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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3473
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 17/05/1813
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3473
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LXV. NO. 3473 ] MONDAY, MAY 17, 1813. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Farts of KENT, SURREY, and HAMPSHIRE ; and is forwarded by tile POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL's, and Mr. WHITE, FLEET STREET, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded ....•' to the Publishers it may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. * . . LAW. WANTED, in a respectable Attorney's Office, in die Eastern part of Sussex. » middle- aged steady person as CLERK, » hoU tlinroughly acquainted witti the general business it'tin office, and wl » « i » fully Competent to nuuase in lite nlisonci'. of llie principal, Satisfactory reference an to ulul'ities, and Former lu- bit, of lift; as also security will be required. AUti. a Yuittli of ropet table c< iuiu- cH(" i « . and • ho lias had a liberal education as ARTICLED CLERK. Apply, if by letter, ( fast paid) to Mr. Benson, Law Stationer, Boyee's- street, Brighton, To Linen Drapers, Grocers; & c. WANTS a Situation ds JOURNEYMAN, a > ounj » Man, who Ins scrvril h. s apprenticeship willi n person in J » e Country, in the general line, and has livtd » nh liitn as journeyman two yen'-, from wiwin br rati ti » » e an nii.- lenialiie ciiarni ti r. for. particulars apply, post paid, to J. Gilbert, Linen draper, Northiam, Sussex. ~\ vf ANTED, as HOUSE SERVANT, in a VV amall, genteel family, a young man, about se- venteen, who hu> lived under butler None need apply wlio cannot have a respectable cha- *- faeier from his last place. Letters addressed to Mr. G. Sawyer, East Grinstead, vrill tic attended to. T A SHEPHERD WANTED. ANTED at Midsummcr next, a SHEP- HERD, to take ( ln: t: gc of a small flock. A hdttsc will be provided fer bint. No one need apply who cannot have a satisfactory character. • Enquire or Mr. Fuller, Buckingham, near Shoreham. TURNPIKES. rptlE next GENERAL MEETINGS of the A TRUSTEES of the Offham, Malling, Ringmer, Shortgate, and Lewes to Brighthelmston Roads, are appointed to be held at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Monday, the 17th day of this instant May, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. JOS. SMITH, Clerk. Lewes, 7th May, 1811. TURNPIKE From STORRINGTON to BALL'S HUT. r- pilE next MEETING of the TRUSTEES of JL this Turnpike Road, will he held at the house of James Lucas, bearing the sign of the Houghton Bridge, in tin parish of Amberley, in the county of Sussex, 011 Monday th » > 2- ith day of May next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when and where the said Trustees will tie ready to receive Tenders, iu writing, from any per- son or persons desirous of contracting with lli' in for the ? rc. t ng and building TWO TOLL HOUSES and TOLL GATES, one to be situated at or near tlie Bridge, at Houghton, in the said county, and the other nt or near Heberden Lane, in the parish of Madehurst, iu the said county, according to a plan nod spectlicati- ottS of the same, left at the publ. e house, aforesaid, to \ wniti alt persous may have access in the mean lime. By order of the Trustees, WILLOUGH BY RHOADES, Chichester, 29th April, 1813, Clerk. ARUNDEL RAPE. AJOT1CE is hereby given, That the COMMIS- SIONERS of SEWERS, for . lie Rape of Arun- del, will assemble at the Swan Inn, Pulborough,,: it nine o'clock in the forenoon, of Tuesday, the silt day or June next, and from thence proceed down, and on the River Arun, to Arundel Bridge; and that the said Com- missioners vtl) afterwards, at three o'clock in the nfier- noon ot the same day, as, eniblc and hold lltetr Meet- ins at the Crown Inn, Arundel, WM. HOLMES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Arundel, 6th May, 1813. EARTHAM INCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given, that CALEB RlCK- MAN and JAMES FLORANCE, the Commis. sinners appointed for carrying into execution a certain Act nf Parliament lately passed, for INCLOSING Lands in the Manor and Parish of EARTHAM, in the County of Sussex, will mi el at the George Inn, in Eartham aforesaid, at eleven o'clock in the I'orctio in of Monday, llie fourteenth day nf June next, to proceed in liie ex- ecution of the said act, when and where the Proprietors of Lands lying MI the seve-. al Common Fields, in Ear- tham aforesaid, are desired either by them- elves, or by their agents, to deliver into the said Commissioners, an account or schedule in writing, duly signed, containing a description of their lands, Ijtug in the aforesaid com- mon fields, with the name or names of lite person or persons in the actual possession thereof, and the parti culur computed quantities of the same respectively, and the respective natures or tenures thereof; and when and where also all persons having any right in, or upon, the said common fields, or in, ur upon, the wood, cuil d North Wood, or the common pastures, open and com- mon downs, and waste grounds hi Eartham aforesaid, nre^ esired either hv themselves or agents, to deliver into the said Commissioners an account or schedule iu writing, duly signed, containing a description of such their rights, and of the lands in respect of which the • ante arc claimed, and the tenures thereof respectively. WM. HOLMES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Arundel, 6th May, 1813. IMPORTANT TO THE ARMY. Band W. RIDGE, of CHICHESTER, having • established extensive Warehouses iu that City, beg h ave to ofl'er then services in furnishing the Army in general, hut mure particularly Regiments passing through the Sussex District, wiih Necessaries, Clothing, and Accoutrements, of every description. Their Stores lire .0 extensive, and such arrangements have been made to merit patronage and approbation, that a Regiment may be supplied, at an hour's notice, with every article required for llie complete equipment of the Soldier. N. B. Regiments going to, or returning front the Peninsula, would find great advantages iu the contiguity of the above warehouses to Portsmouth. GLOBE INSURANCE, LONDON. FIRE, LIVES, AND ANNUITIES. MR. ALEXANDER BALDY, of ship- street, Brighton, being appointed AGENT to the GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY, all persons ate requested loap ! v to liiitl lespeciing the business of that Office. Proposals tnav be bad gratis. JOHN CHARLES DENHAM, secty. April, 1813. BRIGHTON AND TUNBRIDGE WELLS NEW POST COACH, SETS out from _ the General Blue Coach- Office, No. 51, East- street, Brighton, every Monday and Friday mornings, at Eight o'clock, to Lipscomb's Coach- Office, Tunbridge Wells ; from whence it returns, every Tuesday and Saturday Morning., HI Ten o'clock. Performed tiy tile Public's obedient servants, THOMAS CROSWELLER, And JOHN ATTREE. STRAYED, on Thursday, the 1.5th inst. into the grounds of Mr. W. WOODHAMS, of Lulling, ion, near Alfriston, two Mate Hiding PONIES, one black, with a long tail, nearly ready to foal The other, an iron grey, with a cut tail., and mark- ed on the back with the letters G. S. Whoever owns the same, may have them again, by paying the expences of keep, advertising, & c, Lullington, April 30, 1813. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. STOLEN, OR STRAYED, Oit^ t of l'ie stable of Mr. Henry Bourne, Brightling. Sussex, on Monday evening, the loth instant, or early 011 Tuesday morning., the iltli, ALight Bay Saddle MARE, rising five years old, with a white saddle mark on liie i^ ir srde, and also a white ring round ll* u said Mare, which was occasioned l: v a rope that was apphect. instead of girths when broke iu ; with n black mane at: d switch tail, and also having a black tine from the mane to the tail, re- sembling the mark of a mule, and having rather a large bead, mealy nosed, and about 14 tunds and a half high; Any person or persons who will give information of the said Mare, and l. ritig her to Mr Henry Bourne aforesaid, shall receive a reward of TEN GUINEAS, on conviction of the offender or offenders, from Mr. Henry Bourne, over and above what will be allowed from the Brightling and Dallington Prosecuting So ciety; and if strayed, any person ulio will return her, s'uali tie amply rewarded by me, HENRY BOURNE. HOUSE TO BE LETT. A GOOD HOUSE to be Lett, may be jTA. eiiit rrd on immediately, sit uato at Lewes. Bridge. Enquire of Mr. H. Browne, School Hill. BOROUGH OF LEWES. TO BE SOLD OR LETT, ANeat small substantial- built FREEHOLD HOUSE, conininiisjj one parlour, kitchen, wash- house, and three good chambers, with good cellars ; to aether with ati excellent pump of good water, with a walled in garden round the same, now in the occupa tion of Mr. John Pryor, who will quit the premises on the 29th September next. For further particulars enquire of Mr. John Pryor. or the proprietor, Mr. Joseph King, 218, High- street. If hv letter, ] n> 5t paid. CONEY BOROUGH PARK. TO BE LETT, For a Term of Seven or Ten Years, From May 10, l813. above Residence, delightfully situated .11 within three miles of Lewes, nine of Brighthelm- ston, and 46 of London. The Mansion comprises a good entrance hall, a drawing- room 26ft. ( Jin. by i<) ft. dimngf- room 26 by 18 feet, two small parlours, billiard room, library, breakfast room,- convenient nursery, eight best bed chambers, dressing room, and good attics, w ith suitable offices, attached and detached; good kitchen gardens, coach- house, and stabling for tG hordes. ' S he Park contains r> lj acres of the best- conflitioued land for deer, a-. d excellent fish ponds. The tenant will have the privilege of shooting and hunting over an extensive manor. For further particulars- apply, to Messrs. Forster, Cook, and Freere, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, London; or to Mr. Stephen Grantham, Stoneham, near Lewes. MANSION HOUSE, PARK, & c. TO BE LETT, for Seven Years, ACapital MANSION- HOUSE, PARK and LANDS, containing together about 25o acres. The House is elegantly furnished, and lit for the re- ception of a Nobleman, or Gentleman of fortune, con- taining dining and drawing rooms, of large dimensions, library, dressing rooms, eight best bed chambers. Ser- vants rooms, and suitable offices. This residence is distant from London about 6o miles, iu a good sporting country, and the tenant may be i, c- coiTimodated with a manor abounding with game. For particulars apply to Messrs. Shawes, Le Blanc, and Shawe, Solicitors, New Bridge- street, London ; or to Mr. Weller, Chichester. ( To BE VIEWED by Tickets.) TO LETT, And entered upon immediately, for the Term of Seven Years, A CAPITAL Mansion, called, CLAPHAM- HOUSE, the late residence of J. Bean, Esq. fit for the immediate reception of a genteel family, with capital walled in gardens, well stocked with choice fruit trees, shrubberies, lawn, coach- houses, stabling for nine horses, with every suitable out office, and two pieces of meadow land adjoining thereto, situated on the South Downs, in the parish of Litlington, in a line part of the county of Sussex, in the midst of capital packs of harriers; within one mile of Alfriston, five of Eastbourne, three of Seaford, six of Newhaven, ten of Lewes, fifteen of Brighton, and sixty of London. For particulars, enquire of Mr. John Hitchins Lit- lington; Mr. John Hardwick, Hangleton, near Brigh- ton ; Mr. John Fuller, Coulsden, near Croydon; or, of Thomas Penfold, esq, solicitor, Croydon. BATTLE, SUSSEX. TO BE LETT, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. ryMlAT spacious and well- established INN, called JL the GEORGE, with the ball and card rooms, of large dimensions, and excellent cellars, thereto apper- taining, most conveniently situated at the entrance of the Town of Battle, front the London Road, and for many years resorted to by families of the first respecta- bility. The premises contain very commodious parlours, bed chambers, ball room, card rooms, bar, domestic offices of every description, cellars of unusual magni- tude and convenience. The House has been new built within the last three years, upon a very extensive and convenient plan, and will require little or no repairs for many years to come. The Town and Garrison Balls have, been always held at the above Inn, and a very considerable posting busi ness has been conducted, on the premises, by the te- nant; it is also one of the best and most convenient traveller's inn in the county. The Tenant will be required to take to the hous- hold furniture, plate, linen, china, & c. and also the stock iff excellent wines, liquors, and ale on the pre- mises, at a fair valuation. To an active landlord the above Inn will afford a lu- crative and advantageous situation for business. Battle is a Market and Posting Town, distance from London 5j miles; * be favourite watering Town of Hastings eight miles; Eastbourne and Rye 16, and a daily Coach from Hastings to London, passes through Battle every day. For further particulars and treaty, apply to Mr. John Hutchins, the tenant on the premises to Mr. Thomas Breeds, Hastings or at the office of Mr. Willard, Soli- citor, Battle. TO BE LETT, AN old- accustomed WATER CORN MILL, compleat, with a small compact FARM of arable, meadow, and pasture land, house, barn, stable and lodges. The machinery is of cast iron, just compleated. Im- mediate possession; or at Michaelmas next, 1813. _ Enquire of Joseph Willard, Willard's Farm, Crawley, Sussex. A capital South Down Farm, within three miles of Brighton, TO BE LETT BY TENDER, For ten years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, THE PLACE FARM, in PATCHAM, con- listing of a good farm- house, cottages, barns, stables, : » ud ail otlu r convenient buildings and l., 00( j acres of LAND, adjoining the. turnpike- road from Brighton to London; with the Great Tythes thereof, iu the occupation of Mr. Edward Scrase. Richard Patching, at Patcham Place, will shew the farm; and particulars may be known, oil personal ap- plication, to Messrs. HOPER and SON, at Lewes. TENDERS, in writing, will be received by Messrs. HOPER and SON, until the 29th of May. To BE LETT BY TENDER, For 12 Years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, \ Compact and desirable Farm, called CLAY- HILL, containing U) IA. 2R. 1(> P. of good arable, meadow, pasture, and brook- land, situate in Ringmer an I Barcombe, within three miles of Lewes, bounded on the west by the Ouse naviga- tion, and the east, by the Turnpike- road frm Lew- es to London, and now in the occupation of Mr. S. W. Durrant, and the Executors of the late M . Thos. Rickman, The Tenders cpe to be sent in writing, to Messrs. HOPER and SON, of Lewes, on or before the 20th of May, on personal application to whom, a d/ aft of the lease may be seed. SHOREHAM BRIDGE TOLLS. TO BE LETT BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. R. ATTREE, At the Star Inn, New Shoreham, on Tuesday the 25th of May, instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, rpiI'E TOLLS of SHOREHAM BRIDGE for JL one year, commencing the 24th day. of June, next. . By order of the Trustees, THOS. ATTREE, Clerk. Brighton, April 29, 1813. Rent for the expiring year, £ 1335. For a Table of Tolls, & c. apply to ihe Clerk. ~~ TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE, buildings, and large garden, exonerated from the land tax, situ- aie in the parish of Saint Thomas in the Cliffe, near Lewes, late the property, and in the occupation of the Rev. Dr. Delap, deceased. For particulars enquire of Mr. SMITH, Solicitor, at Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that desirable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, and garden thereto belonging. Containing hy estimation about one rood of land ( more or less) now in the occupation of Mr. Edmund Pronger, pleasantly situate at Stone Pound, in the parish of Clayton, and county of Sussex, adjoining the turnpike- road leading from London to Brighton, 44 miles from the former place, and eight from the latter. Also the materials of a barn, now in the occupation of the said Mr. Edmund Pronger, standing on land, called the Hassocks, in Clayton aforesaid, to be taken down and carried away at the purchaser's expence. The tenant will shew the above premises; and for further particulars and treaty, apply to Mr. Marchant, of Little Park, Hurstperpoint; Mr. Thomas Bull, of Pangdean ; or Mr. Morgan, Solicitor, Hurstperpoint. NO TICE.— All persons having claims on the estate of Mr. Stephen Croskey, late of Hurstperpoint, de- ceased, are desired to send an account thereof forth- with, to the said Mr. Marchant, or Mr. Thomas Bull, the Executors under the deceased's will ; and such per- sons as are indebted to the said estate, are accordingly requested to pay their respective debts as above. Most desirable Property on the Sea- Coast, sixty- four Miles from London. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMOST VALUABLE ESTATE, part Free- hold and the remainder Copyhold, situate at Bexhill, in the county of Sussex ; comprising a sub- stantial modern Dwelling house, fit for the reception of a family of respectability, with all necessary attach- ed and detached offices, walled garden fully cropped, plantations and pleasure grounds, the whole perfectly secluded from the village, and commanding a most beautiful view over Pevensey Bay, East Bourn, and the adjacent country. A newly- erected DWELLING HOUSE, garden, and pleasure ground, and every requisite office, together with about it) acres of meadow land, extremely fertile, and, having been for many years in the occupation of the proprietor, in a high state of cultivation. Bexhill is one of the most, healthy and pleasant si- tuations 011 the coast of Sussex, and well adapted for sea- bathing, for which purpose it is occasionally resort- ed to: it. is six miles from Hastings, 1- 1 from East- Bourn, and 64 from London. This estate holds out an opportunity for investing ca- pital seldom to be met with ; as, . from the increasing population of the place, every species of landed pro- perly is rapidly advancing in value. Several lots of this property have been sold for great prices as building ground, for which purpose' there is every prospect of the remainder being appropriated. For a view of the Estate, apply to Mr. Mate, Post- Office, Bexhill ; and to treat for purchase to Messrs. Shadwell, Bishop, and Co. solicitors, Hastings; and to Mr. James, New Boswell Court, Lincoln's- Inn, London. N. B. The Houses are both furnished; and a pur- chaser may be admitted immediately as Tenant till the completion of the purchase. TO HE SOLD BY TENDER, AN eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the parish of Horley, in the county of Surrey, in the occupation of Mr, Richard Agate, Victualler, ( who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next, 1813,) con sistin^ of a Messuage, in two tenements, barn, stable, and other buildings, together with a garden and or- chard, containing by. estimation one acre, and seven inclosures of arable, meadow, and pasture land, con- taining also by estimation fourteen and an half acres, together with the timber thereon. And also a chief Rent of Four pence a year, pnyahte to this estate out of a cottage thereunto adjoining, in the occupation of the Parish Clerk of Horley aforesaid. The above estate lying contiguous to the Common called Horley- Heath, a right of turning out thereon has always been exercised by the occupier thereof. Tenders to be sent, post paid, or delivered to Mr. W. S. Robinson, Surveyor, Reigate, Surrey, on or be- fore, the :$ im day of May next, 1813, of whom further particulars may be obtained, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ONE vFInndred and Twenty Acres, more or less, of excellent FREEHOLD WOODLAND, well know!) by the name of the PARK WOOD, in the parish of Burwash, in the county of Sussex, well stock- ed with same, and all the woods around it. For further particulars enquire of Mr. EDWARD ADES, of Sedlescomb, near Robertsbridge. Sussex. WORTHING, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, TO THE BEST BIDDER, Before ABEL MOYSEY, Esq. the Deputy Remembrancer ofliis Majesty's Court of Exchequer, at the said De- puty Remembrancer's Office, in the Inner Temple, London, on Tuesday, the isth day of May, 1813, at twelve o'clock at noon, pursuant tr> a, n order of the said Court, made in A cause " Hawkins v. Ramsbot- tom and others." ONE SIXTEENTH part or share of all that i capital Freehold Building and Hotel, called the STEYNE MOTEL, situate at Worthing, in the county of Sussex, which share cost . soul, now yielding a net annual income of 25l. i> ut which is supposed to be cu pable of great increase. Particulars may be had at the Hotel, Worthing; the Old Ship Tavern, Brighton ; Norfolk Arms, Arundel ; Dolphin, Chichester; Star, Lewes ; King's Head, Horsham ; of the Printers of the County Papers; of Mr. Withy, Solicitor, Buckingham- street, Strand ; of Mr. Ellis, Solicitor, Gray's Inn Square; of Messrs. Sweet and Stokes, Solicitors, Basinghall- street; and at the Chambers of the said Deputy Remembrancer, in the Exchequer Office, Inner Temple, London. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AValuable and improveable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Land Tax redeemed, situate in the parish of Balcombe, in the county of Sussex, within a short distance of the Ouse Navigation, called OAKS and STRUDGATE, comprising a good Farm house, barns, hovels, and other requisite- outbuildings, and I 13 acres, ( more oivless) of arable, meadow, pasture, and woodland, divided into suitable inclosures, well watered, and abounding with game •. nine acres of wood, and one acre of meadow, are in the bands of the pro- prietor. and the residue in the occupation of Mr. James Potter, a yearly tenant, at a very low rent, and whose year expires at Lady- day next. The hedgerows, woods, and coppices, are well stocked with fine thriving timber trees, and tellows, to the growth of which the soil i* particularly favifurahle. May be viewed by leave of the tenant ; and further particulars known, on application to Mr. Adams; Wake- hurst Place ; or at the oilice of Mr. WALLER, Solici- tor, Cuckfield. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. W. DRAWBRIDGE, At the Talbot Inn, in Cuckfield, iu the county of Sus- sex, 011 Wednesday, the 2d day. of June, IS 13, be- tween the hours of tour and six in the afternoon, ACOMPACT and desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called STRUDGATE FARM, COM prising a Farm house with yards', barn, stable, and lodges, garden, orchard, and sundry enclosures of ara- ble, meadow, pasture and woodland, containing 1 - 23 acres ( more or less) situate near Turner's Hill, in the parish of Worth, in the county of Sussex, live miles from East Grinstead, seven from Lindfield, eight from Cuckfield, and 3 > miles from London, in the occupa- tion of Mr. William Johnson, a yearly tenant. The woodland, shaws, a'ftd hedgerows, are well stocked with oak timber trees and tellows, to the growth of which the soil is particularly favourable. T he estate may be viewed by leave of the tenant, and for further particulars apply at the office of Mr. WALLER, Solicitor, in Cuckfield, where a plan may be seen BOPEEP BARRACKS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By EATON and SON, As they now stand, liy order of the Commissioners for the Affairs of Barracks, on Thursday, the Qotli day of May, 1813 at eleven o'clock iu the forenoon, ALL THE SAID BARRACKS, consisting of four Officers' rooms, and eight privates' ditto, two stories high, built with Memel and Riga timber, and will be sold in about 79 lots. Also eight years of the unexpired LEASE of the ground they stand upon. The lots'to be taken down; and removed, progressively, at the expence of the pur- chasers; Catalogues, and conditions of sale, may he seen by applying to Major Sheldon, Barrack Master, Hast- ings; < fr of the Auctioneers; and the premises viewed the day previous to, and the morning of the dav <> f sale. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. J. HART, At the Market House, Tunbridge Wells, in the county of Kent, on Monday, the 94th day of May next, be- tween the hours of four and six o'clock in the after- noon, unless the same shall, in the mean time, he disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given, ALL that FREEHOLD FARM, consist- ing of a Messuage, burn, stable, cow- lodge, oast- house, and other outbuildings, together with several pieces or parcels nf arable, meadow, pasture, hop, and woodland, containing by estimation.. » A. l2U. ol* or thereabouts, called or known by the name of the BU- RYING PLACE FARM, - ituate, lying, and being, in the parish of Speldhurst aforesaid, and near to the high road leading from Lankington Green to Speldhurst Church. The above firm is in a high state of cultivation, and would, ar a litilc expence, be made a very desirable residence to a Gentleman, who may lie. desirous ( if re- siding in the vicinity of Tunbridge Wells, from which place it is only distant about three miles. ' Ihe farm is now in the occupation of Mr. Duplock, the proprietor, nt' whom further particulars may be had ; also at the office of Messrs. Jones and Co. Solici- tors ; and of the Auctioneer, Tunbridge Wells. Very valuable Freehold, Copyhold, and Lease- hold Estate, for long terms, with extensive Manors; a capital Mansion- house, gardens, and pleasure grounds, in the county of Sus- sex, on the borders of Hants. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, Early in the ensuing summer, '" PHE truly valuable FREEHOLD, COPY- HOLD, and LEASEHOLD ESTATES, with ihe extensive Manorial rights over several parishes, with a plenitude of game and fish, of the late John Utterson, Esq. and will be divided in various lots. These estates are situate about 48 miles from London, in a most beautifal and picturesque part of the county ; two miles from Liphook, 24 from Portsmouth, six from the Market Towns of Midhurst and Petersfield. The. high road from the Metropolis to Portsmouth, runs tluougli the centre of the property. Descriptive particulars will shortly he given, and further information may he obtained, hv applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. Truleigh Manor Farm in Sussex, Freehold. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HOGGART and PHILLIPS, At tile Auction Mart, London, on Friday, June 11, nt Twelve o'Cloek, ASingularly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, comptising TRULEIGH FARM, in the parish of Edburton, a beautiful part of the county of Sussex, abounding with game, on the north side of the South Down Hills, six miles and an half from Brighton, live from Shoreham, four from Steyning, and hfty from Lon- don, roiitaHniig FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE ACRES of uncommonly rich arable, meadow, and pasture land, lying remarkably convenient, bounded in pari by a mill stream, and intersected by excellent roads. The farm has been fur several \ ears under the most judicious ma- nagement, completely drained, ai i considerable ex- pence, aud is in the highest sine of cultivation, wiih a very substantial farm- house, convertible at a modeiaie expence into a Gentleman's residence j and all requisite outbuildings, and particularly extensile covered sheep- folds; the whole of llie buildings supplied wiih line water, thrown into iron troughs, by forcing pumps ; there is plenty of chalk, flint, and marl, for every pur- pose. The land tax is redeemed, and the estate is en- titled to VOTES for Shoreham and the county. To be viewed by applying to Mr. John Penny, llie Proprietor's Bailiff upon the farm; and puriiculirs may be had in a short liule at the Libraries, Brighton and Worthig; Fountain, Shoreham; King's Head, Hors- ham ; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Steyning; Messrs. Kaye, Freshfield, ami Kaye, New Bank buildings; at the Mart, and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, 62, Old Broad street, London. KENT AND SUSSEX. VALUABLE FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, FARMS, WATER CORN MILL and LANDS, with iilimediate possession of the Residence, and of the remainder at Michaelmas; TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Messrs; SKINNER, TUCHIN, and FORREST. On Tuesday, the tub of June, nt twelve o'clock, at Garraway's Coffee house, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, in 16 lots, by order of \ he Trustees and Executors of SANDEFORTH STREATFIELD, Esq. deceased, VALUABLE and very improyeable Freehold Estates, sliflate iu the parishes of Tunbridge, Seale, Leigh, Chiddingstone, Penshurst, Edenbridge, Cowden, Hever, and Wadhurst, in the Counties of Kent and Sussex, ensy* rfistances troui Seven Oaks, Tunbridge, Westerham, and East Grinstead. and alv. u; .>., .. ilea from London : comprising Substantial Brick Resi- dence, called HOLDENS, with, oiiices of « vcr^ descrip- tion, pleasure ground, gardens, and Tar. n adjoin in ^ in Ism d. SEVERAL very ELIGIBLE FARMS, called Kent Lands, New House. Grays, Weavers, Little Warren, Bewes, Claydon, Eastlands, Cold Harbour, Edells, Windmill Hill, Little Chested. and Crouches Also Chiddingstone Water Corn Mill and Farm, with a capital head of water, and two spacious water wheels. l lu w'hoic cowtaininsr nesr SEVEN HUNDRED ACRES of fertile and produrtne meadow, pasture, hop garden, arable and wood land, in the occupations of Messrs. Keys, Children, Harris, Mercer, Burfoot. Lung- ley, Cheeseman, Wallis and Blackman, who h'ave had not/ icc to ( jnit at Michaelmas next, To be viewed, and printed particulars ma" IVe had rm the premises ; also at the Crown Inns, Seven Oaks and East Grinsted; Kentish Tavern, Tunbridge Wells; Rose and Crown, Tunbridge; of Mr. Blake, Printer, Maidstone; Messrs. Lee, Printers, Lewes; Mr. Fleet, Printer, Brighton; Messrs. Palmer, Tomlinson, nirij Thompson, Solicitors, Copthall court, Throgmorton- street ; at Garraway's ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aldersgate- street, London, where plans mav be seen. New Turnpike Road, from Pyecombe Church through Bolney, to Staplefield Common, TOLLS TO LETT, N'OTICE is hereb'y given, That the next Ge- neral Meeting of the Trustees of this Road, is appointed to he holden at the White Horse Inn, i; t Brighthelmston, on Thursday, the 3d day of June next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon; at which Meet- ing, the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates upon the said road, called Pyecombe Dale Gates, Muddles Wood Gate, and Hickstead Cross Gate, w ill be severally LETT BY AUCTION, To the host bidder, from the loth day of June next, for one or move >€ ars, as shall he then agreed on, between the hours of eleven and two » > f the same day, in the manner directed by the act passed in the l;> ili v « ar of the reign of his present Majesty. for regulating tin; turnpike roads," which Tolls were lett, aud produced the la* t year the following sums, viz. Pyecombe Dale Gates - £ t53 Muddles Wood Gate, - n; t5 Hickstead Cross Gate - loo over and above the cxpences of collecting them, Nand will respectively he put up at those sums. Whoever happens to be ihe be> t bidder or bidders, must, give security, wirh sufficient sureties, to the satis- faction of the Trustees, for payment of the rents, at such times as they shall direct. THO. MORGAN, Clerk to the Trustees, Hurstperpoint, 30th April, 1813. BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, 4l, London Wall, opposite Bethlem, London. IMPENETRABLE PAINTS, ground in Linseed Oil, for park, paling, tiles, slates, useful aud orna- mental painting in general', and weather boarding of every description. per cwt. per cwt. Yellow - - 50 » . Invisible Green, 5( is. Stone Colour 56s. Dark Olive Green 7ns. Lead or Slate Colour 5Gs# Bright Olive Green 11- 29. Light Blue 80s. Black Paint &( 5s. Chocolate 50s, White Paint 5(>, Red 4.) s. Prepared Drying Oil, to thin the above for Use. 5s. per Gallon, Genuine Ground White per gal. Lead, per cwt. 56s. Best Sperm Oil 8s. 6df>. Turpentine per gal. ins. Double Refined Oil ( 5s 0df Linseed Oil 5s. ( id. Single ditto ditto 5s, Od. Fine Colours. & c. j Pale Seal Oil 4s. ( 3d, | Pale Whale Oil 4*% oH. UPTON and Co. Colour Manufacturers, London Wall, and Kennet Wharf, most respectfully recommend the above Paints to the Public, as applicable to the gcv nerai purposes of useful and ornamental painting. They dry very quick, are very beautiful iu appearance, and possess a durability which renders them peculiarly va* luab'e, when applied to work constantly, or partially exposed to the effects of the weather. Advertisements having lately appeared, recommending Paints under similar titles, which are prepared with Fish Oil, or sold in an nnground state, Upton and Co. feel it proper to say, that they are not connected with those housest and that their Paints are not prepared with. Coal, Tar, or Fish Oil. Merchants, Ship Owners, and the Trade supplied. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY'S POSTS. LONDON. •*'•'-" THE BY the Nymph packet. anived at Falmouth vfilli a Mail from Cadiz, after a passage of ten days « •<* hav. received the Spanish account of the de feat of "• Suchet,. near Alicant, by General Murray, on ttie 13th last, Tlie loss of the French is estima- ted at .501X1, killed, wounded, and prisoners That of the English and Spaniards at 800; Suchet's force after the battle, is estimated ai lC'. OoO infantry, and Sttitio cavalry lie Was closely jmisued in Ins retreat t> v the Allies, — JJ—< BUSINESS OF PARLIAMENT. — In the House of 1. ords,• on Wednesday, the Edinburgh Gaol Bill, ami the Pop- lar and Blackwall Paving aud Lighting; Bill, were read a third time arid passed. — Earl Percy: presented a petition from the In. / r4> iiants of Alnwick> praying for the propagation of Christani- ty io India. — Earl- Fortescue presented a , petition- from the Free- holders and others ot the county of Devon, praying- for the re- concil action of all. religions sects fo each'other ill this' country, vliieh would have'a tendency not. to impair, but to strengthen the Constitution.' On Thursday', peli'loris In favour of the propagation ofChris- tianity hi India, were presented from Warrington, Bath, Lis- kard, Somerset, Sunderland, Bishop Wear- mouth, and Monk- wearmouth. hi the House of Commons on Wednesday, several petitions were presented firm Hie Friend's of the Baptist Missionaries in India. praying that, on the- renewal of the Charter, ' provision might tie rtiufie'l'nr their security. On Thursday, Lord Milton presented- a petition from the town ttf Leeds, alid frenv f ree and twenty otiier places pray- : rig the if Christianity into India— Mr. Grattan moved the second reading of the Bill for tie lie Relief the Ro- man Catholics. lA rii'b'. lic i\ l) slitd,' u hii- h lasted till two o; clock oil Friday morning. I' u opened, bv 1) . Duigenan^ who con- chicled bv nioV? irtg;-*<', fhat the Bill ! it read a second time this day three months.*' Lord. Castlereagh, li; a speech tf cOrcsidVrable length-, supported thi/ orginal motion. On r. division, therea'p- reared— For- titer' second reading, 245, agaiut , it, 203,— ma- . joritylt5Z> EAST- INDIA FLEET. — Tuesday, af noon,/ pas- sed liy Ports mouth, for the river; ' he homeward- bound India Fleet, so long; expected, uncW con- voy of the Horatio, 30 GUNS, I . pi d O. Stewart, anil the Sit Francis Drake, 30 guns, Hon. Captain Peachey v the convoy Consists of 3l sail, valuably laden MURDER — Christina Jensdatter, of Holke rup, in Zealand, was Vatel'v convicted of having poisoned Iter father, and sente" ccd'to he conveyed f'oin her fathei's residence to ilie place of execu- tion; dining the procession to he tortured five times « ii|, icd hot pincers, then to have both her hands struck off, and af'etwaids beheaded. Eilert Hansen, convicted of being accessary to the atro- cious deed, was, at the same time, sentenced to h;< e Ins head. PEPPER — There is a very singular fraud which has been practised forsc- rrie time past in some of the retail shops it! London. Artificial pepper- corns, both white and black', are mixed with real pepper- corns, and this ft and ulc- n t mixture sold as genuine pepper.- The mode of detecting ( he cheat is easy Throw a handful of the suspected peppercorns rn- to water ; tfip artificial corns fall to powder, or are t> ai tialFy dissolved : while the true lemain whole.. 1 best' fraudulent peppercorns are said to lie u ade < i| pease meal. The fraud should lie puhhclv knowt, because such a mixture, if used instead of real pepper, may prove in mariv cases of household economy-, ex? eediivglv prejudicial to those who jgnoraU'h make use of it. PHENOMENON.— A singular phenomenon ap peated near Epping, Essex, on. Friday morning, bv tltc- tiecs in all ilie gardens and orchard beinj; co- vertd with locusts andpjhei wingerl inserts, st> ti- postd to have he. c-< ' tie cotisctjutnce ftf ( lie prcce- d tig nights tempest. ACCIDENTS - Thursday afternoon, about two " clock, trait of the sott'- bern boundary wall of the Marshalsea prison) sVtnai< e near St. George's church in the Borough^ gave, way, with a terrible crash, when dreadful tn n l. i e, several of the unf- rtunate persons con( fne< l therein,, were buried beneath its ruins Our correspondent adds, that he saw one man dead, and » mnhei% who was conveyed to St. Thomas's hospital, dying, bis wife then lamenting by bis side, and who, with six children- will have to deplore bis loss; several oiheis so severely maimed, as to admit a doubt of their recovery.— Mr. Broomfield, iif Minstead, near Stoney Cross, in the New Forest, - a respectable miller, having been fttqtientlv robbed by a nocturnal visiter, plac- ed in an out- house, where were kept a quantity of potatoes, a gun loaded with shot, and t> y a line and pullies attached the door to the trigger. About ele ven o'clock fie heard thf gun, and hastening to the spot, found a labouring man, named Kennison. who fit'ed near Kim, upon the ground. Kennison had broke open the door, and receivetl the contents of the gun thiongh his knee : he died on Tuesday — Verdict. Accidental Death POPULATION OF FRANCE,— A statement of the population of France from a census taken in ttV12, appealed in the Monitetur of Feb. Q7, I S 13. Tile total " f the population of Old France amounted to Q8.7sfi. 911 in a territory comprising 1- 17.973 square miles. The territorial acquisitions since the war ol the Revolution, anil winch aie incorporated wuh the French empire, contain 1- 3 & C> V. 466' souls, m an extent of fH, 040,7 square miles The total leunn of the population was 4- 7.738,377. In Old France there wete 194.5 in- habitants tn the square mile in the cm- queted countries 2i23.') In England Vwe leckoti l- lawfully assembling in order to oppose the; Com- missioners of an Inclosure Act, putting the same into execution. They were both convicted upon the clearest testimony, it appealing that Hughes was tin- captain of the mob, and Rowlands, though not active,.. wa » present for the space of half an ^ Tu nr. jftfir !. be... J'rii'cl, imation was made. I lie , Jury i etoinm* ruled boil) the prisoners 10 mercy. Mr. • . Justice Kenrick, in passing; scn'enre of death upon y. .1' ' 1,' ii- ts, p'iriited out to iiteu) the great of- fence thev had. been guilty of. in i mposing the laws of their country, and the persons appointed to. put them in f fee The Judge then inf omed the pri- soners h • lip ireconimeiiUaiion of rfte Jury would ; ll^ dllt^ tUjl tu, To Carpenters and Builders. tt/ ANTED a Situation in the above line fey a W Married Man, aged 32 years. Iras been employed near 17 years in 6lie concern ; works < vt the bench, and superintends the business, inelu'ding book keeping, & c. slimild be happy to meet with such s vacancy, where lie will endeavour to make himself useful; whose cha racter. fnr sobriety, diligence, & c. will bear' tlie strictest inquiry. Letters addressed, ( post paid) J.- A: nt Mr. Smith's. . Grocer. No. 7,, Little Chapel- street* Westminster, will he duly attended ( o. •— : 1 " ' - Farnhurst, Midhurst, Chichester, and Dell Quay Turnpike Road. Notice ttereby given, that the TOLLS iifi'siiig ut the severttl Turnpike Gates upon tills road, will bi LETT BY AUCTION, to the bidder, at ilie Swan Inn, in the City of Chiches- ter, 011 Saturday, the lath of June, 1813, between the hours of eleven in the morning, and one in the after- noon, for Mich term as may be then agreed upon, to commence from ilie i( itli day of June, then next, in the manner directed by the act passed in the tilth year of ilie reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for repairing the said road; which Tolls pro diii- cd the last year, the several yearly sums following, viz.— Stockbridge Gate and Dell Quay Bar - £ 5"? Lavant Gate and . Summers' Dale bar 289 Cocking Gate - - 2- J4 Farnhurst Gate - - 201 clear of al| deductions, and will be put op nt soch sums. R'hoerer liappi us lo be the best bidder, must at the same time, give security, with sufficient suretics, to the sacisfju'iiVm of 11')' 1 Trustees, fur payment of iht rent ngrc eil for, and nt spell times as lliev shiill direct. By order i- f the Trustees, Chichester. May', 131T. RHOADES, Clerk. Chichester, and Cosham Turnpike Road. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLL'S arising at' the several Turnpike Gates upou this road, will be LETT BY AUCTION, To the best bidder, at the Swan Inn, in the City of Chichester, on Saturday; the Iglh of June. tsIS, be tween the hours of eleven o'clock in the morning, imrt one o'clock in the afternoon, for sueli term a. may b ilien iigrerd upon, lo commence tronr the t- t day of . July, then next, in the manner directed by the act ' passed in the 4(> th year of the reign of his present Ma jesty. King George the Third, for repairlVg the salt! road ; w hu ll ' Tolls jyroduVed the last year, the several yearly sums following, viz. Bedhampton < Gate - Nutbourn - - 5; J" 9 Fishbourn - - 6 M « Icar of all deductions, and will be put up nt such suin<. Whoever h; ijipcns to be the bo^ t bidder, must at the same time give security, with sufficient' sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, f<> i* payment of the rent aorted tor, and at sn< h times as th'ey shall direct. I> v oider of the Trustees, Chichester\ May I • I » i3. T RHOADES Clerk. SUSSEX LOCAL MILITIA. His Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT having been pleased to ortler that the LOCAL MILITIA of the . County cf SUSSEX, raised under the several Acts of Parliament lelatmg thereto, shall he cdl- sd out for the purpose of being trained and exercised, 1 have the commands of His Grace the DUKE ol NORFOLK, E. M. & c. & c. & c. LIEUTENANT of ( he sai. l County, to notify, That the several Men raised within the respective Rapes, and forming the several Regments heieutuler mentioned, do, and shall assemble for such Training and Exercise, as hereafter particularly mention- ed and expressed, viz, fc. 1 f All Men enrolled in the said Militia, witlrin the said Rapes of Chi- § . chester and Arundel, are particularly requited and enjoined to assetn- ^^ i . hie at the City of Chichester, on Friday, the Twnty- eighth day ' 3 5 Composing ' of MAY nest, at the hour of| Twelve at Noon, then and there to ^ the ^ present themselves to the Officer coinniandiiig the said Western Regi- Western Regiment, ment, for the purpose of Tieing trained and exercised for the space or J- § . number of fourteen entite days, ' exclusive of the days of arriving at, and departure from, and marching, to and from the place aboveTmeniii) ned, ^ J. [ and appointed for muster, training', and exercise. ^ " V f AllMen enrolled in the said Militia within the said Rapes of Bramber and Lewes, are particulai ly icijuiied and enjoined to assemble at the Town 3 J. of Brighthelmston, on Monday the Seventeenth day of M.. Y next, at § Composing the hour of Twelve at Noon, then and theie to present themselves to the ^ i^ y the Officer eciminaiiding the said Centre Regiment, for the purpose of bc- c- B Centre Regiment, ins; liaiiicd and exercised for the space or number of Fourteen entire C § days, exclusiv e of the days of arriving at, and departure from, and march- ino to and fiom the place above- mentioned, and appointed for muster, J ^ training-, and exercise. . f All Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the saitl Rape of Peven- S" sey, aie paiticularlv tequited and enjoined to assemble at Lewes, on g Friday, the Twenty- first day of MAY next, at tiie hour of Twelve at £ Composing the Noon, then and there to present themselves to the Officer commanding ^ Pevensey Rape ^ the said Pevensey Rape Regiment, for the purpose of being trained " o* Regiment. and cxetcised for the space or number of Fourteen entire days, exclusive of the days of arriving at, apd departure fiotn, and marching to arTid from ihe place above- mentioned, and appointed for muster, training, and h" 1 J ^ exercise. « All Men enrolled in the said Militia within the said Rape of Hastings, x ate particularly teqniicd ami enjoined to assemble at Battle, on Mon- ' s Composing ' .• . , day, ' he Thirty- first day of MAY next, at the hour of Twelve at Noon, ^ Hastings Rape then and there to piesent themselves to the Officer coir, tiiaiuling the said V - Regiment'S iV Hastings Rape Regiment, for the purpose of being trained and exei- cistd for the space or number of Fourteen entire days, exclusive of lite ' days ofaniving at. and depaituie fiom, and marching to and from, the place above- mentioned and . appointed for muster, training, and exercise. Of which several and respective times and places of assembling the several Men enrolled ate particu- larly required to take. Notice, as by their neglect or default, in not punctually attending, they will lespecKvely. ibe'xl'eenied DESERTERS, and subject to the heavy pains and penalties picscribed by the seveial- - Acts of Parliament in that case made and provided. COUNTY- HALL, Clerk of the General Meetings of Lieutenancy LEWES 38fA ' April, 1813. for the County of Sussex. TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS. FOR THE FIRST- DRAWN PRIZE ABOVE £- 20, On TUESDAY, the IBrh of MAY, BEING THE SECOND DAY OF DRAWING WITH THE FOLLOWING RICH STATE OF THE WHEEL ; 3 Prizes of -£ sO, nno 3 Prizes of jh 0,000 3 Prizes of £ 2,000 4 Prizes of £ 1,000 And numerous other Prizes o) .5110/. 300/. • 200/. 100/. & c. & c. & c. T . BISH. Contractor, impressed with gratitude'to the Public for their distinguished Fa- v IS in the unexampled demand fin Tickets and Shares in this truly popular Lottery, begs to acquaint ilteiri that the First Day's Drawing is • ver, leaving the Wheel RICH beyond precedent for the Second Day's Drawing, when the first Prize above -£' 20 is so ai ranged, { at his request) lit Government-,, ( hat it cannot lie less than i'go. OO — and mav be ,£$ 0,000, or 40,000. From lhi, s circumstance,?, and the ttneqwa- llert Grand State of the Wheel he does with confidence expect a yer> great Demand for Tickets and Shares therefore solicits the immediate Favour of Ins Friends, at Ins fortunate Officer, where, as long as anv Tickets can he had, thev may fely cm a choice of numbers, warranted undrawn, and should Persons in the Country find difficulty in being supplied t> v the Agents, the favour of their commands at either No. 4, CORNHILL, or No. Cy, CHARING CROSS, LONDON, or at the following AGENTS, ' ' • Mrs. Spooner', Library, Worthing*. I J. Evenden, Druggist. Tunbridge. J, NASH, Bookseller, Tunbridge Wells. j ' - S. Mills, Bookseller, Portsmouth. VVtil be punctually attended tu. FOR SALE, A Very handsome ha> BLOOD' HORSE, six \ f'irs • Id. near | 5 hands high, very safe' and fast, warranted sound. nith'iut blemish, and quiet to ride. Price Forty- eight Guineas. Eriquire for Mr. Hilner, Artillery Barracks, Bexhill, TWENTY GUINEAS REWARD. STOLEN', AhoiV> eleven o'clock, •• » Sunday evening last, tin- ( jtb of May ( HI3, ncit of a' ti « ld in Southover, near Lewes, Sussex, ABROWN GELDING, the property of Mr. " Trayton Paine, ahoirt 13 hands and a half high', close' built nil!! tailed. itmni nine or ten years of age, and has been used to' drawing. Also, stolen iii'ih- siinu- lime, out of a lirld in South- over, n little BLACK MART., the prop rtv of Ebene- ; zer Johnston, esq. aluint t. J hands high, hys a small • vhil# star " if lie'f forehead, large carcase, remarkably large hoof, two or three saddle marks, the tail newly eut < close to the dock, and carries her head and tail very high when mounted, W Imevc'r w ill i » ive niforniation of the offender or offenders.' so that In or they mac be hroiu> ht m justice, • hull receive a reward of TEN GUINEAS for each offences to be paid hy ihe Treasurer of the Lewes So ciety for prosecuting Felons. Thieves, & c. on the convic- tion ol such offender Or offenders.,. Lewes, THOMAS KING, loth May, 1813. Secretary to tlii- said Society. New Fishbourn, near Chichester. TO BE ' SOLD BY- - AUCTION, • By WHITE', and SON, i On Thursday, 4lw:*> th May. 18i. i',.: tt the White Horse ,,, Inu. South- street, Chichester, between ihi hours or five anil six in ' in evening, A VERY desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, coinjnising a C'ouipact^ recently erected REST DENCE, liiosr Iileiisaiillv siioat'eil at New; Fishbourn, in rne occiip troii ot Mr. John Gratwick. The . house eon pri- es in the bascnieHt, good wine and beer cellars; ground floor, entrance hall iitid roomy. staircase, two proporiiinuibie front parlours.-, and three roomy airy bed chambers ab'- ve, one of which, is sulh ' it'iitU large - for two rooms, a detached kitchen, iar- der. and convenient cupboards. Also a productive gar den, rect'iiily planted.- These premises measure m front 33 feet', exclusive of a four feet passage t" the eastward', a win for servants ; the extent nf the land froin north to south is l it feet. The eligibility of the property icq to res but little riiin- meut; the house is placed at i de liable distance from the turnpike road, with a plat ami shrubbery, laid out 111 from, ttie silnation Is dr, iilid healthy; theie aie beauttlu and picturesque vi- vvs in frnn , and til rear : l bold and until ernipt' d view of Chichester Harbour, and a f rtile country ; an easy itcecss to Chichester, the foot road thereto is exceedias> ly good, mill distant iinly one mile. Tlie neighbourhood social and respectable, linitli dnite possession will lie given. The estate may he viewed by applying to Mr. John Gratwick; mid f a t'nrther pin ti- ctrt. irs apply lo : Messrs. White and Son, at ihi ir General Agency and Eagle In surance- offices, North street, Chichester ; or Tarrant - street, Arundel. Being more than double the number of Capitals and other Prizes, than in any Lottery hitherto with the same Number of Tichets. SUSSEX Compact Freehold Farm, near East Grinstead, - crnd Tythes of Farms, in ( he parish of Cuck- field. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. FA RE BROTHER, At' Garraway; s, on Monday, a tut of May, at twelve o'clock, in - two lots. Very compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, con- sisthig of an isc ilie nt Farm- house, yard, arid buildings, cottage, orchard, gardens and sundry en- closures of rich " meadow, arable, and wood lands, I'on- tatning together about seventy acres, situate at Tur- ner's Hill, uirhhi four miles of East Grinstead, and eight from Crawley, iu the county of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. Harris, tenant at will. Also, the Tythes of Corn, Grain, and. Pulse, arising from several farms in th'e' parish of Cuckfield, containing alfou't 300 ' acres. Particulars may he had'nt Garraway's ; of the Tenant, at Turner's Hill; the Crown, East Grinstead, George, Crawley ; Star, Lewies ; of Mr. Waller Solicitor, Cuck- field ; and of Mr. Farebrother, Beaufort- house, Beau fort- Buildings, Strand. HANTS. Valuable Freehold and Copyhold Estates. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, Oil Wednesday t'he tyili of May, 1813. at four o'clock' lii the afternoon, at the Dolphin, Petersfield, Lot 1. A COPYHOLD Estate of Inheritance, ' called WHITE wool. FARM, coil si- tinar of a Farm House, uit'h all useful outbuildings, together with t 13 acres, 3 roods, 14 p'ies, of arable and meadow- it? land, let to Mr. - John Ayling. Lot 2 — Two lnclosures of ARABLE LAND, lying . it iln side of Lord Gage's Plantations, out' free and the other copy hold, let lo the above • named Mr. John Avling:.'; inil measures IS acres, - 2 roods, icj poles, oe ctipaiifiji will tie given r;* the - freehold at Michaelmas, is 14,' nnil ot the copyhold, ot Michaelmas it* ri. Lot 3 — A FREEHOLD ESTATE.. called OUTER CHAPETS, coiitumtug three lnclosures of arable and meadow, land, nieasuring l> 3 acres, u roods, 7 poles, lei to Mr Thomas Long, whose term expires at Michael- mas next, Lot 4.— An excellent Freehold ARABLE FIELD, called BRADFORDS, 9 acres, 0 roods, 6 poles, now * o tin oci'ttpiition of Mr. Thomas Long, whose term i~ x- pir'es at Michaelmas next. Lot 5. — An excellent Freehold ARABLE FIELD, culled BECKS, measuring 4 acres, :> roods, ' 21 poles I- t to Mr. Thomas Long, whose term expires ai Mi- chaelmas next. Lot 6.— A FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising a comfortable Farm House, garden, orchard, barn, gate- room, cart horse stables, and . cottage, with an excel lent arable field, called Home Field, measuring 13 I rood, 4 poles, in the occupation'. of Mr. Thomas Long, whose 1 er 111 expires nt Michaelmas next, Lot 7. — A truly valuable WATER MEADOW, near Iv iidjoiiiing loi t>, now in the occti parion of Mr. Tho mas Long, whose term expires at [ Michaelmas next. All the above estates are sivuate iu the pleasant villager of WESTMEON, Printed particulars may be had at the Crown, Ports month— ship and Belt Horndean — Dolphin, Peters- field— King's Head, Godalming— Swan, Alton — Bush, Farnham—" f Thomas White, esq. Langrish Lodge— James White, esq. Purbrook— of Mr. Ayling, at White Wool Farm— Mr. Long, East and Westmeon — at the Auction Mart — Mr. Hector, solictor, Petersfield ; and Mr. WELLER. Chichester. HORNDEAN. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, At the Ship and Bell, 011 Monday, the 24th day of • May, at twelve o'clock, AFREE HOLD RESIDENCE with a good garden, orchard, and pasture land, called KEY DELL, aiid si'tunto on tlie London road, between Pur- brook and Horndean. The House consists ef entrance hall, -, two parlours, drawing » room, four bed chambers, two Servants* rooms, kitchen, brew house. wine and beer cellars, and other domestic offices. The premises in ex( seH « nt repairi, tlre" greater part having been built only last, summer, The land is suOicient to keep two horses, an^ l a COW, the. orchard well stocked with the choicest fruit trees, excellent stabling for three horses with chaise house, saddle room, and other outbuildings To be viewed any Tuesday or Friday, between twelve and- five o'clock, previous to the day of sale. Imme- diate possession » « ;>>' be lurd, and the furniture taken at a valuation, if required. For further particulaas apply to Mr. Stevens,; Solici- tor, Havant; or to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. •. • " • - • ••••.-.. * ; ; '•'''''_'.-' SUSSEX: Three Freehold Farms in the parishes cf Billings- hurst and Rudgwick, near Horsham. By Mr. WELLER, On Saturday the yQih of May, I; 8I3', between the hours of three and four in t he afternoon, at the King's Head Inn, Horsham, in three lots, LOT 1. THE Manor Farm of" MARRING- X DEAN, situate at " ADVERSANE, in the' parish of BILLINGSHURST, two miles from the village, and eight from Horsham ; comprising a House, barns, and 142. Statute acres of arable, pasture, and woodland, now occupied by Mr. John Towse, under a lease, which will expire at Michaelmas next. Lot 2,— BEEK FARM, situate at Adversane, in the parish of Billingshurst, comprising a house, barn, and 8n statute acres of arable, pasture, and woodland, now occ upied. by Mr. John Towse, under a lea » e which will expire at Michaelmas next. Lot 3.— MUTTON's FARM, it) the parish of Rudge wick, 5 miles from Horsham, and 1 from Billingshurst, comprisuig a house, barns, and statute acres of arable, pasture, and woodland now occupied by — Pol- lock, tenant at will.— The whole of the above estates are exonerated from Land Tax, The above soil is particularly genial to the growth of oak, and pre eminently eligible to gentlemen who wish to make investments in landed property,—- it is also an excellent shooting country,— great improvement's ( ire making in the turnpike and cross- roads, iu almost every direction, with a Very considerable extension of navi- gable cuts, distant only two miles from these estates. Particulars may be hud of Mr. James Winter, solici- tor^ IS'fO, 1- 2. Paper Buildings « Temple, London ; oT Messrs. Holmes, solicitors, Arundel; at the King's Head Inn, Horsham ; Blacksmiths Arms, Adversane ; King's Head, Billingshurst ; at tlie Libraries, Brighton^ Worthing, Littlehampton, and Bognor • Crown, Arun del ; Auction Mart; and of Mr. WELLER, ter. HOOE LODGE, A NEAT SMALL VILLA, between BATTLE and EASTBOURNE, SUSSEX, with IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv Mr. WILLOCK, At Ga'rraway\ s Coffee- house, in , Change- alley, Corn- hill, London, on Friday, * he 28th instant, at twelve o'clock, ANEAT COMPACT-: FREEHOLD VILLA, most . delightfully situate in the parish of Hooe, fronting the sea, a little more than two miles from Pe- vensey Bay, four from Bexhill, seven from Battle, and ten from Hastings, and Eastbourne, n » the county of Sussex, ' containing six chambers, parlour, kitchen, con- venient offices, EXCELLENT STABLES, end coach- house, lawn, shrubbery, good kitchen garden, orchard, and meadow, in. all about THREE- ACRES; The premises were new- built a few years ago^ and are itvihe most perfect repair and < order, are well supplied ffith' EXCELLENT WATER, arc situate in a fine sporting country, and petnliarlv ' adapted for the ac- commodation of A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, and immediate possession may be had. To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may be bad, of Mr. Porter, on the premises- at the King's Arms, Ninfield j George, at Battle, and Robertsbridge Swan, at Hastings ; Bell, at Bexhill New Inn. South bourne, Lamb, Eastbourne; Star, Lewes; at Garra- way's; and of Mr. Willock, iSo. Golden- square London. • SALE BY- AUCTION, ACmpplete TIMBER FARM, in Sussex, psrf Free- hold . imf pert Copyhold, Land Tax rertcemetff in the parish of Rusper : and a' piece of COPYHOLD LAND, ( tithe free) in the parish of Horsham, wiiiclj WILL BE'. SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DANDRDGE, Oti Tuesday, the'J5ih May, ( SI3, JU one o'clock, af the Kind's Head Inn, Horsham, in two lots^ LOT 1. Consists of a large FARM. HOUSE, barns* stable,- cart lodge, ,& c. large orchard, n ell stocked wiflf young{ fruit trees, auri '. saA.- sft. i!> t'. of good' freehold^ arable^ ami meadow land, and ^ ifiA; 3ft. tif copyhold^ .'. arable, meadow, and pasture land, in the otclapalion of Mr. Wm- Capon, who has notice to cmit at Michaelmas next, and uho » i( l shew the farm pi. Distant from Hors.- ham and Crawley,.. five mile's each. LOT2. A piece- of COPYHOLD LAND, tithe free,- ennioimnjr 2A. oft. ifoP. lying. in Horsham Common,- late set out under an Act of Inclosure, of the Manor of Roughey'. Descriptive pnrtir nlttrs, and conditions of sale, tnav ho hud at thi' - principal Inns iu the neighbourhood ; o^ Mr. Wm. Capon, the tenant, residing oil Lot I ; ther Place of Sale; of the Auctioneer ; and of Messrs. G.- and J. Smallpiece, Surveyors. Guildford, Surrey Sadler's Stock - In Trade, Houshold Furniture, and1 Effects." ia Valuable Freehold House* a. ifd Shop and a large Garden, and sundry Re . orsionary Freehold and Copyhold Estates,- ' RIPLEY, SURREY'. TO BE, SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr A DAMSON, On the Premises, Ripley,' Surrey, on Thursday, May t eleven o'clock, by the direction uf the Assignees of Mr. Wm. Turner, sadler, a Bankrupt, iu Six - Lots, -' l A.. Valuable, Freehold, Brick built HOUSE, C\ - aiid square- Fronted' ' SHOP, and large garden, of wbii h intnifdiate pos. es. ih'fr'may lie had. and a small Freehold Messuage adjoining :- Also the Reversion to Two freehold brick built HOUSES, with gardens, barns,. stables, and, yard, situate in Ripley- Lane ; and also the REVERSION to auothi- r Freehold House, and to five Copyhold Houses, im luding the ANCHOR Public- House, situate rn the Town i,- f Ripley. On the sa'nie day " ill be Sold, the neat HOUSHOLD" FURNITURE. carts, nod off tis. And on Friday, a prime' and general aisortmrnt of SADLERY, an if SADLERS" . IROMONGERY. The Estates to lie viewed,- wiih leave of thv. tenants,- and the i lli.' i ts, Wednesday pteceiiing.— Particulars and Catalogues ma'y h'e had oil the primises; at the Sun, King- ton; White Hart, Guildford ; Red Lion, Goda1- ming; King's Arms, Esther ; of Mr. Briggs, solicitor, Essex Street, Strand; and of Mr. Adamson, 53, Fen- church Street. — KENT. CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. LEIFCHlLD. At the Auction Mart, on Wednesday, ihe 26th of May, 13 i 3, at twelve o'clock, without reserve, ( unless all acceptable offer is made hy private contract, of which due notice will'be given,) AVery valuable and complete FREEHOLD ESTATE, known hy the name of DUESDEN FARM, eligibly situ. itcat Biddenden, a short distance f ojii the Market- Towns of Tenterden and Cranbrook, Kent; ciiiiipri ing a large farm house. iii good repair, wiili roomy barns, stables, lofts, oast- house, bullock lodges, cart sherls, piggeries, nod other suitable out- buildings , together with sundry handsome inclosures of excellent arable and pasture land, and hop garden, containing iu the whole about One Hundred and Forty, six Acres, little more or less. Tlie premises are uim m Ihe iicoupaiion of Mr. Hem'y Wise ho w ill j> ive pos- sessii. il at Michaelmas next. The purchaser lo take the . timber at a fair valuation. • May Ueiv ciud and particulars had, at the Bell anj- St ar Inns,. Maidstone ; the Woolpack, Tenterden • ihe Bull, Cranbrook v the Red Lion, Biddenden; at' the Secretary's Office, Auction Mart, London; and of W. Leifehild, Auctiouecr, Enfield, Middlesex*. To Millers and Meal Men. TO BE; SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER and RATES, At the White Horse, Rottingdean, near Brighton, Sussex, on Wednesday, the -_> tiili day of May, I813, between the hours of four and six o'clock it> liie even- ing, ALL that good- accustomed Freehold POST WIND MILL, noiv in full trade, with an acre of land, more Or less, with stable, cart lodge, hog- pound, & c. with immediate possession For further particulars and view, apply to Mr. John Ockenden, Miller, in Rottingdean aforesaid. STROOD's FARM, BUXTED, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the AUCTION MART, London, on Friday, May 28, at twelve o'clock, by order of the Executors, of the - late Mr. Molineux, of Lewes, AValuable compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, desirably siluati in the parish of Buxted, in live county of Sussex, ndjoining the turnpike.- road, from Tunbridge Wells to Uckfield, being seven miles from the former, and five from 1 lie latter ; four miles Irom the post village of Maresfield, mid uhnn. t 4 1 fium Lon- don ; comprising a substantial FARM HOUSE, of brick and tiled, two barns, outhouses, and other suitable out. buildings, aud about Ninety. three Acres of arable, meadow, and wood land, within a ring fence, at present in the occupation of Mr. Robert Neave, who lias had notice to ( put at Michaelmas next. This estate abounds with game, nnd commands the most beautiful and picturesque view^ nf ihe surround- ing country, and to it is attached a valuable right of turning out cattle, and cutting fuel in the Forest of Ashdown. Printed particulars may be had of Mi. George Mo- lineux, Lewes, Sussex.; uf Messrs. G. and J. Smallpeice, Surveyors, Guildford, Surrey; nod of Messrs. Driver, - Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road ;. or at tlieir Office iii the Auction Mart, London-, where a plan of tlie- estate t& ay lie seen., " CORN EXCHANGE"" MAY 14. ~ hanc. no fresh arrivals of Wheat to- day, hut what was left from Monday was equal to tlje demand— fine samples colltinwe full iis dear, but ordinary were dull of sale ; the sale of Oats. Was brisk, at au ' advance of 2s. per quarter ; Hard Tick Beans were iu demand, aud 111 iy be considered - js, or ,' jS. dearer; othtT articles cou- nting at our last quotation*. Wheat a s. 7( is- 16<. Tick Beans - 80s. 8.2s. Fine ditto is. I.? Is. Old Ditto - — s. Rye - - - Mi. ( « '<. Oats - 2. r> s. « 7s. Barley - - 3- 4s. 61 s. Poland ditto - 42s. 49s. Malt - - Sis. o. ls. I Potatoe ditto — 1. .5t) s. White Peas l" is. 11 ( s. | Rape seed - ,501. 681. Grey Peas - G's. 7. Is. 1 Fine Flour tor,?. 110s. Beans - - — s. — s. | Seconds - I'' tis H> 5 » . SMITHFIELD MARKET . This day's market ivas not well supplied with diffe- rent kinds nf cattle :' Mutton and Veal sold at last pri- ces; Beef, Pork, and Lamb, are dearer; and the trade lor the most part was somewhat flat. The sales in the Haymarket were 1101 lively: Clover obtained abetter price . Straw fetched last price. The fallowing prcies and numbers are an aeeoraic statetnent :— Beef ' ii. - 6s. Od. to 7s. 2d. Mutton - ( is. od. to 7s. 4rt. Lamb - . Js. Or) gs. C> d. Veal • 6s, od. to 7s ( 3d, Pork - t> s, od.- to - 7s. 6d. HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY** ' Beasts - ' -' • 6po Sheep atid Lambs ' - i>', 7' i6 Calves '- ' - no ; Pigs'*. * '•*-. « i,> « wo « ; Postscript From Saturdays London Gazetce. Extract of a letter from Capt. Sir T of If M. S. Sarprice, dated off' Barbadoes, Jan. 29 1813 I HAVE the honour to inform von, that while ^. running down in a direction ! thought most likely to. rejoin you, I fell in with, on the evening of Saturday, the 10th inst. and after a chase of two Honrs and a half, raptured the American privateer Decatur, pit reed for four teen, hut mounting twelve guns, and eighty- two men, « iut from Boston twenty one days. A shot wounded two of her men one of whom is since dead. To Captain Baker, II M. S. Northumberland. BANKRUPTS. W H. Cole, St. Andrews Hill, wholesale hardwareman. . wm, Marlow, Brancknell, Berks, brics maker. John Sykes, Almoundhury, York, clothier. T. High, Salmeshury, L; un asier, calico manufacturer . - John Wilcock, With on, Lancaster, colico manufacturer.. Pamment: Emmins Queen- street, Isjin^ ioii, builder, Chrates Boncher, Walbrookp,_ merchant. Some Terry, Black friai's, road black lead. manufacturer T. Oswald-' Johnstone., Golden square, music dealer. Thomas Hollown, Chatham, Kent, grocer. Wm. Quartermen . Oxford, breeches maker. Thomas* I'vn* , lower Tooting, Surrey, victualler. Thomas Rowden, Plymouth, bookj « t,. Uer and printer. William Wood, Horslydown, Surrey, cooper. James Bnnett,- Black Laneaster, i\ ronm orfgef. Win. Roberts. june ., Fai4ey, York, merchant. Thos. and John Pownall, Manchester, spirit- merchant. ' Charles Trovey, Maida hill, Paddiftgtoiy, builder. Thonias Hopkins Camden- street, St. tfjinrra. s4 builder, J. Carter, Kent <& lissex Tavern, Wlti « ec; Jj.! i|> ef, Victualler. J., Carl Schmidt, Alder^ gate- streei^ merchant. T* Walker, VVatling- street, London, book binder, ARMISTICE WITH AMERICA. • Portsmouth May 14.- s- The' Java, East - India man, Capt. Dennison ( the only missing ship of the Heet which passed yesterday,) arrived- at the Mo- tbeibank this inorninj* ; slit pat ted from them, or lather the fleet parted fiom her, she being a dull sailer,.( in [ he 30th March.— On die 4th inst. the Java 5poke 111e American brig Packet, from New York, hound to Lisbon ( with license) loaded with f; rain ; the master informed Captain Denison, that a cessation of hostilities was sinned by Admiral Sir J. '. Warren for three months, on the 9th April, and that in consequence between 2 and 300 sail of ships weie loaded and . loading with grain for the army under Lord Wellington. BATTLE OF LUTZEN. Parts papers have been received to the 19th inst. They conform the account of ( lie battle of Lutzen, and give the details The armies on both sides appear to have been concentrated on the plain of l. u( Zen on the 1st instant, and the position of the Russians is admittee to have been one of the finest ever seen. Bonaparte wis on horseback at nine in the mil! nine, and the dispositions for battle were made at eleven. In this affair ( lie Russians dis- played but one division of infantry, and their ca- valry was chiefly encased. The result is slated to be, thai 15,000 of them were driven from the plains hv nearlv the same number of infantry. The Russian infantry arc represented as having declined to fight at close quarters, and were ov. erthr/ wn with » rape- shot. Marshal Bessietes. Duke of Is- dia, fell eatlv in the action. The whole French loss is estimated at only 88 killed and Wounded, and that of the Russians at < 133. including ,33 officers. It is evident from this recital which is the enemy's • i. it'ti account, tiiat they had nothing iji ljoa « t of. On the tlfgiit'' of the 1st, Bonanarte'had' his head- quarters at Lutzen, and on the next day ( the 2d) the great battle took place, the result of which is Stated tobe a COMPLETE VICTORY over ( lie Rus- sian and Prussian army, c<. miinnde< l by the Em peror Alexander and ( he King of Prussia in per- son, •." ill) a loss of between <.'.-, and 30,000 killed and wounded on the part of the allies and lo. ooo on the part of the French. The Prince of Mecklen- burg Strelitz, a relative of the Queen of England, and the Prince of Hesse Homburg, were killed on this day; and the young Prince Royal of Prussia, and General Blucher reported wounded. On the part of ( he French, three Generats were wounded This battle was . fought, two leagues in advance of Lutzen. It commenced el nine in the morning, and lasted until ten at night, when the Russians and Prussians retreated in the direction of Dresden The . Emperor Alexander appears to have exposed his person, and displayed meat gallantly in the field. He rode through the ranks, encouraging his ( roups by his example, and exclaiming" Cou. rage. God is with us !" On the night nf the yd be passed with ( he King of Prussia through Pegan to Leberstedt, from which they continued their re- treat on the' 3d to Borna, and from thence to Col- ditz and Rochlitz for Dresden. On '. lie morning of the Sd, Bonaparte tr ivetsed the field of Battle of Lutzen at break of day, and at ten put himself in motion, to pursue the enemy. On the evening of the 3d lie hail his head quarters at Pegau, thro' which tin' Emperor of Russia and King of Prus- sia passed on the night of the 2d, so that they • wetea day's match before him. The Allies are represented as ictirin<; in ihe gieatest disorder, and by every load, but llie detail of ilie military move- ments and operations does not support this state- ment. The latest accounts are to the evening of the 5th, at which time Bona, parte had not advanced farther than Colditz, which is not more than thirty miles from the field of Battle on the 2d,; beside. the French ate allowed to lie greatly , inferior in cavalry, and it does not appear that '. hey had fal- len in with any part of the lelieaiing army* until the morning of the 5th. when the Viceroy arrived at Colditza. Here an action look place between him anil a forte of between ' 2o and ' 2.3, ooi/, which de- fended the place— This fence is stated to be the remnant of the Prussian army, and the account adds, thai it was defeated and fled, partly in the direct ion of I . Leissing, and nartly to Gersdorf. At this latter place it was joined by a Russian corps of 8000, when it was again attacked and defeated, and the Russians fled in the direction of Harta. In this afi'air the enemy stale ihe lovs of the Allies at 2, ooo; but they admit a loss on their pan of 600 About the same lime. General Bortand took several coinpv « of sirk and wounded at Bochlitz These are the only affairs ill which the two armies came in qomaci durini; a puisuit of three days; and in these it will lie seen, that at Colditz. instead of flying in confusion, the. Prussians defended the place, and attempted to- anest the piogtess of the French. With respect to the battle of Lutzen, there ran be ho doubt as ' 0 the result The con- tinued tetieai of the Allies, and the advance of lire French from that day up to the evening of the 5th prove indrpun- hW ( hat ihe victory was with the latter. But although;!) the immediate result was unfortunale, and the effect which it may have on the rising spirit of Germany cannot he contempla- ted without a prehension, vet ( here is much in the detail In ixcite hope and confidence. The brave- ry and discipline displayed by the- Allies, must have aheadv taueht Bonaparte . that he will not diive litem. back faster than they came. That boast lias already liven proved an empty, one; and if lie is flna. Ilv 10 prevail, it must be by victories very dif- fsifttl tv that of Lutzen. Nothing can be clearer then on this occasion was on the Very brink of ruin. He was himself with the bent're, w- hicli, at the beginning of the battle occupied, 4 small vil- lage called Kaia. Against this point the Allies directed their most resolute efforts. The village wis several times taken and retaken ; at length the Allies remained masters of it, and the French cen- tre began to give way, when Bonaparte brought forward his last reserve of Guards," under Mor- lier, . and ; it the same time charged the enertv with 8o pieces of flying artillery, which came tip in a body, at full-. gallop, turned the fortune of the day, and the Allies retreated, not leaving their artiilei v and military stores in his hands, but in. fnll Strength, and after giving him a lesson that' may probably leach him him to dread'. a more vi go. rous and formidable resistance at Dresden, which will, most likely, be the scene of the next great battle. A meeting of the Freeholders of Middlesex was held on Friday, at Hackney, for the purpose of voting so Address of Congratulation to the Princess of Wales.— Mr. Northcome; 3 freelidlder, moved ihe Address. and said there was' one other Address lo which lie would most cordially agrfee, and that, was an Address to the Supreme Disposer of all events, praying, that he would, of his infinite hitircy, icstore our good old King to the enjoy- ment of his reason, and to the head of affairs, in order that he might,. by his height example, shew the true value of conjugal fidelity and domestic vir- tue. The Address * as carried unanitno'tisly, which is 10 he piesenied by Air. Byng; Mr. Mellish, the Other Member, having refused to attend. . Last week- was committed to> r Exeter Gaol, J Jackson, a black, charged with die murder of Powell. The parties belong to the Salva- dor del Mundo, and were employed as cook's mates. ' They had been overheard qtfarrelling; and the black, after sweating that lie ' would knock ihe other into a large ttill of boiling cocoa, which had bee. n, just. drawn from the coppers for break- fast, actually carried his threats into execution, by a heavy blow on the mouth of Powell, which drove him into the tub. The, upper part of his body was itnmersed in the boiling liquor, and after languish- ing two . days in horrible torments) dining which lime all the< skin came oft" the parts immeised, he expired. , Lieut. Handley, of the 9th Light' Dragoons, eldest son of Benjamin Handley, esq. of . Sleaford, Lincolnshire, after having served two campaigns in the Peninsula with dis'linguislied reputation, inet a pieniature ahd melancholy deaili on the 17til cf last month in the harbour of . Lisbon, by the upset ling . of. the boat, in which I is cousin Cap- tain Hundley and himself were conveying the standards of. the regiment from the Admiral's ship to the Commanding Officer's uam port. Captain Hundley's life was with extreme difficulty pre- served, hut the Serjeant- Major 11 Vet the same tin timely fate as Lieut. Hundley. The regiment was 011 its " relit h, in consequence of the loss of ( he greater part of their houses in the service of the past campaign. LEWES, MAY 17, 1313 The Installation of lii^ Royal Highness the DUKE. of SUSSEX, as Grant Master of Masons, took place, in ancient form, at a Grand Lodge held Cor that purpose* at Willis's Rooms, King- street, St. James's- square, on. Tuesday last, when the Brethren assembled at one o'clock. The DUKE of KENT, who was previously instal- led by the Rev. Mr. Austen, in an apartment adjoining- the great Room, after the prelimina- ry duties of the Lodge had been performed, took Chair, and with the assistance ' " of .- upwards of fifty regularly installed Masters of Lodges, con- ducted t he ceremonies of the1 Installation, which were most solemn and impressive. The Earl of Pomfret and Lord Dundas ( who received the honours of Installation - from Mr. Austen with the Duke of Kent) were present, the latter of whom 011 the Grand Master resuming the Chair, appointed his Deputy. The other grand officers for the ensuing year, were next appoint- ed, after which an address to the Prince Regent 0: 1 his decliningthe Chair, was delivered by the Stewards' Lodge, to the Grand Master, request- ing his Royal Highness to present the same to Ins illustrious Brother'; This closed the business at Willis's Rooms, and soon after five the Lodge adjourned to Freemason's Tavern, where upwards of 400 of the Brotherhood partook of a sumptuous din- ner, in the presence of a very brilliant assem- blage of Ladies in the gallery. The first toast given by the Grand Master after the cloths were removed, was,— The KING, and God bless him. In the course of his speech after- wards, on his health being drunk, as given by the Duke of York, his Royal Highnes observed, that his ambition for the high office to which he had the honour of being elected, would cease, when lie could 110 longer be SERVICEA- BLE to the Craft, a declaration that made the Hall resound with the grateful plaudits of the brethren. The Duke of Kent, in addressing the meeting . after his health had been drank, took occasion to observe that lie was an Athol Mason, and as it was probable lie might ere long, have the honour of being elected to pre- side over llie Ancient Masons; there ' was a pros- pect of getting rid of a distinction that had long prevailed without the sanction of any ma- lt rial difference, which afforded great pleasure to all present. The Royal Dukes and Grand Officers retired about ten o'clock. Yesterday afternoon, a pair of horses, be- longing , to Capt. Cambell, of the Royal Ar- tillery, on being taken from his curricle, in our Barrack- yard, took fright, and ran off. One of them, in his furious career, got in contact with 11 wall belonging to the Black Horse Inn, with a degree of violence, that knocked down a great portion of ir, and so injured the animal, that it was thought it would be found neces- sary to kill him; notwithstanding which, OP. getting up he passed through the yard of the inn, entered the back door, and made his way through several narrow passages, in one of which he was stopped, and led out at the front door,. The other continued, his course through the town, and ran 011 . towards Ringmer, where lie was caught without hurt. The Exhibition of Somerset House, presents an " excellent portrait of C. Gilbert esq. of this town, by H. Howard, R. A. ' the likeness is so striking, that no one who knows Mr. • Gil- bert, can mistake it. Edmund Bourke, gent, of this town, is ga- zetted as Adjutant to thePe, vensey Regiment of Local Militia. , At the fairs of Lindfield and Uckfield, held on Wednesday and Friday last, the supply of lea: n stock was" extre'ttiely scanty, and the prices extravagantly high. . . Last Friday the: depot of the 15th Light Dragoon's,' marched into' our Barracks. The horse- stealters have, of late, . been ex- tre nely active in differt'nt. paits of this county. — On the 8th inst. a brown gelding, the pro- perty of Mr. T. Paine, butcher ; and a black mare, . the property of E, Johnston* esq. were stolen fr6m a field in Southover, near this town. And 011 the 1- 0til or ] 11th inst. a bay mare; ihe property of Mr. Bourne', was stolen at Brightling. Three men - charged with stealing the last- mentioned mtlre, have been since taken up and committed to Horsham . Jail. And we hear . that the man suspected of having taken Mr. Johnston's mare has been traced into Ham- shire, with the animal it! his possession, and that he was in Crfnseqiienee taken up and com- mitted to Winchester Jail. On Saturday se'nnight about nine o'clock in the evening, a fire bloke out in a barn, , in the- occupation ' of Mrs'. Penyon, of Warbleton, which in a short time entirely consumed the same, together with about four loads of wheat, some peas, and oats; with two calves, and vari- ous articles of husbandry; The above acci- dent was occasioned by a boy going- with a lighted candle to a part of the premises; used as a stable. The loss of the building, stock, & c. is estimated at £ 400. 110 part of which was insured. On Monday night, or Tuesday morning last, a stable belonging to Mr. Thomas Hilder, of Mountfield Park , was destroyed by fire, with a complete set of new harness for six horses. Tuesday last, as a little boy, about three years old, was playing with a dog, near a pond, at Northiam, he by some accident rolled into the water, and was unfortunately drowned. Saturday se'nnight, a young woman, named Aun Barnes, belonging to the parish of Brede, in this county, threw herself into a pit of water, and was drowned. This unfortunate female was only twenty- two years of age, and the cause of her committing' the rash act, was, her being pregnant by a voting man, who had promised her marriage, but who, on the Thursday- before she met her unhappy fate, married another wo- man,— Coroner's Inquest— Found drowned. MARRIED. On Monday, Mr. Rye, jun. of Pevensey, to Miss Muggleston, of Westham. DIED. On Tuesday last, . at Hackney, Ro- bert, the sou of . Air. Mercer, lately of Billings- hurst, in this county. On Wednesday, at her apartment in this ' town, aged 74, Mrs. Harland, relict of the late Mr. Harland, of Cockease Mill, Lindfield. BRIGHTON, MAY 17, 1813. The Earl of Chichester arrived at Stammer on Friday evening, and we are glad to hear that his Lordship's health is in it fair way of being perfectly re- established. The Centre Battalion of our Local Militia, under the command of Colonel " Graham, as- semble here this day, for the purpose of being trained and exercised, for the space of fourteen days. Lord Erskine, we hear, is about to erect mills 011 his Estate, near Crawley, in this coun- ty, for the manufacture of gunpowder ; and for this purpose large plantations of dog- wood are preparing on the lands contiguous. Lately, at the chapel of a little village in Es- sex, the language of the preacher was so per- suasive, that between sixty and seventy pounds were collected in aid of the general Fund for the Conversion of the Jens', a sum that has, been exceeded only by one Town wherein con- tributions of a similar nature have been raised. We understand, that at five o'clock on next Wednesday-, a Hackney, about 14 hands high, the property of a gentleman in the Borough, carrying a' feather, is to start on the Meastham road, between Godstone and Croydon, to go four miles in ten initiates, which iss at the rate of a mile in two minutes and a half, or twenty- four within the hour, for a stake of forty gui- neas. The odds are in favour of time. Covent Garden Market, 011 Tuesday morn- ing, for the first time, this season, exhibited half a sieve of green peas, which were sold dog- cheap, having been purchased for five pounds .' alter seven pounds had been asked for them ! These peas were grown by Mr. Nevets, of Sion Hill, near Brentford, who raised them, with great care, under a warm wall, in his open garden. Half a sieve, when shelled, will pro- duce about three pints ! A short time since, the little limit at Bal- comb, near Cuckfield, consisting of six couple of hounds, unkennelled a fox in Wakehurst Long Wood, in Ardingly v parish, and after a chace of an hour and a half, reynard fell a victim to his staunch pursuers.- A few days af- terwards the same pack unkennelled another fox in the above wood, and after gallantly chasing him for about two hours, ran into him in great style, at Turner's Hill, near Eastgrinsted. • This wily couple, being mate nod female, leaves no doubt of their having been accomplices the many depredations that had been commit- ted amongst the poultry and lambs in the neigh- bourhood. It was rubber singular, that they should both have been " ear- marked. Last Thursday two boys named Curchell and Bannister, were, committed to the House of Correction at Lewes, charged with a conspira- cy against the brother of Mr. Donaldson, of the Steyne Library, with a view of exforting money from him. MARRIED. On Wednesday, the 12th of May, at Brighthelmston, by the Rev. R. . I Carr. Mr. T P. Pagden, to Martha, second daughier of Wm. Wig- ney, esq. hath of that place. To Threshing- Machine Makers. WANTED, a four horse moveable THRESH- ING MACHINE. of simple construction, strong and durable materials and of the best workmanship, capable of threshing all kinds of grain and pulse, with- out waste, and at the rate of, at least, twelve quarters of wheat, in eight hours. It must not require more than half 110 hour for taking down and setting up again, and must have wheels for it, removal from barn to barn. Any established millwright, residing within twenty mites of Lewes, who will warrant bis work for lire first twelve mouth, and who will engage 10 keep it in repair for seven years, at ii small annual expence, may send proposals ill writing, ( post paid) to the Printer, Mr. W. LEE:, containing air exact description of the materials and workmanship, a plan of the machinery, and an accurate statement of the price, and all contingent ex- penees. ' . A reference to some corn grower, who has used and approved a marthine on a simitar construction, will be expected ; and irtmi an engagement to have the work completed » iid sei up ready lor use, on, or before, the first day of August next. Lewes, 10th May, 1813. ' CHALK ANY quantity of, CHALK for san ' of Willing, don. Apply to Mr- John putland, a, above. WANTED an" icd'& str& i'tis. mMrUd . Man. and » * his Wifey without a family., to life on a farm; in Sussex; be must be acquainted with the manage- ment of stock and suckling, the general business of a farm, and lie ready at all times to make himself useful. His Wife most be cleanly in lier person, and thoroughly understand the management of poultry, and take care of the larm house, and both must bring ' undeniable characters for sobriety and honesty. House fen! and fuel will be'allowed iti'rni. ' WsgtV, during lire summer months, is « . a weed, and the winter lis. An extra al lowance will he made to tire' man for the harvl', 1 month and to the Woman for all the poultry she rl'fi! Apply to M » . Newman, Amberley, near Aruddel: or Mr. Einch, White Dorse, Chihester-. • New Shorcham Harbour NOTICE is' hereby " given, that a MEETING of the COMMISSIONERS. of the. Harbour of New Shereham, will be held at the house of Joseph Lipscomb, bearing the sign of the Star, in New Shme- bam. in the county of Sussex, 011 Tuesday, the 1st - day of June lie, 1813. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pur- suant to the last adjournment. HENRY PARTlNGTON; Clerk to the said Commissioners New Short ham, 5th May, Wey and A run Junction Canal. IN pursuance of the directions of an Act of Par- lianleni,' lately lilade aiui passed, inrrtiiled. " A11 Act for making and maintaining a NAVIGABLE CA NAL to unite the Rivers Wey and Arun. in the coun ties ( if SURREY and SUSSEX," I do hereby give nonce, that the first GENERAL MEETING of the Commi,-. ssioners appointed under, and- by virtue of the said Act of Parliament, for settling, determining, and adjnsting all questions. mailers, and differences, ' which shall 01 may arise between the Company of Proprieters of the said Canal, and the several Proprietors of, and - Persons interested in, any lands-, grounds, tenements, waters, or other hereditaments that shall of may he taken and affected, damaged or prejudiced, in pursuance, or . exe- cution of any of the power's by the said act grained, and for other purposes in the sand act mentioned, is ap- pointed to be holden at the White Hart tun, in Guild ford, day the said bounty of Surrey, on Saturday, the 12th day of June next, at eleven o'clock 111 the fore- noon. By order of the Committee of Management of the said Wey and Arun Junction Canal. JOHN SMALLPEICE, Clerk. Guildford. 4th May, 1313. WHEREAS RICHARD LEWIS, late of • * Henfield, in the county of Sussex, Surgeon, by liis will, dated t| ie 25th of November, I8<> bequeatlied j the residue of his personal estate to trustees upon trust, to pny the interest thereof to his Wife Barbarn Lewis, for life, and within six months after her decease to pay 50I. to Mathusalem Davis, late of Lewisham, in Kent, Surgeon ; and li. nA. to Mary Ann Lewis, the Testators niece,. and daughter of his brother Chas. Lewi- : and if the said Mary Ann Lewis should be then dead', he gave r » ( i|, part of the t> aid 100l. to be paid to a natural daughter of his said brother Charles Lewis by Ann Wellington, of Newnham, in Gloucesterhure -' and he gave the remainder of his personal " estate to his bro- ther James ' Lewi's and if he should be dead then the Testator directed the said Trustees to pay such residue, eq'ttaliy amongst' all the x- bi'rchicriy' of his said brother . James Lewis. i Now in pursuance " of a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, all persons claiming to be . such Legatees, or to• b" entered to . the said legacies, are forthwith to come in and prove their claims before John: Spriugett Harvey, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers, in Southampton- building Chaneery- lane, London, - GEO PALM EH. Doughty- street, Plaintiff's Solicitor. THE Creditors who have proved their debts under a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued forth against JOHN BAKER, of Worthing, in the county of Sussex, Carpenter and Builder, are de- sired to meet the Assignes. of the said Dankrupt's estate and effects, on Tuesday tlV< i first day of June next, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Steyne Hotel, in Worth- ing aforesaid, to confirm or Ves^ i- ntl ^ resolution passed at a meeting of the Creditors of the said Bankrupt, on the 9th day of March last, concerning an execution entered against the goods and chatties of the said Bank- rupt, previously to the issuing of the Commission, and to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suits at law., or in equity, for the recovery of any part of the said Bankrupt's estate and effects; or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any matter or thing relating thereto, and on other special affairs. 13th May, is \ 3, TO CREDITORS THOMAS MARSHALL, late of Brighthelm- ston. Plumber and Glazier, having assigned all his Effects to TRUSTEES, for the benefit of his cre- ditors, they are hereby informed, that the Deed is now at Mr. Thomas Vine's, sen, No. 33, Ship Street, for their signatures ; and all those who neglect to ex- ecute the same, on or before the 15th of . June next, will be excluded the benefit of a dividend. All persons in- debted to the estate of the said Thomas Marshal*, are requested to pay their debts to Mr Vine, on or before the 1st day of June, in default whereof legal proceed- ings . will be commenced. Brighton, ir, th May, I8! 3. NOTICE. ALL Persons having any CLAIMS on the Rs- - tate of Mr. Thomas Ades, late of Brede, deceased, are disred to deliver an account thereof to Mr. Tho- mas Ades, or Mr. John Ades, of Brede, ( his . Executor's) previous to the 1st day June; next, that the same may be* settled. Brede, 13lb May, 1813. STOLEN OR STRAYED. From Pevensey, in the night of the 6th instant, ACHESNUT MARE, rising seven years old, about 14 hands high, with a small star in her fore- head, foil mane and tail, and heels trimmed. Whoever will bring the same to Mi. Crutteuden, at Pevensey, will be handsomely rewarded. If stolen, a reward of TEN POUNDS over and above the sum n! lowed* Uy the Prosecating Club of Pe- vensey, will be given on conviction of the offender or offenders. , STOLEN, From Chailey, near; Lcvvcs, Su « « ex, in the night of May' 8, 1813, ABROWN GELDING, aged, the neck swollen on each sjde of the cars, like the pole evil, about 1 hands high,' had a whole' tail and full inane ; but it is supposed the mane and tail w » * re cut. off the night be was stolen, as the hair was found in a wood the next morning. Whoever will give information ( the Thief or Thieves excepted) to Edward Chapman, of Chailey, of the horse, so that he may be had again, shall receive a re- ward of FIVE GUINEAS. TO SHIP OWNERS. TO BE SOLD, a CARVEL- BUILT SLOOP, I" of stout scantling, about 70 tons register, now building, and may he got ready, for sea in five or six weeks, if required. She is supposed to he a very fast sailer for a sloop, will draw about gl feet water, with a cargo. Is nine feet four inches deep in the hold, and is well adapted for the Irish or fruit trade. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Gallop and Beeching, ' Builders, Hastings, Sussex. WORTHING. CAMDEN HOUSES. TO RE' LETT, UNFURNISHED. THE situation of these Houses are evidently the best in Worthing. Further particulars may he known by application to- Mr., PARSONS, at the Sea House Hotel: or of Mr. BARTLETT, Chichester. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. • By S. BENNETT, '- * ; , .•• ( On the Premises On Wednesday, May 19, 1813. and follow lug , days. ALL the STOCK IN1 TRADE", and HOUSE. ^. iuen- drapcr, West » street, Hersham The Slock in Trade, which will he- sold lir, i, com. prises Irish and Home- made Irh ai In d linens, pnnls, and callicoes of all son-, dimities, brown Holland, dia- pers, cambrics, figured and plain mus| in « , sheetings; counterpanes, velvets. black, coloured, and white sar4. nets, thread and'colton I . ce, luce v> 1! « , eoloiii. ii imd white sattius, flowers, niilhuer.), shaii'is. . nic. liaudkrr- cjtiefs, men and woiu'ens' silk, cotton, and wars- ted lio » e, silk and lather gloves. N. B, The forgoing goods. has been purchased but a few months. ' 1 he household furniture, consists of ( cut bed- tend-, with printed cotton and calico further. feather beds, blankets, tuattres- es and ciiinterfiaiies, carpets, mabo- arany chest of drawers, tallies and wash slands ; mock bamboo, cottage and other ( hairs, ' kitchen requisites^ ( UV& C. To begin each day at Eleven o'clock. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioners, three days previous to the sale. JEWELLERY, WATCHES,& c * TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL; and- SON,-' ( By . virtue of an Execution from the sheriff On Thtir « l » y next, the 20th of May, 1813, ALL, the STOCK IN TRADE, and HOUSE. HOLD FURNTTRE . of Mr. DAVEY . Jeweller, Clock and Watch, maker; of the Cliff, Lewes ;. consist- ing of out! very . valnable;, anhl watch, 13 silver walchcs4 |( i largeuold seals, giild. ciiitio. s. aud- keys; a great variety of gill chains, seals, keys ami trinkets '; ' three new hand, some clinks, ill mahogany cases; sun watch glasses, & c. one handsome compleat bed, mahogany dining. Hem- broke, and . chamber , tables; chest of drawers, chairs^ bureau,- bason stand-, kitchen and - washing requisites, and a great variety of other effects. The sale to begin at ten. o'clock in the morning, With the furniture. CHICHESTER. To Brewers, Road- Waggoners, & c.' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr. BARTLETT, On Wednesday, May 26, 1813, at twelve o'clock, oppo- site the Fleece Inn. • ' THE FOLLOWING HORSES LOT I. A very Valuable black draught hone eight off. LOT 2 A ditto chesent, eight off, LOT 3. A ditto black, four off. These horses are particularly calculated for a Dray or Road Waggon, are 111 very- high condition, h « * been regularly worked, and are not to be sold for ally fault whatever, hut that the proprietor lias no further use for them,. MESSRS TESTER and BATES, AUCTION ONEERS, APPRAISERS, & c. most. respect- fully return their sincere thanks to their friends, fop the numerous favours conferred on them for the last 1 •> or 14 years- in the above businesses, uid humblv beg leave to solicit a continuance of their favours, assuring tliein, that every atieniiou iu their powev, shall be pud to the interest of all who may,- be pit- used to favour them with their commands, and further beg leave to inform the ir friends, that they intend holding a regular Monthly Auction, at Cuckfield, the first Friday in every month, for the disposal of any Live or Dead Stock, Goods, Chartes, or Effects, that any of their employers may commit to their care; to commence on Friday the 4th of June,'. 1813. before the King's Head; and continue regularly- the First Friday in" every Mouth, before the King's [ lead and Talbot, alternately; to begin from Ladytide to Michaelmas- at six o'clock ; anil from Michaelmas to Lady tide, at four ' o'clock. All person, having any effects for salt, will please to give nonce l. » the Auctioneers, tile- Friday preceding, in order that 4 regular notice may be given of the sale. Cuckfield, May 14,1813 ' TO BLACKSMITHS. • TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER' and BATES At the Half Moon, Balcomb. Sussex, 011 Monday the 3tst May, 1313, at four o'clock iii the afternoon, tin- less diposed of by private contract, of winch duq notice will he given in this' Paper. ALL blished BLACKSMITH SHOP, together with a strong, new brick had Cottage adjoining, hately fitted up on a neat plan. The premises are copyhold of inheritance, held of the manor of Balcomb Rectory, and situate in the village of Balcomb, four miles from Cuckfield, Lindfield, and Crawley, and seven from Eastgrinsted. This shop has carried on an extensive trade for many years, particularly in the edge- tool branch, having a convenience to grind by water. For any fur- ther particulars, and view of the premises, apply to the Auctioneers, at Cuckfield. ANTI IMPETIGINES. THE celebrated ANTI- IMPETIGINES, or SOLOMON'S DROPS, ( without mercury, or any deleterious preparation), stand in the high- est estimation for the cure of the Scurvy, Scrofu- la, Leprosy, and all disorders originating in an im- pure state of the blood ; being gradual, gentle, and almost , imperceptible, in their operation-*! lie best substitute that has ever, been discovered for that dangerous mineral Mercury, sweetening the blood, and stimulating it to expel all noxious and impure juices, giving strength and tone to tile . nerves, enlivening and invigorating both body and mind. Sold by W. LEE, Lewes, puce lis each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. by which one I Is bottle is saved, with the words, " Samuel So- lomon, Liverpool," engraved on the Stamp. Dr. Solomon experts, when consul led by letter, the usual compliment of a one pound note to be enclosed;, addressed1/.?' Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House sanear Liverpool. Paid double postage." LEWES, MAY 15, 1813. Red Wheat - 61. 0s. to 61. 43. per qr. Bailey, 64*'. Oats, 44s. to 46s.— per quarter. THURSDAY, MAY 13. ^ Vheat, per load - - - 2GI. ( us. — d. to 36. 10s. Barley, per quarter - - 57s. — d. to 6.3s. — d* Oats ------- 45s. — d. to -, i> 5. — ll. Beans - - 6t) s. — d. lo 77". — d. New ditto- .... — s. — d. to — s. — d. Rye - - - — s. — rl to — s. — d. Peas - - .... sis. — d. to 80s. — d. TALLOW. St James's Market 4 l0 Town Tallow 83 o Clare Market 4 11 Yellow Russia 82 0 Wintecha| iei ditto 4 White ditto 0 o Soap ditto 76 0 Average 4 l0 Stuff . 7<> 0 Rough ditto 0 PRICE OF HOPS. ' BAGS. Kent - - 10l. 0s. to 131. 0s Sussex - - 91. ( is. to ltd. us Essex - - I'd, 0s. to I2l. 09 POCKETS. . Farnham - - Kit. 0s. to < 251. 0s. Sussex - loU 0s. to | Sfl. I^ s. Kent - - 101.. 0s. lo Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS', ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLD RING, Petworth ; Mr. WHITE, Arundel Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM PALMER, East- Grinsted; Mr. COLEMAN, Rye ; Mr, BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen LONDON. Captain Bedford, of the dividers sloop of war, arrived at the Admiralty from the Halifax station,- with dispatches confirming the report of the Em- peror of Russia having offered his mediation be- tween England and America. and of the acceptance of this proposal by the President of the United States. American Papers have also been received to thesis' of March, one of which, The National Intelligencer, the official paper of the American Government, slates, as an nn, North- street, and l. and 3, Prince's Place, Brighton, who is the Sole A cent for Sussex. Just published, price Two Shillings. HINTS to the NERVOU and DEBILITATED of both Sexes, particularly to those whose infir- mities are an insurmountable bar, to Connubial Happi ness, and to the misguided proselytes of that destruc five habit, which undermines the most vigerous con stutitutions, and often precipitates yomng persons, - iu the prime of life into all the infirmities of old age, complication of diseases, and the very brink of the grave, before they are constions of its moral turpitude, or destructive tendency. With observations on the best mode of treatment, founded on long and ample experience. By M. VENEL, M. D. Late Professor of Botany at the University of Leyden; Physician to the Royal Houshold at Berlin, . Non est vivere, sed valere vita. MAATIAL* London: Published by ' be Author, and sold by Messrs. Parsons, 1 ( 56, Fleet street; Mr. LEE, Lewes. Mr. CHOAT, Brighton; and by the principal booksel- lers in Town and Country. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec- tions, with their usual concomitants, Spasm, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general De- bility, ( originating in whatever source) are relieved and frequently cured by. Whitehead's Essence of Mustard Pills, 4fter every other means bad failed The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( need with the Fill- in those complaint* where necessary, is perhaps the mos- active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, generally curing ( HJLBLA1NS by one application, and the severest SPRAINS and BRUISES, in less than . half the time usually taken by any other Liniment or embrocation, and if used immediately afterany accident it prevents the part turning- black WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally ef- ficacious for broken Chilblains, all ill conditioned sores, sore legs, scorbutic eruptions, blotches, pimples, ring- worms, shingles. breakings out of the face, nose, ears, and eyelids, sore and inflamed eyes, sore heads and scor- butic humours of every description. Prepared only and sold by K. . Johnston, apothecary, 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London ; the Essence and Pills at 2s. <> d. each. The Cerate at is. i^ d and " 2s. od — They arc also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter Lewes; Mr. White, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton; Monday, Worthing; Matin, Horsham; Cuthbert Battle; Coleman, Rye;' Pratt and Phillipson, Chichester; and every Medicine Ven- der in the United Kingdom. THE CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF IS A most grateful and efectual remedy for disorders of the Head, especially the common Head Ach. It re- moves drowsiness and giddiness , relieves dimness of the eyes ; is excellent in curing recent deafness ; and is of great service iu hysteric and paralytic complaints, and in restoring the memory when impaired by disorders of the head. It is also a preservative against infectious a; r. Sold by the Proprietors, F. Newbery and Sous, No. 45, St. Paul's Church yard, four doors from the Corner of Cheapside, London; and Brodie and Co. on the New Canal, Salisbury ; in Canisters price is. I ^ rl. each, duty included: hut observe, that the words, F. Newbery, No. 4">, St. Paul's," are engraved in the stamp pasted roand each canister; also by their agents in most coun- try towns. DR. MILLER'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS OR PILLS, Price 43. ( id. per bottled, or box. THIS most extraordinary Medicine is unequalled in its quality to purify and sweeten the blood and juices; is a most powerful remedy against all spots, blotches, pimples, itchings of the body, leprosy, inflam- mations of the eyes, sore legs, and all diseases arising from a a impure state of the blond. With tarh bottle is given a book of directions and advice, containing a nu- merous list of cures performed by this medicine. Likewise his NERVOUS CORDIAL, and RESTORATIVE PILLS, Price 4s. ( ill. and lis. pt r botlle. Pilis 3s. Qd, per box. The wonderful and most astonishing effect of these medicines is to restore debility, lowness of spirits epi leptic fits, spasm or convulsions, wind in the stomach and bowels, head ache, palsy, crump of the stomach, defect of memory, palpitation of the heart, waul of appetite, langour, trembling, female weakness, und all nervone. disorders. Also his WORM DESTOYING SUGAR CAKES. OR PILLS, Price is. I'd. a packet. These Cakes or Pills, are tHe best medicine to destroy worms in the human body, they are the best physic that can be taken for all ages, sexes, or constitutions, win titer they have worms or not. Dr. Miller's medicines are prepared from the Doctor's receipts, by James Stedman, Chemist and Druggist, are sold wholesale and retail, at his shop in West Mal- ling, in Kent: and sola by the following persons: ARTHUR LEE, School Mill, Lewes , Battle, J Cuthbert Hastings, J. Norton Bexhill, T. Wedd Heathfield, J. Ellis Burwash, G. Children Horsham, T. Mann Brighton, Mr. White Lamberhurst, R Foster Cuckfield, J M'George Lewes, J. Davey, chemist Dallington, . J. Pardon Lindfield, W. Durrant Ditcheling, J. Browne Maresfield, J. Maynard Eastbourne. T. Baker Rye, M. Coleman E Grinsted, Palmer & Son ——. Cook & Son, druggists Edenbridge, W. Corke Sandhurst, J. Beach —— . R. Parsons • TunbridgeWells,. J. Sprange Groombridge, T. Killick Uckfield, P. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, W. Noakes Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew Wittersham, J. Wood Dr. Miller continues to give his advice in particular cases, at . Mereworth, as usual. MONDAY, MAY 10.. Since our last of this day se'nnight, we have, been very shortly supplied . with every article of Grain, but Wheat; of this, however, we have had a large arrival, chiefly foreign, and the price is consequently lower of ordinary kinds, about per quarter, but fine dry samples nearly reach our last quotation. The demand for Barley has les-, sened, as the Malting season is drawing to a close; and this article is dull and about 3s. per quarter cheaper. Beans of both kinds, had and handsome, are still in brisk, demand, ami have already ob- tained advanced prices; and Pease are also dearer. Having many buyers of Oats this morning, and but a small quantity on sale, good heavy fresh samples readily obtained an advance of from 3s. to 4 « . per quarter, on the prices of this day se'nnight Good fresh Flour meets a ready sale, but other kinds are dull. CURRENT PRICE, OF GRAIN: Wheat 90s. 10- X Beans 73s 7Cs. Fine ditto 116s. Old ditto — s. — s*. Rye - 60s C4s. Oats 80s. 3( i* Barley S8s. 4- ts Poland ditto S- is. 37r.' Malt 90s 96s. Potatoe ditto 42s. 4R . White Pease > lf)() Rape Seed 4" I. 431. ( boilers) 5 Fine Flour 10.5s. ill's. " Grey Pease 65 s. 703. Seconds J) j s 100s- price op set: ns. R. Clover( n.) 6" JS. ,0d. to 100s. 0,1. per cv. t. Old ditto Os. ( id. to — s. od. ditto White ditto 70s. od. to 12ns. Oil. ditto Trefoil jos. fid. to , r> 6s. od, ditto Rye Grass So « . Od to , r> 6s. Od. per quarter Turnip l(> s Od to 18s od. per bushel Red & Green SOs. Od. to 54s. Od. ditto W. Must S. Ms Od. to 16s. Blown ditto 263. Od. to Od. ditto Carraway Seeds - - 90s 100s. ditto' ' Coriander Seeds - 40s. 45s. ditto Cinque Foin - 6ris. to 70s. per quarter. Canary - Q-> s, 100s. ditto. Oil Cake, at the Mill, .^ 13 133. per thousand. PRICE OF BREAD" His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to b< t sold at lS| d. the quartern loaf, wheaten, CALCULATION s. d. Sack of Flour - > fop 4 Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 123 .5 Eighty Quartern Loaves at lS| d'. 123 4 Against the Baker j SMITHFIELD - MARKET, MAY 10. To sink the offal, per stone of 8ll>. S d. s. d. I Head of Cattle, this day Beef 6 0 to 7 0 j Beasts - - 1683 Mutton 6 o to 7 0 1 Sheep & Lambs lOloo Lamb 7 0 to 8 8 1 Calves - - 100 Veal 6 0 to t 7 S Pigs - - 240 Pork b o to ' 7 g- 1 NEWGATE AND LEADEN HALL MARKETS 9. A. s. d. s. rt. s. < 1. Beef 5 O to 6 4 I Veal /> 0 to 7 4 Mutton 5 4 to 6 4 j Pork G 0 to 7 3 Lamb 6 0 to 3 0 PRICE OF LEATHER. Calfskins, 30lb. to 40! b. <>-> a S'S , o Hi- to 7< i| b. 38 a 4^ , 7,)! I,, tnSolb. 40 a 4t Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 06d. 37d. large, per dog. 1U0s,' 180s a Od. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ' ST. JAMES'S. •£ s. d. £ s. d. Average. Hay 3 0 0 to 5 1.5 0— 4 7 6 Straw - I 19 O to 2 8 0— 2 3 Q WHITECHAPEL. Hay 4 O 0 to r> 10 0- 4 1.5 o Straw I 16 0 to 2 4 0- 2 o t> Clover 6 10 0 to 7 lo 0— 7 0 O Clover 6 O 0 to 6 1.3 O- Q 7 fi 2d Crop 6 00 to 0 o 0— 0 o o Old Hay .5 O o to 5 15 0— 5 7 6 Inferior 2 10 0 to 4 0 0— 3 5 (> Straw I 16 0 to 2 2 0— 1 19 y PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d St. James's Market 4 95 Town Tallow q Clare Market 4 10 Yellow Russia £,? Whitechapel ditto 4 9 White ditto I) (> Soap ditto 70 o 14 41 Melting Stuff 70 o Average price 4 10 Ditto rough sy „ Graves 24 0 Yellow Soap, ofs— Mottled, loCs Curd, no Candles, pe- doz. I3s. 6d. — Moulds, 15s. od PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS £ s. £ s. £ J- , Kent 10 0 to 14 10 Kent 8 0 to 12 o Sussex 9 9 to 12 0 Sussex 8 0 to 10 0 Essex 10 o to 12 12 Farnham 15 0 to 20 O ^ s 1° P to 0 0 | o 0 to 0 0 Bags \<> « 0 0 p ® ek8;} 0 0 to 0 0 Old Hop Duty, laid at ^.' 30,5611. 193. s; d RAW HIDES. Best Heifers and Steers, per st. 8s 4d to 3s Cd Middlings os 8d to 2s lOd Ordinary o, 4d to 2s Cd Market Calf each 17s od to Os od English Horse..' ... 14s Od to 17s Od tain portion of the spirit of their Illustrions inna bitants, and to be haunted, as it were, by their ge nins Pope's villa,- we believe, still silt- viveS,-"- though much DEPOETICIZED with improvements. so, we apprehend, does Thomson's house at Rich- mond, and the one in which Shakes pea re was born at Stratford. It is not generally known that one of Milton's residences, is Mill extant. It is in York street, Westminster, or thereabouts, and looks into the garden of the celebrated Jeremy Benham, a congenial prospect. A most alarming accident happened at Lans- downe Mouse, on Tuesday last, which bail nearly proved fatal to a large party, who were dining with the Marquis of Lansdowne, in Berkeley square, by the centre roof of the house falling in, and some of the largest beams passing through into the din- ing room, from one of which, Lord Gower; eldest son of the Marquis of Stafford. received a slight injury, but fortunately the rest of the company escaped unhurt. This disaster was occasioned by some of the principal timbers of the roof being eaten through by the dry- rot. The following very extraordinary circumstance, which may be relied on as a fact, happened a few weeks ago, at Liverpool:—- An old woman of the name of Robinson, who resided in a cellar within a few doors of . Mr. Wilson's, a baker, at the cor- ner of Freemason's Row and Marybone- street, brought late on a Saturday, an earthen pan close- ly covered over with brown paper, and desired in might remain in the oven all night, and be put in again with the batch next morning, and to let it remain after all the dinner dishes were drawn, say- ing that it contained some toots which she desired to dry, in order to reduce them to powder. The baker knowing her, complied with her request, and accordingly it remained all night and part of the next day; but on opening the oven, he was induced, from the disagreeable smell which pro- ceeded from this strange dish, to examine its con tents, when, on opening it, he was horror struck, on finding a human skull, with nan of the flesh and hair on— The report of so shocking and dis- gusting a circumstance soon spread, with many ad- ditions. The pan, with its contents, was brought to the soldier's hospital in the same street, where it was examined by the house surgeon, who de- clared it to be a human skull: it was beaten lege tiler, in order to lie the better in the pan. - Tin: neighbours grew outrageous at the loss of then- dinners, it being Sunday, when they generally have them baked- A mob assembled, and were proceeding to seise the old woman, in order to execute their vengeance 011 her. when they were prevented by a posse of constables, who took her into custody, and lodged her all night in the watch- house. On Monday she was brought lie lore the Mayor, in older to under go an examina- tion. The Exchange, and all the avenues leading thereto, were crowded to an amazing degree, by all ranks of persons, in older to get a sight of it is canibal, who, report slated to have fed on human flesh, and was detected having a man's bead baled for her dinner, ( In being brought before the Mayor, and Guestioned relative to this strange affair, it appeared that she ' 00k the skull from a new made grave in a neighbouring church- yard, in order to have it dried and reduced to powder, as a cure for a lady who was much afflicted with the falling sickness. The most serious part of the charge be- ing thus done away, she was severely admonished by the Mayor, and cantioned never to be found guilty of such an . offence again, and a tic was dis- charged. From Saturday's London Gazette. Admiralty Office. May II, 1813 Extract of a Inter from Captain De Courcy. of his Ma- jesty's sloop Matine, addressed to Rear Admiral Lord Amehirs Beanclerk, and transmitted by Admiral Sir Robert Calder to John Wilson Croker, Esq. His Majesty's sloop Mount-, at Sea. MY LORD, APRIL 18- I HAVE great pleasure in acquainting your Lordship. that yesterday morning, while in ex- ecution of your Lordship's orders, at day- light, a strange ship was discovered on our lee- bow,- to which chafe was given immediately; at two p m. the Stranger hoisted French Colours, and coin me need a fire from her stern guns, which, disab- ling us in our sails and rigging, occasioned us to drop a stern ; at forty minutes past eight, being again within gun- shot, he hoisted a light, and opened a fire from his broadside, which was con tinned until forty- five minutes past ten, when his main top- gallant masts and jibs being shot away, We were enabled to close him ; still it was not un- til after a sparited resistance of fifty minutes, that at half past eleven she battled down her colours I am Convinced that had the action taken place dur- ing the day, it would have been of much shorter Continuance ; she proved to he L'Invincrble pri- vateer corvette, of Bayonne, Martin Jon is. Com- mander, pierced for ' 20 guns, mounting sixteen, viz. twelve eighteen- pounder carronades ( French calibre) and four long sixes, with a complement of S6 men ( parly Americans) the remainder of her crew being absent in prizes. It gives me pleasure In state to your Lordship that no loss has been sustained on my side, save two men slightly wounded; our standing and run- ning tigging and sails much cut, and masts " bounded. I NEVINSON DE COURCY, Captain. Captain Sir Peter Parker, of his Majesty's ship Menelaus, has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, Esq. copies of two letters, addressed by him, on the o- 2d anil 28 th of March to Vice- Admiral Sir Edward Rellew; the forming reporting the capture of Hirondelle, French packet, returning from Algiers to Toulon with dispatches; and rhe laiter, that of Nouveaux Phenix, French privateer, of six guns and/" i men, out three weeks from Leghorn, and had only taken one Maltese brig. Whitehall. May II, 181,1. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Ma- jesty, to constitute and appoint the Right Hon Robert Viscount Melville; William Domett, Esq Vice. Admiral of lite While Squad- on of his Ma- jesty's Heet; Sir Joseph Sydney York, Knt. Rear Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty's fleet; ( he Right Honourable William Dundas; Sir George Warrender, Bart. John Osborn, Esq. and Henry Panlet. Esq ( commonly called' Lord Henry Panlet,) to be his Majesty's Commissioners for executing the Office of High Admiral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the dominions, islands, and ternitories there unto belonging. BANKRUPTS. Thomas Harris, of Yalding, Kent, draper. James Orton; of Bearbinder- lane, London, butcher. Michael Clarke, of Gosport, Southampton, merchant. Ely Gledhill and Johh Gledhill of Halifax, York, dealers Merry, New Bond- street, Middlesex, laceman. William Southey, Kennington - lane, Surrey, dealer. William Harnett, inn. Canterbury, Kent, tanner. William and John Thompson, Strand, London, merchants, William Booth, Flixton, Lancaster, manufacturer. William Cobden, Chichester, brewer— Attornies, Messrs. Blagdon and Dally,. Chichester William Gibson and Thomas Dow, Liverpool, merchants, Thomas Hill, of Gwy ' » Buildings, coal- merchant. Richard Gray, Redrut , Cornwall, victualler. Nicholas " No- el!, Charles- street, Middlesex, tailor. John Cook, Whimash, Warwickshire, timber- merchant. Crawford Dogan, . Samuel Lenox Peter Stubs, and William Welsh, Liverpool, merchants.
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