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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1049
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 09/03/1814
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1049
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 21.] N°- 1049. Wednesday, . j * CORN MARKET\ SHREWSBURY. March 9, 1814. 77M Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties qf ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted a! Five Shillings and Sixpence each. Price Sixpence Halfpenny. RICHARD DENTITH, BRIDGEWATER ARMS INN, ELLESMERE, BEGS Leave most respectfully to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, ami the Public in general, that he Vas taken and entered on the above INN, lately occupied bv Mrs. ROGERS, which he has neatly fitted up in a com- modious Manner, for tbeir Accommodation.— In soliciting a Share of their Patronage, lie thinks ita most unnecessary to say. lhat no Exertions on his Part shall he found wan - ing to render the House and Entertainments comfortable and superior ^^ of ^ ^ Qua, i| y NEAT POST- CH AISES and careful Drivers. February 21, 1814. MARY ROGERS T » ETURNS her best Thanks to her Friends and the li Public, for the numerous M arks of their Favour which • be experienced at the above Inn, the Recollection o wh ch shall never he erased from lier Memory; and she humbly presumes lo recommcnd to their future Favours. Mr. KtCHARP DF. NTITH, confident tbat be will be found deserving of their Partiality and Support. February 19, 1814. , TO BE SOLI) BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ^ alegsft? auction. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. A MOST DESIRABLE FREEHOLD RESIDENCE FOR A SMALL FAMILY, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. At the Dragon Inn, ill Montgomery, on Wednesday, the l6th Dav of March, 1814, at 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, AREMARKABLV neat, substantial Brick House,, con- taining a good Family Dining and Drawing Room with Bow Window, Ihree Bed Rooms and Study on the first Floor, with three Atticks, and convenient Closets; | Kitchen, Brew house, Pantry, and Cellar ; a 2- stall Stable, i with other Offices detached; and an excellent Kitchen j Garden well stocked wilh the best Fruit. The House is delightfully ( Situated near tbe Church Yard ill MONT- GOMERY, and commands the most rich and luxuriaut Views of any in the County. Further Particulars may be bad on Application to Mr. T. E M ARSH, Solicitor, Llanidloes. MONTGOMERYSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATES, WELSH POOL. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. BY T. HOWELL, rpwo ACRES and a HALF, or thereabout, s, of OAK j Q k , min „, e Town of Pool, 01, Monday, the 28lh I P111 FS For Particu ars enquire at the ltev. JYlr. . ,, ' k. » ,., n.„ , ru POLES. Particulars HOPKINS'S, of Filz, near Shrewsbury bv Auction. BY JOSEPH RHODEN, At tbe White Hart Inn, in Much Wenlock, in the Countv of Salop, on Monday, the 14lh Day of March, 1814, at four o'Clock in tbe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions ns shall be then produced: LL that MESSUAGE, with the Outbuildings and Dayof March next, ( and not on the 21st Day uf March, as hefore advertised), between the Hours of four ami seven in the Afternoon ( unless disposed of 111 Ihe mean Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), in the following, or sucb nther Luts as shall then he declared on Ihe Part of the Vendors; and subject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. ALL that well- accustomed PUBLIC HOUSE, called ihe QUEEN's HEAD, wilh the Stable, Brewhouse, Outbuildings, extensive Yard and Garden thereto belonging ( the latter stocked with choice Fruit Trees), situate and A " lo'winVhe'Occupation of Mr. Thomas being in that Part of the said Town of Pool called Welsh Corfield commonly called or known hy tbe Name of the Town, and now in the Occupation of Margaret Humphreys, TIAYHOIISF situate in the Township of Holt Preen, ill j Widow. the Parish ol Cardinglon,,,, tl. e County of Salop, contain- | LOT II. All that Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE in'bv Estimation 80 Acres, or thereabouts ; together also adjoining Lot 1, with the Garden, Outbuildings, and with the GR 41N TYTHES of tlie Whole of the said Appurtenances thereto belonging, and now in the Occupa- TOWNSHIP of HOI T PREEN , wliich comprises upwards tion of Mr. Thomas Fox, nnd his Undertenants. LOT III. All lhat PIECE or Parcel of LAND, now used as a Garden, running iu a direct Line from the Gardens in Lots 1 and 2 lo the Montgomeryshire Canal on the North of One Thousand Acres. ...... a. Further Particulars may be had on Application to Mr. ConnF. LO, on the Premises ; or to Messrs. COLLINS and HINTON, Solicitors, in Much Wenlock. Moor House, near Shipton. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, FURNITURE, & c. & c. BY JOSEPH" RHODEN, On Tnesdav and Wednesday, the 22d and 23d Days of March, 1814, on the Premises, at tbe MOOR Housr, near A ' ixtb'e very valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS A h, HUSBANDRY, with Par. of'be HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c.& c. of Mr. JOHN BURGESS, of tie Moor House, near Sbipton aforesaid, who is giving up the Farming Business: consisting of five young Milking Cows in- calf, several Heifers in- calf, oue capital young fresh Barren, aud several Pairs of 2- years old Heifers and Bul- locks, one yearling Bull ( Grandson to the famed Prize Bull COMET, well known to get some of the first Stock in Ihe Kingdom) ; five excellent Waggon Horses and Mares, good Workers ( two of the Mares in- foal lo the noted Brown AVaggon Horse YOUNG BOWLER), a very superior Hackney Mare in- foal to BLACK SULTAN, two 2 years old Waggon Colts, very well descended ; six Sets of Gearing; one Sow, one Ditlo and Pigs; two Waggons, two Tumbrels one double and one single- wheel Plough, one Hand Ditto, Harrows, Rolls, & c.& c. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Chairs, I allies, Feather Beds, kc. Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Casks, Barrels, Tubs, & c. and an Assortment of generally useful Articles of Household Furniture. Tbe Auctioneer begs to inform IliePuhlir, that Ihc above Stock, & c. will be found truly deserving their Attention ; the Cows beiug chicfly of ihc Hereford and Durham Breeds, and for Symmetry, good Milkers, and other good Qualities, few can excel them ; and the Horses known to he most excellent Workers.— The Sale lo commence each Morning atTen o'Clock ; to begin wilh Ihe Cows the First Day. . ~ SIIROPSIIIR E. West Side thereof, Containing nearly an Acre of Land, now iu tbe Occupation of Peter Poulson, or his Undertenants. LOTIV. All that L'LECE or Parcel of LAND, formerly Part of Lot 3, and divided therefrom by the Canal, and lying on the South East Side thereof, containing about an Acre, little more or less, abutting 011 one Side to Land of Thomas Tudor, Esq. aud on the other, by tbe Road leading to Dommeu's Mill, now in Ibe Occupation of EdwardJones, Innkeeper. LOT V. All tbat PIECE 01 Parcel of MEADOW LAND, containing about an Acre and Half, adjoining the Shrews- bury Road from Pool on tbe South, Ihe Road to Gungrog on the North West, and abutting on one Side to Lands of Mr. James Roberts, and 011 the otber lo Lands of Mr. Thomas Davies. LOT VI. A PEW or Sitting Place in the Middle Aisle of Poo! Church, No. 5. The Buildings and Premises belonging to Lots I and 2 are in excellent Repair, and adjoin the Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Shrewsbury.— The . Situation is a most truly desirable one for Building, having every Convenience und a greut Exteul of Scite. Lot 3 lies within 30 Yards of the Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Shrewsbury, and is well adapted for a Wharf, Warehouse, or any oilier Building for Mercantile Purposes. Lots 4 and i are most advantageously situated for building upon; and are wilb tbe other Lots strongly recommended to the Notice of those who are desirous of employing a Capital in that Line of Business. There is good Clay for making Bricks in Lots 3 and 5. Messrs. RICHARD and JOHN GRIFFITHS, of Pool, Grocers, or THE AUCTIONEER, will appoint a Person lo shew tbe different Lots; and further Particulars may be known by applying at the Office of Mr. GRIFFITHES, Solicitor, in Pool aforesaid. G( A February, 1814. ^ ales ft? auction. CAPITAL DAIRY COWS, & c. BY G. SMOUT, On the Premises at COED Y DINAS, near Welsh Pool, in the County of Montgomery, 011 Thursday, the 31st Day : of March, and Friday, the lst Day of April, 1814; PART ofthe trulv valuable LIVE STOCK, the Propeilv of Mr. ARTHUR GARDNER, who quits his Farm": consisting of 42 choice Dairy Cows, nearly the Whole of which will calve before the Day of Sale ; 3 three- years old Heifers in- calf, 8 Ihiee- vears oid Bullocks, 14 Ihiee- vears old splayed Heifers, 23 two- years old Bullocks and Heifers, , 1 capital Fat Hull Stag; 7 young Draught Horses, with long Tails; 60 fat Wether Sheep, in Lots of ten each; 20 Couples of South Down Ewes and Lambs, in four Lots; 1 South Down Ram ; 3 Saddle Horses in fine Condition ; 1 young Sow iu- pig, 1 Ditlo and four Pigs. Tbe Auctioneer respectfully informs Ibe Public, that tbe above Stock are well worth Attention, being considered one of the best Dairy Stocks in the County. The Draught llorses arc young, and well known to be good Workers ; and he particularly recommends Ibe Whole lo the Notice of Farmers, and others in w ant of Prime Stock. The Sale to begin cach Day at 11 o'Cloek MO NTGOM ERYSHIRE. At the Bear Inn, in the Town of Pool, 011 Monday, tbe 14tli Day of March, 1814, between the Hours of Four and Six o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions: ALL that MESSUAGE, Tenement and LANDS, called THE VROCHAS, situate in the Township of Llanerchydol, in the Parish of Pool, in the County of Montgomery : consisting of two small Collages, a new erected Stable for four Horses, a Barn Floor, Granary, Chaise House and Pig- stye, built with Stone and covered with Slale, a Cow House, another Stable for four or five Horses, and about 33 Statute Acres of Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, in a high Slate of Cultivation. There are now five Acres planted with Wheat, tbe third Part of which the Purchaser's Tenant will be entitled to, and five moie of fresh Clover. The Field under one of Ihe Cottages and new Building is one of Ihe finest Situations in the County of Montgo- mery fo build a Honse upon ; it is sheltered from the North by a rising Tract of well cultivated arable l and, from the East and West by Plantations of Fir, the South opens a beautiful View of Powis Castle, the Park aud Plantations, the Vale of Severn, the Vale of Guilsficld, the romantic Heights of Moel y Golva, Bryddcn, and Llany- mynecli Rocks, with a distant Prospect into Shropshire and Cheshire. There is a Quarry of excellent Building Stone close by. The Premises lie in an excellent Sporting Country, w ith- in one Mile of the Towu of Pool, where Plenty of Lime and Coal may be had by the Canal passing by tbe said Town. There are two or three Springs of delightful Water on the Premises. Enquire of Mr. WILLI AMES, Solicitor, Welshpool. BUILDER'S PRICES, LABOUR AND MATERIALS. Corrected to March, 1814., ' This Day is published, carefully corrected throughout, price \ s. CROSBY'S BUILDER'S NEW PRICE BOOK, containing Ihe present value of all kindsof Materials and Workman- ship, with the Price of labour separate. Also the various Acts and Duties; Directions to make Cements and Limes ; Tables for measuring Timber, and all kinds of Work ; method of constructing Ovens, and several useful Calculations lelating 10 Building. By JOHN PHILLIPS, corrected by C. SUR- MA N, Surveyor, assisted by several eminent m Ihe profession. London : printed for B. and R. Crosbv and Co. Stationers' Court, Ludgate Street, and sold hy F. DDOWES, Newling, Morris, Sandfnrd, and Hulbert, Shrewsbury ; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock; Edmonds. Madeley ; Silvester, Newport ; Parker, Whitchurch ; Painter, Wrexham; Minshall, and Edwards, Oswestry; , Gilton, Bridgnorth ; the Booksellers in Chester ; and all other Booksellers. Also lately published, Tbe SURVEYOR'S GUIDE, or a Treatise on Piaciical Laud Surveying, in Seven parts, with the method of Draw- ing, Reducing or Augmenting Plans, and many Wood Cuts. I The Third Edition, enlarged. By J. COTES, Surveyor, at j Wtrksworth, in Deibv- bire. 4s. extra boards. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. FULLING MILL, DYE- HOUSE, FLANNEL OR WOOLLEN FACTORY* TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT. THE Premises are commodiously situated at CWM- MULF, four Miles from Newtown and ten from Pool; not very extensive, yet calculated for carrying on a con- sidei able Trade in the above Branches. The M uie Crook a fiords a regular and abundant Supply to the Water Wheel, which, with its A ppendages, is 011 a very improved Con- struction, and not liable to freeze in the severest Seasons. The Building and Erections of every Kind are entirely new. For further Particulars apply to Mr. M. JONES, of Hockle- ton ; or to Mr. W. JONES, of Garihmil, near Montgomery. 3 A CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. BY F.' KITE, Oil Tuesday and Wednesday, ihe lr. th and Ifitli Days of March, 1814, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN HAYCOCK, al CHARI. COTT FARM, in the Parish of Aston Boltrcll, in the County of Salop ; A 1,1. the well- selected FARMING STOCK, 1MPLE- J\ MENTS iu HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, and a Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; consisting of six Waggon Horses from r, to 8 Years old, 1 three- year nil Filley; 3 Cows and Calves, 1 two year old Bull of Ihe line Herefordshire Breed, 2 Cows in- calf, 1 barren Cow, 4 two- vear old Heifers in- calf, I Pairof tliree- vear old Bullocks", 3 yearling Bullocks, 4 two- year Old Heifers, 3 yearling Heifers; 20 fat Sheep, 23 store Sheep, 4 Ewes in- iainb; 1 fat Pig, 3 Sows in- pig, 1 Boar, and 8 store Pigs. IMPLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY".— Four narrow- wheel Waggons. 3 broad- wheel Carts, 1 single- wheel Plough, 1 Hand Plough, 1 Mole draining Plough, 2 Pair of large Drag Harrows, | Pair of small Harrows, I excellent Land Roller, 5 Suits of long Gears, 2 Suits of Fillers' Gears, 3 Timber Chains, a complete Set of Tools for a Blacksmith, a Quantity of old Iron, a Winnowing Machine, Sieves, Riddles, Pikes, nnd Rakes, a Quantity of working Tools, n Lot of broad Vellies, and other Wheelwrights' Timber, Ciller Mill, Cider Hairs, and other Articles. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.— Bedsteads with nnd with- out Hangings, 4 Feather Beds, Bolsters and Blankets, 2 large Kitchen Tables with Forms, Kilehen Furniture of almost everv Description, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, 2 Iron Furnaces wilh Iron Work,!) Wood and Iron- bound Hogsheads, and smaller Casks, large Scales and Weights, a Quantity of Pew ter, with numerous other Articles which will be Solcl without Reserve. THE AUCTION EER begs leave lo recommend Ihe Horses as good Workers, and Ibe Whole will be found well worth the: Attention of the Public— The Sale w. ll begin each Morning al 10 o'Clock MONTGOMERYSHIRE TIMBER. In one or more Lots, al the Oak Inn, in Welsh Pool, on Saturday, the ISIh of March, 1814, unic es previously dis- posed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given : A fl7 CAPITAL OAK TIMBER TREES, now stand- / j, U / ingon Moelvgartb North and Souih Farms, and GwernbailenWood, in Ihe Parish ofGuilsfield— On Application at GARTH, a Persou will be appointed lo shew ihe Timber. LLANFYLLIN AND MECHEN UCHCOEU INCLOSURE. ITHE undersigned, being Ihe Commissioner appointed 5 to carry into Exerution Ihe Act of Parliament, entitled " An Act for inclosing Lands in the Manors qf Llan- fyllin and Mechen Uchcoed. in tbe County qf Montgomery," having set out and allotted such Parts of the Commons and Waste Lands, as are situate in that Part of the Parish of Myfod, in the said Manor of Meclien Uchcoed, which comprehends the Townships ofTeirlref, Penniarth, Main, and Dyffryn, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I have this Day, by writing under my Hand, conformably lo the Directions contained in the said Act, ordered and directed, that from and after the2r, th Day of MARCH next, all Right of Common, and other Rights in, over, and upon Ihe said Commons and Waste Lands, which are situate in tbe said Townships of Teitlref, Peimiarth, Main, and Dyffryn, in the said Manor of Mechen Uchcoed, be EXTINGUISHED; and that from and after the said 25th Day of March, all such Common and other Rights will for ever afterwards cease and be extinguished accordingly. Given under my Hand tbe 17th Dav of February, 1814." ' H F. N. BOWMAN, Commissioner. CARDIGANSHIRE. At the Talbot Inn, in the Town of Aberystwyth, on Monday, the 21st Day of March, 1811, between the Hours of four and six in Ihe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be I hen and I here produced, in Ihe following, or such other Lot or Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale: LOT I. A DM ELLING HOUSE, 01 COTTAGE and GAR DEN, /\ iu the Occupation ofJames Morgan, with Iwo Pieces of LAN I), nnd a FI ELD, called Cac Cyunon, wit h Part of I another FIELD, called Cae garw : containing in Ihe Whole, j by Admeasurement, 9A all. lot', lie the same more or less ; i being Part of Ihe FARM of GWAUN- UN- FU WCH, in the Parish of Llanfihaugel- y- Croyddiu, in Ihe Couuly ot" Cardigan. MONTGOMERYSHIRE TIMBER. At the Goat Inn, in the Town of Llanfyllin, on Monday, the 14th Day of March, 1814, betwoen'the Hours of four and six o'Clock in tbe Afternoon ; SEVERAL valuable LOTS ofTl. MBER, now growingon the several Farms and Lands hereinafter mentioned, situate in the Parish of MYFOD, in Ihe County of Mont- gomery. LOT'I. 88 OAK Timber Trees, 34 CHESNUT and LIME Trees, et ELM, ti Ash, 7 Sycamore, and 1 Asp, on Pentrego, Main, Penvcoed, and Glascoed Farms. LOT 11. " 18Q OAK Timber Trees, 34 ALDER, and 40 BIRCH, 011 Penyfoel Farm. LOT III. 242 OAK Pollards, on tbe same Farm. LOT IV. 298 OAK Timber Trees, on Nantymyched Hall Farm. LOTV. 62 ASH, 4 Sycamore, 1 Asp, on the same Farm. I. OT VI. 142 OAK Timber Trees, 011 Alltgocb Farm. LOT VII. 4fi1 ASH, n BIRCH, 1 Alder, and 1 Sycamore, on the same Farm. LOT VIII. 251 OAK Timber Trees, on Ccfn Bogelyu Farm. LOT IX. 347 ASH, 7 Birch, on the same Farm. Lots 1 and 2 are situate about a Quarter of a Mile from the Turnpike Road, and within 7 Miles of the Canal at New Bridge.— Lots 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, and 9, are situate about a Mile from tbe Turnpike Road, and within 7 Miles of the Canal at New Bridge. The above Timber is perfectly sound, and of large Di* ABREY WOOD INCLOSURE. WE, JOHN DODSON, of Cound, in the County of Salop, and WILLIAM JELLICOE, of Shiffnal, in the same County, Gentlemen, the Referees appointed in and by certain Articles of Agreement for dividing, in- closing, and allotting the Common or Waste Laud called ABREY WOOD COMMON, in Ihe Demesne of Hangh- mond, in the County of Salop, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that we have allotted, marked, and slaked out the said Common or Waste Land; and lliat IheMapofthe Allotments so made by us is left at the Office of Messrs. MADDOCK and JACKSON, Solicitors, in Shrewsbury, to remain, for tbe Space of 25 Days from the Date hereof, for tbe Inspection and Information of all Parlies interested in the said Inclosure. AND We do hereby further GIVE NOTICE, thai the several Proprietors may take Possession of iheir respective Allotments immediately. J. DODSON, Uf March, 1814. W. JELLICOE. and Part of Fron fawr; containing in the Whole 55A. 20P. he the same more or less LOT III. A HOUSE and GARDEN, in the Occupation of Mary Edwards, Widow, with two FI ELDS, called Cae D61 PandJ and Cae TV Cwrdd, containing 6A 3II. loP. be the same more or less, of rich Land, through which u Stream of Water runs, beingPart of the FARMSOFGLANYSTWYTH and Gw AU N- UN- FUWCII aforesaid ; together with a M EET- ING HOUSE, which has been leased for u Term, of which about thirteen Years are unexpired. LOT IV. ANOTHER PART of Ihe said FARMS of GLANYSTWYTH and GWAUN- UN- FUWCH, called Rlios fawr, Cac Rlids fawr, Part of Fron fawr, and Part of the Land by the Brook, under the Road lending to the Village of Llanfibangel- y- Croyddin, containing in the Whole 40A. 2R. 35P. be the same more or less, of excellent Laud, of w hich nearly one Half mav he converted into good Meadow. LOT V, ANOTHER PART of the said FARMS, called Cae uiawr, Cae Llain y Dclyn, CaeTy'n y Fron, Fron fawr, Part of Banc Banal, aud tlie remaining Part of the Lands by the Bi'ook Side under the said Road leading to the Village of Llantihangel- y- Croyddin : containing in the Whole 49A. 9R. 30P. be the same more or less, of very superior and valuable Land. LOT VI GLANYSTWYTH FARM BUILDINGS mostly new, with a substantial Stone. built DVVELLING HOUSE, which, at a moderate Expeuce may be made fit for the Re MONTGOMERYSHIRE. OAK AND OTHER TIMBER. At the Cross Foxes Inn, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the l6tli Day of March, 1814, between the Hours of 3 and 5, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : LOT I. r7)/"\ f\ OAK TREES, now standing 011 a Farm in the Parishes ofGuilsfield and Pool, oroneof them, called CLODDIE, in the Occupation of Peter Davies, scribe- marked and numbered from 1 to 200, both inclusive. LOT II. 200 OAK TREES, scribe- marked and numbered froni 201 to 400, bolh inclusive; and also 7 ASH Trees, numbered from No. 1 to No. 7, both inclusive; all standing 011 the same Farm. LOT 111. 2110 OAK TREES, scrihc- marked and numbered from 401 to 60O, both inclusive ; and 4 ASH Trees, num- bered from No. 8 to No. 11, both inclusive; all standing 011 the same Farm. LOT IV. 277 OAK Trees, 26 ASH Trees, and 2 SYCA- MORE Trees, all scribe marked, standing upon the Waste Lauds within the Manor of NANTYMEICHED, near Llan. fyllin, in the County of Montgomery. The Timber is of great Length and elefty, and fit for Plank, Spokes, and Laths. The Timber in the three first Lots is situate within one TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising at the Toll Gate 011 the Turnpike Road near Wera leading to Shawbury, called or known bv tbe Name of flic: Shawburv Gate, will be LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, at 1 lie Honse of Mr. William Stoekall, known bv Ihc Sign of the BLACK LION, in Wctn aforesaid, 011 THURSDAY, the TWENTY FOURTH Day of MARCH next, between the Hours of one and four o'Clock in the Afternoon of the same Dav, in the Manner directed by an Act passed in Ihe thirteenth Year of Ihe Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, u for regulating ihe Turnpike Roads."— As tbe said Tolls were uot Let according to a former Advertisement, they will be put up at such Sum as the Trustees shall think proper.— Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at I be same Time give Security, wilh sufficient Sureties to Ihe Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for ihe Payment of the Rent agreed for, and al such Times as they shall direct. EDWARD HANMF. R, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Stanton, 19th February, 1814. TURNPIKE TOLLS. Public — 1 he w . ll begin - sj( lpllce of „ r,. speclaule Family, situated 011 the Banks of Mile from Welsh Pool, aud at the same Distance from the , and commence with the Live Stock. | h(, Rjve, Ystwylli, in a Country abounding with Game; Montgomeryshire Canal. . v rnws IM1UPUUVTS JC- together, with all the 1. AN DS, Part of the said Farm of Further Particulars may be known by applying ta Mr. n vuvv » , 1. H1 L L.. U r..\ is, < tc. ( Jianystwytb, lying on the South Side of the TurnpikeRoad RICHARD HUGHES, Timber Merchant, Oswestry; or lo VALUABLE DAIRY BY R. POOLE, On Wednesday, the Ifjth Day of March, 1814, on the Premises of B. Row LEY, F. sq. of PRIORS LEE. near Shitl'nnl, in the County of Salop ( dcclluiug the Farming Business): CCONSISTING of sixteen very valuable Dairy Cows s ( some of w hich have calved), a handsome Bull, 4 Years old, of Hie Hereford Breed, two capital yearling Calves; I and four Asses; oue G- incb Waggon, one narrow- wheel Ditto and Gearing, Timber Carriage with Wind Poles, Chnin, « tid Dogs, Pair of 5- horse Harrows, one double and two single Ploughs, Winnowing Fan aud Horse, Corn Screen, three Sets of Ox Gearing, three odd Waggon Wheels ; Urge Quantity of prime well seasoned Waggon, Carl, and Plough Timber, of every Description ; six capital Iron- bound Ale Casks, from 1811 to tfo Gallons; Cheese Press, Cheese Tub, aud Barrel Churn, Pair of Tin Milk Carriages, wilh Chains and Biass Cocks, Lot of Cheese Vats and Shutter Boards ; Side Saddle, Pillion and Cloth ; Harvest Buttles; Cottage Oven; and a Variety of other Articles ; which will he sold without Reserve. The above Lot of Dairy Cows are mostly of the pure Durham Breed, and Ihe Auctioneer can with Confidence recommend iticm tothe Public, who will, n poll Inspection, find tlicin equal lo nuy Encomium be can bestow 011 thrm. The Sale lo begin at ten o'Clock iu the Morning. Catalogues of the Sale may be had al the Jeriiiiighum Arms, Sbifiiial; Lion, Wolverhampton; Crown, Newport; at Broseley and Bridgnorth; Swan, and Falcon, Much Wenlock ; Fox, Salop; Pheasant, Wellington; Place of Sale; and of THE AUCTIONEER. leading from tbe Town of Aberystwyth to Ystradmeiric, and distant six Miles from the former Place: the Whole containing 78A. and 20 Perches, be Ihe same more or less, of most excellent Land. LOT VII A FIELD, adjoining the said Turnpike Road, ' called Cae'r Fron, conlaining6A. 3R. 25P. be the same more I or less, of good Land, conveniently situated for Building. LOT VIII. ANOTHER PART of the said FARM, called • Cae Cyntcd Mafcr, adjoining Ihe said Turnpike Road and the said Road leading to Ihe Village of Llanfihaugel- y- Croyddin ; containing 10A. oil. 30P. be the same more or less, of very superior Laud. LOT IX. A new- built DWELLING HOUSE nnd GAR- DEN, with a capital Meadow Field adjoining, culled Cae tan y Pynfarch ; containing 7A. 2R. 5r. be Ihe same more or less. LOT X. ANOTHER PART of tbe said FARM of GLAN- YSTWYTH, called Cae newyeld, Cae Banal, with Part of Banc Banal, containing 28A. 2R. 15P. be the same more or less, of excellent Land. LOT XI. A COTTAGE and GARDEN, situate al Pentre' Do, on the South Side of tbe said Turnpike Road, adjoin- ing Lot 6, in the Occupation of Richard Davies and others. All the foregoing Lots possess many Advantages, as well from the superior Quality of the Soil, os from the Convenience of Situation, and are exceedingly desirable for the Investment of Capital.— Plans and Specifications of them may be seen at the House of RICHARD ROBERTS, Saddler, at Pentre'dft, who will shew the Premises; and at the Offices of Mr. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Solicitor, and Mr. HUGH HUGHES, al Aberystwyth, where any further Particulars may be had.— February 14,1814. Mr. PANTING, Attorney, in Shrewsbury. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. CAPITAL OAK AND OTHER TIMBER. At the Bear Inn, Newtown, in tbe County of Montgomery, j Sultan's Performances, vide Racing Calendar. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Tolls arisingatthe Toll Gate upon the Turnpike Road leading from Llangvnog lo Milltirgerrig, called or known by the Name of Mil'ltirgerrig Gate, will be LET BY AUCTION, to Ibe best Bidder, at tbe BOAR INN, iu the Town of LLAN- FYLLIN, in the County of Montgomery, npon TU ESDAY, tbe FIFTH Day of APRIL next, between the Hours of twelve in the Forenoon and two of Ihe Clock in the After- noon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his Majeslv King George the Third, " For regulating ihe Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls produced the last Year the Sum of ,£] I, above the Expences of collecting them, and will be put up at lhat Sum.— Whoever happens lo be Ibe best Bidder, must at the sameTime give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for the Payment of Ihe Rent agreed for, and at such Times as thev shall direct. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk of tbe Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Dated\ st March, 1314. STA I. LIONS.— 1S14. SULTAN, AtT. HILES, Ahbey- Foregate, SHUKWSBURY, will Cover at 3 Guineas each Mare, and 5 Shillings the Groom. SULTAN was goc by Sr. Paul, St. Paul by Sail ram, out of Purity, Dam of Rockingham. The Dam of Sultan was Fanny, by Weazle; Wcazle was got by Old Herod.— For SCRIPTURE ATLAS. UNDER THE PATRONAOE OF HER MAJESTY. Just published, in Royal Quarto, neatly half- bound, Morocco Back and Corners, Price £ 1. 9s. 6d. plain, ^ 3colouied, 1. ' TUiE SCRIPTURE ATLAS; or, a Series of elegant - fi- and correct MAPS, to illustrate the Oi. n and NEW TESTAMENT, drawn from the best Authorities, ancient, and modern, by eminent Artists. To wliich is now added, an ALPHABETICAL INDEX of all the Places mentioned in the Atlas, with their Latitude, Longitude, and Scriptural References. N. B. The Index may be had separately, Price Is. Pd sewed. The two following Works will be found peculiarly interest- ing to all Persons who read the Bihle, and to Young People in particular: r A DICTIONARY OF THE HOLY BIBLE, containing an Histoiical Account of the Persons; a Geographical and Historical Account of the Places; a literal, critical and systematical Description of other Objects, whether natural, artificial, civil, religions, or military ; and tbe Explication of the Appellative Terms mentioned in the Writings of the Old and New Testament. By the late Rev. JOHN BROWN, of Haddington, Professor of Divinity nnder the Associate Synod New Edition, in two neat Pocket Volumes, with a Life ofthe Author, and two accurately coloured Maps, Price 10s 6d Boards. Just published, on n Sheet of large Atlas Paper NEW MA- Pof PALESTINE, or THE HOLY LAND, null an Historical Account of tbe I-. aelites, frem the earliest Period of tbeir History to their final Dispersion. Selected Irom the Writings of SAMUEL CROXAhL, D. D. Arch- deacon nf Salop, in the Diocese of Hereford. The descriptive Pait which surrounds ihe Map is in Letter- press, the is engraved In the best Manner and neatly coloured Price 7s bd. the Sheet, Canvas and Case lis. and Canvas and Roller' 12s. ' In Ihe Pres--, to be the same S n.' as the Map of PAI KSTIVF A NEW MAP OF THF. TRAVELS AND VOYAGFS OP ST. PAUL AND THE OTHER APOSTLES, with a Geographical and Historical Account of the Places thev visited, as recorded in the New Testament, selected from Ihe Writings of EDWARD Weils, I>. D: London: printed for SAMUEI. LEICH, 18, Strand Mate Mathews and Leigh); sold bv W. EDDOWKS, Shrewsbury and all other Books - Hers. TIIE TWENTY SECOND EDITION FARRIERY, And General Trealise on the. Diseases of Cattle This Day is published, in one handsome Volume 8vo Price Qs. ' ' PVERY MAN HIS OWN FAltRIER, in which are J- J incorporated the valuable Improvements obtained from actual Experience in a long and verv extensive Practice, with an enlarged Appendix on the Quality Com; position, and Preparation ofthe various Medicines"' BY FRANCIS CLATER, Farrier, Cattle Doctor, and Druggist, at Retford London, printed for B and R CROSBY and Co St, turners Court, Lndgate Street, and Sold by W. EDDOWI/ Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers. Of whom may be had, by the same Author ™ HIS OWN CATTLE DOCTOR, 11, e I lord Edition with Frontispiece representing the different Breeds of Cattle, los. 6d. Boards. h euineient " We cannot conjecture by what Accident this Work has been so long unnoticed by us : but it certainlv de served very early Attention JVe do not hesitate to recommend it strongly to Ihe Attention of all Persons who are especially interested iu such Subjects."— British Critic, March, 1813. The GARDENER'S POCKET JOURNAL or DAIf V ASSISTANTin the M O DERN PRACTICE of ENGLISH l* A tvDLft ING, in a concise monthly Display of all the general Works throughout the Year; to which arc added the monthly Works of the Nursery, and a Description of the various Implements. Bv JOHN ABERCROMBIE Author of Every Man his o'wu Gardener. 2s. sewed or 2s. ( id hound. ' CULPEPER's BRITISH HERBAL, 3d. Edition, 1814 enlarged and improved by Dr. PARKINS, with 369 Medi! ciues made of Herbs, not ill anv other Edition, 011 fine Medium Paper, coloured Plates, 8s. Boards, plain, 4s 6d. Boards, 5s. bound, FAMILY HERBAL, ~ With near Three Hundred PlanU, coloured to Nature. This Oai/ is published in ten Parts, one or moreof which may be had Monthlu, Demy 810. 3. » each, coloured 4. « . 6d. on the finest Royal Paper, plain 4s. coloured tit, each ; or complete in. Boards, Deny plain, £\. 1 u. Qd, coloured, £ 2 2<.— Roual plain, £ 2. 2s. coloured £' 3. 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Also by the same Author, AGRAMMARef BOTANY, containing a complete and familiar Introduction to the Science of Botany, for the use of Botanical and Medical Students, and of Schools, wilh numer- ous Plates, a New Edition, Price 7s. Bound, or wilh the Plates coloured, 12s 011 Wednesday, the 23d of March, 1814, at five iu the Afternoon, subject to Conditions : LOT I. 1 gy OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe £ kj J one I11 123, standing in a Coppice called DDOL, Part ofBrynderwen Farm, in the Parish ofTref- eglwys, in the Occupation ot John Lloyd. LOT II. too OAK l imber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner t lo 100, standing in the same Coppice and Land adjoining. LOT 111. 913 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner 1 to 818, standing in Ddol Coppice aforesaid. LOT IV. 82 ASH Trees, numbered 1 to S2, standing in the same Coppice. LOT V. 7 ALDERS, numbered 1 to 7, standing in the same Coppice. The above Lots of Timber are situate near the Turnpike Road leading from Llanidloes to Newtown through Tre- f eglwys. The Oak Trees nre stiaight, of great Lengths, and well calculated for Bends, Plank, aud Beams for Ship Building ; many of them are particularly fine Cleft; Ihe Whole will he found deserving the Attention of Persons in want of such Timber. Mr. John Swancot, of Clap, near Brynderwrn, will shew the Lots; and Particular, may he bad of Sir. GOULD, Golfa, near Welsh Pool. Sultan will be at Wenlock and Bridgnorth every Monday ; Sbifl'nal every Tuesday; at Newport, every Wednesday; at Wellington every Thursday; and at Home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Money to be paid at Midsummer; if not, to lie charged Half- a- Gumea more.— Mares barren last Year lo lie covered al Half- Price.— Good Grass for Mares at Seven Shillings per Week. STARLING, To Cover at T. HILES'S, Abbey Foregate, al 3 Guineas, and 5 Shillings the Groom. STARLING was gnl by Sir Peter Teazle, Dam own Sister to Windlestone, by Magnet — Le Sang— Rib— Mother West- ern, the Grandam of Eclipse. Magnet by King Herod, Dam Cassandra, by Blank, out of a Sister to Second and Snip ( the Sire of the celebrated Snap), by Flying Childers. WANTEDasteadyGROOM, to travel wilh STARLING PAVILION WILL Cover at GARTH, near Welshpool, nt THREE GUINEAS and Five Shillings the Groom — Grass at 8s. per Week, and Corn if ordered.— All Expenses to be paid at the Time of Covering, or before the Mares are taken away.— Barren Mares covered by Pavilion last Season 10 be covered Ibis Season at half Price, and the Groom's Fee COMPLETE HISTORY OF 1' AG AN AND CATHOLIC PER- ECUTION, & C. This Day is published, in ] 6 Nvmber. s urn. one or more of which may be had Monthly, at M each, on Royal Paper is. ( id. each, or complete in Boards, Demy lbs. 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Also, printed uniform with the above, and embellished with ) 2 Plates, tn mane shilling Numbers, fine Royal Paper U. brf, eachj complete in Hoards, Demy, 12s, Royal 18s. The HISTORY and LIFE of our BLESSED LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS ( HRIST, being an authentic Account of every interesting event connected with the important Birth, Transactions and Death of the benign and merciful Redeemer; au Account cf the State of Religion in Ihe World at the Peiiod ot onr Saviour's Appearance, with the Lives of John Ihe Baptist, the Great Precursor of Christ, Virgin Marv, the Apostles, nnd their Successors, for a Petiud of three Hundred Years afler the Crucifixion ; being a complete System of Christianity, interspersed with Geographical and Historical Marginal Notes, Commentaries and Illustrations. By the Rev. J. MILNER. M. A, LONDON. FRIDAY, MARCH 4. Two Dutch Mails have arrived, which have brought two very interesting documents: one is a Proclamation aft- dressed by Beauharnois to the people of the kingdom of Jialv, not only fully corroborating the accession of Genera! Mural to the grand aliianvee, but also noticing his active <£>. operation in the comipon cause Beauharnois even com- plains of having been betrayed, and lulled into a dangerous * eemity by the professions ofthe Neapolitan Generals, who were permitted, upon the presumed fidelity of General Murat to his engagements with Bonaparte, to enter and occupy'several fortresses in his Vieeroyaltv— Murat is one of those men, who, having formed a determination, is capa- ble of executing ii vigorously; and his defection cannot but have very considerable n fluence on the conduct of several French Generals in the service ofthe Usurper / I hc o! her document is a Proclamation addressed by the Crown Prince of Sweden to the French People. It is such ns was wished for and expected; and, though the senti- ments are caution 1\ am) rather obscurely worded towards the close, it is sufficiently expressive and pointed at the beginning, as to produce an impression upon the French " Nation most dangerous to the authority of the Usurper.— T. he following is a copy :— TI1E CROWN PRINCE OF SWEDEN TO THE FRENCH PEOPLE. < C FRENCHMEN !— At the command of my King, I have taken up arms, for the purpose of defending the rights of the Swedish people . After having revenged the insults which they had suffered, and assisted in effecting the liberation of Germany, 1 have passed the Rhine At the moment when 1 again see this river, on the borders of which 1 have so often and so successfully fought for you, 1 feel the necessity of. again apprising you of my sentiments. The Government under which you live has continually bad in view to treat yon with contempt, in order that it might debase you : it is high time that this state of things should undergo an alteration. All enlightened people express their wishes towards the welfare of France ; but they, at the same time, wish that she may no longer be the scourge ofthe earth. The allied iYlonarchs have not united themselves to ; make war upon the People; hut to force your Government to acknowledge the independence of other States. This is their syle motive and aim; and I will pledge myself for the integrity of their sentiments. " Adopted Son of Charles XIII. and placed by the choice | ofa free peoplcat the foot of iheThrone of the Gustavuses, I can henceforward be animated with no other ambition j than that of securing the happiness of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian Peninsula; nnd at the same time, my principal happiness will consist ( after having fulfilled this sacred duty towards my adopted country) in securing the future happiness of my former countrymen. ( Signed) " CHARLES JEAN." Gir'v at my Head- quarters, Heiden, Feb. I 2, 1814. A Morning Paper says, that the expediiion which was about to sail for Canada has been detained by orders from ihe Admiralty It consisted of 4,000 marines, the frames of three frigates, ana 700 ship- carpenters. The conjecture in consequence of this unexpected suspension is either that the marines are to be immediately employed nearer home, or that the hope is confidently indulged of the restoration of Peace with the United States, through the medium of the ncgoeiqtion at Gottenburgh, which would render the defence of Canada no longer necessary. No fewer than 58 vessels have been fitted out at the port of thill alone, for the Greenland and Davis's Streights whale iishery, this season. In consequence ofthe great importance of this branch of trade, Government have deter mined to send for its protection a very strong fleet to each fishery, lo remain there during the whole of the season. FROM ML: LOTDON GAZETTE. A I) M11* A LT Y- O F F ICE, MARCH 5. Fx.' ract of a Letter " from Capt. J. PhilUmore, of the Eurotas frit ate, to Admiral Lord Iftilh, dated Plymouth Sound, March l. On the fi'Stli uh in lot. 47. 40. N. and long. 9 30. VV. we gave chace to a sail, which vve soon discovered to he an enemy's frigate, endeavouring to out- manoeuvre us in bring- ing her 10 action ; but having the advantage in sailing, 5 P. M. passed under her stern, hailed her, and commenced close action.— When receiving her broadside and passing lo her bow, our mizen mast was shot Away. 1 then ordered the helm io be put down to lay her aboard, but the wreck of onr mizen mas lying on our qurrter, prevented this desirable object from being accomplished — The enehiy just passed clear of us, and both officers and men of tlie Fnrotns renewed the action with 1 lie most determined bravery and resolution, while the enemy returned ouriire in a warm and gallant manner. We succeeded, in raking her again, and then lay broadside lo broadside; at 6. 20. our mainmast fell by the board, the enemy* s mizen mast falling at the same time: ai [ 6. 50. our fore- mast fell, and the enemy's main mast ajrnosi immediately afterwards. At ten minutes after seven, she slackened her fire ; but having her fore- mast standing, she sucec^ ded with her fore- sail in getting out'of range. During Ihe whole of ihe action, we kept up a heavy and well directed fire : nor do I know which most t< » admire, the seamen at the gieat gnus, or the marines with thcii small arms, they vying with cach other who should most annoy the enemy. " I was at this time so much exhausted by the loss of blood, from wound* I had received in t he early part of the action from a grape shot, that I found it impossible for me t'- o remain any longer upon deck. I was therefore under the painful necessity of desiring Mr. Smith ( First Lieu- tenant) to take command of the quarter deck, and to clear the wreck, and make sail after the enemy. We kept sight of the enemy during the night ; and before twelve uext day Lieut. Smith reported to me that, by great exertions, jury masts aud sails were set iu chase of the enemy, who had not even cleared away his wreck, and t hat we were coming: up with her very fast, going at the rale of six and a half knots; that the decks were perfectly clear ; and that Ihe officers and men were as eager to renew the action as they were to commence it. But, t<> the great mortification of everyone on board, wc perceived two sail on the lee bow, whieh, proved to be the Dryad and Achates, and they hav- ing crossed Ihe enemy ( we only four or five miles distant) before we could get no lo her deprived ns of the gratifica- tion of having her colours hauled down to us. " The enemy's frigate proved to be the Ciorinde, of 44 guns, with fom brass swivels in each top, and a complement of3So picked men. ! l is with sincere regret 1 have to state that our loss is considerable, having20 killed and 40 wound- ed. The Fiench calculate their loss at laomen,"—[ Officers killed, Messrs. Spnrkiug, Greenway, and Vaughi. n, mid- shipmen; and Capt. Phillimore, Lieut. Ford ( Marines), and Mr. Bngstocks, midshipman, wounded, the two former severely, and the latter slightly ] ' Fhe Belvidera frigate, Capt. Byron, has captured the Vixen schooner; and the Recruit sloop, Lieut. Pechell, acting, has driven 011 shore ihe Inea letter of marque, of () guns, and 3> men, on the American station.— Gazette. On the Mediterranean station, tbe Euryalus frigate, Cant Napier, has dnven on shore a French storeship, of 20 guns, and 120 men; the Alcmene frigate, Capt. Coghlan, has cap- tured a French national schooner, of 12 guns, 99 seamen, and 24 soldiers ; and the Castor frigate, Capt. Dilkes, has captured Iwo small Fiench privateers, of 1 gun, and about 25 men each. SAIUIUMYTMAlien R » . French papers to the 2d instant h. ivetarrivcd : from these it appears that Ihe temporizing conduct of fhe A'lies has produced the r< suit apprehended from it. Bv hesitating, for six weeks, upon the right bank of the Ithine, they gave an opportunity fo Bonaparte to re- establish his armies ; by ! declaring their readiness to make peace with him, on certain I present abdications of his enormous claims of territory, I it is believed Ihe French people were prevented from refns- { ing him I l. eir ohedien< « ; and out of thai obedience, he has, at length, wrought the materials for resisting the Allies, j Hitherto, indeed, his losses in the campaign have probably exceeded theirs, but his reinforcements are nearest, and so > it is, that afler quitting Troyes, by a sort of verbal conven- tion, the Emperor of Austria proposed an Armistice. The following arc the Commissioners appointed to ncgociate il: Count Flahaut, Aide- de- Camp to Bonaparte— Count Duc- cn, Aide- de- Canfp to ihe Emperor of Austria— Count Si h'o'. tvalofT, Aide, de Camp to the Emperor of Russia— General Hunch, Chief Engineer to ihe King of Prussia. These Papeis contain two official repot ts fronHh « - a- mie. v, one bringing up the accounts of their situation lotheo4tli ult. and the other to theQ711 » . According lo these, Bona- parte, ou the 2- 2d, attacked the town of Merv,* ou the Seine, 25 miles above his former head . quarters at Nogent It was defended by part of Blucher.- corps, which, on evacuating it, sel the town on fire, and reduced it to ashes. That night Bonaparte bad his head- quarters at Chart res, three miles on this side of Mery. It was or. the 23d that Prince Schwartz- ruber; sent a flag of truce lo. propose an armistice ; aud on the 24th, the Commissioners met at Lusigny, to settle the conditions of it; but though this is stated in the first mili- tary icport, yet it is somewhat extraordinary, that in the second report, three days afterwards, nothing is said of the armistice, aud the military operations are continued, as if nothing of the sort had happened. Indeed ii was reported yesterday that Bonaparte had refused to sign any armistice until the allies evacuated the French territory and repassed the Rhine ; but there is nothing in the Paris papers to sup- port this assertion, and it is indeed indirectly contradicted by the fact of the negociations having commenced at Lusigny. Bonaparte had his head quarters at Troyes on the 2Gth. He had surrounded that place 011 the 23D, when a Russian Officer, under a flag of truce, obtained time for its evacua- tion, having accompanied bis request with the threat of burning the town if the enemy attacked it. After this, as. Mill he. s- en by the details, different corps of the enemy were pushed forward in various directions, and occupied Bar- sur- Aube, Bar- sur- Seine, and even arrived atChatillon, t he seat of Congress. The advance of A ugereau, threaten- ing the rear off he Allies, has probably been ajnaju cause of the retreat of Prince Schwartzenberg, and the application for an Armistice. Augereau is said to have sent troops to Chalions and Dijon, and Dessaix is si at. d to be under. the walls of Geneva.— It is lo be hoped that the Crown Prince of. Sweden may arrive in time to retrieve the affairs ofthe Allies. Another Dutch Mail, which arrived last night, has brought accounts of the rapid advance of his army into France. ANOTHER GREAT VICTORY IN AMERICA — By an officer who has just sU'rived in this city, only 22 days from Bermu- da, we learn the important intelligence that the American General Wilkinson had experienced a severe defeat from the British troops iu that quarter, that his army has been completely cut to pieces, and that we are again iu posses- sion of Sacket's harbour, & c. Me states alfeo that the bill for laying a general embargo in all the American ports had passed the House of Representatives, as had also another bill, to oblige the militia to march wherever their services mav be required.-—. Exeter Flying Post. Various accounts have been published respecting the advance of Lord Wellington ;— the following is all Ihe in- formation of which Ministers are in possession : " IVar Department.— The Walsingham packet, Captain Bullock, is arrived fron Passages. She brings no dispatches from Lord Wellington, nor any returns of his army. It appears by private letters and " verbal accounts, thai the right wing* of the army was put in motion about the 13th nit. and had moved upon St. Palais, aud from lhence lo the Gave d'Oleron, on which river the British troops were established upon the J8th. Loid Wellington retired to the left of his army; audit is supposed that operations upon the Lower Adour commenced on the 23d." PCST^ CMIF- LONDON, Monday Night, March 7, 1814. GLORIOUS NEWS— NO ARMISTICE— MORE VICTORIES. AN express has just arrived in town from Dover, with an account of the landing of two Messengers there, this morning, about 8 o'clock, from Calais. One of the Messengers was the bearer of dispatches from Lord Casllereagh. The following particulars are all that have transpired.— Bonaparte having pressed upon the Allies at Troyes, they abandoned it, retired toChaumont andColomhe. Schwartz- enberg had detached Blucher by Mery, across the Aube, towards Sezanne, de Ferti, Sons, Jonue, at which latter place he crossed the Morne, after gaining several advan- tages over the corps of Marmont and Morlier Meanwhile Bonaparte hac followed the grand army Two actions took place, one at Bar sur Auhe, and another at Vanleauvres, both favourable to the Allies.-— On the ist or 2d, Bonaparte, alarmed probably at the progress of Blucher, who had been joined by Bulow and Winzingerode, left 45,000 men before Troyes, and went towards Blucher. Schwartzenburgh in consequence, immediately advanced from Calombe and Chaumont, to wards Troyes The last dispatches are dated the 3d, from Chaumont and Chatillon Blucher, Wittgenstein, aud Schwartzen- bergh had all been slightly wounded. The, Ci own Prince had joined the Allies wilh 70,000 men, and the Hungarians and olher reinforcements had joined them with60,000 men. Mr. Robinson arrived at Chatillon on the 3d. Paris Papers of the 5th have arrived, containing no further mention of military operations, lint stating only that the Emperor was continuing his great operations, and enjoyed the best state of health ISO ARMISTICE HAD BEEN CONCLUDED. A Letter has been received from an officer in Lord Wel- lington's Army, of t he 22d inst. stating, that his Lordship returned 011 the day previous from the right of the Army, which he accompanied for 15 leagues.— On the morning of the 22d his Lordship set off to prepare the main body for crossing the Adour, and the most important occurrences are immediately expected. By ihe Paris Papers, it appears French funds had fallen to 53, and the greatest apprehensions were entertained at Paris, in conscquence of the near approach of Lord Wel- lington and his Army, Who are staled to be only 3o leagues from the French Capital. A letter frorri Dusseldorf, dated February 18, brought by I tie Bremen Mail, says, " We have this moment received intelligence of the surrender of Antwerp. This important occurrence was known at Brussels even before the depar- ture of the post, but we a » e still in want of the particulars, which we shall probably receive by the next post " Yesterday the following Bulletin, as to the state of the KING'S health, during the last monlh, was exhibited at St. James's Palace to the inquirers, who were more numerous than they have been for some months past : u Windsor Castle, Diarchy. llis M AJESTY continues under the full influence of his disorder, but his bodily health is good, and his M AJERTY has passed the last month in an uniform state of tran- quility." SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY. MARCH 9, 1814. The Lease of Kiugsland Collate, advertised to be sold by Auction at the Lion Ian, on the IQIh instant, is disposed uf by Private Contract. BIRTH. Tuesday se'nnight, al Plymouth, Hie lady of Sir Peter PHI ker, of a son ; two hours after whose birth, thegallant Captain arrived at Phmoulh, with his re- capture uf the Spanish galleon, St. Juan Baptista, said to he worth 300,000/. MARRIED. Yesterday, at St. Chad's, hy the Rev J. B. Blakeway, Major- General Lcthhridge, lo Frances, widow uf the laic Charles Fowler, Esq. DIED. Yesterday, highly respected, Mr. Lawrence Wootton, formerly ofthe Mermaid Inn, iu this town. A i Corcley, in this county, aged 70, the Rev. W. Devey, Vi( ar of Sheldon, in the county of Derby. At I. udlow, greatly respected, Mr George Fox. Aged CO, Mrs. Passey, wife uf Mr. Passey, auctioneer, I. udlow.. Ou the 28th Feb at Wall- under Haywood, in this county, Mr G Lewis, cooper, much regretted by all who knew him. ln his S2d year, al Mintern, in Dorsetshire, Robt. Digby, Esq. Admiral of the Red, the senior Admiral of the Navy, excepting Ibe Duke of Clarence, who went first to sea with him as a Midshipman, when he was a Rear- Admiral. At Plymouth, in his 59th year, tbe Rev, John Bidlake, 1) I>. of Christ- Church, Oxford lie possessed consider- able literary attainments, and bis poetical effusions were highly distinguished. I. atcly, at Wolverhampton, aged 77, Mrs. Bishop, relict of I lie late Thomas Bishop, Esq ofChapel Ilouse, Stafford- shire, aud Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire. Visiting Clergyman this week at Ihe Infirmary, the Rev. Edward Pryce Owen .-— House- Visitors, Mr. Crump and Mr. Eddowes Slit ROWLAND HILL— The following extract of a letter from one of this gallant officer's aides- de- camp, must be read by Salopians with the deepest interest. Tbe letter is dato. S/ Paints, Feb. 20. " 1 was riding in front of I. ord Wellington and Sir Row- land, wilh one ofthe former's aides- de- camp, when iu cros- sing a French battery a round shot passed between us, then went very near l. ord Wellington's head, and afterwards struck and killed Sir Rowland's horse. The ball entered Ibe shoulder of Ibe animal, passed through his body, and went between Ibe legs of the rider, Tiie General was a liltle hurt by the f. dl, hut not by any means seriously. You may better judge, than I can describe, our alarm, until we ascer- tained lhat this was the case." Distresses in Germany.— We have been favoured wilh a sight of a letter sent to the Mayor, soliciting a subscription lor the relief of the distress in Germany ( see Advertisement in a subsequent column) ; and the following are the contents j— " SIR, <( You have no doubt heard, and with feelings of deep compassion, of ihc Distresses endured by the Inhabitants of; hose Ports of Germany, which became the Seat of War during the late sanguinary Battles between the Allied and the French Armies. " lie assured, Sir, that the most animated description would tail to convey even a faint picture of the sufferings, heightened by the & v. eri ties ofa rigorous Winter, vim h have overwhelmed multitudes of Families, whose habita- tions aud property have been exjH'sed to the devastat ions of the campaign. '' The cry of these* acctimalajed miseries, reaching this happy land, whose shores have, by the protecting hand of Providence, been screened from such aggressions, have revived the Committee formed in 1805 forthe relief of the Germans suffering under similar calamities; and they re- sume their exertions, in ( lie confident expectation of being rendered Ihe organ of affording that needful relief, which British humanity never fails lo extend to the Distressed. " In such benevolent efforts the Committee feel assured thai Ihe Corporation and Inhabitants of Shrewsbury will take pleasure in hearing a share; aud they beg leave to inclose, fur your Information, an account of their own pro- ceedings, wilh extracts from the diveumenls which they have received, containing a few ofthe melancholy details. " You arc. Sir, earnestly tvud respectfully entreated lo call the attention of the Corporation and Inhabitantsof Shrews- bury, and its Vicinity, to the case of their suffering Gcrmau brethren, by such public notice as you may judge most proper, and to promote among them, in furtherance of Ibis design, a public or private contribution, which will be . thankfully received as a token of their Christian Charity, and be administered by the Committee in that way which shall appear best calculated to give cffect to their benevo- lent wishes. < c Wc have the honour to be, " Sir, " Your obedient Servants, " W. THORNTON, Treasurer. " R. H MARTEN, Secretary." j " Committee Room, City of London Tavern, " 0th February, 1814." Wm. Owen, Esq. of tbe Temple, is appointed Attorney- General of the Carmarthen Circuit, in the room of the late John Touehet, Esq. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC.— A woman who calls herself Sarah Owen, w ilh two small children, was 011 Saturday last examined at thcTown Hall, on suspicion of being an im- postor, and thereby defrauding ttie parishes, hy gelling relief.— On her person . were found 17 pair of stockings, i( i pieces of lace, 5 one pound bills, £ 1. i Is. in silver, and 3s. 4d. in copper; she was not committed on account of her children. Last neek were committed to the House of Correction at Much Wcnlock, by M. P. Stephens, Clerk, for the term of 14 days, i7. Holmes and Sarah Davics, for stealing a quantity of Swedish Turnips, the properly of Mr. Morris, of Willev. Il is the determination of Ihe magistrates lo punish offenders of Ibis description with exemplary severity. About 12 o'clock on Tuesday, the 3d inst. a man anil two women entered a cottage 011 Pulley Common, occupied by \ t'm. Marston, a riecrepid old man, and after dragging him out of bed, they beat and kicked him in Ihe most brutal manner, and struck liim upon Ihe head with a hammer: the wretches then left him. Next morning, iu a bloody and dying stale, he was discovered by bis daughter, who resides at a short distance, and bis recovery is extremely doubtful. It is impossible to guess tbe motives lhat could actuate the perpetrators uf this deed: for the bouse is wretched in iis appearance, tbe inhabitant in bis ninety- fifth year, almost peunyless, and has been a cripple 20 years. Tiie miscreants had with them 3 turkeys and 2 ntmpless fowls. The man was slim made, and wore a smock frock. A person in a similar dress was seen in a neighbour- ing farm- yard tbe same night; but he decamped ou being accosted hy one of the servants The business of ihe Oxford Circuit commenced 011 Monday at Reading. The com mission will he opened at Oxford Ibis day, and on Saturday al Worcester. Bristol Fair commenced on Tuesday. A pretty good shew of cattle, and prices rather on decline.— Hides of all soils sold freely at advanced prices. Skins. 01 all sorts, a very flat sale, at prices considerably reduced. Raw goods scarce, at high prices. PRicrs.— Heavy crops 2s. to2s. id. Light and middling ditto 23d. to 2s. Shoe aud coach hides 2s. 2d. to 2s. ,' jd. Best saddlers'ditto 2s. t* d to2s. 2d. Common and inferior ditto 2s 102s. id. Bulls 30( 1. to aid. Bnffalos I7d. lo soil. Prime heavy ditto 2id. to 22d. Rounded dilto 2s. to 2s. ( id. Horse hides 23d. to 2s 2d. Spanish ditto 2s. 5d. to 2s. sd. Best pattern skins 3s. 6d. to 3s. 7d. Common diltu 3s. 3d. to 39. sd. Heavy ditto 2s. lod to 3s. Sd. Welsh ditto 2s. gd. lo 3s. 3d. of heavy weight. Irish ditlo 2s. gd. lo 2s. lid. Kips 2s. 6d to 2s. led. Mogadoreditto2s. to2s. 3d. Light seals 3S. Id. to 3s 2d. Raw Buenos Ayrcs Hides lod. to i 1 ^ d. Salted Irish ditlo 58s. to Cos. per cwt. Ditto Skins 7d. lo 8d. Dillo Veals I2d. DR. REF. S'S NEW CYCLOPEDIA.— THE Editor AN* Pro- F prietors have lately announced, that this valuable Wmk MOUNT OF Subscriptions for Ih. will be completed " within three years, forming" thirty- sii I » iJh nNrw'itf^ kftri-. ee'foi n'B\& C- volumes, twenty- six of which are ulrcadv published. Of Public e Acconitno< lali all the celebrate! I r. V.'. V^,'.'."':"""' 1: i'l 11 the Encyclopaedias to which Ihe original and celebrated Dictionary of Chambers, has given birth, the Cyclopedia of T) r. Rees is the most comprehensive. The long life of the learned nnd indefatigable Editor has been devoted to its Improvement, aided by. his numerous and able co adjutors. The elegant and accurate Engravings of Loicry, Milton, and Scott, which illustrate this Publication, are iu themselves of superior utility and value, and render the Work unique in Ibis popular class of publications. MARKET HERALD. Return of I ho price of Wheat bore in the week ending onFriday last, I Is. Od. to 12s. Od.— Average p. ice j of grain in our Market oil Saturday last— Wheat I Is. G. I. 1 — Barley ( is. Oil.— l'ease Ss. Od. per bushel of 38 quarts. — Oats 7s. 6d. per customary measure of 57 quarts. MARK- LANE, MARCH 7. There was a good supply of Wheat this morning, for which there was a good demand, and that of fine quality sold from 2s. toss, per quarter higher than on this day week; Barley sold freely at an advance of 2s. per quarter ; aud fine Malt is also as, perquarter dearer; Beans are 2s. per quarter higher; Oats fully maintain last week's prices ; White Peas, being scarce, sold readily, and are 2s. per quarter dearer. ] u otherarli. les there is no alteration. A lluvn i oi » uDSCriptions for Ihe Mi nion il in Hmioiii I'V of Sir ROWLAND HILL, KB. & c. &. c. & c. combined - ation uf the £ 18/ 9 to f. SUBSCRIPTIONS SINCF, OUR. LAST. John Edwards, liar- £• s. d.. .1. Poole - - - - 2 2 0 icscott - - - - 3 3 o! J. Clay, IVem - - 5 G O Henry Dcakin, I lol- j R. Cariwrighl - - 1 1 O brook - - - - 1 1 Oj John Simpson - - lo 10 o Subscriptions continue lo be received at the Cleric of the Place's Office, at the Bunks, and Ncms liooms. SALE WITHDRAWN. RFF^ NE AUCTION FUR respectfully informs the Public, thai § the SA LE of HOUSEHOLD GOODS, & c belonging toTfioMAS TUDOR, Esq. Castle Street, advertised to be sold on Thursday, the 171I1 Instant, will not take place. nnHE next COMMERCIAL DANCING and CARD 1 ASSEMBLY, ( arid last for the Season,) will be in the LION ROOMS, ou THURSDAY, Ibe loll, of March. Shrewsbury, 24// i Feb. 1814. In the pleasant Pillage of Brace Meole. TO BE LET FURNISHED, FOR SIX MONTHS, OR A LONGER PERIOD, Or, Un furnished, for a Term of Years, POSSESSION ON Tin: I IRST OF APRIL, A MOST desirable CO L TAG E, with a Garden attached, JnL suitable for a small genteel Family.— For further Parti- culars enquire of Mr. R. PRITCHAUD, Shrewsbury, if bv Letter, Post paid. ' SHERIFF'S OFFICE, Shrewsbury, yl/ i March, 1814. lyjOTICF, is hereby given, that ihe Assizes forthe ' County of Salop will be held nt. Shrewsbury, ill and for the said County, on Wednesday, the tweuty- third Day of Man h, 1814. WILLIAM CLTJDDE, Esq. Sheriff. CARDING ION IN CLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given, That a MEETING of th » _ Owners and Proprietors of Lands within the Manor » > f Lydley and Cardington, in Ihe Counly of Salop, will be lo Id al the CROWS INN, i 1. Church Streiton, 011 MONDAY, the ] 4th Day of MARCH nexl, al eleven o'Clocl. in ihe Forenoon precisely, to peruse aud consider the Dili 110..' depending in Parliament, for Inclosing and Dividing t'. ie Commons and Waste Lauds within Ihe said Manor; uud I - > take theCousents orDissents of the Proprielors to the " same, to avoid Ibe F. xpenee of separate personal Application to each. I EM P, ERTON, COU1' LAN D, and DCK ES. Teh. 01 uii Shrewsbury, Feb. 04, 1( j| 4, SHREWSBURY A ' VFlfvE S0U) V'L PKIVATK CONTRACT, CIA RE MONT In! I I" » » ' « ><• « < Hie R„„ o! t, of pat ion of Surgeon 1] nnVphreys^ R """ <>— , ,' vn,,,"' Vnli"' S tn* lllhe of Messrs. Pc> i SERXON COUP LAND, and DUKES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. ' March 4th, 1814. : WANTED, a steady Person, who undersiands WASH- ING and G ETTING UP FINE LINEN, can work well at her Needle, and wait upon a Lady. None need apply who cannot have a Character of being capable ofihe above.— Apply to THE PRIXTER. Distress in Germany.- The. collection in the metropolis! V , Pe'fe. c">- "" derslauds LEA I H ER- DRESSI NG, for the relief of the inhabitants of this unhappy country, ! w'" bc, r « l° « ed » " take the Care of aY ard - " suffering from the calamities of war and the atrocities . if i •• ' culars apply to Mrs. LLOYD, Skinner, Oswestry tbe French, amouts to nearly £ 40,000. The principal cities and towns through the united kingdom are nobly following the example; aiid'onr chief magistrate, has callcd t he at- tention of this town and neighbourhood to similar acts of benevolence. ( See Advert, in a subsequent column. J To the EDITOR of the SALOPIAN JOURNAL. SIR,— A writer in I he lasl Chronicle, under the signature TO WHEELWRIGHTS. WANTED a JOURNEYMAN WHEELWRIGHT: a good Workman will have liberal Wages and con- stant Employment, hy applying to THOMAS LEWIS, Corflon, near Ludlow, Shropshire. March 2, 1814. TO LEATHER- DRESSERS. WANTED immediately, a sober, steady Man, who perfectly understands LEATH ER- DRF. SSI f . ' " For if by WORCESTERSHIRE. MANOR AND FARMS. TYTHE- FREE TO BE SOLD BY PRIPATE CONTRACT," Either together, or in separate I ots r^ HF. MANOR of CHADDH H, in the' Parish cf X Bromsgrqve, will, the following Farms, viz. Acres. 283 Letter, Post- paid. WINE FRIJ1T ON SALE. ACARGO of DENIA RAISINS just arrived— Apply to ATHERTON, TOWNDROW, and Co Liverpool of R. C. Ira the combination of a Triumphal Arch with a Market,^' in- tended to be erected by the Inhabitants of this Town and County, in honour of Lieut General Sir ROWLAND HILL ; and he confidently pronounces it to be an " ill- timed, ill- suited, aud ill- placed combination." R. C. would not have the honours of Sir Rowland Hill " bundled up and fastened for belter for worse to the Butter Cross." I presume this gentleman has seen our far- famed Butter- Cross, w ith its wondrous zone, and has received from the spectacle such impressions as many others have ex- perienced, who are anxious for the credit of our venerable town, and he has hastily concluded that we mean to pie- serve this precious structure, and erect before it a Trium- phal Arch. No wonder then be should denounce such a combination as " ill- timed, ill suited, and ill- placed." — Let this gentleman be informed, however, that it is pro- posed to take away entirely Ihe present Bulter- Cross— noi- ls it designed 10 btlild another Butter- Cross, either before, or behind, 01 on either side of, or upon, or under the Tri- umphal Arch- Thus we get rid of one of the soureesof this smart gentleman's ridicule, which is an imaginary monster of hisown creation, kindly fathered upon the townsmeu of Shrewsbury. But R. C. maintains, tbat to join a triumphal arch to a market- place, is to produce " an original mongrel monument of bad taste" This I conceive is a premature and precipi- tate decision — Has this gentleman seen any design, which strikes him as au absurd conjunction of the sublime with Ihe humble, or of the grand with the mean ? Does lie im- agine that the entrance to our Market is to be formed on t he model ofthe grand Arch at Berlin, or Of the arches erected, for the triumphal processions lo pass under, at Rome? We intend to copy no such magnificent designs. Bul we cannot perceive tiny incongruity 111 dedicating an Arch, which may be suitable to the town, to the Street, and to the Market- place, lo a Military Hero— to whose exertions wc feel ourselves lo he, indebted in some measure, that we are enabled to pursue those peaceful occupations, which are to he carried on in the area within. So far from agreeing with R. C that the dedication of < 1 market is " ill- suited and ill- timed," I am of opinion that it would be far more acceptable to the person whom we design lo honour, than anv merely ornamental structure whatever. TI10' Sir Rowland be a linn in I he field of battle, it is well known that " peace is his dear delight." He has no . fondness for blood- shed— no enjoyment of Ihe horrors of war, tho' inflicted 011 a foe every way worthy of execration He does not fight for conquest— be lights only because he cannot be at peace— because the evil of foreign war pre- vents the greater evil of war upon our own territories.— Peace, then, and the atts of peace, arc what he loves and cherishes. Aud to such a character Ihe dedication of some useful improvement will be far more pleasing than auy tall column " to proudly tell ils tale." But let us see what 1!. C. proposes iu lieu of Hie projected Market and Arch. He suggests, that " au arch would be highly ornamental to Ihe Squae before the Town- hall, just oft' the line of Ihe High Street," that is to say, in front of the GREEN MARKET. So this gentle- man's laste is so curiously fastidious as lo revolt at the idea of an arch being built in front of a place where butter and eggs are to be sold— yet is quite delighted with anticipating a similar structure in from of a place where potatoes and cabbages are offered lo sale ! If Scylla annoyed us before, w here are we now ? There is less objection to the Arch on the space before RS. WARREN, having succeeded Miss WEAVER in IM the ABBEY FOREGATE SCHOOL, takes this Opportunity; of soliciting the Patronage of their Friends CHADD1CI1 HALT. FARM, Mr Isaac Badger, Tenant, with the Woods, contain. ag about THE BEACON FARM, Mr. William Gr. eo, Tenant, containing about 182 The above Estatcsare held by Leases from Christ Choicb College, Oxford, al very small annual Rents, for 1 be Term of 21 Years from Lady- Day last, renewable ai Ibe End of every 7 Years 011 Payment of a Fine. The Manor aud Farms, from the Situation of tlie Wood » and Hill", are well calculated for the Preservation of Game, of which there is Abundance, and there are four, excellent Pools for breeding and feeding Fish— Tbe Whole would form a very eligible Pn. chase for a Sportsman, aud the Farms being almost wholly Tylbe- free, and very imiin v- ablc, arc well wort h the Attention of an Agriculturist.— The Tenants are under Notices lo quit at Lady- Day next. For Particulars apply to JOSEPH ROBINS, Esq. Stour- bridge; Mr. R. VV. GEM, pr Mr. JUKI MI'COURSE, New Street, Birmingham, at either of whose Offices Plans ol the Estates may he seen. i- is favoured the public with some strictures upon I and the Public in general, and informs lliem that she sa » favoured 4".,, will, . Market , ' intends REMOVING at Lady- day to a commodious House, more eligibly situated in THE SAME STREET— Mrs WAR- REN assures the Parents and Guardians of those tbat are entrusted to her Care, that the most unremitted Attention shall be paid to their Health, Morals, and Improvement. N. B. A Half- Boarder wanted. Shrewsbury, 4th March, 1814. EDUCATION. AGENTLEMAN, residing in DOGPOLE, will undertake the Tuition of a select and limited Number of YOUNG GENTLEMEN, as DAV PUPILS, from the Age of Seven 10 Twelve ; so as to qualify them thoroughly for any of the Public Schools. For farther Particulars apply to Mr. D. PRITCHARD, Dogpole, or tu Messrs. EDDOWES, WATTON, and SAND- FORD, Booksellers. Shrewsbury, February 18, 1814. ^ YLLIAM BRYAN, 7 ( LATE APPRENTICE, AND FOR M A N Y YE A RS ASSISTANT TO THE L. ATE MR. EVEP. AI.,) WOOLLEN, LINEN, AND COTTON DYER, C OTTON- IIIL L, SURE IF SB UR Y, T> ESrECTFULI. Y begs Leave to inform his Friends, V the Friends of the late Mr EVERAL, aud the Public in general, lhat he has TAKEN TO THE TRADE of the deceased Mr. EVERAL, which he will continue lo carry 011 upon the same Premises as usual, and solicits a Coul in nance of those Favours, which have been so liberally, and for so many Years, conferred upou his Predecessor. KEDEVVEN, HOPTON, AND 0VEHGOUTHITR INCLOSURE. T JONES, one of the Commissioners appoint- - 8- 5 ed for putting into Ex" —- " for dividing . xecution the Act of Parliament nd inclosing the Commonable Lands and Waste Grounds within the Manors of Kedcwen, Hoptou, and Overgorlher. in lite County of Montgomery, DO ( in Consequence of a Notice published in this Paper) THINK. IT RIGHT TO STATE, That Ihe WHOLE of the said Lands and Grounds have been divided and allotted, and in Hut Possession of the Proprietors for some Years ; and thai tbe Decease of my Acting Co- Commissioner, without a Suc- cessor having'qualified to act, ISAS occasioned the Delay in settling the Inclosure Concern arid finally making- up the Accounts.— And I hereby signify my Intention to lay iny Books of Account and Vouchers before a Committee, for Inspection, . it Ihc BEAR INN, in NEWTOWN, 011 WED- NESDAY, the S3< 1 of MARCH Instant, or nt any other Time which Ibe Committee shall think proper ; and of my being ready to act wilh a Successor to the deceased Commissioner, for completing Ibe Business, and for making a Rate upon the Proprielois to raise I he- Money that remains deficient for discharging the Expenses relating to llie said Inclosure. THO. JONES. Pen'brcn, 5th March, 1814. THOMAS BAGNALL, GLASS AND CHINA DEALF. E, INFORMS the Public thai he is selling off UNDER PRIME COST, a large Assortment of rich cut and plain G LASS of all Descriptions; a great Number of com- plete Tea Sets of gilded and enamelled CHINA, from £\. is. to £ 10. 10s. per Set ; and enamelled short Sets, al Ss per Set. Several blue and white Dinner Services, Des- serts, Tea Ware, & c. a large Quantity of the best and cummou White Ware of all Descriptions, be. N. B Please to take Notice, the above Goods will be on Sale at t'.. e reduced Prices TILL LADY- DAY NEXT, and 1111 longer, us T. li. is leaving Shrewsbury And all Persons indebted to Thomas Bagnall are requested to pay in their Accounts without Delay. JOHN BIRCH, FAINTER, DEEPLY impressed with Gratitude for the numerous Favours conferred 011 him fur a long Scries of Years, rcspeclfully informs his Friends and Ihc Public, lhat lie is REMOVED from Caslle Street to a House situate in BELMONT ( next Door lo M r. Simpson, Builder); where lie purposes carrying 011 the above Business in all ils Branches, and trusts lhat, by Assiduityand strict Attention i » , the Execution of Orders, be shall merit their future Patronage. Shrewsbury, February 22, 1814. NORWICH UNION FIRE AND LIFE OFFICE. JOHN BIRCH, Agent lo the above Office, respectfully acquaints his Friends anil the Public, that lie is the Free School; yet I have heard antiquaries complain or REMOVED from Castle Street, to a House situate in ' BELMONT, where he continues to receive Insurances'for the jumble of the orders of architecture already manifest in that building : what then would our men of taste say, were. a triumphal arch upon an approved classical model lo appear in front ofthe present Building? But Ibe strongest objection, iu my opinion, to auy work of mere ornament being erected within the Town, is Ibe state of Ihe Town itself. It is very fine to talk about Rotun- das, Columns, proud Arches, and such superb designs;— and were Shrewsbury like Rome, or Athens, or Dublin, or Edinburgh, it might be well ( liad we the means J to con- struct such monuiuent6 of our taste aud patriotism. But tbe above Office 11s usual. Shrewsbury, Feb. 22, IS14. LIME. BIRCH and YOUNG, ill expressing their Thanks for the Encouragement which the Public have given to Ibe I -. ime Trade here, have endeavoured to make the best Return they can, by providing additional Means to secure a regular and sufficient Supply. The same Attention will iiuuiL'iMb 01 our lasie auu oiuriouMii. out • t^ , .1 / \ v. / t • . i • . il seems lo me to he a symptom of anv thing rather than ! c ™ ' 0 hc " Inch thetr Friends set about beautifying a town before you have ! f" " L" m, '. 7 "• v " 7 , fc » l » f"', 8 « '*> V'l"? Neigh nuule'i't TZ^^^/^ Z^^ Z \ » ' whiclibas been might appear mean in Bath or London, may be very credit- ! , X Consumer. able in Shrewsbury What should we think of that man's I „ Ali, 2, r. de'? a, e " jested to be given to G. YOUNQ, taste, whom we saw exhibiting himself in a suit of elegant drapery, while his nails were black, bis teeth yellow, his chiu unshaven, and hair uncombed ? I cannot conclude without observing, that whatever may he said about liberal views, unconnected with local con- venience, it is certainly taking a very limited view of tbe present subject, to imagine or insinuate that honour can only be conferred by erecting a something which shall be purely ornamental, and which must he unprof- ined by any useful application. It will be the greatest honour to our Hero, lo consecrate to him what shall icallv improve tbe Town. I huinbly conceive, it would be no improvement to erect any of the superb monuments projected, until the Town had been rendered fit for their reception, by tbe removal of its many and disgusting nuisances. I am, Sir, youi's, & c. ' ith March, 1814. " OPPIDANUS. ON THE DEATH OF COLONEL HILL. While, speechless, o'er. thy closing grave we bend, Accept t hese tears, t lion dear departed friend : To shew fresh ^ aurels lei the task be mine, A frequent pilgrim at thy sacred shrine; M ine, w ith true sighs, thy absence lo bemoan, And grave with faithful epitaphs thy stone, lfe'er from me thy lov'd memorial part, May shame afllict this alienated heart! Oh, gone for ever ! take this long adieu, Aud sleep in peace, wilh those that loved you. Canal Wharf. Shrewsbury, 1.*/ March, IS14. 4th March, 1614. Relief of the Distress of the Inhatiilai. ts of those Parts of the Continent, and of Germany, arising out of the Ravages of IVar, during llie late Sanguinary Battles between the Allied and French Armies there : rjpHE MAYOR of SHREWSBURY having received a J Letter from THE COMMITTEE of Subscribers ip LON DON, requesting a SUBSCRI PTION to he made here, iloohls not but tbat the IN HABITANTS of Ihe Town and Neighbourhood ofSHR EWSBURY, possessing the Means, will be anxious to conirihule by pecuniary Aid to tbe Alle- viation of such unparalleled Sufferings, lie has therefore directed Books to be left at the different BAN lis, and at Ihe TOWN- CLERK'S OFFICE, for the Receipt of such Sums as shall be given, which shall be forwarded to London, and Ihe Names of the Subscribers inserted in Ihe Shrewsbury Payers. By Order of the Mnyor, LOXDA'LJi, Town- Clerk. SUBSCRIPTIONS. £. S. Corporation of Shrews- bury - - - 21 0 Right Worshipful the Mayor - . 5 0 £ s. ' 1. Mr. Loxdale - - 5 5 ,0 Mrs. Chat lolte'iley. eiit 1 0 Come and CVaigs - To 10 " 0 TWO PRIZES OF £' 20,000. ike. & c. ftc. AND ONLY ONE DAY TO DRAW, NEXT MONDAY, March 14, is tlic last Day of Drawing, wheu Ihe FIRST TICKET DRAWN a Prize above £ 17 will receive, in Addition, TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS. THE WHEEL CONTAINS 2 of £ 20,000 ) 2,000 3 1,000 1 500 Aud the full Proportion of other Prizes. Tickets and Shares are selling, warranted undrawn, at Shrewsbury, by VV. EDDOVVES, Printer, Market Drayton, R. GRANT, Post- Master, II rerham, j. PAINTER, Bookseller, Osvestrv, W. PRICE, Bookseller, l or 1UU1ARDS0N, GOODLUCK, and Co. CONTRACTORS, London, who sold in the Lottery lhal finished Drawing 2tiih January, SIX of the CAPITA L PRIZES, in 72 Shares. NORWICH UNION FIRE AND LIFE INSTITUTIONS. TN these Establishments ALL THE SAVINGS ARE RETURNED TO THE INSURED. In Consequence otfthisPlan, the Members of tbe Fire Insurance. Depart- ment. whose Perio." of Repayment has arrived, have received bach F'fty per Cent, of the Premiums they deposited. The Rates of the Life Institution me nearly Ten per Cent. lo: vcr than those of o'her Establishments, and its Insurers have the additional Advantage of being entitled to a periodical Bonus. Further particulars mav he had gratis, of Mr. J. BIRCH, jun. Shret Jmry Mr. J. B. MACMICHAEL, Mr E. MAPPER, Madeley Bridgnorth Mr. W. FUKBEII, Market Mr, W. HARTSHORN, Brosrley Drayton Mr. J. WOODWARD, Cf^ obury Mr. H. P. SILVESTER, Nexpo't Mortimer Mr. .1 ! 1URI. ESTOS, Osres'ry Mr, R. WALFORD, E'l smele Mr. J. VVALMsLttY, IP< l'i4ijZoii-. Mr. VV. FELTON, Ludhw or of any of tbe Agents who are appointed in tli£ principal Towns in this Couuty. 1814. To cover this Season, the beautiful Grey Horse LUTWYCHE, At three Guineas and a Half. LUTWYCHE will be at the George Inn, Shrewsbury, every Fiiday livening, and attend the Market on . Saturday; and return Home that. Evening, by the Cross Houses and Cound: the Remainder of his time at Lutwyche Hall. LUTVVYCHE is by Delpioi, out of Miss Teazle, own Sister to Sir Oliver, Josephina, Fyldeuer, Poult.. 11, be.— \ He is a Horse of amazing Power, stands sixteen Hands high, is seven Years old, and pet fectlv free from Blemisht For his Performances see Paring Calendar. Excellent Accommodation for Mares and Foals. Ciraas 8s. per week— Corn if required. YORK Will Cover, near Stafford, thorough hre. l Mares at six Guineas— Others at three Guineas and a Half. HE was got hy Hanihlelonian, out of ToUerclla— I'. amhletonian was hv King Fergus, ( by Eclipse) out ofa Highflyer Mare. Toiterelta, the Dam of several good Runners, nnd Sister to Tottering:', was got oy Dungaunon, ( by Eclipse) out of MarceVIa, hy Mamhriiio. York is a daik brown Horse, without white, eight Years old, of great size and substance, wilh uncommonly good Legs, perfectly sound, arid notwithstanding tbe Work he has ihitie, arid the high Weights he has carried, is entirely fii :- iiom Meniishes. lie won nogs, and the Ladies' Plate, at York, £ 50. and 05 ' S. at poucastcr, longs, at King- Cute, £ 50 al T. wksbury, '.'• - Jo and lite Gold Cup, at Stafford. 3l/' g « anil loops, at Bi:> try, 8' tgs. at Brtylgporth, Iwo King's Plates at War- t| Wick, umf6" ogs a Class of the 0.4tlauds at Newmarket, * * Hay and Grass for Mares at the usual Prices. All Expellees to be paid before taking Ihciti away. RYTON GROVE. TO RF. LET, READY FURNISHED, AND ENTERED UPON EARLY IN APRIL NEXT, THAT deniable Mansion House called RYTON GROVE, Willi ihe Coach- House, Slahles, Outbuild- ings Garden, Shrubbery, Lawn, aud SEVERAL PIECES of Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, containing about 22 Acres, situate in the Parish of Condover, and 5 M lies distant from the Town of Shrewsbury, iu the County of Salop. For further Particulars apply to Messrs. PEMUKRTON, COUPLAND, and DUKE?, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. TO 13li LET, AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT, ANEAT k convenient DWELLING HOUSE, situated at BRACE . MEOLE, now in the Occupation of Miss PETERS. Further Particulars to he learnt ot the House, or at Ihe Office of Messrs PEMBERTON, COUPLAND, and DUKES, Shrewsbury. GENTEEL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ADM ASTON, NEAR WELLINGTON, SALOP. TO BE LET, WITH POSSESSION AT LADY- DAY, A N entire new- built and very commodious genteel f\ HOUSE, with Stabling, extensive Garden and Offices, with or without fourteen Acres of I, AND, eight of which are in Grass, pleasantly situate in the Village of ADM AS- TON, near to the celebrated Sp. y. The House contains two excellent Sitting Rooms, four besl Bed Chambers, two Servants' Ditto, and a Store Room; the Kitchen, Brewhouse, and Offices are very convenient; and Cellaring dry and spacious: the Premises are every Way calculated for a genteel Family.— For further Parti- culars apply to Mr T. JUCKES, at Tern; or to JONATHAN PERRY, Shiewsbury TO BE LET. AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT, AHOUSE, GARDEN, and STABLE, pleasantly situ- ated in the ABBEY FOREGATE, Shrewsbury.— For Particulars upply at THE PRINTER'S— if by Letter, Postage must be paid. Meg 3tfcttoi SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the House of Mrs. Mary Pugh, the Wheat Sbesf Inn, Wylc Cop, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 12th Day of March instant, between the Hours of five and six in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced; Al l. those THREE Messuages, or DWELLING HOUSES, wilh the Appurtenances, situate in Mir K STREET, SHREWSBURY; antl now iu the several Occupa- tions of Samuel Moody, Anti Jones, and Elizabeth Jones. The Tenants will shew the Premises; and further Parti- culars may be bad by applying lo Messrs. MADDOCK and J ACKSON, AltornieS, Shrewsbury. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, ALL that will- accustomed Travellers' Inn, known by the Name of thc SWAN INN, WHITCHURCH, Salop, now in Ihe Holdingof Mr. John Willett. The above Inn is in complete Repair, and in full Business. For Particulars enquire ot Mr. ROBERT 11 ARPER, Glover, Whitchurch. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, 4 LARGE new- built Messuage or DWEI LING HOUSE, ri itli a commodious SHOP : hereunto belonging, situ- ate, lying, and being in WILLOW STREET, in the Town of OSWESTRY,. ill the County ofSalop, now in the Holding of Mrs. DOLBY. The Premises are well situated for carrying on an extensive Business: for Particulars apply tothe snid Mrs. DOLBY. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. IVrOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads leading from Much Wenlock to Church Stretton, and from Rushbury lo Ri shbnry Lime Kilns, called or known bv the Names of Hazle. and Rushbury GiteS, will be LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidders, at THE CROWN, in Church Stretton, ou THURSDAY, tbe SEVENTEENTH Day of MARCH, 1814, between tbe Hours of twelve und three o'Clock in tbe Afternoon.- in the Manner directed by the Act passed in tbe Thirteenth Year of tlie Reign of his present Majesty King Geurgethe Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads."— Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, witb sufficient Surety to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of • he said Turnpike Rodds, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. FR 4NCIS ALLEN, Clerk lo the Trustees of Ibe said Turnpike Roads. bp $ action* CAPITAL SITUATIONS, Market Square, High Street, nnd Cotton Hill, BY STTUDOR, At tlie Turf Tavern, on Tuesday, the 15th of March, 1814, between. the Honrs- of five and six o'Clock in the After- noon, subject to Conditions then to be produced ( if not in the mean Time disposed Of by private Contract, of which the earliest Notice will be given): LOt I. ALL those TWO commodious SHOPS, with large Cellar underneath, situate in the MARKET SQUARE and MIGI. I STREET, Shrewsbury, and now in the Occupa- tions of Mr. John Ruscoe, Saddler, and Mr. Robert Jones, Shoemaker. LOTS II. III. IV. All those THREE DWELLING HOUSES, with convenient GARDENS adjoining, situate on COTTON HILL, in the respective Occupations of Richard Scutt, Mrs. Drurv, and John Dod. Possession of the above Premises may be had at Lady- Day next— The Tenants will shew the Premises: for further Particulars, and to treat for the same, or any Part thereof, by private Contract, apply to THE AUCTIONEER. BY S." TUDOIL ~~ At t he New Inn, in Nesscliff, in tbe County of Salop, on Monday, the 21 " t of March, 1814, at three o'Cloek in thc Afternoon, in tbe following, or other Lots, aud subject to Conditions: Ol'NORV PIECES or Parcels of valuable PASTUREor ft MEADOW LANDS, situate in MELVEttLEY, in the Gold and Silver ff'alchei and Plate, best Sheffield Plated Goods, Japanned and Paper Tea Boards, Trays, tie. Tunbridge Turnery, best Cutlery, China, Glass, and numerous other Goods of real lvalue. BY JONATHAN PERRY, r] nHF. RESIDUE of Sir. HARLEY's valuable STOCK .1 IN TRADE ill the above Branches ( being by far Ihe most valuable Part), with rnanv other Articles of Consi- deration, will be THIS WEEK REMOVED from his Shop and Warehouses near the Market Place to the tiREA'f ROOM IN TH E CtlUNTY HALL, and there SOLD BY AUCTION ( without 1 he least Reserve, antl free from Duty). The Sale will commence on MONDAY, the 14th Instant, at Eleven o'Clock, and continue ou that and subsequent Days, till I he Whole is disposed of. TIMBER. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Thursday, I lie 17th Day of March, 1814, at four o'clock iu the Afternoon, at the House of Thomas Bullock, known hy tbe Dun Cow Inn, Abbey Foregale, in IheTown of Shrewsbury, f I" yry TIMBER TREES, growing 011 Farms at AL- f) / / BRIGHTON, three Miles from Shrewsbury, on the Ellesmere Turnpike Road, in the following, or such other Lots as may be fixed on at the Time of Sale, agreeable to Conditions then 10 tie produced. LOT 1. 24 ASH Trees, growing on Lands in the Occupa- tion of John Yales, called the Slang, Barn Croft, Rick Yard, and Little Meadow. LOT II 41 ASH, and I Asp Tree, growing on Lands in the Occupation of John Yates, callcd tbe Chapel Field, Well Meadow, Corbet's Piece, Nab's Horn, Lyon's Croft, Liltle Gorsty Piece, Rye Grass Piece, and Little Rape Hill. LOT III 40 ASH Trees, growing on other Parts ofjohn Yates's Farm, LOT IV 23 ASH Trees, growing on Lands in the Occu- pation of William Heighway antl Gough, called King's Field, East of the Turnpike Road, in Road near, and in the Blacksmith's Garden and Croft adjoining. LOT V'. 29 ASH, and 2 ELM Trees, growing on Lands in the Occupation of William fleighwav, called the'Garden, Orchard, about the House, Pool Meadow, Croft, Rick Yard, Croft hy Rick Yard, I Tree by Pit No 27, Slang, Heazy, and Hilly Bank. LOT VI. 13 ASH Trees, growing on Lands in the Occupa- tion of William Hcighwav, called the Paddock, Bath Piece, Fox Bank, and Flat Meadow. LOT VII. loo OAK, Trees, growing in various Parts of John Yates's Farm. LOT Vlll 121 OAK Trees, growing 011 Lands ill the. Occupation of William Heighway and — — Gough, called % A! E3 BP AUITTOTT; MODERN HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND MILLINERY STOCK. BY W. " SMITH, In the Large Room at the LION* INN, Shrewsbury, on Monday and Tuesday, the 14th and 15th Days of March, 1814, rSMHKi HOUSEHOLD GOODS nnd FURNITURE, J belonging to Mr. RICHARD BI- ACALL, together Willi all the MILLINERY STOCK, removed for conve- nience of Sale : comprising four handsome Tent Bedsteads, with Dimity printed Furniture, two Stump Ditto, seven excellent Feather Beds, three prime Flock Mattrusses, good Blankets and Counterpanes, Bedside anil Floor Carpels and Rugs, Mahogany, Oak, and Painted Dressing Tables aud Bason Stands, excellent -.! ahogatry anil Painted Chests of Drawers, Mahogany Night Table and Slools, neat Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, Square, Circular, and Elliptic Card Tables. Pembroke and Dining Ditto, capital Spanish Mahogany Secretary and Bookcase with I. lazed Doors, eight handsome Grecian- back Mahogany Chairs, twelve capital Grecian- hack Drawing Room Chairs, with Cane Scats, Japanned Black and Gold, twelve Rose- wood and Gold Chairs, Seg Seats, six neat Mahogany Chairs, Brass nailed, six neat Painted Chairs, Octagon Celleret, valuable Pit r Glasses in Golrl Frames, Swing Ditto, two Patent Lamps, Eight- day Clock, 30- hour Ditto, small Dial in Mahogany Case, Mahogany Dumb Waiter, Settee with yellow Cover; handsome Kitchen Wardrobe, neat W ire Fenders antl Fire Irrris; excellent Oak Counter wiih Drawers; capital Hunting Saddle, Quilted Seat and f laps; Stove and Pipe; small Kitchen Range, large Scale Beam ; with a great Variety of other Articles; together with a general Assortment of Kitchen Requisites; the Whole of which are expressed iu Catalogues, and may be had of THE A IJCTION EER. The Public are most respectfully informed that the Goods are modern, of the first Description, and deserving the Notice, of Families of I lie first Respectability, The MILLINERY STOCK consists ofa fashionable Assortment of coloured Sarsnets and Persians, Si'- k Hand- kerchiefs and Ribbons, Silver aud Silk Trimmings, Worked Muslins, Siik Cords, Purses, Gloves ami Sleeves, large Quantity of Black and White Lace, Feathers and Artificials, Gold, Silver, and Steel Waist Buckles ; large Quantity of Straw and Chip Bonnets, Caps, & c. ^ cc. with an Assortment of every Article in the Millinery Business, which will be put up in small Lots Sale to begin precisely at half past ten o'Ciock each Morning— tbe Household Goods the first Day. jMed bv Suctfoti CAPITAL OAK COPPICE TIMBER. BY T. HOWELL, Ai the Oak Inn, in Welshpool, on Friday, the lllli Day of March, 1814, al four o'Clock in the Afternoon, LOT 1. 100 OAK TREES, numbered with Red Paint. I. OT II. 407 OAK TREES, numbered with White Paint. The above Timher is growing 011 Lands near to LEIG11- TON HALL, in tbeCounlyof Montgomery, within two Miles of Welshpool and the Montgomeryshire Caual, and near to the River Severn. Mr. PARRY, of Leighton Hall, will shew the Timher ; for further Particulars enquire of JOHN LEE, Builder, orat ihe Office ot Messrs PEMHERTON, COUPLAND, and DUKES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. CAPITAL STOCK. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, at RUCKLEY, near Acton Burneil, on Wednesday, the 161I1 Day of March, 1814, the Properly of Mrs. BicKERSTAI'F : LOT I. OT VERY LARGE OAK TIMBER. BY W. CHURTON, At the Bridgewater Arms, in Ellestnerc, in the County of 1 Salop, on Thursday, the 7th Day of April, 1814, al four | o'clock in tire Afternoon, in the following, or such other ' Lots as shall be agreed upon, and subject to Conditions I then lo be produced : i LOT I. OAK. TREES, commencing with No. 1 and ending j with No 10. LOT IL 10 OAK TRF. ES, commencing with No. 11 and i ending with No. 20. LOT lit. 10OA K TREES, commencing with No. 81 audi ending with No. 30. Lot IV. 10 OAK TREES, comment ing with No. 31 and ending with No. 40. LOT V 10 OAK TREES, Commencing vvilh No. 41 am! ! ending with No so LOT VI. 10 OAK TRUES, commencing with No. 51 and ending with No. 60. The above Trees are growing in BOREATTON Bp aurttom BY J. BROOME, On Monday, ihe gist Day of March, 1814, A LL THE IMPLEMENTS M HUSBANDRY, WITH J;\ nearly " lie Whole of the HOUSEHOLD GOODa and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils am} Casks, belonging to Mr. WILLI AMU, of BOMERFI, near Condover, in the County of Setup ; consisting of one fine Cow in- calf, one fresh young Barren; two Road Waggons, one Tumbrel, six Pair of Harrows ; a Quantity of tKcellent well- seasoned Implement Timber ( in Lotn); Winnowing Fan, Sieves and Riddles, large Scales and Cast- weights, two Stone Cisterns, five Ditto Pig Troughs, four Dojtcn 1 f1 Hurdles, two Slack Frames, Set of Draining Tools, three Waggon Ropes, with a Number ofsdiall Implements, & c. T he liOU3FHOI. il I'liRN ITU RE consists of Four post and other Bedsteads witb Hangings, Feather Beds, Bolsleis, and Pillows, Blankets antl Covers, a Quantity of Linen, Lmen aud other Chefs, Oak Dining and other Tables, anil C hairs, Pier and Swing Glasses, handsome Ei'ght- Dav Clock, Ditto Bcatifel, Oat: Dresser, Willi Drawers autl Pewit r Frame, Quantity of i'ewler, wilha large Assortrnent of Kitchen Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Vessels, Hogs- heads, Half- Hogsheads, and smaller Casks ; the Whole of which will be Sold without Reserve —' The Sale to begin at len o'Clock in the Morning. BY . i7¥ k00ME5 On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 22d Dav of March, If 14, ALI, Ihe LIVESTOCK aud IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, belonging lo Mr. MEREDITH, of YOCKLE'lON, near Westbury, in the County of Salop: Consisting of 7 Cows calved aiid in- calf, 1 two- years old Bull, 4 three- years c'd Bullocks, 1 two- years old Dilto, 1 Din o Heifer, 4 Yearlings j 3 Waggon Horses and ' Gearing for Ditto, 1 Brood Mare, t Hack Ditto, I four- years old Colt of the Saddle Kind, I tl ree- y cars old Filley, 1 two. years ohl Horse Colt, i ditto Fillev; ll strong Store Pigs; i Waggon, 2 broad- wheel Tumbrils, 1 double Plough, I single. u heel Ditto, I Hand Dilto, 3 Pair of Harrows, i Roller, Winnowing Machine, 2 Drag lialtis, Pikels and PARK, near Baschurch, Salop, aud average upwards of I lii, 1;<' s. Sieves ami Riddles, Malt Mill, Com Screen, 100 Feet each. ' ' with sundry nlher Articles, fcc. LOT VII. 100 OAK TREES, growing in a Coppice called BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Monday, the 28th DayofMareli, 1814, ALL the valuable FARMING STOCK, IMPI. E- . MF. NTS in HUSBANDRY, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. WHITFIELD, of THF. WINTLEN, near Llansaiutffraid, in the Comity oT Mont- omery; consisting of seven capital Cows and two Heifers, the Slang, Heazy, Holly Bank, Preston Field, and Gougb's two Patches. LOT IX 55 OAK Trees, growing on Lands in the Occu- pation of William Heighway, called Little Coppice, Cop- pice Leasow, Flat Such, Round Hill, Big Meadow, Middle Inch Field, Lower Hill Marl Pit, and Hill Marl Pit. LOT X. 78 OAK Trees, growing on Lands iu the Occnpa tion of William Heighway, called Big Meadow, Ihe Pad- dock, Bath Field, Old Road Field, Jones's Field, aud Jones's other Field. LOT XL 44 OAK, and 3 Ash Trees, growing on various Parts of Thomas Ricliards's Farm. The above Timber is of large Dimensions, well situated for Land and Water Carriage, adjoining good Roads, three Miles from Shrewsbury. Richard Littlebales, Wheelwright, at Albrighton, will shew the different Lots, on Application; and further Particulars may be bail of THOMAS BULLOCK, Dun Cow, or THE AUCTIONEER, both of Shrewsbury; Mr JOSEPH H ALFORD, West Bromwich ; or Mr. RICHARD FOWLER Erdington. The Whole of the Timber is'marked and numbered pro- gressively with white Paint, beginning with No. 1, and ending with the highest Number in eacli Lot. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER AND POLES. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Bowling Green, in Uffington, on Friday, tLe 18th Day of March, 1814, at five o'Clock iu the Afternoon subject to Conditions : OO LOT! Q / OAK TREES, numbered with white Paint, standing in a Coppice near BATTLEFIELD. LOT II. lai ACRES of excellent OAK POLES, about 28 Years' Growth, now standing in the above Coppices, LOT III. 258OAK TREES, numbered with red Paint.— Also lit ACRES of OAK, BIRCH and other POLES, all standing in a Coppice near the HOME BARNS, adjoining Abrey Wood. LOT IV. g9 OAK TREES, numbered witb red Paint from 259 to 357, both Numbers inclusive.— Also l* ACRE of OAK POLES.— This l. ot adjoins Lot 3. All the Trees and Poles'ringed wilh whiteand red Paint nre to stand.— The Oak Trees are of a good Quality fur Ship . Plank, Cleft, or anv other Purpose — Lots l and 2 adjoin Connty ot Salop: _ the Turnpike Road leading from Shrewsbury to Hadnall, LOT LA Piece called the BRYN, containing 5A. lR. 32P. I „„,, ABJT , WQ MUes fr0" m „) c Kiver Severn, and the 1 Beauty and Calf 2 Tidy, to calve 3 Pretty, to ditto 4 Lily, to ditto 5 Cherry, to calve 6 Yearling Heil> r 7 Ditto ditto 8 Two Sheep. THE DRUMBI. E, adjoining Boreatton Park. LOT VIII. A Quantity of ALDER TREES, growing in the same Coppice. LOT IX. 100 OAK TREES, grow ing in a Coppice called NUCKYMOOR, adjoining the Road leading from Ruvton lo Baschurch. LOT X 60 OAK TRF. ES, growing upon a Farm in BASCHURCH, in tbe Holding of MR. John Pickr. lock. Tlie Timber is marked with Red Lead, is of very superior Quality, and situate near a good Road, within about two Miles of the Ellesmere Canal, and four Miles of the River Severn. Air EATON, at Boreatton Park, will shew the Timber ; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. RICHARD HUGHES, Timber Surveyor, Oswesli y; or Mr. LEE, Red- brook, near Whitchurch, Salop. M OA TOO MKH Y S H1R E ~ FI MBEUT ' The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock I At the Bear's Head Inn, in Newtown, 011 Wednesday," the- j 83d Dav of March, 1814, at five o'Clock in Ihe Afternoon, i subject to such Conditions as shall he then pr. duced : LOT 1 1 AA OAK TIMBER TREES, scribe- numbered 1 to 1 Ut r too, standing in Bron- v- gilll Coppice, 011 BRYN- TAI. CI1 l-' ARTR, iu the Parish of Llandvssil, ad- joining fbe Turnpike Road leading from Newtown to Garthmil, diSI ant from the latter Place about two Miles only. LOT II. 105 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered in like J , l. WIICt| Mlllt; wl SCV 111 t dpitdl VU « 8 ttllll IWU IlllltlSj 1 - - * » .. ... ....... . « ... 1 1 calved and in- calf, two yearling Bulls, five fat Splayed j M" l! neL, 401 to S05, in Cefi-. y Coppice, 011 the same Farm Heifers, five 3- vear old Bullocks, two 2- year old Bullocks, two 2- year old Heilers; two fat Pigs, six strong Store Pigs ; three capital young Waggon Ilorses, capital 4- year old Poney, 3- year old Colt; one Wheel Plough, one Pair of Harrows; and various Implements in Husbandry; with tbe Household Furniture, Brewing and Dairv Utensils — The Sale will Commence precisely at eleven o'Ciock, as tlie Whole will be Sold in one Day. Catalogues may be had at the Lion, Talbot, Britannia, and Raven Inns, Shrewsbury; Oak, Bear, Boll's Head Inns, Pool; Cross Keys, Cross" Foxes, Bell, Queen's Head, George, and all other principal Inns in Oswestry; Goat and Boar Inns, Llanfylliu; at Myfod, Llaiisainlflraid, Llanymyncch, aud Llandrinio; on Ihe Piemises; and of THF. AUCTIONEERS, Acton Bnrnrll T he Trees are of great Length, appear perfectly souud, and well adapted for Cleft and Navy Planking. Mr. PRYCE, of Bryni. tlch, will shew the Timber ; and further Particulars may be had of Mr ' ELLIS, Mercer, or Mr. T. DREW, Solicitor, New town aforesaid ; and also of Mr. JOHN F. VANS, Timber Surveyor, Tregynon. FURNITURE, IMPLEMENTS, & c. now iu the Occupation of Mr Edward Williams. LOT II. A Piece called the NEW PIECE, containin f\. oR. 35P. now in tbe Occupation of the said Etlward I Williams. LOT 111. Two Pieces called CHURCH MEADOW and SLANG, containing 9.4. 1R. 33P. now in the Occupation of thc saitl Edward Williams. LOT IV. A Piece called the LONG M EA now, containing fi. l. 2lt 27P. now in the Occupation ofthe said Edward Williams. LOTV. Four Pieces called Ilie'Tvvo CUTCAS'S, SPICER'S FIELD, and WEI'. N LLYDAN, containing 13A. ilt. 2sP. now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Lloyd LOT VI. A Piece called LOWER SEVERN SIDE PIECE, containing 8 Acres, now in the Occupation of Mr. John i Brown ] LOT VII. A Piece called UPPER SF. VEP. N SIDE PIECE, containing 6A. 2R. 30P. now in tbe Occupation of tbe said John Brown. John Edwards, of Melverley, will shew tbe Lots; anil for further Particulars apply 10 Messrs, ASTERLEY and JEFFREYS, Shrewsbury. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. BY S. TUDOR, ON Ihe Premises, al MEOLF. BRACE, on Tuesday, Ihe 22d Dav of March, 1314 ; ALL the valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE, Linen, China, and other Effects, the Pro- perty of the late Mrs PETERS, deceased; Catalogues of which will he prepared, and ready for Delivery on or after the 14th. and may be had at Ihe Bowling Green Inn, Meole, anil OFTHE AUCTIONEER, iu Shrewsbury. Capilal If'aggoTi Horses, Hackney hitlo, Waggon, Carls, Implements, Furniture, tf « . BY JOSEPH RIIODEN, On Monday, the uth Day of . Varch, 1811, near the White Hart Inn, in Much Wenlock ; A LL tbe LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, & c belong- Jr\ ing to Mr. SAMUEL DAVIS, of FARLEY, near Much Wenlock, Miller; removed to Wenlock for conve- Shrewsbury Canal.— Lots 3 and 4 arc about three and a half Miles from the River Severn and the Shrewsbury Canal, and about four Miles from Shrewsbury. Mr. Humphreys, uf Sundorn, will shew the Timber; and for further Particulars apply to Messrs. MADDOCK and JACKSON, Attornies, Shrewsbury; or lo Mr. JOHN LEE, Builder, Shrewsbury. BLOOD COLT. BY JONATHAN PERRY, In the HORSE FAIR, on Shrewsbury Fair day, being the 19th of March, 1814, at twelve o'Clock : ABAY COLT, with Black Legs, 3 Years old, and full 15 Hands3 Inches high, by Pavilion, Dam by Regent, Grandam by Old Revenge, Great Grandam by Old MatchVm Regent's Sire, Adamant by King Herod, who was full BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 31st Day of March, and Friday and Saturday, the tst and 2d Days " of April, 1814, ALI, tbe choice and well- selected DAIRY of COWS, and ( he valuable FARMING STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, and HOUSEHOLD FUR Ml TURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mr. SMITH, of BERGHILL, in Ibe Parish of WhittingtQii, and County ofSalop; consisting of 48 capital Cows, calved and in- calf, 2 well- bred Bulls, 3 three- year olds, 8 two year old Heifers, 8 yearling Calves; 6 able Waggon Horses and Gearing, I useful Hack Mare, 1 capital three year old Colt, of Ibe Draught Kind, 1 Filley, Hack Ditlo, i two- year old Filley of the Draught Kind, 1 yearling Coll ofthe Draught Kind, 3 yearling Colts of I lie Hack Kind; 21 capital Store Pigs in excellent Condition. The IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY consist of > Road Waggons, i Harvest Ditto, 3 Broad- wlieel Tumbrels, I Coal Cart, 1 Double Plough, 2 Single- wheel Ditto, 1 Hand Dilto, 4 Pair of Harrows, capital Thrashing Machine, by DIGGORY ; a large Quantity of Plough and Cart Timber; with all other- useful Implements iu Hus- bandry. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Brewing and Dairy Utensils aie in excellent Order and Repair. N. B. The above Stock of Cows are peculiarly bred for the Dairy, being selected from the choicest Dairies in Shropshire and Cheshire— The Ilorses are young, good Workers, and in excellent Condition ; and the W hole Stock are well worth the Attention of Farmers in general Catalogues to be had at the. CrossKevs, Cross Foxes, and all the luns, and at Mr. Miiishall's Printing Office, Oswestry; Lion, Talbot, Raven, Raven and Bell, Fox, Castle, and Britannia Inns, Shrewsbury; Bridgewater Arms, Black Lion, Red Lion, Swan, and all the principal Inns at Ellesmere; tbe different Inns in Whitchurch; Black Lion, Wem; Eagles and Bed Lion, Wrexham; Hand, Llangollen; the Inns at Ruabon ; Goat and Boar Inns, Llanfyllin ; Cross Keys, Llanymynech; at Nesscliff, Felton, Baschurch, Ruyton, on the Premises, and of THE AUCTIONEERS, Acton Burnell. BY J. BROOME, Without Ihc least Reserve, on the Premises at NET LEY, in the Parish of Slapteton, in the Occupation of Mr. WILLIAM . IUCKES, on Fridav, the 1 till of March, 1814, ALL the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Utensils; Thrashing and Winnowing Machines; about 18 Bushels of White nnd Dutch CLOVER SEED, in Lots; a Quantify of MANURE and STRAW; und all other tbe Effects now on t he above Premises. BY J. BROOME, On tbe Piemises, on Monday and Tuesday, the 14tli and 15th Davs of March, 1814, ALL Ihe valuable LIVE STOCK anrl IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY,' with all the neal and genuine HOUSEHOLD GOODS arid FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to the late Mr. ROSE, of ROSE GOUGH, near Westburv, in the County of Salop : consisting of 12 Cows wilh Calves and in- calf, 30 young Cattle; 9 Waggon Horses, Gearing fur 10 Ditto, s Saddle Horses, 2 Waggon Colts, 2 Hack Ditto; about isoShecp, in Lots; several Lots of Pigs; with Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Hai rows, and a Number of small Implements. The HOUSEHOL D FURNITURE consists of Fourpost and ot her Bedsteads with Hangings, Feather- Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets and Qnilis, Diningand other Tables and Chairs, Pier and Swing Glasses, 1. netl and other Chests, with a large Assortment of Kitchen Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks; the Whole of which are nearly new, and will be found well worth the Attention oflhe Public. The Live Slock will be sold the First Day ; and Ibe Sale to begin at Teno'Ctoel each Morning. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the sth, 6th, and 7th Davs of April, 1814: LL the valuable FARMING STOCK. IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging lo Mrs. DEAKIN, of LANG- LEY, near Acton Burnell, in the County ofSalop: con- A1 Brother in Bipod to Higbfly'er, his Dam Madcap by Eclipse, i sisting of 18 capital Dairy Cows, ealveii and in- calf, two The above Colt is in high Condition, anrl qualified for tbe Turf, Field, or valuable as a Covering Stallion. VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MILKING COWS, & EFFECTS, WITHOUT RESERVE. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On tbe Premises, on Monday and Tuesday, Ihc 2lst and 22d of March Instant, rin HE Whole ofthe genteel and excellent HOUSEHOLD J, FURNITURE, three valuable calving COWS, parti- cularly adapted to Families keeping Cows ( being capital Milkers), and various other Property, belonging to the Rev. Mr. CAMPBELL, at UDLINGTON, near Shrewsbury, ( leaving ibe Neighourhood). Further Particulars in future Papers, and Catalogues will he prepared aud distributed. NEAT AND VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LINEN, CHINA, & c. BY JONATHAN PERRY, nienre of Sale: consisting of 2 very excellent Waggon I On the Premises, on Monday, the 28th of March Instant, Horses. 1 Waggon Mare in- foal, 1 Hackney, n good Road- ster, and works well in the Gears ; 1 very good Waggon, 3 Carts, Ploughs, [.' arrows, nnd other Implements, 4 Sets of good Gearing; and about 200 Flour Sacks, which will he sold iu sr. r 11 Lots for the Accommodation of the Company. The Sale to commence precisely HI twelve u'Clock al noon. And on Tuesday, the 15th of March, IS14, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, on the Premises al FARLEY, near Much Wenlock, All the very valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of Mr. DAVIS aforesaid: consisting of good Kitchen Chairs and Tables, Eight- day ( lock in handsome 0: k Case, Green Windsor Parlour Cluiirs, Mahogany Tables, Ike. several Pairs of Bedsteads wilb Dimity anil oilier Hangings, good Goose Feather Beds, Counterpanes, Blankets, Bed anrl Table Linen, and a general Assortment of useful Furniture; also about 4 Tons of good Hay, a Quantity of Bolting and other Straw, a large Quantity of Manure, about 40 Bushels of Oats, 22 Bushels of Flour, and some Bran, in Lots. The Auctioneer begs lo inform the Public, that the Articles to be offered to them on llie above Days will be found truly deserving their Notice, and the Whole will be fold without RcBcrvc.— Tuesday's Sale to commence at ten o'Clock. without the leasl Reserve, rgMIK entire, neat, and reallv valuable HOUSEHOLD 3 GOODS, LINEN, mid many oilier Articles, of Mr. WILLIAM TURNER, in MARDOL, Shrewsbury, who is quitting Shreivstiury. Descriptive Particulars will appear in future Papers, aud Catalogues prepared. FREEHOLD PROPERTY, 1\ WHITCHURCH. BY LAKIN" AND SON, At tbe White Lion Inn, in Whitchurch, Shropshire, on Fridav, Ihe jsth Day of March, 1814, at six o'Clock tn tlie Afternoon, subject to Conditions, unless previously disposed of by private Contract; T7KHJR substantial Freehold DWELLING MOUSES, Jr with a MALT- KILN, and other Buildings, a Croft ( now used as a Rope- Walk), and FOUR GARDENS ad- joining, containing about Half an Acre, situate iu the GREEN END, Whitchurch, and now in the Occupation of Henry Parry, John Brereton, Eiizabelh Edge, Margaret Gregory, and Eliznbeth Sutton. Further Particulars maybe had at trie Office of Messrs. KNIGHT and BROOKES, Solicitors, Whitchurch. calving Heifers ; six 2- year old Bullocks, six 2- year old Heifers, six yearling Bullocks, four yearling Heifers; nine able Waggon Horses, and Gearing, a capital Brood Mare 10 years old, a capital 4 year obi Horse, out of Ditto hy TROJAN, one 3- year old Ditto out of Dilto, a 3- year old Filley by TROJAN, a fine 2 year old Colt by CLOTHIER out of the above Brood Mare, yearling Filley out of Ditio by CLOTHIER, excellent hack'Mare by ADMIRAL, 3- yearolil Horse by BISHOP, 3- year old Chesnut Colt; 10 Wetlier Sheep, 5o Couples of Ewes and Lambs, 20 Ditto to yean; one Fat Pig, and three strong Store Ditlo. The Implements consist of capital new Waggon, shelled, | 3ditto, I Harvest Cart, 3 Tumbrils, 1 Double Plough, 3! Single Wheel ditto, 1 Water Furrowing, aud t Draining j ditto, 5 Pair of Harrows, 1 Roller, Winnowing Machine, anrl all other useful Implements in Husbandry. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Brewing Utensils are nearly new, and in excellent Order and Repair. Catalogues may be had at the Lion, Talbot, Fox, Raven, Raven and Bell, Unicorn, Lion os Pheasant, Castle, Crown, Britannia, and other Inns in Shrewsbury ; Pheasant, Wel lington ; , White Hart, Wenlock; the Inns at Broseley; Cross Keys, and Cross Foxes, Oswestry; Bridgewater Arms, Ellesmere; Black Lion, Wem; at the Inns in Atcham, Condover, Acton Buriiell; on the Premises, and of THE AUCTIONEERS. STTGLOYER AND~ son7 On the Premises, ou . Monday, the 11th Day of April, 1814: ALL the valuable FARMING STOCK, and 1MPLE- M F. NTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. PITCH FORD, of THE CLIVE, near Grinshill, in the County of Salop; consisting of 22 capital Cows, calved ntid in- calf, 4 Barren Cows, 2 two- years old Heifers, 3 Yearling Calves, a capital Bull, of the Durham Kind, bred from Mr. Gardner's Stock, of Sansaw ; 4 able Waggon Horses, and Gearing for ditto ; 9 Yearling Ewes and 1 Ram ; capital SOY., in- pig Gclts, in pig, a Store Pigs, itud a well bred Berkshire Brawn. The IMPLEMENTS consist of 1 Road Waggon, nearly new, 1 Harvest ditto, 2 Tumbrils, 2 Double Ploughs, 2 Single ditto, 3 Pair of Harrows, & c. & c. Catalogues may he had at thc Lion, Talbol, Fox, Raven, Britannia, Caslle, and Crown, Shrewsbury ; Cross Keys, Cross Foxes, Bell, aud other Inns, in Oswestry ; Bridge- water Arms, Black Lion, Red Lion, anil other Inns, in Ellesmerc; Black Lion, White Horse, Buck's Head, and Crown Inns, in vVem ; tbe different Inns in Whitchurch, Shawbury, Middle, and Bascliurr. lt; on the Premises, and of THE AUCTIONEEP. S, Acton Burnell. SIXTY HEAD OF PRIME DEVON & HEREFORDSHIRE CATTLE, AND TEAM OF CAPITAL CART HORSES. BY J. BROOME, On tbe Premises, on Wednesday, the l6th Day of March, 1814," THE valualle and well- bred STOCK of CATTLE and CART HORSES, belonging to JOHN BROWNING, Esq. of PURSLOW HALL, in tbe County ofSalop:— consisting of twenty excellent- young Cows w ith Calves, five Ditlo in- calf, ( ten of which are of Ihe pure North Devon Breed, selected fiom tbe hest Stocks in that County) four 2- year old Heifers, one capital Herefordshire Bull ( bred hy Mr. Jefferies), eight 3- year old Bullocks, ten 2- vear old Ditto, anil eight yearling Ditto, three barren Cows; five young Draught Horses, oue 3- year old Colt, and two 2- year old Ditto of tbe Draught Kind; five Sets ol'Gearing, four Sets of Ox Gearing, and one capital Worcester- built broad- wheeled Waggon, nearly new, of excellent M aterials, with Oak Bottom Pieces, and put together in a matchless Manner. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Fourpost and other Bedsteads, Oak and other Dining Tables and Chairs, Dresser with Draweis, 1 Ditto and Shelves, 1 large Screen, large Kitchen Grate, Piigrate and Fender, Furnace ami Boiler, 1 large Cooler, 2 M ashing'fulls, t Cheese Tub and Cover, 1 Barret Ch . n, Cheese Press, Cheese Vats, & e. a Quantity of large aud small Barrels, & c CAPITAL SMOKY FACED STOCK* IViih a Cross from a prime Herefordshire Bull. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 83( 1 and 241 h Days of March, 1814, ALL tbe truly valuable and well- « elecled LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, & e.. belonging to Mrs DAVIES, of BAHAITHLON, near Cliurchstoke, in the County of Montgomery : consisting of 12 Coivsealced and in- calf, 4 calving Heifers, 3 barren Cows, I capital three- years old Herefordshire Bull, 6 tllrce- yeais old Bullocks, 11 two- year olds, 12 Yearlings ; 4 capital Waggon Horses and Gearing for Ditto, 1 Ditto Mare and Colt, 1 Dii ' o in- foal, 1 two- years old Draught Coll, 1 Hack Mate, 1 Ditto Horse, 2 excellent Ponies, 4 Yearling Colls ; 15 Store Pigs; 1 Road Waggon, 1 Harvest Ditto, 3 broad- wlieel Carts, 1 narrow- wheel Carl ( nearly new), 1 double Plough, I single Dilto, I Hand Dilto, 2 Pair of Harrows, 2 Rollers, 1 Ground Car: w ith Part of the Household Goods and Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, the Whole of which will be found in good Order, aud well worth the Attention of the Public. The Live Stock and Implements will he sold tlie first Day — The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock each Morning. BY J. BROOME, ~~ On the Premises, on Monday , the 28th Lay of March, 1814, ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, belonging to Mr. CARELESS, of RATLINGIIOPE, in the County of Salop; consisting of six Cb. vs with Calves and in- calf, two Calving Heifers, one young Barren, one s » yearold Striokey- faced Bull, two 3- year old Splayed Heifers, two Ditto Bullocks, four 2- year old Ditto, five Dilto Heifers, seven Yearlings; four Waggon Horses, one half- bred Mare 4 years old, will carry double and draw well, one Hack Mare, ill foal, one 2- year old Filley of tbe Draught Kind, one yearling Colt ofthe Draught Kind, Gearing for five Horses • one Sow anil Pigs; about 300 Sheep, either together or in Lots, as shall be agreed upon at 1 lie Sale, The Sale lo begin at ten o'Clock in Ihe Morning. _ PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE STOCK. ' BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday, tbe 291I1 anrl 30th Davs of March, 1814, LL the valuable LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, witli Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to Mr. TUDOR, of WESTON, near Brampton Bryan, iu the County of Hereford: consisting of 12 Cowss calved and in- calf; 1 calving Heifer, 1 capital four- year old Bull, as well bred as any Herefordshire pro- duces, 1 yearling Ditto, 11 two- year olds, 18 Yearlings- tj capital Black Waggon Horses and Gearing for Ditto' 1 Hack Mare, 1 Ditto in- foal by General, 2 two- year old Colts hy Driver, 3 Yearling Ditto, 1 Draught Ditto ; 1 Sow and Pi gs, 2 Gclts in- pig, t4 Store Pigs ; 2 Waggons ; 1 broad- wheel Cart, I narrow| Dilto, 1 double Plough, 1 single- wheel Ditto, 2 Hand Ditto, 3 Pair of Harrows, 1 Roller" 1 Wheel Car, with a Number of small Implements, & c. ike. and Part oflhe Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, & c which will be found in good Order and well worth the Attention of the Public— Tlie Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock each M orning. BY~ J. BROO ME, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the6lh Dav of April, is 14 A I;. ltlhe^ H> dern HOUSEHOLD GOODSand/ URNI- A! A' ' I U t; E, Brew ing and Dairy Vessels and Casks, belong.* ing to Miss ROGERS, of the BANK HOUSE, Church Stretton, in the County of Salop, who is going toleave the Neighbourhood.— Particulars iu our next. PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE STOCK. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, nt WALFORD, near Lcintwardine, in the County of Hereford, 011 Thursday, ibe 71I1 Day of April, 1814, A LL lire LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUS- 1\ BAN DRY, belonging to Mr. LEWIS.- Particulars 11 our next. BY J. BROOME, Ou tbe Premises, 011 Monday and Tuesday, the 11 tli and 121b Davs of April, 1814 : ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLE- MENTSiu HUSBANDRY, withPart oftheHOUSF.- HOL1) GOODS and FURNITURE, & c. belonging to Mr. ARTHUR, of CwMMEllL, in the Parish of Kerry, in the County of Montgomery :— Particulars iu our next. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Thursday, tbe 17th Day of March, 1814, ALL the LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, belonging to Mr. SHEPPARD, ofONI- BURY, near Ludlow, in tbe County ofSalop ; consisting of two excellent Dairy Cows in- calf, one fine calving Heifer, two good Barrens, ihree 2- year Olds, three Yearlings ; five very useful Waggon Horses, aud Gearing for Dilto; 31 Sheep, jn Lots; with Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, and a Number of small Implements, with Part of tbe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils aud Casks, & c.— Sale to begin at ten in the Forenoon PRIME FAT CATTLE AND SHEEP. BY J. BROOME, On Fridav, the 13th Dav of March, 1814, ( bting Shrews- bury SH EEP FAIR DAY) on the Premises al UCK1NG- TON, near Atcham, in the County of Salop: rrUVENTY fat COWS and OXEN, and 140 2 Years old J fat Wethers, the Property of Mr. RAVENSHAW. The Cattle and Sheep are large, and particularly fat ; the Pains that have been taken in breeding and feeding the above Stock is so well known, that the Auctioneer thinks any Encomium unnecessary. At the same Time will he Wr/, A few 3- years old B EREFOR DSH I R E HEIFERS, in- calf by a capital Bull, which may be seen on the Day of Sale. UCKINC. TON is situated on the Road leading from Shrews- bury to Wellington, six Miles from the foimer and live from the latter Place. The Sheep to he sold in Lots of ten earh. The Sale to begin precisely at 12 o'Clock. PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE STOCK. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Wednesday and Thursday, Ihe 13th and 14lh Davs of April, 1814, A LL the valuable LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS T\ in HUSBANDRY, with Part of tho HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, belonging to M r. EVANS, of HEARTSEASE, near Brampton Bryan, in the County of Hereford ; consisting of 13 Cows calved and in. calf, J calving Heifers, 1 fat Cow, 1 two- year old Bull, to three- year old Bullocks, t ditto Heifer, 8 I wo- vear old Heifers, 8 Ditto Bullocks, 16 Yearlings; 5 capital Waggon Horses, and (. earing for eight, l dilto Black Marc in- foal, 8 yearling Draught Colls, 4 dillo Harks, 2 two- year old Ditto, 1 Hack Mare, 3 Ditto in- foal ; ( jo Sheep, in Lots ; ] SowPand Pigr-, 1 Ditto in- pig, 11 Siore Pigs ; 1 broad- wheel Waggon, a narrow Ditto, 2 broad- wheel Tumbrils, 1 narrow Ditto, ) double Plough, 1 Wheel Plough, 2 Hand Ditto, 3 Pair of Harrows, 1 Roller, with a Number of small Implements, BY J. BROOME, On Tuesday, the 22d Day of March, 3814, between the Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, at the Seven Stars Inn, in Pontcsbury, either. together, or in such Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale; OAK TREES, 129 ASH TREES, 34 ELM Tree 111 and 7 LIME Trees, now growing on KINTON FARM , in the Parish of Chirbury* in the County ofSalop.— For a View of the Timber apply to Mr. Harris, on tbe Premises, who will appoint a Person to shew the same. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises at LOWER M ELLINGTON, on Friday and Saturday, the Jf> th and 16s h Days of A prii, 1814: rjjpHE throrou<£ h- lned BULL YOUNG PRIZEFIGHTER, I five Years old, 21 Hereford and North Devon Cows and Calves, 10 two- years old Heifers, 10 Yearling D'tto, 4 Fat Cows, 15 thiee- yenr old Bullocks and Spays, 13 tvro- yeai* old Ditto, 8 Yearling Ditto, 5 Working Oxen in their Gearing; 9 Waggon Horses and Gearing; 11 well- bred Wares, young Horses, aud Colts; 370 half- bred Sheep and Lambs, in Lots ; several Berkshire Sows and Pigs, in Lots: comprising the WHOLE FARMING STOCK of Mr. THO WAS BROOME, who is leaving the Farm. MELLIN'GTON is three Miles from Montgomery, five from Bishop's Castle, and three from Chirhury. Catalogues will be prepared immediately, and left al the Raven and Bell tun, Salop; the Cross Foxes, Oswestry; the Oak Inn, Welsh Pool; the Dragon Inn, Montgomery ; and the Bear Inn, Newtown. N. B. The Auctioneer strongly recommends the above Stock to Amateurs in Breeding, ' ihe Hereford CowK having been bred and selected with the greatest Care and bought at high Pi ices. The Devon Cows were bought of I Mr Childe, of Kinlet. The young Slotck were principally I got by that well known Bull OLD CAPTAIN ; and the Horses, Sheep, and Pigs, will be found truly nseful. SONNET.- TO TIIE EARLY PRIMROSE. LONDON. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL, MARCH 1. The Prince Regent has heen pleased to appoint Serjeant M'Mahon to he Keeper of the Rolls in Ireland. [ This Gazette contains the Prince Regent's per- mission to Lieut- Col. Berkeley, of the 35th foot, and Assistant Adjutant General to the Forces under the llarqilis of Wellington, to accept and wear the Insignia t) f a Knightof the Royal Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword, with which he has been honoured by the Prince Regent of Portugal, in testimony of his appro- bation of the Colonel's distinguished bravery on several occasions.] PROMOTIONS. Rth Font, Gen, Stevens, from the 65th Foot, to he Colonel. — 16th. Sir G. Prevoat, from the 7fith, to be Colonel.— 22( 1, Lieut> Col. Tucker, from the Staff in North America, to be Lieutenant- Colonel.— 37th, Sir C. Green, from the 16th, to he Colonel.— 46th, Major Campbell, to be| Lieutenant- Colonel ; and Capt. M'Kenzie, to be Major.— 60th, Capt. J. Stopford, to be Major.— 65th, Lieutenant- Gen, Grosvenor, froin the 97th, to be Colonel.— 76th, Lieut.- Gen. Chowne, from the 44th, to he Colonel.— 86th, Capt. Haird, to be Major.— 92d, II n vet Major Seton, to be Major.— 93d, Brevet. Lieut. Col. Dale, to be Lieut.- Colonel; and Brevet- Major Gordon, tube Major.— 96th, Brevet- Lieut. Col. Lee, lobe Lieut.- Colonel — 97th, Lieut.- Gen. Drummond, froin the 8th, to be Colonel.— 101st, Capt. Fogerty to be Major. 2d Light Dragoons. King's German Legion, Major- General Baron Veltheim, to be Colonel — 1st Hussars, Ditto, Major de M'issi II, to be Lieut.- Colonel.— Qd Ditto, Ditto, Capt. Aly, to be Major — 3d Ditto, Ditto, Colonel Arentschildt, to be Colonel Commandant. Foreign Veteran Battalion, Cut. Baron Deken, to be Colonel Commandant. SrArr — Major- Gen. Airey, of the 8th Foot, to be Quarter- Master General to the Forces serving in Ireland.— Major Il. ivei field, Permanent- Assistant- Qua iter- Master- General, to he Assistant to tlie Quarter- Master- General to the Forces, with the rank of Lieut.- Col, iu the Army; Brevet- Major Bell, from the 4th Foot, to be Pel manent- Assistant- Quarter- Master- General ; and Brevet- Lieut.- C .'. Hamilton, to be Inspecting- Fic Id- Officer of Militia in Canada. HOSPITAL STATF-— Surgeon T. Brown, from Ihe 5th Garrison Battalion, lobe Surgeon to tire Forces in Ireland. Sweet fbw'iet! harbinger of brighter skies, That in the lonely thicket lov'st to dwell ; Hail, bashful Primrose, clad in tenderest dyes, flail, meekest tenant of'the silent dell I Tho' vivid robes Ihe gaudy tulips boast, They ne'er exhale a fragrance sweet as thine ; And still thy simple vesture pleases most, Nor can their streaks thy soften'd hues outshine. Here to thy parent root unnoted cling— Here bloom awhile, neglected and unknown ; Save by the pensive bard who loves to sing, Careless of favour, fortune, or lenown ; Far from the great, alone, unstain'd, and free. Content to live— then fade, and die like thee I THURSDAY, MARCH 3. Paris papers to the 25th ult. have reached town, which contradict the report of further victories having been obtained by the French on the 21st. The boasts in these papers relate merely to very trifling affairs, and they are made in the most absurd manner— one of Ihcm pretending that 300 men had attacked 800 of the allied cavalry, and made 100 prisoners. The head- quarlers of Bonaparte were at Nogent on the night Of the 20th-, anil on the 21st. One of the! unofficial Journals pretends, that on the latter day they were removed to Troyes^ but the Moniteur of the following day says nothing 6f this : on the contrary, it states; that all the armies of the Allies are marching upon Troves ; aud il is known, that those of Blucher aud Schwartzenberg would form a junction there about the 21st. j George the Second.— This Prince seemed lo have Altho'these papers might well have contained news !,„„„ „ f , i,. lf i„„„ „ c ;„, i: : i i i i- . r , . ,1 „. i • . i , u i i none ot that love ot individual anil distinct property from Bonaparte to Ihe 23d in the morning, they have i,„„ .„„,!.„ i , i,„ i , . 1 . p 3 c i , j , , i , i c, . mi • . c i ten lias marked the character ot many sovereigns.— none of later date than the 21st The import of such Hjj Maj on(! dav ,„ Richm0I? d Garde£ and defacicnctes may sometimes be over- rated- bu Ihey are finding the gates of them locked, while some decently always worth notice, fon othint that has happened dressed persons were standing on the outside, called for injurious to Bonaparte is told ill long afterwards. Ol lfie h J. rar( Ic jn , *> .'.... WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2. Parliament met yesterday, and again adjourned to the 21st instant. The recommendation of liiis measure by his Royal Highness Ihe Prince Regent, was deliver- ed in the House of Peers bv the Earl of Liverpool, and in the Commons hy Ihe Chancellor of the Exche- quer. Mr. Whitbread and Mr. Ponsonhy, tinder Ihe circumstances of thecase, did not object to the proposal, in the Commons; Lord Archibald Hamilton only op- posed the motion, on the ground ol the inconvenience which might arise from the postponement of public business. Opposition to the motion, on the same ground of public inconvenience, was made hy the Mar- quis of Lansdownc and Lord Darnley, but the objections of ttiese Noble Lords were satisfactorily answered by the Earl of Liverpool, who stated ( hat the effect of the adjournment on the public service had been maturely considered by Ministers, and intimated that any incon- veniences which it might occasion, would be greatly overbalanced by the advantages which would at the present important crisis be derived from the proposed delay. No amendment was moved except one in the Commons by Mr. Whitbread, expressive ofthe motives that influenced the House iu agreeing to the adjourn- ment, which was negatived without a division. The Admiralty has received certain intelligence that nine frigates, of the same class as those recently cap- tured hy the Venerable, are still at sea. On Ihe lOlli of January, one of them, in latitude 17 2. N. reconnoitred the convoy arrived from the Brazils, and stood away to the N W. Capt. Rickelts, ofthe Vengeur, sailed from Easq e Roads on Ihe 10th lilt, lo take the command of the squadron off' l.' Oricnt, for the purpose of cruising for them. ' Ihe Alcmene and Iphigenia frigates sailed from Cherbourg!) the 26th of October. They proceed- ed to cruise off the Western Islands, and next to the coast of Africa, where hey made prizes of two Gtiiuea- ir, en, w Inch they burnt, afler taking out the valuable part of their cargoes, consisting of Elephants' teeth, & c. They afterwards sailed to Ihe Canary Isles, in the vici- nity of which they took six prizes, four English, one Spanish, and one Portuguese, and destroyed them. St. David's Day.— The most honourable and loyal Society of Ancient Britons held their CENTENARY MEETING on Tuesday. A number of noblemen and gentlemen, also many ladies, assembled iu the morning, at the school in GrayS- inn- lane- road, when cach, accord- ing to custom, was presented with an artificial leek. Soon after eleven o'clock they moved in grand pro- cession; but ns tile morning turned out very wet, the • children could not walk: the girls were consequently taken into the ladies'carriages, and a number of hack- » iey coaches were provided for Ihe boys. A band of music preceded the President's carriage ( Earl Percy); then the Bishop of Chester; afterwards the City Mar- shall in full uniform. Here a few of the hoys walked s then followed a long train of gentlemen's carriages, tho servants wearing leelvs. Had the weather been line the sight would have been a truly gratifying one. The pro- cession arrived al St. Martin's church about half- past 12, " hen the service was read in the ancient British language, by the Chaplain of Ihc Society, and an ex- cellent discourse was delivered hy the Lord Bishop of Chester. They proceeded afterwards to Carlton- house, where the children gave their Royal Palron several hearty cheers, continuing their route through St. James's square ( saluting the Duke of Norfolk and Sir VV. W. Wynn), through Hanover- square, & c. to the Free- masons' Tavern, where about 500 sat down to an excellent dinner; the chair was taken by Earl Percy, on his right sal his Royal Highness the Duke of Keut. and Lord Eulkeley ; on his left the Lord Bishop of Chester, Lord Kenyou, and several other Noblemen. When Ihe cloth was removed, Non Nobis was finely sung by Messrs. Leete, Bellamy, Evans, Goss, Tyrrcl, and Master Hobbs. Then followed— The King Song, " God Save the King."— The Prince of Wales, with three times three. Song, " The Prttice and Old Fngland "—' I'he Queen and Family— The Princess of Wales.— The Princiss Charlotte of Wales.— The Duke of Yoik and the Atniy,— The Duke of Kent ( all with three times three). liis li oval Highness returned thanks in a very neat speech. About eight o'clock n most gratifying sight took place: the children walked in, fust Ihe girls and then the hoys. A silect number of them sung an ode in a very simple but effective maimer. The President then gave— P ospe ity to I tic Charitv. Song—" The Camlnian Jubi- lee," by Mr. Parry, which was honoured with the strongest maiks of apo- ob iipm. The health of Sir W. W. Wrynn being given, his brother, Mr. C. VV. W. W\ tin ( M. P. lor Montgomery- ' shire), in a short, but very energetic speech, said he was authorized hy Sir W. to say, lhat nothing hut being obi ged to join his battalion of provisional militia, cow under orders of embarkation, would have pre- vented his being present. With the partiality of a Welcbtnau, Sir VV. had selected thai day to present the colours to his regimcut. Earl Percy, in returning thanks after his health had been given, said, he hoped that cach succeeding century would find the Ancient Britons as harmonious as they then were.— The collection was very good, and, after spending several hours in the most gratifying manner, the brave Cambrians retired about ten o'clock. A> extraordinary performance.— A grey horse, 14 hands high, aud rising six years old, was back'd by his owner Mr. Jiioch, of Helstone, to go 100 miles in twelve hours, on Tues- day last, on a piece of ground on the Ipswich rond. The animal went 104 miles in that time, comparatively fresh. There were four stoppages only during the performance, and two short feeds. The horse bad the best of time during the whole journey, and the performance stands amongst the first on record. this we have a plain instance in the affair at Soissons. That place was taken on the l4lh; and the loss of Ihe troops there was doubtless known at Paris early oil the 15th ; yet the first mention we find of it is in the present papers, in which it is told with gross tnisrepre- scntation, as if only 1000 national guards had been surprized there. It is confessed, however, that one General ( Rusca) was killed in the town ; and another ( Longchamps) is mentioned hy the allied accounts to have fallen. Still, afler the loss of those, there were " Generals in the place," who arc to be brought to a Court Martial. Itis plain, then, that there had heen Generals enough for 7 or 10,000 men, which numbers were mentioned in the allied accounts. The Russians stormed the town, for the sake of disposing of this garrison ; and, after completely succeeding, they marched for Rheims, to join General Blucher. A French Marshal has since been sent to take post at Soissons. i Augereau is stated to have quitted Lyons, wilh a considerable corps of chosen troops, to march into Franche Comptc and Switzerland. This would he to harass the left flank of the allies. Yet, as it is not usual to announce such movements, there is a possi- bility, lhat this fellow, one of Bonaparte's Dukes ( Castiglione), may have some other reason for his march. Some more Dutch papers have been received. The good cause continues to procced most successfully in ihe Low Countries, several more of the fortresses of which have doubtless by this time become possessed by the Allies. Antwerp, however, continues to hold out, and the garrison has made another sortie. The young Prince of Orange has arrived at Brussels. Nothing further is mentioned respecting the new Government of the Belgic Provinces. An article in one of these papers states, lhat the important fortress of Cattaro, in Dalmatia, the last of Ihe French possessions in lhat quarter, and the key of the entrance to European Turkey, on lhat side, has been taken by Captain Hoste, of the Bacchante, a pupil of Nelson. A letter from Dantzick, dated Feb. 3, says—" The General commanding the Allied corps by which our city was taken, has now officially notified to our Magistrates, ' that Dantzick, with its territory, has again returned under the dominion of the King of Prussia.'" In estimating the value of the Spanish ship St. Juan Baptisle, recaptured by the Menelaus, Captain Sir Peter Parker, at two millions, it has been greatly over- rated. From minute inquiries, it is ascertained that it does not eyceed £ 300,000, an eighth of which has accrued to her recaplors. Some curious attempts were made by the Frenchmen on hoard to secrete the doubloons and olhcr valuable property under their epaulets and about their clothing; but John Bull's prying eyes were too sagacious for Gallic contrivance, and not a hiding place escaped their scrutiny. The Chamber of Commerce aud Manufactures, of Glasgow, have resolved to oppose the proposed altera- tion of the Corn Laws. The British Navy.— It consists at present of 1040 ships of different descriptions; of which 760 are in commission. Of these 161 are of the line, 24 from 50 to 44, 155 frigates, 130 sloops of war, 9 fire ships, 183 brigs, 41 cutlers, and 57 schooners. The Clergy— No penalty, in any action where part goes to the King, and part to the informer, can be recovered for more than one year after committal of offence. This applies lo all the present suits instituted against the clergy. The statute is 31 Q. Eliz c. 5, sect. 5; also by 18 ft. Eliz. c. 5, sect. 4 ( made perpe- tual by 27 ft. Eliz. C. 10); it is enacted, that if the informer shall receive any money or other reward, of have promise of such, to stop process in any . penal action, the parly receiving such reward or promise shall, upon conviction, stand in the pillory two hours, be fined £ 10, and ever after be incapable of being plaintiff or informer in any suit or action. Galvanic Battery.— Mr. Children, of TunbtidgCv has constructed the largest galvanic battery ever yet made. It consists of twenty pairs of copper and zinc plates, each plate six feet long, and two feet eight inches broad. Every pair is united by pieces of lead, and placed in a separate wooden cell. The whole plates were suspended from a beam in the ceiling, so as to be raised or lowered to their cells. The power of this battery is enormous; it ignited six feet of thick platinawirej and, what was singular, a greater length of thick than small wire was melted by it. Iridium was also melted into globules, and proved to be a brittle metal, entirely volatilized or evaporated; but tungsten, uranium, and charcoal, suffered no change. Lady Frances Wilson, daughter of the Earl of Ayles- bury, has, it is said, lately had a valuable estate left tier in Hampshire, producing an immense sum, under very extraor- dinary circumstances, anil from a very eccentric person of the name of Wright, who died in an obscure lodging in Pimllco, on Monday, the 14th February. On her Ladyship being informtd of tbe legacy, and of the name of the testator, she replied, it must be a mistake, anil ridiculed the intelli- gence, as she did not know any Gentleman of the name. Mr. Archdeacon Pott, however, called iipoB het Ladyship, assuring ber of the correctness of the statement, ' t'he per- son of the deceased was then described to her, and she at last recollected that it answered that of a Gentleman whom she considered to be a foreigner, who was a constant frequenter of the Opera, and who annoyed her extremely there, by constantly staring at her. To satisfy herself as to Mr, Wright being the same person, on learning that tbe body was not yet interred, she went to the lodgings, and saw the body, when she recoil, cted the features of the face to be Ihe same with those of the person who used to be constantly looking at her at the Opera ; but she nevei to lit- knowledge saw him other occasion, nor did reat passion, and told liini to open the door immediately. " My subjects, sir," added re, " walk where they please." The same gartlener complaining to him one day, that the company in Rich- mond Gardens had laken up some of the flower roots and shrubsTthat wore planted ll'ere, his only reply was, shaking his cane at him, " plant more then, vou block- head." Additional Scriptures.— There is a prospect of our obtaining authentic additions to the Bible ; and those from the manuscripts in the library of Paris.— M. De Sacy has given extracts from the Bool; of Enoch— there preserved, which still forms a part of the christian canon in Abyssinia, and fori'. ied a part of the Jewish canon in the time of Christ. He has also given extracts from the Divan, which probably contain genuine writings of John the Baptist, preserved to this day by his followers, who remain as a Baptist sect in Galilee and Arabia. Steeple Chace.— A match of this kind, which created much sport, took place on Monday from Stortford, Herts, to Coleshill, a distance of 21 miles in a straight direction, between Messrs. Reynoldson, Harbinger, and Duckett, celebrated fox- hunters, for a sw eepstakes of 50 guineas each. The ground chosen was in a woody country, with other obstacles of rivulets, inclosures, Stc. The sportsmen kept pace with each other the first four miles, when they separated on their different routes to avoid a rivulet. Mr. Harbinger arrived at Coleshill first, having performed the distance, after many daring leaps, in one hour and nineteen minutes, Mr. Duckett ran the winner closely, and was within three minutes of him; and Mr. Reynoldson broke down at a leap. Monthly Agricultural Report.— During the inter- vals of thaw, tillage has proceeded upon the tight lands; probably half of it may be finished upou such in most parts of the south. Farmers are anxiously waiting for the breaking up of the frost, when, with favourable weather, the lands may be expected to work in a more perfect state, and Ihe seeding business to go on with rapidity. The threshing machine has, during a long time, been frequently recurred to, chiefly with the view of employing Ihe labourers. Forward pease look well, and in general all tbe crops upon the ground. Tbe wheats are a full plant, and although they appear sickly in colour, from'the effects of the cold upon undrained and chilled soils, and in greatly exposed situations, there is little doubt of their perfect recovery, in a genial spring, which may be reasonably expected to succeed the present severe season, and, with the blessing of a good blooming time, another large wheat crop may be iooked for.— The straw yard in a good state and the cattle healthy ; but turnips short, and most decayed, from the severity of the weather, even in many instances where the roots were drawn and stored, but with insufficient care. Swedish turnips bave generally resisted the frost, with some exceptions. The sheep bave lambed very ' successfully, excepting where exposure tothe severity of the frost has destroyed the lambs, and this misfortune has taken place to some extent, though by no means to that of former days. The incessant importunity of writers on husbandry, through so many years, has at length prevailed on a number of the farmers, of all the well managed districts, both of North and South Britain, to protect their sheep from the rigours of winter; and their example, it is hoped, will become general, wilh respect to olher animats as well as sheep. Cattle markets exorbitantly high. Store pigs, said never to have been so scarce and dear, reported to be worth 16s. per stone of 8! b.; wools, still rising Credit to Servants.—- Tuesday last came on in the Court of King's Bench Ihe cause of WELCH V. THOMPSON, which was an action brought by a grazier from the north, against a Gentleman residing at Turnham- green, and possess ing a farm at Northaw, to rccover the sum of £ 54, being the price of two cows, sold by one Bunker, as tbe Plaintiff's agent, t'o one Brown, who managed the Defendant's faun. The purchase was made at Barnet, as the beasts were on their road to London; and Brown gave the Plaintiff's ageut the name of his master; and it was agreed, that Butiktr should receive tbe money on his way home from London. It appealed that the Defendant had given Brown two cheques, of.£ 2(> each, to pay for the cows, but Brown had misapplied this money. It was proved that the Defendant had never authorized his servant to buy any thing for the farm upon ciedit; but had alivavs given him money beforehand to pay for his purchases ; and when the Defendant Was applied to by the Plaintiff for payment for these cows, be said—" Why did you trust my servant ? he must go to gaol." Lord liu. EJT- BORoticH laid before the Jury the law as to this subject, between tradesmen and tbe masters of servants : no man, lie said, was liable for a debt, contracted thiough the medium of another, unless by his authority, express or implied ; and if a master sent forth his servant to buy goods without money, the law would imply that he authorized that servant to buy upon the master's credit ; but if the master gives the servant money enough for the. purchase in question, or always keeps him iu cash for any purchase tbat may arise, there is then no authority to buy upon credit. The strongest proof of a master's authorizing his servant to purchase upon credit, is his afterwards paying for tbe articles so purchased ; but if it be proved that the master always gives the setvant cash for every purchase autborir- d by him, no act ofthe servant's can pledge the authority of the master, aud that authority is expressly negatived bv such circumstance.— The Jury, therefore, found the Veidict for the Defendant, Lloyd and Elisabeth Taylor in the year 1743, antl also the register of baptisms and of burials of the parish of St. Pancras for the years 1743 and 1744, containing, the former, an entry of the baptism of Elisabeth, lawful daughter of Gwyne and Elisabeth Lloyd, and the latter, an entry of the burial of Elisabeth, the wife of Gwyne Lloyd, at the distance of about 16 months from the date of the entry Of the marriage in Ihe Fleet Register, and of about six months from ' he date of thr entry of ihe birth in the St. Paucras Register. From evidence which had since come to the knowledge nf the present plain- tiffs, it appearing to be clenr that both the entry of the bap- tism of the child, and the entry of the burial of tile supposed wife, were forgeries, the plaintiffs filed their present bill to have tbe deed of release executed bv Ihem and by Mary Lloyd in favour of tbe defendants, set aside, and the plaintiffs found entitled to llie moiety of the estates belonging to Catherine Lloyd: lo the other moiety the defendants were entitled, Mary Lloyd having, under the impression that the Passing hams were the lawful grand children of ber brother, executed a will in tlieir favour. Mr. HART and Mr. AGAR, this day argued the case at considerable length on tbe part of the plaintiffs, contending that there was evidence, if not to prove the fact, at least to warrant a strong suspicion that Robert Passingham, who acted as agent in the cause for his brother Jonathan, was con- scions of the forgery, and ofthe consequent fraud practised on M31 v Lloyd and the other parties to the deed of release, at llie time of executing it: but even supposing this not to be the fact, still they contended that a Court of Equity would relieve a party, who in ignorance had parted with his just r ghts,— Sir SAMUKL ROMILI. Y and Mr. WINGFIEU>, for the defendants will be heard to morrow. Lord ERSKINE, who had been Counsel for the Pa « stnghnms in the action at law, and bad procured the verdict in their favour, was in Court, and sat upon the Bench during the greater nart of lite argument. On Wednesday, Sir SAMDEL ROMII. LV and Mr. Wiso- FIELD were beard for the Defendants in this case. They contended lhat Ihe agreement or compromise entered into between the parlies, after the trial of the action of ejectment, in which the Jury found a verdict for the lessor of the plain- tiff ( the present defendant Jonathan Passingham) ratified and confirmed as that compromise afterwards was, by regular and formal deeds, legally and solemnly executed, could not be set aside or broken in upon by his Lordship, at such a distance of time, and in such circumstances as those which presented themselves in the piesent case. Admitting the entries of the b'rth ofthe child, and of the burial of the wife of Gwyne Lloyd, in ttie register of the parish of St, Pancras to be forgeries, still, they submitted, that independently of those entries altogether, there was evidence sufficient upon the trial to warrant the Jury in coming to the conclusion they had done, that the defendants were the legitimate descendants of the late Gwvne Lloyd. Several witnesses, relations ol the family, had proved the declarations of Owyne Lloyd himself, that he was mairied to the mother uf his child in the Fleet, The register uf the Fleet, though, perhaps, not in itself conclusive evidence, yet was a powerful corroboration of that declaration, containing, as il did, a corresponding entry. The issue of this mairiage, the mother of Ihe defendants, it also appeared from the evidence adduced on the trial, had been put to nurse, clothed, and at the age of 12, sent to a boarding school, as tbe lawful child of Gwyne Lloyd ; and the same witnesses swore that it was not till the marriage of this daughter with the father of the defendants, without the consent and contrary to the inclination of her father, that he cast her off, and would take no farther notice of her. No cortradictirfn was, upon the trial, offered to this evidence, cleaily shewing that among tbe different bianchi s of the family, the mother of the defendants had tbe reputa- tion of being the legitimate child of Qwvne Lloyd. The Jury, upon the whole uf the evidence, and noi in any princi- pal degree upon the entries iti the Pancras Register, found a verdict for the lessor of the plaintiff at law ( Ihe present defendant); and bow was his Lordship now to sav, that they would h3ve found otherwise, had no such entries, as thnse which were now objected fo as forgeries, been in evidence. They submitted to his Lordship lhat, independently of those entries altogether, there was sufficient before the Jury to have justified them in giving the verdict they had done. Nay, that supposing no entries to have been given in evidence, they could when looking at the other evidence on the trial, have found no other verdict. Was his Lordship then, after this compromise had taken place, and after the solemn deed of release which had been executed between the parties, to interfere, on the ground of part of the evidence being bad, and to send back to a trial at law, a right which had been solemnly set to rest by the patties themselves, in a case in which it appeared, that independently of the defective evidence, there was quite enough remaining to warrant the verdict of the Jury, since ratified and approved of by the parties ? Tbe LORD CHANCSLLOR, previous to tbe reply, asked if there were any Cases to be found in which a Court of Equity had interfered, after a trial at law, and a compromise in con- sequence, between the parties, to the effect of setting aside that Compromise and Ihe release following on it, merely oil the ground of its having afterwards been discovered that diere was a defect in some part of the evidence adduced on that trial ? If there were no such cases, and tbe Court was now, for the first time, to say whether, in such a case, it ought to interfeic. on what principle was that interference to be grant ed ? It any of tbe witnesses had been petjured, would that bave been a ground for the interference of the Court? Could his Lordship, if tie were to dircct a new trial at law in this case, suffer the present Plaintiff, to be in a better situation than th* y would have been had they in due time moved the Court of King's Bench for a new trial ? Could he allow them now to avail themselves of evidence which it was then in the: r power to have brought forwnid, but which thev had neglected to do? His Lordship did not see, independently of tbe entries now slated to be forgeries, that the Jury, looking to the other evidence on ttie trial of the ejectment, could have come to a different conclusion from that which they had formed ; and was his Lordship now to let the plaintiffs in, to give farther evidence of facts which were then withift their knowledge, which they had neglected to bring forward > His Lmdship thought that parties ought to be equally on their guard against forged entries in registers as against perjuries in witnesses. He recollected a case of a trial of ejectment, in which his Lord- ship was for the defendant, and in which tbe plaintiff recovered a verdict in consequence of an entry in a register oil a Mon • day. A similar trial, dependingon the same entry, was lo have taken place on the Wednesday; but Ihe defendant, in Ihe mean time, having inspected the original, plaintiff did not chuse to proceed to trial. The House of Lords, his Lordship observed, always proceeded on inspection of the original register. Mr HAST, in reply, contended, tbat on the trial of the ejectment, the preterit plaintiff's had been completely deceived by the entries in question, by which ttiev bad been induced CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed, hy Whitehead's Es- sence of Mustard, universally esteemed for its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatism, Palsies, Sprains, Brui- es, & c. Hut where this certain remedy has heen unknown, or neglect- ed, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated, or broke. Whitehead's Family Cerate will ease the pain, aud very speedily heal them.' They aie prepared and sold by R. JOHXSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, the Essence and Pills nl 2s. 9.1. cach — the Cerate at ls. I^ d. They are also sold bv EDDOWES, New ling, and Palin, Shrews- bury ; Painter. Wrexham; fcangh, Ellesmere ; IlouUtmrs, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Part- ridge, and Gilton, Bridgnorth; Edwards, Price, nnd Min- shall, Oswestry; and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. The genuine has a black Ink Stamp wilh the Natneof R. Johnston inserted on it. ERUPTIONS from one of the most annoying complaints we are subject to; their unsightly nppeatartce urged impatiently their removal; arid too often this impatience has caused their obstinacy. Let these Patients ever remember that the treatment ought to lie tttnd, innocent, and rational, that thev depend almost universally on internal irritation, and from imperfect digestion ; and tbat Purgatives pre detiimental.— SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS are now universally preferred in the Cure nf thesr Complaints fiom their success : as well as in Seiophula. Scorbutic, Gouty, Rheumatic, and Bilious Complaints. Sold wholesale by F.. 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Edinburgh, bth January, IT is now eight years since I was first nfflieted with tho scurvy, during wh ch time I bave had frequent recourse to the eminent of rlie faculty here ond at Glasgow, but I am sorry to say to little or no purpose. Seeing iu the newspaper* many siirpti- ing cures performed by your Antiscorbutic Drops, I was induced lo make trial of them. I purchased a bottbi of your agent, Mr. Baxter, Italian Warehouse, South Bridge, Edinburgh. Soon after I began to taka the medicine, 1 found my complaint rather to increase ; but bv Mr. Baxter's advice I persevered, and before I had taken four bottles, 1. became sensible of « he complaint giving way tn the elBcacv- of the Drops. My case, Sir, does infinite credit to the superior efficacy of your valuable medicine. 1 had at one time no less than seven running sores abont me, one in par- ticular on the inside of my left leg afflicted me more than all ihe others, the ulcer being so deep in Ihe flesh as almost to lay the bone hare, attended with violent pain and inflamma- tion from the knee to the extremity of the toes, discharging; vast quantities of ichorous matter, with pieces of the decayed bone, which kept me in such continued and excruciating pain as rendered my life truly burdensome. 1 have uow, thank Gpd, the satisfaction to declare lhat your Diops have effecled a complete cure, which lam desirous you should publish for the benefit of others. Since my cure I have enjoyed a good state of health, to which blessing I had been so many yeara a stranger. 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DDOWKS, Watton, Shrewsbury ; Houhtims, Wellington ; Smith, Ironbndge and Wenlock ; Gilton, Biidgnorth; Gower and Pennell, Kidderminster; Deuman, Wolverhampton; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Whitchurch; Birch, Ellesmere; Owen, Welsh- pool; Griffiths, Ludlow; Burlton, Leominster; Edwards, Oswestry; D. ivies, Herefmd; mid by the principal Venders of genuine Medicines. Dr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops. COPY OP A LETTER FIIOM HEREFORD, EAR Sir— To you I consider myself iu Gratitude bound to make an Acknowledgment of the Benefit I have re- ceived by taking the Ploughman's Diops, prepared by you. In consequence of an unfortuuau; connection, in a few days I found myself violently attacked with a Venereal Disease. I made immediate Application to a Medical Oentleman of the first Respectability, who gave me Pills, & c. to take and make use of, which to ray unspeakable joy had ( as I thought) < Acted a Cure; lint alas I 1 soon found myself deceived, the disease slill lay in my Body, and w is the cause upon any he was. The deceased was Martin's Church, but had no regular pew ; he occasionallv { gave the pew- opener a shilling, and at Christmas he always ' g. ive her a guinea. In his will he lelt a legacy of £ 1000 to Archdeacon Pott, the Rector of St. Martin's, as a inaik of his approbation of a Sermon he heard him preach. T'he Archdeacon had no know ledge of Mr. Wright. He also left ttie following legacies;— X1000 to llie Lord Chancellor; ,£ 4000 tn the Counte- s of Kosslyn ; and X4000 to the Speaker of the House uf Commons. He had no m re know- ledge of any of these distinguished characters than he had of Lady Frances Wilson. The remains of Mr. Wright were intetred in his family vault at Drayton, Astronomical Observations.— Three very beautiful and interesting objects now present themselves to great advantage:— 1. The Acbula of Orion, or cluster of slars, in an amazing ocean of light. It is near the meridian about six o'clock in the evening. It is in the sword.— 2. The planet Venus, uow about twenty- four degrees from the Sun, and presenting an appearance, when seen with a telescope, of the Moon, wanting about two days of the new. This fine object may be seen to advantage for a few days longer, llie thread of light continually growing finer and finer, as the planet approaches her inferior conjunctions.— 3. Jupiter and his Moons, about ten, or half alter nine, iu the evening. Co'irt of Chancery, Feb. 28.— LLOYD U PASSINCHAM.— This iras a bill filed on the part of John Lloyd, Richard Hughes L'oyd, and John Lloyd, jun. against the defendants, Jonathan and Robert Pdssingham, praying that a deed of release executed by Mary Lloyd, now deceased, aud the two first named plaintiffs, in favour of the defendants, should be set aside, on the grounds of mistake, silt prise, and fraud. The circumstances of the case were these:— Gwyne Lloyd died in the year 1774, possessed of certain freehold estates in the couuty of Merioneth, aud Catherine Lloyd and Mary Llovd, his two sisters, entered into the possession of his real and peri sonal property as his heirs at law, he having died intestate. ) In the year 1785 Catherine Lloyd died, having executed a settlement of her moiety of the estates in favour of Mary Lloyd, her sister, for her life, afterwards to the two first named he know his name or who lajntiirSi for , htir life, and lo the heirs male of the first const., tit attendant al St. J namC(, pl: lin[ ff) bcin? the (), hcr p| ai, ltitTi jBh„ Lloyd the younger, in fee.— Mary Lloyd continued in ttie peaceable possession of these estates, as heir to tier brother Gwyne Lloyd, down to the year 1794, when an action of ejectment was brought against tier on the part of tbe lessors of the pre- sent defendants, Jonathan and Robert Passingham, claiming to be the grand children of Gwjne Lloyd, nnd upon the trial of that action ot Shrewsbury, a verdict was found for the les- sor of Ihe then plaintiffs, the present defendants. Within nine days afler the trial of this action, the deed of re. lease now sought to be set aside was executed by Mary Lloyd aod the two tirst named plaintiffs, by which, oil the narrative of there having been various proceedings at law and equity, in order to try the legitimacy of Jonathan aud Robert Possius- ham, of which the persons executing the deed ( the Lloyd's) were now, by the issue of the trial, fully satisfied, they r<- leased to the said J. and R. Passingham the estates lit ques- tion; and they, oil ihe other hand, in consideration of the sum of 10,0001. then advanced and paid hy them to Mary Lloyd, and also in consideration of Catherine and Mary Lloyd having been at the expence of suppoiting nnd educating the said J. and R. Passingham, released and discharged Mary Lloyd of all the by- gone rents, and of certain parts of Ihe estates which had been sold by her. Among olher evidence produced on the trial of the action of ejectment, and on w hich the Jury gave the verdict, wa s the Register of the Fleet Prison, containing an unauthenticated entry ofthe marriage of Gwyna . , of my enduring restless Nights and unhappy Days, till 1 to suppose it wholly useless to adduce the strong evidence J most providentially heard of your invaluable Drops. In tb « Spring my Eyes became quite Dim and Weak, and it wa » with which they were prepared to have met the parole test'- mony on the other side. To tbe benefit of this evidence, therefore, he submitted they wtre entitled. The LORD CHANCELLOR said he must take a day or two to consider the case. BANKRUPTS, FEBRUARY 26. Nathaniel Cooke, of Princess- square, Kennington, Merchant, March 5, 12, and April 9. at Guildhall, London. — William Gale the elder, arid William Gale the younger, of Bradford, Wiltshire, clothiers, March 17, at the Swan" Inn, Bradford, March 18, and April 9, at the Castle and Ball Inn, Bath.— Samuel Gigny, of Kent- road, baker, March 18, 19, aod April 9, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas Hirst, ot Marsh, Yorkshire, merchant, March 9,10, and April 9, at the Rose and Crown, Huddcrt> fielJ — David Jones, ol Matliral'al, Montgomeryshire, tanner, MarcliSI, 22, and April 9, at llie Globe Tavern, Liverpool,— George Kenyon, of Queen- street, Poitsea, haberdasher, March 5, 12, a id April 9, at Guildhall, London,— Joseph Kidd, ot Holbeck, Yorkshire, fluur merchant, March 17, 18, and April 9, at the White Horse Hotel, Leeds. — Michael Levy, ot Fiast Smithfield, diaper, March 1,5, and April 9, at Guildhall, London— John M'Lellan, of Tich- borne- street, Piccadilly, linbeidasher, March 5, 12, and April 9, at Guildhall, London.— Philip Mitchell, oi Bath, perfumer, March 14, 15, and April 9, at the Grcv Hound Inn, Bath.— Rees Trice, of ltegencv- place, Blackfiiars- road, surgeon, March 5, 12, and April 9, at Guildhall, London.— Dan Richardson, of Essex- street, Strand, merchant, March 5, 12, and A pi il 9, at Guildhall, London. Thomas Taylor, of Sparkford Farm, Somersetshire, farmer, March 4, 14, and April 9, at the Greyhound Inn, Bath. MARCH 1.]— William Avery and James Rinding, Bristol, masons, March 14 13, and April 12, at tin- White Hart, Bristol.— George Cooper, Holbeach, graz er, March 28, 29, and April 12, ai the White Hait, Leicester.— John Gelthorp, Regem- street, Lam- beth. carpenter. March 8, 14 . ind April 12 at Guildhall, London. — Thomas Griffiths, Chester, W'- ollen- draper, March 15, 16, and 1 the Opinion of myself and Fiiends, that [ should soon lo^ e the Sight of both. I Jell down appaiently Dead, and continued in that State near an Hour ; I was attended hy a, Physician and three other Medical Men ; I took their Medi- cines six Months, aud doubt not hut in that Time 1 took ot least a Wheelbarrow full. Instead of getting better, I got worse and worse ; mv Feet and Legs swelled in a dreadful Manner, and I looked to Death onlv for Relief. I went to Liverpool with about in my Pocket, in hopes of staying about a Foitnight wth a Doctor, and having his Advice, when to my Surprise, the a; ood Man had tiie Modesty to ask me Seventy Guineas a Week, exclusive of Medicines — Finding it impossible for me to comply with his exorbitant Demand, I returned to Shrawsbury, attended by all the shocking Ideas of Self- destruction. Theie Providence cast in my Way the Shrewsbury Paper, in which was inserted the case of , cured by taking the Ploughman's Drop?. I immediately went to Mr. Wood, Printer, and bought a large bottle ; in less than three Days 1 gave awav my List Shoei, I felt my Nerves braced, mv whole Frame invigorated, ilept soundly, and ( I thank God) was soon convinced of the as- tcnishing Virtues of your inestimable Medicine, the Plough-^ man's Drops. By taking one large and two small Bottles,. I was perfectly cured, and am now ( thank God) as hearty as ever I was in my Life. My family Connexions prevent my signing my Name in full, but this you are at Liberty t<# publish in whatever Way you think proper, and I am ready and willing personally to satisfy any one who may think proper to ask me. I am, dear Sir, your's, Sec. Hereford, 22d January. R. L* These Drops are to be had in square Bottles, with these 1 words moulded on each, " Mr. Smith's PiougUman's Drops," April 12, at The Coach and Horses, Cheater.— Jacob Joseph, J ( all others ar: » spurious), at £\ 2s. the large, and lis. the ' pril 12, at the ] small, Duty included, Bristol, pen- manufacturer, March 14, 15, and April White Hart, Bristol.— William Meredith, Bristol, furnituie- broker, March 8, 9, and April 12, at the Rummer, Bristol.— William Parkin, Sand Hutton cattlejobber, March 17, 18, and April 12, at the Red Lion, York.— Edward Pratt, Wolverhamp- ton, hin^ e- raaker, March 11, 12, and April 12, at the Bradford Arms, IvetieaBank.— Mark Skinner, Great Gnm& by, \ ictualler, March 7, 8, and April 12, at the Ship, Great Grimsby.— Henri/ Southern, Brixton- hill, victualler, March 5, 12, and Apiil 12, at Guildhall, Loixkin.— John Stennett, Lonjj- alley, carcaie- batcher, March 5, 12, and April 12, at Guildhall, London, at PLOUGHMAN'S HALL, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury; W. F. PDOWEB, Waidson, Shrews-* bury ; Capsey, Wellington ; Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge j Partridge, Bridgnorth; Griffiths, l. ttdlovv^ Waidson, Welshpool; Price, Oswestry ; Baugh, Ellesmere j Jones and Parker, Wnitchurch ; Pioctor, Drayton; Silvester, Newport; Holmes, No. 1, Royal Exchange, London; and all other Medic ne Venders
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