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Royal College of St Patrick Maynooth


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Royal College of St Patrick Maynooth
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Royal College of St Patrick Maynooth

Date of Article: 17/05/1813
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P A P E R S relating to The Royal College of S.— Return to Query N° 2. N A M E S of PRESIDENTS, & c NAMES OF PRESIDENT, Place Place Former Situation When DU TIE S^ APPOINTMENTS VICE PRESIDENT, PROFESSORS, & c. of BIRTH. of EDUCATION. or Profession. Appointed. of OFFICE. when and how vacated. Reverend Thomas Hussey, D. D. F. R. S. President. County Meath. Salamanca. Chaplain to Spanish Ambassador, London. 25th June I79I- General Government of the College. Vacated by Promotion R. C. Prelate. Waterford. Reverend Andrew Dunn, D. D. Dublin. Bourdeaux. Assistant P. Priest, Dublin. 25th June 1/ 95- Secretary to Board of Trustees. Vacated by Promotion to Office of Presid1 24th Feb. 1S03. Reverend Francis Power, V. President and Bursar, A. M. County Waleiford. Paris. 1 Archdeacon and Canon of the Cathedral, Avignon. 27th June > 795- General Government in the Absence of President. Still in place, vacated Office of Bursar 1802. Reverend Maurice Aherne, D. D. County Kerry. Paris. Professor of- Divinity, Palis. 27th June I/ 95' Professor of Dug. Divi:: ity. Vacated by Death, 7th Feb. 1S01. Reverend Peter Justin Delort, L. L. D. Bourdeaux. Bourdeaux. French Emigrant, London. 27th June 1795-' Professor Experimental Philosophy. Returned to France in 1802. Reverend Andrew Darre, A. M. Montau Gascony. Toulouse. Professor of Philosophy; Toulouse ; French Emigrant. 1 , 27th June 1795- Professor Mathematics, & c. & c. Holds his Place. James Bernard Clinch, A. M. M. R. I. A. Dublin. Rome. Assistant in Academy, Dublin. 27th June 1795- Profe'sor of Rhetoiic, Vacated by Resignation 1802. Reverend JOHN Eustace, A. M. County Kildare. Do way. Tutor in England. 27th June 1795- Profersor of Belles Lettres. Vacated by Resignation, 25th Nov. 1797. Reverend Charles Lovelock, A. M. County Galway. Paris. • P. Priest, Ahbard Diocese of Tuam. 27th June 1795- Professor of Greek and Latin. Holds his Place. Reverend Thomas Claney, D. D. County Leitrim. Prague. Professor in Prague. 25th August 1796. Professor of Sacred Scriptures. Vacated by Resignation, 13th Ap. il 1797. Reverend Lewis Giles Delahogne, D. D. Paris. Paris. Professor of Sorbon 20 years; ' French Emigrant. Employed in London. 17th Januarv 1798. Professor Moral Divinity. Vacatcd for the Chair of Dog. Divinity, March 1801. Reverend Edward Ferris ., D. D. County Kerry. Paris. Superior, Paris, Professor Divini: y, Ass Gen1 of the Cong" of the Mission, Rome. 17th January 1798. Dean. Vacated for Chair of Moral Divinity, 7th Feb. 1801. Reverend peter Flood, D. D. President. County JLougford. Paris. Professor of Divinity, Paris, P. P. Edge. worthtown, Diocese Ardagh. 29th January I793. Ge'ner. il Government of College. Vacated by Dentil, 26th Jan. 1803. Mr. Mark Usher. County Meath. Paris. Teacher of English Language, Cork. 29th January 1798. Eng'ish Language. Holds his Place.
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