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Royal College of St Patrick Maynooth


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Royal College of St Patrick Maynooth
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Royal College of St Patrick Maynooth

Date of Article: 17/05/1813
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4 4. An Account of all the money laid out 011 Buildings at Maynooth from the foun- dation of the College to the ist January 1806, and the greatest number of Students that actually have or that could have been accommodated at one time in such Buildings. 5. The Expencc incurred for Additional Buildings since ist January 1 Sob, to istJanuarv a 808, by whose authority such buildings were undertaken, out of what funds has the expence been defrayed; the purposes of such buildings, and particularly what num- ber of Students they are calculated to accommodate; what sums will be necessary to complete them, and the annual expence necessary for the support and instruction of the additional number of students. 6. An Account of all Contributions ( exclusive of Parliamentary Grants) received in each year for the benefit of the College, whether by subscription, legacy, payments by the Students or otherwise, specifying the amount under each head for each year, and also whether in land or in money or by way of annuity, with the application thereof. 7. Whether all the necessary Expences of the Students are defrayed out of the funds of the College or what particular Expences, or to what extent are required to be borne by themselves. 8. How many Vacations there are in the year, the length of each, whether they are in fact prolonged beyond the rules, and how the Students are disposed of during such Vacations. 9. What are the regulations and practice respecting Residence during the terms. 10. What are the rules of Admission, and particularly what previous instruction is requisite to entitle a person otherwise eligible to be admitted. Copy of a LETTER from the Right honourable Major General Sir ARTHUR WELLESLEY, K. B. to the Trustees of the Royal College of St. Patrick, Maynooth. Dublin Castle, 9th January 1808. My Lords, and Gentlemen, IN addition to the information desired by my letter of the ,5th instant, and for the purpose therein mentioned, I am directed to request that you will transmit to me a Copy of all the Bye- laws and Regulations now in force for the Govern- ment and Education of the Students at Maynooth; an account of the general - course of Study; together with a list of the Rooks taught or directed to be read in each of the several Classes of the College. I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) ARTHUR WELLESLEY. Trustees of the Royal College) of St. Patrick, Maynooth. y
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