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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1043
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 19/01/1814
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1043
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, \ ol. 2I.] N0, 1043. Wednesday, CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY. January 19, 1814. Price Sixpence Hal/ penny. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. NOTICE is hereby given, that ( lie Tolls arising at the Gate erected ou tlie Turnpike Roads leading from Shiewsbury through Oswestry, to Corwen, viz. at the Gate un the Koad from Shrewsbury through Oswestry, ami Cnrweii- called Srtallvn Gale. And also ^ ales ^ uctton. MONTGOMERYSHIRE TIMBER. Tolls arising at Llwyn Gate, near Oswestry ; the Tolls arising at Pen- y- clawdd, otherwise Whitehurst s, and Pont- v- cysyllte Gates; Ihe Tolls arising at Croes "'" Gate; | file Tolls arising at Rbyd v- Crocsau Gate ; and also the , Tolls arising at Llanforda Gate and Chains, will he LET | RY AUCTION, lo the best Bidders, at the House or ( Mr. | William I cigb, known hy the Sign of the Cross Foxes Inn, in Oswestry, on Thursday, the 27th Day of J an nary next, , « t five o'clock ill Ihe Afternoon, fur one or three Years, as ; • hall be thru and there agreed upon, in the Manner directed | bv the Act of the 13th of the King, « For Regulating Turn- vike Roads :" which Tolls respectively produced 111 the j current Ycai the following Sums, namely : £ d. | Selattyn Gale 20 0 O 1 Vlvnclvs and Porlhywaeu Gates, with Llyu- clys and Pwll- y- Cwrw Bars 320 Peu- v- bont, Gartbgell, and Wern- issaGates lr. o Church Slieet and Coed- y- goc Gates - to Willow Slieet Gale 137 Llwyn Gate 250 Vcn- y Clawdd. otherwise Wliitehurst s, and Pont- y- cysyllte Gates 340 Croes- hir date Rhyd- y- croesan Gale >•> Llanforda Gate and Chains 110 1668 0 0 Above the Expense of collecting Ihem, and they will be ,, ut up at those Sums respectively. , Whoever happen to be the hest Bidders, must at the game Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, ( who 1 P'. l lllf i tll't (•" *• 1 - ' _ . » fit T I t. V t « 1 JZ V'. T I\ I lllll" 1 » Klllliuil shall personally attend) to the Satisfaction of tile Trustees [ ^^ nAIFRON> Par, „ f Trowscoed Farm Of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the Rent of Guiitfiei, 1( j„ ihe Occupation of Edward agreed for, and nt such Times « s I hey shall dirwl. LOT 11 105 ASH Trees, standing iu the si And NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN, , That the Trustees of thesaid several Roads will, at the Meelin" to be held 011 the said 27th Dayof January next, wroeecif to the FLECTION of NEW TRUSTEES, iu the Room of those who are dead, or who have resigned. JQNES clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Deceml. er 4. 1813. _____ TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LEI\ - V70T1CE is hereby given, lhat the Tolls arising at the IN aeveral Toll Gates upou the Turnpike Roads leading from Shrewsbury to Prees, and from Shrewsbury to High Ercall and Crudgington and Ex ; callcd or known by the aeveral Names of Old Heath, Harlescott, Berwick Cotwall, Crndginglmi tlolloway, and Prees Gates, will be LL 1 B\ AUCTION to the belt Bidders, at Ibe SHIREHALL, 111 SHREWSUURY, on SATURDAY, the 29 th Day of J AND- \ FY 1814 iHtwcen tbe Hours of 12 and 3 o Clock 111 tlie Afternoon, in the Manner directed hy the Act passed in Ihc Thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King Geur° e lite Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads. __ Whoever happens to be Ibe best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Surety to the Satisfac- tion of Ibe Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. FRANCIS ALLEN, Clerk to tbe Trustees of Ihe said Turnpike Roads. BY R. MADDOX, At the House of Mr. John KYNASTON, of Guilsfield, in the County of Montgomery, 011 Friday, Ihe 28th Day of January, 1814, between ihe Hours of three and six o'CIock in the Afternoon, and subject lo Ihe Conditions then to be produced, in the following, or such other Lots as may be agreed upun at I he Time of Sale : LOT I. TWELVE capital WYCH ELM TREES, Scrihe- mark- ed and numbered, and growing 011 the KYN ANT Estate. I. OT II. 60 Capital ASH TREES, Scribe- marked and ! numbered, and growing on the above Estate. LOT 111. 100 Capital OAK TREES, Scribe- marked and numbered, and growing as above. The Elm Trees are of large Dimensions, and well worth the Attention of Wheelwrights. The Asb are of great Lengths and tiery, and tit for Hoop Shavers and Coopers The Oak are of great Lengths and Girths, and are well adapted for the Navy, or Builders.— Pari of the above Timber is within too Yards of the Guilsfield Canal, and the whole is within a Quarter of n M ile of Ibe same Branch. Mr. William Rogers, Ihe Tenant, will appoint a Person lo shew tbe Timber ; and nny further Particulars may be known by Application toTHE AUCTIONEER, Oswestry. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. MOST CAPITAL OAK AND OTHER TIMBER. BY T. HOWELL, At Ihe Oak Inn. in Welsh Pool, in the County of Montgo. gomery, on Tuesday, the 13th Day of February, 1814, at four in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions : r| T H E following LOTS of TIMBER, numbered with J a Scribe. I. OT I 152 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Wood in tbe Parish Someifield. same Wood. . OT III. 195 OAK Timber Trees, standing iu GWEIIN Y BRAIN Wood. Part ofTrowscoed Farm aforesaid. LOT IV. 88 ASH Trees, standing in Gwern v Brain Wood. LOT V. 87 FIR Trees, stamling in Ihc same Wood. LOT VI. 147 OAK Timber Trees, standing in KILL Y BUARTII Wood and Lands on the North Side of Ihe Road lending to Trowscoed House, being Part of Trowscocd Farm aforesaid. LOT VII. 50 ASH Trees, standing on KILL Y BUARTII Wood and Lands aforesaid. LOTVIU. 31 AI DFR Trees, 1 Asp Tree, standing ill the Wood and Lands aforesaid AN r\ gc CONDOVER. TO BE SOLD, excellent TOWN. BUILT CURRICLE, nearly as good as new, wilh Harness complete for a Pair of Horses.— Price for the Whole FIFTY POUNDS. AI. « O TWO RICKS of EXCELLENT HAY. GENTEEL RESIDENCE, ELLESMERE. TO BF. LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, ANEWLY ERECTED DWELLING HOUSE, late in the Holding of Mr6. Thomas Byollin, situate in Ellesmere, in Ihe County of Salop; containing, 011 the Ground Floor, two Parlours, Kitchen, two Pantries, Ser- vants' Hall, Brewhouse, & c. Drawing Room, five Bed Rooms w ith Diessiug Rooms attached, ou Ihc first Floor, and five Bed Rooms in the Attics.— There is also au ex- cellent Yard walled. Kitchen, and Flower Garden and Orchard adjoining the Premises, now in full bearing ; also Stabling for five Horses.— A Coach House may be had if required. To a large genteel Family the ahove Premises offer Ac- commodations not often to be met w ith, being delightfully situated in one of the most pleasant Parts of the County of Salop. For Particulars enquire of Mr. F. LEI, Solicitor, or Mr. Joshua Lewis Menlove, Tanner, of Ellesmere aforesaid. LONDON. FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD ESTATES, IN THE SEVERAL COUNTIES OF MONTGOMERY AND DENBIGH, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. LOT I. ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or Tenement, and FARM, with the several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, called CRA1G- NANT, situate in the Parish of Llanfihangel, in the County of Montgomery, and within three Miles of the Market Town of Llanf) lliii, now ill the Occupation of Richard Edwards, containing, by Admeasurement, 83A. ! 0R. 20P. The House and Outbuildings on tliis I. ot are in com- plete Repair, and there is a very extensive Right of i Common on the adjoining Hills. ! LOT II. All lhat LEASEHOLD MESSUAGE, orTene- ! incut, and FARM, with the several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND thereto belonging, callcd CF. FN DERWEN, situate in the Parish of Llan- rhaiadr yu Mochnant, in the said County of Montgomery, within two Miles of that Village, together with a Sbeepwaik thereto belonging, now in the Occupation of John Vaughan, I containing, hy Admeasurement, 155A. OR. 16P. or there- abouts. The above Lot is held for a Term of 1000 Years, 915 LOT IX. 45 ELM ' Frees, standing in the Wood and j of which are now unexpired. Lands aforesaid | LoTlIl. AllthoseTWO FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, LOT X. 16 WALNUT Trees, standing in the Lands : or Tenements, with the several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, aforesaid. ! Meadow, and Pasture LAND, wilh the Appurtenances LOTXI. 100OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice 1 thereunto respectively belonging, called TAN Y GRAIG TURNPIKE TOLLS. " VTOTICE is herehy given, that the Tolls arising at the JN Toll Gales upon the Turnpike Roads at Llaufyllin, llansaiiilffraid, I. landrlnio, Alherhnry, Llangvnog, Mill- tlrgerrig, Ciml. Hninch, Trap, Llangedwvn, and Pontllogel, rallol or known hv llie Names of Llanfyllin UpperGate, Llanfyllin Lower Gate, Llansaintffraid Gate, Llandrinio and Llandrinio Bridge Gates, Alberbury Gales, Llaugvnog Gates, Milltirgerrig Gate, Castellmoch Gate, Trap Gale, Llangedwyn Gate, nnd Pontllogel Gate, will be LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the EAGLE INN', 111 Ihe Town of LLANFYLLIN, iu the County of Montgomery, npon TUESDAY, the FJRST Day of FEBRUARY next, between the Hours of eleven of the Clock in tbe Forenoon and two in the Afternoon of Ihe same Day, in the Manner directed bv the Act passed in Ihe thirteenth Yearof the Rtiju of his Majesty King Geoige the Third, " for regu- lating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls produced the last Year the following Sums, viz. £• Llanfyllin Upper Gate 122 Llanfyllin Lower Gate 181 Llansaintffraid Gale 320 Llaiiilriilio and Llandriiiio Bridge Gales ... 130 Alberbnrv Gates 56 Llaugyni. g Gates 45 Milltirgerrig Gale 11 O Castellmoch Gale 3o 0 Trap G ile t > 0 Llangedwyn Gate 10 to And Pontllogel Gate ... 1 8 o • hove Ibe Expenses of c<. llccting theui, aud will be put up ytspectivrly at those Sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Tunc give Security with sufficient Sureties, 10 the Satisfaction of Ihe Trustees of Ihe said Turnpike Roads, fur the Payment of tlie Reut agreed for, aud at such Times as they shall direct. ' JOHN THOMAS Clerk lo Ihe Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Dated th* 1th of December, 1813. ' TURNPIKE TOLLS. " vrOTICF. is hereby given, lhat the TOLLS arising at JN the Toll Gales upon the Turnpike Roads at Llanfair and Myfod, called or known by tlie Names of Llanfair Bridge Gale, and M yfodGate, wiil be LET BY AUCTION, to tliltbest Bidder, at the Cross Foxes Inn, in Ihe Town of Llanfair, in the County of Montgomery, upon Friday, the eleventh Dayof February next, between the Hours of oue and three of the Clock in tlie Afternoon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed iu the thir- teenth Year of tlic Reigu of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls produced the last Year the follow ing Sums, viz. £ Llanfair Bridge Gate 90 Myfod Gate 58 above the Expenses of collecting them, and w ill he put up respectively at those Sums. Whoever happenii lo be the best Bidder, must ut the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, lo the Satis- faction of Ihe T rustees of Ihc said Turnpike Roads, for tbe Payment of I be Rent agreed for, and at such Times as ihey shall direct. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. December 21' t, 1813. and Lands on the South Side of Ihe Road leading lo Trows, coed Huuse, being Part ofTrowscoed Farm, and 011 Lauds near the same, in tbe Occupation of M rs Ross aud J. Jones. I. OT XII 38 ASH Trees, 3 ALDER Trees, standing in the Coppice and Lands aforesaid. I OT XIII. 9 ELM Trees, standing in Ihc same Coppice and Land LOT XIV. 112 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice aud Lauds on the South Side of the Road leading lo the House on Moel Garth Farm, in the Parish of Guilsfield, in ihe Occupalion of Mary Morris. LOT XV. 65 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice and Lands 011 the North Side of Ihe Road aforesaid. LOT XVI. 100 OAK Timber Trees, standing on a Farm at CLAWDD LI. FIG, 111 the Parish of GniUfield, iu the Occu- pation of Thomas Adams. LOT XVII. 8 ASH Tiees, slnnding on the same Farm. LOT XVIII 41 OAK Timber Trees, 5 ASH Trees, stand ing 011 a Farm called CLAWDD I. LEIG and PEN Y VOEL, adjoining Lot 16, in the Occupation of D. Ellis. LOT XIX. 25 OAK Timber Trees, standing OIIVARCII- WELL Farm, in the Parish of Guilsfield, iu the Occupalion of Recce Griffiths. LOT XX. 25 ELM Trees, numbered I to 25, standing on the same Farm. I. OT XXI. 50 ELM Trees, numbered aG to 75, standing on the same Farm. LOT XXII. 22 ASH Trees, standing on the same Farm. LOT XXI11. 9 ALDER Trees, standing 011 the same Farm. The Farm 011 which the first thirteen Lota are standing, is about half a Mile from the Montgomeryshire Canal at Guilsfield, and three Miles from Pool Quay ; Ihe Farm on which Lots 14 and 15 are standing, is about two Miles, and Ihe Farms 011 w hich Lnts 16, 17, and 18 arc standing, is abuut Ihree M iles from ttie said Canal, and about six M lies from Pool Quay ; and the Farm 011 which Lois 19 to 23 are standing, is adjoining the CHUU! aforesaid. The OAK TREES are of large Dimensions, applicable 10 the superior Purposes of the Navy The W A LN UT TREES are unusually fine The ol her Trees me also of large Di- mensions and I tie best Qtiality.— Tlie Whole, from Ihe easy Carriage 10 the Montgomeryshire Canal or ibe River Severn, will be found deserving tlie Attention of Persons in want of such Timber. The Tenants will shew Ihe different Lois; and Parti- culars may lie had of Messrs. LI. OYO, JEFFREYS, und WILLIAMS, Solicitors, Shrewsbury; or of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Welsh Pool. and TAN Y PISTI LL, situate in the Parish of Llanihaiadr yn Mochnaut aforesaid, in tbe several Counties of Denbigh and Montgomery, or one of tiieni, now in the Occupation of Hugh Evans aud Evan Evans, containing together, by Admeasurement, together with a Sheepwalk thereto be- longing, 660A. lR. 25P. The last Lot contains Ihe Cataract called PLSTILL RHAIADR; the perpendicular Height of the Rock from which this Water falls is 240 Feet. The Water runs through this Lot, which is situate about three Miles from the Village of Llanrliaiadr yn Mocbnaut aforesaid. The Whole of Ihc above Estates are very improvable ; and great Part thereof may he irrigated; tbe Land- Tax is low; aud Possession inavbe had al Lady- day next. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and for further Particulars apply lo Mr. W EGF. RTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, in Shrewsbury, at whose Office Maps of the different Lots may be seen. IU. TOLLS TO BE LET. NOTICE Is hereby given, that the Tolls arising and lo he collected al the several Toll Gates hereafter mentioned, namely, Biittingtou Cross Gates, Leighton Gales, Rose and Crown Gale, and Trefuant Gate, witl be LET BY AUCTION, lo the best Bidder, iu Ihe TOWN HALL, in the Town of Pool aforesaid, 011 WEDNESDAY, the SECOND Day of FEBRUARY, 1814, precisely al Ibe Hour of Eleven in Ihe Forenoon, pursuant lo aud in Ihe Maimer directed by an Act of Parliament made and passed iu the fifty- third Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, entitled, " A11 Act for repairing and improving several Roads in the Counties of Montgomery, Merioneth, and Salop, aud olher Roads therein mentioned;" which said Tolls produced the last Year the several Sums afler mentioned, above the Expence of collecting the same Whoever happens to lie the hest Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties tu the Satisfac- tion of the Trustees of the Turnpike Roads, for the Pay- ment of Ihc Renin agreed for, al such Times and iu such Proportions as the said Trustees shall appoint. RICHARD GRIFFITHES, Clerk to the Trustees. Buttington Cross Gates, Leighton, and Rose £. 3 d. and Crown Gates 400 o 0 Trrfuant Gate 23 o 0 MONTGOMERYSHIRE CAPITAL COPPICE TIMBER. Al the Cross Foxes Inn, iu Oswestry, on Tuesday, the Ist Day of February next, at four o'CIock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions, IT HE following LOTS of TIMBER, growing 011 the undermentioned Farms, in tbe Parishes of Myfod and Llanfechau, in the County of Montgomery, viz. LOT I. 108 OAK and 12 ASH Trees. LOT II. 104 DITTO, 8 ASH, 10 ELM, and 5 SYCAMORE Trees. LOT III. 124 DITTO, and 5 ASI1 Trees. LOT IV 150 DITTO, and 2 DITTO. LOTV HQ DITTO, and 9 DITTO. LOT VI 13 DITTO, and 7 Oak Pollards. LOT VI1. 27 OAK Trees. Lor VI11 ti4 Dilto Lots 1 and 2 arc scribe- marked and growing 011 Ystym- colweu Farm, in the Holding of Mr. J. T. Mausell. — Lots 3 and 4 011 laud:) in the Holding of Mr. Jones, of llie Main. — Lot 5 011 Penybrin Farm, in Ihc Holding nf Richard Morgan.— Lot 6 ou Cae Brees Farm, 1.1 Ihe Holding of David Jones.— Lot 7 011 Tyddyn v lais, in llie Holdings of Edward Howells and (). Cadwaliader — Lot 8 011 Brykyn- fclin Farm, in the Parish of Lluufecltau aforesaid, iu Ihe Holding of the said Richard Morgan. The Timber is of superior Quality and of large Dimen. sinus, and will be found well worth the Attention of Ship- builders, & c. Mr. J. T. Mansell will appnint a Person to shew Ihe different Lots; aud further Particulars may be had from Mr. WALTER JONES, Cefu Rflg, near Corwen ; or Mr. RICHARD HUGHES, Timber Merchant, Oswestry. Oswestry, let January, 1814. GLYNDWRDWY AND HUG INCLOSURE. TTHE undersigned JOSIAH BOYDELL, of Kilhenilre, in Ihc County of Salop, Gent, the Commissioner named in and by a certain Act of Parliament, intitled, " A11 Act " for inclosing Ihe Commons or Waste Lands in the Manors " of Glynd) frdwy, otherwise Glvndwrdwv, RCig, and Gwy- " ddelwern. iu the County of Merioneth," DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I bave set out and allotted such Parts of thesaid Commons and Waste Lands as are situate in Ihe Townships of Trewyn, Rhagat, Bodorlas, Tirllan- erch, aud Hendrcfnrfydd, to the aeveral Persons interested therein, conformable lo the Authority given tome for tbat Purpose : Aud 1 have also caused a MAP and SCHEDULE thereof to be made, aud which is left at the House of Mr. FRANCIS CLARKE, attheNew Inn, in Corwen, in the said Couuty of Merioneth, where it will remain for theluspec. tion of all Parties, uutil MONDAY, llie 24th Day . of JANUARY instant, on which Day I shall attend at the same Place, to proceed further with the Business of the said luclosure, al Ten o'CIock iu the Forenoon. AND 1 DO HEREBY GIVE FURTHER NOTICE, that all Right of Common, and all Rights whatsoever, in, upon, or over the Lands herein before mentioned, and directed hy Ihe said Act to be extinguished, belonging 10 or claimed by any Person or Persons whomsoever, Bodies Politic ur Corporate, shall cease, determine, and be for ever extinguished ou llie said 24th Instant. Given under uiy Hand, this ist Day of Jauuary, 1814. JOSIAH BOYDELL. Rilhendrt, lJf January, 1814. PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. A SERIES OF PORTRAITS or ILLUSTRIOUS PERSONAGES or © roat OBrttam, Accompanied with HISTORICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS OF THEIR LIVES AND ACTIONS. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, JANUARY 11. Copy of a letter from Captain Cadogan, of his Majesty's ship Havannah, to Rear- Admiral Fremantle, and hy him transmitted to John Wilson Croker, Esq. dated His Majesty's ship Huvannah, before Zara, December 0, 1813. Sin,— It is with great satisfaction I have the honour to inform you, that Ihe fortress of jZara has this day capitulated to the combined Austrian and English forces, after sustaining a cannonade of 13 days from ttie English batteries, consisting of two 32- potmd carronades, eight 18- pounders, and seven 12 pound long guus, as well as 2 howitzers worked by Austrians. As the courier which conveys this information will set out immediately, I sha'l defer entering into paiticulars untd anoiher opportunity, and confine myself to the general terms granted, which are, that the ganison are to march out with honours of war ; to ground their arms on the glacis, and to be conducted as prisoners of war, until exchanged, tu the out- post of the nearest French army. The outwork of the garrison to be occupied this evening by the Austrian troops, and the whole of the enemy to march out on the 9ih, atten A. M. As soon as I can make ready a copy nf the terms, I shall bave the honour of forwarding them to you ; in the mean time, I have the honour to be & c. ( Signed) GEO. CADOGAN, Captain. Letters, of which the following are copies and extracts, have been received from Sir Edward Pellew, Bart, Commander- in- Chief in the Mediterranean, dated His Majesty's Ship Edinburgh, off D'Amo, October b, 1813. Sis, In obedience to your directions, I put to sea aud joined Captain Duncan, of tU- Imperieuse, and the ships named in the margin,* Ibis morning, off this place, where he had been watching a convoy for some days, with Ihe inten- tion of attacking them the first favourable opportunity. The necessary arrangements having beeu made by that officer for the attack, 1 added the force of this ship to it, and made the signal that those arrangement* would be adhered to, and to preparefor battle. The place was defended by two batteries, mounting three heavy guns each on a mole ; a tower to the northwards of this with 1 gun, and a battery to the southward with ' 2 guns, lo cover Ihe mole. Every thing being prepaied at half past one p. m. the ships bore up and took their statiun as follows:— The Imperieuse and Resistance to I tie mole batteries; the Swallow lo the Tower; the Eclair and Pylades to the battery to tbe southward; the Edinburgh supported the last- named ships. Shortly afler tbe ships opened their fire, which they did by signal together, the storming party, under Lieutenant Travels, of the Imperieuse, anil marines, under Captain - Mitchell, lauded in the best order close under the soul hern battery, w hich Lieutenant Travers carried instantly, on which the enemy flew in all directions: Lieutenant Mapletou having taken possession of the mole head, the convoy, con- sisting of twenty- nine vessels, was brought out without anv loss, twenty of which were laden with timber ( or the arsenal at Toulon. Ou leaving the place all the woiks were blown tip, and moat completely destroyed. I feel the destruction of these places lo be of consequence, as it was a convenient pmt for • hipping the very large quantity of timber ihe enemy now have on the adjacent coast. The captains, officers, and sbi| companies deserve my warm acknowledgment for their exertions on this occasion. A few shot ill the hulls aud rigging of tbe ships is the only damage done. Capt Duncan inferms me, that he gained very material and necessary information respecting this place, by a very gallant exploit performed a few nights ago by Lieutenant Travel's, oi the Imperieusd, who stormed, with a boat's crew, a tower of 1 gun, destroying it, and bringing tbe guard away. G. H. L. DUNDAS, Captain. * Resistance, Swallow, Eclair, und Pylades. " The garrison, of about 3000 men, wene to march ta Kelinhausen for the further orders of his Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Sweden. " The British loss in ( lie attacks preceding the capitu- lation was three seamen killed, and two officers and 15 sea- men wounded.'* Furieuse, al Sea, October 8,1813. SIR,— I beg leave to acquaint you, that on the 4- 1 h instant, running along the coast to the island of Ponza, at one P. M. I obseived a convoy of 19 vessels in the harbour of Marinelo, ( about six miles to the eastward of Civita Vcochin) protected bv 2 gun boats, a firt of two long ' 2+- pnunders, and a strong fortified castle and tower, and it appearing practicable to cut their, out, as the wind was fair for that purpote, Lieutenants Croker and Lester, with Lieutenants Whylockand Davies, of j marines, gallantly volunteered to storm the fort on the land side with the w hole of Ihe marines and boats crews, whilst the ship anchored before it, which service was promptly per- foimed ; aud after a few broadsides I had the satisfaction of seeing the battciv carried and guns spiked by our gallant party onshore.— The enemy retreated, and took the strong I positions of the castle and tower overlooking the haiboui, where thev kept up a constant fire of musketry through loop- 1 holes, without the possibility of being dislodged ; although 1 neighed and moved iu, so that the whole fire of the ship was directed against it. Nothing could damp the ardour of ; the party on snore, who, together with Lieutenant Lester iu . the boats, lost not a moment in boarding aud cutting the ! cables of 16 vessels, under a most galling lire, two of which i were sunk in the entrance of tbe harbour, and fourteen got J out. I have to regret the loss of 12 brave men killed and wounded, which is less than might have been expected, as I inure than 500 regular troops arrived from Civita Vecchia; i but were kept in check in coming along, aud forced to lake a } circuitous mule, by a well- directed fire from the ship, which i allowed sufficient time for all our men to embark, j The whole of this service was most successfully accom- plished io three hours, and | 4 vessels deeply laden got clear ; off, which I was ebliged to take in tow, as their sails ha 1 all been unbent, and taken ou shore lo prevent our getting them out. ( Signed) WM. MOUNSEY, Captain. BF EDMUND LODGE, ESQ. LANCASTER HERALD, F. S. A. AUTHOR OP THE BIOGRAPHICAL TRACTS ATTACHED TO TIIE " HOLBEIN HEADS." The Gazette also contains an account of the capture of a French brig by the boats of the Swallow ; the capture of a French privateer iu the harbour of I'alamos, hy the boats of the Revenge; the storming of the batteries in the port of NouvelUT; and taking two vessels, and destroying tive others, by a party of seamen and marines ofthe Guadaloupe and Undaunted; the capture of two Latino vessels tu Ihe bay of Ajaccio, by- will he produced in the finest Slyle, in Folio, of the Size of tile boats of tile Rainbow; and of the capture of a " HOUBRAKEN'S HEADS," but will possess the Advantage Freucll privateer by the Badger, of every Portrait being engraved from an original Picture, TIIE Design of this Publication is to produce a Series of highly finished Engravings of Portraits of the most exalted Characters of English History, from the earliest Era to which authentic Pictures can be traced. The Work and authenticated by Reference to the Collection in which j | it is now preserved. It is intended to publish the Work in Twenty Parts, at an Interval of Thrie Months between each, forming, when complete, Two Volumes in Folio, and containing about One Hundred and Twenty Portraits. Tbe Selection will consist of those Personages alone w hose Talents as well as exalted Birth render them of historical Interest. The Parts w ill contain Six Portraits each, with CAPITAL TIMBER. At the Cross Keys Inn, in Oswestry, in tlie County of Salop, on Wednesday, tbe ad of February, 1814, at four o'CIock in tbe Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to he produced : LOT 1. 70 OAK TREES. LOT 2. 240 Ditlo. LOT 3. 22 Ditto. LOT 4. 44 Ditto. LOT 5. 42 ASH TREES. The above Timber is lately Scribe- marked and numbered, growing on a Farm called CO AD A LEY, withiu a Mile uf Llanfyilin, in the County of Montgomery. At I tie same Time and Place, a PIECE of MEADOW LAND, containing by Admeasurement two Acres, situate 111 the Parish of MYFOD, in the said County of Mont- gomery. Mr. Thomas Hughes, the Tenant, at Coad a Ley, will shew tbe Lund and Timber. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12. Dutch Papers were received this morning lo the 9th instant. Two Messengers also arrived, one with dis- patches from Lord Clancarly, our Minister at the Hague and the other from the head- quarters of the Allies.— The following official notice was circulated in Lie Biographical Memoirs attached, and the Price will be Two i Government offices yesterday Guineas per Part to the tirst Three Hundred Subscribers, which will be advanced to Two Guineas and a Half each Part upon all Subscriptions received after that Number has been engaged. The Price of large Paper Copies, containing The bead- quarters of the Allies was still at Lorrach. '* General Kleist, at the head of a Prussian army, has crossed the Rhine at Dusseldorf. Nitneguen, Torgait, Eifurt, Zara, and Bl. imout, are Proof Impressions taken off upon Indian Paper, will be j al| in ,,„ Ssession of Ihe'Allies. ' Blam'out is iu Lorraine, Hiun ll. i. il. na ... . H..., 1 - - Five Guineas each Part Printed for LACKINGTON, ALLEN, and Co. Finsbury Square; andLoNGMAN, nnd Co Paternoster Row, Loudon; anil Sold by VV. EDDOWES, and J Walton, Shrewsbury ; Smart, Worcester; Lomax, Lichfield; Morgan, Stafford; and Bcilby anil Co. Birmingham: where an enlarged Prospectus illustrative of the Plan of the Publication, may be bad; Specimens of the Engravings inspected; aud lo whom those Persons who are desirous of possessing Ihe most brilliant Impressions of the PL. les are requested lo be eaily iu furnishing Iheir Orders, ( DATED,) as Ihe Copies will he delivered in the exact Order of Ihe Receipt of Names. The Edition w iti consist of only a limited Number of Copies, aud earliest Appl c:\ tious will receive tbe Pre. ference.— A Specimen of the Work may be sceu al TIIE PRINTER'S OF THTSPAPFR. not far from Luneville The official intelligence of the surrender of Gluck- stadt, was received at the Admiralty this morning, and the following Bulletin immediately published. The capture of this place is of considerable importance, and will, iu all probability, accelerate the fall of Hamburgh. " Admiralty Office, Jan 11 — Dispatches have, this morn- ing, been received from Capt Farquhar, of his Majesty's ship Dcsir6e, dated off Gluckstadt, the2d audfjih instant, announcing, that afler an investment of 16 days, and a heavy bombardment of six days, the furtress of G'lucksla# lt surrendered by capitulation to the officers commanding Hie BiitWh tqnailron, and a division of the Swedish army. Not only has Ihe grand allied army, under the Prince of Schwartzenherg, advanced against the enemy— Field- Marshal Blucher litis also crossed the Rhine; near Binguen, about 15 miles below Mentz. His army is computed at more than 80,000 men j and Gen. Bulow, who commands that part of the armv of the Crown Prince which is stationed in Holland, has received or- ders to penetrate into Brabant; it arrtounls lo 50,000 men. Even Murat appears to have deserted the inter- ests ofthe enemy ; the cause is too ominous, and he i> striving to extricate himself from the ruins. Forty thousand Cossacks, it is said, are to form the advance of the allied forces. Before a month lliey will sweep Burgundy aud Champagne ; and, before three months, should order not be restored at that time, they will carry terror to the gates of Paris. The Austrian army in Italy, now tinder the command of General Count Bellegarde, has received very con- siderable reinforcements. It amounted to more than 70,000 men. In Italy a spirit hostile to the enemy was manifesting itself. The conscription was raising there with great difficulty, and the conscripts generally- deserted as soon as an opportunity offered. To oppose the Austrians, and the rising discontent of the natives, the enemy appear to have a very inadequate force. The accounts in the French papers, which state that a large army of reserve is forming at Turin, seem to he totally unfounded. Italy mav be considered as lost to the enemy. He cannot defend his own natural terri- tory, and must, of course, remit his exertions to retain the former. It is a very nice question, whether it would he more politic, on the part of the Allies, to enter France, with their united forces, and push on directly for the capital, or first try to separate all the acquisitions she has made since the Revolution, before they undertake any great and regular plan of operations against herself. Both measures have their strenuous and able advocates. On one side, il is asserted, that such is the present panic of the enemy— the disordered state of his finances— the reduced condition of his mili- tary force— the lukcwarmticss of the great body of Ihe population— the discontent of others— and the difference of views in the ruling faction— that a prompt and pow- erful invasion would meet very little resistance, and might bring the war at once to a conclusion. They in- sist that Bonaparte is the chief, if not the sole, cause of its continuance— that no peace would he advisable, whilst he is suffered to reign, or even to live— and that the most probable chance of removing that obstacle to the repose of Europe, is hy the Allies pressing forward at this moment against the chief seat of his power. Besides, they maintain, that the partisans of the exist- ing system would be inclined lo sacrifice him to their own safely ; whereas they apprehend, that, if time be afforded lo the enemy to recover from his consternation, and collect his resources, lhat another opportunity, like Ihe present, will never present itself, to crush that rest less and dangerous despotism. - On the other hand, it is pretended that invasion has a tendency to stifle do- mestic discontent, and to rally aud unite all parties in defence of their country. That men on such occasions do not enter into nice distinctions respecting the quali- ties of their Government j arid that they overlook for the moment its evils, in order to avert the more im- minent one of foreign aggression. 11 is also represented that should the invasion fail, the most terrible calamities might ensile, such as Ihedissoluiion of the confederacy, and the revival of those furious energies on the part of the enemy, which lately threatened the subjugation of the Continent. That the more cautious policy is al- ways the most prudent; and though it may accomplish an object mote slowly, it does so with less risk and with more certainty. That a plan of reducing France lo her ancient limits before a general invasion of her own ter- ritory he carried into execution, does not preclude an attempt at a subsequent period, and does not diminish the chances of success. That it is also probable, lhat a series of calamities abroad will increase the dissatis- faction of the French against their present Ruler, and when they see all her gaudy conquests disappear, all her bloated schemes of ambition terminate in his dis- grace and their wretchedness, that they may, goaded at last by irritation, destroy the author of their, misery. — These are the contending opinions upon this most im- portant question ; but in one point both parties agree, in which we most strongly concur— that the enemy is reduced at last to such a state of desperation, that he must limit, for the future, all his exertions to the pre- servation of his independence; to secure which he must he happy to sacrifice all his acquisitions, and also ready to submit to more rigorous conditions— to con- sent even to a reduction of his ancient territory, should the Allies insist upon such sacrifices. By accounts received yesterday from the British army in Holland, Sir Thomas Graham had his head- quarters at Klandert; the Guards, under Major- Gen. Cooke, were at Oudenbosch ; General Gibbs's division at Ztivenbergen. The troops were healthy, and the weather fine; the frost had just set in. No operation was yet undertaken by the British forces. Gen. Ben- kendorf, who was at Breda, proposed to Sir Thomas Graham to take a British division in garrison there, and lo allow the Russians now on tnatduty to join their countrymeu in the field ; but Sir Thomas Graham very properly refused to divide his force. The Dutch levies, we are happy to learn, are in great forwardness. Dutch Mails arrived yesterday, which bring accounts from the Hague to the 7th, and Bremen Papers to the 2d inst.— Lord aud Lady Castlereagh landed at Ihe Hague on Thursday. On Saturday his Lordship pro- ceeded on his journey to Manhcim.— Accounts from Bernestate, that SO, 000 Austriansare proceeding towards Simplon, to enter the Milanese.— The fortress of Gluck- stadt was taken by storm on Ihe 28th ult. The troops then proceeded against Hamburgh. The Minister sent hy the Prince of Orange to an- nounce the counter revolution in Holland and his new title, has been received most graciously by the King of Prussia at Frankfort, aud by the Emperor of Russia al Carlsrtihe. He was promised the same reception hy the Emperor of Austria, to whose head- quarters he was j proceeding. The smaller States have engaged to raise ' 250,000 men by the Ist of February. A Letter from Gottenburgh, dated Dec, SI, says, " We have now authority to stale, that tranquillity between Denmark aud Sweden is restored, the Court of Copenhagen having at length assented to the basis re- quired— the alienation in lull sovereignty to Sweden, not only of the territory of Drontheim, hut ofthe en I re kingdom of Norwai. A Congress is shortly to beheld lo arrange some matters respecting privileges attached to particular harbours; aud the place appointed for tho reception of the Commissioners is llelsingburg." The Princess Sophia is said to be very serioailj indis- po » ed. - LONDON. THITRSDAY7TTMTARY 13 Tbe Duke of Cumberland lias Itfl Hanover, and is on MS. I fo ins mice the Queen's brother; and Sir T. Ty wliitt is 011 a visit lo - the Dutchess of W irtemberg Ther was huelj a review of the Guards of Honour at Met7, nt which Ilie Hutch Guards of Honour were surivlmirled by I c French Gens < P . trine*, and were ordered to lay down Iheir arms. They were removed to Verdun and Dijo . ; those who had been long iu the service, In the former place, as prisoners of war, and tl ( flse lalelv enrolled lo the latter, as hostages. Gen. Vandaiume, it is said, lodges at the Kremlin, in Moscow , and has every day the vie * of the French prisoners at work, who are forced lo build the bouses burnt and destroyed during Iheir invasion. The German papers are filled Willi lamentable ac- counts of Ihc distress of Ihe Hamburghcrs, upwards of 20,000 of whom were expelled from their homes by Davoust, Ihe ruffian who now exercises Ihe chief com- mand in their city. However, their helpless condition immediately attracted the attention of the Crown Prince, who, wilh a promptitude and generosity lhat add, if possible, lo his fame, appropriated 40,000 dollars to Ihc use of the sufferers, and issued orders that they should be accommodated in Lubeck and Bremen. When the large sum already given is exhausted, more is pro- mised by that great man. His example, as well as the situation of Ihe unfortunate victims, has excited a strong sensation in their behalf. The merchants established in Heligoland, promptly opened a subscription for their anil tiie Governor of the island, Lieut.- Col. — A Definitive Treaty is to lie prepared as soon as possible, and the cemmercial relations between tne two countries are to be mutually restored. Tho Duke of Clarence sailed on Wednesday morning for H< Sland. On geiting under weigh his Royal High- ness was saluted by the Russian men ot war at anchor in the Downs. Several Couriers have been taken with letters and dispatches from Paris and other parts, depicting in strong colours the confusion and dismay of Bonaparte's Govern- ment. There arc private accounts in town from France, which state, that very great alarm prevailed throughout that unhappy country. At Paris, in particular,' the consterna- tion was almost as great ns during any period of the , , , „ . r , Revolution. There vras a great run upon all the Banks, and Accounts have been received by Government from j persons were busy ill secreting their properly. Bonaparte Malta, and additional information lrom Sicily. Lord i is represeuied as having been incessantly occupied in VV. Bentiuck had set sail from Palermo, in a ship of the ! making arrangements lo nice! the Allied armies. But he line, but the destination was not known — This eirciim- ! had been, in a great measure, unsuccessful, l- lis troops are it . i , i , ~ "' "" « " I i miniui. I ) a renitisilions I. lie, uui lllv us..,........ — ..— stance will be connected naturally with the report before mentioned, that an interview was to take place between Mural and this Nobleman. The masses of ice and snow had accumulated in such quantities at London- bridge, on the tipper side, yester- day, that it vvas utterly impossible for barges or boats to pass up. On Tuesday evening ahiejancholy accident occcurred at the house of Ihe Rev. Mr. S. Godschall, near Guild- ford, Surrey. In the evening, VV. Humphries, the steward, and Mary Woods, one of the maid servants, were missing. The father of the former lives near Mr. Godscball's. The parents of the maid- servant live at the Earl of Onslow's Lodge- gate, Clanden- park. It was at first supposed that they were gone to the house of Mr. Humphries, sen.; but, on enquiry, not being found there, search was made at home, at Mr. God- schali's, and they were discovered, about ten o'clock, both dead, in the dairy. Dr. Steadman, of Guildford, was immediately sent for, and on his arrival, after an examination of the bodies, he gave it as his opinion, that they must have been dead al least two hours. It was about seven o'clock when they were missed, and it is hence inferred that they died in about half an hour after they entered the dairy. The cause was manifest: of represented as deficient in training, aud bis requisitions succeed badly. Col. Bunbury, Ihe Under Secretary of State, set oft' on Thursday nighlon an important mission to Lord Welling- ton's head- quarters. ll is supposed that his object is ofa pressing nature, connected with information recently obtained, and lhat his Lordship will make a forward movement, on SIK h a plan as to co- operate iu some degree with the Allies, who are advancing on Lyons. Orders have been given for ali the disposable troops of the line iu the different depots of the kingdom, to hold ! themselves in readiness for embarkation. They are to proceed lo Holland, and to [ lie French frontiers to rein- force Lord Wellington; but the greater proportion is supposed to he inlended for tbe latter destination. Sir Rowland Hill, it is said, is to he appointed to the44lh Regiment, vacant hy the death of Sir T. Trigge. The keeper of the turnpike gate at Torn bridge was on I • TOH\ T RfvWDI r; I> Wednesday last convicted, before Ihe Rev. J. B Blakewav, . » » wru\ 15 yj \ V 1J I. P. h, iu the penally? of 409. for refusing to let the charger of CIorcrnun to Mr. ROTTON, Culler to his Royal Highness, Colonel Gooch, returning from the inspection of a troop of ) the Prince Regent,) Yeomanry Cavalry, pass thiough thc gate without the! SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, CUTLER, & swor. D CUTLER, or us » « • « mucin ™ •- was an unpardonable crime in thc estimation ol the enemy— it was to be expiated by some memorable punishment; and it is true, that the ty rant has ngor- 1 i i • — •. » '' • ii> ™ ii> gratified Ins relief; ..... -,. rT Uamilion humanely couiribuled £ 100 lo lhat object Hamburgh has been visited with peculiar severity I T ' i " V « ' • , , , ,, r , , , ... i , , V , j „,, J. [ Iney died ot suttocation, produced bv the fumes on account ot its attachment to England. That , J , , • , , ,! 1 . - , . ,:._...,: F I charcoal, w hich w as kept burning in the dairy- FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. ''"","' I , • 1,1 FOREIGN- OFFICE, JANUARY 15. ously exec, i ed Ins menace, and sternly g vengeance. Tiie following is an extract of a letter from Altona, daled December 28 ;— " I have just effected niv escape from Hamburgh, and hasten lo give you some description of Ihe horrible siiua- tiou of thai city. 1 want words, however, to represent the miseries which Ihe inhabitants endure, and which are so gieat that death itself is preferable to living under such intolerable slavery Picture to yourself thousands of men, women, and children, driven out of the city, with the wretched remains of their property; and why?— merely In cause Ihev cannot purchase, at their own cost, provisions for six mouths, which, from the high price of grain and nn al, it is scarcely possible even for ihe affluent to do. Il is said, that not more than from I> to 15,000 inhabitants _.: n ;„ ;„ ,!,„ ,., tv Yesterday 20,000 people were payment of toll. Committed to the gaol, by the Rev. R. Wilding, Clerk, W. Smith, bieecbes- maker, of Wentnor, for stealing three strikes of peas out ofa barn belonging to Mr. K. irkhain, of Wentnor, in the night of Monday, tiie 10th inst.— Edward Hughes, coachman, bv Joseph Loxdale, Esq, for not ap- pearing at the late sessions to answer to a bill of indictment preferred against him by Richard Liltlchales, Esq. of Marlow, for an assault and battery. ' I'lieStaffordshire Quarter Sessions commenced 011 Thurs- day last. Being Thanksgiving Day, the business did ( lot proceed until after Divine Service.— On Friday, two pri- soners ( Charles Tunstall and Thomas Raboue) received sentence of transportation for seven years, for stealing three pigs at Halidswopth, about six weeks ago.— Mr. John Adams, of Stafford, was tried 011 a charge of receiving oats, & C- from John Corfield, late hostler at the George Inn, knowing Ihe same to have been stolen. The only evidence iu support of the prosecution was that ofthe man who had stolen Ilie oats, and William Snow, who had proved that he had seen Corfield enter I he house of Adams with a bag and basket; but what I hey enntaine'd was not proved; and Ihe Jury, after a concise summary of ihc evidence from the Learned Chairman, inteispeiscd with remarks on the bad character of Col field, re I tit lied a verdict of guilt 1/ against tie principal witness, and acquitted thc defendant, w ho had been tf* fv on bail, and who was immediately discharged. The simple V & XfJI'" honesty of the Jury caused a general smile iu Court. EO. YDOJY, Monday Niglit, Janvarv 11, 1814. _ Upwards of six tons of coal were brought to this town on , 0 •' Saturday last, by Mr. Cross, ot Letton, aud Sold to the poor A Sehuyt arrived al Harwich yesterday which lert of, l, e parish of'Holv Cross and'St. Giles, al 6| d. per Cwt. Scheveling on Friday evening. Intelligence had reached , C() Sl llie ,,; ts Villi the addition of a halfpenny per the Hague, before she sailed, of a severe action having | cwt fu|. lveitt, lills, ol1t . „ vcrv ptaise- worthv example at heen fought 011 Ihe 12th or 13th, in the neighbourhood nf | „,,„ iuci(. nlellt 8t. asol, ; when'it is considered that theca- Iireda, between the British and 1 nissmn troops under Gene- j „„, ca,., jal, e js stopped, and Ihe price demanded by land will remain in the city. 20,00( 1 driven out of the city. God only knows what will become oftliem. All the suburbs have been burned. Ham, Eims- hultel, and Schulteiblatl are iu ashes, and their unfortunate inhabitants arc now 11 prey to hunger and want. At the moment 1 write, all thc Hamburger- Berg is in flames ; the sight of it fills me with horror, and makes my blood run cold." Extract of a letter from the borders of Switzerland, dated in December last: — " You would very much wrong the people of Switzerland if yon supposed that thc late Declaration of Neutrality, issued by ihe Government, expressed the sentiments of the people. The democratic Cantons, who have not forgotten Ihe disasters of 1793 and IS02, hate and abominate the French ; Zurich and Berne detest them not less, but with more concealment; Basic is the friend of every one from whom she hopes lo derive commercial advantage, but the people wish from their hearts lliat those calamities may be retaliated 011 France which she brought upon Switzerland. Only Ihe new Cantons ofVaud, Thurgau, and St. Gall, wilh Ihe exceptiun of Tessin ( which has been for three vears scourged bv the villainies of douuniers), bave French- ified Chiefs: Ihe others are not much infected witb this plague. ' I'he best and most intelligent of the Swiss rejoice thai Ihe period of deliverance from the disgraceful influence of Napnhonis al lenglh arrived. They still recollect his rirrogant aud blind ainhiliuo, which dictated, in 1811, his answer 10 the Envoys of the descendants of William ' Fell, in which he used the following expression :— 4 Were I only to ( beam of it at midnight, I could order 60,000 men to march before morning, and unite you lo mv empire " FRIDAY, JANUARY 14. Two Heligoland and Iwo Bremen mails arrived yes- terday, and a Hague paper was received at Ihe same time. A messenger also arrived with dispatches from Sir C. Stewart. The intelligence brought by the mails is rcplele with interest. Notwithstanding the commanding force which the allies have 0: 1 the Rhine, new armies are rapidly advancing to the same point; and it is slated, in a Bremen article, that Ihe Crown Piince would entrust Ihe operations in Holsteia to another General, and pro- ceed himself lo take the command of the troops destined to penetrate into Brabant. The intention, we presume, will be influenced by the turn which Ihe Negociations wilh Denmark will take. Paris papers arrived last night lo Ihe lOlli instant.— The enemy, finding that his whining, cajoling, ami liypo- criliral lone con'.! net disarm the AI ] es, begins to assume an air of defiance, and vaunts his means uf resistance. The wily despot probably expected that, by an affected mode- ration, lie Iiiigln mollify Ihe icsenlrnent and arrest Ihe progress uf Ihe Allies. Disappointed iu that hope, he now bolillv repels and retorts the charges of his opponents; menaces, at least, with gesture aud language; and, having lost the magic of opinion, he hies lo raise all France by ( lie lever of terror and force lu ihis experiment he will be seconded by every man who li as committed great crimes, and w ho despairs of. being included in an amnesty, in the event of a counter- revolution. There is another class, though not placed in so desperate a condition as t he former, who will probably adhere to his interests— those who now etVjoy distinctions, and fear that, in a new order of things, they might sink into slate of insignificance and contempt. The new proprietors of landed property also will support liimal this critical emergency. But the mass oftlie people, l here can be uo doubt, will make no voluntary exertions in liis In- half; and if they dared express their opinion, it would be unfavourable to the tyrant ' i'he partizans of the legitimate dynasty are, hy no means so insignificant as many imagine. All, who have suffered from t he revolution, aud sueh as have sained nothing, wish for the restoration ofthe Bourbons. Tire principal cause of Bonaparte's popu- larity, ou his return from Egypt, was founded upon an opinion very generally entertained, that lie intended to re- cal the Bourbons. This feeling was observed in several A Dispatch, of which the following is a copy, has been received from Lieut. Gen. the Hon. Sir C. W. Stewart. Frankfort, January 5, 1814. Marshal Bluchcr's passage of the Rhine will be as memo- rable for its rapidity and decision, in military annals, as his passage of the Elbe; and I much regret my absence in HoL stein has prevented my being a personal witness of an event which 1 should have been proud to detail in all its parts. The hasty accounts that have reached me here, state the Marshal to have passed with his army at three points — Lieut. Gen Count deSt. Priest, of Count Longeron's corps d'armee, passed opposite Cobleniz on the night of the lst and 2d inst. lie occupied that town, took seven pieces of cannon, and made 500 prisoners. Generals Count Langeron and d'York passed at Kaub, where . Marshal Blucher assist- ed iu person, without much resistance on the part of the enemy. On thc 3d, Count Langeron attacked and forced Bin- gen, which is considered very strong in point of situation, aud which was defended by a General of Brigade, wilh cannon antl infantry. Count Langeron made some pri soners, and liis loss is trifling. The advanced posts of Count Langeron aie already on the Salzbach, opposite Ingelheim. Marshal Blucher has advanced, notwithstand rals Graham and Bulow with the French, who were de- feated, and were retiring from Dutch Brabant wilh all pos- sible speed. A Gazette Extraordinary was, according to the accounts by this vessel, on the point of being published at the Hague. Although no official intelligence lias as yet heen received by Government of a new victory having been obtained over the enemy in the vicinity of Antwerp, by the united forces of Generals Graham and Bulow, very litttle doubt is enter- tained ofthe fact. This intelligence has been in some degree corroborated by letters from a French Port, dated the 14th inst. and other particulars are added. It is said that the forces under Generals Graham and Bulow have been united for the purpose of making a vigorous attack ou Antwerp; they assembled for that object on the 12th at Done and Marxam, in the suburbs of that city. On the 13th, the 1 etters state, the French made a sortie, consisting of nearly the whole of the garrison, when they were completely beaten wilh considerable loss, and driven back into the town. carriers is 25s. the toil The cold was so intense at 11 o'clock at night on the 9th inst. lhat the Theimometer placed in an east window on the north side of London, stood at nine degrees, which are 23 below the freezing point ; a degree of cold very unusual in this country; and more severe than at any time since 179S. Ou the following evening, two persons ( a young man and woman) were found dead, through ihe inclemency of the weather, on the Manchester and Buxton road, within ; ne mile from the laltcr place. Last week, several of the West Middlesex Militia, who had volunteered for foreign service, were froien to death on t heir mareh from Nottingham. The unfortunate men had heen drinking till they were intoxicated, and, lying down by the road side, slept — never to wake again ! E. xpectcd Flood.— All persons who are liable to be injured or incommoded by t lie overflowing of the Severn, or other river, would do well to prepare for a very high flood, 011 fhe Billow's force amounted, according to the accounts, to ! breaking up of the present frost.-— The whole face of the 50,000 men, which enabled Ihe Prussian General, after ihe | country, having been frozen several inches thick before the ing everv difficulty of roads and season, lo Kreutznach, and Gen. d'York's advanced posts arc directed upon the Lauler. Gen. baron Sac hen's corps forced the enemy's entrench- ments. near Manhtim, atter passing the Rhine, and is di- rected on Alizey. 1 learn the King of Prussia was present at Manheim, aud inspired ail around him, as heretofore, with those military attributes that are so much his own. 1 write these few lines as I am changing horses, and must apologize not only for their imperfection, hut als. for your receiving them at all, if more detailed and accurate ac- counts have reached you. CHARLES STEWART. battle, to surround the town. It is not, however, correct that the French had withdrawn a greal part of their troops from Antwerp, and the whole of their artillery, for the better security of the interior of France; but it is a fact, that they have stripped all the shipping in the harbour of their guns, and carried them oft, except a small portion which they have appropriated to the defence of the town. Information has been received in town from Spain, by snow fell, may be considered as an extensive pavement, which unit not absorb one drop for several days after the weather changes.— The magnitude of the flood will " depend on the state of the Weather at lhat time. Should the thaw he sud- den, and accompanied with much rain, a tremendous in- undation mav be expected, as the whole will precipitate itself into the rivers. Samuel Lloyd was committed to Hereford gaol, a few SL' II ti EON S' INSTRUMENT, RAZOR, AND TABLE KNIFE MANUFACTURER, suaPLATCU, snn/•: IVSBUHr iTTI A \ i F S this Opportunity of returning his sincere A. Thanks to his Friends and the Puljlic in. yeneral, of this and tlie adjoining Counties, for the many Favours con- ferred npon him since his Establishment in Business, and solicits a Continuance of their Patronage and Support.— He begs to inform them, that he has recently heen in Loitdon, and has purchased from the most emim nt. Manu- facturers, a Variety of very superior Articles, wl icli consist chiefly as under, and will, lie trusts, be found on Inspection/ to meiil general Approbation :— Gold, Silver, and Jewellery Articles, it; grcalVaiiety; Sheffield Plated ditto ditto; Plated upon Steel, Dessert Knives and Forks; Table and Dessei t Spoon Forks; Gravy, Table, Dessert, ami Tea Spoons; Sou{> and Butter Ladles, Fish aud Butter Knives, Skewers; Nut crackers, Spurs, Sic,; hest Paper arid Japanned Tea Trays, and other Japanned Goods; best London Brown Tea Urns, Tea Chests, and Caddies ; Swords, Epaulets, Sashes-, Belts,, and other Military Appendages ; Silver, Tortoise- shell, and Steel Spectacles; Chiiurgieal Instruments of every De- scription ; London Octagon Ivory Table Knives and Forks ; Pen, Pocket, and Sportsmen's Knives, and line Ladies" Scissars, iu greal Variety ; Razors of superior Temper, ami Convex Razor Strops, warranted to preserve the line Con- dition of Razors: Gentlemen's Mahogany and Hair Trunk Dressing Cases ; Single and Double Barrel Guns ; Saddle, and Pocket Pistols, Shot Bells, Flasks, & c. January 12, 1814. NF. YV BILUAKD ROOM, SHKEWSBUKY! RJACKSON respectfully informs the Gentlemen and 9 Inhabitants of this- Town and its Vicinity, that he has opened a large aud commodious BfLLlARD ROOM,, near the RAVEN INN, Castle- Stre'et, in which is a new full sized Table by the first Maker, with appropriate Lamps, and every thing complete for Play: he hopes, by Assiduity and. Attention, to merit the Patronage of a ge- nerous Public. COMFORTABLE RESIDENCE, WITIL FROM THREE TO TEN ACRES OF LAND. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POFSEFSI ONR A COMPACT HOUSE, in complete Repair, containitnt six good Sleeping Rooms and neat Entrance, and two well proportioned Parlours, suitable domestic Offic « ?? Cellars, Stables, and Coach House, excellent Garden, delight fully situated in a fine Sporting Country, 8 Miles from Shrewsbury, where a Tenant will have Liberty to sport over a considerable Extent of Land, and take Rab- bits ; the Rent low.—- For further Particulars apply to - Vh>. EDWARD HAYES, Shrewsbury ; if by Letter, Post- paid. which we learn that the Catalonian Army hail ent irely J days ago, charged wilh altering a note of the Kington Bank, broken up, and was in full march to join Lord Wellington . fVom 011 pound to five pounds, and uttering il as such. It in France; and this was in consequence of Suchei's Army j has been ascertained that this note, and another which having also broken up, and left Spain for France. ( js Stained, aretheonty ones attempted to be put iu cir- The Minister of Louis XVIII. is expected to set off this J culation. week for the Army of I ord Wellington ; and it is whispered ' lhat the journey of Col. Bunbury to Lord Wellington's [ Tbe Gazette contains Capt Farquhar's account of the fall of Gluckstadt, the particulars of which are stated in our preceding page : the garrison was composed of Danish troops.— Likewise, a List of nine French and American vessels captured, and nine English and Spanish re- captured, by the Squadron under Admiral Lord Keith ;— and an Or- der of Council for the removal of the restrictions of hlock ade, from those ports in France al present in posesston of the British forces, or that may fall into their hands, in order that his Majesty's subjects may be at liberty to trade therewith.} SATURDAY " lANUARY 15. Two Mails have arrived to- day from Holland, with letters and papers from thence to the 14th inst. from Bremen of the 8th, and from Keil, Berlin, & c. &. c. of various dates. It is generally stated in the letters from Holland, that Peace had at length been finally concluded between the several Allied Powers and the King of Denmark. This intelligence however, though currently believed in this country, stands much in need of confirmation; but it is believed the matters in dispute, are in a fair way of adjust- ment. The following is said to be the real state of the negotiation received from the head- quarters of the Crown Prir. ce, under date of the ist iust:—'" Kiel, Jan.].— Infor- mation has just reached ns, lhat the Armistice with the Danes has had a further extension to the loth iust. Peace has not been concluded: but the Commissioners from Denmark are here, and every thing is in a fair way of adjust- ment. A Courier departed from hence two days ago, with dispatches of importance. Il is certain that the King of Denmark has consented to cede Norway to Sweden, in lieu of Swedish Pomerania, aud be is to receive besides one million of dollars. There are, however, several minor points still unadjusted. The remuneration for the Danish Fleet has not yet been fixed. The Danes are lo furnish 15,000 men to co- operate with the Allies in the reduction of Ham- burgh. Every one is anxious for a proper understanding with the Danes, for until then no vigorous operations will be undertaken against lhat city. According lo the arrange- ments under consideration, the Danes and Swedes are to occupy jointly the fortresses of Gluckstadt, Rangberg., and Frederieksort. We are busily employed in collections for the unfortunate Hamburghers, who have arrived here in the greatest distress. The brave and active Blucher has crossed the Rhine al three points, with an army of 80,000 men. Switzerland is not neutral ; she will soon be an active ally." Letters from Oliva, of the 28th ult. put us ill possession ofthe situation of affairs at Dantzic up to that period. The Duke of Wittenberg had informed Governor Rapp, that the Emperor of Russia had refused to ratify the capitulation made wilh him for the surrender of Dantzic, and that his Majesty would agree to nothing short of the garrison surrendering prisoners of war. At ihe same time he was instructed to inform the Governor, that if he would consent to deliver up the town without further delay, his I Majesty would give him permission to choose for his head- quarters has a reference to the white cockade being hoisted in the South of France The wishes of the people, it is said, have led to the adoption of this measure. New Omnium leaves off lo- day at 201 for the payment.— 3 per Ceut, Consols at 6b § . SH RE ™ "- BURY, WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 19, 1814. MARRIED. On the 4th inst. at Leebotwood, by the Rev, Mr. Wilding, Mr. Cox, of Broom, to M iss Hotchkiss, of the former place. Thursday last, at Piees, Mr Saddlor, of Whixall, to Miss Ikin, daughter of Mr.- Edward I kin, builder, Cotton. Lately, at Cluu, E Jones, Esq, ofKencoed, near New- town, to Miss Bryan, eldest daughter of the late R. Bryan, Est}, of Little Hall, iu t his county. Monday lasl, at Newport, in this countv, Mr. Francis Collings Norton, of Bishop's Castle, to Miss Mary Hum- phreys. of the former place. We are requested lo state that the marriage of Mr. S. Heighway to Mrs. Combes, inserted in our last, is a gross falsehood: the account sent to the printer is handed over to the party, who is determined if possible to discover the impertinent fabricator, and expose him as he deserves. DIED. Friday last, in this town, Mrs. Clowes, relict of Samuel Clowes, Esq. late of Sprotborough Hall, Yorkshire. Same day, Mrs. BeMon, wife of Mr. John Betton, of ihe Wyle Cop, in this town. She w as an affectionate w ife, a tender mother, and a good christian. On the 12th instant, Mr. John Edgerley, of Frankwell, aged 84. Lately, at Pilch ford, much respected, Mrs Hall, aged 73 Sunday last, aged 18, Francis, son of the. late Mr. Philip Oare, maltster, of this town. At Montgomery, 011 the 12th inst. Mrs. Meares, relict of the late Maurice Meares, Esq. aged 70. Saturday, in his 307th year, Mr. Plant, gardener, of Birmingham. He enjoyed his faculties to the last Wednesday last, Evan Thomas, a native of Wales, formerly a clergyman, afterwards a printer, and a judicial astrologer; he had been an inmate of the Shrewsbury House of Industry many years. Lately, aged 84, Mr. Jones, farmer, of Withingion. Sunday last, at Eaton Constantine, after a shoi t illness, Mr. Thomas Smith, farmer ; an honest and worthy man, much regretted by all w ho knew him. Wednesday, al Wolvercott, Mrs Sarah Hicks, aged 87;— also, the same evening, Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks, ofthe same place, at the advanced age of 106. On Friday, in the 54th year of his age, Francis Edwards, Esq. of Leominster, Attorney- at- Law, and Captain of thc Second Troop of Herefordshire Yeomanry Cavalry. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Wingfiehi: — House- Visitors, Mr. Evan Owen, and Mr. Richard Drinkwater, junior. A numerous and respectable body of thc inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood attended the adjourned meet- ing ou Friday last, for consulting about the erection ofa suitable public testimonial to commemorate the brilliant achievements of Lieutenant General Sir Rowland Hill. & c. at which several appropriate resolutions were unanimously adopted, and a spirited subscription commenced, which now amounts to nearly £ 900 — The Committee for carrying into effect the resolutions, will meet at the Guildhall 011 Friday next, at 12— See Advertisement. Thursday being the day appointed for a General Thanks- giving, the same was observed in this town with every mark of decorous respect ; the shops were closed, and at the various places of public vvoiship appropriate discourses To the EDITOR ofthe SALOPIAN JOURNAL. SIR, Your beautiful lines u On the Comforts of the Snuff- box," have probably induced many of your readers to try its beneficial effects ; I shall therefore, with your permission, present them with A Receipt for an excellent mixture of Snuff. Take one ounce and a half, or, if you please, three, Of LundifooCs Snuff-, to which add of Rappee Four ounces of black, and two ounces of brown, Three oil! ces of Strasburgh, ihe best in the town; Of fine Macubar one sixteenth of a pound, Aud two Touquin beans, sweet scented and sound ; Of FRIBOURCH'S 37 four ounces at least, These well mix'd together will prove a rich feast. YOVE. Shreicsburi/ y January \} ih, 1814. MA R K'E T * H E R A L D. Average price of grain in our Market 011 Saturday last— Wheat 12s. 0d.— Barley 7s. 3d.— Pease 8s. Od. per bushel of 38 quarts.— Oats 7s. Otl. per customary measure of 57 quarts. CQRN- EXCHANGE, LONDON. JANUARY 17.]— We have no prices that can be quoted with any slate of certainty, therefore, our last prices may beset down. The navigation is entirely closed up to Ux- briclge ; and as to Flour, those who wish lo buy can get 110 settled price, the Meal men demanding what they think proper. MILL l Mill Y. WANTFD immediately, iu the Millinery Business, TWO AI'l'KF. NTICIJS of Respectability.— Apply to . Hiss WII. LKORK, College Hill, Shrewsbury. FAS HION ABLE I) A NC1N G. R. and Mrs. MEItCCRtlT beg to inform their Friends aud the Piilil'ic, their ACADEMY on C<) Ll. F. G ml I LL w ill re- open on W EDN ES DA Y N EXT, J January 20l h. Days of Instruction WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at j three u'Cloek. BKYN 11I510N SCHOOL, DOLtl Kl. l. hY. MISS IiQWEN respectfully informs her Friends and j the Public, that her SCHOOL will be opened on WON DAY, the 2411I Instant. HIGH ERCALL SCHOOL. JYVI1.1) I rs( i and SON respectfully inform their Friends . that their SCHOOL will open again on MONDAY, the 04th Instant—. IMvirry Ylth, 1814. r M Eli EDITH respectfully acquaints his Friends, that « J o his SCHOOL will re open 011 MONDAY, ihe24th Instant.— Westbury, January, 1814. TOWN OF SHREWSBURY. AT an adjourned Meeting of Ihe Mayor, Aldermen, and Inhabitants of the Town and Neighbourhood of Shrewsbury, held at the Guildhall, on Friday, Ihe fourteenth Day of January, 1814, lo consult about the Erection of a suitable pubi c Testimonial lo commemo- rate the brilliant Achievements of Lieutenant- General Sir Rowi ANII Hiu, K. B. and to record the Eman- cipation of Spain, Portugal, Holland, & c. from the Yoke of the present Rulet of France ; In the Absence of WILLIAM COUPLAND, Esq. Mayor, WILLIAM SMITH, Esq. Chairman. Mr. MAYOR'S Letter being read, lamenting bis Absenre from Indisposition, and his hearty Concurrence iu what- ever the Meeting should determine upon, and i 11 the Event oftbeir Decision to have some public Testimonial wiihm! the Walls of the Town; expressing his Satisfaction at being informed by several Gentlemen lhat it was their Wish to attach somelhing useful to what was intended in Honour of Sir ROWLAND HILL, and that he thought that great Man ( for so we had a Right to call him), with Ins elevated Mmd, would be much pleased to see what was done iu Honour of him, would be accompanied by what was beneficial to the Town nnd its Neighbourhood; and recommending Ihe Erection of a New Market : It being then staled, that the Magistrates ofthe County, at thc last Quarter Sessions, ow ing to the Inclemency o| r the Season, were so few that they did not feel themselves of sufficient Weight lo request the Sheriff to convene a County Meeting for the Purpose of co operating with the Town on this happy Occasion; and further, that ihey thought the Grand Jury at Ihe Assizes a more suitable^ Body for such a Requisition lhan the Bench of Justices : RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That the Erection of a New Maiket near the Butter Cms. appears 10 this Meeting wiil he the most suitable and proper Mode of recording to the latest Posterity, not only the meritorious aud brilliant Sei vices of lire gallant Geneial in the important and highly interesting Events which have lately taken place, hut for iris exemplary and amiable Cou- dnet through Life. That il be referred to the Committee to arrange the Plan and Particulars, and advertise for Estimates for carrying it into- Execution in such Place within the Town as to the Com. mil tee shall seem mo't proper. That an immediate Subscription he opened, and Books bo left al Ihe TOIVNIIALL and ihc different HANKS for Ihe- above Purpose. That the Thanks of Ibis Meeting be given to tbe Right Worshipful TIIE MAYOR tor his handsome Letter and? Conduct 011 Ihis Occasion. That ihe Thanks of this Meeting be also given lo WIL- LIAM SMITH, E- quire, fur his Conduct in the Chair, i That ibe Committee meet 011 FRIDAY, the gist Instant^ I at HieGuiLI> tlALL, at 12 o'Clock at Noon precinlv LOXDALE, Town Cleric. parts of France— il w as loujtlji expressed, and without any | residence any town he might lix 011 in Russia. On Ihe restraint or can I ion. Thc insidious adventurer encouraged contrary, should he furlhr r protract the surrender of the ihc sentiment ; us he feared I he opposition and enmity of place and thereby render it ntcessa.- y lobe taUo. i by slorm, , wure ( 1(,, iveml. 1 BENT LEY respectfully informs his Friends, thai the Republicans, and wished to secur e a pa, ty, whom he ! ins Majesty had determined to send both bun and the , Monday last, at a Meeting of the Subscribers lo a fund J . jsr uoOL will open again on MONDAY, tbe could oppose to the former It must be acknowledged, that ga, rison into Siberia. Governor Rapp replied, that he coll- , fu ,„ 1C( 1V 13WY„,. the Relief of the Poor in this town, the U " - - 1 " g ' ,.,.„! even I s bave tended lo increase t he numbers aud con- 1 ceived himself entitled tothe terms already agreed upon - - MISS JONES begs Leave lo inform her Friends, her Seminary re- opens on MONDAY, tbe 84th of this Month. French, Music, and Drawing, hy approved Masters, nil the usual Terms. Newtown Baschurch, January 10th, 1814. CASTLE BUILDINGS, OSWESTRY. MRS. DAVIES' SCHOOL re- opens on TUESDAY, the 25th lustant.— January V2lh, 1814. ' CHURCH STRETTON ACADEMY. JBELTON begs Leave to acquaint his Friends and - the Public, that his SCHOOL will open again 011 MONDAY, the 24th Instant.— January idtn, 1814. Corporation of Shrewsbury Mr. Mayor Mr. Smith - Mr. Loxdale Mr Lee - Dr. Do Gard Rev J. Rocke Mr. Llovd - Rev. il Owen Mr. Clement Rev. J. VVingtield Mr S. Tudor Mr Parry £• s. d. £. s. d. - 105 0 0 Mr. Robert Wilding a 2 o - 21 o 0 Mr. Cai'line - 10 10 o - 10 10 0 Mr. John Haycock 10 10 <> - 15 15 o Rev. J. R01 ke, jun. 10 10 o 5 5 .0 Mr. J. T. Lloyd - 10 10 o - 15 15 oj M r. Daniel Pritr hard 5 5 ( » - 31 10 o'l Mr. Joseph Davies 10 10 o 0|. J ones, Bavley, & Co. 0 Messrs. Pritehaid oj and Wilding olMr. Hage fijvir Wm. Lawrence ol. Mr. John Boothby 15 1 15 15 lo 10 10 1( 1 10 1( 1 10 10 Mr F. gerton Jeffreys 10 lO. o'Mr. Panting M1'. Vaughan - jn 10 o| Mi Sutton - Rev.. I. B. Blakeway 15 15 ) Mr. Perry - - In to Mr. Birch - - 31 10 Messrs. Beck, Dod- son, and Co. - 50 0 ill Mr. John Will o| Mr. Thomas Sutton Mr. Charles Bigg j Mr. E. Humphreys 5 Mr Baclie, Chesterton 1 Mr. Tho Weaver - 2 Mr. James Wilding 1 \! r, Vaugha'u, Onslow \ 0 V"> > , . ,1 , . ,, ,1 ,• . sum of £ 340, was ordered to be sent to the dillerent parishes ti. leiirc III' lire Royalists. There is another body, who | and 1 hat, 111 virtue of them, he should surrender the• lorlress | f < K, trjl) ntion either in piovisions, (- loathing, or fuel, as mortally detest Bonaparte, and who have not only lite | otl Ibe | sl January, leaviug 11 to tbe honour ot tbe hmpcror : Mil) istfr an, iC| mi- cbvrardeii8 ofthe diflcrent parishes desire,- h. 11 the will ami ihe com ago, lo undermine Ins au- j Alexander to dispose ol bim and the garrison as he thought t s,>() l||" d best.— S « ! Advertisement. tti'ii it v. The Republican faction, 111 hopes of seeing Iheir j expedient, j ' So severe a frost as the present, for iiitenseness anil cou- ii'. floeiiec revive, w ill assiduously labour to increase Ihe j Arcotdi'pg to letters from various parts of Ihe Continent! ! ( jnoa„ rf has noi heen experienced for several years T' public discontent, and render the Usurper more and more ! R(, me was taken possession of by ihe Allies on the 4th iust- j r; vei. Severn has been frozen over for near a fortnight, a unpopular. These have powerful, daring, and enterprising •„, ,].,. Ila) ne 0f the Pope — It may be collected from the 1 c, o, es of persons daily visit il for the purpose of skaitiiis abettors, both in the Army ami Semite. Bonaparte is, by | hitcst Gerinan and Du|( h Papers, lhat Mural is about to " The sm) w f,, a 0u Monday and Tuesday last week in i 24th Instant.— Oswestry, January 12tk, 1314. lip imans, inactive, or iiiatlcntive lolhe dangers ( hat en- j become 1111 ally ofthe Combined Powers. The Austrian coin pa- s uim. His military preparations engross, of course, j Ambassador al Naples is employed 111 Ihe negeciations for Ills chief attention ; and, iflie can raise a competent armed j ,4lat purpose.— The German Papers assure us, that the force, he expects to re. ist both his external ami domestic Fi'enrh aie every w here withdrawing their troops into the enemies To accomplish Ibis measure, lie will ri- k every j jiilerior. The Austrians are in full march for Verona, tiling, and compel every roan lo contribute, either by his . , f „ •„., Bulletin vvas issued from tile Govcrn- peispiral service, cr his property, towards lis promotion 1 "<- In the present papers we have an' iii-' tiinee of I lie sweeping THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, WEM, ILL he opened again 011 MONDAY, the 241b of \ UAr. y, 1814: The Rev. F. SALT, A. B. Head iiL': i'. ir wil h w hich he men 1 s lo act iu Ibis respect. He has pnl the National Guard* of Pniis in aft'tvity. That city is divided uto 1 » aiTu'.'. disscments. Each isordeied, by ihe present llei ric lo raise. I'vur battalions of 500 men ; so lhat lie amount of force 10 be levn d In. the capital consists of . t' 1 euo hu e, inclusive qf the Conscription This is displaying vigour w il h 11 vengeance. Bonaparte, io console the National Guards, most of whom are married men, promises. tdcom- mand them in person. However, Ins adveisaries are not inert, us it appears that they have advanced even toChaui- bei 1 v . hot it is added, that lliey were subsequently com- pelled lo retreat— If the funds may be Considered as a 10n et standard of public feeling, the confidence of Ihc pi'' ch in the genius and recount's of their leader is low indeed. The 5 per cents were at 50 f. 50 c. The Arl elt? s of thc Preliminary Treaty of Peace concluded at Toplitz, 011 the 3( 1 of last October, appear in the German Papers received yesterday. This docu- ment wholly refulesall the ins nuatons against the want of confidence and concert between the all ed Sovereigns liiidThe British Minister, 011 the celebrated Declaration of Frankfort: Au'itrii hinds herself to employ all her forces in active operations against the common enemy. » Went Offices this ' Afternoon : Foreign- Office, 17ih Jan — Dispatches from Basle, dated the l2d inst. and from Fribourg the ( ith, confirm the account ofthe Occupation of Geneva by Count Rubna, and state that he had. secured the passes of the Alps by theSimplon, Si. Bernard, and St. Gothard. The main body of the Grand Army was assembling in the neighbourhood ofBesaucon; the advance at Remeremdnt, Langres, and Epinal. General Count Wrede had his head- quarters at Colmar ; Prince Sehwavl/. enberg was o » his march from Altkirehen 011 Monbell'iard ; and Refort was observed by a detachment. The siege of Huninguen still continues." Langres, Epinal, and Remereineiit, are only from ISO to 210 miles south- east of Paris. General Bulow has joined Sir Thomas Graham a! Breda, and will proceed immediately into Brabant. J3e has de.- mavided provisions and forage for 00,000 men. The first division of the Crown Prince's Army, 30,, 000 strong, has arrived 111 the environs of Dusseldorff, and proceeded on the 5th by iMuiheim to the Rhine to join lYIarshal Blncher, who has crossed the Rhine Generals VViuzingerode and Czernieheff are at Dusseldorff. General. Benuigsen, with 30,000 men, has an ived at Buunnel. The passage of troops across the Rhine ot Bus le continues daily ; 100,000 men are already ul Alsace. The and iiitmg. - _ the West of England, to a greater depth than has been known in pthat district for the last 40 years ; it being 12 feet deep iu the middle of the road 011 Halldowu, four miles beyond Exeter. 1 The mails between Exeter, Falmouth, Shaftes- bury, and Tavistock, have been unable to proceed — The fall of snow in Wales has hcen nearly equal, and the Holy- head and Shrewsbury mails have been much impeded. The Glasgow mail has not been able lo r< a< h Carlisle. Al the General Quarter Sessions for this county on Tues- day and Wednesday last, John Price, for stealing 3 geese, was ordered to be ' imprisoned 18 calendar months— Thomas Salt, for stealing 6 ducks and 4 drakes froin ' he building of Thomas Weaver, of Astley Abbots; Richard Davies, for stealing a saw from a cabin at Dawley ; and Hannah Coup- land, for stealing a pair of sheets and other articles, the propfr. ty of Charles Fielding, jun. cf Whitchurch ; to be imprisoned one year— Thomas Birch and Ann . Davies, for siealieg 3 geese, the property of Samuel Weaver, of Stottes- den ; and Thomas H urleston, for stealing 2 hempen bags and a bushel of barley, the property of Samuel Bradbury, of Cl: tfe Grange, to be imprisoned 12 calendar month*— W. Pearce, for stealing 15 shippings of yarn, the property of A Biekley, of Eliesmere, to he imprisoned one month. At our Town Sessions on Friday, Thomas Bevan, for stealing \ l pieces of deal lagging, some oak spars, 2 ash boards, & c. the property of John Simpson, was ordered to bimprisoned 12 calendar months.— Thomas William*, for stealing a cotton gown and two cotton frocks, the property ofiivan Arthur, and a duck and a drake, the property of i- e: iatniu Benvon, Esq. be imprisoned6 months— E'Uvard Martin ( an Irishman) for an attempt- to defraud the Unjted Parishes of this town, to publicly w hipped, and passed, W'L Master. TERMS. Board and Tuition ( iucludiug the Latin and Greek Languages 30 Guineas per Annum. l lUiai. ee 2 Guineas. Writing and Arithmetic los. bit. per Quarter. Washing 15s. Ditto. Dancing, Drawing, & c. on the usual Terms. Each Young Gentleman is expected to bring Napkins, and a Pair of Sheets. A Quarter's Notice before leaving tbe School, or a Quarter's Board, will be expected. ' HAVANNAH ACA D E i\ l Y7~ W II1TCIIV R C H. J71 FRANCIS very gratefully acknowledges his iurreas- Ji. ed Obligations to his Friends,' for llie liberal Patron- age and Support which he lias experienced; and most re- spect full v informs i hem, ilia! his SCHOOL will re- commence for the Tuition of Boarders on MONDAY, tho 241 h Inst. when he hopes, by constant and well- directed Exertions, to deserve a Continuance of those Favours he has already re- ceived.— References to respectable Parents and Guardians will be given on Application t. i Mr. FRANCIS asabove. AN ASSISTANT is wanted: Letters, Post- paid, wilb References for Character and Abilities, will meet with im- mediate Attention. Mr. Cooper Mr. Haycock - lo 10 Dr. Johnson - 5 5 Mr. Donaldson - 5 5 Mr. Edward Haycock 5 5 Rev F-. P. Owen 5 5 Mr. Watton - 5 r, Hon. II. G. Bennett 53 10 Mr. William Bavley 3 5 Mr. Edward Pryce 73 10 Mr. Allen, VJfington 3 3 Mr II. Morn's, jun. I I Mr. WilliamScbltoCk 5 5 M r. Hazledine - 10 10 Mr. Geo. Jeffreys III 10 Mr. John Wicksiecd 10 10 Sir Andrew Corbel, Bait. - - 10 10 Mr. Wm. Eddowes 5 5 Mr. W Eddowes, jun. 2 2 10 10 1 1 2 2 10 10 1( 1 10 ••> 5 Mr. Hedges his 1 1 12 That the Minister and Churchwardens of cach Parish he requested to take charge of ihe same, and make an early Distribution of il, eitherin Provisions, Cloathitu;, or Fuel ( as lo them shall appear besl) to thc Poor resident in their, respective Parishes. That the few Pounds of tbe Fund remaining unexpended, be aible'd and paiit to'tbe first Pii'bTick Suhr. niptiou for I he : liEe eiiaritjlbfi Purposes within the Town. By Desire of the Meeting, LOXDALE, Town- Clerk. of ill- till It'll Ml II t » lit k is, i.-, hi ni Mi- nk Ii' 1 he « v ite by id le <>- " i fi- le IV fe t- nt in in it- iii ht is fs it id y, !> t' tv k ll : d L- o t> f> a o 1 o K o I * i i n O • o o ( V 0 0 ( V < 1 o 0 MERCERY AND DRAPERY WAREHOUSE; • WITH AN APPENDAGE OF BOOKSELLING, STATIONARY, PRINTS, Next Dnor to the Raven lun, RIVEN STREET, SHREWSBURY. ( 1 HULBERT most respectfully solicits I be Attention of tbe Inhabitants of Shrewsbury anil its Vicinity to his present extensive Slock of WINTER GOODS ; parti- cularly broad and narrow West of England and Yorkshire Cloths, Toilinet and Swamfdown Waistcoat Pieces, Patent Cords, Fancy Cords, Corduroys, Velveteens, Printed Cottons for Gowns, Bed Gowns, Bed Curtains, Window Hangings, & c. Shirtings, Calicoes, Muslins, Ticks, Clu cks, Flannels, Stuffs, Shawls, Pocket Handkerchiefs, Stockings, Gloves, Umbrellas. WATER PROOF BEAVER, STUFF, AND PLATED HATS. C. H. having fortunately laid in his Stock before tbe late extraordinary Advance on Cotton Goods took place, hopes be shall be enabled to give perfect Satisfaction to all bis Customers, by selling a Goon Article at a LOW Price. C. II at tbe same lime, offers his grateful Thanks lo the gentlemen Amateurs of Books and Prints, for the liberal Encouragement they have given lo his new Concern; and legs Leave to acquaint them, tbat lie has just made con- iideiable Purchases tu new, valuable, and scarce Books : » mong which are Henry's Bible, ti vols Scott's Ditto, 6 vols. Fawcell's, Reeves's, 9 vols. Ostervald's, llarrnp's, t vol. folio each, Stackliouse's History of Ihe Bible, Caimet's and Brown's Dictionaries of the Bible, Crnden's Concordance, Cm It well's Concordance of Parallels, Burkit'a, Whitby's, Doddridge's, Locke's, Gilpin's, aud Gillies' Expositions of the New Testament, wilh various Family and Pocket Bibles, Prayer Books, See Encyclopaedia Lundinensis, Im p'erial F 1 -- U. ilPo fliit,. Rm- roiv's llilln Kpnitnl'i Ditto, i> v, — — - • ., , Gazetteers, & c Rapin's, Littleton's, Goldsmith's, and Bel- A ' nil's I f*- TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, tbat the Tolls aiising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Road leading from Harmcr Hili lo the End of Cotton Wood, commonly called or known by the several Names of the Tiiley Gate, Creaniore Gate, and Slone and Cross Gate, with tbe Side Gates, will be LET BY AUCTION to Ihe best Bidder, at the House of William Stockall, the Sign of the BLACK LIOM INN, in WEM, in the County, ofSalop, 011 THURS DAY, the 17th Day of February, 1814, between the Hours of one and four o'Clock iu the Afternoon, for one Year, in Ihe Manner directed by the Act passed iu the thirteenth Year of Ihe Reign ofhis Majesty King George the Third, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls are now Let for Ihe yearly Sums following : Tiiley Gate £ 166 Creamore Gate 70 Slone and Cross Gate wilh the Side Gates... 70 and will be put up at Ihose Sums respectively. The Tiiley Gate and Slone and Cross Gate, with the Side ' iates, to a 111- mence from the 25th Day of March next, and the Creamoro Gate ou the first Day of May next.— Whoever happens lo be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees ofthe said Turnpike Road, for Payment of Ihe Rents agreed for, al such Times and iu such M anner as thev shall direct. WILLIAM BICKERTON, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Wem, January 15, 1814. Jw auction. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. perial Encyclopedia, Hall's Ditto, Barrow's Ditto, Kendal's Ditto & c. Cooke's, Bankrs's, and Guthrie'- Geography, sham's Histories of England, Mosheim's and Dupin's Ecclesiastical History, Nichols' Literary Anecdotes, Public Characters, kc. Potts' Farmer's Cyclopaedia, Dick, son's Practical Agriculture, Van Swieten's Commentaries, Medical Dictionaries, & c Burn's Justice, Potts* Law Dic- tionary, & c Siblv's Illustration of Astrology, Sibly's Key lo the Occult Sciences, fine Copy, coloured Plates, ( lager's Chinese Characters, Lauchisch's Hebrew, Greek, and Ger- man Concordance of the Old and New Testament, Svn. t norma Thesinm Theologicarium, Elton's Thesaurus, Cal- vin's PrtelecHones, Calvin's Institutes, Bnxtorf's Hebrew Grammar, 1627, Pagniui's Hebrew Lexicon epitomized, Jo. Barclaii Argenis ( Elzevir's Edition), 1671, Nyder Pre- ceplerinm ( Parisiis, Geiing), 148'-', wants Title, Ursinus' ami Leigh's Body of Divinity, 311 Years'Critical, 20 Years' Monthly, and 7" Years' Analytical Reviews, Evangelical Magazine, 12 Vols and Monthly Magazine complete, with several Thousands of Volumes of new and second- hand Rooks ill various Languages and every Department of Science. Prints, Maps, Almanacks, Pocket Books, Account Books, tic — Cracow's Black Lead Pencils, warranted not to break ill the pointing. N B Ordeis for Magazines, Periodical Publications, and nil new Books, executed vvith Punctuality and Dispatch.— Libraries ur Parcels of Bonks bought or exchanged. CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE BY THE GRAND TROOP OF FOLTIGEURS, AT THE N E W O I- Y M PIC CIRCUS, Near the GEORGE INN, Carriers' Inn, SHREWSBURY. By Permission of llie Right Worshipful tbe MAYOR. Jed of, ttw I H tcu if of 1 tri- ir bs aint Sunt nint amt h be arly Fuel heir TO TANNERS. MON TGOM ER YSHIR E. TO EE LET, FOR SUCH PERIOD AS SHALL BE AGREED UPON; AND POSSESSION IIA I) IMMEDIATELY; GOOD and substantial DWELLING HOUSE, wilh the MALTHOUSE, Warehouse, Stable, TAN- YARD, Bark IM ills, and other Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in the Loner Street, in the Town of LLAN- FYLLIN, iu the said County, now iu the Occupation of M is. Sinah Rogers. Alsoa small FARM and LAN DS, nearly adjoining Ibe said Town of Llanfyllui, in tbe Occupation of the said Mis. Rogers. The above Dwelling House, Malthouse, and Buildings arc in good Repair, and the Tan- Yard, Pits, and Bark M ills in excellent Order and Condition The Yard may be worked loan Advantage by any Persousdesirnusof carrying 011 theTrade of a Tanner, as it is sufficiently large foi ihat Purpose, without requiring any great Extent of Capital. Tbe whole Premises, from their Situation and Convenience are desirably situated, and well adapted for the Business of a Tanner. Mr. GRIFFITH EVANS, of Llanfyllin aforesaid. Maltster, will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. GRIFFITHES, Solicitor, Welshpool, in the said Countv. OUT- STOCK, And valuable Household Goods and Furniture. BY S. TUDOR, On the Premises, at COED Y WE EG, within two Miles of Montgomery, ou Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 20th, 2lst and 22d Days of January Instant, A LI 1 the OUT- STOCK ; consisting of five Cows rn- calf; J \. four Draught Horses, and Gearing ; a Quantity of Sheep and Pigs ; a Waggon* two Carts, and a Variety of Implements in Husbandry ; about THIRTY TONS ofwell- haivested HAY, about nine Ditto of CLOVER; also 1 ite Lease of the CLODDUN FARM, two Years of which are un- expired at Lady Day next, wjth nU the growing dry Grain, Hay, and Fodder:; together . with all the neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODSand FURNITURE, GRAND CA BIN ET PIANO FORTE, FRENCH PEDAL HARP ( with the latest Improvements), fine- toned VIOLON- CELLO, and Case, an elegant Frenc h Time- piece ( where all ihe Movements are se* 3nj, and.( alass Cover. I he Goods, consisting of Foui'pdst aud other Bedsteads and Hangings, large bordered and plain Goose Feather Beds; Bolsters, and Pillows, with fchoice Beddihg, valuable Time- piece, handsome Mahogany Dining, Pillar, and Li- brary Tables, Secretary and Bookcase with (. lass Doors and Brantah's Patent Locks, Chests of Drawers, Sofas, and Japanned Chairs, Wash and Dressing/ Fables, & c very large and handsome Dressing Glasses, Turkey, Brussels, and other Carpets, 20 Lots of . fine. old enamelled Chiiia, a great Variety of elegant cut Glass Dishes, Decanters, Ale, Wine, Goblet, and other Glasses, with a Variety of other cut Glass; large Assortment Of valuable Cop- pers and Tins, and valuable Pewter and every Kind of Kitchen, Dairy, and Brewing SUcqu'isit'e ; wbich will he fully expressed in Catalogues- and may be had at the principal Inns in Montgomery, Newtown, Wcishpool, and Bishop's Castle, any Time after the 17th Instant, and of THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrewsbury. _ .. The above are the Pro pert y of Cll A It LES TREBECK , Esq. who is quitting North Wales. ^ alesi bp 8uctioti VALUABLE OAK, ASH, AND ALDER TIMBER.! BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Crown Inn, in Church Stretton, in the County of Salop, on Friday, Ihe llth of February; 1814," at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, iu the following Lots, viz. LOT I. 1 1 Ji MAIDEN OAK Timber Trees, and 8 OAK 1 POLLARDS, growing on the. East Side a fariti at Wittingslow, near 10 Church Siretton, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Parker. LOT II. 24 MAIDEN ASH Timber Trees, 8 ASH Pollard, 18 Aider Trees, 7 Poplar Trees, 1 Elm Tree, and 1 Walnut Ditto, growing on said East Part of said Farm. LOT HI. 168 MAIDEN OAK Trees, and l Oak Pollard, growing in an opeu Coppice on the West Side of said Farm. Lot IV 58 MAIDEN ASH Trees, 12 Ash Pollards, 2 Elm Trees, 2 Alder Trees, and 1 Asp Ditto. Lots l and 2 are situate about one Mile from Church Stretton, and close to the Turnpike Road from thence to Ludlow. Lois 3 and 4 arc distant about a Mile and Half from same Place Tbe Oak Trees are clear, sound, and excellent for cleft Purposes. The Tenant ( Mr. Thomas Parker) will shew the Timber; and for further Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, or Mr. PHILLIPS, College, Shrewsbury. % ale0 hy auctiom TLLUABLFI ASH AND ELM TIMBER, BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Talbot Inu, in Atcl. hm, on Thursday, the 20th oj January, 1814, at four o'Clock in Ihe Afternoon, subject to Conditions: QIX HUNDRED AND. TWENTY- FIVE ASH AND O EIGHTY- SIX ELM TIMBER TREES, now growing on several Farms and Lands near Shrewsbury, in the following Lots: Lots. Ash Elm. Farms tbhere growing. I II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. 24 P2 10 15 41 25 32 Sutton Ditto Ditto Tenants. fieoi- l" Heath. Jo!:; l Heiralld. John Sr- vev $ Ditto and Bfctton ) $ Samuel J. ffrevs and I " i A. i..- j f.--.,.. Ai. ntHIS PRESENT WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19th, 1 1814, and every Evening during the Week, the Per- formances will commence with TH E GRAND SPANISH CAVALCADE; To finish with the famous MARE DI AN A, from Covent- Garden Theatre, dancing a PAS SEUL to the Tune of The ' YORKSHIRE ( I A LA." GRAND TRIAL OF SKILL, ILY THE WHOLE TROOP. EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS, Or, Men Piled on Men. BALANCING. Astonishing Feats on the Single Horse. PEASANT'S FROLIC. The Whimsical Whimsicalities of the two Clowns. SLACK ROPE VAULTING. TIGHT ROPE DANCING, By the celebrated Mr. CUNNINGHAM, INCLUDING THE WONDERFUL SOMERSET ON THE ROPE. SACK VE 7' A M 0 It P HOSE, Or THE CIOWN Deceived bv a WOMAN. SLACK WIRE DANCING. HORSEMANSHIP. ST I 1.1. V AU LTI N G, BY THE • WHOLE TROOP OF FLYING PLIENOMENONS. THE GRAND TRAMPOLINE. Tbe Evening's Entertainment will finish wilh THE BRENTFORD ELECTION, or Ihe Disasters of BILLY BUTTON. Doors to be opened at six, and the Performance to commence ai seven o'Clock.— Admission, Boxes : js. Pit 2s. Gallery is.— Children under Ten Years of Age Half- price.— Tickets to be had, and Placcs for the Boxes taken, at Mr. Careswell's Mardol Head. N. B. Ladies and Gentlemen instructed scientifically in the Art of Riding' — Horses broke for the Road or Field. { jjp To prevent the Possibility of Persons taking Cold, the Circus has b' en pointed so as lo keep out Ihe Weather, and CONSTANT FIRES are kept. f^ lHE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing Date the 3ISt Day of October, 1810, awarded MONTGOMERYSHIRE. TO BE SOLD RY AUCTION", BY T. HOWELL, At the Lion Inn, in Newtown, in the said Counly, on Tuesday, ihe 8th of February, 1814, between lite Hours of three aud six in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions, in the following Lots : LOT I. \ I. L that PIECE or Parcel of excellent PASTURE LAND, called NANTYLLU, adjoining the Town of Newtown afoiesaid, containing uearly Four Acies, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Stephen Kinsey. LOT II. Another l'i ECE or Parcel of LAN D, situate on NEWTOWN GREEN, in the said Town of Newtown, contain- ing about Halfan Acre, and some Time since allotted under the Kedewen Inclosure Act. The above Lots tire desirably situated for the Purposes cf Building, aud Lol I, in Addition lo its olher Advantages, closely adjoins Ibe Turnpike Road leading from New own to Kerry. MR GEORGE MATTHEWS, of Newtown, will shew Ihe Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. GRIFFITHES, Solicitor, Welshpool, in tbe said County. BY S. TUDOR, At the Cock Inn, iu the Double Butcher Row, in Shrews- bury, on Tuesday, the lst Day of February next ( unless disposed of in tlie mean Time by private Contract, of which the earliest Notice will be given): LOT 1. ADWELLING MOUSE, situated in FISH STREET, Shrewsbury, in the Holding of Widow Purslow, con- sisting of six good Lodging Rooms, Kitchen, Brewhouse, and Cellar — The Tenant will shew the Premises. LOT II. A STACK of well- harvested last Year's HAY, in a Field near Radbrook on the Road to Hanwood, con- taining about 17 Tons, LOT III. ANOTHER STACK, farthest from the Road leading into the Field adjoining Lot 1, containing about 15 Tons of HAY, as above. For further Particulars enquire of THE AUCTIONEER. SALE THIS DAY. FARMING STOCK. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the 19II1 of January, 1914, ALLthe truly valuable LIVESTOCK, IMPLEM ENTS iu HUSBANDRY, with all Ihe HAY and GRAIN, belonging to Mr. RICHARD WOOD, of EDGE, in the Parish of Pontesbury, in the County of Salop.— The Cows anil Calving Heifeis will be found remarkably useful both for Stock and Ibe Dairy, being a well chosen Cross between the Herefordshire and smoaky faced Breeds.— The Barrens are very fresh, the young Stock very line, and the Whole will be sold without Reserve. VIII. 13 1 IX. X. XI. XII. Nil I. XIV. XV. XVI. XVII. 24 17 4d 35 70 di 27 5- i 108 Ashes Bel Ion Dilto Di. to Ditto, Brumplon Ditto Boreton Norton Wheal hall Ditneol Sitiethcot Welh ilc'i Whitley 5 ( JoFejih Mcire. Mrs. Jackson. Mis, Cross f John Aston andFran- t cis Tucker. Joseph Calcot and Edward Studley. John Ditcher. Andrew Dawes. William Jones. Robeit Bailey. Joseph Ditcher. Ed ward tones. Edward Hoggins. Joti 11 II uglics. George Thornton. The several Tenants will shew Ihe Timber; and for further Particulars apply lo Mr. LEE, Timber Surveiorj Shrew sbury , or THE AUCTIONEER. LIFE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, GRAIN, AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS, BY WTSMITH, Upon the Premises, at GRANNUM'S MOOR, near Hab- herley, in the Parish of VVorthen, 111 Ihe Countv of Salop, 011 Monthly and Tuesday, the 31st of January, and lst of February, 1 814 : ^ I. L the ^ LIVESTOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- SHROPSHLLLE. BY J. BROOME, IN TWELVE LOTS, Oil Thursday, the 3d Day of February neit, nt Pnfsfow Hundred House, situate in the Parish of ( Tun, in the Counly of Salop, between tbe Hours of three and six in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions to be then pro- duced : ALL that MESSUAGE or Tenement, wilh the Out- buildings, LAN DS and Appurtenances t hereto belong- ing, situate in the Parish ofC'lniibury aforesaid, containing by Admeasurement One Hundred and Thirty Acres, three Roods, anil two Perches ( be Ihe same mote or less), and now in the Occupation of Mr, James Gwilliam. Also all that capital COPPICE adjoining, caller! MA ION'S WOOD, well stocked with line thriving Oak Saplings, containing by Admeasurement Fifiy- rtirie Acres ( be the same more or less). Particulars of the different Lots will he advertised in Hand Bills. Possession of the whole may be had at Lady Day next ; and further Particulars may be known by Ap- plication to the Rev. !\ 1 r. PARDOE, Hopton Castle, or Messrs LLOYDS, Solicitors, Ludlow. January Jthy 1814. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. CAPITAL TAN- YARD. ELIGIBLE AND ADVANTAGEOUS SITUATION. TO BE LET, FOR A SUITABLE TERM OF YEARS, AND POSSESSION HAD IMMEDIATELY: ALL that capital TAN- YARD, with the Counting- Houses, Warehouses, Drying Sheds, Buildings, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, together with a good and substantial DWr EL LING- HOUSE, Gardens, Malt- House, Offices, Siables, and Out Houses thereto adjoining, situate in the Town of LLANFYLLI1N, in ihe said Count}, late in the Occupation of Mr. ROBERT PRICE, deceased, the Proprietor thereof. The above Yard, Dwelling- House and Premises are in excellent Order and Condition, as no Expence was spared by the late Proprietor in making the Dwelling- House com- modious and comfortable for the Reception of a respectable Family, and m forming and making the Tan- Yard in every Respect convenient for carryingonjtlie Business of a Tanner upon a large and extensive Scale. The Yard ( which Is large and spacious) is most plentifully supplied with Water by two Streams adjoining it, which have been appropriated to its Convenience. It comprises 57 Tan Pits, 4 Lime aud 2 Waste Pits, 9 Vats, a Patent Bark Mill ( made by lleighvcac, and Co ) with a spacious Drying Shed over the same ; oilier convenient Drying Sheds capable of drying from 250 to 30o Hides; Bark Bays capable of'holding from 60 to 100 Tons of Bark, Storehouses, Copper Furnace, and in fact every other Convenience and Accommodation for continuing the BANDRY, with all the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, belonging to the late Mrs. \? ARY CLAYTON ; consisting of four capital early calving Cows, two ditto Heifers-, one young fresh Barren, one 3- year old Bullock; two valuable black Waggon Mares ( young and in- foal), one capital black 3- year old ditto Gelding; one Gilt in- pig, one Pork Pig ; eleven Ewes ; and six Geese. The Implements comprise one Harvest Cart, two Tum- brils ( nearly new), Land Roller, Wheel and Hand Plough, two Pair of Harrows, Wheelbarrow, two Tutors, Paling Iron, Corn Screen and Fan, Sieves and Riddles, Crank and Footing Chains, Corn Coffer, Straw Engine, two Lad- ders, Hopper and Half Strike, Grindstone, Lot of Bags, Scales and Weights, ihree capital Sets of Gears, Car, Hell, Rake, three Back Chains and Timber ditto, Maitocks, Spades, Pikels, Rakes, and sundry small Implements. Also, a S TACK of CORN, about 60 Strikes of capital BARLEY ( thrashed), 50 Bushels of excellent POTATOES ( in Lots), 30 CHEESES ( iu Lots) of a good Quality. The FURNITURE consists of Bedsteads and Furniture, five excellent Goose Feather Beds, three Chaff ditto, six Pair of Blankets, live Quilts, seventeen Pair of good Home- made Sheets, seven Table Cloths, three Linen Chests, Oak Dining, Tea, & Dressing Tables, eighteen Chairs ( in Lots), capital Oak Dresser and Shelves, ditto Kitchen Table and Form, two Cupboards, Lot of Pewter, Kitchen Grate, Iron Boiler, Malt Mill, Copper Tea Kettles and Saucepans, Iron Pots, Fire Irons and Fender, Brass and Iron Candlesticks, Bellows, and Warming Pan, two large Brass Kettles, two Wheels, Gun, and two Spits, Cheese. Press, Cheese Tub, Churn, Butter Mits and Scales, Milk Pans and Steans, Cheese Vats, Milk Cans and Pail, two Mashing Tubs, oval Cooler, Mashing Staff, Sieve, and Ladder, sundry Pails and Bucket?, five Harvest Bottles, Wash Tub and Bucket, seven excellent Casks of different Sizes, with a Variety of other useful Articles. ^^ Sale to begin precisely at Half- past Ten o'Clock each Morning. MON TOOM E R YS HIK E. and issued forth against GEORGE SCHOFIELD, of | above Business upon that extensive Scale in which it was Shrewsbury, in the. Counly of Salop, Brazier, Shopkeeper Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet 011 the 24TH Day of January Instant, at Eleven ofthe Clock in the Forenoon, al the RAVEN INN, in Shrewsbury aforesaid, in Order to make a FINAL DIVIDEND of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who carried on by the late Proprietor. T he Stock in Trade ( which is large and truly valuable) is to he taken to by the Tenant at a fair Valuation, who may be accommodated with about 20 Acres of excellent Land closely adjoining the said Town of Llanfyllin. The Whole of the Premises are most strongly rccom- ..... I' * J • - • ' " > V ... V. ... 1 ... v. „ III v euoi^ l* 1 VVVMII- have not already proved their Debts arc to come prepared ! mended lo I he Notice of those who are desirous of employ- to prove the same, or they will he excluded tiie Benefit of | ing a large Capital in the above lucrative Business, as an the said Dividend. Aud all Claims not then proved will be ( Opportunity is now offered them which may challenge ihe disallowed. j Principality for Convenience, Advantages, and Siluatiun. For a View of the Premises apply to Mr. JOHN JONES, SHROPSHIRE CAPITAL TIMBER. W. EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor. Shrewsbury, ~\ st January, 1814. This Day is published, Price 4s. till. The Promoter of Expedition and Ease, ACOPPER PLATE CIPHERING BOOK, with the Sums set on a new System lately discovered, whereby t heTntor is relieved from I he Trouble of Casting the Sums, and is therefore enabled to devote that considerable Poition of Time to Ihe greal A dvantage of bis Pupils, in illustrat- , „ , iug ihe Examples, & c. kc.. kc. I - L ciation to puisne, apprehend, and prosecute, such „ , , ,, , , i - r . II -. i i shall commit any Murder, Felony, or other Depredation By adopting his System, IbeTn or will see withaglance allv of Ulci- Persons, Houses Lauds, Cattle, & c. or of the Eye whether a Sunt is right or otherwise, aud in . . . . ' . > . >_ Grocer, iu the said Town of Llanfyllin; and for further Particular at the Office of Mr. GRIFFITHES, Solicitor, Welshpool, in the said County. Welsh/ io'il, 17th Jan. 1814. BY T. WYCHERLEY, At the Black Lion Inn, in Wem; on Thursday, the 20tli Dav of January, 1814, between the Hours offour and six o'Clock iu the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced and agreed upon : 1 (\ f\ OAK TR EES, of large Dimensions and excellent 1 marked and numbered with white Paint, and growing upon a Farm at EDSTASTON, which adjoins the Ellesmere Canal, and within Three Hundred Yards ofthe Wharf, and also adjoins the Turn- pike Road leading from Wem to Whitchurch. Mr. STEPHEN DAVIES, of Edstaston, will shew the Timber. BY E. STEPHENS, At the New Inn, in Llanidloes, in the County of Mont- gomery, on Wednesday, the tGth l) av of February, 1S14, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Condi- tions as will be then produced : I. OT I ALL that substantial Brick built FLANNEL MANU- FACTORY, called GLANHAFREN FACTORY, with two Fulling Mills, a convenient Dwelling House, and Engineer's Shop complete, six Cottages for Workmen, and about sixteen Acres of Land, very advantageously situated on the River Severn, within a Mile of the Town of Llan- idloes. This truly valuable Property has been built at an enormous Expence within the last ten Years, in the most judicious and substantial Manner. The principal Ma- chinery, consisting of one double and nine single Carding Engines, one Willow, four Slubbing Jacks, and six . Spinning Jennies, is of the best Description, on the highest improved Principles. The Stream of Water is in the driest Season more than sufficient to supply the Water Wheel, which is l6 Feet Diameter by 9 Feet wide, and, having been con structed under a most experienced Engineer, combines the Advantages of Force with Simplicity and Celerity of Exe- cution The Factory is very extensive and roomy, and the Whole of the Arrangements so well adapted to each other, that it is considered one of the c<; rup! etest Flannel Manu- factories in the Kingdom. This Factory presents to the Trade a most desirable Purchase, as it is now in full Work ; the Whole ofthe Machinery and Fixtures, with four broad and fourteen single Looms, w ill he included in the Sale of the Factory. To any Person wishing to invest a Capital to Advantage, this Factory is also a very prominent () bject, as, from its superior Construction aud Arrangement, the Business may be carried on by a Proprietor not intimately acquainted with the Minutiae ofthe Factory- LOT II. A desirable FARM, called NANTYRHEBOG, consisting of a convenient and substantial Dwelling House, with a Barn, Stable, ami other Outbuildings, in complete Repair, a small Dwelling House called Cwmcoch, and several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on FRIDAY, the 21st, ( not on the2olhJ Instant, at six o'Clock iii Hie Afternoon, iu Lots; LOT I. ALL thai newly- erected, large, and convenient MALT- HOUSE, situate in the Back Lane, Shrewsbury, lately occupied by John Hughes anil Sons, which is admirably adapted to t. he present Mode of Mailing. I. OT I!. A DWELLING HOUSE, netirly opposite thereto, in tl\ c Occupation of Samuel Gwilliam. LOT HI. A DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining the last mentioned Lot. in the Occupation of I homas Rratton. LOT IV. A DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining the last mentioned Lot, iu Ibe Occupation of John Williams. LOT V A DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining the last menliont tl Lot. in I lie < tc< upati-. n of Hugh Morris. LOT VI. A DWELLING HOUSE on W » le Cop, with handsome Brick and Sasli Front, 111 the Occupation of Mrs Carpenter. I. OT VII A DWELLING HOUSE behind Ihe same, in the Occupation of Lines. LOT Vlll. A DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining, the last mentioned Lot, in the Occupation of illiani Brimmer. LOT IX. FIVE SHARES in the Ellesniere and Chcstef CANAL. LOT X SIX SHARES in the TOWING PATH, from Meadow Wharf, and Coalbrookdale, to tbe Town of Shrewsbury, Lot XL Tll R EF, SHARES in the Shrewsbury CANAL; subject to Ihe Life- Interest of a Ladv, aged about 69 Years. LOT XII. TWO SHAKES in the Shropshire CANAL. For Particulars apply lo THE AUCTIONEER, or Mr. W. E. JEFFREYS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury, who will give every Information relative to tiie above very valuable Property. Should the MALT- HOUSE not be Sold, it will be LET BY AUCTION SHROPSHIRE. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Eagles Inn, Clepbnry Mortimer, in the County or Salop, on Tuesday, the 251 h Day of January, 1814, be- tween Ibe Honrs of three and five iu tiie Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, iu one or more Lots, as shall he agreed upon ut the'! ime of Sale : ONE llUNDRED AND SIXTY- SEVEN OAK TREES, now growing on Lands at DITTON and WITHVPOLE; near Cleobury Mortimer aforesaid, in the Holding of Thomas Bolfield, Esq and Mr. Charles Betldoe. The above Timber is b! az" d and numbered with a Scribe, is within half a Mite of the Turnpike Road leading to Bewdley, and is of so fine a Quality and sucb large Di- mensions, as are rarely to be met wilh. Fur a View of tlie Timber apply to M r. Charles Ih ddoe, of N il liy pole afore- said ; and for further Particulars to Mr. YATE, of Madeley, near S'hiffnat. V A LU A BLE FREEHOLD ROUSE, GARDENS AND PREMISES, COLLEGE HILL AND BELMONT- HOUSES JN DOG- LANE, AND REVERSION OF LAND NEAR WORTH EN. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Fox Inn, Shrewsbury, 011 Saturday, ihe - qth Day of January, 1814, at four oCloik iu the Afternoon, sub- ject to Conditions, in tiie following, or such other Lots as shall be then approved of: I. OT I ALL that commodious MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, wilh ihe large Garden, Coach House, six stalled Stable, ( now divided 11: 1o t wo) Graiuery, Brew house, Land, in tbe Township of Glauhafren Uehcoed, in the i and other Out offices thereto adjoining and belonging, Parish of Llangirrig, in ihe County of Montgomery, con | situated and being 011 COLLEGE 1111.1., in the said Ton 11 taining together 70 Acres, more or less, in the Occupation BUTTINGTON ASSOCIATION AGAINST FELONS, HiC. rjpH ^ Persons under- named having entered into an Asso- wlial Pari an Error has been committed. Wilh the above was published, Price Is. An Explanatory Key, hound separate for Ihe Use of I heTntor'. By THOMAS HARVEY, Land Surveyor. Printed for J. SOUTF. R, No. 1, Paternoster Row; London. Sold also by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, and all Booksellers. TWO GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS Ihe undermentioned Persons did, 011 or about the ist Day of January instant, desert their Families, whereby they are become chargeable to the Parish of CHIRK, iu tbe Couuty of Denbigh ; THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, whoever will apprehend tliem, or either of them, and lodge them in any ofhis Majesty's Gaols, and give Information thereof to Mr. THOMAS AtnisoN, al the House of Industry, Oswestry, shall receive a Reward of TWO GUINEAS oil Application to the said M r. A I'tnsnn. JOHN I'HII. l. IPS, Collier, aged 35, five Feet eight Inches high, light Hair and dark Eves; supposed to be „„,,• f Ihe county, and including all the Duke of Rutland's tenants, had assembled lo welcome lite Prince Regent to Belvoir.— On the arrival of the Prince, the air was rent with a general burst of loyal enthusiasm. Many females, wives and daughters of the tenantry of the House of Rutland, well mounted, joined in the caval- cade, and the whole dashed on at the rale of ten or twelve miles an hourt many were unable to keep pace with the Regent's carriage. It was wilh much persuasion and difficulty that the numerous assemblage of persons were prevailed on ( o desist from taking the horses of the Prince Regent from his carriage, on his arrival at lite hill ascending the Castle, which from Ihe pressure would have, most likely, caused nn accident on tbe declivity. His Grace Ihe Duke of Rutland received the Prince Regent at the door of the Castle, but the key of Staunton Tower, made of gold, and of exquisite workmanship, was delivered to Ihe illustrious guest in tbe drawing room, soon afler his arrival, on n cushion of crimson velvet, by the Rev. Dr. Staunton, by etiquette of the following order:— The chief strong hold of the Castle is an out- work defence, called Staunton T ower 5 the command of which is held by the family of that name, in the manor of Staunton, by tenure of castle- guard, by which they were anciently required to appear wilh soldiers lor the defence of this strong post, iu case of danger; or, if required, to be called upon by the Lord of the Castle. It has been the custom, when any ofthe. Royal Family honoured Belvoir Caslle with their presence, for the chief of the Staunton f> triily personally to appear and present the key of the strong hold to such distinguished personage. This ceremony was performed by the Rev. Doctor, by virtue of his tenure, with an appro- priate speech, to which the Prince Regent returned a most gracious reply. It would be a difficult task to give our readers an idea of the numerous festivities that prevailed at this noble mansion, The whole, from the illustrious Prince to the peasant, exhibit a picture of one happy family ; for whilst Ihe nobles are partaking of superb festivals, the heart of the peasant is alive to the feelings of the hospitality of the noble House of Rutland. Whereso- ever the illustrious personages appear, they are hailed with the enthusiastic demonstrations of respectful joy. The baptism of the young Marquis of Granby was per- formed 011 Tuesday, at six in the evening. The gallery, which is contiguous to the Chapel, was lighted up in a style of great splendour. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent was preceded from his apartments to tbegalervhy eight of ihe principal domestics of his Grace of Rutland, habited in superb full dresses, and the remainder in splendid state liveries. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent honoured the noble Host of the Caslle by wearing the Belvoir uniform of scarlet and buff, in which the illustrious personage was followed by the whole of the company at the dinner, which had a most imposing effect. At the withdrawing oflhc cloth, " The health oflhc infant Marquis of Granby" three. His Grace of Rutland, in a speech leplcte with feeling and sensibility, returned thanks, and expressed his obligation at the condescension of the illustrious guest iu honouring Ihc family with his distinguished presence, and at a lime too when public business occupied so much of his Royal Highncss's regard. The Noble Duke next adverted lo the succession of victories obtained by the gallant Wellington, and commented wilh much ability on the comparative statement of affairs produced by the Valiant Biitish Chief and our brave Allies.— His Royal Highness replied with much eloquence, but evidently al first labouring undei" 1he afl'eclion of fine feeling, and concluded with assuring the Noble Host, that as long as he lived, he never should forget the respectful manner in which he had been received at Belvoir Castle. At the close of the speech 21 guns were fired in honour of the baptism of the Marquis of Granby. The Noble Host of the Caslle next gave the health of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, which was enthusiastically received, and which was succeeded by a dignified reply. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent was pleased lo confer the honour of knighthood upon the Rev. W. Thorolon, chaplain lo his Grace the Duke of Rutland, after the baptism of the young Marquis. At twelve o'clock a Court was held, at which the Prince llegenl received the congratulatory addresses of the Corporations of Grantham and Leicester. His Grace the Duke of Rutland presented the first Address, as Recorder of the Borough, and the Leicester Address was delivered by Mr. Serjeant Vaughan, Recorder of Leicester, on which latter occasion W. Walker, Esq the Mavor, received the honour of knighthood. COPY OFTHE PRINCE REGENT'S ANSWER. « ' | thank you for this dutiful and affectionate Address, which il is highly gratifying to me to receive at this place, the residence of a family highly distinguished ( as you have justly described il) for ils loyally, and fur a steady attach- ment to the House of Brunswick. 1 accept with the liveliest satisfaction your congratu- lations on Ihe gieat change which has been produced in the stale of public affairs, at home and abroad; and especially on Ihe unexampled career of victory which, through ihe favour of DIVINE PROVJOF. NCE, lias attended the arms of His Majesty anil those of his Allies. Never was heroic perseverance in a good cause more eminently rewarded, nor injustice and oppression more signally punished, than by ihe expulsion of the Enemy fioni the Peninsula of Spain and Portugal, and the deliverance of the greater part of Europe from Ihe yoke and domineering influence of ihe Ruler of France. We may now cherish a well- founded hope, that, by a continuance of the exertions which have led' to these most important events, the Independence of the Continent will be ultimately established 011 a solid and permanent foundation. " It is, you may be assured, my ardent and invariable wish, that, by 11 due Combination of moderation and energy, ihe Government of this Country mav at all times be ad- ministered in a manner congenial lo the generous and high spirited character of II is Majesty's People ; nnd I entertain the most perfect confidence thai, animated by Ihe experi- ence of what has been effected hy their own fortitude and example, during this momentous contest, they will remain determined lo spare nu efforts, aud to wjth- hold no sacri- fices which may still be fouud necessary for Ihe purpose of bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion, by a secure and honourable Peace." Amongst the distinguished persons assembled around His Royal Highness, 011 this occasion, were Ibe follow- ing:— The Duchess of Rutland, the Duchess Dowager of Rutland, Lady Catherine Forester, Lady Elizabeth Norman, the Duke of York, the Archbishop of Canter- bury, the Tv. rl of Westmoreland, the Earl of Winchel- sea, the Earl of Lonsdale, Ihe Bishop of Ely, Lord Robert Manners, Viscount Lowther, Sir Carnally Hag- gerslou, General Turner, General Grosvenor, General Manners, Mr. Norman, Mr. Forester, and Mr. Chol- niondeley. Post Office.— An account of the Net Revenue of the Post- Officc, from the Sth of April, 1793, to the 5th CURIOUS STATISTICAL ACCOUNTS. In Great Britain the number of men c ;> able of rising in arms en masse, from 15 to CO years of age, is 2,144,847, or about 4 in every 17 ma'es. There are about 90,000 marriages yearly, and of 63 marriages, 3 only are observed to he without offspring. In Great Britain there die every year about 332,700 ; every month about 25,592 ; every week 6,398 ; every day 9145 and every hour about 40. The proportion of the deaths of women to that of men is 50 to 54. Married women live longer than those who are not married. In country places there are on an average 4 children born of each marriage; in cities and large towns the proportion is 7 to every two marriages. The married women are to all the female inhabitants of a country, as 1 to 3 ; aud the married men to all the males, as 3 to 5. The number of widows is to that of widowers as 3 to 1 ; but that of widows who re- marry to that of widowers, as 4 to 6. The number of old persons who die during the cold weather, is lo those who die during the warm season, as 7 lo 4. Half of al! lhat are born die before they attain 17 years. The number of twins is lo that of single births, as 1 lo 65. According to the observations of Boerhaave, the healthiest children are boril iu January, February, and March. From calculations founded on Ihe Bills of Mortality, only one out of S, l25 reaches 100 years. The greatest number of births is in February and March. The small- pox, in the natural way, usually carries off 8, out of every 100 ; by innoculation, 1 dies out of 300, or, according to Dr. Willan, 1 in 250. The proportion of males born, to that of females, is as 26 to 25. In the sea- ports of Great Britain there are 132 females to 100 males, and in the manufacturing towns 113 females to 100 males. The total of the male population of Great Britain, in 1801. was 5,450, 292, and of females 5,492,354, which is in the proportion of 100 females to 99 males. Taking the whole population of the metropolis, according to the recent enumeration, at 1,099,104, the proportion of males to females is as 100 to 128. Out of more than 40,000 cases, which had fallen under the observation of an eminent physician, he never met w ith one in which a person with red or light flaxen hair, had the small- pox to confluence. Of all the inhabitants of a country, 25 in 100 live in cities and large towns, and the remaining 75 in villages. There are in Great Britain 6,000,000 of males, and in Ireland, 2,000,000, of whom 807,000 were in 1812, in arm?, that is, in the proportion of 1 to 10. It appears, from tables, from 1772 to 1787, that nearly one in eight, of all cases of insanity, are imputable to religions fanaticism. A case, interesting lo landlords and tenants, was lately decided before Messrs. Bttsfield and Wilson, Magistrates, at Kildwick. The facts were briefly these:— A landlord at Craven let a collage to a cotlon weaver, at a rent to be paid weekly; The tenant got into the landlord's debt, for which the distress warrant was issued, and amongst olher articles seized were the weaving looms of the tenant, with a warp in thein unfinished, belonging to Ihe tenant's employer. This the landlord caused lo be taken out in that state. The Magistrates decided that the landlord should make compensation for the damage done to the warp, pay all expenses, and restore the distrained goods; observing, that the looms were the instruments by which the tenant obtained his means of paying him, and that by taking them he had cut him- self short; addiug further, " if you distrain upon a cobler, you must not take away his last and awl." The following paragraph from the Cork Papers proves that the Bayonne intelligence in a French Paper is as false in other respects as in military details. It is very gratifying to learn, that, after all, our brave soldiers were not disappointed of their Christmas beef: •—" We are glad to find that the account iu the French Papers, of 14 ships laden with live cattle for the use of Lord Wellington's army, having been wreckcd near Bayonne, is totally false. Six vessels only had been freighted with cattle, and the whole of them landed their cargoes at St. Andero." BANKRUPTS, JANUARY S. Robert Burrows and William I Finn, ol Upper Thames- street, meichanls, Jan. 18, ' 23, Feb. 19, at Guildhall, London.— John . Greenwood, of Huddersfield, shuttle- maker, Feb. 10, II, 19, at the Wellington Inn, Hudder- ficld,— Shcm Hand, of Oxford linen- draper, Jan. 18, 25, Feb. 19, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas Ivgall, of Bawtrv, grorer, Jan. 24,25, Feb. 19, at Ihe Rein Deer, Doncastcr.— Silvester [ ngledew, of Wood- street, ware- houseman, Jan. 15, 22, Feb. 19, ai Guildhall, London.— William Luddington, of Bris'ol, hatter, Jan. li, 18. Feb. 19, at Guildhall, London.— Robert Padjield, of Gurney Slade, miller, Feb. 15, 1( 1, 19, at the Swan, Well.-.— Ilobert Ward, of Strelton, victualler, Jan 24, 25, Feb 19, at the Wlule Hart, Burloii- upon- Trent.— John Weston and Thomas Thornton, ot Kingston- upon- Hull, timber merchants, Jan. 17, 18, Feb. 19, at ihe Dog and Duck, Hull. JANUARY II J— Richard Anthony, nf Plymouth, Devonshire, grocer, Jan. 20, 24, Feb. 2' i, at Ihe Ro\ nl Hotel, Plymouth Thomas Bearne, of Southampton, plumber and glazier, Jan. 2 ), 29, Feb. 22, at the Dolphin Inn, Southampton.— William Brown, juil. of Annsby, Lincoln, cow- jobber, Jan. 19, 20, Feb 22, al the Angel lull, Grantham, Lilicolll. hire— 7' homas Bunn, of Southtow n, Suffolk, and Robert Bunn, of New castle, Northumber- land, merchants, Jan 19, 20, Feb. 22, at ti e Black Lion Tavern, Great Yarmouth.— Robert Burrows and William Winn, of Broken Wharf, Upper 1 hames- stieet, London, merchants, Jan. 18, 22, Feb. 22, at the Woclpaek Inn, Norwich.— John Cook and Daniel Sheppard, of Ipswich, Suffolk, maltsters and merchants, Jan. 20, 21, F< b. 22, atthe Bear and Cro* n, Ipswich-— James Frimling, of Cllisleliursf, Kent, coach master and victualler, Jan. 18 25, Feb. 22, at Guildhall, Loudon.— Basilio Gi/ ardone, of Exeter, jeweller, Jan 12. Feb. 2, 22, at the Old London Inn, Exeter Daniel Gorely, of Canterbury, Kent, hatier. Jan. 18, 22, Feb. 22, HI Guddhall, London.— Isaac Leplastrier, ol the Minor es, London, watch and clock maker, Jan. 18, 25, Feb. ' 22. at Guild- hall Edward Woodgate, sen. of Burrow',- buildings, Blaek- friar's- road. Surrey, timber- merchant, Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 22, at Guildhall, London. of January, 1813. Vears. £. s. d. Years. £. s. d. ) 7' J4 445,622 7 8 I8U4 .. 919,89s 17 6 r/ 9.1 449* 978 2 10 I8H5 .. 972,811 4 5 1790 513,147 5 2 1800 1,1US, 840 18 1 1797 557,732 3 tl 1807 l, l6l, 843 4 1 1793 6: i6,956 1 8 1808 J, 147,: t75 13 11 ' 1799 689,62U 9 8 I8 « 9 1,132,209 5 0 1800 745 513 3 6 18IO 1,251,371 7 7 1801 80( 1,361 0 8 ! 8I1 1,341,112 16 0 1802 916,276 1 4 8112 1.338,266 3 4 1803 728,871 3 4 1813 1,414,2- 24 0 7 18,201,847 1 7 CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, and their tor enting Itching instantly removed, by Whitehead's Es- sence of Mustard, universally esteemed for its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatism, Palsies, Sprains, Bruises, & c. But where tbis certain remedy has beeu unknown, or neglect- ed, and Ibe Chilblains have actually suppurated, or broke, Whitehead's Family Cerate will ease the pain, and rerv speedily heal them. They are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSION, Apothecary, 13, Greek- Street, Solid, London, the Essence and Pills nt 2s. 9d. each — the Cerate at Is. ljd. They are also sold by FDDOWES, New ling, and Palin, Shrews- bury ; Painter, Wrexham; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Houlstons, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; l'rodgers, Ludlow ; Part- ridge, and Gitton, Brislgnoith; Edwards, Price, and Min- shall, Oswestiy; and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. The genuine has a black Ink Stamp with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on it. FOGS AND DAMP AIR. BARCLAY'S ASTHMATIC CANDY has for many yeais been proved a most effectual Preservative from the ill eflect of Fnos and DAMP AIR, which at tbis season of the year are so prejudicial to those who are affected with ASTHMATIC COUGHS and SHORTNESS of BR EATH, lis effects are to expel Wind, to dr fend the Stomach fiom the admission of Damps ; and to relieve those who suffer from a Difficulty of Breathing. Piepaied only and sold whole& ale and retail by BARCLAY and SONS, NO. 95, Fleet- matket; and retail by their appointment, by W. EDDOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Sbiewsbnry; Miller, Madeley Market- Place; Houlstons, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evan- son, Whitchurch ; Baugh, Cioss, Ellesmere ; Procter, Drayton ; Weacer, Montgomery ; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and P . well, Welshpool; Morral, Price, Edwa'ds, and Minshall, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Oitton, Bridgnorth; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Painter, Wiexham ; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llan- gerniew; Evans, Newtown; and by all Venders of Medicine in town and country. Observe the Name of Barclay and Sons on the Stamp. IMPORTANT WORKS, Lately published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster- Row, London, and sold by W- F. DDOWES, Shrewsbury, and J. PAINTER, Wrexham. I. IELEMENTS of AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY, in I a Course of Lectires for the Board of Agriculture. By Sir HUMPHRY DAVY, I. I , D. F. R. S L. and E. M. R. I. Ill 4to. illustrated with 10 Engravings, by Lowry. Price 2/ Is. Boards. II. 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S. late Fellmv of Gonville and Cains College, Cambridge; Author of tbe " Antiquities of Magna Grsceia." Illustrated by numerous Engravings, by Lowry, with an Introduction, containing an historical View of fhe Rise and Progress of Architecture amongst the Greeks. Part I. in Elephant 4to. Price 31. 3s. Bds. and in Royal Folio 61. 6s. Bds. V. ROKF. BY : a POEM in Six Cantos. By WALTER SCOTT, F.- q. In Svo. the Fifth Edition, printed by Ballantvne. Price Hi. Boards, and in Roval 8rn. Price 1/. Sr. Boards. VI. ILLUSTRATIONS of Mr. WALTER SCOTT's POEM of ROKEBY, engraved after Designs llyT. STOTHARD, Esq. R. A, In the first Style nf Excellence. Price in 4to. Proofs on French Paper, 11. 16r.; Prints in Svo. 18x.; and with the Poem in 8vo. 1/. 12i. Twenty- five Proofs only are taken off in Folio, on India Paper, Price 11. 2s, VII. MEMOIRS of tbe PRIVATE and PUBLIC LIFE LIFE of WILLIAM PENN. BY THOMAS CLARKSON, M. A. In 2 Vols. 8vn. Price I/. 4s. Boards. VIII. 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The same Work inav be had in French, Price 5s. 6d. Boards. XVI. TRAVELS in the PYRENEES; containing a De. scription of the pilncipal Summits, Passes, and Vallies. Translated from the French of M. RAMOND. BY F. GOLD. In 1. Vol. 8vo. Price. 9r. Boards. XVII. A SKETCH of MODl'. RN and ANTIENT GEO- GRAPHY. for the Use of Schools. By SAMUEL BUTLER, 1) D. Head Master of the Royal Free Grammar School of Shiewsbnry. In 8vo. tbe 2d Edition, Priee 9s. Boards. XVIII. SILVA ; or a DISCOURSE of FOREST- TREES, and the Propagation of Timber in his Majesty's Dominions, as it was delivered in tbe Royal Society on toe 15rh of October, 1662, upon occasion of certain Queries propounded to that illustrious Assembly by the Hon. tbe piincipal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy ; together with an Historical Account of the Sacrediiess and Use of Standing Groves. By JOHN EVELYN, Esq. F. R. S. With Notes. By A, HUNTER, M. D. F. R. S. 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XX A NARRATIVE of the BUILDING, and a DE- SCRIPTION of the CONSTRUCTION of the EDYSTONE LIGHTHOUSE with STONE; to which is subjoined, an Appendix, giving some Account uf the Lighthouse on the Spurn Point, built upon a Sand. By JOHN SMEATON, Civil Engineer, F. R. S. A new Edition, in Imperial I'olio. Price 61. 6s. Half- bd. XXL AN ACCOUNT OF IRELAND Statistical and Political. By EDWARD WAKEFIELD. CONTENTS.- VOL. I. Name, Situation, Extent, and Divisions; Face of tbe Country; Soil; Bogs; Minerals-, See.; Climate; Landed Property, Rental, and Tenures; Rural Economy; Fuel; Harbours ; Lighthouses ; Internal Communication ; Manu- factures and National industry. VOL. II. Comnieice; Fisheries; Money and Circulating Medium ; Weights and Measuies ; Prices; Revenue and Finance; Representation; Government; Rebellion in 1798; Parties; Education ; Church Establishment; Tithe; Religious Sects and Parties; Population; Customs, Manners, and Habits; General Slate of the People; Defence; Concluding Re marks. In 2 Vols 4to. with a Map. Price 61 6s Boards. XXlt. TRAVELS to Discover tbe SOURCE of the NILE in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1712, and 1773. By JAMES BRUCE of Ktnnaird, Esq, F. R.. S. In 7 Vols. Svo. wilh an Atlas iu 4to Price 6/. 6i. Boards. The Third Edition, corrected and enlarged, with a Life of the Author. XXIII. TIIE RURAL SPORTS; or, a Description of the Pleasures and Amusements arising from tbe Air, ilie Fields, the Waters, and the Forests; being Rules ai d Directions for Shooting, Fishing, and Hunting, with an Abbreviation of the Laws relative to each; interspersed with Sketches and Anecdotes from Natural History. By the Rev. W. B. DANIEL. III list rated by 72 Plates, principally fiom Drawings by Rein- Igle, and engraved by Seoit. In 3 Vols. Demy 4to. Price H. lit. 6d. Boards, or 3 Vols. Royal Svo. Price 51. 5r. Boards, new Editions. XXIV. REFLECTIONS on SUICIDE. By MADAME deSTAEL, Baroness of Holstein. Translated fiom the French, 12mo. Price 5*-. Boards. XXV. OMNIANA ; or. Horse Otiosinrcs. By ROBERT SOUTHEY, Esq. In 2 Vols. 12ino. Price 12i. Boards. XXVI. SPEECHES in PARLIAMENT, of the Right Honourable WILLIAM WINDHAM; to which is prefixed some Account of his Life. 13v THOMAS AMYOT, Esq. In 3 Vols Svo. Price U. 16i. Boards. Also, in a S'. ite of Forwardness, the Speeches of the lale Right Hon. C. J. FOX, and the Right Hon. EDMUND f; URKE. XXVII. THF, HISTORY of ALL RELIGIONS, with Explanations of the Doctrines and Order of Worship, as held and practised by all the Denominations or prole- sing Chris- tians; comprehending a Series of Researches explanatory of the Opinions, Customs, and Representative Worship in the Churches which have been established from the beginning of Time to Ihe commencement of the Christian Dispensation; containing much Information on Biblical Literature, at tbis Day unknown. By JOHN BELLAMY, Author ofthe Ophion, and Biblical Criticisms in the Classical Journal, with considerable Alterations and Additions, in 12mo. Price 6J. in Svo. fine Paper and hot pressed, Price 10.-. firf. Boards, the 2d Edition. SCHOOL BOOKS OF ESTABLISHED REPUTATION. Published by B. and R. CROSBY and Co. Stationer,' Court, London ; and Sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers. ANEW AND COMPLETE HISTOR Y OF ENGLAND, FROM the luvas on of Julius Carsar to the end of the Year 18U1, by Question and Answer; frotn the most authentic Documents, by CHARLES LOWNDES: and continued to ( he unrestricted Regency, by the Rev. J. MALHAVl. anew Edition. 5s. bound. 1' The Improvements noticed in this second Edition are numerous; it would be culpable not to point out towards the Close, the Editor's animated Appeal to the British Character, and his nervous and energetic Description of that true Spirit ot Patriotism, w hich should uarm every Heart in the present State ofthe political World."— Gent. Mag. April, 1809. ENFlEI. D's GENERAL PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY ofthe ENGLISH LANGUAGE, shewing the Orthography, Explanation, Accentuation, and Pronunciation of all Ihc purest and most approved Teuns, according lu Ihe most eminent Lexicographers and Orators. Third Edition, much improved and Stereotyped, Price 4s. bound. " In a very modest Preface, Mr. Enfield observes, ' that the Editor of such a Work as this has little In do, but to familiarize the Moid to Knowledge already extant, and to endeavour, Dy a lucid Arrangement of the Materials of his Piedecessois, to smooth the Path of Science.' Humble as such Pretensions are, tbe Task is one which requires the Exercise both of Considerable Judgment and of great Industry ; and it is but common Ju. tire to say, that Mr. Enfield has displayed both, in the Compilation and Arrangement ofthe useful little Volume before n*."— Anti Jacobin Review, August, 1807. WALKER'S CRITICAL PRONOUNCING DICTION- ARY; Octavo, Stereotype, 14 » .— Quarto Edition, £ 1. II- 6d. THE YOUNG LADIES NF. W GUIDE TO ARITHMETIC, the common Rules and Questions oil DonKMic Affairs, with the Application of each Rule, Ihe Method of making Bills of Parcels, Receipts, Notes, icc. 6th Edition, enlarged, 2s. By J. GRE1G, Teacher of Writing, Geography mid Mathematics, Cliches. Dy the same Author, An INTRODUCTION to the USE of the GLOBES, for Youth ol both Sexes, 2d Edition, eilarged. Jr. This is a very u- ieful Manual for Students io Astronomv. The Problems are judiciously selected, and the Solution, neat and perspicuous. The Author has used none but ihe most respectab e Works, and appears, on a cursory View, lo hive used it. ein w- ell."— British Critic, Feb. 1805. LEVIZAC's FRENCH and ENGLISH, and ENGLISH and FRENCH DICTIONARY, adapted for general Use, in which obsolete Words are expunged, and many Thousand useful Words, uot to he found in anv o'. hei French aiid English Dictionary, are introduced. By M. L'ABBE DE LEV1ZAC, Author of the Grammar of the French Language, Price 12s. bound. At, EASY GRAMMAR of SACRED HISTORY, the Princi- pal Events in the Old and New ' Testament. The Second Edition, considerably enlarged ana illustrated with Maps & c. Bv MARY ANN RUNDALL, Percv Hou- e, Bath, 4-. bounU. CLIVE's SHORT HAND, fan Abbreviation of) and great Improvement on Mavor', System, saving in all Cases One Tenth of Time and Space, and in many Instances One Eighth. Illustrated by 15 Plates, containing 46 Sets of Progressive Example,, 7s. 6d. Boards. The NEW SPEAKER, or ENGLISH CLASS BOOK, to which is prefixed a short System ot Rhetoric, and an Essay on Delivery, bv WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. 4c. 6d. BONNYCASTLE's ARITHMETIC, lOili Edition, greatly- enlarged and improved, 3s. 6d. bound. POEMS on VARIOUS SUBJECTS, selected to induce the Practice of Virtue, and intended to comprise the Beauties of English Poetry, by E. TOMK1NS. In a neat Pocket Vol. 3s. bound. Another elegant Edition, with Engravings, a handsome Present for Youth, 4>. fid. Boards. BURNEY', BRITISH NEPTUNE, or a HISTORY of NAVAL ATCHIEVEMENTS, with 8 Plates, ana a Map ol the World, Is. 6d. BURNEV's LIVES and ACTIONS of BRITISH NAVAL HEROES, w ith 24 Portraits, aud 6 Charts, l' 2mo. 1-. 6d. A NEW INTRODUCTION tn BOOK KEEPING, after the Italian Method. By R. TURNER, LL. D. late of Magdalen College, Oxford. The Sixth Edition, augmented and carefully corrected, bv Mr. MALHAM, l>. PARKHUIlST's GREEK and ENGLISH LEXICON, with a plain and easv Greek Grammar, Roval bvo. Price .£ 1. 10s. PAI'KHURST's HEBREW and' ENGLISH LEXICON, without Points; to which is prefixed a Hebrew and Clialdee Grammar, Roval Svo. Price £]. 10s. A NEW SYSTEM of SHORT II AND, by which more may be written in one Hour than ill one Hour and a half by anv olher published, which is proved by Comparison ; alio a Method by which any Person may determine, before lie begins to learn, if this System will en- able him to follow a Speaker. By SAMUEL RICHARDSON, lale Teacher al Chester and Liverpool, Fourth Edition. Price Si. Svo. Boaids. A GRAMMAR of BOTANY, containing a complete and familiar Introduction to the Science of BOTANY, lor the U. eof Botanical and Medical Students, and of School,. A new Edition, bv Dr. THORNTON, with numerous Pistes, Price Is. or with the Plates coloured, 12s. hound. ESSAYS on RHETORIC. Abridged chiefly from Dr. Blair's Lectures on that Science. The Sixth Edition, carefully rev ised, and considerably augmented w ith several Articles of original Matter, Price 5s. bound, or on fine extra Medium Paper for Gentlemen's Libraries, 6s. 6d. extra Boards. LLOYD'S ENG LISH EXPOSITOR, on a new Plan, 2s. A GRAM MAR of CHEMISTRY, being an easy and practical Introduction lo that useful Science; intended for the Use ot' Students and Schools, with familiar Experiments, Questions and Plates. Bv the Rev. D. BLAIR, Price 4s. bound. GEOGRAPHY for Children, an easy Method of teaching Geography, from Du Fresnov. Mr. Poole's new and improved Edition, 2s. BINN's EXERCISES, instructive and entertaining, in false English, Is. ( id. Tbe SURVEYOR'S GUIDE, or a Treatise on practical Land Surveying, in Seven Parts, wilh the Method of Drawing, Reducing or augmenting Plans, and many Wood Cuts. The Third Edition, enlarged. By J. COTES, Survc, or, al Wirksworlh, in Derby- shire, 4s. extra Boards. JONES's GRAMMAR of CHRONOLOGY ; including arti- ficial Memory audits Application to the great Events of Hi. torv, 3d. fid. bound. WANOSTROCHT's CLASSICAL VOCABULARY, French and English, Seventh Edition, 3J. 6d. bound. A DESCRIPTION of more than THREE HUNDRED ANIMALS, embellished with upwards of Three Huudred fine- Wood Engravings of Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Serpents, aud Insects, copied from Nature, and engraved with Taste and Ac- curacy; Demy 12illo. 5s. fid. Boards, 6s. hound. A few Copies ill Octavo, on Ihe finest Wove Paper, 10s. 6d. Boards, *** This Woik has been entirely recomputed by A. D. M'QUIN, If. F. S. A. and now forms a valuable Compen - dium of Natural History, interspersed with amusing Anecdotes and Observations from the best Authorities, to w hich is added an original Appendix ou allegorical and labulous Animals, aud an Index lo Ihe Whole, wilb the English, Latin, and French Names. FISHER's GRAMMAR improved. By the Rev. J. WILSON, iti which Fisher s Plan is preserved, ami the Work made more perfect by vaiious Amendments from Walker, Sheiidan, Lowih, and others. Price 2s. Ii, Hull!, M ARKHAM's SPELLING improved. By WILSON, Is. 3d. bound. DICKSON's GRAMMAR ot Hi; First Principle ol AGRI- CULTURE, intended chiefly lor the Use of Young Persons, as a Bt inch ot liberal Education, illustrated bv 11 Engravings. 5s. The ELEMENTS of ENGLISH EDUCATION, for Youth of both Sexes, with Maps, Wr. od Cuts, Sic. containing Ihe leading Parts of English Literature. B> JOHN BROW NK, Master of au Academv at Kingston, Surrey, 5-. Board-, 5s. fid. bound. BaKER'S GRAMMAR of MORAL PIIILOSOPfl V, and Natural Theology, attracted chiefly from the Works ot Dr. Paley, 5s. bound. GOLDSMITH', GRAMMAR of GEOGRAPHY, rendered into easv Verse, describing the Situations, Manners, and Produce of all Nat ons, tor the Use of Young Persons. By the Rev. W. R. JOHNSON, Price 4 « . hall bound. DAY's SANDFORD Mid MERTON, abridged, 4s bound.— The same complete in 2 Vols, with plates, 85. bound. For Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, Sumbnets, Palsy, Jfc. IS PARTICULART. Y HECOMMlsNDJD THE CUMBERLAND BITUMINOUS FLUID. f"¥ lHE astonishing Success with which Ibis medicine his A been employed in cases of the most inveterate, hope- less, and deplorable kind, alter every other means had been tried in vain, and the unhappy sufferer had given op all hopes of ever eaininc relief, most justly entitle it to the attention of the afflicted with any of the above complaints. An account of many great and extraordinary cures pe formed in all paits of tho kingdom, wiih leference to persons c, the first re- spectability, may be bad, GRATIS, fro n any of the venders. From J. MAKEPEACE, E> q. of Ifrxham, Northumberland, to Mr. RAMSAY, Penrith. SIR, HEXHAM, June 22, 1811. I was most giievously afflicted with the Rheumatism for several years, particularly across my loins, and my hip ami knee joints, which at limes completely deprived me of the power of walking. I had the advice of several eminent phy- sicians, and by their recommendation went to Bath, ami tried the effects of the watets, without gaining any lehet. After making use of various medicines lo no purpose, 1 by the advice of a friend, was induced to try your medicine, from tne use of which, I am happy lo say, I have received the greatest relief, as 1 can now walk without pain or lameness, and enjoy as good health as can be expeclcd at my advanced period of life, being in my Kith year, w hich I attribute solely lo the use of your invaluable medicine. Your have my full liberty to make what use you please of this leiter. I am, your obedient servant, JOHN MAKEPEACE. Thomas F. webank, gardener to W. 11. F. Richardson Ran- dal, Esq. Nnnwick Hall, near Penrith, was cured ot Ihe Lumbago and Rheumatism across the loius, which had de. prived him of the use of his limbs, by ttie Cumberland Bituminous Fluid. Witness to the < WILLIAM JAMSI, ) Cbmchwardeiis ofthe above I JOHN RAWSON, ) Parish uf Penrith. I, William Longrnire, surveyor of the high toads for the county of Westmoreland, uf Bolton, near Appleby, was afflicted with Ihe Rheumatism iu my back and hips, which confined me to my bed for many weeks, have experienced a complete cure by the use of one bottle of tbe Cumbeiland Bituminous Fluid. WILLIAM LONG- Ml RE. Prepared ( only) by G. RAMSAY, Apothecary, ( many year, of Apothecaries', hall, London), and sold in bottles, at 2s. 9d. each. Sold wholesale by RABCLAY and Sons, 9.5, Fleet- Matket, London ; Gibson, Myers, and Co. Newcastle ; and retail by W. ECDOWE,, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrews- bury; Miller, . Madeley Market- Place; Houlstous, Welling- ton; Smith, Ironbridge, and Much Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch; Birch, Cross. Ellesmcre ; Proctor, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery 1 Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Wel, b| « iol • Morral, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; Gnflut. s' Bishop's Castle ; Griffiths, I. ndlow; Gitton, Bridgnorth- Scarrott, Shiffnal ; Painter, Wrexham ; Jones, t: htrk } Monis, Ruabon; Evans, Llangeiniew; Evans, Newtown- mid by , Very Medicine Vender'in the Kingdom. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILK. Til IS decidedly the most elegant aud cffic3cions medicii ever vet discovered for nt'rvrwiQ r1! « ever yet discovered for nervous diseases and shattered con- stitutions, consumptions, weakness of sight or metnorv, hypo- chondria, tremblings of the mind, , e* ual rtebiliiv, stomach and bowel complaint-, and all other diseases arising from a relaxed stale of ibe nervous system : which aie too o tea brought on by dissipation in youth, and the vross violation of those rules which prudence dictates for the preserve,,,„ 0f health, add the laying a foundation for a long and happy life, with a firm and Ltiong constitution. Sold by W. EDDOWGS, Printer, Shrewsbury, in bottles, p. ice 1 Is. each, or four iu one Family Bottle for 33s hy which one lis. bottle is saved, wilh the words - AW. Solomon, Liver- pool," engraved in the . Stamp. (£ 3= Dr. Solomon expects, when consulted by Letter, the usual compliment of a one pound note 10 be ipci , sed| atll dressed Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House ' near Liverpool. Paid double postage." Tolhe AFFL1C1 ED » t h COUGHS ' OLDS, AS TH M \ S and CONSUMPTIONS, ' BENNETT'S COUGH DROPS ARE RECOMMENDED AS A MOST SOVEREIGN REMEDY. rruiK Proprietor having prove! the unparalleled . tfieacv "*• of BENNETT'S COUGH DROPS in his extensive puvale piatice, can with confidence recommend , hem lc> those who suffer under obstinate Coughs, Hoarsenesses Catarrhs, Difficulty of Breathing, Wheezing, Soreness of the Breast and Stomach, Obstructions of the Glands, Acri- mony uf the Fluids, and Congealed Phlegm, in all which ONE TRIAL ONLY will speedily evince their unparalleled Uiilitv. These Drops are perfectly mild and innocent in their operation, and are sold Wholesale only, by appointment of the Proprietor, hy BARCLAY and SON, NO 95, Fleet- market, . London, whose Names are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each Bottle • and Retail, price 2s. 9d. Dutv included, bv W. Enoowis* Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Millar, Madeleyl Marketplace; Houlstous, Wellington; Smith, Iro,, bridge, and Much Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch; Birch, Cross, Kllesmeie ; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Welshpool; Morral, Price, Ednards, and Min.- hall, Oswestry ; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle ; Griffiths. Ludlow; Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Scarrott, Shiftual ; Painter, W exhain; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon ; Evaas, Llangerniew; Evans, Newtown ; and by every Medicine Vender in the King I m. CHILBLAINS, SPRAINS, RHEUMATISMS, & c. Dll. STEIiRS'S OPODELDOC has been long established from its superior excellence, in the above and other external complaints, and its celebrity has given rise to a variety of counterfeits, which ate now offered for sale in almost every street and town in the Kingdom. They are it, general composed of ingredients so base, as to produce little or 110 effect, thereby deceiving those who expect relief, and tbey are wrapped up in directions nearly copies of those of the Genuine Opodeldoc, iu which the names of Dr S'eers, of f. hariug- croSS, and Mr. Newbery,' Bookseller, of St. Paul's Church- yard, persons not in existence, are. made use of » i; h the intent ol more readily defrauding nnivary purchasers. Asit is therefore become necessary tu obviate such im io- iti'oiis, which are practised even in hnuses of seeming respectability, the Public will be careful to ask for the Genuine Opo leld-. c', sold by F. Newbery and Sons, in St.. Paul's Church- vard, London; and they will observe, as ihe only mark of authen- ticity, that the wolds, " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's" are engraved in the stamps. To he had also in most country " ' Towns of the respectable dealers in Medicines. For Coughs, Colds, Isthmus, and Consumptions. CUN DELL'S IMPROVED BALSAM OF HONEY. AMTIABTT B fore the Right lion, the Lord Mayor cf London. THIS is to ceitify, That I, EMZA YENDOLL, was dan- gerously ill fur a length of time, with a most distressing cough and asthmatic consumption, so tnncli so, as to spit blood frequently; and several medical gentlemen who attended me could not give ine relief. I wasted, and was on the brink of the grave, when fortunately I had recourse to Cundell's Im- proved Balsam of Honey, and after the use of a few bottles was, miller Divine Providence, not only perfectly cured, but even enjoy better health now than ever I did. To ccriity which 1 subscribe my name. F. LIZA YENDOLL, her X mark. Witnesses, K. Fottracre, G. Dyer. Sworn at the Mansion [ louse, London, Oct. 8, 1810. ( Signed) T. SMITH, Mayor. The above case is one of the numerous instances of the " extraordinary meiits of this medicine, which is not only ai » effectual nut a perfectly safe remedy in all Colds, Coughs, Asthmas, or any of the complaints of the lungs; thousand* who have been through the use of it restoied to health bail its benign influence; and the extensive and rapidly in- creasing safe uf this medicine proves, beyond all doubt, that the British public values it according to its merits. — Ample directions for the use of it are contained in the pamphlet accompanying each b- ittle. Cumlell's Improved Balsam of Honey, is prepared ( only) and sold by Henry Oundell, Chemist and Druggist, No. 47, Minories, in buttlesof 2s. 9d. 5*. 6d. and 12s ( id each, duty included. Also, hy his appointment, by J Evans and Son, No. 42, Long lane, WesfatnithQeld, sole wholesale agents for the supply of the country ; and retail by EDDOWES, Newliu", and Walton, Shrewsbury; Honlston aud Son, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge; und Wen look ; Feltou, Ludlow; Painter', W1 ex ha 111; Jones and Onflit. hs, Welehpool; Parker, Whit- church; Green, Dravton; Gitlon, Bridgnorth; Smart, Wolverhampton; Dre. vry, Stafford; Moore, Stone ; and by one or more reputable medicine vendris in every town in the united kingdom. Take notice, none can be genuine but what are signed at the bottom of tbe pamphlet, in his own baud.
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