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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1076
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 14/09/1814
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1076
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 21.] N°- 1076. Wednesday, ' MM CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY.,, ,,,, September 14, 1814. Price Sixpence Halfpenny. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties qf ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. BIRMINGHAM GRAND MUSICAL FESTIVAL, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE GENERAL HOSPITAL. TJijjgUTwi UNDER. THE PATRONAGE AND DIRECTION OF THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE EARL OF PLYMOUTH. MARQUIS OF HERTFORD, F. ARL OF DARTMOUTH, EARL OF AYI. ESFORD, EARL OF WARWICK, EARL OR CRAVEN, EARL OF CLONMELL, VISCOUNT DUDLEY AND WARD, LOUD WILLOUGHBY DE BROKE, LORD MIDDLETON, LORD BRADFORD, AND UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF l. OKD CALTHORPE, SIR CHARLES MORDAUNT, Bart. M. P. SIR GREY SKIPWITH. Bail. SIR ROBERT LAW LEY, Bart. SIR THOMAS E W1NNINGTON, Carl. M. P. SIR E C HAHTOPP, Ban. SIR JOSEPH ' SCOTT, Bart. D. S. DUG DALE, Esq. M. P. I. H BROWN F., Esq. H. LEGGE, Esq. At St. PHILIP'S CHUKCH, on WEDNESDAY MORNING, the 5th of October, A SERMON will be preached by the Rev. T. BI. ACKALL, B. D. Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, and Chaplain to the Earl of Plymouth. In the Coarse of the Service will be performed, An Overture, and the Dettingen Te Deum. by Handel; Psalm, St. Matthew's Tune; Duet, " Here shall soft Charity," Dr. Boyce; Chorus, " Hosannah io the Son of David," Gibbons, arranged to a full Orchestra by Mr. Grealorex. To conclude wilh the GRAN D CORONATION ANTHEV1," The King shall rejoice." On THURSDAY MORNING, October 6, at St. PHILIP's CHURCH, THE MESSIAH. ID which On FRIDAY MORNINO, Oct. 7. at St. PHILIP'S CHURCH, J! CM^ JVB SELECTION OFSMRED MUSIC, iich will be introduced The Storm Chorus, and I'art ofthe Oratorio of Creation, Ity Haydn ; a fine Chorus, by Pergt " Cum Sancto Spintu ;" interspersed wilh favourite Airs and Grand Chorusses, by Handel, Pergolesi, On WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY EVENINGS, at THE THEATRE, will be GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS, In whieh tbe most favourite SONGS, DUETS, GLEES, CONCERTOS, CONCERTANTES, OVERTURES, & C. will be introduced. The Choral Department will be upon the grand Scale of last Meeting, with the Addition of the principal Leaders from Ibe King'- Conccrt of ancient Music. PRINCIPAL VOCAL PERFORMERS. MADAME CATALINI, Miss STEPHENS, Miss TRAVIS, Miss SMETHURST, Miss STOTT, Miss RUSSELL, and Mrs. VAUGHAN. Messrs. BARTLEMAN, VAUGHAN, W. KNYVETT, BELLAMY, W. ELLIOTT, EVANS, J. ELLIOTT, S. BUGGINS, DENMAN, TETT, & c. & c. INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMERS. rMr, F. Cramer ( Leader), Mr Reeve ( Piincipa \ 2d), Messrs. Griesbach, Mori, Simonel, Rich-; Violins... Jaids, Marshall, Nicks, Challoner, Ireland, 4n- / derson, Klose, Sturge, Camidge, Rudge, Birch, ' Tomliis, Bullock, Sanders, aud thirteen others. „. . C Messrs R Ashley, ( 1. I. indlev, Hime, Novello, ytolas. t Klose, Wainwrizht, W Fletcher, Evans, & 6 others. ... , ,, < Messrs. R Lindlev, C. Ashley, Peile, Mar. rioW/<"- r . shall, and twoothers. T> 11 a 01essr « Drasoueili, Anfos » i, Boyce, T. EIetch. Double Dosses - f ^ AmMm" t „„,,. (> lu! 0lher. First Oboes Messrs. Griesbaeh and Erskiue. Co dtictor, Mr. GREATOREX, who will preside at the Organ and Piano- Forte. Assemblies each Evening at theShakespear Assembly Room, adjoining the Theatre. The Ordinaries will he each Dav ai Ihe Stork Tavern. Families wishing to be accommodated wilh Lodgings, may be supplied by making Application at Ihe Office of the Birmio -. ham Gazette, where a Register is kept for tbat Purpose. Second Oboes Messrs. M. Sharp and Ling. First Bassoons. Messrs. Holmes and Auhley. Second Bassoons.... Messrs. Tuiley and Phillips. First Trumpets Messrs. Hyde and Schmidt. Second Trumpets Messrs Hyde, jun. and Buggint. F Horns Messrs. Peti- ides and two others. Flutes Messrs. Ashe and Ireland. Clarionets Messrs. Million and Risch. Trombones . Messrs. Kellner, Volrath, and Marlotli. Pedal Harp Mr. Challouer. Double Drums .. Mr,, Jcnkinton. IO BE SOLD, fTVYTHES in I'e To . nship of WIG- WIG, and in the J Parish of MUCH WENLOCK For Particulars enquire of Mr. EDMUND PLOWDIN, of Sliineton ; if by Letter, Post- paid. WHIX ALFMOSS IN CLOSURE. T^ TOTICE is hereby given, lhal we, Ibe Commissioners appointed bv an Act, passed iu the last Session of Pai- liament, for inclosing Lauds in Whixall, in the Parish of Prees, i'l Ihe County ofSalop, intend to hold our SECON D MEETING at lb" WHITE HORSE INN, in WEM, in the said Cnunty, on MONDAY, Ibe TWENTY- SIXTH Day of SEPTEMBER Instant, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon; al which Meeting all Persons, who intend lo m.' keObjections to any or either of ihe Claims in or to the said Lauds, or any Part thereof, which have been delivered in to us, or to the Boundaries of the said Lands as the same have been ascertained by us, are required to make such Objections. N. B The Particulars of the said Claims and Boundaries are left for Inspection at Ibe Office of our Clerks^ Messrs. LEE and NICKSOS, Solicitors, Weill. JOS. LEE, 5th September. 1S14. WM. J 1' I. I. ICOE, NOTICE IS hereby given, that Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the next ensuing Session, to obtain an Act for enabling Ihe COMPANY or PRO- PRIETORS or THE MONTGOMERYSHIRE CAN A L to vary, continue, and extend the Line nf the said Canal from the present Termination thereof at GARTHMII., IO or near unlo Ihe Town of NEWTOWN, in the County of Montgomery; aud also to make a certain navigable Cut from and out of tbe upper or South- Western Part of Ihe GUILSFIELD BRANCH of Ihe said Canal, to and inlo the main Line of same Canal at or near 1' oot. QUAY, in the said County ; anrl to raise a further sum of Money for completing tbe said Canal and navigable Cut and the Collateral Cuts and Works belonging thereto ; and for amending an Act passed iu Ihe 34th Year of Ihe Reign of bis present Majesty, for making the said Canal Si Collateral Cuts thereto; which said intend- ed variedicontinued, and extended l ine and navigableCul, and the Collateral Cuts and the Works intended to he made thereto and therefrom, are intended lo pass and to be made, carried, and aller- cd through and into the several Townships of GARTHMIL, otherwise GARTHMYI., TRUSTF.- WF. LI. IN, DOLFORWYN, ABFRBECIIAN, GWESTYDD, HENDIIILEY, DVFFRYN- LI. ANFAIR, NEWTOWN, TYI> DIN, VARCHOEI,, and TYR- Y- MYNACH, iu the several Parishes of Berriew, Bettws, Llianllni liaiarn, Newtown, and Guilsfield, in the tiaid County of Montgomery; and for altering and increas- ing the Rates of Tonnage now authorized to be taken upon the said Montgomeryshire Canal. Welsh Pool, T. JON ES, Solicitor, l. vt September, 1814. CAPITAL IJVJW TO BE LET, TOR A TERM OF YEARS, AN extensive, capital, and old established INN, now in full Business, iu one of the fir6t commercial, maritime Towns in I he Kingdom — To a good Tenant every Encou- ragement will be given; and if lie wishes, a considerable Addition will be made to the Premises— Immediate Pos- session may be bad. For Rent and other Particulars, apply to Mr. COMBER- EACH, Solicitor, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, if by Letter, Posl- paid. 34( 4 August, 1814. NOTICE is hereby given, that Application is intended lo be made to Parliament in the next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill, and obtain an Act, for dividing, allotting, and inclosing, the Commonable Lands aud Waste Grounds within the several Townships of COEDTA LOG, CENCWI LL, CRANE, C'IFNLLUSISSA, LLANGADFAN, BLOWTY, CYF- FIN, MOELFELIARTU, and BRVNGWAKDDAN, in the several Parishes of Llanerfyl aud Llangadfan, in Ihat Part ofthe Manor of Caereinion called CAEKEINION UCH- COED, ill Ihe Countv of Montgomery. " JONES and OWEN, Solicitors. Machynlleth, September 3d, 1814 TILSTOCK ASSOCIATION; Mr. John Trevor, President.— Mr. W. II. Watsoh, Treasurer. WHEREAS divers Thefts, Robberies, Larcenies, and petty Crimes are frequently committed, whereby the injured Person is put to a great Expense iu seeking after his Property, find prosecuting the Offenders, many of whom, for want of speedy Assistance, escape from or elude Justice, l*> the Encouragement of such Crimes, and to the great Injury aud Vexation of the Country: ill Order to prevent the like Offences for Ihe future, and for the more effectual and expeditious Pursuit, Apprehension, and certain Prosecution of all such Offenders; WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, have formed ourselves into a Society for the better Detection and Prosecution of all such Persons as shall commit any Injury or Depredation upon any of our Persons or Properties, and have agreed to allow the following Rewards, 011 Conviction, for the Appre- hension of any Offender or Offenders : For any Person breaking open and entering any £. s. d. Dwelling House iu the Night, 011 Conviction of that or any olher capital Offence 5 5 0 For any Person that shall be found guilty of steal- ing, maiming, wounding, or otherwise injuring any Horse, Mare, Gelding, Bull, Ox, Cow, Steer, Heifer, Calf, Sheep, Lamb, or Hog; or stealing anyTimber, saw 11 or uusawn, or ally Cordwood, ranked or unranked For any Person stealing any C irfl or Grain, thrash- ed or unthrashed, out of any Baru or other Building For any Person stealing, culting- dowii, breaking, destroying, or damaging any Trees, Saplings, Poles, or Underwoods, Shrubs, & c I ] o For any Person fishing, netting, trolling, angling, or otherwise fishing, or stealing Fish out of any of Ibe Ponds, Pools, Brooks, or Pits belonging to any of Ihe Members 0 10 6 For stealing any Goose, or other Poultry, Corn, or Grain, out of any Field or Slack Yard, or robbing any Orchards, or Gardens, or stealing, or mail- ciouslv pulling tip, or destroying any Turnips, or other Vegetables, or in anywise destroying Vege. talion 0 10 For any Person found or detected stealing any Gates, Stiles, Posts and Rails, or any other Irou- work or other Tilings thereunto belonging, or breaking, cutting, or pulling down the same, or by any Means destroying any Rails, Poles, Hedge, Mound, or other Fence 0 10 For any Person stealing any Implements of Hus- bandry, or selling any Coals, or other Goods, from any Cart, Waggon, or other Carriage, or for any Felony, or Grand or Pelty Larceny, not before noticed 0 10 For any Person convicted of receiving or concealing any Stolen Goods, knowing the same tobestolen 1 For any Tollgate Keeper, who shall give Informa- tion of any Horse, Callle, or Sheep stealer, Highway Robber, or Housebreaker, so as such Information- shall lead to a Discovery t 3 3 0 2 2 0 6 1 0 John Trevor W. H. Watson William Holland William Kempster Samuel Huxley Jos. Brerelon Joshua Webb Robert Edwards John Griffiths Richard Jones John Gregory Beujamin Hughes John Bromhail. I 0 MONTGOMERYSHIRE CANAL EXTENSION WE, live of the Company of Proprietors of the Mont- gomeryshire Canal, whose Names are subscribed, and who are each of us possessed of or entitled lo Five Shares or Subscriptions of One Hundred Pounds in Ihe said Naviga. tion, do request a SPF. C1A L GEN ERA L ASSEMBLY of Itiesnid Company of Proprietors lo he held al the Montgo- mervshire Canal Oflice, in I he Town of Pool, iu the County of Montgomery, on WEDNESDAY, the FIFTH Day of OCTOBER next, at 12 o'Clock at Noon, for Ihe Reason and Intention " Of chnsing and electing a new Committee to manage " the Affairs of Ibe said Company of Proprietors :" " And for taking into Consideration tbe Propriety of " introducing into tbe Bill ( proposed lo be presented to " Parliament for extending the said Canal to Newtown, and " intended to be then laid before au adjourned General " Assembly for Inspection) certain Clauses lo prevent any " Reduction iti tlie Dividends or Profits of llie present 11 Proprietors, by the projected Extension ; and for the 41 Purpose of providing that Ihe Money, necessary for " completing such Extension, be raised by tbe Creation " of new Shares, or by Mortgage lo be secured solely ft thereon :— Aud, " To prevent any Union of Interests between the Propri- " etors of the present Canal aud Ihe Subscribers lo Ihe " projected Extension, until the latter shall have produced " a Dividend equal to the former." ( Signed) J. LLOYD JONES. ROB. GRIFFITHS. GEO. GOULD, Dated the lit Cay if THO. JONES, Stptt.- nber, 1814. RICHARD EDMUNDS. STRETTON 8F WESTBURY TURNPIKE ROADS. rilHC Trustees of the above Turnpike Roads are desirous B toCONTRACT FOR TH E REPAIR of the same, as hereunder described, for a Peiiod of nol less thau three or more than five Years, commcncing the lst Day of Novem- ber next, viz. From COI. EHAM BRIDGE, in theTown of Shrewsbury, to CHURCH STRETTON; also from near the third Mile- stone to Ihe Village of CON DOVER; either together or in Lots. From I he NEW- STREET, in FRANKWELL, in the said Town of Shrewsbury, to WESTBURY ; either together or in Lots. The Trustees will require proper Security for the due P « rformance of Ihe Contracts. Tbe Contractors are lo be allowed Ihc Benefit of the Statntcand Composition Duiies, which amount lo a consi- derable Sum; and the Trustees will make their Payments regularly every one or two Months, as may be agreed upon. Persons desirous of undertaking the Repair of either of the said Roads, or any Pari thereof, are requested to send ill their Proposals, sealed up, to . Mr. JOHN JONES, Ihe Clerk and Treasurer, nn or before MONDAY, the THIRD Day of OC TOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, on which Day Ihe Trustees will meet at the Guildhall, iu Shrewsbury, for the Purpose of examining Ihe same. Persons sending in Proposals, are requested lo attend in Person or by Iheir Agents. Further information mav he had by applying to Mr. JONES, the Treasurer. Shrewsbury, Sept 5th, 1814. HISTORY OF BONAPARTE, & c. Dedicated lo the Magnanimous ALEXANDER THE FIRST, Emperor of all the Bussias. This Day is published, Price only Sixpence, embellished with an elegant Portrait of G EN ERA L BLUCHER, and con- taining 94 Pages of Letter Press, NUMBER I. of HHHE HISTORY of Ibe Rise, Progress, and Overthrow of 1 N Al'OLTON BON A PARTE ( lale Emperor of the French) Together with a HISTORY OF TIIE WARS which have heen carried 011 since bis Exaltation, to the ENTRANCE OFTHE ALLIES INTO PARIS, and Ihc consequent RESTOR- ATION OF LOUIS XVIII. BY THEOPHILUS CAMDEN, ESQ. Author of the Imperial History of England and the History of Ihe War in Spain and Portugal, wilh the Life of Lord Wellington. Embellished with a most superb Series qf Engravings. Among tbe Portraits now iu the Hands of the Artists are Ihose of the Emperor of RUSSIA— Ihe Emperor of AUS- TRIA— the King of PRUSSIA— General BLUCHER— NAPO LEON BONAPARTE— the CROWN PRINCE OF SWEDEN, and LOUIS THE EIGHTEENTH.— A Grand View of the Entrance of the ALLIES into PARIS is likewise in the Hands of the Engraver, and a Representat ion of Ihe Meet- ing of tbe ALLIED SOVEREIGNS, in the great Square al I. EIFSIC. London; Published bv J. STRATFORD, 112, Holborn Hill, aud sold by W. EDDOWES. Shrewsbury, and all Dealers in Books. N. B Any Member having any Horse, Mare, Gelding, Cow, Sheep, Hog, or other Property stolen, is desired immediately to inform the following Members, who, to prevent Delay, are appointed to inform the remaining Part ofthe Society, viz Messrs. WILLI A M HOLLAND, WILLIAM KEMPSTER, aud SAMUEL HUSCLEY. Any Persou that is inclined to join this Association, must inform some one of the Members, and, if approved by a Majority, will be immediately accepted, so as such new Member in conformable to the Rules and Regulations established. ( ft The ANNUA L MEETING of the Members of the said Association will be held at the BLACK LION INN, in TILSTOCK, on SATURDAY, the nth Day of SEPTEMBER Instant. Dinner on the Table al two o'Ciock. % ales t) y Suction. MONTGOMERYSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATES. BY T. HOWELL, .4t the Oak Inu, in tliejTown of Pool, in the said County, on Monday, the 19th Day of September, 1814, between the Hours of four and seven in the Afternoon, subject to Con- ditions, and in tbe following or such other Lots as shall then be declared 011 Behalf of the Vendor: LOT I. \ MESSUAGE, FARM, and LAN DS, with the Appur- jf\ tenances, railed PEN\ BRYN, situate intheTowu- sliip ofTEIRTREr, and in tbe Parish of Myfod, in the said County, containing by Estimation, 174 Acres or thereabouts, and HOW lu I lie Occupation of David Griffiths. Lot IL Another MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, Willi Hie Appurtenances, situate'' in the Township of PEN- NIARTH, iu the said Parish of Myfod, containing by Estimation 87 Acre, or thereabouts, and now iu tbe Occu- pation ofThomas Parry. LOT III. A DWELLING HOUSE, GARDEN, and LANDS, with tbe Appurtenances, in PENNIARTII afore- said, containing by Estimation 8 Acres or thereabouts, and now in Ibe Occupation of Elizabeth Jones. The Buildings upon the above Premises are in good Repair, and the Farms in excellent Order and Condition. Each Lot is wilhiu the short Distance of four Miles from Llunfyllin, and six from Pool, both good Market Towns. Ttie respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. THOMAS DANIEL, Bron v main, near Myfod, or to Mr GRIFFITHES, Solicitor, in Pool, at whose Oflicc a Map of the Estates is left for Inspection. Pool, 13th August, 1814. ~ ~~ MOMGOM ERYSHIRE. BY GEO. WILLIAMS, At the Dragon Inn, iu Montgomery, 011 Thursday, the 22d i Day of September, 1814, between the Hours of three and ! five in the Afternoon : SEVERAL Tenements and Farms in Llandyssil and Kerry, either together, or in the following Lots: viz. LOT I. Part of WHITE- HALL, and CEFNYCOED Farms, vvith Cwmbadarn, in Ihe Parish of Llandyssil ; I comprising two Farm Houses, with necessary Outbuildings; & c. now in the several occupations of Mary Sheen, David Davies, and William Green, and containing by Admeasure- ment 291 A. lit. 2P. or thereabouts. LOT II. Other Part of CEFNYCOED Farm, in Llandyssil Parish; comprising Farm House, Outbuildings, and Lands, inthe Occupation of William Green ; by Admeasurement 69A. olt. 35P. or thereabouts. LOT III. Other Part of WHITE- HALL Farm, situate in Kerry Parish, aud occupied by Mary Sheen ; by Ad- measurement 23A OR. ' 30P. or thereabouts. LOT IV. A TENEMENT in Llandyssil Parish, com- prising Messuage, Outbuildings, and Lands, occupied hy John Perkins; by Admeasurement 8A. oR. 35P. or there- abouts. LOTV. A TENEMENT in Llandyssil, called PENY- CAERDDU, comprising Messuage, Outbuildings, and Lands, in the Occupation of Maurire Davies; by Ad- measurement 17A. 2R 28P. or thereabouts. LOT VI. A MESSUAGE and FARM in Kerry Parish, called PANTYFOLOG, in the Occupation of John Lewis; by Admeasurement 80A. nR. 11P. or thereabouts. The first three Lots Jie very compact within a Ring, fence, and but little detached from Lois 4 and 5 ; are nearly equidistant, viz. seven or eight Miles from the Market Towns of Newlown, Pool, and Bishop's Castle ; two Miles ouly from Montgomery, and three anil a half from Lime and Coal at Gaithniil.— The W, hole of the Property, the Meadovving particularly, is capable of much Improvement. ' The Hay Tithe of a considerable Pari is covered bv a Modus.— Parochial and olher Rates and Duties are easy, and the Land- Tax moderate. (£ 3" Timber lo be taken at a Valuation. Apply to Mr. E. JONES, of Hockleton; or to Mr. WILLIAM JONES, of Lower Garthmii, near Welshpool 5 who hare each Maps of tbe Estate. NORTH WALES. This Day is published, in one Volume 8V0. illustrated wilh Plates and a Map, the 2d Edition, Price 15s. Boards, of NORTH WALES, delineated from Two Excursions through all the interesting Parts of that highly beautiful and romantic Couotrv, and intended as a Guide lo future Tourists. By the Rev. W. BINGLF. Y, A. M. Fellow i uf the Linnean Society, & C. & c. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster Row; London : sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrews- ] bury; J. Painter, Wrexham ; Broster, Chester, & c. Of whom riiay be had, by the same Author, ANIMAL BIOGRAPHY, or POPULAR ZOOLOGY, the 4th Edition, in 3 vols. 8vo. Price £ i. l6s. Boards. MANOR" OF ARUSTLKY, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, to the Proprietors of Lands and Estates in the Parishes of Llanidloes, Llangerrig, Trefeglwys, Llanwnog, L1andinam, Penstrowed, and Carno, in the County of Montgomery, and to r. lt other Persons whom it may concern ; that ill the next Session of Parliament, a Pelition will be presented to the Honourable House of Commons, for Leave to bring in a Bill, in Order to obtain an Act of Parliament for dividing, allotting, aiid inclosing, tbe comniuiiahle Lands and Waste Grounds within the Parishes aforesaid. RICHARD GRIFFITHES, Welsh Pool, nth August, 1814. Solicitor^ ANNUITIES, & c.~~ BY an Act made and passed in tbe present Session of Parliament, intituled " AN ACT for amendingan Act of King Charles tbe Second, relating lo the CATHEDRAL CHURCH of SAINT ASAPH, in the County of Flint," the Dean and Chapter arc empowered to borrow Money 011 Iheir Eslate, either by Assignment ofthe Rents thereof, or by granting of Annuities for Lives, for the Repairs of the said Church.— Persons desirous of becoming Purchasers of Annuilies, or of lending Money under the Authority of the said Act, may know llie Terms, and other Particulars, 011 applying lo Mr. WYATT, Mount, Saint Asaph. Ut August, 1814. Shrewsbury Races, 1814. ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20lh, will be run for, on Bictou Heath, A PURSE of SIXTY POUNDS, the Gift ol ibe Hon. HENRY GREY BENNETT and RICHARD LYSTER, Esq. for Horses, & c. that never won that Value, Matches and Sweepstakes excepted: 3 years old to carry Cat. l'alb. 4 years old 8st. : tlb. 5 years old Sst. I2lh. 6 years old, and agetl, gst. 2ib. The Winner of one Sweepstakes in Ihe present Year lo carry 3lb. of two 5lb. and of three 7lb. extra — Mares and Geldings allowed 2lb.— The best of three two- mile Heats ; to start at the Distance Chair, and run twice round the Course to a Heat. SAME DAY, a SWEEPSTAKES of logs each, with a clear Purse of 30gs. given by theTown, p. p.; three veal's old to carry fist. 12lb. four years old sst. 3lb. five years old Sst I2lb six years old, nnd aged, 9* t. 2lb. Mares and Geldings to be allowed 2lb. To si art at'I he Winning Chair, and run twice round the Course.— Five Subscribers, or no Race. Lord Clive's Slender Billv, 6 years old John Egerton, Esq.' sro. c. by Gohanna, out of Ransom, 3 years old Sir W. Wynne's b. c. Bravo, by Sir Oliver, his Dam Georgiana, 4 years old Sir Edward Smythe, Bart's, b. c. by Sorcerer, out of Tiger's Dam, 3 years old R. Benson, Esq. a Subscriber, but did not name. WEDNESDAY, the Gentlemen's Subscription for a GOLD CUP, of 100 GUINEAS Value, the Surplus to be paid in Specie; ten Subscribers at logs, each; for all Ages ; twice round Ihe Course and a Distance; three years old to carry ( ist. 61b. four years old 7 « t. 12lb five years old 8st. ylb. six years old, and aged, Sst. 11 lb. Mares and Geldings to be allowed 3lb. Sir Edward Smythe, Bart's b. m. Caledonian, by Sir Oliver, out of Tawney, by Mentor, S years old Richard Heber, Esq's Queen of Diamonds, by Diamond, 5 years old II. Benson, Esq.' s Uncle Toby, S years old J. K. Powell, Esq.' sch. c. Alexander Little, by Alexander, Dam by Gouty, 4 years old John Cotes, Esq's b. ra. Stella, 6 years old Thomas Hanmcr, Esq.' s Bauble, by Saxe Cobourg, 6 years old Sir W. W. Wynn's ch. c. Sir Rowland Hill, 4 years old Sir W. VV, VV Hill's ch. c by Tityrus, 4 years old Mr. Devayne's b. h. Snuff Box, 5 years obi. SAME DAY, the Gentlemen's Subscription of FIFTY POUNDS, for three and four Year olds ; three years old to carry 7st. four years old to carry 8st. 5lb.— A Winner of one Plate lo carry 3* 1 b. of two 5lb. and of three 7 lb. extra; Mares and Geldings allowed 2lb.— The best of three Heats ; twice round tbe Course to a Heal; the Stakes to the second- best Horse THURSDAY, a SWEEPSTAKES of logs, each, wilh a clear PURSE of 5ogs given by the Town, p. p.; three years old to carry fist. islb. four years old Sst. 31b. live years old Sst. lalb. six years old, and aged, 9st. 2lb. Mares and Geldiugs tu be allowed Sib. The best of three two- mile Heals ; To start at the Winning Chair, and run twice round the Conrse to a Heat.— Five Subscribers, or no Race. Sir Edward Smythe, liart.' s b. c. by Sorcerer, out of Tiger's Dam, 3 years old Richard Heber, Esq.' s Queen of Diamonds, by Diamond, ti years old Sir VV. W. VVynn's ch. c Sir Rowland Hill, 4 years old Sir W. W. Wynu's ch. c. by Tityrus, 4 years old J. Bayley, Esq.' s ch. c. by Newcastle, Dam by Meteor, out of Jack Tar's Dam, 3 years old Johu Egerlou, Esq.' s ro. c. by Gohanna, out of Ransom, 3 years old Sir W. Wynne's b. c. Bravo, by Sir Oliver, bis Dam Georgiana, 4 years old E. L. Charlton, Esq.' s b. g. Don Rodrigo, 5 years old. The Horses, & c. intended to run for these Plates and Sweepstakes, are to enteral IheTALBOT I NN, Shrewsbury, on MONDAY, the 19th of September, between the Hours uf four and six o'Clock 111 the Afternoon ; paying two Guineas Entrance for Ibe Plates, and Haif a- Guinea to tbe Clerk of the Course, or double at the Post, which must be paid before twelve o'Clock on the Day of Running. The winning Horse of a Match, Plate, or Sweepstakes, to pay one Guinea to the Clerk each Day for Weights and Scales. The Horses to start each Day precisely at half- past one o'Clock, and only half an Hour w ill be allowed between each Heat. No less than three reputed running Horses, 5cc. lo start for either of the above Plates; if only one enters, the Owner lo be allowed ten Guineas; if two, five Guineas each. The Stewards permitting two Horses to run, and either of them afterwards refusing, such Horse will not be allowed the five Guineas, but ten Guineas will be given to the Horse that is ready toslait. All Disputes to be determined by the Stewards, or whom they shall appoint. Each Rider is required lo declare al the Time of entering tlie Colour he will ride in, that lliey may be inserted ill the printed Lists; and any Jockey riding in any other Colom bian thai he has so mentioned, shall forfeit 10s. Gd. to Ibe Clerk of the Course. The Slakes lo be paid to the Clerk ofthe Course at the Time of Entrance. R BENSON, Esq. M. P. ^ Sleworil, THOMAS HANMER, Esq. J Mewtml9- WM. SMITH, Veterinary Surgeon, Clerk of Ihe Course. No Person w ill be permitted to erect a Booth orSiaud for the Sale of any Kind of Liquors, without first paying into the Hands of ibe Clerk ofthe Course Half- a- Guiuea 011 the Day of Entrance, which will be added to tbe Town Sub. scription. No Horse to stand at the House of any Person who does not subscribe one Guinea towards the Plate: nor any Smith to plale a Horse, unless he be a Subscriber of ten Shillings and Sixpence. Part of the Course being corded out for the better Ac- commodation of Fool People, it is hoped thai no Person will attempt lo be on the running Ground during the Time the Horses are running. Constables will be employed to clear the Course; and ihe Stewards particularly request that no Person will ride on any Part of Ihe running Ground during the Races Any Persons obstructing or insulting the Persons so employed, will be prosecuted by Order of the Stewards. AU DOSS found On the Course tt ill be destroyed. LONDON. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER T. the following is a copy of the Bulletin of his Ma- jesty's healib, transmitted from Windsor to St. James's Palace :— Windsor Cciille, Sept. 3, 1814.— His Majesty continues tranquil and in good health. The French Papers of Saturday last have arrived. They contain some articles offureign date, but of tbe well- known home manufacture of Paris, which suggest several claims aud counter- claims, divisions, alliances, and counter- alliances, among the coalesced Powers. These statements are all fabricated to sow jealousies, by which Ihe French may profit. The Journal de Paris mentions a report of , tn offensive aud defensive alliance between England, Austria, Bavaria, and the" King of Naples," lo coil liter- balance the influence of Ihe Powers of tbe North! A Gottenburgh mail, arrived last night; has brought Prince Christian's address lo Ihe Norwegians, announcing the Convention with Sweden, and explaining llie necessity of tbat measure, occasioned principally by tbe defective stale of the Norwegian magazines, in consequence of Ibe loug want of tbe usual supplies from abroad, and Ihe blockade of their coast. Private advices froth Santa Fe state, that South America, wilh the exception of Peru and Mexico, are lost lo the Parent State. Under the deficiency of auv military details, they acquaint us with Ihe history of the faction* into which Ihe country is divided! aud at Caraccas they tell us there are four " distinct parties, one for plunder, another for independence, a third for King Ferdinand, and a fourth for the union with Spain, with ihe sanction of Ibe new Constitution framed by the Cortes, which admitted the Colonics to a fair and free participation in the National Legislature. The Duncan, Capt. Usher, is filling up at Ports- mouth, with much splendour, being destined to receive llie flag of Rear- Admiral Sir J. 1'. Beresford, who will, almost immediately, proceed to the Brazils, for Ihe purpose of conveying lo Portugal the Royal Family of that country, who are enabled lo return from Iheir honourable exile by Ihe freedom of their country being firmly established. The Duncan will lake out to the Brazils a considerable sum of money on account of the merchants. On the arrival of the Prince Regent of Portugal at Lisbon, Mr. Canning, who will previously be resident in that capital, will assume the diplomatic character of Ambassador Extraordinary from the British Government to Ihe Courtof Portugal. The conduct of the Admiralty in regard to the predatory Warfare carrying on by tiie Americans 011 our own coasts is unexampled. Sixty vessels are detained iu one harbour in St George's Channel, from fear of capture • and the losses tbat, in spite of our boasted navy, have been sustained of late by American privateers, is beyond all calculation, and has roused a just indignation in eveiy commercial town in the kingdom against Ihe assertion that " the force already employed ( o protect our trade was sufficient." What a satire 011 Ihe vigilance of » , ur Naval Commanders, if this assertion be true!— The repeated complaints made to the Admiralty being thus scouled, the merchants have no olher resource than following the example of the commercial men at Liverpool in addressing the Prince Regent, to evince lhal llit y are not to be brow- beat by the petulance, or dismayed at the dogmatical, though laconic, reply of any public officer, when facts arc in direct opposition to hi* assertion. Lord Stewart has been peremptorily ordered by the Prince Regent to be at Vienna, for the purpose of attending the Congress, by the solli of September. We have this information iu tbe answer w hich Lord Stewart gave, to an invitation from Ihe inhabitants of Belfast to a dinner, lo he given in compliment to las eminent military and diplomatic services. A serious misunderstanding has arisen between Mr, Wellesley P. Long and the principal proprietors of lands 011 Eppiug Forest, respecting their customary right of herbage thereon; he, as Lord Warden, haviug directed his Rievea to refuse marking their several herds ofcattle according to ancient usage This interesting question of forest light is now put into a regular course for legal investigation. Lord Maimers, who is now in England, does not intend to resumu Ihe Lord Chancellorship of Ireland. There is some difficulty, il is understood, in the Cabinet, respecting Ihe nomination of his Lordship's successor. Sir Thomas Plomer has been thought of, but is said lo have declined it. Mr. Ctirwen has prohibited shooting on his manors until the lst of October, to protect his farmers from in jury. BartholomeID Fair.— This scene of annual mirth and confusion commenced oil Saturday. The Lord Mavor went iu slate to proclaim it, and in iiis way up the Old Bailey partook of a cool tankard, presented lo hiin by the Keeper of Newgate. The procession then weut on to Cloth Fair, where the proclamation was made in ttie usual form. The Marshal's Court, and the Court of Pied Poudre, were established, and other arrangements made to presetve order. The Fair this year does uot afford so many shows as have been seen on former occasions. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. This morning two mails arrived from Hamburgh. A letter from Brunswick, dated tbe 291b ult. stales, ihat 011 the morning of that day tbe Princess of Wales commenced ber journey to Switzerland and Italy Her Royal Highness was escorted by a detachment of loo Hussars to tbe distauc. of a German mile from ihe town. Prince Vou Hardeuberg was to leave Berlin on the 4th for Vienna. Letters from St. Pelersbttrgh, dated the 18th ult. stale, Ihat Count Romanzoff has, al his own request, been permitted to resign. The accounts from France, ns well as the private letters from Spain, continue to intimate Ihe adoption of very extraordinary measures by the Government of Ferdi- nand. The reported determination of King Charles lo return lo Spain, appears to be a cause of alarm to the Court of Madrid. A letter from Bayonue states that the bridge of lruu, wbich communicates with France over the Bidas- soa has heen destroyed ; and it is reported that mders have beeu issued for the arrest of King Charles, if he shuuld arrive 011 the Spanish frontier. Lord Castlereagh passed through Liege on the 29tli, on his vvay to Vienna. His Lordship travels rapidly, aud will reach the Austrian capital at least a fortnight before Talleyrand, who was not lo leave Paris before the 10th of this month. The Paris Papers boast of the large purchases made by Englishmen in Ibe French funds, and their progressive rise; they also stale, that tl) 6 payments in direct taxes amounted to about £ 1,300,000 sterling 111 July,-— Qwere ? It is again reported that the expedition which was to have been formed at Cork will nut sail from that port. Troops which were to have joined, it is now said, will embark at Portsmouth and Plymouth. A detachment of the 19th Light Dragoons marched on Monday from Maid- stone to Portsmouth, to embark for Canada. The 2t| battalion of the 24th regiment marched on Saturday from Chatham to Ramsgate and Margate. The 2d battalion of the line ofthe KiWafs German Legion is to emhark at Deal. The 4th line buttalion of the same legion marched 011 Tuesday from Deal to Ramsgate, in order to embark; the 5th line battalion of the same legion moved on Tuesday from Brabourne Lees to Canterbury, lo wait their order for embarkation. Several detachments of cavalry of the same legion are also under orders for a similar destination. The embarkation of troops for the Netherlands is also continued daily. On Friday nexl, her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales will leave Cranbonrne Lodge for Wey- mouth. Her Royal Highness will be accompanied by the Countess of llchester. Countess of Rosslyn, and other at- tendants. Her Royal Highness intends remaining at Weymouth until the latter end of October. Her Royal Highness ihe Princess of Wales, previous to her quitting England for the Continent, made a* is re- ported, an arrangement that all those domestics of her household, who 011 that occasion might be discharged, should receive one year's wages, and board wages until they should procure another situation; and to those faithful domestics who had been some years in her service, hc$ Royal Highness granted annuities for their ) ivt8„ LONDON. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. The French papers to Uie 6ih instani have arrived. The Gazette de Fiance notices tin arrangement which the Duke of Wellington is making for his residence MI France, ui tbe following lerm-:— 44 1 lie Hero of England, it is said, lias taken the estate uf Morfortaiue, where he proposes to j. ive chai ming fetes." These papers aboimd with fabricated information of discontent* brooding in Germany and Italy rI he conduc- tors carry their impudence farther, and represent the comtt lies, which, during the war ofthe revolution were incorporated with France, as ' dissatisfied in the extreme, mice their separation ' I hev have even the'effrontery to present a contrast between the treatment the inhabitants receive fit present, and what they endured as subjects of Fram e. The comparison goes to place the French sway in the mildest light, aud that of Ihe Allies in the most . diotls. LOJVDOJV, Monday MghU September 12, 1814. French Papers have arrived to the 8th inst. More processions ami public ceremonies are i » > eotWniptalion at Paiis/ Tbe populace view them with indifference-- reflect- ing men deem them impolitic, and the military consider 1 hem as so many indirect reproaches, Lord tastiereagh is reported to be on his way to Warsaw, pr< v- iousty lo his going to ihe Congress at Vienna, AI Warsaw, I lie fate of Poland is expected to be arranged The marriage of the Duke of Cumberland witb Ihe Duchess of Salm, was celebrated at Strelitzon the 2/ h ult Expedition to . America.— The N'orge,' 74 gang,* with several transports, arrived from PorfsmdUtl?, in Ply- mouth Sound, ou Thursday kist On the same day, Orders arrived from Government, commanding the troops in Plymouth and Plymouth iWkJp hold themselves in rea- diness to embark at half an hour'' s notice. Orders were also T' . Government at Genoa has appointed a Commis- ; sent in to the Duck- yard, direct fug the boats to be in rea- . iiiiiiv. jiv I x. 1.1 .„.., tn pmbink tbe inxjiis The regiments. in snmsou. diness to embark the troups The regiments in garrison that city. | ' viz. t he 43d ( light), 45th, 95th, a.; d 9: 3d Highlanders ( the latter I too strong), instantly were on the alert. Besides 1 hese, detachments of the 28 th 1.1th, aud 44th regiments are to embark The 93d embarked on Friday. The transport Mary has the rocket brigade on board. On boaid the Norfolk is a detatchment of light dragoons, with 10,000 Suits of cloathing for the Noith American Indians, and a great quantity of stores, warlike and otherwise, for our ' he Expedi- accouuts of upture Negociations - lhat the whole are detained on that account, and on that only. Besides the expedition forming in Plymouth, another, supposed to be for the I ike destination, is to assemble, con- sisting of 1000 prime seamen and marines. These can be easily spared, as the guard- ship in Hamoaze has 2000 » • » « » —<• » « r ^ Hr S '! ^ q- aotUy of stores, warlike . ml otherwise, fo, he Germ.'., paper., uh. eh hy- lhe hye, . e • « '' » » '<- F, 1( II JA,,^ 1, is said io the squadron, that the EN . rwted than the French, a e totally mIt. » the s. ; « •<• 1M1, „ ar, „,, lhe ( ioverument receive accot. '^ r^ V^ tahth^ rupture of the Negations at Ghent, and tha fion for the purpose of proposing the most prompt mea- suits for restoring the Bauk of St. George iu This was one uf the most perfect establishments of the kind in Europe-, and the project implies confidence on the port of the Government as to the future fate of that am ieut Republic. It is worthy of notice, that whilst the French Jour- nals represent Germany as in a state of great fermentation, ih " * tticted tl Oil the cv v, that the greatest concurrence of views has been established amongst the Sovereigns of that country ; and lhat the political arrangements proposed will meet no opposition, at least from thai quarter. A change which has taken place in the foieign branch of the Russian Ministry encourages a belief that the Cabinet of St. Petersburg it harmonizes with tbose< f Vienna and Berlin on the. great topics to be discussed at the C. mgicss. Our own Government, we feel a pleasure in thinking, not only concurs wilh these three great Powers, but isthesoulof their union. An article in a German paper, da led B mberg, August 21, say— 41 This day appeared here a Serjeant Major, who ( - formerly served in tlie 3.1 regiment of foreign troops in the j France and Spain -.— also a' detachment of Sappers and ' "" ' -'-* 1 - * — n. lil. u » WwJio On the 9A inst. a Deputation from the Company of Drapers of this town waited- upon Lbrd Hill at Hawkstone, to present to his Lordship a piece of Plate. of t<-, e value 0 ot250 and upwaids, with the Freedom of their Corporation. On presenting the t* late, Mr, Peter Vanghan, as Senior Member, or Father of the Company'( iii the absence of the. Master, who was prevented- - by i. Mwet'S from • attending), addressed - Lord H ill as follows —• —- MY LORD,-- We UfiVe the hknbur Jo wai't upon your Loidsliip, deputed by the incorporated OOnYpany" of DRA- • PF. RS oi Shrewsbury, t'. « request your'favourable veception of a small token of tlieij' - admiration and esteem of the talents, conduct, and bravery, with which you so miportapt- ly and. eminently have advanced ihe -' Ureal and glorious cause of Liberty- and Peace aitr. nO Orator, ttiy ilt% l ; hut had I the eloqu^ uGe tif a Ci< er « >, I should hear to expa- tiate on their merits: fur although the recorded' approba- tion and t hiuk3 of; his:. couutry u> iYy* j « stty be the pride and glory of the Hero, yet any; e. uiogy in hi'S presence may be unpleasant or offensive- it* his delicacy.— Permit us, the . my ; Loi; dt only to1, tend* i*.> o « ?(• tiearty Congra- tiilal toils', v tlrat after the pen atio^ s, d » fl^ j* Uiee, And danger which you have 5- 0 lo. ng and so . olieii been expand to, your LordsFOp is' retiiVned to your unlive V> ii in health auo s> Oytv,- t « .. comfort and bles> i tlie/ hearts of a reyered Parent,, and i all tlv^ i-? S|> ect. ed^- 5; reatly . respected.— and behiv. ed Familv.-; with phr ' most cordial .- wishes that all y^ ur. future umieri. akings jnjay be crowned with success and glory, eq^ nal to the past-; f-*- i iid; thai, when your Couutry canspare you to repose, long and happy may you live to enjoy the otiutn cum a'ignilate, wiiirh y'our. glorious exertions in her service have so amply merited! t; oi d Bill replied at considerable length: and, after thanking the Company forwhat his Loidslup was pleased to call their magniiieent present, and the handsome style in which it was conveyed to him, he expressed in warm ' latitude f> » r the unbounded proofs of xpeiienced from his Salopian friends language his sense of gr regard w hich he had t French army, and who lefl the Island of Elba on the 6th of June He was decorated with a Cross of fionour, which he had obtained inthe Island of Elba, in return for his former Cross of the Legion of Ho our His present | Cross is of stiver, with white and blue. enamel, and in Ihe ' middle there is a silver lilv and four at the. ends. On the blue enamel is inscribed Vive te Roi It is appended to a wfiife baud with a silvei clasp, on which theie is an iuscrip- tirtft of Gage aela Paix ( pledge of peace) with Virele Roi in the middle. According to the account ofthis soldier, there were 54 of these Crosses made by order of Bonaparte, and given in retvu ti for the former ones. ' Tne Emperor Alexander has made Count Nesselrode his \) iiiister for Foreign Affairs. Count liomanzow was allowed to retire on account of ill health. The Archduchess Maria Louisa, it appears, docs not go to Elba, as was leporrcd. She was to leave Aix on the 1 81 Ii, in order to return lo Vienna. The Duke of Wellington, with the permission of Government, has pu[• chased the Borghese Palace at Paris for £ 36, oi> o, as a permanent residence of the British Am- . baSsador at the Court o'f France ' The Cork papers of. the 3d instant, contain the full- wing notification, icspfCting Lord Hill's expedition ( i Tile Staff cf the Commissariat attached to Lord Hill'- s expedni'. ii, who have b< en here for some time awaiting liis Lordsl lp's expected arrival in this city, received orders yesterday to rep^ iii. immediately to P irlsmouth, whence, we undeistand, lhat ( listing, uikhed officer will take his de- parture for America." The infantry barracks at Pfavdon, W7inchelsea, Sil- verhill, Eastbonrue, ilailsham, Cuckmcre, Lewes., Shure- bam, Steynin;,, and I it tie Hampton, are to be taken < lo\ vn, and the materials suid, by order of Government The quantity of Salmon brought to London during the week was so great, tha' the very finest quality has been sold by retail al Billingsgate al the reduced price of from 5d to7d per lb The rise on teas of id. in the pound, will produce a surcharge of 6d. on the consumer. The present Spanish Government coincides with the sentfifieulsOf the naii uiat large respecting France, and so far all i » well So long as the antipathies of the Spaniards are manifested by burning bridges and banishing French fashions, French women, and Frenchified Spaniaids, from theii country, we- shall: not quarrel with them. This re- vival uf Caviihan spirit reminds us of tbe sentiment of the Spanish peasant, so full- y commented upon by Montesquieu — k< i\] y father would ijse- in arms from the grave, if he heard of a IVHI; with France Forty thousand English are now said to be looking at CuriosilicH eve ry day in Paris. The French, in return, continue'- 1 heir- curiosity to one object outy^- Vhe pocket of the traveller. A I ate ( Tlstin^ u'shed defaulter in Omnium, is dispos- ing of all his valuable effects, to satisfy, as far as may be in his power,,- the demands of his creditors. pickcd seamen on board, besides t he crews ofthe Caledonia, & c. paid off lasi week, now on liberty of absence; aud the Marine Barracks are literally full of prime soldiers. One squadron of the 19th Light Dragoons will em- bark iu a few days, for service in America. The last division of sick, fire, arrived last week from ! VV, » 11 • 8.. ce :- als6 a . if I1 ^ f- V' Miners, which clears those countries of British trOop*. 1 1 ,, e Pla, e We have nothing new from Ghent:— the cotton and tobacco markets are rather ou the decline. Th rce per Cent. Consols 65g.— 3 per Ceut. Red. shut. in general He referred to hi* public reception in ' he several towns of the county w hich he had visited, as well as to the Memo rial designed to be erected in Shrewsbury— all of which iiad male so powerful aw impression on his feelings, that il was in vain to attempt to ch'e them utterance : but tbey would certainly remain w'ith him as long as be lived SHR EWvBURYi, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1814. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER io. The Ditl'ch and Hamburgh mails have brought some inteilig^ nce Of importance. According to the letters from Ght nt there has'been Kotfie foundation for the rumours of a suspension of the Negotiations at that place. It appears from an article under the date of Ihe 1st inst that for some previous days the same good understanding, w hich at first existed, had uol been observed to prevail bet ween the English and American Ministers; but as' it is afterwards stated, that a grand entertainment was given on llie first by the American Ministers, at which the Englisj. i weie prceenl, il seems th. it the misunderstanding, if it ever did exist, had been but of short duration, or at least , that it had been no impediment to the intercourse between the parties. From the ime which has since elapsed, we may indeed be. certaip that no rupture of the negotiation had then taken, Pl'^ Cf' j for whenever an official account of its tei initiation aii iyesy the result will doubtless be immediately annot need in the usual way by Government. 11 was reported yestciday in the city, that a provisional treaty was uuder the consideration of the Commissioners, and that several of its articles were already agreed upon, but whether there be any truth in this statement we cannot pretend lo determine. With respect to other points of intelligence, the most remarkable is the Con- tinuance of military movements iuBrabatit The Hanoverian troops continue to march iuto that country. We are told that the Prussian garrison of Luxembourg!! is to be rein, forced, and that during the existence of the Congress at Vienna, a most considerable force is to lie maintained along the line from the Macse to the Moselle. It is remarkable that these measures are stated to be resorted to in cons © , qucnce of those adopted by France. ! t lias not, however, beeu stated from anv authority, that armaments were under- taken on ihe side of France which ought to occasion any alarm, and we hope that t he humane and pacific spirit of the Sovereign of that country will be fully capable of controuliug the turbulent spirit ofthe army, and of giving permanence to the trai quillitv of Europe. Advices from ihe Mediterranean received yeslerday to the 19th ult. coutaiu a letter, dated Gibraltar, August 18, which states, that two cases of malignant fevers have lately occurred ; ( hat one of I lie persons w ho laboured under the disorder is dead ; and that the physicians deem the matter so far serious as io render the greatest precaution necessary. The Guv. rnoi is resorljug to all the usual measures custo- mary in such situations. The Wetting nf t% e Trustees of the Stretton ond Weslhury Turnpike Poadsyadrei tised in our jirst'page to be held on Mondayy the 3dof October next, for the purpose ' qf examining the propoxate from persons desirous of contracting for the Repairs of the said Roads, uiitl rjot tke » he held, oib/ ng to the Fair happening on that daii i but the Trustees will meet on I UF. SO AY, the FOUTLTH of Octo'er nevt, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the a foresaid pitrptrse- rrtthfrGtiitftftatt; VhW'csbury ; and all persons desirous of contracting for th& said repairs are req>> e* ted to send in their proposals on or before the said last- mentrowd day and hour. ••{£| P CORN LAWS— The extreme length ofthe Fvidence on / Jm subject, us given by the witnesses examined before the Select ( 1ommUtee of the [ louse of Commons, having prevented our inser- tion of if- funle^ s it had t cen to the exclusion of o'her interesting nfotler J, our Agricultural Friends are informed, that we propose FD give in our next JOURNAL an epitome of the whole of that fiv. idevce, as contained in- the U $ FPORT" made by the Committee • to, the ifouse of Commons]' which we shall give at length. • Cc'jp A Jiirymaii'. f letter respecting Joanna Soul hcott will be found in last page : it would hare appeared in the preceding paper had it been received in proper time. BTRTHS. On Ihe 4 tb ult at his seat. DVotttolaftti, the Lady of Sit Edw a id ( rBriCtfL Cn't. M. P. ofa son. Last week, the wife of Philip Windsor, a poor labourer, of South Bovey, Devon, of three fine hoys, all healthy, and likely tolive. MARRIED. , Col. George Bingham,*> f the 53d ( orShropshire) regiment o^ foot, and son of R, Bingham* Esq of Bingham's Mel- c. inibe, to Emma- o ptima, youngesi da'iigher - of E. M. Pieydell, Esq tif Wlialcumbe House, Dorset. Yesterday, at St. ChadV:, by tlie Rev Mr i. anglev, Mr. Thomas Tisdale, maltster, of this town, to Miss Fardoe, of Weston • , - Vyedjiesday last,, at Ludlow, by the Rev George Darisey Pardee, John Melvill, Esq. to Elisabeth, eldest daughter of tlie Sansuel Sneade, of Lntlhiw On the27th ult at Enfield,- Mr. Edward Baugh, jun of CefuGarlhmil, Berriew, Montgomei yshire, to Miss Martha Wbaley, only daughter of John Whaley, Esq. of Holy Hill, Enfield ChasV, Middlesex On the 5th iust. at Wellington, Mr Wm. Rogers, to Euuna, second daughter of Mr. Jones, surgeon, oft hat place. Mr John Treen, of Wrexham, to Miss Rogers, of Uafod y bach. DIED. On the 7th inst. in Guild ford- plate, London, the Right Hon. Lady Mary Martin, wifeof the Rev. George Martin, of Great Ness, iii this county, and sister to his Grace the Duke of At ho . On the4th inst. in London, after a few days' illness, in the 21st year ofhis age, Mr. Charles Dixon, son of Mrs. Dixon, uf Haughton, in Ihis county. On Tuesday se^ turighi, much lamented, Mrs Capsey, of Wefl'ihgton. At Drayton, on the 2d inst. Ann Minshall, the wife of a labou! ing. man, at the gieat aye of 99years irge SILVER TURKFN and STAND. The Arms of Lord Hill and those of the Drapers* Company ornamented the Tureen, and the following In- scription was engraved noon the Stand : 41 TO Lieutenant General ROW* AND IORD HILL, Baron of Almarez. and Hawksfone, K. B. & c. & c. Distinguished tor his brilliant Achievements in the ardmiUs Contest, • hich has restored FRI'KDOM AND PFACFTO FUROPE ; As Wefl as for his mild and generous qualities, which have endeared him as a friend to the army ; and rendered him conspicuous as one of the brightest ornaments of his country ; The GUILD of DRAPF. RS ofthe Town of SHREWSBURY Respectfully present this TOKEN of their high esteem for his Lordship's public and private Virtues; Together with the FREEDOM of their ANCIENT CORPORATION. August, 1814." The following lelter, received this morning, contains the leading particulars of a desperate action between the Avon BrUish sloop of war, of |{ j guns, and the. Wasp American sloop of war, of 20 guns, in which British bra- very was eminently manifested against an enemy of superior force: < 4 Milfar4> Thursday morping, Sept. 8, ten o'clock. " We have just been informed, that an action took place between his Majesty's sloop Avon, ami the American sloop 4) f war Wasp, of 20 guns, near Kiusale, when, after two hours aud 20 minutes desperate lighting, the Castiliaii sloop of war Ihove in sight, The Wasp endeavoured to make off, but the Castiljau'. got op, poured ju her broadside, and int- ra diately discovered a signal of distress from tbe Avon, and bad scarcely time to lake out her crew before she sunk Her loss is her first lieutenant killed; the captain and several officers wo « mded. It is supposed ( he Wasp also sunk; for after the broadside from the Castiliau, she was observed « atrr- togged,' aJfel was not a? tej- wa. rd « » ee » .—' This may be relied upon. <( In hoste, your\% & c. il P S. The action took place between Cape Clear and Kinsale, on Sunday night last. The captain of tb^ Avon, ami die. second lieutenant, wounded seviefcIy. M The Avon was commanded by the Hon. Jambs Arbuthnot. The Wasp, we conceive, had but just arrivexl on the Irish coast, uot having any iutima^ iou of lier iap. pearapce there before. There is every reason to'rest as- sured. that if she has not sunk she will . be| taken,' as the / President and Ethalion frigates were out fr « i> m Cork in eearcli of privateers, and would mobt probalsly cross her track, if she waa still above water. s r> ' . i' The Cork Reporter of Monday further slates, that the Castilian, with the remaining p'art of the cicw'of Vhe Av<. o 011 hoard, had arrived in thai poit. Captain Arbutli-' pot wan wounded in both legs but not so as fo prevent his walking wilh assistance. Besides the loss of her first lftiu- • ienaut Mr. Jatnes Harvey, and ( he captain and second liCu- t'* u » ut severely wounded, the Avon bad 18 seamen kiiljcd ft wonrvJe/^ ? Visiting Clergyman this week ai the Infirmary, the Rev Humphrey Sandford:— House- Visitors, Mr. Crump and Mr. Eddowes. Additional Subscriber to that Charity. Mr. John Peplow, Shrewsbury £ l 1 0 On the 4th inst. the R v. John Chappei VVoodhouse, D'i D. Dean of l. ichfield, was inducted into the Rectory of Stoke- iipoii- Trenl, in the room ofthe Rev. William Corser, deceased. Our Theatre will open on Monday next, positively for t he Race Week only ; it is expected t he entertainments will be'of Hie most interesting kind. The manager def^ rf the- opening 4' v. r the season, till the Hunt Week, deeming t hat as ( he most desirable period to the public : and, from t he interim, he will have more time for the further necessary preparations— See Adv. 1 Mr. Kean exercises his matchless abilities at the [ Thtcatie Royal, Birmingham, to- morrow.— Sp. eAdvert. Our Races commence on Tuesday nexl: the course, from the fineness of ihe season, is in excellent order ; and a most 1111 ri\ ero, us assemblage of the beauty and fashion of this and the surrounding counties, as well as the sporting amateurs, ia expected •— Mr. Wm. Jones, saddler, Higli sfreet, was ye. stenlay appointed clerk of the course— See Advert, in a subsequent column Warwick races, which commenced on the 6lh inst. were more than usually attractive ; and thespoit, upon the whole, was considered tolerably good. The ordinaries weie well attended ; and the bails displayed both numerous and brilliant assemblages; having, iu addition to the beauty, elegance, and fashion of the county, a very splendid acces- sion from tl. e neighbouring Spa. Lichfield races commenced yesterday, when a great influx of company was expected. - The Priuco Regent and lite Duke of Clarence* with a numerous suite, arrived at Ragley Hall, the seat of the Marquis of Hertford, on Thursday. In the afiern'oon of Sunday, his Royal Highness attended divine service a J Alcesler church. The Prince is expected to remain in War- wickshire for a week or ten days longer. P ince Freder ck of Orange, accompanied by Major D'Yvoy and suite, arrived at. the Hen and Chickens Hotel, Birmingham, 011 Wednesday, from Worcester. His Serene Highness remained there two ( fays, for the purpose of inspecting the different manufactories. The party after- wards continued their journey to Trent ham Hall, tiiieseat of the Marquis of Stafford. 44 Some interesting anecdotes, relative lo the King, are now ju circulation During the last month, il is said, his Majesty has experienced frequent lucid intervals, and has ' Conversed on general topics with all his Physicians. He expressed great anxiety to have an interview with the puke of Wellington, and appeared to be affected in the highest degree by the subject of the marriage of his grand- daughter; but il is singularly remarkable, tie gave directions that a favourite horse should be destroyed on a fixed day. having attained' a certain age, in conformity with u written memorandum made by himself some years ago, which w as found in the place pointed out by his Majesty, nnd which proved in every respect to correspond with the period pre- scribed Morning Chronicle. At the general licensing of the keepers of public houses for this town and liberties, w hiehwas held yesterday, we are informed, t he alehouse in Roushill, called the Drum, wai refused to be licensed,'. occoe. nj of several irregulari- ties which bail been committed'therein ; and we hear il is the determination of the magi31! rates to refuse a license to all persons who shall in, future be guilty of similar. miscon - duct, or who shall keep their houses Open after feji o'clock at night, or suffer persons to remain therein afler thai ho'or The re- coined Spanish dollars so long in circulation, have been refused in some places unless at 5s. it ought to be known that the Bank is bound to receive Last Thursday evening, on the turnpike road between Oswestry and Gobowcu, a man, who was riding on the shafts of a waggon laden with coals, fell off, and the wheels passing Over his right arm, it* was broken in a shocking manner Monday, a Coroner's Inquest was held at the Dolphin Inn, Weston, 011 the body of James Hunt, who had received his death by a pistol- shot, Saturday night, ou the Bristol road It being proved that the deceased, at the lime of receiving the wotind, was violently assaulting Mr John W iltshire, of Bristol, who had required his name, on finding him riding in his cart without reins to guide the horse, the jury returned against Mr Wiltshire, a verdict of manslaughter —- ff'orcester Herald. : By 13 Geo HI. c 84, sec. 63, the owner of any wag* g6u, cart, & c. not having his name thereon, is liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds, nor less than20 shillings: and by sec. 40 of the same Act drivers riding on the shafts or in the waggon, cart, & c. or not being in a situation t guide their horses, are liable to be taken up hi/ any person present, and' carried before a magistrate, to be fined not ex- ceeding 10 shillings, or sent to the House of Correction for one mouth, unless the fine be. sooner paid; considering the g; eat numb 1 of accidents which happen from such earless- ness in drivers, offences ofthis nature should not be allowed to pass unpunished. Robbery.— Late'^ ort Sunday night, or early on Mon- day morning last, some daring villains broke into the premises ( situate near the Coleham end of the English bridge) of Mr F Dure. ell, carrier from I his tow n to Ludlow who also keeps a retail shop, which appears to have been the sole object of iheir depredations Tbe robbers gained admittance by making a large aperture in the wall; they had previously attempted to enter through another part of the wall, but it would seem that j afler having taken out several of the bricks, some boards inside obstructed their progress in that situation. Having eutered, they proceeded to plunder t he shop, and this they did most effectually carrying off' the silver and copper in the till ( of the value of about four pounds) arid* in short, almost every moveable j article that came within their observation, comprising tea, su « ar, flour, bacon, cheese, & e supposed to be altogether of the value of nearly 20 pounds, with which, having opened tbe door leading from the shop into the street, they went off undiscovered By the trace of some of the flour, which had fallen ou the ground, it appears the depredators went up the Abbey- FOregate with their spoil; and we trust that, for this diabolical outrage on the property ofan honest and indmtrions individual, they will, ere long, receive a due reward at the hands of offended justice. Sudden eathx. — A few days ago, Wm. Tart, a labourer, of an advanced age, in, the employ of Mr. Williams, of Uppingtou, in this comity., while placing the grain in the act of making a stark, was observed, by his fellow- workmen, to falter and fall in an unusual manner. Some of tliem went to his assistance; w heri, melancholy to relate, they found their aged Companion a corpse!— On Saturday last, Robert Randies, an elderly man, in th^ employ of Mr. Juson, miller, of Hanley,. near this town, burst a blood- vessel in his leg, the rapid effusion of whicii caused tiis dissolution about an hour after.—— At Exeter," aged 24, Miss Parish, milliner : she was in perfec. l health at the house ofa neighbour, and, with a few friends,' was just about to proceed to church to attend a christening; but while in the act of kissing the child, she dropped down and expired. We are sorrv to learn, that the Prince Regent coach, 011 its way out of Birmingham, on Friday evening, was un- fortunately • overturned in Bradford- street, owing to the darkness of the night, and the bad state ofthe road, by which unfortunate occurrence the coachman had his leg dreadfully fractured, and a genjleman was so much bruised that he ' lias since continued in a State of complete insen- sibility; several other passengers were much hurt It is understood, that no blame can possibly be attached to the coachman . Last week* in a mine near the Swan Pool, Falmouth, a^ single ton of ore raised in. that mine was assayed, and yielded thirty- seven ounces of silver! On the 9th instant, the coming of age of John Salusbury Piozzi Salisbury, Esq was celebrated in the most brilliant manner at Brynbilla Hall, Flintshire. A dinner was laid out in the first style for upwards of 500 persons, comprising all the neighbouring gentry, farmers, tradesmen, and other inhabitants,- many of whom recreated rliemselyes w ilh a diversity' of rural amusements till it was served up ( at three oY. loek) Dinner being ended, the chearfnl glass w as passed briskly round to the health of the ; worthy host ; various national toasts and appropriate sen- ' timents followed, accompanied by the loud cheers of the assembly; a band of music, playing God save the King and other favourite aji' 9, contributed to give a zest to this part ot 1 he entertainment, and to depict the characteristic traits of loyalty and patriotic zeal in a most vissble manner on the glad countenances of t he enlivened guests. Dancing was ; after wards. commenced by numerous groupes ofthe visitors ; others expressed their joy by making immense bou£ res, Scc.; 1 whilst many, regardless of such diversions, paid llieir ho- j mage to Bacchus in copious potations of the sublime juice | of the grape, or of the native 44 nut- brown.'" These varied scenes of diversion and hospitality were kept up till a very late hour with much spirit and with the utmost harmony; and tbe guests departed not only highly gratified, but many of them enabled also to look upon the trappings of the 44 outward man" as useless and nothing worth— in consc- qhence', their lints, Iheir shoes, and other such cumbersome paraphernalia, were strewed upon tlie various roads from ibe mansion along which these exalted travellers had passed. — We add, with the most heartfelt pleasure, that upwards of £ 200 was . also distributed on the foregoing occasion among the poor of the several neighbouring places. It will be recorded to the honour of the Principality, that the various Courts of Assize lately held within ii have heen scarcely occupied with criminal judicature — The late assize week at Carnarvon in particular, was rather a scene of gaiety than business C. W G. Wvnne, Esq ihe High Sheriff, gave a grand dinner and hall on t he Thursday On. Free Masons » — It might . have been presumed, that years of blood,' and seasons of devastation, would have taughi the . heads of Christian nations to place a proper value on all those amicable ties, by whatever name they may Be called, which unite man with man iu the bonds of friendship j and whjch help to form the links of that chain by which Wcial Order is or oitgh't to he preserved But un- happily this Js. not_ Case,. jjjjdLthe rea- toraliou of the Inquisition iu Spain hashceh followed by an Edict from the Roman Pontiff, published on liie 2<> tji. ui. t,. prohibiting secret societies^ biM particulavly those of- Free Masons. Suspicion, upon whose base thi* measure must have been cfetted, surely wanted a mark whereupon to fix her imii- Viced eye; tor in what age,- we ask, hiive Societies of Free Masons been found inimical to the public weal, or w hen have they disturbed the repose of any nation ?— disturbed did we say— w e spurn the. phrase, aud will go further. We ' maintain^- that the good government and the laws of all nations are under infinite obligations to these ancient establishments. Their doctrines are universally acknow- ledged to lre airpeaCeiui,- all benevolent— I heir principles are founded upon the purest Christianity— their practice, like thr good' Samaritan, is to bind up the wounds of tbe afflicted, 44 to comfort and help the weak- hearted, nnd to raise up them that are fallen"— their desire is 41 Peac e on" earth, goodwill towards hien." If the Catholic religion aims to be exalted to its former rank among the nations of Europe, it must seek some other way than this. For we hesitate not to assert, that not all the Bullsfriny, iior even all the Dears of I lie Pope, will be able lo erase from the mind of the free and accepted Mason t Uat. duty, which., next tohis unfeigned adoration ofthe Divine Architect, tie owes to his fellow man— christian beuevolenee, the bane - of bigotry and superstition.. On Tuesday the worthy Representative for Liver- pool, the Right Hon. George Canning, arrived iu that town on a visit to his friends, previous to his departure with his family for Lisbon; and ou Wednesday last the Worshipful the Mayor gave a magnificent dinner, in I he Town- hall, to him, to'the Bight Hon W. Huskisson, J Blackburn, Ralph Benson, Peter Bold, and J. I. Blackburtte, Esqrs. M P Col. Dalrymple, of the 15th Dragoons, and many Gentlemen of the town and neighbourhood. In the evening Mr. Can- ning visited the 44 Canning Club," accompanied by Mr. Huskisson and several gentlemen; on which occasion tlie Room was decorated with suitable devices, emblems, trophies, & c. A Resolution was entered into at a public meeting in Liverpool on the 291b ult for a Petition to tlie Prince Regent, rather lhan a Memorial to the Admiralty, praying for protection to the trade on the West Coast and Channel. A Memorial similar to , the one rejected has beeu since for- warded to the Lords of the Admiralty, very numerously signed by ihe Merchants, Ship- owners, and Underwriters, and Mr. Croker has, hy their Lordships'direction, returned for answer,—" That the protection ofthe trade ill those quarters hail already occupied their Lordships' particular attention; and my Lords see no inconvenience iu slating, that a very ample force has heen under the orders of the Admirals commanding the western stations for this pur- pose, and that, during the time the enemy's depredations are stated to have taken place, not less thuil three frigates aud fourteen sloops were actually at sea, for the immediate protection of St. George's Channel and the western and northern parts ofthe United Kingdom." Hussars.— The misunderstanding in the 10th regi- ment of H ussars, alluded to in our last, has been of con- siderable standing ; and is said to involve a charge against one of its field- officers, nearly stating his want of a very essential principle necessary to the composition of a brave soldier, lt is also said the officer has demanded a Court Martial, to which the Commander- in- Chief has ignifled his assent. The dispute i> of a very puzzling nature as to the mode of proceeding to legal deersion. Several of the h ading, officers concerned in the round robin. are reported to be under arrest for trial by Court Martial; but the difficulty of fixing the proseculi ns and the order ! of them, amidst the mass of charges and recriminations, is extremely embarrassing The Prince Regent is Colonel- proprietor of the regiment, id a German officer, St. Quintin, is first Lieut- Col. and when tbe following document issued in Spain, is considered, it appears singular, that the latter did not long ago demand an inquiry. Extract from the Adjutant- General's letter to Major General Lord E- Somerset, commanding the Hussar Brigade w 44 I am commanded by my Lord Wellington to take this occasion of mentioning, that the complaints against the 101 h Hussars are so generally and so extremely discreditable to the regiment, and prejudicial to the interest of the army, that il is requisite you should immediately adopt measures to re establish that discipline which is necessary to good order, but which has been allowed to relax in an unpardon- able degree under the commaud of Lieut.- CohQnintin.— Yoqr Lordship will be so good as to communicate to the Lieut - Col. the Field Marshals displeasure at having to notice irregularities it was in his power to have prevented, and lhat a recurrence of such breach of regulations and good order, will convince his Excellency that the^ Lieut. Col. is unequal to the command of a regiment of the first pretensions." The only officer that did not sign the round robin was Major Howard Now behold the Contrast I— The officers of the seventh Hussars, have presented to Major- Gen. Vivian, on his being removed from the command nf that regiment, a piece of plate, value 300 guineas, 4< as a token ofthe esteem and respect which they feel for his character ; of the high sense t hey entertain of his exertions for the welfare of the 7th Hussars; and of his merits as an officer I" Tn the great match for 5G0gs, at York, or. Monday, between ATiisidov and CameJopard, the former was so little pressed lhai she ran again the same day for the subscription stakes, which she won wilh the same case. Colonel Thornton, with three carriages, ten horses, two packs of houndsj his falconer ami hawks, embarked for France, 00 Friday, at Southampton: a French Nobleman, late an emigrant ' in this country, to whom the Colonel had shewn kindness " in the horn of adversity, has offered him a furui: 43^ d honye,. with i^ ervauts, and the produce of an estate in France, alJ free'ofexpence ! BLT, OILB- E SILEKX—[ train a Paris PaperJ.*-*- This is au argni/ ler. t- whiih Tri England puts an end to many a^ dis^ atssioiv .. J f the argument is uot such as would be allowed by the so^ u^ lcs! xlo£ ie, it - i*, however, one which ia consecrated by - cusfctyifi, « M) d admiticd as infallible, and which is not w. itjioui itp adv/ vurages It reduces to silence, by the fear of. loss,; those whose obstinacy i » elsewhere encouraged hv the impunity 0f< erroneous opinions or false assertions. UufortimaUly;;, however, It also interrupts those whose only error in disputation is the inability to Bet; and it is . much easier- » to. r irieiv and dispi'vianta especially, to produce crowua fivma tHoir pockets than reasons .. from their heads.. VVte shall only adopt ihe maxim of Del, 07 be Silent, when clever men shai4 ofive as much money as f . ols ; but both seem tletemiined to prevent the arrival of this new era. A volume ittigfet be filled with the extravagant Bets which are laid and ( taken in England iu tbe Course of one year. There is a taste, a furor, a rage for it ; and the most amusing thing of all is the religious Vespect with which those who are not concerned in I he Bet interdict whatever might prevent it from being carried through. We shall cite oire example, which is worth a thousand man fell into the Thames— he struggled and endeavoured to swim, but he swam badly. Will he reach the bank? Will he be drowned? Here was at once a wager. Twenty guineas were laid that he would save himself; this was taken; the Bets increased and multi- plied; and in two minutes considerable sums were depend- ing on the head of the poor swimmer. He was, however, perceived by some watermen, w ho rowed towards him w ith ( lie intention of saving bin There is a- 4JetT theee4s The son of a poor woman in Hollo way, near Bath, had, for a considerable time past, complained of violent pains in the chest, which, not withstanding many remedies being resorted to, increased to such a degree lhat he died a few days since in great agony. His body was opened, and near the heart was found a brass ring, which, it is supposed, the poor child had accidentally swallowed, and thereby pro- duced the great torments he must have been afflicted with previous to his premature death. / xeculion of the Sham Parson.— On the 27 ih ult. Robert Peacock alias Thos White, alias Rd. Williamson, alias Rd. Thomas, alias Wm. Whiti field, alias Wm. Whit- more, 011 whom a sentence of death was passed at tbe late assizes al Gloee- ter, for forgery Hie was found guilty at the last Lent Assizes, hut judgment respited), and Geo. Symes, convicted 011 five separate indict mails, four for horse- steal- ing, and oue for stealing an heifer, were executed on the temporary apparatus over the lodge of the county gaol. Peacock exhibited an uniform repentance ami resignation, from the time of his conviction to the awful moment of his suffering. Powerful interest had been exerted to procure a remission of his sentence; and there is reason to believe, that he had cherished hopes of mercy till within tbe last four days. He had, during an. imprisonment of ten months, daily amused himself with writing u journal of his pro- ceedings and devotional engagements; and this task he continued with unabated composure till within litile more than half an hour of his execution! At intervals, he had likew ise employed himself 111 instructing his fellow prison- ers in their religious duties, and made considerable progress in enlightening the minds of some of them To his fellow- sufferer, he was eminently useful ; and, from great obdur- acy of heart, he brought him to a sense of lite awful change he was about to undergo. A ftcr coming from Chapel, tbey were engaged for some time in private prayer; mid about one o'clock they ascended the platform, where they remained but a few minutes, without the smallest inclina- tion to address the populace. Peacock, whose presence of of mind and firmness never forsook him throughout the whole Of this dreadful scene, shook hands with Symes, and with the Exccuiioner, to whom he bequeathed a few shil- lings, which he said would be found in his pocket: and they were launched into eternity in the presence of an im- mense number of spectators. Bet," was bawled out from every quarter. At these magical words the boatmen stopped, l lie unfortunate man wi. i drowned, and Ihe Bet was gained. The above French jcu d1 esprit has been very much admired, and industriously copied into a number of English newspapers; in many instances without a single remark on the probability of the narration. For the credit of our national character, we shall enter our caveat against the latter part of this story, fond as our countrymen are of betting, and however enthusi- astically eager they may, be to prevent unfair inter- ference on common occasions of this sort, we assert, without fear of contradiction, that whoever should be fool hardy enough lo interfere iu preventing the pre- servation of the life of a fellow- creature, in this country, upon any occasion, wou. d p ace his own ih extreme jeopardy ? anil'that if any persons were si) insensible as to make a bet upon such a solemn occasion as that alluded to in the foregoing article, they would excite the just resentment of English spectators to such a degree, as to partake liberally of that clement from, which their levity or cupidity induced them to prevent the extrication of their suffering countryman— or, in, other words ( we speak in terms usual upon such occa- sions), they would receive a confounded good ducking• Extraordinary ( ase,— The Paris Papers contain the following singular account:— " There is a black girl, about 20 years of age, according to her own account, now traversing the department of the Meuse, furnished with a passport to rejoin the first regi- ment of Old Guards, to which she has belonged for eight years, as a drummer She says, that her fa! her lived at Alexandria at the time of the French Expedition to Egypt,, He was made Captain of a corps of black1 Mamelukes, formed by Bonaparte, but was killed in one ofthe battles with the English. ' The girl was then only six years of age, and she followed her brother, a black Mameluke also, into France. The Duke of Montebello had her baptized at Bourdeaux, three years afler her retui 11 from Egypt, hy tbe name of Marie Victoire: the sister of Gen. Lagrange was lieu godmother. Death having deprived her of her protector, she enlisted as a drummer, made the campaign of Russia, and, having received a wound from a lance in the thigh, was made prisoner The wound revealed her sex. She was sent to St. Petersburgh, aud she speaks highly of the good treatment she received there. S! ie returned to France with one of the convoys Of prisoners of war, and i* about to rejoirf her regiment, as above stated. This poor creature, although perfectly illiterate, '- peaks verv good French, without auy foreign accent. Not hin$ can equal her agility and gaiety; 011 ariViiitf al St. Mihiel, on the 21st of August, sbe danced with some young girls, although she had that day travelled 011 foot a double stage, as marked on her route." The Bridegroom Disappointed.— On Thursday morning last two young ladies, milliners aud sisters, re- siding al the West- end of the town, attended at a church near the Horse Guards, accompanied by the happy men. whom they had chosen, intending to enter into the holy bands and tie the gordiau knot wilh them. The elder sister, of course, had the priority ; the younger one standing by, and waiting impatiently, as il first appeared, for her turn arriving, when she might be made happy. Such, however, was the effect which the performance of the ceremonv and the pronouncing the dreadful words 4 honour and obey' had on the spirits of this lady, that she, without saying a word, broke from the arm of ber expectant swain, rushed out of the church and, having gained the outside ofthe building she set off full speed, and continued her course till she reached the house ofa female friend at the distance of two miles, to whom she declared she would never by marrying give any man an opportunity of com- manding her The disappointed Bridegroom continued sofme time fixed in the church, but whether bewailing his bad fortune, ov rejoicing at tiie narrow escape he had had, . we are not able to say. At Waterford, Judge Dav, in alluding to the differ* ence between the English and Irish peasantry, said— 4< What is the cause of this striking difference ? It is, because in thai country the laws are strictly, promptly, and impartially administered, and because the interests and feelings of all classes are there identified with the preservation of good order and subordination to lawful authority. The same cause would here produce the same effect : if the gentlemen of the country were to treat ( lie peasantry- with n due mix- ture of kindness and controul, they would speedily discover that to he the true art and mystery of governing men It was a. lemarkable fact in the history of this country, that crimes had always increased in proportion a* the criminal code was exasperated I recollect that the Whiteboy. Act, and several other sanguinary statutes framed for the de. clared purpose of tranquillizing the country, had notori- ously failed to produce that effect, and had increased the evil. It is, therefore, evident, that il is not by severe sta- tutes, increase of barracks, and military stations, or bv the adoption of' mere coercive measures, ( hat the root of tha evil is t o be got at." Bristol Leather Fair.— The following were the average prices of Leather at the late fair :— Hcavv Crops 22d. to 2Id. Light and Middling ditto 2nd to22d Shoe and Coach Hides' 23d to 23d. Best Sadlers* ditto 22d. to 23d. Common and inferior ditto 20d. to 22d. Bulls' I8d. to lQd. B11 Haloes' I7d. to2ld. Rounded ditto 2ud. to 2Sd. Horse Hides 2s. 2d. to 88 6d. Best Pattern Skins 3s 6d. to, 3 « . Common ditto 3s. 2d to 3s fid. Heavy ditto 28 4d( tp2s. gd, Welch ditto 2s iOd. to 3s 3d. Irish ditto 2s. 91!. to 2s. lid. Kips 2s: 6d. to2s. Qd. Light Seals 3* 2d. to 38." 4d Raw Buenos Ayres HydeaSd. to tod. Salted Irish Calf Gd. to 7d. Ditto Veals iod to lid. At Warwick Fair, on the 6lh instant, there was a Friday there was an illumination, and also a ball given hy the I aud Lieutenant of the County ( Viscount Warren Bulkeley) It is almost superfluous to add, that the Court of^ Assize, thus held, was . attended by a great pottion of the beauty and fashion of that and the adjoining counties. The Anniversary Meeting of the Menai Pitt Club was held a » Qcauwiaris 011 the 29th ult.; the Earl of Ux- bridge was President.— Sir h . W. Vaughan, Barf, tlie highly j them at 5s. ( id. and ou this condition they were riiied " W*** $ for t be County of MerVm- 1 j _ . . t. . . • .' ctf), fills the office of Vice- President of this truly loyal [ ill) eve 5$. society for the y~ ear ensuing Johanna Suuthcolt— The impostures of this woman and the delusion of her followers, ought perhaps to tie pas- sed over with silence, as it is only by notoriety that her mer- cenary purpose can be answered, or that delusion can he propagated. But as a faithful Journal of passing events, it is necessary that our paper should record this reproach on the understanding of the times. Sis medical men who have visited Joanna, aver that she is pregnant, whilst three others maintain she is not : among the latter is Dr. John Sims, an eminent accoucheur, who considers her apparent symptoms of pregnancy as nothing more than the effect of diseased organs. Dr. S. adds, 44 1 am convinced that this • pbdr woman is no impostor, but that she labours under a strong mental delusion " Joanna has written a long letter, jfilUd with details too indelicate for the public eye: in it sliej gives Dr. . Recce' permission to open her body, should heiJdeath be the result of hei supposed pregnancy or indis- position. Authentic Anecdote of a follower cf Ihe Doctrines of Joanna South eat t •— E. Penny was a respectable yeoman at inglebourn, near Tomess, Devonshire ;' lie had a small freehold of his own, independent ofa large farm tie rented, and was doing weH, when, becoming a follower of this woman, he put snch implicit faith in one of her predictions ( that in the ensuing year thereWriiild he neither earing or harvest, as the world was to be destroyed), the poor fellow thought he would save his wheht, and absolutely let all his land lay idle When rent day came, he was obliged to par! with a portion of his own property to pay the rent of the farih he occupied; he never recovered ( be blow, hut sunk gradually in the world, and was obliged at length to solicit relief from the. frigid hand of parochial charity. One of- her follower?, nt Taunton, having declared in a j company, where there was a lawyer present, that Johanna 1 was divinely sealed, 44 Aye," replied the limb of the law, " sealed, but pot delivered considerable show of lean beasts, which did not sell freely, even at reduced prices. Several droves of Hereford oxen and South Wales runts stood over lo the next day, ar. d were driven off unsold. MARKET HERALD. Average price of Wheat in our Market on Saturday last, 1 Is. Od. per bushel of 38 quarts.— Oats 8s. Od. per customary measure of 57 quarts. CORN EXCHANGE. SEPTEMBER 9. Having no fresh arrivals of English Wheat ihis day, fine Samples of that, as well as of Foreign, sold freely, at tiie late prices; but ordinary sorts were heavy sale, and rather cheaper Bailey is l » . cheaper. Oats and Beans fully support late { prices, la other articles there was little or 110 variations. SEPT. 12.]— We had a middling supply of new Wheat from Essex this morning, but very little old, and ( he qua- lity of the new being in general very inferior, caused a brisk demand for fine old, whieh sold 2s per quarter higher than on last Monday; Bar'ey is dull sale, aud ts. per quarter, cheaper ; Beans aud White Pease 2s. per quarter higher, having but few samples of either of those articles at market; fine Oats sell readily at last week's prices ; in olher articles there is little or no alteration* A: TO RE LF/ r, AND FVTFRFD UPON IMMEDIATELY, NEW, substantial, and convenient built BRIC&> HOUSE, io an n\ rv Situation on SW \ N HILL, com- manding an extensive Prospect of op - ards of 30 Miles, consisting of five ft d Rooms, four ' rood Closets, one large Ditto, a Sitting Kc. o. m, Parlour, Kitchen, Pantry, Brew- bouse. Beer Cellar, Coal House, with ' small Garden and Snmmey- House ; 1 fie Whole neatly ii! ted up, and suitable, for a e^ nt. eel. Family. Enquire of Wtf. £? D( Jr8, Builder, St. Jo!. n> Court. SHREWSBURY, September IS th, 1114. AT a Meeting of several Inhabitants of Shrewsbury; who have hail a Correspondence wilii Ibe present STEWARDS of SHREWSBUBY RACES, anil in Pursuance of their Permission and Direction ; IT WAS DETERMINED tliat Mr. WILLIAM JONES, of the Hi » b- Street, Shrewsbury, Saddler, be appointed to act as CLERK OF THECOURSE Mayor, Chairman. SALOP INFIRMARY. " VTOTICE is lierebv aiven, that the ANNIVERSARY JM MEETI NG of the Contributors to this Infirmary will be held ou FRIDAY, the TWENTY TltiRl) Day of SEPTEMUER Instant — All Contributors and Friends lo ibis Charity are desired lo attend JOHN CRV. SSKTT PELHAM, Esq. the Treasurer, at Ten o'Cloek in the Morning, from the Infirmary to ST MAHY's CHURCH ; where there will be a Sermon on the Occasion. The Accounts and P. oee'eitintrs of the Infirmary will be then readv tu be delivered lo Ihc Contributors. JOHN JONES, Secretary. September 3d, 1814. jr^- The TREASCRFR, fil ling tbat many Gentlemen coming lo attend the Charity from : i Distance may wish lo return early, and as it is not his Wish lo give tin in the Trouble of accompanying him to ' lie Ordinary as well as to Chnrch, he begs Leave to announce, lhat for himself, it is not his Intention of appointing any particular Place of Entertainment for Dinner oh I bat Day. MKS R. PRH CHARI) XI ESPECTTL) I'XT' announces tn her Friends aud the . SI Public, she is iu I, ON DON, selecting MILLINERY, & e for Ihe RACE M FETING, and which will be for Inspec- tion oil MON DAY N EXT, to those who honour her with a Cull N. B. A Vacancy for an A PPRENTICE in October. MR. BLAIR, DENTIST, TIESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies and Gentlemen I of SHREWSBURY and its Neighbourhood, lhat he purposes being nt Mr. VINCENT'S, Brazier, Snopi. ATCH, on THURSDAY Evening, Ihe 52< l Instant. His Stay will Be till WEDNESDAY, Hie 5th of October. HisTooth Powder and Brushes are sold at Mm. Burnett's, Mr. Nightingale's, Mr Holme's, Mr Biirrey'-, and Mr. Harley's. Liverpool-, September 12, 1SI4, TCTFAMILIES AND OTHERS. CAMBRIDGE CLUB. THE NEXT MEETING of the Cambridge Club, will be held at flic Fox lSN,. ti MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1814. Sir CORBET CORBET, Bart. President. Rev. OSWALD LEYOESTER, Vice President. Shrewsbury Theatre. POSITIVELY FOR THE RACE WEEK ONLY. MR. CRISP has the Pleasure lo announce ihe Opening of I he Theatre, for MON DAY, 19th SEPTEM BER, 1814, and the followiug Days of that Week ouly Several new Performers are engaged, and the different Amusements will be given in tbe best Stvle. The Visitors oftheTlieaire may be assured every thing will be conducted in Ihe Manlier most likely 10 meet public Approbation. Tbe House has beeu newly decorated, and put into the best Order, on the Occasion — Particulars in future Advert tiseinenls and Handbills. Tickets and Places, at Mr CARESWF. LL' 9, Mardol Head The Manager, in Order lo meet Ihe Public Wish, will not commence THE SEASON till THE HUNT WEEK; when it will he continued lo the finish: In the Interim, e very- Arrangement will be made, as lo I he various Dram a I ie Representations aud rerforiners, which, either in Point of Novelty or improved Representation, can promise to mid to the Gratification ofthe Company honouring the Theatre with their Presence. Theatre- Royal, Birmingham. MP.. EI. L1ST0N presents bis Respects to tbe Nobility and Gentry of SHREWSBURY and its Environs, and informs them that Mr. KEAN's Engagement will com- mence on THURSDAY, Ibe 151b of Si PTF. MBER. He wiil appear in his favourite Part of RICHARD TH E THIRD, and subsequently inSHYLOCK, OTHELLO, I AGO, and HAM LET ; and, at his own Benefit, in LUKE, ill the Play ot RICH ES. The PRICES will not be raised ; but it is recommended to Parties securing Places 10 provide themselves with Tickets at the same T ime, to prevent Confusion or Delay. The Days of Performance will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. A porM Dedicated, with Permission, to Sir Corbet Corbet, Bart. THIS Day is published, Price Five Shillings, in Boards, A DBAS'I'ON ; a POEM. By CI! ARLES ASH, of the Theatre- Royal, Bath. Nescio qua natale solum dnleedine cunctos Ducit et immemores 11011 sinit esse sui. OVID. NOTICE. IiNRO Maud afler ( he Date hereof, Persons giving Credit ' to Mr WILL1AM BIRCH, Barker Street, are informed that such Debts will not be received under Ihe Assignment, Particulars of which Assignment were given iu a former Paper.— Shrewsbury. 1 sfA September, 18) 4. JOHN POOLE, GROCER, TEA DEALER, & c. kc. CASTI. E- STREET, SHREWSBURY, TENDERS his heat Thanks 10 his ' riends and tbe Public for iheir unprcced- uteri Favours to him in the Aiticle of Kensington Mould Candles, and respectfully begs to infm in lliem lie has just received a large Assortment of tbe vniions Sizes, and will feel obliged hv their Orders. The Scene of this Poem lies upon the Western Borders of Staffordshire. Perhaps a more retired Spot is not to be found in Nature; and if the Traveller, 011 visiting it, he inclined to express his Surprise that it should ever have been made the Subject ofa Poem, I can only reply to him, wilh Ovid, in the Title- page, " There is a peculiar Sweet- ness that attracts us all to the JJIace which gave us Birth, and neither Time, nor Distance, can erase it from our Recollection " " This Poem celebrates the Birth- place of its Author iu , _ , -, ,, , , ,, ..- 1 .1 a very pleasing Manner Mr. Ash forcibly reminds us of J. P. has constantly on Sale, Ihe following Articles of | GOLDSMITH, in his Descriptions, his Delineation ofVillage Characters, in Fondness fur his native Scenes, and iu pathe- tic Tenderness."— Critical Review, for April, 1814 AL ' 4 TO tit: L /<; r, AND ENTF. t5. ET> IJPOS AT LAW- DAY NKXT, THE MOAT HOUSE, near Goilsfield. in the i onnty of Montgomery, in goodRepair, arnd fit for Ihe Ri? sjdence ot a small genteel Pa, » wil> mg of- a Kitchen, Pfrilour, Milk Room, and Brewhouse; live 0eat Lodging Rooms upon first riotip; with good At ticks : a good Cellar and other Con. veiii. rnf- ex; a Garden and Orchard, with about 7 Aries of Meadow Land adjoining, now iu the Occu- pation of WILLI AM DYOR, of WHOM further Particulars may be had SepiemSer^ 1814. J\ orih Devon Cattle,- A'cio Leicester Sheep, and Suffolk Punch Hiirte Stock. MR. CHILD E* s A N N V> A » . S AI. E w il J com m ehce a tt he FARM- YARIV, KINLPT. near BEWDLF. Y, at eleven O'Cloek in the Morning of FRIDAY, September 30. when there, will be Sold between thirty aud_ forty Head of very superior well- bred North Devon Cattle : . consisting of in- calf Cows and Heifers, stinted to most capital Bulls,} and1t several Pair of excellent Bollock?; well adapted hi Feed ur to Work; three truly valuable young Rtiftt; and some exceeding Fat. Cows.— Nearly One Hundred eheic^ Ewes and Tbeayes, which have been bred with infinite, Care, from the best Flocks in Leicestershiret and nearly the same Number of Wethers, in a good State for the Butcherj or to put to1 Turnips.-— Several very Capital Suffolk Punch Mares, that are stinted to Mr. CHILOE'S well known Stallion of that Breed; and a considerable ' N timber of Morse Stock, of all ARCS, from Foals to three Years old, that are descended from the best Blood ( for Agricultural Purposes) in the COnnty of Suffolk. FRY the best Quality ; Wax anil Spermaceti Candles, tine Sper- maceti, and ot Iter Lamp Oil; best London Pickling Vine- gars ; Reading, Burgess's. and all other tine flavoured Fish Sauces; Anchovies, Capers, & c. Teas, genuine as imported by the East India Company. J P. is the ONLY AGENT for t he Sale of the real Kensing- ton Mould Candles in this Town. An Apprentice wanted. 8hreio* hvry, Septembers, 1814. P ORK SAUSAGES] MARY DERRETT most respectfully informs her Friends ahd the Public, that she has commenced making her PRIME PORK SAUSAGES, which she will have constantly on Sale DURING THE SEASON : likewise Poultry, Pastry, & c as usual She returns her grateful Thanks for past Favours, and hopes to merit a'Continuance ofthe same. N. B Hot Dinners every Day at one o'Clock. Corn- Market, Shrewsbury> Se. pt 12, 1814. GARTH.— ANNUAL SALE. On SATURDAY, the 24th Instant, will be offered for SALE, at the Farm Yard, at GARTH, near Welsh Pool, a very choice Selection of SOUTH- DOWN SHEEP, AND HEREFORDSHIRE CATTLE; CONSISTING of about 60 very fine South- down Ewes and Theaves, and 12 very superior South- down Rams and Ram Lambs; the Whole of Mr. MYTTON'S Stock of Herefordshire Cows and Heifers; 6 Feeding Oxen; 4 capital Working Oxen, and 2 Feeding Splayed Heifers. Also, two very fine thorough- bred 3- years old COLTS, bv PAVILION, out of Duckling and Haughty, likely to make Hunters at high Weights, or valuable Stallions; and several Colts and Fillies by the same Horse. Catalogues will be left at the Oak Inn, in Pool; the Lion, Shrewsbury ; and the principal Inns in the Neighbourhood. The Sale to begin at nine p'Clock. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE- CONTRACT, AN excellent DWELLING HOUSE, and COACH HOUSE, late the Residence of Mr. HILL, together with the Garden and Premises ' adjoining, being within five Minutes Walk of the Corn Market. The House contains a handsome Entrance with a capital Staircase; two Parlours, Kitchen; an attached Brewhouse, Pantries, Chicken Yard, & c. six large and lofty Bed Cham VALUABLE HUNTERS BY JONATHAN PERRY, In tbe ensuing Week: A CHESNUT GELDING, eight Years old, hy Shuttle, _ OL Dam by Delpini, a steady Hunter, with Power, per- fectly snl'e and tractable. A ' CHESNUT GELDING, four Years old, by Lignum Viter, Dam by Rustic!:, hunted last Season, and highly promising. A BAY FILLEY, three Years old, own Sister to the foregoing, broke lasl Year, temperate, and likely to make a Mure of great Value. The above may be seen at the Proprietor's, near Shrews- bury, by Application to Mr. PERRY. FREEHOLD HOUSES AND GARDE. 4. S, WITHIN THE Borough of Shrewsbury. UY JONATHAN PERRY, On Tuesday, the 27th of September, 1814, at Ihe Fox Inn, in Shrewsbury, precisely at two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in Lots ( subject to Land- Tax): AT'PS DRY eligible FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, DWEL- LING HOUSES, SHOPS, STABLES, and GARDENS, situate in the several Streets or Places, called BUTCHER- BOW, fjsi- i STREET, HIGH PAVEMENT, BARKER STREET, CARNARVON LANE, FRANKWFLL, CASTLE FORECATE, and CASTLE Hut, ill the Parishes of Saint Mary, Saint Alkmoud, ami Saint Chad, ih the Town Of Shrewsbury, iii the County of Salup, and now or late'in Ihe several Occupa- tions of John Holt, Robert Leigh, William Bull, Philip Heath, John Leigh, Robert Harrison, George Harrison, John Harrison, Samuel Cadrnan, Henry Leigh, Mrs.. Leigh, Thomas Bentlcy, Robert Wilding, James Read, Williatu Garden, Mrs. Strange, Samuel Jones, John Joues, Martha Phillips, EdwsrdWood, Richard Edwards, William Hughes, William Meighen, Thomas Cook, Robert Price, Mrs. Allen, Francis Eaves, Thomas Deakes, Thomas Dealies, jun. John Dealt es, Samuel DeaUes, Johu Phillips, Richaid Williams, Samuel Peate, Sarah Barrow, William Harding, John Jenkins, John Tisedale, Thomas Griffiths, Mary Hei tey, Edward Reeves, John Turnbiill, Edward Hughes, Charles Wynn, John Wood, George Humphreys, Samuel Leach, Martha Burden, Francis Hughes, Charles Davies, James Hall, Thomas Gough, Ann Lloyd, William Davies, Richard Rogers, John Brayue, Edward Leach, and Johu Kirby, or some of them, or their Undertenants, or Assigns. A great Portion of t he above Property is advantageously situated in the central and trading Part of tbe Town.— The Whole of the Premises are let 10 Tenants at Will. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises.; and prinled Particulars may be had of THE AUCTIONEER, and of Messrs. PEMBEUTON, COUPI. AND,& DUKES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. by the same Author, THE HEATH GIRL; a I bers, & c with Chisels tu each— Underneath the Premises, Tale Price 2s 6tl. Bath : printed and sold by Meyler & Son, Abbey Church yaul; sold also by W. EUDOWES, Shrewsbury j and G. and S Robinson, Paternoster- Bow, London. JOHN DAVIES, coop/:/?, ( LATE ASSISTANT TO MR SMITH,) EEGS Leave to inform his Friends aud the Public, in general, that he has taken and entered upon tlae Pre- mises next Door to Messrs COOKE and SON, Mardol, Shrewsbuiy, where he carries on the above Business iu all its Branches, and hopes bv strict Attention t<" » merit the Support of those who may favour him wit hi heir Commands All Kinds of Bend- Ware, Turnery, & c. on the most reasonable Terms. SHROPSHIRE CANAL. rpHF. next GEN ERAL ASSEMBLY ofthe Company of 5 Proprietors of the said Canal, " ill be held at the. TONTINE INN, in Madeley Wood, in the County of Salop, on FRIDAY, llie 71I1 Day of OCTOBER next, at the Hour of Eleven, when aud where the Proprietors of tbe said Canal are requested to attend either in Person ur hv Proxy Belmont Hill, Shrewsbury, DAVID DAVIF. S, lHhSept. IHI4. Clerk to the Company MONTGOMERYSHIRE CANAt^ ~ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT a GENER A L ASSEMBLY ofthe Proprietors of the Montgomeryshire Canal will be ltoiden 011 ihe 5th of October next, at Ihe Canal Office, in Welsh Pool, at eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, pursuant to Adjournment, when all Ibe Proprietors are requested to attend either ill Person or. by Proxy. Welsh Pool, Canal Office, J. HILL, Clerk. Mth * ept 1814 Freehold Property— Land- Tax redeemed. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, ALL that substantial and convenient DWELLING HOUSE, with several Valuable Fixtures, and a small GARDEN nearly adjoining, fit for the Reception of a genteel Family, situate upon CLAREMONT HILL, and late in the Occupation of Mr. HUMPHREYS, Surgeon. For Particulars apply to Messrs. PEMBERTON, COUP I, AND, and DUKES, Solicitors,. Shrewsbury. GAME. THE GAME within the MANOR of CONDOVEB, in the County uf Salop, having been grentlv destroyed by unqualified Persons and others; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, tbat all Unqualified Persons, who shall be found Sporting or Trespassing within tbe said Manor, will be prosecuted. And all Qualified Persons are hereby requested to refrain from Shooting, or otherwise Sporting over any of the Lands within the said Manor, September lof/ i, 1814. •^ TOTICE is hereby given to i ll Persons whom it may Concern, that Application will be made to Parliament in the next Session, fur Leave to bring in a Bill for making aud maintaining a new Turnpike I'oad from nnd out of ihe Turnpike Road leading from the Iron Bridge, 111 lhe Parish of. Madeley, in the Counly of Salop, to Shrewsbury, in the frameCnnnt v, al Ibe Bottom of Coalbrookilale, in the said Parish of Madeley, into llie Turnpike Road leading from Shiffiial to Shrewsbury, at 01 near a Place called VVntliug- Sireet, iu the Parish of Wellington, in the same County, and which said Rond is intended to pass through Coal- brnnkdale, the Gig House Bank, I. awley, and Arleston, and the several Parishes of Madeley, Dawley, Little Weu- lock, and Wellington, all iu Ihc said County of Salup. Dated the twelfth Day of September, one thousand eight hundred and fourteen. JOHN I'RITCHARD, Solicitor. This Day is published, in one Volume, Quarlo, handsomely printed by Bulmer, on superfine Royal Paper, Price in Boards £ b 5s. dedicated by Permission lo His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, AN ACCOUNT uf a VOYAGE to ABYSSINIA, and TRAVELS in the INTERIOR of that COUNTRY, exec uted under the Orders of the British Government, ill the Years 1809 anil 1810 ; iu whicb will be included an Accoitnl of the Portuguese Settlements on the Eastern Coast of Africa, visited in the Course qf the Voyage; a concise Summary of late Occuirences in Arabia Felix; and some Particulars relaiiug to the Aboriginal African Tribes, extending from Mosambique to the Borders of Egypt, lo gether with Vocabularies of tlieir respective Languages. BY HENRY SALT, ESQ. F. R. S. Sic. London : printed for F C. and J. Rivington, No. 62, St Paul's Church yard; and may be bad of W. EDDOWES, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. N. B. This Work is illustrated with a large Sheet Map nf Abyssinia, and several Cliarls laid down from original Surveys and Observations by the Author, together with 30 Engravings and Etchings, executed by Charles Heath, F. sq from Drawings takeu on ibe Spot A few Copies are printed on Imperial Paper, wilh first Impressions of the Plates, Price in Boards is. 8s. PARIS AND ITS CURIOSITIES. Just published, in a portable Volume, - neatly bound, Price 65. Gil. with elegant 1laps, Plans, ANEW PICTURE OF PARIS ; or, THE STRANGER'S GUIDE TO THE FRENCH METROPOLIS, accurately describing the I'nblic Establishments, remarkable Edifices, Places of Amusement, aud every other Object worthy of Notice; also, a Description of the ENVIRONS OF PAR! 8. New Edition, enlarged and improved BY ED » ARD PLANTA, Also, jusl published, by the same Author, Price 4s. in Boards, or 5s. bound, A GAZETTEER OF FRANCE, with a neat Map. *** The New Picture of Paris anil Gazetteer of France mfry be had hound together, PriceQs. fid. N. B. It has been the Author's earliest Endeavour to give the present Work a distinguished Rank above the inaccurate arid ill- written Publications which h - Ave been obtruded on the Public. He has aimed render the " NEW PICTURE OF PARIS" acceptable to Readers of Taste and Literature, whose Praise is alone valuable, and whose Patronage is the best Proof of Merjt. The Plan of Paris, Map of France, and Map of tbe Environs, are truly unique. London: printed for SAMUEL LEIGH, 38, Strand, and sold by W, EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all respectable Booksellers. a Coal Vault, a Wine Vault 30 Feet..' long, 15 wide, and 8 Feet high, with two large Cellars and Larder adjoining. The Scite ofthe Premises, a South South- West Aspect, commanding an extensive and beautiful Prospect, with the adjacent one of the River Severn, Can Office, aud other Elevations.— In front of the House a Garden 45 Yards Jong by 25 Yards wide, encompassed with Walls clothed with Fruit Trees of vai ious Descriptions, and in full Bearing The Beds are decorated with Flowers of various Denomi- nations ( some scarce), exclusive of Vegetable Productions At the Extremity of the Garden, a Court or Yard, in which is a Laundry and Store- Room adjoining, with a con- venient Lodging Room and Store Room above, aiid capital Wine Vault beneath ; likewise a small Stable. There are large Gate* which open a Passage to the Public Road leading to St. Chad's Church and each of the Bridge On one Side of the. Entrance Gates are two Houses, on the other a large Warehouse, 30 Feet long bv 27 wide The Whole is intended to be sold in ONE LOT— The Premises may be viewed on Application to Mr. ROBERT HILL, at the Shrewsbtuy Distillery 1,' SMALL FA! « _ I TO LET, AND ENTFTTEI) UPON 25TH MARCH, 1815, Contiguous to the Road lending from Shrewsbury lo Lud- low, in Hie Parish of ACTON SCOTT, and 011 the Border of Henley Common, 011 which it has a Right of Pasturatre ; CONSISTING of a neat House, Garden, Orchard, Yard wii. li a Pump of good Water, and four Pieces of excel- lent Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, in the Whole jive Acres. - The House and Outbuildings were put in complete Repair last Spring. TJfe present Occupier, Mr. GOUGH, tvilj A he rv the Place : further Particulars muy be known ou Application to Mr. FALIN, Stationer, Shrewsbury, or Mr. JUlJLL, Sufaeon, Chester, ( Letters Post- paid.) FA 11 M TO BE LET, SVITIIIH THREE MILES OF SHREWSBURY, TITHE- FREE. TO BF. LET, FOR A TL'EM OF YEARS, And may be enteicd upon immediately, AVERY desirable FARM, situate in the Parish of C0ND0VER, containing 143 Acres, or thereabouts, of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land N B Tbe above Farm lii s within 200 Yards of Lime and Coal, and there is a very good House and every neccssary Building thereon. Fur Particulars npply to THE PRINTER, if by Letter Vust- najd, W1LDMOOR INCLOSUHE. GEORGE B1SHTON, of Kilsali, in the Comity of Salop, Gentleman, the Commissioner appointor! by Virtue of an Act of Parliament passed in the 41st Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, entitled " An Act for dividing, allotting, inclosing, draining, and improving " several Common Moors, called Sydney Moor, Small Moor, 11 Rodway Moor, Waters Upton Moor, and other Commons " and Waste Lands within the several Parishes of Wrock- " wardine, Eyton, Kynnersley, nnd Waters Upton, in the " County of Salop, and within the several Townships of " Crudginglon ami Sleap, in tlie Parish of High Ercall, " otherwise Ercall Magna, in the same County;" DO H EI! EBY GIVE NOTICE that I shall attend at the Dwell- ing House of Wm. Taylor, known by the Name of the H AY GATE INN, in Ihc said Parish of WrocUwardiue, on WED- NESDAY, the TWENTY- EIGHTH Day of Septem BER, ' 814, at twelv e o'Clock at Noon, in Order to proceed further in the Execution of the said Act, and particularly to ascertain whether any Proprietor or Proprietors of Lands capable of being benefited under Ihe Powers of the Act, is or arc desir- ous to extend the present Works, or in auy otber Manner to avail himself or themselves of the Provisions thereof; it being my Intention, unless some Reason should appear or beshewn tolhc contrary, forthwith to prepare and execute mv Award. Kilsali, 30th August, 1814, GEORGE BISHTON. EXTENSIVE FREEHOLD MANOR, AND Falvablu Domaih of about 2600 Jcres, TITHE ERI E, IN THE COUNTY OF SALOP. TO BE SOLD BY PHlfATE CONTRACT, Either altogether or in Parcels, rg- « [ IE extensive MANOR of HOGS'I OWE and GAT H TEN, in the County of Salop; and sundry valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, Tithe- free, comprising TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED ACRES, or thereabouts of excellent Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood LAND lying exceedingly compact, within a Ring Fence, capable uf great Improvement, anil very richly wooded, with line Oak and young . Timber, and also a considerable Growth o" thriving Plantations, divided into convenient Farms, with good Farm' Houses and suitable Outbuildings, situate at GATTEN, iu Ibe several Parishes of RATLINGIIOPE PULVERBATCH, aud CHURCH STRETTON, in ihe said County, aud about nine Miles distant from lbe County Town ofSalop The Whole of the Estates ( except one Farm) are let to Tenants at Will, who have had Notice to quit at Lady- Day, 1815. This eligible Property is well diversified wi I ti - 11 il I, Dale, Wood, and Water, and is beautifully situated 111 a hold and commanding Country, declining to 11 Southern Aspect enjoying very extensive and interesting Views over Ih finest Part of Shropshire; and is in a capital Sportin; Country, abounding with Grouse, Pheasatils, - and evrry oilier Sort of Game; with two excellent Streams of Water flowing through the Estates, well stocked with Trout and other Fish ; and is very deserving the Attention of Persons desirous of realising. For a View of the Estates, apply to RICHARD PuGn, the Gamekeeper, at Gatten aforesaid; and further Parti- culars may he had, ami Maps of Ihe Estates inspected, by Application to FRANCIS WALFORD, Esq. Cronklrill, near Shrewsbury; Mr. WILLIAM JH. LICOE, Shiffnal; Messrs. TENN ANT ami HARRISON, Solieitois, Gray's Inn Square, Loudon; and Messrs. PEMBERTON, COUPLAND, anil DUKES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury, who will treat for the Sale of the above Estates. ^ alcg ibp Household Furnilu re, Books, Prints, China, Clasis Piano- Forte wilh additional Keys, & c. fyc. BY TUDOR, St Oa the Premises, on Kt John's Hill, 011 Thursday, the 15th of September, 1814 1 ALL tbe HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consisting of Fonrpbst, Tent, and other Bedsteads anil Hangings and Window Curtains, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets, Qnjlts, kc. A valiiable Collection of Books, and Prints; band- onie Mahogany Secretary and Book C? se wilh glazed Doors, a modern anil lirilijanl- loiied Piiino- Forle ( by BLAND and WGLLER) with additional Keys and Pedal ; Mahogany Dining, Pembioke, Card, rind other Tables, China, Glass, & c together with Kitchen Furniture, £- c, Sec. belonging to Mr. ! UGH, whois leaving Shrews- bury : tiie Particulars of which will be expressed in Cata-' logues, and delivered 011 the tollr Install!, and ai BO may be h. id ou Application to THE AUCTIONEER. To be viewed fiom eleven 10 one on tlx- Dav preceding flu* Sale ; which v. ill bee. is precisely at len o'clock in llie Morning, and the Whole will be sold in one Day FREEHOLD ESTATE AND TITHES, A ear lo the Town uf Shrewsbury. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Fox Inn, in Shrewsbury, ou Thursday, the 29th Day of September, 1814, piecisclv at three o'Clock in Ibe Afternoon, ill Lots, as uow staked out: AVALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, situale al UNDERDAI. E, ABBEY- FOREGATE, aod the Township of COTTON, in the several Parishes of Ilolv Cross and Saint Giles, Saint Julian, Saint Atkmond. anil Suint Mary,' near to t'ue Town of Shrewsbury; comprising sundry PIECES aud PARCELS of rich MEADOW and PASTURE I. AND, asthe same are now staked out, lei to lespec table Tenants at Will, w ho are under Notice io quit at Candlemas, 1815 ; together with the Leasehold Tenths 01 TITHES ufColiN, GRAIN, and PULSE, and other Tillies arising from t he Tenement and Lands at Undertlale; and also, the Tithes of Com and Grain arising from other Parts of the said Estate. Subject to Land- Tax. UNDERDALE. MONTGOMERYSHIRE.— HOUSE AND LAND?, BY S. TUDOR, At tbe Fox Inn, in Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 24t'n Day of September, 1014 ( rot 011 the loth, M pievi, ilsly adver Used), ut four o'Clor k in the Afternoon : ACOMFORTABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE for » small genteel Family, calledTREWBRN COTTAGE ( Possession of which may be hadat Lady. Ouy next), on li e Borders of Montgomeryshire, adjoining Shropshire, with upwards bf TWENTY- FOUR A^ RES of excellent glaring LAND, nea II v surrounding Ihe Bouse, most of which may be irrigated ; situated on a' dry healthy Spot, < o niiiaiidin^ beautiful Views of the River Severn and adjacent Country. THE HOUSE cousists of an Entrance Hall, two Parlours, Kitchen, Larder, Brewhoitsfe, good Cellaring, four good LodcingRooms, wilh Closets, on the first Flour, and Allien for Servants. A large Garden and Orchard, plauted w ith choice Fruit Trees, in full Perfection. THE OUTEUILDINGS consist of two Barns, . Cowhouse, Gigbonse, two Stables, Granary, with every other conve- nient Building, in substantial Repair. Within 0 Mile of Ihe Turnpike Road leading from • Shrewsbury lo Welsh Pool, distant about 13 Miles fron. tbe former and five from the latter; ibe Mail passes every Night ( Monday excepted), audCoacheS regularly four times a Week Til" Tenant will shew Ihe Premises; nnd for further Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, or Mr. SANDFORD, Stationer, Shrew sbury ( if by Letter, Postage paid). HIGH- STREET, SHREWSBURY. " BY S.~ TUDOR, On Tuesday, the 27H1 inst. at the Raven and Bell Inn, between the Hours of5 and 6 in Ibe Afternoon ; ALL those commodious Premises, nnwiii I he Occupation ofMr. PRITCHARD, Grocer, situate 111 the HIGH- STREET, opposite the Market Square, Shrewsbury; con- sisting of : i very large House, Warehouses, & c. Sec. Particulars of which will appear in a future Paper. A Flail of the Premises may be seen at THE AUCTIOV- EER's. orat tbcOfticeof Messrs. MADDOCK and JACKSON, Solicitors, Shrewsbury Tenants. Thomas Brocas - John Evans John Weeks Thomas Parker - Acreage. A. It. P. 4 1 II 3 I 21) 4 0 34 3 0 14 Lots. Premises. 1. Land 2. Ditto 3. Ditlo Ditto 4. A Messuage, Buildings," i Garden, Orchard, and V Ditto . . 2 0 2S Plantations - 3 Laud - Ditto ... Ditto - - Ditto, and Scite of aBatli 5. Land - Ditto 6. Two Pieces of Ditto 7 Two Ditto Ditto - - 5 5 ( Gwyn Harrison ) S. Two Ditlo, with the) „ ,, , Buildings thereon \ Thomas Bullock 7 9 Two Ditto 10. Three Pieces of Land, with the Buildiugi thereon Dilto Humphrey Jones Thomas Parker Richard Pearce John Miller Richard Pearce - Johu Miller 11. Three Ditlo Ditlo Land 12. Ditto - ' - Dillo 13. Dilto Ditto 14 Two Pieces of Land,} with the Building S thereon - 1.", Two Dillo Ditto - lb. Land Ditto - Nathaniel Hughes 5 Richard Jones 5c 1 ? John Harrison , C Evan Evans and > * ^ I homas Parker 2 10 1 37 1 1( 3 0 34 1 37 3 6 2 30 1 28 0 16 3 10 Adam Tudor John Martin Ailain Tudor John Martin Adam Tudor 7 3 25 O 1 19 2 3 37 3 O 27 2 3 5 3 1 15 NOTICE is hereby given, lhat Application is intended to he made to Parliament in Ihe next Session In obtain an Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing Ihe Commons anil Waste Lands in the Manors of ASTON ROGF. RS, BROM LOW, M EADOVV TOWN and M EDLICOTT, and COUND, in the County of Salop. \ st September, 1814. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rglHAT an Application will lie made to Parliament in the 1 next Session, to obtain an Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing the Commons and Waste Lands wilhin the several Manors of China l. ongville, Wistanstow, Whittine- slow, or Part of the Manor of Minion, Felhamptou, Stref- ford, or Part of the Manor of Stokesay, and Woolston, be il either a Manor itself, or in Ihe Manor of Edglon, situate, lying, and being in the seveial Hundreds of Munslow and Purslow, and iu the Parish of Wistanslow, iu the County ofSalop tt'istanstow, Qth September, 1814. NOTICE is hereby given, that Application is intended In be made 10 Parliament the next Session, for an Act to inclose a certain Common called the GOV! MON WOOD, nnd oilier Waste Lands, in the Tow nship of NON ELEY, in the Parish of Loppingtoii, in Ihe Couiilv ofSalop. lOfA September, 1814. FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. Lost, supposed lo be stolen, on Friday Niglil last, out of a Field in the Ahbey- Foregate, Shrewsbury, ABAY FILLY, rising three Yeais old, about 14 Hands nnd an half high, has a Blaze down her Face, three white Feet, a Switch Tail ( if not altered), a dark oval Spot 011 the Back near ihe Loins, and was lately docked Whoever will bring her to Mr JOHN ROGERS, Wyle- Cop, Shrewsbury, shall, ( if strayed) be handsomely rewarded; if stolen, anv Person or Persons giving Information of the Offender or Offenders, shall upou Conviction receive Ihe above Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, bv applying to the said Mr. John Rog ers, or RICHARO PHILLIPS, TYsp- sut'cy of the Abbey- Foregate Association, Mess up Auction. SHROPSHIRE ESTATE. At Hawkstone I1111, iu Ihe County of Salop, on Monday, Ihe 191b Day of September, 1814, al three o'Cloek in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : AMOST desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of convenient Outbuildings and sundry I'ieces or Parcels of excellent Land, containing together 41A. 3R. 4P. situate at WESTON UNDER RED CASTLE, near tn Hawkslone Park, in the County of Salop, now in the Oc- cupation of Mr. John Powell, of Wixhill. The above Estate, which comprises many beautiful Building Sites, with Views of Hawkstone Pleasure Grounds, inay he seen by applying to ihe Tenant ; and further Par- ticulars had from Messrs. AS. TERI. EY aud JEFFREYS, Shrewsbury, at whose Office is a Map of the same. 18. Land Thomas Stirrop - 4 1 34 John Weeks .408 Samuel Lee - 1 3 33 Ditto -• - 1 2 20 17. Ditto - - . Ditto - - 1 2 15 Ditlo ... Ditto - - 2 0 I ABBEY- FOREGATE. - Robert Alcock - 3 3 10 IQ. Ditto, with the Building! , , , „ „ ,„ thereon - - J Lawrence - 3 2 15 20. Ditto Ditto - - Edward Wood - 3 2 20 TOWNSHIP OF COTTON, In the Liberties of the Town of Shrewsbury. 21. Land and Tithes - - - Ditto and Tillies - 22. Lan< l, with ibe Building I thereon, and Tithes 5 Lnnd and Tillies 23. Ditto with one Moiety > of. Ihe Building thereon > 24. Ditto Ditto Lot 4 is subject to an annual Charge of providing leu Coats or Garments for Poor Men and Women, being Objects of Charity aud Parishioners of Holv Cross and St. Giles, at the Discretion of tbe Purchaser pf the said Lot. The respecliveTenants will shew the Premises. Prinled Particulars, with Maps annexed, are in Prepara- tion; anil any further Information may be had by Applica- lion lo Messrs. PEMBERTON, COUPLAND, and DUKES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. Dr. Butler - 2 3 0 John Holt 4 1 O Dr. Butler 2 3 37 John Holt 3 * 23 Richard Bayley - 4 2 39 Edgar Abbott 4 2 12 VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE. FLINTSHIRE ESTATE. On Monday, tbe 3il Day of October next, at the White Lion, Norlhgate- street, Chester, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon; f¥ lHF. Fee- simple and Inheritance of a very compact I FARM, called PADESWOOD, in the Township of Bislree, in the County of Flint, tnusisting of a modern. built House, fit for Ihe Residence of 11 Gentleman Farmer, new convenient Stabling, and other Outbuildings, Gardens, and about 205 Statute Acres of good sound LAND, in a Ring Fence, now iu the Occupation of Mr Thomas Prubert. The Estate lies in a good Sporting Country, near the Turnpike Road leading froth Chester to Mold, " eight Miles from the former, and three from tbe latter There are good Beds of Coal under the Lauds, which may be worked at a reasonable Expense, aud will be sold there- with. The Purchaser may have Possession of tbe Lands in November, and of the Ho. ise and Buildings in May next. Mr SALAOINE, of ihe Cross Keys, Buckley, will direct a proper Person lo shew the Premises; a> d further Particut lars may be had, by Application at Mr R icil .1 ttos's Office, iu White Friers, Chester, where a Map of I he Lands may be seen. Montgomeryshire and Denbighshire FREEHOLD ESTATES. by gloveITand son, At the Cross Keys Inn, Oswestry, in the County of Salops 011 Monday, the 3d Day of October, 1814, between- the Hours of three and live in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, in the followiug Lots; I. OT I. ALL that MESSUAGE or Tenement nnd FARM, with the several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, thereto belonging, called CRAIG- NAiN'T, situate iu the several Parishes ofLlanfyllin and Llanfyhangel, and within three Miles of Llanfyllin, now in the Occupation of Richard Edwards, containing by Ad- measurement 85 Acres, or thereabouts. The House and Buildings on this Lot are in complete | Repair, and there is a very extensive Right of Common, on the adjoining Hills, which are about to be enclosed, LOT IL All that MESSUAGE or Tenement aud FARM* with the several Pieces or Parcels of Arable* Meadow* and I'asture LAND, thereunto belonging, called CEFN DERWEN, situate in the Parish of Llanrhaiadrin Moch- nant, and within two Miles of that Village, now in the Occupation of John Vaughan, containing by Admeasure- ment. loS Acres, or thereabouts. Upon this Lot there is a consideiable Quantity of young healihvTimber. LOT III All those M FSSUAGES of Tenements, wiih the several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, wit h - tlie'- Appurtenances thereunto belong- ing, called TAN YGRAIG and TAN Y PI STILL,- situ ate in the Parish of Llanrhluadr in Mochnant aforesaid, in the several Counties of Montgomery and Denbigh, now in the Occupations of Hugh Evans, and F. van Evans, containing together by Admeasurement 6s Acres or thereabouts 5 together with a Sheep- Walk of upwards of60ft Acres. This Lot contains the woudeifu! Cataract called PISTILL UHAIADR * the perpendicular Height of the Rock from which this Water falls is04'.> Feet, which Water runs through this I. ot, and is situate about three Miles from the Village of Llam haiadr in Mochnant. Lot 1 and 3,. are Freehold — Lot 2, is Leasehold for a Term of tooo Years. The Whole Estates . are very improvable, ami < rreat Part thereof may be irrigated. Possession may be had at Lady- day next. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises • and for further Particulars apply to Mr. VV. EGKRTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury, at whose Office Maps of the different Lots may be seen. SHIFFNAL. BY FRANCIS H ALLEY, At the Jemingham Anns Inn, in Shiffnal, in the County of Salop, on Tuesday, lire 27tb day of September Inst. hemedn the Honrs of 5 and 7 o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will then and there he pro- jt " ill.' that DWELLING HOUSE, with the BLACK- ,/ A 8M1 Til's SHOP, Garden, ami Appurtenances thereunto belonging, pleasantly situated on the West Side of the HIGH STREET, in SHIFFNAL aforesaid, adjoining Shiffnal Brook, and now in the Occupation uf Johu Onions and Thomes Clarke. Mr Henry Pidgeon, ofSbiffnal aforesaid, the Proprietor, will shew the Premises; anil further Particulars may be had 011 Application to Mr. PRITCHARD, Solicitor, Broselcy. Broseley, 10M September, 1814. GRINDLE, NEAR SHIFFNAL, ~ IN THE COUNTY OF SALOP. FRANCIS HALLEY begs Leave to inform Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Amateurs in Farming Stock, & c. that the Whole of the well- selected valuable Stock of DEVON CATTLE, New Leicester SHEEP, PIGS, ' WAGGON HORSES, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, elecant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and oilier valuable Pro- perly, of the late SAMUEL HARDING, Esq. of Grindle, deceased ( under the Directions of his Wilt), will he SOLD by AUCTION, on MONDAY, the loth Day of Ociobcr, ami following Duvs. Catalogues with Particulars will he ready ill due Time, and may he bed at the Lion Ion, Shrewsbury ; Pheasant, Wellington ; Lion, Newport; Pig and Castle, Bridgnorth ; Liou, Wolverhampton; Swan, Stafford ; George, Lichtield; Hen and Chickens, Birmingham; Jerninghaoi Arms, and of THE AUCTIONEER, Shiffnal. Shijfrtal, 13! h SepttmUr, 1814. BY JONATHAN PERRY, Oil Saturday, tbe lsl Day ofOrlober, 1814, nt three o'Clock in t he Afternoon, at tbe Fox Inn, in the Town of Shrews- bury, in one or more Lots, as shall be agreed upon at tlieTime ofSale ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract) ; r| WO Valuable and most eligible FARMS, lying well g connected, situate at WELBATCH and WHITLEY, within Three Miles of the Town of Shrewsbury, in Ihe County ofSalop, in Ihe Occupation of Mr John Hughes and Mr. George Thornton :— The Welbatch Farm contaiii- inz234A. 1R. 34P or thereabouts, and the Whitley Faim 167A. 2R. 29P. or thereabouts. ALSO, a MESSUAGE, GARDEN, and several CLOSES of LAND, situate at Welbatch aforesaid, containing 6A. 2lt. IP or thereabouts, aud now or lale in the Occupation of Thomas Hughes, his Undertenants, or Assigns, under Lease for the Life of Ihe said Thomas Hughes, aged about b0 Years. For further Particulars enquire of FRANCIS WALFORD, Esq. Cronkhill, near Shrewsbury ; Mr. JELLICOE, Shiffnal; and Messrs. PEMISERTON, COUPLAND, and DUKES, Shrewsbury. Kent Household Goods, Linen, Plate, China, S$ c, BY WTTMITH, On Fridav, the 16th Day of Si ptember, 1814, upon the Premises, at Cotton Hill, Shrewsbury ; ALL the ntat HOUSEHOLD GOODS, & c. belonging lo the lale Mrs CATHARINE EDWARDS: comprising neat Tent Bedsteads and Furniture, excellent Feather Beds, Blankets, Quills, Bed and Table Linen; capital Mahogany and Oak Chests of Drawers, Bason Slimds, neat Painted Chairs, Mnhogauv Dining, Tea, and Dressing Tables; capital Eight- Day Clock, and Painted Kitchen Wardrobe; Set of Tea China; Quantity of Glass; Silver Mairow, Table, and Tea Spoons, Pair of Sugar Tongs; with the usual Assortment of Kitchen Furniture, Brewing, and Culinary Requisites.— Particulars of w hich are expressed in Catalogues, to be had of THE AUCTIONEER. Sale to begin at half- past ten o'C1.0> k> Excellent and modern Household Furniture, Linen, China, ar. d Glass, large Telescope, and neat One Horse Chaise and Harness, BY E. GRTFFITHS, On Monday and Tuesday, . the 19U1 and 80th Days of Sep- tember, 1814, late tbe Property of M r RORF. RT OAKELEY, deceased, ut his Dwelling House, situate in BISHOP'S CASTLE, in Ihe County ofSalop ; CCONSISTING of several Fourpost, Half Tester, Stump, j and oilier Bedsteads, with elegant Chintz, Callico, ami other Furniture, seven excellent prime Goose Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Hair, Floek, and Straw Mattrasses, Counterpanes, large Quantity of Bed . and Table Linen, Mahogany Dining, Card, and Breakfast Tables, Ditto . Side, board, Set of Parlour Chairs, with Cushions, Window Curtain, and Sofa to correspond, Oak Cbesl with Drawers, inlaid with Mahogany, handsome Sets of Fine polished Fire Irons, Wire Fenders wilh Brass Trips, large Bookcase, BAUGH's MAP of SHROPSHIRE, several other Maps anil Prints, framed and glszed, large Camp Writing Desk, Offire Dillu, Pier and Swing Glasses, Tnikey and Wilton Carpets, Floorcloth, and Stair Carpeting, large Hall Laut. horn, large Telescope, wilh numerous other Articles. The CHINA consists of a great Variety of excellent Blue and White Dishes, Plates, Tureens, Dessert, and Supper Sesyice complete. TheGLASS con- ists of several Pairs of handsome Cut and Plain Quart and Pint Decanters, Goblets, Butter Glasses, Finger Ditto, Trifle, Jelly, aild Preserving Ditto, beautiful Salts; also Wine, Ale, and Table Glasses, of every De. scripliou. _ The KITCHEN REQUISITES are numerous, and are all 111 good ' Preservation; several Half- Hogsheads, Quarter Bar- rels, and small Casks, wilh a regular Assortment of Brewing Utensils. „ . The GARDEN and STABLE Utensils comprise Cucumber Frames, Garden Chair, Hand Glasses, Garden Pols, Water- ing Tins, Wheelbarrow, Spade aud Buckets, Wood Horse, Coal Riddle, & C.& C. Also, A ueat G » 0 END HARI.' ESS. JOANNA SOUTHCOTT. To the EDITOR of the SALOPIAN JOVRSAI. SI*— In vour last, I read a laughable paragraph as far as concerned the violent means used by theKev. Mr Bnotcloser and Mr Timherchnpper as " Defenders of their Faith:" — hv the Writer's close, however, it appears thai poor Joanna SoT'lhcott is made the Butt of his Wit, ns she seems to be that of everv Witling in the Interest of the Many who fear she may tie right. This Ridicule may prove as strong as Argument with those who fear " The World's dr « ad Laugh" more than Ihey do their own Deviation from Truth; but affords li'tle Satisfaction to those who wish lo have this plain Question, determined— Is her simple System rieht or wrong? The true Answer to this Question, thousands I find are now anxious for; because, if right, she is commissioned with a most inter- esting Warning to the World ; particularly to this Nation :— if wrong, we cannot find when, where, or how it was proved to be so. By the general Analogy of what has been proved to be divine Truth ( with the most ardent Wish for the public Good, and the greatest due deferencefor the public opinion), I fear that the public opinion, ctr rather the public feeling, is but a pre- sumptive proof that it is > i% hl. But whether right or wrong, tn help a little towards setting the quest ion at rest, I beg to notice all that this Writer assumes, which appears to relate tn it; viz. The Failure on the prediction of her Father's Dfath. and the Failure of an attempted Miracle as asserted or insinuated iu that paragraph. iu examining tbe pretensions of Joanna South- oil, T have proved that Such a " Flood" of Falsehood has been constant- ly driven against her ( which my Bible and Common sense warrant me to'conclude " The Serpent cast out of his Mouth after the Woman"), that 1 must let the Imputation of this attempted Miracle mix with that Flood, till the Writer or Somebody gives us a Document to prove it, whether it will swim or sink. The other assumed Criterion, viz The Failure of the pre- dicted Death of her Father, de- erves Notice ; and if the Writer hail given it without snch strongly partial Colouring, he would have deserved our Thanks, because it is one of those Facts which help much to lead to the Tnt/ h. Here I beg to observe, that this poor Woman " has for upw ards of 20 veais been givingthis most important Warning, that, agreeable to the Seriptuies, the Time is near its Accom- plishment. when Satan's Kingdom and Influence on this Earth shall he annihilated ; and that Christ will return in his exalted Character of Prince of Peace, to rletgn with all those " whose Actions say"" that they heartily wish for HIM ; and that a most severe s'ruggle will be the Consequence. The Truth of these Assertions has been regularly proved by Ihe most certain Test Which divine Revelation affords us: viz. The Testimony of Jesus"— i e. " The Spirit of prophecy » By this Test, accompanied by tbe most honest, simple, and artless conduct, she hasduiing this time proved the Veracity of hei important Commission; as is clear to every- one who has examined her very illiterate Writings with an unpreju. diced and humble heart. The only appearance of Failure of a predicted Event which I have vet heard of is, the one before alluded to; ami this has been most tenaciously handled by her Enemies, and 1 may add ( with sincere Regiet) blindly too ; because if they would but try even this Fact . fairly, they would see bow they have misrepresented it to themselves; for it is plain, that the prediction of her Father's Death, was, with respect to tire", conditional, as may be plainly seen by nny- one who will examine the Writings alluding to that Event. One sentence mav be sufficient to cite here. In her 1st Book of Letters, page 31, is the Copv of a Letter from her to one of her Friends, written 8 days befoie the specified date of the expected Event ( 1 say expected Event, because it was expected by her, as appears by her subsequent Letters: and these evince her characteristic trails, Simplicity, and Since- rity)^ In lhat Letter are these Words, as dictated by her Director—" So if thy Father dies at the appointed Time, the Fan^ ne will fall upon E****** ; but if the other fall in his Room, the Famine will fall upon F*****. But let rot these Dangers alaim Ihv Friends if it falls upon E***-***." - " For 1 will only burn up tbe Weeds aiid Tares, and they that mock my Word, and do not rejoice at my Coming, nor wish for Satan's Kingdom to be destroyed." The words " if the other fall in his room" plainly imply additional proof that the prediction was conditional. To the present Time the Conditions and Events have agreed : the Means are before us of proving the remaining connected Events, as will plainly be seen by the " Single. Eye", by refer- ring to The different applicable passages in her Writings — To all ethers, I fear, little tiue light will appear; because by these Writings the most important Subject i. drest in so lowly a Manner as to be " Hid from the Wise and Prudent." I believe thar yet, the Subject of this has proved her system to be true : till 1 find proof to the contraiy, my Conscience binds me to tieat it and herself as true. Whenever I disco- ver a clue to detect Imposture either in herself or herSystem I intend, with God's Help, to employ my Hand & Heart to do it; but 1 know thai the Heart cf every honest Englishman will recoil with Abhorrence from tire verv'Idea of condemning and persecuting an innocent injured Woman ; lhat he will not even lend his Tongue, much less his Hantt and Heart, to punish or slander without evident proof of Guilt. I am, Sir, Sept. 4,1814. Your humble Servant, JURYMAN. I hope and wait for some- one more capable than myself to answer Ihe enquiry of T, H. in your Journal of 17th ult. no one does, I will, with your permission, endeavour to do it the first opportunity. AMERICA. The subjoined extract is taken from ". 4 compressed fiew of the Points to be discussed in treating with the United States of America," recently published:— The importance of our possessions iu Nor'li America, has never been duly estimated. Though the abundant supplies of timber, masts, & e. which our navy has, for years, derived from Canada, have, as to lhat point, now opened the, eyes of the country; though the nursery for our seamen, which the fisheries i u those coasts have constituted, bas long been acknowledged, as almost a vital part of our naval existence ; yet aie there other advantages to he derived from the pro- ductions of nature arid industry, which encouragement and protection from tbe mother country would incessantly call into action,' that have been mostly oveilooked, or greatly under- rated. In the first place, our colonies of Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, nnd Newfoundland, are amply adequate to supply our West India possessions with all the timber, all the slaves, and all the fish they can require ; and prior to the present American war with nearly all the wheat and flour they could consume. The fur trade is an important branch, aud might be made far mote productive, if adequate protection and encouragement weie given to pursue it to the I shores of the Pacific Ocean. Ashes, indispensable in onr J bleaching and soap- manufactories, can. be yielded in any quantities. Shuuiar, used for dyeing, can be furnished in abundance; flax- seed, for which the staple of Ireland is now dependent on the United Slates, Holland, and the Baltic, might be raised and exported lo great advantage ,— and great quantities of oil and blubber might be imported from them, if aduiitted to entry at the same rate and duty as the oil and blubber from Newfoundland. A loyal population, increasing in numbers, and diffusing itself over the millions of yet uncleared and uncultivated acres, which yield in fertility, and Convenience of site, to no part of tbe United States, hus proved, that Canada has resources within it self, stamina of siuidy prosperity, lhal leed but the fostering aid of the mother country, and iier parental protec- tion, to establish an influence on the continent of North America, spreading tven iu time to the Pacific, and trading from the shures of that ocean with the rich regions of the East. That we may not again return into a course that has been productive of so much embarrassment, vexation, and injury to our interests; lhat we may not in future blindly commit ourselves by treaties, which may be the overflowlrig sources of contention : in short, ih, it we may not evince hereafter a total iguoraii. e i it hei ol the rights or of the boundaries of the two nations, the oversights in our former negotiations will be pointed out, ai d an endeavour made to suggest. remedies foi such causes ot dissention in future. lu concluding a treaty of peace with the United States, not only ought the main feature of the war, the inviolate maintenance of our maritime lights to be kept in view ; lut the scarcely less important object, the preservation ofthe " British North American colonies, ought not lo be overlooked. To secure this last, it is requisite to advert to one point, the necessity of the establishment of a nexo tine of boundary, between the British and the American possessions, and to several subordinate objects, which will be noticed in this tract. Posterity will scarcely believe, though histoty must attest tiie mortifying it nth, that in accetlmg to the independence of the States of America, Iheir teiritory was not merely allowed to them ; hut au extent of country, theu a portion of tlie pro- vince Of Quebec, nearly of equal magnitude to the thirteen pruvinces or states, which then couiposeel the Union, was ceded to them, though not afoot of the country so ceded was, or could be, at the time, occupied by an American in arms: and this cession is tbe more remarkable, as, New York and Rhode Island being Ihen in possession of ( lie British army, the surrender of these valuable posts seemed, on the contrary, to requite a large equivalent elsewhere, instead of giving, as it were, a premium for getting rid of them. The boundary line, as supposed to be fixed in 1783, betrays at its commencement, in its course, and at its termination, the greatest ignorance of the geography, and of the natural features and utilities of the vast regions through which it runs. Thefiamersof that treaty, on the oart of Great Brilain, instead of insisting, according to their instructions, on the river Penobscot being the boundary between New Brunswick and the United States, abandoned that point, and allowed the line to be carried as far as the river St. Croix, giving an extent of sea coast of nearly fifty leagues, though the Pew b< cot was ihe northern point to which the limits of the New England States were before supposed to extend. A; the same time Ihe mouth of St. Cioix was uncertain, noi was it settled till 1198 what river was exactly meant by that name. This river tails into Passamaquoddy Bay, part of the Bay of Fundy, in latitude of 45. 0. north : and American en- croachment has been at work here also, antl surreptitious possession has been obtained, by the State of Massachussets, of three* islands in Passamaquoddy Ray, which are of con- siderable importance to the security aud to the trade of the adjacent pans of New Biunswick These islands, which are the Moose, Dudley, and Frederick, being at the time, and previous to tbe conclusion of the treaty of 1783, part of Nova Scotia, come undeniably within the exception made in the treaty, by which the American territory was allowed to com- prehend all islands within twenty leagues of the, United States, " excepting such as now are, or heretofore have been, within the said limits of the saitl province of Nova Scotia." The line then runs up the river St. Croix to its source, and thence in a southerly direction along the height of land from which that river flows, till it strikes the 45ih degree of north latitude And here, again, the ignorance or inattention of the frameis nf the treaty to the locality and courses of the river, his produced the monstrous absurdity, that there is actually no readily practicable communication between Lower Canada and New Brunswick, without crossing a part of the / l. ncrwan ' territory, now called the province of Maine. It then proceeds westward along the fifty- fifth degree of latitude, till it reaches tbe St. Lawrence, cutting off, in a most artificial and unnatural manner, the water communi- cations of Lake Champlain and Lake George, with the St. Lawrence ; thence along tbe middle of the St. Lawrence into Lake Ontario, through the water communication between it and Lake Erie, through tbe middle of Lake Erie to the water communication with Lake Huron, through that, and then across Lake fluion in a northerly direction, and through the Straits of St. Mary into Lake Superior. That no geographical blunders took place in the drawing of this expensive line from the St. Lawrence to Lake Superior, may be ascribed to the plain direct course, which did uot admit of ignorance or inattention deviating- either to the right or the left But the line is thenceforward described to extend through Lake Superior northward to the Isles Royal and Phillippeaux, to tbe Long Lake, and the water communica- tion between it and the Lake of the Woods; thence through that Lake to the northernmost point thereof, and thence iu a line west to lhe river Mississippi Now there is no r/ ater communication at all between Lake Supei ior ftud tVe Lake Of the Woods. A height of land inter- venes between them, from which the water flows in north- westerly aud south- easterly directions. The line presumed to be meant by these accurate negotiators, is that along which the north eastern fur trade is conducted. There is a small river flowing into Lake Superior, which it is necessary to ascend in canoes, lauding friquently at carrying- places, to oid rapids and falls, which are numetous in ibis liver, as its course from the height of land into Lake liiiperior is short, antl he civ rent strong Raving reached the summit, aud passed the portage, which separates the s'tearns that flow in opposite directions, the canoes - proceed down the western stream, through Ihe Rainy Lake, and the Lake of the Woods, into Lake Winnepeg. From the north- western point of the Lake of the Woods, a line drawn due west coukl never strike the Mississippi, which r: » es far to tbe southward. So that at this end of the boundary line tne uncertainly of it is so great, that, bad not hostilities intervened, it would in course of time have become necessary to i esume the discussion of the boundaries, and fix them in a more intelligible and defined manner. Thus, however, it stands at present. A new boundary line is therefore necessary, were it simply to define geographical limits, and remedy the errors we have pointed out. But it is more impel iou. ly requisite, in 4 political point of view, lo give permauent security to our North American possessions, and effectually to curb the avowed ambition, and encroachments of the Americans. The great feature of this new line, strenuously to be in- sisted on, ought to be the exclusion of the Americans from the navigation of the river St Lawrence, and all its congre- gation of tributary seas and w aters. They are the natural patrimony of the Canada*. Water communications do not offer either a natural or secure boundary Mountains separate, but rivers approximate mankind. Hence the prominent boon lary should he the heights of land separating the re- spective territories. If this basis were adopted, the advan- tages of it, on looking at the map, w ill be obvious to the most supetficial observer. We should have possession of Lake Champlain, and the waters descending into it; of an ad jaccnt country, and of the southern shores of all the great lakes, of which we have now only the northern coasts ; lo. gether with the whole of Lake Michigan, from which, through a series of t- he same water- course blunders, we are whully ex- eluded. — Inthisquarler, the heights of land separate the waters tbat flow into the great lakes, from those that take their course towards the Mississippi -; and as, by the eighth article of the treaty of 1783, we are entitled - to the free navigation of that important river, so essential an advantage should not be neglected- to be ensured to ns, and a point of contact of our territories with a navigable part of ihat river, secured by a line dow n one of the livers running into it in these regions, or along a height of land betw een two of them. * These islands have surrendered to the Brit ish forces. BANKHlirTS, SEPTEMBERS. William- Baker, oi Alton, Hants, mercer, Sept. 19,' 20, Oct. 15, at the Swan Inn, Alton.— Thomas Beswick, of Manchester, warehouseman Sept. 26,28, Oct. 15, at the Bridgewater Anns Inn, Manchester.—. Richard Brown, of Astop, Warwickshire, builder, Sept. 12, 13, Oct. 15, at tin: Koval Hotel, Birmingham.— Thomas Cassidy, ot Heinel Hempstead, Herts, draper, Sept. 10, Oet-. 1, 15, at' Guildhall, London Edward Clulow, of New Mill,, Derbyshire, cotton- spinner, Sept. ' 2li, 28, Oet. 15, at the Dog Tavern, Manchester.— William flalton, of Richmond -' buildings, Soho, taitor. Sept. ti, l-' i, Oct. 15, at Guildhall, London.— Samuel Hesketh, of Did. btin, Lancashire, cow- dealer, Sept. 23, 24, Oct. 15, at the Dag Tavern, Manchester.— Joseph Smith and John Smith, of Bristol, cabinet- makers, Sept. Hi, 17, Oct. 15, at the Greyhound Inn, liii'Utl.— fteu/' anlit; Wise, of Cheltenham, carpenter, Sept. 8. 21, Oct. 15, at the Rannner Tavern, Bristol. SEPT. ti. j— JoAn Faulkner, and Ann. 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Loxdale, Drayton Wood Thomas, Hoduet Whitfield Richard, Hopton Walm. slev Jolia, Edstaston Walmsley John, jun. Ditto Walford John, Wein Walmsley George, Ditto Yates William, Albrighton Vales William, Douiugtuu FARRIERY AND GENERAL TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF CATTLE. This Day is publishcd, ii: one handsome volume Svo. price gs. the 22rI Edition af EVERY MAN HIS W! l FARRIER, in which ate in- corporated the valuable Improvements obtained from actual experienee in a long ami very extensive Practice, - with an eulaiged Appendix on theQuality, Composition, and Pre- paration of the various Medicines. By FRANCIS CLATER, FARRIER, CATTLE DOCTOR, & DRUGGIST, atRoTeoao. Loudon : printed for B. and R. CK ' Sf. v and Co. Stationers* Court, Ludgate- Street: Sold by W. EOBOWES, Watton, Newling, Mortis, and Hulbert, Shrewsbury ; Honlstons, Wellington; Smith, ironbridge and Wenlock; Edtmiuds, Madeley; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Whitchurch; Painter, Wrexham ; Minshall, and Edwards, Oswestrv; Gitton, Biidg- nurth ; the Booksellers iu Chester ; and all other Booksellers. Of whom may be held, by the same Author, F.- VERY MAN tils OWN CATTLE DOCTOR, Ihe Third Edition, with Frontispiece representing tbe different 11 reeds of Cattle, 10s. 6d. B. iards. " We cannot conjecture by what accident this Work has been so long unn<- tieed by us : hut it certainly deserved very early Attention. — We do not hesitate to recommend it stronglv tothe Attention of all Persons, who are especially interested in such subjects "— British Critic, March, I' 8l3, The GARDENER'S POCKET JOURNAL, or DAILY ASSISTANT iu the MODERN PRACTICE of ENGLISH GARDENING, in a concise monthly display of all the General Works thiougbont the Year; to whieh are added the monthly Works of the Nursery, and a Description of Ihe various Implements. Bv JOHN ABERCROM SIE, Author of Every Man his own Gardener.—' 2s. sewed, or 2r. 6d. bound. CULPEPER'S BRITISH HERBAL, 3d. edit. 1814, en- larged and improved by D'. PARKINS, with 369 Medicines made of Herbs, not in any other edit, on fine medium Paper, colouied Plates, 8s. Boards; plain, 4s. fid. Boards, 5.. Bound. Published by Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, AI. WINTER, Secretary. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. f| PHE CORPORATION ofthe JH ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE < ic hereby give Notice, that they have authorised their respective Ageuisto receive Proposals for I he Assurance of Fanning Stock at the Rale uf per Cent, per / irinitm. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due 011 the 29th Instant, are fl hereby informed that Receipts are .- now leady to be delivered bv the Company's Agents ut- d.- tmentioned, and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Re- newal of their Policies, 011 cr before the iSth Day of October, as the usual Fifteen Davs allowed for Payment beyond th « Dale of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shre- eshtiry, Mr. William Eddowes, Jun. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jeunius. Oswestry, Mr. Thoinas Hughes. Xudlaui, Mr. Jacob Smith. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ltdbury, Mr. William Ho'hnwkis. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. fFreTham, Mr. Joseph Langfoid. FLINTSHIRE. lioljj- xell, Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea, Messrs. J. and W. Robert Grove. Cardiff, Mr Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas ' Tudor. JXexport, Mr. J. H. Smithers. M ONTGOM ERYsHlRE. STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, Mr. Charles Hodson. Lichfield, Mr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. Wolverhampton, Mr. James Brown. Hanley, Mr. John Tomlinson. Nemcattle- under- Line, Mr. James Halmarack. WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel Petrin. Worcester, Mr. Rohert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley. Nanticich, Mr. William Tomlinson. Northrvich, Mr Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of Expense, where the annual Premium amount's to 6s. or upwards. fc^ This Company have invariably made good Losses, by Fire, occasioned by Lightuing.— Proposals may be had of tha different Agenis. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable 011 the Life or Lives of themselves or others ; TABI. ZS of the RATFS for such ASSURANCES and tor tbe GRANTINO ANNUITIES 011 LIVES, may be had of the said Agents. And forthe greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the Age of 75 Years. September 10, 1814. CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. DR. SOLOMON, Gilead. House, near Liverpool, re. commends his Cordial Balm of Gilead, which has been administered in nervous complaints with uncommon success; in asthmas, consumption, flatulence, relaxation, obstructions or bilious disorders^ it stands pre- eminent; its » IT.- ct s are pleasingly quick, certain, and lasting. The Balm of Gilead instantaneously relieves spasms in the side, breast, and in- testines, diffuses a genial warmth, and prevents cramps aud numbness, in or afier bathing in spring or sea water. Sold by W. EDUOWES, Printer Shrewsbury, in bottles, price ' Is. each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. by which one 1 Is. bottle is saved, with the words " Saml. Solomon, Liver- pool," engraved in the Stamp. ALSO, THE CRT. KBNATE D ABSTERGENT LOTION, An effectual Cine for Eruptions nn tbe FACE and SKIN, "— particularly Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Ringworms, Tan, Sunburns, Freckles, Shingles, Prickly Hen1, Redness of tbe Nose, Neck, Arms, icc. Scorbutic and Cutaneous Erup- tions of every description, being the most valuable acquisi* tion and appendage to the toilet ever offered to the. nobility and gentry iu the united kingdom. Price 4s. 6d. and 2s. 9d. a bottle, Duty Included.— Be careful to observe the words '' Saml Solomon, Lverpool engraved in the Stamp, without which none are genuine. HICKMAN's PILLS, AN effectual Cure for the GKAVEL and STONE, stoppage of Urine, COMPLAINTS in the BACK and LOINS, KID- NEYS, and BLANDER, LUMXACO, & C. Of the various Complaints incident to the human Frame, there are none more dreadful in their nature, nor more alarm- ing in their consequences, than the Gravel and Stone. They are complaints to which every person is liable, as tbe water we drink is impregnated with particles which not only cause these excruciating tortures, but are a foundation for every oilier species of elisoider. HICKMAN'S PILLS, composed of the ino- t innocent ingredients, have been found of singular- efficacy, in not only strenethening the vessels containing th » urine, hut happily destroying ihe petrifying quality of it, from which proceed the above complaints, 3te. removing the calculi, or gritiy secretions, and banishing every pernicious ten- dency to Ihose disoiders, without confinement. A Copy of a Letter from H F- rrier, Esq. to Mr. Hickman, Apothecary. SIR,— I believe your Hickman's Pills to be the best medicine ever known for curing tiie Gravel, therefore 1 have takeu op- portunity to recommend them. Two boxes and a half have cuied me, so tbat I have not found it necessarv to take more ; and although I have suffered greatly from lhat disorder, I shall j never be afraid of it w hen I can procure so good a remedy as Hickman's Pills. I am, ( tc. tiemsby, near Yarmouth, Nofolk. R. FERRIER. Sold by EDUOWES. Burrey, Morris, nod Palin, Shrews- bury ; Houlstons, aud Burgess, Wellington; Smith, Iron- bridge aud Weill. nk ; Silvester, Newpo t ; Bickerton, Oswestry ; Baugn, Ellesmere ; Painter, Wrexham; and most Medicine Venders, in Boxes, at 2s. 9d. each. Printed $ published hy W. Eddotses, Corn- Market, Shrntsiviy, 4
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