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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 24
No Pages: 4
The Northampton Mercury page 1
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford

Date of Article: 28/08/1813
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 24
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford[, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxfordand Hertford. VOL. 93. SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 1813. No. 24. Ready Money is expected | will) Advertisements. ) i Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, < 1 Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick. Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. 1 PRICE 6di ( Starnp- Dutv - d. ( Paper and Print 3d. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, Aug. 24. YESTERDAY evening dispatches were re- ceived at the War Department from Lord Wellington, the substance of which was after- wards made known in the lollowing bulletin :— " War Department. August 22. " Dispatches have been received this evening from the Marquis of Wellington, dated Lezaca, August 11. " Nothing of consequence had occurred in that neighbourhood since the date of the last dispatches. " The fort of Zaragoza surrendered on the 30th of July, to General Mina. Above 500 prisoners, 47 pieces of cannon, and a vast quantity of am- munition, arms and clothing, were taken in the place. " Lord William Bentinck was near Tarragona oa the 1st of August." Paris Papers have arrived to the 17th. There are Frankfort articles in them two days later • than those which mentioned the report of the prolongation of the armistice; but they are totally silent upon the subject. An article from Prague of the 4th says, " nothing had transpired relative to the progress of the negociption. The Pleni- potentiaries had paid each other visits of ceremony." All the Russian and Prussian officers in Is die- mi a have received orders to join their respective corps without delav. The King of Prussia has left, Berlin tor head- quarters, and it should seem as if the immediate resumption of hostilities were expected. It is anxiously desired in every part of the North of ' Germany. Murat has issued a decree, in which he states • that considerations of high importance have obliged him to be absent for a time from his kingdom. He appoints his Queen Regent during his absence. An article from Naples says that he is gone to Dresden. Nut the least mention is made in these papers of the late battles in the Pyrenees. An evening paper says, " in the baggage of Joseph Bonaparte, which fell into our hands, was found a letter from Bonaparte to him, in which he says, that the principal hope he has, with respect to Spain, is, that the troops may be nble to maintain a defensive position; that he had succeeded himself in gaining a battle at Bautzen over the Allies, but that it was severely contested, and that the times were past when one battle decided the late of the war. That the Govern- ments on the Continent had grown wiser by ex- perience, but that he trusted their success would confirm the Confederation of the Rhine in their attachment to him. He then breaks out into a violent strain of invective against Murat, whom lie accuses of the greatest ingratitude in having abandoned him at so critical a period, and re- tired to Naples. He accompanies this invective with soiwe menaces to be executed at a proper season, and concludes by professions of attach- ment to him ( Joseph) for having been the only one of his brothers ( Jerome excepted) that had remained eonsta tlv faithful to him. Six hundred of the 1st Foot Guards are ordered to hold themselves in readiness for embarkation. The incessant firing of the battering train against Sr. Sebastian rendered the guns unser- viceable, and hence the operations against the place suspended until others ace received from Corunna. The Captain of the American sloop Argus died on Tuesday morning, after suffering amputation on Monday night. An American midshipman also died on Tuesday, on board the Argus, as did the carpenter. The Americans speak of the fire of the Pelican as tremendous, and indeed the state of the decks of the Argus, it is reported, amply evince this. The Captain of the Argus was First Lieutenant of the United States when nhe Macedonian was taken. The Pelican was but weakly manned, besides having a midshipman and 10 men absent in a prize. Mr. Young, mastei's mate on hoard the Pelican, was killed by a musket shot from the tops of the Argus, after the tatter had struck. Lieutenant J. Jones, of the 24th regiment, serving in the Peninsula, has been sentenced by a Court- martial to be dismissed the service, for defrauding a Serjeant and several privates of some balances due to them: and also for defrauding one Xatour, an hotel keeper at Lisbon, of the amount of a hill which he had run up at his house. National Debt.— On the 1st of August the total of the National Debt redeemed, was ,£ 282,018,421 ; jf94,777,100, of this capital is to be cancelled pursuant to 53 Geo. III. c. 59. The sum to he expended in the ensuing Quarter is ,£ 3,481,687. 2s. 1 ljd. On Saturday morning, at about 25 minutes past six o'clock, two of the powder mills at Hounslow blew up with tremendous explosions. The reports, which took place with only a momen- tary interval between them, were heard for up- wards of 20 miles round. At Kensington and Brompton the shocks resembled those of an earth- quake, and the concussion of the air was so extraordinary as to ring small bells hung in gardens in these parts. Three persons, it is said, fell victims to this explosion ; the cause of which, as . murt generally be the case in such events, cannot be ascertained. Extract of a Letter from Bodmin, dated August 3.7:--" An awful visitation, in the case of a sudden 43fsat. li, occured this day in the church of this town. ( jti the arrival of the Judges, Sir V. Gibbs, and Baron GralUm, to hear divine service, the Clergyman, the Rev. Dr. Pomcrby, was not in his place. The Captain of the Javeline men was therefore sent for him, and he arrived after the Judge* had been about 12 minutes waiting for him. Tie Chaplain of the Sheriff helped him on with his gown; he went into the desk, and opened the book but he had scarcely turned over two or three leaves, when he fell down and suddenly expired. He was about 64 years of age." ^ Earlv 011 the morning of Saturday fce nmght, the body of the Rev. Nicholas Westcombe was found in a lane called Old Gatlow's- lane, ad joining the city of Winchester, most inhumanly murdered, and also robbed of a silver watch, with no maker's name, but supposed to be num- bered 1811; as also of several other articles of value. The Gazette of Saturday contains the Prince Regent's piomise of pardon on the dis- covery of the persons concerned in this murder, ( except the actual perpetrators), as also a reward of an hundred pounds from the family of the dcceascd• Ann Moore.— This highly notorious character voluntarily quitted her late residence at Tutbury, on Thursday morning last, about seven o'clock. It is said she i3 gone to take up her abode with some relation or acquaintance iu the neighbour- hood of Abbots Bromley. She was conveyed in an open cart, with such part of . her household- furniture which she had not previously sold. She was carried to the cart wrapped up in woollen, her face not being exposed. Plumber's Bill.— k plumber having been em- ployed to erect a copper in a workhouse at the east end of the town, sent in his bill as follows:— ii To hanging a Cooper, to make foup fur the pour pevyle, £ 1. 18s." TPIIE At 1 Friends HR1 Uitnial Meeting of the Members and .. f the SOCI ETY for PROMOTING I ST I A N KNOWLEDGE, Resident in the [ Southern Part of the County of Bedford, will he ilden at the SUGAR LOAF INN, DUNSTABLE. on MONDAY the 30ih In. tant, at Twelve o'clock. THOMAS W. MEAD, Secretary. Dunstable, August \ 6th, 1813. JOHN SMI 111, TAILOR jhd HABIT- MAKERf No. 19, GREAT PULTEN EY- STREET, LONDON, BKGS Leave to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that he will be glad to be honoured n ith their Orders at the following reduced Prices: — £. s. d. A Black or Coloured Coat of the finest Quality 4 4 0 A double milled Ditto, to exclude wet .. 4 14 fi A Coat of fine Yorkshire Hunter's Cloth. 3 3 0 A Lady's Riding Habit of the finest Cloth 6 6 0 And every other Artirle of the best Make and Quality equally reasonable. J. Smith is about to pass through the Counties ol Lincoln, Northampton, Huntingdon, Cambridge, and Bedford, and will be liappv to attend those i , • • i c . L who will be pleased to favour him with an Order [ a « « « • » o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the for that Purpose, directed to his House in Town, NORTHAMPTON DIVISION. ALEI/ OUSE LICENSES. NOTICE is hereby given, That his Ma- jesty's Justices of the Peace, acting in and I for this Division, have appointed their Meeting 111 beheld at Ihe GRAND JURY ROOM, adjoining the County- Hall, in the Town of Northampton, | no SATURDAY the FOURTH Day of SF- PTEIUBER or to Mr. Henry Smith's, Corn- Merchant, Potion, Beds, previous to the 14lh of September next. WM. BANNISTER, deceased, THE Creditors of WILLIAM BAN- NISTER, late of OLNEY, in the County of Buckingham, deceased, may receive a Dividend of Ten Shillings in the Pound on their respective Debts, by applying at Ihe Office of Mr. Garrard, Solicitor, Olney. Purpose of granting or reuewing Licenses or Authorities to Persons keeping common Inns or Alehouses, within the said Division ; at which Meeting the Constable of each Parish in the Divi- sion aforesaid, is desired to attend to verify his List of FVeeholders. By Order of the said Justices, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. Northampton, 21 st August, 1813. DUCHY COURTS. NOTICE is hereby given, That the COURTS LEET and COURTS BARON of our gracious Sovereign Lord, King George Ihe Third, Lord of the Manors of It AUN DS, RUSH DEN, and IRCIIESTKR, with their Members Manor of VUST0N, near Northampton. THE GAME and FISH on the above Manor having been destroyed by unqualified Persons; as also by Persons not having taken out I in the County of Northampton, will be held as Licenses, and being desirous nf preserving the lame, follows:— For Kaunds, on ' Thursday, the second I do hereby give Notice, ' Day of September;— Jlushden, Friday, the third That my Tenants are instructed to discharge all Day of September;— and Irchcster, Saturday, the Persons trespassing upon Ihe Land in " their Occu- / otirf/ t Day of September next; when all Persons palion S and whoever shall hereafter be found who have any Business to transact at any of the Shooting or Fishing thereon, will be prosecuted as said Courts, are required to attend early on each the Law directs. MILBOURNE. Brocket- Halt, 2Ath August, 1813. GAME. ALL Persons are requested te refrain from SPORTING upon the MANOR of GREAT- BILLING, as the Deputation is given to a Gen- tleman who is very anxious to preserve the Game.— The Tenants of Mr. Elwes, and the " ev. M'. Wright, are instructed to give Notice of all Persons trespassing upon Lands in their Occupation, in Pursuitof Game. Great- Rilling, Aug. 19th, 1813. Day. By Order of EDW. BOUVERIE, Esq. Steward JOHN HODSON, Deputy- Steward of the said several Manors. Wellingborough, 18M August, 1813. BIGGLESWADE PROVIDENT SOCIETY, For the Relief of Widows, Orphans, and infirm Members, fyc. ( Established March 25th, 1804.) THIS Society having been now established upwards of nine Years, and its Number of Members, as well as its Capital, considerably in- reased, consider it a Duty they owe to Socii tv in jfeueral, and to the best Interests of the Institution, to make more generally known the Objects of its Establishment, viz.— By monthly or quarterly Payments of the indi- vidual Members, agreeably to the Rules or Rates of the Society, a Provision is made of Three Pounds per Month during tile Illness, Infirmity, or Inca- pacity of a Member. Twenty- six Founds per Annum during the Life of a Member's Widow. Twenty six Pounds per Annum for their Orphan Children, until the youngest is 15 Years of Age. Many Hundred Pounds standing now invested, in the Public Funds iu the Name of their Society's Trustee, and their Funds still increasing, the Society, at their General Annual Meeting held al the Crown Inn, in Biggleswade, on the 2d Day of July last. Resolved, That no future Member shall be admitted exceeding the Age of 35 Years, and to leave the Slate of Widowhood and Orphanage unincumbered, no Payments are reqaired by the Society from the Widows or Orphans of deceased Members. One Instance, amnimst others, of the Utility and Advantage of this Institution is, of a deceased Member's Widow being actually now ( and in Fact' for Life) in the Receipt of Twenty- six Pounds per Annum; her Receipts having already exceeded the Sum of ^£ 144, although the Payments made to the Society by her deceased Husband, did net Amount in the Whole to the Sam of ^ 10. Letters requesting Information, and all Commu- nications, must be addressed Post- paid. By Order of the Society, WILLIAM CII * PMAN, Secretary Biggleswade, Aug. 1TM, 1813. Dvsiruble freehold Estate, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, With Possession at Michaelmas, 1813, LL those FOUR INCLOSURES of capital ARABLE and partly convertible ARABLE LAND, with Yard, Barn, Stables, Hovels, Well ot excellsnt Water, and Out- buildings, situate in the Parish of COLLINC. TRE E, now inthe Occupation of Messrs. Jeyes, containing 53A. 1R. 19P. , The above Estate is Tithe- free, fenced with good nd unqualified Persons and Poachers will be pro- j thriving Quick Hedges, most desirably bounded by A1 MANOR OP ROTH WELL. \ LL qualified Persons , are requested to desist from SPORTING on the above Manor, secuted with ihe utmost Rigour of the Law The Tenants have Directions to discharge all Persons found trespassing thereon. Rushton- Halt, 24( A August, 1813. NOTICE. THE Gamekeepers of the several Manors of EASTON- NRSTON, TOWCESTER, P. A TTISH A LL, BUGBROOK, and GRKAT- DODDINGTON, belonging fo the Earl of POM- FRET, in the County of Northampton, are strictly ordered to inform against all unqualified Person* hereafter found SHOOTING, SPORTI NG, or FISHING, the Turnpike- Road to Stony- Stratford, three Miles from Northampton, and in a pleasant, healthy, and fertile Part of the County of Northampton. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same apply to Mr. PIERSON, General Agent, Kimboiton, at whose Office a Planot the Estate may be seen Letters are requested to be Post- paid. Freehold Water Corn Mill, called Park Mill, with Dicelling- House and Meadow Land adjoining, near St. Albans, Herts. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, in or upon any of the said Manors; and the Tenanls At the Auction- Mart, on Tuesday, September 7, at are directed to discharge all Persons trespassing on Twelve, unless previously disposed of by Private their respective Farms. • I Contract, Easton August ib, 1813, I \ Remarkably valuable and powerful Overshot " 57 J", , , .• ,. ,,•-,, CV. WATER CORN MILL, about 14 Feet fall, Manor and Lordship of . Sulby. with a Kood and jubstantia| Brick Dwelling- House, WE, the undersigned, Proprietors of Land walled Garden, and suitable Out- buildings, all in ex- in SULB Y, or Persons authorised by them, f" « lt Repair, and five Acres of excellent Meadow desirous of preserving the GAM E thereon, L » " d adjo'n, nR, freeof> cat Tithes desirably s. tua e Y , * « „ .. , ' at Park- Street, in the Parishof ST. STiruxx, Herts, ,'< i / of. . i, ,: i • A . i about two Miles from St. Albans, six from Watford That all unqualified Persons detected in destroying and Hemel- Hempstead, 13 fcom Luton and Dun- theGame or Fish, or otherwise trespassing within stable all of them large Corn Markets, and only the said Lordship, will be prosecuted; und we about 16 Miles from London. There is an excellent request that all qualified Persons will desist there-( Trade and long- established Connexion attached to the from. N. B. The Tenants are desired to gite Inform- ation of all Trespassers. fLord Willoughby de Broke. BARNARD— for < John Payne, Esq. ( Robert Greenhill, Esq. J. W. ROBERTS— for Stephen Moore, Esq. To be LETT, And entered upon at Michaelmas next. Mill, to which a ptoper Introduction will be given and Possession may be had at Michaelmas next; up to which Time, all Taxes and Outgoings will be cleared. The Water Wheels, Shafts and Cisterns, See. have been put in entirely new this Summer, and every other Part ot the Wheels, Geers, and Machi nery are in excellent Repair. I he Mill in its present State is capable of clearing off about 300 Five- bushel Loads ot wheat per Week ; and by adding two more Pair of Stones, which the present new Wheels are capable of driving without Difficulty, much more AGARDEN; consisting of one Acre, well Business may be done, as there is s regular and never, walled and planted, in BROAD- LANE, I failing Supply of Water NORTHAMPTON.— Enquire of WILLIAM WOR-| CESTER, in Bull Head Lane. 20fA August, 1813. A To be LETT, Convenient HOUSE, with suitable] Offices, walled Garden and Orchard, fit for the Reception of a small genteel Family, at BURTON- LATTIMF. R, in the County of North- ampton, late in the Possession of Mrs. Baker, deceased ; together with two or nine Acres of] Pasture Laud adjoining, at the Option of the Tenant. The above is about four Miles distant from the Market Towns of Wellingborough and Kettering, adjoining the Turnpike- Road from Kettering to London. The Leeds Mail and Kettering Coaches pass daily hy the Door. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. WILLIAM BILLINGS, al Great- Harrowden, near Welling- borough.— Possession may be had immediately. N. 13. Halt the Purchase- Money may remain on Mortgage. Printed Particulars may be had at the Wool Pack, St. Albans ; Essex Arms, Watford ; White Horse, Uxbridge; the Three Pigeons, Brentford ; Saracen's Head, Ware; Bull, Hertford; Green Man, Barnet Salisbury Arms, Hatfield ; and of Messrs. DRIVER Surveyors and Land- Agents, Kent- Road, or at their Offices in the Auction- Mart, London. Eligible Ded- Freehold.— Little- Brickhill, Bucks. To be SOLD or LETT by Private Contract, ACompact and newly erected Brick' MES- SUAGE, with a large Yard and Card n, and convenient Out- buildings belonging thereto, fit to' the Accommodation of a small genteel Family, and well calculated for carrying on Business, situate iu that very pleasant and much- improved Town of LITTLE. BRICK. HI I. L. Immediate Possession may be had. The above Estate may be made into two Dwelling- Houses, is in capital Condition, well fenced and watered, and possesses the great Advantage of being eligibly situated adjoining the great VVest Chester Turnpike- Road, and of having Coaches through the Town to and from London every Day.— The G- and Junction Canal is within the Distance of two Miles, and within easy Distances are the Market Towns ol Woburn, Leighton- Buzzard, Dunstable, Newport- Pagnetl, and Stony- Stratford. For further Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr DAY; Solicitor. Woburn, Beds. The II'heat Sheaf Inn, Wo!' urn, neas. ( The Sale of which was in March last postponed), WILL be SOLD by AUCTION, in the Month of September next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract. further Particulars will appear in a future Paner, and may behad of Mr. H URLE y, the Proprietor ( who is declining Business); or at the Office of Mr. DAY, Solicitor, Woburn. Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Security. To he SOLD bv AUCTION, On Thursday the 2d of September, 1813, unless pre- viously disposed of by Private Contract, AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, pleasantly situated at E A k L'S- BA RTON, the County of Northampton, and now in the Occu pation of Charles Cornish. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply, to Mr. J. BRADFORD, ot Wilbi . To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with an ex- cellent Malt- House, Brick- Kiln in tull Trade, Garden, Orchard well planted with Fruit- Trees, and two several Closes of Arable and Pasture Land ; containing in the Whole about eight Acres, situate in I are freehold,' and the Rick- YarS,' Garden, and Land, - u- Worth- are LeasehoW) tor a Tenn ot 21 Years from i, ady. Day, 1813, usually renewable every seven Years, The Premises may be seen on Application to Mrs. Freehold and Leasehold Estate, dington, Oxfordshire. To he SOLD by AUCTION, by CHURCHILL < 5- TURNER, At the Tuns Inn, Deddington, Oxfordshire, on Sa- turday the 11th Day ot September, 1813, at Si) o'Clock in the Afternoon, under such Conditions as shall be then produced, in one Lot, AVerv desirable and compact TITHE- FREE ESTATE, eligibly situated in and adjoining to the Town of DEDDINGTON; comprising a sub- stantial Farm- House, with convenient Dairy, Barn, Stable, Cow- House, and'Out- buildings, Yard, Rick- Yard, and Garden. A Cottage adjoining. And tour Inclosures ot very rich Arabic ana Pasture Land, di- vided by thriving Quicksets and well watered, and containing together upwards of 28 Acres and a Half. The House, Yard and Buildings, and the Cottage, the Parish of EYDON, inthe County of North- ampton, and now in the Tenure of Edward Tew. Mr. T « w will shew the Premises, and further Particulars may be had at the Office of Messrs. APLIN, in Banbury. Valuable Rams, of the old Leicestershire Breed, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By DAVIS If SON, On Friday, September 10th, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. MOSES MILLER, of SMEETON- WESTERBY, near KIBWORTH- HARCOURT, Lei- cestershiie, who is leaving his Farm ; CONSISTING of 14 valuable Shearling Rams, 15 Two- shear Ditto, eight Three- shear Ditto, 1 __ , .. , and five Four- shear Ditto; 14 capital Ram Lambs.- CHJR1Y- FIVE telected and truly valuable high The Whole ate in high Condition, and may be viewed brsd EWES, and the Whole of the RAMSot any Day ( Sundays excepted) preceding the Sale. [ the pure Leicestershire Blood, of S. K. NOWLES, There requires no Comment on the above Stock, Esq. who is wholly declining Ram breeding. Mr. Miller, having been a Ram Ureeder upwards of] Mr. KNOWLES was one of the late Mr, Bakewell's 30 Years, and in high Estimation for Rams of thel first Customers, and continued to have Sheep from old Leicestershire Breed, for producing Size, Wool, Dishley until within these few Years; he also selected and Mutton, and such an Oppoitunity may not otter and used Sheep from the Flocks of the most eminent again to the Grazier and Public. Breeders.— This Flock is held in great Estimation, Also, a valuable Kam Cart, with Partitions for| and very rarely suchBlood isthusoffered tothe Public holding five Rams, and four Lots of rich Manure. Sale to begin in the Morning at Ten o'Clock. PETTY, of Deddington, the Tenant; and further Par. ticulars known at the Office ot Messrs. CHURCHILL, FIELD, & WESTON, Solicitors, Deddington j or the AUCTIONEERS, Woodstock. Valuable high bred Leicestershire Ewes and Rums. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, On the Premises, at NA1LSTON, near MARKET- BOSWORTH, in the County ot Leicester, on Wed- nesday the 15th Day of September, 1813, at Eleven o'Clock, Genteel Residence, Huntingdonshire. To be sS O L D bv. A U C T I O N, By Mr. PIER SON, At the White Lion Inn, in Kimboiton, on Friday the 3d Day of September, 1813, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE; con- sisting of a substantially Brick- built Residence, Garden, and Orchard, pleasantlv situated at STONE LY, in the Parish of KIMBOLT IN. The House is completely adapted for the Accommodation and fit for the Reception of a respectable Family, in excellent Repair, and contains on the Ground Floor roomy Entrance 36 Feet long, with handsome Stair- case, two Parlours in Front, 14J Fe- et by 13J; spaciou Hatl, 15 F'eet by 14J ; Butl r's Pantry, China ami other Closets; Kitchen. 22 Feet by 12, with Pu p of excellent Water; Oven, Brewing and Washing Coppers, convenient Cellars, and Dairy. On the first Floor, Landing- place,, 18- Feet by 14;' two Bed- Rooms til Front, 14 Feet by 13J, with small Dress- ing- rooms attached; Bed- Room, 15J Feet by 14 Man- Servants' Room, Fruit- Chambet, and conve nientiStow- Closers. On the Attic, Landing?! Feet by 7j one Bed- Room, 16 Feet by 10, and two Bed- Rooms, 18 Feet bv 94- — Detached at a convenient Distance from the House, is a large boarded antl tiled Building, 37 Feet by 15, capable of being converted into Stablingat a small Kxpense.— The Garden, which IS about IFO Feet by 100, in Front of the House, is tastefully laid out in Compartments, intersected by Gravel Walks, with handsome Grass Plat, and planted with the choicest Flowers, Shrubs, and Frui frees, in the mjst complete Order; and the Orchard on the Back Front well planted with young Trees selected with the greatest Care. This convenient Residence has been built within a few Years, . is delightfully situated at a convenient Distance from the Turnpike- Road, and within a plea, sant Walk ol abour a Quarter of a Mtleof the Market Town of Kimboiton, commanding a most beautiful Prospect over the adjoining Grounds and Plantations, belonging to his Grace the Duke of Manchester.— The Purchaser may be accommodated with three or four Acres of old rich inclosed Pasture lying very contiguous. For further Particulars, or a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. PHRSON, General Agent Kimboiton, who is authorised to treat for the same by Private Contract. BEDFORD RACES, 1813. ON WEDNESDAY, the 8th Day of SEPTEMBEP., will be run for, on COW- MEADOW, near BEDFORD, the WOBURN STAKES, of Ten Guineas each, with 20 Guineas to be added from the Race Fund, for Thtee- vear- olds, carrying 7st. ; Four- year olds, 8st. 2lbs. ; Five- year- olds, 9st. ; Six- year- olds and aged. 9st. 5lbs. ; Mares allowed 31bs. The best of three Two- mile Heats. The Winner to be sold for Guineas, if demanded within a Quarter of an Hour after the Race; the Owner of the second Horse being first entitled, & c. To be named on Monday preceding the Races, Vid the Stakes to be paid to Mr. W. BROWN, Clerk of the Course, at the Time of naming, Present Subscribers. Duke of BEDFORD, Marquis of TAVISTOCK, I JOHN FLETCHER, Esq. SAMI.. WHITBRRAD, Esq, General Ognitow, W: LEE ANTSNIE, Esq. | Lord WM. RUSSELL. On the same Day, A PlIRsE ot *£ 50, given by His Grace the Duke of B E D FORD, tor Three- year- old Colts arid Fillies ; Colts to carry 8st. 7lbs. ; Fillies 8st. 5ibs. The best ot three Heats, once round the Course. On the same Day, A SWEEPSTAKES of Ten Guineas each, for Hunters that have been regularly hunted, and Certificates to be produced. & c. One Mile and a Halt Heats. To be rode by Gentlemen, carrying 12 Stone, and the Horses to be named to the Clerk of the Course at the Time ot Entrance, for the Plates, & c. 1813; at which Time the Stakes to be > aid, and close. The Winner is expected to give the Ierk of the Course Two Guineas.— Five Subscribers, or no Race. Subscribers. J. NEWMAN, Esq. W. LAW. Esq. On THURSDAY, the 9th Dav of SEPTEMBER, The NOBLEMEN and GENTLEMEN'S SUBSCRIP- TION PURSE, of Fifty Pounds, freeforall Horses, Sec. The best of Three Four- Mile Heats. Four- year- olds to carry 7st. 7ib.; Five- vear- olds, fist. 51b. ; Six- year- olds, 8st. 91b. ; and aged, 8it. 111b. Horses that have won one Plate or Sweepstakes in 1813. to carry31b. extra; two Plates, See. 51b. ; threeormote, 71b. extra. On the same Day, The TOWN PLATE, of Fifty Pounds, free for all Horses, Sec Twice round til? Course Theee- year- olds to carry 6st. 61bs.; Fotir- yeai- olds, 8st. ; Five- year- olds, 8st lOlbs. ; Six- year- olds, 9st ; and aged, 9st. 2lbs. Horses, Sec. that have won one Plate or Sweepstakes in 1813, to carry 31b. extra, two Plates, See. 51b. ; thiee or more, 71b. extra. Every Horse that runs for either of the above Plites, & c. must be shewn and entered on Monday before the Kaces, at the Red Lion Inn, Bedford, tween the Hours of Four and Seven o'Clock in the Afternoon, and must then produce proper Certificates of Age and Qualifications ; at the same Time pay Two Guineas Entrance- Money, and Ten Shillings and Six- p ence to the Clerk of the Course.— Horses entering / the Post to pay double Entrance, Sec. — No less than " ree reputed running Horses to start for either of the Plates, without Permission of the Steward.— If bu one Horse enter, the Owner to be be allowed Ten Guineas; if two, Five Guineas each, and their Entrance- Money returned.— If any Dispute hall arise, either in entering, running. Sec. to be decried by the Steward, or whom he shall appoint. No Person will be allowed to erect a Booth, or take a. Waggon, Cart, Sec. for the Purpose of selling l. iquots, & c. until Notice is given to the Clerk of the Course; and at the same Time, if a Booth or Stand, must pay One Guinea ; Waggon, Ten Shillings and Sixpence; Cart, Five Shillings. To start precisely at Twelve o'Clock. ORDINARIES as usual. An Assembly in the Evening ot the Second Day's Race. WILLIAM ASTELL, E- q. STEWARD. W. HR0W \ , Clerk of the Course. Capital Farm to Lett, and a small Ditto Wanted. I'o be LETT ( or Sold on Terms peculiarly Advantageous), By Mr. S H E E, ( Landed Estate Agent, Southampton- Row), A Very superior MANOR FARM, in Sussex, ' 50 M": s from London; comprising Farm- Hjm- e. Buildings, and 242 Acres of capital Land, with nr without 100 Acres of valuable Wood Land, inthe Whole 342 Acres. Wanted to rent or purchase, A small Arable FARM. from 40 to 100 Acres, good Land ; and to lav out from 5 to = et5,000on Landed Property, in unexpired old Leases. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. HOLLOWAF, On Tuesday the 14th Day ol September, 1813, at the Angel Inn, in Market- Harborough, ( if not pre viously disposed of by Private Contract), \ Desirable- FREEHOLD ESTATE; containing 20 Acres of rich Pasture Land, situated at HORN1NGHOLD, in the County of Leicester - Possession may be had on the 11th of October, 1S13-' For Particulars, or to treat for the same, apply to P. O. ADAMS, Attorney, or to the AUCTIONEER, at Market- Harborough aforesaid. Catalogues will be ready for Delivery seven Days previous to Sale. Freehold Lund, near Oundle, Northamptonshire, | With Possession at Michaelmas next. To be SOLD by AUCTION, ByMessrs. SKINNER, TOUCHING FORREST, On Tuesday the 14th of September, 1813, at Twelve | o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee- House, ' Change- Ally, Cornhill, London, in one Lot: AN ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Parish of OUNDLE, neir BENEHELD, in the County of Northampton ; consisting of WEB STER'S CLOSE, containing THIRTY- SIX ACRES of fertile Pasture and Arable Land, free of Great Tithes, and a Cottage in the Occupation of Mr, Chatles Jinks, at SIXTY- THREE POUNDS per Annum but who has received Notice to quit at Michaelmas next. The Land- Tax is allowed. To be viewed ; and printed Particulars had at the Talbot, Oundle; George Inns, Thrapston and Stam- ford ; White Hart, Kettering; Hind, Welling- borough; Fountain, Huntingdon; of the Printers of this Paper; MT. ROKINSON, Solicitor, Carey- Street, Lincoln's Inn, and of Messrs. SKINNER, TOUCHIN, St FORRSSI, Aldersgatc- Street, London. To be Perepmtorily SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chan eery, made in a Cause, Williams against Travers, with the Approbation of Robert Steele, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the George Inn in Northampton, on Monday the 4th Day ot October, 1813, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, IN FIVE LOTS, rHE M ANOR of WESTON- FAVELL, the County of Northampton, and the Quit Rents, Royalties, and Privileges belonging thereto — Also several FREEHOLD FAKMSaml ESTATES, together with a PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by the Sign of the TRUMPET, all situate at WESfON FAVEI. I. aforesaid, late the Property of Mrs. ELIZABETH EI. LEol EKINS, deceased. Printed Particulars may be had ( gratis) at the Masters Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings Chancery- Lane, London; at the Offices of Mr. WILKI NSON, Solicitor, Southampton- Street, Blooms- bury, whe( e a Map of the Estate may be seen; of Messrs. PEARSON, Solicitors, Pump Coutt, Temple; vlr. AYRTON, Solicitor, No. 15, Gray's Inn Square ; CHRISTOPHER SMYTH, Esq. Northampton t and JOHN BANOSR RUSSELL, Esq. Bejminster, Dorset. Eligible Estate, Kilsby, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By BOW. NF. ALE if SON, At the George Inn, in Kilstiy, on Tuesday the 2Sth Day of Seotcnber, 1813, about Thiee o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions ot Sale then to be produced, in the following Lots :— Lot 1. A LL that capital and substantial Stone • TV and Brick DWELLING- HOUSE; comprising a roomy Kitchen, Hall, Parlour, and Grocer's ^ hop. Cellar, Pantry, and'Dairy; five excellent Bed- Rooms, and two large Attics, one capital Oak Stair- Case, and back Ditto; a spacious Yard, containing a large B* arn, Five- stall Stable, Cow. Sheds, with other suitable Out- offices adjoining the Dwelling- House; together with an excellent Well of Water, a large and productive Garden, well ( danted with choice Wall Fruit and other Trees in - full bearing, pleasantly situate in KILSBY aforesaid, and well adapted tor the Residence of a Gentlemari, or anv Person requiring Room, and now in the Occu- pation of Mr. JonN GIBBINS. the Proprietor. Lot 2 All that PI EC E or PA R C E L of exceed- ingly rich GRAZING LAND, situate near to the fown of KI LSB Y, and adjoining the Turnpike. Road leading from Kilsby to Lutterworth, and within 300 Yards of the George Inn, containing six Acies or thereabouts. Lot 3. All that other PIECE or PARCEL of exceedingly rich GRAZING LAND, adjoining Lot 2, containing six Acres or thereabouts. Lot4. All that PIECE or PARCEL ot exceed- ingly rich ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, adjoining Lot 3, containing six Acres or thereabouts. N. B. Theabove Estate is Copyhold of Inheritance, and the Lots of Land are well fenced and watered, and a Number of young thriving Timber Trees are growing in the Hedgerows. Possession ot the Whole may be had at S t. Thomas next. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. JOHN GIBBINS, of Kilsby aforesaid ; and further Particulars may be had at the Offices of Messrs, CAioieoit & BENN, Solicitors', Rugby, To be SOLD by AUCTION, In the Mouth of September next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, AVery neat HOUSE, and COTTAGE adjoin- ing, with a Barn, Garden, and other Conveni- ences, situate in the BROAD G REEN, in WE LLI N G- BOROUGH, in the Cou. tv of Northampton, late in'he Tenure of the Rev. Thomas Atchard. The House is newly and substantially built, and comprises two fitting- rooms on the Ground Floor; two Bed- Chambers and one large Attic, which may be easily divided. The Cottage contains two Rooms on the Ground Floor, a Chamber, and an Attic, and has been occu- pied with the House as a Kitchen and Servants' Bed- Rooms. The Whole forms a desirable Residence for a respectable private Family, or a Person engaged in Manufacture or Trade. I mtnediate Possession may be hsd. For further Particulars and to treat for the Purchase by Private Contract, apply to Messrs. HODSON, Solicit! rs, Welli ngboroiigh . UNION CANAL. Market- IIarhnrough Wharf, August 18th, 1813, THE undersigned Coal and Coke Mer- ch ants at the above Wharf beg very respect- fully and gratefully to acknowledge their Obli gations to their respective Friends and Customers, for their repeated Favours anil continued Support ; they are truly sorry to be under the Neressity of again informing them that iu Consequence of the severe Enactments and Regulations of the several Canal Companies, in obliging them to pay all Tonnage Rales as the Veisels pass the respective Canals, and of the Proprietors of the Nottingham- hire and Derbyshire Collieries compelling thebi to pav for the Coals, fee. before the Boats leave tile Collieries, and in having recently raised the Prico of them, they are reluctantly compelled in the future conducting of ( heir Business, to resort to th< » Practice of Selling for READ Y MONEY ON LY T. IS LOU NT. FOX & Co. SLATER & Co. WILLIAM SMITH. BURTON & FURNIVAL. IMPROVED THRASHING MACHINES. FOUR- HORSE portable Thrashing Machine, complete with Straw- Shaker ,£ 80 0 0 Ditto Fixture Ditto 65 0 0 Ditto Ditto and Winnows 80 0 0 Three- horse portable Machine 65 0 0 A Two- horse Fixture, with Straw- Shaker 40 0 0 A new portable Machine, upon an entire new Construction, to thrash and win- now, requiring only two Horses, one Man, and two Boys to work it; the Machioe may be removed from Stack to Stack, Willi the same Ease as a Wag- gon, it being upon one Base ; this Ma- chine is best calculated to thrash out of Doors 70 0 0 At RICHARD WILSON'S, Iron and Brass- Founder, Charles- Street, Leicester. — Of whom also may be had, the Patent Ho RIZO NTA L SA I LS. DRILLS, LIME- SOWERS, SCARIFIERS, and other AGRICULTURAL INSTUMENTS; likewise BARK and CLAY- MILLS, and all other Kinds of Machi- nery and Mill- Work. Shops furnished on reasonable Terras A Letcemermi? e. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By DAVIS 4- SON, In the Month of September, 1813 ( together or in such Lots as shall be hereatier specified), Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called Baron LX. Park, situate in the Parish of DESFORD, in the County of Le: cester; consisting ot two Farm- Houses, with the Out buildings and Appurtenances thereto belonging; and about Four. Hundred and Ten Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, divided into convenient Closes, and now in the several Occu- pations of Messrs. Thomas Hook, Thomas Hurst, Jcseph Bott, and Juhn Hunt. The above Estate is about six Miles distant from Leicester, nine from Hinckley, and five from Market- Bosvvorth. The Land- fax is redeemed, and a Modus of Six Shillings and Eight. pence per Annum is pay able tothe Rector of Desfonl, in Lieu of Tithes. The Time and Place of Sale will be advert sed in this Paper, and for further Particulars, Application may be made to Messrs. R. S. TAYLOR Se CLEM in, Solicitors, Gray's- Inn, London; or Mr. SHEPPARD Solicitor, Leicest- er. LEICESTERSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, flf not previously disposed of by Private Contract), On Saturday the 2d Day of October, about Three o'Clock, at the Three Cranes Inn, Leicester, in Two or more Lots. AMost desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Lordshipof LODDINGTON, near the Turnpike- Road leading from Wansford and Upping ham to Leicester; consisting of One Hundred and Eighty Acres' of superior Land, of which about 70 Acres lie detached trom the Rest, and may be pur. chased separately. The Estate affords eligible Spots for Building, and would furnish Brick Earth and Timber. The Situation is an excellent one for a Sportsman' Hunting Box, being in the Centre ot the best Covers of several celebrated Hunts ; and is equally well adapted for a Farmer or Grazier, the Land being veiy improvable, and the parochial Payments remarkably- low.— Possession inay. be had at or about Michaelmas if desired. For further Particulars, and Reference for viewing, apply at the Law Offices of Messrs. MILES, ALSTON Sc MILES, Leicester, who ate authorized to Treat bj Private Conuact. To be SOLD, ACapital OAK TREE; the Butt Part contains upwards of two Hundred and Twenty Feet, the Arms, which are very large and well adapted for Ship- Building, contain above two Hundred Feet, the Grain and Colour verj gnod. F » r Particulars, enquire of WILLIAM PIGOTT, Esq. Dotldershall Park, near Aylesbury, Burks. Tiffield and Btiszporth, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by A U C I 1 O N, By THOMAS HUGHES, On Wednesday the 1st Day of Septemher, 1813, at Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, at Mrs. Stubbs's, the Grafton's Arms, in Blisworth aforesaid, in one or more Lots. ? s may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, under the Conditioas then to be produced, unless in the mean Time disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given, \ LL those TWO CLOSES or inclosed GROUNDSof rich PASTURE LAND, with the Hovel standing thereon, situate and being within the said Parishes of TI F F1 E LD and BLISWORTH; containing together 14 Acres or thereabouts, hs the same more or less, in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. John Gurney, ot Towcester, in the said County of Northampton, Victualler, the Proprietor. For Particulars, apply to the said Mr. GURNEY, ot at the Office of Mr. JOHN LOVELL, Solicitor, in Tow'cester. N. B. The Estate is Freehold and Land- Tax re- deemed.— One- half of the Purchase- Money may remain on the Estate. Freehold and Copyhold Lund, at Winslow, Buckinghamshire. To be SOLD ( in Lots) bv AUCTION, By Mr. FARMER, At the Bell Inn, in Winslow, en Monday the 13th Day of September next, between the Hours of Four and Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Cond- tions as will be then produced : Lot 1. \ Freehold MESSUAGE or TENE- LX. MENT, with Yard, Stables, and other Out. buildings, very conveniently situate inthe Town of WINSLOW, for several Years past Used as a Public House, and known by the Sign ot the Sow and Pigs, now in the Occupation of William Ingram. 2. A FREE HOLD CLOSE, called the Angel Close, situate near to the Town of Winslow, containing two Roods and 30 Perches, more or less, now occupied with the Public House. This Close is desirable either for Building or for Occupation. 3. AFR EE HOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Lower Bell, containing 1A. 1R. 4P. more or less, also in the Occupation of William Ingram, situate close to the Town of Winslow, and adjoining the Turnpike Road to Buckingham, 011 the right Hand Side, and is adapted either for Building ur for ' iccupation. 4. A FREEHOLD CLOSE ot LAND, called the Upper Bell, and Rick Yard, containing 1 A. 2R. 10P. more or less, also in the Occupation of Wm. 1 ngram, adjoining the last Lot, and equally desirable for either Purpose. 5. HALF ot a FREEHOLD CLOSE, called Gub- blesgore, containing in the Whole 9\. 2R. 24P. more or less ( to be divided into two Parts), which will contain about five Acres, being that Part ot the Close which is situate nearest to the Town of Wins- low, on the left Hand Side ot the Turnpike- Road to Buckingham, in the Occupation of Mr. Hawley. This Lot is desirable for building upon, and as Clay is now getting in the adjoining Close, there is every Reason to expect that in this Close there is also a good. Vein of Clay. 6. The other HALF of the said CLOSE, called Gubblesgore, which will contain about four Acres, more or less, and which is situate the furthest from the Town of Winslow, but equally desiraole in every Point ot View as the last Lot. 7. A COPVHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Upper Harwoad, situate on the right Hand side of the Road leading tr, m Winslow to Harwood, and is within a convenient Distance from the Town of Winslow, containing 1A. 2R. 25P. more or le- s, in the Occupation ot William Ingram. 8. A COPVHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Middle Harwood, containing 3A. OR, 7P. mote or less, adjoining the last Lot, also in tiie Occupation of William Ingram. 9. A COPYHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Bottom Harwood, and adjoining to Harwood Field and the last Lot, containing 4A. 1R. - 37P. more or less, also in the Occupation of William Ingram. The last three Lots are desirable for Persons who keep Cows. 10. THREE CLOSES of LAND, called A. R. P. the Meadow ( Freehold) 5 0 " il Great Brook Meadow ( Copyhold) 9 3 21 Little Close and Furze ( Freehold) 8 2 33 Total ( more or less).. 93 3 3 These Closes are situate nearly opposite to Lots 7, 8, and 9, and are also within a convenient Distanca ot the Town of Winslow; and in the latter Closa there is a Barn and other convenient Out- buildings, with a Farm- Yard, 11. TWO FREEHOLD CLOSES of LAN D, A. R. P. called Upper Smalley Down 6 2 3 Lower Smalley Down 7 3 S Total ( more or less).. 14 1 9 These Closes are inthe Occupation of Mr, Hawley ; the Upper Sntalley Down adjoins the Turnpike. Road fiom Winslow to Buckingham, and is also within a convenient Distance of VVinslow. 12. A FREEHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Dog Kennel, containing 6A. JR. 24P, more or less, also in the Occupation of the said Mr. Hawley, also adjoining the Turnpike- Road to Buckingham and the Road to Harwood, This Situation of the several Lots here offered is truly desirable, being near to the Town of Winslow, and an Opportunity of purchasing such Spots, will not, in all Probability, occur again. The Copyhold is of Inheritance, and Fine certain ; Land- Tax redeemed, and Tithe- tree. Possession of the several Lots may be had at Lady- Day next; and for further Particulars, apply at the Office of DECIMUS COOKE, Solicitor, in Leicester, • where a Plan of the Estate may be seen. TheTenaats will shew the iespective Lots. li'ednesdnu and Thursdays. Posts. LONDON, THURSDAY, Aug. 26. ^" MIF. Gazette nf this evening contains an ex- l trart of a dispatch from. Lord Wellington, ( the substance of which is given in the bulletin inserted in the preceding . page). Lord W. give- the following supplementary return ot killed wounded, and missing, from the 30th of July t- August 1 — flrif/ jft— 2 captains, 1 sergeant, 16 rank and file. 1 horse, killed ; I lietii.- col, 1 major. 3 captains, 8 lieutenants, I ensign, 1 staff, 8 sergeants, I drummer. rank and file, 1 horse, wounded ; 6 rank and file missing. Hilled.— 3d or Buffs, Capt. Walsh ; 74th fool. Ciip't. Whitting. Wounded.— 1st hussars, German I. egion, Lieut | lten, slightly.— 3d or Buffs, Lieut. Colclotigh, Slightly.— 31st foot, 2d halt. Cnpt. fiirdlestone, linslgn Win. Smith, severely.— 45th foot, Lieut. Humfrey, severely.—( Mill foot, 2d halt. Major Dodgiu, siightlv; Capt. Goldie ( Major), Lieut. Hickin, severelvi Lieut. Dobbin, slightly.— T4th font, Lieut.- Col. lion. L. P, Trench, l. ieut. Tew slightly ; Ci'pt. Moore ( Major), Lients. Pattlso and DuncomVi, severely.— 00th font, Ist. b& tt. Adj. Kent, slightly. The Gazette also contains the following extrac' of a letter, dated Aug. 14, from Capr. Maples relating the capture of the American sloop of wa1 Argus, by the Pelican sloop of war under hi1 command: " At four o'clock this morning T saw a vessel on fire, and a brig standing from her, which 1 soon marie nut lo he a cruiser) made all sail in cliace, and at half past five came alongside of her, ( she having shortened sail, and made herself clear for an obstinate resistance,) when, after giving her three cheers, our aclinn commenced, which was kept up with great spirit on both sides 43 minules; when welay her alongside, and were in the act of hoarding, w hen she struck her colours. She proves to be the United Stales sloop of war Argus, of SCO tons, 18 24- pounder carronades, and two long 12- pound'Ts; had ou hoard when she sailed from America ( two months since) a complement of 149 men, but iu the action 127; commanded by l. ieut.- Commandant \ V. II. Allen, who, I regret to sav, was wounded enrlv in ( he action, and has sinre suffered amputation of his left thigh.— No eulogium I could u « e would do sufficient justice to Ihe merits of my gallant officers and crew ( which consisted of 110) ; the cool courage they displayed, and the precision of their fire, could only be equalled by their zeal to distinguish themselves; hilt I must beg leave to call your attention to theconducl of my First Lieut. T. Welsh, of Mr. W GIanville, acting master, Mr. W. Ingram, the purser, who volunteered his services on deck, and Mr. Rich. Rcoll, the boatswain.— Our loss, I nm happy lo say, is small, one matter's male, Mr. Wtn. Young, slaininthe moment of victory, while animating, by his courage and example, all around him, and one able seaman, John Kmerv; besides five seamen wounded, who arc doing well ; that nf the enemy I have not yet been able to ascertain but it is considerable, hep officers say about 40 killed and wounded." " That as children of Ireland, we canpot but oiler,-! n the warmth of our hearts, our unabated attention | old unshaken attachment to Henry G rattan, tbe tathei > f his country ; . and that we rely on his fidelity an VTSCvcranc.) in the cause of our unq- taiji d eman. • i pat ion.— That until such time as we are a' - nilted to that unqualified em incioation, we ai ietermined, bv every legal means on our part, f seek so desirable an object; nor will we, tor_ a temporal consideration, compromise the principle • f our religion, consistent as thev truly are will • ho « e o'f the Constitution and th: happiness o iciety.— That by far the most powerful of tlyos- jeans, within our reach, is the Elective Franchise which we therefore earnestly recommend to Catholic • xercise, on the principles of public good, not ol private interest." he Wheat Harvest is almost finished in the ( sleof Thanet; finer corn, and more abundance, have lieen seldom known. Barley is almost all cut, and a few days will house it. The hops in Kent have a most favourable appearance. Salisbury triennial Musical Festival was held last week: anil during the three days there was a more numerous assemblage of beauty and fashion than was ever before witnessed on a similar occa- sion. His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge was present at each performance; and more than 1,000 tickets were sold. T he following notice has appeared in a country N' isr Paris Papers have arrived to the 22d, hut not one word is mentioned in them relative to the armistice, and no more is heard of a Congress than if such a measure had never been in contem- plation. There is intelligence from Dresden of the 14th, four days after the Armistice was lo expire; it merely states, that Bonaparte's head- quarters were still there, and that he enjoyed the best he< « lth. But though these Papers supply no decisive in Formation relative to the renewal of hostilities, or of the Armistice, they furnish divers indica- tions from which it may be inferred, that the war will be renewed immediately, AT: article from the fttmtiers of Saxony, of the 9th, says, " that the corps of the Imperial Guard, now at Dre*- , den, are to march oil the Uili ( tl. e day after the expiration nf the Armistice) for their ulterior destination."— If the Armistice had been, renewed, they would have remained at Dresden—' hev are always stationed where Bonaparte himself resides; and their marching from Dresden, would induce a belief that he is himself about to quit that city, to take the command of his army, and that the ulterior destination of these corps of the Imperial guard is Silesia. A Lcipsic article also, after speaking of different changes in the respective position nf the corps of the army, alludes parti- cularly to some changes in Lower I. usatia, and states that Oudinot, who had his head- quarters at l. ubbenau, has ju< t transferred thein to Lukao, thus moving nearer ' to the positions of the other corps of the French army. The Saxon troops have been stationed behind Gorlitz, and thus communicate with the troops at Bautien. " Much activity," says a Dresden article " is remarked in all the Offices as well as among the military."' It then states, that " the fortifications of both towns of Dresden ate neatly finished; that every body admires the positions of tbe Camp tie Peniu, and the importance of the works constructed between that point and the frontiers of Bohemia, upon both hanks of the Elbe, near Koenigstein antl Libeu- stein; that Torgati, Wittenberg, Dresden, and Koenigstein, form an excellent line of the Upper Elbe." All these are warlike indications, and the anxiety to nuke the positions so strong between Pcrna and the Bohemian frontier induces the suspicion, that Bonaparte expfcts Austria will dtclare against him. It may be remarked also, that while Bonaparte is making the capital of Saxony so strong, Austria is employed with equal activity in fortifying the capital of Bohemia. The Prussian preparations, and ' the spirit that pervades Prussia, give considerable uneasiness t » Bonaparte, and draw from him occasional sple- netic remarks against that power. First, he ridiculed the Prussian addresses to the people of Germany— iheo he endeavoured to throw ridicule upon the Lanthvehr, and now he accuses the King of Prussia of continuing to make le ies and drain his states, of. men as they have been of money. Ol' the latter drain he can give the best account, and as to the former it is satisfactorily ascertained that the Prussian states are offering daily to their Sovereign the willing arms and hearts of thousands of his subjects. There is no fear of the people of Prussii being up to the war mark, and especially as the King shares all their spirit, and feels all their patriotism. Murat has ere this joined the French army; and for the present Bonaparte may conceal his displeasure against him, and avail himself of bis services— He is his best General of Cavalry. lint be will still be revenged upon him whenever an opportunity presents. Intelligence is reported to have reached this coun- try, of the King of Prussia having placed another large portion of his army under the command of the Crown Prince, whose force will thus be aug- mented to 150,000 men. The circumstance that is said lo have induced his Prussian Majesty to tale this step is, the certainty of the Emperor of Germany being abuut to join the Allies, and that in that event there will be the lf « necessity for the concentration of all the Prussian troops in Silesia. All the Crown Prince's army is said to be drawing towards Berlin where lie himself is. General Morcau accepts a command in the Russian service. Such of the French, German, Polish, Italian, and other prisoners made by Russia, as may be so disposed, are to be embodied into an army, and placed under his orders, as well as a large Russian force. There were reports this morning of hostilities having actually recommenced, and of some par- tial actions having taken place in the vicinity of Hamburgh. Government have not received any- such information. An error in tbe London Gazette of Tuesday st'nnight is corrected in that of Saturday. Parlia- ment has been prorogued to Nov. tst, and not to 4th Oct. as at first stated by mistake. Irish Catholics.— The following Principal reso- lutions, adapted on the 12th instant, at a county find city aggregate meeting of the Catholics of I. itnerick, consisting of 10,000 persons, among jvhom- were many of the first respectability and fortune, will serve to shew the general Jitie in- tended to be pursued by the Irish Catholics at large, in the continuance of their efforts to obtain unqualified emancipation • Paper:—" Take notice, Squire Smith's manor is poisoned for the preservation of the game.— 23d August, 1313." A duel was fought tin Thursday morning, at Pendennis Castle, hetween Captain Perry and Lieutenant Leader, of the first Somerset militia. The former was shot through both thighs, but there are hopes of his recovery. The Lieutenant and the two seconds have absconded. Captain Perry is a native of Bath, and son of the lale J. Petvy, Esq. of Upper F. ijst- Hayes. - The celebrated Mrs. Mary- Alio Clarke is i durance at the house of a sheriff's officer in liolborn, by virtue of a Judge's warrant, to answer an indictment found against her for a libel against Mr. Fitzgerald, the Irish Chancellor of the Exchequer, By the overflowing of the river Birse, at Dor*- nacli, canton of Solfcure, Switzerland.' upwards of 150 persons perished, in July laSt; The following relation of this melancholy event is taken from the Aschaffenberg Gazette On the 13ih nf July. Ihe river Bene, swelled hy the rain*, overflowed its channel, anil under- mined the foundation of a house, the proprietor of which called for assistance. The alarm- hell was rung, and a number of persons ran to assist the inhabitants in saving their effects. While employed in this humane office, the house and an adjoining wall fell, and buried twelve persons in the ruins.— Near Ihis house and ihe bridge over tin- river, was situated nn ancient tower, which served as a prison, anil in which were detained three men, who, per- ceiving the waters gushing oul from the ground beneath their feet, entreated l udly to be released from their perilous slate. The gaoler, who had been long deaf to their prayers, persuaded that this tower, which had stood so many ages, would resist vet the violence nf the waters, resolved at last lo go to them, and assure them that their feats were groundless; hut found it no easy matter to pirify itiem; and he was still eng ged in conversation, when the tower, wilh a tremendous crash, fell upon the bridge, and he was killed, along with one of the prisoners. The calamity did not end here. The alarm- bell had attracted to the bridge a great num her nf persons of both sete.: ihe ruins of the tower fell upon the bridge, broke it in Ihe centre, and all those upon it were precipitated into the torrenl, aud mativ were drowned. A bout 60 persons from Basle, 50 from Dornach, and 10 from ils environs, are still mining. It i » known that they were upon the bridge at the time of the catastrophe, and it i believed that they have perished." Robbery of the Leeds Mail.— On Friday morn inc. a man called at Praed and Co.' s Banking house, in Fleet- street, and presented three £ 5 notes ofthe Buckingham Bank, and one for ^ 10of Ihe A \ teshury Bank, all payable in London, at the Rank of Praed and Co. anil requested to have ihein exchanged for Bank of England Notes of £\ each The Clei k, after examining the country notes, asked Ihe man where he had gotten them ; who replied, he had taken Ihein of a man at Yarmouth. Tilt terk told him they were part of the notes Ilia were in the letters that had been stolen from the Leeds Malt in OetobetTast, and for which Hufiey While and Kendall hail been lately executed. Th man in answer said, if they had been stolen from the mail, he knew nothing about it.— The man having a respectable appearance, the clerk did not attempt to detain him, but stopped Ihe notes, and told him lie must trouble him lo call again for Ihechanire on Saturday morning.. Aficr he was gone. Messrs. Praeds sent information lo Bow- street « f Ihe circumstance, which was also commu- nicated to the General Posi- oltice. On Saturday morning, soon after ten o'clock, Ihe mail called al Messrs. Praeds" fur the change nhen h « was de- tained, and a messenger dispatched to Bow- street; upon whrrh Lavender went off to take him into custody. On the officer's arrival al the bankers' he discovered the man to he an old acquaintance, of Ihe name of Jeffries. The bankers had also de mined another man, who called to enquire after Jeffries during the lime the messenger wits gone to fetch Lavender. This man said his name was Wiffin, and Lavender took him also into custody and conveyed them to Ihe above office, when Mr Kinnnird, the sitting Magistrate, examined them separately, Jeffries repealed the story he had told at the Bankers' nn Friday, and of his having taken I hem of a man at Yarmouth. W ifTin stated himself to be in I lie employ of Jeffries, and that hr had taken the notes in question of a man of the name of Smith, who resides at Bethnal- green, pai t of payment forsome linen, amounting lo^ fl and had paid them to Jeffries; but, on being closely questioned, he said he did not know any thing o Smith, nor what part of Bethnal- green he lived in, but only that he had taken the liuen in a carl, and delivered it to Smiih in the street. After this separate examination, the prisoners were both placed at the bar together; and on Jeffries being informed of the inconsistent account Wiffen had been giving of himself and Ihe notes, and being tolil they were both about to be com- mitted, he frankly acknowledged that both ihe ac- counts were false, and that the truth was, he had got them from a Jew of ihe name of Samuel, who he understood, received them from a convict now under sentence of death in Newgale— Mr. Prnetl attended, mid proved that the notes nf Hie Buck- ingham and Aylesbury Bank, presented on Friday at his hnuse for change by the prisoner Jeffries, were in the course of transmission to his house from Messrs. Keep & Gotch, of the Kettering Bank, on the night the Leeds mail was robbed in October last. — Mr. Parkin, jnn. the son of the Solicitor to Ihe Post- office, attended oil Ihe pnrt of that office, and stated, that a man, answering the description of Jeffries, had lately been at Margate, uttering notes that had been stolen fromihe Leeds mail ; and asked the prisoner when he was last at Margate. The Magistrate toldIiim, he might answer that question or not, just as he thought proper. The prisoner declined answering Ihe question: hut Lavender, on searching him, found a great variety of papers upon him, some of which evidently proved that he had been at Margate lately.— The prisoners were bolh Committed to the House of Correction for furthrrexamination. SWAN INN, NEWPOP. T- PAG^ iLL, 20III A uoust, 1813. - \ T a Meeting fif the Inhabitants of Newport-- Pagnell and its yi- cinitv, convened by I'ubl't \ dverthement, and held 41 the Swan Inn, ' VI LI. I AM S E I. BY LOWNDES, Esq. M. 1\ in the Chair, Tt was unanimously resolved. That this Meeting is of Opinion that it is highl" •\ pedient a' Communication by a Navigable Canal rom Newport- Pagnell, to join the Grand Junction anal at Great. Linford, be formed, and that Sub. - criprions be received to defray tile Experlse of an Application . to Parliament for that Purpose, and ol othet Measures necessary to carry the same into Effect That several Gentlemen then present and others be named as a Committee, with Power to increase their Number to Twenty, from amongst the Sub- scribers, an t that thev be futther requested in Addi- tion to the above Number to nominate four Gentlemen from the District of Bedford, and the like Numbei from Oiney and its Vicinity, That Mr. Cooeh be appointed Solicitor. That the Committee be requested to obtain imme- diately a Survey, Plan, and Estimate Of the proposed Line of the Canal, by Mr. DIVAN, or some other competent Engineer. That the Committee in determining on the Line of tbe proposed Canal, be instructed to keep in View and consult the general Advantage of the Com- munity . That Subscriptions in Shares cf ^ 1( 10, Half Shares, and Quarter Shares, already amounting to £ 7,815 be kept open as long as the Committee shall judge it necessary. That the preceding Resolutions, signed bv the Chairman, be inserted twice in the Northampton Mercury. That tbe Committee be requested to call a General Meeting of the Subscribers, as soin as the Survey, Plan, and Estimate, and other necessary Information can be obtained. Signed, W. SE I. B Y LOWNDES, Chairman. That Thanks be given to WM SRI BY I. OWNDIS, Esq for his prompt and uniform Attention to the general Interests of his Constituents, and parti- cularly tor his ready Acquiescence in the Invitation to attend ihis Meeting, and for his able and impartial - Conduct in tbe Chair. OTTNOLT RAL. L, A T ( lie. TALBOT. INN, on TUESDAY the HL 11th of SEPTEMBER next.— Dancing to com- nence at Nine o'clock. Tickets may be had at the Bar : for Gentlemen. ! 0s. 61. ; for Ladies. 7". fi I. each. Tea included. to. WALCOT. Esq. ) Rev. 0. E. ISHAM. f Bl„„. r,. „ oiiisnkt, i-. » - > Stewards. R. SHERAItl), Esq. ( J. SMITH, Esq. ) The fteceipts will he appropriated in Aid of the Fund for supporting the National School in Oundle. 25f/ i August, 1813. Huntingdonshire Auxiliary Bible Society. HE Second Anniversary of the above Institution will he held at the Tow N- IIA LI. HUNTINGDON, on WEDNESDAY, the 15th of SEPTEMBER, 1813. The Chair will he taken at Eleven o'Clock. T! NO I'ICR TO DEBTORS AND CKEDITOltS. A LL Persons who stand indebted to the jTX Kstate of Mr. WILLIAM BUTCHER, late of FROXFIRLD, in the County of Bedford, de- ceased, are requested to pay their respective Debts to his Administratrix, Mrs. Rebecca Butcher, of Froxfield aforesajd, or to Mr. Eagles, Solicitor, Ampthiil, on or before the 23d Day of September next, or legal Means will be taken for recovering the same. And all Persons to whom the said Wm. Butcher s'ood indebted at the Time of his Decease, are required forth with t » deliver an Account thereof t » the said Mr. Eagles. 4mpthill, Jug 26Lh, 1813. i O net: is hereby given, That an Appli- cation is intended to he made to Parliament in the ensuing Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill for making and maintaining a Navigable Cut or Canal, from the Tow n of N F. W PORT- P * GN ELL to join the GR A V I) J U \ CT [ O S CANAL, in the Parish of GREAT LINFORI), in the ( dunly of Buckingham ; and that such Cut or Canal is intended to be made in or through the several Parishes and Townships of Newport- Pagnell and " reat- Linford, both in the said County of Ruck- ngkam.— Dated this 23d Day of August, 1813. GEORGE COOCH. Solicitor. Newport- Pagneft, 20/ h August. 181.1. F F. LlZAniVITl BUTCHER, Daughter of JOHN BUTCHER, lale of FROXFIEI. D, in ( he Parish of Evershnlt, and County of Bedford Baker, deceased, who left her Friends about eight or nine Years ago, will apply to Mr. Eagles, Soli- citor, Ainplhill. in the said County, she will hear of Suinelhing to her Advantage; and if she is deal and any Person will immediate! v inform Ihe said Mr. Kagles thereof, aud satisfactorily prove her Death, he or she shall receive FIVE POUNDS Reward. Ampthltt, Aug. 261/ 1, 1813. AS ih i. JL M ess Notice lo the liebtors and Creditors of Messrs. LANGLEY and IHLLY A III), O/' SCALDWELL. the PARTNERSHIP of the said essrs. I, A NOLLY & 1IILLYARI) will DISSOLV ED oo I lie 10th Day of October next, it is requested that all Persons who are indebted lo ihe said Partnership, will pay in their respective Debts on or before tiie said 10th of October, or legal Proceedings will be immediately entered inlo; and all those who have any Demnud on the same, are desired to send in their Bills. GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTMAMPTON ; Aueust 1th, 1813. AT the General COURT of GOVERNORS, held here this, Hatv, it was ordered, That the '" iovptnors, wilh the W- eeklv Committee, do draw ip the \ nnual Report of the State and Accounts o his Infirmary, to tie read at Ihe next Anniversary Meeting of all the Contributors. And the said Court do hereby give Notice, that Ihe Anniversary Meeting abiive- nienlimied, will this Year he held on THURSDAY the 16th Day of SEPTEMBER next, immediately after a Sermon to tie preached Ihal Morning, at the usual Hour, hy the Itev. THOMAS H ORN snv, Rector of Havens! horpe, iu this County; when it is hoped that all Subscribers who can, will, hy their Attendance and Concurrence, manifest heir Resolution and Zeal to support so great and ' Xtensive a Charitv, which, at so small all Expense to themselves, enables them to relieve their honest and poor Neighbours, ill the most distressing Cir- cumstances, wilh such Advice, Medicines, and \ ccomtnodalions as cannot be procured for them in anv other Way. The said Court lakes this Opportunity of inform- ing and reminding the Public, that as the voluntary yearly Payments are Ihe only F'und and Revenue of this Infirmary, and consequently as ihe very Being and Existence of it depends upon their being made regular and before- hand, all Subscribers who have not already advanced their Subscriptinnsfor theYear now begun ( commencing the 1st of August last), are desired to do it as soon as possible, to the present Treasurer, Mr. CH A R LISS SMITH, of Northampton, Lace- Merchant ; or our present Bankers, Messrs. GOSLINGS & SHARP, in Fleet- Stieef, London; anil Ihe rather, as none can, according lo th.- Statutes, have a Right to recommend any Patients till his Subscription for the current Year is paid. W. WAKE, Chairman. Gentlemen are desired to meet exactly at Ten in ihe Forenoon, at the GEORGE INN, to walk in Procession from thence to the Parish Church of A LL SAI NTS, to hear the Sermon ; Afier which, Collection will he made an usual at the Church Doors, that ihe Inhabitants of this Place, and others, may, by their Appearance at Church, shew thei Approbation, and have an Opportunity, according lo their respective Abilities, of contributing some thing towards this noble Charity. N. H. There will he an ORDINARY nn llie said Anniversary, at Half- past Three o'Clock, at the O Boar. E INN. WILITAM TrRRTTT k Co. So. 18, Cutlwii' * tre* t. Ftr. church- Vlreet, Condon; . nr.' l y< t! 43, fiaymai krt, O ESt'ECTR!; LY inform Wine- Merchants, » i-- Innkeepers, and the Public in general, that • hey h ive for Sale, at their Wine and Spirit Com- mission Warehouse, Old Tom Gin Old Jamaica Rum Very fine Old Cogniac Brandy-. Very fine Port Wine Old Sherry ot sutierior Quality, Fine Did Dry Lisbon.... Tenerifte Rich Mountain I Claret of tbe finest Growth.... 105 lis. Od. per Gall, lfi " II 48 It 4FI 41 Very curious Rum Shrub..... Red and White Noveau Very curious Crusted Old PortJ Wine, 4 Years in Bottles... S Fine Old Bronti Madeira Curiously fine Old West- India? Madeira S Very old & curiously fine East- > 1 ndia Sherry S British Hollands, superior toj some Foreign.- <> Genuine Do of the most curious ^ 56 5fi 54 50 60 60 18 33 6 0 0 per Dozen. 0 . 0 0 0 0 n 0 0, 0 0 per Gall. Quality. Which they offer at the above low Prices, In Casks of not less than two Gallons; and VVines, kc. in Quantities of not less than one Dozen, to be taken away- at the Expense of the Buyer, and paid tor at the Time ot Purchase. Wine and Spirit Merchants, Innkeepers, and others, residing in the Countrv, mjv have their Orders executed, by remitting the Amount; the same to be forwarded at their Expeose, bv any Con- veyance they advise, and the greate- t Dependance may be placed on the Quality of the Goods; W. Tebbitt Se Co. pledging themselves that the above Articles are all of the most Genuine Quality. DUNGUUftCH ROAl). TURNPIKE TOLLS TO HE LETT. JOT'ICE is hereby given, I hat the LOLLS arising, at the several Toll- Gates upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Dunchurch tu Hill morton, in the County ol Warwick, and from thence to St. James's Er. d, in the Parish of Duston, in tbe County of Northampton, cailed or known by the ever. il Names of the Hillinorton Gat?, West- Haddon Gate, and the St. James's End Gate, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, at the House of Mr. Thomas Walton, known by the Sign of Ihe Fox and Hounds, at Ha. leston, in the said County ot No- thampton, on Tuesday the Twenty- first Day of September next, between the Hours ot Twelve and Four o'Clock, in the Manner directed by an Act passed in the thirteenth Year of his present Ma. jesty's'Reign " for rigulat: ng the Turnpike- Roads," which Tolls produced the last Year the Sums fol- lowing, ( viz.)— at Hillmorton Gate, the Sum ot £ 290. — W est - H addon Gate, the Sum of ^ 230. — And at Sr. James's End Gate, the Sum ot ,£ 245, above the Expenses of collecting them respectively, and ill be put up at those respective Sums. Whoever happens to. be the Best Bidler, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satissaction ol the Trustees, for Payment of ihe respectiva Rents agreed for, and at such l imes as they shall direct. By Order of the Trustees, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. Northampton, ItS/ k August, 1813. LUBENH. 1M, leieestershire. To be LETT, IIy the Year, or for a Lease of 11 Years, Kith Possession on ihe 29( « of September, 1813, liiick aimI Slate MESSUAGE or l'ENF- A GAM F. MF. NT, in good Repair, convenientlv situate in the pleasant Village of I. II HEN HA M aforesaid, about two Miles from Market. Harborouch, and on the Turnpike Road leading to Lutterworth; com- prising a roomy Kitchen, good Parlour, tour airy Chambers, and an Attic; Brcwhouse, Cellar, and Dairy. Also, a Barn of three Bays, a large Hovel, a good Stable for four Horses, Cow and Calf Houses, a spacious Farm- Yard, and an Homestead imme- diately adjoining; together with a Close of exceed- ingly rich Laud, called Undhill, containing about 19 Acres, advantageously situated tor Occupation, being near the Villageof Lubenham afore- aid. I...- * i _ . i._ ,, : IT is reqtissled that all Persons will abstain from SHOOTING, COURSING, and FISHING nn Ihe Manors of C LI FTON REYN ESand PKTSOE, in the Counly of Buckingham. The respective Tenants are instructed lo Notice, and the Game- keepers to proceed hy Information in the F. vent of t respass with a View to deslroy or disturb the Game. GEORGE FORSTEIt, Gamekeeper, Clifton- Iteynes. JOSEPH BROOKES, Gamekeeper, Petsoe Manor. Clifton- Hall, Aug. 23(/ j, 1S13. ROBERT JELLY'S INSOLVENCY. HE Creditors of ROBERT JELLY, of AI. DERTON, in the County of- Northampton, Farmer, who have proved their Debts under his Insolvency, may receive a first and final Dividend arising from the Sale of his Effects, on Application at the Office of Mr. LOVKLL, Solicitor, in Tow- cester. 26th August, 1813. MANOR OF DALLINGION. ' TMIF, Tenants have Directions to discharge 1 all QUALIFIED Persons, who shall be fmtr « l sporting on their respertive Karros, within the Manor of I) ALU VGTON, and the Keeper has Orders to lay Informations against all UNQUA- ' L1FIED Persons who shall be found trespassing upot> the aforesaid Manor. fZST Any Person found Angling, Ttowliag, or any otherwise disturbing the Waiers in Ihe Liberties of Dallington or Kingsihorpe, will be prosecuted according to Law. Italtington-, 28( 4 August, ( 813. MU US LEY INCLOSU1U. * NOTICE is hereby given, That an Ap- _ plication is intended lo be inaile lo ihe Ho- nourable Honse of Commons, in the next Session- of Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, for Leave to bring in a Biil for dividing and inclosing the o en and common Fields, common Meadows^ common Pastures, Commons, waste and other commonable Lauds and Grounds, it* Ihe Parish of MURSLEY, in the County of Buckingham. CHARLES WILLIS. IVimlonr, August 25th, 1813. r For Terms, and a View of the Premises, apply Mr. GEORGE ANDREWS, Mr. TOBIAS GAI. EN, A Mr. BENNETT, at Lubenham aforesaid. to and Turnpike- Road from liuyby to North- Kilwolth. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of this Road will be holiten at the SPREAD EACLF. INN. in RUGBV, on I'HURSDAY the 23d Day of SEPTEMBER mx', at Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, and that at such Meeting the TOLLS arising at the Clifton and Kilworth Toll- Gates, with the Catthorpe Bar on tbe Road, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, either together or separate, as the Trustees shall think proper, and also subject to sucb Con- ditions, in respect to the Tolls to be taken as will then be produced. The Tolls arising'at the said several Gates, were Lett last Year tor the undermentioned Sums, iviz ):— Clifton and Catthorpe Bar. 140. South- Kilworth Gale 68. And the said Gates will be severally put up at such Sums respectively a. the Trustees present shall approve.— And whoever means to be a Bidder, must previously give to the Trustees the Name © f his intended Surety, with a written Acceptance by such Surety of such Engagement, and if he he the Best Bidder, he must pay one Month's Rent in advance, and give Security to the Satisfaction of the Trustees for Payment ofthe Remainder of the Rent, Monthly or Quarterly, as shall then be required. By Order of the Trustees, CALDLCOTT Se llENN, their Clerks. Rugby, August 24th, 1813. STOCKTON, ITaruickshire. To be LETT', ACapital TiTHr- Fni r. ESTATE; consisting of a commodious and convenient Farm- House, wi- h every requisite Out- building, and upwards of One Hundred and Sixty Acres ot Arable Meadow aud Pasture Land, in a high State of Cultivation, now in the Occupation of Mr. William French, whose Term therein will expire on the 6th Day of April next. STOCKTON is situate two Miles from Soutlnm, eight from Warwick and Daventry, and ten from Coventry, aiid the Warwick and Napton Canal passes within a Quatter of a Mile of the Estate. Application for Particulars may be made personally or by Letters, Po, st- paid, to Mr. Poor. s. Solicitor, Southam, or on Saturdays, at his Office in Warwick. TO INT BUS. To be S () I. 1), \ Well- bred staunch POINTER ; has been shot to the last two Seasons, and will be a gieat Acquisition to any Gentleman wanting one he can depend on. Likewise, TWO capital well- bred 1MJ I'PIES. For Particulars, apply to Mr. J. WARR, Newport- Pagnell, Bucks, it by Letter, Post- paid. I'll be LET r, And entered upon in October next, ACapital FAMILY HOUSE, completely fur- nished, within one Mile of Northampton, together with excellent Stables, double Coach- House, Ac.; a large Garden, with Hot- House and Melon Ground. Pleasure- Ground, and five Acres of excel- lent Pasture- Land. For further Particulars, enquire of Messrs. SMYIH, Solicitors, in Northampton. Brackley, N( Commodious Residence and Land, in the County of huckinghun, about fifty Miles from London. To be LETT, ADesirable RESIDENCE; comprising six good Red- Chambers, Entrance Hall, two good I arlours. Kitchen, and convenient Olfice->, with requisite Out - buildings, Pleasure and K itchen- Gardens, with Lawn and Shrubbery Walks, a large Sheet ol Water, well stocked with Fish ; a few Acres of excellent G rass t an 1 adjoining.— The Roods good, the Neighbourhood highly respectable, and the CuUntry eligible for Field Sports. Possession may be had immediately. For Particulars, apply to the Printers of thi: Paper, it by Letter, Post- paid, addressed L. T. Northamptonshire Tteehold Farm. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, The latter End ot tiic Month of August, if not before Sold by Private Contract. AValuable ESTA TE; consisting of 13a Acres of Arable ami Pasture Land, situate at DEN- TON, and Five Acres in BARTON MEADOW, with suitable Farm House and Buildings. Further Particulars will appear in a future Paper, and may be known by Application to Mr. G ARRA R n, Solicitor, Oiney. To T he SOLI) by PRIVATE. CONTRACT, HE STOCK in TRADE and well- established BUSINESS of a GROCER and TEA- DRACIK, together with the Dwelling- House and extensive Warehouses, where the same is carried on. This Business has been established upward3 ot fifty Years, and the Situation is most desirable. For further Particulars, apply to the Printers of this Paper.— The Postage of Letters, addressed S. T. must be paid. Turn pike* Road from ' Rugby to Lutterworth. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of this Road will be holden at the SPREAD EAGL* I NM, in RUGBY, on THURSDAY the 23d Day of SIPTEMBER next, at Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, and that at such Meeting the TOLLS arising » t the Rugby and Brownsover Toil- Gates on this Road, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, either together or separate, as the Trustees shall think proper, and also subject to such Conditions, in respect to the Tolls to be taken as will then be produced. The foils arising at the said several Gates, amounting last Year to the undeimeotioned Sums, ( viz,) Rugby Gate -£ 225. Ditto Town Catch Gate 12. Brownsover Gate. 150. And the said Gates will be severally put up at such Sums respectively as tbe Trustees present shall apprwve — And whoever means to be a Bidder, must previously give to the Trustees the Name of his ' mended Surety, with a written Acceptance by such Surety of such Engagement, and if he be the Best Binder he must pay one Month's Rent in advance, and give Security to the Satisfaction nf the Trustees for Payment ofthe Remainder of the Rent, Monthly or Quarterly, as shall be then required. By Order of th « Trustees, CALDECO 1' T Se BENN, their Clerks. Rugby, August 24/ A, 1813. AUGUST 21st, 1813. NrOTICE is hereby given to the Proprietors ofa certain common Green, called LEDBURN GREEN, and of all other the Common Meadows. Common Pastures, Cow Commons, and Commonable Lands, in the Parish of MENTMORE, in the County of Buckingham, and to all other Persons whom it doth or may concern. That Application will be made to Parliament in the next Session for Leave to bring in a Bill for dividing, allotting, and inclosing of a certain Common Green, called LEDBURN GREEN, and of all other the Common Meadows, Common Pastures, Cow Commons, and Commonable Lands in the Parish of MEN I'MORE aforesaid. WILLIS & SONS, Solicitors, Leighton- Buzzard. To lie SOLI) by AC'tllUiN, By Mr. D. UESNELL, On Tuesday the 28th Day of September, 1813, at the White Hart Inn, in Kettering, ADWELLING- HOUSE; comprising a Drapers' Shop, Parlour, with Kftchen and Cellar below, a large and lofty Dining- Room, and four Sleeping Rooms ; well situated in- the M A ^ KET- PLACE of KE TTERING, in the County of North, ampton, and in the Occupation ot Mr. T. Davey.— The Shop is large and fitted up in a neat modem Taste, and has been established as a Drapers' Shop nearly twenty Years. Possession may be had on the 25th ot October next, on which Day the Purchase must be com- pleted by paying down one Half of the Purchase. Money, and giving sufficient Security for the Re- mainder ( with Interest) to be paid on or befote the 31st Day of December next. Further Particulars may be known by applying on ill; Premises, or to the AuSriontER, at Kettering; if by Letter, Post- paid. Capital Crop of Lammas Wheat. To be SOL D by A UCTI O N, Jiy JOHN DA Y. if SON, On Tuesday next, the 31st Day of August, 1813, in a Field adjoining the Black Horse, GREAT- LIN- FORD, Bucks, UPWARDS of Forty- five Acres of LAMMAS W HE- AT, in Lots!— The Straw to be taken off he Premises; and Credit will be given on approved Security. The Wheat is all cut and shocked, and will be sold by the Acre, Chain Measure. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneers at the Black Horse aforesaid, at Eleven o'clock, to proceed to Sale. STAINS of Red Port Wine, Tea, Fruit, Mil dew, and every Vegetable Matter, are entirely removed from Table- l. incn, Leather- Breeches, Cotton Muslins, Laces, andother Articlesof Dress, by Hill). SON'S CHEMICAL BLEACHING LIQUID it also removes the above Stains from Ladies' Bufl Dresses, without injuring the Bull" Colour, and re- stores ail Kindsof Linen to their original Whiteness, wheH discoloured by bad Washing, Disuse, or long Sea- Voyages, without any Injury to the Texture ol the Cloth. — Prepared an t sold hy Hudson Se Co. her Majesty's Chymists, 27, llaymarket, London ; and sold by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, North- ampton; and by most Perfumers, Stationers, and i Medicine Venders throughout the United Kingdom/ in Bottles at is. 5s. and 2s. cach. Herts.— Capital Freehold Estates, Mansion, Cot- tages, Warren, Farms, and Land, Trout- Stream, and an old- established Inn, at Welyn, Juenty- five Miles from London. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's, London, on Thursday, September 9, at Twelve, in Three Lois, A Highly improvable FKEEHOLU ESTATE; tV comprising upwards of Five Hundred and Fifty Acres ot rich Meadow, Warten, Pasture, Atyble, and fine thriving Wood Lands, situate in the most beautiful and fertile l'ait of the County ol Hertford The capital MANSION, LOCKLEY- HOUSE, with Offices, Coach- House, Stables, Gardens, and Pleasure Grounds, a fine Trout Stream running through a Part of the Grounds ; Farm Yard, and Buildings; and a Farm Yard and Buildings in the Town oi. Welwyn, The WHITE HART, at WELWYN. an old- established well- known Inn, with excellent Olfices, roomy Yard, Stabling, Gardens, Sec. A compact Residence, with Garden, and about an Acreot l. and, at the North Extremity of the Town ot Welwyn, let on a long I ease . A neat Cottage and Butcher's Shop, with Garden and Meadow Land, the whole lying compact. The principal Part ot the Land is in Hand ; the Mansion and the Remainder of the Land on Lease, of which three Years are unexpired at Michaelmas next. On Tans of the Land are very eligible Sites for Building, excellent Neighbourhood, and good Roads in all Directions; four Miles from Hatfield, seven Irom Hertford, and twenty- five from London. May be viewed, by applying to Mr. ABRAHAM BATTEN, Welwyn, or THOMAS ROSE, at the Warren Hou'e, of whom Particulars may be had, and at the White Hart; at the Swan, Stevenage; White Horse, Raldock; Woolpack, St. Albans; Sugar Loaf, Dun- stable; Salisbury Arms, Hatfield; Hell, Hertford; Green Man, and Red Lion, Barnet; of Messrs. BROWN & FISURU, Solicitors, Rathbone- Place ; Messrs. Lo N c MO RE Se SON, Solicitors, Hackney; at GARRAWAY'S; and of Mr. ROBINS , Warwick- S'reet, Golden. Square, London, where a Plan ot the Estate mar be seen. Valuable Freehold Estates, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By I. WOOD, Early in October next, 1813, unless disposed of by Private Contract, AGenteel RESIDENCE, situate in the Centre of DUNSTABLK; and two COT- TAGES, with Gardens, Orchard, and six Acres of rich old Swaid Ground, at THORN, in the Parish ol HOUGHTON. REG1-, the Property of the late Mrs. BUlTFIELD, deceased. May be viewed hy applying to Mr. WM. FAMES, Houghton- Regis, who will treat for the same b) Private Contract ; also Mr. WOOD, Land Agent, & c Leighton- Buzzard. Desirable inclosed and Tithe- fiee, tt'echolU, ana Copyhold Estates, Millbrooke, near Anipthill, in the County of Bedford. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By THOMAS' WOOD, At the While Hart Inn, Ampthill, on Thursday the 7th Day of October, 1813, precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, IN MI FOLLOWING LOTS : Lot 1. r^ OM PRISES an inclosed Close of Arable Land, Part Freehold, and Part Copyhold ; containing by Admeasurement 18 Acres 36 Perches, of which 6A. 2R. 33P. are Copyhold and 11A. 3K. 9?. are Freehold, anil the Land- TaX is redeemed on 9 A. OK. 261*. ofthe said Quantity. Lot 2. Consists ofa Copyhold Messuage, Home- stead, Yard, Garden, and Premises, Home Close, and a Close ot Pasture Land, Part of Sand Hill, b) Admeasurement 4A. IR. 32P. — Also a Close ot fine old Sward Land, called l'hilland's, by Admeasure ment 3A. OR. 71'. Lot 3. Comprises a Copyhold Messuage, anil Homestead, vard. Orchard, Garden, and Premises Home Close, and a Spiiiney of Wood called Moore Close, by Admeasurement 4A. OR. 28P. — Also two Closes or Pieces ot l. and adjoining, containing by Admeasurement S> A. 2R. OP. The above Estates are most eligibly situate at Ml l. LBROOKE, within one Mile of Ampthill are in a high State of Cultivation, aiid an early Pos- session may be bad. The Copyholds are of Inheritance held of the Manor of Millbrooke, under very small - Quit Rents, and small Fine certain upon Death or Alienation. The Whole is in the Occupation of the Proprietor Mr. CAN DISH, and may be viewed by applying to him; and further Particulars had of Mr. DAVIS Attorney at Law, Ampthill, or Mr. WOOD, Land Agent; Sec, Leightop- Buzzard, Household- Furniture, Bretting Vessels, Beer Casks, &; c. To be SOLD l> v AUCTION, By JO US DAY ft SO, Y, On Tuesday the 31s, t Day ot August, 1313, on the Pr- mises, at the- RISING SUN, iu STONY- STRATFORD, Bucks, rpHE HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE and F. F- L FECl'Sof Mr. WILLI AM S, - who is leaving the Public Business; comprising Bedsteads with Furnitures, Feather and Flock Beds, Quilts, and Blankets; Tables and Chairs, Mahogany and other Tables; stout Kitchen Grate with Crane, and Kitchen Furniture in general ; Clock and Case. Dresser and Shelves, Quantity of pitted Beer Pots, Sec. ; 100- Gallon Brewing Copper, and Grate. 16- Busliel Mash Vat, and other ' Tubs; 8- Hogshead Beer Cask, 4- Hogsliead ditto, 3- Hogshead ditto, Beer Pipes, Hogsheads, and smaller Casks ; with various oilier Articles. — Als. o one Pocket of Hops. The Sale to commence at Eleven- o'clock precisely. Tousester, and Westm- on- the- Greert Turnpike- Road, OTICE is hereby given, I hat a Meeting of the Trustees ot the above Turnpike- Road, will be held at the CROWN INN, in BRACKLIY, in the County of Northampton, on TUESDAY the FIFTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Also, that the TOLLS arising at Burcott Wood Gate, with the Check- Gate near the Soap- Office. Hopper's Ford Gate, with the Check- Gate at Hid- illesdon- Lane- End and Middleton Gate, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidders, at the Place above mentioned, on the said fifth Day of October next, between the Hours ot Eleven in tli Forenoon and four in the Afternoon, either together or sepa- tely, as the Trustees present at the said Meeting shall think proper, in the Manner directed by the Act: pas- ed in the thirteenth Year of ihe Reijn of his pre- v sent Majesty King George the Third, " tor regulating the Turnpike- Roads ;" which Tolls produced the last- Year the following Sums, abov- the F. xnenses of col- lecting them, and will be put up at those SumS respectively ( that is to say), Burcott Wood Gate, wilh the Check- Gate near the Soap Office a£ 20l Hoppersftrd Gale, with the Check Gate at liiildtesden- f. ane- End llt> Middleton Gate .. Whoever Happen to be the Best Bidders must at the same Time pay down a Deposit of .£ 10 per Cent, ire Part of the Rent, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of th trustees, for the Payment of ihe Remainder of the Rent at such Times and in such Manner as they shall direct. Also that new' Trustees will be elected in the'Steail of those who are dead or refuse to a,: t, and such other Business transacted as by the Act is required. By Order of the Trustees, nr. WESTON, Clerk. Deiikngton. Aug. 15th, 1K13. Capital Freehold Estate, lithe- tree, and Land- Ta t redeemed. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In Lots, on Thursday, the9th of September, 1813, at the Swan Inn, in- nundle, in the County of North- ampton, unless sooner disposed of by Pr vate Contract, Very desirable and. valuable inclosed Fnix- 110. LD. ESTATE, Tithe- free and Land- Tax: redeemed, situate ill the Parish ot W A RMI NO TON, in the said County, near Ouodle afor- said, and now- in the several Occupations of V|.. Thomas Palmeranit his Undertenant, Mr. Samuel Dudley; comprising good Farm- House. Dairy, Yard, Orchard, Garden, Barns, Stables, Cow- Hovels, and other suitable' Out- buildings attached and detached, and 438 Acres 2 Roods and 1 Perch ( in Statute Measure) ot very rich Arable, Meac- imv, and Pasture Land, conveniently subdivided into Closes, and in Part adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Oundle to Peterborough. Mr. DUDLEY will shew the Estate; and further Particulars will appear in next Week's Paper To treat tor the Purchase of the W hole,- or in Part, by Private Contract, until Thursday the 2d ol Sep- tember, apply to Messrs. BUSWELL* SON, Solicitors. Northampton. For SALE by AUCT1 O N- By MASON ft SON, At Mr. Dilley's, the Far! of Northampton's Arms, Silver- Street, in the Town of Northrmpton, on Tuesday September 7th, 1813, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, under such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, \ LL those TWO Brick- built, Sashed, and t\ Welsh Slated FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, pleasantly situated on the East. Sideof HORSB- MARKET, in the Tenure of Thomas Wright and Widow Crick, with good Cellars, Kitchens, Be'- Chambers, and Attics, with other App-. ndages, and Court- Yaid in the Front, bounded by a good Fence. Valuubte Live To be Stock, Keep, and Implements of Husbandry, SOLD bv AUCTION, Bv R. JARF/ S, On Friday the 3d Day ot September, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. THOMAS STOCKLEY at C H1 P PI N G- W A R1) E N, in the County ot North- ampton, who is leaving; ( COMPRISING 120 capital Ewes and Theaves, V 6,6 Shearhogs, and two horned Ram Ditto from the celebrated Breed ot Mr. Barton's, of Dunton near Lutterworth; 12 store Oxen, two Spays 3S Barren and Fat Cows, Heifers, Sturks, and'two yearling Bulls, three capit 1 yearling Cart- Hotse Colts, one Five- year- old Cart. Mare, two aged Ditto one Ditto with Horse Colt, two Four- year- ohl Horses fit for Harness, one Five vear- old Ditto and three valuable Nag Horses, four, five, and six Years old; 200 Acresof Keep till the 10th Dav of Octobfcr next; 12 Dozen of capital Hurdles, and other Eff- cts which will be specified in Catalogues, to be had at the following Inns ;— Plough and Bell, Daventry- Sa/ acen's Head, Towcester; Red Lion, Brackley- Red L ion, Southam; Red Lion, Banbury, and at thit Auctioneer's. To be viewed the Morning of Sale till Teno'Clock, at which Time the Auction will commence. Credit will be given, on approved Security, till the 28th Day ot October next. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, At the Dolphin Inn, Northampton, in Ihe Coarse of the ensuing Month, subject lo such Conditions as will be then produced, Lot 1. nPHAT old- established INN, the X RED LION, with extensive Range of Stabling, Granaries, and Lofis, with good Cel- larage, spacious Yard and Garden. The Brewliouse, Stabling, and Granaries have been re- built but a few Years.— The above Inn is situate at the lower F. nd nf 11 OKSE- M ARKET, near Gold- Street, in ihe Town of NORTHAMPTON. Lots. A CLOSE and GARDKN, situate in GOI. D- STBF. ET, in NORTHAMPTON, io the Occupation of Mrs. Atterbury. The Garden is in high Cultivation, well planted wilh choice Fruit Trees, and the Ground i. a most desirable Situation for Building. Lot 3. A CLOSE of ARABLE LAND, slluale in the Parish of DUSTON, dan adjoining the Turnpike- Road, containing 11 Acres 2 Roods, aud in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Day. ' Lot 4. A CLOSE, situate, with a Front adjoining Woolmonger- StrftL, and Horse- Shoe Lane; this Lot possesses great Advantages for Building. Lot 5. A CLOSE adjoining Ditto. Lot 6. TWO SHARES and TWO HALF- SHARES ill the GRAND JUNCTION. For further Particulars, enquire of Messrs. SMYTHS, Solicitors, and of Mr. JOHN VORKS, Auctioneer, Northampton, where a Plan of the 1 Divisions of the Estates may be seen, . CLAYDON, near Banbury, Oxon. To be SOL D by AUCTION By R. JARV1S, At the Plough Inn, Banbury, on Thursday the 5th Day of, September, 1813, between the Hours of Three and Four o'Clock its the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there pro- duced ( unless an acceptable Offer should be pre. viouslv made by Private Contract), A FREEHOLD and TITH&- FREE ESTATE, with the Land- Tax redeemed; consisting of a small 4 Farm- House, Ox- Stalls, and two Inclosurcs of exceedingly rich Meadow and Pasture Land, containing 22 Acre-, be the same more or less, situate at CLA Y- DON aforesaid, and now in the Occupation ot . Mrs, Hull. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. Further Particulars may be known at Messrs. APLI N'S Office, or at the Auctioneers, Banbury. WLL. HARS TON, near MARKET- HARBOROUCH. Forty Acres of Marsh Land. For SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, In the second Week in September ( of which further Notice of Time and Place will be given), j^ ORTY Acres of very valuable LAND, lying altogether, in the Occupation of William Munton. Possession will be given at Old Michaelmas; and Part ofthe l'uicliase- Money may remain on Mortgage, it required. N. B. The Land has been valued by a very expe- rienceI Land Surveyor in the Neighbourhood, and if in Offer a. leq uate to that Falr/ ation he made, it 7o'H cc-\ tainly be accepted, lo avoid toe Trouble and Expevtr qf an Auction. Letters,' Post- paid, to be addressed to Mr. Brfvs, Solicitor, Margate, NORTHAMPTOV 6rattS ^ ttcsical J^ estitiaf, YI7II. I. be celebrated in OCTOBER next * under the Patronage nf the following Noblpmen and Oentlethen, who are STEWARDS on the Occasion :— s ]! is Grare the Duke of GRAFTON, The Most Nohle the Marquis of NORTHAMPTON, The Right Hon. the Earl nf HUSTON. The Right Hon. the Earl nf POMFRET, The Right Hon. Karl SFBNCKB. K. O. The Right Hon. Ihe Karl of UPPER OSSORY, The Right Hon. . Lord LILFORD, Right Hon. Karl COMPTON, M. P. Right Hon. I. ord CHARLES FITZROY, M. P. Right Hon. Lord Vi^ cnum ALTHoar, M. P. Right Hon. J. C VLI. I. LERS, Hon General FiTr. ROY, Sir WILLIAM WAKE, Bart. Sir JUSTINIAN ISHAM. Bart. Rir GEORGE ROBINSON, Bart. Sir JAMES I. ANGHAM, Bart. Sir WILLIAM DOI. BEN, Bart. Sir JOHN PALMER. Bart. Sir Ri BROOKE OF, CA PEL BROOKE, Bart. Sir CHARLES KNIGIITLEY, Bart. Sir FELIX AGAR, GEORGE RUSH, Esq. High Sheriff, W. R. CARTW RIGHT. Esq. M. P. WM. HANBURY, Esq. M. P. GEORGE CUNNING, Esq. M. P. TSEORGE OENYS. Esq. M. P. George Robinson. Esq. F. dtc. Bouvcrie, Medical Benetoltnf ar. J Provident Society. PROFESSION AT. Gentlemen, residing within or near ihe Northamptonshire Weslen District, who are friendly to the Establishment of ' iirh Society, are requested to inept al FPSTER'S- ROOTII INN, on FRIDAY Ihe THIRD of SEP- TEMBER . The Chnir to hp laken at Twelve n'Clork. C. RATTRAY. M. D. Vice- president. On Tuesday next will he published, Price Sixpence, ASmall TRACT, intitled, " A Brand plucked nut nf Ihe Fire," or a Brief Account of Ihe Life of ROBERT KEND ALL, who was executed at Northampton, August 13, 1S13, in a Leller to a Friend. By W. P. DA VIES ; Including a Narrative written by himself. The Profits of this Work will be devoted to tlie Wirlow. . Printed and published by Dicey, Snlfnn, A Smith*")!: and may be hud nf N. Merridew, Co- ventry; Ihe Booksellers in general; and also of the Newsmen who distribute this Paper. MR. PftkTTY ( Drawing Master to Rugby School), respectfully informs the Nobility nd Gentry that he has com neiiced his INSTRUC- TION'S in DRAWING.— Terms may be known v Application lo Mr. ABEL, Bookseller, Market- place, Northampton. SCHOOLS attended on the usual Terms, Rugby, Jug. 21, 1813. Esq. T. H. W. Samwell, Esq. Francis Dirkins, Esq. Jiobert Andr- w, Esq. Jiobert lltenrowe, Esq. Samuel Isted, Esq. Thomas Carter. Esq. Peter Pen If s, Esq. Hubert Thornton, F. « q. fVilliam Hutter Esq. J. P. Clarke, Esq J. Se. the. rcoat, Esq. John Kioltnc. Esq. I falter Strickland. Esq. J. II. Thursby. Esq. Colonel Thurshy, Wm. Sambridge. Es'q. ./. A rmytage, Esq. George Courtenay, Esq. IV. Z. L. Ward, Esq. J. C. Rose, Esq. C. \ ewman. Esq. John Ifailbury, Esq. Wm. Ward, Esq. Edw. Wakefield, Esq. Wm. Kerr, Esq. C. Ilitl Esq , f. Ward, Esq. f. angham Rokeby, Esq. P. ./. I. uard, Esq. Fiennes Wykham, Esq. MR. BARRETT Has the Honour most respectfully to acquaint lln Nohilitv, Gentrs, Clergv, his numerous Friends in thi « Place, and the Public in general, thai on AVF. HNF. SOAY MORNING, Ihe 13th of OCTOBER next, will he performed in Ihe Church of ALL SAINTS, Ihe firsi Part of ihe CELEBRATED and SACRED ORATORIO of CREATION, Composed by l) r. II t V D IV, In whirl) Madame CATALAN I will introduce " Angels ever bright and fair." The second and third- Paris will be miscellaneous, from the Works « f the greal Masters. On TnunswAY Ihe 14th, The Sjcni'. n Onjromo of the MESSIAH. On FRIDAY MORNING ihe 15th, A Grand Sacred Selection, Purposely arranged for lite Occasion, from the inns! admired Compositions of Handel, Haydn Mozart, Pergolisi, Graun, & c. ; and in which Madame CATAI. ANI will introduce " Holy, Holy Lord," and 14 Pious Orgies." Ou WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, ami FninAY EVENINGS, will he performed at the TII E A PR E { which, hy Permission of the Propiietors, will be considerably enlarged fur the Occasion), GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS; ^ consisting of Ihe most favourite Oveilurcs aud Concertos, for Ihe principal Performers oil lliei respective instruments; the newest Glees, Duets-, fongs, & c. The first Evenings Concert will con elude with the popular nalinnnl Air of " Rule Britannia," Verse and Choriw. bv Madame CATA I. AN I, w hich lias been received in London with th most lively Sympathy and rapturous Applause. PRINCIPAL VOCAL PERFORMERS Madame CATALANI, Mrs. VAL'GH A. M. Mr. VAUGHAN, Mr. GOSS Mr. ICE LLN F. R , And Mr. BRAHAM. HAWKERS' LICENSES. XJAWKERS and PEDLARS are respect- fully informed, lhat. LICENSES are now ready lo be granted for the ensuing Year, by J BEL, Agent for NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Bv the Act for regulating Hawkers, Sic. every Retail Trader going from Town to Toivn, or Hon House, either wilh Cottons, Pins, Needles ipes. Pencils, Quills, Pens, or Books of am Description, such as Pilgrim's Progress, Walts' Psalms aud Hymns, Wesley's Hymns, or Publi cations iu Numbers or otherwise ; also Chip Hats Stockings, Braces.. Ac. Ac. unless the Retailer can rove them to he of his or her own Manufacture nciirsthe Penalty of £ 10 for so trading without a " icense. Any Persen whatsoever may seize any Hawker trading without a License, or neglecting or refusing produce a License after being required so lo do and detain him for a reasonable Time, iu order hat Notice may be given lo a Constable or otlie Pence- Officer. Penally for trading without a License ,£ 10. Ditto for Haw Iters selling by Auction, in Places where they are not Householders, £ 50. Ditto tin hiring or lending Licenses, £ 40. Peace- Officers neglecting or refusing upon such Notice lo nid anil assist in taking any such illegal Traders before a Magistraie, lo forfeit =£ 10 each for everv Offence. 50 Geo. Ill, chap. 41. Half Ihe above Penalties lo go In the Informer. Persons hawking Fruit, Vegetables, & c. oi Coals, and other Fuel, Sand, Sic. are not required to take out a License. Northampton. August 28th, 1313. PRINCIPAL INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMERS.' Leader of the Bind. Dr. HAGUE, Professor of Music in tlip University of Cambridge. Principal Second Violin, Mr. William Marshall; Principal Violoncellos. Messrs. Lindley and Ashley Principal Tenors, Messrs. Richard Ashley and Marshall; Principal Double- Rass. Signior Anfossi Principal Hautboy, Mr. Gri « , tbach i Principal Bassoon, Mr. Holmes; Clarionets, Messrs. II kins and Guiltim ; Principal Flute, Mr. Nicholson ; Principal Trumpet, Mr. SchmiUlz; Double Drums Mr. Jenkinson ; CONDUCTOR, Mr. BARRETT, who will - preside at the Organ and Grand Piano- Forte. Assistant - Conductor— Mr. WM. MARSHALL Among the oilier eminent Performers are [ ylessrs Nicks, Gee, Kellnam, Sternberg, Dobney, lloncer Marshall, Spray. The Remainder ofthe Baud and Chnrussfs will be numerous and complele, from London, Oxfotd, Cambridge, Birmingham, Coven, try, Leicester, Wellingborough, and Northampton The general Hill of Fare is in Preparation, and, with other Particulars, will appear in a future Paper. Northampton, August 27th, 1813. 7" ANTED, A YOUTH- of liberal Edu- cation nn. l respectable Connections aa an APPRENTICE lo a SURGEON and APOT1IE- C A RY. — Premium n .' an Object. Enquire of Mr. GOODMAN, Surgeon, Newport- Pagnell. NORTIlA MP I ON TOPS. MR. ROBINSON respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, lhat he intend- OIEWING his SHEEP on WEDNESDAY the bill f SEPTEMBER, 113 usual. Withy- Hall, Northamptonshire, Aug. 21, 1S13. NORTHAMPTON, Aug. 27ih, 1813. LL Persons who still remain indebted to the Estate of the late Mr. H ARDEN, are requested Io settle Ihe same before Michaelmas nex I, with Mrs.- Harden, or Mr. Percival, Surgeon, A1 qti it h r - pilE Creditors of WILLIAM TAYLOR, now or I ite of BLISWORTH, io the Counry of North rmpton, Yeoman, are particularly requested to attend it the Roval Oak, in Blisworth aforesaid, on Wed- nesday the 1st Day of September next, at Four • ' Clock in the Afternoon, and to bring an Account of their respective Demands, when a Statement of his Affairs will be laid before them. August 28th. 1813. Manor of IFOOTTON. [ T being the Intention of the Lords of the * above Manor lo preserve Ihe flame. Notice is hereby given, lo nil qualified Persons, lo ilpvisi from Sporting thereon ; and unqualified Person* aud Poachers who shall be found trespassing, will be prosecuied with the utmost Rigour » » f the Law. 28lb August, ISI3. STRAYED, about a Month ago, a Rfd- and- ' White POINTER DOG. Whoever has lost the same, bv describing the Marks and paying the Expenses, may have him again by ap- plying to MUNS HAKDWICK, Butcher, Scaldweli. To be SOLD, ABrace of well- bred POINTERS, which have been shot to two Seasons. Enquire of ROBERT FARMER, Brockhall, near Daventry, in the County " f Northampton. F M ERIN O S II E E P. To be SOLD, OUR RAMS, of the true Paul^ r Breed ; and eight others of different Crosses therelrom. Enquireof R. JARVIS. Auctioneer, Banbury. r|", HE next Meeting of the 1. fri Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from the Town of Northampton to Newpnrl- Pagnell, in the County of Buckingham, will he holden at HORTON INN, nthe County nf Northampton, on MONDAY Ihe 6th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. By Order of the Trustees, ROBERT AIIREY. Clerk. Northampton, August 28th, 1813. Freehold Capital Inns, Northampton. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, A LL that spacious and well- accustomed POS'IING INN, the ANGEL, situate i » BmncF- SratiT, in the Town of NORTH- A M ETON ; consisting of four good Parlours in the Front, back Parlours, Bar and Bar Parlour, Kitchen, > cullery, Pantries. Larders, See. See. ; excellent Sleeping- rooms, and large Dining- room, one Pair, suitable Attics; large Yard, good Stjbles, Coach- llouses, Granaries, Sheds, and , Soldiers' Rooms ; convenient Wine, Spirit, and Ale Cellars, with every Requisite for a Businessof Magnitude. Also all that convenient and extensive INN, known by the Name of the FLEECE, most advan- tageously situated at the Bottom of BRM> OS- STREIT, in the Town of N > RTH A M I'l'O N, near the Public Wharf of tbe River Nen, and the Grand Junction Public Wharf; containing two good Parlours Front, convenient Kitchen and Bar, good Cellars, Larder, Pantries, & c. on ihe Ground Floor; seven good Sleeping Room, on the first Floor, with suit, able Attics, Soidiers' Rooms, excellent Granaries, Stabling for upwards of eighty Horses, Sheds, Piggeries, & c. ; large paved Yard, with a Commu meal ion into the Cow Meadow, spacious Garden, well stocked, and a Pump and Well of excellent Water. These Premises are adapted for very extensive Business, and from their local Situation, being so near the Public Wharfs, are capable ot great I mproveinent For further Particulars, enquireof Mr. BURBIDCE, Solicitor, Leicester. Tu be seen at NORTHAMPTON, three Days previous to the Alices ; And to he SOLD by AUCTION, On the second Day of the Races, if not previously disposed of by Privnle Contract, \ Bay Mare, aged, a very fast and good Hunter, C. V was bought of General Onslow. Galloper, six Years old, by Miracle. Foxbearer, seven Years old, by Honeycombe. A Bay, five Years old, by Giles. A Bay, six Years old, bought in Northamptonshire. A Chestnut, four Yeais old, by Gauntlett, Dam by Trentham. A Chestnut, three Years eld, by Sir Oliver, Dam bf Lavinia, by I'ipator, out of Queen Bab. Poodle, by Popinjay, Dam by Aurelius, by Eclipse. A Chestnut Filly, two Years old, unbroke, Sister to Poodle. A Chestnut Colt, two Years old, bv Mirror. A Bay Filly, two Years old, by Popinjay, Dam JEUi, engaged at Knutsford, by Beninghrough. A Chestnut Colt, by Castrel or Lignum, out of Anaminta, by Sir Peter A Bay Filly, by Castrel, out of Madrigale, by Sir Peter. To \ v XirANTED, A YOUTH of liberal Edu- » * cation and respectable Connexions, as nil APPRENTICE to the LINEN and WOOLLEN- 1> RA PERY BUSI N ESS, vv ere he will have full V. mplov, and his florals strictly attended to. For Particular-, . apply lo JOHN FL^ CKNOE, Linen and Woollen- Draper, Daventry. S C IIO- OLM A ST E R W A N TED. WANTED immediately, A steady active YOUNG MAN of good Character, lo conduct a SCHOOL on Ihe Madras System. Th Attendance required is five Hours a Day, Ihe Salary given is £ 40 a Year, There is no OI, j » ciinn lo instruct a Person for the Si'iiulion, iCItis Character he Satisfactory. Apply, before Tuesday nexl, to Mr. BEL Printer, Ouo. ile, if bv Letter, Post- paid. WANTED immediately, an active Youth.. 11s an APPRENTICE to a GROCER and TALLO W- CIl AN DLE1I, and as he will be treated as one of Ihe Famih , a Premium will be expected Apply personally, or by Letter, Post- paid, lo AV. li 11, SON, Ampihill, Beds. PUBLIC HOUSES and M ALTING, be SOLD bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. KIRS HA IF, At the Peacock Inn. in the Town of Northampton on Tu* sday the 7th Day of September, 1813, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, and not on Monday the 30th of August, as before advertised, The following Leasehold and Freehold ESTATES viz:— Lot 1. A LLthai MESSUAGE, TENEMENT rx or PUBLIC HOUSE, called or know by the Narse or Sign of the QUAK1 POT, situate ill MARS- FAIR, in the Town ot NO RTH A M P TO N now in the Tenure of John Cooper, being Leasehold and held of the Mayor and Corporation of North ampton, for the Remainder of a Term of ninety Years sixty Years and a Halt of which are unexpired. Lot 2 All that M ESSU. AG K„ TEN E M ENT, or PUBLIC HOUSE, called or known bv the Name or ign of theCATHERINE WHEEL, in the Occu pation of John Freeman; together with a MES SU. AGE orTENEMEN'T adjoining the same, inthe Occupation ot John Marriott, situate and being i Am NGTON- STR& RT, in the said Town of NORTH AMPTON; and a CLOSE or PIECE of inclosed GROUND, situate at the Up per- End of AM N GTO N STREFI aforesaid, now also in the Occupation of the said John Fiemian, containing Hy £ stimatioii two Acres, or thereabouts, more or less. These Premises are also Leasehold, and held of the Mayor and Corporation of Northampton, for tiie Remainder of two several Terms ot twenty- one Years each, that of the Catherine Wheel and House adjoining being for eleven Years and a Half, and tlnt- of the Close for thirteen Years and a Half. Lot 3. All that spacious, convenient, and capital FREEHOLD M ACTING, situate in DERNGATS, in the 7 own of N 0 RTH AM PTON, in excellent Repair, containing a Lead Cistern that will wet 13 Quarters, with suitable Flour, Barley, and Malt Granaries, Horse Mill, 2- Stall Stible, Cart. House, Coke and Void- Sheds, Pump and Well of good Waier, with every Requisite for carrying on an extensive Business. Also and together with a DWELLING- HOUSE adjoining, iu the Occupation of Mr. John Tarry. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN GATES, Solicitor, or to the Auctioneer, Northampton; and for a View ofthe Premises, apply to the TENANTS. N. B. The Day of Sale and Particulars of the valuable and genteel Household- 1' urniture of Wm. Gibson, Esq. deceased, Will appear in a future Paper. WANTED immediately, A JOUIINEYMAX GUN- MAKER, who may meet with con slant Employ bv applying to N. BRATI, Gun. Milker, Gold- Sireel, Northampton. ( p^ T An APPRENTICE wanted. N. It. A good Assortment of double and sing! Guns; also a Second- hand double Gun, late the Property of Mr. R. LOYELL. WlA N T K D • A Situation SUFFOLK CART HORSES. To he SOLD, rWO very handsome strong thorough- bred SUFFOLK CART GELDINGS, four and x Years old. Finquire at Tempsford- Hall, Bedfordshire. as COM PAN ION lo an elderly Lady, or HOUSE KEEPER in a regular Family, by a Person equal tu either Situation. Letters, Post- paid, addressed for W. B. nt Mr. VEST'S, Mill- Lane, Bedford, will be duly at- tended to. WANTED at Michaelmas next, in a Farmer's Service, A good aclive I1EAD- 31 AN, who has been used to an inclosed Farm, lie mu* t be a good Ploughman and a good Seedsman, ami understand something of Stock. N. B. A single Man will be preferred lo live in the Family. Letters, Post- paid, addressed to A. B. at the Posl- Ottice, St. Ives, Hunts, will be duly attended to. Freehold Public House— the U'H^ OU und Hones, situated in Sheaf- Street, Daventry. To be S () L D bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. KlliSHAW, On the Premises, the Waggon and Horses, in Da- ventry, on Wednesday the 8th Day of September, 1811, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, ALL that commodious and convenient PUBLIC HOUSE or 1 NN, called of known by the Name of the WAGGON AND HORSES, situated in SHEAV STREET, in the Town of DA V ENTRY : con- sisting of suitable Parlours, numerous Bed- Rooms, Kitcheo, back Kitchen, Brewhouse, good Stabling, paved Yard, Pump and Well'of good Water, with every Requisite for carry ing 011 a considerable Busines. Also, together or separate, an excellent GARDEN near the said Premises. For further Pa'ticulars, enquire of Mr. OAKDEN, Solicitor, Daventry; or the AUCTIONEER, North- ampton. Cottingham cum Middleton Inclosure. " VTOTICE is hereby given. That in the next .1 \ Session of Parliament Application will be made to the Honourable House of Commons of the United Kingdom ot Great- Britain and Ireland, for Leave to bring in a Bill to obtain an Act for dividing, alloting, and inclosing the open and common Fields, common Meadows, common Pastures, and oih^ r commonable Lands and waste Grounds, of and within the Manor and Parish of COTTI NGHAM cum MIDDLETON, in the County of Northampton, and tor extinguishing the Tithes thereof, and of the old Inclosures within Ihe same Parish. 1HOS. MARSHALL, Solicitor, Kettering. Wtl 1SU. A1 Freehold Closes adjoining Northampton. To be S () L D by A U C T I O N, By Mr. KIRS HA W, Oh Friday the 17th Day of September, 1813, at Three o'Clock, at the Angel Inn, in the Town ot Northampton, LL those several CLOSES of LAND, the Property of THOMAS PEACH, Esq. now in the Occupation of Messrs M. Smith and Cullen, situate and being in the Parish of St. GILES, NORTHAMPTON. Also all those Pieces of GARDEN GROUND, situate and being inthe Parish of ST. SEPULCHRE'S in the said Town, now in the Occupation of Mr. Corby, and others. Also one other CLOSE, situate and being in LADY'S LANF., in the said Town, now in the Occu pation of Mr. Cooch. ~ The Whole ot which will be divided into Lots, and further Particulars will be given in a luture Paper. POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, Aug. 17. Austria, declares against France— Rupture ofthe Armistice— Renewal of Hostilities. AT length the great question is decided— The Armistice has been broken, and hostilities have been renewed, and with the accession of Austria to the great cause. This most important intelligence was brought late last night by two Gottenburgh mails, and a mail from Heligoland. On the 10th, the six days' notice of the renewal of hostilities was given, and the determination of Austria was made known, On the. 13th the hole Austrian sr » > j in Bohemia was put in mo- tion, and the Austrian head- quarters were removed to Prague. Of the first operations in Silesia, or on the Bohemian frontiers, no details have been re- ceived ; but the French official accounts of the first action near Hamburgh have come to hand Davoust, who had quitted Hamburgh, and taken a position at Bergsdorff, broke up from bis can- tonments 011 the 18th, and proceeded to attack the Prussians and Russians at I. auenburg. They were not in strong force— about 1400 men ; but they had thrown up entrenchments, and had some artillery. ' The enemy stormed ir 011 the night of the 18th, and the Allies retired across the Steck- nitz. Such is the French account— their success is probably exaggerated ; but, even if it be not, it is riot of much importance. Movements and ope- rations of more consequence will soon take place in tiiis quarter, if Davoust remain on the North of the Elbe. Meanwhile the Crown Prince is drawing nearer the Elbe. His first Bulletin has been received, dared from Oranienberg, on the 13th, giving an account of the disposition of tbe HI my under his command. Great judgment seems to have been evinced in the choice of the positions — in lels than two days 80,000 men can be brought line. An attempt has been made during the armistice to take away the Crown Prince's life. On the 18th, whilst he was reviewing some troops near Custrin, a shot was fired at htm from one of the batteries— it fell within thirty yards of him without doing him any injury. His Royal High- ness called the French Commandant before him, and consented to receive an apology for this vio- lation of the truce, which 110 man will believe to he accidental. Mr. Sylvester the Messenger left Reichenbach 011 the 18ih. ON THE MORNING OF THE 11TH, THE AUSTRIAN DECLARATION OF WAR WAS ANNOUNCED, AND PASSPORTS WERE AT THE SAME TIME SENT TO THE FRCSCU PLENIPOTENTIARIES, BONAPARTE having returned no answer to the Emperor of AUSTRIA'S ultimatum. The Russian ariny immediately passed the frontiers at different points, iu several columns. The Austrian Declaration of War lias not been received yet. Lord Catbcat- r was getting into his carriage to leave Reichenbach as our Messenger came away. Austria is said to have joined the Allies with 150,000 men, Russia to have in the field 200,000 men, and the Swedes and Prussians 127,000. According to other accounts, 140,000 men are under the command of the Crown Prince. The whole Austrian army was in motion on the 12th, and the head- quarters were established at Prague. Gen. Moreau has proceeded to Stralsund, and the ( rown Prince had left Berlin purposely to receive his old friend. ' The highest expectations are formed from the conjoint talents of these great military Leaders. An article from Berlin, of tbe 14th of August, mentions a report, that, after notice had been given by Prussia of the renewal of hostilities, the French took Breslaw, from w hich, however, they were soon driven, with the loss of 12 pieces of cannon. It was expected that a great battle would soon take place in Lusatia, and rumours to tha effect that one had actually taken place were very prevalent at Gottenburgh when the packets sailed, and thai the Russians had been victorious ; but they did not rest on autliurity 011 which per- fect reliance could be placed. The bombardment of Stettin recommenced 011 the 17th. A Flag of Truce is said to have come to Sweden t'rom Denmark ; and it is not improbable that the Court of Copenhagen, fearful of being in- volved in the falling fortunes of Bonaparte may endeavour to make the best bargain it can with the Allies, even at the expense of some consider- able sacrifices. ' The Earl of Aberdeen arriyed at Gottenburgh on the 14th. Tt probable that he would proceed bv way of Stralsund to Berlin, and afterwards to Prague, the head- quarters of the Emperor of \ listria. According to nil accounts from the Austrian States, we lea n willi great satisfaction that tire utmost exertions were making to placr the military establishments of that power 011 the most formidable footing. ' Tile States of Hungary iiad voluntarily requested a Diet, for the purpose of tendering « nv sacrifice of person and property, which the public good and ihe dignity of the em- pire piigbt demand. Another Messenger has arrived with a full con- firmation of the most important tidings of the formal declination of war by Austria, which was promulgated 011 the noon of the 11th. This glo- rious Manifesto, from the date of which, we trust, may be fixed the eraof rtie deliverance of Europe Was founded 011 the utter impracticability of the tyrant's temper.— He would listen to no terms but such as left him the undisputed mas'er ofthe uni- verse ; and oilier States had noresource hut to place their. confidence in tl- ie God of Battles, and try the strength of their united arms to save them from slavery. The three Sovereigns of Russia, Prussia, and Uistria, had assembled in common head- quarter at Prague.— NINETY THOUSAND OF THE ALLIES HAD JOINED THE AUSTRIAN ARMY OS TH F FRONTIER'S OF BOHEMIA; and the most splendid results were anticipated from the glorious junction of this initilnv force. The first blow meditated by Bonaparte was sup- posed to be against the Crown Prince, and to get possession of Berlin. His rase against his quondam associate is unbounded, hut he fears his military talents as much as IK- hates the cause in which he has so honourably embarked. From ihe preceding accounts it is now certain that war has again resumed its ravages 011 the northern continent of Europe. To say that rejoice in such an event, might appear unfeeling, but it is by war only, we are persuaded, lhat tiie happiness and independence of Europe can be established. Let it then be said, that we rejoice in the prospect of the recovery of those blessings by the only competent and legitimate means. Much is undoubtedly expected from the co- operation of Austria. The first thing that we hope respecting it is, thac ir may be a co- operation with heart and soul; for a timid and limited one will be of 110 great service. The Emperor Francis has no doubt offered reasonable terms to Bonaparte'; his own affinity to him, and the dread which he must have entertained of plunging his States into a new war, are a pledge nf this ; it must be observed, therefore, that the refusal of such terms is a proof that there still exists a spirit in him by whom they have been rejected, which, if it is not wholly beaten down, will certainly oppress others without rule or limit. If he will not accept of the onlv cunditions of peace which are compatible with " the liberties of the world, he is the world's enemy,, and tnust be put out of it as a political Chief. Whoe ver considers the force that is now op- posed to France, cannot but entertain hopes at least that her oppression may be extinguished; yet let not those hopes he so sanguine as to abate, instead of exciting, the exertions of ourselves or our Allies. The bare circumstance that Bona- partr; should dare to provoke such an aggregate ot force, rather than recede from the most unjust pretensions, would, in the zenith of his power, have been an incontrovertible proof with some, that he was qualified to resist it: but, since we have seen the accuracy of his calculations baffled iu the invasion of Russia, we may reason- ably distrust the measure which he has taken of his own powers in the present instance. Yet this consideration is calculated to stimulate, not re- press, our efforts: it puts- the goal within our reach, hut does not place us there. And let it be remembered, to the honour of those who have undertaken this glorious struggle, " that if there are Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden, united on the one side; there are 011 the other, France, Holland, the Kingdom of Italv, Swisserland, Bav aria, and Denmark. So that the ta> k which our Allies have undertaken is neither ignoble from the ease with which it n, aV accomplished, nor undeserving of their attention from the mean- ness of the reward. It is the work of heroes, may ' hey succeed in it ! The detachments of the 1st hattalion of the Oth, rth, and 82d regiments, now serving with the2.1 battalions in Jersey and Alderney, are ordered to Portsmouth to embark for the Peninsula.— The detachments of the 1st battalions of the 32d, 40th, and 61st regiments, now I11 Ireland, ate to be conveyed immediately to Passages.— The 70th regiment is expected in Cork in the course of this week, for embarkation for Spain.— Two more troops from each of the Hussar regiments are ordered to be held iu readiness for foreign service. The following British regiments of infantry are now at . Stralsund or in its neighbourhood : the olth regiment, 4th battalion Royal Scots, 2d battalion 25th regiment, 2d battalion 73J ditto, 2tl battalion 01st ditto. Mr. Shand, Master of the Alert, of Peterhead, arrived there on the 11 Hi instant. His vessel was taken, and set fire 10 ten days before, between North F'arne and Shetland, by the President, Commodore Rodgers. The Alert was from Arch- angel, laden wilh a cargo of pitch and tar. Rod • gers afterwards took the Greenland ship Lion, of Liverpool, which he ransomed for £ 3000, after robbing her of fishing lines, sails, bread, & c. and throwing her guns oierboard. Captain Sliand, of the Alert, aud his people, were put 011 board the Lion, and were made lo witness the bond of agree- ment for the Lion's ransom. Captain Shand was landed out of a sloop loaded with kelp, onboard of which Ihe Lion had put them. The President, Mr. Shand says, is an uncommonly fast sailing ship, as long and as broad as our 7l- gunships, fights 50 gulls, long 24- pounders, an. l 42- pounder carronades, with a crew of full 500 very fine men, who say they donoi fear any British ship of war, for if I Hey cannot fight them, thev can run from Ihem. Rod- gers had complete information from an American, which had loaded at Archangel, of the number of vessels there. The Alert was Ihe ninth ship he had taken. Many ofthe President's crew are British; and one mail, belonging to a captured Greenock ship, entered while the crew of the Alert were on board. An article in an Altona paper from Erankfort, contains a most impudent statement of the British having lost 0000 men on the 28th ult. It add,, that Marshal Soulr vvas expected at Vittoria by the 31st of July or 1st of August!! Price of Stocks this Div— J per Cent. Red. 57| — 3 per Cent Cons. 57iJ. — 4 per Cent Cons. Hi Navy 5 per Cent. Ann. 86|. — India Bonds Id.— Exchequer Billsld. — Cons. forAcc 57J.— Oin. 6£ pr. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Acg. 28. BIRTH.] The Duchess of Rutland was delivered of a son and heir at Chevely Park, 011 Friday morning last, to the great joy of that Noble Family. . Her Grace, and the infant Marquis of Gratiby were both as well as could be expected on Sunday morning last. MARRIED.] Friday se'nnight, at Banbury, Mr. Thomas Golby, of Hendingion, near Oxford, son of John Golby, Gent, of Banbury, to Miss Wilson, daughter of Walter Wilson, Gent, of Adderbury. Monday last, Mr. Edward Turland, jun. to Miss Sarah Reeve, both of Bugbruok, 111 this county. Tuesday last, by special license, at St. George's, Hanover- square, Sir Charles Knightley, Bart, of Fawsley, in this county, to Miss Ilervey, daitgluer of the late Felton Heryey, Esq. Same day, John Finch Mason, Esq. to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Samuel Cox. of landlord Park, Oxfordshire. A few days ago, Mr. Francis Beaumont, di aper, to Miss Susannah Prentice, of Oundle. Lately, at Kettering, Mr. Jonathan Martin, butcher, aged 72, to Miss Ann Dorr, aged 26. DIED.] On the 7th inst. at Clifton, nea'. . Bristol, Elizabeth Palmer, youngest daughter ul e Itite Thomas Palmer, Esq. of Loddington, in this county. . Lately, at Chiswick, Middlesex, Henry Steer, Esq. aged 72. . ,. The 28th nf last month, in one of the hite, san- guinary battles in Spain, Lieutenant Frazer, of the 7lh Fusileers, nephew of Mr, Unelt, of Birmiug- am. Educated at the Military CollegCdl Mai- low, he entered the army at 17, and immediateh embarked for Spain. In a very few days after he anded, he was engaged in tile battle of Busaco, and afterwards lhat of Albuera. I11 the latler lie was shot through the thigh, and all the ollicers • mil men in his company ( except four) were either killed or wounded. In 1811 he returned to England with several oilier ollicers to recruit Ihe regiment, and was on the recruiting service at Leicester. In 1812 he again embarked for Spain, nnd was in most f the actions since that time. Though dreadfully afflicted wilh the ague in the spring of this year, yet, wilh Ihe noble spirit of ti bravp'soldler, anxious to do his duly', he declined General Cole's permis- iion lo return home fur the benefit of his health icing determined, if possible, to serve another campaign. He was engagpd in the battle of Vit- toria, where he escaped unhurt. IJ the late battles his regiment formed pari of ihe 4th division, which as Lord Wellington says, fct has so frequently been distinguished in the army, and which, on this occ.- i. sion surpassed their former good conduct, ti'iid charged with the bayonet four different times; the! officers selling 1 hem the example.'' In one of these charges Lieut. Eraser received a musket ball in hi body, fell, and immediately expired, in the 21 year of his age, deservedly beloved and regreited by all who knew him. — The Right Reverend the Bishop of Peter, borough, has appointed the Rev. J. Jones, Ii. D curate of Green's- Norton, in this countv, his Surrogate at that place, ( o grant marriage licenses probates of wills, and letters of administration It gives us great satisfaction to observe th indefatigable exertions of Mr. Barrett, to rr. rtde1 the approaching Musical Festival as superior as possible. The extraordinary vocal powers Madame Catalani, are the constant topic of the lovers ofthe Divine science ; but when those of M Braham are to be added, a circumstance which hut rarely happens in the country, the attraction cannot fail of being great indeed— independent of the other very celebrated performers the various departments, both instrumental and vocal. The highly distinguished patronage with which Mr. 11. has been already favourei affords the flattering hope that his anxious for the entertainment nf the public, will he crowned wilh the most ample success.— See adv. On Monday next his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, accompanied by Col. Bloomfield, will proceed from Cdrlton Ilonsp, 011 a tour through Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Matrimonial Altiance in High Life.— Stow, the seat of the Marquis of Buckingham, it is said will shortly exhibit a scene of the utmost gaiety and splendour. The Lord Nugent, brother to the Marquis, is reportni about to form a matrimonial alliance with the beautiful and rich heiress of the Hon. Gen. Paulei. Agreeable to immemorial custom observed by the family of tbe Grenvilles, the parties will he married by banns, which were, first published in the parish church at Buckingham, on Sunday last. ' The wedding will take place in a month, about which period the Marquis and Mar- chioness are expected from their marine residence, in the Isle of Wight. An ox and several sheep will be roasted whole, and a plentiful p- ovision has been made of strong ale. A ball and other entertainments will be given to the Ladies; and, it is added, that the Garden of Stow will be lighted up. A Caution to Anglert.— On Saturday last John Briggs, of this town, butcher, was convicted before the Magistrates, at the Grand Jury Room; under the act of the 5th Geo. 3d, Cap. 14, in ihe penalty of five pounds, for attempting to take fish in the river Nen without the consent of the Lord of the Manor, who being intitled to the penalty mitigated the same to twenty shillings. Snails on Fruit Tire :.— The following discovery of a voung lady in Monmouthshire, is said to he an effectual security of wall- fruit against snails. Insert behind the fruit- bearing branches the lateral shoots of ^/ c- t niropaus ( gorse or whins, as it is generally called) in any way that will best surround the fruit— the good effects thereof will soon be visible. O11 Thursday se'nnight, an inquest was taken before TI10. l imes, Gent, coroncr for the countv of Bedford, at Cople, 011 view of the body of John Chapman, who 011 the preceding dav was milking a cow, when he was suddenly seized with a fir, and expired immediately.— The deceased had for some length tif time before been subject to fits. Verdict accordingly.— And 011 the same day, another inquest was taken before the same coroner, at Girtford, on view of the bodyof John Guriiey, an infant, between two and three years old, who on the 17th instant, in a momentary absence of its mother, fell into a tray of boiling water, the poor child languished till the next day, when he died. Verdict,— accidental death. At Warwick assizes, which commenced on Monday se'nnight, John Britain was tried for the murder of his wife, by fracturing her skull wilh an iron bar, whilst she was asleep, in the night of Ihe 5tli nf April lust, at Birmingham.— Tile prin- cipal evidence adduced in support of Ihe prose- cution. was Ihe son of the prisoner at the bar, who. on sight of his father, was scarcely able 10 sustain the shock. — Nature seemed palsied— and his coun- tenance betrayed the inward feelings and horror of his soul— indeed it was not confined to him— the Judge, Counsel, Jury, and spectators were alike affected, on beholding so unnatural an opposition, as lhat of the son against the father. After some time had been allowed him for recovery, the Judge told him " ihe task was indeed a painful one, hut that it was a duty lie owed to his God— his country — and the memory nf his deceased mother, to dpclare this day, lu open Court, the circumstances of the murder, within ihe compass of his own know- ledge ; and that he must recollect that his father had disjointed lhat great chain which hinds all orders of civilized society, and placed Nature in Ihe horrid shape we now behold her."— After repeated encouragement from Ihe Counsel, he pro- ceeded in his testimony, with but Tittle interruption; and iu the course of it he stated the following fuels: — That about six o'clock in the morning, as he was sleeping in Ihe same room with his father, m. other, and a younger brother, who is about nine years of age, he was suddenly disturbed by a noise which came from lhat part of the room where his parents lay; he instantly gol up and proceeded lo the spot, and there found his father standing in a threatening altitude by ihe side of ( he bed ill which his mother was sleeping— on examining Ihe bed, he found his mother weltering iu her blood, occasioned hy a blow she h id received from u bar of iron which his f. ither held in his hand. He was convinced that his father laboured, at times, under menial derange- ment, bill nothing had occurred of lhat description within a mnnih previous lo the murder of his mother.— The learned Judge took infinite, pains in summing up, and, in the course of a very ener- getic charge 10 Ihe Jury, very properly stated, thai they had to confine themselves lo one simple question, that of the prisoner's sanity at the lime when Ihe murder was committed; the fact of the deceased having met her death by the hand of the prisoner at the bar being indisputable.— The Jur> retired, and returned, in about ten minutes, a verdict — Guilty.— The learned Judge then, with many solemn remarks on the conduct of the prisoner, passed the awful sentence of the law upon him. — The prisoner, at the latler part of his sentence, where the Judge recommends his soul to Heaven, immediately pronounced " Amen .' Amen!" in a very collected and distinct voice,— On Fri Jav, about twelve o'clock, the sentence was executed upon Ihe unhappy convict, who appeared very penitent, aud expressed a hope that others would be warned by his sad example— to avoid drunkenness and sahhath- breaking, and to place their entire hope and dependence in God. ' The following prisoners were also tried, and re- ceived sentence of death, but were afterwards re- prieved, viz. William Elides and James Mole, for returning from transportation ; Ann Wiggei, for • privately stealing in a dwelling house; John Jones, alias Capt. John Smith, for forgery; William Smith and William Allen, for horse slealing ; and Mary Whilehouse, for stealing cloth al Birming- ham.— J0I10 Ilenshall, for passing forged notes of Thomas Whittaker and Thomas Hadley, and counterfeiting three shilling pieces, were sentenced to transportation ' or fourteen years. '. DERBY RACES, iiesday, Aug. 24. Six In Guineas fgiven by his Grare, the LJtike of Devonshire., for Maiden / foYsns, tie. of alt ages— 2 ntile Heats, r W. W. Wynne's eh. c. by Tityriis 1 1 • rd Derby's bl. c. Rimtlda... ;...'. 5 2 Mr. Lewis's hi. f. by Stanford...: 3 3 Mr. Price's ell. c. Karniaria 2 4 Mr. Joseph Arkwright's h. g. Tr- g Rag 6 i » ord G II. Cavendish's b. c. by Sorcerer... 4 dr Mr. Brade'sb. c. Doctor Sangriido rider fell. Same day. a Sweepstakes o f Ten Gainers each, for Horses, fyc. of ull ages— 2 miles. ( 6 Subscribers.) Mr. Peauinoni's br. e. Sir Roger 1 . ord G. H. Cavendish's I), c. bv Sorcerer .. hulled. a me day. a Silver Cup, and Purse value Fift 1 Guineas, given by fie Officer's of the Derbyshire Regiment of Yeomanry . Cavalry, to be run for bit Non- commissioned Officers and Privates of tie Regiment. Yeomanry Riders— 2- mile Heats. Mr. G. Webster's b. g. liaiplv 1 ' Mr. Wealherhcnd's cli. True P, iue 2 2 Mr. R. Radford's lir. g. . Aaron 8 3 Mr. R. Beard's br. iri. Careless 4 4 Mr. W. Bottom's bl. g. .......... 3 S Five others run, the Judge c- oiild place bul five. To the GROWERS of WHEAT.— The INFALLIBLE ALKAI. Y, a certain. Preservative against limits id Wheal.— To those persons who have til read y Hindu use of this preparation, it is unnecessary to say any thing by way of recommendation, the advantages they have experienced from the use o. f it being such, that mmy of them have declared that they would not be without it, were it ten times tiie price it is sold nr; hut to those who are unacquainted with its value, the following fact must necessarily prove, not onlv the efficacy, but the great utility, likewise of this preparation, which is calculated to preserve a species of grain from ihjurV, that is not Only the- strongest nourishment but the prin- cipal support of mail: — A few years ilgo, the inventor of this" remedy tried an experiment upou .50 bushels of whoar; wliirh was jmv. 11 upon 20 ncres of land, in an Opeii field ; tlie flat it was sown ppon lay nearly in the centre of 200 acres of fallow, which was all sown with wheat the same autumn. ' The flat 011 which the wheat prepared by this Alkaly was sown, was lean, old- going, tired land, far from being in a decent stite of cultivation, having had no more than three or four ploughings, whereas land for wheat ought to have at least six or seven. ' The 50 bushels of wheat were all in the ground by the 2Gtli of Sep- tember; it came up very even, and continued a fine healthful growth until it was fit for the sickle. Ihe bunts were but few in number, as, upon a careful examination, by judicious people, they could not discover more than 4 or 500 hunts in tha whole 20 acres; whereas the adjoining tint, which was 12 acres, was nearly one- half of it hunts although the seed with which hoih flits were sown did not differ in any respect, except the preparation; indeed, there was not a single laud throughout the whole 200 acres that had escaped the ravages of this di minutive but destructive insect. lly appointment of tile inventor, the Alkaly is sold by Sullnii & Co. ( lale Dicey & Sill Ion), No. 10, Biiw Church- yard, London,' and by the Printers of this Paper, price £ 1. lis. 6.1. Ihe lafge: packet, and 16s. Ihe small, wilh full directions for using it; Sold also by Toinalin, Daventry; llarrod, llnrho- rougli ; Dash; Kettering! Bnrrlngcr & " on, New — port- Paguell; Palgrave, Bedford; Q lenehorongh, Dunstable! Lovell, Huntingdon; Sanderson, Wel lingborough ; Yorke & Summers, and Bell, Oundle ; Rowell, Rugby! Gallard & Gutney, Towcester; Jacob, Peterborough J Hawkes, Lutterworth j Warde. Hinckles ; Lnggiu, and F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; Seeley, Buckingham ; Collisrtti, Brnrk- ley i Alsnp, Luton t Richardson, Stony- Stratford t Creed, Leighton; by the venders of Medicines in general, and may be had of the Newsmen, who carry Ibis Paper. ( fir The large Packet contains as much Alkalv as will moke a Lixivium sufficient lo prepare Seed enough for 30 Acres of Land; the small Packet for 15 Acres. To the PRINTERS. He who will not listen to the cries of the di- fresscd, is more than barbarous. Reing, Sirs, al thisjuncture under particular alarm nnd apprehension from Ihe present pro- pect of the limes, I am induced through the medium of your paper lo seek for redress from some of your ingpnions readers, who, perhaps, may be disposed to commi- serate my case,— 1 am a farmer, and have for many years been in the habit of encreasing my property by speculating in grain, and in this I have been much assisled by 11 verv friendly description . if men, denominated Corn Tranters. These active patriots of the soil, at great risk lo themselves, providently lake care lo provide ngainsl a rainy dav, by care- fully storing up Ihe superfluities of produce in one district, ill order that they mav be enabled, al great pains and expense, to kindly transport them lo those places which have not been blessed with so great abundance, thereby becoming not only the pre- servers of Ihe balance ot prices throughout the country, but the great Almoners of Dume Nature, and all this without the prospect of fee or reward, save the. blessings of an accommodated and grateful people.— However I ain now in a greal dilemma, from an ideaViut our system will decline. Unfor- tunately for us, Ihe crops appear so luxuriant and heailhy, and our usual Friends Ihe Smut and Ihe Mildew have entirely deserted us, so that, in all human probability, we shall not this year be able to profit by their friendly interference, besides, 1 he newspapers all leem with ominous representa- tions against us, in their unanimous reporis of the prices of grain and flour sinking. , The only hope that is left 10 our desponding re- flections is in liie ivealher, for a succession of rain, even for a few days, lias frequently raised onr sinking fortunes, when almost on the brink nf de- spair. lt is wonderful. Gentlemen, how much a market day has tarned in . our favour after a few heavy showers, when Ihe millers nnd the whole fraternity of jobbers are 011 the alert, and their gloomy countenances brighten up at the disoial ( irospecl. But now, alas 1 every thing is untoward — the Smut does hot exist— the Mildew never ap- peared— the weather is fine— Ihe grain is cuttinj down, the crops are abundant, and in some counties a good part stacked aud housed 1 — Under circum- stances so opposite to our interest our craft is en- dangered. and must fail, unle. s some one more in- genious than ourselves will come to our aid, and point out a mode of extricating us from our de- plorable situation. Your insertion of the above iu your paper, will orhligp, Sirs, A SPECULATING FARMER. August 25th, 1813. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, Aug. 27. But little business can be done at our market at pre- sent, our supply of Grain in geueral being pretty large, and no inclination on the part of buyers to makeany but smali purchases; hence the sales made are at lower prices than Vlonday, but they so few as not to admit of any alteration in the currency, to which we refer you. Northampton — Saturday. Wheat Rye Barley- ... Oats Beans Peas . 100s. Pd. to 105s. nd. — s. Od. to — s. Odi 52s. 0.1. to — s. Od. to 70s. Od. to — s. Od. to bv toe Standard Measure. — s. Od. — S. OIL. - s. Od. — s. ud. Market- Harborough — Tuesday se anight. Wheat .. 110s rid. 10 150s. 6d. Barley 51s. Od. to tils. Oil. New Oats — s. lid. to — s. fKt. Old Oats — s. Od. to — s. 0< l. New Beans 63s. Od. to 80s. Od. Old Beans — s, Od. to — s. Od. This return is made under Ihe directions of ihp late act, which abolishes customary measure, and requires the returns to be made for Ihe preceding week. Banbury— Thursday last. Wheat fper Bushel).. Beans ( Ditto) Hog Peas ( Ditto) Vetches ( Ditto) Barley ( per Quarter) Oats ( Ditto) Bread 2s. " 7d. .10s. Od. .. 8s. 0d. ..- s. Od. ..— s. Od. . .50.. Od. - 45s. Od. the Half- peck. to 13s to 10s to — s. to — to 56s. Oil. to 4Ss. Od. fid. Od. TVt. Od. LIS 1 ol FA I lis from Aug. 30, lu September 11, within, the Circuit cf this Paper. M. AHg. 30. Newport- Pagnell. S. Sept. 4. Ashby- de- la- Zouch, Rockingham. B. rigslork, Cbippiiij- NorSon, and Warwick. M. 6. Daventry. Th. 9. Oakham. - jSil ll ll V IMII — II IH1 LHH WB— I— WWMMWI— MM i'irst Report of the Northamptonshire Aux- iliary Bible Society. ff'MIE Cortimittee of the Northamptonshire. Aux- « - ' diary Hiblt Society, in addressing their first Annual Keport to the members and triends of the Institution, cannot but express their cordial Satis- faction at the unexampled Progress of the British and foreign Bible Society in the course of the last year. Though still in its infancy, it has attained to a point of elevation unknown in the history of any other institution, and is at once the wonder and the praise of the whole world. In contemplating its success, which neither the pressure of the times, nor the mul- tiplied clairtis on public benevolence, have been able to arrest, no adequate cause can be ass'gned for a career so far beyond the mere power ot human effort, but the evident blessing of Goo resting alike on the object, as on the principle of Union which charac- terzes'the Institution. Vour Committee beg to refer to the verr interesting Keport of the British and Foreign Bible Society for a detail of its operations : but as this Report is not yet in g- neral circulation, there are some facts of an important nature to which thev will advert previously to entering on a statement Of. their Own proceedings. In the course of the late year, Seventy- five new Auxiliary Bible Societies have been formed, of which )> Iineteeh are Counties, in. addition to the islands of Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The names of London, Westminster, and Southwark, are likewise in the honourable list j furnishing, by their contributions alone, the sum of £ 9,482 This vast accession of patronage and strength, in which five of the Royal Dukes are to be enumerated^ has, materially contri. buted to i rease the receipts of the year, which amount to ^£ 66,879 lfis. id Ot this sum £ 55,099 was furnished by the various Auxiliary Societies, and a further sum of £ 9,575 4s. lid. has arisen from the sale of Bibles and Testaments, & c. & c. : forming .1 total of £ 96,455. Vast as this sum is, the expen- diture bears ample proportion to it, being £ 69,496 13s. 8d. besides engagements which the Society is under for the current year, amounting to about £ 35,000) artd when it is con- idcred that in England alone there are no less than Two Millions of Poor, supposed to be destitute of the Word of God, and that the object of this Institution is to commu- nicate the light of Revelation to the farthest region of the Globe, no fund can be too large which em- braces so boundless an undertaking. There have been issued by the Society, from the - 21st of February to the 31st of December, 1812, 81 3l9 Bibles, 121,261 Testaments, exclusive of those circulated at the charge of the Society in various parts abroad, amounting to 45,000 Bibles and Testaments. With respect to the foreign operations of the Society the Rev. Mr. Steinkopff one of the Secretaries ot the Institution, has recently returned from a tour on tlie Continent, the object of which was to ascertain the want of Bibles, to encourage the formation of new Societies, to assist those aireidy formed, and to repre- sent the willingness of the British and Foreign Bible Society to promote the circulation of the Scriptures in everv country on the Continent, whetheroceupied bj f'iend of foe. " Thus th- Gospel of Peace has been published amid- tthedesolation and camageof war, and the cha fitiis ot t'Ut Molv Religion cultivated, which com- mands us to love ou' enemies; and Europe has learned trom the Institution of the British and Foreign Bible Societv. that England's ambition is, not to con- quer, but to save.— Th fruit of this journey has been the establishment of sev rat Bible Societies, and the tears arid invocations of thousands in behalf of the Institution, and of a Country so tamed for benevo lence and Zeal. Among other impoitmt occurrences, it deserves to be recorded, that, through the instrumentality of this Institution, a Bible Society has been formed at St. Petersburg!!, under the express patronage of the limperof of Russia The principle of combining christians of all denominitions has been adopted, in imitation of th? plan of the Briti- h and foreign Bible Society, and members of the Greek Church Armenians, Catholics, Lutherans, and Calvinists. have united together under Imperial sanction to dis, tribute the Oracles of the Living God. — Nor will i be a matter of small interest to be informed of the establishment of a Bible Society in Ceylon, the native Christians of which amount to 500^ 000, most of whom aredestitute ot the Word of God. In Finland and in Hungary two similar Societies have been formed, through the suggestion and aid of this benevolent Institution. Thus the British and Foreign Bible Society, taking for the sphere of its action, not the confines of one kingdom only, but the whole habitable Globe, and considering man as the object of its fcenevolence, in whatever clime or country he may be found, pursues its blessed career, visiting the poor and the outcast, the dungeon and the hovel, the slave and the free man; exercising its charities at home and abroad, exclaiming " Ho, every one that thirsteth come ye to the living waters ;" til! the visions of prophecy seem to be realized to adoring faith, and the Angel to fly in th.- midst of Heaven, bearing the Everlasting Gospel unto them that dwell on the Earth,- and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with aloud voice, fear God and give Glory to Him. The Committee next advert to their own pro- ceedings, in doing which they have to acknowledge the liberality of the public, and the patronage which their list of Vice- prcsidentsexhibits in behalf of the cause. With these encouragements the receipts of the late year have amounted to £ 1,750, £ 40 of which consists of arrears. Of this, £ 250 has been supplied by the Kettering Branch Bible Society, formed June 23d, 1812; and the sum of £' i70 was remitted trom the town of Wellingborough, wherea similar Branch Society was formed July 23d, and a subsequent sum of £ 30, being the produce of a " Juvenile Society, ' recently established in the same place. To the above will soon be added the produce of an Association at Rcwell, including the parishes of Pesborough and Orton, composed of the poor, on the principle of Penny Societies, or a contribution of Id. per week, till a sufficient Sum is raised for the purchase of Bible's. The fund from thi-, Asso. ciation is producing ai th- rate of £ 70 per annum Your Commute cannot allude to these two latter instances, without giving them that praise to which they are so justly entitled, and recommending general imitation of so pleasing an example. Nor is it just to omit the sense which the Committee enter- tain of the exertions of the towns of Kettering and Wellingborough, whose contributions serve as monument of iheir zeal and liberality, and prove whit may be effected when Christians unite together to promote the common good of each oilier. Ot the above sum £ 1,200 has been remitted to the Parent Institution, hilt of which, according to the regulations or ihit society, is devoted to carry on its foreign operation-, and the remainder returned in Bibles and testaments at cost price, vhich is about one third lower than the Usual retail prices. Of these there have been issued from the Depository at Northamp'on, 9fM Bibles. In value 811 Testaments. £ 381 9s. 5d. The Committee lament the delay that has been ' incurred in issuing the above, and their inability to comply with the whole of the demands made upon them Yer they lake this opportunity of declaring that no blame can justly attach to themselves, and as little to the Parent Society ; for when it is considered that there is now scarcely a County or Town, of any magnitude in th? kingdom, in which an Auxiliary Bible Society is not formed, the public will se; the Impossibility of yielding to such a variety of appli- cations, without claiming time to supply so universal a demand. In conclusion, the Committee trust that while they appeal to the liberality of the public to enable them to prosecute the interesting object of the Insti- tution, such an appeal wdlnot be mad* in Vain; and that they shall have the satisfaction of seeing the Northamptonshire Auxiliary Bible Society recom- mended to a still more general adoption throughou the County. They call on the friends of religion to vindicate its claims to public notice,— to point out its conformity to the word of GOD, as well in its object as in its constitution— to li£ t up the voice, and to stretch out the arm, and to plead the cause ot the poorand needy. And they would implore those who are not as yet associated with the institution, not to be insensible to the merits of a Society, which has filled the whole earth with its praise. They would advert to thaduty and inward satisfaction of extending the glory ot Christ's Kingdom, and of being an instrument for hastening the period when " the wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad, and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose." They weiuld refer to the inspired volume to justify the principle of their union, and to the authority of Him that saith " by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." They would direct them to two millions of people at hosne, perishing for lack of knowledge, and to the barren and cheerless spots situated iti the distant lands, incapable of being adequately supplied hv any other means than through the united co- operation nf all Christians; and thev would thence lead them to their solemn assemblies, to shew that this union i practicable, that it is " like the dew of Hermon, and that it revives the recollection of those primitive times, when they were all accustomed to gather to gether with one accord in one place, and while the object of this union is to give an extended circulation to the Word of GOD, may the influences of the Spirit accompany that Word, that it may have a free course and be glorified, and the Giver and Receiver alike be blessed by him who is its Divine Author. 31st of May last, at Ctiisselhurst, in Kent. • Ik- was indicted for petty treason, bv traitorously as well as felonionsly murdering his master aud pleaded not guilty, in consequence, he said, ol the persuasions of several persons. In the course of the examinations of the witnesses, the same accounts of this horrid transaction was related as had before been laid before the public. Mr. Justice Heath summed up the evidence: be said he never knew a case more clearly proved ; evert of circumstances there was so well conected series as must carry conviction, independently of the confession ; the bloody footsteps; the con- duct and demeanour of the prisoner; his taking off the sheets; his night- cap stained with blood, which could not have happened in the way he said, because when he brought down the sheets in the morning he was dressed, and had lio night- cap; and the bloody shoes, which exactly corresponded with the foot- mark. All these things seemed to remove all doubt; and then, the confession con- firmed all these circumstances. If, however, the Jury had any doubt, they Would acquit the prisoner, t The Juty immediately returned a verdict of- Guilty. The prisoner was then addressed in the usual form, and asked what he had to say why sentence of Health slmuld not be passed upon him. tie said he had nothing to offer. Mr. Justice Heath then proceeded to pass sen- tence nearly in the following terms: Prisoner, after a minute trial, you have been convicted by a jury of your country of traitorously murdering your master; whom, instead of attacking, it was your duty to protect at the peril of your life. What was your motive for so atrocious a crime docs riot appear; it does not seem to have been revenge; you were not intoxicated, nor offended at your mastei-, against whom it was impossible to f< el resentment, for his whule life was a scries of kindness and beneficences, for which he is now gone to receive his reward. You, Nicholson, must soon appear before a tribunal more awful than this : and I solemnly recommend yoti to employ the short interval which remains to you in making your peace with Heaven. Nothing that I can say can aggravate the sense of your guilt in the minds of this assembly. I shall, therefore proceed to discharge my duty in passing tipon you IUNG5TEAD ISCLOSUUE. NOTICE is hereby given, That in the next Session of Parliament, Application will be made to the Honourable House nf Commons f the United Kingdom of Great- Britain and Ire- land, for Leave to bring in a Bill to obtain an Act fur dividing, allotting, and inclosing the open and common Fields, common Meadows, common Pas- tures, and other commonable Lands and Waste Grounds, of and within the Manor and Parish of Iti NGSTE A I), in the County of Northampton, and for extinguishing Ihe Tithes thereof, and of all" the Old Inclosures within the same Parish. .1 NO. * CHAS. II. HODSON. Wellingborough, IBiA August. 181.1. the sentence of the law, which, is< that you be Trial of Nicholson^ for the Murder of Mr. and Mrs. Boimr. On Friday last, at Maidstone assizes, Nicholson was tried for tiic murder ( bf Mr. Bonar, en the HUNTING BOX. ' I'D be LETT, Furnished « r unfurnished, with or without Land, and with the Privilege of Sporting over an. exten- sive Manor, HUE MANOR- HOUSE of LTLI. INOSTONE- D AYR ELL, Bucks, with every Accommodation for a genteel Family. Apply, with real Name and Address, to R. DAY- REL', ESQ Manor- House, Lillingstone - Dayrell, Bucks, if by Letter, Post- paid. two Packs of Hounds two M- lesofF. THE Proptietors of Estates in R1NO STEAD, In the CnitHtyof Northampton, are requested tu meet at the WHITE IURT INS. in THBAPSTOU, on WEDNESDAY the 1st Dav of S Eire MB NIT nest, at Eleven o'Clock in the Fore- noon, for the Purpose of taking into Consideration the Propriety of Inclosing Ihe open and common Fields within the said Parish. 19th August, 1S13. ap- taken lience to the place front whence you came and on Monday next to be drawn oti a sledge to the place of execution, and there hanged till you are dead, and then your body shall be given to be dissected and and anatomized." Immediately after the sentence the prisoner put in a paper, and desired it to be read. The Judge said this was irregular, but looked at the paper and told the Jury it contained a confession of crime, which was imputed to excessive drinking. The paper which he put in, and desired to be read after his sentence, was as follows :— " I acknowledge, with the deepest contrition Ihe justice of the sentence unto death which has been just passed upon me. My crimes are, indeed, most heavy ; I feel their weight, but I do not despair— nay, I humbly hope for mercy, through Ihe infinite mercy of my" Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who hied and died fur me. In order to have a well- grounded hope in him my all- mereiful Redeemer, I know that it is my hounden duty Not only to grieve from my heart for my dire offences, but also to do my utmost to mnke satisfaction for them. ) fet, alai I what satisfaction can I make to the afflicted family of my master and mistress, whom, without any provocation, I barbarously murdered ! I can make none beyond the declaration of my guilt, and horror of soul that I could perpetuate deeds so shorking to human nature, and to agonizing to the feelings of that worthy family. I implore theit forgiveness, for God's sake ; and fully sensible df their great good- ness, 1 do hope, tbat, for his sake, tbey will forgive me. 1 freely give up my life as a just forfeit to my country, whose laws I have most scandalously out- raged. Departing from this tribunal, [ shall soon appear before another tribunal, where an eternal sentence will be passed uplin me. With this dread sentence full in my view, 1 do most solemnly declare, nd I desire this declaration to be taken as my ns: woritc, that I atone was the base and cruel murderer of mv master and mistress; that I had no accomplice; that no one knew or possibly could suspect that I intended tn perpetrate those bar- barities » that 1 myself had no intention of cam- milling those horrid deeds, save for a short time, so short as scarcely to be computed before I actually committed them ; that booty was not the motive of iny fatal cruelties ; I am sure the idea of plunder never presented itself to my mind ; I can attribute hose unnatural murders to no other cause than, at the time of their commission, a temporary fury from excessive drinking; and before that time, to lie habitual forgelfulness, f » r many years, of the Great God and hisjudgmen's; and Ihe too natural consequences of such forget fulness, the habitual leliiing to the worst passions of corrupted nature : I that Ihe evil that I wns tempted to do, that 1 id; the Lord, in his mercy, has, nevertheless, pared, until now, my life— that life which I, in agony of horror and despair, once more wickedly attempted to destroy t he ha « most graciously allowed me time for repentance; an humble and contrite heart must be his gift— thai gift I hope he has granted to my most atdent appli- cations; in that hope, and hearing iu mind bis promise, that an humble and contrite heart he will not despise, I freulv, offering tip to him my suffer- ings, and my life itself, look forward, through his must precious blood, to the pardon of all my crimes, mv manifold and. most enormous crimes, aud most humbly trust that the same mercy which he hewed to Ihe penitent thief who was crucified with hiin, he will shew to me ; thus meekly confiding in Ihee, O Jesus, into Ihy hands I commend my spirit. Amen " PHI LL I P NICHO LSO N." " This 20th August, 1813." The signature wns in Nicholson's hand writing ; the rest appeared written by another hand. The prisoner during his trial and the sentence, appeared more sorry and ashamed than agitated : his face is of feeble cast; his manner was at once dejcc'ed and firm. He was immediately alter the trial re- conveyed to prison. Ni/ Jiolson was executed on Monday morning, on Pentienden Heath, pursuant to his sentence. Stony- Stratford Turnpike- Road. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees appointed for pulling into Execution Ihe Act of Parliament lately passed for more effectually repairing the Road from llardingston to Old- Stratford, ill Ihe County of Northampton, will be holden pursuant tn an Ad- journment at the WHITE HABT, in GRAFTON REGIS, in the said County of Northampton, on THIIBSDAY Ihe NINTH Day of SEPTEMBEB next coming, at Twelve o'clock, for the Purpose ( amongst . Olfter Business) of nominating and ap- pointing Trustees in the Room of those who are Dead, or have declined to Act since the passing of tke said Act. By Order of the Trustees, WM. TR. SMYTH, Cltrk. 28th August, 1813. ~ TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. ^ TOTICE is hereby given. That a Meeting Al of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road trom the South- End ot Peacock's- Lane in the Parish ot Bromham, in the County of Bedford, to the Turn- pike- Road leading from Wellingborough to Olney in the County of Buckingham ; and also the Road from the said Turnpike- Road, at or near the South- End of the Town of Olney aforesaid, to the Turn pike- Road leading from Northampton TO Newport- I'agnell, tn the same County, will be held at the BULL INN, in OLNEY aforesaid, on FRIDAY the TENTH Day of SEPTEMBER next, at which Meeting the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates upon the said Road will be LETT to FARM by AUC- M A RSTON- TRUSSELL INC LOSU ItE. \\ T E, the undersigned Commissioners * v pointed by an Act or Parliament passed in tin Fifty- third Year of the Reign of his present Ma jesty, intituled an Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of M A RSTON- TRUSSK LL, in the County of Northampton, tlo hereby give Notice tbat we have set out and appointed the following Carriage R » ad> and Highways, over the Lands and Grounds by the said Act directed to be divided, allotted, and inclosed, viz.:— Public Carriage Roads and Highways of the Width of Thirty Feet. Market- Harborough Road. — From the Village of Marston- Trussell, at the Northward End of Sand Pit Lane in an Easterly Direction, and in or nearly in the Track now used to Smart's Lane, in the Parish of Lubetiham. East Famdon Road — From the Village if Marston- Tru sell, at the Southward End of Stonv- I. ane, in or nearly in the Track now used to the Lordship of East- Farndon. Sibbertoft Road.— From the Village of Marston- Trussell, at the said End ot Stony- l. ane, in a South- wardly Direction to Short Leys Ford, and thence in a Westerly Direction over Short Leys Furlong and Short Nine Furlong, to Bull Acre Common, and thence in a South Westerly Direction, and in 0' nearly in the Track now used to the Lordship ot Hoihorpe. at a Gate called Sibberroft Gate. Clipston Road.— Branching out of the last de- scribed Road at Short Leys Ford, and extending South Eastwardlv in or nearly in a straight Line to the Lordship ot Clipston, at Clipston Gate. Hothorpe Road. — From the Westward End of the Village of Marston- Trussell, in a Westwardly Direction, and in or nearly in the Track now used to the Lordship of Hothorpe, at Hothorpe Gate. Theddingworth Road.— Branching out of the last described Road, at the Eastward End ot Beggars Bush Furlong, and extending in a Northwardly Direction to Little Meadow Furlong, and thence in or nearly in the Track now used to the Lordship of l. ubenham, atScoborough Gate. And we the said Commissioners do further give Notice that we have ascertained the same by Marks and Bounds, and have prepared a Map in which such QUINTON INCR. OSURE. NOTICE is hereby given, That In the next Session of Parliament, Application will be made to the Honourable House of Commons c if the United Kingdom of Great- Britain and Ire- and, for Leave to bring in a Brill to obtain an Act ' or dividing, allotting, and inclosing the open and • ommon Fields, common Meadows, common Pas- tures, and other commonable Lands, and Waste Grounds, of and within the Manor and Parish of QUINTON, in the County of Northampton, and for extinguishing the Tithes thereof, and of all tie wld Inclosures within the same Parish. C. & W. T. SMYTH, Northampton. August, ISIS. A1 BANBURY, August, 1813. A LL Persons who have any Claim on the / X Estate of SAMUEL HILL, lale of BAN- BURY, Oxon, Hatter and Leather Cutter, deceased, are requested to send in their Accounts to James Hill, Halter, & c. of the same Place, in order that they may be discharged.— And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Estate, are desired t « pay the Amount of their respective Debts to the said James Hill, or Mr. II. D « ry, Solicitor, Banbury, otherwise they will he proceeded against for the Recovery thereof. Notice lo the Creditors of Mr. WM. CARTER, lligh- Street, BEDFORD. LL Persons having any Claim on tbs aforesaid WM. CARTER, are requested ta send the Amaant to Mr. Win. Brown, Auctioneer, Bedford, by the 1st Day of Spplember next, or ihey will be excluded the Benefit arising from the Sale of Ihe Effects, as after that Period a Dividend will he made and paid to the Creditors immediately.- lledford, August 24th, 1813. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. TIIE Assignees of the Estate and Effects of HENRY ROYSTONE, late of LONC STOWIS, in the County nf Cambridge, Farmer, having declared a serond nnd final Dividend of two Shillings in Ihe Pound, of the Estate and Effects of the said Insolvent, such ofthe Creditors of tke salt Henry Rovstotie, who have not already received the same, or who may not have received the first Dividend of Eight Shillings in the Pound, may now receive each of them, upon Application any Day at the Office of Mr. Chapman, Solicitor, ir Biggleswade. Biggleswade, August 17th, 1813. CAPITAL SITUATION. To be LETT, And entered on immediately, or al Michaelmas next, AGood DWELLING HOUSE, with a Butcher's Shop, now In full Trade, and an exceedingly rich Close of Pasture Land, containing about three Acres, thereunto adjoining, situated at BARBY, near Uaventry, in the Couuty of Northampton. , The Tenant, if required, may be accommodated with a good Mult- Kiln, adjoining the said Premises. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, enquire of Mr. RICHARD LORD, of Barby aforesaid. ,„.,,, ,, ,,.,. .. , i intended Roads are accurately laid down and described, tor one Year, from the Ihirteenth Day of aiu1 have deposited , he same with Messrs. Adams thesame Month, between the Hours of twelve and alld Wartnaby, our Clerks, at the Office ot Mr. WN N- I IN*- LR I IS t H— MANNER .11 REM EH HU AN 4 ... I R, ... . . . . Two o'Clock, in the Manner directed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 13th Year of tile Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls produced the last Year, over and above the EXpencesof collecting the same, the following Sunis, viz. :— Bromham Gate ....... £ 108. Lavendon date with the Weighing } Machine J 201 • Ravenslone Gate 90. and will be put up at those Sums respectively Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees tor Payment ot the Rent at such Time and in such Proportions as the said Trustees shall direct. JOHN GARRARD, Clerk to the said Trustees. Olney, 10iA August, 1813. S1VEWKIGHT is happy to state, the _ Scheme of the New Lottery, to be drawn 17th of SEPTEMBER, meets great Approbation, and contains a greater Proportion of £ 20,000 and £ 10,000 Prizes than usual; the lowest Prize is £ 20 ; the first 1,000 Blanks, £ 20 each; and only 12,000 Tickets. His old Offices have shared the greatest Amdunt of Prizes ever paid by one Firm:— In late Lotteries, S Prizes of..£ 20,000 I The First..£. 10,000 The Only... 40,000 | The Last .. 25,000 & c. kc. & c. Tickets and Shares are on Sale at No. 37, Cornhill, No. 1, Piccadilly, No. 141, Oxford Street, and by his Agents, Mr. W. BiRDSALL,— Northampton. Mr. J. FERRAIL { late Svvinney & Co.)— Birmingham. Mr. E. BATES,— Kettering. Mr. T. CHENEY,— Banbury. NOiiTHAJlP 1ONS11111E. To be LETT, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, HP. capital MANSION- HOUSE, at fSOUTII- W1CK, near Oundlo, with the Garden, Plan- tations, and Ponls thereto belonging. About wenty- five Acres of rich Pasture Land may be had with the Premises, if the Tenant shall think proper. And at Michaelmas, 1814, the Tenant may have the Occupation of about One Hundred Acres more of Arable and Pasture Land. The House is fit for the Residence of a Urge Family, and is well situated tor the Farl Fitz- william's Hunt. Enquireof Mr. BERKELEY, of Biggin, nearOundle. B,/ J August, 1813. George Wartnaby, in Market- Harborough tor the Inspection of all Persons concerned.— And we do hereby give Notice, that we have appointed a Meeting to be held by us the said Commissioners, at the Angel Inn, in Market- Harborough, on Friday ihe Twenty. fourth Day of September next, at the Hour ot Eleven in the Forenoon, when all Persons injured or aggrieved by the setting out of such Roads, or by the Omission of any others, may attend and state their Objections.— Given under our Hands this eighteenth Day ot August, 1813. THOMAS EAGLE. SAMUEL STONE. J. Every one ot the foHowing twenty- one Capitals were all drawn last Lottery, and every one sold by T. B1SH, and his Agents : 7.112 18,131 496 7,883 8.931 10,497 6,680 14,545 15,383 16,117 3,237 .... a I'rizeof ... =£ 20,000 9,190 ........ • - .... .. 10,050 ... a£ 2,0C0 19,288 • •••• a . £ 300 ..... 2,000 4,64 S ..... . 200 ..... 1,000 7,023 • .. • , ... . . 200 ..... 1,000 7,085 .... ..... . 200 1,000 7,324 ...... . 200' .... - 1,000 11,430 ...... ... . 200 500 13,285 . . . . . 200 500 18,881 . . . . .... . 200 500 19,393 .... .... . 200 -•- - - 300 & c. & c. Farm.— Steppingtu, Beds. To be LETT, by TENDER, ItllE WARREN FARM, in the Parish of STEPPING LY, Beds; consisting of a good Farm- House and Homestead, and about 58 Acres o rich old inclosed Sward and Arable Land, and 5 Acres of Warren Land, two Acres of which said 5fi Acres the Proprietor is to be at liberty to Plant an- nually with Firs or other Plants or Trees. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next For a View of the Farm, apply to Mr. SCOTT, the Tenant. (£ 3" Proposals in Writing, stating the Amount of Rent, and other Terms tor taking the same, will be received by Mr. DAY, Solicitor, Woburn, until the 14th Day of September next. 14/ A August, 1813. ' pi HE above unparalleled Success accounts for the extraordinary Demand experienced at BISH' Offices for the present Lottery, which consists of but 12,000 Tickets, yet has two Prizes of £ 20,000, two of £ 10,000, and not any Prize less than £ 20. Added to which the first 1,000 Blanks will be entitled to £ 20 each. The whole Lottery will be drawn in two Days, commencing the 17th of September, on which Day the first Ticket drawn above £ 20, will be ee- fl llo/ l rs lis nrLI I I-! .... n I ft -'. C A \ / i- c. / ./ o-. i ^ 13 , i rr. I titled to an additional Prize of £ 10,0011. On Saturday Ihe lath of September, 1813, m t\ . r. . , .. , ' , J • ' ' I Tickets and Shares are also selling by J. FREEMAN, Bookseller, Northampton; J. TURNIR, Printer, Coventry, G. CURTON, Hat- Warehouse, Peterborough ; And by T. BISH, Stock- Broker, 4, Corntiill, and be published, ANEW NEWSPAPER, entituled, the HUNT- INGDON, BEDFORD, and PETKRBOROUCH WHKLY GAIHTS, Price Sixpence Halfpenny printed with a handsome new Type on a rtoc 19> charmg^ Cross,"' Lond'o'n.' Yellow Wove Paper. A C. eneral Advertiser tor, 1 -- and circulated through, the Counties of Huntingdon, Bedford, Cambridge, Lincoln, Rutland, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton, Buckingham, Hertford, Norfolk, and Suffolk, the Sokeot Peterborough, and the l » le of Ely. Orders, Advertisements, and Communications, are requested to be addressed to Mr. Hatfield, Hunt- ingdon ; Mr. Webb, Bedford; Mr. Jacob, Peter- borough ; and to the following. Agents: — Mr. Marshall, Aylesbury; Mr. Shawe, Ampthill ; Mr. Holdam, Buckingham; Mr. Gardener, Biggleswade; Mr. Hellaby, Boston; Mr. T. Bennett, Cambridge; Mr Cullingworth, Daventry; Mr. Swift, Dunstable Mr. Clements, Ely; Mr. Dunnage, Hitchin; Mr. Goodchild, Ipswich; the Postmaster, Kettering; Mr. Pearson, Kimbolton; Mr. Drury, Lincoln; Mr Pigge, Lynn i M. Ridgway, Leighton- Buzzard; Mr Sharpe, Market- Deeping; Mr Inwood, New port- Pagnell; Mr. Freeman, Northampton; Mr. Rogers, Newmarket; Mr. Bolingbroke, Norwich Mr. Bell, Oundle; Mr. Abbott, St. Neots; Mr. Croft, St. Ives; Mr. Haycock, Stamford; Mrs. King, Stilton ; Mr. Salter, stony- Stratford; Mr. Albin, Printer, Spalding; Mr. Marsh. Thrapston^ Mr. March, Wellingborough; Mr. Dodd, Woburn; Mr. White, Wisbech; or to the Proprietors, George Ecton Jones and Weston Hatfield, Weekly Gazette Office, No. 20, Great New- Street, Cough- square, London. N. B. Papers ordered of the Clerks of the Roads, through the Medium of the Po tmasters, will be delivered with the London Mail, in every Post j'own, within 120 Miles ol the Metropolis, on the Saturday Morning. " PIa. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS, for J- T Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, and Head- Achs arising from Indigestion or free Living; tor Bilious, Gouty, » nd Rheumatic Complaints, and tor Colds, slight Fevers, Sr. c. n,- u;„ rt| y assisting Nature in the due Discharge of the Animal Functions, they preserve Health, and promote Longevity ; arc the best general Family Medicine, and are particularly convenient for Travellers, as they are mild in their Operation, and do not require any Confinement. Sold by F. Newbery & Sons, No. 45, St. Paul' Church- Yard, and by their Agents in the Country Price4s 6d. a Box, containing thirty- six Pills. Be sure ill it the Name " F. Newbery," is engraved in the Stamps. ON THE PUNISHMENT OF DEATH. To the PRINTERS. SIRS,— The disproportion between Crimes nnd Punishments cannot, perhaps, be more fully exem- plified than in the sentence of death being passed till a man for privately stealing to ihe amount of forty shilling-, and upon Nicholson, Ihe murderer of bis amiable master and mistress; and a question naturally arises, whether the punishment nf death ought to be inflicted in cases of murder only i or if it is thought expedient that it sh - uld attach to other rimes of less magnitude, or whether a greater punishment than the loss nf life by suspension ought notio lie the lot of the barbarous und cruel assassin ? In many eases of murder, such as thnt of Ihe Marr's, and likewise that of Mr. and Mrs. Bonar, the pri- nlionof life by hanging can scarcely be called a retaliation, much less can it be considered inthe light of nn adequate punishment. I would not be thought an advocate for extreme or sanguinary punishments, hut it occurs to me, that the disproportion between Crimes and Punishments are certainly, in many in- ances, exceeding!* glaring and inconsistent. Perhaps some of your intelligent correspondents will communicate their sentiments upon this mo- mentous topic, especially at a time when the annals of the country are disgraced by so frequent a repe- tition of the horrible crime of murder. Your's & c. JUSTITIA. W— b— n. A1 all and MAVOR ABBREVIATED, By the Application of a new Principle to his System of universal Stenography. This Day was published, Price 7j. 6d. Boards, N entirely new nnd complete BOOK, of SHORT HAND, perfectly legible, distinct in its Parts, and adapted to every Purpose of neat expeditious Writing; illustrated by 15 Plates, containing 46 Sets of progressive Examples. By J. OLIVE. ( BT By this improved System, nearly one Half of the Wo ds ot any Subject may be written, each with a single Stroke of the Pen ; and it has but one simple Rule ol Contraction, which is sufficiently concise to enable ll e Practitioner to follow a Speaker. London : Printed for B. and R. Crosby & Co Stationers' Court, Ludgatc. Stuct, anl may be had • of all Booksellers. The greatest Discovery in the Memory of Man is universally allowed to be '" pHE celebrated CORDIAL BALM of GII. F. AD, I- which is a certain and effectual Remedy tor Nervous Disorders, juvenile Indiscretions, Lowne s of Spirits, Female Complaints, Head. Ache, Debility, loss of Appetite, Relaxations, Indigestion, Cough, and Colds, Bilious Cases, Consumptions, Gout in the Stomach, Imnurities of the Blood, 4c. & c. Prepared only by S. SOLOMON, M. D. ( Author ofthe ' Guide to Health,' and other valuable Works} Gilead- House, near Liverpool. Sold by the Printers of this Paper; Barringers, and Bliss, Newport- Pagnell; Beesley, Banbury; and all other Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom, Price lis. each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. by which one lis. Bottle is saved, with the Word '' Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," engraved on the Stamp. tp?" Dr. Solomon expects, when consulted by Letter, the usual Compliment of a One Pound J^ ote to be inclosed, addressed " Money Letter, Dr Solomon, Gilead - House, near Liverpool. Paid double Postage." For Pimples, Blotches, Freckles^ King- Worms, tftacJt Worms, Carbuncles, & c. the greatest Clearer ana BeJUtiJier of the Face, is undoubtedly TYCE'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS; WHICH are seriously recommended to all Mothers, Guardians," the Faculty, and Public in general, as a certain Cure for foul Humours or the Blood, pimpled Face ; Surfeits, Scurvy, Scrofula, Scald- Head in Children, Sore Eyes, Sore Legs, Vene real Ulcers ( when Mercury lias failed), festering anu other Eruptions on the Skin, whether from Inocu- lation of the Small- Pox, Cow- Pox, or any Cause whatever, effecting the same, in less Time, with greater Safety, aud at a smaller Expense, than any other Medicine yet discovered. Price 2s. 9d. or five Bottles ( value 2s. 9d. each) in one, tor 12s. The following Case is a strong Proof ofthe supe- rior Efficacy of these Drops:— An Infant, aged four Years, the Son of Mr. Bunutt, Miller, of Whitchurch, had a violent Scorbutic Eruption all over his Body, particularly the Face, insomuch that a Swelling on the Side of the Nose, the Size of a Pigeon's Egg, entirely closed one Eye, and much affected theother. Having had all the Medical Assistance possible for eighteen Months without Relief, he was induced through Recommendation, to try these Drops, which had the desired Ettect; and in three Weeks the Child was perfectly cured, the Sight of the Eye restored, and has continued in perfect Health ever since. This Infant had been inoculated for the Cow- Pox, about three Months prior to the Appearance of the Eruption Many other remarkable and well- attested Cures, which are too long for Insertion in an Advertisement, may be seen in theBill of Directions round eachBottie r. aclrin* for Tver's AntiscOrbUth NEW ION'S DENTIFRICE 8 by far the most pleasant of any Powder recommended for CLIANSINC and BEA'UTI FYI NO the7Vf/ 4; it will be found to answer every End that a Tooth- Powder can be reasonably expected to do, while it cleanses the MOUTH of all impure and foetid Particles, it WHITENS the TEETH, HEALS the GUMS and helps to SWEETEN the BREATH. Nothing is so great a Drawback to Beauty as b d Tttlh, nothing more offensive than foetid Breath-, NEW TON'S TOOTH- POWDER, on the first Application, im proves the former, and removes the latter, while it antiputrescent and balsamic Qualities prevent Decay and remove all Excrescences. Prepared by B. H. NEWTON, and sold by his Agent Messrs. SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, on the Foot- Way St. Paul's Chur. ih Yard, nearly opposite the Norta Gate; in Boxes 2s 9d. each; and Retail by the Printers ot this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton Higgs, Harborough; Loggin, Aylesbury; Tomalin and Wilkinson, Daventry; Gallard, Towcester Poulterfc -. nighto i, St joy- Stratford; & Page, Oundle L'o Thomas Taylor, Esq. No. 9, New Bridge- Street London. SIR, IConsider it but an Act of Justice due to the Merits of- your Leake's Patent Pills, to commu nicate to you the following Cure, which has tecently oeen performed by then.: — An Acquaintance ot mine, who by the breaking out of on old venereal Complaint ( attended oy a Complication of Disorders arising therefrom) wa « reduced almost to a Skeleton, anc although he had the best medical Advice which could be obtained, and tried a Variety ot Patent Medicines, nothing could b- procured which seemed to suit his Case, or to do him any Service; he remained in ; most reduced and pitiable Situation for two Years, unable to follow his Profession, and scarcely able to walk or even to stand on his Legs in Fact, rio one who knew him ever supposed it possible for him to recover. He was advised at last lo try your Leake' Pills— he did so, adhering strictly to the Direction given with them; he had not taken more than tout Boxes before he found an Alteration for the better this encouraged him to proceed, and by taking a few Boxes more he found his Appetite and Strength gra- dually return, and is now as healthy and stout as am Man'I know. You are welcome, Sir, to refer any Person tome for a Confirmation of the above Account if it should be doubted.— I am, Sir, your obedieni humble Servant, THOM AS PURDAY. LUrary, Folks/ one, July 10, 1805. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, Thomas Taylor, Membeiofthe Royal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street; where he will give \ dvice, without a Fee, to Persons ' aki ig these Pills, aud will answer Patients' Letters it Post- paid, on the sam" Terms, ob erving iu all Cases the most inviolable Secrecy; no Patient Name ot Case having been mentioned, but at thei own particular Request, bv the Proprietor, during the Course of more than So Years that he has had the con ducting of an extensive ^ a! e of the above Medicine and the Practice arising therefrom They are also sold, bi his Appointment, by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall. Northampton , Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Tomalin, Bates, ana Wilkinson, Daventry; Sharpe Warwick; Koliason Coventry; Price, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough Seeley, Buckingham; Loggin, ^ ylesbury and Leigh toil; Knight, Coilis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering Mather, Wellingborough; Btesley, Banbury ; Tookey oundle; Palgrave, Bedford; Atkinson, Manchester and by one Person in every considerable Town i Great- Britain and Ireland, in Boxes of only 2s. 9d each, sealed up with full and plain Directions Be particular in asking for Tyce's Antiscorbutic whereby Persons of either Sex may cure themselve Drops. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton. Garden, London; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, North, [ amoton ; Mather, Wellingborough; and all Yeiuleti of M « dteine> in the Kingdom. with Ease and Secrecy. N. B. Every Box sold in Great- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour of the Commis- sioners, is printed at the Stamp- Office^- T. Taylor, No. 9, New Bridge- Street— to imitate which is Felony all others are Counterfeit. BENJAMIN GOODMAN'S BANKRUPTCY. ' T'MIE Creditors who have proved their Jl Debts under a Commission « f Bankrupt against BENJAMIN GOODMAM, of STJ- VEBTON, in the County nf Northampton, Dealer and Chapman, may receive a final Dividend of Sixpence in the Pound on their respective Debts, hv applying lo John Smith, Esq. in Daventry, any Day after the 1st Dav nf September next. By Order of the Assignee, J. M. WARDLE, Solicitor tn the said Commission. Daventry, 4th August, 1813. JAMES ELKINGrON'S BANKRUPTCY. rpi IE Creditors of JAMES ELK I NGTON; 1. lale of ROGBY, in the County of Warwick, Liquor- Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, as well those who have proved their Debts under the Com- mission of Bankrupt awarded against him as all others, are desired to meet the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, on FRIDIY, the Sd Day of SEPTEMBER next, ut Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the CRAYEW ARMS HOTEL, in the City of COVENTRY, to assent to nt dissent fn m the said Assignees commencing, proseruting, or defending any Suits at Law, or iu Equity for the Recovery of any Part of Ihe said Bankrupt's Estate or Effects, or tn the compounding, submitting lo Arbitration or other- wise agreeing anv Matter or Thing relatiug thereto, and on other special Affairs. By Order of the Assignees, C A LD ECOTT & BENN, Solicitors. Rugby, 23d August, 1813. Mansion- House, with Land adjoining, Manor, Fishery, Ac. iu a delightful Part of the County of Buckingham. To be LETT, For a Term of seven Years, and Possession had at Michaelmas next, GREAT LINFORD PLACE, a most desirable Residence for a genteel Family, replete with every Convenience, and particularly eligible to a portsman, situated within the Duke ot Grafton's Hunt, one Mile from- the Market Town ot Newport- Pagnell, five from Stony- Stratford, 15 from North- ampton, and 52 from London, together with the Manor of Great- Linford, extending over 1,700 Acres ( partly Wood Land) abounding in Game, and com- prising Rights of Fisherv in the River Ouze and Crand Junction Canal ; and any Quantity of Land contiguous to the Mansion, and of excellent Quality, not exceeding 70 Acres. The Premises may be viewed at any Time, and further Particulars obtained on Application ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to HENRY ANDR EWES UTHWATT, Esq at Great Linford Place, Messis. HEARN, Solicitors, iruBuckingham, or Messrs. JoHij DAY A SON, Auctioneers, in Sronv- Stratford. To be LET T or 5UL1), And may beentered upon at Michaelmas next, ADesirable MANSION- HOUSE and LAND, called the Manor of Ouze, with the Right ot Fishery, situated in the pleasant Village of S H A RN. BROOK, in the Countv of Bedford. The Premises . ronsist of a commodious House with suitable Offices, Stabling tor ten or more Horses, large Kitchen asd Pleasure Gardens, stocked with a Variety of Wall and other Fruit. Trees, in full Bearing, with 15 Acres of rich Pasture or Meadow Land adjoining forming together one of the first Situations for any Gentleman as a Sporting Residence, being only four Miles from the Oaklv Hounds. SHARNBROOK is eight Miles from Bedford; the Ket. tering Coach and Leeds Mail go through every Day. Particulars may be known bv applying to Mr THOMAS GEI. L, of Risely, near Bedford, ifbv Letter, Post- paid — May be viewed by Leave of R. DENI E q. the Tenant. , 1* 1 V S KitlJP I S required to surrender. Stokes Chas. Newport, Sh'opshire, shoemaker, dealer md chapman, Aug 23, 31, Oct. 2, Red Lion Inn, Ne vport. — Att. Morris, Newport. Stall Martha, New Bridge- street, Blackfriars, Surrv, milliner, d. & c. Aug. 24 , 25, Oct. 2, Guildhall. — Att Rhodes, Cook, & Handley, St. James's- walk, Clerkenwall. Brogy Matthew, George- street, Minorles, London, gun- stock- maker, d. & c. Aug. 24, Sept. 11, Oct. 2, Guildhall.— Att. Falcon, Ehn- court, Temple. Harrison Wm. sen. Harrison Wm. jun. York, drapers, d. Sec. Sept. 7, 8, Oct. 2, Old George Ian, York. — Att. Brooke & Hulmer, York. Holme Geo Holme Christ. Holme John, and Holme Wm. Long Island, near Carlisle, dealers anl chapmen, Sept. 15, 16, Oci. 2, Bush, Carlisle. — Att, Mounsey & Sisson, Carlisle. Smith Francis. St Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, maltster, d. & c. Sept. 8, 9, Oct. 2, Commercial Rooms, Bristol — Att. Baynton Bristol Davenport John, Huggin- lane, London, sir-. manu- facturer, d. Sec. Aug 23, Sept. 2, Oct. 4, Guild- hall.— Att. Ctowder, Lavie, & Garth, Frederick's- place, Old. Jewry. Musterman Margaret, Down- street, Piccadilly, Mid- dlesex, sad- ller, d. it c. Aug. 20, 31, Oct. 2, Guild- hall — Att. Jones, Millman. place, Belford- row. \ lorrison J chn and Morrison J ewes, Croydon, Surry, grocers, d. & c. \ ug. 31, Sept 4. Oct. 2, Guild- hall. - Att. Hutch nson & Eminott, Brewers'- hall, Addle- street, Aldermanbury. Russell Chas. Hath, brush- maker, Sept. 1, 5, Oct. 5, Rummer Tavern, Bristol.— Att. Cox, Bristol. Cock Simon, Basinghali- street, London, merchant, Aug. 31, Sept. IS, Oct 5 Guildhall.— Att, Ciowder, Lavie, & Garth, Freuerick's- place, Old- Jewry. Bankruptcy enlarged. Mendham S Feucbu'rch- street, London, merchant, from Aug. 24 to Oct 12. Bankruptcies superseded. Smith. Tai. FaiUworth, near Manchester, victualler. Smith Jas. Vere- street, Oxford- street, Middlesex, victualler. DIVIBENDS to be made to CREDITORS. Simpson N. jun. Ely, Cambridgeshire, currier.— Sept. 22. Roe N. Birmingham, confectioner.— Sept. 17. W AITRT ICLISLLLITT;. A most desirable Freehold • Residence, and about five Acres of excellent Pasture Land, with Pos- session ut Michaelmas next, To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, VMost desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, fitted up with great Taste and Neatness, most eligibly situate at SOUTH AM, in the County of Warwick ; comprising Breakfast, Dining, and Drawing Rooms, commodious Kitchen, Larder, excellent cool Wine and Beer Cellerage; several principal Bed Room-, besides Servants' Rooms; detached is a convenient Laundry, Stable, and other suitable Appendages, Yard, Garden well stocked and tastefully laid out, together with an inclosed Allotment ofexceedingly rich Pasture Land adjoining, most abundantly supplied with Fruit and ornamental frees; and, together also with one other inclosed Allotment of equally rich Pasture Land, commonlv called or known by the Name of the Town Laird", which said two se- veral Allotments contain by Esti- mation, five Acres or thereabouts ( more or less), and, together with the House, Garden, and Out- otfices ; are now inthe Occupation of Mr. Poole, Solicitor, who is removing to Kenilworth. The Situation of the Property is particularly inviting, being happily placed in the midst of a social and highly, respectahle Neighbourhood, distant only five Miles trom that distinguished and much fre- quented Watering Place LEAMINGTON, and pos- sessing moreover the Advantage ot being situate within easy Distances of several Packs of Hounds. The Premises ate in excellent Repair, and the Whole presents a most desirable Residence for a genteel Family. N. B The Household. Furniture and Fixtures may be taken, or not, upon a fair Valuation, at the Option ot the Purchaser. For furjjier Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr. WARDI. E, Solicitor, in Daventry. LONDON MARKETS. Com Exchange, Monday, Aug. 28, 1813. We had last week a very plentiful supply of Wheat, both English and Foreign, and this morning an additional supply Jrom Essex; hence sales are exceedingly dull, at a reduction of full 5s. per quarter, with no sale for tne interior sorts.— Bailey was aouudant last week, and many Sutfulk samples came to hand this day, which caused a turiher decline of full 3s. per quaiter.— Malt is likewise dull of sale.— I'easof each soit are selling at reduced prices, as are Beans, thi supplies ot each being very plentiful.— The supply of English Oats since this day se'nnight has not been large, and there has been a good arrival from Ireland; bui tine samples, being rather scarce, are nearly as dear, whilst ordi. nary are full 2s. per quarter cheaper, and very , i., ii « .- .- i- t) ur preseut currency is subjoined. dull of « ale.- vvheat 72s to 82s. Fine 8iis. to 90s. superfine... — s. to — s. FineWlute.. 76s. tolOOs. Rye 50>. to 54s. Barley 3Ss. to 42s. Fine Suffolk — s. to —>. Malt 85s. to 88s White Peas.. 75s. to 8Qs. Average of Wtieat, 105s. Sutfolks... — s. to.— s. Grey Peas ..— s. to — s. Fine — s. to — s. Beans 53*. to 60s. Fine ...... — s. to 65s. Ticks ...... 54s. to 58s » oats ..... ,18s. to 25i. Poland* 20s. to 26s. Potatoe dittoS6s. to 39i, 6d J— 2s. Sd. i lower than EMOLLIENT BALM. rpHIS Vegetable Compound is used in Shaving, I ai a Substitute for Soap, but far peferable; a constant Use of it removes that yellow Taint from the Complexion, occasioned by the Use of Soap Lather. — For washing the Hands of Ladies or Gentlemen, it cannot be excelled. Price 2s. Messrs. Dicey Sc Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, are appointed the only Wholesale Venders ; may be had Retail of the Printers. ot this Paper, VV. Birdsall, and J. Edge, Northampton; and of every other Vender of Medicines in theKigdom. I_> ING WORM, OR SCURF ON THE HEAD, V ( frequently attended with Ulceration) Uloers, encrusted Eruptions and all Scorbutic or Scrofulous Complaints, Leprosy, Scurvy in the Face, Hands, Legs, tic. are effectually cured by JOI'LlNG's ROYAL SCORBUTIC SPECIFIC, a Medicine as innocent as it is efficacious, which speedily removes Carbuncles, Pimples and Eruptions, rrom the FACE and SKIN. Upwards of £ 000 recent Trials have been made, and not ONE single In- stance can be adduced^ vhere it has not had the desired effect, and completed a Cure. This truly invaluable Specific, has acquired a Sale unequalled by any other Meuicine now extant; the Celebrity of it is become proverbial. Prepared ( only) by J. Jopling, and may be had at his Dispensary, St. George's Square, Stamford; in Bottles, Price only 2s. 9d. 4s. 6d. and Family Bottles at 8s. 6d. each, ( containing tour small) with copious Directions for Use; and Sold by his Appoint- ment. Wholesale ( only) by Messrs. Barclay & Sons, 95, Fleet- Market, London; and Retail by the Printers it this Paper; Marshall, Northampton; Sutton, and Robinson, Nottingham ; Swinfen, Leicester; » o4 most Venders in Town aad Country. last return. Fine Flour, 95s. to 100s.— Seconds, 85s. to 90s, Average of Flour 108s. lOd. i— 0s. 2d. J lower than last return. PRICE or SEEDS. Carraway 50s. Od. to 60s. 0d.) Coriander 32s. Od. to 36s. Od. f Red Clover 70s. Od. tolIOs. Od. t p" cwt' White ditto 80s. Od. tol26s. 0d.) Rye Grass atls. Od. to 50s. Od perquartei White Mustard 8s. Od. to 14s. Oct. . . Brown ditto lis. Od. to 20s. Od. \ Pet ftus" 1' urnip IPs. Od. to 12s. Od. ditto, PRICE of HOPS. BASS. Kent 101. Sussex 91. Essex 91 POCKETS. Kent 11). Sussex lol. Farnham I6t. to 121.12s, to 111. Ill, to 121. 0s. to 141. 0t; to 12,. 12s: 0s. to 201. Os. SMITHFI ELL).— MONDAY, Augu5t 23, ( To sink theotf'al— per stone of aibs ) Beef.. 5s. Od. to 6s. 4d. i Veal 6s. Od. to 7s. 0< t, Muttun6s. Od. to 6s. 8d. | Pork 7s. Od. to Si. 0d, Lamb .... 6s. Od. to U. Od. Head oj Cattle this Day.— Beasts, about 9032— Sheen 19,460.— Calves, 180- Pigs, 2gt). NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS^ Beef.. 4s. Od. to5s. 4d, j Veal ,5s. Od. to fc. 8d, Mutton5s. 4d. to 6s. Od. | Pork. 7s. 0J. togs. Od. Lamb 5s. 4d. to 6s. 6d. PRICE OF TALLOW, 4c. TownTallow 91s. Od Yellow Russia92s. Od. White ditto 88s. Od. Soap ditto . ,86s. Od. MeltingStulF86s. Od. Ditto rough 60s. Od. Graves 28s. i> d. Good Dregs. 9s. Od. SOAP— Yellow., 102s. 0d St. James's Market 5s. 41. Clare Market .... 54. 4,(. Whitechapel Market 5s. 3d » 15s. Iltl. Average per st. of81b. 5s. 31.4 Mottled.. 114s. Od. PRICE or LEATHER, P,„ POUND. Butts, 60 to 561b. each 23d. tt> 33d, Ditto, US to 6tilb. each - Gd. to2Bd. Merchants' Backs..,. 2id. J to 23d h Dressing Hides ; 20d. J tii 22d. F tne Coach- H ides ,033d.* Crop Hides, 35to401b. tor cutting .. 21d. to 22d J 46to501b ... 22d. i " 9 Calt Skin SO to, 401b. 33d 3 ....... „.. 50to 701b II".* 4Od* 70 to 801b. ^ .40' t' Small Seals ( Greenland) ^ IIs4d'. to 23d to 36d. to 45d„ to 4.44. to 3t » I. Northampton: Printed and Published by antf fot> T. a. l) itsr, W. Sent t, jf It. S* rrn£
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