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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3479
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 28/06/1813
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3479
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. Printed anD published bp antj Cor William anD Arthur Lee. VOL LXV. NO. 3479 J MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1813. [ PRICE. SIX - PENCE , This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY- YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts ot KENT, SURREY s and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, and Mr. WHITE, FLEET STREET, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & c. will be recfcived and punctually forwarded to the Publisher.' It m'a>' ALSO be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. THE COMMITTEE for mamisjins the I Affairs of the OLD TONBRIDGE- BANK, beg to acquaint the Public, that agreeably to the resolution of the General Meeting" held in December last, they met to pay the first Instalment, of the Demands on the House of Messrs. CHILDREN, " WOODGATE, and SCOONES, at the BANK ROOM, TON BRIDGE TOWN, on MONDAY the SEVENTH Instant. And that they met for the same Purpose on TUESDAY, ^ following Day. And that thev will meet at the same Place on every MONDAY, during the present Month of June, and afterwards on every first Tuesday in the month, from ELEVEN till THREE o'Clock, for continuing the Payment of the first Instalment and Interest. TON BRIDGE,, JUNE, 1813: ROMAN ANTIQUITIES AT BIGNOR. GTUPPF. Il begs leave t » inform the public, that . in addition to the MOSAIC PAVEMENTS dis. • Covered in the remain* of a Roman Villa, at Bignor, anil which - are securtd hy buildings erected over them, a FOURTH lias been lately found, a id is now open for insertion, 3- J feet long, and wide, richly orna- mented and containing a variety of very curious figures. Some of tin flues may also lie seen under tlie pavement, by which the room was warmed. Admission, ONE SHILLING. PEVENSEY TYTHE. IHERERY give NOTICE, that I shall attend at the New Inn, in Pevensey, on Monday the fifth day of July next, at nine o'clock in tlie morning, to receive the TYTHE of that Parish, which became duc- at Lady day last. Lewes, iqth June, 1813. J. HOPER. P" URSGLOVE'S CREDITORS. — Such of the Creditors of Robert Pursglove, of Herstmonceux, butcher, its have not been paid a composition of twelve shillings in the pound, « n their respeaive debts, may receive the same, on application nt the office of Messrs, Lucas Shad well. Bishop, and Thorpe, Solicitors, Has- tings, any time before the fifth of July next— 15th June, 1813. CHICHESTER AND PET WORTH DUKE OF RICHMOND new POST COACH, sets out from the Belle Savage, Ludgate Hill; Angel, St. Clement's ; mid Ship, Charing Cross, every morning ( except Sun- day) at half past six, arrives at the Fleece Inn, Chi- chester, to dinner, and tu good time to proceed to Bognor, Emsworth, nod Havnnt. N. B. All trade parcels w ill be charged as ' low as pos , H. le, Hod if sent by the above conveyance much delay will he prevented, ARUNDEL, LITTLE HAMPTON, AND PET- WORTH POST COACHES, will in future set nut from the Belle Sauvage, Ludgate Hill; Angel, St Clements; and Ship, Charing Cross, every morning, except Sunday, at half past six, for the summer season. BRIGHTON and LONDON DUKE of NORFOLK new and most excellent POST COACH, carrying four insides only, through Henfield, Horsham, Dorking, Leatherhead. Ewell, Epson, Mordon, and Tooting, sets nut from the Red' Coach Office, to, Castle Square. Brighton, every morning^ at ten o'clock, to the Angel Inn, St. Clements, lie- He Sauvage, Ludgate Hill, and Spread Eagle, Gracechurch street, London .— Perfnrm- by JOHN EAMES, WM. HORNE, & CO. ARMY CONTRACTS. v . Commissary in Chief's Office, Great George Street, London, I4ihJune, I HI 3. NOTICE, is heteliy given to all persons desi- rous of contracting to supply FRESH BEEF and MUTTON, to his Majesty's Land Forces in Can- tonments, Quarters, and Barracks, in the undermenti- oned Counties aud Islands: Anglesea, Isle of Wight, Bedford, Kent, Berks, ( including the town Lancaster, of Hungerford,) Leicester, Berwick, Lincoln, Brecon, Merioneth, Bucks, Middlesex, Cambridge, ( including the j Monmouth, town of New market,) Montgomery, Cardigan, Norfolk, Carmarthen, Northampton, Carnarvon, Northumberland, Chester, Nottingham, Cornwall, ( including Scil- Oxford, ly) Pembroke, Cumberland, Radnor, Denbigh, Rutland, Derby, Salop, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Stafford, Durham, ( including Holy Suffolk, Island,) Surrey, Essex, Sussex, Flint, Warwick, Glamorgan, Westmorland, Gloster, ( including tlie ci- Wilts, ty of Bistol), Worcester, Hants, York, Hereford, Hertford, And in the several Coun- Hunts, ties in North Britain. Isle of Man, That the deliveries are to commence nn and for the Twenty fifth day of September next; that proposals in writing, sealed up and marked. Tender for Army Sup lilies, w ill be received at this Office, on or before Wed- nesday the. Twenty- fifth day of August ( but none will lie received after Twelve o'clock on that day), and, if sent by post, the postage must be paid. Proposals niust be made separately for each county ond island, except for the counties comprising North aud South Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender, as also must the several counties in North Bri- tain 5 and each " proposal must have the letter which is annexed to the tender properly tilled up, by two per- sons of known property engaging to become bound with the party tendering in the amount stated in the print- ed particulars for the due performance of the contract; « nd no proposal will be noticed unless made on a punt- ed tender, and the prices expressed in words at length ; 4 aIJ<\ should it so happen that during the continuance of « be controct, 110 troops should be stationed or supplied in the county, the expence of the contract and bond, paid in the first instance by the contractor to be refund- ed to him by the Commissary iu Chief, Particulars of the contracts may be had upon appli- cation at this Office, between the hours of eleven and five; aud at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Lindesay Edinburgh. IMPORTANT TO THE ARMY. Band W. RIDGE, of CHICHESTER, having • established extensive Warehouses in that City, beg leave to offer iheir services in furnishing the Army iu general, hut more particularly Regiments passing through the Sussex District, with Necessaries, Clothing, and Accoutrements, of every description. Their Stores are so extensive,' and such arrangements have been made to merit patronage and approbation, that a Regiment may be supplied, at au hour's notice, with every article required for the complete equipment of the Soldier. N. B. Regiments going to, or returning from the Peninsula, would find great advantages in the com 10n tv of the above warehouses to Portsmouth. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meet- ing of the Trustees of the Turnpike - road, leading from the town of Brighthelmston, through Cuckfield, to the County Oak, on Lovel Heath, in the county of Sussex, is appointed to be holden at the Tal hot Inn, in Cuckfield. on Thursday, the 2jd day of July next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon, at whjeh Meeting, between the hours of twelve and two of the same day, the Tolls arising at the several toll gates on the said road, called Preston, Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty, and Ansty Side Gate, Slough Green, Handcross, I field Bar. and Crawley Gates, WILL BE LETT BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, for 011c year, from. the 3oth day of September next, in tin manner directs d by the act pas scd in the 18th year of his present Majesty's reign,** for regulating the Turnpike- Roads," and will be put up m two Lots, viz. Slough- Green, Handcross, I field Bar, aud Crawley Gates, in the first lot ; and Preston, Stone Pound, St. John's Bar, Ansty, aud Ansty Side Gates, in the second lot ; which Tolls were lett tlv last year at several rents or sums following, viz. Slough Green, Handcross, I field Bar, and Crawley Gates, at the sum of C1570, and Preston, Stone Pound, St. John's Bar, Ansty, and Ansty Side Gates, at the sum of £* 15- 2" i, and will be respectively put tip nt tlnise sums. Whoever happens to be the highest bidder, must nay into the hands of the Treasurers of the said Road, uo months' rent iu advance, aud also give security,, with sufficient sureties, to the. satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Road, for payment of the remainder, at such times as they shall direct. SAM. WALLER, Clerk to the Trustees of tlie said Road). CONE BOROUGH PARK. TO BE LETT, For a Term of Seven or Ten Years, From May in, l8< 3 THE - above Residence, delightfully situated JL within three miles of Lewes, nine of Brighthelm- ston. and 4ti of London. The Mansion comprises a good entrance hall, a drawing- room etjfi. 6in. by 19ft. dining- room art by 18 feet, two small parlours, billiard room, library, breakfast room, convenient nursery, eight best bed chambers, dressing room, and good attics, with suitable offices, attached and detached ; good kitchen gardens, coach- house, and stabling for tti horses. The Park contains 5l> acres of the best- conditioned land for deer, and excellent fish ponds. The tenant will have the privilege of shooting and hunting over an extensive manor. For further partiiulars apply to Messrs. Forster, Cook, and Freere, New- Square, Lincoln's Inn, London; or to Mr. Stephen Grantham, Stoneham, near Lewes, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE, CONTRACT, A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, buildings, and XI large garden, exonerated from the land lax, situ- ate in tiie parish of Saint Thomas in the Cliffe, near Lewes, fate the property, and iu the occupation of the Rev. Dr. Delap, deceased. For panic ulars enquire of Mr. SMITH, Solicitor, at Lewes. Most desirable Property on the Sea- Coast, sixty- four Miles from London. TO BE. SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. AMOST VALUABLE ESTATE, part Free- hold and the remainder Copyhold", situate at Bexhill, iti the county of Sussex ; comprising a sub- stantial modern Dwelling house, fit for the reception ot a family of respectability, with all necessary attach- ed and detached offices, walled garden fully cropped, plantations and pleasure grounds, the whole perfectly secluded from the village, and commanding a most beautiful view over Pevensey Bay, East Bourn, and the adjacent country. A newly. erected DWELLING HOUSE, garden, and pleasure ground, and every requisite office, together with about iG acres of meadow land, extremely fertile, and, having been fur many years in the occupation of the proprietor, in a high state of cultivation. Bexhill is one of the most healthy and pleasant si- tuations 011 the coast of Sussex, and well adapted for sea- bathing, for which purpose it is occasionally resort- ed to: it is six miles from Hastings, 14 from- East- Bourn, aud ti4 from London. This estate holds out an opportunity for investing ca- pital seldom to be met with; as, from the increasing population of the place, every species of landed pro- perty is rapidly advancing in value. Several lots of this property have been sold for great prices as building ground, for which purpose there is every prospect of the remainder being appropriated. I'or it view of the Estate, apply to Mr. Mate, Post- Office, Bexhill; aud to treat for purchase to Messrs. Shad well, Bishop, and Co. solicitors, Hastings; and to Mr. James, New Boswell- Court, Lineoln's- lnn, London. N. B. Houses are bolls furnished; and a pur. chaser may be admitted immediately as Tenant till the completion of the purchase. FREEHOLD ESTATE, SHIPLEY, SUSSEX, TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by PLUMER jL and SON, at the King's Head Inn, Horsham, on Saturday, the loth day of July, 1813, between tlie hours of three anil five in the afternoon, a FREE- HOLD MESSUAGE or tenement, barn, stable, smoother convenient outbuildings, with 28 acres ( more or less), of exceedingly good arable and meadow land, called WHITEMAN'S, in the parish of Shipley, seven miles front Horsham, iu the occupation of Edward Worsfold. F'or further particulars, apply to Mr. Isaac Dean, at Nash Farm, Thakeham ; or the Auctioneers, Horsham TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, 1 A Copyhold Farm, called the THE HURTERS, consisting of a good Dwelling- House, barn, hovel, yard, & c. and, by estimation, about 50 acres ( he the same more or less) of meadow, pasture, arable, and wood- land, lying in the hamlet of Chiltington, in the parish of Westmeston, Sussex, holden of the manor of Woot- ton, and has an extensive right to commonage on Chai- ley Common. Possession may be had at Old Michael- mas next. The above would be a desirable acquisition to a Downish Farmer, being dry, sound land for sheep, and very conveniently situated for improvements, being witliiu half a mile of the turnpike- road leading from Lewes to Charley. Apply to the proprietor, near the premises.— N. B. Part of the purchase- money KJay lie on mortgage, if required. CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE, HUNDRED* MANORS, and RESIDENCE, Near the Sea, in Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AN elegant anci . capital MANSION HOUSE, called HERSTMONCEUX PLACE, with all re- quisite offices for a great. Establishment, and an ancient Park, a Lawn, Plantation*.' aml Gardens, command- ing extensive and beautiful V rospects of Land and Sea. And several adjoiuing FARMS' containing, in the whole, HS4A. IR. 11P. of rich Meadow, Pasture, Ara- ble, and Wood Land, lying verv compactly, with suit- able Farm Houses, Cottages, a.*.* Outbuildings, and situate in the parishes of Herstmonceux and Wartling, in Sussex. V Also, a HUNDRED, and three vrrt. aable MANORS, extending aver a large tract of country, " bounding with GAME. — The Quit. rents, Fines, and Heriots belong- ing to which Manors are very considerable. The MANSION HOUSE "( which is in complete re- pair) the MANORS, and 5I8A. ( ill. asP. ot" LAND, ; re now iu hand ; the residue is i. et to respect,^ hle te- nants. , In the Park are the Ruins of an ancient, noble, and SPACIOUS CASTLE. Distances:— irom London, 59 miles; from Battle f> ; from Eastbourne, 10; from Hastings, 14; from Harl- sham, 4 ; and from the Sea, 5. Applications tu be made to Mr. E. Ellis, 49, Hatton- Garden, London ; or lo Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes ; with whom Plans of the Estate are left, and from whom orders may be obtained to view it. KENT. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ACapital FREEHOLD ESTATE, of 240 Acres, incjisdinof 4.100 Oak Trees, and near 20 Acres of Hop and Fruit Plantation, in a high state of cultiva- tion, very pleasantly situated on the Turnpike- road, in tlie wealthy aud truly respectable neighbourhood of Tenterden, late the residence of William Wells, Esq. deceased. Immediate possession may be had, and the greatest part of the purchase money may remain on security if required. The premises consist of a small Mansion House, fit for the residence of a Gentleman Farmer; two detached Bailiff's Houses; five barns; two oast houses; a cot- tage, and other out buildings; together with 240 acres of rich meadow, arable, orchard, and 20 acres of Hop plantation, in a high state of cultivation; and 4500 oak tree's of a vigorous growth, which are intended to be included in the price of the Estate. This most desirable property is very pleasantly si- Uiated on the Turnpike road leading; into one of the pleasantest Villages in the county, and only a quarter of a mile from the church, in the midst of good mar- kets, aud the London coaches pass through the Estate, which wiil be sold at a price that will produce, if let, a rental of near 5 pti cent, exclusive of the growth of the timber. Any Gentleman inclined to enter into the Farming Business will find this a most desirable opportunity, as the land and Plantations are iu a good state of cultiva- tion, and the timber in a thriving state, the soil being particularly congenial to the growth thereof; and is presumed will, iu a few years, be of greater value than the Estate itself. The new Canal will pass within half a mile of the Estate, which will very much improve the value. If required, a price will be made of the land, in- cluding all the stock and effects thereon, ( houshold furniture excepted) and possession will be given imme- mediately, Midsummer, or Michaelmas next. No. 2, a small but " desirable - Farm, containing 50 acres. — No. 3, a ditto, containing 26 acres — No. 4, 120 acres of Wood Land, with the underwood now stand- ing and growing thereon.— Also a desirable Farm of 135 acres, and 3ooo oaks. The above Estates, adjoining each other, are abun. dantly supplied with Game, and will be sold either separate or together. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid ) to Mrs. Wells, on the premises; of the Executors; of Mr. Wildes, Solicitor, Maidstone; or of the Printers of the Sussex Advertiser. SUSSEX. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AN excellent FAMILY HOUSE, in complete repair, consisting of a convenient entrance hall breakfast, dining, drawing and a sleeping rooms, with very good offices ; a three- stall stable, double coach- house, brew house, wash house, and dairy, and soft water in great plenty, and extensive kitchen garden in high cultivation. The premises are copyhold, of the manor of Frant, and are most pleasantly situated on Frant Green near the church, about two miles from Tonbridge- Wells, and may be viewed by application to the Occupier. Possession may be had as soon as the purchase is completed. For particulars applv ( if by letter post paid) to SCOONES and SON, TON BRIDGE, Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. FAREBROTHER, At the Auction Mart, in the City of London, on Thursday July 1st. 1313, ( by order of and before the Commissioners named and authorised iu and by a Commission of Bankrupt against WILLIAM PHIL- LIPS, of Brighthelmston, Builder.) ALL those three pieces or parcels of FREEHOLD LAND, containing Twenty Pauls, or Two Acres and an half, tenantry measure, lying in the third fur- long in the Hilly Laine, in Brighthelmston, now or late in the occupation of the Bankrupt. Further particulars maybe obtained by applying at the Odice of Mr. George Palmer, solicitor, No. 6, Doughty- street, London; or to Mr. Hill, solicitor, Brighton. LINGFIELD, SURREY. Freehold Land and Tithes, Lingfield, in the County of Surry, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Liy MESSRS. DRIVER, At the Evelyn Anns, New Chapel, near Eastgrinstead, Sussex, on Wednesday, 3oth June, tit two o'clock, in ten lots, ( unless previously disposed of by private contract,) AVERY improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, most delightfully situate in the parish of Ling- field, in tlie county of Surry, two miles from East- grinstead, seven from Godstone, and about 28 from Lon- don, consisting of about 200 acres of newly enclosed land, remarkably eligible for building upon, command ing the richest and most extensive views. Also the great and small TITHES, of a large and compact Farm, together with sundry small Farms, ' Cottages, and Parcels of Land, also situate within the s& me parish. Printed Particulars may be bad at the Evely Arms, New Chapel; White Hart, Godstone; King's Arms, Croydon ; of H. Barrow, esq. Eastgrinsted ; and of Messrs Driver, Surveyors, and Land Agents, Kent Road* or at their Offices, in the Auction Mart. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. MOTT, At the Queen's- Head Inn, Hawkhurst. on the I2lh of Au- gust, 1813, between the hours of four and six in the afternoon, if not in the mean time disposed of by Private Contract, of which, should it happen, notice will be given ;'• ' - ' ' AFREEHOLD FARM, situate in tlie parish of Benenden, near the paper mill, and adjoining the parishes of Hawkhurst and Sandhurst, Kent, and con- taining s6A. lR. 3si', of excellent arable, meadow, and pasture Land, and a late planted Hop Garden, for whit> h the land has been very productive and kindly. The Land tax is redeemed. Tbe. Tythe for hops and grass is by modus, at two pence per acre, ami that certain. Possession may be h;* d at Michaelmas next, or at any time, hy taking the Effects in the customary manner. No part of the payment ( security being given) will be required before the month of November or December, 1813. For particulars, apply to Mr. Richard Winch, El- fords, Hawkhurst, Kent, who will shew the premises • and where a ma, p may be seen. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. STUBBS, Under three several Commissions of Bankruptcy, at the Steyne Hotel, Worthing, on Monday the lath day of July, 1813, at Twelve o'clock at noon, in three Lots, entitling the owners to vote at all Elections for the £ tape ot Bramber, and also fur the County of Sussex LOT I. A Commodious, FREEHOLD DWELLING XI. HOUSE, No. 4, Bedford- Row, fit for the resi- dence of Family, or a Lodging House, late the pro- petty of William Cook, a bankrupt. LOT II. A Freehold DWELLING HOUSE, in Chapel Field, late the property of Henry Knight, a bankrupt, in the possession of LOT III. A valuable plot of Freehold BUILDING GROUND, opposite the Steyne, lane the property of William Weeks, a bankrupt. Particulars may be half i."' the Hotel, Worthing; the Old Ship Tavern, Brighton-^ Norfolk Arms, Arundel. Dolphin, Chichester: Star, Lewes; king's Head, Hors ham; of the Printers of tlie County Papers; of Mr, Withy, Solicitor, Buckingham street, Strand; of Mr. Watts, Solicitor; and Mr. Stubbs the Auctioneer, at Worthing. CHIGWELL HALL, in ihe COUNTY - J ESSEX TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Oa the Premises, BY VERRALL AND SON. On Thursday the 1- t. day < f July, 1813, at eleven o'clock, A IX the Farming LIVE ajid DEAD STOCK vf the A late Thomas Tourle, esq. of Chigwell Hall, in the county of Essex, comprising A:- ouc 50 Quarters of unthreshed Wheat. About 50 Acres of growing Wheat. About 30 Acres of Oats. About 80 acres of Grass, ready for cutting. About 6 acres of Potatoes. About- iv'O Loads of excellent meadow- und clover Hay. About 50 Loads of trussed Straw. 5 capital milch Cows and' Calves A true- bred Sussex Bull. A ditto Heifer. 4 Cart Horses— 3 Cart Colts— 3 Saddle and Gig Horses 35 South Down Sheep— 5 Hogs. Three waggons, nine carts, five ploughs, six harrows, three rollers, and other husbandry implemen- s ia general; a neat gig and harness, a domestic carriage, and a great variety of other effects. Catalogues tobe bad, in due time, at the Cock, Epping ; Falcon, Waltham Cross; Green Man, Harlow; Bull, Ongar ; Blackboy, Chelmsford ; White- Hart, Rumford ; George, Woodford; King's- Head, Chigwell Bull, - White Chapel; Auction Mart, opposite the Bank of England ; and of the Auctioneers. A most desirable Residence for a small genteel Family, in complete Repair, with earlv posses- sion.— Land Tax redeemed. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, Lewes, on Saturday, the 04th day of July, IS 13. at five o'clock in the afternoon, ( unless an acceptable offer should be made in the mean time), A Desirable and compact ESTATE, XJL DOWNLAND, delightfully situate in the parish of Uckfield, in the county of Sussex, commanding beautiful and extensive views of the South Downs and surrounding country. The House comprises a cheerful entrance hall, a drawing- room, Jolt, by i « ft. a dining parlour tlie same size, a breakfast parlour, butler's pan- try, store room, water closet, two kitchens, laundry, dairy, 4 comfortable chambers, & dressing rooms, 4 good servant's bed rooms, capital cellars, excellent water, a detached brewhouse. coach house, woodhouse, stables, cow house, piggery, farm yard, and convenient offices, together w ith upwards of fifteen acres of good meadow land adjoining, including lawn, orchards, gardens, shrubbery, and fish ponds. Uckfield is situate eight miles from Lewes, ( whence the London coach passes daily) 16 from Brighton, 13 from Tunbridge Wells, 20 from Last Bourne, and 4J from London. The premises may he viewed on Monday only, be- tween the hours of ten and two, and further partieu lars may he known, of Messrs. Hoper and Son, Lewes; or of the Auctioneers. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAMBE, JL at the King's Arms Inn, George Street, Brighton, on Friday the 2d of July, 1913, at seven o'clock in the evening, Lot 1. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE © r Tenement, and Smith's Shop, in a most desirable situation, and the . shop in full trade, situate in George- street, iti Brighton, in the occupation of Mr. Edward Palmer, as tenant at will, at the rent of 30 guineas per annum. Lot 2 substantial FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Lodging House, being No. 9r situate in Broad street, with a piece of leasehold ground behind the same, now in the occupation of Miss Wade, as tenant at will, at 30 guineas per annum. Lot 3. All those STABLES and COACH HOUSES, containing 14 stalls, with the ground thereto belonging, and a shop, and vaults under the same, situate on the west side of George- street, aud adjoining to Little George- street, now in the occupation of Mr* George Knowles, and his undertenant, Thomas Coates, at the rent of 401. 17s. per annum. Lot 4. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, ov Tenement, situate the west side of George street, fronting to the King's Arms Inn, now in the occupation of William Pratt, as tenant at Will, at 14 guineas per annum. Lot 5. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, situate in Lit- tle George- street, late in the occupation of Philip Leg gat, and now of— r- Silburne, at 12 guineas per aim. Lot 6. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, iNo. 1, situate in George- street Corner, in the occupation of Mrs, Mat- thews, at eight guineas per annum. Lot 7. To be Lett, unfurnished, to the highest bid- der, for a term of seven years, subject to such conditi ons as will be produced at the time of sale, all those two substantial well- built LODGING HOUSES, com- manding a beautiful sea view, being Nos. 35 aud 36, situate on the East Cliff, in Brighton. Immediate possession may be had, and the furniture and fixtures may be taken, at a fair appraisement. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Reardon k | Davis, Solicitors, Corbert- court, Gracechurch street, i London - 3 or to Mr. Hill? Solicitor, Brighton. LAMB INN HORSHAM . TO BR LETT or SOLD, nn. l entered upon ^ t Michaelmas next', ( 1- eing the expital on of the present Lease) tliat old- established, and « ell- accustomed Inn, the LAMB, ai Horsham. Apply to Mr. W. Hammond, East- street, Horsham. SUSSEX - TO BE . SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On the Premises, on Wednesday, 30th June, rsts, pre- cisely, at twelve o'clock, ATruly desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE! called LYMINSTER COURT PLACE, » i. l, i garden, coach house, stable, dairy, and, five acres, „ f rich Meadow Land- surrounding the house ; the property of tlie late Rev, Robert Sayer • situate in tlie much ad- mired Village of Lymister. The prospects are most en- chantly picturesque, tlie soil dry and healthy ; it lies between Arundel and Littlehampton, two miles from former, and one frooi the latter ; the London ' coaches to and from every day. and also the Brighton at a short distance, wltH excellent roads in every direction. And immediately after the foregoing will lie Sold by Auction, on this, and the following day, tlie genuine and entire modern Houshold Furniture, books, linen, plate,& c. con- sisting of large four- post, wardrobe, and field bedsteads, with corded dimity, and printed calico furnitures, prime goose feather beds, mattresses, blankets, and counter, panes; mahogany chests of drawers, a set of dining ta- bles a sideboard with a cellaret, chairs, card, Pembroke and dressing tables, a library- bookcase ml, ladder, dres- sing glasses and mirrors, Turkey, Brussels, and Kidder- minster carpets ; linen, plate, and china ; au extensive and valuable Library, in most branches of Theology, Philosophy, and the Belles Letters ; the usual asson- ntent of kitchen, brewing, dairy, aud washing utensils • a curious two wheeled carriage, that will " take nine persons, Willi lamps, he- id aud curtains tiv take off'; Ibis carriage is constructed on such just mathematical principles that one horse will draw it with facility ; a whiskey, light and dung carts, chaise and Cart harness, a clever brown harness mare, t. 10 pigs, stump and rick of meadow Hay., & c. & c— Catalogues may he hid. 111 due time, at one shilling each, at the place of sale -, Sea Hotel, Littlehampton ; Old Ship, Brighton ; Star, . Shore, ham ; Chequers-, Steyning ; King's- Head, Horsham; Auction- Mart. London ; the Printers of the Lewes nnj Portsmouth Papers; Hotel, Worthing; Crown, Arun- del ; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, O11 the Premises, „,> Tuesday, the 6th July, pre. , cisely at Eleven o'clock, genuine and entire HOUSHOLD FUR. NITURE of the late Rev. Robert Saver, nt the Vi- carage House, Rudgewick; comprising four- post, field, iU'd other bed- steads, witfi dimity aud check furnitures. goose feather beds, mattresses and counterpanes- hogany chest of drawers, dining, Pembroke, card, and reading tables, parlour chairs, two large- sofas, a so- hour clock; register, Rumford stoves aud rang ; linen; kit. chen, brewing, washing, and dairy utensils ; a hand- souie cow in full milk, a pig, a stump, and a rick of meadow hay, a wood roller, a quantity of bricks, paving stone fir buts, poles, and boards. Catalogues may be bad, in duw time, at the place of sale ; King's- Head, Horsham ; King's- Head, Billingshurst ; Blacksmith'.. Arms, Adversane ; Swan, Pulborough ; Half Moon, Pet worth ; Crown, Arundel ; and uf Mr. WELLER, Chichester. HANTS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Go the Premise's, By Mr. WELLER, On Tuesday the 13th day of July, < 813, precisely at Twelve o'clock, A COTTAGE ORNEE, embracing neatness. r\ comfort and convenience, aud comprises two cel- lars. iu the basement, ground floor, excellent eating a. id breakfast rooms, butler's pantry, a good kitchen, a brew- house; first floor, a welt proportmuel drawing- room, three bed chambers, and a dressing room, two garrets and a store room; detached offices, a dairy, three stalled stable, carriage bouse and groom's room, i hay loft over; a spacious yard, piggery, cow and poultry houses; a most delightful garden, well stored wi. b fruit trees, and fully cropped with vegetables, greenhouse, orchard and pleasure grounds, together witii about seven acres of rich meadow laud, situate in the rural, healthy and much- admired village of Hambledon posses.- jiujv almost ever} advantage iu point of local circumstances! on the spot near the church, the best medical aid, good shops, experienced mechanics, post house, post- chaise and horses j the parochial rates moderate-- the society respectable; a subscription pack of hounds, a good shooting country, the residence and property of Captain RUTHERFORD, R. N, who will give a direct possession And immediately after the sale of the Estate, will be SOLD hy AUCTION, the genuine aud entire modern Houshold Furniture, consisting of handsome fourpost aud field bedsteads, with neat pri,: ted calico, dimity and other furnitures, French window curtains, prime bedding, a mahogany pedestal, sideboard, dining, card, tea audj Pembroke tables, darwers, chairs, glasses, mirrors, Brussels, Venetian, and Kidderminster carpet"; kitchen and brewing utensils; a clever brown hackney ; a beau- tiful Norman cow and other effects. Catalogues and'particulars, in due time, may be had at the place of sale; o.' the Printers of the Lewes aud Portsmouth papers; Dolphin, Petersfield ; King's. arms, Godalming ; Dolphin, Southampton ; George, Win- chester ; Libraries,— Brighton, Worthing, and Little. Hampton; Auction Mart, London ; aud of Mr, WELLER, Chichester, Very valuable Freehold, Copyhold, and Lease- hold Estate, for long terms, ivith. extensive Manors; a capital Mansion- house, gardens, and pleasure grounds, in the county of Sus- sex, on the borders of Hants, TO BE SOLD BY~ AUCTION, BY MR. WELLER, At tlie Auction Mart, London, at one o'clock in thg afternoon, on Wednesday, the iist day of July, 1S13 THE truly valuable FREEHOLD, COPY* i HOLD, aud LEASEHOLD ESTATES, with tlie extensive Manorial rights over several parishes, with it plenitude oT game aiid fish, of the late John Utterson, Esq. and will he divided in various lots. These estates are situate about 41 miles ft out London, in a most beautiful aud picturesque part of the county j two miles from Liphook, J4 from Portsmouth, six from the Market Towns of Midhurst aud Petersfield. The high road from the Metropolis to Portsmouth, runs through the centre of the property. Descriptive particulars may be nad 14 days preced- ing the sale ; and further information may be obtain, ed, by applying lo Messrs. Roades and Son, Solicitors^ Of to Mr, WELLER, Chichester. LONDON, HOUSE of' LORDS, WEDNESDAY, . JUNE 23. LORD Erskine presented a great fiurfi'ier of petitions from difl'eiertt places in England » nd Scotland, praving thai provision may be made for the diffusion of Christian knowledge } n India. Ordered to tie on the table.. The Irish Tobacco bill was read the third time, * nd passed. Adjourned. THURSDAY, JUNE 94. The resolution relative to Religion in India, Com- municated by the Commons, was agreed to by their Lordships. Several Bills from the Commons vere read a first time. Adjourned'. HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23. Thomas Croghan, who was committed ( o New- gate for openly and corruptly endeavouring to pro- cure the return of two members for Tregony, was, upon the motion of Lord A Hamilton, brought to the bar, and discharged. The bill to abrogate the infliction of penalties orr persons impugning the doctrine of the Trinity, Mas read a second time. The resolution relative to the Swedish Subsidy, was agreed to. The other orders of the day were then disposed of, and the House adjourned. i- » , f, . . . THURSDAY. At four o'clock, there being only Thirty- nine members, including the Speaker, the House of course adjourned. The Duke of Brunswick is returned unexpect- edly from the Continent ; the cause is not perfect- ly ascertained, but it is whispered that it is in con- sequence of no part having been assigned to him, in the present contest for liberty, suitable to his lank, worth, and hereditary claims in Germany The Duke is the son of a gallant sire, and might he expected, if property employed in his native land, to do the slate some service. Marshal Davoust's Decree for levying a contri- bution upon Hamburgh, is arrived. The sum ex- acted, avowedly by way of punishment, is 4S mil- lions of francs ; the whole to be paid in one month but dt six instalments; and the Commissioners, who are to assess it, ait specially directed to make the imposition press hardest upon those who, by voluntary contributions or otherwise, testified their loyalty and attachment, to the legal Govern- ment. The Burghers are unable to comply with this exorbitant demand ; and the Commissioners for levying it have already reported to that effect. Davoust, it thus appears, lias not forgotten his menace of ihe utter ruin of Hamburgh. Last week Elizabeth Bass, widow of John Bass, was committed to Peterborough gaol, for trial, charged, on the coroner's inquest with causing the death of her husband. It appeared in evidence, that the deceased ( who was in liquor) and his wife were, on Sunday night, quarrelling in their bed- room, when the woman pushed her husband down stairs, and he^ falling on his head, received so • violent a blow as to deprive him of life a very few hours afterwards. Upon a late trial in the Court of Common Pleas, Dublin, arrattorney of the name of HOPE pressed for his council, Mr. JOY, to attend. The Lord Chief Justice Norbury Waited for some time, but Mr. JOY not making his appearance, his Lordship proceeded with this preface—- " HOPE told a flattering tale Thai Joy would soon return.'' Monday se'nnight a foot- race was run on Scar- borough Sands, • by Harry Atkinson, the noted Yorkshire pedestrian, and Knaggs, of Sherburn, four miles, for one hundred guineas, which was easily won by the former in 21 minutes and 17 seconds, betting in favour of Knaggs, on making the match, 6 to 4.. Atkinson was trained under the noted Thomas Yeoman, of Hackness, and Knaggs, under the noted Beal, the pedestrian. On this race thousands of pounds were won and lost ; it is supposed 10,000 people were present. It is said that Atkinson has challenged Beal, who is esteemed the first runner in England, to run eight miles for 1,000|. Dr. Richardson's celebrated frorin grass has been chemically analysed at Dublin and compared with the common grasses; the result, a rich syrup of the consistence of treacle, from the fiorin, whilst that produced from the common meadow grasses, was quite insipid. The Duke of Bedford, though he gives up the' Woburn sheep- shearing, nevertheless, conti- nues the prizes, and which will, in future he dis- pensed by the Bedfordshire Agricultural Society. At Monmouth Wool- fair, last week, the quanti- ty brought was unusually small, and the sale very dull A few purchases were made in the inferior sorts, and those at the prices of last year. In the Chesapeake our blockading squadron ap- pears to have occasioned considerable alai 111. On ( lie 291I1 April, they landed at French Town, and burnt some storehouses, and two vessels lying there. On the third of May they effected another landing at Havre de- Grace, a small town in Mary- land, 011 the west of the Susquehannah, contain- ing about 1000 inhabitants. Here they destroyed an important foundry, used in casting halls, can- non, See. After remaining a day at this place, they re- embarked; and the people of Elkton, Charleston, and other neighbouring places, were it) daily apprehension of their visit. Wednesday, an ^ inquisition was taken by G Hodgson, esq. coroner, at the Three Compasses, ( he corner of the Coal- yard, Drury- lane, on the body of Mary Murphy ( otherwise Baker) whom report staled to have been most barbarously mur- dered by a man of the name of Matthew Welsh, with whom she cohabited. The witnesses proved that the deceased was much intoxicated the even- ing before she was found dead, that she and Welsh were quarelling for some time, and that he repeat- edly struck her ; but Mr. John Jarvis, a surgeon of New Compton- street, slated that there did not appear any material marks of violence on the bo- dy, and that her death might have happened from the effects of drinking and passion. The Jury weir of opinion that Walsh had used her with cruelty, but unanimously returned a verdict that she came ttt her death by Suffocation or Apo- plexy. A short time back a revenue officer discovered one hundred and fifty gallons of wine concealed under some faggots, in a field, at Gillingham.--- An enquiry was immediately instituted, and a ves- sel having " arrived at the Victualling- office, Chat- ham, from Deptford, with a cargo of wine, for the use of the Royal Navy, a strict search was im- mediately instituted 011 hoard her, when a variety of implements were found for the purpose of drawing off the contents of the casks with which the vessel might be laden, many of which were marked with recent stains of red wine. On an examination of the cargo, the casks appeared to have been moved ; a farther examination of the vessel, opened a discovery of such a nature, as convinced the Agent Victualler ( H. Stokes, Esq.) who has been indefatigable in his exertions, that a system of fraud has been carried 011 in the ves- sels in the victualling employ, for a length of liine faa^ efy great exfehf. ft Is the cndoW, vt'lieh wine, spirits, or olhef article^, for the use of the Royal Navy, are shipped from Deptford, for the hatches to He baited down, and locked with a pa- tent lock of the most secure description, one of the keys of which are kept at Chatham, the other at Deptford. The master of the vessel has not any key. To avoid making use of violence, and to elude detection, the masters and crews of the ves- sels ( for there are several in the same state) have had a slip- link made to the chain by which the locks are affixed to the end of the bars ; the links are made extremely neat, and slide without any • great exertion. They had also filed off the rivets at one end of the joints of the bars, so that_ the bolt connecting the joints, and forming the pivot, would slide out with a very slight pressure ; thus the whole cargo becomes open to their peculation It is not known how long these practices have been pursued, but from the facility with which they might commit the fraud, and their security from detection, the casks being always filled with Water after, they drew as much as they wanted, there is no doubt it has been done to a very great ex- tent. Prom the value of the wine discovered, it is calculated that the persons concerned in this system of plunder made nearly 50l. per voyage.--- Several persons are in custody, on. suspicion of being concerned, and have undergone several ex- aminations, but nothing vet has transpired to fix any individual with a positive rhart> e. Advices from New York state that Mr. Ran- dolph, the distinguished orator of the House of Representatives, and who is usually called the Champion of England, has lost his election. A letter from Frankfort, dated the 12th, says:—. " We have a " report here, • that the congress is is to be held at Dresden, and that in future the grand military road will not pass by that town. The Oil) instant was the day that the Emperor of Austria, and Napoleon were to meet. Prince Swartzenberg and Marshal Colloredo have joined the numerous suite of the Emperor of Austria, and we are now in hourly expectation of hearing that an interview has taken place between the ihree Emperors, which no doubt will decide the meeting of ihe Congress. The Emperor of Austria is going to Prague, where persons of the highest distinction have repaired. The Austian State Paper, as also that of Prussia, has risen considerably. DEATHS. Lately, In his fif th year, died, J. Dunn, i?. L. S. Curator of the Botanic Garden. Cambridge, and editor of " Hortus Cantabrigiensis." In Wigton poor- house, Leicestershire, E. Freer, a Kentish Woman, aged 116 ; she retained her fa- milies, and could do her necessary employ in the house, till within a few days of her decease, and was at church a fortnight before. Captain J Waters, master ' of the sloop William and Ann, of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire; lie was accidentally knocked overboard when on his passage to Gainsborough, where he was to have been married on his arrival. Mr. James Taylor, of Ashton- under- lyne, in his S91I1 year, leaving issue, by one wife, 15 chil- dren, 103 grand- children, and 6l great grand- chil- dren. " He invented the first machine for the spin- ning cotton '. by power, for which he obtained a pa- tent, but was compelled to relinquish it, by the ill- treatment lie received from the prejudices of the working classes against the improvement. • In his> 81st ' year, Mr. J. Spence, of York, one of the proprietors of the York Herald At Liverpool, Mr. Grossman, the celebrated equestrian.' At her seat at Irnham, Lincolnshire, the Right Hon. Dowager Lady Arundel, aged 70. CHICHESTER MUSIC MEETING. ON the 12th of August next, will be per- formed, ill the NEW CHAPEL of ST. JOHN, ( now nearly completed) the SACRED O It 4 To it 1,0 uf the MESSIAH; anil 011 tlie following Morning, a grand Selection of SACRED MUSIC. * And in the evening of each day, there will be a grand MISCEL- LANEOUS CONCERT, at the Assembly- Room, con- cluding with a BALL. Particulars will be advertised as soon as the arrange- ments for forming the Band are completed. ARUNDEL RAPE. NOTICE. is hereby given, that the COMMISSIONERS of SEWERS, fur the Rape of. Arundel, will assemble at the . Houghton Bridge Public House, Amberley, at One o'clock,' at noon, of Tuesday, .. the sixth day of July next, and from thenca proofed duwri and on the River Aran to Arundel Bridge j and 1h. 1t the said Commissioners will after- wards, ( at three o'clock in the afternoon of the same day) assemble and hold their MEETING at the Crown Inn, Arun- del. W. HOLMES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Arundel, 9th June, 1813. NEWHAVEN PIERS. IHEREBY give Notice, that a General Meet- ing of the Commissioners and Trustees of the Harbour and Piers of Newhaven will be hidden at the White Hart Inn, Lewes, 011 Monday the 5th day of July next, by 1- 2 o'clock at noon. Lewes, June 25, 18 13, GEORGE HOPER. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY, in extensive country prac- tice. Enquire of the printers. WANTEU, a steady mini, as UPPER FOOTMAN ; and a young man of light weight, as postillion, and to drive, occasionally, on the box. No persons need apply who have not lived in a gentleman's fa- mily, and cannot bring good characters from their last places. Enquire of W. J. CAMPION, Esq. Danny, near Hurstperpoint, WANTED, a steady Man, who understands the business of a BLACKSMITH, sufficient to conduct a Concern where considerable work is done for farmers and shipping. None need apply, unless they can obtain a good character. For fur- ther particulars, as to wages, See. apply to Mrs. Adams, New- haven. THE Public are respectfully informed, tint ( lie- Business heretofore carried Oil by Win. Milder and John Eastland, will, in future, be conducted by WM. HILDER, only, and on his own separate account. All persons who have any de- mands on the aforesaid Co- partnership Concern, are requested to send in the same to Wm. Hilder, at his house at Hailsham, or John Hamshar, Eastbourne ; and all persons indebted to the late Firm of William Hilder and John Eastland, are ds ir- ed 1o discharge the same on or before the 29th September, 1813; Wm. Hilder returns grateful thanks to the Public for favours received, during the l: ite partnership, and hopes for a continu- ance of their support in his individual capacity. WILLIAM HILDER, Witness, J. GIBBS. ELIZABETH EASTLAND. EAST- BOURNE. Ladies Boarding School — Miss BAKER, having removed her long- established Se- minary to a situation most desirable for her pupils, the house being commodious and airy, and replete with every accommo- dation, re- pectfully informs her friends and the public, that she is now enabled to enlarge her Establishment, which will he conduciedon a liberal plan, and the utmost attention directed to the healtl| and| improvement of the Young Ladies commit- ted to her care. Masters of respectability and experience con- stantly attend. The present Recess will terminate July 26th. FIVE GUINEAS REWARD,— Whereas, some person or persons unknown, have wantonly injured the Fence belonging to the Nursery- Ground, adjoining to the gar- den occupied by Mr. Richard Stapley, of Allington, near Off- ham, and stolen from such Nursery- Ground, a Bo a an, hav- ing written thereon, a Notice not to Tresspass; and also, se- veral Young . Trees : a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS is hereby offered to the person \ rJio shall give information of such offender or oftcndeis, to he paid by the proprietor of such Nursery- Ground, on the eouvktiou 0! the thief or tlikves. LAUGHTON INCLOSURE, I THOMAS PARTINGTON, Esq. the Commis- sioner named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament, passed in the 53d year of his present Majesty, intituled " an Act fSr inclosing Lands in the Manor of Laughton, in the County of Sussex," Do hereby GIVE NOTICE,- that a GENERAL MEETING, under the said Act, will he holden at the House of William Whapham, at lie sign of tile Buck, at Laughton Pound, in the parish of Laughton, in the said County, on Thursday, the Eighth day of July next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which time, I shall take into consideration the lines for the Public Roads, through and over, the said Com- mons and Waste Grounds, as the same shall be pointed out by the Surveyors, and a plan of which will be produced at the said Meeting. And tliat alt persons who have or claim to be entitled to Common of Pasture in or upon the Commons or Waste Grounds, called the Dicker, Laughton, Whitesmith, Hawkhurst, and Waldron, for which they claim anv allotment under the said Act, are hereby required to deliver to Mr. Kell, at his Office, in Lewes, before the - said Eighth day of July next, a particular Schedule or Account, in writing, of Such their respective, rights or claims, therein specifying the n'iib's or des- criptions of the Messuages, Lands, Tenements* and Heredi- taments, for which they so claim, together with the quantities, situations, and tenures thereof. And any enquiries may be marie, in the mean time, at Mr. Kell's offire. T. PARTINGTON. INSTITUTION FOR THE RELIEF OF DISTRES- SED FAMILIES OF CLERGYMEN WITHIN THE WESTERN DIVISION OF THE COUNTY OF SUSSEX. THE GENERAL COURT, for the present year, will be held at the Half Moon Inn, at PET- WORTH, on Thursday the eighth day of July, 1813, for the usual purposetv. WM. LEEVES, Treasurer. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. NOTICE " is nerefiy given, that Henry Waller, of Lewes, ir, the county of Sussex, carpenter, lias assigned over all his estate and effects in trust, fur the benefit of by, creditors; all persons, therefore, standing indebted to the said Henry Waller, nre desired to pay ihe same to Mr. J. Dodson, of Lewes, Grocer-, one of the trustees, within one month from the date hereof, The Trust Deed is lying fnmignaturcai Mr. Dodson's The HOUSE and Carpenter's ilinp, situate 011 Care Hill, late in the occupation of the said Henry Wal- ler, is now for sale. Particulars may be known of Mr. Dodson, as above; or, of Mr. Cheale, Builder, South- over. Lewes, June 1813. KING'S ARMS INN, EASTBOURNE. TO LETT, At Michaelmas next, either for One Year, or for a Term of Years, THE KING'S ARMS INN, and FREE Public House, situated hear the Sea, and adjoining the large infantry Barracks, at Eastbourne,, with ostler's house, coach house, and stabling for upwards of twen- ty horses, the whole in good rt pair. Also one or two gardens contiguous to the house, if thought requisite by the occupier. N. B. The house is not the property of any wine- merchant, distiller, or brewer. The tenant will not be required to purchase any of the fixtures, or furniture, at present in the house. This concern is considered as capable of very great improvement. For further particulars enquire of R. Titley, near the premises, if by letter, post paid. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. MARKWICK, On Tuesday, the 8th day of July, 131: 3, at the Bull Inn, Uckfield., at seven o'clock iir the evening, unless previously disposed of bv private contract, AGOOO," substantiaI, brick- built COTTAGE, iri good repair, with about three acres of exceedingly good hind, more or less, a good garden well stocked with choice young fruit trees, situate in U> e parish of Uckfield, in the county of Sussex now in the occupation of Mr. William Horsecraft.— Immediate possession may be had. The above premises are copyhold, subject to a small quit- rent to the. manor of Framfield.— For fun her particulars, ap- ply, to the Auctioneer,, to Mr. George Taylor, Uckfield. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, On Friday, July 9th, 1S13, between t'lie hours of five and six in the afternoon, at the Dolphin Inn, Chi- chester, ALEASEHOLD ESTATE; comprising a sub- stantial bniit House, in the basement, two cellars ; ground floor, a parlour, - kitchen and wash- house; first floor, three good bed chambers and a aagarret, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Taylor, tenant at will ; to gether with a new built double carriage- house, excel- lent and well fitted up four stalled stable, with hay- lofts, a spacious yard with a pump; the latter is in the occupaiiou of Mrs. Tuffnell, who will give im mediate possession. The above premises are situate in Crane Lane, Chi- chester, and are held of a Lea* e under the Custos of St. Mary's Hospital, for forty years, from Michaelmas I 804. Further particulars may be known, and the Estates viewed by applying to Messrs. Wilmot, Solicitors 3 or to Mr. Weller, Chichester. HANTS. A capital Villa, with upwards of 40 Acres of very rich Land. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Wednesday the 28th July, 1813, at twelve o'clock, at the Crown Inn, Gosport. Lot 1. A Very substantial, handsome FREE- HOLD VILLA, called BERRY HOUSE, the residence and property of John Atkinson, esq. In the basement excellent cellarage^ on " the ground floor, a . entrance, an anteroom, eating, breakfast and gfentlemans rooms, butler's and meat5pantries, kitchen, scullery, and two servants rooms over j on the first . floor,; a drawing. room, three bed- chambers,' with. do31- Is • in the attics, tour cucellent bed cham- bers, ..- andS-? dressing-' room,: finished equal- to: . the first- floor -; a • detached brew . houses,; .- laundry, double carriage- Rouse, 2- stalled stable for seven horses^. store- room, two. capacious wine vaults, granary, dog- kennel, barn, poultry and pigeon- houses, a coach , drive in front of the " house, enclosed by a lofty wall, and gates, planted with shrubs and flowers ; a large ' paved back court, most productive garden, enclosed with lofty walls, well covered with fruit trees, standards and espajiera, green- house, melon- ground, most abundantly cropped; another small garden, an open piece of ground for potatoes, & c. with nearly 17 acres of rich meadow and arable land surrounding the house, orna- mented with luxuriant elms and forest trees. A. R . P Lot An excellent ARABLE FIELD, ad- joining lot 1, . 4 11 Lot 3. An excellent ARABLE FIELD, ad- joining the preceding lot . . . ... \ 5 1 10 The two last lots are accessible by Love Lane. Lot 4. Three large TENEMENTS, with ex- . cellent gardens,. . containing . . . 0 2 10 In the several occupations of James Hall, James„ Slade, and George Martin, tenants at will. Lot 5+ A fertile MEADOW adjoining. 3 0 10 Lot 6. A small piece of GROUND to erect a cottage on the north of Church Lane Lot 7. A capital ARABLE FIELD, called Bell's Close, together with the Church Lane, mea- sures .• " 12 2 9 Lot S. Two large COTTAGES, with excellent gardens, a carthouse, stable, gateroom, a- ml cow- pen, in " the occupation of George Edwards and . John Hawkins. This valuable property presents to the intelligent speculator various objects of advantage, which cannot at this period,, be' adequately appreciated or described,: Clo. se to a maritime port and military depot* cf the first magnitude. The increasing population of the counery also,. being - eligible for the. residence of office rs, and gentlemen . in the employ of Government. Alverstoke is justly estimated a - a dry, healthy situatron, and admired. for. its extensive sea views, and rich land scenery"; the society respectable ;-. the roads excellent, and close, to. . good . markets, four miles from. _ Fai, cham, . two: from Portsmonth, a n d one from Gosport. . : - • " ' Further particulars may be ui '. by! -- to Mr. WELLER , Chichester, " - " '* * | SMALL FREEHOLD FARM IN SUSSEX.— • v3 To be Sold by Private Contract.-, , A( FREEHOLD FARM, called BARFOLD; ly- ing in' the parish. 6f Lurgashall, in Sussex; cniprising a " cot- tage, barn, stable, and other farm- buildings with about ^ thirty- seven,- acres ( Chore or less) of good Land, of which. 31. are ara- ble, and tjje remainder coppice. A Copyhold Meadow, containi'ngfabout half an acre, and lying near the Farm, will be sold with it; Apply, by letter, post paid, to Mr. Daintrey, attorney', Petworth, Sussex.. WORTHING, SUSSEX. — TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. STUBBS, on Thursday, the 1st July, lSl3,' at l2 o* clock, on the Premises, of No, 13,. Chapel- st recti a'general assortment, of HOUSHOLD FUR- NITURE, fixtures, painting-, prints, scarce books, piano fortes, china, glass, and other valuable effects, the property of Mr. J. MACKCOULL. Catalogues may be had at the princi- pal Inns in the Vicinity ; at the Apollo Library y and. of Mr. Stubbs, 29, Warwick- street, Worthing. Rich Freehold meadow Land, Sussex, on the Borders of Surrey, 31 miles from London. To be Sold by Auction, by WINSTANLEY and SON, on Wednesday, July 14, a very compact and desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called High- field and Rasseys, situate adjoining the road from London to Lewes and Brighton, at Turner's- Hill, in the parish of Worth, iii the " county of Sussex, a most_ xlelightfu. l. situation for the erec- tion of a villa, commanding. prospects of great extent, varied, and highly picturesque, Comprising, a farm- house, barn, stable, and outbuildings, and five inclosures of exceedingly rich mea- dow Land, contaiing, altogether, 17A. ' 2R. 4P. most abun- dantly supplied with fine water, and immediate possession may be had. Turner's- Hill is 4 miles from East- Grinsted, 5 froi'n Grawley, 9 l'r' 6m- Ouekfield", " 17. from Lewes, 23 from Brlgh- • ton, and 31frpm London. Maybe viewed, by applying to Mr. Gardiner, at the Red Lion, Turner's- Hill, of whom printed particulars may be had ; also at the principal Inns at Lewes, Cuckfielda Crawley, Reigate, East- Gi'ius'< ed^ Godstone, Croydon | Librarjes:^ Brighton and Eastbourne; at the Auc- tion Mart; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- Row, London,, whej? e, a plan may be seen. SUSSEX, HIGHLY ELIGIBLE AND EXTENSIVE FREEHOLD ESTATES, FARM HOUSES, OUT- BUILDINGS, COTTAGES, STONE QUARRY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HERMON At the Auction Mart, opposite the Bank of England, Lon- don, on Thursday, July 15th, 1S13, at 12 o'clock, in four lots, unless previouulv disposed of by private contract, ASingularly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in the Parish of Worth, and County of Sus- sex, 21 miles from Lewes, 24, from Brighton, five from East- Grinstead, and only 30 from London, comprising three com- pact Farms, called Turner's Hill, Holly Grove, and Hall Farms, containing. 557 A. 2R. 5P, of excclient arable, pasture, and wood lands, within a ring fence, together with three sub- stantial Farm Houses, barns, and outbuildings, and several cottages, parf on leases to respectable tenants, the remainder in hand;: There is on this estate an inexhaustible stratum of building stone of very superior quality, and several mines of brick and tile earth and marl. The situation is romantic and picturesque, presenting ' many beautiful spots for the erection of a mansion or villa. Fox hounds and harriers are kept in the neighbourhood," which abounds with game and field sports; and tl) e turnpike road through Lindfield to Brighton, as also the road now making through Balcomb ( which shortens the distance from London to Brighton) passes close to the estate. To'; be viewed till the sale, by applying to Mr. Caplin, or Mr. Edmy, at Turner's Hill Cottage, of whom printed par- ticulars with' plans annexed, may be had ; also at the princi- pal Inns, at Crawley. Cuckfield, Lewes,. Uckfield, East Grins- tead, Croydon and Godstone ; the Libraries, Brighton, Cock, Sutton, i) f Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Solicitors, Lin- colns Inn, New- square; at the Auction Mart, and of Mr. Hermon, Conduit street, Hanover- square, London. Half the purchase money may, if required, remain on mortgage for seven years certain. ALDWICK, NEAR BOGNOR, SUSSEX. Elegant Marine Villa, Cottages, Arable and Pasture Land, arid valuable Building Scites at the Verge of the Sea. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. WHITE and SON, On Friday, the g^ d day of July, 181.3 ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of .. which due notice will be given) precisely at Twelve o'clock, at the Hotel, Bognor, LOT 1. A Desirable Freehold Estate, called BARN ROCKS ; comprising an elegant Marine Villa with attached and detached Offices, Wailed. Garden, Melon- Ground, Hot and Green Houses, Lawn, Pleasure Grounds, Plantations, Shady Walks, Carriage and Farm Yards, and Out buildings, also, WEST COTTAGE, Freehold, au elegant retreat for a small Family, encircling ihe above proper- ty, is about Thirty Acres of- . particularly rich, arable, and pas- ture Land, in an excellent state of cultivation, including a beau- tiful Wood at the verge of the sea. Little comment is required to he made on this property— the house, offices and buddings are judiciously arranged for the comfort and convenience of a family of the first distinction— the walks are shady and retired, composed of the various sorts of forest trees—- together with, the coppice intersected likewise with walks, occupying a space' oi' four acres, more or LESS.—- from almost every pari of this Estate, there are Inland and Sea views the. long range of South Downs, Goodwood, Bognor, Pag- ham Harbour,: Selsea Bill, and at a greater distance, the Brighton Hills, the Isle of Wight, besides the numerous Fleets which pass up and down the Channel— The sands are very excellent. — The whole of the buildings have with a very small exception, been erected tit a very great expellee, within the space ol'a few years, and in the highest state of repair. The furniture and- fixtures to be taken at a fair valuation, an i nventory& f which, and a plan of the Estates may be seen at the Office ' ot Messrs. White and Son. LOT II. A valuable FREEHOLD FIELD, in Grass, eituated' to the Eastward of the Wood, bounded by the Earl of Newburgh's property to the South, and Mr. Parham's Land to the North, 2 Acres, 2 Roods, 15 Poles ( more or less). LOT IH. A valuable rich ARABLE FIELD, now in Peas and Clover, being part of Old; Manor Farm, in a good state of cultivation, bounded by Mr. Heather and Mr. Par- ham's Land, 10 Acres ( more or less.) LOT IV. A valuable piece of FREEHOLD ARABLE LAND, mo'si admirably calculated for the erection of a Villa, the situation U bold, . with uninterrupted views of the Ocean, also of Selsea Bill, aaud Hills in the rear, 5 Acres— bounded by the Earl o£. Newburgh's Land to the West, Mr. Heather to the Korth',' Sir T. B. Pechell, bart. to the East— the Sea to the south". LOT V. A comfortable FREEHOLD COTTAGE, called Bell- barn- cottage, together with a compact Garden and piece of Land in cultivation, One Acre, ( more or Jess) with the thriving Timber and other Trees. This Propeaty is situ- ated on Aldwick Green, and near the Sea. LOT VI. A compact Freehold ornamental gothic Cottage in good repair, in the occupatiou of Mr. W. Twine, a pump jjf excellent- Water, a garden in good cultivatson, Chaise- house 3 stalled stable with Lofts over, Yard, Cart- House and sheds, together with- 3 Acres, 2 Roods, 9 Poles ( more or less) of very excellent Land, now in seeds, prepared for a Meadow, and the thriving Elm Timber growing thereon. The greater part of this Lot would form eligible building sites. LOT VII. Three recently erected Freehold Ornamental Cottages, with excellent Gardens and Green Plats to each, laid out, situated on Aldwick Green, in the occupation of Capt. Wright, Mrs. Bridger, and- — Mackerell, together with a rich ARABLE FIELD, in the rear of the above, now in Wheat. 2 Acres, 1 Rood, 4 Poles [ more or less] These are Tenants from year to year. • LOT V111. A rich ARABLE FIELD, of One Acre and a Half [ more or less] being near the Western Entrance Gate, originally Stocker's, a desirable spot for the erection of a Cot- tage. The Timber and Tellows on each Lot to be included in the purchase. > THE VILLA may be viewed by permission of the present occupier, a Family of distinction. West Cottage by permis- sion of George Tattersall j Esq. . the occupier also ; the other Es- tates may be viewed at any time previous to the sale, on ap- plication ' to Mr. W. Richards, at Barn Rocks, of whom Tickets for View and particulars may be had, . also at fhe Li- braries, -. Brighton, Worthing, and Bognor ; Messrs. Mottley • and Co. Portsmouth ; : Mr, Lee, Lewes, ai> d all the principal • loins', in the neighbouring Towns, Auction Mart, London ; Messrs Willmot, Solicitors Chichester} and of Messrs. White and Son, at their General Agency and Eagle insurance Offi. cesa North Street, Chi^ ter, or Tarrant Street, Arundel. ... - SUSSEX', . - - Copyhold Estates, situate in the parish of Herstmonceur. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Woolpack Inn, Gardner- street, on t| e 1st day of July, 1813; unless disposed of. by Private Contract; if so, timely notice will he given, LOT A Copyhold ESTATE, comprising a good roomy Dwelling- House, yard, barn, and lodg£; also, 18 acres of good arable and meadow Land. LOT 2.— A Carpenter's Yard, in. J'ul. l trade, with work- shop, Saw- lodge j and stable; s about one rood of Land, adjoining Lot 1. ": • • The above Estates- are Situate about one mile from the church, and holden of the manor of Herstmonceux. Lot 1 is subject to a heribt . of the best beast; a quit- rent of . Lot 2, to a quit- rent of : 1 s^ per- year, and a fine of 2^' ou death and alienation. For ' particulars, and to treat for , tfie same,, apply,' on the premise-, to Mr. Wm. Monser, the proprietor. Possession, may be had at Old Michaelmas Day next.-—-- The Sale to be- gin at Two o'clock in the afternoon. FREEHOLD PREMISES and RICH LAND, in and near the Town of NEW ROMNEY, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY HOGG ART AND PHILLIPS,' At the Auction Mart, London, opposite the Bank" of England, on. Tuesday, the. 29th of June; at twelve, in Two Lots, Lot 1. A Substantial, extensive, and convenient MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, si* tuate in the centre of the Town and Port of New Romney ill. the county of Kent, and well calculated for trade, with gra^ nary, 9t; ible, and requisite outbulmgs,' yards, and gardens, now in the occupation of Messrs. Breeds, Farncomb, and Co. Bankers. Lot 2. Four Pieces of Arable and Pasture Land, contain- ing by estimation '.( bdut 3S acres, in Romney Marsh, in the parish of St. Mary tie Virgin, about a mile " and • a halt from the town of New Romney, and adjoining the high road to Hy they; nosvinthe occupation of Mr. John Buckhurst, a very l- e. pectable' tjjnant from year, to year, at 133^ per annum, arid is desous oi, faking a Lease at th, e same rent.— Tin: whole of the premises are Freehold, and are all exonerated frill! the Land- tax, except 10A. 0R.' 3P. of Lot 2. The Lots may lie vieived 011 application to Mr. Mittell at tlie Bank, New Romney, of whom particulars may be had ; particulars also of Mr.'" Martin, Solicitor, Battle; of Messrs. Gregson Dixon, and Gregson., Angel- court, Throg- ^ morton street; at. the Auction Mart; and of Hoggart and Phillips,' 62, Old. Broad- street, Royal Exchange, London. RICHARDSON, GOODL, CCK, AND CO.- respectfully in form the Public, that they have contracted with Government for the New State Lottery of 12,( XX) Tickets, t « be drawn in Two Days. In this Lottery the Lowest Prize- is <£ 20, and the first l,( ifcb Blanks will bu. en- - tiiied to ,£' 20 each. SCHEME. 2 of ; . . 0620,000 . . ,. are <£ 40,000 2 ...;..' 10,000 " 20,000 5 1,000 5,00(> ti 500 .,....' 3,000 I-...... 200 •• 1,400 20 100 .2,000 30 5() 1,500 100 • • : . .. 25 2. S00 1,230 20- 24,600 1,000First. tlrawn Blanks, 20 . Each. . . 20,000> 12,( 100 Tickets. 7,120 000 The first Ticket drawn a prize above 20.'. on the First Day, will receive an additional Prize of 10,000.'. The first Ticket drawn a Prize above 201. 011 the Second Day will also receive an additional Prize of 20, WW. - To be drawn 17th of SEPTEMBER, And 28th of September, 1813. . Tickets and Shares are selling at Lymington, by West and Co. Portsea Hard, W. Woodward-, Printer. Brighton, C. Walker, Marine Library. Hastings, J. Norton, Library. Battle, G. Austin, Bookseller. Chichester, D. Jacques, Bookseller. Petworth J. Goldring, Bookseller. Horsham J. Bromley. • East Grinstead, D. Duke, Grocer. For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. Contractors, London, Who Sold, in tlie last and present Year, the following Cam. tat" Prizes, in Shares 1 of i. 20,000 | 2 of /. lO. OOO 1 5,000 | 3 3,000 1 2,000 j 3 1,000 ike. & c. Sic. Mann's Approved Medicine. Recommended by Physicians, and patronized by La. dies and. Gentlemen of the first distinction. SOLD in bottles at 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. each, du- ty included, engraved on the stamp, " THOS. MANN, HORSHAM, SUSSEX," the Inventor and sole Proprietor, without which it cannot be genuine. No medicine has been so nnich blessed in restoring such multitudes, when all liop& s 0f recovery have bpen jrivcii over in Consumptions, Coughs, Colds, Convulsion Fits, long standing Asthmas, Hooping Cough, Influenza, Dropsy, Relaxed Habits, or in a low Nervous debilitated state. Also Ladies in a pregnant state may take doses of lo or 15 drops, with periec; t safety; and the infant from the first week, to the aged, in any state. Ample directions accompany each bottle, with many authentic cures ; amongst which is one from an eminent Physician, together with ir, affidavits, sworn before different Jus- tices of the Peace for the county of Sussex, and many other respectable characters, who have witnessed their name to many astonishing cures effected by this cele. brated Remedy. It strengthens the coat of the sto- mach, helps digestion, creates an appetite, and reani- mates the whole frame. Mr. PETER LEONARD, aged 52 years, of the 1st Battalion of the 44th Regiment, had been afflicted with an asthma for fourteen years ; 011 his return from Malta to England, he could not lay down to rest for two months, owing to the shortness of breath and violent cough, being obliged to he bolstered up in his bed ; on his coming to Horsham Barracks application was made to Mr. Mann, of Horsham, by taking his APPROVED MEDICINE, great benefit was soon experienced; that he could take his rest with comfort, and by the testi- mony of his own band, he believes by the blessing of od, it h is been the means of saving his life. Witness my hand, at Horsham, this J2lh day of January, 1813. PETER LEONARD. Markets. CORN EXCHANGE, June 16. The Wheat trade was much in the same stale as on Wednesday, fine samples being full as dear—. Oats were t; » ther brisk at the prices last mentioned. Fine barley was in demand, and full as dear, la other kinds of grain there was no alteration. Wheat 49s. 5< js. 65s. Tick Beans - 84s. 87s Fine ditto 112s. 129s. Old Ditto - 3. Rye - - - 53s. 63s. Oats - eos y2s" Barley - - 23s. 5Ss. Poland ditto - S6s. 45s! Malt - - 81s. 91s. Potatoe ditto — s. 59?. , White Peas ] 05s. I 17s. Rape seed - 40I. 45I. Grey Peas - 6? s. 73s. Fine Flour . 110s! Beans - - — s. — s. Seconds - joOs. 105s, SMITHFIELD MARKET. This Market had a scanty supply of the various kinds of cattle. Pork supports last price ; beef, mutton, lamb, and veal, are cheaper ; and the trade for the most part was somewhat flat.— The sales in the haymarket were inconsiderable ; hay and straw have got up in price ; clover has fallen in price. The following prices and numbers are 4 correct statement .- Beef - 5s. 2d., to 6s. lOd. Mutton . 5s. ad. to 6s. lid. Lamb - 6s. Od. to 7s. 2d. t Veal . 5s. 4d. to 7s. - id. Pork . 5s. 2d. to 7s. 2d. HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY, " " Beasts - - 400 Sheep and Lambs - 5,600 > Calves » 140 Pigs- • ; * -. a From Saturday's London Gazette. Foreign- Office, June 26, 1813. TFIe following copy and extract of dispatches from Lieutenant- General the Honourable Sir Charles Stewart, K. B. have been received by Viscount Gastlereagh, dated Head- Quarters, Reichenbach, MY LORD, June 6, 1813 THE Enemy continued in its positions in the neighbourhood of Schweidnitz until this day, when the Armistice agreed upon by the contending forces was made known. His Imperial Majesty and the King of Prussia have fixed their bead- quarters at country houses near this place; Gene- ral Wittgenstein's corps d'armee, with General Blu- cher's remans at Schweidnitz and its neighbour- hood, General Barclay de Tolly has his head- quar- ters here. It appears the enemy had detached a corps, immediately preceding the Armistice, against Bois- tch and Bulow, and a sharp affair occurred with the former, wh'o fell back some short distance, being greatly overpowered by numbers. The ope- rations of the above Generals in the rear of the enemy still continue to alarm him, and to be at- tended with the greatest success, which probably forced him to detach. Various partizan corps have brought in many prisoners within the last few days. A brilliant achievement of General Czernichef's at Halberstadt, your Lordship will bear of before this dispatch can reach you, so 1 do not recapitu- late it. I have the honour to be, & c. CHARLES STEWART. Head- Quarters, Reichenbach, June 6, 1813. The Allies in a few short weeks have given two decided battles to infinitely supeiioV nunvbfers; no day has passed without trophies of victory arriv- ing at head- quarters of the army— no day has gone by without affairs or skirmishes in which they have uniformly had the advantage. Committed to a desperate battle at Lutzen, where they triumph- antly stood and conquered, and from which the difficulty of getting up ammunition alone obliged them to retire, they executed the passage of the Elbe, than which no more difficult operation can be conceived, in the presence of a superiot enemy, and traversed an extent of country of near three hundred miles, retiring, contending position after position, and carrying with them between six and sevn hundied pieces of cannon, without losing a gun or sacrificing any of their baggage. LONDON. HOUSE OF LORDS. Friday, June 25. The Cape Wine Bill, the Irish Treasury Bills Bill, the Irish Cotton Trade Bill, the Irish Malt Bill, and the Irish Militia Rill were read a third time and passed. Lord Redesdale introduced a Bill, for enabling the Courts of Equity to appoint permanent Com- missioners for examining witnesses, and the courts of Law and Equity to appoint Commissioners for taking affidavits in all parts of the United King- dom. Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS, Friday, June 25. CORN LAWS. Sir H. Parnell, on moving that the dropped or- der, for referring the Corn Report to a Committee should stand for Monday, explained the alteration which he intended to make in the 7th resolution, relating to the importation of foreign corn, and what would be its effect.— If spproved of by the House, it would suffer foreign corn to be imported at all times, but subject to a duty beginning at Is. and gradually increasing as the price of corn fell. The effect of it on the importation of wheat would be, to make the duty 1 Is. on the quarter, when- ever the price shield be at 80s.; and free at 91s. and upwards. But as the actual price was now 118s. on the average of the 12 maritime districts, the new regulation would not come into effective operation, till the price of the quarter of wheat fell 38s. The attention of the existing law would consist in this, that in place of the importation of coin being prohibited when it was below a certain price, it would always be allowed to goon ; and instead of this price, which was 03s. the duty- would operate as a protection to the corn grower, when the price was about 80s. If the price should exceed 80s. the duty would gradually diminish till it became Is. the quarter ; and therefore it was im- possible thai what was now proposed could in any • way augment the present prices. It would, in point of'fact, in no degree interfere with the sup- ply of foreign corn, so long as a necessity existed of importing ; but if ever it bad any effect in pre- venting it, it would be when the prices were so low as not to give encouragement to grow corn. The Committee was then fixed for Monday next. Mr. W. Smith presented a petition from the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the city of Norwich, against the principles contained in the Resolutions of the Corn Committee. Mr. C. Wynne renewed the notice for a motion on Orange Lodges, which had been dropped yes- terday, and fixed on Tuesday to bring it forward. Thursday, th Prince Regent held a levee, and transacted other State business. The levee was splendidly and numerously attended Admiral Sir James Saumarez was amongst those who bad the honour of being presented to, his Royal Highness. The hilt of the sword worn by the gallant Admiral was the admiration of the whole Court; it was supposed to be ornamented with about two hun- dred diamonds. The late illness of the Duke of Sussex was an attack of his asthmatic complaint, from which, we are happy to state, he is recovered. The Baltic expedition continues detained in the Downs by contrary winds. _ Mr. Ross, who had an interview with the Crown Prince of Sweden on his return through Germany represents him to be about 45 years of age, active both in body and mind. \ V* e understand, that in the course of the late general battle, or rather serins of battles, at Baut- zen, the members of tile British missions to the Allied Sovereigns, were atone time so near to Bo- naparte's position, that Sir C. Stewart and Colonel Campbell could distinctly see his person with the naked eye At this timene was on foot, and walk- in" back and forwards tie extent of a short range, apparently conversing with the principal persons of his staff. He wore a round hat, and held his hands behind his back. Sir C. Stewart proposed „ a Russian officer, stationed near the spot with a battery of guns, to send a shot to enliven the ap- parent' dullness of this imperial promenade ; but the artillery officer thought the distance too great for the range of his guns. A slight hoar frost was perceptible during two or ihiee mornings of the last week 1 he wheat, however, remains untouched, as far as we haye heard m every pan of the country. LEWES, JUNE 28, 1813. Lord Ellenborough and. Mr. Justice Heath, are the Judges appointed for the Home Circuit. Last Tuesday, Captain Shiffner's troop of Yeomanry Cavalry, anil the corps of Sussex- Guides, were inspected by Col. Webb, whose observations were highly creditable to the per- formances of the one, and pleasingly compli- mentary to the appearance of the other. The Archdeacon's Visitation, held here on Wednesday last, was numerously attended by the clergy, who at the church seemed to receive an impression beyond what is ordinarily felt from pulpet oratory, from a discourse delivered on the occasion, by the Rev. Dr. Holland, Rector of Poynings, from Paul's Epistle to Titus, c. ii. v. 1. " But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine." The learned and re- verend preacher, in the course of his sermon, defended the establishment with a degree of energy and liberality that appeared peculiar to himself, and so successfully, that the Arch- deacon, and the rest of his brethren present, expressed a wish to sat1 it in print, and particu- larly requested htyfculd publish it; the pre- sumption therefore psT that it will, in conse- quence, find its way to the press, to the great gratification of all who are truly zealous in the cause. Last Monday the Rev. P. G. Crofts, of Queen's College, Cambridge, was admitted to the degree of Master of Arts. Last Monday, the two deserters from the 45th Regiment, charged with the robberies mention- ed in our last, were brought to this town from Godstone, by Moses, the constable of that dis- trict, whose cunning and entrepidity in the dis- covery and arrestation of thieves, have secured to him his office in perpetuity, and long since established him, as the Fielding of the village. Moses took his prisoners before Jonathan Har- rison, Esq. who sent them to our House of Correction for examination on the following day, when they were fully committed to Horsham jail, to take their trials at our ensuing Assizes. The offenders are natives of Ireland, and named M'Gillic and Newcomb, the former of whom, from his behaviour, appears hardened in ini- quity, and it is suspected, seduced his accom- plice, who is only 16 years of age. ,, At the funeral of a rich farmer, of Newick, on Monday last, a distressing row was kicked up, 1%' some of the nearest relatives of the deceased, in consequence of his having made a will ( read prior to the removal of the corpse) wholly in favour of his wife, who was so. alarmed and terrified at their indignant and disorderly behaviour, that it was feared she would uot long survive their effects; but the aid of a physician being called in, the threaten- ing symptoms were removed, and she soon reover- ed sufficiently to be enabled to make HER will, the purport of which, as we understand, being conci- liatory to the discontented, they quietly withdrew to reflect on their intemperate conduct, which had compelled the Lady, at one and the same time, to seek the consoling dispensations of Law, Phy- sic, and Divinity !!! Mis. Johnson, we are concerned to hear, still labours under much in- dispasition. DIED. On Tuesday last, John Gladwish, Esq. of Ewhurst, near Robertsbridge, in this county. We feel no hesitation in giving publicity to Mr. DUBBINS'S Letter below, without comment, leaving our Readers to judge from its contents, of the propriety of the observations it alludes to, which were offered indeed as a salutary hint, but without pointing the finger of censure or dictation atany one. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. SIR, Horsham, June 25, 1813. HAD the strictures on some of the regulations of Horsham Gaol, inserted in the last Lewes Jour- nal, been quite correct, and had those regulations been seriously injurious to the health of the deb- tors there confined, I should have felt myself cul- pable, in having omitted to request the magistrates to make such alterations as would render them com- pletely salutary; but as, with very FEW EXCEP- TIONS, no injury has been sustained by the deb- tors, from these causes, during many years, there was no necessity for my interference. Whenever an extension of indulgence, respecting air and ex- ercise, has been found necessary, it has been al- ways readily granted ; and when nuisances have at any time existed, they have been corrected as soon, and as completely, as possible. It is asserted, that " the unfortunate persons incarcerated in that de- partment of the prison, are, in WINTER and SUM- MER, without reference to the seasons, indiscrimi- nately locked up, to breathe the foul air engender- dered on the confines of their cells, at six o'clock in the evening." IT IS TRUE, that they, are re- moved from the gaol- yard, into the common room, or kitchen, at six o'clock, and remain there till nine, when they are locked up in their cells for the night : but both the common room and the cells ate kept so clean, and are so well ventilated, that no foul, noxious vapour can be generated, un- less the atmosphetic air is wilfully excluded, as has sometimes been the case.— I beg leave here to ob- serve. that a milch longer time has, for several years, be permitted to be spent in the yard, than was al- lowed at the time of the first erection of the prison, though it is now frequently complained of as TOO SHORT ; and the keeper frequently censured for the restrictions, whereas it is not in his power to extend it, nor to alter any of the rules and regula- tions, enacted by ihe magistrates. I am, Sir, Your obedient, humble Servant, E. DUBBINS, Surgeon to Horsham Gaol. You arc requested to insert tliis telter in yuur next paper. BRIGHTON, JUNE 28, 1813. Houses in eligible situations are now in great request, and appearances afford us the prospect of an early and profitable season. The Steine, last night, was crowded with beauty and fash- ion. Our races, will be on the 30th and 31th of July, and 2d of August, the 1st of the latter month falling on a Sunday. Patcham- Place has been taken and entered upon by W. Crawford, esq. And Patcham- Place Farm is agreed for by Mr. Hudson, 01 Westmeston. Good progress, we understand, is making to- wards the attainment of the projected new fish- ery, at Hove, near this town. To- morrow evening, our Theatre will be opened for the season, when Mr. Betty is to make his appearance at Alexander, in the Rival Queens. The abundant crops of grass, and tlie fa- vourable season for hay- making, must necessa- rily cause a great reduction in the price of that commodiety, to the great relief of stable- keep- ers, and post- masters; warmer nights are, how- ever, wanted for the lent corn, which, in point of growth, does not altogether meet the wishes of the farmer. The early mowers spoke of a frost on Tuesday morning, that presented ice to their scithes. The Bill to increase the allowance to inn- keepers and publicans for diet furnished to sol- diers 011 the march, was read the third time in the Commons, on Monday night, passed, and or- dered to the Lords. The sheep- stealers, in the neighbourhood of Chichester, we are sorry to find, continue their depredatiens, with impunity. On the nights of the 12th and 19th instant, Mr, Andrews, of Box- grove, had stolen from his grounds, an ewe sheep and two fat lambs ; and 011 the night of the < J2dinst. Mr. James Humphrey had two fat sheep stolen from one of his fields, at East La- vant. The heads and shins the robbers left behind them. A reward of 6.5 guineas is, in each instance, offered for the apprehension and conviction of the offenders. See advertise- ments. One day last week a respectable tradesman of this town, was committed to the House of Correction at Lewes, by H. Bates, esq. charg- ed with stealing timber from a carpenter's yard. MR. T. STOCKER BEGS leave to announce to the Inhabitants and Visitants of Brighton and its vicinity, that it is liis in- tention, after the Midsummer Recess, to open a PREPA- RATORY DAY SCHOOL, in Steine Place, and 10 receive n limited number of Young Gentlemen, whom'he will engage to teach Orthography, Reading, Writing, Arith- metic, English Grammar, Geography, and Merchants' Accounts ; and Hatters himself, that by his unremitting all e 111 ion, he shall give entire satisfaction to those parents who may please to favour him with the care and educa- tion of their children. Mr. . S. also intends to give instructions to Young Ladies in Writing and Arithmetic, from twelve to one oV loci;, *** The School will open on Monday, the 5th July. — For particulars and terms, apply at No. 1, North Pa. ra^ le. Brighton, June 24, 1813. SCHOOL, No. 42, North- street, Brighton, Sussex. MISS SMITHERS returns her grateful thanks to those friends who have so kindly entrusted her with the education of their children, sind begs leave lo inform them, that ( her school having greatly encreased of late) Mrs. DRING has entered into partuerslup with her, and they trust, that by mutually endeavour- ing to improve their pupils, still to merit the encouarge- ment that Miss S. has hitherto received. The School will re- open, for Boarders, on Monday. July 19th, and for Day Scholars, on Monday, July 5th. Terms, for Boarders 25 guineas per annum, under 10 years of age, and an guineas above. Parlour Boarders 40 guineas per annum, or one guinea per week. Wri- ting, French, Dancing, & c. are extra charges, and taught by approved masters. Each Lady is expected to bring four towels, a spoon, knife, and fork. BRAMBER RAPE.— The next Sessions of Sewers, for the Rape of Bramber, will be holden, by adjournment, at the White Horse Inn, in Steyning, on Friday, the 9th day of July next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. CHAS. MARSHALL, Clerk. Steyning, 25th June, 1813. BRIGHTON TOWN SOIL. THE COMMISSIONERS for Paving Lighting, and Cleansing the Streets, Lanes, & c, of Brighton, HEREBY GIVE PUBLIC NOTICE, that the RIGHT of cleansing the Streets, Lanes, & c. will he LETT by AUCTION, for the Term of two years, from the 26th July next, at the Old Ship Tavern, in Brighton, on Thursday, the 15th day of July next, at six o'clock in the evening. Bv order of the said Commissioners, THOMAS ATTREE, Clerk. June 24, 1813. SUSSEX SOCIETY, f~ r the Education of the Infant Poor, in the Principles of the Establish- ed Church.- The GENERAL MEETING of the Western Division of the above Society for the present year, will be holden on Thursday, the 8th July next, at 12 o'clock, at the Half Moon Inn, Petworth, when a Report of the Society's proceed- ings, and of the progress of the different Schools, under its regulatiou, will be made, and a stale mentof the accounts will be laid before the meet- ing. Ail Subscribers of One Guinea, annually, to the Society, or to any of the Schools connect ed with it, or benefactors lo the amount of Ten Guineas, are qualified to attend the General Meet- ing. CHAS. PILKINGTON, Secretary. Chichester, June 24, 1813. To Masons, Builders, & c. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PRO- POSALS will be received, at the CATHEDRAL CHURCH of CHICHESTER, in the county of Sussex, or at the Office of Mr. ELMES, Architect, in the North Pallant, Chichester, on or before Monday, the 12th day of July next, front such persons as may be willing to undertake the Works, in taking down, and rebuilding part of the SPIRE, and sundry other repairs to the exterior of the said Cathedral. The plans, elevations, sections, and specifications of the works, may be view- ed, and other requisite information obtained, at the Architect's office aforesaid, any day ( Sundays excepted) between the hours of ten and five. The proposals must be delivered, sealed up, and endorsed, " PROPOSALS FOR REPAIRS TO THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF CHICHESTER, but 110 proposals can be admitted after 12 o'clock, precisely, of the aforesaid day of July next, neither will any lender be noticed, unless the party making it, or an agent on his behalf, shall attend tit the Cathedral at the before mentioned hour. All persons making tenders must be prepared lo give security for the due performance of the works. Bv Order of the very Rev. the DEAN and CHAPTER. JAMES ELMES, Architect. Chichester, June 23, 1813. TO CANAL CONTRACTORS.— The Com- mittee of Management under the Act of Parliament late- ly made and passed for making and maintaing a NANIVGA- BLE CANAL, lo unite the Rivers Wey and Arun, in the counties of Surrey and Sussex, extending from the River Wey at Stonebridge, in the parish of Shalford, through the several parishes of Shalford, Wonersh, Dunsfold, Cran- ley, Hascomb, and Aifold, in the county of Surrey; and the several parishes of Kirdford, Wisborough- Green, Rudgewick, Billingshurst, and Pulborough, to the River Arun, at Newbridge, in the county of Sussex, do here- by GIVE NOTICE to all persons whom it may concern, that Sections and specifications of the excavation, masonry, and brickwork, necessary for carrying the said Act of Parliament into execution, may be seen, aud further information obtained, at. the office of Mr. JOHN SMALLPEICE, in Guildford, Clerk to the said Canal Company, at any ttme after the 25tli instant, and thatthp said Committee will be ready to receive proposals or tenders ( sealed up) tor the performance of the said several works, by measure of cubical yard, on or before the l2th day of. July next, at IC o'clock, on which day they will meet at. the White Hart Inn, in Guildford aforesaid, for the pur- pose of taking such proposals into consideration. And the persons- willing to contract for the performance of such works, are requested to state in their proposals 01' tenders, not only what part or the said works they are desirous to contract for the performance of, but also the shot lest period of time with- in which they w ill undertake to c mplete such works, and to take notice, tqat no such proposal or tender wil^ be received, bqt in writing, sealed up, and delivered as above. By Order of the said Committee, JN°. SMALLPEICE, Principal Clk to said Comy. Guildford, 21st June, 1813, WANTED, an Apprentice to a LADIES' HAIR- DRESSER, and where eveiy ulfu, ci) of ornamental Head Dresses, & c. are made, a Lad of good morals, who will be treated as one of the family. Apply to Mr. J. Walker, at his Hair Ma- nufactory, 74, St. James's- street, Brighton. WHITESMITH FAIR.— A large Shew of Welch Cattle, is expected 011 Saturday next, the 3d of July, at the above Fair, which will be held at the old- accustomed plain, WHITE- SMITH- GREEN, in the parish of Laughton. A good Ordinary at the FOX, at one o'clock, when the favours of Gentlemen will be thankfully acknowledged by their obedient Servant, THOMAS HOLDEN. SIXTY- FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS, some person or persons, at pre- sent unknown, did in the night of Tuesday the 22d instant, kill, steal, and carrv away TWO FAT EWE SHEEP, the property of Mr. James Humphry, from a field in his occupation, in the parish of West Lavant, in the county of Sussex; for the discovery therefore of the offender, or offenders, a reward of FIFTY GUINEAS is hereby offered. to be paid on his or their conviction. JAMES HUMPHRY. And a further reward of FIFTEEN GUINEAS is offered by the Chichester Society, for prosecuting Thieves, Felons, & c. to be paid on conviction, as afore- said. And if more than one person were concerned in the above felony, the same rewards are hereby ottered to the person who shall discover his accomplice or ac- complices therein, to be paid as aforesaid, and he will not be prosecuted- THOMAS RHOADES, Clerk to the Society. N. B. The skins and heads of the said sheep were left. Chichester, June 24, 1813. SIXTY- FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS, some persop or persons at pre- sent unknown, did in the night of Saturday, the 12th instant, kill, steal, and carry away ONE EWE SHEEP, the property of Mr. John Andrews, from a field, called the Lower Pound Field, in his occupation, in the parish of Boxgrove, in the county of Sussex. And also did in the night of Saturday, the 19th inst. kill, steal, and carry away TWO FAT LAMBS, the property of the said John Andrews, from certain other grounds in his occupation, in the said parish of Box grove; for the discovery therefore of the offender or offenders, a reward of FIFTY GU1NEAS is hereby offered, to be paid on his or their conviction, JOHN ANDREWS. And a further reward of FIFTEEN GUINEAS is offered by the Chichester Society, for prosecuting Thieves, Felons, & c. to be paid 011 conviction, as afore- said; and if more than one person were concerned in the above Felony, the same rewards are hereby offered to the person who shall discover his accompliee or ac- complices therein, to be paid as aforesaid, and he will not be prosecuted. THOMAS RHOADES, Clerk to the Society. N. B. The skins and heads of the said sheep were left. Chichester, June 23, 1813. FLIMWELL TO HASTINGS TURNPIKE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the said Turnpike Road, will he holden at the house of James Emary, known by the sign of the George, in Battle, on Monday the second day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which Meeting the Trustees will LETT by AUCTION, from the 29th day of Sep- tember next, for one, two, or three years, as shall then be agreed 011, the TOLLS to arise from the several to arise from the several gates 011 the said road, in the manner directed by an Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, for regulating turn- pike roads, in the following lots, viz.— The Tolls arising from the gates, called Hurstgreen Gate, and Northbridge- street Gate, in one lot, which will be put up at the sum of Four Hundred aud Twen- six Pounds, being what they leu for the last year. The Tolls arising from the Robertsbridge Gate, and the Level Gate, in Battle, in one other lot, which will he put up at the sum of Five Hundred and Fifteen Pounds, being wliat they lelt for the last year. The Tolls arising from the Lake Gate, in Battle, aforesaid, and the Hastings Gate, in one other lot, which wili be put tip at the sum of Six Hundred and Ninety Pounds, being- what they lett for the last year. And the Tolls arising from the Gate erected on Ro- bertsbridge Clappers, in one other lot, which will he put up at the sum of One Hundred and Ninety Pounds, being what they lelt for the last year. And whoever shall be the best bidder, or bidders for such respective lots, will be required, at the same time, to give secu- rity, Willi . sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of Ihe Trustees then present, for the due payment of the rent, or rents, he or they shall, respectively, contract for, in such manner, and ai such times, as shall be then agreed on. Dated 22d June, 1813. T. BARTON, Clerk to the said Trustees. TO BE LETT, And entered oil immediately, for such Term as may be agreed on, ASubstantial, well built, unfurnished HOUSE, willi gardens, and all necessary offices, called OAK FERRERS, with or without 30 acres of meadow, pasture, and arable land, situate on Pilt Down, one mile from Mares field, 4o miles from London, 011 the road to Brighthelmston, from which it is distant 17 miles. The House contains two good parlours, a spacious hall, handsome oak stair- case, and several good bed chambers. Enquire of the Rev. George Woodward, at Mares- field; or of Mr. W. Cave, at Fletching. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ANEAT and substantial built Copyhold DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in Russell's Row, in the borough of Lewes, now in the occupa- tion of John Brigman. Early possession may be had. For further particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. John Dunford, Dorset- Arms, Cliff, Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. FRANK STUBBS, At the Steyne Hotel, ill Worthing, Sussex, on Friday the 16th day of July, 1813, between the hours of three and live in the afternoon, by order of the As- signees of the Estate and Effects of Richard Good, a Bankrupt. ATruly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situ- ate in Montague- street, at the end of Trafalgar- place, in Worthing, aforesaid. These Premises are most conveniently arranged, and comprise a good Lodging House, and a House fitted up as a Residence, with a large oven, bake- house, show- shop, and every convenience requisite in the Baking and Confectionary ' Business. The Premises are quite new and in excellent repair. Immediate possession will be given to a purchaser.— The Estate tv. av be viewed by applying to Mr. James Tenfold, of Goring, or Mr. John Nickles, of Worthing, ( the Assignees); and for further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, or to Mr. John Watts, Solicitor, Worthing, To Linen Drapers, Shopkeepers and Families. ARUNDEL. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the Premises, By, WHITE and SON, Oil Thursday, July 1st, 1813, and following Days, ( Sunday excepted) ALL the entire STOCK of Linen Drapery, Haberdashery, aud Hosiery Goods, also a variety of neat and modern Houshold Furniture, the property of Mr. S. Bennett, in Tarrant- street; consisting of 3 large and elegant assortment of light and dark prints, silk and cotton shambrays, muslins anil dimities, cali- coes, bed furnitures, bed ticks, blankets and counter- panes, sheetings, 7 mhs and 4 4ths, Irish linens, dow- lasses, patent cloths and ducks, super silk, cotton and worsted hose, shawls and pocket handkerchiefs, home bleached and other cloths, woollen cloths, patent cords and kerseymeres, super fine, and forest cloths, fustians, nankeens and waistcoat pieces, a general assortment of twilled and plain sarsnets, velvets, pelisse cloths, of the most fashionable colours, an extensive assortment of hats, gloves, ribbons, elegant thread and cotton laees, tapes, threads, ferrets, Ike. with a collection of articles consumed in a general trade. Also, a variety of modern HOUSHOLD FURNI- TURE, capital Piano Forte, and other effects; com- prising four post aud field bedsteads, with calico and dimity furniture, palliazes, and bordered and quilted mattresses, blankets, counterpanes and Marseilles quilts, set mahogany and stained chairs, chest of drawers, dining and Pembroke tables, and various other houshold furniture ; a super Brussels carpet, 9 feet by 9 ; a ditto 9 feet by II feel 3 ; a ditto IS feet 0 by 13 feettj; a ditto 15 feet 6 by 13 feet 3 ; a ditto 12 feet by 11 feel 3; a ditto 11 feet 3 by ti fee*, oins. The above are in excellent preservation. The Sale to begin each day precisely nt Twelve o'clock, and the whole to be sold without the least reservation. SOUTH LANCING. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. PUTTICK, On Monday the 5th July, at the Horse Shoes, Lancing, at seven o'clock in the evening, ONE Share of three truly valuable LODGING HOUSES, situate at Lancing, aforesaid; they were built by a Club of thirty members, and are likely to prove very beneficial to the holders, being so well si- tuated as to lett nearly the whole of the year. HANTS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BART LETT, Without reserve, on Monday and Tuesday, the 28th and 29th days of June, 1813, THE genuine and entire HOUSHOLD FUR- NITURE, belonging to a Gentleman, who is permitted to sell it 011 the psemises, now occupied by Mr. Hellyer, King's Street, Emsworth, consisting of about 300 lots, new within the last three years ; cata- logues of which may be had in due lime, at ( id. each, on the premises ; and of Mr. Bartlett, at his Upholste- ry and General Agency Office, Chichester. The Furniture may be viewed on the Saturday pre- ceding the Sale, which will begin each day ai 12 o'clock. SUSSEX. TO BREWERS, & C. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr BARTLETT, On Tuesday, the 13th July, 1813, precisely at Twelve o'clock, at live Angel Inn, Midhurst; by order of the Assignees of Mr. James Cobden, a Bankrupt, rl HIK following Freehold and Leasehold ES- TATES ; situate in and near the town of Mid- hurst, Lot 1. A LEASEHOLD ESTATE for a long term of years, situate at Midhurst: comprising a very sub- stantial and well built Malthouse, 70 feet in length, nod 23 feet in width, with a barley granary, and loft over the whole, together with a « li;> of ground behind the same, 4 feet ( j inches wide. Lot 2. A Leasehold Estate for a long term of years adjoining lot i, comprising a compact Brewery, mill- house, spirit- cellar, stable, gate- room, pig- pounds yard, and oilier buildings on the south side of such yard, also a piece of ground on the south side of the cellar, 15 feet ti inches in width. The fixtures to be taken at a valuation. Lot 3. A part Freehold and a part Leasehold Estate for a long term, adjoining lot 2, comprising two cottages, 57 feet in front, and 25 feet in depth, together with a garden behind, 73 feet from east to west, and 52 feet fro in north to south, at the west cud. Lot 4- A Leasehold Estate for the lives of Mr. Charles Newland, sen. aged Gl years, aud Mr, Charles Newland jun. aged 25 years, comprising 27I acres of good ara- ble land, customary measure, together with a ham be- longing thereto, situate at Cocking, within two miles of Midhurst. Lot 5. A Leasehold Estate, situate at Corking, for the lives of Mr. Charles Newland, sen. aged fit years and Mr. Charles Newland, jun. aged 25 years, com- prising a valuable Public House, garden, orchard, and buildings attached, ( except the barn), and is known by the sign of The BELL, 111 which a very considerable trade is carried on. Lot 6. A Freehold Estate, situate at Heyshot, with- in two miles of Midhurst, comprising a Dwelling house, garden, & c. lately called The Black Horse. Lot 7. A Leasehold Estate, for iouo years, compris- ing that capital and well- known Inn, called The Angel, with stabling for 23 horses, aud oilier outbuildings, two extensive gardens, bowling- green, yard. & c. This Inn is placed in the most eligible part of Midhurst, and is unquestionably one of the best on the London Road, from Chichester. At this house, the Markets are held, and public business transacted ; it is also very liberally supported by the inhabitants of the town. Lot 8. A Freehold Estate, comprising a most excel- lent and well- accustomed Public House, with out build- ings, gardens, & c. and three acres, more or less, of highly- cultivated arable land adjoining. These premis- es arc known by th* name of The HALF MOON, and are very pleasantly situate within one mile of Mid- hurst, on the Petersfield road. Conditions will be produced at the sale. Further particulars may be obtained by application to Messrs. Johnson, Price, and Freeland. Solicitors; or to Mr. Bartlett, at his Cabinet and Upholstery Warehouse, and Agency- office, Chichester. ' The respective estates may be viewed by leave of the tenants, till the sale. LEWES, JUNE 25, 1813 Red Wheat - 61. Os. to ol. os. per qr. White Wheat - 61. 4s. to CI. 6' s. — Oats, --. 4Ss. to Os.— per quarter UXBRIDGE. THURSDAY, June 17. Wheat, per load . - - 201. Ills. — d. to 361. Kw. Barley, per quarter - - 57s. — d. to 63s. — d- Oats 45s. — d. to Sbs, — d. Beans - - 6QS. — J. t0 7- s> _ d> New ditto _ d. to — s. — d. Rye — s. — d to — s. _ d. Peas 84s. — d. to 86s. — d. TALLOW. St James's Market 4 lo Town Tallow 83 0 Clare Market 4 11 Yellow Russia 82 0 Whitechapel ditto 4 91 White ditto 0 o Soap ditto 76 0 Average 4. lo Stuff ^ Rough ditto 62 PRICE OF HOPS BAGS. - Kent - - 10I. Os. to 191, o » Sussex - 8l. ( is. to ji. i. ( is Essex - - 1 Ol; - OS,' to 121. 0$ POCKETS. Farnham » • 1(> I. Os. to 251. Os. Sussex - 10l, Os. to ial. J2J. Kent - . 101, 9s. to IS- 0 » 1 TO BE LETT, And entered upon at INS i chat'I mas next, rT^ HE capital Inn, the SHEFFIELD ARMS, in A the parish of Fletching, adjoining Sheffield Park, containing complete apartments, and every conveni- ence, with excellent stabling for 24 horses, coach houses, & c. Also U7 acres of excellent meadow, pasture, and arable land, with barn, yards, and all necessary farming appurtenances, situated on the shortest and best turn- pike road from London to Lewes, of live stages of ten miles each, viz. Croydon, Godston, East Grinstead, Sheffield Green, aud Lewes. The object is to establish a Post House, with good chaises and horses, therefore every encouragement will be given for that purpose, and a very low rent is required. For further particulars, apply to the Steward at Sheffield Place. Majority - - 30 On our re admittance into the gallery, we - found Mr. Baring opposing the Speaker leaving the Chair He took that opportunity of commenting at considerable length on the Report of the Committed, and insisted on the necessity of putting off the measure to another Session, that the House might he able to procure better evidence. Mr. Barham did not fee the necessity of delay, al- though his Hon. Friend seemed determined to force the House to it at any rate, by the length of his speech, the was besides decidedly in favour of the system commended by the Committee. Mr. Huskisson also defended the system recommend- ed by the Committee, which was opposed by Mr. Aber- crorwbie and Mr. Protheroe. The House WAS then cleared for a division, but we understand that none took place. On our re admission, the Mouse was in Committee on the resolutions. After much discussion, in which Mr. Horner, Sir. H. Parnell, Sir William Curtis, Mr. Baring. Lord Castlereagh, Mr. Barham, and Alderman Atkins, look part, the Committee divided on the sixth clause, for fixing the price at which no importation is to be allowed at ninety five shillings — For the Clause - - - - 38 Against it o(> Majority - - 18 The Chairman was the n directed to report progress, and to ask for leave to sit agin. Mr. Swan moved that the Attorney- General he di- recred to prosecute the Duke of Leeds, in conformity to a resolution of the Committee upon the Helstone election. Mr. Swan's first - motion, was for the HOUSE to agree with the Report of the Committee, and which was done direet! y with only one dissenting voice, but the motion to prosecute was lost by 5"> to 52 —- Adj. Tuesday,- June 29. The House went into a discussion on the India Com- pany's Affairs, and the 13th Resolution, relating to introauction of Christianity. was carried by a of 5';>.— Adjoarned. The Gazette of Tuesday evening, contains dispatches from Sir Charles Stewart, and Viscount Catheart. dated June l ; the information they give has been anticipated in the German and French papers. The Noble Lord, however, states cue important fart, namely, that'" by the arrival of a corps and of several battalions, the Rus- sian army is stronger than it was on the 2l' « t ult, 1' the day of the battle of Bautzen. Madame Moreno, the wife of the French General, had re turned to France from America, for the benefit of her health ; hut the Freach Government, it is said; wood not allow bet to remain there, and inconsequence she lias come over to this country* The night house on the Smalls is repaired, and the light is new exhibited in the night as before. Wednesday a young lady eloped from Isleworth with a married gentleman, twice her own age ; she had pre- viously declined several honourable proposals from some young men of fortune ; such the waywardness, some times, of female taste. Monday two insane women attended at the door of the Queen's Palace, One of them wished to see the King, saying she was a relative of his, and ought to he Queen H. Dumpier, esq. is appointed a puisne judge of the Court of King's Bench , vice Mr. Justice Grose, who Retires On Wednesday last, a well- contested foot- race, of ! 4o yards was run at Hunslet Moor, for 5gs. between the Brighton Shepherd and Abraham Watson, a tailor, of Leeds. The distance was run or sixteen seconds, and the shepherd beat his antagonist about a yard and a half. Saturday morning, Henry Housefield, Benjamin Bayne, and John Smith, were tried by a Court Martial, at Portsmouth for having; deserted from a watering party of his Majesty's brig Primrose, at Seaford, in Sussex. Baynes mid Smith were sentenced to receive j111 » lashes each, and Housefield was disrated from his situation of master gunner. - A gold coin of the Roman Emperor Nero was on Fri- day found near Walcot burial ground. Mr. Put's monument is erected over the west door of Westminster Abbey, and only waits, we understand, for the inscription. Mr. Fox's monument is to be near the north door of Westminster Abbey. FORTUNATE ESCAPE AND PRESERVATION.— Mr. Cowan and Mr. Coats, two masters of vessels, lately effected their escape from a French prison, where they had been confined more than nine years, and were picked up at sea, in a boat only fourteen feet long, by the Andromache frigate, Capt. Tobin, while cruising on the coast of France. They had been furnished with bread and water, a compass, quadrant, & c by an Ame- rican captain; and were two ays and nights at sea, happily experiencing, fine weather all the. time : only a few hours after they were ; irked up. a tre- mendous gale of wind came on, with a heavy sea, winch continued more than 48 hours- and hid they not been thus timely rescued by the interference of Providence, they most unquestionably must have hern consigned to a watery grave, Capt. Tobin paid them every mark of kindness and attention while on board his ship : and meeting with the Unicorn, Capt Salt, coming into port, they landed that Plymouth from her last Saturday. The American captain who assisted in their escape, has since been taken prisoner, and is now at PLYMOUTH. Address of the Roman Catholics ' he Printed of Wales. The address of the Roman Catholics of Ireland to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, on her escape from the consptracy against her life and honour: " May if please your Royal Highness, " We, the Roman Catholic People of Ireland, beg leave to offer our unfeigned congratulations on your providential escape from the conspiracy, which so lately endangered both your hie and honour— a Conspiracy, unmanly in its motives, unnatural in its object, and unworthy in its means— a conspiracy., com- bining so monstrous an union of TURPITUDE AND TREASON, that, it is difficult to say, whether ROYALTY would have suffer- ed more from its success, than HUMAN MATURE has from Its conception ! Our allegiance, is not less shocked at the infernal spirit which would sully the diadem, by breathing on its most precious ornament the VIRTUE of its WEARER, than our best feelings arc at the inhospitable baseness, which would betray the INNOCENCE of a FEMALE, in a LAND, of STRANGERS ! ! " Deem People preverbially ardent, in the cause of the defenceless, the shout of virtuous congratulation should receive a' feeble echo. Our HARP has been long unused to tones of gladness, and our. hills but faintly answer the unusual accent. Your heart, how- ever, can appreciate the siieftfce inflicted bv SUFFERING'; and ours, alas' feels, but too accutely,- that the commisseration is sincere, which flows from SYMPATHY., ; " Let us hope that, when congratulating VIRTUE, in your Royal Person, on her signal triumph over- the perjured, the profligate," and the corrupt ; we may also rejoice in the comple- tion of its. consequences. Let us hope that the society of your ONLY CHILD again solaces your dignified retirement— and' that,' to the misfortune of being a WIDOW'D WIFE, is not ad- ded the pang of being a CHILDLESS MOTHER ! " But if, Madam, our hopes are not fulfilled— if, indeed, • the cry of an indignant and unanimous people is disregarded—— console yourself with the reflection, that, though your EXILED DAUGHTER may not hear the precepts of VIRTUE from your lips, she may, at least, study the practice of it in your EX- AMPLE." The above address is, we understand, from the pen of Mr. Phillips, the barrister, author of " The Emerald Isle," & c. SHIPWRECK. Letter from Buenos Ayres, dated April 3 On the 30th ult a boat about 17 feet keel arrived at. this place, with six ersons on board. The following is the ac- count they have given:-— They sailed from New South Wales, on board the brig Isabella George Hegihton, mas- ter, on the4th December last; that they made the land about Cape Horn on the 2d February, and Falkland's Is- lands on the 7th of the same month. In the morning of the 8th about one a. in. the vessel struck on the rocks and was wrecked. The crew and passengers fortunately got on shore, on a desert island, forming one of the groupe of the Falkland Isles, and the weather being moderate, they were enabled to save from the vesse the provisions and srores. On he 23d September • aving raised the long- boat, and decked her if was agreed a part of the unhappy sufferers should embark on board hen, for the purpose of arriving at some inhabited place. The ix men who arrived here, according y put to sea on the said 23d February, and after a voyage of upwards of 450 leagues oh the ocean, they arrived in this river with- out having seen rand for thirty six days. On the first intelligence of the event, Captain Hey wood, Commander of the Nancy brig of ar, prepared for sea, and proceeded to the relief of the unfortunate Sufferers. It appears, there were .55. souls on board the Isabella at the time she was wrecked, among whom are the following pas- sengers ' Captain Drury, 73d Rest, wife and family ; Mr Holt,( frish leader) ditto, ditto; Sir Henry Hayes, and three females, returned convicts; Mr. Madi- son; three marines-- and their wives, The under mentioned have arrived here;-— Captain Bowles, muster of a merchant vessel; Lieutenant London, three seamen, and a marine. The Isabella was laden with oil, skills, and pearl- shells. ELOPEMENT.— An elopement of rather a singular kind has recently taken place. A Gentleman, who about ten years ago was married to an amiable Lady, closely allied to a most respectable family in Rich- mond, carried off on Wednesday last a young Lady from her mother's, near Isleworth, and the fugitives have not yet been heard of. The Lady with whom this gallant eloped was universally admired in the firsts cir- cles in that neighborhood, and had received proposals from several Young gentlemen of fortune: but such is sometimes the waywardness of female taste, that this fair fugitive declined these honourable alliance to form a criminal union with a married man twice her own age. ANOTHER MURDER.— A man named Matthew Walsh, alias Baker, cohabited with a woman named Mary Baker, alias Murphs, as man and wife, in a house. belonging to Mr. Hassan, in the Coal yard, Drury- lane ; they were quarrelling on Sunday evening, and till late that night, during which he pushed her down stairs, dragged her up again, and forced her into their room. The quarrel is said to have arisen about a sixpence which he had given her to buy wood. The inhabitants of the house and the neighbourhood were kept in a state of terror and alarm during the evening. The landlord, who resides in the adjoining house, interfered in the business, to endeavour to restore peace, pro during his staff of office, he being a parish constable, and threatened to send Walsh to the watch house, which he treated with contempt, daring him or any man to touch him in his own apartment, saying, the first man that attempted it he would knock their brains out with the poker which he held in his hand. This ternfield every person from interfering any more with him. It was past twelve o'clock when he shut himself into his room with the woman ; after which her screams and cries of murder were repeatedly heard, and blows were also heard. After some time peace appeared to he restored, and nothing more was heard of either of them till about one o'clock, when Walsh went to the room on the floor above him, and asked to light a candle, which was granted. , About half past six o'clock yesterday morning, a woman who lodges in the house went to his room to ask- to light a candle, expecting that Walsh was gone out to his work, as was his custom at half past five o'clock, and that the woman would remain. She knocked at the door, but no answer being given she opened it and went in, and found Mrs. Baker on the bed, she sup posing her to be asleep, called to her, but not receiving any answer, she went to her, and on examining her person she found her brains beat out, several cbts on her head, and her bosom black, from the blows she had received. The woman gave an alarm, and called in se- veral people, who examined the body and found it to he quite cold ; and the consion drawn was, that she had been dead several hours, and that the fatal blow to cause her death had been given when her screams and cries of murder ceased, and that it was given with the poker. It was ascertained that Walsh had taken away all his clothes with him, and two loaves of bread. It being known that be worked in the lead mills at Paddington, pursuit was made after him there, but he. had not been to work. From thence the pursuers went to his wiie% residence, who lodges in that neighbourhood, when they found he had breakfasted with his wife and children, and had left there ' about ten minutes j bis wife uoi knowing where he was gone. Information being received at the Public Office. Bow- street, of the circumstances, a warrant was issued against him, and several officers were sent in pursuit. The beautiful models of the two 8n- gun ships re- cently arrived at the East India Warehouses, 16, Cheap side ( w, here they may be seen), is perhaps the lines 1 specimen of ingenious carving ever witnessed, i he models have astonished every admirer of Marine Archi- tecture who has seen them, and merit the attention of the Lords of the Admiralty. 1 he Artist has displaced a peculiar elegant foreign taste, by building them in two exquisitely curious carved cars, drawn by Lions. These are set on two beautiful wrought stands, each guarded by four centrnels, in the Roman costume. MARRIED.— Lately, at Taonfon, Moses Wheare. aged 75, to Jane Mattock, widow, aged 7- 1 • The friend of the HAPPY couple contrived to entertain the lovers of fun" with all the diversion the scene was capable of making. They were drawn to church, amidst the ac- clamations of thousands, in a two- wheeled carriage, drawn by an ass. Their return was marked by the dis- play of flags, the music of the drum and life, and the eneering applause of the multitudo. On Wednesday they were invited to the, Theatre, when the Manager had an overflowing house, to Congratulate them on their appearance in public ! Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Primers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. RQE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRINE, Petworth; Mr. WHITS., Arundel, MR. CHAMPION; HORSHAM PALMER, East- Grinsted ; Mr. BARRY, Hastings: Mr. COLEMAN, Rye; and BY the Newsmen. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURS- DAY'S POSTS. FROM TUESDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. \\ t J. and W. Cumberland, Leicester, hosiers ^ V « T. Hayter, Odcombe, Somerset, sail maker. D. Arnot, Gracechurch- street, London, bookseller, Thomas Billing, Cheltenham Gloucester, bricklayer. Thomas Timstill, Derby, fishmonger. John Harris, Devon, currier. Climent Hoare, Cheapside, London, tailor, John Cook, Newcastle upon- Tyne, biscuit - baker. Samuel Peace, Cornhill, London, auctioneer. James Groombridge, Perham, Kent, baker. Richard Stout, Newman Court, coffee- house keeper. John Moore, King Brompton, Somerset, dealer. S&^ tml parliament* HOUSE OF LORDS. Tuesday, June < 2C2- " The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the Loan Bill and about thirty- one bills of a private and local nature. The several Orders of the Day were disposed of, and the House adjourned. HOUSES OF COMMONS. Monday, June Lord' Borringdon, brought in a bill to prevent the spreading contagion of the small pox, by strongly re- commending vaccination. The bill was read a first time. On five motion of Sir Henry Parnell, that the Order the Day for the House resolving itself into a Com- mittee, to take into consideration the Report of the Corn Committee, should he then read, a discussion of considerable length took place. The motion was oppo- ned by Me^ ts. Baring, Rose, Lascelles, protheroe, Bankes, Christopher Smyth, and Horner, and Sir James Shaw, on the ground of the lateness of the hour, which rendered if: impossible to discuss a question of so much importance with all the attention which it deserved. It was supported by Sir Henry Parnell, and sever si other gentlemen, on the principle that an understanding had been come to with those who were hostile to the Reso- lutions of the Committee, not to debate them until the Report was brought up. For the motion - - - - 57 Against it - * - - - - 27 The dispatches received yesterday by Ministers, from Lord Cathcart and Sir Charles Stewart, are dated the 7th and 8th instant. The head quarters of the Allies had been removed, immediately after the signature of the Armistice, to Reichenbach, twelve miles beyond Schweidnitz. The Commander- in- Chief, Barclay de Tolly, was at Reichenbach ; and Generals Witgenstem and Blucher, in front of Schweidaitz. The report of the refusal of the Emperor of Russia to ratify the Armistice, was a complete fabrication, evidently for stock- jobbing purposes. Omnium rose yesterday J per cent, upon the confirmation of the armistice remaining Unbroken if, as some contend, the armistice w « s not only favourable to the Allies, but the only means of their salvation, it would have been an act of insanity on the part of Alexander to refuse his ratification'. At an early hour yesterday morning, Mr. Parsons, the King's Messenger, arrived in town with dispatches from head quarters. After Viscount Castlereagh had perused them, he gave orders for a Cabinet Council to he summoned, which met at the Foreign Office, and Continued sitting till a quarter before four. The Earls of Liverpool and Harrow by were in close conversation for a considerable time after. Viscount C. a> tlereagb waited upon the Prince Regent soon after one o'clock, to lay before his Royal Highness the contents of the dispatches. It nion of the Court of King's Bench, that goods in a house, though not the property of the occupier, were liable to ha taken by distress, under the 43d of Geo. Ill for the payment of the King's Taxes. The Duke of Sussex, we are concerned to state, ex- perienced a severe paralytic affect ion at Kensington Palace, on Wednesday morning last, which excited considerable alarm throughout his family ; but his Sur- geon, Mr. Dorat, soon reaching the. Palace, and copl ously bleeding' him, his. Royal Highness soon recovered, so as to be declared out of immediate danger PITT'S GINGER BEER. CHARLES PITT, Chymist and Druggist, Lewes, Sussex, Manufacturer of GINGER BEER, White and Brown Spruce, Purveyor of Schweppe's Soda and other Mine- ral Waters.— The demand for PITT'S GINGER BEER, du- ring the last three years having materially increased, it has been an object with the Proprietor for the public convenience and bet- ter security from spurious imitations, to establish a Manufactory upon an extensive scale and having done this, he avails himself of this method of informing' his Friends and the Public of his arrangement, also of soliciting their favours for the support of it.— During the summer season, C. P. has judged it expedient to place a person at BRIGHTON, for the purpose of supply- - ing all the above- mentioned articles, anil this he has done at the Shop lately occupied by T. B. Pitt, Chymist to H R H. the Prince Regent, Castle square, who is removed to 39, Great East- street, opposite the Blue Coach- office • All Wholesale Orders are requested to be addressed to the Proprietor, at his Warehouse, 31, High- street, Lewes. The Proprietor has sedulously sought for the opinion of the Facility, generally respecting the wholesome proper of his GINGER BEER and he is gratified in adding that the Question has met with their unanimous concurrence and ap- proval EVERY MAN HIS OWN DOCTOR.— By the effica- cy of Dr. Boerhave's infallible RED PILL, 4- 6, i. only • er box) Pertons of either sex ( assisted by the invaluable copious directions therewith given) are enabled to eradicate ef- fectually, a certain INSIDIOUS DISEASES, AND to fac i- tate the Recovery of Health, with - ease and safety certainty and secresy, in a few days. For billons diseases, scurvy, scrofula, and impurity of blood, the efficacy of this medicine is so well known and ' highly attested for 50 years past, that any further comment is rendered unnecessary. Another " supply is just received from London, and for sale by W Lee , Lewes. The celebrated CORDIAL BALM of GIL. EAD, LADIES of a cold, acrid, or bilious habit of body, affected with' languor, head- ach, or hysterical, af- fections, cannot have - recourse to a more Saturday remedy than the Cordial Balm of Gilead. To Gentlemen from the East or West Indies, the: student from public seminaries, or the whose occupations require a sedeu'ary life, this medicine has effected wonderful <- u, es in case, of debility, originating from heai of climate, or rel xafions from juvenile indiscretions, and the ef- fects of intense application to study or business. Sold by W. Lee, Lewes, rice 1 Is. each, or four in one fa- mily words " Samuel Solomon, Liverpool," engraved on the stamp. Dr. Solomon expeces when consulted by letter, the usual compliment of an one pound note, to i » e enclosed, addressed " Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liver- pool-. Paid, double postage." COLDS, COUGHS, ASTHMAS, CONSUMPTIONS, & c. & e. MADDEN'S VEGETABLE ESSENCE. THE following well- attested case of a most se- vere, and perhaps unexampled complication of Human Maladies effectually cured by Madden Veget- able Essence, must convince the most incredulous o its superior and sovereign powers. TO MR. MADDEN. Honoured Sir— After the " great benefit which I have received from your excellent Medicine, the Vegetable Essence, and your unbounded generosity in bestowing it gratuitously, I should, indeed, be wanting in grati- lude if I did not return von my most sincere and hearts thanks. This is the only acknowledgement it is in mv power to make ; but I earnestly wish that, for the good of my afflicted fellow- creatures; my case should he made public. About twenty- two years ago. I very wet, and consequently, Caught a very revere cold • which settled on my lungs. I have had the assistance of many Gen- tlemen of the faculty, and have tried various other means; bat all to no purpose. The Asthma, as they called it, grew so inveterate, that, frequently, for three or four, and, sometimes,' six or seven months, I was unable to speak , from the shortness of my breath. At last, about three years ago, I was taken so ill that I could not lie down m my bed either night or day and many, very many times, did I think in the morning that I could not live till the evening, and in the even, ing, that I could not live till the morning. Beside, this, I was so afflicted with the scurvy, that I was con- tinually breaking out in sores and bonls a> big as eg"-, one healing up, and another breaking out, successively my cough was extremely violent; and my feel and legs swelled to such a degree that those who saw them feared they would burst, In this dreadful state I was confined two years and ten months. But now, blessed be the Lord for his goodness and mercy to me, through the assistance of your valuable Medicine, ail my complaints are removed, to the astonishment of all who knew me's many of whom call me " A Walking Miracle." I will only add that I shall always retain the most grateful sense of your kindness, that I am, Honoured Sir, Your most obliged and most humble. servant, Rye, June 6, is J 2. JOHN SOUDEN• I believe the above statement to be perfectly correct, and can safely vouch for its authenticity. The Vegetable Essence is sold in bottles, price 7s* each, stamp duty included, at Mr. Madden's House, No- » 4, Gloucester- street, Queen square, Bloomsbury, London; and by his appointment at Mr. Coleman's Library, Rye, Sussex ; where a pamphlet containing a particular account of its virtues, and a large selection of cases, & c. may be had gratis. Mr. Madden will send any quantity ( not less than three bottles) to any part of the United Kingdom, car- riage free, on receiving an inclosure of One Pound for three bottles. A Card to the Ladies of the County of Sussex. \\ MONGST those Discoveries which have tended to en- ^ hance the charms of personal beautv without injuring the constitution, the celebrated GOWLAND's LOTION as prepared by Mrs. VINCENT, has for a long series of years been pre- eminent. It is an imperious duty to caution " the public against vile Imitations; Mrs. VINCENT's GOW- LAND'S LOTION is the only genuine preparation, and its superior efficacy in removing all disorders of the skin, and im- parting a delectable, appearance to the complexion, has been authenticated by testimonials from persons of high rank and fashion. Sold by Mrs. Viucent, No. 6, Davies- street, Grosvenor- square, London; and Lewes, by Mr. Lee, Adams, Fill, Davey, and Pug 1 ; in Brighton, * by White, No. 2, North Street, and Phillipson ; in Horsham, by Maun ; m Chiches- ter, by Phillipson, Cottrell, and Pratt; and by all t' » . e re- spectable Venders of Genuine Medicines, in Quarts 8s. 6d. Pints 6( 1. Half Pin'te 2, 9d. To prevent counterfeits, Mrs. Vincens signs her name upon the label on each bottle that is genuine. RHeumatisms, Palsies, and Gouty Affections, with their usual concomitants. Spasm, or flying pains, flatulency, indigestion, and. general debility, ( origina- ting in whatever source) a r-- relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard Fills, after every other means had failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pill ) in those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, gene- rally uring Chilblains by one application, and the severest Sprains and Bruises, in less than half the time umaily taken by any other Liniment or Embrocation, and if used immediate-' ly after any accident it prevents the part turning' black. White- head's Family Cerate is equally efficacious for broken Chilblains, all ill- conditioned, ores, sore legs, scorbutic eruptions, blotches, pimples, ring- worms, shingles, breakings out of the face, nose, ears, and eyelids, ,> ore head ; and scorbutic humours of every description. Prepared and Sold by 11. Johnston, apothenary , 15, Greek- street, Soho, London ; the Essence and Pills are ( 2- 9d. each. The Cerate at Is. and 2s. 9d.— They are also o; d by Lee, dams , r, an 1 i5a . er, fyra; Mr. V ore. Pit, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton ; Monday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham ; Cuthbert, Battle; Coleman, Rye , Pratt and Phillipson, Chichester; and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. PHCENIX | p| l FIRE OFFICE. R Enewal Receipts for Policies filling due at Mid, summer, are now in the hands of the severa Agents of the Company. Insurances of every description are effected on the most moderate terms. Stock on a Farm may be insured in one sum without the average clause, at 2s.. per cent, per Ann. Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or upwards will not be charged tor the Policy : and all endorsements will7be m de gratis,. H A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. June, isi3. THIS Corporation have reduced the premiums on Farming Stock, from 2 » . () d. per cent, to - 2-. percent, and existing Insurances, covering such pro- perty, will- be reduced as they become due, upon appli- cation to the agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose annual premiums fall due on the 25th instant, are hereby informed that receipts are now rea- dy to" be delivered by the Company's agents undermen Honed, Bud the parties assured are requested to apply for the renewal < if their policies on or before - the loth day of July next, as she usual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date of each policy, will then ex- pare. S. FENNING, Jun. Secretary. SUSSEX. Arundel • . W. Olliver. Battle . « W. Ticehurst Brighthelmston • John Mills Chicaester • J. Bartlett Hastings « . , William Gill Horsham . « Bompbery & Turner Hailsham « W. Martin Lewes , . H. Brown Midhurst . J. Geering, jun. Petworth • T. Holt Rye • . D. Gill Ticehurst . . S. Perigoe. SURREY: Croydon . J. h C. Strudwick Dorking « . S. Dendy Farnham . W. Cock Guildford • Winkworth & Cooper Kingston . W. Strange Reigate . • W. Moore. N. B. Policies will be allowed free of expence, where the annual premiums amount tq 0-. or upwards. This company have invariably made good losses by fire, occasioned by lightning. Proposals may be had of the different agents. Assurances on Lives, being found to. be advantageous to persons having offices, employments, estates, or other incomes, determinable on the life or lives of themselves or" others ; tables of the rates on such assurances, and for the granting annuities on lives, may be hud of the said agents And for the greater convenience of the public., the company have determined to extend ( by special agreement') the assurances on lives at the age of 75 years. HOPE SURA NO COMPANY, Ludgate Hill, London; Exchange, Edinburgh; and Westmorland Street Dublin. FIRE OFFICE. Capital ONE MILLION. against loss or damage by fire effected- upon every de- scription of property within the". United Kingdom, upon terms as beneficial to the Assort d as those of any other office.— Losses are uniformly paid by this Company with the utmost Sprrit of Liberality a d Promptitude. Notice is hereby given. That Receipts for the Re- newal of the Policies, winch expire at Midsummer are now ready for Delivery at the above- mentioned Offices, and with the respective Agents of the Company throughout the United Kingdom.— Polices of Assur- auce, which expire at the above Period, should be re- newed within Fifteen Days thereafter, or they become void LIFE OFFICE.— Capital ONE MILLION— Assur- ances effected upon Lives and on Survivorship.— Annui- ties granted and purchased.— Endowments for Chr;- dren, & c. & c. The Proprietors of this Office have undertaken all Responsibility, and have stipulated for a Guarantee of One Mi Hon Sterling, as an ample Security for all their engagements, She Profits arising out of this branch of Business, after a moderate Deduction for Gurantee and Expence of Management, are divided amongst the Assured, in proportion to the Sums respectively assured; upon which Principle numerous are the instances of Ten Twenty, and Thirty per Cent, in addition to the Amount of Life Policies, being paid ; and Cases have occurred ( when the Duration of Life has been consi- derably prolonged), where the Payment has been more than double the Sum assured." No Entrance Money, admission Fee, or other Offi- cial Charge, exacted: nor are Gentlemen of the Army or Navy charged any additional Premium, unless called into actual Service. WILLIAM BURY, See. The following Agents are appointed by this Company in the County of Sussex, of whom Proposals may be had grants; and every information obtained. Mr. Jos. Moore, Crawley — Mr. Thos Gibson. Lewes. Clayton and HYDE, Shoreham— Mr, Benj Challin. jun. PetWorth Mr. John Wicking, LINDFIELD.— MR. J. B. Phillipson, Brighton.— G. A. Prenessy, Chichester. CORN EXCHANGE, June 21. We have had a very large supply of foreign Wheal since last Monday, as we 1 as a considera- ble supply from our own ports; these circumstan- ces have lowered the price of this article from 4s. to 5s. per quarter, and the ordinary qualities can find no sale.— Barley and Malt arc in short sup- ply, and reach higher prices. Hog Pease and Boilers being scarce, and in demand, have advanced in value full 5s. per quarter.— Beans of both kinds freely obtain the prices of this day se'nnight, having few samples at Markets— A very liberal arrival of Oats in the course of last- week arid this morning, has occasioned a further decline in the prices of full 2s. per qr. on fine qualities, but the inferior can find no sale— The Fiour trade is very heavy at present, and ship samples 2s. per sack lower. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat ' 82s. 9- K Beans 76s. So*. Fine ditto lu3s. l" Ss. Fine ditto 80 » . 8,5s. Rye 50s. Ons. Oats 5.3s Barley 40s. 46s Poland ditto 32s 4<) s Halt 84s. 88s. Potatoe ditto 44s. 48s] WhitePease ) • Rapt Seed SHl. 431. ( boilers) I ' J05' Fine Flour- 105s. H0s Grey Pease 68s. 72s. Seconds 95si00sl PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover( n.) 70s. od. to 98s. o.(. per c, vf Eng. ditto 4.0s. ( id. to loos. 0< l. , n,, 0 ' White ditto ( lOs. l) d. to 120s. 0d. ditto Trefoil los. < id. to 45s. od. ditto Rye Grass 28s. Od to 5os Od. per quarter Turnip 12s Od to 16s. od. per bushel Red & Green His. Od. to 2ls. Od. ditto W. Must. S. 12s Od. to 18s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto 18s od. to 2< M. od ditto Carraway Seeds - - 7- is 76s. ditto Coriander Seeds - - 8< 3s. 40s. dido Cinque Foin - 50s. to 7'. K. per quarter. Canary. . g. 5s. Ul0s. ditto. Oil Cake, at the Mill, „£ lS iSs, per thousand. PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be sold at 18| d. the quartern loaf, wheaten, CALCULATION S. D Sack of Flour - . jog git Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 123 4| Eighty Quartern Loaves at IS^ d. 123 4 Against the Baker - - J SMITHFIELD - MARKET, JUNE 21. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s d- s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day Beef 6 O to 7 0 I Beasts - - 18( 0 Mutton 0 0 to 7 0 j Sheep & Lambs 145- 0 Lamb 7 0 to 8 0 Calves - - 18ft Veal 6 o to 7 8 Pigs - - s< iO Pork 7 0 to 8 0 NEWGATE AND LEADEN HALL MARKETS s- d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Beef 5 o to ( » 2 | Veal 5 o to 7 ti Mutton h 6 to G 6 j Pork ~ O to S o Lamb 6 0 to 7 8 PRICE OF LEATHER. d. < 1. Butts, 5011). a 561b. . S3 a 25 Ditto, 561b a 661b. - 26 a 2T Merchants' Backs - 22 a 235' Dressing Hides . So a 2l| Fine Coach Hides . 2 | a 23 Crop Hides for Cutting So a 21j Ordinary . . a — Tanned Horse - 52 a 25 Calfskins, 30lb. Io4o; b. 32 a 33 , 5 lb: to 7<" Mb. S8 a 45 , 70lh. to 80lb. 40 a 44 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 3- ld. 36< l. . large, per doz. 13 is, 1903 a od. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. " ST. JAMES'S. s- d. £ s. d. Average. Hay 3.00 to 5 8 o- 4 4 o. Straw - 2 2 0 to 2 5 0— 2 3 Q WHITECHAPEL. Hay 4 0 0 to 5 5 0— 4 12 < 3 Straw 1 14 0 to 2 ' 0 0 —; 17* „ Clover 6 0 0 to 7 7 0— G ii> 6 SMITHFIELD Clover 600 ta 6 10 o~ 6 5 o 2d Crop 0 0 0 to 0 0 0- 0 0 O Old Hay 4 15 0 to 5 5 0— 5 o o Inferior 2 0 0 to 3 10 0— 2 15 0 Straw 1 16 0 to 2 2 0— 1 19 o PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d St. James's Market 5 3 Town Tallow 90 9 Mare Market 5 S Yellow Russia so 1, Whitechapel ditto 5 3 White ditto 8.5 0 Soap ditto 80 o 10 9i Melting Stufl 77 0 Average price 5 3 Ditto rough 56 O Graves 04 q Yellow Soap, H 2 — Mottled, 1 19s. Curd, H8 Candles, per coz. 13 » . 6d— Moulds, 15s. od. PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS s- £ £ s. j? t Kent 8 8 to 1 v 1! Kent 10 0 to 13 o Sussex 8 0 to I 1 O Sussex 9 9 to 11 o Essex 9 O to 11 11 Farnham 20 0 to 25 o ^ S jo 0 to 0 0 o o to o c ' S 0 .0 0 C K) 0 0 to 0 • Duty 1,30,000. RAW RIDES. Best Heifers and Steers, per st. Ss 4d to 3s 6d Middlings as 8d to 2s lod Market Calf.... each 17s od t„ (, s 0(| English Horse.........- ... 14s Od to 16s Od
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