKLEY ADVERTISER. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. FRANCE.*- Paris Papers and letters of Saturday last, state, that Buona- parte. continuing his march from Lyons, was on the 16th in the morning at' Autun, ill- The: department of the Saone and Loire, about one- third of the way from Lyons ttf Paris. There had been no battle and not a gun seems yet to have been fired on cither side. There is a general and rather vague statement of the situa- tion of affairs in the Monitcur. The account of Buonaparte's having entered Autuu is an- nounced positively iii some of the papers. The Monlteur tells us that " he was directing his march towards that town, and m'ight arrive tlvere'that Very day'f ( the loth). It adds, that desertion eontfctees to take place in an astonishing degree in Ms force, particularly in his cavalry, which was now reduced to .•> or 400 men. These statements we must receive with doubt';' for, if desertion he thinning his ranks so fast, why is lie not attacked and put down at once ? If he lias but 6 or 7000 men, as the Eieneh papers have said, and Ney has 9000, all well disposed to act against hhn, the latter surely might h'ave come up with him before he arrived at Antun. I'rom- Lons le. Sautnier, or even from flourg, he might, we should have thought, have headed Buonaparte, at Lyons; who wa> further from Autun than he was. It is obvious, therefore, that the Sloniteur does not give us the exact truth-. We collect from scattered' paragraphs in the different Papers, and from other accounts, these facts— that previous to Buonaparte's ad- vance, emissaries pave the way by exciting the populace to risings in his favour. It is not denied that at Macon, Chalons, and up to Dijon, there were insurrections of the lower orders. These required the aid of the military to quell. At Autun there had been similar efforts of the lower orders before Buo- naparte's arrival. They are said to have been put down, but he entered the place without resistance on the 16th. Sediti- ous movements were preparing his further advance, as we learn from the Monitettr. General Ameil, who had followed Monsieur to Lyons; and had gone over to Buonaparte when he arrived there, has been arrested: going to AuXerre to ex- cite an insurrection. The truth, therefore, seems to be, that throughout the whole of his march from Cannes to Autun, he has been favourably received by the lower orders. With respect to the real amount of his force, we understand it is lifteen thousand men, divided into three columns. Each of these columns marches separately, in order to increase its force as it moves on, . and under the expectation of being joined by troops deserting the Bourbon standard. u There is an hesitation, an unwillingness to attack him, as if the Mar- shals feared that the troops when brought close to him would go over to him," Such is the interpretation given in private letters. The troops under Miollis, Marchand, and Mas J en a are mov- ing in the rear of Buonaparte, and the Moniteur says, there are feparts of Marchand having entered Grenoble, and of Lyons having thrown off the tyrant's yoke; but it knows not whe- ther this has been done by the spontaneous movement of the inhabitants, or by a corps of Ney's troops. The Northern, Southern, and Western Departments are said to be perfectly well disposed. Meanwhile the army is assembling at Melun, on the roads to which Buonaparte is marching. This is under the orders of the Duke of Berri and Macdonald. The Duke of Orleans and Mortier are to command an army of ' 20,000 men, assem- bling at Peronne, north of Paris about 30 miles, in the depart- ment of the Somnle. This measure is supposed to be adopted with a view to the possibility of the Government being obliged to quit Paris, in which case the members of it would retire northward, where their own troops might, if necessary, be strengthened by the British and Dutch troops in the Nether- lands, which are ordered to march. Paris is tranquil. The lists of volunteers are immense; but considerable gloom prevails, and the funds are lower. General Lefebvre Desnouets is said to have been taken up. Another General has been taken up, who was recruiting for Buonaparte Berthier is the Chief of Monsieur's Etat Major. Marmont lias the command of the King's household troops. The King of France continues to give, at this perilous juncture, the first example of firmness. Ilis Majesty went in state on the 16th inst. to the Chamber of Depiities, where the Peers were in attendance, when his Majesty addressed die whole Body in the following affecting terms:— " GENTLEMEN,— In this momentous crisis, when the public enemy has- penetrated into- a part of tlie kingdom, and threatens the liberty of the remainder, I comein the midst of you to draw closer those ties which unite us together, and- which constitute the strength of the State.—> 1 come, in ad- - dressing myself to you, lo declare to all France my senti- ments and my wishes. " I have re- visitc- d my country, and reconciled her to all foreign nations, who will, without doubt, maintain, with the utmost fidelity, those Treaties which had restored to us Peace. I have laboured for the, benefit of my people. I have received and still continue daily to receive the most striking proofs of their love. " Can I, then, at 60 years of age, better terminate my career than by dying in- their defence; therefore, I fear no- thing for myself, but I fear for France; he who comes to light again amongst as the torch pf civil war, brings with him also the scourge of foreign war; he comes to reduce our country under his iron yoke;— he comes, in short, to destroy that constitutional Charter which I have given ysu— that Charter, my brightest title in the estimation of posterity— that Charter which all Frenchmen cherish, and which I here swear to maintain. Let us rally, therefore, around it! Let it be our sacred standard f The descendants of Henry the Fourth will be the first to range themselves under it; they will- be followed by all good Frenchmen. In short, Gentle- men, let the concurrence of the two Chambers- give to autho- rity all the force tiiat is necessary, and this war, truly na- tional, will prove by its happy termination, what a great Ration, united in love to its King and to its laws, can effect." The whole Assembly, electrified by the sublime words of the King, stood' up, their hands stretched towards the Throne. Nothing but these words were heard— Long live the King ! — we will die for the King .'— the King in life and death !— re- peated with a transport which all French hearts will parti- cipate at this feeble recital of a scene the most touching and the most honourable to the national character. The Assembly having resumed their places, a motion of Monsieur, to approach the King, commanded the most pro- found silence. Monsieur, after profoundly bowing to the King, spoke to the following effect:— '• SIRE,—. 1 know that I depart from ordinary rules ill here addressing your Majesty ; but I beg you will excuse me, and permit me here hi my own name and in that of my family to sav, how much we participates the bottom of our hearts the sentiments and principles which animate your Majesty." The Prince, on turning again towards the Assembly, added, raising his hand, " We swear on our honour to live and die faithful to our King, and to the Constitutional Charter, which secures the happiness of the French. While the whole Assembly replied to this Address by new acclamations, the King, profoundly moved, presented his Laud to Monsieur, which his Royal' Ilighne3S seized, and. kissed with transport. TheKing, no longer able to suppress his feelings, pressed Monsieur to his breast with all the dignity of a King, and all the tenderness of a brother. At this noble and touching- spectacle, emotion gave place to transport, all hearts were melted, all eyes moistened with tears; and it was not till after a few moments, when his Majesty rose, and was preparing to return, that, the acclamation burst forth with new and redoubled. enthusiasm. The Chamber afterwards, on the motion of the President, foted an Address to the King expressive of the sentiments of his faithful subjects, and of the wishes of France. Drouet, who is stated to have been shot at Paris, as a traitor to his country, was the son of the Post- master of Varennes, who prevented the escape of Louis XVI. PARIS, March 17.— The Duke of Taren. tum is„ appointed Commander in Chief for the defence of Paris under the Due de Berri, ( Mon ileur. J Gen. Arneil, who followed Buonaparte from Lyons, has been taken at Auxerre and carried to Paris, where lie now is. Gen. Miollis, reinforced, arrived at Gap on the 8th, and is marching for Grenoble. It wa6 expected that Gen. Marchand • would re- enter it.—[ His having been shot by his own troops, thus appears to have beta unfounded.] There are other reports, that the people of Lyons have, in fact, shaken off the yoke of Buonaparte— another report states that a corps of Marshal Ney had entered that city, DUTCH AND HAMBURGH PAPERS. VIINNA, March 1.—" A great number of troops, to the nurrfber it is said of 48 battalions, have been sent to Italy, The number of Austrian troops in Italy is said to be 150,000 men. King Joachim has announced to our Court, that as France will not recognise him, and threatens hiin with war, he wishes to advance as far as the Po, whieh however has been positively refused by our Government. " If France perseveres in refusing to recognise Joachim, and Will absolutely place the Bourbons oil the throne of Naples, the consequences are to be expected. Joachim is strengthen- ing his at my. We hope, however, that all this is only a dc- • wnMratiw."— Amsterdam Courant, Ifarch IS. A mail from Hamburgh and another from Holland arrived on Tuesday. The accounts in the former relate almost exclu- sively to the escape of Buonaparte from Elba, an event which has produced an extraordinary sensation in Germany. The in- telligence, it appears, reached Vienna on the 7th, by an express sent to the Duke of Wellington from Italy. Prince Metter- nich communicated the intelligence to the Plenipotentiaries at the Congress. It was at first supposed that Buonaparte in- tended to join Murat. Orders were immediately issued by the Austrian Government to augment the army on the Italian frontiers to 60,000 men, and to station it on tbrde different points. Prince Schwartzertburg was expected to be sent to- Milan, to take the command of these troops. The Dutch Papers contain an account of proceedings in the States Ge- neral, at the Hague, oil the 16th, in consequence of the union of Belgium with Holland. The King of the Netherlands, on that day, opened the business with a speech from the Throne, which was- replied- to by the President of the States BY ELLIOTT AND BELL. CLUMBER and FELIIAM STREET. Tuesday' afternoon an Officer reached Government with dispatches from Lord l'itzroy Somerset, at Paris, dated on the 19th. They announce that Buonaparte had moved from Antral to Auxerre, which he reached oil the 17th. An Extraordinary Courier it is said, brought the intelli- gence to Paris on Sunday morning last, of his having entered Auxerre, and of his being expected to occupy Joigny, about 70 miles'from Paris, on Saturday night. The extraordinary rapidity of his march . has as yet been delayed by no opposi- tion and no obstacle. The French papers state, that the Prussians have approach- e3 Thionville, which they will attack if Buonaparte should succeed— that the Emperor Alexander has declared he will march 600,000 men— that the Austrians began their marc- h for Italy and France on the 12th— that the Prussians and Ba- varians were to march on the 10th, and that the Duke of Wellington had been appointed Generalissimo of. all these Armies. Letters ffom " ienua, bearing date tlie 8th inst. announce, that on the moment that intelligence was received of Buona- parte's flight at that capital, and of his landing on the coast of Provence, the Powers assembled at the Congress, declared their opinion, that Buonaparte having broken his oath, the Treaties concluded with him'are to be deemed null and void, and that be is henceforth to be considered only as a robber and ail outcast from the common law of nations. The Duk- e of Wellington is appointed Commander in Chief of all the forces in the Netherlands. The dispatches instruct- ing his Grace to repair thither with all possible haste, were sent off for Vienna as soon as the adviccs of Buonaparte's in- vasion of Prance reached our Government. On Monday, the 3d, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 16th, and 18th regiments of dragoons,- received orders to hold themselves iti readiness to inarch for the coast, to be embarked for Belgium. Lord Uxbridge is to take the command of the Cavalry there. The regiments of infantry intended for Belgium are, it is un- derstood, the 28th, 71st, and 79th, and which have been or- dered from Cork to the Downs, for that purpose. The whole regiment of the ltoyal Horse Guards Blue areto be embarked, to join the force ill Belgium, under the command of their illustrious Colonel, the Marshal Duke of Wellington, who will Irave, ii* English and Hanoverians, not. less than 70,000- effective troops under the British standard. The New York Gazette of the 26' tl: of January gives a de- tailed account of the loss of the British sloop of war Sylph, off Southampton, Long Island, on the 17th of that month. Every exertion was made by the people of the town to save the crew, but the state of the weather rendered their en- deavours in a great degree ineffectual. The Officers who perished with the Sylph were— G. Dickens, captain; C. D. Bro-. vn, 1st lieutenant ; G. Burr,' 2d ditto; J Stitt, surgeon ;. W. Mirtlow, master; W. Boyd, gunner; J. Marshal, carpenter; A. M'Gregor, boatswain ; A. I. udie, master's mate; J. Service, midshipman; D. Kingston, ditto; J, O'Halloran, ditto ; T. F. Willoughby, supernumerary ditto; W. H. Fox, captain's clerk. Theabove 14, with 97 seamen and marines, making 111 drowned. The rest of the crew remained prisoners of war at Southampton. The Corn Bill was road a third time on Monday night iii the House of Lords, and passed by a majority of 128 to 21 Sincerely do we wish, though we have little reason to hope that the fears of its opposcrs may never be realized. At a numerous Meeting of the Court of Common Council of the City- of London, held tin Monday, at Guildhall, a series of . Resolutions, and an Address to the Prince Regent founded thereon, were agreed to; praying, that in the event of thte Corn Bill passing both Houses of Parliaments Ills Royal High- ness would be pleased to withhold his Assent; and further praying his Roval Highness to dissolve the present House of Commons, for having refused to listen to the voice and petitions of the people! Lord Cochrane was apprehended, on Tuesday, in the House of Commons, where he had taken his seat on the Treasury Bench, and was re conducted to the King's Bench prison. It is strongly suspected that his Lordship's facu Ities are im- paired, and that his recent conduct borders on insanity. MARRIED]— On Saturday evening last, by special licence, at the Hon. Lady Stuart's, Whitehall, Augustus Foster, Esq. nephew to the Countessbf Liverpool, to Miss Hobart, niece to the Earl of Buckinghamshire.— At Stamford, on Thursday, John Mansfield, Esq. of Birstall House, Leicestershire, to Hannah Mary, only daughter of Thomas Harper, Esq. of Barne Ilill, near Stamford. TOWN OF NOTTINGHAM. W T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. ELLVOTT and BELL, ( For the frusiee for Sale on Behalf of Mortgagees) On Monday the. 27th Day of March instant, at Three o'Clock iu the Afternoon, at the Black Moor's Head Inn, Nottingham ( together or ill Lots, and subject to such Arrangements and Condition's of Sale as will. be then produced), ALL those Two newly- erected, substantial, and hand- some FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES, with their Outbuildings, Yard, and Appurtenances, situate ill and at the Corner of Clumber and Pelhani Streets, in Nottingham; the most public, valuable, and desirable Situation in the Town, and now in the Tenures or Occupations of Thomas Finn and John Manri. For further Particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. JAM- SON and LEESON, Thurland Hall; or to Mr. STRETTON, Surveyor and. Architect, Nottingham. lst'March, 1815. y Command of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, for the Town and County of the Town of Nottingham, I DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that the Easier Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for the said Town and County, will be held Thursday the 6th Day of April next, and will be from thence immeiliutely adjourned to Thursday the 20Ih o f the same Month next, when they will beheld for the. Dispatch if Busi- ness, at the Guild Ilall of the said Town, at Ttn o'clock In the Forenoon: at which last- mentioned Time and Place all Persons who have any Business to transact at the said Sessions, are desired to attend; and all Persons xvho have any Bill or Bills of Indictment to prefer at the said Sessit . is, are desired to attend at my Office, on the Evening preceding, or early in the Morning of the said 20th Day of April next, for the Purpose of giving Instruc- tions for such Rill or Bills, in order that the. same may be pre- pared .1// fore, the Sitting of the Court. ( By Order J. GEO. COLDIIAM, Clerk of the Peace. Nottingham, 23d March, 1815. v BEOXTOWE IIALL, NEAR NOTTINGHAM. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PLATE, LINEN, BOOKS ( amongst which is a scarce and valuable Edition of Thoroton's Antiquities of Nottinghamshire J, Brewing Vessels, Dairy Utensils, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. ELLIOTT and BELL, On the Premises of the late Mr. JOHN TOWLE, at Broxtowe Hall, near Nottingham, on Wednesday, March 29th, 1815, and following Days, at Ten o'clock; iCOMPRISING Mahogany Dining, Card, and other Tables; two large Sofas; Mahogany and Elm Chairs; Mahogany Book Case, with Side Board and Cellaret; Maho- gany Desk and Book Case; large Kidderminster Carpet; Four jost Mahogany and other Bedsteads, with Moreen and Printed rlangings; twelve good Feather Beds and Beddings; Wool Mattresses; Mahogany three and four Drawer Chests ; Painted Wardrobes, Pier and Swing Glasses, Bed and Table Linen, large Mangle, four 15- Gallon Barrels, nine 30- Gallon ditto, Brewing Tubs, a Pair of very good Miik Churns, large Barrel Churn, large Brass Cheese Pan, 22 Garden Hand Glasses, large Quantity of Glass Bottles, an Assortment of Kitchen Re- quisites, & c, Catalogues are now ready, and may be had on the Premises, and of the Auctioneers. VALUABLE AND SPACIOUS CARRIERS' YARD, BUILDINGS AND PREMISES, IN NOTTINGHAM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. ELLIOTT and BELL, At the Black Moor's Head Inn, in Nottingham, on Friday the 7th Day of April next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon ( sub- ject to such Conditions as will be then produced), ALL that commodious DWELLING HOUSE, with ccrtivenient Offices and Premises, fronting towards Fletcher Gate, in the Town of Nottingham, now in the Occupation of Messrs. Deacon and'Co. and late of Mr. George Nelson, with spacious Carrier's Yard, Waggon Shed, 40 Feet by 30, Stabling for 30 Horses, Granaries, Hay and Straw Chambers, Carrier's Warehouse, Office, Smith's Shop, and every other necessary Convenience for the Carrying Trade, for which Purpose these Premises have been occupied for a great many Years. The whole comprise a Frontage of 83 Feet towards Fletcher Gate, 126 Feet towards Bottle Lane, and contain 862 Superficial Square Yards of Ground, and may be entered upon at Lady Day, 1816. For further Particulars, apply to Messrs. STILL, STRONG, and RACKHAM, Lincoln's inn, London ; Messrs. MIDDLE- MORE and PERCY, Solicitors, and Mr. WM. STRETTON, Surveyor, Nottingham, where Plans of the Property may be seen. VALUABLE FACTORY, DWELLING- HOUSE, AND BUILDINGS, IN PICKFOKD STREET, MACCLESFIELD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( By Order of the Assignees- of the Estate and Effects of George Cliadunn, a Bankrupt J, By Messrs. ELLIOTT and BELL, At the Black's Head Inn, in Nottingham, on Friday the 7th Day of April, 1815, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject to the Conditions then produced), \ Capital New- erected MESSUAGE, with a spacious _ X. Bakehouse, Flour- room, Stable, and other Offices, situate at the South End of Mount- East Street, in the Town of Notting- ham, now or lately in the Occupation of Mr. John Hogg, Baker; aim alid Three other Messuages, adjoining the Premises, now or lately in the several Occupations of Widow Rothwell, Joseph Richards, and William Moriey. For further Particulars apply to Messrs. MIDDI. EMORF, and PERCY; or, Messrs. FOXCROF'l', HOPK1NSON, and PARSONS, Solicitors, Nottingham; or to Mr. WOLLEY, So- licitor, Matlock, Derbyshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. J. CANNER, ( WITHOUT RESERVE) For the Benefit of Thomas Standby's Creditors, At Mr* Musson's, the'Sign of the Plough, Old Radford, on Monday the: 10th, of April, 1815, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( the Conditions to be made known at the Time of Sale),— QIX substantial- built BRICK HOUSES, covered with lO Slate, and fitted up with Side Ovens, & c; and about 181 Yards of Building Land, with a Stable and Well of good Spring Water, adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Nottingham to Ilkeston, hi the several Occupations of Thomas Standley, Wi- dow Inkley, William Palmer, ' Thos. Hyson, Henry Dickisson, and John Williamson, bringing a Yearly Rent of .£ 35 Pounds per. Year. The above Estate is in the Hands of the Assignees for the Benefit of his Creditors, and will be peremptorily sold without Reserve. For further Particulars apply to Mr. JOHN WALKER, Junr. Nottingham. { ty All Persons who have any Claim on the said Estate, and have liot executed the Deed of Assignment, are requested to sign the same within one Month from this Date, or they will be excluded the Benefit thereof. The Deed lies at the Office of John Walker and Soils, Builders, Nottingham. And all Persons who are indebted to the said Estate, are requested immediately to pay the same to the Assignees, or Actions will be commen- ced forthwith for the Recovery thereof. Klarch 14,1815. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. LINLEY, At the Old Angel Inn, in Macclesfield, in the County of Ches- ter, on Thursday tile Thirteenth Day. of April, 1815, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, ( in One or more Lot or I. ots, to be fixed and agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as will be then produced)— ALL that desirable FACTORY, situate in PICKFORD STREET, in Macclesfield; and also a genteel and com- modious MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, adjoining thereto, late in the Possession of the late Mr. JAMES MA VSON, deceased; together With the Reservoir and Streams of Water, Water Wheel, and other the Appurtenances belonging to the same. And also all that Plot, Piece, or Parcel of LAND, situate near to the above Factory, on the Northwardly Side of Ay ton- Street; together with two DWELLING- HOUSES erected tliereon, and now in the several Occupations of Elizabeth Dale and Mary Longden ; and also a WAREHOUSE and STABLE in the holding of Messrs. Roberts and Batt. The above Factory is well supplied by a large Reservoir and Stream of Water, of considerable head and fall, sufficient for the constant working of the large Water Wheel attached. The Fac- tory is substantially built, and in good repair, and of the follow- ing dimensions : the two first Stories 59 Feet by 24, and the third Story 67 by 24, exclusive of the Warehousing at the End of each Room. The Premises are in a good Situation for procuring Hands, and the whole forms a very desirable Object to Silk Manufacturers, having a Right to the full use and benefit of the Dams Brook Wa- ter, which secures the advantage of Night Turning; and the Pro- perty is so situated, that extensive additions and improvements may be made. The Plot of Land at the North End of Ayton- Street, and through which the Water runs, is of sufficient extent for the erection of an additional Factory. The above Premises are Freehold, and contain 1504 Square Yards, and are subject only to a small yearly Ground Rent. ' File Purchasers may be accommodated with Part of the Pur- chase Money on Mortgage of the Pjemises. The Premises may be viewed, and further Particulars had, by applying to Mr. JAMES MAT SON, Pickford Street, Macclesfield; Messrs. GOODIER and FODEN, Bank Street, Manchester; or at the Office of Mr. GRIMSDITCH, Solicitor, Macclesfield. HOPE ASSURANCE COMPANY, LUDGATE HILL, and OLD BOND STREET, LOXDON ; Royal Exchange, Edinburgh, and ITestmorcland Street, Dublin. FIRE - OFFICE— CAPITAL ONE MILLION. ASSURANCES against Loss or DAMAGE by FIRE effected upon every Description of Property within the United Kingdom, upon Terms as beneficial to the Assured as thoseof any other Office. Losses are uniformly paid by this Company with the utmost Spirit of Liberality and Promptitude. Notice iti hereby given, That Receipts for the Renewal of Poli- cies, which expire at Lady- Day, are now ready for delivery at the above- mentioned Offices, and until the respective Agents if the Company throughout the United Kingdom. Policies of Assurance, which expjtre at the above Period, should be renewed within Fifteen Days , thereafter, or they be- come void. LIFE OFFICE— CAPITAL ONE MILLION. Assurances effected upon LIVES and SURVIVORSHIP.— Annui- ties granted and purchased.— Endowments for Children, & c. The Proprietors of this Office have undertaken all responsibi- lity, and have stipulated for a guarantee of One Million sterling, as an ample security for all their. engagements. The profits arising out of this branch- of business, after a mor derate deduction for guarantee and expend' of management', are divided amongst the assured, in proportion to the sums respect- ively assured; upon which principle numerous. are the instances of ten, twenty, and thirty per cent, iu addition to the amount of Life Policies, being paid; and cases have occurred.( when the duration of life has been considerably prolonged.) where the pay- ment has been more than double the Sum assured. No Entrance Money, Admission Fee, or other official Charge exacted. WILLIAM BURY, SEC, The under- mentioned Agent is appointed by this Company for the Town of Nottingham, of whom Proposals may be had gratis, ant! every Information obtained. Nottingham, 11. L. WQllTLEY. SALES BY MR. MOilLEY. BANKRUPTS' EFFECTS, ( FREE FROM AUCTION DUTY.) TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By - Mr. E. MORI. EY, ( By Order of the Assignees of Sampson Kirby and Son, of Not- tingham, Bankrupts), on Monday the 27th of March, 1815. at Burrow's Hill Farm, West Bridgeford, in the- County of Nottingham, ALL the Valuable LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, and other Utensils; comprising ten Draught Horses, two Yearling Foals, three Milch Cows, one In- calf Heifer, two In- calf Sturks, two Feeding Beasts, two Yearling Calves, eight Store Pigs, one Fat Pig, Sow in Pig, Boar Pig; Oat Stack, Hay Stack, Stack of Oat Straw, Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Horse Tackle, Poultry, Gig and Harness, and various other Agricultural Im- plements, which will be particularised in Catalogues, which piay be had on Wednesday next, at the Office of Mr. MORLEY, Auctioneer, Rose Place, Nottingham. Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. VJL UABLE TIMBER, Now standing in the under- mentioned Woods and Hedge Rows, ( together with their Tops, Bark, & c.) at Wingerworth, near Chesterfield, in the County of Derby. To be SOLD by AUCTION ( free from Auction Duty), By Mr. GOSLING, At the House of Mr. W. Peech, the Angel Inn, in Chesterfield aforesaid, on Saturday the 15th Day of April next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, ( in the following or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to Conditions to be then produced):— LOT l. rnwO Hundred and Sixty- six OAK and Five JL ASH TREES, ( numbered progressively with Scribes), standing in Bradbury Wood. LOT 2.— 144 Do. Ditto, in Pearce Wood. LOT 3.— 200 Do. Ditto, in Robin Croft Wood. " LOT 4.— 300 Do. Ditto, at the North End of Widdowson Spring. LOT 5.- 146 Do. Ditto, at the South End thereof. LOT 6.— 163 Do. Ditto, at the Bottom of HardwickWood, together with 6.5 Cyphered Poles, and about 15 Acres of Under- wood, more or less ( except what is marked with Paint to stand.) LOT 7.— 297 OAKS, in HardwickWood, adjoining the last I. ot, together with 75 Cyphered Poles, and 26£ Acres of Un- derwood, more or less ( except what is marked with Paint to - tand.) LOT 8.- 287 OAKS, at the South- East End of Hardwick Wood aforesaid, near to Stocksmoor Lane. LOT 9.— 18 OAK and ASH TREES, standing in the Hedge Rows, near the before- mentioned Bradbury and Pearce Woods. LOT 10.— 32 OAK and ASH TREES, standing in the Hedge Rows near Widdowson Spring. The above Timber ij of a most excellent Quality, and pecu- ' ly adapted for Ships' Beams and Planks, Laths and Spokes, ilwrights, and every other Purpose where tall, stout, straight Tiber is required.—' I he same is, for the most Part, about three Miles from the Canal from Chesterfield to Stockwith, Gainsburgh, Hull, Sic. and about ten Miles from the Cromford Canal ( at Buckland Hollow), from which Place there is an easy Communication by Water to Derby, Nottingham, & c. Mr. JOHN GRATTON, Jun. at Wingerworth, will appoint a Person to shew the several Lots; and all further Particulars, previous to the Sale, may be known of himi or at the Office of Mr. THOMAS, in Chesterfield. N. B. Thirty or Forty good BARK PEELERS will be wanted imn ediately after the above Auction.— Apply as above. Chesterfield, March 18th, 1815. SALE AT FLEDBIIO', NEA1L TUXFORD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By F. 1IOPKINSON and SON, On Tuesday the 4th Day of April, 1815, upon the Premises of Mr. WM. RAW SON, of Fledbro', in the County of Notting- ham ( who is quitting his Farm), ALL the BLOOD and TEAM HORSES, SHEEP, BEASTS, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; con- sisting of one 4- yr old Chesnut Blood Horse, by Ferdinand; one 4- yr old Bay Horse, by Amateur; one 2- yr old Filly, by Hip- pomenes; one Yearling Blood Colt, by Coriolanus; one 2- yr old Brown Draught Colt, one Yearling Draught Colt, and one ditto Filly; thirty I. amb'd and In- Lamb Ewes, four Rams, twelve Heeder and Sheeder Hogs, one fat Cow, three Yearling Bulls ; Taxed Cart and Harness, and a Quantity of Household Furniture, & c. The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon. l. EICESTERSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, IN ASIIBY DE LA ZOUCH. AVery de la TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Queen's Head, Ashby de la Zouch, in the latter Part of April, or Beginning of May next, Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in Ashby Zouch, in the County of Leicester; comprising 1460 Acres of very valuable Land, connected with the Market Town of Ashby ; together with many valuable Houses therein Part consisting of Shops, in the best Situations, and Part of ex- cellent Messuages, with several most eligible Situations- for Building.— The Property will be divided into Lots, and Parti- culars will speedily be published; in the mean ' Time, some Parts of the Estate may be purchased by Private Contract. Further Particulars may be known of JOHN EVANS, Esq. St. Mildred's Court, Poultry; and of Messrs. CLARIDGE and 1VESON, Pall- Mail, London. To be LET, and may be. entered on at Lady- Day, AVery commodious and roomy WAREHOUSE, handsomely . fitted up with Writing Desks, Counters, Presses, Shelves, and every other Requisite for carrying on the Hosiery Business in. ' The Warehouse might be applied to other Businesses, in a Wholesale Way, as it is very roomy, and centrically situated in Nottingham. For further Particulars refer to the Printer. TO COVER THIS SEASON, 1815, At Three Guineas each Mare, and Half a Crown the Groom, " Y7IVALDI, the Property of John Fryatt, of Melton ' Mowbray, Leicestershire. - Vivaldi will commence his Travels Easter ' Tuesday Evening, at the Marquis of Granby Inn, Grantham; on Wednesday, at the Robin Hood Inn, Newark; ' Thursday, the Chesterfield Arms Inn, Bingham, and sleep at the May Pole Inn, Nottingham; stop Friday Morning, bait at the Rancliff Arms Inn, Bunny, and sleep at the Boot Inn, Loughborough; Saturday, BelTInn, Leicester; and on Sunday at Lutterworth, during the Season: Home, Mon- days and ' Tuesdays. Vivaldi has covered six Seasons, and his Stock are very su- perior.— Good Grass at 7s. per Week. SALE BY GASKILL. BURTON JOYCE, NEAR NOTTINGHAM. BY MR. GASKILL, BY AUCTION, WITHOUT RESERVE, ( FREE FROM AUCTION DUTY) On the Premises of Mr. Robert Hands ( who is leaving hil Farm), on Thursday the 30th March instant, at Teno'Clock in the Forenoon; CONSISTING of capital Draught Horses, In- Calf Cows, Sheep, Pigs; Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Corn Drill, Roller, Winnowing Machiiie, a capital Sheep Heck, Horse Tackle, & c. Also an excellent Thrashing Machine, worked by three or four Horses: will be taken down and erected again for any Pur- chaser, gratis. Catalogues in a few Days.— Further Particulars to be had of Mr. GASKILL, Warser Gate, and of Mr. THOMAS JOWETT, Long Row, Nottingham. BANKRUPTS' EFFECTS.' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. E. MORLEY, ( By Order of the Assignees of SAMPSON KIRHY and SON) at their late Residence, Bowling- Green Wharf, Nottingham, on ' Tuesday, 28th March, 1815, at Ten o'Clock, LL the Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; comprising fine live Goosecoat Feather Beds ; Bedsteads, tastefully fitted up; fine Blankets, Sheets; Mahogany Chairs, Mahogany Tables, Mahogany Drawers; Sofa, polished Fire Irons, Carpets, Mahogany Desk and Book Case, Pier and other Glasses; Double- Barrelled Fowling Piece, Silver mounted; Celestial Globe, Camera Obscura, neat I. ibrary of Books, three capital Carts on the Wharf, & c., which are expressed in the Catalogues, which may be had of Mr. MORLEY, Auctioneer. A1 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. C. FINNEY, ' ( The Sale to commence on Wednesday the 5th Day of April, 1815, and following Days, till all is sold), ih a large and com- modious Room, upon the Premises of Mr. Stubbs, known by the Sign of the Punch Bowl, ill Peck- Lane, Nottingham, ALARGE Quantity of superb Sheffield Plated GOODS, the genuine Property of a House declining Business. In order to convince the Public that the Goods are of the first Quality, they will be ready for Inspection inthe Auction Room, oil Monday the .' 5d Day of April. Catalogues to be had of Mr. Corbett, Bridlesmith Gate ; and at Mr. Stubbs's, Peck Lane, Nottingham, six Days before the Sale. N. B, The Sale to commence each Mornintjdt Eleven o'Clock. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HAGE, On the Farm and Premises of Mr.. Pate, at Ossington, near Newark, on Thursday and Friday, the 30th and31st Days of March, 1815, at half past Ten o'Clock, ALL the Valuable LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. — Credit will be given, on approved Joint Security, for all Bargains above £ 5. or Discount allowed for immediate Payment. Descriptive Catalogues are ready for delivery, and may be had of Mr. HAGE, Stodman Street, Newark. GLOBE INSURANCE, PALL MALL and CORNHILL. FIRE, LIFE, and ANNUITIES. ALL Persons, whose Insurances with this Company become due at LADY- DAV next, are requested to take Notice, that Receipts for the Renewal thereof are now ready for Delivery at the Company's Offices, No. 80, Pall Mall, and No. 5, Cornhill; and in the Hands of their respective Agents in the Country.— Insurances due at Lady- Day, must be paid on or before the 9th Day of April, when the Fifteen Days allowed for the Renewal thereof will expire. . ; ( By Order of the Board) JOHN CHARLES DENHAM, Secretary, London, 20tli March, 1S15. $ 5" Persons of Character and respectability, desirous of be- coming Agents to the Globe Insurance Company, and who are resident in Towns where none are at present appointed, may apply to the Secretary for the Terms and Conditions of the Ap- pointment. AGENTS. NOTTINGHAM. Nottingham, Jos. Machin. I Mansfield, Charles Walkden. Newark, Jeremiah Newton. | Retford, Jonathan Smith. DERBY. Derby, Thomas Redman. Lincoln, Robert Fowler. Boston, J. 8. Baily. Stamford, ' Thomas Barrett. LINCOLN. Horncastle, R. Babington. Deeping St. James, R. Walker. O TLJ Y Command of His Majesty's UPON TRENT, in the J-^ Justices of the Pcace, acting in County of Nuttlnghamj and for the said'Borough, I DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, ' that the next General Sessions of the. Peace and Gaol Delivery for the said Borough, will be holden at the Town Hall there,' on THURSDAY the 13 « / I Day of April next, at Ten o'clock, in the Forenoon; of which all Persons who arc bound by Recognizance- to appear, or who have any Business to transact at the ., uid Sessions, are required to : e Notice. And all Persons having Bills of Indictment prefer, aiy requested to attend at the Town Clerk's OJKce the Evening before the Sessions' Day, to give Instructions for tuck Bills of Indictment, in order that they may be prepared before the Court sits. WM. EDWD. TALLENTS, Clerk if the Peace for the said Borough. 23d March, 1815. WAREHOUSE TO LET: BY MR. BLACKWELL. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BLACKWELL At his Auction Room, Long Row, Nottingham, on Tuesday, March 28th, 1815, ( Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon),' 50 OILK and COTTON STOCKING FRAMES, kj most of which are i:. good Condition, and in full Em- ployment. N. B. Catalogues, with Particulars, may be had of the Auc- tioneer. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BLACKWELL, At the Company's Wharf, Nottingham, on Thursday, April 6th, 1815 ( Sale to commence at Two o'Clock), ABOUT One Thousand Feet of very good MAHO- GANY VENEERS, BOARDS, and PLANKS; aQuan- tity of American Birch Boards, and 13 Pairs of Bed Posts. Catalogues, with Particulars, may be had of the Auctioneer, six Days before the Sale. N. B. ' The Property may be viewed at the Wharf, the Day before the Sale. FINN'S and JOHNSON'S HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. E. B. ROBINSON, On Wednesday and Thursday, March 29th and 30th, 1815, on the Premises of Mr. THOS. FINN, Clumber Street, Nottingham, ( by Order of the Assignees under the Commission of Bank- ruptcy for the Benefit of the Creditors) free from Auction Duty, , HpHE whole of the neat, valuable, and useful IIOUSE- . JL HOLD ' FURNITURE ; comprising capital Feather Beds, Mattresses, Camp and Four- Post Bedsteads, Blankets, and other Bedding, Pier and Swing Glasses, handsome Brussels and other Carpets, Sofa, Mahogany Chests of Drawers, Dining, Pembroke, and Screen Tables, Mahogany Chairs, fashionable Crimson Moreen Window Curtains, Fancy Chairs, Prints framed and glazed, capital Mangle, very handsome Clock, Hall Lamp, elegant Fenders and Fire Irons, ' Table and Bed Linen, a consi- derable Variety of Kitchen Requisites, Counters and other Shop Fixtures,, and sundry other Articles, as will be expressed in private chasers, the REMAINING PART of the STOCK in TRADE. ESTATE AT RISLEY PARK. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the House of Joseph I. art, the Blue Ball, in Risley, in the County of Derby, oil Monday the 17th Day of April next, it Four o'Clock in the Afternoon ( unless an acceptable Off- r shall iu the mean Time be made by Private Contract), aid subject to Conditions which will then be produced, AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated a RISLEY PARK, in the Parish of P. isley, in the said County of Derby, together or in the undermentioned Lots: LOT 1. A. R. A newly- built and substantial FARM HOUSE, with Barns, Stables, and evtiy lequisite Building, i complete repair; excellent Farm Yard and Garden. Homestead Close e Park Close '. 8 Near Coney Burrow., 4 Far ditto g Near Yew'Trees 5 Far ditto 5 Upper Judy g Lower Judy g Winfield Leys ...."!...... 6 JSE, T 6, in }- 0 fen, j PI 2 C 0 0 0 Total, 54 0 I. OT 2. A DWELLING HOUSE or'TENEMENT, with a Stable and Out- Building adjoining, and the follow- ing Closes: ' The South- Winfield I. eys 5 ' The North- Winfield Leys ............" 7 Upper Cook's Orchard 4 Lower Cook's Orchard 4 Total, 21 0 The Estate is situated a short Distance from the Turnpi Road leading from Derby to Nottingham, and about eig Miles from each of those Towns.— The Lands comprised in 1 • first I. ot are in a Ring Fence, and are seperated from those Lot 2 by an Occupation Road only.— The Poor Rates are e ceedingly low, and a considerable Part of the Purchase Mon may remain on Security of the Estate. Mr. EDWARD SALT, the Owner and Occupier of the ESTA^ will shew the same; anu for further Particulars, or to treat f the same by Private Contract, apply to Mr. GREAVES, So. citor, Derby, at whose Office a Plan of the Estate may be seei: Derby, 17th March, 1815. DR. ARNOLD'S York, Thomas Brook. Hull, P. W. Watson. Halifax' and Huddersfield, G. Sanderson. Leeds, John Thursby. Wakefield, R. Nicholls. Whitby, Robert Kirby, Jun. Scarborough, Robert Goodwill. YORKSHIRE. Northallerton, Peter Rigg. Thirsk, C. B. Walker. Richmond, William Clpse. Selby, Charles Plummer. Knaresboro', William Taylor. Pontefract, Joseph Jackson. Malton, Thomas Paul. Easintjwold, Messrs. Jackson. PILLS, SO well known all over Eunope, for their superior efficar and peculiar mildness in perfectly eradicating every d- greeofthe VENEKEAI. DISEASE, without the lealt troubf "" confinement. The Public may be affured this excellent cine is peif- dtly congenial to the conftitution; and maiy have remarked their health much improved in other r fpedls, after its ufe.— Full and plain Directions, figned I Dr. Arnold, are inclofed with each Box, which will enat all Perfons to cure thenuelves without the knowledge of a. one. Sold by G. Stretton, Nottingham; Collinson, Mansfieli Adams, Loughborough ; Drewry, Derby ; Price, l. eicelte Ford, Chefterfield; Ridges, Newark; Axtell, No. 1, Finci Lane, Cornhill, London; and may be had of the differe Newimen, in Boxes at 2s. 9d. and 4s. fid. daty included.— li the above Perfons are alio fold, Dr. ARNOLD'S RESTORA TIVE DROPS, for inward Decays. Gleets, and Semin Weakncffes, from whatever caitfe srifitig, price 4s. ( id, t. Bottle, duty induded. NOTTINGHAM, BINGHAM, SOUTHWELL, NEWARK, MANSFIELD, SUTTON, OLLEHTON, WORKSOP, BAWTRY, 15LYTH, TUXFORD, 1 — MRMRLMII^— R .,....• — — —:— 1— T- NNRFRRUB I IBH III' I •• '!—- ' ' '" • • . —— REVIEW OF POLITICS. His Grace the Duke'of- Portland and family lauded on. for a time, elude the just venjeance of the law, it would NOTTINGHAM ASSEMBLY. ' Tuesday last, at Dover, from Calais. eventually be found strong enoigh to punish and crush all rip HE Fourth Subscription ASSEMBLY for Dancing AND RETFORD ADVEi. The month of March, so named from the fabled God of War, seems to be the season in which the good city of Paris is to be afflicted with all the ( errors of that destructive Deity. On the very day on which we are now writing, in the preceding year, appeared in the London papers the letter to the Empress, with tbe account of the progress of the Confederate Armies,, and the Proclamation of the Austrian Commander from Troyes, with a frightful variety of alarming information that threatened the destruction of the French capital. Buonaparte, who then defended the city, is now the assailant, by one of those extraor- dinary revolutions with which the present time alone is familiar, and his approach more nearly resembles that of a triumphant conqueror returning to receive the reward of his victories in the applause of his people, than of an inveterate enemy re- visiting the scenes of his former usurpation, to be execrated and resisted by an injured and indignant nation. Of all the miraculous circumstances with which our day is conversant, there seems to be nothing more adapted to produce the excess of astonishment than the tranquil, uninterrupted ad- vance of Buonaparte, in the midst of an immense population, which has so recently sworn fidelity to a mild, virtuous, and legitimate Prince, who, it might be supposed, had strengthened and confirmed every affectionate and grateful feeling by tbe liberality of his conduct. Rabaut de St. Etienne, in one of the wild effusions to which the close of the last century gave con- densation and permanence, observes, that some thirty or forty years may be necessary to the growth of a newly discovered truth, but when, from active collision, the fructifying principle is hastily and widely dispersed, eight or ten, or a less number of years, may be sufficient to fix its existence, and promote its fecundity. This remark is singularly exemplified in the history of our time. The assumption of power by Napoleon, embellish- ed and enlarged, as it was, by the splendour of his achieve- ments, and the extent of his conquests, seems to have entirely abrogated in the minds of Frenchmen that attachment to the Capetian dynasty, which successive reigns, during 800 years, almost incorporated with the French character; and the effect is not only conspicuous in France, but, ardent as our love is to our august Monarch, and sanctioned as his authority is by the free choice of a loyal and generous people, we will venture to say, that the mystic ties which connected the Sovereigns and the people of every nation of Europe, has by the imitative prin- ciple, which often plays monkey tricks with us all, been every where weakened and loosened, until the bonds of society are in danger of being deprived of that force and consistence which are essential to the public security. On the effect of the change, as it concerns Great Britain, should the bold intruder snatch the sceptre from the feeble grasp of the Bourbons, we cannot supply more light than is given in the eclaircissement of Lord Castlereagh at the close of bis speech on Monday night in the House of Commons, relative to the proceedings of the Congress. He then stated, that if Buonaparti succeeded in establishing his government in France, peace must be despaired, of; and the question was, whether the continent must return to its former subjugation, and whether Great Britain was to abandon that wholesome state intq which she was now settling, in order to resume hur military position, and again to struggle for the independence of the world. It is useful, after the devastation of a storm, to place ourselves on the same hill from which we before surveyed the pliancy of the foliage, tbe richness of the verdure, the enamelled surface of the meadow, the pellucidity of the stream below, the foamy opacity of the torrent above, and to compare the different im- pressions which the striking contrast occasions; but although this is a salutary exercise, it is by no means a pleasing duty, yet such seems to be the employment that an over- ruling Provi- dence has assigned us, and neither in our public engagements, or in our private retreats, will we complain of the appoint- ments of unerringwisdom and unbounded beneficence ! The noble Lord to whom we have above alluded, has, in compliance with the wishes of Parliament and of the public, delivered a detailed statement of the proceedings of Congress, as far as their disclosure was safe and proper in the present un- finished state of affairs. From this account it appears, that a general declaration has been made in favour of the abolition of the Slave Trade by all the great Powers of Europe: that two of them have determined to terminate it in eight years, and it was hoped that France would abstract herself from all interest in it In less than five years. The matter is not left to the incidental attention of Congress, but Commissioners are to meet iu Lon- don to fuifil the benevolent designs of the British Government. Lord Castlereagh noticed the great objects at Vienna to be the organization of Au& tritt and Prussia $ the restoration of the independence of Switzerland; the re- establishment of the con- stitution of the German States ; and the annexation of Genoa to Piedmont. A very large portion of his speech was applied to the Republic we have just named, and we must conclude, from his explanation, If our Parliamentary Reports be correct, that Lord W. Bentinck, as well as Prince Repnin, on another occa- sion, neither conformed to the letter or spirit of their instruc- tions in the Declarations they made on the part of their respect- ive Governments. The motive alleged for the union of Genoa to Piedmont is, that the entrance into Italy, whether by the Alps, or by the sea, should be entrusted to the protection of the same Potentate; and the necessity for this is argued from the plots between the Piedmontese and the Ligurians at a former period, which so much facilitated the project of France for the conquest of the Italian kingdom. The observations of the noble Lord on the future condition Of Poland, are concise and obscure, but he stated broadly and distinctly the policy regarded as concerned in the question of tbe Union of Belgium and Holland; and it was, that France, so powerful by land, and posses . ing such abundant maritime re- sources on the shores of the Mediterranean and of the Atlantic, might not extend her naval means to the tardy waters of the Texel, and thus acquire that preponderance on the ocean which would be dangerous to the liberties of mankind. NOTTINGHAM, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 24. —>> S « — MARRIED]— At Aston upon Trent, iu the county of Derbv, by the Rev. C. S. Holden, on Tuesday last, Samuel Hall, Esq. of Basford, in this county, to Sophia, daughter of James Sut- ton, Esq. of Broughton House, Cavendish Bridge, Derby- shire. A few days ago, in London. Mr. Edward Skipwith, liquor merchant, to Miss Lee, sisterof Mr. I. et.-, maltster, of this town. Lately, at Cuckney, by the Rev. G. Holt, Mr. Pettinger, of Norton, to Miss Ii. Taylor, of South Carr House, near Cuckuey. DIED]— At Basford, on Friday evening last, Mrs. Mary Alton, wife of Mr. Samuel Alton, tanner, agedG2. Last week, at Stamford, Mr. Sidney, for many vears a favourite and highly respectable member of the Nottingham Theatrical Company, aged 77, On the 17th inst. Mrs. Footitt, wife of the Rev. James Footitt. of Southwell, a lady much regretted by all her friends and acquaintance. The MISSIONARY SOCIETY, a meeting of which is to be held in Nottingham next week, was instituted in the year 1795, lor the purpose of introducing the knowledge and the advan- tages of Christianity into uncivilized and heathen countries. We understand that the following is declared to be its fun- damental principle: " As the union of the people of God of various denominations in carrying on this great work, is a most desirable object, so to prevent any cause of future dis- sention, it is declared to be a fundamental principle of the Missionary Socicty, that our design is not to send Presby- terianism, Independency, Episcopacy, or any other form of Church order and government ( about which there may be difference of opinion amoug serious persons) but the glorious gospel of the blessed God to the heathen, and that it shall be left ( as it ought to be left) to the minds of the persons whom God may call into the fellowship of his Son from among them, to assume for themselves such form of Church Go- vernment as to them shall appear most agreeable to the word of God." The Assize Concert on Monday night was genteelly attend- ed, and the performances throughout gave great satisfaction. Dr. Baker played the favourite old Scots' air of " Auld Robin Gray," iu line style; and Mr. Gilbert executed a Coiiccrto on the French Horn with great eflect. Mr. Brown's Concerto Clarionet, and German Hymn Quartetto, were received with great applause. Miss Jervis's snugs were also given with to- lerable good effect, considering her youth and natural timi- dity. The lovers of harmony received a charming treat yester- day evening, in witnessing the astonishing performances of the Master aud Miss Smiths. A repetition of'the same, with considerable additions, we understand, will take place to- mor- row evening ( Saturday), when, we have no doubt, they will be fashionably and numerously attended.—( Sec advt. His Grace the Duke of Portland and family landed on Tuesday last, at Dover, from Calais. A brigade of light artillery, with .6 guns, marched into this town on Wednesday last, to remain till further orders. PUGILISTIC COMBAT.— A pitched battle took place, in the Park, adjoining this town, on Tuesday morning last, between • a shoe- maker, of the name of G. Paling, and a collier, when, after a desperate contest, which was maintained with the greatest resolution for two hours and ten minutes ( during which 103 rounds were fought) the seconds interfered, and both parties withdrew their stakes by mutual consent. Both the combatants were dreadfully beaten, and it was with difficulty they were removed from the ground. Yesterday, John liriggs, Edward Crisp, and Robert Lacy, were severally committed to the gaol of this town, for trial at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, on a charge of stealing hats, the property of Mr. J. E. Harrison. John Briggs, the first men- tioned prisoner, is also charged with stealing on the 15th inst. a quantity of Angola yarn, spun silk, down, & c. the property of Messrs. Plant and White, of East Retford, iu this county, NOTTINGHAM ASSIZES. The following prisoners took their trials at the Guild Hall, on Friday last:— Frances Shannon, aged 18, and Jane Ward, aged 20, for privately stealing a quantity of lace and some silk shawls, the property of Messrs. Cullen and Wright, and Mr. William Watson. Guilty, death. Thomas Coates, for stealing from the warehouse of Mr. T. Cheetham, grocer, 5S0lbs. of tea, 6lbs. nutmegs, and some halfpence, in the night of the 10th of October last. To be transported for seven years. Wm. Mabbott, for forging a receipt to a bill, for j£ 14. 15s. 5d. with intent to defraud Mr. John. Gilbert of the same. Not guilty. _ -. . >_ Against Henry Bestvvick, charged with forgefy," there was no prosecution. Wm. lieckson, for stealing two shirts, the property o'f W m. Bowden, to be imprisoned 18 months. Wm. Lilley, aud Sarah Watson, alias Vichors, for petty lar- ceny, to be imprisoned six months; and Mary Davey, for stealing divers articles from- a furnished room, rented by her, to be imprisoned three months. Saturday the Judge was employed in hearing Nisi Prius causes at the County Hall. On Sunday his Lordship attended divine service at St. Ma- ry's church ; and a most eloquent sermon was preached on the occasion by the Rev. Pendock Neale, rector of Tollcrton, from Psalms iv. v. 6, " Who will shew us any good ?" COUNTY COURT. The business commenced at the County Court on Monday morning at nine o'clock. At the opening of the Court, the rush to obtain admittance was excessive, and all the avenues were instantly filled, in the expectation that the trial of Mr. Sutton, proprietor of the Nottingham Review, on> an ex officio information filed against him by the Attorney General, for a libel, inserted in that paper, would come on ; but this did not take place. A consultation was held in Court between the respective Advocates and parties interested in the case, which ended, we understand, in the trial being postponed until the next assizes. The Court having disposed of two or three causes of an uninteresting nature, the Grand Jury were sworn in, when the Judge addressed them on the duties they had to perform, and explained the law as to the several offences contained in the calendar. The following gentlemen composed the Grand Jury: The Right Hon. Charles Lord Viscount Newark, Foreman. John Elliott, Esq. Thomas Maltby, Esq. Robert Padley, Esq. John Hall, Esq. Samuel Crawley, Esq. J. Wright the younger, Esq. Andrew Gideon Fisher, Esq. James I lopley, Esq. George Smith, Esq. Frederick Robinson, Esq. Graham Chappell, Esq. The Right Honble. Sir John Borlase Warren, Bart. K. B. William Sherbrookc, Esq. John Wright, Esq. John Lougdon, Esq. John Need, Esq. Jonas Bettison, Esq, William Elliott Elliott, Esq. John Bainbrigge Storey, Esq. Samuel Wright, Esq- Henry Cook, Esq. Francis Evans, Esq. In an action BOULTOX V. MOODY, for a breach of promise of marriage, a verdict was suffered to go for the. plaintiff, to the full extent of the damages Bued for, namely, one thousand guineas, and 40s. costs. The Counsel for the - defendant took occasion, by direction of his client, to. pass some merited com- pliments on the virtues and character of the young lady, and the cause was given up in the handsomest manner possible. The Grand Jury having found a true bill of indictment against Thomas Glossop, alias Longstone, for stealing two sheep, from a close in the parish of Lentop, the property of Mr. Robert Burgess, the prisoner was placed at the bar, toge- ther with William Kirkby and John Ltghtollers, charged with receiving the carcases or certain parts of the. same, knowing them to be stolen. ( The prisoners had all been removed from the town gaol for trial, in consequence of the offence being committed in the county.)— It appeared, that on the 6th of January last, Mr. Burgess bad a flock of 84 sheep, feeding on rape, in a field in which the shepherd's house stands, opposite the race stand, and that in the course of the same night, two of them were missing, having been slaughtered and carried away, the entrails thereof and four feet being let't in the field. Suspicion having fallen on Glossop ( who calls himself Long- stone, aud is a drover, residing in Sandy Lane, Nottingham) he was apprehended and taken before the Mayor, when he gave information of the other prisoners having had the carcases, and the whole were committed for trial. The principal wit- ness in the. case, was Ann Watson, the mother of Glossop's wife, who, on being questioned as to what time the prisoner came home on the night mentioned in the indictment, and whether he brought any thing with him, stated, that he came home about nine o'clock, and brought with him " no- thing but a sheep /" which was contained in a bag, and was quite warm. On the witness's further examination, she stated, that the prisoner dressed the sheep, and cut the skin into shreds, which he took out with him; and that about eleven o'clock, the prisoner brought home another sheep, in a bag, which he likewise dressed ; and on the following day ( Satur- day) the carcases were taken out to Kirkby's, in joints, in a basket, covered with a sheet, except a breast, and a head and pluck, which the family cooked for their dinner on the Suu- d ay preceding the prisoner's being taken up. The shreds and one whole skin were afterwards found in a well, and the marks were sworn to by Mr. Burgess's shepherd, in Court.— Glossop's daughter, a girl of ten years old, confirmed some part of the statement relative to the taking the meat to Kirk- by's. The Jury, without hesitation, pronounced Glossop guilty, death ; Kirby, on account of his having been before indicted for felony, was sentenced to 14 years transportation; and there being no direct evidence against Lightollers, he was acquit- ted. Charles Freesby, indicted for stealing two wether shoep, eight , ewe sheep, and six lambs, from off the common, at Warsop, on the 15th of June, 1814, was found guilty, death. The prisoner, it appeared, had driven the sheep to Lincoln market, and sold them to Mr. Joseph Norfolk, of East Dray- ton, for iflO. in whose possession they were found, about a fortnight afterwards. Joseph Dickenson, for breaking into the dwelling- house of Wm. Chauntry, of Arnold, labourer, in the day time, no per- son being therein, and stealing thereout divers articles of wear- ing apparel, and 10s. Gd. in money; and Alice Sergeant, for re- ceiving part of the said articles, knowing then! to be stolen. According to the testimony given in this case, the prisoner, Dickenson, broke a pane of glass in the window, and opened the casement on the ground floor, through which he entered, and carried off the articles mentioned in the indictment. lie delivered the things to the female prisoner, with whom he cohabited, without telling her bow he came by them, and part of them were afterwards pledged, and the tickets found upon them. The articles stolen were stated to be worth 50s.— Dickenson, guilty, death. Sergeant acquitted. James Towle was indicted on a charge of burglariously en- tering the dwelling house of Thomas Garton, at New Bas- ford, in company with a number of other persons, on the night of the 5th of September last, when sir stocking frames were broken, and a quantity of metal, needles, and star brasses sto- len thereout: a second count in the " indictment charged the prisoner wjth entering the house with intent to steal; and a third with intent to break frames. This trial occupied the Court more than, four hours, and excited no inconsiderable degree of interest. [ We are in possession of the minutes of the evidence, but want of room compels us to withhold them.] The point which principally affected the case of the prisoner and on which the chief doubt rested, was the prosecutor's swearing positively to his voice. A number of witnesses were examined on both sides; and after the learned Judge had summed up the evidence, which he did in a very clear and impartial manner, the Jury consulted together for about twenty minutes, when they pronounced a verdict of not guilty. The words were scarcely uttered, when an instantaneous shoot was set up by a crowd pressing round the outer doors of the Court, anxious to hear tbe result. The Judge, in con- clusion, admonished the prisoner against the continuance of practices, which had that day placed his life in such imminent peril; and assured him. that however individuals,' might, eventually be found strong enoigh to punish and crush all violators and disturbers of the fublic peace.— On the Court breaking up, the crowd out of cbors testified their satisfac- tion at the verdict by repeatedly theering the Judge, Counsel, See. ' \ Benjamin. Buxton was fonnd gulty of an assault, with intent to commit a rape on the body of a child, named Elizabeth Burrows, at Sutton in Ashfield, and was sentenced to two years imprisonment. The Grand Jury found no bills against Mary Bee, charged with concealing the birth of her female bastard child ; Thos. Foster, charged with beastiality; Wm. Wilson, charged with stealing a quantity of indigo, at Basfbrd; - and Wm. Breffit, charged with ravishing Mary Streets, at Arnold. All the capital convicts were reprieved before the Judge left town, with the exception of Hempstock, the murderer. The Grand Jury for this county have found a true bill against Joseph Norfolk, of Great Drayton, in the same county, for unlawfully compounding felony. The Grand Jury have also found a true bill against William Kinnard, Esq. of Holborn, in the county of Mid- dlesex, for writing and publishing a libel, reflecting upoii William Duncan Campbell, Esq. EXECUTION.— Yesterday morning John Hempstock suffered the sentence of the law, on the gallows, near this town, for the crime of murder ( the particulars of which, as they came out on the trial, will be found stated at length in our 4th page). About half past eight o'clock the culprit was placed in a cart, and conducted from the county gaol by the proper officers to the place of execution. He appeared firm and collected, and seemed desirous, as much as possible, - to shun the gaze of the immense multitude collected. On his arrival at the gallows, he acknowledged to those around him, that the crime for which he was about to suffer was his own'act; he also observed, in an audible manner, that when he went to rob Mr. Wells's house, he had no intention whatever of murdering the lad, but on his asking him for the key of the desk, the latter was saucy, which raised his anger, and stimulated him to perpetrate the barbarous deed. lie particularly cautioned the spectators against giving way to passion, which had brought him to an untimely end, and hoped they would take warning by hisfate. A Sunday school teacher attended him to the gallows, and was assiduous in preparing his mind for the awful event. About half past nine tbe unhappy youth was turned off, and for a minute or two seemed to struggle vio- lently. He was in the 20th year of his age, stout made, of a swarthy complexion, and morose aspect,— After hanging the usual tune, the body was cut down, and delivered over to the Surgeons, at the General Hospital, to be dissected and anato- mised. DERBYSHIRE. MARRIED]— At Sheffield," on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. Staveley of Anston, near Worksop, tanner, to Miss Jane Bower, of Whittington, near Chesterfield. At Chesterfield, on the 13th instant, Mr. Wrangham, of Newark, to Miss Jesse Ilill, of the former place. DIED]— On Saturday evening last, at the Grove, near Ash- borne, Charles Meynell, Esq. aged 46. On the 13th instant, at Mount Pleasant, in Alfreton. Mrs. Bryan, aged 39, wife of Mr, Samuel Bryan, aud niece of the late Jonathan Burnham, Esq. of Sflirland. On Friday evening last, aged 67, Mrs. Gregory, wife of Mr. Gregory, of Derby, maltster. On Tuesday the 14th'inst. at Derby, aged 90, Mrs. Palmer, relict of the late Mr. J. Palmer, qf, the Fox and Owl Inn. On Wednesday the 15th instant, at Willington, after a long and painful illness. Mr. II. Goodall, aged 33 years. At Bel per, on the 19th inst. aged 87, Mrs." S. Barber, relict of the late Mr. J. Barber, of Wildersley. Wednesday last, Samuel Berry, one of the workmen employed at the Derwent Foundry, was found drowned in the Derby Canal.— Coroner's verdict, accidental death. On the 8th inst. a large quantity of materials suddenly fell into one of the iron- stone pits at Codnor Park, by which accident one of the workmen in the pit, named George Lingard, had his neck broken, and was killed upon the spot. At the assizes for Rutlandshire, Austin Lawrence and William Wood ( both inhabitants: of Stamford) were capi- tally convicted of stealing, on Saturday the 11th of Febru- ary last, out of a close in Ryhall field, a sheep, the pro- perty of Mr. Charles Lowe, of Stamford, which sheep they slaughtered in an adjoining close. The principal witnesses agaim, t them, were Francis: Cole, au accomplice, and Abel Blades, a watchman, whose vigil mice and meri- torious conduct led to the discovery of the offenders. Lawrence and Wood were reprieved before the Judge left the town. Messrs. Chapman, of Newcastle, have invented a loco- motive engine which is now tit work, at Mr. Lambton's way from his collieries to the Wear. It draws after it eighteen loaded coal waggons, weighing fifty- four tons', up an ascent which rises nine yards in a mile, with a speed of four miles an hour. A. COMET.— The Brussels papers inform us, that Mr. Olbers, of Bremen, has discovered a new Comet, which advances slowly towards the north- cast, approaching the constellation of Perseus; it is very small. THE DERBYSHIRE FOX IIOL- NDS will meet at Loxley, on Saturday the 25th, at Brakenhurst oil Monday the 27th ; and at Seal woods on Thursday the 30th instant; each morning at half past ten o'clock. H 8 TOWN OF NOTTINGHAM ( TO WIT). The PRICE and ASSIZE of BREAD, set by JOHN ASHWELI, Esq. Mayor of the said Town, upon the 22d Day of March, 1815, to take place upon the 25th Day of March 1815, and to be in force Seven Days for the said Town of Not- tingham, viz.;— THE PRICE BREAD. lbs. oz. The Peck Loaf Whcaten is to weigh 17 6 Ditto Standard Wheaten ditto 17 6 Ditto Household ditto 17 C The Half- Peck Loaf wheaten 8 11 Ditto Standard Wheaten ditto 8 11 Ditto Household ditto 8 11 The Quartern Loaf Wheaten ditto... 4 5 Ditto Standard, Wheaten ditto 4 5 Ditto Household ditto 4 5 The Half- Quartern Loaf Wheaten is ) „ „ to weigh 5 Ditto Standard Wheaten ditto 2 2 12 Ditto Household ditto 2 2 12 THE ASSIZE HUE AD. The Penny Loaf Wheaten is to weigh: Ditto Standard Wheaten is to weigh Ditto Household is to weigh.....' The Two- Penny Loaf Wheaten is to weigh Ditto Standard Wheaten is toweigb. Ditto Household is to Weigh....... 1 1 1 7 0 10i 0 10 0 5 _ 0 4| lbs. or., dr. 0 6 12 0 6 15 0 7 5 0 13 8 O 13 14 0 14 10 GEO. COLDIIAM, Town CI. EIVK. TOWN OF NOTTINGHAM. AT the General Quarter Sessions of the Peaec for the Town and County of the Town of Nottingham, held on Thursday, the 28th Day of April, 1S08, it was ordered by the Court, as follows:— " WHEREAS it appears to this Court, that the Practice of clearing away and removing Dung Heaps, Ash Heaps, and Manure, in the Day- Time, in the Town af Nottingham, is become a great Public Nuisance; this Court doth therefore ORDER, that no Person shall clear away or remove any Dung Heap, Ash Heap, or other Manure, within or from the Town of Nottingham, between the Hours if Ten iu the Forenoon and Nine ^ in the Evening, from New Lady Day to Old Michaelmas Day, in efery Year from the Date qf. this Order, on pain. vf the Penalties to be thereby incurred. '• And this Ceurt doth further ORDER the several Constables oj the said Town to be vigilant in talcing Nolice of any Person, or Persons who shall of end against the foregoing Order, and make_ Presentment thereof at the ensuing General Quarter Sessions of the 1' rhce for thin Town." , OHO EKED, That these Resolutions 1. x- inserted m the Not- tingham Papers for th* Information " of the Public. ( By the'Court) CEO. COLDHAM," Clerk of the Peace,. 16th March, 1815., NOTTINGHAM ASSEMBLY. THE Fourth Subscription ASSEMBLY for Dancing and Cards, will be at the Assembly Rooms, or. the Low Pavement, on Tuesday the 28th instant. Non- Subscribers 6s. each. Dancing to commence at Nine o'Clock. J. B. STOREY, Esq ~ t LEWIS ALl. SOPP, Esq... {- Stewards. FRANCIS HARDWICK, Esq. J Nottingham, March 13,1815. SOUTHWELL ASSEMBLY. rpHERE will be an ASSEMBLY, for Dancing and I. Cards, at the Rooms, in Southwell, on Monday the 3d of April.— Dancing to commence at Nine o'Clock. " W. H. BARROW, Steward. NEWARK BALL. THE Sixth Subscription BALL and CARD ASSEM- BLY', will be held at the Town Hall, on Friday the 31st of March instant. The Card Room will be open at Seven o'Clock. Dancing to commence at Half past Eight. Non- Subscribers* Tickets, 5s. each. GEO. FII. LINGHAM, F. sq ls d Rev. ROBERT FFARMERIE, j" Newark, March 23d, 1815. ACURACY, with a Title for Orders, a Gentleman is desirous to obtain, in the Counties of Nottingham or York; for the Duties of which the Emolument will not be an Object. Address ( Post paid) X. P. Chapter Coffee House, St. Paul's, London. Positively the last Night of Performing. AT MR STUBBS'S NEW ROOMS, PtCK LANE, NOTTINGHAM. rjpHE Celebrated Musical Phenomena, the Master and Miss Smiths, ( who had the honour of performing with unbounded Applause, at Stowe House, on the 18th of January last, before the Most Noble the Marquis and Marchioness of Buckingham, together with a numerous Assemblage of British Nobility) purpose, on Saturday Evening, March 26, presenting to the Notice of the Gentry of this Town and its Vicinity, their Unprecedented PERFORMANCES, which for Science, Har- mony, Ingenuity, ind Novelty, surpasses any thing of the Kind ever before witnessed in this Town; Particulars of which are already announced in the Bills of the Day.— To commence at Seven o'Clock. GENERAL LUNATIC ASYLUM, NEAR NOTTINGHAM. To Bakers, Butchers, Coul Merchants, and Milk Sellers. ANY Person willing to supply the above Institution with good Bread ( baked on the Hearth), Meat, Coal, or Milk, for the ensuing Quarter, commencing the 25th inst. may send their Proposals immediately to the Director, of whom further Particulars may be known. ( By Order) T. MORRIS, SECRETARY. N. B. A GARDENER wanted. MISSIONARY MEETING, IN NOTTINGHAM. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the AUXILIARY MISSIONARY' SOCIETY, of the Counties of Notting- ham, Derby, and Leicester, will take Wace at Nottingham, on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY in EASTER WEEK. The first Sermon will be preached by the Rev. JAMES BEN- NETT, of Rotherham, at the Meeting House, in Castle Gate, on TUESDAY EVENING, at Seven o'Clock. On WEDNESDAY MOIINING, at Halfpast Nine, the Rev. JOHN CAMPBELL will relate the Particulars of his Mis- sionary Travels in Africa; also some recent Information of a very interesting KiDd from that Quarter of the World. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, at Threeo'Clock, the Mem- bers of the different Churches in the Society will assemble for the Purpose of holding the Communion of the Lord's Supper. The Rev. A. WAUGH, of London, is expected to preach in the Evening, at Seven o'Clock. Collections will be made at each Meeting for the Benefit of the Missionary Society. NOTTINGHAM SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. THE Annual Meeting of the Nottingham Sunday School Union, will be held in the Methodist Chapel, Halifax Lane, on Easter Monday, 27th instant, in the After- noon. The Chair will be taken precisely at One o'Clock.— In the Evening, a Sermon will be preached in the same Place to the Members of the Union, by the Rev. Mr. GAWTHORNE, from Derby.— Service to begin- at Half past Five o'Clock. A. BARNETT, Secretary. CHURCHWARDENS. EDUCATION. MRS. RIMMER respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that she purposes OPENING a SCHOOL, for the Reception of YOUNG LADIES, on MONDAY the 27th instant. The System of Education will comprise English Grammar, History and Geography, Plain and Ornamental Needle- Work, Writing and Arithmetic, Composition, & c. Alls. RIMMER having received her Education at respectable Boarding Schools, and having formerly had a genteel School of her own, flatters herself that the System she will adopt, will be such as to give every Satisfaction to those Parents who shall honour her with the Instruction of their Children. Cards of the Terms may tie had by applying to Mrs. RIMMEK, No. 4,664, Stoney- Street, Nottingham. - Day Boarders will be accommodated on the usual Terms. a No Entrance required. March 23d, 1815. PARISH or ST. MARY, NOTTINGHAM, MARCH 23d. LEGAL, Proceedings ( according to the late Act of Parliament, passed in the £ 3d Year of the Reign of his present Majesty) will be commenced against those Persons whose Church Assessments remain unpaid at the Expiration of seven Days from the Date hereof. Those Persons to whom the Churchwardens are indebted, are requested to deliver an Account thereof immediately to THOS. ROBERTS. THOMAS ROBERTS, JOHN WILSON JONATHAN BURROWS, SADDLER, HARNESS MAKER, See. RETURNS his most sincere Thanks to his Friends . and the Public in general, for the very liberal Encourage- ment which he has met with during his residence on the Long Row ( opposite the Exchange), and begs Leave to inform them that he has removed to the Shop lately occupied by Mr. BAR- " NETT, Printer ( a few Doors above the Ram Inn), where he hopes, by a strict Attention to Business, to merit a Continuance of their kind Favours. Nottingham, March 23d, 1815. WEDNESDAY NEXT WILL be opened, by T. MARSHALL, the Shop lately occupied by Mr. Burrows, Saddler, Long Row, ( adjacent to Mr. Wilcockson, Druggist) with an entirely New and Elegant Assortment of GOODS, in the several Branches of Trade, as LINEN and WOOI. LEN DRAPER, which he has just purchased in the Markets, and is convinced they will be found, by such of his numerous Friends as may be pleased to continue their Support, to be well worthy of their Attention, and much cheaper than he has been able to offer them for some time. , ' 1'. M. wishes to express, with sincere Gratitude, his l hanks to his Friends and a liberal Public, for the . very great Support he has met with, and assures them he will ever study to merit a Continuance of their Favours. N. B. An Apprenti. ee wanted. Nottingham, Friday, March 24, 1815. TO BE LET, ENTEEL APARTMENTS, in a Centrical Part of the Town.— Enquire of the Printer. OVERSEERS OF THE POOll. r. ipHF. Magistrates acting within and for the Hundred J[ of Bassetlaw, in the County of Nottingham, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that they have appointed a MEETING to be holden at the Moot Hall, in East Retford, in the said County, on Saturday the 1st of April, 1815, at Eleven o'Clock in the Fore- noon, for the Purpose of appointing OVERSEERS of the POOR for the respective Townships within the said Hundred, for the Year ensuing; and that the present Overseers must, on Saturday the 15th of April, pass their Accounts, pursuant to the Act of Parliament in that Case made and provided, or they will be proceeded against as the Law directs.— And Nolice is father hereby " iven, that the said Magistrates have appointed the fol- lowing bays annually for appointing Overseers of the Poor, the Surveyors of the Highways, and Licensing Victuallers, within the said Hundred, ( viz.)— , '.„.'.„, Overseers of the Poor, on Saturday in Easter eeit. The Brewster Sessions, the second Saturday in September. And the Highway Sessions, the second Saturday after Michaelmas Sessions. . ( By Order of tbe Justices) RICHARD IIANNAM. March 22, 1315. G POSTSCRIPT. LONDON, Thursday, March 23. Reports from the opposite coast reach us daily and almost hourly. They, are more aud more alarming. Buonaparte still continues to advance with great rapidity upon Park. The defection of the King's troops in the line of his march, seems every where general; and there is little doubt that- Napoleon will enter Paris without tho least opposition. Indeed, we fear, that that event is al- ready accomplished.—' The display of loyalty to the King seems to be a mere farce! and vanishes at every step, as the tyrant- marches on; and, as if by magic, his professed foes are converted into instant friends, the moment they come into his presence.— We expect the next accounts will inform us of his re- ascension of the throne of the Bourbons, notwithstanding the, immense rewards that have been offered for his head. All is apparently treach- ery and delusion on the side of Louis. I'RTCES OF STOCKS. 3 per Ct. Reduced shut— 4 per Cent, shut— 5 per Ct. 90J Consols, 591— for account, 59||— Omnium, — dis.— Exchequer Bills, 3 6 dis.— India Bonds, par a 2 dis. LONDON MARKETS. . - tap)*: - • . .. ,. , .<• CORN EXCHANGE, MARK LANE, Monday, March 20. After the very eager sales, and in some cases the advancing prices, which our market experienced for most sorts of grain 011 Friday last, we had a duluess to- day almost equally remarkable; the supplies of Wheat and Oats have been quite plentiful since- our last, but not so in regard to other articles, although there i s no particular scarcity of any. Extremely high terms tor Wheat were asked early in the morning, which the buvers ( however numerous) did not find themselves under the necessity of com- plying with, and with the exception of a few runs at about 3s. to 4s. per quarter dearer, the greater part remains unsold: the quality is better just at present. Flour continues at 65s. per sack. Fine Malting Barley is in good demand at 30s. to 82s. per qr. but the inferior sorts do not equally share in this altera- tion. Iu Peas and Beans the sales are partial at the value ouuted beneath, and the trade seems unsettled. Oats are scarcely at all dearer. Rape Seed is not current at -£ 36 per last, nor Clover Seed fully up to the rate lately advised. Coriander Seed is much cheaper. Brown Mustard alone commands more money. Wheat, Essex and Kent, ( per quarter J 50s to 72s Ditto Suffolk and Norfolk, 50s to 70s— Ditto Lincoln- shire, Yorkshire, and Stockton, 48s to 62s— Ditto Northum- berland and Scotch, 60s to 67s— Ditto Irish, 50s to 60s Ditto Zealand and Brabant, 60s to 67s.— Ditto Dantzic, Elbmg, and Konigsburgh, 65s to 74s.— Ditto Meckiei. burgh and Pomeranian Red, 60s to 67s.— Ditto French, led 60s to 65s— white 70s— Ditto Petersburgh and Archangel, 00s to 00s. Rye, 26s to 28s. Barley, 25sto32s— Scotch, Irish, and Foreign, 20s to 24s. Malt, 62s to 70s. Peas, White Boiling, 38s to 45s— Grey or Hog, 30s to 36s. Tick Beans, 26s to 29=— Small Beans, 32s. to 34s.— Oats, Poland, Lincolnshire, 14s to 22s— Yorkshire, 24s.— Ditto Long or Feed, 14s to Ifls.— Ditto small Lincolnshire, 16s to 21s.— Yorkshire, 22s Ditto York, Malton, and Stockton, common, 20s to 23s.— I'utatoe, 26s to 00s.— Ditto Northumberland and Scotch, common, 20s to 23s.— l'otatoe, 30s to 00s— Ditto Irish, common, 20s to 25.,.— l'ota- toe, 23s.— Ditto Foreign Feed, 19s to 22s.— Brew, 25s to 00s.— Ditto Pomeranian and Holstein, 20s to 23s. Flour, English House- hold, 60s to 65s per sack. Importations of last Week. Foreign, Wheat 7960 quarters', Oats 6031.— English, Wheat 7147 qrs. Barley 3482, Malt 3073, Oats 21913, Rye65, Beans 1638, Peas 525, Linseed 181, Flour 5597 sacks.— Irish, none. CORN EXCHANGE, Wednesday, March 22. We had more enquiries after Wheat this morning than on Monday, but the sales were not so brisk, yet what was disposed of obtained Monday's prices. Barley is Is. per quarter higher. Beans and i'eas are rather dearer. In Oats and other articles there is little or no alteration. AVERAGE PRICE OF SUGAR, Brown or Muscovado Sugar, by the returns of the Week, ending March 15, 1815, £ 3 16s. 2' jd. per Cwt. Exclusive 01 the Duty of Customs paid or" payable thereon on the importation thereof into Great Britain. SMITH FIELD.— Monday, March 20. ( To sink the Offal, per Stone of 8ib.) 4s. 4iU to 5s. Sd. I Veal . . 5s. Ud. to 7. « . Oti 4s. 6d. to 5s. 6( i. I Pork . . 5s. 0d. to 6s. 4il (" Hay - £ i 4 0 to £ 5 fi 0 HAY MARKET.-) Clover 6 6 0 to 7 0 I) (. Straw 1 13 6 to 2 0 0 PRICE OF HOPS. NEW SAC. S. J NEW POCKETS. 6.'. 6s. to 91. 0s. I Kent . 51. Os. to Si. 8? 6/. Os. to It. 15s. I Sussex . 41. 15s. to 11. Os 71. Os. to 9/. Os. | Farnhaiu 11/. Os. to 13/. Os Beef . Mutton Kent Sussex Essex PRICE of LEATHER, per lb. at LEADENHALL. Butts, 50 to 56ib. each £(). to — s 30s. 34s. Old 40$ : DNESDAY, March 22. Oats .... 16s. to £ 2s Beans , . . . 32s to 85s Old 00 s ' Os. to 84s . . . . 36s. to 40s.. . . — s. 28s. to 32s GAINSBURGH, W . . — 5 60s to 7S. v. . ... 38s. to 42s. . . . 27s. to 3l£. BOSTON, MONDAY, March 20. 202 qrs. 1 bushel.— Average per quarter, 51s. 2d. - 3014 qrs. 2 bushels.— Average p, r quarter, lis. 9?, d. - 166 qrs. 0 bushels.— Average per quarter, 30s. lid. LINCOLN, FRIDAY, March 18. . . . . 70s. to 75s. 1 Barley . 24s. 26s 29s. to' 29s . 60s. 63s. 6JS. to 70s. Oats . 15s. 17s. 19s. 20s. to 21s . . . . 30s.' to 34s. | Rye . i . —. s. — to — s CHESTERFIELD, SATURDAY, March 18. 64s. to 84s. 24s. to 305. 35t. to 3Ss. Beans Peas — s. to 41s. to 48i FAIRS. March 27, Kegworth, Sleaford, Bakewell— 28, Loughbo- rough, Gainsburgh, Ashby- de- Ia- Zouch, Daventry— 29, Ripley, Chapel - en - le- Frith, Wellingborough— 30, Fillingham— 31, Worksop, Rugby, Huddersfieid— April 1, Leicester. ' GAINSBURGH SHIP NEWS, March 23. ARRIVED— John, Alsop, with glass, lead,& c. from Newcastle. — Manchester, Tankersley, with groceries,& c.; Trent, Sugden, with ditto; both from London.— St. Petersburgh Packet, Mor- den, with ballast ( delivered at Hull), from Colchester.— Euter- prize, Hill, with seeds, & c. from Ipswich.— Amicus, Clifton, with barley, & C. from Lynn.— Peggy and Catherine, Dewar, with glass bottles; Sea Flower, Bcalby, with wheat; both from Wisbech. „ „ , SAILED— Bee, Bewett, with oak timber, for Scarborough.— John, Taylor, with cheese, iron, Sec. for Sunderland.— Cleve- land, Dann, and Ceres, Fvsh, with ditto, for Lynn.— Derby, Poole, with cheese, iron, & c. and Gainsburgh I .. cket, Booth, with iron, & c. for London.— Clio, Smales, with oak timber, for Whitby.— Concord, Leverett, with iron, tkc. for Colchester. STOCKW1TH SHIP NEWS. ARRWED— From Lynn, Amicus, Clifton, with tares.— From London, John and Elizabeth, Spicer; Hope, Gordon ; and Wil- liam and Thomas, Hepps, with bone rubbish. SAILED— Bee, Baines, with oak timber, for Chatham.— Friends, Payne, with ditto, for Sunderland.— Newbegin, Garbott, witJh ditto, for Whitby.— Ann, Wilson, with potatoes; Gainaburgh Packet, Booth, with iron, earthenware, & c.; both for London. Corn shipped at Boston, during the last week— Oats, 1,807 Qrs. GENERAL HOSPITAL, near- Nottingham, March 21. In- Pats. discharged cured..-. 4 lOut- Pats. dischargcd cured 3 O Ditto for non- attendance O O' j Ill- Patients admitted 7 o| Accidents.. 1 O Out- Patients admitted 25 oj Remain in the Hospital... 45 I Remain Out- Patients 37S HOUSE- VISITOKS, Mr. C. D; Shilton,- AND Mr. Thos, Simpson. Ditto relieved Ditto made Out- l'atients... Ditto dead Ditto for irregularity :...'. • Ditto without relief.. ALFRETON, D RON FIELD, DERBY, BURTOy- UPOK- TRENT, C ASTLE- DOKINOTON, A SIIB V- DE- LA- ZOtJCH, AND TAMWORTH ADVERTISER. A SSI Z E INTELLIGENCE. TRIAL OF JOHN HEMI'STOCK, FOR ROBBERY AND MURDER. At the assizes for the county of Nottingham, on Tuesday morning the 21 st of March instant, came on, before Mr. Justice ISaylev, the trial of John Ilempstock, servant man, on an indictment for robbing the house of Air. John Wells, farmer, of Clarborough, in the day time of the 5th of No- vember last, and murdering therein James Sncll, nephew of the prosecutor, who was left in care of the house. The . acts of the case, as they came out in evidence, were as follow:— On Saturday tbe 5th of November last, being the Statutes .: t East Retford, for tbe hiring and recording of ser- vants, Mr. Wells, farmer, of the parish of Clarborough, went thither, together with his wife aud servants, leaving his nephew, James . Sncll, a boy about twelve years of age, to take care of the house. Mr. Wells's house is situated at an odd place, about two miles from Retford, no other house being nearer to it than a quarter of a mile. The prisoner Hemstock, who had formerly lived servant in the family, left his lodgings, at Tuxford, the same morning about eight eight o'clock, and went to the statutes, where he was seen nbout ten o'clock. He enquired of Thomas Austick, a youth who lived servant with Mr. Wells, at the time stated in the indictment, if the servant girl was come to the statutes, and was answered that he did not know, but that she was to be there.-— Tbe prisoner then, availing himself of the absence of tbe family, took the opportunity to go and rob the house.— On bis arrival there, however, he found the boy, whom he knocked down, by striking him on tbe head with the wooden bar of the door, and afterwards cut his throat with a razor, leaving tbe body in a corner of the kitchen.— The villain then took a cleaver, which was left in the kitchen, and broke open a desk with it, from which he took two £ 1 notes of tbe Old Ketford Bank, belonging to Messrs. I'ocklington and Dickinson, which had stopped payment some tithe before.— With these he hastened back it, the statutes, where he shewed one of them to one John Mil'nes, who told him that it be- longed to the Retford Old Bank, and that the Bank was broke. The prisoner, however, shortly afterwards, had tbe address to pass them to a hawker of hosiery goods, in pay- ment for three pairs of stockings, which he purchased of him, and received the change; and this circumstance ultimately led to his detection. John Wells, farmer, deposed, that he left his house, about twelve o'clock on the 5th of November last, to go to the statutes at Retford, where his servants had previously gone, leaving the deceased, a boy about twelve years old, ( his wife's nephew, who lived with him) and a great dog at home. The bov opened the gate on his going out. He acknowledged that the prisoner had lived with him for about three months, nearly a year ago. On his return home, with Mrs. Wells, about six o'clock in the evening, the latter saw Jem ( the lad) lying on his back in the kitchen corner, with bis throat cut. She immediately gave an alarm, and witness left the house for some time; but on Mrs. Weils going up stairs, she dis- covered that the desk had been broken open with a cleaver, which had been taken from the kitchen, and was left lying on the desk; that two bad notes of the Retford Old Bank were missing therefrom, hut nothing else had been taken from the premises. Mrs. Welis corroborated the above statement, with the ad- dition that one of the boy's legs lay on a clog. On being questioned whether the prisoner had ever seen her take money out of the desk, she repiied, that she thought he did, and that she fetched money out of the desk, in his presence, to pay him his wages. Wm. Pettinger, publican, of Clarborough, on hearing of the murder, went to Mr. Wells's bouse between seven and eight o'clock in the evening, and found the boy with his throat cut; tire body was quite cold, and all over blood. Saw a razor all over blood lying at the deceased's feet, and a wooden bar ( of tbe door) lying near the body. He ob- served a bruise behind the deceased's right ear, occasioned, as he believed, by the bar, with which he had been knocked down, and which he thought had been the cause of his death. The boy, ia i. is opinion, had never stirred after his throat was cut; but there appeared to have been a great e( Fusion of blood; and a bruize or two, as if from kicks, on the thigh. ( The razor was here produced, stained with blood, as was also the bar.) Mary Lawton, of Tuxford, stated, that the prisoner lodged at ber house -, that before eight in the morning of the 5th of November, he went to Retford statutes; that he re- turned some time in the night, but did not hear him come in ; saw him on the following morning, when her husband asked him to let him have tv. o sixpences for a shilling; had often asked him for money before, when he said be had none.— Prisoner owed her 7s. 6d. Witness saw 10s. more in his possession. Prisoner on that day had bought herrings and bread two or three times.— When Mr. Mills, tiie constable, searched the prisoner's room, he found a pair of stockings, & c. Charles I, awton, husband of the last witness, deposed, that prisoner came home some time in the night of tbe 5th of November last; that his bed- mate let him in ; that on the following morning be obtained two sixpences for a shilling from him. Said to him, " John, have you got hired?" Pri- soner said " No." Asked him how he came by the money he bad? Frisoner replied, that he had met with a friend who had lent it him. That on the morning of the statutes prisoner wished to borrow a few shillings of him, and de- sired to have bis clothes, which had been deposited in wit- ness's wife's care, for money owing to them; and that he let him have some articles, of which a smock frock was amongst the number. Thomas Austick, servant to Mr. Wells, saw the prisoner at the statutes, Who asked him it the girl was comc; when witness replied that he did not know, but that she was coming. Wit- ness afterwards saw prisoner about four o'clock, when the latter had been buying a pair of Btockings. Geo. Footitt, labourer, of Clarborough, deposed to meet- ing the prisoner about half- past eleven o'clock, as he was going to the statutes, near a mile from Retford, and that the latter appeared to be going in a direction for Mr. Wells's clothes, on his examination at Iletford, and called upon Mr. Mason to testify that fact, and that if there wc* e any spots upon his frock, he said it must have been done in pushing through tbe crowd on his examination.) Mr. Mason could not verify the prisoner's assertion. The prisoner made no defence, nor did he call any wit- nesses. Tbe learned Judge summed up the case in a very clear and impartial manner; and although the evidence was entirely circumstantial, as to tbe murder, yet it fixed the imputation of guilt so strongly on the prisoner, that the Jury, after a few minutes consultation, pronounced him guilty. On sentence being pronounced, tbe prisoner ( who till then bad preserved a steady countenance) became greatly agitated, and shed tears. He begged ardently of the Judge to remit that part of his sentence which ordered his body to be dis- sected and anatomised ; and requested that it might be buried in the grave; but no hope was held out to him in this particu- lar, as the law was peremptory on the subject, in cases of mur der. The Judge at the same time expressed his regret, that the prisoner should feel so much concern for his body and so little for his soul. The prisoner departed from tbe bar in tears, declaring his innocence, and that Wm. Lee was the person who did the deed. At Northampton Assizes, William White and Geo. Ware- ing, for sheep- stealing, and William Ilorne, for house- break- ing, were capitally convicted and received sentence of death, but were all reprieved before the Judge left town.— John Ilottr. il, William Martin, and John Young, alias Allen, con- victed of grand larceny, and Francis Sherwood, of an assault with intent to rob Miss Elizabeth Perkins, were sentenced to be transported for seven years. LINCOLNSHIRE LENT ASSIZES.— On Saturday se'nnight, Mr. Justice Bayley opened the commission of assize at Lincoln. The following prisoners were tried, and sentenced as tinder : — Richard Bellett, for stealing a mare from John Saverv, of Lcmgrot Ferry,— Emanuel Marvin, of ISourn, for a burglary in the house of Mr. Wm. Hardy, of Cawthorpe.— John Addy, of Wyberton, for cutting Mary Bacon with a razor, with in- tent to murder her.— William Cox, of ISourn, for breaking into the house of Richard Edwards, of Stainfield, and stealing notes and cash to the amount of SOl.— Francis Turner, alias Chap- pell, of Scotter, for stealing a pony from William Burnett, of liaumber.— Edward Atkinson, of Moorby, for stealing a mare from John'Edwards, of Moorby.— John Swallow, of Lincoln, for returning from transportation.— William Johnson, of Spilby, for robbing Matthew Maunders, of Leghorn ; and Robert Pollard, of Leeds, for horse- stealing— all sentenced to death, but reprieved.— William Greenfield, of Parthey, la- bourer, for stealing 17 stone of bacon, from James Barr, jun. of Spilsby, fined Is. and imprisoned one year.— John Hea- ton, of Louth, for robbing l\ iary Wilson, of Louth, on the highway, to be transported seven years.— John Hyde, and Nathaniel Boon, of Spalding, for stealing from the shop of Zachariah Howlett, of Spalding, a quantity of beef and pork — llyde to be transported seven, and Boon fourteen years.— Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Lincoln, and Ann Burrcll, of Iiorncastle, for stealing stockings from the shop of Thomas BoniFant, of Horncaslle, all guilty of grand larceny, to be severally transported for seven years.— Richard Cross, of Ilorncastle, for filling and slaying John Kemp, to be impri- soned one year.— Six women of Louth, charged with counter- feiting the current coin of the realm, were acquitted. At York assizes, Joseph Blackburn, of Leeds, attorncv- at- law, for counterfeiting certain stamps, contrary to the statute, & e.; James TunniclifF, for stealing a bay mare, the property of J, Wood, of Addle, yeoman ; and James Lacey, for stealing two heifers, the property of R. Cottomley, of Clayton West, were found guilty—( Death J. Worcester assizes commenced on Monday se'nnight, before Mr. Baron Richards and Mr. Justice Dallas, who presided at the crown bar. Eleven persons were capitally convicted and received sentence of death, but were all reprieved before the Judges left town. CHELMSFORD ASSIZES.— Thomas Turner and Wm. Pratt were indicted for the wilful murder of Henry Trigg, at Ber- den. These two prisoners were tried and convicted at Hertford of larcenies, and while in prison there tliey made confession of the murder of which tliev were now arrainged. The first witness was tbe father of the deceased, who de- posed, that his son was a shoe- maker at Berdcn, in that county, and that on the night of the 25th of September, his son came to his bed- room door and desired him to get up and help him, as some thieves were in the shop. When he got up, be found his son struggling with a man ; they both got into the road, and he coming to help his son, they got the man down ; another mail was standing at the gate close by his cottage, and while they were holding the one down, lie fired a pistol. This alarmed them, and the man got up, and was about to es- cape, when his son again pursued him ; the other man came up and fired another pistol, upon which his son dropped down and died immediately. The mother also saw the pistol fired, and by the / lash of the powder she thought the man was a pale faced man, but they € ould neither of them identify their persons. Thcv were both found Guilty. William Seymour was indicted for the wilful murder of William Belsham, at Maldon, in Essex, on tbe 25th day of October. This was a case of a most atrocious sort. The deceased, on the afternoon of the 25th of October, went to a cow stall in a field in the neighbourhood of Maldon, to milk his cow, when he was found in a short time with his skull beaten in, and quite dead. An alarm was instantly raised, and every precaution used to apprehend the murderer. The evidence to fix guilt on the prisoner consisted of many persons, who traced him to that neighbourhood. A little boy saw the deceased go into the cow- house, and the prisoner followed closely afterwards. lie heard a noise from the cow- bouse, and another person going in shortly after found Mr. Bel- sham covered with blood, warm, but quite dead. The cow was fastened to the stall, prepared for milkfng; the pockets of the deceased were turned out, and his watcb gone, which his daughter proved that he had in his fob when lie left the house to go to milk the cow The prisoner was traced aud taken next day at Tilbury Verdict— Guilty. was indicted for the wilful house. Witness asked prisoner if he was going to see his i Fort, and the watcb was produced, which he had sold to a brother? to which the latter replied, " lie thought not." ~ W. Pettinger the younger, saw the prisoner at the statutes, when he shewed him a bank note, and asked him to tell him what it was. Prisoner had two notes with birds on, which witness knew to be of the Retford Bank. The notes pro- duced and shewn to witness in Court, were like those pri- soner had. Isaac Moss said, that he lives in Staffordshire, and that he attended Retford statutes with hosiery. [ Witness was here asked to point out Hemstock, whom be knew, and after look- ing round for the space of a minute or two, he at length discovered and identified him at the bar.] Witness sold pri- soner two pairs of stockings for 5s. 6d. and received from him a £ 1 note, witness returning 14s. 6d. in change. Pri- soner afterwards bought another pair at 4s. 6d. for which he offered another note, and said he would not pay him unless be changcd it likewise, which witness did, and has bad the two notes ( which were produced in Court) ill his possession ever since. This transaction took place about four o'clock in the afternoon of the day of the statutes. John Millies- another witness, deposed to seeing the pri- soner between three and four o'clock in the afternoon of the statutes; that prisoner shewed him a note or bill, and asked him what it was. Witness told him. and added that the bank was broken.— Prisoner said that he had taken it of a man at the yard end of the White Hart Inn. Prisoner had a smock frock on at the time.—( Here the prisoner declared that what Witness had said was false. J Geo. Mills the elder was next sworn, whose testimony went to prove the apprehension of the prisoner at his lodgings, at Tuxford, where he found three pairs of stockings oil the tester of the prisoner's bed, and that the prisoner ac- knowledged them to be his, having bought them at Retford, where he had changed two bills. Mills, on searching the person of the prisoner, found about twenty shillings upon him. Moss wr. s again called, who spoke to the stockings which were produced answering the description of those he had sold him. Richard Goulding, Clerk to the Magistrates, swore to the examination of tbe prisoner, taken at Retford. Jonathan Walker, constable, brought the prisoner to Not- tingham county gaol, on the 7th of November; and on his way thither, prisoner told him that one I. ee, who lived at Tuxford, went with him to Mr. Wells's house; that on knocking at the door, the deceased ( Snell) opened it; that Lee knocked him down with the bar of the door, and after- wards cut his throat. Prisoner acknowledged having broken open the desk, and taken out the two notes. Tbe assertion respecting Wm. Lee, who, it appeared, lived servant with Dr. Turner, of Tuxford, was not borne out by any proof whatsoever, positive or collateral; on the contrary it npeared, from the testimony of one or two witnesses, that L s at lletford at twelve o'clock on the day of the murder. I. .. V/. ight, the gaoler, produced the frock worn by the pr::: ner when be was delivered into his custody, and marks of blood were visible on the bosom of it. ( Prisoner here denied that any spots of blood were visible upon his UNIVERSITY INT2LLIG ENCE. Oxroiin, March 11.— Wednesdiy the following gentlemen were admitted to degrees:-— Bachelors in Divinity.— Rev. C. Philipps and Kev. James Evar. s, of Jesus collcge. Masters of Arts.-— John 1. Briscoe, Esq. of University col- lege ; Mr. George Pec lie, of I'en broke college; Mr. Wm. I. Rirdwood, of Balliol college. Bachelors of Arts— Mr. II. Porter, of Brasenose college. CAMBRIDGE, March 17.—' The following gentlemen were on Friday last admitted to the undermentioned degrees:— Doctor in Divinity.— The llev. James Satterthwaite, late Fellow of Jesus college, and one of his Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary. Honorary Masters of Arts.— Hon. Robert John Smith, of Christ college, son to Lord Carrington ; Hon. l'rercgrine Ber- tie, of Jesus college, brother to tbe Earl of Abingdon. Masters of Arts.— Henry Willson Salmon, St. John's college; James Tindall, St. John's college; Edward Marshall, King's college; Henry Mathews, Fellow of King's college. James Law, Fellow of Christ college; Cecil Bates, Christ college; Edward lilick, Fellow of Clare ball; Henry Rose, Fellow of Clare Hall; Samuel Hinds, Pembroke hall; Thomas Green, Fellow of Corpus Christi; Thomas Wilson, Queen's college; John Griffiths, Fellow of Emmanuel college; Robert Monsey Rolfe, Fellow of Downing college. Bachelor in Physic.— Frederick Thackeray, Emmanuel col- lege. Bachelor of Arts. John Bartlett, of Queen's college. PREFERRED]— The Rev. Henry Gauntlett, late curate of Olnev, Bucks, to the vicarage of that place, vacant by tbe death of the Rev. C. Stephenson. Patron the Earl of Dart- mouth. couutryman for twelve shillings. T. Scandling, an Irish labourer murder of John Bolding. This was a ease which was tried in 1810. when three men were executed for the same murder, at which time the pri- soner had absconded ; but he was lately apprehended iu Lon- don.— The Jury found him guilty, death. CHELMSFORD.— The King v. Bridge.—' This was an indict- ment tried at the above assizes, for a libel, in sending a gib- bet to the Town Hall, Colchester, with a view to bring Mr. Spalding, the Mayor, into contempt. It is very well known that there have existed violent Corporation squabbles at Col- chester. Mr. Smithies, the last Mayor but one, refused to give up the Corporation regalia, viz. mace, gold chain, & c. On the 29th of September, 1815, Mr. Spalding was elected Mayor, and the Corporation being met in due form ill the Town Hall, sent Mr. Daniel Sutton, their Town Clerk, and two of the Bailiff's, to Mr. Smithies and Mr. Bridge, the last Mayor, to demand the mace, & c. Mr. Sutton accord- ingly went to Mr. Bridge's house, and made the necessary demand; a servant girl, laughingly went and brought down the mace- case, which was locked. On its being opened at the Town Hall, instead of the mace, to the great scandal of the Mayor, but to the infinite merriment of the byc- standers. a neat little gibbet, with a halter and running noose affixed, was produced ; for this tbe Mayor had caused Mr. Bridge to be indicted. The Learned Judge told the Jury, that he thought it ought to have been described as a resemblance of a gibbet, but as the indictment positively avowed it was gibbet, they must find the defendant not guilty, unless they thought it was a gibbet.— Verdict, Not Guilty. Ministers have abandoned the proposed window tax on manufactories and warehouses. This determination was an- nounced on Saturday in the following circular to tbe Mem- bers of the Deputation of Manufacturers " DOWNING STREET, 18f/ i March, 1815.— Mr. Vansittart pre- sents his compliments to , and has the honour to acquaint him, for the information of those gentlemen, in whose behalf he is more particularly interested, that it lias been thought ad viseable by Lord Liverpool and Mr. Vansittart, under the present circumstances, not to press the proposed house aud window duties oil manufactories and warehouses." To the EDITOR of the NOTTINGHAM JOURNAL Silt,— The Academic honours you have reported in your last paper to have been obtained by Messrs. D. Waddingtou and T. Calvert, at the University, at Cambridge, will necessa- rily give great pleasure to all parents who have had their sons educated under the tuition of the Rev. IV. James Cox, whose pupils those young gentlemen were; the former of whom has received the concluding part of his education at the Charter House. Dr. Cox has always shewn himself to have been a most excellent classical instructor, and every way deserving the confidence of parents ; latterly he has been the unsuccessful candidate for the Grammar School, at Newark, lam, Sir, ycui's, & c. W. BANKRUPTS REQUIRED TO SURRENDER. From the London Gazette, March 18. C. J. Elkins, Liverpool, hatter, April 10, 12, 29, at the King's Arms, Liverpool. Solicitor, Mr. Finlow, Liverpool. . Candy, Stony- F. aston, Somerset, baker, March 24, 27, April 29, at the George Inn, Shepton Mallet. Mr. Maskett, Shep- • tou Mallet, Somerset. G. Harris, Rristol, cotton manufacturer, March SO, 31, April 29, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol. Mr. Cooke, Bristol. A. Smith and W. Lindop, Liverpool, merchants, April 12, 13, 20, at the York Hotel, Liverpool. Mr. Whitley, Liverpool. H. Martin and E. Taylor, Bow Lane, brokers, March 2], April 1, 29, at Guildhall. Mr. Lee, Three Crown Square, South- wark. W. Hawes, Glo'ster Place, Newington, coal merchant, March 21, 28, April 29, at Guildhall. Mr. Hussey, Furnival's Inn, Holborn. J. Bailey, Lavenham, Suffolk, carpenter, March 21, 28, April £ 9, at Guildhall, Loudon. Mr. Selby, Charles Street, Clerk- enwell. J. Passman, Basinghall Street, merchant, March 21, April 1, 29, at Guildhall. Messrs. Oakley and Birch, Martin's Lane, Cannon Street. J. Weatlierly and N. Weatherly, Alnwick, Northumberland, common brewers, April 12, 13, 29, at the White Swan Inn, Alnwick. Messrs. Lambert, or Mr. Thorp, Alnwick. J. Dodshon, jun. Darlington, Durham, linen- manufacturer, April 5, 6, 29, at the King's Head, Darlington. Messrs. Berridge, Hatton Garden, London. C. Cosier, Wendovcr, grocer, March 21, April 1, 29, at Guild- hall, London. Messrs. J. and J. Gregsoii, Angel Court, Throgmorron Street. A. Greaves, Queen Street, Cheapside, merchant, March 25,28, April 29, at Guildhall. Messrs. Westall and Teesdale, Fen- church Street. R. Syer, High Street, Poplar, timber merchant, March 25, April 1, 29, at Guildhall. Messrs. Stratton and Allport, Shoreditch. A. Cumming and J. Swonnell, Little Eastclieap, coffee dealers, March 25, April 1, 29, at Guildhall. Mr. Benton, Union Street, Southwark. J. Waugh, St. Martin's- le- Grand, china man, March 25, April 4, 29, at Guildhall. Mr. Lindsay, St. Thomas's Street, Southwark. A. C. Lee and J. Teal, Tower Royal, London, callenderers and packers, at Guildhall. Mr. Hurst, Lawrence Lane, Cheap- side. F. Hillidge, Manchester, innkeeper, ApriliO, 11, 29, at the Dog ' 1 avern, Manchester. Mr. Heslop, Manchester. From the London Gazette, March 21. N. Hyne, Plymouth, Devon, money scrivener, March 31, April 1, May 2, at Weakley's Hotel, Plymouth Dock. Mr. J. W. Bozon, Plymouth Dock. R. Smith and G. Lawrence, Gun Street, Spitalfields, Middlesex, silk weavers, March 25, April 1, May 2, at Guildhall, Lon- don. Mr. James, Bncklersbury. C. Wright, Dowgate Hill, London, wine merchant, March 25, April 1, May 2, at Guildhall. Messrs. Wiltshire and Bolton, Old Broad Street, London. J. S. Lav, Colchester, Essex, April 10, 11, May 2, at the Red Lion Inn, Colchester. Mr. Sparling, Colchester. R. Marriott and J. Marriott, Rochdale, Lancaster, cotton spin- ners, April 14, 15, May 2, at the Star Inn, Manchester. Mr. Shaw, Rochdale. Haughton, Liverpool, merchant, April 14,15, May 2, at the King's Arms, Liverpool. Messrs. Blackstock and Bunce, King's Bench Walk, London. Sarah Hodge, Exeter, milliner, April 5, 6, May 2, at tlie Hotel Tavern, Exeter. Mr. C. Brutton, Castle. Street, Exeter. W. Watts, Royston, Hertford, inn- keeper, April 7, at the Eagle and Child Inn, Cambridge, on the 12th of the same month, at the Bull Inn, Royston, and on the 2d of May, at the Eagle and Child Inn, Cambridge. Messrs. Nash and Wedd, Roys- ton. J. Bolshaw, Liverpool, plumber and glazier, April 10,11, May 2, at the Bull and Punch Bowl Inn, Dale Street, Liverpool. Mr. C. Clements, Liverpool. J. Edwards, Knighton, Radnor, draper, April 10,11, May 2, at the Talbot Inn, Manchester. Messrs. Taylor and Unwin, Manchester. J. Martin, Alpiston, Sussex, shopkeeper, April 18,19, May 2, at the Star Inn, Lewes, Sussex. Mr. T. Hill, Brighthelmstone. J. Prentice, Shabbington, Buckingham, dealer and chapman, March 29, 30, at the White Lion Inn, Banbury. Mr. I'id- mas, Warwick. S. Worthington the younger, Liverpool, April 14, 15, May 2, at the George Inn, Liverpool. Messrs. Griffith and Hinde, Liverpool. T. Shaw, Ratcliff Highway, Middlesex, provision factor, April 8, 1 i, May 2, at Guildhall. Mr. J. Woolfc, No. 66, Basing- hall Street. J. W. West, Feversham, Kent, carpenter, April 3, 4, May 2, at the Guilhall, Canterbury. Mr. C. Sandys, Canterbury. R. Palmer, Epsom, Surrey, wine and brandy merchant, March 28, April 1, May2, at Guildhall, London. Messrs. Rogers and Son, Manchester Buildings, Westminster. S. Sanders, Fleet Street, London, wholesale perfumer, April 15, May 2, at Guildhall. Messrs. Evitt and Rixon, Haydon Square, Minories, London. ^ Sir W. A. Fletcher, Londonderry, Ireland, merchant, Aprils, May 2, at Guildhall, London.' Messrs. Parntberand Turner, London Street, Fenchurch Street, London. A. M. Levy, Lemon Street, Goodman's Fields, Middlesex, merchant, April 11, May 2, at Guildhall, London. Mr. Nind, Throgmorton Street, London. J. Gilbie, Cavendish, Suffolk, farmer, April 1, May 2, at Guild- hall, London. Mr. Abbott, Abchurch Yard, Lombard Street, London. J. Dale, Carburton Street, St. Mary- le- bonne, Middlesex, builder, April 1,8, May 2, at Guildhall, London. Mr. W. Saunders, 11, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London. DIVIDENDS to be made at Guildhall, London. April 11, J. Gale, New 1 . ondon Street, Crutched Friars, Lon- don, merchant.— March 25, G. Syme, Vine Street, Minories. Dividends to be made in the Country.. April 14, J. Farror, Birmingham, Warwick, grocer— April 13, W. Blurton, Caverswall, Stafford, dealer and chapman.— April 15, W. Hetley, Alwakon, Huntingdon, miller.— April 12, S. Blagborough, Leeds, merchant.— April 12, J. Haigh, Marsden, York, cotton manufacturer. HULL SHIPPING LIST, March 20. FOREIGN ARRIVED.— From Zante, Charles, Grayburn. From Amsterdam, Johanna, Beer. FOREIGN CLEARED.— For Amsterdam, Goedc Hoop, Owe- hand. For Antwerp, Sarah, Priding. For Norway, Rover, Paul. For Stockholm, Hebe, Kasten. For Rotterdam, Vier Gebroe- ders, Piebe; Jonge Richard, Plokker. For Hamburg, Hop- pet, Teurnberg ; Betsey, Thompson. For Riga, Newland, Hun- ter. For Bremen, Young Elizabeth, Morton. COASTERS ARRIVED— From Alloa, Hope, M'F. wan. From Leith, Leith, Tyrie. From London, John, Harrison ; Provi- dence, Findlay; Elizabeth, Forest ; Potten, Welbank. From Lynn, Liberty, Wray; Newton, Floodman; Beulah, Bailey. From Scarborough, Welfare, Ward. From Wainfleet, Favour- ite, Wilson. From Wells, Eliza, Emmerson. From Yarmouth, William and Hannah, Artis; Hopewell, Couzens; Thomas, Berritt; Vigilant, Ives. COASTERS CLEARED.— For Aberdeen, Thomas, Longmuir. For Dundee, Humber, Clark. For Glasgow, Nelly and Jane, Primrose. For Leith, Friendsbury, Baldwin ; Edinburgh Pack- et, Parker. For London, Pheasant, Hunt; Juno, Wright; Friendship, Garrick; Crown, Beverley; William and Hannah, Artis; Active, Findlay. For Lynn, Thetford, Bouch. For Newcastle, Ocean, Flood; Jean, Young; Isis, Mann. For Shields, Jeannie, Henderson ; ' 1 hree Friends, Witty; Argo, Gaxley. For Sunderland, Rising Sun, Harrison. For Wool- wich, Three Brothers, Ratcliff. For Whitby, Alert, Mowatt. For Yarmouth, Telegraph, Mansfield. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE. TRUSTEES: The Drift- of RUTLAND, KJO. The MARQUIS of BUCKINGHAM. The MARQUIS of NORTHAMPTON'. The EARI. of BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, The EARL of UPPER OSSORY. WILLIAM PRAED, Esq. M. P. S. BERNARD MORLAND, Esq. M. P. DIRECTORS FOTl'. NOTTINGIIAMSHIRE. THOMAS MA WAR, Esq. Banker, Nottingham. NATHANIEL MASON, Esq Retford. HUGH BLAYDES, T q Ranby Hall. E. S. GODFREY, Esq Newark. W. R. MIDDLEMORE, Esq.; Nottingham. Managing Director, J. T. BARBER BEAUMONT, Esq. 1'. A. S. " OERSONS insured iit this Office SHARE THE PROFITS JL EQUALLY, with the original Members, who have sub- scribed a permanent Surplus Capital of ,£ 400,000. The Dividend* will commence in June next, pursuant to the Deed, and thenceforward be payable annually, through the Agents, TO ALL as they respectively shall have been insured SEVEN Y'EARS. South u'dl, Mr. J. BR ADWEI. L. Nottingham, Mr. JOS. HEATH. Mansfield, Mr. T. GOSSAGE. Retford, Mr. J. THORNTON. Worksop, Mr. B. EDDISON. Newark, Mr. R. HOLMES. AGENTS. Agents are appointed in every principal Town, who are also Agents for the PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE, founded on similar Principles. . PIICENIX FIRE OFFICE. T > ENEWAL Receipts for Policies falling A V due at Lafly Day, are now in the Hands of the several Agent;: of tbe Company. Insurances of every Description are effected on the most moderate Terms. Stock on a Farm may be insured in one Sum Hi*!! ® ® ® ' without the Average Clause, at 2s. per Cent, per Annum. Persons insuring for £. 100. or upwards, will r. ot be charged for the Policy, and all Indorsements will be made gratis. ( By Order of the Directos) II. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country DeparrmentV AGENTS. Mr. IVRIGHT COLT) HAM, Halifax Lane, TTottfn'liam. Mr. R. PARSONS, Mansfield, Notfing/ iamshire. NORWICH FIRE OFFICE. IPERSONS insured by this Company, whose . Annual Payments become due on the 25th instant, are requeued : •> take Notice, that Receipts are ready to be delivered by . C. IX SHILTON, Agent to the Company, at his Office in Nott. g- ham, for the Renewal of their respective Policies, which will as heretofore remain in force for Fifteen Days from the Qe irter Day, and no longer. All Persons inclined to remove their Insurance to this Office, will have their Policies gratis, and in every respect on as liberal Terms as are any where offered to the Public. The Directors have always considered this Office responsible for Fires occasioned by Lightning. N. B. Policies will be issued gratis to Persons insuring £ 300. and upwards. Nottingham, 22d March, 1815. SUN FIRE OFFICE, B ank Buildings, and Craig's Court, Charing Cross, I . on don, For insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Merchandize, Ships in Harbour, in Dock, or Building, and Craft, from Loss and Damage by FIRE. vffinfffi^ on Policies as they become due; and that printed ''/ I' 11' " Proposals of the Terms of Insurance may be had of us, which will be found as moderate in every respect as those of other Offices. Farming Stock may be insured generally in all Barns and Out Houses, or on a Farm, without the average Clause, which may be seen by applying to us, who will give any further Information which may be required for rhe explaining this mode of Insurance. NOTTINGHAM, IF. Slretton, Surveyor. RETFORD, E. I'isher. I SHEFFIELD, E. Dirks. NEWARK, ('. Moore. DONCASTER, T. Clark. LEICESTER, J. Price. GRANTHAM, — IV. Garnar. DERBY, R. Bassano. LINCOLN,. J. Forster. CHESTERFIELD,... J. Ford. N. B. Policies insuring £ 300. are issued free of Expence, and all Payments for Losses by Fire are made by this Office without deduction. * The Sun Fire Office have always paid Losses or Damage by Fife from Lightning. March 17, 1815. v.' hoscNames are under- written, being * \ Agents for the Sun Fire Office, acquaint ^ the Public, that printed Receipts under our Hands are ready for delivery, for the Premium and Duty ROYAL ASSURANCE Established by Royal of King For assuring HOUS- CORN, HAY, For the Assuranct EXCHANGE OFFICE, Charter in the Reign George I. , F..< BUILDINGS iSc'c. and also .: LIVES. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Nottingham, Edward Staveley. Mansfield, - Henry Smith. Newark, - - Matthew Hage. Retford, - - James Taylor. LEICESTERSHIRE. Leicester, - John King. Mchon. Mowbray, Robt. Judd. Loughborough, W. Daulby. STATE LOTTERY BEGINS 5th APRIL, 1815. WIFT and CO. return their sincere Thanks to the Public, for the distinguished Patronage they have received ( particularly during the last ten Latteries, for all of which they have been Contractors) and having had the good Fortune to sell One or more of the largest Capitals in almost every Lottery, they trust they shall continue to be honoured with the prefer- ence of the Public in the present I. ottery, which begins Drawing on the 5: h of April. The Scheme contains THREE PRIZES OF - 430,000!!! And FIVE of the BLANKS will be entitled to ONE THOUSAND GUINEAS each, which are to be PAID in GOLD, without Deduction, as soon as drawn. Tickets and Shares are selling at SWIFT and CO's London Offices, No. 11, Poultry; 12, Charing Cross; and 31, Aldgate High Street; and by their Agents, C. SUTTON, Bookseller, Nottingham; M. HAGE, Bookseller, Newark. TIIE Corporation of the Royiu nxc'tiange Assurance do hereby GIVE NOTICE, that they have authorised their respective Agents to receive Proposals tor the Assurance of Farming Stock, at ihe Rate of Two Shillings only per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due on the 25th instant, are hereby informed, that Receipts are now ready to be deliver- ed by the Company's Agents under- mentioned; and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the 8th day of April next, as the usual fifteen days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy, will then expire. SAMUEL FENNING, Jun. Secretary. GOLDEN LOTTERY! THREE PRIZES OF THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDSf ALSO FIVE of 1,000 GUINEAS each, TT7- HICII will be PAID IN GOLD without any De- v V duction, as soon as drawn, whether the ' Pickets or Share* are bought at cither of Bisu's Offices, or at any other Office irt the Kingdom. SCHEME. 5 Prizes of =£ 20,000 are £ 60,000 3 10,000 30,000 ..... 1,050 5,250 DERBYSHIRE. Chesterfield, - Geo. Gosling. Wirlmvorth, - John Andrew. Derby, — - - Wm. Harrison. STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, - Charles Hodson. Lichfield, William Bond. Stafford, Stephenson andWebb. Wolverhampton, J. Brown. Stone, - - Charles Smith. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of Expence where the Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good all Losses by Fire occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. Assurances on Lives being found to be advantageous to Per- sons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, de- terminable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others, ' Fables of the Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents : and for the greater convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special Agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the age of 57 Years. March 17,1815. 5 6 8 8 15 25 3,000 500 300 200 100 60 15 3,000 2,400 1,600 1,500 1,250 45,000 15,000 Tickcts. =£ 150,000 First- drawn £ 10,000 will receive ^ 20,000 More! Second- drawn =£ 10,000 will reccive /-' 20.000 More I Third- drawn £ 10,000 will receive £ 20,000 More! Making Three Prizes of £ 50,000 each ! f 5th Blank will receive 1,000 Guineas in Gold ! C 15tl SCROPIIULOUS CASES. AYOUNG Ladv of the age of 1C, having been afflicted with Scrophulous Ulceration and extreme bad health, was given over as a hopeless case by eminent Practitioners. By the use of SPILSBURY's PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS she has recovered her health, and her present state promises a perfect cure.— William Joblin, of the Parish of Rotherhithe, from a weak state of health, and a scrophulous affection of the elbow joint, is also by their means perfectly restored.— Hannah Thurs- ton, near Woodbridge, is able to leave her bed after two years' confinement, and requests another bottle, in hopes of completing her recovery.— The efficacy of the Patent Antiscorbutic Drops is well known in Eruptions, Scorbutic, Gouty, and Bilious Affec- tions.— Sold Wholesale by E. EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, and Retail at the DISPENSARY, 15, Soho Square, Lon- don, in Bottles of 6s— Double 10s. 6d.— and largest 11. 2s. Duty included.— Compound Essence, 8s.— Sold also by the Printer of this Paper, and may be had of all the Medicine Venders in the neighbourhood.— To prevent counterfeits, the genuine Medicine has a black Ink Stamp. Mr. S. may be consulted personally, or by letter, at the Dispensary, oil the usual professional terms. First Day, ^ 15( h jj, ank wm receivc l oco Guineas in Gold ! C" 10th Blank will receive 1,000 Guineas in Gold ! Second Day, < 20th Blank will receive 1,000 Guineas in Gold I C. 30th Blank will receive 1,000 Guineas in Gold ! Begins Drawing 5th APRIL. Tickets and Shares are now on Sale by BISH, the Contractor, At 4, CORNHILL, or 0, CHAHING- CROSS, who sold The Two last £ 30,000 Prizes, and Fifteen Capital Prizes in tiie last Lottery, And by the following Agents: C. N. WRIGHT, Bookseller, Nottingham. W. PRITCHARD, Bookseller, Derby. RODEN and CRASKE, Booksellers, Stamford. J. G! BRO W::, Bookseller, Leicester. Mrs. CLEMENTSON, Post Office, Melton Mowbray, J. WHl i LAM, Bookseller, Worksop. J. FG. D, Bookseller, Chesterfield. G. LANGLEY, Bookseller, Mansfield. RODEN and CRASKE, Booksellers, Uppingham. G. CLIFTON, Hat Warehouse, Peterborough. HpHE Printer of this Paper has just received a Supply JL of that most popular Medicine, ' the BOTANICAL lil'l - TEP. S, invented and prepared by ':.'. HARM STRONG, in i" ack Pint Bottles, at lis. each, and'i. uarls at 82s. Duty included. The only certain Cure in i. ^ for that n. jigerons Disease, the Cholorea Morbus, or Disorder" of tre Bowels, liiiious and Liver Complaints, Pa..,, attended with ullness in the Stomach, Jaundice, and the Destruction of the Worms, & c. The Bitters take away SicI : ' ss and Vomiting, and ease those violent griping Pains in the . omach • : id Intestines tha' it: nd this cruel Dis- order, by mixing vith the acrimonious i-' jiuus Matter, and car rying it off rhr.' V'h rhe Bowels. ToDr. fi .. MS. RONO, Sir,— This is to certify, that lam fully convinced ol the salutary Effects of the Botanical Bitters prepar by Dr. Harmstrong. My I'iiter in L& w, after being: sev-- n Years afB d by what is termed by the Gentlemen of tho Faculty, a Bill . and Liver Cr1 laint, having been effectually cured by taking teur of the 22s. _ ottles of Harmstrong's bo- tanical Bitters, although repeatedly under the Care of several of the most eminent Physicians in this City. Redcjiff Hill, Bristol, July 27,1314. W. VINET, Broker. Tbe Botanical Bitters may be had of the Doctor, No. 6, George Street, Adelphi, Strand, London with a printed Pamphlet of Directions wrapped round each Bottle, expressing a Number of the most re-:;" ciable and authenticated Cases of Cures; also the Proprietor's Name, Signed by himself, on the Labels outside of the Bottles; all othei are danger, . s Cbunterfeits. And by Appointment of the Doctor, the P. i rers are sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. Barclay and Bor.-,, No. 9S, Fleet Market, London; sold also genuine by Drewry, Derby; Gregory, Lei- cester; Drakard, Stamford; Adams, Loughborough; Ward, Hinckley ; Hage, Newark ; Town, GaihsUtrgh ; ' 1 aylor, Ret- ford; Sheardown, Doncaster; Sissons, Wotksop; Robinson, Mansfield; Smedley, Alfreton; and ail respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. " The Knowledge of a Disease is Half its Cure." SWIFT. IT^ EW Families are wholly exempt from Scorbutic . Affections, so common ro the British Climate, which ex- hibit various Symptoms, as Eruptions, Ulceration, Loss of Ap- petite ami Dejection, all arising from Impurity of Blood, Scrofu- lous or Venereal Taint; which, whether from latent nr recent Infection, isc< r ain to produce tbe greatest injnry to the Consti- tution, and prevent the enjoyment of Health and Happiness. To remove the Cause of these Symptoms, the ANTI- IMPETI- GINES or SOLOMON'S DROPS, have been found to be the most safe, speedy, and beneficial, and therefore adapted to the aged aswell nsYouth of both Sexes. They rever fail to rcn- oye every species ofDebility arising from a contaminated state of the Sys- tem. ' 1 heir effects are mild though active— safe, yet expediti- ous— and what renders this medicine of the greatest importance, is, it requires little restriction in point of diet, and no privations to rhe ordinary avocations in Life. In short, it may be taken at this Season of the Year by the Valetudinarian, however deli- c t?, without the least danger, and with the certainty of d « riv- iug the most beneficial and happy effects. Sold by G. Stretton, and J. Dunn, Nottingham ; Collinsnn and Robinson. MansfieldT S. and J. Ridge, and Hage, Newark; Sissons, Worksop; Hurst, Grantham, & c. in Bottles, price lis. e .^ h ( or four in one Family Bottle, for 33 Shillings, by which one lis. Bottle is saved, duty included, with the word » " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool,'' engraved oil the Stamp, CHILBLAIN'S, RHEUMATISMS, PALSIES, Sic. ( CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, and their _/ tormenting Itching, instantly reniovedby WHf'lEHEAD's ESSENCE: of MUSTARD, universally esteemed for its extra- ordinary Efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections,, and Complaints of the Stomach ; but where this certain Reme- dy has been unknown, or neglected, and the Chilblains have actually broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. This Cerate is equally efficacious for all ill- conditioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scor- butic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ringworms, Shingles, Breakings- out on the Face, Nose, Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and Inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads, and other Scorbutic Humours.— The ESSENCE of MUS'l'ARD is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and efficaci- ms remedy in the world, curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half the timeusually taken by any other Liniment or Embrocation; it also heals Cuts punctures from Sharp Instruments, Nails, Thorns, Splinters, ^ c. with incredible facility, without smart or pain, preventing in- flammation and festering, and is equally useful in the various accidents of Animals— in short it is a domestic remedy of such uncommon excellence and utility, that no family sensible to its own comfort should ever be without it. Prepared only, and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 35, Greek Street, Soho, London. The Essence aud Pills at 2s. 9d. each; the Cerate at Is. 1- Jr/. and 2. i. 9d— Sold by G. Stretton, Corbett, and Jalland, Nottingham; Pearson, and Cole- man, Melton- Mowbray; Hage, and Smith, Newark; Drury„ and Barron, Lincoln; Pritchard, Derby; Eyre, C'astle- Doning- ton; Price, aud Swinfen, Leicester; Adams, Loughborough; Robinson, Manslield; Taylor, Retford; and by every Medi- cine Vender in the United Kingdom. *„* ' Flic genuine has a black ink Stamp, with the Name of " R. Johnston" inserted on it. Printed and published byG. Sir kiton, 14, Long Row, Nottingham Advertisements, Articles of Intelligence, and Orders for this Paper, are received by the* foilowing AGENTS, viz. Mr. Rolunson, Mr. Collinson, and Mr. Langley, Mansfield; Mrs. Bradley and Mr. Ford, Chesterfield ; Mr. Todd, Shef- field; Mr. Taylor, Retford; Mr.. Sissons, Worksop; Messrs; S. and J. Ridge, and Mr. Hage, Newark ; Mr. Jackson, Post Office, Gainsburgh; Mr. Brooke, and Mr. Drury, Lincoln; Mrs. Hurst, Grantham ; Day and Co. Melton Mowbray; Price and Co. Leicester; Mr. S. Ridge, juiir. Southwell; Mr. Beadsmore, Ashhy- de- la- Zouch ; Mr. Hilditch, Taniworth; Mr. Drewry, Derby; Mr. G. Baxter, Bingham ; Mri Smed- ley, Alfreton ; Mr. Sterland, OHerton ; Mr. Shcardown, Doncaster.— Advertisements for this Paper are also receivtil by Newton & Co. Warwick Square, Newgate Street, and Mr. J. White, 33, Fleet Street, I. ondon ( by whom a regular file i> kept); and at the Chapter, Peele, and London CoffeeHouse^ where it may be seen every week.
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