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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1028
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 06/10/1813
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1028
No Pages: 4
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tin CI PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 20.] N0, 1028. Wednesday, CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY. October 6, 1813. P/ 7C H ? z 5T 300 n £. 0 ^ C ^ C — - o e o e ? t" » e e c o » a 3 a = n 3 tjq a - 3 ll ICS C^ ECCCKECC: ^ -.. W —• —• — « — - oc X1 r CO • -.. M to H O o e c n — — X' 03 r CO i o a E. a » a » ! CC » n c v. - a- v - — =. 3 S 3 5- 2 rr -. O £ > E 3 £ O » -. e a . £' n r r- O W 3 P! C 2? 2 3 = 2 s — r O s CO? « 3 O O ts - « • - C P s. — 2 C ir: r. r; = M C 3 WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JAMES JONES, of OS- WESTRY, tn the County of Salop, Dealer nnd Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Com- mission named, or the major Part of them, on the NINTH and SIXTEENTH Days of OCTOBER next, nnd on the NINTH Day ofNoVEMBER next, at Eleven iu the Forenoon on each Day, at the Cross Keys Inn, in Oswestry aforesaid, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects ; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and nt the second Sitting to cliitse Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the Allowance of bis Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the sainc but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. THOMAS LONGUEVILLE JONES, Solicitor, Oswestry. ELLESMERE— FREEHOLD PROPERTY. TO EE SOLT) BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. TWO newly- erected and substantially built DWEL- LING HOUSES, together with Stables and Outbuild- ings thereunto belonging, desirably situated in CHURCH STREET, in tbe Town of EJ. LESMERE, in the County of Salop.— Tbe Dwelling Houses aie in neat and perfect Order, and fit for the immediate Residence of small genteel Families, and may, at a trifling Expence, be converted into convenient Shops for carrying on any Trade or Business, For Particulars apply to Mr FRANCIS LEE, Solicitor, in Ellesmere aforesaid, Mr. JOSHUA LEWIS MENLOVE, Tanner, or Mr. JOHN EDWARDS, of Bascburch, in the said County of. Salop. Ellesmere, 21a September, 1813. NORTH WALES. TO be peremptorily SOLD, pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, bearing Date the I4( h Day of August, 1813, made in a Cause wherein JOHN SPARROW, Esq and others are Plaintiffs, and JOHM DAVIES, and others are. Defendants, the eligible FREEHOLD ES- TATES, late the Property of WILLIAM CHAMBERS, Esq. deceased: consisting of DOLYCORSLWYN HOUSE, nnd several FARMS ( possessing very extensive Sheep Walks for upwards of 2000 Sheep, and a valuable Right of Common), with all necessary Outbuildings, and about ], ino Acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, capable of considerable Improvement, ami delightfully situated in Ihe Parishes of Mallwyd and Cemmes, in Ihe Counties of Montgomery and Merioneth, commanding ex- tensive Picturesque Views, aud the Rivers Dovey and Angel, which run through Ihe Estate, abound with Fish ; the Game has heen well preserved, and the neighbouring Mountains produce Grouse. Tbe said Estates will be sold bv EDMUND ALDER- SON, Gentleman, the Person appointed by JOHN SIMEON, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the Unicorn Inn, in Machynlleth, in tbe said Couuty of Montgomery, 011 THURSDAY, the 7th Day of OCTOBER next, at i2 o'Clock at Noon, in 23 Lots. The said Estates may be seen on Application to JOHN SPARROW, Esq. at Dolycorslwyn: and Particulars had of him ( gratis); and at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery lane, London; also of Messrs.. IONF. s and OWEN, Machynlleth ; of Messrs. JONES and WILLIAMS, Dolgelley : of Messrs. W. and R. WHIT- TON, Great James- street, Bedford Row; and of Messrs. COLLETT, VVIMBTIRN, nnd CoLT. ETT, Chancery- lane, London, where a Map of the Estate may be seen; and at Syniuud's Inn Coffee- bouse, Chancery- lane aforesaid. MONTGOMERYSHIRE CANAL. CO M MISSION ERS' ME TTING. IN Compliance with several Applications duly made to me, 1 have fixed ami do lierebv call a SPECIAL ASSEMBLY ofthe COMMISSIONERS, appointed by the Act of Parliament passed for making the Montgomeryshire Canal, to be bolden at the public INN at ABERMULE, in tbe Parish of Llanmercwig, in the County of Montgo- mery, on FRI DAY, the EIOIITH Day of OCTOBER next, at nine o'clock in the Forenoon, to determine nnd adjust what Sums of Money shall be paid by Ihc Company of Pro prietnrs of the said Canal, to certain Owners of Lands in the Parishes of Berriew and Bettws, for the Purchase of and Recompense for the Use of such of their Lands in ibe said Parishes, as have bceii set out and taken by the said Company for a Feeder to tbe said Canal, and other the Purposes of the said Company ; nnd also to adjust and determine tbe Compensation to he made by the said Com- pany for the Damages sustained by certain Owners and Occupiers of the said Lands, and other Lands adjoining or near thereto respectively, for or by Renson of the making, using, repairing, anil maintaining of tbe said Feeder, and supplying it with Water, and the flowing, leaking, or oozing of Water over or through the Banks thereof, and by not cleansing the same ; nnd likewise to administer to such ofthe said Commissioners as have not heen already sworn into Office, the Oath required to be taken by ihem, for the true and impartial Execution and Performance of their Duties, and of their being qualified lo act as such Commissioners. E. EDYE, Montgomery, < 2lst Sept. 1813. Commissioners' Clerk. >=£ 0 to C ' SI — Vi K — n. a tSc"' c a'< a c IC ( 3 ® i * 3 a r 5- ir: cr » » - » •- « 1 C) SE ? r III Wjir" cn — —- C E t/> tn o -. 2. 5 2 2 C SE 5 r 5 0 • 20 . c ^ e 2 -' - ? s B — a 3 to a - a ^ IK Whoever will apprehend, or cause to be apprehended, any of the said Deserters, 011 or before the 9th Day of October, 1813, and lodge tbem in anv of his Majesty's Gaols, shall receive a REWARD of TWENTY SHIL- LINGS. If any of the said Deserters shall not be taken until after the said 9 Ih Dav of October, tbey will each FORFEIT the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS; and if not immediately paid, will be committed tothe House of Cor- rection to hard l abour, or lo the Common Gaol, there to remain without Bail or Mainprize for any Space not ex- ceeding Three Months, and uot less than Fourteen Days, or until they shall liaVe paid the said Penalty. LOXDALE, Clerk of the General Meetings. BIRMINGHAM " FIRE OFFICE FOR INSURING Ho USES, WAREHOUSES, MANUFACTO RIES, and otliei Bui i- DiNGs, F A RM- ISGSTOCK, GOODS, WARM, MER- CHANT 7, E, SHIPS in Hirbour, and other Property, from Loss and Damage by Fire. EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PAR- LIAMENT. Persons insured in this Oflice, whose Insurances become due at MICHASI. MAS, are respectfully Informed that the Receipts for Renewal thereof, are now ready for delivery by tbe respective Agents, and that the same should be renewed 011 or befoie the 14th Day of OCTOBER, as the 15 Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. Farming Slock on any Part of a Farm, or in any Building ( thereon, insured in one Sum, at the reduced Rate of 2s. per I Cent. No Charge made for Policies where the Premium amounts to 6s, nor on Removal from other Offices. Losses by Fire from Lightning made good. Bv Order of tbe Directors, 1. WITHERIDGE, Secretary. - SHROPSHIRE. JosKVtt E » ock. R. AGENTS- Shrcesbnry Whitchurch Cleobury Mortimer Market Drayton Wem Newport l. udtow l'enley, near Ellesmere 0sreest'y Hales Owen ... Shtfnal . Wellington , JOSEPH LBE. , JOHN EATON. THOMAS GRIFFITH, Juii. , ARTHUR BEETENSON. , RICHARD LOWE. . THOMAS GRIFFITHS. THOMA3 EACHUS. . JOHN STANTON. , JOSEPH GRANGER. , JOSIAH HARDING. . THOMAS CRANAGE. Ellesmere ANDREW CROSS. STAFFORDSHIRE. Stafford JOSEPH IIENSHAW. Peuhridge JOHN STAHKEV. Walsall THOMAS PEARCE. Lichfield THOMAS KUTTF. R. Tumuorth WIILIAM WAIN. Newcastle Wolverhampton Bilston Lnne End and Chcadle Cannock Rngeley Burslem Aleryslrvith . Newtown .... Welsh Pool ., .*.. . ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. PS1HE CORPORATION of the M ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE de hereby give Notice, tliRt they have authorised their respective Agents to rL ccive Proposals f> r Ihe Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2*. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due on the 99th Instant, arc hereby informed that Receipts arc now teadv to be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, nrd the Parties assured are requested to applv for the Re- newal of their Policies, on or before the 14th Day of October, as the usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, Mr, William Eddowes, Jun. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jennins. Osuiestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. Ludlow, Mr. Jacob Smith. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster. Mr. Samuel . Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr. William Holbrooke. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Futh'fo, Mr. Robert Williams. Vrexham, Mr. Jo?? ph f an2ford. FLINTSHIRE. Holy- xell, Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea, Messrs. J. aud W. Robert Grove. Cardiff, Mr. Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, Mr. J. H. Smither « . M ONTGOM F. RYSH IRE. STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, Mr. Charles Hodson. Lichfield, Mr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. IVoheihampton, Mr. Janies Brown. Hor. ley. Mr. John Tomlinson. NttCCaslle- undcr* Line, Mr. Jarnes Halmarack. WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel Perrin. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley, Nantxtich, Mr. William Tomlinson. N'orlhwich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies u ill he allowed free of Expense, where the annual Premium amounts to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses, bv lire, occasioned hy Lightning.— Proposals may be had of tbe different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others ; TABI. ES of rhe RATF. S for such ASSURANCES and for the GRANTING ANNUITIES on LIVES, may be had of tbe said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the Age of 15 Years. September 54, 1813. .. C HARLES CHESTER. ... THOMAS SIMPSON. .. S'l 1 en EN R'AsrOKn. -. RICHARD NEWBOIU. .. CHARLES COTIFRIL. .. WILLIAM HAWKINS. JOHN WARD. WALES. DAVID GRIFFITH. Mr. JONES, Druggist. JAMES ROBERTS. Wynn Hall, near Rur. bon JOHN KENRICK. The above Agents are also Agents to the Birmingham Life Insuiance and Annuity Oflice, of whom the Rates aud Con- ditions of Insurance may be bad Gratis, Phoenix Fire- Office. t| F. NEWAL Receipts for Policies ^ falling due at Michaelmas, are now in the Hands of the several Agents of the Company. Insurances of every Description are effected on the most moderate Terms. Stock 011 a Farm may be insured in one Sum without the Average Clause, at 2s. per Cent, per Annum. Losses by Fire occasioned hy Lightning have always been paid by this Office. *** Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or up. wards, a ill vol be charged for the Policy : and all Endorsements will be made G1 at ii. By Order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department BRITISH FIRE OFFICE, FOR the Insurance of Buildings, Furniture, Merchan- dize, Ships, Vessels, anil all other Property, against Loss or Damage by FIRE. Insurances for short Periods, or for severalYears together, may be effected at this Office, upon Ihe most equitable Terms. Policies will not be charged for Sums of £ 300 or upwards, nor to Persons increasing Iheir present 1 tisnrances The whole STOCK of a FARM will he insured without Specification, al the Reduced Premium of 2s. per Cent. Receipts for the Renewal of Policies expiring nt MI- CHAELMAS, may be had at the principal Offices in the Strand ; ind Cornhill, LONDON, and of the following Agents in the Country, who will receive Proposals for new In- surances. ROBERT SKELTON, Secretary. AGENTS. RICHARD PHILLIPS, SHREWSBURY. WILLIAM BAUGH, ELLESMERE. SAMUEL ANSLOW, WELLINGTON. JOHN SMITH, SHIFFNAL. BROSTER AND SON, CHESTER. THOMAS ELLISON, NANTWICH. R TURNOCK, STAFFORD, p. DF. AKIN, WOLVERHAMPTON. RICHARD PARKES, WEDNESBURY. T. AND R. FENTON, NEWCASTLE. JOHN COBLEY, WORCESTER. JOHN GOTTWALTZ, BIRMINGHAM. BENJAMIN PRATT, COVENTRY. THOMAS WEBB, HEREFORD. ANDREW MAUND, BROMYARD. CHARLES POYSEII, WREXHAM. JOHN OAKES, CARNARVON. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, BEAUMARIS. WILLIAM JONES, GARTHMIL. JAMES HUGHES, ABERYSTWYTH. WESTMINSTER SOCIETY, For Insurance on Lives and Survivorships, and granting Annuities, STRAND AND CORNHILL, LONDON. INSURANCE ON LIVES affords the Opportunity to provide for ihe Aged, the Widow, and the Fatherless, und to guard against the Loss and Disappointment of a Dependence 011 the Casualty of Life; To provide Fines for the renewal of Leases, held on Lives; To secure the Purchase Money for Annuities or any Life Interest; as, Church Preferment or other Situation, by which they possess only Income for Life; To facilitate the Arrangement of Marriage Settlements, aud oilier Pecuniary Transactions ; To assist Debtor and Creditor in accomplishing the Settlement of Affairs to prevent Bankruptcy. Granting Annuities Affords a Resource against Old Age, Sickness, Bodily In- firmity, and other Casualties of Life. Terms and Conditions maybe had Gratis of the Agents to the BRITISH FIRE OFFICE, who act also for this Office. ROBERT SKELTON, Secretary, TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, lhat the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gates lipon the Turnpike Roads, at Llan- fyllin, Llansaintffraid, Llandrinio, Alherbury near Llan- rhaiadr, l. langynog, Llangedwyn, and Pont y Llogel, called or known hy the Names of Llanfyllin Upper, and Llanfyllin Lower Gates, I. lantsaintffraid Gate, Llandrinio and Llan- drinio Bridge Gates, Alberburv Gate, Cnstellmoch Gate, Trap Gate, Llangvnog Gate, Milltirgerrig Gate, Llanged- wvn Gate, and Pont y Llogel Gate, will be LET BY I AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the House of THOMAS ! JONF. S, lnnholder, in the Town of Llanfyllin, in Ihe Couiitv of Montgomery, upon FRIDAY, the FIFTEENTH Day of OCTOBER next, between the Hours of twelve at 1 Norm and two o'Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in the manner directed hy the Act passed in the I3th Year of the Rei^ n of his Majesty King George tbe Third, " for regulating theTornpike Roads;" which Tolls produced the last Year the following Sums, viz. Llanfylliu Upper Gate = fl22, Llanfyllin Lower Gate £ 181, LlansaintBVaid Gate £ 332, Llandrinio and Llandrinio Bridge Gates £| 80, Alberbury Gale £ 56, Castcllmoch Gate i'I50, Trap Gate ot'io, Llaiigynog Gate £ 40, Milltirgerrig Gate .£' 11, Llan- gedwynGate » £' 8019s. and Pont y Llogel Gate ,/ S, above the Expenses of collecting them, and will be put up respec- tively at those Sums. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder, must nt the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of Ihe Trustees of the. said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Dated September 7, 1813. Nor 111 Wales Game Duly, 1813. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. LIST of Persons who have obtained General CERTIFI- CATES, at the Rote of j£ 3 13s. 6d. each, to the 13th Day of September, 1SI3. Allen John, The West I Lloyd Maurice Edward, cleik, Asterley Johu, Pentreheylin I Montgomery Rensford Richard, Trefnanney Brown Georire, Myfod Clive Edw. Herbert, Viscount, Powis Castle Cowles Edward. Great Weston David Henry, Manly Davies Thomas John, clerk, Trewylan Davies Thomas, Llanbrynmair F. llis Richard, Peuiarili Ellis David, Llanwvddyn Edward Thomas, Trewylan 1'. ulkes Henry, Welshpool Farmer Edward, Bacheldre Foulkes William, Welshpool Farmer Richaid, Guildsfield Fonlkes Edward, Treiydan Gill Jamefe, Rhiwargor Gould George, Golfa Giiffithes Richard, Welshpool Humphreys Arthur Lloyd, Wood Hiimffrevs John, Llwyn Heyward Edward, Ciosswood Jones Sir Charles Thomas, Knt. Broadwav Jones Robert, Nantvmeichied Jones Johu Lloyd, Maesinawr Jones Ed ward, clerk, Welshpool Jones Matthew, Ditto Jones John, clerk, llrithdir List of Persons wbo have CERTIFICATES, at the Rate of ^ t of September, 1813. William Davies, Gamekeeper to John Humtfreys, Esq. in the Manor or Royalty of Brithdir. Henry Prince, Gamekeeper to Edward Herbert Viscount Clive, in the Manor or Royalty of Cbirbury. John Mickleburgh, GamekeefW to Viscount Clive, inthe Manor, Royalty or Barony of Powis, and other Manors. List of Persons who have obtained G AM EKEEPERS'CER- TIFICATES, at the Rate of ^ 3 13s. 6d. each, up tothe 13th Dayof September, 1813. William Davies, Gamekeeper to Edward Herbert Viscount Clive, in the Manors or Royalties of Llanfyllin, Mechen Uelicoed, and Moohnant. Thomas Williams, Gamekeeper to John Owen, Esq. in the Manor or Royalty of Broniarth. David Morris, Gamekeeper to John Kynaston Powell, Esq. in tbe Manor oi Royalty of Plasydinas. John Kynaston, Gamekeeper to Francis Lloyd, Esq. in the Manor or Royalty of Leaton and Hogglestoo, in the County of Salop. John Daniel, Gamekeeper to Henry Earl of Darlington, in tbe Manor or Royalty of Deythur. MERIONETHSHIRE. List, of Persons who have obtained General Ceitificates at the Rate of £ 3 133. Gd. each, up to the 13th Day f September, 1813. A tiwyl Jonathan Bunce, Llygwy Corbet Vinceut, Ynysymaen- gwyn Campbell Capt. Plasvnbowno Davies Hugh, Glanalwen Dawson Pudsey, Tyddvnyllan Ed wardsThomas, clerk, Corwen Edwards John, Dolserey Humphrey John, Shamberwei Jones Hugh, clerk, Llansowen Jones Edward, IvittaUerth Jones John William, Cefney- meer Jones Thomas, Caepant Llovd Bell, Crogen Lloyd Thomas, Ditto GAMEKEEPRRS' CERTIFICATES, at the Rate of £ 1 5s. John Edwards, Gamekeeper to Griffith Howell Vaughan, Esq. in the Manor or Royalty of Glyndwrdwy, and Rug. Thomas Jones, Gamekee| er to Bell Lloyd, Esq. in the Manor or Royalty of Crogen. Richard Jones, Gamekeeper to Richard Watkiu Price, Esq. in the Manor or Royally of Cwmhesgin. Samuel Jones, Gamekeeper to Sir Robert Williames Vaughau, Bait, in the Manor or Royalty of Nannau. Lewis Hees, Gamekeeper to Edward Corbet, E » q. iu the Manor or Royalty of Faenol. GAMEKEEPERS' CERTIFICATES, at the Rate of £ 3 13s. 6d. each. Thomas Davies, Gamekeeper to Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart, iu the Manor or Royalty of Friddheligymocb. Richard Jones, Gamekeeper to Griffith Howell Vaughan, Esq. in the Manor or Royalty of Hengwrt. Robert Williams, Gamekeeper to Miss Ormsby, in the Manor ur Royalty of Ardndwy. William Roberts, Gamekeeper to the Rev. Robert Nannau, in the Manor or Royalty of Garthgynfor. Published \ by Order of his Majesty's Commissioneis for the Lloyd John, Wood Lewis Richard, Trefnanney Lloyd Richard, Llanerch- rochwel Morris John, Pentrenarit Meares George, Treiydan Mvtton John, jon. Peavian Mytton Pryce Glynne. Ditto Myttm Deveieux, M. D. Var- choel Mytton Richard, Girth Owen John, Penrhos Pryce Richard, Gunley Prvce John, Cleik, , Dulfor « yn Hall Pryse Morgan, clerk, Llan- saintffraid Pugh David, Llanerchidol Pugh William, Crosswood Parry Thomas, Gaer Robert Edward, Penvbryn Rogers William, Folley Shuker William, Wain Vanghan Edward, Trelystan Williams Thomas, L'andrinio Williams 11. J. clerk, Welsh- pool Williames C. D. Ditto Wheel v Samuel, Ditto Williames John, Ditto obtained GAMEKEEPERS' 5s. each, to the 13th Lloyd Richard Hughes, Giver- glas Lloyd Edward Rhagatt Lloyd Simon, Bala Owen James, Dolgelley Price RichardWatkin, Rliiwlas Riveley <\ igeruon, Brynygwin Rowland William, Tvnaiit Vanghan SirRobertW'illiames, Bart. Nannau Vaughan'Griffith Howell, Rug Wynne John, Myarth Williams Robert Evans, Hen- bias Wynne William, Peniarth LONDON. „ —— "--^." iwa FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. ' TtlESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, The Prince Regent has been piea- ed to appoint the Earl of Aberdeen, K. T. to he Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Court of Vienna ; and the Hull. F. Lam be to be Secretary of Embassy at lhat Court. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER, 30. The Lisbon Papers to the Sth, state that the accounts from the Army are most satisfactory. Lord Welling- ton was in high health and spirits. Our divisions were briskly occupied in fortifying the passes of the Pyrenees, according to Ihe judgment of their respec- tive Commanders. The French were daily receiving reinforcements i and consist, it is said, of 80,000 nien. -— Twenty five thousand men have already entered six leagues into France.— The plan is slid to be to besiege Rayonne, and live upon the country.— Paiiipeltina, it was thought must very speedily surrender, as horse- flesh, upon which the besieged have lived for the last 15 days, has nearly failed them. It is reported th a t Lord Wellington has formed the determination of carrying the war almost immediately into the French territory. Tbe force which his Lortf- sliip, according to the last accounts, had collected for this great enlerprize, amounted lo 57,000 British and Portuguese, 35,000 Spaniards in a very high state of discipline, making in all 92,000 infantry ; ti> which are to be added- 10,000 cavalry, and eight thousand belonging to the artillery, engineer, and waggon corps ; so that Lord Wellington would pass, or has probably passed, the hostile frontier with a body of 110,000 men. There were besides 20,000 sick and wounded, many of whom were convalescents, and expected soon to join the army. His Lordship did not mean to wait for the reduction of Pampeluna, notwithstanding the certain knowledge lie had acquired of its speedy fall, but wa « , without loss of time, to push the war with the utmost vigour into the enemy's territory. Paris Journals to the 26th inst. were last night re- ceived in to « - n. They contain two Reports from Bonaparte, of the 13t. h and 17th inst, froiii Dresden and Pirna. The first gives a summary of the positions of the different, corps on the 13th, by which we find that Ney remained at Torgau, but Macdonald's division had fallen back behind tlie Spree, and that of Pouia- towski to within a day's march of Dresden. The army of Gen. Blucher has advanced to Ihe right bank of the Spree. Davoust, who was reported to have returned to Hamburgh, was at Ralzeburgh, and the Army of Berlin, as that of the Crown 1' rince of Sweden is denominated, was at Juterboch. The Report of the 17th conlains a detail of the operations of the armies on the side of Bohemia. On the 14th the Allies again advanced towards Dresden, and drove in the out- posts of the enemy. On the 15th Bonapirte came out of Dresden in person to oppose the Allies, and some slight skirmishing appears to have taken place on that and the following day, when the Allies fell back into Bohemia. In one of the alFa rs General Rlticlier, son of the Prussian Commander in Chief of that name, is stated lo have been made prisoner. He is the same Officer who was wounded at the commencement of tbe campaign.— On the I7lh Bonaparte returned to Pirtta The French papers state that Lord Aberdeen had bis first audience of the Emperor of Austria on the oth, when his Lordship presented bis credentials. As soon as the account reached this country of the death of the gallant Moreau, the Prince Regent ex- pressed a wish to pay a visit of condolence lo I119 afflicted widow; but she was in strong convulsions. These continued for some days, and were succeeded by a calm, more afflicting, perhaps, than those bursts of lears and sorrow, which give relief to the overcharged heart. Five millions of ball cartridges have been shipped at Plymouth Dock for Woolwich, thence to be sent to the North. The workmen at the Laboratory, at Ply- mouth Dock, are employed extra hours in filling cartridges for the same destination Three months since, 18 millions of cartridges were in store at Ply- mouth j of which immense number not one is left. Several of the Volunteer Corps, it is s lid, have had meetings, for the purpose of considering the propriety of offering their services to do garrison d ity, in this room of such corps as Government may think it expedient to dispatch to the Continent General Rey was not perfectly satisfied with his re- ception at Plymouth. He observed, that at St. Se- bastian's the British Officers paid him the attentions which were due to an Officer and a Gentleman— that Sir T. Graham attended him to the place of embarka- tion— and that on board the Revolutionnaire be had every reason to be satisfied with his accommodation) ; but. that, on his arrival at Plymouth, tlios • attentions ceased— that lie became an inmate of Mill Prison— and particularly that, 011 his entry into the prison, Ihe centinels did not present arms.— The General s; ie > ks willi great warmth ofthe " shocking untruths" in the English Papers, in which lie has been represented is a terrible Revolutionist, who had cut oifatid worn about him the ears of Loyalists, & e. He would not believe that French Officers had broken their parole to England ; and adverted with great warmth to the cir- cumstance uf a report at Plymouth, that 17 yeais before he had broken his parole. It is, however, singular, that bills were posted round Plymouth about 17 years since, offering a reward for a Colonel / ley, who had broken liis parole. .4 great number of vessels among the Baltic fleet, just arrived in the River, are laden wilh wheat. The following is the state ofthe payments in Omnium, made up to Friday lasts- Paid in full Paid, being 45 per cent. 011 £ 10,631,504 £ 16,358,500 4,784,175 Unpaid £ 21,152,675 .. 5,847,325 Affairs of Taxes, MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. THE greatest Blemish to Beautv is Superfluous Hairs on the Face, Neck, and Arms; HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them, is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent, and pleasant to use. Price 4s. or two in one Parcel 7s. Sold by the Proprietor, 23, Russel- street, Covent- Garden, London. ( SCt* WA TTON having been appointed the Wholesale as well as Retail Agent for this and the adjoining Counties, will suppln Booksellers and Dealers with tbe above Article on liberal ' Terms. The following are Venders in this Town and Neighbourhood: If. Eddoives, Shreicsbun/; If. P. Silvester, Newport; E. Edwards Oswtstry ; W. Smith, Iron- bridge; T. Griffiths, Ludloic; E. Griffiths, Bishop's Castle ; D. Proctor, Drayton. Total of tbe Loan £ 27,000,001! Though Marshal Sotilt did not dine at Vittoria, as he promised, it is certain that lie got his desert in tlic Pyrennees. The Turkish punishment for fraudulent linkers is an hour's confinement in their own ovens. We do not wish to make the fraternity crusty hy this suggestion, but as their crime is a fraud upon the poor, they must excuse us, if we think their present punishments far too slight. Bonaparte's late sally from Dresden, and return on the llth, without doing any tiling, very much resem- bles that celebrated operation, in which The King of France, with thirty thousand men, Marched up a hill, and then— marched down again. Napoleon's lale accounts of his own defeats ( pro- bably owing to the bad weather) are certainly stmie- what foggy t one part, of his army " disappears," - aud all the rest are mist.— His former " firand Array" was bound in Russia ; his present one seems to be hot- pressed in Germany. jgffBjffffijSS^ J^^ - • ' Tw" ' LONDON. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1- Paris Journals tothe S8ilmll. acre last nijrlit received 111 town. They are more interesting on account of their silence, than for thc news Ihey communicate. A report from P. ouaparte, ilatcrl Pima, the Ifith uh. details tlie particulars ofa skirmish which look place on the Bohemian frontiers 011 the 17II1, in which thc French, as usual, claim lo have hail the advantage. They are represented as having captured 24 pieces of artillery, hut, vvfutumitely, they were onlv able to bring oft' the horses, anil two pieces of cannon On'the 18th, a division of the Allies, attempted to surprize the heights above Keinilz, who, we are told, were repulsed. On Ihe'same evening, Bonaparte returned to Pima; and, the next day, his troops occupied their former positions, within a day's march of Dresden. Of thc corps of Macdonald, or I- aurision, or Sebastiani, ofNey, Marniont, VI unit, or Davim'M, not a word is said ; nor is any notice takcu- of the armies of Ihe Crown Prince or ( Jen. Blacker. The date of thc last accounts from these armies, in the French Papers, was of the l: ltli, when tbe , army of the Crown Prince was at . lutcrboch, and that of Gen. Blacher on the Spree. It is impossible that any advantage should have been gained over I liese armies by the enemy, or it would not fail to have been blazoned ill the French Papers; and it is highly improbable that two victorious armies, like those of the Crown Prince and ( Jen. Blacher, should have remained inactive from the 13lh to tbe 19th or 20th. The army of Blucher had been strongly reinforced bv that ofBennigscn, and the Prince o! Schwartz- enberg was to have joined him on the 131I1 with 50,000 men. This accession of strength would probably carry the amount of Blucher's force lo 180,000 men, and renders it a point of great anxiety to ascertain the nature of his operations From Ihe cautious silence of the Paris Journals, there is fair ground for inferring that the allies had obtained some new successes, which it was thought expedient to conceal. This system of concealment it seems likely they will persevi re in for some lime to conic. The mind of tbe public ot Paris is obviously preparing for this, hy an article in the Journal de (" Empire, in which is slated, that Kclleiman bail received intelligence from Dresden of the 19th, by a Courier, staling that nothing new had occurred; and that it was possible same time might elapse before another Courier was sent from thence. This notice could scarcely be intended for any other purpose than as a preparatory step to the concealment of inte. ligcncc ; and, coupled with fhe silence of the papers respecting Ney and Macdonald, affords a reasonable ground for believing, that some events had occurred unfavourable ( 0 Ihe a mis'of France. Berthier, who was killed some time ago in the English . ran. y| nj jnfo execution the patriotic plan of I. ord Soniei- Newspapers, is acknowledged, in Bonaparte a Report, 10 be j vj|| e fw better supplying tbe markets wilh Fish ;" a plan ill. He is bo years of age, and his constitution received a ; „ bich, it is generallv thought, will prove of essential benefit terrible shake last year 111 Russia. f _ . -. . 1 , ! , .. . ,1 _ ? SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1813. BIRTH, On fhe 211th ult. at the Mushroom Glass- house, near Newcastle, the wife of Isaac Scott, a poor man, with al- ready six small children, was delivered of three girls, and ail, with the mother, are likely to do well. MARRIED. Thursday last, at High VVycomb, HeitryWatkinWilliams Wynn, Fsi). late his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary sit Dresden, tothe Hon. Hester Smith, daughter of I. ord Cairiuglon. Yesterday, Mr T G. Gwyn, of this town, to Miss Bet ton, only daughter of Mrs. Bel ton, of Inwooil, in this county O11 the 18th ult. at Market Drayton, by the Rev. H J. Willlames, Vicar of Welsh Pool, Mr. H. Jones, surgeon, of Welsh Pool, to Charloltey third daughter of J. B. Harding, Esq. ofthe Old Springs. Sundav last, at Bishop's Castle, Minis D. L Dumoulicr, to Miss Bright, of tbat town. O11 the 14th nit. nt Chester, Mr Humphreys, ofDenbigli, ( the celebrated Wind harper,) to Mrs. Williams, widow of the late Mr. Williams, of tbe same place, whose lamented remains she fourteen days before had consigned to the silent grave. DIED. Yesterday, afler a long illness, Mr. Morris Morris, maltster, of this tow n. On the 28th ult. in ibis town, Mrs. I. eigliton, relict of the late Rev. Edward Leighton, Rector of thead Portion of Pontesbury. Monday last, Mrs Price, widow, Claremont Hill. On the 21st ult. deeply regretted hy a numerous circle of relations and friends, Miss Foulkes, of Lower Church- street, Welsh Pool. Visiting Clergyman Ihis week at the Infirmary, tbe Rev. W. G. Rowland:— House- Visitors, Joseph Bromfield, Esq. and Mr. Blunt. Donations to the Prison Charities. The Ringers of Kerry 1 £ l 1 0 Newloivn o 10 6 A Fine paid to a Gentleman, for damages? done by asses 5 Friday last, William Coupland, Esq. was sw orn into the office of Mayor of Ihis town and liberties for the ensuing year. A meeting of the inhabitants of this town and neighbour- hood is fixed for Friday next, to take into consideration the proposals of the Worcester and other Committees, for OSWESTRY RACES CONCLUDED. > 0 RACE 01 TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY, ihe Town Subscription - qf £ 50. 4- mile heats. J. Egei ton's, Esq. br. h. HJ or Miss, 5 vis. 2 I 1 Sir W. W. Wvuu's, Bart. bill. Spark, 4 yrs. 1 2 2 M r. Shaw's k f Caroline, 4yrs dis. Mr Shaw's b. h Ainho, 4 ys dr. Sweepstakes of tigs, each, aid £ 23. 15s. added by the Fund. One- Kite- heat. Sir W. W. Wynn's, Bart. i. f. Oliveru, 4 vrs 1 I E. L Charlon's, Esq. br *. Little Ben, 6yrs 2 2 Mr. Rees's c. g. 6 yrs 3 3 Thomas Lloyd's, Esq Id f. by Windle, 4 yrs 5 4 Mr. Groom's b. in 5 vrs 4 5 Tbe Stewards appointee for next year, are W. Sparling, Esq. and K. W. Eylon, Esq. MARKST HERALD. Price of Grain tn our Market 011 Saturday last :— Wheat 13s. 9,1. to 15V 4i'i.— Barley Os. Od. to Os. Oil. per bushel of SS qaarts.— Oats Ss. Od. to 8s. 6d. per customary measure of 57 quarts. CORN- EXCHANGE, OCTOBER 4. Having but a moderate supply of Wheat, that of fine qualify readily obtained last Friday's prices, which were 2s. per quarter lower than the preceding Monday. ' I he second and ordinary sorts were dull sale, and from 3s. lo 4s. per quarter lower than on the latter day. New Barley sold from 3s. to 4s. per quarter dearer. New Beans have advanced 5s. par quarter, hut there is no amendment in the price of old ones. Oats are 2s. per quarter dearer than last M ouiiay. lu other articles no alteration. MR. Bl AIR, DENTIST, • fi ESPECTFU1.1. Y informs the LADIES and GFNTI. E- FF MEN of SHREWSBURY, and ils Neighbourhood, t li. rt lie is arrived at Mr. VINCENT'S, Brazier. His Slay w ill be to SATURDAY, the 91b of October. His Tooth Powder and Brushes may he hail at Mrs. Burnett's, Mr Purrey's, Mr. llar'. ey's, Mr. Hnlme's, and Mr. Nightingale's. Shrewsbury, Sept. SSth, 1813. Salop District Committee Of the SOCIETY for PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, assembled at Saint Julian's Vestry, Shrewsbury, September 14, and, by Adjournment, ou September 24lh, 1813;— Present, THOMAS EYTON, Esq. President, in the, Chair: The Right Honourable Lorill Tbe Rev. HENRY r. i'RToS KFNYON The Rev R. CORFIKLO to the community, by its tendency to lower the price of Private letters from Paris, of the same date as the Papers, . butchers' meat in the markets throw out some hints of an armistiic, but state nothing decisive on Ihe subject. FROM TUE LONDON GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, OCTOBER 2, 1813. Our Fair on Saturday last afforded but a middling supply j of sheep, which sold . well— fat ones at about () d per lb — J Cattle were rather lower than at the August fair.— Pigs went off briskly at an advance in price.— Cheese was in T DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. NOTICE IS BCR- HY RIVEN. TUT THE PARTNERSHIP between ALEXANDER KFATE and WI! MAM WILKINSON', of the Tov n of SHREWSBURY. Tea- Dealers and Grocers, was ' I HIS DAY DISSOLVED by mutual Consent All Persons who have anv Demand on the said Firm, ore desired to send an Account thereof immediately to AI. E" XA.< NTIFR KEATE, PICK Street, or WILLIAM'WILKINSON. Mardol: And all Persons who are indebted to tbe said Partnership, nre requested to pay the same to WILLIAM WILKINSON, Mardol. Shrewsbury, 18th September, 1R13. WM. WILKINSON ~ ( LATE KEATE AND • WILKINSON) " PF. TURNS his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the S k Public iu general, for the manv Favours received from Ihem during his Partnership with Mr, Kemp; and respect- fully informs them that he IS REMOVED from High Street to the Premises in M ARDOL lately occupied hv Mr. John Ed'gorlev, where he intends carrying 011 tlieTEA and GROCERY TRADE as usual, auil solicits a Continuance of their Support. rr^ CHEESE and SALT BUTTER Wholesale. ; ORIGINAL TEA WAREHOUSE, HIGH- STREET, SHREWSBURY. KEATE & CO. ( LATF. KEATE AND WILKINSON) TF. A- DF. ALKRS AMD GROCERS", I N EYM AN ' r H iRULY sensible of the generous Support they have he acquainted' * received for this Twenty- eight Years past from their " ' 1 Friends and the Public in general, take the present favour- able Moment to return most sincere Thanks for ail Favours received; at the same Time take 1 lie Liberty to say, it is their Determination to produce Articles of the very best INHABITANTS of the Town and Neighbour- j Quality, of every Description, upon tbe most liberal Terms, d SHREWSBURY requested to meet in I equal to any other House, and flatter themselves in the firm Hope for a Share of Public Favour. cr CHEESE and SALT BUTTER Wholesale. Sir CORBET CORBET, Bart. ! EDWARD BURTON, Esq. THOMAS EYTON, jun. Esq. I ROWLAND HUNT, Esq. The Rev, Dr. PUTLER' The Rev.' Dr. FORESTER The Rev. J. B. BI. AKEV.- 1T The Rev. I . GARDNER Thc Rev. .1. GEARY Tbe Rev. T HUNT Ti c Rev. H OWEN The Rev. J. ROCK E Thc Rev W G. ROWLAND The Rev. T. SMYTH. TO PRINTERS. WANTED immediately, A COMPOSITOR, who can occasionally work at Press.— Apply to W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. ANTED GARDENER — PRINTER. - Apply to THE ANTED immediately, a JOUF BAKER. If a voting'Man, ( and with thc CONFECTIONARY BRANCH), will be more de- sirable.— Apply to Mr. ROBERTS, Oswestry. Fat. act of a letter from Captain JEjmorth. of his Majesty's ! considerable abundance, nud much of the inferior sort ml. i. r. O ATO/ ft- V, N ZI/ 3 jJnir. fl rv I ' f- fs. 1J // 1 w tll& l'. tll t\ T Ilirtl • ! — I 1 11 " . 1 • R . . . ( 1 P - , r, . _ - -. ships Nymphe, dated at Halifax the bib of July : remained unsold; prime dairies sold from 70s lo 84s. in- On the morning of the 29H1 ultimo, off I'm th North, ferior from 50s to 63s. per cwt.— Salt Butter sold from 13s. returning to Halifax, I fell in with, and after a chase of t0 14s per gaun of 12II1. 34 hours, captured the American schooner privateer 1 WHITEHALL, OCTOBER IST, 1813 — His Royal Highness TIkivhio i\ f i ci ifiiiic fo clio Ini. l t Iv 111 w ik nvpi'linti I'd i 11 it.,. 11> , „ „ n „ 1. .. 1. 1 . . .... .1 .8 .*.... ! .... Thomas, of 12 guns ( 8 she had thrown overboard in tbe chase) and 80 men, belonging to Portsmouth ; had been out six days, was proceeding to cruise between Halifax and the Great Bank, and bad not taken any thing. INSOLVENT DEBTORS— The Gazette also contains Ihe following notice from the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors: " As thc Quarter Sessions for the several Couu for Relief of Insolvent Debtors to enter into any corns- thai Ihey may take and use the surname of ponilcnee witli the Magistrates of the different counties, addition to and after that of Tozcr; and tha respecting prisoners who may apply to the Court for relief " - .... — . under tbe late Insolvent Act: it is requested that the Magistrates of the several counties will make adjourn- menls of their Quarter Sessions froin tunc to time, to enable the Commissioner to make such orders for the examination by them of prisoners taking relief under Ihe said act, as shall from time to time be necessary." SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2. The reported defeat of Davoust, near Hamburgh, is confirmed by a Heligoland mail. The private letters by this conveyance state, that the allies had passed tbe Elbe in force at Domitz, aud advanced against a body of French troops, above 5000 in number, w ho were posted at Daleni- burg, between Domitz and Luneburg ; that they attacked j and almost entirely cut off Ihe whole corps, witb its can- non, the French General escaping with only 200 men. it is added, that the allies immediately entered Lun'ehurgh, and sent out detachments as far as Bederkela, near Cux- liavcn, where they took a large convoy of provisions ; and tbat Dnvoust 110 sooner learnt I hese disasters, tban he dis- patched General Osten, w ith all the troops that could lie spared, to oppose their further progress. An orderof the day, published in the name of Davoust al Zarcnthein, on the 19th ultimo, states that General Pecheux, having pas- sed ihc Elbe wilh five battalions of infantry ( which may lie estimated at about 5,0u0 ineu), logcther'with 80 horse and six pieces of cannon, was attacked near Dalemburg, 011 th " 161I1 ultimo, when, after a brave resistance against far superior numbers, the General was only able to bring hack those who had not been placed hors de combat, losing all bis cannon, but preserving his eagles, and the honour of the French arms. The letters from the squadron off Flushing state, that so greatly arc the armies of the enemy in want of men, lhat once more all the best men have been taken from the ships at Flushing, and sent to tbe Grand Army: this took place about a fortnight ago. They colleefcd, in all, about 2000. This circumstance may, perhaps, account for Admiral Young, with the heavy ships of the squadron, having re turned to the Downs ; there being no possibility at present of llie French fleet ut Flushing putting to sea. The Madrid Papers contain an article, dated Tudela, thc 12th of August, mentioning, that tbe celebrated Mina hail passed through that town on his^ vay to Paiiipeluna. Jaca, thc only foil w hii li still held out in that quarter, was garri- soned by 400 Frenchmen. I11 Daroca, which lately surren- dered, the Spaniards found 10,000 muskets, 90,000 shirts, 40,000 pair of shoes, anil 15,000 suits of clpathiug. The necessary preparations for a winter campaign in ( he bleak mountains of the Pyreunees, are in considerable for- wardness, and intended' for the light troops 011 whom thai ardent and important duty w ill devolve. They consist of NOTICE, " XIIE hood of SHK l-.\\ StiUK Y are reque the GUILDHALL, 011 FRIDAY, ihe sth of OCTOBER, 1313, at one o'Clock IU thc Afternoon precisely, to take into Consideration the Proposals received from the Com- mittees at Worcester and other Places, for carrying into Execution the Plan of Lord SOMERVILLE for better sup- plying the Markets with Fish. By Order of the Right Worshipful the Mayor, LOXDA I , E, Town Clerk. SHREWSBURY~ HUNT. RPHE MEMBERS of li e SHREWSBURY HUNT are 5 requested to meet at the LION INN, on MONDAY, the FIRST of NOVEMBER, 1M3, to spend the Week with the President, Sir RICHARD PULESTON, Bart. the PRINCE R EGENT lies been pleased, in I lit name and oti the behalf of His Majesty, to give aiid grant unto HFNRY 1' INSON TOZFR, of Broadhcmpstiiii, in Ihe county of Devon, Esq. and MA TIT 11A his wife, the daughter of Har- coiii t Aubrey, late of Clchonger, in Ihe couuty- of Hereford, Esq. deceased, sister aud coheir of Richard Aubrey, late of , the same place, Esq. and relict of the Reverend Daniel ties an about lo commence, and the shortness oflhe time | Griffiths, late of Broom Hall, in the county of Salop, Clerk, rendering ii impossible for the Commissioner of the Court 1 also deceased, His Majesty's royal licence and authority, AUBREY, in at the arms of the family of Aubrey, ofClehonger, may, with a due dis- tinction, be borne by ilie said Henry Pinson Tozer, and Ibe issue of their marriage ; such arms being first duly exem- plified according lo the laws of arms, and recorded in the Heralds'Office, otherwise His Majesty's said licence and permission to be void and of none effect: and also lo com- mand, that the said royal concession aud declaration be registered in His Majesty's College of Arms. The sponsors at the christening of the infant Marquis of Granby are to be her Majesty, the Prince Regent, and Ibe Duke of York; the former hy proxy, the latter in person. It is not yet fixed whether this illustrious ceremonial is to take place at Belvoir Castle, or the Duke of Rutland's other seat ofChevelev, in Cambridgeshire. Mr Sonne, the architect, is named successor to the late Mr. Wyatl, as Surveyor- General to Ihe Board of Works. Caution — On the 17th ult. four people of the town of Wem were " Convicted by William Wicksteed, Esq in the mitigated penalty of ten pounds each, for aiding and assist- ing IN TAKING GAME without having a Certificate Any gamekeeper coursing, shooting, or pursuing game without Ihe bounds specified in his certificate, is liable to the penalty of twenty pounds. Any person going out as a heater, or being any ways concerned as an assistant iu coursing or pursuing game, is liable lo the same penally. Welsh Pool bolter and cheese fair, on Montlav se'nnight, was plentifully supplied with both articles; which sold readily.— Salt Butter from 12| d. to 13^ d. per lb.— Cheese from 55s. to 73s. per cwt, Mr. Robert Wilson Evans, of Trinity College, Cam- bridge, was 011 Friday last elected a Fellow of that Society. The cultivation of potatoes, in Devonshire, during the last season, has exceeded that at any former period : a few days since, in the neighbourhood of Exniouth, Ihcy were sold foreighteen- pence per ba^, of six pecks. Prolific Crape ' Jree.'— There is now growing agair. sl the Bear public- house, half way from Kidderminster to Broad- waters, a vine w hich is thought to produce as much, or per- haps more fruit annually, than any tree of the kind in the kingdom ; it has now upon it 2,560 bunches, and about 100 bunches have heen Ihis year taken from it. It is a matter perhaps not generally known, that by a rgMIE ANNUAL MEETING of llie OFFICERS who 1 served in tlie Montgomeryshire late Volunteer l. egion, will he held at the OAK INN, in Pool, 011 SATURDAY, the 9H1 October Instant. A. D. OW EN, Esq. President. tj5 Dinner at Four o'Clock. JOHN EVANS, watch ajvd clock maker, MARKET PLACE, BEGS to acquaint the Nobility, Gentry, and thc Public in general, he is appointed ( SOLELY) to vend FRI- BOURG and TRF. YF. R'S genuine SNUFF nnd TOBACCO in SHREWSBURY. He lias just received a Variety of Sorts and Mixtures, which may be had in Cannisters of every Size. J. E. embraces this Opportunity of returning his ninsl grateful Thanks for the liberal Encouragement he has received since he commenced Business, and of assuring his Friends lhat any Orders they may please lo confer on him, shall be attended to with the greatest Punctuality. Sept. 28th, 1813. AMID the Multiplicity of Notes and Commentaries . which are now daily publishing upon the Sacred Scriptures, in some Instances hy ignorant and uneducated Persons, totally unqualified for the Task; and in others, hy Men who entertain Opinions in such direct Opposition lo those generally received us true, as 10 he incapable of performing it satisfactorily ; il must be a Mailer if sincere Congratulation to every Friend of pure and undefined Reli- gion to know, that in order lo counteract the Evils neces- sarily arising front such Works, and to enable everv Family, at a small Expense, 10 obtain a Bible with suck Notes niiii Explanations as seem absolutely necessary to a right Under- standing of its different Parts, the venerable Society for promoting Christian Knowledge has undertaken the Pub- lication ofa NEW FAMILY BIBLE. The known Character and long- tried Principles of this Society, anil thc Learning and Talents of those more imme- diately engaged in the Preparation of the Work, are un- questionable Securities that it will he in all Respects a most invaluable Acquisition lo the Christian Community. With entire Confidence, therefore, 111 its Usefulness and Import- ance, we beg mosl seriously ami earnestly to recommend it to the Notice and Patronage of all by whom Ihis Communi- cation u ill be read. W7e feel perfectly assured that the Interpretation of Ihe Sacred Text will be sound and accurate ; that the Elucida- tion of its Doctrines will he clear, temperate, and judicious • flint the Illustrations of Phrases, Events, or Circumstances from contemporary Histories, 01 from a Consideration of Corresponding Manners and Customs, will lie all strong and appropriate; and that every Difficulty which may occur will receive the hest Explanation which human Learning and Ingenuity can supply. In short, we consider 1 hat Ihis projected Work carries wilh il surli powerful Claims 1 general Adoption— that it will be so important an Acquisi- tion lo all who are desirous uf thoroughly comprehcriilin<* the Revelation ofGod to Man, and the Principles of their- Faith and Duly, lhat we trust no Family in Ihis District ( to whom the Expense of Purchase is not an Object) will suffer itself to remain long without procuring a Copy, so that whenever the Sacred Scriptures nre read, this" Antidote against Error, and faithful Expositor of Truth may be read likewise. The general Prospectus of this Work we subjoin ; hut it is proper to add, that all those who may wish to take fhe superior Copies, wilh thc earliest Impression of Plates, are requested to apply immediately, by f etter, or personally 10 the Rev. HUCH OWEN, Shrewsbury, the Secretary; in- to any Other Member of the Salop District Committee- and Care will be instantly taken that thev shall he delivered iu Ihe Order in w hich they are subscribed for. Theatre, Shrewsbury. IAST WEEK of Performing, until the Hunt Week, J when the Company will return Wonderful Performances of Le Sieur Sanches, who will display very extraordinary Feats 011 this Evening and Friday. This PRESENT WEDNESDAY, the celebrated Play of THE CRITIC, or a TRAGEDY REHEARSED; tin Part of Puff by Mr. Crisp. The astonishing Perform- ance of Sieur Sattches, who will walk on the Ceiling with his Head downwards, display two Flags, and exhibit himself in various Forms With his most unparalleled Feats on THE SLACK ROPE, in which he stands un- rivalled. To conclude with the Grand Melo Drama of THE CARAVAN, or THE DRIVER AND HIS DOG On Friday, ihe last new Piece of THE DFVIL's BRIDGE, with vari'ons new Performances of Sieur Sanches, a FARCE, and several Entertainments. fc^ 3 The Theatre Royal, Chester, will open 011 Monday. Doors to be opened at Six; lo begin at SEVEN o'Clock. Boxes 3s. Gd. Pit 2s. Gallery Is.—' Pickets and Places for the Boxes lo be taken at Mr. Careswell's, Mardol Head. . SALOPITN BEEWERY. QIR JOHN HEATHCOTE and Co. having appointed KJ Mr. THOMAS POOLE to receive the Accounts due to ihein, in the Place of his Brother Mr. ROBERT POOLE, they give t his NO TICE, that Ihey shall be accountable only for the Receipts of Mr. Thomas Poole fiom the Date hereof. Shrewsbury, October 5'' i, 1813. LANCASTERIAN SCHOOL. AGENERAL MEETING oflhe Subscribers nnd Bene- factors lo Ihis Institution will be held, at twelve o'Clock, at the School, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th of OCTOBER, agreeably to ihe 7th Rule, when ils Progress and present State will he explained. SEED WHEAT. JOSEPH SMITH, WHARETS'GER, BEGS Leave to inform lite Public he has now on Sale, real Red Straw Chalk Wheat for Seed— BrisJol Brown Slont aud Upton Pol ler, in Casks of Thirty- six nnd Eight- een Gallons each. Horse Beans, Winter Vetches, While Boiling Peas, & c. Shrewsbury, 20th September, 1813. COOKSON & PARRY, Wholesale and Retail LINEN DRAPERS, HOSIERS. & c. & e. ANNOUNCE to their Friends and llie Public, that they have taken a COMMODIOUS SHOP, situated next Door above JONATHAN PERRY'S Upholstery Warehouse, PRIDE HILL, which they purpose opening in a FEW DAYS, with an eoliie new and elegant Assortment of LINEN DRAPERY, HOSIERY, & c. & c. They presume, front their Connexion with the Manufacturers of MAN CHESTER, GLASGOW, LEICESTER, & e. they can offer their Goods upon sncli Terms os cannot fail " to merit their Approbation, and secure Iheir future Favours, which shall at all Times be gratefully acknowledged. Shrewsbury, October, Wth M0.6U1 Day, 1813. Lately published, AREVIEW of Mr. VVi LREKFORCE'S Treatise, entitled " A PRACTICAL VIEW of the prevailing Religious System of professed Christians, & c." BY THOMAS BELSHAM. London printed : and sold by W. EDDOY/ ES, Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers. SHROPSHIRE CANAL. WHEREAS a GENERAL ASSEMBLY of ihe Com pany of Proprietors of Ihe said Canal, was ap- pointed to be hidden at Ihe THE HOTEL, in Madeley- wood, in the County of Salop, on FRIDAY, the FIRST Dai of OCTOBER Inst, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon, FAMILY BIBLE. On the First of January next will he published, in Numbers Price Gd eae. li, to bcconlinued Weekly ( 01 in Paris. con^ taining Eight Numbers, Price 4s ), the'Whole intended to form Two large Volumes in Quarto, €!] c i^ clp OBiMe, including ( heOLD and NFW TESTAMENTS, and the APO- CRYPHA, according to the authorised Version, With NOTES, EXPLANATORY and PRACTICAL, The Notes will be taken, upon all Subjects connected with Doctrine and Discipline, from the most eminent Writers of the United Church of England and Ireland: iit Matters unconnected with those Subjects, Recourse will occasionally be had toother Authorities, the MARGINAL. REFERENCES will be added, together with appropriate INTRODUCTIONS,' FABLES, INDEXES, PRINTS, M APS, and PLANS: ihe Whole intended to form a Family Bible fur general Use. Arranged under Ihe Sanction of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge ; AND DEDICATED, FY' PERMISSION, To the Most Reverend, THE LORD ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY. GEORGE D'OYLY, B D. and RICHARD M ANT, M. A. HIS GRACE'S DOMESTIC CHAPLAINS. It will lie then proposed to alter the 1 sth Rule, so lhat in j hut the Persons who were present 011 that Day did not future Children may not be admitted till they have attained I possess as Principals or Proxies, a sufficient Number of Iheir sth Year. Shares orVotes toconslitnte a General Assembly; NOTICE JOSEPH ENOCK, Secretary. BOWBLE'R & SEYG1B, flABIT MAKERS, TAILORS, isc. RESPECTFULLY inform their Friends and the Public, that BOWDLERS ate REMOVED lo a House lately occupied by Wythen Evaus, Esq. CLAREMONT STREET clause introduced into the late Mutiny Art, there is a .?, c?" 1Jf - , , • , • _ . penalty of £ 20 imposed upon ana arc for a'dvei tisiug, or (' ATE DOGLANE), where the above Business will be carried sticking up hand- bills, in order lb raise recruits or snbssi- " » m all its grancl. e » , Shrewsbury, SeptemlerW. I -\* 7THTEHEAD" and Go's newly improved WATER- Vf PROOF BEAVER HATS, sold only iu Shrews. lutes, unless with tbe permission of the Adjutant- General. Horse- Stealing.— O11 Saturday se'nnight, a man offered a horse for sale al Monmouth, but from the inadequate \ bury, at C HULBERT'S Drapery aud Stationary Ware- price asked, suspicions were excited that it bad not been hotisei Raven- street, next Door Io the Raven Inn, and honestly obtained. The man left tbe house where he had slept, at an early hour next morning, and was making his IS HEREBY GIVEN', that a GENERAL ASSEMBLY of tbe Company of Proprietors of the said Canal, is appoint- ed to be hidden ( by Adjournment) oh FRIDAY, tlie22d Day of October Instant, at tbe Hotel, in Madelcy wood afore- said, at thcHoiirof Eleven in thc Forenoon ; when and CONDITIONS. I. The Work will he printed on a fine Medium Paper, thc Text 011 a new Pica l. elter, and the Notes 011 Long Primer, both cast oil Purpose for this Work. II. In Ihe Course of the Work, besides appropriate Maps and Plans, a Number of Prints will be given, engraved in Outline from Designs by Ihe best Masters, carefully se- lected; thc Plates being furnished gratuitously by several Friends io the Undertaking. Ill Each Number will contain, 011 an Average, Two Sheets and a Half of Letter- Press: that is, the Numbers will contain, alternately, Three Sheets of Letter- Press ( 24 Quaito Pages), and Two Sheets of Letter- Press ( 16 Quarto Pages), wilh 11 Map, Plan, or Print. The Whole, it is pre- sumed, will be completed in about 100 Numbers. N B. A Number of Copies will be printed on a superfine camp equipage, such as is peculiarly adapted for lhat kind j when he was pursued across the fields lo Pool Ham Wood, of service, great coats and warm pantaloons. A consider- which he entered and concealed himself for near live hours, able quantity of these articles has already been shipped, before he was discovered by his pursuers. Having at last and the remainder will life sent away in a few days. An augmentation of cavalry is about to lake place, by adding two troops to cach regiment. po£ tccnpf. LONDON, Monday jYiglit, October 4, 1813. Yesterday fhe following Bulletin was exhibited at St. James's Palace : " Windsor Castle, October 2. '' His Majesty continues in a tranquil and comfortable state, hut without any abatement of his disotder." Paris Journals lo the 3oth ull. were last night received ill town. They contain no Report from Bonaparte; but intelligence is announced to have been received from him of so laic a date as the 23d, on which day he left Pima, to advance again to the Bohemian frontiers, iu consequence, no doubt, of the allied army being again in motion from ! near to the Butler- Cross, Sbiewsbury. . . . „. ! Where may be had M ARSHALL and Co's Patent Linen escape from the town without taking the animal with him, | Threads, Pal nil Linen Shillings &. Sheetings, HULBERT'S ! Patent Loom Colton Shillings, fine 01' stout Calicoes, j " the S'um'ijf FIVE POUNDS Printed Cottons, Muslins, Checks, Ticks, Flannels, el'eap Woollen Clolhs, Hosiery, Umbrellas, & c. An extensive Variety of New and Second hand BOOKS in every Branch of Literature. Also, Mrs. WORTH'S ( lale Mini Sadler's) POEMS. where the Proprietors of the said Canal are requested to RfT' 1> aPpr- w,; ich " « « .•>? <"> Mm Parts only, at the Price „ n„„. i:„ i>„..,,... .,. 1,., d ' [ of Ss. each Part, containing Eight Numbers, or Twenty Sheets, with the earlier Impression of all the Plates. To be printed at the Expense of tbe Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, at the Clarendon Press, Oxford, by Benslev, Cooke, aud Collingwood, Printers to the Univer- sity ; and sold by F C and J. Rivington, Booksellers tothe Society, No 63 St. Paul's Church- Yard, Loudon; by EODOWES, Sandford, Watt oil, Morris, and Newling, S, lM'Oii: i; hmnj • fi 11 t- 1\ 15.... ..., J CH 1 1 * 1 - attend in Person, or by Proxy. Madeley, DAVID DAVIES, 2rf Oct. 1813. Clerk to the Company. In Ihe Act for making the said Canal is contained a Clause 10 the following Effect, viz. •' That in Case of Ihe " Failure oflhe Meeting of Persons having TWO HUN DRF. D " and FIFTY Votes, as Principals 01' Proxies, at any such " General Assembly, all such Principals as shall not be " present on Ibe Day of any Adjournment thereof, by them- " selves or llieir Proxies, shall forfeit to the said Canal Company, for every Share Ihey possess in the said Canal, found bim, he was sccnred and taken before the Mayor, ( if tbe Borough, to whom he confessed that his name was William Burns, and that he had stolen the horse from Mr. Robinson, who keeps tbe Dun Cow public house, Trench- lane, near Wellington, in this county. On being conveyed lo prison, a pocket pistol w as found in his possession, load- ed nearly to the muzzle with powder and slugs. JVJ. R. on being written to, went to Monmouth, and identified the VILLAGE OF BRACE M/ OLE, TO BE LET, FURNISHED* ACOTTAGE, with immediate Possession, for 6 Months, on very easy Terms : or for one or more Years, un- horse as his property ; and tfurns » < mams in - aol, till he | fui. njshed - Apply TO Mr. R PRITCHARD, Shrewsbury, if can be removed to Shrewsbury for trial. 1 i, v j rit„,. jw, that quarter. TS'ot a word is said of ihe armiesoT Rlucher, j the greatest satisfaction. ed The attendance at the late Liverpool Festival, it is stated, was the most numerous ever remembered on a similar occasion, and that, had ( lie different places of performance been capable of containing greater numbers, the receipts would have been nearly doubled- The total amount of cash taken is reckoned to be £ 6000. There were 2228 persons in the Ball Room at one time, which was most splendidly illuminated; and the various musical performances afforded Benniijsen, orSchu arfzenberg; and the only notice which is taken of the aruiy ofthe Crown Prime, which is designated j 1 reword of Hu mart ity.— Cspt. I. aycel, of tbe 22d Grenadiers, the brave and very humane French Ofiicer who so nobly the arir. yat hat covers Berlin,' Js, that it is upon the right j sn'afched from the brink of destruction, at the imminent ha-' bank of the Elbe, and does not appear to he yet in a condi- zard of his ou n life, two English ottitvrs at the siege cf St. tion to risk the passage of that river. The most important ! Sebastian's, was restored to liberty almost as soon as he communication, however, by the French Papers is, the I reached the depot at Abergavenny, aud has received his unequivocal admission of Gen. ThielmanS? corps, which j passports to return to France. former accounts informed us bad advanced to the Saal, ( As some workmen belonging to the Birmingham and being directly in the rear of the enemy's position at I Worcester Canal, were on - Monday diggiug a culvert under Dresdrn, and not more than 25 miles from that city-, and j the old city wall, Worcester, where Sidbury gate formerly that the intercourse of Couriers was suspended. Gen. [ stood, they found a sword, supposed to be that which be- taken by Sir J. Moore on the retreat to I longed to the Duke of Hamilton, and to have lain there by Letter, Post- paid. N. B. This Advertisement will not be continued. STABLE, COACH- HOUSE, & c. SHIIEWSBUIIYT^ TO BE LET, AND MAY BE ENTERKD UPON IMMEDIATELY, A FOUR- STA LLED STABLE, with Saddle- Room, and - tsL. Loft over the Whole, for Hay and Straw : together with a very good COACH- HOUSE, ( which will hold two ! Gigs), and a Granary over. i The Premises are together, and situated in the QUARRY, ! near to Claremont Buildings. Enquire of Mr. EATON. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. TO BE LET, By Tender, at Lady Day, 1814, by the Year, A MESSUAGE or Tenement, with convenient Outbuild- j / I ings, and about 74 Acres of Arable, Pasture, and I Meadow Land, lying convenient for Occupation therewith, ' at UPPINGTON, in the Parish of Alberbury, in the said County, with an extensive Sheepw- alk on the Long Moun- tain ; now in the Occupation o. f Richard Lewis. Also, for a Term of Years, a M ESSUAGE or Tenement, with substantial Outbuildings, and about 113 Acres of Arable, Pasture, aud Meadow Land, convenient for Oc- cupation therewith, lying at TRFLtJSTAN, in the Parbli of Wcrthen, in the said County, now in t he Occupation of George Thomas and his Undertenants.— The Tenants will shew the Premises. The Tenders, expressing the Bent and Securities offered, must he sent sealed and d- rected to the Bev. Stephen Stephens, Ely, Cambridgeshire, Post- paid, on or before the 5th Day of Noveruber next, and an Answer will be given to the accepted Offer previous to the 20th of De- cember following. 4th October, 1813. Lefevre, who was Corunna, had been detached against Thielman, and, it is pretended, had obtained some advantages over him ; but it is at the same time admitted, that one or two more such affairs would be necessary to render the route free. A gentleman who left Hamburgh the 25th ult. states, lhat the French were preparing to evacuate that city, aud had b^ gun to blow up the Altona Gate. Subsidiary Treaties are understood to have been agreed upon between this country aud Austria and Prussia. This morning a Cadiz Mail arrived, by which we have received letters and papers to the 8th ult. Accounts from Gibraltar of the 28th of August, mention, that the plague continued its ravages at MaHa, but they do not ' inform us of the dsue ot' the last advices from that island. Letters were received in this country some days ago fiom Malta, of the 4th August, which stated that the plague had, at that period, considerably abated, it is therefore hoped, that the accounts from Gibraltar will be found to refer to an antecedent period. To- day theLord Mayor held a Court of Common Council. Letters were laid before the Court from General Graham and Lieut- Gen, Sir Rowland Hill, containing acknow- ledgements for the thanks of the Court, and other marks of favour bestowed upon them. The Court then proceeded to take into consideration the present high price of bread, which had b. ien kept up in an alarming degree after so abundant an harvest ; when, after considerable debate, it was referred to a Committee, consisting of all the Alder- men present, and a Commoner out of each Ward, to lake the same iuto consideration, and to report their opinion thereon. Three per Cent. Consols. 53^ since the battle of Worcester, in the year l8; ss. This sup- position is grounded on the fact of ti; e body of his Grace having been buried in a parlour, in the Commandry, near tbe spot where the sword was found, and part of the hilt ofthe weapon being gold. Sieur Sanches, who is now exhibiting at our Theatre, acquitted himself in his very wonderful feats to ( lie admi- ration and astonishment of a uurUrrons company His performances on the Slack Rope surpass ali competition. The new Piece of The Caravan, and the Opera of Thc Devil's Bridge, have been received throughout wilh the most flattering plaudits, ar. d will tort; mnaiu I'avmui'tes ! with the Public.— For this Evening's Pi 1 fuimanees, see A dr'ert. A very remarkable hop was a few'days since gafhtered in the plantation of " VI r. S. Baker, of i\ nrthiam. 1! measured in length four inches aud a half, and was seven inches and a half iu circumference ; aud what is equally extraordinary, it had nine smaller hops grow ing from the sides of it. il is preserved as a great curiosity. Earthquake.— About a quarter past three o'clock in ( he afternoon on Friday, the - 24th ult a shock of au earthquake was felt very generally by the inhabitants of Stamford, and of the neighbouring towns and villages, from West to Eist. The noise, to those who were. within doors at the time, resembled the falling of furniture in upper rooms, and some persons were sensible of motion from the agitation of the earth. At Kettot;, four miles West of that plaice, it excited considerable alarm; and it is said, that it was felt at. Uppingham, Oakham, Peterh^ rougli, Dt ephig, and most of the intermediate places. The duration of the shock was about fwo'secnu < b-. ihe nc. i c accompanying it very loud. TUB REV. WIILUAM IIETHERIXGTON'S CHARITY TO THE BLIND ; ESTABLISHF. D 1774. CHRIST'S HOSPITAL, LONDON, HF. il FAS the above- named Gentleman, in his l. ife- time, enabled tbe Governors of this Hospital to pay Annuities of £ 10 lo each of 50 Blind Persons, in the Hope that his ExaniDle would he followed by other benevolent Characters, tbe Governors give this Public Notice, that from the very munificent Additions made lo Mr Hcthcr- ingtou's original Fund, by Deed ofGift, and by Will, they are now enabled to extend ihe Annuity to upwards of .100 ot her Persons. The Governors give this Public Notice, that from the ihtit October to the 3d November, in every Year, they are ready, iu order to supply the Vacancies which annually arise, to issue from the Connting- Ilouse of the Hospital", vvon the personal Application of a Fiieml,* Petitions for . any • llirnl Persons duly qualified; at which Time also Ihe !' t ! i;, ons , if Candidates w ho have been unsuccessful must be 11 new ell. The leading Qualifications are stated hereunder; and unless the Parties can respectively prove themselves strictly within them, the Applications in llieir Behalf will he eu- irel v fi nitU- ss. Birt h l: i England, to the Exclusion of Wales and Berwick- upon- Tweed Age, Fitly Years, iv.' d upwards. Residence, Three Years in their present Abode ; and total Blindness during that Period. Those who h- ive ever begged, received Alms, or are deemed Objects for Parish Relief, are excluded from the Benefit of these Charities, whictt are intended " fer those who have been reputably brought up, and who want some Addition to what they have, to make Life more comfortable under the Misfortune of Blindness." Ut October, 1813. ItlCHABD COUP, Clerk. * From the great F. xtent of this Charity, it is found impracticable to attend lo Letters. Shrewsbury; Felton, Proctor, and Griffiths, I. odiow; Gilton and Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Parker, Whitchurch: Edwards, Price, aud Minshall, Oswestry; Bau^ h, F. lles- mere; Scarriitt, Shifinal ; Wilkes, and Houlslous, Wel- lington; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock ; Silvester, New- port ; Griffiths, Bishop's Caslle; Proctor, Drayton ; Ash- ford, Wem; Mrs. Newell, Cleohufy; and hy all oilier Booksellers in the United Kingdom. CAEREIMON INCLOSURE. rrUlE COM MISSlONEH^ having allotted such of tlie 3 Commons and Waste I mills as nresiluule in the re- spective Townships of BhosaHoe aud Pentvrch, wit hill thc Manor of Caefeinion iscoed, anil authoiiseil the immediate Inrlosure thereof; nud having also duly ordered, directed, and appointed at! Common and oilier Rights in, over, nnd upon tbe same Lands to he extinguished from anil after the FIRST Day of NOVEMBKR. NEXT coming, by Virtue ofthe Statute in tbat Case provided : THE FREEHOLDERS, their Tenants, and all Commoners, Cottagers, and others, are to TAKE NOTICE, lhat no Cattle can be lawfully turned in, or depastured, 011 any ofthe abovementioned Commons oti or after that Day, except by the Parties lo whom the Allotments are made, or their Tenants, in Iheir own re- spective Allotments only : And that, even in either of those | Allotments, neither I hr Owner, nor hisTenifut, or auy other I Person, can legally kiep aiiy Sheep oi- Lambs for seven Years to come, unless be fences anil preserves Ibe young RUN AWAY , , „ fJrttOM his Wife and Children, who arc thereby become 1 Qm< k Hedges on every Side of such his Allotment. H charceabie to the Montgomery and Pool United Dis- ! - , , E EDYE, Commissioner'; trie!, JOSEPH PUGH, of Pool, Bricklayer and Mason, I hiErb. Hair • Dated 2d October, 1813. Clerk. about five Feet nine Inches high, well formed, black Hair, full grey Eyes, and about so Years old : Wore off a blue j Coat, striped light coluured Waistcoat, and drab Kersey- mere Breeches. A Reward of TWO GUINEAS will be paid by the I Stewaid of Ilie Montgomery and Pool House of Industry j for lriforiualiou where he is, so t hat he may be apprehended. ' By Order of the Board of Directors, E. EDYE, Clerk. He w as some Time ago sent to Pool from Wolverhamp- ton, by an Order of Removal, and was afterwards committed lo thc House of Correction for deserting his Wife aud Family. STOLEN, Out of a Stable, belonging lo Mr. Hushes, of the While Lion, Oswestry, 011 Tliui sday, thc 3 ,1 b September lasi, A DAPPLE BROWN FILLEY, 4 Years old, about 13| OL Hands high, very long Ears, had a Coll when three Years old, and has a cut Tail; also a SA disli: aud Bn 1 OLE; all tbe Property of Mr. HUMPHREYS, of Ibe MERE BANK, iti the Parish of Bascburoh.— WhuA- er will give such In- formation as may lead lo Ihe Discovery of Ibe Offender or Offenders, shall, ou their Conviction, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS, by applying to tbe said Mr. Hughes, or Mr. Humphreys. N. B. A Man who goes by the Name ofTbomas Norman, a Joiner, born near Ui^ by, Warwickshire, is supposed lo he Ihe Offender; he is about 5 Feet 11 Inches hixh, strong made, rather Knapper- knec'd, fair Complexion, light Hair, and generally wears a Snuff- coloured Frock Coat, Patent Cord Small- clothes, Silk Beaver Hot, and White Hand- kerchief. Oswestry, Oct. G, I8IS. NEW LOTTERY, of 8,000 TICKETS, TO BEGIN DRAWING 3d NOVEMBER. SWIFT and Co. the Contractors for llie last and present Lotteries, beg leave most respectfully lo return their sincere Thanks to the Public, for the Patronage they received, in ihe extraordinary Demand for the Tickets and Shares of the Lottery which is just ended, ami m request a Continuance of Ihesante Support in the NEW LOTTERY to be Drawn on Ihe sd NOVEMBER — The Scheme, wilh only 8000 Tickets, contains Two Prizes of £ 211,000!!* a Circumstance unexampled in Ihe History of Lotteries. The following is a List oflhe Prizes:— 2 of £ 2( 1,000 are £ 40,000 2 3,000 ( i, ooo 3 1,000 3,( 100 4 500 2,000 5 2 10 1,000 10 100 1,000 20 50 1,1100 f > 040 ao 20,800 Aud jt' 10 for each ofthe first 52u Blanks. Tickets and Shares arc soiling al SW1 FT and Co.' s London Officf s. And No. 31, A LDGATE HIGH- STREET. No 11, POULTRY, 12, CHARING CROSS, Also hy their Agents, J. WATTON. Printer, SHREWSBURY, II. P. SILVFSTER, Bookseller, NEWPORT. W. FELTON, LUDLOW. D. PROCTOR, MAV. KF. T DRAYTON. A. A ^ LAN DAULET. TO BE SOLD, ARI RAVELLING LANDAIJLET, BUILT byone of THE best Makers in London ; fitted up and finished in the first Style. It has been used only a few Times, and is equal to new, the Lining having been always covered with a false one. To be seen at Mr. MORRIS'S, Coachmaker, Shrewsbury. PAIR OF HANDSOME CHESNUT HORSES TO BE SOLD, IN excellentCondition, risings and 6 Years old, 15 § Hands high, warranted sound and free from Vice, very active and good- tempered, either in a Char, iot, Whiskey, or for the Saddle. They are well known as answering the above Description, and a fair Trial will he allowed. Price 120 Guineas. Apply lo THE COACHMAN at Sweeney Hall, near Oswestry. Sweeney, 51 h October, 1 & 12. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, In the undermentioned Lots, ( TIUNDRY MESSUAGES or DWELLING HOUSES, O SHOPS, WAREHOUSES, and STABLES, situate on the WYLE COP and in Back Lane and FriarV.- Lane, in the Parish of St. Julian, in the Town of Shrewsbury. LOT I A laige and commodious SHOP and WARE- HOUSE on the Ground Floor, with two Floors over the same, and excellent Cellaring under the Whole, now in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Hayes, aud Messrs. John Hughes and Sons.— Land Tax ' 0 10s 6d. This Lot ( except the Warehouse) is under Lease to Mr. Hayes, eight Years of which will be unexpired on the first Dav of Januarv next LOT IL All that COUNTING- HOUSE, Driving- Way, and Warehouse, with two Floors over, together with a Shed and Yard adjoining, and a good Cellar and Vault under a Part of this Lot, which is situated in Back Lane, and adjoining Lot J and is now in the Occupation of Messrs. . L Hushes and Sons — Land Tax £ 0 6s. Gd. LOT III. A large WAREHOUSE, now used as a Bacon- house, with two Floors over the same, and a small Yard behind, also adjoining: Lot !. and situate in Friar's Lane aforesaid, now occupied hy Messrs. J. Hughes and Sons.— Land Tax 6s. od. This Lot is capable of being converted, at a small Expense, into two Dwellings. LOT IV. A STABLE, calculated to hold seven Horses, with Hay Bin on the Ground Floor, and a small Yard attached, with two Floors above the same, situate in Fi iar's Lane, and adjoining Lor 3, and now also occupied by Messrs Hughes's.— Land Tax .- fo 5s. 3d. All Partition Walls between Lots 3 and 4 are to be made up aud erected jointly bv the Purchasers of these Lots, and to be considered as Party Walls. LOT V FOUR DWELLING HOUSES, situate in Back Lane, three of which are occupied by Thomas Bratton, Aun Williams, and Hugh Morris, and the other void.— Land Tax £ o 8$. 3d. LOT VI A DWELLING HOUSE, on the Wyle Cop, with a Shop in Front, well situated for Business, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Carpenter.— Land Tax. £ o JOs. 6d. F OT VII. Another DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot 6, now unoccupied.— Land Tax £ o 4s. od. LOT VIII. Another DWELLING HOUSE, situate near to Lot 7, in the Occupation of William Grammer.— Land Tax £ o 2s od. For further Particulars apply to Mr W. EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. JVeat Household Goods, and Stocl: in Trade. BY W. SMITH, Upon Hie Premises alWeslbnry, in Hie Counly of Salop, on Monday and Tuesday, tiie nib and 12th Hays of October, 1813: AI. L the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, with Implements and Hay, together with all the Stock in Trade, belonging to Mrs..)" AN E JONES ; comprising ex- cellent Four- post, Tent, and other Bedsteads, with Fur- niture; seven capital seasoned Feather Beds; Blankets, Quilts, and good Pome- made Bed nnd Table Linen; Oak Chests uf Drawers, Linen Ci;< I, Dressing Tables, Bason Stands, Su ing Glasses, an ; olher Chamber Furniture, eight ] neat Parlour Chairs; Oak Dining and other Tables; MH- I hogauy round Table; capital Oak Beaufet, with double Doors: two excellent arch- faced Eight- day Clocks; Qnan lily of Glass and China; six Silver Tea Simons, Oak- Dresser and Shelves ; capital large. Kitchen Table, Kitchen Grate, Fenders, Fire Irons, kc. together with every Kitchen and Culinary Requisite ; Iron Furnace and Boiler, wilh all Ibe Brewing Vessels, Casks, & c which are in good Con- dition. Also, a STACK of NEW HAY. aud Part of a STACK of OLD.; an excellent Pouey, two Carls, Wheelbarrow, two Ladders, two Sets of Gears, two Saddles and Bridles, and sundry sum!! Implements. At one o'Clock on ' I UFSDAY, Will be SOLD, IN ONE LOT, all Ihe Shop Requisites, with the STOCK in TRADE, consisting of Articles in Ihe Grocery, Drug, Ironmongery, and Haberdashery Lines— Catalogues descriptive of each Article in the Stock, may be bad of THE AUCTIONEER, or at the Place of Sale. The Stock may be viewed three Days prior lo Sale: lo commence al 10 o'Clock each Morning. The Purchaser of Ihe Slock may have the House and Shop fill Lady- Day, 1614, at the present Bent. TREES. TO BE SOLITBY AUCTION, I, V LOTS, 200,000 LARCHES, ty SilsttCit. CAPITAL GRACING LAND, A ILILEY FOFEPATE. BY STRIDOR, At the Riven and Bell Inn, Slircrsburv, on Wednesday, the 20th October, 1SI3, at four (.' Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as vill he then produced, in the following Lots : I. Ot I. ALL ( hat rich PIF. CE of GtAZING LAND, as the same is uow stakedoe. t, bein; the nearer Part of THE NEAR Mr at: POOL Finn, adjoining to Saint Giles's Cottage, containing 3.1. lR. oP. utw in the Occupation of Mr. William Hughes. This Lot is subject to ail Occupation Road to Lot 1 TI... > i . % alc0 ty auction. KINNERLEY AND DOVASTON, SHROPSHIRE. BY S. TUDOR, ty mtidii LEASEHOLD ESTATEIn WELSHPOOL. BY T. HOWELL, On Monday, ilic 1st of November, 1813, at the House of j Al the Oak, in Welshpool, on Monday, the 2.1th Dav of Thomas Davies, jun. being Ihe PUBLIC HOUSE in ihe J October, 1S13, between four and seven in the Afternoon, Village of KINNERLEY", in the County ofSalop, a! ! in the following Lois, subject lo Conditions : three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Con- ditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced : rpHE following LOTS of desirable FREEHOLD JL LAND, & c. I. OT I A PIECE of LAND iu Kinnerlcy, called Moor Patch, bounded by the Road nn one Side, ar. d by Lands of Lord'Bradford, T. Franks, and II. Watkin on the oilier Sides, coiilRiniug. A- R. P. „ LOT IL A PIECE of LAND in Kinncilev, LOT it. The remaining Part of the same Field, contain- 1 called Witliey- lane Croft, bounded bv the Bond iog 3.4. oR. 9/ P. now in the Occupation of tbe said I ° n one Side, and by Lands of R. Watkin and T. Mr WillianlHiitrl-. es. ' | Franks on the otherSides. containing LOT III. Al! Hint rich PI L- CE of GRAZING LAND, | I. OT 111. A neat FARM HOUSE, with Slate called THE FURTHER MERE POOL FIEI. O, containing j Cover, in good Repair, and suitable attached R. 3P. adjoining the other Lots, and now in Ihe Outbuildings, at Kinnerley, in Possession of FLA. IE Occupation of tiie said Mr, William Hughes. The above Lands are situate in the upper Part of the Abbey Fort- gate, Shrewsbury; may be v iewed by applving to Ihe Tenant; e. tul further Paiticulars known from THE AUCTIONEER, or at the Ollice of Messrs. ASTERLEY and JEFFREYS, where a Map of the same nay be seen. BY S. TUDOR, At Ihe Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on Snliiiday, the 23d October, 1813, at four oTlo< V in Ihe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will le then pri dtiecd, eitliei together, or iu such Lots as will be then agreed upon : ALL that, most desirable and compact FARM, called BROMLEY GREEN, situate in tie Parish of i llordley, and Couuty of Salop, containing | 6."> A. aR. 3lP. [ now in the Occupation of Mr. John Pembury, Part whereof | is Tythe- free, with two thirds of the Great Tythes of the i Remainder. ! Also TWO THIRDS of the GR FAT TYTII F. S ofsundiv Estates iu Baglev, containing 195A all. 37P. now ill the j Occupations of Mr Reynolds, Mr. Dodd, and others, i This Estate is within a Ring Fence, is situate within 4 Miles of Ellesmcre, 8 of Oswestry. 11 nf Shrewsbury, Thomas Davies the elder, with the several Pieces or Parcels of Land following, and ndjoini:'.;; thereto, viz. House, Buildings, Fold, Garden, A. P. P. Croft, Orchard, & c 1 1 19 iVlonr Pierc 4 3 35 Gijbole Croft I 2 in And Gigliule Leasow 4 0 13 LOT IV TWO PIECES of LAND in Kinner- ley, had in Exchange from Mr. John Edwards, 12 0 6 rilWO Feet High, at WOLVERLF. Y, near Kidder- nnd half a Mile ot Ihc Ellesmere Canal IS minster, 011 llie Morning of the Kith October, 1813, if ! The Tenant, Mr. John Pembury, will shew the Premises; irevioiisly disposed of in one Lot.- Enquire for Par- ! and further Particulars maybe known by applying to Mr. I GEORGE GEA RY, al Weslburv ; or Messrs. ASTERLEY and | JEFFREYS, Shrewsbury, al whose Office a Map of the not previously Lot.— Enquire ticiilars of Mr. JOHN PARTRIDGE, as above. BY R. MADDOX, On Tuesday, the 12lh Dav ofOctober, 1813: ALL Ihc valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, to- gether wilh a Quantity of EXCELLENT HAY and other Property oil the Premises of Mr. R. WILLIAMS, of LLANDRINIO, in the County of Montgomery, Grocer. Printed Catalogues may be had at the Punch Bowl Inn, Llandrinio; Cross Keys, Llanymynech ; Oak lun, Welsh Pool; Elephant and Castle, Shrewsbury ; and at the Cross Keys, Mr. PRICE, Printer, and THE AUCTIONEER'S, Oswestry.-— 25/ 4 Sept. 1813. SHROPSHIRE CAPITAL OAK, ASH, AND OTHER TIMBER. Estate mav be seen. © alcjs ty Auction. mis DAY. OSWESTRY. FREEHOLD HOUSES and GARDENS, in BAILEY STREET', and G A R DENS on CASTLE BANK. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Cross Keys Inn, OSWESTRY, on Wednesday, the 6th of October, 1813, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon: LOT I ALL that spacious DWELI ING HOUSE, with Front Shop, Parlour, Kitchen, Brewhouse, Cellars, numer- ous Bed Rooms. extensive Workshops, two stalled Stable, and other Outbuildings, Yard, with Pump thereon, and Carriage Road thereto, also the East Part of large Garden attached, as now staked out, in the Occupation of Mr, John Roberts, Hatter, and suitable for any respectable Trade re- quiring Publicity ol Scite and Extent of Convenience. Likewise, a small Garden adjoining, in the Occcupation of Mr Richard Griffiths. LOT 11. That substantial Brick- built DWELLING HOUSE, with Shop, Parlour, Kitchen, appropriate Bed Rooms, Cellaring, and Offices, together with a two- stalled Stable, and small Garden, now in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Price, Glover; also the West or farther Part of large Garden, at present occupied by Mr. John Roberts, as uow staked out. Lots 1 and 2 are to be sold subject to the Purchaser of Lot 2 having free Use of the Pump on Lot !, and the Privilege to fence out a Road four Feet wide at the lower Part of large Garden attached fo Lot ! and shall fence between Lots 1 and 2 at the staked " Division thereof. LOT 111. The Eastward Part ( as now staked out) of that very excellent and extensive G ARDEN, well stocked with good Fruit Trees, forming a most eligible Building Scite, delightfully placed on CASTLE BANK, and now occupied by Mr. James Jones. LOT IV. The Westward or other Part of said large Garden. N. B. The Purchaser of Lot 3 to fence against Lot 4, The Whole of the Premises are held by Mr John Ro- berts, on Lease, which expires at Lady Day next, under Covenant to leave the Whole in Repair.— The Occupiers will shew the respective Lots ; and for further Particulars apply to T. L. JONES, Esq. Oswestry,, at whose Cilice a Plan of the Premises may be seen. " FREEHOLD ESTATES, IN TIIE COUNTIES OF HEREFORD AND SALOP. BY JONATHAN PERliY, At Ihe Angel Inn, in Ludlow, in Ihe County of Salop, on Monday, the 18th Day of October, 1813, between the Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, subject to the Conditions then to lie produced: AVERY ELIGIBLE AND IMPROVABLE ESTATE, in the following, or such other Lots as shall lie agreed upon at the Time of Sale, viz. LOT 1 All those several Pieces or Parcels of Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Orchard l. ANDor Ground, situale in the Parish of LITTLK HEREFORD, in the County of Hereford, lying very compact within a Ring Fence, and containing iogether 2£ t) A. 3R. 15P. or tlicreaboufs, lale in ilie Occupation of Ephraim Swan, and now occupied by the Proprietor. LOT 11. A MESSUAGE, or Tenement, nnd Farm, with the Buildings, Lands, and Appurtenances thereto belong- ing, within 11 Ring Fence, situate in the Parish of LITTLE HEREFORD aforesaid, in the said County of Hereford, con- taining together 211A. 0R 9P. or thereabouts, now in the Occupation of Mr. Evans, or his Undertenants. LOT III. A PIECE of PASTURE LAND, adjoining Lot 2, situate inihe Parish of ASHFORD CARBONEL, in the County of Salop, containing 4A. 0R. 25P. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of the said Mr Evans. LOT IV. A PIECE of PASTURE LAND, adjoining to I. ot f, siluate in the Parish of ASHFORD CARBONFL afore- said, containing 13A oR. 3( iP or thereabouts, lale in the Occupation of Ephraim Swan, and now of Ihe Proprietor. This Lot is sold subject to an Occupation Road through il lo Lit! .' » . LOT V. A PIECE of MEADOW LAND, adjoining Lot A, called WOODCOCK MEADOW, situate in the Parish of Cainham, in the said County of Salop, containing 8A. lit. BP. or thereabouts, in ( lie Occupation of Ihe Proprietor. LOT VIA PIECE of PASTURE LAN I), adjoining Lot 5, called RURNT OAK, situate in the Parish of Ashford Carbonel aforesaid, containing 6A. oR. 27P. or Iheieabouts, in the Occupation ofthe Proprietor. LOT VII. A MESSUAGE and GARDEN, situate in ( lie parish of ASHFORD CARBONEL aforesaid, containing oA. ll'. fjP. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of James Hill. LOT VIII. A PLOT of GARDEN GROUND, situate at MESTINGTON, ill the Parish of Ashford Ciirboncl afore- said, containing 7 Perches, or thereabouts, in the Occupa- tion of Edward Davies. I. os IX. A PIECE of MEADOW LAND, called LEAKE'S MEADOW, situate in ihe Parish of Ashfurd Carbom- 1 aforesaid, containing 12A. (> R. 14P or ( here- abouts, in the Occupation of Edward Leake, or his Under- tenants. I OT. X. A GARDEN and ORCHARD, situate in the Parish of Ashford Carbonel aforesaid, containing Half an Acre, or thereabouts, ill theOccupation of William Evans. The above Estate is subject 10 Land Tax and Tithes The Timber on the several Lots to be taken to si Ihc Valuation thereof to lie produced at Ihe Tune of Ihe Sale. The Estate is situate within three Miles of Ludlow, four I Miles of Teuhiirv, and ten Miles of Leoiiiinsler, all which BY FRANCIS KITE, On Mondav, the Isl Day of November, 1813, befween fhe Honrs of three and five in the Afternoon, at the Angel Inn, in Ihe Town of Ludlow, subject to such Conditions oA. iR'SlP as shall be then and there produced : LOT 1. TJ. 1IFTV- NEVr. N Maiden OAK Timber Trees, of long SP Dimensions, ( fit for Navy, Cleft, or any ol her Purpose that requires prime Timber) numbered with white Paint, and standing on Ashford Court Estate, in the Parish of Ashford Carbonel, near Ludlow. LOT II. Fifty- nine ASH, one Lime, one Asp, five Wycli, two Birch, and six Alder Trees, all numbered with white Paint, and standing on Ashford Court Estate aforesaid. The above Timber is well worth tbe Attention of Timber Merchants, the Whole being of most excellent Qualify. Ashford Court is distant 3 Miles from Ludlow, G from Tcnbury, 8 from Leominster, and only 2 Miles from the Canal leading for Stourport. Fora View of ( he Timber apply tofhe Auctioneer, wh° will appoint a Person to shew the same; and for fnrthe1' Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, or at the OfficeO' Mr. EDWARD WELLINGS, Solicitor, Ludlow, Salop. BY S. TUDOR, At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 30th Day of October, 1813, between I he Honrs of four and six in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions; QEVF. RAL PIECES of most excellent FREEHOLD O L4ND, situate iu FRANKWEI. L, in the Parish of Saint Chad and in the Parish of Meole Brace, in the Ccnnty ofSalop. LOT I. A PIECE of LAND, near the Mount Turnpike Gale, 111 Frankwell, containing oA. 1R. 22P. LOT II. A PIECE of LAND,~ adjoiuiiig I. ot 1. containing OA. iR. aiP LOT III. A Pi ECE of LAND, adjoining Lot 2, containing nA. 1R. 21P. I. OT IV. A PiECp of LAND, adjoining Lot 3, containing oA. 1R. 21P. LOTV. A PIECE of LAND, adjoining Lot 4, containing with Bond, Ihe one containing And the other adjoining Upper Lea- sow, containing Upper Leasow M iddle Leasow Long Croft „ Hither Moor Leasow Further Moor Leasow Rroomy Leasow The Further Lcasovv 1 3 19 3 20 3 28 0 2 2 27 1 33 3 3T| 2 20 3 23 All the last mentioned Lands are ill Kinnerlcy. I. OT V. A neat FA RM HOUSE, in good Repair, with necessary Outbuildings, at DOVASTON, in tlie Possession of Richard Davies, with the several Pieces or Parcels of Land following, adjoining thereto, viz.— House, Buildings, Fold, Garden, Or- chard, & c 1 0 21 The Croft 2 0 24 New Leasow 4 1 Belafi Field 10 0 2- 1 Allotment from Dovaston Heath 10 0 21 33 3 22 I- OT VI. A PI ECE of LAND, in DoVaslon, called Heath Field, containing 10 I. OT VII. A PIECE of LAND, in Dovaston, called Town Croft, containing LOT VIII. A11 ALLOTMENT of LAND, ad- joining Butcher's Patch, in Dovaston, bounded by Laud of Lord Bradford, Mr. Dovaston, and by tl. e Lane, containing 0 3 15 A PIECE of LAND called Butcher's Patch, in Kinneiley, containing 109 A PI EC E of LAND, also in Kinner- ley, called Long Turbary, containing .. 0 337 27 3 36 1 38 3 3 10 WATER CORN MILL AN 0 LANDS. BY FRANCIS KITE, On Monday, the first Day of November, 7* J3, at the Angel Inn, in tbe Town of Ludlow, ami County of Salop, between the Flours of six and eight o'Clock in the After- noon, in the following, or such other Lois as shall he agreed upon at the Time of Sale, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, ( unless disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice shall be given); LOT!. AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE and valuable WATER CORN MILL, together with the Outbuildings, Stable, Garden, and three fertile Pieces of Meadow and Orchard Land thereto adjoining and belonging, called the Mill Bank, the By let t, and Orchard Piece, containing in the Whole 4A OR. 2bP. be the same more or less, situate in the Parish of Ashford Carbonel, in tbe County ofSalop, and now in the. Tenure of William Turley, Miller. These Premises possess every Advantage for carrying on an extensive Trade, the Water Com Mill being constantly supplied by tbe RiverTeme,' within 3 Miles of Ludlow, 6 of Tenbury, 8 of Leominster, and 2 ofthe Canal leading for Stourport. LOT II. A capital PIECE of ARABLE LAND, called Barrett's Field, containing by Admeasurement 7A. 3R. 12P. be the same more or less, adjoining the Road leading from the Village of Ashford Carbonel towards Barrett's Mill. LOT III. THREE excellent PIECES of Meadow or PASTURE LAND, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, in full bearing, and calicd by tbe Names'of Barrett's Orchard, New Orchard, and Beach's Orchard, containing in the Whole by Admeasurement 6A. lit. ,32P. be the same more or less, and adjoining to the before- mentioned Lot. The Whole of the Timber on Lots 2 and 3, and Part of the Timber on Lot 1, to be taken at a Valuation, such Valuation to be produced at the Time of Sale. LOT VI. A PIECE of LAND, adjoining Lot 5, containing oA iR 26P. The above Lots ore now in one Piece of Land, in the Occupation of Mr. John Davies, adjoining the Turn- pike Road leading from Shrewsbury to Birton, and. are admirably calculated for Building Iiesidences for gen- teel Families, commanding most extensive and beauti- ful Views over the Severn, and over Berwick House and Demesne, LOT VII. A GARDEN and PIECE of LAND, adjoining Lot l, containing 4A. oR. 24P. in the Occupation of Mr. Davies. LOT VUL A GARDEN and PIECE of LAND, adjoining Lot 7, containing QA. 2il. oP. in tlic Occupation of Mr. John Heighway. Lots 7 and S adjoin the Turnpike Road leading from Frankwell to Copihorn, aud are also admirably adapted for Building Purposes. All the above Lots are within the Voting Liberties of Shrewsbury. LOT IX. A PIECE of LAN D, called THE LESSER M ARSH, CONTAIN INg 2A 33P. LOTX. A HOVEL, GARDEN, and PIECE of LAND, called TUB BIGGER MARSH, adjoining Lot 9, containing together 4A. 2R. „ M P. LOTXI A PITCH of LAND, called the MARSH MEA- DOW, adjoining. Lot 10, containing SA. lR. 3QP. The three last Lots are in the Parish of Meole Brace, in the Occupation of Mr. Timothy Oakley, and are separated from Kiugsland by the Kiugsland Road. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars enquire of WILLI AM PRISSJOK, Esq Mr. W. EGERTON JKEIREYS, Solicitor, 0l' OF THE AUC- TIONEER, all of Shrewsbury. M ONTGO M EllYSHIR E~ BY R. WILLIAMS, At the Talbot Inn, ill Berriew, in the County of Montgo- mery, on Friday, the tsth of October, 1813, between the Hours of two and live iu the Afteriiouu, subject to Conditions llien to be produced : I. OT I. ALL that desirable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Tenement, called CERRIG ARTHUR, situated in ( he Pal ish of" Manafnn, in the said County ; consisting of a Dwelling House, Barn, Cowhouse, and other suitable Outbuildings, ami Garden, together vvitb about 16 Acres ( more or less) of excellent Arable and Pasture LAN D, lying very compact and convenient in a Ring fence, Part of which joins the new Road leading to Machynlleth, within three Miles of Lime and Coal, capable of very con- siderable Improvement al a small Expense, and now m the Occupation of Widow Stevens, as Tenant at Will LOT II All that newly erected, substantial built Free- hold DWELLING HOUSE, called WHITE COTTAGE, with a Garden, Orchard, and other Advantages, situated LOT IX. A PIECE of LAND, in Kinmierlcy, called Bank Field, containing 4 1 1.3 A PIECE of LAND, also in Kinnei- ley, called Bank Field Meadow, con- taining q 0 34 LOT X. A PIECE cf I AND, in Kinnerley, called Coldhall Field, containing LOTXI. A11 ALLOTMENT of LAND, in Kinnerley, adjoining Butler's Patch, contain- ing 1 3 25 APIECE of LAND, in Kinnerley, called Butler's Patch, containing ...... 2 2 4 5 3 1 LOT VII A PIECE of LAND, in Dovaston, called lievan's Lcasow, containing 1 OT XIII. A PIECE of LAND, in Dovaston, called Skinner's Leasovv, containing LOT XIV. A PIECE of LAND, in Dovaston, called The Harbours, containing 1 3 21 A11 A LI . OTM ENT of LAN D adjoin- iiig Ditto, containing 3 3 20 LOT XV. A new erecled BRICK HOUSE, with Slate Cover, in good Repair, and a good Garden, in Dovastou, in Possession of Mary Grafton, con- taining 0 15 The Whole of the Premises ( except Lot 15) are iu Possession of Thomas Davies the elder aud his Son Richard Davies, and are situate in the Townships of Kiunerley and Povnston, in the Parish of Kinnerley, dis- tant about live Miles from Oswestry, ten from Salop, and ten from Ellesmere. Possession of all ( lie Lots may be had al Lady Day, 1814. The Purchaser of each Lot" will have lo pay for the Timber, on a Valuation, exclusive of the Purchase Money for the respective Lots. The Chief Rents, Heriots, and Land- tax will be arrang- ed at the Time of Sale. Fiir a View of t he different l. ots apply to Thomas Davies the elder, at Kiunerley aforesaid, oue of the Tenants; and for further Particulars to JOSEPH LOXDALE, Esq. Solicitor, Shrewsbury; or at the Office ol Messrs. ROBIN- SON and WHEELER," Solicitors, in Tcnbury, Worcester- shire; at both which Places, us also at the Place of Sale, a Map of the Lots may be seen, and Printed Particulars had ; and likewise at Ihe principal Inns ill Shrewsbury, Eilesniere, and Oswestry. LOT I. A IX that DWELLING HOUSE, with the Slablrj • r o Giirden> 811,1 Yar( 1 thereto adjoining, situate in 1 rallwmgollen Township, a. j ining llie Turnpike Read from Pool to Newtown, and - non in Ihe Occupation of Mr. Williams, Officer of Excise, und Mr. Ed. vaiii Jones, Inn- keeper. This I. ot contains thirty- oue Perches, little more Or 1 less, and is held fur 91 S ears from Ladv- dny, ] 81i, j determinable with ( he Life of tbe Viseouui Clive, and 1 sgiijtct to a year lv Ground Rem of 5s. | „ ! OTl1" A" lhlU I) U 1' lXl'NG l! 1 USE, with the Stable 0 an I Court, \ aid, and walled Ga- den thereto belonging, situate in the Township of Welsh ' i'owu, adjoining the new Road leaning front Pool ( o Seven-., and now in tl. e Occupation of Mr. Henry Jones, Surgeon. This Lot contains 1R. 27P. little more or less," and is held for the same Term, aud subject to a yearly Ground Rent of 10s. l or III. All that DWELLING HOUSE, with the Court, Yard, and Garden I hereunto belonging, situate in Welsh Town alo- esnid, adjoining Lot a, aud uow in the Occupation of Mrs. E. S. V\ illiams. This Lot Contains ill. S0P. . Utile more or less: is held for I he same Tcl ui, and subject 10 a yearly Ground Kent of los. I. OT IV. All that other DWELLING HOUSE, with tl. e Offices, Court, Yard, and Garden thereunto belonging, situate iu Welsh Town aforesaid, and now iu the Occu- pation of Mrs Joes l>. Jurvis. This Lot contains ill. 7P. little more or less; is held for the same Term, and subject to a yearlv Ground Rent of ( os. LOT V. All that DWELLING IIOUSF.. with a large; convenient Wharf adjoining the Montgomeryshire Canal, situate in Ihe. said Township of Weh- h Town, adjoining Lots, and now ill the Occupation of Mr. William Hazle- dine, and liis Undertenants. This Lot contains 29 Perches, little more or less; is belt: i'.- r the same Tci in, aud subject lo a yearly Gl- ound Rent of as ( id. LOT VI. All lhat SKINNER'S WORKSHOP, nearly adjoining the Brook t. lerlon on one Side, nnd Lot 6 011 the ot her, with the Land theieu 111 o belonging, situate iu Welsh Town a foresaid, now in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Morgan. This Lot contains 19 Perches, little more or less ; is held for the same Term, and subject to a yeitrly Ground Rent of as. 6d. LOT VII. All that DWELLING HOUSE, villi a Malt- house, Kiln, Stable, Warehouse, and other Buildings, siluate in Welsh Town aforesaid, and adjoining to the Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Shrewsbury 011 the one Side, and a large Wharf on Ihe Montgomeryshire Canal upou ihe oilier Side, uoiv in the Occupation of Mr. David Lloyd. This Lot contains about 15 Perches ; is held for Ihe same Term, and subject loa yearly Ground Rent of los. and entitles the Occupier lo ( lie'joint Use of a good Pump, and other Conveniences. The Houses and Buildings are new- Jjnilt, and those comprized in Lots 2, 3, 4, and 7 arc well finished, in compleat Repair, and fit for the Residence of genteel Families— Mr. David Lloyd, of Pool, will shew Hie Premises; of whom, or of Mr. JOHN LLOYD JONES, at Maesmawr, in the said County, aud THE AUCTIONEER, in Pool, any oilier Particulars may be had. PHP LOW HALL. VALUABLE AND SUPERIOR PROPERTY, BY WRIGIIT AND SON, On the Premises, at Peplow Hall, near Hoduet, in the County uf Salop ; on Thursday, 21st, Friday, j> ad, Satur- day, 23d, Tuesday, 26th of October, 1813, and the four following Days; A LL the truly valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLEMENTS 111 HUSBANDRY, CORN in the Straw, HAY, Clover, Turnips, Potatoes, Winter Grass, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNl- • f URE, LINEN, Stuck ofCHOICE WINES, and ulloilier the well selected Properly of the late THO. MAS CLARKE, Esq. deceased: consisting of 31 Horses, Mares, Colts, and Fillies of various Descriptions, as will be expressed iu the Catalogues ; 6 Dairy Cows, 2 splayed Heifers, 9 three year old Bullocks very fresh, JI twiuter Bullocks, ! two- year old Bull; 20 fat Southdown Wethers, 111 TWO LOTS, 3U3Store Sheep, of various Breeds, in SMALL LOTS; 2 fat Pigs, 31 large and sniall Store Pigs; about 800 Thravcs of capital Wheal aud Muncorn, in Lois, about 1000 Bushtls of well harvested Barley, in Lots, about ao:. o Measures of Oats, in four Stacks, a Stack of French Wheat; about isoTons of excellent old and new Hay, in different Lots; I- J Acres of excellent Swedish Turnips, 15 Acres of other Turnips, 111 Lots, to be consumed 011 I he Premises, or cleared off, at the choice of the Purchaser, 104 Acres of Winter Grass, to be depastured— the Uplands till Ihe 1st of January, 1814, and llie Meadows till the lot ii of December next; 3 good Wag. gous, 2 Harvest Carts, Dung Carls, Land Rollers, double and single Water- furrowing, and Drill Ploughs, llarrovvn, Cultivators, Twins, Bends and Chains, Curl and Waggon Ropes, Turnip Cutlers, Machine Fan, long and short Ladders, Drag and other Rakes, Forks, Spades, Yelves, and oilier Implements, Gearing for 20 Horses, several Saddles and Bridles, Head Collars, & c. Greasing Jack, and Wheel- barrows, with all Kinds of Implements in Husbandry; a very excellent Worm or Navigation Pump; 1 large ami 1 small Boat, with Masts and Oars; 1 Cannon, about a four- pounder ; large and small Draught, Flew , and casting Nets, a large Sparrow Net ami Poles ; several Hundred Weight of Nails; a Quantity of Oil and Paint; 2 capital POINTER DOGS; 5 Bags of Shot; Dog Kennels and Hen Pens; a Quantity of Wheelwrights' aud other Timber, in Lois; Poles and Posts, 2 Deal Ptauks; large and small Cucumber Frames aud Lights, Hand Glasses, Forcing Engine, Waler- J ing Caus and Garden Tools; upwards of 300 Grteuhouse ' Plants, in Pols; fci Aires of Polatoes, a Quantity of 6 2 9 7 3 11 4 1 29 on fhe Road Side leading from Berriew to Mansion, within a Quarter of a Mile of the Village of Berriew, iu Ihe County aforesaid, and uow iu the Occupation of Mr. Mr. TURLEY will shew the Mill, and the Bailiff at Ash- j Jobn Jacks', as Tenant ut Will ford Court will shew the other Premises ; and for further The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and for Particulars apply tn Mr. COLERICK, 11 uck's Farm, near Ludlow ; FUANCIS KITE, tho Auctioneer; or at theOffice I ofMr. EDWARD WELLINGS, Solicitor, Ludlow, Salop. ! CARN AR VON SHI BE— NORTH WALES. CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE. At the Sportsman Inn, in the Town of Carnarvon, in the said County, on Thursday, Ihe 71b Day of October, 1813, between the Honrs of three and five o'clock in Ihe After- noon of the same Day, subject lo such Conditions as shall be then and tlieie produced, Unless disposed of in tl. e mean Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given : rgtllE capital MANSION HOUSE nf BRYNHIR, con- S ( listing of three Parlours aud excellent Lodging Rooms, with suitable Outbuildings, Coach- House, Stables, Lodge, Orchard, and Garden, together wilh tbe Demesne respect! further Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, Oswestry TO TANNERS. By Order of Ihe Assignees of WILLIAM JENKS, Bankrupt. ' BY T. WYCHERLEY, At tbe White Horse I1111, in Wem, on Thursday, ihe 21st Day of October, 1813, at Ihree o'Clock in the Aflernoon. DEWSALL, NEAR HEREFORD. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. HY WM. JAMES, Upon the Premises, at DEWSALL FARM, Four Miles and a 1 Onions ; Tree Nets and Buss Mats; Whip, Push aud Hand Half from Hereford, on Monday, tlie 18th of October, I Saws, a Miller's Cart and Mill Pads v- M.- di Mill; Purl of a 1813, and following Day ( being Hereford Great Fair Eve), i Pocket of Hops ; 5 Joiners' Benches, about 200 Iiurdhs, iit ftpHE following very < a Proper! v of Mrs. rv capital and desirable STOCK, llie I I'ol8i » Quantity of Madeley Tiles, Crests and Gutters; i. Skyrme, who is going to quit Ihe "" out 00,000 excellent Bricks, in 2 Clamps; large and small in- ee in- ca'lf Cows, Ten ditto Heifers, lingers, Pulley Blocks, Marl Piles, Malls and Wedges ; and Farm, viz — Twenty- three rising three, One Ditto and Calf, Nine Heifers, tising two, One Ditlo and Calf, Twenty- six Heifer and Bullock Calves, Eighteen Wnrking Oxen and Bullocks, Twenty two- year- old Bullocks, Twenty Yearling Dilto, Six ditto Spayed Heifers, Oue three- year- old Bull, One two- year- old Ditto, and One Bull Calf. Three Hundred and Ninety- one Sheep and Lambs, mostly Hydatids slightly crossed with Spanish, in Lois of about Ten each. The above Stock of Cattle and Sheep having been care- fully selected, will be found highly deserving the Attention of the Breeder, Feeder, and Agriculturist, who are requesf- t ed to attend eaily, as the Sale will certainly commence as . ! near Eleven in the Forenoon ( of each Day) as possible. LOT I ANEW erected DWELLING HOUSE and TAN YARD in full Work, situate in the Town of WEM, in the County of Salop, in a good Neighbourhood for Bark, and not far from the Ellesntere Canal, now occupied by the said William Jeuks ; consisting of convenient Build- ings, attached and detached, good Stabling, Bark Barns, Drying Rooms, and a new erected Bark Mill, of the Lands, containing by Admeasurement 56 Acres, or there- j Warrington Make, Store- rooms, Vais, & c. & c. 20 Hand ( subject to such Conditions as shall be Ihen produced) i Catalogues, descriptive of " the Lots for'each Day'sSale, the following Property of^ lhe_ said Bankrupt, iu Lois : will he delivered 011 ibe Premises, at the Auctioneer's ahuuti. BRYNHIR is situated within seven Miles of the Market Town ol Pwllheli, and three of Trc Madoc, and stands on 11 delightful Eminence commanding one ofthe most charm- ing and extensive Prospects iu Poiul of Variety of any in Wales. That much admired ancient Structure the CASTLE of CRICKIETII presents itself in Front, with Cardigan Bay, and all Vessels trading to ihe Ports of Ciickieth, Pwllheli, Barmouth, Traethmuvvr, & c. The Picturesque Mountains ofthe County of Merioneth, skirling Cardigan Bay, are a striking Feature in the Scenery commanded from this justly admired Situation. This Property, which is very productive, and well sup- plied wilh Water, calculated to be ( iirncdlo ( lie greatest Advantage ill irrigating, is close to the Sea, wbich afl'ovdsan easy Access lo Lime and Ai anure, as will as the Enjoyment of Bathing. The Neighbourhood has most cxeelb 11! Trout Sircains, and is very well supplied with fresh and salt Water l- ish, and an abundance of Game. The Purchaser may at a Month's Notice have Possession, and be accommodated in a considerable Portion of the | At the Swan lun, iu Tarporley, in the f ounly ol ( hester, on Thursday, the 21s! Day of October, 1SI3, between Ihe Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, subject 10 such Conditions as will be then produced, and in one oi- lers. eight Lctchers, Ihree Limes, and Pools aud Grainers; the whole lying very compact. N. B. There is Boom enough in the Yard to put down from 20 to 311 more Lctchers The Yard is in full Work ; and, if desirable, the Pur- chaser may immediately commence working ill his Stock, as the present Occupier works his out LoT II. A RICK of excellent BARK, now stacked in the said Tan Yard. LOT 111. A RICK of" good HAY, about six Tons, on Premises. LOT IV. Consists of the Bankrupt's Life Interest in six ACRES of rich Meadow LAND, called Probyn's Pieces, also situate in W EM, within a short Distance of the said House and Tan- Yard. ! OT V. A small COTTAGE adjoining Lot 1. For Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, or to Mr. COOKE, Grocer, Shrewsbury, one of the Assignees; Messrs. lloiiltnn ton and HEWITT, Solicitors, Friday Street, London; or Messrs. LEE, and NICKSON, Solicitors, Wem. BY MR. WALTON', House, and also at Ihe principal Iuus in Hereford, any Time after the Third of October, MONTGOMERYSHIRE, BY T. HOWELL, At the Oak, iu the Town of Pool, on Monday, the 18th Day of October, ist3, between the Hours of three aud seven in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions, in ( he following, or such other Lois as shall be mentioned pre- vious lo the Sale: I. OT I. » £ ieat Number of Casks for dry Articles, large and sniall Scales, Beams and Weights, Corn Sacks and Measures, and numerous olher Articles; a handsome Towii- huilt GIG, with Cover, and plated Harness, in good Preservation The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of lofty Fourpost, Tent, and other Bedsteads, with Mahogany 1 ee!- posls, elegantly reeded and caived, Lath and Sacking liotlouis, painted and other Cornices, with Dimity, Moreen, aud other Furniture, aud Window Curfains lo correspond; Straw and Wool Maltrasses, in Cranky and Cotton Cases; fine Goose Feather Beds, Cushion Siden, Bolsters and Pillows; Witney and other Blankets, l-. ed- qtiilfs, Counterpanes, . Marseilles Quills, and Chintz Covers ; a Quantity of Sheeting nnd Tabic Linen ; Compass and other Bed- side Carpels, Bed- steps, ike. several Mahogany Nigiit Tables and Chair. i, Mahogany and other Wardrob* i, Chests of Drawers, Bureaus and Cabinets, in beautiful Wood, Lady's Mahogany Dressing Table, with Drawers, Boxes and Glass complete, several Toilet Tables, Skirts anil Covers; handsome Mahogany Dining Room Chairs, stuffed over the Rail, a Drawing Room Suit complete, with nainit d armed Chairs, Cushions and Covers; a beautiful Mahogany Sideboard, circular Front, Cardiviue and olher Drawers; a PairofChandeliers, end Patent Lamp, Dining, Dressing, Pembroke, Card, Recess and other Tables j a great Number of Turkey, Scotch, and other Carpets of large and small Dimensions, Staircase Carpets and Brass Rods ; a largo Quantity of new and old Oil- cloth; an excellent Chime ALL those THREE PIECES or Parcels of LAND, j Clock, iu an elegant Mahogany Case, very large Pier auil situate near the Brandy Shop, iu the I arish of Pool, Swing Glasses, in Gilt, Fancy, and olher Frames; Wheel Barometer, 2 Cabriole Sofas, covered with Hair Sealing, 2 Sets of Hall Chairs and Flower Pot Stands, Wire and Pierced Fenders, Fire Irons, & c. plated and olher Candle- sticks, Snuffers and Pans, Butlers' and other Trays, China, Glass and Earthenware, a large Tinned Hastncr, with Coppers, Pots, Saucepans, Stew- pans, Tinware, & c. Knives and Forks, in plated and Ivory Handles, wilh all Kinds of Kitchen Requisites; a great Number of large and small l uhs, Coolers, Iron- bound and other Hogsheads and small Barrels, several Sailing Coolers ; about 10O Dozen ofGlass Mm: - y. , Also divers Messuages, Farms, Dwelling Houses, and are good Market Towns.— Possession of Ihe Lots will be j Gardens, situate in and near the Town of Crlckielh. given at Lady- Day next. | This last Properly, which is of Ihe best Quality, is reivdfr- Printid Particulars, with Maps, are in Preparation, and rf] peculiarly valuable in various Respects, from possessing Situations commanding extensive Views of Ihc adjacent may be had al llie Place of Sale; the principal Inns in Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Chester, Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Leominster, and Tenbury; of Mr. WHITE, Ercall Park; RICHARD GBIEEITHS, Esq. 3,", Southampton Buildings, Clinnrei- y Lane, London ; and of Messrs. PEM- BERTON, Cou » LANN, aud Solicitors, Shrewsbury. For a View of the Estates apply at Easton, near Ludlow aforesaid. SHREWSBURY, HTII SErxraiiiER, 1813, Country, and itsConliguily to the Sea and good Roads A Herring Fishery is carried on lo a great Extent under this Estate. The Estate may he viewed on applying to Mr, William Jones, of Court, iii Crickiclh ; and further Particulars had of Mr. GI. YNNEGKIFFITH, at Uodegroes, near Pwllheli, or at his Office iu Carnarvon. more 1 ols, as ii'iav be agreed upon at tbe Time of Sale : O EVEN TEEN SHAKES and u Half in the Ellcsmere O and Chester Canal. These Shares, since ihe Union nf tiie two Canals, have been gradually increasing in Value, and there is a great Probability of their still continuing to do so. At the same Time and Place « ill also be Sold hv public Auction, The SUM of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, secured by Mortgage of the Tolls arising frotn the \\ oore and Nantwieli Turnpike Road. For further Particulars apply to Messrs. EDLESTONS and ELWOOD, Solicitors, N'antwich, Cheshire. situale containing by Estimation 13 Acres'or thereabouts, and now iu the Occupation of Mr James Harris. These Pieces of Land are divided by the Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Montgomery, and are within the Distance of two Miles from the said Town of Pool. The Premises are well situated for Building upon, and the Situation is advantageous, owing to ils Contiguity to the Turnpike Road. LOTII. All that Messuage and DWELLING HOUSE, with the Stable and Appurtenances thereto belonging; and , , ------- also Two sniall DWELLINGS adjoining, silnate in Severn- Bollles, in Lots ; Tub and other Churns, Brass 1 ans, T ai s, Street, in. the Town of Pool aforesaid, in ( he Occupation of | Gauns, and all Kinds of Dairy and Brewing Aessils; Mr. Griffithes, Attorney al Law, and Mi. Edward Tanner. 3 single barrelled Fowling Pieces, I double barrelled Ditlo ; These Premises ( except T lie said Iwo sin all Dw ellings) 3 Dozen of Cyder, aboul so Dozen of fine OLD PORT ; and are subject to a Lease granted to Mr. GriRithes, tibont numerous other Articles, as will be expressed 111 the li) Years of which w ill he unexpired at Lady- Day, lul l. LOT III. All that Messuage or DWELI ING HOUSE, with the VIMlhnuse, Stable, Yard, Garden, anil Appurte- nances thereunto belonging, adjoining to i. ot 11. now in the Occupation of the said James Harris. The House and Premises arc in excellent Repair, the Yard and Outbuildings adjoin the Brook Lied, in, and the Whole may be considered as well adapted for car- lying on any Business of a Coinmeicial Nature, parti, cularly that of a Maltster or Tanner— The Montgo- meryshire Can-. I adjoins the Street wherein Ihe Pie- mises e re sif nate. And 01 I he seine Time and Place, FIVE, good and sub stantialCANA L BOATS, neaily new, on the Montgomery- shire Canal, will also be SOLD Bi AUCTION, in such Lots us shall be then agreed upon. For further Particulars apply to Mr. HOWELL, the Auc- tioneer, or at Mr. GKIFFITKES'S Office, in the said Tovvu of Pool. Catalogues. N. B This Property is loo well known to need the least Comment, more than Ihe Corn and Hay is well harvested, the Stock choice anil in tine Condition, the Implements 111 excellent Repair, ami the Furniture exceedingly clean and neat — The Livestock, Wines, Farming Utensils, Corn, Hay, Turnips, and Grass, will be Sold on the THREE FIRST DAYS' SALE; the Horses and Wine will be Sold on FRIDAY, the iidOcT03t. it, at three in fhe Afternoon, and the Sale will commence each Morning al ten o'clock.—' The Auctioneers beg leave lo inform the- t'c. blie that the. Whole vv ill be Sold without Reserve, which renders it a favourable Opportunity lu Purchasers. The " Goods mnv be viewed two Days preceding the Sale, on Application to fhe Housekeeper, as the Doors will be locked ' at IheSa. e, cxrept ( he Room selling 111 — Catalogees will be ready in due Time, and may be had at ti e print ipal Inns, Place o'f Sale, and of THE AUCTIONEERS in Market- Dray ton, Salop. THE POACHER'S HUT. APPROACH, ami through the unlattieed window peep; Nav shrink not b3ck, the inmate is asleep ; Sunk ' mid yon sordid blankets, till the sun Stoop to the west, the plunderer's toils are done. Loaded and prim'd, and prompt for desperate band, Bifle and fowling- pirce beside him stand, While round the hut are in di.- oriler laid The tools and booty of his lawless trade ; For force or fraud, resistance or escape. The crow, the saw, tbe bludgeon, and the crape. Mis pilfered powder in yon nook he hoards, And the filch'd lead the chinch's roof affords— ( Hence may the rcctor's congregation fret, That, while his sermon's dry, his walls are wet;) The fish spear barb'd, the sweeping net are there, Doe- hides, and pheasant plumes, and skius of hare Cordage for toils, and wiring for the snare. Barter'd for game from chace or warren won, Yon cask holds moonlight,* run when moon was none ; And late- snatch'd spoils lie stow'd in hutch apart, To wait the associate higgler's evening cart. Look on bis palate foul, and mark his rest : What scenes perturb'd are acting in his breast I His sable brow is wet and wrung with pain, And his dilated nostril toils in vain, For short and scant the b eath each effort draws, Aod ' tu ixt each effort Nature claims a pause, Beyond the loose and sable neck- cloth stretch'd His sinewy throat seems by convulsions twitch'd, Wjiile the tongue fatilters, as to utterance loath, Sounds of dire import— watch- word, thieat, aud oath. Though stupifii d hy toil, OIK! drugg'd by gin, The body sleep, the restless guest within Now- plies on wood atid wold his lawless trade, Now in the fangs of justice wakes dismav'd — *' Was that feiid start of terror and despair, Those bursting eye balls, and that wilder'd air, > Signs of compunction for a murder'd hare ? ) Do the locks bristle, and the eye- balls arch, For grouse or partridge maMacied iri March?" No, scoffer, no! Attend, ond mark wilh awe, There is no wicket in" the gate of law ! He, that would e'er so slightly set ajar That awful portal, must undo each bar ; Tempting occasion, habit, passion, pride, Will join to storm the breach, and force the barrier wide. That ruffian, whom true men avoid and dread, Whom bruisers, poachers, smugglers, call Black Ned, Was Edward Mansell once ;— the lightest heart, That ever play'd on holiday his part I The leader he in every Christmas game, Tbe harvest feast grew blither when he came, And liveliest cn the chords the bow did glance, When Edward nam'd the tune and led the dance. Kind was bis heart, his passions quick and strong, Hearty his laugh, and jovial was his song; Antl if he lov'd a gnn, his father swore, *' ' Twas but a trick of youth, would soon be o'er, Himself had done the same, some thirty years before." But he, wlnJJJ^ Ioiirs spurn law's awful yoke, Must herd4RIUi^ osc by whom law's bonds are broke. The common dread of justice soon allies The clow n, who robs the warren or excise, V/ ith sterner felons train'd to act mote dread, Even with the wretch by whom his fellow bled. Then,— as in plagues the foul contagions pass, Leavening and festeiing the corrupted mass,— Guilt leagues with guilt, while mutual motives draw, Their hope impunity, their fear the law ; Their foes, their friends, their rendezvous the same, Till the baulk'd revenue, or pilfer'd game, Flesh the young culprit, and example leads To daiker villainy, and direr deeds. Wild howl'd fhe wind the forest glades along, And oft the owl renew'd her dismal song ; Around the spot where erst he felt the wound, Red William's spectre walk'd his fiiidnight round, When o'er the swamp he casts his blighting look, From the green marshes of the stagnant brook The bittern's sullen shout the edges shook I The waning moon, with storm- presaging gleam, Now gave and now withheld her doubtful beam ; The old oak stoop'd his arms, then flung them high, Bellowing and groaning to the troubled sky— ' Twas then, that, couch'd amid the brushwood sere, In Malwood- walk young Manse'l watch'd tbe deer: The fattest buck recciv'd his deadly shot— The watchful keeper heard, and sought the spot. Stout were their hearts, and stubborn was their strife, O'erpowered at length the outlaw drew his knife! N< xt morn a corpse was found upon the fell— The rest his waking agony may tell I * A cant name for smuggled spirits. GENERAL MOBEAU.— A letter ftcmToplilz, dated Sept. ' fays, " That great man was in the act of giving some opinion on military matters, while passing with the Emperor of Russia behind a Prussian battery, to wbjch two French bat- teries were answering, one in front and the other in flank, and I. ord Cathcart ond Sir R. Wilson were listening to him, when a ball struck his thigh and almost carried his leg off, passed through bis horse, and shattered his other leg to pieces. He gave a deep groan al first, but immediately after the first agony i. f pain was over, he spoke with tbe utmost tranquillity, and Called for a segar. They bore him off tbe field on a litter made of Cossacks pikes, aud carried him to a cottage at a short distance, which, however, was so much exposed to the fire, that tliey were obliged, after just binding up his wounds, to remove him farther off to the Empeior's quarters, where one'leg was amputated, he smoking the whole time. When the surgeon informed him that he must deprive him of his other, he observed, without shewing any pain or previs^ p^ jrbttf in the calmest manner, that had he ] .... i. known that bcfbreTns othe her was cut off, be should bave pre- ferred dying. The lit'er on which they had hitherto conveyed him was covered wilh nothing hut wet straw, and a cloak diruched through with ram, which continued in torrents the whole day. They now placed more cloaks over him, and laid li'tTi inore comfortably iu a good litter, in which be was cartied to Bippo'deswalde ; but long before his arrival theic be was soaked through and through. He was brought, how- ever, safely to Laun, where he seemed to be going 011 well, tilt a long coti'e rencc, which took place between him and three or four of ' he allied Geneials, hy which he was com- pletely exhausted. Soon after this tie became extremely sick, and hourly grew worse. Through the whole of his sufferings lie bore bis fate with hetoism and grandeor of mind not to be surpassed, and appeared lo those with whom he conversed to endure but little pain, from bis extreme composure and calmness. He died at six o'clock yesterday morning." The Gottenburgli mail of Thursday brought a letter to Marian e Moreau from the General, her unfortunate husband, of » hich Ihe following is a translated copy : ** MY HEAR Love, At the battle of Dresden, three davs ago. I had my two Ifgs carried off by a cannon ball.— Tbat scoundrel Bonapaite is always fortunate.— The amputation was peiformed as well os possible.— Though tbe army has made a retrograde move- ment, itis not at all the consequence of defeat, but frotn'a want of ensemble, and in order to get nearer General Blucher.— Excuse my hasty writing. I love and embrace yon with all my heart.— Hapatel will finish. V. M." MADAME,— Tbe Gcnersl permits me to write to yr. u on the same sheet on which he has sent you a few lines. Judge of try grief bv what he has just told you.— From the moment he was wounded, 1 have not left him, nor will I leave him tili he is perfectly cured. We have the greatest hopes, and I who know him, am certain wc shall save him. He supported the un potation with hemic courage without fainting. The first dressing bat been taken off, mid ihe wounds have a good ap pearance. He had only a slight access of fever when the Mrpputtitioti trek place, and it has considerably diminished. — F igive the.- e details; they are os painful to nie to give as iliey will be to you lo leceive.— 1 have stood in need of all my loniltide for tbe last four days, ai d slut] stand in reed ot it. F « ; y upon my care, my friendship, and upon all the Sentiments with which both of you havt inspiicd me.— D n't alarm yourself— I need not tell you to exert your courage. 1 know your heart.— I will neglect no opportunity to write to you— Til* suigeon has just assured me that if he continues to go on as well, he will be able iu tive weeks to go out in a carriugt Madame and respectable friend, farewell— I am miserable— Kiss poor Isabella for me. " Your most devoted servant, " Laun, Aug. 30, 1813. RAPA l'EL." " Stpt. 1.— He is going on well, and is easy." Geneial MOREAD was born iu the year 1*? 6I at Morlaix, in Lower Brittany. His father was a respectable and respested Advocate iu that town; a ptefession which it. appears had bet 11 followed by the family for generations. Young Moreau was also intended for the law, and after the usual studies was sent to the University of Rennes to take his degree?.— In the year 1788, he was Prcvot de Droit, or head of the Students in law at Rennes, a body of young men at al! times remark- able for their turbulence and public spirit, and over whom be had a well known and marked influence. In the petty squab- bles, which at that period took place between the Court of France and the Parliament, Moreati was, in consequence, appointed their leader, and stvled the General nf the Par- liament, whose cause was at tbat time considered as that of public libeity. In the winter following, however, Moreau acted at the head of this youthful band, against tbat very Parliament, atid the States of Brittany, who were then proceeding against the orders of the Court, and the wishes of the people, in resisting tbe convocation of the geneial States of the kingdom ; for even in his early career Moreau's leading principle appears to have been a sincere love for rational liberty. On those occasions Moieait evinced an equal degree of prudence and courage, and his gentleman- like manners and graceful person added not a little to his popularity. In January 1790, he acted as President of the Confederation of the Youth of Brittany assembled at Pontivv ; and 011 tiic formation of tbe National Guards, was named Commandant of one of the Battalions of that Province. Moreau had then for the first time on opportunity of embrarng permanently a profession so congenial to his feelings; for he hasbeen often heard to declare, that he found nothing but disgust in the study of the law, which he followed merely in compliance with the wishes of his family, and even his father's offer, to eive him one half of bis business, could not divert him from his favourite pursuits. Ilis labours in the new career he had entered were incessant. His friends say, according to the Biographer of his youth, " that he devoured in four months more military works, treatises, and memoirs, than had been composed in four centuries, and went, in three months, through more military manoeuvres and evolutions, than many officers in thirty years." His battalion was first reviewed in May, 1790, and the Inspecting General, Count deThiars de Bissy, notwithstand- ing the jealousy which the troops of the line then entertained of the NationaiGnard, could not help saying, that few Colonels of the line with their old corps could have afforded bim the gratification of seeing so miich regularity, discipline, and pre- cision as the evolutions of that battalion of National Guards." " The Count de Thiars has done me much honour," said Morcau, re'urning from the review, " but I hope he will live long enough to see me command not only National Guards, but the Army of the Line." Moreau, however, did not lake the steps Which were Ifke'lv to insure his rapid promotion ; he shewed too openly his hatred of the measures and principles of the anarchists, and his battalion was the last to accept the too famous Con- stitution of 1793, at a time when hesitation was punished with instant death. The Convention, however, were in want of good officers, and in July, 1793, he was pro- moted to the rank of General of Brigade, by the Committee of Public Safety. His first action as a Commander was on the ! 4th of September, when with a division of the armv of the Moselle, he attocked the Prussian army commanded by the Duke of Brunswick. He was defeated ; but the Duke of Biunsivick, that excellent judge of military merit, duly praised the conduct of the young General, in his report to the King of Prussia, of the 15th of September, 1793, hy saying, that " his able plan of attack was surpassed only by his yet abler dispositions for retreat; and that the corps he com- manded was neither dispetsed nor d: shonoured." Thus this debiit, although riotj ominous, gave an earnest of hi.- future gtory. In ' the autumn of 1793, Moreau made the acquaint- ance of Pichegru, who. having discovered in him those pre cious gems of military talents which only required the fos- tering hand of an experienced friend to be matured in ex cellcnce, obtained for him the command of a division in the army of the Rhine, tn which he had been appointed. Under that able master, Moreau, in a variety of enter* prises, iti which it is not our intention to follow him, acquired tbat military experience, and those comprehensive views, of which he so successfully availed himselt afterwards. It was in the midst of these successes that tbe Jacobins of Morlaix sent to the guillotine his aged father, who was considered as the father of the poor. The first resolution of Moreau, at hearing the fatal intelligence, was to leave the service of these monsters, and to join the emigrants armed to punish their Crimes. He accordingly tendered his resignation to his friend, General Picbegru. But Pichegru was of a verv dif- ferent opinion. " What do you intend to do?" he asked Moreau. " To quit the ar ny and Fiance," was the reply, *' To quit the army and France I" repeated Pichegru : — " Do you not then see the manner in which the Emigree are treated by the Foreign Powers ? I do not accept of your resignation. I beg of you, as a friend, to reflect on the step you take— come to me again to morrow. It is not thus that you should intend to avenge the death of your father I You must fhink of acquiring a glory and an importance which may one day put you in a situation to avenge it. I shall soon furnish you with an opportunity of distinguishing yourself." Moreau came the day after to Pichegru, and told him, that he was convinced by his reasoning, which appears to have in • fluenced the whole of his conduct afterwards. We shall not follow this Commander in his brilliant military career, that belongs to History; but we cannot avoid observing-, that thrice he had the honour of saving the French armies from impending destruction, and in two of those occasions he acted as a simple volunteer, or in Suliordinate situations in the army, having been superseded by the accomplices of his father's murderer, who dreaded the iust vengeance of a man w hom his exploits aud moral conduct had made so popular with the troops and the people. It was on this occasion that a French Colonel, now a prisoner of war in this country, and then at- tached to Moreau's armv, asked him, when the order of the Directory superseding him bad just been received, '' General, will you obey so insulting a mandate?" " Yes," answered Moreau, " as a General, an Officer, or a soldier, Moreau is always ready to serve France." Such, as we have observed before, wos Moreau's leading principle. He bas often been beard to declare, that " he never would lead foreign troops into France ; that he was the personal enemy of no man, but the determined enemy of all men, either Princes, or sans- culottes, who should attempt to tyrannize over his country- men ; and he never would draw his sword, but when he should be convinced that it would be of other use to his fellow- citizens, than solely to leave them the choice of tyrants." No wonder that such principles, perhaps too openly avowed, joined to tbe mean jealousy which rankled in the tyrant' breast, should bave induced liirn to contrive his rival's ruin, after having seduced, or sent to perish in unhealthy climes, his principal military adherents. Any man who bus read with attention the trial of Pichegru, George, anil their friends, must be convinced that Moreau was not privy to the enter- prize; aud we know that in confidential conversations with his friends in America, he constantly not only denied any previous knowledge of it, but even condemned the plan itself He used to say, that to effect any change in France, the people should wait till men and revolutionary springs were worn out— and he thought tbat moment had arrived, when he met his death- wound under the walls of Dresden. infamous character of Gavin, the King's evidence, who, he said, had sworn nany men's lives away ; and, understand, is considerable. The unhappy widow now lies at the verge of pregnancy, dangerously ill, with a knowledge he feared, would do Ihe lite again, when turned off ! of her irreparable misfortune ; and fears are entertained that the second time, the ropepartly gave way, and it was feared that he would crnie to the ground again; fortunately, this was not tie case. After hanging Ihe usual time, the body wa< cut down, and delivered to his friends.— Tho'M'Crory, previously to conviction, conducted himself 111 a v « ry hardened manner, yet his succeeding behaviour vas marked by the utmost resignation and tranquility ; and he gratefully received the offices of the established mid dissenting Clergy who visited him ; aud in Ihe riles of his own peculiar church, joined with great fervour. PRICE OF BREAD.— On Monday, a Deputation of five or six of tbe principal Bak'rs waited on Lord Sidmnnth, and stated to his Lordship tlie apprehensions which they enter- tained from the aspersioiiS which were daily thrown on the trade, and the prejudice thereby excited against them personally. They represented their situation as every way distressing, since they were'bound down to an excise which leaves to the fair trhder a profit so small as to be unexampled in any other trade or Calling in the kingdom. Aod at the same time thev were threatened by the Chief Magistrate to have their excise settled by the price of wheat, an article in which they did not deal, and over the price of which they had no controul. They represented to his Lordship tbat considerable danger was to be apprehended to the pcace of the Metropolis, if the assise of bread should be actually set bv the price of wheat, beeause they could not continue to supply their customers if a measure so oppressive should be attempt- ed. Lord Sidmouth said, it was impossible for Government to interfere with the Magistrate, whose duty U was to set the assifce ; but recommended them to represent the real cir- cumstances of their situation to the Lord Mayor. He thanked them for the communication they had made, and assured tlieni that be should take care to provide for the peace of the Metropolis. In the evening of the same day there was a Meeting of Master Bakers at the Ciown and Anchor Tavern, which was attended by between fiand 700 of that Body ; when a Resolu- tion was entered into, that if the assize of bread was set from the price of wheat, tbe baker could not continue to supply the Public. • On Wednesday a Deputation waited on the Lord Mayor, and made to him the same statement which they bad laid before the Secretary of State. They represented that they had no means of contracting the price of flour— that they were not dealers in wheat— that they could not force down tbe price— nor could they be forced to carry on their trade to the certain aud inevitable ruin of their families, which would he the case if the assize weie to be set by tbe price of wheat, instead of the price of flour. A great deal of discussion took place between the Deputation and the Lord Mayor. It appears, however, that his Lordship did not enforce his intention of regulating the assize by the price of wheat, as no alteration has taken place in the price of bread. A letter from Lisbon, dated Sept- 6, says, " Our accounts from head- quarters are most satisfactory. Every thing goes ou as well as could be cxpected. The utmost unanimity prevails among the troops which compose the Allied Armv. In the lale battles their courage was most conspicuous, the only conten- tion was for the post of danger. Byng's brigade, composed of the Buffs, under Colonel B » nbury, the provisional battalion, under Colonel Leitb, and 57 th regiment, under Colonel M'Douald, excited the admi- ration of the whole army, and received the approbation of Lord Wellington On the 25th of August the Buffs alone, under Colonel Bnnbury, were opposed to 20,1) 00 in a piss, where thev put 1500 hors de combat. On the 28th and 30th they had much fighting, and on the 30th took a large convoy coming from France. This gallant brigade was then detached, and did not act with the 2d division. After these continued battles were over, and General Hill had again taken the brigade into his division, he put in his orders, that Lord Wellington and ihe army had admired Iheir conduct, and expressed his satisfaction at having them once more under his command." The disasters sustained hy Bonaparle since the rene wal of hostilities will soon he known to the inhabi- tants of most of the towns on the French coast. Some thousand copies of the late Extraordinary Gazettes, printed in the French language, have been sent from town for the purpose of heing distributed at all practical points on the enemy's shore. A curious paper from Moscow has found iis way to this country; it is an accurate muster- roll of the French army, up lo the period of its leaving that city in November last, together with the calamities which befel it from the commencement of the campaign.— On entering Russia, the number exceeded 500,000 men; at the battle of Borodino alone they admit a loss of 56,000. Recipe against Infection.— Forty- six grains of black oxide of manganese, in coarse powder, are to he put in a small strong glass phial, with an accurately ground glass stopper, to which two drachm measures of nitric acid of 1400 specific gravity, and an equal measure of muriatic acid of 1134, must be added; replace the stopper, aud secure the whole by inclosing it iu a strong wooden- case, with a good screw- top, which when fast shall rest on the stopper so as to keep it in its place. To use it, merely open the phial, with the nose averted, and replace the stopper as soon as the smell is perceived ; repeal il, of course, occasion- ally, as you would any other fumigation. A phial so prepared, will last, instead of six months, several years; the mixture ought not to occupy more than one- third of the bottle. Any chemist can furnish the ingredients.— This apparatus destroys all kinds of infection. she. will follow her husband into his premature grave, leaving their children hapless orphans, but bequeathing them to the svmpathy of a generous and feeling Public— The Jury on Monday returned a verdict of wilful murder. The reverses which Bonaparte has lately experienced in Germany, have crealed a visible alteration in the demeanor of the French prisoners at the different depots; there are 7000 at Gosport, Portsmouth, and iis neighbourhood. A Bristol paper of last week says, " The quartern loaf of wheaten b end has been selling at Taunton ever since Monday se'nnight al one shilling; at Bristol the price continues at one shilling and two pence half- penny. At Tatmlon there is no assize regulation, hut in Bristol there is. The fact we have stated is therefore well worthy the consideration of those who deem a magisterial interference in this matter favour- able to the interests of Ihe Public." The improvements in husbandry of J. C. Curwen, Esq, in Cumberland, are proceeding with the utmost succes?, and upon a most extensive plan ; the only matter of question with other improvers being, his inability to keep his drilled lands clean without the aid of fallows. He sows only red wheat, of which he has three varieties. The weight of his florin grass, gather- ed from his own farm, and planted last November, upwards of eight tons per acre; clover between lOand ) 1 tons; irrigated meadow grass 11 tons. lie soils all his stock, milkers and all, without any pasture. Covers all his manure heaps with soil or compost, lo prevent evaporation. Mr Curwen is a great advocate for ruta baga, and stacks his common turnips, thereby- securing them from injury by frost, and cultivates Mangel Wurzel with great success, obtaining 50 tons per acre. He is decidedly of opinion wilh Mr. Coke and the Duke of Bedford, of the advantage to the landed interest, of granting leases of sufficient length to the tenantry. A general volunteering from the Militia of Great Britain and Ireland, will be ordered to take place pre- vious to the ensuing meeting of Parliament, and which, it is believed, will be the last under the present existing regulations. An order has been recently issued from the War Office, directing that the appointments furnished for the permanent uon- commissioned Officers of the Local Militia, are not to be supplied at the period of the biennial clothing, but once in four years. A few days ago two boys were detected robbing the orchard of a gentleman in the neighbourhood of Neath, who inflicted a punishment on them not less harmless than it is likely to be efficacious ; after causing the hair of their heads to be snipped off close with a scissars, and a good quantity of soot ointment to be rubbed among the roots, they were liberated, and on their return home exhibited such an example of ridicule to their youthful companions, as will be never effaced from their memories; and perhaps he more likely lo deter them from little pilfering habits than a more severe chastisement, or any proceeding by law. DAY and MARTIN beg Leave to acquaint, the Public tbat, by attending to the following particulars they will avoid being taken in bv the vile Compositions tbat ore offorcd as the genuine BLACKING, prepared by tbem al 97, HIOH- HOLBORN, London.— After the word BLACKING in the first line of the Labels the Counterfeits have a small ( as), some bave the same before the word MADE ill the next line, and others put a small ( nr) immediately before the Number 97. Pur- chasers should observe tbat the whole Address is clear and distinct. Sold bv EDDOWES, Bowdler and Co. Shrewsbury; Part- ridge, Bridgnorth; and Smith, lronbridge ; — Price ls. 6d. a bottle. DR. HJDCLI EFE's ELIXIR. FOR a genera! alterative Medicine, this Elixir has stood unrivalled for more than Half a Century, and the Public cannot have Recourse to a more efficacious Re- medy, OS a Purifier of the Blood from alt Humours, whether contracted bv too free Living, or from Surfeits, Jaundice, Scurvy, or Humours after the Measles, Small Pox, & c. See. For all Obstructions in. the Bowels, and fur the Cure of Worms 111 Children or Adults, it will be found equally ser- viceable. In Complaints incident to the Female Sex, it has frequently proved of the greatest Service; it assists Digcs. tion, strengthens the Stomach, and has been found of infi- nite Service to those who take longVoyages, as a Preservative against tbe Scurvy. IJe careOil to observe, that the Words " Dicey and Co. No. 10, Row Church Yard," are printed in the St imp affixed to each Bottle, as counterfeit Sorts are otfcred for Sale in almost every Town. BUTTON', BRITISH OIL, tor the Cursor external and internal Bruises, Infl intimations, gieen and other Wounds, Burns, Scalds, & c. & c.— Price Is. 9.1. a Bottle. PIKE'S OINTMENT, for effectually cuiin* the ITCH, without Confinement or the least offensive Smell.— Price Is. 9d. a Box. The Greatest Discovery in the Memory of Man is universally allowed to be rpHE CELEBRATED CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD, J- which is a certain and effectual remedy for Nervous Disorders, juvenile indiscretions, lowness of spirits, female complaints, head- ache, debility, loss of appetite, relaxations, indigestion, coughs and colds, bilious cases, consumptions. Gout iu the Stomach, impurities of the blood, gleets, seminal weakness, & c. Prepared only by S. SOLOMON, M. D. ( Author of the ' Guide to Health,' and other valuab'e works) Gilead House, near Liverpool. Sold by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, price lis. each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. by which one 1 ls. bottle is saved, with the words " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," engraved in tbe Stamp. V'j* Dr Solomon expects, when consulted by Letter, the usual compliment uf a or. e pound note to be inclosed, ad- dressed " Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liverpool. Paid double postage." P BANKRUPTS, SEPTEMBER 25. John Edmonds, of Union- stieet, Spitalfields, cheesemonger, October 5. 9, November 6, at Guildhall, London.— William Grint, of Tottenham- court- road, baker, October 5, 19, November 6, at Guildhall, London. SEPTEMBER 98.]— Joseph Baker, jun. of Nottingham, shoe- manufacturer, October 15, 16, November 9, at the King's Arms, Derbv.— James Jones, of Oswestry, dealer, October 9, 16, No- vember 9, at the Cross Keys, Oswestry Thomas Rudderforth, iun. Newington- causeway, stay- maker, October 2, 9, November y, at Guildhall, London.— George Sharpley. of Southwirk, inn- keeper. October 14,15, November 9, at the King's Arms, Portsea. — Eli Slices, of Rolton, roller- manufacturer, September ' 20, 21, October 16, at the Star, Manchester.— Onesiphorus Stanley, of Pitchcombe, clothier, October 5, 6, November 9, at the Horse antl Groom, Gloucester. IOR GOUT, RHEUMATISM, Nervous Complaints, Indigestion, & c. CONCENTRATED ESSENCE OF 1AMAICA GINGER. OX LF. Y'I AMEKEEPERS' CERTIFICATES, _ T issued for Shropshire, from September G tember 24tb, 1813, This useful Medicine is recommended by several eminent medical Men, and is in constant use with many persons of the highest rank and respectability. It relieves and shortens tho duration of Fits of the Gout, confining them tothe extre- mities and mitigating the paroxysms; it removes those un- pleasant symptoms arising from Weakness of the Stomach aud Bowels, viz. Flatulency, Indigestion, and Oppiession after eating ; in Nervous Complaints it warms and invigorates the Stomach, creates Appetite, and assists Digestion, and strengthens the whole system. Prepared by the Inventor ami Proprietor SAMUEL OXLEY, her Majesty's Chymist, and sold by Huosos and Co. 27, Hay- market, London; EDDOWFS, and WATTON, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wrexham ; Williams, Carnarvon ; and others thioughout the United Kingdom, in Bottles at 10s. 6d. 4s. Od. . and 2s. 9d. each. at n£ l 5s. each, llth to Sep- inclusive. Crntcliley John, Gamekeeper to the Marquis of Stafford, for the Manors of Lilleshall, Kinnerslev, Ciudgington, Ketley, Cherrinston, Tibberton, and Sheriff Hales. Davies Richard, Gamekeeper to Richard Ileber, Esq. for the Manors of Hodnet, Espley, Patsay, Wollerton, and Cotton. Evans Thomas, Gamekeeper to Thomas Borrow, Esq. for the Manors of Chetwvnd and Fdirmond. Griffiths Edward, Gamekeeper to the Rev. Mr. Johnson, for tbe Manors of Wistanstow, Onibury, Stokesay, and Edgton. Jenks Richard, Gamekeeper to Edmund Plowden, Esq. for the Manors of Plowden, Eyton, and Stottesden. Peuson Andrew, Gamekeeper to John Cotes, Esq for the Manors of Wooflcote and Stockton. Phillips John, Gamekeeper to T. B. Coleman, F. sq. forthe Manors of Church Stretton and Stretton- en- le- dale Smith Joseph, Gamekeeper to Sir Robert Lawlev, Bart, for the Manors of Burton, Callaiighton, and vfonkhopion. Smith Joseph, Gamekeeper to the F arl of Darlington, for the Manors of Weston and Oxenbold. Shutt Walter, Gamekeeper to the Marquis of Stafford, for the Manor of Newport. Shutt Walter, Gamekeeper to Ralph Leeke, Esq. for the Manors of Longford and Church Aston. Withington James, Gamekeeper to George Rrooke, Esq. for the Manors of Shiffnal and Idsall Execution of Daniel JPCrory.— This character • was found guilty, at the last Cumberland Assizes, of a burglary at Bird- house, where he headed a gang of several desperadoes; and the charge was clearly proved against him by the testimony of Gavin ( an accom- plice,) and Mrs. Gibson.— The unhappy culprit, descended of very respectable parents in Ireland, had been for some years past generally known in that neighbourhood : this circumstance, together with his daring conduct subsequent to apprehension, and an expectation that at the place of execution he might make important disclosures, drew together a very great concourse of people. About half after three on Saturday afternoon the criminal appeared upon the scaffold, attired in a black coat, vest, and small- clothes, and white Stockings, accompanied hy the Rev. Mr. Marshall, a Roman Catholic Clergyman, of which communion he himself professed to be. He then produced a paper, from which he road a denial of several crimes which had been perpetrated in the neighbourhood for eighteen months past. He, however^ acknowledged his being concerned in the burglary he was about to suffer for* confessed the justice of his sentence, though iu some immaterial points he declared ihe evidence against him was not altogether correct * and forgave his prose- ! cutors, wilh whom, and with ail men, he died in pcace. — A distressing scene then ensued. On tiie drop falling, the rope broke* and the unhappy man was precipitated to the ground, whereby his leg was broken. 44 I told you," said he, li this rope would never hang a man of my weight." Il seems that he had actually handled the rope before coming out of the gaol, and remonstrated against its unfitness. After some delay, he was borne upon the scaffold, in a chair; and another rope being procured, he was again tied up. He observed that it was providential that the accident of the rope breaking had happened, since he had forgotten to notice the MURDER AT PORTSMOUTH.— On Wednesday afternoon George Bre'thers was killed, under the following melancholy and singular circumstances: Tiv. ee French prisoners, Franco's Ret'/ f, Jean Marie Dunzee, and Daniel Du Verge-, having effected their escape from Forton Depot, engaged the wherry of tbe p. bove named George Brothers, to take them to Ryd'e ; when off the Block House, ( according to Iheir own assertions,) they proposed to the boatman to take them to France, promising ample reward, and liberty to return immediately ; but he, not to be corrupted hy promises or reward, most patriotically resisted their proposition, and in consequence j they stabbed him in sixteen places, ( three of which were j mortal.) and threw him overboard. The Frenchmen imme- diately directed their course to sea, and were promptly pursued by several wherries, in one of which were Lieut. So! lock, and three seamen of his Majesty's ship Centaur, at anchor at Spithead, In consequence of a heavy swell and bad management, the Frenchmen we're overtaken alter a run j of abeut fifteen miles; one of the men belonging to the | Centaur leaped into the wherry among the Frenchmen alone, when at the distance of several feet, armed with nothing hut the stretcher ( a piece of wood placed over the bottom of the boat for the purpose of supporting the feet in > order to produce purchase in rowing,) with which he knocked j one of them down; thev then surrendered immediately, ( They were taken on board the Centartr for the night j and on | being searched a large sum of money was found ahout them in silver, and three knives, one of them was very bloody, and on Thursday morning they were delivered into the hands of the civil power, and landed at the Sallyport, in the presence of some hundreds of persons of both sexes, whose passions were strongly excited, and the majority of whom appeared inclined to take summary vengeance. It required every effort of the civil officers " to prevent their prisoners being dragged from them. They received a number of blows iu passing through the crowd, particularly one, who was a very conspicuous object, having lost his hat in the scuffle with Brothers, the place of which was supplied by a handkerchief tied around his head. They were taken to the Borough Gaol, where they were again examined, confessing that Brothers was killed by two of them, but that the third was i no farther concerned than in lending his knife to the other, when the waterman resisted them. More money was here taken from them, one actually having concealed in his pantaloons under his boots, thirty- three 3s. Cd. pieces. It appears that by the manufacture of lace, toys, & c. these prisoners accumulated a sufficient sum of money to procure a suit of genteel clothes, each, ( besides the sums taken from their persons,) dressed in which, they mingled with the crowd of visitors that were walking in the depot, eluding, by their metamorphosed appearance, the vigilance of the turn- keys and military centinels. On Thursday an Inquest was held over the body, hy R. CalaWay, Esq. Coroner. Much to the ciedit. and feelings of the French prisoners of war at Forton, a subscription has heeu set on foot lor the wid > vv and children of Brothers, the amount of which, we Gamekeepers' Certificates, issued at the Hate of £ 3 13s. Gd. each, from September 1 \ th to September 24th. Anstice Robert, Gamekeeper to Richard Reynolds, Esq. for the Manor of Madeley. Briscoe William, Gamekeeper to Cecil W. Forester, Esq. for the Manors of Little Wenlock and Wellington. Corfield John, Gamekeeper to the Earl of Darlington, for the Manors of Harley and Kenley. Darrall joceph. Gamekeeper to Francis Canning, lEsq. for the Manor of Ditton Priors. Gould William, Gamekeeper to the Earl of Darlington, for the Manor of Hern Higgins Thomas, Gamekeeper to Richard Ileber, Esq. for the Manor of Preston Higgins Thomas Gamekeeper to Thomas Eyton, Esq, for the Manor'Of iWton. Rowells William, Gamekeeper to Robert More, Esq, for the Manors of Shelve, More, Morse wood, and Linlev, Langford Richard, Gamekeeper to Sir John Hill, Bart, for . the Manors of Prees and Willaston. Oatlev Thomas, Gamekeeper to the Earl of Shrewsbury, for the Manor of Albrighton. Powell Joseph, Gamekeeper to Ann Cressett Pelham, for the Manor of Holt Preen. Rend William, Gameke « « > er to John Beck, Esq. for the | Manor of Eaton. | Richards William, Gamekeeper ^ o Cecil W. Forester, Esq. i for the Manors of Willey, B rose lev. Barrow, Marsh, aud Wv'ke. j Reynolds John, sen. Gamekeeper to Sir \ V. W. Wynn, ( Bart, for the Manor of Muck Wenlock. ( Ravenshaw Thomas, Gamekeeper to the Trustees of Sii' Thomas Jones, Bart, for ihe Manor of Adney. Tolley John, G. unekeeper to James CompSon, Esq for the Manor of'Stotesdon. Published by Order of his Majesties Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes. M. WINTER, Secretary. Another ASTONISHING CURE performed by the ROYAL ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. Sin. Stockport, February, IS 12, ICONSIDER it a duty which I owe to the afflicted with Scrofulous and scorbutic affections, publicly to state the following facts, that all who are suffering under such disa- greeable and truly alarming complaints, may no longer despair of being radically cured, but know where to apply for speedy and certain relief. My son John, a youth of about 1 1 vears of age, was during a period of four years, most dreadfully afflicted with scrofula, which reduced him to a ^ tate of such alarming imbecility as to be incapable of any exertion; and the ulcers which had been formed in various parts of his body, rendered hrm a truly deplorable object.— Numerous applications had been made, and a variety of medicines administered without success; when hearing. of the just celebrity which your Antiscorbutc Drops had obtain- ed, a bottle of them was purchased, and taken agreeable to- ' he directions therewith given ; the effects produced by thi* single bottle were astonishing, and may be said to have been almost instantaneous ; two bottles more were procured, but ( he ulcers were brought to a suppuration, and the disease yielded to the powers of the medicine in so wonderful a manner, that before the third bottle had been wholly taken, he was completely restored, and still continues in perfect health and strength; tbe truth of which may be known to any one who will take the trouble of making personal enquiry, ( or if by letter, post paid) of Sir, your very grateful and obedient Servant, THOMAS JONES, Broker, Hillgale. Attested by Mr. Clarke, Gatley Hall, Cheshire, and Mr. Dean, Bookseller, Stockport. To Mr. John Lignum, Surgeon, Manchester. These Drops are sold in moulded square bottles, at 6s. and 14s. ( one 14s. bottle is equal to three f> s. ones) wholesale and retail bv Mr. Lignum, Manchester^ also retail by FDDOWES, Watton, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock; Gitton, Bridgnorth; Gower and Pen nail, Kidderminster ; Denmun, Wolverhampton; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Whitchurch; Baugh, Ellesmere; Owen, Welsh- pool ; Griffiths, Ludlow; Burlton. Leominster; Edwards, Oswestry ; Davies, Hereford ; and by the principal Vender* of genuine Medicines. BUTLER'S Celebrated Vegetable Restorative Tooth Powder, Br EAUTY of Countenance and regularity of Features are allowed to distinguish the British Fair; but the Proprietor of SUTLER'S TOOTH POWDER would beg leave to remind Iii3 Countrywomen, that Ihe tuslre ot their charms loses half its influence where the Teeth are discoloured, or shew a rotten and unhealthy appearance; this is tlie more inexcusable, a- the pre- sent preparation aftords the infallible means of - removing every blemish of the enamel, aitd is safe in its application, beaig com- posed of vegetables. It is recommended to tbe attention of all ranks, as clearing away eVery imperfection, either in thn colour or the decay of tlie enamel of tl- eT. etli; -.. rendering the breath sweet and delectable, and making the gui, of their proper shane and Vermillion hue, and a certain preventative against tlie Tooth- acii. No composition of this kind ever brought forward to public notice, has met such universal approbation ; and the Proprietor lias to boast that it is in daily use by Rovally itself. Sold wholesale and retail, at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paternoster- row ; also bv EDDOWES, ar. d Watton, Morris, and Burrev, Shrewsbury ; Eilwards, aud Morral, Oswestry; Batigli, Etlesmere; Painter, Wrexham; HouMont, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridgc ami Weulock ; Scarrott. Shiffnal; Gition, and Bangbam, Bridgnorth; Gower and Pcnnall, Kid- derminster. UNFAILING SUCCESS during n Period of EIGHTY YEARS has fully established the excellence of BAR- CLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT, in the cure of that disa- greeable disorder, the ITCH, which it never fails to effect in ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION. This safe, speedv, and effectual Remedy has been in general use for upwards of 80 years, without a single instance of it- s having failetl to cure tbe most inveterate cases. It does not contain Ihe smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dan- gerous ingredient, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate constitution. The Public are requested to ob- serve, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Nairn s of the Proprietors, BARCLAY and SON, are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each li . x; and great danger may arts.; from the neglect of this caution.— Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Sin, ( the only successors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet Market, London, price Is. 9d. duty included; and by their appointment, by W. EDDOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madeley Market- place ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Smith, Iron Bridge, and Much Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch; Baugh, Cross, Ellesmere ; Procter, Drayton ; Weaver, Montgomeiy ; Jones and Co. F. vans, Roberts', and Powell, Welsh Pool; Morral, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Gnffiths, Ludlow; Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Painter, Wrexham ; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangerniew ; Euan-., Newtown ; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. ' BUTLER's ITCH OINTMENT, AN effectual Cure hy one Application, commendation can he given of Butxe No greater rC- given of KUTIER'S OINTMENT, than it is used iu bis Majesty's Hospitals, it being the most effectual and efficacious remedy, price Is. 9d. per box. Sold wholesale ai d retail at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cheap. Mile, Coiner of Paternoster- row; also by EDDOWES, Watlon, Morris, and Burrey, Shrewsbury; Edwards, and Morral, Oswestry; Baugh, Ellesmere; Painter, Wrexham; Houls- tons, Wellington; Smith, Lonbridge and Weulock; Scarrot, Shiffnal; Gitton, nnd Bangham, Bridguorth; Gower and Pennnll, Kidderminster.
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