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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3471
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 03/05/1813
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3471
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. Printed anb published by anti for William ana Arthur Lee. VOL. XXV. No. 3471.] MONDAY, MAY 3, 1813. PRICE SIX- PENCE, • Thi » Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY 1 D and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, aqd to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER I » regtflirly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUArE, near ST. PAUL'S, and Mr. WHITE, FLEET STReEt, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded ' to the Publishers It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. SUSSEX LOCAL MILITIA. HIS Royal Highness. the PRINCE REGENT having been pleased to order that the LOCAL MILITIA of the County of SUSSEX, raised under the several Acts of Parliament relating thereto, shall be called out for the purpose of being trained and exercised, I have the commands of His Grace the DUKE of NORFOLK, E. M. & c. & c. & c. LIEUTENANT of the said County, to notify, That the stiveral Men raised within the respective Rapes, and forming the several Regiments hereunder mentioned, do, and shall assemble for such Training and Exercise, as hereafter particularly mention- ed and expressed, viz. u - i AH Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the said Rapes of Chi- S Chester and Arundel, are particularly required and enjoined to assem- ble at tin'*' ity of Chichester, on Friday, the Twnty- eighth day Composing of MAY r. s t, at the hour of Twelve at Noon, then and there to ^ 2 ! i/ ie 1 present themselves to the Officer commanding the said Western Regi- ' Western Regiment, ment, for the purpose of being trained and exercised for the space or 51 " D number of Fourteen entire days, exclusive of the days of arriving at, a. 8 and departure from, and marching to and from the place above- mentioned, ^ and appointed for muster, training, and exercise. f All Men enrolled in the said Militia within the said Rapes of Bramber £ and Lewes, are particularly required and enjoined to assemble at the Town' of Brighthelmston, on Monday the Seventeenth day of MAY next, at 2 1 Composing the hour of Twelve at Noon, then and there to present themselves to the ^^ v. the ° ^ Officer commanding the said Centre Regiment, for the purpose of be- Centre Regiment. I ing trained and exercised for the space or number of Fourteen cntite 2 | ° I days, exclusive of the days, of arriving at, and departure from, and march* . § • I ing to and from the place above- mentioned,- and appointed for muster, Ps ^ training, and exercise, - j f All Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the said Rape of Peven- sey, are particularly required and enjoined to assemble at Lewes, on S Friday, the Twenty- first day of MAY' next, at the hour of Twelve at » Composing the Noon, then • and Aere to present themselves - to the Officer commanding £ Pevensey Rape \ the said Pevensey Rape Regiment, for the purpose of being trained * S ' Regiment. and exercised for the space or number of Fourteen entire days, exclusive ® I of the days of arriving at, and departure from, and marching to and from | the place above- mentioned, and appointed for muster, training, and j ^ exercise. ^ " 5 All Men enrolled in the said Militia within the said Rape of Hastings, | are particularly required and enjoined to assemble at Battle, on Mon- ' S I . day, the Thirty- first day of MAY next, at the hour of Twelve at Noon, 8 , Composing the (| ie|) and | herg ( 0 present themselves to the Officer commanding the said ' f Hastings Rape Hastings Rape Regiment, for the purpose of being trained and exer- i Regiment. Icise(| for tjie Space or number of Fourteen entire days,' exclusive of the ! days of arriving at, and departure from, and marching to and from, the § " } place above- mentioned and appointed for muster, training, and exercise. ^ J L Of which several and respective times and places of assembling the several Men enrolled are particti- lar'iv reauited to take Notice, as by their • • ilect or default, in not punctually attending, the will respectively be deemed DESERTERS, and subject to the heavy pains and penalties prescribed 1/ JR the several Acts of Parliament in that case made and provided. WM. BALCOMBE LANGRIDGE, COUNTY- HALL, Clerk of the General Meetings of Lieutenancy LEWES. 18th April, 181.1. for the County, of Sussex. BRIGHTON AND TUNBRIDGE WELLS NEW POST COACH, SETS out from the General Blue Coach- Office, No. 51. East- street, Brighton, every Monday and Friday mornings, at Eight o'Clock, to Lipscomb's Coach- Office, Tunbridge Wells; from whence it returns every Tuesday and Saturday Mornings, at Ten o'Clock. Performed by the Public's obedient servants, THOMAS CROSWELLER, And JOHN ATTREE. \ KENT. A BUTCHER'S SHOP, TO BE LETT, and entered upon immediately ; Or, at Michaelmas next, IN a very eligible Situation, in full Trade; the returns, One Hundred and Fifty Pounds per week, and the greatest part ready money. For further particulars enquire at Mr. W. Jarman's, Butcher, at Brompton, near Chatham, Kent. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, AN eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the parish of Horley, in the county of Surrey, in I lie occupation of Mr. Richard Agate, Victualler, ( who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next, 1813,) con sistiug of a Messuage, in two tenements, barn, stable, and other buildings, together with a garden and or chard, containing by estimation one acre, and seven incisures of arable, meadow, and pasture land, con- mining also by estimation fourteen and an half acres, together with the timber thereon. And also a chief Rent of Four- pence a year, payable to this estate out of M cottage thereunto adjoining, in the occupation of the Parish Clerk of Horley aforesaid. The above estate lying contiguous to the Common called Horley- Heath, a right of turning out thereon has always been exercised by the occupier thereof. Tenders to be sent, post paid, or delivered to Mr. W. S. Robinson, Surveyor, Reigate, Surrey, on or be fore the 3ist day of May next, 1813, of whom further particulars may be obtained. ALL PRIZES!! NO BLANKS. On THURSDAY NEXT, IN THE STATE LOTTERY. 20,000 Tickets, numbered from No. 1 to No. 20,000. TO BE DRAWN IN FOUR SEPARATE DAYS. SCHEME. 3 of ,£ 30,000 are £ C> 0,000 5 10,000 30,000 4 2,00 ( j 8,000 6 i. ooo — 6,000 8 500 4,000 10 S" 0 8,000 15 200 8,000 80 100 2,000 40 • 50 —— 2,000 50 • 40 2,000 10,000 SO.& C.& C. 80,000 40,159 Prize) 200,000 The first drown l, ooo Blanks i.' 2o each The second drawn I, ooo Blanks 4,' meach. IN THIS STATE LOTTERY MORE THAN HALF OF THE TICKETS ARE SURE TO BE PRIZES. INSURANCE-. FRANCIS HICKS, having been engaged in the business of LLOYD'S COFFEE- HOUSE, during tiie last fifteen years, begs leave to inform the Gentle- men of SUSSEX ( his native County) that such friends as may be pleased to entrust to his care their INSUR- ANCES, may depend on every attention being paid to llieir interest, by his effecting such insurance, either at Lloyd's^ the Royal Exchange, or other Offices, on the very lowest current terms. Letters addressed for him, at v Messrs. Wood, Hall, Flint, and Godlee's, Bankers, Lewes. Wigney, Stanford, and Vallances, Bankers, Brighton. Curteis, Curteis, Woollet and Dawes, Bankers, Rye. Molineux, Hurley, Whitfeld, and Dicker, Bankers, Lewes. Or, at his Counting- house, No. t, Copthall- Chambers, London, will meet with every attention and thanks. EARSHAM's HOUSE, HAILSHAM, SUSSEX. TO BE LETT, For a term of 14 years, and entered upon immediately, ACapital NEW- ERECTED MANSION, fit for the reception " of a genteel family, containing a good entrance hall, drawing- room, and eating parlour, 15 feet by 18 feet each; ten bed chambers, large kit- chen, brew- house, laundry, butler's pantry, dairy, and excellent eellars; a good orchard well stocked with young fruit trees, and 18 acres of rich meadow land, situated on ihe high road to, and five miles from, East- bourne, 12 from Lewes, 58 from London, and within a quarter of a mile of the Market Town of Hailsham, with ihe advantage of the Post and Coaches to and from London every day. May be viewed, on application to Mr. Martin, Ban- ker. Hailsham. For further particulars apply to Mr. INGRAM, Rot- tingdean. N. B. The garden wall, coach house, stables.'*, & c. are not yet erected, a plan of which may be seen at Mr. Wild's, Builder, Lewes ; and upou which the opinion of the tenant will be taken. More land may be had, if required, with about 32$ acres of excellent marsh land. T. BISH the Contractor, respectfully advises an immediate purchase, as from the popularity of the Scheme, and tiie increasing demand in Town and Country, the tickets and shares will certainly rise in price. Persons in the County who may find anv difficulty ijt getting supplied, are requested to send their uiders to the Contractor's fortunate Offices, 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing Cross, London, Or to his following Agents ; Mrs. Spooner, Library, Worthing, J. Nash, Bookseller,' Tunbridge Wells, J, Evenden, Druggist, Tunbridge, S. Mills, Bookseller, Portsmouth. IMPORTANT TO THE ARMY. Band W. RIDGE, of CHICHESTER, having . established extensive' Warehouses in that City, beg leave to offer their services in furnishing the Army in general, but more particularly Regiments passing through the Sussex District, with Necessaries, Clothing, and Accoutrements, of every description- Their Stores are so extensive, and such arrangements have been made to merit patronage and approbation, that, a Regiment luay be supplied, at an hour's notice, with every article required for the complete equipment of the Soldier. N. B. Regiment, going to, or returning from the Peninsula, would find great advantages in the contiguity of the above warehouses to Portsmouth. TEN- GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS on Saturday night, the 10th instant, qr early on the following morning, a BARN helo ; gfng to Mr. J. Martin, of Laughton, was felorfiously broken op « n, and six bushels . if Oats stolen therein; a reward of TEN GUINEAS is therefore hereby offered for the apprehension of the offender or offenders, to be paid on his or their conviction, by Mr. Martin, as above. Laughton, April 17, 1813. .- BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, 41, London Wall, opposite Bethlem, London. IMPENETRABLE PAINTS, ground in Linseed Oil, for park paling, tiles, slates, useful and orna- mental painting in general, and weather boarding of every description. per cwt. perewt. Yellow - - 56s. Invisible Green, 56s. Stone Colour s6s. Dark Olive Green 70s. Lead or Slate Colour 5os. Bright Olive Green JT- 2s. Light Blue ' Sus. Black Paint 6tjs. Chocolate Stis. White Paint 56s. Red 40s. Prepared Drying Oil, to thin the above for Use, 5s. per Gallon. Genuine Ground White per gal. Lead, per cwt. 56s. Best Sperm Oil 8s. tid. Turpentine per gal. 10s. Double Refined Oil tis fid. Linseed Oil 5s. 6d. Single ditto ditto Ss. tid. Fine Colours, & c. See. Pale Seal Oil 4s. 6d. Pale Whale Oil 4s. ud. UPTON and Co>. Colour Manufacturers, London Wall, and Kennet Wharf, most respectfully recommend the above Paints to the Public, as applicable to the ge- neral purposes of usetul and ornamental painting. They dry very quick, are very beautiful in appearance, and possess a durability which renders them peculiarly va- luable, when applied to work constantly, or partially exposed to the effects of the weather.^ Advertisements having lately appeared, recommending Paints under similar titles, which are prepared with Fish Oil, or sold 111 an unground state, Upton and Co, feel it proper in say, that they are not connected with those houses, and that their Paints are not prepared with Coal, Tar} or Fish Oil. Merchants, Ship Owners, and the Trade supplied. ~ * TO LETT, ' And entered upon immediately, for the Terra of Seven Years," ACAPITAL Mansion, called, CLAPHAM- HOUSE, the late residence of J. Bean, Esq. fit for the immediate reception of a genteel family, with capital walled in gardens, well stocked with choice fruit trees, shrubberies, lawn, coach- houses, stabling for nine horses, with every suitable out office, aud two pieces of meadow land adjoiuiug thereto, situated on the South Downs, ill the parish of Litlington, in a fine part of the county of Sussex, in the midst of capital packs of harriers ; wilhin one mile of Alfriston, five of Eastbourne, three of Seaford, six of Newhaven, ten of Lewes, fifteen of Brighton, and sixty of London. For particulars, enquire of Mr. John Hitchins, Lit lington ; Mr. John Hardwick, Hangleton, near Brigh ton; Mr. John Fuller, Coulsden, near Croydon ; or, of Thomas Penfold, esq. solicitor, Croydon. A capital South Down Farm, within three miles of Brighton. TO BE LETT BY TENDER, For ten years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, THE PLACE FARM, in PATCHAM, con- JL sisting of a good farm- house, cottages, barns, stables, and all other convenient buildings, aud l, nog acres of LAND, adjoining the turnpike- road from Brighton to London, with ihe Great Tythes thereof, in the qccupatiou of Mr. Edward Scrase. Richard Patching, at Patcham Place, will shew the farm ; and particulars may be known, oil personal ap-. plication, 10 Messrs. HOPER and SON, at Lewes. ~~ TO BE LETT BY TENDER, For 12 Years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, ACompact and desirable Farm, called CLAY- HILL, containing 191A. 2H. 10P. of good arable, meadow, pasture, and brock- land, situate in Ringmer and Barcombe, iviihin three miles of Lewes, bounded 011 the west by the Ouse naviga- tion, and the east, by the Turnpike- road frtn Lew- es to London, and now in the occupation of Mr. S. W. Durrant, and the Executors of the late Mr. Thos. Rickman. The Tenders are to be sent in writing, to Messrs. HOPER and SON, of Lewes, on or before the 29th of May, on personal application to whom, a draft of the lease may be seen. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that MESSUAGE, Granary, Barn, Build- ings, and Farm, situate aud lying in the parish of Bexhill, in the County of Sussex, known by the name of GOTHAM, containing by admeasurement, 96A. 1R. 151'. in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Levett, who will shew the premises, and of whom, or of Mr. Levett, of Bodiam, or of Mr. Martin, of Battle, par- ticulars and price may be had. The Premises are Freehold, and exonerated from the Land Tax, aud every other charge or incumberance whatever, and possession will he given ut Michaelmas next. WORTHING,— SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AHIGHLY desirable, substantial brick- built, DWELLING- HOUSE, containing a parlour, drawing room, houskeeper's room, six bed chambers, a dressing- room, kitchen, scullery, and pantry, and is well supplied with good water; together with a small, stone- built, Dwelling house, adjqjuing and belonging, situate in a delightful part of the town of Worthing, in the county of Sussex, having a lawn in front, and commanding an extensive view of the English channel, and also of the South Downs, and adjacent country. Possession of ihe premises may be immediately had, and the purchaser may take ihe houshold goods aud furniture therein, at a valuation. Fmther particulars may lie known, by applying to Mr, George Deadman, of Worthing; Mr. William Deadman, of Rottingdean, near Brighton; Mr. John Deadman, of New Shoreham ; or to Mr. Joseph Watts, solicitor, Bedford- row, Worthing, aforesaid, To Innkeepers, and Keepers of Taverns, and Hotels. A most desirable, if not, perhaps the most desirable situation in the United Kingdom. TO BE LETT, For a term of Three or Seven Years, with immediate possession, ALL that well- known, capital Inn, Hotel, and Tavern, with the stabling aud other appurtenances thereunto belonging, generally called by the name of the NEW INN HOTEL, situate in North- street, and nearly in the centre of the Town of Brighton, in the county of Sussex. Apply to Mr. Thomas Attree, Solicitor, Brighton. KENT. HAWKHURST RECTORY, » To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE GREAT and SMALL TITHES of the JL parish of Hawkhurst, extending over nearly 4288 acres of land, of A'hich about ." 171 acres are at present hop ground ; 564 wheat; 6m) acres summer corn ; loou acres iu tares, fallow seeds, and potatoes; the remainder, in meadow, pasture, orchards, and gardens. And also about 43 acres of glebe land ( FOB. A BENEFICIAL LEASE OF 21 YEARS) from Lady- day, 1813, renewable in the usual mode, on the expiration of every seven years. The Tithes are now lett at an annual rental of about 14110I. making, with the glebe laud and other rights, the yearly rental of 1500I. Immediate posses- sion may be had of the glebe land. Hawkhurst. is situated about five miles from Cran- brook, aiid about ( 2 from Rye. Further particulars may be known on application, personally, or by letter, to Mr. Robert Morrell, Solici- tor, Oxford, by whom proposals will be received. . MANSION HOUSE, PARK, & c. TO BE LETT, for Seven Years, ACapital MANSION- HOUSE, PARK and LANDS, containing together about 25o acres. The House is elegantly furnished, and fit for the re- ception of a Nobleman, or Gentleman of fortune, con taining dining and drawing rooms, of large dimensions, library, dressing- rooms, eight best bed chambers, ser- vants rooms, and suitable offices. This residence is distant from London ahont 60 miles, in a good sporting country, and the tenant may be ac- commodated with a manor abounding with game. For particulars apply to Messrs. Shawes, Le Blanc, and Shawe, Solicitors, New Bridge- street, London ; or to Mr. Weller, MChiChester. ( To BE VIEWED by Tickets. : BATTLE, SUSSEX. ~ TO BE LETT WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. THAT spacious and well- established INN, called the GEORGE, with the ball and card rooms, „ f large dimensions, and excellent cellars, thereto apper- taining, most conveniently situated at the entrance of the Town of Battle, from the London Road, and for many years resorted to by families of the first respecta- bility. The premises contain very commodious parlours, bed chambers, ball room, card rooms, bar, domestic offices of every description, cellars of unusual magni- tude and convenience. The House has been new built within the last three years, upon a very extensive and convenient plan, and will require little or no repairs for many years to come. The Town and Garrison Balls have been always held at the above Inn, and a very considerable posting busi- ness has been conducted, on the premises, by the te- nant ; it is also one of ihe best and most convenient traveller's inn in the county. The Tenant will be required to take to the hous- hold furniture, plate, linen, china, & c. and also the stock of excellent wines, liquors, and ale 011 the pre- mises, at a fair valuation. To an activc landlord the above Inn will afford a lu- crative and advantageous situation for business. Battle is a Market and Posting Town, distance from London 50 miles; the favourite watering Town of Hastings eight miles; Eastbourne and Rye Hi, and a daily Coach from Hastings to London, passes through Battle every day. For further particulars and treaty, apply to Mr. John Hutchins, the tenant oil the premises; to Mr. Thomas Breeds, Hastings; or at the office of Mr. Willard, Soli- citor, Battle. WORTHING, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, TO THE BEST BIDDER, Before ABEL MOYSEY, Esq. the Deputy Remembrancer of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, at the « nid De- puty Remembrancer's Office, in the Inner Temple, London, on Tuesday, the 18th day of May, 1SI3, at twelve o'clock at noon, pursuant to an order of the said Court, made in a cause " Hawkins V. Ramsbot- tom and 01 hers." ONE SIXTEENTH part or share of all that capital Freehold Building and Hotel, called the STEYNE HOTEL, situate at Worthing, in the county of Sussex, which share cost soul, now yielding a net annual income of 25I. but which is supposed to be csv pable'cf great increase. Particulars may be had at the Hotel, Worthing; the Old Ship Tavern, Brighton ; Norfolk Arms, Arundel ; Dolphin, Chichester; Star, Lewes; King's Head, Horsham ; of ihe Printers of the County Papers ; of Mr. Withy, Solicitor, Buckingham- street, Strand; of Mr. Ellis, Solicitor, Gray's Inn Square; of Messrs. Sweet and Stokes, Solicitors, Basinghall street; and at the Chambers of the said Deputy Remembrancer, in the Exchequer Office, Inner Temple, London. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Saturday, the Stli day of May, 1813, between the hours of six and seven in the evening, at the Golden Fleece Inn, Chichester, ( by order of aud before the Commissioners named and authorized, in and by a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued against Mr. John Bartlett) THREE truly desirable FREEHOLD RESI- JL DENCES, situate in the Ton 11 of Worthing, Sus sex, comprising the whole of Portland- Place, firmly and uniformly built of grey stock bricks, with slated roofs, and an iron colonnade to the first floor. Each of the above Dwelling- houses comprises, in the basement, a kitchen, scullery, servant's hall, house- keeper's room, cellar, butler's and meat pantries; ground floor, a neat entrance and staircase, a well proportioned eating room, with a r, ecess aud breakfast room 4 first floor, a handsome drawing room, with windows to the floor, and a large bed- chamber ; second floor, two ex- cellent bed- chambers; third floor, four good bed- cham- bers, and four attics. These houses were built about three years since, with fine Memel timber, and the best materials of every description, and are neatly fitted up with chimney pieces, papering, and other ornaments. Further particulars may be obtained by appljing to Messrs. Johnson, Piece, aud Freeland, Chichester. SPELDHURST, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. J. HART, At Ihe Market House, Tunbridge Wells, in the county of Kent, on Monday, the 34tl> ( lay of May next, be- tween the hours of four and six o'clock iu the after- noon, unless the same shall, iu the mean unir, be disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will lie given, ALL that FREEHOLD FARM, consist- il ing of a Messuage, barn, stable, cow- lodge, oast- house, and other outbuildings, together with" several pieces or parcels of arable, meadow, pasture, hop. and woodland, containing by estimation 4 JA. eR. oP or thereabouts, called or known by the name of ihe BU. RYING PLACE FARM, situate, lying, and being, in Ibe parish of Speldhurst aforesaid, and near to the high road, leading from Lankington Green to Speldhurst Church. The above farm is in a high slate of cultivation, and would, at a little ex pence, be made a very desirable residence to it Gentleman, who may be desirous of re- siding in ihe vicinity of Tunbridge Wells, from which place it is only distant about three miles. The farm is now in the occupation of air. Duplock, the proprietor, of whom further particulars may be had ; also at the office of Messrs. Jones and Co. Solici- tors; and of the Auctioneer, Tunbridge Wells. LODGING HOUSE AT HEENE, NEAR WORTHING. TO. BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Castle Inn, in West Tarring, 011 Monday, the tuth of Ma y, 1813, at three o'clock iu the afternoon ACompact, well- built Freehold LODGING. HOUSE, situate at Heene, fronting the sea, com- manding an extensive view of ihe sea coast, and com- prising two parlours, two bed rooms, two good attics, a detached kitchen, and convenient offices. The house is particularly well adapii- d for Ibe sum- mer residence of a small . family, is held by ibe pro- prietor, aud immediate possession will be given. May be viewed 1) 11 application to Mr. James Burten- shaw, West Tarring, and further particulars known by applying to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning. SOUTH DOWN FARM, at TARRING NE- VILLE, near Lewes; and FREEHOLD HOUSES, in the BOROUGH of LEWES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On Saturday, the 8th day of May next, at ihe Star Inn in Lewes, at six o'clock in tiie evening, subject tu such conditions as shall thin be produced, LOT I. AFREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a sub- stantial Farm- house, with closes, barns, stables, granaries, and other useful husbandry buildings, and three tenements <> r dwellings for workmen, and about two hundred and fifty- five acres of arable, meadow, pasture, brook and marsh land, be the same more or less, in the parish of Tarring Neville, near Lewes, n> the county of Sussex, with sheep feedings on- « be South Downs there, for three hundred and sixty ewes. The estate is now let to a respectable tenant, 011 a lease, which expires at Michaelmas I817, and will be sold sub- ject thereto, aud to an annual payment of one pound ten shillings, called Endlewick Rent. A considerable sum has lately been expended in repairs on the pre- mises, which will be sold in their present state. The poor rates are very low. LOT II, A new- built FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or Dwel- ling house, shop, and premises, on the north side , if tlie High street, in the parish of St. Michael, in the Bo- rough of Lewes, adjoining on the west to the dwelling, house of Mr. Sacre, and on the east to the dwellings house of Mr. Cooke, with a right of way to, and use of a well of good water, in the adjoining yard, in common with the occupiers of lot, 3, 4, 5,6, 7 and 8. and of ihe dwelling house in the occupation of Mrs Denman, and also of Mr. Sacre, as to the use of the we'll, only. The premises are now in the occupation of Mr, Cooter, gardener and green grocer, as tenant at will. LOT III. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or dwelling house, shop, large cellaring, and roomy premises, lately fitted up and repaired at a considerable expence, adjoining on the west to bit 2, with a'like right of way to, and use of the well and yard adjoininir, as lot 2. These pre- mises are iu the occupation of Mr. Cook, as tenant at will. LOT IV. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, and old accustomed Blacksmith's Shop, and convenient shoeing house, at. tachcd to each oilier, now in full trade, iu a most de- sirable situation, adjacent to the High- street, being the second house therefrom, on the west side, at the en- trance of White Lion Lane, adjoining on ihe south to lot 3, with a like right of way to, aud use of the well and yard, as lots 2 and 3, 111 the parish of Saint Mi- chael, in the Borough of Lewes, now iu the occupation of Mr. Gurr, as tenant at will. LOT V, A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or Tenement adjoin- ing, on the south to Ut 4, siiuate on the West side of White Lion Lane, ofiircsuid, witli' the like right of way to, and use of the well and yard, as lots 2, 3, and 4, now in the occupation of Richard Divall, as tenant at will. LOT VI. ' A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or Tenement, adjoin, ing on the south to lot a, on the west side of White Lion Lane aforesaid, with the like right of way to, and use of the well and yard, as lots 2, 3, 4, and 5, now iu the occupation of Mrs. Miles, us tenant at will. LOT VII. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or Tenement adjoin- ing, on the south, to a dwelling- house iu the occupa- tion of Mrs. Denman 11, situate in White Lion Lane aforesaid, with the like right of way to, and use of, ihe well and yard, as lots 2, 3, 4,5, and 0, subject to a lease determinable on the decease of ibe present occupier, John Pierce, aged 6ti years, who holds ibe same at ihe nominal rent i f a pepper corn, free of all charges ex- cept poor rates. LOT VIII. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or Tenement adjoin- ing, on the south, to lot 7, situate < 111 ihe west side of White Lion Lane aforesaid, with the like right of way to, and use of, the well and yard, as lots 2, 3, 4, 5, ( 5, and 7, now in ihe occupation of William Brown, as te- nant al will. For further particulars apply al the office of Messrs. LANGIRIDGE and KELL, Solicitors, Lewes, where a plan ofloi 1, maybe seen. Descriptive particulars and conditions of sale may also be bad, a Month be- fore the Sale, there; at tlie principal Inns at I ewes; the Old Ship. Brighton -. Sea House Hotel, Wor- thing; Crown, Arundel; Swan, Chichester; An- chor, Horsham; King's Head, Cuckfield; Maid- enhead, Uckfield ; New Inn, Eastbourne; and of Messrs. Ellis, Solicitors, Hatton Garden, London. Lot 1, may uU « be viewed by pciuumaioa « f th* tenant. " To the Printers of the Sussex Advertiser. ,. GENTLEMEN, . THE: Petition to both House of Parliament, ( inserted in another part of this' Paper> now ivihtt'at Mr. Baxter's Library, for the signature' of those who . iirf desirous of ' Christianity being pro- putted in India, induces me to address to you a few lines upon it)? subject, with a view to draw the attention of ttie'irihat) i. taot's of Lewes, and its vi- cinity., to a design so benfvoleiu ami important . it h computed that not less than five times the number of inhabitants contained in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, are without the benefit of the Revelation- God sent into the world by Jesus' Christ Consequently they are ignovant of the momentous and important truths which that Revelation contains— Such as there is, bat one God and Father of all, who created, pre- serves, and governs, not only the earth which we inhabit, hot all the system of worlds throughout infinitude of space— that in this great Being areds trited Almighty Power, infinite Wisdom, and un- bounded Goodness; they are ignorant of a Me- diator between God and' . Man, to reconcile Man to his duty and to his Maker, and that this Me- diator lived about l, » mi. years ago, instructing and blessing mankind; they are ignorant that he was crucified, dead, and buried, and that God raised him from the dead, and that he ascended into heaven 311 the presence of a mti'litude of witnesses, whence Tie shall' come to judge tile world; they are igno rant of those heavenly discourses which are handed down to us in the Oracles of truth; by him life and immorality was brought to, light, and he tain> lu mankind how they might secure the favour of God, and be partakers of eternal happiness; he represented to mankind the paternal character of. God, the, most consolatory truth that can cheer the heart of man, a truth which the blessed Jesus was eon trim ally. inculcating upon those who at- tended his ministry: witness the parable of the Prodigal Son, and his. never to be forgotten ex- postulation - of " re being well knew bow to give good gifts " unto your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good things to them that ash him." What a thought is it that ,50 or 60 millions of the children and family of God, who are our brethren, for he made of one blood all the nations of the Earth, should not know they have a father itt heaven; Jesus Christ has assured us, that all men shall be raised from the dead, and that after the resurrection, then shall follow the day of judgment, when every man shall receive a sentence according as his works have been; can there be « nv excuse for keeping hack this information from those, \ vhoj like ourselves, are to make their per- sonal appearance • before the last awful tribunal, when Christ shall sit on the Judgment Seat ? how Could we answer them, should they reproach tis with concealing from, them the words of eternal life, as delivered to us by him, who is now ap- pointed judge of all He may determine our un- happy contention, and pass a severe condemns linn upon us, as those who knew their masters will and did it not, than on those who offended ignorantly I am sorry to trespass so On you columns, and will hasten to a conclu- sion; bin the arguments for our interfering in create when we think of the culpability already incuried, by neglecting the temporal as well as eternal interest of the inhabitants of India: it is almost incredible - that Missionaries who have gone to India, some of them, at least, have, as it were, been smuggled on by . way of America; it is enough to melt the hardest heart to hear of children being destroyed, widows in the prime of life, casting themselves on the burning pile to mingle their ashes with, those of their de- ceased husbands; but what shall we say of hundreds and thousands placing themselves under the crush- ing wheels of a machine 60 feet high, upon which is placed tie idol of their worship, who is supposed to delight in the mangling of human bodies. If the messengers of peace and salvation sent from this country, where to save but a few from- these cilie! and untimely, deaths, thp'rr object would be meri'otious - r but as the probability is, many will he preserved; it is by the writer of this letter, most earnestly requested, that the pet. tions above referred to, irav have the signatures of every friend to hamanity and Christianity; and this, it is hoped, would secure the names of all the inha- bitants of Lewes. WORLD OFFICE, LONDON. WANTED, AGENTS of respectability in all parts of the United Kingdom, who must be men of Business and responsibility,- in their neighbour- hood. Respectable reference required in the Metropo- lis.— Address, post paid, Mr. Secretary, 4, Cross- Court, Broad- Court, Long Acre, London. None hut post paid Letters admitted. LAW. WANTED, in a respectable Attorney's Office, in the Eastern part of Sussex., a middle- aged steady person as CLERK, who is thoroughly acquainted with the general business of an office, and who is fully competent to manage in the absence of the principal. Satisfactory, reference as to abilities, and former ha- bits of life; as also security will he required. Also, a Youth of respectable connections, and who has had a liberal education as ARTICLED. CLERK. Apply, if by letter, ( post paid) to Mr. Benson, Law Stationer, Boyee's - street, Brighton. TURNPIKE " From STORRINGTON to BALL's HUT. THE next MEETING of the TRUSTEES of this Turnpike Road, will be held, at the house, of James Lucas, bearing the sign of the Houghton Bridge, in the parish of Amberley, in the county, ot Sussex, on Monday the 24th day of May next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when and where the said Trustees will lie ready to receive Tenders, in writing, from any per- son or persons desirous of contracting with them for the ? r « nins and building TWO TOLL HOUSES and TOLL. GATES, one to be t situ « ^ te^ at or near the Bridge, at' Houghton, in the said county, and the other nt or near Heberden Lane, in the parish of Madeliurst, in the said county according to a plan and specificati- ons of the same, left at the public- house, aforesaid, to which all persons may have access in the mean time. By order of the Trustees, Chichestor, 20th April, 1813. Clerk. ALL Persons having claims on the Estate of the Reverend ROBERT JOHN SAYER, late of Rudgwick and Leominster, in the county of Sussex, deceased, are desired to send an account there of, to- gether with the nature of their securities, to Mr. Henry Jeukinson Sayer, Charterhouse Square, London and such persons as are indebted to the estate of the said Robert John Sayer, are requested to pay the sums in which they are so indebted, as above. TO Cover this Season, till the first of August, at Mr. Thomas Brown's Racing Stables, Lewes, at Two Guineas and three shillings the groom ( the money to be paid at the time of covering), ST. AN- DERO, a Grey Horse, seven years old, fifteen hands three inches high with good bone, bred by Mr. Norton. Got by St.' George, out of ' Quid's dam, Princess Terra- Bess, sifter to ' Abba Thalle, by Young Marske. St. George ' was got by Highfiyer,' oat of an Eclipse Mare, sister to Soldier." ST. : ANDERO started twelve times and won nine.— For his performances on turf, see Racing Calendar, 7808, 1809, 1810, 18l1. He'covered red last year, his foals are promising, and he is a sure foal getter. He will attend Harlsham and Battle - Markets and the different fairs. He will; also attend : at Steyning, on the Wednesday between the Markets, at the White Horse. - N. B. Good accommodation for mares, where every possible' eare will be takes of them .' -' Grass and hay at tlu.' usual price, - PRESTON SOCIETY FOR PROSECUTING FELONS, & c. THE annual Meeting of t! is Members of this Society will be held at the Crown and Anchor, Preston, on Monday flic 10th day of May next, at ele- » ei( o'clock in the . forenoon. ' THOS. ATTREE, Clerk, Brighton 3oth April, 1813. and Treasurer. N. B. Dinner to be on Table at 3o'clock precisely. New Turnpike Road, from Pyecombe Church through Bolney, io Staplefield Common, avoiding Clayton Hill, TOLLS TO LETT, NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Ge- neral Meeting of the Trustees of this Road, is appointed to be holden at the White Horse Inn, in Brighthelmston, on Thursday, the 3d day of June next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon; at which Meet- ing, the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates upon the said road, called Pyecombe Dale Gates, Muddles Wood Gate, and Hickstead Cross Gate, will be severally LETT' BY AUCTION, To the best bidder, from the 10th day of June next, for one or more years, as shall be then agreed 011, between the hours of eleven and two of the same day, in the manner directed by the act passed ill the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating the turnpike roads," which Tolls were' Lett, and produced the last year the following gums, viz. Pyecombe Dale Gates - jCi- 53. Muddles Hickstead Cross Gate - loo over and above the expences of collecting them, and will respectively be put up at those sums, Whoever happens to be the- best bidder or bidders, must give security, with. sufficient sureties, to ihe satis- faction of the Trustees, for payment of the rents, at such times as they shall direct. THO. MORGAN, Clerk to the Trustees. Hurstperpoint, 3ntli ' April,- 1813. TO BE LETT, And entered upon . immediately, for such term of years or . time, as may be agreed on, AComfortably FAMILY HOUSE, in good re- pair, consisting of two parlours, two kitchens, an entrance hall, wash- house, pantry, dairy, & e, on the ground floor, with six bed- rooms ( two of which are very excellent ones,) good cellaring, excellent water a large garden well cropped and planted with fruit trees ill full bearing, with numerous other convenient offices, and with or without live or six acres of land ; Or,' if it is preferred, the proprietor will keep for the tenant one or two cows. The Landlord will pay all the taxes ex- cept the window tax. At a moderate rent. Situate within a quarter of a mile of the church of that delight- ful and pleasant village of Hawkhurst, in the county of Kent. Distant. from London 50 miles, Hastings 18, Rye 18, and Cranbrook five. For particulars apply upon the premises, or to Mr. Jesse Gregson, at Wigsell, near Hawkhurst ; or to Messrs. Gregson, Dixon, and Gregson, Angel Court, Throgmorton- street, London. HUSTON PLACE, and PERROTT's FARM, near Storrington, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ' By Mr. LEAR,' On the premises, on Tuesday, the 11th of May, 1813, THE truly valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK of Mr. CHARLES HERSEE, leaving the farm. • The LIVE STOCK, consists of six strong young cart, horses, good workers, and in excellent condition ; three ditto colts ; five particularly handsome real Sussex- bred milch cows ; six working oxen, from three to five years old; eight twelve- monthing calves; 8o true- bred South. Down ewe tags and couples-; 40 fat wethers, three; sows with pigs, and three large shuts. The DEAD STOCK consists « if two capital firm- built waggons, six ditto broad wheeled dung carts, five ploughs and tackle, two rollers, two diag and seven single barrows; harness fof in horses, seedlips, hog troughs, and various other implements of husbandry. ' The sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock. CARLTON MEWS, BRIGHTON. Capital range of Freehold Stabling, Coach- houses, Ride, & rc. contiguous. to the Grand Parade. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr, ROBINS, At Garraway's, London, on Thursday, May 13, 1813, tit twelve o'clock, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising a capital range of STABLING, called CARLTON MEWS, contiguous to . the. Grand Parade,- Brighton ; consisting of stables for forty- one horses. divided into three and four stalls each, and thirteen coach houses, with lofts for hay and straw over,- granary and accompting house, and a ride nearly two hundred and forty feet in length, with two eutrauces,. enclosed by folding gates; and a vacant piece, of ground. , on which a dwelling- house, and a further number of stables might be erected. The whole have been' erected within seven years, are in ex- cellent order and well drained, in the occupation of Mr. William Thomas, tenant at will; and a - purchaser may be eccori" imci< Taie.< t by part of the purchase- money remaining on mortgage. To be viewed, by applying to Mr. Thomas, on the premises, of whom particulars may be bod ; and at the Old Ship, Brighton" Star, Lewes; Swan, Reigate; White Hart, Godstone- King's Arms, Croydon; Of Messrs. Burley and Moore, Solicitors, Lincoln's- Inn ; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Gol- den- square, London, SEAFORD, SUSSEX.. Capital Freehold Marine Villa., . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY AND SON. At the AUCTION MART, on Tuesday, May II, 1813, unless previously disposed of by private contract, AVERY desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting of a capital modern built MARINE RESIDENCE, with suitable attached and detached offices, coach- houses, stabling, out buildings, exten- - sive gardens, shrubberies, yards, & c. most delightful- ly situate at Seaford. a pleasant part of the county of Sussex, between Brighton and Eastbourne. The House is in very- complete repair, and contains accom- modation for a family of the first respectability, viz. dining and drawing- room, each 20 feet by 17 ; break- fast parlour, study, four principal bed chambers, light dressing- room, six servants' apartments, principal and secondary stair cases,. excellent kitchen, and' all requi- site domestic conveniences. " Seaford a borough- town, arid is situate about 13 miles ' from Brighton, 11 from Lewes, 8 from Eastbourne, and about 63 from ' London. May be viewed by applying to Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row ; of whom printed partion law may be had— Particulars also, of Messrs Brun dett, Wainwrigbt and Spinks, Solicitors, Temple ; at the Libraries, Brighton and Eastbourne; at the lnns, at Lewes; at Seaford, and at the Auction Mart, SALE BY AUCTION, AComplete TIMBER FARM, in Sussex, part Freehold and part Copyhold, Land Tax redeemed, in the parish of Rusper; and a piece of COPYHOLD LAND, ( tithe free) in the parish of Horsham, which WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DANDRIDGE, O11 Tuesday, the 25th May, 1S1J, at one o'clock, at the King's Head Inn, Horsham, in two lots, . LOT 1. Consists of a large FARM HOUSE, barns, stable, cart lodge, & c large orchard, well stocked with young fruit trees,, and S3A. 2R!. 19P. of good freehold, arable, and meadow laud, and 56A. 3R. of copyhold, arable, meadow, and pasture land, in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Capon, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next, and who will shew the farm. Distant from Hors- ham and Crawley, five miles each. LOT 2. A piece of COPYHOLD LAND, tithe free, containing 2A. 0R. 3nP. lying in Horsham Common, late set out under an Act of Inclosure, of the Manor of Ronghey, Descriptive particulars, and conditions of. sale, may be " had at the principal .. Inns ill the neighbourhood ; of Mr. Wm. Capon,- the tenant, residing on Lot 1, the Place of Sale ; of the Auctioneer ; and of Messrs. G. and J. Smallpiece, Surveyors, Guildford, Surrey, BOTANICAL LOTTERY, ^ In a' few Days these invaluable Painting- and Grand National Works, valued in the Schedule of the , - • Act of Parliament, at' SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS, And which have excited the admiration of all Europe, and received the marked approbation and pa- tronage of our illustrious Are., , the '" EMPEROR of RUSSIA, Must be gained for Two Pounds Five Shillings, That small Sum being the price of a whole Ticket in DR THORNTON'S BOTANICAL LOTTERY, to lie drawn with the State Lottery, On THURSDAY next, MAY 6th. All Purchases must be made before that Day, as the first- drawn Ticket will receive the Grand Prize. Tickets are selling by all the Agents for the STATE LOTTERY. Every Purchaser will be presented ( GRATIS) ' With a Likeness of the EMPEROR ALEXANDER • FURNACE FARM, near CRAW LEV, ill the County of Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the AUCTION MART, London, on Friday, May 28, at twelve o'clock, in one lot, ACapital and very compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, most desirably situate in the parish of Worth, in the county of Sussex, and near the Turn pike- mad to Brighton, about two miles from Crawley, 22 from Brighton, and only about 32 from London ; comprising all that extensive FARM, called FURNACE FARM, containing above THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY- FIVE ACRES, lying within a ring fence, and abounding with game, in the occupation of Mr. John Knight, yearly tenant, at the low annual rent of only TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS, with a convenient farm- house, barn, stable, and other requisite outbuilding's; Printed particulars, with engraved maps annexed, may be had at the King's Head, Cuck field ; George, Crawley; White Hart, Reigate and Godstone: King's Arms, Croydon ; Castle,- and Libraries, Brighton ; Star, Lewes; Dorset Arms, East Grinstead ; Dolphin, Chi- chester,; T. C. Medwin, esq. Horsham; Messrs. Small- piece, Stoke, near Guildford and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road; or at their Offices. the Auction" Mart: London. The MANOR- of FRANK LANDS, and FREEHOLD FARMS belonging thereto, near Cuckfield, in the County of Sussex. TO BE SOLD ' BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the MART, on Friday, May 28, at twelve o'clock, in Two Lots, TWO very valuable FREEHOLD FARMS, ' exonerated from the Land- tax, situate at Wivels- field and; Birch Green, in the parish of Wivelsfield, about three miles from Cuckfield, in the county of Sussex, called FRANKLANDS and CLEAVEWATER FARMS; containing together above ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY ACRES, in, the occupation of Mr. Joseph Jeffery, upon an old lease, of which about six years only are unexpired, at the very low old annual rent of ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE. POUNDS. Also the Manor of Franklands, extending over the above Farms, and other lauds within the parish of Wivelsfield, with sundry quit- rents, heriots, and appur- tenance*. Printed particulars, with engraved plans annxed. may be had at the King's Head, Cuckfield ; George, Craw- leys White" Hart, Reigate and Godstone : King's Arms, Croydon; Castle, and Libraries, Brighton ; Star, Lewes'; Dorset Anns, Eat Grinstead ; Dolphin, Chichester; of T, C. Medjwin, esq, Horsham; of Messrs. Smallpiece, Stoke, near. Guildford ;' and of Messrs. Drivers, Survey- ors and Land Agents, Kent road ; or at their Offices, in the Auction Mart, London. Freehold Marine Villa, Garden, and Pleasure Grounds, near Gosport, Hants. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HOGGART and PHILLIPS, At the Auction Mart, London, on Friday, May 7, at twelve o'clock, ACommodious FREEHOLD VILLA, called LITTLE GREEN, in the rural village of Alver.- stoke, about one mile and a half from Gosport, and a short distance from the sea. the late residence and pro perty of the Rev, F. CLIFTON, deceased, with an ele- gant lawn and shrubbery walks, tastefully disposed, and", in high perfection, an excellent garden, abundantly stocked with choice fruit trees, and a rich paddock, containing together about five customary seres ; the house is in excellent repair, suitable for the immediate* ' reception of a family, and contains nine bed chambers, dining and drawing rooms, detached coach house, stab- ling, and domestic offices, well supplied with water. To be viewed, and particulars had of Messrs. Collins and Hewson, Solicitors; and. of . Mr, Hicks, Gosport ; at the Crown and Fountain, Portsmouth; Dolphin, Southampton; Bugle, Newport; Hotels, Cowes and Ryde; George, Winchester;: Coach and Horses, Titch- field ; Red Lion, Fareham ; at the Auction Mart; and of Hoggart and Phillips, 63, Old Broad- street, near the Royal Exchange, London. Truleigh Manor Farm in Sussex, Freehold. TO' BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HOGGART and. PHILLIPS, At the Auction Mart, London, oh Friday, June 11, at Twelve o'Clock, A Singularly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, compulsing TRULEIGH FARM, in the parish of Edburton. a beautiful part of the county of Sussex, abounding with game, on the north side of the South Down Hills, six miles and an half from Brighton, five from Shoreham, four from Steynhig,. and fifty from t. nu- don, containing , FIVE HONORED AND NINETY ONE ACRES of ' uncommonly rich arable, meadow, and pasture land, lying remarkably convenient, bounded in part by a mill stream, and intersected by excellent roads. The farm has been. for several years under the most judicious ma- nagement, completely drained, at a considerable t; x pence, and is in the highest state of cultivation, with a very substantial farm house,' convertible at a moderate expence into ft Gentleman's residence ; and all requisite outbuildings and particularly extensive covered sheeps folds.; the whole of the buildings' supplied, with fine water, thrown into iron troughs, by farcing; pumps ; there is plenty of chalky flint, and mar!, fur every pur- pose. The land tax is redeemed, and the estate is en- titled to VOLTES for Shoreham and the county. To he viewed . by applying to - Mr. John Penny, the Proprietor's Bailiff upon the farm; and particulirs may be had in a short time . at the Libraries, Brighton and Worthing;; Fountair, Shoreham; King's Head, Hors ham: Norfolk Arms, Arundel; of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Steyning ; Messrs Kaye, Fresh field, and Kaye, New Bark buildings ; at the Mart, and of Messrs. Hoggart and; Phullips, 62 Old Broad street, London. KENT Freehold Residence, Tunbridge Wells. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Kentish Tavern, Tuubridge Wells, on Monday, the null day of May next, between the hours of two and four o'clock in the afternoon-( unless sooner disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given) ALL that, very desirable, and truly valuable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Tenement, coach house, and a four stall stable, situate and being at that fashionable watering- place, Tunbridge Wells, in the county of Kent, now 111 the tenure or occupation of Mrs. Harridge. The house contains, on the basement, a kitchen. servants' hall, scullery, pantry, and cellars ; on the ground floor, a drawing room, dining- parlour, break fast- parlour, and housekeeper room'; on the first floor, five bed- chambers, which, with five attics for servants, make together, a very desirable residence, and the same is well worth the attention of any genteel family, who may be desirous of securing a comfortable habitat tion, at the Wells, and more particularly so, as the premises are situated within 500 yards of the parade. Immediate possession may be had, ( if required), on security being given for the due payment of the pur- chase money, and if any accommodation to the pur- chaser, a proportion of the purchase, money will be permitted 10 remain on mortgage. Further particulars, ( if by letter, post paid) may be known by applying to Mr. EVANS. NO. 7, Lower Buckingham street, Strand, London; and at th • of- fice of Messrs. JONES and Co. solicitors) Tunbridge Wells. SHOREHAM BRIDGE TOLLS- TO BE LETT BY AUCTION. ' By Mr. H. R. ATTREE, At the Star Inn, New Shoreham, on Tuesday the 25th of May, instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, THE TOLLS of SHOREHAM BRIDGE for one year, commencing the 24th day of June, next. By order of the Trustees, THOS, ATTREE, Clerk. Brighton, April 29, 1813. Rent for the expiring year, £ 1325. For a Table of Tolls, & c. apply to the Clerk. Freehold Estates in Oxfordshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Auction Mart, London, in the present Month, ( May) in four or more jots, THE following FARMS, situate in the Parish of . GREAT TEW, ill the County of . Oxford. TIMMS'S FARM, consisting of a good A. R. P. farm- house, and buildings, and twenty enclosures of rich land, containing - .381 3 '-" TRACEY FARM, consisting of a good farin- Ifouse, aud buildings, thrashing ma- chine of great power, worked by water, and twenty- two enclosures, of rich land, con- taining - - - 504 J li STURCHE'S FARM, consisting of a good Bailiffs house, ( which at a small expence, may be converted into an exceedingly good farm- house,) and buildings, and sixteen en- closures, containing - - 283 2 22 BEACONSFIELD FARM, consisting of a good farm- house, and buildings, thrashing machine of great power, worked by water, and eighteen enclosures of rich laud, con- taining ... 343 0 5 With the above will be sold CONEY- GREE COPPICE, and TRACY GROVE, at present in band,) full of thriving young limber, and containing - - 12 o 15 Total Acres ; 523 0 34 The above Farms are ornamented with thriving young plantations; they are tythe free and perfectly compact, their Land Tax is redeemed, and their Poor Rates very low. They are in the occupation of S. Wood,- esq. on a lease which will- expire at Michaelmas 1816, at a rent of Three Thousand Six Hundred and Ninety Pounds per annum, clear of all out goings and repairs whatsoever, The estimated annual value of the whole beside the laud in band, is Four Thousand and Thirty- four Pounds per annum. They may be viewed, and further particulars had, on application to Mr. R. . MORDAUNT, HEYTHROP, near Enstone. • Live and Dead Farming Slock, WORTH, SUSSEX. : TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION., '--•' By Mr. FAREBROTHER, • At Stannin Farm, in : t! ie Parish. Qf Worth, Sussex, on Wednesday* the 5th of May-,, at, 12o'clock, THE Live . and Dead FARMING . STOCK, . consisting. of four cart horses, a cart cult, a riding colt, two milch' cows, eighteen heifers and sfeers. 7" pi » ?,' abos'f 80 qrs. of .' oil's, ' 2 loads of vvheM, 50 tond of hay, three waggons, three dung R. b** bat rows,, and various implements of husbandry-. , To be viewed the day preceding and morning of sale. Catalogues at the Farm. Also at the, Talbot, Cuckfield;— Ceorge, Crawley ;—' the Crown, East Grinsted j and of . Mr. FAREBROTHER, Beau- fort House, Beaufort Buildings, Strand, London. WORTHING. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On the premises, 011 Friday, the 7th of May, 1813, at twelve o'clock, by order of the Assignees of Mr, JOHN HART LETT, THE genuine and entire HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE of WEST TERRACE HOUSE, Worth- ing: consisting of handsome four- post and canopy field bedsteds, with printed calico, plaid and other furni- tures, prime goose feather beds,, hair and flock mat- tresses, blankets and cotton counterpanes, mahogany chest of drawers, dressing tables, bason stands, chairs, sofa, a sideboard, with cellaret and drawers, dining, card, tea, and Pembroke tables, Brussels and Kidder- minster carpets, japan and stained chairs, drapery win- dow curtains, pier and dressing glasses, plated articles, china, glass, and stone ware, with the general assort- ment of kitchen utensils. The effects may lie viewed on Thursday preceding the sale. Catalogues may be had indue time, at the Crown, Arundel; Star, Shoreham ; Hotels, Littlehampton and Worthing.; Old Ship. Brighton; Messrs, Lee, Lewes; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. - SUSSEX. - To Brewers, Maltsters, and others. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BARTLETT, On the premises, on Tuesday, the 11th of May, 1813, , by order of the Assignees, ALL the BREWING UTENSILS, & c. belong- ing to Mr. JAMES COBDEN, of Midburst, a Bank- rupt, comprising an excellent copper, that will boil off' 10 barrels, a reservoir for 6uu gallons, a mash tun for six quarters, under hick for eight barrels, lined with copper,; wort pump with a copper pipe, hop strainer with a false bottom ; two coolers, a very complete en- gine pump, and appendages, new about twelve month's ago; a capital, and good as new, malt mill, with one pair of stones; one ten barrel cask, twenty- seven six barrel ditto; fourteen half hogsheads, a guile tun for 16 barrels, 90 hogsheads, about 750 gallons of strong beer ; sundry small casks, stillions, truck, pully, stands, lead pipe, & e. & c. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock. CHICHESTER. Dwelling House, Four Cottages, Extensive Gar- den, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BARTLETT, On Wednesday, the 12th day of May, 1813, at six o'clock in the evening, at the Golden Fleece Inn, IN ONE LOT, ATruly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, com- prising a Brick and Sashed Dwelling- house, four cottages,. yard. & c. and a garden 293ft. by 116ft. The garden is, in the highest possible state, of cultiva- tion, most amply stocked with choice fruit trees, of every description, surrounded principally with substan tial brick and stone walls, and most admirably cairn lated' for the' erection of houses, to f » ce the, Inxuriant and beam- fully featured meadows leading to Dell Quay . and in a neighbourhood of increasing respecta- bility The estate is in the hand- of the proprietor, Mr. James Briam Hardener, and is - nuate without the South Gate. Anacearly possession will he given. Fourther particulars may he obtained on application Mr. Brant; to Messrs. Johnson, Price, and Freeland, Solicitors. of to Mr. Bartlett, Chichester. TO BE SOLD BY ACTION, At the Black Lion, in Pateham Street, on Wednesday the 12th day of May, 1813, at six o'clock in the Evening,'( unless disposed of by Private Contract of which, should it happen, timely notice will he given), subject to such', conditions as will be them and there produced, ACOPYHOLD COTTAGE and Garden, - si tuate in Patcham- street,. now in the occupation of Mr. John Alfrey the proprietor, held of the manor of Patcham, under the quit rent of 3d. . per annum, and heriot and line 6d. each certain on death and alienation For further particulars and treaty, apply to Mr. John Allfray, on the premises, or Mr. Morgan, Solicitor,' Hurst perpoint. ... .— KENT AND. . SUSSEX. . VALUABLE FREEHOLD RESIDENCE; FARMS, WATER CORN MILL and LANDS, with immediate possession of the Residence, and of the remainder at Michaelmas. TO BE SOLD By Messrs. SKINNER, TUCH1N, and FORREST, On Thursday, the 3d of June, at twelve o'clock, at Garraway's Coffee house, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, x London, " in 16 lots, by order of the Trustees and Executors of SANDEFORTH STREATFIELD, Esq, deceased, " . . VALUABLE and very improveable Freehold Estate?, situate in the ' parishes of Tunbridge, Seale, Leigh, Chiddingstone, Penshurst, Edenbridge, Cowden, Hever, and Wadhurst, in the Counties of Kent and Sussex, easy distances from Seven Oaks, Tumbridge, Westerham, and East Grinstead, and about - 35' miles from London'; comprising, a Substantial - Brick Resi- dence, called HOLDENS, with office of every descrip. tion, pleasure ground, gardens, a; id farm iuljoining in hand. , SEVERAL very ELIGIBLE FARMS, , called Kent Lands, New . House, Grays, Weaver's, Little Warren Bewes^ Claydon. East lands, Cold Harbour, Edells, WfniJnHt Hill, Little Chested, and Crouches Also'Chiddingstone Water Corn Mill and Farm, with a capital bead of water, and two spacious water wheels. The whole containing nesr SEVEN: HUNDRED ACRES of fertile and productive meadow, pasture, bop garden, arable and wood land, in the occupations of Messrs. Keys, Children, Harris, Mercer, Bur- font, Lang- ley, Cheeseman, Wall is and Blackman, who have h i^ notice to quit at Michaelmas next. To be viewed, and printed particulars may be had mi the premises ; also at the Crown Inns, Seven Oaks and East Grinsted; Kentish Tavern, Tunbridge Wells- Rose and Crown, Tunbridge; of Mr. Blake, Printer* Maidstone ; Messrs. Lee, Printers, Lewes;. Mr. Fleet, Printer, Brighton; Messrs. Palmer, Tomlinson, and Thompson* Solicitors, Copthall court, Throgmorton- street, at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Skinnier, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aldersgate- street, London', where' plans may be seen.- MATERIALS FOR BUILDING. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr, SONE, . ( Without Reserve,) . On Friday, the 7th day of May, 1813, at 1,1 o'clock ia the fort, noon, at the Wharf, at Heeding Bridge, near Steyning, THE MATERIALS belonging to the Trustees of the RIVER ADUR, consisting of pile planks, deals, whetlb « rrowj, ladders, saws, and many other ar- ticles, purchased new by the Trustees, which will be found useful to builders and others. Also a Barge,- Carpenter's Bench, spikes, nails. & c. The whole will be sold in small lots, for the accom. modation of purchasers.' Very unluable Freehold', . Copyhold,, and tease- hold Estate, for long , terms, with extensive • Manors; a capital Mansion house, gardens, and pleasure grounds,; in the county of :. Sus- sex,' on the borders of' Hunts. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Early in the ensuing Summer, THE truly valuable FREEHOLD, COPY. A HOLD, ami LEASEHOLD ESTATES, with the extensive Manorial rights over several parishes, with a plcatttide of game and fish, of the lace . John Utterson. Esq. and will be divided In various tuts.. — These estates are situate about 48 miles from I or toll, in a most beautiful and picturesque part of the cou-. ty ; twajnita*- from Liphook. 24 from Portsmouth, m from the " Market Towns of Midburst and Petersfield. The high road from the Metropolis to Portsmouth, runs through the centre of the property. Descriptive particulars will shortly he given, and further information may be obtained, by applying to Messrs. Rhoades and Sou, Solicitors, Chichester. BY ORDER OF GOVERNMENT. Dr. THORNTON'S Royal BOTANICAL LOTTERY must be drawn on the 6th of . MAY, when every Ticket will be a Prize, Value of the Prizes, taken from the Act of Parliament: 1 .. Of £ o, 080 jes, 08< t 19 9 80 15,9* 20 200 30 0,000 Coo 15 9,000 2,000.. 5 10,000^ 7,000 3 .... » 1,000 10,000 Prizes. iror. OOO THE GRAND PRIZE in this national and valuable Lottery, consists of that inestimable Collection of Paintings which forms the Linnaean Gallery, now exhibiting to the Public. What renders these Paintings of such extraordinary value is, that they are mostly the production of ihose deceased Artists, . OPIE, RUSSELL, and BARTOLOZZI, and con- sequently never can be replaced, THE OTHER PRIZES are different series of BOOKS, each set embellished with several Hundred beautiful Engraving's ( and not SINGLE Prints as in Bower's and Boydell's Lotteries). As the Act of Parliament directs the Copper plates to lie destroyed, these Prizes must be increased in value beyond all calculation. The first 10,000 Tickets drawn will receive all the Prizes, in the order in which they stand in the Scheme, viz. the first drawn Ticket will be entitled to the Grand Prize ; the 199 next drawn Tickets to the Prizes valued at £ 80 each, and so On, in regular succession, there- fore alp purchases must be made before the drawing begiiftCI' • - ' ' Tickets, price only 9l; 5S, each, are selling at tie London Offices, and COUNTRY-. •' < • ' - Every Purchaser will lie presented ( gratis) with an emblematical Print, containing a strong likeness of tie Emperor Alexander, supported by a Cossack and a Russian Grenadier- .1 • • « ;<.<> DIXON ANTIBILIOUS PILLS- have long obtained a just celebrity in the private practice of the Proprietor, Mr. DIXON, Apothecary ; and from their great success in many obstinate bilious disorders, on cularly the Duke of Bedford, Sir George Warren, Sir Gregory Page Turner, the Dowager Lady Say and Sele, the Viscountess Bulkeley,'& c. he was persuaded to offer them to the public, under the approbation and the sanction of their names. The Pills are found to bean incomparable remedy for restoring the tone . to the stomach, for curing indiges- tion, for preventing crudities, and their consequent dis- agreeable eructntions and flatulences. They prevent habitual and temporary costiveness, sick head achs, and heart burn, which is " occasioned by pregnancy, and a debilitated stomach', whether arising from tile acrimony of the redundant bile, Imremperate diet, or drinking to excess. They are a valuable desideratum in the medi- cine chests of those who go abroad, or make frequent voyages. They are an admirable preparative to sea* bathing, insomuch that the success in me course of it, greatly depends upon the good use of them, especially v. ben.. btlr enters 11110 the complication for which sea bathing is prescribed. ^ t Sold at Mr. Butler s, 4, Cheapside, Corner of St. Paul's, London ; Adams, Lewes, and Pugh, Cliff, Lewes; White and Phillipson, Brighton ; Monday and Stafford, Worthing, and most Medicine Venders,, in boxes, at is.' 9d, each. POSTSCRIPT. From Saturday's London Gazette, Admiraltv- Office, May 1,' 181.1 . Cony or a Letter'from Captain Dundas, of His Majesty's ship Pyramus, addressed to Admiral Lord Keith, and transmitted by His Lordship to John Wilson Croker, esq. His Majesty's & lup Pyramus, at sea, , My LORD, April,$ rvt813. • THE American schooner letter of marque Ze- bra, mounting ten guns, and manned wi( l> thirty- eight men, from Bourdeaux, bound to New York, was captured this evening by his Majesty's ships Ryramus and Belle Poule, Andromeche in sight. " I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) J. W. D. DUNDAS, Captain. Admiralty- Office, Mav 1, IBIS. Copy of a letter from Captain Salt, of his Majes- ty's ship Uoicorn, addressed to Rear- Admijal Sir Harry Neale. and transmitted by Lord Keith to John Wilson Croker, Esq, His Majesty's" ship Unicorn, ait sea, SIR, April 18, 1813. I BEG leave to acquaint von, that his Majes- fv\ ship Stag, in company with his Majesty's ship Unicorn, captured this morning, in latitude 47 deg. 30 inin. N. and longitude 7 deg. W. the American ielter of mar< jite> sehooner Hebe ( formerly his Bn- tannic Majesty's- schooner Laura)? John Picarere, Master, carrying two guns and filteeii. men, bound to Bourdeaus or Nantes, : 1 have the honour to be, Src. ( Signed) G. B. SALT, Captain. BANKRUPTS. Job Wragg, Manchester, Lancaster, merchant. John Tyrrell and James Tyrrell, Maidstone, Kent, ironmongers. ' • James Feather, Southampton- row, Russel square, lur- nishing ironmonger. James Grices jun. Shad Thames, Horsleydown, Surrey, anchorsmith. i • Peter White Aylward, Greenwich- road, Kent, potter. James Richards and James Matthews, Goswell- Street, carpenter*. Robert Chubb. Kingsand, Devon, butcher* ; Robert Kay, Bedale, York, grocer. William Johnson, Leeds, woollen draper. | Michael Humble, Liverpool, merchant. William HearnJen, West Malling, Kent, grocer. John Mitchell, Crombie's- row, Commercial- road, George in the East, Middlesex, mariner. >,.. George' Timothy Kirtland, Ryder's Court, Leicester- fields, haberdasher, ... Thomas Hart, Cloth Fair, West Smithfield, baker. Michael Phillips, North- street, Hay Market, groce George Fife Richardson, Goswell- street, appraiser, David Braham, High Holborn, Sntt Totteuham Court Road, Glass and Staffordshire warehouseman. Richard Rowe Wicks,: Broad- street, St. Giles, liquor Shop keeper. ' Robert Kendall, Reading, Berks,. linen- draper'. George Fred. Heather, Curtain road.- timber merchant. Thomas Dyer. Stratford, Essex; miller. • John Dean, Chatham, Kent, rope maker. ' Bankrupts from Tuesday's Gazette. W. Hervey, Jermyn St. Middlesex wine- merchant. Anthony Stevenson, Newcastle, upon Tyne, ship- owner. Titus Keymer and John Radley Hall, Friday- street, Cheapside, warehodse'men. Cyrus Morall and lver Borland, Liverpool, merchants. James Torr, St. John st. West Smithfield, linen- draper •<• » ' John Edwards. Waltham Holy Cross Essex, carpenter. John Davis, Brighthelmston, carrier— Attornies Mr. ! *' Moore, Woodstock street, London, and Mr. At- tree, Brighthelmston. John Dixon and Lawrence Ramsden, Leeds, dyers. George Edward Hicks, Sun- street, Bishopsgate- street, jeweller. Thomas Holt, Pall Mall, Middlesex, jeweller. Thomes Powis, Vauxhall, Surrey. victualler. Richard Clark & Ralph Brown, Clement's lane London, grocers. LONDON. Tn the course of Friday afternoon the town was gratified with the following BULLETIN " Government received this morning, from our Minister at Hambugh, Mr. Cockhurn, advices, stating that General Tettenborn had just received a dispatd] from General Witgenstein, iriforming hiiii of thatjnost: important fact the SURRENDER OF DANTZIC by Capitulation. The particulars had not been received by General Witgenstein, but would be forwarded to Hamburgh the mo- ment they reached him.'' Some confused notice of this event reached Hamburgh on the morning of the 23d, and it now appears that from thence arose the report of tile great victory at Magdeburg, brought from Altona. — Report says that the garrison of Dantzic consist- ed of 14,000 men meu ; but the terms of the ca pitulation are still unknown. The most important consequences, however, ate expected to follow the capture. The value of th<- town, as a fortress, great as it is, is nothing to th > impulse which such a success must give to the German mind. The dis- engagement oif the beseiging force, of at the least 25,000 men, is another result of importance. The Catholic Bill was on Friday evening pre sented- bv Mr. Grattan In the House of Commons — read a first time, ordered to be printed, and read a second time on the 11th instant. Mr. Canning, at the same time, presented some Supplemental Clauses, marked B and C, which were also or- dered to be printed. The Bill enables Roman. Ca- tholics to sit in either House of Parliament, and to hold ALL CIVIL and MILITARV offices, upon their taking and making a certain ' Declaration and Oath, instead of the Oaths of Allegiance, i, Abjura- tion, and Supremacy, and the Declaration against Transubstantiatinn and tile Invocation, of Saints, required by the present laws, EXCEPT thb office of Lord High Chancellor, Lord Keerer or Lord Commissioner of the Great Seal of Great ' Britain, or of Lord Lieutenant or Lord Deputy, or Chief Governor or Gvoernors of Ireland; Roman Ca- tholics are also to continue disqualified to hold or to present to anj'" office, benefice, place, or dig- nity, belonging to the Established Church, or the Church of Scotland, or to any Ecclesiastical Court of Judicature,' or to any of the Universities of this Realm, or to the Colleges of Eton, West- minster, or Winchester, . or to any College or School of Royal or Ecclesiastical foundation within this Realm, otherwise than thevare by the law, as now existing, qualified to hold or present to the same. The whole of this important measure is now completely before the Public. It has been looked for with gicat anxiety, and will, we trust, fully gratify the public expectation. The labours of the Committee were incessant, and directed by the purest and most impartial spirit, to reconcile justice to the Catholic, with security to the Con. stitution, being their great and combined object. OCCURRENCES IN BRIEF.— His Royal Highness the Duke, of Cumberland left town on Wednesday on his way to the Continent.— Strange as it may appear, we know from undoubted authority, that the Hereditary Princess of Sweden, Bernadotte's Lady, has obtained leave to quit France and join lier husband she was expected in Sweden a fort- night ago— Among th( other atrocities committed bv ilie French at Mockern, they snaiched even dead infants from their cloffins. and dashed out their brains against the wall.— i he Address of congratu lation from t1je. Common Count London,„ wai presented to the Princess • f Wales,: on Wednesday, by the Lord Mayor and a lot::; fain of the Com- mon Council— T^ be. Southwark A; ddresswas pre- sented td her Royal Highness on Friday last. — The metropolis, like most of thb sea- bathing place, is now evidently overbuilt, fs consequence of which rents are rapidly filling- in Mary- le- bone parish ilone,. no . less that 5472 new- built houses are at this time to be let or sold.— Jay, the pugilist; has fcliallenjed the sable Molineux, to fight him within six weeks, in a 25 feet tin?, for ldO guineas.— The journeymen tailors in the me- tropoHshave struck for a stiiall advance > f wages, viz. sixpence perday ; and from the pressure of the times, the masters are inclined to accede to ft. j ANN MOORE, THE FASTING WOMAN.— On Wednesday se'nnight, about two in the afternoon, pursuant to the regulations adopted bv the Com- mittee, the watch commenced on Ann Moore, of Tutbury. The room was examined with the most scrupulous accuracy by the Committee; and the three Gentlemen ( Sir Oswald Mosley, Dr. Gar- like, and the Rey. Leigh Richmond), who under- took the first watch, and who were satisfied that no kind of food, either solid or liquid, was or could be secreted in any part thereof. A new bed- stead was provided, a new bed filled in their pre- sence, and every article of the bedding searched with the utmost minuteness. The temoval of her person from one bed to the other was closely watch- ed ; after which, at her own request, her person was examined, antl every possible satisfaction af- forded, that no collusion could have taken place in any part of the transaction. Not a single arti- cle - of any kind or description remained unex- plored; and vvheh the business of search and re- moval was " concluded, no doubt was left upon the minds of the parties present, that sjje was entirely deprived of food of any kind, or thejpeans of ac- cess to it. A barrier is placed across the room, within which the watchers alone occupy their sta- tion. and prevent all access to the woman, which could implicate her in the smallest share of sus- picion. Various regulations are rigidly adhered to, in order to conduct this watch in such a manner, as to satisfy the publie mind as to the truth or falsehood .. of her pretensions. Her bedstead is placed ' upoi! a Merlin's weighing machine, con- structed with peculiar accuracy, in order to ascer- tain the variations of weight during the period of the watch, which has been uninterruptedly conti- nued from the a 1 st to the 17th last. LEWES, MAY 3, 1813. Sir Thomas Brooke Pechell, of Aldwick, in this county, Bart, is returned to serve in Parlia- ment for the borough of Downton, in the room of Sir Thos. Plumer, Knt. who has accepted the office of Vice Chancellor of England. His Grace the Duke of Dorset is gazetted as Captain in the Sevenoaks and Bromley Regi- ment of Local Militia. On Friday, the 2d utt. Mr. J. V. Button, of this town, and Fellow of Queen's College, Cam- bridge, was admitted to the degree of Master of Arts, in that University. FREEMASONRY.— At a Grand Lodge, held on the 7th ult. his Royal Highness the Prince Re- gent was pleased to signify his pleasure of de- clining the situation of Grand Master, when his Royal Highness the DUKE of SUSSEX, De- puty Grand Master, was unanimously elected to that- high office; and his Royal Highness will, in consequence, be installed in the Chair, as Grand Master, with all the ceremonies of the ancient form, on Wednesday, the 12th instant, at Willis's Rooms, King- street, St. James's- square. No masons can be present at the actual ceremony of the Grand- Master's Installation, who have not previously been admitted to the honour of that rite. The days for assembling our Local Militia are now finally fixed as follows:— Centre Regiment, at Brighthelmston, on Monday, the 17th instant. Pevensey Regiment, at Lewes, on Friday, the 21st instant. Western Regiment, at Chichester, on Fri- day, the 28th instant. Hasting Regiment, at Battle, on Monday, the 31st instant. » At the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the Eastern Division of this county, which ended here late on Saturday night,— William Diploek, alias Hall, found guilty of stealing a pair of breeches, and a silk handker- chief, the property of Edward Jury, was sentenced to a year's imprisonment, and to be once publicly whipped. Thomas Upton, for stealing three fowls, the property of W. Reeves, of Beckley, was fined one shilling, and re- committed for six weeks. Samuel Pollard, convicted of stealing a quantity of hay, the property of Wm. Quaiff, of Ninfield, was ordered to- be imprisoned one month. William Stevens, for stealing a pint of oats, of the value of one penny, was re- committed for the spare of three weeks. Thomas Rowe, tried for stealing two pieces of wood, at Laughton, was acquitted. Joseph. Daw; Thomas Streeter; John Gutsell; Thomas Tettersell; Charles Silverston; Samuel Pollard; and Fanny Thornton, severally charged with acts of felony, were discharged by Proclama- tion. Peter Seevez, appearing to be a Prisoner of War, and committed for being found at large, was or dered to be sent to London, under the direction of the Clerk of the Peace. Much of the Court's time was taken up in hearing and ( Jeterniining appeals, vagrancy eases, & c. . Au old Correspondent observes, that in con- sequence of the number of dogs tfhich have been attacked by those supposed to he mad, one of the late worthy Members for our County, and one who now represents its, have destroyed all their valuable animals, in order to prevent the diffusion of this terrible disqrdet of the canine race, he would recommend, in pursuance of the same good in teniion, that the Collectors of Taxes, and the Parish Officers, should be particular in noticing all those persons who keep dogs, and if they be not assessed to the annual duty, to have them surcharged. A strict investigation and attention tti this particular, would diminish the number of useless dogs, which, in general, are suffered to ran about, or lie at their masters doors in the streets, and are therefore more liable to be bitten by the rabid animal, in bis career. Few persons would be at the cxpence of Ss or 14s per annum ( according to the species) i the dutv were regularly levied, and the public would be freed from nuisances, as dogs often are, exclusively of the danger, which thus arises from the two easy dissemination of canine madness. A pauper who keeps a cur, and is exempted from the tax, should be denied relief from the Parish ; for part of that must go to the support of the dog, which is more commonly the assistant of the poacher, than the guardian of the cottage. If gentlemen too were called upon to pay i4s. yearly, for the terrier, the usual companion of the coach- man 01 the groom, we should be exposed to less risk by the diminution of this breed of dogs, with which the country is over- run. From the liigti, increase^!, and increasing price of beef, many, are led to argue, that there is a scarcity of stock in the country. The truth or fallacy of sqcfi arguments, will, in a degree be proved, by the show, at our Cliffe. Fair, on Thursday next, which will, no doubt, be numerously attended, if not largely supplied. The fruit trees, We are glad to hear, do not appear to have been injured by the late cold winds. Should the present mild and growing wea- ther continue, the moistened state of the earth must give to all kinds of vegeiatian a very rapid progress: A short time sirice an ewe, the property of Mr. Jenner, of Berwick, yeaned a lamb, on a Wednesday, and on the Sunday week following she brought forth another, both of winch are living: By a Bill now in the House of Commons ( as amended in the Committee) to facilitate the per- formance of the duties of surveyors of highwavs and turnpike- roads, it is directed that the cutting of hedges and lopping of trees in or near turnpike roads, shall be completed before the 1st of Novem- ber, apd the cleansing of drains, & c. before the 15tb of November and 1st of March, in each year, on general notices being affixed on the church- doors, and Proclamations made in the church- yards after divine service. No fence adjoining highways to be more than five feet high, unless, more than five feet distant from the side of the road, and fences may be lowered by Magistrates or Trustees of Roads, on giving 14 days noticeto the occupier of the land. •••;=.><;<-•• The great recommendations to Dr. THORN- TON'S LOTTERY are : First, that'the Tickets are cheap, they being only ,21, 5s. each; Se- condly, that there is a Prize toevery Blank throughout the whole Scheme; Thirdly, that the smallest Prize is of more value than the cost of the Ticket ; Fourthly, that the highest prize will certaiuly produce the full amount of its va- luation ( 50801.) as the greatest part of that sum has been repeatedly offered for two out of the many original pictures which it contains ; Fifth- ly, that those very valuable works cannot be obtained by any other means than the purchase of a Ticket, as all the copper- plates must be destroyed ; and lastly, that each purchaser of a ticket will be presented with a print, finely- executed, being a correct likeness of the EM- PEROR ALEXANDER, the Patron of Dr. THON- TON'S Works. To be drawn on Thursday next. DIED. Lately, at Streatham, Surrey, in his 57th year, the Rev. Joseph Porter; ( sometime of this town) Senior Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, B. A. 1778; M. A. 1731 ; B. D. 1789. The following addition to the advertisement for letting the Plate Farm, in Patcham, was received too late to he introduced in its proper place, " TENDERS, in writing, will be received by Messrs. HOPER and SON, until Tlie 29th of May." BRIGHTON, MAY'S, 1813. The serenity of yesterday, caused our public walks and rides to be thronged with fashionable company. The Countess of Albemarle, Lady de Clif- ford* Lady Bayly, the Earl of Cholmondeley, General Pigott, W. Wellesley^ esq. See. See. left us during the course of last week. The Duke of Norfolk honoured us with a a short visit on his way from Arundel to the Metropolis. Capt. Morris was with his Grace. Mr. Finnerty has been here a few days for the benefit of his health: His Majesty's excellent pack of harriers, late- ly sold at Windsor, were purchased by R. W. Walker, esq. of Muntham, in this county. At the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for the Western part of this county, held at Petworth, on Tuesday last, William Woollgar, on the evidence of his bro- ther Samuel, an accomplise in the felony, but ad mitted an evidence for the Crown, was convicted of stealing two hogs, the property of William Jen- nings, of Cuckfield, and sentenced to eight months imprisonment. John Sherwin and George Genman, for stealing in a barn, in the parish of Eastdean, a quantity of oats, the property of Mr. Dearling, were or- dered to be re- committed for the space of four months each. George Rugman, found guilty of stealing a bun- dle of bay, on the premises of John Drewett, of Graffham, was sentenced to six months imprison- ment. Charles Tribe, tried for stealing a post and rail, the property of Mr. Lindup, of Tarring, was ac- quitted. William Faulconer was, bv the Court, commit- ted until he finds sureties for his appearance at the next Sessions, to answer to a bill of indictment found against him for a felony. A few cases of vagrancy and bastardy were heard and disposed of in the usual way. Last Wednesday evening as Mr. Turner, a • upernumerdry driver of the Lewes and London stage coach, was driving into this town* after a short stoppage at the King and Queen, the horses unexpectedly took fright, anc| jolted ( lim from his seat, which he made great exertions to recover, but not being able to effect it, from the entanglement of the traces, at length fell, atid one of the wheels of the coach grazing his head, nearly took off his ear, and otherwise so seriously hurt him, that his life was for some time despaired of; but we are glad to hear, that he now liesina fair way of recovery. On the Same night our mail coach was over- turned between Croydon and Streatham, by which accident some of the passengers, ( anion whom was Mr. Donaldson, 6f the Steine Li- brary) received considerable hurt, Last Saturday se'nnight as a journeyman bricklayer, named Town, was undermining a wall, on the premises of Mr. Ingram, surgeon, of Steyning, it suddenly fell upon him, and crush ed him to death. He has left three orphan children to lament his loss. On the night of yesterday se'nnight, a lad named Leggat, in the service of Mr. Marehant, of Beeding, on his return in a one horse chaise, from Worthing, where he had been on his master's business, through the darkness of the night, missed the track, on Beeding Hill, and drove over a frightful precipice, at the bottom of which, he was next morning found, by a shepherd, dead in the chaise. The horse, though considerably hurt, was alive. The following most shocking accident happened at Wisborough Green, on Monday last.--- As Mr. Saunders's team was on its pas- sage down Hughes's Hill, a boy, named Rug- man, about i. fielyears old, in . attempting to give effect to the skid- chain, Unperceived by the, carter, . accidently fell under one of Uifc wheels of the carriage, which passed over his head, and crushed his skull to atoms. This fatal catastrophe should be a caution to Other boys, attendant on teams, who are too apt to handle the drag chain, while the wheels are in tnOtiou, MARRIED. On Monday last, Mr. J. Lanham, of Horsham, to Miss H. Thornton, of the same place. DIED. On Tuesday fast, at his apartments in this town, aged four years, the Hon. Frede- rick Robert Le Poer Trench, third son of the Earl of Clancarty. All ranks of society may be gratified by the' purchase of a Ticket in the Botanicul Lottery. The Student will find the Works a source of information beyond the power of money to pur- chase ; the Nobleman and Gentleman will be possessed of that which cannot be otherwise ob- tained at any price, and without which no li- brary can be complete ; and the money- getting man will obtain articles which will bring him a sum beyondall calculation.— These things must be gained for the trifling risk of 2l. 53. which is all that a Ticket will cost.— Government has tixed the Drawing for the 6th of May. To the Printers of the ' Sussex Advertiser. GENTLEMEN, ! I CANNOT express my surprise at the Xetter of ' A True Christian" in vour last. H & p ' sessed a little more Christian Charity more common sense, sible that he could ' jo my meaning. His miserable attempt at wit [ pass over with silence and pity ; but he may be as- sured, I had not the most distant thought of abusing Protestants, in order to exalt Catholics, as I merely commended the one for refusing oaths which they could not take with sincerity, and wished it was so universally with the other. If be had attended to the word " ALL" iri the sen- tence which qftends him, he would not have sp grossly misrepresented the meaning. It clearly implies that Protestants in general wilt not take oaths but with sincerity; but that there are softie unhappy exceptions. If " A True Christian" denies that, where Iras he lived ? Has he never attended out\ Courts of Justice, and heard the grossest prevarication and perjury ? Has he never heard the oaths of office, and custom- house oaths, among the Laity ? Has he never heard ( if we may enter on such sacred ground) of Clergymen who' swear to the truth of Articles which they do not believe,— and traffic for Living,— and then take the Oath against Simony, which declares thev have neither done it DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY. Oil the whole, Gentlemen, with the excellent Bishop Hincliff—" I do not fear the Men, who swear Too LITTLE, but the men, who swear TOO MUCH." I am, Gentlemen, respectfully yours', A DISSENTING MINISTER. April 22, 1813. [ This letter was intended for owr last, but want of room compelled us to postpone it.] DAIRY. WANTED immediately, in a farm- house, a » * steady,' active, middle- aged Woman, to take the management, aud do the work of a DAIRY, where nine or ten cows are kept, and cheese tirade. For particulars apply to the Printers of this Paper. WANTED, in a Countrv Gentleman's Family a steady Person as COOK and HOUSE KEEPER, Who will have a Kitchen Maid under her. She must perfectly understand Pickling and Preserving. The preference would be given to a person who has lived iri a family of the above de- scription. Letters, addresed to W. L. at the Printing- Of- fice, Chichester, with the person's terms, will be attended to. GLOBE INSURANCE. LONDON. FIRE, LIVES, AND ANNUITIES. MR. ALEXANDER BALDY. of Ship- street, Brighton, being appointed AGENT to the GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY, all persons are requested to apply to him respecting the business of that Office. Proposals mav be had gratis. JOHN CHARLES DENHAM, Secty. April, 1813- CHRISTIANITY IN INDIA. THE following is a copy of the Petitions now lying at Mr. Baxter's Library, for signatures ; and it is hoped that all persons residing at Lewes, or in its vicinity, and who arc desirous of obtain- ing every facility to aid those who are employed in the arduous but highly philanthropic duty, of en- lightening the ignorant Hindoos, will shew their zeal for the worship of the true God, by subscribing their names to a Petition, which has for its object that which is so truly desirable, as the conversion of an idolatrous nation. To the Right Hon. the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembled. The humble Petition of the undersigned, Inha- bitants of Lewes, and its vicinity, Sheweth That your Petitioners are deeply impressed with the moral degradation of the immense population of tlie British Dominions in India, and lament that so little has hitherto been done to remove if, although the Honourable the House of Commons was pleased in the year 1793, to resolve—" That it is the peculiar and bounden duly of the Bri fish Legislature to promote'by all just and prb dent means the interests and happiness of the in habitants of the British dominions in India, and that for these end^, such Measures otjght to be adopted as may gradually lead to the advance ment in useful knowledge, apd to their religious and moral improvement." That your Petitioners most cordially concur in the just and humane sentiments contained in the above resolution. Your Petitioners therefore implore your Lord ships, that such provisions may be inserted in the new Charter to be granted to the East India Com- pany, as shall afford sufficient facilities to those benevolent Christians, who shall be desirous of going to India for the purpose of communjcatin to its population, the blessings of useful knowledge, and moral and religious improvement; and also such provisions as shall prevent the obstruction of their endeavours for promoting theii object in that country, so long as they shail. conduct themselves in a peaceable and orderly manner. And your Petitioners shall ever pray, & c & cc * 4* That to the Hon. the House of Commons is the same, verbatim, excepting in the adlre'ss.— Thc. Peti tions w II remain at Mr. Baxter's, till Saturday the Sth of May, instant. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. LAMBE, In the Ship Yard, Newhaven, Sussex, oii Tuesday, the 4th May, 1813, at Id o'clock, unless previously dis- posed of, ARemarkably handsome, strong, well- built Hog- Boat, about. l24 feet in length, well calculated for the Mackerel Fishery, together with the mast,, rig- ging and materials, ( except srtils). The wliole - is UQW fitted, mid the - boat readylti put ' Into the water imme- diately. Further particulars inny be had; ou applica- tion to Mr. Thomas Tasker. , On the lsl of May was published, ' Price < jd. Nu: iilnr IV. nf ' THE GOSPEL. , OLOGICAL. . REVlKW coontainino- Religion* Essays, Review of Book, Poetry. & e. " Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, for it is hypocrisy." Sold by W. DAY, 13, Goswell- street, Lon'dnn ; W, LEE, Lewes; the- Newscarriers; and by all Booksellers. MNEMONICS.: . r " Or, Art of assisting the MEMORY. Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitant, of. Lewes, :,„ d its Vicinity, tb. it owing to some other arrangements having taken place, be shall give an examination of three Lads, from. the Lancastrian 8rho. il, amj •„ y. nog Lady, this evening May the 3d, ( and not on. tUi loth and nth, as mentioned in the hill's,) and to- morrow evening the 4th, at ihe Crown loo, at o'eb. k, in Geography, Astronomy, Chronology, Statistics, Botany ; English, French and Italian Poetry, to display the simplicity and surprising efi'ects rif i, is'ne. v system of Mnemonics, The Lectures to comiimice on Wednes- day the 5th. Particulars are given in the bills. GLYNDE BRIDGE TURNPIKE. A General Meeting of the Trustees Of the Glyode Bridge Turnpike- road, will be bidden at the Ram Inn, in Westfirle, on Tues'day, the 11th mat. at noon, when and where the Surveyors of the hiehvrays of the several parishes,.. in which the said Turlipike- road lies ( who were not at the last meeting) are parti- cularly requested to attend. EDWARD VERRAL, Clerk. Lewes, May T, is 1,1 STRAYED, onThursdav, theKVh irtst. into this ^ grounds of Mr. W. WOODHAMS, of Lulling- near Alfriston, two Mare Riding PONIES, ; P black, with a loh'g tail, nearly ready to foal. < A- neother, an iron grev, Willy ' a cut tail, and'mark* edon the back with the letters'G.- S. Whoever owns the same, may have tMrn agSini, by paving the expences of keep, advertising, & c. " '•'•'" Lullington, April8( y, lgig. • , A LEGACY. IF TON, otherwise WITHLRINGTON, whose father was related to the late Mr. Edward Lamb, of SOUTH LAMBETH, in the county of Surry, will apply by pet. son, or by letter, post paid, to . JOHN BAKEN, esq, Apothecaries' Halj, London ; or to Mr. Thomas Weller, High- ntrcet, Croydon, Surrey, they will hear of some. thing to their advantage.' TO BE, SOLD, VERY CHEAP, A POST- CHAISE, and HARNESS, For • f\ particulars enquire pf the Landlord pf the'Sheffield Arms Inn,. Fletchjng, CONEY BOROUGH PARK. TO BE LETT, . For a Term of Seven or. Ten Ve^ tv I'post* Way 10, ista.,; THE above Residence, duljghtfiijly .. srt i. Ytcd within three mijes of Lewes, nine of Bri^ Hi'lVelm. ston. and 46 of London. The Mansion c... .. . Un a good entrance hall, a drawing- room SGft. I;)!•, i. y'?. dining room 26 by If) feel, two small parlours, billiard room, library, breakfast room, convenient'mi'rsrry, eiWit best bed chambers, dressing room, a'nif gooif atl'fqs, With suitable offices, attached and detached ; cocid fcitrluni eardens, coach house, ami stabling for rfi horses1. The Park contains 56 acres of Ihe be, t- conditioned land for deer, nud excellent fish ponds. The tenant will have Ihe privilege of shootiug and hunting over an extensii s manor. For further pariiculars apply to Messrs. Forster, Cook, and Freere, New Square, Lincoln'* Jnn, London- er of Mr. Stephen Grautham, Stoneham, near Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVARE• CON- TRACT ONE Hundred and Twenty Acres, tndie or less, of excelfcnt' FREEHOLD WOODLAND, well known by the name of ' ths PARK WOOD, in the parish of Burwasb, in the county of Sussex, well stock- ed with game, and all th£ Woiids atou: i « t it. For further particulars enquire of Mr. EDWARD ADES, of Sedlescomb, nt'ar Robertsbridje, Sussex. HORSES,; GIG, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL. AND SON, Before the Star Door, in Lewes, on Thursday next, the 6th of May,, at four o'clock in. the afternoon. AFINE young CHESNUT MARE, near her time of foaling, by St, Andero; several good bacney and draft horses '; a neat gig and harness', a sin- gle horse chaise, and a few lots of hii « bandry. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, At Seaford. on Friday, the 7th day of May, 18.13, at three o'clock in the afternoon,' precisely, by order of the Assignees, THE Masts, Yards, Anchors, Cables,. Sails, J. standing and running Rigging, ami other « tnrei saved from tile schooner ELIZABETH, of London, Joseph l isk. Master, from Lisbon, stranded in Seaford Bay the afiih April, isi3. For further particulars, apply to the Collector of Customs, Newhaven ; Mr. John Gorringe, Seaford; or, J. B. STONE, Agent to Lloyd's, Newhaven, 1st May, 1813. Live and Dead Farming: Stock. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, JSy TESTER and BATES, On Thursday, the 1.31b'of May, isi. i,, at two o'clock, at Staadhridge Farm, near Staplefield Common, Cuck- . field, Sussex, COMPRISING two valuable strong cart botses, a complete narrnw- wheei. Vraggon, life dung carts4 one equal to new ; a capital land rotler, four ploughs, two pair of harrows, nearly new ; five sheep racks, 70 wattle's, harnesses, ox nibs, double and single yokes, barn tackle, corn measures, sieves, ladders, prong*, and rakes, with numerous husbandry implement, s, jn gefternl, TO BARGE MASTERS: TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER and BATES, At the'Thatched House; iii'the Chiff, Lewes, on Satur- day, 15th May, I8T3R a^. a&' eiit s!^ o'clock iu the •• eVening, " ' - " i THOSE two BARGES, now on the River Oitse, called ( he ROYAL OAK, a « d LINDEIELD BRIDGE, both of sixteen toi^^ urtheu; ^ oj « ithcr with their tarpanlintr, planks, banners, scalcs, weights and other implement^ geueffijly used. Also two barge horses, and some timber planks, o* yjikes, The Barges are in good repair, mid may be - rreivert three days prior to the sale, by application t'A Mr. J. Leny, at the Thatched House ; and further " partienVars kirowu by application to Mr. S. Hollindale, at Offham, near Lewes. MR. THOMPSONS celebrated. CHEL- TENHAM SALTS. These celebrated SALTS are made from the Chalybeate,. Saline Spas'. ni Chelten- ham ; and are now in .. the highest estimation, Their aperient tonic qualities tend to strengthen the consti- tution, to promote digestion,, and to, purify the blood ; and no danger is incurred, in admiipisterin^ them, even to the most de licate or weakened hab. its. indeed, their excellent virtues are so well knowthat they need no fulsome display of wolds to recommend them. Mr. THOMPSON feels/ it necessary . to ppri2e the public,' that there i\ a spurious sort offered tor sale, to the great disparagement of his genuine:- he therefore in. forms them, that the real only are sold, in bottles of 3s. 6d. 5s. log., 64, and 17s. each, at Mr. Choat's Circu- lating. Library and Reading Rooms* 136,, North- street, and 1, 2, and 3, Prince's Place, Brighton, who is the sole Agent for Sussex-. LEWES, MAY 1, 1813. Red Wheat - 61. Os, to Ol. Os. per qr. White'Wheat , 61. , 4s. to Ol. Os. — Barley - ' 64s.' to oh'?. Oats » • • « 4os. to 4* s. MONDAY'S, TUESDAY'S, AND WEDNES- DAY'S POSTS. From Tuesday's London Gazette. . Downing Street, April 26, IRIS. ALETTER,' of which the following ii ah 6x- trdtt, has been received from Lieut.- Colonel Bourke, dated Corunna, April 14, 1813;— An official account, which I have received from the Governor of Castro Ordiales, reports the in- vestiture f that place, on the 181I1 ult. by about .1,000 men cruler General Palornbin, who, after dill'erent attempts, in all of which he \ vas heat off liy ( lie garrison* retired on the 25th towards Bilboa and Datango. The immediate cause of his retreat was the approach ef General Mendizabel, with the division of Longa and other Corps, to the relief of the place. The enemy lost in the different attacks and in 1 skirmish with the force under General Mendizabel, on the 30th, near fitf men, in killed, wounded, and missing. The greatest excesses and barbarities were committed by the Italian troops in the villages in the neighborhood of the place, du- ring the period of the seige. General Mendizabel has since returned with bis troops to Valmuseda and Ordona, leaving a battalion of Col. Longa's in garrison in Castro. LONDON. The House of Commons met again on Tuesday, hut nothing of importance occurred. The Livery of London have passed a Vote of Censure on tilt Lord Mayor, for taking them thro' St. Giles's to TYBURN, on going to Kensington- Palace, 011 the 12th. 1 The Prince Regent of Portugal is said to possess mote diamonds than any of the potentates in Eu- rope— their value not less than three millions Sterling. That transcendant mistress of tragic expression Mis. Siddons, continues to astonish and instruct her heaters, with her recitations from Shakespeare and Milton, at Argyle House. A Colli t Martial " was held at Portsmouth, on ( 1 e remaining officers and ship's company of his Majesty's late ship Java, to inquire into the circum- stances attending her capture by the United States Ship the Constitution, which ended in the complete and honourable acquittal of Lieutenant Chads, and the officers and Crew.- His MAJESTY'S HEALTH.— The King during the last week, has continued generally tranquil. Saturday se'nnight, Mr. Cameron, ascended from Glasgow, in a balloon, which had been for some ' ii'nie in preparation. He rose in a fine style, travelled 70 miles iti one hour and twenty minutes, and alighted safely at Falnash, in the county of Roxburgh. The money collected on the occasion did not cover his expences. The composition vended in the metropolis under the denomination of MILK, has been advanced BY the retailers, 4d. per gallon.— The reason assigned is, that the cowkeepers in Mary- le- bone have been deprived, by the formation of the Regency- Park, of the usual fields for the pasturage of their cows, and obliged to incur a heavy expence by the pur- chase of more remote lands. Henry Clifford, esq. the popular barrister, died last week at Bath The finest Wheat has been offered to be deliver- ed in Newcastle at 72s. per quarter; and the best Oats at 20s. per quarter. Mr. Duptee's villa at Beaconsfield, ( late Mr. Burke's) was totally consumed by fire on Friday. The Toss is estimated at 30,0001. Mr. Coates, the amateur of fashion, as he is cal- led, cry Tuesday evening again made himself ri- diculous, as the lovesick Romeo, on the boards of the Haymarket theatre. The Duke of Cumberland's beautiful set of car- riage greys were brought to the hammer 011 Mon- day, at Tattersall's ( on account of his Royal High- ness's immediate embarkation for the Continent) and sold at very high prices. Asparagus and all kinds of spring vegetables are now plenty in Edinburgh market, vegetation being three or four weeks earlier than it was last season at this period. WESTMINSTER ADDRESS, The Address of the City of Westminster, was on Wednesday presented to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, at Blackheath, by Sir Francis Burdett, and the other Members of the Deputation appointed for that purpose. The following are copies of the Address, and her Royal Highness's Answer ;— TO HI2R ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCESS OF WALES. <* We, the Inhabitant Housholders of the City anil Liberties of Westminster, leg; ilty assembled, beg leave to approach your Royal Highness with an affectionate Address. « We participate with our fellow- subjects ( the Citi- zens of London) sentiment! of undiminished esteem for your Royal Highness, and of just indignation at the foul conspiracy, which, it is now apparent, has been long carrying on against your Royal Highness's honour and life. We admire the patience, forbear- ance. and resignation, with which your Royal High- ness has submitted for so long a time, to neglect and reproach, as humiliating as undeserved, even to the ver" e ( if acquiescence, in calumnies the most foul, scandalous, and false. Your Royal Highness was com pelled ' at lengt!. to vindicate your own honour, involv- ing that of your Royal Daughter, our future Sovereign. And we congratulate your Royal Highness on the mag- nanimity tind wisdom which prompted you to demand, in the face of the nation, from the two Houses of Par- liament. that justice to which the most humble is en- titled, either to be proved guilty, or treated as innocent. >• We are iiruily of opinion, that those who advised the separation of a beloved and affectionate daughter from such a mother, had any tiling in view rather than the good- of the illustrious object of your Royal Highness's warmest and best affection., or of the country over which she is destined tortile. " But we are unable to express our grief and aston- ishment at the cruelty, injustice, and insolence, with which your Royal Highness's appeal was withheld from the House of Lords; oral the cold and reluctant re- ception it met with from a corrupt majority of the House of Commons; and we assure your Royal High ness, that upon ibis, us upon most other occasions, ibe sentiments of that corrupt majority are 110 ways it con- formity with those of the people; and we flatter our. selves your Royal Highness will not, from so inadequate a criterion, estimate the feelings of a loyal and generous nation. We ardently hope the treatment your Royal Highness has received, will derply imprint on the minds of every thinking man this great, this indisput. able truth, that, without ah honest House of Commons, justice can uo more be insured to the htghcu than to the lowest individual in the land. » We assure your Royal Highness, that regard for onr Country, as well for that deference we bear your Royal Highness, will make us ready, irt all times, to give your Royal Highness proof of our attachment and deiotiori, and of * tii> atixiUiis Soiidtade foC Joltr' wet1 fare, happiness, and honour. " ARTHUR MORRIS, High Bailiff." ANSWER. " I return you i my sincere thanks for the regard to- wards me so kindly expressed in this Address, tp. 011 this, as on other important occasion's, the sentiments of Westminster are in unison with those of the whole country. Permit trie to add, that there can be no doubt that the refusal of Parliament to entertain the question, only originated in a conviction, that my innocence stood above all susnicion, and an apprehension that Parliamentary interference might delay the restofation to my daughter's society, 10 universally desired," KING CHARLES I. Sir Henry Halford has published a Narrative of the Investigation which lately took place at Windsor, in the Vault of King Henry VIII. in presence of the Prince Regent and a select few, appointed by his Royal Highness for the purpose. We have been favoured with an early copy of this most interesting Work, the interest of which has been not a little increased by the many Ver\ im- perfect accounts which have been published of that most interesting inquiry. The following is an extract:— " The Vault is covered by an arch, half a brick in thickness, is seven feet two inches in width, nine feet six inches in length, and four feet ten inches in height, and is situated in the centre of the choir, opposite the eleventh Knight's stall on the Sovereign's side. " On removing the pall, a plain leaden coffin, with no appearance of ever having been enclosed in Wood, and bearing an inscription, " King Charles 1648," tn large legible characters, on a' scrolKJ^ iead encircling it, immediately presented itself the view1. A square opening was then made in the upper part of the lid, of such dimen- sions as to admit a clear insight into its contents. These were, an internal wooden coffin, very much decayed, and the Body, carefully wrapped in cere- cloth, into the folds of which a quantity of unctu- ous or greasy matter, mixed with resin, as it seemed, had been melted, so as ( o exclude, as effectually as possible, the external air. The coffin was completely full ; and, from tenacity of the cere cloth, great difficulty was experienced in detaching it successfully from the parts which it enveloped. Wherever unctuous matter had in- sinuated itself, the separation of tile cere- cloth was easy; and when it came off, a correct impres sion of the features to which it had been applied was observed in the unctuous substance. At length, the whole face was disengaged from its covering. The complexion of the skin of it was dark and discoloured. The forehead and temples bad Inst little or nothing of their muscular sub- stance; the cartilage of the nose was gone; hut the left eye, in the first moment of exposure, was open and full, though it vanished almost imme- diately: and the pointed beard, so characteristic of the period of the reign of King Charles, was ,) effect The shape of the face was a long oval; many of the teeth remained ; and the left ear, in consequence of the interposition of the unc: uous matter between it and the cere- cloth, was found entire. " It was difficult, at ( his moment, to withhold a declaration, that, notwithstanding its disfigurement, the countenance did bear a strong resemblance to coins, the busts, and especially to the pictures of King Charles by Vandyke, by which it had been made familiar fo us. It is true, that the minds of the spectators of this interesting sight were well prepared to receive this impression; but it is also certain, that such a facility of belief had been occasioned by the simplicity and truth of Mr. Herbert's Narrative, every part of which had been confirmed by the investigation, so far as it had advanced: and it will not he denied that the shape of the face, the forehead, an eye, and the beard, me the most important features by which resem- blance is determined. " When the head had been entirely disengaged from the attachments which confined it, it was found to be loose, and, without any difficulty, was taken up and held to view. It was quite wet*, and gave a greenish red tinge to paper, and to linen which touched it. The back part of the scalp was entirely perfect, and had a remarkably fresh appearance; the pores of the skin being more distinct, as they usually are when soaked in moisture ; and the tendons and ligaments of the neck were of considerable substance and firmness. The hair was thick at the back part of the bead, and in appearance, nearly black. A portion of it, which has since been cleaned and dried, is of a beautiful dark brown colour. That of the beard was a redder brown. On the back part of the head, it was more than an inch in length, and had probably been cut so short for the convenience of the executioner, or perhaps by the piety of friends soon after death, in order to furnish memorials of the unhappy King. " On holding up the head, to examine the place of separation from the body, the muscles of the neck had evidently retracted themselves con- siderably; and the fourth cervical vertebra was found to be cut through its substance, transversely, leaving the surfaces of the divided portions per- fectly smooth and even, an appearance which could have been produced only by a heavy blow, inflicted with a very sharp instrument, and which furnished the last proof wanting to identify King Charles the First. " After this examination of the head, which served every purpose in view, and without examin- ing the body below the neck, it was immediately restored to its situation, the coffin was soldered again, and the vault closed. " Neither of the other coffins had any inscrip- tion on them. The larger one, is supposed 0n good grounds to contain the retrains of King Hen- ry VIII. and exposed a mere skeleton of the King. Some little beard remained 011 the chin. The smaller coffin, understood to be that of Queen Jane Seymour, was not touched. " On examining the vault with some attention, it was found that the wall, at the west end, had, at some period or other, been partly pulled down and repaired again, not by regular masonry, but by fragments of stones and bricks, put rudely and hastily together without cement" * 1 have not asserted this liquid to be blood, because 1 had not an opportunity of being sure that it was so, and I wished to record facts only, and not opinions ; I believe it, however, to have been blood, in which the head rested. It gave to writing paper, and to a white handkerchief, such a colour as blood which has been kept for a length of time generally leaves behind it. Nobody present had a doubt of its being blood ; and it appears from Mr. Herbert's narrative, that the King was embalmed immediately after decapitation. It is probable, therefore, that the large blood vessels conti- nued to empty themselves for some time afterwards, I am aware, that some of the softer parts of the human body, and particularly the brain, undergo, in the course of time, a decomposition, and will melt. A liquid, therefore, might be found after long interment, where solids only had been buried ; but the weight of the head, in this instance, gave 110 vnspicion that the brain had lost rts substance; and uo mmsiure appeared 111 . any other part of the coffin, as far as we could see, ex- cepting at the back part of the h> ad and neck. EXECUTION OF EDITH MORREY. On Friday morning last, the 2,3d, at twelve o'clock, this Wretched woman was delivered by Mr. Hudson, constable of' he Castle of Chester, into the hands of Messrs. Thomas and Bennett, the ci- ty sheriffs, for exertion. She walked from the Castle to Glover's - tone, having hold of Mr. Hud- son's arm, with the utmost firmness, amidst an un- usual pressure from the immense crowd assembled; she then t> ot into the Cart, and immediately laid herself down on one side, concealing her face with her handkerchief, which she has invariably done when in public, from her first appearance be- fore tile judges to her final dissolution, and we will venture to affirm that no person obtained a view of her face out of the Castle since her commitment, except the ordinary, & c.— Upon her arrival at the city saol, she continued in prayer with the Rev. W. Fish till one o'clock, when she ascended the scaffold with a firm and undaunted step, with her face covered with her handkerchief, and she im- mediately turned her back to the populace. Af- ter continuing in prayer a short time, the clergy- man withdrew, and the executioner prepared to finish the awful sentence of the law. At this pe- riod, when ( he clergyman had recommended her to dismiss all worldly thoughts, and fix her whole soul on her Redeemer, through whom alone she could hope fof mercy, she twice called for the turnkey ( John Robinson) to bid him farewell— he came at the second call, and having taken leave of her she remained about half a minute, when she dropped the handkerchief, and was immediately launched into eternity. She was very much con- vulsed for four minutes, when her pangs ceased in this world. After hanging the usual time, her body was delivered to the surgeons for dissection, and was open to public inspection during all Saturday. There appeared an apathy in this woman which is truly astonishing— when the Judges came into town, she asked permission to go on the terrace of the castle to see the procession, though she knew their coming was the signal of her fate. On the morning the Rev. Mr. Fish preached what is usually denominated the condemned sermon, she was suffused in tears, and her convulsive sobs were heard throughout the chapel; yet, an hour after, the impression seemed entirely erased. She slept very sound the night previous to her execu- tion, and ate a hearty breakfast upon her awaking. It is worthy of remark, that 011 the 23d day of April, 17( 53, one Mary Heald was strangled and burnt to ashes in Chester City, for poisoning her husband— exactly 50 years, to the day and year, when Edith Morrey was executed. ~~ NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL persons who stand indebted to the estate of Mr. JOHN DOBSON, late of Lindfield. de- ceased, are requested to pay the amount of their re- spective debts, to Mrs. ELIZABETH DOBSON, or Mr. JOHN DAVEY, of Lindfield, who are authorised to re- ceive the same: And all persons having any claim on the said estate, are desired, forthwith, to deliver an account of the same to the said Mrs. Elizabeth Dobson or Mr. John Davey, in order to its being settled. Lindfield, 14th April 1813. True bred Sussex Cows, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By PLUMER and SON, On the Premises, On Wednesday the 51I1 May, 1813, at Hill's Place Farm, Horsham, ALL the LIVE STOCK, & c. of Mr. RICHARD GRINSTED, ( leaving the farm,) comprising tour Sussex bred milch cows, one ditto cross bred, three ditto near calving, one ditto cross, four Sussex heifers and calves, three ditto near calving, three barren cows, three four- year old Devonshire steers, four three- year old Sussex bred steers, one ditto two years old; one six inch wheel waggon, one dung cart; part of two stacks of hay, and about so load of oat straw. To begin at Two o'Clock. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By order of, and before the Commissioners named and authorized, in and by a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued forth against Mr. Wm. Raper, on Saturday, the 8th day of May next, between the hours of six and seven in the evening, at the GOLDEN FLEECE INN, Chichester, THE following valuable Freehold and Leasehold Estates, situate at Frshborne, near the City of Chichester; the land tax whereof hath been redeemed. LOT I. Two excellent FREEHOLD MEADOWS; one containing 4A. IR. and bounded by Crooked Clay Lane, on the east, by the meadow next herein- after mentioned 011 the west, by the Glebe Lands on the north, and by lauds belonging to Mr. Fosbrook, on the south, the other, containing 4 A. oR. 14P. and bound ed by the meadow above described, 011 the east and south, by Broad Clay Lane on the west, and by the Glebe Lauds afuresaid'on ihe north. This lot is subject to a quit rent of 3s. per annum. LOT 2. Two excellent LEASEHOLD MEADOW'S, one containing 3A. lit. top. and bounded by Crooked Clay Lane on the east, south, and west, and by lands of John Diggens, esq. 011 the north; the other containing 8A. alt. 21 P. bounded by lands belonging to Mr. Tup per 011 the south, by Broad Clay Lane on . the west, and by the lands mentioned in Lot 1, 011 the north. LOT 3. An excellent Leasehold Meadow, called The GASTON, containing 8A. ir. up. bounded 011 the east by lands belonging to Mr. Fosbrook, and on the south by premises belonging, partly to Mr. Robert Benham, partly tn Mr. Groves, partly to Mr. Tupper, and partly to Mr. Yarrall Johnson. LOT 4. An excellent LE4SEHOLD MEADOW, containing 3A. iR. toP. and hounded by Crooked Clay Lane 011 the south and west, by lauds of John Quan tock, esq. on ihe east, and by lands of the Rev, Wm. Walker, on the north. N. B. The above Leasehold premises are equal in value to Freehold, being held for long terms of years. Lot 2. subject to a quit- rent of 3l. Is, tid. Lot 3. to a quit- rent of 7 » . and Lot 4, to a quit rent of as. 6d. per annum. Further particulars may he obtained on application to Messrs. Johnson, Price, and Freeland, Solicitors, Chi- chester. TO THE AFFLICTED. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec- tions, with their usual concomitants, Spasm, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general De bility, ( originating in whatever source) are relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard Pills, 4fter every other means had failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pills,) iu those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, generally curing CHILBLAINS by one application, and the severest SPRAINS and BRUISES, iu less than half the time usually taken by any other Liniment or embrocation, and if used immediately al'terany accident it prevent? the part turning black WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally ef- frcacious for broken Chilblains, all ill conditioned sores, sore legs, scorbutic eruptions, blotches, pimples, ring- worms, shingles, breakings out of the face, nose, ears, and eyelids, sore and inflamed eyes, sore heads and scor- butic humours of every description. Prepared only and sold by R. Johnston, apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London ; the Essence and Pills at 2s. Qd. each. The Cerate at is. i| d. and 2s yd — They are aho sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter Lewes; Mr. While, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton; Monday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham; Cuthbert, Battle; Coleman, Rye; Pratt and Phillipson, Chichester; and every Medicine Ven, der iu the United Kingdom, TICKETS and Shares foe present State' Lottery, containing More Prlzes than Blanks, are On sale at the Office of HAZARD, RURNE, and Co. Stock- Brokers, Royal Exchange, London, WHERE . No. 1,191,— the last Prize of—,£ 20,000, and the only one in that Lottery, was sold 111 One Half, One Eighth, and Six Sixteenths. The present Lottery begins drawing 011 Thursday next. The Scheme contains S.... Prizes of... .,£ 20,000 S.... Prizes of £ 10000, & c. & c. Agent for the above Office Mr. W. Lee, Printer, Lewes. NEXT TUFRSDAY The STATE LOTTERY will begin Drawing SWIFT and Co. respectfully remind their O Friends and the Public, that the present Stale Lot- tery will begin Drawing on the 6th MAY, on which Day every Ticket drawn will be a Prize. The Scheme contains 111,159 Prizes, among which are 3\ . of. .£ 20,000 I 4.. of. .£ 2,000 3. . of.... 10,000 | 6. . of. ... 1,000 In the Last Lottery the following Capital Prizes were all sold in Shares by SWIFT and Co. No. 921 Prize of <£ 10,000 6,025 Prize of 2,000 $, 022 Prize of 500 5,7 11 Prize of 300 2,201 Prize of 200 & c. & c. Tickets and Shares are selling at their Offices, No. I], Poultry, 12, Charing Cross, and 31, Aldgate- High- street, London, and by their Agents, J. B. Phillipson, St. James's street, Brighton. R. Phillipson, North street, Chichester. M. Irish, Watchmaker, Lewes. J. Sprange, Postmaster, Tunbridge Wells. • Beauty restored, and Health preserved. TO cure Eruptions in the Face, Skin, & c. without impairing the Constitution, is that excel lent and unprecedented preparation, Mrs. VINCENT's GOWLAND's LOTION. The following Note from a Lady of Rank is a proud testimonial of its superior ex- cellence— No. 49, Charlotte- street, Portland Place, Lady Catharine Lennox presents her compliments to Mrs. Vincent, and has the pleasure of stating, that by the use of two Quart Bottles of her Gowland's Lotion, she is perfectly cured of a violent eruption upon her face and arms; she was recommended by her phrsician to make use of the Lotion which has exceeded her most sanguine expectations. Mrs, V. is at liberty to make use of her name, as having experienced its heal ing virtues; and Lady Lennox will also recommend it as much as possible, wnluu the sphere of her acquaint- ance Sold by Mrs, Vincent, No. 6, Davies- street, Grosvenor- square, London ; and io Lewes by Mr, LEE, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Davey ; and in Brighton, by Messrs. White, Phillipson, Donaldson, Walker, and Gilbert ; and by all respectable venders of genuine medicines, in quarts at 8s tid. pints 5s. bd. half pints 2s. 9d. To prevent Counterfeits, it is necessary to observe M. E. Vincent, signed upon all thai is genuine. Likewise is sold as above, Vincent's Restorative Tooth- Powder, for preserving, restoring, and beautify.- ing the Teeth, and curing the Scurvy iu the Gums, price 2s. 9d, each box. Dr. MILLER'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS OR PILLS, Price 4a. 6d. per bottle, or box. THIS most extraordinary Medicine is unequalled in its quality to purify and sweeten the blood a > d juices; is a most powerful remedy against all spots, blotches, pimples, itchings of the body, leprosy, inflam- mations of the eyes, sore legs, and all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood. With each bottle is given a book of directions and advice, containing a nu- merous list of cures performed by this medicine. Likewise his NERVOUS CORDIAL, and RESTORATIVE PILLS, Price 4s. Cd. and lis. per bottle. Pills Ss- 9d. per box. The wonderful and most astonishing effect of these medicines is to restore debility, lowness of spirits, epi leptic fits, spasm or convulsions, wind in the stomach and bowals, head ache, palsy, cramp of ihe stomach, defect of memory, palpitation of the heart, want of appetite, langour, trembling, female weakness, and all nervous disorders. Also his WORM DESTOYING SUGAR CAKES. OR PILLS, Price is. ijd. a packet. These Cakes or Pills, are the best medicine to destroy worms in ihe human body, they are the best physic that can be taken for all ages, sexes, or constitutions, whether they have worms or not. Dr. Miller's medicines are prepared from the Doctor's receipts, by James Stedman, Chemist and Druggist, are sold wholesale and retail, at his shop in West Mal- ling, in Kent; and sold by the following persons: ARTHUR LEE, School Hill, Lewes , Battle, J. Cuthbert Hastings, J. Norton Bexhill, T. Wedd Heathfield, J. Ellis Burwash, G. Children Horsham, T. Mann Brighton, Mr. White Lamberhurst, R Foster Cuckfield, J. M. George Lewes, J. Davey, chemist Dallington, J. Pardon Lindfield, W. Durrant Ditcheling, J. Browne Maresfield, J. Maynard Eastbourne, T. Baker Rye, M. Coleman E Grinsted, Palmer & Son , Cook & Son, druggists Edenbridge, W. Corke Sandhurst, J. Beach — R. Parsons Tunbridge Wells, J . Sprange Groombridge, T. Killick Uckfield, L. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hatlsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, W. Noakes Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew Wittersham, J. Wood Dr. Miller continues to give his advice in particular cases, at Mereworth, as usual. ENGLAND'S PLAGUE ARRESTED. MR MADDEN respectfully informs the Public ( to prevent any spurious Medicine being im- posed 011 the afflicted) he has appointed Mr. COLE- MAN, Library, Rye, to be his SOLE AGENT for that Town and Neighbourhood, to vend his VEGETABLE ESSENCE for cases of Consumption, Asthma, Colds, Coughs, and other Pulmonary Complaints, price 7s, each bottle, with full directions. From the numerous testimonials which he has been favoured with,' of the efficacy of this valuable medicine, he begs to subjoin flie under, which he has received from a respectable Clergyman, From the Rev. W. Holland, Minister of St, Luke's Chapel Sir, a short time since, 1 took the liberty of recom- mending the bearer ( Elizabeth Wright) to your kind- ness. She has been sixteen or seventeen years much afflicted with her breath ; but your medicine, under the divine blessing, has restored her to a measure of ease she had long been a stranger to ; and I have 110 doubt hut a short continuance in its use will perfect her recovery. I am, Sir, your obedient Servant, W. HOLLAND, Minister of St. Luke's Chapel. Gee- street, March 17, isit. From Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, 109, Old- street, St. Luke's Honoured Sir, Having experienced great benefit from your medicine, in the perfect recovery of my health, 1 return you ir. y most hearty thanks for the same, and am, honoured Sir, your much obliged humble servant, E. WRIGHT. log, Old- street, St. Luke's, June 9,1311. Sir, permit me, also, to return my thanks for your kind attention to my recommendation. Your obedient servant, W. HOLLAND, Minister of St. Luke's Chapel. The arrival of Wheat for this day's market, from various ports, was plentiful: we had also a very good supply of Flour this circumstances, combined with but little demand, have occasioned adullness id the sales, and a depression of from to 3s. per quarter in the prices.—- Fine Barley is still taken off by our Maltsters at nearly our last quotation, but the ordinary sorts are lower.— Malt is dull in sales, hut nearly as dear as our last.— Beans and Boiling Pease are much as last noted; but Hog Pease aie reduced in value.— Oats ware in good supply this morning, but there are still very few fine samples 5 hence no alteration worth notice has occurred in the prices, except that the very inferior descriptions may be purchased about Is. per quarter lower. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 95s. lifts. Beans 67s. 70s. Pine ditto 122s. Old ditto — s. — Rye 63s. 08s. Oats 2 Is. Barley SSs. 4( is Poland ditto 25s. SOs Malt 90s. 96s. j Potatoe ditto 35s 42st White Pease \ Rape Seed 451. 50l ( boilers) Fine Flour 105s. litis' Grey Pease 65s. 68s. 1 Seconds 95 s 100s" PRICE OF SEEDS. R. CIover( n.) 80s. od. to 100s. Od. per cwt. Old ditto Os. Od. to — s. Od. ditto White ditto t6s. od. to 144s. Od. ditto Trefoil 15s. Od. to 06s. Od. ditto Rye Grass SOs. od. to 56s. Od. per quarter Turnip I6s 0d. to 18s. Od. per bushel Red & Green 20s. Od. to 24s. Od. ditto W. Must. S. ! 4s. Od. to 16s. Od. per bushel Blown ditto 26s. Od. to 28s Od. ditto Carraway Seeds - - 903, | 00s. ditto Coriander Seeds - - 40s. 4r> s. ditto Cinque Foin ... scarce Canary- - 90s. ltiOs. ditto. Oil Cake, at the Mill, £ in 18s. per thousand. PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be sold at I8£ d. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. ^ Sack of Flour - . jog , y Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 , „ 123 6 Eighty Quartern Loaves at l8Jd. 123 4. Against the Baker ... 3 SMITHFIELD - MARKET, APRIL 2C. J To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s. d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day Beef 6 0 to 7 4 Beasts - - 24 IS Mutton 7 O to 7 8 I Sheep & Lambs 14ool> Lamb 7 0 to 9 o Calves - . 96 Veal 7 0 to 8 0 Pigs - - 260 Pork 7 o to 8 4 NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS „ , » • d- s- s. d. s. d. Beef 5 4 to 6 6. | Veal 0 0 to 7 3 Mutton 6 4 to 6 8 I Pork 7 O to 8 4 Lamb C O to 8 4 PRICE or LEATHER d. ( J. Butts, 50lb. a 561b. . 22 a 24 Ditto, 561 b. a 661b. - 24 a 2.5 Merchants' Backs . 21 a 23 Dressing Hides - 20 a 21 Fine Coach Hides - 21 a 23 Crop Hides for Cutting 20 a 91 Ordinary - « . a Tanned Horse - 21 a 25 Calfskins, 30lb. to 40lb. S3- a 40 ,5 lb. to70lb. ?< j a 45 , 70lb. to 80lb. 40 a 44 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr !*>. 36d. 37d. . large, per doz. 140s, 180s a Oj ' PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. <£ d. £ s. d. Average. Hay 2 If) o to 5 12 0— 4 1 r> Straw . I 16 0 to 2 5 0— 2 3 o WHITECHAPEL,. Hay 4 4 0 to 5 10 0— 4 17 O Straw I 16 0 to 2 4 0 — 2 0 0 Clover 6 4 0 to 7 4 0— 6 14 o SMITHFIELD. Clover 660 to 7 0 0- 6 13 o 2d Crop 0 0 0 to 0 0 0— 0 0 O Old Hay 5 5 0 to 5 15 0— 5 10 <> Inferior 3 15 0 to 5 0 0— 4 7 ( j Straw 2 2 0 to 2 8 0— 2 5 o PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d St. James's Market 4 10 Town Tallow £ 4 fl Clare Market 0 O Yellow Russia S3 (, Whitechapel ditto 5 0 White ditto o <> •• Soap ditto () 9 10 I Melting Stuff 70 o Average price 4 11 j Ditto rough 53 o I Graves 24 o Yellow Soap, 96s— Mottled, h> 6s - Curd, no Candles, per doz. 14s. 6d.— Moulds, 16s. od. PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. £ S £ £ S. £ Kent 10 10 to 14 0 Kent 11 0 to 16 o Sussex 10 0 to 12 0 Sussex 10 10 to 13 o Essex 18 0 to 24 0 Farnham 11 0 to 140 Bags Jo 0 to 0 0 Pock ' 5J ° 10 ° « Pock 0 0 to 0 0 Old Hop Duty, laid at <£' 30,56ll. 199. S| d RAW HIDES. Best Heifers and Steers, per st. 3s Od to 3s Ad Middlings os 8d to 2s lOd Ordinary Od to 2s ( id Market Calf each 17s od to os od English Horse - ... 14s od to 16' s 0< J Shearling . — Lamb sk. Os 24d to Os 30' i Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will alt,* lie received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM PALMER, East- Grinsted; Mr. COLEMAN, Rye ; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen
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