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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 5
No Pages: 4
The Northampton Mercury page 1
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford

Date of Article: 17/04/1813
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 5
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Martha T< General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Her\ SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 1813 Ready Money is expected { with Advertisements, i Ci rculated through every Town and populous Village in tiie Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham. Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. Stamy- Uuty - 3d. i Paper and Print 3a. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, April 13. DISPATCHES from Quebec, dated Feb. 3, contain an official account if the defeat of the American Oen. Winchester, of which the fol- lowing is an extract :— " His Excellency the Commander of the Forces has the highest satisfaction in announcing to the troops under bis command, another brilliant action Achieved bv the gallant division of the army at Deltort, under Colonel Proctor. " Information having been received that an advanced corps of the American armv under Gen. Winchester, amounting to upwards of 1000 men, had entered and occupied Frenchtown, about 20 miles S. of Detroit, Colonel Proctor did not hesi- tate a moment in anticipating the enemy, by attacking this advanced corps before it could receive support from the forces cn their march under Gen. Harrison. " At dav- break on the 22d of January, Colonel Proctor, by a spirited attack, completely defeated General Winchester's division, with the loss of between 4 and 500 slain ; for ail who attempted to save themselves by flight were cut off by the Indian warriors. About 400 of the enemy took refuge in the houses of the town, and kept up a gallant fire from the windows; but finding further resistance unavailing, they surrendered at dis- rretion. On this evening, the gallantry of Colonel Proctor was nobly displayed in his humane un- wearied exertions, which succeeded in rescuing the vanquished from the revenge of the Indian warriors. " The prisoners, at the close of the action, Amounted to 1 Grn. 1 Colonel, 1 Staff, 1 Major, 9 Captains, SO Subalterns, 27 Serjeants, and 413 rank and file; hut the Indian warriors were hourly bringing io prisoners, and had taken a strong escort of the enemy, with 500 hogs." German Papers to the 27th ult. and Dutch to the 5th inst. have been received in town, and also letters of more recent date from the Dutch coast. The latter states, that the Conservative Senate has placed at the disposal of the Ministers at War, for the service of the present year, 90,000 men, in addition to troops already in the field, and exclu- sive of the conscription in 1814, of which 90,000 are said to have been already levied and under arms. To make up the new levy 80,000 are to be taken from the first class of the National Guard, and 10,000 from the different guards of honour voluntarily enrolled at various periods duringBona- parte's excursions in the Departments. They are 11 be mounted anij equipped at their own expense. Ibis measure as might be expected, has excited very great dissatisfaction.— From the same source, it is stated, that the Senate had sanctioned a decree for establishing martial law for three months, ill the territories from the confines of Holland to the • mouth of the Elbe. Bonaparte was expected to set out from Paris about the 10th inst. to head his troops in Germany. In order to ingratiate him- self with his good people of Paris, by an affected display of the confidence be reposes in them, he has lately visited several of the works now erecting, without any of his guards, and accom- panied only by a few of the officers of his household. A Cadiz Mail arrived on Saturday with papers » r. d letters to the 28th ult. There contents as far as regards military movements, have been anticipa- ted by the arrivals from Corumta and Lisbon. I he firmness manifested by the Cortes in the dis- missal of the late Regency had it appears, re- moved the conscientious qualms of the Clergy CLERGY CHARITY. rPIIE Faster Visitations of the Rev. the 1 Archdeacon of Northampton are appointed to be holden at the following Times ant! Places, viz. For the Deanries of Brackley arid Daventry, on Monday the 26th of this Instant April, at Tow- cester. For the Deanries of Northampton, Preston, and Haddon, on Tuesday the 27th, at Norihampton. Fur the Deanries of Rothwell and Iligham, on Wednesday the 28th, at Wellingborough. For the Deanries of Oundle and Weldun, on Thursday the 29th, at Oundle. For Ihe Deanries of Peterborough and Rutland, tin Friday the'SOth at St. Martin's, Stamford. At which respective Times and Places the Re- reiver of ihe Clergy Charity for the Relief of ihe Widows and Orphans of Poor Clergymen, and of Ihe necessitous Clergymen of the Diocese of Peter- borough, will attend to take the Subscriptions of such of the Benevolent as shall be pleased to order Payment of Ihe same. By Order of the Stewards and Subscriber", WM. GATES, Juu. Receiver. Peterborough, 9th April, 1813. 1 STONY- STRATFORD. JOHN OLIVER respectfully acquaints bis Friends and the Public, that on declining the DRAPERY BUSINESS in Favour of Messrs. WALLIS& BO VF. S, he feels it his Dutytoreiurn his sincere Thanks fur the distinguished Patronage conferred on him during the Period be has been in Business. To Consumers of British Iron. THE above Atticle may be had at Fisher's Iron V* rd, OUNDLE, at Sixteen P# unds per Ton. The Money to be Paid before the Iron is laken away. VALE of AYLESBURY BANK.. A1essrs\ Grace and Woodcock's Bankruptcy. MIE Creditors who have duly proved their Debts against the joint Estate of Messrs. GRACE & WOODCOCK, may receive a First Dividend ot Ten Shillings in the Pound, by applying at the late BANKING- OFFICE, in AYHSBURV, Bucks, and producing theirNotes. proved, between the Hours of Nine and Five o'Clock, in the following Order, viz. Those Creditors the Initial of whose Surname is H , on Monday next .... 19th April I, K, or L, Tuesday 20th M, N, or t), Wednesday 21st P, Q. or R, Thursday 22d S, Friday 23d T, or U... Saturday 24th W, or Y, Monday 26th And those who do not attend on the above Days, on any Dayafter the 26th ( Sundaysexcepted) untilthe Whole be paid. For the Accommodation of the distant Creditors, the Assignees will pay their Dividends to any re- spectable Person, to whom thev may give a Letter to the Assignees, in the following Form, viz : — Gentlemen, Phase to pay the Dividends on my Debt of £ proved under the Commission of Bankrupt against Messrs. Thomas Grace and John Saunders Woodcock, to Mr. of whose Receipt for the same, on my Account, shall be as that of Yovrs, £ fc [ Creditor's Name to be signed by himself.] [ IIis Place of Residence and the Date.'] To Messrs. William Rickford. and Robert Dell, Aylesbury, Bucks, the Assignees. The Signature of any such Letter, subscribed by a Mark only, must be witnessed by the Minister or some well- known principal Inhabitant of the Cre- ditor's Place of Abode. The separate Creditors of Mr. Crace who haveduly proved their Debts, may receive the same in lull, as above. The Dividend of the separate Esta'e of Mr. Wood- cock, isadjourn » d. JOSEPH ROSE. Aylesbury, Wh April, 1813. N. IS. Those who have to receive Fractional Paris of a Pound are desired to bring Change. THRAPSTON EASTER BALL ^ I/ ILL be at the GEORGE INN, on WED- NEsnAY the 21st of A rait, instant, where Tickets at 10s. each ( not transferable) may he had. Dancing to commence at Eight o'clock. Rev. E. It. THEED, " C. SHER\ RD, Esq. R. SHHRAR1), Esq. WM. WHITE, ESQ. Thrapston, Aprils, 1813. Stewards. G. KING'S ARMS TAVERN, Aldersgate- Slreet, London. HARRISON respectfully acquaints bis Friends and the Public, he hns taken the above House, where it will be his Study to render everv Accommodation to those who may be pleased to Favour him with their Encouragement.— Good Beds, Airy Rooms, & c. FOREIGN WINES and SPIRITS of the first Quality, as well as excellent PORTER, will be sent to any Part of the Country, at the lowest Prices for ready Money. STONY- STRATFORD. EDWARD I1UTCHINS returns his sincere I Thanks to his Friends for the Support he has received during the many Years he has been in Business, and respectfully informs them, that he has declined Trade in favour nf Mr. KNIGHTON, who, he trusts, will conduct the same upon such a Plan as to merit their Continuance. N' BEDFORD COUNTY INFIRMARY. NOTICE is hereby given, That a GENE- RAL MEETING of the Gtivern"" of thi* Institution will be held at the INFIRMARY BEOFORD, Oil SUNOAY the 25th INSTANT, at One o'Clock. The ANNIVERSARY SERMON will be preached on the Occasion, at ST. PAUL'S CHURCH, by the Rev. SAMUEL VINCE, M. A. F. R. S. Archdeacon of Bedford. The Service to begin at Eleven o'Clock, and a Collection made at the Church Doors for the Bene6tofthe Institution. W. LEECH, Secretary. Bedford Infirmary, Avril& th, 1813. Aylesbury and tlock/ iff'e Turnpike Tolls to be Lett. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of the said Turnpike, will be holden at the SWAN INN, in LETGFLTON- BUZ. 7. ARD, in the County of Bedford, on THURSDAY, the22d Day of Arm L next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at which Meeting, between the Hours of Twelve and Two, the T <> L I. S arising at the Gate and Side- Bar upon the said Road at Aylesbury, together with the TOLL- HOUSE, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the highest Bidder, for the Term of one Year, in the Mannerdiiected by an Act passed in the 13th Year ot his present Majesty's Reign, " For regulating the Turnpike- Roads; and that the same will be put up at the Sum of , S223, or at such other Sum as the Trustees present shall direct. Whoever happens to be the Highest Bidder, must pay downone Month's Rent in Advance, and give Security, with sufficient Surety or Sureties, to the Satisfaction ot the Trustees, for Payment of the Remainderof the Rent, at such Times and in such Manner as shall be required by the Trustees present at such Meeting. THOS. TI N D \ LL, Clerk to the said Trustees. Aylesbury, March 12, 1813. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO RE LETT. O I'lCE is hereby given, That the TOLLS to arise at the several Toil- Gates upon the Turnpike. Road leading fromMaulden WooilCoruer in the County of Bedford, to Westwood Gate, in the Parish of Knotting, in the said Comity; and upon the Road leading from the Town of Bedford, to Woburn, in the said County, will be LETT to the Best Bidders, ou Wednesday the 5th Day of Mni next, at the SWAN INN, in BEDFORD, between the Hours of Eleven o'clock ii: the Morning and One in the Afternoon, in ihe Manner directed b til • Act passed in Ihe 13th Year of his Mnjesty's Reign, for regulating Turnpike - Roads, which Tolls produced last Year, exclusive of the Expense of collecting them, as follows : lAdlingttn Gate =£ 910 0 0 Houghton Gate ^£ 210 0 0 Claphum Gate ^ 299 10 1 Ilawnes Gale =£ 68 0 0 And will be put up at the respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Titae pay down in Advance the Sum of 10 per Cent, ( iu Part of Rent), which is to remain in the Hands of the Treasurer to the Trustees, until Security is given ( within a Time to he limited for that Purpose), with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. And upon such Security being given, the Deposit- Money to be returned i but if Default shall be made in giving such Security, within the Time to be appointed by the said Trustees, then the Deposit- Money will become forfeited to the Trustees, and the Tolls Lei to anew Bidder. And at the same Meeting, new Trustees will be chosen in the Room of those who Are dead, or refuse to Act. THOS. KIDMAN. Clerk to the Trustees. Bedford, 25th March, 1813. with regard to the decree abolishing the Inquisition, mid they had quietly performed the duty of reading it three successive Sundays from the pulpit. The Plantageuct had arrived, after a passage of 14 days, from Portsmouth, with thrse transports, having on board the 29th regiment. FJour and Grain continued to arrive iu abundance from America. Saturday the American Consul was informed by Government that no cartels would be per- mitted to leave this country for the United States until further orders; and in consequcnce of this determination, a vessel which was on the point of sailing with passengers and prisoners lias been stopped. This departure from the lenient system upon which Ministers have hitherto acted, is said to have been occasioned by the receipt of intelligence from Sir J. B. Warren, that the exchange of British subjects naturalized in the United States had been peremptorily demanded bv the American Government, under a menace of detaining all the British prisoners that might fa'i into their hands. To this demand Sir J. B. Warren returned a prompt refusal. T he Emperor Alexander has granted six months extra pay to his army, as a reward for their extra- ordinary exertions against the French Preparations are making for the departure of the Duke of Cumberland to Berlin. Mr. Bicknell his Royal Highness's Solicitor, is arranging his ltoyal Highness's affairs. There wits a great full in all sorts of grain at Boston market on Wednesday last. Oats # lone have declined 12s per quarter in the last three market days. The corps excepted from the dissolution of the volunteer infantry of the kingdom are— all those serving in London and Westminster, and in the immediate neighbourhood of the Metropolis; those helongingto the different Dock- yards; the Artil- lery Corps; the volunteers at Bristol and at Edin- burgh; and acorpsin Northumberland, called the Percy Tenantry, consisting of 1200 men, equipped, armed, and paid at the expense of the Duke ol Northumberland, with a very fine rifle corps. On Saturday last, was married, by the Rev. Mr. Moore, tlie Iligbt lion. Sir William Scott, to the Marchioness of Sligo. • Conversion of the Jews.— On Thursday the Duke of Kent laid the first stone of the intended Epis copal Chapel and buildings ou the ground belong- ing to the Society for Promoting Christianity • among the Jews, at Bethnal- green- road. His lioyal Highness went, with a long train of carriages occupied by the Nobility and Gentry, Patrons of the Institution, from the London Tavern, and on his arrival at the ground, was assisted in the ceremony by Lord Erskine, Lord Bat- ham, the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, Mr. Wilberforce, & c. Ten girls, Jewish children, who have been brought up , in the Christian Religion, and more than twenty boys of the same description, walked in the procession, and made a neat, cleanly appear- Howell Hundred und Manor Courts. NOTICE is hereby given, That the View of FIMNK PLEDGE and the COURTS LEET and COURTS BARON of JOHN WILLIAM BRAMSTON and JOHN JORTIN, Esquires, as Devisees in the Will of the late GEOBfiE Hir. r., Esquire, deceased, in Trust for the Honourable BARBARA COCKAYNE MED- LYCOTT, for Ihe Hundred and Manor of ROWELL, will be held at the SUNS INN, in ROWELL, on THURSDAY the22d Day of APRIL Instant, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, when aud where the respective Tenants and Persons concerned are required to make their personal Appearance, do Iheir several Suit and Service, and pay their respective Quit and other Reals due to the said Lords for the said Hundred and Mannr. And the Constables for the last Year, within the raid Hundred are required to attend with their Suit and Ser » ice and Fealty Rolls, tiie new Constables, Thirdborouglis, ind Parish Olfirers to he sworn into Office, and the old ones to be discharged, on Pain of the Penalty to be incurred by Default. THOS. MARSHALL, Steward Kettering, 8th April, 1813. SPARROW'S HERNE TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trus- tees of this Turnpike- Road will meet by Adjournment OH TUESDAY the 20th Day of Aran. 1813, at the KINO'S ARMS INN, at BEHK HAMSTKD SAINT PETER, in the County nf Hert- ford, bv Ten of Ihe Clock in the Forenoon, when they will examtHe the Treasurer's Half- yearly Accounts.— Dated ihe 18lh Day of March, 1813. ' HARRY GROVER, Clerk'to the said Trustee*. MANSION, Northamptonshire, To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, i MANSION - HOUSE, in complete Repair, » with an excellent Kitchen Garden, Orchard and Shrubbery, and Stabling for twelve Horses, plea- santly situated within three Miles of KETTJMNG, and about toui from PYTCHLEY. The Tenant may likewise be accommodated with any Quantity, from 10 to 50 Acres, of rich Meadow Land For Particulars, apply to Mr. MAHSHALL, Kettering" LIGHTERS, & c. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Oil AT A FAIR fllAJATION, \ GANG, consisting of El GUI' . LIGHTERS, I A and a BOA T in complete Condition, with Horses, and every other Appendage lit for immediate Use;— Burthen from 95, to 100 Tons. The Lighters will be sold with or without the Horses, and may be seen, and Terms known, by ap- plying to Mr. LINDSELL, St. Ives, Cambridge. THOMAS KNIGHTON, GROCER, TEA- DR. AT. ER, and TALLOW- CHANDLER, begs Leave to iuform his Friends, the Friends of Mr. HUTCIIINS, and the Public, that he has removed to the Premises of Mr. HUTCIIINS, where he humbly solicits their Patronage and Support; as- suring them, that every Exertion shall be made to give Satisfaction. T, K. gratefully acknowledges the Obligatinns lie is under for Favours already received. 18th March, 1813. J S TONY- STRATFORD, BUCKS, OHN BENNETT, VETERINARY SLRGEON", having attended at the Royal Veterinary College, as a Resident Pupil, under Professor COLEM a N, and also received his Diploma, begs Leave to iuform the Nobility, Gentry, and others, that he has taken a House in the Market- place, Stony- Stratford, where he purposes prac- tising in the V ETERINAR Y ART, and hopes by Assiduity and Attention to merit Support. N. B. Horses Shod on the uewest and most approved Principle, under the immediate Inspection of J. Bennett. Accommodation for Horses on moderate Terms. UCEPUAIUS ( Brother nice, and Boadiceal. will it Three Guineas. to Benvolio, Bere- nice, and Boadicea), will Cover at FAWSLEY, rpO COVER, this I WELCH'S, of 1 ' lo the Creditors and Debtors of Mr. JOHN SPARROW, late of RUGBY, in the County of Warwick, deceased. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estate of the said f. SPAR- ROW, Are requested to apply at the Olfice of Mr. IV. F. IVratislaw, Solicitor, in Rugby aforesaid, on Sa- turday the 24th Day of this instant April, when the same will be discharged.— And all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said John Sparrow, are requested to pay their respective Debts to Ihe said Mr. W. F. Wratislaw, on or before the said 24th Day of April, otherwise they will be sued for the same without further Notice. By Order of the Executors, WM. FER. WRATISLAW, Rugby, April eth, 1813. their Solicitor. Season,. 1813, at JOHN _ BATTLESDEN, near Woburn, Beds, at Three Guineas fur full. bred Mares ; others at One Guinea and a Half each, and 2s. Sd ihe Man BUFF. He is a beautiful Bay Horse, 15 Hands and two inches high, remarkably handsome and full of Hone, With particular good Action, a. iu tree from all natural Blemisnes; wtfsgot by Trumpator, out of Spinster by Coriander, out of Dowaser, bv Highflyer, her Peter ^ Malchem> out of ", e Djm S'f , N- Thorough bred Mares that have won a Plate ot =£ 50 or upwards, may becover" d gratis, excepting the Man's Fee.— Grass tor Mares at 7s 6d per Week those with Foal 8s. The Money to be paid before the Mares are taken away. He will attend at Luton on Mondays; I. eighton. on Tuesdays; Dunstable, on Wednesdays; Ampthill an Thursdays; Stony- Stratford, oil Fridays; Newl port- 1 agnell, on Saturdays; and returns Home that Evening. TURNPIKE MEETING. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Half- yearly Meeting of the Trustees of the Tuinpike- Road leading from WF. NDOVER to BUCKINGHAM, in the County of Buckingham, will beheld at the BELL INN, in WINSLOW, in the same County, on MONDAY the TWENTY- SIXTH Day of APRILnext, at Eleven of the Clqck iu the Forenoon.— Dated the 15th Day of March, 1813. LAN. WYATT. the To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SPONG, At the Queen's Head Inn, in Higham- Ferrers, on Monday the26: li Day ot April instant, between the Hours of Five aud Seven in the Evening ( subject to such Conditions, as will be then and there produced), ALL that CLOSE of very rich PASTURE LAND or GROUND, known bv the Naineof the CHEESE- CAKE (' LOSE, conveniently situated near to the Town ot RUSHDEN. and adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Rushden to Iligham- Ferrers, containing bv Admeasurement 4A. OR. 5P. more or iess, now in the Occupation of Mr. Eccles. The above is Copyhold ot Inheritance of the Manor of Rushden, and Fine certain. Forfurther Particulars, apply to the said Mr Eccles; or to Mr. Allen, Attorney at Law, Higham- Ferrers. To Drapers, Grocers, and Shopkeepers in general. To be LETT, And may be entered upon in May next, AN old- established SHOP in the above Line, in full Trade, and with respectable Connections, situate in a pleasant, healthy, and populous Village, centrically placed for four Markets, and in a neigh- hour ing County whicil has the Conveniences of a daily Post and a Carrier's Waggon from London twice a Week.— The Premises are replete with every Con- venience, and the Concern calculated to suit the Views of an industrious married Man. Further Particulars ( if by Letter, Post- paid), or Per- sonal Application, may be known by applying to Mr. George Wallis, Draper, Stony- Stratford; Mr. Dauphrate, Woollen Salesman, Banbury, Oxon; Mt. R. Waters, Much- Park. Street, near the Saluta- tion, Coventry; or to A. Z. Post- Office, Bedford. AJ To a Gentleman or Lady out o f Business— Profes- sional G'- nlleman— Lady desirous of keeping a School— and ot/ iers. To be LETT, Either for a'Term of Years, or only from Year to Year, and entered upon immediately, Large handsome sashed and convenient MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, pleasantly situated near the Wnlte Hoisc Inc. in the HIGH- STREET of TOWCESTER-; comprising a Cellar, two Parloursin Front, a Kitchen, two Dressing, and six Bed- Rooms, and two Garrets, with a Brewliouse, Barn, Stable, Dairy, and other Out- offices, Yard and Garden thereunto adjoining and belonging, and a large well situated Pew in the Parish Church, late in the Occupation of Mr. Lovell. The Premises are very substantially built, and in the most complete Repair and Condition, and are well adapted for a private or professional Family— a Lady desirous ot keeping a Boarding' School ( for which the Situation is at this Time most desirable), or at a trifling Expense may be made very convenient for a Tradesman. F. or further Particulars, of to treat for the same, apply to Mr. KIRSY, in Towcester. THRAPSTON TURNPIKE ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That Yearly General Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Market- Har- borough, in the County of Leicester, to the Pound in the Parish of BramptnD, in the County cf Huntingdon, will be held at the WHITE HART INN, in THRAPSTON, in the County of North- ampton, on TUESDAY Ihe fourth Day of MAY next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; and at he same Time and Place, jieiv Trustees will be elected and chosen in the several Places and Steads of such Trustees as shall be then Dead.— Given under our Hands this first Dav of April, 1813. T1IO. MARSHALL,? WM. MARGETTS, 5 THE, R CIERK' KE I TERING, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. To be L E T T, AGenteel separate APARTMENT; consisting of a Parlour, Dining- Room, Sleeping- Room, and two Attics ; they are all large and handsomely fitted up, with the Use of Kitchen, Cellar, and every other Convenience; the Situation is very Healthy, commanding a beautiful Prbspect over the old Inclosure; to which may be added a Stable for two Horses, and Chaise- House. — Enquire of THOMAS TINGLE.— This will not be advertised again. Valuable Hue anil Dead Stuck, Implements in Hus- bandry, Hay, Clouer and Straw, Household- Furniture, Breicing and Dairy Utensils, and other Effects. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. IIOLLOWAV, On the Premises of Mrs. WARREN, inWELHAM in the County of Leicester, on Thursday and Friday the 22d and23J of this instant April, 1813 FIRST DAY'S SAT. R. COMPRISING four stout useful Cart- Horses, one fat Hog, two Yells and Pigs, two stoul Narrow- wheel Waggons, one Six- inch and two Nar row- wheel Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Field- Roll, Harness for four Horses, and three Sets of Thiller's Tackle, 12 Dozen of Hurdles, Ladders, Pig- Trouehs, Forks, Rakes, & c. two Dozen of Com Sacks, Win- nowing- Machine, and Barn- Tackle in general, Malt- Mill, Bean- Mill, a large Garner, and a Variety ol useful Implements in Husbandry. Also about 16Tons ol exceedingly good Meadow Hay, 30 Tons of excellent Clover, a Quantity of Wheat aud Oat Straw, which will be divided into Lots for the Accommodation of the Purchaser, and may be taken oil'the Premises.— 1 f Time will permit a few Lots of Sundries will be disposed of. SECOND DAY'S SAI. E. All the neat and useful Household- Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, & c.; consisting of Four- post, Tent, and other Bedsteads, with printed Cotton Furniture fringed, seasoned Feather and Flock Beds, Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts, and Counterpanes, Floor and Bedside Carpets, Pier and Dressing Glasses, . „,,. cieamv HUUCHI-- Cases of Drawers, Wardrobe, Basin Stands. Ewers . 1 a llC;' n* ti nf Kent and Basins, six Mahogany Parlour Chairs, Hair Seats, ance. After the ceremony, the Duke ot Kent , wo armed Dittoto match, exceedingly good Malio- GOSBERTON, Lincolnshire. Valuable Freehold Farm with immediate Possession. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. PRICKET 1', At the Auction- Mart, opposite the Bank ot England on Wednesday the 28th of April, 1313, at Twelve o'Clock, \ Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, most desi rably situate in the well known remarkably ich and fertile Parish of GOSBERTON, in the County of Lincoln, containing by Admeasurement, Fifty- seven Acres and Twenty- two Perches of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Laud of the richest Quality, with a newly erected Brick and Tiled Dwelling- House, Barn, and Out- buildings. GOSHERTON is situate five Miles from Spalding, ten from Boston, and at a convenient Distance tiom other great Market Towns. This Estate is at present in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Pepper, and is peculiarly eligible for a Purchaser wishing to occupy, as immediate Pos. session may be had. May be viewed, and printed Particulars had at the Crown Inn, Surfleet; of Mr. BOWLES, Solicitor, and at the Red Lion, Boston; of Mr. GREEK, Solicitor, aud at the White Hart, Spalding; at the Angel, Sleaford; the Bull Inn, Bourn; of Mr. YAT- MAN, Solicitor, Arundel- Street, Strand; of Mt. liouTLEDGE, Solicitor, Warwick - Court, Gray's Inn, London; at the Auction- Mart; and of Mr. PRICKETT. Highgate, Middlesex, or at his Office, No. 7, Warwick- Court, as above. returned with the Presidents, Stewards, and Visitors, to dinner at the London Tavern, where his Royal Highness took the Chair. One of the boys made a suitable oration in a very able manner. On Friday Sarah Evans was tried for the murder of her son," four years and a half old, by tying a handkerchief round his neck, with a slip- knot, and another round his body, containing half a brick, and throwing him into the New River, on Sunday evening, the 21st of February. It appeared m flWdence that the prisoner had been servant to Thomas Aris, late Governor of Cold Bath- fields Prison, to whom she had sworn the child about a y ear and a half ago. T he trial lasted the prin- ci pal part of the day, and the Jurv, after delibe- r, ting three hours, acquitted the prisoner. JFb * Saturday's Gazette, Address to the Princess of Wales, < 5 c. 4 c.— see lust pu& c. • To be SOLD bv AUCTION, At the Swan Inn, at Leighton- Buzzard, in the County - ot Bedford, on Tuesday the 4th Day of May next, at Eleven o'Clock, in 96 Lots, - § IIE MANOR of DAGNALL, with its 5 RIGHTS, MEMBERS, and Al'PURTE NANCES, in the County of Buckingham; and sundry MESSUAGES, FARMS, and LANDS, situate at Dagnall, and in the Parishes of EDLE BOROUCH, EATON- BRAY, LITTLE- G ADDESOEN and STUDHAM, in the Counties of Buckingham, Bedford and Hertford. Printed Particulars may be had at the Swm, in l. eighton; or of Messrs, STRONG, STILL, & STRONG, Lincoln's- Inn, London, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen. gany Dining- Tables with circular Ends, four Feet eight Inches, by nine Feet nine Inches long, Maho- gany sideboard. Ditto Tea and Card Tables, Butler's Tray, Tea- Boards and Waiters, Chamber and Kitchen Chairs and Tables, an Eight- day Clock in an Oak Case, two Single and one Double- barreled Gun, a complete Kitchen- Range, Smoke- Jack, Crane and Pot- Hooks, culinary Articles in Copper, Brass, Pewter and Tin, Batli- Stove- Grates, polished Fender and Fire- irons, and other Kitchen- Requisites; also a Quantity of Cheese and Bacon. Brewing and washing Coppers, Ten- strike Mash- Vat, Working and Cooling Tubs, sweet Iron- bound Pines, Hogshead and Half- Hogshead Casks, a Two- motion Beer Machine in a Mahogany Case, with Lead Pipes and Taps complete, 20 Dozen ot Glass Bottles, Two- dozen Barrel Churn, Cheese- Press, and an Assortment ot other Utensils belonging to a Dairy, a Lot of Ash Poles, and sundry Lots ot old I ron and Fire- Wood. The Sale to commence cach Day at Ten o'Clock Freehold Estate, Barby, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, ( Immediate Possession given if required), By RICHARD BOOTH, On Tuesday the 4th Day of May next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the George Inn, in Crick, in tfie said Coun'y of Northampton, either together or in Lots, as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as sliall be then produced, ( unles in the mean Time disposed of by Private Contract), of which due Notice will be given, I. I. those three Closes of rich ARABLE AND A1 PASTURE LAND, containing 30 Acres or thereabouts, situate in BA R B Y- NO RTOFT, the Parish of BA RBY aforesaid, adjoining the Turn- pike- Road leading from Hillmorton to Crick, in the Occupation of Mr. S. Edmunds. N B. About 20 Acres of theahove is rich Pasture Land, anil the W hole is well fenced and watered, anda N u mber of young thriving Timber Trees growing in the Hedge- Rows.— For further Particulars, or to treat for the same, apply at theOfficesof Messrs. CALDICOTT ' ar. dBE. NN, Solicitors, Rugby, Warwickshire, Whittleaiood and Salcey Forests, Northamptonshire. APRIL, 1813. PARTICULARS of BARK of TREES, to be » felled for the Navy, & c. to be SOLD by AUCTION, ( by Order of the Right Hon. Lord Glenbervie, and William Dacres Adams, and Henrv Dawkins, Esqrs. Commissioners ot his ' Majesty's Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues), by JOHN D^ Y K SON, at the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, OLD STRATFORD, on Monday the26thof April, 1813, in the following Lots,— The Sale will begin at Twelve o' C lock. WHITTLEWOOD FOREST. Lot 1. Fifty Maiden Navy Trees, in Old Tun Cop- pice, numbered 1 to and 50, at per Tree. Lot 2. Forty- seven Ditto, numbered 51 to and 97, at . per Tree. Lot 3. Forty- one browsed Navy Trees, numbered 98 to and 133, at per Tree. Lot 4. Thirty- seven Saplings for Sale, numbered 141 to and 177, at per £ Value. Lot 5. Three browsed Oaks for Sale, numbered 178 to and 180. at per Tree, l. ot 6. Thirteen Maiden Trees, for Repairs, num- bered I to and 13, at per Tree. Lot 7. Twenty- nine Maiden Trees, to be lopped for browsed Trees, numbered 1 to and 29, at per Top SALCEY FOREST. Lot 1. Forty Maiden Navy Trees, in Rose Coppice, numbered 1 to and 40, at per Tiee. Lot 2. Thirty- five Ditto, in Ditto, numbered 41 to and 75, and seven Ditto, in Crabtree Thick Cop- pice, numbered 76 and 82, at per Tree. Lot 3. Thirty. five browsed Ditto, in Rose Cop- pice, numbered 83 to and 117, and five Ditto, in Crab- tree Thick Coppice, numbered 118 to and 122, at per Tree. Lot 4. One Maiden Tiee, and seven browsed Trees for Sale, in Rose Coppice, numbered 143 to and 150, at per Tree. Lot 5. Four Maiden and browsed Trees, for Re- pairs, in Ditto, numbered 1 to and4, at per Tree Lot 6. Six Maiden Trees, to be looped for browsed Tiees, in Ditto, numbered 1 to and 6, per Top. Mr. CAPES of Shrobb- Lodge, in Whittlewood Forest, Acting- Deputy, and the Keepers of the re- spective Walks will shew the Trees to such Persons as may be desirous of viewing the same. Catalogues may be had of Mr. Capes, at the Place of Sale, and of the Auctioneers, Stony- Stratford. CONDITIONS OF SALE. The Lots will be sold to the Highest Bidder ( the Officer of the Forest reserving to himself the Right of once Bidding, if he should consider the same under the fair Value thereof) and if any Dispute arises on the Bidding, the Lot will be put up again for Sale. The Trees will be felled by and at the Expense of the Commissioners of Woods, & c. and Care will be taken to cut down the Trees as the Sap shall run. The Bark to be stripped and taken oft" the Trees at the Expense of the Purchaser and not ot the Crown. The Purchaser of any Bark, upon any Lot or Lots of Trees, to pay down at the Time of the Sale Twenty Pounds per Cent, on the Value of the Bark so pur- chased, and the Residue of the Money in good Bills, payable in London at two Months' Date, and to re- move the same out of the Forests at. his own Expense on or before the 1st of August next. No Deputy or Officer of the Forest concerned in the Diiection or Management of the Sale will be allowed to bid or become a Purchaser, either by himself or any other Person in Trust for him, at such Sale; and anil if any Collusion is practised or permitted in this Respect, on Proof thereof the Person offending will be punished. No Fee, Perquisite, or Emolument whatever shall be demanded or taken by any Officer or Person con- cerned in conducting the Sale, or in any Respect in the Execution of the Service; and every such Person who shall demand, take, or receive any Fee, Per- quisite, or Emolument whatsoever on Account ot Vaudi Sale, will, on Proof thereof, be punished To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. JARV1S, On Friday the 23d Day of April, 1813, at the Bell in Bytield, Northamptonshire, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, AFREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, and Ap purtenances thereto belonging, now in in- occupation of Mrs. Lovell, situate in BYF1F. LD aforesaid; comprising two Bed- Rooms, large Pailour, Kitchen and Pantry,' together with a large Yard and Garden; also a Butcher's Shop, Fasting- Pens, Stable with Granary and Loft over; capital Four- bay Barn, Hovels, Pigsties, and other Conveniences, and may be entered on immediately. May be viewed any Time previous on Application to the Tenant; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. /"... . f ij- vtieltU or the Auctioneer. Banbury. Captital Inn and Premises, Stony- Stralforil^ TJucliii. To be SOLD by AUCTION, About the latter End of Apr'il itist. or Beginning of May ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), ,4 LI. that old- established and well- accustomed t\. INN, most desirablv situated in the HIGH- STREET, in STONY - STRATFORD aforesaid, called the GEORGE INN, with the Garden, Yards, extensive Stables and Granaries, and . other Buildings and Appurtenances thereunto adjoining and belonging. Immediate Possession may be had. These Premises are now in lull Trade, and are well worth the Notice of any Person wishing to enter into the Public Business. The House and Out- buildings are extremely com- modious; there is Stabling for 50 or 60 Hordes, and Granaries which will contain 1,000 Quaitcrs of Corn. Fuither Particulars will appear in a future Paper. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. RICHARD LONCMAN, the Pioprietor ; and tor further Particu- lars, or to treat for the same, apply to Mr. Co NO REV E, Solicitor, Stony- Stratford. STEAM AND W IN DM ILL, To be LEFT, And may be entered upon immediately, A Substantial newly erected Brick- built ST'E \ M u WINDMILL, with Out. Offices, ar. d about I. iOO Yards of Ground eligibly situated near the populous Town of HINCKLEY, on the Road leading to Coventry; and at a convenient Distance from the Wharfs on the Ashby- de- la- Zouch Canal. where Coal may be had at a small Expense The F. ngine is capable of working nearly a Quarter of Wheat per Hour. For further Particulars, Application to be made at the. Bank of Messrs. Sansome and Blakeslev Hincklcy, April ^ tb, 1813. ' To be SOLD by AUCTION By Mr. TITE, On Thursday the 22d Day of April, 1313. between the Hours of live and Seven o'clock in the Evening, at the Horse Shoe Inn, in Weedon- Roval in the County ot Northampton, subject to such Conditions as will be there produced, ONE small CLOSE of remarkably rich LAND adjoining the Red Lion Inn, in W E E DON and the great Chester Road, and near the Grand Junction Canal. The above Close is worth the Attention of tha . Ublic in general, being a remarkably e ; od Situation for building a Public House, Brewhouse, or Malt- K. iln, or any other Business. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr SMITH, at the Horse Siioe Inn, in Weeslon • o, ,, ' '":> Auctioneer and Appraiser, Daventry,' and one ot his Majesty's special Commissioners in the Court ot King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer Jottjf or Mr. To Builders, Wheelwrights. Coopers, and Lath- Renders. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, By S. CATTELL, At the Plough and Bel! Inn, in Daventry, in the County of Northampton, on Friday the 23d Day of April instant, at Oneot the Clock in the Afternooif exclusive ot the Bark ( for which the Auctioneer is ready to treat by Private Contract), CJIJIJ I , , I , Y OIVKTIMBBITTWME, l blazed ind numbered, in 43 Lots. srandine i-. DAVENTRY WOOD, adjoining the Chester Koad aud within four Miles ot Buunston and W5edon Wharfs, subject to the usual Conditions of Sale. The above Timber is worth the Attention of the Public, being ot an excellent Qualiiy Credit will be given on approved Security. For further Paiticulars, appiy to the Auctioneer, Daveptry. To be SOLD bv A U C T I O N, By Messrs. BERRY $ HAYW A RD, At the Crown Inn, Brackley, o. i Wednesday the 5th of May 1813, at Two o'Clock, in two Lots, II E following very valuable LEASEHOLD . MEADOW and PASTURE LAND, desirably situate in the Parish of ST. PEIER, BRACKLEY, ot which immediate Possession may be had. Lot 1. Two Closes ot Meadow Land, containing 6A. 2R. 2P. ( more or iess), late in the Occupation'of George Thomas, Esq. 2. A Close of Pasture, containing 3A. SR. 33P. ( more or less) with a small Pigbtleof Ground, on which a Windmill formerly stood, in the open Field of Brackley, late also in the Occupation ot the said George Thomas. The above Premises are held by Lease ot the Pre- sident and Scholars of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford, for a Term of 20 Years, 15 o'f which were unexpired on the 6th Day of December last. Printed Particulars may be had 14 Days previous to the Sale, at the principal Inns in the Neighbour- hood, and of Messrs. BSKRY and HAYWARD, Ayles- bury ; and further Information, by Application to Mr. HAYWARD, Solicitor, Brackley. _ UISELY, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. TlERSON, At the White Lion Inn, Kimbolton, on Friday the 21st Dav of May, 18i3, between the Hours of Five and Seven in the Evening, AVery valuable and most, desirable Freehold ESTATE, pleasantly situated in the populous Village of R1SEI. EY, consisting ot a convenient Farm - House, Garden, Orchard, Bams, Stables, Cow- House, 1' iggeries, and necessary Out- buildings, and upwards of 120 Acres of rich Pasture and Arable Land. Lot 1. Farm- House and Homestead, A. R. P. Garden, Homeclose, Hill Field, Mill Hill Close, and lnclosures. South of Babsway 93 Lot 2. Cole's Close of Pasture Land. .. Lots. Cole's Close of Ditto 4 A 2R 14r£ Dino 6A 2st 27PS Lot 4. Church- Lane Close of rich Pastur: Land Lot 5. Dove. House Close of Ditto .... Lot 6, Lammas Leys Ditto Houses in Kettering. To be SOL D bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. PELL, On Friday April 2Jd, 1813, at lie White Hart lnnK in Kettering, The following ESTATIiin tmo L « ts • Lot 1 f CONSISTS of two Stoile and Slated VV1 Dwelling- Houses, situate in DYKER'S- LANE, in KETTERING, adjoining each other ( and may be conveniently occupied as one Houre it required) having each a large Parlour and Kitchen, three Chambers, and two. Attics, with Pantries, Cellar, Sic. & c.; a Stable for four Horses, with Loft over, a large Yard well supplied with Water, and an excel- lent Garden ; the Whole commanding a beautiful and extensive Prospect including the Villages of Pnchley and Broughton. Lot 2 comprises a Stone and Slated House, most substantially built ( only five Years since) containing a large Parlour, Hall- Entrance, Kitchen, Dining- Room, and five good Bed- Rooms; an extensive Yartl and Garden, a Stable, and numeious Warehouses, Workshops, and other Out- buildings ; with a thatched Dwelling- House, containing a Kitchen, Parlour, and three Chambers, are all included in this Lot ; and are now in the Occupation of Mr. I). Hennell, Brush Manufacturer, and Win. Mitton, Turner. Immediate Possession may be had of Lot 1, and of Lot 2 Possession will be given at Midsummer next. For further Particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, or to Mr. D. HEKNELL, who will shew the Piemises. Capital Timber, Westrell, Leicestershire. To be S O L D by A U C T I ON. By RD IF. NEALE SON, On Tuesday the 27th Day of April, 1813, at the House ot l'homis Dunn, the Sign of the Windmill, in Stan lord- upon- A von, near Wellord, in the County ot Northampton, about Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced, in eight Lots, finWO Hundred and twelve OAK, ASII, EI. V 1. and POPLARTIMBER TREES, some of large Dimensions and excellent Quality, now blazed and numbered for Sale, standing on WESTRELL, near Stanford- upon- Avon, in the County aforesaid.— There will bea decent Credit given on approved Security. For a View of the above Timber, anply to Mr. SMITH, at Stanford Hall. 5 11 1 2 5 2 32 3 12 1 1 2 18 1 26 3 31 Outgoings Total Quit- Kent £ 11 Land. Tax £ 9 .. 120 3 6 2 1 3 0 £ 9 5 7 TheTcnant is under Noticeto quit at Michaelmas next. The House and Farm- Yard are situated in the Village of RISELEY, adjoining the Turnpike- Road, and the Farm divided into convenient Inclosures, fenced with thriving Quicks, and in a good State of Cultivation. RISELEY is a large pleasant Villaje, five Miles from Kimbolton, about 10 Miles from Bedford, St. Neots, and Higham- Ferrers, with a Turnpike- Road to all the adjacent Market Towns, in a fine Sporting Count.- y, and an healthy Situation. The Estate may be viewed by applying to the Tenant; and printed Particulars and Conditions of Sale had at the principal Inns in the neighbouring Towns, at the Auction. Mart, London, and of Mr. PIEXSON, General Agent, Kimbolton. W AHVV1CKSH1RE. Capitol Freehold JSstate of 407 Acres, Tithe- Free, together Kith the Manor and psrpetual Aduomson, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY, if SON, At the Mart, on Thursday the 27th Day of May, at Twelve o'Clock, in one Lot, AValuable and most desirable FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE ESTATE; consisting ot The Manor or Lordship of HILLMORTON, Extending over nearly 3,000 Acres— the perpetual Advowson of the Vicarage— the Tithes of about 84 Acres, and 407A. 2R. 33P. ot remarkably rich Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, in a high State ot Cultivation, lying exceedingly compact, with a Mansion- House, and all requisite Farm Buildings, - in the Occupation ot Mr. Lovett, on Lease whereof four Years are now to come, at a very low anil old Rent; but estimated to be ot the annual Value of at least One Ilumsand Two Hundred Pounds. HILLMORTON is situated in a fertile Part of the County of Warwick, two Miles from Rujjby, three from Dunchurch, five from Daveniry, 14 trom Co- ventry, 18 Irom Northampton, and S2 from London. To . be viewed, hv applying to the Tenant. — Printed Particulars may le nail 28 Days preceding the Sale, at the principal Inns, at Rugby, Uunchurch, Daventry, Coventry, Northampton, Lutterworth, Hinckley, Warwick, and Birmingham ; Messrs. Woodcocks and Twist, Coventry ; Messrs. Baxter and Martin, Fumival's Inn, London; at the Mart; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- Row, where a Plan maj be seen. Jind Thursday's Posts. ON GAZETTE of April 13. .. g- Street, April' VI. rted Heligoland, April 7, ot wing is an extract, was las' Baihurst's Olhce, addresser, ut.- Governor llnrti'lflfn. o lav before your i. rfrdstlp a to me by Major denizing -,-, of very great importance a' a decisive victory obtained over a^ HHV Frrnch force, commanded by General Moram^ The engagement took place . in the town of Liinehurg, Tile French General los' lilt life, nod 12 pieces of cannon were taken j not a man escaped. Extract of a filter from General'he ' laroit Tetlen- tornlo Major KrntiingeT) dated Hamburgh, the. 4th of Apri'. 1813. I hasten to announce to vott Ihe signal victory • which our troops Wave gained, upon they'll of April, over the corps ef Gen. Mornnd. who had possessed himself of Ihe town of Liineburg. Gen. Morand, with three thousand five Hum! red men, had marched upon Tostent to Lnnebtirg. My Go< sarks followed his movements; and I gave infor- mation of them to General Dnrnherg, who, in con- junction willi General Tschernicheff's corps, hail passed the Elbe at Lentzen. The two Generals advanced bv forced marches to Luneburg, and ar- rived there just as my Cossacks were engaged with theenemv. The gates were forced w illi the bayonet; and a sanguinary conflict ensue'l in the street? of the town. The victory was soon decided in nur favour; nil who were not killed or already made prisoners, laid down their arms. Not a single person escaped of the w hole corps. Three pair of colours, and twelve pieces of cannon, fell into our hands. [ TRANSMITTED BV SIR COWARD PEI. I. EW ] Messina, February 16, 1813. MY I. ORD,— I have the honour to inform vour J. ordship, that since Ihe attack of the 21st of July, the enemy had thrown up new works at Pielra Nera. and fell such confidence iu their own pro- tection, lint a convoy of 50 sail of armed vessels had assembled within a few davs post, to transport to Naples, limber and other Government property. Conceiving it necesiary to destroy this confidence, I submitted a proposal, which having gained vour Lordship's sanction, 1 proceeded on the night of the 14th, with two divisions of the flotilla, and four companies of the 75th, under the command of Major Stewart. Light and contrary winds prevented t': e boats arriving until nearly'day- light, when about one hundred aud fifty men, with an auxiliary party of seamen, underihecommand of Lieutenant Hunte, were landed : and Major Stewart, without waiting Vie arrival of the rest, pushed up immediately to the height which he had previously concerted to occupy, and which a complete batallion, with two troops of cavalry, and two pieces of artillery, were pre- pared to dispute. A ware of the enemv having cavalry, T lauded a detachment of the rocket corns ooiler the direction of Corporal Barenhach, the fire of which threw the eneinv into confusion, ami facilitated the approach of our troops, which charged the height in a most determined way. Tile enemy, however, did not abandon it until the Colonel- Commandant Roche, and most of his Offi- cers, were killed or made prisoner?, and the height was literally covered with theirdead. The division . of the flotilla under Captain Imbert had now com- menced a most destructive cannonade on the batleries, • which held nut with such obstinacy, that I was obliged to order them to be successively stnrmed This service was performed by Lieut. Le Hunte • with a party of seamen, in a very gallant style. At eight o'clock every thing was in our posses- Ion, the m.' st valuable of the enemy's vessels and limber launched, and the rest on fire. Upwards of 150 of the cuemy killed and wounded, 163 prisoners, amongst whom is the Colonel of the regiment, three of his Captains, two Captains of cavalry and one of artillery, with Ilia two guns ( si i- pounders ), afford the best proofs of the manner in which both services did their work: very few of the enemy's cavalry escaped. The determined manner in which Major Stewart led his men lo the attack of Ihe enemy's position, did him infinite honour, and the army will share mv regret at the loss of this brave officer, who fell by n musket- shot, while with me poshing olffrom tile shore, after the troops were embarked. Lieutenant Cnmpbell, of the 751h, who commanded Ihe ad- vanced, was particularly and generally noticed; I, cannot sufficiently express my admiration of the very exemplary conduct of Lieut. Le Hunte, who was the observation nf sailors and soldiers. Colonel Robinson superintended the debarkation, and was very active. The army flotilla officer, Don Luigi Mtiullo, is always distinguished on these occasion^: Captain Hubert, of the Neapolitan navy, placed his division of gun- boats in a manner that did him much credit. I solicit your Lordship's recommendation of this officer, wi. h Don Gesolmino Patella nod ' Inn Pieiri Trapani, to ihe notice of liis Royal Highness the Hereditary Prime I K> » » - thc fc._-„ L„. ex Ittat. r ana wounded on this of- v. eton, winch your Lordship will observe is very trifling, compared with tile enormous loss of the enemy. This of itself speaks more for the discipline of the 73llt than any eulogium, which as an officer of a different service, I can presume fo beslow. ( Signed) R. HALL, Captain and Brigadier. 1 Boatswain, I seaman killed ; 1 teamen wounded. ( Signed) R. HALL. His F. xcellency Lord W. C Benlinrk, & c. Palermo. The French privateers La Leonilrle, of 14 guns, and .33 men; La Diligente, pierced for 14 guns, 9 mounted, S9 men ; and La Fortune, of 3 guns and 3d men ; have been captured, in the Mediterranean, b;. Ihe Nautilus. Ccphulus, and Scout sloops of war. On the 4th inst. ( he Belle Ponle. Capt. Harris, captured Ihe Grand Napoleon, the largest nntl most esteemed schooner thai has sailed from America, bound to Bourdeaux,' with a valuable cargo. W. EATON, Upholder and Cabinet- Maker, Appraiser, and Auctioneer, MARKBT- PUCE, BANBURY, / f OS I' respectfully infmms the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of IHNBURY lnd its Viciiiifv, thai he has opened a Shop ( re- " ecntlv occupied by Mr. Joseph Ward), where he Iris laid in ail extensive Assortment of MODERN FURVITUHJ!, CAIU'KTTI VG, PAPER- HANGINGS, which he n*> w offers for iheir Inspection, and liumblv solicits their Patronage and Support, \ V. 1. begs to as- ute those who mav be disposed to honour him with their Commands, that no Pains or F/ xpense will be spared to select Goods of the heft Qinlity and Manufacture. North Buckinghamshire AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. THE First Anniversary of this Sorietv v ill he held in the To * v. II ALL, BUCKING- II in, nil WEDNESDAY I lie 21st Instant, at Twelve o'clock precisely, when the Attendance ofthe Members anil friends of ihe Institution is parti- cularly requested. It'is expected that one or more of the London Secretaries will be present. THOM \ S ^ COTT, ) „ JOHN SOUTH AM, ) S « re, a" es. Buckingham, 5th April. 1813. Suitable Accommodations will be provided lot the Ladies. To Parents and Guardians of the Afflicted. irestershire, the INSANE may AT BLUNT'S ASYLUM, W1GSION- £ l MAGNA, Lei meet with a comfortable Home ; every known Effort is used for tliir Relief, and they are treated with Humanity Slid . Kindness, on Terms propor- tionate t'> their former Situation in Life. Wigslon- Housb, Xith 4th Month, 1813. ' niCKErS and SHARES for the present State I. Lottery, containing more Prizes than Blanks, are on Sale at the Office of HAZARD, BURNF, & Co. Stock- Brokers, Royal Exchange, London where No. 1,19', the last I'ri J GENERAL INtlRM VRY, NORTHAMPTON, Arm,. 17, 1812 ^ HLS is to give Notice, That on SATIU- DAY Ihe 1st Day of MAY next, will be hid a GENERAL COURT, at Twelve o'clock at Non. to take Report* of the Committee concerning lie present Stale rif I his Society, and such Personja? wish to serve the Iiilirmary, are desired to sod tlieir Proposals, sealed up, to the Secretary, omr before Twelve o'Clock on that Day, menlioningat what Rate tuey are willing lo furnish the followhg Article, for the ensuing Qaarie'r, viz.: — ButchaV Meat, Flour, Bread made of all good Wheat, in Loaves of 14 Ounces each, and Sugar, in Ordev that the most reasonable may be accepted. Aud it is further requested, that the Bills dot b\ the Infirmary to the Isi Dav of May next, may be iheu sent iu to be examined and discharged. By Order of the Committee, W VI. INC. MAN. Secretary C. CORRALT, ! Wholesale and Retail Woollen an4 Ti en Draper, I? VF. il grateful t » his Fiieuds and n Jib generous Public for pa t Favours, himti)\ solicit* their Vtiention i. « a fashion . ble Assortment of Spring Goods selected from Ltlndon, Const ling of entirely New SPANISH ROBES, MERINO CRAPES, LUSTRES, SARSNKTS, DAM ASfv and other SILK SHAWLS, SCARFS, VEILS, & c. Sac. N. B. On Hand an extensive Assortment of choice WOOLLEN CLOTHES, & c. to which he particularly r » quests the- Nutice « f his Friends and the Public. — An APPRENTICE wanted. Market- Hill, Daventry, 15T/ I April, 1813. Northamptonshire Quarterage- Money^ THE Chief Constables are' to collect and pay in, at the ensuing Sessions, Twelve Siagle Quarteily Payments. CIIR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peacr. Northampton, April \ ith, 1813. One of the Chief Constables of each Hun- dred must attend in Person al Ihe Sessions. N next ze nf = 690,01X1, and the only one in that Lottery, was sold io one Half, one I nre required to attend and deliver the proper In. I." II,, LI . — . I I.. C I.. I 1.. ..: ..,.,.. .... I R . . .. . ... .... Northamptonshire Quarter- Sessions. XJOTICE is herebv given, That the JLX GENERAL QUARTER- SESSIONS ofthe PEACE for this COUNTY, will commence on THURSDAY the 29IH Day of APRIL instant, at fen o'Clock in the Morning precisely ;' and that the Court will immediately iinpaunel the Grand Jury, and transact other formal Business, nnd at Twelve o'Clock proceed to Ihe Trial of such Appeals as were adjourned or entered at the last, aud respited nntil the ensuing Session?. Those Magistrates who have taken Recognizances returnable to the Quarter Sessions, are requested to transmit I hem, together with the Informations and Examinations which relate thereto, to the Clerk of Ihe Peace, on or before Tuesday Ihe 27th. And all Persons who are bound over by Recognizances lo prwetatp, or to give Evidence on any Bill or Bills of Indictment, BEDFORDSHIRE LOCAL Mli. llTA. Ql'ICE is hereby given, That the MILITIA MEN enrolled to serve in the Second Regiment of the Bedfordshire Local Militia, commanded by the Right Honourable Lord St. John, are to assemble in the Towns of W ELLING- BoaoUGiianil ( OGHAM- FERRERS, in the County of Northampton, on Saturday the 24th of April next ensuing, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, lo be trained and exercised for the Space nf fourteen Days, exclusive of one Day for assembling and one Day for returning Home. Lists will be sent in due Time to the Constables of every Parish and Place, shewing precisely at which of the aforesaid Towns the said Militia Men are to assemble. Every Mililia Man ( not labouring n'lder any In- firmity incapacitating him) who siinll not appear at the Time and . Place appointed for his being ex- ercised, will forfeit and pay the Sum of Twenty Pounds, or be committed to the Common Goal, there to remain without Bail or Mainprise until Payment of the said Penalty. By Order of Ihe Right Honourable ( lie Eail of Upper Ossorv, his Majesty's Lieu- tenant for Ihe County of Bedford, J. LESLEY, Clerk of the General Meetings. Houghton- Regis. March, 1813. Eighth, and six Sixteenths. The present Lottery begins drawing tbe6lh of MAY. The Scheme contains 3 Prizes of ...£ 2t\( V) a 3 Prizes of. .. ,£ 10,000 fcc ire. Noticc to Debtors and Creditors. ALL Persons having anv Claim or Demand on the Estate of WILLI AM HARRIS, Lite of WOOTTON HI LA, in ihe County of North- ampton, lisquire. deceased, are requested to trans- mit Ihe same forthwith either to Mr. Richard Harris, of Kislingbury, in the said County, or Mr. William Tyler Smyth, of the Towo of North- ampton, who are two of his Executors, in order that the same may be investigated nod discharged.— And all Persons who stand indebleil to the said Estate, are required lo pay Iheir respective Debts immediately to the said Executors. Northampton, 3d April, 1813. GEORGE INN, KETTERING. \ | AllY JliNKINSON having declined,, it 1 the Bn- i.'* « ofthe above I, to, bears t > renin net grateful Thafiks l » the Nobility, Genlrv, add Other hf<" Friends; for ihe very many Favour.- received by herself and her late Broliitf, during theic Continuance for the thirty Years last past therein, and humbly reco nmends to their Patro- nage and Support, Mr. GEOHGI; MORGAN, who has entered upon Ihe same. 5th Jpri!, 1813. GEORGE INN, KETTERING. GEORGE MORGAN having entered on the above Ion. humbly solicits Ihe Patronage if the Nobility, Gentry, Commercial Traveller, Sc. assuring them no Pains will be spared in making the Premises peculiaily adapted for their Comfort and Accommodation; and that no Exertion shall be wanting lo give universal Satisfaction. Neat POST- CHAISES, careful DRIVERS, and good Horses.— Choice WINKS, SPIRITS, & C. N. B. The Leeds Mail to and from London every Morning and Evening. strurtions at ihe Clerk of me Peace's Ollice wn Wed- nesday Evening, as the Grand Jury will be dis- charged as early as the public Business will permit And it is recommended to the Solicitors and Parish- Officers, who have Appeals to try, to deliver their Briefs lo Counsel on the Wednesday Evening, and to be reatly to try the same the next Moriiinj, as the Court will be punctual in entering on that Business at tile Time above- mentioned. By Order of the Court, CIIR. SMYTH, Clerk of tile Peace. Northampton, April 14th, 1813. Manor ofBadby, in the County of Northampton. NOTICE is hereby given, that the COURT LEET and COURT BARON of Sir CHARLES KNIGIITLEY, Baronet, Lord of the said Manor, will he holJen al the House of WILLIAM DOUGLAS, the Sign ofthe WINDMILL, in RAHRY aforesaid, on FRIDAY Ihe 231 Day of A PIII i. instant, at F^ leven o'Clock in the Forenoon ; at which Time and Place all Copy holders. Free- suitors, and all other Persons concerned, are required to attend and do Iheir Suit and Service, and pay their Quit Rents and other Itents due to the Lord of thesnid Manor. EDM. BURTON, Steward. Davenlry, 15(/ I April, 1813. BEDFORDSHIRE QUARTER- SESSIONS. NOTICE is hereby given, That at the next GENERAL QUA RTER- SESSIONS " f Ihe PEACE, to be held for this COUNTY, on WEDNESDAY the28ili Day of APRM, 1813, and at every future Quarter- Sessions, the Court will open, as usual, al Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon precisely, at which Hour the Grand and Pel til Juries, the High- Conslahles, and all Persons sum- moned, bound by Recognizances, or having Business lo do, are desired to attend in Court. And all Perswns bnuud over by Recognizances to prosecute or give Evidence upon any Hill or Bills of Indict- ment. are requested to attend, and deliver proper Instructions at my Ollice on Tuesday Evening or by Eight o'Clock on Wednesday Morning ; and all Appeals are to be cniered by Nine o'Clock on Wednesday Morning. THEED PEARSK, Clerk of ihe Peace. Bedford, Utb April, 1S13. S. TVNURINGEft & SON; Grocers, I1K » isls. and Hop and Seed Factors, - NF.' VPOK F- PAGNEt. L, OST lespK- tfully inform their Friends and the PIIB'ic in. general, that they have removed from tli.- ir 1 ite Shop to a more convenient nnd capacious one adjoining, where they hope lobe noured witha Continuance of those Favours they have so many Years experienced in their late Residence. Newport- Pagne't, AurilZlt'i, 1813. W1 Huntingdonshire Volunteer Cav dry. THE Gentlemen of the HUNTINGDON- SHIRE VOLUNTEER CAVALRY, are hereby requested to muster in Marching Order, on he MARKET- III i. L, at HUNTINGDON, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, on the Days following, for the purpose of being Trained and Exercited, viz. Tuesdaull, Wednesday 28, Thursday 29, and Friday the 30tA of April; Tuesday 4, Wednesday Thursday 6, Friday 7, and Saturday the 8th of May. It having been agreed upon to discontinue the Use of Pantaloons iu the Field, and to wear White Leather Breeches and high topped Military Boots, every Gentleman is desired to provide himself ac- cordingly, in due Time. B. WELSTF. AD, Captain- Commandant. Kimbottnn. Aprils, 1813. !' b the Creditors and Debtors of WILLIAM- 1 CI IA LONER the Younger, of WILBY, ifi the County if Northampton, Victualler. HEREAS the said WM. CHALONER, hath assigned over all his Estate and Effects to John P. tinier, of Wellingborough, in the said County of Northampton, Liquor- Merchant, and Thomas Overall; of the same Place, Maltster, two of his Creditors, in Trust for Ihe equal Benefit of themselves nnd all other the Creditors of the said William Chaloner; Notice therefore is hereby given, That the Deed of Assignment is lodged at the Office of Messrs. Hudson, Solicitors, at Wellingborough aforesaid, w here the Creditors of the said William Chaloner are requested to call and Sign the same within one Month from the Date hereof, or they will be excluded the Benefit of Ihe Dividend.— Ail Persons who were indebted lo the said William Chaloner, are desired lo pay their respective Debts to the said John Palmer and Thomas Overall imme- diately or they will be sued for the same without further Notice. Wellingborough, 16( fl April. 1813. I NOTICE is hereby given. T hat a COURT LEFT nrnl View of FRANK PLEDGE, with the COURT BARON « f JOHN HIGGIN8, Esq. Lord of the Manor of CLIFTON- REYNES, in the Couoly of Buckingham, will be holden foi the said Manor, at the M ANO* - HOUSE, on TUESDAY the TWENTY- SEVENTH Day of APRIL INSTANT, at Eleven o'Cloik in Ihe Forenoon, w hen and where the Tenants and Residents within Ihe said Manor, and all other Persons w ho owe Suit and Service are desired to attend. JOHN GARRARD, Sleward. OIney, 14fA April, 1813. ' NORTHAMPTON. To be LETT, furnished or unfurnished, ACommodious HOUSE, situated at the North Extremity of the Town, containing a good En- ranee Hall, tlir e Sitting- Rooms, five best Bed- Rooms, and two good Attics ; Kitchen, Wasli- h- use, Cellar, & c. and a small Garden.— The Whole in ex- cellent Repair, completely and handsomely furnished. Terms moderate. Apply at Mr. BIRDSALL'S, Post- Office, North- ampton. BARK STEALING. \ I7( IF. nEAS the Piactice of BARK- " STE A LI NG has become an ISvil of serious Magnitude, aud the Suppression of it by individual Exertions difRru. lt, Notice is hereby given, Thnt anexfensivc Association of Tanners and others, in the Counties nf Northampton and Rutland ha been formed, w hose united Means will be rfirecfrrt to the Detection nnd ••••! rrosecution of all guilty of Stealing Bark, belonging to any Member of the Association, or of Buying or Re- ceiving such Bark, knowing it to be Stolen ; and, on Conviction, the following Rewards will be paid by the Treasurer, Mr. LAMBERT, of Middlelon to ihe Person who shall be most Instrumental ii bringing the Parties to Justice, ( viz.) On the Conviction of a Bark- Stealer, Ten Guineas ; On t he Conviction of a Receiver, Twenty- five Ditto. Aud if any Bark- Stealer will give such Infor- mation ( is shall convict the Receiver, he shall receive the nbovf Reward, and every Means shall be used to obtain his Pardon. By Order of the Association, TIIO. MARSHALL, Solicitor. N. R. The Auntial Meeting, io future, will be held on the Second Monday in March, al the King's Arms, in Weldon. . Mil SALE POSTPONED. Public are respectfully informed. That LONDON, THURSDAY, APRIL. 15. Two Gottenburgh Mails arrived yesterday j tlitir contents tend to confirm the previous accounts of the disposition of Denmark to join the coalition against France. Advices were received ac Copen- hagen on the 2tl, that the Danish gun- boats at Elsiueur had received orders not to molest British vessels of any description. There lias been a con- spiracy at Amsterdam, to overturn the Govern- ment, aud place a Member of the [ louse of Orange at its head. It was, however, discovered, and the conspirators were tried, and five of thtnii were found guilty on the 22d, by a Military. Commission. The accounts from St. Petersburg!! are to the 3 I ult. and contain the official report of the defeat of the Saxon corps under General Regnicr, on the 13th February, near ICalisch. Another Mail arrived this morning, but the ac- counts brought by it are not of so late a dale as those - above noticed. The horses of ihe Crown I'rince had been sent to Carlscroua, whither he was expected to proceed and embark. The Em- peror of Russia is said to have written to the King • of Denmark, demanding a declaration in three days, either for or against France; and the Rus- sian prince Dolgorucky, whose arrival at Copen- hagen we have already noticed, is said to have been the bearer of this letter.— The Russians at Hamburgh, it is said, are tube replaced, after three weeks, by Swedes. Ponierania lias been evacuated by ti e French troops. No aceounts had been received of the fall ol Dantzir. when the packit left Gotten burgh; but its speedy surrender was expected from the want of provision, and the ravages of . diseases among the garrison. The besiegers, we are sorrv to find, bad sustained a loss of 1,500 men, under the fol- lowing circumstances :— A patty to that number bail taken possession of some of the outworks of the place, and were received by the inhabitants with every demonstration of joy. In the tumult i f their happiness, discipline was disregarded, and the detachment, iu a state of intoxication, was r. ttacked by a powerful sortie from the garrison, when the whole were made prisoners, and con- ducted into the interior of the fortress. Adm. Hope hnd arrived at Gottenhurgli, and proceeded to Stockholm to arrange with the Swedish Government the liecctssary measures for the embarkation of the remainer of the Swedish troops destined to act on the continent. A forcc of 19,000 men w ere ready to embark for Stralsund, which, with the Swedish troops already in Pome- rania, would constitute an army of from 95 to 97,000 men. In some of the letters it is confi- dently said that the Crown Trince will himself assume the command. Both Houses of Parliament will adjourn this day ove r the Easter holidays, to meet again for the dis- patch of business on Monday st'uui^ lit. X the SALE ofthe FREEHOLD FARM at LONG- BUCK BY, advertised to be SOLD BV AUCTION, rit the CROWN INN, in WEST- HAO UON, on ihe 20th luslant, IS POSTPONED. l. ong- liuckby, April lith, 1813. To Prime Maiden Oak Timber. be SOLI) by AUCTION, By G. KKliBT, On Tuesday the 27th Dav of April, 1813, ABOUT 420 prime MAIDEN OAK TREES, with their Top, Lop, and Bark, now standinc and numbered, oh Ash Furlong Leys, and Field near, in the Parish of TURWESTON, near Urackley Northamptonshire. The above is well woith the Attention of Timber. Mp'chints, Carpenters, Coopers, Wheelwrights, tec as Turwes'on . Field beinc on the K veof Inclosure. It will be Sold without Reserve. Credit will be given on approved Security. Catalogues may be had at the Butchers' Arms BrackleV; principal Inns in the Neighbourhood and of the Auctioneer, Kuck and Bell Inn. Banbury For a View of the Timber, appiy to JEREMIAH WAR, of Turweston aforesaid. To be SOLD by AUCIION, On Wednesday the 21st Day of April Instant, on the Premises, A LL that MESSUAGE orTENEMENT, called L\ or known by the Name or Sign of the ROSE AND CROWN, with the Orchards, Stables, and Appurtenances to the same belonging, situate and being in CHARLTON, near Newbottle, in. the County of Northampton, now in the Occupation of -— King.— Charlton is three Miles lror. 1 Buckley, and six from Banbury. For Particulars, apply to Mr. PET « P Brtjti. 1, Solicitor, Banbury ; and for a View of the Premises, to the Tenant. Tu be SO I, I) by AUG IIOA, By THOMAS HUGHES, On Thursday the 22d Day of April, 1313, at BLAK. ESLEY, in the County of N ortlnmoton. on tlie Premises of the late Mr. THOS. K11. P1N, deceased, r! MlE IloUSEIIOLD- FURNITURE; consisting • of Feather and Flock Beds, Pillows, arid Holsters, Hedsteads, Dining and Tea- T » bles, Ch.. irs, Blankets, Sheets, Bed Quilts, Oak Chests, large BufTet, Oak Chest of Drawers, Clock in Oak Case, large Brass Hrewing- Kettle, large Copper Boiler, Quantity ot Pewter, one Side of Bacon, Barrels, Tubsand Buckets; also, a Quantity of wearing Apparel, Coats, Waist- coats, B'eeches, Shirts, and Sundry other KHects. Sale to commence at Ten o'clock. FIRST BEDFORDSHIRE REGIMENT 01 LOCAL MI LI Ft A, cvnummded by Lieutenant Colonel Whitbread. NOTICE is hereby given, That ALL tin MEN belonging to the above- mentioned ROSIMENT, are ordered lo Assemble in the INEIH MARY FIELD, near the Town of BEDFORD, on SATURDAY the 1st Day of MAY next, al Twelve o'clock av Noon, to be trained and exercised for fourteen Days, exclusive of one D. tv allowed for arriving and one for departing, in Conformity to ihe " Regulations under w hicli the several Corps of " Local Militia io Greal- Britain are to br as- sembled for Training and Exercise in the Year " 1813," instead of Saturday the 24th Instant, as advertised iu a former Paper, 13y Order of the Lord Lieutenant of the Countv of Bedford, J. LESLEY, Clerk to the General Meetings. JToughton- Regis, April 1th 1813. Turnpike Tot Is to l, ett. NOTICE is hereby ejven, That the next Meeting of the ' trustees appointed by an Aet of Parliament made and passed in the I flirty- seventh Year of the Reign of bis present Majesty KingGeorge the Third, intituled " An Act for amending, widening, " altering, and keeping in Repair, the Road leading " from a Place called MORTON'S CORNER, in the " Townof WE LI. I NGBOROUOH, in the County of " Northampton, to tlie East End of AJINCJOK- " STKEKT, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON," will b' held at the House of JOHN K N fr, HT H IGCI NS, known by the Sign of the Hi « » , in Wellingborough aforesaid, on THURSDAY thesixrH Dayu! M,\ y next ( andnot ui Tuesday the fourth Day of Mav, as beforeadveriised), at Eleven o'Clock in tile Forenoon of the same, Day at which Time and Place the respective TO I. LS arising at the two several Toll- Gates on the said Road; called the Wellingborough Gate, and the Abtngton- Lane- Gate, will be LETT to FARM ( separately) by AUCTION, for two Years from the 12th Dav of May next, to the Best Bidders, Ix- tween the Hours of Eleven and Two o'Clock of the same Day, in the Manner directed bv the said Act. which said several Tolls produced in the last Year ( dear ot all Salaries for collecting the sam -) the respective Sums herein- after mentioned, tint is to say: — lieliingbo' ough- Gate £ l\\ 0 0 Aiingnn. Lane G\ ite 21S () 0 And which Tolls wiH be respectively put up at these respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must forthwithgive Security, with sufficient Suroties. to tlie Satisfaction of tile Trustees for Payment of the respective Rents at such Tiirtesas tliey shall direct — Given under my H'and th s Seventh Day of April, iu the Year ot our Lotd One Thousand Ei^ ht Hundred and Thiiteen. JNO. HonsON, Clerk to the Trustees, N. B. The BUiUrs are first to give iuthe Ntines of their Sureties, with an Authority under their re- spective Hands that they will enter into the usual Bond. To the FACUL1Y. To be disposed of immediately, THE BUSINESS and FIXTURES of a MEDICAL GENTLEMAN. — Any Person wanting a Situation will find it a desirable Place for Practice, rind well worthy iheir Attention. Letters addressed ( Post paid) to F. Y. at the Printers, will be forwarded to the Advertiser. Agistment in Watford Par It. rT, 0 be taken in, from the 1st of May to the - I 10th of October, 1813 :— Horses, " tit 5s. a Head per Week ; Two- year- old Ditto, 4s. ; and One- year- old Ditto, 3s. Cows, 3s. ; Two- year- old Ditto, 2s. ; and One- year- old Ditto, Is. 8d. Sheep with two Lambs, lOd ; Sheep with one Lamb, 9d. ; and Sheep without Lambs, 6d. The Money lo he paid at the Time of taking out. Enquire of Mr. ORTON, Watford- Park, near Daventry. To be SOLO by'- PRIVATE CON UUCP At SHERRINGTON, BUCKS. RB^ IIREE FREEHOLD CLOSES of OLD PAS- S TURE AND MEADOW LAND; containing 14 Acres, Tithe- free. — Half the Purchase- money . may remain on the Premise* it required. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. HUM- PHREYS, of Sherrington afo'es^ id. T Capital Farming Stock, Lawrence- End, in the Parish of Kirnpton, Herts, To be SOLD by AUCTION, Jiy Mr. W. STANTON, On the Premises, on Wednesday May 5th, 1813, " MIE valuable FARMING- STOCK and IM- PLEMENT5 of HE NRY HAWKINS, Esq. deceased, at LA WRENCE- END ; comprrslng lot' South Down Couples principally bred from the Flocks of the Honourable T. Brand, and Mr. E. Smith; 90 fine Ewe Pugs, and two Ram Pugs; seven exceedingly fine useful Draft- Horses, one yearling Colt, seven fine Milch and In- calved Cows, breeding Sows and Store Pigs, Fowls and Ducks ; Part of a Rick of fine Meadow Hay, Ditto ot fine Clover Hay; a good Waggon, five Carts, Market- Cart, Water. Cart, seven Ploughs, llatrows, Shaft. Roll, Hurdles, ChafF- cutting Machine, Horse- Harness, Barn Uiensils, & c. 3ec Brewing and Dairy Utensils, and sundry other valuable Effects. file Sale wi| l begin at Eleven o'Clock precisely. N. B. Lawience- End is. four Miles from Luton, nine from St. Albans, and seven from Hitchin. Catalogues may be had at the Red Lion, Luton and Dunstable; Wool Pack. St. Albans; the Two Hrewers, Kimpton ; the George Inn, Coddicot; the Swan, Wheat. Ilamstead i the Bull, Whitwell; and of the Auctioneer, Hitchin, Herts. LEICESTERSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Somttime in June next, OEVF. RAL valuable ESTATES, situate in O WHITW1CK, M A RK FIELD, WOOD, HOUSE, UGG LESCOTE, DORRING ION, NE WTOWN- UNTH. ANK, UOTCHESTON, and STON EY. STANTON, consisting of divets Messu- ages aud Lands, together vt'ith several valuable Allot, ments on CHARNWOOD FOREST, in the County ot Leicester. Printed Particulars will shortly be published, and may be had at the principal! nns in theNeighb jurhood, of John F. vans, mid ct CI Live and Dead Stock, & c. To be S O L D by A U CTIO N, By R. SMITH, On Mondav and Tuesday, the 26th and 57th Dsvs of April. 1813, on the Premises, at CATWORTH, near Spaldwick, Huntingdonshire, ' IMIE valuable CART- HORSES, COWS,' IM- I I'LF. MENTS in HUSBANDRY, and s me HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, BREWING AND DAIRY UTENSILS, belonging toMr. BARLEY ( who is leaving his Farm/; consisting of a Cart- Gelding, fpiir Years old, two Ditto, seven Years old. one Ditio, ei( ht v,. 3rs oi^ a Ditto six Years old, : Ditto three Years old, two Cart Colts, two Years- old. Slid two aged Cart- Horses ( these Horses will be found ingoDd Condition, and worthy the Attention of the I'ublifc); one Cow in full Profit, two barren Cows, three In- calf Cows, four In. calf and barren Heifers, and a pal I'd Bull, two Years old; two stout Narrow- wheel Waggons, three Narrow wheel Dung Carts, seven Ploughs, two large Gate Harrows, a six- post framed Wheat Hovel, two Field- Rolls, eight Sheer Cribs, six Cow Ditto, two Dozen Hurdles, a stout Thirty- six- round Ladder, shorter Ditto, Lead Horse Trough, a Dressing Machine ( by Blackw'tfl), good Harness for nine Cart- Horses, three Pair of small Harrows, two Clover Sieves, Riddles, Forks, Rakes, and other Implements in Husbandry. The Hous K. HOI. N- Fu R N ITUR E comprises Bedsteads and Furnitures, Flock B ds. Blankets and Quilts, square Oak, Deal, and other Dining- Tables, framed Oak Chairs, and Ash Ditto, Chest of Drawers, and Linen Chests; a good Wind- up- Jack, with Lead Weight, complete, Corner Cupboard, Pier Clats, Iron Oven Door, Kitchen- Grate, Bra » s Cots anil Kettles, Barrel. Churn and Ftantc, Cheese Press, Milk- Leads, Bowls, Kitnbels, Eight- bushel Mash- Vat, sweet Iron- bound Pipe, Half Hogsheads, and oilier Effects. The Live and Dead Stock will be sold the first Day, and the Remainder the Second, and the Sale will commence a; fen o'Clock in the Forenoon ol each Day. Kvans, E q. St. Mildred's Court. Poultry, street, l. oi. ten-> qua andge SI lveson, Pall Mall, Lofld. ni. ' ' Estatsmay be seen. BEDFORDSHIRE. The Manor of Grcat- Ilardwick, and a capital Freehold Estate, very eligible for investing Money. To be SOLD by' AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's, on Thursday, May 13, at Twelve, A ^' ery valuable TITHE- TRIE and extra Paro- / * chial and singularly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE; comprising the Manor of GRE. VT- HARDWICK, with the Right of Fishery in tl, e River; and I1ARDW1CK FARM, containing foui Hundred Acresofex ellcnt Meadow, Feeding Ground, Pasture, Arable, and Wood Land, lying compact, with a spacious House ant Offices, just put into substantial Repair; a good Garden, Orchard, Ac. The Lands are in an excellent State ot Cultivation, abounding with Game, and a fine Stream of Water runs through Part of the Estate: nearly the Whole i lithe- free and extra Parochial, and forms a most eligible Property, situate near Shefford, on the Turn- pike- Road to Bedford, from whence it is distant only iight Miles, seven Miles from the Market Town ot Hitchin, five from Biggleswade, and forty- two Miles from London. May be viewed by applying to Mr. BAKER, the Tenant, where Particulars may be had; at the Crown, ShefFord ; Swan, Bedford; Sun, Biggles- wade and Hitchin; Salisbury Arms, Hatfield; ol Jatnes Wortham, Esq. Solicitor, Castle- street, London; Mr. James Crowdy, Hammington, near Highwortli, Wilts ; at Garraway's ; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- Street, Golden- Square, London, wlitre a Plan of th; Capital Mansion- House aud I. anil, at Welling- borough, in the County of Northampton. To be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMost desirable ESTATE, situate in the East- End of W E I. I. I NG HOR. OUG H, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Fisher; consisting of a most excellent Stone- built arid Slited Mansion- Hou- e, with Out- offices, Yards, Gardens, and Pleasure Grounds, and a Close ot prime Grass Land adjoining, con- taining about two Acres. The Hou- e comprises an Entrance Hall, Parlours on eaili Side of it, Kitchen. Scullery, and Wash- house, ori the Ground Floor; Drawin'- Room, and three excellent Bed- Chambers, and tour very good At tcs. There are four'Cellars, tvvo of which are arched. The Premises are suppliel with an inexhaustible Spring of most excellent Water. The Whole forms a complete Residence for a genteel Fatnilv, or might be adapted for carrying on an extensive Manufactory. Apply to Messrs. HUDSON, Solicitors, Welling- borough. BEDFORDSHIRE. Desirable Copyhold Estate, Cranfield, With immediate Possession. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. WOOD, On Tuesd- y April 20th, 1813, at the Old George I'uoiic House, Cranfield, precisely at Three o'Clock io the Afternoon, iu Lots, r9 ' iWENTY- SIX Acres, three Roods ( more or 1 Less), of CoryHOLD ARABLE LAND, lying dispersed in theopen fertile Fieldsof CRVNFIELI) aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Mr J. Millard. Theabove Kslateis Copyhold of Inheritance of the Manor of Cranficld, Fine certain, subject to a small Quit- Rent, is in capital Condition, and immediate Possession may be had. May be viawed by applying to the Tenant, nf whom Particulars may be had, and of Mr. WOOD, Leighton- Buzzard. Ij KD FORD.-, HIRE. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. WOOD, On Wednesday the 6th Day of . May, 1813, at the Swan Inn, in Leighton - Buzzard, between the Hours ot Three a id Five in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced : Lot 1. A LI. that CLOSE nf rich MEADOW J'\ GROUND, situate near the Town ot LEIGHTON. BUZZARD, called Perron's Meadow, containing by Estimation, three Acres and a Half, more or less, late in the Occupation of Mr. Ingram. Lot'.'. All thatCLOSE of PASTURE C ROUND, most desirably situated, adjoining the said Town of LEIGHTON- BUZZARD, called Gates's Close, containing by Estimation, tvvo Acres and a Half, more or less, late in the Occupation of M r. Willis. Theabove E. tates are Copyhold of Inheritance of Moiety of the Manor of Swanbourne, Backs. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CON I P. ACT, A MOIETY of the Manor or Lordship ol t\ SWANBOURNE, Bucks, with all Rights Royalties, chief R? nrs thereto belonging; the Intirety of a capital Messuage, Tenement, tarm, or Manor- House, small Piece ot Ground in Front, con- venient and necessary Barns, Stables, and Outbuild- ings detached behind the same ; and tour Closes ad- joining to the said Hou* e ; containing bv Estimation So Acres ( more or less17 Acres of which are excellent old Pasture Ground, aod the Remainder very fertile Arable Lanvl, with a Nunibei ot fine thrivngTimber l rees growing thereon. The Land- Tax on ihe Whole of the Premises is redeemed. SWANBOURNE is situ te in a very genteel Neigh- bourhood, about SO Miles from London, nine fron Aylesbury and Buckingham, two from Winslow, and within a Mile of the Turnpike- Road. — Conveyances to or from London daily. — A Pack of Harriers kept within two Miles.— The Manor ia extensive, and abounds with Game. An early Possession may be had Further Particulars mav be known on Application ti Mr. Deverell, Jun. Swanbourho; Mr. Charles Willis, Solicitor, and the Auctioneer, both of Wias low; and of Messrs. Willis and Sons, Solicit . ts, Leighton- itussard, Beds. Valuable Farm at Rushden, in the County of Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By M-. ROVSF., At the Green Dragon Inn, in Higham- Ferrers, or Thursday the 241 Day ot April instant, 1813, at Four o'Clor k in tiie Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be llien and there pro- duced, ACapital FARM- HOUSE, with suitable Barns Suhles, Yards, Out- buildings, and Appurte- nances, pleasantly situate in .(. USHDEN, in the County ot Northampton, adjoining the l. ondon Road, with several Cottages thereto belonging ; andtogether with two convenient Orchards or Homecloses ot prime Land also adjoining, containing about six Acres. Also TWO several PLOTS of very useful and improvable ARABLE and PASTURE LAND communicating with the said Farm Homestead, con- tainingabout 120 Acres, conveniently subdivided into six Closes. And also, THREE several CLOSES of exceed- ingly rich PASTURF. and MEADOW LAND, lying on the North- Side ot and adjoining to I lie said Turn- pike- Road leading from Wellingborough to Higliam- Ferrers, and extending from thence to the liayigable River Nen, containing together about 2(> Acres, all now in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Edwatd Woorl, or his Under- tenants, under a Demise fiom Year to Year Theabove is Copyhold ot Inheritance, held of the Manor of Rushden, antl pays a Fine of one Year'*. Quit Rent ( about £ 3 is.) upon Admission. RUSHDEN is situate withinone Mile ot tfie Borough of Higham- Ferrers, 12 Miles of Bedford, and five of Wellingborough. l or a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenant ; and tor further Particular, lo the Rev. RICHARD PiAitcii ut Hosbami'a- Bo, worth, Leicestershire ; or to Mr. COODHALL, iolintor, Wellingbo. eugh. the the Manor of Leighton- Buzzard, and are I'ossjs ion ot the Proprietor. Imrrediate Possession may he had. For further I'aricujars, apply to Mr. EAOLES, Solicitor, Amptliill; or Mr. WOOD, Leightou- Buzzird. Valuable Stock of Beast J, Fat Sheep, Wether and Ewe Tegs, $> c, Jfc. To be SOLI)' bv AUCTIO N, By THOMAS" GRIMES, On Tuesdav the 27th Day of April instant, upon the Farm of Mr. MANN, Sen at WOOLSTON. HKATH. in the Countv of Warwick, in l ots, NVSNTY- EOUR valuable In- Catf and Barren COWS. 91 capital fat SHEEP, and 60 EWE and WETHER TEGS. In tiie Afternoonof the sf » me Dav, will be SOLD, Part of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, DAIRY and BUEWl NG. UTE NSI LS, Sec. Sec. ' 1 o begin with the Live Stock precisely at Ten in the Forenoon.— Printed Particulars will be distributed in due Time. AT a Meeting of the Inhabitants of KL\.- BOLTON, and ifs Vicinity, held pursuant to Public Notice, at the White Lion Inn. in Kitu- bolton, on Tuesday ihe 13th Dav of April, 1813, The Rev. T. M ARTYN. B. I), in the Chair, The following RESOLUTIONS were unanimously adopted : Resolved, I. That enjoying as we do the inestimable Blessings, consequent upon the Diffusion of Chris linn Knowledge in this highly faroured Country, we cannot but deplore the State of mural. Degra- dation and Ignorance of Religion, in which many Millions of our Fellow- Subjects in India are plunged. I I. That we deeply regret that the Power vested in the East India Company, by the Charter which they are anxious to renew, has been uniformly exerted lo prevent such benevolent Persons from entering and settling in India, as are dosirons of diCtising there in a quiet and peaceable Manner tin" Truths of Christianity. III. That vie feel il to be our Duty to use every lawful Exeniou to remove the Obstacles to th « moral Improvement anil religious Instruction of the Inhabitants of Ilindostan. and to unite witlt the Friends of Humanity throughout the United Kingdom, in expressing our Sense of the Importance of this Subject on ihe present Occasion. IV. That the Petitions to both Houses nf Par- liament now read he adopted, and they be left for Signature at the Office of Mr. Anderton, Attorney- at- Law, Kimbollon. PETITION. ' The humble Petition of the Undersigned Inhabitants of Kiu. bnlton, in the County of Huntingdon, and its Vicinity, Shewelh, That your Petitioners are deeply impressed with the moral Degradation ofthe immense Popu- lation i* f the British Dominions in India, and lament that so little has hitherto been done to remove it, although the Honourable the House of Commons was pleased in the year 179." to resolve, " That it is the peculiar aud bound en Duty nf the British Legislature to promote by all'just and pru- dent Means ihe Interests nnd Happiness of the In- habitants of the British Dominions in India; and that fur these Ends such Measures ought to be adopted as mny gradually lend to Iheir Advance- ment in useful Knowledge, and lo their religious and moral Improvement." That your Petitioners most cordially concur in the just and humane Sentiments contained ia the above Resolution. Your Petitioners therefore implore your Lord- ships that such Provisions may be inserted in the new- Charter to be granted to the East India Com- pany as shall afford sufficient Facilities to those benevolent Persons who shall be desirous of going lo India for the Purpose of communicating to its Population the Blessings of u. eftil Knowledge and moral and religious Improvement, and also sucli Provisions as shall prevent the Obstruction of their Endeavours for promoting iheir Object in Hiat Country, so long as they. shall conduct themselves in ti peaceable and ordeily Manner. And yonr Petitioners shall ever pray, & c. & c. V. That a Subscription be immediately entered into fo defray Ihe Expenses of carrying into Effect the Object of this Meeting, and that if any Suiplus remain, it shall be tippliedto tlieUse of the Mission- aries in Serampore. VI. That lite following Gentlemen be a Com- mittee, with Power to add lo their Numbers, for carrying into Execution the Object of this Meeting, viz.:— Rev. T. Martyn, B. D. Rev. J. K. Martyn Rev., J. M. Longmtre, LI* B. Rev. J. Pope. B D. Rev. T Saunders, M. A. Rev. Mr. Nikolls Mr. Peck ( Signed) I To be SOLD bv AUCTION, In May next, r « PHE Great TITHES of the Parish of GOLD- I I NGTON, io the County of Bedford; also a DWELLING- HOUSE, and an excellent BARN and OUT - BUILDINGS, in the Occupation of Messrs. Smith on & Willsdo; together with about 120 Acres of MEADOW and ARABLE LAND, in Lets, situate at GO LDIN GTON aforesaid, within two Miles ot the Town of Bedford. Further Particulars, and due Notice of the Time and Place of Sale, will e given, and in the mean Time Information may h ad of Messrs. SHEFHAI D, ADLI NCTON, & GREIORV Solicitors, Bedford- Row, London ; and the Premises may be viewed on Ap- plication to the said Mr. SMITHSON. Capital and extensive Freehold Entitles, near Lei- cester and Market- llarborough. To be SOLD hv AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Swan Inn, Market- Harborotvgh, on Tuesday May lltli, at Two o'Clock, in 28 Lots, SUNDItY very capital and valuable 1' REUIQLD ESTATES, tfie greater Tart TITHE- FREE, most conveniently situate at K1BWORTH, SM EETON, MO WSLE Y, GO A DBY, TH O R I' F.- LANGTON, SLAWSTON, and WELHAM, in the County ol Leicester; containing nearly FtlUHTF. i: V HUNDRED ACRES of remarkably rich ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, with Farm- Houses and Home- steads, in the Occupation of most respectable Tenants, and ofthe present Value of nearly Four Thousand Pounds per Annum. A considerable Part of these Estates is Tithe- free, and oilier Parts subject to the Payment of a Corn Rent in Fisu of Tithes.— The several Farms are re- markably well situate fcr good Markets, being only about 10 Miles from Leicester, five from Harbo- rough, and seven from Uppingham, and are in the Occupation of yearly Tenants. Printed Particulars, with engraved Maps, will b? ready after the 5th of April, and may then be had at the Swan, Harborough; Three Crowns, Leicester; Denbigh Arms, Lutterworth; Falcon, Uppingham ; Angel, Northampton, and Melton- Mowbray; of Rpbt. Kirk, Esq. Welhain- Lodge; ot Wm. Leake, Esq. 27, Sackville- Street, Piccadilly ; of Messrs. Hurley ind Moore, Lincoln's Inn; and of Messrs. Driver Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- Road ; or at' their Offices in the Auction- Mart, London, ' To be S O Ll) by A U CT I O N, Inthe Month of June next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will bs given in this Paper, AVery desirable FRrrnni. D ESTATE; con- sisting ot a substantial Farm- House, with Suitable Out- offices, aid 107 Acres ot very rich Arable and Pasture Land, in a Ring Fence, situate at CLIP STONE, in the County of Northampton, wow in the Occupation ot Mrs. Ellis, Sen. Possession may be bad at Lady- Day. Apply to Mr. BURTON, Attorney, Dayer. try. John Fox, Esq. Mr. W. Hensinan Mr. James Anderton Mr Palmer Mr. Baker Mr. B. Hensman AND Mr. , T. l. uccock T. MARTYN, B. D. • Chairman. Mr. Marly n having left the Chnir, Resolved unanimously,— 1' liai the cordial Thanks of tin. Meeting be given to l) i. n for his able C induct in the Chnir. 1 . ub, ciiptions will be received by the Members of the Committee. By Order of the Committee, JAMES ANDERTON. On the Capital F. tcas and Lambs, stm- e Pigs, prime Hay,, Fagots, Poles, useful Building Timber, Hovel- Frames, 4c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. WHITE, Cn the Premises, on Tuesday the 20th Day of Anrill ISIS, OART of the valuable LIVE and DEAD 3 FARMING - STOCK of Mr. SAMUEL WRIGHT, of FELMERSllAMv in Hie County ot Bedford, who is declining Business; comprising 45 good polled Ewes, with very fresh young Lambs at Foot ; eight strong fresh store Pigs; Part ot a Rick of very prime Upland Hay, about IS Tons; two Twov bayed, Hovel- i tames. Lead Horse- Troughs, five Milk- Leads ; very useful Building- Timber, l, ot) 0 very good Fagots, large Number ot Poles, and other Effects. The Hay may be taken off ihe Premises. The Sheep will be penned by Eleven o'Clock, and the Sale will begin at Twelve, with the Sheep. Capital Live Stock. To be SOLD bv AUCTION. By W. WH I TE h Premises, on Friday the Day of April1, 1S! 3, at Eleven oVlock^ g;> ART of the. valuable LIVE and DEAD* 1 FARMING- STOCK; <. on„. sting ot » Hock ot Sheep, Cart- Marcs, useful Cows, store Fl'ws Implements of Husbandry, Brewing and Dairy-. Utensils, and o'her Effects, of Mr LAMBFKT CHALONER, ot WOOTTON, inthe County of Bedford, vvlio is leaving bis Farm. Catalogues to. be had at this Swan Inn, Newport- Pagnell; Bull, Olney; Tinker, Turvey ; George Woburn; Cross Keys, Antpthill; Mr. WEBB'S Printing- Office ; andot the Auctioneer, Bedford. Valuable Sheep, Horses, Cores, Hogs, Hay, Triple, ments, Household- Furniture, Bracing and Duiru. Utensils, Fire Wood, 4 c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By IF. WHITE, On the Premies, on Tuesday the 27th Day of April 1813, and following Day, at Ten o'Clockrach Day,* "| MtE Whole of the very valuable FLOCK of 1- POLLED S H E E P, capital young Cart- Horses, Cows with Calves, ln- calt and barren Ditto, sturks, and Hogs; Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Har. rows, and other Implements in Husbandly ; veiy good Brewing and Dairy- Utensils, large Quantity of useful Building Wood. Hard Wood, Sec, and Fagots, the Whole ol the usfcful Household- Furniture, and nume, rous other ttiects, ot Mr. JOHN 1.11. l. Y, deceased, at Box- END, UI the I'arfsli of KEMPSTON, „ eiir. Bedford. The Whole will be particularized in Catalogues, to be delivered seven Days previous to the Sale, at the Cross Keys, . Ampthill; George, Woburn; Swan Newport. 1' agncll; Bull, Olney ; Tinker, Turvev " Wheat Sheaf, Harrold; Cross Ken, St. IVeotsi Crown, Biggleswade; at the Place of Sale; at Mr„ WEBB'S Printing- Office; and of the Auctioneer. Bedford. * C3T The Farming- Stock will be sold the first Day. 1 he H* j to t* ukai oiftU tlie Premises . f 1 COAT INN", , GOT D- STFTBKT, NORTHAMPTON. TDUMBARTON having entered on ihe • above INN, with ( he greatest R'* » * p » » ct be£ t t^ solicit the Patronage of the Nobility. ( ieniry. Coroniercifil Travellers, and the Piiblir in general, who may depend upon ihe ulraost Attention hpin^ £> aid to their Accommodation ; the Sleeping Room* lire neatly fitted up, with good Reds, which will always be found well aired j Wines and Spirits of the first Qualitv; excellently good Stabling for fifty Horse?, with loose Boxes for Race Horses, Hunters, & c. T. DUMBLETOPT most respectfully return? hiv sincere Thanks to those Friends whose Support and Kindness he has so lone: received, and earnestly solicits the Continuance of their Favours, and those of the Public at large, as it will ever be his first Wish to obtain t heir Approbation. • JffcfT Ordinaries on Market and Fair Oavs. The Ro al Manchester and Holyhead Mail Coaches, and the Defiance Light Manchester run to the above Tnn every Oav. WANTED, ihe several SUMS of £ 1000, =£ 500, £ 400, £ 200, and .£ 200, on good Security.— The I le. rest whereof will be punctually paid Half- yeartv. Apply to Mr. ALLEN, Solicitor, Hicham- Ferrers, if by Letter, Pos'- puid. Higham- Ferrers, 12th Apri'. 1813. ANTF. I) 7~\ n U'P. RF. NTICT, to a LIN F. N AND WOOLLEN DRAPER. Apply to Mr. S. JOHMSON, Draper, Davenirv. ANTEr> immediately, An ASSISTANT in a BOARDING- SCHOOL. His prin- cipal Employment will be to teach the Classics, F. nglfsh Grammar, and Reading. Address by Letter, Post- paid, to A. Z. at the Printers of this Paper, if by Letter, Post- paid. WANTF. D immediately, A stout active " V L A D, as an A era ENTICE to a PLUM HER GLAZIER, and PAINTER. Enquire of Mr. JOHN GIBSS, Plumber and Glazier. Toucesler. WIU. TAM AI. R. ANN. 7leal Straw Tlat Manufacturer, BF. GS to retwii his most graUfti' Acknow- ledgments in the Ladies of NoRtn AMPTOV. Ind its Vicinity, for the unprecedented Encnnragc- menl he lias m't wilh nil foroii'r Seasons, and at the .. ime Time begs to inform lliem he has on Shew an • legnnl and extensive Assortment of STR A W H AT S ind RON NETS of I lie most approved Shapes, selected from the fir- t Nouses « f ' Paste anil Fashion iu London, which he is determined to sell on thosr I'erms which shall s'lve general Satisfaction. N. B. Two good Straw llat Makers wanted for the Season. ^^^^^^ NORTHAM P 1< 1NSHI RE. NOTICE is hereby given. That a General Meeting of the. " UEUTEVANCY of the County of NORTHAMPTON, will be held at the George / iviv, in the ' loan of NOKTIIAMTTOS, on tATUHntr the 24th Day of Aran instant, at Twelve o'Clor. l; at Noon, on Business relating to the J. real Militia. . Bg < 1 dtr o f the Most Noble Charles. Margins of t'lefour. ty nf Northampton. His Majesty's Lieutenant for the same County. CHAS. MARKIIAM, Clerk of the General Meetings. Northampton, April 10, 1813. GLASS. CHIN. 4, EARTHENWARE, Howry, and Haberdashery. A& E. HORSEY, having resigned tin' « above Businesses in Favour of Mr. W M. \ VOOI>, rfiurn their grateful Acknowledgment o their Friends for ihe Enriiaragemfut fhev have ihemsilves received, and beg Leave to solicit ill-' same Patronage for their Successor, which has been so kindlv granted to them. All Persons who have any Demand on llie above Concern, are requested to send in their Account ; and all those who stand indebted to it, will confer an additional Obligation by an early Remittance, as they will shortly remove to another Situation. Mercers'- Row, Northampton, April 11th, 181.1. Fine'Ale, ttihd'm Bottle] and Barrel Porter. TAMES DURHAM einWes this Oppor- v" tunitv of returning his Thanks to his Friends for their kind Support, and Begs to inform them, he ;* as on. Sale, at his o I'd- established Brewery, . a large Quantify of Of J) and MlhD A L15 and good PATiLE BEER, w hich lie will sell otUiicli Term* as will give Satisfaction, J. D. has ju « t received his tt? ttal Supply of London Porter ( Truman & Co.\$)* o much approved of last Season, and for the better Accommodation of his Friends, will sell it iu small Casks, on the lowest Terms, Amercers'- Row, Nortbawptdn, Vith April. TRH, I WAN! ED immediately, A stout active LAD. as AppRRNTICEto a CARPENTER and JOINER. Enquire of THOMAS IIOWIRO, Carpenter and Builder, Litrhborough, Northamptonshire. " I^ TTAN I ED in a small regular Family, A V * FOOTMAN who understands cleaning Plate, & c. and can look afier a Horse, he must have a good Character; sucll a one may apply to Mr. MARSHALL, Bool- Maker, in Gold- Street, Northampton. To Grocers, TalUm- l handlers, and Ironmongers. WANTS A SITUATION, A YOUNG MAN. as an ASSISTANT in the above Businesses.— The Advertiser flatters himself that he will suit hi. Employer, having a general Know- ledge nf the Businesses, and whose Character will bear tbe strictest Investigation. Letters, Post- paid, directed to W. O. Post- Oflice, Ilighain- Ferrers, will be punctually at- tended lo. " VI; ANTED, A MAN and his WIFE, v » without a Familv, to undertake the Ma- nagement of the POOR'of the Pari, h of TOD- DINGTON. in the County nf Bedford. A Vestry Meeting will be holden for that Purpose, ou Wed- nesday the 21st Day of April, 1813 For furlber Particulars, enquire of the Church- wardens and Overseers, N » Letter* will be answered unless Post- paid. To Carpenters and Builders. • \ NY Person wishing to give in an Esti- mate for PF. WING of KIB WORTH CHURCH, may see a Plan by applying al the House of J. FKANKS, at Kihworth- Beauchamp, neat Harborough, Leicestershire. The Esiimale- must be delivered in by the 29th Insinui April IS th, 1813. To the Debtors and Creditors of Messrs. JOHN HARRIS AND EDWARD " BLUNT, of the To- n ol Northampton, Makers " 171/! HERE A* the sa'd JOHN HARRIS and VV EDWARD Bl. ONT, have by Indenture bearing Date the IRih Day ot March la- t past, aligned all their Estate and E fleets to Me- rrs. Thomas Coles. Richard Nasbn, and ( leorge Spot- e-., in I'rust for the Kenetit of themselves, and all other the Creditors of the said John Harris and Edward Blont, who shall execute the same within three Months from the Date thereof. A'oticeis hereby given. That the said Deed of Assignment is left at the Office ot Mr. JOHN GATES. Attorney at Law, in North- ampton, for the Signature of the Creditors of the said John Harris, and Edward Blunt ; and all Petsons who stand indebted to the said John Harris and Edward Blunt, are requested to pay rhe Amount of their re- spective Debts to the said John Gates immediately, or they will be sued for the same without further Notice.— By Order of the Assignees, HOWES, and GATES, Solicitors Northampton. ICth March, 1813. UNION CANAL. " VT OTICE is hereby given, That the next JL'! Half- yearly General Assemhlv of the Company of Proprietors of the LEICESTERSHIRE and NORTtfAMPTONSHIRF. UNION CANAL, will be held at Mr. THOMAS MUNTON'S, the Union lr: n near Markct- Harboiough. in the County of Leicest r, FIN MONDAY the SEVENTEFNTH Day of MAY, 1813. at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon ; and Notice is also her; bv given, that the Trailsfer- Hooks will be shut on lhe first Day of the same Month of MAY, and nor le. opened till the first Dav ot JUNE next following ; and consequently that no Transfers can be registered in the mean Time. T. SHEPPAKD, Clerk to the said Company. AT a Meeting of the Gentry, Clergy, and others, Inhabitants of the County « f NORTH- AMPTON, held pursuant to public Notice, at the Guildhall, in the Town of NORTH A M PTOS, on Thursday the 15ih Dav of April, 1813, JOHN FREKE EVANS, Esq. in the Chair, The following IIESO LOTIONS were unanimously adopted :— Resolved, That thee are upwards of S3L Mill ions of Inha- bitants subject to the British Empire in India, undet the Influence of inhuman and degrading Superstitions, which form an effectual Bar to their Progress in Christianity, That the only Remedy which can be administered to this enormous Evil is to diffuse among our Fellow Subjects in the East the Blessings of Moral and Re. ligious Improvement. That this Meeting does most cordially concur in the Resolutions expressed by the Hon. House of Com- mons in the Year 1793; " That it is the peculiar and bounden Duty of the legislature to promote, by all jUstand prudent Means, the Interest and Happiness of th: Inhabitants ot the British Dominions in India; and thai for the> eEnds, such Measures ought to be adopted, as may gradually tendtotheir Advancement in useful Knowledge, and te 11rir religious and moral Improvement." That this Meeting is persuaded as well of the political Wisdom as of the religious Duty of giving Effect lo these just and humane Sentiments. That a Petition, founded on these Resolutions, b? presented to the House of Lords, and another to ihe House of Corpmons, praying that in the Event of a new Charter being granted to the East India Com- pany, the Blessings of Christianity may be secured to the Population of India, and no Obstructions begiven to Christian Missionaries, so longas they shall conduct themselves in a peaceable and orderly Manner. PETITION. " To the Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great- Britain and Ireland, in Parlia- ment assembled. " The humble Petition of the Gentry, Clergy, and others, Inhabitants ot the County of Northampton, Sheweth, " That your Petitioners, deeply impressed with the moral Degradation and religious ignorance of the im mense Population subject to the British Empire in India ; and lamenting that so little has been done to ameliorate their Situation, notwithstanding a Reso- lution of the Honourable the House of Commons passed to that Effect in the Year 1793, humbly and respectfully implore that such Provisions may be in- setted in the New Charter to be granted to the East India Company, as may best secure the gradual Com- munication of moral and religious Improvement to our Fellow- Subjects inthe Easl, that a freeCirculation may be allowed to the Holy Scriptures, and the Ob- structions which have hitherto impeded the benevo- lent Exertions of Missionaries may he removed ; and though vour Petitioners deprecate and highly con- demn any intolerant and coetcive Measures in the Pro- pagation of Christianity inthe East, yet they cannot hut earnestly express their Hopes, that while the Protection of the State is granted to the Mahomedati Hindoo and Roman Catholic, in the free Exercise of their Religion, the Protestant Missionary may not be excluded from a Participation of the same Privileges, so long as he shall conduct r. itn-- e! f in a peaceable and orderly Manner. ' And your Petitioners will ever be bound to pray, Sec Sic." That the Right Hon. Furl ' Spencer be requested to present i lie Petition to the House of Lords; and the Right Hon. Viscount Althorp and William Ralph C » rrwri(! ht, Esq Members tor this Count*, that to the House of Commons, ar. d that they be requested to give them their Support. That this Meeting do recommend the Expediency and Obligation if addressing Parliament on this Sub- ject to the serious Consideration of the County; and that District Associations b » formed for the Purpose. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to George Freke Evans, Esq. for his able and kind Seivices on this Occasipn That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Worshipful the Mayor, for the Use of the Guildhall That the I'rocsedings of this Day's Meeting be inserted in theNorthampton Mercury. That Subscriptions b? opened to defray the necessary Expenses, which will be received by Mr. HUSWELL, Solicitor, Noirhampton. N. B. The Petition will lie at the Town- Hall, for Signatures, every Day of the ensuing Week, from Twelve o'Clock at Noon till Seven in the Evening. \\ 7 WOOD begs leave to acqtuint his » » c Friends, thai he has taken the STOCK, and entered upon the Business of Mesdms. A. & E. HORSFY, in the Hosiery, C* la* s, China, and Earth- enware, from Wedgwood's and other Manufactories, which will be continued on the Premises, in MKR- CBRS'- ROW, until the Beginning of May, when he will OPEN his SHOP on the P A R AD B. wilh an extensive and fashionable Assortment ( which a fuliiie Advertisement will more fully detail), and presumes to think by Ihe Choiceness of his Slock, he will be enabled to obtain a Continuance of that Approbation which his Predecessors have so justly merited. W. W. avails himself of the present Opportunity, of announcing his Intention to connect tile i} at Crafcr wilh the above, and in a few Days will have the Pleasure to submit to his Friends, an Article he flatters himself will ensure their future Favours, and which it will be his utmost Endeavour always to merit. Northampton, 17th April. 1813. Newport• Pagnell Associat ion. THIRTY GUINEAS REWARD. ^ yilEREAS on Wednesday Night CO LIT. G E- L A NF, SUNDAY- SCHOOL. OV ST- XDAY. APRIL 25th, 1S13, A SER- MON for the Benefit of the above Institution, will be preathed by The Rev. T. V. TOLLER, At COLLPOE- LA NE MEBTING, NORTHAMPTON. Service to begin at Tvvo o'Clock. To bo SOLD by AUCTION At Twelve o'Clock, on Thursday the 221 of April, 1813, at St. Neots Market. Beautiful Black CART- STALLION, rising Five, full of Bone and Action, perfectly gentle, • md all over sob rid. well known in his Rounds for his Usefulness; ihe Property of Mr. JOHN TAYLOR, of WARESLY, Hunts. Credit will be given to the23d of June. A JOSEPH ATTKRBURY, BEGS Leave to inform the Public, that he has entered on the old- established INN the KING'S * HEAI>, at B HOUGHTON, where those who uay please to Favour him with their Cu- tom, may depend on being furnished with Beds, Stabling, and every Accommodation of the b'* st Sort, and on the most reasonable Ternrj. iNight the 14th, or early on Thursday Morning the 15th of AprM instant, come Person or Persons did feloniously Kill, in a Cloie occupied bv Mr. E. COWLEY, in the P ; rish of M'dULSOti, I" THE County of Buckingham, A FA!' WRlHER SHEEP, the Property of the said Mr. Cowley, and did steal, take, and carry awav the Carcase '. hereo* 1, leaving the Head, Skill, and Entrails inn Pond in Ihe Close adjoining, in the Occupation of Mr. Pike. • Whoever will apprehend, ur give such Informal I on as mav lead to Ihe Apprehension of the Offender or Offenders, shall, on his orlheir Conviction, receive a Reward of TWENTY- FIVE GUINEAS of the said Mr. Cowr. r. v. and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of Mr. LUCAS, of Newport- Pagoell, the Treasurer and" Solicitor to this Association. Newport- Pagnell. 16th April, 1813. STRAYED, out of a Close in the Lordship of LUBKNHAM, in the County ' of Leicester, A BROWN HORSE PONY, six Years old, about II 11- inds high, and ihe Hair rubbed off both his Sides. Whoever will bring Ihe said Pony to Mr. JOHN IIAIVES, of Lubenham aforesaid. Baker, shall receive a Reward of ONE GUINEA, and all reasonable Expenses. April nth, 1813. STOLEN or STRA. YEU, ( but supposed to Stolen) on Tuesday Nlgiit the 23d, or on Wi be Wed- nesdiy Mbrjiing the 24ih Day of March, 1813, out of a Close in the LORDSHIP of LAMPORT, ir the Countv of Northampton, A BAY HORSE of the Nag Kind, He is about 15 Hands high, with a thick Mane, and switch Tail ( if not altered) a s nail Star in the Fore hejd, the near Heel behind white, and a large Scar on the off bind Leg, occasioned be a Spavin, The above Horseis the Propertv of RICHARD SHARMAN, ot Scaluwell, in the sa'id County. If Stolen, any Person who will give Information of the OUVnder or Offenders, shall, on Conviction, receive FIVE POUNDS R E WARD ; and if Strayed, any Person giving Information so that he mav be had again,- shall receive ONE GUINEA REWARD, and all reasonable Exp nces oft the said Richard Sharman, NT LLOYD'S, LONDON, Feb. 12, 1313. SUBSCRIPTIONS for the Relief of the WIDOWS " and FAMILIES of the OFFI- CERS and MEN lost in his Majesty's Ships St. George. Hero, Defence, Saldanhn, and Fancy.— The Widows. Children, Fathers, Mothers, Bro- thers, or Sisters, the legal Representatives of the Officers and Men lost in the above- mentioned Ships, who have not yet received Relief from this Sub- scription, are particularly requested lo transmit ( WITHIN SIX MONTHS FROM THIS DATEI to the Secretary, a Letter from the Minister, Church- warden, or Overseers of the Parish where they reside, certifsing, that Ihe Check received from Ihe Navy PaOffice has been exhibited to Ihetn ( with the Number and Date of the Check), also stating the Amount of the Wages received by such Representative, and that they believe Ihem to he in want of, or deserving, the Relief intended by iliis Subscription, THOS. FERGUSON, Secretary. No. 3, George- Yard, Lombard- Street, London. ANN MOORE, of TOTBURY. { N Pursuance of certain Arrangements, marie ata Meeting held at TUTBURY, on Wednesday the 31st ult. concerning a secand iVatch, proposed to be instituted uppn the singular Case of Ann Moore; the Committee hereby publicly announce their Intention of carrying the intended Watch into immediate Exe- cution, under such Regulations as it is hoped will prove decisive and satisfactory. And conioimably with the Resolutions of the said Meeting, Magis- trates, Clergymen, and Gentlemen of the Medical Profession, are now invitfd to lend their Assistance, in ascertaining the Truth of a Subject which has so long agitated the Public Mind.— The Woman has fully consented to be watched for the Space of four entire Weeks, in a Manner which will preclude all Com- munication with any other Persons than the Watches themselves. — She has also consented to an emir; Change of Bed, Bedding, St a. and that her House and Room shouifl undergo the strictest Examination bv the Copimittee previously to the Watch, which is intended to commence iu Easter Week.^- And in order that the Matter may he established upon the most indubitable Authority, it resolved, that she be attended by two Persons at the same Time, from the three Classes above- mentioned,' who will be expected to continue to watch notlessthan tour successive Hours. — Gentleman, v-' ho are willing to take a Part in the Watch, are therefore requested, without Delay, to signify their Desire in Writing, to the Secretary of the Committee, Mr. Bennett, of Tittbury, near liurton- on- Trent. that they mav be apprized of the intended Regulations, and that their Convenience may bf con- sulted in fixing the Time of their Attendance. The Committee is composed of the following Oeo- tlemen: — Sir Oswald Moslev, of Rolleston Hill, Baronet; Ashton Nicholas Mosley, of Park- Hill; and John Gisborne, of Orgreave, Esquires; Justices of the Peace. The Rev J. P. Mosley, Rector ot Rolieston ; th' Rev. Hugh Bailye, Vicar ef Han- bury ; the Rev. -— Shipley, of Ashburn ; the Rev. fegh Richmund, Rector of Turvey, in the County of Bedford; the Rev. G. W. Hutchinson, Vicar of Tutbiirv; Doctor Simpson, of EtwaU ; and !) r Fox, of Derby. Messrs. Allen and John Allen, Surgeons: Messrs. Bott. Grearlcy, Smith, Cooper, Owen, and Bennett, of Tutbury. Signed f> y Order of the Committee, JO>. 1! H. BENNETT, Secretary. Tutbury, April 1 Itb, 18', 3. FIFTY GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS some Person or Persons did, between the lit and the Till Days of April instant, STK A L and TAKE AWAY from a Slew in the Park of Sir JAMES LANGH A M, of COTTESBROOK, in. the County of Northampton, Baronet, A CONSIDERABLE NUMBER OF PIKE. Whoever will apprehend, or cause to be brought to Justice, the Person or Persons who committed the above Felony, shall, on his or their Conviction, receive a Reward of FIFTY GUINEAS of Mr. C. FELLOWS, the Jlailifl" of Ihe said Sir James Langh'am : and if more than one Person were concerned, and either will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, he shall, on his or their Conviclion, be entitled to ihe same Reward, and. Interest will be made to procure his Majeslv's Pardon. Cotlesbrook, April 17th, 1813. T To COVER, this Season, At WHITTLE BURY LODGE, near Taivcester, TRIUMVIR, Grandson both of Eclipse and Highflyer, at Ten Guineas, and Ten Shillings the Groom. Triumvir was got by Volunteer ( Son of Eclipse) out of the Highflyer Mare ( Sister to Old Tat) out of Plavthing, by Matchem. He is 16 Hands, of very large Bone, and superior Action. Farmers' Mares, and Mares which hnveliunted with the neighbouring Hounds, may be covered at Three Guineas and Five Shillings. N, B. The greatest Care taken of the Mares, and only the actual Cost of Keeping charged. To be SOLD, ANeat Single- horse CHAIR, built on a peculiar Construction for Travelling, having a doniilH Seat and Head, and will contain a great Quantity nf Lnggage, is lined with blue Cloth, and Inis a new Pair of Wheels on. — Also Harness, with plated Furniture. Enquire at F. Mill liner's Coach Manufactory, Bridge Street, Northampton. To be SOLD t » v AUCTION, By Mr. VOllFS, On Tuesday the 20' h Day of April, 1813, at the Bull Inn, North- End, Northampton, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, \ LL those five several LEASEHOLD MESSU- AGES or TENEMENTS, with the Cow. House, Pigsties, Oul- buildings, and Appurtenances And also, all that small PIECE of GROUND, Iving behind and adjoining to the said several Mes- suages or Tenements, for an unexpired Term of thiee Years, from the20th Dav of March last. All which said Premises are situate in NORTH- END, in the Town ot NORTHAMPTON, and inthe several Occupations ot Thomas Buckler, Widow Milburne, Anthony Fisher, James ^ Herbert, and Thomas Ponton. For further Particulars, apply to Messrs. ABBEY SON, Solicitors, Northampton. ~ OAK TIMBER. To be SOLD bv AUC1TON, Kv Mr. FORES, On Friday the 23d Dav ot Aptil, 1813, at the Rose and Crown, Yardley- Hastings, in the County ot Northampton, , \ Number of OAK TREES, exclusive of the _ L\ Hark, in 140 Lot.— The Timber it growing YARDLEY CHASE. M'av he viewed two Days preceding the Sale, and Catalogues had of Mr. W. I. ongland, of Yaulley. On Account ot ihe Number of Lots the Sale posi- tively to begin at Twelve o'Clock. Bedt'ordshi'e Charitable Donations. OTICE is hereby given to all Trustees and Feoffee* of Charities and Charitable Donations, that bv Virtue of an Art passed in the 52d Year of his Majesty'* Reign, infilled, " An Act for registering and securing of Charitable Donations," Ihey are required from and afler six Calendar Moaihs from ihe passing of Ihe said Aet. to register a Memorial or Statement, in the Form contaiued in the Schedule to the said Act annexed, of Ihe real and personal Estate, and of ihe Cross Annual Income, Investment, and the general and particular Objects of all and every Charity nud Charities, and Chanlahle Donations, wilh the Names of the Founders and. Benefactors thereto; and ihe Persons in whose Custody Ihe Deeds may be, and the Names of the Trustees, in the Office of the Clerk nf the Peace of the County within which I he Poor or oilier Persons shall he, who are the Objects of such Charin. And where any Difficulty shall occur in preparing such Memorial or State- inent, « o us to render longer Time necessary, the Court of Quarter- Sessions may, on Application, Mow further Time, not exceeding six Calendar Moiiihs. TH F, ED PEA RSE, Clerk of llio Pence. 2" o Gingerbread Bakers. Cake Men, 6fc. To be LETT, Fnra Terra of Years, if required, wilh im nediat e Possession, Convenient small HOUSE; comprising a Kitchen, Parlour, and two Bed Chambers^ in NOTICE is hereby given, of the Trustees appointed I A' Thai a Meeting iy Act of Parlia- ment, for repairing the Highways form Old Strat- ford, in Ihe County of Northampton, to Duncliurch, ih Ihe County of Warwick, will be held by Adjournment, at the WHITE HORSE INN, in TOWCESTER, in the County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 20th Day of MAY next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon ; at which Time and Place, Ihe TOLLS to arise for one Year, al the under- inenlioned Toll- Gates, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, in Manner directed by the Statuie made in the 13ih Year of his present Majesty's Reign, for regulating Turnpike - Roads, which Tolls were Leu the last Year ut the several Sums hereunder mentioned, clear of the Salaries for collecting the satne, via. The IVtI Stratford Gate The Towceste. r Gate £ 502. The Drayton- Lane Gale ,£ 581. And will be put up at such Sums as ihe Trustees shall dirccl. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, musi immediately pay ^.' 50 in Advance for each Gate, , tind find Sureties, and give Security for P. iunen' of the Residue of ihe Rents agreed upon, at such Times as the Trustees shall direct. And Notice is further given, that'the Tru- tees will then and there take into Consideration, and determine upon the Propriety of erecting a Ticket- Gate, or olher Turnpike- Gale across tne said Road, at or near a Place called Sow- Brook, ill the Parish of Davenlry. By Order of the Trustees, Daveutry, lfi/ A April, 1813. EDM. BURTON. To Coopers, and others. To be SOLD by A 1J C T I O N, By GEORGE DENNEY, On the Premises, at OUNDLE, on Tuesday, thi 20th Day of April, 1313, and following Day ; ALL the STOCK in TRADE, and EFFECTS of Mr. WILLIAM GANN, Cooper ( deceased); consisting of a large A< h Tree, 1,000 Feet of Three- fourths and One- ineh dry Oak Boards; large Vlash- Vat for 12 Bushels, one Ditto 1( 1 Bushels, four Hot- head Barrels", six large Buck Tubs, 10 Pails, five Half- Hogshead Batrols, Barrel- Churn and Frame, a large Quantityof Hair- Sieves, Peck and other Mea- sures. Wood Bottles, and everv oiher Aiiicle in the Coopering Line, capital Jib and Rope, Quantity ol Coopers' fools, & c. The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE consists of Four- post B.- dsteads and Hang ngs, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows. Blankets and Quilts, Dining, Tea, and Dressing- Tables, Pier iind Swing Glasses, Chairs, Chests of Drawers, capital Range, ( irate, and other Effects.— The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. The Stock will be sold the first Day, and the House- hold- Furniture the following Day.— The Goods may be viewed the Day before the Sale. 1 he Stock in Trade is in small Lots, for the Accom- modation of the Public. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer, Oundle ; and at Mr, BELL'S, Printing- Ottice. Front ; a Bakehouse, with Ovenand Dough- Troughs; Yard for stackingFuel. * c.; many Years occupied in rhe above. meutioeed Business, by the late Proprietor Mr MOBBS.— The Premises are situate in the High. Street in STONY- STRATFORD, Bucks. For Particulars, a d to treat for the same, apply to Mr. PARBERY, Glazier, or JOHN DAY & SON, Auc- tioneers, in Stony- Stratford aforesaid. Elm and Ash Timber, in the Parish of Wuddesdon, near Aylesbury, Bucks. To he SOLD b'y AUCTION, By JOHN DAY Sf SON, On the Premises ( in Lots), on Wednesday the 2Sth of April, 1813, UPWARDS of 101) ELM, ASH, and one large WALNUT TREE.— The gieatest Pan ot the Flm is very fine Timber.- The Whole is lving on a Farm, in the Occupation ot Mr. W. HITCHCOCK, called W A RMSTON, inthe Parish of W AD D t S DO N aforesaid.— The Timber is laid into Lots and marked. The Sale will commence at Eleveno'Clock prrciselv Nut Wcedon- R ' yai, near Davetitry, Northamptonshire. Convertible BUILDINGS, with some LAND attached, situate oil the Great Chester Itoad to London and Northampton, and wilhin 150 Yard of the Grand Junction Canal Wharf, and the Royal DepSt, To he SOLD by AUCTION/ By R. ff E. BLABY, In two Lots, on Wednesday the ' ilst Dav of April instant, at Five o'Clock in the Evening, at the House ot Mr. Child, the Sign of the W heat- Sheaf Lot 1 / COMPRISES a Range of Buildings, in- eluding a Three- stall Stable, 44 Feetlong, now in theTenureof Mr. Gotch, Shoe- Manufacturer; together with a Piece of Land ranging with the Buddings. 24 Feet long; and the Whole Content of Land in this Lot ( exclusive of the Buildings) about 180 square Yards. t I. oi 2 comprises a Building, now occupied by the said Mr. Child as a Carpenter's Shop, 27 Feet long by 16 Feet wide. There is a Privilege Pump of ex- cellent Water, very convenient to the Use of these Premises. From tbe local Situation of these Premises to the great Commercial Water and Road, they may be easily converted to mercantile Uses, and are admirably adapted for a Maltster, Liquor- Depository, Butcher, Baker ( of which Business there is no one on the Spot), a Grocer, or any other Trade or Business.— At a future fimeeach Purchaser may be accommodated with more Land if required. Mr. CHILD, the Proprietor, will shew the Premises. POSTSCRIPT* London, Friday, April 16. ESTERDAY, dispatches we- e received by 1 Government from Colonej Hamilton, Com- mandant ot Heligoland, which state, on the au- thority of Hamburgh newspapers, " That an Au- strian army of80,000 men, iu Volhvnia, had joined the Russians against France, and that Austria had sent 100,000 men towards Italy.— The'same au- thority states, that General Grenier had been defeated with great loss near Magdeburg. A movement bad been made by Davoust upon Lunr- bourg."— This verv important intelligence must he further authenticated before implicit credit can be given to ir; the arrival, however, of an Austrian Ambassador in this country, and the remarkable silence of Bonaparte as to any co- operation on the part of his father- in- law, the Emperor Francis, are circumstances which give us hope that it will prove well founded. The following private letter was received by the same vessel which brought the dispatches from Colonel Hamilton:— " Heligoland, April 9.—\ letter has reached us from Hamburgh, in which it is stated, that the Senator Koch had spoken to the Prince of Meek lenburgh, by whom he had been assured tha Austria mas marching 100,000 men into Germany and 80,000 men into Italy. Davoust had lei' Magdeburg with 5000 men, and had reached Luiiehourg, giving out that he was to he followed bv 10,0^ 0 more. After the defeat and destruction of Morand's corps, Generals Do'renberg and Czernicheff crossed the Elbe at Boitzenburgli There General Dorenberg issued a proclamation addressed to all the French Generals, in which lie stated, that " he trusted they would act according to the rqles of war and the law of nations toward the Hanoverians, who had only acted by the order of their Sovereign, and in conformity with the directions of General Tette" boru— thatifthey ( the French Generals) did not regulate their con- duct by the laws of war and and of nations, he would instantly put to death all the French prison, ers he had made or might hereafter make."— General Morand is not dead, but severely wounded and a prisoner. The French under St. Cyr aif said to have retired to that part of Bremen which is on the left of the Weser— tliev have placed a boat with gunpowder under the bridge, to blow it up, if necessary. A little island in the middle of tha Weser has been fortified.'' The inhabitants of Hamburgh are extremely anxious for the arrival of arms and ammu- nition from this country. Great quantities are daily shipped off from the Tower for the purpose of supplying them, as well as the peasants in Hanover, now in insurrection against the French. ount Beroslorff, the Danish Mini iter, is on his Way to this country, to negociate on the part of Denmark; be arrived at Cuxhaven six days ago, and a packet has been sent from Heligoland for his reception. Paris Journals to the 11th instant, Jiave been ecgived in town. It is clear from them that the reat conflict on the Elbe is now rapidly ap- proaching to a crisis. Preparatory to his departure for the army Bonaparte has conferred on Maria Louisa the title and authority nf Regent, with power to preside in the Senate, Council of . State, " cc. but not to authorise by her signature any Seuatus Cuiisultum, or any Law of the State, which he reserves to himself. The defection of the King of Prussia is acknowledged in a report from Maret, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the Senate, in which it is asserted that Bonaparte would have dethroned the King nf Prussia in 1307, but for the urgent imreatles of the Emperor Alexander, and that he only spared him on con- dition that Russia should go to war with England. The King < if Prussia may now consider himself as fighting. for his existence as a monarch, and thai there is no chance of safety for him but iu ihe most determined resistance. The Monitear of the od contains a statement of the situation of the French armies in the North up to ihe 30th ult. The most interesting part of this statement relates to the different insurrections which arc acknowledged to have broken out in the departments of the mouths of the Elbe and Ems. On the side of Brunswick it is confessed, that 2000 infantry and 1000 horse, have marched to excite insurrection i n Hanover and Westphalia. To enable FYance to meet her opponents, a Senatus Consultittn has been passed for raising an addi- tional force of 183,000. On the defection of General D'Yorck in January, 350,000 men were called to arms, so that no fewer than 530,( f00 inen are to be raised to replenish the waste sustained bv the last disastrous campaign, Bonaparte had not left his capital on the 10th, and no day is fixed for his departure. An article from Frankfort of the 4th mentions in a vague manner some fresh advantages having been gained by lie . in harnois over the Prussians, but we never heard of any previous advantages he had gained over them, and if anv (. fiious affair had taken place, we must have had intelligence of it by way of Hamburgh. We suspect the article to be nothing more than one of those fabrications with which the French papers abound, and which are only intended to keep ti p the spirits of the Parisians, A most numerous meeting of the Inhabitants of Westminster was yesterday held in ' Palace- yard, for the purpose of considering the propriety of voting an Address to the Princess of Wales, congratulating her Royal Highness on the failure of the late foul and atrocious conspiracy formed against her honour and hfr life. The Address was moved by Mr. Wisharf, and Sir Fiaucis Burden and Lord Cochrane were ordered to present it. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. VORES, Onthe Premises, in K INOSWILL- STR EIT, NORTH- AMPTON, on Wednesday the 28th ot April inst. at Ten o'Clock, „ „ rpHE HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE of a Person I having declined Business ; consisting of Four- ths t and Canopy Bedsteads, with Dimity and punted Furnitures; Feather- Beds, Waitresses Blankets, Coun- erpancs, Linen, China, Plate. Sec. ; Chests of Drawers, Mahoganv Dining lables, t- fians, Dressing- Glasses, Brussels and Scotch Carpets, a Clock in Oak Case, Fire- irons, Fenders, a neat ' lable Set of blue- and- white Staffordshire Ware, a China Tea Set, Prints, Glass, Earthenware, and Kitchen- Utensils in general. , further . Particulars will appear in next Week apti. liouseliold- Fiuniture,— A Oue- lwrse Chaise, with Harness, Sic. To he SOLD by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY b SON, By Order of the Executor, On Friday the 30th of April, 1813, on the Premises of the late Mrs. RATCI. IFFE, in the HICH- STREET, STONY- STRATFORD, Bucks; COMPRISING Bedsteads with Morine, DamasK, and other Furnitures, fine Goose and other Feather Beds, Mattresses, Cotton Counterpanes, Quilts and Blankets, Mahogany and oilier Drawers, Night- Tables, Basin- Stands, Pierand Swing (. lasses. Floor and liedside Carpets. Mahogany Dining, lea and other Tables, Parlour and Chamber Chairs, Eight, day Clock and Case, Glass and Earthenware, Sota and Cover, Kitchen- Furniture in 1 ewter, Brass, and Copper, Bcer- Casks, Tubs and Buckets, upwards ot 20 Dozen of Glass Bottles, a neat One horse Chaise and Harness, with numerous othe Ankles.- The Sal: to commence at Eleven o Clock pteti » e'y. Capital Oaks, with Top, and Hark: Asa and E'm Timber, at Newton - Blossomvilte, Buck- inghamshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BROWN ft SON, On Thursdav the 2 » tli of April, 1813, at Eleven Clock, at the linker Inn, at Turvey, Beds, near Olney, under such Conditions as will be produced at the Tims of Sale, » BOUT 200 capital OAKS, with Lop, Fop, and f\ Bark, and upivaidsof 100 exceedingly line ELM and ASH TRE ES, all numbered and blazed, standing on the Farm in the Occupation of Mr. Tone, at NEWTON. BLOSSOMVILLE. near Turvey afore- said.— The Oaks areof very suoerior Quality, and ot good Dimensions; the Ash and Elm are also very fine, and fit for any Purpose. The above Timber is convenient for the Turnpike- Roads, being within two Miles of Olney, about seven from the Grand Junction Canal, at Linfotd, and eight from'the navigable River Ouze to Bedford, Lynn, & c. Six Months' Credit will be given on approved joint Security. For a View ot the Timber, apply to Mr. TONO, on the Ptemises. Catalogues may he hnd, seven Days p/ evious to the Sale, at the Tinker Inn, at Turvey; Bull, Olney; Swan, Newport. Pagnell; George, Woburn; Cross Keys, Ampthilf; Swan, Biggleswade; Falcon, St Neots; Green Dragon, Higham - Ferrers; Hind, Wellingborough; Mr WEBB'S Printing- Office; and of BROWN Se SON, Auctioneers, Bedford. Live and Dead Farming- Stock, Implements of Husbandry, Sec. , To be SOLD by AUCTION, liy Mr. KIHSUAW. On the Premises of Mr. SHEPPARD, at HART- WELL, in the County ot Northampton, who ls. iving his Farm, on Thursday the 2Jd Day of April, 1813; CONSISTING of 10 good Cows, two Heifers one young Bull, a Number of Ewes and Lambs Wether- and Tegs, one Sow and seven store Pigs, two Bacon Hogs, and one Porket, one Mare; two Hovels ot Beans, two Waggons, one Six. inch Cart, Narrow Wheel Ditto, one Sheet - Harrow, Pair of small Harrows, two singlePlouahs, Field- Roll, Cow. Cribs, Hurdles, and two Ladders, six Milk- Leads, Rirter- Kivers, and Dairy- Utensils in general; sweet Iron- bound Casks, Hogshead Brewing- Copper, old Iron, and sundry useful Articles. The Sale to commenceat Ten o'clock. Houghton, To be S 0 L D by AUCTION, The Latter End of May or the Beginning of June next, in Lots, ot which timely Notice will be given in this I'apei, \ Most desirable FARM, situate at HOUGH TON, in Huntingdonshire; comprising a Farm House, excellent Homestall, andabout One Hundred and 1 liirty- five Acres of Land, inclosed inconvenien I, rounds. Tithe- tiee, Copyhold of the Manor ot Houghton with Witton, Fine certain. lor Particulars, apply to Mr. GREENE, Attorney St. Ives. Same day, Sirs. King, wife of Mr. John Ring, of East Sniitbtielri, London. Sunday last, aged 4-, Mr. Tibbits, of Fiecknoe, Warwickshire. On Weiiesdav last, at Oreot- Bjliiriei near this town Mrs. Mai tha Sills, wife at Mr. Sills, of tint place. On Monday last, Mrs. Martha Towers, l. ite of loughborough, aged 78 La'ely, Miss A. Pursuits, fourth ddughter of Mr. Edward Parsons, of Leicester. Lately, at Grddington, in this countv, deeply regretted by his friends and acquaintance, Lieut. John 1 lames, R. N. in his 32d year, after a most painful ahd lingering illnesi, brought on by a'dv- sentry caught in the West- Indies.- By. his, death society is deprived of an useful iiiomber and orna- mepf, and the country of an able and well ex- perienced officer. M- i— The I. ord Chancellor has appointed James Britten Peek, of Welforrf, in this county. Gentle- man, to be a Master Eitraocditfary of the High Court of Chancery. In consequence of the advertisement in last week's Mercury, a meeting was. held on Thursday, at the Guildhall, in this town, " for the purpose of taking into cons deration a Petition to Parliament, for the admission of Profestant Missionaries into the East Indies," when John Freke Evans, Esq. ofLaxton- hall, took the chair, arid opened the. business of the day, ill a clear and interesting address. The Rev. I . S. Gri. mshaw delivered hi-) sentiments at large, on the subject, iu a strain of energetic and commanding eloquence; and was followed by the Hon. and Rev. I,. Powys, who very feelingly and affectionately invited tin; attention and zealous efforts of his auditory to the object of- the meeting, and, among other things, contended particularly, for the sound policy of the proposed measure. The Rev, John Hall, a voting Dissenting Minister of the B. tptist denomination, descanted in a very impressive manner, on tha Tragical scenes, anil the extreme sufferings re- sulting from the idolatry and supetstilion in the East, which Qiiistianity is evidently calculate 1 to counteract. The Re'v. J. Horsey, Mr. Joseph Hall, and Mr. Michai l Smith, severalty addressed the assembly, the Resolutions ( see adverlUetnent) were seconded by J. VV. Roberts, of Flioriibv, Esq. and all passed with perfect unanimity — Upon the whole, the meeting, which was composed of different denominations of Christians, of both sexes, appeared deeply penetrated with a con- viction of the importance of the general object, and anxious, by communicating ihe Gospel of peace, to confer a greater benefit on the receivers, than, as a commercial country, we can possibly receive by all the treasures of the East.— The Petition will lie at the Town- hall for signatures, all through the foil, iwing week ; and it is hoped that those who wish well to the best interests of their felhw- men, will feel it an honor there to enrol their names. We arc happy to report that the Meetim' at Kimholt on ou Tuesday last ( see advertisement) was unanimously and respectably attended — The Rev. Thmnas Martyn, R I). Professor of Botany at the University of Cambridge, a Gentleman highly es- teemed for Im Philanthrop y and Christian Charity, was unanimously called lo the Chair.— The speeches delivered on the invasion were truly impressive nothing could exceed the attention of the audience— not one di- senting voice was hear J— hut 011 tile cori- trarv, every person testified the holiest satisfaction at being present— many signatures are already affixed 10 the Petition,— We hear that the example set bv Kimbolton, is about to be immeituielv fal- lowed by other towns in the same Count y.-- Hovv hi: II must be the gratification of that individual who n able in any measure to say " I delivered, the pour that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had nana to help him.— The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon me; audi caused the Widow's heart to sing for joy." We are informed that the following Recipe for the Rot in Sheep has been given lo many flocks ill Lincolnshire, wilh great success; — One table , pom.- ful of spirits of turpentine lo two of water, given every other morning fastihg, for Ihree, four, or five mornings.— Take the sheep Up at night; keep them fasting, and give the above, dose In the morning, keeping them fasting for two hours afterward,; they may then he turned to pasture. O11 Tuesday last 11: 1 inquisition was taken before Nathaniel Jones, gent, coroner for this town, on s, ail infant Price of Slacks this Day— I per Cent. Red. 58i 58. per Cent. Cons. 59. 4 per Cent. Cons. 73 Navy 5 per Cent. Ann. 88J. Exchequer Bills 7 ftp. C| India Bonds Id. par Acc 59£. OAK TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Friday the23dof April, ISIS, upon Ihe Premises, Quantity of OAK TIMBER, now A growing in WH ISTLF. Y WOOD, The Sale 10 begin exactly at Ten o'clock. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. CVLUNGW'ORTH, At the Fox and Hounds lun, in Daventry, in the County of Northampton, on Tuesdav the 27th Day of April instant, subject to such Conditionsas will be then produced, \ Very convenient newly erected Stone MES- SUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with a Yard and Gaiden thereto belonging, situate at DA- VENTRY aforesaid, adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from thence to Banbury, r. ow in the Occu- pation of Mr. John Adams, Carpenter. For a View of the Premises, apply to the ra'd Mr ADAMS ; and for further Particular, to Mr. OAKOIN, Solicitor, Daventry. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVItNING, APRIL 17. —> « < MARRIED.] On Thursday the 1st inst. at Chingford, Essex, the Rev. J. llinrie, of Peter- borough, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late John Paul Berthorn, Esq. i f the Chancery Register Office. On Sunday last, Mr. Johnson, Jeweller, to Mrs. Verney, both of Leicester. On Tuesday, at St. Martin's- in- the- Fields, bv the Hon. and Rev. Edward Grey, James- William Croft, son of James Croft, Esq. of Greenhain- Lodge, Berks, to Anna- ELza, onlv daughter of the Hon. Sir Edward llvde East, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal. Same dav, at Little Wymonrily, Herts, Mr. T. Smith, of Guildford, to Miss Mary Banks of the former place. Yesterday, Mr. John Whitlark, to Miss Mary Ashton, daughter of Mr. John Ashton, baker, both of this town. A few days ago, Mr. R. Ekins, cow- dealer, of Round-, in this county, to Miss Simpson, of the same place. DIED. | On Tuesday se'nnight, at Buckden in the county of Huntingdon, \ l't. Beresf'ord. Friday se'nhigbt aged 74, Mrs. Bourne, widow of the late Rev; Mr. Bourne, cura « e of Quainton, Bucks. Saturday last, at Aylesbury, Jeau Rene Asstline Eidque de Boulogne, agttl 71. Same day, in his 83d year, Mr. John Smith of Potterspury- Lodge, in this couuty. view of the body of William Morn _ about tliree yea's of age, who ihe day preceding fell into the river, near Scat lot Weil, and was drowned.— Verdict, accidental death. Ou Wednesday se'miight, a: i inquisition wn< » taken at Boiig iton, in this countv, before R. Abbey, gent, coroner, on view of the body of lthodi Cooper, who poisoned herself by swallowing a quantity of Arsenic.— Her husband was a rat- catcher, and iu the habit Af using arsenic fir the destruction of rats, and during his absence on the Monday preceding, she unlocked his trunk and took a quantity of this poison, which termi- nated fatally.— She was a gypsy, and ha 1 occa- sionally exhibited symptoms of mental derange- ment. Verdict, lunacy. - And on the same div. an inquisition was also taken before the saire coroner, at Abiogton, on \ iew of the body of Frances Alien, a child about two years old, who being left by iis mother in a room for two or three minutes, rier clothes caught fire, and she was so dreadfully burnt as to survive the accident but a lew hours. Verdict, accidental death. On Tuesday last, at Leighton- Buzzard, fair, a respectable grazier of the neighbourhood of Aylesbury, had liis pin ket picked of notes of the value of one hundred and forty pounds and up « ard, s. Tuesday last, John Long was committed to Aylesbury gaol, charged with stealing a taxed cart and harness, the property of tj. Crafts ; and also with stealing a chestnut horse, collar, and a halter, the property of James Hatch, of Chalfont- St.- Gilcs, Bucks. Ye- tf rday se'niirght Paul Mason, Richard Ilib- bert, and Peter Heushaw, three out of the five persons convicted at Derby assizes, for burglari- v breaking into and entering the dwelling house of John Drinkwater, ai Bugsworlh, in the night time, were executed upon the new ilrofi in front of the county gaol, pursuant to their sentence, before an immense croud of spectators. I hev appeared to die almost without a struggle.— Joseph Hibbert and William Daniels are reprieved. Lynn, Dickens, and Langley, the tiiree unfor- tunate men convicted at Leicester Assizes, are to suffer the awful sentence passed upon them, ou Monday next. —'^^ yi^ ytj^—— To Correspondents.— The lines of N. R. and the observations of A Constant Reader, shall appear in a future Paper;— and Advertisements omitted on account of their late arrival, sli. il! be inserted in our next week's publication. Corn- Exchauge, iMndon, Friday, April itj. This day being Good Friday, no Business was tra nsacted. Prices of Grain at Market- Harborough, Leighton Buzzard, and Daventry Markets, nearly the same as last Week. Northampton Wheat Rye Barlev New Oats Beans New Beans Peas Bv the — Sat 111 day. ,116s. Od. to 135s. Od. 95s. Od. to 60s. Od. 10 4Is; Od. to — s. Od. to Od. to — s. Od. to rqndard M-* sure. — s. Od. 67s, 0d. 50s. ( id. - s. Od. — s. Od. — s. Od. AST of FAIRS from April 19, lo May 1, within tht Circuit of this Paper. M. April 19. Fenny- Stratford, LUton, an I Oln- jr. TH. 20. As'iby- de- Ia- Zouch, Brailes, Da- venlry, Godmanchester, and Thame. w. 21. Bedford, Brncklry, Cheshaui, Preston, and Wellingborough. Th. 22. Biggleswade, Lutierw orth, and Newp'ort- Pagnell. F. 2.3. Bicester, S. 24. Burford. M. 26. Brigstock, Loughborough, and Toddington. Tu. 27. Potton. Th. 29. Market- llarhorough, ( two days,) furtou, nud Sulyliull. J> OR THE NORTHAMPTON ) l HilCU it f. SONNET, to Mrs. WEST, TJPON READING HER LO Y 4 LISTS. ri^ HOU, whose pure pen, illum'd by Wisdom's I. ray, Gives grace and energy to every theme ; Whether the mind it Take from Fancy's dream, Too apt- unrous'd, ' mid fairy scenes to stray ; Expose those lights, which, dazzling as they play, But lure to deeds where guilt and misery ieem ; Or these lax tim* s, all threatening as ihe. v seem, Warn by the chast, citings of an earlier day, Vheo meek Religion, whelin'd in schism's streant, Mfturn'd with sad Loyalty rebellion's woes, And life's best blesvngs 8M— a charm, I deem. Bright and benign, each van ing purpose shows; * Ti « Bible- truth— thence sh'iofs the magic beam, ' Tis that which radiates ; ' tis that which glows ! jiprilllh, 1813. C. A. FABLE. THE ROSE AN I) TUP. AMARANTH. By Sir Brook Boolhbn, Bart. A. Rose, in youth and beauty's pride, Grew bv a mndest Amaranth's side. So fair a form, and tints so bright, All stopt to gaze at with delight, And stood enchanted to enhale. The fragrance of the passing gale. " Neighbour," she blushing said, " you see, Jfone go without observing me ; While I perceive that very few Seem any note to take of you." " Sweet Rose," the Amaranth replies, •' No Flower with thee in beauty vies. Far be such vanity from me, Whose only boast is constancy. Not obvious to the vulgar evo, Ity humble merits deeper lie; Less exquisite, they longer last; Unchang'd, alas, when thine are past," Love is the rose- bud of an hour; Friendship Ihe everlasting flower. Prom the LONDON GAZETTE of April 10. Foreign- Office, April 10. DISPATCHES, of' which the following are copies, have been received by Viscount Castle- rengh, his Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, front General Viscount Caili- cart, K. T. his Majesty's Ambassador Extraor- dinary and Plenipotentiary to the Court of Russia. Imperial Head- qaarters, Knlisch, March 6. Referring to my dispatch from St. Petersburg!), hy the messenger Lyell, I have now the honour to acquaint your Lordship, that having begun my jotirnev, upon the Emperor's invitation to join him at head- quarters on the 12: h of February, I reached Riga in 48 hours, and arrived in this town before dav- hreak on the2d of March. The Emperor received me in his accustomed most gracious manner, and, in an audience im- mediately after the parade, was pleased to slate the outline of his recent operations. In the first place, the result of his Imperial Majesty's commu- nications to the Court of Berlin, made on his first arrival at Wilna, has been the conclusion of a treaty of peace and alliance, offensive antl defensive, with that power. The Plenipotentiaries are Marshal Prince Kutousoff Stnolensko, and the Chancellor Baron Hardenberg. In pursuance of this renovation of amicable relations, the most active combined military operations are already in progress. This day a report has been received of the actual occupation of Berlin by the forces of his Imperial Majesty, under the Aide- de- Camo Gen. Chernicheff,— The Head- q. iartcrs of the Russian arrnv are established in this central position, to give the necessary time for receiving recruits and convalescents, who are daily arriving, and for supp'ying necessaries of troops who have been engaged in a campaign for an unexampled aud uninterrupted serfes of military operations and marches for eleven months. This pause will, however, be of short duration.' Nothing can be more striking than the contrast between the Rus- sian army, and the conciliatory proceeding of the Emperor, with that of Bonr. parte, and tiie troops under the French Generals. The most rigid aud correct discipline has been observed in the Duchy, as well as in Prussia. His Imperial Majesty, though in possession of ( he keys of Warsaw, has not placed a soldier within its walls; and has, in every instance, treated the Poles with the utmost clemency and indulgence. The Austrian Auxiliary force, in consequence of an unlimited armistice, are gradually, retiring to the GaUician frontier. Regnier's corps, as 1 conjectured, retired behind the Austrian?, by Rawa, to this place; they were here overtaken by Wiiizingerotle, who attacked them with inferior force, ami put tliem to flight, taking the Saxon Goneral Rostitz, three Colonels, and 47 other othcers, 1,500 rank and file, with two colours and seven cannon. The remainder of this corps pur- sued their retreat in the direction of Glogan, pro- bably not exceeding 5 or 6000 men. It remains for me to offer my congratulations on the signal success which had hitherto attended the great and unremitting exertions of the Em- peror, who, in the course of two months, at this season, has continued the pursuit of the enemy from Wilna to the Oder; and has united to his own zealous endeavours, the decided and hearty support of the King of Prussia, and of the whole population of his dominions, who seeins most solicitous to emulate the Russians in patriotic do- nations, as well as in personal service. I understand the Polish Government, which withdrew from Warsaw under Prince I'oniatowski, went, in the first instance, to Petrikaw; and a part with the Prince are gone to Czentochaw, where it is said some force has been assembled : and I have also understood that the Polish part of Regnier's corps, after the affair of Kalis'ch, took that direction. A Russian corps is stationed to the southward of Warsaw, to observe their motions. Imperial Head- quarters, Katisch, March26. MY LORD,— In my dispatches of the 6th inst. I had the honour of reporting my arrival at this place, and of detailing to your Lordship the pro- gress which the Emperor has made in his arrange- ments, and in preparations for the campaign, together with the gigantic steps which had already been taken in carrying on the military operations already begun. These reports including the con- clusion of a treaty of peace and alliance with Prussia, the ratifications of which have since been exchanged ; also the capture of Berlin, where General Wittgenstein has established his quarters since about the 10th instant. . Since that period bis Imperial Majesty has visited the King of Prussiaat Breslaw; Hamburgh has been occupied hy the Russian forces; Lubeck lias opened its gates. The enemy has been entirely driven from Swedish Pomerania, Aleci;- leiibourg, Lauenhourg, and all the Prussian terri- tory within the Elbe. Detachments of the Russian artiiy have penetrated lo Dresden, which capital they now occupy, Marshal Davoust having re- treated across the Elbe, and having destroyed some of the arches of the magnificent bridge at that place. A proportion of the Prussian army has passed ilie Silesian frontier into Lusatia, and is advancing towards Dresden. Three detach- ments of the division under General Wittgenstein have by this time crossed the Elbe; one in the centre under Major- Gen. Dornberg, who is moving upon Hanover, with Major- Gen. Tettenborn upon his right, iu the direction of Bremen, and Major- Gen. ChernicliefF upon his left, in the direction qf Brunswick. Lord Walpole is the bearer of the present dis- patches; his Lordship proceeds to Berlin, and I have no doul t that he will find it perfectly easy to take his departure from Cuxhaven. I have already stated that the Prussian army it in the best possible state of preparation : nothing can exceed tlio condition of that part which was assembled at Breslaw on the Emperor's arrival ttnd it is impossible to exaggerate the enthusiasm which has been f- xhibiled by all ranks of persons throughout the Prussian dominions; or the demon strations of joy with which the Emperor was received. The King of Prussia has made an excursion to Berlin, where he was to see General De Yorck. The inhabitants in Saxony Ifave every where received the Russian forces with expressions of cordiality, not inferior to those ofthe Prussians the same has occurred at Mecklenburgh. Your Lordship will see by the printed reports, the manner in which General Tettenhbrn and his detachment were received at Hamburgh! the same teal was manifested at Lauenhourg, where, hi a moment, the French arms were destroyed. Tiie Baltic ports, and that of Hamburgh, have been opened hy proclamation. The blockade of Dantzic by land continues, as staled in my last dispatch, but the navigation of the Baltic having opened, CaptaiYi Acklon lost no lime in detaching some of his Majesty's ships under his command, by which that place is now closely blockaded by sea; these vessels having Iready captured two ships which attempted to come in with supplies. The sickness with which the French have infected every place they have entered dining their retreat, rages in Dantzic, and numbers of the garrison, as well as of the inhabit- ants," tire stated to have perished by it. Spandau is besieged. The Russian reinforce- ments continue to arrive upon the frontier, and numbers of convalescents daily join the ranks of their respective regiments. I have the honour to be, & c. CATHCART. TIIE PRINCESS OF WALES. On Monday at. a quarter past twelve, the Lord Mayor, attended hy the Sheriffs, and the usual retinue, proceeded in state from Guildhall to Ken singtou Palace, to present to the Princess of Wales the Address voted by the Livery, in Common Hall assembled, congratulating her Royal Highness on iier triumph over the foul conspiracy formed ngaitist her honour and Iter life.— There were up- wards of 100 carriages in the procession, which extended from Guildhall to the west end ofCheap- side, where a short pause took place for the purpose ofgiving directions by the Marshals, who headed the procession, to go a long Newgate- street, up ilolborn, and along Oxford- street, to the entrance into Hyde Park at Bayswater, where they were ordered to wait for further instructions. The crowd in King- street and Cheapside was con- siderable, but not to be compared to the immense assemblage of persons of all descrip- tions who collected in St. Paul's Church- yard, along the Strand, Pail- Mall, and in the streets through which the procession was expected to pass, and who felt, as might he imagined, greatly mortified at its taking a circuitous route. The processing arrived at Kensington Palace a little after two, when the Lord Mayor and De- putation of the Livery were admitted into the presence of her Royal Highness, and the Common Serjeant read the following Address :— ." To her Roy al H ighness the P R1N C F. S S of W A L E S. " The humble Address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Livery, of the City of London, in Common Hall assembled. " May it please your Royal Highness, We. his Inual « nhi/> s( e tinent. lie cMclud. vl hy moving that the Bill be read a second titne. The Marquis of r. ansdowne. contended that the present plan would have the effect or increasing the public debt, while it went studiously to destroy the means of liquidating it. The public creditor would b* ill- used by this measure, which w » u! J deprive him of ; hnt market In* had a rjght to expect for his stock. He had no objection to its being considered as a right to alter the operation of the, Sinking Fund, f it were done with proper security to the public creditor; but for any thing like that he had Linked " nvain into the present Bill. The Earl of Lauderdale, could not altogether agree wilh the two Noble Earls who had spoken,—, fie had always considered ( and he was glad that better authorities than himself had eniertuine. d the same opinion), that the Sinking Fund was a most infamous agent to increase the burthens of the people in time of war ; and, in time of peace, it was a most mischievous agent for relieving the National Debt. He, however, considered thi measure as perfectly repugnant to ev-' ry principle which a Sinking Fund could be established. But it was no breacli of public faith, as the public creditor had no lien on the Sinking Fund. Lord Sidmouth spoke in favour of the Bill, which was then read a second time, and ordered to be committed.— Adjourned. Notic.' to the. Debtors and Creditors of WILLIAM I B > DDINGTON, Jan. lute of FI'NEDON, in the- C'vintif qf Northampton, Butcher. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate or Effects of WM. BODDINGTON aforesaid, are requested to pav the same imme- " ately, either to William Leete, of Finedon, anner, or to Robert Tomlin, of Wellingborough, uclioneer, or they will be sued for the sartte ithont further Notiep.— And all Persons having any Claim upon the said William Roddingtnn, who have not already executed the Deed of Assignment, ire informed that it lays at the House of Robert Tomlin, 1 in the Square, at Wellingborough afore- aid, and that n. i Claims will be admitted after one Month from the Dale hereof, as a Dividend is nlended to be made immediately after. fVellingborough, April9th, 1813. Mayor, Aldermen, and Livery, of the City of London, in Common Hall assembled, bearing in mind those sentiments of profound veneration and ardent affection with which we hailed the arrival of your Royal Highness in this country, humbly beseech your Royal Highness to receive our assurances, that in the hearts of tiie citizens of London those sentiments have never experienced diminution or change. " Deeply interested in every event connected with the stability of the Throne of this kingdom under the sway of the House of Brunswick— tenderly alive to every circumstance affecting the personal welfare of every branch of tint illustrious House— we have felt indignation and abhorrence inexpressible upon the disclosure of that foul and detestable conspiracy which, by perjured and abhorred traducers has been carried on against your Royal Highness's honour and life. " The veneration for the laws, the moderation, the forbearance, the frankness, the magnanimity, which your Royal Highness has so eminently displayed under circumstances so trying, and during a persecution of so long a duration— these, while they demand an ex- pression of our unbounded applause, cannot fail to excite in us a confident hope, that, under the sway ot your illustrious and beloved daughter, our children will enjoy all the benefits of so bright an example; and we humbly beg permission most unfeignedly to assure your Royal Highness, that, as well for the sake of our country, as from a sense of justice and of duty, weshall always feel, and be ready to give proof of, the most anxious solicitude lor your Royal High- ness's health, prosperity, and happiness. " Signed by order, HSNRY WOODTHORFE. To which address her Royal Highness was pleased to return the following answer:— " 1 thank you for your loyal and affectionate Ad- dress. It is to tr. e the greatest consolation to learn, that during so many years of unmerited persecution, notwithstanding the active and persevering dissemi- nation of the most deliberate caiumnies against me, the kind and favourable sentiments with which they did me the honour to approacti me on my arrival in this country have undergone neither diminution nor change in the hearts of the Citizens of London. " I lie sense of indignation and abhorrence you express against the foul and detestable conspiracy which, by perjured and suborned traducers, has been carried on against my life and honour, is worthy of you, and most gratifying to me. It must be duly appreciated by every branch of that illustrious House with which 1 am so closely connected by blood and marriage, the personal welfare ot every one of whom must have been affected by the success of such atre- cious machinations. " The consciousness of my innocence has supported me through my long, severe, aud unmerited trials; your approbation of my conduct under them is a reward for all my sufferings. " I shall not lose any opportunity I may be per- mitted to enjoy, of encouraging the talents and virtues ot my dear daughter,' the Princess Charlotte; and I shall impress upon her mind my full sense of the obligation conferred upon me by this spontaneous act of your justice and generosity. " She will therein clearly perceive the value of that free constitution, which, in the natural course of events, it will be her high destiny to preside over, and her sacred duty to maintain, which allows no one to sink under oppression; and she will ever be bound to the City of Loudon in ties proportioned to the strength of that filial attachment I have had the hap piness uniformly to experience from her. " Be assured that the cordial and convincing proof you have thus given ot your solicitude for toy pros- perity and happiness will be cherished in grateful remembrance by me to the latest moment of my life; and the distinguished proceeding adopted by the first City of this great Empire, will be considered by pos- terttyas a pround memorial of my vindicated honour." I'hey were all very graciously received, and had the honour to kiss her Royal Highness's hand. The Princess was attended by two Ladies in waiting, and two other Ladies, ller reply to the Address was delivered with much feeling, and particularly those p? rts of it which related to the Princess Charlotte. An immense concourse of people were collected in Kensington Gardens; and when her Royal Highness appeared at the windows of the Palace, she was greeted with the loudest acclamations.— On the return of the pro- cession, the horses were taken out of the carriage of Alderman Wood, which was drawn along Pall Mall and through the city. HOUSE of COMMONS, Monday, April* 12, The Speaker communicated to the House a letter which he had received from Lord Wellington, dated Frenada, March 22, acknowledging the receipt of a letter, communicating to him the Vote of Thanks ofthe House of Ihe 4th of December and Ihe 4th of February last, and expressing the grateful sense entertained by himself, Ihe officers and troops under his command, of the high honour which had thus been conferred upon thein. On the House having resolved into a Committee of Supply, aud the Prince Regent's Message being referred to the same. Lord Castlereagh observed, that as the House had on former occasions voted the Subsidy which was recommended in the Prince Regent's Message and as there existed no reason to induce the Hfrtu « p to depart from its line of conduct in other Sessions of- Parliament; but as there were, on the contrary many additional reasons to render this vote more necessary than ever, he should not use any argu menlsdn favour of his motion, but reserve himself o answer any objections that might be urged against t. He should therefore move, that a sum no exceeding two millions be granted to his Majesty to enable him to mainlain iu British pay a body of troops, and t ® give such further aid as the exigency of the affairs in Portugal might require. The mo tinn vvas agreed to.— His Lordship said, the nex proposition he had to make was lo vole Ihe usual subsidy for the support of the Sicilian Government Since the last session, several regulations of a very important nature had taken place in Sicily, whicli must render any aid afforded that country more effectual than it ever could have been before; he should therefore move to grant his Majesty the sum of a? 400,000, to enable him to make good his en gagements wilh the Sicilian Government. Mr. Whitbread said, he had formerly objected to this subsidy, as not being properly applied; and he wished the Noble Lord would explain the nature of the regulations which, he said, had lately bee adopted in Sicily. Lord Castlereagh said, that one half of the sub sidy was lo be at the disposal ofthe Cominander- i Chief of the British troops, in aid of raising Sici lian troops; and the consequence was, that 4,000 of these troops were now completely disciplined, and acting in aid of the common cause in the Pe- ninsula.— The resolution was then agreed to. E f. K I NCTON'S BAN KRUPTCY. i James Mirris, of Birmingham, baker, May 1, 3, HEItEAS a Commission of Bankrupt fe, V MSJ T J* ™ ^--*'"'- William Warn A I WOOD'S BANKRUPTCY. WHEREAS Samuel Gifford, of the Town of Bedford, Maltster, and George Peregrine Nash, of the same Town, Common Bivwiir, are chosen Assignees of the Estate and Effects of WILLIAM AT WOOD, late of ELSTOW, in the County of Bedford, Horse- Dealer, a Bank- rupt; they the said Assignees do hereby give Notice to all Persons who stand indebted to the state of the said Bankrupt, that they are forth- with to pay their Debls to the said Assignees or one of them The third Meeting of the Commissioners to receive the proof of Debts tinder the Commission, and for the Bankrupt's Final Examination, will be held on " urday the 24th Dav of April, 1313, at the Swan , in the Town of Bedford, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon. SAMUEL GIFFORD. G. P. NASH. in awarded and sited forth against JOHN RLKINGTOW late of RUGBY, in the Couuly of Warwick, Carpenter and Joiner, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a B ankrupt, is hereby required tnt surrender himself to the Com- missioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on Wednesday the 24th, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, and Thursday Ihe 25th of March inst. and Saturday Ihe 24th Day of April next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, on each of the said last mentioned Days, at Ihe Spread Eagle Inn, in Rugby aforesaid, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estale and Effects, when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and he Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons indebted the said Bankrupt, or that have any of bis • Iffects are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Messrs. Kitiderley, Long, & Austen, Solicitors, Gray's Inn, London, or to Alessr.. Galderott & Benn, Solicitors, Rugby. Rugby, 6th March, 1813. 1 of £ 30,000 .. 2 of ..=£ 15,000 2- 2 of 2\ 000 .. 37 of .. 10,000 49 of 5,000 .. 64 of 2,000 81 of 1,000 .. 104 of . 500 IOIINSBY & Co. have shareiT and sold the above, and paid the same on Demand. They beg Lesve to acquaint the Public,' that the Slate Lottery begins drawing the 6th ot . text Month, and solicit their Favour on the present Occasion. The Scheme containsTnree of £ 20,000, Tyhreeof £ 10,000. FoUr of £ 2,003, & c. and more Pritss than Blanks ! Tickets and Shares are Selling jt the lowest Prices, ar. d in great Variety of Numbers, by HORNSBY & Co Stock. Brokers, at their oid- est^ blishsd State Lottery Ollice, 2ii. Cornhill. N. I!. Orders by Post or Carrier executed with Fidelity antl Dispatch. BOTANICAL LOTTERY. NOTICE is hereby given, That by Order of Government, the'Royal Botanical Lottery must be drawn on the 6th of MAY N- LXT, agreeably to the Notice inserted in the London Gazette, as directed by the Act of Parliament. March 15, 1813. R. J. THORNTON, M. D. No 1, Hinde- Street, Manchester- Square. The Whole Tickets, Price £ 2. 5s. each, are selling at the Linhiean Gallerv, Hinde- Street, Manchester- Square, and at all Places where the Shares of the State Lottery ate sold.— The first- drawn Ticket will receive the Grand Prize. HOUSE OF LORDS, Monday, April 12. The Additional Customs Duty, and the Additional Excise DHtyon Tobacco and French Wines Bills, went through Committees. On the order of the day being read, for. the second reading of the National Debt Bill, The Earl of Liverpool said, he rose to call the attention of the House to a most essential measure of public relief. Of all the acts of the late Mr. Pitt, the greatest perhaps was the establishment of the Sinking Fund. If he ( Lord L.) could think the plan he was about to propose would go at all to destroy that excellent measure, he would not have brought it forward ; but it never entered into Mr. Pitt's contemplation that the administration of the Sinking Fund should not be varied according to circumstances. His Lordship then entered into a history of the progress of the Sinking Fund from i< s commencement in 1786. It was evident that they must return to the system of a gradual redemp- tion of the uutiona! debt. Would any one say that this wag not a time to recur to this gradual redemp- tion, after so long a war, during which Parliament had been obliged to lay on 20 millionsof war taxes ? Now by this measure ihe Sinking Fund would never be much under 12 millions, and thus this country would be enabled to carry uu the war, on the same extensive scale as at present, for four years, without any material inconvenience to Ihe country. This was the great advantage ofthe piesent measure— it was calculated to the people from new imposts, and by that means enable thein to extend their com- merce. Whatever might arise out of the recent events on the Continent, that unhappy policy which arose out of the Treaty of Tilsit could never be renewed against commerce. Russia had established her independence, and by that menus had opened a way for the coinmcrce of this country to the Con CURIOUS CALCULATION. The aggregate population on the surface of the known habitable globe is estimated at 800,000,000 of souls. If we reckon with the ancienU, that a generation lasts thirty years, then in that space 800,000,000 of human beings will be born, and also will die; consequently 73,059 must be dropping into eternity every day, 3,044 every hour, or about fifty- one every minute. Of these 800,000,000, 481,000,000 are supposed to be Pagans, 140,000,000 are Mahometans, 9,000,000 Jews, 170,000,000 are called Christians; of these only 50,000,000 are Protestants. There are in London 502 places of worship ; one cathedral, one abbey, 114 churches, 130 chapels and chapels of ease, 207 meetings and chapels for dissenters, 43 chapels for foreigners, and six syna- gogues. About 4,050 publie and private schools, including inns of court, colleges, & c. About eight societies for morals, ten societies for learning and arts, 122 asylums for the indigent, 17 asylums for tick and lame, 13 dispensaries, and 764 friendlv societies. Charities distributed rise to £ 750,000 per annum. There a^ e about 2,500 persons committed for trial in one year. The annual depredations amount to about £ 2,100,000. And, on the Thames, previous to the erection of the docks, £ 461,000. There are 18 prisons, and 5,204 ale- house;, within the bills nf mortality. The amount nf coin counterfeited is £ 200.000 per annum. About 3,000 receivers of stolen goods. About 10,000 servants at all times out of plate: 20,000 persons, it is supposed, rise every morning, without so much as knowing how they are te subsist during the day. London consumes annually 110,000 bullocks 776,000 sheep and lambs, 210,000 calves, 200,000 hogs, 60.000 sucking pigs, 6,280.000 gallons of milk ( the produce of 8,500 cows), 10,000 acres of ground cultivated for vegetables, 4,000 acres for fruit, 700,000quarters of w heat, 600,000 chaldrons of coals, 1,113,500 barrels ( 34 gallons) of ale and porter, 11,146,782 gallons of spirituous liqunrs and compounds, 32.500 tons of wine, 16,600,000 lbs. of buiter, 21,000,000 lbs. of cheese, aud 14,000 bnats load of cod. According fo a late calculation in a Parisian journal, the French Empirecontained the following population :— inhabitants speaking the French lan- guage, 28,126.000: the German, 2.705.000: the Flemish, 2,227,000; ihe Breton, 967,000 ; the Barque, 108,000; forming a total of 38,262,000. —— « = » ® ® ® 9 ® ® ® « =•— UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE. CAMBRIDGE, April 9.— The following Gentle- men were on Friday last ad mitted to the under mentioneddegrees.— Masters of Arts— W. If. Maule, T. Musgrave, and J. Ashhridge, Fellows of Trinity College; G. Herbert, of Trinity; W. T. Waters, of St. John's; G. Hudson,' Fellow of Magdalen ; J. W. Blott, of Magdalen; T. V. Button, Fellow of Queens ; C. Harrison, Fellow of Catharine Hall; S. H. Alderson, Fellow of Caius College.— Bachelor in Physic— R. Batty, of Caius College.— Mr. J. F. W. Herschell, and Mr. W. Jones, Ba- chelors of Arts, of St. John's, were on Monday last elected Foundation Fellows of that Society ; and Mr. T. P. Williams, B. A. was on the same day elected a Fellow on the foundation of Mr. Piatt. Mr. J. J. Blunt, of St. John's; and Mr. W. C. Wollaston, of Trinity, were on Friday last elected Scholars on the foundation of Dr. Bell.— The Committee for managing the subscription for Mr. Pitt's Statue, have offered to this University the sum of £ 1000, to found a Scholarship, to be entitled the " Pitt Scholarship," on the same general plan as those founded by Lord Craven. On Sunday last the following Gentlemen were ordained ia Trinity College Chapel, by the Lord Bishop nf Bristnl i— Priests— J. Powell, M. A. and P. P. Dobree. M. A. Fellows of Trinity Col- lege ; B. T. H. Cole, M. A. Fellow of Magdalen ; C. George, M. A. St. John's; J. Lamb, B. A. Fellow of Corpus Christi; P. Hudson, of Gaius College.— Deactms— T. Hodges, M. A.; W. R. Johnson, M. A.; H. Lindsey, B. A.; J. Tunman, B. A. ; T. M. Sutton, B. A.; and W. J. S. Ca- shorn, B. A. of Trinity College ; G. Kendal, B. A. of St. Joha's; E. Blootnfield, B. A. Fellow of Em- manuel; F. Cunningham, » f Queens; H. Rolls, of Christ College ; H. Leigh. OXFORD, April 10.— On Thursday, Mr. Hall, of Queen's College, was chosen Fellow nf that So- ciety, on Mr. Michell's foundation. PELICAN OFFICE, Fur Insurance on Lives and grunting Annuities, '• pUIS Office was established in Lombard- Street. I. London in the Year 1797, by a numerous and respectable Proprietary; and Board ef Directors, with Confidence arising f'om the increased Prosperity and Permanency * f the Establishment, as well as from the Experienceof its Usefulness and Benefit to thePublic, think it due tothose who may be still unacquainted with the Impotance and Advantages of LIFF. INSU- RANCE., briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar Recommendations to almost every Degree and Rank in Society. Life Insurance isof manifest Con- sequence to all who hold Estates for Life, Situations and Offices, Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Professional; toOfficers in the Army and Navy, 4c, ; as, by Pay- ment of an Annual Premium, the Party insured is enabled to provide for Wife, Children, or others, whose future Welfare he may wish in vain, by other Means, to promote — It affords a permanent ultimate Security to those who advance Money upon Annuities or otherwise. It renders Leases determinable on one or more Lives, nearly equal in Value to Fieehold Estates, as an Insurance to the Amount of the Fine, payable on the Demise of a Party nominated in such Leases, will produce the Sum required for Renewal. It is a cheering Refuge to Parties enjaged in extcn- siveand speculative Undertakings: it affords toPersons in Trade the certain Means of Indemnification against a bad or doubtful Debt : in short, Lite Insurance, established in Policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the lest ot Experience, is bocome, to almost every Situation of Human Life, a Measure equally important, useful, aud beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable Terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARK. E, Secretary. PELICAN COMPANY'S AGENTS AT Northampton,— G. OSBORN & SON. Leicester,— G. B. HOOGES. Market- Harborough,— THOMAS GURDEN. Loughborough,— C. I. ACEY. Newport- Pagnell,— UARRINGSR & SON. Aylesbury,— EDWARD ADAMS. Warwick,— Messrs. BRACEBRIDGES Se Co. Banbury,— JOHN HAWIYN. To SCHOOLMASTERS, & c. This Dai/ IOUS published, a New Edition, Price , Is. ad. of APRACTICAL GUIDE to SCHOOL- MASTERS, TUTORS, and PARENTS, inth? Selection and Useot Elementary School- Books, on all Subjects; with an arranged List of superior Books for private Students and Libraries. By the late Rev. J. COLLINS, Revised and enlarged by The Rev. SAMUEL CATLOW, Late Master ot an Academy at Mansfield and Wimble don, and Author of an Outline of public Instruction The high Characters given of this Work by the British Critic, Anti- Jacobin, Monthly, and other Reviews, and ihe favourable testimonies of its Merits published by the Ute Mrs. Trimmer, Mr. Kett, and other eminent Writers on Education, have led to its entire Revision and Re- publication by the present Editor. Printed for Reynolds & Son, No. 137, Oxford- Street, and to be had of all Booksellers in Town and Country. — Speedily will be published, Price 2s. 6d. LETTERS from M- r. CATLOW, to a COUNTRY SCHOOLMASTER, on the Economy, Arrangement, Management of a School. and AGentleman consulted Mr. Spilsbury, at his Dispensary, 15, Soho- Square, last Summer, having an etlcrusted Eruption of the pustular Form covering his Hands, attended with violent Pain, and Swelling af the Glands of the Arm from Irritation. His Nights were sleepless, and his helpless State ( his Hands being useless) rendered this Case in so young a Man distressing. Much of the Virulence had been produced by previous improper Treatment. Being directed to a mild sedative Plan, the aggravated Symptoms gave Way, and the Patent Antiscorbutic Drops restored his Hands to their natural State; and he now expresses himself as enjoying abetter State ot Health than the two. preceding Years. N. B. The Genuine Medicine, Spilsbury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, has the Words, " By the King's Patent," expressed on the Bottles, Bill of Direction, and outside Wrapper, and the King's Duty is printed J ' in black Ink.— In Bottles of Six Shillings— Double, 1 Ten Shillings and Sixpence— and largest One Pound Two Shillings, Duty included.— Compound Essence; Eight Shillings. This Medicine is peculiarly successful in Scurvy, Gout, Rheumatism, Sciophulous and Bilious Com- plaints. Agriculture, Gardening, Angling, & c. Lately published by B. and R. CROSBY and Co. 4, Stationers'- C'ourt, London, and sold by all Book- sellers, the twelfth Edition, Price 2s. tewed, or 2 » . 6d. bound ' PIIE GARDENER'S POCKET JOURNAL; or, DAILY L ASSISTANT in the MODERN PRACTICE ot EN- GLISH GARDENINC, in a concur monthly Display of all the General Works throughout the Year, with a Description of the various Imwlements. By JOHN ABE RCg. OMBl E, Author of Every Man His Own Gardener. E LK. I NGTON'S SYSTSM of DRAINING LANDS ( for the Discovery of which £ 1,000 was bestowed by Parliament), with many Plates, Svo. Boards Pis. A CONCISE TREATISE on the ART of AKCLIKC, interspersed with several new Discoveries, and form- ing a complete Museum for the Lovers uf that pleasing ^ : reation— By THOMAS BEST. The Eighth Edition improved, with a Frontispiece, Stoma eh Complaints— Wind— Gout— Spasm— Cidic — and General Debility uf the Stomach und Intestines. CORNWELL'S ORIENTAL CORDIAL, is a Medicine of estaDlished Reputation for the Relief and Cureof the above Complaints, it was first discovered and used in the East Indies, where Debility of the Stomach and Intestines are severe and alarming, by a Physician of'Eminence and Characn; r, and has been long recommended in this Country by a great Nuraber of respectable Individuals, who have expe- rienced its saluta y Influence, among whom i » the Brother ot the late Lord Alvanley, and Lord Brydges Rodney. It restores Tone to the Stomach, removes the Effects of unripe or improper Fruit,— Spasm— Colic — Wind — Gout — and Indigestion — and generally strengthening the System, resists the Attacks of those Diseases which too often terminate in sudden Dissolution. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, North- ampton; Higgs, Harborough ; Loggin, Aylesbury ; Wilkinson and Tomalin, Daventry ; Gallard, Tow- cester; Poulter & Knighton, Stony- Stratford ; and I'age, Oundle.— Price 4s. and 22s. , of Conduit'Street, Hanover- square, Westminster, hotel- keeper, d.& c. April 17, 24, and May 22, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Turner, Red Lion, square. John Dovey, of the Back- road, Islington, Middle- sex, .- arpenter, d. Sec. April 20, May 1, and 22, at Guildhall. — Attornies, Messrs. Bianaford Se Murray, Temple. Joseph Taylor, of New Bond- street, Middlesex, boot- maker, April 13. 27. and May 22, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Hamilton, Berwick- ittieet, Soho., George Brydges Reinh^ rdr, of Wakefield, Yorkshire, druggist, d. & c. May 7, 8, and 22, a: the New Court House, Wakefield. — Attorney, Mr. Potter, Wakefield. James lloworth, of Waterfoot, Lancashire, wool- lei- manuficmrer, May 18, 19, and 22, at the Reed Inn, Rochdale.— Attorney, Mr. Clarkson, Rochdale. William Pike, sen. and William Pike, jun. of Maidstone, Kent, feltmongers, d.& c. April 2o, 24, nd May 22, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Cooke, Maidstone. Thomas Knill, of Holm- Lacy, Herefordshire, farmer, d. Se c. April 13, 26, and May 22, at the City Arms Hotel Inn, Hereford.— Attornies, Messrs. Bird Se Wollaston, Hereford. John Sutton, of Southampton, linen- draper, d. & c. April 13, 21, and May 22, at Guildhall, London.— Attornies, Messrs. Lowless Se Crosse, St. Mildred's* court, Poultry. William Fattenden, of Brighthelmstone. Sus; ex, coach. master, d. Sec. April 17, 27, and May 2i, at Guildhall, London. — Attorney, Mr. Briggs, Es. tit. street, Strand. Atchibald Bernard Crooke, of Colne, Lancashire, calicn- manufacturer, d. & c. May 3, 4, aud 22, at the Dog Tavern, Manchester.— Attornies, Messrs. John- son & Lonsdale, Manchester. John Cullimore, of Lawrence Pcuntney- bne, London, merchant, d.& c. April 13,24, and May 22, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Palmer, Tom- linsoos, Se Thompson, Copthall- coutt, Thiogmorton- street. Samuel Shiplev, of Bristol, grocer, d. & c. April 20, 27, and May 25, at the White Hart Inn, Bristol. — Attorney, Mr. Baynton, Bristol. George Bowdler, of Shrewsbury, tailor, d. Sc c. April 26, 27, and May 25, at the Turf Tavern, Shrews- bury.— Attorney, Mr. Cooper, Shrewsbury. John Pillgrem, of Christchurcli- Twineham. Hints, builder, April 30, May 1, at the King's Arms Inn, Christchurch, and 25, at the Old Antelope Inn, I'oole.— Attorney, Mr. Castleinan, Wimborne. Samuel Butler, late of Binhcld, Eerkshire, wine- merchant, Apiil 17, 21, and May 25, at the Broai Face Inn, Reading. — Attorney, Mr. Biggs, Reading. Jacob William Phillips, of Bristol, timber- mer- chant, April 14, 24, ani May 25, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol. — Attornies, Messrs. Smith, Bristol. Richard Heys, of Widness, Lancashire, tiie- maim- facturer, April 22, 23, and May 25, at the Buck-' i'th- Vinelnn, Wigan.— Attorney, Mr. Gaskell, Wjgan. Thomas Johnson, of Moorhouse, Cumberland, spirit- dealer, d.& c. April 29, 30, and May 25. at tiie Lion and Lamb, Carlisle.— Attorney, Mr. Saul. Carlisle. John Morril, of Derry- Hill, Wiltshire, common- carrier, d.& c. April 14, 24, and Maj 25, at tins Talbot Inn, . BrUtoL— Attorney, Mr. Strickland, Bristol. Henry Shtpard, of Norwich, liquor- merchant, a. Se c. April 25, 3J, and May 25, at the Wnolpacte Inn, Norwich.— Attoimes, Messrs. Grand & Stalf, Norwich. Thomas Richards, sen. of Bridgewater- square, Middlesex, watch. dealer, d. & c. April 17, 27, and May 25, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Taylor, lore- street. John Freeth, of Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, calico- printer, d. Se c April 21, 22, and May 25, at the Punch Bowl, Nottingham. — Attormes, Messrs. Allsop & Wells, Nottingham. Boyce Combe, of Lloyd's Coffee- house, London, insurance- broker, d. & c. April 17, 27v and May 25, at Guildrtall— Attorney, Mr. James, Lucklerabury. John Spybey, ot Br. jad- street, Bloornsbuiy, Mid- dlesex, hat- manufacturer, d. & c. April 20, i7, and May 25, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Lawledge,. y's- lnn. Frederick Abell, of Wellclose- square, Middlesex, woollen- diaper, April 17, 27, and May 23, at Guild- hall.— Attorney, Mr. Pearce, I'aternostewow. J- c- b Gogericy, ot Great Ormonil- street, London, scrivener, d. & c. April 17, 27, and May 25, at Guild- hall.— Attorney, Mr. Hartley, New Bridge- stteet., Blic- ktriars. George Henry Kirton, of Three King's- court, Lorn- ba'd- 5rreet, and Edward'a- lane, Stoke- Newlngton, Middlesex, money- scrivener, April 20, 27, ind May. 25, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Lowless Sc Crosse. SI. Mildred's- court, Poultry. Bankruptcies enlarged. Robert Ilreet, ot Salford, Lancashire, common- brewer, from April 17 to June 5. Walter Edward Hodgson, ot Crown- Office- row, lnr. tr- Temple, London, attorney, from April 10 to May 29. Bankruptcies superseded. Ottiwell Kershaw, of Heyside, Lancashire, manu- facturer. Daniel Dean, On Diseases cf the Skin. Eruptive, Inflammatory, and Ulcerative, m/ TR. WILSON, Surgeon, announces that he LVL shall publish a familiar Treatise, illustrative of the Limits beyond which domestic Management in these extremely delicate Cases cannot safely proceed. Mr. W.' s Experience being honourably extensive, affords too much Proof of the lamentable Evils deducible from mistaken Views and misapplied Nostrums. In all future Consultations by pro- fessional Gentlemen in the Country, a Detail of the preceding Medicinal Course is requested. When consulted by Patients themselves, Air. W. desires a faithful historical Description ; yet( wlien it is con- venient), he will ever prefer the superior Accuracy of a professional Statement. Mr. W. limits his Practice to Diseases ot the Skin solely, and merely prescribes.— No. 202, Piccadilly, near St, James's Chutth, London. representing the various Flies used in Angling, 2s. 6d. sewed. H IYN ES on the improved Culture of the STRAW- BERRY, RASPBERRY, and GOOSEBERRY, designed to introduce a rational Method of Cultivation, by which abundant Crops ot superior Fruit may be uniformly obtained in all Seasons, 8vo. 7s. Bds. Royal 10s. 6d. ABERCROMBIE'S TREATISE on the GAKDEN MUSHROOM, Price 3S. DICKSON'J GRAMMAR ofthe PRINCIPLES of AGRICULTURE, illustrated by 11 curious and inter- esting Plates, 5s. bound. A TREATISEOH the CULTUR E of the PINE APPLE, Second Edition.— By W. GRIFFIN, Gardener to 1. M. Sutton, Esq. Kelham, Notts, 10s. 6d. POTT'S BRITISH FARMER'S COMPLETE AGRI- CULTURAL DICTIONARY, with many Plates, 4to. £ 3 13s. 6d. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec- tions with their usual Concomitants, Spasms or Hying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general Debility ( originating in whatever Source), are re- lieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's lis ence of Mustard Pills, after every other Means have failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pill, in these Complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual Remedy in the World, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than Halt the Time usually taken by any other Liniment or Embrocation; and if used immediately after any Accident, it prevents the Part turning black. Pjepared only, and sold by R. Johnston, Apothe- cary, No. 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, at 2s. 9d. each Box or Bottle. They are also sold by the Printers of this I'aper; Higgs, Market- Harborough; Loggin, Aylesbury and LeightonTomalin, Daventry; Mather, Wellingborough ; Baxter, Bicester; Marriott, Banbury, and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. (£ 3" The Genuine has a black Ink Stamp, with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on it. For Pimpltf, Blotches, Freckles, Ring-/- Forms, Black ( Forms, Carbuncles, Sfc. Sfc. the greatest Clearer an- i Beautifier of the Face, is undoubtedly TYCE'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS; V\ 7^ nClI are seriously recommended to all V T Mothers, Guardians," the Faculty, and Public in general, as a certain Cure for foul Humours of the Blood, pimpled Face ; Surfeits, Scurvy, Scrofula, Scald- Head in Children, Sore Eyes, Sore Legs, Vene- real Ulcers ( when Mercury has failed), festering and other Eruptions on the Skin, whether from Inocu- lation ot the Small- Pox, Cow- Pox, or any Cause whatever, effecting the same, in less Time, with greater Safety, and at a smaller Expense, than any other Medicine yet discovered. Price 2s. 9d. or five Bottles ( value 2s. 9d. each) in one, tor 12s. The following Case is a strong Proof ofthe supe- rior Efficacy of these Drops:— An Infant, aged four Years, the Son of Mr. Bunutt, Miller, of Whitchurch, had a violent Scorbutic Eruption all over his Body, particularly the Face, insomuch that a Swelling on the Side of the Nose, the: Size of a Pigeon's Egg, entirely closed one Eye, and much affected the other. Having had all the Medical Assistance possible for eighteen Months without Relief, he was induced, through Recommendation, to try these Drops, which had the desired Effect; aud in three Weeks the Child was perfectly cured, the Sight of the Eye restored, and has continued in perfect Health ever since. This Infant had been inoculated for the Cow- Pox, about three Months prior to the Appearanceot" the Eruption. Many other remarkable and well- attested Cures, which are too long for Insertion in an Advertisement, may be seen in theliill of Directions round eachBottle. — Be particular in asking for Tyce's Antiscorbutic Drops. Sold, Wholesale aud Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, North- ampton; Mather, Wellingborough; and all Venders of Medicines in the Kingdom. THE CORDIAL BALM OF QUITO. ASafe and certain Remedy for Nervous, Bilious Gouty, and Rheumatic Disorders, Lown'ss of Spirits, Loss of Appetite, inward Decays, fainting Fits, trembling or shaking of the Hands or Limbs, Shortness of Breath, Consumptions, and . every Kind of Debility or Relaxation in Persons of either Sex and ofevery Age, from whatsoever Cause arising, itrestores the impaired Organs of Digestion, braces the Solids, corrects all Tendency to Putrcscency in the Blood, Bile, or Animal Juices, and invigorates the System universally — A Proof of its Efficacy. To Mr. . Withers, Chemist, Strand, London. SIR,— My Wife was afflicted with a severe Nervous Fever, attended with a violent beating ot the H.' art, Lowness of Spirits, and dreadful Head- achc, which reduced her so much that she became unable to speak or walk for several Weeks, and would frequently faint, and remain in that State for a considerable Time; together with a Swelling in the Neck ; during which Time I had the Advice and Attendance of several medical Men, who, after trying every Means in their Power, gave her over as incurable, and 1 expected every Hour would have been her last, when I for- tunately saw your Balm of Quito advertised in the Glasgow Courier, and as the last Resource, I resolved she should make Trial of it, and therefore bought a small Bottle of Messrs. Baxter & Co. and gave it according to the Directions, and, astonishing to relats, before she had taken the Whole of the Battle, l. pqr- ceiveda wonderful Change for the Better, and by her taking three more Bottles, two small and one Half Guinea one, she recovered her Speech, and was able to go about as usual; and I have no Doubt but that a few more Bottles will restore her to her former State of Health. You are at Liberty to publish this Letter for the Benefit of others, and I am. Sir. your obliged humble Servant, MURDOC'K M'DONALD. Glasgow, March 30, 1809. P. S. Further Particulars may be known by Appli- cation to Messrs. Baxter Se Co Glasgow. The Cordial Balm of Quito is sold Wholesale and Retail, by Weston Se Co. Successors to W. Withers, Chemist, 229, Strand. London ; in Bottlesat 2s. 9d ; 10s. 6d. ; and Family Bottles, 33s. each, by which there is a Saving of 9s ; sold also by the Printers ot this I'aper, Mr. Edge, Druggist, Northampton ; and the Veniiersof I'atent Medicines throughout the united Kingdom. ot Stockport, bookseller DIVI OENDS to be made to CREDITORS. May 1. Thomas Shuftiebottom, of Dunstable shopkeeper, at Guildhall, London. May l. Samuel Summers, of Birmingham, dealer at'the Royal Hotel, Birmingham. * CERTIFICATE to be granted. May 1. Francis Snipe See, late of Earith, Hunt- ingdonshire, butcher. LONDON MARKETS. Corn Exchange, Monday, April 12, 1813. We had a pretty good supply of Grain in general this day Fine Wheat fully supported the pricesofthts day se'nnight, ' but Malting Barley is somewhat lower, and the interior kii. dsof this article ate dull in sale.— Malt remains much as last noted.— Beans ar. d Grey Peas weit in b.- isk demand this morning, and have obtained taihet better prices. The sup- ply of these articles was but middling.— There was; a good arrival of Oats, but the quality was indif- ferent : hence but little alteration has taken place i « the line samples ( since last currency) but the other kinds are very dull in sale, at about 2s. per quartet lower. Wheat 100s. tollos. | Suffolk*... — s. to — s. Grey Peas ..— s. to — s.- Fine ...... — s. to — s- Lieans 67s. to 7Us. Fine — s. to 74s„ Ticks b3s. to 68s. Oats 26s. to ' i9*. Poland* 26s. to SOs. I'otatoe dittoes, to 42s. Fine — s. to 123s. Superfine — s. to — s. Fine White.. UUs. tol36s. Rye 65s. to Tils. i'. ariey 3Ss. to 48s. Fine Suffolk — s, to — s. Malt 90sJ to 93s Wnite Peas. - 9i) s. toloas. . Aveiageot Wheat, L- tis. lld, J- 2s. J Od. higher thau last return. Fine Flour, 105s. to UOs. — Seconds, 88s. to 93s. Averageof Flour 109s. 2d.— Os. OJd. per sack lower than last return. Clarke, of Leicester- square, Middlesex, dra- r, d. & c. April 17, 24, and May 22, at Guildhall BANKRUPTS required to surrender. John Mellows, of Cunain- tead, Shoreditch, Mid- dlesex, stal - keeper, dealer and chapman, April 24, May 1, and22, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Luckeit, Wilson- street, Finsbury- square. William Reynolds, of Chipping- Ongar, Essex, linen- draper, d. & c. April 13, 24. and May 22, at Guildhall, London.— Attoinies, Messrs. Sweet Se Stokes, Basinghall- street. John per , , _. — Attorney, Mr. Pullen, Fore- street, Cripplegate. Joseph Blackman, late of Founders'- ball- court, Lothbury, victualler, d. & c. April 17, 24, and May 22, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Wiltshire, Bolton, & West, Broad. street. James Mansb. dge, of Portsea, shoemaker, d. & c. May 5, 6, and 22, at the George Inn, Portsmouth.— Attorney, Mr. Howard, Portsea. Edward Francis Burgess, of Portsea, victualler, d. & c. May 5, 6, and 22 at the George Inn, Ports- meuth.— Attorney, Mr'. Howard, Portsea. George Hales, of Cothoridge, Worcestershire, hus- bandman, d. & c. April 26, 27, and May 22, at the Talbot Inn, Claines.— Attorney, Mr. Holdsworth, Worcester. John Mackett, of St. Martin's- le- Grand, Middle sex, linen- draper, April 17, 27, and May 22, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Kearsey & Spurf, Bishopsgate- street- within. Joseph Iredale, of Queen- street, Colden- sqnare, Middlesex, bricklayer, April 13, 24, and May 22, Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr, Dixon, Nassau. street. PRICE or SEEDS. Carraway 80s. Od. to 86s. Od. x Coriander 40s. Od. to 45s. Od. C Red Clover 80s. od. toli.' Os. Od. f Percw' » White ditto 50s, Od. tol60s. Od.) Rye Grass 35,. od. to 56s. Od perquarter White Mustard 18s. Od. to 24s. Od. > Brown ditto 24s. Od. to 30s. Od. $ l' « bush 16s. Od. to las. Od. ditto. Kent Sussex PRICE or HOPS. BACS. 101. 0s. to 161. 0s. 101. 0s. to 121. 0s. ts'sx , 101. 0s. to 141. 0s. Poc KITS,' Pnt 121. 0s. to 161. 0s; iul- 0s. to 141. 0s. t-_ arnham 0s. to 25i. 0s. SMI NILL E LD. — MONDAY, April 12. I To sink theotial— per stone ot bibs.) ™ to 7s. tkt. I Veal 6s. 6d. to 8s. Cd to 8s. Od. I Pork 6s. 8d. to 8s. Orf^ Head oj CattIs t/ ji, DayBeasts, about 2270— Sheep 12,100 - Calves, 110— Pigs, 280. Beef.. 6s. Mutton? NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS. Beet.. 5s. Od. to6s. 4d. I Veal .5s. Od. to 7s. 4d. Muttrfi. bs. Od. to 6s. 8d. | Pork. 6s. 8d. tc 8s Od. PRICE OF TALLOW, Sec. fownTallow 91s. 6d. Yellow Russii90s. Od. White ditto 9' s. Od. Soap ditto .. 88s. Cd. MekingStutntis. Od. Ditto rough 52s. Od. Graves 24s. fid. Goon Dregs. 9s. Od. SOAP— Yellow. . IDOs. Od. St. James's Market 5s. 4d. Clare Market 5s. 4d. Whitcchapel Market 5s. 4d. 16s. Od. Average p? r « t. of81b. 5s. 4d. Mottled.. UOs. Od. PRICE or LEATHER, FIR POUND. Butts, imo 661b. each 22d. to 24J Ditto, 56to 661b. each Merchants' Backs Hd. Dressing Hides 20d. Fine Coach- Hides 2Id. CrooHides, 35to401b. tor cutting ,. 20d. '. 4s to 501b 2ld. Calt Skin 80to 401b. 32d. JOto 7Clb 33d. 70 to 801b 40d. Small Seals ( Greenland) 3od. Large Ditto, 140s. to 180s.. per Dozen.- Skics, S4s. to62s. to 25d. to 23d. to 21d. to 23d. to 21d. to 23d. to 40d. to 45d. to - 14( 1. to 37d. — Goat Northampton i Printed and Published bu and for T. E. Veer, » r, SlTTO. Y % if, i'MIX/ fsa*,
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