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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1088
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 07/12/1814
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1088
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 21.] N°- 1088. Wednesday, ^ o CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY. December 7, 1814. Price Sixpence Halfpenny. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties qf ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. MR. KREBS, Oculist, being fully enabled 10 cure all Diseases ofthe Ryes ( if curable), proposes to lie consulted at his House, in HANMER, every MONDAY ; • the other Days he will be at Liberty to attend Patients at their own Houses where required; and as he can with Confidence irecommend bis Method of treating Diseases of the Eyes, not as a bold Expedient, or one of Uncertainty, but as a known and long- established Remedy, the Result of experienced Success, his Ancestors having been in Possession of the Receipts above a Century, and practised with unrivalled Supcess, a Remedy so universally safe and efficacious, even • when applied to Infants of the most tender Age ; and altho' the Public are already in Possession of the most ample Evidence, and numerous Facts of Cures which have yielded j to his COLLYRIUMS, after every other Method had been tried in vain, still the following well authenticated Cases may ] serve to increase, the Confidence of the most doubtful; and j having met with such peculiar Success in the Treatment of | IDiseases of the Eves, which had baffled Men of considerable Eminence in the Medical Profession, Mr. K. flatters himself : that those Patients who chuse to employ him will uot be '• disappointed. 1 ANN LLOYD, Mantua- maker, Willow- Street, Oswestry, was afflicted with a Chronic Ophthalmy for several Months, j CORING which Time my Eve- lids were so relaxed, aud my Eyes SO irritable, that, F could not follow my Business, and was in Danger of losing my Sight I made Use of a Variety • of Applications ( recommended hy the Faculty) without Re- lief. 1 applied to Mr. KREBS, at Hanmer, aud have com- J Vleatlv recovered my Sight, being enabled constantly to ' follow my Business, and work at mv Needle. During the Time I was under the Doctor's Care, I daily became better, I and the Weakness of mv Eves ( which nearly amounted to Blindness) is entirely removed. As Witness mv Hand, ANN LLOYD. Witness to Ihe above Cure JOHN LLOYD, her Father. WE, the undersigned Inhabitants of the Township of Peck- forton, in the Pari> B of Bunhury, and County of Chester, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that JAMES FOXLEY. living with Mr. Charles Hainpson, was a filleted with a Scrofulous Ophthalmy, which threatened to deprive him of his Sight. H-- applied to the Faculty without Relief, until he applied to Dr. KRUBS, who has perfectly restored hi3 Sighl, and the. Scrofulous Symp- toms are entirely removed. As Witness our Htiids, CIIARI. ES HAMPSON. JOHN JONES. 1 LUKE CLAY, Blacksmith, of Welsh Hampton, near F. lles- inere, Shropshire, DI> HEREBY CERTIFY, that in Ap- il, 181( 1, a Spark of Fire flew into my left Eve ( when at Work), which gave me great Pain : a violent Inflammation and Humour in both Eyes followed, which disabled me from working A' my Trade; a Skin nveis; iread cue Eye, and deprived me of ihe Sight of ii ; ihe other was so weak and dim, that I daily feared the loss of both ; when in this deplorable Sta'e. I was recommended to Mr. KRESS, Oculist, at Haniner, who per- formed four Operations on my Eves, and has made a pei'ect Cure, which I cannot in Humanity tothe Afflicted with- hold publishing. As Witness my H ind. LUKE CLAY, late Invalid. The Truth of the above extraordinary Cure is perfectly well known to Ihe following respectable Neighbours: THOMAS PHILLIPS, JOHN PAY, EDWARD WHITE, and JOHN WILLIAMS. A Child of mine had thc Misfortune, when only two Years old, to strike the Point of a Thatch Slick in his Eve, which gave him excruciating Pain, followed by violent Inflimtna tion and swelling. Notwithstanding our utmost Endeavours to relieve him, iiy Poultices, Eve- Waters, SEE. his Disorder daily increased, and a Skin formed over Ihe whole Eye; the other so very weak he could not bear thc Light. I was advised to apply to Mr KREBS, who soon relieved him, and to our great Joy has made a perfect Cure of bim. It is now upwards of three Years ago, and he has not experienced the Jeast Relapse. As Witness my Hand, JOHN DAVIES. Tins is TO CERTIFY, that my Son laboured under a severe Inflammation in his Eye for some Tune, which I feared would deprive him of Ihe Sicht of it, as he could get 110 Belief till he applied to Mr. KREBS, who has made a perfect Cure in one Month. As Witness mv Hand, Tihtock, near Whitchurch. JOHN NEWBROOK. GEORGE HARRIS, Sou of Mrs. Harris, of Longslow, near Market. Drayton, Salop, was afflicted with a severe Inflam- mation in ttie Eve, and Opacity that nearly covered the Pupil and rendered it useless. No method lhat had heen recommended, was able to procure the least Relief, resisting various Plans of Treatment, until his Mother put him under the Care r f Mr. KRESS by whose Mode the Boy perfectly recovered his Sight, and can plainly see the smallest Objects, Witness to Ihc above, Mrs. HARUIS, of Lnmford. Tn Ihe Autumn of last Year, mv Son EDWARD was afflicted with a severe ocule Ophthalmy, which, rapidly increasing, soon overspread his Eye with a thick Skin, attended with violent Pain and great Heaviness in his Head, which soon deprived him of tbe Sight of that Eve, aud the other daily becoming weaker, I feared tho total Loss of both. I bad recourse to different Applications, but without Relief, till fortunately I was recommended to Mr. KREBS, of Hanmer, wl. o attended him at my House, and has made a perfect Cure of bim ; the Truth of which I am willing to go a Hundred Miles to attest, if required As witness my Hand, EDMUND JONES. Eyton, neat Wrexham. Witness to Ihe above Cure, K. K. EYTON, EEq. THIS IS TO CERTIFY that iny Son W. II. HUGHES was afflicted with violent Pain, Inflammation, and stror mour in his right Eye, which brought on a large Skin, and deprived him nf the Sight of it; the other Eye was so much affected, that he was in danger of losing it. Every thing that is usually done 011 these Occasions was done for bim, bv the Medical Men who attended him ; hut to 110 Purpose, as his Disorder continued toincrease with unabated Violence; when hearing of I lie many Cures performed by Mr. KREBS, and being strongly recommended to put hirn under his Care, I sent for him lo niv House, where he attended him, and I have the inexpressible Satisfaction to say, has made a perfect Cure; the Truth of which I am willing to attest. AS Witness my Hand, Overton, Flintshire. ROBERT HUGHES. ANN, Daughter of Samuel Davies, of Marchwiel, Wrexham, Denbighshire, was afflicted with a severe acute Ophthalmy in both Eves for the space of 12 Mouths, to so great a degree, that when she applied to Mr. KREBS her eyes appeared to be in too hopeless a Stale to per mil her to expect any particular Benefit ; the Opacity on the C'. rneaof thc right Eve completely darkened it, the left so relaxed and weak, as 10 prevent her finding her way without a Guide; many things had been tiied without Relief, until she became apalient to Mr. KRF. BS, who soon relieved her; the State of her Eyes daily improving, and in two months the Sight of both Eyes was in every respect perfect ; it is now two Years since, and she has not experienced the least. Relapse. As witness ANN DAVIES, l;- te Invalid. SAM. DAVIES. her Father. A chilli of Mr. WILLIAM FOREOR, of Wiyall, near Whit- church, was in Danger of losing the Sight of his right Eve in Consequence - of in; acute Ophthalmy and Opacity of the Cornea ; ihe U. ual Means were tried in vain, till they applied to Mr. KREBS, who eflected a Cure in one Month. SARAH, Daughter of DAVID DATIES. of Willington, in the Parish of Hanmer, and County of Hint, was afflicted with a Scrofulous Ophthalmy of both Eyes, which endangered the Loss of Sight, not being able to bear the weakest Light; she also laboured under a Scald Head, which rendered her Com- plaint more difficult. Various Applications had been tried without Relief, till recommended to Mr. KREBS, who has made a perfect Cure of her Head and Eyes. Mr. KREBS has restorer! the S ght of several Patients who had laboured uniler a Gutta Serena, and in many Instances has wrought a perfect Cure in Cases that were thought incur- able, as in some the Disease bad coiilinued many Yea s therefore would have none despair; but at the same Time he eainfsHy recommends all Persons whose Eyes are weak, or Sight. dim, to. lose no Time, but to apply imme- TL lately, as h- s Csllyriamsare found to nourish the Eyes, and strengthen ih Sight even to Old Age, and when had recourse to at thc commencement of a Disease, seldom fail to put a stop to its , progress, the Parties frequently finding Relief from the first application. They are also successfully employed for the Removal of all Specks or Skins situated upon the transparent Cornea of the Eye, whether arising from previous Inflam- mation, or any otlmr cause. Scrofulous and Scorbutic Cases, and Ulcerated Legs cured. Letters Post- paid, addressed " Mr. KIIEBS, Hanmer, near Ellesmere," attended to. rpUVENTY Years experience has proved that the most JL effectual and safe Remedy for the Cure of COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMAS. HOOPINC COUCH, and all OBSTRUCTIONS of the BREAST and LUNGS is unquestionably FORD'S ORIGINAL PRCTORAL BALSAM OF HOREHOUND, Ari elegant preparation fiom that well- known Herb; it has obtained the pre- eminence ( beyond precedent) for the Cure of the ahove Complaints, of which the authenticity can be ascertained, bv application at most of the respectable Ven- ders of Medicine, in all the principal Cities and Towns in the Kingdom ; the Popularity and good Elfeets of this in- valuable Medicine need no superfluous Comments, as ibe ex. tensive Demand proves its Superiority as a Public Medicine to give immediate Relief. The Public will please to observe, it cannot be Genuine unless each Bottle is enclosed in ail Affidavit, attested at the Mansion House, London, June 7ih, 1805. Sold in Bottles, at 10s. 6d — 4s. fid — and 2s. Od each, by Shaw arrd Edwards. F. Newberv and Sons, St. Paul's Church Yanl; Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church Yard ; Barclay aud Sons, Flpei Market; John F, vans, 42. Long Lane ; ll. John- ston, Greek Street, Sohu; Sanger, 150, Oxford- Street; Ar- nolds, 59, Barbican; bv the only Proprietor, R. Ford, Chemist. Goswell Terrace, near Islington, from Barbican ; bv R. Butler, London ; and bv W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury ; and all other respectable Venders of Medicine in eveiy principal Town in the United Kingdom. CHING'S PATENT WORM LOZENGES, ARE patronized bv the first Nob'emen in the Kingdom, as well as ov ihe following HONOURABLE LAOIFS : who have g; ve 1 this Medicine to their own Children, and also to the Poor in their respective Neighbourhoods, with unparalleled success. HerGrace theDuchess of Leeds Her Grace tbe Duchcss ol Rutland The Right Hon the Countess of Darnley The Right Hon. I ady Caroline Capel The Right Hon Lady Elisr- betb Spencer The Hon. I. ady Boston I'he Hon Lady Sav aud Sele And many olher Ladies of the first rank and character. Sold bv EDDOWES, Burrey, Morris, and Palin, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, anrl Burgess, Wellington ; Smith, Ironbridge; Silvester, Newport; Bitkerton, Oswestry; Baugh? EHes- inere; Palmer, Wrexham ; and most Medicine Venders. Of ich m may be had. BUTLKR's VEGETABLE TOOTH POWDER, which is so justly esteemed by tlieir Royal Highnesses the Princess of Wales, and the Princess Charlotte of Wales, aud most of the Nobility This valuable prepaiation will remove all discolouration of the Teetb and beautify the Enamel, pre- serve the Gums, and prevent that dreadful Malady the Tooth Ach. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. EREASJOHN FRANCIS, of NANTFFORCH, in the * * Parish of Castle Caeveinion, in the County of Mont- gomery, Farmer, hath by Indenture assigned and transferred all liis Household Goods and Furniture, Horses, Catlle, Sheep, and Corn sown and unsown, Implements of Hus- bandry, and all other his live and dead Stock, UUIOABP. A- HAM JONES, of Sylvaen, in the same Parish, Farmer, upon Trust lo be disposed of for tbe Benefil of such of his Credi- tors as shall sign the same on or before the 201 h Day of January nexl ; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, thai Ihe said Indenture is deposited at the Office of Mr. GRIr- 1ITHES, Solicitor, in Welsh Pool, for the Inspection and Signature of sucb Creditors who shall accede thereto ; and that in case tliey neglect or refuse to sign Hie said Deed before Ihe said 20th Day of January next, they will be ex- cluded from all Benefit io be derived therefrom. Welsh Pool, 24th November, is 14. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. LL Persons who stood indebted tn RICHARD BAS- A Ruyton, in the County of Salop, Esquire", deceased are requested to pay the Amount of their respective Debts immediately onto Mr. RICHARD BARNKTT, of Elsou, in the Parish of Ellesmeie, in ihe said County, Executor to the said Richard Basnetl : and all Persons who have any Demands upon ihe said Richard Basnetl, are desired to send I he Particulars thereof unto the said Richard Barnett, 111 order that Ihe same mav be examined and discharged. Flson, 24/( t November, 1814. DELAMERE FOREST IN CLOSURE. AN ENGINEER WANTED, T po superintend and complete the Draining on t he Forest i of Delauiere, and lo overlook I he Roads now forming on the said Forest. It is unnecessary for any Person to offer himself, who cannol produce a Charaiter for Sobriety and Ability in both the above Departments," ith satisfactory References lo some Person by whom he has been employed. Persons w ishing to engage in the above Undertaking, will send their Proposals, with References, to Messrs. LEEKE ic POTTS'S, iu Chester. MONEY WANTED. " 1717"• ANT" 1^" at or before Candlemas next, the Sum of ' T from £ 400 to £ 500, upon good Land Security.— For a Reference apply to THE PRINTER of this Paper. " SHROPSHIRE. 70 BE LF. T FOR A TERM OF YEARS, RUYTON LODGE FARM, In the Par'ish of Ruyton of the Eleven Towns, CONTAINING 220 Acres and upwards of Arable, Past lire, and Meadow Land, free from Tvllics of Corn and Grain, lying and being within 7 Miles of Oswestry, 9 of Ellesmere, and 10 of Shrewsbury, all good Market Towns, The 11 otise is fit for the Residence of a genteel Family, i being very pleasantly situated, now in Possession of Mr. ; John While.— For Particulars apply to Mr. THOMAS WAL- | FORD, Worn. Eligible Inn and Farm. TO LET, WITH POSSESSION AT LADY- DAY NEXT, TIIE TALBOT, AT ATCHAM; I) EING an old established nnd very desirable INN, 5 simale four Miles from Shrewsbury 011 the great London Road; together with a FARM of about 50 Acres uf Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, contiguous thereto. Applications to be marie to F. WAI. FORD, Esq. Cronk- hill, near Shrewsbury, till ihe 1st of January next, when the " allies will be answered. The Right Hon. the Countess of Shaftesbury The Right Hon. Ihe Countess of Mount norris The Right Hon. ihe Countess of Cork The Risrht Hon. Lady Lucy Bridgeman Lady Page Turner Lady Lovett; FOGS AND DAMP AIR. BARCLAY'S ASTHMATIC CANDY has for many Years been proved a most effectual Preservative from the ill effects of Foes and DAMP AIR, which at this Season of the year are so prejudicial to those who are affected with ASTH- MATIC COUGHS and SHORTNESS of BREATH. Its effects nre to expel Wind, to defend the Stomach from the admission of Damps; and to relieve those who suffer from a Difficulty of Breathing. Prepared only, aud sold wholesale and retail bv BARCLAY and SONS, NO. 95, Fleet- market, London. Observe the Names of Barclay and Sons 011 Ihe Stamp. Sold retail by W. EDDOWES, Morris, Palin, New- ling, Shuker, Watton, and Bowdler, Shrewsbury ; Iloiilston and Son, Wellington; Smith Iroubridge ; Gitton, Bridg north ; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Sil- vester, Newport; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Parker, Evanson, and Nicholson, Whitchurch; Prncter, and Green, Drayton; Baugh, and Crosse, Ellesmere; Morrall, Price, and Edwards, Oswestry; Roberts, R. Griffiths, Powell, J, and R Griffith*, Welsh Pool; and Owen, Pool Quay. CASE OF MR. DARLINGTON'S CHILD. SIR, Nantzoich, March 28th, 1S14. ACTUATED by a sense of gratitude for the preservation of my child, I hasten to lay Ihis case before you, and authorize you to publish it if you think proper; I am anxious you should so do, to prevent others, if possible, from being prejudiced against so invaluable a medicine, till they have given it a fair trial; they will theu, like myself, be con- vinced of its real utility. My son, who is now eight years of agr , was, from infancy, subject to a Scorbutic humour, which gradually spread into blotches all over his body, attended with pain and itching to such an extent, as to deprive liini- H11- self and parents of rest for several months, who, tu prevent him from iujuiing himself, were under the painful necessity of seeming his hands. Iu this dilemma, the eminent of the medical profession were consulted without effect. Willing to grasp at anv shadow for relief, I purchased a bottle of your Drops from Mr Fox, Printer, Naiuwich ; no material alter- ation took place, and inv former prejudices again took pos- session of me; I again took medical advice, aud was again disappointed. I soon after saw the case of Mr. John Piatt's Grandson, of Nautwieh, which induced ine to purchase another bottle, and persevere in the useof them, accord- ing to your directions ; and have now, notwithstanding all my former prejudices against public medicines, the satis- faction of announcing to you a perfect cure, performed by av ! vour Antiscorbutic Drops alone, afler every remedy, and almost every glimpse of hope had vanished. I shall continue 10 give him a bottle al the spring and fall of every year. This case I will testify, either personally, or by letter, post- paid. We remain, Sir, your grateful aud obliged Servants, Bull's Head, bottom of Hospital- J DARLINGTON. street, Nantwieh. M. DARLINGTON. Attested by R. Steele, and A. Fox, Printer and Book- seller, Nantivich. To Mr. Lignum, Surgeon, Manchester. These Drops are solu in moulded square bottles, at 6<. and 14s. ( one 14s. botile is equal to three bs. ones) wholesale and retail, by Mr. Lignum, Manchester; also letail by EDDOWES, and Watton*, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington ; Smith, Ironbridge. and Wenlock ; Gitton, I Bridgnorth ; Gower and Pennell, Kidderminster; Deiim in, I Wolverhampton ; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Silvester, Newport ; ! Parker, Whitchurch ; Baujth, Ellesmere ; Owen, Welsh- 1 pool; Griffiths, Ludlow; Burlton, Leominster; Minshall, Oswestry ; Davies, Hereford; aud by the principal Venders of genuine Medicines. EVERY MAN HIS OWN DOCTOR. Y Ihe EFFICACY of Dr. BOKRH AAVE's IN PAL- LI RLE RED PILL, ( Vs. fid. only per box) PERSON'S, OF EITHER SEX ( assisted by the invaluable copious Direc- ti > ns tlierewi1" . r'viQ are enabled to eradicate Effectually A t. e. tit AI V INSIDIOUS VISE ASF., and to facilitate the Recovery of Heahh, with Ease and Safely, Certainty and Seciesy, in a few days. For Bilious D senses. Scurvy, Scrofula, anrl Impurity of Blood, the Efficacy of this medicine is so well known antl highly at'ested for 5" vrais past, that any further comment is rendered unnecessary. Anothf Sumrly is just received from London, and for Sale by W, EDDOWES, Printer, Shrew- bury. TEIIITREF ENCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given, thai, agreeably with the pro- visions uf an Act of Parliament " for inclosing Lands " in the Manor ofTeirtref, in the County of Montgomery," A MEETING of Ibe Persons interested iu the Commons and Waste Lands iu the said . Manor, will beheld at the ROYALOAK INN, in the Town of Pool, in the said Coun- ty, 011 FRIDAY, the 16th Day of DECEMBER next, at 11 o'Clock iu ibe Forenoon, " To appoint a Commissioner for carrying the said Acl " into Execution; in Ihe Place and Stead of VAI. ENTINE " VICKEKS, late OfCranmere, in Ihc County of Salop, Gen- " tleman, deceased." The Right of Appointment is in Ihe Major Part in Value ( such Value to be ascertained by the Land Tax Assessments) of the Persons interested iu the said Commons and Waste Lauds attending such Meeting, with Ihe Approbation of the Lord of tbe said Manor. ( Signed) JOHN VAUGHAN, Datedthe- uth ) J A M ES ROBERTS, November, 1814. S ANN BAKER. ~ CAEREINION INCLOSURE. WE whose Names are subscribed, being Persons inter- ested in tbe lnclosure of the Commons and Wasle Lands within the Manor or District ot CAEREIMON ISCOED, in Ihe County of Montgomery, under ihe Acl . if Parliament lately obtained for that Purpose, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that a Meeting ofthe Persons interested iu the said Commons and Wasle Lands will be lioldcn nt Ihe GOAT INN, in the Town of LLANFAIR, within the said Manor, 011TUESDAY, Ihe TWENTIETH Day of DECEM- BER next, al ten o'Clock in thc Forenoon, lo appoint a Commissioner for carrying the said Act into Execution, in the Place and Slead of VALENTINE VICKF. RS, Gentleman, deceased. H. R. JONES, E. LEWIS, Dated the 28( A ) H EN. FOULKES, November, 1814. T) T. HOWELL. ^ alejJ Dp auction. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. Farming Stock, Grain, Implements of Husbandry, Household Goods and Furniture, al NANTFOCH, in thc Parish of Castle Caerinion, in the said County. BY. T. HOWELL, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 13th and 14th Days of December, 1814: ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK of Dairy Cows aud . Heifers, Waggon Horses, Colls, Pigs, Grain and Im- plements of H usbaudry, the Property of Sir. JOHN FRAN- CIS ; comprising five Milking Cows and three Heifers iu calf, for early Spring Profit, capital smoaky- faced Bull five years old, seven two years old Heifers, four yearling Calves, two Colts, three Waggon Horses and Gearing, one Hack Horse, two young in- pig Sows, & c, & c, one capital Road Waggon nearly new, one Harvest Dilto, two Tum- brils, one Plough, Iwo Pair of Harrows, wilh a Variety of other useful Implements in Husbandry. Two Ricks of Wheat, Part ofa Stack of Oats, a Slack of Barley, and a quantity of Barley and Pear iu the Buildings. Together with all the HOUSEHOLD GOODS andFuRNi- ( TURK, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, consisting of two Oak j Dressers and Shelves, Eight Day Clock, Tables, Chairs, | Cupboards, Feather Reds and Bedsteads, Furnace and j Boiler, Barrels of different Sizes, capital Mash Tub and j Cooler, Barrel Churn, Cheese Press, and other Brewing and j Dairy Requisites. j The Sale will commence with the Live Stock ; and as ibe i whole are lo he disposed of under a Deed of Assignment, for j the equal Benefil of Creditors, without the least Reserve, ! the Auctioneer requests an early Attendance. ! Sale to begin each Day at Ten o'Clock. W' B MONTGOMERYSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATES Is CAJVAL SHARES. BY T. HOWELL, ( By Order of the Assignees of MYTTON, JONES, and MYT- TON, Bankrupts) at Ihe Oak Inn, in Pool, in the County of Montgomery, 011 Wednesday, the 28th Day of Decem- ber, 1814, between Ihe Hours of four and eight of Ihe Clock in the Afternoon of Ihe same Day, in the following, or such other Lots as shall he then agreed upon, and subject to such Conditions as shall Ihen be declared ; LOT I. AM ESSUAGE, Farm and Lands, called I. LYCHWYNT, containing bv Admeasurement 14 Acres, situate in the Township of Broninrth, and Parish of Myfod, in the County of Montgomery, now in the Occupation of Thomas 1 Davies. LOT II. Another MESSUAGE, Farm and Lands, called RHOS ou, containing by Admeasurement 31 A. SR. 37P. situate in the Township of Colfryn, in the Parish of Llan- sainttfraid, in Ihe said County, now in the Occupation of Edward Davies. LOT III. Another MESSUAGE, Farm and Lands, called PENTRE LLAETIIENWEN, containing bv Admeasurement fiqA. oR 3* 1'. siiuale in the said Parish of Myfod, in the Orcupati 111 of Edward Morris. I. OT IV. Another MESSUAGE, Farm and Lands, called PVNTOI. AS, containing by Admeasurement situate in the said Township of Broniartli, now in the Occupation of Edward Davies. This issnhj- rl tn an A niiuitv to a Woman aged about ( i2. LOTV Another M F. SSU AGE, Farm and Lands, called PENTRE, situate in llie Township of Llanercrochwel, in the P> i- h of Guilsfield, in thesaid County, in the Occu- pation of H o/ h Jones. The Timber 011 each of these Lots must be taken at a Valuation, whicb will be produced at tbe Time of Site. LOT VI. FIVE SHARES in the MONTGOMERYSHIRE CANAL. rieTenatPs will shew their respective Farms ; a^' l for furt er Particulars apply to J. LLOYD JONES, Esq. Maes- mawr; or to Mr. GRIFF'ITHES, Solicitor, in Pool aforesaid. To le disposed of, by Private Contract, A COMPLETE and truly desirable FREEHOLD and / V TITHE- FREE ESTA TE, situate iu the Parish of STOTTESDEN, in the Couuty ofSalop; comprising an excellent Farm House, wilh convenient Out buildings in complete Repair, and lfio Acres, or thereabouts, of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying within a Ring Fence, now in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Stokes, a yearly Tenant. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. STOKES, the Tenant; and for further Particular's to Messrs. CLARKE and PA RDOE, Solicitors, Bewdley. Bewdley, 19th November, 1814. LOTON AND CARSON LIME WORKS. THE PAY DAYS for Lime rallied from Ihe above Works will be al ihe GEORGE INN, in SHREWS- BURY, 011 SATURDAY the 10th, and MONDAY ilie 12th Days of December, 1 s 14. All Lime unpaid 011 the above Days will be charged loid. per Bushel. Tbe Attendance of Ihose Customers 011 Saturday that can make il convenient ( iu order lu prevent Iheir wailing ou Monday) will much oblige the Proprietors. ~ FIFTEEN GUINEAS REWARD. II ERE AS some Person or Persons did, 011 Wednes- day Night, or early 011 Thursday Morning last, break into Ihe Stable belonging to Mr. LLOYD, of Oslias- t » n, near Oswesli v, in the County of Salop, and steal there- out a LITTLE BLACK MARE, aged, thirteen Hands high, with a Blaze iu the Forehead, and while Snip down the Nose, white Fool behind, and many grey Hairs on one of her fore Feet, and Ihe near Side of " her Mane standing creel, wilb a switch Tail, and large Udder from having had several Foals. Whoever will discover Ihc Offender or Offenders, shall, on Conviction, receive a Reward of Ten Guineas from Ihe said Mr. LLOVD, aud Five Guineas from Ihe Osweslry Association for the Piosecution of Felons : and any Person bringing Ihc said Mare to Oshaston aforesaid, shall be handsomely rewarded for their Trouble, and all Expenses paid. Oswestry, Nov. Qr, th, 1814. TO TRAVELLERS ON THE CONTINENT. JUST PUBLISHED, PLANTA'S NEW PICTURE of PARIS, with Maps, Plans, & c 6s. 6d. bound. GAZETTEER of FRANCE, 4s. boards— 5s. hound. POST- ROADS in FRANCE, 8s bound PLANTA'S PARIS and GAZETTEER of FRANCE, bound together, 9s. 6d. POST- ROADS and GAZETTEER, bound together, with a Man of tbe Roads, 12s. PLANTA'S PARIS, GAZETTEER of FRANCE, and POST ROADS in FRANCE, bound together. Price 16s. The same Work, wilh the Maps beautifully coloured, and the Roads distinctly and accurately delineated, 18s. bound. PLAN of PARIS, for ibe Pocket, 3b. in Case. MAP of FRANCE, for fhe Pocket. 3s. iu Case. Printed for SAMUEL LEIGH, IS, Strand; and sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and tbe Booksellers in general. TO TUTORS. Particularly designed to abridge the Labours of the first Forms. This Day is published, Price 2s. 6d. 12mo. Sheep, AMANUAL of LATIN GRAMMAR; intended to com- bine the ancient Plan of Grammatical Institution, originally enjoined by Royal Authority, with the Advantages of modern Improvement. To which are prefixed some Pre- fatory Hints and Observations on the Methods of commencing and pursuing Classical Learning, in Schools and by private Study. By JOHN PY F. SMITH, D. D. London : Printed for Gale, Curtis, and Fenner, Paternos- ter- Row : Sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. This Manual, which will be found to contain everv Thing essential in the venerable COMMON GRAMMAR the ETON LATIN GRAMMAH, in its various, but still imperfect Editions RUDDI- MAN'S RUDIMENTS, Dr. ADAMS'S, and tbe PORT ROVAL Latin Grammars, omitting many ' Things that have been found only to fetter the Attention aud el » g the Progress- of the Pupil anil which has been finally and carefully collated with every Lalin Grammar extant,— may be with confidence recommended to the attem ion of TUTORS and PRIVATR STUDENTS, as mat « ria! ly facilitating the whole Business of early Tuition, and as having already received very high Character and Encouragement. A liberal Allowance to Schools. LONDON. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30. Batavia papers, including the Juva Gazelles, to t| 15th of July, coutuiu official details of the expedition 1111J General Nightingale against Maeussar. It appears, til Ihe object of the expedition has been attained, tbe Rail of Boill having been dispossessed of Ihe Throne ofwhil cruelty and treachery rendered bim unworthy. This tf ploit has beeu performed almost without any loss 011 il part. General Nightingale's dispatch, from head- qnaiTel Fori Rotterdam, June 8th, 1814. slates, that having arrivl at Boni, on ilietiili, he demanded reparation from the RqjJ together with the Soudong ( or Regalia) of GOB, for the il suits committed against Ihe British Government, wliil being refused, Ihe attack commenced Ihe next day, audi one hour thc whole town anil residence of 1 he Rajah were! the possession of Ihe British forces. Tbe British Gencr had 11. it to regret Ihe loss of a single Officer belonging I the tro. ips. Mr. While, srrnml Officer ofthe Fteetwoil was Ihe only officer wounded. Tbe foree engaged, ronSistl of lhe59lh and74th regiments, ttie Bengal volunteers, ail Amboynese corps. With the French Mail yesterday, advices from Cad lo the gill, were received, and from Seville 10 Ihe lrith iml with others from Gibraltar. The latter are calcnlaled L remove all our uneasiness as lo the stale of the gariisol aud « e hope soon to announce Ihe complete re- establ. isl mem of the intercourse by sea aud land. We are assured there is 110 foundation whatever, fJ " j the reports which have appeared in some of tliu Newspl I pers, of the Duke of Wellington being on had terms w ill This Day are published, in 8 Vols. 8uo. Price 14. 4r in Hoards, r jMHE WORKS of Ihe lale Reverend THOMAS RORIN- S SON, M. A. complete; containing SCRIPTURE CHARACTERS, The CHRISTIAN SYSTEM, PROPHE- CIES OF THE MESSIAH; any of which may be had separate, as below. SCRIPTURE CHARACTERS; or, a Practical Improve- ment of the Principal Histories in the Old and New Testa- tnent. By Thomas Robinson, M. A. Sate Vicar of St Mary's, Leicester ; anil Fellow of Trinity College, Crmbridge. A new Edition, in 4 Vols. Svo. Price 8s. Boards THE CHRISTIAN SYSTEM UNFOLDED, in a Course nf Practical Essays on the principal Doctrines and Duties of Christianity. By Tho. Robinson, M. A. The second Edition, in 3 Vols. Svo. P, rice ^ 1. Ils. fid. Boards. PROPHECIES of the MESSIAH, from the Beginning nf Genesis lo tbe End ofthe Psalms of David, considered and improved in Practical Essays. Bv ' Thomas Robinson, M. A lu one Vol. Svo. Pi ice 12s. Boards. CHILBLAINS, SPRAIN'S, RHEUMATISMS See. DR. STEERS'S OPODELDOC, from its superior" ex- cellence, in the above aud other external complaints, has given ri* e to a variety of counterfeits, which are now offered for sale in almost every street and town in the king- dom. Thev arc in general composed of ingredients so haw- as to produce little or no effect, thereby deceiving those who expected relief, and arevviapped up in directions nearly copies of those of the Genuine Opodeldoc, in which the names of Dr. Steers, and Mr. Newbery, are ma le use of with the in tent of more readily defrauding unwary purchasers If is become necessary to obviate such im|> ositiuiis, which arc practised even in houses of seeming respectability ; the Publ e will therefore be careful to ask for the Genuine Opodeldoc sold by F. Newbery and Sons, in St. Paul's Chnrch- vardj Loudon; and observe, as the only mark of anthenliciti' that the words, " F. Newbery, No. 4S, St. Paul's," are engrav- ed in the stamps,— Sold also by respectable Dealers in tbe Country. the French Marshals, or of any unpleasant scenes haviiJ taken place at his house. Iiis Grace, 011 the contrarf receives Ihe most marked attentions from all classes ; Paris, both civil and military ; and the eagerness man fested by all descriptions of persons lo come Io his house hi| never been equalled in the case of any olher Ambasiador < Representative of a Foreign Court al'Paris. It is now asserted, lhat Ihc union of Belgium witl Holland will not be effected by placing both countries uil der the same internal system of government; but by pre serving to each ils local laws and regulations, under common sovereign. This latter mode, as less likely I. injure private interests, or 10 offend general prejudiced seems to promise greater strength and stability 10 thc in- state. It is said, that the King of Saxony has constantly rel fused Iwo propositions made to him at different periods P one to receive, by way of indemnity for bis kingdom, 1I1I old Legations of Bologna and Fcrraia; the other lo tukl the Duchy of Warsaw 011 the same footing. A Mail from Hamburgh arrived this morning, witll Letters and Papers from Vienna to the ifuli. They stall that Ibe apartment's for Hie different Sovereigns, whicll were only engaged to the end of November, have bcei engaged to l, he end of January. The negneiations a expected to last much longer than was al first supposed A fresh levy of men has been ordered in Bavaria! and a similar measure is expected in Ihe Austrian territol lies. Il is said thai Bavaria does not view Ibe aggrandise] ment of Prussia wilh a favourable eve. Bill ihis we disbelieve. It is Ihe interest of Bavaria that Prussia should be strengthened. There can he no doubt with respect to the union of] Saxony, a measure which every one will applaud, exceptL those w ho look with a jealous eye upon any arrangement! that lends lo establish a check and balance againsi France.! Sir Charles Stuart lias heen under orders, for tliiij fortnight, to be in readiness to depnrt 011 Iiis embassy to theL Hague, to relieve Ihe Earl of Clancarlv, but bis fiuall departure depends on dispatches from Vienna. J On Friday the Lord Mayor held his first Court ofl Common Council at Guildhall. Among other business! the Committee for general purposes delivered in a repmi oil the proceedings, during Ihe lasl Sessions of Parliament, .,, 1 endeavouring 10 obtain a Bill for Ihe relief of ibe pnblirf uud fair trader, against Hie frauds committed bv means oj mock auctions, & e. which caused a very considerable discussion, li was finally resolved lopeiilion Parliament for a Bill, 111 the present Sessions, to remedy Ihe evils, anil a special Committee appointed to prosecute the same, li was referred to the Bread Committee to prorecd with Ihd Bill for abolishing the assize of bread, presented to tha House of Commons last Sessions, in such manner as IhcJ should he advised. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1. The Paris papers of Ihe 27Hi ult. announce lhal Martinique was delivered to the French troops on tliil 7 th of October, The Journal des Uehats slates, ibaf neither papers nor lelters had been received on till preceding day from Vienna ; hut the Gazelle r/| France contains the following, which nre the onl{ articles of any importance in die French Papers:— Vienna, Nov. 16.- TI1C Committee of the Ministers! charged with the new Con'sliliilinn of the Empire, haf commenced the discussion of ecclesiastical affairs l'i ha] been unanimously adopted in principle, that Ihe llnel religions, the Catholic, the Lutheran, and Cah inisi, shall henceforth enjoy a perfect eqnalily of rights tliron « hou| I he w hole Empire. Every kind of prerogative, privilege, o] exclusive right will he suppressed, and as soon as uossi'hM Ihe organization of the Bi- hops and Archbishops of Gerl many will be considered.— Cardinal Gonzalvi, and sever al other Ecclesiastics distinguished for their knowledge mil virtue, who are at present iu Vienna, have beeu consiilledl oil this subject. The Bishop of Chiemsee, Administrator) of tbe Diocese of Salzburg, is recently dead. Tbere aie iml longer any Archbishops or Bishops of Cologne, Treves! Wurtzhurg, Bamberg, I'assan, Fulde, and Minister; alii these countries me without a principal pastor; how muchl the Church of Germany is in distress may lie seen from thtsj — The ratifications of the treaty of peace heiweeu Russi. il and Denmark have been exchanged at Vienna " This" ceremony look place between ihe Russian Minister Count! Nesselrod e and Ihe Danish Minister Count Roschkrantz I There is no longer any doubt Inn lhat the Hanoveriau| Military Division will include Hamburgh and Bremen- thai is lo. sav, the mouths of llie Elbe anil the Weser 11 isl said that thc Prussian Military Division will iucludcl Lubeck I Naples, Nov. in.— The arrival of her Royal Highness thel Princess of Wales has been a fele fur ouVCourl. Order were every where given 10 treat lhat Piincess with lliel honours due lo her rank. Hicnnets of cavalry were sta'- l tinned along tbe road lo serve as an escort of honour to her! Royal High ness. Detachments of laueers of Ibe rovnll guard were placed without the town of Naples. It . I believed that ber Royal Highness will slav for some time this city; there will lie brilliant files at'the Court T'hel troops assembled in the environs will execute grand military! manoeuvres before her Royal Highness. A very fine brigl has heen armed, which is io bear the name of the Priucessl of Wales— A flag of truce has arrived here from Sicily - ill J was charged with dispatches for his Majesty. ' I A letter from France, of the dale of Saturday la. sl. l j gives some further information ns to the measures ailopiedl I regarding American vessels. By this intelligence it appeafsl thai Ibe True- Blooded Yankee, which has committed so| many depredations on our British traders, was in lb harbour of Brest, under reslriciions not to quit il. I defiance of tbe mandate of Ihe Port Admiral she made a. successful attempt to leave tbe harbour, and she is now all sea. On Ibis circumstance being known, expresses wen s- nl from Brest lo Paris, wilb a statement of Ihe facts I the Minister of Ihe Marine, and the consequence has beeu lhat the properly of an American merchant, the owner o this privateer, who resided al Paris, has been put urn sequestration, aud to avoid the sorest of his person he h himself withdrawn from llie cily. Letters from TenerilFe. to llie 24th ult. stale, the numerous American privateers, whicb bad molested 1I1 trade in ihe neighbouring seas, had wholly disappeared, a lhat two British ships of war were cruizing in ihc vicinity which were considered til be fuily competent, for I present, lo protect the navigation. Papers and letters were received this morning fr Switzerland. They draw a very gloomy picture of I once happy ami always resprciable country The Caul are torn by factions aud divided hy intrigues. The Alan of the Isle of Elba!— It is again ru moured, lhat this far- famed personage will n. ot'coiitiii long in hi- present residence. It is also said, thai hi divorce from Maria Louisa occupies much ofthe attenl' ofthe Allied Powers in Congress. LONDON. FRIT) AY, DECEMBER S. liul night Paris Journals were received to Tuesday. 1). intelligence lliey purport to give from Vienna is mere aeradatiou- f Spain, which moves in an orbit, of its own, tar trom lie sphere of general civilisation in Europe, exhibits vera! curious instances of barbarism. M Saragassa, I he cue <. f that heroic defence which carries us hack to the tuianlie ages of chivalry, Patafox, now a mere satellite ot pot is in. was afraid to, enter the town until the civic uard was disarmed. It is the fashion among the Court venphanta of Madrid lo characterise all that remain of the alriotic defenders of their cotunry as mere mobs and afidilli; and Ferdinand himself, in his circular of the 22( 1 f October, accuses all classes ofhis subjectsof having been Hacked by a general corruption iu consequence of llie war. Sir Henry Welleslev, our Ambassador, at Madrid, as solicited and obtained permission lo retire from a situ- tion, which recent events in Spain have longsinceiendered • kso. ne and disagreeable. . The British merchants at Cadiz, t appears, have bsolntely refused lo contribute to tbe forced loans, and in enisling this act of Government, have placed themselves nder the protection ofth. ir Ambassador. Swedish papers, received bv the Gottenbnrgh mail, on tain a long detail of the union of Norway with Sweden, he formalities of which tool* place ou the loth ult on rhich dav Ihc Crown Prince proceeded lothe assembled Viet - It Christiana, and received the oaths of allegiance of hat body to Charles XIII. The Crown Prince delivered a audio and temperate address on this occasion. He de. tared lliat tbe Swedish and Norwegian nations should | ways remain two nations, equal and independent, though inited the great basis of their union being tbeir geographi- al position, their similarity of origin and character, aud heir mutual zeal for liberty, respect for property, and at- ari mcnt lo representee government. It appears that he smuggling of Geneva into Scot- mid has commenced, bulb upon the eastern and western oast It is conducted on an extensive scale.— Persons ot ipulence nnd character arc the proprietors, nnd theyfearry m tbe business with all the regularity oflhe most extensive lieiranlile concern. Many, persons 011 Ibe coast ot F. ngland ire likewise engaged in this illegal species of commerce. HOUSE OF LORDS— THURSDAY, DEC. 1. The FIBL OF EGREMONT gave notice that he should move, , r- v the recess, tor be Minutes of the Naval Court- Mnrlial on L'aptni'n Blown ; al- o for the Minute, of that 011 Colonel Quentiu. Lli< ob ret was to propo- e seme regulation -* ith respect lo Courts- W;. R! ial in general Lord DONOUCHMOHF, in consequenceot the bin attendance of P era, withdrew his intended motion on Ihe ,. o't': » tions now earning on at Vienna, bnt intimated, that be hould renew llie subject at some future opportunity — The Earl of . tv'tttrooi. having moved an adjournment till the 9th of February, Lord ti itF. N v 1 LLE proles ed against it in the preatut state of ti. e • ountrv. » hen li gislative deliberation was more than ujuslla necea- arv Though the grand difficulties undet which we had struggled n long bad been removed, - et th; t « as a Session of more urgent business than anv tbat the oldest among their Lord hip. could re- Tinn1 - r. There was indeed hardly a branch of the public adnu- tialration that did eot require the inaturcstdelilieration or. the nar- . 1 III. legislator'— Ihe > tate of our agnculturr— our currency— vitr Snances— and lie American war— all pressed for thc immediate : onsideration ol Ikeir Lordships.— The Earl of LIVERPOOL replied, tl- at as Pailiamcnt did not usually meet till January, iiy incon- venience could result from adjournment. From the position of public affairs at this moment, great id vantages in idebate must be abtained bv drUv. The internal concerns of the Era pit* were loo cli st- K connected with the external to be disposed ot' without re- ferenee to each other, and further information of torcign interests must ' ranspirr, before those could be adequavlv before their Lordship..— Tbe Duke ot Sussex and Eail Donoughtnore delivered the • sentiments. » hicb ivete much in unison » ith those of Lord Grciiville; the motion was then carried for adjournment till the IK'IUSE'OV COMMONS- WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30. There riot being a sufficient number of Memlwt s to form a House, thr\ of course adjourned. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1. Mr Serjeant BEST moved lor a Return of the number ofPri- boners'confined for Debt in the King's Bench Prison on the 10th of lulv ISP IS13. and 18.'+. and. tlien in custody on the lst of Dec. 1814 His oHect in moving w as, after the recess, to propose sonic Iteration til tiie law for their relief, so as to give some security to the t'ratlcsman. At the same time the Bill passed, he was strongly imuressfrl Mill! the conviction tbat it uas injurious to'trade. In V,,, Lairg 10 make an alteration lie should take care to distinguish the real unfortunate debtor from the fraudulent one.— I he motion V MtS HOIINER ' ID a spcecb or considerable lenglh, made his pm- i ed'nv' 11011 for papers relative tu Hie conduct ol our . aval affairs Ion the lakes of Canada. The lion, and learned Gentleman -- barged Minister with gross incapacity in the management oi that service ,„ d contended, that the g* » t object, of Ihe war had been aacrificed tbeir neglect — The CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER said, had no desire 10 oppose the motion. Thc* best answer to the hon. Member's speech would, lit. conceived, be found in the production the information be dt- sired. He could give hint sufficient infor- mal! ™ and set him right on various subjects, but he would rather answer him by authentic documents than by Ins own assertion,._ Alter a d's u- sionof . considerable length, in wdiicl, there was much ruiartv between Mr. w eii « . ie> 1 « .< » » — a » p » l era 1 tor were granted. The CHAMCILLOR OF THF, ExcufdurR moved the adjonrn- „„, „ t ,| lB House nil the 9lli of F-. bruarv ; the motion was strongly t iw Vr Ternev, Mr. Abercrotnbv, Mr. Ponsonbv. Sir J;? <(; VTG^, s-. r J. Mr. w., t. 1 * c, i by tl; c Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Letters have been received from Gibraltar to the 171I1 ult. by which wc learn Ihe unpleasant information, that the fever had taken anew direction, and some new cases bad occured in the south. General Don had taken the command of Ihe fortress, and was doing all in his power to arrest its progress, The celebrated John Ceorgj; S cm pic. Lisle, more generally called Major Scinple, was yesterday found guilty at M iddlesex Sessions, of obtaining two pieces of bacon and some butter by fraudulent means, fiom Thebdosia Gram- mar, Devonshire- street, Queen- square, in May last, uud sen- tenced to Ir.- inspaitaliou for seven years. The funds continue progressively to improve. Few purchases are now made in Omnium. The amount ofOm- uium in the bank exceeds eleven millions,— ahuut eight have been paid in full. postscript. ZOjYVOJV, Monday Night, December 5, 1814. Still we are without any decisive information from Ghent; but Ibis, does not iu tbe least weaken the public cm fidence wilh respect to a speedy adjustment of differ- ences between America and this country. Some go the length to say, that something conclusive will reach Govern- ment this week from Ghent. The funds continue steady, at their elevated price, antiAmcrican produce is looking down- ward, especially cottons, which at some of the outports have fallen 30 per cent, since the general buz of Peace. Paris Papers to the. 2d inst. and Frankfort to the 28th ult. arrived last night. They contain thc King of Saxony's Protest against the occupation of Saxony by Prussian troops, and bis declaration that he will not consent to tbe cession of Saxony, nor accept any indemnity or equivalent thai may be offered lilin. It is not probable that this protest will have any effect upon the Allied Sovereigns. There is no official information either in the Paris or Frankfort Papers relative to thc opening of the Congress. A complete revolution it is said, has taken place in the Cabinet of Madrid. May the principles change wilh tlie actors; and mav Ferdinand at last shew himself worthy of the sacrifices which the hest ofhis subjects made ill his behalf. Large supplies of Wheal, Oats, and Flour of excel- lent qualities, continue to arrive at Portsmouth, from Cherbourg and the neighbouring ports of France. The Mail from Jamaica has brought intelligence to the 15th of October, inclusive. The embarkation of 2000 men from Jamaica upon an expedition was expected to lake place immediately. Consols for Jan.- CG 7j— 3 per Cent. Consols shut— 3 pet- Cent. Red. 65 § — Omnium ijdis. Yesterday the following Bulletin of his Majesty's health was exhibited at St. James's Palace- s " Windsor Palace, Dec 3.— His Majesty has been uni- formly composed through the last month; but without any alteration- 111 the state of bis disorder." On the 24th ult. in the loth year of her age, Sarah Mar- garet!:., second daughter of Richard Hughes Lloyd, Esq. Gwercla's, Merionethshire: Ou Friday se'nnigbt, in Nichtilas- street, Chester, Mrs, Crewe, relict of the laic Rev. Eandulph Crewe, Rectorof Hawarden aud Warniinghaui, and 4th daughter of thejate Sir John Giy. nne, Bart. of Haivardeu Castle, Flintshire. At Nantwich, Cheshire, in hisunih year, George Garuett, Esq. a truly benevolent and upright man. Lately, nt North M rot's, ibe Rev. J. Mawdsley, who had been curate of Ilia I aud another parish a few miles distant, for above forty vests; during which tiiue it is calculated that he had walked more miles, in the performance of his clerical duties, than the circumference ofthe globe. On Friday, aged 104, Mrs. Mary Sumbrooke, the oldest member of tbe Funeral Society, in Birmingham. She walked out till within three days of her death. On the SfijJv ttlt m tiie prime of life, and in the meridian of popularity, Mr. W. Lovegrove, comedian, of llieTheatre Royal, Drorv- I. ane, aiid for many years 11 distinguished member of tlie Bath CoWipatly. His death was occasioned by the rupture of a blood vessel, produced, it is fr. tred, by exertions in his professional pursuits ; for never was there a performer more emulous, in his endeavours to please liis audience. He married, some few years since, the celebrated M iss Weippart, who died soon after giving birth to his uow orphan daughter. On thc 28th ult. at Welshpool, Mr. Robert Binger, clerk at tlie late hanking house of Messrs. Mytton, Jones, and Mytton, On tlie 13th nit. at York, G. C Weydemar, tbe Hanoverian Veteran, who served liis iale Majesty, George II. and his present Majesty, against the French, in Ihe war from 17.", 6 lo 17( i3, under the Field- Marshals Sporken, Luckner, Grniiby, and Prince Ferdinand. Bolli at the same moment, after 57 years of matrimonial tranquillity, on the 171 la tilt. Andrew Stewart, late shepherd to Earl Belmont, and Bell, his wife, of the parish of Derri- volland ( Enniskellen). Their united ages amounted to 1156 years. Lately, at the House of Industry, Clonmel, James Kenne- dy, aged upwards of lot) years.— He retained bis reason to Ibe last; and, during three years iu ihe house, his health was such, that medical aid was unnecessary to him. He had beeit three years blind ou his admission into the House of Industry -.. bul, in about twelve months after he recovered his sight so far as to discover small objects. He wasa native of I'll uries, and by trade a lailrtr ; and has related that he in bis youth made entire, suits of men's clothes, at one shilling a suit, the then price. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Hugh Owen :— House- Visitors, James Craig, Esq. and The Rev. Dr. Hooker, Vicar of Rollingtlcan, and proprietor of the great and. small tythes of lhat parish, iafcly intimated to those who hire them, that, in considera- tion of I he change of limes which ihe peace lias produced, as it respccts ihe fanner, it was bis intention to lower their rents, and in such proportion as they themselves should deem equitable— an itislauce of liberality which we record to his honour. At Glocester fair, on Monday last, sheep sold well, hut few iu quantity. Gofid fat cows brought high price., but grazers were lillle noticed. Prime horses were scarce, and much in demand at advanced prices ; middling ones were low. Cut sows aud fresh piga likely tu make bacon sold well. MARKET HERALD. Average price of Grain in our Market on Saturday last— Wheat Its. Od,; Barley 5s. 2( 1,— Peas 6i. 6d. per bushel of 38 quarts.— Oats 7s. Oil. per customary measure of 57 quarts. CORN- EXCHANGE, DECEMBER 2. Our market continues abundantly supplied with Wheal, clrefly consisting of what has been lelt unsold trom tbe ai rivals of Mondav and Wednesday last, aud having but little demand, the aales are exeeedi nglv hcavv, and Mondav's prices with difficulty obtained for the small quantity that has been disposed of.— Ilarlcv is per ijaartcr cheaper, aud a tolerable large quantity remains unsold, which could not be gi t off al that reduction.— Oats are rather cheaper, having a large supply of that article.— In lieana, Peas, and other Grain, there is no variation. Current price of Grain per Quarter, as tinder : Wheat - 38s tigs 84s I While Peas - 54sto6os Barley . 35s to 40s I Beans - 43s 1047s Malt - 55s lo 72s I Oats - 18s to 25s Fine Flour 6.'> s to 70s per sack ; Seconds 60s to t) 5s. DEC 5.— Our market was very considerably supplied wilh Wheat this morning, a great part of which was what remained unsold last week, and the trade being heavy, very little has been disposed of, and our prices are full 3s. per quarter lower than on this day week ; Barley is also 2s. per quarter lower, and a tolerable large quantity remains unsold, on account of its inferior quality ; in Beans and Peas there is 110 alteration ; Oats are 2s. per quarter cheaper. poa c. d, and support arr\ rlio ' clock this morning. rrsal and Mr. Ralhurat.— V division then took plaer— for the vjnin. cnt. S6; against it, 23. Majority 63.— Adjourned at two SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3. The T iffey fri° ate, which arrived at Portsmouth „,, Quebec 11121 days has brought Canada and Montreal ners The official dispatches received hv Government, . understand, are dated ibe 811< JiU'itno. The private ac- uuts come tl6wu to the 10th, with advices horn Montreal , f e V , ' l'he reports of the defeat anil destruction of 11 uic am. _ „,,„>„„,;, fm. ce „, Sackett s Harbour are not come out of harbour iorntnodore Cham. cey's force at Sacketl's Harbour are not alized. The British lleet having Enforced bv thc St. Lawrence, ot 100 guns, Us decided su- • eriuVit v forced ti. e enemv to seek shelter jn poM.,^ Si,- ame - es Yeo proceeded to employ his ascendancy in c onvcy- •„ g provisions, stores, and military forces over the Lake to ;„,', i:„, Druminoud, for whose safety considerable emboldened by this superiority, made an attack .1 the 51I, of October, but were gallantly repulsed. On the 10th ot tbe same month, a hotly of t- WO Americans which had been detach. .1 wiih " view tia turn Ins right flank, were also met „ d driven back wilh considerable loss 1 his defeat com- elled Generals Brow .1 and Izard to full hack on Fori Erie, whither they were followed by Major- Gen. De W altevilie s division, which, howes r, found them too strongly posted to be attacked wilh any prospect of success. Lientenaul- General Drnmnmnd having been afterward* reinforced by 1.500 men, sent f. om Kingston by Sir George 1 revosl, it was expected tlu. 1 he would shortly make at, attempt to drive the enemv from Fort Erie A report had, indeed, been received, that the Americans had abandoned that post, after blowing up the fortifications, and passed over the chief purl of their lorces lo Bnflaloc: hut tins state- ment is cotilradicted hy one account Iron, Moo- real ot a subset; date— Sir George Prevosl. alter his retreat from Plaltsburg, employed himselfat Kingston ... super,,, tend- ing ihe arrangements for reinforcing General Dr.. n. mond; and on Ihe 4th last he returned lo Montreal 1 he situation of Chaunrey's fleet in Saeketl's Harbour is considered per- f. rilv safe from all attack, and he will, most probably, not feel disposed to risk a battle with au enemy so decdely "" one of Ihe Quebec pnperi brought by the Ljffcy frigate, has published some interesting remarks on the term* which were discussed on at Ghent particularly as to . frontier ofthe Cunadas. In these, the writer says, the ,, obsession of the soutl em hank ot tbe St. Lawrence be- tween Montreal and Kingston, by the Americans, places US under sucb disadvantages .11 the dtstrloution of on- forces, that the whole of Upper Can,,, a must fall to Ihe United Stales, and Lower Canada wtl no be defensible hut at an enormous expence; and adds, We had much at her see Ihe Americans confirmed in the possession of Saekeit's Harbour, Prcsqn' Isle, Detroit, and Michilima- kiuac, than in the possession ofthe Cnnntri just mentioned, as Great Britain will » 1 » ays have the means of establishing i superiority on the Lakes, whenever she chaises to exert them, but she never will be able to drive Ihe Americans out of that frontier when once fully settled, supported as Ihey w ill bo lay the immense population of the . hack parts of the States of New York and adjoining Slates. It is confidently stated, that Major- Gcneral kempt is returning, or has actually returned, to explain the situ- ation of military affairs in the Canada*. He is to. gdou ' ail, in the spring, and Mnjor- Gencral Robinson will hold the military command at Kingston, the principal British post on Lake Ontario, in Ihe mean lime. The following regimeuls arc ordered lor immediate « nbarkalion ' or America, viz. the 42d and 7!) lh Highlamlj aatid 52d a,,. 171st light infantry; out of which a light bu- gade i « to be formed. Seve. al sloops'Of war arc also ordered to befitted ratal HI Portsmouth for the American coast. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1814. MARRIED. Yesterday, at St. Chad's, in ibis town, Robert Peel Wil- lock, ofTuniwoYfli, Esq. to Marianne, daughter of the late William Wilson, of Gonsall Cottage, in this county, Esq. AtWorthen, on Monday fast, by the Rev. R. Williams, . Mr. David Joues, of Newtown, to Miss E. Speake, of Worthen. - Oil the 28tl. ult. n't the Friends' Meeting House, Man- chester, Edward Pritchard, of Ross, Herefordshire, hanker, tn Rebecca, eldest daughter of Roger Merrick, of Falkuer- strhet, Manchester. On thc 151I1 ult. James Pateruon, Esq. of the Inner Temple, only son of the late Col. Patersou, R. A. lo Henrietta Mary, third daughter of John Jones, Esq. of Dory Ortnoud, Cardiganshire, aud of Brunswick- square London. Saturday se'unight, at Knighton, Radnorshire, Joseph Meredith, Esq. to Miss Roberts, niece to J. Robarts, Esq. of Pykcnriier Hall. At Malpas, Cheshire, on the 21st nit. Mr. Lloyd, grocer and ironmonger, Malpas, to Miss Ann Asl. tou, socoud daughter of Mr. Ashton, Cbolmondeley Park, near Malpas. On the 29th ult. at W. exham, by the Rev. Roger Jones, Mr. Richaid Eyton Edwards, to Harriet, eldest daughter of Mc. Edwards, Pen ybryn. DIED. O11 Wednesday se'nnight, al Costcssey Hall, Norfolk, the seat of his nephew, Sir G Jertiingl. am, Barl. Charles Jer- ningham, Esq. a General Officer in tlie service of His Most Christian Majesty, Knight of Malta, and of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis. He was tbe youngest and only surviving son ofSir George Jerniughain, Bart, ( who died ill 1774) and brother ofthe lale Sir William Jerningham, Bart His mother was Mary, daughter of Francis l'lowden, of Plowilen, in this county, Esq. and niece of William Howard Stafford, Earl and Baron Stafford ; and at length sole heir of her cousin, the lady Mary Howard Stafford, who died in 1761), the widow of Guy, Count de Rohan Cliabot, brother to tbe Duke de Rohan, in France. General Jerningiiam was horn at Costessev, ie the year 1742, and entering early in life into Ibe service of France, became successively Col. Com- mandant of several of the Irish regiments of brigade, and was made Mareschal de Camp ill the year 1783. At iheepocli of Ihe French Revolution, having his family patrimony, to a considerable amount, placed in thai kingdom, and his person being endangered as an Englishman, he was com. pelled to seek refuge in his native couiitiy, where he re- mained until the peace of Amiens, in 1802, aud then returned to France, for the purpose of reclaiming a palrimony which he had entrusted to tbe faith of a country iu whose service he had spent his life, bill of which, cuntrary to all laws of civilized nations, be had beeu despoiled. The same spirit, however, of savage spoliation and flagrant injustice, until then unexampled in the civilized world, but winch, from its earliest dawn, had forriied Hie peculiar feature of the French Revolution, continued still unabated ; and not only Were all his efforts to recover his property vain, taut, 011 the renewal of hostilities between the two'countries, iu 1803, he wa -, by order of llae then ty rant of France, detained a prisoner w it Ii the rest of his countrymen ; and it was only on tbe happy event ofthe King's restoration, that he was at length enabled to re- visit his family in England. Had it pleased Provi dcnce lo prolong his life, it was the intention of General Jerningham to have returned to France, in order to resume his military rank in Ihe service of his Majesty Louis XVI11, and avail himself nt length of the re- establishment ofjuslice, order and humanity ( through the providential restoration of that Monarch), to recover his long sequestered property, now guaranteed moreover by the additional articles of the Treaty of Paris. 11 has been Ihe lot, perhaps, of few indi- viduals to enjoy Ibe esteem and friendship of so many dis- tinguished personages of either kingdom as was that of the Chevalier Jerningbant; and the numerous relatives und friends he has left to lament his loss, will hear aanple testi- mony lo the extent and elegance of his .• ccnmplishments and literary acquirements, lo the singular obligingness and courtesy of his manners, and to the generous and noble qualities of his heart. On Ihe 16th ult. at Geneva, tbe Most Noble John Marquis of Bute, Earl of Windsor, fsC & c. He was twice married, and had numerous issue. The late noble marquis filled for some time Ihe situation of Ambassador at the Court of Mail. id. with great credit. He was born June 30,1744, anil is succeeded in his titles and estates by his grandson. Outhe 29th ult. at his seal til Hindoo, in Sussex, James Anthony, Earl of Newburgh, last of t be house of Radclyff'e, one of the most ancient in Great Britain. It is lordship was g, cat grandson of James Radclyfl'e, sccond Earl ofDerwrnt- wnler, bv Lady Mary Tudor, natural daughter of King Charles II. by* whom he left issue two sons, Janles and Charles. Both these unfortunate noblemen fell victims In their attachment to the house of Stuart. James, third Earl of Dcrwenlwaler, was beheaded in 1715, aud Charles, his" brolher, suffered in the same cause, iu the year 174.1, when he w as taken al sea, and executed ou Tower- hill, on a former sentence of high treason. This Charles Radclyfl'e ( titular Earl of Del we'ntwater), left issue, by his wife Charlotte l. av'rugstone, in her own right Countess of New'burgh, an only sou, who succeeded to his mother's peerage us Earl of Newburgh. Of the immense possessions of this family in Cumberland and Northumberland, amcitftiting to a mil of J? 100,000 a year ( now appropriated to Greenwich Hospital), the heir was allowed an annual income of £ 2300. He married Miss Kemp, heiress of Hindoo, which was the only ! landed property possessed hy their son, the late Earl, whose widow, the present Countess of Newburgh, is sister loSir I'bomas Webb, Bart, and grand niece lo tbe third Countess of Derwenl waler. Out be 29th nit. Thomas Pavtie. Esq of Edstaston House, nei r W'cm,' in tiiis county, and late of Brook- street, Grosve- nor- srinare, Loudon, aged 70. Ou Thursday last, aged 81), Mrs. Jorden, late of Condover, in thi » connty. Yesterday, Mrs. France, wife of Mr. France, cabinet- maker, of Ct. slle- conit, in ( bis town. On Monday se'n night, in the 30 th year of his age, William Henry, second son of 11. B. Hollinshead, Esq. of Liverpool. On Ihe 17th ult. in the billh year of bis age, much regret- ted lay auiunerous family and a large. circle of acquaintance, Rice Thomas, nf Coedhelen, Esq. many years in the Com- mission of the Peace for the coiuity of Carnarvon. At Beaumaris, Mis. Williams, relict of the Uev, Richard Williams, and one of thc daughters of Robert Owen, of Pen- craig, in the county of Anglesea, E « tj.— This ivOrld had nothing to give that reason could wish for, which this vener- able lady did not possess : the esteem oflhe good, continued health, a respectable competence, nnd Ihe most affectionate attention of her children. She closed a very gradual decline, and, in the expressive language of Holy Writ, " gently fell - asleep," ou the 291I1 ult. in bci' 92d year. FTM1E Creditors of Mr. JAMES FIDLOR, who 1 | signed a I rust Deed to Messrs. PERKY and Ban have dated the 6ih of Ulij ias't," n,' ay"," ecei've: YIH VI Dl'n D* of1 13s. !> d. in tbe Pound, upon their Debts, by applying tu Mr. PERRY - Shrewsbury, Dcc. ii, 1814. < a :; MONtG0M| SRY SCHOOL. TVPrWVER respecttully informs Ihe Inhabitants 1TA of Montgomery and the Public, thai on MON DAY M'UVI- iY11'.''"'' P" rpo. es opening an ACa! DEM 1 for tbe Instruction of Youth. At Hits School Youth will be expeditiously qualified for the Count, unloose and Trade in general; an'u a. ose I optls to Whom it may be necessary, will be taught Draw. niaiicks Wl'al 18- judsra , lie U1U3' u, eful of Hie Mtllhe. TERMS; Board and Tuition ... £ 24 0 0 per Annum Entrance. 1 1 0 Drawing .... , , c per Quarter. Fork 1 * Pair of Sheets aud u Knife anil DAY SCHOLARS. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic 15s. per Quarter. iMatbematicks £ 1 , Entrance y 5 MR. BOUKLAY's BALL A T WELSH POOL. MR. BOURI. AY, impressed will, a dee tude for the very flatleriusr Eneout Mi' Corrie. The Bank of Messrs. Macmicliae!, Gitton, and Co. of Bridgnorth, suspended payment on Monday sennight: bnt we have the satisfaction to state, on undoubted author- ity, that the stoppage will be temporary only, and that the mblic and those persons intimately connected with the flank in money transactions, are not at all apprehensive of any loss whatever; the Concern itself being fully able to meet every Demand upon it, without resorting to the landed property belonging to the respective partners, and which is valued at from do to £ 70,000. A statement of the affairs of the Bank will, we are informed, be submitted to the creditors at large, in a few days, and the chief creditors intend to supersede the bankruptcy. This unfortunate embarrassment was occasioned by the failure of Messrs. Maciuicijiaels and M4Math, carpet manufacturers, London, who had been, permitted to draw upon thc Town Agents of ' Messrs. Macmichael and Gitton toa very large amount. Shropshire General. Agricultural Society*— A list of the Premiums offered by this Society, and of the Sweep- stakes and Kinlet Stakes, for the ensuing year, appears in our 3d page, HUNTING.— Mr. Cresselt Pelham's Hounds will meet on . Saturday, the 10th inst. at the Hav Gate ; on Monday, the 12th, at Light Green Coppice ; on Wednesday, the 14th, at Sherlock Common; on Friday, the 16th, at Thatcher's Wood ; on Monday, the 19th, at iN'esscliff on Wednesday, the 21st, at N^ sclifT; and on Friday, the 23d, at Aston Kennel, near Oswestry. We have authority to say, that the report circulated in the newspapers, of the Marquis of Stafford having taken a bouse at Paris, and going to reside there with his family, is yo'iei^ oFfbundatvon.— Staffordshire Advertiser. The new drama of The Miller and Ilis Men has been performed repeatedly at our Theatre with great success; and is every day gaining ground in public opinion. The scenery, & c. See. are very picturesque and appropriate, and the different characters in the piece are well supported — Our present performers are excellent in their various de- partments, and do Mr. Crisp, the manager, much credit. Urilisk and Foreign School Society.— A general meeting oi tlve British Sc Foreign School Society (' ate Lancasterian) w as held, 011 J, lio' 26th ult. at Freemasons' Tavern, to receive a report of ( lie Society's affair.: his R. H. the Duke of Kent was in the cli& it. The report staled, that the objects ot the Society were making ' much' progress - abroad-, aiui that its publications were eagerly sought for in France, Flanders; Holland, and other parts of the Continent, with a view to ^ extend the knowledge of the system in all those countries. The meeting was addiessed by Count de Laborde, a Member of the French' National Institute, who stated there was a very general desire Unoughout Frar. ce for the diffusion of the British system of education ; M. Feldbourg, a Dane, bore testi- mony to the exertions using by his Sovereign to; introduce the I system into his. dominions.— Some exceltent speeches were deliver- ed by Mr. Brougham, Mr. Whitbread, and several Foreign and ftnirivh Clergymen. M uch approbation was bestowed on the Duke of Wellington, for founding a school at Lisbon tor the education of the children oi Bcitwh soldiers in. the Peninsula. Committed to our gaol, on Wednesday last, hy R. Phillips, Esq. Mayor, Thos. Williams and TIIOM. Williams, 011 suspicion of having broke open the bouse of Surah Hum- phreys, of Montford, on the Sunday'night preceding, and stolen thereout some gowns, a printed cotton apron, and other articles. The first Thomas Williams also stands charged with having stolen three pieces of beef, a basket, &; c. on . Saturday, the property of John Jones, butcher, of Preston Gnbbals.— On the2f> th ult. was committed Hannah Smith, charged,, 011 the oath of James Neavalls, witb having picked his pocket of a book aud a one- pound note, 011 the 28th of November, in Newport. In a wood called Strang Strie, near Rastrirk, York- shire, on the 28th ult. was found the body of a poacher, dreadfully shattered by the bursting of his own gun. He had gone out to destroy game the preceding day, Sunday /— He has left a large family. Tuesday week, the bridge lately built over the Till, at or near the Red Scar, fell with a tremendous crash. The architect, who was below, removing some props, was killed. A peal of grandsire cators, containing 5,039 changes, conducted by Mr. James Penn, was rung at All Saints, in Worcester, on Monday se'nnight, and was brought round in 2 hours and. 58 minutes. Glamorgan Election look place on Monday se'nnight, when Benj a tuin llall, Esq. Member for Westbury, was elected without opposition. Mr. Jenner, who had been propospd, having declined the contest. A petition of the Proprietors of the Montgomeryshire Canal was presented to the House of Commons, 011 ihe 24th ult. setting forth, that the petitioners have made and com- pleted the Canal from or near Porthyvvaen Lime Hocks to Garthmill, io the county of Montgomery, being the greater part of the line authorized by the present Act, but cannot continue the same without being enabled to raise a further sum of money; and that a variation may be made in the line Originally proposed from Garthmill to Newtown, which will render the Same less expensive aud more Commodious ; and tjinta. another, beneficial variation may be made in the same Canal, between Pool Quay and the north east end of t he Guilsiield Branch thereof, by making the communica- tion from or near Pool Quay to the south west end oflhe said Guilstield . branch; and lhat it is expedient that the said Act should be amended, and the rates increased; and praying that leave may be given to bring in a Bill forthe same. — It was ordered, that the petition be referred t Committee, with power 10 send for persons, papers, and records. American Finances.— The Americans enter upon the prosecution of fhe war, for the ensuing year, under the civ cu instance of their being obliged to do more than double the whole of their taxes. They have to turn ten millions ofdolla | into twenty- one. A statement of some moment cscaped from the ! Chancellor of Exchequer during the debate in the House of Corhmoiis on Thursday night last,. He declared a confident expectation, that his " Noble Colleague ( Lord Castlereagh) would be enabled, at the expiration of ther adjournment, to resume his seat in the House of Commons witb important information. The principal brewers of the metropolis met lately to consider the propriety of reducing liie - price of porter; when U was determined to continue live ptressent price, but increase the strength ! ! f SUGAR..— Letters received from France., stale, that great rejoicings had taken place at Havre, and other towns, iii consequence of the-' French Legislature having passed a law, which prohibits the importation of English n fined sugar into France.— The demand for sugar on the Continent being thus diminished, we shall expect to hear ofa reduction 111 the price of that article at home. The Countess of Antrim has, in consequcnce of the fall in the value of the produce of laud, reduced thc rents of her Irish tenantry one third. Thin generous act is the more gratifying, t'roni it « having being made without any representations on their part to her Ladyship. WANTED, in a small regular Family in the Country, a sober, steady Man, who has been accustomed to wait at Table and to have the Care of Horses. Preference will be given to one who can write and keep Accounts. Noon need apply but such as can bring an uudeniable Character from their last Place. For further Particulars enquire of TUE PRINTER. WANTED, at an Inn, a COOK and HOUSKM A11).— None need apply who do not perfectly understand their Business, and who cannot have a satisfactory Charac- ter from their last Places; a middle- aged Person iu the former Situat ion will be preferred .—- For a Reference applv to THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER. G R OC E R'SA SSI ST A NT. WANTED immediately, a steady, active Young MAN, who has a thorough Knowledge of the Grocery Business, and is a good Accountant. Apply toG. HARRIS, Butter Cross, Shrewsbury. In the Press, ond speedily will be published, PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS on CATARACT and Closure of the Pupil, and on tbe Amputation of Ihe Arm at tbe Shoulder- Joint. To which are added srvcial Cases of Compound Dislocations. By G. F. D. F. VANS, Memberofthe Royal College of Surgeons iu London, late Pupil at the London Infirmary for curing Diseases of tbe Eyes, and Surgeon to Ketley Ironworks. N. B. The Poor may receive Advice, gratis, in all Diseases of the Eyes, by applying to Mr. F. VANS, at his Rooms, Market- place, Shrewsbury, every TUESDAY and FUIUAY Mornings, from eight to ten o'Clock. ep sense ofUrati. ... ... - Ourageinent he bin met « , tl, since Ins Attendance at POOL, wist, e » lo afford has Patrons, and those Ladies aud Gentlemen „ f flie Vicinity ayI10 will honour lain, with their Co any an Opportunity of seeing the Improvement his Pupil, have made during Ihe short Time thev have been under his 1 uit, on ; for which Purpose lie iutends having a [ ML J the ROYA t. OAK on Thursday, the 1.3th of December, and humbly solicits iheir Patronage aud Support. Mnsic will be engaged for tbe Company It. Danee after ihe Children — Iickets to be had al the Bar of the Royal Oak - P,-,,.. seven shillings, Tea included. ' ' * r^ Bull to commence at half- past six o'Clock. THIS DAY IS PUBLISH ED, By PP. EDDOWES. Pais run of this P. iphh, And uiuy he had of his respective Agents, and Newsmen, ( PRICE ONLY NINETEEN PENCE) THE SHROPSHIRE, CHESHIRE, AND NORTH WALES ALMANACK, on 7 ^ teWbtitp ^ Intelligencer, FOR THE YEAR 1815. Of whom mar/ be had, PEACOCK'S POLITE REPOSITORY; Containing an elegant engraved Frontispiece of PONTCYSYLTE AQUEDUCT, And Views of thc following Seats, . See. in the, Neighbourhood of Shrewsbury; SUNDORN CASTI. t!, HAUGMMOND CASTLE, BERWICK HOUSE, And LAURA TOWER OK SIUIEWSBURY CASTLE; 4lso Views of GLANGWNNA, near Carnarvon, LLANTISU. IO IIAI. L, Denbighshire, CHILLI. NGIIAM CASTI E, Northumberland, & c, & c. IP. Eddowes has also for Sale, THE ROYAL ENGAGEMENT POCKET ATLAS, SOUVENIR ( or POCKET TABI. ET), & c. in a Variety of Cases; COURT KALENDARS ; and LADi ES' and GEN- TLEMEN'S MEMORANDUM BOOKS of all Kinds, Cbeatre. MR. SMUTER TJF. SPECTFUI. LY informs his Friend.; and Ihe Public Krcli's'l1'^ BENEP1T is fix, d fo' ' his present WED! N1-. SDAY, DECEMBER 71b, 1S14, when will he presented MORTON'S celebrated Comedy, called EDUCATION. Ill the Course of the Evening, the following Songs: New Comic Irish Soug, * *' family Pride, or Birth und Beautv." « I'll E COBLF. lt & Til E GOOSE," Aud " ' I HE GREAT BOOBY," By Mr SHUTFR. « LITTLE MARY UF THE DEE," Bv Miss ANDREWS. The Rival Frigates, Or " SH ANSON if CUES APE tKE " By Mr. PAYNE '' And for this Night only, a SAILOR'. HORNPIPE By Mr. SHUTER. * To conclude with the favourite Musical Farce of ST. DAVID'S DAY; Or, The Honest Wdehman. Endut Act 1st, a RURAL DA\ CK, by the Characters Tickets and Places to be bad al Mr. CARESWELI'S Muidnl Head; of Mr. SlIUTFR, at Mrs Humphreys's* Toy- Shop, Mardol; and at Mr. EDDOWES'S, Printer — Boxes 3s. ( jd. Pit 2s. Gallery is. t'Oli THE BENEFIT OF " MR. PaYJSE, ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 91 II, ) S! 4, Ihe celebrated Ope. aticul Romance of THE DEVIEs BRIDGE. Count Beliuo, Mr PAYNE, Tn the Course of the Evening, thefollmeing Songs: " BKOOI. D IN HIS SOFT EXPRESSIVE IICKL* " T H E WOO D PECK E R ," " Is there a Heart that never loved;" The celebrated Picture Song, " MARK ME ' TIS ONLY A bKKTCH;" A NEW SONG, CALLED " England and her Brave Allies j" « : THE SHANNON AND CHESAPE. 1KE;" Or, Tbe Rival Fixates, By Mr. PAYNE. " IIF. ST IVF. Altr TRAVELLER," DUET, By Mr. PAYNE and Mr. LOMBE. THE COMIC SONG OF " IRISH HEARTS FOR THE LADIES," By Mr. SHUTER WITH THF. ADMIRED ENTERTAINMENT, CALLED THE SLEEP- WALKER. The Part of So. nno, the Sleep- walker, by Mr. CRtsp. Days of performing, MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, WED- NESDAYS, and FRIDAYS. *** Doors lo be opened at Half past Six; to begin at Seven precisely. Boxes 3s. 6d. Pit as. Gallery ls. Particulars in Hand- bills — Tickets and Places for the Boxes, at Mr. Careswell's, Mardol Head. r~ JpHIS Day is published, elegantly printed in a Vols. JL Demy 410. Price £ 4. 4s. lids, ( also a few Copies on Royal Paper, Price £ 7.79. Boards), CHARLEMAGNE, 011 L'EGLISB DEMVREE, PO EME EPI QU E, en VINGT- UU AT RE C11A NTS. Par LUCIEN BONAPARTE. Membre de 1' lnstitut de France, & c. & c & c. This interesting Work, which has formed a principal Occnpatiou of its Author for ten Years of Retirement, is founded upon the most prominent and illustrious Action of tbat Emperor, who he has chosen for its Hern— and abounds throughout in high examples of poetic Invention and classical Style and Character; uniting tbe rare Com- bination of vivid and original Genius with the most correct and cultivated Judgment. It has presented to tlte Author splendid Opportunities for Description, afforded hv Ihe Rites and Ceremonies oflhe Pagan aud Catholic Religious. Also, preparing . for Publication, CHARLEMAGNE, translated into English Rhyme, bv Ihe Rev. S. BUTLER, D. D. and the Rev. F. HODGSON, A. M "." Fifty Copies avill be taken off on Royoi Paper, fur which early Applications are requested. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, nnd Brown, Paternoster- Row; aud al the BRITISH GALLERY, 54, NEW BOND STREET, London; and may he had of W. EDDOWES, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. JOHN STANTON, GUN- MAKER AND WORKING CUTLER, KESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of SHREWSBURY and its Vicinity, that be has opened aSHOP in the HIGH STREET, opposite thf Town Hall, and having laid in an excellent and general Assortment of Goods, humbly solicits a Shaie of their Favours in Ihe above Line of Business. N. B. Every Article in thcGuN nnd CUTLERY Line made and repaired on the shortest Notice. Shrewsbury, Nov. 22, 1814. LORD HILL S COLUMN. THE CO M M ITTE E appointed for erecting the COLUMN in Honour of LORD HILL, announce ti » the Subscribers, t hat they have used all Zeal and Diligence to increase Ibe Fund lo a Sum worthy of the Town, llle County, and the distinguished General whose Achievements are commemorated, and equal lo a beautiful and approved Plan, which had been unanimously udopled. Con tiding ill the farther Liberality of the Town and County of Salop, they are proceeding 10 erect the Column, and to lhat End, have entered inlo a Contract with Messrs. SIMPSON anil LAWRENCE, notwithstanding the Amount of the present Subscription is greatly inadequate to Hie Completion oflhe intended Work. Forthe Inspection and Information of the Subscribers,, the Committee liave annexed a Statement of the probable Expence of perfecting ti. e adopted Memorial, without Reduction of the Scale, or Abridgement of the Ornaments- ofthe original Design, which is lhat of a DORIC COLUMN, the largest ever erected on a pure GRECIAN Model, amf equal iu Diameter lo tbe Monument iu Lonitoii.— Hence it will appear, that the Sum of £ 1500 and upwards is still wanting, in Addition to the present Subscription, PuOBABr. u F. xpence of erecting aud finishing the-- Column, lo be placed on un elevated Site between thc East End of the Abbey- Foregate, und Ihe . Military Depot of the District. Stonemason's Contract £ 2Q35 Dilto for 7^ Feel of Foundation auo Purchase, of Parr's Collage and Garden 170 Road £ lo0; Printing uud Advertising £ 130...' » 030 Clerk of Ihe Works... 1( J( j Secttlary, Architect, and sundry Expellees...., soft Statue... — Four Lions for Pedestal 200 1 roll Railing, Curb Stone, See ! W0 Stone Staircase and Railing.,.,. 300... £ 4035 1500 Pc DOT. 13ns. .. 54s. Od. .. 54s. Od. Per Gal. Per Pottle. 6d. lid. 4s. 4S. Belling on Johanna,— Eren betling that she is deli- rerrd-— into the hands of one of the City Gaolers befrre Christinas— 5 to I ( in that cose). she is not delivered at all. Haven Inn, Shrewsbury.- CHEAP WINES AND SPIRITS. E. COPE, Jun. & Co. TS ESP EOT FULLY inform their Friends and the Pub- j t lick, thev are now selling the Remaining Part of their STOCK of WIN ES and SPIRITS at VERY REDUCED PRICES for Readv . Money onlv. Very Choice Old lied Port, ' some time in Bottle Very fine Old Sherry Their esteemed fine Old Jamaica Rum 17s. od. 4s, Gd. Fine Old Real Coniac Brandy 24s 61I. ( is. 31I. Fine London Gin 10s. od s> s. 8d. Ditto Ditto, very strong 12s. oil. .' ts. od. 1 OTHER ARTICLES CHEAP IN PROPORTION. t N. B. If any Person has a Demand upon them, please to si1 till in their Account and il will be discharged. All Per- sotis indebted'to'them are most respectfully solicited to pay ihe same without further Notice. Mardol, Nov.' Mth, 1814. JAMAICA RUM. ARKWRIGHT and LEYl. AND ( at Messrs. Richard Walker, and Co.' s. Hani. ver Street, Liverpool) have on Sale ON E HUNDRED AND FIFTY PUNCHEONS yf particularly fine flavoured, choicc [ t W, ( ill. December, 1814. TEN GUINEAS 1IEW A 111). * SUPPOSED TO BE STOLEN, O. N FRIDAY LAST, ALAIJY'S GOLD WATCH, with Gold f ace, Steel Hands, and a Glass ovi r it; opening with a Spring as Hunting Watch, a Gold Snap Chain and Swivel, with a Set ofsuiall Gold Seals, and twoGold Keys attached toit. Whoever v.- ill give Information of ihe ahove, shall, upon 10 10 5 I) I Oil O The Ladies' Subscription to the Column, Conviction of the ( Iffcndcr or Offender*, receive ihe ahove Reward of TEN GUINEAS, by applying to M P. WtfSEtFH, Mrs. Hunt, Boreatton.... Lady Stuylhe, Actorijiurneil.'.', ] Lady Kenyon Lady Kail, mine Forester Mrs. Fovvncs Mr*. Parry, Shrewsbury.,.'. Mrs. Harris 1U ra Roberta, It em ........ Mrs. Reran, Vjpngtafi **„"' 5 10 • 21 TO 10 10 1 1 10 10 £ 5535.. Add to tlus £ 350 ( if the London Road should 11I any1 ful ure Period be carried by the Column), for Reu. uval of Buildings. Present Subscriptions £ 3949 ^ K5" The Committee beg Leave to solicit from the Gentlemen and Farmers resident ill Ihe Neighbourhood, their gratuitous Aid in the Carriage of Stone, for which tbe Contractors are to allow the Committee at the Rate of 8d. per cubic Foot, or los. per Ton. ThcSubscribers are respect- fully requested to pay tbeir Subscriptions at anv of the BANKS iu Shrewsbury, ou or before ibe first of January, 1813. N B. SUBSCRIPTIONS continue to be received at the several HANKS in Shrewsbury, aud at Ihc Office of Mr. 1.0X11 ALE, Town- Clerk. ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS, £, S, d, The Officers of the WrcUin Regiment of Local , Militia „../, ,50 0 0 John I a\ leur, Esq. of ISvjitingsdale, toincrease his Subscription lo £ 21 R. Jones, Esq. St. Mary's place.'.'.....'.'.'" Marl of Powis. R. Sluney, Esq...,. .' Job 1, Thutrvis Hope, Esq....,,.....,.. i\ lr. Stephen Hassall....,,, ,...' Thomas Lockley Meire, Esq ','.' John Meire, Esq Mr. Cartwright, Surgeon, Oswestry A DDITIONAL SUBSCR1HTIONS k DONATION'S TO THE LYING- IN CHARITY. SUBSCRIPTIONS. Mrs. Carless - ' - 51 rs. Cooke, Mardol ... Mrs. Colley - Misses Colley - RIis. Edwaides, Quarry Place - A Friend, by Mrs Kdwardes A Friend, by Miss Pritcliard . Dilto Ditto .... Mrs. VV. Hopkins . Mrs Holme ..... Mrs. Holland and Mrs. Sandford - 51 is. H limphreys, St. Mary's Place « Sirs. Lyster, Rowton Castie Mrs Mason ..... Mrs. Moil ram .'-. » - Mrs. Owen, Storm Hill ... 311 ra. Powys, Herw'ek House M iss Parry, St. John's Hill Mrs. Pin? Miss Salt \ V. Smith, Esq. .... Miss Walton - - - DONATIONS. Anonymous Mr. Clement Mr, R Wynne £ l 1 0 - 0 10 6 - 0 10 0 - 0 10 0 - 0 10 0 - 0 11 0 - 0 5 0 - 0 5 0 - 0 10 6 - 0 10 6 - 0 10 ( i - 0 10 6 - 1 0 0 . 1 ( 1 0 - 0 5 0 - 0 10 6 - 0 10 6 - 0 10 6 . 0 10 6 - 0 10 6 r 0 10 0 - 0 10 0 - 0 0 0 _ ] 0 0 - 1 1 0 WORTH EN GENERAL ASSOCIATION. WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, of the Parish of Wort lieu, in the County of Salop, have formed ourselves into a Society, to prosecute at our . joint Expense, and lo assist each olher in the apprehending, prosecuting, convicting, and punishing all Persons who fehall commit any Burglary, Felony, Grand or Petit I arcenv, till the Person or Property of us the said Subscriber-, and also lo punish Hedge Breakers, aud Destroyers of Wood. Anil the said Subscribers have entered into such Articles as were thought most proper by a Committee of Six, who shall pive Instructions for the immediate detecting of any Offender or Offenders; and for the better to effect our Intentions, are to pay the following Reward* to any Person who shall bv their Evidence he able to eoiiviCt Persons of tli*> fofl'iwiiig OWeuces:— and for tbe true and faithful Performance of the same, we, the said undermentioned Persons, do hind ourselves, our Heirs, Executors, aud Administrators, in the Sum of Ten Pounds of lawful Money, bv Deed, under our Hands aud Seals for that Purpose. " The fclo ions burning anv House, Baru, or £. s, d. other Burbling, or anv Rick, Stack, Mow, flovel, Coclt of Corn, Grain, Straw, Hay, or Wood 5 5 0 The felonious breaking and entering any House, 1.1 the Night Time 4 4 0 The like iu Ihe May Time 2 2 0 The felonious stealing, killing, maiming or woundiiit* any Hotse, Mare, or Geldioj; 3 3 0 The like of anv Bull, Cow, Ox, Bullock, Steer, Heifer, Sh< ep, Lamb, or Ass 2 2 0 The like of any Hogs or Poultry . I I o Any other Grand or Petit Larceny 1 1 0 The Calling down, destroying, or damaging any Trees or VVood, as aforesaid 110 The breaking open, throwing down, levelling, or destroying any fledges, Gates, Posts, Stiles, Pails, Rails, Or Fences as aforesaid... 110 The stealing or destro, vin » any Fruit Tree, Root, Shrub, Plant, Turnips, or Potatoes, Cabbage, Parsnips, Peas, or Carrots, rob. btnir any Orchards or Gardens 110 Any Servaul unlawfully selling, bartering, giving away, or embezzling any Coals, Lime, Hav, or other bis, her, or their Master's oi Mistress's Property as aforesaid 1 1 0 And for every olher Offence on or against the Property of nuv of the said Siibsciibeis, such Rewards shall be given as shall be agreed ou, aud diiected by an Annual or Special Meeting of the Society. i. K. Powell, Esq. llardtvick I Vorthen. Rev. Mr. Smyth Rev, Mr. Williams Mr John Dickin Mr. Arthur Dickin Mr Thomas Weaver Mr. Daniel Weaver Mr. Joseph Butler Bmg it es'on. Mr. Shaiharh Edwards Mi- Thomas Eddowes Mrs. Jane Jehb H'allon. Mrs. Mary Haberley Mr. John Shuker Mr. Thomas Eduards Beachfield Mr. William Reynolds Brockton. Mr. Charles Jones M r. Richard M iddleton Mr, Edward Evans Mr. John Samhrook Aston Piggut. Mr. John Evans Mr. George Johnson Mr. John Lawrence, Park Mr. William Tiitley, Coles, moor Mr. Thomas Phillips, Leigh Mr. Edward Eddow es, ( in nter Mrs. Ann Jones, Hurst Mr. Gardner Lee, Aston Ro- ger, Mr. Samuel Sneadc, IVinsley State of the Ditches aud Fcaeea; and, above all, the De- gree of Cleanliness of the Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, and the Execution of all the various Branches of Business performed; together with Ihe best Mode of con ducting the whole Agricultural Concern of such Farms as may come under his or their Consideration. 20. A Piece of Plate, Value I'WKNTY- PIVE GUINEAS, IO ibe Tenant of tbe next best cultivated Farm, uuder the like Conditions. 21. A Piece of Plate. Value TWENTY GUINEAS, lo Ibe Tenant who shall have the best and cleanest Crop of Tur- nips, of any Sort, in Proportion to the Quantity and Quali- ty ofthe Land tie occupies ; not less than Twenty Acres toentille any Member lo shew for this Premium. 22. A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for the se- cond besl, uuder the like Cocdilious. 23 A Piece of Plate, Value TWENTY GUINEAS, IO ihc Tenant who, between Ihe loth of October, 1814, and the loth uf Oclober, 1815, shall Drain, iu tbe best and most effectual Manner, the greatest Number of Acres in Propor- tion to the Quantity of Land lie occupies; not less than Twenty Acres, to be entitled to Ihis Premium. 24 A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, to the Tenant who shall have made, between the toili Day of Oclober, 1814, and Ihe loth Day of October, 1815, the greatest Num- ber of A res of Watered Meadow, in the best aud most compleat Manner, in Propoition to ihe Quantity of Land lie occupies thai is capable of such Improvement; not less thau Six Acres to be entitled to the Premium. 25. A Premium of 1 EN GUINEAS, lo any Person who shall invent or improve any Implement of Husbandry, thai shall, oil Tiial, be found most useful in saving Labour and Expense; Simplicity and Cheapness of Construction being deemed essential Parts of its Merit.— This Premium is opeu lo any Person whatever. 26. A Pieceof Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, lo Ihc Person who shall produce a Plough which shall plough one- fourth of an Acre of Land in the best and most workmanlike Man- ner; Lightness of Draught, Evenness of Bottom, and Depth, Width, and Slraiahtness of Furrow, will be con- sidered in adjudging this Premium. 27. A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for the best Stallion for the general Purposes of Husbandry, lo be used 111 llie County ofSalop tbe Seasons of 1815 and i « 1( 3- 28. A Piece of Plate, Value FIVEGUINEAS, for the best Mare for the general Purposes of Husbandry 29 A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for the best Bull, not exceeding three Years old 011 the lst of January, 1815, lo be used in the Counly of Salop tbe next Season. 30. A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, fur ( behest Team of four Working Oxen, being not more than four Years old on the 1st Day ot January, 1815, to be shewn iu llieir Gearing. 31. A Piece of Plate, Value FIVE GUINEAS, for Ihe best Boar, tu be used in the Counly of Salop the following Year. 32. A Piece of Plale, Value THII. EE GUINEAS, for inc- hest Sow 33. Tothe Day- Labourer ( in Husbandry only), resident in ihe County of Salop who has maintained himself and Family, and brought up the greatest Number of legitimate Children without Relief from his Parish, excepl during Iliuess, a Premium of FIVE GUINEAS. 34. To the second Dilto Dilto, a Premium of THREE GUINEAS. 35 To the third Ditto Ditto, a Premium of Two GUINEAS. 3ti. Tothe Man- Servant ( in Husbandry only), resident in Ibe County of Salop, who baa lived Ihe longest Time with Ihe same Master or Mistress, ami producing llie best Character, a Premium of FOUR GUI N H AS. 37. To the second Ditto Ditlo, a Premium of THREE GUINEAS. 38. To the third Dilto Ditto, a Premium of Two GUINEAS 39. To the Woman- Servant ( ill Husbandry only), resident in the County of Salop, who has lived the longest Time under the same Master or M istress, and pi oducing the best Character, a Premium of FOUR GUIN EAS 40. l'o the second Ditto Ditlo, a Premium of THREE GUINEAS. 41. To the third Ditto Ditto, a Premium of Two GUINEAS. - STRAW- YAM FOR TWO- YEA P. S OLD CAT TLE, at Is. 6( 1. perWcck. — Enquire of Mr. HUIGINS, Piichfurd Park. to nv snr. n by HAY PRJVATR CONTRACT, 1 \ BOUT FORTY or Fl FTY TONS of good 11 AY, either / X in Lots, or the whole together, situated 011 the - Hanks of Ihe River Severn, uear Llaudrinio Bridge, in the Couuty of Montgomery. For Particulars, enquire ( if by Letter, Post- paid), of Mr. YATKS, Solicitor, Vyruwy Bank : Mr. SAMUEL GIT. TL! » s, of I. laudriuio aforesaid ; Mr. Joiiv PICICSTOCK, of Baschurch: or Mr. THOMAS PICKSTOCK, Draper, High Street, Shrewsbury. December Sth, 1814. Ml E Commissioners iii a Commission of Bankrupt, h> ' aring Dale the 7th Day of April, one Thousand eight Hundred and fourteen, awarded and issued forth agaiust ARTHUR WARlUNGjON, of Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop, BRICKLAYER and BRICSOHKEH, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet 0.11 liie FOURTEENTH Day of DECEMBER next, at Eleven o'clock in theForeuoon, at ihe House of Willian; Tompkins, the I. ION INN, iu Shrewsbury afotesnid, iu order to make A DIVIDEND of Ihe Estate and Effects of Ihe said Bankrupt: when and where the Creditors who have 1101 already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will he excluded ihe Benefit of Ihe said Dividend: mid al! Claims not then proved will be disallowed. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. rTUIE Creditors of the Reverend RICH ARD ROWEN, 8 of MINDTOWN, in Ihe County of Salop, Clerk, are hereby informed thai Copies of a Letter of Licence, are lefl al my Office, uud at the House of Mr. JAMES POWELL, of Bishop's Caslle. for Ihe Perusal and Inspection of his Creditors: AND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That Mr. Bow- en's Trustee intends paying a Dividend among such of the Creditors who are willing to execute such Letter of Licence, on his, her, or their signifying such Assent thereto, by Lrttcr ( Post- paid), addressed lo me, or the said Mr James Powell, ou or before tbe Twenty- first Instant. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY A LSI) GIVEN, lo such of Ihe Creditors who shall refuse to execute the said Lei ter of Licence, 1 bat Ihey will be excluded from the NEW LEICESTER LAMBS. Q1XTY EWE and WETHER LAMBS; regularly bred, O for several Years past, from the Flock of M r. J ELLICOE, will he EXPOSED FOR SALE at tbe next ensuing SHREWSBURY FAIR. Capital Freehold Coppice Land, Messuage, and Timber, with Underwood of 21 Years' Growth. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that Piece or Parcel of COPPICE LAND, called HARGROVE COPPICE, situate at Wall . under- Hay- wood, iu Ibe Parish of Rushbury, in Ihe Countv of Salop, with the Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE and Garden titer eon, containing 50 Acres or thereabouts, together, with about 1800 thriving OAK TREES and POLES, ami also other . Trees aud Underwood, now growing iu the said Coppice. There are several Inclosures of Waste Lauds near to the above Estate, now proceeding 011, which will occasion a considerable Demand for Coppice Wood. For a View of the Premises, apply to tbe Tenant, John Sambrook; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. RICHARD PARTRIDGE, of Atcbain; or of Messrs. PEM- BERTON, COUPLAND, and DUKES, Shrewsbury, at whose Office a Map of ihe Piemises may be seen. Benefit of such Dividend. Doopole, Shrewsbury, Jth December, 1814. JOHN DICKSON, Solicitor to the Trustee. 1 HP AUCTION* FURNITURE— ISLE HOUSE. BY JONATHAN PERRY, ( Under a Distrain for Parochial Taxes), on FRIDAY, tiie 9th Day of December, Instant, 011 tbe Premises at IHE ISLE HOUSE, near Shrewsbury: rgVIE valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUI'NI- 8 TtJKE, and oilier Effects, belonging lo ihe Rev. WILLIAM WARRINGTON.— Further Particulars will ap- pear iu descriptive Handbills. Shrewsbury, tith December, 1814. TO BK SOLD BY PRrt'ATE CONTRACT, . BY R. MADDOX, 1 Art LCAPITAR' <> AU TIMBER TREES, and &> I 1111 ASH, S( • rilie marked snrl uiiuibered, and growing ou OAENANT ESTATE, Aloiitgomervshire, 111 the Holding of Mr. W. Rogers. , Tbe above Timber is fit for any Purpose that Oak or Ash may lie converted Inlo ;• and is conveniently situated, being williin Haifa Mile of tbe Guilsfield Branch of the Moutio. meryshirc Canal.— For further Partk iilars, and lo treat for the same, apply 10, THE AUCTIONEER, Oswestryi Kf* Jf. ' he above Timber is nut sold before the 12H1 of December next ( of which Notice will be.. Given), it will be SOLD by AUCTION, oil Monday, theagllj of Decembei, at the Cioss Keys, LUuymwiech, between the Hours of three. and six iu Ihe Afternoon. Oswestry, Nov. 21th, 1814 MES OP AUCTION. CAPITAL HAY. BY \ V. SMITH, At the Unicorn Inn, Shrewsbury, 011 FRIDAY NEXT, the Sltli Day of December, 1& 14, precisely at five o'Clock in the Afternoon; I. OT I . OTACK of remarkably good IIAY, ofihis Year's Growth, O about 13 Tous, standing in a Field called THE CLAY PIT MEADOW, near the Top of Abbey Foregale. LOT 11. STACK of excellent HAY, of the same Year, about 5 Tons, standing in a Field in SUTTON LANE. Fur further Particulars, aud a View ofthe tjav, apply at the Unicorn, ur to THE AUCTION EEII. DANIEL WEAVER, Treasurer, JOSEPH RUTTER, Secretary ; To whom Iht earliest I uformatiuu is required lo be given respecting auv Offence whatever as aforesaid. JV. IJ. ike A A' iV VA L M EETIjYG of this Assoc!- alion will be held as usual al Mr. Djpim. IV njy uh's, in fVorthen, the 26th Dec nuts mi.— Dinner precisely at Two o'Clock. -- SHROPSHIRE General Agricultural Societ//. T a Meeting of ftie Committee, held at t:. e LION INN, 111 SHREWSBURY, on THURSDAY, lilt; 20TH Dav of October, ISI4; present Sir ROBERT LAVVI. EY Bart. WILLIAM CHILDE, and THOMAS NBTHERTON' PARKER, :. sqrs. lies lived. That Ihe following Premiums be oSereil for Ihe ensuiug Year 1 Tor July Meeting, 1815. 1. A Picce of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for the best one- year old short- woolled Ram, subject lo the anuexed I "' ceive me ' '' 1 Candidate for the AT„ Conditions. S. A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for Ihe best j two- years old shorl- woolled Ram, under Ihe Like Condi- ; tions. 3. A Pieceof Plate Value TEN GUINEAS, for the best one- year old long- woolled Raul, under the like Conditions. 4 A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for the best two years old loug- woolhd Ram, under the tike Conditions, 5. A Piece of Plate, Value SEVEN GUINEAS, for the best Pen of three ihort- woolled Theaves, under ihc like Condi- tions. 6. A Piece nf Plate, Value SEVEN GUINEAS, for the best Pen of three long- woolled Theaves, under tbe like Con- ditions 7. A Piece of Plate, Value FIVE GUINEAS, for Ihe best Ten of three onc- ytarold sliorl- ivnulled Wethers, under the like Conditions. 8. A Piece of Plate, Value FIVE GUINEAS, for the best Pen of three two- years old short- woolled Wethers, under the like Conditions. 9 A Piece uf Plate, Value FIVE GUINEAS, for the best Pen of three one- year old long- woolled Wethers, under the like Conditions. 10. A Piece of Plate, Value FIVE GUINEAS, for the best Ten of three two years old long- woolled Wethers, under the like Conditions. 11. A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for Ihc best Pair of two- years old long- horned Heifers, under the like Conditions. 12 A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for the best Pair ofiwo- ycars old short- horned Ditto, under the like Conditions. 13. A Piece of Plate, Value TEN GUINEAS, for ihe besl Pair of two- years old Hereford Ditto, under Ihe like Con- ditions. 14. A Piece of Plate, Value T EN GUINEAS, for the best Pair of two- years old Devon Dilto, under the like Condi, tions. 15. A Piecc of Plate, Value TWENTY GUINEAS, for the liest Pair of two- years old Heifers, of any Sort; the Judges to take into Iheir Consideration which is the best adapted for the general Stork of the County. 16. To Ihe Shepherd, being a Servant or Labourer to a Member ofthe Society, who, from uot less thau Oue H1111- , dred Ewes, shall rear ( till the 31st ofMay, 18ir>) the greatest Number of sound, healthy Lambs, in Proportion to the Number yeaned. THREE GUINEAS; ihe Nature of the Breed, AG'', and Number of ihe Ewes which have gone lo the Rani, Number and Age of those lhal yeaned, Propor- tion thai have died from the Time of pulling lo Ihe Rain, first nnd last Day of Yeaning, together wilh the Mode of Feeding and other Treatment oflhe Ewes aud Lambs, to be accurately certified.) agreeably to the under- written Con- ditions. 17. Foi Ihe nexl greatest Number, Two GUINEAS, under the like Conditions. 18. For the third Dillo, ONE GUINEA, . under the like Conditio us Premiums for October Meeting, JS15. 19. A Piece of Plale, Value FIFTY GUINEAS, to the Tenant who shall cultivate nnd improve in the best Man- ner the Farm be occupies, consisting of 1101 less than Ttvo Hundred Acres, between October, IH14, and October, 1815. The Judge or Judges who may lie appoint', d to decide who is entitled tothis Premium, will be directed lo pay parti- cular Attention to the System of Cultivation, as adapted 10 the Nuture and Quality of the Soil to which it. is applied ; the Quantity and Description uf the several Manures made ass of ( or iu R. eserreJ, with lb1! Application of each; the Conditions to be observed by the Candidates. I. Candidates for the Premiums for the best cultivated FARMS, must give Notice ( in Writing) to the Secretary, on or before the FIRST Day of IANUALLY, 1815 ; for Ihe Premi- ums for TURN I PS, on or before tbe FIRST Day of AUGUST, 1815 ; and for the Premiums for DRAINING and IRRIGA- TION, 011 or before Ihe FIRST Duv of APRIL, 1815-, that Time may he allowed for appointing a Judge or Judges 10 inspect Ihc Farms, Crops, and Improv incuts. 2 All Notices of Claimants for Premiums for STOCK or IMPLEMENTS, and all Certificates required by Ihe Society, must be delivered ( in Writing) to the Secretary, eight Days be me t lie Meeting. 3. Certificates of the Qualifications of Shepherds, La- bourers, and Servants, will be required ( lite two last tube signed by Ihe Master or Mistress, and by I he Clergyman of the Paiish or Place where the Service was performed), drawn up agreeably to the Forms of the Society. 4. The Caille Slock to dale their Age from the FIRST Day of JANUARY; 11 Certificate of which tu be produced, agreeably 10 1 lie fifth Condition. 5. All Stock intended to be shewn for Premiums by Pro- prietors of Land, must be bred tiy them, aud all Stock shewn by Tenants must have been six Mouths ill tbe Owner's Possession before il is shewn; and all Callle and Sheep Stock must be fed with Grass, Hay, or Vegetables only, if fed with Corn or Cake 10 be disqualified Certifi cute, will be required from all Persons as 10 the Age, Breed ing, Possession, and Feeding of Stock, and of the Workine ofOxeu ; and must be drawn up agieeably to the Forms of the Society 6. No Animal, having won a Premium at any ofthe Meet- ings, shall he allowed to lie exhibited again 7. If any of the Candidates for Ihe Premiums, No. 21. 22, 23, or 24, are also Candidates for the Premiums No. 19 aud 20, and happen lo be the successtul Candidate for No 19, such successful Candidate will he disqualified for tin present Year from receiving the Premiums, No. 21, 22, 21, or 24. 8. No Candidate, who has obtained either of Ihe Pre. miuilis for ibe best cultivated Farm, shall be permitted lo eceive Ihe same Premium again; but the successful Premium for tbe second best may not- withstanding offer himself a Candidate for ihe best cultiva- ted Farm ; aud 110 Person to whom a Premium bas been adjudged shall be permitted lo offer himself a Candidate for a similar Premium iu the following Year, except Ihe Winner of Ihe Premium for the second besl Farm as aforesaid 9. Ail Slock shewn for Premiums must he 011 the Ground f> y eleven o'clock precisely, and properly secured, oilier- wise Ihey will be disqualified ; and no Slock shall be taken out of the Field before two o'Clock, without Permission of tbe President. 10 The Society reserves to itself, in all Cases, a Power to with bold the Premiums, if there appears not to be sufficient Merit iu the Claims. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, IH AT the T rusteec ot Ihe several Turnpike Roads leading from Bishop's Castle, in the County uf Salop, towards Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Pool nnd Knighton, and from CI1111 to Newton Green, ill the several Counties of Salop, Montgomery and Radnor, will MEET at the CASTI. F. INN, in BISHOP'S CASTLE aforesaid, on TUESDAY, the 271I1 Day of DECEMBER next, at ten o'Clock in llie Forenoon, for the purpose of LETTING THE TOLLS arising at the Turnpikes hereunder mentioned, to tbe highest Bidders, either for one or two Years from Lady Day nexl, 11s tbe Trustees shall I lien determine. The same Tolls are uow let for the respective yearly Rents following, and will be put up al I hose So 111s, aud subject to such Con- ditions as shall be then and there produced. Bishop's Castle Gates on the Roads leading towards Ludlow, aud Side Gate at Lagden Lane Bishop's Castle Gate on Ihc Knighton Road, and Toll liar under Hall Orchard, vvifh intended Side Gate al or neai the Village of Cotbatch Keniptou Clun Gates on the Road 10 Newton Green, aud Side Gales al Clun and Clunlon Aston, Park Lane, Basfurd aud Long Lane ., Knighton Gales Foul Lane- end, Bridges and Pulrerbatch ... Bishop's Castle Gates 011 Ihe old and new Turnpike Roads to Montgomery and Pool, with Side Gales near Bishop's Moat Bishop's Castle Gale on the Road to Church- stoke and Pool Owles Lane Gate on the Road leading from Snead towards Lydham ( not let). No Person will be allowed to bid for any of the above Tolls without previously producing such Sureties as Ibe Trustees shall approve of; and w hoever happens to be the best Bidder, must, al the same Time, wil h such Sureties, ex- ecute .111 Agreement for Payment of the Rents at Ihe Times and in the Manner the Trustees shall direct. NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, That the Trustees will, at the aforesaid Meeting, con- sider of making an Order for lessening the Tolls now pay- able for Horses drawing in broad wheeled Carriages on such of Hie said Turnpike Roads, vvhereof! the Reduction can with Propriety lake place. THOMAS JONF. S,. Clerk to the Trustees. Bishop's Cas'le, 14M November, 1814. £ lljo 103 fc 123 246 108 362 170V 230 60^ VALUABLE GARDENS, OR BUILDING LAND, COTTON HILL. BY JONATHAN PERRY; At Ihe Raven Inn, Castle Street, Shrewsbury, on Thursday, Ihe 15th of December lnsi. at four o'Clock iu the After noon, ill ON E or Two Lots, as will be determined at tbe Tune of Sale : ALL that most excellent GARDEN ( next adjoining the Premises attached to Cotton House, in Ihe Occupa- tion of Edward Davies, Esq.), with Brick Summer House thereon, containing 20 Perches, or thereabouts, und now in Ihe Possession of said Edward Davies, Esq. Also that excellent GARDEN next adjoining Ihe forego- ing, w ith Summer House thereon, containing 22 Perches, or thereabouts. These Gardens are most delightfully situated, in a South Aspect, commanding many beautiful Views oflhe Country, Ihe Town of'Sbri wsbury, and the River Severn, and, beside being highly valuable as Gardens, form a most eligible Building Site. For furl ber Particulars apply at Cotton House, or tu THE AUCTIONEER. TURNPIKE TOLLS. " » vTOTICE is hereby given, that at a Meeting of Ihe J-^ f Trustees of the Shrewsbury District of the Watling Street, Stretton, aud Longden, and of I be Welsh Gate and Baschurch Turnpike Roads, to be holden at the GUILD- HALL, in SHREWSBURY, on MONDAY, thesECOND Day of JANUARY, 1815, at eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, tbe Tolls arising 011 the Roads and Weighing Machines under- menlioned will be LET BY AUCTION, for one Year com- mencing at Lady- Dav next, iu tbe Manner directed by the Act passed in the I hirteeulh Year of the Reign of his pre sent Majesty, " For regulating Ihc Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls ( including ihe Weighing Machines) now pro- duce the following Sums above Ihe Expenses of collecting thsiii, and will be put up under such Conditions as the Trustees then present shall agree upon. Whoever happens to he the besl Bidder, must give . Secu- rity, with sufficient Sureties to Ihe Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of tbe Rent agreed for, aud at such Times as ihey shall direct; and 110 Person will be allowed lo bid until such Sureties arc named aud appruved of by the Trustees. « JOHN JONES, Clerk tri the Trustees uf Ihc said Roads. SWEEPSTAKES FOR JULY MEETING, 1815. A SWEEPSTAKES of ONE GUINEA each, for Ibe best Pairof YEARLING HEREFORD HEIFERS; to be shewn at July Meeling, 1815; lo close the first Day of May, 1815. ROBERT L. AWLEY— THOMAS N. PARKER— SAMUEL WOOD— JOHN RAVENSHAW— TIMOTHY BI. UCK. A SWEEPSTAKES of ONE GUINEA each, for llie best Pair of TWO- YEARS OLD HEREFORD HEIFERS; 10 be shewn and lo close as above. ROBERT LAWLEY— THOMAS N. PARKER SAMUEL WOOD— IOIIN RAVENSHAW— TIMOTHY BLUCK. A SWEEPSTAKES of ONE GUINEA each, for tbe best PA 111 of Two- YEARS OLD HEREFORD OXEN; to lie shewn aud lo close as above. ROIIERT I. AWLEY— TiioMAs N. PARKER— THOMAS CHAPMAN— TIMOTHY BLUCK. SWEEPSTAKES FOR OCTOBER MEETING, 1815. A SWEEPSTAKES of Two GUINEAS each, for the best BOAR; tu be shewn at the October Meeting, 1S15; Age to be considered— having beeu Six Muuths 111 tiie Owner's Possession ; lo close at July Meeting, R. W. B. HILL - ROBERT I. AWLEY— WM JELMCOE— W. W WYNN— RICHARD WHITE. A SWEEPSTAKES of Two GUINEAS each, for the besl Sow ; lo be shewn as above, under I he like Conditions. R. W. B HILL— VV. W. WYNN— WM. JELLICOE. K1NI. ET SIV E E PSTA K ES. A SwEitPSTAKES of Two GUIN EAS each, for a SHEAR- LING LONG WOOI. LF. D RAM ; 10 be shewn at the Shrews- bury Agr cullural Meeting, in July, 1815. It'LAWLEY— W. CIIILDE— TAI. BOT— En. BLOUNT— JOHN PRATT— THOMAS MOORE— WM JELI. ICOE— W L CHILDE— THOMAS BOTFIEI. O— EDWARD OWEN— GEORGE PIOOT— THOMAS CHAPMAN— J C. MORRIS. A SWEEPSTAKES of ONE GUINEA, for the three best ONE SHFAR WETHERS; to be shewn at the General Agri- cultural July Meeting, 1815. R LAWLEY— W. CHILDE— TALBOT— En. BLOUNT— JOHN PRICE— THOMAS MOORE— WILLIAM JEI. LICOK— J. C. MORRIS— THOMAS CHAPMAN— EDW. OWEN. A SWEEPSTA KF8 of Two GUINEAS, fur the best TWO- YEARS OLD DEVON HEIFERS ; to be shewn at July Meet- ing, 1815. W. CHILDE— G. TAI- BOT— J. C. MORRIS- JOHN BUCKLEY— WMJELLICOE. ( V- J- The next Meeting will be held on the t it inn Fui ua y in J a, r; and the second Meeting on the Tumi) Friday IN Octobeii. tT. EGEllTON JEFFREYS, Secretary. PRESENT RENTS. The Mount Gate, and Weighing Machine in Fraukwell, on the Road lending towards Pool and Oswesiry, togelher wii h a Gale near the 81 h Mile- alone 011 tbe Pool Road; alsu ( Ilia Check Gate al Mont ford Bridge, and a Gate near the Wolf's Head mi the Oswestry Road 1012 Tbe Coplhoru Gate, and Weighing Machine on the Road leading to Westbnry 213 TheTrewern nnd Middleton Gates, 011 the new Branch of Ruail to I'ool 252 Th Gates, and Weighing Machine, 011 Ihe Road leading to Mitislerlcy The Colion Hill and Present Gates, ( aud Weighing Machine) ou the Road leading lo Bas. hiireh TlieTernand Emslrey Gales, on the Shrews- bury District of Ihe Walling Street Road, with the Bye- gales at Croukhil! Lane aud Wroxrter The Frodeslev Gate Tbe Meole Gale, and Weighing Machine, 011 tiie R. ad leading to Church Siieltou, and the Cheek Gates at the End of Sulion Lane and near Condover Turning The Nobold Gate, and Weighing Machine, on Ihe Road leading lo Lougden aud Bishop's Castle Shrewsbury, December 5, 1814. £. s. d. 500 0 0 245 0 0 735 24 soo 0 0 S40 0 0 44 A Mi and 1 AM' I rccs, growing on Lands 111 the pal ion of John Yeates, called Chapel Field, Well Me Corbel's Piece, Nan's Horn, Lyon's Croft, Little ( Piece, Rye Grass Piece, and Little Rape Hill. TIMBER. BY JONATHAN PERRY, Oil Mnnday, December the 13th, 1814, al four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at Ihe House of Thomas Bullock, known by Ihe Sign of tlie Dun Cow liiu, Abbey Foregate, in tbti Town of Shrewsbury : K yy TIMBER TREES, growing 011 Farms at AL- £) I ( BRIGHTON, 3 Miles from Shrewsbury, on Hie Ellesmere Turnpike Road, iu tlie following, or such other Lots as may be fixed < 111 at the Time of Sale, agreeable 10 Conditions then lo be produced. LOT I. ASH and ASP Trees, Lands in the Orcn- eadoiv, Gorsty pe ^ LOT 11. 40 ASH Trees, growing ou other Parts ul'John Ycalea's Farm. LOT III 29 ASH and 2 ELM Trees, growing on Lands ill I lie Occupatiou of Wil I lam Heigh way, called the Gardeu, Orchard, about Hie House, Pool Meadow, Crolt, Rick Yard, Croft by Rick Yard, I Tree by Pit, No. 27; Slaug, Heazy, and Hilly Bank. LOT IV. 101 OAK Trees, growing on various Parts of John Yeates's Farm LOT V. 121 OAK Trees, growing on Lauds iu Ihe Occu- pation of William Heighvvay, and Guugli, called the Slaug, Hetcy, Holly Bank, Preston Field, and Gougli's two Patches. LOT VI 55 OAKTrees, growing 011 Lands in Ihe Occupa tion of William Heighway, called Liltle Coppice, Coppice Leasow, Flat Such, Round Hill, Big Meadow, Middle Inch Field, Lower Hill Marl Pit, and Hill Marl Pit. LOT VII. 78 OAK Trees, growing on Lands in| lhe Occu- pation of William Hvighwav, called Big Meadow, the Paddock, Bath Field, Old Road Field, Jones's Field, and Jones's olher Field. LOT VIII. 44 OAK nnd 3 ASH Trees, growing on various Parts ofThomas Ricliards's Farm. The above Timber is of large Dimensions, well situated for Land and Wgler Carriage, adjoining good Roads, 3 Miles from Shrewsbury. RICHARD LITTLEIIALES, Wheelwright, at Alhrigliion will shew the different Lots on Application; and lurthei Particulars may be had OI'TIIOMAS But. LOCK, Dun Cow or THE AUCTIONEER, both of Shrewsbury; and of Mr JOSEPH HAI. FORD, West Bromwich. The Whole of Ibe Timber is marked and numbered progressively with Red Paint, beginning with No 1, and ending with the highest Number iu each Lot. THIS DAY AND TO- MOIUIOW. Genteel Household Goads, Shop and Bakehouse Fixtures, Stock, 4fc. BY W." SMITH, Upon the Premises, on PRIDE HILL, SHREWSBURY, on Wednesday and Thursday, the/ th and 8th ot Decem- ber, 1814; A LL lhe HOUSEHOLD GOODSand FURNITURE, XI. GLASS, CHINA, BOOKS, PLATE, LlN EN, SHOP and BAKEHOUSE FIXTURES, STOCK, & c. belongii g lo Mr. BI. EASE: comprising Tent, Foinpost, and otln r Bedsteads, excellent Feather Beds and Mat I nisa, Blankets, Quilts, alirlCounterpanes; good Home- made Bed and Table Linen: Window Curtains; Mahogany and Oak Bureaus and Chests of Drawers, Dieasing Tables, angular and square Bason Stands, large Pier and Swing Glasses, hand- some Set of Mahogany Dining T ables, Dumb Waiter, Pembroke and Squate Mahogany Dining Tables, excellent Mahogany aud other Chairs ; printed Floor Cloth, 15 Feet by 12 Feet; a Quantity of Books, some of which are valua- ble; excellent Glass and China; Silver Tea and Table Spoons, Cream Ewer, & c. good Oak Dresser and Shelves, excellent Cluck aud Case, vviili the usual Assortment of Kitchen aud Culinary Articles, and every Requisite for Brewing, Casks, & c. ' Also 20 Gallons of good Ale. The SHOP and BAKEHOUSE contain a Counter with Drawers, Flour Chest, Nest Willi Drawers, Cupboard, 3ti Shew Glasses, containing every Article of Confectionary, i! cc. Kneading Troughs and Bowls, Peels, Bread aud Cake "" us. Blankets, & c. & c. - The Whole is pailiculaii- ed in talogues, wliich may lie had by applying to THE AUC- TIONEER.— The Sale lo begin precisely at Half past 1' en o'clock ' each Day. LIVE STOCK AND IMPLEMENTS. BY W." SMITH, Upon the Premises, at the LEA, in the Parish of Pontei. bury, in lhe Counly ufSalop, ou Monday, tbe 191I1 Day uf December, 1814; ALL the well selected LIVE STOCK nnd IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. JOHN RICHARDS, who haslet his Farm: consisting of eight capital young early calving Cows, one 3- years old calving Heifer, four 2 years old Ditto, three Yearlings ; one capital black Waggon Cult, rising three Years old, ( nol cut, and promising to make a very valuable Stallion); 1 wo very clever five Years old brown and black Draught Geldings, a black Draught Mare in- foal; two young Sows, twoGells. and 12 • mall Stores; five Sets of Gears, ( nearly new); capital lioad Waggon, with Liners. Harvest Ditto, four- wheel rumbril aud Ripples, two wheel Ploughs, double and single Furrows, excellent Laud Roll, four Pair of new Harrows, Crank and Chain, three long Ladders, willj sundry small Implements. Sale lo commence precisely at 11 o'clock. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. EY Order of tile Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors, the Petition of JOHN CROMPTON ( sued by the Name of JOHN CRUMPTON) late of Ihe Buck's Head Inn, Wai ling- Street, in ihe Palish of Wellington, and Couuty of Salop, Innkeeper, now a Prisoner confined for Debt in his Majesty's Gaol of Shrewsbury, in and for tbe County of Salop, w ill lie bear 1 before his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Ihe sai'd County, either at a General Quarter Session of the Peace, or any Adjournment of a General Quarter Session of 1 lie Peace, which shall be holden next afler Ihe Expiration of Twenty Days ut the least from the Date hereof— The Petition and Schedule ofthe said Prisoner are filed in Hie Office ofTltesaid Court, Nu. 59, Milbank- Sireei, Westminster, lo which any Creditor uiuy refer. List of Creditors. Messrs Pernan and Buiia& ter, Tewjtsbury, Gloucester shire, Liquoi Merchants. So John Heathcoie and Co. Shrewsbury, Brewers. Messrs, Hickenand Dunsford, Birmingham, Warwick shire, Liquor Merchants. Mr Frederick Redding, Wellington, Salop, Farmer and Maltster Mr. George Dodson, Cotind, Salop, Farmer. Mr. MoOre, Wellington, S . lop, Maltster. William Cuff, lleadley, Wellington. Salop, Wheelwright. William Ward, Cnuktun, Salop, Maltster. William Davies, Wellington, Salop, Maltster. John Poole, Watling- strect. Salop, Blacksmilb- Thomas Parton, hastun, Salop, Farmer. Richard Gittins, Shrewsbury, Whitesmith. John Morris, Wellington, Salop, Clothier. Mr Bagshaw, Newcastle under Line, Staffordshire, Hop and Liquor Merchant. Thomas Birch, Shrewsbury, Salop, Broker. Frauds Hooper, Worcester, Cyder Merchant. Mr Aaterlev, Shrewsbury, Attorney at Law. Mr. Cherrington, Watllng- Slreet, Salop, Maltster. Mr tillsmere, Downturn Salop, Farmer. Ed « » ' d Bowtu, Kctiev Brook, Salop, Maltster. JOHN CBOMPTON. HOUSE AND BUILDINGS, BAILKER- STREET, SHltEU'SBURY. BY STTUDOR, By Oriler of the Assignees of ROWLAND RICHAKDS, a Bankrupt, at the Turf Tavern, on Saturday, the lot I Day of December next, precisely at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions to he produced : ALL that substantial built M ESSIJ AG L, or Dwelling House, with other Buildings thereto belonging, con- sisting on the first Floor, of a large Shop, Kitchen, Pantry, with Cellars underneath. On the second floor, four good Lodging Rooms; iu the Attic two good Rooms and Closet :— Brewhouse, a lan> e Slaughter House, with every Convenience, and two Warehouses over the same ; a Stable and \ Y arehousf: adjoining, together with a large open Yard j aud Shed ; the whole Premises comprise a valuable Situa- tion for a Butcher, being in BARKK. R- NTREET, and in the Occupation of the said Rowland Richards. Also a Stack of capital two Year old HAY, standing in a field » t Oxon, near Shrewsbury, containing 12 Tons more or less, late the Property of the said Rowland Richards, For a View of the same, apply on the Premises, where a Person will be appointed 10 shew the Hav ; and for further Particulars apply lo ! V1 r W. COOPF. R, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. TO FARMERS, JOBBERS, GliAZIliKS, & c. BY F. HALLEY, ( By Direction of the Assignees On Wednesday and Thursday, the 14th and 15th Days of December Instant, on the Premises; AIL the FARMING STOCK, and HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ofTHoMAS COLLINS, of Ihe OLD HAI. L, near. Newport, Corn Dealer, Carrier, Dealer and Chapman, a Bankrupt. Also the LEASE, or Agreement for a Lease, of his FARM aud Premises al the OLD HALL ifforesaid ; con- taining nbout 65 Acres, 35 ol which are old Meadow and Pasture.— The Premises are pleasantly situated, and close adjoining the Town of Newport ; held for a Term of five Years anil a Half from Michaelmas last. And the Possession of Twelve Acres of other Land conti- guous to the Land in Lease, until Lady- day, 1SIti, in good Condition, and now sown with!; Wheat. The Farming Stock, and Leasehold Interest and Posses- ion, will be sold on Wednesday, and the Household Furniture On Thursday. Sale to commence precisely at ten o^ Clock. Printed Particulars may be had of THE AUCTIONEER, and of Mr. FISHER, Solicitor, Slufl'nal. ~~ M0N TG 0MERYS H IRE. At the Cross Keys, in Oswestry, ou Wednesday, the 1 ith Day of January, J8I5, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, ( unless disposed of in the mean Time hy private Con- tract, of which due Notice will he given): AVER Y capital DAIRY FARM, called VARCH W ELL HALL, consisting of a commodious Mansion House and extensive Outbuildings, with Shrubberies, Plantations, & c. aud 913 Acres, or thereabout, of excellent LAND, situate in the Parish of Guilstield, in the County of Mont- gomery, within four Miles of Welch Pool, and 13 of Oswestry, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Pover, as Lessee for a Term of Years ( of which four will be unexpired at Lady- Day next), at the yearly reserved Rent of £ 350 only, The whole Farm, except two small Allotments of Com- mon- containing about 8\ Acres, lies in a King Fence, and ,) dus of £]. 5s per Annum in lieu of Tithe Hav. Live Stock, Implements, Uousehold Goods, b$ c, BY W." SMITH, Upon the Premises, at WESTBURY, iu the County of Salop, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 20th, « lst, and22d Davs of December, 1814, ALL the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, HAY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, and other Effects belonging to Mr. JOHN CLAYTON; comprising eight- excellent Cows ( early Calvers), fourg years old Heifeis, two ditto Bullocks, seven yearling Bullocks; six able and capital Draught Mures and Geldings, one Hack More ; Sow and seven Pigs ; two good Waggons ( one with Iron Arms), three Tumbrils, Land Roll, double Plough, Hand and Furrow Ditto, capi- tal Harrows, Winnowing Machine, seven Sets of excellent Geais; with every other Farming Implement, The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of excellent and superior Bedsteads, with Furniture and Mattresses, lo prime Goose Feather Beds, Blankets, Quilts, Coverlids,, Counterpanes, and good Home- made Bed and Table Linen; capital Mahogany Chests ot Drawers, Bason Stands, Dres- sing Tables, Pier and Swing Glasses, Oak Chests of Drawers and Wardrobe, Linen Chests, Dressing, Dining, Pillar and Claw, and square Card Tables, and other Furniture in Oak; excellent Chairs ; Glass, China, and Silver Plate; capital Clock aud Dresser, long Kitchen Table aud Form, ki'chen Range complete, & c. with every Kitchen and Culinary Re- quisite-— The DAIRY VESSELS are excellent and numerous, including Cheese Presses; the BRKWING ARTICLES are very good — Casks, Hogsheads, & c. wilh Furnace and Boiler. THE AUCTIONEER assures the Public, that their Com pany has uot been solicited to a Sale more deserving their Notice thau the present, for useful Cows, guod working Horses, Implements good, and the Household Furniture remarkably neat and very genleel. Catalogues are ready for Delivery, describing every Article, and may be had by applying to THE AUCTIONEER ; and, after the loth Instant, at the Ions ai Westburv, Poutesbury, Windmill, Worthen, and on the Piemiscs. " Sale will commence at ll o'Clock each Day to a Minute. NOT IC E TO C R E D IT<) RS. Those Persons who have not sent in an Account of their Demands against JOHN CLAYTON, of WtSTUURY, aie informed, that unless the same be done, and tne Deed of Assignment executed hy them, at the Oilicc of Messrs. Pi MBFRTON, CoiJPLAN l), and DUKES, on or before the '• 21 si Day of December next ensuing, they will be excluded all Benefit arising from such Assignment. Nov. 3oIk, 1814. ( One Concern. J DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PREMISES^ MONTGOMERYSHIRE. BY F> KITE, At the Bear's Head Inn, in Newtown, 011 Saturday, the 17th I ay of December, 1814, between the Hours of five and seven in the Afternoon, in the following, or s< ch other Lots as shall he agreed upon at the Ti ne of Sale, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, unless disposed of hy private Contract, of which due Notice shall be given ; LOT I. AIT, that neat and convenient FREEHOLD DWEL- LING HOUSE, with Brewhou- e and spacious Garden thereto belonging, situate iu NEWTOWN, and now w ; he Occupation of Mr. John Williams, jun. at the yearly Rent of £ 24. los LOT IL All that substantial, roomy, new erected MALT- HOUSE, in which upwards of Two'Thousaud R-^ heU , f Malt mav be made every Season, situate in NEWTOWN aforesaid, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Humphries, at the yearly Rent of t'; 31. los LOT III. AM those spacious Premises, uow used as a FLANNEL . MANUFACTORY together with two Stable ® and Yard adjoining the same, sitna'e in NEWTOWN, and now in the Occupation of John Williams, Thomas Hall, John Edwards and others. LOT IV. All those SIX DWELLING HOUSFs, with th- Appurtenances L hereto belonging, situate on % KWTOW N GREEN, and now in the < J) ccn'paiion of Jeremiah > wons, John Pngh, Richard Evans, John Davie, Ed via id Jones, and David EV . IIH, at the yearly Rent of £ 49. LOT V. All tha; trul des'ii; bieand compact FREEHOLD ESTATE ai THE BIUCHIS, in the Parish of KKKRY, comprising a neat conxforiaole Dwelling H - u^ e, in tvh. cli the Proprietor resides, fit for the Reception of a small Family, w ith Barn, Beast House, Stab'es, aud about 13 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, surrounding; the same. f he House and Buildings stand on an Eminence, com. pays a Modus £ 1. 5*~ Hay. j mauding a beautiful and extensive View of 1 IK adjacent A great Part of the Lands may be irrigated; and the! Country, and is within a Mile of Newtown, au excellent Premises are in the immediate Neighbourhood of the Market Town. CanaV, as well as pf good Lime Kilns. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. HUMBERET^ N;} Friars, Cheaper j or totfr. X* L. JONES, Oswestry. The diff rent Occupiers will shew Ihe Premises ; and for further Particulars auoly to Mr. THOMAS DREW, SO icitor, Newtown, or at the Office of Mr. EvVfAllD WliLLiNUi, SuKcitor, Ludlow, Shropahirfl, THE MISSIONARY. FRONTING the ocean, Itut beyond ( he ken From public vie* and sounds of murm'iiujr men,— Of unhewn roots composed, and knarled wood, A small and rustic Oratory - tood. Upon its roof of reeds appearM a cross, The norch within was lin'd with mantling moss ; A crucifix and h" ur- g! ass on each side—• One tt> admonish seern'd, anil one to guide: This to impressTioW'Soon life's race is o'er, And that," to lift our hopes where lime shall be no more; O'er tbe rudo porch, wilh wild and gadding stray. The clust'ring copu weav'd its trellis gay : Two mossy pines, high tow'ring, interwove Their aged and fantastic arms above. In front, amidst the gay surrounding flowers, A dial counted the departing hours ; On which the sweetest light of summer shone — A rude and brief inscription mark'il the stone : " To count wilh passing shade the houis, 1 placed the dial ' mill the flowers That, one by one, came forth, and died, " Blooming, and witb'ring, round its side. Mortal, let tbe sight impart Its pensive moral to thy heart!" Just heard to trickle through a covert near, And soothing, with perpetual lapse, the ear, A fount, like rain- drops, filter'd through the stone,~ Anil, bright as amber, on the shallows shone. Intent his fairy pastime, to pursue, And, gem- like, hovering o'er the violets blue, The humming- bird, here, its unceasing song Heedlessly murmur'd all the summer long, And when the winter came, retir'd to rest, And from the myrtles bung its trembling nest. No sounds of a conflicting world were near; The noise of ocean faintly met the ear, That seem'rl, as sunk to rest the moon. tide blast, But dying sounds of passions that were past; Or closing anthems, when, far oft", expire Tbe lessening echoes of the distant quire. Here, evety human sorrow hush'd to rest, His pale hands meekly cross'd upon his breast, Anselmo sot; the suri, with west'ring rav, just touch'd his temples, and his locks of grey ; There was no worldly feeling in his eye ; The world to him—" was as a thing gone by." BALANCE OP POWEU.—- From llie time ttiat England began to mingle directly in the general interests of the Con- tinent, it was the leadintr and nnde. v iating principle of her policy to balance as nearly as possible the authority of the great Powers. This object was pursued with zeal, according to the genius of the different Administrations. But none, however limited their popularity or talents, ever entirely lost sight of it. During- the active reigns of William III. and Anne, aud during the glorious Administration of I oidCh. it- ham, it was followed up with a vigour and success propor- tioned to rhe minds of the Statesmen of these immortal periods of onr history. It again constituted the ruling pursuit during the latter ' stage of the present reign. It was, above . all. our interest to oppose the active and encroaching power of France. This great object, for which so much blood has been shed, and so much treasure expended ; which exercised the military genius of a Marlborough, antl the eloquence of the two Pitts; which was alwavs pursued, but never fully atlaiuetl— is actually accomplishing, beyond all our hopes, at this very moment, France, by the present declarer! arrange- ments, will cease to be an object of fear. She held hitherto a transcendent station on the Continent; shecculd move and convulse it, as she pleased ; antl we know what progress sbe made towards exclusive domination. All this pernicious influence arose firm; the circumstance, that there was no other Fewer thai possessed the same extent of resources. To remove this inequality is the object of the labours of tilt- Vienna Congress; and'has not England cause to be proud that her exeitions have mainly contributed to the success of this great work. 1t is the only state, wilh which we stood in implacable competitorship.^ We have nothing lo apprehend fiom the rivalry of Austria, Prussia, or even Russia. They litu'e no colonies, no formidable navies ; and ages must elapse before they start as commercial rivals. Whatever arrangement places them upon an equality of power with France, favours the policy of Ibis country ; whilst it im- proves the general security of Europe. In every great ar- rangement, which embraces a complication of interests, it is impossible to act always according to abstract principles ; and minor considerations must be abandoned in order to attain the great points. If the labours of the Congress tend lo set bounds to the encroachments of ambition, and to pre vent the frequency of wars; if they contribute, at the same time, to extend the freedom of the governed; whilst Ihey promise to advance, beyond the most sanguine hopes, the particular interests of the British Empire— if such be tbe results of the deliberations of this august Assembly, every honest man must hail them as offering so many increased facilities to the attainment of human happiness and freedom. The next quarterly Sale of teas at tlie East India Mouse will be the enormous weight of seven millions three hundred thousand pounds; upon which a prompt payment will, of coerse, he immediately made by the piirchasets, of one quarter Ihe value. Between three ami four millions of property inhale goods', which have been in the East India Company's warehouses, in consequence of the war, for a consider- able time, are now about to be shipped for different parts of the Continent. A seizure has been made in the Port of London, of about six tons of glass, entered as crown glass for ex- portation, in order to receive the drawback, which is 9s. 3d. per cwt. though the net value of the glass is not more than £ G. being cut out of old windows. The penally for this fraudulent entry will amount to £ 10,000. Effects of Corpulency.— A whimsical circumstance lately occurred at Brighton, at liie office of the Post Coach, which carries only four inside passengers. M r. 15 , whose size nearly approaches to that of the late celebrated Mr. Lambert, of enormous memory, had, it seems, taken and paid for two places in the CAMBRIDGE BIBLE SOCIETY. At a meeting of this Society on the 24th ult. a letter from Sir Gore. Ouseley to Lord Teignmouth was read, inclosing a letter from the King of Persia relative to the translation of the New Testament into Persian by Mr. Martyn. It appears that Sir Gore presented a copy of the New Testament lo Ihe Persian Monarch, nt fiie request of Mr. Martyn, and he says in his letter to Lord Teignmoiith : Previous io tne delivering the Book to llie Shah, 1 employed transciibe s lo make some copies of it, which I distributed to H. nee Mahomed llassein Khan, Prince of Mam, Miiza, Aldalwahab, and other men of learning and rank immediately about the person of the King, who, being chiefly converts to the Sooli Philosophy, would, 1 felt certain, give it a lair judgment, aud, if called upon by the Shah for their opinion, leport of it according to its intrinsic merits. The following is a translation of the letter of the King of Persia to Sir Gore Ouseley, on receiving a copy of ihe New Testament:— " In the name of the ALMIGHTY GOB, whose Glory is most excellent. " It is our august command, that the dignified and excel- lent, our trusty, faithful, and loyal w ell- wisher, Sir Gore Ous'elev, Baronet, his Britannic Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary ( after being honoured and exalted with the expressions of our highest regard and consideration), should know, that the copy of the Gospel, which was translated into Persian by the learned exertions of Ihe late Kev. Henry Martyn, aud which bas been presented to us by your Excellency, on the part of the high, dignified, learned, antl enlightened Society of Chiistians, united for the purpose of spiralling abroad Ihe Holy Boiks of Ihe icligion of Jesus, -( upon whom, and upon all Prophets, he peace and blessings!) has reached us, and has proved highly acceptable to our august mind. " In ti u'h through the learned and unremitted exertions of the Rev, Henry Martyn, it has been translated tnasivle ' most'befitting Sacred Books, that is, in an easy and simple diction. Formerly, the four Evangelists, Matthew, Maik, Luke, and John, were known ill Persia ; but now the \. h ,| e of the New Testament is completed iu a most excellent manner; and this circumstance has been an additional source of pleasure to our enlightened and august mind. Even tbe four F. angelists, which were known in this country, had never Ven befoie explained in so clear and luminous a manner.— therelore, have been particularly delighted with this copious " and complete Translation. Please tbe most metciful GOD, we shall command the" Select Servants, who are admitted to our presence, to read* to us the abovementioned Book from the beginning tn the end, that vve may, - in the most minute manner,' bear and comprehend its contents. " Your Excellency will be pleased to rejoice the hearts of The aboveinentioued, dignified, learned, and enlightened " Society, v- itb assurances of our highest regard and approba- tion; and to inform those excellent individuals, who are so virtuously- engaged in disseminating and making known the true meaning ami intent of the Holy Gospel, ard other points in • Sacred Books, that they are deservedly honoured with out- royal favour. Your Excellency must consider yourself as bound'to fultil this royal , r quest, Given in Rebialsvil, ( Sealed) TATEH A LI SHAH KA'JAR." * I beg leave to remark, the'Word ' « Tilawat," which the trans- lator has rendered " read," is an honourable signification of that art, almost exclusively applied to the perusing or reciting the Koran. The making rt- e, therefore, of Ibis term of expression, shews die degree of respect ami estimation in whtch the Shall. liold, the New Testament.— Sole by Sir Core Ouseley. There are new editions of lite Bible BOW printing at Warsaw, l'oseu, Thorn, and Cracow. This has ap- peared the more necessary, as, since the creation and aggrandizement ofthe Duchy of Warsaw, more than a thousand parish schools have been built, and endowed b) the liberality of the noble proprietors, to enlighten the respectable class of the industrious peasantry. These establishments have been made after a plan formed by the Commission of public instruction, under the presidency of the Count Stanislaus Potocki. The provinces Ihe most distant from Poland will be ready to do the same if ihcy are permitted. Editions of the Bible are also making at Roriemieniell, at Wilna, in the Poloneze and Lithuanian language; and even in Samogitia, in the language of ihe country. It is gratifying to Ihe heart lo hear of this progress to light, for il is the true and certain path to liberty aud happiness. The East India Company have, in the India House, a map of the whole of India, compiled by Major lten nel, and others, at ail expence exceeding £' 100,000 sterling. Literature.— A work, by the Archduke Charles, oil the Campaign of 1196; Lucien Bonaparte's Charle- rnagne ; Lord Byron's un- named Epic; and Mr. Wal- ler Scott's Lord of the Isles, are likely lo be ushered into the world in the course of the present month. MODES OK ADDRESS. French— How do you carry yourself. Spanish— How do you stand, ( uiro— How do yoti sweat. China— How do you eat your rice. This appears singular ; bul, as Lord Kaimes observes, vhen a man says it is a fine day, it is not to inform \ « u what you know already, il is to communicate his A "- lettable sensations. FRANCE.— It is said, ( and the information is derived from a pretty correct source) that the principles of tbe French King are completely pacific, and that only a palpable vio- lation of the legitimate rights of France, will induce Louis to abandon this line of policy. Attempts have been made, ami these very urgent too, to induce him to adopt a more peiemp- torv language towaids the allied Poweis ; but Ire has uni. foimly opposed every application of the kind, as well as repeated proposals to place tbe army in such an attitude as would serve to back the uegociations of his Ambassador. We are informed, however, lhat the sentiments of persons who, from their official situations, have an opportunity of approaching the Monarch, are far from being equally mo- derate ; and they would prefer the risks of another war, rather than see the external influence of France reduced, as, they say, it is at this moment But the language of military men is represented as still more unequivocal; ami they ' ex- press, without disguise, a markrd disapprobation of the policy ofthe Government. The King ts said to be immoveable; and in our opinion, he displays more wisdom than those hot headed Counsellors, who would phir. ge Franceiuto a war, in the course of which she might have to encounter again the same armies, which brought ber to the very verge of extincti- on. It is undeniable, tbat great and even alarming discontent prevails in that country; and it is said, that the leading military meu, who are in Paris, are not so forward in marking their zeal for the present Older of things, or in Iheir atten- dance at levees, as ihey were a short time back. The friends of the Government have also been recently much alarmed by the influx of persons into Ihe Capital, who are notorious foi lukewarmness to the cause of the reigning family ; and to this circumstance is attributed the strict order recently published by the Military Governor of Paris to he garrison, urging them to the preservation of the Older and tranquillity of the city during tbe winter. LUXURY.— In the Freucli Chamber of Deputies-, lately, M. Souques, in speaking on taxation, made a variety of observations on the general prevalence of luxury. The consumption of France, lie said, within the last 25 years, had increased in an inconceivable and truly alarming pro- portion. They were become, beyond all comparison, the greatest consumers, as a nation, on the face ofthe earth.— He concluded," Vanity creates wants ; and venality steps in lo supply them : but if that vice simply displayed itself in prodigality, fortunately it slill admitted of cure. Simplify wants, aud you destroy the cause of lite evil."— However Ihe Deputy may claim the lead for his country, in the u prevalence of luxury," we fear there is but too much reason to believe thai England can dispute the pre- eminence in that, as in other matters of better quality.— His advice to " simplify wants," is certainty the best that can be offered. " Man wants lint little here below, " Nor wants that litilc long." A lloyal Ordinance permits the importation into France of horses from England, conformably with the law ofthe 16th April, 1T93. PATRIOTISM.— On the 18tli of October, the anniver- sary of the battle of Leipiic, an aula de Jtt was made of The celebrated Kolzebue has proposed to form an immense detached rock, which stands in the middle of Ihe valley of Odenwaki, into a monument commemora- tive of the battle of Leipsic. It appears that the Romans had begun to work upon it, with the view ol commemorating some of their exploits.— The proposal is said to have met with a favourable reception from the Sovereigns assembled at Vienna. Emerick Preny, an Hungarian nobleman, who was travelling on the 81st ot August, near Debrecziu, alighted from his carriage to shoot some ducks, direct- ing his servants lo proceed. The report roused eight or ten shepherd's dogs, that were tending numerous flocks in those extensive uncultivated plains, which tore him to pieces before assistance could arrive. articles of French manufacture, on the hill of Ruppach, near Ebe. rn, in Franeonia. All the pocket handkerchiefs, purses, and other things, which the bye- startders had about them, were collected antl thrown into the flames; and the people were exhorted to renounce all lhat is not Geimau in fashion antl manners, and to persevere in German simplicity and in- tegrity, In the bonfire made on a lull called the Feldbe- rg, near Frankfort, on the night of the same day, Ihe Code N i poleou, anil all the other law books introduced by force into Germany, weie publicly consigned to the flames. G- ENERAI. MORF. AU.— ON the 4th ult. a grand funeral service was celebrated at Dresden, in commemoration of General Morean. Piince Reptiin, all the Authorities, and " the Russian and Saxon troops, assisted on the solemn'. cca- sion. At each corner of the temporary bier, a soldier, in full uniform, appeared, lowering the colours of Austria, Russia, England, and Prussia, At the end of the religious ceremonies, a procession took place to the spot, where the General was mortally wounded or, Hie 27th of August, and where a military monument- is erected. The urn, containing his two amptt- tateil legs, was carried by Saxon grenadiers, escorted by a numerous detachment from the garrison. These troops formed a hollow square about the m-' inument, which is formed of one block of graniie, surrounded bv poplars. After a con- secration ofthe monument hy the - clerical port of the pro- cession, the urn was deposited therein ; antl repeated salvoes of artillery and small arms terminated this affecting funeral cereinonv. The Princess of Wales lias been received throughout her tour with the honours anrl distinction due to her exalted rank and situation.— At Cassel, her Royal Highness was visited by the Elector and the Electiess, a Princess of Den- mark.— At Strasburg- b, the Duke de Valmy ( Mareschal Kellcrman) ree. eived ber Royal Highness with great honouis, and gave • a magnificent, fete and a variety - of military nin- i ( fuvres,— Proceeding to Heme, her Royal Highness was visited by the Grand Duchess Anna l* elrowna, her cousin, anrl wife ofthe Grand D-. rke Constautiue^ The Daughter also of the Emperor of Germany, the Archduchess Maria Louisa, gave an entertainment in her honour. — At Geneva, her Royal Higliness's society, besides that of several English of the first, families anrl distingoi lied talents, had the addition ot Sismondi, author of two very interesting arid valuable works; Pictet, the author of Travels in England*: the Professor of Natmal Philosophy, Prevost, whose experiments ou- heat ' are so deservedly celebrated; and M. tie Saussm- e, brother p' tbe famous Saussute who fust reached the summit of Mont Blanc.— After ctossing the Scmplnn, her Royal Highness was magnificently received at the Isola Bella, on the Laggo Maggiore, by Count Borromeo, whose beautiful and magni- ficent resilience tin Ihe island was splendidly illuminated on: the eccasion — From Milan, Mareschal Count Bttllegarde sent on escort to the frontier, and the Opera- house w.- v splendirlly- illuminated. The Princess saw at Milan tin Grand ' Duchess ol Baden, her cousin, and nianyof the literat: of tbe country.— Her Royal Highness arrived at Rome on the 31st Oet. and received the Compliments of all the Cardi- nals.— The Prince of C. tnino ( Lucieti Bonaparte) gave a brilliant entertainment to her Rovnl Highness, at Rome, on the 3d ulr. The Princess set out the next morning for Naples. Ttie Queen of Etruria being informed of her Koyai Highness'., rurtvalat R une, sent her Major Domo to compliment hei. and on the 1st of November qaule with her children to visit her Royal Highness, w ho returned her visit the next day. coach, unfortunately for him, the other two places were taken by Mr. G— and Mr. It , two students in the Temple, with whom Air. B. had recently had some misunderstanding. These gentlemen, it appears, w ere determined, if possible, to get rid of their intended fellow traveller, and, stepping nimbly into the vehicle, seated themselves opposite each other. Mr. B. followed, and, on squeezing through the entrance, found, lo his great mortification, the half of both seats occupied. In vain he remonstrated, the Templcrs would not move, one declaring that he could not ride backwards without its affecting his stomach, and the other had the same aversion to ride forwards, as it threw him inlo lits. Mr. li.' s places, therefore, became useless, it being impos- sible lie could seat himself on the space left ou cither side, or on both sides at the same time. The driver was applied to without effect, and Mr. 15. was at last obliged to lake a roomy post chaise to return to town. | Dr. Balfour, of Edinburgh, has published a wonder- ; fill instance of the power of nature. A carpenter, tlie j half of whose fore linger was cut off by Ihe blow of an ! axe, applied to him to have the wound dressed. The doctor inquired after the remainder of the finger, it was brought to him, it was quite cold, of the colour of tallow, nearly half an hour having elapsed since the accident happened. The linger was not cut off straight over, but at an acute angle— one side of the divided piece measured an inch iu length, the oilier an inch and \ half. ' I he doctor cleaned the two wounded surfaces with cold water, joined them carefully, and lied up Ihe man's arm in a sling. In a short time the mail reco- vered feeling in the finger, and Ihe free use of it in every respect. The Mangel IFtirzel root, hitherto so strongly re- commended for the feed of cattle, it is now said, is found to be highiy " prejjdicial lo cows, as it possesses deleterious. qualities, which, from experiments made by Lord Crewe, and Mr. Coke, of Norfojk, prove that it paralyses the binder quarters, dries up the milk, and, if persisted in, will ultimately kill the animal. Fourteen transports, having ou board part ofthe Ist regiment of dragoon guards, arrived at Bristol 011 Tuesday se'nuight, from Cork. The transports were all moored in Cumberland Basin, where the troops were landed. The Scotch Greys arrived at Bristol on Friday, from Exeter, to embark in the above transports for Ireland, Both men and horses of this crack regiment are of most formidable appearance, and are considered the finest cavalry regiment in Europe. The transport which sailed from Cork in June last, and which was supposed to have been unfortunately lost in her passage to Quebec, with 487 soldiers and 248 somen and children on board, has happily been heard of. The Crocodile frigate, on approaching the deso- late island of Antycosta, observed a part ofihe crew of the transport on the shore upon which she had been wrecked, and succeeded in bringing away the whole of the survivors, who had beeu on the island thirty seven da^ s. The number of persons who sailed from Cork in the transport was above one thousand, including the crew. Considerable apprehensions are entertained by per- sons connected with the Silk Trade, that if the Bill, which is intended to he introduced into Parliament, during the present Session, should be passed into a law, which has for its object the free importation lor sale of India manufactjred goods, it wili tend materially to injure the best interests of llie trade in general, and be the means, perhaps, eventually, of leaving Ihe manufac- turers of ribbons and broad silks to contend with the French, whose superior cheapness in the manufacture of these articles is too well koowu to be disputed. The Committeeof Master Manufacturers and Trades- men of Bristol, have unanimously resolved, that ; piece of plate, with a suitable inscription, shall be presented to Mr. Serjeant Onslow, as a testimony of tlieir gratitude lor his exertions for the relief of trade and manufactures, in obtaining the repeal of the ob- noxious restraints imposed by the Statute, 5th tliz. 011 Apprenticeships. Some spirited Gentlemen of Plymouth are about to establish a fishery 011 the Nymph Bank, 011 the south coast of Ireland. An experiment was made in the year 1802, under the sanction of the Earl of Hardwick, the theu Lord Lieutenant of Ireland ; when in 37 fathoms of water, considerable quantities of excellent cod and ling were take;.; but the scheme was suspended in consequence of the war. No . doubt is now entertained of u. timatc success, and the proposers flatter themselves with soon rivalling the Dutch fishery 011 the Dogger Bank. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT, HOUSE OF COMMONS, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2E. A long conversation took place respecting Saxony, Poland aud other countries, the objects of consideration at the Con gress of Vienna ; in the course of which Mr, Whitbread, Mr. rierney, and Mr. Ponsonby, animadverted wilh much warmth 011 the pretensions antl conduct of tbe great Al. ied Powers as it respected the dismemberment and extinction of some of the smaller States. He reprobated with great earnestness, the annexation of Saxoriv to Prussia and of tho Kingdom of Poland to the Russian Empire. In answer to ihe observations of these gentlemen, the Chancellor of the Exchequer staled, that the occupation of Saxony could only he provisional, nnd that the British Minister was not a party to the transaction ; ami that, w ith respect to Poland, it would not be found that a British Minister had been the author of tbe subjugation of tbat counlry. Sir S 1' OMTI. LY brought fotwarrl his motion respecting the disembodvi ug the militia ; aud contended, in a speech of considerable length, that, in omitting lo disembody the Militia, tbe Ministers had acted illegally and unconsti- tutionally. He concluded by moving a resolution, which was in substance as follows :—" That it appeared lo the House, tbat. as Peace had been concluded for more than six months, a ltd tbe country enjoyed internal tranquillity, the still keeping pail of tbe militia force embodied was obviously contrary to tbe intent anil spirit of the act of the 42d of the King, anil a violation of tho priucioles of the Con Stltution."— The motion was supported by Lord Milton, Sir A. Pigott, aud Mr. Ponsonby; anil opposed by the Solicitor General, Mr. Serjeant Best, aud Mr. C. Grant ; upon a division, the motion was negatived ; — lor it 32 — against it 97. I11 a Committee nf Supply, the sum of ,£ 135,000 was g, anted for defraying the expenses of certain militia regi- ments uot disembodied, for the petiod of 62 days ; ami the sum of ,£ 55,000, for the maintenance of volunteer corps for 1 82 days. TUESDAY — No proceedings of general interest. It is reported, that all the officers belonging lo Hip 10th Hussars, whose services had been dispensed wills in that regiment, with the exception of the two I'itc- clarence's, have applied to be put on half pay. Advertisement Extraordinary.—" SECOND- HAND CLOTMES— Levi. Samuels, at the sign of ME King of Hanover, Rosemary- lane, begs leave to inform Ihc public, and es- pecially any young noblemen or gentlemen going into the army, lhat he has 011 sale tin assortment of German Regi- mentals, as good as new, both for dress and undress. They have seen some service, but are not at all tarnished, having been worn by officers of tried and approved courage aud honour, who never turned Iheir backs on an enemy? The German taylors ( as Ihey are apt to do) have rather over- loaded them with lace and finery, lint with some alteration they might answer for au Hussar regiment, anil be made more fit for British Soldiers.— Levi Samuels bus al present 011 view regimentals for two lieutenant- colonels, tea captains, twelve lieutenants, aud « cornet. Levi . Samuels takes the liberty of wcquentrrig the public, that if not immediately purchased, they will tie sold to any manager ofa theatre. In their present stale they would answer without any alteration for merry andrevjs, fopi, or any other ridiculous characters in the drama. For further particulais apply lo Levi Samuels, at the sign of the King of tlanover, corner of Marshal- cou'il, Rosemary - lane." " There's Rue for you and Rosemary."— HAMLET. Curious Anecdote.— During the Court- Marlial otv Colonel C/ uentin, the Court, on one occasion, was a good deal disturbed by the noise arising from peo- ple cdtivcrsing together 111 the room, and the oflieer repeatedly called for silence, without producing the desired effect, this caused the Judge Advocate to in- terpose his authority, which he did in the following expressive intimation:—" Silence! Gentlemen:— you will please to recollect, that you are not now iu a Court of Justice .'" BANKRUPTS, NOVEMBER 26. Tho Court- martial 011 Sir J. Murray is to beheld on the 16th of January next. The Judge Advocate has issued summonses to the witnesses to give attendance. Lamentable AcciZenls.— A lartje boaf, employed in the herring fishery 011 the Cardiganshire coast, and having seven men 011 board, was, during verj boister- ous weather, ou the 16th ult. overset, when, shocking to relate, every soul perished I flic sea ran so tremen- dously high, that, althouga the boat was within a stone's throw of the shore, 110 assistance whatever could be afforded to the unfortunate sufferers, Six of them wefe married men, having altogether 110 less than 27 children, who, with their disconsolate mothers, were thus deprived of. every means of support. This mel- ancholy catastrophe happened in the sight of some ofthe nearest relatives of the lamented victims to the merciless fury of the waves, whose agonized feelings on the occasion can more easily be conceived llian described.— Two. other boats engaged 111 the same fish- ery, foundered about the same time; but, providentially, no more lives were lost. A most melancholy accident happened lately in the neighbourhood of Swansea; as Mr. William James, of liie house of Ambrose and Co. Bristol, was reluming from Clydach, his liorse startled at something 011 the road, plunged down a precipice of about sixteen feet into a small stream of water, and falling on his unfortu- nate rider, broke his thigh, Mr. J. could not extricate himself from the animal, wholay upon him nearly lltree hours, when hiscries were fortunately heard by a person passing at a short distance, who on discovering his dreauiiil situation, immediately procured assistance, and he was conveyed to the house of a friend at Clydach, where he remains in a tavourable way. The horse died soon afterwards. Most Singular Case.— Oti Wednesday morning a miserable looking woman was brought before Ihe sitting magistrates at Ihe N w Bayley, Manchester, charged with stealing an apron. From Ihc evidence, il appeared, lhat she had gone to the Salford Police- oUice, on Tuesday even- ing, and there voluntarily confessed the fact, al Ihe same time, requesting that she might be apprehended. This very singular circumstance, uf course, created much interest*, and the magistrates were induced to question the woman on the motives of her conduct.— The account she gave of il is this: she said, that being in very great distress, and unaole to obtain a lodging, site had taken the apron' for express purpose of getting into the New Bayley! There was no re , son to doubt the truth of this statement, and the Magistrates, with a Immunity that does them honour, instead ot commuting her for trial, recommended the poor creature to the notice of the overseers. It is reported, that Lord Hedcsdale will succeed the Lord Chancellor, who, it is said, will resign, iu consequence of a domestic calamity. A Committee has been appointed in Ayrc, at the head of which is the Earl of Kglingtoun, to prepare a Petition lo both Houses of Parliament, for trial by Jury iu civil cases iu Scotland. Sir F. Burdett has not once made his appearance in the House of Commons during tho present Session; so that the City of Westminster has one Member Who might attend if he pleased, but will not; and another who would he pleased to attend, but cannot. Several considerable estates near North Conycrs, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, belonging In Sir Bel- liiigham Graham, are to be brought to the hammer; some of which have been in possession of the Baronet's family upwards of 200 years. The iVido ? t? bewitched*— Ou Sunday se'nnight, Mr, , of Kirkdale, led Mrs. of the same place, to the hymeneal altar; she had continued in the disconsolate state of widowhood for nearly four years, her former husband having about that time, gone to the service of his king and country. On the return of the happy pair from church, they were not a little surprised to find the old veteran sitting by the fire, nursing his child on his knee, and ready to partake of the wedding dinner. They all spent the remainder of the day logether ; and at night the son of Mars betook himself and child lo bed, leaving the new married couple to lie 011 the floor.— Ou the following morning things were thus adjusted : the old hero agreed to live with his loving spouse and family, and the poor bride- groom was left to seek another wife I One of our dashing patricians, whose singularity of dress, has excited the general admiration of Ihe ladies at Brighton, from the elegance of his stays, large whi. skers, and delicate tuft of hair on the tip of his chin, is not unhappily called by them the Kangaroo in the disguise of a gentleman. Venerable Tree.— A yew- tree is now standing in A wre church- yard, Glocestershirc, whose circumference, four feet from the ground, is twenty- two feet five inches, and its diameter upwards of seven feet: it is hollow, having a passage quite through from its decayed slate. " Its winter berries feed the birds around, lis branches shade Ihe consecrated ground/' Female Presence of Mind.— One evening last week two persons, having the appearance of country gentlemen, called at a merchant's house in Finsbury- square, the family being then at their country seat, about 70 miles distant, from London, and the house left in the care of the cook and house- maul. They represented themselves to the servants , is intimate and particular friends of their master's, and coming from that part of the country where, his country seat was, and that by his particular desire they weie to sleep there during tlie » wo or three nights tlieir business detained them intown ; aud in confirmation of what they s ated, one of them produced a letter as if from the gentleman of the house to the cook, containing many oi tiers and othei matters, that strangers would be supposed entirely ignor- ant of. This at. once removed auy doubt they might have on their minds as to the truth of the matter. After they were sfaown into the parlour, oue of thern said, that he had to- go to transact some business, and that it might be late when he returned, adding, if he was not home before 12 o'clock, not to sit up for him, as it was very pro- bable lvis friends might detain him all night. The person who remained . supped, and, at 12 o'clock, finding his friend did not come, he desired to be shewn to his bed, adding, that they mig^ t go to bed also, as his friend would not come home that night He was s> hewn up stairs to bed. The conk al- o retired to bed, bcu t. he housemaid had some impression on her mind that al! was not right.,, and became so very uneasy, that she determined at all events to sit tip.— Soon after one o'clock, she thought she heard a noise above stairs, a^ of a person walking barefooted. Slie took the candle and proceeded softly up, and putting down the candle at the foot of the stairs, she went up in the dark, when she perceived ihe stranger walking about the drawing- room, without his - h > es, and the candle in his hand. Seeing him advancing ; ow: irds the door, she ran down stairs as fast as she could, viiid ,, ' iting out her- caudle, hid herself under the stabs. The stranger csmedown stairs quietly, and, placing his candle on ; he lower step, went and unlocked the hall door, and took the bolts anil chain otV vithout making the sm- illest noise. He then opened the door softly, and went out. The faithful courageous house- maid came lo the door, and hearing him •. jive a shrill w histle, she, with much presence of fnind, im- mediately hicked and bolted the door, and then set the alarm- bell ringing. The cook- maid, who slept very quietly all tbe time, now came to her assistance. ' The alarm brought the watchman to the door, who sprung hi-' rattle .; the house was seaiched, hut there was nothing missing. ' The robber, unfor- tunately for the ends of justice, made his escape, leaving nothing behind him but a pair of shoes. Cruelly.-- A few days ago, as John Holdsworth was working in a coal- mine al Southowram, near Halifax, with John Walsh a youth, about l6, he heat the lad in so cruel a manner as Jo bring on an inflammation, and he died three days after. Coroner's verdict, Manslaughter. Holds- worth is - committed to York Castle,— William Stokes, of Knaresborough, chimney- sweeper, is also committed to the Castle, charged ou the oath of several persons w ith killing Abraham Alwin, of Knaresborough, chimney- sweeper, about the age of eight years. A fire lately broke out at the Lunatic Asjlum at York, which consumed part ofthe building: one ofthe patients afterwards informed the Governor, that if he would call upon him, he could inform him how the fire happened. The Governor attended with great expec- tation of hearing'a disclosure that might be of use— when the patient acquainted him that he had set fire to it himself as he was ** airing his shirt at a candle the day before On a late examination before the magistrates respect- ing the composition of what are termed detonating balls, Captain Manby said, he could produce fire of such " hellish qualities," that the most rapid and devastating destruction would follow wheresoever it went* and that it wa* uot only inextinguishable, but that water would add to its fury. The secret was locked in Uis owu bosom, audit would never escape thence, except the honour and safety of his country should require it. Capt. M. also spoke of another invention, which he deemed the most valuable of all his labours— labours that were constantly directed to utility— by which mortars might be fired, although rain was to dcscend iu torrents. William l) entle. ijy of Mile End Road, Middlesex, virtuallyj Nov. 29, Dec. It), . Ian. 7, at Guildhall, London— James Mri, of St. Martin's-'. ane, Middlesex, cheesemonger, Nov. ' 29, D.- tt, 6, Jan. 7, at Guildhall, London.— John Blackburn, of Hecit- niondsv cke. Yorkshire, grocrr, ])-•<;. 7, 8, Jan.. 7. attheOeorju, inn, Heckmondwieke.— Richard Child, of Weed on Beck. North- amptonshire, inhholder, Dec. 9, 10, Jan. 7, at the Queen's lle-. wi Inn, Daventry.— Henry Co- r!•* AN'/ 1 BILIOUS PILLS rr^ HRSE Pills long obtained a just celebrity in the private - H practice of the proprietor, Mr. DIXON, Apothecary ; and from their great success m many obstinate bilious dis- orders, on numerous patients of distinction, and others, par- ticularly the Duke of Bedford, Sir George Warren, Sir Gregory Page Turner, the Dowager Lady Sele, tbeViscountess Bulkeiey, & o. & c. he was persuaded- to offer them to tlm public, under the approbation and'the sanction of their names. Dixon's Pills are found to be an incomparable remedy for restoring the tone of the stomach, for curing indigestion, or preventing crudities, and their consequent disagreeable eructations and flatulences. They prevent habitual and temporary costiveness, sick head- achs, and heart- burn, which is occasioned by pregnancy, and a debilitated stomach, whether arising, from the acrimony of the redundant bile, intemperate diet, or drinking to excess. Ext* acl of a Letter lo Mr. Butler. SIR,— I have beeu in the habit of taking your Dixon's Antibilious Pills with the' greatest success,, for the last three, years, particularly when pregnant ; 1 have recommended them to several of my female acquaintances in a similar state, also to several gentlemen who are in the habit of frequenting our house. Being quite out of the pills, I should thank you to send me two of your Family Boxes, as I am now within six weeks of my confinement I am, sir, your obedient servant. Hotel, Hereford, Jan. 14, ISO8. RUZ. BENNETT. Sold at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, Loudon; by EDDOWES, Honey, Morris, and Palin, Shrewsbury ; Houlstous, and Jlurgei- s, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Bickerton, Oswestry; Baugh, Elles- mere; Painter, Wrexham; and most Medicine Venders, in Boxes at 2s. 9d. each. Comfort for the Sonlhcolians.— A Mrs. Ma « on, aged fiflyrei& ht, of Drumcondra, Ireland, was last week safely delivered of a son.—' There was uo miracle in this case! GOOD ftKWS! Copy of a Letter to Dr. SMITH, the Proprietor of the celebrated PLOUGHMAN'S Drops, from an Officer in the Army, who had just quitted Shrewsbury, in order to join his Regiment, now on a Foreign Station. DK A A SIN, HAVING been completely nnd effectually cured of ti Venereal Complaint, ( under which I had laboured more than four Years) antl being under Orders to embark for Foreign Service, I think it incumbent on me to send your the follow- ing brief Statement of my late melancholy Situation, ami hope you will make it public.— It is now about eight Years since I entered into the Army, and was stationed in London nearly the whole of that Period, u here. I contracted a Venereal Infection, which I at first treated lightly, but soon found my- self reduced to a State that tendered it necessary for tne t< » apply for Medical Assistance ; this 1 accordingly did, and way treated with the usual Course of Mercury, & c. and so far PATCHED upas to be enabled to return to my Duty. IN n short Time, however, the Disorder returned with increased Virul- ence, when I applied to a professional Gentleman of the first Respectability, under whom I lingered a very considerable Time, but was at length a second Time PATCHED up with Mercury.— I now began to feel the RllVcts of this pernicious Mineral ; my Glands began to swell, my Bones to ache, an intolerable Nausea at my Stomach made mv Food loathsome ; low spirited almost to Melancholv during the Day, my Nights pniuful beyond Description ; thus I lingered on, with no other Prospect than that of finishing an inglorious and miserable Ex-> stence in London, wheu a Friend advised me to accept of at*. Appointment in a Corps now on Foreign Service, in the Hope that Change of Climate would effect that which it seemed beyond the Power of Medicine to accomplish.— Before my Embarkation I obtained leave to return to this my native County, where your Diops have been so long celebrated ; my Friends ad\ ised me to give them a Trial : a small Bottle was procured, aud, in a fewDays, I experienced their wonder- ful Effect, my Spirits were exhilarated, my Appetite good, my Sleep natural, mv Nerves braced, my Flesh sound; and before 1 had finished the second Bottle, every Symptom of* Infection disappeared.— Mvself and Friends are well known in t. his Neighbourhood ; they will most readily confirm tha Truth of this Statement; and ns I shall quit this Town to- morrow in order to join my Regiment, ami shall not have an Opportunity of seeing you again, permit tne to assure you that I shall always feel the greatest Gratitude for the Benefit 1 have received ; and that I remain your faithful Friend and obedient Servant, " J—~ h II——- n." Shrewsbury, December 11, 1812. ' These Drops are to be had in square Bottles, with these words moulded on each, " Mr., Smith's Ploughman's Drops ( all others are spurious), at c£ l. 2s. tbe large, aud lis. the small, Duty included, at PLOUGHMAN'S HALL, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; also of W. EDDOWES, and Waidson, Shrewsbury ; Capsev, Wellington ; Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge; Partridge, Bridgnorth; Griffiths, Ludlow; Waidson, Welshpool j Price, Oswestry ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Jones and Parker, Whitchurch ; Piocter, Drayton; Silvester, Newport; Holmes, No. 1, Royal Exchange, London; andl al! other Medicine Vender's.
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