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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1029
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 13/10/1813
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1029
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol 20.] N°- 1029. Wednesday, m 1.3 J.; CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY. October 13, 1813. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. Price Sixpence Hal/ penny. SHROPSHIRE GENERAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. THF ANNUAL MEETING will be held at tbe LION INN. SHREWSBURY, on FR1 DAY, the FIFTEENTH of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in tbe Morning.— A Person will attend to receive Subscriptions due, from Eleven till Three. W. JF. LLICOE, Secretary. Sept. < 33, 1813. TO IRONMONGERS, BRAZIERS, AND TIN- PLATE WORKERS. 70 BE DISPOSED OF, AWELL- ESTABLISHED TRADE in the above Branches, where the Returns are very handsome — The Purchaser to tnke to the Slock and Fixtures, and may have a Lease ofthe Premises for a Term of Ycais. Apply at THE PRINTERS. A' Tj p,.,. ROns having anv Demands against the late THOMAS CLARKE, of PEFLOE HALL, in the County of Salop, Esq. deceased are requested to render nn Account thereof without Delay to Mr. WILLIAM STOKES, of Liverpool, in Ihe Counly of Lancaster, Ac- countant, in Order that the same may be examined and tiaid • anil all Persons who stand indebted lo his Estate, are requested fo pav the same to lhe said WILLIAM STOKES without Delay,' who is dnlv authorized to receive the same by the Executors ofthe said Thomas Clarke. THE REV. WIILLIAM HF. THERINGTON'S CHARITY TO THE BLIND ; ESTABLISHED 1774. CHRIST'S HOSPITAL, LONDON. WHEREAS tbe above- named Gentleman, in his Life- time, enabled the Governors of this Hospital to pay Annuities of £ 10 to each of 50 Blind 1 ersons, in the Hope tbat his Examnle would he followed by other benevolent Characters, the Governors rive this Public Notice, that from the verv munificent Additions made to Mr Hether- ington's original Fund, bv Deed ofGift, and by Will, llicy are now enabled to extend the Annuity to upwards of 400 other Persons. ,. ,, The Governors give this Public Notice, that from the 15th October to the 3d November, in every Year, they are veaily, in order to supply Ihe Vacancies which annually arise, to issue from the Connting- House of the Hospital, upon the personal Application of a Friend* Petitions for any Blind Persons duly qualified; at which lime also the Petitions of Candidates who have been unsuccessful must he renewed. The leading Qualifications are stated hereunder; and unless the Parties can respectively prove themselves strut ly within them, the Applications in their Beliall will be en- tirely fruitless Birth in England, to the Exclusion of U ales and Berwick- upon- Tiveed Age, Fifty Years, nnd upwards. Residence, Three Years in their present Abode ; and total Blindness during that Period. Those who have ever begged, received Alms, or are deemed Objects for Parish Relief, are excluded from the Benefit of these Charities, which are intended " for those who have been reputably brought up, and who want some Addition to what they have, to make Life more comfortable under the Misfortune of Blindness " iti October, 1813. RICHARD CORP, Clerk. * From the great Extent of this Charity, it is found impracticable to attend lo Letters. TURNPIKE TOLLS. " VTOTICE is hep by given, I bat the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gates npun the Turnpike Roads, at Llau- fyllin, Llansaintffraid, Llandrinio, Alherbuvv near l. lan- rhaiadr, Llangynog, Llangedwyn, and Pont y Llogel, called or known by the Names of Llanfvllin Upper, and Llanfyllin Lower Gales, Llantsaintffraiif Gate, Llandrinio and Llan- drinio Bridge Gates, Alberbiiry Gate, Castellmoch Gate, Trap Gate, Ltangvnog Gate, Milltirgerrig Gale, Llnnged- wvn Gate, and Pont y Llogel Gate, will be LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the House of THOMAS JONES, Innholder, iu the Town of Llanfyllili, in the Countv OR Montgomery, upon FRIDAY, the FIFTEENTH Dav of OCTOBER next, between the Hours of twelve at Noon nnd two o'Clock iii the Afternoon of the same Day. in the manner directed by Ihe Act passed in the lath Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating IheTnmpike Roads;"" which Tolls produced the last Year' the following Sums, viz. Llanfyllin Upper Gate <£ 122, Llanfyllin Lower Gale £| 81, Llansaintffraid Gate ,£ 322, Llandrinio and Llandrinio Bridge Gates £ 180, A1 beibury Gale £ 56, Castellmocb Gale £ 30, Trap Gate ,£ in, I. langynog Gate £ 40, Milllirgerrig Gale £ 11, Llan- gedwynGnte f8n ins. and Pont y LlogelGate is, above the Expenses r, f collecting tlicm, and will be put up respec- tively at those Sums. Whoever happens lo be Ihe best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of ihe said Turnpike Roads, f for Payment of the Rent agreed for, at such Times as tlicy shall dircct. y JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to Ihe Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Dated September 7, 1813. ~ li urns 11 FIRE OFFICE, IjlOR the Insurance of Buildings, Furniture, Merehan- ' rlize, Ships, Vessels, and all other Property, against Loss or Damage by FIRE. Insurances for short Periods, or for severalYcars together, may be effected at this Office, upon the most equitable Terms. Policies will not be charged for Sntns of Osnoor upwards, nor to Persons increasing their present I nsuranccs. The whoU STOCK of a FAR M will be Insured without Specification, at the Reduced Premium of 2s. tier Cent. Receipts for ibe Renewal of Policies expiring at MI- CHAELMAS, may be had at the principal Offices in the Strand and Cornliill, LONDON, and of Ihe following Agents in the Country, who will receive Proposals for new In- surances. ROBERT SKELTOV, Secretary. AGENTS. RICHARD PHILI. IPS, SHR EWSRliRY. WILLIAM BAUGII, EL LESMERE SAMUEL ANSLOW, WELLINGTON. JOHN SMITH, SHIFFNAL. BROSTER AND SON, CHESTER. THOMIS ELLISON, NANTVVICH. R TURNOCK, STAFFORD. P. DEAKIV, WOLVERHAMPTON. RICHARD PTRICES, VVF. DNESIIURY. ' I. AND R. FENTON, NEWCASTLE. JOHN COBLEY, WORCESTER. JOHN GOTTWAI. TZ, BIRMINGHAM. BENJAMIN PRATT, COVENTRY. THOMAS WEBB, HEREFORD ANDREW MAUND, BROMYARD. CHARLES I'OYSIR, WREXHAM. JOHN OAKES, CARNARVON. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, BEAUMARIS. WILLIAM JONES, G4RTHM1L. JAMES HUGHES, ABERYSTW YTH. CAPITAL PRIZES SOLD BY RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & CO. At their London Offices, and by Iheir Agents in the Coun- try, in the Lottery that finished Drawing the 28th of September: No. 3,354 in 12 Shares £ 20,050 8,471 Whole Ticket 1,000 1,130 13 Shares 500 7,522 10 Shares 500 4,313 9 Shares 200 RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & CO. HESPECTFULLY inform the Public, that they have contracted with Government for ihe NEW STATE LOTTERY, to be drawn the 3D and llth of NOVEMBER, consisting of only 8,000 Tickets, with two Prizes of £ 20,000, and 14 other Capitals ; the lowest Prize .£ 20, anil £] i) each for the first 520 Blanks. Scheme with Particulars may be had Gratis. Tickets and Shares are selling at Shrewsbury, by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Marhet Drayton, R. GRANT, Post- Master, Wrexham, .]. PAINTER, Bookseller, Oswestry, W. PRICE, Bookseller, For RICHARDSON. GOODLKK, and Co. CONTRACTORS, LONDON ONLY 8,000 TICKETS. HAZARD, BURNF, anil Co. Stock- Brokers, respect- fully inform the Public, that the ensuing STATE LOTTERY, will be Drawn in Two Days, viz. the 3d and llth of NOVEMBER The SCHEME, consisting of only 8,000 Tickets, contains TWO Prizes of £ 20,000, with 14 other Capitals from of: i, 000 to £ 200, and 110 Prize less than £ 20 TICKETS and SHARES are 011 Sale nt their Office, No. 93, ROYAL EXCHANGE ; and by their Agent, Mr. T. NEWLING, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. WESTMI N. STER SOCIKTY, For Insurance on I, ires and Survivorships, and granting Annuities, STRAND AND CORNHILL, LONDON. INSURANCE ON LIVES affords lhe Opportunity to provide for the Aged, Ihe Widow, ami the Fatherless, anil to guard against the Loss and Disappointment of a Dependence on the Casualty of Life; To provide Fines for the renewal of Leases, held 011 Lives; To secure Ihc Purchase Money for Annuities or any Life Interest ; as, Church Preferment or other Situation, by which they possess only Income for Life ; To facilitate the Arrangement of Marriage Settlements, and other Pecuniary Transact ions ; To assist Debtor and Creditor in accomplishing the Settlement of Affairs to prevent Bankruptcy. Granting Annuities Affords a Resource against Old Age, Sickliest*, Bodily In- firmity, and olher Casualties of Life, Terms aiid Conditions maybe had Gratis of tbe Agents to the BRITISH FIRE OFFICE, who act also for ibis Office, ROBERT SKELTON, Secretary. PEPLOW HALL. FALUARLE AND SUPERIOR PROPERTY, TO BE SOLD^ Y AUCTION, BY WRIGHT AND SON, On Ihe Premises, at Peplow Hall, near Hodnet, in the Countv ofSalop ; on Thursday, 27st, Friday, 2C2< I, Satur- day, 23c!, Tuesday, sGth of October, 1S13. and the four following Days: All, the truly valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, CORN in the Straw, HAY, Clover, Turnips, Potatoes, Winter Grass, Dairy / and Brewing Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, LINEN, Stock ofCHOICE WINES, and all other the well selected Property of the lale THOMAS CLARK F, F. sq. deceased: consisting of 31 Horses, Mares, Colts, and Fillies of various Descriptions, as will be expressed iu the Catalogues ; 6 Dairy Cows, 2 splayed Heifers, C) three- year old Bullocks very fresh, 11 ( winter Pjulloeks, l two- year old Bull; 20 fat Southdown Wethers, in TWO LOTS, 393Store Sheep, of various Breeds, in SMALL LOTS; 2 fat Pigs, 31 large and small Store Pigs; about 800 Thraves of capital Wheat and Muncorn, in Lots, about 1000 Bushels of well harvested Barley, in Lots, about 3000 Measures of Oat?, in four Stacks, a Stack of French Wheat; about 150 Tons of excellent old and new Hay, indifferent Lots; 12 Acres of excellent Swedish Turnips, 1 r » Acres of other Turnips, in Lots, to be consumed on the Premises, or cleared off, at the choice of the Purchaser, 104 Acres of Winter Grass, to be depastured— the Uplands till the lst of January, 1814, and the Meadows till the loth of December next; 3 good Wag- gons, 2 Harvest Carts, Dung Carts, [. and Rollers, double and single Water- furrowing, and Drill Ploughs, Harrows, Cultivators, Twins, Bends and Chains, Cart aud Waggon Ropes, Turnip Cutters, Machine Fan, long and short Ladders, Drag and other Rakes, Forks, Spades, Yelves, and other Implements, Gearing for 20 Horses, several Saddles and Bridles, Head Collars, & c. Greasing Jack, and Wheel- barrows, with all Kinds of Implements in Husbandry; a very excellent Worm or Navigation Pump; 1 large and 1 small Boat, with Masts and Oars; l Cannon, about a four- pounder ; large and small Draught, Flew, and easting Nets, a large Sparrow Net and Poles ; several Hundred Weight of Kails; a Quantity of Oil and Paint; 2 capital POINTER DOGS; 5 Rags of Shot; Dog Kennels and Hen Pens; a Quantity of Wheelwrights' and other Timber, in Lots; Poles and Posts, 2 Deal Planks; large and small Cucumber : Frames and Lights, Hand Glasses, Forcing Engine, Water- ing Cans and Garden Tools; upwards of 300 ( greenhouse Plants, in Pots; Acres of Potatoes, a Quantity of Onions; Tree Nets and BassMats; Whip, Push and Hand Saws, a Miller's Cart and Mill Pads; Malt Mill; Part of a Pocket of Hops ; 5 Joiners' Benches, about 200 Hurdles, in Lots; a Quantity of Madeley Tiles, Crests and Gutters; 1 about 60,000 excellent Bricks, in 2 Clamps; large and small Ringers, Pulley Blocks, Marl Piles, Malls and Wedges ; and a great Number of Casks for dry Articles, huge and small Scales, Beams and Weights, Corn Sacks and Measures, and ! numerous other Articles; a handsome Town- built GIG, | with Cover, and plated Harness, in good Preservation. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of lofty Fourpost, Tent, and other Bedsteads, with Mahogany Fect- j posts, elegantly reeded and carved, Lath and Sacking j Bottoms, painted and other Cornices, with Dimity, j Moreen, and other Furniture, and Window Curtains to | correspond; Straw and Wool Mattrasses, in Cranky and j Cotton Cases; fine Goose Feather Beds, Cushion Sides, j Bolsters and Pillows; Witney and other Blankets, Red- j quilts, Counterpanes, Marseilles Quilts, and Chintz Covers; j a Quantity of Sheeting and Table Linen; C OUT pass and ! other Bed- side Carpets, Bed- steps, & c. several Mahogany I Night Tables and Chairs, Mahogany and other Wardrobes, | Chests of Drawers, Bureaus and Cabinets, ia beautiful i Wood, Lad\' s Mahogany Dressing Table, with Drawers, 1 Boxes and Glass complete, several Toilet Tables, Skirts and 1 Covers; handsome Mahogany Dining Room Chairs, stuffed i over the Rail, a Drawing Room Suit complete, with painted ' armed Chairs, Cushions and Covers; a beautiful Mahogany Sideboard, circular Front, Cardivine and other Drawers ; j a Pair of Chandeliers, znd Patent Lamp, Dining, Dressing, i Pembroke, Card, Recess and other Tables ; a great Number I of Turkey, Scotch, and olher Carpets of large and si i Dimensions, Staircase Carpets and Brass Rods; a large I Quantity of new and old Oil- cloth; an excellent Chime j Clock, in an elegant Mahogany Case, very large Pier and i Swing Glasses, in Gill, Fane., and other Frames; Wheel j Barometer, 2 Cabriole Sofas, covered with Hair Seating, } 2 Sets of Hall Chairs and Flower Pot Stands, Wire and | Pierced Fenders, Fire Irons, & e. plated ancl other Candle- sticks, Snuffers and j^ aus, Butlers' and other Trays, China, ] Glass and Earthenware, a large Tinned Hastner, with i Coppers, Pots, Saucepans, Stewpans, Tinware, & c. Knives j and Forks, in plated and Ivory Handles, wilh all Kinds of j Kitchen Requisites ;• a great Number of large and small Tubs, Coolers, Iron- bound and other Hogsheads and small Barrels, several Salting Coolers ; about 100 Dozen of Glass Bottles, in Lots ; Tub and other Churns, Brass Pans, Pails, Gauns, and all Kinds of Dairy and Brewing Vessels; 3 single barrelled Fowling Pieces, l double barrelled Ditto ; 3 Dozen of Cyder, about so Dozen of fine OLD PORT ; and numerous other Articles, as will be expressed in the Catalogues. N. B This Property is too well known to need the least Comment, more thau the Corn and Hay is well harvested, the Stock choice and in fine Condition, the Implements in excellent Repair, and the Furniture exceedingly clean and neat— The Live S'ock, Wines, Farming Utensils, Corn, Hay, Turnips, and Grass, will be Sold on the THREE FJRST DAYS' SALE; the Horses and Wine will he Sold on FRIDAY, the 2- 2d OcTOBf. n, at three in the Afternoon, and the Sale will commence each Morning at ten o'Clocjt. » — The Auctioneers bf£ leave to inform the Public that the Whole will'be Sold without Reserve, which renders it a favourable Opportunity to Purchasers. fc^ r* The Goods may be viewed two Days preceding the Sale, on Application to the Housekeeper, as the Doors will be locked at the Sale, except the Room selling in—• Catalogues will be ready in due Time, and may be had at the prim ipal Inns, Place of Sale, and of THE AUCTION EERS in M a v k e t D r a y lo n, S a lop The Public are respect fully informed, there are FORTY*- THREE rxcELLENT COWS of different Breeds, removed from the late THOMAS CLARKE, Esq^ s Farm in Lancafe shire, to Peplow Hall, to be disposed of immediately afl. er Lot no in the First Day's Sale, some of which are forward in Calf, others barren, and the whole very fresh, fine Cattle, ami choicely selected. Meg ? 3p auction. TREES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, IN LOTS, 200,000 LARCHES, rruvo Eeet High, at WOl. VERLEY, near Kidder- .1 minster, 011 the Morning of the 20th October, 1813, if | not previously disposed of in one Lot,— Enquire for Par- ' ticulars of Mr. JOHN PA RTRI DOE, as above. I TO TANNERS. By Order of the Assignees of WILLIAM JENKS, a Bankrupt. BY T. WYCHERLEY, At the White Horse Inn, in Wem, on Thursday, the 21st Day of October, 1813, at three o'Clock, in Ihe Afternoon, I ( subject to winch Conditions as shall be then produced) the following Property of the said Bankrupt, in. Lots : ; LOT I ANEW erected DWELLING HOUSE and TAN YARD in full Work, silnate in the Town of WEM, | iu the County of Salop, in a good Neighbourhood for Bark, and not far from the Elleamere Canal, now occupied by 1 the said William Jenks; consisting of convenient Build- ings, attached and detached, good Stabling, Hark Barns, Drying Rooms, and a new erected Bark Miil, of tbe Warrington Make, S'ore- rooms, Vats, See. & c. 20 Hand- brs,' eight Letchers, three Limes, and Pools and Grainers; the whole lying very compact. N. B. There is Room enough in the Yard to put down from 20 to 30 more Letchers. The Yard is in full Work ; and, if desirable, the Pur- i chaser may immediately commence working in his Stock, as the present Occupier works his out LOT II. A RICK of excellent BARK, now stacked in the said Tan Yard. LOT III. A RICK of good HAY, about six Tons, on Premises. TOPOGRAPHY OP GREAT BRITAIN. ( IOOKE'S Pocket Edit! oTof" the TOPOGRAPHY of J GREAT BRITAIN ; or TOURIST'S DIRECTORY and TRAVELLING COMPANION. Being an accurate and com- prehensive DESCRIPTION OF ALL THE COUNTIES, in England, Scotland and Wales. BY GEORGE ALEXANDER COOKE, ESQ. The Topography being complete, may be purchased collectively, or any County separate at Ihe Price attached Cornwall Devon Somerset Dorset Wilts Berks Hants Sussex Surrey Kent Essex Suffolk Norfolk Cambridge Rutland and / ( Stafford Leicester Lincoln Nottingham Derby Cheshire Lancaster York Westmoreland Cu mhrrland Durham N orthotic berl. British Isles Huntingdon Bedford Hertford Middlesex Buckingham Oxford Gloucester Monmouth Hereford North Wales South Wales Worcester Warwick Northampton 1 6 Salop 1 G Scotland 9 0 All the Counties are illustrated with Maps; the Work, therefore, comprises a complete BRITISH ATL4S. To each County is prefixed a List of the Markets and Fairs; an INDEX TABLE, shewing at one View the Dis- tance of every Town from LONDON, and frotn each other ; also a copious TRAVELLING GUIDE, exhibiting tbe direct and principal Cross Roads, Inns, Distance of Stages, Noble- men's anil Gentlemen's Seats, & c. forming a COM PLF. T E COUNTY ITINERARY. A SUPERIOR EDITION is printed 011 Wove Vellum Paper, and contains coloured Maps, Price 2s. lid. each County, except Middlesex, Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Kent, which are 5s. each. THE DESCRIPTION OF LONDON May be bad separate from the Work, Price Two Shillings. LOT IV. Consists of the Bankrupt's Life Interest in : SIX ACRES of rich Meadow LAND, called Prolan's THIS DAY is ALSO PUBLISHED, Pieces, also situate ill WEM, within a short Distance of \ COOKE's cheap and elegant POCKET EDITION of the said House and Tan- Yard. Wrrww'c TJ r enrtnv n r> LOT V. A small COTTAGE adjoining Lot I. ii UJI h S U ' STO RY 0F For Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, or to Mr. COOKE, Grocer, Shrewsbury, one of the Assignees; Messrs. ROURDILLON and ILKWTTT, Solicitors, Friday- Street, London; or Messrs. LEF. aud NICKSON, Solicitors, Wem. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. BY T. HOWELL, At the Oak, ill the Town of Pool, 011 Monday, the 18th Day of October, TS13, between the Hours of three and seven in tl. e Afternoon, subject to Conditions, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be mentioned pre- vious lo Ihe Sale: LOT I. ALL those THREE PIECES or Parcels of LAND, situate near ihe Brandy Shop, in the Parish of Pool, containing by Estimation 13 Acres or thereabouts, and now in ' lie Occupation of Mr. James Harris. These Pieces ef Land are divided by Ihe Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Montgomery, and are within the Distance of two Miles from the said Town of Pool. The Premises are well situated for Building npon, and the Situation is advantageous, owing to its Contiguity to the Turnpike Road LOT II. All that Messuage and DWELLING HOUSE, with Ihe Stable and Appurtenances thereto belonging; and also TWO smRt'- DwEi. r. tNcs edjoinfng, situate in Severn- Street, in tbe To-. vn of Pool aforesaid, in fhe Occupation of Mr Griflitbes. Attorney at Law, and Mr. Edward Tanner. These Premises ( except Ihe said two small Dwellings) are subject to a ! Case granted to Mr Griffilhes, about 19 Years of which will be unexpired at Lady- Dav, 1814. Lor UI. All that Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Maltheuse, Stable, Yard, Garden, and Appurte- nances thereunto belonging, adjoining to Lot II. now in I he Occupation of t lie sairi James Harris. The House and Premises are in excellent Repair, the Yard and Outbuildings adjoin the Brook l- tedau, and the Whole may be considered as well adapted lof car- rying on any Business of a Commercial Nature, parti- cularly that of a Maltster or Tanner— The Montgo- meryshire Canal adjoins the Street wherein the Pre- mises are situate. And at the same Time and Place, FIVE good and sub- stantial CANAL BOATS, nearly new, on the Montgomery- shire Canal, will also be SOLD BY AUCTION, in such Lots as shall he then agreed upon. For further Particulars apply to Mr. HOWF. LL, the Auc- tioneer, oral Mr. GRIFFITIIES'S Officc, iu ihesaidTown of Pool. LEASEHOLD ESTATE IN WELSHPOOL. HY T. HOWELL, Al llie Oak, iu Welshpool, on Monday, the 25th Day of October, 1813, between four and seven in ilie Afternoon, in Ihe following Lots, subject to Conditions: LOT I. ALL that DWELLING HOUSE, with the Stable, Garden, and Yard thereto adjoining, situate iu Trallw ingollen Township, adjoining the Turnpike Road from Pool to Newtown, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Williams, Officer of Excise, and Mr. Edward Joues, Inn- keeper. This Lot contains thirty- one Perches, lilt le more or less, and is held for 2l Years from Lady- day, 1814, determinable w ith Ihe Life of the Viscount Clive, aud subject to a yearly Ground Rent of 5s. LOT 11. All that DWELLING HOUSE, with Ibe Stable Court, Yard, and walled Garden thereto belonging, situate in the Township of Welsh Town, adjoining the new Road ME7S HISTORY OF ; With a Continuation bv SMOLLETT. THE WHOLE EMBELLISHED WITH 50 ENGRAVINGS. HUME 12 Vols Price... ,£\ 10 0 SMOLLETT'S Continuation 7Vols 0 17 0 INDEX 1 Vol 0 2 6 The system now adopted, and so universally pursued by the Commander in Chief, of supplying the places of those! who fall 111 action, or subsequently die of their wounds, by those immediately next in ran/:, without favour or preference to any person, is a regulation not only politic, but just; as the surviving brave are thereby certain ofthe reward due to their valour— which no private or oilier consideration can supersede. And the recent promotions in Ihe Gazette shew tbat 111 is laudable principle is carried into effect even lo the Serjeants of several regiments, who are, as the tributes due to their merits and their services, raised to the rank of Commissioned Officers. A nisi prius cause, of great agricultural importance, was tried at Carlisle during the late assizes, respecting the right of tithing common land. The verdict now settles the law to be— that no common ground is tithe- able until seven years have elapsed from its breaking up, provided that it requires any manuring, or more thau one ploughing the first year, in order to raise a crop. Consecration of the Bishop of London — Ur. Howley, the new Bishop nf London, left his situation as Canon of Chrisr- Chureh College, Oxford, aboul ten day* since, which he bus resigned in consequence of hisaopoint- ment totheSee of London, but retains his Fellowship of Winchester. The Queen not having been present at I be Consecration of a Bishop, bad expressed her commands to be present at that of Dr. Howley — On Monday morning, at halt- past eleven, the Queen, Princesses Augusta anil Mary, attended by the Countess of Ilchester, the l. ady in Waitiiig on the Queen, arrived at Lambeth- Palace, where they were received by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Mrs. Sutton, aud their numerous and amiable family, who conducted them into tbe drawing- room, where Dr.' How ley, the Bishop of London elect, tbe Bishops of Oxford, Glocester, and Salis'- bury, tbe Vicar- general, in their full robes, also a number of other distinguished characters paid their respects to them ; after which they proceeded lo his Grace's private Chapel.— TheQacen & Princesses were conducted into Mrs. Sutton's family gallery, where Mr. Manners Sutton, the Judge Ad- vocate, bis Lady, and Lady Barbara Ashley Cooper sat.— No person was admitted into the body of the Chapel, except those engaged in the ceremony : among them were bis Gr ace the Archbishop of Canterbury in his full robes, ac- companied by his Secretary, Train- bearer, & c. in their full court dresses; tbe Bishops of Salisbury and Glocester, in their full robes, as were all the Officers artd Clergy. Th< i m ,, ., " Chaplains. Bishop of . preached by the Rev. Dr. Goddard, late Master of Winchester, who took a very able general view of tbe Established Church from tbe Re- formation, and urged the necessity of Bishops. After li e Ser mon the Archbishop of Canterbury, attended by his two ineir inn rones, as were all tne Mincers artd Clergy. Morning Service vias read by Ihe Archbishop and Cliapla The Bishop of Olocester read Ihe Epistle, the Bisho) Oxford the Gospel, The Sermon was preached by Ihe I The Work may be purchased in separate Volumes, Price Two Shillings and Sixpence each; Superior Edition, Four 1 pi,„„ i„:„„ ,„,,.„, i. j ,',, 1,: "" ' i — - y. .... t,, -,,- ,--,-. f. ' , 1 ' , r. iiania! ns proceeded to the Attar to perform Ihe ceremonr Shillings; winch is 50 per Cent, cheaper than any olher , NT- ,1 ,„,,,,. RO,-,„ _ „,,„„ • „ „ 1 . , . jjij,: " ' 1 - ot Consecration, the t ommunlon Servtce, administer Ihe • , ,, „ „„. , n Sacraments, & c.— Dr. Howley retired loan nnti room, and London: printed for C. COOKE, 17, Paternoster- Row; } put 011 his rochet, having be^ n, previous lo that time only sold by W. E ooowFS, Shrewsbury, and all the Booksellers i in Doctor's robes ; be was then introduced by tbe Bis' in the United Kingdom. " " " • I LONDON. FROM TUP. LONDON GAZETTE. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5, This Gazelle contains an Order for the Court's going into mourning 011 Sunday next, for the late Queen Dowager of Sweden, llie mourning to be changed 011 Sunday, the 17th ; and to he discontinued on Thursday, the 21st. It also contains an Order from the War- office, for the 3d regiment of Foot, to bear the word DOURO, upon their colours and appointments, in consequence of the distinguished conduct of the regiment, iu the passage of the River of that name, 011 the 12th of May, 1809. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6. Letters and Papers have beeu received front Wil- mington, North Carolina, to the 7th of August, and from Boston to the 30th of July. They contain the Documents presented lo Congress relative to the French pretended repeal of Ihe Berlin and Milan Decrees; but which are now of little consequence, as all the facts connected w ith the subject have been long before the public. The conduct of the President, in respect to the French Decrees, had been approved by the House of Representatives. Congress was expected to adjourn on the 2d of August. A law had passed for raising seven millions and a half of dollars, to supply the wauls of the Executive Government, until the meeting of that Body at the close of tho year. By the private letters by the Inst Cadiz Mail, we learn, with more regret than surprise, that a disagreement has arisen between Lord Wellington and the Spanish Go- vernment, on the subject of the removal of General Castanos from the command of the Gallician Army, in consequence of wbich his Lordship had addressed a letter of remonstrance to the Spanish Minister ol War. His Lordship complains, no doubt with great truth and justice, of the breach of the contract entered into between him and the last Spanish Regency, and renewed by the present, when lie consented lo accept, the com- mand of the Spanish army ; and concludes with staling, that he believes it will he admitted, that tiie ciicum- stances which rendered necessary the formation of ' he contract, equally require its fulfilment, if it is desired that he should be able to retain the command of the army. When we consider how much has been effected Mr'HlmY1Jones' Surgeon "" ° CCU1" Uion of i by Lord Wellington lor the Spanish cause, il is most la- j TliisLot coiitahisYk. 27P. little more or less, and is ' menlable to think that his efforts for the full deliverance held for Ihe same Term, nnd subject to a yearly Ground j !'> e Peninsula should be impeded either by the im- Rent of los. JTL LOT III. All ihat DWELLING HOUSE, with the M | Court, Yard, and Garden thereunto belonging, situate in 1 Welsh Town aforesaid, adjoining Lot 2, and now in the Occupation of Mrs. E. S. Williams. This Lot contains lR. 26P. little more or less; is held for I he same Term', and subject to a yearly Ground Rent of los. I. OT IV. All that other DWELLING HOUSE, with Ibe Offices, Court, Yard, and Garden thereunto belonging, situate in Welsh Town aforesaid pation of Mrs. Joes D. Jarvis. This Lot contains 2R. 7P. little more or less; is held for the same Term, and subject lo a yearly Ground Rent of los. LOTV. All that DWELLING HOUSE, with a large, convenient Wharf adjoining the Montgomeryshire Canal, situate in the said Township of Welsh Town, adjoining 1 ot 2, and now in the Occupation of Mr. William Hazle- diue, and his Undertenants. This Lot contains 29Perches, Utile more or less; is held for the same Tel m, and subject to a yearly Ground Rent of 2s. Gd. LOT VI. All ihat SKINNER'S WORKSHOP, nearly adjoining the Brook Lledan 011 one Side, and Lot G on Ihe other, with Ihe Land thereunto belonging, situate in Welsh Town aforesaid, now ill tlie Occupation of Mr. Samuel Morgan. This Lot contains 19 Perches, little more orless; is lielrl for the same Term, aud subject to a yearly Ground Rent of 2s. Gd. LOT VII. All Ihat DWELLING HOUSE, with a Malt- bouse, Kiln, Stable, Warehouse, and other Buildings, situate in Welsh Town aforesaid, and adjoining to the Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Shrewsbury on Ihe one Side, and a large Wharf 011 the Montgomeryshire Canal upon the other Side, now in the Occupation of Mr. David Lloyd. This Lot contains about 15 Perches ; is held for the sameTerm, and subject to a yearly Ground Rentof 10s. and entitles tlie Occupier to Ihe joint Use of a good Pump, and other Conveniences. The Houses and Buildings are new built, anil those comprized in Lots 2, 3, 4, and 7 are well finished, in cempleat Repair, and fit for the Residence of genteel Families— Mr. David Lloyd, of Poo!, will shew tlie Premises; of whom, or of Mr. JOHN LLOY!) JONES, at Maestnawr, in the saiil County, am! THE AUCTIONEER, in Pool, any oilier Particulars may be had. becility or jealousy of tiie Spanish Government, j The Spanish Ladies, it is said, have become so iuured to ! the incursions of one army or another, and so accustomed i to have their towns in the possession of the French or I English alternately, that they have assumed a fortitude ; truly Amazonian. j There is a report that Lord Valencia has received 1 a letter from Abyssinia, assuring him that Mungo Park i is slill alive, a prisoner in the country of one of ihe and now in tbe Occu- \ Eastern Tribes of Africans. We fear Ihat there is 110 good foundation for this rumour. The Koyal Marine corps is to be augmented by 17 additional companies. It is stated, that not fewer than 5000 French prisoners employed themselves in making lace in Porchester Castle, which is now discontinued by an order of Government, in consequence of its being prejudicial to the sale of British manufactured lace. A Prayer of Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the great blessing which, in his mercy aud goodness, he lias vouchsafed lo this nation, in our abundant crop and FAVOURABLE HARVEST; to be used at morning and evening service, after the General Thanksgiving, throughout the cities of Loudon and Westminster, and elsewhere within tbe bills of mortality, 011 Sunday, the 1 Oth day of October, 1SI3, and 011 the following Sunday, and in all Churches and Chapels throughout England and Wales on lite two consequent Suudays after the Ministers thereof shall have have received the shine. " O GOD, our Heavenly Father, who, of thy bountiful goodness towards 11s, hast caused tlie earth to give back to t tie labour of man the fruits of his industry, with an abun- dant increase, accept, we beseech Thee, the praises and thanksgivings of a joyful people, and of thy great mercy, O GOD, teach us so to abouiiii, that we forgel not, by rea- son of oui- many frailties, the source fiom which tbe abun- dance floweth. Thou hast looked down upon us wilh tenderness and compassion; Thou bast listened to our supplications, and supplied our wants; dispose 11s'ever- more to elevate our hearts and minds uutoThee in pious aud grateful remembrance of this thy blessing, and of all other thy manifold mercies, through J its us CHRIST our Lord. Aven." -- - . — r-. shops of Oxford and Glocester to the Archbishop' at the Altar, where lie went through several ceremonies, and then retired to tbe anti- room again, where he was invested wilh his full Bishop's robes by the King's Robe- maker. He was then in- troduced again to Ihe Altar, aud a number of questions put to him bv the Archbishop which he readily answered. The interposition of hands by the Archbishop and the olher Bishops present, concluded theceremdnv. TheSacrament was then administered to him by tbe Archbishop, and of which all the others present partook— At the conclusion, her Majesty and tlie Princesses partook of a sumptuous collat ion, provided for them by Mrs. Sutton, and at three o'clock, left Lambeth Palace for the Queen's Palace.— The Bishop of London and Ihe other dignified Clergy dined with the Archbishop of Canterbury, nt live o'clock.' A shocking fire broke out at half past eleven o'clock, on Saturday night, in the extensive farm- yard belong- ing to T. Biggs, Esq. at Orpington, in the county of Kent, about four miles from Chisleliurst. The tl , mei were fust discovered by the night patrole 011 Ihe road, issuing from several ricks of hay. The watchman im- mediately gave an alarm, and fortunately, with the as- sistance of several ofthe neighbouring gentry, succeeded in awakening the family of Mr. B. and rescuing them from their perilous situation. The flames soon afters wards caught the barns, where large quantities of hay, straw, & c. were deposited, besides several other ail- joining buildings; and at onetime, the whole yard, containing Ifi ricks of hay, straw, and corn, was iii one continual blaze. The atmosphere was completely illu- minated, and the various fire engines, from their differ- ent stations, throughout the metropolis, were put in requisition, and proceeded in the direction of the fire, many of them on arriving at the turnpike in the Lower Road, Deptford, not being able lo go any farther, put up Iheir horses, and several of the firemen went on to the fire. The fire had been burning upwards of two hours before any assistance could bs procured, and consequently had got so much a- head as to pre- clude all possibility of extinguishing il. Fortunately, by the exertions of Ihe firemen anil others, the dwelling house was preserved from destruction. The * e*" cral Volunteer Corps from Lewisliam, and Bromlev, were extremely active 0: 1 this occasion in protecting tiie 1 property of the inhabila. ts 111 the adjoining buildings, | which was laid out in the oad. The fire was burning j the whole of yesterday, and the loss is estimated a* t upwards of £ 10,000. It is pleasing lo add, that no lives were lost. Satin day, the Mayor of Dover having ordered the b tier I which was brought for sale to llie market to l. e taken to ihe . Guildhall to be weighed, a great quantity of il w is found deticient in weight. I11 consequence, upwards of eighty pounds were forfeited, and distributed 10 the poor. A duel had nearly been fought a few days sin e, at Margate, between two gentlemen, who are both at- tached lo an opera figurante ; lint a friend interpos ng, they agreed that Ihe lady's choice should determine tiio difference. The friends waited upon the inconstant beauty, when, on having acquainted hor. with his errand, she, willi the utmost sang frnid, replied, " ' Ihey may cut each other's throats as soon as tiiev please, for I do not care one pin for either of them." FASHIONS FOR OCTOBER. MORNING DRBSS. — A plain cambric under- dress ; a three- quaitered mo-! in or Chinese silk robe worn over it. tiiuini ' d round the bottom and np the front with Indian bordi" or needle- work, and fiainhed with a deep flounce of lace. A | convent hood and pelerine of white net lace, confined nndi 1* j the chin with a silk cord aud tassel Hair in irregular curls | ornamented with a farcy flower in front. A short rosary and cross of the eoquilla head ; bracelets of the same. Slip, pers of buff or lemon coloured kid. Gloves a pale tan colour. EVENING DRESS.— A pea- gieen crape frock, ivorn over a white gossamer satin slin, with short- sleeves of white lace, and waist biassed with late beading ; a deep fl mnce of lane round the feet, beaded with silver netting, the bottom oc the sleeves and back finished 10 correspond flair in curls nud ringlets, confined mi the crown of the head, and intermixed with autumnal ( lowers. Ear- rings and o'her ornaments of pearl. Gloves of white French kid ; and slippers of pea gree. i satin, trimmed with silver. VAOXUAILVITTORIA FETE DKESS. — Plain white lace frock, over a white sarsnet petticoat ; the sleeve, which is hall' way down ilie arm, is also composed of lace, and the form of it is extremely novel: the top is very full, and drawn in by striues of pearls, the bottom part is composed of tinee rows of nari- iw letting- in, each rnw edged with pearls ; the sieeVe comes nearly half- way down the arm. flair curled in ! ros.- luxu- riant ringlets in tront, turned up behind a k Gricqiie, as tightly as possible. Head- dress diamonds ain) 1 lie Pi ece's plnme of ostiicli leathers. Dianv nd necklace, bracelets, and ear- rings. A light gold chain of elegant workmanship, to which an eve- gla- s is suspended, is put round llie necli, and brought to one side. W hite kid glove-, ami aliite satin sandals; small ivory fan. A wiiiln laee veil is occasionally thrown carelessly over the heart, and forms a drapeiy wiiien is at once simple, elegant, and besoming. LOW BOW. London Gazette Extraordinary. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7- FOREIGN OFFICE, OCT. 7. Dispatches, of which ( lie following arc extracts anil eopics, liavc heen till* day received by Lord Viscount Cas- tlevesnh, bis Majesty's Principal Secretary <> f Stale lor Foreign Affairs, from General Viscount Calticait, K. 1. dated Top) itz, Sept. 13; and from ?> ient- Gen. the Hon. Sir Charles Stewart, K. R. dated Prague, Sept. 14,1813. Extract of a Dispatch tram Gen. I'ifcmmt Cathmrt, dated Toplilz, Sept. 13. The Austrian* have kept possession of- Ihc roads- leading to Saxopv by Marienberg and Altrnberg, and ( Jen K- teinau from the former place to TJhemitE and Fievberg, 1 lie The Queen generally visits Ihe King every day, for aboil) 20 minutes, attended by Dr Willis. Wednesday v. as H e day on which the alteration com- menced in her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales's Establishment; al! the tables being cm off, and the whole of her Royal Highness's Household being put on board wages. 1 TON DON, Monday Night, October 11, 1S13. A Mail from Halitax is arrived. The following was issued this morning from the War P partment. " Will DEPARTMFNT, OCT. 11. " By dispatches dated Kingston, Upper Canada, the lst ORIGINAL WHOLESALE- AND HE! AIL TEA & GROCERY WAREHOUSE. TOP OF HIGH- STREET, SHREWSBURY. KEATE AND CO. DEEPLY impressed with Gratitude for Ihc very dis- tinguished Favours conferred bv their Fiiends and the Public in general, during a Period of 28 Years past, country between the Elbe and the Elster is over- run bv several partisan corps from the Allies These report that the enemv lias been employed in moving llie si k and the convalescents and baggage to Leipsic. Prague, Sept. 14 MY LORD,— On the 8th inst. tbe corps of Count Witt- c< •. stein, and that part cf Gen. KhisPs corps under the Command of Gen. Zieflicn, which had advanced arraii through the mountains beyond Peteiswalde and Zebista, tin the road low ai ds Dresden, were attacked by a very superior forcc of the enemy, and a very sharp ailalr took » trier . Conn; Wittgenstein bad his head quarters at t una, wt. ee till enemy began their advance. The i. lnef contest dnrinp tbe dm Was for the village of Dobns, s hich was del- ended witb imw'li valour and bravery by the Allies y but the enemy bringing up increasing numbers towards ttie evening, Count Wiltgeuslein determined to fall back and ev. w •• « Dohna; On. Ziethen's corps, therefore, was ordered to occupy Piriia in the evening, end Count Witt- genstein's corps retired tow ards Peterswalde. The lose of ; lie Allies, in this day's action, may he estimated ot about 1000 itie" " killed aud wounded, that of Ihe enemy was much more considerable Hi'i Ro-. al Highness the Duke of Cumberland was in tlic field, and assisted at this dav's action. On ll; e ' 9th, the eueihv continued liis advance, and the Allies retired, fighting everv inch of ground in the mountains. Bonaparte bad arrived, and a very large force was advancing, either with a determination to make a general attack, or for the purpose of great demonstration, to cover a retrograde movement, and the removal of a large magazine of powder from Konigstein to Dresden On the 10th the enemy pressed, seemingly with « icater force, from the mountains on Culmaid towards Toplitz; tliey had advanced not only with the columns that followed Count Wittgenstein's rear, but also with another very- considerable corps, by Zinnwalde and Kraufeu. At ( bis time the Austrian columns had not come inlo close com- munication from Aussie and l. cntmeritz; and it waskuqwn that the Russian and Prussian force, in from nf Toplilz, was greatly outnumbered bv Ihe enemy. It was however determined, in the most gallant manner, to give him battle, in the event of his advancing, aud tlie disposition was accordingly made. Being under tbe necessity cf being removed from head- quarters,] learn from Col. Cooke, that the enemy continued on the i 1 ih lo make such demonstrations as indicated a general attack; and on lite 12th they advanced and look possession of the village of Nollcndoif, and came close to Culm Above half the Auslrian corps had now r< joined tbe army, and come into position : they had been marching ill verv bad weather, and worse roads, wit bout intermit ton, from the loth, but arrived in excellent order; and Bona- parte could now perceive the allied Army, upwards of ltio, ooo men, in position, with 800 pieces of cannon, ready to give him battle. It seems, however, tbat he began his retreat, about mid- day, ft', in Nolletidorf. The Allies began immediately lo char tbeir front, and lo send oul strong reconnoitring parties; aud Gen. Kleiuau's corps was again detached to the lefl, reinfoiced by two divisions, under Prince Lichtenslein. . Up to mid- day or, Ihe I3th, the enemy si ill continued lus retreat, breaking up and destroying nil the roads in every direction towards Dresden. This will somewhat delay the pursuit of Ihe Allies, a id will make even any lateral or fiaitk movement more difficult. Accounts have been received of Gen. Bluchers having enfere d Bautzen on the 10th, hut I have received no official bulletins from the Prussian head- quarters. Tbe Russian Col. Prince Modatoff, of the Alexatielrowski Guards, executed a biilllant coup on the qth, between Bautzen aud Dresden, lie blew up 200' ammunition wag- gons, took a part of Bonapaite's baggage, and matte 1200 prisoners. CIIARI. ES STEWART, Lieut.- Gen. Prague, Sept. 14. MY I ORD,— I have the honour to transmit, for your Lordship's information, two reports 1 have received since 1 left Toplitz from Col. Cooke, respecting the operations of Ihe allied and French armies ou the itlh ar. d 12th. in « t — I bave Ihe honour to be. he. C. STEWART. [ Here follow two reports from Col Cooke, respecting the operations of the allied and lieneh armies 011 the llth and 191b inst.— in which the former gained some advantages, the latter relealing ] Dispatches have reached us this day from the Prince Royal of Sweden, announcing the joyful tidings of a victory gained by the Allies, under his Royal Highness's command, ia the neighbourhood of WiitVmbcrg. Upwards of 80110 prisoners, fio giins, 200 tumbrils, and 4o pieces of cannon had been taken Ti e Prussians are said 10 have sustained t he brunt of this affair, to have lost many people, aud to have done great honour to the army. This was fought upon the 7th and Sth inst. The Gazette also contains a dispatch from Lieut- Gen. Count Walmoden, dated Doniitz, September 20, detailing the particulars nf his victory over the corps of General Pecheux, the substance of which was given in our paper of last week It is worthy of remark, t hat this victory, gained 011 the electoral territories of his Majesty, was, for llie most part, ati hieved by native subjects of his Majesty's conti- .. 1 .1 .... i.. i. oio * Title i. iri. ii, iiutunre. e. innol fait tn excite; FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. BOWK ING- STRFET, OCTOBER 6. Dispatches, of which the following are extracts, hare heen this day received from Field I\ larshal the Marquis of Wellington, dated 1.( 2aca. lQlh and 27fh September. Nothing of importance has occurred since I addressed your lordship on lire IMli instant, in the positions of ihe arm; The garrison of Pamplona having made several sorties during the blockade, in all of which they were re- pulsed with ioss, made one in considerable force on tiie loth, possibly wilh a view to reconnoitre the force by which tlu blockade was maintained, but they were immediately driven in. Marshal d'F. spann, who commands the blockade, was unfortunately wounded, but is still aide to exercise his command ; and lie has reported most favourably of the officers and troops employed on Ibis occasion. Lezaca, September 27— 1 have the honour to inclose the copy of a dispatch of the 15th and 171) 1 instant, which I bave received from Lieut.- Gen. Lord VV. Bentiiick, from which it appears that his advanced guard, under Col Adam, was attacked bv a considerable force of the enemy, 011 the night of the lath instaut, in the pass of Ordal, and that they w'ere obliged to retire with the loss of four pieces of artillery. Extract < f a dispatch from Lieut.- Gen. Lord William Bentinck, dated Tarragona, 15th and \ 7tl1 September. According to the Intention expressed in my letter of 27th August, the army moved forward and arrived al Villa Franca 011 theath Sept All the'intelligence continued to- corrobo- rate the departure of a considerable part of Suchel's foice lo France. It was only 011 the 27th that dofibts began to be ! entertained of the truth cf this fact. It appears that great detachments had been made with convoys going to France, who leturiied with others of salt meat'arid ammunition; and, as far as 1 can learn, nol above 3000 men have left Catalonia. The public had been deceived by the removal August, it appears that Gen de Rottenburg's head- quarters j return their most sincere Thanks for lite liberal Support w'ere advanced to St. Dav id's, seven miles from Fort George, I aheady experienced; and flatter themselves, by strict and our advanced posts within four miles of it.— The American flotilla sailed frosi Sachet's Harbour on the 23d .1 uly, and on Ihe 30th Sir . lames Yco sailed from Kingston with the derign of engaging them.'' Dispatches wrte also received from the Itiver Plate, in nine weeks, but they d< not contain any material informa- tion. The rcvohiTiomtry arciv continues to obtain advan- tages over ihe royftlfsts. Dispatches arealso received front Vice. Admiral Sir Fdw, Pellew, Cnmtmuidei'- iti- C'sdef in the Mediterranean, but their contents have net ti t. aspired. There has been tie; ami* al to- day from the North. In the absence of authentic news, however, fabrication has been industrious, anil invention 011 tin stretch to supply its place — New victories in Canada over the Americans, fresh defeats of Iheir flotillas, the capture of Commodore Rodg- ers, fresh battles of Ibe Pyreunees, new defeats nf tbe French in Germany, threatened insurrections at Paris— have all lived their five minutes, nnd again evaporated— in short, all mere fabrications, lo answ er speculative pur- poses, and utterly unfounded on tbe least credible au- thority. 3 per cent. Consols 58. IS FTWSKCRY, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1313. Integrity and due Attention to'Business, to merit a Con- tinuance of the same All Orders duly executed upon the best Terms possible, to the Satisfaction of those who may please to favour tbcin with tiuv Commands. N. B. CHEESE and SALT PUTTER, wholesale, at their other Warehouse underneath. The Rev. and Worshipful WILLIAM VV SE, I L. D Chancellor of- this DIOCESE, will hold bis PROBAT COURT in the Parish Church of Newport, on WrrttnCAV, the 20th Day of October"! nstant. Salop, FRIPAY, tbe Sad ; wliercail Persons who have Wills tq. prove, I. eltersof Ael- , - , ministration or Licence . to take mil, must attend. A Pen- of the officers, of alHhe Spanish cmp'pyes, and by ihe pre- • 8|, v ,, f £ 50 muches, ' if li e Will is npt proved or l etters JOHN EVANS, WATCH ANA) CLOCK MAKER, MARKET PI. ACE, IS EGS to acquaint the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public > in general, he is appointed ( SOLELY) to vend FRI- lJOURG and TREYER'S genuine SNUFF' and TOB ACCO in SHREWSBURY-. lie has just received a Variety of Sortsand Mixtures, which may be had in Cannisters of every Size. .1. E. embraces this Opportunity of returning his most grateful Thanks for the liberal Encouragement be has received since he commenced Business, and of assuring his Friends that any Orders Ihey may please to confer on him, shall be attended to with the greatest Punctuality. Sept. 28th, 1813. HAY, TO BE SOLD At THE HOLLIES, near Castle Pulvcrbatch, in the County ofSalop. TO BE SOLD, AND CONSUMED ON THE PREMISES, FROM FORTY lo FIFTY TONS of excellent HAY ( the greater Part of which is the Produce of ] 811 and 1812) -, or Neat Cattle will tie laken in lo eat the same. N. B Apply lo RICHARD GWILLIAM, of Ihe above Place, or lo Mr. ADAM RUTHERFORD, of Gattcn Lodge. Gotten Lodge, October llth, 1813. TO EF. LET BY TICKET^ On Fridav, the aqth Dav of October, 1813, AMESSUAGE, DWELLING HOUSE, FARM, and . LANDS, containing together 135 Statute Arm or tbereabou ts, lie the same more or less, situate in I be Parish of STOKE UPON ' 1 ERN, iu the County of Salop, and now in the Holding of William Havcork. Further Particulars . may be bad by Application at the Office of Messrs. KNIGHT aud BROOKES, Whitchurch, Shropshire, where t! e Tickets are lo lie left. N. B. This Advertisement will not be continued. M ON TGOMER YSIIIRE. TO IHTTET, By Tender, al Lady My, 1814, by the Year, AMESSUAGE or Tenement, v. ilh convenient Outbuild- ings, and about 74 Acres of Arable, Pasture, aud Meadow Laud, King convenient for Occupation tin reivith at UPl'INGTON, in the Parish of Alboibnry, in the said County, with en extensive Shecpwntk. on the Long Moun- tain ; now in 1! e Occupation . f Richard : cwis Also, for a Ti rm of, Years, a MESSUAGE or Tenement, wiih substantial Outbuildings, nnd about 113 Acres of Arable, Pasture, and Meadow I and, convenient for Oc- cupation therewith, lying at TRELt'STAN, in the Parish of Worthen. in the . said County, now in the Occupation of George Thomas and liis Undertenants.— The Tenants paiations made for the defence and supply of Barcelona. The French force had been hitherto dispersed on the Lo- bregat, at Sabudell, and about Barcelona. O11 the llth the enemy united about 12,000men at MolinodeRey; all his disposable forces from the Ampindan and the garrisons, had arrived at Barcelona, and every thing appeared to in- dicate a general movement of Administration taken out within SYx M ONTHS after the j DEATH of the Party— The Cnrtinnssioiiers of Stamps re. ! quire Copies of all Wills and Grants of Administrations, willi an Account oftbe Personal Estate sworn to, to be sent lo them by the Registrar, within two Months after proved, i ond true Inventories and Appraisements MUST be made, to ' be VERIFIED 011 Oath, when required. The VISITATION The British army were posted at Villa Franca, and iu the | wj|| be at Shrewsbury, 011 SATURDAY the 23( 1, and Newport .1 . _.. r .1 ... . ... i „ r . also 011 the SAMc Day. ROBERT MITCHFL, Apparitor. *** The Advertisement of the Sale of Tyn- y- pant and Divyr hicw Estates, as also that if the Sale of Grass Land at .1" Iverley, are, from ihe lateness rf . arrival, unavoidably postponed tilt next week. {£ 3= We are desired to state that the. insertion of . lames Withington, as Gmitt keeper to George Brooke. Esq. for the Manors of Si. iffnal and Idsall, in. the Shrewsbury papers, was ami, take. villages in its front, as far as the mountains 011 tlieLobregat. The pass of Ordal, over which passes the great road, was occupied by the advance of the army, under Col Adam, i anrl 3 battalions of Gen. Sarsfield's division. The pass was ! very strong, anei 1 had no apprehensions of its being forced. ; The probable line sf attack, as being a certain one, was by j turning our left by Martorell and San Sadurni, where, was j posted the first army. I I had not numbers equal to those which tlie French could bring against me; aud on the 12th, at midnight, the enemy : attacked the pass of Ordal, and carried it, afteran obstinate resistance, by great superiority in numbers. Tbe corps were obliged to save themselves iu the mountains, and two six- pounders, with two mouutaiu- guns, unfortunately fell info tin: enemy's. hands. The only consolation I have to COOKSON & PA11RY, Wholesale and Retail LINEN DRAPERS, HOSIERS, frc. frc. ANNOUNCE to their FriendsH( id the Public, tbat they have taken a COMMODIOUS SHOP, sjtnaied next floor above JONATHAN PERRY'S Upholstery Warehouse, PRIDE H ILL, which llicy purpose opening ou SATURDAY NEXT, with an entire new and elegant Assortment of LINEN DRAPERY, HOSIERY. & c. & c. They presume, j will shew, the Premises, from their Connexion with the Manufacturers of MAN- 1 The Tenders, expressing the Rent anil Securities oflcre.',, CHESTER, GLASGOW, LEICESTER, & c. they enn offer their ! must lie sent sealed mid directed to the Rev, ' Stephen Gooels upon such Terms as cannot fail to merit ttieir; Stephens, Ely, Cambridgeshire, Post- paid, on or before Approbation, aud secure their future Favours, vyliich shall ! the r, th Day cf November next, and tin Answer will be- at all Times be gratefully acknowledged. given to the ncccpted Oiler previous to the 20II1 of De- Shrewshury, October, 10th Mo 13th Day. 1813. ceniber following. ith October, 1813. C A ER EI MON IXCLOSURF.] ~ MARRIED. O11 the sth iust. al Lltinvigan, the Rev. David Williams. M. A. Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, and second Master of the FrecGrammarSchool at Ystradmeurig, in the HEIR AT LAW. IF the Heir at Law of HUMPHRY BUFFERY, late of CRADLEY, near Stourbridge, in tbe County of Worcester, deceased, will apply to HENRY CHARLES LITCHFIELD, Esq. Solicitor to the Treasury, No. s, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London, either personally or by Letter addressed lo him under Cover to George Harrison, Esq. Treasury Chambers, London, he may hear of something lo his Advantage. Dated this • ith of October, 1813. QUICKSETS. TO BE SOLD, ABOUT IOIVWO thre » - v « ara old TRANSPLANTED . QUICKSETS, and a large Quantity of one and two- ' depastured, on any of the abovemontn 1. years old SEEDLINGS. i To": 1!'. . ' ^ excep^ by the_ Parties Apply to JOHN STANTON, Ellesmere. offer, is the bravery both or British and Spaniards: ofthe j county of Cardigan, to Miss Morris, eldest daughter of the steadiness aud gallantry of lite latter, every British officer * ... - -- i present speaks iu terms of llie highest admiration. I am i soi 1 y to shy, that Col. Adam lias been severely wounded, as : Welsh Poet and Antiquary TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. HEREAS THOMAS PRYCE, of Frankwell. in „-,..,. ... . . . the Town of SHREWSBURY, Currier and Inn- ; late William Moms, Esq. of Blaennant, in the county of ; keeper, hath by Deed assigned ell his Eslnle and Effects ' Brecon, auo grand- daughter UT Lewis Morris, the celebrated t to EDWARD HUGHES and RICHARD BEI TV ' ETTOIJ, ofShrews neutal dominions. This circumstance cannot fail to excite a strong sensation in Ihe North of Germany, and we rejoice lo learn thai Ihe numbers of Ihe Allies were daily receiving accesssions of strength, bv deserters from the enemy flock- ing to their standard. Measures had been taken nt Lunc- berg for the formation of a Saxon and Bavarian Legion. Dispatches have also been received from Mr. Thornton. The following Bulletin respecting them was issued by Government in the course of ' he d iy, wilh the subjoined Bulletin from the army of I he Crown Prince of Sweden : " FOREIGN OFUGE, OCT. 7. " By dispatches roe'eived from Mr. Thornton, dated Cosu- irk, Sept. 15, it appeals thai the head- quarters of the Prince Royal were removed on the llth to Seyda, on the 12th to Coswick on the Elbe;, and on Ihe 15II1 were removing to Zerbst. The'encmy evacuated Bautzen ou the 12lb, and marched by Bishopfiwerela on Dresden. Gen. Blacker entered Bautzen on the 12th " THIRTEENTH BULLETIN of the SWEDISH ARMY " Head- quarters, Seyda, Sept. 12 " The Prince Roval moved his bead- quarters place yesterday evening. Many of' the Officers made prisoners at the bridge of Tororau", affirmed yesterday that the Prince of Mo kwa was dead. Others say lhat they saw him in the tele du- pont, exhorting the troops to defend it. The same Officers also relate that a few moments before Ihe Swedish and Russian columns appear, d in the plain, the Prince of Mnskwaput himself at ihe head eif the reserve, composed of two divisions, and exclaimed in 11 arching towards lite Prussian army—" Victory is ours; in two days we shall be iu Berlin ", He, however, slackened Lis pace, on seeing - tlie multitude of battalions which were arriving, and Ihe disorder became complete ou the arrival ofthe cavalrv. " The divi'-' mns of Ihe Prussian army, which have snftereel ibe mo » t, are re- organizing and repairing their loss. It is difficult lo display moie bravery or more perseverance, than tbe young Prussian soldiers have shewn. The battalions of landwehr may even now be compared wilh the best troops iu Europe " There exist no jealousies in lire Combined Army. It presents a picture of a family of brave men, who have sweirn to conquer or to perish iu defence of llie honour of their Sovereigns and the libertv of Europe. " G ' ii. VViuiingernde lias already moved across the Elbe some thousands of Cossacks, aud Geu. Czcrnicheff already occupies Dessau and Cothen. " Flic army is ou the Elbe, and materials arc collected al mnuv points for Ihe passage of that river. Three thousand oftlie Prussian lauds; urin have passed the Elbe at 1 euzen, for the purpose of protecting ttte former subjects of Prussia " Tne lauilsturui of Swedish Pomerania lias already been in active service. Two thousand Burghers of Striilsuud have voluntarily offered to work upon the fortifications of that place. " The Reports of our secret Agents at Leipsic state, that Couriers had arrived there, announcing the entiy of the Austrian troops into Munich." FRIDAY, OCTOBER S. A letter from Heligoland mentions, that a negotiation is in progress between this country and Denmark, The Mail from Heligoland brings accounts from Altona of the sth ult. They state, that ' desertions to an . arnazing extent i. rev lileil in the French army; that the Crown Prince of Sweden was advancing, aud expected to pass I tie Elbe 011 th? 2Ith ult. That Nev was concen'rating his forces at Dubea ; tint Leipsic had been taken by storm, and the Duke of Pa llia f - hia) killed. officers of the 2( 1 batt 271I1 regiment. The Calahrcse did not suffer materially. I can give no exact return of our loss, but 1 hope it will, eventually, not lie consider- able : I have heard Of2000 men having joined Col Manzo, near Sadurni, among whom are 2111) of our own troops, and gret. l numbers have already joined from different parts of tin. coast, and are hourly coming in. I immediately put the army in retreat; the enemy's dragoons and cuiras- siers pressed closely upon us, but they were so gallantly charged, though in very superior numbers, by our ow n cavalry, that about mid- day they gave up ihe pursuit. I am much indebted tnCol. Lord FYeeleric Bentinck, for the judgment aud spirit with which he directed tlieopera- tions of his brigade. Tlie 20th dragoons, commanded by l. ient - Col. Hawker; the Brunswick hussars, by Lieut - Col. Schraeder, and tbe Sicilian cavalry, by Capt. Stagapede, very much distinguished themselves. The army maete their retreat without any loss lo Vendrells, from whence it marched again the same night to Altafiella, and yesterday evening took up ils gi'ouiirl in front of this town. .' 17, nine P. M— 1 have just received intelligence, that the enemy left Villa Fianea this morning, and have returned to Moliuo de Rev 011 the Lobregat. 1 enclose a list of ihe killeel and wounded. Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing.— Total, 1 Captain, 2 subalterns, 25 rank and file, 7 horses, killed ; 1 Colonel, t Lieut- Col. 2 Captains, 13 subalterns, 1 staff, 60 rank and file, 3 horses, wounded; 2 Captains, 3 subalterns, 33 rank and file, 54 horses, 49 mules, missing. The number of rank and file killed, wounded, anel missing, in the 2d halt. '* 7th regt, Calabrian free corps, rifle compa- nies of Roll's regiment, aud 4th bait. King's German Legion, cannot be clearly ascertained, as these corps were obliged to disperse in ihe mountains : 700 men have already come in, ami others are known to be 011 their march to join the army. For tho same reason it is equally impossible correctly to ascertain the loss of the Spanish brigade. The British corps, 2d batt. 27th regt. Calabrian fiee corps, anil rifle companies, did not exceed 1100 men iu action. List of British Officers Killed, I founded, and Missing. KILLED— sotli Light Dragoons, Captain Hanson.— 2d Bait 2/ tli regiment, Lieutenant and Adjutant Taylor., Roll's Rifle Company, Lieutenant Seggessar. WOUNDED.— General Staff, Col. F. Adam, severely, not dangerously ; and Lieut. Campbell, Marine Artillery, D. A. A G, severely, not dangerously.— ad. Bait, 27th Reg. Lieut. Col, Reeves ; Capls Mill and Windsor; Lieuts. M' Pherson, Drcwe, Mattby, Talbot, and Shen, severely, not dangerous- ly ; and Assistant Surgeon Fltzge'rald, slightly. MISSING— sd. Bait 27th Regt. Lieut. Steele; and Ensign Latham severely wounded, [ The Gazette likewise contains an account of the Capture, oiftlie Halifax station, of llie Wasp, American private armed sloop, eif 2 guns, aud 33 men, by the Bream schooner, Lieutenant Ilare.] well " as Lieut.- Col. Reeves, and seveial other valuable I Latefv'ai Lhnffu'STYn'the countv of Montgomery the I ' T5' "["' T."'' JaT, CT"' '" 1 ' ' Tm ""' "" . T1" 8' on' 5! ., « ;„ „• .1,,. ... 1 I. „„„;..,„„, TI,., r. 1.1, ™ . ! r, vJ' V':! Iu » wl> 10 c° nnty ot Montgomery, uie 0f 9„ c], „ f „„ Creditors who shall execute the said Deed Rev. Dan. Williams, of Frongoch, to Bridget, eldest I daughter ofthe late Mr. Vaughan, surgeon, Llanfyllin. DIED. Yesterday morning, after a long and afflicting illness, deeply regretted by her surviving relatives and friends, Mrs. Simes, relict of the late Mr. Simes, attorney, of this town. On the 30th ult. Mrs. Mansell, widow of the late Mr. Mansell, of Little Ness. On Tuesday, the 5th instant, sincerely regretted by her friends, Mrs. Horto'n, wife of William llorton, Esq. of Priors Lee Hall, near Shiffnal. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9. Two more Swedish Bulletins have heen received of the 14th uud 16th ult detailing those movements of Ihe Crown Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Ml'. Blakewayt— House- Visitors, Mr. W. Brayn'e, and Mr. James Sandford. Additional Subscriber to- the Public School on Dr. Beil\ s system : Mr. Haycock, jun i'l f> 0 The 14 days tiaining and exercise of the men belonging to the Centre Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia, com- manded by Colonel Lyster, expired 011 Saturday last, on which day they were inspected bv Lieut - Colonel Gooch, who highly approved tlieirappearance and attention.— We are happy to stale thai tbe conduct of the. officers, non- commissioned officers, aud privates was such during tbe period of their duty, as to call for the thanks of Colonel Lystcr, who fell satisfied that iu steadiness, obedience, and good conduct they cannot be excelled. The Report of the Watch Committee for the last year will be found in a subsequent column. The employment of an adifional walcbinan during the latter part of that period has given general satisfaction, and it is the intention of Ike present Committee to continue the same establish- ment t hrough the present season, should the subscriptions be sufficiently ample to allow it. Another motive for ap- pealing to the liberality of our fellow townsmen is, that from the early commencement of ihe watch this year, its duration will be six weeks longer than in the preceding. At the meeting of the inhabitants of ibis town, on Friday- last, for Considering the pioposals relative to the plan of LorilSomervillef. ir supplying the markets with fish, a Committee was appointed to consider whether some more eligible mnele might not be thought of for effecting here the same desirable purpose. Several violent claps'uf thunder accompanied by vivid flashes of lightning, nttd a prodigious fall of hail and rain, I was experienced here between nine aud ten o'clock on Sun- 1 day night last, but we believe lias nol been productive of any mischief. On Wednesday, the 22d of September, the heir of tbe late ' Thomas Sandford. of Sandford, in this countv, Esquire, attained his 21st vear. The morning was uslieied in ' with ringing of bells, firing of cannon, and other demonstrations of jov ; and in the course of Ihe dav, a large ox a lid four sheep were roasted whole, w hich, with plenty of bread and beer, were distributed to the populace. SPORTING INTELLIGENCE— Sir Richard Pnt. eston's Hounds will meet on Friday next al Shawbnry Park. Kintet Agricultu al Meeting and Saleof Sleek — This annual 011 or before the FIRST Dav of.! A NU A BY next : All Persons to whom the said Thomas Prvre is in- debted, arc desired 10 execute the said Dee d, which is left with Mr. WILLIAM COOPER, Attorney, Shrewsbury ; and to send in their Accounts to either of the said Assignees on or before the saitl first Flay of January next, or they will be excluded from the Benefit or the said Deed; And all Persons who are indebted to the said Thomas Pryce are desired to pay flic Amount of their respective Accounts to either of tiie said Assignees, within oue Month from ihis Day, or Proceedings will be commenced against llieni to enforce Payment.— October 7, ] 3t: t. I rpBE ' COMMISSIONER having allotted such of the f Commons and Waste Lands as aresiiuate in tbe re- spective Townships eif Rhosaftoe and Pentvrcb, w ithin the Manor of Caereinion 1- ieoed, and authoiised lite immediate j Inclosure t hereof ; and having also elulv t rele- red, el tree tee!, and appu'rrlied all Common and oilier Rights ill, over, and , upon the same Lands to be extinguished from and after t lie j FIPST Dayof NOVEMBER NEXT coming, hy Virtue of the Statute in that Case provided : THE FREEHOLDERS, their Tenants, and ail Commoners, Cottagers, ami oi hers, are to TAKE NOTICE, that no Cnftle can be lawfully turned in, cd Commons on to whom the i Allotments are made, or llieir Tenants, in their own re- j spec tive Allotments only : And lhat, c. etr in eitl. fr uf I hose j Allotments, neither the Owtier, nor his Tenant, or any other I Person, can legcliy I eep any Sheep r. r J anihs for seven J Years to come, unless he fem es and pn t. erv.- s the young Quick Hedges on every Side of such t: i AH*, trnenl. F. EDYE, Commissioner's Clerk. Dated 2rl October, 1813. ' CAEREINION I. XCLOsJItE. COMMISSION • It's ATTENDS NCE. rgltl ECOM MISSION ER appointed by the Act ofPsrlia- TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. WHEREAS JANE JONES, of Westbury, in the County of Salop, Grocer, hath by Deed assigned all her Estate and Effects lo WILLIAM JONES, of Shrewsbury, Mercer, and JOSEPH TURNER, of the same Town, Hatter, in Trust, for the equal Benefit of snch or her Creditors who slialt execute tbe said Deed 011 or before the FIRRT Day of JANUARY next: All Persons to whom the said Jane Jones is indebted, are desired to execute the said Deed,, which is left with Mr. WILLIAM COOPER, Attorney, Shrewsbury; and to send in their Accounts to either of tbe said Assignees 011 or before the said first Day of January next, or they will be excluded frotn the Benefit of the said Deed : And all Persons who are indebted to the said Jane Jones, are desired lopay the Amount of their respective Accounts to either of thesnid Assignees, within one Month from this Day, or Proceedings will he commenced against them lo enforce Payment.— October 7, 1813 SHROPSHIRE. A FARM TO BE LET For 14 Years, to a reputable Tenant, centricolly situated with . six or srven good Market' ' forms ; CONSISTING of nearly 3.10 Acres of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, with excellent Farm House anei Buildings. Apply, Post- paid, for Information ( slating Name and other Particulars tiiat may he satisfactory) to Mr. SIMMONS; Surveyor, at his Offices, 14, Coleman- Street Buildings, near the Bauk, London. MANSION AND LAND. TO BE LET, | AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY: ALL that Mod. Til- built MANSION ami Demesne LANDS, of GLAN CONWY, delightfully situated | on an Emiiirnee on tbe Hanks of the River Conwy, com- manding beautiful and extensive Views, in which are combined all that can he wished for— Hills, Wood and Water. GLAN CONWY is situated in a fine healthy Country, abounding with Game and e xcellent Fishing, close to the great Road between Holyhead and London by way of H. ment for inclosing Lauds in ihe Manor of Caereiniern Iscoed, will attcuel 10 carry the said Act into further Exe- cution, at the GOAT INN, in LLANFAIE, within the said Manor, on MON DAY, IBE FIRST Day of NOVEMBER next, al Nine o'Clock in Ihe Morning ALLOTMENTS. The Commissioner having divided and allotted the Waste Lanels in the Townships of Pent vi eh and Rhosr. fioe, in I Ire Raid Manor, a MAP and SCHEDULE, shewing the several Allotments thereof, and the intended Quarries, Gravel- Pits, Wells, Water- courses, Watering- places, Roads, and otber Works, Conveniences, Matters, and'Filings thereon, are this Day left al the said Goat I nn, and w ill remain theie three Weeks for the Inspection of ati Parties interested. The different Allotments, & c. are also trigged 011 the Ground, so as tiie Parties may be enabled to ascertain them. E. EDYE, llth October, 1813. Commissioner's Clerk. N. B. The Exchanged Lanels to he given up immediately, TO THE PUBLIC. XSAMUEL BAUGH, of MADELF. Y WOOD, in the 9 County ofSalop, Collier, do hereby acknowledge lhat tbe Report laised hy me against JOHN .? ARYIs, e; f the same Place, Ground Bailiff to the Madeley Wood Cmnp-. nv, charging him with great Dishonest,• i'ti ENTIRELY FALSE, and WITHOUT FOUNDATION ; and I humbly beg bis Pardon, and. acknowledge liis Kindness to me in stopping alt legal Proceedings against me, 011 making this public Avow- ill of my Fault. Witness The Mark;/* of WILLI \ M A\ STICK SAMUEL BAUGII. Lloyd's Office, Oct. 7th, 1813. and Ibtli ot the exhibition, and sale of stock, which took place on Fridav, 1 Princes bead- quarters which we have before announced.- • the lst instant, was never more numerously or respectably b'" 2 I hese Bulletins are of a mixed character, partly military attended; indeed, several of the most celebrated agricultu- | R .. , , A .... .. it., . . i I , I , 1, 1 ' I I,,. n. , , t„ i, H , u,,, t mlo, i„, i. , wi nt ll,„ *. . , .. . ' ... ftt'M . nnd partly political. The military pari informs us of the general movement making tothe iii tie hy tbe Crown Prince, iu oider to act in concert w ith the grand Allied Army, from Bohemia. And in following these movements it were im- possible not lo acknowledge? the talents, 4 the master mind,' by which they have heen directed Striking at once at the heart or Bonaparte':; tai tics, the- plan ofthe allies converted lists iu the kingdom arrived at Kinlet 011 the day pre ceding the sale, and accurately inspected the stock intended tobe 1 disposed of, undent conviction that lite most improved and valuable North Devon catto- are in Ihe possession of Mr. ! Ctiilele— About eleven o'clock the company proceeded to the lawn, ou which the sheep were . dispose d of; after which they adjourned to the farm yard, anel attended Ihe sale of Shrewsbury, where Ihe up and down Mail passes. daily, and is a short Day's Journey lo either Holyhead or Shrews- it, is welt calculated for the Residence of a Family of Rank; is seven Miles from Llanrwst, where there are two excellent Markets a Week, nine from Capped Cerrig, and six Miles from Kei- nioge. fhe House consists of a Hall, 11 Vestibule, Dining Pa>- tonr, and Drawing Room, a Library, a ".. nsekeeper's j \ 0\ U « Cl. nreh Warde oo. n, a Butler's Pantry Servants' Hall, Kitchen, six best Bed Rooms. Servants' Rooms, and Store Rooms, wilh . > every requisite attached nnd detached Offices'replete with ) RUN' AWAY FROM hi.". Wife and Children, who are there!. y become ch: tr'ie'ablc tn tlie Montgomery and Pool United Dis- trict, JOSEPH PUGH, of Pool, Bricklayer and Mason, about five Feet nine Inches high, well forme;!, black Hair, full grey Eyes, and about 5.1 Years old : Wore off a blue Coat, si . iped light coloured Waistcoat, and drab Kersey- mere Breeches. ^ A Reward ef TWO GUINEAS will he paid by the Stewaiel of the Montgomery and Pool House of Industry for Information where lie is, so t hat . he may be apprehended. By Order of llie Board of I'iierlors, E. EI YE, Clerk. lie w'as some Time ago sent to Pool from Wolverhamp- ton, by an Order of Removal, and was after wards committed lo ihe House of Correction for deserting his W ife aud Family. FTfli GUI XEAS RfcWARt) WHEREAS come Person or Persons have broke open Ihe CHAPEL of ACTON' P1GGOT, in the Parish of Acton Burnell. in the County of Salop, and stole there- from A BELL: Whoever will give such Information of the Offender or t Iff'enelers ns shall lenet to their Conviction, hall receive FIVE GUINEAS REWARD, by applying !' Acton Burncll. October 5il;, 1813, armies have been moving nearer lo the central point of his position, le I Blocher the liberty been able to elireett bis whole force against any one point, rnues nave oeeu 10 ine cenirai 01 ins , Hon on viewing the rapid progress tbat has been made in 1 A, rm ' » » « - « " » Orcsden When he has found it necessary lo nt- draining and bringing lamt of tl. e very worst quality in the Abergele; or to. . nipt che. king the march of Blurher, the Bohemian army ! most aelvtiniageous manner inlo action, that did not form a ctit>^ , as advanced and recalled him back to 1ns centre leaving part ofthe kinlet pioj. ertv unliT'Lady- day last; and on SHROPS > li » cher of resuming bis march.— He has never Immecli'. iir the ilio,' m, » l, lv el „, t, i ,„',. ll „,, li; v„ ie, i furnisheel, with which all modal ed upon fairTerms J I pply to Mr. OLnriELO, of Farm, near to GEORGE BF. TTISS, O!' Carnarvon. inspecting the thoroughly clean, arid well emitivated state , . , . ,, , , , , . • • , • of nearly 700 acres,' tfitch of which the occupier has inuu- aud hence each of Ins Generals has been beate n, some by t merable difficulties to contend will: before it can he brought ihc tiii. ii Prince, some by Blucher, aud others by the , to produce such crops as are usually obtained upon soils of Bohemian j value.— tbe sold Dresdea — ... » ^ .., .1-. . the Rus. si fortnight nt. iii army. | double the value— Some of the Devon cows and heifers si selen, according to the account given to a Colonel of 1 fm. „| m » rdg 0f forty guineas a head, and bullocks, only t usual, Guards, bad, about the loth, not more than a j years old, of the same admirable breed, for more than si: ghl s provisions for the army Ibe last French BuPe- pounds a pair. The best pens of New- Leicester then SHROPSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATES. TO BE SOLDIJY AUCTION, BY W. WYLEY, tin attached great importance to the circumstance of a con vov of 20,000 ejuintals of meal reaching Dresden in safety. ' the political part of these- Bulletins dilates upon ilie degradation brought upon Saxony, and expresses the: con- viction that 100,000 Saxons will, soon be inarms to defend wo sixty pair. The best pens of" New- Leicester tlieaves were sold at 90s. u sheep ; and Suffclk- ptmch fillies as high as sixty guineas — After the business of the day was con- cluded, the company aat down to 1111 excellent dinner; among whom were present Lords Talbot and Ciive, the ! ' Hon. tie urge GermMne, Sir W W. Wynn, Sir C. Morgan Al Ihe Raven and Bell Inn, in Shrewsbury, in tbe Count v of Salop, oil Saturday, tbe 30th 1/ ny o! 1') cloher, 1813, at four o'clock in the Afternoon, THE ESTATES after stated, subject to such Conditions as will then and theie be STOLEN OR STRAYED, and is all in Meadow j L'pon Wednesday Night, the 22d of September, out ol" a 1 Piece eif Ground belonging 10 Mr. Alien, of Hurley, STRONG BLACK i! 11) 1 NG HORSE, nge. 1, about ^ 15 Hands three Inches high, blind of the near Eye, the Hair a good deal rubbed off about his Mead, Collar- marked from having drawn, ihe off hind Leg While anel badly greased, with a Star on his Forehead. If strayed, ivhoevcr has taken him up, and will give Information w here he maybe had, shall In: handsomely rewarded for their Trouble ; if stolen, whoever will give such Information as will lend to Conviction, shall receive TEN GUINEAS REWARD, by applying ! r Mr. ALI EN, at Hurley, near Wcnleick ; or Mr. A'ill now N, at Burltiin Grove, near Shrewsbury. STOLEN OR STRAYED, the grer. t cause. I he K ing of Saxony is gone to Erfurt.— nn< i ,.. Morgan, Sir Stephen Glynn, " Mr! Coke ( of Holk- 1 he Crown Prince, speaking in the name of the Allies, says, bam), Mr. Gregg ( front Hertfordshire), Mr. Coles, Mr they have no designs against France- but that they will Peplow, Colonel Lyfcter, Mr. Lawtey, Mr. Blount, Mr Hill, not tel ei'nnrp crovei- ii I !, em I Lev are netermlnen to tie si t » , ,, • „ , , - ,,,„.' , . ' let France govern tjiem. They determined be governed by their own Princes and iheir owu laws. ' Pbe Berlin Papers contain a letter addressed by the Crown Prince of Sweden 10 Bonaparte personally, 1 in tbeearly part of the present year. The home truths it contains, do great honour to the manly and inelepeiideut e'l. Hiac. tcr of the Crown Prince, and me won by of tbe eteyateei tank to which be has been raised by his talents and bis viitoe. The Halifax Papers have- hfouglit an acroutit of the en. gagem^ nt on the Lakes, which has been honourable it; the British arms.— On the Bill of Ai. glial tin- Br. iish Flotilla, under Sir James Yen, came' in si ^ lit of the' A met- tea as, - aider Commodore Chaunrey. A se. 10:, of m it'Oeiivies sure ee- ded, during lhat aud Ibe two following etavs; in which Sir James's ubject was to detach on, part of the sqeadron from another. Cbauucey was t; ie> cautious to he thus decoyed; tint tu the course of the yth u! l. two of the American schooners, in tacking lo avoid the Eugl sh, were Upset; and on tbe toth at nigl'. t, two others were cut off from the main body, one ot" them captured,. ami. the other sunk — These occurrences seem lo have rendered the American Commodore as desirous eif avoiding a general engagement, as be was ti; fore anxious lo bring it 011; and he accordingly" made sail for Sae- kcti's Harbour, w here he arrived in the morning of tire 13th The Leowart! Island Mail which arrived this morning, has brought accounts of the total defeat of the Royalists on the Spanish Main. Mr. Reeve and Mi England ( from Norfolk), Mr. Buckley, Mr. Jellicoe, Mr. Owen, & c. The annual meeting of the Shropshire General Agri- cultural Society takes placc on Friday next See Advert. first page. ' I be Secretary of Slate for the Home Department lias ap- pointed 11 general volunteering fioni the militia to take place 011 the 19th, 20tli, and aist days of this month. produced, ond iu the following, or such other Lots as On Thursday the - 54th, or Friday lhc2."> th of September shall be agreed upon at Ihr Time of Sale > I last, out of a Field adjoining lo Mr. Bickeiton's of LOT I. ! Newton 011 the Hill, ALL that MESSUAGE, with Hie Outbuildings," Garden, gjMVE weanling Calves, o: ie Bull, one Bullock, anel and se veral Pieces of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture 1 « three lleifers: This is then- fore to give NOTICE, Land thereto belonging, and now held therewith, containing ' hat if stolen, any one who will give Information of tin: SHREWSBURY HUNT. mllE MEMBERS of the SHREWSBURY HUNT ate ? requested LO meet at the LION INN, on MONDAY, ihe FIRST of NOVEMBER, 11513, lo spend the Week with the President, Sir RICHARD PULESTON, Bart. TO PRINTERS. WANTED immediately, A COM POSITOR, who can occasionally woikat Press.— ApplytoU'. EDDOWEF, Shrewsbury. ~ UN DAY SCHOOL SERMONS." THE ANNUAL SERMON'S for tbe Benefit of ihe SHREWSBURY GENERAL SUNDAY SCHOOL, will be preached at St. JOHN'S CHAPEL, Shrewsbury, on SUN- DAY, the sistjOf OCTOBER, at Half- past Ten o'Clock in tlie Morning, nnd Six e,' Clerk in the Evening, by the Rev. W. II. LOXDALE ED. F. N, of Ultoxeter. together 48A. alt. oP or thereabouts, situate at Sfapelev, iu the Parish of Chirbury, 111 theCountyof Salop, called the FARM of STAPELEY", and now in the Occupation of John Southerton, jun LOT II. All thai other MESSUAGE, called STAPELEY TEN" EMENT, with the Outbuildings, Garden, and several Pieces of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, now occupied therewith, containing together 43A. 3lt . OP or thereabouts, situateat Stapeley aforesaid, and now in the Occupation of Mary Price. LoT III All that other MESSUAGE, railed MEDJICI- FOLD FARM, with the Garden, Outbuildings, and several Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pastuie Laud, now uc- eupied therewith, coutuining together 32A. alt 3sl'. 01 thereabouts, situate at Stnpeley aforesaid, and now iu the Occupation of" John Soutlierton. sen. LOT IV. All that DWELLING HOUSE, called the Giant's Cave, with the Garden anel Iwei Pieces of Land, uow held therewith, situate at Stapeley aforesaid, containing together sOA. 2R. 3P. or the icabouts, and now iu llie Occupation of Richard Watts, or his Undertenants. Possession of all the said Farms may he had at Lady- Day next. All these Farms are entitled to an extensive Rigl I of Common 011 ilie adjoining Waste, and as they very nearly adjoin each oilier thes form together a desirable Properly. Mr Haztewood will appoint a Person to shew the Premises;, and further Particulars may he known by, applying to Mr. VICK F. RS, of Cranmere, or to Mr. PRITCH- A RD, Solicitor, Broselcy. Offender ol- Offenders, so that kc, she', or they nrav I til- ought to Justice, shall, upon Conviction, receive a RE- WARD of TH R EE GUIN EAS ; if strayed, so that Ihev niay be' had again, shall reeeive a Rewind of ONE GUINEA, by applying to Jon-, PARRY, Treasurer of Ihe Middle Association ; or to Mr. BICKEUTON, of New- ton 011 the 11 > 11 aforesaid. Middle, 5th October, 1813, 1 STOLEN, Out of n Stable, Ix'longiujr to Mr. Hu^ rs. of the White Lion, Oswestry, on Thursday, the 3( Mli of ScpteniUer last, ADA'PPlsE'flROWN FI i . LEY, 4 Years old, about Bands " high, very long: Ears, had a Colt wl. en three Years old, and has a cat Tai] : ; tIKO- a S.\ m> LF av. d BlUDLE; all tin* Propert y of Mr. HU^ W Pimr. YS, ofthr V, ERE BANK, in the Parish of liasehnreh— Whoever will < jive svjeh In- formation as may lead to the Discovery of the i >{ lender or Oifeiulers, shall, on their C< i'nviction, receive a- Reward of TEN GUINEAS, by applying to ihc said Mr. t: ugiies, or Mr fJuniphreys. N. B. A Man who goes hy the Name ( if Thomas Tvorman, a Joiner, horn near I? i<>, byj Wai wieksshire, ife supposed lobe the Ort'cnder:, he is about. 5 FfHT il L. ehes high^ strong made,, rath « r Knapp'er knee'd, fair Complexion, iifthi Hair, and generally wears a Snnft- roloured. Froek Coar, Patent C'OKV Small eloihes, Silk Beaver I!. it, and Wiiile Hand* kerchief. Oswestry, October G, 1S13. REPORT OF THE WATCH COMMITTEE, SHREWS BURY. t A n h (- of h, > B • nt 11- nd W> HP Idle ist, [ l* pree HE; NK, III- pr or rdof linn, lo be foni; lair, itent and- It is with UIF, LATH COMMITTER submit llteir ANNUAL ACCOUNT forthe Inspection of the Inhabitants. Vleas'ire tliev are enabled to slate a Balance in the Hands of their Treasurer of £ 18. 8s. 5|' l. Thev Live likewise the Satisfaction to announce that the Deficiency in Constables of the Night has been considerably less than formerly : during the whole Season there occurred only thirteen Instances of N. m- Attendance. And it is hoped that, during the ensuing Winter, every Inhabitant who is able, will willingly take his Turn one Night, at least, in the Course of, tne Winter. f ,,.,., ... • The COMMITTEE haVe to return their sincere Thanks lo the Magistrates, for their kind ' Attention in supporting the Watch on every Occasion, which tended so much to preserve the Peace and good Order of the Town by Night ; and for making salutary Examples of Disorderly Persons. The COMMITTEE have also to return their Thanks to Ihe Right Worshipful the Mayor and Corpo- ration for the Addition of £ b. 5s. to their Subscription ; to the Commissioners of the street Jet tor their Subscription of £ 10. 10s.; to Ibe Wors^ imeCompany of Drapers and the L. iiU- d company « J Mercers Grocers, tfc. ; and to the Proprietor of the Salop l ire- Office, for their respective Sabscriplions.: and recommend it lo the Proprietors of other fire- Offices and Lnited Companies to contribute to the Support of this useful and beneficial Institution. ^ ateg BY Auction. ORNAMENTAL FENCE. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Market- Place, Shrcwsbiuv, on Saturday, the 161I1 of October, 1313, at half " past one o'CIock: ABOUT TWO HUNDRED YARDS of HANDSOME RED DEAL PALISA DE FENCE, four Feet high, with Oak Posts; the Whole very neatly executed, well seasoned, and fit for immediate Erection ( quite new, never having been fixed up). Any Person in want of Ornamental Fencing will find this a most favourable Opportunity lo purchase. WATCH COMMITTEE, DR. To ROBERT GRAY, Treasurer. £. s. il. 42 10 G Cn . h paid to Nine Watchmen, from Oct. 31, 1812, to Jan. 1, 1813, 9 Weeks, at £ 4. 14s. 6d. per Week -- Ditto loTen Watchmen, from Jan. I lo April 15, 14 We< I s and 3 Days, at £ 5 5-' ( id per M eek 75 15 Ditto to Watchmen removing Watch- boxes at Assizes 0 ' Ditto:; 1; Tons of Coal and Carriage 8 » / Dilto for Candles Ditto repairing Vi atch- bdxes Ditto Iron Plates, Nails, and Looks fur Dill Dilto for Painting Ditto Dilto repairing Lanthnrns Ditto for Uallie Ditto for Pair of Snuffers Ditto for Straw Ditto repairing nine Watch Coats, and a new Watch (' out Ditlo Table Cover .- •-•• • •• Ditto for Hooks, Advertising, Pruning Cards and Report , ,-•••• Ditto TUor.: as Spenillnve, silting u; i 13 Nights... Ditlo. Mrs. Collier's Salary.'.. Ditto W. Purslov, delivering Summonses Balance in the Treasurer's Hands 0 1 6 ? a 9 6 2 31 2 7 5 0 ti 10 2 0 0 19 2 2 6 0 IS 8 CK. Received from Peter Beck, Esq. ( late Treasurer) Balance of Inst Year's Account. Ditlo Coi- poralion Subscription Ditto Salop Fire Office Ditto Sired Act Commissioners Ditto Drapers' Company.... Ditto Mercers' and Grocers' Diuo Ditto Stone Ward Collection.; £ 4t> 5 0 Welsh Ditto Ditlo 30 8 o Castle Dilto Ditto 23 3 £. s. d 16 13 10 10 to to 10 10 10 10 5 5 Dilto a Fine from John Davies.. £ 0 to iJitioDilto Thomas Davies 0 2 Ditto Ditto Tudor ( Watchman.) 0 5 Ditto Ditto M. Evans( Ditto) 0 2 Ditto a Fine from Reeves and Shipman, for violently assaulting a Watchman, and Exneuces 5 10 Paid the Watchman £ 3 3 0 Expences 1 17 — 104 16 0 0 0 0 6 0 9 9 September 20th, 18". 3. ( fcS" Subscriptions art £ 170 4 2 I received, as usual, by £ 170 4 Mr. II0r: icrir Gray, High- Street. TO HE SO. r. I) Itr PUH ATE ( OH TRACT, In the undermentioned i. ols, OWN DRY MESSUAGW3 or DWELLING HOUSES, KJSHO-' S, WAREHOUSES, and STABLES, situate on the WYLE COP snd in Back Lane and Friar's- Lane, in the Pn- isli of St. Julian, in ibe Town of Shrewsbury. LOT 1 A large and commodious SHOP and WARE- HOUSE on the Cronnd Floor, with two Floors over the same, and exccll- nt Cellaring under tlic Whole, now in the Occupation of Vlr Edward Haven, - mil Messrs. John Hughes nnd Sons.— Land'lax fo 10s 6d This Lot ( except the Warehouse) is under Lease to Mr, Hayes, eight Years of which will be unexpired 011 the 1ir i Day of Januarv next. LOT li. A. I that COUNTING- HOUSE, Driving- Way, and Warehouse, willi two Floors over, together v. ith a Shed and Yard adjoining, and a good Cellar and Vault under a Part of this Lot, which is situated in Back Lane, and adjoining Lot 1 and is now 111 the Occupation of Messrs' J. Hughes mid Sons — Land Tax £ 0 ( is. 6d. I OT ill. FOUR DWELLING HOUSES, situate 111 Back I. uue, three of which occupied by Thomas Bratton, Aim Williams, aud Hugh Morris, aud the other void.— Land T -\ £ 0 8s. 3d. LOTIV. A DWELLING HOUSE, on the Wyle Cop, with a Shop in Front, well situated for Business, now 111 theOccup lion of Mrs. Carpenter.— Land fax. £ 0 Ids. fid. LOTV. Another DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot 4, now unoccupied.— Land Tax £ 0 4s. od. LOT VI. Another DWELLING HOUSE, situate near to Lot 5, in tbe Occupation of William Grauuncr— Land Tax £ 0 2s. nd. For further Particulars apply to Mv. W. EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. op J& ucttou* STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERIES. Estate and Mines al Avderlf.}' Gnnrav, near Lane End, in the Occupation of John Birks. THIS Estate, containing 103A. oR. 17P. with the valu- able M IN ES of COAL under the same, will be SOLD BY AUCT ION, 011 THURSDAY, tbe nth « f Novemher, 1813, at the Crown and Anchor, iu Lane End, at three o'CIock in Ihe Afternoon, subject to Conditions which will he then produced. The Tenant will shew the Premises. FREEHOLD ESTATES, IS THE COUNTIES () HEREFORD AND SAI. OP. BY JONATHAN P Fit MY, AT Ihe Angel Inn, in Ludlow, in the County of Salop, on Monday, the 18th Day of October, 1813^ between the Honrs of four and sis in the Afternoon, subject tothe Conditions thi n to be produced: AVERY ELIGIBLE AND IMPROVABLE ESTATE, in the following, or such other Lots as shall he agreed nps: 11 at the Time of Sate, viz. LOT I. All those several Pieces or Pareelsof Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Orchard LAND or Ground, situate in ihe Parish of LITTLE HEREFORD, in Ihe County of Hereford, lying very compact within a Ring Fence, nnd containing together 929A. 3R 15P. or thereabouts, late in lite Occupation of Epuraim Swan, and now occupied by the Proprietor i LOTII. A MESSUAGE, or Tenement, and Farm, with I Ihe Buildings, Lands, and Appurtenances thereto belong- ing, within a Ring Fence, silmite n the Paris', of" LITTLE 1 o F. n EFORI> aforesaid, in llie said Coe. nl v of Hereford, con- ! taiuing together 211A. 0R 9P. or thereabouts, now in tbe I Occupation of Mr F. vans, or his Undertenants. LOT III. A PIECE of PASTURE I AND, adjoining ; Lot 2, situate in the Parish of ASH FOR n Cytr. aoN El., in the County of Sa^ op, cbntaimptr 0K. 25P. or thereabouts, iu i| ie Occupation nt the sa d Mr Evans. LOTIV. A PIECE of PASTURE LAND, ailjoining to Lot .1, situate in the Parish of ASH FO RD CARBON BT afore- said, containing ISA oR. a6P or thereabouts, late in tbe Occupation of Ephraim Swan, aiid now of Ihe proprietor. This I. Pt is sold subject to an Occupation Road through il to Lot V I. OT V. A PIECE of MEADOW I. AND, adjoining Lot 2 i 4, called WOODCOCK MEADOW, situate in the Parish of Cainham, in the said County of Salop, containing sA. ill 2l'. or thereabouts, in the Occitnation of the Proprietor. LOT VI. A PIECE of PASTURE LAN D. adjoining Lot 3bj? tettoit* BY WILLIAM WYLEY, At the Castle Inn, in Bridgnorth, in the County of ? aiop, on Saturday, ihe 23d Day of October, 1813, at four | o'Clock iu Ibe Afternoon^ subject to such Condition? as • will be then producedr nr> HF. following LOTS OF TIMBER, numbered wilh X a Scribe, growing on CHELMAR3I1 HALL FARM, near lo Bridgnorth aforesaid. LOT 1 5* ASH TREES, from No. 1 to No 55 inclusive; and 3 Elm Trees, commencing No. 1, and ending No .;. LOT II. 82 ASH TREES, commencing N'n; 5( j, and elid- ing No. 153, ( Numbers 73 to 88 inclusive being reserved); also i( j Elm Trees, commencing No. 4. and ending l » « . 10 LOT 111. 18 OAK TREES, commencing N » , t'J4, and ending No. ir, i; and 2 AsliTrees Nos t"> 4 and 15.",. Tl. v above Ti- nber is very clear and sound, Well adapted BY S, TUDOR, At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 23< t Octob r, 1813, at tour o'Cocl: in the Afternoon, subject to Kneh Conditions as will lie then produced, eifher together, or in se. ch Lots as « ill be then agreed upon : ALL that most drr. irnhle aud compact FARM, called BROMLEY GREEN, situate in the Parish of llor. iley, and County of Salop, containing ifcA SR. 3| P. uov' in ibe Occupation of Air. John Pcmbury, Cart wb'- reof isTjthe- free, with two thirds of itie Great Tythes of the Remainder. Also TWO THIRDS ofthe GREAT TYTH F. S ofiundrv Estates in Bagley, coutaV. nj: " ISA 25'. 37P. uow inthe; Oeenpiiihtusof Mi, Reynolds, Mr. iiodd, ami others. This Estate is within tt Ring Fence, is situaie within 4 Miles of Rilesme; e, 8 of Oswi- stiy. il of Shrewsbury, and half a Mile of the Filesmeie Canal for Wheel Wrights' Use, is situate close to the River Severn, | Tbe Tenant, M, ( oil 11 Pcioboiy, will shew the Premises ; and within fonr Miles of Bridgnorth.— Mr. ferongliull, 1 f . ami fnrtbir PartifOlars may be known by applying lo Mr. Chelniarsh Hall, will appoint a Person to shew tbe same ; | F.-: OK « ?. GK ARV, at WeSlhurv; or Messrs ASTER LEY and and further Particulars may be had of Sir. TICK Kits, j JEFFREYS, Shrewsbury, al whose Office a . Map of the Craumere, or of Mr. PRITCHAUD, Solicitor, Broseiey. Broselt/ I, October 2, 1813 BERGH1LL ESTATES. BY AV. WYLEY, instate m » y be seen. bY s T yposi, At ' lie Talbot Inn, Shrfew'sliiiry, ou Saturday, the 30th Day d! ( Ictober, is*.,, between the Hours of four and six in the Af'eruoon, subject i Cobililioiis; At the Foxes Inn, Osweslry, in the County of Salop, On | SEVERAL PIECES of most excellent FREEHOLD Wednesday, Ihe 3( 1 Day of November, 1313, al tl-. ree |- C5 LA_\ D, situate Ft; © ales auction. SALE THIS DAY. Household Goods, Brewing Vessels, large Copper Furnace, Stc. BY W. SMITH, Upon the Premises in the Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury, on Wednesday, the 13th of October, 1813; rpHE HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE 3 Brewing Vessels, belonging lo Mr. RICHARD WALL, of Ibe Rn> I ION I1111, who is declining Ibe Public Business; comprising Fourpost, Tent, and Stump Bedsteads, Fea'her and Flock Beds and Bolsters, Blankets, Ciutlts, and Counterpanes, and other Chamber Furniture; two large Oak Screens, Dresser and Shelves, Oat; Dining Tables, round Dillo and Drinking Stools, large Deal Kitchen Tables, Corner Cupboard, Meat Safe, Nest of Shelves, Kitchen mid Parlour Chairs, Kitchen Grate, I'it Ditto, Cooking Stove, Smoke Jack, Sway, Stove Grate, Quantity of Pewter, Beer Measures, & c. die. Capital COPPER FURNACE, nearly new, about 165 Gallons; Grate, Door, Lid, & c.-. Iron Dillo, Stone Cistern, large oval Mashing Tub, and small Ditto, with sundry other Tubs and Brewing Requisites; together With 17 capital Iron bound Casks of different sizes, Trams, & c. Also a Mixen of Muck. Sale lo begin at to o'Cloek in the Morning. TO INNKEEPERS AND OTHERS. JVeat Household Gnods, capital Brewing Vessels, CASKS, ALE, SPIRITS, NEW MILCII COW, & C. BY W. SMITH, To- Morrow, and Friday, the 14th and 15th Days of October, 1813, upon the Premises iu Fran'kwell, Shrewsbury: ALL the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, FURNITURE. Brewing Vessels. Stock of ALE, Beer, Spirits, he. belonging to Mr. THOMAS PRYCE, of tbe Or. o SEVEN STARS Inn comprising four- post and tent Bedsteads, w ilh Moreen 0111I printed Furniture, Stump ditto, handsome Mahogany Bureau Bedstead, painted ditto, prime Feather Beds, and Bolsters, Straw Matlrass, Quills, Blankets, Bed and Table Linen, Mahogany and Oak Chests of Drawers, Bason Stands, Dressing Tables, Night Stools. Swing Glasses, Bedside Carpets, Chairs, and other Chamber Furniture; Iwo large Mahogany Dining Tables, three Oak dillo, Pair of Mahogany Card Tables, Fir ditlo, several Oak round Tables, six Mahogany Chairs, eight neat painted ditto, two Dozen of strong Wood Bottom ditto ; two hand- some nnd large Pier Glasses in Gold Frames, valuable painted Kitchen Wardrobe, Doors and Drawers, and Clock in centre, 7 feet 8 inches high, and 8feet long ; capital Clock fArch Face) Oak Case; two excellent Kitchen Screens, Olass Door, Quantity of Pewter Ale Measures; Glass, China, Delf, Silver Spoons, Books, & c. together with every Kitchen and Culinary Requisite; nine new Deal Forms, seven Trnssels, Quantity of Glass Bottles, and two large Boxes of Pipes. Capital t is Gallon Iron Furnace, Grate, kc. Boiler, large Cooling Back, most excellent large oval Mashing Tub, oval Cooler, several Cooling and Mashing Tubs, small Coolers, & c. & c. togethei with a large Quantity of capita) iron- bound Casks, Trams, Sic & c The STOCK consists of 24 Casks of ALE nnd BEER, of excellent Quality, from 23 lo Mi Gallons each; a Quantity ( if Prandv, Rum, Gin, and other Spirits. The Ale, & c. v. i'l be sold in Lots. The COW, PIG, MANURE, and HAY. will be sold at one n'Clock 011 the THURSDAY— li e Sale of tbe ALE will commence nt Iwo o'clock on the Fit] HAY. THE AUCTIONEER assures tbe Public, 1 be Furniture is ofa most respectable Description, and llie Brewing Vessels and Casks are most capital. Sale lo begin at 10 o'CIock each Morning— Catalogues may lie had of THE AUCTION F. ER. HEWS ALL, NEAR HEREFORD. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. BY WMTAMFS, Upon the Premises, at DEWSALL FARM, Four Miles and a Half from Hereford, 011 Monday, the 18lh of October, 1813,( and following Day ( being Hereford Great Fair Eve) rflYllE following very capital and desirable STOCK, ilic 1 Property of Mrs.' Skyrme, who is going to quit the Farm, viz —' Twenty- three in- calf Cows, Ten ditto Heifers, rising three, One Ditto and Calf, Nine Heifers, rising two, One Ditto aud Cilf, Tweuty- six Heifer and Bullock Calves, Eighteen Working Oxen and Bullocks, Twenty two- year- old Bullocks, Twenty Yearling Ditto, Six ditto Spayed Heifers, One three- year- old Bull, One two- year- old Dilto, and One Bull Calf. Three Hundred and Ninety- one Sheep antl Lambs, mostly Ryelends slightly crossed with Spanish, in Lois of about Ten- each. The above Stock of Cattle and Sheep having been care- fully selected, will be found highly deserving tbe Attention of the Breeder, Feeder, and Agriculturist, who are request- ed to attend early, as the Sale will certainly commence as near Eleven iu the Forenoon ( of each Day) ns possible. Catalogues, descriptive of fhe Lots for each Day'sSale, will he delivered 011 the Premises, at tbe Auctioneer's House, and also at the principal Inns iu Hereford, auy Time afler the Third of October. BY MR, WALTON, At ( lie Swan Inn, in Tarporley, in Ihe County of Chester, on Thursday, Ihe 21 st Day of October, 1813, between the Hours of four aud six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will tie then produced, and in one or more Lots, as mav be agreed upou at the Time of Sale : SEVENTEEN SHADES' and a Half in the F, lies me 10 and Chester Canal. These Shares, since the Union of the two Canals, have Keen gradually increasing in Value, and there is a great Probability of their still continuing to do so. At the same Time and Place will also be Sold bv public. Auction, The SUM of T) NE HUNDRED POUNDS, secured by Mortgage of the Tolls arising from the Woore and Nantwich Turnpike Road. For further Particulars apply to Mcs'- rs. EDLF. ST0. N8 and ELYVOOD, Solicitors, Nantwich, Cheshire. SHROPSHIRE CAPITAL OAK, ASH, AND OTHER TIMBER. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. BY R. WILLIAMS, AttheTalbot Inn, in Reniew, in the County of Montgo- mery, on Friday, the 15th of October, 18lu, between the Hours of, two and five in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT 1. ALL ( hat desirnble FUEFMOLD MESSUAGE or Tenement, called GEHRIG ARTHUR, situated in thp Parish of Maiiafon, in the said County ; consisting of a Dwelling House, Barn, Cowhouse, aud other suitable Outbuildings, and Garden, together with, about lG Acres ( more or less) of cxcf'lent Arable and Pasture LAND, Jving very compact and convenient in a Ring, Fence, Part of which joins the new Road leading to Machynlleth, within three Miles of Lime and Coal, capable of very con- siderable Improvement at a small Expense, and now in the Occupation of Widow Stevens, as Tenant at Will, LOT H All that newly erected, substantial built Free- hold DWELLING HOUSE, called WHITE COTTAGE, ivith a Gr. rden, Orchard, and other Advantages, situated on the Uoad Side leading from Ren- cw to Monafon, " within a Quarter of a M ile of the Village of Brrriew, in the County aforesaid, and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Jacks, as Tenant at Will The respective Tenants will shew the Premises and for further Particulars apply to TIIE AUCTIONEER, Oswettry. BY FRANCIS KITE, On Monday, the ist Day of November, 1813, between the Hours of three and five in the Afternoon, at the Angel Inn, in the'Town of Ludlow, subject to such Conditions as shall be theu aud there produced : LOT L " SHIFTY- SEVEN Maiden OAK Timber Trees, of long a Dimensions, f fit for'Navy, (' left, or anv other Purpose that requires prime Timber) numbered with white Paint, and standing on Ashford Court Estate, in the Parish of Ashford Carbonel, near Ludlow. I LOT II. Fifty- nine ASH, one Lime, one. Asp, five Wych, | two Birch, and six Alder Trees, all numbered with white | Paint, and standing on Ashford Court Estate aforesaid. j The above Timber is well worth the Attention of Timber Merchants, the Whole being of most excellent Quality. Ashford Court is distant 3 Miles from Ludlow, 6 from Tenbury, 8 from Leominster, and only 2 Miles from the Canal leading for Stonrport. For a View of the Timber apply tothe Auctioneer, wh° will appoint a Person to shew the same: and for furthe'' Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, or at the Office of Mr. EDWARD WELILINGS, Solicitor, Ludlow, Salop. W A T E R C 0 R N MI tt AM) LAN DS. ~ BY FRANCIS KITE, Oil Monday, the first Day of November, Hi3, at the Angel Inn, iu the Town of I. udlow, and County of Salop, between the Hours of six and eight o'Clock in the Aftcr- noon, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon -. it Ihe Time of Sale, subject to sucb Conditions as shall be then produced, ( unless disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice shall be given); LOT I. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE and valuable WATER f\ CORN MILL, together wilh the Outbuildings, Stable, Garden, and three fertile Pieces of Meadow a id Orchard Land thereto adjoining and belonging, called tbe Mill Bank, tbe By lei t, and Orchard Piece, containing in llic Whole 4 A . ol'. - J8P. be the same more or less, situate in the Palish of Ashford CarhoncI, in ihe County of'SalOp, and now iu tlteTenure of William Turley, Miller. These Premises possess every Advantage for carrying on mi extensive Trade, Ihc Water Corn Mill being constantly supplied by the RiverTerne, within 3 Miles of Ludlow, 6 of ' l eubury, 8 of Leominster, and 3 of the Canal leading for Stourport. LOT!!. A capital PIECE of ARABLE LAND, called Barrett's Field, containing hy Admeasurement t.\. |--> P. be Ibe same more or less, adjoining the Road leading from I he Village of Ashford Carbolic! towards Bai retl's Mill. LOT III. THREE excellent PIECES of Meadow PASTURE LAND, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, in full bearing, anil called by the Names of Barrett's Orchard, New Orchard, and Bear II'H Orchard, containing in Ihc Whole by Admeasurement OA. I R,. . HI', be the same more or less, and adjoining lo Ihe before- mentioned Lol. The Whole of the Timber on Lots a and .1, aud Part of the Timber on Lot I, lo be. taken at a Valuation, such Valuation to he produced at fhe Time of Sale. Mr. TURLI'Y will s! re the Mill, and the Bailiffnt Ash- ford Court will shew the other Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. CoLEllICK, Buck's Farm, near Ludlow ; FRANCIS KITE, the Auctioneer; or at theOfiiic of. Mr. EDtvAito WELUNC. S, Solicitor, Ludlow, Salop. called BURNT OAK, situate in ihc Parish of Ashford Carbonel aforesaid, containing GA. oU. 27P. or thereabouts, in Ihe Occupation of ihe Proprietor. LOT VII. A MESSUAGE and GARDEN, situate in Hie Parish of ASHFORD CARBONEL aforesaid, containingoA. t R. 6P. or thereabouts, in Ibe Occupation of James Hill. T. OT VIII. A PLOT of GARDEN GROUND, situate at HUNTINGTON, in the Parish of Ashford Carbonel afore- said, containing7 Perches, or thereabouts, 111 theOccupa. tion of Edward Davies. | LOT IX. A PIECE of MEADOW LAND, called I LEAKE'S MEADOW, situate iu the Parish of Ashford Carbonel aforesaid, containing 12A. oR. 14p or tliereT aliouts, in the Occupation of Edward Leake, or his Under- tenants. I OT X. A GARDEN and ORCHARD, situate in the Parish of Ashford Carhoncl aforcsMd; containing Half an Acre, or thereabouts, in thcOct^ pattou ofWilliam F. vans. The above Estate is subject to f and- Tax and Tithes The Timber on the several Lots lo be taken lo nf the Valuation thereof to he produce d at the Tunc of Ihe Sale. The F. state is situate w ithin three Mi'esof Ludlow, four Miles ofTenbury, and ten Miles of Leominster, all whirl) are good Market Towns.— Possession of the Lots will be given at Ladv- Day next. Printid Particulars, with Maps, are iu Preparation, and may be had at tbe Place of Sale; tbe principal Inns in Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Chester, Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Leominster, and Tenbury; of Mr. WHITE, Ercall Park-. RICIIARO GRIFFITHS, Esq. 37, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London ; and of Messrs. PEIU- BERTON, COUPLAN o, ond I) UK ES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury For a View of ihe Estates apply at Easton, near Ludlow nforesa- d. SHREWSBURY, MTH SEPTEMBER, I813. Valuable Freehold Messuages and Gardens, o » PRIDE- HILL, AND IN COLEHAM, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Wednesday, Ihe Both Day of Oi tober, 1813, at Mr. Jones's, the Crown lull,' Shrewsbury, at 5 o'Clock in the Afternoon, in Lots, as « ill be described in Particulars: ALL those- SEVEN substantial MESSUAGES or DWELLING HOUSES, { fonr of which are newly built) with Gardens lo each: also a convenient WORK- SHOP, Erewhouse, aud a good Pump, well supplied with excellent Water, situate in LONGDEN COLEHAM. Also, all thai extensive anil commodious DWELLING HOUSE and Appurtenances, eligibly placed for any ex- tensive Trade, situate oil PRIDE HILL, in the Occupation of Mr. Benjamin Davies, Wine and Liquor Merchant. The Colehani Property is desirably connected, and the Land- Tax redeemed. John Jones,' one of fhe Tenants, will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN SKRYUSMMI. at tbe Office of Messrs. PEMBER- TON, ConPLAN o, and DUKES, or THE AUCTIONEER. EST A BUSH E I) PUBLIC HOUSE, AND DESIRABLE PREMISES, DOG LANE. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises, on Saturday, the Q3d October, 1813, ai five o'Clock iu the Afternoon, ( unless au acceptable Offer is made previously) iu the following Lots, or together if preferred: LOT I. rjpilE Fee Simple, Inheritance, and Good Will of that | well- established PUBLIC INN, now in full Business, called The KING'S ARMS, situate in DOGLANE, Shrews- bury, now in the Occupation of Mr. JOHN JORDEN ; and containing a commodious Entrance Hall, Market Room, large Parlour and Dining Room, six double and single Bed Rooms, chearful Kitchen aud Bar, Brewhouse, excellent and extensive Cellaring, three- stalled Stable, with Loft, Yard, and Offices. LOT II. All tbat commodious DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining the foregoing, iu the Occupation of Mr. JAMES WAIDSON, Printer; containing a spacious Parlour and Tea Room, three Bed Rooms, Kitchen, Brewhousc, extensive Cellaring, Yn- d, and Offices. The Premises are in thorough Repair, may be viewed till the Sale; aud for further Particulars apply to Messrs. MADDOCK and JACKSON, Altoruies, Shrewsbury, or lo THE AUCTIONEER. o'Cleck in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, unless in the mean Time dis- posed of by pi ivate Contract: . Ai !. those capital Freehold Estates, railed UPPER nn. I LOWER BERGHILL, wit h anot Iter Tenement, situate : o the Parish of Wbittingtoi , and said County of Salop, now' in the Occupation of Mr. John Smith, and William Gilt ins; in the three following Lots, viz. LOT I. All that newly erected Messuage, called LOWER BERGHILL, with the Outbuildings nnd Appurtenances j thereto belonging; also divers Pieces of rich Arable, Meadow and Pasture Laud surrounding tbe same, nnd forming a most complete and desirable Farm, containing about 152 Aries. LOT II. UPPER BERGHILL Messuage, with tbe Out- buildings and divers Lands lying round tbe same mid con- tiguous thereto, formingalso a complete Farm, containing about 120 Acres, and adjoining to tbe first Lot. LOT III. A DWELLING HOUSE and Outbuildings, with several Crofts of LAIS D, containing together about Seven Acres, situate at Welsh Frankton, and now iu the Occupation of William Gitlins. The above Estates are most advantageously situate near to the Turnpike Road, about the Midway from Oswestry 10 Ellesmere, having the Canal running along side the Berg- hill Farms, by which l ime 11 nil other Manure is conveyed at an easy Expense. The Arable Lauds aie adapted for the Turnip System, and the Meadows are capable of great Improvement Tbe Hay and Clover Tithe is covered by a Modus The Premises are chiefly held from Year to Year, and will be shewn by the respective Tenants. For further i Particulars apply to Mr. PANTING, Solicitor, in Sl.- rews- | bury, or Mr. VICKERS, ofCraomere, near Bridgnorth. the ANKWELL. 111 the Parish of arish uf Meole Brace, in the MONTGOMERYSHIRE AND DENBIGHSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATES. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Keys Inn, in Oswestry, in the County ofSalop, 011 Thursday, the I lib Day of November, 1813, between the Hours of three and five ill the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall theu. be produced, iii the follow- ing Lots: LOT 1. A LL tint Messuage or TEN EM F. NT and FARM, with / V tbe several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land thereunto beloiiging, called CKAIGNANT, situate in tbe Parish of Llanfyll. iu, and within three Mites of that Market Tow n, now in the Occupation of Richard Edwards, containing by Admeasurement 85 Acres, or thereabouts. The House and Outbuildings 011 tbis Lot are in complete Repair, and there is a very extensive Right of Common on ibe adjoining Hills. LOT 11. All that Messuage or TENEMENT and FARM, W illi the several Pieces or Parcels of Arabic, Meadow,' and Pasture Land thereto belonging, called CEFN DERW EN, situate in the Parish of Llanrhaiadr- in- Mochnant, and within two Miles of that Village, now in the Occupation of John Yaughan, containing by Admeasurement 108 Acres, or thereabouts. Upon this Lot there is a considerable Quantity of young, licalthv Timber. LOT HI. All those TWO MESSUAGES or Tenements, with llie several Pieces or Parens of Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging, called TAN- Y- GRAIG and TAN- Y-. PISTILL, situate in the Parish of f. fanrhaiadr- in- Mochnant aforesaid, in the several ' Colonies of Montgomery and Denbigh, now in IheOccupa- i lions of Hugh Evans and Evan F. vans, contaiuiug together hy Admeasurement i) 8 Acres, or thereabouts; together with a Sheepwalk of upwards of 600 Acres, thereto adjoining aud j belonging. t This Lot contains the famous Cataract, called PISTILL RHAIADR ; the perpendicular Height of Ibe Rock from which this Water falls is 24( 1 Feet, which Water runs through this S ot, aud is situate about three Miles from the said Village of Llanrhaiadr- iu- Mochnant. The Whole of tbe Estates are very improvable, and great Purl thereof may be irrigated Possession thereof may be had at Lady- Day next.— The respective Tenants will shew the Premises , and for further Particulars apply to Mr. W. EGERTON . IEFFREYSJ Solicitor, Shrewsbury, at whose Office Maps ofthe different Lots may be seen. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. On- Friday, the 12th Day of November, 1813, at the Ctoss Keys ] mi, in tbe Town of Oswestry, in the County of Salop, at four o'CIock iu the Afternoon, subject to Con- ditions then to be produced ; AMOST eligible and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in the'following, or sncli other Lots as shad be agreed upon at tin; Time of Sale: LOT I A Messuage, or TEN EM ENT, and FARM, ivitli the Buildings. Lands, ond Appurtenances thereto belong- ing, called PLAS N ANTY VI EICHE11). and a Dwelling House and Garden, called THE TROUT HOUSE, situate in the Parish of Myfud, in the lespective Occupations of William Jones, Edward Williams, and Thomas Ellis, and containing together, by Admeasurement, loSA. oR. 25P. 01 thereabouts. LOT 11. A Messuage, or TENEMENT, and FARM, will) the Buildings., Lands, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, within a Ring Fence, called ALLT- GOCH, with a Dwelling House, Garden, and Croft, situate. in flu said Parish of Mvfod, in Ihe respective Holdings of John Woolani and Griffith Bonner, and containing, by Admea- surement, tl2A. iiR. 33P or thereabouts. LOT III. A Messuage, or TENEMENT, and FARM, with Ibe Buildings, Lands, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, 111 a Ring Fence, called CEFYN BEGELIN, situate in tbe said Parish of Myfod, in the Occupation of Thomas Whitfield, aud containing, by Admeasurement, 6sA. 3R. i0P. LOTIV. A Messuage, or DWELLING HOUSE, with a Cow- house, Garden, and five Crofts, railed PEN Y COED, sitnale in the said Parish of Myfod, in Ihe Occupation of Thomas Davies, and containing, bv Admeasurement, 3.1, 3R. 7P- " ' LOT V. A Messuage, or DWELLING HOUSE, and Garden, called CEFN DERW EN, with six Pieces of Land, in the said Parish of Myfod, iu the Occupation of Abraham Jones, and containing, bv Admeasurement, 5A - 2S. 12P. I OT VI. TWO excellent MEADOWS, called ROSS ISSA and ROSS UCBA, in tbe said. Parish of Myfod, iu ihc Occupation of the said William Jones, and containing, by Admeasurement, 11A. 0R i' l!'. LOT VII. TWO other excellent MEADOWS, adjoining the last- mentioned Lot, called W ERGLODD FAWR and CAltN BERLLAN, in the said Parish of Myfod, iu tiie Holding of tbe said Thomas V\ bitfield and William Jones respectively, and containing, by Admeasurement, 11 A. 3R. 33 P. LOT VIII. THREE other excellent MEADOWS, and tbe Hay of a Quillet in Lands belonging 10 Mr. Thomas; the three Pieces are called LONG MEADOW, WERGLODD- DU, and M ERGLODD- TYN- Y'- COEI), situate 111 the said Parish of Myfod, iu the Occupation of tbe said Thomas Whitfield and William Jones respectively, and containing together, by Admeasurement, 6A. 3R. 16P. and the Quillet is 1A olt. all'. LOT IX One other excellent PIECE of MEADOW GROUND, called WBBSLODD- SAVACE, 111 the said Parish of Myfod. nearly adjoining Lot 6, in the Occupation of ihe said William Jones, and containing, by Admeasurement, 2A. 0R. 39P. I. OT X. A Messuage, or TENEMENT, and FARM, with the Buildings, Lands, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, called GLAN- Y- PWLL, situate in the said Parish of Myfod, ill the Occupation of John Chidlow, and containing, by Admeasurement, 8tA. :| R. 15P. LOT XL A PIECE of LA N D, called GELLY- WAEN, in tbe said Parish of Myfod, in the Occupation of the said John Chidlow, and containing, by Admeasurement, 7A. OR. 2QP. LOT XII. A Messuage, or TENEMENT, and FARM, with the Buildings, Lauds, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, called COED- YR- LEA, in the Parish of Llan- fyllin, in the Occupation of Richard Foulkes, and contain- ing, by Adineasiiicment, 30A. ali. 30P. There is a considerable Quantity of Coppice ond other Timber 011 the several Lois, which must be lakeu to at the Valuation to be produced at tbe Sale. The Estate is within about a M ile of the Market Town of Llanfyllm, and six Miles from the. Montgomeryshire Canal; and Possession will be deliveiedat Ladv- Day uext. The Farm Houses and Buildings are iu excellent Repair, and a great Part ofthe Meadow Land ( which in the Whole is very extensive) may be irrigated to Advantage. Tbe Common Right in tbe Lordship of Nantymeicheid is not intended lo be sold. Piinted Particulars are preparing, and may be bad at tbe PI ace of Sale; ttie principal Inns iu Shrewsbury, Poolj aud Llanfyllin ; of Messrs. WALHORI) andlH ASSALL, Solicitors, in Wem ( who have a Map uf Ibe Estate); and Mr. WM. EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, in Shrewsbury. Saint Chad and in County of Salop. 1 ot 1. A PIECE of LAND, « r-. r the Moutit Turnpike Gale, in Frankwell, containing oA. lB„ 22P, LOT II. A PIECE of LAND, adjoining Lot 1. Containing 0A. lR. 8lP I or HI. A PIECE of LAND, adjoining Lot 2, containing oA. 1!?. 21 P. LOT IV. A PIECE of Land, adjoining Lot 3, containing 0A. tU. 2tP. LOTV. A PIECE of LAND, adjoining Lot 4, containing OA. IR 91 P. LOT Vt. A PIECE 0! LAND., adjoining Lot 5, containing oA lit 2GP. The above Lots ere now in one Piece of Land, in the Occupation of Mr. Joliu Davies, adjoining the Turn- pike Itoad leading from Shrewsbury to Bicton, and are admirably Calculated foe Building Residences for gen- teel Families, coihinamiirg most extensive a- it' beauti- ful Views over tbe Severn, and over Berwick House and Demesne LOT VII. A GARDEN and VtrcE of LAND, adjoining L01 1, containing 4A. oR. i4p. ih the Occupation of Mi. Davies. I. OT Vlll. A GARDEN and PIECE of LAND, adjoining Lot 7, containing aA, alt. oP. in ihe Occupation of Mr. John Heighway. Lots 7 aud 8 adjoin the Turnpike Road leading from Frankwell to Copthorh, aud are aiso admirably adapted for Building Purposes. All Ihe above Lots are within the Voting Liberties of Shrewsbury. LOT IX. A PIECE of LAND, called THE LESSER MARSH, containing- 2.4 3ll. 3. iP. LOTX. A HOVEL, GARDEN, ond PIECE of LAND, called THE BIGGER MARSH, adjoining Lot 9, containing together 4A. 21' J4!'. LOT XI A PIECE of LAND, called the MARSH MEA- DOW, adjoining Lut 10, containing 5. A. lit. 39P. Tiie three last Lots are in ( tie Parish oi' Veolc Brace, in the Occupation of Mr. Timothy Oal. l. w, and are separated froin Kingslaiid by the Kings, tand itoad. Tbe respective Tenants K ill shew the Preniirt s; and for further Particulars enquire of WILLIAM PRISSICK, Esq. Mr. W. EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, or of. TUB Auu. TIONEER, all of Shrewsbury. KlNNEllLEY AND DOVASTO. N', SHROPSHIRE, BY S. TUDOR, On Monday, the Ist of November, 1813, at Hie Hoese of Thomas Davies, jun. being the PUBLIC HOUSF in the Village of KIN N ER LEY, in the County of Salop, at three o'CIock in llie Afternoon, subject to sucb Con- ditions of Sale as shall be then aud there produced : fJMFE following l. OIS of deniable FREEHOLD I LAND, & c. LOT I A. R. P. A PIECE of LAND in Kinnerley, called Moor Patch, bounded by the Ruad, on one Side, nnd by Lands of Lord Bradford, T. Franks, and R. Walkin on the other Sides, containing 2 0 It LOT II. A PIECE of LAND in Kinnerley, called Withey- lane Croft, bounded by tbe Road 011 one Side, and by Lands of R. Watkin and T. Franks 011 the other Sides, containing I 0 20 LOT J1I. A neat FARM HOUSE, with Slate Cover, in good Repair, and suitable attached Outbuildings, at Kinncrley, in Possession of Thomas Davies the elder, with the several Pieces or Parcels of Land following, and adjoining thereto, vi?.. Honse, Buildings, Fold, Gulden, A. R. P. Croft, Orchard, & c 1 1 19 Moor Piece 4 3 S5 Gig hole Croft 1 2 19 AndGighole Leasow 4 0 13 LOT IV TWO PIECES of LAND in Kinner- ley, had in F. xchange from Mr. Juhn Edwards, with Road, the one containing 1 3 19 Aud tl. e ether adjoining Upper Lea- sow, containing o 1. 20 tipper Leasow 4 3 Middle Leasow 4 0 2 Long Croft 4 9 27 Hither Moor Leasow 3 i 33 Further Moor Leasow 4 3 39 Broomy Leasow j 5 2 2 » i Tbe Further Lcasow 3 3 98 12 0 6 All the last mentioned Lands are in Kinnerley. LOTV. A neatFARM HOUSE, in good Repair, with necessary Outbuildings, al DOVASTON, in the Possession of Richard Davies, wilb the several Pieces or Parcels of Land following, adjoining theieto, viz— House, Buildings, Fold, Garden, Or- chard, Jkc 1 0 21 The Croft 2 0 24 New Leasow 4 1 26 Brian Field 10 0 24 Allotment from Dovaston Heath lo 0 21 33 3 23 BY S. TUDOR, On the Premises, tbe latter End of this Month, or liegin- ningof the next, ( whieh will he named in a future Paper): ALL the neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FURNITURE, belonging to Mrs. STEWART, in College Hill Court: Particulars of which will be ex- pressed 111 Catalogues, and may be bad on Application to THE AUCTIONEER after the 181I1 Instant. N. B. Great Part of the above Goods are as good as new. I. OT VI. A PIECE of LAND, in Dovaston called Heath Field, . containing 1 LOT VII. A PIECE of LAND, in Dovasion, called Town Croft, containing Lor VIII. An ALLOTMENT of LAI7D, ad- joining Butcher's Patch, in HoVaston, bounded by Laud of Lord Bradford; Mr. Dovasion, und by ttie Lane, containing 1 0 3 15 A PIECE of LAND called Butcher's Patch, in Kinuerley, coulainins- 309 A PIECE of LAND, also in Kinucr- ley, called Long Turbary, containing .. 0 3 37 LOT IX. A PIECE of LAND, in Kinnnerley, callcd Bank Field, containing 4 1 15 A PIECE of LAND, also in Kinuei- ley, called Bank Field Meadow, con- taining ; 2 0 34 I. OTX. A PIECE of LAND, iu Kinnerley, called Coldliall Field, containing LOT XL An ALLOTMENT uf LAND, in Kinnerley,- adjoining Butler's Patch, contain- ing 1 3 25 APIECE of LAND, in Kiunerley, callcd Butler's Patch, containing 2 2 4 27 3 s3 6 2 9 3 11 CAPITAL GRAZING LAND, ABBEY FOREGATE. ' BY S. TUDOR, At the Raven and Bell Inn. Shrewsbury, 011 Wednesday, the 20th October, 1813, at four o'Cloik in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditio, us as will be then produced, in the following Lots : LOT I. ALL that rich PIECE of GRAZING I, AND, as the same is uow staked out, being I lie nearer Part of THE NEAR MERE POOL FIELD, adjoining to Saint Giles's Collage, containing 3.1. 1R. 0P. now in the Occupation of Mr. W illiam Hughes. This Lol is subject to 011 Occupation Road to l. ot 3. LOT II. The remaining Part of ihe same Field, contain- ing 3A. OR. 9/ P. now iu Ihe Occupation of the said Mr William Hughes. LOT 111. All lliat rich PIECE of GRAZING LAND, called THE I'URTHPR MERE POOL FIELD, containing 9A. tR. 3P. adjoiniug the other | els, and now in the Occupation ( if the said Mr, William Hughes. The iibo^ e Lands are situate in the upper Part of the Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury; may be viewed by applying to the Tenant; and further Particulars known from THE AUCTIONEER, or at the Office of Messrs. ASTERUEY aud JEFFREVS, where a IWap of the same may be seen. M LOT XII A TIECE of LATvD, in Dovaston, called Bevan's Leasow, containing LOTXIII. A PIECE of LAND, in Dovasion, called Skinner's Leasow, containing LOT X. V. A PI ECE of LAND, in Dovaston, Called The Harbours, containing 1 3 21 An ALLOTMENT of LAND adjoin- ing Ditlo, containing 3 3 20 4 1 29 2 2 19 4 3 15 3 1 LOT XV. A new crected ERICK HOUSE, with Slate Cover, in good Repair, and a good Garden, in Dovastou, in Possession of Mary Graftoo, con- taining ..,., 0 1 5 The W hole of tbe Premises.( except . Lot 15) are iu Possession of Thomas Davies Ibe elder and his Sou Richard Davies, and are situate iu the Townships of Kinnerley and. Dovasion, in Ihe Parish of Kinnerley, dis- tant about five Miles from Oswestry, ten fromSulop, and ten from Ellesmere. Possession of all ihe Lots may be had at Lady Day, 1814. The Purchaser ot each Lot will have lo pay for the Timber, on a Valuation, exclusive of the Purchase Money fi r tbe respective Lots. Tbe Chief Rent-, Ileriots, and Land- tax will be arrang- ed et the Time of Sale. For a View of the different Lots apply to Thomas Davies the elder, at Kiuneiley afuresaid, ore i f lie Tenants; and for further Paiiiculars 10 . IfcsrpH LOXDALE, Esq. Solicitor, Shrewsbury ; or ct the Office I Messrs. BOBIN- soN and WnEFLER, Solicitors, in. Teubury, VVorcisier- sbire ; al both which Places, as also at the Place of Sule, a Map of the Lots w\ l e seen, and Primed Particulars had; and likewise of THE AUCTIONEER, iu Shrew- bu yj aiuiat tho principal Inns 11 Ll.' esoieie and Oswestry. MICHAELMAS GOOSE. From Brand's " Observations on Popular Antiquities." " September, when bv Custom ( right divine) Geese are oraain'd to bleed at Michael's sin ill p." Cmjncmr. L, There is an o! d custom still in tnte among us, of hay- ing a roast Goose to dinner on Michaelmas Day. " Goose iutentos," as Blount tells its, is a wortl used in Lancashire, where " the hhsbandmen claim it as a due to have a Goose Intentos on the sixteenth Sunday after PenlecOst: which custom took origin from the last word of the old church- prayer of that day:— • Tua, nos () iia » stimtis, Donaine, gratia semper prte- veniat & sequatiir j ac bonis operibus jugitcr prastet esse intentos.' The common people very humourously mistake it for a goose with ten toes." This is by no means satisfactory. Beckwith, in his new edition of the Jocular Tenures, p. 233, says upon it: " But, besides that the sixteenth Sunday after Pentc- cost, or after Trinity rather, being moveable, and seldom falling upon Michaelmas Day, which is an immoveable feast, the service of that day could very rarely be used at Michaelmas, there does not appear to be the most distant allusion to a Goose in the words of that prayer. Probably no olher reason can be given for this custom, but that Michaelmas Day was a great Festival, and Geese at that time most plentiful.* In Denmark, where the harvest is later, every family has a roasted Goose for supper on St. Martin's Eve. Among other services ( in this country) John de la Hav was hound to render to William Barnaby, Lord of Lastres, in Ihe county of Hereford, for a parcel of the demesne lands, one Goose fit for the Lord's dinner on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel. And this, as early as the tenth year of King Edward the Fourth. Mr. Douce says: " I have somewhere seen the following reason for eating Goose on Michaelmas Day, viz that Queen Elizabeth received the news of the defeat of the Spanish Armada, whilst she was eating a goose on Michaelmas Day, and that in commemoration of that event, she ever afterwards on that day dined on a goose." But this appears rather to be a strong proof that the custom prevailed even at court in Queen Elizabeth's time. At Christmasse a capon, at Michaelmasse A GOOSE ; And somewhat else at New- yeres tide, for J'eare their lease [ flie loose.' allei too mnch vivacity of character to attend to the repulsive duties of study. Beam, a province of France, situated to the. no. th ofthe Pyrenees, has always furnished excellent soldiers. The inhabitants are well made, robust, active, courageous, sober, and lively. Agreeably tothe manners ot the country, Bernadotte wasearly inured to fatigue and hard- ship. In winter as well as summer he was accustomed to run about bare headed and hare footed with the children of the lower classes, and his favourite aliment was bread and some fruits. At the age of 15 he eloped from his father's house and enlisted in a regiment of Royal Marines, in which corps he served in the East Indies during the American war, under the orders of M. de ljii>- v, and witb the squadron of Bailly rle SnfTrein. He was made a corporal a year after his enlist- ment, and appointed Serjeant on his return to France in 1783. Some time after this he was mode Adjutant under officer. His regiment was then garrisoned at Marseilles, and soon after his arrival at that place the French Revolution broke out, which opened, at once, a career for Bernadotte, anil manv others like him, wherein they might signal ze their talents, and reap the rewards of them. His conduct, however, has generally been held to be more pure than some of the revolutionary Generals, and he was always mnch beloved by his soldiers. An anecdote is related of him, which shews that he can assume a requisite dignity of station. When he was serving with Bonaparte in ltalv, tbe latter invited Bernadotte to dine with him, and requested him to come early. Beruadotte did so, but when he arrived, Duroe, who was then Captain Aid- tie Camp to Bonaparte, informed Bernaddtte that " General Bonaparte was busy finishing his post, and begged him to wait a v- hile."— Bernadotte replied. " tell the General in Chief that it does not suit General Bernadotte to wait in the anti room in the army, since at Paris the Diiectors themselves never exposed me to a si'- iiilar mortification." Duroc was going to reply, when Bonaparte suddenly made his appearance, saluted Bernadotte in a smil- ing manner, apologized for not having come immediately, and proposed to take a walk in the garden whilst waiting for dinner. As they were going along, Bonaparte said, " I am sorry, General, that instead of sending in your name, yen did not come straight into my closet. You need not doubt the pleasure 1 should have felt. The officer told me that two Generals requested to speak to me, without giving me their names; but as soon as 1 heard your voice, which I know very well, I was anxious to repair the mistake. I am sorry you could suppose I hatl the intention to use etiquette wilh you, whom 1 consider as the right arm of the army." To this Bernadotte replied, " I am, my General, of aeountry where the men have as warm heads as good hearts ; I have only to congratulate myself on your goodness towards me, and it was on that account 1 could not help expressing surprise on hearing Duroc tell me to wait." COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF THE POPULATION AND LAND FORCES OF DIFFER- ENT STATES AT PRESENT ENGAGED IN THE WAR. Population. Land Names of the States. Empire of G. Britain Russia.,.. Austria... Kingdom of Prussia Sweden Spain ... Portugal Sicily.... Dnchy of Warsaw.... Total...,. ... Deduct for troops in disjiosable, ( mdis- pouible en Fran £ ois,) from Great Britain 150,000 Russia 260,000 Austria 100,000 Prussia 50,000 16,531,000 42,248,000 20,216,0110 4,994,877 2,326,000 10,396.000 3,559,000 1,656,000 3,774,402 Forces. Remarks. 105,691,339 306,760 560,000 3- 20,000 250,000 45,000 100,000 30,000 10,000 30,000 or about 1 in 1,651,760 560,000 Remain Empire of France^ ( including all lire v new Departrn.)... 3 Kingdom of Italy Naples Republic of Switzerl Confed. of theRhint Kingtl. of Denmark United States of N America Countries not includ- ed in the above: Part of the County of Katzenelnhogeii.... Principal, of Erfurt lilyrian Provinces... A pleasant writer in the periodical paper called ' The World,' No, 10, ( if 1 mistake not. the late Lord Orford) remarking on the eft'ects of the alteration of ihe stile, tells us: " When the reformation of the Calendar was in agitation, to the great disgust of many w orthy per- sons who urged how greal the harmony was in the old establishment belween the holidays and their attributes ( if 1 maj call them so,) and wlial confusion would follow if MICHAELMAS DAY, for instance, was not to be cele- brated when stubble geese are in their highest per- fection : it was replied, that such a propriety was merely imaginary, and would be lost of itself, even without any alteration of Ihe Calendar by authority :— for if the errors in it were suffered to go 011, they would in a certain number of years produce such a variation, that, we should be mourning for good King Charles on a false thirtieth of January, at a time of year when our ancestors used to he tumbling over head and heels in Greet wicli Park in honour of Whitsuntide : and at length be choosing King and Queen for Twelfth Night, when we ought to be admiring the London ' Prentice at Bartholomew Fair." It is a popular saying " if you eat goose on Michael- mass Day, you will never want money all the year rouud."+ Geese are eaten by plow- men at harvest home. * In PoorBohin's Almanack for 1695, under September, are the following quaint lines: t£ Geese now in their prime season are, Whicb, if well roasted, are good fare." f Our ancestors, when tbey found a difficulty in carving c Goose, Hare, or other dish, used lo say, jestingly, that they should hit the joint if they could but think ou tbe name of a cuckold. Nash's Moles 011 Hudibras. Total Deduct for troops indisposable from France Remain... Balance in favour of the Allies 105,691,339 42,346,000 6,719,000 4.964,000 1,638,000 13,560,120 2,599,600 6,500,000 18,000 50,339 I 10,000 1,091,760 590,000 40,000 16,000 15,0( 10 119,000 74,000 20,000 54 75 6 3 20 44 104 118 165 126 64 or about 78,385,050 78,385,050 27,206,289 874,000 190,000 684,000 407,760 169 310 H' 9 110 34 325 9, 16 November 13, at Guildhall, London.— George Giroux, junior, of Tot ten li i* m -. Co V rt - road, M'ddlesex, an$ also of Mount Lrmbeth, Surrey, picture- dealer and stationer, October 5, 16, November .13, at Guildhall, Lopdon.—, 7phn Mqyhetv, ot Kep- pell- street, Russell- square, Middlesex, upholder, undertaker, and aoprai< er, October 9. 16, November 13, a-' Guildhail, London — William Neviby, l* ste of Stockoort, Cheshire, ( but now a prisoner in Cheste . Castler,) basket- maker, October 18, 19, November 13, at the Ca-. lle Inn, Stockport — Richard Pratt, of Coventry, book- seller and printer, October 12, 13, November 13, at the Craven Arms Inn, Coventn.— Jo/ m Carus Pawlinson, now of Lancaster, but late of St. Thomas, in the West Indies, merchant, October " 25, 20, November 13, at the King's . Arms Inn, Lancaster.— Richard Stroud, of Brentford, Middlesex, baker, Octobor9. 1.6, November 13, at Guildhall, London.— Robert Towns, of Wall's F. nd, North- umberland. butcher, October 9, 26, November 13, a! the George. Tavern, in North. Shields. — " Willium Yewens, of Somerset- place, Conunerfcial- road, Middlesex, coal- dealer, October 11, 12, No- vember at Guildhall, London, Ocjo'BER 5.]— Thomas Calvert, of Great TVya. rv- le.- Rptvne* street, saddler, October 95, ' 26. November 16, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas Chapman, of St, rat lord, See. meatman, October 25, 26, November 16, at Guildhall, London— Alfred Crace, of Long- acre, pla terer, October 19, 30, November 1.6, at Guildhall, London— William Everhard Marcvs Von Doornik, of Well- street, soap- manufacturer, October - 25, 26, November 16, at Guildhall, London,— Samuel Heath, of Shepfon Mailct, clothier, October 20, 21, November 16, at the Castle, Bi\' h.- John Fre- derick Schroder, jun. Crutched- friars, merchant, October. 25, 26, November 16, at Guildhall, London — Thomas Stayner. Barking, taliow- cliandler, October 11, 12, November 16, at Guildba)!, London.— John Stevenson, Manchester, tobacconist, November 1, 2, 16, at the Globe, Liverpool; Price of Bread.— The following judicious obser- vations on this subject, are extracted from the Courier of Tuesday las!:— " In a time of scarcity it is idle to talk of compulsory measmes for loweiing the price of bread. It is equally idle to talk of them in a time of pltnty— But we shall beat- tacked with this popular argument - oucbt not the price to be lower in a time of plenty ? To be sure it ought, and to be sure it will, if we do not attempt to legislate or adopt compulsory measures,— Of all things, an indiscreet tampering with the trade of provisions is the most dangerous, be cause there is nothing in which the passions of men are so violent, and their judgment so weak, arid in which there exists such a tnulti- tude of ill- founded popular prejudices. "! " There is an outcry agsiust the Millers and Mealmen as if tbey were in a league against the poor. What in general is tne effect of such an outcry ? to make tbe price of the commodity dearer than it would be. There was much good sense in Mr. Dixon's speech, [ at the late meeting of t he Com- mon Council] and we agree perfectly with him that " the attempt- to force a certain price on any at tide of trade, is not only contrary to the interests of trade, hut of the public. As to contractor, if corn or any other commodity be really in plenty, all tbe art of roan cannot, long keep it up at a high price." But bv this injudicious tampering » and by these silly appeals to popular prejudices, the poor were desired to expect a very large and immediate leduction in consequence of tbe plentiful harvest. Could this have taken place unless the whole produce of the harvest had been brought at once to market?— Ar. d what then? The price would be for a time very low indeed : but it would afterwards rise much higher than it was before the harvest was got in. If by raising a clamour against'tbe millers and mealmen we make them objects of haired to ttie poor, we naturally indispose persons to enter into that business, aud hence do oue of the greatest possible evils, not only to the consumer of wheat, but to the growei of it. But they grow rich; tbey have a mo tioply of capi\ rd— granted. And the more they make, and the licber they aie, and the more largely they deal, the better both for the farmer and consumer, between whom they form a natural and most useful branch of connection. The monopoly ofcapital is a great benefit, and a benefit particularly lo the poor. The idea of forcing a certain price on wheat as well as on any other commodity, proceeds upon tbe principle of breaking tbe laws of Commerce. Now, therein nothing of which the poor as well at the rich ought to he mote sensible than ihi;-— u that it. is not in breaking the laws of commerce which are the laws of nature, aud consequently the laws of God, that we are to place- our hope of softening ihe Divine displeasure to remove any calamity under which we * offer, or v hich bargs ever us." Such w as tbe opinion ot the wisest man of modi in times, Mr Bmke— And he adds, with equal truth and wisdom, that » " the balance between consumption and piodoeticn makes price. The market tettles aud afone can settle that pi ice. Market is the meeting and conference of the, fcmvmt- r a* id producer, when they mutually discover each other's wants. Nobody, S believe, bas observed with any reflection what maiket is, without being astonished at the truth, tbe correctness., the celeiity, the general equity, with which the balance of wai ts is settled." T > wish ibe dest inotion of that balance is to lay the axe to the root of production itself, j il For Heaven's sake do not let men court popularity by flattering the popular prejuaices on such a delicate subject as this. Nothing is so base as to make ihe poor think that auy can have an interest io oppressing tbem— nothing so bypociitica! as the cant we bave read in some speech* s about their being the " once Aupjty labouring poor." Look at our bis. toiy and ue shall fioo constantly in tliose times when they •" were said to be so happy, that after certain intervals a period of teal famine occurred, by which a melancholy havoc was made among the human race. Has this happened in later times? No— because there has been so much greater care and superintendance of t he poor. We see now no traces of those tei rible exterminating epidemics which, iu consequence of scanty and unwholesome food, ia former times, wot '- in- frequently wasted whole nations." EARLY LIFE OF BERNADOTTE.—. This celebrated personage, upon whose actions the attention of Europe, is now fixed with anxiety, was born on the 26th of January, 1763, at Pau, the capital of Beam, the birth place of the Great Henry. His father, who was a gentleman of moderate fortune, followed the profession of the law, and took care early to inspire in bis son just and elevated sentiments. It appears, however, that he did not succeed in familiarising him with classical knowledge, or literature in general. The youthful John had GENERAL MOREA'U.— As any thing relating to this gallant and lamented hero will now be peculiarly interesting to the public, we copy tbe following anecdote from the correspon- dence of a gentleman resident in Paris, in 1801 : speaking of his chaiacter as a soldier, he says : " While bis courage and skill were attended with success wherever he turned the republican arms, his mild and humane conduct instated the regard even of those he conquered, and " such praise could not be flattery. The same amiable character is attached to him here, and I consider him one of the most interesting among those who take the lead in Paris. An anecdote illus- trating his delicate sense of honour and justice was related to me as having very lately happened. M. D'Orsay, as an emigrant, had forfeited all his property to the state, but has lately been allowed to return j he has consequently been compelled to live in the most penurious way on a bifle he had saved.— He was one morning surprised by a visit from General Moreau, who, after expressing his compliments, said, ' ? bave bought an estate, Sir, which before the revo- lution was your's; you know such property sells very low, I have had it valued, and must beg your permission to leave with you, as your just right, the difference between the price and the estimate, aud he laid down a sum of money sufficient to make tbe poor emigrant comfortable." General Moreau enjoyed at the time of his fall the full and entire confidence of all the legitimate Sovereigns of Europe; he had baen called from America by their joint wishes; Louis XVIII. had given him unlimited powers with respect to France, pledging his royal word that he would take no measures either of internal or external policy without con . suiting him. On hearing of his death, that Prince exclaimed, " 1 have lost my crown a second time." ( J'ai perdu ma couronne une seconde fois.) According: tothe suggestion of the Prince of Conde, as was mentioned before, he intended to give Moreau the rank of ' Constable of France, the highest station under the old Monarchy, and the French Blue Rib band. We understand his Majesty now proposes sending both the diploma and the ribband to Madame Moreau, as a post humous tribute of gratitude to the memory of her great and virtuous husband— Louis XV. bis grandfather, acted in the same manner, as to the blue ribband, towards the widow of Comte de Bissi, who had died of wounds received in battle. FRENCH ARMY IN RUSSIA.— Whilst the French re- mained in Moscow, they occupied the house of Messrs. Thomson, Rowan, and Co. English bankers, as the Chancellerie de VEtat Major, at the head of which was Berthier. They quitted the city in such a hurry, that a great part of thc official documents were left behind ; among others, the returns of the strength of the French army, and of the casualties which occurred during its advance to Moscow : these came into pos- session of Mr. Rowan, when he returned to his house, and accurate copies of them were brought to this country by an English Gentleman. According to the Returns ofthe French Army, at the commencement of the campaign, the total of the infantry amounted to Cavalry, including artillery, engineers, commis- sariat, persons in the suite of the Emperor, medical staff, & c. & c. 5^ 1 > 000 LET THE AFFLICTED NO LONGER MOURN. KING'S Evil, Scrofula, Scurvy, and Venereal Disorders, are now speedily and effectually cured by the inesti- mable PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS, discovered and prepared by Dr. Smith, of Upton Magna Hall, near Shrewsbury. ANOTHER LIVING WJTNESM DEAR SIR, About Christmas, IS 10, I found myself violently afflicted with a Venereal Complaint, and was reduced to a skeleton) and nearly deprived of the use of ray Limbs— After being under the care of some eminent Professors in this City for one Year and a half, I was so reduced by their Mercurial Pre- parations, that I had uo hopes of a Cure from their mode of | Treatment; in this woeful state, I applied to the late Mr. Cutter, who advised me to try your Drops; I purchased a Bottle, by taking it I received so much Benefit that 1 deter- mined to persevere ; and by taking another Bottle, I found myself perfectly cured-- having been betore declared cured by the Faculty, and my Disorder returning with increased Violence ; I delayed sending you this Letter, till L had fully ascertained the efficacy of your Drops by remaining nearly nine Months'' without experiencing any Relapse. I am, Sir, With the greatest respect, your's Chester, May 31, 1813. T E —. These Drops are to be had in square Bottles,- with these words moulded on each, " Mr, Smith's Ploughman's Drops,". ( all others are spurious), at ofc'l 2s. the large, and lis. the small, Duty included, at PLOUGHMAN'S HALL, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; and of W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Paper, in Shrewsbury; Capsey, Wellington ; Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge; Partridge, Bridgnorth; Silvester, Newport; Craig, Nantwich; Griffiths, Ludlow; Baugh. Ellesmere; Jones, Whitchurch; Proctor, Drayton; Price, Oswestry; Painter, Wrexham; Waidson. Welsh Poo!; Waidson, Shrewsbury; Went, Leominster; and all other Medicine Venders. 55,000 Fox HUNTING.— A Gentleman, who was endeavour ing to follow the pack upon a very lean old horse, was pitied by a friend, lest he should not he able to see the hounds. " Oh," said he, u so much the better; for if they were to see my horse, there is no knowing what might happen/ PHENOMENA, THE FAMOUS TROTTING MARE — This cele brated and matchless ma< e,| which has for many years been the admiration of the sporting world, is now the property of F, C. Daniel, Esq. of Mile- End. who rides her as a hack nev.—- She is under 14 hands and a half, was bred in May 1788, at Melton- Park, in Norfolk, by the Icte Sir Jacob Astley, then member for tbe county. Her dam was a half bred mare by Othello, which trotted on the 11th of April, 1796, 17 miles within the hour, on the Highgate road, was then tbe property of Charles Herbert, Fsq. and afterwards purchased by the Duke of Leeds, for 1100 guineas.— As Phenomena's very extraordinary properties are not generally known, except to the sporting world, it may not be un- acceptable to our readers, to be informed of some of her most wonderful performances. Independent of several feats, in which she has been suc- cessful, she was matched in June, 1800 ( then 12 years old) by Mr. Robson, to trot 17 miles within one hour on the Huntingdon road, and which she performed with ease in 56 minutes, au act unheard of in the annals of sporting history. ! The performance was doubted by some, and very large bets were offered that she did not perform the same distance in the same time, viz. 56 minutes. Mr. Uotesoo accepted the challenge, and in July following, within one month, she trotted again the 17 miles a few seconds under 53 minutes! She was afterwards matched for 2000 guineas to trot 19 miles and a half within the hour, but to which her opponents paid forfeit. Observe, this was in con- sequence of its being proved by several stop watches, that during this last match she did four miles under 1 1 minutes, whicb alarmed the sporting gentlemen, who one and all de- clared she literally flew, and were of opinion she could trot 20 miles in the hour, and observed they would have nothing moie to do with her. When this beautiful and valuable creature was 23 years old ( Feb. 11, 1811) she tiotted nine miles in 28 minutes and 30 seconds, and within this last six months, whil.- t in M Boswell's possession, she won font extradinary matches in one day. Notwithstanding the hardships with which the prodigy has been treated, she still retains and shows a beautiful symme- try scarcely to be equalled in any other animal of her species, ar. d although she is in her 26th year, and having performed such Herculean tasks, she is fiesh, clean on her legs j and great credit is due to her possessor for getting her into such high condition, when it is well known a few months since she was a mere skeleton. About noon on Saturday se'nnight, while the work, men employed in repairing the Holy Trinity Church, in Hull, were at dinner, a young man of genteel ap- pearance,. having, il is supposed, secreted himself in the Church, found his way to ihe top of the steeple, and, mounting tiie battlements, stood upon a short pillar, where, with violent gesticulations, he harangued the passengers in Ihe Market place, and a crowd whom his perilous situation attracted towards ( he spos, for near 20 minutes. At length, one of the workmen having silently gained the top of the steeple, cautiously caught hold of his arm, and pulled him from the battlements. He was taken before the Mayor, where it appearing, on enquiry, that he was in a deranged state, he was for- warded to his friends, at Hatfield, near Doncaster. POETS LAUREAT.— The following is an authentic List of Laureats since the reign of Elizabeth :— Tate. General Total of tbe French Grand Army ' 6l6,000 N. B. Every corps of the Grand Army had with it a park of light artillery of reserve, amounting to 166 pieces, and 528 ammunition waggons. Each division of infantry had 16 pieces of artillery, each regiment having eight. The total of the artillery, with thc regi- ments of the line, was 789 pieces, and of tbe ammu- nition waggons 1568. The Imperial Guard alone had 100 pieces of cannon. General total of pieces of artillery 1194— ditto of nmunition waggons or caissons 2768. The army consisted of 11 corps, commanded by Marshals Berthier, Davoust, Ney, Augereau, Victor, Bessieres, Oudiuot, Macdonald, Moncey, Mortier, and Lefebvre.— There were 49 divisions, and 98 regiments of the line, exclusive of the Guards, Loss of the French Army prior to its Entrance into Moscow. At the battle of Witepsk, the 4th corps, commanded by the Viceroy of Italy, lost the Gen. of Brigade Roussel> and a Polish General of Brigade, who died of their wounds; one General of Brigade wounded ; 3 Colonels, 7 superior officers, 93 subalterns, and 3600 soldiers. At the battle of Smolensko, on the 19lh of August, the total loss was— Generals, killed or wounded, 10; superior Officers of the Staff, 3; Colonels, killed or wounded, 11 ; Lieut - Cols, dilto, 23 ; Majors, 2 ; Offi- cers and Subalterns, 402; serjeants and privates, 13,592. At the affair of Mohiloffthe total loss was— Majors 2, Chiefs of Squadron 2, Chiefs of Battalion 7, Officers 141, privates 3982. At the battles on the Moscow side of Smolensko, on the 19th and 21st of August, the total loss was— General of Division 1, Generals of Brigade 14, Officers of the Gen. Staff, 11 ; Colonels, killed or wounded, 28 ; Lieut.- Cols, 23, Subalterns 7 IH, serjeants and privates 22,012. From the 21st of August, when the army quitted Smolensko, during the march, there were only affairs between the advanced guard and the Russian rear- guard. On the lst of September, the 3d light infantry, which that day formed the advance, charged too closely the Russian rear guard. A regiment of cuirassiers belonging to the latter, put the third light infantry into complete rout, took four pieces of cannon and four caissons, aud killed or wounded three superior Officers, 21 Subalterns, and 1300 privates. The loss of the French army, from the 21st of August to the 5th of September, was— General of Brigade 1, Colonels 2, Officers of the General Staff 6, other Offi- cers 45, serjeants and privates 4341. Loss of the French army in the battle of Mojaisk, Sept. 5—- Generals of Division 17, Generals of Brigade 22, Colonels 57, Majors 14, Chiefs of Battalion and Squadron 105, Officers of the General Staff 17, Sub- altern Officers 1367, privates, including those made prisoners, of whom two- thirds were wounded, 50,876. Agricultural Report for September.—- The new Wheats are found to rise well and fine in quality, and the increased number of threshing machines have thrown large quantities on the markets, occasioning a considerable reduction of prices, which the foreign imports will for some time assist in keeping down. The Oat harvest is closed in the Fens, affording the largest general produce that has been known for many yeais. The Barley crops are expected to turn out finer in sample than larger in quantity, not exceeding ari average crop. The Northern Counties are late with their Beans, whichy however, prove abundant. All accounts from the principal corn distiictsof Scotland state the produce of all kinds of grain to be large, and to bave been early and well harvested. Clover seed is likely to be a pretty general crop, GRAVEL, STONE AND LUMBAGO. HICKMAN'S PILLS, IS an effectual Cure for the GRAVEL and STONE, stoppage of Urine, COMPLAINTS in the BACK and LOINS, KIDNEYS, and BLADDER, LUMBAGO, & c. Of the various Complaints incident to the human Frame, there are none more dreadful in their nature, nor more alarm- ing in their consequences, than the Gravel and Stone. They are complaints to which every person, even the most abstemi- ous, is liable, as the air we breathe and the water we drink are impregnated with particles which not only cause these excruciating tortures, but are a foundation for every other species of disorder. HICKMAN'S Orininal Pills, composed of the most innocent ingredients, have been found of singular efficacy, in not only strengthening the vessels containing the urine, but happily destroying the petrifying quality of it, from which proceed the above complaints, occ. removing the calculi, or gritty concretions, and banishing every pernicious ten- dency to those disorders, without confinement. From GEORGE GORDON, Esq. SIR, TO Mr. Hickman, Apothecary. I think it a duty, for the relief of Persons afflicted with the { Gravel, to mention the great benefit I have received in that disease from your Medicine. Having been for above 20 years greatly distressed with the Gravel, violent pains in the back, stranguary with little intei mission, and the most ex- cruciating tortures, whenever I attempted to make water ; and at last became so weak, for want of rest and appetite, Was scarcely able to walk across the loom. In hopes of relief, 1 had, from time to time, recourse to the best, advice, and took the most approved presciiptions, without being any belter.— Observing in the Newspapers Hickman's Pills advertised, as an effectual cure for the Stone and Gravel, and stoppages of Urine, I used them this summer for about two months; and from them, with the blessing of God, found myself daily better, pass iny water freely without pain ; my appetite and strength restored, am able to ride on horseback, which I could not do for 12 months preceding the use of these Pills, and have great hopes 1 am radically cured. I consent to your making this as public as you please, for the good of others. And am, Sir, your most obedient servant, GEORGE GORDON, Sub- Sheriff, Berwickshire. To the Proprietor of Hickman's Pills, Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, No, 4, Cheap- side, Comer of Paternoster- row; aiso by EDDOWES, Watton, Morris, and Burrey, Shrewsbury; Edwards, and Mortal, Oswestry ; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Painter, Wrexham ; Houls- tons, Wellington ; Smith. Ironbridge and Wenlock ; Scarrot, Shiffnal; Gitton, and Bangham, Bridgnorth; Gower and Pen nail j Kidderminster, and by most Medicine Venders and Perfumers, in Boxes at. 2s. 9d. each. CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. IT is notorious thai various disorders of the human frame are brought on by dissipation in youth, and a gross vio- lation of those rules which prudence die: at'cs for the preserva- tion of health, and laying a foundation for a long and happy life,' with a firm aud strong constitution; the blessini hu = iness and work at niv nee, lie. During tbe time I was under • lie doctor's Care 1 daily became better, and the weakliest of niv Eyes ( whicb nearly amounted to blindness) is entirely remould. As Witness my hand, ANN LLOYD. Otrvestry, Nov. 1812. WE, the undersigned inhabitants of the tovvnfhin of Peck forton, in the fati- h of Bunbiiry, and Countv of Chester, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that JAMES FOXLF. Y, living with Mr. Charles [ lampson, was afflictcd with a Scropbulous Ophthalmy, which threatened to deprive liim of his sight. He applied tothe Facility without relief, unlil he applied to Dr KP. FES who has perfectly restored his sight, and the Scropbulous symptoms are entirely removed. AI Witness our hands, CHARLES HAMPSON, JOHN JONES. Pecliforton, Nov. 13(/ f, 1819. I THOMAS HARPEII, fifing with Mr. Jones, of Watford ( at that time), now of Wixall, DOHF. REBY CERTIFY, that ten years ago I was afflicted with a severe inflammation and inexpressible pain in mv left eve, which continued for six months ; during which time 1 could not follow my labour, antl was under uianv eminent men in the profession ; but siy disorder continued to increase, resisting the use of a variety of remedies both in- ternal and external ; hatl blisters on my tenijiles and behind my ear<; v, as let blond, and had two setons at the back of my neck ; but all to no purpose, as a thick skin grew over my Eye, antl rentlertd it osfbss, anil I gave op all hope of Re- Civery, contenting trjysoif w ith the use o'r the other Eye, hut that at times was very weak ami. bad, and in the course of last year, became so violently affected in the same way as the other began, that I feared the io- s of'hat also. I was then admitted into the. Shrewsbury . Infirmary, but found no relief. In this deplorable state I heard of one I UKE CLAY who hatl been cured of a like eOmpliiint, antl me and my wife ( as a guide), -. vent to the saitl L. Clay, to be informed of the truth, and enqui- e who cured him, for I hatl tried so many without relief, that. 1 almost despaired of ever getting better; but ho gave me great ho| es, when he told me he hatl been evfiy bit ns bat! as me. iynl hatl been perfectly cured by Mr. KREBS, of Ilattmer, whom he was sure would cure ine, if I, would em- ploy hiin ; at which 1 tvas overjoyed to think of recovering my sight again. Mv wife next day led me to Mr. Krebs, who told me he coultl make a Cure of . me if I put mvRelf tirider his cate," which I did, ant] in let- s than a week found trteat relief, ahtl ill lees than a month I « as able to follow my labour ; ami now, tlitiiik God, ard Mr. Krebs, can go any where without a guide, and can distinctly see a pin on the ground wilh either eye, or a h, air, at a yard distance. While under Ihe D ictor's Care I underwent live Operations. As Witness mv hand, the Mark K of THOMAS HARPER, late invalid. WLXALL. Witness to the above Cure, J. BFCKET, Church Warden, 11. PARSONS, Overseer. I LUKE CI. AY, Blacksmith, of Welsh Hampton, near Elles- mere, Shropshire, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that in April, 1R10, a S| « iik of fire flew into iny left Rye ( when at work), which gave me great pain : a violent in datamation and humour in both F. yes followed, " hich disabled me from working at my trade ; a skin overspread one ej'e, and deprived me of the sight of it; the other was so weak and dim, that I daily feared the loss of both ; when in this deplorable state 1 was recommended to Mr. KREBS, Oculist, at Hanmer, who per formed four Operations oti my Eyes, and has matle a perfect Cure, which I cannot in huinatiitv to the afflicted withhold publishing. A, Witness my hand, LUKE CLAY, late invalid. The truth of the above extraordinary cure is perfectly well known tothe following respectable Neighbours: THOMAS PHILLIPS, JOHN PAY, EDWARD WHITS, and JOHN WII LIAMS. More instances in proof of the efficacy of Mr. Krebs' method of treating Diseases of tbe I'ycx. When a man receives an unexpected benefit from the excellence of another's judgment and ingenuity, I consider it but right, and a duty incumbent, with gratitude to acknow- ledge it, particularly as it may be the means of affording relief to others in affliction. A Child of mine had the misfortune, when only ttvo years old, to strike the point of a thatch stick ill his eye, which gave him excruciating pain, followed by violent inflamma- tion and swelling. Notwithstanding our utmost endeavours to relieve him by poultices, eye- waters, & c. his disorder daily increased, antl a skin formed over the whole eye; the olher so very weak he could not bear the light. I was advised to apply to Mr. KREBS, who soon relieved him, antl to our gteatjoy has matle a perfect cure of him. It is now upwards of three years ago, and he has not experienced the least Relapse. As witness my hand, JOHN D AVIES. Sutton Green, near Wrexham, April, 1812. THIS IS TO CERTIFY that my son laboured under a sever.-! inflammation in his eye for some time, which I feared would deprive him of the sight of it, as he could get no relief till he applied to Mr. KREBS, who has made a perfect Cure in one month. As Witness my hand, JOHN NEWBROOK. Ttlstock, near Whitchurch. GEORGE HARRIS, son of Mrs. Harris, of Longslow, near M. nket Drayton, Salop, was afflicted with a severe inflam- mation in the Eye, and Opacity that nearly covered the pupil and rendered it useless. No method that hatl been recommended, was able to procure the least relief, resisting vattous plans of treatment, until his mother put him under the care of Mr. KREBS, by whose mode the boy perfectly recovered his sight, and can plainly see the smallest objects. Witness to ibe ahove Mrs. HARRIS, of Luml'ord. INFLUENCED hy the most lively sensations of gratitude, and being well avsuretl that many of the afflicted often lose their sight for want of knowing where to apply for a cure, induces me to make the following case known to the Public. IN the Autumn of last year, my son EDWARD was afflicted with a severe acute Ophthalmy, which, rapidly increasing, soon overspread his eye with a thick skin, attended with violent pain and great heaviness in . his head, which soon de- prived him of the sight of that eye ; and the other daily be- coming weaker, I feared the total loss of both. I had re- course to different applications, but without relief, till fortu- nately I was recommended to Mr. KREBS, of Hanmer, who attended him at my house, and has matle a perfect Cure of htm ; the truth ol which I am willing to go a hundred miles to uttest, if required. As witness my hand, EDMUND JONES. Witness to the above Cure, K. E. F. YTON, Esq. Eijton, near Wrexham, Oct. 23, 1811. Two more equally interesting Cases, Liverpool. Paid Double postage." cxcept upon light soils, where tbe continuance of dry weatbei - t f health ate no sooner lost, than painful experience teaches the inestimatre value of it, atnl the unhappy patient looks aiound, too otter: in vain, for the means ot its recovery. Dr. Solomon recommends his CORDIAL KALIV G1 Lh'AD Io those whose constitutions have tieen unpaired, antl whose nerves are affected by ' o intense stotly, or long resi- dence in hot or unhealthy climates; in which cases it w ill hrace the relaxed nerves, strengthen and invigorate the constitution. So! d byW, EnbewF. s Printer, Shrewsbury, in bottles, price 1 Is. each, or four in one Family Mottle lor 33s, by which oue 1 Is. bottle is saved i'. vith the words " SumI. Solomon, Liver- pool," engraved in the Stamp. i^ f Dr. Solomon expects when consulted by Letter, the usual compliment of a one pound note lo be iucf- scd, ad- dressed " Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Spenser Daniel, who succeeded him ir. gs Ben JOUSOD 1613 Sii W. Davenant 11137 Dryden itibs Shudwcli ]( jss It owe Eusdeu Col ley Cibber Whitehead Warton J'.. 1692 1715 1718 1730 1750 1785 J790 has proved injurious to it. The Turnip counties have abund- ance of free growing seed. The Hop plantations ol Kent, Su- sex, & Fanihoni, have bagged a much larger weight than was looked for; but those of Worcester and Herefordshire have not yielded halt a crop, antl where the Cyder produce lias also partially failed, Tne Cattle markets in the mid- land counties have hatl large shews of lean stock, but the ptiees are still kept high from the prospect of abundant feed iu Turnips autl Coleseed — Sinithfield has been well supplied through the mouth with piime Mutton, Beef, antl Veal, on lower terms. In the Wool markets there, has beeu litlle or no variation since our last report. BANKRUPTS, OCTOBER 2. Ralph Birtles, of Birmingham, stationer, October 22, 23, al the Royal Hotel, Temple- row, Birmingham, November 13, al the Talbot Inn, Stourbridge, Worcestershire.— Thomas Bulmer, late of Manchester, tleaier ami chapman, ( but aitct w aids a prisoner for debt in Lancaster Castle,) October 29, 30, November 13 at Ihe Talbot Inn, Manchester— John Burrou- s, of Spalding, Lin- colnshire, merchant, October 9, Iti, November 13, al the Peacock Inn, Boston.— James Clegg, of Newcastle- untler- line, S. afford- sliire, mercer anil draner October 13, 15, 26. at the Wheat Steal, Bewdlev.— William Grossman, of Union- street, Sontli- wark, currier anti leather- cutter, October 9 10, November 13, at Guildhall, London — James Fletcher, of Oldham, Lancashiie, hatter, October 20, 21, at ihe Friendship Inn, Old;. am, Novem- ber 13, al the U lute Bear 1, n, in Manchester.— John Gaultcr, of Manchester, druggist, October 18, 19, Noveml er 13, at ti e While Bear Inn, Manchester.— Richard Genleru, of Upper Thoriihaugh street, Bedford square, Middlesex, builder, October TO ALL WHO VALLTE THEIR SIGHT. More important information to the afflicted with Dis- eases of the Eyes, highly deserving Attention. MR. KREBS can ivi h confluence recommend his Meili il of treating Diseases of the Eyes, not as a bold ex. pedient., or one of uncertainty, but as a known and long established remedy, the resolt of experienced success, his ancestors having been in possession of the Receipt above a Centurv, and practised with unrivalled success; a remedy so universally safe and t fflcaeious, even when applied to infants of the most tender a^ e ; and although the Public are already in possession of ample evidence, and numerous facts of Cores which have yieldetl to ho: Col*. yR11 MS, after evtrv other method had been tried in vain, still tlu: following well authen- ticated Cases ntn\ serve to increase the Confide nee of ihe most doubtful , and having met wi h such peculiar success iu the treatment of Diseases of the Eyes, which hatl baffled men of considerable eminence in the Medical Profession, Mr. K. flatters himself that those Patients who cliuse to employ him will not be disappointed. I ANN LLOYD, Mantua- maker. Willow Street, Oswestry, was afflicted with a Chronic Ophthalmy for several months, during w hich time myfBye- lids were so relaxed and my Eyes so irritable, that. I eolild'ftot follow my business, and was in danger of losing my sight. I made use of a variety of appli- cations ( recommended by the Faculty) without relief. I ap- plied to Mr. KREBS at Hanraer, and have completely re- covered my sight, being enabled constantly to follow my THIS IS TO CERTIFY that my son W. 11. HUGHBS was afflicted with violent pa'- n, inflammation, and strong humour in Irs right eye, which brought 011 a large skin, and tleorivetl him of ihe sight of it; the olher eve was so much affected, that he was in danger of losing it. Every thing lhat is usually done on these occasions was dene for him, by the Medical Men who attended him ; but to no purpose, as his disorder con- tinued to increase with unabated violence ; when hearing of OF 1 ilie many Cures performed bv Mr. KREBS, and being stronglv recommended to put him under his care, I sent for hun to mv house, where be attended him, antl I have the iuexpie.-- sible satisfaction to say has made a perfect Cure; the truth of which 1 am willing to attest. As Witness niv hand. ROBERT HUGHES. Oveilon, Flintshire, October 23rf, 1811. ANN, Daughter of SAMUEL DAVIES, of Marchwiel, near Wtexham, Denbighshire, was afflicted with a severe aeuie Ophthalmy io both eyes for the space of 12 months, to so great a degree, that when she applied to Mr. KIITBS her eyes appeared to be in ton hopeless a state to permit her to expect any particular benefit; the opacity on the Cornea ofthe right eye completely darkened it, the left so relaxed and weak, as to prevent her finding her way without a guide ; many things had beeu tried without relief, until she became n patient to Mr. KREBS, who soon relieved her; the state of her eyes daily improving, and in Iwo months the sight of both eyes was in every respect perfect; it is now two years since, and she has not experiencetl the least relapse. As witness our hands, ANN DAVIES, late invalid. SAM. DAVIES, her father. Mr. KREBS has restored the sight of several patients who hatl laboured under a Gulta Serena, and in many instances has wrought a perfect Cure in cases that were thought incur- able, as in some the disease hatl continued many years, therefore would have none despair ; but at the same time he earnestly recommends all persons whose eyes aie weak, or sight dim, to lose 110 time, but to apply immediately, as Iiis Collyriums are found to nourish the eves, and strengthen the sight even to old age, and when had recourse to at the com mencement of a disease, seldom fail to put a stop to it> progress, the patties frequently finding Relief from the first application. They aic also successfully employed for the removal of all specks or skins situated upon the transparent Corner of the F. ye, whether atisiug from previous inflamma- tion, or any other cause. Mr. KREBS being fully enabled to cure all diseases of tbe eyes ( if curable), proposes to be consulted at his house, in Hanmer, every MONDAY ; the other days wilt be at liberty to attei d patients at theT own houses, where requited.
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