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Kentish Gazette


Printer / Publisher: Charles Petman Rouse, George Kirkby jun, and James Lawrence 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4721
No Pages: 4
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Kentish Gazette
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Kentish Gazette

Battle of Dresden Page 4
Date of Article: 14/09/1813
Printer / Publisher: Charles Petman Rouse, George Kirkby jun, and James Lawrence 
Address: Canterbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4721
No Pages: 4
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Advertisements and Articles of Intelligence. NEWTON and Co. ( late Tayler mid Newton,) Warwick- square ; and REGULARKY Filed; |: I! l\ t-; i NOLUMUS LEGES ANGALIAE MUTARI. for this Paper received in London by At PttLf/ s CbFFEfe HoOsfe, Fleet street, where tliis Paper ii Also at the AUCTION MART, tjartU'lnlnrw L^ ANC. t J. i'f^' ppl Canterbury*— Printed and Published every TUESDAY and FRIDAY, by Charles Petman Rouse, George Kirkby, jun. and James Laurence. AND CIRCULATED THROUGH TUfe COUNTIES Of KENT, SURRY, AND SUSSEX, AND SENT ( POSTAGE FREE) TO ANY PART OF ENGLAND. Price Sixpence.] TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1813 WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AYOUNG PERSON, perfectly understands . tire MILLINERY BUSINESS— letters. post- paid, to Mrs. MUNTON, Margate. will be attended to. OX- MAN WANTED AT Michaelmas next, a Single Man, to work « ith YOKE of OXEN, and board in the House - Good wages will be given.— Inquire of Mrs. COOPEr, AT the Drum, Standford, near Hythe. ~~ WANTED, AN active young MAN, of respectable connec- tions, to take the management of a wholesale and retail Grocery Concern in a town, in the centre of Kent. Inquire of the PrINTeRS, if by letter, post- paid, ad. dressed to R. M M B. May be admitted n Partnet on equitable terms. WANTED, AT MICHAELMAS NEXT, In a Farm House, AMAN and his WIFE, without a Family; the Man as BAILIFF and the Woman to superintend the management of the House and Dairy.— None need apply but those who can have undeniable characters, as liberal Wages will be given.— Apply to the Printers; if by letter, post paid WANTS A SITUATION, AT Michaelmas next, as BAILIFF, a person who perfectly Understands the business of Farming and Husbandry, and can have a character, from his present mas. ter, whom he has served in the above capacity these last eight years, For further particulars apply at the Ship Inn, Faversham If by letter, post- paid, addressed A M. WANTS A SITUATION, AT MICHAELMAS, AS HOUSEKEEPER to a Single Gentleman or Lady, in a town or in the Country, where another servant is kept, a respectable middle- aged Woman, who can be undeniably recommended. Apply ( if by letter, post- paid,) to W « , HAYZLEDEN, Milton, next Sittingbourne, . WANTS A SITUATION, AS BAILIFF, or as BAILIFF and LOOKER, a Married Man, one who has had the management of a Farm several years for a gentleman in this county, and is fully versed in the management of Grazing Land and Breeding Stock, and every part of the Farming Business. A respectable reference can be had as to character.-- Ap. plication to Mr. T CRAnE, hatter, 75, High- street, Maid- stone, if by letter, post paid. WANTED AT MICHAELMAS NEXT, ACOOK, and DAIRY MAID, whir- two other Maids and a Man Servant are kept, a middle aged steady Woman, who must well understand her business. Good wages will be given, but none need apply, but those whose character will bear the strictest inquiry. Apply to Mr. RICHard HOLtum, Dover street, Folk- Stone,. or to mr. GOLDFINch, Chemist, St. Margaret's street, Canterbury if by letter, post paid. WANTED AT MICHAELMAS NEXT, AMiddle- aged MAN without a Family, to look after two Horses and a gig, occasionally to wait at table, and make himself generally useful. None need apply but those who are perfectly competent, and whose characters fcili bear the strictest enquiry. A Cottage will be provided rent- free. Apply to S. S. King's Arms Printing Office, Canterbury, li by letter, post- paid. NOTICE ~ The Creditors o< RICHARD SHOOBRIDGE, Carpenter, Tenterden, are requested to meet at the WHITE LION INN, Tenterden, on WEDNESDAY, l22d September , at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to receive a di- vidend : All Persons indebted to the Estate of the said Ri- charD SHOOBridge, are also requested immediately to pa}' the amount ot their debts to T. B. ShOOBRIDGE, who will re- ceive and give a discharge. for the same. 11th Sppttmber, 1813 LL Persons having any claim or demands on the j'state and Effects of Mr. EDWARD NORWOOD, late of Dover, mariner, deceased, arc desired to transmit the same to Mr. THOMAS PAIN, Solicitor, one of the Executors : And all persons indebted to the said Estate and Effects are requested to pay their respective Debts, to the said Executor, within one month from the date hereof, 0r they will be sued for the same.— Ower, August 1815. HERNE WORKHOUSE. ALL persons willing to contract to serve tlie above House, are requested to send in tenders, ( sealed up,) for the undermentioned " Articles, on or before THURSDAY, the 16th Sept 18th, after which no Tenders will be received, for three months, to the Overseers of the said parish:— Good Beef and Mutton at per lb.— Bullocks heads at per head — Meal and Second Flour at per Bushel — Candles and Sugar, at per lb.— Soap, Butler, and Cheese, at per cwt. NOVICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT application is intended to be made to Pa - liament in the next ensuing Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for dividing, inclosing, and allotting a certain Heath or Common called COXHEATh, situate in the several Parishes ol Boughton Monchelsea, Langley. Loose, Linton. East Far- leigh, West Farleigh, Hunton, Yalding, and Maidstone, or some of them in the County of Kent. WM. SCUDAMORE, Solicitor. Maidstone, 3rd September, ALL Persons having any Claims or Demands on the Estate of THOMAS BENNETT, late of Faver sham, in the county of Kent, esq. deceased, arc desired to transmit the particulars thereof to Mr. JAMES SHEPHERD, Solicitor, Faversham, in order that the Executors may ad- just and settle the same : — And all persons who are indebted to the said Estate, or who have any Papers or Effects iu their possesion belonging to the deceased, are requested forthwith to pay their respective Debts and deliver the said Papers or Effects to the said James Shepherd, who is autho- rized by the Executors to receive the same. Faversham, Sept 8, 1813 WANTED, ASteadv MAN, who understands. the Malting Bu- siness in all its branches, and who had no objection to work in a Brewhousc. Apply to Wm. HuNTer, Brewer and Maltster. Margate. turnpike road From Dover, through Deal, for Sandwich. THE nest Meeting of ihe Trustees will he lu'lri ( pursuant to adjonrntneni) at the Guildhall, in Deal. on Friday the 17th day ot September inst. at eleven o'clock- in the forenoon. By order of the Trustees, SAMPSON and SHIPDEM, Clerks STRAYED. From out of Norwood Farm, August 4, frt fhe Parish o( High Halstow, NiNe eWe TAGS, marked witii a C. 011 ' lie ftf shoulder, and under farthing in the near ear. Whoso- ever will give information of the same Sheep to Mrs. CRAfT, shall he satisfied for their trouble. Milton,. Sept 8. 1813. TO BE SOLD, FOURSCORE, South Down WETHER LAMBS, and a few South Down EWES, sonie well bred South Down RAMS to be Sold or Let for the Season. Frr- ville. Sept. 13, 1813 . w- To HOP- PLANTERS, WEAVERS, & c TO be Sold, a Quantity of good made Oakum HOP BAGGING. at per lb or One Guinea per Cwl.— Inquire of Thomas Durban, King street- SandWich EXCISE SALE, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, AT the sign of the Spread Eagles, Ramsgate. on , the 23d day of Septembcr, 1813, at three of the clock in the afternoon, the undermentioned goods, in lots:— 148 Gallons of Foreign Brandy Spirits 31 Ditto of Foreign Brandy— legal strength for Dealers. 133 Ditto of Foreign Geneva— 1 to 20 above Hydrometer proof. Samples will be produced at the Sale.— Twcnty- U^ e per cent deposit will be required. DIOCESAN SOCIETY For the Educating the Children of the Poor through- out the Diocese or Canterbury. a General Meeting of the Subscribers and Friends to this Society will be holden at the CeNTRAl Schools in St. Dunstan's- street. Canterbury, on MONDAY next. September 20, at twelve o'clock. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT application is intended to be made to Parlia- ment in the ensuing Session, for leave to bring in a bill to continue the term, and alter and enlarge the powers of an Act passed in the 33d year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, entitled " An Act for amending, improving, and keep- ' " iug in repair the road from the north end of Marsh- lane, 14 in Ashford, in the county of Kent, to the end of the parish of Orlestone, near Stockbridge, in Romney Marsh, in the " said county." GEO. ELWICK JEMMETT, Solicitor. Ashord, Sept. 10,1813 NOTICE. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate and Effects of ANN WOOD, late of Chapel- street, iu the Town of Deal, in ' he County of Kent spinster, de- ceased, are requested forthwith to pay their respective debts to Messrs. MAY and Mercer, Solicitors, Deal, who are duly authorised by ( he executor of her will, to receive the same ; and all prisons to whom the said Ann Wood stood indebted at the time I her decease, are requested to send ; ne particulars of their demands to the said Messrs. May and Mercer, in order that the same may be investigated and discharged Deal, 7th Sept. 1813 HEIR AT LAW. IF the HEIR AT LAW of JOHN BROME, late of Bishop Stortford, in the County of Hertford, esq. who died 0n the 23d day of May last, and who was the run of John Brome late of Town Malling, in the County of Kent, esq, deceased, by his first wife, whose maiden name wa's Osborne, will apply to HeNry ChArles LitchfIEld, esq. Solicitor of the Treasury, at No. 5. Stone Buildings, Lin- coln's Inn, London, either personally or by letter under cover to George HarrISOn, esq. Treasury Chambers, London, he will hear of something-- to his advantage. Dated this 18th day of August. 1813. EDUCATION. At Elham Academy, near Canterbury. Mr HERBERT having for many Years directed his particular attention to an improved method of Conveying instruction to the juvenile mind, most respectfully Informs the public, that his pupils invariably learn to read lessons in monosyllables, aud to write three good hands the first half- year. In two years, writing, reading, arithmetic, and the Elements of the English Grammar sufficient for the common concerns of life, at 25 guineas per annum, YOUNG GENTLEMEN are also instructed with the same degree of rapidity in writ ing the various hands, including those of the Law, Arithme- tic, Merchant's Accompts, English Grammar, Geometry, either speculative or practical j treating first, of the properties of lines and figures contained in Euclid's Elements, Apollonius's Conic Sections, & c. and secondly, shewing how to apply them to tins use of Mensuration, Surveying, Trigonometry, Geography, and the use of the Globes, Gauging, History, and the first principles of music. Ai 3') guineas per annum. T? This Academy is in a most healthy and retired situation, and every attention is paid to the morals and Com. lorts of ( lie pupils which are limited lo 25. N. B. In all cases the age of the pupil is to be considered, and the intellect proved beyond a doubt to be good and strong, or no attempt will be made to convey instruction out of the regular mode. Two vacations iu the year, three weeks each. Mr. HerberT will, if required, give reference to the parents tvhnse sons have performed with him wlut lie has here ad. vauced. AT a Meeting of the' underwritten, Members of the " Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge," and others friendly to its design, holden at the George Inn, in Rye, this seventh day of September, 1813. PreSeNT. The Rev. Mr. CHANCELLOR HOLLINGBERY in the Chair. T. P. Lamb, esq. M. P. Robert Mascall, esq. James Monypeny, esq, Richard Hay, esq. John Woolletti, esq. Nathaniel Proctor, esq, William Watson, esq. W. P. Lamb, esq. Alexander Sutherland, esq. Rev. T. Hudson Rev. Wm. Jackson Rev. T. Curteis Rev. Wm. Cornwallis Rev. Wm. Hussey Rev. H. Hodges Rev. John Pratt Rev. John R. Coombe Rev. J G. Thomas Rev. J. Myers Rev. J. Mossop Rev. Robt. Phillimore Rev. Thomas Richards Rev. Robt. Warrender Rev. George A. Lamb. This Meeting having taken into their serious conrfdcra- lion the very important objects of the Society hit Pro- moting Christian Knowledge," as connected with religion and good morals, and iis unbounded liberality for a Conti- nuance of out hundred aid fifteen years, us wi'. l appear by the. annual reports, do think it expedient, that a District Committee should be immediately tormed, for the purpose of making its must religious and excellent designs more generally known, and for engaging new Members in its support, and t'„ r facilitating the means ot admission. That a Meeting be held at the George Inn, in Battle, on the Twenty first day of September, at eleven o'clock i- i the forenoon, lor the purpose of carrying the above n a' , ion into lull eifect. D. HOLLINGBERY, Chairman. The Chair having been vacated, the Thanks of the Meet- ing were voted to the Rev. Mr. Chancellor Hollingbery for his able conduct therein. TURNPIKE ROAD Leading from Folkestone to Barham Downs, NOTICE. THAT the next Meeting of the Trustees of the said Road, will he holden at the GuildhALL, in Folkstone, on MONDAY, the 20th day of September inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which Meeting tin; re- spective Tolls payable ou the said Road, will be Let be ' Auction, to the highest Bidder, from the eleventh day ot October next, after the rate, and for such term, as wiil be named iu the Conditions to by then and there produced. The highest Bidder for each Gate will re required to give " Bond with two sufficient Sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, tor payment of the rem, in such manner as tilt said Trustees shall direct : And must be prepared to name such Sureties to be approved of at the said Meeting. By Order of the Trustees, R. A. WEBB. Clerk and Treasurer. Folkstone, Sept. 9 1813. NOTiCe is hereby given to all Persons whom it may Concern, that application will lie made lo Par iiament, in ihe next Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for altering and enlarging the Powers ot an Act passed in the thirteenth year of the Reign of his present Majesty, inti- tled " An Act for paving, cleansing, and lighting the High- " ' street, East Street, and West Street, iu the Town and " Parishes of Gravesend and Milton, iu the county of Kent; " and for lighting the other streets; and for removing all " encrochments and annoyances within the said town " and Parishes."— And also for pavings lighting, cleansing, and otherwise improving certain other Streets and Places wiihin the said Town aud Parishes ; and iu which said Bill provision is intended to be made for altering and increasing the Rates aud Duties by the said Act authorized to be col- lected; aud also for the better watching and protecting the said Town aud Parishes of Gravesend aud Milton ; and also for the better assessment and collection of the Poor and other Rates, aud llie better relief, maintenance, and employment of the Poor w ithin the several Parishes of Gravesend, Mil- ton next Gravesend, aud Northfleet, in the said County of Kent. Dated this tenth Day of Septembcr, 1813. CONTRACT FOR FORAGE. ANY Person or Persons willing to supply the Ord- nance Horse,, in barracks in Canterbury, Dover, and Hythe, with Forage for six Months, commencing the 1st of October next, are requested to send in their Tenders to Lieutenant- Colonol Dixon, commanding the Royal Artil- lery, at his house in Canterbury, sealed, expressing on the outside that it is " A Tender for Fornge " and signed withi ihe name of the person making thu tender. The Rations of Forage to consist of 10lb. of OATS, of thirty seven pounds per bushel; 12lbs. of Upland MEADOW HAY. and 8lbs of WHEAT or RYE STRAW; or of 7lbs. of OATS, 14 lbs. of HAY, and 8lbs. of STRAW; All of the best quality. And BILLETS 8lb. of OATS. And subject to such variation as may be necessary before the expiration of the contract; but the tenders shall express a price separately for each article of Forage, viz. the Oats at per hundred pounds avoirdupoiz; the Hay and Straw at per hundred and twelve pounds each, instead of per ration as heretofore. The Contractor, when requited, shall supply the under- mentioned articles iu lieu Ot Oats, iu the following propor- tions, for every lb. of OATS, of BARLEY 1lb. do.— of MALT 3 aths 111. do.— of OATMEAL ••• • 1 - 3d do. do.— Of Bran- 1 and l- 8th do. and olsoi when demanded, GreEN Forage to Horses in Stables in lieu of hay ; but in quantity, not to exceed tlie value ol the Hay allowed for each horse. The persons contracting for the supply- are to receive the Stable Dung, anil are expected to make an adequate allow- ance tor the value thereof in their tenders. The Dung must not on any account be allowed to accumulate, but must be removed at stated periods from the premises. No Tenders will be received after ThurSdAY the 23d inst. at twelve o'clock. Canterbury, 4th Sept. 1813. TO THE PUBLIC. IT having been represented that a Barn, Stable, Cow- house, and Harrow- lodge lately destroyed by Fire, belonging to me. were insured in the Norwich Union Fire Office, and that the Directors had refused to pay me for the same ; I hereby contradict such report; and do declare, that I have received no dishonourable treatment whatever from the Managers of that Institution ; but, on the contrary, have experienced the most liberal conduct.— The premises were not mentioned in my policy, and I consider the sum presented to me as a gift only, for which I beg leave to re- turn my sincere thanks, both to the Directors, and to . the Members of' the Committees who have interested themselves in my behall. STEPHEN COURT his x Mark Westmarsh near Witness D. Hodgson, Sandwich, Sept. 7. 1813 CINQUE ~ PORTS~~ AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. The Right Hon the EArl of Liverpool, President. THE, First Anniversary Meeting of this Society is appointed to be holden at the ASSEMbly ROOM, in Dover, on TUESDAY, September 21, 1813, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of receiving the Re- port of the Committee, paying the Annual Subscriptions, appointing a New Committee and Officers, and making such futher Arrangements, as may appear calculated to promote the Extension of ihe Benefits of the Society to all the Cinque Ports, and the Towns and Places within their Jurisdiction. The Right Hon. the Earl of Liverpool has expressed his intention of attending tiie Meeting. The company of those Ladies and Gentlemen friendly to this instilutiou, is respectfully solicited. The Chair will be taken precisely at twelve o'clock, THE FARMER's MAGAZINE. This day is published, price Ss. THE. FARMER'S MAGAZINE, a periodical Work, exclusively devoted to Agricultural and Rural Affairs, N°. LV. Containing an account of the state of markets and crops during the last three months, besides much miscellaneous in- formation, of the greatest importance to the Agriculturist at this important season, contained in fifty original communica- tions. Published quarterly. Printed for Archibald Constable & Co. Edingburgh; Long- man, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London ; and may be hud of Rouse, Kirk by, and Lawrence, Canterbury ; Ledger and Shaw, Dover, and every bookseller in the United King- dom. Of whom maybe had. The FARMER'S MAGAZINE, from its commencement in 1800 to the present time, 55 numbers, or sets, to the end of the year 1812, 13 volumes. FAVERS HAM. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that capital MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the garden, land, and appurtenances thereto be- longing, situate ou ihe North side of WEST- STREET, in the Town of Faversham, late in the occupation of Mr, Henry Minter. Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, deceased, and now of Mrs. P. Minter, his Widow. The premises consist of a front shop of considerable ex- tent, two parlours, kitchen, wash- house, five large bed- chambers, four garrets, good cellars, workshop, and three warehouses detached; two lodges, stable, and hay loft; garden and piece of land, with an out- let into Partridge- lane, in the said town. This Estate is Freehold, with Land- tax redeemed, and most eligibly situated iu the centre of the Town of Faversham. The Stock iu Trade may be taken at a fair appraisement, in which case possession may be had at Old Christmas next; but if the purchaser of the Messuage shall decline lo take such Stock, then possession to be had at Old Lady Day next. Also to be Sold BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, a small Free- hold MESSUAGE or COTTAGE, with the appurtenances situated at the back part of the above premises in Partridge- lane aforesaid, which Cottage is lo be sold either along with or after the first mentioned Messuage shall be disposed of. For further particulars enquire at the Office of Messrs. TAPPENDEN and SON', Solicitors, Faversham. DISEASES OF CHILDREN, & c. DALBY'S GENUINE CARMINATIVE is su- perior to all other remedies for the wind, purgings, convulsions, and all those disorders in the stomach and bowels of infants, which prove fatal to so many under the age of two years. It is equally efficacious in cholics, fluxes, and other complaints in the intestines of grown persons. This invaluable cordial medicine is prepared by Frances Geil, ( assisted by her stins) doughter of tne late Mr. Jo- seph Dalby, Apothecary, Inventor ; who bequeathed to her alone this property, under his will, as may be seen in the hill of directiors, with various instances of its success. Sold by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, St. Paul's Church, yard, London four doors from Cheapside. price I s. 9s. a bottle ; and by their Agents iu town and country. Oh • serve, thai the words F. Newbery, No. 45, Sir Paul's," are engraved in the stamps ; and be sure to ask for Gell's Dalby's Carminative. May be had of Rouse, Kirkby, and Lawrence, Canter, bury, aud all venders of medicines in the kingdom. LONDON HOTEL, T AVERN, AND COFFEE- HOUSE, RAMSGATE, to BE LET, ALL that well known and long established Family HOTEL, TAVERN, and COFFee- HOUSE, kept by Mr. PAGE for these last sixteen years, and now in full trade, combining every advantage which is desirable in a cuncern ot so much magnitude aud respectability. There is a very considerable Wine Trade attached lo the House, and ihe present Stuck may be taken in any quantity, to suit the coining in tenant. The Furniture, Fixtures, 6tc. to be laken at n valuation, and possession may be had immediately. N. 1!. F,, r particulars apply to Mr. PAGE, on the premises, and all let. ers must be post paid. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN SIMMON'S, AT the Bull inn, Maidstone, on THURSDAY the 16th of September 1813, ( unless disposed of before by privatc contract) A Capital FREEHOLD WINDMILL, erected in 1805. on an eminence near the village of Leeds, about one mile from the Asford road, and five miles from Maidstone ; contianing one pair ot French Burr Stones, one pair of Peake Stones, two Machines, a Dressing Mill, Sack Tackle, and all the Going Geer complete; will grind about fifty quarters per week. A timber- built Stable, and one acre of Arable Land, including the Site of the Mill. To be viewed by applying to Mr. WM. HOlMES, at Leeds, who will treat for the sale by private contract ; or lo Mr. JOHN SIMMONS, Auctioneer; Staplehurst; or Mr. WM. PEckHam, Harrietsham. Freehold Orchard, Cottage, and Garden, to be sold by auction, By Mr. BATTEN, ON. SATURDAY the 25th of September, 1813, at two o'clock, at the Fountain Inn, Canterbury ( unless in the mean time disposed of by private contract, of which doe notice will be given), a very desirable, compact, FREE- HOLD, Brick, and Thatched COTTAGE, with various use- ful outbuildings,, orchard and garden of about I acre and planted with a variety of thriving fruit trees, most desirably and pleasantly situated in the parish of Staple, near Windham aud Ash, in the high road between Canterbury and weal, commanding extensive and beautiful views of Barham Downs, and villages adjoining, now in the occupation of John Datson, at a very low rent. For iurther particulars apply to Mr. GARRETT, Solicitor, Sandwich ; and of Mr. BATTEN, House Agent and Land Sur- veyor, Rochester. ^ DEAL. To Grocers and others. TO BE SOLD BV PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that desirable LEASEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, and a Small TENEMENT behind, with large yard and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situated in the centre of beach- street, near the Three Kings Inn, in Deal— the above premises are well adapted for any line of business, being an old established Shop, and having many years carried on a good trade in the grocery and iron- mongery line, by tile proprietor, Mr Thos. FOrWOOD, who is now. retiring from business, and ot whom early possession may be had For further particulars apply to Mr. Thos. FORWOOD. Grocer aud Ironmonger, in Beach- street; or to EDMUND SPAIN, Auctioneer, at his Furniture Warehouse, No. 9, Lower- street. Deal. RAMSGATE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DYASON & SON, 4 T the Royal Oak Inn, in Ramsgate, on SATUR- DAY the 18th day of September, 1813, at six o'clock in the evening, unless previously disposed of by private con- tract, in which case Notice will be given accordingly in this paper, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, a compact FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, in good repair, being No. 3, Neptune's Row, Ramsgate, with the garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging. The pre- mises, which are contiguous to the harbour, comprise two rooms on the ground floor, four sleeping rooms, and a wash- house.- Possession may be had on the 11th October next. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or to Mr. WIGHTWICK, Solicitor, Ramsgate, if by letter, free of postage, Valuable Draught Horses, Live Stock, farming Im- plements, and Household Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BATTEN, ON THURSDAY, the 30th of September, 1813, and following day at 11 o'clock. Four remarkable fine teams ol strong, active, . young draught HORSES, in very high condition, two yearling and one suckling COLTS, ten line thriving WELCH RUNTS, Complete sets of exceeding good Wagon and Plough Harness' a general and useful assortment of Implements ol Husbandry, Household Furniture, & c. & c. as will be particularized in the Catalogues, belonging to Edward SWIFT, esq. of Bur- ham Court Farm, near Aylesford and Maidstone, in Kent, leaving the Farm. To be viewed one week preceding the Sale, when Cata- logues may be had ou the Premises, at the principal Inns Maidstoue. Town Malling. Wrotham, Sevenoaks, Hartford, Gravesend, Sittiugbonrne, Faversham, Canterbury, Ashford, and at Mr. BATTEN'S, Land Surveyor, House Agent, 6cc. St. Margaret's Bank, Rochester. HOUSE and MARSH LAND, NEW ROMNEY. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, on PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE following Estates, late Mr. PilchEr RAlFE'S, of New Romney, which have been conveyed by him to Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors : — Lot 1. Comprising a good convenient HOUSE, for a large family, with requisite offices, chaise- house, a three- stalled stable; two gardens, one of them enclosed with a wall; aud four pieces of exceeding rich Pasture Land adjoining thereto, containing eleven acres, little more or less, in the town ot New Romney, lately occupied hy Mr. Pilcher Ralfe, ol which possession may be had at Michaelmas next. If required the four pieces of Marsh Land may be had separate. Lot 2. A piece of rich PASTURE LAND, containing 10 acres, more or less, near Hogstie bridge in ihe parish oi New Romney, let to Mr. Stephen Fagg, at ihe yearly rent of £ 50. per annum, of which possession may be had at Michaelmas next, Mr. Fagg having had notice to quit. - For further paiticulars apply to Mr. HENry CREED, of Ashford. TO BE SOLD OR LET, AVery genteel DWELLING- HOUSE., pleasantly situated in the town of Tenterden, a good garden well stocked with wall fruit in high perfection. — Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. Enquire ot Mr. Huntley, Leighgreen, Tenterden, Freehold House, Margate. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv Mr C. LONG, for Messrs. ROWE, AT the LONDON HOTEL, Hawley- Squire, Mar- gate, on ThurSDAy the 16th day ol September, 1813, at six o'clock in the evening, all that roomy and substantial Freehold Messuage or Tenement, with the yard and appurtenances thereto belonging, inns' pleasantly situated at the foot of Dane Hill, in Margate, and late the property of Mr. Robinson, deceased. The purchaser is to take all the fixtures bv valuation. To be viewed by application on the premises and further particulars may be had by reference to Mr. THOMAS CHAP- MAN, attorney, Margate ; or to the Auctioneer KENT— ASHFORD, VALUABLE INN, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( Unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given) By Mr. HAMMOND, ON the Premises, on WEDNESDAY the 22d dav of September instant, at one o'clock precisely, all that spacious and commodious Hotel, called The ROYAL OAK. with the coach houses, stables, yard; and outbuildings belong- ing thereto, situate in the parish of Ashford, in the county of Kent, and in the occupation of . Mr. Potts, who will shew the same. N. B. The Fixtures to be taken at n fair valuation. The Estate is most advantageously situated for business, and the whole ( excepting a very small outbuilding, used as a stable, which is Copyhold, and held ol the Manor of Ashford) is Freehold, and redeemed from the land- tax. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. W. H. ABBOTT, Solicitor, Canterbury. St. Margaret's, Sept. 9, 1813. TO CARPENTERS, BUILDERS, & OTHERS TO BE SOLD BV AUCTION, ON MONDAY, the 27th day of September, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, ( unless previously dis- posed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will he given, all the STOCK IN TRADE and BUILDING MATERIALS of H. and G GIBBONS. at their Yard, in the town of Sittingbourn, consisting of fir, oak, and elm timber and deals; elm, oek, and wainscot plank and boards, ladders, use poles, gates, nails, locks, hinges, carpenters tools, and many othier articles used in the Building business, together with some HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. After which will sold. in one lot, all that FREEHOLD COTTAGE and YARD, together with the Workshop, Lodges, & c. & c. now in full trade, situate at the upper part of the Town of Sittingbourn, where there has been car- ried on for many years a well established business in ihe above branches The whole will be sold without reserve, as the present Proprietors are entering ,. 11 a different line of business. Catalogues may lie had ol the Auctioneer, Mr. HARMAn, Borden, or of the Proprietor, three days previous 10 the sale. Note.— To treat by Private Contract apply ( if by letter, post- paid) to the Proprietor, on ihe premises. KENT.— ISLE OF THANET. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, LAND TAX REDEEMKD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( Unless previously disposed ot by Private Contract of winch due notice will be given,) Bu Messrs. DYASON and SON, AT the ROSE INN, Broadstairs, on MONDAY, the 20th September next, at 12 o'clock, precisely, Either in One or the following Lots. Lot 1. A capital Family MANSION or DWELLING- HOUSE, with spacious coach- houses, stables, yards, and garden, situate in Broadstairs, iu the Parish ol St. Peter the Apostle, in the Isle of Thanet, and county of Kent, com- manding most desirable views ot the sea and surrounding country, and well adapted for many useful purposes. This Estate possesses a superior advantage by being supplied with excellent water from a well belonging to the same, and which is conveyed by means of an aqueduct to the premises. N. B. The house is at present Furnished, and the Furni- ture, Fixtures and other articles may be taken at a fair va- luation. The Mansion will be shewn by applying to Mr., Peyton, Rose Inn, Broadstairs. Lot 2. A most profitable and well established INN, known by the name of The ROSE, situate in Broadstairs aforesaid. This house is replete in every respect as an Hotel, with great advantages and conveniences, having spacious yards, coach- houses, and excellent stables, and a situation certainly th* best in the Isle of Thanet. N. B. The Tenant of this Lot, Mr. Peyton, will shew the same, and the Fixtures may be taken at a fair valuation. Lot 3, has been since sold by Private Contract Lot 4. An excellent and well accustomed PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the name ot the SUN, situate in Effing- ham street, in the Ville ot Ramsgate iu the Isle of Thanet aforesaid, with the cellars, well, yards, and stabling, belong- ing thereto, and now in the occupation ol Mr. Jones, who will shew the same. N. B. The Fixtures to be taken at a fair valuation. Lot 5. A most desirable PUBLIC HOUSE, called the WHEAT SHEAF, situate in Saint Peter's street, in the Parish of St. Peter the Apostle aforesaid, with the cellars, well, yards, excellent garden, and stabling belonging thereto, and now in the occupation of Mr. Friend, who will shew the same. N. B. The Fixtures to be taken at a fair valuation. Lot 6. A very eligible and eompact PUBLIC HOUSE, called the SWAN, situate in Readen- street, in the said Parish of Saint Peter the Apostle, with the cellars, well, yards, and most desirable garden belonging thereto, and now iu the oc- cupation of Mr. Parish, who will shew the same. N. B. The Fixtures to be laken at a fair valuation. Lot 7. All that MESSUAGE or PUBLIC HOUSE, called the BROWN JUG, situate at Dampton-. street, in the said Parish of Saint Peter the Apostle, with a very large garden and other premises belonging thereto, in the occupation o » Mr. Fowler, who. will shew the same. N. B. The Fixtures to be taken at a fair valuation. Lots. A capital and compact ESTATE, called THe BELL, with two small Cottages adjoining, situate in* the parish of Minster, in the said Isle of Thanet, with ex-, cellent cellars, stables, and a most desirable garden, con- taining an acre of land, little more or less, in the occupation of Mr. Wellard and his undertenants, N. B. The Fixtures to be taken at a fair valuation, The whole of the above Estates have been redeemed from the land tax, and from their situation, trade, and condi- tion would form, if purchased in one lot, a very compact and complete business in the brewing line. The coach houses and stabling, with the buildings belonging to lot one, having; been formerly a brewhouse, and being supplied with water in the manner stated, can, with little expense, be con- verted into the same purpose again. Further particulars and conditions unv be known by ap- plying at the Office of Mr. WILLIAM HENry ABBOTT, Solicitor, Canterbury, ( if by letter, post- paid}. St, Margaret's, 6th Sept. NORWICH UNION OFFICE. GENERAL ASSOCIATION FOR PREVENTING ACCIDENTS BY ' AND REMUNERATING INDIVIDUAL SUFFERERS. <& jru0teesi: F I R E, The Right Hon, the EARL of OXFORD The. Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN The Right Hon. LORD SALTOUN LORD VISCOUNT BERNARD Sir GEORGE ARMYTAGE, Bart. SIR JOSEPH SCOTT, Burt. THE object of this INSTITUTION is to unite the whole Kingdom iipon a principle of mutual guarantee, and thereby to reduce the expence of Insurance as low as possible. This is effected by the Premiums not wanted lo defray Losses and Charges, being every Seven Years retimed to the insured. The Institution U- js existed 17 years, 37,000 Persons have become Members, and the re- payments have never been less than 50(. per cent. . For the better management of the affairs of the Society, Committees are appointed in different Towns, to whom is referred the investigation of losses ; any plans ( not inconsistent with the general principles of the Institution) which these local Boards may suggest to the Directors for the protection of property and for lessening the evils attendant on Fires, will lrave due attention. ,. The undermentioned Committees have already been appointed in tuts County:— CANTERBURY, SAMPSON KINGSFORD, Esq. Chairman. Mr. J. C. Woolley — G. Pike — F. Read — E. Kingsford Mr. G. Elwyn — S. Simmonds — H. Christian — W. Chalk Mr. T. White — J. Dyce — W. Bates Joseph Stewart, esq. Richard Emmerson, esq, Ash. •••••• William Friend, CM|. Pastry H. W. Harvey, esq. Goodnestone. James Heritage, esq. Ham Northborne • SANDWICH, Mr. A. Dombrain — J. Partridge — D. Decafour Custom House, London, August 24, 1813. WHEREAS it has been represented to the Com- missioners of his Majesty's Customs, that about two o'clock in the MORNING OF the2d instant, JOHN LANG- WORTHY and JOSEPH TAYLOR, Officers of the Custom's at Ramsgate, in the county of Kent, being on duty at a place called Jacob's Ladder* and about to seize a boat with a quantity of smuggled goods therein, were feloniously attacked by a number ot - armed Smugglers, who confined the said Officers, placed pistol's at their heads, and threatened their lives if they made any resistance, by which the said Officers were prevented from seizing only one bale of French silks which came out of the sard boat, The said Commissioners of his Majesty's Custom*, in order to bring to justice any one or more of the said offenders, are hereby pleased to offer a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS to any person or persons wiho s- hali discover, and apprehend, or cause to be discovered and apprehended, any owe or more of the said offenders, to be paid by the Collector ot his Ma- jesty's Customs at the port of Sandwich, upon conviction, By order of the Commissioners, G. DELAVAUD, Secretary. William Pettiman, esq. H. P. Hannam, esq. Thomas Hoile, esq. William Slaughter, esq. W. W. Bradly, esq. Preston Shoulden • • • Walmet • • • • , Wingham • • • Woodnesboro' George Culmer, esq, George Hooper, esq. G. U. Leith, esq. . Stephen Elgar, esq. Thomas Collett, esq. Mr. W. Phipps — W. Kingsford Mr. John Lake —- Thomas Gasquoine Wm. Winham Ash, esq. Richard Stanford, esq. H. Curteis, esq. J. B. Pomfret, esq. Mr. Richard Gorham — Edward Bishop Mr. Gilbert Caught —- Charles Thornton DOVER, Mr. J. W. PILCHER, Chairman. Mr. George Finch Mr. T. Mantle — W. Horsenaill J. Taylor SITTINGBOURN, Mr. W. LAKE, Chairman. Mr. William Eley — Michael Oakeshott Mr. Robert Seath — Wm. Geo. Gardiner Stephen Walter, esq. Mr. James Watts MAIDSTONE, THOMAS PACK, Esq. Chairman. Mr. Thos. Reynolds — Edward Tribe TENTERDEN, J. CURTEIS, Esq. Chairman. W. Elphicke, esq. Mr. S. Croughton R. W. Forbes, esq. J. Mace SHEERNESS, Mr. Wm. Head Mr. Thomas Webb — Wm. Hart Wm. Jackson RAMSGATE, Mr. ROBERT GEORGE, Chairman. Mr. James Austen — J. Hudson Mr. James Hillier James Stevenson Mr. H. Loud — T. B. Beck Mr. William Cleave — William Hartridge Mr. John Ranger —• Thomas Stroud Mr. R. Knight — J. Clarke Mr. John Forster — Wm. Ward Mr. Richard Kempley Edw. Shrewsbury C'ustont House, London, August 31, 1813; WHEREAS it has been represented to the Com- missioners of his Majesty's Customs, that abuut one o'clock in the morning of the 20th instant, THOMAS GRAHAM WOODCOCK, Tide- surveyor ot the Customs, at Margate, within the port of Sandwich, chased on shore in Pope's Bay, a galley rowed with ten oars and manned with seventeen or eighteen smugglers armed with fire arms, who violently beat the said Thomas Graham Woodcock and his Boatmen, with boat stretchers, and prevented the seizure ot a large quantity of smuggled goods then on board the said galley ; and that by reason thereof the said Thomas Graham Woodcock was only enabled to make seizure of the said galley, and a small quantity of the said goods. Two or three of the Smugglers were wounded by the fire arms of the Officer and his boatmen, and one of them very sc- verely in the face from the shot of a blunderbuss. The Commissioners oi his Majesty's Customs, in order to bring to justice the said offenders, are hereby pleased to offer a reward of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS to any person who will apprehend, or cause to be appret hended, any one or more of the said offenders, to be paid by the Collector of his Majesty's Customs at the Port ol Sandwich, upon conviction. By order of the Commissioners, D. CURLING, Pro Secretary. Custom House, London, 24th August 1813. WHEREAS it has been represented to the Com- missioners of his Majesty's Customs, that about nine o'clock in the night ot the 13th instant, WILLIAM GImber and SAMUEL HAWKeS, OfficerS O! the Customs, having seized a boat on the beach at the south end of the town of Deal, in the County of Kent, with a quantity of smuggled spirits on board in small casks, were violently assaulted and obstructed by a number of smugglers, who came out of a public house, called The Port Arms, in the said town of Deal, and forcibly took and carried away the said casks of spirits. The Commissioners of his Majesty's Customs, in order to bring to justice the said Offenders, are hereby pleased to offer a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, to any Person or Persons who shall discover' and apprehend, or cause to be discvered and apprehended, any one or more of the said Offenders, to be paid by the Collector or his Ma- jesty's Customs at the Port of Deal, upon Convictor.. By Order of the Commissioners, G DELAVAUD. Secretary. By tlie King's Royal Letters Patent. GODBOLD's VEGETABLE BALSAM,. Por Coughs, Consumpt ions, and Asthmas. THIS MEDICINE has been established for nearly 130 years, and, is allowed by many eminent physicians, to be the only efficacious remedy to he de- pended upon for curing the above complaints. The nu- merous ctnes that are daily performed, and which are attestid by persons of the first rank in this kingdom, would fill volumes. Copy of a letter to Messrs. GOdBOLDS, 3, Bloomsbury- Squiire : — Gentlemen,— I have the pleasure to inform you,, that your invaluable Vegetable Balsam, recommended to me by the Hon. Mr. Shirley, of Fulham, has perfec ly re- stored me to my former state of good healh. I was in a deep decline, and had taken , a number of other medi: cines, which failed of succes— With gratitude 1 remain, your obedient servant, ROBERT DAVIS. 9, Cumberland- place, Chelsea, May 11, 1813. Mrs. DOROTHY GAY, 116, Gray's- inn- lane, is cured of a consumption by taking o pints of the Vegetable Bal- sam ; she was under a course of medicine from the faculty 5 months, and found no relief.— Certificate of the cure the 14th of June, 1813. Stronger proofs of the efficacy of this medicine can- not be given than its being recommended by the follow- ing nobility :— . The most Noble Marquis of Lothian, the Right Hon. Viscount Dudley and Ward, the Right Hon Lords Mac- donald, Grantley, Fortescue, and Mountford, the Right Hon late Viscountess Dudley and Ward, Dowages Grantley, Falmouth, and Fortescue, Lady Appreece; Sir Francis Blake, Edward Newnham, John Coghill, and George Armstrong; Generals Doyle and Drouly Colonels Baker, Debath, Lenox, & c. N. B. Messrs. Godbold have established an institution for tire benefit of tlie poor and others, who cannot afford to pay the full price for the medicine, and have, iu con- sequence appointed it to be sold by Rouse, Kirkby, and Lawrence, Canterbury, and by one respectable Vender in every principal town in England, agreeably to the terms of the Charity, as well as at No. 3, Bloomsbury- square. ' nth THIS MONTH. S WIFT & Co. the Contractors, respectfully remind the Public, that. the STATE LOTTERY begins drawingwn the 17th of this Month, September, on which Day an additional Prize of TEN- THOUSAND POUNDS will be given to tbe FIRST TICKET DRAWN a Prize above £ 20.—' The first 1,000 Blanks drawn on this day will also receive £ 20 each.— The Lottery consists of only 12, OCO Tickets,- and the Scheme contains 2 2 5 6 7 50 2,330 • •• • Prizes of • • • • • • • Prizes of • Prizes of • ....... Piiz? s of Prizes of — Prizes of • • • • Prizes of £ 100 •£ 20,000 • 10,000 l, 0!) l » 500 200 and 20 Iu this L ittery there is no Prize under 20/. Persons in the Country may be supplied with Tickets and Shares, by sending their Orders, with Remittances; to SWIFT and Co.' s ' Offices. in London, viz. No. 11, Poultry; No. 12, Charing Cross ; and No. 31, Aldgate, H i^ h- street. orby application to their Agents,... J. Smith, printer, High- street, Maidstone, H. Else, Jeweller, Beach- street, Deal. J. Barnard, Postmaster, Sittingborne. J. Sprange, Postmaster, Tunbridge Wells. C. Townson, Printer, Chatham. J. Stone, Postmaster, Woolwich. : J. Rhodes, Druggist, Ramsgute. FOURTH day of SEPTEMBER instant, PUBLISHED pursuant to an Act ot Parliameut, passed in the 52d year of the reign of King George tlie Tlfl'rd/' CATFC'oS,^ intituled " granting to his Majesty, certain new and additional Duties of Assessed Taxes, and for consolidating the, same with the former Duties of Assessed Taxes." By Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, . MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. Residence. Ditto Queenborough Rainham Ditto Ditto Selling Throwley Upchurch KENT.— GAME CERT1FICATES FOR 1813. N Alphabetical List of Persons who have taken out GAME CERTIFICATES of TtntHE GUINEAS and a IIATF each, in the Ctfonty of Kent, made tip to the The undermentioned Acting Members hate been appointed, to znhom orders for Policies are to be given, Ashford Broadstairs • Brpokland « • Bromtey • • • Canterbury . Chatham • • • Cranbrook • « Deptford • Dover Faversham • » Folkstoie • • Farningham. Gravesend • Hythe Lenham ' Mr. John Elliot John Philpott P. King H. Prime C. Chapman C. and. W. Townson S. Reader D Paine O. Hambrook J. A. Arnold J. Boxer W. Atwood J. Smith G. Matthews G. Sedgewick Maidstone Warden Margate Minster Newenden Romney • Sandwich Sevenoaks » • » >. Sittingbourn • > • Smarden Tenterden Tollbridge Wells Woolwich • • • » • Westerhom • • • • Wrotham Mr. G. Hawkins John Osborne W. Munton J. Crump W. Harrison Thomas Woollett Daniel Hodgson D. Luckhurst G. Crump P. Chapman T. B. Shoobridge W. Baldock Robert Booth Thomas George John Martin " An Act lor Mr. BENJAMIN RAINES, Elms- House, Canterbury, General Agent for the County. Nearly TWO MILLIONS of Property is insured with this Institution in Kent alone. BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY. 62, Queen- Street, Cheapside, London. CHEAP, Durable, and Impenetrable PAINTS. ground in Linseed Oil, for Park Palings, Fences, Tiles, Slates, Plaster, and Stuccoed Fronts, Ship- painting, Out- buildings, and Weather- boarding of every description, Stone Colour • • per Cwt. 56s, Lead or Slate Colour-•- 569, Yellow 56s. Chocolate 66. Red •••• 40s. Prepared Oil, to thin the above for Use, 5s. 6 d. per Gallon. Invisible Green per Cwt. 56s. Dark Green 70s. Bright Olive Green • • - 112s. Black Paint 60s. White Paint 56s. Genuine sound i „ While Lead 56s. Turpentine per Gal. 13s. Od. Linseed Oil tis. 0s. Boiled Oil 6s. 6s. Tar per Bar 44s. 0s. Genuine ) „ , „ .. , Sperm. Oil \ verGal. 8s. od- Pale Seal Oil 5s. Od Chamber Oil 5s 6d. Pale Whale Oil 4s. 6d , . Pitch per CwU 22s. 0s, Fine Colours ot every kind, dry, or prepared for use, Painters' Brushes, Sec. The Impenetrable Paints are very ornamental, possess great durability, are a cure for the Worm and Dry Rot, and will stand in hot Climates. They ate peculiarly adapted for work xposed to the effects of weather, and may also he ap- plied with advantage to the general purposes ol useful inside painting, as they dry quick, and are very handsome in ap- pearance. They are used in the manner of other Paints, and require only to be thinned with the prepared Oil, the. White Paint excepted, which requires the addition of Turpentine. The Impenetrable Paintsn are sold in quantities not less than 28lbs. and can only be purchased of GEO. UPTON and Co. Oilmen and Colour Manufacturers, 62, Queen- street, 41, London Wall, and Kennet Wharf. N. B. These Paints are not prepared from Coal Tar or Fish Oil. HORNSBY & Co. Stock Brokers, respectfully acquaint their Country Correspondents, that they are selling Tickets und Shares in great variety, and at the lowest Pries, at their old established Office, 26, CORhiLL, LONDON, where all Prizes are paid on demand. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 2 Prizes of .£' 20,000 2 uf 10,000 Besides many other Capital Prizes, Only 12,000 Tickets, and no Prize less than .£ 20, The First 1.000 Blanks will be entitled to ,£ 20 each. The First Prize above .£ 20 on the First Day will be entitled to £ 10,000. The FirstPrize above £' 20 on t he Second Day will be entitled to £ 20,000. Letters by Tost, or Parcels bv Carrier, will be executed with fidelity and dispatch. Drawing begins on the 17th ( September) Next Month. Tickets and Shares are selling by Mr. R. LONG, Library, Deal, Agent to HOrNSBY & Co. OlTCE is hereby given to aft persons whom may concern, that application will be made to Par- liament in the next Session, for leave lo bring in a Bill lo empower certain persons therein to be named, to erect n NEW WORKHOUSE, and to provide for the bet; er management, employment, and relief of the Poor, in the parish of Lewisham, in the county of Kent. And Notice is hereby also given, that Provisions are intended to be pro posed in such Bill for the better collection of the Parochial Hales in the said parish, for preventing persons gaining set- tlements by the rental ot small Tenements ; and for lighting, watching, cleansing, and otherwise improving the streets and public places in the said parish, and tor preventing nuisances and obstructions thereon. THOS. W. PARKER, Solicitor. Lewisham, Sept. 3.1813. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, liy Mr. JAMES ED MED, PURSUANT to an Order of the High Court of. Chancery, made in a cause, LEYburn and others against CUMMINgs and others, with the approbation of FRANCIS PAUL STRATFORD, esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the FAlCON TAVERN, at Gravesend, in the county of Kent, on WEDNESDAY, the 22d day of Septem- ber, 1813, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in four Lors, Lot 1. A Piece of GARDEN GROUND, on the North- side of the New Road, Gruvesend, opposite to Lot 4, now unoccupied. Lot 2. A substantial and recently erected brick MESSU AGE or TENEMENT, ( adjoining Lot 3.) with the appur- tenances, in the occupation of Mrs. Sharpe, widow, as te- nant from year to year at the yearly rent of 16(. Lot- 3. A convenient and substantial brick MESSUAGE or'TENEMENT, wilk bakehouse, yard and appurtenances, situate on the north- side of the New Road, Gravesend, in the County of Kent, in the occupation of Mr. James Sutcliffe, under a leas" for a term- whereof six yeais . and a half were unexpired at Midsummer, 1813, at the clear yearly rent of 30/. Lot 4. A valuable piece of GARDEN GROUND, si- tuate on the south- side rif the New Road, Gravesend, well stocked with fruit trees, with large summer- house erected thereon now unoccupied. This Lot and Lot 1, are well adapted for building on. Particulars may be had gratis, at the said Master's Cham hers, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- lane, London ; of Mr. EDMED, and at the Falcon, Gravesend, and ol Messrs. COOPER and LOWE, in Southampton Buildings aforesaid. EVERY ONE OF the following Twenty- one Capitals were all drawn last Lottery, aud every one Sold by T. BISH, and his Agents, 3,237 •• a Prize of •• .£ 20,000 9,190 10,050 Names. Mockett, John, esq. Morton, Thos. Matson, Wm. Malson, Robt. Marsh, Rev G. P. Morgan, Geo. esq. Marshall, John Mansfield, Jas. Matson, John Matson, John, jun. Morrison, Geo. Murton. Wm. Mitchell, Rich. Murton, Wm. Milliard, Jas. esq. Madewell, Dan. esq. Mills, Thos. esq. Martyr, Joseph, esq. Martyr, Thos. esq. Mungeam, Wm. Minto, Major Wm. Markett, Francis, esq. May, William Munn, George Murton, George Mackenzie, Rev. Wm. Morphett, Rich. Morphett, John Monro. Alex. esq. Major, Henry, gent. Mockett, Wm. Mutlow, Rev. T. A. Mount, Henry Montesquieu, Baron de Marlborough, Jas. Methuen, C. L. esq. May, Joseph, esq. Miller, Thos. gent. Moore, Rev. Geo. Martin, John, gent. Milner, Chas. esq. Miller, John Morris, James Miller, Rich. Miller, John Martin, Thos. Miller, John Martin, James Murton, Rich. Manvell, Jas. Martin, Thos. Monckton, Edw. Malyn, John Mercer, Thos. Mercer, Robt. Miller, Thos. Miller, W in. Marryatt, Jos. esq. Merry, Wm. Mumford, John, esq. Mumford, Wm. esq. Morris, H. Muggeridge, Thos. Muggeridge, Wm. Mace, John . Martin, Rev. J. M. Marter, Wm. esq. Mosyer, Thos. Mosyer, P. Residence. St. Peter's, Thanet Bredgar Borden Ditto Hernhill Preston Queenborough Rainham Rodmersham Ditto Sittingbourn. Tunstall Upchurch Faversliam Greenwich Woolwich Ditto Greenwich Ditto Meopham Chatham Meopham Hoo Little Chart Charing Smarden Wittersham Ditto Cheriton Folkstone Christ Church Ditto Nackington Bridge Seasalter St. George St Mary Northgate Nettlested Wrotham Stansted Preston Hall Yalding Ditto West Farleigh Ditto Wrotham Wouldham Snodland Trottiscliffe Ditton East Peckham Ditto Headcorn Ditto Ditto Bredhurst Ditto Lewisham Ditto Sutton at Hone Ditto Dartford Horton Ditto Bexley Keston Knockholt Orpington St. Mary's Cray Names, Panton, E. jun. Priestley, Capt. Packman, C. H. Pell, William Pack, John, jun. Packman, J. T, Pain, Wm. Palmer, John Perkins, John Percivall, John, esq. Peacock, Wm. Parrell, Chas, esq. Parrell, Steph. esq. Pym, Wm. esq. Prebble, Rich. Phillips, Rev. Luke Powell, Rev. B. Pettit, Wm. Pemble, Wm. esq. Pratt, John Prentis, Walter Petley, James Payne, S. J. esq. Paine, Geo. Pye, Thus. Paine, Geo. Pope, VVm. gent. Punnett. John, gent. Pentold, Steph. esq. Pembrook, John Pett, John Peckham, R. esq. Page, Robt. Pembrook, Gilbert Plomer, Geo. esq. Plomer, Geo. jun. esq. Partridge, John, esq. Perfect, Geo. Paggitt, John Phillips, Thos. Philpott, John Pierson, Rich. Poss, Edw. Poole, John Pain, Thos. Peall, Edw. Peall, John Pemble, Isaac Pope, Horatio Pack, J. H. Pearman, James Page, James, jun. Penton, Geo. Pawley, John Phillips, Geo. J Page, Geo. Price, J. A. Quested, Robt. Faversham Charlton Greenwich St Paul, Deptford Ditto Greenwich Shorne Milton next Graves. Allhallows Eastgate, Rochester Cobham St. Nich. Rochester Cuxtone St. James', Grain Chatham Crundall Charing Wittersham Folkstone Ditto Ditto Hearne Hoath Beaksbourn Westbere Slurry St. Mary Bredman Ditto St. George West Malling Wrotham Ryarsh West Farleigh Wouldham Aylesford Maidstone Lenhain Maidstone Ditto Bredhurst Maidstone Ditto Lee Erith Lewisham Farningham Chelsfield Bromley Ditto Iwade Names. Stevens, Will. Sharp, John Swift, John, jun. Sutton, Rev, E. L. Smart, Wm. Smith, John Smith, Chas. Sutton, Rev. F. M. Shepherd, John Smith, Geo. Smith, James, esq. Quihampton, Thos. esq. Sallwood I) II. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC FILLS, for Dis- Achs arising from indigestion or free living; for Bilious, Gouty, a, nd Rheumatic Complaints, and for Colds, slight Fevers, & C. By kindly assisting nature in the due dis- charge of the animal functions, they preserve health,, and promote longevity; are the best general family medicine, and are particularly convenient for Travellers, as they are mild in their operation, and do not require any confine ment,— Sold by F. Newberry and Sons, No. 45, St. Paul'j Church- yard, and by Rouse, Kirkby, and Lawrence* Canterbury, and by their Agent's in the Country, price 4s. 6d. a box, containing thirty- six pills.— Be sure that the name " F. Newberry," is engrave:! in the stamp* 7,112 • ,£ 3.000 19,288 ..£ 300 18,131 • 2,000 4,643 ••• . • 200 496 • 1,000 7,0^ 3 .. 200 7,883 • 1.000 7,085 .. 200 8,931 • 1,000 7,324 .. 200 10,497 • 1,000 11,430 • • 200 6,680 • 500 13.285 • • 200 14,545 500 18,881 • • 200 15,388 500 19,393 • • 200 16,117 30O be. & c. The above unparalleled Success accounts for the extraor- dinary demand experienced at BISH's Offices for the present Lottery, which consists of but 12,000 Tickets, yet has Two Trixes'of ' 20,000/. Two of 10,00 ) l. aud not any Prize less than 20/. adrled to which, the First 1,000 Blanks will be entitled to l20l. each. The whole Lottery will be drawn in Two days, commencing 17th September, on which Day the First Ticket drawn above 20/. will be entitled to an addi- tional Prize of 10,000/. , TICKETS ANd SHARES ARE SELLING BY H. BENJAMIN, Bookseller, Rochester. R. KING, Bookseller, Sheemess. T. FISHeR, Bank, Gravesend. J. EVENDEN, Druggist, Tunbridge. J. NASH, Bookseller, Tunbridge Wells. J. JuDGE, 16, St rand- street, Dover, S. WILLIAMS, Linen Draper, Deal. W. RODEN, Library, Hythe. T. CRANE, Hatter, Maidstone. J. JudgE, King's Head, Harbour. street, Ramsgate. J. CLARK, Garner's Library, Margate.— AND BY T. BISH, Stock- Broker, 4, Cornhill, and 9>' Charing- Cross. IF TI1E PERSONS who continually find relief, by the use of BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINT- MENT, from that most disagreeable disorder, the ITCH, were not prevented by the nature of the, complaint from giving their testimony in favour of this invaluable Re- medy, no other prool would be necessary of its superior claims to the attention of the afflicted. Thousands have been effectually curjcl by ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION of this Remedy, which has been in general use for up- wards of eighty years, without a single instance of its having failed to cure the most inveterate cases. It does not contain the smallest particle of Meicury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and maybe safely used by persons of the most delicate constitution. The public are requested to observe, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Names of the . Proprietors, BARCLAY and SONS, are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each Box; and great danger may arise from, the neglect of this Caution.— Sold w hob sale and retail by BARCLAY and SONS, ( the only successors to JACKSON and Co.) No. 95, Fleet- Market. London, price is. 9J. duty included; and by their appointment,, by Rouse, Kirkby, and Lawn nee, Goldfinch, and Batcs: Canterbury ; Ledger and Shaw, Neales and Son, Dover Christian, Long, Sharp, Richard Smith, Deal 5 Cocking and Son, Sandwich; Burgess, Sawyer, Ramsgate; Silver, Witherden, Hoil « , and Pallister, Margate Ro- den, Hythe; Andrews, Elliott, Bradley, Ashford, Chambers, Tenterden ; Meryon, Rye 5 Wood, Witter- sham ; Senior, Sittingboutn • * Etherington, Chatham j Benjamin, Rochester; and Dadd, Gravesend, Noakes, John, jun. Noakes, John, sen, Nethersole, Wm. Noakes, Joseph Noakes, Wm. Noakes, Geo. Noakes, Geo. gent Nash, Chas. Newell, Jos. esq. Neame, John, esq. Nicholas, John O. Noakes, Jarvise Norwood, C. Y. gent. Noyes, George Neame, Austin Neame, Thos. Napier, Chas. esq. Newton, Rev. D. H. Norton, Steph. Newman, Wm. Norris, Win. Nowers, John Newman, Dorset Nettleingham, Wm. Notley, Sam. Norman, G. esq. Norman, G. jun. Norman, Edm. Oxenden, Sir H. bart. Oxenden, H. C. esq. Oxenden, G. C. esq. Oldman, Henry Oakshott, John Oakshott, Mich. Osmer, T. S. esq. O'Reilly, A. A. Overy, Wm. . Onslow, Rev. A. Olive, Robt. Great Mongeham Ditto Northborne Deal Ditto Ditto Sandwich Rainham Woolwich Ditto Eastgate, Rochester Shorne Ashford Crundall Chislet Ditto St. Mary, Northgate Wroihain Ditto Billing Headcom Otterden Sutton at Hone Stone Ditto Bromley Ditto Knockholt Barliam Ditto Ditto Ospringe Sittingbourn. Ditto Gillingham Maidstone Ditto Crayford Ash Reynolds, Henry Rigden, John Read. Wm. esq. Ratcliff, Rich. Rucke, Rich. Rutton, Thos. esq. Rich, Robt. Ruff. Thos. Read, Henry Rigden, Wm. Rigden, John Read, James, esq. Rose, Thomas Rich, Geo. esq, Rogers, W. H. Rey, Lieut. Col. Richardson, Geo. Ring, Geo. Rachell, John Rose, John, gent. Read, Edw. Rushbroke, Robt. esq, Ross, Colonel Richardson Wm. Roper, Stephen Roper Bachelor Rachell, Geo. Read, Richard Romney, Rt. Hn. Earl of Mo Russell, John Maidstone Adisham Wingham Dover Bredgar Newington Ospringe Roadborough Sittingborne Sheldwich Favershatn Ditto Woolwich Rochester . Milton next Graves. Gravesend Gillingham Gravesend - Belhcrsden Charing Folkstone Whitstable St. George St. Mray Bredin Wrytham Hollingbome Ditto Chart Sutton Lenhatn Smith, Lord- Henry, esq. Ditto Slade, John, esq. Stokes, Henry, esq. Savage, John, Spence, Capt. H. H. Stunt, John, esq. Smither, John Seedwicks, Joseph Solomon, Joseph Smith, George, esq. Sandiers, George Smith, George Sandiers, R. J. esq. Swift, Thomas Schuebblie, J. C. Smith, John Stoddart, Rev. Charles Snoad, Wm. Saddleton, Joseph Sutton, John, gent Sankey, Sam. jun. Swaffer, John, gent.. Smithy, George Sankey, Richard Sankey, Samuel Swaffer, Dan. jun. Spicer, Fitch Stephens M. Sims, John Sawbridge, S. E. esq. Sankey, Rich. Sladden, George Staines, Wm. Sayer, Stephen Sladden, Isaac Simmonds, Stephen Southee, Richard Stewart, John esq. Summerfield, R. R. Simpson, John jun. esq, Spencer, Henry esq. , Starnes, Lawrence Spong, Wm. Spong, Daniel Selby. James esq. Sanders, Thos. Skudder, Thos. Sharp, Stephen ; Shirly, Edw. jun. Shirley, Wm. jun. Smythe, James Smythe, Wm. Sage, Wm. Smyth, Jas, Stacey, Courtney Selby, George Residence. Minster Sheppy Ditto Ditto Preston Rainham Sittingborne Tonge Tuustall Faversham Ditto * Woolwich Springett, Charles Sedgwick, Thos. jun, Sherwood, Edw, Sanders, John Sherer, Hen. Stone, Robt. Saunders, J. F. Scott, John Staples, Thos. Stow, Thus. Skeggs, Thos. Skeggs, Thos. Stringer, Thos. Plumptre, John, esq. Frogham Borough Plumptre, John, jun. esq. Ditto Prebble, Edw. Barham Potter, Robt. Shebbertswold Parker, John Northhonrn Percy, Hon. & Rev. Hugh Bishopsbourn Panton, Thos. ' ' Milton ' '' : Rugg, Robt. Ruse, Joseph Rugg, John Robinson, Geo. Rawlins, Edw. Russell, James Ray, Nicholas Reeves, Rich. Randall, James Sladden, J. B esq, Sladden, Isaac Sankey, John Swinford, John Swinford, Stephen Smith, Francis, gent. Salusbury, Rev. J. T. Slater, John, esq. Stringer, Benj. esq. Sayer, Rev. John Smith, Roger Squire, S. S. Strouts, Edmund Seath, Robt. Swift, Thos. Sands, Thos. Debiling Loose Broomfield Eltham . Dartford Horton Ditto Beckenham Ditto Ripple Eastry Barham Minster Sarr St. Johns, Thanet Ditto Ditto Dover Eastling Ditto Hernhill Kingsdown Murston Minster, Sheppy Diu^ Gillingham Eastgate, Rochester Cobham St." Margaret, Roch. Gillingh'am Milton, next Graves. St, Mary's Shorne Meopham Gillingliam High Halstow Gillingham Ditto St. Nicholas, Roch. St. James, Grain Ashford Brookland - Chartham, Ditto Ditto Great Chart Chartham. Hastingleigh Ditto Kingsnorth Pluckley Smarden Wittersham Wye Thanington Hearne Reculver Ditto Ditto St. Gregory Beakesbourne St. Mary, Northgate Aylesford Shipborne Wrotham Yalding Snodland Aylesford West Mailing Wateringbury Hunton Maidstone Chart Suttoa Ditto Ditto Ditto Maidstone Ditto Ditto Ditto Linton Ditto Bicknor Otterden Maidstone Ditto Northcray Ditto Hayes Farnborough Ditto Ditto Cudham Names* Tilt, Wm Tassell, James Tylden, Sir John Tapley , Daniel, gent. Tournay-, Isaac, esq. Terry, Wm. . Taswell, Wm. esq. Tassell, Wm. Tharp, Robt. Town, John Turner, Thos, esq. Taylor, James, jun. Terry, Wm. jun; Tomkin, John, jun. Turner, Rich. Turner, Thos. Twiselton, Hon. W. Tanner, Thos. Thorpe, Wm. Talbot, Robt. esq. Taylor, F. W. Vallance, Thos. Vidgen, Thos. Vaine, Wm. Usmar John. esq. Upton, Robt. Sydney, Rt. Hn. Ld. Vis. Chislehurst Shorter, George Scott, Sam, esq, Swaisland, AmoS Stoneham, Edw. Stonex, Benj. Smith, Rev. J. Sandham, Chas. Shutter, T. A. Sears, John Sears, Thos. Swaisland, John Steward, Joseph Small John Swaisland, Jas. Simpson, John Sanders, Thos. Solomon, John Skeen, G. W Tomlin, F. A. Tournay, Rev. Wm. Tomlin, Robt. esq. Tomlin, R. S. gent Taylor, Jas. Toker, Edw. esq. Tylden, Osborne,, esq. Token, John, esq. Twopeny, Wm. esq. Tress, Wm, Thomas, James Turner, George, esq. Twopeny Edw. Tylden, John, esq. Thompson, Rich, esq, Tadman, Peter, jun. Tylder, Rev. R. O, Bromley Ditto Crayford Ditto East Wickham . Eltham Ditto Lewisham Dartford Ditto Southfleet Lullingston Swancombe Ditto Beckenham Bexley Ditto Ditto Bishopsboume Denton St. John's, Thanet Ditto Doddington Harty Milsted Ospringe Tunstall Upchurch Greenwich Woolwich St. Nicholas, Roch. Northfleet St. Nicholas, Roch, Higham Chilham Wood, John, esq. Wootton, Thos, White, Jas. Wyborn, Wm. Wybourn, Jas. esq. Willyams, Rev. Cooper White, Jas. Wood, John, gent. Wood Thos. gent. Wraight, Thos. West, Henry, esq Webb, G. Wise, John Wise, George, jun. Wrench, Chas. Wrighte, Rev. T. W. Wildash, Isaac Wraight, Wm. sen. Whitnall, Robt. Wilson, Wm. Wright, Thos. Waters, John Wallar, John Wallar, Thos. Williams, Sir Thomas Whitehead, Walter Wylde, Wm. esq. Wigzell, Eustace . Welch, John, esq. Wells, Robt. Woodgate, Thos. Wickham, Edw. William, R. M. gent. Whitfield, Wm. Witherden, Geo. esq. Weekes, John Weekes, Jas. Wildman, J. B. esq. Wootton, H. D. Wilks, J. P. Wood, Wm. sen. Wyborn, John, gent. Walker, Robt. Webb, R. A. esq. Watts, Jas. Wootton, John Windson, E C. esq. White, Wm. Wood, Rev. R. Whitehead, John Whitaker, Rd. esq. Woodger, Thos. Ward, Rich. Woollett, Thos. Wimble, John Welfear, Thos. jun. Williams, Wm. Winter, Sam. Whitting, Ant. Wayth, Chas. Woolley, Wm. Webb, John Webb, Wm. Webb, Rich. Wise, Stacey Wood, Wm. Wise, Biddingfield Wallace, Alex. Wallace, George Warner, Jos. Warner, Steph Watson, Ge0. Whitehead, Chas. Wall, Thos. Wilmott, Geo. Wilks, Fred. Wilks, Jos. Wilks, Robt. Warde, John Ware, Rowland Walter, John Wilksf R. D. Woodhams, Wm. Wakefield, Jos. Wood, Walter Wareing, Thos, Waring, Robt Monday, September 13. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. COLONIAL DEPARTMENT. Downing- street, Sept. 7, 1813. A dispatch. of which the following is an extract, has been received by Earl Bathurst, one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, from Lieut. Geo. Sir George Prevost, Bart. Kingston, upon Canada, July 3, 1313. I have the honour to transmit to your Lordship copies of Letters from Col. Vincent, and Lieut.- Col. Biss- hop, and o the papers accompanying them, contain- ins; tile highly gratifying intelligence of the capture, on the 24th ult, of a body of the enemy's forces, consist- ing of two field officers, 21 other officers of different ranks, 27 non commissioned officers, and 462 private , together with a stand of colours, and two field pieces. The details of this gallant affair, which reflects so much credit on our Indian allies, as well as upon Lieut. Fitzgibbon for the promptitude and decision with which he availed himself of the impression their attack had made upon th* enemy, will, I have no doubt, be read hy your Lordship with great satisfaction. Since the surprise of the enemy's camp at Stoney Creek, on the 6th ult. and their subsequent retreat from the Forty Mile Creek, in which almost the whole of their camp equipage, together with a quantity ol . Stores and provisions, fell into our hands, Major- Gen. Dearborn has withdrawn the troops from Fort Erie, and has concentrated his forces at Fort George. Colonel Vincent has in consequence made a forward movement from the head of the lake, in order to sup- port the light infantry and Indian warriors, who are employed in circumscribing the enemy, S'> as to com- pel them to make use ol their own resources lor the maintenance of their army. Major- Gen. de Rottenburgh has assumed the com- mand of the centre division of the army of Upper Ca- ada After the squadron under Commodore Sir James Yeo had shewn itself off the Forty Mile Creek, which principally determined the enemy to retreat from that position, it was very successfully employed in interrupting and cutting off their supplies going from the Genesee River, and their other settlements upon the southern shore of the Lake; five small ves- sels with provisions, clothing, and other articles, were taken, and several loaden boats were captured, and some destroyed. SIR, Forty Mile Creek, June 25. I have the honour to transmit to your Excellency a report I received fro n Lieut.- Col. Bisshopp. com- manding the troops in advance, of the success of a Shirmish with a strong detachment of cavalry and in- fantry, advancing with iwo field- pieces. To the vigilance ol Lieut- Col. Bisshopp I feel much indebted, and beg leave to refer your Excellency to his report of the conduct of the officers and men under his Command, which is deserving every commendation. cannot but particularise that of Lieut. Fitzgibbon, 49th reg. commanding a small reconnoitring party. Co operating with the Indians, through whose address in entering into the capitulation, your Excellency will perrene by Lieut- Col. Bisshopp's report, that the sur. render of the American detachment is to be attributed. — 1 beg leave to recommend this officer to your Excel lency's, protection. I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) JOHN VINCENT, Col. His Excellency Sir G. Prevost, & C. Sir Beaver, Dam, June 24, 1813. I have the honour to inform you, that the troops you have done me the honour to place under my command, have succeeded this day in taking prisoners a detachment of the United Stales army, under the command of Lieutenant- Colonel Boerstler., in this affair the Indian warriors, under the com- mand of Captain Kerr, were the only force actually engaged— to them great merit is due, and to them I feel particularly obliged lor their gallant conduct on this occasion, On the appearance of the detachment of the 49th regiment, under Lieutenant Fitzgibbon, and the light company of the 8th or King's, regiment, the two flank companies of the 104th, under Major De Haren, and the provincial cavalry, under Captain Hall, the whole surrendered to his Majesty's forces. To the conduct of Lieutenant Fitzgibbon, through whose address the capitulation « as entered into, may be attributed the surrender of the American force. To Major De Haren, for his speedy movement lo the point of attack, and execution of the arrange- ments I had previously made with him, I am very much obilged. I have ihe honour to enclose the capitulation en tered into between Colonel Boerstler and myself, and a return of prisoners taken, exclusive ol wounded, not yet ascertained. I lost no time in forwarding my Staff- Adjutant, Lieutenant Barnard, to communicate to you this in- telligence. lie has been particularly active and ustlui to me upon all occasions. I lake this opportunity oi mentioning him lo you, and beg the favour ot you to recommend him to his Excellency Sir G. Prevost, as mi active and promising young officer. I have honour to be, & c, ( Signed) CECIL BISHOPP, Lieut. Col. commanding the troops in advance. Township of Louth, June 24, 18IS. Sir.— At De Coris this morning, about 7 o'clock, 1 received information that ah ut one thousand of llie enemy, with two guns, were advancing towards me from St. David's. I soon after heard a firing of can- non and musketry, and in consequence rode in ad- vance two miles on ihe St. David's road ; I discovered by the firing, that the enemy was moving for the road on the mountain. I sent off Cornet M'Xenney to order out my detachment of the - 19th, consisting of a subaltern and forty- six rank and file, and closed upon the enemy lo reconnoitre. I discovered him on the mountain road, and took a position on an eminence to the right of it. My men arrived and pushed on in his front to cot off his retreat, under a fiie'from his Jiuns, which, however, did no execution. After ex • mining Ins positions, I was informed he expected re- inforcements, I therefore decided upon summoning kim to surrender. After the exchange of several pro- positions between Lieutenant- Colonel Boerstler and myself, in the name ol Lieutenant- Colonel De Haren, Lieutenant- Colonel Boerstler agreed to surrender on the terms staled io the articles of capitulation. On my return to my men lo send on an officer to superin tend the details of the Surrender, you arrived, I have the honour lo be, & c. ( Signed) J. FITZGIBBON, Lieutenant, 49th foot June 84, 1813. Particulars of the Capitulation made between Capt. M'Dowell, on the part of Lieut. Col. Boerstler, of the United States Army, and Major De Haren, of his Britannic Majesty's Canadian Regiment, on the part of I. ieut- Col. Bisshopn, commanding the advance of the British, respecting the Force. under the Commund oj Lieut.- Col. Boerstler. 1st That Lieut.- Colonel Boerstler, and the force under his cuimnaun, shall surrender prisoners of war. 2d. That the officers shall retain their arms, horses, and baggage. 3d. That the non commissioned officers and soldiers shall lay down their arms at the head of the British column, and become prisoners of war. 4lh. That the militia and volunteers, with Lieul.- Colonel Boerstler, shall he permitted lo return to the United States on parole, Return of American prisoners taken near Fort George, 24lh June, 1813. Total— 1 lieutenant- colonel, 1 major, 6 captains, 13 lieu- tenants, 1 cornet, 1 surgeon, serjeants, 2 drummers, 462 rank and file. Thirty militia released on parole, not included in this return. Offices Names and Rank, Lieut Dragoons, Cornet Bird.— Light Artillery, Captain M'Dowell, Lieut. Morris.— 6th Regiment Infantry, Captain M'Kenney, Lieut. Shell.— 14th Ditto, Licut.- Col. Boerstler ;, Captains M'Kenzie, Cumings, and Flemming; Lieutenants Saunders, Amdell, Karney, Marshall, Waring, Mudd, Mur- dock, Goodwin, Clarke, Robinson, and Bundall; Surgeon Young. - 20Ui Ditto, Major Taylor,-— 23d Ditty, Captain Roach. Return of Ordnance, & c. taken. 1 twelve- pounder, 1 six- pounder, 2 cars, stand of colours, of the 14th United States' regiment. „_."•' The loss of the enemy supposed to- be about one hundred in killed and wounded. Admiralty Office, September 11. 1813. Admiral the . Right Hon. Sir J. B. Warren, hart, ind K. B has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, sq a letter from Captain Rattray, of his Majesty's sloop Contest, dated the 14th of July, in Potowmac River, which stales, that the cutters of the Contest and Mohawk brig, under the directions of Lieut. Curry of the Contest, assisted by Lieut. Hutchinson f the Mohawk, had pursued into a narrow inlet, called Yeacomoco Creek, three or four mlles up, Ihe United States schooner Asp, mounting one long eight- teen- pounder gun and two eighteen- pounder carro- iades, with swivels, & c having twenty- five men, and commanded by a lieutenant — The enemy had hauled the schooner close to the beach, under the protection of a large body of militia. Lieut. Curry advanced, notwithstanding a very heavy fire from the schooner and the shore, and as sisted by the cool and determined bravery of the of- ficers and crew, boarded and carried ihe vessel in a few minutes.— Two men in the boats were killed and six wounded ; among the latter, Lieut. Curry, slightly ; whose conduct is highly commended, as also that of Lieut. Hutchinson, and Messrs. Morey, Bradford, and Tozer, Midshipmen, on this occasion,— The lieu- enant of the schooner was killed, and seveial of her crew drowned Admiralty Office, September 10 1813. The Midshipman ol the Ajax, who was killed du- ring the assault upon the island of Santa Clara, on the 27th August last, and ot which mention was made the Gazette of the 4th ol this month, was Mr. Henry Moore, [ This Gazette also contains a list of captures made by the squadron under the orders of ihe Right Hon. Sir J. B. Warren, bart. and K. B Admiral of the Blue and Commander in Chief ot his Majesty's ships and vessels employed and to be employed on the American • nil West Ltd n Station between the 30th of March ind the 22 1 . liilv, 1313, amounting in the total to 133, principally American" ] Whitehall, September 11, 1813. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has heen pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to- nominate Lieut.- Gen. the Earl of Dallhouse, Lieut.- Gen. the Hon. Wm. Stewart, Major.- Gen. George Moray, Quarter- Master- Gen. and Major- Gen. the Hon. Edw Michael Pakenham, Adjutant- Gen to the Army under the command to the Marquis of Welling- ton, to be Extra Knights of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. War- Office, September 11, 1813 1st Regiment of Dragoons, Cornet C Blois to be Lieute- nant, without purchase, vice Bagwell, appointed to the 4th Dragoon Guards. Magniac, gent, to be Cornet, vice Blois. 23- 1 Regiment of- Light Dragoons, Capt. J. M Cutcliffe to be Major, by purchase, vice Boles, who retires. Lieut. G Battersby to be Captain of a Troop, by purchase, vice Cutcliffe. Cornet W. Knevett to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Cowderoy, who retires. 50th Regiment of Foot, Lieut Col. Chas Napier, from the 103d Foot, to Lieutenant- Colonel, without purchase, vice Chabot, placed upon hall- pay. 71st Ditto, Capt. L. Walker to be Major, without pur- chase, vice Reynell, promoted 95th Ditto, Brevet Major S. Mitchell to be Major, with- out purchase, vice Joint, promoted in the 60th Foot. Bourbon Regiment. Major H. C Brisco, from half- pay of Bradshaw's late levy, to be Major, vice Barry, who exchanges. De Roll's Regiment, Major- General Francis Baron Rot tenburgh, from the 60th Foot, to he Colonel, vice Roll, de- ceased. All dated September 2, 1813. Bankrupts to surrender at Guildhall, London. Frederick Doggett,' Kent- road, Surrey, corn and coil- merchant, Sept. 91, 2. i. October 43, at ten. Attor- ney, Mr, Hamerton, Bishopsgate- street. Richard Lombard, Bainbridge- street, St Giles's, plais- terer. Sept 20, at six. 21 at twelve, October 93, at j eleven. Attorney, Mr. Shearman, Bloomsbury. Moses Abrahams, Sheerness, Kent, slopseller. Sept 20. at six, 21, at twelve, October 23, at eleven. Attor ney, Mr. A. Issacs, Saint Mary- Axe. James Work, Lloyd's Coffee house, insurance- broker, Sept. 18, 25, Ociober 23, at twelve, Attornies, Messrs. Reard- n and Gracechurch street. Joseph Perry, King's Arms- Passage, Cornhlll, broker, Sept. 17, October, 23, lone. Attorney, Mr. Dodd, Billiter lane Bankrupts to surrender in the County William Winter, Bristol, linmnn, Sept. 14. 21), October 23. at twelve, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol At- tornie, Messrs. Vizare and Hutchinson, Lincoln's inn, London; or Messrs. W. and J. Henry, Bristol William Ivimy, Portsea; Southampton, baker, Sept 24, at one, 25, at elev n, Oct, hr r 23, at one, at th George Inn, Portsmouth. Attornies, Mr. Poulden Portsea, or Mr Shelton, Session's house, London. Joseph Mayo Stiles, Frome Selwood, Somerset, clothier, Sept 23 24, October 23, at ten, at the George Inn, Frame Selwood. Attornies, Mr. Gilbert Rotton, Frome- Selwood, or Messrs. W. and E. Ellis, Hatton. garden, London. Richard Hutton, Bishop- Wearmouth, Durham, joiner and cabinet- maker, Sept. 27, October 1, 23, at eleven, at tlv Bridge Inn, Bishop Wearmouth Attoinies. Mr. Blakiston, Symonds Inn, London, of Mr. Edward Hinde, Bishop- Wearmouth. Thomas Davies, Cardiff, Glamorgan. victualler) Sept. 17, 18, October 23, at eleven, at the Bear Inn, Cow- bridge. Attornies Mr. Gregory, Chancery lane, Lon- don, or'Mr. Basset, Cowbridge. Glamorgan, proofs, where we sheltered ourselves til the hurricane subsided and permiitted us to resume our quarters.— Severely as we suffered here, it is nothing in com- parison of the destruction at Fort Royal ; and the ca- lumnies at St. Pierre, excelled all. Upwards of 40 men perished in the harbour; and all the shipping is lost, there was one uncommonly fine ship, the Walts; she wast lie largest merchantman ever seen at St. Pierre, and had oil hoard the produce of eight estates, ready to proceed to Europe. In a fews minutes she was actu- ally in pieces The unfortunate Captain saw the danger coming on, and might have escaped by an exertion upon ( he instant ; but running down to the cabin to save his writing- desk, with some important papers, before he could regain the deck the ship was gone to the bottom. It is singular enough, that the only thing saved from the wreck of this great vessel, is the very writing- desk, in attempting to save which the poor captain Inst his life ! Numbers of merchants here have been totally ruined by this calamity. The Planters are without provisions to feed their Negroes ; and if Providence dries not send some unlooked for assistance, a famine most ensue. The only consola- tion that we have is, that a hurricane has always the effect of purifying ihe air, and rendering the climate healthy— so does the goodness of the Almighty pro- duce some benefit from the greatest evil!" A letter from Bridgetown, Barbadoes, dated July 24, says—< l We feel much regret in having to recount the losses sustained at this anchorage. Oil Thursday the was the highest, when the pressure of the atmosphere , was so extemely great, and there was such a verv thick fall of snow that beat against the balloon with so much violence, thnt it was with the utmost diffi Culty be could open the valve, when he descended a short distance over Burford, when he heard the people shouting, and he waved his flag to them, he rose again to avoid descending on Wedgwood Forest, being fearful of being entangled with trees. He descended vv. th very little difficulty, at ten mi- nutes before six, iu a field near Chadlington- bridge, a short distance from Chipping- Norton. The first man that approached him was armed with a pitchfork, who cried, " Lord, Sir, where have you come from?" He was afterwards assisted by the Rev. G D. Davis, and a number of others, who rendered him every possible assistance. He proceeded to Oxford, where he slept and was accompanied here by a cousin Since ins arrival he has been chaired round the town, and lin horses taken off. ACCIDENT.— Sunday last, as C. Codrington, Esq. and Mr. James Wyatt, the architect, were on their journey to London, in a chariot and four horses, about three miles below Marlborough, they were met by a return chaise, and a gentleman riding a young horse by the side; who, going between the two carriages, his horse being unmanageable, run against the chariot, when he fell; the wheel ot which going over him, overturned . it; Mr. C. falling under, received no in much violence; but towards day light on the following morning it veered to S. W. which occasioned a great swelling of the sea, drove on shore many vessels — The following is a statement of this unfortunate oc- currence: — The Bootle, Ford, is on shore a little above the fort, and completely stranded ; she Ind 70 tons of outward bound freight from Liverpool, and 150 hogs- heads of sugar for that port — all damaged. l ie Colonist, Oliver, is on shore abreast ot Martindale's . watering place ; she was ready for sea ( her passengers on board), bound for London, and had a cargo ot 533 hogsheads, 20? tierces, 15 barrels, of sugar; 80 bales ot cotton, and some other ( trifling freight. I ll, water the side of the carriage, or handle or the door, fractured his skull, which caused his death. No blame is attached to ihe post- boy An inquest was taken on the body on Monday morning before W. Clare, Esq one of the Coroners for the County of Wilts, and a verdict returned by the Jury— Ac- cidental Death. It is a singular coincidence, that on the very dav on which the melancholy intelligence relative to Mr Wyatt reached town, a horse of his rode by one of his servants, dropped down dead at Smitham- bottom on the road to Croydon. Mr. W. was about 70 years of age, lit her hold is up to the second tier of sugar, about 200 casks may probably he saved. She has lost her bowsprit and foremast. Army schooner Tenzer and two prison ships stranded. Mail boats Lady Spencer and Sprightly on shore, and damaged, C'lia ce, til Anguilla, on te reel off Needham's, and is bilged.— Two foreign schooners on the beach, not bilged, and efforts are making to get them off. A boat belonging to the Bustard man of war ups t on coming round the i point of entrance to the whatf, and two of the crew j drowned. The small craft at Speight's- Town de- stroyed ; and a shallop belonging to . Mr. Evelyn of Orston's, lost. His Majesty's ships Grampus, Venus, Lightning— brigs Heron, Bustard, Espeigle— schooner Balshnu— and several merchant vessels, rode out the gale without injury Mr. Lockwood, master attendant at the Naval yard, and the Captain of the transport Three Sisters, afforded every assistance in their power o the Colonist, and rescued the passengers and crew from their perilous situation at the hazard of their own lives.'' HURRICANE. A letter from St. Pierre, Martinique, of the 20th of . luly, says. " On the 23 1 of this month we had here one of those terrible catastrophes ot which the actual experience can alone enable you to form ail adequate conception. At about five or half- past five in the morning, the conflict of lbs atmosphere led us ( o apprehend some dreadful event. In half nil hour, about 40 vessels foundered, and two only escaped.— The Walt, a ship of between 7 and 800 tons, was re- duced to splinters and atoms The wretched mariners were seen extending their arms and imploring relief, but their cries were unheard amidst the dangers of the storm. The violence of the elements was greater in ihe country/ than in the city, and spacious woods were blown down by their impetuosity. A large por- tion of this place is in ruins, numerous lives have been sacrificed, and the loss of property seems to be incalculable. Extract of a letter from Martinique, dated July 31:—" We had a dreadful hurricane on the 23d inst. which drove every vessel there in harbour, or on shore and all of them, in half an hour, were completely beaten to pieces.— The weather has also been terri- ble at Guadaloupe, Antigua, Demerara, Barbarl res, — We have just learned, that 27 vessels have been driven on shore at St. Kitt's." A letter from an Officer in one of the regiments serv- ing in Martinique, dated Fort Desaix-, July 29, says, —" A fleet was appointed to sail for England oo the 20th of this monih, but this arrangement was destroyed by one of the most dreadful hurricanes ever remembered. I never saw- anvthing that could give even a faint idea of it upon comparison. It was on ihe 23d, commencing about three o'clock in the morning. It was most violent at seven, and subsided at ten. At seven o'clock, the barracks, hospital, and mess- house, were blown down. At the hospital, it was cruelly distressing at this mo- ment to see upwards of 80 poor sick fellows exposed o the dreadful inclemency of the enraged elements,— In the 63d fortunately no lives were lost The only serious accidents occurred to three, who had their arms broke. The barrack in which 1 was quartered, is built of stone, and proved so strong as to weather out the hurricane ; but its shaking violently two or three times gave a warning to quit, winch it was not thought prudent to disobey. We accordingly made off with nil possible speed, leaving baggage anil every other article of property to its fate. In extremities iof this kind, the only secure refuge is in the bomb CHELTENHAM, SEPT. 8. ASCENSION or ThE BALLOON.— The incalculable concourse oi people assembled yesterday, for the purpose of seeing the balloon ascend, was similar to the day before. About ten o'clock the balloon and car were removed from the Assembly rooms to the yard belonging to. the Iron Railway Company, at the extremity of the town, on ihe Gloucester road At eleven o'clocn. Mr. Sadler, accompanied bv his Com- mittee consisting of twelve gentlemen of ihe town, distinguished by wearing on their breasts large silver medals, that were presented to Mr. Sadler by ihe in- habitants of Birmingham, after his last ascension from that place. On one side is an excellent likeness of this celebrated character, with an inscription, stat- ing it to be James Sadler, the first English aeronaut, On the other side Mr. Sadler is represented seated is his elegant car, under a balloon, and stating it to be- ills twenty- first ascent, on the 7th of October, 1811, and that be traverserd upwards ol 112 miles in one hour, and twenty minutes. About twelve o'clock, when the necessary prepara- tions were being made lor filling the balloon, when the wind being extremelv boisterous, the poles to which the balloon was to be hoisted, and other tem- porary preparations, unfortunately blew down, and tire commencement of filling the balloon was retarded till half- past one o'clock, when a band of wind instru- ments struck up " God save the King " At one o'clock the Bank was shut up, and a written note stuck on the door, stating that in consequence of the ascension of the balloon, ihe Bank would be closed for the remainder of the day. The shops were all nearly shut; and the houses locked up and de- serted, and scarcely a person was to be seen iu the town except travellers, although High street iu gene- ral so thronged that it is difficult to pass; however, it is greatly to be lamented, that out ol the immense concourse few indeed paid tor admission to see the operation of filling the balloon and the ascension; and the ingenious and enterprizing artist, Mr. Sadler, the first English aeronaut, will be a loser of several hun- dred pounds, instead of being a gainer of so much at least, especially as he was invited here by a num- ber of ihe inhabitants, and from their allurements he was induced to give up a lucrative engagement to ascend from Ireland. The balloon was made of white and crimson silk, in the shape of a windsor pear, but not upon such u large sca'e as intended, owing to the person supply- ing the silk not sending it sufficiently strong anil pre- pared. There was some impediment iu the process of filling the balloon, which prevented it from filling with that facility that was expected. At twenty minutes past four o'clock, the power of the balloon was ascer- tained, by its being properly adjusted, when it was the general opinion that it had not power to rise with Mr. Sadler. ' After the car had been properly fastened to the balloon, Windham Sadler, an interesting youth, the son of Mr. Sadler, only between sixteen and seventeen years of age, entered the car. with all the composure, fortitude, courage, and indifference, which his vete- ran father possesses At a quarter before five o'clock, j every thing being ascertained to be properly secured, a signal was given, all the ropes were loosened, and ; the youth ascended with the greatest fortitude,. waving a flag in the most exulting manner, the multitude cheering him with repeated huzzas, the balloon ri- sing in the most magnificent and sublime style; ihe atmosphere appeared to favour the ascension, it being extremely calm at the time, and the sky tolerably clear, the wind blowing a gentle breeze to the south- west. ' I he balloon remained in sight from the spot it as- cended from for seven minutes, then became ob- scured for five minutes, re- appeared, and was seen at the London end of the town till half past five o'clock. Every person appeared highly gratified with the sublime sight. Mr. Sadler set off post in a car- riage to follow the balloon, and his eldest son on horseback. Various reports were brought during the evening and night of the descent . Mr. Sadler and his eldest son returned here this morning, about seven o'clock, with an account which they received, which they thought could be depended upon, that the descent had taken place within a few miles of Chipping Norton, in safely, and that the youth had returned m a chaise and four to Cheltenham; but were greatly surprised on their arrival not to find him. At a quarter before two o'clock the intrepid youth arrived in better health and spirits than . when he ascended, to the great joy of his anxious family, the inhabitants, and the public at large, He came in a post- chaise from Oxford, with the balloon in it, and the car at the top, The report of his aerial voyage is, that for ten minutes he heard the shouts of the people after he had ascended. The greatest difficulty he experienced was when he MANSIoN- houSE— J. Collier, a mealman, was charged witli having sent in a large quantity of flour to a baker, without specifying the price. The baker, in making his return, stated the price to he 100s. at a guess The market price, however, was but 90s ; and the defendant on Thursday stated, that he should only charge the baker that price. His Lordship asked the defendant, whether he did not know, that a baker was bound by his oath to make a return of . the flour he purchased, a d the price at which the purchase had been made, every week. Defendant answered in the affirmative.—" Then,'' Said his Lordship, " how was your customer to comply with the terms of his oath ; and in the returns he made to me, has he not commuted a perjury?"— The mealman attempted to excuse himself, by stating, that the flour had been sent in on the Saturday morning before twelve o'clock, and ihe prices at market bad not then been settled.— His Lordship said, that such" practices were highly in- jurious to the public and in opposition to the Act of Parliament; which for such an offence, awarded a pe- nalty, at ,£ 20. This was imperative, and he therefore ordered the defendant to pay that sum. UNIon HALL — SeizUrE OF GUINEAS, On Wednesday, T. Bailey was brought before Mr. , by Clark and Goff, who apprehended him on Tuesday evening, about ten o'clock, m the Borough at High- street, under the following suspicious circum- stances. It appeared that Clark and Goff, as they were going along the Borough perceived the prisoner jus before them carrying a small flat basket, similar to what game is packed in ; but from its weight they were convinced its contents were something of a more solid nature ; ami having a suspicion that all was not right, thev stopped him. and asked him, what he had got ?— To this he replied, he did not know ; when asked where he was going t< » . lit-, hesitation, said he was going to the Catherine Wheel, where he was to leave the basket with the landlord in the bar. He could not tell where it was going to afterwards, as there was no direction on it; his orders were to leave it in the bar and say nothing; he did not know the landlord, or did he know what was to he done with it aiterwards. He was employed by Mr Seal, a gentleman or merchant, in the city.— When further pressed, he said he did not know who gave him the parcel; he was a green- grocer ; and re- sided in Grocer's Hall Court. The officers, upon this vague statement, took him to the office, together Willi his basket ; which, on being opened, was found to contain six bags, each of which contained 500 guineas, in guineas, half- guineas, and seven- shilling pieces.— The prisoner, when questioned by the Magistrate said he received the parcel from Mr. Seal, jun, who had a counting- house at No. 6, Jewry- street, Ald gate, and whose residence was in Great St. Helen's ; he had orders to carry it to the Catherine Wheel, and there leave it. he had taken similar parcels for Mr. Seal before, but did not know what they con tanied — they were always very heavy— never had any direction upon them, and be always received 2s. lor taking them. Upon this statement, the Magistrate, on Tuesday evening, ordered the money to be de. tained, and the parties lo attend next morning. Wednesday morning ihe parties attended before M-. I Birnie. The Solicitor to the Mint and Mr. Seal ' attended. Mr. Seal stated that he had sent the parcel, as stated by Bailey, without direction, to Mr. Marsh, the landlord of the Catherine Wheel, it con- tained 3000 guineas, which had been left in his care by his father, who was out of town, at a house he ha at Bui marsh, in Kent ; at the time his father left town he desired his son ( the witness), in case he left town to send the guineas to the landlord of the Catherine Wheel, to be deposited with him as a place ol security and he had accordingly sent them there. His father had a banker in town ; but preferred sending his guineas to Mr. Marsh, to be taken care of by him rather than sending them to a banker's Mr. Marsh Stated, that Mr Seal had sent similar parcels to his house before, but he had never known what they con taiued. The Magistrate, under all the circumstances thought it right to adjourn the further enquiry on this Subject to a future day. The guineas are, in the mean time, deposited in Pinhorn's Bank, and the opinion ol ihe Law Officers of the Crown is to be taken, as lo whether a seizure, under these circumstance, is legal or not. On Friday last, Mr Alley, on the behalf of Mr. Seal the elder, peremptorily demanded of the Otficers, Goff and Clark, the immediate restoration of the 3,000. guineas, which they bad seized and detained a few evenings ago, al the corner ol Union- street, in the Borough, when a Porter had the same in his hand as a parcel wrapped up in a hand- basket, such as fish is carried in, carrying it lo the Catherine Wheel Tavern, in the Borough, from the Counting- house of Mr. James Seal, the son of the Claimant, situate m Jewry street, in the City, iu order to be forwarded by one of lb. coaches that stopt at that Inn, to his father, when called in by either the son or the father. The instructions given to the porter were to deliver the parcel at the bar of the Ta- vern, as he was in the habits of doing heretofore, for the house, on being paid 2s. for his trouble, and a glass ol spirits at the bar, ou the delivery, lo the credit of his em- ployer. The officers meeting the porter with so great weight in so small a parcel, arrested him on suspicion that he was carrying coin of the realm, with intent to have shipped out ol ihe kingdom. The Magistrate, Mr. Birni had felt so much suspicion ol the manner iu which the trea- sure was in transitu at the lime of the seizure; that he con- sidered it his duly Ingram the Solicitor oi the Mint, who had attended the first examination on behalf ol the Crown an adjournment for a further hearing on Tuesday next the same time inclosing the parcel and basket, in statu quo) iu a stroing deal box, closely nailed down, and sealed with a seal of the Office. After which he sent it, wiih his com- pliments, to the nearest Bank, Sir J. Pinhorn and Co. for sale keeping until the final examination, deeming it a safer Iiinrle of securing the properly for the right owner than h„ v- iug so large a temptation to be lelt in the Office,, or in the house Off the Officer, Goff, which was all the Worshipful Magistrate had taken upon himself to do in the business Mr. Alley, the Learned Counsel, stated his great satisfaction tion on the circumstance of finding that the Magistrate was not the object of his present application. But the officers that he now moved against ( Goff and Clark. ) he must move against; that unless they immediately on this demand re- tored to his client the three thousand guineas, he should direct Mr. Clarke, the Solicitor of his client, to issue forth two writs in trover for six thousand guineas each, and have both of them forthwith arrested in the office, unless they signed an order, in conjunction with Mr. Seal, to take the money out of Sir J. Pinhorn and Co.' s bank, leaving them the remainder of the day to acquaint the Solicitor of the Mint of Ihe present proceedings, belore the writs should be executed. The order was drawn up, and signed by the par- ties; but on proceeding to the Bank for the purpose of re- ceiving the money, it was found lo have been gone, Golf and Clarke who lodged it there, having taken ii away. Mr. Alley returned and stated this was an extraordinary case, that the officers had incurred a heavy responsibility, since the Solicitor of the Mint had no authority under any of the Acts of Parliament upon the subject ( all of which he recited) to obtain the adjournment of the case till Tues- day next, in as much as Mr Seal had to pay a vast number of men, as well as to clear oul a cargo on board one ol his ships that he had contracted to supply, and also might have a docket struck against him for a commission of bankruptcy before Tuesday next, since he had not so much as three in the hands of his bankers, Messrs Jones and Co. as three thousand guineas, which every man, in these times, could not call in or pay at a moment's wanting. The Learned Counsel directed Mr. Clarke ( Claimant's solicitor) to serve notice at this office, upon Clarke, the Officer, who took the money. Sir John Pinhorn, pursuant lo u request ol tlis worthy Magistrate. Mr. Birnie, soon afterwards appeared and look his seat on the bench, and confetred with Mr. Birnie privately, after which the Court adjourned. This singular and interesting case occupied much time and attentive discussion. So for the present it rests, await- ing final decision on so novel a case. Murder The final Examination of James Leary, for the Murder of Edward Clifford. Wednesday, at 11 of the House ol Correction, this long- protracted and intricate examination look place. Among present were, his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, accompanied by one of the French Princes; Col. O'Kelly, the Hon Miss Goldworthy, Mrs and the two Misses Goldsmid, and several other Ladies and Gentlemen of rank, besides Magistrates — of Examination was kept so secret, that very few except those who were Served with notices, knew any thing of the matter ; consequently there was no crowd assembled, as on the former examination All the carriages drove into the yard, and remained until near four o'clock, at which time the examination closed. When all the company were seated, and everv thing prepared, James Leary, the prisoner, was brought in ; he looked quite calm and unconcerned. The first witness called in was Wm Broughton, the brickmaker. His former evidence was read to him, relative to his finding the body of E. Clifford in the pond, with the hat on the bank, in which was a a piece of cord, of about two yards long, with a noose on one end of it, and a clasp knife, the top of which was broken, but which the prisoner acknowledged to be his property. After the evidence of this witness on the former examination, was read to him, he was bound over to appear. No two witnesses were allowed to he present at one time; and after Broughton quitted the room, Rob. Shuttleworth, and his lad, D. Brewer, brick- makers, were called in succession; and their respec- tive depositions, which have already appeared, were repeated. H. Barnet, a Jew hatter, who sold the hat to Clif. ford on the Sunday, gave the same testimony as stated in our report of his former examination. Catherine Champion, cousin to Mrs. Clifford, alias Burke, underwent a long examination, io which she said that Clifford told her that he gave his wife 40s; and that she knew Mrs. Clifford had a few pounds unknown to him. She was in Clifford's room „ n tlje Sunday when Leany and his wife called : and. after lots of beer, and Leary and his wife and Clifford went of together. Her evidence, io other respects, corre- sponded with what she stated . n the last examination, Leary, after he room was cleared of all the wit- nesses, was asked what he had to say for himself.— he answered, very calmly, that he had no morr to say than what he had already confessed to, and that what he had already stated in his confession was all true, T. M'Carthy. who formerly kept the Hare and Hounds, in Buckeridge street. Si Giles's, a man with whom the prisoner was very intimate, as they came from the same part of Ireland, swore, that when talk- ing to him in the lock- up house of Hatton- garden Police- office, he intimated a wish that he could procure persons to prove an alibi by swearing that he was at his own house tin the Sunday evening of the murder at 11 o'clock, as that would save his life. The prisoner Leary was then confronted with Mrs, Clifford. She gave, on this examination a full state- ment, corrobarating what she had said before e Co- roner, and on her former examinations, with the ex- ception of her not being married to Clifford and that, she said, delicacy prevented her from disclosing, thinking it of no consequence. Leary, after her evidence touching him was gone through, was ordered to retire, and then W. Slattery was called in; ihis young man is a cousin of the deceased, and slept in He proved that Mrs Clifford was at home about eleven o'clock, oi shortly after, and that she remained there until past two; but whether after that, she went out, ns could not tell, as he fell asleep. Colonel O'Kelly produced some letters from Lord Cahir, on whose estate the deceased resided in Ire- land, and also Burke and Mrs. Clifford, It appears that his Lordship had caused very diligent inquiry to be made into this affair ; and that the High Sheriff .1 the County, and two Magistrates, had also tak'eit- a very active pint iu the investigation. His l. oid- ship's letters enclosed several affidavits, s- oro be- fore the Magistrates, which wei t to prove that Mrs. Clifford ( or rather Burke) was deserted bv her hus- band, and that the little property disposed of in ire- land was her own, for which she received £ 30 Mrs Clifford had in her arms the child o which she had been delivered to ( he House of Correction.— Her other five children, of whom the four eldest are girls, and the youngest, a boy, were next introduced. The two eldest gave a clear answer in every ques- tion asked. Their answers agreed, in every respect, with the letter received from Ireland, and il. ev atsrj proved that their mother. was at home or, tin- night ol tiie murder, at eleven n o'clock, ao- l that she re- mained in the room until Saint Giles's clock struck three in the morning. Mrs. Clifford and the other witness- s were then bound over to prosecute the prisoner, James Leary who was fully committed for trial. Mrs. Clifford's brother, T. Lyons, took the children under his care. Mrs. Clifford and Slattery, through discharged from any suspicion, are to remain in the House of Correction all the trial. At the request of Colonel Kelly, seconded bv that . f the Duke of Sussex, it was determined that a Ca- tholic Priest, Mr. Devereux, should be requested to attend on the prisoner tomorrow ( Friday); a boon which toe prisoner seemed to be very desirous of ob. taining. The private confession of the delinquent ca ns Gentleman, of course, cannot be made public J out in all probability, his exhortations may have some effect on him, and induce him publicly to do justice y > 11 • James Leary was on Friday last fully committed to Newgate, charged with his attrocious murder. After was brought into the cell, the hankerchief was taken from his neck, and his pockets searched. He still kept his colour, but the tears stood in his eyes and he said, " take my hand- kerchief and my shoes too; you will, soon take my life.,> Before the door was closed on him, Cook and Taistleton, the two officers who apprehended him. and who had him in charge at every examination came to shake hands with him, and wish him farewell. He looked on them with a stern eye, and said-—" D— such friendship, you will be soon satisfied when you see me hanged; that is all you want' KING's HEAD INN AND HOTEL, CANTERBURY. THE Public are respectfully informed, that in con- sequence of the reduction in the price of Corn, Posting is reduced to One Shilling and Sixpence per mile, at the ahove House. _ ' POSTING REDUCED. W. SMITH, with gratitude respectfully acquaints his Friends and the Public, that from the late de- crease in the price of Corn, & c. he is enabled to reduce the price of Posting to One Shilling and Sixpence per mile. Coach- yard, St. George's- lane, Canterbury. WANTED AT MICHAELMAS, ASingle MAN, who perfectly understands the Farming and Grazing business, who will be required to sow the Corn, and take upon himself the management of and care a Flock of Sheep, liberal wages will be given, and lie will be well accommodated boarding in the house, where no other farming servants are kept. Apply to Messrs WEBB and MAJOr, Folkstone. RAMSGATE TURNPIKE ROAD. FIRST DISTRICT. BY Virtue of an Order in Writing for that purpose, under the hands of five of the acting Trustees of the First District of the Turnpike Road from Canterbury to Ramsgate, and in obedience to the directions of the Act of Parliament, in that behalf I do hereby Give Notice, That the said Trustees have appointed on earlier day of Meeting, than t'mt day to which the last Meeting was adjourned ; hud that sueti earliec Meeting will be held at ihe GUILD- HALL, in I he City of Canterbury, on SATURDAY the twenty- fifth day of September, now instant, at twelve o'clock . at noon precisely, upon special business. JOHN HODGES, Canterbury, Clerk to the Trustees of the First Dis- 34th Sept, 1013. trict cf the said Turnpike Road. ISLE OF THANET SUBSIDIARY CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY. Patron— The Earl OF LIVERPOOL, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. THE First General Meeting of this Society will be bolden, at the Royal Hotel, Margate, on WEDNESDAY the 15th of September, 1813, at twelve o'clock in the fore- noon precisely, when the Chair will be taken By Sir WILLIAM gArROW, M. P. The great object of this Institution is to provide a Fund for the gratuitous distribution of Bibles, Testaments, Prayer Books, and Religious Tracts, to the Poor of the several parishes of the Isle of Thanet. All Persons, Members of the Established Church, who are disposed to promote this object are requested to attend the Meeting, when the Rules and Regulations of the Society will be established, and the proper Officers elected. W. FREDERICK BAYLAY, Secretary. Margate, Sept. 11, 1313, __ CRICK ET. ON MONDAY and TUESDAY next the 20: h and 21st instant,' a Grand Match of Cricket will be played at Rarasgate, for ONE HUNDRED GUINEAS, between eleven Gentlemen of the Isle of Thanet Club and East Kent, and eleven Gentlemen of West Kent, wickets to he pitched eacli fiav at leu o'clock, and a good Ordinary at two. The eleven's to be selected from the following lists:— Isle of T hanet Club and East Kent, For ACCOUNT of the UNDERWRITERS. TO BE. SOLD BY AUCTION, ON the 15th instant, at one o'clock in the after- noon, on the premises of Messrs. GOODWIN, CUR LIng, FRIEND and Co. about 75 fathoms of 15- inch CABLE, of very good quality. Deal, 13th Sept. 181 To BE Sold by PRIVATE CONTRAC C. ALL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or COT- TAGE, with the lodge, yard, garden and appurte- nances thereunto belonging, situate, lying, and being on or near Heam Common, in the Parish of Hearn, in the county of Kent, and now in the occupation ot John Baker, the Proprietor. The Purchaser may be placed in the actual occupation of the premises at Michaelmas next. For particulars apply to J. Z. PLUMMER, Solicitor, Canterbury, TO BE LET BY TENDER, For Seven or Fourteen Years, from Michaelmas next, TWENTY- NlNE ACRES, more or less, of very excellent MARSH LAND, situate in the parish of St. Mary, in Romney Marsh, ill the county of Kent, now in the occupation of the'Executors of MAYLAM, deceased. The Tenant to pay all taxes and outgoings, except the property tax, and not to be allowed to plough up the land. Tenders to be sent on or before the seventh October next, to Mr. STEPHEN PrENTIS, Wine Merchant; or Mr. WILDES, Solicitor, Maidstone, where further paiticulars may he known. Maidstone, 31st August, 1813. TO HOP PLANTERS. The DIRECTORS of this OFFICE beg leave respectfully to recommend to the Hop Planters at this season, whilst DRYING their HOPS, to have placed in their OAST HOUSES, near to the KILNS, a VESSEL FILLED with WATER, continually at hand, with a BuCKET or TWO, as in the first instance of accidents, Fires have been extinguished by a single Quart of Water ; the want ot which not only the Stock, but the Buildings, & c, must inevitably havu been destroyed. — Moreover, the Directors most earnestly request the Pro- prietors of Farms will not, on any pretence whatever, permit persons they employ upon their Estates, to kindle Fires near any Buildings, Erections, Stacks of Hay, Corn, Sec. from which practice serious catastrophes have arisen. T. LEDIARD; Secretary. Tuesday, September 14. London. The official details of the successes of the enemy iu the neighbourhood of Dresden, as given in the Moniteur of the 6tth,,. and which the exertions of our Correspondent enabled us to anticipate by at least one day, any other print in the kingdom, form a sort of history of the operations of the cam- paign, from the denunciation of the armistice, and the Austrian declaration of war, down to the 31st of August. No battle took place on the 28th as Maret had anticipated, the Allies having begun to retreat from before Dresden at two in the af- ternoon of the preceding day. The loss of the Allies in Maret's letter was stated at 15,000 made prisoners, and about 4000 killed; but in Bona- parte's second report the number of prisoners is magnified to 25 or 30,000 prisoners, and their total loss to 60,000 men, while that of the French is said only to amount to 4000 killed and wounded. That the French have obtained a great advantage over the Allies, as the latter failed in their design upon Dresden, can scarcely be doubted ; but the success gained by Bonaparte is not in any degree to be put in comparison with such victories as those of Marengo, or Austerlitz, or Jena. Though Belsey Sladden Adams Morris Luke Bridges Langridge Curling Dewdney Tipton Elgar Andrews Upton Smith Fagg Petts Gore West Kent. Elgar Hopper Boad H. Cooper Leaney Masters J. Cooper Razell Wilies Crump Mond Bridger Tunbridge Cook Browning Hughes AUSTRIAN MANIFESTO. We have received a copy of this long expected and interesting document. It is very long and wou'd occupy more than half a newspaper. It is entitled— MANIFESTO Of his Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, 1813. It begins with declaring his Imperial Majesty's love of peace, of his being free from all thoughts of conquest and aggrandisement, and of his having entered into war only from the danger which the social system ran of becoming a prey to a lawless and ambitious Power. It proceeds to complain of the general and destructive system adopted by the enemy, by which the commercial intercourse, and, indeed, almost all in- tercourse was suspended between nations. It touches upon the marriage of the Austrian Princess to Bonaparte, a measure adopted with the hope of inclining the stronger and victorious party to a sense of moderation and justice— a hope in which his Majesty was more . justified, because, at the time of the consummation of this union, the Emperor Napoleon had ob- tained that point of his career, when the preservation of his conquests seemed to be a more natural object than a restless struggle after new possessions The Manifesto then complains of the seizure of Hamburgh, Bremen, and Lubeck, and the whole of the North of Ger- many. It then notices the result of the campaign against Russia, in 1812, as having decided the Emperor of Austria to take part against France. An attempt, however, was made to negotiate in December but Bonaparte declared he would listen to no proposal, unless the integrity of the French Empire was guaranteed. The line of demarcation proposed for the French territory was such as proved, that Bonaparte would not make to the repose of the world even a nominal sacrifice," It then states, that iu the month of April last Bonaparte proposed to Austria the dismemberment of the Prussian States, as the price of Austria's joining him. Of the Congress at Prague the Emperor of Austria knew nothing but through the public prints. The Emperor of Austria has always considered the pro- posed exclusion of England from the Continent and would never listen to any thing that had such an object in view." The Armistice gave Austria another opportunity of nego- ciating for a Peace, and proposed sending a Messenger to England. Bonaparte shuffled, however, at granting a pass- port. Russian, Prussian and Austrian Negociators arrived at Prague, but Bonaparte shewed no serious anxiety to make peace. It was on the 28th July before his Minister arrived, and nothing but formal and minute dissussions took place. After an useless exchange of mere formal notes, the 14th August arrived— Austria took up arms, and the Congress was dissolved. The above came officially into the hands of Count Lieven the Russian - Ambassador, and by him was on Saturday transmitted to Ministers. | At a late hour yesterday morning, one Mail from Lisbon and one from Corunna arrived, By the former we have advices to the 30th ult. and by the latter to the 5th inst. It does not appear that any thing material had occurred in the neighbourhood of Pampeluna or St. Sebastian. According to a private letter in the Corunna Papers, Soult, is stated to be employed in fortifying some positions in the vicinity of St. Jean de Luz, as if he was apprehensive of an attack. | A Malta Mail arrived on Sunday night, with accounts from thence of the 31st of July, at which period we regret to learn, that notwithstanding the hot weather, the plague continued its ravages, the number of deaths being nearly 50yer day. The Mail brings an account of an attack made upon Fiume, by Admiral Freemantle, who took possession of the place with little opposition, brought off the guns, and made prize of several vessels in the harbour. The private letters from France received with the above, countenance the statement of confusion and disorganization in the capital, and a gloom hung over the public mind which the magnificent representations in the preceding Bulletins had not dissipated. 1 We have a letter by the Malta Packet which, we presume, was put 0n board subsequent to the deli- very of the Mail, since it is dated the 1st August, and we have the satisfaction to say, on the authority of this letter, which is from a most respectable quar- ter, that on the 31st July and the day of the date, a most unexpected and auspicious change had taken place in the state of the disorder prevailing on the Island, so that the victims to the complaint were diminished one half. " Among the reports of the day, it has been asserted that Dantzick had fallen. We wish it were in our power to confirm this rumour, but we have un- fortunately the latest letters from the neighbourhood, which are dated Pillau, 2' id August, and at that time the bombardment had not even re- commenced. " The Corunna Mail, which has brought us ad- vices to the 6tll 111st. one day later than the dates mentioned m the Evening Papers, has supplied us with very little that deserves attention; indeed the surrender of St. Sebastian is mentioned, an event which we shall be happy to find supported on better authority. " By the Lisbon Mail we have Gazetees de Lisboa in continuation ol our series to the 29. h of last month. They contain the thanks of Marshal Beresford, in the name of the Prince Regent ol Portugal, to the Portu- guese army for its gallant conduct in all ti different encounters with the enemy since the battle ol Victoria, an I particularly for its discipline and valour in the great battle < 11 the 28th July near Pamplona under the Duke of Victoria, and on the 30th of the same month under Lieut.- General Sir Rowland Hill. It distinguishes in the sequel the different regiments con cerned, and the officers who had been reported to Marshal Beresford for their eminent services 0n those occasions. " Very extensive purchases and sales were made to- day in the public funds, and three brokers alone purchased to tbe amount ot nearly half a million 1 omniuin, which rose during the bonis of business to 7J ; hut ai the close of the market the prices were as follows: — Red Ann shut— Consols 57. y — Do. for Acct. 58| — Omn. 6 CANTERBURY PAVEMENT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a new election of Commissioners, for putting into exe- twenty- seventh year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, iniimled-" An Act for Paving, Cleansing, Lighting, and Watching the Streets, Lanes, and other Public Pas- sages and Places, within the walls of the City of Canter- bury, and the Liberties thereof, and also several Streets and 0ther Places near or adjoining to the said City, and tor removing and preventing incroachments, obstructions, " nuisances, and annoyances therein," is required to made ly lhe inhabitants ol the. said City, rated and assessed by virtue of tlie said Act, being assembled at their respective Courts' Leet, to be holden jn and for the said City for the present year, in manner directed by the said Act ( that is to toy)--— The said Inhabitants rated and assessed as aforesaid, being so assembled at their respective Courts Leet, shall nominate and elect by ballot any number of persons, not exceeding ThIRTY SIX, . being resident inhabitants within the walls of the said City, ( that is to say) any number of persons, not exceeding six out of each of ihe six Wards respectively, which Ballot is bv the said Act directed to be taken between the hours of ELEVEN in the morning and TWO in die afternoon, by the Clerk to the said Commissioners, find such Ballot will accordingly begin to be taken at each respective Court Leet, precisely at the hour of one in the afternoon. JOHN HODGES, Clerk. Canterbury Sept. 11, 1813. ' FREEHOLD ESTATE, called Pheasant's Hall, Live and Dead Farming Stock, Household Fur- niture, and Effects. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. WHITE, ' ( Under Process for a Debt due to the Crown.) ON WEDNESDAY, the 22,1 day of September, 5313, on the premises, the FARMING STOCK and EFFECTS of Mr. JOHN SeLLS, deceased, late Collector of the King's Taxes for the parish of Bishopsbourn, consisting of a mare and colt; one valuable two yearling colt, two good bred cows, two heifers, one weaning calf, one breeding sow, tour young hogs, one wagon, two cart* and harness; saddle, bridle, bay stacks, faggots, brush ditto, use poles, & c. The Household Furniture consists of bedsteads and bedding, chairs, tables, drawers, kitchen and dairy utensils, & c. The effects to be view ed on the morning of the sale, which will commence at eleven o'clock. And at one o'clock the same day, will be put up and Sold, ( without reserve) The FREEHOLD ESTATE of the deceased, called PHEA - SAnT'S HAll., in Bishopsbourn, consisting of a small Dwell- ing House and offices, garden, orchard, and seyeral pieces of Meadow, Pasture, and Woodland, , a| l lying together, in the occupation of his widow. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post- paid) to W. UITII, at thpir warehouses in Sun- street and St. M Geo Cunt; street; or to Mr. HODgES, Solicitor, Watling street. rbyfy, Sept. 13, 1813. A most desireable Residence at Canterbury. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, WITHOUT RESERVE. By Messrs. WHITE, ON SATURDAY, the 18th September, 1813, at one o'clock iu the afternoon, the FOUNTAIN Inn, ( Canterbury, A Capital and Spacious MANSION, Called the WHITE FRIARS, with suitable arid convenient coach- house, stables, brew- house, wash- house, laundry, and other domestic offices ; lut- house', green- house, gardens and pleasure grounds ; contain- ing about two acres and a quarter, and a House for the resi- dence of a Gardener; all lying together, walled in, and forming a most desireable residence for a Lady or Gentleman of Fortune. Also FIVE COTTAGES adjoining, in St, George's- lane, in the occupation of tenants. The Mansion House and Buildings except the five Cot- tages and about two acres of the garden and pleasure grounds, are within the precinct of the While Friars, and are extraparochial; and the remainder of tlie Land and Cot- tages are in the parishes of St. Georgc the Martyr and St. Mary Bredin in Canterbury. The Estate is situate, in the very centre of Canterbury, and yet is prevented by the plantation- from being overlooked or annoyed by any of the surrounding houses, and there is a private and convenient foot- way into St. George's- street, and J a carrige way into the street by St. Mary Bredin's church. The purchaser may'be 0cconimndntcd with the House ad- joining, orr the east side of the Friar's Gate, in St. George's- street if desired) on reasonable terms. For further panicnlais; apply ( jf by letter, post paid) to Mr. Hodges, Solicitor, Watling- street,: or to Messrs. O11 Friday last Admiral Martin, second in com mand at Plymouth, received a telegraphic order to proceed to sea within two day's. On . Saturday the order was repeated, to proceed to sea, and to sail immediately in the Creole, lying in Plymouth Sound. The crew of the Creole were completed from the ships in harbour. It is said that Admiral Martin, from his knowledge of the coasts and lo- calities of the Baltic, has been appointed by Go- vernment to command a flying squadron m that sea, to co- operate with the Allies; and, particu- larly, to assist in the reduction of Dantzic. Another account says, that Admiral Martin is ordered out to conduct the naval operations at St. Sebastian's; and that he will, on its reduction, again hoist his flag at Plymouth. We learn that a peremptory order has been re- ceived at the different depots, tor prisoners ol war, strictly prohibiting them from manufactur- ing lace, an article on which they have for some time been employed, much to the annoyance ot our manufactures. The order is dated the 3lst of August, and the Transport Board has allowed them fourteen days to dispose of the implements they may have by them. Price of Stocks on Saturday. 3 per Ct. Cons. ':> 7lgii I Ex. Bills ...' 2 dis. 2 pr. 5 per Ct. Navy S/' jJg | Lottery Tickets " 1' il. l.' w. Omnium fi JJ pr. I Cons, lor Acc. 57| i India Bonds 1 2 dis. | • • Canterbury, September 14. DEFEAT OF THE FRENCH IN BOHEMIA. Moniteurs to the date of the 8th inst. were received yesterday, having been transmitted by a boat which left the opposite coast, just as an embargo was about to be imposed in all the French ports. The official paper of the above date, contains the important intelligence of another battle having been fought on ' the 31st ult. in the defiles of the Bohemian Frontiers, in which the French acknowledge the loss of 6000 killed, and among that number General Vandamme. The loss of the allies they estimate at 4000, including the Austrian General Kleist. Vandamme's army consisted of 18,000 men, and it is said, that at the commencement of the battle the French were victorious, but subse- quently General Vandamme having extended his line or advanced too far, was surrounded and cut to pieces. - The cause assigned for the embargo is some un- favourable news from the North, some difficulty about the new Conscription, and some placards which had been posted at Paris, such as " Vive Moreau," " A Bas le Tyran " which had excited the fears of the Police at Paris, and had disposed it to obstruct as. much as possible all intercourse. London, Monday night. . ' French Papers were received this day, two days later than those already published, containing an of- ficial communication, in which the defeat ot Van- dammne is admitted, with tile lpts of 6000 men. 30 pieces of artillery, ant) 300 caissons, and that Van- damme himself was among the slain.— It is said also that Moreau was killed on the 27th ult. when Murat, with the corps of Belluno, attacked ths left wing of It is rumoured that the cause of Admiral Young's return to the Downs, with part of the Scheldt block ading Fleet, is a projected attack on Copenhagen. Transports were last week taken up by Government, for that or some other expedition. Yesterday se'nniglit, a stack of hay in Seasalter marshes, belonging to Mr. Wrench, took fire by its natural heat, and would have been entirely consumed but for the able assistance of one of the engines be- longing to the Kent Fire Office, which was promptly conveyed to the spot from Faversham, when by the joint exertions of the foreman of the engine, and the labourers assembled, under the judicious directions of the Agent, Mr. W. S. Mutton, about two thirds of the hay was saved. We understand, that through the intercession of one of the Members for this City, the Royal Mercy has been extended in Wm Samuel Fisher, convicted at the last Assizes, of highway robbery, and left for execution; on condition of imprisonment for two years. The town of Ramsgate having been for some time annoyed by a great number of vagrants, many of which are gross imposters, means have lately been adopted to remedy the evil, and Mr. Bayley, a constable, had accordingly undertaken the task of removing the in- truders from the town, in the execution of which duty on Tuesday afternoon last, and in the act of turnirg out a blind man and a woman, who it seems were much intoxicated, the former became so refractory, that it was deemed necessary to handcuff, and secure him in the caee, as a summary punishment, in effect- wInch Mr. B. received some severe blows from the man, particularly one or two on the stomach, but which did not at the moment seem to lie attended with any serious consequences.— A short time after, however, Mr. B. complained of indisposition, retired to his home, laid himself down on a bed, and almost immediately expired.— A Coroner's inquest has been since held, and several witnesses have been ex- amined, together with some surgical gentlemen who opened the body of the deceased, to ascertain if any internal injury was ihe immediate cause of Ins death. The result, agter the most deliberate investigation, is a verdict of Manslaughter against the blind man, in consequence of which he has been committed to Sand- wich jail. INQUEST.—> On Thursday last an inquisition was taken nt Deal, before Thomas Pain, esq. coroner tor the jurisdiction of the Admiralty of the Cinque Ports, on view of the body ot Sarah Mowby, alias Sarah Armstrong, when after an in- vestigation of several hours, it was found that the deceased- had been for some months on board the Monmouth iu ihe the Downs, with a supernumerary North Sea Pilot, and a short time. before her death had procured opium from Deal, which she had taken and caused her death. It appearing the deceased had occasionally shewn symp- toms of a deranged mind. The Jury after a most patient hearing, brought in a verdict of— Lunacy, To Edward Spencer Curling Esq. Lloyd's Coffee House, London. Deal, 6th Sept. 1813, Dear Sir, Accept our united and grateful thanks for your kind favors, lor the suspension of the Bye Laws. We have completely worked the SENIORS this summer, in having PILOTED more large ships than them. The poor old fools lay a claim for their . former services in his Majesty's Navy; but very lucky are we that there ; ire none of us required to go, and if there were, we solely depend on you ( for very few of us are qualified for the coast of Holland and Flanders;) but that can never be the case, for there are more EXTRA'S than can get employment, which was not the case in the time of the SENIORS— they have it all to do them selves, and now again we shall do them, as they are, all small vessels to come now, and they have no stiar- io them. You may depend on it, SIR, that we shall endeavour to circulate your Cards, and do as much for, you as the DOVER BOATMEN. I have seen several of your Cards on board ships— they have been left by Dover Boatmen, and depend on our gratitude for EVER AND EVER. I wish you could find out those d . d Rascals that have been guilty of the FORGERY.— I think it must be some of your ENE- MIES on the Coast.— Pray give owr best thanks to MR. ATCHESON and CAPT LARKINS, and also all our Friends. We laugh at the Wardens, and don't care a fig for any of them Edward Tavenor has been suspended these four month. But he goes up oftener than I do. lie takes a ship when he can set one, and bids defiance to the HUNDRED POUND BOND, arid has told the Wardens that are his friend, and Mr. ATCHESON his Lawyer— they are all d— n— blv frightened, and are afraid to suspend any more.— We often meet IRON and WOOD, and some more strong articles, who Ere all sworn to support you and your HOUSE. — I often hear that d— n'd — J. Mowle say he will publish a letter or letters about you I for my part don't know what he can say of you, for I am sure you have EX- ERTED yourself for the good of the MERCANTILE and SHIPPING INTEREST, for these many years past, and left SELF out of the way. We are, Sir, with the greatest respect, Your devoted humble servants, ( Signed) JOHN BELL, For the Committee ol Lower- Book Pilots at Dover and Deal. Monday Morning— Since writing, the above, a West Indiaman has parted all her Cables, she would not bring too for a Pilot Cutter, therefore, Hockaday Mi- ter got 011 board, ami is gone for Ramsgate Pier.— He is a Member of the Boatmen's Committee at Deal.—" We have not the means to get off to a ship in the Downs, when our Cutter is at the Ness. ( Signed) JOHN BELL. KENT'S Letter on the New Gaol is unavoidably post- poned this day. FAIRS.— Chatham, Westerhan^ Sept. t9.— Bersted, Good- ne$ j: one, Groombridge, Sept. The Total Return of WHEAT sold in Markfaue. ni- cluding only from Aug. 30. t. o Sept. 4. is 7,0' V> qnarn is. Average 89s. 7 Jd.— 6s. H| d. lower I ban fast return. The total It. tuin ^ of FLOUR, from the Cocket- Otfice, front Aug. 23, to Sept 3, is to, 1H3 Sacks.-—— Average, 89s. 5 Jd 9s. ? d lower than last Retiiru, CORN EXCHANGE, Monday, Sept. 13. The supply ol' Grain since last Monday has been inurri shorter than we have experienced for some time past, and havi ig many country buyers at Market, has caused an ad- va e of ^ s. to is per quarter on Wheats. Beans and Pease are 2s. to 3s. dearer. Barley and Oats are a'brisk - ub at last Monday's prices H< ps have come freely la ' darker since last Monday-; in general the qualities ; re inferior, which causes good samples lo sell freely, those of low quality meet a heavy and dull sale. Hop Duty 125 to 130,0 .0. W i e Wheat •• 70 t. 93 I Old I Ivans Superfine ' 98 to 102 1 Boiling i'ease < Selec! Sam; s. new 1P6 to 110 l Non- Uoilers • Red Wheat 64 to 82 I Hog Pease •• ni a . I.,,., rwtc. Super, ditto • > • Superfine. new • • Malting Barley Feed Ditto Small Tleaus • • • Essex Ticks. • • • Comm. Beans • 90 to 92 to 46 to 40 to 68 to 64 to 54 to 94 I Potatoe Oats-- 96 ! P,. lands 52 I Common 41 S. Malt Herts • 74 [ Inferior 70 j Rve 6 » I — t % r 74 ' o 64 to 54 to 40 to 34 to 28 to 90 to 73 lo • 48 to 80 70 60 48 40 3- i 94 Bi3 52 Oil Cake at the Mill, £ 17.17s. to £—. — s. per thousand, • FLO Ult. Household Flour 85s. to 90s. per Sack. Second Flour-. 80 0 to 84 I Fine Bran 10 lo 12 0 Middlings, Qr.-. 60 0 to 91 I Coarse Bran 10 to 11 0 BREAD 15^, 1. ttie Quartern Loaf. Canary, Qr. •• — 100 to 110 Mazagans ...... Long Pods 50 to 55 Carraway, Cwt.. 64 to 68 50 to 5a Coriander .---•? 30 t- i 34 P. Ve Grass •-•• 20 to 36 Trefoil 12 to 36 Tii* nip White • • 10 to 12 Ren Clover 60 to 90 Red and Gre- n 13 to 14 Fine new — to — W. Must. Bush. 14 to 16 White ditto 76, to 94 Brown do. , • • • 14 to 13 Fine new — to — Tares old • 8 to 10 Windsor Beans • • — to — Do. new 10 to U Rape Seed 361 t • 401 ner last. Chatham, Sept. 10. The Confiance has been taken into dock, coppered, and out out again. This day, although Sun- day, the artificers attended at the Dock yard , and docked his Majesty's ship Christian ( VII ) Yesterday the Northumber- land was taken into dock, after putting out the Conqueror. Yesterday the Snake left her moorings here, and sailed quite out of port. Deal, Sept. 10. Sailed the Dictator and Thunderer, of 74 guns, Achilles and Andromeda frigates, with convoy for Portsmouth. Arrived the Impregnable, Admirable Young, with the Chatham, Rear Admiral Scott; ihe Cumberland, Colossus and York, of 74 guns, and the Russian ships Pawmet, Estafe, Smoloy, Borey, Semerna, Zoezda, and Oriel, of the line, and the Castor frigate under the orders of Rear Admiral Rosobteal from off the Scheldt, Sept. 11. Arrived ihe Tortoise storeship from the Medi territnean, and sailed tlirough tor Woolwich ; ilie Veugeur and Euridanus from off the Scheldt. Sailed the Defender lugger for oil' the North Foreland ; Decoy cutter for off Calais, Sept 12. Arrived ttie Charles hired armed schooner from off Boulogne. Drake sloop and active hired armed cutter from off the Scheldt, Alert hired armed cutler from off Dun- geuess. Sailed the Eurid nus for Portsmouth, and Pioneer schooner for off Dieppe. Sept. 13 Arrived the Brisies and Cornwall, from off the Scheldt. Sailed the Olympia cutter, for oil' Boulogne; Countess of Elgin hired armed cutter, with convoy for Portsmouth. MARrIED.— Sept. 5, at Maidstone, Mr. James Brett, of Bapchild, to Miss Frances Goldsmith, of Maidstone.— Sept. 6, at Hythe, Mr. Joseph Taylor, of Folkestone, to Miss Hussey, of Hythe. Sept. 7, at Seal church, in this county, the Rev. John Austen, rector of Chevening, to Harriet, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Lane, esq. of Bradbourne- place. Died.— August 16, at Vittoria, aged 37, in consequence of a fall from his horse, J. Wellford,, esq. eldest son of the late J. Wellford, esq. of Blackheath. Aug. 9, at Pluckley, aged 73, Mr- Richard Foster, a very respectable farmer, but had retired some time from business ; his sufferings were but of short duration, being taken ill only . ihe day before. Sept. 4, at New Romney, Miss Elizabeth Pilcher, daughter of the late Mr. Tho. Pilcher, grazier, at St. Mary's, Romney Marsh. On Thurday morning last, Philip Henry, the infant son of Thomas Papillon, esq of Acrise Place, in this county. Same day, at Rainham, in consequence ol a fall from his horse, Mr. Thomas West, son of Mr. Thomas West, of Hoth- field, aged 42. Saturday morning, at Margate, after a few days illness James Cross, esq. formerly of Southwark, but late of Syden- ham,. in this county, much lamented by his family and a numerous en^ le of friends. Sunday morning last, at the Fountain Inn, Canterbury, on his return from Margate', where he had been for the benefit ol his health, Mr. Thomas Aveling, oil- man, of Piccadilly London. Thursday last, a poor man fell from the top of the Cliff near Fort Pitt Barracks, at Chatham, and was so much hurt private letters in the French papers from Dresden, of the 31st, mention the retreat of the Allies as a ' disorderly flight, we have every teason to believe, b from the internal evidence of Bonaparte's reports, vi that they retired in perfect order, observed rather, than pursued, by the French cavalry. Bonaparte, it may be remarked, does not venture to speak further of his success than that the campaign has had a brilliant opening, and that it allows him to form " great hopes." These hopes, however, we trust will be disappointed. No honour has been lost by the Allies, and they must be certain that no hope of safety remains for them but in a reso- lute perseverance in the contest. It is remarkable, that the name of i he Crown Prince of Sweden does not occur in Bonaparte's reports, though mention is made of his army. But with all due allowance for French exag- geration, it is impossible not to admit, that the Allies have failed in their object; and although we have to set down on the other side the advan- tages gained by the Crown Prince of Sweden, which, though highly opportune and valuable, as having baffled for the present the principal object of Bo- naparte, the capture of Berlin, we fear they can not be considered as an equivalent for the misfor- tunes at Dresden. The news of this victory, which was obscurely announced some days ago from Heligoland, was on Friday fully confirmed by the arrival of a Messenger with dispatches from Lord Cathcart, Sir C. Stewart, and Mr. Thornton, and the fourth and fifth Bulletins of the Crown Prince. The latter dated Ruhlsdoff, the 24ih ult. details the movements on the 21st, 22d, and 23d; on the last of which days an action was fought with Oudinot, in which the enemy were defeated with the loss of 26 pieces of cannon, 30 caissons, 1500 prisoners ( including 40 officers) and a considerable number killed and wounded. The French retired beyond Trebbin, and the troops of the Crown Prince were in pursuit of them. According to the report of the Messenger the Crown Prince was concentrating his troops on the 25th, and preparing to make a decisive attack upon the enemy, but it was sup- j posed the latter would not risk another battle. It is singular that the victory claimed iu The Moniteur over the Allies has not been thought worthy of a triumphal announcement, in the usual style, by the cannon on the French coast.. This circumstance tends more strongly to confirm our belief, that the official statement we inserted on Friday from that Paper, is grossly exaggerated.— The variance between Maret's letter and the sub- sequent account from Bonaparte himself, renders it impossible for us, until we get the dispatches or bulletins from the Allied Army, to ascertain with , any accuracy what was the actual amount of loss they sustained, Had it been a victory of the mag- nitude which the official statement would have us believe, there can be no doubt that Maret would have so described it, and there is no means, from the French details, of accounting tor the vast sub- sequent addition to the loss of the allies, except by supposing it qn after- thought of- exaggeratton.' Letters from St. Petersburg state, that Messrs. Galatin and Bayard have received their dismission ' from the Imperial Court, the mediation of. Alex- ander to restore tranquillity between" the United States and Great Britian not haying been accepted by the latter. An official notice having been de- livered to this effect, the American Plenipoten
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