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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXVI    Issue Number: 3517
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 21/03/1814
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXVI    Issue Number: 3517
No Pages: 4
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Cp WLitklp Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. prtnteti antr publteljeU bp anCr far ( KJtlltam anti grtimr tee. » » r,. LXV1. N° 351 7 j MONDAY, MARCH 21, 1814. [ PRICK SIX- PeNCE This Paper, which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. NEWTON, and Co. ( late Tayler & Newton) 5, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S; and Mr. WHITE, FLEET STREET, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, - and punctally forwarded to the Publishers. It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. in Parts of KENT, SURREY, and & c. will be received WANTED, a stout, active, diligent Lad, as > V an APPRENTICE to a MlLLER. He will re reive liberal treatment, and a premium will be required with him — Applications to be made to Mr. Constable, Horley. Mill, near Reigate. Surrey. * WANTFO, at Old Lady- day next, a steady, middle- aged person, as HOUSEKEEPER, in a Farm- House, Two Mi I d, will be kept under her ; no objection to a married Person ( without a family) If her husband will make himself useful in husbandry.— En- quire at the Office of thin Paper. R) Vl, R A1) U1{> T " I^ HP. rrr..| rt! r „ v t|, e . fe » iie River - M Adnr, hoMc- i ( in the Hill install:; t, adjourned to ( he » ieorce Inn, in Henfield, on Friday, the 25th day of march instam, at eleven o'elnek in the forenoon, whin the Trustees are particularly requested to attend, that orders for payment of bills for Siuiees, & e. may be made. CHAS. MARSHALL, Clerk. Steyning, 11th March, 1814. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE Creditors of Mr THOMAS BURRELL, of Findon Park, are desired by the Assignees of bis Estate, to meet at the Gun Inn, in Findom. 011 Fri • lay, the i3th day of this inst. March, at eleven o'clock So the forenoon, to consider of the measures to be adapt- ed in consequence of Mr John Burrells having claimed to be a joint partner in the stock of Findon Park Farm. 11th March, 1814. TO BE LETT. READY FURNISHED, And entered upon at Lady day, 1814, for a term of six years, being the remainder of a Lease, A MANSION and ESTATE, called STONE HOUSE, L » te the Residence of A. C. Sober, esq. situate in the Parish of Warbleton. county of Sn> sex, THE House consits of a good entrance- halt, a very excellent dining room, and drawing room, a breakfast room, eight sleeping room, including our series, tin- servants rooms, store rooms, and offices ; an eight stall stable, two coach houses, and a walled gar- den. The Land consists of 201 acres, of which about 45 are wood find, 70 meadow and pasture, and about the same quantity in tillage. There is a newly erected barn 011 the preiui. es. The Furniture and stock to be taken at a valuation. John Button, the Bailiff, who resides at stonehouse, will shew the premise?. Any enquiry way be made of Mr. Stone, solicitor, Mavfield. TO BE LETT, And entered upon at Lady- day next, AGOOD HOUSE, and th. ee . v. with Coa: h Houses, and roomy hay ami i » r i 1 ofis, lUtrtito belonging, in NwvMeinc Street, > I. irgiiret lli- eet, in ft It t<* 1l 1' ON, now, and for m.,-) occupied In Mr. Mr. Wm. Sanders. Also a HOUSE, in New Steine Street, Brighton, occupied by Mr. Christopber Ford. The tenants will shew the Prenii-. es ; and for particu- lars, apply to Mr. COOPER. Solicitor, Lewes. EXCELLENT FAMILY RESIDENCE, HENFIELD, SUSSEX. TO BE LETT, Either by the, Year, or for a term of years, with pos- session at Lady. day next, ACapital modern lmilt MANSION, neatly furni. hed, situate in tile pleasant village of Hell field, in a genteel iiefglihonrlvind, surrounded by seve ral packs of harriers 10 mile, from Brighton, Worthing, and Horsham, with Rood road, to each, The premises contam, two parlours, drawing- room, four best bid rooms, and live alius ; sen- nuts' Hall, kit- chen and re(| iii, iie offices ; together with a garden, well stocked Willi fruit trees ; stable and coach house j and 14 acres of good Meadow Land, ( more or less) adjoin in-/ the house. . Coaches to and from London pass tliro' Hentield every day. For particulars apply to Mr. John Burtensbaw, Al bourn ; Mr. Thomas Clayton, New . Shoreham ; Mr. H. Burtensbaw, Hen field ; or at Mr. Attree's general Es- tate and Agency Office, Brighton. HORSHAM. WE the undersigned being desirous of estab- lishing a SPRING FAIR at Horsham, for South Down Tags, do undertake to- support a fair for that purpose in the Town of Horsham, 011 Tuesday, the FIFTH day of April next. Sib February, 1014. ^ C. M BURRELL Alexander Burfoot Walter Burrell Edward Henderson Charles Beauclerk John Pinmer T. Shelley Thomas Martin J. Asbridge Edward Symonds Henry Sturt Benjamin potter r Chat lea Grinsted Richard Redford « John Lanham Solomon Killick c James Gardner William Dendy John Knowles John Dawson ( Roger Warne Isaac Bishopp . William Clarke John Bulling , J. H. Ellis Edward Lemon , Richard Bourn Edward Botting P. Wood Richard Moase John Agate Joseph Skinner D. Napper Henry Parkhurst j . Hughes Thomas Redford R. W. Vincent George Bedford Thomas Lee James Sturt Richard Grinsted D. Sharp John Lintott Peter Dendy James Charman Joseph Etheridge George Dawson, Richard Halloway John Wood William Loxley Robert Jupp William Farhall William Turner Michael Agate William Robinson David Agate Thomas Killick Thomas Golds William Sharp James Chart Henry Bolting Richard Aylward John Goodyer George Henton Henrv H- Botting John Etheridge W Vaus John Pollard James Bristow Thomas Sprinks Thomas Rage Thomas Johnson William Stauford John Bristow C. White W. Lanhain Matthew Stanford G. Angus John Heath William Ansell James Hues Charles Champion Charles Groome William Sharp William Langley James Jupp John Turner Isaac Mose Thomas Shaw John Grace Daniel Holden Charles Elphick William Charman Market- Housd, Tunbridge- Wells, MARCH 5, 1814, ] U> D\ VARD STRANGE embraces the earliest opportunity J of acknowledging his most grateful thanks to his numerous and respectable Friends for their kind and unex- ampled support against an ungenerous, and he trusts, unde- served attempt to remove the MARKET, after an Establishment of Eighteen Years. E. S. assures his Friends and the Public, that every attention will be paid to secure a continuance of their favours. Surrey Iron Railway Tolls. Notice is hereby Given, HPHAT the' Committee of the SURREY IRON 1 RAILWAY COMPANY, will meet at the Spread E'agle lnrx, at Wandsworth, on Thursday, the 5' h day of May next, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of re- ceiving TENDERS, in Writing, for RENTING the- TOLLS or the term of FIVE YEARS, ' from the First Day of June next. For particulars, apply to Mr. LUTTLY, at the Company's Office, Wandsworth, Surrey. By order of the Committee, W. B. LUTTLY, Clerk of the Company. Wandsworth, Feb. 24, 1814. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. • NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, ' pHAT the Copartnership subsisting be ween Thomas Baker and Stephen Baker, of Lewes, in ' he comity of Sussex, . carpenters and joiners, will, on the 23th March,- 1814, he DISSOLVED, by mutual consent ; all persons- therefore, having any claim or demand 00 - aid Copartnership, a. • request- ed to deliver their accounts to Thomas Baker, who will dis- charge the same; and by whom th - said business v .;:,- ub^ e- quentto the above dale, be carried on and conducted, on his own separate account. THOMAS BAKER. STEPHEN BAKER. Lewes, March 6, 1814. KENT. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, IN LOTS, AVIARY desirable Freehold Estate, called the PRIORY FARM, consisting of six hundred and eleven acres of most valuable Marsh Land, adjoining the military canal, in the Isle of Oxney, one mile from Appledore, six miles from Tentenden, and sixty from London. The price, and printed particulars, may be hail of Messrs. Witham, No. 8, Grays- Inn Square; and of Mr. Wakeman, No. 43, Upper Baker- street, where a plan may be seen. A valuable Freehold Estate, PENSHURST, KENT, jj^ ELP on HAY or STRAW, for p; SEP patting Beast. Horses, or Lively Stock.— Enquire ( if by letter post paid) of P. Turley, Brooklyn Is, East @ rinstead, Sussex. Wanted, a MAN SERVANT, who understands Hop- gar- den Work, See. See. TO BE SOLD, SIX TONS of Excellent MEADOW HAY— Enquire. at Bernher » t House, Hurst Green. Bernherst- House, March 13, 1814. BE CIX O' Enquire^ at Bernherit House, Hurst Green. Beroherst- To be LETT BY TENDER By a Grant from Magdalene College, Oxford, for a Term of Years, not exceeding Seven, THE exclusive of I ISdlNd, in the River Adur, from a place culled Bedny to Old Shore ham Bridge, the distance about four miles. . Proposals, in writing, to be sent free of expence', to the Rev. J. Ventris, Beeding- Priory, near Steyning. TO BE LETT, ~ A SMALL, genteel COTTAGE, and walled Garden, with choice fruit- trees ; small Meadow may be had with it if required. The Cottage is covered with slate, and contains lour rooms on the ground floor, and four chambers over, a wood and coal HOUSE, which may be made- into a stable. Situate in the > i!' r>. « m< \ l; l: i'; e of Ru- » tin. gton, about a quaru* r of a mile from t. he..-^ t, a! id. about^ ne niikMVohi Litdehampiott" ' For further particulars, apply to Mr. Lane, Rustington. - TITHE. THE VICARIAL TITHE of a Parish adjoining East Grinstead, and comprising some thousand acres of Land, is now to be LETT, and entered on immediately The principal mode of Farming consists of breeding lock, and sowing a great quantity of seed.. This my he mad units! advantage us concern to an active tenant. Particulars may be known, by letters, ( post- paid) addressed to A. B. Post- office, East Grinsted. Security will be required. Freehold Rich Marsh Land in Pevensey To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, EIGHT Pieces or Parcels of exceedingly rich MARSH- LAND, ( exonerated" from Land- tax) called by the name of l FRESH- HALL, containing, by admeasurement, 28A, 1R.' 2U'. more ON less, situate at Chilley Green, in the parish of Pevensey, and now in the occupation of Mr. Fry, the proprietor Immediate possession may he had, if required. Richard Gurr, the looker, at Rickney Bridge, will shew the premises ; an I for a treaty, and further particulars, enquire at the Office of Mr. STONE Solicitor, May- field, Sussex. EARTHAM, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. KELSEY, On Tuesday, the 26th day of April next, at twelve o'clock, at the George Inn, Eartham, by order of the Commissioners appointed by an Act of Parliament lak lj passed, for inclos- ing Lands within the parish of Eartham, A Desirable allotment of FREEHOLD LAND, situate on Eartham Common, on the north- west side of the road there, leading from Chichester, ' and containing, by statute measure, 7A. OR. 29P. Particulars may . be known, and plan seen, by application at the office of Messrs. Holmes, Arundel ; and to Mr. Kelsey, South- street, Chichester. BURWASH, SUSSEX, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL thai substantial and brick- built FREEHOLD MES- SUAGE or Tenement, divided into two Dwellings, with about 40 perches of excellent garden ground, situate in the cen- tre of the tow n of Burwash, in the county of Sussex. One dwelling is in the occupation of Mrs. Gorley, tenant at will, the other in the occupation of the proprietor, who is leav- ing Burwash. The above premises are well situate for trade, are also roomy. In part of the above is a large room, now used as a school. For particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to John Whibley, on the premises ; if by letter, post- paid. MARESF1ELD, SUSSEX. To be Sold by Private Contract. _ ALL that Substantial and Brick- built FREE- HOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, now divided into Two Dwellings, and Three Gardens well stocked Willi choice Fruit Trees, and a young and thriving Or- chard, and Ten Acre, of good Meadow and arable Land, lying behind the same, situate in the parish of MARESFIELD. The above Premises are well situated for carrying on a Ge- neral Country Trade, and one of the Dwelling! is now used as a Grocer's Sliop, and both Dwellings have excellent Kitchens, Stone Hall and convenient Rooms on the base - floor, and Six comfortable'Bed Rooms on the first lloor. For Particulars of, and treaty for the same, apply to Mr. Richard Ho man, Land Surveyer. Framfield; or to Mr. George Gwyone, Solicitor, Lewe*. Lewes, 29th Jan. 1814. TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby Given, That the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- gales upon the Turnipike Road between Kippings - Cross, and Flimwell, leading thro' Lam- berhurst, in the coun'ies of Kent and Sussex, and lying in the direct road from London, through Tonbridge to Hastings and Rye, commonly called or known by the Several. names of Kip- pings- Cross Gate, Lamberhurst Pound Gate, Bewlbridge Gate, and Flimwell Gate, will be severally and separately LETT BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, or respective Bidders, at the House of Ed- ' ward Eastland, the sign of the Chequers, in Lamberhurst, afore- said, on the fourth day of April next, between the hours of one and'three o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the Thirteenth year of the reign of his pre- sent Majesty King George the Third, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads,'' which Tolls produced last year the se- veral sums following, viz. s. a. Kippings- Cross Gate ... 369 3 91 Lamberhurst Pound Gate 497 19 31 Bewlbridge Gate 378 14 9i Flimwell Gate 396 17 1| over and above the expences of collecting them, and will be put up at those respective sums. The best bidders respectively must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the trus- tees of the said turnpike- road, for payment of the rent agreed upon, at such times, and in such manner as they shall direct. ' R. WHITE, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike- road. Goudhurst, 26th Fab. 1814. TO BE . SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr HART. At the Rose and Crs; wn Inn, Tunbridge Town in the county - of Kent, on Tuesday, the 5th day of April, 1814, between the hours of three and five o'clock in th$> afternoon, ( unless the same shall, in the mean time, be disposed of by Private Contract < of which due notice will be given) subject to such Conditions of Sale, as will be ( hen and there produced ; V LL that FREEHOLD FARM, consisting of a Messuage, 1 barn, stable, cow- lodge, oast- house, and other out- bui' 1- ing , j together with several pieces or parcels of arable, meadow, i,> astare, hop, and wood land, containing, by estimation, 34 acres ( more « r less) call d or known by the name ofLittle Hickman's Farm," situate, lying, and being in the parish of Peashurst, .. foresaid, and near to the high road leading from La;. kingtou Green, to Penshurst and Tunbridge- Wells. Th above Estae is in a very healthy patt of the county of Kent, in a high state of cultivation, with about 500 thriving young oak and other trees, and may, at a trifling expence1, be made a comfortable re sdence, for any gentleman who may bes desirous of residing in the neighbourhood of Tunbridge- Wells, from which plate it s . i; nit three miles< distant. The timber ; md other trees down to Is. per stick, tol) e taken at a fair valuation. The Farm is now in the occupation of Mr. William Avery, and Mr. John Peek, who hav6 notice to cuit at Michaelmas next, of whom fur lur particulars maybe known ; also at the Oiiice of* Messrs. Scoones, Solicitors, Tunbridge -; and of the Auctioneer, Tunbridge- Wells, where a plan of the Estate may be seen. Desirable Property, with immediate possession. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Mr, JOHN NEVE, At the Ewe and Lamb Inn, Wittersham, in Kent, on Thurs- day, the 14lh of April next, between the hours- of two and three o'clock in the afternoon, . HE FOLLQWING ESTATES, tie property of the ^ Jate Mr. John Samson, deceased; Lot 1. Consists of a Messuag * ( in which ' the late Mr. Samson resid- ed, an-- n(; W in the occupation of Mrs. Samson) well calculat- ed for the r « ' sidence of a genteel family, consisting of three par- lours, kitchen, five cellars, five bed rooms, three attics, de- tached brew house, two gardens, one stable and coach- house, on. other cosch- house, with stable adjoining* and granaries over the same, barn and lodges, together with several pieces or parcels of rich arable, meadow, and pasture land, containing by admeasurement, 45A. OR. 23P. more or less, situate in Wittersbam, and adjoining the high road from Tenterden to Rye, commanding extensive prospects in the counties of Kent a . d i- yssex, nd view- to the sea'. The house and out-' offices were buift by thelate Mr. Samson, a few years since, and are in complete repair. And also a Messuage, in the occupation of John Ford, stand- ing on part of the above pt » * m « K^ » ,- vaM, garden, and appiii te- nances thereunto belonging. All the prem ses comprised in Lot 1, arc field for the residue of a teiv of 996 years, commencing at Lady- day, 1601, at a pepper- corn rent, except one of the gardens, which } s Free- hold. The land tax of all the above Premises has been redeemed. Part, of the purchase money for Lot 1, may remain on mort-, gage thereof, if required. The following Lots are also situated in Wittersham, are all Frechold:— Lot ' 2. Consist! ig of a good substantial brick and tile Farm- House, yard, garden, stable, barn, lodges, and several pieces or par- cels of rich arable, meadow, and pasture Land, situate in Wit- tersham . foresaid, called ACTON, containing, by admeasure- ment, 49A. ' 2R. l24H. The Land- tax of this Lot has been redeemed. Lot 3. A Piece of arable Land, called the HOUSE FIELD, contain- ing, by admeasurement, 6A.- 2R. ' 21 P. Lot 4. A piece of pasture " Land, called the HUNDRDED POUND FIELD, contaning, by admeasurement, 5A. 2R. 34P. toge- ther with a Cottage thereto adjoining and belonging, in the oc- cupation of William Polaill. Lot 5. A piece of pasture Land, called the GATE FIELD, con- taining, by admeasurement, 8A. 1R. 39P. Lot 6. A piece of pasture Land, called the FIVR ACRES, contain- ing, by admeasurement, 6A. OR. 32P. Lot A piece of, pasture Land, called the LODGE FIELD, with the lodge and yard therein, containing, by admeasurement, 7A. 3R. 3P. Lot 8. A piece of Fresh- marsh Land, called the Three Acre Marsh, containing, by admeasurement, three acresand an half, situate in Newbridge Level, in Wittersham aforesaid, and adjoinin; the high road leading from Iden to Wittersham: - ill the above Lands are in a very high state of. cultivation, and the buildings in good repair. The premises being all in the possession of the Executors of the late proprietor, the purchasers may have immediate possession, Richard Dengate, ( to be heard of at Mrs. Samson's) will shew the premises. For further particulars, enquire of Mr. W. Samson, at Wit- tersham j Mr. Stephen Samson, sen. at Stone; Mr. John Neve, at High Halden, in Kent ( the Executors to the will of the late . Mr. Samson) ; of the Auctioneer ; and at the Office of Messrs. Woollett and Dawes, Rye. Valuable Building Materials and Fixtures of Chart- Park Mansion and Offices, CRISP HALL. And of a Farm- House, near - Dorking* in Surrey. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY & SoN, ( On the Premises) On Monday March 28, 1814, and Five following Days, at Eleven o'clock each day, npHE whole of the Valuable and well- conditioned MATE- RIALS, comprising a large quantity of sound Brick Work, excellent New Slating, several Tons of Lead, handsome gothic and other windows, some of them ornamented with stain- ed glass; a variety of excellent six- pannelled and other doors, two beautiful and very large mahogany doors, a capital oak staircase, a winding staircase, and four other flights; several hundred squares of excellent clean dowelled and other floors, capital timbers, in girders, joists, rafters, tye beams, & c. ; com- plete apparatus of three water closets, beautiful and costly mar- ble chimney pieces, many hundred feet of portland stone plinth, hall, and other pavements and coping; the complete erection of coach houses and stabling, consisting of five pair of large fold- ing doors, racks, mangers and partitions, new- built clog ken nel, & c. The FIXTURES comprise a Bramah's force pump, reser- voirs and cisterns, several hundred feet of . excellent lead pipe, brewing copper, five other coppers, capital oak mash tun and fir coolers, ranges, register and other stoves, presses, dressers, shelves, large iron door and frame, mahogany bookcases, & e. & c. A Variety of loose MATERIALS, consisting of several pairs of large folding doors, window shutters, sashes, bookcases and doors, several packing cases, a waggon, and two corn brui- sing machines. To be viewed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday preceding the Sale, when Catalogues, at six- pence each, may be had on the Piemi^ es; at the Red Lion and White Horse, . Dorking j King's Head and Anchor, Horsham ; White Hart and Crown, Guddford; White Hart and Swan, Reigate • Greyhound and King's Arms, Croydon; Hare and Hounds, Burford Bridge Swan, Leatherhead ; Spread Eagle and King's Head, Epsom ; Griffin, Kingston ; at the Mart ; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster Row, London • SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BART LETT, ( On the Premises) On Friday, March the 11th, 1814,, precisely at Twelve o'clock, A FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising a Post WIND- MILL, Miller's Cottage, Cart- House, Stable, Piggery, and about an acre of ground, situate in Nutbourn Common Field, in the parish of Westbourn. The Mill and Premises are in good repair, replete with eve- ry convenience requisite to the conducting of the business, hav- ing a large roomy round- house, two pair of stones, flour ma- chine and catch- mill, with large and commodious bins, judici- ously placed for the reception of corn and other goods. The situation of this mill and premises are in a country with good roads, and well supplied with corn, dis'ant from Chiches- ter, 5 miles; Emsworth, 2; and from Portsmouth, 13 miles * and near the water side ; late in the occupation of Mr. John Byden, of which immediate possession will be given. Further particulars may be obtained, and the Estate viewed by application to Mr. B. Hay, Ashling ; or to Mr. Bartlett, Chichester. Immediately after will be SOLD, all The Utensils and Stock in Trade, Belonging to Mr. John Byden, for the benefit of his Creditors, Consisting of a^ out three loads ® f sacks, two sack carts, bushel measure, beams, scales and weights, wheelbarrow, pig- ronghs, potatoes, several carts, harness, two saddles, bridles, & c. and about fifty lots of Houshold Furniture, three pork- tubs, a small copper, ' 2,594 well seasoned apple tree nji} l cogs, different sizes, & c. WORTHING, SUSSEX. An elegant Assortment of Fashionable Houshold Furniture, fyc. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. FRANK STUBBS* On Thursday, the 24 » h March, » 8t4, npHE . whole. of the HOUSHOLD FURNI- JL TURE, & e. of No. 9, Bedford How, removed for convenience of S;; le, to the old Mar ne Library, Library- Green, the House being Lett for a term, of years, unfurnished; consisting of an elegant high and lofty mahogany four- post bedstead, with scarlet morine furniture, beautifully made up, and ornamented with an Egyptian border, black ball fringe, cornice, ike. four- post and field bedsteads and furnitures ; excellent £< » cse feather beds, mattresses**-, blanket**, quilts/ and counterpanes ; in mahogany, chests of drawers, chairs, sideboards, dining, Pembroke, and card tabl^ 4, bas^ n- Btands, night cabinets, & c. pier and swing glasses, car- pets, china, glass, & c. and Kitchen Requisites of every description. The goods may be viewed two days pre- ceding the sale. Sale" to commence precisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Catalogues may be had in due time of Mr. STUBBS, auctioneer, 2(), Warwick- street ; and at the principal inns in the vicinity. WORTHING, SUSSEX. Albion Fire and Life Insurance Company. NEW BRIDGE- STREET, LONDON; EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. AGENTS Chichester « , , Mr. James Farenden. Seaford . . Vacant. Lindfield . . Mr. Marchant Pierce. Brighton . . Mr. John Donaldson. West Chiltington . Mr. Charles Lewry. Romsey . . Mr. Richard Sweeper. Portsea . . Mr. George. Levi. Newport . . Mr. William Wood. Portsmouth • Mr. William Morgan. Gosport . . Mr. Thomas'Rose, jun. draper. Lymington^ • « Mr. Wm. Good, draper. Insurances falling due at Lady- day, should be renewed with- in fifteen days from that period. , Abatements an made, according to trie plan which originated with this company, on the premiums of all Fire Insurances OUT OF LONDON. A large advantage is1 allowed on Life In- surance ; and every facility is afforded by which the interest and convenience of the public may be promoted. WARNER PHIPPS, Secretary; PHCENIX FIRE- OFFICE. L Receipt! for Policies falling due at Lady- day, are now in the hands of the several Agents of the Company. Insurances of every Description are effected on the most mo- derate terms. Stock on a Farm may be insured in one Sum withont the ave- rage clause, at 2s per cent, per ann. Losses by Fire occasioned by Lightning have always been paid by this Office. • ' . 1 *** Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds or upward, will not be charged for the Policy ; and all endorsements will be made Gratis. By Order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. FRANK STUBBS, On Wednesday, 23d March, 1814, A LL the genuine HOUSHOLD FURNITURE Fixtures, & r. of that capital Lodging- house ad- joining Mr. Stafford's Library, consisting of four post and field bedsteads and furnitures; goo* e and other fea- ther b? ds, mattresses, blankets, counierpaues, & c. 6cc. « cc. the same as the last mentioned sale. Horley, near Reigate, Surrey. FREEHOLD FARM & LANDS TO BE SOI. D BY AUCTION, By Messrs. CHAT FIELD and Co. On Wednesday, the 6th of April, I8i4, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the Chequers Inn, Horley, Sur- rey, AFREEHOLD FARM, called BAYHORNE. lying in the parish of Horley, on the South side of the Commons- adjoining the new intended road from Merstham to Brighton. Comprising a Farm- House and garden, farm yards, barn, stable, sheds, and various other buildings, with about thirty- six acres, more or less, of excellent meadow and arable Land, all compact; th about eight acres of uninclosed Land, adjoining, being an allotment of the Horley enclosure, making to^ gether about 44 acres. This Estate lies about six miles from Reigate, and four from Crawley, in a healthy part of the county, and well stocked with game. This Estate may be viewed any time previous to the sate, by applying to Mr. Tultet, the tenant, who will shew the same. Particulars may be had at th « White Hart, Bleteh- ingly and Godstone ; Crown, East Grinsted; Sun. Crawley ; of Mr, Burt, solicitor, Reigate ; at the Place of Sale; and of Mr. Chatfield, auctioneer, Ox- ted ; where a Plan of the Estate may be seen. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. March, isr4. 7II^ IIE Corporation have reduced the Premiums on Farming Stock, from 6d. percent, to 2s. percent, and existing Insurances, covering such property, will be reduced as they become due, upon application to the agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons v hose Annual Premiums fall due on' the 25th inst. are hereby Informed that receipts are now ready to be delivered b. the Company's Agent* undermentioned, and the parties as- sured are requested- to apply, for the renewal- of their Policies on or before the' 10th day of April next-', as the usual fif'teen day% allowed for payment, beyond the date of each policy, will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, jun. Secretary. SUSSEX. Arundel . . . William Oliver. Battle . . . William Ticehurst, BrighthelmSton » . John Mills. Chichester . . J. Bartlett. Hastings . . . William Gill. Horsham . . • Humphreys and Turner, Hailsham . . . William Marten. Lewes . . . Henry Brown. Midhurst , . . . John Geering, jun. Petworth . . . Thomas Holt. Rye .... Daniel Gill. Ticehurst . . Samuel Perigoe. SURREY. Croydon . J. and C. Strudwicke. Dorking ... Samuel Dendy. Epsom . . . J. Scott. Farnham : , W, Cock. Guildford . . Winkworth and Cooper. Ki n ton ... W. Strai. ge. Reigate . . . W. Moore. . N. B. Fire Pol'icies will be allowed free of expence,. where the annual Premiums amount to 6s. or up^ wards. This company have invarably made good losses by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. Assurances on Lives, being found to be advantageous to per- sons having offices, employments, estates, or other incomes, determinable 011 the life or lives of themselves or others : Tables of the rates on such assurances, and for the granting annuities on Lives, may be had of the said agents. Ann, for the greater convenience of the public, the company have determined to ex'end [ by special agreement] the assurance on lives to the age of 73 years. TO BR SOLD BY AUCTION, By S. MAPLESDEN, On Tuesday the 2< 2d and Wednesday 2Sd days of March, 1814; All the Household Furniture, FARMING STOCK, Hus. bandry, Tackling, & c. of Mr. J. BUSS, at Hasting ford Farm, in the parish of May field, Sussex. COMPRISING three draught horses, harness, & c. one yearling colt, five one year old heifers and steers, three two year old heifers, two ditto steers, two pair three year old steers, two three year old heifers in calf, six milch cows in calf, one two- year old hull, one fatting ox, one pair working ditto, 15 tag sheep, 27 ewes in lamb, II fatting sheep, two fat bo « « , one sow in pig, one narrow wheeled waggon, one 6 inch ditto, two dung carts, three horse harrows, one ox ditto, two ploughs, hop nidget, land roll, about 115 wattles, large scales and weights, set trunking tools, and working tools in ge- neral. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE— One feather bed, three bedsteads, & c, boxes, chests, tables, chairst dies- scr, 30 hour clock and case, roasting jack, weather glass, tubs, keelers, barrels, copper furnace, brass kettle, cheese press, and dairy utensils in general. The Sale to begin each day at Eleven o'Clock. The Stock and Tackle to be Sold the first day, and the whole to he sold without reserve, as the Proprietor is abont to leave the premises. Bank Buildings, and Craig's Court, Charing- Cross, London ; FOR insuring Houses, & other Buildings, goods, merchandize, ships in harbour, in dock, or building, and craft, from lo> s and damage by Fire. We, whose Names are underwritten Sun Fire Office, have authority front the Managers, to inform the public, and all persons insured in th£ said Office, b? ing Agents for the o . ..... . - , That the premium on the stock of corn and hay, being the produce of a Farm, also cattle, and implements of husbandry thereon, will be rated at Two Sbilings percent. And that Printed Receipt?, under our hands, are ready for delivery, for the premium and duty 011 policies, as they become due ; and that printed propo- sals of the terms of insurance may be had of us, which will be found as moderate, in every respect, as those of the other offices. Farming Stock may be insured, generally, in all barns and out- houses, or on a Farm, without the average clause, which may be seen by applying to us, who will give any further infor- mation which may be required for the explaining this mode insurance. Arundel , Richard Parker. Chi- hester , J. Plaisto. Cuckfield J. M'George. Horsham • D. Stedman. Lewes . . E. Verral. Rye Thomas Coleman Tarring . D. Monk. Farnham ^ W. Trimmer* Guildford R. Sparkes. Kingston , T. Baker. Croydon . J. Blake. Dorking: , H. Niblett. Tunbridge- Wells E, Seamer, East Grinstead Burt, Epsom . • J. L. Jacquet. Portsmouth , W, Baker. Winchester R. Bucksey. Steyning C. Marshal'. Brighton , Wm. Izard, jun. N. B. Policies insuring Three Hundred Pounds, are issued free of expence j and all payments for losses by fire, are made by this office without deduction. i *** The Sun Fire Office have always paid losses, or damage by fire from Lightning Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's Posts. LONDON DISPATCHES from Colonel Lowe, were re- ceived Thursday night by Earl Bathurst, and published at midnight In art EXTRAORDINARY GAZETTE.— They are dated Laon, March the 11th, and bringing down Bluchers operations to 10 o'clock on the morning of that day, including the military events in that vicinity within the three preceding days. The army of Silesia haying ef- fected its junction with the corps of Winzinge-' rode and Billow, on the 3d at Soissons, ' Blucher on the 4th took up a position to the left, and in the rear of that town, with his right close to the • Village of Laffaux, and his left near Cram. Early on the 5th Bonaparte made an attempt to retake Soissons, which was defended by a corps of 10t000 Russians under General Rudzewich. The enemy, Supposed to be the divisions of Marmont and Mot- tier, were twice repulsed, but retained possession of the greater part of the suburbs until night put an end to the contest, and in the morning of the 6th the assailants retired. About two o'clock on the same day, Bonaparte having previously crossed the Aisne at Bery- le- Bac, attacked Blucher's left at Craon; at the Same moment sending strong co- lumns from his right by Corbeny to Laon; while Blucher, aware of this movement, sent a corps of iO. OOtt cavalry, under Winzengerode, to intercept' their march, and another corps of Bulow, to oc- cupy Laon. In the morning of the 7th it was as- certained that this plan to counteract the enemy had the desired effect, and that they had desisted from their march upon Laon. At 11 o'clock Bonaparte commenced an attack • with his whole force estimated at upwards of 6( 1,000 against Winzinge rode's infantry, which sustained the extremity of the; position on the left, near the Villages of St. Marin and Craon, which, the rein- forcements previously sent by Blucher not having come up in lime, was exposed to a most severe and powerful attack; and after a most gallant resist- ance, General Sacken, who commanded the whole | corps, was obliged to retreat with it to- Laon.— In this action the loss of the Allies is estimated at 2,000 killed and wounded, including among the latter three Russian Generals. The enemy had four Generals Wounded "; and their loss of men is supposed to have been very great. This is Colonel Lowe's account of the, boasted victory of the 7tb, by Bonaparte.. at Craon. Bonaparte continued to advance on the 8th, and on the 0th he attacked Blucher in his position at Laon The particulars are detailed by Colonel Lowe. The enemy was repulsed on the 9th, but the attack was resumed on the loth, and continued the whole of the day un- til sun set, when his last operation failing, he was compelled to retreat in disorder. In the morning of the 11th it was ascertained that he had retreat- ed in the night, and at ten o'clock in the morning in that day, the van of the allied cavalry were in pursuit of him towards Chovignon, on the load to Soissons- The enemy on the 9th appear to have lost 75 pieces of cannon, hot no estimate is given of their loss in killed, wounded and prisoners.— , Colonel Lowe concludes his dispatch of the llth with this observation " Bonaparte is now in re- treat before it ( Blucher's army), but whether to take up a fresh position, or to proceed on some other direction, where his presence may be want- ing, is not yet ascertained. Scarcely any informa- tion has been received here ( Laon) of the move- ments of the Grand Allied Army since he quitted the observation of it." WAnts a Place as UPPER SERVANT, in a genteel, regular family, where a footman or R lad is kept ; or as Valet to a single gentleman, a person SG years of age, who understands his business, in all its branches, can dress, shave, and cut hair, if required. No objection to travel. He can have a good character and will be at liberty on the first day of May next.— 1 Please to direct to J^ T. at the Post Office, Cuckfield, Sussex. ' I WATER CORN MILL. WANTED TO RENT, a small WATER CORN MILL, in or near the county of Sussex. A line, directed to Mr. Weston, Millwright, Cats- field, near Battle, will be immediately attended to. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE Creditors of Win. BONIFACE, late of Palcham, but since of Brighton, in the county of Sussex, Miller, who have executed the deed of trust, may receive a dividend of his estates and effects, by applying. at the office, of Mr. Read, Solicitor, Duke ' Street, Brighton, on Thursday the 7th day of April next, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the morning and three o'clock in the NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ADIVIDEND wilt be made to the Creditors of EDWARD EVITT, late of Theobalds, in the parish of Wivelsfield, in the. county of Sussex, on . Mon- day, the 9& th day of March next, at the Talbot Inn, in Cuckfield, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon. WALLER AND SON, Solicitors. Cuckfield, 2Gth Feb. 1814. THOMAS - SONE, of Steyning, informs his friends and the. public, that he has declined the several businesses of a Grocer, Linen draper, Uphol- sterer, & c. carried on by him for many years past, in favour of his son,' Thomas Sone ; and that be continues to carry on the businesses of an Auctioneer and Ap- praiser, on his own. account, and solicits on behalf of himself and sou, a continuance of the favours he has received. All persons who have- any demands on Thomas Sone, sen. are requested, forthwith, to send him an account thereof, in order to their being discharged; and all persons indebted to htm, are requested to pay their debts within a month from this time. . • Steyning 18th March, 1414. .. . I — ' BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, 6- J, QUER. N. StHF, tt, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON, u « 6' UPTON and Co. most respectfully inform the Public that they continue to prepare the Cheap Impenetrable Paints at the following Prices,. yiz' ': | In » l « Ui! e Green 50s.; Dark Green 7ds.; and Olive I Green I'lis. per cwt.;— fine deep Green ls. Cd. to is. per lb.;— Slale, Lead, and Stone Colours, 5(> s.; Chd- | ; colate - lied or Brown Paint 42s.; and White Paint I 6( is. per cwt. & c.—- Prepared Oil to thin them for- use, 7s. per- gallon. These Paints arc very ornamental, and may be ap- plied with advantage to at! purposes of useful Painting, both inside durability, and economy are considerations; hut for Park Pailings, Out- buildings, Stucco and Plaister Fronts, Iron and Wood Bailing:, they are peculiarly adapted. as they resist the effects of Weather in an astonWiing degree.. UPTON and Co. have also to acquaint the Public that they prepare Coal Tar Brown, of two kinds, viz. common Coal Tar- Brown at 2.'-.; they are both applicable to the covering rough Fencing, Porous Tiles, Weather Boarding, and Wood, under Ground or Water; for which last purpose the refilled Tan- Brown is particularly recommended, as it is indissoluble in water; it also dries hard, and is of a very good colour. * Painters' Oils," Colours, and Brushes; Linseed . Cake for Cattle.— Merchants. Captains, and the Trade, upon advantageous terms, • DISTRESSES is GERMANY). 1 AFTER the example of the Metropolis) and many. if hot most of the populous Towns in Eng land, a SUBSCRIPTION is set on foot in this Place and Neighbourhood, for the Relief of our most severe ly suffering, and poor Brethren, in those parts where the horrors and havock of War, have brought on the most complicated Scenes of Hitman Misery and Wretch edness: and it is earnestly and confidently hoped and believed, that all, who will well consider, arid contrast the Blessings they enjoy, under Providence, in their own undisturbed and happy Island, with what has pas- sed, and is passing on the Continent, will most readily and charitably step forward, on this occasion, to distri bute, and do good. But, should any spur be wanting to stimulate such Commiseration, the perusal of a Pamphlet, detailing what happened at, and in the Vi- cinity of Leipsic, " by an Eye- Witness", cannot rail to be effectual. A BOOK for SUBSCRIPTIONS, is opened at the Lewes Old Bank, and has already the following. Names to it /,. s. d. Amount before advertised . 141 15. 4 Jonathan Harrison, esq. . - 2 2 0 Ewan Law, etq*. ' . . 10 10 0 Messrs. Polhill and Gibson . 2 2 0 Thomas Partington, esq. . . 3 3 0 Mr. John Ellman, ( Cliffe) . 110 A Loyal Subject . . . 110 Two Widow's mites .•' . 0 11 0 Mr. Thomas Cosham . I l l) Mr. T. Beard " . 110 The Rev. John Constable . 5 6 0 Captain Oliver, R. H. A. . 1- 1 Q ,.,-, Mr. Richard Hart 2 2 0 SUBSCRIPTIONS AT BRIGHTON, FOR THE ' ', RELIEF OF THE DISTRESSED GERMANS • I'. viortT ;- J • d a uniSi Wigney, Stanford, Miss Ingram 1 - ft t> • and Vallances 10 10 0 Mr. W. Churcher 1 0 a Robert Parkcr; esq. 10 10 1) Mr. Bristow 1 0 0 Jacob Wood, esq. ' 10 10 li Mr. Edward Lloyd 1 0 0 Nicholas, Hall, esq. 10 10 . 0 Mr, H. 10 0 W. Long Wellesley, Mr. B., 10 0 esq. - ' 10 10 C Mr. M. 1 Q 0 . Rev. J. M. Rice .5 5 O Mr. Swinley 1 0 0 Mis. Perkins 5 5 0 Mr. D. 10 0 . Mrs. Hall' 5 5 0 Mr. Palmer 1 0 0 Lieutenant Col. Delap5 0 0 Mr. MichtU - 1 0 0 Mr. Wellesley Pole 5 0 0 Viscounte. s Lake 1 0 0 Mrs. W'ellesley Hole 5 0 0 Mr. Burton 1 0 0 Ladies& C. Hervey 5 ' 0 0 Mrs. S. Streatfield 1 0 0 Benj. Tilstone, e. q. 5 0 0 Mrs. Lambert 1 1 0 DoctorTiernev 5 0 0 Rev Moushell 1 0 0 Nathaniel Kemp, esq. 5 0 0 Mrs. Basel 1 0 .0 George Wagner, esq. 5 0 0 Mrs. Wvatt 1 0 0 Mr. ACHmuty 5 0 0 Mr. Hall J 0 0 Mr. Pipon 5 0 0 Mr. Hannington 1 0 0 F. J. Jackson, esq. 5 0 ti R- Welsford, esq. 1 0 0 Mr. Turnor 5 0 0 Mr. J. Wilmshurst 1 0 0 Mrs. Turnor ,5 0 0 Mr. S. Weston 1 0 0 Miss. Higgins 5 0 0 Mr. J. Colbatch 1 0 0 Mr. Fosket 3 3 0 Mr. Bond 10 0, Richard Day, esq. 3 0 0 Captain Gordon 1 0 0 i Rey. R. J. Carr 2 2 0 Mr. Cornelius Paine 1 0 ^ Rev. W. Marsh 2 2 0 Dowagor Lady Dering 1 0 0 Rev. H. Welsled - 2 2 0 Sir Simon Taylor 10 0 Lady Ann Murray S J D George Bodley, esq. 1 0 0 Mrs. English 2 2 01 Mr. Hill 4 1 0 0 Lady Barham 2 0 0 Lient.- Col. Newberry 1 0 0 E. Howell, esq. 2 0 0 Lady Seton 1 0 0 Samuel Smith, esq. 2 0 0: Rev. Doctor Holland 1 0 0 Miss. Beaty 2 0 0| j. D. Holden, esq. 10 0 Admiral Gould 2 2 0 Hon. Mrs. Murray 1 0 « Mr, V. 2 0 0 Captain Paine 1 0 0 Mrs. Luther 2 0 0 » Mrs. Paine 1 0 0 Mrs. La Motte 2 0 0 Mr. George Blaker 1 0 1) Mr. Stephen Wood 2 2 0 I. M. 1 0 0 Mrs. H. F. Calcroft 1 1 0 Mrs. Close 1 0 0 ' Rev. Join, Styles 1 1 0 Mr. Standert 10 0' • Mr. Charles Walker 1 1 0 Mrs. St. Paul 1 0 0 Miss Jams 1 1 0| Mr. Harris 1 0 0 Mr. Matthews 1 1 OMis. Lushington 1 0 0 Miss Peyton 1 1 0 Mrs. Lukin 0 5 0 Mr. Greenwood 1 1 C Mrs. De Nelly 0 6 0 Miss C. Thurlow 1 1 0 Mr. Perceval 0 11 6 Sir James Sibbald .1 1 0 Mrs. Norton Oil 0 Thomas Attree, esq, 1 1 0 Mrs. Chapman 0 10 0 Dr. Anderson 1 1 0 Mr. G. Richardson 0 10 0 Rev. J. Holmes 1 1 0 Miss Wing 0 10 0 Mr. Fowke 1 .1 C Miss A. Wing 0 10 0 Rev. J: Rideout 110 Miss Keel 0 6 0 Lewis, esq. 1 1 0 Mrs. Peircy 10 0 Major Shean 1 1 0 Mr. Medley 1 0 0 Mr. Gambier 1 1 0 Mr Read 10 0 Miss Burrell 1 1 O Mr. Paterson 1 0 0 M iss. Thole 11 0 Mrs. Edward Lloyd 1 0 0 Mr. Teasdale 1 1 O Miss. Thornton 1 0 0 Mr. Eyre 11 0 Mr. William Izard 1 0 0 Mrs. Sobar 110 Mr. Slee 1 0 0 Captain Rice 11 0 Mrs. Pod more 1 0 0 Mrs. Otway J 1 0 Mr Howell 1 0 0 Dr. Hooker 1 1 0 Mrs. Wood 1 0 0 Mr. Green 1 1 . 0 Mr. Sherlock 10 0 Mr. Jarvis 1 1 0 Lady Marsh 10 0 Mr. Shuckard 1 1 0 Mr. Barrett- 10 0 Mr. Farncombe 1 1 - 0 F. L. 10 0 Mr. Pagden 1 1 0 Miss Wood 0 10 6 Mr. John Lashmar 1 1 0 Mr. Bedford 0 10 6 Mr. W. Wigney, jnn. l 1, 0 Mr. Brewster 0 10 6 Mrs. Barclay ' 1 0 0 Mr. Bull 0 10 ( 3 Miss Carter 1 0 0 Mrs. Bird 0 ! 0 0 Bradberry Winter, esq 1 0 0 Miss. Dyson 0 10 0 Richard Miles, e. q. 1 0 0 Mr. Wm. Tuppen 0 10 0 Mrs. & Miss Haven 1 0 0 Patching and Co. 0 10 0 Miss Middleton 100 HASTINGS. A SUBSCRIPTION to he applied in aid of the Fund now raising in Loudon and all other parts of the King- dom, for relieving the distress of the . Inhabitants « f those parts of Germany which became the seat of war, during the late sanguinary battles between the Allied and the French Armies. £• s. < L £. s. d. Mr. Milward - 10 10 0 James Bell - 0 10 6 Mr. Lucas Shadwell 5 0 0 Thomas Daniel 0 5 0 Mr. Shorter -' 3 3 0 W. Woodroffe 1 1 0 Mr. J. Casamajor 5 0 O John Longley 0 10 6 Misses Milward - 3 3 0 Francis Henbrey 0 10 6 Mr. Bishop - 1 1 0 P. Breeds - 5 5 0 Mrs. W. Cossum - 0 10 6 W. Gill and Co. , • 10 0 0 Miss Whitear - 0 10 6 Satterley and Wel.- Mr. Whish - 110 lings - 5 0 0 James Breeds & Co. 5 0 0 Miss Skirrow - 5 0 0 Mr. Hussey - 3 3. O John Tompsett 110 Mrs. T. Breeds 1 1 0 Joseph Hannay • 0 10 6 John Cossum - 0 10 6 N. Crouch - 0 10 6 W. Whistler - 0 10 6 W. Crouch - 0 10 6 Lady Leitrim - 110 Robert Thatcher 0 10 « Lady Clements 3 3 0 James Barry - 0 10 6 Lady Erroll - 1 1 - 0 W. Chapman - - 0 10 6 Mr. Offley - 5 0 0 W. Ball - 0 10 6 Lady Welch - 110 William scrivens. sen. 1 1 0 G. Sargent ( Hastings William Scrivens. jun. 1 1 0 Arms) - 1 1 ' 0' Mr. Gillbe - 110 John Grover - 0 10 6 Major Sheldon 1 1 0 J. Dodson - 010 6 Mr. Free - 2 0 0 J. Williams, jun. ' 0 10 6 Mr. Griggs * 5 0 o E. Tebay - 0 10 6 J. D. - 0 10 6 James - Look „ j- j„>, 0 10. 6 Mrs. Mollison 2 2 0 G. Robinson 0 11) 6 E, Farncomb 1 10 W. Amoore - 0 10 6 Edward Wenham 1 10 R. J. Carswell - , ,0 ,10 . 6 Henry Farncomb 1 1 0 Mary Amoore - 6 10. 6 Mark Breeds 1 1 0 WEY AND ARUN JUNCTION CANAL. IN pursnance of the directions of an Act of Par- liament lately made and passed, intituled, " An Act for making and maintaining a NAVIGABLE CA- NAL to unite the rivers Wey and Arun, in the counties of Surrey and Sussex." I Do hereby give Notice, to all and every the Subscribers to, and Proprietors of, Shares in the said Canal, that the Committee of Management of the said Company of Proprietors have, at a meeting held at my office, in Guildford, in the said county of Surrey, on Saturday the 12th day of March instant, or- dered, that a further call of Ten Pounds per cent, be made on the said Subscribers or Proprietors, being the fourth instalment of TEN Pounds per cent, on their re- spective shares, and that such call of Ten Pounds per cent. be paid to William Haydon, the elder; or Rich- ard Sparkes, of Guildford, lafotesaid, bankers, the Trea- surers to the said Company, on or before the 3oth day of April next. By order of the said Committee of Management, Guildford, 16th J. SMALLP1ECE, March 1814. Clerk to the Company. N. B. The above Call may be paid to Sir Charles Price, bart. and Co. or Sir James Esdaile, bart. and Co. bankers, London, the corresponding houses of the said Treasurers, by such of the Subscribers and Proprietors to whom it may be more convenient so to do on or be- fore the 25th day of April next, - Uckfield Prosecuting Society-. | THE Members of this Society are requested to I TAKE NOTICE, that the Annual Meeting of this year, will be held at the Maidenhead Inn, in the town of Uckfield, oil Tuesday the 29th day of March inst; All persons that have any claims on the Society, or have any business to do at said meeting, are desired to attend. CALEB PEARCE, Clerk. March 20th 18r4. Dinner on Table at two o'clock. Off ham and Dichelling Road. AGENERAL MEETING of the Trustees under this act will he holden at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Monday the twenty- eighth day of March instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when the accounts of the Treasurer and Surveyor will be laid before the meeting, and a report made of the monies paid in under the subscriptions, and the present ar- rears thereof. Lewes 19th March, 1814. LAUGHTON INCLOSURE. . IHEREBY give Notice, that, the Meeting held for the adjustment of claims of common rights upon the commons and waste lands, directed to be in closed, is adjourned to Thursday, the thirty first day of March,. instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the White Hart Inn, in Lewes, when the same will. be finally decided upon- And, all persons who have any further proof to produce of, their respective claims, are hereby called upon to attend at the time and, place aforesaid; to support the same. Lewes, 19th March, . T. PARTINGTON. yWfr- >;- » •• V-' O'-'- - ! WHere'as JOHN IN MAN. of the parish of Pram tield,, Sawyer, and Labourer, has absconded, end left his Wife and Five Children cha geable to the said parish: We the undersigned Overseers of the said pa- rish, in order that the above John In man, may be brought to justice,( this being his third offence) do of- fer the above reward to any . one who shall cause hiio to be apprechended, and delivered up to the Parish Officers of Fram field, aforesaid. The above mentioned John In man, is about 55 years of age, and 5 fee\ Id - inches high, has an upright gait, grey hair, and florid complexion. Framfield, March J7, .1,814. ' IH. RVJENNERSTAPLEY, l0"" 5^"- TO BE LETT, And entered on at Old Lady Day next, THE WHITE HART INN, Buxted Bridge, with about Six or Seven Acres of Prime Land. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. John Gorringe," sen. of Buxted. March, 21,1814, SIDLOW MILL, NEAR REIGATE— TO BE LET, AFARM, at Sidlow Mill, between the 23d and 24th mile stones, on the Brighton Road, con- taining about 20oacres of arable, pasture, and meadow laud, together with three Cottages for workmen, with immediate possession. The house, bans, stables, & c. are in good repair. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Carter, Wood- batch, near Reigate ; or to Messrs. Lodington and Hall, Secondaries Office*, Temple, London. __ FOR SALE, at CESSINGHAM Farm, Arlington, Sussex, about fifteen tons, of the first quality, ad- joining Berwick Common. For particulars enquire of Mr. Thomas Skinner, Alfriston; or his man at the farm. ; TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by THO- MAS BADCOCK, at the Chequers Inn, Battle. Sussex, on Monday and Tuesday the 4th and 5tli of April, 1814, a variety of UNREDEEMED PLEDG- ES, pledged with Thomas Badcock, Battle, before April, 1813, consisting of watches, rings, ear- rings, wearing apparel, and a variety of other articles. The sale to begin each day at three o'clock in the afternoon ^ Sales of the same kind of goods to be continued at the Same Inn, June 2d and 3d; August 1st and sad ; October 3d < III< 1 4tl » ; and November ' 28th and 29tb, ISI4. / Neat and valuable Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by TESTER and BATES, on the premises, on Monday the fourth of April, 1814, and following day, at eleven o'clock, " the neat and valuable; HOUSHOLD FURNI- TURE and Effects, of Mr. J. Potter, at Horsket- Farm, Cuckfield, Sussex, leaving business, comprising mahogany four- post, field, and other bedsteds, with suitable furniture, good goose and poultry beds, chests of drawers, dressing glasses, mahogany dining and other tables, parlour and kitchen chairs, an elegant eieht day clock, by Wilmshurst, a dresser and shelves, lofty deal cupboards with folding doors and drawers, kitchen requisites in general, two furnaces, a large collection of brewing and washing tubs, barrel and band churns, dairy and brewing utensils, glass and" stone ware, with a general assortment of houshold fur- niture. OAK TIMBER,— SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. THYNNE, at the Swan Inn, Forest- Row, near East Grinstead, Sussex, on Tuesday the fifth of April, 1814, at three o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, in three Lots, 146 excellent OAK TREES, with their hops and hark, now standing 011 Can's Iron Farm, within three miles of East Grinstead. " Particulars may he had at the. Dorset Arms, East Grinstead; the Star, Lewes; the King's Head, Cuck- field; the Maidenhead, at Uckfield: the Angel, Tun- bridge ; at the place of sale, and at the office of Messrs, Pearce and Kent, Land Agents, Craig's Conrt, Cha ring Cross, London. TO COVER, THIS SEASON, 1814. GQCK ROBIN, own Brother to the famous Horse SANCHO, at Mr. Thomas Copperd's, Park Farm, near lleiiheld," Sussex- Blood Mares, nr Five Guineas, and Half- a- Guinea the. Groom.— Other Mares at Three- Guineas, and a Crown the Groom. COCK . ROBIN was. bred by H. F. Mellish, Esq ; and, when in training, the property of the Earl of Jer- sey ;, was got by Don Quixote; his dam, Rachel, by Highflyer, out of sister to Tandem, by Cyphon, Regulus, Sni.-,'&& & r. ' « In I8 « 9, when 3 years nld, lie won at Newmarket iQoo guineas,. 890.- guineas, 200 guineas, and 70 guineas; and 900 guineas, at Brighton. In 1810, at Newmarket, he won 100 guineas, 260- gui- neas, and the third class of the October Oatland Stake's,, of 30 guineas each. , COCK ROBIN is a beautiful blood bay, full 15 hands 2 inches high, and free from all blemish what- ever ; with large bone, perfect symmetry, and high ac- tion ; equal, if not superior, lo any blood horse in the kingdom; so that it may be truly said, he is likely ( o make a most valuable Stallion. DON QUIXOTE, Sire of COCK ROBIN, would have shewn himself a very valuable Stallion, if he had bad a greater number of Mares; for out of a few he got the following celebrated winners—. No. of •' ' No. of Horses Names Times won. Horses Names. Times won. Amadis . 4 La Mancha . . 4 Artichoke . .11 Little Chance . 1 Ball , 2 Miss Coiner .26 Cervantes . . 9 Nicholas . , ' 4 Cock Robin . . 8 Sancho , . 9 Folley . . 1 Toledo . . 3 Jeremy . . 5 Tumbler . . 3 Knavery „ . 2 Whitenose . . 4 Levant . .6 B. C. ( Lord Milton » 1 Cock Rubin will attend at Steyning, every market- • lay ; at Lewes and Horsham, every Saturday, alter- nately ; and at home, the remainder of- the week. Good Grass for Mares, at the usual prices. - Corn, if ordered, at the wholesale price ; and all de- mands for covering and keep, to be paid at Midsum- mer, ] OAK TIMBER . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Thursday, the 7th of April, 1814, at 4 o,' clock, BY MR. LEAR, At the Crown Inn, Arundel. 1 TOO OAK TREES, in three lots.— Lot 1, 1 ) Lv/ VJ g14 Oak Oak,); Trees, standing in Reed Farm Coppice, in the parish of Leominster. Lot 2— 250 Oak Trees, standing on Thakeham Place Farm, in the occupation of Mr. Tilly, in the parish of Thakeham. Lot 3— 236.0ak Trees, standing on Little Chancton Farm, in the occupation of Mr. Penfold, in the parish Washington. The Timber is numbered with white paint, and will be sold by the load and measured when down. Lot I, may be viewed, by applying to Mr. Thomas Luke, Reed Farm ; Lot 2 S; 3. by applying to the tenants. HAVING contracted with Government for the ensuing Lottery, we respectfully submit the Scheme to the notice of the Public, in the confident hope that it will be found to merit their patronage and support. With the approbation of the Lords- of the Treasury, we have done ourselves the honour of presenting to the Adventurers in this Lottery, the change of One Thou- sand. Tickets in the succeeding. Lottery. Thus every purchaser has a Double Chance of gaining not only the Prizes in this Lottery, but also the Prizes of the fol- lowing Lottery. RICHARDSON, GOOD LUCK & Co Contractors SWIFT & Co. - - JC0, ltraCt?, r*' State Lottery begins Drawing MAY 3rd, 1814, AND CONTAINS ONLY ! 1,000 TICKETS. SCHEME. ' " .1. ..,.. t... of., Z. 20,000.,. . is..-. , Z$ p, 00Q 1 15, OtX> 15,000 1 10,000 10,000 1 i. - 5,000- • 5i000- 2 . 2jtX30 ........'. A, 000. 6 1 000 .." 6,000 1 '..' 500 3,500 10 3fO' 3,000 15 ,200 3,000 24 100 2,400 31 :::::::::::::;: : 30 :: : : : : :- 1,550 2,150 11 ,.. 38^ 50 2,249 Prizes. LI 10,000 Extra Prizes— Second Chance. In addition to the Prizes above stated, the 50 first- drawn Blanks, the first Day, will each receive Ten Tickets in the next Lottery ; and the 50 first drawn Blanks, the second Day, May 1oth, will likewise receive Ten Tickets each, in the next Lottery, by which means the Purchasers have the additional Chance of all the Prizes ' in that Lottery as under : 1 of .'. /. 20.000 ... . is.. Z. 20,000 2 10,000 20,000 2 ..' 3,000 e. ooo 2 2,1) 00 4,000 4 ' i, eoo 4,000 5 510 2J500 6 200 1,200 15........ 100 1,500 52 .... 30 1,560 1,720 " . 17 29,240 TICKETS and SHARE are now on Sale at all the Offices in Town and Country. Norwich Union Fire and Life Institutions. IN these Establishments all the Savings ARE Re- TURNED to the Insured. In consequence of this plan, the members of the Fire Insurance Department, whose period of re- payment has arrived, have received back fifty per cent, ot the premiums they deposited. The rates of the Life Institution are nearly Ten per cent, lower than those of other Establishments ; and its Insurers have the additional advantage of being entitled to a periodical Bonus. Further particulars may be had gratis, of Mr. Cooper, Soli- citor, Lewes ; or of any of the Agents who are appointed in the principal towns ill this county. GLOBE INSURANCE, PALL- MALL AND CORNHILL, Fire, Life, and Annuities. ALL Persons, whose Insurance with this Com- pany become due at Lady Day next, are request ed to take Notice, that Receipts for the renew al thereof are now ready fir delivery at the Company's Offices, No. 80, Pall Mall, and No. 5, Cornhill ; and in the hands of their respective Agents in the Country.— Insur-. ances due at Lady Day, must be paid on or before the 9th day of April, when the fifteen days allowed for the renewal thereof will expire. By Order of the Board, JOHN CHARLES DENHAM, Secretary. London, March 15.1814. Persons of character and respectability, desirous of becoming; Agents to the Globe Insurance Company, and who are resident in towns where none are at present ap- pointed, may apply to the Secretary for the Terms and Conditions of the appointment. SUSSEX. Brighton— Mr. Alexander Baldey,' Chichester— Mr. T. Dally. Arundel— Mr. J Giant. Worthing— Mrs. Mary Spooner. Petworth— Mr. George Daintry. Eastbourne— Mr. R. Titley. Storrington— Mr. T. Battcock. HANTS. Southampton— Mr. Joseph Allicocke. Portsmouth— Mr. James Atkins. Winchester— Mr. Chas. Charles. • Fareham— Mr. John Clarke. Lymington— Mr. Joseph Galpine. Ringwood— Mr. William Lucas. Christchurch— Messrs. Pillgren & Hannaford. Havant— Mr. T. M. Mason. KENT. Rochester— D. H. Day, esq. Dover— Mr. Wm. Brockman. Margate— Mr. John Sackett. Ramsgate— Mr. James Cull. Sandwich — Mr. T. Matbrooke. Hawkhurst— Mr. Luke Boorman, Greenwich— Mr. William Baker. Deptford— Mr. Francis Dennam. Mereworth— Mr. William Sowerly. Dartford— Mr. S Hammond. Seven Oaks— Mr. Joseph Parker. HOPE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Ludgate Hill, and Old Bond- Street, London ; Exchange, Edinbugh ; and Westmoreland- Street, Dublin. FIRE OFFICE.— Capital ONE MILLION. ASSURANCES, against Loss or Damage fey Fire effected upon every Description of Property within the United Kingdom,, upon Terms as beneficial to the Assured as^ those Of any other office. Losses tire uniformly paid by this Company with the utmost Spirit of liberality and promptitude. Notice is hereby given, Tint Receipts for the Re- newal of Policies, which expire at ' Lady Day, are now ready for delivery at the above . mentioned Offices, and with the respective Agents of the Company throughout the United Kingdom. Policies of Assurance, which expire at the above pe- riod, should be renewed within Fifteen Days thereafter, or they become void. . . LIFE OFFICE.— Capital ONE MILLION. Assurances effected upon Lives and on Survivorship. Annuities granted and purchased. Endowments for Children, & c. & c. The Proprietors of this Office have undertaken all responsibility, and have stipulated for a Guarantee of One Million Sterling, as an ample Security for all their engagements. The profits arising out of this branch of business, after a moderate deduction for guarantee and expence of ma- nagement are divided amongst the Assured, iu propor- tion 10 the sums respectively assured ; upon which prin- ciple numerous are the instances of Ten, Twenty, and Thirty per cent, in addition to the amount of Life Po- licies, being paid : and cases have occurred ( when the duration of Life has been considerably prolonged) where the payment has been more than double the sum assured. No Entrance Money, Admission Fee, or other Official Charge, exacted, WM BURY, Sec. STRAYED, on or about the first of March to' the George Inn Robertsbridge, a large, black and white stubbed- rail DOG, of the Newfoundland breed. Whosoever owns htm may have him again', by paying for advertising and keeping, Apply to Wm; Tanner. Robertsbridge; March 16, 18U. A VALUABLE DISCOVERY. UNION TOOTH POWDER, for cleansing and preserving the Teeth, and for preventing and curiae the Tooth- Ach, contained in a double box. The contents of the small box having beep used according to the direc- tions, together with the Tooth Powder with the most flat- most excruciating pains. Its effects are highly beneficial. Its success is certain. Its virtues have been long apprecia- ted in several private families of the first respectability, and the proprietors have at length been prevailed upon to make so valuable and effectual a remedy public, for the benefit of mankind. They submit the discovery to a discriminate in public,. conscious of its intrinsic value, and certain of its success : and they feel confident that the public will soon give the preference to this over every other remedy of a similar nature ever offered to their inspection. " Every family, and indeed every individual, ought to keep this at hand for immediate use, as it i& not only a cure, but also a most excellent tooth powder for daily use, which wonder- fully Improves the breath. Eminem physicians allow that most diseases of the TEETH arise from want of attention, they therefore recommend that the teeth be attended to eve- ry morning,;. and we trust the above Powder, will be found a pleasant and Valuable preventative. had the tooth- powder, and who may hay; by them a suf- ficient quantity of the preventative peculiarly adapted for doable box-, co( nhiM* g- liipmtl « f4n' lieu of the preventative: which, will be loan, I a pleasant relief for the- lips, also an" excellent remedy for Chapped Hands, & c. "', Sold whole sale and retail for the Proprietors, by J. BAir- this Season of the year, of persons being ati tacked with violent griping Pains in the Stomach and Bowels, with loss of appetite, giddiness in the bead, drowsiness, pains in the limbs, with great lassitude, and an unwillingness to move, which is speedily removed by taking two or three doses of ' J* DR. MILLER'S WORM CAKES or PILLS Prepared and Sold, Wholesale and Retail by '' JAMES STEDMAN, Druggist, West Mailing, ami SOLD AS FOLLOWS: ... Battle, J Cuthbert Heathfield. J. Ellis Bexhill, R. Chester Horsham, T. Mann Brighton, J. White Lewes, J. Davey Burwash, G. Childrens Linfield, W. Durrant Cuckfield, J. M'George Lid 1, Allen Dallington, J. Pardon Maresfield, J. Maynard Ditching, J. Brown Mayfield. W. Gilbert Eastbourne, T; Baker Rye, Cook & Son E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Ditto, M. Coleman Groombridge, S. Killick Robe'tsbridge, Kennett & co Hailsham, H. H. Waters Uckfield, J. Pocknell Hartsfield, Mrs. Morphew Wittersham, J. Wood Hastings, J. Norton Wadhurst, W. Noaks. THE GREAT RESTORATIVE TO HEALTH, is Mann's Approved Medicine. SOLD by the principal Vendors of Medicines in the United Kingdom, in Bottles at 2s. 6d. and 49. 6d. each duty included, engraved- the stamp 11 THOs. MANN, Horsham. Sussex," to counterfeit which is felgny. As coughs and colds are so prevalent in this kingdom no family should be a moment without this Medicine, to the virtues of which the most hono- rable testimony has been borne, being recommended by physicians, and patronised by ladies and gentlemen of the first distinction. REMARKABLE CASE. A person had been afflicted with an Asthma for six or seven years', his case was so alarming, as to confine him to bis bed once a month for six or eight days; the difficulty of breathing was so great, that his life was expected froth one hour to another, attended with vi- olent cough,- loss of appetite, ami high fever. After every Medicine was taken from many Gentlemen of the Faculty,- uf whom was some of the first distinction, with every other Medicine that had been recommended in him, and smoking the Stramonium, for three years in which time, be was nt » t able Id take solid food, or drink malt liquor, he was at last pronounced INCURABLE; at this tune be was recommended to make trial of MANN'S APPROVED MEDICINE, and on Jus ease being made known to Mr. Mann, of Horsham, on the 19th August, I'SIS, he was recommend- ed to take small doses of Wis Approved Medicine of 10 drops three times a day, in Sassafras Tea, warm, which was to lie taken in the room of other tea, his paying attention to every direction given; before one bottle was taken he could walk twenty miles a day; before he took this Medicine, he could not walk one mile, he now taking the Third Bottle, his breathing is free, ind by the blessing of God is restored to a good appe- tite, and takes his reft with comfort, every alarming symptom being removed by taking MANN'S APPROVED MEDICINE, has recovered such multitudes, after all other reme- dies failed, he came to Horsham to seek for him. SS= S! SC= ^ CORN EXCHANGE, March is. Wheat 60S. 80s. 82s. Tick Beans - 44s. 50 « . Fine ditto — s 90s. Old Ditto - — s. — s. Rye - - - 84s. 4js. Oats' - 93s. Sis. Barley - - 38s. 44s. Poland ditto- 24s. 35'. Malt - - 70s. 79a. Potatoe ditto 3gs 41s. White Peas 50s. &) s. Rape seed - 441. — I. Grey Peas - 45s. . 53s. Fine Flour 70s. 75s. Beans - - — s. — s. Seconds - < 35s. 1 « s. SMITHFIELD MARKET. Beef - 5s. 6d. to 6s. &!(. Mutton - 7s. lid. to 8s. 61L Lamb - Os. od. to Os. od. Veal - 7s. Od. to 8s. od. Poll- - 7s. 6tl. to 8s. 64. HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY, Beasts - - fist) Sheep and Lambs - 2, I0t> Calves - . - 130 Pigs ' * - S00 HAY- MARKET. Hay.;-,. 3', OS. Od. to SL. Os. Od. Straw-',- . 11. 10s. 0d." to it. iSs. od. Clover,-., 5J.-!( 0S. 0,( 1. to qi. 10s. Od. — ' ' ' 1'" UXBRIDGE. i , d THURSDAY, MAR. 17. Wheat, per load ... 17I. it> s. _ d. to 94J. Barley, per quarter - - 4as. — d. to 4lis. _ d- Oats ... 28s. — d. to- 354,"— d. Beans _ « ),. ,„ New ditto- .... _<|, t0 _ s, _() i Rye - - - - - - — s. ' od to t- s. orf. Peas " - - - - - SS « . od. lo 6as. od. TALLOW. St James's Markets 8 Town Tallow US 6 Clare Market OOj Yellow Russia 1 Jo o Whitechapel ditto 6 6 White ditto 105 o Soap ditto 106 o Average G 7, Stuff 90 0 Rough ditto 6 » U RAW HIDES. Best Helfers and Stoers, per st. 3s 6d to 3s 8d Middlings . 3s Od to 3s 2d Ordinary 2s 4d to 2s 8d Market Calf. ... each . Us od to Os od English Horse... ... 14s od to 16s Od Shearlings, 7ijd. to 14- Ul— Lambs k . d to— d postscript. The Gazette of last Saturday night teas published too late . for the dispatch of the Mails at the General Post 0ffice; delayed probably, for the introduction of detailed ex- tracts from Lord Castlereagh's dispatches. MONITEURS of the 14th and 16th hiive been received ; they contain a Bulletin from Bonaparte to the Empress, which ( if it is to be believed) details the re- capture of Rheims. —" This town was entered on the 12th hv Ge- neral St. Priest, commanding in chief the 8th Russian corps; on the 13th, at four in- the evening, Napoleon vvas on the he'g'. ts of the Wind Mill, a league from Rheims, . The Duke of Ragusa formed the advanced guard. Gen. Sebastiani commanding two divisions 6f cavalry td. awced upon the to win. One hundred pieces of cannon were engaged on the one side and the other. Generals Deffranec and Count Se- gur at the head of. the National Guards, charged between the town aud the enemy, whom he drove into the suburbs. . They soon after abandoned the town, dying in all directions. Th » results of this day, which did not cost us 100 men, are 22 pieces pf cannon, ,$ p0d prisoners, 100 artillery nod baggage,, waggons, The same battery of light artillery which kil- W Gen. Morean, before Dresden inoyjuUv W'lumfeil Gen. S. Preist, who haflt, CQine at the head of the Tartars of the Desart, V) . favag « our beautiful country. " The Emperor entered at one in the morn- ing, amid the acclamations of the people* " Count Segur was severely, but not dange- rously wounded. Mr. Shaw, the messenger, arrived op Friday' with dispatches from Lord Castlereagh, th? sub- stance of which was communicated by the Secre- tary of Stale's Office, in the following Bulletin : *' Accounts have been received frnni Chaumont of the 12th instant, and from Chatillon of the ISlli. " Plie news of Marshal Blucher's victory had reached Chatillon, and i hat Gen St. Priest had ie- taken Rheims on the 12 I), and made 3,000 priso ners. " Prince Schwartzenberg, who. had remained At Troyes, was moving upon Chalons " General Bianchi had defeated Augereau at Macon, but Ihe details had not arrived. " The Plenipotentiaries were still at * hatillon.', The above Bulletin is indeed brief, but is full of matter. Three transports ' have been loaded af Plymouth with arms, ammunition, and acConirerhents, and ordered to be in readiness t>> sail at a moment's Winning: llieir destination generally supposed to be jpjriepart of the coast of France. Vice- Admiral Sir Richard Keats, Knt is under orders to proceed to his command al Halifax, on the 10th of April. Instructions are. prep^ ring at the Secretary of Slate's Office, for a ne> v volunleeting from the Militia, which will take place early in the en> q- . ing month. A vessel is arrived at Liverpool, from Bilboa, which she left on the 1st. Of cnuise she could not bring any acemmt of the enlmnce of Lord • Wellington into Bourdeaux; but the master savs, '• it was reported at Bilboa, when he sailed,' that Ins Lordship had got . possession of Bayonne on the 25th nil, and ( here had been in consequence great rejoicings art Bilboa •>">'!• • . .. . We do not understand that any further adjourn- ment of Parliament will be proposed. Ii'meets this day. " When Mr: Shaw, the King's Messenger, left Chaumont, ilje Emperor of Russia, ( lie' Emperor of Germany, and the King of Prussia, with iheir Ministers for Foreign Affairs, were ihere with Vis- count Castlereagh. He passed through Chatillon. sur- Seine, where he was detained some hours with Viscount Cathcart, the Earl of Aberdeen, and Sir Charles Stewart, who were there with Caulin. court, the French Minister. Every possible at- tention was shewn the Messenger as he passed through France. He was accompanied from Paris to Calais bv an officer in the army. He was not allowed to bring any French papers or letters with him, except Ids dispatches. On his arrival ift town yesterday,' in a chaise and f> tir, Mr. Hamil- ton not being at the Foreign Office, he drove to that Gentleman's house in Dean- street, South Audley- street. In a short tinre after Mr. Hamil- ton attended the Earl of Liverpool, with ( he dis- patches at Fife House, when oYdeis were giyerr for summoning a t abinet Council with all possible dispatch for two o'clock. The Earl of Liverpool waited upon the Prince Regent soon after twelve o'clock, with the dispatches from his Noble Col- league, to take his Royal Highness's commands upon them. The Noble Earl was closeted with ihe Prince for about an hour; he afierwards went to sttjend the Cabinet Council* which was attended by Tire Lord Chancellor, Earl of Harrowby, Earl of Westmorland, Earl Bathurst, Earl Mulgrave, Earl of Buckinghamshire, Viscount Melville, Mr. Vansittart, and Mr. B. Bathurst. The Council broke up at a qmrter before five; after which Mr. Robinson, ihe King's Messenger, wes sent off with dispatcher to, Viscount Castle- reagh Mr. Guy, another Messenger, was Ordered to hold himself in ! easiness for a foreign journey. The report ill the Vienna Papers of the Bocca Cattaro being taken by Capt. Hoste.- of the. Bac- chante, has been confirmed at the Admiralty, by letters from Capt. Home, who, in consequence of the great fatigue he has undergone", Irds applied to lip superseded, and the command of life1 Bacchante is given to Capt. Stanfell of the Cossack. Capt. Hoste will return to England ia. thfi course of Ihe summer. CONFESSION OF MURDER. MONMOUTH, MARCH g. About 27 years ago, the body of young woman, named Mary Pritchard, was found in a mill- pond in Ihe neighbouring of Longtown, m the county of Hereford, with many marks of violence there- on, and a Coroner's Jury being summoned, after a patient investigation, delivered a verdict of wil- ful murder. The deceased had for some tune lived servant with Mr. Gilbert, of Cluddock, and two young men, John Davis and James Jones being her intimate acquaintance, suspicion fell upon them, and tbey were in consequence, apprehend- ed Jones had formerly lived at Mr. Gilberts with her as a fellow- servant; but his then mis- tress ( Mrs. Hopkins, of Irelandon) swearing that was in her house all the evening, that he went to bed before her. and that he did not rise till after she was up; and this being corroborated b a boy. Who swore that he slept with him and that to " the best of his knowledge he was not out of his bed until he ariose with h. m logo to their usual employment, he was discharged. Da- vis, also proved his innocence. Some time after this, Jones left that neighbour- hood, and took up bis residence dn Monmouth- shire wtien he married, and had five children, but 1 is wife has been dead some jeui, and he » now in. ihe decline of life.. Being at length severe- ly afflicted with illness, and fearing the approach of death, he sent a few days since for the Rev. Mr. Sayce, of Trellick, to whom he made a full confession of the murder. He acknowledges that he retired to lest with the boy before bis mistress went to bed, that when he thought all the family were asleep ( haVihg previously appointed to meet the unhappy girl, who was pregnant by him') he stole out of the house, committed the horrid deed, and returned to his bed without disturbing any one, having been but a few minutes absent. He still lives, though in a very weak stale, and appears much easier in his mind since the confession.— His present residence is on Pcnalth Comjion, near the Hargoed, about three miles from hence. A young man arrived, oil Thursday se'nnight, at Wolverhampton, upon the outside of a stage coach, apparently very ill. lie remained thereat an Inn that night, and next morning proceeded in ano- ther coach for Stafford. On the way he jumped into the canal, and committed many other extra- vagancies. Having arrived at Stafford, he, on Sunday morning, look poison, which being imme- diately known, medical aid was called in, but with- out success, as he died on the following morning. The Editors of tile' Wolverhampton Chronicle, who gave this account, slate, that the deceased was a person intimately connected with the melan- choly story of the late unfortunate and lamented Lavinia Robinson, and mention his name, adding lhat they have taken great pains to ascertain the truth of iheir account, and have every reason to believe it is correct. LEWES, MARCH 21, 1* 14 The business of Assize for the county of Kent, commenced on Tuesday last, nt which there were only 57 prisoners for trial, forming a calendar which was considered extraordinarily light for a Lent Assize. Our County Assizes commence this day, at Horsham, where the Judges arrived yesterday evening. The business, as we stated in our last, is likely to prove light in both Courts. On Friday and Saturday last detachments from the 4th and 100th infantry, marched into this town, on their route to embark for North America to join their respective regiments. A smuggling- cutter, laden with contraband spirits, was 011 Thursday last, Captured off Rot- tengdean, by an armed vessel, aud sent into Portsmouth. On Tuesday night last two prisoners, co 1- fined in the House of Correction here, on charges of felony, viz. Richard Winter and John Gut- sell, made their escape by the following means: they took out several iron hooks from the wall of their cell, which had supported the leaden water- pipe, and therewith succeeded in loosening the bricks in the wall, and making an aperture large enough to admit of their getting through into the prison yard ; and although the gaoler had made use ot the precaution of taking away nearly all their wearing apparel, yet they per- severed in contriving to scale the high surround- ing wall, and by their blankets torn into pieces suited . to the purpose, let themselves down on the outside, and in this almost naked condition passed up the town, along the High- street, for a considerable distance, and thence through Southover to Winter's house at Newhaven. An application was then made to a neighbour to . receive them, and 011 being refused, Gutsell, after staying there about an hour, was furnished with a pair of flannel drawers, awl in this dress, with a very old, worn- out round frock, hat, shoes imrl stockings, set out to uitike his vva\ towards Eastbourn and Bexhill, which part of the country he was acquainted with, and lie has not been heard of since. Winter having put on some warmer clothing, quitted Newhaven about three on Wednesday morning, but without hav- • i'lg gone any distance off, lie returned to his father's house in Newhaven, and remained there Until Thursday evening, when he voluntarily sent for the constable to surrender himself, who thereupon brought him to Lewes again, from whence he was immediately Sent to Horsham gaol, to be tried aj the assizes.— There is great reason to hope that Gutsell will be taken, hand- bills having been distributed in all directions, offering a reward of forty pounds, and his dress being so very observable. The want of coals was never known to exceed their present scarcity in this town and at Brigh- ton, the stocks of all the merchants at both places being totally exhausted, owing to the long- prevailing north- easterly winds, which have • prevented the arrival of any colliers. One day last week as a team of eight oxen were at. plough in a field at Norton, belonging to Mr. Cooper, the beasts took fright at some wattles which the wind had put in motion, and ran away, continuing their career, until the plough, yokes, and chains were broken to pieces, by which accident the ' foremost of the team, and the most valuable beast of the oight, was dragged down, and had one of his legs broken above the hock, which obliged Mr. Cooper to have him killed. A few days since a Silver Medal, struck in commemoration of the nativity of King Charles II. was dug up by a labourer, in a hop- gar- den, at Seddlescomb, in this county. It is. somewhat less, and much thinner than an half- crown piece, and in most excellent preservation. The words of the legend are, on one side, encircling the arms of England— ANGLORUM NULLI HACTENUS.-~ On the reverse op A square, ornamented tablet— . . * ^ ". ,, HONOR PRIN, MAG. BRT. FRA. ET HIB. NAT. 29 MAI. ANNO 1630. It has a hole punched through it, and ap- pears to have been worn as an dmulet. The Monumental Stone of Margery Scott, who died at Dalkeith, four niiles from Edin- burgh, in Scotland, at the great age of 125 years, exhibits the following Inscription, copied verbatim from the stone, by our correspondent; and though, possibly, it may before have found its way to the press, in the same manner, yet, as we think it will prove new to many of our Readers, we insert, it for their amusemeut. PREPARE TO DIE. Stay, Traveller, until my Life you've read ; The Living may get knowledge from the Dead. Five lime*: five years I liv'd a Virgin's life ; Ten times five years I liv'd a virtuous wife ; Ten times five years I liv'd a widow chaste ; Now weary of this mortal life, 1 rest. Four times five years the Commonwealth I saw J Four times the subjects rise against the law. Twice have I seen proud Prelacy pull'd down, And twice the Cloak was banish'D. for the Gown. 1 from MV cradle to my grave have seen, Eight mighty Kings ot' Scotland, and a Queen. The end of Stuart's race, I've seen, and more, My country bought and sold for English ore. Such desolation in my time has been ; | And I've ihe whole, in full perfection, seen. We are sorry to say, it is found that potatoes in most depots, especially those in trenches, have suffered very materially by the intense frosts; in some they are nearly all destroyed. DIED. On Saturday, the lath inst. at her son's, at Comb Place, near this town, Mrs. Shiff ner, aged 78, relict of Henry Shiffner, Esq; of Pontrylass, Herefordshire. A short time since, aged ffcj, Mr. Manary Bi- shop, of Battle, formerly a respectable attorney and solicitor of that place. O11 Thursday the 10th inst. at his house at Battle, John Hammond Sampson, esq. BRIGHTON, MARCH 21, 18U. We have no fresh arrivals to announce, nor do we expect any of consequence before Easter, when the town, will no doubt, resume its wont- ed chearf illness and gaiety. The following sojourners took their depar- ture last week :—• Mrs. Thellusson— Mr. J. Bloomfield.— Ge- neral Bailey— The Rev. Mr. Vansittart— Capt. Stopford, and Mr. Wynne Belasque. The very liberal subscriptions entered into j at Lewes, at Brighton, and at Hastings, for the relief of the suffering Germans, must be high- ly gratifying to the feelings of humanity; and we hope, that the other towns of this and the neighbouring counties, will ppt be backward in following such laudable examples. A HOAX.— One day last week, Large bills were circulated in different parts of the town, announcing a donation of twenty chaldrons of . coals, with directions to apply for tickets to Mr. I Martin, in North- street,, before vvheise. house, early in the forenoon, some hundreds pf men, women, and children were assembled, which led to a discovery of the hoax, and caused the applicants to depart u" der great disapp'oftit- ment and mortification.— We see no fan in thus ! sporting with the feelings of the poor. A lev* evenings ago, the drying lines in the yard of Mrs. Brook, in Sussex- Place, were robbed of all the linen of what is called a two months wash, by some thieves, who carried off their booty. Se- veral persons are strongly suspected of the theft ; I but as yet, none have been taken into custody. This species of depredation has of late been so frequently practised, we should have thought, that it would have deteted persons from leaving their clothes out after dark. One day last week as a gentleman and his valet were on their way to Brighton, in a gig, their horse, in descending Piecomb- hill fell, when the valet, in jumping down to assist the horse ( a spirited one), in recovering himself, had the misfortune to break one of bis legs. He was taken to the house of Mr. Bull, and kindly treated till the next day, when he was removed to Brighton. Yesterday se'nnight two very excellent and appropriate sermons were preached at the cha- pel, of St. John the Evangelist, Chichester, by the Rev. Mr. Babbut, the Chaplain, in'aid of the general fundi for the relief of the dis- v tre » sed Germans, which to the honour of the city, produced a very liberal contribution, amounting, after the morning service to 45l. and after that of the evening to 211.— Total 561. Chichester Beast Market on Wednesday, ex- hibited a plentiful supply of fat stock, but no mater ial alteration of price was experienced.— Pig- Meat sold extravagantly high. Wheat averaged at £ 19. i'o » . the loadi*- Barley 34s.— Oats aGs. the quarter. A barn at Ardingly, near Cuckfield, con- taining six loads of wheat, and belonging to Mr. Simmons, we hear, was on Tuesday night, consumed, by fire. Early on the morning of yesterday se'nnight, the house of Mr. Ewens, of St. Peter the Lesser, in North Street, Chichester, was bur- glariously entered at the window of the cellar, by some hungry thieves, who stole therein about fifteen stones of pickled pork, and two and a half pounds of butter, some cheese and and other edibles, all which they contrived to carry off undiscovered. • Thursday evening last, as Mr. Guy, of Chi- chester, was returning home in his chaise, the driver, and. the gardener, ( whom he had taken up on the road) by a sudden jolt, in turning round the Cross, were thrown from their situa- tions, and the latter much hart. The horse continued his course home, and stopped at his I master's door, where Mr. G. called his servant, and stepped out very coolly, observing, that he was not under the least alarm, being well aware of the sagacity of his horse. Last Tuesday evening Mr. Simmons, sales- man, was stopped. 011 the road, near Pease- Pottage Gate, by a man and woman, ( the for- mer of whom was armed with a short gun), who robbed him of drafts and notes to the amount of ^ 300, and got clear off with their booty. On the morning of yesterday se'nnight, a boy took up a loaded gun, and discharged it at Mr. Halsted's shepherd, in his own kitchen, at Lavant, near Chichester, and lodged a part of its contents in the breast of the shepherd; but, fortunately, the gun being lightly charged, and the man having on three waistcoats, the shot- corns penetrated his flesh to rrb alarming depth. They were all extracted in the course of the day, and he is notv doing well. The above accident furnishes a fresh instance of the iiii, prudenc, e of putting guns away loaded. Last Thursday a detachment of the 41st re- giment, marched from Chichester barracks, on its route to embark for service in France, under the gallant Wellington. On Friday se'nnight a young woman, in the service of Mr. Walker, supervisor of excise, in the South- street, Chichester, purchased two pen- ny's worth of arsenic, and having swallowed the greatest part of it, she languished under its poison^ otis effects, till last Tuesday evening, when she ex- pired in great agony. DIED.— in London, R. H. A. Bennett, esq. sincerely regretted by his numerous friends and acquaintances. By the demise of Mr. B. the philanthropic world has lost one of its most useful and ardent supporters; in short, his cha- rity kuew no bounds. On Wednesday last, at his house, in Artil- lery- place, J. Miles, esq. He l) as left a widow and two daughters to bewail his loss. ^ awJWJT— t . miiBaaiaiwwM^——— m WANTED, i « an established Trade in Sussex, a SLEEPING PARTNER, who cau commaud from 800L to 12ool. Letters, post- paid, to be addressed to N. A. Post- Of- 6ce, " Lewes. 19th March, 1SI4, WANTED* on Lady day ivtxt, a married man, as CARTER. A <_ Vrtt: age, Uith good garden, will he provided for him,; and wages hut a particular ob jeel, provided l « e can haye. a good character from his j last place, for honesty, sobriety, aiid industry. Enquire of Mr. Wm. Knight, o! Firle. In the matter of Henry I Jail a Bankrupt. TVj OTICE is hereby, given,' that unless the Deb- tors to this Estate pay the amount of their, re^- I pcctive Debts into, the Bank of Messrs, Wood, Hall, & Co, ( of which - they' have already bne » v apprised) witjhm 1 fourteen days from the date hereof, proceedings at law | wi'iroie taken against them for ihe recovery of the same, j Lewes, 191b March GEORGE GWYNNE 1B14. . Solicitor to the Commission, NOTICE TO CREDITORS. BY Order of- the-.. Court for the Relief of In- solvent Debtors, WILLIAM COOPER, formerly, and late of Halnaker, near Chichester, in the County of j Sussex, Grocer and (" handler, and now a Prisoner in his Majesty's Gaol of Horsham, in the County of Sussex, will be examined before his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said County, assembled at the Sessions Hall, at Horsham, aforesaid, at their ' adjourned Session, of the Peace, on Monday the l ith day of April next, at Ten o'Clock of the same ilsy, for the purpose of determ- ing whether the said William Cooper is intitlcd to the benefit of the Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, j and all Creditors of the said William Cooper, are re- I quested to attend accordingly, if they shall think tit. List of the Creditors of the said William Cooper— j John Ashley Sedney, Beaumont- street, Middlesex, At- torney - Michael Ashley, ami John Hill, Strand, Lon- don, Grocers *, Charles Gardner, Warberton, Sussex, Mealman ; Charles, Duke of Richmond, Goodwond Sussex Thomas Pescot, Chichester, Sussex, Carrier; Robert Street, Chichester, aforesaid Surgeon ; Edward Florence, Chichester, aforesaid* brewer ; William Col- lins, Petworth, Sussex, Cordwainer ; Thomas Ayling, Lavant, Sussex, Brewer. ; : . •• - A' WILLIAM COOPER Notice to Creditors. BY Order of ihe Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, Thomas Edwards, formerly find late, of Petworth, in the county of Sussex, Innkeeper, and now a prisoner in his Majesty's Gaol of Horsham, in and for the county of Sussex, will be examined before his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for ihe said comity, usi stmbled at the Sessions Hall, ? u Horsham ores a id, " at their adjourned Session of the Peace, on Monday ihe eleventh day of April next, at ten o'clock of vhe same day,' for the purpose of determining whether the said Thomas Edwards isinthled to the benefit of the act. for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, and all creditors ot the said Thomas Edwards are required to intend accord- ingiy, if they shall think fit, Lisi of the creditors of ihe said Thomas Edwards: Messrs. Puttock & Co. Arundel, Sussex, Brewers; Messrs. Rawlinson and Co. Horsham, Sussex, Brewers ; Messrs. Pigeon and Dixon, Borough., High street, London, Spirit merchants; Messrs. Lamb and Jones, Liule Pultney- street, Golden- square, London, Spirit- mer chants; Messrs. Kilbeam and Jackson, Dock head, Southwark, Spirit merchants; George Blagden, Pet- worth, Sussex, Physician; William Elliott, Petworth, aforesaid,' Maltster; Thomas Steer, jun. Petworth, aforesaid, Smith ; Thomas Watts, Petworth, aforesaid, Innkeeper; Robert Palmer, Petworth, aforesaid, Mer- cer; William Upton, Petworth, aforesaid, Coal mer- chant; Henry Upton, Petworth, aforesaid, Coal mer- chant ; William Puttock, Petworth, aforesaid, Butcher ; Edward Lucas, Petworth, aforesaid, Butcher: Messrs. Holt and Knight, Petworth, aforesaid, Brick makers^ John- Luttman Ellis, Petworth, aforesaid, Solicitor; Thomas Reeves, Fittleworth, Sussex, Miller; and Wil- liam Paine, of Emsworth, Hampshire, Labourer. THOMAS EDWARDS. Sussex TO BE LETT, , And entered on at Michaelmas next ALL that : Mansion- House, Garden and convenient Offices, situate at East Marden, Sus- sex,. late the residence of Wm. Battiue, esq, deceased, viish a most desirable FARM, to be en'teied on imme- diately, situate also at East Marden, containing several, hundred acres of arable, meadow, and pasture Land, M a Uigt » bjutc ot" cultivation, with extensive aud valu- able Down Rights. East Marden is within eight miles of Chichester and Petersfield ; ItJ of Portsmouth 4 t> 3 of . London ; in a tine sporting country, aud abouodswith game. For particulars, enquire of Mr. Hanson, Solicitor, 65, Chancery Lane, London Mr. Greetham, Solicitor, Pe- terfield ; and for a sight ot the Estate to Richard Gratt- wick, at the mansion house. • _ TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, EIGHTEEN Elms, two Ash Trees-, and nine Oaks, marked X, standing on Sessingham Farm, in Arlington Eight Elms, one Ash, and three Oaks, standing on New Barn Land, in Hailsham. Eight Oaks, Five Elms, standing at Leap Cross, in Hailsham. Page will shew the trees ; and applications are to be made to Messrs. HOPER and SON, at Lewes. CAPITAL TIMBER AT ROTHERFIELD, IN SUSSEX. 1210 OAK, 228 ASH, 5 BEECH. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, in Mayfield, in Lots, early in the next Month, r pHE above 1443 capital TREES, stand- JL ing on several Farms in the parish of Rotherfield, in Sussex, the property of the late Robert Fry, esq. The several Lots will be described, aud the day of Sale, with further particulars given, in ucxt Monday's paper. Lewes, March 21, 1814. Reward of Forty Pounds. BROKE PRISON, From Lewes House of Correction, in Ihe flight of Tues- day, lite I5lh day of March, 1814. JOHN GUTSELL, late of Rotherfield, labour- er, who vvas committed on suspicion uf burglary. The said John Gutsell is 29 year* old, Sleet 8 inches high, fresh complexion, rouisd visage, stout made, brown hair, grey eyes, by occupation a labuurer, aud is a mar- ried. man. After breaking prison^ he went to Newhaven, and. left it again about Iwo ill the horning of Wednesday, saying he should get away to Eastbourne and Bexhill, with which part of the country lie was acquainted His dress, when he left Newhaven, was ouly a dirty wprti out round frock, and shiri, a pair of • flannel draw- ers, grey worsted stockings, a hat, and shoes. A Re- ward of FORTY POUNDS will be paid 011 his appre hension and safe delivery at the House of Correction at Lewes, by me . WM. CRAMP. N. B. Another prisoner escaped at llie same time, but he has since surrendered himself, and is now 111 Horsham Jail to take his trial. Fifty Pounds Reward. LOST, from Poynings Common, in October last, a Dark red COW, with a while face, and white legs, having the ieiter S. burnt 011 the near horn, aud a remarkable blemish on the chill, from the hose coming out. If any person should have purchased the said cow from a drove, and will communicate the same either to Mr. Scrase,. of Boreham ; or lo Mr. Scrase, of Broil Place, they will be thankful for the information • hut should any person be found detaining her afler this notice, he will Ue prosecuted wiili the utmost severity of the law ; or if strilen, the ahovementioned reward will be given for the apprehension of the offender or of- fenders, to be paid " on his or their conviction. Also a two year old Sussex bred STEER. Whoe- ver will give information of the same, so lhat it may be had again, to Mr. W. Hardwick, of Poynings, shall lie handsomely rewarded for their trouble- SUSSEX.. ' ; TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the Premises, By Mr. WELLER, On Monday, April 4ill, 1814, at twelve o'clock, A VERY neat Freehold COTTAGE, si- iTi.. tuale in the. delightful and healthy village < jjf Boxgrove, within a short walk of the beautiful Parks of Goodwood and Halnaker, and only three miles ami a half from Chichester, and seven from Arundel, llie residence of the late Mrs. Webber; and consists ot' tiie following apartments : a good cellar in tlie basi meu't, a neat parlour, kitchen and closets, wash house, with an oveu, and meat larder; two ' good bed chambers wiih closets, and a laige garret over the whole, with' an attached garden. And immediately after will follow, a part of the HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, Consisting of afonr p. « t bedsted, mahogany table, chairs, a Brussels carpet, a large cedar chest, a range, register and other siove?, kitchen articles, & c. The premises may be viewed by application to John Ayling, Sexton, Boxgrove, aud further particulars known of Mr. WELLER. Chichester. SUSSEX. - ' " TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, By order of the Trustees of the ( aie Mr. Clear, on Tues- day, April 12, 1814, between the hour9 of four and five in the afternoon, al the. Lamb Inn, Westbourn • '" I'MIE following valuable Freehold ES- TATES ; situate in, the pleasant village of West- bourn. LOT I * A substantial modern built Residence, con- sisting of a goud kilchcn, two parluurs, four bed roonn, and aiher offices, with a gpod cellar iii the basement . a detached accompting hopse^ brevitbousi, dairy, and paved yard.; a siable, storehouse,^ aiid gtanary, ail ex- cellent garden, and a. small Meadow, Wgeliier. with a . funifoi table neat ieiiertieiit adjoiirtng', now 111 the occu- pation ot Mrs. Clear and Tier Sou. LOT 2. Ad extensive Farm Yard, with stables, wag. gon, ' cart and cow houses. This is a very eligible spot to build on, being in the eenlre of the (. ireel, at Westbourn. LOT 3. A capital new built Barn, with a abed for eat lie, witha roomy gateway, together wilh a desira- ble enclosed arable field adjoining, measuring about sc- v< u acre? and a. half. LOT 4. A valuable piece of arable Land, in good cultivation, in the Tenantry Field of Westbourn, mea- suring about eight acres, abutting ihe. lands of Mrs. Freeland,' aud. Mr. Whitly. Immediate possession 10 be given of ihe'whole of the lots. T be seeds and till ige to be taken at a valuation. Further particular, may be known, by application io Mr. Stevens, solicitor, Havant ; Mr. Thomas Clear, Billinghurst ; or to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. Deanery House, Chichester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( On the Premises) * By Mr. WELLER, O11 Thursday the i4ih April, ai t welve o'Clock, and the follow lug days, HP H R Genuine and entire HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. of ihe late very Reverend, The Dean of Chichester. ronsisiiiig „ f f„ ur post'and liejil bi d. teds, with d iirtnsk, iuoreeu, prim. .1 calico and di- mity fntniturc", prime Bedding a suite of drawing rortnt furniture of blue Nassau damark, pier and dressing gfiu. « e « , capital leaV Turkey, Brussels, and other carpets; iu mahogany, sid. board,, set, „ f dining tables, loo, card, pembroke, and dressing tables, entiog room chairs, aud chests oi drawers, with the u. itiil domestic arli. cles Thf Fut ilruire may be viewed 011 the Wednesday pre- cedilla; the saltf. Catalogues, at fid. each, will he delivered' at the prin- cipal Inns of the adjacent Market Towns, and of Mr. WELLER. Chichester. ~~ SUSSEX ~ - . • VALUABLE TIMBERED ESTATES.. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By. Mr. WELLER, Early in May, TWO most desirable. Estates, railed BELL- CHAMBERS and SLADESLAND. with excel- lent buildings, and upwards of 400 slalule aires of arable, coppice, aud pasture lands, within a ring lence- 1 lie soil is parlieulurly geuiaf for the growth of „ ak| and abounds with game, leti 0.1 lea. e 10 resw ciable reujou, situaie in the parish of Kirdford, near Pet- worth. Further particulars will he shortly published, nud which may he had al ihe surriiundiuginns of the market towns ; at. the Auction Mart ; of Messrs. Atcheson aud Morgan, solicitors, and Parliamentary agent., Duke Street, Westminster, and Great Winchester Street., London ; and of Mr. WELLER. Chichester SURREY. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, Towards life close of May , at the Auction Mart. London ATruly Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE,' and MANOR, compulsing auelegant modem kv- sid ence, lvilh all attached and detached offices, agricul- tural buildings, gardens, and pleasure grounds, sur- round, d by > 2/ 0 statute acres upland, called FARLEY LODGE, the residence of the lale Admiral Pierrepoin, about a mile from Godalming. ' l'be Lands are in tlie most, improved state of ciiliivation, aboundin" with game and fish, the views wiil. i'u itself are heaotilul, fen- lured and picturesque, well 1 loathed with Timber, aud the landscape is extensive and varied fium it. Early possession will lie given. Further particular'!' uiil be thoiily' published, and may he had of Messrs. Williams, Whitmore, and Co. So- lictors, Lincoln's Inn Fields; the Auction Mart, Lon- don; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, Land- Tax Redeemed. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HART, At the Rose and Crown Inn, Burwash, in the County of Sussex, O11 Friday, April 1, I8T4, Between the Hours of 4 and 0 o'clock in ihe Afternoon ( unless ihe same shall l « the mean time be disposed of by Private Contract, wliiei, due Notice will be given) subject. to sych ctutduions of Sale, as will be then nod there produced. ALL that Substantial and Brick- built FREE- HOLD MESSUAGE bV- TENEMENT, divided into 11.0 Dwellings, W. 11J1 about 40 perches of excellent Garden Ground, Siiuaie in ihe ten re of the tow n of Burwash, 111 ihe coumy o£ Sussex ; one Dwelling Vir the occupation of. a tenant, who has notice to quit at Mi- chaelmas next; and possession of the oiher will be given immediately, in patt of which, is a large room, lately used as a school. ' The above Premises are well situated fur Trade, aud are also roomy. For Particulars, or to treat by Private Contract, on. ply to Mr. William Thompson, Stamp- Office, Burwash. ( it by letter post paid) or ihe Auctioneer, Tunbridge Wells. » N. B. Part of the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage it required. Lewes Market. MARCH 19, 1814; White Wheat, 4I. 0s. Od. to 4 2 0 per qr Red Ditto,. 31. 12s. od. to 3 16 0 do. Bailey - 11. 18s- Od. to 0 O 0 do. Oats - - ll. 7s. to 0 0 O do." Pense - 21. 3s. to 0 0 0 do. Oatmeal -' - Os. per bushel. Oil Cake at Lewes, J.' Iy per Thousand.- LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY; MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1814. War Department, Downing- street, March 14. Dispatches, at which the following are copies uerr received last niglit from General Sir Thomas Graham, K. B. Head quarters, Calmhont, March in, 1814. MY LORD— LL bernmrs tnv painful task to report 10 your Lordship, that an attack upon Bergen- op- Zoom, which seemed at first to promise complete success, ended ill failure, and occasioned a severe loss to the 1st ^ division, and to Brigadier General Gore's brigade. It is unnecessary for me to state ihe reasons which determined me to make the attempt to ratry such a jilace by storm, since the success of two of the co- lumns, in ettabli. hiilj themselves on the ramparts, with • very trifling loss, mtist justify ihe having incurred the fisli for the attainment of so important an abject, as ihe capture of such a fortress. The troops employed were formed in four columns, as pet margin.* I\ o. I, ihe left column, attacked be tweeii the Antwerp and Water Port Gates. - No. 2 at- tacked to the right of the New Gale. No. 3 was destined Only to draw attention by a false attack near the Stctn bergen Gate, and to be afterwards applicable according • o circumstances. No. 4, right column, attacked at the entrance of the harbour, uhicli could be forded at low water, and the hour was fixed accordingly at haif- past ten P. M. of ihe 8th instant. Major General Cooke. accompanied the left column. Major General Skerrett and Brigadier General Gore both accompanied the right column; this was the lirst which forced its way into the body of the place. These two columns were directed' lo move along the rampart so as to forni a junction as soon as possible, and then to proceed to clear the rampart and assist the centre column, or to force often the Antwerp Gate. An unexpected difficult} about passing the ditch on till- ice, having obliged Major General Cooke to change the point of attack, a considerable delay ensued, and that column did not gain the rampart till half- past eleven. Meanwhile the lamented fall of Brigadier General Gore, and Lieutenant Colonel ilie Hon. G. Carleton, and the'dangeVous wound of Major General Skerrett, depriving the right column of their abl. direction, ii fell into disorder, and suffered great loss in killed, wounded, and prisoners. The centre column having been forced back with considerable loss by the heavy fire of the place ( Lieutenant Colonel Morrice its com niauder, fend Lieutenant Colonel Elphiostone command- ing the 33d regiment, being both wounded), was re- formed under Major Muttlebury, marched round and joined Major General Cooke, leaving the left wing of the sr. ih to remove the wounded from the glacis. How- ever, the gourds loo had suffered very severely during the night, hy the galling lire from the houses on their position, and by the loss of the detachment of the 1st Guard*, which, having been sent to endeavour lo assist Lieutenant Colonel Carleton, atid to secure the Antwerp Gate, was rut off, after the most gallant resistance, which cost the lives of many most valuable officers. At day break the enemy having turned the guns of the place, opened their ( ire against the troops on Ihe unprotected rampart, and the rtserve of the 4th column ( the Royal Scotch) retired from the Water Port Gate, followed by ihe 33d. The former regiment gelling tinder the cross fire from the place and Water Port re- doubt, soon afterwards laid do « n their arms. Major General Cooke then despairing of success, di- rected the retreat of the guards, which was conducted in the most orderly manner, protected by the remains of ihe Cgtb regiment, and of ihe right wing of the 55th ( which corps repeatedly drove the enemy hack with the bayonet) under the Major General's immediate direc- tion. The General afterwords found it impossible to withdraw these weak battalions, and having thus, with the genuine feelings of a true soldier, devoted himself, he surrendered tu save the lives of the galluut men re- maining with him. 1 should wish to do justice to the great exertions and conspicuous gallantry of alt lice officers who had the opportunities of distinguishing themselves, I have not as yet been able to collet t sufficient informal ion." Major General Cooke reports to me his highest ap- probation generally of all the officers and men employed near him, particularly Colonel Lord Proby, Lieutenant Colonels Rooke, commanding the Cold it on Guards, Mercer, of the 3d Guards, Co- iimandiug the light companies of the Brigade ( ihe latter unfor- tunately among the killed), Majors Muttlebury and Hog, of tlx tjytb and 55th, - as deserving oi his warm praise. He laments, in common uitli the « hofe corps, the severe loss to the service of tiiese distinguished officers, Lieutenant Colonel Clifton, commanding the 1st Guards, and Lieutenant 4' oh net the Hon. James Macdonald, of llial regiment. These officers fell, with many others, at the Antwerp Gate, al> behaving with the greatest intrepidity ; and Lieutenant Colonel Jones, with the remainder - of the detachment, was forced to surrender. The service of conducting the columns was ably pro- vided for by Lieutenant Colonel Carmichael Smyth, of the Royal Engineers, ( he himself accompanied Major General Cooke, as did also Lieut.- Colonel Sir George Wood, commanding Royal Artillery), who attached officers to It ad each column, viz. Captain Sir George Hoste, and Lieutenant Abbey, to the lelt; and Lieu- tenant Sparling lo the right, and Captain Edward Mi- chell, Royal Artillery, who volunteered liis services, to the centre column, each having a party of sappers and miners undir h: c command. Lieutenant Abbey . was dangerously wounded, and Captain Michell was covered with wounds, in the act of escalading the scarp wall of ihe place, hut 1 trust there are good hopes of his not being lost to Ihe ser- vice. Your Lordship will readily believe, that though it is impossible not lo feel the disappointment of our ulti- mate failure in this attack, 1 can only think at present with the deepest regret of the luss of so many of my gallant comrades.— 1 have, & c. THOMAS GRAHAM. Earl Bathurst, &<-. & C, P. S. Returns will be transmitted as soou as they can possibly be received, meanwhile 1 send the most correct nominal list that can be obtained, of the officers killed, wounded, and prisoners. T. G. Bergen- cp Zoom, March 10, 1814. SIR— 1 have now the honour of reporting to > our Excellency, that the column which made the attack on the Antwerp side got into the place about eleven o'clock on the night of the 8th, by the clock of this town; hut at about half past eleven, by the time we were re glllated by, a delay having occurred at Bourgbliet, oc- cusiqned by my finding it necesKary to change the point of attack, ou account of the- slate of the ifce at the first intended spot. Every exertion was made by Lieu- tenant Colonel Smyth, and Captain Sir G. Hoste, of the Royal Engineers, in getting oil the ladders and planks requisite for effecting the enterprise, and in di- recting the placing them fur the descent into the ditch, the passing the teet iu the ice, and ascending the rampart of aire body of the place; during which opera, tiou several men were lost by a fire from the rampart. After we were established on the rampart, and had oc- * 1st Column— Brigade of Guards, 1000, Colonel Lord Proby. Sd Column— 55th Foot, BSC ; 69th 1' oot, 350 ; 33d Foot, troo— Total 1200 J Lieutenant Colonel Morrice, 69th Foot, 3d Column— gut Foot, 4f) 0; 21st Foot, loo;. 37th Foot, IfcO— Total, 650; Lieutenant Colonel Henry, 21st regiment. 4th Column— 44th Foot, 300; flank companies of the 91st and 37th Foot, 300; Royals, 6o » — Total, 1100; Brigadier General Gore and Lieutenant Colonel Car- leton. Total force— 1st column, 1000 rank and file; 2d column, 1200 rank and file; 3d column, t) 5o Tank aud file; 4th column, 1100 rank and file.— Grand total, 3gso. f 11 pied tome houses, from whence we might have been annoyed, and had sent a strong patrole towards the point at which Major General Skerrett and Lieutenant Colonel Carleton had entered, 1 detached Lieutenant Colonel Clifton with part of the 1st Guards, to secure Ihe Antwerp Gale, aud to see if he could get any in- formation of the column under Lieutenant Colonel Morrice. Lieutenant Colonel Clifton reached the gate, but found that it could not be opened by his men, the enemy throwing a very heavy fire up a street leading to ii. It was also found that they occupied an outwork commanding the bridge, which would effectually render that outlet useless to us. I heard nothing more of this detachment, hut considered it as lost, the commnnica- '. ion having been interrupted by the enemy. Lieutenant Col. Rooke, with part of the 3d Guards, was afterwards sent in that direction, drove the enemy from the intermediate rampart, and reached the gate, when he found it useless to attempt any thing, and as certained that the outwork was slill occupied. WE were joined in the course of the night by the 33d, 55th, and 2d battalion of the pptli regiment, but the state of uncertainty as to what had passed at other points, de- termined me not to weaken the force now collected, by attempting LO carry points which we could not maintain, or penetrate through the streets with the certain loss OF a great number of men, particularly as 1 heard that the troops at the Water Port Gate, under Lieut. Colonel Muller, were very seriously opposed. 1 sent the 33d to reinforce him. The enemy continued a galling fire upon us, and at one time held the adjoining bastion, from the angle rif which they completely commanded our communication with the exterior, and brought their guns at that angle Co hear against us. They were charged and driven away by Majors Muttlebury and Hog, with the 69th and 55th, iu a very spirited and gallant style. Finding that matters were becoming more serions, and being still without any information front other points, excepting that of the failure of Lieutenant- Col. Morrice's column near the Nourd Gate, 1 determined, at the suggestion of Colonel Lord Proby, lo let part of the troops withdraw, which was done at the ladders where they entered. About day light the enemy having again possessed themselves of the before- mentioned bastion, they were aj iiu driven from it by Majors Muttlebury and Hog, with their weak battalions, in the same gallant manner. I soon afterwards began seeding off snttie more men, when Lieutenant- Colonel Jones, who had been taken prisoner in the night, came to ine, accompanied by a French officer, who summoned me to surrender, and informed me that Lieutenant Colonel Muller, and ihe troops at the Water Port Gate had been obliged to sur- render, aud were marched prisuners into the town, when I also learnt the fate of Lieutenant- Colonel Clif- ton's detachment, and of Major Gen. Skerrett, Major- General Gore, and Lieutenant - Col. Carleton, and that the troops which had followed thciri had suffered very much, and had been repulsed from the advanced points along the rtmipart when they had penetrated to. 1 was convinced that a longer continuance of the contest would be an useless loss of lives, aud without a pro- spect of relief as we were si: uated. I therefore con- sented to adopt the mortifying alternative nf laying dowrr our arms. I have now to perform the just and satisfactory duty of convey iug to your Excellency, my sense of the merits and good conduct of the officers and soldiers in this bold and arduous enterprise: 1 have only knowledge of what passed under my own observation, and 1 lament that the loss of Major- General Skerrett, from his dan gcrous wounds, and of the other superior officers em- ployed at the other points of attack, prevent- me from giving such detailed praise of the merits of the officers and soldiers, as I have no doubt they deserve. I beg to repeat my sense of the distinguished conduct of Colonel Lord Proby ; Lieutenant Colonels Rooke and Mercer, commanding the 3d Guards, and light infantry, distinguished themselves HV their activity and bravery ; and Majors MUTTLEbury aud Hog, of the dytli and 55th regiments, deserve my warm piaise for tiie conduct displayed by those corps in the charges 1 have before mentioned, i have every reason to know that ^ Lieutenant- Colonel Clifton conducted his detachment- in the most gallant and officer like manner, aud I have to lament that his d* ATLI deprives me of receiving his report of the conduct of Lieut- Colonels M'Donald aud J ones, ' and the officers ai. d soldiers of the 1st Guards under his command. 1 am* not jet enabled to transmit an exact return of the prisoners taken at different times by the enemy, nor of the numbers taken from them, 1 have the honour to he, & C. ( Signed) J. G. COOKE, Major- Gen. General Sir Thomas Graham. List of the officers killed, wounded, and missing, of ihe army under the command of his Excellency Sir Thos Graham, K. 13. in the attack upon Bergeu- op- Zoom, by storm, 011 the night of the 8th, and morning of the 9th March, 1814. KILLED. Staff, Brigadier- General GOre, 33d foot. 1st Foot Guards, Lieut.- Col. the Hon. J. Macdonald. 3d Ditto, Lieutenant- Colonel Mercer. Royal Scots. 4th halt. Captains M'Nicol and Welheral, and Lieutenant Henry Miles. 37th Foot, 2d batt. Ensign Sandes. 44th Foot, 2d halt. Lieutenant- Colonel the Hon. G. Carleton, and Ensign James Maxwell, gist Foot, 2d batt. Ensign Hugh M'Dougald. Royal Sappers and Miners, Sub- Lieutenant Adamson. WOUNDED. Royal Artillery, Captain E. Michell, B. M. severely. Royal Engineers, Lieut. Abbey, severely, since dead. 1st Foot Guards, Lieutenant- Colonel Clifton, severely, since dead ; Captains Lindsey, Duckenfield, and Tre- lawney, severely, not dangerously, prisoners; Capt. Bultreel, severely, since dead ; Ensign Pardoe, se- verely, nfit dangerously, prisoner.. Coldstream Guards, Captain Shawe, severely, not dan- gerously. 3d Foot Guards, Captain Stothert B. M. severely, not dangerously. Royal Scots, 4th batt. Capt. Purvis, severely, prisoner; Lieutenants Stoyte, Robertson, and W. Midgeley se- verely, prisoners. 21st Foot, 2d batt. Major Robert Henry ( Lieut.- Col.) severely, not dangerously; Captain Darrah, severely, not dangerously ; Capt. Donald M'Kenzie, severely, leg amputed; 1st Lieuts. the Hon. F. Morris and H. Pigou, slightly; 2d Lieuts. John Bulteel, severely, since dead ; D. Moody and D. Rankin, severely, pri- soners; Ensign Sir W. Crosby, severely. 33d Foot, Lieut. Col. Elphinston, severely, not danger- ously ; Capt. Guthrie, ditto ; Lieut. M'Quarry, slight- ly ; Lieut. Kerr, severely; Lieut. Buck, slightly; Lieut. Pode, severely, prisoners; Ensign Banna yne, severely ; Ensign Canning, ditto; Ensign Howard, slightly ; Adjutant Priestly, ditto. 37th Foot, 2D batt. Lieut. Dyer, severely, prisoner, Ensign W. Ralph, slightly; Ensign Thomas Butler, ditto; Adjutant John Lang, severely, 44th Foot, 2d ball. Major G. Harding ( Brevet Lieut. Col.) severely, not dangerously, prisoner; Capt. J. C. Gnthrie, slightly ; Capts, David Power and J. Bal- lard, severely, prisoners; Capt. J. Dudie, severely; Lieut. G. C. Betley, slightly, prisoner; Lieutenants John O'Reilly and O. Tomkins, severely, prisoners; Ensigns Henry Martin and Gilbert Dunlevie, severe- ly; Adjutant Meade and Ensign Whitney, severely, prisoners. 55lh Foot, Capt. Campbell, severely, prisoners; Capt. Macdonald, slightly, prisoner; Lieut. Friend, slightly, prisoner; Lieuts. Gardner, Adams, aud Sinclair, se verely, prisoners; Lieut, aud Adjutant Delgairns, severely, prisoner; Ensigns Marshall, Revely, Goodall, and Ring, severely, prisoners. 69th Foot, 2d batt.; Lieutenant Col. Morrice, severely, not dangerously; Ensign Ryan, severely, prisoner. 91st Foot, 2d batt.; Lieut. Colonel Ottley, severely, not dangerously, prisoner; Capt. Arch. Campbell, slightly, prisoner; Lieutenant John Campbell, severe- ly, not dangerously; John M'Donald, slightly ; Lieu- tenant and Adjutant Scott, slightly, prisoner ; Ensign D. V. Machen, slightly, prisoner; Ensigns J. Briggs Horsley, and Gage, severely, prisoners; Quarter Mas-' ter Ferguson, severely, not dangerously, prisoner. General Staff, Major Genera! Skerrett, severely, pri- soner; Captain Desbrow, Aid- de- Camp, slightly, pri- soner. MISSING. 1st Foot Guards, Major General Cooke; Lieut. Colonel Jones; Ensigns Masters and Honyman ; Surgeon Curtis. Royal Scots, 4th batt. Lieutenant Col. Muller; Lieu tenant Macartney. 44th Fool, 2d batt. Captain G. Crozicr; Lieutenants F. Hemming, R. J. Turnbarrow, and J. S. Sinclair. 33d Foot, 2d batt. Captain G. Colclough, Aid- de- camp to Brigadier General Gore. 55th Foot, Major Hog. 69th Foot, 2d batt. Major Muttlebury; Surgeon G. Rowe. gist Foot, 2d batt. Surgeon W. Young; Assistant Sur- geon H. J. O'Donnell. Captain Cuyler, Aid de- Camp to Major Gen. Skerrett. A. MACDONALD, Lieut. Colonel Deputy Adjt, General. N. B. Those returned missing, are all prisoners in Bergen- op- Zoom.— The list of the remaining missing not obtained. Headquarters, Calmhont, March 11, 1814. MY LORD— 1 have the honour to inform your Lord- ship, that General Bizanet, the Governor of Bergen- op- Zoom, allowed Lieutenant Colonel Jones to come here with letters from General Cooke, in cousequence of which I sent in my Aid de- Camp, Major Stanhope, yesterday morning, with full powers to conclude an agreement relative to ail exchange of prisoners; a copy of which I have the honour to enclose, agreeable lo which, all but the wounded were marched out from Bergen op Zoom yesterday, for the purpose of being embarked for England, as soon as the navigation of the river shall be open, and I trust that my conduct in pledging my honour to the strict observance of ibis agreement will be approved of, and thai atl immediate release of French prisoners of corresponding ranks, will take place with the least possible delay. 1 must not omit this opportunity to express my entire satisfaction, witli the indefatigable ztal of Lieutenant Colonel Jones, relative to the comfort of the prisoners, aud my obligation to that officer, and to Major Stanhope on this occasion. I am, anxious to do justice lo lire conduct of General Bizanet, which, truly characteristic of a brave man, has been marked from the first with the most kind and humane attentions to the prisoners. He lias sent me the nanie of an officer, prisoner in England, formerly his aid de camp, and I would gladly hope that, iu compliment to the General, this officer would be immediately released without exchange. Major Stanhope, who can better than any body in- form your Lordship of all particulars you may wish to be informed of, is sent purposely as the bearer of my dispatches, which makes it unnecessary for nte to add more— I have the honour, & c. Earl Bathurst, & r. See. THOMAS GRAHAM. [ Here follow the articles of an agreement which was concluded with ihe governor of Bergen- op- Zoom for the liberation of prisoners. They are lo be embarked for England, 011 condition of not serving till exchanged. LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 18t4. WAR DEPARTMENT. Downing- street, March 17, one a. m. An Officer has arrived at this Office, bringing dispatches addressed to Earl Bathurst, of which the following are copies :— Copy of a Letter from Admiral Young, command- ing his Majesty's Fleet in the North Seas. Impregnable, March 15, 1S14. MY LORD— I cannot send forwaid the accoin panying dispatch without offering your Lordship toy most hearty congratulations 011 the excellent intelligence it conveys.— 1 have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) W. YOUNG. Right Hon. Earl Bathurst, & c. & c. & c. Copy of a Letter from Captain Charles Hamilton Smith, Deputy Assistant- Quarter- Master- Gene- ral, to Earl Bathurst, dated Brussels, March is, 1814. MY LORD — His Excellency Sir Thomas Graham having permitted me, in case of any important occnrience, to address myself directly to your Lordship, I avail myself, I hope wiih proptietv, of this indulgence, because the quantity of ice in the rivets in Holland, together with the continuance of easterly winds, might retard a dispatch going round by Helvoetsluys, and prevent intelligence of the greatest importance from reaching his Ma- jesty's Ministers. In consequence, I take the liberty of enclosing to your Lordship an extract of a letter from his Serene Highness the Duke of Saxe- Weimer, Com- mander in Chief of the Allied Russian, Prussian, and Saxon forces in the Netherlands, to Count Lottum, Governor of this citv, containing an ex- tract of a letter ft0111 Marshal Blucher, which should have been datod the loth inst. but which, by some inadvertence has been omitted. • As your Lordship may possibly not be in posses- sion of the previous measures of Marshal Blucher, I beg leave to add, that when I left the Duke of Saxe- Weimar, . on the morning of the loth, at Tout- nay, he directed me to infirm his Excellency Sir Thomas Graham, that he had received a letter fro 111 Marshal Blucher, elated Lam, the 8th inst. at seven p. m. informing him, that he had that day concentrated his forces, consisting of the corps of Bulow, D'Yorck, Klerst, Winzingerode, Lan geron, ani 1 believe Woronzow, in all 90,000com- batants ; his left occupying the commanding point of Laon ( that city standing on a conical hill), and his tight extending to the small fortress of La Fere; and that a battle was inevitable. It appears that General Winzingerode had suf- fered some loss oil the 7tb, but during the active operations which had taken place since the Marshal had broken up from the vicinity of Meaux, the enemy had likewise lost considerable numbers, and among othres Marshal Victor, General Grou- chy, La Marque, and another, had been severely wounded. I send this letter through the enemy's posts in Flanders, to Admiral Young, who I hope will be enabled to forward it immediately to England, with my most sincere congratulations on this de- sired eventi— I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) CHARLES H. SMITH, Capt. D. A. Q. M. G. Right Hon. Earl Bathurst. ( TRANSLATION.) According to the plan of the High Allied Powers, all the different corps d'atmee were to concentrate themselves in order to form two great armies. For this effect, some momentary retrograde movements yvere necessary. The army of Marshal Blucher conceu'tated itself near Latin, having opposed to it Napoleon, at the head of 80,00') men A courier, who arrived yesterday, brought information, that the Field- Marshal had resolved to give battle on the 9th ; and this moment a second courier is ar- rived, bringing the following account :— This morning, before day- break, ihe enemy at- tacked my light wing and centre, under the orders of Generals Winzingerode and Bulow; and, under favour of a thick fog, he penetrated quite under the walls of Laon. Towards noon, when the fog cleared away,- the two corps above mentioned mov- ed against the enemy, engaged in intersected ground, a very sharp affair of infantry, and gained ground till night- fail. Towards three in the afternoon the enemy's co- lumns appeared on my left wing, took the village of Althies, and cannonaded briskly the corps of D'York and Kleist. Having foreseen this event, I sent the corps of Langeron and Sachen to reinforce the left wing, with orders to assume the offensive, in conjunction with the corps of D'Yorck and Kleist. Generals D'Yorck and Kleist fulfilled this object with their known ability. The enemy was totally overthrown at nightfall; his artillery, ammunition waggons, and a great number of prisoners, fell into our hands. General D'York reports to me at this moment, that he is still in pursuit of the enemy, and that his cavalry has already driven them in the greatest confusion, to Corbeny. I hasten to communicate this news to your most Serene Highness. P. S. Up to the present time seventy pieces of cannon have been already taken. The numbers of prisoners and ammunition waggons cannot yet be calculated. The victory was decided principally by] a brilliant charge of my cavalry. My left wing passes the Aisne this day. It is not known posi- tively if Napoleon commanded in person. Most of the prisoners assert that they saw him; but de- serters say that he set off on the night of the 8th, with fifteen thousand men, in the direction of Pa- ris, the grand allied army under the orders of Prince Schwartzenberg, having taken Fontaine- bleau. DUBLIN, March 10. COURT OF KING'S BENCH, MARCH 10. The Hon. Frederick Cavendish against Sir Theophi Ins Metcalf, kut. John Neave, and Isaac Lewis Goldsmid, ESTIRS. Directors of the Globe Insurance Company. This yvas an action of ASSUMPSIT on a policy of in- surance, brought by Plaintiff 10 recover compensation for the loss and damage he sustained by tire, 011 the night of the 3sl of July, 191-.'. The principal averment in the Plaintiff'S declaration stated, *• that on the 3tl day of July, iu ihe year of our Lord 1812, at Clontarf, in I he County of the City of Dublin, part of Plaintiff's dwelling house, and the furniture and printed books, in private use, contained therein, were burned and consumed, lost aud destroyed by fire, which was occasioned - by misfortune and acci- dent, and without any kind of fraud or evil practice whatsoever, & C. & c. '& c. " The properly wns insured for IN, oool.— The Plaintiff laid his damages at L- 2, oool. and the Defendents plead- ed the general issue. The unprecedented length of IBIS important and in- teresting trial, Which occupied ihe lime and attention of the Chief Justice, the Right Honourable William Dow ties, and a Special Jury, for thirteen days, viz. from Wednesday, ihe 33d February, till N late hot) r on Wednesday, ihe Kith of March, renders it quite im- possible for us to lay a full and detailed report of the 1 | irecites of Counsel, and ilie evidence on both sides, before our readers. The material issue which ihe Jury had to try was, whether the Plaintiff himself were guilty'of the fraud of burning his own house, or had conspired with others to commit that act— or whether it were consumed by accident, or by some evil disposed persons, Without the knowledge of the Plaintiff. The Jury found a verdict for Ihe Defendants. • EXECUTION OF QUIGLY. On Saturday last, Francis O'Neil, otherwise Quigly, executed at the front of Kilmainham Gaol, pursuant lo Ills sentence, for the robbery of the Rev. Mr. Elring- ton. Ilebehavtd with great firmness, and was a. sin- cere penitent; he admitted the justice of his sentence, and declared, that Kelly, who had been executed in the month ol November last, for the same robbery, was nnocent of the offence fbr which be suffered. Qaigly, jjlthough a young mau, was a noted robber, and at ihe ;, ead of a most dariug banditti that infested ibis city, And which have been now broken up. IRISH ELECTION County Mayo.— Mr. Browne was, on Monday last, declared duly elect- ed after an arduous struggle of fifty- six days.— The numbers yvere— For Mr. Browne.. .. ; 4,464 Mr. Kirwan 4,350 Majority 114 Those of the Bench of Bishops who were up at the late meeting of Parliament, assembled a feyv clays since at Lambeth Palace, to take into consi- deration the relief to which certain of the Clergy of their respective Dioceses might be entitled, who are under prosecution for non- tesidence —- Their Lordships, we understand, after a full dis- cussion of the subject, liberally coneu red in opi- nion, that such of the Clergy as had reasonable grounds for exemption, and had only neglected lo apply for Licences for non- residence, were proper objects for legislative proteciion ; and therefore unanimously agreed jn the expediency of stating to Parliament the names of those Rectors and Vi- cars who come within that description; and re- commending their case as entitled to an early consideration. HERRING THE PICKPOCKET. Our readers will not fail to recollect, that this young man was detected at Vauxhall- Gardens, on the night of the Vittoria Fete, picking the pocket of Earl Normanton of his gold snuff box ; for this offence he was tried and convicted at the Surry Assizes, and sentenced to seven years' hard labour on board the hulks. He had not been so rnanv weeks on board, however, when not finding him- self very comfortable, he contrived 10 escape, and though strich seach yvas made after him at the time, he eluded pursuit, and remained undiscover- ed * 111 wnliiu these fe « days. Last week one of the light fingered fraternity was detected picking the pocket of a farmer at Bristol Fair, and was committed to Bristol Gaol for trial; soon after it was discovered, that he was no less a person than Mr. Herring, yvho, on being questioned, confessed that he had been in the neighbourhood of Bath and Bristol ever since his escape— and, during his re- sidence in that part of the country, had been la- bouring in his vocation with tolerable success. CHILBLAINS are prevented from break- ing, and their tormenting Itching, instantly. re- moved by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard, universally esteemed for its extraordinary effi- cacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Sprains, Braises, & c. but where this certain remedy has been unknoyvn, or neglected, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated, or broke, Whitehead's Fa- mily Cerate will ease the pain, and very speedily beai them. Tlsy are prepared and sold by J. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London, the Essence and Pills at 2s. yd. each the Cerate at Is. l| d. They are Sold by W. Lee, Lewes, and by every Medicine Vender in the united Kingdom. The genuine has a black ink Stamp with the name of R. Johnston in- serted on it. Markets. CORN- EXCHANGE, March 14. Notwithstanding the good arrival of Wheat since this day se'nnight, the demand was very brisk this morning, hence a further advance of 5s. per quarter was easily obtained,.—. Barley has been also plentiful: the demand has fully kept pace with the supply, and Malting sam- ple's have been about Is. per quarter dearer- Malt is in consequence higher.— The demand for Hog Pease has been great, which has in- creased the prices 2s. per quarter — Beans were readily taken off this morning full 4s. per quar- ter higher, although we had a pretty good sup- ply.— The arrival of Oats has been tolerably large, yet as our market has been barren of this article for some time back, there were many buyers at an advance of from Is. to 2s. per quarter.— Flour is 5s. per sack dearer. Wheat 65s. 80s. Beans 40?. 45s. Fine ditto 85s. 88s. New ditto 42s. 483. Rye 80s. 42s. Oats 20s. 27s. Barley SSs. 43s Poland ditto 22s. 28s- Malt 72s. 76s. Potatoe ditto 80s. S4s. White Pease > fr Rape Seed 401. 421. ( boilers) J bt"- Fine Flour 70s. 75s. Grey Pease 52s. 54s. Seconds 60s. 05s. SMITHFIELD - MARKET, March 14. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s. d. s. d. Head of Cattle, this rfar. Beef 5 4 to 7 0 Beasts - - iQtJl Mutton 7 0 to 8 4 Sheep & Lambs 10150 Lamb 0 O to 0 Calves 90 Veal 7 0 to 8 0 Pigs - - 270 Pork 8 0 to 9 0 PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be sold at I2 § d. the quartern loaf, wheaten, CALCULATION S d Sack of Flour - - - CtQ 0| Baker's alknvance and Salt, 14 1* 83 1| liightv Quartern Loaves at 83 4 In favor of the Baker - - 2J PRICE OF TALLOW s. d | St. James's Market 6 8 I Town Tallow 113 ft Clare Market o o Yellow Russia 110 o Whitechapel ditto 0 0 White ditto 10.5 ( t Soap ditto Ktfi o 13 2 Melting Stuff GO O Average price ( i 7 Ditto rough 62 o Graves 28 » Yellow Soap, 112s.— Mottled, I24s. — Curd, 128s. Candles, per doz. 16s. Od.— Moulds, 17s. Od. Gd. per dozen allowed for midy money. PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. £ S- £ s- £ s. £ « . Kent 6 10 to 9 o Kent S 10 to 12 © Sussex 6 0 to 8 8 Sussex 8 8 to 10 10 Essex 9 0 to II 0 Farnhaml4 0 to 16 O Oto 0 0 5 ( 0 0 to 0 0 0 0 to 0 0 Duty 13O, 0Oi 1. UXBRIDGE. - Corn- lnspec, or's Return.— Thursday Mar. 10. Wheat per. Load. Iftl. Os. to 2' il, 15s. Barley per Quart. 32s. od. to 59s. Od. Oats 25s. Od. to 32s. Od. Beans ... - 39^ od. to & 5s. Oct. PRICE OF SEEDS. R. C'! over( n.) 60s. Od. to 78s. od. per cwt. Eng. ditto 50s. Od. to loos. Od. ditto White ditto 70s. od. to 147s. Od. ditto Trefoil ' 10s. Od. to 38s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 20s. Od. to Cls, Od. per quarter Turnip 14s. Od. to 18s. od. per bushel Red & Green 20s. Od. to 26s. Od. ditto W. Must. S. 8s. od. to 16s. od. per bushel Brown ditto ISs. Od. to 22s. od. dnto Carraway Seeds , - - 50s 72s. ditto Coriander Seeds - - 20s. 24s. ditto- Cinque Foin - 60s. to 65*. per quartet Canary - . litis. 120s. ditto.. OilCake, at the Mill, =£ 1.8 18s. per thousand. NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS. s. d. 9. d. s. d. s. d. Beef 4 8 to 6 4 I Veal 6 O to 7 8 Mutton 5 6 to 7 0 I Pork 8 0 to 9 0 Lamb 0 0 to 0 0 PRICE OP LEATHER. d. i. Butts, 501b. a 561b. - 23 a 2.1 Ditto, 561b. a 661b. - 2 « a 27 Merchants' Backs - 22j a 23| Dressing Hides . 23 a 85J Fine Coach Hides - 25 a 26 Crop Hides for Cutting 23 a 24$ Ordinary - - — a Tanned Horse - 22| a 25 Calfskins, SOlb. to40lb. 30 a 34 •, 5t lb. to70lb. 38 a 42, , 70lb. to SOlb. 88 K 4it Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 34 a SS . large, per doz. 120s, 150s a od. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. £ s. d. £ s. d. Average. Hay 3 .0 p to 5 o 0— 4 0 o Straw - 1 13 o to 2 2 0— 1 17 g WHITECHAPEL. Hay 4 4 0 to 5 5 0— 4 14 6 Straw 1 14 0 to 1 18 0- 1 16 o Clover 660 lo 7 7 0— 6 16 6 SMITHFIELD- Clover 660 to 7 0 0- 6 13 & 2dCrop 3 0 0 to 4 0 0- 3 10 o Old Hay 4 4 0 to 5 0 0— 4 12 0 Inferior 2 10 0 to 3 10 0— 3 0 it Straw 1 13 0 to 2 0 0— 1 10 g Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & c. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS \ vi » also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SMITHERS, ana Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr, CHAMPION, HORSHAM ; PALMER aad SON, East- Grinsted; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; Mr. COLEMAN, Rye; and by the Newsmen.
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