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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 27
No Pages: 4
The Northampton Mercury page 1
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford

Date of Article: 18/09/1813
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 27
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford.. VOL. 93.* SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 18, 1813. No. 27. Ready Money is expected ( with Advertisements. S S Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ) < J Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. 5 V. ,, S Stamp- Dutv - 3£ d. PRICE 64-* Paper and Print 3d. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, Sept. 14'. A JAMES ELKINGTON'S l. L Persons indebted to DEBTORS, the Estate of SATURDAY'S Gazette contains dispatches from General Sir George Prevost Bart, dated Kingston, Upper Canada, July S, 1813, which contains " the highly gratifying intelligence of tbe capture, on the 24th ult. of ab » dy of the enemy's forces, consisting of two field- officers, twenty- one other officers of different ranks, twenty- seven non- commissioned officers, and fimr hundred and sixty- two privates, together with a stand of colours and two field- pieces. The details of this gallant affair, which reflects so much credit on our Indian allies, as well as upon Lieutenant Eitzgibbon for the promptitude and decision with which he availed himself of the impression their attack bad made upon the enemy will, I have no doubt, be read by your Lordship with great satisfaction. Since the surprise of the enemy's camp at Sionev Creek, on the 6th ultimo, and their sub- sequent retreat from the Forty Mile Creek, in' which almost the whole of their camp equipage, together with a quantity of stores and provisions, fell into our hands, Major- General Dearborn has withdrawn the troops from Fort Erie, and has concentrated his forces at Fort George. Colonel Vincent has in consequence made a forward move- ment from the head of the lake, in order to support the light infantry and Indian warriors, who are employed in circumscribing the enemy, so as to compel them to make use of their own resources for tbe maintenance of their army. Major- General De Rottenburg has assumed the command of the centre division of the army of Upper Canada. After the squadron under Commodore Sir James Yeo bad shewn itself off the Forty Mile Creek, which principally deter- mined tiie enemy to retreat from that position it was very successfully employed in interrupting and cutting off their supplies going from the Genesee River, and their other settlements upon the southern shore of the lake; five small vessels with provisions, clothing, ai d other articles, were taken, and several loaded boats were captured, and some destroyed." The Gazette also contains dispatches from Admiral Sir J. B. Warren, who gives a list of one hundred and twenty- eight vessels of various de- scriptions ( chiefly belonging to tbe United States) captured on the American and West Indian station, between the 30th of March and the 22d of July. , Paris papers of the 7th inst. contain three Bul- letins from the army ; the following is a copy of the third;— Iler Majesty the Empress Queen and Regent has received the following intelligence from the army, duted the 30th of August :— " On the 88th, 89th, and 30th, we followed up oursuccess. Gens. Custex, Doumere, and D'Oude- narile, - of General Latuur Maubourg's corps, have taken lOOOcaissnns or waggons of ammunition, and collected many prisoners. The villages are full of the enemy's wounded. We already reckon 10,000 of them. " The enemy, according to the report of pri- soners, had eight Generals kiiled or wounded. " Tiie Duke of Rngusa has hud several affairs of advanced posts, which attest the intrepidity of his troops. " General Vnndnrame, commanding the Istcorps, on the25tli, debouched by Koenigstein, and on ihe 56th took possession of Ihe camp at Pirna, of ihe town, and of Holiendorf. He intercepted the grand communication from Prague to Dresden.— The Duke of Wurtemberg, wilh 15,000 Russians, was charged with observing the debuuehe. On the 2Sth, General Vnndamme attacked and defeated him, took 2000 prisoners, six pieces of cannon, and drove him into Bohemia. The Prince of Reus, General of B- igade, an olficer of merit, was killed. " On the 29th Gen. Vandmnme took a position upon the heights of Bohemia, anil established him- self there. lie caused the country lo he scoured by different parties of light troops lo obtain in- telligence of the eneiuv, annoy him, and seize upon his magazines. " The Prince of Eckmuhl was oh Ihe 24th at Schtverin. He had no affair of consequence. " The D-. nes hud distinguished themselves in leverul trifling affairs. " The opening of the campaign has been mnst htilliant, and allows us to form great hopes. The ifiiality of our infantry is much superior to that of je enemy." Accounts were received in town this morning from France, stating, that the division of Gen. Vaudamme, which was pursuing the allied army into Bohemia, lias been almost destroyed by the Prussians nnd Austrian*; who, turning upon his division, in the defiles of Bohemia, no retreat was left to Vandamme, lie was obliged to fight them, in which lie was totally defeaied, and * killed, with the loss of 6000 men, and 30 pieces of cannon. Bonaparte was yet at Dresden. In the letters from the French coast it is stated, that the first movements of tbe Allies were at- tended with considerable advantages, and that their earlier operations against Dresden promised a successful result. The same letters say, that the French army opposed to Blucher in Silesia had fallen back, and tlte Allies in that quarter bad acnuired a decisive superiority, and had been ioincd by the advanced guard of Gen. Bennigsen's army, which consists of tbe new Russian levies, and is represented as very numerous.— They like- wise add, that the enemy even meditated the abandonment of Dresden, and the evacuation ol the whole of the country to the north of the Elbe. Ibis determination is attributed to tbe recen successes of tbe Crown Prince, added to tlu im- jiot'ng force which Blucher has under his com- » iuu. since tbe junction of Gen. Beunigsen. By the minor French Journals we learn that * tbe enemy, to relieve his pecuniary embarrass- ments, has permitted the introduction of a great quantity of colonial produce into Hamburgh and Bremen, with liberty to the purchasers to trans- port it into France, through the Custom- houses '' of Cologne aud Mentz. They also confirm the passage of large Russian reinforcements to join the main army. The Illyrian provinces have — V heen invaded by tbe Austrian? under General lliller, whose force consists chiefly of Hunga- rian regiments. The Bavarian army under Wrede was acting entirely on the defensive, and seemed occupied in protecting Saltzburg and the defiles of the Tyrol. The Austrian Declaration of War is stated to be . Uiminous. It is said that it would more than - I a Newpaper. It is drawn up by tbe celebrated VI. Gentz, and is said to be a well- written iocument. Tbe hops this year are said to be abundant, but mt of a good quality. This, however, is not a matter of much regret, as the brewers have long discontinued the article. JAMES ELK IN G TON, of RUGBY, in the County of Warwick, Liquor- Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, a Bankrupt, are desired forthwith lo pay their respective Dehts to Messrs. Caldeeott & Benn, Solicitors, in Rugby aforesaid, who are authorised by the Assignees of the Estate and Effects, to receiv* the same ; and all Persons so indebted, who do not discharge the same on or before the 1st Day of October next, will be sued without further Notice. By Order of the Assignees. CALDECOTT & BENN. Rugliy, 5Ih Sept. 1S13. BRITISH PAIN I MANUFACTORY, No. 62, Queen- Street, Cheapside, LONDON. CHEAP, Durable, and Impenetrable PAINTS, Ground in I/. iseed Oil, tor Park Palings, Fences, Tiles, Slates, Plaster and Stuccoed Fronts, Ship- painting. Out- buildings, and Weather- boarding of every Description. per Clot. per C'wt To be SOLD by AUCTION, The latter End of this pres- nt Month of September, ( unle- s pievtously disposed of bv Private Contract), piIE REVERSION in Fee Expectant on the 3 Demise of a Ladv aged 60, ot and in 41 Acres ol exceedingly rich LAND, ill OUNDLE FIELD. Part Freehold and Part Copyhold, in the Occupation of Mr. N. Ball. For Price and Particulars, apply to Mr. or Mrs. BAKER, lstip, or Messrs. SHERARD, Oundle or Thrapston. Sd September, 1813. T Invisible Green... 56s Dark Green 70s, Bright Olive Gieen 112s. black Paint 60s. White Paint 56s. Stone Colour 5tis. Lead or Slate Colour 56s. Yellow 5( 5s. Chocolate 56s. R « l 40s, Prepared Oil to thin the above lor Use, 5s. fid. per Gallon. Genuine Ground White Lead, . per Cut. 56s. Od. Turpentine ..... Linseed Oil.. Boiled Oil Tar Genuine Sperm Oil. Pale Seal Oil Chamber Oil Paie Whale Oil Pitch ' per Cat. 13s. Od. 6s. Od. 6s. 6d. per Bar. 44s. Od. per Cai. 8s. 6d. 5s. Cd. 5s. 6d. 4s. 6d. per Cwt. 22s. Od. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. N'OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates upon or be. Imging to the Turnpike- Road leading from the Town of Northampton to Newport- Pagnell, in the County of Buckingham, and called by the several Names ot Preston Gate ( with the Weighing Machine and Side- Gate, at- Tillny Highway), and Lathburv Gate, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder or Bidders, at the House of CHARLES BROWN, known by the Name of HORTON INN, in the County of Northampton, on TUESDAY the " 28th Day of SEP- TEMBER inst. between the Hours of Twelve and Two o'Clock, in the Manner prescribed by the Act of the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty; which said several Tolls produced the last Year the Sum ot <£ 1.230, over and above tbe Expences ot collecting.— Whoever happens to be the Best Biddet or Bidders, must immediately pay down into the Hands ot theTreasurer, one Month's Rent in Advance, and at tiie same l ime give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Road, for Payment of the Rent or Rents agreed for at such Times anil in such Manner as the said Trustees shall direct. By Older of the Trustees, R ABBEY, Clerk. Dinner at Half- past Two o'Clock. Northampton, Sept. 1 IT A, 1813. Fine Colours of every Kind, Dry, or prepared for Use. Painters' Brushes, Sec. & c. The Impenetrable Paints are very Ornamental, possess great Durability, are a Cure for the Worm and Dry Rot, and will stand in Hot Climates. They are peculiarly adapted tor Work exposed to the Effects ot Weather, and may also be applied with Advantage to the general Purposes of useful inside Painting, as they dry quickly, and are very handsome in Appear- ance. They are used in tbe Manner of other Paints, and require only to be thinned with the prepared Oil, the White Paint excepted, which requires the Addition ot Turpentine. The Impenetrable Paints are sold in Quantities not less than 281bs. andean only be purchased of G tonci UnoV & Co. Oilmen and Colour Manufacturers, 62, Queen- Street, 41, London Wall, and Kennet Wharf. N. B. These Paints are not prepared from Coal, Tar, or Fisji O" CAPITAL SITUATION. To be LE IT, And entered on immediately, or at Michaelmas next, AGood DWELLING HOUSE', with H Butcher's Shop, now in full Trade, and at exceedingly rich Close of Pasture Land, containing about three Actes, thereunto adjoining, situate-' at BARBY, near Davcutry, in the County o Northampton. The Tenant, if required, may be accommodated with a good Malt- Kiln, adjoining the said Premise For further Particulars, and to treat for Ihe same, enquire * if Mr. RICHARD LORD, of Barby aforesaid. HE Commissioners in a Commission ol Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against JOSEPH It ICK ET f, late of OUNDLE. iu tin County of Northampton, -' Banker, Dealer ant Chapman, intend to meet on the 29th Day of SEP- TEMBER instant, at Eleven of the Clock in lhe Forenoon, at the GEORGE I N N, in O A K H A M, in the County " f Rutland, iu order to receive the Proof of Debts under thesaid Commission. JOHN BALDERSTOlN, Solicitor. 6th September. 1813. To be SOLD by AUCTION, \ t the Horse Shoe Inn, in Daventry, on Wednesday the Twenty- second Day of September, 1813, at Four o'Clock in tbe Afternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), T FREEHOLD ESTATE of uncommonly rich PASTURE and FEEDING I. AND. in the Parish of, and adjoining the Village of WATFORD, in1 the County ot Northampton, containing by Ad- measurement 5SA- 12P, called or known by th several Names of Bankv Meadow, Ash Plantation, Wheat Close, Wheat Close Meadow, and Freeman's Croft. And also two C LO S E S of rich A R ABLE LAND in the Parish ofKlLSBY, adjoining Watford Gap, called Brockeiage Close, containing by Admeasure- ment 8A. 3R. 34P. and the North Side of Calser Close, containingSA. 3P. in the Occupation of Mr Thomas Payne.— Possession of which may be had ai St. Thomas next. For further Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr. BURTON, Solicitor, Daventry. X] OT1CE is hereby given, Thai 1 ^ Half- yearly Meeting of the Trus BUCKS. \ TOTICE is hereby given, That Applica- L^ i * Tloii is intended to be made to Parliament in he ensuing Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill tor making a fair and equal County Rate for the Ofiuhty Of Buckingham. fth September, 1813. jVTOTICE is hereby given, ' That Applicatio L s! js intended tn be made to Parliament iu til ication the next Session, for an Act for continuing and amending an Aft passed in the 32d Year of his Majesty's Reign, intituled " An Act for amending, and more effectually repairing the Road from the Black Bull Inn. in Dunstable, in the County of Bedford, to the King's Arms, in Hnckliffe, in the said County," and for increasing and altering the existing Tolls, Rates, or Duties granted by the said Act. which said Road passes into or through the several Paiishes or Townships of Dun- stable, Houghton- Regis, Tilsworth, Chalgrave, Battlesdeu, and Hockliffe, in the said County of Bedford.— Dated this 28ih Day of August, 1813. 110 TIL WELL. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. To be LETT, For a Term of fourteen Years, from Michaelmas next, together, or in two or three Lots, '" piIE very valuable ALLOTMEN TS of LAND 1 lately set out by the Commissioners tor the Inclosure of ROTHWELL, in lieu of the Great Tithes, See. adjoining together, and containing Two Hundred and Ninety. three Acres, with the liarns and Buildings thereto belonging ; and an Allowance will be made out ot tbe Rents for all further necessary- Buildings.— Security will be required tor Payment of the Rent, & c. & c. ROTHWELL is about four Miles from Kettering, seven from Market- Harborough, 14 from North- ampton, 10 trom Wellingborough, and 20 from Leicester. Mr. DAULBY at the Crown Inn, Rothwell, will shew the Premises, and for tutther Particulars, apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid), to Mr. WATSON, Solicitor, Lutterworth. Lutterworth, Sept. \ c. th, 1813. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. VfOTlCE is hereby given, That an ad- A- Sf jotirned Meeting of the Trustees of the Turn- pike Road from the South- l- hid of Peacock's Lane in the Parish Of Bromham, in the County of Bed- ford, to the Turnpike Road leading from Welling- borough lo Olney, in the county of Buckingham; and also Ihe Itoad from ihe said Turnpike Road at or near the South- End of the Town of Olney afore- said, to the Turnpike Road leading from North- ampton to Newport- Pagnell, in the said County, will be held at the BULL I NN, in OI. NEY aforesaid, on THURSO A Y the FOURTEENTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon ; at wliirh Meeting the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gales upon thesaid Road will h- LETT to FA RM by AUCTION for One Year, from such Time as the Trustees shall theu agree upon, in the Maimer di- rected by an Act of Parliament passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Roads, which Tolls produced the last Year, over and above the Expences of collecting the same, the following Sums, viz.:— Bromham Gate .£ 108. Lavendon Gate, with the Weighing 1 „ n. Machine J 2U1, Itdvenstone Gale 90. and will be put up at such Sums as the Trustees then present shall direct. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at ihe same Time give Security with sufficient Sure lies, tn the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payisen, of ihe Rent at such Time and in such Proportions as the said Trustees shall direct. JOHN GARRARD, Clerk to the said Trustees. Olney, September 10th, 1813. at the next Meeting of tile Trustees nf the Turnpike- Road from Wendover to the Town of Buckingham, in the County of Buckingham, will beheld at the BEIT, INS, iu WINSI. OW, in the said County, on TUESDAY Ihe FIFTH D » y of OCTOBER next, at Eleven of Ihe Clock in the Forenoon. By Order of the Trustees. Winslow, Sept. 3d. 1813. LAN. WYATT. NOTICE is hereby given, ' That the next Meeting of the Trustees for repairing and widening the Road from the Great Bridge, in ilie Borough of Warwick, through Southam and Daveniry, to the Town of Northampton, will be held at the GRIFFIN INN, in SOUTH AM, <> n MON- DAY the TWENTIETH Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, at which Meeting the TOLLS payable at the several Gates on thesaid Road, colled Drayton Lane Gate and Floor Gate, together wilh theTOLL IIOUSESi hereto belonging, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, for one Year, to commence from the twenty- ninth Day of the same Month of September, in ihe - Man- ner directed by Ihe Act of Parliament made for regulating the Turnpike Roads in that Part of Great Britain called England. Whoever happens lo be the Best Bidder for either of the said Gates, must at the same Time give Secu- rity, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for the Payment of the Rent at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN TOMES, Clerk to the Trustees. Warwick, 28tA August, 1813. Cottinghtim cum Middleton Inclosure. NOTICE is hereby given, That in the next _ Session of Parliament Application will be mnije to the Honourable House of Commons of the United Kingdom of Great- Britain and Ireland, for Leave to bring in a Bill lo obtain an Act for di- viding, alloting, and inclosing the open nd common Fields, common Meadows, common Pastures, and other commonable Land.- and wasie Grounds, of and within the Manor and Parish of COTT1NGIIAM cum MIDDLETON, in the County of North- ampton, and for extinguishing the Tithes thereof, and of the old Inclosures within ihe same Parish. THO. MARSHALL, Solicitor, Kettering. 27t4 August, 1813. VfOTlCE isheteby given, That Application I- TI IS intended lo be made to the Honourable House of Commons in the next Sessions of Parlia- ment, for Leave to bring in a Bill to enlarge the Term and amend ihe Powers of ihe several Acts of Parliament heretofore passed. Fur repairing the Highways from O L D- STR AT FOR I), in the County of Northampton, to DUNCHURCII, in the County of Warwick, and for more effectually amending the said Highways, which Road passes through Ihe several Parishes, Hamlets, and Places following, ( that is to say) Old- St rat ford, Dens hanger, Pasenliam, Cosgrove, Furtho, Yardley- Gobion, Pntterspury, Paulerspury, Healhencote, WondbtircMiie, Towcester, Caldecott, Diincolte, Burcoite, Eascotte, Dulscntte, Cold - lligham, Patiishall, Ascolte, Nether- Hejford, Stowe- Nine- Churches, Weedon- Beck. Dodford, Newnham, Daventry, Drayton, and Bfaunston, in the County of Northampton, and Willough'oy, Woolscott, and Duiictuirrh, in the County of Warwick.— Dated this 3d Day of September, 1813. By Order of the Trustees. EDMUND BURTON. To be SOLD, At CRANFIELD, Bedfordshire, A Roomy HOUSE, capable of being made I. JL very commodious at a little Expense, w ith Bain, Pigstye, & c. and three Closes of rich Pas- lure Land adjoining, cuntainiog by Estimation sixteen Acres. For Particulars, apply to Mr. J. FOSKGT, Ihe Tenant, who will shew the Premises To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL thos © FOUR COPYHOLD MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, situate m ihe Village o AKELY, near Buckingham, in the several Occu pations of William Ridgway, Thomas Nighting 1 , Edith Shirley, and John Nichols, with good Gardens to each, a Pump and Well ol excellent Spring Water, and other Conveniences. The Premises are in good Repair. For further Particulars, and to treat toi the Pur- chase, apply toMr. MILLER, Solicitor, Buckingham. NOTICE is hereby given, of the Trustees of the Turn WARWICKSHIRE, el most desirable Freehold Residence, and about five Acres of excellent Pasture Land, with Pos- session at Michaelmas next, To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ Most desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, fitted up with great Taste and Neatness, irost eligibly situate at SOUTHAM, in the County of Warwick; comprising Breakfast, Dining, and Drawing Rooms, commodious Kitchen, Larder, excellent cool Wine and Beer Cellerage; several principal Bed Room-, besides Servants' Rooms; detached is a convenient Laundry, Stable, and othei suitable Appendages, Yard, Garden well stocked and tastefully laid out, together with an inclosed Allotment of exceedingly rich Pasture Landadjaining, most abundantly supplied with Fruit and ornamental Trees; and, together also yvith one other inclosed Allotment of equally rich Pasture Land, commonly called or known by the Name of the Town Land, which said tyvo several Allotments contain by Esti- mation, five Acres or thereabouts ( more or less), and; together with the House, Garden, and Out- ottices, are now in the Occupation of Mr. Poole, Solicitor, who is removing to Kenilworth. The Situation of the Property is particularly- inviting, being happily placed in the midst of a social and highly mspeciable Neighbourhood, distant only five Miles trom that distinguished and much fre- quented Watering Pl. tce LEAMINGTON, and pos_ scssing moreover the Advantage ot being situate within easy Distances of several Packs ot Hounds. Tbe Premises aie in excellent Repair, and the Whole presents a most desirable Residence tor genteel Family. N. B The Household- Furniture and Fixtures may be taken, or not, upon a fair Valuation, at the Option of the Purchaser. For further Particulars, apply at the Officc of Mr. WARDLE, Solicitor, in Daveiitry. Uruckley, Toaicester, and U'eston- on- thc- Green Turnpike- Road. XT OTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of JAI the Trustees ot the above Turnpike. Road, will be held at the CROWN INN, in BRACKLEY, in the County of Northampton, on TUESDAY the FIFTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Also, that the TOLLS arising at Surcott Wood Gate, yvith the Check- Gale near the Soap- Office, Hopper's Ford Gale, with the Check- Gate at liid- dlesdon- Lane- End and Middleton Gate, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidders, at the Place above mentioned, on the said fifth Day of October next, between the Hours ot Eleven in the Forenoon and tour in the Afternoon, either together or sepa- rately, as the Trustees present at the said Meeting shall think proper, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his pre- sent Majesty King Geoige the Third, " tor regulating the Turn pike- Roads •" yvhich 1 oils produced the lasi Year the following Sums, above Ihe Expenses of col- lecting them, and will be put up at those Sums respeciively ( that is to say), liurcott Wood Gate, irith the Check- Gate near the Soap Office ........ i£ 201 tloppcrsford Gate, with the Check Gate at Biddlesden- Lane- End .... 116 Middleton Gate 80 Whoever happen to be the Best Bidders must at the same Time pay down a Deposit of ^' 10 per Cent, in Part ot the Rent, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of ihe Trustees, for the Pay ment ot the Remainder of the Rent at such Times and in such Manner as they shall direct. Also that new Trustees will be elected in the Stead of those who are dead or refuse to act, and such other Business transacted as by the Act is required. Bv Order of the Tiustees, RT. WESTON, Clerk. Deddirrgton, Aug. Ibtb, 1813 That a Meeting Turnpike Road leading froia Banbury, in the County " of Oxford, to the South- End of Mill Field, in the Parish of Lutter- worth, in the County of Leicester, will be held ai the RED LION INN. in LI. i\ KURY afore. aid, on SATURDAY the 9th Day of OCTOBER next, ai Eleven o'clock in ihe Forenoon, at which Meeting the TOLLS to arise for one Year from llie 19th of October next, at the Banbury Bridge Toll Gate, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, in Manner directed hy Ihe Statute made in the 13th Year of his present Majesty for regulating Turnpike Roads, which Tolls produced in ilie last Year, over and above the Charges of collecting the same, the Sum of .£ 492, and will be put up at such Suin. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must produce sufficient Sureties, and give Secuiity for Payment nf the Reins, at soch Times and Manner as the Trustees shall direci. Anil Notice isfurther given, That those Person who are infilled to compound for their Tolls, in respect of the Occupation of Lands, may do s> o immediately before the Tolls are pui up. And Notice is further given, That the Trustees will, at thesaid Meeting, take into Consideration and determine upon, the Propriety of erecting i Ticket Gate, Chain, or Bar, atrois the Road at Grimsby Green. By Order of tbe Trustees. EDMUND BURTON. Daventry, 16tA September, 1813. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACI, ALarge commodious HOUSE and old- estab- lished DRAPER'S SHOP, with three'Tene- ments adjoining, situate ill the most pleasant Part ol WELPORD, in the County of Northampton, in the Occupation of Mr. F. Bosworth, who will sh w the Premises. Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. F. GURDSN, Market- Harborough. Immediate Possession may be had of the House and Shop, the present Occupier retiring on Account of ill Health. Xlppingham, 25th August, 1813. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, % il Ir. GLEN HAM, At the Falcon Inn, Uppingham, on Wednesday the 2- id Day of September, 1S13, in the following Lots, Lot 1st. A Capital MESSUAGE or TENE- X1MEN1', COACH- HOUSE, BARN, STABLE, GRANARY, DOVECOTE, and other convenient Offices, with a Yard, Garden, and Homestead adjoining, called LAMP ACRE CLOSE, situate at UPPINGHAM aforesaid, containing together by Admeasurement 1 \. 19P.— The Messuage, Yard, and Buildings, containing 19 Perches ot Land-, are of the Rectory Manor of Uppingham, and the remaining Acre is Freehold, now in the Occupation of Mr. Hall, Solicitor, whose Term expires on ihe 10th Day of October next.— The Messuage is yvell calculated for the Residence of any respectable Gentleman, and it has the desirable Advantage of a good Garden and an Homestead of most excellent Land, both of yvhich have a South Aspect. Lot 2d. A CLOSE of MEADOW LAND, con- taining 3R. 22P. twenty- three Perches whereof are Freehold, and the Remainder is Copyhold ot the Rectory Manor of Uppingham, situate in UPPING- HAM aforesaid, near lo Lot 1, also in the Tenure ot Mr. Hall, whose ' Term expires on the 10th Day of October next. Lot 3d. A CLOSE of MEADOW or PASTURE LAND, containing 9,\. 35P. with a Barn lately - irected thereon, 1A. 1R. 20P. whereof is Freehold, and upon which the Bain stands 1R, 20P. is Copv- tiold ot the Manor of Preston with Uppingham, and 7A. 1R. 35P. is Copyhold of the Rectory Manor of Uppingham, situate in the Parish or Lordship o; U PPI NGHA M aforesaid, adjoining ihe Folly- Road, in the Occupation of John Harrison, whose Term expires on the 10th Day ot October next. The Land- Tax of the Whole is redeemed. ' The Estates may be vieyved on Apolication to the TENANTS, and tor further Particulars, apply at the Office ot Mejisib. W AURLN SI CIIURCUILL, in 1 Uppingham. Turnpike- Road from Rugby to Lutterworth. NOTICE is hereby given, That tile next Meeting of the Trustees of this Road will b; holden at the SPREAD EAGLE INN, in RUGBY, on THURSDAY ttie 2; Jd Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, aud that at such Meeting tile TOLLS arising at the Rugby and Brownsover Toll- Gates on this Road, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, either together or separate, as the ' Trustees shall think proper, and also subject to such Conditions, in respect to the Tolls to be taken, as will then Be produced. The Tolls arising at the said several Gates amounting last Year to ihe undermentioned Sums, ( viz.) Rugby Gate .£ 225. Ditto Town Catch Gate 12. liroionsover Gate 150. And the said Gates will be severally put up at such Sums respeciively as the Trustees present shall apprtve.— And whoever means to be a Bidder, must previously give to the Trustees the Name of hi intended Surety, with a written Acceptance by such Surety ot such Engagement, and if he be the Best Bidder he must pay one Mouth's Rent in advance, and give Security to the Satisfaction of the Trustees tor Payment of the Remainder of the Rent, Monthly or Quarterly, as shall be then required. By Order of this Tiustees, CALDE'GOTT & BENN, their Clerks. Rugby, August 24tb, 1813. Turnpike- Road from Rugby to North- Kiheorth NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of this Road will be holden at the SPREAD EAGLE INN, in RUGBY, on THURSDAY the 23d Day of SEPTEMBER nexi Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, and that at such Meeting the TOLLS arising at ihe Clifton and Kiiworth Toll- Gates, with the Catthorpe Bar on the Road, will be LE TT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, either together or separate, as the trustees DUNGUURCll ROAD. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BF. LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, . hat the TOLLS arising at the several Toil- Gates upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Duiuhurch to Hill- morton, in the County ot Warwick, and from thence to St. James's End, in the Parish ot Duston, in the County of Northampton, called or known by the several Names of the Hillinorton Gate, West- 1- 1 addon Gate, and the St. James's End Gate, yyill be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, at the House oi Mr. Thomas Walton, known by the Sign of the Fox and Hounds, at Harleston, in the said County oi No thanipton, on Tuesday the Twenty- lirst Day ot September next, betyveen the Hours of Twelve ami Four o'Clock, in the Manner directed by an Act passed in the thirteenth Year of his present Ma- jesty's Reign •' for regulating the Turnpike- Roads," which Tolls produced the last Year tbe Sums fol- lowing, ( viz.)— at Hillmorton Gate, the Sum ot ^ 220. — West- Haddon Gate, the Sum of ^ 230.— Aijit at St. James's End Gate, the Sum ot £ H5, above the Expenses of collecting them respectively, anu will be put up at those respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the ilest Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, yvith sufficient Sureties to the Satiksaction ot the Trustees, for Payment of the respective Rents agreed for, and at such limes as they shall direct. By Order of the Trustees, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. Northampton, 2S/ i August, 1S13. To Brewers and others, who wish to purchase an eligible, healthful, and pleasant Situati n to build upon, either fvr Business or Retirement. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, N" IN E Acres of rich converiible FREEHOLD LAND, lying near the West- End of the Village ofFLOORt. upon the Turnpike- Road about Halt Way between Northampton and Daventry, and may be entered upon at any Time to be agreed upon, i his Land is most commanding!)' situated tor building a Brewery upon, lying wuhin rialf- a- Mile of the Giand Junction Wtiait anu the Barracks at Weedon- Beck, and in the Centie ol a Number of large and e- r- « - J" s Vilaj-,, tn wtuUt all the oiauchijig Roaus are good, and such an Accommodation being much wanted, there being no one within nine Miles of - his Spot — There is a continual Spring ot soft Water upon ihe mosi eligible Pan ot these demises. For Particulars, and to treat tor the Purchase, apply to Mr. JAMES BARGE, Weedon- Beck; or Mr. BLABY, Auctioneer and Appraiser, Floore. N. 11. To prevent unn cessary Trouble, the Price will be =£ 1,0 0. Eligible Estate, Kilaby, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By EOW. SHALE 4- SON, At the Geo Inn, in Kilsby, on Tuesday the 28th Day of September, 1813, about Thiee o'clock in the Atternoon, subject lo Conditions ot bale then to be produced, in the following Lois : — Lot 1. « LL that capital and substantial Stone J- X. . nd Brick D W E L1.1 NO„ H OUS E ; comprising a roomy Kitchen, Hall, Parlour, and • Jrater's s,|. 10! 1i Cel. ai, Pantry, and Dairy; five excellent Bed- Rooms, and two large Attics, one capital Oak Siair- Case, and back Ditto ; a spacious Yard, containing a large Bain, Five- stall Stable, Cow- Sheds, with other suitable Out. offices adjoining ihe Dwelling- House; together with an excellent Well ol Water, a large and productive Garden, wel. planted With choice IVall Fruu and other Trees 111 tuil bearing, pleasantly siiuaie in Kl . SBY aforesaid, and yveil adapted for the Residence ot a Gentleman, or any Person requiring Room, and now in the Occu- \ i O I ICE is hereby given, That Application is 1 > intended to be made to Parliament in the next Session, for Leave to biing in a Bill or Bills for continuing and amending two several Acts passed iri the twelfth and thirty- third Years of the Reign of his present Majesty, tor repairing and widening the Road from the Forty. eight Mile Stone in the Parish of Car- dington. in the prescntTurnoike- Road, betweenFlitchin and Bedford, toGreat- Barford Bridge, and tor continuing a Road from thence to the Great Northern Road near lemsford Bridge, in the County of Bedford! which said Road passes through the several Parishes ot Cardington, Cople, Wellington, Blunham, Great- Bartord, and Roxton, in the County ot Bedford And also for . epairing and widening the Road leading or branching out ot the said Turnpike- Road, ar a Place ca, led Roxton Hill, iu the Parish of Grear- Barford aforesaid, and passing through the several Parishes of Great- Barford, Renhold. and Goldington in the County of Bedford, and Saint Cuthbert, in the I own of Bedford, in the tame Count", to the Turnpike- Ro.. d in the Parish of Saint Cuthbert, and saint Peter, in thesaid Town of Redtord, or one of them, leading from the said Town of Bedford to the I own of Kimbolton, in the County of Huntingdon and lor making the same a Turn pike- Road ' * THOMAS KIDMAN. Bedford, 6th SepUmbcr, 1813. VJOTFCE is hereby gTven, That Apnlication 1 ^ is intended to be made to Parliament in Ihe next Ses- inn, for Leave to bring In a Bill for the I urpose of obtaining an Act for making and main- taining a Turnpike- Road from and out of the Great North Road at ARRINGTON, in the County of Cambridge, to join and communicate with the Town of POT TON, in the County of Bedford' near Potton Church, which Turnpike- Road is intended 10 be made and carried imuor through the several Parishes of Arlington, Crovdon- cum- Clapton, Tadlow, East- Hailey, and H'. tley St George, in the County nf Cambridge, and Cock- ayne, Hatlev, and Potton. inthe Countvof Bedford. And also for making and maintaining a Branch Turnpike- Road from and out of the said intended Turnpike- Road in the Parish of Croydon at or ne- ir a certain Farm- House called Clapton Dairy, in the County of Cambridge, to and into the Parish of Gamlingav, near the Town of Gamfingay, in the County of Cambridge, nnd which last mentioned. Branch is intended to be made and carried into or through the several Parities nf East- Hatley, Hallev St. George, and Gamlinjar, in the f ,, •,-, ,, f Cambridge.— Dated the 30lh Day of August, 1813. ]* yTOTICE is hereby given, That Appli- cation is intended tn he made to Parliament pation of Mr. JOHN GIBBINS, the Proptietor Lot 2. All that PIECE or PARCEL of exceed- ingly rich GRAZING LAND, situate neai to the loivn ot K I LSli Y, and adjoining the Turnpi-; e- Koaet leading irom Kilsby 10 Lutterworth, and within 300 Yarns ot the George inn, containing six Acies 01 thereabouts. Lot 3. All that other PIECE or PARCEL of exceedingly rich GRAZING LAND, adjoining Lot a, containing six Acres or thereabouts. Lot 4. All that PIECE or PARCEL ot exceed- ingly rich ARABLE and PASTURE LAND adjoining Lot 3, containing six Acres or thereabouts N . B. Theabove Estate is Copyhold of Inheritance, and the Lots of Land are yvell fenced and watered, and a Number of young thriving Timbei Tiees are growing 111 the Hedgeiows. Possessionot the Whole may behadat St. Thomasnext. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. JOHN GIBBINS, of Kilsby aforesaid ; andfuither Paiticulars may be ban at ihe Offices of Messrs. CALDECOTI SC ISENN, Solicitors, Rugby. , nt in the next Session, for an Act for altering and amending two several Acts, one passed in the IStli \ ear of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, intituled, " A 11 Act for Paving" " Cleansing, Lighting, and Watching the Town of " NORTHAMPTON, and for removing nnd pre- " venting Encroachments, Obstructions, and Annoy- " ances therein ;" and the other pase » d in Ihe 37ih Year of the Reign of his said present Majesty, intituled, " An Act for altering and amending an " Act passed in the ISih Year of the Reign of his " pi ent Majesty, intituled. « An Act for Paving. ' I Cleansing, Lighting, and Watching tbe Town of " Northampton, and for removing nnd preventing " Encroachments, Obstructions, and Annoyances " therein ;' and fur continuing ihe Term of certain " Tolls by tlie said Act granted;" and for altering and increasing the Rates and Tolls granted bv the said Acts, or eiiher of them ; and also for taking down and re- building, Wholly or iu Part, llie South Bridge over the River Nine or \* en, nr or near the said Town of Northampton, and for widening and making more coirmodious the said Rrid^ e, and the Approaches thereto; which said Bridge is situate inthe several Parishes of All Saints, in the said Toyyn of Northampton, and Hardingstone, in the County of Northampton, or one of ihem. — Dated this fourth Day of September, one thousand - ight hundred and thirteen. CIIAS. MARKIIAM. HALLAM'S PILLS. The best Preparation for Indigestion, Giddiness in the Head, Bile, and the ill liffects of In- temperance, that has ever been recommended. nPllliY are tbe most pleasant and effectual Remedy in all Bilious Complaints, whether arising from a yveak or deranged Action of the Sto inach ; from Colds, whereby the Secietion ot Bile is obstructed; or from Excess in Eating or Drinking, wherein the Bile is rendered acrid and corrosive, anil regurgitated to the Stomach, causing Sickness, Jaun- dice, Windy Disorders, Indigestion, Sec. Their Operation is very gentle and safe, nevi- r griping; a most excellent Remedy lor relieving those troubled with the Piles ; in habitual Costive- ness, a sluggish State of the Bowels, Sick Head- Ach, and also during Pregnancy they may be taken with singular goo. Effect.— Price2s. 9J. and 4s. 6d. Duty included. Sold by E. Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London, and Retail by Marshall, Northampton; Tomalin, and Wilkinson, Daveutry; Higgs, Harborough; Bar- ringer, Newport; and Mather, Wellingborough jjMIE celebrated CORDIAL BALM of !. GILEAD, is a Preserver and Restoier of Health to the Weak, the Sickly, and Infirm. Its Leicestershire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By DAVIS 4- SON, In the Month of October, 1S13 ( together or in such Lots as shall be hereafter specified;, \ Valuable FREEHOLD ESTA IE, called Baron Park, situaie in the Parish ot DESFORD, iu the County ot Leicester; consisting ot two Farm- Houses, with the Out- buildings and Appurtenances 1 hereto belonging; and about Four Hundred and Ten Acres ot Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Lar.., divided into convenient Closes, and now in theseveial Occu- pations of Messrs. Thomas Hook, Thomas Hurst, Joseph Bott, and John Hunt. The above , Estate is about six Miles distant from Leicester, nine trom Hinckley, and five from Market Bosyvoith. The Land- l ax is ledeemed, aud a Modus ot Six Shillings and Eight- pence per Annum is pay- able to the Rector of Desforin Lieu of Tithes. The Time and Place of Sale will be advert sed in this Paper, and for further Particulars, Application may be made to Messrs. R. S. TAYLOR & CLEMENT, olicitors, Gray's- Inn, London; or Mr. SHEPPARD oliciior, Leicester. shall think proper, and also subject to such Con. 1wa, m apd ren„ vating Quality, indisputably renders ditions, 111 respect to the lolls to be taken, as yvill then it the best Medicine for Relaxations, Debility, be produced lhe Tidls arising at the: said severa Lassitude, Tremors, sinking of the Spirits, Gates were lett last Year tor the undermentioned tho!> e Nervous Affections which harass and Sums, fviz.): Clifton and Catthorpe Bar =£ 140. South- Kiiworth Gale 68. And the said Gales will be severally put up at such Sums respectively as the Tiustees present shall approve.— And whoever means to be a Bidder, must previously give to the ' Trustees the Name ef Iris intended Surety, yvith a written Acceptance by such Surety of such Engagement, and if he be the Best Bidder, he must pay one Month's Rent in advance, and >; ive Security to the Satisfaction of the Trustees for Payment ot ihe Remainder of th-- Rent, Monthly or Quarterly, as shall then be required. By Order of the Trustees, CALDECOTT & BUNN, their Clerks. Rugby, August 1\ th, 1813. and all oppress the Weak, the Sedentary, and the Delicate ; it warms and steadies the cold and tremulous Neives, invigorates the muscular System, animates the Spirits, and r novates the whole Man; whereby the chill yvatery Fluids become ricn and balsamic, and the Circulation resumes its healthful State. Sold by the Printers of this Paper; Barringers, and Bliss, Newport- Paguell ; Beesley, Banbury; and all other Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom, Price lis. each, or four ill one Family Bottle for 33s. by yvhich one Us. Bottle is saved, with the Word " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," engraved on the Stamp Dr. Solomon expects, when consulted byLeiter. the usual Compliment of a One Pound Note to be inclosed, addressed " Money Letter, Dr. Solomon, Qilead- House, neat Liverpool, Paid double Postage," To be Peremptorily SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chan- cery, made in a Cause, Williams against Travers, with the Approbation of Robert Steele, Esq. one of the Masters of tbe said Court, at the George Inn in Northampton, 011 Monday the 4th Day of October, 1S13, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, IN FIVE LOTS, ' JPHE MANOR of WESTON- FAVELL, in S the County of Northampton, and the Quit Rents, Royalties, and Privileges belonging thereto — Also several FREEHOLD FAKMSand ESTA TES, together with a PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by the Sign ot the- TRUMPET, all situate at WESTON. FAVF. LL aforesaid, late the Property of Mrs ELIZABETH ELLEN EK1NS, deceased. Printed Particulars may be had ( gratis) at the Masters Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London; at the Offices of Mr. WILKINSON, Solicitor, Southampton- Street, Blooms- bury, where a Map of the Estate may be seen; or Messrs. PEARSON, Solicitors, Pump Court, Temple; Mr. AYRTON, Solicitor, No. 15, Gray's Inn Square; CHRISTOPHER SMYTH, Esq. Northampton; and JOHN BANCER RUSSILL, Esq. Beaoiinster, Dorset, TURW E> 5 TON INCLOSURE. \\ 7 E the Commissioners appointed for V V putting ill Execution an Aet passed in tlie last Session of Parliament, intituled " An Act for inclosing Lands in the Manor and Parish of TUR- WESTON, in the County of Buckingftam," do hereby give Notice that we have set out and ap- pointed the following Public Carriage Road and Highway, through and over the Lands and Grounds by Ihe said Act directed, to be divided, allotted, and inclosed, (( hat is to say): — The Buckingham Road of the Width of30 Feet, leading from the Green inthe Village of Turweston, in a Southward Direction along hv Old lnelosures, to the Turnpike- Road leading from Brackley to Buckingham. And we do hereby also give Notice, that we have ascertained such Road and Way bv Marks and Bounds, and have prepared a Map in which the same is accurately laid down and described, ami have caused Ihe same signed by us, to be deposited with Messrs. Churchill, Field, & Weston, of Oeddiugton, our Clerks, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned. And that we have appointed a Meeting to be held by us at the Crown Inn, in Brackley, in Ihe County of Northampton, 011 Monday ihe twenty- .. eventh Day of September instant, at Eleven o'Clock io Ihe Forenoon, at which Meeting, any Person who may be injured or aggrieved by tin; etting out of such Road, or hy the Omission of any oiher Roads or Ways, may attend and make iheir Objections thereto. And ai which Meeting all Persons and Bodies Corporate or Politic, who have or Claim any Common or other Right to, or in any of the Lands to he inclosed within Ihe Parish of Tui weslon aforesaid, are required to deliver or cause to be delivered to us the said Commissioners, 1111 Account » r Schedule in Writing, signed by them or iheir respective Husbands, Guardians, Trustees, Com- mittees, or Agents, of such iheir respective Rights or Claims, and therein describe the Lands and Grounds, and the respective Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, in respect yy hereof they respectively Claim to be entitled 10 any, and yvhich of such Rights, in and upon the same, or any Part thereof, wilh Ihe Name or Names of the Person or Persons in Ihe actual Possession thereof and Ihe particular computed Quantities nf the same respectively, arid mf yvhal Nature and Extent such Right is, and also in what Rights, and for what Estates and Interests they Claim ihe same respec- tively, distinguishing the Freehold from the Copy- hold or Leasehold; nr, on non- compliance there- with, every of Ihem making Default therein, will, as far as respects any Claim so neglected to be delivered, be totally hatred and excluded of and from all Right nnd title in or upon such Lands so to be divided, allotted, and inclined, and of and from all Benefit ajid Advantage in or 10 any Share or Allotment thereof,— Dated ihe second Day of September, 1813. THOMAS I'ULLJAMES. JOHN DAVIS, THOMAS UOPCRAFT, fVedntsdau and Thursday s rusts. LONDON, THURSDAY, Sept. 15. • Glorious Inte. Uigc. nCe. from Spain; the Capture of St. Sebastian, and liepuhe ot Soult. WE liave at length the satisfaction tn an- nounce the capture of the town " f St. Sebas- tian, bv assault, on the 31st ult.; and also to re- cord another triumph of the allied arms on the' 31st ult. ill the repulse of Marshal Soult, in a series of attacks made bv him ou ihat day, on the allied positions, in front of the Bidassoa, for the • purpose of relieving the fortress of St. Sebastian. The official details relative to the actions with Jioirit, aud the storming ofthe town of St. Sebas- tian, were published in an Extraordinary Gazette, on Tuesday night. It is truly gratifying to remark, that the Spanish troops particularly distinguished themselves in the allairs with Soult, and conducted ihemselve. s in a manner to merit the especial approbation of Lord Wellington. The principal attack of the enemy was made on the heights of St. Marcial, which were occupied by Spanish troops, who succeeded in repulsing the enemy in two desperate attempts upon their position without any assistance from the British ot Portuguese. . * The total loss of the British, Spaniards, and Por- tuguese, in the siege, and in the actions with Soult, has been 6evere. amounting to hot less than AOOO killed, wounded, or missing. That of the enemy has been more considerable; tor, besides the entire garrison of St. Sebastian, they must have lost great numbers of men in their repeated and hopeless attacks on the allied positions. Successes vf the Allies in Germany. Paris Journals to the f'h inst. have been re- ceived, containing two bulletins addressed to the Empress, dated the 1st and 2d inst. They consti- tute a new era in these military compositions; for the first time they acknowledge reverses.— It ap- pears by the papers of the 1st, that the division of Vandatntne lias been totally defeated on the frontiers of Bohemia, with the lost of G000 men killed, wounded, aud prisoners, SO pieces of can- non, and 300 waggons taken, and Vaudamme him- self killed. As a set- off to this disaster, the Allies are stated to haVe lost 6000 men, and the Prus- sian General Kleist is said to have been killed. The loss ofthe Allies no doubt has been as much exaggerated, as that of the enemv appears to have been diminished. The second Keport of Bona- parte is a mere summary of bis former accounts ofthe battles before Dresdwi, for the purpose of swelling the loss of the Allies to 100,000. It is obvious, however, that had they been so utterly defeated before Dresden as he would have the world to suppose, it is impossible they could have marched to the frontiers of Bohemia, and gained so important a victory on the 29th, as appears even from his own admission to have been the case. The most distressing part, however,' of this Re- port is a statement that the illustrious Moreau was mortally wounded in the battle of tho 27th. A letter from Dresden of the Slst ult. states that both his legs were amputated, but that he was carried alive to the Bohemian frontiers. Consi- dering the motives which Bonaparte has for wish jng the fall of this great Commander, it is not impossible tbat a report of his death may be circu lated ns the only way to put a stop to the growing disaffection among bis troops.— This report of Moreau's death, is not true. The intelligence received from the army under the Crown Prince of Sweden coincides with the favourable prospects which the French reports af- ford. The 6th and 7th Bulletins of his Royal Highness detail a series of fresh successes on the part of the Allied Forces, with the highly im- portant addition, that several more French Officers have come over to the Allies, and that some men who grounded their arms assert the same disposi tian to be general. The enemy opposed to the Crown Prince have already lost 12,000 men. Letters reoeived from Gotten burgh likewise slate, that on tiie 2Gth ult. General Blucher ob- tained a great victory in Silesia, over the corps of Key, Macdonald, and Lauriston. He had taken SO pieres of cannon, but few prisoners, as no quarter was given. The action is said to have taken place at Bunzlau. Oudinot was ou the 27th and 28th rapidly re- treating to the Elbe, pursued bv the Combined Arniv. On the 28th, General VVoheser took possession of Luckau, the French commander having capitulated. The garrison consisted of 1000 men, aud a considerable quantity of stores aud ammunition was found in the town. Luckau is the capital of Lower Lusatin. Of Davoust, there is also a satisfactory account. He attacked General Walmoden on the evening of the 21st, between Vallahri and Catnin, with 30,000 men; fhe battle lasted till after night set in. The Swe- dish loss was about 100 men killed and wounded; that of the enemy, according to the prisoners, exceeds 600. The 23d, they concentrated them- selves at Wittenburg, and after various demon- strations suddenly detached 10,000 men towards Schwerin; the remainder shortly followed. On the 26th, Davoust remained at Scliwerin, not chusing to stir from it. The intelligence of the advance of the Allied Army to Dresden was brought to the Crown Prince by Prince Kondas- cholf, who also informed him of the advance of General Blucher from Janer on the 26th, in con- sequence of the French having fallen back from their positions in Silesia and Upper Lusatia. GRAND JUNCTION CANAL. , Weedpn Wharf, Sept. Wth, 1,813. TAMI'S BARGE respectfully ififorfas hi' Friends and I lie Public in general, that lie hiis jasl received ft fresh Cargo of DUCHESS and oilier SLATE'S Af; the very ties! Quality, which lie determined to sell on the most reasonable Terra-, fur Ready Money, N. K Slating done at per Square in the most Workman- like Manner. V BRANCH BIBLE SOC1EI Y. I IF. FIRST ANNIVERSARY of tin _ ' KETTKRTNG BRANCH BIBLE SO CIETY » ill he hidden ou TUESDAY the 28th ln- sl& ii't, at Ihe Parish Church, Sir ' GfeoWs ROBINSON, Bart. Patron, ^ lie Chair lo be taken at Eleven o' ' lock. rr, HL Public are respectfully informed, I hal 1 the SALE of the TENEMENT or DWEL- LING- HOUSE irt CRICK, advertised lo be Sold by Auclion, by Mr. Dumblelon, on Thursday Ihe 23d Day of September, 1813, is postponed. GAME. LORD SONDES, being desirous of pro moling the Preservation of the GAME on the Manors of PAPLEYand LUTTON. request QUA 1.1r I MN Persons lo Aesist from SPORTING thereout and gives this Public Notice, that all UNQUATIFTRL> Persons detected SPORTING II I- ISPASSI NB upon either of the above Manors, will be proceeded against according lo Law. Fapley, 4th September, 1813. MANOR OF TIFFIELD. NOTICE is hereby ^ iven, Tbat not only all Persons UNQUALIFIED to KILI GAME, mho shall be delected in destroying Ihe same, or otherwise trespassing within the said Manor, hot also all Persons who shall be detected in so doing, NOT HAVING tAKEN OUT LICENSES, will be pro- secuted to the utmost Rigour of the Law. TH OS. HILL. Lord of the said Manor. TiJJitld, Sept. I( J/ A. 1813. GEORGE INN, IIIGH- STRVET, BEDFORD. ' MARY WAllNER ( late Widow PRIEST). to retnVn her most sincere and grateful Thanks lo her numerous Friends rind the Public in general for tfie many Favours conferred upon her whilst conducting .' the BUSINESS of the GEORGE INN: ind THOMAS and M ARY WARNER earnestly and anxiously hope, that by their assiduous Endeavour- to please, and their unremitting Attention* f « > the {- omfort w,!> EPf'. 16th, 1813. ALL Persons who have anv Claim or De- mand upon the Estate of THOS. COLLIER, late of MURLSEY, in tiie County of Buckingham, Farmer, deceased, are requested to deliver tlie Particulars of their respective Demands to Mr. Samuel Dudley, Auctioneer, Wiuslow, in order thai the same may be discharged ; and all Persons in- debted to the Estate of the said Thus. Collier, are desired to pay the Amount of their respective Debts immediately to Ihe said Mr. Samuel Dudley. A1 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. LL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of JOHN L Eli DELL, of BIT. GI. ES- WADE, in the County » f Bedford, Gentleman, de- ceased, are desired lo pay their respective Debts lo his Administrator, Robert Leedal, of the Parish of All Saints, in Ihe Borough of Stamford, White- smith, or to Mr. Chapman, Solici'or, in Biggl wade aforesaid, who is authorised by the said Ad- ministrator to receive the same, on or before Ihe Eleventh Day nf October next, or legal Means will be taken fnr reenvering the same ; and all Per- sons lo whom Ihe said John Leedal stood indebted at the Time of his Decease, are requested forthwith to deliver an Account thereof tn the said M r. Chap- man, i, n order that Ihe same may be discharged. Biggleswade, Sept. 15TA, 1813. 60 18 33 per Gall. India Sherry British Hollands, superior- to? some Foreign.. S Genuine Do ot the most curious } Quality S Which they offer at the above low Prices, in Casks of not less than two Gallons; and Wines, Sec. in Quantities of not less than one Dozen, to be taken away at the Expense of the Buyer, and paid tor at hoTimeot Purchase. Wine and Spirit Merchants, Innkeepers, and others, residing in the Countrv, may have their Orders executed, by remitting the Amount; the same to be forwarded at their Kxpense, by any Con- veyance rhey advise, and the greatest Dependance may be placed on the Quality of the Goods; W Tebbitt & Co. pledging themsalves that TIE above Articles are all of the most Genuine Quality. A To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Desirable and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated at WEST- FA RNDON, the Pari h of WOODFORD, in the County of North- ampton ; consisting of A good Farm- house, Brew- house, Stable, and Out- buiklings thereto adjoining and about 22 Acres of Land, be the same more o less, about 14 Acres of rich Meadow Land, adjoining the Home, and about six Acres now in Tillage. For further Particulars, apply to MT. JOHN SMALLIONE, of West- Farndon, or Mr. WYKHAM, Attorney at Law, Banbury, Oxfordshire. FOR READY MONEY. Valuable Live Stock, Fanning Utensils, and other Effects, To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By BRAMPTON Sf BATES, On Monday the 27th Day of September Instant, and Tuesday the following Da\, on the Premises ol Mr. GRANT, of WILBY, near Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, who is leaving his Farm; CCONSISTING of about 200 valuable Ewes, > Lambs and Shearhogs, in convenient Lots; 12 In- calf Heifers and Cows, one barren Cow, one Two- year. old Bull, one yearling Ditto, four Sturks, 10 Weanling Calves, two yearling Ditto; cne Cart Mare and Foal, three useful Cart Mares, ( tive Years old), three Ditto Horses, one Road Hackney, one yearling Colt, three yearling Cart Ditto, four valuable Hackney Horses and Mares, one Foal, ALSO ONE TWO. YEAR- NM Filly ; mice Narrow. wheel Waggons, two Ditto Carts, 16 Inch Cart: One- wheel Plough, tour common Ploughs, three Pair of small Hartows, two large Ditto, two Field Rolls; Harness complete for nine Horses, Winnowing Machine ( by Black- well), Farming- Utensils and Barn Tackle in general ; a large Lead Horse Trough, and numerous other Articles in Husbandry. -- Sale tocommenceat Ten o'Clock in the Moaning precisely each Day, The Livestock and Part of the Farming- Utensils will be sold the first Day, and the Remainder of the Farming- Utensils, & c. on Tuesday the second Day. To the Creditors and Debtors if Mr. JOSEPH PULLEY, late of AMPTHILL, in the County of Bedford, Surgeon. THE Creditors of the said Mr. PULLEY who have exeruted the Deed of Trust are hereby informed, that, on applying at the Office of Mr. Eagles, Solicitor, Amplhill, they may receive the first Dividend of Twelve Shillings in Ihe Pound on their respective Debts ; and, as a further and final Dividend is intended to be made a « soon as the remaining Debts are collected, it is requested, that all Persons who still stand indebted to the said Mr. Pulley, will pay their respective Debts imme- diately to the said Mr. Eagles, or Proceedings will be taken for the Recovery thereof. By Order of the Trustees, Ampthill, Sept. 16th, 1812. E. EAGLES. Valuable Lire and Deail Stock. To be S O 1. I) bv A U C T 1 O N, By BROWN if SON, On the Tremises, on Friday the 24tli Day of Sep- tember, 1813, at Eleven o'Clock, \ LL tlio valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, R\ Part of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, I1A1RY UTENSILS, and other EFFECT*, the Property of Mr. WM. BU RBI DG E, at RISE LY, lleds, ( who is leaving his Farm); comprising three very capitil Young Draught Mares, ln- toal by Mr. Higgins's G rey Horse; two In- calf Cows, two Ditto Heifers, and two Sturkss twenty- seven exceedingly good Shearhogs, by Mr. Blthrey's Tup, and forty- three fine Ewes; two stout Waggons, two Ditto Carts, good Leicestershire Plough, Pair of good Harrows, and one large Ditto; Sheep Cribs, long Ladder, Bam Tackle, and six Sacks ; good Harness for four Horses, and various other Effects. - Two Stacks of capital O I. D HAY, ahout ten Tons. Household- Furniture consists of Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Flock lleds, and Bedding; Brass Pottage Pots and Kettles, Fire Iron*, Copper Cans, Quan- tity of Tin Ware; Cheese Vatb and Dairy Utensils; Iron- bound Pipes and other Casks, with a Variety of other useful Articles. (} 3R Credit will be given to all Purchasers above Fitieen Pounds, until Saturday the 8th Day of January, 1814, on approved joint Security, or Dis- count allowed tor ready Money. Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, At the White Lion Inn, in^ Kimbolton, on Friday the Sill Day of October," 1813, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, \ Very desirable ESTATE, situate in the Manor of KIMBOLTON, in the County ol Huntingdon; consisting of a Farm- House, with Barn, Stable, and other Out- buildings, and divers Closes ot Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground, divided into the following Lots, viz. A. R. r. Lot 1. F.; x's Close ( Meadow) Lot 2. First Lock's Close ( Arable) 6 2 1 Middle Ditto ( Pasture) 5 1 25 Upper Ditto ( Arable) 9 0 8 Allotment on Agrten Green ( Pasture) 8 0 28 NOTICE is hereby given. That the next Quarterly Meeting of Ihe Trustees appoinled by Act of Parliament for repairing the Highways leading from Old- Stratford in the County of North- ampton, lo Dunchurch in the County of Warwick, will be held at the Crown Inn, Foster's Booth, on Thursday t\ ie 301 It Day of September instant, at Eleven o'clock inthe Forenoon, previous to which Meet- ing all Persons who have any Claims upon the Trustees in respect of Ihe said Highways, are de- sired lo deliver in their Accounts to Mr. Benjamin Gurden, of Dodford, in order Ihat liiev may be allowed at the said Meeting. EDM. BURTON. Daventry, Sept. Hlh, 1313. A Windmill with T. and adjoining. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ Capital CORN WINDMILL, in excellent I. » Repair, with four Acres and a Half of rich Sward Land adjoining, most elieibly situated for Business, adjoining to a 1 urnpike- Road, and a large Market Town, with several other Market Towns within an easy Distance. The Grand Junction Canal is within one Quarter of a Mile of the same Distance from London, from 40 to 50 Miles.--. The Whole is Freehold, and early Possession may be had. For further Particulars, apply to J. DAY & SON Auctioneers, in Stonv- Strattord, Bucks; i F by Letier Post- paid, or it will not be attended to. Neat Household- Furniture, Breuing- Utensils, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BROWN 4- SON, On the Premises, on Friday the 8th of October, 1813, PART of the neat and useful HOUSEHOLD- FUR N1 TU R E, excellent ISRE W1NG- UTEN- MI. S, LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and other EFFECTS of the late ROBERT DENIS, Esq. at KEMPSTON, near Bedford. Also a neat One- horse CHAISE, with Head to take off; a fine- toned Grand PI ANO F O RT F. ; Wild- goose Gun and Fowling- piece; two good Cart Nets, two Boats, with Oars, . VC, The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. The Furniture, & c. may be viewed the Day pre- vious to the Sale, and Catalogues had in due Time, at the Towns adjacent, Place of Sale, W'JBB'S Printing- Cilice, ami of BROWN & SON, Auctioneers, Heiltoid. To be SOL!) by AUCTION, At the Hind Inn, in Wellingborough, in Ihe County of Northampton, on Wednesday the 29TH Day 0 • September, 1813, at Five o'Clock in the Evening \ Very neat HOUSE, and CO FT AGE adjoin ing, with a Barn, Garden, and other Conveni ences, situate in the BROAD G R EF. N, in WE LL1 NG BOROUGH, in the County of Northampton, late inthe Tenure of the Rev. Thomas A re hard. The House is newiy and substantially buijt, and comprises two Sitting- rooms 011 the Ground Floor, two Bed- Chambers and one large Attic, which may be easily divided. The Cottage contains two Rooms on the Ground Floor, a Chamber, and an Attic, and has been occu- pied With tlie" House as a Kitchen ancl Servants Bed- Rooms. The Whole forms a desirable Residence for a respectable private Family, or a Person engaged in Manufacture or Trade. Immediate Possession may be hsd. For further Particulars and to treat fer the Purchase by Private Contract, apply to Messrs. HODSON, Solicitors, Wellingborough. To be LEVI', And entered upon at Michaelmas next, AGARDEN ; consisting of one Acre, well walled aud planted, in BROAD- LANE, NORTHAMPTON.— Enquire of WILLIAM WOH- KSTER, in Bull Head Laue. 20( A August, 1813. R. R. i 12 Valuable Freehold F'. slatcs, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. WOOD, Early in October next, 1813, unless disposed of by Private Contract, AGenteel RESIDENCE, situate in the Centre of DUNSTABLE; and two COT- TAGES, with Gardens, Orchard, and six Acres ol rich old Sward Ground, at THORN, in the Parish of HOUCHTON- REGI-, the Property af the late Mrs. BUTTE 1 ELD, deceased. May be viewed by applying 10 Mr. WM. EAMES, Iloughton- Regis, who will treat for the same by Priva'e Contract ; also Mr. WOOD, Land Agent, See. l. eighton- Buzzard. Lot 3. First Langridge ( Arable).. 13 Far Ditto ( Arable) 15 Lot 4. Bite's Corner, or Sanders's ders's Close ( Meadow or Pasture L. oto. I'eckar's Close ( Meadow)- Lot 6 Farm- House, and Buildings, Yards, Garden, and Homestead ( Pasture) — 5 35 2 5 29 0 33 31 2 0 — 4 2 34 Desirable inclosed and Tithe- free, Freehold, and Copyhold Estates, Millbrooke, neur Ainplhill, in the County of Bedford. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By THOMAS' WOOD, the White 11art Inn, Ampthill, on Thursday the 7th Day of Octnbrr, 1813, precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, IN IHE FOLLOWING I OTS : I ot 1. OM PRtSES an inclosed Close of V. y Arable Lard. M'art Freehold, and Part Copyhold j containing by Admeasurement 18 Acres 56 Perches, of which 6A. 2R. 33P. are Copyhold, and 11A - ill. 3P. are freehold, and the Land- Tax IS redeerr, ed on9/\. OR. 26P. of the said Quantity. Lot 2. Consists of a Copyhold Messuage, Home- Stead, Yard, Garden, and Premises, Home Close, jnd a Close ot I'asiure Land, Part of Sand Hill, by Admeasurement 4a. 1R. 32P.— Also a Close ot fine eld Sward Land, called Thilland's, by Admeasure- ment 3A. OR. 7P. Lot 3. Comprises a Copyhold Messuage, and Homestead, vard, Orchard, Gaiden, and Premises, Home Close, and a Spinney of Wood called Moore Close, by Admeasurement 4A. OR. 28P.— Also two Closes or Pieces ot Land adjoining, containing by Admeasurement 9A. 2R. OP. The above Estates are most eligibly situate at MILLBROOKE, within one Mile of Ampthill, » re in a high State of Cultivation, and an early Pos- session may be had. The Copyholds are of Inheritance held of the Manor » f Millbrooke,. under very small Quit Rents, and • mall Fine certain upon Death or Alienation. The Whole is in the Occupation of the Proprietor, Jrir. CANDISH, and may lie viewed by applying to Jiim ; and further Particulars had of Mr. DAVIS, Attorney at Law, Ampthill, or Mr. WOOD, Land Agent, Sec. Leighton- Buzzard. 74 1 28 The above Estate is Copyhold ot the Manor ot Kimbolton, except about on » Acre ( Part of" Lot 2), which is Freehold. The Annual Copyhold Rent is £ 1.14s-. Fine certain. The Allotment on Agden Green ( Part of Lot 3) is Tithe- tree, the Rest of the Lands are subject to an Annual Payment of £ 1. 7s. to the Vicar of Kim bolton, and the Whole Estate is subject to an Annual Land- Tax of £ 5 5s. Ihe Premises may bevicwed, and printed Particulars may be had on Application 10 the Tenant, Mr. James Whittering, who is under Notice to quit Possession at Michaelmas, 1813.-- Printed Particulars may also be had atthe White Lion Inn,' in Kimbolton ; and at the principal Inns in the Neighbourhood; and Plans ot the Lots may be seen and T'articulars had on Appli- cation to Mr. Palmer, Kimbolton; MR Gibbons Uppingham ; and at the Office of Messrs. Warren & Churciiili, Solicitors, in Uppingham. lo be SOLD by AUCTION, By SAMUEL GOODMAN, On Tuesday the ftth Day ot October, 1813, at Three o'Clock, at the House of Mr. Ambridge, theGeorg' Inn, in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, si- tuate at BROOK- GREEN- END, in the Parish of CRANF1ELD aforesaid, late in the Occupation ot Jasper Webb, and now ot Robert Sinfield, or his Assigns, with the Premises thereto belonging. For further Particulars, apply to J. ARAQW- SMITH, Jun Attorney at Law, at his Office either in Bedford or New port- Pagnell, er to the AUCUON SER, It Ciaufield. LEICESTERSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, flf not previously disposed of by Private Contract) On Saturday the 2d Day ot October, about Three O'Clack, at the Three Cranes Inn, Leicester, in Two or more Lots. AMost desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situat in tlie Lordship of LO D D1 NGTON, near the Turnpike- Road leading from Wansfoi- d and L'pping ham to Leicester ; consisting of One Hundred and Eighty Acies of superior Land, of which about 70 Acies lie detached trom the Rest, and may be pur cha- ed sepatately. The Estate affords eligible Spots for Building, and would furnish Brick Earth and Timber. The Situation is an excellent one tor a Sportsman Hunting Box. being in the Centre ot the best Covers of several celebrated Hunts ; and is equally well adapted for a Farmer or Grazier, the Land being veiy improvable, and the parochial Payments remarkably low.— Possession may be bad at or about Michaelmas, IF desired. For further Particulars, and Reference for viewing apply at the Law Offices of Messrs. MILES, ALSTON & MILES, Leicester, who are authorized to Treat by Private I ' onttact. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In the Month of October next, unless previously disposed of hy Private Contract, A LL those TWO FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or L V TENEMENTS, with excellent Cellars and Out- houses, a large Yard behina, with Stabling foi 24 Horses, L, otts, two large Barns, Cow- House, and Shed; with a large Garden and Pieae of Pasture Ground adjoining, containing Half an Acre, more or le- s. The said Messuages or Tenements extending F'ront, 55 Feet or thereabouts, situate in the WEST SRREET of DUNSTABLE, HI the County of Bedford Land- Tax redeemed. For further Particulars, apply, if by Letter, Post paid, to Mr. Gtonct HOOPER, Solicitor, Dunstable who is authorised TO treat tor the same. To be SOLD by AUCTION, •* » , y Mr. D. HENNULL, On Tuesday the2ftth DAY ot September, 1813, at the White Hart Inn, in Kettering, at Six o'clock iu the Evening, ADWELLING- HOUSE; comprising a Drapers' Shop, Parlour, with Kitchen and Cellar below, a large and lofty Dining- Room, and four Sleeping Rooms; well situated in the MA KET- I'LACE of KETTERING, in the County of North and in the Occupation ot Mr. T. Davey.— Bedfordshire Agricultural Society. AT a Meeting of the Committee, liolden at the SHIRE- HALL, in the Town of BEDFORD, on the 9TH Dav of SETTEMBER, 1813, GEORGE NIGEL EDWARDS, Esq. Vice- President, in the Chair ; The Most Noble the Marquis of Tavistock : Samuel Whitbread. Esq. ; Francis Pym, Esq. ; J. VV. Allen, Esq.; William 1' edly, Fsq,; Mr. Piatt; Mr. Inskip; Mr. Golding ; Mr. James Lilbume; MI. Thomas Lilburne ; Mr. Read; The follolving Resolutions - were unanimously agreed to 1 Resolved,— That the Chai'man do communicate to His Grace the Duke of Bedford, the Tnanks of this Meeting, for his gieat Liberality in proposing placing at the Disposal ot this Society many of the Premiums heretofore given by him at Woburn! tor ihe Improve- ment of Husbandry and Live Stock. Resolved,— That a Cup of the Value nf Eight Guineas, be given to the Bedfordshire Farmer, who shall produce a Plough and Team ot Horses, which shall plough Half an Acie of Land in the best anif cheapest Manner ( not less than from five to six; Inches deep) within the Space ot thiee Hours and an Half. To the seeond, Five Guineas; to the third, Two Guineas. To the Ploughman who holds the first winning Plough, shall be given a Piemium of Tw » Guineas. To the second, One Guinea and a Half; to the ihiid, One Guinea. ' Ihat the Owners of losing Ploughs shall be en- titled to Half- a- Guinea each to defray their Expenses. Resolved,— That a Cup, of the Value of Eight Guineas, he given to the Bedfordshire Farmer, whi> shall produce a Plough and Team of Oxen, whicn shall plough Halt an Acie of Land in the Dest anil cheapest Manner ( not less than from tive to six Inches deep) and in the least Space ot Time. To the Ploughman who holds the said Plough, shall be given a Ptemiuin of Two Guineas. That the Owners ot losing Ploughs shall be entitled to Half. a- Guinea each, to defray their Expenses. ( No. 1). Resolved,— That a Premium of Four Guineas be given to the Bedfordshire Labourer in Husbandry, who shall have brought up the greatest Number 01 Children ( upon the Earnings by Labour of himseltand Family only) without Parochial Relief. To the secmd, Three Guineas; to ihe thiid, Two Guineas. ( No 2.) Resolved,— That A Premium of Four Guineas shall be given to the Bedfordshire Labourer in Husbandry, who has worked the longe t Time in the same Place without Interruption. To the second, Thiee Cuineas ; to the thiid, Two Guineas. ( No 3). Resolved,— That a Premium of Four Guineas oe given 10 the Bedfordshire Male Servant, who has continued the greatest Length of Time in Farming Service on the saine Farm, or with ons Master or Mistress. To the second, Three Guineas; to the third, Two Guineas. N. B. Horsekeepers are considered as included in the general Description of Labourers in Husbandry. ( No. 4). Resolved,— that a Premium of Three Guineas be given to the Bed ford sdirr Female Servant, who has continued the gieaicst Length ot Time on the same Fa- M, or with one Master or Mistress.* To the second, Two Guineas; to ihe third, One Guinea. ( Mo. •)). Resolved,— That a Premium of Five Gui neas be given 10 ttie Fund ot the Benefit CLUO Society ( established agreeably to the Acts ut tiie S3u AND 35th ol Geo. 3), which shall consist of the greatestNumber of Members, being l. abouiers in Husbandry, and established in Bedfordshire between the Months of October, 1812, and October. I81M, such Members having all been entered upon the Books of the C'lut* before tiie Oate ot ihis Resolution. Resolved, —' That a Cup, ot the Value of Eight Guineas, Ue given to the Bedfordshire Farmer ( being a Tenant ot tne Land he occupies), who, at bis OWN Expense, shall have made the greatest Improvement ampton. The Shop is large and fitted up in a neat modern Taste, ,„„„ „„,,. ,„ C S,„ LC; IL „ UP, VLCMCN[ and has been established as a Diapers' Shop nearly] by Underdrainate, between the Months ot October, twenty Years. ... . | 18i2, and Octoher, 1813; the Number of Acres ' rained, the Length and Depth ot ihe Drains, and c. Mansion- House, wi4h Land adjoining, Manor, Fishery, 4' C. in a delightful Part of the County ot' Buckingham. To be LETT, For a Term of seven Years, and Possession had at Michaelmas next, 1 REAT IJNFORD PLACE, a most desirable JT Residence for a genteel Family, replete with every Convenience, and particularly eligible to a portsman, situated within the Duke ot Grafton's Hunt, one Mile from the Market Town of Newport- Pagnell, five troin Stony- Stratford, 15 from North- ampton, and 52 from London, together with the Manor of Great- Linford, extending over 1,700 Acres ( partly Wood Land) abounding in Game, and com- prising Rights of Fishery in the River Ouze and Grand Junction Canal ; and any Quantity of t. and contiguous to the Mansion, and ol excellent Quality, not exceeding 70 Acres. The Premises may be viewed at any Time, and further Particulars obtained on Application ( it by Leiter, Post- paid) to HENRY ANDR EWES UTHW ATT, Esq. at Gieat Linford I'lace, Messrs. HEARN, Solicitors, 111 Buckingham, or Messrs. JOHN DAY DC SI) N, Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. Valuable Short- horned Cattle, Sfc. for Read Money To be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, On Monday the27th Day of September, 1813, on the Premises, at ROCKINGHAM PARK, near UrrtNCHAM, ' IM1E following capital LIVE and DEAD I. STOCK, belonging to Mr. GEO. WEBSTER, who isleaving his Farm, namely :— 30 Fat Two- shear Wether Sheep, in Lots of five each ; a valuable short- horned Bull, six Years old, by a celebrated Bull ot Mr. Dolby's, of Marston, Dam by a Bull of Mr. Charles Col Tings' ( the noted Durham Breeder); eleven Cows and Heifers, four in Milk, and all in Call by the above Bull, in Lots of one each ; five Fat Scots, in two Lots; six Fat Four- year- old short- horned Oxen, in Lots of twoeach; 12 Three- year « ld short- horned Steers and Heifers, in Lots of two each ; 16 Two- year- old Ditto and Ditto; ten yearling Ditto and Ditto; a capital Five- year- old Hackney Mare ( by General), quiet and good Action; a good Hackney Gelding, rising four Years old, by Ticket Also, some Implements of Husbandry, such as Ploughs, Harrowfs, Winnowing- fan, Chaff- Box, Horse Harness, Turkey Pens, Hen Pens, Chicken Coop, Sec. The above Stock being bred with great Care and Attention, will be found worthy tile Notice of the Public, and the Sale will commsnce with the Sheep punctually at Eleven o'Clock. Possession may be had on the 25th of October next, on which Day the Purchase must be com- pleted by paying down one Half of the Purchase- Money, and giving sufficient Security for the Re- mainder ( with Interest) to be paid on or before the Slst Day of December next. Further Particulars may be known by applying on the Premises, or to the AUCTIONEER, at Kettering; F by Letter, Post- paid. ( PR All Persons who stand indebted to the said THOMAS D A v F. Y, are requested to pay their respective Debts to Mr. W, Cook, or Mr. D. Hcnnell, of Ket- lerine, Assignees ol the said T. Daver, 011 or before the 10th Day of October next; alter that time all Accounts unpaid will be put into the Hands of an Attorney, that legal Steps may be taken for the Recovery. A. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CON TRACT, FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, situated BOUGHTON, near Northampton; consisting of a good Parlour, Kitchen, and Wash- bouse, three Chambers, with twio Attics; also a Barn adjoining the same.— The Whole is in good Repair, Far further Particulars, apply to JOHN ROWLAT, on the Premises. ' TIMBER, To be SOLD by TICKET, At Mrs. liosworth's, Highg'ate. House, 011 Tuesday the 12th Day ot October. 1813, standing 011 Lands in the Possession of Messrs. Mallard, Brown, Wright, and John Bosworth, in the Parishes of SPRATTON, TEETON. and CREATON, and will be allotted as unite*, viz. AT STRATTON. ON John Mallard's Farm, 41 Ash Trees, in four Lots; 16 Oak Ditto, in two Lots; and two Poplar Ditto, in one Lot.— 1) 11 William Biown's Land, and Thomas Wright's, adjoining, 10 Elm Trees, in two Lots ; and 20 Oak ' Trees, in two Lots. — In Thomas Wright's Hay Close, 16 Oak Trees, in two Lots; and eight Ash Ditto, in two Lots. AT TE ETO N. TIN John Mallard's Farm, 30 Elm Trees, in three Lots; and eight Oak Ditto, in two Lots. AT I. 1T1 LF.- CREATON . On John Boswortii's Farm, 10 Elm Trees, in two Lots; in C'reaton Wood, 80 Oak and 40 Cypress Ditto, in four Lots; three Beech Ditto, in one Lot; and two. Poplar Ditto, in one Lot. Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock, subject to such Con- ditions as will then be produced. To be SOLD bv A U C T 1 O N, By RICH ART) SMITH, ( By Order of the Assignees of the Estate and Effects ot Mr. JOSEPH RICKETT, a Bankrupt), at the Talbot Inn, in Oundle, in the County ot North, ampton, on Tuesday the 28th Day of September, 1813, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, ALL that capital MESSUAGE or MANSION- HOUSE, Lawn, Gardens, Orchards, Coacli- House, Barns, Stables, and Out- buildings, situate, standing, and being, in OUNDLE aforesaid, late in the Occupation of the said Joseph Rickett. ' Ihe Mansion. House consists, on the Giound Floor, of an excellent Kitchen, Servants' Hall, Dairy, Pantry, andWineand Ale Vaults; the first Floor a large Hall, Dining- Roomj Drawing- Room, and Library; on the second Floor, four handsome Bed Chambers, with Closets adjoining, and four exceedingly good Attics. Also a newly erected BUILDING, adjoining the said Mausion- House, lately occupied as a Banking- I'llice, and well caculated for that or various other Purposes, there being an internal Communication between this Building and the House. Also a PIECE or PARCEL ot MEADOW GROUND, lying on the South- Side of tiie sad Hou e, and exactly in view of it, containing 7A. 5P. Also a 1* 1 EC E of GROUND, containing 2R. 6P. planted with Trees aud flowerv'Shrubs, lying on the Notth- Side ot the TOWN- STREET, ot OUNDLE aforesaid, opposite to the sa d Mansion- House, and which foims a pleasing Object to the same. All the above Premises are Copyhold of the Manor of Oundle, except two Acres of the Piece of Meadow, and the Plantations of 2R. 61". which are Freehold For further Particulars, and for a View ot the Premises, apply to JOHN SMITH, Esq. or Mr. WM. BALE, the Assignees, or to Mr. BALDSRSTON, Solicitor, all of Oundle. Little- Stavghton, N Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. P1ERSON, On Monday the 27th Day of September, 1813, on the Premises or Mr. JAMES LUGBDEN, who has sold his Farm, ' j HE following LIVE and DEAD STOCK, 5 namely, two ln- pig Yelts, one Boar, three Store Pigs, capital Sow, and ten Pigs; 191 capital well tired Leicestershire Sheep in Lots ; two ln- calt Heifers down- calving, one Cow in full Profit, three Fat Bullocks, one yeailing Bull; eight valuable Can Horses, capital Hackney, and Gig Horse, Bay Hack- ney Mare In. foal, Grey Blood Mare and Foal, Brown Hackney Ditto and Foal, one well- bred yearling Colt, by Worthy, one Ditto, by Scott; also some Implements of Husbandry, such as Ploughs, Har ness, Dung Carts, See. The above Stock being Bred with great Care and Attention, will be found deserving the Attention 01 the PubTc, and the Sale will commence precisely at Ten o'Clock. Capital Live Stock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. WHITE, On the Piemises, on Tuesday the 2Bth Day of September, 1813, at Eleveno'Clock, AIL the truly valuable LIVE FARMING STOCK of Mr. WILLIAM B ATT A MS, of the Patish ot ODELL, in the County of Bedford who is leaving his Farm; consisting of upwardsvof 400 well- bred Leicestershire Ewes, Shearhogs, and Lambs, 11 vury useful young Cart- Horses and Mare.-, Hackney Horse, seven Years old ; and 13 fine York- shire Heifer-, very forward in Calf, The Whole of which will be more particularly described in Catalogues, to be had ten Lays previous to the Sale, at the following Places, viz : — White Lion, Kimbolton; Cross Keys, St. Neots and Ampthill; George, Woburn; Swan, Newport- Pag- nell; Bull, Olney; Hind, Wellingborough; Green Dragon, Higham- Ferrers; at the Place of bale; of the Printers of this Paper; at Webb's Printing Office, and ot the Auctioneer, Bedford: Genteel Household- Furniture, Library of Books, H( C. 4 c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, By Order ofthe Assignees of the Estate and Effects of Mr. JOSEPH RICKETT, a Bankrupt), at his laie Kesidence in OUNDLE, on Thursday the 30th Day ot September, 1813, and two following Days, LL the valuable HOUSEHOLD- FURNI- TURE and EFFECTS of the said Bankrupt; consisting of Beds, Bedding, Plate, Table Linen, a valuable Library of Books, a Quantity of Wine and Liquors, some capitit old Ale, a beautiful Chestnut Horse, six Years old, two good Cows, in full Profit, a Yearling Calt, six Cows, and two Porkets, a Boai with Oars Sec. complete ; two Stacks of old and new Hay. and a Variety of other Effects. The Sale to commence each Day punctually at Eleven o'Clock; and Catalogues had ten Days pre vious to the Sale, at the PRINTINC- OFFICE Oundle; of the AUCTIONEER, Thrapston; and at all the principal Inns inthe Neighbourhood, AJ FREEHOLD ES 1A1 lis. Large amd small Feeding Farms, Goddinglon„ Oxjo- dsbire To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. WHITE, At the King's Arms Inn, in the City of Oxford, on Wednesday the 27th of October, 1813, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, in seven Lots, ' I HE following FREEHOLD valuable FARMS • and LANDS, most desirably situated in the rich and fertile Parish of GODDINGTON, in the County of Oxford, viz. Lot 1. A capital Estate, called Poodle Farm, con- taining 295A. 3R. 24P. of rich Pasture, Meadow and Arable Ljnd, with an excellent Farm- House Dairy, Barns, Stables, Cow- Houses, Pigsties, Yards, Garden, Orchard, Sec. and two Tenements aud Gardens Lot 2. A Ditto Farm, containing USA. 1R. 18P of rich Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land, witl House, Yard, Garden, Cow. Houses, & c. Lot 3. A Ditto Faun, containing 73A. 3R. 4P. of r: ch Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land, with Cow Houses, Yards, Sec. Lot 4. A Ditto Farm, containing 75A. 3R. IP of rich Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land, wit Farm. House, Dairy, Cottages, Cow- Houses, Yard Sec. Lot 5. A Ditto Farm, containing 106A. 3R. 18P of rich Arable, Pasture, and Meadow I. and, with Farm- House, Out- house, Dairy, Stables, Co House-', Pigsties, Garden, Cottages, Sec. Lot 6. A Ditto Farm, containing 120A. OR. 20P of rich Pasture and Meadow Land, with Farm- House Dairy, Stable, Cow- Houses, 1' igsties, Yards, Garden Orchard, Cottages, & C. Lot 7. A Ditto L- arm, containing 145A. 2R. 10P of rich Pasture and Meadow Land, with a capital Farm- House, Dairy, Sec. with requisite Out- houses, Gardens, Sec. surrounded by a Vioar, Barns, Cow Houses, Pigsties, Yards, Cottages, & C The above Lands and Tenements are now lett to Messrs. William Collinridge, John I'axton, Henry ann James Collinridge, at two Thousand two Hundred and Sixty Pounds per Annum, subject to a Land- Tax of .£ 100 14s. 8d. ( which will be divided and appor- tioned to each respective Lot), all of whom are Tenants at Will, and have Notice to quit at Lady - Day 1814, which is an important Circumstance to Pur chasers who are buying tor Occupation. CODDINCTON is five Miles from Bicester, six trom Buckingham, eight from Brackley, and twelve from Aylesbury, all good Market Towns. For a View ofthe Estate and Farms, please to apply- to Mr. PAXTON, at Goddington, of wliom Particulars may bs had ; also at the King's Arms, Bicester ; the George, Aylesbury ; the White Hart, Buckingham; the Crown, Brackley ; the King's Arms, Oxford; the Red Lion, Banbury ; the White Horse, Towcester ; ihe Queen's Arms, Abingdon; the Bear, Reading ; the Swan, Bedford; of Messrs. Hopcraft Se Co. Crowton ; of Messrs. Mills, Robinson, Sc Young, Solicitors, Pailiament- Street ; at Garraway's ; and or Mr, White Storey's Gate, Westminster. dr, he Nature of the Soil to be mentioned in the Cer- tificates of the Candidates. N. B. The Adjudication of the above Prize is to be deferred until the General Meeting of this Society ; N the Year 1814. Resolved,— That a Premium of Five Guineas be given to the Bedfordshire Farmer ( being A Tenant ot the Land he occupies) who, at his own Expense, hall- have made the greatest Improvement 111 marl. ng sandy or gravelly Lands, b; tween the Months ot' October, 1H12, and Ociober, 1813. N. B. The Adjudication ot the above Prize also to be deterred until tne General Meeting of this Society in ihe Year lsll. Resolved,— That a Premium of Five Guineas be given at tne ne « General Meeting ot this Society in 1813, to the Bedfordshire Farmer, who shall shew the best Pen ot five 1 • ng- woolled 1 heaves, 10 have t, een- bred by the Owntr w ITHIN the County of Bedford, and not to'have been separated from the Flock more than fourteen Days previous to being shewn. I he L'heaves, not to have been before shewn tor any Prize. Resolved,— That the same Premium be given for a- Pen Ot tive short- woctlcd Theaves, under the same Regulations. Re, olvtd,— That a Premium of Five Guineas bo offered at the next Agricultural Meeting, to the Person who sh. ill produce the best lioar, not exceed- ing two Yearsold. Resolved,--- That the same Premium be given to the- Person who shall pioduce the best bleeding Sow, not exceeding two Years old. N. B. The Pigs to be shewn at the Swan- Yard, and Certificates ot their Ages, < kc. to be produced at the same Time. Resolved,— That any Person, to whom the firstc Premium for Ploughing has been adjudged, cannot become a Candidate tor the same Premium ( except, the Plough be held by a Uitierent Ploughman) till three Years attei sucti Piemium has been awarded to hi IN. Resolved,-— That the Candidates for the Class of Premiums for 1, 2,3, 4, and 5,1.0 produce Certificates ot their Qualifications, signed by two or more prin- cipal Inhabitants of the Paiish where they respec- tively ieside. Resolved,— That all Subscribers be requested to pay the Amount ot their respective subscriptions tor the last Year, to Mt. BARNARD, of Bedtord, Treasurer of the Society, before the next Geneial Meeting-; and that Mr. TIMES, Secretary of the Society. be requested 10 write to such Subscribers as have not pant their Arrears, tor Pay mint or tne same immediately. Resolved,— That the Otler ot Mr. Sharp, of a Piece of Ground, for the PUR[> ose of ploughing at the next Gineral Meeting, on Friday the 8ih Day of October, next, be accepted, and the Situation be fixed upon, by the Committee appointed to adjudge thePreiniums for Ploughing. Resolved,— That John Foster, Esq. Mr. Thomas Wilson, and Mr. Sam. Sandon, De appointed a Com- mittee 10 adjudge the Piertiiums offered by this So- ciety for Ploughing. Resolved.— That vir. Piatt, Mr. Lilburne, Sen. and Mr. Lilburne, Jun. be appointed a Committee to examine ihe Certificates directed to be delivered in tor the Classes No. 1. 2, 3, 4, aud 5, and of tlie- Certificates for Undeidrainage and Marling, and AL^ O to decide upon the Premiums tor Undeidiainage for the Year 1812. Resolved,— That the Right Hon. Lord Ongley, John Wilson Allen, Esq. and Mr. George Inskip, be aft- pointed Judges ot the Premiums tor the Shew of Theaves and Pigs. Resolved,—- That the Candidates for the Premiums for Drainage do send their requisite Certificates at the next General Meeting. Resolved,— That the Labourers and Servants in Hus- bandry, intending to become Candidates tor the Prizes ottcied by this Society, do attend with then proper ceitificatesat the Swan Inn, Bedford, at N ineo'Clock in the Morning, on Friday the 8th of Octoher next. Resolved,— That the above Resolutions be published in the Northampton and Cambridge Newspapers, and by Hand. bills circulated throughout the County. Resolved,-- That the Annual Meeting of this Society be held on Friday the 8th Day of October next, at the Swan Inn, Bedtoid, at Nine o'Clock in the Morning. . Resolved -- That theThanks ot this Meeting begiven to the Chairman. ( PR The Ploughs to meet on St. Peter's Green, at Bedford, at Nine o'Clock on the said 8th Day of October, when they will be conducted to the Piecs of Land appointed 10 be ploughed.-- The Theaves to be taken hy Nine o'Clock in the Morning to Mr. Sharp's, at the Priory, Bedford, and proper Certi- ficates to be produced in Writing of the Time of their being taken TIOM the Flock. An Ordinary will be provided at the Swan Inn AJ usual. G. N. E D WARD>, Chairmm. T 4( fl SBlPTfittBR*. 1813. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. TMIF. ELEVEN TROOPS of'the NORTH AMPTON8HIRK YEOMANRY CA- VALRY are requested to assemble, iu Inspeetior Order, on the M A RKET- PLACE, at NORTH- AMPTON, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon of TbESO A Y the 21st of SEPTEMBER instant, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised under their own Officers, in pursuance of the Provisions of the General Volunteer Art. The Regiment will remain in Qtiarleis from Tuesday Ihc2lst, to Friday the 24th Instant, both Days inclusive. SPENCER, Colonel. ' T\ DtrjlltAMi MIll'tNER « f DRESS VAKtiti, kc. MERCERS' - ROW, NORTHAMPTON, EMBRACES tbe earliest Opportunity of I informing her Friends, that she intends enn- inuing the Business ( lately carried on hy her Sister ind herself) on her own Account, and hopes for a Continuance of the Favours ol her Frien-' s, assuring them that her best Endeavours will at nil Times he xerted to merit I heir future Patronage, NORTHAMPTON, Sept. 8th, 1813. ' HE Gentlemen of the Troop of the CA V ALRY are requested to assemble in Marching Order, on Ihe M ARKET- HILL, in this Town, on TUESDAY the 21st Instant, al Half- past Nine iu the Morning. Wil l. AM KERR, Captain- Commandant. N. B. The Roll will be called precisely at Ten. The Town of Northampton. To wit. NOTICE is hereby given, That by Virtue of an Act of Parliament passed in the Fiftv- third Year of the Reign of King George the Third, iniitled " An Act to alter and amend two Acts of " Ihe Thirty- first Year of King George Ihe Second and the Thirteenth Year of- his present Majesty, so far as relates to the Price and Assize nf Bread, " to be sold out ofihe City of London, and the Li- " herties thereof, and bevnnd the Wepkly Bills of " Mortality, and ten Miles nf the Royal Flx- " change," an Assize nf Bread is intended to be set for ihe said Town of NORTHAMPTON, and all Cornfactors, Millers, Mcalmen, Bakers, and other Persons who are Dealers in Wheat or Wheat Flour, and residing or carrying on their Business within this Jurisdiction, or who buy or sell Whe » t or Wheat Floor either to the Public Market or hy Private Contract within the same, or within five Miles of the said Town of Northampton, are hereby required nn Friday in each * eek till further Notice, lo make Returns according | o the Forms annexed 10 the said Act, and according to the Re- gulations of the same, to Mr. Daniel Dilley, who has been duly appointed Receiver of Assize Returns under the said Act, at his Dwelling House, situate in Ihe said Town of Northampton, of the trne and precise Quantities of all Wheal and Wheaten Flour respectively, fit for making Wheaten Bread, Sinn dard Wbealen Bread, and Household Bread, which thai! have been bought or sold hy them, within seven Days preceding in each Week, aud the true and exact Prices for which such Wheat or Wheaten F'lour shall have been respectively bought or sold and Ihe Names nnd Residences of the Persons of whom bought, or to whom sold, and which Re turns arc to be signed by the Party making the same. And all Persons required by this Notice to mirke any such Reiurns, who shall neglect or refuse to make the same, or who shall make any false Re- turns. will be liable In a Penalty for each Offence not exceeding the Sum of Ten Pounds. Signed, DANIEL DILLEY, Receiver of Assize Returns for the Town of Northampton. Northampton, I8lh Scpl. 1813. • CURACY WANTED. ANY Beneficed Clergyman, in tbe Diocese of Peterborough, warning a CUR ATE, and willing to give a Title for the Lord Bishop's nex Ordination, may hear of a Gentlemen willing lo serve him upon very liberal Terms, by addressing a Line to A. B. al Mr. ROBERTSON'S, Printer Peterborough. WANTED, All APPRENTICE by a SUR- GEON and APOTHECARY, Member of • the College, resident in Bedfordshire. For Particulars apply, hy Poit paid Letters, Dr. Anviir, Saini Neots, Hunts. PARADE, NORTHAMPTON. SOLD 13YABEL J. ABEL begs Leave to inform the Admirers ol jej Music, that he has now for W Sale, A mini beautiful up- 1- 1 right Six- octave GRAND PIANO- FORTE; also, a CABINET PIANO- FORTE, F< both by CI. E » r, t< TI & Co. tH which, for Brilliancy of H Tone, Excellency of Touch and most valuable Quality of keeping in Tune ( a Circum tance hitherto deemed unattainable), can only In equalled hy the Elegance of their Appearance and Convenience of Size ; for although the Cabinet Instrument only occupies Ihe Space of a small Bookcase, it possesses nearly the Power of the most harmonious Grand Piano- Forte, so great is the comparative Advantage of this improved In- truinent over those inade upon the old Principle. Also, several SQU ARE PI A N O- FORTES, with additional Keys, from the most approved Makers which J. A. is now offering on such Terms, as on Enquiry, cannot fail of giving the most com plete Satisfaction. A very extensive Assortment nf BASS- VIOI. S TENORS, VIOLINS ( among which are several fine- toned old Italian Instruments), KITS, BASSOONS SERPENTS, CYMBAI. S, TAMBOURINES, CI. ARI ONETS, PATENT DITTO, wilh additional Keys FLUTES on the Principle of Monzani's improved Patent, POTIEA's DITTO, wilh six or eight Keys Vo X HUM A NOS. TRUMPETS, newly invented KENT PATENT BUGLE, wilh Keys, TENEROONS, and HAUTBOYS, with Reeds, Strings, and Books of Instruction for every Instrument. Likewise an ex tensive Assortment ef modern PRINTED MUSIC always on Sale, as well as a Collection of the most esteemed SACRED MUSIC.— Orders for NEW MUSIC executed every Week.— Also, a general and modern Assortment of PAPER HANGINGS and BORDERS, Besides the newest Patterns of Ditto, from which Orders are executed with the strictest Punctuality and Dispatch. BATII WRITING PAPERS, Superfine SEA LING- WAR, best cut PENS, and every other Article JH the STATIONARY Department on the most reasonable Terms. PIANO- FORTES Lelt out on Hire, or exchanged. NORTHAMPTON C! I5RANT> MUSICAL J^ RIFAAF, WILL be celebrated in OCTOBER next, tinder the Patronage of ihe following Noblemen atid Gentlemen, who are STEWARDS the Occasion: — His Grace the Duke of GRAFTON, The Most Noble the Marquis of NORTHAMPTON, The Right Hon. ibe Earl of FUSION, The Right lion, the Earl nf POMFRET, rile Right Hon. Earl SPENCER. K. G. The Right Hon. the Earl nf UPPER OsSORY, The Right Hon. Lord SONDES. The Right Hon. Lord LII. FORD, Right Hon. Earl COMPTON, M. P. Right Hon. Lord CHARLES FITZROY, M. P. Right Hon. Lord Viscount BARNARD, M. P. Right Hon. Lord Viscount ALTHORP, M. P. Right Hon. J. C. VILLIERS, Hon. General FITZROY, Hon. Major- General FERMKR, Hon. G. WATSON, Sir WILLIAM WAKE, Bart. Sir JUSTINIAN ISHAM. Bart. Sir GEOROE ROBINSON, Bart. Sir JAMES LANGHAM, Bart. Sir WILLIAM DOLBEN, Bart. Sir JOHN PALMER, Bart. Sir R. BROOKE DE CAPEL RROOKE. Bart. Sir CHARLES KNIGHTLEY, Bart. Sir FELIX AGA R, GEORGE RUSH, Esq. High Sheriff, W. R. CARTWRIGHT, Esq. M. P. WM. HANBURY, Esq. M. P. GEORGE GUNNING, Esq. M. P, I - RTIILINGBOROUGtt STATUTE, for' the HIRING of SERVANTS; will beheld IWTHURSDAY next ihe 23d of SEPTEMBER, at Ihe WHITE- HORSE INN, 1 RTIILINC. KOROUGM. J. BEAU,. Oonsrahie. I' BROMIIAM SWAN STATUTE SES- SIONS. for HIRING of SI'. R V A NTS, will he held on TUESDAV the 28ili of SEPTEMBER. 1813. Dinner at One o'clock. OBURN S TATUTE, for 1HRING oI SERVANTS, will be held at the MARKET- HOUSE. nn FRIDAY the l- t ,> F OCTOBER. 1813. M. P. tfm. Sawbrids*. Esq J. Armytage, Esq. C. TibWi, Esq. George Courtenay, Esq. IF. S. L. Ward, Esq. J. C. Rese, Esq. C. Newman, Esq. John Hanburu. Esq. Wm. Ward. Esq. Eda. Wakefield, Esq. Wm. Kerr, Esq. C. Ililt, Esq J. Ward, Esq. Tibbits, Jan. Esq. Langham Rokeby, Esq, P. J. Luard, Esq. Fiennes Wykham. Esq. R. Mainmaring, Esq. w OLD STONE ROOFI \' G. A NY Person desirous of substitutingSLATE " A. or TILE for OLD STONE PEELING may hear of a Purchaser by applying to the Advertiser, who wishes to preserve the present Appearance of an ancient Residence. New Stone will not answer his Purpose ; hut lie is willing to give the Value of Slate for old. Letters addressed to A. Z. No. 5, Boyle- Street, Burlington Gardens, London, will be duly at- tended to. Sprat ton, Northamptonshire. THE Public are respectfully informed, That the ESTATE at SPRATTON, advertised lo be Sold by Auction at Highgate- Hou- e Inn, OD Friday the 24th Instant, is disposed of bp Private Contract.— Sept. 18 th, 1813. A CURACY WANTED. WANTED in the Diocese of the Bishop of Lincoln, A CURACY. It would be desirable to the Advertiser to have a House, & c. Address, with Particulars, to L. M. N, lo the Care of Mr. Samuel Mottershead, No. I, Riding's- Cotirt, Manchester. VI7 ANTED, A steady active LAD, as an ** APPRENTICE to a GROCER aud TAL- LOW- CHANDLER, & c. For Particulars, enquire of J. WALKER, NCW- port- Pagnell, liBcks ; if by Letter, Post- paid. WAN 1 ED, A steady LAD, as an AI- PRENTICE to a GROCER audTALLOW- CH AN DLEIL. Apply to B. CHAPMAN, Corby, Northampton- fkire ; if by Leller, Post- paid. VY ANTED, A JOURNEYMAN COOPER' * * — X good Workman may have constant Employ and good Wages at JAS. BULL'S, Cooper, Mnrket- Harhorougk. WANTED, An honest, sober, and indus- trious SINGLE MAN, not less than thirty Years of Age, as n LABOURING GARDENER. He will have lo milk three or four Cows, and the Care of a small Quantity of Grass Land, and is to be a regular Servant in the House.— None need apply, except really steady Men. Enquire of the Printers of this Paper, if by Letter, Post- paid, addressed G. R. APPRENTICE WANTED. Ty ANTED, A steady active LAD, about V V 15 Years of Age, as an APPRENTICE to a BUTCHER, & c. — A Young Man who has been in the Employ of a Butcher, Sec. for a Year or two would he preferred.— F" or further Particulars, apply to Mr. WM. HARIIWICK, of Kowell, in the County of Northampton. \ JLt ANTED, A JOURNEYMAN in the V IRONMONGERY BUSINESS.— For Particulars, enquire of tbe Printers of this Paper, if bv Letter, Post- paid, addressed I. It.— No one need apply who cannot have an unexceptionable Character from his last Employer. O Ml - VI SIII'. KS. ALL QUALIFIED Persons are requested to desist from Sporting on the Manors of BAT TLESDEN and POTSGROVE, in the County of 13rdFord ; and UNQUALIFIED Persons and Poachers will be prosecuted with the utmost Rigour of the Law.— The Tenants have Directions to discharge all Persons found trespassing thereon. And further Notice is also given, that SPRING GUNS will he placed in the Woods belonging to Ihe above Manors ; and whoever trespasses therfiq will he exposed to Ihe greatest Danger. OTOLL'N or STRAYED, on Tuesday Night O Inst the 14th, or early on Wednesday Morning Ihe 15th of September, 1813, out of n Close be- longing to WM. OSBORN, Woburn, Beds, A BAY PONY, with very little White about her. If stolen, any Person giving such Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may he convicted of such Offence, will be handsomely re- warded ; or, if strayed, all reasonable Expenses will be paid. GEORGE DENYS, Esq George Robinson, Esg. E. die. Bouverie, Esq. T. S. W. Samwett, Esq. Frnnris Dickins, Esq. Robert Andrew, Esq. Robert Blencowe, Esq. Samuel Isted, Esq. Thomas Carter, Esy, Peter Denys, Esq. .7. C. Mansel. Esq. T. R. Thornton, Esq. William liuller, Esq. J. P. Clarke, Esq. J. Nethercoat, Esq. John Kipling, Esq. Walter Strickland, Esq. J. Hi Thursby, Esq. Colonel Corbett, Colonel Thursby, MR. BARRETT lias the Honour most respectfully to acquaint the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, his numerous Friends in this Place, and the Public in general, that on WEDNESDAY MORNINJG, the 13th of OCTOBER next, will be performed in Ihe Church qf ALL SAINTS, the first Part of the CELEBRATED and SACRED ORATORIO of CREATION, Composed by Dr. HAYDN, In which Madame CATALANI will introduce " Angels ever bright and fair." The second and third Parts will be miscellaneous, from the Works of the great Masters. On THURSDAY Ihe 14th, The SjcRED OnjTOKio of the MESSIAH. » On FRIDAY MORNING Ibe 15th, A Grand Sacred Selection, Purposely arranged for the Occasion, from the most admired Compositions of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Pergolisi, Graun, & c.; and in which Madame CATALANI will introduce " Holy, Holy t. ord" and '' Pious Orgies. On WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY EVENINGS, will be performed at the THEATRE ( which, by Permission of the Proprietors, will be considerably enlarged f « r the Occasion), GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS; consisting of Ihe most favourite Overtures and Concertos, for the principal Performers on their respective Instruments; Ihe newest Glees, Duets, Songs, & c. The first Evenings Concei t will con- clude with the popular national Air of " Rule Britannia," Verse and Chorus, by Madame CATA- LAN I, which has been received in Loudon with the moil lively Sympathy and rapturous Applause. PRINCIPAL VOCAL PERFORMERS. Madame CATALANI, Mrs. VAUGIIAN, Mr. VAUGHAN, Mr. GOSS, Mr. KELLNER, And Mr. BRAHAM. Leader of the Choral Parts, the celebrated Miss TRAVIS, PROM LANCASHIRE. Patronized by the Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy. \ Nevv and most important Discovery to Genlemen. Shaving made easy by the Assis- tance of t he inestimable RENOVATOR, prepared only by WILLIAM HOLRROOK, Jun. of DERBY. This Article offered and recommended tothe Public is no Deception or Imposition, it having been used bymanv Noblemen and Gentlemen, from whom tbe Proprietor has received the most flattering Appro- barion of its good Effects, particularly for its extra- ordinary Virtue in rendering the Hone useless ; being a practical Shaver himself, and not knowing it in any one instance to fail. Finding it to answer beyond his most sanguine Expectation, bavit g the greatest Confidence of its Utility, from the verv great Demand lie has for it, begs to recommend it to Gentlemen that Shave themselves as an Articleof the first Importance, it possessing every requisite Pro- perty of Hone and Strap combined, will empower them at all Times ' by only the common Method of Strapping) to keep the; r Razors in the finest possible State for Shaving without ever using a Hone. Most Gentlemen know how to Strap a Razor, though fe know how to set one upon a Hone. This Composition being equally efficacious in m king Razors Shave the strongest Beard with the thinnest Skin as easy and pleasant as the weakest Beard, must give it a decided pre- eminence over all other Compositions ever yet oifered to the Public To Gentlemen on Travel, and the Army and Navy, it is particularly recommended, as being very portable and durable. The Proprietor has Manufactured a TABLET for PINKS- tvss, equally efficacious and portable. Sold W lolesale by the Proprietor; and by Messrs. Gattie & I'eirce, 57, Bond- Sireet, London; and Retail by Mr. Sharp, Hair Cutter and Perfumer, Northampton. The PubLc are cautioned that none can be Genuine, but what are Sold with his Signature. ( ientetd, Safe, And tlipflili'. ms Travelliif. r 0 W C E S T E R & S T O N Y- S T R A T F O R1) N li W DAY COACH TO LONDON; From the Wheat- Sheaf Inn, Towcester, and Bull Inn, Stony- Stratford, to the Three- Cups, Alders- sale- Street, London. THE Proprietors of the above Coach most respectfully beg Leave to Inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general, they may be as- sured this Coach will continue to run as u- ual, not- withstanding the various Reports propagated by some malicious Person or Persons lo the contrary ; ind they trust, from the superior Style in which it is worked, they shall meet with that Counlenance and Support they are anxious to merit. The Coach leaves Towcester Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Mornings at Seven o'clock, Stony- Stratford at Eight o'clock, and arrives in London to Dinner. Leaves London Mondays at Twelve o'CIock, Thursdays and Saturdays at Seven o'Clock in the Morning. Performed hy the Public's most obedient Servants, G. GURNEY, W. SMITH, &, Cd. The Proprietors cannot be accountable for any Parcel or Package above Ihe Value of Five Pounds, unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. N. B. Places and Parcels bonked at the Wlleal- Sheaf Inn, Towcesler, and Bull lnil; Stony- Stralford. TWENTY POUNDS REWARD. OST, on TUESDAY; SEPTEMBER 14th, 1813, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, A CANVAS PURSE, containing Thirty- one Pounds in Bank nnd Country Bankers' Notes, some Memo- randums, and three Bills as under: — S£ I5I, drawn on G. Weber, 11th Sept. at two Months, accepted, payable by Morland, Ransom, & Co. £~ 0, drawn on R. Dixon. 11th Sept. at I Month. £\ 50, drawn on Wm. Elder, 11th Sept. at two Months. The above Bills not being signed or indorsed cannot be of any Use except to the Owner, Pay- ment being stopped.— Whoever has found them, and will bring them to Mr. JOHN ODELL, Horse- Dealer, Northampton, shall receive the above Reward. reorganized, anil consequently did not tliink of acting. It is manifest that if the Allied Army had sustained the losses which Bonaparte asserts they did in their attack on Dresden, lie would have inarched with till haste to have revenged on ilia routed and fugitive army of the Allies; the dis- grace which they had inflicted on his first erirps under Vandamnie.— Of General Morgan's wound we hear no more from the enemy.— With respect to the positions or movements of the armies in other parts there is a singular confusion and obscurity. The Bavarians at one moment are said to he marching upon Lintz, and threatning the heart of the Austrian ompire; at another tliev are canfessed to be lying quietly within their own encampments at Hrannau: Beauharnois is safe! to have penetrated through Carinthia, nnd to he approaching Styria; hut this is not official.— Ney, wh > was before Stated to Have arrived at Dresden; is now said to be marching with his corps to the frontiers of Bohemia.— The Prince ofSch- wartzenherg's llead- qtlarters are stated to have been on the doth lilt, at Dux, near Toephtz, in Bohemia. FAI. L OF TLTF. CASTLE OF St. SnB \ STIAN.— Though no official accounts have been received by Government of the surrender of ihe Castle of St; Sebastian, are happy to learn that iiri douhr. whatever is entertained of the fact. The following Bulletin was issued yesterday from the Admiralty, orl the subject:— Admiralty- Office, St. pt. 16.—" His Majesty's ship President, Captain Mason, sailed from St. Sebastian on the evenisg of the 9th.— At five iii the miming Of that day, Sir G. Collier sent his last orders and letters on board the President, with a private note to Captain Mason, Stating; ' The Castle will surrender to- day-^* salute will announce it.'— Captain I\ lason states,, that at noon a salute was fired, and when tha President stood in shore, at two p. m. the Spanish flag w as flying on the Castle.— No official dispatches, later than the 7th have been received by the President,"' NOTICE is hereby given, That a Special Meeling of the Commissioners for Paving, Cleansing, Lighting, and Watching the Town of Northampton, willbe held in lUeGuifdhall, iu ihe said Town, on Wednesday next, tlie22d Day of September instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, for the Purpose of taking into Consideration and deter- mining apon certain Resolutions entered inlo at a late public Meeting of the Inhabitants of the said Town of Northampton, relating to an intended Application lo Parliament for Leave lo takedown anil rebuild the Bridge over the River Nine or Nen, at the South Entrance of the said Town. CHAS. MARKHAM, Clerk to the Commissioners. Northampton, Sept \ 8lh, 1813. To be LETT for the Hunting Season, Within One Mile and a Half of Aliho'p Kennel, O TABLING for SEVEN HORSES.— Terms ' may be known by applying to R. Coy, at the Plough, East- Haddon, Northamptonshire. v To he LEI'!', And entered upon in October next, ACapital FAMILY HOUSE, completely fur- nished, within one Mile of Northampton together with excellent Stables, double Coach- House, & c. ; a large Gaiden. with Hot- House and Melon Ground, Pleasure- Ground, and five Acres of excel- lent Pasture- Land. An Addition of 20 Acres mav he had. if desired. For further Particulars, enquire of Messrs, SMV I H Solicitors, in Northampton. Vy. AMEIi, A GOOD HAND, to make » Lad's Shoes, & c. who m iv have iploy by applying at Mr. PowKns", Northamptonshire. coutttant Em- Coltesbrook, Vl/ AN'ED immediately, A single MAN, to take the Management of Two or Three LI M F,-' Kf f. NS. He mav have constant Employ, niul may lodge in I e House. Enquire of J. WOOLSTON. Wellingborough. MEN SERVANTS. WANTED, at Michaelmas, A Man of light Weight as GROOM, who can have a good Character from his l* « l Ptace.— Also, im- mediately, \ Noting Manas VALET and FOOT- MAN. iu a fienUrniati's Family. Ecqnire at J. ABEL'S, Northampton; if by ' teller, Post- paid. Commodious Resilience and Lund, in the County of Huckiughun, uli nt fifty Miles from London. To be LETT, ADesi- ahle RESIDENCE; comprising six good Bed- Chambers, Entrance Hall two good Parlours, Kitchen, and convenient Offices, with requisite Out- buildings. Pleasure and Kitchen- Gardens, with I. awn and Shrubbery Walks, a large Sheet ol Water, well stocked with Fish ; a few Acres of excellent Crass Land adjoining.-- The Roads good, the Neighbourhood highly respectable, and the • Country eligible for Fi Id Sports. Possession inav be had immediately. For ^ Particulars, ap| jly to the Printers of this Paper, if by l etter., Po.- L- pa d, addressed I.. T. Trinkets aud Jewellery. • To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DENNIS, At his Auction- Room, Northampton, on Wednesday and^ Thursday the 22d and 23d Days of September, ALarge Collection of fashionable JEWEL- LERY, Trinkets, Silver and plated Coods, Tui, bridge Ware, Morocco Goods, and Fancy Articles io general, being the STOCK in TRADE of Miss EDGE, NOR 1' H A M PTO N, who is declining that Branch ot Business; comprising Pearl Hoops, Cor- nelian aud Gold Ditto, topaz and Gold Ear- Rings, Pearl Cross; Pearl, Cornelian, Gold, and Gilt Brooches; Gold Lockets, Seals, Coral, Cornelian and Imitation Necklaces; Silver and Ivory Vine- gdrettes, Tooth- p ck Cases, Pomade Boxes, Fruit- Forks, & c. ; handsome Tunbridge Writing- Box, Caddies, Card and Netting Boxes, and various other Articles of Tunbridge Ware; Morocco Writing- Cases, Paint- Boxes, Gentlemen and Ladies' Pocket- Books, Purses, Thread- Cases, Liquor and Cruet- Frames. Plated Ditto, Toast. Racks, Bed- Candlesticks, Muffi- neers, & c. ; several Sets of Spar Chimney Ornaments, Wedgwood Ware for Painting, Coffee- Urns, I'aper Tea- Trays, Waiters, Bottle. Stands, and other Japan Goods.— \ 1- irg: Assortment of Smelling Bottles, I'urses, ornamented Combs, Backgammon Boards, Quadrille Pools and Fish, Draft Men, Dominoes, Fans, Trinkets, and Fancy Articles, too numerous to insert. The Sale will commence each Day at Two o'Clock, and continue by Ca. idle- light The Aucttone. r b.- gs Leave to recommend the above Goods as genuineand of good Quality will PRINCIPAL INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMERS: Leader ofihe Band, Dr. HAGUE, Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge. Principal Second Violin, Mr. William M- irtball; Principal Violoncellos, Messrs. Lindley and Ashley ; Principal Tenors, Messri. Richard Ashley and Marshall; Principal Double- Bass, Signior Anfossl; Principal Hautboy, Mr. Grlesbach; Principal Bassoon, Mr. Holmes; French Horns, Messrs. Leanders; Clarionets, Messrs. Hopkins and Guilllm ; Principal Flute, Mr. Nicholson; Principal Trum- pet, Mr. Schmidlz; Double Drums, Mr. Jenkinson ; CONDUCTOR, Mr. BARRETT, who will preside at the Organ and Grand Piano- Forte. Assistant - Conductor— Mr. WM. MARSHALL. Among the other eminent Performers are Messrs. Nicks, ( iee, Kellham, Sternberg, Dobney, Boncer, Marshall, Spray. The Remainder ofthe Band and Cborusses will be numerous and complete, from London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Coven- try, Leicester, Wellingborough, and Northampton. The general Bill of Fare is ill Preparation, and, with other Particulars, will appear in a future Paper. TICKETS may be had at Mesdms. Forsler & Barrett's, Market- Square, and at Messrs. Burn- ham, Birdsall, and Abel's, Booksellers— For the Chancel and Gallery, 14s. each ; for the Body of the Church, 9s.; and for Ihe Concerts at the Theatre, 10s. 6d. each. — BOOKS of all the Performances wilt be ready in due Time. Northampton, Sept I8M, 1813. To be SOLD bv A U C T 1 O N, By Mr. KJRSIIAW, On Monday tile 27th Day of September instant, at tbe Crow and Horse- Shoe Ion, in Northampton at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the follow ing Lots: Lot 1. A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, XJK GOLD- STREET, NORTHAMPTON with the Yard, Garden, Out- buildings, aud t' » e the Pump, now in the Occupation of Thomas York. Lot 2. Another MESSUAGE adjoining, with the same Privileges, in the Occupation of Widow Baglev Lot 3. Another MESSUAGE adjoining, with the same Privileges, in the Occupation of Leader. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, Northampton. To he SOLO by AOCUuxN, By Mr. DENNIS, On Wednesday the 29th Instant, on the Premises the King's Head, at Spra'ton, Northamptonshire, \ LL the neat HOUSEUOLD- FUltNITURE L\ and EFFECTS ot Mr. NORRIS, who is quitting the above Inn. On Saturday the 15tli of September, 1813, be published, ANEW NEWSPAPER, entituled, the HUNT- INGDON. BEDFORD, and PETERBOROUGH WEEKLY GAZETTE, Price Sixpence Halfpenny, . printed wilh a handsome new Type on a tine large Yellow Wove Paper. A General Advertiser for, andcircalaled through, the Counties of Huntingdon. Bedford, Cambridge, Lincoln, Rutland, Noltiug 4iam, Leicester, Northampton, Buckingham. Hert- ford, Norfolk, and Suffolk, Ihe Soke of Peter- borough, and the Isle of l-'. ly. Orders, Advertisements and Communications, , flre requested to he addressed Io Mr. Hatfield, Hunt- ingdon; Mr. Webb, Bedford; Mr. Jac » b. Peter- borough , and to the following Agents: — Mr. Mar- shall, Aylesbury; Mr. Sbawe, Ampthill; Mr iHnldam, Buckingham | Mr Gardener, Biggles- wade; Mr. Hellnbv, Boston; Mr. T. Bennett, • Cambridge; Mr. Cullingworih, Duventrv; Mr. Sivifl, Dunstable; Mr. Clement-. Ely ; Ml. Dun- nage, Hitchin; Mr. Goodchild. Ipswich; the Postmaster, Kettering; Mr. Pearson, Kirnnnlion; Mr. Drury, Lincoln; Mr. Pigge, Lvnn; M. Rirtg- • wav, LeighUin- Buzzard ; Mr. Sharpe, Market- Deeping; Mr. Inwnod, Newport- Pagnell; Mr Freeman. Northampton; Mr. Roeers, Newmarket; Mr. Bolingbroke. Norwich; Mr. Bell, Oundle; Mr. Abbott, St. Neots; Mr. Crofl, Si. i ves; Mr. Havcock, Stamford; Mrs. King, s ilion; Mr. Salter, Stony - Slralfnrd ; Mr. Alhin, Printer. Spalding; Mr. Marsh, Thrapslon; Mr. March, Wellingborough ( Mr. Dodd, Woburn ; Mr. Whn , Wisbech; or to Ihe Proprietors, Oeorg- I'. eton Jones and Weston llalfield. Weekly Gazelle Office. 90, Great New- Street, Goush- Square, l. und n. N. B. Papers ordered of i he Clerk, of i lie Roads, through the Medium of the Postmasters, will he delivered with the London Mail, ill every Post i own, w ithin 120 Miles of the Metropolis, ou me Saiurilavj Genteel, neat, and modern Household Furniture. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. BE ESLEY, On the Premises, at W A PP ENH A M, in the County of Northampton, on Friday the 24rh Day of September, 1813. ALL the valuable and genteel HOUSEHOLD IURVITURE, BREWING UTENSILS, & c. ot Mrs. S. ALLEN, who is leaving that Place; comprising lour- post Bedsteads and Furniture; Goose Feather lied; Blankets and Bed Quilts ; Ma- hogany lea. Dressing, Folding, and Card Tables; Mahofiany Bureau and Chest ot Drawers; large and small Carpets, and Stair Ditto; Mahogany Chairs, Hair Seats; Windsor and other Chairs, and Easy Ditto; Mahogany Wash- hand Stand; China and Glass; Mahogany and other Tea Trays; Pier and s. ving Glasses; Kitchen, Scullery, and Brewing Utensils in general ; sw et Iron- bound Casks; with a Variety of geoleel, neat and useful Effects. The Sale will commence precisely at l'eno'Ciock, as ihe Whole is inteo led to be - old in one Dav. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By IT. BEESLEY, At tbe Royal Oak. Evdon, in the County of North- ampton, on Friday the 1st Day of October, 18L'J, between tile Hours of Three and Six in the Aftet- noon, on such Conditions as will be then and theie prolocevl, \ Very neat HOUSE and COTTAGE adjoin- ing, with a Barn, Stable, Yard, Ga'rd \ and other Conveniences, situate in EYDON, late in the Occupation ot Mrs. E. I'sfge, deceased.-- The liutise is substantially built, and comprises four Kooms on the Groun i Floor, tour Bedchambers, and three Attics; good Cellar, Brew- house, Pump, an. I • i . Veil of excellent VVater. — The Cottage con ains wo 4< ooms on the Ground Floor aid two Bed- rooms.-- I'he Whole forms a desirable Residence fot j respectable private Family, or a Person engaged in Manuiaerory or Trade Immediate Possession may be had. For a Viev , t tiie above Premises, afiply to Mr. I H. PASS, E; don, Surgeon. Freehold House and Premises, in Cosgrove, North- amptonshire, near Stony- Stratford, Bucks. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY If SON, On Saturday the 25th of September, 1813, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Sign of the Barley Mow, in Cosgrove aforesaid, in one Lot, ANewly erected substantial Stone and Slate- built DWELLING- HOUSE, now occupied in two Tenements ; comprising three Rooms on the ( list Floor, four Bed Chambers, excellent Cellar, Wood Barn and Out- offices; a Well of good Water, with a Garden and Orchard adjoining, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, and several thriving Elm Timber Trees growing thereon.— The Orchard contains 2R. 23P. ; the Grand Junction Canal adjoins, the Orchard, which makes the Situation desirable for any Person in Trade that requires Water Communi- cation.— The above is situate near the Centre of the pleasant Village of COSGROVE, in the Occupations of Mrs. Jane Stevens and Wm. Law. — Possession of one ofthe Tenements with the Orchard, & c. may be had at Michaelmas next. For a View of the same, apply to Mr. STEVENS ; and for further Particulars, to Mr*. KI* BY, Solicitor, Towcester; or to the AUCTIONEERS, in Stony Stratlotd. The Wheut Sheuf Inn, ti'oburn, Beds. To he SOLD by A U C T I O N, Bv ANDREW GARDNER, On Friday the 8th Day of October, 1813. at Three o'Clork in the Afternoon, oil Ihe Premises, under such Conditions as will be then produced, ALL that Substantial Freehold Brick- built INN, called Ihe WHEAT SHEAF, situated in Ihe MARKET- SQUARE of WOIiURN, and which has been more than a Century established as a Travellers' Ian, aud now in full Trade; com- prising seven Allies, seven genteel Bed Chambers, three good Parlours," with a convenient Bar,' Tap- room, Kitchen, and Pantry; extensive Cellarage, and Osllery, Stabling for 50 Horses, wilh Corn, liny, and Straw Lofts, Barns, Piggeries, and a large Yard and Garden. \ IS< J a very excellent Brick- built and old- accus- to. ned M ALT- HOUSE, and a Piglnle of PAS- TURF, GROUN D adjoining the Yard. *** Part of ihe Purchase- Money may remain on me Estate. The present Proprietor is retiring from Ihe Public Business, and Possession may be had immediately. For a View, apply to the Proprietor Mr WM. HURLEY, on ihe Premises; aud further Particulars may he had at the Office of Mr. DA Y, Solicitor, or of the AUCTIO X EEII, Wuburu. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, At the Dolphin Inn, Northampton, on Mo, nday the 27th of September, 1813. at Three o'Clock in the Afiernonn, subject to such Conditions as will be then prodnced. Lot 1. q^ HAT old- established INN, the X RED LION, with extensive Range ofStahling, Granaries, and Lofts, with good Cel- larage, spacious Yard and Garden. The Brew house, Stabling, and Granaries have been re- hmlt but a few Years.— The above Inn is situate at the lower End of HORSE- MA RKET, near Gold- Sireet, in the Town nf NORTHAMPTON. Lot 2. A CLOSE and GARDEN, situate in GOLD- STREET, in NORTHAMPTON, in the Occupation of Mrs. Atterhury. The Garden is in high Cultivation, well planted with choice F'ruit Trees, and the Ground is a most desirable Situation for Building. Lot 3. A CLOSE of ARABLE LAND, situate in ihe Parish of DUSTON, dau adjoining th Turnpike- Road, containing 14 Acres 2 Roods, aud in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Day. Lot 4. A CLOSE, situate, with a Front adjoining Woolmoager- Street, and Horse- Shoe Lane; this Lot possesses great Advantages for Building. Lot 5. A CLOSE adjoining Ditto. Lot 6. TWO SHARES and TWO HALF- SHARES in Ihe GRAND JUNCTION. For further Particulars, enquire of Messrs. SMYTHS, Solicitors, and of Mr. JOHN YORES, Auctioneer, Northampton, where a Plan of the Divisions of the Estates may be seen. AT a Meeting of the Town of LEIG11TON- BUZZARL) and its Vicinity, held for the Purpnse of taking into Consideration the Stale of Ihe Children of the Labouring Clats of Society of the said Town and its Vicinity, on FRIDAY Ihe IOIII of SEPTEMBER, 1813, SAML. WHITBREAI), Esq. M. P. in the Chair ; Resolved,— That the State of the Children of he Labouring Class of the People, and the Defici- ency of their Education, render it highly needful hat some effectual Mode be adopted for the Im- provement of their Morals, and for affording them a proper Education. That for the above Object, the Mode of Edu- cation now and ' long since practised by Joseph Lancaster, be adopted, from its Simplicity, from l » Economy of Time, of Labour, and of Money ; from ils gentle and efficacious Discipline, as well as from the extraordinary Success with which it has been found to he attended. That for Ihe Purpose of promoting the important Objects of this Meeting, a Society be formed, to b denominated the Lancastrian Society, for the Edu- cation of the Children of the Labouring Class « f People, and for Ihe Improvement of their Morals ; and that all Subscribers of One Guinea a Year, or upwards, or of Ten Gu'neas or more, in one Dona- cation, shall be Governors of this Society; aud that all Annual Subscriptions shall become due on the Isl Day of September in everv Year. That this Society shall be under Ihe Direction of a Committee of twenty- four; consisting of a Pre- idenl, a Treasurer, a Secretary, twenty- one other Members, who shall be elected by the Governors. That the Children of Labouring People, Me- chanics, or others, residing in the Town of Leigh- ton- Buzzard and its Vicinity, are proper Objects of this Institution. That Sir \ nrlrew Corbelt, Bart, he Prestd- nt; Joshua Sharpies, Treasurer; Joseph Sharpies, Secretary; and Messrs. Thomas Chew, Robert Thorp, Richard Sanders, Peter Bassett, Th ; inas Odell, Thomas Jackson, John Grant, Abraham Mann. Edward Lawford, Charles Pettitt, Francis Hill Gregory, Benjamin l? eev » , John Warner, Josiah Wheeler, Gregory Clark, William Exton, John Dollin Bassetl, Jas. Harr s, Joseph Flem iw. John Procter, Juu, and Samuel Reeve, the Com- mittee. That no Book, Pamphlet, or other Paper be introduced into the School without being first pre- sented to, and approved of by the Committee ; and that the same be confined to the Hoi, Scriptures, Extracts therefrom, Watts's Hvmns for Children, and Lessons for Spelling an 1 Arithmetic. That the Recommendation nf any Boy to ( his School shall be confined lo the Governors. All Recommendations to be signed by a Governor, who shall specify ihe Parents' Names, Place nf Abode. Number in Family, and Trade, also the Age and Name of the Candidates for Admission, and to what Place for Worship their Parents may wish them to attend; which Recommendation shall he submitted monthly to the Committee by the Clerk or Secretary ; and if the Recommendations are numerous, shall be copied and arranged in the Form of a List before it is submitted to the Committee for Determination ; and that no Exception what- ever shall We made in the Admission of Children on Account of the religious Principles of their Parents or Relations. * That the Children shall attend at the Scliool- Rnnm every Sunday Morning, insufficient Time, to go from thence to their respectivePlaces of Worship. Thai a Subscription for promoting the Objects > t this Meeting be immediately opened ; and ihnt the Treasu rer, Mr- Robert Thorp, aud Mr. Richard Sanders, be appointed to receive the same. That the Thanks nf this Meeting be given to M JOSEPH FOI, for his kind Attendance at tlii- Meeting, and for the able and satisfactory Manner in which he has explained the Objects of ihi- Institution. SAML. VV HI T BREAD. Chairman. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given I S. WIIITBREAD, F> q. M. P. for his Kindness in taking the Chair op this Occasion, and for his . ihle Conduct therein. Price of Stocks this Day-*'] per Cent. Red. 0.— 3 per Cent Cons. 57^.— 4 per Cent Cons. 0. Navy 5 per Cent. Ann. 874. — India Bonds 2d.— Exchequer KillsSd — Cons, for Acc O.- Om. 5fpr. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, SEPT. 18. >*<— BIRTII.] On Thursday se'nnight, at Winslow, the ladv of W. Selbv Lowndes, Esq. M. P. of a sou. MARRIED.] On Sunday last, Mr. Thomas Deacon, farmer, of Brayfield, to Miss Elizabeth Higgins, of Harrlingstoiie, both in this county. Wednesday se'nuight, at St. Leonard's, Shore- ditch, Mr. William Browning, of the General Post Office, London, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. John Parnell, of Peterborough. Yesterday se'nnight, at Chelsea, Mr. Cordeux, printer, to Miss Lindsev, both tif this town. Tuesday last, at St Giles's Church, by the Rev. F.. Watkins, Mr. R. Cauell, to Ann, second daughter of Francis Mulliuer, Coachmaker, both of this pi ice. ' Thursday last, nt, Bittesweil; Leicestershire, Mr. Yateman, upholsterer, of Daventry, to Laverna, second daughter of Mr. Nixon of the. for- ner place. DIED.] In a fit on Thursday se'nnight, whilst on a visit it his brother's, ( tho Kev. Dr. Deacle, ofStanway, near Colchester), Mr. Thomas Deacle,. late of Banbury, aged 66. Same day, at Blechley, in the 68' li vear of lie" age. Mrs. Ilogg, after a long illness,( which she was enabled to hear with Christian resignation) in the full a* sUra, irp of hope, through the merits of her Redeemer.— Her loss will lone he deeply lamented by those who knew her intrinsic worth. Lately, Mr. George Ilardwick, l ailjr, of Den- ton, aged 49. Capital Live Stock, <$ c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DUMBLETON, On Tuesday'the 28th of September, 1813, on the Premises in the Lordship ot WEST- HADDON, the Property of Mr. ROBERT K1LSBY, who is leaving his Farm; CONSISTING of two capital Cart Horses, one good Hackney, aged, one exceedingly stoui Galloway rising lour Years old, one Cart ( Jolt, and one Cart Fillv ; about 111 Fat Oxen, in Pairs, ten useful Dairy Cows, 200 Ewes, ten in each Lot, 90 fheaves, Ditto, 140 Ewe Lambs, 80 Shearhogs, and 90 Wether Lambs, ten in each Lot; one capital three. shear Tup, ten two- shear Tups, four Sheaihog Ditto, and six Tup Lambs, which will be sold single ; one stout Narrow- wheel Waggon, several exceedingly good Sheep Cribs; a Quantity ot Hurdles, & c. & c. The Sheep are sound and useful, and need no com- ment.— They will be penned for Inspection by Half- past Nine o'Cl ick on the Morning of Sale, which will commence with the Sheep at Half- past Ten, on account ot the greit Number of Lots, which are intended to be Sold in one Dav if possible. Capital Live Stock. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. DUMBLETON, On Thursday the 30th of September, 1BI3. on the Premises in the Lordship of W EST- H A D DO N, the Property of Mr. SAMUEL EDMUNDS, who is leaving his Farm, ' J- UIE following LIVE LTOCK, & c. consisting I. ot 51 Ewes, 7t Theaves, 77 Shearhogs. and four one- shear Tups; eight In- caH Cows, eight York- shire Heilers in Calf, five long- horned Heifers in Calf, three fat Heifers, one Bull, 14 Yorkshire Calves, and one long- horned Calf; six capital Cart- Mares in Foal, one Nag Mare in Foal, one capital Harness Horse, one capital Filly, by Old Espersykes, Dam by Sunday, one capital Horse Foal, one aged Mare; Gearing for seven Horses, one very good Waggon, two Carts, one Double- wheel Plough, two Single- wheel Ditto, nearly nevv, one Ditto, one Swing Ditto, three large Sheet Harrows, one Set of double Harrows, several Dozen of Hurdles, and one capital 48- Round Ladder. The Sheep will be sold in Lots, and the Sale will commence at Half- past Ten o'Clock. POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, Sept. 1". TIIIS morning a Mail from Heligoland arrived by which advices to the 10th instant have been received. Mo foreign Papers have com to hand bv this conveyance. The rumours which were prevalent on the island " hen the Packet sailed are given in the following communication :— Heligoland, Sept. 9.— Our accounts from the opposite coast continue to be satisfactory. Pri- vate letters from Hamburgh of ihe 4th insr. state that the Danes and their allies were precipitately retreating out of Mecklenburgh. The war was expected to be immediately transferred into Hol- stein. The inhabitants of Altona were under the greatest alarm, and preparing to quit that place with the utmost dispatch, as a detachment of Cossacks were hourly expected to arrive there. At Hamburgh it was reported, that much fighting had taken place; nnd, as nothing had appeared in the Government Journals respecting these af- fairs, thev were naturally concluded to have been unfavourable to the French and their allit s. The noreS sanguine at Hamburgh are in great hopes of soon being relieved from that horrible tyranny under which they at present groan.— Private lei ters from Hamburgh of the 7th, state, that it was reported there that Davoust had been cut off from Schweren by the Prussians and Swedes, who wei e marching on Hamburgh. Last night Paris Papers were received to th 14th inst. Thev contain no Bulletin or Dispute from Bonaparte; but from the private, or rathe demi- official communications from Dresden, which come down to the 7th, we learn that Napoleon set out from thence on the 3d, aud returned on the evening of the 6lh, Without s. tating that any fresh action had taken place, it is boasted that tl he pursued and drove, the enemy to the other side of tile Neiss." This statement folly corro- borates the accounts of Gen. Blucher having defeated I lie enemy on the river ICatzbach, for, as the Neiss is only 20 miles from Dresden, and the Katzbach is 115, it follows, from his own state- ment, that in the interval between the 24th ult. a id the 4th or 5th inst. Gen. Blucher must have driven back Macdonald at least 55 miles. I his was, vo doubt, ilie cause of Bonaparte taking the. field against him— Macdonald, it is stated, " remains in a good position, and in sufficient force to make head against the enemy, should lie Thursday last, being the Anniversary Meeting of the Governors and Subscribers to the General Infirmary in this Town, for the relief of the sick and lame poor of all counties, a t; rent number as- sembled at the George inn, ( the Right Hon. Earl Spencer, Grand Visitor, in the chair). The report, of the present state of the patients admitted antl. dsseharged, and of the monies received and paid within the last year, was read anil laid before them, when they expressed great satisfaction at the management of this n. ihle charity, bv which 2.131 persons lia « e been c, u> ed, and 6,197 re- lieved, since the foundation of the old county ispital in 1744.— The Governors and Subscribers, afterwards walked in procession to the parish church of All Saints, where a most excellent ser- mon was preached on the occasion, by the Rev, Thomas Ilornsby, Vicir of Ravensthorpe, from the 13th Chapter of St. John verse 31th ; " A new commandment I give unto you, that ve love one nother; as I have loved you, that ye also lovn one another;" and a collection was made at the church doors, as usual, amounting to <£\ 10 15s ld. The list of new subscribers shall appear in a, future paper. On Sun- lay last, a sermon was preached in the parish cinirch of St. Giles, by the Rev. Edward VVatkio, the vicar, f. r the benefit of the Na- tional School established in this town, for the education of girls in the principles of the Estab- lished Church, after which a collection was made at the church doors amounting to £\ 0 lis. 8d. We have this week to announce in, addition t< » he vocal corps, the celebrated Miss Travis, froA Lancashire, as the leader of the choral parts at our approaching Grand Musical Festival.— See Advertisement. A meeting was held at OutHle on Wednesday, under the sanction of the Loid liishop of the Diocesp, for the purpose of forming a District Committee in aid of the Soc- ety for Promoting Christian Knowledge. T here was a full and very respectable attendance, and the most cordial una- nimity prevailed. T'lic resolutions . that were adopted are too numerous for insertion this week, hut they shall appear in « ur next, '[ lie increase of these institutions we hail ivithxfatitude, as well on account of tlin support which tliev will tend to the venerable Parent ' oo- ietv, as of the facility they aff- rd to their respective districts of participatiug in its advantages. 1 NORTH AM PI ON RACES. WEBNtSDAv, September 15th, A GOLD CUP of lOOgs. VA I. U E, the Surplus in Specie, by Subscribers of lOgs. each— 22 Subscribers. General Grosvetsoi's Defiance, 4 Years old Mr. Andrew's Aquarius, 4 Years old.. .... Lord Lowther's Kurvalus, 4 Years old .... Major Wilson's Spotless, 4 Years old Mr. Tibblts's Pericles, 4 Yejfs old The Couvly Plate of Seventy Guineas. Right Hon. J. Villiers' Merryfield, 5 yr> old 0 1 1 Mr. Hill's b. c. Soho, 3 yrs old 0 2 2 Dukeof Rutland's c. c. by Sorcerer 3 yrsold 3 3 3 THURSDAY, September 16th, A SWEEPSTAKES of TEN GUINEAS EACH— 8 Subscribers. Gen. Grosvenor's Defiance, 4 Years old.. Major Wilson's Fineshade, 3 Years old y Mr. Tomes' Watchman, 5 Years old 3 The Tcsvn Plate of Seventy Guineas. General Grosvenor's Defiance, 4 years old-. .. . 1 I Right Hon. J. Villi'. rs1 Merryfield, 5 yrs old.. 2 2 ( J^ f" In consequence of the great length of the Game Certificates advertisements, we have been obliged to omit the insertion of evernl paragraphs, & c. & c, which shall appear in our next. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, Sept. 17. Wheat continues rather to decline, as also White ai- d Grey Peas. Tick Peaps at last quotation. Northampton — S. iturdui/. Wheat - 96s. Od.' to 104s. Od. Rye — s. Od. IO — s. 0d; Barley 4Ss. Od. to 51s. Od. New Oats — s. 0d. to — s. Od. Oats 42s. fd. to — s. Od. Beans — s. Od. to — s. Od. Peas — s. Od. to — s. Od. isv rlie Standard Measure. Catalogues wiii be ready to be delivered in dueTime. rally;'' and the Austrianj are said not to be Ll.*> I of FAIRS from Sept. 20, to Oct. 2, within the Circuit of this Paper. M. Sept. 20- Atherslone, Northampton ( for Cheese) Wycombe, nnd Waltham. TH, 21. Burnham, and Thorney ( Ely). ^ S. —— 25. Aylesbury, Burfonl, Rockingham^ and Woburn. M. 27. Wycomb. W. 29. Soithrm. Th. 30. Loughborough. S. Oct. S. Buckingham and Peterborough, " Northamptonshire Gaihe- fftify. LIST, In alphabetical Order, ofthe CERTIFICATES that have been issued to Petsi* i? ( not acting * s Gamekeepers) iu the County of NORTHAMPTON, under the Act of Parliament of the 48ih of his present Majejty King George the Third, intitled, « • An Act for repealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes, and graining new Duties in lieu thereof, and certain additional Duties to be consolidated therewith ; and also for repealing the Stamp Duties oil Game Certificates, and graining new Duties in lieu thereof, to be placed under the Management of the Com nissioners for ihe Affair* of Taxes;" between the 1st Day of July nnd tile 4th of September, 1813, both Days Inclusive. Names, Keiitrence, aid Descyiptitu of tbe Person's. Allen Rev. Steph. Winwick, Clk. Adains. lohn, Sen. Daventryf Gent. Adams Rev. J. t. Wellingborough, Clerk Allen Wm. HiKham- Ferrers, Gent. THirron Leonard, Ringstead, Esq. Bollard W, n. Newton- Bromshold, Gent. BoudierRet. Hen. Wellingborough, Clerk Blencowe John Jackson, wor.- h, Esq. C'encovye Rev. Tho. Marston- St.- Lawrence, Clerk B. irrctt Thomas, Farthinghoe Butterfield John, Brackley. St.'. Peters Baylcss Edward, Helmdon Burt William, Greensnorton Bcauclerk Hon, and Rev. Henry, Whittlebury Baldwin John, Farthinghrie Bleek Geo. Weston- and- Weedon Brooks William, Norton, Grazier Bliss Thomas, Stow, Farmer Bliss John, Sen. Norton, Ditto Bliss Joseph, Ditto, Ditto Clarke John Ploiner, Weiton, Esq. Clarke Richard, Ditto, Esq. Cowlev Richard, Kilsby, Gent. Canning Robert, Hellidon, Gent. Clark Thomas, Broughton, Esq. Cartwright W. R. Aynhoe, Esq. Cross Edward, Moreton- Pinkney Cleaver William, Greensnortou Cooke Thomas, Whittlebury Chinner John, Chacombe Chinner Charles, Ditto Cave Benjamin, Newbottle Collitt Robert, Eydon Dickins Francis Geo. Wollaston, Esq. Drage Binyoun, Scaldwell, Gent. Dally Jas. Wellingborough, Gent. Punkley Wrn Staverton, Yeoman Edmunds Samuel, West- Haddsn, Farmer Eastwick Rev. John, Weekley, Clerk F. dmonds Robert, Ditto, Gent. Fitzroy Hon. Gen. Whittlebury Fawcett Rev. Thos. Aynhoe, Clk, Franklin John, Newbottle Fletcher Thomas, Rushden, Esq. j 1- letcher John, Ditto, Esq. Foote George, Daventry, Esq. Fletcher Rev. B. W. Middleton, Clerk Criffin Rev. F. dward Dingley, Clerk Goodliall John Newton, Welling- borough, Esq. Gascoyen George, Irchestcr, Gent. Gascoyen Ceo. Stanwick, Oent. George Thomas', Farthinghoe Gardner Robeit, Aynhoe Gulliver John, West- Haddon, Gent. Gulliver William, Ditto, Gent. Gee George, Elkington, Crazier Harrison Samuel Wyinent, Da- , venfry, Esq. Cul- ) Hands Thomas, Staverton, GVazier Hall Samuel, Ditto, Gent. Harris Thos. Braunston, Yeoman Hewitt Richard, Sen. Dodlord, Grazier Hewitt Richard, Jtin. Ditto, Ditto Haddon John, Newbottle Hitchcock George, Woodfnrtl Humphrey Rev. Naih. Thorpe. Matideville, Clerk Henirrtan Henry, Pytcfiley, Gent. Higgins Charles, Wellingborough, Gent. Hill Charles, Ditto, Esq. Isted Samuel, Ecton, Esq. Ivens Richard, Bv'fieid tvens John, kyilon Jeffs Wm. Marsrpn- St.- Lawrence Jones Matthew Easton, Welling- borough, Esq. Jones George, Wilby, Gent. Jenaway Joseph, Li I bourn, Gent. Jackson George, West - Haddon, Farmer Knightley Sir Charles, Fawsley Park, Bart. Kilsby Robert, West- Haddon, Gent. Lane Thomas, 1 rchester, Esq. Langley William, Scaldwell, Gent. Lowndes Rev. John, Farthinghoe, Clerk LambRev. Matthew, Eydon, Clerk Leonard Rev. William, Ctough- ton, Clerk Leigh John, Aynhoe l. ovell Thos. Winwick, Gent. Lovell William, Ditto, Gent. Lovell Isaac, Ditto, Gent. Lamb Richard, Daventry, Esq, Lawson Douglas, Ditto, Esq, Miller Moses, Daventry, Gent. Marlow Edw. Braiuston, Gent. ] Montgomery Wm. Ledger's- Ashby, Yeoman Maidwell Rev. Wm. Lockwood, Wellingborough, Clerk Morton Wm. Wellingborough, Esq. Parsons James, Brixworth, Cent. Pell Samuel, Mear's - Ashby, Gent. I'ulver Samuel, Broughton, Gent.; Pulver Benj. t pin, Ditto, Gent. Phillips, Titos. Congreve', lladby, Grazier Payii John, Fawsley, Gent. Rainsway Andrevy Sandifoid, Hin- ton- in- tlie- Hedge.., Esq. Robinson Rev. Thos. Faitliinghoe and St. John's College, Oxlotd, Clerk Rodick Rev. John Tolc, Welling- borough, Clerk Rodick Archibald, Ditto, Esq. Sharman Samuel, Wellingboiough, Esq. Sharman Sam. Jim. Ditto, Gent. Sharman Sainl. Hardwick, Gent. Slater Rev. Thos. Wilby, Clerk Stockdalc Rev. Win. Walgrave, Clerk Strickland Walter, Brixworth, Esq Schdley Godfiey, Canon's- Ashby, Esq. Smith John, Aston- le- Walls Staley Thomas, Warkworth Sainmon William, Aynhoe Smith Theophilus, Weedon. Cent. Smith John, Ditto, Yeoman Stoptord, Hon. and Rev. R. B. Barton- SeagraVe Tresham J. C. Wold, Gent. Tew Richard, vVoodlord Upstone William, Culworth Whtilley Rev. Thomas, Ecton Clerk Woolley James, Ditto, Gent. Wood Tnos. liiixworth, Cent. Wood William, Ditto, Gent. Wiiles Rev. Wm. Shippeii, Astrop Clerk Wills George, Upper- Boddington Whitton John, Jun. Sulgrave Whitton William; Ditto Wyatt Robert, Kingsutton White Rev. Samson; Maidford, Clk White Rev. Fras. Hen. Blakesley Cleik Wykhairi Fieiines, Farthinghoe Esq. , Weston John, Bracklev- St.- James Wise William, Middleton- Clieiley Wise John, Ditto Weston Robert, Stuchbiiry Welsh William, Kingsutton Williams John, Moreton- Pinkney Wilson Daniel, lun. Ditto WardleJ. M. Daventry, Esq. Wakefield J. Jun Fawsley, Gent. Wakefield Rd. Ditto, Gent. Wright Henry, Everdon, Yeoman Young Allen Edward, Orlingbuiy, dward Joseph, Potton ranklyn Henry, East- Hyde, Esq. Farr William. West- Hyde rere Rev. J. B. Biggleswade, Clk ox John, Meppershall Field John, Ditto iitton William, Little- Barford ield George, Clifton reshain R. Nodes. Chicksands Gutteridge James, Stopsley Harrison Lewis, Silsoe, Esq. Hogg Frederick. Biggleswade H ul I Rev John, Upper- Stondon, Clk Harvey John, North!!!, Esq. nskip William, Norihill nskip George, Jiin. Ditto riskip Harry, Warden Long James, Sliitllngton Mossop Rev. G. Higgleswade, Clk. Monk George William, Hainlct ot Holme. Esq. Maston josepii, Potton Mole William, Little- Barford Ongley Right Hon. Lord. Warden Oliver Henry, Clifton, Gent. Osborne John, Chicksands, Esq. I'eyor William, Stotfold Pope Mr. Biggleswade Pym Francis, Sandy, Esq. Pym William, Ditto, Esq. Parkes Richard, Luton. Esq. Prior Joseph, Luton, Gent. Prvor Christopher, Stopsley Payne William, Sundon Race J. Higgleswade Sutton Samuel, Muggerhanger | Sqlii're William, Barton Sibley Thomas. Jun. East- Hyde Sharp J. P. Pulloxliill Stapleton Jairtes, Sbiilirigton Smith Thomas, Stopsley Thornton Godfrey, Muggerhanger, Esq. Taylor Samuel, Clophill. Tomson James, Sundon Wellingham John, Jun. Shitlington Whitbread William, Soitthill, Esq. Whitbread Sarnl. Sen. Ditto, Esq. Whitbread Saml. Jun. Ditto, Esq Wells Samuel, Biggleswade Willis John, Ditto W- bster Rev. James, Meppershall, Clerk Williamson Rev. E. Canipton, Clk Waters Thomas, Dunton Walker Wm. Jun. Northill, Esq. Yardley William, West- Hyde Kitcoin William, Potton .. uulow Right Hon. Lotd, Cople, I Race'William, Ditto axton Robert, Hamlet ofBroonie I Smith Henry, Potton . ilburne Thomas, Cardington Smyth Hugh, Sen. Edworth Iburne James, Southill I Smyth Hugh, Jun. Ditto An alphabetical LIST of the CERTIFICATES that have been issued to Persons ( acting as GAME- KEEPERS, and mil being assessed Servants lo any Person), in the County of B E D FO RD, under Ihe Act of Parliament of the 48ih of His present Majesty King George tiie Third, intitled, " An Act for repealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes, and granting new Dulies in Lieu thereof, and for certain additional Duties lo be Consolidated therewith ; and also for repealing ( he Stamp Duties on Came Certificates, and granting new Duties in lieu thereof, to be placed under the Management nf the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes;' 1813, both DUNS inclusive. Gamekeepers' Names. Manor or Royalty. By ivhtitn appointed. Aston Thomas.. Roxton and Barfotd manors.. Depu- ted by Charles James Metcalfe, Esq. Bradshaw William P. .. Shelton manor .. Henry Harris, Esq. Browning James .. Little- Barford manor.,. Robert Denn, Esq. Brittain John.. Chellington manor.. Lord Viscount Hampden Floyd William.. HocklifFe, Tebworth, Chalgrave, TilsWorth, and Milton- Bryant manors.. Mrs. Moore Kempster John, Leighton- Buzzard ( 13eds) Stewkley Bow- Brickhill. and Biagenham ( Bucks) manors.. from the Ist of July, to the 4lh of September, manor .. Rev. J. manor.. Rev. Knight Richard .. Meppershall Webster Morris John.. Holcutt cum Salford E. O. Smith Marshall William.. Haw Bells ? nd Covington Fee manors.. Wm. Bnckeno Parkins John.. Hallyard alias Limbury manors Smith John .. Wilden manor. - Duke ot Beiitord Sawell John .. Milton- Emeat manor .. Sergeant Vaughan Trustnam John.. Rectory of Shitlington White Richaid.. Steppingley manor.. Duke of Bed- ford WoodwardJohn. . Northill manor.. John Harvey, Esq. J . H. Leigh, Esq. A I. IST of CERTIFICATES that bam been Usued to GAMEKEEPERS ( being assessed Servants), in the County of BED FO R I), from the lsi of July, to the ith of September, 1813, inclusive. Gamekeepers' Names. Esq All alphabetical LIST of the CERTIFICATES that have been issued to Persons ( acting as GAME- KEEPERS and not being assessed Servants to any Persoh) in Ihe County of NORTHAMPTON, tinder the Act of Parliament of the 4$ th of His present Majesty King George the Third, iniitled, " An Act for repealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes, and granting new Duties in lieu thereof, atld for certain additional Duties to he consolidated ( herewith ; and also for repealing the Stamp Duties on Game Certificates, and granting new Duties in lieu thereof, to be placed under the Management of Ihe Commissioners for Ihe Affairs of Taxes;" from the ls"( of July, to the 4th of September, 1813, both Days inclusive. Gamekeepers' Names. Manor or Royalty. By whom appointed. Barker William— Wellingbor § ugh manor— Deputed by John Vivian, Esq. Rayliss William— Wappenham and Slapton manors Carpenter George— Stowe manor— Corporation ol the Sons of the Clergv Dickens William— Burton- Lattimer manor Eaton Joseph— Cranford- All- Saints, Cranford- St.. Andrew, and Twy well manors— Duke and Duchess of Buccletich Essam John — Pipwell manor, in the Parishes of Rushton, VVifbatston, and Great- Oakley— John Hamborough, Esq. Elie; t Jonathan— Preston- Deanry manor— C. New- man, E- q. Fletcher John— Higham- Ferrers manor, with the Members of Chelreston cum Caldecott— Earl Fitzwilliam Fletcher John— The Hundred of Higham- Ferrers, and the manors ot Raunds, Rushden, and Irchester, with the Members— Baitholomew Higgins, Jacob Warner, John Wolley, and John Garrard. Esquires, Trustees forThos. Charles Higgins, Esq. a Minor Torster Wm — Desboroughmanor— R. S. Cotton, Esq. Gibbins John — Adstone manor Hensijian Thomas— Bozeat and Strixton manors- Earl Spencer Hirons William— Cosgrove manor Hopkins William— Northampton and Gobion manors — Mayor and Corporation ot the Town o( North- ampton Kimbell Simu » l — Earl's- Barton manor— William Whitworth, Esq. lovell Joseph Cooke— Sulby manor— Lord Wil- loughby de Broke Lummas Richard— Norton and Long- Buckby manors Botfield ( Widow) Lole Joseph— Thorpe- Underwood manor— Christo- pher Smyth, Esq. Miller Bartlett — Brixworth minor — Christopher Smyth, Esq. Norton Stephen— Lamport, Hanging- Houghton, Scald- well, and Krixworth otherwise Bricklesworth manors— Sir Justinian I sham, Bart. Outlaw Thomas— Irthlrngborough manor— Messrs Perkins and Flack Perkins Thomas— Rowel! and Sudborough manors and llrig3tock Parks— Earl of Darlington Potter John— Moreion- Pinkney manor Perkins John— East- Haddon manor Padbury William— Newbottle, Charlton, Purston, and llinton manors Potterton Thomas— Boughton and 1' itsford manors Padbury William— Stean manor Powell Thomas, Jun.— Ravensthorpe and Coat-, » manors Smith Robert— Stoke- Albany and Wilbarston manors — Lord Sondes Sharman Samuel, of Hardwick— Ishain manor and Hundred of Orlingbury— Earl of uppeiOssory Sharman Samuel, of Wellingborough— Wollaston manor— Francis Dickins. Esq. Sawbridge Thos. — Piddington and Hackleton manors Timms Thomas— Eydon manor Tongue William— Ashley manor— Messrs. Perriam and others Watts William— Orlingbury and Little- Harrowden manors— Allen Edwaid Young, Esq. Watts William— Wythemale Park- Earl Fitzwilliam Webb Francis— Potterspury, Yarulej- Gobion, Graf- ton- Regis, and Alderton manors Manor or Royalty. By whom appointed. Bamford William.. Wootteti manor.. Deputed by John Davies, Esq. Butt Robert.. Beadlow and Houghton - Conquest manors.. Miss HerVey Bayn. s John .. Southill, Stanford- Bury, and Hill manors.. Right Hon. Lord Ongley Baynes John.. Laces, otherwise Clifton manor.. Hon. Samuel Henry Ongley Bradley Samuel .. Muggerhanger, Chalton; So'uth Mills, Beeston, Thorncote Hatch, Caldecott, Ever- ton - Mossbury, and Everton - Biggin manors.. Stephen Thornton, Esq. Bran- oil Thomas.. Cople and Willington manors.. Right Hon. Lord Ludlow BenbowThomas. . Turvey manor.. JohnHiegtns, Esq Butcher John.. Westoning manor.. Sir J. Everett, Bart. Butcher John. - Tingrith manor.. R. Trevor, Esq. Butcher John.. Flitwick manor. . G. Brooks, Esq. Burgess Thomas.. Battlesden and Potsgrove manors.. Sir G. O. P. Turner, Bart. Brooks John.. Husborn- Crawlev, Ridgmount, Evers- holt, and Priestley manors.. Duke of Bedford Denton Janfes. . Patent) liess manor. . John Gibbard, Esq. Doughty Thomas.. Lidlington and Beckrings Park manors.. Duke of Bedford Doujihiy Thomas.. Broghorough manor .. H. D. Ratclifle, Esq. Doughty Thomas.. Marston- Moretain manor.'. Earl Spencer Dines Charles.. Rowney, Stanford- Ilury,* Gartling. Great. Hardwicke, and Warden manors.. Samuel Whilbread, Esq. Edwards Thomas.. Leighton- Buzzard ( Beds), Stewk- ley, Bow. Brick hill, and Bragenham ( Bucks) manors .. James Henry l. eigh. Esq, Foster James.. M ilten- E rnest manor.. R, Gibbins Foster James.. Oak lev manor.. Duke of Bedford flint Charles.. Chicksands, Hayes, Granige, and Polehaneer manors.. Sir George Osborn, Bart, Gordon William.. MauUlen minor.. Duke of Bedford Hill Thomas.. Flitton cum Silsoe manors,. Baroness Lucas Hooson Joseph.. Sharnbrook and Souldrop manors.. William Lee Antonie, Esq, Holloway Thomas.. Clifton. ReyncS manor ( Bucks) B. Higgins, Esq. Holloway Thomas.. Puddingtoa manor.. Richard Orlebar, Esq. Published by Order of his Majesty' . St. J. L. Holloway Robert.. Wiinmington manor Wagstafl, Gent. Indge John.. Aspley manor. . Duke of Bedford Indse John.. Woburn manor ( Beds), and Bow- Brick- hill manor ( Bucks).. Duke of Bedford Johnson John.. Kempstone manor. . Wm. Long, Esq. Lilley James .. Wiinmington manor.. St. J. L. Wagstaff, Cent. Long John.. Wilshamstead manor. . Lord Cathcart Mason Thomas. - Miiton- Abbott manor ( Devonshire) Duke of Bedfoid Marks John.. Rowney, , Stanford- Bury, Gastline, Great- Haidwick, and Warden manors.- Samuel Whitbread, Esq, Pinder Thomas.. Milton- Bij ant manor. iSir Hugh Ingliss, Bait. Pheasant Edward.. Hawnes manor.. Lord Car. teret Payne Richard.. Sutton manor.- Sir Montague Bur- goyne, Barr. Payne Richard.. Potton manor.- Sir Montague Bur- goyne, Bart. Perkins William.. Dean, Shelton, Tilbrook, Risler, Bletsoe, itadwell, and Felmersham manors.. Duke of Bed ford Perkins William. . Knotting and Souldrop manors.. Duke of Bedfoid PerkinsThomas.. Hasells, Girtford, Little- Staughton, Hardwick, and Calcot manors.. Francis Pym, Esq. Rolfe Thomas.. Howbury, Salphcbury, and Favells in Goldington, and Renhold and Brickfield in Great- Barford manors. . John 1' olhill, Esq. Sisson Robert. . Thorney manor, ( Cambridgeshire).. Duke of Bedford Shaw Ralph.- Thnrnliangh and Wanstead manars, ( Northamptonshire). . Duke of Bedford Snoxell Norman .. Toddington, Harlington, and Young's manors.- John Cooper, E; q. Stonebridge John.. VVrestlingworth manor.. Sir Mon- tague Burgoyne, Bart. Stanford Edward.. Astwick, I. ancford, Rectory of I. arigford, Eastonbury, and Allsey manors.. J. Jackson, Esq. Savage William.. Odell, Carlton, Pavenham, and Stevington manors. . Thomas Alston, Esq. Tyler William.. Luton manor.. Marquis ot Bute Tomlin John.. Honor of Ampthill, Miilbrook, Houghton- Conquest, Houghton- Stow- End, Ellens- biiry, and Marston Pillingemanors.. Fa lof Upper- Ossoiy Woodcroft William.. Cardington, Cardington- Priors otherwise Cardington Regions, Elstowe, and West- Cotton manors.. Samuel Whitbread, Esq. Commissioners for the Affairs nf Taxes, MATTHEW WINTEtt, Secretary. Gamekeepers' Names. Manor or Royally. By whom appointed. King Joseph.. Hughenden manor.. Countess Dowa- ger Conyngham Mander Rich... Denham manor.. Benjamin Way. E sq , Mead Wm .. Oak End manor.. Rob. Sewell, Esq. Matquois Joseph .. Hartwell with Stone manor. - Rev. Sir Geo. fee, Bart. Mobbs George.. Thornton, Littlecoat, Cublington, Lime's- End, and Nast- End, in the Parish of Leck- ampsiead, ' mario- s.. Sir Thos. Sheppard, Bart. Mobbs George. . Tiiornborough manor.. Sir Thos. Sheppard, Bart. Mobbs George.. Beachampton. . Sir Thos. Sheppard, Bart. Meadows Henry. . Tyringham and Filurave, Broogh- ton, Emberton, and Sherrington manors.. Win Ptaed, Esq. Markram Thos. .. Great- Linford manor.. H. A. Uthwatt, Esq. Neal John.. Gayhurst, Gorefields, Stoke- Goldington and Bunsty manors.. Miss A. B. Wright Nunn Simon.. Hicklintr, 1 ngham, and Sutton manois, in the County of Norfolk.. Nat. Micklethwait, Esq. Pargeier Thos... Whaddon, Nash, Tatter hoe, West- bury, Giffords, and Calverton manors.. Wm. Selby Lowndes, Esq. Parslow Thos Horsendon manor.. Captain Grub'o Pickering Wm Great- Hampden, Little- Hampden and Monks- Risborough, Agmondesham, Weedon. Hill, and Woodrow manors .. Thos. Tyrwhitt Drake, Esq. Richardson John.. I. ittle- Marlow manor.. Rear- Ad- miral I. ord Gardner Smith John.. Wootton, Ashendon, Nether- Winchcn- don, and Long- Crendon manors.. Marquis of Buck- ingham Smith Thomas.. Astwell and Falcutt manors ( North- amptonshite).. Marquis of Buckingham Smith Thomas. . 1 inmeie manor ( Oxon).. Marquis of Buckingham Smith Thomas. . Stowe, Lovell, Gorre. ll ( Bucks), Boycott ( Oxon), Radclive cum Chackmore, Maids- Moreton, Foscett, Bourton - Thornborough and Stockholt Farm manors, in the Parish ot Akely ( Bucks).. Marquis of Buckingham Smith Thomas.. Water- Stratford manor.. Marquis of Buckingham Scott Wm... Ditton ar. d Datchet manors.-, Rt. Hon. Lord Montague Sampson Joseph Amcrden and Taplow manors.. Rt. Hon. Countess of Orkney Tucker Jdon.. Horton manor.. Hon. J. T. Capel Turoey William.. Great- Brickhill, Water. Eaton, Bletchley, and Fenny- Stratford.; P. D. P. Dun- combe, Esq- Cnw'n vvm... Chalfont- St.- Petei's manor.. Rev. William Jones Ward John.. Newport- Pagnell manor.. C. M. Hardy Waddup Thos Caversfield manor.. Mrs. Bullock Webb Joseph.. Widmere manor.. Sir Wm. Clayton, Bart. Woodrow James.. Haileyford manor.. Sir Wm. Clay- ton, Bart. Wilson Thos Langley Marish manor.. Sir R. B. Hatvey, Bart. Wilson Thos... Upton- cum- Chalvey manor. . Sam. Bedford Edwards, Esq. Windell Thos... Newland manor. . T. Allen, Esq. Watson Burton.. Wooburn, Dennycourt, Bishop's- Wooburn, Lyde oiherwise Lewd and the Gioiy manors.. Jas Du I'ree, Esq. Published by Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for Ihe Affairs of Taxes. MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. \ \ YY M TNP. TOX INXI- CSUBF. TOTlCF. is hereby giveny That the. Commis- sioners named and appointed iu and by an Acr • f Parliament made and passed in the fifty- first Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King Ceorge the Third, int; tuled, 61 An Act for inclosing Lands in VV Y MI N G TO N, in the County of Bedford," will hold a Spec al General Meeting at the House of JOHN KNIGHT HIGCIXS, known by the Sign of the HINB, in WELLI NQBoaoucH, in the County of Northampton, on, VV EDNESD aY the 22d Day of SEP- TEMBER instant, at the Hour of Eleven in the Fore- noon of the same Day, for the Purpose of reading over and executing their Award, in the Presence ot the Proprietors who may attend at tbe said Meeting. — Dated this eighth Day of September, in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen. JOHN HODSON, Clerk to the Commissioners. NOTICE is hereby given, lhat Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the en- suing Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill for vesting the present House of Correction for the Soke and Liberty of Peterborough, in ihe County of North- ampton, in the acting Magisttates for the said Soka and Liberty, and for empowering them to sell and convey the same, and the Yard, Land, Hereditaments; and Premises belonging thereto; and also for era. powering them to seil, dispose of, and convey of exchange the Right or Rights of Common thereto belonging or appurtenant ; and the Allotment and Allotments to be set out in lien thereof by Virtue of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the fifty- first Year ot the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, intituled, " An Act tor inclosin* " Lands in the Parish of Saint John the Baptist, " Peteiborongh, in the County of Northampton," and also by Vinue of another Act of Parliament made and passed in the fifty. second Year ot the Reign of his said Maj.- sty King George the Third, intituled. ' An Act for draining, inclosing, and improving the " Lands called Borough Fen Common, and the four " Hundred Acre Common, in the County ot North- " ampton ; and for forming the same into a Palish, " to be called Newborough, and for building anil " endowing, a Church tor such Parish;" and for enabling the said Justices out of the Money arising from sucli Sale or Sales, and by a Rate or Rates to be levied upon the Owners of Estates within the said Soke ar. d Liberty, either to Purchase a convenient Piece of- Ground, in or n. ear the City of Peterborough, forthe Purposeof building a new House of Coirection, with other necessary Erections thereon, or for the Purpose of building the same upon the said Allot- ment or Allotments to be- set out in lieu ot the said Right or Rights, by Virtue of the said Act of thg fifty. first Year ofthe Reign of his present Majesty, which ever they shall deem most adviseable) and for testing such new House of Correction, with thi Land and Premises iheieto belonging, in the Acting Magistrates for the said Soke pod Liberty forthe Time being, and their Successors for ever, and tor de- fraying all other Expenses incidental to, or occasional by the said intended Act. JOHN ATKINSON, Clerk ofthe Peace lor the Liberty of Peterborough. Buckinghamshire ( r/ tme• Duty. ' A LIST, in alphabetical Order, of the CERTIFICATES lhal have been Us led to Persons ( not acting as Gamekeepers) in the County of BUCKINGHAM, under the Act of Parliament of Ihe48ih of his present Majesty King George the Third, intitled, " An Act for repealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes, and granting new Duties in lieu theieof. and certain additional Duties to be consolidated therewith; aud also for repealing the Stamp' Duties on Game Certificates, and groining new Duties in lieu thereof, to be placed under the Management of the Commissioners for tlie Affairs of Tuxes ;" between the Is! Day of July and the 4th of September, 1813, both Days inclusive. XT OTICE is hereby given ta the Proprietors and all other Persons whom it may concern That Application will be made to Parliament at the next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill for dividing, allotting, and inclosing the several open and common Fields, common Meadows, common Pastures, Com- mons, Dawns, and other commonable Lands and waste Grounds in the Parish ot ASTO N- C LI NTO N, in the County of Buckingham.— Dated this 4th Day ot September, 1813. JOHN TATHAM, Solicitor, Craven. Street, Westminster, in the County of Middlesex. A LIST of CERTIFICATES that have been issued to GAMEKEEPERS ( being assessed Servants), in the County of NO RTH A M PTON, from the 1st of July, to the ith of September, 1813, inclusive, Gamekeepers' Names. M. snor or Royalty. By whom appointed. Brazier Thorn, is— Weiton and Daventry, with Dray, ton, called Ovei manor and Nether manor*.. J. P. Clarke, Esq, Brownscll John— Marston- St.- Lawrence manor— | Samuel Blencowe, Esq. Bonhim Wm.— Whittlebury and Silverstone manors — Hon and Rev, Henry Beauclerk Bonham William— Abthorpe and Fos^ ote manors— Hon. and Rev. Henry Beauclerk Bonham William— Leckhampstead manors ( Bucks) — ! rt » i. and Rev. Henry Beauclerk Bucknell Nathaniel— Edgecott, TrafFord, Farndon, and Byfield manors— Thomas Carter, Esq Bucknell Nathaniel— Culworth manor -(- Thomas Carter, Esq. Bucknell Nathaniel — Manor and Hundred of Chip. ping- warden— Thomas Carter, Esq, Bell William— Stanion and Corby manors, andOakley- Putlieus, called Extra. parochial Woods— Earl of Cardigan Boff' John— Thorpe- Malsor manor— Thomas Cecil - Maunsell, Esq. Coulihirst John— Weekley manor— Dowager Duchess of Buccleuch Chapman Robert — Aid Wink! » . All- Saints — Aid. M'Namara Michael— Blatherwick manor— Stafford O'Brien, Esq. Milley John.. Laxton manor.. George Freke Evans, Esq. Miller James.. Great- Oakley manor.. Sir Richard Brooke de Capel Brooke, Bart. Moon William .. Finedon manor .. Sir William Dolben, Bart. Munden Thomas.. Fawsley, Great- Preston, Little- Preston, Hinton, Charwelton, Hellidon. Badbv, Staverton, Stowe, and Farthiagstone manors.. Sir Charles Knightley, Bart. Pain William.. Glapthorn manor.. Earl of Cardigan Potter John.. Geddington, Newton, Little- Oakley, and Broughton manois.. Dowager Duchess of Buc- cleuch Perkins Richard.. Lowick, [ slip, Slipton, and Wood- ford manors, and Sudborough Parks. - LordViscount Sackville Perkins Richard.. Rushton manor, and manor and hundred of Rowell.. Hon. Barbara Cockayne Mcdlycott Pel] Thomas.. Hardwick manor.. Miss Andrew Pell Thomas. . Third Part of the manor of Meat's- Ashbr-. Mr. John Callis Ravson John.. Carlton and Ashley manors.. Sir John Palmer, Bart. nmwiiihr. Tii. J. iina — run-. 1 , winkle- S i.. Peters, and Pilton manors— Lord Lilford Ray son Jame « .. ClifTe- Regis andColley weston manors Chowler Chris, Sen. — Bringtonmanor— Eail Spencer ' Marquis of Exeter Choivler Chris. Jun.— Clasthorpe manor I Reid William.. . Ashton manor.. Wm. Walcot, Esq 5 m i i li P i^ bin/ 1 Tnnreoctor m iiifir Fnrl Pnml'rpr Chowler Chris. Sen. — Floore manor Chowler William — Holdenbv minor— Lord Clifden Coles Charles— Thrapston, Denford, and Ringstead minors — Leonard Burton, E q. Deacon Samuel, Jun. — Benefield, Biggin, and Oundle manors— Lady Pocock Fletcher John — Houghton, Warkton, Graftnn- Under- wood. Button. La timer, and Hale, otherwise Hale Fee, otherwise Paulins Fee, otherw'se Paulins en le Hale manors, and of the manor or loyalty of Oeddrncton Chase— Duchess of Buccleuch and Q'teensberry Glithero William— Bulwick and Harringworthmanors — Thomas Tryon, Esq. Haines Rd. — Easton- Neston manor— Earl Pomfret Hillver Hammond— Harleslon, flaipole, and Creaton manors— Robert Andrew, Esq. Hillver Hammond— Hevford manor Harker John — Fineshad; manor— Hon. ]. Monckton HarkerJ.— Seaton minor( Rutland)— Hon. J Monckton Harkor JoHn — VVakerley manor— Trustees of the Marquis of Exeter Ireson William — Dingley, Sutton. Bassett, Weston, Little- Bowden, and East- Farndon manors— T. S vv. Samwell, Esq. as Surviving'Trustee under the Will of the late J. P. Hungerford, Esq. KingatoneJoho— Milton, Marholm, Botolers. ThoroIds, Menskips, Etton, Woodcroft, Helpstone, Mnxey, Northborough, andUpton manors— Earl FitzWilliam Kcrby William— Kingsutton and Astrop manors^- Rev. W. S Willes Kerby William— Friiwell n> anor ( Oxon)— Rev. W. S. • Willcs Longstaff John-- Castle-, Ashby, Yardley- Hastings, Denton, Grendon, Great- Doddington, Earl's- Barton, Mear's- Ashhy, and Easton- Maudit manors— Marquis of Northampton Longstaff John— Whiston manor— Lord Boston Mills John—. Aynhoe and Walton manors ( Northamp- tonshire) and Doddington manor ( Oxfordshire; — W. R. Cartwright, Esq. Published by Order of his Majesty's Names, Residence, and Description 1 Green Rev. Mr. Little. Marlow, Gfk of the Persons. | Goldswain Jeremiah, Great- Mar- Ailin Richard, Chipping- Wycombe Borough Barnes Samuel, Great- Mailow Pa- rish, Gent. Bennell John, Radnage Blinkoe John, Woburn Brown Michael, Chipping- Wy. combe Borough Cozens John, Little- Marlow Coventry Thos. Hamble lon, E^ q. Clayton Sir Wiliam, Great- Marlow Parish, Bart. Cox Thos. Wycombe Parish Dashwood Ftas. West- Wycombe, Esq. Dashwood Geo. Ditto, Esq Deane Jas. Great- Marlow Parish, Esq. Gardner Rear- Admifal Lord, Lit- tle- Marlow low Parish Gibbs John, Sen. Chipping- Wy- combe Borough Gibbs John, Jun. Ditto Hammond Rd. Great - Marlow Town, Gent. Hughes Rev. Wm. Bradenhain, Clerk Irby Hon. Paul Anthony, Hedsoe Jaques Greenaway, Great- Marlow Parish, Gent. King Sir John Dashwood, West. Wycombe, Bart. Lovett Moses, Hughenden Lunnon William, Hedsoe l. unnon Thos. Ditto l'owys Rev. Thos. Favrt- y, Clk. Prestage John, Chipping - Wy- combe Boiough, Robarts Lieut.- General, Braden- ham Slater Joseph, West- Wycombe Spicer Stephen, Wycombe Parish. Gent Steven Thos. Wycombe Parish Stone John, Radn; ige Spicer Freeman Gage, Wycombe Parish, Esq. Slitter John, Fawley Smith Hon. Robert, Chipping- Wycombe Borough Turner Rev. John, Great- Marlow Town, Clerk Widmer Rd.. Hughenden Webb Richard, Great- Marlow Pa- rish Withers Thos. Radnage Wcthered Charles, Great- Marlow ' Town Woley Thos. Wycotnbe Parish Wilkins Samuel, Ditto V OTICE is hereby given, That Application i ^ is intended lo he made lo Parliament in the riexl Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill for re- pairing ari. l widening the Road leading from Place called SAINT LLOYD'S, in the Parish of SAINT PAUL, iu ihe Town of BEDFORD, in Ihe County of Bedford, through the said Parish o Saint Paul, the several Parishes of Biddenham Hro'mham. Kempstun, and Slagsden, in the County of Bedford, and the several Parishes of Astwood Harrlmead, North- Crawley, and Chichlev, in the Cnuntv of Buckingham, to the Way- Post in the Parish nf Sherrington, in the said County of Buckingham, where the said Road joins Ihe High Road leading from the Town of Olney, lo the Town of Newport- Pagnell, both in the said County of Buckingham, and for making the same a Tuinpike- ltoad. THEED PEARSE, Solicitor. BANKRUPTS required to surrender. Winter Wm. Bristol, tinman, dealer and chapman, Sept. 14, 23, Oct. 28, Comineicial Rooms, Rris'oL — All. Harris, Bristol. Tvimy Wm. Porlsea, Hampshire, baker, d.& c. Sept. 24, 25, Oct. 23, George Inn, Portsmouth. -— Alt. Poulden, Porlsea. Doggett Frederick, York- place, Kent- road, Surrv, coal- inerchnnt, d.& c. Sept. 21,25, Oct. 23, Guildhall.— Alt. Ilainertou, Gteat St. Helen's, Bishopsgate- street. Lombard Rich. Bainbridge- street, St. Giles's, Mid- dlesex, plasterer, < 1. & c. Sept. 20, 21, Oct. 23, Guildhall.— Alt. Shearman, Harl- slreel, Blooms- bury. Abrahams Moses, Sheerness, Kent, slopseller, d.& c. Sept. 20, 21, Oct. 23, Guildhall.— Aft. Isaacs, Bevis- Marks, Si. Mary Axe. Stiles Joseph Mayo, Frome- Sel wood, Somersetshire, clothier, d.& c. Sepi. 23, 24, Oct. 23, George Inn, Fronae- Selwood.— Ait. Rollon, Frome. Hutton Rich. Bishop- Wearmoulh, Durham, cabi- net- maker, d.& c. Sept. 27. Oct. 7, 23, Bridge Inn, Bishop- Wearmoulh. — Att. Hinde, Bishop- Wearmouth. Wnltelt Geo. jun. Great- Malvern, Worcestershire, druggist and chynist, d. & c. Sept. 24, 25, Oct. 23, Crown Hotel, Great- Malvern.— All. Rick- ards & Hankins, Ledoury, Herefordshire. Davies Thos. Cardiff, Glamorganshire, victualler, Sept. 17, 18, Oct. 23, Bear Inn, Cjwhridge.— Atl. Basseti, Cowbridge. Work Jas. Lloyd's Coflee- fiouse, London, insurance broker, Sept. 18, 25, Oct. 23, Guildhall.— Atl. Reardon St. Davis, Corbet- courl, Gracechurclt- street. Perry Jos. King's Arms- passage, Cornhill, London, broker, d. & c. Sept. 17, Oct. 5, 23, Guildhall. — Att. Dodd, Hilliier- lane. Clegg J. Newcastle- under- Linp, mercer, Oct. 14, 15, 26. Wheat Sheaf, Bewdley.— All. Benbow & Alban, Lincoln's- lnn. Bankruptcy enlarged. Langdon J. Harris, Windsor- place, Clty- rnad, Middlesex, carpenter from Sept. 18 lo Nov. 6. Esq Plaistowe Rich. Wycombe Parish An alphabetical LIST of the CERTI FlCATES that have been issued to Persons ( acling as GAME- KEEPERS, and not being assessed Servants to any Person), in the County of BUCKINGHAM, under the Act of Parliament of the 48: h of his present Majesty King George the Third, intitled, " An Act for repealing ( he Duties of Assessed Taxes, and granting new Duties in lieu thereof, and certain additional Dulies to be consolidated therewith ; and also for repealing the Slump Duties on Game Certificates, and granting new Dulies in lieu tlierenf, to be placed under the Management of the Commissioners of the Affairs of Taxes;" from the 1st of July, to the 4th of September, 1813, both Days inclusive. Smith Richard.. Towcester manor.. Earl Pomfret Sherman James.. Chuich and Chapel- Biampton manors.. Earl Spencer S[ ajiden Nathaniel.- Weston- Favell manor.. John II. Thursby, Esq. Standen Nathaniel.. Abington and Little- Billing mano- s.. J. H Thutsby, Esq. Smith Peter.. Dustoo manor., lord Melbourn Smith Peter.. Rothersthorpe manor.. Abraham Cal- decott, Esq. Smith Peter.. Hundred of Nobottle Grove, Upton, Kislingbtity, Harpole, and Flooie manors., T. S, W. S- mwell, Esq. Sewell Henry.. Thenford maHor.. Michael Wood- hull, Esq. Sergeant Thomas.. Woodford manor.. Earl of Bridge- water Stains Edward.. Stanwick manor.. Rev. R. Pearce Scales William .. Barton- Seagrave and Ketterrng manors.. Duchess of Buccleuch ami Qoeensbcriy Turner William.. Lilford cum Wigsthorpe, Thorpe. Achurch, and 1' itehmarsh manors.. Right Hon. Lord Lilford Thompson George.. Great- Doddington manor.. Earl ot Pomfret Thompson George.. Ecton manor.. Samuel Isted, Esq. Thompson George.. Cooknoe otherwise Cogenhoe Fee manor.. Rev. Thomas Whalley Thompson Benjamin.. Overstone and Sywell manors .. John Kipling, Esq. West Charles.. Dallington manor.. Miss A. B. Wrighte West Charles.. Kingsthorpe manor.. Sir George Rohinson. Bart, and Christopher Smyth, Esq. Woolley Richard. Warmington manor. Earl of Carys- fort Widdowson Hensy.. Great. Harrowden manor.. Earl Fitzwilliam Willes John, Jim... Brampton manor.. Earl Spencer Webster William.. Deenc manor.. Earl Cardigan Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. Gamekeepers' Names. Manor or Royalty. By it- bom appointed. Abbey Thomas.. Blackwell- Hajl manor.. Deputed by Colonel Griffith Aldridge Henry .. Ellesborough manor .. Robert Greenhill, Esq. Allen William.. Hanslop cum Castle Thorp, Stoke, and Singleton manors.. Edward Watts, Esq. Battams John.. Hardinead manor.. R. Sheddon, Esq. Brooks Joseph.. Petsoe manor.. N. P. Williams, D. D. Brooks Thomas.. Little- Woolston manor.. James Trower, E> q. Bray William. . Great and Little Kimble manors.. Scrope Bernaid Moiland, Esq. Chew Jonathan.. Chclmscourt and Linsdale manors .. Sir Andrew Corbetr, Bart. Clark Thomas.. Noithmarston manor .. William Lowndes, Esq. Cleaver John.. Wavendon, Walton, Simpson, Calde- cott within Caldecott, and Bow- Brickhill manors' .. the Devisees under the Will of Naih. Hillyer, Esq. deceased Coles John.- Sheuly and Little- Linford manors.. Rev. Primate Knapp Duly John.. Peterly- Stone manor Fisher John.. Broughton manor Fennemore William. - Biddlesden manor torster George.. Clifton. Reynes manor.. Alexander Small, Esq. Franks Richard.. Doddcrshall and Grendon manors .. William Pigott, Esq. Gibbs David.. Hamhledonmanor.. Hon. Mr. Murray Goodman William.. Great Bedfordshire Game- Duty. A LIST, in alphabetical Order, of liie CERTI FICATES lhat have been issued lo Persons ( not acting as Gamekeepers) in the Couiily of BEDFORD, under ihe Act of Parliament of the 4.8th of his present Majesty King George Ihe Third, inlitlod, " An Act for repealing Ihe Duties of Assessed Taxes, and granting new Dulies in lien thereof, nnd certain additional Duties lo be consolidated therewith; and also for repealing the Stamp Dulies on Game Cei lificatei, and granting new Duties in lieu I hereof, to be placed under Ihe Management of Ihe Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes ;'" between the 1st Day of July and the 4th of September, 1813, both Davs inclusive. Hart John.. Tickford and Tickford Park manors.. Henry Van Hagen, Esq. Hart Thomas.. Stewkley and Bow- Brickhill manors .. James Henry Leigh, Esq. Hudson James. . The Liberty of Ixhill and the manor of Oakley.. Duke ot M irlborough Hyde John.. Oakley and Addiugrove manors.. Sir J. Aubrey, Bart. Newman James.. Iver manor. . John Goodson, Esq Ridgwav ' Thomas.. Bourton manor Reeves Thomas.. Hillesden, I'reston- Bissett, Cow. ley, and Gawcott manors Rose Joseph.. Winchendon, Waddesdon, Ham, and Westcott manois. . Duke of Marlborough Redcourr Anibtose. . Denham manor Ratliff William.. Little. firickhill manor. . George Rose, Esq. Riley James, Jun. .. Chichetly manor.. Charles Chester, Esq. Sipthorp Wm. Jun.. . Walton and Simpson manors.. Charles Pinfold, Esq. Smith Richard.. Sherrington manor.. Mr. J. Smith Stevens Thomas.. Liscomb, Soulberty, and Holling- don manors.. Lady Lovelt Simons John.. Hogshaw manor, jas. Du Pre, Esq. Templet William.. Marsh- Gibbon manor Tyler Thomas. 1 Fingest manor.. Owen Williams, Esq. Wilkes Thomas.. Mentmore manor.- Bartholomew Harcourt, Esq. Welford Thomas.. Dinton manor, with its Depen- dencies.. Rev. Wm, Goodall Yotk John. . Shabl'ngton, Oakley, Ickford, and part j of Chearsley manors NOTICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the en- suing Session, for Leave t ® bring in a Bill for making and maintaining a Navigable Cut or Canal with pro. per Tunnels, Quays, Wharfs, . Landing- Places, Towing- Path-, and other necessary Works for com- pleting the same, from Aylesbury,' in the County of Buckingham, to and into the River Thames or I sis, in the Parish ot Culham, in the County ot Oxford ; which said Cut or Canal and other Woiks are intended to pass into and through the several Pjii: i;$ hes, Town, ships, and Places ot Aylesbury, ftift'jvelt. Store, Dinton,, Cuddington, Nethcr- Wincliendon, Chearslev, Haddenhain, Long- Crendon, Shabbington, Ickford, and Worminghall, in the County of Buckingham ; and of Thui- nley, Waterperrv, llolton, Wheatley, Cuddesden, Denton, Garsington, Marsh otherwise March- Baldon, Tovt- Baldoti, Burcott, Clifton, and Culham, in the County of Oxford; and aLo for making a Navigable Collateral Cut from and out of the said Canal at the Parish of Chearsley, in the said County ot Buckingham, towards and unto the Palish of Wotton Underwood, in the sains County, for the better supplying of the said Canal with Water. And which said Collateral Cut is intended to pa- s into and through the several Parishes, Townships, and Places of Chearsley, Ashendon cum Pollicutt, and Wotton. Underwood, in the said Countv of Buckingham. And also for one other Navigabls Collateral Cut fr-^ m and out ofthe said Canal, at the Parish of Cuddesden, in the said County of Oxford, towards and unto the Parish of Chalgrove, in the same County, for the lurther supplying Ihe sa d Canal with Water; and which said last mentioned Collateral Cut is intended to pass into and through the several Parishes, Town- ships, and Places of Cuddesden, Little- Milton, Ascott, Stadhampton, and Chalgrove, in the said County of Oxford.— And Notice is also hereby given, that in such Bill it is intended to obtain Poweis tof making and maintaining two Reservoirs for the better supplying such intended Cut or Canal and other Works with Water; one of which said Reservoirs is intended to be made in the Paiishes of Stoke- Man- deville and Ellesborough, in the said County of Buck ingham, and the other is intended to be made in the Parish of Stoke- Mandeville aforesaid ; both of which are to communicate with the said intended Canal by Meansof the Watercourse between the several Parishes of Stoke- Mandeville ar. d Ajlesbury, and the several Parishes of Ellesborough, Stone, and Hartwell, in said County ot Buckingham.— Dated this 8th Day of September, 1813. LONDON . MARKETS. Com Exchange, Monday, Sept. 13, 1813. We had a good supply of Wheat for this day's mar- ket, both Essex and Kentish, and a good slock of foreign on hand ; but at the beginning of tlia Market there were many buyers of this article, w hich consequently sold full2s. per quarter higher than last Monday, but towards the close of the day the sales were very dull. — Barley was in very short supply, and has advanced about Is. per qr. — Peas of both k nds reached higher prices this morning, from the increased demand.— Beanx were about 4s. per qr. dearer than on Fridays Hie same terms are asked this day-, but a good sprinkling of Essex samples having arrived, few salt's can lie made.— We had a good biisk sale for Oals on Friday, hut the trade is verj dull to- day, having many fresh cargoes this morning, and lite sales iruule are on much the same term* as this day se'nnight.- dull sale. Wheat 72s to 81s. Fine 81s. to 88s. Superfine... — s. to — s. Fir. eWhite.. 100s. tolOos. Rye 44s. to 48s. Barley 3js. to 42s. Fine Suffolk — s. to — s. Malt S2s. to 8Ss White Peas.. 65s. to 70s. Average of Wheat, • Ship Flour meets rather | SuHoiks. .. — s. to — s. Giey Peas ..— s. to — s. Fine . . — s. to Beans 60 » . to 64s. Fine 68s. to 72 » . Ticks .. 60s. to 65s. Oats 20s. to 27s. Poland* 20s. to 32s. Poiatoe oiiio3ls. to 40s. lldi. lower than, Fine Flour, 85s. Averag; of Flour 8!)>. 7di— 6 last return, to 9,) s.— Seconds, 75s. to 80* 8!> s. 5JJ.— 9s. 7d. lower than last return. Crawley, Broughton, and Hallows manors.. Wrn. L. Stone, Esq. A LIST of CERTIFICATES that have been issued to GAMEKEEPERS ( being assessed Servants), for the Comity of BUCKING11A M, from the ls( of July, to the ith i if September, 1813, inclusive. Gamekeepers' Names. Manor or Royally. By whom 1 Gibson John.. Henley and Phillis Court manors.. appointed, j Strickland Freeman, Esq. Ashton Wm... Bradenhain manor.. Deputed byPere- j Gee Richard.. Lathbury manor.. M. D. Mansel!, Esq. grine Deultry, E^ q. \ Hockley Jas... Stoke manor.- John I'cnn, Esq. Burnham Thomas.. Hedsoe manor.. Lord Boston Hildich John— Iver manor.. Rt. Hon. J. Sullivan Biggs Win. .. West- Wycombe manor .. Sir John Names, Residence, and Description of the Persons. Adkins Thomas, Southill, Esq, Arch John, Clifton Ansell Henry, Sundon Adams William, West- Hide Br. icheno John, Biggleswade, Esq. Bell Charles, Meppershall Bedford Rev. Thos. Eascotts, Clk. B.- owu Thomas, Dunton Bew John, Stotfold Baker Edward, Clifton Beichcroft Rev. R, F. Blunham, Clerk Barrett Chas Biggleswade, Esq, Bodeer William, Stanfold Brittain John, Biggleswade Braisher William, Barton Burr William, Luton, Gent, Bun Solomon, Ditto, Gent. Bptteridge Jonathan, Sundon. Butcher Thomas, Clophill Chase John, Luton, Gent. Crawley Thomas, Limbury, Gent. Crawley John, Luton, Esq. Campbell John, Blunham, Esq. Denn Robert, Tempsford, Esq. Dillamore Henry, Northii. 1 Deacon Thomas, Limbury Dir. w Edward, Stopsley Dashwood King, Bart. Buck land Jas... A Hards, Burnhapi, and Huntercombe manors. . John Popple, Esq. Burnham Thos... Hitcham manor.. Right Hon. Lord Gienville Bucltlanii Wm Clifden manor.. Rt. Hon. Countess of Orkney Batchelor Thos... Higgindon manor.. Thos. Dorrien, E sq. Chipps Richard.- Brudenells manor.. Tlios. Hibbert, Esq. Copestakes vv'm Fenn, Se « groves, Beamond, and Holmer manors.. Right Hon. Viscount Curzon Chapman John.. Aston- Clinton and Marsworth ma- nors.. Lord Lake Denny Richard, Cold- Brayfield, Newton- Blpssom- Ville, Lavendon, and Uphoe manors. . F. G. S. Fairer, FIsq. Fleming James. . Wyrardisbufy manor. . John Bla- j Hearne Joseph.. Beaconsfield and Burnhams manor Rev. Harry Waller Heath Thos. Peterley, Stone, Netherbury Great- Mis- senden, and Overbuiy Gteat- Missenden manors.. John Ayton, Esq. Hyatt James. . Gieat- Chesham, Chesham- Higham. Chesham- Burv, Chesham- Lester, Isel- Hempstead, and Larimers and Barns manors.. Right Hon. Lord Geo. Henry Cavendish Holme? VVm Smewnors manor, in the Paiishes of Great- Brickhill and Soulberry.. Edw, Hanmer, Esq. Hunt James.. Dorton, Chilton, Easington, Brill and Boarstall ( Bucks), andl'iddington( Oxon], manors.. Sir John Aubrey, Bart. Holland Samuel, Fleetmarston manor .. Salisbury Pryce Humphreys, Esq. Holland Sam... Eythoipe manor.. Earl of Chesterfield Judge Richard.. Middle. Claydon, East cum Steeple, and Boitle- Claydon manors. . Rev. Rob. Vernev grove, Esq. | Johnson John.- Aston- Abbotts manor.. Henty Blake, Gibson Jqhn.. Fawley manor.. Strickland Freeman, j £ Sq. Esq. I King Matthew .. Winslow, Shipton, Little- Hor- Gibson John.. RcmenhaiB manor. . Strickland Free- I wood, and Grandborough manors .. Wm. Selby man, E> a. | Lowndes, Esq. NO TICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the en- suing Session, tor Leave to bring in a Bill formaking and mamtaining a Navigable Cut or Canal with proper Tunnels, Quays, Wharfs, Landing Places, towing Paths and other necessary Works for com- pleting the same, from Aylesbury, in the County of Buckingham, to and into the River'Thames or Isis, in the Parish ot Culham, in the County of Oxford; which said Cut or Canal and other Works areintended to pass into and through the several Parishes, Town- ships, and Places of Aylesbury, Hartwell, Stone, Dinton, Cuddington, Nether. Winchendon, Chearsley, Haddenham, Long- Crendon, Shabbington, Ickford, and Worminghall, in tbe County of Buckingham ; and of Thumley, Waterperrv, Holton, Wheatley, Cuddesden, Denton, Garsington, Marsh otherwise March- Baldon, Toot- Baldon, Burcotr, Clifton, and Culham, in the County ot Oxtord; and also for making a Navigable Collateral Cut from and out of the said Canal at the Parish of Chearsley, in the said County of Bncicingham, towards and unto the Parish of Wotton. Underwood, in the same County, for the better supplying ot the'said Canal with Water; and which said Collateral Cut is intended to pass into and through the several Parishes, Townships, and Places ot Chearsley, Ashendon cum Pollicutt, and Wotton- Underwood, in the said County of Buck- ingham. — And Notice is also hereby given, that in such Bill it is intended to obtain Powers for making and maintaining Jwo Reservoirs far the better supply- ing such intended Cut or Canal and other Works with Water; one of which said Reservoirs is intended to be made in the Parishes of Stoke- Mandeville and Ellesborough, in the said County of Buckingham, and the other is intended to be made in the Parish of Stoke. Mandeville aforesaid; both of which are to communicate with the said intended Canal by Means ot the Watercourse between the several Parishes ot • Stoke- Mandeville and Aylesbury, and the several Parishes of Ellesborough, Stone, and Hartwell, in the said County ot Buckingham.— Dated this 8th • Day ot September, 1813. PRICE or SEEDS. Carraway 75s. Od. to 80s. Od.) Coriander 20s. Od. to 25>. Cd. C Red Clover 6Js. fid. tol Ills. Od. ( per cwt' White ditto 80s. Od. tol2Ss. Od.) Rye Grass 28s. Od. to 45s. Od. per quarter White Mustard Si. Od. to 16s. Od. / , . Brown ditto 16s. Od. to 20i. Od. S per Dus" Turnip 8s. lid. to lis. Od. ditto. PRICE or HOPS. BAGS. Kent Sussex..... Essex l'oc K K rs. Kent Sussex ..... 1- arnham — 61. 6s. to 111. 0s. 51.12s. to 91. Ot. 71. OS.' to 9l. 0 » . 61. 51. - 1. 0s. to 81. 8 « 5s. to 81. 0>„ lis. to — I. 0s. SMI THE! ELD. — MONOAY, Sept. 13. ( To sink theollal— per stone ot Klbs.) Beef.. 5s. Od. to 6s. OJ. i Veal 5s. 81. to 6s. 8d. MuttonSs. Sd. to 6s. 61. | Pork 7s. Od. to 8s. 6d. l. umb 5s. 4d. to 6>. 8d. Head of Cattle this pay — Beasts, aoout 2363— Sheep, 1,1660. — Calves, 180 — Pigs, 29!. NEWGATE ANO I. EADENHALL MARKETS. Beet.. 4s. 0.1. to5s. Od. j Veal ,5s. Od. to6s. 4d « Muttoi. 4s. 8d. to 5s. 4d. ) Pork. 7s. Od. Ic8s. Od. Lamb 4s. 8d. to 6s. 4d. PRICE OF TALLOW, & C. TownTallow 9Ss. 6d. Yellow Russia92s. Od. White ditto 89s. Od. Soap ditto .. 88s. Cd. MeltingStulT84s. Od. Ditto rough 60s. Od. Graves 28s. Od. Good Dregs. 9s. Od. SOAP — Yellow.. 102 St. James's Market 5s. 7d. Clare Market 5s. 9.1 , Whitechapel Market 5s. 7d. 16s. lOd. Average per st. of81b. 5s. 7d.£ 0d. Mottled.. 114s. Od. PRICE op LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 60 to 561b. each 24d. to 17J. Ditto, 56 to 661b. each 27d. to2 « d. Merchants' Backs 231. to 24d. Dressing Hides Sld. J to 241 & Fine'Coach. Hides 22J. to 23d. J Crop Hides, 35to40tb. tor cutting .. 22,1. J to 25d.' 4Sto501b 21d. J to SSd. Calf Skin 30 to 401b 32J. lo SSd. JCto 701b 40J. to 45d. 70 to 801b 40d. to 44d. Small !> eals ( Greenland! - 34d. to StM Northampton: Printed and Published, by and / T. K. DICEY, W. SPTIQS, SI It. SMITH SO*.
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