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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3483
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 26/07/1813
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3483
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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VOL. 1 . XV. N°. .3483.] . ' MONDAY, JULY 2( j, 1813. ' [ PRICE SIX- PENCE This Paper, which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parte of REM, SURREY, an HAMPSHIRE'; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. NEWTON, and Co. ( late Tayler & Newton) 5, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S; and Mr. WHITE, FLEET STREET, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctally forwarded to the Publishers. It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. LAUGHTON INCLOSURE.. I THOMAS PARTINGTON, Esq the Commit. sinner acting under the Laughton Inclosure Act. do hereby GIVE NOTICE, that a Meeting will ' tic hold' II on Tuesday the twenty- seventh day of . Inly, instant. at eleven o'clock i. t ( lie forenoon, at the house . of William Whapham. hearing the sign of the Buck- Inn, at Laughtop Pound, in the parish of Langhton, in tin- county of Sussex* for the purpose of enquiring in 10, and of ascertaining the boundaries of the several , Iivirict'. Iiv the said art directed to he divided and t> i « lo « ed. And I do further give notice, that a plan of ,' neli boundaries as they are now deemed, and under si od to lie, ntiiv, in the mean time, be inspected at the Office of Mr. Kell, in Lewes. Lewes 9th July, 1813. T. PARTINGTON OFF HAM AND DITCHELLING ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, that t) <• 1 w Turn- pike Road from Off ham to Ditchely, in the rounly of Sussex is now OPEN for earrings and tra- vellers, thereby furnishing a ready communication and line of road. between the eastern and western parts oT the county, at the foot of the downs, n" ar. Lewes. And NOTICE. IS also hereby given, that persons tra veiling in Post Chises and other li » hl Carriages having paid toll at Conn Honse Turnpike_ Gate, and producing a ticket detuning the sum,. at Off ham Gate, in their way to Lewes, pass through the said Gate at Off ham, TOLL FREE,; and that waggons and earls having paid toll al Court House Gate aforesaid, and producing a ticket denoting the same at Off ham Gate, in their way to Lewes, pats through the said Gate at Off ham, on paying half the loll- usually payable there- at. Lewes, 10th July, 1813. BRIGHTON.— TO BUILDERS. THE COMMISSIONERS for paving, lighting I and cleansing the Town of Rrighthelm « ton, in the county of Sussex, hereby give Notice, that at their MEETING, to he held at the TOWS- HALL, in Brighthelmston, on Wednesday, the 28th day of July instant, at six o'clock in the evening they will he rea- dy to contract with any person or persons, for building it GROYNE, one hundred and thirty feet in length, at the hack of Russell House, in the said Town, agree*, bly to a plan and particulars, which may he seen, by applying to Mr. T. Vine, sen, Ship- street, Brighthelm. ston. Surveyor to the Commissioners, to whom Tenders, directed to the Commissioners, are to he delivered, scaled up. 011 or before the twenty- seventh instant, after which time. 110 tender will be received. The whole of the work to be contracted for. 111 one sum, and to be completed by the 1st day of November next, under the direction ami inspection of ' lie Town Survey or, and a Committee to be appointed by the said Commissioners. Payment will be made by the said Commissioners, six mouths after ( lie work is completed, By order of the said Commissioners, 1st July, 1813, THOMAS ATTREE Clerk. N. B. No Tender will he taken into consideration, nnl'ss the person making ti e same, or some person 011 t\ ' fb- i'- f. attends, the Meeting, The Susser Weekin Adbertiser Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. Printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. LEWES RACES, 1813, ON Thursday. August 5th ( to start at twelve o'clock) a Subscription of 10gs each, for three year olds, to which 20gs will lie added from the County Subscription ; colls 8- 1 7' b fillies, 8,1. - ill), the la< t mile, and half. The winner of the Derby,' Pavilion, or Oaks Slakes, to carry Tib. extra. To So named to ' he Clerk of the Coure, and the subscribtion paid the day before running, before six o'clock in the afternoon. ' " SUBSCRIBERS. Duke of Norfolk Ld George Cavendish Ld Egremont Hon. Chas. Wyndham • Earl of Chichester Sir G. Webster The same day ( after dinner) His Majesty's Plato of 100gs, for any horse, more, or gelding 5 four yrods to carry 10st. 41b. Z fill', ; sis, 12 » t. ; and aged, 12, t. 21b. The best of three 4- mile heals. ,, , , To lie shewn and entered at the Pe ham Anns on the day be- fore the Races begin, before six o'clock in the afternoon, or they ore nol to run for the said plate ; or if any difference should arise as to their entering or running, the same to be determined by his Grace the Duke of Nortolk, or whom he shall appoint, according to his Majesty's rules and orders, as shall be produced, of entering or running for ' he said Place. SECOND DAY ( to start before dinner) a Sweepstakes for all ages of 10gs each, with 20gs added from the Subscription ; three yrods, 6<\ ' 21b. ; four, 8.1. ; live, 8st. 1( 111,.,; six, 9st.; and aged, 9> t. 21b. Mares and geldings allowed Jib. tour ""' robe named, and The subscription paid, . to the Clerk of the Course, before twelve o'clock at neon, the day preceding the race The winner to be sold for 350gs, if demanded within a quarter of an hour after the race, the owner of the second horse being first entitled. SUBSCRIBERS. Lord Egremont Hon. Charles Wyndham Earl of Chichester Sir Godfrey Webster Lord G. Cavendish Same day ( after dinner) a Gold Cup, given by the town of Lewes aud its vicinity, for all ages; three vr olds to carry 6st 51', • four S, t. 2, b;: five, 8st. 81b. ; sis, 8st. 131b ; and aged 9, t'llb The winner to be sold for I300. S, if demanded within a Quarter of an hour, the owner of the second horse being first entitled, Sec. Mares and geldings allowed 31b. New Course ; To enter the same day as for the King's Plate ; to pay 2gs and 5s. entrance, or double at the post, and the winning horse to pay one guinea for weightsand scales. No less than three horses to start ; if only one or two enter, their entrance- money to be returned. . THIRD DAY.- THE Ladies Plate of 60g*. free for all horses; three yrolds to carry 5st. 121b.; four If: l^ bsl fire 8st. 41b. ; six, 8st. 91b.; and aged, 8st. 1 lib. Mares and geldings ' to he allowed 3l'b. One four mile heal. > The - last ' Day, in the evening.— D. of St. Albans' ch. ?. by " Walton, < lam ' by Dungannon, agst Lord Egremont's Writing, brother to Riding, 8st. Tib. each. New Course, 50gs. To be entered the day before Lewes Races begin, before six o'clock in the evening, " and a non- subscriber to pay 4gs, and 5s. to the Clerk of the Course, and if they enter at the post, 6gs and a half; a subscriber to pay one guinea and 5s. or double at the post. If any alteration as to the time of starting, See. due notice will be given. , All horses intended to be entered at the pest, to be named to the Clerk of the Course, or whom he shall depute, before ten o'clock the evening before running. Horses will be entered for the plate without being shewn, naming them, and paying their entrance- money to the Clerk of the Course, on the day of entrance, excepting for his Ma- Jesty's Plate, for which they must be shewn. • The Pelham Arms, in Lewes, to be the place of entrance. All horses shall be plated by a subscribing smith of 10s. 6d. or pay the price of plating at the time of entrance. All disputes to be finally determined by the Stewards, or whom they shall appiont. The winner of each match, sweep- slakes, & c. is to pay one Guinea to the Clerk of the Course ; and as matches arc" frequently made a' Brighton to run over Lewes Course during Lewes Races, the winner of every such match is to pay one guinea for weighing, & c.— The Stewards are determined that all dogs seen on the course shall be killed ; and no person is to be admitted within the rails during the lime of running. , r , . , No person residing more than two miles from Lewes will lie permitted to erect a booth 10 sell any kind of liquors, without paving one Guinea to the Clerk of the Course towards the Race Fund, as well as paying for the ground.—( Lewes inha- bitants to pay as usual.) Balls, Plays, and Ordinaries, as usual. C. eneralCROSB1E, ) Stewards J AS. POWELL, Esq. RICH. WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Course LAUGH TON INCLOSURE. I THOMAS PAR . INGTON, Esquire, the Commissioner named and appointed under and by virtue of an Act of Parliament made and nassed in the 53d year of the reign of His present Majesty King George the Thirds intituled " An At I for inclosing Lands in the Manor of Laughton, in the County of Sussex," do hereby GIVE NOTICE that I have set out and appointed all the present Turnpike Roads, to be continued as they are now set out and used, and to be increased to the width of sixty feet each, where thesame are not aire dy of that width ; and that I have set out and appointed the Pub- lic Carriage Roads and Highways, not being turnpike- roads, through and over the Lands and Grounds intended to be divid- ed, allotted, and enclosed ; that is to say: — 1. One public carriage- road and highway, of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the north end of Ripe Lane, and running in a north- east direction over the Dicker Common and Burghill, to the south end of the lane leading lo Chiddingly. 2. One other public carriage- road and highway, of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the north end of Selmeston Lane, and running, in a northerly direction, over the Dicker Common, unto the last mentioned road, at or near a windmill and inclosure of Elphick. 3. One other public carriage- road and highway? of the width of 50 feet, commencing at the north eld of Chalvington Lane, and running in a north- east direction over the Dicker Common, unto the last- mentioned road, near an inclosure be- longing to—~ Guy. 4. One other public carriage road and highway, of the width of 30 feet, commencing at or near the north end of Sel- meston Lane, and running in a north- east direction over the Dicier Common ' to the gate at Nash- street. 5. One other public carriage road and highway of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the present turnpike- road eading from Laughton to Horsebridge, near an iaclosure of Pid- dle, and running in a southern direction ov r the Dicker Com- mon, to the boundary of Mitchelham Manor, near an inclo- sure belonging to Crowhurst. 6. One other public carriage- road and highway of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the present turnpike road leading from Laughton to Horsebridge, near an inclosure of late Lam- bert, and running in a southern direction over the Dicker Common, to the boundary of Mitchelbam Manor, near an, In- closure belonging to Wm. Adams. 7. One other public carriage- road and. - 1 highway of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the present turnpike- road leading from Lewes to Terrible Down, Sec near an inclosure of Stephen Starr. es, and running in a westerly direction over Laughton and Whitesmith Commons to the end of the lane near the Fox public- house at Whitesmith- green. 8. One other public carriage- road and highway, of the width of 30feet, commenting at ' he north end of the lane near the cottage and inclosure of James Page, and running in a north- east direction over Laughton Common, into the last- mentioned road, at or near the gales of Halland Park. 9. One other public carriage- road and highway of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the,, north end of the lane near an inclosure belonging lo Pannett, and running in a northerly direction over Laughton Common, into the road No. 7, at or near the gates of . Holland Park. 10. One other public carriage road and highway of the width of 30 feel, 1 commencing at the north end of the lane at or near the premises of Gibbs, and running in a northerly direc- tion over Laughton Common, into the road No. 7, at or near the south side of Halland Park. 11.- One other public . cairiage- road and highway of the width of 30 feet, commeneing at the north end of the lane leading from Laughton- Pound, between the inclosure of James , Harrow and the Hon C. Jenkinson, and running in a norther- ly direction over Laughton Common, into the road No. 7, at or near the south side of Halland Park. 12. One oilier public carriage- read and highway of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the north end of the lane leading from Stone Cross, n; ar premises of Rice, and running in a northerly direction over Laughton Common, to the road leading to East Hoathly, between Upper Vert and Sand Pit Woods, ending at II, e turnpike- road leading from Hoathly to the Dicker. 13. One oilier public carriage- road and highway of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the turnpike- road leading from Lewes to the Dicker Common, near the inclosure of Mr. Matthew Marten, and running in a northerly direction over Whitesmith Common and Whitesmith Green, to, or near the premises el the Earl of Chichester, and Inigo Thomas, esq. 14. One other public carriage- road and highway, of the width of 30feet, con mencing at the gate at the north end of the lane leading from East Hoathly, and running in a norther- ly direction over Hawkhurst Common, unto or near a place called Hawkhurst Pit. 15. One oilier public carriage- road and highway, of the width of 30 feet, commencing at a gale at the south side of Hawkhurst Common, between the inclosures of Charles Has- kins and Mrs. Carly, and running in a northerly direction over the aforesaid Common, into the last mentioned road, at or near the manor Pound. 16. One other public carriage- road and highway, of the width of 30 feet, commencing at or near the premises of Mr. Samuel Holman, and running out of the road No. 14, in a north- east direction, over Hawkhurst Common,, to the lane leading to Waldron, near the inclosures of Mr. Moon. 17. One other public carriage- road and highway, of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the north end of the lane leading from East Hoathly, near the premises of J. Roser, and running in a northerly direction over a Common within the said Manor of Laughton, called Mill - Common to the pre- sent turnpike- road leading from Lewes to Heathfield, near the premises of Barnett. 18. One other public carriage- road and highway of the width of 30 feel, commencing at the end of a Jane at the south side of the said Mill Common, between the inclosures of John Fuller, esq. and J. Roser, and running in a northerly direc- tion over the said Mill Common, into the last mentioned road near the premises of Gosling. 19. One other public carriage- road and highway of the width of30 feet, commencing near art inclosure of Go-- ling, and running out of the road No, 17, over the aforesaid Mill Common, in a ' westerly direction to the end of the lane leading to Wardron. 20. One other public carriage road and highway of the width of 30 feci, commencing at the present turnpike- road leading from Lewes to Heathfield, near the premises of Harmer, and running in a north easterly direction Over Wal- dron Common, to the south end of the lane leading to May- field. 21. One other public carriage- road , or highway, of the width of 30 feet, commencing at a place called the New Pond, at the north end of the lane leading from Waldron, and running in a north easterly direction over Waldron Common, and cros- sing theturi: pike- road, leading from Cross- m- Hand to Hore- ham, into the present turnpike- road leading from Lewes to Hea: hfield", at or near the south side of a wood belonging to Josias Smith, esq. 22. One other public carriage- road and highway of the width of 30 feet, commencing at the point at which . the last mentioned road crosses the turnpike- road leading from Cross- in-' Hand to Horeham, and running in a south westerly direction over Waldron Common, and a certain other common within the said manor of Laughton, called Heathfield Common, and crossing the bridge over the rivulet between the parishes of Wal- dron and Heathfield, to the west end of the lane leading to Heathfield. 23. One other public carriage- road and highway, of the width of 30 feet, commencing at or near the premises of Rboades, and running in a north easterly direction over Heath- field Common aforesaid, to the extent of the manor of Laugh ton, between the inclosures of F. Newbery, esq. and Thompsett. 24. One other nubile carriage road and highway, of the width of 30 feet commencing at or near the entrance of Heathfield Park, branching out of the last mentioned road, and running in a northerly direction over Heathfield Common aforesaid, to the south end of the lane leading to Mayfield. And I further order and direct, thai the public roads and highways hereinbefore set out and appointed, shall be taken to be, and stand in lien and place of all and every the public roads and highways now or heretofore used in, through, or over any part of the said wastes or commons, and that from and after the time that the said public roads or highways hereinbefore set out and appointed shall be made and completed, all and every other public roads or highways heretofore used, in, through, or over the said wastes or commons* and not herein described or set out, shall cease to be public roads or highways, and shall be stopped up and inclosed, or otherwise disposed of, as shall be hereafter directed. And I further GIVE NOTICE that I have caused to be de- posited a Map of the said public carriage road , and highways, at the Office of Mr. Kell, in Lewes, the Clerk under the said Act, and that a GENERAL MEETING under the same, will be I, olden at the Buck Inn, at Laughton Found, is the parish of Laughton in the said county, on Tuesday, the 17th day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the pur- pose of lie? rin any objections by any persons who may be in- jured or aggrieved, by the setting out of such public carriage- roads. N. B. The above roads from Nos.' 1 to 6, inclusive, are over the Dicker Common. From No. 7 to No. 13 inclusive, are over Laughton and White smith Commons. , 14, 15, and 1G, over Hawkhurst Common, , . From 17 to 24 inclusive, are over the Mill Common, Wal- dron, and Heathfield Commons. REPORT of the Stale of the LEWES SUB- SCRIPTION SCHOOL, July 1, 1813, being the Fourth Year of the Institution. MONEY RECEIVED. £. s. d. Balance in Treasurer's hands, July l, 1812 370 0 10 Received by Subscriptions from July 1, 1812, to July l, 1813 - - - ' . . 281 18 6 • Received by 63 Scholars, at 10s. fid. each - 33 1 6 Received for instructing a Teacher for another School - -- -- - 44() Total in hand and ' received from July 1, 1812, to July I, 1813 o£ 6S9 4 10 MONEY EXPENDED. £. s. d. For Salary to the Master - - 84 0 0 For Salary to the Mistress - - 52 10 0 For instrucling a School Mistress for another School, ( half to the Mistress and half to the Fund, in London) 4 4 0 For Books and Stationary, including about 131. for Prizes, and 61. for sewing materials for he Girls 31 1 0 For a Year's Rent of the School- house 55 0 0 For Repairs, & c. - - - 19 9 3 Total expended - - - Q46 4 3 Balance in the Treasurer's hands July 1, 1 £ 13 443 0 7 BOYS and GIRLS ADMITTED and DISCHARGED. Boys. Girls. Total. Remaining July 1, 1812 - 203 161 ,%' 4 Admitted since - - - 62 52 114 Remaining and admitted from July 1, 1812, to July 1, 1813 - - 265 213 478 Discharged in the above time - 66 43 109 Remaining July 1, 1813 - - 199 170 369 . Admitted in all, since July 1809 376 335 711 The preceding Report is published by order of the Gene- ral Meeting, held July 7, 1813, who also appointed the An- nual Examination of the Scholars to take place on the 28th instant, at two o'clock, precisely, that the Subscribers, and such other Visitors as chuse to attend, may jud> e of the beneficial effects of the Institution. Signed by the Directors in office, J. HOPER.— T. TOURLE.— T. DICKER.— J. HARRISON.— G. WILMOTT. DAY and MARTIN Leg leave to acquaint the Public, that by attending to the following particulars they will avoid being taken in by the vile compositions thai are offer- ed as the Genuine Blacking, prepared by them at 97, High Hol- born, London. After the word Blacking in the first line of the labels the counterfeits have a small ( a?) some have the same be- fore the word MADE in the next line ; and others put a small ( or) immediately before the Number 97. Purchasers should observe that the whole address is clear and distinct. Sold by Baxter, Lewes; Virgoe, Eastbourne; and Blaker, Brighton. Price Is. 6d. per bottle. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. UPTON and CO of the British Paint Mannfac tory, London- Wall, most respectfully inform the Public that they have taken the Warehouses lately occupied by Messrs. Travers" and Esdaile, sugar- bakers, No. 62, QUEEN- STREET, CHEAPSIDE, at which place may be purchased, as at London Wall, GENUINE OILS and COLOURS, at Ihe WHOLESALE PRICES, for MONEY ; and where theircheap, durable, and impenetrable Paints, ground in Lin- seed Oil, for park palings, weather- boarding, stuccoed fronts, out- buildings, ship- painting, & c. are now selling at the same prices as heretofore, viz.— Invisible Green, 56s. per cwt.; Dark Olive Green, 70s. , Bright Olive Green, 112s. ; Blue, 80s. ; Black, White, Yellow, Stone, and Lead Colours, 56s, per cwt. each ; Chocolate, 60s.; Red, 40s.; and prepared Oil to thin them for use, 5s. 6d. per gallon. Genuine White Lead, 56s. per cwt. ; Turpentine, 12s. per gallon ; Linseed Oil, 5s. fid. per gal!. ; Painters' Brushes; and Colours of every kind, dry or prepared for u., e. Genuine Sperm Oil, 8s. fid. per gall. ; Fine Cham- ber, 5s. 6d.: Pale Seal, 4s. ; and Common Oil, 3s. 9d. per gallon. N. B. The Impenetrable Paints are very handsome in ap- pearance, possess great durability, and will stand in hot climates. • They are used in the manner of other paints, and are applica- ble to the general purposes of useful and ornamental painting. VALUABLE FREEHOLD EST ATE, at the BOWER in the Vicinity of MAIDSTONE, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By BOYS and SALMON, At the Cast'e Inn, Maidstone, on Thursday, the 5th August, 1813, at four o'clock, subject to such conditions as will be then produced, ALL that capital Freehold House, Stable, and Outbuildings, in complete repair, with about 17 acres of hop, orchard, arable, and meadow Land, nearly adjoining thereto, most desirably and pleasantly situated within three quarters of a mile of the town of Maidstone, on the turnpike- road leading to Tonbriage, now in the occupation of Messrs. Wattells, the proprietors : LOT I. A substantial, well- built, roomy FAMILY RESIDENCE, consisting of two large parlours, a good back sitting- room, and very convenient paved kitchen, four lofty and spacious bed- rooms, with roomy closets therein, on the chamber story, and four exceedingly good bed- rooms, with closets, on the attic- story ; large wash- house, with roomy fire- place, oven, and other conveniences for brewing, & c. good dairy ; roomy, dry cellarage; good paved yard, with excellent water; a neat front garden, walled in, and a piece of valuable ground behind, planted with apples, cherries, filberts, currants, gooseberries, See. all in a most thriving state, and in full bearing ; stabling for nine, horses, with roomy lofts, and granary oyer the same, and a Cottage fitted up at one end for a labourer ; a good barn, with cow- lodges and t; alf pens; an oast- house, with three kilns therein, roomy stowage, and enclosed waggon and cart- lodge under the same, containing in the whole, 5A. 1R. 18P. LOT II. A Piece of valuable ARABLE LAND & HOP- GROUND adjoining to Lot l, and the turnpike- road, containing 4 A. OR. 6P. LOT III. A Piece of valuable HOP GROUND, near to the former lots, adjoining the lane leading from the turn pike- road to Lord Romney's woods, containing 1A. 2R. 25P. LOT IV. A Piece of excellent MEADOW LAND, tin the bank of the river Medway, a short distance from the house, containing 3A. OR. 35P. LOT V.' A Piece of MEADOW LAND, adjoining Lot 4, con- taining 3A. 1R. 6P. LOT VI. A Piece of good WOOD LAND, situate near to Ditton Common, containing about ——- LOT VII. One Moiety, or half part of two good TENEMENTS and SHOPS, situate on Maidstone Bridge, now in the occupation of Mr. Jarvis, baker, and Mrs. Pepperall, shopkeeper, lett at 81. per annum. This estate is very desirable for the residence of a genteel fa- mily, as it possesses every convenience for their accommodation, and is most pleasantly situate, commanding extensive views over the surrounding country. Printed particulars may be had at the principal Inns, at Maidstone; and surrounding market towns; at the Place of Sale ; and of the Auctioneers, Teston, w here a plan may be seen. Sussex, on the sea- coast, 64 miles from London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr. PEYTON, At the Swan Inn, at Hastings, in the county of Sussex, on Monday, the 9th day of August next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in seven lots, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will to given, AVery VALUABLE ESTATE, situate at BEXHILL, in the county of Sussex, two substantial, newly- erected Dwelling- houses, with all necessary offices, gar- dens, and pleasure grounds, cottages, coach- houses, and stab- ling, and sundry Closes of excellent pasture and meadow land, in a high state of cultivation, containing, in the whole, nine- teen acres. This Estate is in the occupation of the proprietor, and in a high stale of cultivation. Possession may be had oil completion of the purchase. Descriptive particulars may be had on applying to Mr. Male, post- master, at Bexhill, who will shew the " premises, and a map of the several lots; at the principal Inns in the neigh- bourhood; at the Place of Sale ; and of Messrs. Shadwell, Bishop, and Co. Hastings; and of Mr. James, New Boswell- Courl, Lincoln's- Inn, London, who are authorised to treat by Private Contract, and where maps ore deposited. HANTS. A capital Villa, with upwards of 40 Acres of very rich Land. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Thursday the Fifth of August, 1813, at twelve o'clock, at the Crown Inn, Gosport. Lot 1. A Very substantial, handsome FREE- HOLD VILLA, called BERRY HOUSE, the residence and property, of John Atkinson, esq. In the basement excellent cellarage, on the ground floor, a entrance, an anti- room, eating, break fast and gentlemans rooms, butler's and meat gantries, kitchen, scullery, and two servants rooms over; on the first floor, a drawing room, three bed- chambers, with closets; in the attics, four excellent bed cham- bers, and a dressing- room, finished equal to the first floor; a detached brew house, laundry, double carriage- house, 2- stalled stable for seven horses; store- room, two capacious wine vaults granary, dog- kennel, barn, poultry and pigeon- houses, a coach drive in front of the house, enclosed by a lofty wall, and gates planted with shrubs and flowers; a large paved back conrt| most productive garden, enclosed with lofty walls, well covered with fruit trees, standards and espaliers, green- house, melon- ground, most abundantly cropped", another small garden, an open piece of ground for potatoes, See. with nearly 17 acres of rich meadow and arable land surrounding the house, orna- mented with luxuriant elms and forest trees. A. R. P. Lot 2. An excellent ARABLE FIELD, ad- oining lot 1, 4 11 Lot 3. An excellent ARABLE FIELD, ad- joining the preceding lot 5 1 10 The two last lots are accessible by Love Lane. Lot 4. Three large TENEMENTS, with ex- cellent gardens, containing . . . .0210 In the several occupations of James Hall, James Slade, and George, Martin, tenants at will. Lot 5. A fertile MEADOW adjoining. 3 0 10 Lot 6. A small piece of GROUND to erect a cottage on the north of Church Lane Lot 7. A capital ARABLE FIELD, called Bell's Close, together with the Church Lane, mea- sures 12 2 9 Lot 8. Two large COTTAGES, with excellent gardens, a carthouse, stable, gateroom, and cow- pen, in the occupation of George Edwards and John Hawkins. This valuable property presents to the intelligent speculator various objects of advantage, which cannot at this period, be adequately appreciated or described, close to a maritime port and military depot, of the first magnitude. The increasing population of the councry also, being eligible for the residence of officers, and gentlemen in the employ of Government. Alverstoke is justly estimated as a dry, healthy situation, and admired tor its extensive sea views, ami rich land scenery ; the society respectable; the roads excellent and close to good markets, four miles from Fareham, two from Portsmouth, and one from Gosport. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. Sussex, 35 miles from London. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, By WlNSTANLEY AND SON, AVery comfortable Residence for a moderate sized Family, called FOREST HOUSE, seated in a park like paddock, about two miles from Forest How, on the turnpike road from East Grinsted to Ton- bridge Wells, with coach house, stabling, garden, two cottages, and meadow land, containing altogether near 24 acres. To be viewed, and further particulars known, by ap plying at No. 10, Paternoster Row, London. COUNTY OF SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Lamb Inn, Eastbourne, Sussex, on Thursday the 29th day of July, 1S13, at 12 o'clock precisely, in several Lots, ALL the remaining FREEHOLD and COPY- J.\ HOLD LANDS and Premises, late of Thomas Willard, esq. decceaset, situate in the parish of East- bourne, in the said county of Sussex, consisting of se- veral Messuages, cottage, barns, and 9tables, together with about 40 acres of arable and pasture lands, exten- sive chalk clifts, now in use, from whence chalk is taken both by sea and land carriage, to a very large annual amount, and may he increased to almost any extent ; also several Plots of Ground, most delightfully situated for building, close to the sea shore* Possession may be had at Michaelmas next, or immediately, it terms can he agreed upon. To be viewed, by applying to Mr. John Cook, East- bourne, of whom printed particulars may he had, and likewise of Thomas Lowten, esq of the Temple, Lon- don ; James Western, esq. 38, Hart Street, Bloomshury ; Charles Willard, esq, Sevenoaks, Kent; Mr. Thomas Baker, Ironmonger, Eastbourne: and Mr. William Martin, Banker, Hailsham. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, In August next, unless an acceptable offer of purchase should be made in the mean time, LOT 1. THE GREAT TYTHES belonging to the Parsonage of Goudhurst, in Kent, held by lease, from the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, fur 21 years, commencing from Michaelmas 1811, at a small reser- ved rent. LOT II. A FREEHOLD FARM, called Combourne Farm, in the parish of Goudhurst, consisting of a Messuage, ham, oast- house, and other outbuildings, and several parcels of land, containing In the whole, I44A. 311. 4P. now in Ihe occupation of Messrs. Osborn and Foreman, whose holding will expire at Michaelmas next. LOT III. A FREEHOLD FARM, in Pembury, in Kent, con sisting of a Messuage, barn, oasthouse, and other out buildings, and several parcels of land, containing, in the whole, 4/ A. IB. now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas' Dungate, whose holding will expire at Michelmas next. All the above property is situate in an eligible part of the county of Kent, within a few miles of Tunbridge Wells. 1 be tenants will shew the Farms ; and further parti- culars may be known on application to Mr. Noakes, at Ticehurst or to Messrs, HOIER and Sox, at Lewes. TO BE LETT, ACompact DWELLING- HOUSE, pleasantly situated on Matfield Green, in the parish of Brenchly, in Kent, six miles from Tunbridge Wells, containing a kitchen, two parlours, four bed chambers, two garrets, and excellent cellars. A warehouse, with a good pump of excellent wafer; two good gardens, well planted with fruit trees; two staples, one of which, has six stalls; with every necessary out office. A Pew in the church, and a good meadow, if required. The premises may be viewed, and further particulars known, on application to Mr. W. Hodges, who lives close to the house. Freehold House and Gardens, Southwick, near Brighton, Sussex, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. R. ATTREE, At the Old Ship Tavern, Brighton, on Wednesday, July 2: 1th, 1813, at twelve o'clock, ACapital FREEHOLD HOUSE, and Gardens, with two Cottages adjoining, pleasantly- situated in the village of Southwick, only five miles from the town of Brighton, late the residence of J. Norton, esq. deceased, now in the occupation of Win. Gravely. Further particulars may be known by applying 10 Mr. W- Gorringe, of Kingstone ; or Mr. John Rice, of Shoreham ; or to Mr. Attree, at his General Estate and Agency Office, St. James's street, Brighton Freehold and Leasehold Property, Brighton, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ATTREE, At the Old Ship Tavern, in Brighton, on Thursday the I2th day of August next, at seven o'clock in the eve- ning, in two lots, LOT I. ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or Tenement, with the shop, warehouse, granary, stable, and convenient outbuildings thereunto belonging, situate on the west side of Middle- street, iu Brighthelmston, aforesaid, now in the tenure or oc- cupation of Mr. Wm. Boniface.— Also a piece of CO- PYHOLD GROUND adjoining thereto. and occupied therewith, containing from north to south 4 1 feet, or thereabouts, and 1 from east to west feet, or therea- bouts,. with four very capital hog pounds thereon. LOT ' 2- All that MESSUAGE or Tenement, wind, mill, stable, garden, and all that piece or parcel of Freehold Land, whereupon the said messuage, or tene- ment, windmill and stable, are built, containing, by es- timation, 8u feet square, be it more or less, situaic in the parish of Patcham, in the county of Sussex, late in the tenure or occupation of the said Wm. Boniface. For particulars apply to Mr, Read, Solicitor, Duke Street; or to the Auctioneer, at his General. Ageucy Office Si. James Street, Brighton, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. ATTREE, At the King's Arms, George Street, Brighton, on Thurs- day^ July' 29th, 1813, at seven o'clock iu the evening, THE following ESTATES, late the proper- ty of John James Marchant, deceased: LOT I. Contpries three substantial, well- built lease- hold DWELLING HOUSES, situate in Cumberland- street, being Nos. 29, 30, and 31, eighty- eight years of which were to come and unexpired the 151I1 day of De- cember, ISM, now in the. occupation of Mr- Lewer, Lucas, and Ford, at the yearly rents of 16I. ids. each, subject to a ground rent of 4l. 4s. Each house 111 this lot consists of kitchen and par- lour on the ground floor; two bed chamber", and two attics and has a well of good water, common to the three houses. LOT 2. Comprises two substantial, well- built, brick and pebble front DWELLING HOUSES, Nos.. 13 and it, iii Cumberland- street, in the occupation of Mr. Kenedy aud Mr. Jeffery, at the yearly rent of 20I. each, held on Lease, 88 years of which are to come and un- expired at Midsummer, I8f2, subject to a ground rent of 51. a year. These houses contain each, on the ground floor, a front parlour, and kitchen behind, two good chambers, and attic ; a yard, and well of excellent water, com- mon to both houses. LOT 3. . Comprises a compact, Leasehold, brick DWELLING HOUSE, NO. 52, iu Edward Street, Bright- helmston, now in the occupation of Mr. Short, at the low yearly rent of 19I. 19s. Consisting of parlour, and kitchen o; i the ground floor; four good bed chamber's, a wash house, aud right of water from a well in the yard adjoining. LOT 4. Comprising all that valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in Ship- Street, Brighton, let on lease to Mrs. Nye, Upholsterer and Cabinet- maker, for the term of 311 years, at the annual rent of 26|. subject 19 small land lax. This lot consists of two kitchens, 0 parlour, upkol- stererer's shop, two bed chambers, and large attics, and an extensive and capacious cabinet maker's shop, and saw pit under it. LOT 5. Comprises two substantial, well built, brick Copyhold HOUSES, at Woobourne Place, Brighthelm. ston ; one in hand, the other in the occupation of Mr. herwood, at the annual rent of nil, subject to a small fine on death or alienation. Further particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. Pratt, Builder, High- street; or to Mr. Attree, at his General Estate and Agency Office, ST. James's- Street, Brighton. Tythe- Free Farm, and Woodland, Edenbridge, Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr. ATTREE, On Saturday the 7th day of August, 1813, at the Crown Inn, at Edenbridge. Kent, between the boors of five and six in the afternoon, in the following lots: LOT 1. COinprises all that capital MANSION, or Dwelling House, called GABRIELS, with two barns, and other convenient out- buildings; and 85A. 3K. 31> P. of rich arable meadow, and woodland, in the parish of Edenbridge, in the county of Kent, 111 the occupation of Mr. James Jewell, who has two years unexpired term therein, front Michaelmas^. 1813. LOT 2. Comprises all that capital piece or parrel of WOODLAND, called SHERNDEN WOOD, containing, by admeasurement, 80A 2it. I0P. in the parish of Eden- hridge aforesaid, and now in hand. LOT 3. Comprises all that piece of exceedingly rich MEADOW LAND, containing, by admeasure- ment 6, v. on. 3P. ( more or less} called SKEETS' MEADOW, in the occupation of Mr. Jewell, under the above lease. LOT 4. Comprises all that part or parrel of common MEADOW LAND, called WEST MEAD, containing by admeasurement 3, v, ait, 30p and occupied with lots | and 3 under M r. Jewel's . lease. Descriptive particulars, with conditions of Sale may be had 14 days previous to the sale, at the principal Inns, at Westerham, Seven Oaks, Tunbridge, Godstone, and Reigate ; also of George Palmer, esq. 6. Doughty Street, London; Mr. Mellersh, Solicitors Godshaing, Surrey; of Mr. Attree, at Ins General Agency and Es- tate Office, St- James's Street, Brighton; and of Mr. Dania, Surveyor, of Limpsfield Surrey; where a plan of Gabriel's Farm may be inspected. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURS- DAY'S POSTS. Imperial Parliament HOUSE OF LORDS, THURSDAY, JULY**/ THEIR Lordships began to-- assemble in their Jl robes about one o'clock, amV a great number of Peeresses and Ladies uere introduced bv Peers' orders into the body of tbe House. Before half- past two o'clock tbe concourse of- ladies was, vve believe, greater than at the opening of tbe present Parliament.^ Tbe assemblage of so much beauty an*} splendour was seldom, if ever, equalled. At half- past two o'clock tbe firing; of cannon announc- ed tbe Prince Regent's entrance into tbe House, And soon afterwards be took bis seat on tbe throne The Usher of the Black Rod forthwith proceded to the Commons, and desired their immediate atten- dance rn that House. Tbe Commons accordingly appeared at tbe Bar, when tbe Speaker at their head, read to bis Royal Highness a speech embrac- ing the same subjects as the Prince Regent's ; it alludes also to the defeat of tbe Catholic Cause, and concludes with entreating tbe Royal Assent to a Bill intituled, " An Act for enabling bis Majesty to raise tbe sum of five millions, for the service of Great Britain, and for applying tbe sum of2oo, oool. for tbe service of Ireland." The Royal Assent was notified in tbe usual mode, after which the Prince Regent, in a tone of voice and a manner of expression peculiarly distinguish ed for their elegance and propriety, addressed both Houses of Parliament in tbe following most graci ous speech :— My Lords and Gentlemen, " I cannot release you from your attendance in Parliament without repeatin^ the expression • of'; my"' tle deep> " regret at the con- • - - fintiaM< roTTiis Majesty's lamented indisposition. " The attentiouw liicft you have- paid to the public interests in the course of this Session,., demands my warmest acknowlege- ment ft The splenedid and signal success which ha$; ^ fended • the Commencement of the campaign ' Hri the ' Peninsula, the c'onsn'rn- 1 mate skill and ability displayed by Field- Marshal the Marquis of, Wellington in t'he progressof tfAsc operations which haVe: led to the great a^ d'clecisive vicierv oUta'fned near Victoria, and the valour andlnirepidity by which- his- Majesty's forces and those of his Allies have been distinguished, are as high I v gratifying to ' r05f feelings as they lv; ve be6n to those of the .> vhole nation. Whit: c fchese'opefaklons have new lustre to the British: arms t hey. . afford thereat prospect of the il e Iiv cr an ceo f . tla e Peninsu1a frbm th^ tyranny and oppression of France ; and they furnish the most decisive proof of the wisdom of that policy which has induced you, under . every vicissitude of fortune, to persevere ift the support of this glorious contest. " The entire failure of the French Ruler in his designs against the Russian empire, and t!. e destruction of the French army em- ployed on that service, were followed bv the advance of the Russian forces', since joined by those of Prussia, to the " Banks of the Elbes and though upon the renewal of the contest the Allied Armies have found themselves obliged to retreat before the superior numbers collected by the enemy, their conduct dur- ing a series of severe and sanguinary conflicts has nobly upheld their military' character, and . commanded the admiration of Europe. te I have great s tkfaction in acquainting you that there exists between me and the Courts of St. Petersburgh, Berlin, and Stocklolm, the most cordial union and concert; and I trust I shall be enabled, by the aids which you have so liberally af-* fiirded-, to- Vender this unit n effectual for the accomplishment of the great purpose^ for which it has been established. 111 regret the continuance of the war with the United States of America. . My de.- ire to re- establish between the two countries those friendly relations,- so im ortan' to their mutual interest-:, conti- nues unabated ., but I cannot consent to purchase the restoration of Peace by any sacrifice of the; maritime rights of the British Empire. " Gentlemen cf the House of Commons, " I thank you for the liberal provision you have made'for the services of the present year. " It is a great satisfaction to me to reflect that, by the regula- tions you have adopted I'or the redemption of the national debt, ^ ou . have. established a system which will not. retard its. ultimate liquidation, whilst at the- same time it provides for the vigorous prosecution of the war,, with the least practicable addition to tlie pubic burthens.. " f,. • - My Lords and. Gentlemen, . " 1 entirely approve of the arrangements which you have made for the Government of the British territories in India, and for the . regulation of the' British commerce in th'fit part of the. world. — T/. ey appear to have been' wisely' framed, with a view to- the circumstances. which- have' occurred since this subject was last tinder the consideration of Parliament. JE> y the e arrangements you have preserved'ift ' TUessbhti'tfl jp& rt's that system of Govern- ment wh. i'; h. experience bas ' proved to be not less calculated to provide for the . happiness of the inhabitants of India, than to promote tiie Interests , of Great- Britain j and you have judici- ously extended t(> the- subjects of the United kingdom in general a pnrticipation'in the commerce of countries within the limits of c the East India Company's charter, which will, I doubt not, have. t!> e efftet of augmenting the resources of India, and of increasing and improving the trade and navigation of his Majesty's domi- nions. " The tried and affectionate- loyalty of his Majesty's people, the constancy which they have displayed during this long and arduous war and the patience with which they have sustained the burthens necessarily imposed upon them, have made an in- delible impression upon my mind. Such continued and perse- vering exertions, under fo severe a pressure, afford the strongest proof of their attachment to that constitution which it is the first object of my life to maintain. In the success which has recently attended his Majesty's arms, T acknowledge with devout gratitude the hand of Divine Providence. The use I desire to make of these, and of all other- advantages is to promote and secure the welfare of His Majesty's people ; and I cannot more decidedly evince this dis- position,- th'an by employing the powerful means you have plac- ed in my hands in such a manner as may he best calculated to red iicc ( lis extravagant pi'Cle iisio 11 of the enemy, and tlieieby to facilitate the attainment, in conjunction with my allied, of a secure aiid ' honourable Peace." Then the Lord Chancellor, bv the Prince Re- gent's command, prorogued the Parliament to Monday the 23d day of August next. On Thursday, ( he Prince Regent went in state fo the House of Peers, to close the Session of Parliament. It being the second time of his going in state since his appointment to the Regency, the procession excited considerable curiosity, [ t was extremely grand, and exceeded any former exhi- bition of the kind. His Royal Highness appealed fn' high health, and was received with the greatest enthusiasm by the people. On Tuesday last, the mnch- talked- of festival in honour, of Marquis Wellington and his brave army, lock place at Vanxhall, and was perhaps the most costly, superb, and extensive entertainment ever given in England. Tlje Duke of York was in the chair, and presided over l S5o persons, who sat down to an excellent dinner,) consisting of turtle- sonp,. chickens, sirloins < ip( i rounds of beef, veni- son pasties, & c, the wines were of the choicest description ' At nine the ladies began to arrive, arti- l as the night c. arne gradually on, the gardens brightened, until they exhibited a blaze of splen- dour Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales horioure( l tlie gardens wiln her presence about mid- night, and continued till one o'clock. > M> on after her departure, the Duchess of York, and manv other ladies of distinction arrived. A brilliant dis- play of fire- works took place in the course of the night. The company began to depart about five, but at six not more than half bad been able to get to their carriages. The number who attendee this splendid1 spectacle, up( 5n a moderate computation, exceeded eleven thousand. A day of thanksgiving is appointed totakeplace for the late victory. ' I ff-' Emperor of Russia, we find, is to be pre- set. 1 d with the Older of the Garter ' General Knudt, the Governor of Norway, is St: ; o have put an end to his existence, fromdes- t ' lency, occasioned by his inabilitv to relieve e distresses of the people lie governed Capt. Goodall, formerly Vice- Admiral of Hayti, has recovered 5, oool. damages from an attorney, named Fletcher, for crim. con. with his wife. Last week a young gentleman, who was playing at cricket in Lord's cricket- ground, had his " eye knocked out by the ball. We are sorry to hear that the plague continues to ra^ e will) great violence at Malta. Bankrupts froth ' Tuesday's Gazette. 1 Benjamin Gooch, of Portland- road, victualler. John Kemshead, Berner's- street, carpenter. John Mollart, Shelton Stafford, china, maker. • John Benfield, Chandos- street, dealer. Thomas Mitchell, commercial- road, cheesemonger; ASPECIAL Meeting of the Committee of the Sussex Auxiliary Bible Society, will be held at the Star Inn, Lewes, on Tuesday Jul filth instant, at twelve o'clock. WANTED a Situation as HOUSKEEPER, by a person who lias been brought up in a farm house, and well understands the management of hous keeping:.-— Direct letters, post paid, H. B. Post Office, Ninfield. ~ GLYND BRIDGE TURNPIKE. AGeneral Meeting of the Trustees will he hol- den at the Ram Inn, in Westfirle, on Tuesday the tenth day of. August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when the Surveyors of the highways of the several Parishes in which the said turnpike road lies are requested to attend and state what proportion of statute duty has been done upon the said road, within their respective parishes. Lewes, 24th July, 18! 3. E. VERRAL, Clerk. STORRINGTON TURNPIKE. ~~ NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS _ arising at the Gate called Pulborough Gate, upon the Turnpike road leading- from Stopham to Steyning', injhe county of Sussex, will he LETT by AUCTION, on Friday, « he 2nth day of August next, at the White Horse Inn, in Storrington, between the. hours of eleven and two o'clock on the same day, for the term of one or more years, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the. 13th year of the reign of his Majesty, King George the- Third, for regulating the Turnpike roads, which Gate was lett for the year ending 2,5lb March last, at the sum <> f and, will be put up at such sum as'the Trusteees present, ma- y direct; r Whoever happens to be the best bidder must pay down ' oti'- e'. month's rent^' iii'ft'dvance, and give security with sufficient' sureties,' for payment of the rent month- ly, as shall , then be agreed on. CHARLES MARSHALL, Clerk to the Trusteed Steyning, 16th July, 1813. SUSSEX. LINDFIELD SHEEP FAIR, ( Held on the 5th of August). WHEREAS in- uch inconvenience has arisen for several years past, from the irregularity of PENNING the numerous quantity of sheep sent to this Fair, which can be remedied only by a systematic plan for tbe accommodation of those who send the stock. The Lord of the Manor, in concurrence with jhc tenants ( under whose united sanction the Fair is held on the Common) have, with the view of accomodating tbe Public, come to the determination that wattles shall be pitched at the most eligible part of the Common, with convenient roads or streets between the pens. And the several persons who supply wattles Jor the purpose, have Undertaken not to pitch any till within seven days of the Fair, and that the pens shall be engaged in a regular succession, from east to west, without preference to any person whatever. . N. B Wattles may be engaged by applying to John Davey, William Durrant, Denman, or Edward Col bran, of Lindfield. July, 1813. LADIES' BOARDING SCHOOL. MRS. ADAMS begs most respectfully to in- form her friends, and the public in general, that the partnership between her and her sister being DIS SOLVED, the establishment will," in future, be con ducted by herself and proper assistants: in the selec- tion of whom her particular attention will, as hereto fore, be invariably directed to the engaging such, only, to divide with her the important charge of guiding the infant mind, as are in every respect qualified for the un dertaking Mrs. Adams ha* genteel accommodations for one or two Parlour Boarders, who may require separate sleep- ing rooms. filer School Business will recommence on Monday, Aug list - 2< t ensuing-. Lewes, July 19th, 1813.^ HORSHAM CLASSICAL SCHOOL. ASELECT number of young Gentlemen will he boarded by the Rev. JOHN THORNTON, A. M. Fellow of Wad ham College, Oxford, and edu- cated in English, Latin, Greek, French, the Mathe- matics, Writing, and Accompts. The two last are taught by Messrs. THORNTON and SON. — The Terms are 40 Guineas per annum, and 2 guineas entrance. Each young Gentleman will be allowed a separate bed — Four' Day Scholars, only, can be admitted at 20 Guineas per annum. — Geography, Dancing, Draw-. ing, and French, each one guinea per quarter, and a Half- a- guinea entrance. The School opens on the instant. — The vacations are Midsummer and Christmas, and residence during either of them, is Five Guineas. Two Gentlemen desirous of finishing their educati- on for the Universities, may be accommodated with separate apartments— Stipend, One Hundred Guineas per annum. * THE Assignees of the Estate and Effects of I JOHN TIDY, the Elder, heretofore of Worth ing, in the county of Sussex, Builder, an Insolvent Debtor, appointed under, and by virtue of an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the fifty first year of the reign of bis present Majesty, King George the Third, intitled " Art Act for the relief of certain- In- solvent Debtors in England, 11 intend to meet on the nineteenth day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Sea- House Hotel, in Worthing, afore- said, in order to make a final dividend of the Estate and Effects of the Said Insolvent, when, < md where tbe Creditors who have not already proved and substantia- ted their debts, are to ccme prepard to prove and sub- stantiate the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said estate. And the said creditors arc hereby desired to send tlie particblars^' of their respective de- mands, for examination-, on or before the Fifth day of August next, at the office of Mr Thomas Cooper, so- licitor, Lewes, or yie s^ t^ iWfclLbe disallowed. — —''' I'. ir^ 1 '"• 11 '''"''' ' "' —-— NOTICE TO DEBTORS AjS^ D CREDITORS; A LL persons ' indebted to the Estate of WIL- XI LI AM BONIFACE of Brighthelmston, in the county of Sussex, miller and corn- chandler, are desired . immediately- to, pay their respective debts to Mr. Read, solicitor, Duke street, Brighton.— And all persons bav ing any claims or demands o'n the said Wm. Boniface, and wrto have not already Vent in their accounts, are desired immediately to send the same to Mr. Read* : NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons having demands on the Estate of the late Thomas Hillton, Cordwainer, of Alfriston, deceased, who have not already delivered in their ac- counts, are requested to do so, 011 or before the 2d day of August next, to Mrs. Charlotte Hillton, or Mr. Cornelius Gibson, of Alfriston, aforesaid, and prove tbe same, otherwise they will he excluded any share of the said estate — And all persons who stand indebted to the estate of the late Thomas Hillton, are desired to pay the same immediately, either to Mrs. C. Hill- ton, or Mr C. Gibson, or legal means will be taken for the recovery of the same. Alfriston. July 2< » , CHARLOTTE HILLTON. ,813. CORNELIUS GIBSON. TO SOLD OR LETT, AFARM, consisting of a Barn, Lime- kiln, and and about 130 acres oC arable, pasture, and wood- land, situate in the parish of Keymer, near St. John's Common, on the road to Brighton; now in the occu- pation of Farmer John Ford, whose lease expires as Mi- chaelmas next. r . . For further particulars, enquire of Mr. Waller, Solici- tor, Cuckfield ; or Messrs. EGAN and WATERMAN, Solicitors, No. 3, Gray's Inn Square, London. BRIGHTON BLUE COACH OFFICE, Corner of North- Street, LONDON and BRIGHTON COACHES every morning, at eight and ten o'clock, iri eight " hours, carrying four inside^ through Cuckfield Crawley, Rei- gate, Croydon, & c. & c. to Hatchet's White Horse Cel- lar, Piccadilly; Blossom's Inn, Lawrence- lane, Cheap- sideband George and Blue Boar, Holborn; from whence they return every morning, tbe same road An elegant Post Coach carrying four insides, only, guarded and lighted, every evening, at ten o'clock ; and returns from London every evening at half past nine. N. B. No parcel whatever will be accounted for, if lost or damaged, above £ 5. valtie, except entered as such, and insurance paid thereon. Performed by the Public's obedient servants, CROSWELLER, CUDDINGTON, ALLEN, & CO. The proprietors beg leave to return their sincere thanks to their friends and the public in general, for the great encouragement they have received for these last twenty- five years, and flatter themselves, that by rendering their conveyances equal, if not superior,~ to any, in respect to comfort and dispatch, they shall meet a continuance of that support. N, B. London Waggons every Monday and Thursday. THE CREDITORS OF HENRY CRIPPS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT HENRY CRIPPS, of Isfield. in the county of Sussex, yeoman, has assigned overall his Estate and Effects to Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors, and that the Deed i « now lying in the hands of Mr. William Verrall, Bookseller, Stationer, & c.. in the Cliff, near Lewes, for the signatures of such of the Creditors as are willing to avail themselves thereof, and w II there rcmaiu. until the 2oth day of September next, for that purpose.;, such of the creditors as shall not then have signed the same, will, be exektded the benefit of re- ceiving a dividend under the same. > All persons standing ' indebted-. uuto the said Estate, are desired to pay the same to Messrs. Heaver and Mark wick, at Isfield ; or the sard William Verrall, - o n or before 9/> th.. September next, or proceedings at law will be taken against them. Lewes, l7tli July 1813. HOUSES STOLEN. WHEREAS, on ffie night of the 15th instant some person or persons, did steal, and take away from Hard ham Brook, near Pulborough, Sussex, a BAY MARE, about fourteen hands and a half high, aged, a white star in her forehead, with several white saddle marks, rather heavy and thick shouldered, large in her carcase, and white on one of her hind legs, from the hoof to about half over the fetlock joint, and when lost, bad the mark of being lately kicked 011 the near stifle, the tail docked rather short, with the hair newly trimmed, and cut close to the dock. Also taken at the same time and place, a RUSTY BLACK GELDING, about thirteen hands, three inches high, aged, sickle hocked, and very ordinary 111 shape and appearance, and in the habit of biting very much, when any person goes near him ; he is of the cert kind, and when stolen, his hind legs had " not been trimmed for some time past. Whoever will give information so that the mare may be recovered, to William Fuller, of Pulborough, afore- said, tanner, shall receive a reward of FIVE GUINEAS, and a further reward for the apprehension and convic- tion of the offender or offenders, and reasonable ex- pences of giving such information, And Two Guineas reward will he paid by Edward Pledge, of Pulborough, lime burner, the owner of the gelding, on receiving information so as the above horse may be recovered, and the offender prosecuted. Pulborough, 2oth July, 1813, TO be LETT on LEASE, for eight years, with possession at Michaelmas next, SLUGWASH FARM, in Wivelsfield, consisting of , a house, barn, and other buildings, and KJOA. 2 « 8P. of Land, par ticularly desirable to be used with a South- Down Farm. —— Williams, the present Tenant, will shew the farm. For particulars, apply to Messrs, HOPER and SON, at Lewes. ' 5' TO BE LETT, And entered on at Michaelmas . next, ACapital Mansion called SUMMERS, in good repair, asaiiily'situate near Billingshurst, in7a neighbourhood abounding with game, in the county of Sussex, eontaitiitiff a dining- room, drawing room, break- fast parlour, entrance hall with elegant staircase, ten bed chambers, servants hall, butler's and two other pantries, dairy, laundry, kitchen, brew house, wine and beer cellars, with other convenient offices i green- house, lawn, fish ponds, wall and kitchen gardens, well stocked with choice fruit trees; double coach bouse, with four stall stable adjoining, a two stall riding stable, cart stable, barn, granary, & c. with seventy acres of rich arable, meadow, and pasture land. Billingshurst is d stant from Arundel about 14 miles, Horsham about 7 miles, Petworth about 9 miles. There are good roads to. these market towns, and to commu- nicate with the London road, from which it is distant about 36 miles. For particulars, and to treat, please to apply to Mr. STEDMAN, solicitor, Horsham, Sussex. FOR SALE, AT the Custom- house, Arundel, on Thurday the 99th July, 1813, at eleven o'clock in the fore- 110011, in sundry lots, about 177| gallons of Geneva, for private use. FOR DEALERS A \ I> OTHERS. About 99 gallons spirits of Geneva. 141 gallons of Brandy, and about 13 chests 9 bushels Culm. N. B. The goods may be viewed tbe moning of ( he sale— One pound 011 each lot, will be required as a deposite. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, At tlie Custom House, Newhaven, 011 Wednesday, the 4th day of August, 1813, at two o'clock precisely, i. 11 one lot, T^ HE. Smack. THOMAS and MARY, of Wey- mouth, Burthen S2 Tons; together with her Ma- terials. Tbe above vessel is well found, and calculated for coasting, fishing, or piloting. Custom HOUSE, Newhaven, ! 22d JulyVHH3. J. HAR1SON, Collector. J. B. STONE, Comptr. N B. 95 per cent deposite will be required, TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At tlie George Inn, in the town and port of Rye, in the county of Sussex, on Saturday the 29th day' iif Au- gust next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as will then and there be produced, ( unless previously disposed of liy private contract, of which due notice will be given) THE FEE SIMPLE and inheritance in pos- session. of & in all that large and commodious ware- bouse, commonly called or known by the name of LITTLE LONDON, with a three stalled stable, with loft over same, and a building forming two dwellings attached thereto; situate, lying and being at the east end of the said town of Rye. The premises are in good repair. The said ware house has been used as a wool ware- house, and is capable of being made a store house for any sort of goods, being perfectly dry and is most eli- gibly and conveniently situated for trade, generally, bein « r very contiguous to tbe harbour. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next— To con- venient e a purchaser, a considerable part of tbe pur chase money may remain on the security of the pre- mises. To view the same apply on the premises; and for further particulars ( if by letter post paid) to Edward and John Russell, esqrs. New Romney ; ot at the office of Mr. Thatcher, solicitor, Church- street, Folkstone, Kent. Folkstone, 19th July, 1813. Very valuable Freehold, Copyhold, antl Lease- hold Estate, for long terms, with extensive Manors capital Mansion- house, gardens, and pleasure grounds, in the county of Sus- sex, on the borders of Hants. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. WELLER,. At tlie Auction Mart, London, at one o'clock in the afternoon, on Wednesday, the 28thday of July, 1813, ' THE truly . valuable FREEHOLD, COPY- I HOLD, and LEASEHOLD ESTATES, with the extensive Manorial rights over several parishes, with a plenitude of game and fish, of the late John Utterson, Esq. and will be divided in various lots. These estates are situate about 43 miles from London, in a most beautiful and picturesque part of the county ; two miles from Liphook, J4 from Portsmouth, six from the Market Towns of Midhurst and Petersfield. The high road from tlie Metropolis to Portsmouth, runs through tbe centre of the property. Descriptive particulars, with engraved plans, may be had, in due time, at the Crown Inns, Portsmouth and Gosport ; Dolphin, Peterstfeld ; Anchor, Lip- hook ; King's Arms, Godalming ; at the Libraries, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Worthing, Littlehampton, and Bognor; Auction Mart, London ; and further information may be obtained, by applying to Messrs. Roades and Son, Solicitors; or of Mr. WELLER, Chi Chester. " TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Wednesday, August 4, 1813,' at the Golden Fleece Inn, Chichester, between the hours of five and six, VERY desirable FREEHOLD and COPY. HOLD ESTATES, with immediate possession. Lot I. A COPYHOLD ESTATE, comprising a targe cottage, double cottage, with gardens, wheel- wright's shop., barn; and five inclosures of excellent arable land, and two of meadow land, and a withy bed, containing together, 511 acres, Lot 2! A most valuable Freehold ESTATE, called THE WITHIES, consisting of a cottage, garden, dou-' ble barn ; ox range, stable, granary and rick yard, toge- ther with three inclosures of rich meadow, and two OT arable land, measuring 57 acres. Lot 3. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, called the POTA- TOE FIELD, of exceedingly rich arable land, mea- suring 21 acres. The above Estates are situate at Oving, about three miles from Chichester. Tbe crops, and live and dead stock may betaken at a fair valuation. Particulars may be had at the Old Ship, Brighton ; Hotels, Worthing, and Littlehampton ; Crown, Arun- del; Messrs. Sowton and Fuller, Solicitors, and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, On Monday the gth August, 1813, between till hours of. five and six in the evening, at the Hotel, Bognor- the. following ESTATES: LOT I. AVery desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, being No. 6, Hothampton- Place, containing in the basement, a kitchen, wash house, pantry atid cel- lars; 011 the ground floor, a handsome entrance, eating room, 17ft- 9in. by If, ft. with stucco cornice and marble chimney piece ; breakfast room, 15ft. by 14ft. 6in.; first floor, a drawing room, 21ft. 6.11. by 17ft. 6in. papered, with marble chimney piece, and stucco cornice ; a good bed chamber, and three excellent attics, and a back yard with requisite offices. There is a luxuriant and pleasant shrubbery in front, separating Hothamp- ton Place from the high road, and a carriage drive to tbe house, and a right of road to the back offices. LOT II. A Piece of FREEHOLD GROUND behind Ho- thampton Place; measuring in front soft, and 15nft. deep, very desirable for a kitchen garden for the house, or for the erection of a coach- house and stable. Hothampton Place is a handsome uniform structure, built by the late Sir Richard Hotham, and command- ing ati uninterrupted view of the ocean, from the glare of which the eye is relieved by a beautiful meadow in- tervening, 011 which the proprietor is perpetually re- strained from building. N. B. A moiety of tbe purchase money for the house may reitiain oil mortgage. For further particulars apply to " Messrs. Daly and Blagden, solicitors ; or to Mr. Weller, Chichester. HANTS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Tuesday loth of August, 1813, at one o'clock, at the Bear Inn, Havant, ATruly desirable FREEHOLD MANSION, vvtth coach house, stables, gardens and pleasure grounds, tastefully laid out with walks, shrubs, and forest trees, a fish pond, together with 14 acres of ex- cellent meadow land, including the scite of the build- ings, & c. four acres of which are freehold, and the remainder copyhold of inheritance, situate at Bed- hampton, the residence of the late Tudor Griffiths, esq. at Bedhampton. The situation is peculiarly healthy and beautiful, commanding the most delightful views of Hie Isle of Wight, Spithead, and the harbour, only half a mile from the sea. The richness of the land scenery is truly picturesque; the residence only a mile from the post town of Havant, ten from Chichester, and eight from Portsmouth, from which coaches pass every day for London, Bath, and Chichester; the neighbourhood re- spectable, a fine country for field sports, about ten miles distant from a capital pack of fox hounds. The timber and fixtures to be included in the pur- chase. -"- Immediate possession will he given. Further particulars may. be known by applying to Rev. Mr. FRANK, Bedhampton ; Messrs. SOWTON and FULLER, solicitors; or to Mr. WELLER, Chichester, of whom tickets for viewing may i> e had. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( On the Premises) By MR. WELLER, On Monday the 16th of August, and following day, at Twelve o'clock ATruly desirable, LEASEHOLD RESIDENCE rVplete with elegance, comfort, and convenience of every description, situate in the much admired Cres- cent at Bognor. The: following apartments are compris- ed'in the basement:— a rapacious kitchen, scullery, laundry, servants' hall, larder, butler's pantry, wine, beerr and coal cellars, and knife house; ground floor; a very spacious hall, a handsome staircase, fine propor- tioned eating, library, and housekeeper's rooms ; first floor, a delightful drawing room, boudour, two princi- pal bed chambers^ dressing room, and water closet; six large airy attics* and store room ; a coach house, three stalled stable, garden ; well supplied with the finest water. These premises are in a good state of repair, and are in every respect neatly finished, with marble chim- ney pieces to the principal rooms ; the whole has been recently fitted up, and decorated with much taste, dou- ble windows, and jealousie blinds lo all the principal apartments'; charming pleasure grounds, walks, and shrubberies before the House, with sea and land views of great extent and richness. Ten years are unexpired at Michaelmas next, at an annual low rent of £ 70 per annum. Direct possession may be had.— And immediately after the foregoing, the genuine and entire HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, com- prising four post and field bedsteads with calico, dimity, and other furnitures; prime beds, mattresses, blankets, counterpanes; Axminster, Venetian, and Kiddermins- ter carpets: in mahogany, a capital winged wardrobe, drawers. elegant sideboards, cellarets, a library table, a large clawed dinner table, sofa, japan, chairs, an Or- ganized Piano Forte, register and other stoves, kitch- en and washing utensils, & c.& c. Catalogues and particulars mpy be had on the premises; at the Libraries, Brighton; Worthing, and Bognor; the Printers of the Sussex, and Hants Papers, Messrs. Butler and Padwick, Solicitors, Havant; Auc- tion Mart, London} and of Mr. WELLER; Chichester. CLIFF, LEWES TO BE SOLD BY- AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Star inn, Lewes* on Saturday, the 3ist day or ' July instant, at six o'clock in the afternoon, A' FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, buildings, and large garden, exonerated from the land tax, siiti- ate in the parish of Saint Thomas in the Cliffe, neat Lewes, late the property, and in the occupation of the Rev. Dr. . Delap, deceased. For particulars eiujuire of Mr. SMITH, Solicitor, at Lewes; or of the Auctioneers, f A thorough- bred Three Years old Cold. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, ( Witlioflt Reserve) on Wednesday, August 4th, before the Star Door, in Lewes, at five o'clock in' the af- ternoon, APERFECTLY UNTRIED, very promising COLT, three years old off, got by Sorcerer* dam by Hambletonian, out of Lady Sarah, by Fidget, Fl- fred, Magnolia, & c. & c. iV F. B. The above colt was put out to keep at a year old, to Mr. Simon Grover, < » f Lewes, by a gentleman gone abroad, and is sold to defray the exxpences of keeping, & c. The colt maybe now seen at Mr. Grover's stables; N. B. Horses intended for sale on tile above day, must he booked by twelve o'clock. Three promising, young Horses. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On the 4th day of August, before the Star Door, in Lewes, at five o'clock in the afternoon, TWO BROWN MARES, got by Crafty, out 1 ,, of a well- bred mare, the one five years old, the other four years old off', they are full fifteen hands and an. inch high, very much alike, and will make a hand- nome ' pair for a curricle. Also a BAY FILLY, three years old off, unbroke, full sister to the others. They art all " the property of the gentleman who bred them, and are sold only because tliey are not equal to carry a weight after flte hounds, in a heavy Country, The two first- named may be seen at Brown's. Racing Stables, Lewes, on and after Thursday ( he 3£) th July." SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Old Ship Inn, Brighton, on Tuesday, the 10th day of August, tsts. at twelve o'clock at noon, AVery desirable and valuable Freehold Estate, called LITTLE OATH ALL, comprising a cot- tage, good barn, capital waggon lodge, and hovels, with most convenient yard, and 104A. ill. I i P. of excellent arable, meadow, pasture, and woodland, well fenced, and divided into suitable inclosures, extremely well wa- tered, in a high stale of cultivation, and stocked with thriving oak timber trees, and tellows, situate in the pa- rish of Ditchelling, in the county of . Sussex, in miles from Brighton, a from Lewes, 5 from Cuckfield, and 43 from London, ••'.!. d within a short distance of the London and Brighton Roads, Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. To be viewed on application tn Mr. Evitt, of' Theo- bald's Farm, Wivelsfield, the proprietor, of whom prin- ted particulars may be had, 14 day. previous to the sale ; also at the office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor, Cuck- field, where a plan of the Estate; may be seen; of Messrs. Evitt and Rixon, Haydon Square, London- of Mr. Crosweller, Solicitor, Brighton ; at the place of sale, and principal Inns in the neighbourhood ; and of the Auctioneers, Lewes. AMBERLEY INCLOSURE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEMINGWAY, Before the Commissioners appointed for inclosing Lands in the Manor of Amberley, at the Old Houghton- Bridge Public House, iu the Parish of Amberley, ijn Monday tbe 30th - day of August, | 8 lis, between the hours of eleven and twelve in tbe Forenoon. UPWARDS of 58 Acres of rich FREEHOLD LAND, free from all Tythe, excepting Corn Grain and Hay, known by the names of the DEADMAN and THORNDELL, eligibly situated iu the said parish, on the banks of the river Arun, adjoining on the west the parishes of Bury and Coldwaltham.— f lie Land will lie sold iu live Lots, the particulars of which may be hail, and a plan seen, at the Lamb Inn, in Angmer- i » g 5. » t the Crown Inn, Arundel , Half Moon, Petworth White Horse, Storrington, and at the place of Sale. 7 tl » July, 1813. Markets. CORN EXCHANGE, July 23. Wheat 46s. fiG<. 6> s. Tick Beans - 793. 82f Fine ditto 114s. ISIs. Old Ditto - — s. Rye - - - 53s. 63s. Oats - ] 5S. 17s. Barley - - 28s. 50s. Poland ditto - 31s. 38j. Malt - - 70s. 80s. Potatoe ditto — s 49s. White Peas lilts. 122s. Rape seed - 42I. 45l. Grey Peas - 56s. 73s. Fine Flour 105T 110s. Beans - - — s. — s. Seconds - loos. 105s. SMITHFIELD MARKET. Beef - 0s. Od. to 6s. 4d. Mutton . 5s. 4d. to 6s. 6d. Lamb - 6s. 4d. to 8s. od. Veal . - 5s. od. to ? s. Od, - 5s. 2d. to 7s. Od. HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY, Beasts - - 500 Sheep and Lambs - 7,3') 0 Calves - - ] 30 Pigs - - - 240 H * " • ~ Price of Stocks, July 24, at One o'clock. • Consols , ' , t s Reduced; •>• . • . 1 . . ' 5lj iS Long^ Annuities . 14 3. 1 fit Omnium. ,,,,.,. , • „ ••.''• Y 5Ji . . , . (/.•> ndfin*! ' ', ; — j— 1, .. UXBRIDGE. THURSDAY, July 22'. Wheat, per load . . - S> 1. tis _<|. 36J. , OS> Barley, per quarter - - 53s. - d. to 56 » . — d- •• Beans- 77". - d.' to « 3S. __ d. New ditto — « . - d. to - s. _ d. Rye- - - , - . S. _ d to - S. _ d. Peas - d. to - 3. _ d. TALLOW St James's Markets 6 Town Tallow 94 „ Clare Market 5 5 Yellow Russia 90 o Whitechapel ditto 5 5 ' White ditto S7 o Soap ditto 85 o Average 5 Stuff 8o „ Rough ditto 58 0 PRICE OF HOPS. BAGS. Kent u " 91- OS. to 111. Os Sussex ' - 81. ' os. to lol. os Essex - - 91- Os. to Hi. os POCKETS. Farnham - - i61. os. to' 201. Cs. Sussex - 91 Os. to ill. t2j, Kent - * . 101. Os. to 131. 0* postscript. From Saturday's London Gazette. Admiralty- Office, July 24, 1813. Extract of a Letter from Captain Sir George Col- lier, of his Majesty's Ship Surveillante, address- ed to Admiral Lord Keith, and transmitted by his Lordship to John Wilson Croker, Esq. . Surveillante, off Guitaria, July 1, 1813. _ ItIAVE now the honour to report, that Guitaria was evacuated by tile enemv tins morning at daybreak; and soon afterwards occupied by a divi- sion under Baron de Menglana. The enemy ap- fti- ars to have heen so pressed bv the appearance i> f the shipping, after his determination had been taken, that most of the connnn were left servicea- ble, and all his provisions, calculated for some months; but it is with regret 1 mention, that about three o'clock P. M. we witnessed a most awful ex- plosion, which', by a refinement in cruelty, ap- jjfrars to have been inlended. to destroy all the poor- er inhabitants at a' blow. Thte magazine, contain- ing near two hundred barrels of gunpowder, and dug in the solid rock connected with the mole, where the fishing boats lav, had been prepared and a lighted match left with it; two casks of wine previously broached were also left by the wall, offeting a temptation to the lower classes of the inhabitants, hut this circumstance most providen- tially proved their great preservation. The Spa nish commandant, omenieting, observing the con- fusion likely to ensue, ordered the inhabitants from the tflolc into, the tovvnj and while means were taken to force the door, the explosion took place, and destroyed about twenty of the garrison and fishermen, as well as all the boats in or near the mole. . ' • •••.•• I have the pleasure to acquaiut your Lordship, that the castle, town, and port of Passage, were recovered from the enemy yesterday, and its gars rison of one hundred and thirty- six men, Cut off from St. Sebastians, were taken by a part of, the Spanish brigade of Longa, under the immediate order of Don Caspar, attached to Sir Thomas Graham's division. The Spanish loss on this occa- sion was Very trifling. BANKRUPTS. Ann Nelson, Plymouth- dock, linen- draper. A K. Mackenzie and E. Abbott, Austin- friars, London, merchants. Richard Holt, Liverpool, mearchant. T. Stones and T. Wells, Old Broad- street, Lon- don, timber merchants. W. Hogg, Painswick, butcher. J. Stubbs, St. Martin's- lane, picture- dealer. F. Holland, County- Terrace, Surrey, merchant. A. Fluke, Worcester, cabinet- maker. T. Wilkie, New Sarum, tanner. T. Haigh, Crosland hill, York, clothier. C. Cotterell, Southampton, victualler. T. Sayer, Bungay, Suffolk, liquor- merchant. E. Williams, Oxford- street, cheese- monger. J. Clarkson, Curdworth, grocer. J. Rodes, Ellesmere, butcher. R. Williamson, parish of St. Paul Gloucester, mo- ney- scrivener. M. Barties, Lambeth- Terrace, Surrey, jeweller. E. Daniel, Newark- upon- Trent, dealer. A. Samuel, Liverpool, silversmith. Major M'Dowall, of the Glengarry Fencibles, ( late of the 8th Foot, and now Aid- de- camp to Sir George Prevost), arrived this morning at Lord Bathurst's office from Canada, with dispatches from Sir George Prevost. They contain the official ac- count of the capture of York Town. An American army had been surprised, severely handled, and some stands of colours had been taken from them. LEWES, JULY 26, 1813 Hastings, that beautiful marine residence, which for the purity and salubrity of its atmosphere, eli- gibility of bathi^;, diversify of walks and rides, through a country decorated with picturesque, ro- mantic, and rich scenery, and which has generally been considered by those visitants who have ho- noured it with their presence, to have acquired a superiority and an ascendancy over most other wa- tering places, is at this early period of the season, filling rapidly with families of distinction and re- spectability; and many applications continue to be made for lodgings The weather for the last few days having been extremely favourable and propitious, has induced our elegantees to make their appearance on the pro- menade, and from two till half- past three agreeable and pleasant little parties are formed on the beach, contiguous to the sea; the different individuals amusing themselves by reading, cheerful conver- sation, needle work, and playing the devil, inhaling the saline particles, so as to re- establish health, and invigorate their constitutions to enable them to stand the test of a winter's campaign in London ; and as the ladies, at these times, feel a patriotic zeal, and many, no doubt, anxious for the safe- ty and welfare of their absent relatives, friends, and admirers, or from amor patrioe, occasionally con- template on the beauties of Neptune, anticipating tome favourable wind to waft more pleasing intel- ligence of future successes of the gallant Welling- ton, and our brave armies, struggling in the cause of liberty and independence on the Peninsula. In the evening, the libraries are brilliantly illu- minated, arid crowded with military, and an assem- blage of beauty and fashion, pursuing their favo- rite games of Portobello and Bagatelle, which, by the assiduous exertions of the librarians to please, cannot fail to finale the evening so as to afford uni- versal satisfacti- on Monday, the i2tti instant, was ve- tipened ( after considerable enlargement) the free- school situated near the seat of John Burt, esq. Forest Row, East Grinstead, Sussex, when two < lis- courses were delivered, that in the mornitfg by the Rev. • Fiulay, of Tunbridge- Wells, an/ J that in the evening, by the Rev. Alexander Start, of East Grinstead. Tunbridge- Wells races are fix^ d for Thurs- day and Friday, the l3tband i2t| ri August, and afford the prospect of capital sport, there be- ing to be run for on tbe first clay, before din- ner, the Manor Bowl, value 501. after dinnei, a subscription. Sweepstakes, of 501. with 20gs given by the inhabitants, and , a handicap for 50l. On tli- second day, before dinner, the Town Cup, of SOL. with 20gs. added by the inhabi- tants ; and a handicap far the losing horses. Tunbridge- Wells has to boast of its share of dignified and company. At Southover church last week, there was a very bustling wedding. The bridegroom on his return with his bride from the hymeneal altar, instpad of being strewed with sweet herbs, as is common, was serenaded by all the old women of the parish, with the s'oTt and harmonious sounds of Billingsgate, for having, as they alleged, been guilty of a breach of a mar- riage promise to a young woman, who had produced him a pledge of their former love, but whom he had cruelly abandoned; and it was with some difficulty that the enraged matrons could be appeased, even after the happy couple had reached their home. But it seems they will have again to undergo the marriage ceremony, as the bride is under age, and preparatory thereto, the banns were pub- lished the first time yesterday. A German lady, at the Star Inn, in this town, on Friday, exhibited a bird, whose form and plumage are uncommonly elegant and beau- tiful. She called it the KING BIRD of Botany Bay, and we are inclined to think it is an utter stranger to British Ornithologists. It was greatly admired by all who had dn opportunity of see- . On Yesterday se'nnight the congregation at Lindfield Church, were thrown into no small confusion, by a pauper belonging to the parish, named Martha Weller, who being a reluctant attendant at church, by command of the gover- ness of the workhouse, after the Clergyman had given out his text, and was going on with his discourse, rose up, and in an audible voice ex- claimed, " curse the man, curse the man " up- on which the sexton immediately procedeed to had her out of church, but in making her ex- it, Martha again vociferated, " d— n the man, I'll not come near him any more." The Rev. Divine, on recovering from his surprise, re- sumed his discourse, aud finished it without fur- ther interruption. At the annual Fair, on Broad- Oak Plain, Dicker, Chiddingly, on Friday last, there a was a tolerable show of sheep and lambs, which were eagerly bought - Op at good prices, vis. twotooth wethers and ewes, from 2<) s. to 42s. some prime lots leached 45s. and 46s. lambs from 15s. to 26s. ; and such was the demand, that but few remained for sale after dinner. A considerable number of Devon and Welch beasts were on the plain, and su'Cli' as were sold, commanded good prices, but a shyness seem- ed to prevail amongst the buyers. The fineness of the day added much to the beauty of the situation, which, says our correspondent, is so admirable, in most respects, that it sufficiently evinces the neces- sity of a continuance of this mart, without the obtruding and despoiling hand of ENCLOSURE. At the election of a Coroner for the county of Kent, on Wednesday last, at Penningden in the room of Mr. Ayerest, resigned, Mr. Boghurst, of Ashford, was returned without opposition. Last Tuesday the return game of cricket be- tween the Canterbury and Faversham Clubs, was played at Faversham, and won by the Canterbury gentlemen, in cue innings, in which they scored 94 runs, two more than the Faversham Club scored in both innings. On Monday afternoon a Transport Ship, with 120 female convicts, and 22 children, left Dover Roads, on its passage to Botany Bay. Among the passengers was Mrs. Sherlock, late of Dover, for aiding in the escape of some French prisoners on their parole at Salisbury. The parish church of Lewisham, in Kent, was broke into on Tuesday morning last, and robbed of the communion cloths, and the cler- gyman's surplice, gown, and cassock, to get at which the rogues broke nine locks, and picked one. On Tuesday se'nnight, the coroner's jury on view of the body of William King, a pri- vate marine, who was stabbed on board the Sampson prison- ship, as reported in our last returned a verdict of wilful murder, against Charles Mausereaux, who was, inconsequence committed to Maidstone gaol, to ta, ke bis trial at the ensuing assizes, as were also Francois Aime and Jean Watigny, for aiding and abet- ting the said Charles Mausereaux. Last Wednesday Edward Foid, late of the Cliffe, labourer, was committed to Horsham Jail, charged with stealing a sheet, the property of Mr. George Weller, of the Swan Public House, Last Thursday evening Thomas Young, a lad about 17 years of age, charged with felony, made his escape from the Headborough of Uckfield, as he was conveying him in a cart to the House of Correction in this town, which he effected near Stoneham, by slipping his hand- cuffs, and spring- ing from the cart, past recovery, by the Peace Of- ficer who had him in charge. One day last week George Wynne, who at our late Sessions was convicted of vagrancy, and or- dered to stand re committed for fourteen days, and at the expiration to be sent to sea, to render him- self incapable of that service, chopped off two of his fingers, and afterwards endeavoured to make his keeper believe, that the amputation was the effect of accident, but the imposition was too glaring to be admitted for a moment. The return game of cricket was played between the gentlemen of this County, and the gentlemen of Waldron and Wadhurst, on Wednesday and Thursday the 21st and 22d instant, at the Black- boy, Framfield.— Statement as follows, viz :— WADHURST AND WALDRON First Innings. Second Innings. Jas. Unsted, c. by Shaw 2 T. Jones, b. by W. Wood 3 Jno. Unstod, Leg b. Wt. 4 Jas. Unsted, run out 7 Jas. Bray, b. W. Wood 11 T. Cooper, c. by P. Wood 8 Rd. Viger, c. by ditto 1 Jn. Unsted, st. by Kemp 8 Thos. Jones c. R. Marchant lO J. Bray, c, by Marchant 12 Thos. Cooper Leg. b. Wt. 1 Rd. Vigor, b. by W. Wood 0 Isaac Burt, c. by Kemp 4 Silas Cooper, run out 2 W. Bray, b. W. Wood, 0 Isaac Burt, not out 0 S. Baldwin, c. by Lynn O S, Baldwin, c, by Shaw 4 A. Plaisted, b. W. Wood OjA. Plaisted, b. by. Lynn 1 Silas Cooper, not out 0 W. Bray, b. W. Wood 0 Byes . . . . 2 Byes .... 4 35 49 COUNTY. First Innings. Second Innings. H. Morley, b. by T. Cooper 0, R. Maarchant, c. T. Jones 0 W. Slater, b. by S. Cooper 0 W. Wood, b. by S. Cooper 9 J. Hurrion, b. by T. Cooper O W. Slater, b. by ditto 2 J. Elliott, st. by Burt 0 Jas. Lynn, not out 31 J. Lynn, c. by Jn. Unsted 2 Jas, Kemp, st. by Burt 0 C. Shaw, st. by Burt O H. Motley, c. by T. Jones 7 Jas. Kemp, b. by T. Cooper 5 C. Shaw, st. by Burt ( 1 P. Wood b. by S. Cooper 0 Jn. Hurrion, run out 10 R. Marchant c. by Jn. Unsted 0 J. Elliott, b. by Jn. Unsted 0 W. Wood, b. by T. Cooper 2 P. Wood, runout • 0 E. Verrall, not out 1 Byes, . 1 Byes . 0 — _ 60 fj A print, called John Bull's paper ( but not a newspaper) is published in London, every Sa- turday, avowedly for the purpose of applying its profits, in aid of the fund for tbe relief of the British prisoners in France. It sells in the country at Cd. and may be had of the Agents. BRIGHTON, JULY 26, 1813. Our town now begins to assume its summer consequence; the time of gaiety and bustle is fast approaching, and towards the end of the present week, it is thought, that every house, fit for the accommodation of fashion, will be fully occupied ; and in the event of the PRINCE REGENT'S visit afterwards,, which is still confi- dently expected, it may be presumed that this highly- favoured watering- place, from the splen- dour and plenitude of company which the regal power never fails to attract, will receive a dis- tinction, that amid all its envied honours, it ne- ver before experienced. The bedding at the Pavilion, is getting rea- dy, under the inspection of his Royal High- ness's Chamberlain, who attends for that pur- pose. The Earl of Egremont arrived at his resi- dence in this town, on Friday last. Lord C. Somerset is daily expected to resume the command of the district. Dr. Tierney, one dav last week returned to his house, from Dover- street, London, for the remainder of the summer. The clouds at intervals, yesterday, gave am- ple support to the watry reputation of Saint Swithin, to the no small mortification of our fair, Sunday promenaders, whose space for dis- play, was, inconsequence, very limited. Mr. Grove, our theatrical manager, seems to spare no expence for the introduction of no- velty, and we hope he will reap the reward due to his spirited management. Mr. Serjeant Runnington has been recently elected Recorder of Colchester, in opposition to Mr. Harvey, who was left in a minority of sixteen. The driver of one of the Worthing coaches, on Wednesday last, had one of his legs badly fractured, by the overturning of the vehicle. The passengers outside and in escaped unhurt. Horsham fair on Monday, was well supplied with stock, and particularly with lambs, which fetched good prices. A few days since, a person of genteel ap- pearance and good connexions, purchased tit the shop of Mr. Donaldson, of the Steine Li- brary, trinkets amounting to forty pounds, and in discharge of the cost, gave the librarian a draft On Gosling's house for fifty pounds, tak- ing the difference in notes, with which he de- parted, and absented himself, to the great cha- grin of Mr. Donaldson, who, on presenting the draft for payment, found it to he a nullity, there being no effectsin hand to answer it. The liberal purchaser has not since been heard of. The Chichester music meeting has announced for performance, at the new chapel of St. John, on the 12th and 13th of August, the Oratorio of the Messiah, with a grand selection of the most popular and pleasing airs, duets, chorusses, & c. at which some of the first professors and prac- titioners of the day will assist. After each Con- cert there will be a Ball.— See advt. At Wisborough- green fair, on Friday, the l6t. h instant, there was a large shew of cattle] and sheep, and a considerable share of business was transacted. The support which the fair has met with, and the eligiblity of its scite and si- tuation leave but little doubt of its permanent establishment, which would, indeed, be a very great accommodation to that part of the county. The next fair, at the above place, will be on the 20th September. Last Thursday the remains of Mr. Harrison, late master of the Gun Inn, inth' 13 town, were interred, with masonic honours, in Preston church- yard. The procession was accompanied to the grave, by some hundreds of spectators from Brighton. CHICHESTER MUSIC MEETING. ON Thursday, August the 12th next, will Ire performed in the new CHAPEL of ST. JOHN, now neariy completed, tbe Oratorio of the MESSIAH ; and 011 tbe following morning a GRAND SELECTION of t fie most popular and pleasing Airs, Duets, Chorusses, & c. from the works of Handel, Pergolesi, Haydn's Crea- tion, & e. And in tbe evtninp of each dfty, there will be a GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT, at the Assembly Room, in the course of which will be introduced a selection from Purcel's Tempest, and se- veral of the most favourite Songs, Duets, Glees, & c. as performed at the first Concerts in London, with Con- certos and Concertantes on different instruments, by the principal performers. After each CONCERT there will be a BALL. Principal Singers, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan, Mr. Goss, Mr. W. Elliott, and Master Hobbs, from London ; and Master Goss, front the Chapel Royal.— Leader of the Band Mr. Sibly, principal Violencello, Mr. C. Ashley ; double Bass, Mr. Boyce; Tenor, Mr; R. Cudmore ; and Trumpet, Mr, Hyde, from London ; Bassoon and Cla- rionet. Messrs. Malosh and Kirchner, from H. R. H. the Prince Regent's Band, Brighton; Trombone, Mr. Siller, from the same band; French Horns, Messrs. Best and Triggs; Flute, Mr. Miller, from the Marine Band, Portsmouth; and the Organ ( a new one just Completed by Mr. England) by Mr. Bennett, Organist of Chiches- ter Cathedral. In addition to the vocal and instrumental performers above mentioned, will be Mr. Stephen Sibly, ( principal 2d Violin); Messrs. Neibeour and Cramer, from Brigh- ton; Messrs. Guy, Atkins, Collins, Cherry, Hurlock, Kemp and Lucas, from Portsmouth and its neighbour- hood ; Parker, from Fareham; Bartlett, from Havant ; Redman, from Southton ; with the Choristers and Lay- vicars of Chichester Cathedral, & c. & c. The Chapel doors to be opened at ten, and the per- formances to begin at ball past eleven. Tke Evening Concerts to begin at half past seven. Tickets for tbe Galleries of the Chapel, and for the Evening Performances, 7s. and for the lower part of the Chapel, 5s. ; to be had at the Printing- office, in East- street, and at Mr. Humphry's, bookseller, where, may be had books of the words of the Messiah and Se- lection, 6d. each. HAWKHURST BALL. NOTICE. THE First BALL and SUPPER, this Season, will take pluce 011 Thursday, the agtlr instant, at the Assembly Rooms, at the Queen's- Head Inn. Hawk- hurst, in celebration of the Marquis Wellington's late GLORIOUS VICTORY. STEWARDS. HON. J. DOUGLAS, SOTHERDEN MICKLETWAITE, Esq. Hawkhurst, July 2lst, 1813. BRAMBER RAPE. THE next SESSIONS of SEWERS for the A said Rape, will be held by adjournment, at the White Horse Inn. in Steyning, on Thursday the 29th day of this intant. July, at twelve o'clock ot noon, when tbe orders previously made for taking down and re- moving the Cross Dams, in the Levels above Beeding Bridge, will he taken into consideration. Steyning, 23d July, CHARLES MARSHALL, 1813. Clerk. WANT1LD, a Situation as GAMEKEEPER, by a middle- aged, single Man, who has been in that employ several years ; he is a good shot, aud under- stands the breaking of dogs, and destroying of vermin. A good character from bis last employer may be had. Address, A. B. Post- Office, Lewes ST. THOMAS's- SQUARE ACADEMY, LEWES, SUSSEX. HROSCORLA returns most grateful thanks • to his Friends and the Public, for past favours Two vacancies remain to complete the limited number of 22 pupils. The present Vacation terminates the 26th instant. TO BE SOLD. ABRACE of capital and well- matched IRISH SETTERS. The price is Twenty- five Gui- neas. Apply to Mr. LEE, Printer, Lewes. 1813 TUNBRIDGE WELLS RACES. ON Wednesday and Thursday, the , 1 till and VJ' 12th August, 1813, will be run for as follows: time of starting, twelve o'clock. FIRST DAY, ( WEDNESDAY) The MANOR BOWL, of FIFTY POUNDS, free for any horse, mare, or gelding— weight for age ; 3 years old, 6st. Sib. ; 4 yr olds, 7st. lib. ; 5 yr olds, 8st. 41b. ; 6 yr olds, 9st,; aged, 9st. 71b. A certificated the horse, mare or gelding, must be produced, if required. Three 3- mile heats. Dis. On the same day, at four o'clock in the afternoon, A SWEEPSTAKE RACE, for FIFTY POUNDS by Subscription, with Twenty Guineas given by the inhabitants. Articles the same as: above. If the winning horse of the bowl enters for this, 1o carry 30lb extra. Two rnileheats. Dis. ' On the same day, at half- past five, A HANDICAP, for FIFTY POUNDS, by sub- scribers, by horses that never won to that amount. SECOND DAY, ( THURSDAY) At Twelve o'clock. The TOWN CUP, of FIFTY POUNDS. Arti- cles lire same as above for the Bowl, the winner of v. hich, if en lered tor this Plate, to carry 301b extra ; if winner of both races the first day, to carry 451b extra ; and if winner of the Sweepstakes only, to carry 141b. extra.. Three times round, his. Dis. At four o'clock in the afternoon, .... A SWEEPSTAKE RACE, for FIFTY POUNDS by Subscribers, with Twenty Guineas added by the inhabi- tants. Weight for age, the same as above in the morning, ex- cept the Winner of the cup only to carry 301b. extra ; if a win- ner of the sweepstakes the first dny only, to carry ' 201b. ex'ra ; and if the winner of t' e bowl only the first day, to carry 30lb, extra. No horse to start for these sweepstakes that has won more that one of the above races. At half- past Five, A HANDICAP RACE is intended for the los- ing horses. Entrance at the Sussex Tavern, on Tuesday, the 10 h of Au- gust, between the. hours of 1'^ ur aud six the- afternoon. Not less than three reputed horses tp. jtart fur any of the above Prizes. N. B. The horses will . start as the time mentioned precisely. No person to erect a' booth who does not subscribe.^ the race, One Guinea.— . All horses to fie rade bv Jockies prooerly drest. J. BARTLETT, Cabinet- Maker, Upholder, Auctioneer, UNDERTAKER, & c. BEGS leave most respectfully to inform his friends and the public, that be has entered 011 the premises, lately occupied by Mr. Edward Hide, in the East Street, where he hopes by the roost assiduous at- tention to their commands, te be indulged with their future favours. J. B cheerfully embraces this opoortunity of return- ing bis most sincere thanks, to those who have honored him with their patronage since be commenced business, and assures them it shall be his study to merit its con- tinuance. A Room 011 the premises is fitted up, particularly adapted to the purpose of an Auction Room, in which he purposes selling goods of all descriptions, which may he entrusted to him for that purpose. %* Sales for Live and Dead Stock, 011 Market Days, as usual. Chichester, July. 12th. 1813. Tbe NEW ROAD from Brighton to London, by New- timber, Hixted, and Bolney, shortening the distance, ^ avoiding the hills, and dividing the stages more equal RICHARD DEWDNEY, at the CASTLE INN, at Hicksted, begs leave to, inform the Nobility, Gentry and others travelling to Brighton, that he has fitted up the above Inn, in a neat and convenient man- ner, and laid in a stock of choice old wines, with neat post- chaise, good horses, and excellent stabling ; and begs leave to inform the Public, that 110 exertion shall be wanted to make them comfortable. N. B. The Castle Inn is 11J tniles from Brighton, and to § miles from Crawley. CHILD's DEBTORS and CREDITORS. ALL persons indebted to the Estate of THOMAS CHILD, late of Pulborough, Sussex, Blacksmith, deceased, are desired forthwith to pay the amount of their respective Debts to Mr. William Child, or Mr. Thomas Rice, of Pulborough, his Executors; and all persons having auv demands 011 the said Estate, are re- quested to send the prueulars of such demands, with- out delay, to one of the said Executors. Pulborough, July 23d, 1813. WHEREAS, on Thursday evening, the 2ist. instant, as the Headborough of Uckfield, was conveying a person charged with felony, to the House of Correction at Lewes, the said person, by some means, liberated himself from the handcuffs, which were securely !<• ked, sprang from the cart, and ran down the road to Lower Stoneham.— He is a short young man, about 17 years of age, rather light com- plexion, with longish hair, had 011 a long, dirty round- frock, worsted stockings, and half- boots. He said his name was Hilder, but his proper name is THOMAS YOUNG, and bis friends reside at Judeley, in Kent. Whoever will bring him to the said Headborough, or cause him to he taken, will be handsomely rewarded. TOLLS TO BE LETT. CITY ROAD. NOTICE is hereby Given, That the TOLLS arising at the toll gates upon the turnpike- road, called or known by the name of the CITY ROAD, leading from Finsbury Square to Islington, will be LETT BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the house of Mrs. Baker, known by the sign of the Fountain, Fountain- Place, in the said Road, 011 Friday, tbe 0th day of August next, be- tween the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and one o'clock in the afternoon, for one year and three- quarters, from the 29th day of September nextj in the manner directed by the Art passed in tbe 13th year of the Reign of his Majesty, King George the Third," for regulating the turnpike- roads." Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give se/ uri ty, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the trustees of the said turnpike- road, for payment of the rent agreed lor, and at such times as they shall direct. A deposite of £ 100, must be made by the best bidder, at the time of letting. PETER EARNSHAW, No. 22, Red- cross street, Cripplegate, London, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. To Plumbers, Glaziers, and Painters. TO be disposed of,- an'Jenteied'tipon immediete- ly, an ESTABLISHED SHOP, in the above branches filiated in a Principal Town, in' the county of Sussex, about fifty miles from London.— Any person desirous of business, will find this an advantageous si- tuation For particulars, enquire of Mr. LEE, Printer, Lewes. FOR SALE, At the CUSTOM- HOUSE, HASTING, on Wednesday, the 4th Aug. 1813, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, THE FOLLOWING GOODS: Legal Strength for Dealers, About 384$ Gallons Spirits of Brandy. Ditto brown Brandy, 60J Ditto Geneva, For Private Use. 3j Gallons brown Brandy. 73 Ditto Geneva. The Goods may be viewed the morning of the Sale, 25 per cent, deposite will be required- HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock- Brokers, respectfully inform the Public, that TICKETS and SHARES for the present STATE. LOTTERY, are 011 Sale at their Office, No. 93, ROYAL EXCHANGE, London. This Lottery, consisting pf only j2, ooo Tickets, will commence drawing on the 17th SEPTEMBER Next, and will be Drawn in Two Days. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 2 . . . . Prizes of £ 20,000 2 of 10,000 With other capitals, and has in it 110 prizes of less value than £ 20.— The First Thousand Blanks will be entitled • o £ 211. each ; tbe First Prize above £ 30 to £ 10,000 j and the First above £ 20, on the Second Day, to £ 20,000. *** Persons residing in the Country may be supplied with Tickets or Shares at the London Prices, by ad- dressing their Orders, accompanied with Remittance, to the above Office, or by application to their Agent, Mr. W. Lee, Printer, Lewes. Either with,, or without the 1,.„„.„,,, „, lu e„ lelt, immediately, THE capital MANSION, called MALLING- HOUSE, with the Offices and Gardens thereto belonging, beautifully situate within one mile of Lewes, — Some Meadow Land may be Iwd with the house if required— Mr. Philcox, of Malling, „ i|| shew „, e ' mises.; and for particulars, apply, personally, to Messrs. HOPER and SON, at Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr. WELLER, On Wednesday, the 13th of August, .8.3, between the hours of five and six, at the Golden Fleece Inn, Chi- chester, A Vfy desirable RESIDENCE, situate at North Bersted; in tire occup itioi. of Mr. Henry Halsted the proprietor, comprising in the basement, good wine and beer cellars, on the ground floor, eating draw- ing rooms, ball, kitchen, dairy, and. scullery, and ser- vant s room over the same; fisrt floor, four excellent bed chambers, and dressing room, a garden enclosed by lofty wall, and planted with the choicest fruit trees in full perfection, a vegetable garden, a yard, barn, three stalled stable, chaise and harness room, with ser vants' room over the same, milking pound, together Will! 2A. DR. 4P. of very rich meadow land. ° V The premises arc i « a most substantial state of repair, have been recently modernized, at a verv considerable expence, of which immediate possession may bs had North Bersted is a pleasant, healthy village, about one mile and a half from Bognor, surrounded by good roads, and in the contiguity of shops of every descrip- tion. Houshold Furniture, may be taken at a fair valuation. Further particulars, and the premises viewed, by ai>- plyiug- to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. - CHICHESTER. TO BREWERS, & c, To be peremtorily SOLD by AUCTION, On the Premises, By Mr. BARTLETT, By order of the Assignees, Without reserve, on Thurs- day the 29th of July, 1813, ALL the remaining part of the UTENSILS and STOCK in TRADE, of Mr. William Cobden, a bankrupt: consisting of one 14, two'(>, one 5, and four 4 barrel casks, three 3 hogshead casks, twenty- one pipes, forty- six hogsheads, eight half hogsheads, twenty- nie small casks, a cooler 211ft. by 14ft. a ditto i8fi. by Idift. hop strainer, liquor squares for two hogsheads each, truck, pullies, stillions, stands, copper pipe, three sack carts, about 420 gallons of strong and some table beer, & c, & c. The Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. Chichester. A truly valuable. Brewery, Plant Malt- house, two Dwelling Houses, and two very excellent Public Houses. To be peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, Without Reserve, in three Lots, By Mr. BARTLETT, On Wednesday the 4tb of August, 1813) between the hours of five and seven in the evening, at the Dol- phin Inn, by order of the Assignees of Mr. William Cobden, a Bankrupt: Lot 1. THE BREWERY, containing 27ft. by A 76ft— malt- house, 84fl. by 19ft. with" a grinding room, 26ft. by 22ft. kiln room, malt cistern, and coal store.— The malt- house has two working flours to wet 22 quarters per week, barley granary to lake loo quarters, and drying room over the whole, paved yard, two stalled stable, and piggeries, with a particu- lar entrance adapted to the premises.— A comfortable DWELLING HOUSE, 34ft. by 27ft. in depth, com- prising a parlour, kitchen and pantry, three principal aud two servants' sleeping rooms, wash- house, ample cellar room. A HOUSE ib| ft by 4tift. in depth, com- prising a kitchen, bed chamber, and room at the back, convertible into two others, garret, wash- house, and cellar.— The Brewery was re- built about three- years ago, and the houses which arc adjoining generally are in substantial repair, forming altogether, n desirable plant and dwelling houses with every convenience and ac- commodation for tbe concern. The fixtures to he taken at a valuation.— The copper boils off ten barrels. The whole of . these extensive premises are situate in Tower Street, and are freehold, except the brewery, which is held by lease of the Vicar's Choral of the C a- thedral Church of Chichester, for 40 years, from Christ- mas 1801, renewable every 14 years, subject 10 a quit- rent of 13s. 4d. and two capons annually. Lot 2. A truly valuable PUBLIC HOUSE, called the KING of PRUSSIA, situate in the Little London, which is freehold, except 10 feet 111 front, at the north end, which is held of the Custos and Poor of St, Mary's Hospital, Chichester. Lots. A DITTO, called the SUN, situate in the West Street, which is leasehold for 101,10 years. The public houses rank among the first for business, and are subject to the right of serving them with beer and spirits for two years, front Michaelmas 1813. Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs Dally and Blagden, Solicitors; or of Mr. Bartlett, at his Upholstery Warehouse, and Agency Office, Chichester, and the estates viewed till the sale; SURREY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROW, At the Compasses Inn, at Alfold, Surrey, on Tuesday the 24th day of August, 18l3, between three and four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such condi- tions as shall be then produced, LOT 1. AValuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a cottage, barn, hovel, gate- room, garden and orchard, and several closes of good arable land, well set with fine thriving timber, containing, in the whole, 30 acres ( mote or less), situate in the parish of Ewhurst, in Surrey, one mile and a half from Cranley, eight from Guildford, and about 12 from Dorking, and now let' to Mr, James Child, of Cranley, as a yearly tenant, from Michaelmas. , / The timber trees rind tillers on this lot to be taken by the purchaser, at a fair valuation, down to uud in- cluding those of the value of 6W." *:••?>> LOT II. A FREEHOLD COTTAGE, ( in two tenements) with a barn, garden, aud twi) rFI<$ ses of good arable aud pasture land, containing in the whole four acres ( more ot less), situate at Dunsfold, in Surrey, and adjoining to Dunsfold Common, and now let to Air. Wm. Child, as a yearly tenant, from Michaelmas. The tenants will sinew, the premises; and for further particulars apply to Mr. William Child, or Mr. Thomas Rice, at Pulborough ; or Messrs. Ellis and Hale, soli- citors, Petworth, Sussex. EXCESSIVE INDULGENCIES. THE Cordial - a- healing, and tonic qualities, as well as by its sa- lutary effects, affords a sure prospect of returning strength, and a certain hope of muscular invigoration to those who are debilitated by premature or excessive indulgencies: hence arise weakness of sight, virtigos, loss of appetite, and mental decay. The Cordial Balm of Gilead most wonderfully che- rishes nature, and will support the life of tbe aged aud infirm. In all inward decays, debility, lowness of spirits, relaxation in either sex, whether hereditary or owing to youthful imprudencies, this medicine will afford the most wonderful relief. Sold by W. Lee, Lewes, price- 11 s. each, or four in one fa- mily botte, for 33s. by which one lis. botte is saved, with the words " Samuel Solomon, Liverpool," engraved on the stamp. *** Dr. Solomon expects wheucousu'lted by letter, tliesisuat compliment of an one pound note, to be enclosed, a Idre- sed " Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liver- pool. Paid, double postage." LEWES, JULY 24, 1813 Red Wheat - 61. Os. to ol.- 4s. per qr. White Wheat - Gl. 4s. to 61. Is. — Oats, ... 45s. to 52s.— per quarter LONDON GAZETTE EXTROARDINARY. Downing Street, July 10 Extract of a dispatch from Marquis of. Welling- ton, r'a Ostiz, Joly\ 3 GENERAL CLAUSSEL retired to- ... T vaids Logrono, after fri'ding ' our troops at Vittoria on the 2<£ d June, s'ilf remaned near that place tilf late on the < 2P » rh. f ronreivecl. < he- efore. iha* there xv> s Rome prosper ! of in; excepting his rrt- pof. after - sr- nrlin? ' hp light troons towards Roncevalles in turort of the army under Joseph Bonaparte, I moved ' he 14' h 3d, and 7' h di visions, and Colonel Grant's and Major- General Ponsonby's brisadpQ of cavsrtrv, fow » ds Tudela, 3' d t'he 5th and 6 b divisions, and household and Gen. D. Urban's cavalry from Victoria and Salvatierra. toward Longrono; in hopes that I should he able to intercept Gen. Claussel. He, howpypr, mad> some extraordinary forced marches ftdl6ued hv Gen. Mina wiih his own cavalry and the » PPimenT OF Spanish CAvalry under Don Julien Sanchezf and a » ' ived at Tudela on the evening of the 97' h, He there'cro « , « ed, ' he Ebro; hut the Alcalde hayf'HT informed him ' hat we were ( vpon thp road, he immediately re- crossed, and mai'r'hed toward' Saragossa, where hp has since arrived. Gen, Mina is still following the enemy, and he has taken from him two pieces of cannon, and some stores in Tudela, and 300 prisoners. Lieut- Gen. Clinton has also taken possession of five guns, which the enemy left at Longrono. In the mean time, the troops under Lieut - Gen. Sir R. Hill have kept the blockade of Pamplona, and moved through the mountains to the head of the Bidassoa, the enemy having; entirely retired into France on that side. Sir Thomas Graham pursued Gen. Foy, ( whose ' force ws rort- siderahle, his division being encreas- ed bv » he oan ison of Bilhoa? Mondragon, and To- loss) upon the hi » h' road leading throuuh Tolosa. . During the 94' h and 25th his troops had several actions with » he enemy ;* and on the evening of the latter day a general attack was made upon the town of Tolosa, arid the enemy was driven from it with considerable loss. The German Legion, and the Pottnguese and Spanish troops, were princi- pally engaged, Sir T Graham's column has conti- nued to advance; and a brigade of the army of Galicia, under" Gen Castanos, attacked the bridge head a' Irun on 2d inst. and drove the enemy aero « s ' he Ridasso. Sir Thos. Graham reports thst fn all these affairs ' he Spanish troops conduct- ed themselves remarkably well. The garrison at Passages, Consisting of 150 men surrendered on the 80th to the troops under Col. Longa.— The enemy, on seeing some of our ships off Deba, evacuated the town and fort of Guetaria on the 1st instant, and the garrison went by sea to St. Sebastian ; this place is blockaded by land by a detachment of Spanish troops. They have like- wise evacuated Castro, and the garrison has gone by sea to Santona. The army of reserve of Andalusia, under Gene- ral the Conde del Abisbal, arrived at Burgos on 2* 5th and 26th June. When the enemy retired across the Ebro, previous to the battle of Vittoria, fhev left a garrison of about 700 men in ( he castle of Pancorbo, by which they commanded the great communication from Vittoria < o Burgos. I thore- fore iec) nested the Conde Del Abisbal to make him- self master of the town and lower works; which he did bv assault on the 28th, and on the 1st Julv the castle capitulated. l am concerned to inform your Lordship that Lieut. General Sit John Murray raised the siege of Tarragona, I cannot say on what day, and embark- ed his troops. A great portion of the artillerv and stores were fpft in the batteries It appears that Marshal Suchet, with a considerable body of troops, had moved from Valentia by Tortosa, and General Maurice Mathien with another corps, from the neighbourhood of Barcelona, for { he pur- pose of impeding Sir J. Murray's operations, which he did not think himself sufficiently strong to con- tinue — Lieut.- General Lord W. Bentinck, who had joined and* had taken command of the army at the Col de Balaguer on the 17th, had brought if bark to Alicant, where he arrived himself on the 9.< Td and was proceding to carry into execution my imstructions. Return of Killed, Wounded, and Mining. British— 21 rank and file killed ; 1 major, 5 captains, 8 lieutnains, 4 serjeants. 4 drummers, and 120 rank and file, wounded ; 1 rank and file missing. Portuguese— I lieutenant, 1 ensign, 3 serjeants, 33 rank ; » nd fib- killed ; I' lieutenant colonel, 3 captains, J lifutenunt, 7 ensigns, 8 serjeants, 2 drummers, 152 rank and file, wounded 5 2 ensign, 43 rank and file missing. General total— 1 lieut. 1 ensign, 3 serjeants, and 54 rank and file killed ; 1 lieut. col. I major, s captains, 9 lieutenant^. 7 ensigns, 12 serjeants, 6 drummers, 572 rank and file wounded , I ensign, 44 rank and file, mis- sing. A second dispatch from Marquis Wellington, also dated Ostiz, July 3, enclose* copies of the letters which he had received from Sir J. Murray, relating his failure before Tarragona. 44 On this transaction ( observes ' he Marquis) I do not feel myself sufficiently informed to be able tt> write more."— Sir John's, first letter incloses Lieut. Col. Prevost's account of the capture of the Col de Ba lageur: the second, giving his reasons for raising the siege of Tarragona, and embarking the army, is as follows. My LORD,— Admiral Hallowell lias just decided on sending a ship ro Alicant, and I have merely time to state to your Lordship, and I do so with great re- gret, that I have been under the necessity of raising the siege of Tarragona, and embarking the army under my command. In my private letter of the 7th- instant, I men| iou< d to your Lordship the report of the assem- blage of the French forces at Barcelona, and that Mar- shal Suchet was likewise in march from Valencia; and stated it as mv opinion, that should these reports he confirmed, the object your Lordship had in view could not he accomplished. Unfortunately these rumours proved true • and reluctantly 1 resolved on raising the' frieze and embarking the army, as the only means of avoiding f? general action, which must have been fought under even disadvantage. 1 cannot at this moment refer to dates, hut it is sufficient for the present to state, that the French force at Barcelona was never rated to Trie nl less than 8ooo, and that previous to their march it would amount to 10,000, with fourteen pieces o ar- tillery I have, however, no a « count that it ever ex eeeded eight, and that is the number on which my cal- culation w « s fumed. This force, upon the evening ot the grh, or morning of the 1 ith, marched out from Barcelona, and entered Villa Franca at four o'clock in the cveijwig of the nth, from wh nee it was reported to me to march at twelve o'clock ai night for Vandrells, distant only eighteen or twenty miles from Tarragona, l> v the great toad, and a few miles farther by another road, by which cannon can easily pass. On the 91I1 or roth, the arrival of Marshal Suchet at Valencia was made known 10 me; his exact force was never perfectly ascertained, but from the intelligence received from Valencia, he marched from thence with 9000 men, and certaily in the rear of that place had the p^ wer of draw ing great reinforcements " to his army. To these must be added a body of 1000 men, whith had previ onhly arrived at Tortosa, and another corps, indepeti dent of the garrison of 2500 men, who had arrived at Lerida. These corps, which 1 am silte I do not exag- gerate, amount to 20,5,00 men, with which, in four or tive dajs, Marshal Sachet could attack the allied army, if he thought proper, ftr avo an sction if he still more to reinforce his army Your Lordship on the other baud will observe, that 1 could scarcely bring into the field 12.000 men, and that the army of Catalonia was stated to me at 85oo, making Qo. 5o<, of which two British Mid two Spanish divisions were at the Col de Balaguer, and could not he withdrawn, and I could not leave lews than 2500 to cover the artillery and stores, and to contain the garrison of Tarragona. The two corps at the least would amount 10 upwards ot 45oo men, leaving me 16,000 men to inert ihe l> e* t French troops in Spain, amounting to upwards of ,2' » , ooo. 44 S am sure there is nobody more willing to give full credit to the gallantry of the Spanish troops than I am : hut your Lordship well knows that they are unable to move, and I could not depend upon the execution of any order which necessarily obliged them to make a movement; and of troops of this description, 1 had about ra, 000 men. Unless, therefore, I could place them in position, which, as the French had the option of nighting- when and where they pleased, it was impos- sible 1 could place any reliance upon them. My British and German troops amount only to 4,5oo. Perhaps your Lordship may he of opinion, that, under these circumstances, I ought to have risked an action, had no other unfavourable objections existed 5 but when your Lordship is informed, that 1 bad no possibility of retreat if unsuccessful, that there would have been 110 hopes of embarkation if followed, and that the army, must have be 11 unavoidably lost, if beat, I venture 10 hope that your Lordship will think, however . ouch it is to be regretted, that I have adopted the only means of maintaining entire, or indeed « > f saving, an army on which so mm h depend-. I feel tb greater confidence in this hope, on reverting to the 18th paragraph of your Lordship's general instructions for the conduct of the campaign. I am folly aware that . there which may require further explanation, and upon all parts I shall be happy to give every explanation in my power. Your Lordship perhaps may be of opinion, that the place should have been taken . but, as it was far too strong to storm. I believe it not only to have been impossible, but that we should not have taken it in eight or ( en days ; my own regret is, that I continued the siege so long, induced by the hopes of the reinforcements 1 expected. I continued it lo the last moment, and and fortunately the weather proving favourable, the troops were embarked without molestation. On this favourable' circumstance 1 could not depend for ano ther day ; and, therefore, having taken my, part, 3 immediately put it in execution, and I regret to say that 1 was, in consequence, obliged to leave the guns in the most advanced bat terries. Had 1 remained ano- ther day, they might have been brought off, but this risk I would not run, when the existence of the army was at stake, not only from unfavourable weather, but from the appearance of an enemy, 111 whose presence I could tint have embarked perhaps at all, certainly not . without suffering a great loss, and without the possibi- lity of deriving any advantage, 44 I have only further at this time to add, should any blame he attached on' the failure of the expedition, no share of it can fall on Admiral Hallowell who conduct ed the naval branch of it. From that distinguished officer 1 have met with every assistance and co- opera tio. 11 in his power 5 and i think it only justice to him to state, that it was his opinion that the cannon in the batteries might have been saved by remaining till the night, ami that they then could have been brought oil. This, however, was a risk 1 did not wish to run for so trifling an object, and preferred losing them to the chance of the - embarkation being opposed, and of an eventual much more serious loss." Tuesday night's Gazette contains an Order in Coun- cil, directing all ships and vessels not having the plague, or any other infectious disease or distemper highly dan- gerous to 1 he health of his Majesty's subjects, actually on board, coming from or through the Mediterranean, or from the West Barbary on the Atlantic Ocean, and hound to the Western ports of the United Kingdom, to perform their quarantine at Milford Haven instead of Standgate Creek, as directed by a previous Order of Council, of the 5th of July, 1805..— The above Order does not apply to any ship or vessel in the actual ser- vice of Government, under the command of a com mis- sioned officer of his Majesty's navy.— The Gazette also contains an Order m Council, prohibiting the trans- porting- out of this Kingdom of any pig iron, bar- iron, hemp, pitch, rosin, or any other naval stores, from and after the 8th day of August next, which said Order to be in force for six months. Hie above prohibition not to extend to any ships or vessels in his Majesty's service, or to any of his Majesty's Colonies or Plantations. Two robberies have lately been committed in Charles street, Drury lane, which prove with what little caution men act who come from the country to the metropolis; they were both enticed into houses by females, and one of them was robbed of his watch and 5l ; in another posket he had notes t" the amount of 3,000l. which fortunately for him the girl did not^ examine. He had brought it to London to purchase into the funds. The other man had sold a small estate which produced him about 400I. will) which he came to London for the pur- pose of setting up in a small way of business, but was robbed of the whole amount. DEATH OF AN HONEST QUAKER.— On the istb ult. died Griffith Owen, aged 06 years, © ne of the Society of Friends 111 Liverpool Probity and integrity never shone with more refulgent lustre, than in the conduct of this man ; when upwards of 50 years of age, i; e, through adverse cii< umstances, failing in the payment of his debts, in Wales, his honest mind, revolting at the idea of any one suffering through him, formed the laudable resolution of endeavouring by the dint of in- dustry, to discharge his debts, fur which object he went to Liverpool, and although nothing more ilnu a day labourer, yet, by indefatigable exertion, combined with frugal ty and economy, he accomplished his design ; so zealous was he in the cause, that as soon as he had saved the trifling sum of two or time pounds, he with joyful steps, hastened on foot, to distribute it amongst his creditors of Wales, and this he repeated until lie accomplish* d bis desired object. Reader ! if thou hast any debts undischarged, take this man for an example, and do thou likewise; then, when upon a dying bed, thou, like him, will evince, that " the end of the up right man is peace," FLIMWELL TO HASTINGS TURNPIKE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that A MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the said Turnpike Road, will be holden at the house of James Emary, known by the sign of the George, in Battle, on Monday the second day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which Meeting the Trustees will LETT by AUCTION, from the 291I1 day of Sep- tember next, for ONE, TWO, or THREE YEARS, as shall be then agreed on, the TOLLS to arise from the several gates on the said road, in the manner di- rected by an Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of His present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, in the following lots, viz.— The Tolls arising from the gates, called Hurstgreen Gate, and Northbridge- street Gate, in one lot, which will be put tip at the stun of Four Hundred and Twen- six Pounds, being what they lett for the last year. The Toils arising from the Robertsbridge Gate, and the Level Gate, in Battle, in one other lot, which will be put up at the sum of Five Hundred and Fifteen Pounds, being what they lett for the last year. The Tolls arising from the Lake Gate, in Battle, aforesaid, and the Hastings Gate, in one other lot, which wiii be put up at the sum of Six Hundred and Ninety Pounds, being what they lett for the last year. And the Tolls arising from the Gate erected on Ro- bertsbridge Clappers, in one other lot, which will be put up at tint sum of One Hundred and Ninety Pounds, being what they lett for the last year. And whoever shall be the 4ie* t bidder, or bidders for such respective lots, \ iill be required, at the same time, to give secu- rity, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees > iben present, for the due payment of the rent, or rents, he or they shall, respectively, contract for, in such manner, , » ud at such times, ^ s shall he then agreed on. Dated ^ Jd June, la 13. T. BARTON, Clerk to the said Trustees. RIVER OUSE NAVIGATION. AGENERAL MEETING or Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the River Ouse Navi- gation for the present year,- will be holden at the Tyger Inn, in Lindfield, in the county of Sussex, on the second day of August next* being the first Monday in the month, at the hour of eleven iu the forenoon, pur suant to the statute pas- ted in the forty- sixth year of the reign of his present Majesty, imitUd, an Act for al- tering, amending, and rendering more effectual an Act passed in the thirtieth year of bis present Majesty, for improving the Navigation of the River Ouse, in the county of Sussex." SAMUEL WALLER, Cuckfield, July, 17th Cle< k to the said Company IS 13. of Proprietors. SUSSEX " INNKEEPERS the undersigned Committee of Inn- * * keepers, of the County of Sussex, for conducting the late Petition to Parliament, for an increase of the allowance for the subsistence of Soldiers, do HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, to our fellow Innkeepers and Publicans, that, in pursuance of an Act which has lately received, tile Royal Assent, the rale of allowance for the hot meal provided for the non- commissioned officers and private soldiers, on a march, is fur- ther encreased from Tenpence, to ONE SHIL- LING and TWO PENCE per diem, from the 25th day of June last. RICHARD HODD, White Mart Inn, Lewes. RICHARD INSOLL, Bear Inn, Lewes. JOHN DENNETT, White Horse Inn, Lewes. LEWES, 3d July, IS 13. Worthing TURNPIKE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a GE NERAL MEETING of Oie TRUSTEES of the abnyc Road, will he holden nl the lied Lion Inn, on Arlington Common, on Friday the 6th day of August nest at noon, at which meeting the tolls arising at the several Toll Gates upon the said road, called Wor- thing Gate, Ashington Gate, and Dial Post Gate, WILL BE LETT BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, from the 29th day of September next, at noon, for one or more years, as shall be then agreed on, which tolls produced in the year ending the iigth day of September, 1812, at the following sums, viz:— £ Worthing Gate ... 258 Ashington Gate ... 348 Dial Post Gate ... 330 and will he put up at those sums either separately or to- gether. Whoever happens to he the best bidder must, at the same titue. pay " one month's rent in advance, and give security with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees for th payment of the remainder of the rent, at such times as they shall appoint. CHAS. MARSHALL, Steyning, 29th June, 1313. Clerk to the Trustees. HORSHAM AND STEYNING TURNPIKE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT A GE- NERAL MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the Turnpike Road leading from< Horsham to Beeding, and from Steyning to the top of Steyning Hill, 111 the coun ty of Sussex, i9 appointed lo be holden at the King's Head Inn, in Horsham, on Thursday the 31I1 day of August next, at noun, at which Meeting the Tolls arts. ing it the several gates on the said road, called Hors- ham Gate, the Barrack Gate, Crock Kiln- Gate, Bine's Gate, Wappingthorn Gate, and Bramber Gale, WILL fir LETT BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, from the 2(); h day of September next, at noon, for one or more years, as shall be then agreed on. wb'eh - oils were ett f,, v the current year, ending the said ^ f) th day of September, at the following sums, viz:— £ Horsham Gate with the Barrack Gate Goo Bine's Gate and Crock- kiln Gate - - 130 Wappinglhorn Gate - - - - ] 3i> Bramber Gate ----- 213 and will be put up at those stmts either separately or together. Whoever happens to he the best bidder must, at the same time, pay one rnonih* s rent in advance, and give securitv, with sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trus- tees for the payment of the remainder of the rent at such tunes as they shall appoint. CHAS. MARSHALL, Steyning, June 2t) th, 1813. Clerk to the Trustees. TO BE SOLD OR LETT, With immediate Possession. ASubstantial Brick and Tile built DWEL- HOUSE, in ptood repair, consisting of a good c. f l! ir, seven rooms on the ground floor, five bed cham ber.-:, two attics, a w lied in . garden, with a well of ex- cellent water, and other conveniences, situate in Church Street, in the town of Uckfield, Sussex.— Apply to Mr. Jno Newnbam, of Uekfield To Mercers, Drapers, Grocers, TO BE LETT, And entered upon immediately, AN EXCELLENT DWELLING HOUSE, and large and commodious shop, with detached hrewhouse?, stable, a : d warehouse, ' and a large garden adjoining, situate 111 the populous and flourishing vil- lage or town of Pulborough, Sussex, and late in the occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Hastings, ( who has re- tired from business). The House comprises a long established, and well accustomed shop, with two bow windows, a parlour in tiie front and another behind, kitchen, five bed cham- bers, with attics over them, and a store- room, and good cellaring. On tlis premises a considerable trade, in the drapery, grocery, and general shop keeping, lines, has been carried on for many years ; and the whole concern offers an excellent situation for an improving business ; the navigable River Arun passing at the bottom of the premises, whereby goods of all descriptions may be brought from London and elsewhere, without the ex- pence of land carriage; and at Pulborough is now holden the largest market in that part of the country. Far further particulars and information^ apply to Mr. Jupp, Codmer Hill, Pulborough. 14th July, 1813. LANDED ESTATES,— SUSSEX & HANTS. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Mr. SHEE, Agent for selling and letting ( by public auction, or private contract), hiring or buying ( on commission) Estates, Farms, Mansions, and Manors, No, 4!, Southampton- Row, Russell- Square, the following Es tates No. 1. A FREEHOLD MANSION, in ihe South of Hampshire, most beautifully si- tuate, with views of the Isle of Wight, Spithead, & c. together with l io, 150, or 260 acres of capital land. No. 2. A SPORTING LODGE, in Hants, three miles from Newbury, with 50 acres meadow land, fds of which can be irrigated. No. 3. A charming FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, iu Sussex. 30 mile from London, with 4<> acres of excel lent land, and with or without a Farm of 30 acres, with a cottage, villa, and suitable offices. No. 4. In Sussex, 50 miles from London, ail highly improvable FREEHOLD FARM, of 350 acres capital land. Letters to be post paid. is. B. Wanted to rent or purchase, a small Farm, from 40 to loo acres of improvable or good land, with* iu 40 miles of London* SUSSEX, near the SEA COAST, with possession1 at Michaelmas next. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Freehold Estate, desirable either with a view to the investment of Capital,-- for occupation,— or a,* a sporting, properly, consisting of a Messuage or Farm house, called FRENCH COURT, barn, stable, oa* thouse, and other outbuildings, brick and tile kiln, ( with earth of an acknowledged superiority) and / 40 aeies, and 12 perches of arable, meadow, pasture, bop ami wood Land, of which the portion of woodland is about 64 ai res, sitiiate in the several parishes of Fair- iight and Pelt. The plain lands are now occupied by Mr. Henry Gorham, Under a fourteen yearns lease, which will expire at Michaelmas next, when an improved time's rent may readily be obtained for ihe whole Es tat . This estate is rendered peculiarly eligible from its Independent nature, being absolutely free from all claim to quit- rents, heriots, and manorial rights and interfe- rence whatever, except the privilege of the Lord of the Manor of French Court, otherwise Fairlight, to hold his Courts in the Farm- house, this property having for nierly constituted the demesne lands of the ihe said manor, from which it was separated upwards of ao years ago. French Court Farm is distant about four miles from Hastings, the same from Winchelsea, and from Rye, six miles May be viewed 011 application to the tenant at French Court. l or further particulars apply to George Palmer, esq. Solicitor, 6, Doughty- street ; or at the Office of Messrs. Lucas Shad well, Bishop, and Thorpe, Hastings. July, 1813- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Lamb Inn, East Bourne, on Thursday the 29th July, inst, at six o'clock in the evening, ( except in the mean time it should be disposed ot' by private contract, of which the earliest notice will be given,) the following Copyhold and Freehold ESTATES, si- tunte at East Bourne, in the county of Sussex, viz. Lot 1. A COPYHOLD HOUSE, situate in the li pleasant village of Meads, in Eastbourne, comprising two parlours, a drawing- room, 21 feet by 18 feet, a kitchen, bakehouse, wash house, two good cellars, seven good bed- rooms, a coach- house, and sta bling for four horses, a large yard, with a well of ex- cellent water j a large garden walled in, and planted with choice fruit trees, commanding an extensive view of the sea, South Downs, Be achy Head, See, Lot 2. THREE COTTAGES, situate at Meads, aforesaid, with a good garden to each. Lots 3, 4, 5, and < 5, A FREEHOLD FIELD, of four acres, situate in a laine, called Demons, to be di- vided into four plots for building, about I08 feet by lot) feet, leaving a road in front. The whole field is enclosed, with a good stone wall, and commands beau- tiful and extensive views of the sea, Pevensey Bay, Hastings, Fairlight, ccc, also over the most delightful cornfields, immediately in front Lot 7. One acre of FREEHOLD LAND, lying also in the Dentons aforesaid, a delightful spot to build on, having beautiful and extensive views of- the sea, &, c. Lot 8. One acre of FREEHOLD LAND, situate in the Quarry Furlong, abutting to the sea, of which it commands views bounded only by the horizon. Beachy Head, the South Downs, and surrounding country* Lot 9. A FREEHOLD PIECE of LAND, contain- ing three rood*, also in the Quarry Furlong, command- ing beautiful and extensive views of the sea, South Downs, & c. Lot 10. One acre and a half of FREEHOLD LAND, likewise iu the Quarry Furlong, aforesaid, command- ing land and sea views of great extent and beauty. The whole may be viewed, and particulars known by applying to J. WHITE, Builder and Auctioneer, South Bourne. A Card to the Ladies of the County of Sussex. AMONGST those Discoveries which have tended to en v j-, ance charms ot personal beauty without iniurin he constitution, the celebrated GOWLAND's LOTION ;> s repared by Mrs. VINCENT, has for a long series of? ears been, pre- emient. It is an imperious duty to ramie n the public against vile Imitations', Mrs. VINCENTS GOW- LAND's LOTION" is the only genuine preparation, and its superior efficacy in removing all disorders, of the skin, and im- parling a delectable appearance to the complexion, lias been authenticated by testimonials from persons of high rank and fashion. Sold by Mrs. Vine nt, No. 6, Davies- street, Gro:. venor- • quare, London-; and Lewes, by' Mr. Lee, Adams, Pitt, Davey, and Pegh ; in Brighton, by White, No. 2, North- Street. and Phillipson • in Horsham, b Maun ; in Chiches- ter, by Phillipson, Cottreil, a~ nd Pratt; and by all the re-* spertabie Venders cf Genuine- Medicines, in Quaris 8s. 6d. Pint:, 5s. 6d. Half Pints 2s 9d. To prevent counterfeits, Mrs. Vincens signs her name upon the label on each bottle that is genuine. R Heumatisms Palsies, and Gouty Affections, with the; r usual cone > mitarifs. Spasm, or fixing pains, flatulency, indigestion, and general debility, ( origina- ting in whatever soiree) are relieved and frequently Cured- by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard Pills, after every other means had failed. The. Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pill ) in those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, gene- rally curing Chilblains by one application, and the severest Sprains and Bruises, in less than half the time usually taken by any other Liniment or Embrocation, and if used immediate- ly after any ^ e^ ident it prevents the part turning black. White- head's Family Cerate is eqt; a! ly eflicacious for broken Chilblains, all ill- conditioned- ores, sure legs, scorbutic eruptions, botches pimples, ring- worms, shingles, breaking* out of the face, nose, ears, and eyelids, sore head*; and scorbutic humours of every description. Prepared and Sold by R. Johnston, apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London ; the Essence and Pills are 2s. 9d. each. The Cerate at Is. 11 and 2s. 9d.— The> are also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter, Lewes; Mr. White, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton ; Monday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham; Cuthbert, Battle; Coleman, Rye ; Pratt and Phillipson, Chichester $ and every Msdicine | Vender in the United Kingdom. Mann's Approved Medicine. Recommended by Physicians, and patronized by La- dies and Gentlemen of the first distinction. SOLD in bottles at 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. each, du- ty included, engraved on th stamp, 44 THOS. MANN, HORSHAM, SUSSEX," the Inventor and sole Proprietor, without which it cannot he genuine. No medicine has been so much blessed in restoring such multitudes, when all hopes of recovery have been given over in Consumptions, Coughs, Colds, Convulsion Fits, long standing Asthmas, Hooping Cough, Influenza", Dropsy, Relaxed Habits, or in a low Nervous debilitated stale. Also Ladies in a pregnant state m, « v take doses of lo or 15 drops, with perfect safety: and the infant from the first week, to the aged, in any state. Ample directions accompany each bottle, with many authentic cures; amongst which is one from an eminent Physician, together with if> affidavits, sworn before different Jus- tices of the Peace for the county of Sussex, and many other respectable characters, who have witnessed their name to many astonishing cures effected by. this cele- brated. Remedy. It strengthens the coat of the sto- mach, helps digestion, creates an appetite, and reani- mates the whole frame. Mr. PETER LEONARD, aged 59 years, rf the 1st Battalion of the 44th Regiment, had been aliln ted with an asthma for fourteen years ; on his return from Malta to England, he could not lay d « » wu to rest for two months, owing to the shortness of breath and violent cough, being obliged to be bolstered up in his b- d ; on his coming to Horsham Barracks application was made to Mr. Maun, of Horsham, by taking his APPROVED MEDICINE, great benefit was soon exps. nennd, that he could take his rest with comfort, and b\ the testi mony of his own hand, be believes by the blessing of God, it has been the means of saving bis life. Witness my hand, at Horsham, this 12th day of January, ltil3 « PETER LEONARD. CORN EXCHANGE, July 19- Our market is extremely dull for mo t kinds of grain at present... Foreign Wheat still at lives fiee* lyj but the quality is inferior, as is the English Wheat which arrived this, morning 5 of the latter* the supply this day was not plentiful, yet there is little demand, and prices ate in general about 2s, per quarter lower thai last Monday.—- Bailey was' rather scarce this morning, and in demand, and^ freely obtained our last quoted prfces.-^ Pease of both kinds remain steady, but Beans are in abun- dance this morning, and hang on hand* although' offered full 2s. per quarter below our last quotation1 —- The supply of English Oats since otir last of this day se'nnight, has been but small, but there are several cargoes of Irish, and having but a small? demand, the sales go on but very heavily at a re- duction of full 3s. per quarter upon fine samples; there is no sale for inferior.— The Flour trade is likewise dull. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 88s. 93s. 1 Beans 74s. 78s. Fine ditto lo5$ lins. j Fine ditto s. 8fs* Rye 58s. 0.3s. j Oats 30s. 363 Barley 43s. 48$ j Poland ditto 80s.- 35s. Malt 86s- 88s. i Potatoe ditto 43s. 46s. White Pease > I Rape Seed 381. 4< 2l. ( boilers) J y , s' Fine Flour 105s. l ios. Grey Pease Gs$ s. 72s. 1 Seconds 05s- loos. PRICE OF SEKDS. R. CIover( n-) ( Vis. ( id. to inns. Od. per cwl. Eng. ditto 4< 1s. <) d. to I00s. Od. ditto White ditto 80s. od. to 140s. Od. ditto Trefoil 10s. Od. to 50s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 2Ss- Od. to 45s. Od. per quarter Turnip 10s Od, to 14s. Od. per bushel Red & Green 12s. Od. to Hi*. Od. ditto W. Must. S. 8s. fid. to 12s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto 16s. Od. to 20s. Od. ' ditto Carraway Seeds - - 70s. 75s. ditto Coriander Seeds - - 82s. S3s. ditto Cinque Foin - 60s. to 60s. per quarter. Canary- - 100s. 105s. ditto. Oil Cake, at the Mill, =£ iG () s. per thousand^ PRICE OF BREAD. Mis Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be sold at I8^ d. the quartern loaf, wheaten, CALCULATION S. d. Sack of Flour - - 109 gi Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 123 Eighty Quartern Loaves al t8| d. 123 4 In favour of the Baker - - UXBRIDGE. Corn- Inspector's Return.— Thursday July 15. Wheat per. Load. 25l. 10s. to 361. 10s. Barley per Quart. 53s. Od. to 56s. Od. Oats ' 45s. Od. to 55s. Od. Beans - - - - 17s. Od. to 84s. Od. SMITHFlELD - MARKET, July !<)• To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s d. s. d. 1 Head of Cattle, this day Beef 5 0 to 6 4 j Beasts - - 1640 Mutton A 6 to 0 (> i Sheep & Lambs l6tK><> Lamb 6 o to 7 6 j Calves - r 2, lf » Veal 6 n to 7 0 Pigs - - 170 Pork 6 0 to 7 8 I > NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS. s. d. s.' d. ^ d. s. d. Beef 4 4 to 5 tt ! Veal rr a to 6 8 Mutton0 to 5 10 | Pork 6| 0 to 7 8 Lamb 5 0 to 6 8 PRICE OF LEATHER d. d. Butts, 50lb. a 561b. - 23 a « 5 % Ditto, 501b a 061b. - 27 a 28 Merchants' Backs - 22 a 24 Dressing Hides - 20| a 2| J Fine Coach Hides - 2- 2 a 23 Crop Hides for Cutting 2ui a 22 Ordinary - - — a — Tanned Horse - 22 a 25 Calfskins, 30lb, to 40' b. 32 a 38 -, 5i lb. to-. 70lb. 38 a 45 — , 70lb. to 80lb. 40 a 44 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 34d. 36d. . large, per doz. 13" s, 190s a od. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. £ s. d. £ s. d. Average. Hay 3 0 O to A 12 o— 4 6 ' 0 Straw - 1 10 0 to 2 3 0- 1 19 9 WHITECHAPEL- Hay 4 0 0 to 5 12 0— 4 16 0 Straw 1 10 0 to 2 6 0— 2 1 o Clover 6 0 0 to 7 0 0— G 10 0 SMITH FIELD Clover 5 15 0 t.> 0 10 0- 6 2 6 2d Crop 0 0 0 to 0 0 0-- 0 0 O . Old Hay 4 10 0 to 5 10 0— 5 0 O Inferior" 3 0 0 to 0 0 0— 0 0 0 Straw 1 16 0 to 2 2 0— 1 19 6 PRICE OF TALLOW; * s. d I St. James's Market 5 6 | Town Tallow 94 0 Clare Market 5 5 Yellow Russia 90 o Whitechapel ditto 5 5 White ditto 87 o — Soap ditto 85 O 16 4 Melting Stuff SO O Average price 5 51 Ditto rough 58 o Graves 28 o Yellow Soap, 102s.— Mottled, I 14s. Curd, US Candles, per doz. 13s. 6d — Moulds, 15s. od, 6d. per dozen allowed for ready money. PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. £ s. £ s.. £ ' a. £ t. Kent 9 0 to 1 1 0 Kent 10 0 to 13 0 Sussex 8 0 to 10 0 Sussex 9 0 to 11 O Essex 9 0 to U 0 Farnham 16 0 to 20 O Yearl C ° 10 ° 0 Pock Bags Pock 0 0 to 0 0 Duty 135.000. RAW HIDES. ' Best Heifers and Steers, per st. 3s 2d to 3s 6d Middlings '. 9s 8d to 2s lOd Ordinary 2s 4d to 2s Cd Market Calf.... od to] 8s od English Horse 14s Od to 16s Od Shearling .. lod.— Lamb sk. Os lSd to Os 33d Printed and publish tl by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & c. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SMITHERS, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth; Mr. WHITE, Arundel Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM PALMER, East- Grinsted; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; Mr. COLEMAN, RYE; and by the NEWSMEN
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