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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 28
No Pages: 4
The Northampton Mercury page 1
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford

Date of Article: 16/10/1813
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 28
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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VOL. 93. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1813. NO. AS. Ready Money is expected { 5 Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham,/ ^ S Stamp- Duty - 31. with Advertisements. S ( Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. $ . I RICE OH j. ( pape]. and pr; nt And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, Oct. 12. FRENCH Papers to the 8th instant have been received. The Report from toe Armies comes to the 29th tilt. This, however, continues to preserve the same meagre character, the same scantiness of detail, which has of late been so remarkable in these documents. All the move- ments noticed have a reference to ihe war on the left of th" Elbe. Additional troops are marching towards the Saale. Poniatowski has reached Penig, in that direction ; and Auge- reau, with one of the reserve Corp* ( furnished with a numeroa » cavalry from Spain!) is said to he proceeding towards the same point. The last account, however, leaves him only at Bamberg, on the 27th ult. Nev, alarmed bv the Crown Prince's preparations for crossing the Elbe, has marched, together with liegnier, oil Dessan ami Oranienhaum; whilst Bertrand has advanced to Wartenberg, where, as well as at Dessau, a bridge had been thrown across the river hy the Swedes. It is pretended that the tetes- de- pont at both these points have been carried by the French ; but in what degree these circumstances, if true, have a ( Verted the Crown Prince's general plan of operations, is not mentioned. Meanwhile it is tacitly admitted, that ( be siege of Wittemberg has commenced, as some shells have been thrown into that fortress. Bonaparte is displaying his " sublime genius'' i reviews; audit happens very conveniently for him, that he has not to go far for that purpose. So late as the 28th ult. he was thus employed at Weissig,— not the place of that name twelve miles north- east of Bautzen ; but a Tillage so railed only eight miles east of Dresden. This report concludes with blaming the weather its the chief cause of the " great Captain's" late failures. It seems he did not expect heavy rains in Saxony, any more than he did a hard frost in Russia. It would appear that the defeat of Pechetix had been the signal for, a very extensive rising in Hanover if a Frankfort article of the 1st instant mav be depended on, which says, that all the troops there ( including even the Guards of Honour) marched on the SOt'i tilt, for Westphalia; but even this news, important as it might lie in its - ultimate consequences, sinks in immediate interest below that which is contained in the Paris accounts announcing another Conscription ! The Senate— that assemblage of wretches, who of late have never met hut to sign the comprehensive death- warrants of whole myriads of the youth of France — had an extraordinary Session on the 4th instant, tinder the presidence of the infamousCambaccres, who laid before them the long- delayed report on ihe war with Austria and Sweden; concluding with a distinct avowal, that Bonaparte's present means are not adequate to the emergency of his situation, and calling on them to inflict still deeper wounds on their already bleeding and exhausted country. Thus, after the sacrifice of 400,000 of her inestimable veterans, in the mad attempt to subjugate the frozen regions of the North, - after a conscription of 300,000 of her chosen youth, to retrieve the shattered fortunes of the Moody Usurper, does France lind herself, ill the course of a few short months, again sum- moned " to exhibit a new energy," " to raise numerous battalions," and to put her armies in a state " for bushing the war with fresh vigour." Frenchmen ! call to mind the horror with which, in 1792, you heard the wild avowal of Marat, " that 200,000 head* must fall to consolidate the Revolution." Alas! Marat was tender and humane, in comparison with the butcher under whom you now suffer. Weigh well what the iniquity is, which the Tyrant and his despicable creatures veil under the empty name of glory. Hear the voice of all Europe, raised in unanimous and solemn condemnation of his atrocities. Hear it conjuring you to live esteemed and honoured among nations, in the possession of every legal right, in the enjoyment of every physical and moral benefit which God and Nature have so abundantly showered on you ; so that you will but cease to support the nmd and impious struggles of an ambition io which enlightened and civilized man will never yield. It is written in the laws of nature, it is sanctioned hy the law of God, that the spirit of just and manly independence must jnosper. Believe not your fabe Prophet. He told you, in September, 1808, that before Christ- mas in that year, there would not be a village in Spain which would not ow » i his brother's swav. Turn your eyes now to the Pyrenees; behold the accomplishment of this Oracle, in an army of 150,000 men ready to carry devastation and • vengeance throughout your Southern Provinces. Wait not till a similar storm hangs over you from the North. Rise, men of France! Terminate at once your own dimrace, and the sufferings which you share with all Europe. Set a price on the Tyrant's head, disown his crimes, and escape from bis Conscriptions. This is the certain and the only road to pence and honour. Whilst giving expression to sentiments which the bare mention of another demand for men from the exhausted population of Fiance is calculated to inspire, it is impossible but to reflect, with sad regret, on the loss of him, to whom, in tin present crisis, the eves of France would naturally have been directed. ( In another column will he found, a letter which does equal honour to tin bead and heart of the Emperor Alexander.) The death of General Moreau was indeed " a dreadful misfortune" to Europe in general, but above nil to the French nation. He formed a point of union between them and their present adversaries, which in the event of a peace would have been a pledge of secure and honourable terms to both parties. His patriotism was too pure to have admitted of any measure injurious to the true Jionour of France; and the deference which was paid to him by the Allies would have pro- hibited their adoption of a policy which he did not fully approve. His place can be supplied, in these resperts, hy none so well, as by the Crown Prince of Sweden, who has been his friend and ( fellow- labourer in the great cause of national independence. On him the spirit and genius of Moreau seem, in great measure, to ha e rested, tie lias effectually foiled the Tyrant in the field ; and it is hoped the moment is not far distant when he will be enabled to dictate the terms of peace, on the principles so nobly avowed in his Proclamation to the Saxons," and in his Letter, both given in our subsequent columns. The tone of the Report to the Senate, its unwilling publication after so long a delay, and the docu- ments bv which it is accompanied, all show, that the hopes which Bonaparte so long cherished, of deluding Austria to her ruin, have at lengrh given way, to the consciousness of those dangers wine! surround himself. Cainbaccres may well hi credited when he says, " the continuation ofthe war is contrary to his Majesty's wish;" but doubt it would be much more contrary to his Majesty's wish to see the war terminated in th manner which outraged humanity demands. The following Bulletin was issued yesterday from the War Department:— " War Department, Oct. 11. " By dispatches dated Kingston, Upper Canada the 1st August, it appears that Gen de Roiteu- hurg's head quarters were advanced to St. David's, seven tniles from Fort George, and our advanced posts within four miles of ic. " The American flotilla sailed from Sachet's Harbour on the 23d of July, and on the 30th Sir James Yeo sailed from Kingston, with the design of engaging them." There was a rumour yesterday that the Ame- rican flotilla had been all either taken or de- stroyed ; but there is no account of any action, of a date subsequent to the affair in which the Americans lost four vessels, mentioned a day or two since. PROCLAMATION. The Crmen I'rince of Sweden to the Saxons. SAXONS— The combined army of North Germany has passed your frontiers ; not to wage war with the people of your country, but only to attack its op- pressors. You cannot but ardently wish for the success of our arms, whose sole object is to revive your ruiped pros- perity, and to restore to your Government its splen- dour and independence. We continue to consider all ^ axonsas friends. Your property shall be respected the army shall observe the strictest discipline, and its wants shall be supplied in the manner least bur- thensome to the country. Forsake not your houses, and pursue your usual occupations as before. Soon will important events deliver us from the danger of an ambitious policy. Be the worthy des- cendants of the Saxons of old, and if German blood must flow; let it be tor the independence of Ger- many, and not tor the pleasure of one single indivi- dual, to whom you are bound by no tie, by no com- mon interest. France is fine and extensive enough ; the conquerors of antiquity would have been content with such an empire. The Frcnch themselves wish to return within the limits which nature herself has prescribed them. They hate tyranny, even though they are subservient to it Venture at length to tell them that ye are resolved to be free; and these same French will fdmire you, and will, themselves, en- courage you to persevere in your generous undertaking. CHARI. ES JOHN. Head- quarters, Juterbock, Sept. 10, 1813. The following letter has been written by the Emperor Alexander to Madam Moreau, upon the demise of her husband:— " MADAM,— Wheti the dreadful misfortune which befel Gen. Moreau, close at my side, de- prived me of the talents and experience of ( hat great man, I indulged the hope, that, by care, we might still be able lo preserve him to his family and to my friendship. Provide nce has ordered it other- wise. He died as he lived, iu the full vigour of a strong and steady mind. There is but one remedy for the great miseries of life— that of seeing them participated. In Russia, Madam, you will find these sentiments every where; and if it suit you to fix your residence there, I will do all in my power to embellish the existence of a personage of whom I make it my sacred duty In be the consoler and Ihe support. I intrent vou. Madam, to rely upon it irrevocably, never to let ine be in ignorance of any circumstance in which I can be of any use to you. and to write directly lo me always. To anticipate your wishes will be a pleasute to oie. The friend- ship I vowed to your husband exists beyond the grave, and 1 have no other means of shewing it, at least ill part, towards him, than by doing every- thing in my power to ensure ( he welfare of his family. In ( hese sad and cruel circumstances, accept, Madam, these marks of friendship, and the assurance of all my sentiments. " ALEXANDER." " Toplitz, 6th* Sept. 1813." Willi what vigour the Emperor of Russia is de- termined to prosecute the war, may be judged frwin the circumstance, that a levy of recruits throughout the whole Russian Empire, to which every 500 men must furnish three recruits, has been set on foot. On ordinary occasions, one only is required out of 500.— Three out of 500, esti- maing th « population of Russia at 40 millions, will produce 240,000 men. A second levy, equally nu- merous, was to take place in ihe course of the pre- sent month. At a late meeting of the Directors of the Bank of Bengal, it was resolved, in consideration of the present circumstances of the money market, to raise the charges of interest to the following rates; viz. 10 per cent, on the loans on deposit for three months; 8 per cent, on discounts of Government acceptances; and 12 per cent, on privale acceptances. The Secretary of State for the Home Department lias appointed a general volunteering from the mili- tia to take place on the 19th, 20th, and 21st days of this month. The leading distinction acquired by a General Officer who obtains the rank of Field Marshal, is the honour of being exclusively saluted with the colours and standards of all the forces. Fur Saturday's Gazette, Sf. e. ( fc..— sre last page RET[ il Fa i . T. G. RUSHER, BANBURY, . It the Printing- Office,, in Bridge- Street, URNS Thanks to his Friends for Favours received, anil informs them. Country Shopkeepers, and others, that he has constantly m Sale ( for Ready Money) a large Assortment of CUTLERY, JAPANS EI) GOODS, HABER- DASHERY, TOYS, and STATIONARY, on ihemost reasonable Terms; also. Morocco, Gilt, Plated, Horn, Ivory, Tin, Wood, and Fancy Goods; Beads, Necklaces, Bugles, Trimming, Spangles, See. *** Cotton Balls at ( he same Price as at the Manufacturers. Mustard, Vinegar, and Stone Blue. The full Value giveafor Rags, Metal, and Horse Hair, either in Ready Money or in Exchange for Goods. {^ IF Printing executed in all its Branches. Ironmongery, $ c. S> C. MAR KF, T- PL A C F., B A N BU RY. TOIIN BARI ORD respectfully informs his « " Friends anil the Public, that he has opened a SHOP in the above Place inlhe IRONMONGERY TRADE, with a new Assortment of Ihe various Articles attached ( o i(; and humbly solicils a Share of ( heir Favours. Oct. 6th, ISI3. Genteel, Safe, and Expeditious ' 1' rnvclling. TOWCESTKR& STONY- STRATFORD NEW DAY COACH ro LONDON, From the Wheat- Sheaf Inn, Towcester, and Hull Inn, Stony- Stratford, to the Three- Cups, Alders- gate- Street, London. HPUE Proprietors of the above Coach most I. respectfully beg Leave ( o inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general, they may he as- sured this Coach will continue lo run as usual, not- withstanding the various Reports propagated by some malicious Person or Persons to Ihe contrary ; and they trust, from the superior Style in which it is worked, they shall meet with that Countenance and Support they are anxious t„ merit. The Coach leaves Towcester Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Mornings at Seven o'clock, Stnny- Stratford at Hight o'clock, and arrives in London to Dinner. Leaves London Mondays at Twelve o'Clock, Thursdays and Saturdays at Seven o'Clock in the Morning. Performed hy the Public's most obedient Servants, G. GURNKY, W. SMITH, & CO. The Proprietors cannot be accountable for any Parcel or Package above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. N. B. Places and Parcels booked at the Wheat- Sheaf Inn, Towcesler, and Bull Inn, Stony- Stratford. H THOMAS EATOV, GROCER and TA L LO W- CIIA \ Dt. ER, K ETTERING, Northamptonshire. AVI NO taken and entered upon the Stock in Trade and Premises of Mr. WM. KIRBY, of NORTHAMPTON, Gaocrca, TA I. r. o w- Cil A s DiER, and SEEDSM AN, begs lo solicit tiie Favour of the Friends and Customers of Ihe said Mr. KIRBY, and the Public iu general, and hi pes hy his Endeavours and Assiduity in Business, to merit the Favours of a generous Public. T. K. informs the Public that he has declined his Business at Kettering, in Favour of Mr. JOHN CAMPION, of DUNSTABI. TC. Kettering, 8th October. 1813. J' OHN CAMPION, of DUNSTABLE, Gtiocisn. and TALI. ow- CnANni. BII, having taken and enleredupon the House and Premises, and also Ihe Stock in Trade of Mr. THOMAS EATON, of KETTERING, GROCER, & C. begs to solicit the Favours of the Friends and Customers of the said T. Fi. iii Kettering, and the Public in general, and Trusts that, by his Endeavours and unremitting Attention to Business, to merit their Favours and Support. — Kettering, October 8th. 1813. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BF. I. KIT N'OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gate upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Dunchurch to Hillinorton, in the County of Warwick, and from thence to Saint James's- End, in the Parish of Duston, in the County of Northampton, called or known by the Name of the West- Haudon Gate, will bj LETT by AUCTION, to the Best bidder, at the House of Mr. THOMAS WALTON, known by the Sign ot the Fox AND HOUNDS, at HARLESTONE, in the said County of Northampton, on MONDAY thelSth Day of OCTOBER next, between the Hoursof Twelveand Fouro'Clock, for one Year, in the Manner directed bv the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his presen* Majesty, " for regulating the Turnpike- Road1-," which ' foils produced he last Year the Sum of Two Hundred and Thirty Pounds, above the Expenses ot collecting them, and will be put up at such Sum as the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road shall think fit, no Person having offered to bid for the same at the last Meeting, held on ihe 21st Day of September instant, for letting the said Tolls. Whoever happens to be the Rest Bidder must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Time as shey shall direct. By Order ol the said Trustees, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. Northampton, Sept. 25th, 1813. V SepiEN ' 1' a Meeting held at CORRY, in the County of Northampton, on MONDAV the 27th Day of 1813, PR ES ENT, The Right Hon. the Earl pf, CARDIGAN, in the Chair, The Right ( Ion Lord Sondes, The Ho. i. John Monkton, Sir Richard Brooke de Capel Brooke, Bart. Thomas Trvon, Esq. George Freke Evans, Esq. Stafford O'Brien, Esq. The Reverend Richard Farrer, The Reverend Joseph Harris, The Reverend Henry Kaye Bonney, The Reverend Heneage Finch, The Reverend Charles Burton, Mr. Samuel Arnsby, Mr. Edward Gray, Mr. Benjamin Plumb, Mr. William Osbond, Mr. Robert Nixon, Mr. Adam Bailey, and Mr. John Meadows, was resolved unanimously, That an Association It Proposed Aylesbury and Abingdon Canal. T^ OR the Convenience of the Public, Books A- of Subscription to this Canal are opened by WILLIAM Ricicrorto, Ksq. the Treasurer; at Messrs. Praeds& Co. Fleet- Street, London; Messrs. Cox, Morrell, & Co. Oxford; Messrs. Child & Co. Abingdon; Mr. Thomas Stone, Thame; as well as at the Banking- House of Messrs. Itick- ford & Son, Aylesbury. Desirable Freehold Residence, Godmanchester, near Huntingdon. To he LETT or SOLD, With immediate Possession, A Substantial FREEHOLD Brick- built FAMILY- f\ HOUSE, tiled, desirably situate at a convenient Distance from the Road, at the En( rance of the pleasant Town of GO D M A NCH E STF. R, from Huntingdon, containing an Extrance Hall, two com- fortable Parlours, Kitchen and Offices, three good Chambers, two back Chambers, and two Attics. The detached Buildings comprise a Wash- house or Brew- house, Coach- house, and two Two- stall Stables, a Pump with good Water, & c. ; an excellent Garden, inclosed with Brick Walls. Also a Close ot excellent Sward, containing by Estimation 1 A. 3R. 29P. ivhichadjoins the Premises, and communicates to the River. Also a Common and a Half in the valuable Common of Godmanchester, called West Common, in the Occupation of Wm. Pears, Esq. May be viewed on Application to Mr. ROBERT RICK ALL, Godmanchester, and by Leave of the Tenant; and for Particulars, enquire of SAMUEL WELLS, Junior, Esq. Huntingdon; and Messrs. EADS & HAWKINS, Solicitors, Hitchin, Herts. The Title Deeds of this Estate, which were sup- posed to be lost, have recently been discovered. Turnpike- Tolls and Weighing- Engine to Lett. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of the Higham. Ferrers Turnpike- Road, leading from Westwood date, in the Parish ot Knotting, in the County of Bedford, to Barton- Seagrave- I. ane, in the Parish of Barton- Seagrave, in the County of Northampton, will be held at the House of JOHN Met, known by the Nameor Sign of the GREEN DRAGON, in HIGHAM FERRERS. on MONDAY the 18th Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, when and where'the Tolls aod Dues arising at the Weighing- Engine at Westwood Gate, and the several Gates on the said Turnpike- Road, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, either separately or together, to the Best Bidders, tor such Term as shall be then and there agreed upon, and in the Manner directed by an Act ot Parliament passed in the 13th Yearof the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regu- lating rurnpike. Roads ; which said Tolls nd Dues were leit the last Year at the several Sums following, viz.— Wesheood Gate and Weighing- Engine £ 310 Higham- Ferrers Gate 151 IrthlingooTough Bridge Gate 260 and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders must at the same Time pay one Month's Toll in Ad- vance, and give such Security tor the due Payment of the Residue of the Rents agreed for, as ( he said Trustees shall approve of. And Notice is also hereby given, that at such Meeting the Treasurer's Accounts will be audited, new Trustees appointed in the Room ot such as are dead or decline acting, and other Business transacted relating to the said Turnpike- Road. WM. ALLEN, Clerk lo the said Trustees. Iligham- Ferrers, Sept 17lA, 1813. N"( Sv NEW LOTTERY, of 8.000 TICKETS, To begin Drawing TH111D of NOVEMBER. WIFT & Co. the Contractors for the last and present Lotteries, beg Leave most respectfully to return their sincere Thanks to the Public, for the Patronage they received, in theextraordinarv Demand for Tickets and Shares of the Lottery which is ju, t ended, and to request a Continuance of the same Support in th- NEW LOTTERY, to be drawn on the 3d NOVEMBER.— The Scheme, with onli 8,000 Tickets, contains two Prizes of =£ 20,000 1 ! ! a Circumstance un- xampled in the History of Lot- teries. The following is a List of the Prizes: To he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, A LL those FOUR COPYHOLD MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, situate in the Village ol AKELY, near Buckingham, in the several Occu- pations of William Ridg. vay, Thomas Nightingal', Edith Shirley, and John Nichols, with good Garden., toeach, a Pump and Well ot excellent Spring Water, and other Conveniences. The Premises are in good Repair. For further Particulars, and to treat tor the Pur- chase, apply to Mr. MILLER, Solicitor, Buckingham To ... of £ 20,000 8.000 .. are . ..=£ 10.000 6,000 3.000 2,000 1,0),) 1,000 1,00( 1 20,800 C( 3 1,000 4 500 a 2 » o 10 1() 0 20 50 1,010 20 And =£ 10 for each of the first 520 Blanks. Tickets and Shares are selling at SWIFT & Co.' s London Offices, II, Poultry; 12, Charing. Cross ; and 31, Aldgate High- Street; and by their Agents. Modern Household- Furniture, with a Quantity oj Jewellery, Drapery, ( sc. Sfe. To be SOL II hv AUCTION, By ROBERT GLENHAM, On Thursday ( he 21 st Day of . October, 1813, on the Premises of M r. T H O VI A S S MIT H, at A S H L E Y, Northamptonshire, who is going to reside elsewhere; ONSISTING of three neat Tent Bedsteads, with Chintz and other fine Printed Cottons ; th'ee exceedingly good Goose Feather- Beds, Bolster, and Pillows ; Eight. day Clock, in a handsome Mahogany Case ; Chests of Drawers, Mahogany Card Table, Dining, Tea, and Dressing- Tables; Tea- Urn. plated Furniture, Backgammon Tabic, complete; . ix large and small Coppers, Brass POTS and Pans, villi Covers, complete; six Brass Pans, several Copper Saucepans, Ditto newpans, 12 Pewter Plates, Brewing and Washing- Coppers, with wrought lion Grate complete; Mash and Working- Vats, Barrel- Churn. Cheese- Vats, Cream- Tins, Milk - Buckets, SIC . tcc — JEWELLERY, two very handsome new Silver Watches, one Ditto Lady's, in a Shagreen Ca^ e ; one verv handsome Silver gilt Pa ent l. evcr. double Back, with three very handsome Gold Seals, Cornelian Stones, — DRAPERY, about 520 Yards ot tine Shirting Calicos. 200 Yaids of Dimity, and 200 Yards ot Corduroys, of different Patterns, in large nr mall Lots, which may suit the Convenience ol the Purchasers - YARD, A neat Gig, with plated Harness iomplete; a Five- year- old black Gelding, warranted sound, quiet in Hand and in Harness Tradesman's large Cart, equal to new ; two sets o) ' itg and Tand -' n Harness, three Saddles, with about 14 Bridles of different Descriptions, See. Sec. Also in the Evening of ' he same Day will be SOLD by AUCTION, That desirable FREEHOLD Brick ar. d Slated COT- TAGE HOUSE, situated in a very pleasant Part of ASHLEY aforesaid ; consisting of Sitting- Room, " arloilr. Dair , Kitchen, and Cellar ; two sleeping- Rooms, and two Attics; Srahle. Coach- house. Cow- Shed, with a good Yard and Pump two i eat Gardens or Court in Front of the House, Brick Walls and Palisades in F ont,' with every other Convenience thereto belonging, fitted up in a superior St\ le, aod well calculated tor ihe Residence O' a small genteel Family) and a PEW inthe Church. ' ihe Sale to comir. cnceat Ten o'Clock. he SOLO bv AUCTION, By Mr. JARVIS, At the White Lion Inn, in Banbury, in ( he County ot Oxford, on Thursday the 21st Day ot October, 1813, at Three o'clock inthe Afternoon, A LL those THREE PIECES of rich Freehold i\ MEADOW LAND, situate and being in CHALCOMB, in the County ot Northampton, callel Key's Meadow, the Upper Marsh, and ( he Lower Marsh, containing together by Admeasurement 71 A. 2R. 331'. or thereabouts more or less, and now in the Occupation ot Mr. Alban Bull. For a View ot the Premises, apply to Mr. BEN- JAMIN BURLING; and for further Particulars, to Mr. BULL, or Mr. HENRY R » LLS, Solicitor, Prior's- Marston, Warwicksfiire. OTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury in the County of Oxford, tothe South End of Mill Field, inthe Parish of Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, will be held at ( he WHEAT SHEAF INN, in DA vENTRY, in the Countv of North- ampton, on the28th Day ot OCTOBER next, at Eleven a'Clock in the Forenoon; at which Meeting the TOLLS to arise at the under- mentioned Toll- Gates for one Year from the 8th Day of November next will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, ( o the Best Bidder, in Manner directed by ( he S( atute made in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls pro- duced in the last Year, over and above the Charges of collecting the same, the several Sums following, ( that is to say), Jladby Gate ^ 155 Wetton Gate 91 Dove liridge Gale 50 Mister ton Gate .212 and will be severally put up at those Sums. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time give sufficient Surety, for the Pay ment of the Rents at such Times and in such Manner s the Trustees shall direct. And Notice is further given, that those Persons who are entitled to compound for their Tolls in Respect of the Occupation of Lands at either of the said Gales may do so immediately before they are put up. By Order of the Trustees, EDM. BURTON. Daventry, Sept. 30th, 1813. Upper- Boddinglon, Northamptonshire. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, By Mr. JARVIS, On Thursday the 28th of October instant, at the White Lion Inn Banbury, at Three o'Clock, sub- ject lo Conditions of Sale to be then produced, IN ONE LOT, A LL those TWO CLOSES of valuable LAND. t V of nearly equal Admeasurement, situate in the Parish of U PPER - BO D D1NGTO N, in the County ot Northampton, in the Occupation of Mr. John Cleaver, of which Possession may be had at Lady- Day next; consisting of a Close of excellent Meadow [. and, bounded oil the South by the Road to Worm- leighton; and a Close of very productive Arable and Ley Land, adjoining the same on the North, containing together . 11A. 1 R . 301'. more or less. Tithe- free Land- Tax 8s. Id.£ — The Timber will be sold ( o the I'u chaser by a Valuation to be made according to the Conditions to be produced at the Sale.— The Tenant will shew the Land. For further I nformation, apply to Mr. HA YWARD Solicitor, Brackley. A Freehold Estate, with a small Part Leasehold, STEWKLEY, BUCKS. To be SOLD hy AUCTION, II y Messrs. HE It RY £ f FIAYWA RT), On Fridav tile 5ih Day of November, 1813. at the King's- Head Inn, Stewkley, at One o'Clock, in five Lots, subject to such Condi( ions as will be duced at the Sale, Very eligible and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, with very small Part LEASEHO Tithe- free; consisting of a farm- House, Homestail and Homech. se, and 72 Acres, 2 Roods, and ' erches of very productive and improvable Arable Meadow, and Pasture Land, situate in the Hamlet and Parish of STF. WK. LEY. in the Occupation of Mr swift. Possession of which may be had at Lady- Day next. Descriptive Particulars may be had 14 Days pre. vious to the Sale, at the Swan Inn, Fenny- Stratford liell, Winslow; Swan, Leighton- Buzzard ; and tl: I'lace of Sale. To view tfie Estate, apply to Mr. SWIFT, the T nam ; and to- further Information to Mr. HAYWARD Solicitor, Brackley, Noitfumptonshiie; or Messrs BERRY & HAYWARD, Agents, Aylesbury, Bucks. 21 0 1) 10 5 5 IF EL DON, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, HUE following ESTATE:- A Stone- built and I Slated Messuageor Dwelling- House, with Yard, Garden, Barn, Stable, Warehouse, Store- Rooms, and Malt- House, capable of working 18 Quarters a Week, now in full Trade.— The Messuage contains two good Rooms, Kitchen, and Pantry on the Ground Floor; two Cellars, four Chambers, and two Garrets. Also, one Acre of rich Meadow Land adjoining. Furrher Particulars may be had on Application to JOHN BELLAMY, Weldon ; if by Letter, Post- paid. Freehold Estate, at Denshanger, Northamptonshire, Tithe- free and Land- Tax redeemed. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ABrick and Filed FARM HOUSE, Earns, Stables, and other convenient Out- buildings, with a Close ot excellent LAND adjoining, con- taining live Acres or thereabouts; together with a neat Cottageand Garden, and a Building formerly used as a Blacksmith's Shop ; andalso four other Closes of good convertible Land, containing 41A. 1R. 3GP. or there- abouts, situate a( DENSHANGER, in the Parish of PASSENHAM, in the County of Northampton.— The Estateis in the Occupation of Mr. John Dickins, of Passenham, and has a Right of Common in Whit- tlebury Forest. To view the same, apply to the said Mr. JOHN DICKINS; and for Price, and further Particulars, to him, or to Mr. CHARLES DICKINS, of Gritworth, lear Brackley. To be peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, By ANDREW GARDNER, About the Middle ot November, 1813 ( unless a desi- rable Offer should be made in the intermediate Time by Private Contract), of which due Notice will be given, \ New, substantial, elegant, and ornamental Iron Bridge, well calculated for a Nobleman or Gentleman's Park ; the Span is 24 Feet. The above is now Iting on the Premises in Bat- • lesden Park, Beds, being about hrce Miles distant om ihe Grand Junction Canal, and at a little Ex- pense might be easily conveyed to any Part of the Kingdom. N. B. For a View and to treat for the same, apph ro Vlr. PAXTON, on the Premises; or to ANDREW ' GARDNER, Auctioneer, Wobuin, Beds. be formed for the speedv Apprehension and effectual Prosecution ot Horse and Sheep Stealers, Felons, Thieves ot every Denomination, and of other disorderly Persons committing Offences, to be callid the CORBY ASSOCIATION. F irst. That every Person on becoming a Member of this Society, shall pav into the Hands of the Treasurer ( or ihe Tithe being, the Sum of One Guinea, for the Subscription of his first Year, commencing on the 29th Day of September, 1813, and the Sum of Ten Shillings and Sixpence in advance yearly, f » r every subsequent Subscription. II. That a General Meeting for the Purpose of transacting the Business of this Society, shall he held Annually, on some Day between New and Old Mi- chaelmas Days, at the Cardigan's Arms, in Corby, of which previous Notice shall be given by the Solicitor, in the Northampton Mercury, and Newcomb's Stamford Mercury. III. That every Member who shall not pay his Annual Subscripiion to the Treasurer, at or before the General Annual Meeting, or within ten Days then next following, shall be excluded fromall Benefit of this Association. IV. That the Treasurer of this Society shall tran- scribe the Names of the several Subscribers in a Book to be provided for ihat Purpose, wherein he shall also fairly enter an Account of all his Receipts and Disbuisements relating to this Association, and the same Accounts shall he audited and passed annually at the General Meeting, by a Committee of seven or more Subscribers, to be ( hen for that Purpose appointed. V. That at tne General Annual Meeting, a Com- mittee of five or more of the Members, as may be pproved by a Majority of the Subscribers present, shall be chosen to regulate the Business ot ( his So- ciety for the Year ensuing, which Committee shall ' immediately elect and appoint a Solicitor and Trea- surer, by whom all Prosecutions carried on at the Expense of this Society shall be conducted, and the Committee so appointed, shall have Power to hold Meetings tor the Purpose of regulating the Business ot this Society, as Occasion may require. And that the Attendance of any t'iree ofthe Committee shall constitute a Meeting, which shall be attended by the Treasurer or his sufficient Deputy; who shall enter the Minutes and Proceedings thereof in a Book. VI. That if any Member of this Society, being robbed, or otherwise feloniously defnuded or injured in his or her Property, within the Limits ot ihis Association, shall give immediate Notice thereof to ihe Treasurer, or in his Absence to one of the Com- mittee, and otherwise use his or her utmost En deavours to apprehend the Offender or Offenders, and also shall, oil Notice from the Treasurer, or any one ofthe Committee, appear before a Magistrate, as speedily as possible after the Apprehen> ion ot the Offender or Offenders; and then and there comply with the due Forms of Law, such Member sfi. dl be entitled to receive of the Treasurer, all reasonable Expenses incurred by such Attendance. But ii any Member so robbed, defrauded, or injured, shall neg- lect or refuse to comply with the several Requisitions specified in this Resolution, he or she shall for evert such Neglect or Refusal, beexc. uded from all Benefii which on that Account, would otherwise have been derived from this Association. VII. That the Expenses of advertising, appre- hending, and prosecuting to Convic( iou an. Per- on or Persons who shall rob, steal from, defraud, or •,. j , re the bona tide Property of any Member of tins Socictv within the Limits of this Association, shall be pa and defrayed out of the Fund in the Hands ot the Treasurer; the Subscriber injured undertaking to return to the Society the Expenses incurred on his Account, it he shall receive an equal Sum either as Reward from Government, or as Costs from the County. Hut it such Reward or Costs allowed shall not be equal tothe Money expended, in that Case rhe Subscriber is to pay only what shall be so received by him. VIII. That the following Rewards shall be paid by the Treasurer, out of the Public Fund, to any Personor Persons not being Subscribers to this Asso- ciation, who shall apprehend any one guilty of the following Offences towards any Member ot this So- ciety. Such Rewards to be paid on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, exclusive of any other Reward directedtobe paid by Actol Parliament or otherwise howsoever, viz. : — REWARDS. £. s. d. Burglary 5 5 0 Highway, or Foot- pad Robheiy 5 5 0 Stealing or Maiming any Horse, Mare or Gilding, Ass, Ox, Cow, Calf, or other Cattle, Sheep, Lambs,' or Hogs 5 5 0 Wilfully setting Fire to an Oui- h. iusr, House, Barn, Stable, Stack or Rick of Corn, Hay, Straw, Wood, or Furze 10 10 0 Breaking and entering any Barn, or other Out- house detached troin a Dwelling- House with intent to steal 5 5 0 Buying or receiving any Stock, Goods or Effects, the Property of a Subscriber, knowing the same to have b-- en stolen 5 5 0 Cutting down, barking, or wantonly damdging Trees, Underwood, or Quicksets growing 2 2 0 Robbing or maliciously damaging any Garden, Orchard, or Fish- Pond 110 Stealing or maliciously killing Poultry or Dogs X 1 0 Stealing Corn or Grain, thrashed or un- thrashed, or Hay, out of any Barn, or from any Rick or Hovel, fit any Grass or Hay growing, or in Shocks or Cocks .... 110 Stealing or damaging any Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, or other Implements of Hus- bandry 1 1 0 Breaking or Stealing any Hedges, Hurdles, or Trays, or stealing Fire Wood, or any Gates, Posts, Rails, Pales, or any Iron Work belonging thereto 1 1 0 Stealing Turnips, Green Peas, or other Vegetables from the Fields 0 10 6 Cutting ihe Manesot Tailsofllorses, Mates, or Geldings, or the Tails of Bulls, Oxen, or Cows, or otherwise disfiguring tliein. . 1 1 0 And for every other Offence, not before specified, such Reward as the Committee shall think proper. IX. That in order to carry the Intentions of this Society with Vigour into complete Execution, the major Part of the Committee for the Time bjing shall be empowered to alter and amend the foregoing Rules and Orders; and to make and substitute such others as they shall from Tims to Time adjudge expedient and most salutary for the Purposes intended. So as such Amendments or New Rules or Orders do not alter or enlarge the Subscription, for the Time being, or the several Rewards before specified, or continue in force longer than until the nex( General Annual Meeting, unless the same be then ratified and con- firmed by a Majority of the Members present. X. That all possible Advantage and Protection may be derived from this Institution, the Names and Residence of Subscribers shall be annually delivered to the Subscribers and inserted in the Northampton Mercury, and Newcomb's Stamford Paper, wirhin the Space ot one Month from each General Meeting. XI. That the Treasurer shall on no Pretence pay any Sum ot Money out of the Funds of this Asso- ciation without an Ord^ r in writing from the Committee. XII. It being the Wish ofthe Framers of this Association that the Benefit of it should be extended as equally as possible to all the Subscribers, it is hoped that such Members who from the extent ot their Property shail subject it to greater Risks than the other Subscribers belonging : o it, will on their Admission contribute a Donation as well as pay their Annual Subscription. XIII. That Mr. Sherard, ot Oundle, be the Solicitor and Treasurer to this Association. Ordered, That the Resolutions ot this Meeiing, and Ihe Names ot the Subscribers and Benefactors to ihe Association, and also of the Committee appointed for theensumg Year, be advertised in the Northampton Mercury, and Newer, mb's Stamford Paper, and that Notice be given that Subscriptions and Donations of lersons desirous to join this Association, will be received by Mr. Sherard, of Oundle. Ihe Committee for the ensuing Year consists ofthe following Members, viz. The Earl of Carligan, Lord Sondes, the Honourable . John Monkt . n, Sir Richard Brooke rle Capcl Biookc, Bart. Thomas Iryon, Esq. G. F. Evans, Esq. Stafford O'Brien Esq. the Rev. Heneage Finch, the Rev. Joseph' ^" Edwa^ r- ay"- BMney' ^ ^^ Annual Subs. Donations, The Earl of Cardigan Lord Sondes The Hon. John Monkton., Sir R. BrookeileCapel Brooke, Bart Thomas Tryon, Esq " G. F. Evans, Esq Stafford O'Brien, Esq The Rev, R. Farrer, Ashl. y. The Jlev. H. K. Bonnev, King's- Cliffe The Rev. J. Harris, Corbv.. The Rev. H. Finch, Weldon. The Rev. C. Burton, Blather- wick Mr. S. Mi- res, Rockingham.. Mr. Win. Lenton, Ditto Mr. Branson, Ditto Mr. Wm. Bell, Stamon Mr. Wm. Starsmore, Corby. M. E . Gray, Ditto. ' Mr. R. Nixon, Ditto.. .. Mr. Wm. Bellamy, Weldon.. Mr. S. Arnsby, Benefield. .. Mr. Benjamin Plumb, Coiby Mr. Wm. Osbond, Ditto . .. Mr. John Meadows, Ditto... Mr. Adam l-' ailey, Ditto Mr. Braiihwaite. Deene Mrs. Wells, Ditto The Rev. B. W. Fle. cher, Middleton Mr. Cannam, Ditto By Order, ROBERT SHERARD, Solicitor and Treasurer. Onndle, October 14th, 1813. £. s. d. 1 1 0 I 1 0 1 1 0 i 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 I 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 I 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 I 1 0 1 I 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 i 1 0 1 I 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 I 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 The Manors of Weedon- Bcch unit Evsrdon, in the County of Northampton. THIS is to give Notice, That a GENERAL COURT- UARON, for the Manor of Wr. r- IION- BGCK, will be held at the Hnuse of Mr. Thomas Barnett, ( lie Bull Inn, on Monday an t Tuesday the 25th and 26th Instant, at Ten o'clock inlhe Foren on of each Day; and for the Manor of livERDON, at the House of Mr. George Osborn, the Si^ is of the Plume of Feathers, on Wednesday- tbeSTih Instant, at Pen o'Clock iu the Forenson j al which l imes and Places those who nave Business are to attend. TIIOS. SMITH, Bailiff. Weedon- Deck, Oct. 1th, 1S13. FitEEHOLD ES FATE, " Evenley, near Brackley, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Messrs. BERRY Sf HAYWARD, On Wednesday the 27tn Day ot October, 1813, at the Crown Inn, Brackley, a' Three o'Clock, sub- ject to Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced. Lot 1. ,4 CLOSE lit' very productive and L A. valuable ARABLE, with a small Part GRASS L\ ND, situate at EVENLEY, in the County of Northampton, contiguous to the Village, in the Occupation of Mt. John French, containinir 8A. SR. 51'. more or less. Lot 2. FOUR adjoining COTTAGES and CAR. DENS, in the same Villige, in the several Occu- pations of VV. Turvey, G. Painter, M. Moore, and M. Moss; a. id a Close of rich Pasture Land, called Davis's Close, situate behind the said Cottages, aUi> in the Occupatim ot Mr. French, containing about 2A. 1 R . more or less. Possession may be had at Lady. Day next. The Timber on the respective Lots wi.- l be Sold to the respective Purchasers by a Valuation lo oe made according tothe Conditions to be produced at the Sale. The Whole is Tithe- tree, Land. Tax lis. ( id. which will be apportioned at tile Time of Sale, For further Information, apply to Mr. HAYWARD, Solicitor, Brackley. ST I It T LO E MANSION- HOUSK, OFFICES*. GAR D HNS, and THIRTY ACRES of PAS- TURK LAND, near BUCK 1) E N, in the Countv of Huntingdon, with POSSESSION at LADY- DAY NliXT. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. W1LLOCK, At the George Inn, at liuckden, on Thursday the 4th of November, ISIS, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, IN FIVE LOTS, A Substantial, spacious, well- built MANSION L\ calledST1RTLOE H. IKJSE, most delightfully situate at an agreeable Distance fiom the great North Road, near tiie Entrance of the Village ot Buckden, in the County of Huntingdon, Sixtv Miles from London, containing numerous Chambers and Sitting- Rooms; a spacious Entrance. Hall, ELEGANT DRAWING- ROOM, well- proportioned Earing. Room, Library, and Dressing- Room ; an excellent Kitchen, with all requisite attached Offices, and good Cellaring; A CAPITAL RANGE of Stab- ling, with Coach- houses and Out- buildings ot every Description, tor the complete Accommodation of a Family of Respectability; large productive WALLED KITCHEN CAKDE NS, I'leasureG rounds, Orchards, Paddock, and Closes of r. ch Pasture Land, containing altogether about 1' iIlK TY ACRES, in the Occu- pation ot Lawrence Reynolds, Fsq. o- i Lease, which expires at Lady- Day n.' xt; together with sundry Cottages and Gardens, lett to Tenants at Will. The Estate is Part FREEHOLD, and ' lie Residue is Copyhold, b. it as valuable as Freehold.— The Buildings are in good Repair.— The Grounds are beautifully ornamented with STATELY TIMBER TR F. ES.— The Neighbourhood is iruly respectable. — The surrou ding Roads are remarkably good, and the Country is celebrated for Field Spor s. To be viewed till the Sale, with Tickets, which, with Particulars and Plans, may be had of JOHM HODGSON, Esq at BUckden; Particulars and Plans may also be had at the George, at Buckden; Foun- tain, at Huntingdon ; Wheat S ieaf, Alconbury Hill; Cock, at Eaton; Sun, at Biggleswade; of Mr. HARDING, Solicitor, at Solihull, near Birmingham ; and of Mr. WILLOCK, No. 25, Golden- Square, London. A HSOLUTii REVERSION in Fee, of a VALUABLE MANOR, FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE ESTATE, in Leicestershire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- House, in ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, on Thursday the ltith of November, 1313, at Twdve o'Clock, '' HE ABSOLUTE REVERSION, certain oni the Demise of a Lady aged nearly F I F TY- TWO YEAlts, of, in, and ( o a very valuable Freehold and Tithe- free Estate, most desirably situate between Atherstone and Ashby- de- la- Zutch, in the County of Leicester; consisting of the M A NOR of G R E AT- SHEEPY, with its Rights, Royalties, and Pri- vileges; A CAPITAL MANSION - HOUSE, called GREAT- SHEEPY' HALL, with excellent Offices, Gardens, and G rounds, containing' » W E L VE ACRES, in the Occupation of Wil liarn O wen, Esq. ; and of a Farm- House, Barns, Stables, Out- buildings, and sundry Inclcsures of rich, chiefly Grazing, Land, containing nearly ONE HUNDREDand TWENTY ACRES, in the Ocup. ition of Mr. Wm. Si er This Estate is situate in a fine sporting Country, three Miles from Ailierstone, ten fr- m Tamworth, 18 from Litchfield, 11 from Hinckley, 12 from Asllby, and about 112 Miles from London. To be viewed till the Sale ; and Particulars may be had at the Bull's Head and George Inns, at Ather- stone ; Queen's Head, at Ashby - de - la - Z > uch ; Crowns, at Leicester; Castle, at ' Tamworth ; George, at Litchfield ; Bull's Head, it Hinckley ; Dun Cow, at Dunchurch; Craven Anns, Coventry; wan, at Birmingham ; of Messrs DAWSON Sc WRATISLAW, Solicitors, Savile- Place, New Burlington. Street, London; of Mr. W. WRATISLAW, Solicitor, Rugby, Warwickshire; at Garraway's, and ot Mr. WIL- LOCK, No. 25, Golden. Square, London, 1 IVednttday it rid Thursday's Posts. LONDON, THURSDAY., Oct. 14. TUB Gazet te of Tuesday contains the ofiicial details transmitted hv Sir O. Prevost, of the destruction of the enemy's blockhouses, & c. at Black flock, Upper Canada, on llthlulyj also the particulars of the successful attack on Fi » me by Admiral Freetnantle's squadron ; 90 vessels were captured ( more than half of the smaller class were ' returned to the pioprietofs), 10 were sent to Liflfa, laden with oil, grain, powder, and merchandise, the rest were destroyed; 59 iron guns were ren- dered totally useless; and rations of bread for 70; 000 men, two magazines with stores, &. c. were liurnt. The Gazette also contains a Proclamation, authorizing the distilling of spirits from all descrip- tions of grain except wheat, to lake place the 1st of December next. MARKET- HARBOROUGH. Drapery, Hat, and Hosiery Warehouse. y COX, impressed with the deepest Sense • of Gratitude, returns his most since' e Thanks to his Friends and the Public in general for the distinguished Patronage and Support they have onoured him with since his Commencement in Business, and « t the same Time begs Leave In in- form lliein he ha< just received a new and extensive Assortment of Hoods in Ihe above Branches, se- eted from tile best Market?, and which he intends lling on surh Terms as lie trusts w ill ensure him a Continuance of those Favours he Ii7is hitherto so liberally experienced, and which hy strict Attention and Punctuality he will always endeavour to merit. N. II. An Apprentice wanted; Application by Letter to he Post- paid. Yesterday two Mails from Got'tenburgh and one from Heligoland arrived. Hy the former advice* have hecii received from the head- quarters ot the Allies at Toplitz to the 2lst ult. from Berlin to the 24th, and from Gottenburgh to the 6th inst. Capt. Bloouifield also arrived with dispatches from Sir C. Stewart, the substance of which was communicated in the following Bulletin: — " Dispatches have been received from Sir C. Stewart, dated Prague, the 17th and l!) th Sept. " The military details given in them refer to strong reconnoissances on the part of the Allies and the enemy, in which several acts of gallantry were conspicuous, but no event of importance occmred till the 16: h, when the first, second, and fourteenth corps, under Bonaparte, with his guards, forming a corps of thirty thousand in- fantry, and eight thousand cavalry, attacked the Allies near Peterswalde, and drove them, by su- perior numbers, through Nollendorf. The Com- mander of the Prussian cavalry was made pri- soner. The allied troops having retired to the ^ nrge of the mountains on the following day when near Culm, the right, left, and centre, un- der Wittgenstein, Colloredo, and Pahlem, were successively attacked, but they succeeded in re- pulsing the enemy at all points. The movement of Count Colloredo is spoken of in terms of the highest praise. " The enemy lost between 2 and 3009 pri soners, and a General of Division, Kreitzer, with many officers, and 10 euns. The loss ofthe Allies is estimated at 1000 killed and wounded.' The affair referred to above, which terminated « o honourably for the Allies, is the same action which Bonaparte noticed in his report of the 19th ult. and in which he described the Allies as having been driven, Tepee dans les reins, into the plains of Toplitz, omitting, however, the trifling circumstances of his having lost a General of Division, ten guns, and between 2 and 3000 men. The Government Bulletin states the amount ofthe enemy's infantry so vaguely, that it may be con- strued, at only 30,000 men, but this number it is conceived inust relate to the Guards only, and be independent of the three corps alluded to, and which alone would amount to nearer 89,000 men, and it is known that the Allies on the 12th, in the same quarter, had 100,000 men drawn out in line of battle, when Bonaparte declined an engagement. The Berlin papers furnish two additional Bulle- tins of theCrown Prince of Sweden, which, though they do not record any new military operations of importance, contain much matter for satisfac- tory reflection and congratulation. The Bulletins of tiie Crown, Prince seein to bear a Strang resemblance to those of Bonaparte in his happier tlays. They aie not mere registers of military occurrences, hut they abound in political specula- tions of the highest interest, and are calculated to produce the strongest sensations in the countries where the army of the Crown Prince seems now without a rival; and it must he confessed, that he yieldi nothing to his former master in the dextrous management of the art of Bulletin writing. The title of the ariny of the Crown Piinee, it is well known, is that of the United Arinv of North of Germany, and it is to be remarked, that this cir- cumstance is never lost sitiht of by the Crown Prince in his Bulletins. They are all addressed to the feelings of the people of Germany. In proof of this is adduced the anecdote of the Wirteniberg Ceo, Franquemont, as related Iu the first Bulletin, and the anticipations held forth in the second, that Bavaria and Wirtemherg will join the allied cause. It is fighting the enemy with his own weapons ro cast doubts on the sincerity of his Allies, and there is no doubt that in the present instance they are well founded. According to the estimate of the Crown Prince, Bonaparte, since the commencement of the cam- paign, has lost 100,000 men, and 2. r' 0 pieces of camion A great mortality is stated to prevail among his cavalry at Dresden for want of forage, and all the intercepted dispatches are said to ex- pose the bad condition and demoralisation of the Trench army. . To supply these losses, and to counteract this demoralization, it appears by French Papers to the lltli inst. which reached town last night, that a new Conscription of 280,000 men has been for- mally decreed by the Senate. The Empress Regent, the unhappy Austrian Princess Maria Louisa, was made the organ ot this - demand. What must have been her feelings it is not difficult to conjecture; but though nature is too powerful to he utterly subdued, she has no doubt been qualified by a Court education to conceal her emotions. If the anticipations of the Crown Prince should prove rorrrct, and a national war, as lie announces, with every probability of its realization, should extend from the. Kibe to the Uliine, Bonaparte will stand in need not only of his additional 2C'. 0,000 men, hut even of double the number. The Paris Journals contain nothing officii. I from Bonaparte. The French Funds, which, two months ago, were 69, have fallen to 51, a depreciation of 15 per cent. Corunna papers to the 8th instant were yester- day received iu town. They bring no military in- telligence of importance, except that : he outworks of the fortress of Deuia had been taken by as- sault, when the French garrison retired to the Castlp. Pampeluna was not expected to hold out beyond the I lib or 12th. The Stockholm Gazette of the 5th contains tlie Swedish declaration of war against Denmark. It merely announces the fact of war having been declared by Denmark against Sweden; inter- dicts all communication between the two king- doms; and orders all Military Commanders, & c. to institute immediate rep. lis ANNIVERSARY MEETING will he held he Sessions HOUSE, Bunroan, on FRIDAY the 29th of OCTOBER INSTANT.— The Chair will be taken at Eleven o'Clock. It is requested that Subscriptions due on the 1st of January, 1813, which have net yet keen paid, may he transmitted without delay, to Mr. Barnard, he Treasurer, Rank, Bedford. \ Meeting of LACE MANUFACTURERS r\ is particularly requested, at the SWAN INN. N F. wPORT- PAGNEI. L, on W p. ON tisnA v the 27thdf OCTOBER, to lake into Consideration the Report on the Application made in Consequence of the Resolutions of the last Meeting, respecting the Manufacturing of Lace iu this Country by Prisoner.- of War. J. H. KANDSCOMR. Chairman. Nrirvnrt- Paenett, ftctnbr. r 14 ISIS. w. I'edftird and Bedfordshire Auxiliary Bible Society. HisGracethe l) « ke of BEDFOR D, President. 11IJ Friends and Patrons of this Society are respei- tfu'ly informed that the SECOND T: NOTICE is hereby given, That the Gen Assemhlv of the Company of Proprietu GRAND UNION CANAL. eneral ors of the GRAN II UVI() NT CANAL, will be held at the CROWN- A ND- A NCIIOR TAVERN, in the STRAND, LONDON, on MONDAY the 1st Day of NOVEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Fore noon, and that the Chair will be taken at Twelve precisely. R. C. SALE, Clerk to the Cnmpauy. Canal Office, 10, Norfolk- Street, Ulh October, 1813. Bedford anil Ampthilt 1' not Com'h, From the Swan Inn, Bedford, tn the Three Cups Inn, Aldersgale- Street, London. rB", HF, Proprietors of the above Coach re- S turn their sincere Thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general, for the Encourage- ment and Support their Coach has hitherto expe- rienced, and beg tn inform them they may he as- sured the Coach will continue to run a » usual, not- withstanding the various Reports, propagated by- some malicious Person or Persons, to the contrary ; and they trust they shall experience a Continuance of that Encouragement, which it will be their ut- most Endeavours to merit. The Coach leaves Bedford everv Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday, at Eight o'clock in the Morn- ing, and returns from London, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at the same Hour. October 9, 1813. PULSFORD'S WATER- PROOF CAMBLF. T P U I. S 1" O R D, Manufacturer of WATER- PROOF CAMBLET to then Roval Highnesses the Prince Regent, Dukes, o' York, Cumberland, nod Gloucester^ has ( he Hon- our to inform the Noh! it\ and Gentry, that thi Article, warranted to resist ihe heaviest Rains fo' any Length of Time, is light, pleasant, warm, Mid much apptoved for Curricle and great Cnnt- OJJicfirs' Cloaks, Mantles, Shooting Jackets, To h • hnd only of him, the sole Inventor ( slumped) No. 4, King- S'reel, St. James's- Square, London; and bv Appointment of Mr. PAGE, Tailor, Sheep- street, Northampton. ~ NKW " MKTHODIST C11API'LL will he opened at FENNY- STRATFORD, of the 20th of OCTOBER instant.— Preaching at Ten. Two, and Sit. — Two Preachers fire expected from London, and the Rev. Mr. NEWTON, from Luton. A The MISS FOWLERS RF. SPF. CTFULLY inform their Friends' and the Public, that thev intend- op? n 1 nsr n Preparatory SCHOOL, in OUNDLK. on Mov- HY ' th? 1 Sth Day of OCTOBER. ISI3, for the Reception of YOG Si G GENTLEMEN, from four to eight Year* of Age, when they will he Boarded and Instructed in the first Rudiments of the English Language, for 20 Guineas per Annum, Washing included.— Entrance One Guinea. The Miss Fowlers hope bv paying the greatest Attention to the Health and Improvement of their Pupils, to merit the Approbation of those Friend, . vha may please to favour them with their Confi- lence, and assure them th. it every Exertion shrill be used to prove themselves worthy of the im- portant Trust committed to their Charge. Tea ....£ 1. Is. Od. per Annum. Writing. 2 2 0 Ditto. Entrance 0 5 0 Ditto. This Day was publiihed, Price 4 s. 6d. By C. CHAPPLE, Pall- Mall, and J. BLACKLOCK, Royirt- Exchange, London, WOBURN ABBEY OEORGICS; or, the LAST GATHERING, A Poem, in tour Cantos, ( Canto 1 and 2). " Optat Arare Caballus." Among the Characters introduced are the Dulce and Duchess ol Bedford, Lord Somerville. Sir Jo- eph Banks, Sir Humphrev and Lady Davy, Sir John Sin- clair, Sir W. VV. Wynne, Sir John Seabright, Mr. Cole, Mr. Whitbread, Arthur Young, Ciblett the Butcher, Sec. Sec. Sec. County of Northampton, DIVISION OK OUNDLE. "^ TOTICE is hereby given, That the i-^ Meetings of the Magistrates acting for the Division of OUNDLK, will in future be held ai the SWAN INN, in OUNDLE, on everv alternate THURSDAY instead of Saturday ; to commence on Thursday the 21st instant. By Order. ROUT. SHERARD. Oundte, Uth Oct. 1813. N( GRAND JUNCTION CANAL. NOTICE is hereby given, That the General Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, will be held at the C B ow N- A VD- ANCHOR TAVERN, in thp STRAND, LONDON, on TUESDAY ihe 24 Day nf NOVEMBER next, at Eleven o'clock in the Fore- noon, aud lhat Ihe Chair will he taken at Twelve precisely. R. C. SALE, Clerk to ilie Company. Canal Office, 21, Surry Street, Strand, 12th October, 1813. ( tjT Tickets for the Dinner at Five o'/ Clock, tn be had at the Bar. NOTICE COURT Brackley, Towrester, and Weston- un- the- G rcen Turnpike- Road. NOTICE is hereby given, ' lhat a Meeting of the Trustees of the above Turnpike- Road, will be held by Adjournment at the CROWN IKN, in BRACKLFY, in the County of Northampton, on WIDN T « DAi the IENTH l) av of NOVSMBU next, at Eleven o'Clock in the forenoon, at which Meeting the TOLLS arising at Burcott Wood Gate, with the Check Gate near the Soap Office, and Hoppersford Gate, with t'- e Check Gateat Biddlesdon- Lane- End, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidders, between the flours of Eleven in the Forenoon and Four in the Afternoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the'I'hird," for regulating theTurnpike- Roads," and will be put upatsuchSums as the Trustees present shall think proper, and lett from the ninth Day of December next. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must at the same Time pay down a Deposit of Tew Pounds per Centum, in Part ofthe Rent, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for the Payment ot the Remainder of the Rent at such Times and in such Manner as they shall direct. — Also, that new Trustees will be elected in the Stead of those who are dead or refuse to act, and such other Business transacted as by the said Act is required. By Order of the Trustees, RD. W ESrON, Clerk. Deddbtgton. Oct. ( 5( 4, 1313. MANOR OP WEST- IIADDON. is hereby given, That the T LF. F. T and COURT BARON of THOMAS BUTCHER, Enquire. Lord ofthe said Manor of Wesl- Haddon. will he held on THURSDAY the TWENTV- EIGHTH Day of OC- TOBER Instant, by Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day, at the Hnu- e of SAMUEL BACCUTT, situate w iihin the Town aud Manor of WCST HADDON aforesaid, aud known hv the Sign of the DUN COW ; at whic„ h Time and Place, all Freeholders, Tenants, Resiants and In- habitants within the said Manor, and other Persons concerned, are requested to attend, do their Suit and Service, and pay their respective Chief Rents, and other Rents, due to the Lord of the said Manor. CHARLES MARKH AM, Steward ofthe said Manor. Northampton, October Will. 1813. Manor ot' Newport- Paguell. OTICF, is hereby given, That the COURT LEET ard COURT BARON of CHARLES MARIUS HARDY, E- q. Lord of the said Manor, will he holden at the House of Mrs. ANN HICCINS, the Sign ofthe SWAN, in aud for the said Manor, on WEDNESDAY the 27th Day ot OCTOBER Instant, at the Hour of Ten in the Forenoon ; when and where all Tenants, Resiants, and other Persons owing Suit and Service at the said Court are requested, to attend and do and perform the same, and pay their Quit and Chief Rents, and all Arrears thereof to Michaelmas last. GEORGE COOCH, Steward nfthe said Manor. To he LETT, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, AGARDEN ; consisting of one Acre, well walled and planted, in BROAD- LANE, NORTHAMPTON.— Enquire of WILLIAM WOR- CESTER, in Bull Head Lane. I VV(> HUNDRED GUINEAS REWARD. VI7 HERLAS a BARLEY HOVEL, the * » Property < af Mr. BODDINGTON, of KET- TERING, was discovered to be on Fire on Tuesday the aSth nil.— a Reward of TWO HUNDRED GUIN EAS is hereby offered to any one who shall discover the Person or Persons who wilfully and maliciously set the same on Fire, which Reward shall he payable on his or their Conviction, If more than one Person were concerned in the Com- mission of this Felony, the above Reward shall he payable on Conviction to any one of them ( ex- cept t he Person who actually set theHovelon Fire) whoshatl impeach hi. Accomplice or Accomplices. — Of the above Reward. Fifty Pounds will be paid by Mr. Bnddington, Fifty Pounds hy the Agent to Ihe Snil Fire- Oflice, Fifty Pounds by the Agent to ihe Norwich Union Fire- Office, aud Sixty Pounds by ( he Parish of Ketierir. g. Kettering, Oct. \ ath. 1813. No. 3,581, rr\ HE very lait Tw. enty Thousand Pound Prize j[ ever drawn, and several other Capitals in til-, 1 last Lottery just finished, were all shared and sold b' BISH, Stock- Broker, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing- Cross, London; who is now selling Tickets and Shares for thesmall Statel. ottery ofonly S. OOOT'ckets which will he drawn in two Days, beginning TH I R D of NOVEMBER.— The Scheme contains two Prizes of £ 20,000. and various other Capitals; the lowest Prizes are ;£ 20, and the first 52) Blanks will be en- titled to £\ 0 each. The first- driwn Prize above £ 20, First Day ( 3d November), will be entitled to an additional Prize of £ 3,000; and the first- drawn Prize above £ 2( 1, Second Day ( 11th Novemb. r], will be entitled toan additional Prize of £ 20,00i). Tickets and Shares are selling by flish's Agents, J. FREEMAN, Bookseller, Northampt- on. J TURNER, Printer, Coventry, G. CLIFTON, Hat Warehouse, Peterborough. W. TYLER, Watchmaker, Hinckley. R. TYLER, Ironmonger, Melton- Mowbray. RUSHER & SON, Booksellers, Banbury. C. B. BROMLEY, Bookseller, Warwick. BISH and his Agents have sold within the last Three Months, Two Prizjs of £ 20,0i> 0, and Twenty- three other Capitals,; also the last two £ 30,000 Prizes ever drawn. POSTING. '" PiIF, Public are respectfully acquainted i That the Price of POSTING is lowered f<> ONR SH( I. I. INCL and THREE- PENCE per Mile, at he WHITE HAIIT INN, W ELLI N cnouo B en, iu the Counts of Northampton. September 23^, 1813. To be SOU) by AUCTION, On Tuesday the 2fltH Day of October instant, at the Saracen's Head Inn, in Davent- ry, in the County of Northampton, ar Seven o'Clock in their Evening, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will he ih- n and there produced ( unless clisoosed of in the mean Season bv Private Contract, ot which due Notice will be given), \ I. L that substantial Stone- built FRF. T. IIOLD Sashed and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, most eligibly situ ifein the HIOH- STR EET, in D AVE NTRY aforesaid, la- e the Property and Residence of Mrs. C A D M A N, Widow, deceased; comprising an Entrance Hall, to the Right ami Left of which are exceeding!*- good Dmingand Dr wing. Rooms, com modious Kitcli.--, Servants' Hall, Larder, excellent coolWine and Beer Cellarage ; on the second Floor are genteel and airy Sleeping- Rooms, with Closets; also very good Servants' Rooms in the Attics; detached is a convenient Brew. house. Coal- House, two Coach- Houses Stabling lor eight Horses, and other suitable Appendages; spacious Yard, having an excellent Carriage- Road immediately communicating with tile High- Street in Daventrv aforesaid; large Garden, inclosed by an excellent Brick and Stone Wall, anil well supplied with Fruit Trees, containing by Esti- mation one Ac- e ( more or l; ss), in which is a lofty and well- built Summer- House, commanding an exten- sive and beautiful View of the surrounding Neigh- bourhood. Also a Measnage or Tenement, late in the Occupation of Mrs. Wagstalf, being Part and Parcel of the above- described Dwelling- House, but which P To be SOLD, A Large Quantity of Two- year- old, and - t Oiie- vear- old OSIERS, in any Quantify, at WM. SOUTU'S, Kettering. To be SO ED by AUC TION, By SAMUEL DUDLEY. On Thursday ' the 2.1st Day of October, IRIS, at Eleven o'CPck on the Premises. latethe Residence of Mrs. BUDD, at WINSLOW, Bucks, ART of the IIOUSEUOLD- FURNITURE, and EFFECTS; comprising three Bedsteads and Furniture, Mahogany Dining and Dressing Tables, Looking Glasses; six Chairs, Mahogany and Japan Tea Trays and Waiters, Tea Urn, Plate Warmer, plated and Brass Candlesticks, Snutfers, and Tray ; Quantity of old China and Glass; Number of Books on various Subjects; seveial Sweet Iron- bound Hogsheads, Half- hogsheads, and smaller Casks, with numerous other Articles. NO l'lCli is hereby given, That the Owners and Proprietors c at a Meeting of roprietors ofthe Lands and Grounds in STAGSDEN, in the County of Bedford, intended to be divided and inclosed by Virtue of an Act of Parliament, passed in the fifty- second Yearot his Majesty's Reign, entitled, " An Act for inclosing " Lands in Stagsden, in the County of Bedford," will be held at the House of WILLI A M BUCKLOW, in the Parish of SAINT. PAUL, in the Town of BED- FORD, in the County of Bedford, commonly called the SWAN INN, on MONDAY the TWINTY- FI FTH Day ot OCTOBUR instant, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, tor the purpose of appointing some fit Person not interested in the said intended Division and Inclo- sure, to be a Commissioner for carrying the said Act into Execution, in the Place or Stead of Thomas Thorpe, late ot Hawnes, in the said County of Bedford, Gentleman, deceased, the Commissioner appointed by the said Act.— Dated the seventh Day of October, 1813. HAMPDEN. N: OI1CE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the O- vnvs and Proprietors ofthe Lands and Grounds in B1DDENHAM, in the County of Bed- ford, intended to bs divided and inclosed by Virtue of an Act of Parliament passed in the Fifty second Year of his Majesty's Rei< n, entitled, " An Act for " inclosing Lands in Kiddenham, in the County of " of Bedford," will he held at the House of WM. BUCKLOW, in the Parish of SAINT PAUL, in the Town ot BEDFORD, in the County of Bedford, com- monly called the SWAN INN, on MONDAY the TWENTY- Fi F i n Day of OCTOBER instint, at Twelve o'Clocx. at Noon, for the Purpose of appointing some fir Person, not interested in the Slid intended Division and Inclosure, to be a Commissioner, for carrying the said Act into Execution, in ihe Place or Stead of Thomas Thorpe, late of Hjwnes, in the said County of Bedford, Gentleman, deceas - d, the Commissionei apoointed by the said Act. — Dated the seventh Day of October, 1813. HAMPDEN. MARKET- 11 ARBORotion, Oct. 8ih, 1813. Northamptonshire Ticeliold Estate. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Mr. HOLLOW AY, Sometime in the present Month ot October, either together or in Lots, as shall be agreed upon, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, in which Case Notice will be given, \ Valuable FREEHOLD ESI'ATE, situate at £ JL WILliARSTON, in the County ot North- ampton, containing by Admeasurement sixty Acres or thereabouts, conveniently subdivided for Occu- pation, adjoining the Road leading from Wilharsion to Ashley, and in the Tenure of Mr. Edward Piatt the Younger, who will shew the Estate. Further Particulars'may be had on Application at the Office of GEORCE WARTNABY, in Market- Har- borough. Desirable B'reehola Residence, in Wellingborough. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Very excellent HOUSE, pleasantly situated >-. » at the Upper- End of W E l. l. I NGBO ROUG H, in the County of Northamnton; consisting of a Dining Room and Drawing Room, of good Dimen- sions, three very good Sleeping Rooms a large Dressing Room, with Attics over the while; Kit- chen, Store Room, and Butler's Pantry, completely fitted up, and large Wine, HE— r, and Coal Ctllars.— The Out- offices consist of a convenient Brew- house. Wash- house; and Laundry, new- built Two- stall Stable, and Barn, or Chaise- House adjoining, with Corn Chamber, Hay and Straw I. of'ts over them Saddle and Harness Room adjoining the Stable, ex- cellent Larder, and all other requisite Out- offices. The Garden and Orchard, which ar^ well planted and ve: y productive, contain neatly an Acre. The" whole of the Premises are in the most perfect State of Repair, and form a desirable Residence for < 1 genteel Family. Immediate Possession mav be hid. Adjoining the House are two very good Cottages, which may easily be added to it, shoul 1 a Purchasei be desirous of enlarging the House. To View the Estate, and for further Particulars, apply to Messrs. HoDsoN,- Solic; tors, Wellingborough. Huntingdonshire.— Great- Cutwnrth. To be SOL D by AUCTIO N, By Mr. f run SON, At the Auction Mart, London, on Tuesday the 19th Day ot October, 1813, at Twelve -' Clock at Noon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced, 4 Most desirable Freehold and Tithe- free t\ FARM, situate at GREAT- CAT WORTH, in the County of Huntingdon; comprising a very neat and commodious Dwelling- House, with a plea- - ant Shrubbery and Garden in Front, all requisite attached and detachcd Out- buildings and Premises necessary tor the Farming Business ; together with 297A. 1R. Ill', ot Arable and Pasture Land lying contiguous thereto, subdivided into convenient Ill- closures by good thriving Quicks, and in a very good State of Cultivation, having been chiefly hollow- drained. The Estate is now in the Occupation of a Mr. Brown, a respectable Tenant under Lease, whereof 8 Years are unexpired at Michaelmas next, who will sh-* w the Premises. Great. Catworth is a very pleasant Village, through which runs the Turnpike Road from London to Oundle, is in a very healthy and fertile Part of the CoUiTty of Huntingdon, in a fine Sporting Country for Game, and within Reach of Earl Fitzwilliaui's and the Oakley Fox Hounds, rhe Estat- is subject to the Out- goingsof £ 83 Is. 6d to the Vicar as a Corn- Rent, on ; er the I nclosure Act. Printed Particulars and a PI in ot the Estate, with Conditions of Sale, may be had at the principal Inns at Huntingdon, and the adjacent Towns; of M. L. Clennetl, Esq. No. 7. Staple's- 1 nil, London; at the Auction Mart; ot Mr. Samutl Wilis, jun. So- licitor, Huntingdon; and of Mr. Pierson, General Agent, Kimboiton. for several Years past has been separately occupied. The Situation ot the above Premises is equal, if not superior, to any other in the Town of Daventry, more particularly to any Person in Trade, who may require extensive Warehouses. As a Brewery ( for which there is an exceedingly good opening), it can- not be stirpa sed in Excellence; in short, for any Trade or Business requiring Room, or Extent of Building, the Town of Daventry has not to boast of such another. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same by Private Contract, apply at the Office of Mr. WARDLE, Solicitor, in Daventry. To be SOLD by AUCTION, OB Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 25th, 25th, and 27th Davs of October, 1813, on the Ptenvses of Mr. ROBERT GARDNER, of ASCOTE, near SOUTHAM, Warwickshire, \ BOUT 120 Beasts, 700 Sheep, and a few CY Horses; also some Waggons, and other Imple- ments of Husbandry; 150 Tons of Hav, and the Grass Keep, until Old Lady- Day next, ot about 400 Acres. Catalogues may he bad in due Time at all the prin- cipal Inns in the Neighbourhood To LANDED ESTATE WAN TED. VI/ ANTED, a LANDED PROPERTY V* nf from £ 00,000 to £ 200.000 Value. It must be situated in a Picturesque Country, well wooded and watered, with a small Village either on it or in its immediate Neighbourhood. If there should be a House on it, it would be the mure de- sirable, but the Want of one w ould not be consi- dered an insurmountable Objection, Letters, Post- paid, addressed lo A. Y. to the Care of Mr. Hodgson, Bookseller, Wimpole- Slreel, London, will he attended to. KILSBY, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Capital Situation. To he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ( With immediate Possession, if required), \ I. L that substantial MESSUAGE or TENF, / a MEN !', with- a large Barn, two Stables, Pig geries, Yard, and a good Garden well planted with Eruit fr es, pleasantly situate in KILSI1Y aforesaid, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Faulkner, the Proprietor. N. B. The above Premises are Copyhold of Inhe ritance, and are well adapted for the Business ot a Baker, or would form a desirable Residence tor a private Family. For Particulars, or to treat for the same, applv to the said Joseph Faulkner, or at the Offices ol Messrs. Caldecott & Benn, Solicitors, in Rugby. To be SOLD by AUG 1 ION, By J. MALI) EN, On Tuesday the 26th of October, 1813, ALL the well, known truly valuable LIVE STOCK, HAY, and GRASS, of Mrs. BI. UN- SO. VI, who is leaving her Farm, known by the Name ot BUCKWORl'H LODGE, Hunts; consisting of ninety- five young Leicestershire Ewes, and sixty- prime Lambhogs ; fourteen fine yearling Calves, nine Two- year- old steers, two Three- year. old in- calved Heifers, two handsome Ditto with weanling Calves, each at Foot, and seven capital Four- year- old fat Steers; three valuable Cart Horses, in high Condi- tion, and two yearling Fillies: ten Stacks of fine Clover and Upland Hay, and about one Humfred and fifty Acres of good Glass, to be fed until the5th Day of April, 1811; four Sheep Cribs, two capital Horse Cribs, ami ii bout six Dozen good Hurdles, Sec. N. 1>. The Hay is to be spent oil the Premises, and proper Fields will be allotted for that Purpose, as per Catalogues, which mav be had six Days before the Sale at the George, Buckden ; Falcon, Hunting- do i ; Wheat- Sheaf and Red- Lion, Alconbury ; ^ n- gel, Stilton j Unicorn, St. Ives; White Lion, Kim- bolton; Swan, Oundle; Printing- Office, St. Neots; and of the Auctioneer, Biggleswade. Six Months' Credit will be given on approved Security. Whitttewood Forest. he. SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY Sf SON, By Order of the Honourable Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy Board, on Monday the 25th Day ot October, 1313, at Eleven n'Clock, at the Kein Deer, in POTTERSPURY, near Stony- Stratford, ANumber of OAK SLABS and OFFAL PIECES of TI MBE R, at Old Tun Coppice, in the said Forest. Catalogues may be had in due Time, « t the Com- passes, Silverstone ; Fox and Hounds, Whittleburv; Place of Sale; of Mr. THORN, Purvevor, in Old- Stratford; and of the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. Estates in Rush den, near Highunt- Ferrets. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. SFONG, At the Swan, in Rushden, in the County of North- ampton, on Thursday the 21st Day of October instant, at Four in the Afternoon, nPHE following valuable and desirable S ESTATES, situate at RUSHDEN aforesaid, n Lots: — Lot 1. A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with Oarden, Orchard, and Close, containing about two Ace3, in the Tenure of Richard Panter ; also two Tenements adjoining, formerly a spacious Malting, and may be easily converted to the same U^ e, withan nexhaustible Supply of Water. Lot 2. A COTTAGE or TENEMENT, and GARDEN, in the Tenure of George Saver. Lot 3. A COTTAGE and GARDEN, in the UPPER- END, in the fennre'of John Clayton. Lot 4. A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with large Orchard, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, n the Centre of the Village, in the Tenure of Thomas Randall. — All the Tenants are under Notice to Quit. ({ 3* Apply to Messrs. HODSON, Solicitors, Wellingborough. A Leicestershire. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, By DAVIS < 5- . S'OJV, In the Month of October, 1813 ( together or in such Lots as shall be hereafter specified), AValuable FREEHOLD EM'A I E, called Baron Fjrk, situate in th; Parish of DESFOKD, in the County of Le: cester; consisting ot t\ j- o Farm- Houses, with the Out buildings and Appurtenances thereto belonv'ng; and about Fo- ir Hundred and I en Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, divided into convenient Closes, and now in the several Occu- pations of - Messrs. Thomas Hook, Thomas Hurst, Joseph Bott, and John Hunt. The above Estate is about six Miles distant from Leicester, nine from Hinckley, and five from Market. Hosworth. The Land- fax is redeemed, and a Modus ot Six Shillings and Eight. pence per Annum is poi- abl- tothe Rector of Desford, in Lieu of Tithes. Th- Time and Place of Sale will be advertised in this Paper , and for further'pirticulars. Application maybe made to Messrs. R. S. TAYLOR & CLEMENT, Solicitors, Grav's- lnn, l. onden; or Mr. SHSFPA& D, Solicitor, Leicester. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. A valuable Freehold and Tithe- frre Farm, and Residence, 50 Miles from' London. To he S O I. D bv AUCTIO N, By JOHN DAY SON, At the Cock Inn, Sto:, v. Stratford, Bucks, on Tues day the9th Day of November, 1813, in one Lot, Singular and desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tithe- free, in a high Stateof Cultivation, plea- santlv situate in the Village of CALVERTON- M1DDLE- WEAL, in the Countv of Buckingham aforesaid ; comprising a substantial and nearly new- erected Farm- House, large Bams, ire ; also four Cottages, with suitable Buildings, and sundry In- Inclosures of extremely fertile, Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land ( the gieatest Part I'astute) containing about 114 Acres, near to the great West Chester Koad, and within a short Distance of several good Market- Towns, being only one Mile from Stony- Stratford, seven from Buckingham, eight from Tewcester, and six from Newport- Pagnell — This desirable Property is near to several Packs of Hounds, and in a good Sporting Country. To be viewed with Tickets, which, with further Particulars, mav be bad of the AUCTIONEERS, Stony Stratford, Bucks. Estates in Finedon. To be SOLD hv AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON, At the Shoe- and- Clog in Finedon, in the Countv of Northampton, on Thursday the 21st Day of Oc- tober, 1813, at Five o'Clo^ k in the Afternoon, ' rilE following valuable ESTATES, situate in I FINEDON aforesaid, in Lots: — Lot 1. A Freehold Messuage or Tenement, with Barn, Stable, Yard, and Garden adjoining, situate near th.* Centre of the Town, in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Danes, the Proprietor. Lot 2. TwoCopvhold Cottages or Tenements, and Piece of Cround adjoining, in the several Occupations of Mary Ellsonand . Lot 3. A Close of remarkably rich Arable Land, near the Town and adjoining the Thrapston Turnpike Road, containing about three Acres ( more or less), in the Occupation ot the said Samu- 1 Danes. One Acre, one Rood, and thirty Perches ol this Lot is Freehold, and the Remainder Copyhold. Apply to Messrs. Hod son, Solicitors, Wellingborough At the' same Time and Place will be sold, th. CROP of TURNIPS growing on Lot 3. ( One Concern.) HUNTINGDONSHIRE. The valuable F'echold Demesne and Manor of Warboys,- one lull and equal undivided Moiety or Half- part whereof, Will be SOLD hv AUCTION", By Mr PIFAISON, At the Auction Mart, London, on Tuesday the 19th Day of October, 1813, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, in one l. ot, suhject nev- rtheless to tlie Uses and Estates in and by the W ill of a Gentleman deceased, limited to the Sons and Daughters of his Son, who is now upwards of 67 Years of Age, has been ma ried many Years, and his Wife living, aged upwards ot 51 Years, but from whom he has been separated a long Time, having previously had no I ssue, r| TIlE DEMESNE contains nearly 700 Ac- res^ of 8 rich Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Wood Land, Tithe- free, and most ofthe Land- Tax redeemed, of the yearly Value of £ 750, with a Quantity of thriv- ing Timber growing thereon, ot considerable Value, with the well- accustomed Inn or Public- House, called the Pelican, at Warboys aforesaid, most advan- tageously situate for Business. The MANOR, with Court Baron, Court Leet, Rights, Roya'ties, Privilege's, ant Appurtenances, extends over the whole Parish of Warboys, which contain, upwards of 8000 Acres of Land. The COPYHOLD ESTATES held ot the said Manor contain 4,595 Acres of Land, Houses, Cottages, See. of the yearly Value of upwards of £ 4,40il, subject to Payment of annual Quit Rents, amounting to nearly £ 60 per Annum, and to arbitrary Fines, which, from the Improvement, it is supposed must produce on an Average £ 500 per Annum. The Situation of Warboys is exceedingly benefi- cial, being only four Miles from Ramsey, six from St. Ives, and seven from Huntingdon, with excellent Roads. To be viewed till the Sale, on Application to Mr. ST ACHY, at Warboys. Printed Particulars, with the Plan of the Estate and the Conditions of Sal;, may be had at the Pelican Inn, Warboys; Crown, Saint Ives; and George, Huntingdon; at the Auction Mart; of Mr. Blood worth. Surveyor, Kimboiton; of M. Clennell, Esq. No. 7 Staples' Inri, Holhorn; of Mr. Samuel Wells, Jun. Solicitor, Huntingdon ; and Mr. Pierson, General Agent, Kimbolton. Bedfordshire Agricultural Society. October 8th, 1813. rF, IIF. Report of the Umpires appointed to ad- * judicate the Prizes offered hy this Society for ploughing, who, having compared the respective Merits of the Candidates, DS REPORT and ADJUDGE, as follows : — To Mr. Hine, of Knotting, the first Prize of the Silver Cup of Eight Guineas, for having ploughed Half an Acre of Land within the Space of three Hours and twoMinutes. with two Horses. To Mr. Thorpe ( by his Bailiff Mr. Fill ngham\ of Wymington, the second Prize of Five Guineas, for having ploughed Half an Acre of Land within the Space of two Hours and forty- three Minutes, with two Horses. To his (. race the Duke of Bedford ( Mr. Wilson, Bailiff), of Woburn Park, the third Prize of Two Guineas, for having ploughed Half an Acre of Land within tiic Space ot two Hours and th'uty Minutes, with two. Horses. Losing Ploughs. 10s. Gd. each : Mr. Fiancis Fowler— Mr. Samuel Sandon— Mr. Geo Inskip— Mr. James Potts— Francis Pym, Esq. — Lord Ludlow — Samuel Whitbread, Esq Mr" Walker. To George Hine, the Holder of the first Winnin! r Plough.:.. £ 2 2 0 To Wm. Fellingham, the Holder of the second Ditto £ i u To JohnGrecn, theHolder ot the third Do. £ 1 1 0 Report of the Committee appointed to inspect the Certificates of Candidates for the Premiums, under the Classes of 1,2, 3, 4. and 5, and in the printed Particulars, who having met tor that Purpose, report as follows ; — No. 1. That it appears to your Committee, that Lemuel Jealous, of Flitwick, Labourer in Husbandry, is entitled to the first Prize of Four Guineas, he having had and brought up fourteen Children, with- out Parochial Relief. That Samuel Watford, of Everton, Labourer in Husbandry, is entitle! to the second Prize of Three Guineas, behaving had and brought up nine Children without Parochial Relief. That Thomas Brinkbw, of Leigh'on, Labourer in Husbandry,' is entitled to the third Prize of Two Guineas, lie having had and hrouglu up seven Children without Parochial Relief. No. 1. That Jamss Barnes, of Earon- Socon, Labourer in Husbandry, is entitled to the first Ptize of Four Guineas, he having worked,. as a Labourer forty- five Years on the same I'arm without Interruption. That Thomas Gibbs, of Tingrith, Labourer in Husbandry, is entitled to the second Prize of' Three Guineas, he having worked as a Labourer forty. one Years and a Half on the same Farm without Inter- ruption. That Bonner Atkins, of Flitton, Labourer in Husbandry, is entitle! to the third Prize of Two GHineas he having worked'forty Years cn the same Farm without Interruption.' No. 3. That John Mace, of Uarrokt, is entitled to the first Priz; of Four Guineas, he having lived as ail hired. St; rvan « twenty Years and three Quarters on the same Farm. That Thomas Mantle, of Coplq, is entitled to the second Prtie of Three Guineas, he having lived as an h'red Servant ten Years on the same Farm. That Samuel Risely, of Pavenham, is entitled to the third Prize of Two Guineas, he having l. ved as an hired Servant in Husbandry six Years on the same Farm. No. 4. That Elizabeth Worster, of Aspley . Guise, is entitled to the first Friz; of Threa Guineas, she having lived as an hired Servant in Husbandry nine- teen Years on the same Farm Household- Furniture, S< c. To he SOLD by ALTCTION, By JOHN DAY'Sr SON, On Tuesday next, the 19th of this Instant October 1813, on the Premises, PART of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE and EFFECTS ot Mr. JOHN HOBLEY, Glazier, who is leaving Stonv- Stratford. The Sale to commence at Twelve o'Clock precisely. Freehold and Tithe- free Grazing Laud, at Wel- haiti and Slaxston, near Market- Hat borough, Leicestershire. To be SOLD hv AUCTION, By Messrs. D/ WER, At the Three Swans, Market. Harbotough, on Tues- day, November 2, at Two, in Three Lots, \ Remarkably valuable Freehold ESTATE, ' Tithe- free, most desirably situate in the Parishes of SLAWSTON and Wf. LHA. VI in the County of Le- cester, about five Miles from M irker- Harborough; comprising about One Hundred and Eleven Acres ol extremely rich Grazing Land, in the Occupation ot Messrs. SI; ifllngton. Grant, Driver, and Widow French, who have received Notice to Quit at Lady- Day next. Printed Particulars, with engraved Maps annexed, may be had at the Three Swans, Maiket- Harborough ; Three Crowns, Leicester; FaTfcon, Uppingham; Denbigh Ar., 1,, Lutterworth; of W. LEAKE, Esq 27, S- ckville- Sireet, Piccadilly ; ef. Messrs. BURLIY and MOQRF., Lincoln's Inn ; of ROBERT KIRK. Esq. Welham Lodge; anil of Messrs. DRIVF. R, Surveyor* and Land Agents, Kent- Road, or al their Olffc*, iu the Auction- Mart, London, Northampton Freehold Estates. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, Sometime in November or December next ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract), in Lots, the Particulars of which, and Time and Place of Sale, will appear in a future Paper, A LL that, capital MESSUAGE or MANSION- I V HOUSE, situate in GOLD- STREET, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, with excellent Gar- dens, Stables, and numerous and convenient Out- offices, and now in the Occupation ofthe Rev. John Stoddart, and his Undertenants. Also, another MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, adjoining the said Mansion- Hoitce, now divided into two Dwellings, with the Gardens and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, now or lately occupied by Mr. Stoddarr, or his Undertenants. Also. FIVE ( lew- erected COTTAGES or TENE- MENTS, in GOLD- STREET aforesaid, nearly op- positeto the said capital Messuage or Mansion- House, and now occupied by Mrs. Levi, or her Undertenants. And also, FIVE FREEHOLD CLOSES or ancient inclosed GROUNDS, situate in the Parish of ST. PETER, in NORTHAMPTON, and nearly adjoining the Town Street, called the CASTLE CLOSES, and now occupied bv the said John Stoddart, Cfaas. Markham, Esq. Mr. James Cole, and Mrs. Levi. Further Particulars may he had on Application to . WM. WA& TNABY, Solicitor, Market- Harbtirsugh. Valuable Flock of Sheep, hit Oxen, Put Cows, excellent Dairy Cows, In- calf Heifers, Cart and Hackney Horses, Hay, Grass, Aftermath, Farming Implements, S,- c. at Chapel- Ascott, near Southam, U urwickshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By J. LOVED AY, On the Premise*, on Mondav, Tuesday, and Weil- nesdav, the 25th, 26th, and 27th of October, 1813 ; \ LL the very valuable FLOCK of SHE I. P, t\ fat OXEN, fat COWS, excellent DAIRY COWS, In- calf HEIFERS, CART and HACK- NF- Y HORSES, HAY, GRASS, AFIERMATH, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, Sic. of Mr. R. G . RDNER. ofCH V I'E L- A SCOTT, near Southam, in the County of Warwick, who is leaving his Farm ; comprising fifty fat Ewes, one Hundred and eighty- seven famous Breeding Ewes, one Hundred and nine capital Theaves, twelve fat Wethers, ninety- seven fat Shearhogs, ninety- four good Wether Lambs and one Hundred and nineteen Ewe Lambs; twenty- eight fat Oxen, fifty fat Cows, four Martin Heifers, twenty exceedingly good young Dairy Cows, and seventeen In. calt Heifers; a very useful Six- year- old Cart Horse, Ditto Three- year- old Cart Mare, a very good Cart Mare and Foal, handsome Black yearling Cart Colt, Five- year- old Hackney- Horse, Two- year- old Nag Gelding, and an useful Hackney Mare; two strong Waggons, one Six- inch Cart, a good double Plough, and two single Ditto; also, about one Hundred and fifty Tons of excellent Hay, and about five Hundred Acres of Keep, till the 6th of April next; Particulars of which will appear in Catalogues, which are now ready, and may be had at the principal Inns in Warwick, Birmingham, Coventry, Daventry, Southam, and Banbury, at the Place of Sale, and of the Auctioneer, at the County Fire Office, Warwick.— Sale to begin each Morning at Ten. *** A Person will attend with a Cold Collation. N. B. Chapel- Ascott is about two Miles from Southam, near the Turn pike- Road leading from thence to Banbury. (£ 3" J. Loveday presumes the Superiority of the above Stock is so well known as to need little Com- ment. The Sheep are chiefly by Rams of Mr Catterns, of Binley ; and Messrs. John and William l. edbreoke, of Burton- Dasset, and are all perfectly clean. The Whole of the Stock is young, has been selected with considerable Care, and will, on In- spection, recommend itself,— The Whole will be Sold without the least Reserve, FREEHOLD ESTATES, Large and small Feeding Farms," Goddington, Oxfordshire, To be SOL 1) by AUCTIO N, By Mr. WHITE, At the King's Arms Inn, in the City of Oxford, on Wednesday the 27th of October, 1813, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, in seven Lots, RJPHE following FREEHOLD valuable FARMS 3 and LANDS, most desirably situated in the rich and fertile Parish of GODDING TON, in the County ot Oxford, viz. Lot 1. A capital Estate, called Poodle Farm, con- taining 295 3R. 24!'. of rich Pasture, Meadow, and Arable Land, with an excellent Farm- House, Dairy, Barns, Stables, Cow- Houses, Pigsties, Yards, Garden, Orchard, Stc. aud two Tenements and Gar- dens. Lot 2. A Ditto Farm, containing USA. 1R. 18P. of rich Arable, Pasture and Meadow Land, with House, Yard, Garden, Cow- Houses, & c Lot 3. A Ditto Farm, containing 73A. 3R. 4P. of rich Arable, Pasture aud Meadow Land, with Cow Houses, Yards, & c. Lot 4. A Ditto Farm, containing 75A. 3R. IP of rich Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land, with Fatm- House, Dairy, Cottages, Cow- Houses, Yards, Sec. Lot. 5. A Ditto Farm, containing 106A. SR. 18P. of rich Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land, with Farm- Hotis-, Out- House, Dairy, Stables, Cow. Houses, Pigsties, Garden, Cottages, Sec. Lot 6. A Ditto Farm, containing 120A. OR. 20P. of rich Pasture and Meadow Land, with Farm- House, Llairy, Stable, Cow- Houses, Pigsties, Yards, Garden, Orchard, Cottages, Sec. Lot 7. A Ditto Farm, containing 145A. 2R. 10P. of rich Pasture and Meadow Land, with a capital Farm- House, . Dairy, Sec. with requisite Out- houses, Gardens, Sec. surrounded by a Moat, Barns, Cow Houses, Pigsties, Yards, Cottages, Sec. The above Lands and Tenements are now lett, to Messrs. William Collinridge, John Paxton, Henry and James Colliniidge, at Two Thousand ' Two Hun- dred and Sixtv Pounds per Annum, subject to a Land- Tax of £ 100 14s. Sd. ( which will be divided and apportioned ro each respective Lot), all of whom are Tenants at Will, and have Notice to quit at Lady- Day, 1814, which is an important Circumstance to Purchasers who are buying for Occupation. GODDINCTON is five Miles from Bic- ster, six from Buckingham, eight from Brackley, and twelve from Aylesbury, all good Market Towns. For a View of the Estate and Farms, please to apply to Mr, PAXTON, at Goddington, of whom Particulars mav be had ; also at the King's Arms Bicester; the George, Aylesbury; the White Hart, Buckingham; the Crown, Brackley; the King's Arms, Oxford; the Red. Lion, Banbury ; the White Horse, Towcester; the Queen's Arms, Abingdon; the Bear, Reading; the Swan, Bedford; of Messrs. Hopcraft& Co. Ciov/ ton ; of Messrs. Mills, Robinson, & Young, Solicitors, Parliament- Street; at Garra. way's ; and of Mr. White, Storey's Cate, West- minster, That Sarah Franklin, of Wimington, is entitled to the second PriZeof Two Guineas, she havinglived as an hired Servant in Husbandry thirteen Years on the same Farm. That Mary Ricnall, of Renhold, is entitled to the third Prize of One Guinea, she having lived as an hired servant in Husbandry nine Years on the same Farm. No. 5. Premiums for Benefit Club. Memorandum— There were two Applications for this Premium, but the Adjudicators did not consider that either of them came within the Meaning of this Resolution, the Clubs having been established before October, 1312, although they were enrolled at the Quarter Sessions between October, 1812, and October, 1813. Premiums for Underdrainage. Your Comm; ttee having received the Report ot Mr. James Lilburne, upon the Claims for Under- drainage. between the Months ot October, 1811, and October, 1812, adjudge as follows :— To James Bentley, of li ggleswade, the Premium of Cup ofthe Value of Eight Guineas, he having made the greatest Improvement by Underdrainage, agreeably to the Rules of this Society, between the Month of- October, 1812, and October, 1813. Premiums for Marling. Your Committee having received the Report of Mr. James Lilburne. upon the Claims for Marling Sandy and Grav> lly Lands, between the Months of October, 1812and 1813, adjudge as follows : — That James Maddams, ot Clophill, is entitled to the Prize of Five Guineas, lie having made the greatest Improvement in Marling, between the Months of October, 1812, and October, 1813. Premiums for 1' beaves. Your Committee having received the Report of Johri Wilson Allen, Esq. and Mr. George Inskip, upon the Claimsof the best Pen oflongand short woolled Theaves, do adjudge as follows : — That Mr. Edward Piatt, of Lidlington, is entitled to the Prize of Five Guineas, he having shewn the best Pen ot five long woclled new Leicester Theaves. That Mr Edward Piatt, of Lidlingion, is entitled to the Prize of Five Guineas, to be paid by this Society, he having shewn the best Pen of five South- down short woolled Theaves. Premiums for Pigs. Yo- r Committee having received the Report of John Wilson Allen, Esq. and Mr. George Inskip, upon the Claims of the best Boar and breeding Sow, do adjudge as follows ;— That Mr. Edward Piatt, of Lidlington, is entitled to the Prize of Five Guineas, he having shewn the best Boar. That Mr, Edward Piatt, of Lidlington, is entitled to the Prize of Five Guineas, to be paid by this Society, he having shewn the best breeding Sow. Resolved,— That the Underdrainage performed by the Candidates sending Certificates at the Meeting bs inspected by a proper Person to be appointed by the Committee of this Society; and that his Report be delivered to the Committee appointed for the Adju- dication ot those Premiums to the General Meeting of this Society in 1814. Resolved,— That George Nigel Edwards, Esquire, be appointed President; and his Grace the Duke of Bedford, Vice- President of this Society for the Year ensuing. Resolved,— That the present Committee appointed to regulate the Arrangements of this Society, be con. tinued. Resolved.— That the Proccedinrs c. f this Day be once published in the Northampton and Cambridge Papers. Resolved,— That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Chairman. JOHN POLHILL, Chairman. Friday and Stiturdn/' s Posts. LONDON, FRIDAY Oct. 15. \ T ESTERDAY accounts were received from 1 Cadiz to tlie 21st ult. by wtiich it appears that the report of the yellow fever having broken out both in that city and at Gibraltar, are erroneous. Tt is liappilv ascertained that the fever which lias carried off several persons is not of a contagious nature, and that the alarm is Unfounded. It is stated, in nn article from Berlin, thai Bonapatts bad a horse shot under him at the battle of Nollendorf, which no doubt gave rise to the report of his being wounded, as communicated in sevetal letters received by the last Gottanburgh Mail. The state of the French funds has of late attracted some attention in this country. About 12 months ago the French Jive per cents, were at 81. A dav or two before tho Archduchess went to the Senate to demand the new Conscription, ihev were something below 54. Probably some ether measures, such as an emission of assignais, or a forced loan to a great extent, were appre- hended, and a popular commotion might have been dreadod But the day passed over without a tumult; nothing but a Conscription was proposed: the stock- holders becarnc quite gay, and ihe funds rose on the 8th to 55J, on the 9th to 50J, and on the 10th, when the Senatus Conmltum had passed without opposition, to 60.— The English 5 per Cents, are at 88 j. Such is the difference between the " ruined credit*' of this country, and the " flourishing finances" of the Great Nation ! Mansitm- Hovsc.— Yesterday John Clarke, a mil- ler at Uibridge, was fined 40s. for selling and delivering to Elizabeth Witchclose, of White- street. St. George's, n parcel of flour without a regular bill of parcels — James White, a baker at Lambeth was likewise fined 40s. for receiving several sacks of flour, accompanied bv a bill of parcels, to wtiich no price was affixed.— Henry J'laistowe, the miller who sent the foregoing flour, liad also been sumnymed to attend, but having neglected to make his appearance, he was ordered to stand fined ,£ 20 for sending out flour without affixing the price, and „£ 10 for disobeying the Lord Mayor's summon'. 1 he crop of Potatoes is so very productive, that they are now selling in the fields, in the vicinity of Glastonbury, at the rate of 20lbs. for 4d£. The match with Smolensko and Benedict, which lias excited so much interest, will not be run ; Smolensko havirg paii 80gs. ft. BOXING.— The malch between Marten ( the Jew) and Lancaster, took place on Wednesday, onCoombe Warren, near Kingston, in the presence of more than 10.000 spectators. This battle lasted three hours nnrl thirty- fine minute), nnd in which one hundred and ninety- five rounds were fought, a circumstance unprecedented in the annals of prize fighting. Lancaster beat Marten in a smart battle at Rirkmansworth, twelve months ago, and in this instance they were matched for a siake of 20 guineas nnd a subscription purse. Harry Harmer and J. Clarke seconded Lancaster, nnd Jacobs and Puss seconded Marten, It would £ 11 many columns to enter into a description of this battle in detail. Betting at setling- to was three nnd four to one on Lancaster. In the first round Marten made play, and planted dexterous hits left and right on his adversary's head, and which nearly closed one of his eyes. A small return was made T> y Lancaster, and a rally followed, when Marten was hit down. SLATER'S STF. AM KITCHEN*. By the King's PaUnt. IM POST\ NT A OV \ NT \ GE ! T" ONGSTAFFE &• VEA3EV, Furnishing A Ironmongers, Silversmiths, & c. ttc. MARKET- SQtJABR, NORTHAMPTON, most respectfully inform their Friends and llie Public, that tliev are desirous to offer to theirNotice the best COOKING VPP VftATCS in the Kingdom, for Economy and the most clean and delicate Mode of Steaming, Boil- insr. Rousting, Baking, Stewing, and Broiling, which will rook Victuals, both roast and boiled, for from one In tiftv Persons and upwards, performed with one small Fire onlv, and that not larger than is ne essarv for the boiling of a small Pot or Kettlein Ihe usual Mode of Cooking.— The above Apparatus has been frequentlv proved to cleat its first Cost in from six to twelve Months; the superior Advantage have been fully ascertained by Families nf Ihe first Respectability and Consequence. Mr. SLATER has appointed LONGSTAFFE & VEASEY Agents, where the Apparatus may he frequently seen in Use ; and bejs to inform Families Sic. that he enables them to furnish his Cooking Apparatus nn the same Terms as'if personally sup- plier! by the Patentee. Also, An elegant Assortment of bronzed and cast Register and Half- register Stoves, polished Steel bronzed and green painted eliptical and cir- cular Fenders, burnished Fire- irons, best Sheffield Plate, Vause. Globe, Liverpool, and other Lamps, elegant Sels of Paper and Japanned Ten and o her Trays, fashionable, plain, and mounted Tea and Coffee- Urns, Cutlery of every Description, Mills for grinding Malt, splitting Peas, Beans, & c. Chtiff- Engines and Boxes, Winnowing- Machines, and Cast- iron Work of everv Description. ' TIIOMAS BRIGGS, PUNCH TIOUSF. Wints, Brandies. Hums, Gin, and Rich Cordials, of the finest Flavi/ r. Wholesale and Retail. TBRIGGS takes the earliest Opportunity & of returning his grateful Acknowledgments to the Friends of his late Mo( h » r, and begs Leave lo inform them and the Public in general, that he < till carries oil Ihe above Business, and hopes l> v unremitting Attention, anil serving them with n genuine Article, to merit a Continuance of tliei' Favours. Northampton, October 15, 1P13. N. B. Go » d Stabling, and a Market Ordinnrv. A CARL>. Mn. BAP. RE I T would do great Injustice to bis Feelings were he not to take the earliest Omi ion lo offer his siurprt* Tlmnks to the* Mobility f- Piiiry, Cl « * i* try. and ihp Public. iu general, for th^ libera] anil distjnsiuishpd Manner in w inch* they hav • supported his MusrcAr, FESTIVAL, ani he HA- the Honour to asstare the. n, t ant a< f heir Amusement has b* en the; great Object of his Umi rt iking, so their Approbation will be his highest Reward. Northampton, Ort. 16th, 1813. MONKY. WANTED on most eligible Freehold Land Security, in Northamptonshire, the several Sums of ^ 3,000, ,£ 4,000, and ^ 5,00). Letters, Post- paid, addressed to A, B. at the Printers of this Paper, will be duly attended to. WAN lED, A CURATE, to do the Duty of a small Church, in the Neighbourhood of Dunstable and Woburn, in Bedfordshire; there is only single Duty on a Sunday, no Prayers in the Week Days, and very little occasional Duty.— Salary, Fifty Pounds a year.— He will mostprobably meet with single Duty at some other neighbouring Church, and by that Means increase his Income. Apply to the Rev. J. LAMBERT, Stainsbro', Barnsley, Yorkshire. wjn TED in a large Market Town, APPRENTICE to the MILLINERY and DRESS BUSINESS.— As she will be treated as one of the Family, none need apply but of the greatest Respectability. For Particulars, address, Post- paid, to B, B. Post- Oftice, SI. Albans. ADAIRY MAID wanted ill a Month's Time, in a respectable Family, with a large Establishment. One that can be strongly recom- mended, not only as such, but as a careful and in- telligent Person with Poultry, and an useful Servant in a Family. Enquire at Mr. WKBI'S, Printer, & c. Bedford. WANTED, a MAN and Ins WIFE, without a Family, to undertake the Management or Rent the POOR. HOUSE at P1TSFORD, iji the County of Northampton. A good House to live in. For further Particulars, enquire ofthe Overseers. NORTHAMPTON, ( let. 8tb, 1813. The / tnmnl Report of the General Committee of the Northamptonshire Society for the Education of the l'oor in the Principles of the Established Church. THE General Committee, to whom the Management of the Concerns of this SocieM has been entrusted, on examining and reporting its Progress, have great Pleasure instating lo the Sub- scribers and Friends of the Institution, thai since ihe opening of the Central School at Northampton. Schools upon a li- rge Scale, with the Assistance and under the Patronage of the Society, have been in- stituted in the Towns of Daventry, Kettering, nnd Oundl- s which cannot but he considered as a most important Advance towards Ihe Introduction of this new System of Education throughout the County at large ; a Facility being thereby afforded of training up Masters for other Schools as Case- may arise. They have likewise to observe, that Schools have already been established in several Villages; and that various others. Assistance for their Formation having beeo rendered from the General Fund, are on the Point of being completed. Whilst the General Committee has the Gratifi- cation of congratulating the Friends of this Insti- tution on IIIP Success which has thus far attended ihe Undertaking, they feel it their Duty strongly lo impress the Necessity of continued Election instill further extending a System of Education so jus) Iv distinguished for its Economy, Simplicity, and Plainness. Reliance may be placed on the zealous Co- ope- ration of this Committee, and on their Readinees in supply Assistance, as far as the Exigency of each Case shall require, nod the State of their Funds enable them to afford it; looking as thev do with Ihe utmost Confidence lo Ihe Contribution! of the Friends of the Institution for nn Establishment of Resources adequate to the extensive Plan which they have in view.— An eminent Divine in the Me- tropolis declared from the Pulpit, that " if every Person in London who could afford it would sub- scribe One Guinea annually, it would insure the Success of the Plan throughout the Kingdom " Let this Opinion be applied to our County, and there can be no doubt of Success. As Punctuality in Ihe Payment ofthe Annual Sub- scriptions is essential to the Prospeiity of ihe Institution, the General Committee beg to remind ihe Subscribers, that the Subscriptions for each Year are due at Michaelmas. NORTHAMPTON, Choirman. I'D the Nobility, Ladies, and < ieureineii 01 Northampton, and its adjacent Residences. TCOX, impressed with Gratitude for the . liberal Patronage he has already experienced, embraces this Opportunity of expressing his Acknowledgment of ihe same; and likewise to inform them, that he wiil on Monday the 18th of October, at Six o'Clock in Ihe Evening, offer for Sale, a diversified ASSORTMENT of PKTRF- FACTION, manufactured in a masterly Style, a Ornaments, & c. at the FLYING IIORSR, MIRKET KQ<; A UF, w here he respectfully solicits their further Patronage. nit of a (.' lose in on Sunday Night O I'OLEN or STRAVKIJ, ot ' J the Parish of TO VV C ESTER, last, or earlv on Monday Mornin-- A BLACK LONG- TAIL? D MARE, Ofthe Cart Kind, six Years old. She has a yvhite Nip on the Nose, and a Star on the Forehead, about 16 Hands nigh, one while Heel behind on the near Side, and a small Nip of hite before. If any Mm backs her, ^ he is rather touched with a String Halt. Whoever will give Information ofthe said Mave, to R lcARI) SHEPPARD, of Caldecot, in the Parish of Towcester, so as she may be had again, shall receive THREE GUINEAS Reward, and all reasonable Charges shall be paid by the said Richard Sheppard. Towcester, ( let. I If A, 1813. Ruler, or the rational tinrl moderate demiads . af lie Allies, who require nothing alftre thantli. it rhoy should he governed by their own Laws and lieir own Princcs. Letters from St. Sebastian state that Lord Wei- nigton had directed, that the fortifications of that lace should not only receive a thorough repair, hut that other works should he added, so as to ren ( er it impregnable. In consequence of which • tder, 15,000 men were daily employed from the British, Spanish, and Portuguese armies, proportion- ate to their respective strength. The new works vill be cempleted, it is said, in three months from h > r commencement. On our troops taking pos- session of the Castle, scarcely a building was stand- ing, or an inhabitant remaining. Yesterday, Government received dispatches from Canada; shortly after the arrival of the dis- patches the following was published :— . . OFFICIAL BULLETIN. " Colonial Department, Oct. 14. " Dispatches have been received from Sir George Prevost, dated Kings! > n, the 8th of August. They - tale, Hint on the 31st nf July the eneiav's fleet ap- peared off York, in Upper Canada, where they landed about 850 men, opened the saol, rind took awav three soldiers confined for felony, seized some private property, and al night returned on board i heir vessels. livery public store . having been re- moved from the town previous to ilieir arrival, the p'under obtained bv them was very trifling. On theSdinst. I he encmv'- fleet anchored off Niagara. No tidings had been received from Sir James Yen since he sailed from Kingston on the 31st July.— The dispatches also contain an account of Ihe com- plete success which attended the Expedition up Lake Champlain. This last service was effected without the loils of a man." To he LETT, And may be entered upon immediately, \ Large anri convenient \ VAUKIIOUSK, situate \ in FISH - LANE, NORTH A M PTON. — For i further Particulars, enquire of Mr. JOHN COLE, The round produced first blood from) Sheep- Street. the head of Lancaster. The subsequent rounds • were manfully contested for about half an hour, - when Lancaster's head presented a frightful specta- cle, but he had the best of the battle, and kept the odds in his favour, although in the fifth round he knocked up his right hand knuckles. There was much gaiety of fighting for the first half hour, when ' Marten pursued a system of fighting not very amus- ing lo the ring, by pinking and gelling away from his man, and when in a close he did not pay scru- pulous regard how he got down. Lancaster lost I he sight of one eye, and got lamed in the hand rarly in Ihe fight, and Marten succeeded in closing ihe other al last. Of the two, Lancaster was the licst fighter, and he had superior lengih and strength, and alwavs threw his adversary, or was uppermost. II was half- minute time betwixt the rounds, and the men were always active; it was a manful fight • betwixt men of game. In Ihe last half- hour Marten became tile favourite, his adversary being blind and fxhausled : Lancaster couU not be brought to time, nnd Marten was declared the victor, but he was also severely punished, and had more than a hundred heavy falls. The races of the year being now nearly over, St may become a consideration at the next meet- ing of Parliament, whether in the present want of soldiers, a corps of black legs could not lie raised. No troops could he better qualified " to take ad- vantage of an enemy," or " tn come upon him bv surprise," and to " deprive him of all resources." As to plundering and stripping, these troops would require no training whatever. TEMPORA MUTANTUR! JJAP us'd of Victory to boast. But now he tells a did'rent story ; Content to march awav his host " Cover'd with Mud." instead nf Glory /" Household- Furniture, < 5rc.— UtJ. To be SOLD l. y AUCTION, Jit/ Mr. KIRSHAW, On the Premises of the late Mr. THOMAS ER- RINGTQN, of OLD, on Monday the 18th Day of October, 1813, ALL the useful HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE of the said Mr. ERRINGTON, deceased; con- sisting of Bedsteads, Beds, and Bedding, Tables, Chairs, Looking Glasses, and other requisite Furni- ture ; Kitchen, Scullery, an I llrewing- Utensils, with a Variety of other Articles.— Also the fitting up of an Apothecary's Shop, yvith a few Drugs, Mortars, & c. & c — The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. Tilli Commissioners Rankrupl, in a Commission of bearing Date the 1th Dav of April, 1813. awarded and issued forth against THOMAS HULL, of UpPEti- lJonniNGTON. in Ihe County of Northampton, Victualler, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on Ihe SECOND Day of NOVRMBER next, at Eleven in the Forenoon, at the WHITE LION INN, in BANBURY, in the County of Oxford, to make a first and final Divi- dend of the Estate aud Effects of the said Bankrupt t when and where the Creditors who have not already proved iheir Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend. And all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. To be SOLO hy P1UVA1K C'. iM tt. ycl, Either together o- in arcels, " jPHE following valuable FpaEtiotD ESTATE, 1 situate in SHUTLANGER and STOK. E- BRUERN, in the County of Northampton ; con- sisting ot tour several Mes^ uag , or Tenements, with Out- buildings, Yard, Gardens, and other Appur- tenances thereto belonging, in the Occupations ot Thomas Buttress, Benjamin Fe. rn, Robert White, and Barbara Clarke. - Mso of a Close ot exceedingly rich Pasture Ground of about one Acre, adjoining to thri- e ot the said Messuages, and in the Occupation of John Clarke. Also vt several i'ieces and Parcels of open Field Land, containing together about 13 Acres, with common Rights thereto belonging, in the Occupation of the said John Clarke. And also of a Close of exceedingly rich Meadow Land, con- taining about three Acres, adjoining to Stoke I'jrke i one Acre and a Half of rich Ground, in Shutlanger Meadow ; one Acre of rich Ground, in Stoke Meadow; and four Acres ot Arable Land, in Shutlanger Fields, with a Right of Common for 12 Sheep and a Cow oi Heifer, in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Grubb. shutlaoRer is situate only about two, and Stoke- Bruern about three Miles from Towcester. The Grind Junction Canal and the Turnpike- Road l.- ading from Northampton to Stony- Stratford EO through the Parish, and a great Benefit will arise upon the inci- sure of tile open Fields. To see the Estate apply to the Tenants; and for further Particulars and to treat for the same, to Mr. KIRBY, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. Price of Stacks ibis O. rr—: per Cent. Red. 5611.— ') per Cent Con's, 57i| —" 1 perCent Cons. tig}. Navy 5 per Cent. Ann. 8R. — India Bonds 2d; - Fxcliepner Mills So — Cons, for Acc Markel- Hurbwough and Wetford Turnpike- Road, from Northampton. " T^ TOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of jAI the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Ro « ds, will he holden at the SWAN INN, in LAMPORT, in the County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 21st Pay of OCTOBER instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. CHARLES MARK. HAM, Clerk to the Trustees Northampton, October 9th. 181.' 5. To be SOLO tiv AUCTION, Ry Mr. KIRSHAIV, On Monday the 18th Day of October instant, at the House ot Mr. Edward Manning, the SiKii of the Chequer, in Old, in the County of Northampton, at Three o'Clock ii; the Afternoon, \ LL those TWO substantial Stone- built MF. S- SUAGESor TENEMENTS, with the Yards, Gardens, Stable for six Horses, two Barns, and other convenient Out- buildings, Lead Pump, and Appur- tenances thereunto belonging, situate and being in the pleasant Village nf OLD aforesaid, and now or late in the several Occupations of Joseph Penn and Thomas Holt. — I mmediate Possession maybe had. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. HOWES Solicitor, orthe AUCTIONEER, in Northampton To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SPONG, On Monday the 18th Day of October, 1813, and fol- low ins Dav, on the Premises of Jt > HN HODSO N Esq. of WELLINGBOROUGH, who is leaving his Residence, TPHE modern, elegant, and useful HOUSEHOLD I FURNITURE, CHINA, C LASS, and other EFFECTS; consisting of Mahogany ree- ed Pillar and Tent Bedsteads, will Cotton, Mori. ie, and Dimity Furnitures, excellent Beds, Hair, Wool, and Straw Mattresses, superfine Blankets, Counterpanes, and Quilts, Mahogany Chairs, and a Set ot Trafalgar and other Drawing- Room Churs, Dining Tible, 4 !- t. 3 In. by 9 Ft. on Pillars and Claws ( fine Wood), Brus- sels and Kidderminster Carpets, good Sofa in Hair Seating, 6 Ft 6 In. long, Pier and Swing Glasses, Ma- hogany Oak and Walnut. Tree Drawers, complete, and elegant Dinner and Dessert Setvices ( from Spodes), China and Glass, Piano- forte ( by Broadwood), Paint- ing of King^ Charles the First on Glass, some ex- eminent Artists ; a capital Noticc to the Debtors and Creditors if Mr. JOHN COOK, deceased. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Kstateof Mr. JOHN COOK, lale of N ASEB V, in the County of Northampton, deceased, are re- quested to pav their respective Debts to Mr. Wm. Smeetnn, of Sibherloft, or Mr. Win. Perrin, of Cotieshrook, the Administrators, or to Mr. Good- man, Solicitor, in Market. Tiarhornugh.— And all Persons to whom I lie said Johu Cook stood indebted al Ihe Time of his Decease, are requested to send 1 Mahogany Chamber Horse, with Steel springs in their Accounts to Ihe said Mr. Sineetori, Mr. ( nearly new ( by Gillow, of Oxford- Street); a com- Perrin, or Mr. Goodman, iu order that the same plcte Town- built Gig, with Lamps, highly finished NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, OCT. 16. P) IRTII ] On Tuesday se'nnighr, at St. Boniface, in the Isle of Wight, the Duchess of Bedford, of a son, which lived only a few hours. MARRIED.] On Tuesday se'nnight. at Daven- try, Mr. Henry Bradley, of" Stoke Newington, to Anne- Surger, daughter of Edmund Burton, Esq. of the former place. Monday last, at Vlelron- Mowhrav, Mr. W. Ellis, painter, to Miss Atny Whittle, of the same place. Thursday last, Mr. John Samwell, of Hitchin, to Miss Sarah Phillips, of Salford, Beds, only daughter of Mr. Wm. Phillips, grazier, of . Salford Same day, at VVIiissendine, Leicestershire, Mr. John Pindard, of Farcett, Huntingdonshire, to Miss E, D. izrv, of PickweM, Leicestershire. DIED.] On Monday se'nnigiit, Mr. Matthew Blen- owe, many years proprietor and occupier of the Old George inn, Banbury. Yesterday se'nnight, suddenly, to the grief of a large circle of his acquaintance, Richard Brown, maltster, of Luton, Beds; a respectable member of the society of friends. Monday last, Mr. Howkiiis, at the Falcon public- house, Castle- Ashby, in this county. Same day, after a long and painful illness, Mr, D. Knight, sen. builder, of Leicester. Wednesday last, at Bromham, near Bedford, Mr. Thomas Negus, much regretted by his nu- merous friends. A few days ago, Minton, of Dunchnrch ; hi* death was occasioned by drinking 20 glasses of gin. Lately, Mr. Oouitlas. an eminent fanner, ofthe Ilill- H" use,. Chipping- Warden, much regretted and beloved bv a numerous and respectable c irele of acquaintance. I tremely good Prints by Vlahogany H inay he discharged. October Yith, 1813. A: Win TEH K [.[., Oct. 12th, 1813. WHEREAS it hath been humbly tepre sfnted unto Ilis Royal Highness the Prince Jlejfnt, thai in the Ni^ ht of the 30th of August last, some cvil- dimposed Person or Persons did wantonly . jnnd cruelly maim and disfigure Three Mares belong- ing; to Mr. Aaron Kverard, of Naseby, in the County of Northampton, by cutting; off the Ears of Jill of them, and making deep Gashes in the Necks « > f ( wo of them. TJis Royal Highness, f„ r the better apprehending and bringing to Juslice the Persons concerned in th * aid Felony, is hereby pleased, in the Name and nn the Behalf of his Majesty, to procure his [. Majesty's most gracious Pardon to anv one of them { except the Person or Persons who actually cut and maimed the said Mares), who shall discover his or . ihtfir Accomplice or Accomplices therein, so that h<*, she, or they may be apprehended and con- victed thereof. S11) M O U T H. And as a further Encouragement, a Reward of FORTY GUINEAS isherebv offered by the said . AARON EVER A A D, to any Person making such Discovery LS afoiesaid, except as is before ex- cepted, to be paid on the Conviction of any one or more of the Offenders. To be LETT by TENDKK, And entered upon at St. Thomas next, AMost desirable FARM, Tithe- free, situate at K AST- H ADDO N, adjoining the turnpike- Road from Northampton to West- Haddon, eight Miles from Northampton, seven from Oaventry, and three fiom l- ong- Buckby Wharf, with eve'y Con- venience for Land and Water Carriage. I'he Pre- mises consist of a complete Farm- 1 louse ami Home, stead, together with 131 ISP. ofexc llent Pasture, Arable, and Turnip Land, lying compact, excellently fenced and wateied, now in the Occupation of Mr. W. Wait. Anv Person desirous of rent'ng them, either bv the Year or u. potl Lease, will send his Proposals ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to Mr. HENRY HUGHES, Cold- Street, Northampton, of whom further Par- ticulars may be learnt. Satisfactory Security will be required for Payment of Kent, & c. Valuable Compact Freehold Estate To be SOLD bv A U C T I () N, BV THOMAS' HOLDOM, On Friday the 29d Day of October. 1813, between the Hours of Three and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the White Hart, in Padbury, near Buckingham, TV! INETEF. N Acres of rich inclosed Freehold JL\ ARABLE and SWARD LAND, eligibly situate at PADBURY, near Buckingham; now in the Occupation of Mr. Brinklow.— The Land is in fiigh Condition, Possession of whii. h may be had af Lady- Day next. I or a View of the Estate, apply to the Tenant; and further Particulars may be known by applying to the AUCXIONESR, Buckingham. Modern Household - Furniture, neat Two- wheel Chaise, with dovMe Sent, nearly new; Wine, Live and Dead Farming- Stock, & r. To be SO^ D hv AUCTION, % Mr. KIRS 11 AW, AtOVFRSTONE RECTORY, near Northampton, on Wednesday the 20th Day of October, 1813, t LL the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE of the •'" V late Rev. Mr. THOMAS ; consisting of Four- post, Tent, and Bureau Bedsteads, with Dimity and other Furnitures ; Blankets, Counterpanes, and Mar- tresses ; Mahogany anil Oak Sets of Drawers, Deal Clothes- Press, painted Dressing- Tables and Stands, Drawing - Room Furniture, handsome Window- Curtains, Set of Chairs, and Sofa to match ; Maho- gany Loo, Card, Pembroke, anil Set of Dining. Tables, Sideboard, Wine- Cooler, Pier and Dressing- Glasses J a new Brussels Carpet, 18 Feet by 1( 5 Feet, good Pattern, never been used ; a Ditto Hearth- Rug, 1' urkey and lied Room Carpets ; Set of Ivory- handle Knives and Forks, polished Fire- 1 rons and Fenders; China and Glass ; Barometer ; choice Wine ; an exctllent Two- wheel Carriage, with double Scat, and Set of Harness, nearly new ; 30- Hour Clock, Kit- chen and nairy- Utmsils, Iron bound Casks, Brewing Vessel-, tic. Sec. The I- A R MI NO- STOCK consists of two useful Cows, 28 well- bred Ewes, 23 Lambs, a good (.' art. Ploughs, Harrows, Hurdle.. Part of a Kick of Hay, Drag- Rake, Wheelbarrow, and sundry Effects. The Sale will commence, on Account of the Num- ber ot Articles, exactly at Ten o'clock with the Farming- Stock. Catalogues may be had of tlie AUCTIONIHR, Northampton, aod on the Premises. Two Stables, Granaries, large Yard uud Garden, in Beuruiard- Street. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHAW, At the Ram Inn, in Northampton, on Thursday the 21st Day of October, J813, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, \ l. L those extensive PREMISES, situate in BEARWARD- STREBT, late in the Occupation of Mr. Harrison, but nov of Mr. Elworthy; containing two commodious Stahles is Front, with lartte Gra- naries, Yard and Garden behind the same ; the Whole f* rming a mo- t desirable Purchase for any Person requiring roomy Premises. Enquire of Mr. JOHN COI. S, Sheep- Street, or the AUCTIONEER, Northampton. To be LETT, On I. eases, to the Best Bidders, at an Assembly of the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of Ihe Town of Northampton, at the Guildhall, in Ihe said Town, on Thursday Ili.' Sfvh Day of October instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, sub- ject tn such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, Substantial- built MESSUAGE or TENE- MENT, with the Appurtenances, eligibly situated on theSouih- Side of t he M A It K ET- SQU A a E, in Ihe said Town of NORTHAMPTON, now in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Holmes. Also, Seven several Lots or Pieces of GI'OUN D, each containing about 30 Perches, situate at the Upper- End, and on the West- Side of BROAD- LANE, in Ihe said Town, as ihe same are now marked or set out, being a Garden Ground late in the Occupation of Joseph Smith, whose Lease expired at Michaelmas last. Tile last- mentioned Premises are situated in a pleasant and populous Part of the said Town « f Northampton, and will be Lett on Building Leases for long Terms, on very liberal Conditions. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. JEVES, Town Clerk, at whose Office a Plan ef the Gionud mav be seen. and in good Condition; two Sets of single Harness, Town- made, and one ot them never u- ed; an exceed- ngly good Bath Chair, in complete Repair; Saddles and Bridles, and a ' own- made Side- Sadule for a I'onv, telynew; stout Hogsheads and Half- hogsheads verj ttle worse for wear five Wa er Pipes, Brewing tensds. Kitchen Requisites, & c. Sec. May be viewed on the Friday arid Saturday previous the Sale from Eleven to Four each Day; and Catalogues mav be had in due Time at the principal " nns at Northampton, Kettering, Thrapston, Higham- Ferrers, and of the Auct; oneer. at Wellingborough A. ui o be SOL 1) by A U C T J O N, By R. Sc E. BLABY, On Tuesday thel9thof October, 1813, at the White Hart, Weeoon- Beck, Valuable Assortment nf BREWING- IE NSl l. S, HO USE HO 1. D- F U R N III.' R F, and sundry EFFECTS, the Property of Mr. WM. RE EN ( who retires in Favour of Mr. ROBERT UTLIN); comprising one 109- Gallon Copper, ( Jrate and Appendages, 109- Gallon Cooler, one 18- Bushel Mash- Vat, with other useful Brewing- Vessels ; on Two- hogshead Barrel, Three- hogshead Ditto, nearh ew. nine Pipes, several Half- hogs heads, and other mailer Casks, Iron bound, sound, sweet, and clean; general Assortment of genteel useful Househ dd- urniture; comprising Mahogany and Oak Dining and other Tables, Kitchen and other Chairs, polished Kitchen- Range, Ciane and Racks. Sec. Stc. Sale to commence at Ten o'clock. l'o be SOLO by A U C I i O JN, By Mr. BEDFORD, At Eleven o'Clock, on Friday, October 1.5th, 1813, IHIE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and othe _ EFFECTS, of Mr. \ VM. SINFIELD, leaving his Residence, at COL D- B R A Y F1 E LD, in Buck- inghamshire; consisting of Feather Beds, Bolsters, nd Pillows, Four- post, Tent, and Stump Bedsteads, Mahoganv and Wainscot Dining and Pillar and Claw Tables, Oak Chests of Drawers, Rush- Bottom and other Chairs, large and good Brewing Copper, with Iron Work, six sweet Iron- bound Casks, sundry Brewing Tubs, Drinkstalls, Sec. and a great Variet) ot useful Articles in Copper, Brass, and Tin. Genteel and modern Household- Furniture. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHAW, At hiscommodious AUCTION- ROOM, PEACOCK INN, NORTHAMPTON, on Friday the 22d Day ot October, ISIS. jPHF. llOt'ES[ IOLD- FURNITURF. of Mr. " KIRBY ; consisting of Drawing. Room Furni- ture en suite, ban tsome Brussels Carpet, Sofa Bed. stead, Window- Seats, excellent Mahogany Chairs, PierGlass, Mirror, Fender and highly polished Eire Irons, Bedsteads, Feather- Beds, Blankets, Counter- panes, Chests bt D awers, Ctiairs, Tables, Night- Ditto, Kitchen and Scullerv- Utensils in general, Saddle an I Bridle., with a Variety of useful Fur niture.— The c rr> M crotrenc* at Ten n'Cl tk. Freehold Houses. To be SOLI) bv AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHAW, At the Peacock i » n, Northampton, on Wednesday the 27th Day of October, 1813, Lot 1. LL those newly erecterl TF. N F. MENTS. t \ situated in GRRRN- LANF., in the Town • f NORTHAMPTON, '- tone- built and Tiled, now in the Tenure of — Walker, Sturges, Shrewsbury Wright, Tite, and Robert-. Lot2. nvo TEN EMENTS in GREGORY- STREET in tile Occupaiion of Walmer Se Howard. Lot 3. SEVEN other TENEMENTS, Brick built and Tiled in the Tenure of Smith, Madder- man, Chnmb rlain, Penn, Lord, Chambers, & Mason ' file Sale to commence at Four o'clock. Line Slock, ffc, — For Heady Money. To be SOLD bv A U C T I O N, By BRAMPTON $ BATES, On Thursday next, the 21st of October instant, 1813, on the Premises, at his Farm, near FOXHALL, in the County of Northampton, the Propeity of Mr. THOMAS HOUGHTON, of CRANSLEY, I^ ORTY fat and leanSTEHRS. in convenientLots - Five fat COWS, Eighty EWES, and Twenty fat Ditto; Also ihe K E E PI NG of 160 Acres on the said Pre- mises, until the 5th Day of April, 1814; together • villi70 Tons of prime Hay, as au Accommodation the Purchasers of Eddish. Credit will be given for one Half Part of the Amount ot the Purchase- Money of the Hay and Eddish until the 21st Day of June next, 1814, on approved joint Security. The Sale to commence at Ten o1 Clock in the Forenoon To be SOLD by A U C I 1 O N, By Mr. CHENEY, On Thursday the 21st of October, 1813, on the Pre mises ill the Lordship of G UI LSBORO UG H, in the County ot Northampton, ALL the valuable LIVE and DEAD FARM- ING- STOCK, the Property of Mr, GEORGE WELLS, who is leaving his Farm; consisting of 27 Ewes and Theaves, warranted sound; 18 Lamb- hogs, two good In- calf Cows, two Sturks ; one stout • fraught Hor- e, seven Years old; one In- foal Mare, liree store Pigs ; 24 Acres of good Grass Keeping ( in Lots), until the 21st ot December next ; one Rick of goo I Clover, containing four Tons, more or less ; one Ditto of well gotten Hay, eight Tons; Ploughs, Harrows, Carts, Sec. The Sale will commence at Fileven o'Clock pre- cisely.— Conditions will be produced at the Time o! Sale. Valuable Flock of Sheep, Bolnhurst, Beds. r « be SO L D bv AUCTION By BROWN 4- SON, On the Premises, near the Plough Public- House, in the Parish ot BOLNHURS f, in the County ot Bedford, on Friday next, the 22d Day of October, the Property of a GENTLEMAN, who has no Convenience to Winter them, A LL his valuable FLOCK of SHEEP; com 1 prising 20 South. downs, and 130 Wethe Shearliogs and Theaves. May be viewed on the Morning of Sale, which wi commence at Twelve o'Clock precisely. Three Months' Credit will be given on approved joint Security, or Discount allowed tor ready Money. The Sheep will be penned, and ready for Inspection by Ten o'Clock on the Morning of Sale. A ' l'o be SOLD by AUCTION, On Thursday the 4th Day of November next, at the Red Lion Inn, Banbury, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced, Very capital FREEHOLD MEADOW, called TBATCHUM MEADOW, containing 95 Acres, or thereabouts, situate in the Hamlet of WI I, SCOTT, in ihe Parish of WARDINGTON, in the County of Oxford, and now in the Occupation of JV1 William Welch. The above Estate is Tithe- free, and may be entered on at Lady- Day next; lies adjoining the'Turnpike. Road from Daventry to Banbury, and oniy two Mile distant from the latter Place. For further Particular, apply to Mr. OAKDEN Solicitor, Daventry. Capital Lioe Stock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. PIERSON, On the Premises, on Wednesday the 27th Day of October, 1813, at Eleven o'Clock, SHIE following valuable and well bred LIVE B FARMING- STOCK, the Property of Mr. SHARP, of ihe Priory Farm, in the Town of BEDFORD; consisting of 128 capital well- bred Leicestershire Lambhogs, 40 Ewes, two stout Cart Horses, two Hackney Horses, and six In- calt short- horned Yorkshire Heifers. Cred; t nn approved joint Security till the 25th Day of March. 1314. POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, Oct. 15. Advance of Lord Wellington into France! r r'HE Dictator man of war lias arrived at JL Portsmouth, from Passage, which port she left on the 10th inst. She is reported to bring very- important dispatches to Government, announcing that Lord Wellineton had driven the French from their former positions on the Bidassoa, and had ad- vanced into trance.— Most important intelligence may, of course, be expected shortly from that quarter. In every point of view, the present is the most favourable moment that lias occurred for the invasion of France since the usurpation of'Bona- parte. France is not only physically weaker than she has ever been since Bonaparte seized the reins of Government; b » t the disasters which, in every quarter, have befallen her arms have destroyed the morale of Iter troops. The War which Bonaparte now maintains with so much obstinacy is not a national war for the interest of the Frenrh people, hot a war of personal ambition. Will the French people consent to sacrifice after sacrifice to support the extravagant pretensions of their Ruler? The Allies have declared that they entertain no views hostile lo the integrity ot France, but. merely to restrain the influence of France within her own territory, llence the peo- ple of France may see what it is they have most to fear, the remorseless ambition of their own On Sunday last, a Sermon was preached in the parish church of Fined oh, by the l! ev. S. W. Paul, the rector, for the benefit of the National School of this county, for the education of the children of the poor in the principles of the Established Church, alter which a collection was made amounting to 13s. Our Musical Festival has concluded with general and well- deserved approbation. It has been liberally supported and brilliantly executed. A hand so perfect in all its parrs, vocal and instru- mental, inch excellence in the one, such fulness of melody in the other, has seldom heen heard in the eountry. It might seem invidious to mention any names as subjects of commendation where all have been excellent. Our present observations are only intended to introduce a more patticular and genera] account of the meeting, with which we shall present our readers in a subsequent paper. The public ear lias been richly gratified ; the public taste will long do justice t" the distinguished merits of this delightful performance. Peter Denys, Esq. late High Sheriff of this county, has very handsomely presented to the Corporation of this town a most magnificent anil highly finished full- length portrait of our late worthy and deeply lamented Representative in Parliament, the Right lion. Spencer Perceval, in his Chancellor's robes. The Town- hall, the de- pository of this inestimable present, has been open during the week for the admission of the public ; and very numerous have been the visitants t" possess the sombre gratification of beholding the resemblance of a firm and tried Friend of his Country, whose extraordinary talents and virtues eminently endeared him as a States nan and a Christian ; but whose cruel death, the subject of universal and lasting regret, will blacken the recording page of history as an indelible stain On humanity. Fee al Easton- TIall.— On Monday last, ii splendid entertainment was given by the Karl of Pom-' Yet. to the Towcester Troop of North- amptonshire Yeomanry, iu which his Lordships' nephew. Sir George Deny?, is an officer. — It sin- gularly happened that on the same day, the Corporation of this town unanimously voted to Sir George's father, the late High- Sheriff, the Freedom of this ancient Borough, in return for his invaluable present of an elegant and superb Por- trait of their l.- ite revered Member, the Right Honourable Spencer Perceval. — A deputation, con- sisting of the Mayor, and principal Otliccis of the town, waited upon Mr. Denys, at the Earl of Pomfret's, to announce the same, just ns the Yeo- manry were assembled in the magnificent hall al liaston, where they were received by Mr. Denvs, who having heard the honorary resolutions read hy the town- clerk, returned thanks in a very appro* priate speech, in which he paid every just tribute to the memory of the lale lamented Premier.— Dinner was then served.— The Yeomanry, upwards of 70 in number, being seated in the body of the hall, at a large table in the form of a horse- shoe, al which Sir George Denys presided, and which was amply provided with fish, venison, game, & c. — In the centre of Ihe hall, on an elevated stage w as placed a baron of beef, of about 2001b. weight, in the old English stile — At the upper- end of the hall, on a separate table, was served a most sump- tuous dinner, with an abundant supply of Madeira, Champaign, Burgundy, Claret, aud other choice Wines, at the head of which sat the Earl of Pom- fret, and on his right and left were arranged the Ladies of his family, and their femole visitors.— The Mayor aud Gentlemen who composed 111- deputation to Mr. Denys, togelher with several other visitors, were sealed on the opposite side, and the effect of the whole was truly pleasing and grand. — Afier Ihe usual general toasts had been giveo, Lord Pom- fret proposed " The health of the Mayor and Corporation, and prosperity to Ihe Town of North- ampton," which was drank with enthusiasm ; upon w liich the Mayor, in an appropriate speech, relumed thanks, and concluded with giving " The noble House of Fermor, and long may they inhabit this hospitable Mansion."— This toast having been re- ceived with boundless applause, Lord Pomfrel ihanked the company, and elegantly observed, " That while Ire continued at the head of Ihe family " of Fertnor, it would always be his anxious en- •' deavour to promote the interests of the Town " and Couuty of Northampton, as it would ever " be his pride lo obtain their approbation"--!! is Lordship concluded with giving " Earl Spencer ami life Northamptonshire Yeomanry;" which called up Captain Mfinsel, who having returned thanks in the name of tile Corps, gave " Sir George Denys, and long may he enjoy the honours conferred upon him by the Prince Regent."— Sir George iu returning thanks, made a concise, but very elegant Speech, w liich was received with thunders of appluuse.— Numerous other toasts were afterwards given, aid the evening vvn0 spent with the utmost convivinlitv, when the cornpanv retired, evprevsing the- r un- qualified admiration of the condescension and hospi- tality of their Noble Hist. I bis dav the Mayor has set the Assize of Bread hy the peck, half- peck, quartern, and half- quartern loaves, t > take place on Monday next; from which regulation the weight will always be the same, and the price varied according to tlie prices of flour and corn.— See below. It is a pleasing reflection, that candour and unanimity are the striking characteristics of the Christian world at the present juncture. This is strongly maiked in the proceedings and success of the Hible Society; and perhaps more auspi- ciously still, in the countenance nod support given by Dissenter!) of all denominations to the Church Missionary Society. In the late visit ofthe Rev. Basil Wnndd, in the neighourhood of Kettering, when he preached four times for the benefit of this Society at Rowcll and Kettering, on Sunday the 19th of September, and at. Burton and Titch- marsli the following Thursday and Friday even- ings, the Dissenters, & c. shut up their respec- tive places of worship, an. i a,- ended to hear and to contribute to this important service. Even as far as from Market- I larborotigh many persons testified their zr- al and affection for the cause of the poor heathen. This spirit claims the gratitude, antl it is hope 1 it will obtain the imi- tation, of the professing world. The several fol- lowing sums were respectively collected, ano manr dozens of persons are farmed in associations of , i penny a weeV, or sixpence per month in its behalf. At Rowell, lis. 9d.; Kettering, i' 56 7s. 0rf. J; Burton, of 14 fs.; arid at Titcirtiarsh, <£' 1$ 15s. His Grace the Duke of Bedford, with his usual noble munificence to the town of Bedford, has given 2000 guineas towards defraying the expenses of building a new bridge; the Marquis of Tavi- stock, member for the county, fins also given £ 500.— His Grace has likewise given £ 100 to- wards erecting a toll- honse ; the Marquis of Tavistock, „£ l00; and Lord George William Russell, member for the town, „£ ToO. The following are the increased: subscriptions} and new subscribers to the General Infirmary during the last year :— Increased Subscriptions. £. s. Mr. S. Riee 0 10 J. W. Roberts, Esq 0 2 E. Walts. F. jq I 1 Rev. J. S. San bridge 0 10 New Subscribers, s- William Grant, Esq, Litchhorongli 3 John Osmond, Esq. Chapel Place, Gros- venor Place, London Rev. J. Bousquet, IlardingslOn Dr. Filton, Northampton Rev. B. XV. Fletcher, CoMinjbam Mr. John Shaw, Hunspery Hill Rev. H. K. Bonney, Kingsrliffe Mrs. Deering, Circus, Bath —— Arnold. Esq. Lutterworth Lady Pepys, Juniper Hill, Surry F. F. Morrice, Esq, Floore John Iliggins, F,- q. Turvey Abbey Mrs. B itfield. Norton Hall '. Mrs. Watts, Hanslope Itev. R. W. Wake, Courteenhall J. Gibson, Esq. London Wm. Watkins, Esq. Daventry Mr. George Peach, Northampton Rev. I). Wauchnpe, Warkton Rt. Hon. Lord Sondes, Rockingham CastleSl Parish of Plotnplon 2 Parish of Slapton 2 Mr. Aid. Ch.' mibers, Northampton l2 Mr. J. S. Smith, Ditto 2 Mr. Stephen Sheldon. Barton- Seagrave .. I Lieutenant- General Warde, Spratton.... 5 Parish of Lillingslone- LoveH 2 2 Last week the sum of Forty Shillings was paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the General Infirmary, in this town, being a fine pan! bv John. Burkitt and Wiiliam Bti kitt, masons, for as- saulting Humphrey Wallis Stretton, one of the constables of Wellingborough, in the execution of his duty. A Silver Cup, nf the value of two hundred guineas, has been presented to I homas Attwoor!^ Esq. by the artisans of ' Btrriniiigliam, as a grateful testimony of his many pub ic services. A few days ago, an inquest was taken at the parish of Warden, before T. l imes, Gent, coroner for the county of Bedford, on view, of the body of a man unknown, who hail hung himself in field on a branch of a fir tree. It appeared oil evidence, that the deceased had been in a low dejected state and distracted in1 his mind f r some days past; tlie jury in consequence returned a verdict of ( unacy.—*.\' l\ e deceased had t lie appearance of having been in a respectable situ- ation, as he used to talk of having lost £ 1,50 ® by being in a troop of volunteer cavalry, but carefully concealed Ins name and connexions, and left no trace whereby his name could be ascer- tained; he was bv trade a plumber, glazier, and painter, and the person with whom he worked, thought him so much master of each branch of hi « trade as to induce him to believe lie bad carried oil the same in a large way. He owce said to some children that his name was Ge > rge Coldficld, and Ilis linen was marked with the initials G. C.— lie stated himself to have left his family in conse- auence of some dispute, saying that thev should not see nor hear from hnn for seven years, aod that: the seven years were nearly cxpii d when lie would go and see his son, who is living according to bis own word-, " independent in London."'— As it is probable this paragraph may men the eve of some of his family, we think it prudent to state that the deceased appeared to be about 50 years old, 5 feet 10 inches high, stout, aud well made, high forehead, large features, grev eye- brows; light brown hair, about turning grey, and was marked with the small pox; J. 6 0 0 6 d. O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ci 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 f) 0 I) The prisoners in Ihe eounty canl return thanks to Ihe Geniit- tnen of the Grand Jury at the Quarter Sessions, for M\ 4s. 6.1. left in the hands of the gaoler. Tiie Town of NORTHAMPTON, TO WIT. TIIE Assize of Bread, set the I6lti Day of October, 1813, fur ihe said Town, to take place nn Monday the 18th Dav of October instant, and lo be in force seven DHJS, for the said Town of Northampton : — The Peck Loif Wheaten to neigh 171b. 6oz. and to be sold for4 « . 8l. Ditto Household to. weigh 171b. Goz. and to be sold for 4s. 3d The Half- peek Lonf Wheaten to weigh 81b. I loz. and to be sold for 2s. 4d. Ditto Household to weigh 81! » . 1 loz. nnd to be sold for 2s. ld. J. The Quateru Loaf Wheaten to wcigl-. 4lh 5oZ. Sdr. and lo be sold for Is. 2d. Ditto Household to weigh 41b. 5oz. 8dr. and to he sold for Is. Od. J. The Hajf- quai tern Loaf Whealen to weigli 21b. 2nz. 12dr. and to be sold for 7d. Ditto Household to weigh 2! h. 2oz. 12dr. and to he sold for 6.1. i WM. BROWN, Mayor.. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, Oct. 13. Prices of Grain nearly Ihe same as on Monday. Northampton — Saturday. Wheat Rye Barley Oats New Oats Beam I'eas 95s. Od. to — s. Od. to 45s. Od. lo 30s. Ocl. to S5s. Od. to fils. Od. to 431. Od to 97s. Od. — s. 0d; G4s Od. — s. Oil. — s. lid. — s. Od. 6Ss. t'o. Mai ket- Htirhoroitgh— ' Tuesday se'nnight. Wheat Barley . New Oats .. Old Oats .. New Beans Old Beans .. -.. 93s 0d. to 105s. Od. .. . — s. Od. to ... 29j. Od. to ... 4.5s. Od. to .. — s. Od. to Od. to By the Standard Measure. s. Od. 32s. Oil. 4ss. Od . — s. Od. — s. Od. LIS I' M. Til. F. M. W. e. of FAIRS from Oct. 17, to Oct. 30, within thi Circuit « f this Paper. Oct. 18. Alcester, Iriiiglioe. and Luton, 19. Market- Harbor, rngh ( ten days). 22. Newpori- PagtielL 25. Leighton - Buzzard. Rugby, and Stow- on- the- Would. 27. Daventrv — 28. King's- Cliffe, Little- Biickhill, Mar- low, Towcester, & Weilingboroujh. THE WARRIOR'S FAME. THE Warrior leaves his native home. O'er distant seas and climes to roam? Yet for that home and country dear, Unsheathes the sword, or wields the spear, Convinced, where'er his dttst may lie, The Warrior's fame can never die. For this he leaveseaeh social bliss, A wife's fond arms, and children's kiss; . Foregoes each softer tie in life. To rush amidst embattled strife— Convinced, where'er his dust mav lie, The Warrior's fame can never die. The love of country fires his breast 1 Re- nerves his arm, and plumes his crest. Impels him. pleased, to grasp with death, To gain in arms a laurel wreath! Cnnvinr'd, where'er his dust may lie, The Warrior's fanie can never die. " Whate'er the chance of war mav tend, Jle liveB or falls— his country's frienil! ' iMidst slaHg+ iter braves the crimson flood, And seals her welfare with his blood ! Convinced, where'er his dust may lie, T'le Warrior's fame ran never die. So fell MOBEAU ! in Glory's cause i . Hisearn'd reward— the World's applause! So brave CANOOAK waged with strife, To gain, by death, immortal life ! Convinced, where'er his dust may lie, T! te Warrior's fame can never die. Return of killed, wounded and missing, on the night of the I2th and morning of the lath of September, 1813. Total loss— 1 captain, 2 subalterns, I Serjeant. 24 rank and file, 7 horses, killed ; I colonel, 1 lieu- tenant- colonel, 2 captains, 13 subalterns, 1 staff. 7 sergeants, 53 rank and file, 3 hor< es, wounded ; 2 captains, 3 subalterns, 1 sergeant, 32 rank and file, 54 horses, 40 mules, missing. Prom the LONDON GAZETTE, of SATURDAY, OCT. 9. Doroning- Street, Ocl. 6. DISPATCHES, of which the following are extracts, have been this day received at Earl Bithurst's office, addressed to his Lordship by Field- Marshal the Marquis of Wellington, dated Lezaca, 19th and 27th September, 1813: — Nothing of importance has occurred since T addressed your Lordship on the 10th instant, in the positions of tFie army. The garrison of Pamplona having made several sorties during the blockade, in all of which they were repulsed with loss, made one in considerable force on the 10th, possibly with a view to recon- noitre the force by which the blockade was main- tained, but they were immediately driven in. Ma- l iscal deCampo Don Carlos d'Espana, who com- mands the blockade, was unfortunately wounded, hut is still able to exercise his command ; and he bas reported most favourably of the officers and trosps employed under his command on this occasion. Lesacn, Sept. 17. I have the honour to inclose the copy of a dis- patch of the lftth and 17th instant, which I have received from Lieutenant- General Lord William Bentinck, from which it appears that his advanced guard, under Colonel Adam, was attacked by a considerable force of the enemy, on the night of the 12th instant, in the pass of Ordal; and that they were obliged to retire with the losj of four pieces of artillery. I hope that the lost of men hai not been considerable; but I have not re- ceived the returns of that sustained by the corps engaged " n this occasion. It gives me great satisfaction to report, that the Spanish troops engaged, viz. the regiments of Badajoz, Tiradores de Cadiz, and Voluntaries de Arragon, being a brigade of infantry belonging to General Sarsfield's division of the second army, behaved remarkably well, as well as the 2d batta- lion of the 27th regiment, the Calabrese light in- fantry, and the rifle companies of the 4th line battalion King's German Legion, and of De Roll's regiment. In conscience of this event Lieut.- General Lord William Bentinck retiied to the neithbourhood of Tarragona, and the enemy have, I understand, again recrossed the Lobregat. Nothing extraordinary has occurred in front of the army under my immediate command. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. Letter from his Royal Highness tlie Crown Prince to his Majesty the Emperor NapOleoh. As long as your Imperial Majesty acted, or caused others to act, against me only directly, I deemed it proper to oppose to you nothing but calmness or silence; but now, when the note of the Duke of Bassano to M. D'Ohson " endeavours to throw between the King and me the same fire- brand of discord which facilitated to your Majesty the entrance intq Spain, all ministerial relations having been broken, I address myself directly to you for the purpose of reminding you of the faithful and open conduct of Sweden even in the most difficult times. To the communications which M. Signeul was charged to make by order of your Imperial Majesty, the King caused it to he re- plied, that Sweden, convinced that it was only to you, Sire, that she owed the loss of Finland, could never believe in your friendship for her, unless you procured Norway to be given to her, to indemnify her for the mischief which your policy had caused her. With regard to all that is contained in the Note of the Duke ofBassano, respecting the invasion of Pomerania, and the conduct of the French privateers, facts speak for themselves; and on comparing the dates, it will be seen, whether your Majesty or tlie Swedish Government are correct. A hundred Swedish ships had been captured, and more than 200 seamen put in irons, when this Government saw itself compelled to cause a pirate to be seized, who, under the French flag, entered our very ports to carry off our ships, and to insult our confidence in treaties. The Duke of Bassano says, that your Majesty did not provoke the war with Russia ; and yet, sire, your Majesty passed the Niempn with 400,000 men. From the moment when your Majesty plunged into the interior of that Empire, the issue was no longer doubtful. The Emperor Alexander and the King, already in the month of August, fore- saw the termination of the campaign, and its prodigious results ; all military combinations seemed to guarantee that your Majesty would be a prisoner. You escaped that danger, Sire; but your army, the elite of France, of Germany, and and of Italy, exists no more ; there lie unburied the brave men who servedFranceatFleurus, Frenchmen who conquered in Italy, whb survived the burning clime of Egypt, and who fixed victory under your Colours at Marengo, at Austerlitz, Jena, and Friedland. May your soul be softened, Sire, at this heart- rending picture; but should it be necessary to complete the effect, recollect also the death of more than a million of Frenchmen, lying ou the field of honour, victims of the wars which your Majesty has undertaken. Your Majesty invokes your rights to the friend « ship of the King! Permit me to remind you, - Sire, of the little value your Majesty attached to it, at times when a reciprocity of sentiment would have been very useful to Sweden. When the King, after having lost Finland, wrote to your Majesty to beg you to preserve for Sweden the isles of Aland, you replied to him, " apply to the Emperor Alexander; he is great and generouss" and to fill up the measure of your indifference, you caused it to be inserted in the official Journal ( Monitenr of the 21st of September, 1810), at the moment of my departure for Sweden, that there had been an interregnum in that kingdom, during which the English were carrying on their commerce witli impunity. The King broke off from the coalition of 1792, because it was the object of that coalition to par- tition France, and he would have no hand in the dismemberment of that fine Monarchy ; he was led to that measure, a monument of his political wisdom, as much by his attachment to the French people, as by wish to heal the wounds of the kingdom. That wise and virtuous policy, founded on the principle that'every nation has a right to govern itself by its own laws, its usages, audits own will, is the very same which regulates him at the present moment. Your system, Sire, would interdict to nations the exercise of ' that right which they have received from nature— that of trading with each other, ol mutually assisting each other, of corresponding and living in peace; and yet the very existence of Sweden depends upon an extension of commercial lations, without which she would be insufficient The falc Disturbances hi the. ITc'si RiJbg ttf 1 Yorkshire. On Monday, June 7th, several gentlemen ol < the West- Hiding, assembled at Robert- Town, pre- vious t » the presentation of the addresses of thanks to Joseph Radelifle, F, sq. and to Mr. William Cartwright, unanimously voted at the late public meeting at the Yew Tree inn, on the 17th of Mav. The addresses were produced, most numerously and respectably signed at Leeds, Wakefield, Hudders- field, Halifax, Bradford, and the intermediate district; find the chairman of the meeting of the 17th ult. William Rawson, Esq was requested to present them, accompanied bv the gentlemen pre- sent.— When the mode of presentation was settled, a resolution was unanimously adopted, to request Mr. Radeliffe to sit for a full jength portrait, bv one of the first artists, and that the picture should be placed in one of the Courts of Justice of tire Wi st Riding. A plate to he engraved, and proofs and copies given lo the subscribers, according to the amount and order of the subscriptions. The gentlemen proceeded OH horseback, two and two, to Rawfolds. which is in the immediate neighbourhood of Rohert- Town, and alighted at Mr Willimn Carl Wright's. Mr. Rawson addreised that gentleman as follows : Mr. Wm. Cartwright—" In the name of the gpntlomen of the West Riding of the County of York, I present fo yon an address of thanks, for your conduct during the late disturbances, which address Mr. Batlye will read to you." To Mr. Wm. Cartmright, ' of Rawffilds. 11 We, the undersigned inhabitants of the West Ridingof theCounty ofYork, most heartily approve of your conduct in defence your property and person, against the unprincipled attack made upon Rawfolds Mill, in the dead of night of the 11th of April, 1S12. We offer you our sincere thanks upon th express ground, that we are persuaded your firm and courageous conduct, on that occasion, greatly contributed to check and disconcert the destructive objects of an armud and lawless combination, fo Extract of a dispatch from Lieuteuant- Generul Lord William Bentinck, K. B. to Yield- Marshal the Marquis of Wellington, K. Cr. dated Tarragona, the lUli and 17 Ih of September, 1013. According to the intention expressed in my letter of tiie 27ih of August, the army moved forward, and arrived at Villa Franca on the 5th September. All the intelligence continued to cor- roborate the departure of a considerable part of Suchet's force to France. It was only on the 27th that the doubts began to be entertained of the truth of this fact. It appears that great detachments had been made with convoys going to France, who returned with others of salt meat and ammunition; and as far as 1 can learn, not above three thousand men have left Catalonia. The public had been de- ceived by the removal of the officers, of all the Spanish employees, and by the prepara- tions made for the defence and supply of Barce- lona. On the 11th the enemy united about twelve thousand men at Molino de Rev, all his disposable forces from the Ampindan, and the garrisons lisrt4- V, er own subsistence, arrived at Barcelona and every thing appeared to indicate a general movement. The British army were posted at Villa Franca, and ill llie villages in its front, as far as the moun- tains on the Lobregat. The passofOrdal, over which passes ihe great road, was occupied by the advance of the army under Colonel Adam, and three battalions of General Sarsfield's division. The pass was very Strong, and I had no apprehen- sions of its being forced. The probable line of aitack, as being a certain one, was bv turning our left bv Martorell and San Sadurni, where was posted the first army. I had not numbers equal to those which the French could bring againsi me; I had been obliged to leave the division of General Whittinghnni at lietis and Vals, from the want of provision and the means of transport. The division of General Sarsficld was dso without subsistence, but in order not to retire entirely to the rear, or to be unpre- pared to take advantage of any favourable circum- stances, I took upon myself to anticipate the, sup- plies which 1 knew were coming from General F. lio, and which I could command from being em- barked in British transports. I doubted the in- tention of the enemy to advance, but if he did, the strong post in my front, or the detour by Martorell, if coming by that road, would give ine ample time to retreat in security. On the 12th, however, at midnight, the enemy attacked the pass of Ordal, and carried it, after an obstinate resistance, by great superiority of numbers. The corps were obliged to save them- selves in the mountains, and two six- pounders with two mountain guns, unfortunately fell into the enemy's hands. The only consolation I have to offer, is the bravery both of the British and Spaniards; of the steadiness and gallantry of the latter, every British officer present speaks in terms of the highest admiration. I am sorry to say that Colonel Adam bas been severely wounded, B3 well as Lieut.- Col. Reeves, nud several other valuable officers of the 2d battalion of the 27th reg'ment. The Calabrese did not sutler materi- ally. I can give no exact return of our loss, but I hope it will eventually not be considerable; I have heard of two thousand men having joined Colonel^ Manzo, near San Sadurni, among whom are two" hundred of our own troops, and great numbers have already joined from different parts of' the coast, and are hourly coming in. I im- mediately put the army in retreat; the enemy's dragoons and cuirassiers pressed closely upon us, but they were so gallantly charged, though in very superior numbers, by our own cavalry, that about mid- day they gave up the pursuit. [ am much indebted to Colonel Lord Frederick. Bentinck, for the judgment and spirit with which he directed the operations of his brigade. The SjOth dragoons, commanded by Lieutenant- Col. Hawker, the Biunswick Hussars, by Lieut.- Col. Srhraeder, and the Sicilian cavalry, by Captain Stagapede, very much distinguished themselves. The army made their retreat without any loss to Vemlrells, from whence it marched again the same night to Ali*. fiella, and yesterday evening took tin its ground in front of this town. September 17Ih, Nine P. M.— I have just re- ceived intelligence, that the enemy left Villa Franca this morning, and have retutned to Mo- lino de Key ou the Lohregat. 1 enclose a list of the killed and wounded. Far from perceiving in the conduct of the King any change of system, every enlightened and impartial man will find in it nothing but the con- tinuation of a just and steady policy, which was manifested at a period when the Sovereigns coalesced against the liberty of France, and which is now pursued with energy, at a time when the French Goverment continues to conspire against the lihetty of nations, and of Sovereigns. I know the good dispositions of the Emperor Alexander, and of the Cabinet of St. James's towards peace— the calamities of the Continent demand il, and your Majesty ought not to spurn it. Possessed of the finest Monarchy upon earth, would you be always extending its limits, and transmit to an arm less powerful than yours, the wretched inheritance of interminable wars ! Will not your Majesty apply yourself to the healing of the wounds inflicted by a revolution, of which there is nothing left to France but the recollection of its military glory, and real calamities within its interior? Sire, the lessons of history repel the idea of an universal monarchy ; and the sentiment of independence may be deadened but cannot he effaced from the heart of nations. May your Majesty weigh all these considerations, and at last really think of that general peace, the pro- faned name of which has caused so much blood to flow. I was born, Sire, in that fine France which you govern; its glory and prosperity can never he indifferent to me: but without ceasing to form wishes for iis happiness, I will defend with all the powers of my soul, both the rights of the people who invited me, and the honour of the Sovereign who has condescended to call me his son. In this contest between the liberty of the world and op- pression, I will s iy to the Swedes—" I fight for you, and with you; and the good wishes of all free nations will accompany our efforts." In politics, Sire, neither friendship nor hatred lias place,— there are only duties to fulfil towards the nations whom Providence has summoned us to govern : their laws and their privileges are the blessings which are dear to them ; and if, in order to preserve them, one is compelled to renounce old connections and family affections, the Prince who wishes to perform his duty can never hesitate which course to adopt. [ Some remarks here follow on the conduct of France by seizing a number of Swedish ves. els in the p< rts of the Baltic; an I in retaining Pomerania, and sending the Swedish troops who wetedefending it to France as prisoners of war.— The Crown Prince likewise adverts to the injustice of Napoleon, in preventing therestitution of Swedish merchantmen, even when the Council of Prizes, at Paris, had pronounced in their favour. " With respect to the threat" ( he observes) " contained in the note of the Duke of Bassano, and the 40,000 men whom your Majesty will send to Denmark, I shall not enter inti any details upon these subjects, and the mote so, because I doubt whether the King of Den- mark is able to prolit by your assistance." The letter then concludes with the following paia- graph:-] With regard to my personal ambition,— it is lofty, I acknowledge it; it has for its object to serve the cause of hnmanity, and to secure the independence of the Scandinavian Peninsula: to attain that end, I confide in the justice of thai cause which the King has commanded me to de- fend, upon the perseverance of the nation, and the fidelity of its Allies, ( Signed) CIIAIUIS JEAN. secure property, ultimately to preserve many valu- able lives, and to restore the peace and tranquillity of the district. Mav 17, 1813. To thin address Mr. TV. Cartivright replied; " GENTI. RMEN,— It would be most consistent wilh my feelings, to receive in respectful silence this most highly flattering testimony of the appro hatiou of the gentlemen of the West- Riding of the county of York ; but I cannot omit to say, that in the defence of my private property ( which is a duty every may owes to society, and frnm which no heart can shrink without the absolute loss of cha- racter), I could not have flattered myself with a hope, that my exertions would have been thought to merit so distinguished a mark of public favour. Believe me. Gentlemen, I feel sensible, as I ought to do, of the honour which you confer upon me." Mr. Knight ( hen addressed Mr. Cartwright: — 41 As constable of Halifax, I have to present lo vou an address of thanks, agreed upon at a public meeting of the town and parish of Halifax, on the 12th of May last, which address Dr. Thomson will read to you." To Mr. Wm. Cartwright, o f Rawfqlit. SIR,— We the undersigned inhabitants of the town and parish of Halifax, beg leave to express our high sense of your services, w hen y our pro- perly and life, and the lives of your men, were assailed tit Rawfolds- Mill, on the night of the 11th of April, 1812.— Of your conduct on that occasion, there is but one opinion tin oughuut the empire. In that opinion your neighbours and late fellow- townsmen most cordially concur. We join our regret with yours, that in the discharge of lhat arduous duty, evfeuts occurred most painful to your humane feelings. Rut you stood in self- defence. " The town and parish of Halifax highly appre- ciate your services. They claim also to share with you in some degree the sacrifices which you have made, and cannot consent that by the discharge of your duty, the comforts of your family should be al all curtailed. — May your future pursuits be unin- terrupted and successful, and in the general Iran quillity, and in the bosom of your family, may you and they long enjoy that health and happiness, which, during the recent disturbances, were so greatly endangered and impaired." Halifax, May 12th, 1813. To which Mr. Cartiecight replied : " GENTLEMEN,— In accepting this highly flat- tering and delicate address, permit me to offer you my warmest sentiments of gratitude. 11 During nearly twelve months of watchfulness, anxiety and iotnestic privations, through every danger, and through the awful and much- to- be- deplwred scenes which presented themselves from lime to time ( under Divine Provinence) n con- sciousness that I was performing an imperative duty could alone have supported me. '' It will ever be Ihe proudest feeling of my heart, that my exertions have been thought to merit the notice of the gentlemen whose names are found in this highly valued address. " To you, individually, Gentlemen, permit me to olTer my most sincere acknowledgments for this condescending mark of your attention to me. Relieve me, it will he remembered with feelings of Ihe most lively gratitude to the latest hour of my existence." Colonel Thomas Ramsden, of the Halifax Local Militia, in which Mr. Cnrtwright. commands a company, took him by the hand, and addressed hini as follows:— Captain Cartwright— In the name of the Officers and men of Ihe Halifax Local Militia, I thank you for the manner in which you have upheld the honour and character of the regiment." Mr. Cartwright replied—" I can only thank yon, Colonel Ramsden, for the readiness with which you acceded to my application for arms and ammunition to defend my property, and for the confidence which you then expressed, that I would not shed human blood unnecessarily." After having partaken of some refreshment, and having tliaken hands with Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, Ihe genllemen proceeded through Robert- Town lo Huddersfii Id. At the George inn a considerable number joined the cavalcade, which proceeded Iwo and two, and made a very fine and interesting appearance, in winding down the valley lo Milnes- Bridge. ON approaching the residence of Mr. Radclilfe, the gentlemen dismounted, and, headed bv the baud of the South Devon Militia, under the kind and judicious direction of Colonel Lang, pro- ceeded in order to the house. The band took its station on the lawn. Mr. RadclifFe met the pro- cession on Ihe area, and invited them into the house. — The large dining- room was filled. Mr. Rawson then addressed Mr. Itadclilfe as follows :—- " In the name of the gentlemen of Ihe West- Riding of the county of York, I have the honour to present lo you an address, expressive of their admiration of your conduct during Ihe recent dis- turbances.— Mr, Battye will read Ihe address." 44 To Joseph Radcliffe, Esq. 44 SIR,— We the undersigned inhabitants of the West Riding of the county of York, most cor- dially concur in the high and general sense that is entertained of Ihe essential Service which you have rendered lt> your country by your public conduct during the late disturbances in this district. 14 At a time of general doubt and uncertainty as lo the nature, tendency, and extent of the com- bination, which appeared to be formed against the peace and security of persons aud properly, and of considerable alarm as to the result, you per- ceived and adopted the measures best suited to the' crisis, and by your authority, advice, and ex- ample, gtive efficacy totheiaws. 44 We think it our duty to express to you our admiration of your disinterested conduct, and to oiler lo you our warmest thanks for your promp- titude, judgment, decision, zeal, courage, and perseverance. We congratulate you upon the present tranquillity, which your very meritorious exertions have so greatly contributed to produce." May 17th, 1813. Mr. Radcliffe's Reply. 41 GENTLEMEN,— The greatest pleasure of my life having been to fulfil the duties of the public station in which I am placed, I cannot but feel this inark of your approbation as the most grateful reward of my endeavours to preserve and restore the violated peace of iny country 44 Let ine, therefore, beg your acceptance of my best thanks, the only return in mv power, for an address not more graiifying to the proudest senti mentsof my heart, than honourable lo the public and independent spirit wilh which it has been dictated, and which, 1 trust, will ever be the rule of my future conduct." Mr. Radcliffe'sanswer was received with a gene- ral expression of applause. Mr. Rawson then came forward, and said, 14 Mr. Radcliffe— I have to request, in the name of the Gentlemen of the West- Riding, that you will do them the honour to sit for a full- length portrait, to he placed in one of the public courts of the West Riding." To which Mr. RadclifFe replied, | 44 It is impossible for ine lo decline tile hign i honour whith the Gentlemen of the West- Riding convey by this request." This acquiescence was received with three times hree.— The band played 44 God save the King," n which the audience warmly joined. Mr. Knight then addressed Mr. Radcliffe— 44 As Constable of Halifax, I have the honour to present ati Address, agreed upon at a public meeting if Ihe inhabitants of that town and parish, which Dr. Thomson will read." To Joseph Radcliffe, Esq. SIR, — We the undersigned inhabitants of the to^ rnand parish of Halifax, beg leave to expres- " iur high sen^- e of your public services during the ate disturbances. At a period of general alarm, uid of considerable panic, you executed with unshaken firmness the powers vested in the Ma- istracv, for Ihe preservation of the peace, for the prevention of crimes, and for the detection of offenders. Owing in a principal degree to your exertions as a Magistrate, the extent of Ihe dis- turbances was checked, much local suffering wa* prevented, valuable property was protected, and many lives were ultimately snared. The district was saved from thai slate of affairs, when the mili- tary foree must have superseded the civil power, and eventually the deluded men who had disturbed the public peace, were brought to the bar of their count ry. 44 In these circumstances your exertions were as unprecedented as the crisis which called them forth, and you firmly and successfully upheld the dominion of the laws. The grand inquest of the county has already expressed the general opinion of your services. In that opinion we cordially concur. Accept our heartfelt thanks. May your invaluable services still be continued to Ihe public, and may you long in private life enjoy the tranquillity which vou have been so instrumental in restoring."— Halifax, 12( 4 May, 1813. M'-. Radcliffe's Reply :—• 44 GENTLEMEN.— Having been already honoured hv a general address from the inhabitants of Ihe West- Riding; I can only repeat my acknowledge- ments to the Gentlemen of Halifax, for concurring in the same favourable opinion of my official con- duct during Ihe late disturbances in this part of the country. 44 In adding my hopes that public tranquillity will long remain undisturbed hv similar causes, I cannot forbear to express the cordial satisfaction 1 feel, in supposing myself possessed of the confidence and good opinion of so many respectable neighbours and friend,." This an « wer was received with three times three The baud played Rale Britannia. The Gentlemen then partook of a very handsome collation, the hand playing several patriotic tunes. The cavalcade returned in the same order to llud- dersfield. Opposite the George inn., the band played God sour the King, the Genllemen being uncovered— This was followed by three times three cheers, when the procession closed. A large and most respectable party dined at the George inn ; Mr. Allen in the chair. The whole business was conducted wilh an order, spirit, and unanimity highly gratifying. The dav was most delightful ; the sun shone on the Wesl- Riding; and ihe crowded enjoyments can never he forgotten by the Gentlemen who partook of them. The Aghrigg and West Halifax regiments of Local Militia being na permanent duty at York and Harrogate, many gentlemen were unavoidably absent.— Tie Addresses were signed by 1638 of the most respectable inhabitants of the neighbourhood. NORWICH UNION OFFICE. leneral A ssociatisn for preventing Accidents Tire and remunerating Individual Sufferers. TRUSTEES, Karl of OXFORD, l. ordViscount BER N A N D. Earl CRAVEN, Sir G. ARNTYTACE, Bart. Lord SALTOUN. Sir Jos. SCOTT, Bart. ' rMIE Object of this Institution is to unite tin £ whole Kingdom upon a Principle of mutua Guarantee, and thereby to reduce the Expense ol Insurance as low as possible — This is effected b> the Premiums not wanted to defray Losses and Charge*, leing every Seven Years RETURNED to the INSURED The Institution has . existed 17 Years, 37,000 Persons • lave become Members and the Re- payments have' never been less than =£ 50 per Cent. The Plan of this Olflee being so generally preferred, ' he Directors have determined to call in the Aid ol the principal Insurers in all Matters regarding the Welfare of the Society, and with this View are appointing Committees in most of the large Towns throughout the Kingdom. It will be the Province of these Committees to watch over the Concerns of the Institution within their Districts, and to inves- tigate all Losses which mat happen and the Cause ol Accidents— and any Measures ( not inconsistent with the general Principles of the Society), which these local Boirds miy suggest to the Directors for the Pto- tection of Ptoperty and for lessening the Evils atten- dant on Fires, will have due Attention. Acting Member for Northampton and its Vicinity, Mr. J. ABEL, Bookseller. CAPITAL PRIZES SOLD by RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. at their London Offices, and by their Agents in the Country in the Lottery that finished Drawing the 28th ot September :— No. 3,35! . in 12 Shares £ 20,050 8,471 Whole Ticket 1,000 1,130 13 Shares fifO 7,522 10 Shares 500 4,313 9 Shares 200 RICHARl)> ON, GOODLUCK, & Co. respect- fully inform the Public that they have contracted with Government for the New Stati Lottery, to be Drawn the 31 and 11th of November, consist: ng ot only 8,0) 0 Tickets, with two Prizes of = 620,000, and 14 other Capitals, the lowest Prize £ 20, and £ 10 each for the first 520 Blanks. Scheme with Parti- culars may be had gratis. Tickets and Shares are selling at Northampton,— by .1. ABEL, Bookseller. Banbury— J. G. RUSHER, Printer, Bridge. Street. Yarmouth— S. DURRANT, Bookseller, Market- Place Holt— J. S. HALDEKS. Wellingborough— J. JEPSON. For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Contractors, London. SPA! IRC) WS- l 1F. UNE TURNP1KE. N'O l ICE is hereby given. That the Trus- tees of this Turnpike Road will meet by Adjournment on TUESDAY the 26ih Day of Oc- roisER, 1813, at the KIVO'S- ARWS INN, at ' 5 ER K u A MstEu- SA i NT- PETER , in the County of Hertford, by Ten of Ihe Clock ia the Forenoon, lien they will examine the Treasurer's Half yearly Accounts, and receive the Lists of Persons liable to do Statute Duty upon the said Road, and declare and order the Number of Days' Duty te be performed by each Parish and Place. Dated the 25th Day of September, 1813. HARRY GilOVKR, Clerk to the said Trustees. The Late Rev. Mr. Robinson's Woiks. JUST PUBLISHED, OCRU'TUItE CHARACTER-!; or, A Prac- O tical Improvement of the Principal Histories contained in the Old and New Testament. By A. M. Vicar of St. Mary's, 8vo. Eighth Edition. Price THOMAS ROBINSON, Leicester. In 4 vols. £ 2 2s. Boards. * » * A small Edition of the SCRIPTUSI CHARAC- TERS is now publishing, in Monthly Parts, Piice 2s. each, to be completed in Twelve Parts. THE CHRISTIAN SYSTEM UNFOLDED; containing Essays on the Doctrines and Duties of Christianity. By the Rev. T. ROBINSON, A. M. Vicar of St. Mary's, Leicester. In 3 vols. 8vo. Second Edition. £ 1 Us. fid. Boards. ESSAYS ON THE PRINCIPAL PROPHE-. CIF. SOF THE PROMISED M ES SI A H. contained in the Old Testament, from Genesis to Psalms. By the Rev. T. ROBINSON, A. M. Vicar of St. Mary's, Leicester. One vol. 8vo. Price I2s. ISoatds. London: Printed for M ATTH EWS & LEIGH, Strand; Sold by the Booksellers in Northampton, and all others in the United Kingdom. IS To the PRINTERS. SIRS, T Have read a pamphlet lately published, entitled, I 44 A Brand plucked out of the Fire," con- taining a Narrative of Ihe last scenes of the life of It. Kendall, a convict recently executed at North- ampton.— I am disposed to give the writer full Proposals for publishing by Subscription, in 1' u eur. v Monthly Numbers, forming imo Volumes, rjPllK HISTORY of the UNIVERSITY of I C AMB RI DG t, as a Companion Work to that of Oxford, now in Course of Publication, illus- trated. by Eighty highly finished and coloured En- gravings, Fac- Siinil. es of Drawing, representing exterior and interior Views of the Colleges, Halls, Public Buildings, and Costume, as well as of the more striking Parts of the Town ; dedicated, b> Per- mission, to his Royal Highness the Duke of Glou- cester, Chancellor of the University. Subscriptions are received by R. AOKERMANN, at the Repository of Arts, 101, Strand, London, where Specimens of the Work may be seen ; also by Mr. Nicholson, Bookseller, and Messrs.. Harraden 8c Son, Print sellers, Cambridge ; Messrs. Munday & SLitter, Booksellers, Mr. Smith, Mr. Taylor, and Mrs. Jones, Printsellers, Oxford ; Mr. Abel, Northampton; and by every respectable Book and Print- seller throughout the United Kingdom. ' 1 his Work shall be printed on largewove Elephant Paper, similar to the Histories of Oxford and West, minster Abbey, or the Microcosm ot I. ondon. ' Ihe fir t Number shall be published on the first of May, 1814, and be succeeded by a Number every Month, until the Whole is completed. Each Number shall contain four highly finished and coloured Engravings, displaying Exterior and Inte- rior Views of the Colleges and Public Buildings, as well as Representations of the various Costume ot the University: The Architectural Drawings and Views by Messrs. Pui; in, credit for the goodness of his " intentions, and like- ['„' T ' I'm ^' h^ M''"' Wcsta.". i .„:..„.,.. „.:. i. | arul- the Costume by Mr. Uwins; accompanied with wise those united with him in the compassionate and assiduous attentions which they paid that unhappy man in his awful and desperate circumstances; hut I observed with surprise and regret, that a most important previous question was lightly passed over, the decision of which forms the principal hinge'in which the credibility of the whole narrative de- pends, viz. — was Kendall concerned in the rob- bery of the mail or was he not? it seems, that to the last he solemnly averred that be was not. But what if Ihe fact of his guilt should turn out to he demonstrableI then the distressing consequence ine- » itahly follows, that the whole process of his peni- tence amounis to a felo de se ; for how could a rent convert spend his last breath in maintaining a knonn and deliberate falsehood ? and go into the presence of his Maker with a 44 lie in his right hand ?" We read, 44 he that covereth Ills sins shall lint prosper, hut he that confesseth and forsaketh ihein shall find mercy." On the oiher hand, if he was ( as he de- clared) not guilty of the crime for which hesufFered, how are we to account for that astonishing chain of evidence which appeared at the trial, and which carried irresistible conviction to the minds of Ihe judge, thejury, and the whole court, that he was an accomplice? — If innocent, where was he tit the time the transaciion passed ? Though he lay in prison several months, how was it lhat no steps were taken lo collect evidence lo prove an alibi ( which surely could have been no difficult thing had he been any where but on the fatal spot) ? how was it that no defence was set up on the trial, that the r » al truth could not he extracted from either a simple earnest statement of the prisoner himself, or the honesty of his w i messes, or the ingenuity of his counsel? li - hurt, how was it that not a shadow of testimony was adduced in his favour, but the vague ambi- guous assertion of his fellow- sufferer, 44 Kendall was not the mail who robbed the mail," which might only mean ( if it meant any thing seriously) that his was not the identical hand which forced the lock of the mail- box J a position w hich nobody would dispute, but which universal opinion would ascribe lo the superisr skill of his more dexterous companion in guilt. Now, Sirs, is it not to be lamented that pinu well- meaniug persons should cummit themselves by publicly attesting Ihe unquestionable reality of i conversion situated on a dilemma so painfull> em- barrassing, and is not such attestation calculated to be far more injurious than beneficial lo ihe public murals, and the real interests of religion? A CONSTANT READER. Sept. 1th, 1813. | Historical Letter- Press, printed with a new Type, and hot pressed A Thousand Copies only shall be printed. To the first l ive Hundred Subscribers the Price shall be twelve Shillings per Number, to be paid for on Delivery; the remaining Five Hundred will be ad. vanced to Sixteen Shillings. In the Course of the Work a Portrait will be given of his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, i. i the Costum- of Chancellor of the Umvfm-- . Hits Day was published. Price 14s. in extra UMUI>, rile third Edition enlarged, illustrated hv Maps, Plates, & c. and a Portrait of VI. Feinaigle, THB NICW ART OF MEMORY, founded upon 1 the Principles taught by M. GRECOR VON I'EINAIGLE: and applied to Chronology, Historv, Geography, Languages, Systematic Tables, I'oetrv, Prose, and Arithmetic.— To which is added, some Account of the principal Systems of Artificial Me- mory, from the earli.- st Period to the present Time; with Instances of the extraordinary Powers of Na- tural Memory. London: Printed for the Proprietor; and Sold by SherwooJ, Neely, nnd Jones, Paternoster- Row. Tothe third Edition of this popular Work, several useful Tables and oiher Matters have been added, and the Whole has been carefully revised. The Time is not far distant, when ample Justice 1 will be done to the Merits of this useful System of Memory. It has been long practised, with great Success, at the Classical School ot Ampleforth, in Yorkshire; and an Establishment has been just formed in Dublin, by a Society of Gentlemen, lot the express Purpose of teaching the New System ol Mnemonics, under the immediate Superintendance of Professor Feinaigle. " .' his System is adapted to the meanest Capacity, audits Application is rather a Source of Amusement than Labour. It possesses all the Advantages ot the preceding Methods, and as a Whole is superior to any have yet appeared."— Monthly Review for May, " The Principles of the Art may be considered as fairly developed in this Work ; the Book is in itself very curious and interesting, and well worth pur chasing."— Blitisb Critic for August, 1813. — See also Rces' Cyclopedia, Vol. xxiii. Part't. Art. Mncmorica. THE CORDIAL BALM OF OILEAD S now considered as the greatest Discovery that has been made in the Memory of Man, being potent, safe, and pleasant. The rjpid and increasing Fame bestowed on its Author and Inventor, Dr. SOLOMON, of Liverpool, is the true and only Criterion to Judge of the Merits of a Mc- dicine, which has been administered from the highest to the lowest Class of People with such happy and uniform Success. The Venders of this Medicine frequent!/ cannot get supplied so quick as the Demand is for It 5 and It is a Fact worthy of Remark, th. it they are sold nearly as soon as thev arrive to Hand, most of the lis. Bottles being bespeke before they are ordered. No Person labouring under Weakness and Debility^ should Despair, but make a Trial ot the Cordial Balm of Gilead, which will not disappoint their Hopes, however sanguine they may be. Sold b> the Printers of this Paper; Harringers, and Bliss, Newport- Pagnell; Beesley, lianburv ; and al! other Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom, I rice lis. each, or four in one Family Bottle for 3Ss hy which one lis. Bottle is saved, with the Words 41 Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," engraved on theStamp. ! jrr Dr. Solomonexpects, when consulted by Letter the usual Compliment of a One Pound Note to he inclosed addressed 44 Money Lett.- r, Dr. Solomon. l__ l! l0use',' e ' lverpocl1- Bai^ doubie Postage." Early every Saturday Morning is published, at Huntingdon, Retford, and Petert rough, and every adjoining Post Town, A PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPER; MncL * the * rule of The HUNTINGDON BEDFORD and PETERBOROUGH WEEKLY GAZETTE* being tlieonly advertising Medium in those Counties! and extensively ciliated th- oogh the Countie, ot Huntingdon, Bedford, Cambridge. Lincoln, Rutland. Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton, Buckingham, Hertford, Suffolk, and Norfolk, the Soke of Peterl borough, and ihe Isle of Ely. Orel is and Advertisements are received by the Pro- prietors Jo N ES « HATFISI D, 20, Great- New- Street. Gougli- Square, I- leet- Street. BANKRUPTS required to surrender. i Bosbt/ ry John, White Lion. street, Chelsea, Middle- , sex, corn- chandler, dealer and chapman, Oct 16, 23, Nov. 20, Guildhall.- Att. Mitchell, Fowkes's buildings, rower. street. FielJini Chas. Newcastle- under- Lyme, Staffordshire, innkeeper, d Sc c. Nov. 2, 3, 20, Roebuck Inn. Newcastle- under- Lyme.- Att. Fenton, Newcastle. bucbanan Char. Woolwich, Kent, shoemaker, d & c Oct. 16, 23, Nov. 20, Guildhall, London - Att. Jennings & Collier, Carey- street, Lincoln's- Inn- nel. is. 7be, ruber Thos. Colne, Lancashire, cotton- manufac- turer, d. Si a. Nov. I, - 2. i0, Mosley Arms Inn, Manchester.— Att. Hamer, Manchester. Herbert Wm. l. awrence- lane, London, Hannel- manu. facturer, d. & c. Oct. 16, 23, Nov. 23, Guildhall. — Att. Jones, Size- lane. Tr'ickey John, Vauxhall- wharf, Middlesex, timber, merchant, d & c. Nov. 2, -!, 23, Guildhall.— Att I'opkin, Dean- street, Soho. chivers Chas. Turner, Stone, Staff> rdshire, brazier, d. & c. Oct. 20, 21, Nov. 23, licll and Bear Inn, Stone. — Att. Astburv, Stone Fowden Edw Stockport, Cheshire, linen- draper, d. & c. Oct. 27, 2S, Nov. 23, Warren Bulkeley - Vrms Inn, Stockport.— Att. Baddeley, Stockport. llomfrty Sir Jeremiah, Knight, Cwm Rlrindda, Gla- morganshi- e, coal- merchant, d fk c. Oct. 21, 22, Nov. 23. Cardiff Arms Inn, Cardiff'.— Att. Wil- liams & Son, Cowbridge. Bankruptcy enlarged. Thomas JPm. Plymouth, Devonshire, Iinen- drao- r. Nov. 2. NEWMARKET FIRST OCTOBER MEETING Monday, OctA.— The Trial Slakes were won by Lord Sackville's f. by Alexander Ihe Great, beating Onyx and five others.— A sweepstakes of 200gs:. each, was won by the Duke of York's ch. o. Aladdin, beating Lord G. H. Cavendish's br. c. by Alexander Ihe Great.— Mr. Villiers's Don Cossack beat Mr. liaison's Idle Hoy, 100g<.— Lord Foley's Macedonian beat Mr. Goddard's Brian, lOOgs.— A sweepstakes of lOOgs, each was won by Lord Stawell's Malek Adiiel, beating Lord SulSeld's Hocuspocu9. Tuesday, 3— Lord Lowther's Aquarius won the Ihe third of a subscription of25gs. each, beating Major Wilson's Spotless. Wednesday, 4.— Mr. Glover's Slender Billy won DOgs. beating Mulberry, Hamlet, and Euryalas.- Mr. Udney's Truffle beat Lord G. H. Cavendish Ecclesion, SOOgs. — Mr. Andrew's The Corporal won the third of a subscription of 25gs. each, healing bord Foley's Macedonian and Sir C IStltll) ury'- Smolensk!). Thursday, 7.— The King's Plate of lOOgs. for yr olds, B. C. ; Lord Lowther's gr. c. Aquarius, heat Mr. Ladbroke's Hamlet, Mr. Thompson's Vandyke, and three others.— Mr. Payne's Onyx, beut Mr. Craven's The Captain, T. Y. C. 50gs.— The Town Plate of ^£ 50 for 3- yr old colts, D. I. Mr. Udny's b. c. Punic, beat Gen. Gower's h. f. Lama, Duke of Grafton's ch, f. Wilful, and two others. Friday, 8.— Lord Sackville's c. by Young Eagles, beat Lord G. 11, Cavendish's Gaher. T. Y. C. 200gs. h. ft.— Lord G. H. Cavendish's liccleston, beat the Duke of Rutland's Solyman, All. M. 200gs. h. ft. — Duke of Grafton's f. by Selim, rec. ft from Mr. Craven's Tooley, first half of Ab. M. lOOgs. h. fl. SHAKSPEARE'S PLAYS. This Day was published, exquisitely printed by Whittingham, in a Miniature Size, with Five Historical Embellishments and a Vignette, from original Designs by Thurston, Price only One Shilling, AS YOU LIKE II\ A COMEDY. The re- maining Plays of Shakspeare arc printing uni- formly with the above ; one of which will he pub- lished every Saturday till completed, when Vignette Titles, Sec. will bo given, so as to form the Work , nto seven cabinet Volumes. London: Published by ]. Carr, 56, Patemestcr- I Row j and sold by all other Booksellers. ^ LDHltLY and Middle- a^ ed People, those - i much employed on their Feet, Women of re- laxed Habit, experience a Weakness of the Veins in one or both Legs, the Blood- Vessels become knotted and twisted, the Limb swells, and the minuter Vein: are filled and distended with Blood, putting on ; purple Appearance; the Circulation thus impeded the Limb painfully swelling, the overcharged Matte is ordy re1 ieved by inflamed Vesicles discharging, or indolent Ulcerations.— SP1 LSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBU 11 C DROPS heals the Wound, and materially strengthens the Coats ot the Veins, so thai they resist better the Column of Blood. 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Also, at the same Place may be nad, TYCE's INFALLIBLE CHYMICAL LOTION for the same, by the Use of which Persons may cure them- selves with so much Secrecy as not to be discovered even by a Bedfellow, being without Smell or Stain. Price 2s. 9d. each Bottle. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John I'yce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London ; aud, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Mather, Wellingborough; and all Venders ot Medicines in the Kingdom. WESSEL'S JUSUIT'S iftlOPsi. pIIE true original JESUIT'S DROPS are now I prepared by E. EDWARDS ( Successor to JOSEPH WESSELL), 66, on the Foot- Way, St. Paul's Church- Yard. The Jesuit's Drops havebeen long known and esteemed a safe, cheap, effectual, and often an iin- mediate Cure for Strangury, Gleets, Weakness of the Kidneys or Bladder; and when taken on the first Attack of Venereal Infection, tlisy will infallibly accomplish the desired Effect; sfiotJld the Complaint be far advanced, it will be necessary to take the Specific Remedy with the Jesuit's Diops. The many Depredations made on the Property of the Proprietor, compels him to give this Caution, that no one Bottle will be sent out of his House with- out EDWARDS ( Successor to J. Wessel), 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard," engraved in theStamp, — Price 2s, 9d. and = 61. 2d Ask for WESSEL'S Jesuit's Drops. Sold by E. Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London, and Retail by the Piinters of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton; Tomalin, and Wilkinson, Daventrv ; ll! g,: s, Harboiough ; Bair. n(; er, Newport; and Mather, Wellingborough. Average ot Wheat, from Sept. 27 to Oct. 2, 93s. ldj. — 0i. 6d. J higher than last return Fine Flour, S0>. to S5s.— Sec nids, 70$. to 75s Average of Flout, from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1, 89s. ld. — 0s. od. i higher than last week. PRICE or SEEDS. Carraway 50s. Od. to 60s. Od.") Coriander 20s. Od. to 25s. Od. f Red Clover 6Is. Od. tolOOs. 0d.( percwt* White ditto 80s. Od. tol30s, 0d.) Rye Grass 30s. Od. to 4as Od. perquartet White Mustard 16s. Od. to 18s. Od. ( Brown ditto 20s. 0< l. to 24s. ud. S Per Dustl Turnip 10s. Od. lo Us. Od. ditto. Kent Sussex Essex Kent Sussex farnham PRICE or HOPS. RAGS. 51.12s. to 91. 9s. 51 0s. to 71. 10s. 61.15s. tolll. 0s. POCKETS. - 81. 0s. to 121.12s.- 71. 7s. tolOi. 10s. 141. 0s. to 171.17s SMITHF1 ELD.- MONDAY, Oct. 11. ( To sink the offal— per stone ot 8lbs. j Beef.. 4s. 8d. to 6s. 0J. I Veal 6s. 0.1. to 7s. Od, Mutton5s. 4d. to 6s. 6d. | Pork 7s. ( M. io Ss. Od. Lamb 5s. 6d. to 6s. 8sl. NEWGATE AND LEADENHA1. L MARKETS Beet.. 3s. 8d. to5s. Od. j Veal ,5S. Od. to6s. 8d. Mutton4s. 4J. to 5s. 8d. | Pork. 7s. 0d. to 8s. od. Lamb 5s. 0d. to 6s. 4d. PRICE OF TALLOW, uc. TownTallow 92s. 6d. Yellow Russia91s. Od. White ditto 88s. Od. Soap ditto . .88s. Od. MeltingStuli' 82s. Od. Ditto rough 59s. Od. Graves.... ,28s. Od. Good Dregs. 9s. Od. SOAP— Yellow., 102s. Od St. James's Market 5s. 61. Clare Market 0s. 01. VVhitechapel Market 5s. 31. 10i. 9J. ' Average per st. ofSlb. 5s. 4d. J Mottled._ ll4s. Od, PRICE OF LEATHER, PER Pounp. Butts, 60 to 561b. each 23d. to ? 5d Ditto, 56 to 661b. each 26d. to2Hd.' Merchants' Backs 23d. to 24d Dressing Hides 21d. to 22d. tine Coach. Hides 22d. to 23d i Crop Hides, S5to40ib. tor cutting ..? Ld 4 to 22d i 4 § to 501b • — • Call Skin 30to 401b. JOto 701b < 0 to 801b .. 22d. J to 23d * -. 28d. io 36d. 40d. to 45d, -- 40d. to 44d. Northampton : Printed and Published by and for T, E. fljeer, vr. Srno. v, i? R. SMITH sots.
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