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The Edinburgh Evening Courant


Printer / Publisher: David Ramsay and Son David Ramsay and Son
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 16028
No Pages: 4
The Edinburgh Evening Courant page 1
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant

Kean as Shylock
Date of Article: 05/03/1814
Printer / Publisher: David Ramsay and Son David Ramsay and Son
Address: Courant Office, High Street, Edinburgh
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 16028
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Review of Kean playing Shylock (Page 2 Col 6) this is probably an office copy of the newspaper

Full (unformatted) newspaper text

The following text is a digital copy of this issue in its entirety, but it may not be readable and does not contain any formatting. To view the original copy of this newspaper you can carry out some searches for text within it (to view snapshot images of the original edition) and you can then purchase a page or the whole document using the 'Purchase Options' box above.

• • • - J JL— LJ jf.- i- U- 11 . 111 I. — — fl 1 ', " — SATURDAY, MARCH 5. ,1814. FOR BEHOOF OF UNDERWRITERS. sell- off real bargains:— I L A ROXBURGHSHIRE. ' I..,--' THE Meeting of the Noblemen, Gentlemen^ Freeholders, Heritors, and Conmrdfoners of r| T< Supply of the county of Roxburgh, fyj « 7rly advertised X to take place on the 12th of Janu » rfla$ t, for taking un- tage c tier consideration the prejmrtstat* of the CORN j LAWS, and also certaln> rfatters of/ mportanse regard- ing the business of ^ Supply, being, on account of the then severe snow « torm, necessarily postponed, IN 1I- MAT- ION is> weby given, that/ a MEETING, for the I^ QQ purposes » Kove mentioned is to be held within the County rfall at Jedburgh, on Wednesday the 9th March j. . next,' at raid- day. By order of the Conveners of the co » nty. SEE) KtmrrrrorrKEED> ik. i5( FEITKTSRPA> RUARY 24.1814. M "" EDUCATION. T^ rrFTOtro, in the High School/ EBfc? ! V1 will, on the second day of April 1^ 4/ open a wish class for the instruction of young Children in tfie Eng- may lish language. , . , , here) There will also be a private class m the morning for rAn young Gentlemen, and another from three till lour o'clock afternoon, for young Ladies. Cr As Mr FOGGO has two or three hours to spare, he date takes this opportunity of intimating, that he is ready to teach privately, in any respectable family that wishes to employ him— Terms and other particulars may be To f learned by applying to himself. th, LEITH, March 3. 1814. MATHEMATICS"," GEOGRAPHY, AND 180 NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. J begin a CLASSHof » lVX EUCLID'S ELEMENTS, on Tuesday tSfe 8th of March, from seven to'eight o'clock jjv- tlie mrfrmng; a GEOGRAPHICAL CLASS fm^ ng Ladfefrom 11 to 13 forenoon; a Class forJ^ SIURAL/ PHILO- 263 SOPHY, in which the prirjptples of Astronofny, Pneu- matics, Electricity, Medics,& c. wijfbe illustra- celle ted in as plain and fartfiiliar a manner asjflie nature of the s these subjects wiU- Mmit, and the whole'illustrated, by Aj a splendid apparatus. •' Classes, fur Arithmetic, Algebra, and the other branches of practical Mathematics, likewise naval and military Mathematics taught as usual. • * Mr M. can accommodate two young Gentlemen Tq , as boarders, whose education he will superintend. Ci Mathematical Academy, M SOOTH Sr DAVID'S STREET, No. 19. TT MORNING CI. ASS, A*'( I TOR WRITING AND ACCOUNTS, / ' ir^ KOBERTSOTOJo. 18. North fridge _ i\ l Street, most respectfully intimates, £ that on Monday first, the 7th of March, he will resume his By, MORNING CLASSES, from seven to nine, for WKl 1 - m ING, ARITHMETIC, and BOOK- KEEPING. at JN. B.— Teaching as usual, through the day. jg* ' BOARDERS WANTED. mwO GENTLEMEN BOARDERS JL wanted, in a private family, in a genteel situation gair in the vicinity of Edinburgh, within fifteen minutes walk of the Tron Church. — Terms, 1001. each per annum. Apply to Mess. John Anderson and Co. booksellers, - g Parliament Square. t/ i 3 SCHOOLMASTER WANTED. QS* p \ VACAVr\ CA. is taken place in that brWh$ n& fo0 J\ the PAROCHIAL SCHOOL of KElJSO, in which ENGLISH, & c- are taught, in conseq/ ence of __ the election of Mr John Weir to be master of fce prm- , eipal English school at Stirling, intimation is therefore ^ given, that Candidates for supplying the said vacancy, Jfe may signify their intention, in writing, t/ MrEbenezer 23 > tsnirr,' rimr! rrmH~ tor3, " Kelso Jwith whom also 0 they are desired to lodge certificates/ of their character wa and qualifications. Candidates are also expected to appear personally at Kplso, on Monday the 4th of April ensuing, the day appointed for the election of a new schoolmaster. None need apply but those who can teach the Eng- lish language grammatically, and according to the most jarrwed OMf » c-) ; Writing, Arithmetic, Book- keeping J « £* practical Mathematics. \ KELSO, March >• 1814. jg ~ " TO BE SUNK ON ANNUITY^ 25t THE sum of FIVE^ KTJTd RED POUNDS Sterli^ ia^'^ —., | . forparticiilarsajjpl'fto JafSWt ilftd1 Wilson, W. S. /_ at their wrjpHjfchanib'- p, Parliament Square, Ediiy burgh, ' $ EDINBURGH, 14th Feb. 1814. ^ Jjj WANTF. 1) TO BORROW^—— Now, or at the term^ JWrtfffinday first, * rj( HE upon heritable pll For particulars apply tifMTKIanners, wTs) Nichol- son Square. STOLEN OR STRAYED, From a Tan- work, head of Canongate, AFINE YOUNG NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, white colour, with brown spots on the mouth and ears. ... so Whoever will restore, or give advicc respecting him Jr at the Courant Office, will receive a suitable reward ; sh but if found or detected in any one's possession, they will be prosecuted according to law. EDIN. February 24. 1814. PROPERTYVRAX, COUNTY OF EDINIMRGH. ~ THE COMMISSIONERS of ( Bro/ ecty* { Tax for the county of Edinburgh, helerff give a notice to all concerned, that their clerk will/ receive I * APPEALS against the charges under the Property- Tax Acts, for the year 1813, ending 5th April 1814, un- Ua til the 1st day of April next ( by letter post paid, when In not personally delivered); certifying that no appeal lo njil. be. receivedyfter that date. YROF^ FR^ AYOHSFFIRKFF- I. AWNMARKETI l/ fi& A. of^ n^ JjNy^- lylarch 2. 1814. / ' PAYMEN T OF TUP PREMIUM'S, / / , FOR 1813. Y /,< | U « -^ FL IWULII OBLW TF. S^) BU| QJFT A March/! 1814. / 7 ^ THE Commissioners and Trustees for Kami- in factures, & c. in Scotland, do hereby give notice, that the proprietors of TUPS, who were found entitled to the respective PREMIUMS at the competitions which took place in 1813, will now be paid, upon their presenting receipts at this Office. By order of the Trustees, WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, See. THE Bookbinders of Edinburgh be^' leirfe ta | inform the Booksellers, Stationers, an^ AhVPrfjb. T lie, that, owing to the very advanced prUe of tvfrf l! Article used in Bookbindimr, they were under/ he ne- e: c « ssity of RAISING their PRICES, commencing 17th January, of which printed copies may be had, price 5s. by applyingjdSte£ atK4Hand, • bindef,' UlJ WsFhousel CIosPTHigh Street) / f TO CREDITORS. A~ Y' AMEETING of the Creditors ^ oFtKe fc » 1 Lady SINCLAIR, of Longformacus, isippoint- ed to he held, within the Town- hall of Pitttnweem, upon ' Tuesday the loth day of March 1814,$ it twelve o'clock noon, for the pjjrpose of choosing a trustee, & c. arid cradifors MrerequesjJ d to lir/ n* yith them THIRD NOTICE. TO THE CREDITORS OF JAMES COOK. tt N the process of muhiplepoindingr- » t- tht!' in- j J_ stance of John Campbenjyi^- tirStBfefield, against ( the representative » an^, « * tKtors of Jahies Cook, some- ] time merchant ipJMrvibarton, the Lord CRAIGIE, Or. j dinary, lias ** rtTained the creditors to produce thyir in- terests- ttfrte clerk's hands ( Mr JLtickhart), wiifiiiva .- days fronj'Ahis date, 1vH* i/ h'rtj0Sation. . / r^ A- T-, j vffjy vp** f t'j i J-^ FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER, / J TO L1EBAU, OR ANY OTHER PORT r IN THE 1 The Kjiwiiiffl'l'"' liinini I HEpjf^ TAND RICHARD, 1 Captain DEIDRXCHSON, - 120 tons register.^,, > Apply to HRUmK, BR'fift'GHAM, & r- w JAT LE1TH, FOR LONDON;' The Edinburgh and Leith Shippi/ ig Coifw ffipfw pany's armed Smack \_ p/ f (> SWIFT, 1// WILLIAM DICK Master, / Now taking in goods, deliverable on the Glasgov* Wharf, v. ill sail from the north end of the old Drawbridge, on Tuesday the 8th March, at two o'clock afternoon. ROBERT LIDDELL, Manager. Edin. and Leith Shipping Co.' s Office, LtiTH,") March i. lilt. f — TO THE CURIOUS IN WINE.^ y / To be SOLD by private bargain,_ ' / JtS ^ WO Pipes, in bond, of the Royal Q^ orto L Company's PORT WINE, of the celebra/ d vin- ; e of 1809, now so scarce, and so Jiighly este « l? l\ d. I Apply to rRSCNClS BRIDGES./ " 405. High Street, Edinburfh. (, he J- due SEEDS. / SF 10 T> ARRELS RIGA SOWING 1) FLAXSEED— crop 1813, of supemp^ rtPj a y, in branded and sheeted barrels. _ 200 Hogsheads and 150 Bags Dy^ CH FLAX- LED— crop 1813, with Dutch ceptificates. froi 130 Caaks AMERICAN ifcSXSESD— crop 1812 day Also, new ENGLISH K^ AXSRED. Apply to / VKXTCl y Timber Bush, Weith, V ' ho will havp a constant supply of CLOVER and \ her seeds pn the » / » < during the sowing season. Those eIt ishing Glover Seeds direct from London or Holland, ay rtrfy on being served on the same liberal terms as : rjitofore, by addressing their orders to Messrs. rtoRrs and COLLETT, London, or through the me- uni of their agent here. Credit on Seeds shipped at London, six months from ite of invoice, & c. x" DUTCH FI^ AX~ FOR SALE. / j S \ a be SOLD by public auction, at the Warrfqpsefcf wi the Subscribers, on the Wet Dock, on Tuesday thT'sid ? 2d instant, at one o'clock, 1 ass 30]% TATS DUTCH FLAX, of good _ qJBfetM7!^ UGlHM, and C>. LEITH, March 5. 1814. ' ^ TO EXPORTERS. _____ 53 prALF Chests new TUpSflKfTCVt XI in bond, just ar[ iw « Mfom Smyrna, of ex- X ' llent quality and cga^ WflTbeing the only parcel on tio ie spot. I,,,, ... , po ApplyJp^ ilSarl'es and James Philip, the importer}, or a f - GEORGE ARNOTT, Broker. m< ifiTH, February 26.1814. ot 1 1 no FOR BEHOOF OF UNDERWRITERS. _ ' o be SOLD by auction, in the Warehflaaes ST^ Mess. Corbett, Borthwick, and Co^ upOli'Tuesday the 8th March, at 12 o'clock^""""* rWENTX-- CASKS WHITE LEAD, P( partly* 3amaged. 1V. GRINLY, Broker./ fl LtiTH, Feb. 25.1814. / FOR SALE ' m ! y public auction, in Mess. DAVID HvnE^ and- CS.^ s p( mahogany yard here, on Friday Jj^' lTtli proximo, ( j at one o'clock afternoon, .27 T OGS, co^ fcrtfim^ about 55,000 feet „ t JLj HOJJ0URAS MAHOGANY, of choice te engths and^ MSuty. Shoultlrfie above be previously sold by private bar- ] ; ain,- noMf e will be given. / Q- J^ imftT- tf< a/ hun,, rU F( 3R SALE, • AT EDINBURGH, 5958 \ MERICAN STAVES, consisting of tl il Pipe, Puncheon, Hogshead, and Heading, li' For particulars apply to £': WILLIAM ROBERTSON, Cooper. h konTii BASK STREET, EMNBDRGH, F' March 3. 1814. f< —— — — w ^ AT toPORTO, FOR LEITH, g' / {) The JOHN, EH- JS^ JAMES RENNIE, Master, e Is now at Oporto, loading WINE for Leith. P Orders for wine,, to come by this vessel, will be for- warded to Oporto free of expence, by the subscribers, WM. HALL & CO. P Who have for SALE, * 20 Tons of prime IRISH FLAX. J EDINBURGH, 4th March 1814. f FORTST PETERSBURGH DIRECT,, !' T « E roLi- Y, -<••/> I* LANDALI Master, f-"^" i.^ etjv- JJqw ready to take in goods, and will sail piout f 25th instant. For freight apply to _______ TmD, AUI. D, & CO:— or WM. ALLAN, Broker. J LEITH, 5th March 1814. ^ FOR ST PETERSBURGH I) IRECT~ c THE GLEANER, tjr 1 Master, ^ / Now in the Wet Dock, taking in goAds, and will sail ' twixt and 1st April. As the greatur part of the cargo is engaged, those intending to ship goods will ' please forward them immediately. Apply to_ ' Mr » r* ttt7rT7R" Cn|— or ' WM. ALLAN, Bru/ eT. ' LEITH, 5th March 1814. j-^. FOR BREMEN OR HAMBUR0i77 THE RESOLUTION^ JJc: Sslwe JOHN KERR Master, j Now ready to take in goods, and will- sail as soon as loaded. She is to call at Heligoland fonorders, and if Hamburgh be open, will discharge there, if not, she proceeds direct to Bremen. For freight apply to RftID, AlTLD;' Vay- or WM. ALLAN, Broker. LEITH, 5th March 1814. TO SHIPPERS!'') ROTTERDATV^ T J^ v& v The good Brig FORTIT U ' DJLrr- | Captiin jJiMrrtf, Is now loading in the \ V^ t - Hock, and will positively sail iij ten days, two- Jhifils of her cargo being engaged. Intending shippep- fwho will be accommodated at the lowest freight) 1 will please to apply early to • GEO. ' ARN(! TY'* Broker,"' Constitution Street, LEITH, 28th Feb. 1814. r> v AT LEITH, FOR BELFAST. _ THE CHARMING PEG( M '' zggtfr^' HENDRY M'LAREN MasterV'//"-^ Is now taking in goods for the abov'e / ort at th" west end of the Wet Dock, and will sail t( e 15th instant. For freight or passage apply to —— ARCHD. YOUNG/ Who has for sale, / A few tons DOWNSHIRE and DERRY FLAX. LEITH, 5th March 1814. AT LEITH FOR DUBLIN*/ ~ AS>. ( A regular trader,) A J f THE PHAROS, J ^ JAMES HENDERSON Masters J Is now taking in goods for the above port, af the east . end of the Wet Dock, and will sail on the 12th instant. For freight or passage, apply to ... .. i, t • ttfteHnrYSuNGj? ! j LEITH, March 5.1814. / PRIZE VESSELS AND CARGO FOR SALE AT LEITH. To be SOLD by public auction, within Mr GIUNLY'S ' Sale- room, Exchange Buildings, I. eith, ou'Thursday the 10th day of March 1814, at 12 o'clock'noon, - x* i j- v^ The under- mentioned ^^ • DANISH VESSjyaf 1 SfcHsr AND ' carg(* Tf 1. The very fine Sloop DEJJ'& EGVIISENDE packet privateer, wj* n all her Stores. DIMEJFL^ IONS. / Length aloft, 46 ft. 6 in/ f Depth of hold, 6 ft. 8 in. Breadth, 17 If | Admea/ iires 50 56- 94ths tons. ' Condemned as prize to his Majesty's sloop Clio, Wil- " liam Farrington. JJIsq. commaader, and Oberon, James ' Murray, Esq. ,< rommander. j 2. The strong Oak Galliot SYMON, with all her •) / Stores. / DIMUNSIONS. J Length aloft, 57 ft. O in. / Depth of hold, 7 ft. 4 in Breadth, 16 O •'] Admeasures 58 49- 94ths tons. Condemned as prize to his Majesty's sloop Erebus, Hen- ' Tytyford, Esq. commander. / The above two vessels are, without exception, the best of their class that have been offered for sale for sometime. CARGO OF THE SYMON. 578 Bolls RYE C. Q. L. 119 firkins BUTTER, excellr. it quality, containing, 63 2 9 nett 1 Cask PEARL BARLEY,... 2 3 17 y 4 Bags HULLED BARLEY, 7 2 27 S Hogsheads CORN BRANDY, 166 gallons. Both vessels lie in the wet dock, having their name f, painted on the mast. Their materials and stores ma; o, be seen at any time, and ' Inventories and catalogues will be ready for deliver; six days previous to the dayof salejby applying to . rXlWES WYTT and S © N. iaiTH, Feb, 21.1814. CORRrs ROOMS. ; CARD ANt) bANCING ASSEMBLY, | MONDAY THE 7TH MARCH. THE Subscribers and the Public are respect- fully informed, that the SEVENTH ASSEMBLY will be on the above evening. The subscribers will please to notice, that this is the last but two of the present subscription, and that the • ; tickets of the present subscription must be used by the Tenth Assembly, not being admissible after that time. Single ticket Three Shillings. Doors to open at half past eight o'clock. I ASSEMBLY ROOMS, GEORGE STREET. / . inPHE SIXTH. SUBSCRIPTION DfyNL* _ I X C1NG ASSEMBLY ( the last of this seas^ i) is t appointed for Thursday the lVtlvciirrent, to comnfence ; at niBe o'clock, y f ' fjTt l> iLtX, { Ct> ! Admission to nah- WlfedribersTwe shimngsV GEORGE STREET ASSEMBLY ROOMS. '** HLTATHAWIT!! C' nC^^ espectfully acquaints 11 the Nobility and Gen/ y, that his ANNUAL ' BALL is fixed for TPESDAY the 8th of MAKCH# 1814, * iin George Street Assembly Room » , under tlitfpatronage and direction of— ' Her Grace the Duchess of BUCCLEOCII Her Grace the dowager Duchet*' of BUCCLEOCH The most noble the Marchk> i< ess of ^ UEINSBERRT 1 The right honourable the,, Countess of DALHOUSIE The right honourable je^ e Countess of LEVEN and I. MFLYILI. E • The right, honourajne the Countess of GLASGOW The right honourable Viscountess CATHCART The right honourable Lady ASHBURTON e The right honourable Lady ANN Hon* e The rightXijnourable Lady CHARLOTTE HOPE The rigj>( honourable Lady MATILDA WYNYARD Lady HOPE, sen. of Craighall 5 Lady 13AIRD of Saughtonhail n Lady MUIR M'KENZIE of Delvin, & c. Tickets to be had of N. Gow, No. 4it. Prince's Street, T and at the rooms. N. B— New airs and dances, as usual. _ ZZ ~ _ CONCERT. / V' • J "\ M" IT LEESlias the honour of intimating to 6 1VX his Friend/ and the Public, that his ANNUAL CONCERT is fixed for Friday the 25th Marcf 1814, in CoRRi'a. Rooms. PRIZE MEDAU " — J j' j s> FORUM. CORRTS LARGE ROOM, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9. / PRIZE QUESTION—" Is the iov'e of praise productive of more bad or beneficial ef- fects ?" 0 A GOLD MEDAL will be delivered to the best speaker on the above question, at the conclusion of the ; t debate ; and, in order to prevent any contusion or in- ' ' convenience, no tickets that hav.-.' been sold on former . j' occasions will be reteived that night, nor more s<> ld at the doors than the room can comfortably accommodate. ; s Tickets of atWi^ sion ( pfldb Is. each) to be bad at the ,, D^ OFTHER^ O.^ ^ n TO THE HERITORS OF// THB- PARISH OF ED AUCHTERMUCHTPT, FIFESHIRE. es rpHE Rev. JAMES LISTER, minister of "> X the gospel at Auchtermuchty, hereby gives notice ot to the titular and tacksman of the teinds, heritors, life- renters, or others, introniitters with the teinds of the is said parish of Auchtermuchty, and to all others having, or pretending to have interest in these teinds, that he has raised a summons of augmentation, modification, and locality, which will be called in court on Wednes^ day the 25th day of May next, 1814. / j EDINBURGH, 1st March 1814. ( lg GRASS PARKS OB NEWL1STON ™ rFO BE LET for the Sefcln, for Pastu^, by e> X public roup, at the HoViWof NEWLISTON, on' ts' Tuesday the 22d day of March current* at li o'clock noon. - i 10. The parks are enclosed, wel; wati. an< 1 sht. L^ i . , and situated within ahout | iiae miles of Edinburgh, near the Glasgow rtpds by Bathgate and Linlithgow. . They willjia shewn by faNewfiston.^ C GRASS PARKS, " IN : rs, THE VICINITY OF EDINBURGH,,-^ LET. • n" To be LET by auction, for the ensuing'seaso^ on Mon- ut- day the 14th dav. ufMarch 1814, rri- rFHE Grass of WESTER n ~ X DALRYrfl^ tthin five minutes walk of the west end of PriaceV Street, well known to be very rich ) rl- pasture< Srid to abound with clover. The roup^ vill begin upontte/ ground at 12 o'clock __ noon' • fr,,, - If' FT GRASS PARKS OF LUNDIN AND TORRIE, IN FIFE. 5N> ^ l5be LET by public roup, upon Tu^ sdaylKe Sth of S March laj^ r*" rilHE Grass Paj^ jrTUNDIN, in the pa- ers> X rish of L « fgo; and upon Friday the ISth of March, the. Gfass Parks of TORRIE, in the parish of ort- Torrigixrfn. '? The roup to begin upon the ground^ fit 11 o'clock fore- noon each day./ ,,.••" 7 - A .' l/. if"'" 60. _ < - • • -" ALSO, The BANKS of j& TNNAIRD, together with several other Fields adjoining, lately possessed by Mr Bruce. The above^ Srks are all well watered and sheltered, and are known to produce excellent pasture, both for rearing afid feeding. They are close upon the great road • eet. leading from Qu « n » ferry to Kinross. The roup to b/ gih upon the ground at eleven o'clock forenoon, / i/ i , v Ci" i gC(-* 0. ' >. '" J, BLAK ADAM, February 22.1814. LETTING OF GRASS PARKS, AND SALE OF HORSES, TIMBER, & c. To be LET by roup, upon Monday the 7th day of March, for the ensuing season, rH npHE GRASS PARKS of DALMAHOY, near arns X Edinburgh, so well known to cattle- driers and begs graziers to be excellent pasture, well enclosed, watered, shall and sheltered. j/ J 1 be There will be SOLD, before tha- foup of Parks, low" Three excellent WORK HORSES, HARNBSS and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, & c. The roup will begin aOdStton Mains, at 12 o'clock noon. f JF ALSO, To be SOLD by roo'p, upon Thursday the 10th day of March^ at DALMAHOY and ICAIMES, A great quajirtity of full- grown TIMBER, consisting of Oak, Elmf Ash, Plane, Beech, Lime, Chesnut, Alder, Birch, LuCh, Spruce, and Scots Fir, of excellent qua- lity, anint for the most of purposes. A rant of the oak is lying cut, and a part is uncut; all the other timber will be cut before the sale. There are sonie remarkable fine larch trees. The roup will begUy at Kaftnes, at nine oclocjt fore- noon, and contiriue. jKe succeeding dayjST all iifiix soli off the first day. O ^ rar- amto^, February 17. 1814. I DUNG TO LET. To be LET for the space of three years, from the ist . . i day of May 1814, ' elr HPHE DUNG and FULZIE of and upon X the Sands Quarter of the Town of Ll^ i'TH, corn- gate; prehendine the following streets and gjpce » , viz — muel That, part of the Shore of Leith, from the strand on ueen, the north side of Willie Water^ S Close to the Ferry 101.1 Boat Stairs, St. Bernard Slye6t, Baltic Street, Broac over, j Wynd, Quality Street, Charlotte Street, Willie Waters' hant,' Close, Water Lane, bjtlo'w the souih- west^ Side of VTP Tho- 1 lie Waters's Close, Lines leading to St Bfereard Streei Mus-! and Quality Strj^ l, Constitution Street, or the Nefl sorge Road, from Cbtfriotte Street to the Sands, Elbe Street hair- Bath Street » « nd Fox Lane. Tho- / AS ALSO, ocer, The DUNG and FULZIE of and upon the Streets ck. — j of North Leith, Coalliill, and Citadel, and Lanes there' • aver, 0f. - John! Offers to be lodged with Hugh Veitch, town- clerk o. : hant, j tTetiB^ n or before the 2'- d day of March next, af mder. ter winch day, no more offers will be received, wick' Town Clerk's Office, LEITH, Feb. 18. 1814. Ness' — Intending offerers will observe, that the Com ' missioners of Police are not in future to provide th GALLERY OF FASHION^? j r ' > ANNUAL SALE. // k? TT /^ pt^ HRIST am)- CG. - yill, on/ Wnday v Vjr the 7th current, commenc* their JVNpIUAL : d SALE of f ' • sivE ' GLOVES, SILK and COTTON STOCKINGS, f' st e* RIBBONS, moF LACES, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, VELVETS, D BLACK and WHITE LACE VEILS and N' SQUARES. reduc And on WEDNESDAY and TIIBRSDAY they will dis- pose of all that remains of the following goods, viz. g J' PRINTED FURNITURES, S" LONG and SQUARE BRITISH SHAWLS, S _ PRINTED CALICOES, PELISSE CLOTHS, BOMBAZETS, , POPLINS, LUSTRES, SARSNETS, kc. & c. TT • 8 HIGH STRUT, Sth March 1814. I 1 an I •— — 4~ CHEAP NEW HABERDASHERY, HO^ E% y, A new ; FLANNEL WAREHOUSE, / if L^^',]^ K0. 7. NICHOLSON'S STREET, THIRD SHOP SsUTH^ OF THE COLLEGE, EDINBURGH. £ LA.\ For ready Money only. f 9 ST^ BERT'" WA'THER)( latt- assistant with Biad XV/ Mr Andrew Melliss) jlispectfully intimates to his friends and the public of Buinburgh and Leith, & e. Whil • that, upon Tuesday the sth current, he intends opening in- the above shop, with a complete Assortment of Elast pw j NEW AND FASHIONABLE j HABERDASHERY AND HOSIERY GOODS, i consisting chiefly of the following Articles, j Ladi — viz. j Glasgow, Paisley, and Manchester Muslins— Imitation Elasl t India Shawls and Plaids, elegant patterns— Excellent Cot- ." 4(_ ton Shirtings— Ginghams— Dimities— Cotton Stripes • i'. d Checks— Flannel— Blankets and Counterpanes— j Black and coloured Bombazets and Bombazeens— Black Gem re- Sarsnets— Ribbons— Velvets— Pocket and Neck Hand- Di ua- kerchiefs, & c. with a capital choice of Gloves and Ho- ve ' < Y ; giery, of every description, all of which has been with : td, the utmost care selected by himself in the principal ( > rt- 1 manufacturing towns of Scotland and England, and G • ck j which he flatters himself he will be enabled to sell fully of rly as reasonable as any in the trade. N, • R. M. particularly regrets his shop being a few paces HA. distant from the centre of business ( viz. South Bridge pricf Street), burtrusts his moderate prices will be a com- plete inducement to purchasers. > tf-/* An APPRENTICE wanted. I • R" IN TH E PRESS, And will be published on Tuesday first, the 8th instant, and sold by all the principal booksellers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, & c. :. nd A NSWER to a PAMPHLET, entitled, whe R^ K " Observations on the Report of Mr Huca BAIRD, Civil Engineer, relative to the proposed Union , ni3 Canal," & c. — • ate By JAMES GRAHAME, Esq. advocate. This day is published. / // By ' WDREW WATLACE and cl ( J'f) i — 56. Prince's Street, Edinburgh, / / , ntj A KEY to MAIR's INTRODUCTICTN ; Lin or, a HELP to the " TIRO" in Latin Syntax, lery " fer in which every sentence is arranged in the order of con- a va the struction, and the quantity of the words, particularly Eric ' ery the proper names, accurately marked. Car aus, Second edition, corrected and revised, . ^ aly By W. MU1RHEAD, Teacher in Edinburgh. ^ arly " LONDON MUSEUM. ^ sc,( rpHE inhabitants of Edinburgh and its vici- the not X nitv are respectfully infurined, that the bortable J y ! and most, interesting part of f ' exg and TJnrBtTECTClCB MUSEUM OF NATURAL A' j HISTORY, ! / — jb! e from the EgyptianWall in Piccadilly, I. ondon, isjrow „ * th* | open for public inspection, j' / ° a. ' th* | IV CORRl'S LARGE CONCERT R005 » y^ ifac- 1 This Museum, never exhibited out of jjrondon till lich, | now, consists of upwards of 10,000 of the m> st remark- jt - * rt;', able subiects of animated nature, displayed in the most FU . a'id hifsutiful manner, so as to convey an idfo of their habits boa n » d? snd Jytit5S^> lly drxording dra t > the system ot linns? by wliusS Ae « tiid » nt or ad- aof tion, mlrer of the honndless works at creatijbii may obtain 1 i more information, by a few Ijpirs attentive examina- nej tion, than can possibly be acquired, by Jeading alone, i years. / I — THE QUADRUPEDS consist principally of th^ se interesting for their history l>* or domestic economy,. Jor their raritj or singularity of il - IKS, form, among which ire several fronyNewHolland, not : c. yet noticed by authirs. ' 7THE B! RDS I mc u j- are from every part of the habitabl » world, and are uni- , that, versally allowednro exceed those of any cabinet in Eu- , , ds to r0pe> either ijf respect to ntimber, rarity, beauty of J*" pose p] umage, or npnner of preservation. They are of nearly , tinue every know/ genus, and vary in size from the ostrich v... to the almyt insect humming bird ( of which there are 11ent about 80 distinct species), whMe bulk scarcely equals that of Jit bee, but w! o e ^ adiai. t and resplendent yj : erm, piumagwexceeds, in brilliancy and colour, the most va- <> luablc of our precious stones. This department of the | sual, museum has lately been enriched ( through the libera- W lity of/ the Royal College of Surgeons) by the entire col- lectiijh made by Sir Joseph Banks and Captain Cook, p4 during their vovages of discovery, among which are ' - mar/ y unique and perfectly new subjects. / - Among the numerous and beautifufly preserved \ kP CLASS OF AMPHIBIA Di are al! the known crocodiles, alligators, iguanas, chame- £ t i lions, lizards, tartoises, and serpents. Among the latter • r^ TTr) is a specimen of th^; great serpent of South America, jj, j called the Boa Constrictor, which is perhaps the finest g] ' j""' subject of natural history in Europe. It measures 52 m Y1-, IS feet in length and 23 inches in circumference, and is A . finely preserved, in the act of destroying a deer, which j?, is crushed, and expiring in the enormous fold of its mer- o t real cjiess adversary. Ci , on ln THE FISHES p. ' a'l° are a selection of those of the most extraordinary form, £ irably from every part of the world. Many are of the most j?, e sold rare itj) lljs> found on our own coast, and have the ap- [ n f pearance of being just taken from their native ele- A ion ot men£- f) THE COLLECTION OF INSECTS c [ 7J is extremely splendid and extensive, containing all the i, most remarkable of Africa, India, the Brazils, and other A parts of South America, many of which are of the most \ astonishing metallic brilliancy of colours, diversity of JJ form, and extraordinary size. A ment THE MARINE PRODUCTIONS N nand;. a^ mprise a very valuable assemblage of shells, echini, lejHo asterias, corals, madrepores, gorgonias, and other inha- < ssive bitants of the waters, collected, without regard to _ pence, and appropriately displayed, in the most elegant pe* u- manner. Among the FOSSILS, e or organic Remaina of a former World, j ire those of several species of the mammoth of America, tl >( Bcei an< l » ° me found in this country. They consist of a fo lount. variet7 ° f bones, teeth of carnivorous and other extinct p led to an<^ non- descript animals, which must have been of jr such vast size as to have Deen at least 140 times the bilk of a horse. The single claw of one measures near four feet in length. They have been the surprise of every enlightened admirer of the wonderous productions of nature. This department also contains the head of an enormous crocodile, lately found entire in the cliff near Lyme, in Dorsetshire, and an unique turtle, as well as fishes, crabs, shells, and other marine animals, many of them taken from the interior of the highest and most inland mountains of the continent, as well as our own island, yet are as perfect as when in existence. This Museum also contains a few very select , FOREIGN CURIOSITIES AND WORKS OF ART. Among the former are the most interesting articles brought from the South Seas during the voyages of discovery of Captain Cook. They include the identical ,„ idols, weapons, and other domestic and military imple- lar ments engraved in the history of those voyages, among elroie which is the superb feather, cloak, and helmet, present- ifries e<' by the King of Owyhee to, and worn at an enter- tainment on shore by, our unfortunate circumnavigator, a few days before he fell a sacrifice to the mistaken re- fc ure sentment of the natives. Most of the above were pre- lock. sented by Sir Joseph Banks. Among the works of art, | are some finely executed models in rice paste, and some specimen* of the most exquisite carvings in ivory, by J j Mess. Stephsney and Dretch, of Lausanne, being the g JJ principal objects in the admirable exhibitions of their J ' works in Bond Street, London. ( The London Museum is the result of near 50 years ] [ i# » era, ar( 5uous and unremitting research, and has been com- t re 14th. p; eted at an expence exceeding 20,0001. independent of s j the liberal donations ( which no pecuniary means could i ES of have procured) made by most of the Royal Family, the ( isuHng| principal nobility, and distinguished characters, either i ars old. as to rank or science in the kingdom, whose names ap- ] already i pear in the descriptive catalogue, which may be had of j the booksellers, and at the exhibition, price 2s. each. ; 50ur of An enlarged edition of the catalogue, with numerous i accom-; engravings by Howitt, 14s. Ditto, with coloured plates, i f ail ex- 24s. *„* Admission, from ten till dusk, 2s. each. Tickets . and six of admission during the time it remains open ill Edin- . burgh, 10s. 6d. Content fires are kept In the room. AND GENTLEMEN?/ ifj rVATTD STEW A RT*' H osi E R a n dfj i . akm liJ respectfully intimates, 4hat his STOCK of FA- SHIONABLE SII. K STCKINGS, DRESfe and WALKING GLOVES, is at present very EXTEN- ' I1 SIVE, of the best QU ALITY, and will be sold on the JL most reasonable terms. will GENTLEMEN'S SUPERFINE HATS, and FAN- j Ti CY SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, in great variety. ; last f N. B— The remains of the winter stock selling off at ticke reduced prices. Tent GILDED HOSE and GLOVE, gj, 89. SOUTH BRIDGE, west side. SALE OF HOSIERY AND GLOVES, & c. —~ AT NO. 20. PRINCE'S STREET. . — f » t » - » S. ( EastJXxi^) fy ' J" fy\ NL ' V 0 R R E S T^ respect^ inti- JL/ mates, that, in order to mape roon^ 6r? an entire ( new assortment of goods for the/ spring^ season, he is now SELLING OFF his whole StocJ^ of * hich the A< t following articles deserve particulayfiotice :- f- . LAMBS WOOL and SHETLAND HOsk, all sizes and quality's. White and grey MERINO / id ANGOJ/ A HOSE. TM i Black and coloured WORSTED STOfKINGS, all i > ki/ ils. ! B^ I . White and coloured CQrTTON STOCKINGS, asu- ii„ G ; pa^ or choice. , an, i Elastic, Cotton, andT Lambs Wool BRAWERS, „ SHIRTS, UNDER VESTS, kc. & c. Anf ait extensive choke iff - pj \ Ladies plain an/ patent SILK HO$ E, with Cotton T! Tops, from 6s. to 8s. the pair, T! 3 Elastic Silk a:/ Cotton, and spun SILK HOSE, only 6s. Riofi patent SILK HOSE, only lis. T s ^ Plain ditto, from 9s. to 12s. 6d. T Rich / mbroidered ditto, from 13s. to 14s. fid. T k Gentleman's plain, Derbv ribbed, patent, and superfine T - Dress/ SILK STOCKINGS, from 14s. to 17s. the T i- very ^ best. T h j ALSO L d A complete assortment of Ladies light and dark L: d GLOVES, tomatch any colour, upwards of 30 dozen I. y of which will be sold from is. to Is. fid. the pair. - p N. B — A large quantity of fancy SILK POCKET an( j : s HANDKERCHIEFS, to be sold at the manufacturers N e prices. V FRIDAY LAST, ./( // ! qPHE STATE LOTTERY begaUr/ s^ TV - X in London, j ^ advice of which will arrive by Monday's pffet, ; n ( t, . —- J >. A'R- MST'RUNG AND SMITfft, 33. NORTH BRIBGE, / 1, i where a few whole Tickets, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, h and Sixteenths, will continue on sale till n this evening at ten o'clock. J] ORIGINAL AGENCY OFFICE, /",/>- feet f • 56. OPPOSITE THE COLLEGE. V j ( s) Jl /^ CrntrKER and URqUhar- Tnwii^ X- T T pose to SALE, by auction, on Monday first, and three following days, a variety of Haberdashery, con Linen and Woollen Drapery; also a quantity of Jewel- x, lery, Watches, Chains, Seals, Rings, & c. ( pledges,) with the 11- a variety of japanned Goods, and Knives and Forks. 1 [ y Friday, Household Furniture, Blankets, Bed- quilts, doc Carpets, & c. Saturday, superfine Cloths, & c. — Will commence on Monday the 21 sr, a very exten- ^ sive and valuable stock of fashionable Silver Plate, plated Goods, Jewellery, Gold Watches, Ceylon Ivory Knives r* and Forks, with a large assortment of fancy Goods ; . they being recently selected for a regular trade, are of , a- very first quality. relJ ile N. B.. r- A large cargo of China is on the way, and is exacted to hand very soon. . Jr ^" Edinburgh, March 5. 1814. ilas ; vv AUCTION OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. j"' On Wednesday first, the 9th current, at No. 2. North Bridge, will be exposed to SALE, by public roup, ill A LARGE and valuable assortment ofDining k- i JL. and Drawing Room, Parlour, and Bed- room 5st FUKNITURE, amongst which are a handsome side- I its board, fine mahogany tables, wardrobes, secretaries, ng drar"' r « , and chairs^ mirrors, English and Scots Carpets, Ti id- sof. s ( Trecian coucf ei, ire' t with bt iding^ Sic. no lin The whole to be sold with mt reserve, for ready mo- la- ney only. an in Sale to commerce at 11 o'clock ft yenoon. thi CROSS KEYS INN, KELSO. / - If ~ > r>| S| YT" RS"" V U'TTF? l" turns her most tjfei^ s i-' i to her frimds and the public for past f » ours, ' and takes this opportunity to inform them, that Ihe in- tends to carry on the Business at Kelso, where the ut- . most attention will be paid to the accommodation of - ~ ' Travellers, and at the most moderate prices, and parti- ' j cularly to the fitting up the Bed- rooms and laying in a ^ , stock of good Liquors. en .7 N. B.— Good Chaifces, able Horses, and careful Dri- Pa vera, at the shortest notice. ^ *" Ke Lsoyrebruary 24.1814. ent STORMONT BLEACHF1ELD, NEAR PERTH7 1 the " TjWWN MAl'T'CTR) will bleach this season, y ra- tJ at the usual prices. J I ' : ol- CLOTH WILL. BE RECEIVED AT I yT f ° k, Perth, by Messrs William Dow and Co. linen- drapers, j High Street. 1/ y Peter Howie, grocer, HiglTStreet Port, p James Forsyth, CastleiGcble. Dunkeld, John Duff, merchant n( ne- Edinburgh, Geo. Sutherland/ and Co. No. 60. [ ter South BridgyStreet.' > ca, Dundee, John Philip, ifierchant. lest Brechin, David Kenjfmerchant. - p 82 Montrose, Alex. Sta^ Vart manu& cturer. ' ' s Arbroath, . RoberyGardiner, merchant. p- lich Forfar, Jamyr Scott, jun. merchant ler- Cupar Angus, Rolftrt Sprunt, merchant. - Cupar Fife, Rwiert Nicoll, merchant. Falkland, John Morrison. ! a rm, Kirkcaldy, jCVfm. Templetod, merchant. lost Errol, ./.. . Ada- n Powrie, merchant. aP" Inchture,...../..... Thomas Reid, postmaster. 01 e'e" Auchterardar, William Snieaton. Ounferrnliye, John Kinnis, merchant. 31 Crieff,..../ Fergus Ferguson, merchant. J"' tIlc Leith,../ Jas. Burnet, No. 35. St Bernard Street. le : her Aberfefdy Donald Cameron, merchant. lost A] yth,; Thomas Deans, merchant. " y of Blairgowrie, Wm. Robertson, manufacturer. Auchtermuchty,.... John Tod. Newburgh, Peter Laing, merchant » ' ni, And at the Bleachfield. iha- February 8.1814. ex- - . gam GIFFORD BLEACHFIELD, 1814. JOHN TRAIL will lay down CLOTH t as soon as the season will permit. He returns sincere thanks to his numerous employers, and begs g rica, they will rest assured, that no expence or attention shall a pf a be wanting to give satisfaction to those who shall be : inct pleased to favour him with their employ, at the follow- n of ing prices, viz :— j bilk All plain linen, yard wide, or under, four wrought in a 900 reed, or under, r very half white ( if so marked on the ' » ° f cloth), at - - - 3d. per yard, if an 900 and all below, full white, at 3jjd. near i000, 4d. " as 1100, - - - 4id. c » any laixi, 5d. ] uost 1300, .... 5id. i own 1400, ----- fid. 1500, and all above, at - 6^ d. t Damasks and satinets, at - 6d. , RT. Tweels, - - - SJd. and 6d. icles Ditto, half white, if so mark- , es of ed, - - 4d. and 4| d. , tical Diapers, - - 5| d. and 6d. lple- Very coarse ditto, not full white, 4d. long Cambrics, ... 4 id. sent- I. awns, - - - 3d. iter- All kinds of cotton at reasonable prices, ator, All cloths above yard wide, in proportion to their n re- breadth. pre- Cloth > o be taken in, and receipts given, by fart, I William Wallace, grocer, head of the Canongate; i some Thomas Gowans, basketmaker, West Bow; Samuel ft by Hopperton, grocer, Lawmparket; Alexander M'Queen, i ? the grocer, Duke Street, and James SUavv, weaver, 101.1 their Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.— William Elder, glover, j opposite the Pipes, Leith.— William Brown, merchant, rears Peebles.— John Scott, manufacturer, Fisherrow — Tho- j com- ma5 Thomson, candlemaker, opposite the cross, Mus- nt of selburgh.— William Wilson, candlemaker, and George - ould Wilson, weaver, Dalkeith.— Alexander Glen, hair- r. the dresser, Prestonpans.— Mrs Rodger, Tranent.— Tho- ither mas Logan, weaver, Ormistoti— Mrs Nicol, grocer, 18 aP" Haddington.— Peter Dobie, weaver, North Berwick,— ad of James Trail, weaver, Dirleton Adam Rodger, weaver, each. Prestonkirk.— Robert Goodall, weaver, Stenton.— John] : rous Cochran, weaver, Dunbar,— James Atchison, merchant, lates, Cockburnspath — Robert Romanis, merchant, Lauder. — James M'Cree, seedsman, and Adam Johnstone, ckets weaver, Dunse.— James Oraham, merchant, Berwick. Edin- — James Muir, manufacturer, Kelso.— Thomas Ness, Blackshiels post- office.— And at the Bleachfield. N. B.— Lipping charged as formerly. GRAND SALE OF SHAWLS///.-. FASHIONABLE GALLERY/ / ' SOUTH BRIDGE. ' / FTJ [ AMES^ PITTA Q informs the Mobility, Gentry, and Public, < 1 at, on Monday next, and I,, : two following days, he will expose to SALE, at re- ced prices, an immense choice of TAP HTAWLS, PLAIDS, SCARFS, MANTLETS, AND , CRAVATS, imoiigst which he will include a few REAL INDIA, . at very moderate prices. OSCO. N. B — The sale will be conducted tn the Gallery, ^ 0SE MI ten to four each day, and will close on Wednes- J ( PRII / ^ OUTH BRIDGE, MARCH 5.1811. ; XT PAT I SON and SON'S second week's h ' T • Sale, on MONDAY 7th curt, will include an! -—-— tensive assortment of CHE.' PELISSE and GOWN CLOTHS, WHITE and COLOURED SATINS, ite. ANNUAL SALE! /. / nrTAMES itspectfully acquaints tMpafief " T^ > 1 of Edinburgh, that her ANNUAL SALB-^ XV or J his fri MILLINERY, DRESSES, STRAW HALFE, & C. that, t ill commence on Monday the 7th inst. at prices con- the ab derably reduced, in order to make room II/ R a new, sortment of Goods for the spring season. j H. 65. PRINCE'S STREET, March 5. 1814. REAL BARGAINS Gtisg or / ] f t India: ' H1TF. THREAD LACEL&. IIABERD^ SHER, 4_ TON S! ^ rmTFoRREs- n y 7 fe^ T> EsPECTFULLY intimates, that BEIFI'IR TF) RE-' sarsn. IX move at Whitsunday first, from his present situa- kerch on, to that shop, No. 22. NORTH BRIDGE, PRESENTLY '. tiery, assessed by Mr Plenderleath, he has now COMMUTED, the u SALE of the whole of his present extensive ASSORT- manu lent of WHITE I, ACES; and also the whole st- ck whicl f HABERDASHERY, and he would particularly as rea otice the following articles, which he is determined TO R ; LL. off real bargains:— PRINTED COTTONS, GINGHAMS, Street PELISSE CLOTHS, PIETE IMITATION SARSNETS, BOMBAZETS, SHAWLS, MUSLINS, STOCKINGS, ' OCKET HANDKERC H1EFS, SILK HANDKER- CHIEFS, GLOVES, & c. . .. ' he whole will be found well worth the paiticuUr at- ANC tention of purchasers. QJ, N. B.— Received by this day's coach, a beautiful as- . urtnTent of BROAD LACES, fine EDGINGS und A FOO TINGS ; also, new PATENT TIPPETS, WORK L ; APS, and HANDKERCHIEFS. BAIR *,* A considerable quantity of SHELVING, and CANA ther FIXTURES, to be disposed off on moderate erms. I. ace Warehouse, No. 9. East Side SODTH BSIDOE. H RUSSIA LEATHER PORTMANTE^ TP^. R A 0 FETSDIEjreturnr. his grateful/ tl/ AAK^ to1 XX 1. • his numerous and respcxtable employirs^ FBR in wl heir long continued favours, at the same time tikes the strue iberty of informing them, that, in addition to his very the p extensive stock of travelling Trunks and Portmanteaus, LE is just now manufacturing a variety of Portmanteaus ' rom the best RUSSIA LEATHER, and will be ready ; " or inspection on Monday first. They are particularly well adapted for travellers in general, especially those ; oing abroad, as they are proof against moth or insect ' 1 :> f any description, and it is a known fact, they will not -*- even live in the room where such portmanteau may be j AND. placed, altheugh considered one of the strongest and; finest perfumes at present in use. " \ Those wishing portmanteaus or boxes, for vaL- ible ; froit papers, of a particular size, can have them done ON th- J shortest notice, as P. P. has now established, for th » j first time in Scotland, a regular portmanteau MAR. ufao- T tory, most of which are of his own invention, which, [ now for strength, accommodation, and safety of property, able he flatters himself, is not to be surpassed in Jirkai'* ND B I SS" « JRFWA , miiirerjd seti> tictio » I ( A.< OSI 1 » .•• - IT- abroad. 1 ' 1 V T] N. B.— Travelling equipment, of every tiescription, mlri for home consumpt and exportation. j mot Travelling Trunk and Portmanteau Warehouse, tion No. 7. PRINCE'S STREET, Edinr. yeai " Z^ L SALE, AT PRIME COST, ~ cam or SILVFR PLATE, PLATED GOODS, WATCHES, forr JEWELLERY, HARDWARE, CUTLERY, & C. yet rrriLLIAM AITCHISON, 91. SOUTH ARE VL BRIDGE, respectfully informs the Public, that, VER, ill consequence of a new arrangement he intends to make in his business, he will, on Monday first, expose to sale, his whole STOCK, withaut reserve, to continue J! VE till all is sold off. ^ T The goods are of the best quality, and the assortment A(, 0 of useful articles particularly extensive. TJ( AL Families and others furnishing at the ensuing term, ,,] U will find the above well worth attention. JUA| N. B— A very large stock of WATCHES, as usual, nm all warranted. ijty EDINBURGH, March 5.1814. lec! — —.— dut REAL BARGAINS / MA JEWELLERY, PLA TE, PLATED J( TFOK? CUTLERY GOODS, WATCHFIS/ are $ c. DJ- c. J I ^^ J HOI rpijE whole, axoc K of the late/ fflexanJer"! - X Cunningham/ jeweller, 107. South Bridge, con-' sisting of every Artjfle in the JEWELLERY LINE, is now SELLING OFF greatly, under cost prices. The public were never favoured with an opportunity JS so tempting as the present, for the purchasing of real CJ[, Bargains, not only on account of the great reduction in price and the excellent quality of tlie good*, but also ARE from the extensive choice, the stock being considerably FR0 above eight thousand pounds sterling, which must be sold RAR before Whitsunday next. I'/- This sale is particularly worth the attention of ^ those taking up houses at the ensuing term. NORWICH UNION LIFE AND FIRE INSU- " IS RANCE ASSOCIATION. MT pai Life Department.. ^ THE Premium charged by this establishment is about ten per cent, lower than what is demands ed by other offices, whilst those insuring are enitled- FO ast the surplus premiums of the institution, by SUOEMSIVE bit additiens to their policies. Y pei Annuities granted and purchased on tejips of U- M; liar liberality. JR I Children endowed. jr Fire Department ; * r< The rates of Insurance are TH « same as other offices, AN' but the surplus premiums, which have hitherto amount. VA ed to fifty per cent, are eyfrY seven years returned to AN those insui ed, already exaeeding 39,000 members. • MUSTEES. / ?! His Grace the ME of Argyll ' F(!< The right honorable the Earl of Oxford and Mor- EN 1 timer / / na t THE right lyftourable Earl Craven ™ The right Jlonourable Lord . Saltouu *'' Lord Visfount Bernard, M. P. / & c. & c. & c. Pf Thomfis Bignold, Esq. Secretary. JNL Richard Morgan, Esq. Actuary. LS' reA'NCIS ' TO1U^^^' igfTsI^ I F< / Edinburgh, / Frailcis Blaikie and Sons, R. Vary, Lanark > plasgow . P. Hay, Dingwall ?[ ' C. Chalmers, Aben'EW R. Mackenzie, Nairn 111 S John Sturrock, Dundee J. Thomson, Sanquhar M S J. Leighton, Montrose Charles F. rskine, Melrose \ W L. Grant and Co. Inverness C Armstrong, Dumfries E< John Barclay, Elgin W. Hogg, Selkirk TA John Smith, Kelso J. Philips, Crieff A J. M. Robertson, Peebles Thomas Reid, Inchture SE J. Murdoch, jun. Ayr A. Campbell, Greenock. ST' Persons of respectability, desirous of being ap- ^ pointed agents in Scotland, may apply to Mr Bridges. \ JJ e ~ TIMBER? FOR SALE AT MYLNEFIELD, P' R NEAR DUNDEE. W There will be exposed to SALE by roup, at MyJiiffieW, AI four miles west from Dundee, on MUUDAY THI 14th „; of March next, IF. ABOUT 600 SCOT8TIR TREES H excellent QUAL^ TYF many of JHEM measuring| P more than 20 solidit^ t, and upwards, of 100 years old.' a; Also, about SW'BEECH TREES, which are already I P cut down, afl€ laid into small lots. | tl E, The wood is within half a mile of the harbour of fl LY Kingoodie, where it may be shipped, and every accom- e modation will be given for that purpose, free of all ex- 2 PY pence. The roup will begin at ten o'clock forenoon ; and six o months credit will be given on propel security. b A MrisiniLO, Fete 23.1814. r,/ b%* f EDUCATION Or POOR CHILDREN/ == FROM THE LONDON GAZE'ilE. A] SCHOOLMASTER WANTED. NATIVE of . Perth, who died IR^ R'ondo' netime ago, having bequeatlmi'fj/ t'un Fund; v> the Eigfct , De3C(. Tfi ^ Hthe Incojj « rat « a Trades of Perth,' fer < 3ef; .- tying ' thejEducjjffrfii ofA number of Boys of poor and. hor. eit parepfC burgages, tradesmen, if Perth, giving the nref'.- rgffce to boy/ of the name of itewart. born in P. rthvfjf poor aiyl honest parents, iurgher- tra- esnien ' oPHPerth, if such shall ba found ; he Deacons, d? « iij » ( W of carrying/ ito effect the will of he testator, gi- ySiis notice, th* f th y are ready to re- ' cive applications from personal' the description point- ; d out by tljf will. / And further intimat/ that a SCHOOLMAS- TER iCwanted to tearhAhe boys the principles of I'. nttWh Grammar, Writing, and Arithmetic ;— and, as Encouragement will be liberal, the most satisfactory : eitific: ites as to character and . qualifications, will be Convener Clunie, or/ Rr.' riert Neddie, town clerk of » erth, Jlvill inform as to particulars, and'receive appli- • 5tion « until the 1st of April next, after which none . vill be received. It is intended that the teaching should commence at Whitsunday ivxt.— Not to be re- lated. PERTU, January 27. CONTRACTS FOR HAMMOCKS, SiOTH FOR MAKING HAMMOCK ClOVERS, AWNINGS, AND VARIOUS OTHER PURPOSFS. / To be manufactured from Sunn i Ump. NAVY OFFICE, Februa/ y LK18M. FTlHE principal Officers and Conflyresioners of 1 his Majesty's Navv do herebynotice, that icy wid be ready, on Thursday tHysist of March ext, to receive proposals from P^ Vins willing to enter lto CON TRACTS I'. r supplying rfaantities of either f the above articles, to b^ JmanuSctwed from Sum eirp, the property of Ms MaWsty, which will be barged to the parties auffstipulajri d price. Specimens of the different articles, made from the laterial hitherto ityue, as wel/ as hammocks made of •!. in heron, are nedv readv to/ n- shewn, in the lobby f the Navy Ofjiff', to parties'desirous of viewing the ime, and snerfmens of the/ other articles made from unn hemp,/ fill be ready to be shewn from and after tie 1st da^ of March. The Su/ ni hemn may nftw be seen at his Majesty's ' ard at/ VoolwicIi, where a quantity of it, divided into iree olasses, viz. best, middling, and worst, has been lid aside, for th" purpose- ot supplying specimens to host desirous of offering for the e conti acts, and any uXntity. containing a portion of each class, will be ^ liven- d to them on paying for the same at the stipu- itcd price. • Parties desirous of offering for these contracts, must - ansir. it u ith their tenders a letter, signed by two re- poosibf* persons, engaging to become bound with the ersons tendering, in a given mm, for the due perfor- lance of. tha contracts, and which will inciud* the va- te of such hemp is may be delivered to them from irtie to ti ne, for the purpose of being manufactured. Forms of the tenders mav be'/ Seen at this office, and o tender will bdK'Ceiveclafatf ony o'clock on the said 1st of March, Aor :: nylp4i./ aLMkas. th^ arty, or an gent for hiiy. jBttfcndt/ fly [ ' 1ti(*> l Dumfriesshire. . ESTATE IN DUMFRIES- SHlRF. y To be SOLD or LET, and entered to inuneyateJyr rHE Man- i,~ n- house, Garden, anflJOTices ol LOCHAR WOODS', lying in thp^ rfrt& h of Ruth- nil, :. nd county of Dumfries, and^ eu qfiles from the own of Dumfries, with no Sral^ acres / t arable land e'culiarly ad. ipted for the o » mvation Af wheat crops nd 250 acres of moss, si>* 6ted contuiuous to the Sol ray Frith, where Hme/ tfay be got auan easy rate from he opposite coast or Cu nbcrlamY or from the lime- ilns of Kellheadjlf Comlongan, JA the neighbourhood The house, wfiich is co, nmod/ iu « , commands a fini iew of the fwav and the Eiigii h coast, on the south nd the castfeof Carlaverock,' bn the west. The office: re good./ Fronythe orchard there has frequently been sold .501 if frui<\ besides supplying the family. Upon the pro- erty there is a considerable quantity of valuable ok imber. ' 1 he entry w. ll De favourable for a ourchasei r. a tenant, who will have the crop at a valuation, amJ fill enter to a considerable quantity of grass. JThe price will be made payable so as to suit a pur- PSw-. The whole, or a great part of it, to remain ; n& e\ uuou the lands. , ' "" , A'. 1/ y to/ K'lP Gordon, 17. Abcrcromby Place^ GRASS PARKS OF ALDIE. rp ! E GRA-; S PARKS of ALDlEa LL let f > r the season, by public rouoyeirTaesday tin t. h of March 1H14. Lrjj. se t. arlt- ar- j well siluyj^ g in r- sjett of roadr and liarkecs, at conv. nieiir^ fstances fcom Kinross, Dun prmiine, an d Alfj^* rhe grassjs known to be good fid the parks ui^ ffenced and watered^. WHITEHALL, FEBRUARY 26. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to present the reverend Alexander Maxton to the church and parish of Crieff, in the presbytery of Auchterarder, and county of Perth, vacant by the death of Mr. Robert Stir- ling, late minister there. His Royal Highness has also been pleased to present the reverend George Maclean to the church and parish of FogO, in the presbytery of Dunse, and county of Berwick, vacant by the death of Mr John Tod. His Royal Highness has also been pleased to present the reverend Robert Auld ( now second minister) to be first minister ofthe church and parish of Ayr, in the presbytery . and. shire ot Ayr, vacant by the death of Dr William Dal rymple. His Royal Highness lias also been pleased to present the reverend David Gordon to the TTi. feh and parish'of Gordon, in the presbytery of Lauder, and- county of Berwick, void by the resignation of the reverend Walter Morrison. The EUikbeth,, Swa'n, fipal laden, struck or} Rediar Rocks^ Oth ult. and sunk.. Crew saved. File Resolution, - Clemiig, from London to New- castle', went on shore on the 9th ult. between Redcar and Marsh. T- he- Modesty, Johnson, from London to St Michael's, put into Lisbon on the 21st January, leaky, and would be obliged to discharge her cargo." The Constantia, Renberg, from London to Lisbon, is- put into St Ubes, and- landing her cargo, part of which is damaged. The Young Henry, ' White, from London, and the , John and Thomas, Grace, from Cork, both bound to Lisbon, Were lost in January', hear Eigueira. Three Swedish vessels'and a Portuguese ' hiate, from Oporto to Lisbon, were lost the latter end- of January, or early in February, near the Burlitigs. The- Aclive, Duckworth; from London, to Lishot\, was wrecked, 27th January* off Feniche, and eight of the crew drowned. The Hero, Hale, from London to the Cape. of Good Hope, which was driven on shore, at Madeira, in De- cember, was got off; sailed from thence in January, for Lisbon, to repair. The' San Antdnio de Padiia, Puente, from Bilboa to Bristol, after being at Scilly, has been forced into Co- runna in distress. The Nimble, Godd, from St Lucia to Liverpool, sailed from St Thomas's . in November, with a fleet un- der convoy of his Majesty's ship Marlbro', paVted 22d December, in lat. 48. 45. long. 18. 46. and has not since been heard of. The Duke of Marlborough packet, from Lisbon, sailed 7th ult. arrived at Falmouth 23d ult. Winds at Deal. Feb. 25. S. E— 26. do.— 27. E.— 28. S. W. HOUSE OF COMMONS. ' adopted in al< nkt% and one for which the ad- TUESDAY, MARCH 1. jvisers of the Crown held themselves responsible. This day the House met, pursuant to adjourn-; He would refrain from entering into the causes ment, and the number of members in attend- of the advice whiih had in this instance been ance was very great. After a great deal of, K'Wi to the Crown ; leaving himself answerable pfitafc business had been gone through, Mr, for any part he took in it; and when the proper VANSXTTART moved for a new writ for the bo- jhour for discussing it should come, he would be rough of Eye, in the room of Sir Wm. Gar- ready to enter into the fullest explanation of it. WHITEHALL, MARCH 1. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to constitute and appoint William M'Mahon, Esq. Serjeant at Law in Ireland, to be Keeper or Master of the Rolls and Record? of the Court of Chancery, in that part of the united kingdom called Ireland. [ The Gazette contains an order for payment of half- pay to navy officers, for six months preceding 32st De- cember 1813.] > BANKRUPTS. - - John Gelthorp, Regent Street, carpenter and builder Edward Pratt, Wolverhampton, hingemaker William Meredith, Bristol, furniture- broker Mark Skinner, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, victualler Jacob Joseph, Bristol, pen- manufacturer " Thomas Griffiths, Chester, wooiiendraper William Parkin, Sand Hutton, Yorkshire, cattle- jobbi: r ( HfTir'y Southern, Brixton Hill, victualler William Avery and James Binding, Bristol, masons John Stennett, Long Alley, carcase- butcher George Cooper, Crow Marsh Farm, Lincolnshire, gra- zier. LLOYD'S MARINE LIST. f'FBRUARY 25.— The Amiable, French chasse mas laden with wine and brandy, is captured by the Arrow schooner, and is arrived at Plymouth. The Joyce, , from Newfoundland, run on shore, in going into Halifax, 1st instant, but was got off the I following morning. The sloop Margaret, of and from St John's, New Brunswick, to Martinique, is lost at the Grand Passage. ' Crew s.- ved. ; The Hope, Kydd, from Gottenburg to Galway, was wrecked, the 15th ultimo, near Stornoway. Cargo saved. , The Paquete deViana. fereira, from Bristol to Vigo, [ has been taken by a French privateer, retaken, and car ried into Vigo The American ship George, Worth, from the Souih Seas, is taken by the Ringdove sloop of war, on the coast of America „. Xh. e Venus, Bailey, is supposed to have sailed from St Ubes, bound to London, on the 21st of November i last, and has not since been heard of. j The Tartar, West, sailed from St Michael's for Lon- ' don, about tha2d January last, and has not since been , heard of. * i The Minerva, Craige, sailed from St Michael's, [ bound to London, about the 29th December last, and IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. i HOUSE OF LORDS, TUESDAY, MARCH 1. , FIRE AT THE CUSTOM- HOUSE.' The LORD CHANCEI LO'R stated, that in conse- row, his Majesty's Attorney- General, who had accepted the office of Chief Justice of Chester. Sir S. ROMILLY said, that the appointment which had given rise * o the motion just made, was so objectionable to him, that he considered he should not be doing his duty to the public, if he let it pass altogether unnoticed. From that motion, heunderstood that hisMajesty's Attorney- General had, accepted a high judicial situation, without resigning his office under the Crown.— These offices weft in themselves highly incompa- tible with each other, as the gentleman filling them both was removable at the pleasure of the Crown, whenever his conduct should become obnoxious to it. It was far from his wish to cast any reflec- tion on the present Attorney- General; hehadonly done as others in his situation had done before him ; and no doubt it was to be expected, when high lucrative offices should fall, that he should be a partaker in them. He ( Sir Samuel Ro- milly) also knew, that there was an Attorney General for Chester ; but then he also knew that he wa3 subordinate to his Majesty's Attor- ney- General, the Chief Justice of Chester. He also knew, that Lord Kenyon and Lord Alvan ley, and other men of high character, had held J> oth situations at once ; but if to these were add- led the names of Sir Matthew Hale and Lord Somers, it would not justify a practice so dan- jgerons to the impartial administration of justice ; a practice which, on no occasion should be al- ! lowed to pass in that House as a matter of course. What would the House say, if any of the judges accepted of some paltry office, from which he might be removed at the pleasure of the Crown? But what would they say when the Attorney- General ( he believed the most lucrative office under the Crown), had accepted another situa- tion, the most important next to that of the 12 judges ? These observations he had thought it his duty to make, but it was not his intention, either at that time or any future period, to sub- mit any motion to the House on the subject. The new writ was then ordered to be issued. Mr PONSONBY moved a new writ for the coun- '[ ty of Kildare, in the room of Lord H. Fitzge- | raid, who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. FURTHER ADJOURNMENT. Mr VANSITTART moved that the order of ithe day for the House going into a committee J of supply, which stood for to- morrow, should now be discharged, for the purpose of appoint- v ing the 23d of March as the day for going into ' the said committee. This motion was carried nem. con. | Mr VANSITTART then moved, that the order of the day for going into the committee of ways , and means, which also stood for to- morrow, i should be discharged, and the 23d of March . fixed as the day for going into the said commit • tee. 1 This motion was also carried nem. con. Mr TIERNEY said, the right honourable gentle. : man's mode of proceeding was a strange one, ! in moving a farther postponement of these com- " i mittees, without acquainting the House any far- ther adjournment was intended to be proposed. Mr VAKSITTART said, that he was acting in • tfnfJhnitd with the psage of Parliament . in this Sstartce, which had invariably left the! recom- : mendajion of the Ciown to a fartl er adjourn- : ment, as the last thing. He, however, had no : objection, at that stage of the business, to state to the House, th; t he was commanded by his 1 Roy i Highness the Prince Regent, ae; ing in ( ! the nime, and on the behalf of his Majesty, to . I rccommend to the House, to adjourn till Mon- . day the 21st of March ; and he moved, accord- . ; ingly, that that House at its rising, should ad- : joum till Monday tile 21st of March, j Mr WHITEHEAD said, he confessed he was • | not a little surprised that the right honourable 1 gentleman should have taken that step first, Lord A. HAMILTON said, that from the length of the adjournment, he could not see how they could be justified in the eyes of their constituents, without the adoption of some such address- as that proposed by his honourable friend. He should like to know in what particu- arly arduous situation they were now placed, in which they might not also be at the end of this adjournment. For his part, he had never seen that House in the habit of embarrassing his Ma- jesty's Ministers, on any occasion, when they had pledged themselves that any proceeding which they might recommend would be for the interest of the country. Mr PONSONBY was extremely sensible of the inconvenience to the public resulting from this further adjournment; but, at the same time, he was sensible of the delicacy, as well as the importance, of the situation of things on the continent ; and when Ministers, on their re- sponsibility, recommended another adjournment for three weeks, he could not bring himself to oppose it. It was not his intention to enter into any discussion of th< se affairs at that time— the proper day would come for that. He should feel great difficulty in voting for the amendment of his honourable friend, as it was never the habit of that House to enter any such justifica- tion of its conduct. He hoped his honourable friend would not press his amendment to a di- vision. The amendment was negatived without a di- vision, and the motion for postponing the other committees till the 23d inst. was carried in the affirmative, nem. con. On the motion of Mr VANSITTART, it was ordered that no private bills should be read a first time after Friday, the 28th inst. ; nor any report of a private bill to be received after Monday, the 23d of May Adjourned till Monday, the 21st iDSt. FRENCH FsiPERS. Paris, Feb. 23. H « r Majesty the Empress and Queen has re ceived the following news, respecting the situa- tion of the armies, to the 21st of February. Baron Marulez, commandant at Besancon, writes as follows:— ' f On the 31st of January the enemy made an attack from the side of Briguelle ; in the night, he caused to play upon the town two batteries of howitzers and cannon, and attempted an at- tack upon the fort of Chandone ; he vyas every- where repulsed, amidst the cry of" Vive l'Em- pereur." He has lost more than' 1200 men. At whatever part the enemy presents himself, we are in a condition to well receive him." All the Cossacks who had spread themselves as far as Ot leans are hastily falling b. ick. Every- where the peasants pursue, and take and kill a great number of them. At Nogent, these Tar- tars, who have nothing human, bu: nt some barns, to which they set fire with their hands. The peasants having come out to extinguish it, Cossacks charged them, and rekindled the fire. In the village on the Yonne, the Cossacks amusing themselves in burning a fine farm- house, the tocsin was sounded, and the inhabi- t. mt* threw son4e thirty of tht'ni into the flimes. The Emperor Alexander sl- pt on the 17th at Bray; he had fixed his head quarters for the I __ The rou> « f?? t>^ pa oi^ tlie^ g^^ rftls^ i^ Iev^ j^ tlock MSIKLEOUK February 7. 1814, ' Y^ ff ANOTHER SALE OF WOOD Af YESTER IN FAST LOTHIAN. A S the quanti . y sr> l 1 on the 8th Jl current, was ' ess than wha^ jirtSiSrended to be t this season, there wi . ibj^ artCfher SALE by roup on tonday tbe 7t of Mi The timber forxTec- msists of Oak, Ash, Beech, and Ither ha "-. I partly lit fprjjijjjrbuilders, ca- linetm;" loses i The for=* tei . I The roup tVhc- gin at ten o'clock forenoon, and the liuai credit to he given. has not since been heard of. The Hero, Uren, from Liverpool to Bilboa, put into St Sebasiian's with so much damage as to prevent her proceeding to her intended pert of discharge, and her cargo will be landed and sold. The fisculapius. Gowdy, of Sunderland, coal- laden, ; k upon the ship Wash Sand, on Wednesday night, but, after getting off, the master was obliged to run her on shore, on Orford Beach, t. o prevent, her sinking in deep water. The materials will be saved, but the ves- sel will become a wreck. MAHC- II 1— The Iphigenie and A. V: mene frigates ( ta- ken by the Venerable and. Cyane) sailed from Cher- bourg 2Gth October; they proceeded to cruise off tile Western Islands, and next to the coast af Africa, where they made prizes of two Guineamen, which they burnt, after taking out the valuable part of their cargoes, con- sisting of elephant's teeth & c.; from thence they sail- " TfTThe Canary Islands, in the vicinity of which they took six vessels, and destroyed them, viz. tour English, one Spanish, and one Portuguese. On the 10th ult. in lat 41. 10. long. 11. 59. the Duke without defence. Pillage, devastation, and firev would have finished the destinies of this fin? capital. The cold is very sharp. This circumstance has been favourible to our enemies, as it has en- abled them to carry off their artillery and bag- gage by all the roads. Without that, moVe than half their waggons would have fallen into our hands. FRENCH FUNDS. February 22.- 56 francs, February 23 56 francs 50 cents. [ No minor papers of the 24th of February have been received.] MINISTERTOF" IUSTICE. We, Count Mole, Grand Judge, Minister of Justice, Officer of the Legion of Honour, and Grand Cordon of the order of Union :— Considering the letter addressed to us on the 17th of February 1S14, by M. the Duke of Vicenza, whereby he informs us, according to the orders of his Majesty the Emperor and King, of the King of Naples having declared war against France, and that- it is the inten- tion of his Imperial and Royal Majesty that we should, by a formal dsclaratlon, ana Conformably with the ex- isting laws, recal all Frenchmen who may lie in the ci- vil or military service of the Neapolitan Government; and conformably with the article of the imperial de- cree of the 6th of April 1809, and the 17th and 18th ar- ticles of that of the 26th of Augtist; . We declare, that all Frenchmen who may row,'~ witH or without the permission of his Majestv, be in the military or civil service of the Neapolitan Government, are to return into the territory of the empire within the space of three months, to be reckoned from the 17th of February 1814, and that they shall there be held to prove their return, according to the forms pre- scribed by law; in default whereof, and after the ex- piration of that term, the defaulters shall be denounced, and pursued by the agents of the public government, conformably with the dispositions of the imperial del cree of the 6th of April 1' 809. Given at Paris, in our hotel, on the 22d of February 1814. ( Signed) Count MOl. K. Paris, February 22. The Emperor slept at Nogent on the night between the 20th and 21st. His Majesty con tinues to enjoy the best health. On the 21 st his Majesty's head- quarters were at Troyes ; the Duke of Reggio was at Ro. milly. Her Majesty the Empress has, yesterday and to day, at one o'clock, left the palace of the Thuilleries, and taken a walk. February 23. On the 21st the Emperor's head- quartets were at Nogent. His Majesty enjoys good health The Marshal Duke of Reggio was at Romilly, on his way to Troyes. LONDON MARCH 2. Mr ROBINSON was in constant consultation with the Earl of LIVERPOOL a few days previ- ous to his departure. He dined with the noble Earl and Countess, Madame DE STAEL, and a select party, on Thursday. On Friday, he was closely engaged with the Noble Earl before anct after the Cabinet Council. On Saturday and Sunday he also attended the noble Earl. On the latter day the Lord CHANCELLOR was pre, sent part of the time, till their Lordships waited upon the PRINCE REGENT, to take his final sano tion to the dispatches. Mr ROBINSON oined on a Sunday with his mother, Lady GRANTHAM ; afterwards saw the Earl of LIVERPOOL to take his last instructions. At ten Ti^ o'clock that night, the Right Hon. Gentleman ' the left town in a chaise and four. He returns in fire. tJle same way as he came, through Amiens, were By a vessel arrived at Sheerness from the arm- i Mease we learn, that a heavy cannonading was lubi- heard in the direction of Flushing on Thursday, mes. from 11 o'clock till thr^ e. . r- - h j Advices received yesterday from Bilboa assert, j that the Spanish troops, appointed by the Cortes leror to escort Kino- Fuimraivn to Snain In^ l al, SALE OF TIMBER. Very considerable number of SCOT'S and SILVER FIRS, SpRuCE, and LARCH, growing in the \ jjp « Haround Inverary, will r eposed to publjt- olfleT'within the inn there, on lf Marlborough packet ( arrived at Falmouth from Lis rhuTSday theJ^ Orffay of March next, ac noon L. jaw a c0 • of j- 8a„ une} tT th(> Minstrel, 1 . John Smith, he wood- ranger will shew the lets, and , b t0 St Andero; one of them had been boarded in the night, by an American brig privateer, of 18 guns liatifm t he ChaefiDerWin of Argyll will ghj* such other infor- l to int/ id-' ng ^ jfcey may require. BEAUTY AND UTILITY. rES TON'S PARAGUAY TOOTH POWDER; or, the SOUTH AMERICAN ftSGETAB - E DENTIFRICE- This powder is as pleasant in the application leellent in its effects; it speedily rendrfrsitfS teeth hite and smooth, ' be gums healthful, rtjKand firm ; Ind. by constant use, will preservethe- crm this desirabe fen e, to the utmost limits of huny » ylite. It fortifies tie enamel, aad prevents the acymimulat. ion cf tartar, | nd even where the enamel tofbetn impaired, by the Ipplication of pernicious Amtifriee, or by any other ||, "> s, will renovate irTri a ( banner to be credited ' bv those who i- xo^ rience /> r witness its efficacy ; Li'radually but effequally dis/ olves tartar, which ne- ;' ect may ii ; ve. permitted to/ ollect; takes out all dark ( freaks, or dhcq^ miringot thf teeth, which prove so ma- erlal a drawKUck to beafcty; prevents those teeth srhic. h are already partly / ecayed from ever becoming yorse. aniKclean. ses, beautifies, and preserves those that I nnullj it imparts to the breath the most delightful fi'aerazee. and to the gums that florid redness which Hiei'. e- a , » .. ah'iful - t Those who constantly use [ is owder as direeuul, will never have the toothach, Ir a tooth decay, bat will preservr their teeth sound | nd white, tn the most advanced old age. ;' i genuine has the signature fif. J. WES TON on the | abci of e'e_ h box Sold h-. f Ihe pr. nd CV 229. Strand, J. ontlonJand il perfumers in Edinburgh, Leith, atidftlns- Irow, in boxes at 2s. fid. cach. W. NTE H.' INDS ever beer, esteemeda personal beauty in both sexes, • and ill some parts of Europe are essen'ria^ to persons rank Pi- IE B.'. ' DANA SOAP, India fi IM. Washing Cakes, possess the pecaHar MBpSrty [,!' giving • - I- nost ex qui- e delicacy of ( exJjx- Eaiid in. i eeivabL fairness to the hands whhh^ nfe constantly ished with this soap. Even in eaapwh- re the skin |. injured by labour, oy other/ lolence, the hard- rsenesr. are effectually, infallibly, and per- Inanently remeved, and sj> « i'etlt& by a smoothness, Iain- ess, a 1 delicacy of/ tfppearur£ e, w'. ijch cannot be iirtd by any other/ means wh*- tv< ir. It is by expe- . e only that an/' one can fofm ai) iidequste idea of • superior excellence of this/ soagt; as a preservative j th - skin froyfehaps. & e. wis soap is unequalled. \ So; i whoj^ ale ri-' i- lj^ an/ for exportation, byWes? : nu Trand J ar/ l retail by all respectable | erfumi.- v* end r3l: diclnejypiders, price Is. each rake: | itt ! nv\!, asers are particularly requested to observe t'- e signatuie of Wt^ ton and Co. is affixed to the ay - r aecompan- liiij; - eich cake, which will be the ,- , ! preventing iitiing imposed on by noxiouscoun- frfeita. Ai. so. [ WITHER'S SICILIAN " BLOOM OF YOUTH AM) BEAUTY, | h'ch is recommended to the ladles at the most ex- ert: production in the universe for beautifying the i. It cn'mirnmicates ihe most'lirilliant and natural Lirness that can possibly be conceived, is innocent as " k, and cannot be discovered by the most scrutiniz- observer. Price 2s. 6di per packet,' signed by 1. rs( on. - old bv Urquhart, Gemble, Muggeriaqu, Robertson, • riitii, Raeburn, Oeekie, Coanal, and fiper, Edin- bon lirgh. and 160 men! On the 13th, in lit. 42. 59. long. 12. 6, spoke the brig Hope, of Scarborough, three days from Corunna, bound to the Canaries. On the 14th, saw a cutter, with a merchant ship in company, which ap- peared to he a privateer. " iTilHam Penn, American South Sea whaler, is captured by his Majesty's ship Acorn, and carried into the Cape of Good Hope. The Jason French brig letter of marque, from Bour- deaux to New York, with a valuable cargo, was taken, on 31st December, by the Venerable man of war, on her passage to Barbadoes. The French schooner privateer La Villede I,' Orient, of 16 guns and 97 men, from L'Orient, on her first cruise, is captured by the Pyramus frigate, and brought into Plymouth. A French lugger ( laden with salt) taken b* the Lot- tery privateer of Jersey, arrived at Torbay on Thurs- day. The sloop Joseph, Soper, of Fowey, was captured 9th February off the Dodman. The Fanny, Munro, from Lisbon to Passages; the St Antonio Luzitano, Amarel, from Terceira to Lis- bon ; and a Spanish ship from North America, were taken the latter end of January, near the Rock of Lis- bon, by the Lion French privateer: the two former were given up after being plundered, and arrived at Lisbon ; the latter retaken by the Anacreon sloop of war, which was left in cluue of the privateer. His Majesty's ships Herald, Forester, and Contest, with a tender, arrived at New Orleans in December, and captured many coasting vessels. The Russian ship Isabella from London to the Ha- vannah, was taken and burnt 4th January, in lat. 26. long. 30. by two French frigates. The ship Catharine of Dundee is taken by a French privateer. The fleet arrived from the Brazils was reconnoiteted the 12th of January, in lat. 17 2. N. by an enemy's " atb. if he Ister frigate, which tailed from Cork 5th ult. with a fleet for the West Indies, under convoy of his Majesty's ship Leviathan, arrived at Madeira on 25th of that month. of Austria did not quit Troyes, The Emperor Napoleon had on the 20th, in ; to I the evening, his head- quarters at Nogent. juence of the burning of the Custom- house, applicas ion had been made to him for liberty to inspect he papers in the custody of the Clerk of Parlia- ment which had been at any time presented from he Custom- house. Sitting on the Woolsack, he hought it most becoming in him to mention the natter to their Lordships ; and he now moved that Mr Irving, the Inspector- General of the imports ind exports, should have leave to examine the pa- lters which had been at any time presented to that HOBSB from the Custom- house.— Ordered accord- ingly. A Mr THOMSON appeared at the bar vvh papers in an appeal cause now depending; but not hav- ing examined the papers with the original record, they couM not be received. MESSAGE FROM THE REGENT RECOMMENDING A FURTHER. ADJOURNMENT. Lord LIVERPOOL stated, that he had a message from the Prince Regent, acting in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, recommending it to the House, under the existing circumstances, further to adjourn itself to the 2lst of the present month ( March). Having read the message, as above, he moved, that the House do accordingly adjourn till Monday the 21st instant. Upon the question being put by the LORD CHAN- CELLOR, The Marquis of LANSDOWN said, that, after the lenthened period to which the House had already tieen adjourned, and the inconvenience necessarily attendant upon it, he could not help rising to deliver his sentiments upon the occasion. It was not from any want of respect, or confidence in his Majesty's Ministers, nor from a wish to throw embarrassment* in their way, for, on the contrary, if it appeared to him that it would even interfere with those mo- mentous and truly important concerns that they were now engaged in, he would be the first to stand forward and oppose any such interruption. He must be allowed to express his individual regret that it should be deemed necessary to bring down such a message at so advanced a period He la- mented it the more, on account of the serious inter- ruption it must occasion to public business; and ob- served, that their Lordships must he aware, that, among other important measures, they st » od pijidg- ed to take'into their consideration a review and i- e gulation of the Corn Laws— a subject which he deemed of considerable importance.— Another point he would advert to, namely, the importance of dispatch in hearing Appeal Cases. His Lordship, after glancing at various measures that would be affected by such a delay, declared, that aconsidera lion of these circumstances made him indulge a hope, that his Majesty's Ministers would have ab- stained from bringing down such a message. The House, however, not being in possession of the grounds which justified such a measure, were not enabled to form a judgment either as to its necessity or policy ; but whenever those particulars were un- folded, lie should, for one, deliver his sentiments freely, in reprobation or otherwise. The Ear! of LIVERPOOL complimented the Noble Marquis for the candid manner in which he had treated the subject: and expressed his coinci- dence in some of the views which he had taken of it. With respect to the Noble Marquis's wish not to embarrass ministers, he gave him credit for the sincerity of his intentions ; but the great question he coijceived to be, whether, in the present state of affairs, desirable as a further adjournment is, any material inconvenience would arise ? and he could assure the Noble Marquis, and that House, that be fore the Prince Regent was advised to the measore, every pains were taken by his Mijes'. y's ministers to ascertain that point satisfactorily. Uuder every view of the subject, he gave it as his decided opi- nion, that no inconvenience could possibly arise that would by any means be an equivalent to the advan- tages gained by the adjournment. Lord, DARN LEY professed himself by no means disposed to embarrass ministers, but of such conse quence did the measure appear to him that he would, for the satisfaction of his own mind, put the question pointedly to the Noble Lord on the Woolsack—" Whether a considerable inconveni- ence must not ensue to the public business of that House i" The LORD CHAN'CF- LOR, from having been so directly called upon, stated, that no inconvenience would ensue if their Lordships thought proper to adopt the remedy they possessed, which was, that instead of his attending three days in the week, as now esiablished, for the dispatch of judicial busi- ness in that House, and the other days in the Court of Chancery, that they would determine that thejudicial business should proceed every day until the period lost by the present adjournment was regained. The Earl of DERBY objected to the adjournment to the 21st of March as it will bring it so near to the Easter Recess, that it may be said to be virtually to be an adjournment for six weeks; and in reality the great bulk of public business can- not be expected to be proceeded in until May. This consideration induced him to oppose it, al- though he did not feel disposed to press his oppo- tion so far as to throw any obstacle in the way of which, in his opinion, should have come in the second place. If the present mode of recom- AU the enemy's army is marching upon Troyes. General Girard has arrived with his corps, and the division of cavalry of General Roussel, at Sens; he had his advanced guard at Villa- neuve 1' Archiveque. The advanced guard of the Duke of Reggio is half way between No- gent and Troyes, at Chartres and at Mesgrigny; those of the Duke of Tarentum are at Pavilion. mending to the House to adjourn itself in times The Duke of Ragusa is at Sezanne, observing of great « elicacy had not been the usual one, he ( Mr W.) should have thought it rather an un- gracious method ; but it was warranted by pie- cedent, and he should say nothing against it. At present he should not oppose a motion for Ijournment, but would consent to it as readily s he had to the former, and for the same reasons. He would not express at that time < ny . taxiety, any hopes, or any fears ; but jvould reserve himself for that rime, when infor- mation should be furnished to the House ; and he expected that that information would be most rnple. The only tiling he was afraid of was, lest these long and frequent adjournments should be drawn into a pernicious precedent, when the me- tiory of these arduous times should be nearly r- sed away, and lest their constituent should consider them totally neglectful ofthe great du- ties which they had confided to them. He in- deed remembered, in 1799, a longer adjourn, ment than the present, but that was at a period of the year when public bissines was less likely to suffer by it. That these proceedings might not bf drawn into a pernicious precedent, he wished to put something on the journals ofthe House ' hat would satisfy posterity of the necessity of * iie » , and he hoped that there was nothing in the motion which he was about to make, that would prevent the Chancellor cf the Exchequer from agreeing with it. He then moved as an amendment, " That an humble address should be presented to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, assuring him that the House would cheerfully comply with his recommendation for . mother adjournment, notwithstanding the recent long one ; trusting that the unexampled state of affairs on the continent would satisfy their con- _ v... rl ( , d" the Mary I Ministers in the present important jtineture ; and and Kraig, were driven on shore at Gibraltar on 5th solemnly declared it to be his utmost wish, that The Argo, Henderson, from London, with a small part of her cargo ( copperas) on board; an ' Gibr: January, during a violent gale at S. W. but expected to I they might be able to bring about a peace satisfac- be got off, A Greek polacre, a polaere belonging to j tory t0 tj, at House, and consistent with the inte- s, i, n hwitr. u/ prp HCVM, nn Bhnr. af 1 r • t rests of the country at large. The Duke of NORFOLK, after professing a like disposition not to impede, suggested, that if there should be a probability of a further adjournment, arising from imperious and unforseen circumstan- ces, whether it would not be strictly just to give the earliest intimation to the different suitors, ancl parties- concerned in business before the House, that they might govern themselves accordingly. The Earl of Liverpool explained, and said, that , . . • ~ uf. flibraltar, and a Russian brig, were driven on shore at the same time. The Flaxton, Mathen, and the Mary, Smith, trans- ports, laden with ordnance stores, & c. were totally lost on the 22d ult. off Gofee. Crews savetl. About 30 chests of accoutrements were saved out of tfie Mary. Two other transports are stated to be last. The Jane Gordon, M'Kell^ r, arrived at Liverpool from Newfoundland, was driven off that coast on the 6th January, in company with the schooner Vine, and parted from her the following day. The Falcon, Atkinson, from I . ondon to the Cape of G od Hupe, which put into I . - eon with damage, has been repaired and sailed from thence on 23d January. . e Wellington, Ferguson, from Picton, was floated off tl; e Herd Sand 21st ult. after being on shore 44 days, and carried into Shields harbour. The Lord Collingiivood, — i— from Newfoundland to Oporto, which was driven on'shore near Villa Conda, went to pieces on the night of the 25th January, and th • cargo lost. The F- nigheten, Gustaffson, from I. im< riek to I. is- , was totally loot the end of January, in die Tagus, the movements of General Winzingero le, who, having left Soisaons, has marched upon Rheims, by Chalons, to unite with the wrecks of Gene-- ral Blucher's army. The Duke of Rugusa would fall upon his left flank, if he should again engage himself. So'ssons is a place sheltered from a coup de main. General Winzrngerode, at the head of 4000 or 5000 light troops, summoned it to sur- render. General Rusca replied as he ough\— Winzingerode placed his 12 pieces of cannon in a batteiy ; unfortunately tbe first ball killed Ge- neral Rusca 5 1000 men of the national guards were the only garrison in the place ; they were thunderstruck, and the enemy entered Soiss > ns, where he committed all the horrors imaginable. The Generals who were in the place, and who should have taken the command upon the death of General Rusca, shall be brought befoie a council of inquiry, for this town ought not to have been taken. The Duke of Treviso re. occupied Soissons, on the 19th, and has re- organised the defence of it, General Vincent writes from Chateau Thierry, that 250 of the enemy's light troops having re. turned to Fere, in Tardenois, M. d'Arbaud Missun marched against them, with 60 horse of the gardes d'honneur, which he had collected, and, with the assistance of the national guards of the villages, already set out for that purpose. A letter fiom Penang, of the 25th July, men. tions, that the Minerva, Cap'ain RICHARDSON, with the Bombay and China ships, were all well, and were to leave that island for China on the 28th of the same month. Private letters from Holland state, that VER- HUEiLhas fixed a limited time to give uptheTexel fleet, provided the country continued in posses- sion of its present Sovereign. He has solemnly protested, that he will burn the whole of the shipping, in case measures are taken to compel him to surrender. Sixty Frenchmen are on board the ships, for the purpose of carrying into execution any orders of the Admiral for their destruction. A letter from Ancona, January 27. says, " The King of NAPLES having made his ar- rangements with the allies a month, since hia rroops entered this place, and made themselves masters both of the town and the port, without firing a shot. The French General retired into the citadel. Ragusa is also taken. In thii neighbourhood the French have now only remain- ing Corfu. Letters have been received bete from Malta, dated 5th Jan. which state that the plague has disappeared in that island. It was incorrectly reported in some of the public prints, that the two transports which have b- en recently lost on the Dutch coast, contained British troops. We regret, however, to luve to state, that they had on board part of the patrio- tic regiments of Frankfort and Nassau, which sometime ago came over from SoULT to Loni WELLINGTON. Sir JOHN HUNTER is to embark immediately it Plymouth, to resume his duty Bfitan} i; c Consul- General at Madrid. before delivering the message of the Regent, laid him open to the animadversions of honour- able gentlemen opposite, but he had followed the constant usage of the House in so doing. With respect to the amendment of the honour, able gentleman, he hoped that the House would consider that there was no proceeding less likely to be drawn into precedent of a pernicious kind than thepresent. It was well known that fheCi own it was most certainly the present intention of | possessed the more ungracious mode of effecting Majesty's ministers to meet on that day for th^ tlie same end by prorqgation ; but in this instance dispatch of business ; and with respect to the ob- . M me|, re80,. teJ t0 recommendation of an jec. ion dwelt upon by a Noble Lord, relative to thsj , djournmel/ on the part of the House itself— dispersing the remainder. General Milhaud met the enemy at St Martin- le- Bosnay, upon the old road from Nogent to Troyes. The enemy had about 800 haise. He C iusedthem to be attacked by S00 men, who overthrew him, made 160 prisoners, killed some stituents and posterity of the necessity of this 20 men, and took about 100 horses. He has proceeding ; and that it would not be drawn, atj pursued, and is still pursuing the enemy I'epee any future period, into a pernicious precedent,! dans les reins. or be considered as a dereliction of their duty." j The Duke of Castiglione has left Lyons with The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER was a considerable corps d'armee, composed of cho- aware that his putting the motions he had done,; sen troops, to march into tranche Comte and THE THEATRE. A young gentleman of the NAME of KF., OI, who had obtained gieat celebrity in the piovin- beat them, killing several, andicial theatres, made his appearance lately at Easter Recess, it would equally apply to any other dissimilar occasion, as the adjournment then will be merely what is customary. The question being put and carried nem. eon-, the Haurn arliourjjed to the 21st instant, He, therefore, feared that, if the House adopted the suggestion of the honourable gentleman, it would drive the Crown to the necessity of pro- rogation in future, fhe present was a mode Sw tzerland. The Congress of Chatillon still continues j but the enemy throws every difficulty in the way of it Cmqis I'ennemie y parte toute espece d'entravesJ. The Cossacks at every step stoj the couriers, and although we are but 30 leagues distance from Chatillon, in a direct line, couriers do not arrive but after four or five days journey. It is the first time the rights of nations have in this manner been violated. Among nations the least civilised, the couriers of Ambassadors are respected, and no obstruction given to the com- munications of negotiators with their Govern- ment. The inhabitants of Paris might have expected the greatest misfortunes, had the enemy arrived at their gates, and tlley surrendered tjiejr city Drury Lane, in the character of Shyiock, in the delineation of which he received the most distinguished applause. He has appeared since in the character of Richard III. His perform, ance of which was the mast perfect of any that has been witnessed since the days of Garrick.— His deadly conflict with Richmond was mana- ged with superior skill, and displayed such tran-, scendent excellence, that electricity was never more instantaneous in its operation. Every box resounded with bravo! The pit rose with one accord, and with waved hats gave repeated cheers. Mr KEAN is about 2i years of age. Mr CQUTTS, soon after the first appe rrance of Mr KEAN in the character of Richard, sent him a gold watch, chain, seals, See. and thirty guineas, with a very handsome letter, testifying his ad- miration of the talents he had displayed, and re- questing his acceptance of what accompanied the letter, as a small return for the pi. asure which his performance had affprded. Another gentlemen has sent hirrj 501.; and his salary at the theatre has already been doufoltd. Mr KEAN'S attraction is unprecedented in the annajs of theatricals— even COOKE'S perforn, ; nces are left at an immeasurable distant : I i| first three nights of Richard produced upwards of 18001. and on repeating that craractc-, the fourth time, the fecei; t3 were upwards of fOpl, STOCK EXCITAXGE. • Bank Stock 261 j 14 per Cent 85$ 5 per C. Red... 70J| 4 5 per C. Ann 97i 3 Do. Consols 70$ i f Exeh. Bills....( Si) 3 6 pr. Do. for April 72J, 71J, 72 | New Omn.... 27J i prem. EDINBURGH EVENING COUIIANT ) SATURDAY MARCH 5. CAPTURE OF ANOTHER FRENCH FRIGATE. • ' t1** > 1 i By a private letter which reached town this morning, we learn, that a telegraphic dispatch has been received by the Admiralty, announcing the capture of another of the enemy's frigates. A heavy fall of snow had prevented the particu- lars from being received in time for the post. f" v if ( W 1 J Paris papers to the 2Sth ult. were received on Tuesday. They contain an official report from the armies, tsgether with some articles of less authentic character, on the same subject. The French army seems to be nearly in the position in which Prince SCHWARTZENBERG was lately about to place the grand army of the allies, with one flank resting on Mery, and the other on Montereau. A few detached parties have been spread on the different roads toward Troyes, at which latter place the allies were concentrating. The official report only comes up to the even- ing of the 20th, when BONAPARTE'S head- quar- ters. were at Nogent. A minor paper, of the 23d, places his head- quarters on the 21st, at Troyes; but this fact, not to mention its im- probability, is directly contradicted by other pa- pers of the same, date; nor does even the Moni- teur of the 24th give the least reason to suppose that the French head- quarters had been removed " from Nogent. The capture of Soissons by WINZINGERODE is announced with much misrepresentation. Its garrison is reduced to 1000 national guards ; and it is said, that they were all thunderstruck on seeing the first shot kill their leader, General RUSCA. The town was re- occupied by MOR- TIER, on the 19th ; and the Generals who com- manded under RUSCA are to be brought to trial for having surrendered it to the enemy. The dispatch mentions an unsuccessful attack upon Besancon, and announces that ANGEREAU has left Lyons, with a chosen corps d'armee, to march into Franche Comte and Switzerland. I The conferences at Chatillon are merely no- ticed, for the purpose of observing, that every possible obstacle and difficulty are thrown in their way by the allies. The accession of MUKAT to the cause of the allies is now put beyond all doubt, by an of- ficial notification from Count MOLLE, minister of justice, ordering all Frenchmen to quit the service of the King of NAPLES in three months, in consequence of his having declared war against France. Tiie Moniteurs of the 24th contain a report respecting Admiral VERHUEIL, commander of the Texel fleet; this officer has thrown him- self into Fort Lasalle, where he had refused three ( summonses, declaring he would be faithful to his oath to the Emperor, and defend himself to the last extremity. In other respects, these papers are very unimportant; they contain no informa- tion respecting the movement of the CROWN PRINCE ; nothing relative to the state of Hol- land. In the report, respecting that traitor to his country VERHUEIL, those Hollanders, who are now contending for their liberties, are styled " Insurgents." The Spaniards, it may be re- collected, were for five years thus styled, and now this very NAPOLEON, who wished to depict Ahem in the most degrading colours, is axious to be called their good friend and ally. May the fortune of the Dutch be equally propitious. There is something in the tone of this last official dispatch, infinitely more bold than those which for some considerable time have preceded it. Does this proceed from a confidence of strength in the French EMPEROR, or from a conviction on his part of the pacific intentions of the Emperor of AUSTRIA ? signed on the 9th or 10th, and be in London on the loth inst. There1 are thousands laid, that they would be signed on- the 10th, and odds are given when the date is put off to the 12th. " We have no additional intelligence regard- ing the firing heard near Flushing, but it is highly probable, that the English and Russian force which, according to our Dutch papers ( which have reached us of one day more recent date than any previously received), is considerable in that neighbourhood, has been endeavouring, under the gallant hero of St Sebastian, to suc- ceed in the reduction of Walcheren. The fol lowing are extracts from the journals inour pos- session « ' Brussels, February 9. " His Serene Highness the Duke of Saxe Weimar has arrived here, and also his Royal Highness the young Prinee of Orange. " At Ghent, as well as here, the allied troops Were received by the inhabitants with every demonstration of joy and gratitude. " Amsterdam, February 18. " For the surrender of Delfi'yl a treaty is now on the tapis, and we anxiously expect the result. " On the 10th, in the forenoon, the corps of volun- teers, commanded by Colonel Van Heemstra, arrived at Gorcum, from the vicinity of Keevorden, in order to proceed the next day to Appingdam. " Groningen, February 10. " With respect to the guard of honour which tbe de- partment of the Weser had been obliged to furnish, the following account has been received:— It broke up with the 9th squadron of the 4th regiment, proceeding from Lyons to Haguenau. Being separated from this squadron at Strasburgh, the guard arrived at Mete on the 6th December, ar. d on the 12th all their horses were taken from them, and they were disarmed and treated as prisoners. From Metz they were subsequently taken in waggons, to be eonveyed to Grenoble, and since we have no account of these unfortunate exiles. " Breda, February 14. " Tt appears that the French have again made a sor- tie from Antwerp, nn the side ofLier and Hongstraten. W « have accounts of the capture of Maubuge andConde. The English head- quarters are at Zimdert. We have also some English troops in garrison, and some of the Westphalian landwehr. « Harlem, Feb. 24. " The Reynard and Dolphin privateers have carried into Calais the Limerick packet, bound from Lime- rick to London, and the Channon, bound from Ply- mouth to Sunderland. The Prince of Neufchatel American privateer, of 14 guns and 137 men, put into Calais on tbe 27th ult.; she had taken nine English vessels, viz— two brigs, with wine, from Madeira ; two ditto from Newfoundland; two ditto from St Michael; a ship from Buenos Ayres; a transport from Passage, and a sloop from Guernsey. The Serpent American letter of marque has captured, and sent into Rochelle, the English vessel the Bachelor, bound from New- foundland. An American privateer has carried into Sables an English vessel of 500 tons, laden with hides and oil. The two Houses of Parliament assembled on Tuesday, and respectively received messages from his Royal Highness the PIUNCE REGENT, recommending their further adjournment until tjjjie 21st instant. There have been precedents for such messages; and in the present instance the intimation was agreed to, with a very few remarks, by different speakers, chiefly relative to the stoppage of the private business at present before Parliament. The important object, with a view to which the adjournment was under- stood to be proposed, viz. the discussion of the pending negotiation, was studi « uily avoided. The House of Lords wa3 numerously at- tended, and in the House of Commons upwards of 200 members were present. PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE. London, March 2. " The attention of the public is almost wholly engrossed with the nature and character of the commission with which Mr ROBINSON is in- trusted, and the following is understood to be, in the best informed circles connected with Go vernmert, the extent of the duty he discharged: " Mr Robinson had the charge of a proposal from Napoleon to the allies, which Lord Castlereagh, as Spoilt for the British Government, did not think pro- > per, under his own exclusive responsibility, to accept; lint be considered it to be so far deserving the attention of his aolleagues, that he transmitted it by his secretary to this country. The proposal so made, after much deliberation in the Cabinet, has not been rejected, but modified, and in a way that ministers feel strongly per- t snaded that the French Plenipotentiaries will be au- thorised to accede to the modification. " It is further said to have been plainly stated by Mr Robinson, for the information of ministers, that, on ac- I c unt of the want of magazines, and the means em- pliyed by the French functionaries to destroy, inter- I ciand convey off the provisions, the allied armies | have no option, excepting that of proceeding directly to I Paris, or receding to the right bank of the Rhine " " B is lie opinion of the best informed cir- " Under the head of Ratisbon, February 7th it is stated that reinforcements of cavalry had ar- rived there, amounting to 2450. " From Vienna, under date of the 4th Febru- ary, it is communicated, on the authority of Field Marshal BELLEGAIIDE, that General NU- GENT, having previously caused the fort of Cos senatica to be invested, carried the entrenched village by assault, on the 5th January. The fort surrendered upon capitulation, at the moment that General Count NUGENT had made every preparation for bombarding it. The garrison were made prisoners of war, but were to be al- lowed to return home. " The French commandant, LEGAY, did not wait for the moment of the troops marching out, but took to flight. The Marquis SOMMARION defeated the enemy in the viciiity of the Lake of Garda. A French vessel was attacked on the lake, carrying two guns, which Captain BAN- NAL, with a small force, captured and conveyed safe to Riva. On the 17th January, in the even- ing, Captain BENKO, with a company of the frontier'regiment of St George, embarked in 25 small boats, and landed about midnight upon the island of Grado, and got possession of the fort and the whole island. The enemy fled in a number of small vessels, two of which were carried with two guns, and two others, laden with ammunition, were taken, 10 pieces of can- non were also taken at Grado, four at Porto Baso, three at Porto Legno, and two at Stoba, and a considerable quantity of military stores in all those places. " Much consequence is attached Jin America to the choice of their new Speaker in Congress. We have been favoured with the subsequent ac- count of the proceedings from some republican journals of the latest dates, which have been transmitted through a private hand. " Boston, January 27. " From Washington. " Shortly after tile House had assembled this morn ing, Mr Clay, tbe Speaker, adverting to his late foreign appointment, rose, and addrened the members as fol- lows :— " GENTLEMEN,— I have attended you to- day to an- nounce my resignation of the distinguished situation in this House with which I have been honoured by your kindness. In taking leave of you, gentlemen, I shall he excused for embracing this last occasion to express to you, personally, my thanks for the frank aad liberal support the chair has experienced at your hands — Wherever I may go, and in whatever situation I may be placed, I cannot cease to cherish, with the fondest remembrance, sentiment* of esteem and respect, withwhich you have inspired me." " The House then proceeded to the choice of a new Speaker, and Mr CHEEVIS, having the majority, was conducted to the chair, when he made the following short, permanent, and hand- some address, signifying his acceptance of the office, and his sense of the honour conferred upon him. " GENTLEMEN, " I thank fyou for the flatteriug and distinguished honour you have conferred upon me. The best ac- knowledgment I can make of the gratitude which 1 very profoundly feel, will be the exertion of every faculty 1 possess, to prove that your favour is not entirely un- merited. I am aware of the importance of the situation to which you have elevated me, and of the difficult nature of tbe duties which it imposes. The difficulty to dischjrge them with reputation, is not a little in- creased by the great ability with which they have been executed by the gentleman who has just ascended from the chair ; but, gentlemen, Fwith your support I shall not despair. Err, undoubtedly, I often shall; and when my errors shall be calculated to affect, in the, smallest degree, the interest of the House or the nation, I shall court your correction, and submit with cheerfulness and pleasure to your authority; but if they be imma- terial, as frequent differences of opinion between the House and its presiding officer, can add nothing Jto its " The Fort William'* Captain PARISH, from London to Bengal, which sailed from Ports, inouth the 31st December, with a large fleet for ihe East Indies, and under convoy of the Med- way man of war, Revolutionaire, and Briton fri- gates, was tOwed into Madeira, the 28th Janu- ary, by the Briton frigate, having been dismasted. " The Sibella, HAYS, from Sierre Leone to Barbadoes ; Mary cf Waterford, Trimook, and Eleonora, with some others, were taken by the Alcmene and Iphigenia, French frigates ( since captured by the Venerable man of war and Cyane sloop), and supposed to be burnt. " The Cambridge, Captain EVANS, from London, has arrived at the Havannah, after beating off a Carthegenian privateer, which at- tacked her, although the Cambridge hailed her, and said she was an English vessel. " The investigation of the imposition practis- ed on the Stock- Exchange still continues, but is nearly at its close. From the great body of evidence already taken on the subject, it clearly appears that the fraud will be traced to some high sounding names, at the west end of the town, and one amongst them has been long celebrated as a great patriot, and the seaman's friend. " Omnium, 271 » — 3 per cent, reduced, 70-} f \— 3 per cent, consols, 70 J \ %— Consols for April, 72^, 71}, 72." FRENCH PAPERS. " Paris, Feb. 23. " Government has received from Admiral Verhueil, official dispatches, dated the 12th of this month. " The Admiral, who commands the Texel fleet, has known, by his good dispositions and his courage, how to preserve it untouched in Nieuwe- Diep, and cause the fortifications which defeud the Helder and the road of the Texel to be respected. " For this purpose he shut himself up in Fort Lasalle, with the 63d Equipage de Hautbord, and all the other French who were embarked in the fleet. " Obliged to suspend the great works of the Nieuwe- Diep, he dismissed 1600 Spanish prisoners who were employed upon them, and of whom it is but justice to say, that they went away expressing their attachment to the Admiral, and spontaneously giving him their word not to serve before their return into Spain. " It was to be feared that the Dutch sailors would not be proof against the insinuations which the insur- gents would cause to be conveyed to them ; the Admi- ral gave permission to all those who wished it to re- turn, and he, by this means, freed himself from all that could give him uneasiness in his courageous determina- tion of defending himself to the last extremity. " A small number of chosen Dutch officers, faithful to the oath which they have taken to the Emperor, have sworn to share the fate of the Admiral, and of the French crews, which, with some detachments of artil- lery and troops of the line, form the garrison of fort Lasalle. " The fort was at first surrounded by Cossacks, who were not able to prevent different sorties from the gar- rison ; they were afterwards replaced by troops of the line, which d^ ily announce attacks which are little dreaded. The Admiral has three times been summoned to surrender; at the end of December, by the Prince of Orange; in January, by a Colonel Tetzey, in the ser- vice of England; and on the 9th inst. by a General de Jonge, styling himself commandant of the Dutch forces. The Admiral's reply to these three summonses has been uniform; and was, that immovable in that fidelity which he had sworn to the Emperor, defended by good fortifications, having under his orders a numerous and devoted garrison, abundantly supplied with provisions and ammunition, they might attack him, but not pro- pose to him to surrender.— Moniteur, Feb. 24. " Milan, February 16. « The last estafette arrived from the army, left the Tuesday, the government of the Roy. il Bank of Scotland was vested in the following noble- men and gentlemen :—• Governor, His Grace the Duke of BuccLEucHandOuEENSBERRY. Deputy- Governor, GILBERT INNES, Esq. of Stowr. Extraordinary Directors, Lord Advocate James Ferrier . Robert Allan Henry Erskine. Peter Free William Creech Baron Hepburn James Bruce Henry Glassford. 1 Ordinary Directorit, Robert Scott Moncrieff John Campbell, R. G. William Macdonald William Ramsay James Dundas Charles Selkrig Hugh Warrender Alexander Bo'nar Alexander Duncan Our readers will observe in our theatrical ad vertisement of this day, that Mr KEMBLE is about fo appear at. the Theatre Royal. His merits have'ever been duly felt in Edinburgh; and we congratulate the public on the mental feast he is ever Sure to afford. The smack Queen Charlotte arrived at Lon- don on the 27th ult. and the Swift at Leith on Thursday. Thesmack York Packet arrived at Leith from Hull on'the 3d curt. The Janet, WYLIE, arrived at Heligoland on the 24th February. Major- General Sir GRANBY CALCRAFT, of the 3d dragooon guards, is ordered to be sta- tioned on the staff at Haddington. On Friday last, as Mr G. DICKSON was re- turning home from Haddington, about nine o'clock, a man in sailor's clothes leapt out of the hedge near the toll of Pencaitland, and, seizing the tails of his coat, demanded his money, threatening, if he refused to deliver it, or if he made the least noise, he would blow his brains out with a pistol, which he held to Mr DICK- SON'S breast. Mr DICKSON told him h? would give him none, and, having stunned him by a blow on the head with a stick, he threw the villain down, and ittempted to wrest tbe pistol from him. Unfortunarely it went off in the struggle, and wounded Mr DICKSON slightly in the left arm._ He was able, however, with the assistance of two farmers who came up at this moment, to secure the man, and take him to Pencaitland, where he was put into an empty house till next day, when he was to be condu: ted to Haddington ; but unfortunately, in the night time, he broke the tiles on the roof, and got off. MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT.— Thursday evening, about half past four o'clock, the north wall of the south wlftg of Gibson's land, in Saltmarket Street; Glasgow, ' suddenly gave, way, and fell into the close with a tremendous crash. By this catas trophe, the principal part of four stories, occu- pied by nine families, and the garrets above, oc- cupied as a printing office, & c. were instantane- ously hurled into a heap of rubbish, and a num- ber of the unfortunate inhabitants buried in the ruins! The scene was distressing beyond descrip- tion, and the cries of the unhappy sufferers were distinctly heard from among the wreck. The most prompt assistance, however, was immediately given by the crowd of people whom the fatal occurrence had drawn together, and many of whom, at the risk of their own lives, lent their aid towards the preservation of those who were more immediately within reach. Several persons were thus humanely saved from the fate which every moment threaten ed them by the overhanging ruins. Ladders were now procured, and several of the unfortunate dwellers were taken down from windows, & c. to which they Prince Viceroy's head- quarters yesterday evening atihaj dung at the moment 0f the fall. They were SuatrC'lafigfi? I^ HIS present evening, SATURDAY, ] . will be presented, the favourite C< sm| • larch 5. TIME'S A TELL TALfif. * , Zelfdy— Mrs H. Siddons. 3 .'.,' After Which will tie produced, for the 25th time in this city, a new melo- dramatic spectacle, entitled, ALADDIN; OR, THE WONDERFUL LAMP, Mr JOHN KEMBLE. The Manager respectfully acquaints the Public, that, anxious to procure the ver. y best performers for their amusement, he has been fortunate enough to obtain the aid of Mrl^ EMBt- E, who will appear on Monday, March the 7th, as MACBE f H, King of Scotland. Mr KEMBLEV unprecedented attraction in London making it totally impossible for him to he absent any length of time, the public are respectfully informed, that, during his stay in Edinburgh, no places can be se- cured, unless the tickets are taken at the time the names are inserted in the box plan, and the box- keeper has strict ordersto. attend t° priority of application. 1 On account oi several private parties, theJtL will open at seven o'clock, and the Conceit ' begin at a quarter before eight. '. CORRI'S ROOMS. R CORRI respectfully informs his friend* FASHIONABLE STRAW HATS. A" NL> KEW MELLISS Irespectfu T mates the arrival of several boxes, egl very elegant choice of new shapes, in / CHIP, FANCY, and SPLIT STRAW and BONNETS. They are from one of the first houses in London, and at „. ,,.... ,, . — „ verv moderate mines. Brayujra. Song ( M. S.)— « The Echo," Mrs GARRICK- and the public, that his ANNUAL BENEFIT CONGER'!', under the patronage of his PUPILS, will take place on FRIDAY, 11th March 1814 ; and, anxious to produce nove'ty, he has engaged, for the express purpose, Mts- GARRICK, late of Covent Garden, < kc. who will make her first appearance in this city, being the only night she can have the honour of appearing in Edinburgh this season. PLAN OF THE CONCERT. Acr I. Martini's Grand Overture to Henry IV. Duet-*- Mr TRUEMAN and Mr LEES. Balladi-" He is all the world to me," Mrs GARRICK— Bishop.- . . Concerto Violoncello— Mr SIMPSON— Pleyel. Song—" Angels, ever bright," Mrs GARRICK— Handel.' Air—" Just like love" ( arranged as a Glee), Mrs G. I x- RICK, Mr TRUEMAN, and Mr LEES— Davy. ACT II. Cimarosa's Grand Overture to Horaces, the only cony in Britain. Duet—" Vive le Roi," Mrs GARRICK and Mr TRUE- MAN. Concerto, Harp ( with Scots air introduced), Miss Gio- LKETTI— Dussek. ( By particular desire) Duet—" Ali's Well," Miss RO- SALIE LORRI and Master MOWAT— Braham. very prices. A. M. at same time announces, that he will continue selling his whole present stock at greatly reduced prices, in order to make room for new summer purchases. An APPRENTICE wanted. No. 7. East side SOUTH BRIDGE, opposite- Hunter's Square. NEW IRISH TABBINETS, Per the Elizabeth antLFame. from Dubl AME'SrRUM ANEi- y respectfully 9J the arrival of a conside/ able importatip and spangled TABBINETS; of the best quality, tiy above ships, which enables him. to display a greater variety of colours than on any former occasion, viz. Scarlet, Ruby, Orange, Crimson, White, Apple, Tea, Olive, Brawn, Gold, ten Drabs and Fawns, dark and light Blue, Sage, Silver, Slate, and Raven Greys, Empe- ror's Eye, Pearl, Claret, Black, Buff, Lavender, and many shot colours. He has also received English Poplins and Lustres— Sarsnets— Oueen's Silks— Plaids and Shawls— Muslins — Imitation Poplins and Sarsnets— I'weelled Russets, . & c. & c. Irish Tabbinet Warehouse, No. 88. SOUTH BRIDGE, West Side. CARD. ^ UttN PUllTEoU'* begs leave his Friends and the Pul/ ic, in order tt> for now purchases, that he is now SELl. INC remainder of his Stock of WOOLLEN and GOODS, at the prices previous to the great No. 236. corner shop, bottom of LAWNMARRET. N. B.— An APPRENTICE wanted. F ANNUAL SAL E. GLASGOW AND MANCHESTER MU$ WAREHOUSE. rETER MlC7REG6" T^ resnptffhlly informs his numerous friends, / nd^ tne public/ that his ANNUAL SALE has comte£ nced. It consists of PLAIN and FIGURED 1VUJSLINS o/ Vtwr/ description, a great variety of SHAWLS and PLAli> S ; IMITA- TIONS, SA « . SNEMF POPLINS, 15C » MBAZETS, and fine WELSH^ FLANNELS ; wjth a variety of other articles, ajKof which will he sold at very reduced prices. From tlje'great advance on all kinds of cotton goods, the public will have an opportunity, during this sale, of purchasing much cheaper than they can now be manu- factured. Lowest prices asked, to save trouble. GEORGE STREET, 5th March 1814. Volta. » According to the report* which we receiverk ap- _ ** ^ Vacounted fttf, several pf - them ssverc- pears fhat the'enemy's loss was much more consider-'' T cut- end bruised, and one boy sent to the In able than was at first supposed The head- quarters of firmary ; but one woman, ( Mrs Bishop, wife of Marshal Bellegarde were, on the 13th, at Villa Franca. | Mr Bishop, reedmaksr), we regret to state, is On the 14th, the jenemy caused some columns to j^;]] mis3; nK) and it is supposed she was buri- penetrate into the Val- Trompia and Sabbia, in the hope 6f effecting some favourable diversions. " General Bonsante immediately collected all the de- tachments which he had in the different vallies, and left Brexia on the 15th, before day- break, to march upon Gardona. He had with him a battalion of the 85th light French infantry, a battalion of the 6th Italian of the line, and 150 mounted gens d'armes. " The first enemy's posts were met eight miles from . Brexia, and repulsed beyond Gardona, of which we took but the state of the premises was so extremely missing, ed deep in the rubbish, where she must have pe- rished. Nearly all the furniture contained in the premises, the most of the materials of the printing- office, and other property, have been destroyed. A strong military guard attended, and every exertion was made to clear away the rubbish, with the view of finding the body of the unfortunate woman; possession, notwithstanding the resistance which the enemy attempted to oppose to us " At night, the troops again approached Brexia. " The result of this day has been the placing 200 or 300 of the enemy hors de combat, taking from him 70 prisoners, including three officers, among whom are two majors of the regiment of Lindinau. We had about 100 wounded, and 15 killed, among whom is an officer. " General Bonsante praises the conduct of Colonel Duche, of the 35th light infantry, and of Lieutenant- Colonel Gillot, of the 6th of the lme.— Same paper. " Grenoble, Feb. 18. " Marshal Augereau has put himself in motion with his army, which is numerous, and animated with the best spirit. Different reports inform us that General Bubna already begins to evince some uneasiness; he has caused his park of artillery, which seems to take the direction of Geneva, to retrograde. Every thing leads us to believe, that in a short time there will not be a single enemy in our neighbouring departments.— Gazette de France, Feb. 23. " Chateau ' Thierry, Feb. 21. " Since the entrance of his Majesty within our walls, we have enjoyed perfect tranquillity. General Vincen , commandant of the gardes d'honneur, does every thing in his power to mitigate our sufferings. He is employ- ed in distributing arms to us. A thousand prisoners made by us attest our courage.— Same paper. DERBYSHIRE WAREHOUSE, F Sir J. Stevenson. To conclude with the Overture to Lodoiska. Leader of the Band. Mr STABILINI— Piano- forte, Mr CORRI. Tickets, 5s. to be had of Mr Corri, and at the rooms on the night of the concert. Upset price furtker reduced. HOUSE AND BUILDING GROUND STOCKBRIDGE, And a little to the wes't of RAEBDRN PLACE TOR SALE. To be SOLD by public roup, within tbe R. oyaI Exchange Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 13th day of April 1813, at two o'clock afternoon, THAT Dwelling- house, lying- on the north! side of the road from STOCKBRIDGE ' o the DEAN, with the Workshop adjoining and excellent garden behind, consisting of half an acre of ground, or thereby, which may be feued out for building to great advantage, all as at present possessed by James Mae- Ara, manufacturer in Stockbridge. For further particulars, apply to Mr Evan Liddell,,-' merchant, I, eith ; or to BjaiMilhn a. l'ifBr'odleV 31.' North Bridge Street. EDINBURGH, 4th March 1814. HOUSES IN MORAY STREET, LEITH WALK-,? ( Upset prices reduced. J V""/ To he SOLD by public roup, in th3 Royal Exchange CIT/ feehouse, on Tuesday the 2Stli April ! 814, at twjb / o'clock, T THAT Dwelling- house, being the second 1 storey above the shops of the tenement Nr. 7. I MORAY STREET, consisting of five rooms, kitchen, and closets, with coal- cellar, and right to a pump- well bask green, all as possessed by Mr Scheniman. ALSO, That Shoo and back Room in the corner of MORAY and St JAMES'S S I'REE TS, with a cellar, and right to the pump well and back green. The premises enter from Leith Walk, by Pilrig Street. They are conveniently situated, at an equal distance, from Edinburgh and Leith, and are latvily built, and'in good order. For particulars, appiy_ to Mr Oiadstone, Smith's Place, I. eith Walk, or tofWSSrs. O'n.- nourand WatsodJ W. S. No. 312. Lawnmarket. M 1: 1. PRINCE S STREET. to MJRNET?* - espectfully infor: JIJ> » blic, that he l/ as this day received a ver^ splen- did assortment of IMITATION FUUl l'S, irt baskets of various sizes, and without baskets. ALS 1, The whole FIGURES, larg BUSTS, MINERALS, and specimens of MARBLE, which have befil so much inquired for. Ti ey will be ready for inspection on Monday next. N. B — Printed particulars of the plan for disposing of th ? large Vase may be seen as above. The sale will olose in a short time. EDINBURGH, March 5. 1814. NEW REVIEW. dangerous, that the workmen were called off; and when they came again at six next morning, they were not allowed to proceed, till measures could be adopted for propping up the remaining part of the roof and the adjacent walls. The fall of the house was generally attributed to some alterations that were making iu the ground floor, and several families, we understand, had removed that day, from an apprehension of immediate danger, which fortunately rendered the actual casualties fewer. On Monday next will No. I. - Price Four' u, ill be published,// / ur'Shiliings, j / On the 28th of February, at Enterkine, the Lady of ROBEIT CUNTNGHAME, Esq. of a son. On the lst of March, at Balgowan, Mrs Colonel GRAHAM of Fintry, was safely delivered of a daughter. At Greenock, the Lady of Lieutenant- Colonel CA M ER0N, 0f the 79th regiment ( or Cameron Highlanders), of a son and heir. On the 3d March, Mrs W. ANDERSON, Brown's Square, of a daughter. On the 19th February, at the manse of Mid Clalder, Mrs SUMMERS, of a daughter. On the 28th of February at Fogorigg, Berwickshire, Mrs BIRD was safely delivered of a son. Last week, a poor woman in Chapel Street, Dumfries, was delivered of three children. The mother is doing well, but the children all died on Sunday last. Married at Manchester, on the 23d February, Mr JOHN FYFFK, land- steward to the Marquis of Aber- corn, to ELIZABETH, daughter of Mr Henry Banner man, of that town. Married at Physgill, on the 22d February, the reve- rend SAMUEL CLANAIIAN, minister of Glasserton, to Miss STEWART Wii. LiAais » - Qf Phvsg| h, « - SKQ UESTRA TJUNS. March 2. JOHN KELTY, merchant, Auchtermuchty — Creditors meet in the town- clerk s office there, 22d and 31st March, at 2. DUNCAN CAMPBELL, cattle- dealer and fish curer, Baltimore, Argyllshire— Creditors meet in Spen- cer's inn, Inverary, 16th March and 6th April, at 12. JOHN DALLAS, coachmaker, Inverness— Creditors meet in Bonnet's hotel there, 16th March anil 6th April, at 1. WILLIAM BALFOUR, spirit- dealer, Ports- burgh, Edinburgh— Creditors meet in the Royal Ex- change Coffeehouse there, 9th March and 6th April, at 1. 4. DAVID SOMERVAIL, baker, North Berwick Creditors meet in Mrs Yorkston's inn there, 19th March and 9th April, at 1. cks, that the preliminaries of peace would be port! dignity, and may diminish its usefulness, I shall ask what f shall too often need, yoour kind indulgence." " The Speaker then took the oath of office, nd the House adjourned without doing any other business. " The subsequent are the remarks on this in- teresting appointment: « In tbe wise and fortunate nomination of Mr Cheevei as Speaker to the House, I do most cordially congratu late you and the public. A more happy choice could not possibly have taken place. ' The character of Mr Cheeves as a gentleman and a statesman is well known throughout tbe coumiy. Since he has been in congress, he has exhibited such unequivocal proofs of his being an honourable, honest, and independent man, that he is universally respected hy the federal part of the House, and on this occacion|| has received its undivided sup- Died at his house in Duke Stre^ I. l^^ ifpo*!, / ti< f4 » ? 28th FJI^ SFRJ', ^ IGEFE^ LAGII MILLER, £ tq. for- merly of Calcutta, in llpigal, Whert^ i^ hadjf& aidl^ rtfor Died at her mother's house, Forth Street, on the 2d March, Miss DOROTHEA ROBERTS KENNEDY. c Died at Greenock, on the lst of March, JEA 1 eiter, wri >. H y, • r in HADDINGTON CORN MARKET— MARCH 4. Wheat met with a ready sale. Top price about Is. higher ; but the average price was nearly the same as last market day. Barley was rather on the decline; best 30s. current prices 23s. to 28s. Oats about Is. dearer ; best 25s. current prices 17s. to 21s. Pease 17s. to 21s. and Beans 17s. to 22s. Beans, 22s Od 19s Od Third 32s Od 23s Od 17s Od 17s Od 17s Od 1018 ^ nlls of Wheat in the market, whereof 896 sold as follows, viz.— Wheat, Barley, Oats, Pease, 30s od 25s Od 21s Od 28s Od 21s Od 18s Od ,32s Od 23s Od THE NORTH BRITISH REVIEW; OR, CONSTITUTIONAL JOURNAL. To be regularly continued every Two Months. CONTENTS. I. ord Byron's Bride of Abydos— Russel on the State of Education in Scotland— History of the American Press— Bower's I. ife of Luther— Poem of Anster Fair Perpetual War the Policy of Mr Madison— Patron- age, by Miss Edgeworth— Account of the Retreat for insane Persons at York— Earl of Lauderdale on the Currency— Narrative of Events at Leipsic— Legend of Iona, and Twiss on the Influence of the Crown. Edinburgh: Printed fofCEffkeE GULTITE, 54. Tir 1 nciTi " street; JrHenry Colburn, London; and John Gum- ming, Dublin, and sold by every bookseller in the united kingdom. EDINBURGH EXHIBITION. HE EDINBURGH E PAINTINGS will open < uj> krr" 5'>. Yop on Monday the 11th Auril. - ff^" BKli'kO, jierretary^ 54. South Bridge. / The picture » - fnnst be sent on Monday the 4th April. The pictofes, & c- must be sent, remain, and be taken away, at the risk of exhibitors. INN, & c. AT BATHGATE. To be SOLD by public roup, on Wednesday the 16th curt, at three o'clock afternoon, in the Royal Ex- change Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, THAT substantial well- built HOUSE, at JL BATHGATE, on the great road from Edin- burgh to Glasgow, presently possessed hy Mr Alex- ander Ranlsay, innkeeper, consisting of eight fire- r 10ms, with cellars, large stables, byres, garden, and other con- veniences. The premises are at present let ^-- years, five or which are yet to run, at the yearly nv. c or" 201. Sterling, being the property ot the " Cooks' Society in Edinburgh." The situation is inviting, and the prospect to the south truly delightful, commanding an extensive view of the adjacent country. Further particulars may he learned, by applying . to, or corresponding with Mr Dunaid Macewaii, at said Coffeehouse. EDIN. 2d March 1814. ROUP OF TOLLS ON THE BATHGATE v AIRDRIE ROAD. THE TOLL- BARS at NEWLISTf BATHGATE, ARMADALE, BEDLORMf/ AIRDRIE, and BAILI. IESTON, on this roa. l; and the TOLLS on the BRANCH ROAD from Airdrie northwards, are* o be LET bv public roup, for the year, from Whitsuni} 4f 1814, at UphalLon Saturday the 2d April next, atj^^ oekyoonjQ) 0, JULc.- J • A GENERAL MEETING of the TRUS TEES is ts be held at Upball at ^ he sa^ ie tiin^, 4th March 1814. y, ^ /"'/ T> EDINBURGH LITERARY FORU Ql 10 at =£. 1 18 1 1 1 17 36 1 16 196 1 16 90 ™ 1 15 157 1 15 84 1 14 51 at £\ 14 0 47 at £. 1 10 20.. .. .... 1 13 0 17 .... .. 1 12 6 70.... .... 1 12 0 111 Unsold. n 11 Grey. ... 11. 13s. lOd, l- 12th. FREEMASONS HALL, NIDDRY STREET Friday, March 11. 1814. UESTION—" Was John Knox, thf Re- former, justifiable in his treatment of Queen Mary ?" Doors open at half past seven.— Debate to begin at eight. , /> Tickets to te had at th^ dtjer, and o^ the usual book- sellers. NOTICE. THAT the Sale of MUSIC and CAL INSTRUMENTS is still go « iE/ or>' at 01 No. 40. Prince's Street, where, on MoND/ v/ ext, at two o'clock, will be exposed to Sale, a superior toned upright Grand Piano- Forte; an elegant Cabinet ditto; a few horizontal. Cirand Piano- Fortes, and a few double- keyed Square ditto, all by the first London makers. AND, DAI, KEITH— MARCH 3. J CU.' SALE OF BARONY OF CRAIGS,/ N DU>. FRIES- SHIRE, FURTHER POSTPONED ON acconnt of thi1 continued severity weather, the SALE of this valuable and exfttt* ive property, WILL NOT TAKE PLACE till IKfines- day the 30th current, when it wilt be exposed to SALK in the Royal Exchange Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, at two o'clock afternoon, either in whole, or in the lots for- merly advertised, as may suit the inclination of pur- chasers. e, may be made to Mess, ytler, VV. s| Duke Street, .'. dinburgh, who are in possession of th^ plans and title- deeds, and have_ gQ\ ver to treat by prii « ite bargain; and Mr Gri^ r- son, ar Cummertrees; Mr Knot, at Locharwood; or Mr William Thomson, writer, Dumfries, will give di- rections for shewing the property and Jifferent lots. . Application, in the meanti HotcHkis and 1 ytler, W. S AN ESTATE FOR SALE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the house if lamesi Watling, vintner at Bridgend of Ayr, on rfiday t 10th June 1814, betwixt the hours of one q/ d two„ not previously disposed of by private bara THE LANDS and ESTATE of DAT^ AIN, as formerly advertised, lying in « { e parish ot" Sorn or Dalgain, and county of Ayr, epffnding to 142S acres, or thereby, mostly arable, itoKaftfully situated on the water of Ayr, which form/ tha? southern boun- dary for between two and threp^ nile/ The lands are in general dpf, of thfc hest quality, and well adapted for the imn^ Sved system of husbmdry, having abundance of iu/ e, of thybest quality,' within themselves, whereny iniprovi- meofs may be carried on to great advantage if a moderat/ expence. Situated in the centre of goojj'markets, thefd is a read/ sale for all farm produce, jf the highest D « ces. ' There are eighty- three acres of/ ft riving plantailons on the estate, com- iletely enclosed, and judiciously dispersed for sheltering the grounds. F If not/ Sold in one lot, tife lands^ vill be exposed to sale in four different lots, it the tnde and place above- mentioned. [ Particulars may be knfiwn by applying to Mr Ran- kine at Burnhead, near Sorn, who will give directions for shewing the itnuis ami intending purchasers may iwmg On TUESDAY, the remainder ot the stock, among apply tt^ ivir Hope, VV SJOueen Street," Edinburgh which are a quantity of bassoon and clarionet Reeds; i R- Campbell, Esq. Crai/ ie- house, nc- ar Ayr, in whose There was a good supply of all kinds of grain: at; vioiin and violoncello Finger- boards, Tail- pieces, Pins'; hands plans of the lands and intended lots will be market— quantity 2450 bolls. Wheat sold readily; btit|& c-. to close with the sale of the Shop Furniture, and — v . barley had a heavy sale. Oats were nearly as last week. Pease& Beans 24s. Od. 20s. Od. 18s. Od. Died at Leith, on the 17th February, Mrs IV! ARY NEIKON, relict of John Jameson, Esq. late merchant there. Died at the manse of Midholm, on the lst March. THOMAS, the infant son of the reverend James Inglis. Died at Cotdingham manse, on the 21st February, Miss GRACE I. ANDELL, eldest daughter of the reve- rend James Landell. Died at Dunning, on the 26th February, in the 61st year of her age, Mrs BAIRD, relict of tie reverend John Baird, late minister of Dunning. STATE LOTTERY. First day's drawing in London yestei HOLE TICKETS, HALVES, EIGHTHS, and SIXTEENTHS, will be QJ in great variety of numbers, at FORREST'S, Opposite to the Tron Church, Edinburgh, Till ten o'clock this night. PRICES. Ticket - - - - L. 23 8s. Half - - - I.. II 19 01 Eighth - - L. 3 Fourth - - 6 1 0 | Sixteenth - 11 Registering 6d. each number.— Schemes gratis STATE LOTTERY. WHOLE TICKETS and ^ be had at the fortunate Office ANDTTEW sfEvmrmn- 102. South Bridge, Edinburgh, Tilt ten o'clock this evening, where advice of the drawing is expected oja Menday morning. LY fJr SHAftESfofl) lice of / RKTElT^ a very strong atjd handsome double writing Desk, The publjirfnay not again b » vr such an opportunity of providing/ hemselves < g/ so aasy terms, with such good -^ rtl^ l^^^- y^ er& jj^^ pose^ tp salej cyA HOUSES AT STOCKBRIDGE, AN'D HOHS AND SHOPS IN NORTH LEITH. C FOR SALE. , To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal EXQ/ Coffeehouse, on Wednesday the 9th day of 1814, at two o'clock afternoon, THE Kouthmost of the three HOUSES in HERMITAGE PLACE, Stockbridge, formerly advertised, consisting of five rooms, kitchen, and other conveniences. This house, from th » circumstance of its being just beyond the extended Royalty, is not liable to pay the town's taxes, which now amount to above 20 per cent, and thus enjoys very considerable advantages. Upset price very moderate. The sale of the other subjects at Hermitage Place and North Leith, formerly advertised, is postponed for the present, and intimation will be afterwards given of the day of sale of these subjects. The key of the hoose at Stockbridge will be found at Mr Whitelaw's, Hermitage Place. Farther particuiars \\ ili be learned by applying to Mr Andrew Park, wood- merchant, Leith Walk; and either of whom have powers to conclude a private bargain, and allow a large part of the price to remain in the purchaser's hands, if required. AT LEITH, FOR THE LEITH AND BERWICK WHARF, LONDON. (.' , p-^ The Old Shipping Company's new SmadW AS. LORD WELLINGTON, V ROBERT NESBIT Master, This vessel, elegantly fitted up with state rooms, in a very superior manner for the accommoda- tion of Passengers, is presently taking in goods at the birth, foot of Queen Straet, and will positivelv sail oa Tuesday the 8th curt, at two o'clock afternoon. " XbHN HL'll'K, Manager, " ti Old Shipping Co.' s Office, I. EITH, / March 4. 1814. th . Mr Bryce, architect, Greenside Place ; or'Jdlvft I'.' amTSSi Abercroir. by Place- / FOR LONDON. The London and Edinburgh Shipping Cp SPRIGHTLY, JAMES SUTHERLAND Master, sails for Miller's Wharf, on ' Tuesday 8th March, at two o'clock afternoon ; and TRUSTY, WILLIAM BALLINCAI. L Master, sails on Friday the 11th instant, at four o'clock after* noon „ ^^^ rrrrBrTSKUCE, Manage^, ondon inc! Edinr. . Shipping Co's. Office, Leith, March 5.1814. TO LET ( With immediate entrance), THE Mai sian- hQiwe and Offices ofS TON, West Lothian, together with a/<> ut 36 ir. res of most excellent arable Land, surfounping the tame, with the- Lime- Kilns, the I. im/ frncjrthere. m and in the adjoining'farms, in wl^ khj^ ybniiAyv 1 The mansion- house aud lands anToire riWeMTOpMne" town of Bathgate, and 16 from Edinburgh. The Edin- burgh road to Glasgow runs through the lands, and four coaches pass and repass daily to those towns.— Both the house and offices have been very much im- proved of late, at a considerable expence, and the whole would suit either a gentleman or any respectable far- mer. l h( isituation is beautiful. The lands are about . half in p Jtiire, half tillage. yThe Hitter prepared for j the seed/ ( » y< . , u T^ S*- <• ^ h* /-^ Offers Tor a lease ( for/ uch number of years as may / . he agreed on), to he mfde tofWnilMYt Mlairp. Tisq. of KirEton, try , Bathgate^ West I. othian; or Mr Boyd, ston, Bathgate. LODGING AND OFFICES IN SURi SQUARE. To be SOLD or LET "^ HAT commodious LODGING, No. SUR GEONS SQUARE, with COACH- HOUSE and STABLE. The house is modernly finished. It consists of three floors and garrets, and contains nine rooms, a kitchen, besides pantries and closets. The dining and drawing rooms are large. It is well supplied with water, has the privilege of a large bleaching- green in front, and is in every way suited to accommodate a large family. It may be seen every lawful day, from twelve to four o'clock. For particulars. app'y ^ house, or tc/ A'lr William •^ HAT large front ; JL SOUTH BRIDGE I kitchie, Lawnmarket. apply at. the hous irket. ) TO LET, Together or separately, for one or more years, as may be agreed on, SHOP ON SOUTH BRIDGE. To be SOI. D by public roup, under a remj » * fh> m the I. ord Balgray, Ordinary, within the Rt/ fxt Exchange Coffeehouse,' Edinburgh, on Motjday the 21st of March 1814, at two o'clock afte. Shop, No. GO REF. T,' opposite the Col- lege, at present occupied> Uy Mess. George Sutherland and Co. on a lease current for two years from the term of Whitsunday 181V^ vith the cellars under the said shop, and a piece of back ground reaching to the wall of the Royal Irdjfmary, on wjlich a low building may be erected, as specified in the title- deeds. • The upsebfrice of the premises to be 21001. Sterling. A consideijfrole part of the price will be allowed to re- main in « ne hands of the purchaser, if he inclines, on proper lecurit y. Th^ property holds burgage. AREA IN ANTIGUA STREET. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Eschar By public roup, within the Royal Exchange JNTR. Y RESIDENCE, PF. EBLES- IiHlRE. To be LET furnished, for one, two, or more years, and entered to immediately, or at Whitsunday 1K14, rpHE House, Garden, and Officesj> f'NEW JL CAIRNMU1R, in the parishof K^ curd, twenty miles distant from Edinburgh, on t^ e great road to Dumfries. The house is modern, and irTmished in the most comfortable and substantial ofannijr, and well furnish- ed. It contains dining aniifffawmg rooms and parlour, six excellent bed- roomyfive of yVhich have light dress- ing- rooms, kitchen, laundry, servants- hall, and cellars, besides three garnirrooms, closets, and store- rooms, & c. The out- h arises and offices are highly convenient, and the garieyWl stocked. Tie situation of the place is very pleasant, surrounded with beautmd plantations, and in a fine sporting coun- try. Th& lawn and ground to be let along with the house, 1 will p phe 1 I ard three sa< kho | qu> da | atc F Lrai fpc-- ber Knai lue Vim FO- lio I pi St t- ge Ivvel low peei laid ivay Ihe |; iln T tiev Ind pej FI Lf li lert limt | r a yi'd fcrm nd 1 TL brer LNC lit ti TI, Ithei linct loses J TI I LAB • e, I'hli i 1 - Jo! he I Iiati' \ GENTEEL and convenient HOUSE, of easy • TJL access, consisting of dining- room, drawing- room, two bed- rooms, and a kitchen, a small Garden and water- pipe, & c. with four light cellars under the h, o » we'," well worth the attention of any gentleman in the " porter, ale, spirit, or wine trade. ALSO, An APARTMENT, 4Q feet by 17, and 12 feet high, well calculated for a warehouse or lecture- room, with two adjoining rooms. Situated in INFIRMARY STREET. Apply to Mr Giles, upholsterer. No. 11. INFIRMARY STREET, February 26.1814. SHOPS AND BAKE- HOUSE TO BE SO>, D. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Roy al Exchjyjge- Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, upon Wednesdav^ tffe 9th day of March 1814, at one o'clock if not previously disposed of by private Jxrt^ aiq THESE TWO shopsiot* RLL PLACE, Ni- cholson's Street, tjreone occupied as a baker's four cows, and, if the tenants incline, they j s[, op and the other asjreoffeeroom. There is a small may Uf accommodated with one or two parks, contigu^ house attached tojidfli, and in the sunk storey there is ' . . .. nnu V-, OITJJ fliA 1 ii .... - i i . jr* — dpeds and articles of l^ oup may be seen in flWTCTRerT ^ ccountant^ Ianover Street; or Mr. I affray, writer, Elder Street,^ whom farther particulars will be learned. PROPERTY ON THE ROAD LEADINI ST BERNARD'S WELL. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal F. Coffeehouse, on Wednesday the 9th dav^ rf 1814, at two o'clock, if not previouslydifposed of by private bargain, yy THE remainder of a LEA^ B'for 999 years, from Martinmas 1792, oprfland'haill that Ground, consisting of about half aSptfs acre, lying immediately to the west of the late Mr Raebrirn's property, on the road leading from S(* I? kbridge to St Bernard's Well, with the houses h^ lt thereon, sometime occupied by William Wilsom'gardener, arid his tenants. The pre- sent yearly ryrft of the property is 681. The tack duty Is only 31. } 6s. and the houses are in good repair. From ifs vicinity to town, and easy access, this pro- perty i/' an object particularly worthy the attention of builders, as the demand for feus in this quarter U daily increasing. im , u j ' Coffeehouse, on Wednesday the 9th davitf- march 1814, at two o'clock afternoon, y" TH AT Area or piece of Jjfound, situated at the head of ANTIGU^ SXREET, and ad- joining to Union Street, measuring 37 feet 3 inches of front to Leith Walk, wijjffhe benefit of a mutual gable to tlie south, and the use of a common stair, which is already built; alstyflie half of the gable above the se cond storey, jf i of this area has already been dug out, rfiisiderable expence, so that it is < j^ ite ready g upon. her information may be had upon applying to Mr'Bonnar, superintendent of^ the city of Edinburgh's works, Council Chamber, or tifT'WM'As !? cotland, W. the latter of whom is possessed of the title- deeds anjS articles of roup. February 25. 1814. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, house, on Wednesday the 9th day of Martlj » rSi- l, at two o'clock afternoon, if not previouslj/ tusposed of by private bargain, rpHAT capital House, YORK LI. Q AND kit/ « SALE. { JJU, lp, within tile Royal e Mr Archibald by LieUtenant- Coloncl /> Adjourned Roup of ! GROUNDS AT LIVINGSTON. To be LET by public roup, on Thursday 10th March 1814, : NDRY ENCLOSURES, for tillage, hay, aud pastare, for the ensuing season, at Livingston, 14 miles; west from Edinburgh, and two from Mid Calder, on the south Glasgow road. William Bishop, at Livingston, will point out the several fields, and the manner in which they are to be let. The roup to begin at 11 o'clock precisely, at Living- ston East Lodge. - I- PI. ACE, the property o Milne, and presently pos Renton. jr Two commodious ^ mgings, beinj the upper and at- tic Flats of the Tenement, No. 18. « hst side of ST PA TRICK'S SQUJ^ RE— AND, / An excellen*" Stable in ROSE LANE, presently pos- sessed by Mf Lawrie. Intending purchasers are requested not to miss this oppor^< uiity, as the upset prices of the whole will be made so low as to insure sales. For particulars, or a purchase by private bargain be- Jore hand, application may be made to Mess. Mac- Keiu- iu JIM iMies',' otis/ o the house, for pasture. They will also have the use of a well stocked pigeon- house. / The mail coach between Edinburgh and Dumfries passes daily within half a mile of the house. James Dickseu, at New Cairnmuir, will shew the Jiouse, made t< aud for furthajjitticuiars application may be treat by private bargain. Twsoti, W. S. jl. Albany Street. an excellent b^ drf^ house, flour- house, and oven. The situa^ mi is good, and ili a part of tlie town daily improvinjfr Forpfcticulars apply tc/ P: riewat, W. f3 36. George Strtyrf^ who is in possession of the title- de/ ds, and will BEAUTIFUL VILLA, WITH , GARDEN AND LAND, about seven mile^ from Edin- burgh, for SALE. THE VILLA of WESTBRPOK, in Parish of Currie, situated a short « istanyi » < outh- we- t of the Village of Balerno, is to b « ! SoljUSy private b3Th< T'House is substantially built^ find handsomely fi- iished, and contains dining- rqij^, and two other rooms, on the ground flat; fouj^ Sbms, including draw- ing- room, on the second 9iff and large commodious rooms on the attic storqyyflso - a large convenient kit- chen in one wing, and Lrfder, & c. in the other. 1 here is also a complete set/ It offices. The lands consisyfif about 49 English acres, in the highest state of cjifiivation, and capable of rearing the heaviest crops vided bv h> encircled belts and. and i Ifj& rsold in or. elot. the property will be disposed of in / our separate lots, of from eight to 13 acres each. The mansion- house, garden, and offices, will compre- hend one lot, consisting of nearly ten acres. Entry im- mediately, or at Whitsunday first. For farther particulars application may be made to Mr David Reid, gardener, Leith Walk; Mr William Patison, merchant in Edinburgh ; or to John Patison Junior, W. S. 41. Castle Street, who is in possession of tne title- deeds, and a neat plan of Westbrook. Licaouig. Iw i i ij I 1 • ' For particulars apply t(/ R. and J. Gordon, W. SJ2! London Street, who are authorised to conclude by private bargain. SUBJECTS IN KINGHORN FOR S. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, upon Tuesday thi March 1814, at two o'clock afternoon ( if- tf viously disposed of by private bargain), I^ HE Tenement of Land, on the nor) fh side . of the HIGH STREET of KINGHORN, with the back area and pertinents, which was long the prin- 23. Queen Street. SALE OF HOUSES AND GARDENS. For SALE by private bargain, THAT PIECE OF G RXHTN D, AND HOUSES built thereojw » Jfing in the town of I. OANHEAD, and paris^ erfl. asswade, belonging to Allan Johnstone. TJ) » ^ iouses are in goad order and repair, and the jejstftfnd is converted into an excellent garden, andjweTf enclosed. " culars inquire at/ loim Aiticen, wrtterin who has power to conclude a bargain; and ew Mitchell, at Loanhead, will shew the COUNTIES To be S0J. 9, Lot l. pERTA ESTATE OF BLAI IDI THE tflFE, AND iy private bargain, parts of the FAM BR. IDGETON, NEW FAR cipal inn of that, burgh, and possesed by Mr Bruce and| SHYHESMILL, lying in Culr'oss district of Perth- [ every description of grain, and are di s, into four enclosures. The property is / th thriving trees, and embellished with ' lumps of planting. It commands beautiful tnsive views; and part of the property lies rta few yards of the Water of I. eith, ROXBURGHSHIRE. FARMS, MILL, AND BLEACHFI! ( Offers to be received till 20th March curt. To be LET for such a number of years as may be- on, and entered to at Whitsunday 1814, HE following SUBJECTS, part of the Ba- rony of ANCRUM The Farm of HARRIET FIELD, consisting of 326 acres, and the Farm of HAUDDIN, adjoining, con- sisting of 154 acres. These farms will be let together or separately. There is a considerable quantity of excellent turnip sail upon each. They are distant about four miles from Jed- , _ . burgh, and 10 miles from Kel . tnereot, ail whjch there are excellent roads- " dFfMd ""' a 1 The entr>' wi" be ParticularIy favourable, the lands ( jt balder, ana re_| having been in possession of the proprietor for some- time. The whole is at present in grass and fallow. Also to he LET, The LINT- MILL of ANCRUM, with the Houses, Bleaching- Ground, Fulling- Mill, Shades, 8cc. The mill is well adapted for a manufactory, having COTTON- WORKS IN RENFREWSHIRE FOR SALE. To be Soj,. D by public roup, within the Aberfcorn I nn, jJai- sTey, 011 Thursday the 24th day of l\ ® irch at 12 o'clock noon, if not previously sold by bargain, THE following SUBJECTS, 1 st, That large & commodious COlTON- MILL at LOCHWINNOCH with the bmWf/ gs and ground j ^ jo mU^ ftom'Kelso and '' Hawick,' ' toTli thereto attached, and the whole ,11 > as presently possessed by Mess. Co. with the privilege of I'wy* servoir at Queenside LocliyTor the^ ise of the mills., The fall of water extends Jfi 23 feet, and the great wa- ter wheel measures 24 f^ t in dian> tter, and is 6J feet wide. jf 1 2d, That other laj « fe COTTON- MILL at CART- SIDE, and the wh/ le Machinery thereof, with the ma- .„,, » •• • ,- nagers and laborers houses, and other buildings_ there-|^ n built^" f^ e^ n^ the privilege of the water of Black- 1 out , th? ar! » blf land possessed by theifrejen) tenants, .1 • ,7 -, i . i- i c,, c _ eonsistine- of ahout 20 arrps. J / » 7 se of the said^ mill. The fall of water i consisting of about 20 acres. . .. . ^ . Jj . t. t .— __ — i— i! Offers for the above farms to^ xr ; T1 TO BE LET, WOODHALI. HOUSE, LANDS, AND MILL. ' HE MANSION- HOUSE, OFFICES, AMT- FJAR- DENS of WOODHALL, betweej>. fo< tr and five miles west from Edinburgh, and half* miW; west from Colinton, with four and a half of pasturage, and a well stocked pigeon- house^ jift to be LET for such a number of vars as may bj^ greed upon. F. ntr.: in; - V'tfeately. • - Upwaraa w jutes of excellent arable land may be had by the teiuat of the mansion- house at Martinmas next. ' S* ALSO, The^ EST MILI. of WOODHALL, commanding a powerful water- fall, and other local advantages, will be LET for any number of years after Whitsunday next. It is at present occupied as a barley mill, but is con- vertible to other purposes. . ^ For particulars apply to/ John Grieve, accountant/ No. 8. Ramsay Garden. / EDINBURCH, February 18. 1814. to attached, cart, for tin extends to ; Aout 14 feet, ami the large water wheel measures < 6 feet 5 inches in'diameter, and 7 feet wide. . Also, about 19 acres of Ground at CARTSIDE, held purt" W<- w1/ 1 in perpttual feu for payment of a certain yearly feu ls received. J ^ t duty, all as possessed by tbe said Mess. Houstoun Burns, and Co. Both these mills are well known to have been can- structed upon a superior plan, and from their favourable situation, and good supply of water, are well calculated for carrying on au extensive business in the manufac- turing department. I'he entry may be immediately after the sale, or at Wrhitsunday next. For particulars application may be made to George Houstoun, Esq. of Johnstone; Mr CharlesJJELJ cou itant in Edinburgh; or 1VR. M ' 1' lJd il/ T Bell, at Palace, by Jedburgh, previous to the 20th March '" be concluded, if an adequate offer f-^ T/ ntv/ v*^./ ' omanes " Cli'arlotte Square, Edinburgh. Mr Thomas Taylor, at Lochwinnoch, or the Mai gers at the respective mills, will give directions for shewing the premises. LANDS AND SUPERIORITIES IN THE SHIRE OF RENFREW FOR SALE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Aber/ orn Inn, . .. , . . . Paisley, upon Friday the 25th day of March ^^ aJ^ d^ t^ ng^ ge^ a, VALUABLE ESTATE, WITH A FREEHOLD QUALIFICATION IN THE COUN- TY OF ROXBURGH, FOR SALE. To be SOLD by public voluntary roup, within the Royal Exchange Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 9th of March 1814, at two o'clock afternoon, of previously by private bargain, THE Lands and Baronyof ABBOTRHLE, in the parishes of Southdean and Hdljkfrk, con- taining 2600 acres, and upwards, all of whitffi, with the exception of about 150 acres of wood, 50^ « cres of mea- dow, and 200 acres of heath, are arable^ The soil is in general of the best description ; exceUfcntly adapted for the turnip husbandry, well watereiMnd iheltered. About 724 acres, surrounding th'e mansion- house, are in the natural possession of the ofopriet^ ir, and a- T- en- laid down ro gras*, ex- shire, and the whole of the Farm of RA1NIESWALLS, immediately adjoining, lying in the parish of Torry- others, successively. The tenement in question includes 14 fire- rooms with cellars and other conveniences, partly now con- 1 burmlnTcnun" ty'" of' Fife! " extending,' in whole, to up- verted into a shop; and in the back area there are: wards 0f 200 Scots acres, 176 of which are arable, and stab es for about 40 horses. , i the remainder pasture and planting. These lands are , hese subjects may be advantageously adapted to weU situated with regard to markets, post towns, and rinnc imit- iiadoc • nnii m^ fioiilTi- ^^> laxr coom tr\ hi> • rr>. ,, , i .. .. 1 . . various purposes; and, in particular, they seem to be well calculated for affording accommodation to an ex- tensive manufacturer. Mr Stronach, who resides on the spot, will shew the premises; and for farther particulars application maY be made to'Lh! mi? 5 IU'WIUHI; 1 Wl'IM' LV> t'lie signetJ No. 3. Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh, who has the cusi tody of the title- deeds. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC ROUP, Within the house of William Suttie, vintner, Kirfccal- dy, on Tuesday the 15th day of March 1814, o'clock afternoon, ' T'HESE two Dwelling- houses- irrtKe : own of JL LEVEN, county of Kfaflfmg on tlfe south side of the public street. TJ^ r^ rst, consisting* of two stories, with the yard attj » « ^ ack thereof, lately possessed by Mr David Caflrroi The second, cqrtsisting also of two stories and- garret, with the yard ajkl pertinents thereto belongirtg, which subjects belong to the trust estate of David Robertson, flax- dresser. Lev en. , For particulars apply tojDavid Alison. Esq. I. even; or • SHUUf UI! U Reid, solicitors, Loitlwho are in possession of the title- deeds. / J_ , / 9 ' M ' A PLC JCJ- 1 Th ixeel ( vhit • lid, In 1 . lupli ltr « - a lerial IvhW vors fe si pagr i i.; | iu « - a id i label So I If P.'' | 0; 0H: Ijim lerfu lut r. fcrfeii WI kin. lirne • Tiith p. r? h, A VILLA TO BE SOLD. There is to be exposed to SALE by public roup, at Cross- foord, on Thursday the 31st day of Mirch 1814, within tbe house of Mr Scowlar, vintner, at o; o'clock afternoon, THAT beautiful smdl V I L L/ A^ alled SP& INGBANK, consisting of five rooms and kitchen, with garden and offices, part <) i the seques- trated estate of William Watson. TWs/ property lie* on the south bank, and adjoining tryffief Clyde, imme- diately above the junction with tbeN « than, commands the beautiful view of the river firom S^ onehyres to Dal- terf, and overlooks the orcifards of Holmfoot, & c. The new road from Glasgow to Lanark passes the pro- perty, which is distant about 20 miles from Glasgow, 10 from Hamilton, and five from Lanark, is situated i » a pleasant, neigi ' ion'rhood, the house is new and in good repair, and tbe fruit trees are in very t hriving condition. Such/ 1 lodging soldom occurs for sale In the country, is Worthy the attention of those desirous of a snug retirement, and imiasdiate possession will be given. Also to be sold, a COOPERAGE and pertinents, on the opposite side of the road, part of the same estate.— These two lots will be exposed together or separately, an intending purchasers incline. There is also to be SOLD at the same time, The pro tndimso right to one third of the Liferent of the adjoining Villa of LISBON HUT, Household Fur- niture, Garden, Offices, and Ground, presently occu- pied by Mrs Watson, the wife of the bankrupt, during her life- time. Further particulars will be learned on application to Mr Thomsan, at Dalpatrick, the trustee; Mr Newbig- ging, writer," * " 12 o'clock noon, 1st, rpHE valuable Enclosures of^ tffe low- j and in complete repair JL lands of CALDF- RHAUGH^ mmediatelv ofa large and genteel f; adjoining to the thriving village of Lnefiwinnocli, con- sisting of upwards of 33 acres of y& s . rich land, ca- pable of rearing every kind of crffb. These lands will be s > ld in whole or in lots, as jfiay bust suit the con- veniency of intending purch; 2d,' l'he Superiority ofthel^ nds ofC ALDERHAUGH SEMPLE, which, by social retou/ dated 27th Octo- ber 1608, are retoured> 6 a 50s. land of old extent, and thus afford a good freehold qualification. Upon these lands the and Jiwffeu- dutie^ payable therefrom, which are to be along withyttie superiority^ amount to 861. 5s. 7d. Sterling yearly The entries . Of singular successors to by far the grynter part of the village feus are not tax- ed ; of couore, a year's rent i I due, as a composition up- on such entries, from whic^ as changes are frequently taking pierce, a purchaser may derive considerable bene- fit. • Alio the right of appointing baron bailies, and pri ilege&^ fhereto effeiring. > ' he Superiority of the Lands of THIRD PART £; . r » Li id I | U US at; ration of " ops, the th « * roads join is large and cmtWu. :-' iu, . JJ J plough. The mansioii- hou, Aable to the accommodation • y- The court of offices f% upon a viry extensive scale, newly and most substantially built,' The machinery of the corn and thrashitrtr mills go b/ water. The estate is well intersected with roads, IiAding to the market towns of Jedburgl/ and Hawick, 4t six and eight miles distance, and to tile coal and limit from Liddisdale and NorthumberlandC The land tax/ s redeemed ; the teinds are exhausted ; the current lea/ es insure the improvement of the pro- ' illage of Lo/ hwinnoch is erected ; perty, and the/ ack of the farm of Doorpool will expire at Whitsunday 1816, when a very considerable rise may be expected/ A large proportion of the price may lie of the purchased. CORN AND BARI. EY MILLS AND MILL LANDS, IN FIFE, TO BE LET, OUR MILL, IF REQUIRED. To be LIT for Nineteen Years, and entered to at Martinmas first, THE CORN and BARLEY MILLS of NEW- MILL, with from 12 to 20 acres of the Farm pearest thereto, and as much of the Farm- toft, in addi- tion to the Mill- toft, as to accommodate the tacksman; ang, if suitable offers are made, the proprietor will ei- ther convert the Barley Mill into a Flour Mill, or build a FLOUR MILL and GRANARY in addition, so as to enable the miller to carry on an extensive trade, which he will be enabled to do, from the mills not only having a proper fall of the whole river of Eden, fit to drive any machinery, but also being in the centre of the most fertile part of the county of Fife, within a mile and a half of Cupar, where the greatest corn market In Scotland is held weekly, about five miles from a sea- port, and only a quarter of a mile from the great toll- " I road that runs across the county, with easy access, and other toH- roads that run in all dlrec- roads. The soil is of excellent quality, tree clay loam, adapted to every kind of crops. The whole abound in coal, freestone, and ironstone, the former of which is let on lease for five years to run. As this lot lies quite contiguous and connected, and as its affords many desirable situations for a villa, it would form a very compact small estate. To a gentle- man desirous of planting, or of a romantic residence, it is very inviting, as it contains about 20 acres of the most beautiful den in the county of Fife, sloping to the north, and having very little rock on the surface. The whole, wtttr the exception of the den and about nine acres more, are held under lease for 19 years, from Martin- mas 1 807, at rents far inadequate to its value; but a rental will be made over to a purchaser daring the sub- sistence of the present leases, within a trifle of 3001.— The public burdens are trifling. A FREEHOLD QUALIFICATION in the county of PER TH accompanies this lot. I. ot 2. ' I he Farm of CUI. TERSHAW, lying in the parish of Cutter, and shire of Lanark, and is within two miles of the market town of Biggar, extending in whole to 255 Scots acres, 44 of which are fine haugh croft land, and the remainder dry healthy pasture. 1' he te- nant is most industrious, and is adding yearly to the arable land. The endurance of the existing lease is 19 years from March 1807, at the rent of 901. The steading, offices, and march dike, were built only five years ago. Mr J. Caw, at the mansion- house of Blairhall, will shew Lot 1st; Mr J. White, the tenant, will shew lot 2d; and further particulars will be learned by apply; , to the proprietor, at Blairhall ^ Mt) 85. Hotchtis anil i yl ler, VV. s. lwho are in possession of the • e/ oss Thoi CHINAMES, in the parish of Kiibarchan, wbith, by special retour, dated 16th February 1648, are retoured to a 10 mark laird, of old extent, and so afford a good freehold qualification. The casualties are taxed. 4th, The Superiority of the Lands of BARRHILL, in the palish of Kiibarchan, which, by rttour dated 27th October 1608, are retoured to a 40s. land, of old extent, they also affording a freehold qualification. The compositions payable on the entries of singular succes- sors are not taxed. For particulars apply to Mr Charles Selkrig, accoui tant in Edinburgh; or torlVUSS. 1 od and Romanei Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. Mr Thomas Taylor, at Lochwinnoch, will give rections for shewing the lands, and will furnish such local information as may be required. title- deeds, ani Possessed of powers trfconclude a private sale; who are or Mr Thomas Johnston, li Edinburgh. ivevor, Hope Park. Il2 4 pTt^ Let, gentry 1814^" EXTENSIVE R^ RSlS AND WAULK ? J IN THE PARISH OF FOWHS EASTER DISTICT or CARSE or GOWRIE, AND COUNTY OF PERTH. NEWHALL. if S LEY, Extent about 28? arable acres. in the han If the cs/ ate should not be sold in one lot, there will be exposefl separately, lst, Tlfe Farm of GATF. HOUSESCOTT, consist- ing of about 770 acres, and let under lease till Whitsun- day 1828, at the rent of 5* 501 yearly, and, ,.,,-,.,, 2 illy, The Farms of EASTER and WESTER FOD- land, of DERI. IE, the former consisting of about 209 acres, and . Dr„ prietor let till Whitsunday 1828, at the rent of 1201. 15s. year- 1 —- ly, and the latter consisting of about 242 acreii, and let till Whitsunday 1851, at 1401. sterling. For further particulars application may be made to the proprietor, at Abbotrule ; tqrMi^ B ' CfsfiSSFoW and Veifiih, VV'i SlNorth Castle Street, Edinburgh, who are TO treat with offerers, and conclude a bar- Offers taken in by William Bayne, merchant in Cu- par, until Thursday the 5th ot May, and further parti- culars learned by applyiug to him. February' 24. 1814. A CAPITAL FARM ON THE EAST COAST OF FIFE. To be LET for such a number of years as may bfe agreed upon, and entered to at Martinmas 181,4, THE Farm of BELLISTON, in of Carnbee, about two miles north of thj^' Forth and about equal distance between Pittenwpmi and St Monance. There is a weekly corn- markrfin Collins- burgh, in the vicinity of Belliston, whj^ fits well attend- ed by farmers, coru- merchants, an The farm consists of 283 Scots i/ rcs, fir thereby, and contains ail equal proportion oLtfie best wheat and tur- nip lands. All the fields arejffell watered for pasture; ' There is an excellent liny^ tone quirry on the farm, and there is also excellen^ oal and Kmc working in the gray, belonging to the same empowered gain ; to Thompson and Wood, writers, Jedburgh ; and William Bell, at Palace, near Jedburgh. Walter Smith, steward at Abbotrule, will show the grounds. anark; Mess. BaillieandJ^& iEll, writers, _ CTTftirdyreT^ WH! ef; T( fiiiburgh| the last of whom is possessed of the title- deeds and articles of roup, to be shown to intending purchasers. writer, ^, ans Glasgow; or^ Mr TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE BARGAIN, T7 „ T J r rrTuir . h -., • *- TieMILLat, » rjrtt'. K. iViUK y rpHE Land of FIT HIE, situated withir^ nJ GRA2jjre U5l, jiy attached tl the parishof Farnwell, and county ot F( yrf3r, Application to b/ mad^ flkAf Briflsli Society's agent of Montrose,' three at the settlement/ ^ f V LANDS AND MANSION- HOUSE TO iE' STIRLINGSHIRE. l.^ pHOSE parts of the Lands of T JL possessed by William Ker, c. 0ntaitft! y^ aft;) ut 2S acres excellent carse— Entry at Martinmas y « 15. ?!. JAMES NIELSON'S POSSESSION, consisting nf about one and a half acre of carse, with moss adjoin- ing.— Entry Martinmas 1815. These possessions lie in the parish of St Ninian's, and are to be let for nine years from Martinmas 1815. PERTHSHIRE. 3. The Mansion- house of BALGOWNIE, and land adjoining, extending to about 16 3- 4th a « res, possessed by the reverend Mr M'Alpine, to be let for six years. Kntry Martinmas 1815. 4. The HOUSES at CULROSS, and ORCHARD and GARDENS, of four acres two roods and 23 falls, possessed hv Bailie Panton, to be let for seven years — Entry Martiumas 1814. These last- mentioned possessions lie at the west end of the town of Culross, and they will be let separately or together. Offers may be lodged, between and lst, May, with Mr John Sharps wr. iti- L. Culross; or withr IVlESS. ( J11T- » on and Oliphant, W. S. 3' Brown's Square, Edinburgh. EDINBURGH, MarcJl 1. 1814. MR SPILSBURY has reason to believe Scrophula is not hereditary, but the attendant on a state of debility in a naturally delicate habit; thus children who are visited with Measles and Hoopini Cough, or Scarlet Fever, or any disease that leave> » 8em weak and delicate, produces disease of the tjJ consequent emaciation. Accidents deranging complicated jtrfifrture have thfc lame effect. A natural train'of reasoning^ haa produced this con- viotion, which lias been materially assisted by observing the PATr. FJJF; ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS in their operation ; i#"' M- s a^ i& ifig the appetite and general health; and • sunesr'increase, the disease every day les- sens. Sea- air^ or 1* thing is only of use inasmuch about five miles from the town miles from Brechin, eight miles from Arbjtfath, and 12 miles from Forfar, consisting of neajfy 115 acres arable, and upwards of 37 acres unde^/ plantation, en- closed and planted 21 years ago. XKe purchaser will also have a share in the extensive- common of Rossie moor, the division of which i/' at present under re- ference to an arbiter. The above property is beajftifully situated, and bound- l by rivulets on two sytTes. Fithie is accommodated with a complete steading, having a dwelling- house, with household and farm 9/ fices, and a pigeon house. Besides the plantation above- mentioned, there is a considerable number of valuable old trees, also, many ash and hard wtrfid trees, great part of them planted about 49 yearyago, by the late proprietor, who resided at Fithie ; the whole are healthy aud thriving. Work- ing lime quarries are only about five miles distant, and lime is bryhght by sea, from other places, to within three or four jniles of the property. The < oil is good, early, and very productive in the crops of wheat, barley, and oats, or in grass. The whole is enclosed, each field hus sufficiency of water for cattle. There are also, on the property, a complete thrashing- mill, which goes by \ y,.. tcr, with cattle- shade and byres, built in 1811. There are likewise quarries of slate, pavement, and freestone. The whole is out of lease. Entry may be at Martinmas 1814. The greatest part of the purchase money may remain in the hands of the purchaser, 011 giving good security. Persons desiring further information, or inclining to treat for the purchase, maY_ aiil) lY t. n, HiR nronrii- tor1j on the premises, tor Walter Turnbull, Esq. St Bernard Row, '• Edinburgh ; Jor Colin Ellison, Esq. Montrose. TO BE l. ET, For such number of years as may be agreed u rriHE INNatTOBERMORYvift- rtH^ snTnd JL of MULL, with the GARpifr^ nnexed to it, and a Croft of LAND, consistingnT32 acres. ata'tfBF. RMORY, with the MILL CR0r- i * theretOf-'-* The road to Eliarharbonr, betwixt three and four miles, is already nJnle to tbe farfn, and it is intended to join the Anstrutjfer and Pittenweem road, about the same distance mini the farm A new hoiyfc will be built, if required, on suitable conditions. These la/ ds are well worthy the attention of farmers of skill aim capital For further particulars intending offerers may apply to the pfoprietorJHjnvy » WMt",' E5,(|:' M MMJiiquhSr, UsMhlUmiHli") Or to Patrick Lindesay, Esq. of Wor- miston, residingfin St Andrew's, to either of whom proposals, in writing, may be addressed, on or before Ititu of April 1814, when the farm will be let, if tin adequate offer is received, James Peebles, at. the south quarry of Belliston, will show the boundaries of the farm. February 10. 1814. FARMS TO BE LET. To be LET, for suGh a number of years as may be^_. agreed on, THE following FARMS, inrjtl< island of Lewis, viz. ^^ KENRESORT and KENfcOCHROAG, UPPER BARVAS, and LIMSILkOIR, and the PLANNER ISLES. Entry at Whitsunday 1814. / ALSO, BRAENAKtt?, ARNISH, and GRAIM- HADER, AIGNISIVBYBLF., ORONSAY, and LOCHGAN- NAVipjC Entry at Whitsunday 1815. Mr Robertson, at Stornoway, will send guides to shew the different farms, and offers, w^ ll he received by Aberdeenshire. CR These two faj^ iis are to be let together in one farm, they are at presiht in the occupation of the trustees of the late Mr Robert Webster, under separate leases, which expire, as to Newhall, at Whitsunday, and se- paration of crop 1814, and as to Cransley at Martin- mas 1816. But an arrangeme- it has been made, where- by the new tenant will enter at Whitsunday 1814, to The grass, green crop, fallow, and dung of the two fanps; ahd to the hor!>.- s and yards of Newhall; and at artlnriias 1814 to the remaining lands of both farms, and to the dwelling- house and farm offices of Crans- ley. These farms are situated at the distance of between five or six miles from Dtindee, and within three miles of the shipping port of Invergowrie. The lands are of the best quality, consisting of a free loam, upon an open subsoil, producing ample returns of all kinds of grain and green crop, and from strict observance of a regular and approved mode of cropping, with a regular applica- tion of manure, they will be fouud in a state of cultiva- tion and production seldom to be met with by any en- tering tenant. The lucal situation of the lands, and nature of the soil, render them peculiarly well adapted to the winter feed- ing of sheep, a system which has been successfully prac- tised by the presemt tenant; they are thoroughly drained, almost entirely enclosed with stone dikes ; they afford abundance of tine quarry stone for further enclosures, and they are well supplied with water, while their vici- nity to Dundee, and to the ports of the Tay, afford every possible advantage, in the way both of ready and good markets, and of procuring all kind of manure. N. B.— It is proposed to disannex from Newhall, in order to be added to Muirloch, the lands at present belonging to Newhall, which are situa- ted to the west of the road, viz. Den Park, and measuring about 11 acres. MUIRLOCH, as now possessed hy Robert Sou- tar, under sub- tack from Mr James Webster. Jr. Pas. This farm contains at present 137 5 It is propoied to make the following PROPERTY AT PORTOBEL EDINBURGH FOR SA To be SOLD by public voluntary roup, Exchange Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, upon a < 4y ' to be afterwards advertised, if not sold by private bar- gain :— ^ J^ HE folio wing SUBJECTS, belonging toMr JL Robert Dickson, plumber in Edinburgh, viz. 1 st, A Tenement, in NOTTINGHAM PLACE, consisting of three flats and garrets, fitted up, the under Hat of which is now occupied as a plumber's shop by Mess. Dickson and Soil. This property holds of the town of Edinburgh for payment of a feu- duty of 5s. per annum, and will be sold either in whole or in separated flats, as purchasers may incline. A 2d, The first Flat of a House on the north side of the > - street leading up to the CALTONHILL, consisting of three rooms, closets, and a kitchen, with back ground, having a most extensive view. This subject also holda of the town of Edinburgh for payment of a very trifling feu- duty. 3d, A House, in GREENSIDE ROW, consisting of six separate apartments, lately purchased by Mr Dick- TOTT from the trustee on the sequestrated estate of Ro- bert Simpson, builder in Edinburgh. This property is burdened with an annual feu- duty of H. 2s. 6d. sterling. — And 4th, A large Tenement of Land, on the north side of TOWER STREET,. PORTOBELI. O, divided into three separate flats, finished in a superior style, with water- closets, and water In each flat, together with a piece of adjoining building ground and mutual gable.— This property is held feu for an annual payment of 71. Sterling. For further particulars application may be made ta Mess. Dickson and Son, Nottingham Place ; Mr Man- i. mtrs, W. S. No. 7. Nichnlson's Square; or/ WilliLn ' Wuthwipminj" ai,£ fltthtant| 24. Society, Edinburgh. DUMFRIES- SHIRE! " BEAUTIFUL ESTATE OF KNOCKHILL FOR SALE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Exchange Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, 011 Wednesday thel6thMarch 1814, between the hours of two and three afternoon, , if not previously sold by private bargain, HPHE ESTATE of KNOCKHILL, lying in J. the parish of Hoddam, 14 miles frofn the county town of Dumfries, four miles from the phrt of An- nan, and one from the post town of EccleMchan, and the great road betwixt Glasgow and Carlirfe goes through the property, where the mail coachySsi^ s twice a- day. 1 The estate consists of about 375 aCotsAcres, all arable, the half of which has been in tWpossassion of the pro- prietor for five years, and by hjfri fallowed, limed, and I manured, and is at present ij/ the highest state of culti- vation, producing the best ri- ops of every kind, particu- larly wheat, which has alWaya brought the highest price in the county. The otl/ r half is under lease, of which there are only two yea^ s to run, when a Very groat rise of rent may be depended upon. The Meal, Barle. f, and Lint Mills upon the estat s have been all lately fitted up anejtv, upon the most im- proved construction, and are at present fully employed. - There is a ltfie quarry upon the estate, which has been wrought^ and may still to great advantage, as the rock lies almost at the surface, . of great thickness, with little or no tjrring, and there is a constant demand for lime, that ha^ not been supplied. There is also strong reason to believe that the lands contain coal ( see Mineralogical Survey of the county, in appendix to Dr Singer's report of Dumtries- shire) and proposals have been made to the proprietor for working it. The farm buildings are all sufficiently commodious, in the best repair, and covered with slate. The mansion- house is a handsome building, pleasantly situated in a beautiful lawn of 21 acres of fine old pas- ture, well sheltered with thriving wood, of consider- able age and value, commanding a delightful view of the river Annan, Hoddom Castle, and the extensive woods belonging to General Sharp, has been lately paint, ed, is in good repair, and fit for the accommodation oi a genteel family. There is a coach- house and stable, neatly fitted up, with every conveniency. , The garden contains li acres, is well stocked with fruit trees in full bearing, and a very extensive fruit- Wall has been lately built, of coursed freestone, and furnished with trees of the most approved kinds. In short, a more desirable small estate lias not been in the market for sometime, and a purchaser can have, if wished for, great accommodation as to the payment of the price. For particulars apply to^ fflnSHrWiftcr, W. 1& 2I. Forth Street, who is possessed of the title- deeds., and will gi « e every information wanted; and James Thorn- ton, overseer upon the estate, will shew the property. BFAUTIFUL HIGHLAND ESTATE. To be SOLD by puhlic roup, in Dempster's berdeen, on Friday the 25th March, at tw o'clock afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, ^- additions, viz. M M 1 will be Me. ui Maikcn2liraM"" Monypenny,' Wi S.) EJinburgh; or by Robert Brown, Esq. addressed to ttfeir c ire. EXTENSIVE SHEEP FARMS IN INVERNESS- SHIRE. To be LET for such a number of years as may be agreed- upon, and entered into at Whitsunday first, THE following FARMS, on the Estate of DONALD CAMERON, Esq. of LOCHIEI, viz. The Farms of F. rracht, InverskillivuHn/ Achnaher rie, Achnanellan, Rienloan, and Turturach, running along the north side of the water afLuy, and extend- ing to the water of Maillie, including I^- cht and Stra- den; also the farm of Glen many, as well as the Cor- ries of Guisach, down to th^,< oot of the water of Mail- lie, along the south side ofl. ocharkaig; and the farms of Achnusaul, Sallachan, Crieff, and one half of Ken- more, lying on the norpffi side of Locharkaig. ' These farms lie copfiguous to the west end of the ds of C R AW E N A R D. ' IE, and DALpO yTNlE ( in Crathie parish) consisting of upward* jf 3000 acres of arable, woodland, and pasture lands, lyjfig along the banks of the rivers Dee and Qjjtoen, artd abounding with all torts of game, with exatHient salmon and trout fishintr. The present rental is moderate, being about 4< j01. Sterling per annitnfl- l The tuanse, church, and school house, are in complete repajr, and the teinds are valued and exhausted./ These land*' are capable of great improvement, and contain inexhaustible limestone and moss. There is a fine situation for a mansion- house on the banks of the river Dee, commanding beautiful and ex tensive Views of the river, and adjoining romantic and picturesque scenery. The title- deeds and plans of the estate are , in the hands of/ tm » l" in P^ IB^ fraaWate;' A'tierifeori to whom, or John Strachan, Esq. Campfield, by Bancjfory, application may be made for particulars. severe coughs, colds, and sore throats, whj^ n, in many instances, have proved fatal. Those JWKrtiring under these complaints, who have made uw of the HORE- HOUND and COLTSFOOT fcOZENGES, and the BOTANIC SYRUP, have yfferienced the most be- neficial and salutary effeci INCLEMENT SEASON. '") HE present season is one of the most incle- - reent that has been for a great many years great Caledonian Cjd'al. The grazings are of the best numbers have in consequence been affecteiTwith quality in that disjtict of the country, and what is of 1.. - u- — j - t the utmost consequence, the wintering for sheep is un- commonly safe. ' The black fSced sheep reared upon these lands are well knowrilii the south country markets to be of a very superior quality, and they are fully as much adap- ted for the rearing of white faced sheep as any lands the Highlands of Scotland. Indeed, the propriet VALUABLE ESTATE IN ABERDEEN To be SOI. D by public roup, within the Roya ' Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, upon Wednesday day of May 1814, at two o'clock afternoon, II. Den Park, and other lands, at pre- sent belonging to the farm of Newhall, situated on the west side of the public road, 11 2. Field, possessed by Andrew Christie, U 3. Part of North Bmns, possessed by John Taylorv 64 36 Total, 223 41 Even larger portions than those above stated, of the adjoining farms of Newhall and North Binns, may be added to Mairlocb, if desired by the tenants of these farms respectively. N. B. The entry to Muirloch will not take place un- til Martinmas 1815. III. NORTH BINNS, as now possessed by John Taylor. This farm, in its present state, contains about Arable, 180 acrt% Pasture, 70 Moor, 12 vharige of of none other' • Mtecit twthi th ly improved, is of disservice/ Sold wholesale at EITDWXRDS, the health, but he feels persuaded ' en the strength it not immediate il's Churcb- yar'iftytind retail, at the Dispensary, 15. Soho Square, l. ooffni, in bottles of 6s.— double 10s. 6d.— and iargtBt JL. 2s. duty INCLUDE— Compound Essence 8 « . Sold also, by * J. BAXTER, ITALIAN WAREHOUSE, Scott, R'. eburn, Smith, Manderston, Gardiner, and M. mcrieff, Edinburgh ; wd » H 4talwt in g* nmti « mr tttines. therefrom, which is well known. All who wishjxf guard against the dangerous effects of the weather^' would do Well to make use of i fadtor, . Mr Hood, has, on the adjoining farms of Moy, the lozenges as a prA- entive, and to use them in parti- tried tfie white faced or Cheviot sheep, with very great — 1 ' !- —- success, for some years back. These lands are well w- rthy of the attention of far- mers and graziers in general; and what is a considerable advantage, the incoming tenants can be accommodated with the whole stocking at present on the lands at a fair valuation. Offers may be made for these farms, as presently oc- cupied by the different tenants, or in such divisions as may suit intending offerers, they may be directed to the proprietor, to the care orTVlticyf I CSuntron. Vv. J71 Edinburgh, on or before the 12th day of M- nreh, an cular when ill thfrftpen air, Thn Turkisly- ffHuvian Essence is universally admitted by all who h^ Ve used it, to be a specific for stomach or bowel complaints, giving immediate relief. The above may be hfa . VRP. 11A1W, NA.' W- THnce'i itreetjand of the following agents ;— J Mr M'Ara, chemist, High Street; Mrs Montgome- ry, confectioner. Prince's Street; Mr Lyle and Mr Duncan, booksellers, Dalkci h; Mr Richardson, Ber- wick ; Mi- Munro, Courier Office, Dumfries; Mr Bax- ter, Italian Warehouse, Candleriggs, Glasgow; Mr Wh. te, Hutchison Street, do. Mr M'Bride, Argyll Street, ditto; Mr Thomas Hill, Perth; Mr John Y » UJi£) bookseller, Inverness. such as are not accepted of will be concealed, ii desired;! and Mr Hood, the proprietor's factor, at Moy, will fur- ! abb guides for such at with to inspect theie farms. ' pHE valuable Lands and Baronies of KIN- 1. CARDiNE O'NEIL and DALHAIKIE, with the Woods and Salmon- fishings in the river Dee, all lying in the parish of Kincardine O'Neil, and sheriff- dom of Aberdeen. ' These lands consist of 2427 Scots acres, whereof 625are arable, 210 in thriving plantations, and 159i moor and valuable pasture ground, a considerable part of which is highly succeptible of improvement, and the remainder might be planted to great advantage, from its situation along the banks of the Dee, which river forms the south boundary of the estate for ahout four miles. There is plenty of salmon in the river, and excellent rod fishing in that part belonging to the property. The farm- houses are in good condition ; and there is * good mansion- house, of which the purchaser can get immediate possession, with four fields adjoining, and the fishing The turnpike road leading to Aberdeen and Stonehaven intersects the property. A daily post passes through Kincardine O'Neil; and the superiority of that village goes with the lands. They afford a free- hold qualification in the county. The payment of the price may be made by instal- ments, to suit the conveniencvaf the purchaser. •• MTcKitchiV'amlXltrErw. J. No. 4. Bank Street, Edinburgh, are in possession or the title- deeds, with a plan of the ettate ; and for further particulars applica- i^.! tion may be made to them, or to John Duncan, Esq. of Rosemount, by Montrose; Mr John Brand, writer, j Stonehaven; or to Mr John Innes, land surveyor in Aberdeen. A copy of the plan is also lodged with John Smith, at Borrowstoun, who will point out the boun- i daries of the property. Total, 262 But it is proposed to reduce the extent of it consi- derably, by annexing about 64 acres of the arable land, and 36 acres of pasture, if not more, to the adjoining farm of Muirloch; and if it suit an — A •-=--- > substantial tenant, even the whole of farm may be conjoined, either with Muirloch, or with iPiperdani farm, or with both. Fntrv to North Binns at Martinmas 1814. IV. PIPER DAM , as now possessed by John Brown, containing of Arable land, about 38 acres, Pasture, 20 Moor, 58 Total, 116 This farm will be let either separately, or in con- junction, either with North Binns, or with Muirloch, or with both of these farms. Fntry at Martinmas 1814. V. WAULK MILL, as now possessed by Robert Miller. This nrll possesses an abundant supply of water, and is well calculated for any species of manu- factory requiring water. It possesses the advantages, also, of being situated close on the side of a public road leading to Dundee, from whieh place it is distant only about 4i miles, and of having connected with it be- tween five or six acres of good land. Entry at Martinmas 1814. For further information application may be made either to Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, Bart, by Crieff; tojJames Webster, Esq. of Balruddery, hy Inch- ture; or tofU.' 11. Moncriell, writer, PerthS by whom offers for Newhall and Cransley will be reaeived until Monday the 18th day of April, within ten days after which offerers will be informed whether their offert will be accepted or otherwise. Ear the other farms offers will be received until, th^ p? me vyhich will be specified in a subsequent af< 3yerfiseni&> t. ^ ( Offerers, whose characters and circum4tances are not known to the proprietor, to Mr Webstfer, or Mr Mon- orieff, must take the trouble of accompanying their offers with satisfactory information on these points, OCUTEKTYRF, March 1.1814. LANDS IN DUMFRIES- SHIRE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the King's Armt Tavern in Dumfries, upon Wednesday the 23d day of March 1814, at 12 o'clock noon, if nJ jireeioushi disposed of by private bargain, rHE LANDS of WHITEMOSS, formerly part of the estate of BONSHAW,' consisting *{ about 123 acres of moss, and 65 acres of pasture, witti 29 acres of arable land, part of the adjoining farm of Dumhrettan, which lie on the south- east slide of the road from Annan t » Langholm, at the( dist^ nce of about three miles from the flourishing sea- port pf Annan. These lands are to be divided into five lots, as deli- neated on an engraved plan tlyreof, Which draws the lines bounding each lot, and describes'the extent of the different qualities of the lan< J< Lot 1st will contain aboflt 21 acres of pasture, but which is capable of beinanniprovetf and made arable lying on the south- east extremity of said lands, called Whitemoss, and nearest to Annan, I. ot 2d will comprehend about eight acres of most and 31 acres of paiTure, of nearly the same quality as the preceding lot./ It is intended to continue the pre- sent road from Dornoch and Starfleton, through the pre- sent lands, till if joins the roadf from Annan to Lang- holm, and the Jboundary betwiit these two lots com- mences at tbepoint where the/ present road from Dor- noch terminates, and is to continue in a straight line along the inlended new road,, for which purpose 40 feet is to be lef/ betwixt these two lots. Lot 3d ^,- ill comprehend about 31 acres of moss and 19 acres of arable land, of excellent quality, and en- closed. .. Lot 4th will contain about 38 acres of moss and about 90 acres of arable land, the greater part of which is alto of excellent quality, aad is enclosed; and Lot 5th will comprehend about 31 acres of moss, and 16 acres, part of which has been ploughed, and the rest has been used for pasture, but which is capable of being improved. Lots 1. 2. 3. and 4. have each a considerable tpace along their front to the Langholm road, and their situa- tion is remarkably well adapted for feuing, both from its easy access and its vicinity to fuel. The moss, of which portions go with lots 2. 3. 4. and 5. is of excellent quality, has been let at from 51. to 81. per acre, for peat- casting, and has been in the practice of serving with fuel a tract of country for 12 or 14 miles. The peat- casting of the moss is entirely out of Ieaw, and may be entered to whenever the season permits.—. The proprietor has entered into an agreement with the tenant for a renunciation of his lease over the arable parts, and pasturage of lots 1. 2. 3. and about this half of the moss and the whole arable land contiguous to the Langholm road of No. 4. as at Candlemas and Whitsunday 1815; and the lease of Brecanbeds, under which is included lot 5. and about the half of the most, and the arable land on the east of the moss, of lot 4. expires at Candlemas and Whitsunday 1828 ; but the purchaser of lots 4. and 5. will have the right of peat- easting on the moss therein, as toon as the season per- mits, notwithstanding the lease of the farm of Brecken- beds. Copies of the engraved plan, with particulars of ad- S. C. Union Street, Edinburgh. f David Lorimer, at Bonshawside, will thew thelarid* along the Langholm road, and Thomas Smith, at Autd- : auld, will shew the [ moss and the lands on the east tide thereof. February 14.1S14, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST MEDICINE FOR. COUGHS, COLDS, AND ASTHMAS. CHURCH'S COUGH DROPS, as a me- dicine, have been so long known and apprsuwd, as to need very little to be said to recommend it to the public as the best preparation for recentsofds, coughs^ and confirmed asthmas. sf y The many thousands cured durjnf; twelve years trial, have confirmed the high estimation in which it ha » been long held- A recent - Cold 0/ cough yields to a few doses, and the mostetinfirmed asthmas ( within the power of medicine ta4ccomplish), have been cured by perseverance in thpir use. Sold by E. EOWAHDS, 66. St Paul's, London, price 2s 9d. and doflble the quantity in bottles for Is. ( id. each. The. genuine will have u Shaw artd Edwards, G+). Sf raul'^/ kurch- y, ir^^^^ m the stamp; airf ITALIAN WAREHOUSE, Mess. Scott, Moncrieff, Smith, Raeburn, Mander< ton, Gardiner, and Mackay, Edinburgh ; and all dealers ia medicines. Printed and published by DAVID RAMSAY & SON, at the Courant Office, High Street, Edinburgh, every Monday . Thursday, and Saturday. Price 41.10s. 6d. per annum, sent by post; and 4J, 6s. fid. delivered in town.
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