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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3474
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 24/05/1813
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3474
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Or, Lewes ana Brighthelmston Journal. Printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LXV. No. 3474] MONDAY, MAY 24, 1813. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Farts of KENT, SURREY, and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom, the SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, Nar ST. PAUL'S, and Mr. WHITE, FLEET STREET, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publisher It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. SUSSEX LOCAL MILITIA. HIS Royal" Highness the PRINCE REGENT having been pleased to order that the LOCAL MILITIA of the County of SUSSEX, raised under the several Acts of Parliament relating thereto, shall be called out for the purpose of being trained and exercised, I have the commands of His Grace the DUKE of NORFOLK, E. M. & c. & c. & c. LIEUTENANT of the said County, to notify, That the several Men raised within the respective Rapes, and forming the several Regiments hereunder mentioned, do, and shall assemble for such Training and Exercise, as hereafter particularly mention- ed and , expressed, viz. • . All Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the said Rapes of Chi- • 5 . chester and Arundel, are particularly required and enjoined to assem- jp ^ ble, at the City of Chichester, on Friday, the Twnty- eighth day J I Composing^ of MAY next, ' at the hour of Twelve at Noon, then and there to the. prfoei! t themselves to the Officer commanding the said Western Regi- Western Regiment. ment, for the purpose of being trained and exercised for the space or v 5 number of Fourteen, entire days, exclusive of the days of arriving at, g. • and departure from, and marching to and from the place above- mentioned, £; and appointed for muster, training, and exercise, „• ^ f All Men enrolled in the said Militia within' the said Rape of itastings, ~ are particularly required and enjoined to assemble at Baltic, on Mon- '• 5 • • ; day, the Thirty- first day of MAY next, at the hour of Twelve at Noon, ; Composing the || R, n an, i || leie lo present themselves to lie Officer commanding the said '? Ilustiii;. H'tpc i Hastings Rape Regiment, for the purpose of being trained and exer- i- Regiment. cjsc( j for ,| ie Spare 01. number of Fourteen entire days, exclusive of the ^ ! days of arriving at, and departure from, and marching to and from, the place above- mentioned and appointed for muster, training, and exercise. J ^ Of which several and respective times and places of assembling the several Men enrolled are particu- larly required to take Notice, as by their neglect or default, in not punctually attending, they will respectively be deemed DESERTERS, and subject to the heavy pains and penalties prescribed by the several Acts of Parliament in that case made ami provided. WM. BALCOMBE LANGRIDGE, COUNTY- HALL, Clerk of the General Meetings of Lieutenancy LEWES, mh April, 1813. for the County of Sussex. To Linen Drapers, Grocers, & c. WANTS a Situation as JOURNEYMAN, E young Man, who lias served li s app| ireinicisliip with a person in the Country, in the general line, anil lias lived with him as journeyman two years, from whom lie can have an undeniable character. For particulars apply, post paid, to J. Gilbert, Linen- draper, Northiam, Sussex. WANTED, an industrious married Man and his Wife, without a family, to live on a farm, in Sussex; lie must he acquainted with the manage mem of stock and sicltlinj, the general business of a farm, and be ready at all times to make hiin « elf useful. His Wife must he cleanly in her person, and thoroughly understand the management of poultry, and take care of the ( arm house, and both must brine undeniable characters for sobriety anil boncsty. Mouse rent and fuel will be allowed » Wem. Wages, during ihe summer months, I. H, a week, and the winter 13s. An extra al lowance will be made to the man for the harvest mouth, and to the woman for all ll poultry she rears. Apply to M. Newman, Amberley, near Arundel; or Mr. Finch, White Horse, Chichester, New Shoreham Harbour. NOTICE is hereby given. that a MEETING l\ of the COMMISSIONERS of the Harbour of New Shoreham, will be held at the house of Joseph Lipscomb, beanig the sign of the Star, in New Shore- ham, in the county of Sussex, on Tuesday, the 1st day of June, I « I3. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pur- suant to the last adjournment. HENRY PARTINGTON, Clerk to the said Commissioners. New Shoreham, I5 May, 1813. ARUNDEL RAPE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the COMMIS- SIONERS of SEWERS, for ihe Rape of Arun- del, will assemble at the S, van Inn, Pulborough, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, of Tuesday, the silt day of June liexl, and from tbeuce proceed down, and on ihe River Arun., to Arundel Bridge; and that the said Com missioners will afterwards, at three o'clock iu the after- noon of ihe same day, assemble and hold their Meet- ing at the Crown Inn, Arundel. WM. HOLMES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Arundel, Gib May, I9T3. EARTHAM INCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given, that CALEB RICK- MAN and JAMES FLORANCE, the Commis sioners appointed for carrying into execution a certain Act of Parliament lately passed, for INCLOSING Lands in the Manor and Parish of EARTH AM, in the County of Sussex, will meet at the George Inn, in Eartham aforesaid, at eleven o'clock in the forcuo ill of Monday, the fourteenth day of June next, to proceed iu the ex edition of the said act, when and where the Proprietors of Lands l\ in< r in ihe several Common Fields, in Ear- tham itfort said, are desired either by themselves, or hv ( heir agents, lo deliver into the said Commissioners an account or schedule in writing, duly signed, containing a description of their lands, lying ill ihe aforesaid com nioii fields, with the name or names of the person or persons in ihe actual possession thereof, and the parti eulnt computed quantities of the same respectively, and the respective natures or tenures thereof; and when and where also alt persons having any right in, or upon, the sad common fields, or in, or upon, the wood, call d North Wood, or the common pastures, open and com- mon downs, and waste grounds in Eartham aforesaid, wo desired either by themselves or agents, to deliver into the said Commissioners au account or schedule in writing, duly signed, containing a description of sneli their rights, and of the lauds ill respect of which the same are claimed, and the tenures thereof respectively. WM. HOLMES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Arundel, fith May, 1813. MESSRS. TESTER and BATES, AUCTI- ONEERS, APPRAISERS, & c. most respect fully return their sincere thanks to their friends, for lite numerous favours conferred on them for the last I- J l> r 14 years in the above businesses, and humbly beg leave to solicit a continuance of their favours, assuring them, that every attention in their power, shall be paid lo the int< rest of all who ma/ be pleased to favour litem with their commands, and further beg leave to inform their friends, that they intend holding a regular Monthly Auction, at Cuckfield, the first Friday iu every mouth, for the disposal of any Live or Dead Stock, Goods, Chatties, or Effects, that any of their employers may commit to iheir care; to commence on Friday the 41}> of June, 1813, before the King's Head; and continue regularly the First Friday in every Month, before the King's Head and Talbot, alternately; to begin from I . tidy tide lo Michaelmas at six o'clock; and from Michaelmas to Ladytide, at four o'clock. All persons having any effects for sale, will please to give notice to the Auctioneers, the Friday preceding, in order that a segular notice may tie given of the sale. N. B. I and- measured on the shortest notice. Cuckfield, May 14, Idli. IMPORTANT TO THE ARMY. Band W. RIDGE, of CHICHESTER, having • established extensive Warehouses iu that City, beg leave to offer their services in furnishing the Army iu general, but more particularly Regiments passing through the Sussex District, with Necessaries, Clothing, and Accoutrements, of every description. Their Stores are so extensive, and such arrangements have been made lo merit patronage and approbation, that a Regiment may be supplied, at all tour's notice, with every article required for the Complete equipment of ihe Soldier. N. B. Regiments going to, or returning from ihe Peninsula, would iind ureal advantages in the contiguity of the above warehouses to Portsmouth. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE, buildings, and large garden, exonerated from the land tax, siln site iu ihe parish of Saint Thomas in the Cliffe, near Lewes, late ihe properly, and iu the occupation of ihe l! ev. Dr. Delap, deceased. For particulars enquire of Mr. SMITH, Solicitor, ai Lewes. TO CREDITORS. THOMAS MARSHALL, late of Brighthelm- ston, Plumber and Glazier, having assigned all liis Effects l<> TRUSTEES, for ilie benefit of Im cre- ditors, tbey are hereby informed, that the Deed is n'uv at . Mr. Thomas Vine's, sen, No, 33, Ship Street, for their signatures 5 and all tho* e who neglect to ex rente the same, on or before the 15th of June next, will he excluded the benefit of a dividend. All persons in- debted t « the estate of the said Thomas Marshall, are requested to pay their debts to ." Mr. Vine, on or before the 1st day of June, in default whereof legal proceed- ing* will be commenced. Brighton, 15th May, 1813. NOTICE. ALL Persons having any CLAIMS on ( be Es- tate of . Mr. Thomas Ades, late of Brede, deceased, are desired to deliver an account thereof to . Mr. Tho- mas Ades, or Mr. John Ades, of Brede, ^ his Executors) previous to the 1st day June, next, that the same may l> e settled. Brede, 13th May* 1813. Farnhurst, Midhurst, Chichester> and Dell Quay Turnpike Road. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Turnpike Gates upon this road, will be LETT BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the Swan I mi,- in the City of Chi- chester, on Saturday, the ith of June, 1813, between the hours of eleven in the morning, and one in the after- noon, for such term as may be then agreed upon, to commence from the 16th day of June, then next, in the manner directed by the act parsed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty. King George the Third, for repairing ihe said road; which Tolls pro- dueed the last year, the several yearly sums following, viz.— Stock bridge Gate and Dell Quay Bar - £ 3^ 2 Lavant Gate and > u miner*' Dale Bar '< M< J rocking Gate - - Farnhurst Gate - - " Sol clear of all deductions, and will be put up at such sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, Chichester, May ll, 1813. T. RHOADES, Clerk. Chichester and Cos ham Turnpike Road. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Turnpike Gates upon this road, will be LETT BY AUCTION. To the best bidder, at the Swan Inn, in the City of Chichester, on Saturday, the 12th of June, is 1.3, be tween the hours of eleven o'clock in the morning, and one o'clock in the afternoon, for such term as may be then agreed upon, to commence from the 1st day of July, then next, in the manner directed by the act passed ii) the 46th year of the reign of his pres<< t Ma- jesty, King George the Third, for repairing the said road ; which Tolls produced the last year, the several yearly sums following, viz. Bedhampton Gate - £/ V2 Nutbourn - - f>: 3() Fish bourn - - t> 3l clear of all deductions, and will be put up at such sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the ! satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, Chichester, May ll, lbu. T. RHOADES, Clerk. WORTHING. CAMDEN HOUSES TO BE LETT, UNFUINISHED. THE situation of there Houses arc evidently the A best in Worthing. Further particulars may be known by application to Mr. PARSONS, at the Sea House Hotel J or of Mr. BARTLETT, Chichester. CONEYBOROUGH PARK. TO BE LETT For a Term of Seven or Ten Years, From May 10, i8f3. THE above Residence, delightfully situated within three miles of Lewes, nine of Brighthelm- ston. and 46 of London. The Mansion comprises a good entrance ball, a drawing- room 26ft. Gin. by 19ft. dining- room 26 by 18 feet, two small parlours, billiard room, library, breakfast room, convenient nursery, eight best bed chambers, dressing room, and good attics, with suitable offices, attached and detached ; good kitchen gardens, coach bouse, and stabling for 16 horses. The Park contains r> 6 acres of the be< t- conditinued land for deer, and excellent fish ponds. The tenant will have the privilege of shoottug and hurtling over an extensive manor. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Forster, Cook, and Freere, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, London j or to Mr. Stephen Grantham, Stoneham, near Lewes. " MANSION HOUSE, PARK, & C. TO BE LETT, for Seven Years, A Capital MANSION- HOUSE, PARK and LANDS, containing together about 25o acres. The House is elegantly furnished, and lit for the re- ception of a Nobleman, or Gentleman of fortune, con- taining dining and drawing rooms, of large dimensions, library, dressing- rooms,- eight best bed chambers, ser- vants rooms, and suitable offices. This residence is distant from London about 60 miles, in a good sporting country, and the tenant may be ac- commodated with a manor abounding with game. For particulars apply to Messrs. Shawes, Le Blanc, and Shawe, Solicitors, New Bridge- street. London; or to Mr. Weller, Chichester. ( To BY. VIEWED) by Tickets.) TO LETT, And entered upon immediately, for the Term of Seven Years, ACAPITAL Mansion, called CLAPHAM- HOUSE, the late residence of J. Bean, Esq. fit for the immediate reception of a genteel family, with capital walled in gardens, well stocked with choice fruit trees, shrubberies, lawn, coach- houses, stabling for nine horses, with every suitable out office, and two pieces of meadow laud adjoining thereto, situated on the South Downs, in the parish of Litlington, in a fine parti of the county . of Sussex, in the midst of capital packs of barriers ; within one mile of Alfriston, five of Eastbourne, three of Seaford, six of Newhaven, ten of Lewes, fifteen of Brighton, and sixty of London. For particulars, enquire of Mr. John Hitchins, Lit- lington j Mr. John Hardwick. Hangleton, near Brigh- ton ; . Mr. John Fuller, Coulsden, near Croydon ; or, of Thomas Penfold, esq. solicitor, Croydon. BATTLE. SUSSEX. TO BE LETT, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. THAT spacious and well- established INN, called the GEORGE, with the ball and card rooms, of large dimensions, and excellent- cellars, thereto apper- taining, most conveniently situated at the entrance of the Town of Battle, from the London Road, and for many years resorted to by families of the first respecta- bility. The premises contain very commodious parlours, bed chambers, ball room, card rooms, bar, domestic offices of every description, cellars of unusual magni- tude and convenience. The House has been new built within the last three years, upon a very extensive and convenient plan, and will require little or 110 repairs for many years to come. The Town and Garrison Balls have been always held at the above Inn, and a very considerable posting busi- ness has been conducted, on the premises, by the te- nant ; it is also one of the best and most convenient traveller's inn in the county. The Tenant will be required , to take to the hous- hold furniture, plate, linen, china, & c. and also the stock of excellent wines, liquors, and ale on the pre- mises, at a fair valuation. To an active landlord the above Inn will afford a lu crative and advantageous situation for business.- Battle is a Market and Posting Town, distance from London 50 miles; the favourite watering Town of Hastings eight miles; Eastbourne and Rye 16, and a daily Coach from Hastings to London, passes through Battle every day. For further particulars and treaty, apply to Mr. John Hutchins, the tenant on the premises; to Mr. Thomas Breeds, Hastings r at the office of Mr. Willard, Soli- citor, Battle. New Turnpike Road, from Pyecombe Church through Bolney, to Staplefield Common, avoiding Clayton Hill. TOLLS TO LETT, NOTICE is hereby given. That the next Ge- neral Meeting of the Trustees of this Road, is appointed to be holden at the White Horse Inn, in Brighthelmston, on Thursday, the 3d flay of June next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon ; at which Meet- ing, the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gales upon the said road, called Pyecombe Dale Gates, Mudd'es Wood Gale, and Hickstead Cross Gate, will be severally LETT BY AUCTION, To the best bidder, from the loth day of June next, for one « r more years, as shall be then agreed on, between the hours of eleven and two of the same day, in the manner directed by the act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, for regulating the turnpike roads," which Tolls were lett, and produced the last year the following sums, viz. Pyecombe Dale Gates - £ i'>% Muddles Wood Gate, - 106 Hickstead Cross Gate - lno over and above the expences of collecting them, and will respectively be put up at those sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder or bidders, must give security, with sufficient sureties, ti » the satis- faction of the Trustees, for payment of the rents, at such times as they shall direct. THO. MORGAN, Clerk to the Trustees. Hurstperpoint, 3 » th April, 1813. TO BE LETT BY TENDER, For Years, and entered noon at Michaelmas ACompact and desirable Farm, called CLAY- HILL, containing 101A. 2R. ID P. of good arable, meadow, pa « : ure, and brook- land, situate in Ringmer and Barcombe, within three miles of Lewes, bounded on the west by the Ouse naviga- tion, and the east, hy the Turnpike- road frm Lew- es to London, and now in the occupation of Mr. S. W. Durrant, and the Executors of the late Mr. Thos. Rickman. The Tenders are to lesent in writing, to Messrs. HOPER and SON, of Lewes, on or before the 2Qth of May, on personal implication to whom, a draft of the lease may be seen. A capital South Down Farm, within three miles of Brighton. TO BE LETT BY TENDER, For ten years and entered upon at Michaelmas next, THE PLACE FARM; in PATCHAM, con- A siutr of a good farm homo, cottages, barns, stables, nod nil ntlier convenient htuldinz?, t,' n » (> acres of LAND, adjoining the turnpike- toad front Brighton to London, wit It the Great Tythet thereof, in the occupation ,, f Mr. Edward Scrase. Richard Patching, at Patcham Place, will sl ew the farm ; and particulars may be known, on personal ap- plication, to Messrs. HOPER and SON, at Lewes. TENDERS. in writing, will be received by Messrs. HOPFE and SON. until the icith of May. Most desirable Pio| » euy on the Sea- Coast, sixty- four Miles from London. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMOST VALUABLE ESTATE, part Free- hold and the remainder Copyhold, situate at Bexhill, in the county of Sussex ; comprising a sub- stantial modern Dwelling house, fit for the reception of a family of respectability, with all necessary attach- ed and detached offices, walled garden fully cropped, plantations and pleasure grounds, the whole perfectly secluded from the village, and commanding a most beautiful view over Pevensey Bay, East Bourn, and the adjacent country. A newly- erected DWELLING HOUSE.. garden, and pleasure ground, and every requisite office, together with about 1( 5 acres of meadow land, extremely fertile, and, having been for many years in the occupation of the proprietor, in a high state of cultivation. Bexhill is one of the mast healthy" and pleasant si- tuations 011 the Coast of Sussex, and well adapted for sea- bathing, for which purpose it is occasionally resort- ed to: it is six miles from Hastings, 1- 1 from East Bourn, and 64 from London. This estate holds out an opportunity for investing ca- pital seldom to be met with; as, from the increasing population of the place, every species of landed pro- perty is rapidly advancing iif value. Several lots of liiis property have been sold for great prices as building ground, for which purpose th£ re is every prospect of the remainder being appropriated. For a view of the Estate, apply to Mr. Mate, Post- Office, Bexhill ; and to treat for purchase to Messrs. Shadwell, Bishop, and Co. solicitors, Hastings; and to Mr. James, New Boswell- Court, Lincoln's- Inn, London. N. B. The Houses are both furnished; and a pur chaser may he admitted immediately as Tenant till the completion of the purchase. SUSSEX.. TO BE. SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AValuable and immoveable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Land Tax redeemed, situate in the parish of Balcombe, in the county of Sussex, within a short distant c of the Ouse Navigation, called OAKS and STRUDGATE, comprising a good Farm house, barn, hovels, and other, requisite outbuildings, and 113 acres', ( more or less) of arable, meadow, pasture, and woodland, divided into suitable int insures, well watered, and abounding with game, nine acres of wood, and one acre of meadow, are iu the hands of the pro- prietor, and the residue in the occupation of Mr. James Potter, a yearly tenant, at a very low rent, and whose year expires at Lady- day next. The hedgerow's, woods, and coppices, are well stocked with fine thriving timber trees, and tellows, to the growth of which the soil is particularly favourable. May be viewed by leave of the tenant ; and further particulars known, on application to Mr. Adams, Wake- hurst Place; or at the office of Mr. WALLER, Solici- tor, Cuckfield. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ONE Hundred and Twenty Acres, more or le* s, of excellent FREEHOLD WOODLAND, well known by the name of the PARK WOOD, in the parish of Burwash, in the county of Sussex, well stock- ed with game, and all the woods around it. For further particulars enquire of i\ Tr. EDWARD ADES, of Sedlescomb, near Robertsbridge, Sussex. TO SHIP OWNERS. TO BE SOLD, a CARVEL- BUILT SLOOP, of stout scantling, about 70 tons register, now building, and may be got ready for sea in five or six weeks, if required. She is supposed to he a very fast sailer for a sloop, will draw about <) i feet water, with a cargo. Is nine feet four inches deep in the hold, aud is well adapted for the Irish or fruit trade. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Gallop and Beeching, Builders, Hastings, Sussex. / SUSSEX- Compact Freehold Farm, near East Grinstead, and Tythes of Farms, in the parish of Cuck- field. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. FAREBROTHER, At Garraway's, on Monday, ist of . May, at twelve o* clock, in two lots, AVery compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, con- sisting of an excellent Farm- house, yard, and buildings cottage, orchard; gardens, and sundry en- closures of rich meadow, arable, and wood lands, con taining together about seventy acres, situate at Tur- ner's Hill, within four miles of East Grinstead, and eight from Crawley, iu the county of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. Harris, tenant at will. Also, the Tythes of Corn, Grain, and Pulse, arising from several farms in the parish of Cuckfield, containing abaut 300 acres. Particulars may be bad at Garraway's ; of the Tenant ^ at Turner's Hill; the Crown, East Grinstead , George, Crawley ; Star, Lewes ; of Mr. Waller, Solicitor Cuck- field ; and of Mr. Farebrother, Beaufort- house, Beau- fort- buildings, Strand. HOOE LODGE, A NEAT SMALL VILLA, between BATTLE and EASTBOURNE, SUSSEX, wiib IM M EDIAT POSSESSION. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- house, in ' Change- alley, Cornhill; London, on Friday, the l28th instanr, at twelve o'clock, ANEAT COMPACT FREEHOLD VILLA, most delightfully situate in the parish of Hoor, fronting the sea, a little more than two miles from Pe- veesey Bay, four from Bexhill, seven from Battle, and ten from Hastings, and Eastbourne, 111 the county of Sussex, containing six chambers, parlour, kitchen, con- venient offices, EXCELLENT STABLES, and coach- house, lawn, shrubbery, good kitchen garden, orchard, and meadow, in all about THREE ACRES, The premises were new- built a few years ago, and are in the most perfect repair and order, are well supplied with EXCELLENT WATER, arc situate in a line sporting country, and peculiarly adapted for the ac- commodation of A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, and iinm; diate possession may be had. To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may be bad, of Mr, Porter, 00 the premises; at the King's Arms, Niafield ; George, at Battle, and Robertsbridge ; Swan, at Hastings ; Bell, at Bexhill; New Inn. South- bourne ; Lamb, Eastbourne; Star, Lewes; at Gatra- way'* and of Mr. Willock, Mo. 25, Golden square, London. 1 - - - ' HANTS. Bittern Manor Farm, South Stonehame, within two miles of Southampton, with early pos- session. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's London, on Wednesday, June 2, 1813j at twelve n'cbrk, IN ONE LOT, A Very Eligible' ESTATE, held Bishop of Winchester, on Three Lives, which , purchaser at this sale will have the power of nominat- ing, in consequent^ of an arrangement made to that effect : tttmprising BITTERN MANOR FARM, a most desirable inviting properly, oil a fine Commanding emi- nence, sloping to the south, principal part bounded by ihe river Itchen, intersected hy fine thriving woods, consisting of a Farm- house, barns, stables, and out- buildings, and upwards of THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY- FOUR ACHES of rich Grazing Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Wood Land, all in a ting fence, commanding from various parts extensive views uf ihe rich country, Southampton river, & c. only one mile and ai! half front Southampton, eight from Romsey. eleven from Winchester, and a short distance from the high road to London; in an ex- cellent neighbourhood, aud good roads in all direc- tions; the whole in possession of Mr. Poldern. particulars may be had; at the New Ion, West End • Dolphin, Southampton; Crown, Portsmouth; Bush Farnham; Deniezey's, Hartford Bridge; White Hart Salisbury ; While Hart, Winchester; of Messrs. Rash' 4 leigh aud Lee, Lincoln's Inn New- square ; at Gar raway's; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden" square, London, where a plan of ihe estate may be seen" STROOD's FARM, BUXTED; SUSSEX. * TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the AUCTION MART, London, on Friday, May as, al twelve o'clock, hy order of ihe Executors of the late Air. Molineux, of Lewes, AValuable compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, desirably situale in the parish of Buxted, iu ihe county of Sussex, adjoining ihe turnpike- road, from Tunbridge Wells to Uckfield, being seven miles from ihe former, aud live from ihe latter; four miles from ihe post village of Maresfield, and about 4<> from Lon- don; comprising a substantial FARM HOUSE, of brick aud tiled, two barns, outhouses, aud other suitable out- buildings, mid about Ninety- three Acres of arable, meadow, aud wood land, within a ring fence, at present in ihe occupation of Mr. Robert Neave, who has had notice to quit at Michaelmas next. This estate abounds with game, and commands tli> statute acres of arable, pasture, and woodland, now oetupted by Mr. John Towse, under a lease which will expire at Michaelmas next. Lot 3.— MUTTON's FARM, in tbe parish of Rudge- wick, 5 miles from Horsham, and 1 from Billingshurst, comprising a house, barn**, and 88 statute acrt* s of arable, pasture, and woodland now oeenpird by — tock, tenant at will.— s- The whole ot tbe above estates are exonerated from Laud Tax. The above soil is particularly genral to the growth of oak, and pre- eminently eligible to gentlemen who to make investments in lauded property,— it is also air excellent shooting country,— great improvements are making; in the turnpike aud cross- roads, in almost every direction, with a very considerable extension of navi- gable cuts, distant only two miles front these estates. Particulars tnhy be had of Mr. James Winter, solici- tor, No. 1- 2. Paper Buildings, Temple, London ; of Messrs. Holmes, solicitors, Arundel j at the King's Head Inn, Horsham ; Blacksmiths Arms, Adversane- King's Head, Billingshurst ; at the Libraries, Brighton, Worthing, Littlehampton, and Bognor ; Crown, Arun- del; Auction Mart; aud of Mr. WELLER, Chiches- ter. Very valuable Freehold, Copyhold, and Lease- hold Estate, for long terms, with extensive Manors; a capital Mansion- house, gardens,, and pleasure grounds, in the county of Sus~ sex, on the borders of Hants. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, Early in the ensuing summer, THE truly " valuable FREEHOLD, COPY- HOLD, and LEASEHOLD ESTATES, with the extensive Manorial rights over several parishes, with a plenitude of game and fish, of the late John Utterson, Esq. and will be divided in various lots. These estates are situate about 48 miles from London, iu a most beautiful and picture- que part of the county ; two miles from Lipbook, i> 4 from Portsmouth. six from the Market Towns of Midhurst and Petersfield. The high road from the Metropolis to Portsmouth, ruii9 tluough the centre of the property. Descriptive particulars will shortly lie given, and fort her information may be obtained, by applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. TO BLACKSMITHS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER and BATES, At the Half Moon, Balcomb. Sussex, on Monday the tflst May, 18 i 3 « at four o'clock in the afternoon, un- less diposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given in this Paper. ALL those Premises, comprising old- estai- blished BLACKSMITH's SHOP, together with a strong, new brick built Cottage adjoining, lately fitted np on a neat plan. The premises are copyhold of inheritance, held of the manor of Balcomb Rectory, and situate in the village of Balcomb, four miles frorru Cuckfield, Lindfield, and Crawley, and seven from Eastgrinsted. This shop has carried 011 au extensive trade formally > ears, particularly in tbe edge- tool hraiw U„ having a convenience to grind by water. For any for- thrr particulars, and vie- « of the premises, apply Auctioneers at Cuckfield. PARTICULARS OF THE BATTLE BEFORE HAMBURG, fjth of MAY. MARSHAL Davoust bad, on tiie Stli May, drawn apart of his troops; which had till then been stationed along tile Elbe from Lunen- burg to the mouth of that river, and coficefittated aboift 5,500 men oil a line from Harburg to the Custom- storehouse. With this forcfe, at one o'clock in the night of the ( Jilt, lie made an attack on the island of Wilhelmsburg, and COO at Ochin- warder. ,-.. .,.. . " The enemy, who took advantage of the - ebb- tide for landing, crossed the river in a body at se- veral points, under a smart fire from ail liis batte- ries ; he pushed out advanced posts, and caused them to fall back, and gradually gained some ground — But ( lo sooner bad the advanced posts ' and - the ( Smaller detachments joined the reserves in their rear, than the enemy was attacked, and a brisk fire of musketry commenced at all points. A bat- talion of Meckenburghers were now sent to the support of Wilhelmsburg, and a regiment of Ha- noverians, wr'tba battalion of Lubeckers, advanced from Bergedorf and the Custom Stores, against Ochienwarder and the. enemy's left flank. The enemy could not long withstand this new and im- petuous attack ; he gradually save way at all points, covering his retreat, by burning some mills and houses. Our troops pursued him closely, and made manv prisoners. The enemy then re- em-, barked, under the protection of his numerous bat- teries on the other shore. . His loss amounts to about 300 men, in kilted, wounded, and prisoners, and on our side to about 150, among whom are 13 officcrs."^( Correspondent, May 1 (.) .-• jit,- at.:' • '• ' The above'. Correspondent ' gives ah account that there was an oiSstMVat: 6, l'engagement: between the French and Prussians in the very heart of the ci ty of Leipzic.' Before the' gate called the Galg- thore, there was a French half battery, consisting < 5f three cannon and a howitzer ttfsj r ,,. The battle, says tlie - account, had scarcely- last- ed half an hour when we saw one of these cannon carried through the town to the market, and it was soon after known tha't the other cannons and the howitzer were taken by the Prussians. The French withdrew into' the town, and the Prussian cavalry and sharp shooters followed close at their heels. In all the streets of the town, and especially in the groat market-, the Contest was very obstinate, as it was also at all the' gates The Prussians rushed in every where, scaled walls, and leaped the ditches, making ' heir way through gar- dens and houses It surpasses all belief with what bravery and activity tlie Prussians began. Conti- nued, and ended the fight. Manv fell in this con- test. The loss of the enemy in killed and wound- ed is especially considerable. The French were pursued for several hours. Her Majesty completed her- OQlli year on Wed- nesday. The day was not observed in any public manner, it not being customary j the national re- joicing being appointed for the 13lh January, for the good of trade. Two English soldiers, we regret to learn, were lately stabbed in the night in the streets of Lisbon, and both ol them are since dead. A few nights afterwards, a Portuguese was killed with a bayonet 6y an' English soldier, who lemaios undiscovered. There was a meeting of the Inhabitants of York ort Monday se'nnight, for the purpose of addres- sing the Princess of Wales, on the discomfiture of a plot against her life and honour. The nephew of a British Peer was executed at Lisbon oil tlie 7th. He had involved himself by gambling, an'rfbeing detected iri tlife act of robbing five house of his; . English friend, by a Portuguese servant, be shot the latter dead,' " to'prevent dis- covery. A fie' cx xc'tion his he^ tl was severed from bis body, ; fixed oil" a pole opposite the house in which the minder and robbery was committed. On Saturday the Earl of Moira's house in St. James's- place, was knocked down at the hammer for the ; trm of fourteen thousand two hundred gui- neas; Sir T. B. Leonard, of Bruton- street, was llie purchaser. It is generally reported that his Majesty Louis XVIII. will immediately set out for the head- quar ters of ihe Emperor Alexander. OEFICIAL RETURNS — It appears from Returns laid before the House of Commons, that the total amount of casualties suffered in the British army, hi clod ing deaths, discharges, desertions, and taken prisoners or missing, from 25th December IS 11, to 25lb December IS12, is 26,6.87,- of which num- ber 14,752' aie deaths. That tine number of persons charged with cr'i- minal. offences, who were committed to ( he different • gaols in the cities of London and Westminster, and county of Middlesex, for trial in thoi year 1912, was, males 1,121; females 512; total 1,663; of which number 998 were convicted. That the number of offenders committed to the several gaols in Ireland, including Dublin, in Ihe year 1811, was, males Sjoo'^ f' females 892; total S, 9oI; of whom 1,298 were convicted. That the total number of Country Banks in Scotland, for which licences fo issue Promissory Notes have been laken out for three years, ending the 5th January, 1S13, was lg, including 9- 20 partners. Note.— There are also three Banks at Edin- burgh ; viz. the Bank of Scotland, tlie Royal Bank ot •• Scotland, and the British Linen Company, which are incoporated I> v Act of Parliament, or. by Charter* and which issu<;'.' Notes ' without' licence- AGRICULTURE.-* CORK^ MAY 4. © ft Monday last, James. B. O'Sullivan, esq. the respectable proprietor of tin- paper manufactory at Dripsey, near Cork;, gave one o1' llie tno » t brilliant instntices of Irish hospitality, wit- nessed in t'ltis hind of hospitality,.. for centuries, It Was' nn agricultural festival. About ten o'clock, 847 ploughs weiciiii motion at tlie same hour " and in the same field, which consisted of no acres, a\ td completely ploughed lip before one o'clock* Upwards of 1 J, uoo men, wo- men, and children, assembled. were all plentifully re- gated wilh porter, ale, & c. A^ iont 740 ladies and gen- ii eon 11 were seated at a table to one of ihe niost Comfort- able repasts ever prepared for such a large assemblage. THE CLERGY .— In a debate which took place in the House of Lords, on Monday, Lord Redesdale stated, that the mischiefs which had. arisen from non residence of ihe lower clergy, were experienced in all parts of the Kingdom. This practice had enCrrased within late years, and curates who formerly resided 111 their parishes, iiniv lived at a distance in a market- town, to which tliey were attracted by their love of curd parties. On a Sun- day In' had knowu instances, wlren a curate would ride from parish to parish," btil with such precipitancy as to render iheir conduct indecent, and to bring disgrace 011 she profession. In an instance of this nature, he k: cw h to lie a fact', thit the clergyman so far neglected his duty from a. wish to proceed and return, that he as cend< d the reading- desk, and so rapidly disposed of . The service, that a' farmer's wife who was present, arose from her pe. w and insisted upon his return lo the desk, telling him aloud - ihat he had not discharged his duty. The nnh£ aiwl learned Lord was . much astonished tlwre should be any opposition to a Bill which was to call upon the higheor orders of the clergy to see that the duties of the profession were performed. The Arch- bishop of Canterbury, tile Bishops of London. Exeter, and Worcester, and' Lord Ellenborough, defended the conduct of thf higher and lower classes of'the clergy ; the latter observed, that the instance adduced by Lord Redesdale, was ' probably ' to be attributed more to the bawling of an old woman, titan to neglect of duty iu the clergyman 1 ,':-- • Thursday; 4 policy^ is'f opened sii Lloyd's | Coffee- house, on Bonaparte. The'tfcfin5, were-— | four guineas to receive an hundred, if the French | Emperor should he dead, or a prisoner,, wi'htn one. , month; fiom tlie 19th May instant to. the 19th June next. ,' ' * - „!:: '.'.., ' . The Middlesex Address was oti Thursday pre scnted to the Princess of Wales," at Blackheath. It was nearly similar to thai of the Westminster meeting. The following is a copy of Iter Royal Highness's reply—* " Nothing can he more gratifying to , nie than the expressions of attachment in this Address from the great and populous County of. Middlesex. " I retain my opinion of the motives which induced Parliament to decline interfering in tin question relat- ing to roe; although it is a' matter of deep concern, that, notwithstanding flierlear esta1> hsliniei « of my in- nocence, I. should find myself more completely than ever deprived of my daughter's society, " I liave indeed suffered most severely for presum- ing to defend my honour and my life. I derive great comfort from the generous sf inpa- thy of the People of, England, and from my daughter's unabated attachment." PRINCESS or WALES' BIRTH DAY. — Monday he' Royal Highness the Princess of Wales completed be1 forty- fith year, which was observed by the ringing o1 bells and llie display of flags and standards 011 tin church steeples, & c. At twelve o'clock the Princess Charlotte, attended by the Duchess of Leeds and Miss Knight, left Warwick- house for Montague- house. Black heath, the residence oi her Royal Mother, the Princess of Wales, to pay her respects on the happy return of ' the day*.* In the evening the Opera'" house, llie' oilier public places, and her Royal Highness's tradesmen, il- luminated their premises: BOXING. — A tremendous battle was fought on Sa turday, at Moulsey Hurst, lor a handsome. subsrri| i tiou purse. Islit Champions were Oliver, tlie gardener, a pugilist inferior to, mine ^( lii.'.'' boxing lifi, svbo beat'] Ford, and Cooper;,. a- powerful'i,. a^ promising young man, who heat Lancaster.* ^ uch sporting spei ulaiioii had been cxcited," and many thousands - were, present. Gibbons and Caleb Baldwin, seconded Oliver, and Rich- mond and Jones the latter. Betting six to four oil Oliver. In the I2lh and 13th rounds, the latter of which finished the battle in 17 minutes, Cooper, was so beat that lie could not stand up, and Oliver was de- clared the victor1. BANKRUPTS. J. W. Hlort. G. Smith- street, Westmin. coal merchant. William Harnett, sen. Canterbury, currier. Robert Lloyd, Clement's- lane, scrivener. James Downes, High Holborn,' dealer ii> earthenware. - Thomas Robson, Cleadon, Durham. ship owner. William Clark, Fenchurch- street, wine merchant. Joseph Burg's, Greenwich, poulterer. John Israel, Bury- street. St. Mary-.- Axe, jeweller. , William Saunders, Norton Falgate, linen draper, Charles Wadsworth, Bishopsgate street, grocer. Thomas Mahbott, Saffron- hill, dealer iu leather. Samuel Phillips, Falmouth, Cornwall, shopkeeper. Park Pattle. King's: Lynn, Norfolk, grocer. Godin Shiffner, Nicholas lane, insurance- broker. James Proctor and Wm. Marsden, Hunslet lane, Leeds, and Samuel Marsden,. Wakefield, York, flax spinners. Robert Walmsley, Stockport, Cheshire, victualler. William Ryley, Worcester, linen draper. Geo. Fairhurst, Grim- ditch Mills,' Cheshire, corn- dealer. Henry Carpenter, Basinghall- street, money- scrivener. SUSSEX CLUB. THE Fourth and LAST -' MEETING of the Sussex Club, this season, n'til" " be l,%'! d at tlie Thatch'd House Tavern, St. James's- street,- - London,- on Saturday, ihe /> th of June, at six o'clock. t Mr. HANKEY, in the Chair. WANTED, a Lad of . Tespeciahte parents, as an APPRENTICE 10 a Taylor, liis friend's to keep Iti 1 1 in. cloaths, washing.-,& c A premium ivi- 1 be expccied, as he, will be treated as one of the family. . Kiiq'iii;^. at tjje Office ot'^ lps. Paper. ' UDIMORE FAIR. NOTICE D heTcbf given, That the above FAIR will bo holtlejv'nir Friday, fire lWi day - of JUNE, W13 ; and tiia. t - a good ORDINARY will be provided on llie occasion, at tlie KING'S- HEAD Inn, by GEORGE , WEST Amicable Society of Cliffe and South- Malling. THE next ANNUAL MEETING, aiid Feast of tin: i\ bovc Society, will- he li^ tlen <( tihe Dorset- Arm Inn, in the Cliffe.-, oa Tuesday', the first day of June.' next, on wi tch day,- the Members of the -.. id Society aie- de^ ired to meet bv eleven o'clock in the forenoon," in order to ri't t nd Divine Service. , Non- attendance will- subject Members lo ih : fine expressed in Article > i. W. S. CAMP, Clerk lo Hie said Society. N. Dinner lo be on Table at One o'clock. Sussex Agricultural Society. A GENERAL MEETING of . the Subscribers fo the above Institution, Mill be holden at- llie Star Inn, Lewes, on Sa- turday, tlie 29tb day of this histaiil,' May, at twelve o'clock at noon, to receive and consider ihe . Report of the Committee appointed by lite last general Meeting; to arrange the business for the ensuing. Cattle Shew. Lewes-, 2' 2d May, 1813. Three Guineas' Reward. W^ HEREAS, RICHARD KING lias absconded from ^ • trie parish of Hurstperpoint, and left his Wife and Fa- mily chargeable thereto. The s^ id Richard King is about five feet- eleven, bl a light^ oinjrlexion, ralber deaf anil lias a cast in o e eve.; ha* lately bfen seen in the neighbourhood of Turner's Hill." Whoever ivill give infonnaiion to tiie Overseers of the parish aforesaid, . so lUaf lie fe apprehended, . shall receive the above Reward-. . .. 1 bis day is published, price 5s'. ; fine paper, 7s. FABLES'for the FIRE- SIDE : dedicated to the Marchioness of Douglas and Clydesdale, by J. LETTICE, D- D.—- London ; prin- led for Black and Parry. " Manv 0' these Fables are excellent, and ilie' whole consti- tutes a very \ leasing Volume, fiom which much enti'rtaimncnr, • and iniiJ- l.' ii^ struction al- o may be* obtained."— - British Critic, April, 1813, • ' , . Ouse Navigation, and Cuck field Turnpike- Shares, TO l. e SOLD, TEN SHARES, or Debentures of 100/. each, on Ihe River Ouse Navigation ; and Debentures for • 451.- on the Cuckfield Road. 1 > i' » -' A*?-" t : ... Ap| jy to Mr. Medwin, Solicitor Horsham.' ii WHEREAS. JOHN PARKER; of Bright- . helmston Labourer hSifh absciitidcd; Aiid. left Vhis wife and family chargeable ln the Parish of Brighthelmston. A reward of Two GUINEA'S will be ( aid by Mr. Jonathan ' Grenville, Assistant Overseer, of- Brighthelmston, to any per- son giving information lo him of the said John Parker, so that he may | ie apprehended. . .. , John' Parker is about 28 years of age, dark complexion, dark blue eyes, dark brown hair-, short in his neck,' about five feet six inches high, has several scars about the chin, and limps rather in his gait, from rheumatism. Brighton, ' ao. h May, 1SI3..' BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, 4l, London Wall, opposite Bethlem, London, IMPENETRABLE PAINTS, ground in" Linseed .1 Oil, for park paling, tiles, slates,, useful an I ornamental painting in general, and weather boarding of every descript'- on. per cwt. . per cwt . Invisible Green - S6i Stone Colour - 56s. Dark Olive Green 70s. Leada m - Slate. Colour .56s. Bright Olive Green - Vffis. Light Blue - S0<. Black Paint - 5fis. Chocolate - 50s. White Paint - ' 56s Red 1 ' - 40s. Yellow -. - 56s. Prepared Drying Oil, ! o ; tjiiu tlie above for Use, 5s. per Gallon. , per cwr. per gal Genuine Ground White : Best Sperm Oil 8s. ( id. Lead - - 56s. Double Refined Oil 6s. 6d. Turpentine per ga!.' ' 12s." Single ditto ditto 5s. lid. Linseed Oil - 5s. 6d. I Pale Seal Oil - 4s. 6il. Fine Colours, & c. See. | Pale Whale Oil - 4s. fid. UPTON olid Co. t. U> lour Manufactures, London Wall, and Kennet Wharf", most respectfully recoininenrf ihe abpve Paints in tlie Public, as applicable Jo the general purposes of useful and ornamental painting. They dry. very quick, are Very beautiful in appearance, a^ d possess a. iiurabi i'y which renders them pi'Culiaf!}- valuable, when applied to work constantly, or partially exposed to'tlie effects of die weather. Advertise- ments bavin • lately appeared, recommending Paints uiidcr similar tities, w ich tire prepared uitfr Fish Oil, or sold in an unground state, Upton and Co. feel it proper to - ay, that rliey are not I'Onne.' ied A'i'- h.' tbose houses, and that their Paints are not prepaired wi'h Coal; Tar, or Fish Oil. Merchants, Ship Owners, and tbe; lTrade supplied. ' SEWERS.- iBRAMBER RAPE NOTICE LN. of Sewers for the Rape; will be. held at. tha White . Horse-" Inn, in Steyning, on Friday, the 4ih day of June next, , itt 11 o'clock in lh; forenoon, atw'hich time ihc Collectors of Scots are desired to attend, and j. tv ad - arrears of Scots ( if any) to tbe- expenditor, and lo make r: turn of all defaulters. • CHAS. MARSHALL, Clerk. Steyning, 21st May, 1813. * WEY AND ARUN JUNCTION CANAL. IN pursuance of the Directions of an Act of Par- 1 liament lately made- and passed, initialed " An act for mak- ing and maintaining a NAVIGABLE: CANAL to. unite ' ihe Rivers Wey ai* l Arun, in the counties of Surrey and Sus- sex," I do hereby give Notice to all ajd every the Subscribers to. and Proprietors of Shares in the siid Canal, that the Com- mittee of Management of the said Company of Proprietors; have, at a Meeting held at the While Hart Inn, in Guildford, in the- said county of Surrey, on Saturday, tlie 15th day ot May instant Ordered; ( F. Sit'a- eall"< f8?. pef Cent, lie made on die said subscribers and proprietors ( making, together, with the sum of 2/ p- r cent, already subctibed and paid, before til passing of . tlie act, an instalment pi Wl. percent.) on their respective shares ; and that, : uch call of 8/. per cent, b,- pa I to William Haydon, the eller, or Richard Sparkes, of Guildford, '. foresaid, Bankers, he Treasurers to the said Company, on'or before the 24th « ay of June next ensuing. By order ' of the said Committee of Management, • J. SMALLPEICE, CLERK. Guildford, Hfh May, 1813,, . N. B. Theabove'- nientionedialj may be paid to Sir Chas. Price, bart. and Co. a.. d Sir James Esdaile, bart. and Co of London, Bankers, the corresooiding houses of the - aid Trea- surers, by such o/ the said Subscribers and proprietors, to whom it may be. more convenent so to do, on - or before the 20tii day of June next. ' •' • CONTRACT'"!' FOR COALS AND. CANDLES! Commissary in Chief's Office, ••-'' London, V8th- May, 18' 13. - WA'NTED for the Barracks - itv the under- men- - tiwscd Counties in South' Britain, for the Barracks in . ' North Britain; and, iu die Islands 4'* f Guernsey, Jersey, ami Alderney, uc. li . quallf'SSs' of Coals and Candles , as. may froi. ii time ie time lie KmiiiedlS' t » 4'' Je> iffc « - iw Barrack ' Masters for the! time Iwinf. s > i!;; n cj atfUdf-' :.' •; ua , --' 1 TI> e1De4i « e5; ies, Jt;?, jeoflU) A? e„ aA s. 9n1!. after, the 2jt| i June neifi, a. s,( be, re. pectiVe' Barrack " Masters shall require, and lo contntiejin'il'tK . Zith- lf' June- fiitlttwin- f! i. Proposals for supplying COALS, made separately for each. County in South Britain, the whole of the Barracks in North' Britain, addlikewisfc'ft'*. tfefie, ri- the Three I lands of Guern- sey;' Jersey, and Alderney. ' tealed up, and marked, " Tender for Coals,'*- will b? received at this Office umil Twelve o'Clock on . Wednesday, the 2d of June ; ihe parlies tendering- observ- ing, thai in those Counties where both sea and inland Coals are used, the proposal must particularly express the price of each description. - Proposes for, supplying CANDLES, sealed up, and marked, " Tinder for Candles," will lie received, until Twelve o'Clock on Friday the 4ibof June ; but no proposal, either ror Coals Or Candles, will be tioiked, unless made- on or annexed to a printed Particular, and the prices inserted in words at length; nor unless a letter be subjoined to such proposal from two I el- sons of known. property-, engaging t > become l ound with the party tendering in the sum expressed in the Particulars, for the due. performance of the contract. If Tenders arc sent by post, the postage must be paid. Particulars of the Contracts, may be had on application at ithis Office, between llie hours of Eleven and Five, lo Deputy Commissary General Lindesay, Edinburgh ; Deputy Commis sary General - Coope. Guernsey; and Deputy Commissary. General Low, Jersey. COUNTIES. Berks, Norfolk, Chester, Northampton, ' Cornwall ( including Scilly) Northumberland^ Cumberland, Nottingham, Devon, - - Somerset, Dorset, Suffolk, Durham, Surrey, Essex, Sussex, Hants, Warwick, Hunts, Wilts, Isle of Wight, j York, Isle of Man, I North Britain, Kent, Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Lancaster, .. and Alderney. Middlesex, ! - TITHE.—- TO BE. LETT, And entered .' m, lU Michaelmas next, THE VICARIAL TITHE of a parish in this- county, a< ij!) ioin<; East Grinsted j- 154 miles ' from London and., 20 J'roni, Brighton U^ comprised ' Five-:< Thousand Acres, . more or- less ha. yinrg Vjery little1^ common Land in, the parish,--— frirft general mrf5d" e'offAvmi'ng'cdi^ ist^^ n/ stnvijvg ii ' great quantity of' SEEDS-, keepingJa ru- miber• of cows an'd' breeding cattle. Further particular mayih^' U- nou n, l> y letters, post- paid,. or personal application to A. : B. No.' 56, East- street, Brighton. N.' B. Security will be required. TO. BE LETT BY TENDER, ~ For. 14 years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, AN ALLOTMENT of LAND, under the Hors- ^ ^ ham Inclosure Act,- made to Sir Henry Fletcher, Ba- ,. ronet » - situate on Horsham Common, near to Town of Horsham ton Saining 4/ A. 1 R. 24P. in statute measure, and corn- tythe free ; a gubstaii'ial outside fence, aiid proper gates ' have bet ft erected.' Th ; Tenders ure to be sent, in writing, to Mr. Medwin, - of ' Horsham, on or before tlie Lt '. day of June ; cn application to u- liom, by persons' making tenders, a draft of the intended lease may be seen. FURNACE FARM, near CRAWLEY, in th* County < of Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Auction Mart, on Tuesday, June 15,. at twelve o'clock, in One Lot, ACapital and very compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, most desirably siiu. ite in tlie" parish of Worth, in the county of Sussex, aiid near thg-' turnpike- road to Brigh- ton, two miles from Crawley, from Brighton, and only, • about 32 from London; comprising all that extensive Farm, qa'led Furnace Pa. rm, containing above THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY- FIVE ACRES, ' lying within a ring fence, and. abounding with game, in the oc- cupation, of Mr. John Knight, yearly tenant, al the low annual rent of on'y TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS, with a convenient farm- house, barn, stable, and other requisite outbuildings. Printed particulars, with engraved plans annexed", may be had at the King's Head, Cuckfield j George, Crawley ; White • Hart, Reigate and Godstone - King's Arms, Croydon.^ Castle and Libraries, Brighton; Star, Lewes ;" Dorest Arms, East Grinstead; Dolphin,- Chichester; T. C. Med win, esq. Hors- ham j Messrs. Smallpeice Stoke, near Guildford; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors yid Land Agents, Kent- road ; or aftheir Offices, in the. Auction Mart, London. COPYHOLD ESTATES, CAPEL, SURRY. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By PLUMER AND SON, At the King's Head Inn Capel, on Tuesday, the 15th. June, 1S. 13, tpet. w^ en tlie.'. hours of ' three and five o'clock in'the - afternoon',, rn- Two Lots;, - LOT- 1. Copyhold Messuage or Tenement-,- barn/ ftable,' and' - o'her outbuildings- with 125 ac res, ( more or less, of . arable', meadow, pasture, and wood Land, called Misbrook) nearly adjoining'the turnpike- road leading iVcm Dorking to Horsham, held of thy- Manor of Dorking, and subject to a quit rent{ of 10-,. per annum, heriot th^. best beast. LOT 2. A Copyhold Messuage or Tenement, barn, stable, and outbuildings, ivith 45- acres ( more or less) of arable, mea- dow pasture and: wood land,, adjoining Lot 1, cailed Broom- hamsj also held of the Manor of Dorking, and su'ject, to a quit rent of lis. per annum. Both esta: es ate in the occupa- tion of Mrs. Knight- N. B. The ' Timber, which is iu a thriving state, is free, anc| will be sold vvit. h the estate. Inanediate possession may. be had, by the purchasers taking the growing crops, at a valua-' tion in the usual way. , -'* Both Lots are intided to a right of Commonage on Mis- brooks Green, a^ nd the Holm wood, w'hich is. shortly expected to be inclosed^ iifwhich case will beiiltitlcd ! o allotments. Further ivavtirttlars may be h'\ d,. by applying to Mr. Dendy Napper, Warnham :; or t^ ia Auctioneer, Horsham; STOLEN, OR STRAYED, Out of i fleld belonging to MR . WM. Dunk, in the parish of Rolvend'en,. in Kent, in the night of, the 5th instant, A Dark chesnut MARE COLT, lining three years old, about fourteen hands high, with a brown nose> a slight broom tail; full eyed, aid a small white spot on tlte inner- side of one of the hind feet, Ui St.. above the hoof. And also out of a field nearly adjoining- to . the above, belong- ing to - Mr. Thomas Neve, in the same night, a BAY MARE, seven years old, with a star on her'iorehead, full mane and tail, lame in both fore iect, about fourteen hands and an half high. / v. i . Whoever will give any informjilion of the- said Mares, or either of them, so ( hat ( he s'. me may le had again, shall be handsbmely rewarded for their trouble", and if stolen, a re- ward o? Ten Guineas, over and above the > um allowed by the Rolvenden Prosecuting Society, wiUbe given, oiicotivic ion of the offender or offenders;' by applying to the « said William Dunk or Thomas Neve, . it- above, Rolvenden May * ,1.313. * ' HASTINGS SUSSEX. j To Grocers, Linen- Drapers,& c \ To BE SOLD JJY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AValuable. Freehold , DWELLING- HOUSE, mo^' t eligibly situate in the High- street, Hastings, ex- . tr^. melv^ well calculated for cither'of the above businesses, par- ticularly for that of a: Grocer the shop having been fitted up for that purpose. Lhei? pf< aVnse. s comprise . an. excellent Spacious Shop, with bow; window 3, parlour and lobby, a large dining- room, seven best . bed rooms, with, sundry, closets, and light roomy stair- case. On the basement story are a good dry kit- chen, cellar and pantry, with large garden, and paved back court,- together lp) vfew'in de^ th.! . The . buildings; at$ in excel lent repair, being nearly newt; and- the house ' having two pri- vate entrances, k .- remarkably well calculated for. letting apart- ments,' during the bathing season, Tp lie viewed applying to Mr. Henry' Eaton near the premises. . . - ,,. For further particulars, and to - ( feat for the same, apply to I Mr. Lovegrove,' No. 14, Adam Place, Borough ; of to Messrs. DRIVER Surveyors and Land Agents, KENT Road ;- or at their Offices; in' the Auction Mart, London. , KENT AND SUSSEX. Valuable Freehold Residence^ Farms, Water Corn Mill, and Lands, \ viill immediate possession of the Resi- dence, and of th<) Remainder at Michaelmas; TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, fey Messrs, SKINNER, TUCHIN', and FORREST, On Tuesday, the 8th of June Vat twelve o'clocck, at Garraway's Coffee- House, Change- Alley, Cornhill, London in 16' lots, bv order pf the Trustees and Executors of Sandeforth Streat- field, Esq. deceaibd^ •.: i ; . - • • . VALUABLE aticl ve, r. y improveable Freehold Estates, situate.? n^ thg,^ parishes j> f Tunbridge, Scale, Leigh, Chiddingstone, Penshurst,. Edenbrdge.,. Cowden, Hever? . and Wadhurst, in tlie counties of Kent and Sussex ; , easy distance. v j from Sevenoaks, Tunbridge, Westerham, and East Grinsted, 1 ' and xifb'oufS^ i miles from London |.. d(> ni- pri'smgav » iibstart^ Residence, called> Ht(^ Ll^ ENj wfth . office's of- every description, j pleasure> ground, gardens farim^ djoijiing in< hand.-, Several very^ eJi^ i- iIeFarms, called Kent Lands, New House, Greys, Weavers' Little^ Warren', Bewes,. Claydon Eastlands, Gold Harbour Edells? Windmill Hill, Little Chested, and Crouches?. 1 - "• : '•" j ALo Chiddingstone Water Corn Mill and Farm, with a ( fa- pi til head of water, andj two ispacious water wheels. . Th « whole containing. near Seven, Hundred Acres of fertile : ahd productive meadow-? pasture, hop garden, arable and •' wood Land, ih the Occupations Of Messrs. Keys, Children, Harris,- Mercer; Bur foot, Langley, Cheeseman Wallis, and Blackman, who have had . notice ' to quit at Michaelmas next: Tp be viewed^ - and. printed particulars nay- be had on the premises; also at the " Crown Inns Sevenoaks " and East-" Grin- • stead ; Kentish Tavern, Tunbridge Wells ; Rose and Crown, Tunbridge ; of Mr. Blake, Printer, Mailstone ; Messrs. . Lee, Printers, Lewes ; Mr. Fleet Printer, Brighton : Messrs. Pal- mer, Tomlinson,;: atul Thompson, Solicitors, Copthall- court, Throgmorton street ;.. at Garraway's ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Tuchin, and Forest, Aldersgate- street London,, where plans may be seen. ROTTINGDEAN, BRIGHTON, & LEWES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, A. t the Star Inn , in Lewes> on Saturday, the 26th day of June, 1B13, at ' Four o'clock i^ the afternoon, SEVERAL truly valuable FREEHOLD. CO- 0 PYHOLD, and LEASEHOLD ESTATES, late the property of. M r. - Joseph Molineux, Of Lewes, in the county of Sussex, deceased| in Lots,:• . . LOT 1. Two unfinished Freehold LODGING- HOUSES fronting the. sea, built: \ v. ith the best materials, and covered with j slate,' situate in the pleasant village of Rottingdean, within four' miles of Brighton. ' * LOT II. A recently- built Copyhold LODGING- HOUSE, s'tuate in Rottingdean aforesaid, comprising an. excellent kit- chen, parlour, pantry, capital cellar six. good sleeping- rooms, convenient closet, and a good-. wash- house, together with a \ small piece of Land adjoining, " situate in the High- street ot Rottingdean aforesaid, iiOw unoccupied. LOT III. A new flint- built SLAUGHTER HOUSE, with a two- stall s'able, and loft over the same, and a large yard walled in, together with^ about an acre of exceedingly rich ara- ble land, situate in Rottingdean- alore'siud/ in the occupation' of Mr. John Wright, a yearly tenant. LOT IV. ^ A Copyhold MESSUAGE, in two Tenements, with an excellent garden,- and a in meadow, of nearly one acre, w. th. a detached shoemaker's- shop), situate in the High- street of Rottingdean atbresaid, in the occupation of Stephen Welfare, a yearly; tenant. LOT V. A COPYHOLD MESSUAGE or Tenement, si bate in the village of Rottingdean aforesaid, comprising a ? kitchen and parlour, two cellars; a - wash- house, three comfort- able sleeping rooms, a . walled garden, an old- established But- cher's shop and slaughter- house, two four- stall stables, with lofts over the s'inue ; the whole about S3 feet Ui front, and nbw in the occupation of Mr<.• William Dunk, on lease, which ex- pires at Lady- day 1813-,. at the yearly rent. of twenty pounds. - LOT VI. A most excellent Copyhold LODGING HOUSE, delightfully situate vat Rottingdean aforesaid, a « d commanding an extensive view- of the sea, called the Upper Hill House, now let to the Right Hon. Lord Sheffield, comprising a good parlour, drawing- room 20ft.- by 15ft. five excellent sleeping rooms, and offices^ of every description. " LOT VII. Another Copyhold LODGING HOUSE, ad- joining to and of the same dimensions with Lot 6, and now unoccupied. , LOT VIII. A convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in the High-> street,; of Rottingdean. aforesaid, comprising two par- lours, a kitchen, several sleeping rooms, cellar, and other offices, with a small garden in front thereof, formerly used as a lodging- house, but now let to Benj.- Newnham,. as a yearly tenant. » LOT IX. A very desirably situated Freehold LODGING HOUSE.- being No* 4, in Prince's- street, Brighton, opposite to the Pavilion, comprising a front and . back parlour, four | sleeping rooms, and very Convenient servants' apartments. A very substantial built LEASEHOLD LODG- ING HOUSE, comprising two parlours, a drawing- room, four bed rooms,- and sundry other neccessarv apartments, together with a Carpenter's shop, and a large yard 39ft. in front, situate in High- street, Brighton, in the occupation of John Pratt, a yearly tenant. This lot is held- under a lease for 98 years, from Christmas 1801, at . the yearly rent of eight pounds. ' ; ' LOT' XI. A very desirable piece of COPYHOLD BUILD- ING GROUND, situaiW- in the North^ Butts, Brighton, . adjoining td Gloster, vPlacej. containipg 3? ft. in front, and U5lt. in depth, now in the occupation of the Proprietors. " , LOTXII. An exlraordihary well- built HOUSE* compris- ing a front. parlour 24ftrby t4< ft. two,- back . parlours, a drawing- room 23it. by 14ft. five excellent, chambers, two garrets, and very convenient servant's^ apartments, situa'e in the parish of ' St. Michael, t> eing' No. 92,: iri- thi High- street• of the Borough- of Lewes, now unoccupied. Immediate possession may be had. LOT XIII. An undivided Moiety of a capital Freehold WARE- HOUSE, with vault under the same, situate in Watergate- Lane, in .. the Borough . of Lewes, late in the occupation . of Messrs. Molineux, Johnston, aud Cater, and now of Mr. A. Harvey, wine- merchant, under a lease for 14 years commenc- ing from the 21st January, 1S11. LOT XIV. A roomy Freehold WAREHOUSE, with an ex- cellent Vault under the same, situate in the parish of Saint Michael, in Lewes aforesaid, behind . the dwelling- house of Mr. Davey, druggist. LOT XV. A strong" stone- built Freehold COACH HOUSE, and a three- stall Stable, with loft ever the same, in complete repair, situatem tine parish of - St. Michael, in - Lewes, aforc- 1 said, now in the Occupation of ^ the. proprietors, LOT XVI. A strong stone- built Freehold WAREHOUSE, Or Coach House^ with a: good Stable ahd Loft over the . same, adjoining Lot 15, now in the occupation of. the proprietors^ , LOT XVII. One Fourth part of the good SHIP DILI GENCE, trading from the;' Port of' Newhaven, —- Smith, Master. *. ' ' ;.... ."•." ,*,* -•* •" -.'.• ' Jrke several Lots. may be seen on application to Mr. John Sulton builder, of Rottingdean ; Mr. John Pratt, Builder, High- Street, Brighton ; and of the Auctioneers, Lewes. Printed Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had, in due time, of Mr. George Molineux, of Lewes ; Mr. T. Beard, Rottingdean ; Mr; W. Verrall, Brighton; Messrs. G. and J. Smallpeice^ surveyors, Guildford, Surrey; Messrs. Dri- ver, at'rheir office in the Auction Mart, London ; of tlie Auc- tioneers,- Lewes j and of Mr. E. Verral, solicitor,' of Lewes . in Sussex • : *.. . .. * '. . FARMS, near Cuckfield, in ihe. County of Sussex, TO BE SOLD BY. AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, t At the Auction' Mart London, oh Tuesday, June 15- « • - twelve o'clock, in One Lot, TWO very valuable FREEHOLD FARMS, JL- exoherat6' d Irorti the Land Tax, situate " at Wivelsfield and Birch- Green, in. the parish, of, Wivelsfield, about three miles from' Cuckfield, in the county of Sussex., called Frank'* ' lands and Clevewater Farms Containing.- togi'thei" above ' ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY ACRES, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Jeffery, upon an old lease whi6h will expire at Lady- day next, at the very low old an- nual rent of , . - , *• • • , ;, r ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE POUNDS. Printed partieuls^ s, with engraved. plans annexed, m^ v i> C- had at the King';, Head, Cuckfield ; George, Crawley; White Hart, Reigate and Godstone ; King's Arms, Croydon ; Castle^- Grinstead; Dolphin, Chichester'^,, of T. C. Medwin, esq Horsham ; of Messrs. Smallpeice', stoke, near Guildford ; . and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road; or at their Offices, in the Auction Mart, London. CAPITAL INN, COACH CONCERN, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, I ( By Order of the Assignees of William Clarke, a Bankrupt,) on Friday, the- Tlt'h day of June, 1813, between the hours of three and five' in the afternoon, at the Woolpack Inn, ' in. ' j the Town of Tenterden,— subject to^ svJch Terms and Condi- . tions of Sale as shall be . then a- nd there produced : LOT1. A LL thai FreeholdMessuage^ or Tenement called tlie WOOLPACK INN, in complete re- j pair, mos^ desirably situated in the centre of the town of Tenter- den, i:> the county of1 KENT., with tiie Tap- Room, extensive stables, lofts,, coach- houses., granary-, yard, garden, and appur- tenances. thereto belonging together- with.. Vive Assignees' Right and Interest - i n the Assembly- Rooms. LOT II. -— The Assigness' Interest in a lucrative COACH- CONCERN.' (; withoutthe lej?> t opposition) from Tenterden, to Cranbrook,. Maidstone ^ iclJl^ Jtido. nj. wftli ' convenient stabling, sheds for carriages, & Co{ f| Jofi Lpt 1. ; - ' T1^- furniture, stock- in- trade.,. fixtures, apdieffpctsyand coaches^ hearse, post- chaises, and horses to be taken by tlie purchasers Of Lots 1 and 2, at^' fairvaluation. LOT III. —' A piece; ofFreehold ' Pasture Land, called . the Beacon 0ak'. Field,-^ lyiwg'i>' ea^) 60- the< town'> ofTenterden> con* taining by. admeasurement, 4A. 0R. 5i?] more Or less. . Lots 1 and.. 3, ara exonerated from t^ e Land Tax. LOT . IV": 1— A" Messuage or Tenement, with tlie coach- house, stable, garden, and 17 acres of g^ jod Pasture Land, about half a mile from the' town of Tenterden for the residue of a" term of • 3 years, commencing from the 6th df January, 1S11, under a lease, at ther yearly rent of 60/. ' . LOT V. —- A Messuage, Outbuildings, and about IS acres of- arable, meadow, and pasture Land, in High Halden, in I Kent, for'the residue of a term of 2t years, commencing from the 10th d. v- of October,' 1801, under" a lease at the yearly rent of 12/. . * LOT VI .—- A Piece of . Land, called die Taylor Field, con- taining by estimation,- 3 acres, more or less, near the town of Tenterden aforesaid, tpr , tbc( residue of a term of 21 years, ( of which 10 years were unexpired tit Michaelmas last) held under an J assignment of lease*,' at tho yearly' rent of 51. For turthcr. particulars^ incjuire of Mr. Stephen Prentis, Maidstone, Mr. Cloak and Mr. Clout, Tenterden, the assignees ; of Mr. Follett, solicitor, 2, Paper- buildings,' Temple, London ; oi; of _ Mr. Waterman, solicitor, Tenterden,. of whom printed ' . particulars may be had 1.0 days prior to ' tlie sale ; and at the : ' principal Inns iwiihiti ^ O'lmiles or Tenterden. PITT'S GINGER BEER. CHARLES PITT, Chymist and Druggist, Lewes. Sussex, Manufacturer of GINGER BEER, White and Brown Spruce, Purveyor of Schweppe's Soda and other Mine- ral Waters .— Theriettrai iil' fiir PITT'S GINGER BEER, « ,,. rin^ the last " three years, . having ' materially increased, it has been an object with the Proprietor for the public convenience and bet- ter security from spurious imitations, to establish a Manufactory upon an extensive scale, and having done tics, he avails himself of this method of informing his Friends and the Public of his arrangement, also of soliciting their favours for the support of it.— During the summer season, C. P. has judged it expedient to place a person at BRIGHTON; for the purpose of supply- ing all the above- mentioned articles, autl this ho has clone at Ihe Shop lately occupied by. T. B. Pitt, Chymist to H. R H. llie Prince Regent, Castle- square, who is removed lo 39, Great East- Street, opposite, the Blue Coach- office. All Wholesale Orders are rfcSuestcd to be addressed to the Proprietor, at liis Warehouse^ 51, High- street, Lewes. *** The Proprietor hqt\ mhtU> udk ( aright for the opinion of the Faculty, generally,, respecting tic wholesome properties of . h'S GINGER BEER,/ artdr) jejsgraliJicdiii adding, that tho' Question has met with their unanimous concurrence and ap- ' proval. ' ' • PELICAN OFFICE for Insurance of Lives an<* granting" Annuities .— This Office was establi.. hed in Lom- bard- street^ London th^ year - 179^ by'a numerous and re- spectable proprietary ; aft^ the Board of Directors, with confi- dence, ' arising from the. incr- ased prosperity and permanercy of Iheesiabli'slini'en'i, as w^ ll" as fr-- m the experience of i's use- fulness and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may be still uhacqu - inte-. i with the importance and advantage of Life Insurance, briefly to su . gest some of its leading and peculiar recommendations . in almost every degree, and- rank in society. Life Insurance is of man fest consequence to all who hold estates for life, situations ancl offices, civil ecclesias- tical, or professional; to officers in the army and navy, & c. as, by payment of an annual premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare he m iy wish; in vain, by other means, r to promote. It affords a permanent ultimate security to those who advance money upon annuities or otherwise. It renders leases, de- terminable on one or more lives, nearly equal in value to free- hold estates, as an insurance. to the amount of tho fine pay- able, on the demise. pf a party nominated in such lease, will produce the sums required for renewal. It. is a cheering refuge to parties engaged in extensive and . specula- tive. undertaking! ; it affords to" persons in trade the certain means of indemnification against a bad or doubtful debt : in short, Life Insurances, established in policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the test of experience, is be- come, to almost every si uation of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted open the most equi able terms, under a Speeial Act of Parliament, g anted to thi, Office. T. PARKE, Sec. Pelican Company's Agents at Chichester, R. PHILPOT — Portsmouth, J. C. MOTTLEY — Lymington, J. WEST. CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. ADELUSIVE Habit learnt at great Schools, weakens and destroys the whole nervous system^ a. id in the very flower of - youth brings on all the infirmities of th i most languishing old age ; rendering its votaries indifferent to all amusements, absent in company, dull and lifeless every, whej e. — These' maladies ' arc not only relieved, but ultimately cured, by thii excellent Medicine, whichis unrivalled for restoring bro- ken a: d decayed fonsti: utfons to pristine health and vigour. Sold by W. Lee, Lewes; price 1 Is. eaeh, or. four in one fa- mily 1 o tie, - for fey, wl « ch" ooe 1 Is. bottle is saved, with tl. e words " Samuel Solomon, Liverpool.,!^ engraved ( in. the stamp. i^^. Dr, Solomon, e^ pe^ fs when consu'ted by letter, tiie'usual CQjiuplini, ent; 0f 4b one pound note, to Be cnelosed, addressed " Money Letter-, Dr^ Solomon*. Gilead- House, near Liver, pool. Paid> double postage." H^ • - 1 I MM—— CORN EXCHANGE, MAY 21. We Wave no, fresh, arrivals of Wheat to- day, hut what was left from Monday was equal to jlie demand fine samples continue full us dear, but ordinary were dull of sale; the sale of Oats was brisk, at an advance of 2s. per quarter; Hard Tick Beans were in demand, and may be considered os. or 3s. dearer; other articles con- tinue at our last quotations. Wheat G-'- i. 70s. 7O5. Tick Beans - 80s. S^ s. Fine ditto - 12is. 131s. Old Ditto « — s. Rye - - ^ 63s. G3s. Oats - 25s. y; s, Bailey - - S Is. 6Is. Poland ditto - 42s. 49s. Malt - - 81s. 91s. Potatoe ditto — s. 50s. While Peas l't's. I i4s: Rape seed - 50l. 581, Grey Peas - G's. 75s. Fine Flour 105s. 110s. Beans - _ — s. —^ s. Seconds - ltiOs. 105£, SMITHFIELD ' MARKET. This day's market was not well supplied with diffe- rent kinds of cattle: Mutton and Veal sold at last pri- ces; Beef t, Pork, ami Lamb, are dearer; aud the trade for the most part was somewhat flat. The sales in the Haymarket were not lively: Clover obtained a better price, Straw fetched last price, The following prices ant! numbers are an accurate statement '. Beef - 03. Od. to 7s. « d. Mutton - Gs. 0d. to 7s. 4d. Lamb - rs. Oti. to 8s. 6d. Veal - Gs. Od. lo 71. 6d, Pork - Gs. Od. to 7 s. Gd. HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY. Beasts - - Sheep and Lambs - 5,700 ^ Calves - - no .... Pigs ' * 7 ' - ' fc'l ' Postscript From Saturday's London Gazette. Carlton- House, May 26. I , PRESENT, Tils Royal Highness the . PRINCE REGENT, > , in Council... • THIS day tile Right Honourable Sir Thomas , Plumer, Knt. Vice- Chancellor of England, was, by his Royal Highness'a command, in the name, and on the behalf of his Majesty, sworn of his Majesty's Most Honourable Privy. Council, and took his place at the Board accordingly. WAR DEPARTMENT. Downing- Street, May l9. 1813- Dispatches, of which the following are a copy and an extract, have been this day received at the Earl Bathurst's Office, addressed to his Lordship by Lieutenant- General Sip- John. Murray, dated ' Alcoy, l? lli April', and Castalla, 30th April, 1813. Extract of a letter from Lieutenant- General Sir John Murray, to Earl Bathurst, dated Alcoys 17th April 1813 I have the honour of enclosing a . copy of. a ' dispatch, addressed this morning to the Marquess of Wellington. The army remains in the position of Alcoy. *•'"•...'." My Lord,. . Alcoy, 17th, of. April .1813 In my dispatch of 14th instant, J had the ho- nour to acquaint your Lordship that the army was on its march to Alcoy.. In the course of the night I learned that the enemy had, by forced marches, occupied Onteniente and Mogente, and that he would reach San Felipe before me ... As the troops were much fatigued, I halted on the 15th instant. I have the honour to he, & c , ( Sinned) J. MURRAY. His Excellency Marquess of Wellington, & c. & c. & c. My Lord; Castalla, 30th April, .1813. In forwarding the duplicate of my letter of the 14 h, I beg to acquaint jour Lordship that my in- formation respecting General Harispe proves in.;' correct, although it eame to me from several quar- ters, and continued to be reported for several days. The loss of the enemy amounts fully to the number at which I have stated it. I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) J. MURRAY, Lieut.- Gen, Rt. Hon. Earl Bathurst, &: c. & c. & c. Carlton- House, May 17. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Ma- jesty, to appoint George Jackson, esq., to he his Ma- jesty's Secretary of Legation at the Court of Plussia. Carlton- House, May 19, 1813- His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased in the name and on the behalf of his Ma- jesty, to confer the honour of Knighthood on Ro. bert Dallas, esq. his Majesty's Solicitor General. His Royal Highness the Prince Recent was also pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to confer the honour of Knighthood on Brigadier- General John Downie, Knight of the Order of Merit of Charles the Third of Spain. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent was also pleased, in the name and on the be- half of his Ma- jesty, to confer the honor of Knighthood oh John Jamison, M. D. Knight of tile Royal Swedish order of Visa. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent was also pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to confer the honour of Knighthood on Ludford Harvey, esq. [ This Gazette also contains a dispatch from Brigadier- General Lyon, giving official details of the attack on Hamburgh; the ' substance of which • will be found in the second page.] BANKRUPTS. E. Southern, Oxford- street, jeweller. W. Bamford, Hounsditch, timber- merchant. P. Crompton, Manchester, merchant. T. Houghton, Manchester, merchant. J. Braddock, Manchester, merchant. G. Matcham, New Sarum. Wilts, dealer. E. Arscrott, Liverpool, money- scrivener. W. Williams, Bristol, coach master. W. Leaf, Manchester, merchant. \ V. Carpenter, Pitchcombe, Gloucester, clothier. T. P. Lenraitre, Holboin, watch case- maker, J. E. Green, Bermondsey, rope and sack maker. E. Browning, Laikfield, Kent, dealer, u. Gurnett, Horsham, currier,— Adofnies, Messrs Ellison & Co. Lombard- street, London. E Shellatc, Foghill- street, Glos'ter, victualler. U. Caton, Monmouth street, Middlesex, slop- seller G. Bruin, Tooley- street, Southwark, merchant. J. Wood, Newington- Butts, coal- merchant. P. Channon, Bridgewater, Somerset, merchant. B. Welton. Kirby- street, Middlesex, fringe maker J. Spurrier, Enfield Highway, coal- merchant. W. Broomhead, Coventry- street, London, linen- draper. T. S. J. R. Haslam, Bolton- le- Moors, Lancaster, cotton- manufacturers. R. Tophatn, South- Shields, Durham, linen- draper. T. S. Birch, Clerkenwell, ' ironmonger: . '"• J. Cowell, Brydges- street, Loudon, woollen-^ draper'. LONDON, The Concordia, a Swedish brig,' is arrived at Playmonth, from America. She left New York on the 2d last, at which date that port was not block- aded. This circumstance tends to corroborate the veport of an Armistice having been concluded be- tween this country and the United Stales. The Russian offer of mediation was made previous to the 21st March. The Express packet, from Rio Janerio, is arrived at Falmouth, after having been taken by an Ame- rican privateer. The packet had 2o, oool. sterling in gold on board, besides other valuable property Jo a large amount. The Danish force that Iras entered Hamburgh is « tflted at l4, poo men. Their object is said to be to protect the place from the French, but. it is more probable they mean to secure it for them- selves, with ( lie consent of the French". Sir Charles Flower, on Monday, gave a Beef Steak Dinner in the Stoke Hole, at the Brewery of Harvey Combe, in Castle- street, Long Acre. Among the Company were the Duke of Gloucester, Lord Erskine, the Prince Koslofsky,& c After dinner a magnificent banquet was provided at the private house. The party did not break up till Bear eleven o'clock. Monday last, being the Princess of Wales s birth day, the hells of St. Peter's, and several other churches in Norwich, were rang during the day, being the first lime it has been observed in a similar manner. , Mr. Benson's Bill for the Repeal of the Leather Bill, was thrown out on the second Reading, by a majority of 5, it) the House of Commons, on Thursday last. . The . impression made- upon the " public mm< T, respecting the battle of Lutzen, as having termi- nated in favour of the Allies, is deep and wide through the. north of Germany. . Halle and Leip- zic, it is said, are both in possession of the Prus- sians. Berlin, on the 8th instant, was a scene of enthusiasm and martial preparation. The levy enm masse has been resorted to in that capital, and an- swered with joy. All males between. 15 and Co have been called out, and they cheerfully obey the summons. It is expected to produce 4o, ooo men. ... . Letters from. Koningsberg of the 6th inst. men- tion the warmth with which all classes enter in to schemes for the promotion of voluntary levies and equipments In that city upwards of 200 German ladies have formed themselves into a society, for working at the manufacture of different articles, which are sold for the benefit of the young war-; riors. On the first sale at public, auction, one- fourlh of their works was sold in the Boersenhalle for l000 dollars; the remainder was expected to produce Sooo more : the whole to be expended in arming and clothing the newly raised troops, at Koningsberg. In fine, every town in Prussia ex- erts itself in contributing to the necessities of its country ; and individuals, who are unable to come forward with ready money, bring their mites in gold or silver articles, or such other valuables as they, can best spare; ' •• • . The Curates' Bill was read a third lime last -' night, and passed, in the House of Lords. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, besides what he. has already derived from funding Exchequer bills, will, it is supposed by the capitalists in the city, stand in need of a loan of 24 millions, A survey lias taken place of the - Russian? ' fleet, and such is its condition, that public ' notice- was yesterday given for the sale in the middle of next month of five of the men of war, one frig'^ e", and four gun vessels, now at anchor at Portsmouth. We are sorry to state that three privates of a British regiment of Light Dragoons lately deserted to the enemy, and after giving them all the infor- mation in their power, they were sent back to the British lines, where upon their arrival they were tried by a Court- Martial and sentenced to be shot, ^ his sentence was carried into execution against two of . them. , After t, he great race, which will close on Satur- day evening, a battle of a singular kind will Jake place, Molineux having observed he would fight any thing alive yesterday, a match was made for him to fight a hull, on condition that ( he animal should have his horns muffled; and the match cannot be off without a forfeit. The Black will fight Carter, off hand for any stake. On Sunday night, the prisoners on board ( he Glory prison ship, at Gillingham, had the auda- city to illdminate the ship, in order to express the joy for the supposed victories which Bonaparte claims over the Allies. They had communicated with each other in the respective ships, in order to have made the illumination general on board them all, but were prevented from carrying their inten- tion into effect. The judgment in the case of the King v. White for a libel on the Duke of Cumberland, which was expected to con * on in the Court of King's Bench on Saturday morning, was postponed till Monday, as Lord Ellenborough was obliged to sit at Guild- hall, for the trial of causes during the day. A marble bust of Mr. Whitbread, by Bacon, has been unanimously voted by the Committee, to ornament the principal saloon of Drury- Lane Theatre. LEWES, MAY 24, 1813. Last Wednesday a number of soldiers, who volunteered from the English Militia in Ireland into the Regulars were fiddled into this town, on their march to join the 37th Regiment in Battle Barracks. The late cold winds have partially changed the complexion of the young wheats, in many situations; the healthy green has given place to the sickly yellow; but a little settled dry and warm weather, will, we trust, restore the stricken to its original verdure and vigour. The depot of the l5th Light Dragoons, this day quitted our Horse Barrack, to make room for that of the 18th. Last Friday, the Pevensey Battallion of our Local Militia, commanded by the Earl of Chi- chester, assembled here, and on being drawn up, exhibited a great number of very fine young men. Owing to Lord Chichester's late indisposition, Lieut. Col. Cranston takes the command; Lieut. Col. Thomas . having re- signed. At our Market on Tuesday, and that of Hail- sham, on Wednesday, fat Beef was heavy of sale, and experienced a small reduction of pi ice.— Mutton was more in demand, and sold high. The man in Winchester Jail, charged with stealing Mr. Johnston's horse, as mentioned in our last, was committed by the name of Price, and no doubt belongs to a desperate gang of robbers, having been seen in the company of those who are strongly suspected of having fe- loniously entered the shop of Mr. Taylor, of Hambleton, in Hants, and stolen therein linen drapery, and hosiery goods, to the iia^ ount . of between two and three, hundred -. pounds.) ' The cart ' supposed to contain the stolen " property, attended by four men and a boy, was observed passing . the public- house at Worthy, where it attracted the notice of the landlord, from the weight of its lading, and created a suspicion, which some time afterwards led to a pursuit; but the cart on being overtaken was found quite empty, drawn by Mr. Pain's horse, stolen with Mr. Johnston's, and the boy missing. The men on being interrogated as to the boy's ab- sence, saucily answered, " perhaps he is dead ; or perhaps not ; or lie may come again, but whether he comes or comes not, you ( the inter- rogators) can have nothing to do with it." And it is extraordinary, that under these suspicious circumstances, they should be suffered to pro- sceed, and especially as many of Mr. Tayler's hop- marks, which had been attached to the stolen effects, were found on the road over which the cart had passed. The goods, it is supposed, were laid up concealed in a neigh bouring wood, wherein were found two ham- pers, answering the description of some that were in the cart, and exactly like those in which the boy was selling lemons at our late Cliffe Fair. After a little reflection, the persons who had the suspected party in their power, became sensible of their folly in not stopping them ; and they were 1,1 consequence again pursued on the Bristol road, the result of which we have not able to learn ; but under all the circum- stances of the case, we think it probable that it may prove successful. Mr. Johnston owes the recovery of his mare to great good luck, or perhaps to the superior sa- gacity of the animal, who' # ndin » ivnelLin bad' company, seized the first opportunity of quitting it,, by. stealing from her hed^ e- row pasturage in the night, and' straying into the prenises of an honest miller, which induced Price to cetach him- self from his gang, and retrograde in search of the ponejy casting his apprehension and commit- ment. Early in the . morning of yesterday se'nnight the stable of Mrs, Marriner, of Winchester, was broken open, and robber! of a bay mare, and a saddle nearly new, most likely by the above gang, who but for the interruption they experienced, who would probably have reaped a - good harvest, at Andover fair, at which, it* seems, it was their intention to have offerred the stolen horses for sale. One day last week a man ( was committed to Horsham gaol, charged with Stealing a horse at Littlehampton. Joseph Fielder, the lad who at the last Kent assizes, was found guilty of stealing wine, the property of Mr. , Upton, of Yalden, and sen- tenced to seven years transportation, has, thro* the humane intercession of the Earl of Chiches- ter, obtained his Majesty's free pardon. One day last week a jargonelle pear which pre- sents as fair, as full, and as fine a blossom from its EYE as any that are produced from the natural buds, was plucked from a tree in the garden of • Mr. Cramp, of this town, as a great curiosity, and as such it ts . esteemed by gaideners,. and all others who have seen it. Last Friday, as a man named : Bishop, ser- vant to Mr. Peak, of the Goat Farm, at Ring- mer, near this town, was attempting to milk a vicious cow, he received a kick from the beast, that badly fractured one of his legs; but he is in a fair way* of doing well. The three horse- stealers stated in our last to have been committed to Horsham gaol, are named John Roser, Stephen Seal, and Edward Glyd, be- longing, the former to Waldron, and the two latter to Chiddingly, where they have for some time past been looked upon as swindlers, of extensive practice, from East to West, as numbers who have been dupes to their artifices could testify.,, were they not deterred from the exposure, by the . shame that would attach to their own credulity and folly.— The prisoners, in addition to Mr. Bourne's mare, had in their possession a horse which they had sto- len From the premises of Mr. Jarvis, of Waldron. STATE LOTTERY PRIZES, First Day, May 6th— No. 16,341, .20001,-— Nos. 7883, 10,497, iOO0l.--.- 497, and 15,388, 5001.-,- Nos. 3,595, 7085, and 18,821, 3001.— Nos, 589,5,542, 11,430, and 19,393, 2001.— Nos. 3,811, 6990, 11,094, and 13,956, 1001.— No. 13,988, is entitled to the Grand Prize in Dr. Thornton's Botanical Lottery. Second- Day, May IS.— 8,385, ' 20 2001.— 1,7S6, 10,0001. — 5,910, 50( W.— 248, 1J259, IT, 338; 2001.- 10845, 15,008 17,260, 18,765, 1001. DIED On the 7th instant, at Warbleton, in this county, very much lamented and regret- ted, in the 44th year of her age, Mrs. Francis Harriet Blackman, wife of Mr. John Black- mail, of that place. A few days since, at Ripe Mr. William Acton, aged 3< J. The GEORGE INN, at Battle IS LETT. — The advertisement in front page, appears by mistake. BRIGHTON, MAY24, 1813. The variable weather causes great interruption to out- door promeanding. The most fashionable lounge is now the Grand Parade, to which most of the company are attracted by the Local Militia, whose assemblage, at this dull time, gives life and bustle to the. place, The Centre Battalion of our Local Militia, un- der the command of that able officer, Lieutenant- Colonel Graham, assembled at this place, their head- quarters, on Monday last, to be trained and exercised for fourteen entire days, and, much to the credit of the young men be it spoken, there was scarcely an individual who, on the muster roll being called over, that did not answer to his name. Col. Graham unfortunately, on the first day, received a severe kick on the knee, from liis charger, which prevented his active attendance at the head of his Regiment; we are, however, happy to hear, that the Colonel is fast recovering, and is expected to resume his command in the field, this day. After Col. Graham's accident, Major Ingram headed the Regiment, and in that situation acquitted himself with the steadiness and ability of a veteran. This Battalion will be reviewed, on Newmar- ket Hill, on Saturday next, at eleven o'clock in ( he forenoon, when a great number of spectators will, no doubt, be gratified, should the weather prove favourable. Under die patronage of the Colonel and the other Officers of the above regiment, there will be a Ball and Supper at the Old Ship, on next Monday night. The catches of mackerel during the past week, were generally short; but on one morning, the boats brought in about 8000, which were all bought up for the London Markets, at . from' 44s, to 50 shillings the hundred. •' A • One day last week a French privateer bad the audacity to chase one of our brigs almost on shore, close under the cliffs of Rottingdean ; but, lucki- ly, she received no damage in consequence. A party consisting of two families, amongst whom were several young men of fashion, on their journey to Worthing one day the week before last, were overturned on the bridge near New Shore- ham, by which accident, melancholy to relate, two young ladies, who were standing up in the car- riage to view the country, were precipitated into the water, who, if it had not been for the gallan- try and presence of mind of two young men of the party, must have met with a watery grave ; but we are glad to add, by their timely assistance, the la- dies escaped without any serious injury We regret to state, that Miss S r, an inte- resting young woman, was one day last week committed to Horsham jail, charged with taking bank notes from letters passing through the office of her father, the post- master, at Steyning. Last Saturday se'nnight as Mr. Ward, Sheriff's Officer of Chichester, was about to execute a writ on a militia Officer, stationed at the Broil Barracks, near the above city, he and his assistants- were cruelly assailed and assaulted by a number of privates of the Regiment to which the Major belongs, who first knocked them down, and then kicked, and trampled upon them; and it is said, took from Mr. Ward, his pocket book, contain- ing seven pounds in bank notes, together with several writs and private memorandums. Two per- sons from Dover, who were in attendance on the bailiff, were obliged to disguise themselves to avoid similar Ucatment, and it is thought, would not even then have hflT* escaped it had they not been es- corted , to the town by a serjeant and a file of men from the 57th Regiment,-, also stationed . at the shove barracks. Ward lies dangerously ill of ( lie hurt he' receive^ ; and the particulars of the affair, we understand, have been transmitted to the War Office. The men from Dover were bound for the appearance of the Major, under an arrest for debt at that place, which he left without exone- rating his bail, and was in consequence sought as above, but in vain, as he again contrived to make his escape L. SHUCKARD, HAS the honour to inform the Nobility and Gentry of Brighton, and the environs, that there will be A BALL and SUPPER, At the Rooms of the Old Ship Tavern, on Monday, the 31st instant, Un4er the Patronage of Colonel GRAHAM, and the Officers of the Centre Sussex Regiment of Local Militia, N. B. A Master of the Ceremonies will be appointed for the occasion. Tickets Jos. 6d, each, to be had at the Bar of the Old Ship Tavern- CONCERT AND BALL. G. PECKHAM respectfully informs the • Nobility and Gentry of Lewes, and its vicinity, that Ins CONCERT anil BALL is fixed fur Tuesday, the 1st June, 1( 113. Particulars will be given in Bills. Tickets 4s. to be bad at » lie Star Inn ; and at G. Peck- kams, Cliff. .•...'...'..,- • To begin at Half past Eight o'clock., ^ Chaise as usual WANTS u~ Sitinition, a Suffolk ' Man tnu'l his Wife, without eiVumbinvifcf;- 3s 4BAILIFT arid HOUSEKEEPER. The man ' fa$! « r* lnaift ngricul- rural machines,' and drill husbandry ; Vi'ving and ' » el'- ling of stock; grszing and farming in all ir> brandies. The wife understands lire management « f poultry, da- rying, cooking, and all other domestic concerns can both be well recommended from their last situation'. Letters, post paid, addressed 10 A. B; at the Post Office, East Grinstead, will be immediately attended to, WANTS a Situation, as WAITER at an Inn, or to wait at table, and look after a horse, in a priv. te family, a young Man, of re> pectab'e connexions, who tan have a character lor honesty and sobriety.. Apply to the Printers; if by letter, post- paid. A SHEPHERD ~~ WANTED, to go to IRELAND— One who . can be well recommended, may hear of an ad- vantageous place, by applying to Mr. L. Upperton, Thakeham. He must be a. Single Man, or one with a small family To Threshing- Machine Makers. WANTED, a four horse moveable THRESH- ING MACHINE, of simple construction, strong and durable materials, and of the best workmanship, capable of threshing all kinds of grain and pulse, with- out waste, and at the rale of, at least, twelve quarters of wheat, in eight hours. It must not require, mure than half an hour for taking down and setting up again, and must have wheels for its removal from barn to barn. Any established millwright, residing within twenty miles of Lewes, who will warrant his work for the first twelve months, and who will engage to keep it in repair for seven years, at a small annual expellee, may send proposals in writing, ( post paid) to the Printer, Mr, W. LEE, containing an exact description of the materials and workmanship, a plan of the machinery, and an accurate statement of the price, and all contingent ex- pellees. A reference to some corn grower, who has used and approved a machine on a similar construction, will be expected ami also an engagement to have the work completed and set up ready for use, on, or before, the first day of August next. Lewes, 15th May, 1813. ~ NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE. Creditors of JAMES HOOK, Carpenter, of Hailsham, are hereby informed, that the Trust Deed of the said James Hook, is lying for signature with Mr. Thomas Wondhams, of Hailsham aforesaid, and will remain there one month from the date hereof, immediately after which will be made a final dividend of his estate and effects,^ the benefit of which all who may not then have signed, will be excluded. Hailsham, May £ 4, 1813. BOROUGH OK LEWES. TO BE SOLD OR LETT, ANeat, small, substantial- built FREEHOLD HOUSE, containing one parlour, kitchen, wash- house, and three good chambers, with good cellars; to- gether with an excellent pump of good water, with a walled- in garden round the same, now in the occupa- tion of Mr. John Pryor, who will quit the premises on the 29th September next. For further particulars enquire of Mr. John Pryor j or the Proprietor, Mr. Joseph King, 218, High- street. If by letter, post paid. WHEREAS ANN, the Wife of me JAMES WORSELL, of the parish of Worth, in the county of Sussex, eloped from me on Wednesday, the 5th day of this instant May, without any provocation at all from me, and carried away a great many articles, and has not since returned. This is to caution all per- sons from trusting her on my account, as I shall not be accountable for any debts she may contract from tire date hereof. Witness my hand ibis 21st day of May, 1813, The mark of JAMES X WORSELL. Witness, JOHN ALCORN , CHICHESTER. To Brewers, ~ Road- Waggoners* & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BARTLETE;' ~ • . • O11 Wednesday, May ? 6, 1813, at twelve o'clock, oppo- site the, Fleece Inn,. THE - FOLLOWING HORSES: — LOT 1. A very valuable black draught horse eight off. LOT s- A ditto chesunt, eight off. LOT 3. A ditto black, four off. These horses are particularly calculated for a Dray or Road Waggon, are in very high condition, have been regularly worked, and are not to be sold for any fault whatever, but that the proprietor has no further use for them. KENT. CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. LEIFCHILD, At the Auction Mart. 011 Wednesday, the 26th of May, 1813, at twelve o'clock, without, reserve, ( unless an acceptable oft'er is made by pri) ate contract, of which due notice will be given,) AVery valuable and complete FREEHOLD ESTATE, known by lire name of DUESDEN FARM, eligibly situate at Biddenden, a short distance from the Market Towns of Tenterdes and Cranbrook, Kent; comprising a large farm house, in good . repair, with roomy barns, stables, loft*,' oast house, bullock lodges, cart sheds, piggeries, and other suitable out- buildings; together wife sundry handsome inclosure of excellent arable and pasture land, and hop garden, containing in the whole about One Hundred and Forty- six Acres, little more or less. The premises, are now in ibe occupation of Mr. Hemy Wise, who will give pos- session at Michaelmas next. The purchaser 10 take the timber at a fair valuation. May be viewed and particulars had, at the Bell and Star inns, Maidstone; the Woolpack, Tenterden; the Bull, Cranbrook; Ihe Red Lion, Biddenden; at the Secretary's Office, Auction Mart, London; and of W Leifchild Auctioneer Enfield, Middlesex Rings Green Farm, Fromfield, near Petersfield t0 BE - SOLD BY AUCTION, By WHITE and SON, On the premises, Only free, on Thursday next, the 27th, May, 1813, ALL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, belonging to Mr. Titos. CHERCHER, at the said farm ; Comprising two good waggons, two dung carts, two. rollers, two ploughs and tackle, double and single bar- rows; a firm built market carl, wiih iron axles; a set of winrtowing tackle ; a rick sheet, six pair of trace. and three thill harness, complete; three new blind fnlds, brara mounted ; about two load of wheat and sflVks ; six quarters oats, rick steddle, eight dozen hurdles, wng^ con chain, sieve?, prongs, rudders, and a general assort-' ment of husbandry implements. Also, a rick of black seed, and all the growing crops comprising* 37 acres ' wheat, 33 acres oats, 20 acres bar- ley, as acres grass and seeds. Sain foin and meadow grass, 13 acres. The stock will be sold fust, find the crops will follow immediately, after. The sale to begin* precisely at eleven o'clock. CHICHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BART LETT, On Wednesday, the s6t. il day of May, 1813, at six o'clock in the evening, lit the Anchor Inn, West- street, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising a from and well built DWELLING HOUSE, in a per- fect state of repair, 15 feet iii front, and 32 feet in depth ; containing the following apartments ; entrance hall, parlour, kitchen, drawing- room, three sleeping rooms, cellar, pattry, paved yard, detached wa » li house, aud nn excellent garden 72ft. by 7.-, ft. inclosed by a sub- stantial wall clothed with young fruit trees. This estate is situate in an eligible part of the West- street, calculated for a small genteel family, or for trade ; and from the late impropj^ euis in the rcentre of the city, is presumed will be inore^'. valuable, is now iu the hands, of . the |> roBi% v » r, » Mr. Genrge Hammond « ho will give instant . possession,... The fixures are' to be taken at a valuation. " f Further particulars may be obtained, dint the estate viewed by application to Mr. Bartlett.. 1 , .£. 10,000' For the FIRST DRAWN PRIZE ABOVE £' 40, NEXT THURSDAY. AND THE EOLLOWING is THE RICH STATE OF THE WHEEL, « of <£ 20,000 are ,£ 4<>, 000 2 10,000 20,000 3 2,000 G, 0p<>. 4 1,000 4,000 4 fiOO 2,000 8 3' i0 2,400 0 200 I, 2iX> 12 mo 1,200 And several Thousand Prizes of £ 5o, £ 40, & c. Tickets and Shares are Selling, Warranted un drawn, by T. BISH, the Contractor, At his Fortunate Offices, No 4, Corn hill, 9 Charing Cross, London, And of his following Agents, Mrs. Spooner, Library, Worthing. J. Nash, Bookseller, Tunbridgo Wells, . J. Evenden, Druggist, Tunbridge. S. Mills, Bookseller, Portsmouth. COLDS, COUGHS, ASTHMAS, CONSUMPTIONS & c. & c. MADDEN'S VEGETABLE ESSENCE. THE following well- attested case of a most se- vere, and perhaps, unexampled complication of Human Maladies effectually cured/ by Madden's Veget, able Essence, must convince the most incredulous of it3 superior and sovereign powers. TO MR. MADDEN. Honoured Sir— After the great benefit which I have received from your excellent- Medicine, the Vegetable Essence, and your unbounded generosity in bestowing it gratuitously, I should, indeed, be wanting in grati- tude if I did not return you my most sincere and hearty thanks. This is the only acknowledgement it is in my power to make; bin I earnestly wish that, for the goo* of my afflicted fellow- creatures, my case should be made public. About twenty- two years ago, I got very wet, and, consequently, caught a very severe cold ; which scaled 011 illy lungs. 1 have hud the assistance of many Gen- tlemen of! the faculty, and have tried various other means ; but all to no purpose. The Asthma, as they called it, grew so inveterate, tb » t, frequently, for three or four, and, sometimes, six or seven months, I w; ut unable to speak ; from the shortness of my breath. At last, about three years ago, I was taken so ill that I could not lie down in my bed either night or day ; .' ii 4 many, very many times, did I think in the morning that I could not live till ihe evening, and in the even, ing, that I could not live till the morning. Beside- this, I was so afflicted with the scurvy, that I was con- tinually breaking out in sores and binls as lug as eggi, one healing up, and another breaking out, successively ; my cough was extremely violent; and my feet and legii swelled to such a degree that those who saw them feared they would burst, in ibis dreadful state I was confined two years and ten months. But now, blessed be the Lord for his goodness and mercy to me, through the assistance of your valuable ' Medicine, all my complaint* • re remov? d, to the astonishment of all who knew me § many of whom call me " A Walking Miracle." I will only add that I shall always retain the most grateful sense of your kindness, that I am, Honoured Sir, Your most obliged and most humble servant, Rye, June 6, 1312. JOHN SOUDEN, 1 believe the above statement to be perfectly eorrect, and can- safely vouch for its authenticity, J. MYERS, Vicar The Vegetable Essence is sold i> i bottles, price 79, oath, stamp duly included, at Mr. Madden's House. No. 14, Gloucester street, Queen' square, Bloomsbury, London ; and by bis appointment at Mr. li: Coleman Library, Rye, Sussex ; where a pamjtltftt containing ^ particular account of it> virtues, ai » A « a. large selection of cases, may be had. gratis, .. • silt Mr. Madden will send any quantity, ( not less than three bottles) to any part of the, United . Kingdom, car- riage free, - 011 receiving an inclosure < of One Pound fur three hollies. MARKETS. LEWES, x MAY 22, 1813. Red Wheat - CI. 0s. to 01. 49. per qr, Bailey, 60s to 6Is. Oats, 46s. to 50s.— per quartet UXBRIDGE. ~ " THURSDAY, MAY 20. Wheal, per load - - - 261. 10s. — d. to 3( 51. 10s. Barley, per quarter • - 57s. — d. to 63s. — d- Oats - - . . . . . 4.5s. ^- d. to 56*. — d, Beaus . « -.... 66s, — d. to 77s, — d, Bye - . .... _ s. _ d to — a. — d. Peas - - . ... 848,"— d. to Bfon; — d. TALLOW. St James'* Market 4 lo Town . Tallow 83 o Clare Market 4 II Yellow Russia 83 0 White chapel ditto 4 * J\ White ditto 0 a — Soap ditto 76 9 Average 4 to Stuff 70 0 Rough ditto 52 0 PRICE OF HOTS. "' ' • ACS. Kent » . 101. Os. to 121. 0 » Sussex » • 81. ( is. to lot. i> » Essex « • K> l, Os. to 12l. 0 « POCKETS. Farnahm - - Id. 0s. to 251. O*. Sussex - lol. Os. to } 9l. l^ s. Kent * 10L 0 » . * o 1 ® . j) » ENTRANCE OF THE FRENCH INTO DRES- DEN- OPENING OF THE CAMPAIGN BY LOUD WELLINGTON, PARIS Papers rtere received on Tuesday nieht, to the verv late date of the iGth instant. They Contain an official account of the situation and operations of the French Army of the North, Hp to three o clock on the morning of the ( 1th. At the ila'e of 1 fie last preceding accounts, Bonaparte " a? left at Rochitz, On the 7th, he moved his head quartets to Nossen, and from thence he pas sed bv Wilsdrof to Dresden, which he enteied 011 the Silt, at noon — In his progress he met with no interruption. The Viceroy had preceded him. and cleared the way. Between Nossen and Wilsdrof the latter fell 111 with the Allies, in a strong posi tion, and defeated them with a loss of 1,000 killed and 500 prisoners. This, however, was manifestly a slight affair. So far, we have no reason to pre- sume that the retreat of the Russians was not effect- ed in the most orderly and complete manner, i; it were not for the assertion that they burned the baggage of their rear- guard to the amount of S00 waggons, that a quantity of baggage and 20 pieces of artillery fell into the hands of the French, and several corps of Cossacks were cut off on the road. On the approach of the Viceroy to Dresden, the Allies set fire to the bridges of that capital; but whether they were entirely destroyed or not is not very Icear. Dresden occupies both banks of the Elbe. The direction ill which the Emperor Alex- ander retreated from that city, is not stated. On the same day ( the 8th) on which the Viceroy ar- tived at Dresden, Count Lauriston, after some op- position, entered, Meissen, which is to the north- West of Dresden, on the left bank of the Elbe, and the Prince of Moskwa was marching to Torgau, which is still moie to the north, upon that liver. It is now stated, that in the battle of Lutzen, the French look 5,000 prisoneis, and ten pieces of can- non, and that the Allies took 111 prisoners. The French Papers give the Russian account of the battle, which they treat as a subject of ridicule.— We think, however, that it bears strong marks of truth, and does hot deserve to be treated lightly.— It represents the loss of the Allies at 8,000, and that of the French at between twelve and 15,000. Ven- geance is vowed against the Hamburghers. The following Mails arrived on Wednesday.— TWO Gottenburgh, with papers to the 1.31It inst. one Cadiz, with papers to the 9th, and one Co- runna, with papets to the 14th. Ftom the Pe- ninsula we learn that the armies near Alicant, had returned to their former positions, and that Suchet had set out 011 the 93d for Valencia; that the Com- bined Annies were in motion in the north of Spain — that the French had left Benevente, Astoria, anil Leon, that a corps of 3.000 British cavalry had advanced to Tamames, which is about 15 miles east of Ciudad Rodrigo. The Dispatches from Spain from Sir John Murray, Were published on Tuesday night, in a Supplement to tlie Gazette, The following Bulletin, circulated by mi- nisters, communicates iheir Substance ' " WAR DEPARTMENT. Downing street, May 18, 1813. -- Major D'Aguilar is arrived wnli dispatches from Lieut Gen. Sir John Murray, the first dated Castalla, ] 41li April, the second dated Alcoy, 17th April. It ap- pears that Marshal Suchet bad collected Ins « hole dis- imsealile force, for the purpose of attacking the Allies. Upon ilie tub April lie drovea Spanish corps with some loss from Yecla, and baring advanced to Villena, lie mad, e prisoners the Spanish troops left to garrison tlie Castle by General Elio. At noon upon the titli ilie- enemy attar lied the advance of Sir John Murray's army, posted at Biar, under Col. Adam ; I firs officer, with tlie oil liatt. 7111 1 r^. die 1st Italian regt. the Calabrese corps, and two companies of German riflemen, main- tained his post live hours against five or six thousand French, and al length retreated only in consequence of orders from Sir John Murray. Upon the 13th, 1 tie ene- my advanced w ith three divisions of infantry, and Itiuo cavalry, to the attack of the position at Castella, occu- pied by Sir J. Murray. The attack was made by the French troops with great gallantry, but they were re- pulsed at every point, and in some parts of the line hy the bayonet. The enemy was driven down the hills sitli very heavy loss ; and, upon bis attempting to form again in the plain with the aid of his cavalry and re- serve, the Allied Forces advanced from their position to attack him. Marshal Suchet, however, declined a renewal of the action, and retreated hastily uitder co- ver of his superior cavalry by Biar and Villena to hi « fortified position at St. Philipe, which l> c reached be- fore Sir J. Murray, who marched upon Alcoy, could in- tercept him. The brunt of the action fell upon Colo- nel Adam's corps, and General Wittingham's division of Spaniards. These troops behaved with the most exemplary fortitude. The French General of Division D'Harispe, was killed, and the Allies have buried above J, boo of tlie enemy's dead. The prisoners taken are almost all wound* d. " The loss of the Allies amounts to 133 killed, 499 wounded, and 42 missing. Of the kilh d 73 were Spa- niards, and 1 S3 of the wounded. No British regiment sustained material loss, except the 2/ th, of which IS were killed, and OS wounded w Lieutenant Thompson of the loth regiment was killed, and Lieutenant M'Dougall of the 7- itli is dead of his wounds. Colonel Adam was slightly wounded, Lieutenant Duhigg, of the - 27th regiment severely ; and Lieutenant Jameson, slightly. Colonel Adam, who so much distinguished himself on these, occasions, is the sou of Mr. William Adam, the Barrister. Lieutenant Duhigg, who is returned severely wound- ed, is n most meritorious yooog offit er, and the only son of Mr. Duhigg, also a Barrister, and Assistant Li- brarian of the King's Inns, Dublin. f. ast evening Monsieur the Duke D'Artois, the Duke D'Augonleme, and the Baron De Rolle, left London, to proceed to tlie Coutment. AMERICA. In pursuance of an ofl'cr of Mediation made by the F. inpcror of Russia to, and accepte. l bv, ( he President of the United States, an American Milli- ner is to he sent to Russia, < iho is to be met there by one from the British Government, with full power to conclude a Peace.— Commodore Beresford, in the Poic- tiers, having been refused a supply of water, at Lewis- town, proceeded to bombard the place. The Ameri- can Governor remonstrated loudly against the proce- dure. The alarm excited by ihe blockading squadron has spread all along the coast, and rumours respecting the mischief done by them have been propagated with tlie exaggeration natural on these occasion AN ACT OF INTREPIDITY— An act of intrepidity mid humanity was performed at Portsmouth, 011 Mon- day last, which we have particular gratification iu no- ticing. Three Officers of the Inverness Militia were in a pleasure- boat, and when sailing between the prison- ships, a sudden strong current of wind upset the boat, winch, having heavy ballast, immediately sunk. Two of the Officers could swim, and they kept themselves upon the surface until boats took them up; but the other was in the most imminent danger of drowning. A French prisoner on board the Crown, named Morang, the moment he saw the Officer struggling, jumped off the gangway, where he was standing, into the water, and, hy putting bis feet under the Officer's body as he was sinking, rose him to the surface, and then held fast hold of him, till by further assistance lie was taken up. 4 representation has been made to Government of this preservation from death, and, 110 doubt, one part " f the brave fellow's reward will be a releasement from hi « piescni situation, lie has been seven years a prisoner of war and what increases the interest felt for liim is, he was a non- combatant when taken. COMPARATIVE STATEMENT Of the French and Allied Armies in Germany, on or about the 30th April, 1813. FRENCH. 1. MI. D'Avout, Prince of Ekmul, under him Se- I READ QUARTERS. bastiani, Dufour, and Ham- | 2"> 000 Bremen, burg, & c. •„>. Left of the French " J R Merfeldt, on the Grand Array under Beau- I Q(> I | eft bank of the harnois, and under him f 1 saal, Macdonald and Victor J 3. Lauriston, 3ist, 35lbj 36th divisions - 15,000 Witten, left bank do. 4 Bonaparte, with Ney, Souham, & c. - 30,000 Naumburg, right ba. 5. Beitrand, corps from Italy - . 90,000 Dornburg on Saal 6. Oudinot, i-.' ib corps ia, ooo Saalfield. 7. Marmont, with Bonnet 15,000 Kosin on the Saal. 8. Soult, Guards - 20,000 Erfurth. 9. Mortier organiz ing the Poles ( late J ) 5, ooO Frankfort on the Dombrouski's, r., 000 > Poles Maine. 10. Poniatowski's Cracow. corps - iu, ooo 11. Augerau, organizing J the Bavarians. Wirtem- > 20,000 Wurtzburg. burghers, & c. Germans 196,0110 Making a grand total of nearly aim, 000 men* all, with few exceptions* in the lielel, and which will be increased to 3nn, 01m by the junction of the various corps now in motion from every part of the French Empire, and ap- plicable to the present campaign. N. B. Bessiers commands the cavalry ; Eble Ihe ar- tillery ; Lery the Engineers. It does not appear that Massena is at all employed. ALLIES. 1 Dornberg and Walmo- ) den, with the lnsurrectionary > 10,000 Hamburgh. Army, opposed to D'Avoust, J 2. Wittgenstein, with part ( Dessau. of D'York's - ) 3. Gen. Blucher, Prussians 25,000 Altenburg. 4. Winzingerode,& c. Rus- Leipsic. sians - - J ' 1 der with Kutusoff, & c. l 40,000 Dresden. 6. Gen Sacheu, Russians lb, 000 near Cracow. 7. Swedes said I o f" " 1 have joined 6, « oo) Marching on j Swedes I 18,009. Schwerin i2, ooo(_ J 8. Russ. besieging corps : ( Vistula) Dantzic 2o, o>) o Tamosk 7.000 Modlin 7,000 ( Oder) Stettin 15.000 Custrin 10,000 Glogaw iosooo ( Elbe) Mandeburg 10,000 Wittenburgh 10,000 Russians 89,000 9. Prussian troops in gar- rison, viz in the four for- J tresses of Silesia, uu « l in > 37? ooo' Spandau, Thorn, Colberg, 1 Graudentz Grand Total- Allied Troops- 2S£, ooi* 10. There are Saxons in arms about 16,000, who are liVely to belong to the Con- queror, Monday morning papeis from Oporto ( o ifie I 5lb instant were icceived. The defeat of Suchet, near Alicant, was known there al that date, and the result considered highly honourable to the British arms. The following is an extract ftom the Oporto Papers:— OPORTO, MAY 4. The whole of the first division of cavalry, con- sisting of five heavy tegiments a. icl two light, have I assed through this plare, to occupy for a few* days the villages round Braga. Both men and horses are in ihe finest condition. It is generally believed that the allied army will move on or about the I4tlt instant. The troops are now remarkably healthy. An Heligoland Mail arrived on Sunday, with intelligence ftom that island to the 11th, and from Hamburgh to the Qtli instant. The latest accounts of the battle of the 2d, which had reached that city, were brought by a courier from Berlin, under dale of theoth, and seem to have been founded on dispatches front the field of battle, immediately after the close of Ihe engagement. At that mo- ment the Allies not only remained on the field un- disturbed, but in tok'en of victory they had fired a FEU DE JOIE and it was understood, that th. e Allied Sovereigns intended to attack again the following morning. This account, however, dues not come far enough down to he satisfactory — ' I hat it was a hatd fought day, that victory was long doubtful, and sometimes inclined in favour of the allies, is evident even from tlie French papers. They admit tba't Bonaparte was driven to the last extremity; that h's. centre was broken; and it was not until he brought up his leserve the day was de- cided in bis favour. The courier may have been dispatched just before this critical and decisive mo- ment, and left the field of battle under an impres- sion that the French were completely defeated. Ileie, however, the German account ends. All our subsequent information is derived from the Paris papers, from which it appears that the Allies retreated in the direction of Dresden, and were pursued bv the French up to the evening of the MB, as far as Rochitz. A retreat, however, im- mediately after a battle, does not peccssaiily imply a defeat. Manv motives may have induced the Allies to quit their ground, besides inability to maintain it. But, at all events, that the defeat was not decisive is appaient. Not a single cannon or standard was taken; and in the account of kil- led and wounded, due allowance being made for French gasconade, the loss on both sides may be considered as neatly equal. The retreat of the Al- lies is also proved, by their movements, to have been in peifeet order, and executed with perfect security for two days immediately following the battle. In that inteival it is not pretended that they lost a single man,, horse, or gun Retreats of this kind have never before followed a decisive de- feat in the presence of so active an enemy as the French, and so indefatigable a General as Bona- parte. But whatever may have been the real cha- racter and merits of the battle of the 2d, and the subsequent operations, they establish one great and important fact They have disproved all the as- suiances given by The Courier, and other Mini- sterial Prints, of the inability of France to equip, in Svi short a time, an army capable of entering the field in a new campaign against the Allies. The assertion of Bonaparte, that half of his force was not engaged in the battle of Lutzen, may not be true. We will suppose that the whole was en- gaged, but this is enough to shew that he has been able to meet the Russians, that the result was a retreat of bis enemy, and that his troops were left in pursuit of them. The death of the Prince of Mecklenburgh Stre- litz, who fell, bravely fighting against the French, in the battle of Lutzen, on the 2d inst. will cause a renewal of the Court mourning. I lis Serene High- ness was the nephew of her Majesty the Queen, and had, we believe, a pension of 2,00t) l. a year on the Irish establishment. BUSINESS OF PARLIAMENT.— ta the House of Lords nn Monday, tie Duke of Bedford presented, several pe- titions from Bedford, Dunstable, and other places in the county of Bedford, praying that t- eir Lordships would provide or the extension of Christian Knowledge in India. Simihr petitions were presented by Earl Fitz- william, the Dike of Athol, the Earl of Glasgow, Lord Carrington, Earl Stanhope, the Earl of Carysfort, Lord Bolton, and Viscount Melville, from different places in England and Scotland. On Tuesday, a number oj Petitions vvet- e presented for the promotion of Christian knowledge iu India.— The Irish Militia Bill was read a third lime and passed. ~ The Sinecure Bill oil the motion of tbe Earl of Liver- pool, was rejected. In the House of Commons on Monday, Mr. Canning presented a petition front some inhabitants of Liver- pool, praying for Peace and Reform.— The Roman Ca- tholic Bill was commiitrd, pro forma, and ordered to be re- committed on Monday next. On Tuesday, Mr. Benson, after adverting to tbe pres- sure on the Leather Trade, hy tbe New Tax, moved for " Leave to bring lr a Bill for the Repeal of mi much of the 52d of the King, as imposed an additional Duty on Leather.'' Mr. Wharton, Mr. W. Fitzgerald, ani) the Chancellor " f tbe Exchequer, defended the propriety of the Tax on Leather; Lord Compton, Mr. Marriatt, Lord Althorpe. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Lockhart, Sir C. Morgan, Mr. Protheroe, Col. T. Foley, and Mr. W. Smith, Supported Mr. Benson's motion. A division then took place, and the numbers were in favour of the mo- tion 104— agamst it lo4, the Speaker having given Ins casting vote in favour of the motion, leave v as given to bring hi tbe Bill; and it was afterwards brought iu hy Mr. Benson, read a first, and ordered to be read a sc- roud time on Thursday next.—" Tile American Prize Bill was read a third tune, and passed. I t is Willi concern vve hear that a very great number of the Macedonian's crew have entered into the Ame- rican service. The remainder have at length arrived at Bermuda, on parole ; ihe American Government re- fusing any further exchange of prisoners, except upon their own principles, which would recognise the validity of their present mode of naturalizing tbe subjects of other governments. The following is an extract of a letter from an officer of his Majesty's late ship Macedo- nian, received by the Childers:— " Bermuda, April 9, 1813. " After a most uncomfortable passage of ten days, in a transport, vye arrived here on the 5th inst. from New London on parole.— it is hut ju- tice tu the principal inhabitants of that place to state, that we experienced the greatest hospitality from thrni. Parties were made, and every other means taken, to make us liappv and comfortable. We expect to go front hence, in the Ju- nen, to the Chesapeake, where ( he Court Martial on us will he held, — Afterwards, if we get exchanged, we hope to be appointed to some ship here, and to try our lurk again. This is the mo* t extravagant place I was ever in ; but, what is still worse, it is a difficulty to get any thing to eat. There are upwards of three hundred American Prizes here, and others are arriving daily. The Childers sails to day lor England, with dispatches of a pacific nature " Just before lite Childers came out of Bermuda, the blockading squadron off the Chesapeake sent in an American privateer ; and the Poictiers, 74, Sir John Br- resford, had jusi taken a valuable American ship from China. DIED. At Worcester, in tbe 4) d year of his nje, the Rev. J. Maunde, Curate of Kenilworth. The living of Abberton, near Evesham, was lately given to him; and be was travelling, much indisposed, 111 bis way to take possession of it. At the Crown Inn. Worcester, he was seized with a violent lit of coughing, burst a blood ves- sel, and within an hour expired. At the time of his death he was engaged, at the request of Lucien Bona- parte, in translating into English bis long expected Poem, in which he had advanced as far as the sth Canto. At Sandwich, fn Kent, at air advanced age, Mrs. M. Philpott, a lady distinguished by her charitable acis : equally diappruving of tbe Legacy Tax, as we ll as the dilatoriness of the generality of executors, she merito riously distributed iu her lifetime several lar » re sums to various hospital estahlisments in that neighbourhood. At Hampton Lucy, Warwick, in the loutli year of his age, Mr. J. Ward. Me is said never to have suffered the confinement ot* a single day, by illness, during the whole course of a life thu- protracted beyond the usual term of human existence \ CHALK. VNY quantity of CHALK, for sale at Willing- don. Apply to Mr. John Putland, as above. To Millars and Meal Men. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER and BATES, At tbe White Horse, Rottingdean, near Brighton, Sussex, on Wednesday, tbe \ 2oth day of May, 1813, between tbe hours of four and six o'clock in tbe even- in?* ALL that good- accustomed Freehold POST WIND MILL, now in full trade, « vitb an acre of land, more or less, witb stable, cart- lodge, hog- pound, with immediate possession. For further- particular* and view, apply to Mr. John Ockenden, Miller, iu Rottingdean aforesaid. Truleigh Manor Farm in Sussex, Freehold. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HOGGART and PHILLIPS, At tbe Auction Mart, London, on Friday, June 11, at Twelve o'Clock, A Singularly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, X JL comprising TRULEIGH FARM, in tbe parish of Edburton, a beautiful part of tbe county of Sussex, abounding; with game, on the north si- de of tbe South Down Hills miles and an half from Brighton, five from Shoreham, four from Steyning, and fifty from Lon- don, containing FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE ACRES of uncommonly rich arable, meadow, and pasture land, lying remarkably convenient, bounded in part by a mill- stream, and intersected by excellent roads. Tbe farm has been for, several years under the most jndtcious ma- nagement, completely drained, at a considerable ex pern:*, and is in the highest state of cultivation, with a very substantial farm- house, convertible at a moderate expenee into a Gentleman's residence ; and all requisite outbuilding!;, and particularly extensive covered sheep- folds ; the whole of the buildings supplied with fine water, thrown into iron troughs, by forcing pumps ; there is plenty of chalk, flint, and marl, for every pur- pose. The laud tax is redeemed, and tbe estate is en- titled to VOTES for Shoreham and the county. To be viewed, by applying to Mr. John Penny, the Proprietor's Bailiff upon the farm ; and particulars may be bad iu a short time at the Libraries, Brighton and Worthig; Fountain, Shoreham; King's Head, Hors- ham; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Steyning; Messrs. Kaye, Freshfield, and Kaye, New Bank buildings ; at tbe Mart, and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, ( 5^, Old Broad- street, London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. W. DRAWBRIDGE, At tbe Talbot Inn, iu Cuckfield, in the county of Sus- sex, on Wednesday, the 2d day of June, 1813, be- tween the hours of tour and six iu the afternoon, ACOMPACT and desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, culled STRUDGATE FARM, com prising a Farm house with yards, barn, stable, and lodges, garden, orchard, and suudry cuclosures of ara- ble, meadow, pasture and woodland, containing 133 acres ( more or less) situate near Turner's Hill, in the parish of Worth, in the county of Sussex, live miles from East Grinstead, seven from Lindfield, eight from Cuckfield, and 32 miles from London, in the occupa tton of Mr. William Johnson, a yearly tenant. The woodland, shaws, and hedgerows, ate well stocked with oak timber trees and tellow's, to the growth of which the sail is particularly favourable. The estate may be viewed by leave of the tenant and for further particulars apply at the office of Mr. WALLER, Solicitor, in Cuckfield, where U plan may be teen To the Advocates for Truth and the Consti- tution. HART's NEW SUNDAY PAPER, en titled THE PUBLIC GUARDIAN; published at No. 30. Warwick- lane, Newgate- street, London. " or impediment to the execution of barf measures, knotf uothirig of this Country.' 1— JUNIUS. THE general principle of lliis Publication is conveyed in its Title ^ whatever attaches to the public feeling or its interests, moral or political} lies within its pro- vince, and comprehends the utmost limit nf a Free and Independent Press.—\ t no period of our History was a true and faithfftl " Public Guardian," more immediately necessary than at the present crisis ; not merely to note existing evils, but to trace their causes, and point to their removal— Id free our Commerce, that grand sta pie of national prosperity, from those destructive impe- diments— Monopoly and War;— to vindicate the cause of tlie injured and oppressed, and to advocate, with a determined zeal, the principle of Liberty, as connected with the privilege of the Subject, the sanctity of the Laws, and the genuine spirit of the Constitution.— Such is the true characteristic, afid such the determin ed feature of " The Public Guardian," embracing one wide and Universal range from the Cottage to the Court, from the Prince to the Peasant, While canvassing, however, the more abstruse systems of Political Maxims and Measures, the inure pleasing and probably not ihe least important concerns of Domestic Life shall not be forgotten.— A Parliamentary Summary shall be given, which, while it embraces every necessary and important communication, will be stript of the tedious and de- sultory formality attendant upon an abridgment from tlie Daily Prints.—* The Foreign News, now so interest- ing, shall be faithfully and copiously detailed, and suit- able ohservasions given on the latest occurrences.— The Theatres, more especially, as tlie mirror of life and manners, the very touchstone of the times," shall he our peculiar care ; under which department we hope quickly to promise a novel and interesting performance, founded n « the basis of truth and critical observation. The London Gazette, the variation of the Funds and Markets, will occupy their appropriate portions; and the usual routine of events will till up the measure of each week's Publication. Orders directed to the Editor, Public Guardian Office, No. 3o, Warwick- lane, Newgate- street, or 10, Albion Buildings, Bartholomew Close, London, will re- ceive immediate attention. Received also, hy all Book- sellers, Newsmen, News Agents, Post Masters, Clerks of the Roads, & c. in tlte United Kingdom. The Four Numbers already published may be had by Application as above. Just published, price Two Shillings. 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Ample directions accompany each bottle, with many authentic cures ; amongst which is one from an eminent Physician, together with 15 affidavits, sworn before different Jus- tices nf the Peace for the county of Sussex, and other respectable characters, who have witnessed their name to many astonishing cures effected by this cele- brated Remedy. It strengthens the coat of the sto- mach, helps digestion, creates an appetite, and reani- mates the whole frame. 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PETER LEONARD Dr. MILLER'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS OR PILLS, Price 43. 6d. per bottle, or box. r.|^ iIlS most extraordinary Medicine is unequalled » iu its i| uality to purify and sweeten the blood a d juices; is a most powerful remedy against all spots, blotches, pimples, itchings of the body, leprosy, inflam mations of the eyes, sore legs, and all diseases arisiuo- from an impure slate of the blood. With each bottle is given a bunk of directions and » iivue, containing a uu uicrous list of cures performed by this medicine. Likewise his NERVOUS CORDIAL, and RESTORATIVE PILLS, Price 4s. ( id. and ! is. per bottle. Pills 2s. 9d. per box. Tbe wnnderful and most astonishing effect of these medicines is to restore debility, lowness of spirits, epi- leptic lils. spasm or convulsions, wind in the stomach and bowols, head ache, palsy, cramp of the stomach, defect of memory, palpitation of slie heart, want of appetite, langour, trembling; female weakness, mid all nervous disorders. Also h< s WORM DESTOYING SUGAR CAKES. OR PILLS, Price is. | Jd. a packet. These Cakes or Pills, are tlie best medicine to destroy worms in the human body, they are tbe best physic that can he taken for all ages, sexes, or constitutions, whether they have worms or not. Dr. Miller's medicines are prepared from the Doctor's receipts, by James Stedman, Chemist and Druggist, are sold wholesale and retail, at his shop in West Mal- ling, in Kent ; and sold by the following persons: ARTHUR LEE, School Hill, Lewes , Battle, J. Cuthbert Hastings, J. Norton Bexhill, T. Wedd Heathfield, J. Ellis Burwash, G. Childreu Horsham, T. Mann Brighton, Mr. White Lamberhurst, R. Foster Cuckfield, J. M'George Lewes, J. Davey, chemist Dallington, J. Pardon Lindfield, W. Durrant Ditcheling, J. Browne Maresfield, J. Maynard Eastbourne, T. Baker Rye, M. Coleman E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son . Cook & Son, druggists Edenbridge, w. Corke Sandhurst, J. Beach , R. Parsons ! Tunbridge Wells, J. Sprange Groombridge, T. Killick Uckfield, J. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, W. Noakes Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew Wittersham, J. Wood Dr. Miller continues lo give his advice iu pa. uculni cases, at Mereworth, as usual. Markets. 1 . » rraii CORN EXCHANGE. MONDAY, MAY 17. ' The prevalence of contrary winds since last Monday, has caused our market lo be very scan- tily supplied with most articles, except Wheat and Barley; of these the arrival both duiing last week and this morning, wiis pretty liberal, and they meet very dull sale at a deduction of about 2s. per quar- ter 011 each. Malt is almost a drug, and full 3s. per quarter lower. IN 1' eass there is 110 variation to notice, but Beans of both kinds arc about 3s, per quarter higher. Owing lo a very brisk de- mand for Oats, and a very small supply, this arti- cle has obtained an advance of full 5s. per quarter since this day se'nnight. The annexed currency will supply you with further iufotmation. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat Sus. Ki3-. Beans 77s. 80s. Fine ditto Il- H. Old ditto — s. — s. Rye fi'is. CSs. Oats 35s- 4? i Barley SSs. 44s Poland ditto 37s. Malt 86s. yai. i Potatoe ditto 46>. 3 « s. White Pease 100 Rape Seed 4<.|, 431. ( boilers) ) J Fine Flour 105s. I Lis. Grey Pease GJS. 70s. I Seconds 95$ loos. PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover( n.) S4s. od. to 95s. 01, per cwt. Old ditto os/ od. to — s. od. ditto White ditto 5( is. od< to l^ Cis. od. ditto Trefoil Cs. od. to 6, is. od. ditto Rye Grass Sos. od to 5it. od. per quarter Turnip ] Ci< od. to 18s. od. per bushel Red & Green IGS. od. to 1 od ditto W. Must. S. 14s od. to I OK. Oil. per bushel Brown ditto 20s Od. to ' J'is t) d. ditto Carraway Seeds - - 90s. lOOs. ditto Coriander Seeds - - 4- is. 4" is. ditto Cinque Foin - 70s. lo 84s. per quarter. Canary. - < ylS. 100s. ditto. Oil Cake, at the Mill, ^.' is' 18s. per thousand, PRICE OF BREAD. ( lis Lordship ordered the price of Bread to he sold at 18^ 1. the quartern loaf, wheaten, CALCULATION S. D Sack of Flour - • 109 41 Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 123 oi Eighty Quartern Loaves at ISN. 123 4 Against the Baker - - - SMITHFIELD - MARKET, MAY 17. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s d- s. d. | Head of Cattle, this < lnv Beef 6 0 to 7 4 ! Beasts - - lG; 4 Mutton 7 0 to 8 0 1 Sheep & Lambs lOo( K) Lamb 7 0 to 8, 8 Calves - - 110 Veal G S to 8 o Pigs - . sw Pork 7 o to 8 0 NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKET'S ( I. s. d. « d. s. d. Beef 5 4 lo G 8 | Veal G o to 7 s Mutton G 0 to 7 <> j Pork 7 0 to 8 o Lamb G o to 8 0 PRICE OF LEATHER. d. d. Butts, 50lb. a 5Glb. . 23 a o.-> Ditto, 56( l>. a GGIb. - g'o a 27 Merchants' Backs - 22 a Dressing Hides . 21 a 22' Fine Coach Hides - a 23 Crop Hides for Cutting 20 a 21 Ordinary - _ a — Tanned Horse - oj a 24 Calfskins, SOib, ( o 4011>. 31 a S8 , 5 lb. to 70lb. 38 a 45 , 70ll>. toSOlb. 40 a, 44 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 34d. 3Gd. . large, per doz. 120s, 180s a Od. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. <£ s- d. £ s. d. Average. Hay 3 0 0 to 5 5 0— 4 2 ft Straw - I f9 0 to 2 5 0— 2 2 o WHITECHAPEL. Hay 400 to 5 8 0— 4 14 O Straw 1 16 0 to 2 2 o — l 19 o Clover 6 10 0 to 7 fo 0— 7 0 o SMITHFIELD. Clover GOO to G 15 fi- G 7 ( J 2d Crop O 0 0' to 0 0 0— 0 0 o Old Hay 4 1) 0 to 5 10 0— 5 0 o « Inferior 3 It) 0 to 5 0 0— 4 5 (]•• Straw 1 IG 0 to 2 2 0— 1 19 o. PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d St. James's Market 4 I I Town Tallow 85 y Clare Market 4 I 1 Yellow Russia S3 U Whitechapel ditto 5 0 White ditto o Soap ditto 7g 0 J4 It' Melting Stuff ( i. s 0 Average price 4 11^ Ditto rough 52 0 Graves 24 Q Yellow Soap, of s — Mottled, loGs Curd, 110 Candles, per doz. 13$. 01 — Moulds, las. ' od. PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. X s £ » • £ s. £ » . Kent 8 0 to 10 o Kent 10 10 to 15. o Sussex 8 o to 9 o Sussex la 0 to 13 o Essex 10 0 to 12 12 Farnham iG 0 to 24 a yb°:;'' 0 to ° ° iv,:'/ i o 0 to 0 0 1808 ) isn
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