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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1003
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 14/04/1813
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1003
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY. April 14, 1813 Wednesday Price Sixpence Halfpenny This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES. — Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. bp auction, PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Reduced Fares, from the Unicom Inn. LONDON, COVENTRY, BIRMINGHAM, AND SHREWSBURY NEW COACH, CALLED THE ROYAL DEFIANCE, THROUGH SHIFFNAL AND WOLVERHAMPTON, ily Way of Coalbrook Dale and Madeley. mHE Public are r'cspcr. tftillv informed, lhat lire above | Ct> 4 » h sets out fromi'. ip UNICORN INN, SHREWS- BURY EVERY MORNING at five o'clock, and arrivs at the CASTLE AND FALCON INN, Aldersgatc- strcet, LoKl » < » K, at at veil the following Morning.— Returns from London every Evening M live o'Clock, and arrives in Shrewsbury early tiie " following Evening ; from whence Coaches set out for Aberystwyth, Welshpool, Oswestry, Wrexham, Chester, and Holyhead. gljj* Carries only four Insidea. Performed by EDW. tv 1UJAMS, and Co. Shrewsbury, ROBERT PERREY, W. olverhampton. TllOS. HEWLETT, and Co. Birmingham. Not accountable lor Parcels or Luggage above the value of £ 5, unlest. entered as such and paid for. Extensive Colliery, Neath, Sonlh IVales. ALL PRIZES'!! NO BLANKS On THURSDAY, 6th MAY, IN THE STATE LOTTERY. 20,000 Tickets, numbered from No. 1 to No. 20,000. TO BE DRAWN IN FOUR SEPARATE DAYS. SCHEME. £ 20,000 ar< . io, ooo 2,000 1,000 500 300 200 IOO: 4: 1 50 20, See. Sic... , £ 60,000 30,000 8,000 fj, 000 4,000 3,000 3,000 2,1100 .. 2,000 .. 2,000 „ 80,001) 10,159 Prizes. £ 200,000 The first drawn 1,000 Blanks, £ 20 each 20,000 The tccotid drawn 1,000 Blanks £ 10 each 10,000 T HISH I • JJIOXl, ( he Contractor, respectfully advises an immediate Purchase, as from the popularity oft lie Scheme, awl the increasing demand inTown and Century, tlieTir kets and Shuies will certainly rise tn price, fc^ r Persons in the Country who may find any difficulty in getting supplied are requested lo send their Orders to the Contractor's fortunate Offices, 4, CORN HILL, 019, CHARING CROSS, LONDON, Or to his following Agents. J. SANDFORD, Bookseller. Shrewsbury R. PARKER, Ditto, Whitchurch R. PARKER, Grocer, Ellesmere A. MORGAN, Bookseller, Stafford P. DENMAN, Ditto, Wolverhampton. P' IN THIS STATE LOTTERY MORE THAN HALF OF THE TICKETS ARE SURE TO RE PRIZES. POPULAR AND USEFUL GRAMMARS ON THE VARIOUS BRANCHES OF EDUCATION AND BUSINESS. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED ON IMMEDIATELY, A N extensive COLLIERY, which may be opened within 100 Yards of tbe Neath Canal, about two Mites from the Shipping Port of Neath; ^ consisting uf • and all other Booksellers four Veins of excellent bindin " of 3}, and one of 3 There are ... , " ' L. L JFC-. I.. A...— „ R — " A. RU. N'DALL, uf Percy House, Published hy B and R. CROSBY & Co. 4, Stationers'- Court, LndgateSlrcet, Loudon; aud Sold hy W. EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Munis, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Stnilh, Ironbridge and Wenlock; Edmunds, Madcley, Silvester, Newport; Parker, Whit- church ; the Booksellers iu Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham ; the Preutiscs, that may be had for the Accommodation of Workmen. For ftirlber Particnlms apply ( if by Letter Pc. st- pa| d) ; to Mr. ATWOOD GNOLL, Neath; and Messrs. GOODKVE and RAN K EN, Solicitors, Gray's Ion, Holborn, London. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, i bearing date on the 13th Day of July, 1812, awarded aud issued forth ngainetWILLIAM DEA. N TIIEYOUNGFR, I of ihe City of EXETER, China, Glass, and Earthenware Merchant,' Dealer aud Chapman, intend to meet oil the 17th Day of April next, at Eleven of the Clork in the Forenoon, at the TALBOT INN, in Bath Street, jn the City of BRIS- TOL ( aud not at the Globe Inn in Briilgewatcr, in the County of Somerset, as advertised in last Tuesday's Gazette), to make A DIVIDEND ofthe Estate dud Effects iif the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts me to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. Dated iith March, 1813. ON DISEASES OF THE SKIN, ERDPTIV E, 1N FLAHM A TOR Y, AN D U LCERATIV E. MR. WILSON, Surgeon, announces that lie shall pno- lisli a familiar Treatise, illustrative of the Limits bevoud which domestic Management, in these extremely delicate Cases, cannot saf. ly proceed— Mr. W.' s Practice being honourably extensive, affords him loo much Proof of the lamentable Evils ileducible from mistaken Views and misapplied Nostrums.— 111 all future Consultations, by professional Geii'leinen iu the Country, a Detail of Ihe pre- ceding medicinal Course is requested — When consulted hy Patients themselves, Mr. W. desires a faithful historical Description— yet, when it ia convenient, he will ever ptefef the superior Accuracy of 11 professional Statement.— Mr. W. limits his Practice to Diseases of the Skill solely, and merely pr,- Si ribes. No. 202, Piccadilly, near St. James's Church. Coal", two of 6 Feet, one j A N EASY GRAMMAR OF SACRED HISTORY, or 3 many Cottages adjoining 1 J\_ ibe principal Events recorded ill the Old and New BEAU1TPUL WOMEN, TUIE " realest Blemish to Btautv is Superfluous Hairs on the Face, Neck, and Arms ; HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them, is au elegant Article, perfectly innocen , and pleasant 10 use. Price 4s. or tu/ o in one Parcel 7s, Sold by tlie Proprietor, 23, Russcl- street, Covent- Garden, London. f WOOD having been appointed the Wholesale ai well as Retail Agent for tlus an I the adjoining Counties will supply Booksellers and Dealers with the above Article on liberal Terms. The fallowing are Venders in this Town and Neighbourhood: W. Eddowes, Shrewsbury ; H P. Silvester, Newport; \ V. Edwards, Oswestry ; IV. Smith, Iron- bridge-, ' P. OrifHths, Ludlow -, E. Griffiths Bishop's Castle ; D. Proctor, Drat/ ton. — — r— r ..; •!'. • —: i .'—... . , DAY and MARTIN beg Leave t,> acquaint the Public that by attending to the. following particulars they will avoid being taken in by tbe vile Compositions that are. offered as tbe getmine. BLACKING, prepared by them at 97, HIGH- HOLBORN, Loudon.— After the » ord BLACKING iu the fust line of the Labels Ihetfaunter. fcils have a small ( as), some have the same before the word MADE in the next line, and others put a 6inall ( nr) immediately before the Number 97. Pur- chasers should observe that the whole Atldiess is clear aud distinct. Sold by KDDCIWBS, Bowdler and Co. Shrewsbury ; Part- ridge, Bridgnorth; and Smith, Ironbridge.— Price Is. fid. a bott le. Another ASTONISHING CURE, performed by the ROYAL ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. St., Storkport, February, 1812. Testament. By M Bath. 3s. 6d hound BAKER'S GRAMMAR of MORAL PHILOSOPHY and Natural Theology, with a summary of the Evidences of Chiistiauity, abstiacted from Paley aud others; also Questions, and Tables, & c. for the use of those studying the Sacred Scriptures. 5s. bound. A GRAMMAR OF CHEMISTRY, or a practical and easy Introduction to that useful Science; for the Use of Students and Schools, with familiaiExperiments, Questions, and Plates. Bv the Rev. D. BLAIR. 4s. bound. MORTIMER'S GRAMMAR OF TRADE, MANU- FACTURES, AND COMMERCE, or popular Accounts of all the different Branches of Trade and Manufactures— Persons employed— Origin and Uses of Commodities— Terms used— Maxims of Experience, & c. subdivided" to be committed to Memory, with some hundred Questions on the Theory aud Practice of Commerce, 3s. 6d. bound. It is presumed such a Work should be put into the Hands of every Bov intended for Business. A G R A M M A R OF BOTA N Y, or a complete and familiar Introduction to the Science of P. OTAN Y, for Botanical and Medical Students, and of Schools. By Dr THORNTON, Author of the Family Herbal, willt many Plates. 7s. Coloured 12s. bound. DICKSON'S GRAMMAR of the first principles of AGRICULTURE, intended for the U » e of Young Persons, as a Branch of liberal Education, illustrated by eleven Engravings. 5s GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of tbe LAWS and CON- STITUTION of ENGI. A ND, intended for gi ucral Use and YoungStude 4s. hound. GOLDSMI I H's GRAM MARofGEOGRAPHY, render- ed into easy Verse, describing the Situations, Maimers, aud Produce' ! all Nations 4s. half- bound. FISHER'S GRAMMAR of the ENGLISH LAN- GUAGE Improved. By the Ilev. J WILSON; in which Mr. Fisher's Plan is preserved, and the Work made more perfect bv various Amendments from Walker, Sheridan, Lovvth, and others, ' is. 6d. bound. JONES'S GRAMMAR of CHRONOLOGY; including artificial Memory, and ils Application to the great Events of History, 3 « . 6d. bound. STALLION.— 1813. QULTAN, atT. II! LES's Abbey Foregate, SHREWSBURY, 13 will Cover at three Guineas each Marc, and hve shillings the Groom. SULTAN was got by St. Paid, St. Paul by Sallram, out of Purity, Dam of Rockingham. The Dam of Sultan was Fanny, by Wertzle ; Weazle was got by Old Herod.— For Sultan's Performances vide Racing Calendar, Sultan will be at Wenluck and Bridgnorth every Mon- day; Shifliial every Tuesday ; at Newport every VVednes- .:..,, "'_!'.;..„:: , Thursday; and at Home Friday, Saturday, aud Sunday. The Money lo he paid at Midsummer; if not, to be charged Ilalfa- Guinea more.— Mares barven last Year, to be covered at half , I tt, U. ' V- fi UUU I OOO l" l . UUILtJ > u ut. it u Shillings per Week. rinO cover this Season, at Garth, near Welshpool, at X THREE GUINEAS, and L Crown the Groom, PAVILION. The Money to be paid at the Time of covering, er before the Mates are taken away. Good Grass for Mares al " s. a Week.— Barren Mares covered bv PAVILION last Year, at half Price, and llie Groom's Fee. ICONSIDER it a duty which 1 owe to the afflicted with sci'm'ultiuii and scorbutic affections, publjcjy to state the following facts, that all who are suffering under such dis- agreeable and very alarming complaints, may 110 longer despair of being radically cured, but know where to apply lor s;. fdy arid certain relief:— My son John, a youth of about eleven years of age, was during a period of four years, most dreadfully aflkcted with scrofula, tvhich reduced him to a state of such alarming imbecility, as to be incapable of any « : X « rlion; and the ulcers which had been formed in various parts of his body rendered biin a ti uly deplorable object, IVuineroqs applications bad been made, and a variety of medicine* administered without juccejs ; when hearing of the just celebrity which your ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS had obtained, a bottle of them was purchased, and taken imteably to the directions theiewith given ; ihe effects pro- duced by this single buttle weie astonishing, and may be said I o have been almost instantaneous I two bottles more weie procured, but the ulcers aere brought to a suppuration, . ml tbe disease yielded to the powers of the medicine, in so • J. otiderful a manner, that bel'oie the third bottle had beeu wholly taken, he vvas completely restored, and still continues itn peifect health and strength ; the trujili of which may be known to any one who will . take the trouble of making per- sonal ccquiry, ( or if by letter pust paid) of, Sir, Your verv grateful and olicdientservant, THOMAS JONES, Broker, Hillgate. Attested by Mr. CLARKS, Galley Hall, Cheshire, and Mr. DBAN, Bookseller, Stockport. To Mr, John Lignum, Su- geon, Manchester. The^ e Drops are sold in moulded square bottles at bs. and 14i. ( one 14s. bottle is equal to tluee 6s. ones), wholesale and retail, by Mr. Lignum, Manchester; and retail by W. EUDOWES, Wood aud Watton, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, . Ironbfidge and VVeulock; Gitton, Bridgnotth; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Deuitiuti Wolverhampton; Scarrott, Sliiffsial; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Whitchurch; Baugh, Ellesmere; Owen, Welsh yool; Griffiths, Ludlow; Burlton, Leominster; Edwards Oiwestry; Davies, Hereford j and by the principal Venders of genuine Mcdicitiee- rfio Cover this Season, 1813, at ACTON BURN EI., at TWO A Guineas a Mare, and Five Shillings the Groom, CLOTHIER. Clothier was got by Clothier, Dam bv Icelander:— Clo- thier was gut hy The Prince's Saltram, Dam Jocaflo. Clothier is a beautiful black Horse, 15 Hands 2 Inches high, rising 6 Years old. For Blood he may be equalled, but not surpassed. He will be at the Unicorn Iun, Shrewsbury, every Satur- day during the Season ; and the rest of the Time at Acton Burnel. ~~ 1813. KILLTTEVIL WILL cover this Season, at KINTON, neur Ncss- clift", at three Guineas each Mare, and five Shillings the Groom ; the Money to be paid at Midsummer, or charged I0s. 6d. more. He \ yill be at SHREWSBURY every Saturday., and OSWES- TRY every IVc. dnesday, during the Season and ihe rest of his Time at Home. F Dr. RADCLIFFE'S ELIXIR. IOR a g, eneial alterative Medicine this Elixir has stood SURGERY, MEDICINE, CHEMISTRY, AND BOTANY. Lately published by CROSBY- and Co 4, Stationers' Court, Lud gate Street, London ; and Sold hy W. EDDOW ES, Wood, aud Wattou, Morris, itiid Newliug, Shrewsbury; HouLtons, Wellington; Siuilb, lronbridge, and Wciiloc'k ; Edmonds, Madeley; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Whitchurch; the Booksellers 111 Chester; J. Fainter, Wrexhaui; and all i other BodkSelleis. AN EPITOME OF SURGERY, intended for Students and Practitioners, by SAM. COOPER, Author of the Dictionary of SURGERY, svo 9s. 6d. Boards. A MEDICAL GUIDE for Invalids to the principal Watering Places iii Great Britain, giving a View ofthe Effects of each Water, hy W. N ESBIT, M. D. 5s. j J new Worlt, addressed to every Class of the. Community, for the j Purpose of establishing, preserving, and improving Health. I Dr. CHURCHILL'S GENUI, N EGUIDE to 11EALTH, | intended as au Antidote to the pernicious Effects of Quackery, or the most rational Means of preserving Health, ; preventing and curing Diseases. To which is added | Remarks on Exercise, Air, Cleanliness, & c cursory Obsei vu- lions 011 Excesses, and the dreadful Effects they produce on the Animal ( Economy, as well .9 the immediate Use of Debilitating Medicines. j " Health, is the Soul that animates all the Pleasures of I Life, and without it a Mau starves at Ihe best of Tables, is poor and wretched iu the midst of the greatest Treasures: I —- without Health, Ypulli loses all its Vigour, Beauty all its Charms, Music is grating lo the Ear, Conversation dis- agreeable, Palacesurc Prisons, Riches useless, Honour uud Attendants cumbersome, and Crowns themselves are a Burthen." Sir ' tr. Tf. mpte. " Dr Churchill has judiciously divided his Subjects into distinct Essays, each of ah ich contains 11 Fundof useful as well as improving Matter, the solidity oj his reasoning and Arguments, lead on t/ ie Reader to the conclusion, with increasing Delight and Xalufixcthu; ifhts Mu- riuuaie adopted,, they wilt evidently prove of universal Advantage." Gent. Mag. April, 1810. A DOMESTIC PHAK-' iACOPtpIA, or COMPLETE MEDICAL GUI D E fur Fam j lies, de- c rilling the Symptoms, and the Mode of Treatment from tbe best Authorities, is. Boards. MEDICAL BOTANY, or a COMPLETE FAMILY H ERBAL, consisting of a toll and accurate Description ut Euglish and foreign Plants, with their medicinal Piopcrlics and Compositions; adapted lo Family and other Uses ; illustrated with nearly 300 Engravings on Wood, by T. Bewick, of Newcastle, from Drawings hy Henderson. Bv J. THORNTON, M. D. Author kit the Grammar of Botaiiy, Lecturer 011 Medical Botanv at Guy's Hospital, ike. & c. I n one large aud elegant Volume, Royal avo. • ia ss.— Deiny £ 1 l is. 6d. Boards A GRAMMAR OF CHEMISTRY, being an easy and practical introduction to that useful Science ; intended for the Use of Students and Schools, wilh familiar Experi- ments, Questions, and Plates. Bv the Rev. D. BLAIR, 4s. bound- AG EN ERA L DICTIONARY OF CHEMISTRY, con- sisting ofthe Principles ofthe Science, Fads, Experiment*, aud a Nomenclature for Students, by VV . NESBIT, M D 8s. till. cannot have Recourse to % more efficacious Remedy, us a Purifier of the Blood from all Humours, whether contracted by too free Living, or from Surfeits, Jaundice, Scurvy, or Humours after the Measles or Small Pox, & c. & c. For all Obstructions in the Bowels, aud for the Cure of Worms in Children or Adulm, it will be fui. ind equally serviceable: in Complaints incident to .'. he Female Sex it has frequently proved of the greatest Sevice: it assists Digestion, strength- ens the Stomach,' and has been found of infinite Service tu those who . take long Voyages, as a Preservative against the Scurvy. Bo careful to observe that the Words " Dicey and Co. No. 10, Bov Church- Yardaie printed in the Stamp affixed to each Bottle, as counterfeit Sorts are offered for Sale in almost every Town. Sold, Wholesale, aMhe oiiginat Warehouse for Dicey and Co.' s Medicines, No, 10, Buiv Church- Yard, London, price Is. LJd. Duty included ; and Relad by one or more respocia- able Vender in every Tuwu thiou^ tiout the Kingdom. To the Nobility, Gentry, A'ursen/ men and others, planting or about to Plant. OS SALE, At WM. BUTLER's extensive Nuweiy, I'rescot, near Liverpool, fur 1813, 1,000,000 Transplanted Scotch Fir, 9 inch to 3 Feet, 1,000,000 Ditto, Spruce do 9 Inch to 3 Feet. 20,000 l'orlugal Laurels, 9 Inch to 3 Feel 20,000 Common Ditto, 9 Inch to 3 Feet. 20,000 Balm of Gilead Fir 9 Inch to 3 Feet, 10,000 Silver Fir 9 Inch to 2 Feel. Thirty Years Experience has enabled W. Boiler to afiirrn wilb Confidence, that the ensuing Mouth of April, is the besi for removing the aboVe, or any Evergreen ; and as he has such au immense Stock, a considerable pei Ceutage will be deducted from tbe usual Prices charged by regular Nur- serymeh in England or Wales. There is Water Carriage fiom Liverpool lo all Parts of the Empire, and they will be put on board Ships or Flats, I free of Expense. N. B. Every other Article on reasonable Terms. March 30, 1813. THOMAS HILL'S DIVIDEND. ~~ j WHEREAS THOMAS HILL, of CLEOBURY MOR- TIMER. in the County of Salop, late a Timber Merchant, did by Indenture ui'tbe 3th Day of September last, grant and assign over all his real and personal Estates j aud Effects, unlo THOMAS CRUMP, of Chorley, iu the : Parish of Stotfesdoii, Esq. mid JAMES COMPSON, of ; Cleobury Mortimer, Esq. for the Benefit of themselves aud I all other the Creditors of ihe said Thomas Hill, who should I within six Months afterwards execute such Deed; and the S said Trustees tiavi g sold the real Estates and the principal ; Part of tbe personal Effccis vested in them under ihc said , Deed, DO HEREBY GIVE IN OTICE, that on TUESDAY, the 4th Day of MAY next, at the Talbot Inn, Cleobury Mortimer, A DIVIDEND will be made to the several Creditors of the said Thomas Hill, who have executed Ihe aforesaid Deed ofTrust, in proportion and according to Ihe Amount of their respective Debts; aiid they are requested lo attend that Day, either personally or by their Ageuts legally authorized, to receive Ihe same.— All Persons iniiebledto Ihe Estate ofthe said Thomas Hill, are request- ed to pay their respective Debts to the said Trustees, previous t » the said 4th Day of May next, or Actions will be brought without further Notice. JOHN FOX, Solicitor to the Trustees. Cleobury Mortimer, April 2d, 1813. rHE celebrated ABSTERGENT LOTION, for Re- moviiig alt Kinds of Pimples, Tetters, Ring Worms, Carbuncles, Sec. from the FACE and SKIN. •' Beauty ——- " That steals so sottly iu the stripling's heart, 11 And gives it a NRW PULSE ubkuown before," When the All- poweifnl Charms ot our Fair Countrywomen are capable of stimulating tlie breasts of Youth Hi noble Enterpiise and lanttiblfe'Pursnits^ who in returrt expect to be rewarded with the enchanting Sttiiles and amiable Hearts of those thev love, an Auxiliary like SOIOMON'S ABSTER- GENT LOTION, wbich so admirably heightens their powers of fascination, must certainly be a valuable Acquisition and Appendage to the Toilet, Sold by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbuiy. Price 4s. 6d. and 2s. 9d. a bottle. Duty included.— Be careful to observe the words" Sini- irt Solomon, f. ivtrpool engraved In the Stamp, without which none are genuine. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. At the Red Lion Inn, 111 the Town of Lanidloes, in the County of Montgomery, 011 Saturday, tlie 17th Day of April, 1813, betweeu the Hours of four and six iu Ihe j Afternoon, together, or in the following Lots, and subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then ptoduced : | LOT 1. A LL tbat well established INN, called ihe RED LION, ! with suitable Stabling and Outbuildings, and every other Convenience requisite at au Inn; situate 111 the most eligible Part ofthe Town of Llanidloes fur Trade, now in J Ihc Occupation of Mr. Edward Evaus. LOT 11 All that convenient DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP adjoining Lot 1, with so much of the Lion Inn Gar- den as is marked out w ith Stakes, now in the Occupation of Mr. Johu Edwards. Llanidloes has a good weekly Market, several large Fairs in tbe Year, very extensive Trade, and a Coach runs thro' the Town twice a Week ( luring the Summer - Sensoil from Ludlow to Aberystwith.— Part ofthe Purchase Money may remain 011 Security, if required'. For further Particulars apply to Mr. GEORGE MF DDINS, of Newtown; or to T. E. Marsh, Solicitor, Llanidloes. MONTGOMERYSHIR E. CAPITAL OAK AND ASH TIMBER. BY T. HOWELL, At the Lion Inn, in Newtown, in the County of Mont- gomery, on Tuesday, the 20th of April, 1813, at five in the Afternoon, the following Lots of ' limber, subject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. 1 Afl OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe 1 1 to s, a" ding in Ltwynmeleh Wood, Pait of Bertliddct Demesne. LOT II. 30 ASH Trees, numbered in like Manner, stand- ing in tlie same Wood. LOT III. i » ; o OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing in other Part ol Llwynmelcn Wood and Lands adjoining. LOT 1V. 42 ASH Trees, numbered in tike Manner, stand- ing in l. lwyninelen Wood and Lands adjoining. LOT V. 144 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing in Glyn Bach Coppice, Part of Glyn Farm, in the Occupation of Evan Evans. LOT VI. 155 OAK Timber Trees, numbered 111 like Manner, ' standing chiefly in Coppices on Glanfciuion Farm, in the Occupation of John Davies. LOT VII 116 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing iu a Coppice 011 Glanfciniou Farm afore- said. LOT VHI. 60 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing chiefly in Coppices Part of Coed Bach aiid Coed y Gaer Farms, in the Holding of David Owen. The F'artns on which the above Timber now stands are situate in the Parish of Llandiiiam, and close to the Turn- pike Road leading from Newtown to Llanidloes. The Trees are of large Dimensions, appear perfectly sound," and the Oak applicable for Frame Timber, Beams, Thickstufl, and Plank for the Navv, or other superior Purposes. David'Owen, of Coed y Gaer, will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be had at the Office of Mr. WILLIAMES, in Pool; 01 Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Pool. FLtN fSHlRE ESTATES. ~ BY MR. THOMAS JONES, By Order of the Assignees of George Gregory, the Elder, a Baukrnpt, at the Black Lion Inn, in Moid, in the County of Flint, <> n the27tti Day of April, 1813, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, precisely, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, and in the following Lots; ; . I. OT I. AN elegant and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, called Tryddyn I. odgev with the Outbuildings thereto belonging,^- situate near the Village ofTryddyn, in the Coun- tvof Minti together with the several Fields and Parcels of LANDS aud PLANTATIONS, therewith hekl, now iu the Occupation of Mr. Robert Davies, containing by Ad- measurement 70 Acre?, Statute Measure.— Tryddyn Lodge if a newly- erected Dwelling Hortse, contains in Front 14 Yards, has a Stone Portico Entrance, two Parlours to the Front, with Kitchens and suitable Offices, three Bed Kooms on the first Floor, and four Red Rooms 011 the second Floor, and is in every Kespect adapted for the Residence of a gen- teel Family. The Land lies in a Ring Fence, gradually descending to a beautiful Dingle, with Plantations, & c.— The Village of Tryddyn is situated four Miles from Mold, seven Miles from Wrexham, and tweVve Miles from Chester, lies near to several Gentlemen's Seats, and in the midst of a sporting Country, abounding wilh all Kinds of Fish and Game.— This Estate is held by the present Tenant under a Lease for seven Years from May last. LOTII. All that VIESSUAGEor DWELLING HOUSE, with the Outbuildings thereto belonging, and the Land therewith held, containing 52 Acres, Statute Measure, call- ed FRANK'S FARM. This Estate lies within a Ring Fence, near the Village of Tryddyn, and is now in the Occupation of John Kelford, as Tenant from Year to Year. LOT III. RHYDATALOG INN, with the Stables, and other Outbuildings thereto belonging, and about statute Acres of Land, therewith held, now in the. Occupation of William Jones, Tenant from Year to Year.— This Estate, which is also within a Ring Fence, adjoins Lot 2, and the House, which is also new, is peculiarly well situated for au Inn, as it lies at the Point where the two great Roads lead- ing from Mold aud Llanarmon to Wrexham unite. The Situation of these Estates ( all of which are Free- hold) is most desirable; Coal has been discovered under Tryddyn Lodge, and both COHI and Lime of superior Quality and in the greatest Abundance, lie within two Miles of the Centre of them. Tlie Roads in the Neigh- bourhood are good, ami the Country affords excellent Materials for their Repair, and abounds with Slone for Building of the first Qualit> The respective Tenants will shew the Estate. Aii Elevation and Plan of Tryddyn Lodge, and Maps of- tbe Estates may be seen, and further Information had, on Application at the Ottiee of Mr. FlNCLIETT, Solicitor, Abbey- Square, Chester. AND ALSO, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the White Lion Inn, in the City of Chester, on Wed- nesday, the 28th Day of April Inst, at six o'Clock in the livening, precisely, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, the FREEHOLD and INHERITANCE of and in all that DWELLING HOUSE, with the W ARE- HOUSE behind the same, situate in Crane- Street, in the said City of Chester, and late in the Occupaiion of the said George Gregory, the elder. Mr. FINCHETT will direct a proper Person to shew the Premises; and further Information may be had, 011 Ap- plication at his Office, in Chester. ty attcnotT. CAPITAL NAVY TIMBERLMONTOOMERYSHIIIE BY G: SMOUT, At the Oak Inn, Welshpool, in the- County of Montgomery, oil Monday, the IJlli Day of April, W| 3, between the Hours « t 4auu& 111 the Aflernoon, subject to such Coll • dilions as shall be then produced. r| MIE FOLLOWING LOTS OF TIMBER, viz.:_ --* Lor I. 128 OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe i to 128 standing 011 Vavnor Park. ' LOT Ml ,16 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing 111 Fronfiailh andCefuiddCoppices, aud other Pari of Vayuor Demesne, LOT III. 130 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing ( chiefly in Coppices) on Part of Vaynor Demesne, Low « r Vaynor, and Lands adjoining, in the Oc- enpauon of Humphrey Rowlands Joues, Esq. Richard Williams, and John Pierce. I. OT IV. uo OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like M anner, standing in C01 field's Wood, near Lot 3. LOTV. 89 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing ( eluefly in Coppices) on Lauds known hy tho ," e " loteJ- Rcece's, in theOccupaliou of John Price LOT VI 42 OAK Timber Trues, number) d iu like Mau- ner, standing ( chiefly in Coppices) on th- Pied House and Cctn Diebneth Farm's, in the several Occupations of John Price and John \\ llliams LOT VII. 03 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing 0,, Plaa Dup&, Pandv, and Petty Park Farms m the several Occupation, of John Davies, Joseph Higgins, and JuliiiTugli. 1 LOT VII!. ,2Y OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing in Aflt Wood, and Lands adjoining. Jones ' Hry t'al ms> '"> lhe Occupation of Pryce LOT IX. 52 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing on the Village and Keel Farms, iu the several Occupations of Edward Jones nnd. Richard Davies. All the above Lots are situate in I he Parish of Berriew near W elshnuol, 011 good Ground f* r converting, and clos^ to a Turnpike Road. Those in Vaynor Park and Demesne aud Lot 9, are about a Quarter of a . Mile from Hie Montgo- meryshire Canal} Lots 4 and 8 are close to the Canal; aud tbe Remainder not more than a Mile and Half from said Canal, and about 8 Miles frtim Pool Quay, where Ihe Severn is navigable. The Trees in most of the Lots are of very considerable Dimensions, calculated for Ihe superior Purposes , f the JNavy, or auv other Purposes for which large Timber is required : and Ihe Whole will be found deserving Ihe Atteiw lion of Persons in want of capital Timber. JOHN PIERCE, of the Upper Living, near Beriiew, will shew the Timber; and further Particulars mny be had of Mr JONES, iun. Peu'bryn, near Montgomery ; or Mr GOULD, Golfa, near Welshpool. M ONTOOM RRYSHIRET ~ BY GKOUGE SMOUT\ Al the Bear's Head Inn, in Newtown, on Thursday, lie 151 h April, 1813, be! ween the Hours of five and six 111 Ibe Afternoon, in small Lots, for the Convenience of the Purchasers : 1 AA ASH Trees, of large Dimensions, 20 ALDER S UU Trees, 10 SYCAMORE, and in ELM Trees. The Trees are all felled, and cross cut lo proper Lengths of Timber, aud the Lots numbered with white Paint, and are now at Black Hall, in the Parish of Kerry. JOHN JONES, of Black Ilall, Esq. w ill appoint a Person to shew the Lots; and for further Particulars apply to Mr JortN WILLIAMS, of the Herbert Arms, Kerry, Timber Surveyor; Mr. DREW. Solicitor, Newtown; or THE AUCTIONEER, at Ahermule. FLINTSHIRE.— CAPITAL OAK T;, MUEit.~~ At the House of Mrs. Anne Lewis, in Rhewl Mostyn, on Tuesday, the SCth Day of April, 1813, at three o'C'lock iu the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, in the following Lots: ^ 1 A OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered with white Paint 1 to 214. LOT II 201 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered in like Manner, 1 to 201. LOTII! 202 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered iu like Manner, 1 to 202. The above l imber are of large Dimensions and superior Quality. calculated for Frame- limber, Beams, and Planks tor Ihe Use of the Navy, or olher Purposes. The Whole are standing in Wliltfoi d Wood, close to a Turnpike Road aud within two Miles of Mostyn Mark, where they mav b « conveniently put on board Ship'; aud will be found deserv- ing the Attention of Shipbuilders, or ally other Person iu want of capital Timber. Johu Edwards, Sawyer, will shew the Lots; anil further Particulars may be had of Mr. ROGER JoNgs, of Mostyn. Mostyn, \ yth !\ larclt, 1813. BYWT JAMES" On the Premises, 011 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the 22( 1, 93d, and 24th Days of April, 1813; LL the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, Dairv nnd Brewing Utensils, together with the modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITUR E, belong- ing to the iate Mr. CHARLES FDUNI VALL, of OVERTON in the County of Flint; consisting of two Waggon Horses' Gearing for Dillo, a neat Gig and Harness, Coal Cart' Plough, Pair of Harrows, Slack Frame, Winnowing Fan' Sieves, Riddles, Pikels, Rakes, and sundry Implements in Husbandry; a Quantity uf Dairy and Brewing Uteiisils in excellent Condition.— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE com- prises prime Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Finn post Bedsteads and Hangings, Mahogany Chest with Drawers Dressing Tables, and Wash- hand Stands, Sel of Mahogany Dining and Card Tables, Side- board, Chairs, Celleret, & c a capital Eight- diy Clock and Mahogany Case, a Quantity of Earthenware, China, and Glass, and various other Ar- ticles loo numerous to insert; which will be particularised in Catalogues to be had at the principal lunsin the Neigh- bourhood, aud of THE AUCTIO\ EF. R, Ellesmere. To Potters and China Manufacturers. CHINA CLAY AND CHINA STONEWORKS, COR.\ WALL. By Messrs. PEARCE and MANN, On Fridav, April30,1813, nt the Auelion Mart; THE GONNOMARIS CLAY WORKS; comprising a valuable and highly improvable Estate, with 30 Acres of LAN D, now in full Work, situate at Gonnomuris, in the Parish of St. Stephen Brenucll, in the County uf Cornwall; containing an abundant Supply ofexcellent CH IN A CLAY, and CHINA STONE, well known in the Trade to lie ofa superior Quality, and adapted for the Manufacture of the finest Porcelain and Earthenware; with numerous Out- buildiugs, recently erected at a considerable Expense, for the Purpose of carrying 011 tbe Works, immediate Posses- sion ( if which may be hail, held 011 Lease for 33 Years, at a low Rent. May be viewed, by applying to Mr. JOHN CLOSE, on the Premises, where descriptive Particulars may be had 20 Days previous to the Sale; of Mr. GloRCE Vr. lt NON, Stone ; Mr. VALENTIN E CLOSE, II an ley, Stafford ; ofMv. DAWES, Angel Court, Throgmoiton Street; am! of Messrs. PFARCE and MANN, at their Auelion aud Estate Office, No. 16, Coinhill. Opposltt the Bunk of England. A1 FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE ESTATES, Situaleat MORV1 L, in the County ofSalop. Atthe New Inn, in Bridgnorth, 011 Saturday, the 15th Day of May, 1813, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, . inlrss disposed of in the Interim by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, either together or in the follow- ing or oilier Lots, and subject to Conditions then 10 be produced: LOT I ALL that MESSUAGE, with theOffices and Slaliles, iu complete Repair, now occupied by Mr. Dyer, toge- ther with a Garden and a Meadow, called A. R. p. Lower Moors, containing by Admeasurement 8 320 LOT II. Two Collages, with Gardens, ad joining the above Lot ( severally) - - O 1 29 LOT 1II Little Meadow LOT IV. Great Leasow LOTV. Old Clover Upper Moors - I. OTVL Lower Quarry - _ LOT VII Upper Quarry LOT VLLL. Great Meadow LOT IX. Cunnery LOTX. Cross Field - 8A. 0R. OP. Ditlo Rough .- 21 25 L. OT XL Ash Bridge Meadow I. OT XII. Barn Field 12A. 1R. 55P. Ditto adjoining l 1 4— 13 LOT XIII. Dock Meadow - 4 LOT XIV. Cankor Meadow 6 - 5A. 2R. 27P. 4 3 13— 107 2 21 The abovo are excellent rich Meadow, Pasture, & Arable Lands; a Trout Stream runs tliro' Part of the same- lie very contiguous to Lime and Coal; having the Bridgnorth Wculock, and Shrewsbury Turnpike ltond going thro' the Estate, and a daily Coach passing from Holyhead to Clul- tenham, Bristol, and Bath. Morvil is only Ihree Miles from Bridgnorth,, and live from Wenlock The Lands are all iu Possession of Mr. DYFR, who will appoint a Person lo sbeiv Ibe Lots; and unv further Particulars may he known by applying to R. L. APPLEYARD, Esq. Lincoln's I Inu, London ; Mr. GITTON, Solicitor, Bridgnorth, 01 Mi DYER, Morvil aforesaid. LONDON. FRIDAY, APRIL 9. Another Mail from Heligoland arrived, yesterday, ringing papers from Eerlin to the 24th, and from Hamburgh to the 29th nit. and dispatches. from Heli- oland to the 3rl inst. The accounts from Heligoland nform us, that Ihe Russians had proceeded from Ham- • urgh to the Weser, and were replaced by a Piussian '.• orps from Mecklenburgh. The Cossacks have entered Lubec. Stettin has been summoned. The besieging General " had had a few hours conference with the Go- vernor. The people were clamorous for a capitulation, and the place was expected to fall in a few hours. The Emperor of Russia returned to Kalitsch on the 19th. The King of Prussia arrived at Potsdam on the 23d A regiment of Westphalian horse had deserted from Magdeburuh, and more desertions were expected. A letter from Hamburgh, of the 21th ult. states, that a most severe battle had been fought between Dresden and Leipsic, ra which the French had been defeated, With the loss of 3000 men ; and adds, that a regiment of Westphalian tavalry had gone over to the Russians. The corps of the enemy, it is said, were about 8000 strong, under the command of Gen. Regnier. It was expected at Hamburgh that all difterences between Denmark and England would soon be adjusted. The onlv drawback to the gratifying intelligence re- ceived by the Mail, is an account of the loss ofa small party seut from Heligoland to occupy Ihe battery at Rremerlehe. . Preparations are making for the departure of Ihe Duke of Cumberland lo Berlin. His Solicitor is ar- ranging bis Royal Highness's affairs. Two post chaises and four arrived this morning at the Post- office. In the first of them was an English Cfficer of the artillery in full uniform ; accompanied by- two Officers of distinction from the Russian Court, also in full uuiform ; and in the second chaise was a Cossack, w ith bis beard, and in the full costume of his profession, with a tremendous long spear placed between bis legs, reaching from ten to twelve feet out of the carriage window. It was shod with iron about six inches, and quite sharp, like unto otir boarding pikes. By the side ofthe Cossack sr. l a Don Cossack, also in full costume. The Cossack had a most warlike appearance, very strong features, and about the age of 40. The Don Cossack was much younger, not looking much above 20, both their countenances highly animated. After waiting about ten minutes, they set off to go to the West end of Ihe town, but Re crowd was so great op- posite the Mansion- house, that both chaises were slopt, and several Merchants and Bankers surrounded the car- riages to shake hands with the strangers. Sir W. Curlis was among Ibe first to greet their arrival; he shook hands wilh them all. After waiting about 10 minutes opposite the Mansion- house, Ihey again set off, amidst the acclamations of all present. They came by way of Heligoland. Some of Ibe private letters brought by tbe Lisbon Mail state, that one of the first acts of the new Spanish Government has been the rejection of the proffered aid on the part of the Emperor of Russia, the Regency having, il is said, positively refused to admit the Russian troops proposed to be sent, to ci. ter the Spanish terri- tories. The King of Prussia has issued from Breslaa, nnder date of March 17, an order for instituting a distinction of merit, to be called the Order of ihe Jron Cross, as signifiratory of Ihe constancy which has been displayed in the great contest for liberty and independence. Tbe Russian fleet is now on its way from the Thames to assist in a naval expedition against some of the French ports. The capture or destruction of tbe Srbeldt fleel is said to be in coutemj lation— an enterprize to which, it is said, they have been invited bj the inhabitants of the opposite shores. Exchequer Bills.— Yesterday morning, as early a five o'clock, a crowd of brokers and others beset the Exchequer Bill Office, in order to put down their names forfunding Exchequer Bills. Such was the scramble to get in, that a number of the persons were thrown down, and many of them injured } some fainted by the excessive pressure of the crowd, and a few had their coats literally torn from off their. backs. The first 14 uames, ( chiefly bankers) subscribed seven millions out ofthe twelve* required j and very early iu the day, uotice was given that the subscription was full. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. The Gazette contains two letters from Lord Cath- cart, the first dated Kalisch, March 6, 1813, which relates intelligence the public have before received through other channels ; the following is a copy of the second letter:— Imperial Head- Qua* tfrs, Kalisch, March 26,1813 MY LORD— In my dispatches of the til h instant, Iliad the honour of reporting my arrival at this place, and of detailing to your Ibrdship Jhe progress which the emperor had made in his Arrangements, and in preparations for the campaign, together with the gigantic steps which had already been taken 111 carrying 011 the military operations already begun. These reports included the conclusion of a treaty of peace and alliance with Prussia, the ratifications of which have since been exchanged; also the capture of Berlin, where General Wittgenstein has established his head- quarters siuce about I lie loth instant. Since that period, his Imperial Majesty has visited the King of Prussia ut Breslaw ; Hamburgh has been occupied by the Russian i'oices; Lubeck has opened its gates. The enemy has been entirely driven from Swedish Pomerania, Mecklenbourg, Lauenbourg, and all the Prus- sian territory wilhin the Elbe. Detachments of the Russian army have penetrated to Dresden, which capital ihey now occupy, Marshal Davoust having retreated across the Elbe, and having destroyed some of the arches of the magnificent bridge at that place A proportion of Ihe Prussian army has passed the Silcsiau frontier into Lusatia, aud is advancing towards Dresden Three detachments of the division nnder General Witt- genstein have by this time crossed ihe Elbe; one in the centre under Major- General Dornberg, who is moving upon Hanover, with Major- General Tettenborn upou his light iu the direction of Bremen, and Major- General Czchernichcff upou his left in Ihe direction of Brunswick. Lord Walpole is the bearer of ibe present dispatches; his lordship proceeds by Berlin, aud 1 have 110 doubt but that be will find it perfectly easy to take his departure from Cuxhaven. . . I have already stated that the Prussian army is in Ihe best state of preparation : nothing can exceed the condition of that part which was assembled at Breslaw on the Empe- ror's arrival, and it is impossible lo exaggerate Ihc enthusi- asm which has been exhibited by all ranks of persons throughout the Prussian dominions; or Ihc demonstrations of joy wilh which Ihe Emperor Was received. The King of Prussia has made an excursion to Berlin, where he was to set General de Voik. The inhabitants in Saxouy have every where received the Russian forces with expressions of cordiality uot inferior to those of Ihe Prussians: ihe same has occurred in Mcckleu- bom- g. Your lordship will see by the printed reports the manner 111 which General Tettenborn and his detachment were received at Hamburgh: the. same zeal was manifested iu Laneubouig, where, in a moment, the French arms were destroyed. The" Baltic ports, and lhat of Hamburgh, have beeu opened by proclamations. The blockade of Dontzic by land continues, as stated in my last dispatch, but the navigation uf the Baltic having opened Capt. Acklon lost 110 lime in detaching some of his Majesty's ships under his command, by which that place is now closely blockaded by sea; these vessels having already captured two ships which attempted to come iu with supplies. The sickness with which Ihe French have infected every place Uicy haye entered during their retreat, rages in Dainzic, aud numbers of tbe garrison, as well as of the inhabitants, are stated to have perished by it. Spwidau is besieged The Russian reinforcements con- tinue lo arrive upon the frontier, nnd numbers of convales- cents daily join the ranks of Iheir respective regiments. 1 have the honour to be, & c. CATHCART. . Ij> rd Viscount Castlereagh, WHITEHALL, APRIL 10. His llojal Highness the Prince Recent has been graciouslyplcased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to grant unto Sir Thomas Plnmer, Knight, his Majesty's Attorney- General, the office of Vice- Chanceilor of England. The Gazette also fontains sa account of the following captures:— an American letter of marque, by the Narcissus, Captain Lupaley ; another American letter of marque, laden with a valuable cargo, by the Maid- stone, Captain Burdett; and a French privateer,, by the Viper, Captain Morgan. Dispatches from Quebec, dated Feb, 3, contain an official account of the defeat of the American General Winchester, of which the following is an exiract:— " His Excellency the Commander of the Forces has the highest satisfaction in announcing to lite troops under his command another brilliant action achieved by the gallant division of the army at Dehort, under Colouel Proctor. " Information having been received that an advanced corps of the American army under General Winchester, amounting to upwards of louo men, had entered and occu- pied Frenchtown, about twenty- six miles South of Deli oil, Colonel Proctor did not hesitate a moment in anticipating the enemy, by attacking this advanced corps before it could receive support from thefoices 011 their march under Gen. Harrisoft. " At day- break on the 22d of January, Colonel Proctor, by a spirited attack, completely defeated Gen. Winchester's division, with the loss of between 4 and 500 slain ; for all who attempted to save themselves by flight were cut off by the Indian warriors. About 400 of tho enemy took refuge inthe houses of the town, and kept up a galling fire from the windows; but finding further resistance unavailing, tbey surrendered at discretion. On this evening, the gallantry of Colonel Proctor was nobly displayed, in his humane unwearied exertions, which succeeded 111 rescuing the vanquished from the revenge ofthe Indian warriors. " The prisoners, at Ihe close of the action, amounted to I General, 1 Colonel, 1 Staff, 1 Major, 9 Captains, 2u Sub- alterns, 27 Serjeants, and 443 rank and file ; but the Indian warriors were hourly bringing 111 prisoners, and had taken a strong escort of the enemy, w ith 500 hogs. SATURDAY, APRIL 10. Lord Walpole arrived in town yesterday. His return, we understand, was not expected by Ministers nor his own family. His lordship had a long interview with Lord Castlereagh at the Foreign Office. On Thursday, the Earl of Moira took his private farewell of the Prime Regent; and yesterday, about half past eleven o'clock, the noble carl set off from his house in St. James's- place, for Portsmouth, A Cadiz Mail received this morning, confirms the former accounts of a gradual with- drawing of the French troops from the South to the North of Spain, with a view to the subsequent retirement of some of j them into France. The only attempt to press upon them, in their retreat, seems to be on the side of Alicant, whence General Murray is advancing upon some of their remaining posts. A Corunna mail, of the 2d instant, which arrived yesterday, and Lisbon papers to the 28th ult. confirm the preceding reports of the withdrawing of a part of the French from Spain. This intelligence is also sup- ported by dispatches, aud on tbe arrival of which Government yesterday gave publicity to the following Bulletin : . War Department, Aprilg, 1813.— Dispatches are received from Marquis of Wellington, dated Frenada, the 24th of March, and from Colonel Bourke, dated Corunna, lst of April — Lord Wellington reports that nearly all the French troops have been withdraw n from La Mancha, and the army of the south is concentrated between Talavera, Madrid, and Toledo.— The army of the centre has moved towards the Douio, and Lord Wellingson believes that Joseph Bona parte quitted Madrid on the 17th of March. Colonel Bourke reports that the 2d division of the army of Portugal, composed of the 2~> th, 27th, 50th. and 59th regi- meuls, which had assembled hastily at Valladolid, have marched for Burgos, accompanied by the 64th, and the skeletons of other legiments from Toledo. The enemy's garrison at Leou is diminished, and in Zamora they are selling grain in store. The Freuch are strengthening Bilboa, and threaten to attack Castro. Sir Thomas Graham, with several other officers of distinction, aud about 1100 men, sailed from Ports- mouth on Thursday nighl, for Lisbon. The departure of Sir Thomas is a symptom, that active operations are at length intended to be renewed, on that side of the Peninsula. A report of the taking of Dantzic, was in circula- tion ir. the city, yesterday. It was stated to have been taken by storm, after a loss, on the part of the Russians, of 15,000 killed and wounded. American Papers have been received to the 13th March, including the proceeding of Congress to the final close of the Session 011 the 4th.— The Senate has rejected the Bills for prohibiting the use of foreign licenses, and the Bill prohibiting exportation iu foreign bottoms. The Senate also postponed to tbe next Session the Bill laying an additional duty on foreign tonnage, and forbidding the restoration of goods under adjudication.— For some time before adjournment, there was quorum of the House present; in consequence of which several Bills were lost in transitu between the two Houses; among which was the Bill to amend the Naturalization Laws. Paris Papers to the 7 th inst. have been received Letters patent, appointing the Empress MARIA LOUISA Regent, in the absence of NAPOLEON, have been registered and read in the Senate. This measure is stated to have been adopted preparatory to the im- mediate departure of the Emperor to put himself at the head of his army. The papers contain an Official military Report of the situation of the French Army in Germany, ou the 30th of March, and the various operations up to that time on the Elbe and the Oder, with the Report of the causes of the war wilh Prussia, being a summary of the political conduct of that Power since 1808. The great ci-. iflict is now rapidly approach- ing to a crisis. BEAUHARNOIS has moved forward from Leipsic, and put himself at the head of the army at. Mngdeburgh, estimated at 100,000 men. Another large army is assembling 011 the Majne ; and in the latler cud ofMarch, NEY, MARMONT, and BERTRAND, had each a corps there. The French Papers, contrary to the reports from Heligoland, represent the garrisons on the Vistula and Oder, to be in perfect security. Ou the 24tli ult. the anniversary of the Coronation of the Emperor Alexander was magnificently celebrated at Hamburgh. Mr, Madison and his party in America seem deter- mined to have a war which shall admit of 110 relaxa- tion— no mixture of the pacific; and undoubtedly it is in our power lo gratify thera in the full extent of this wi- e measure. We shall, however, be greatly mistaken if the majority of the Americans, deluded as they are by • lie temporary success of their frigates, will not soon discover that war in any shape with this country is incompatible with their interests, and that an alliance with France, should it he practicable, must end in the destruction of their independence. Infatuated as thev are in their attachment o France, ne defy the ablest of their politicians to determine whether the hostility or the Friendship of France is most pernicious. HOUSE OF COMMONSTTHURSDAY, APRIL 8. The Hon. Mr ROBINSON brought in a bill, to repeal part of certain acts', that prevented the exportation of Brass and other metals. The bill was Uead| a first time, and ordered to be read a second time to- morrow.— Mr. CltEEVY, in the absence of Sir I. Burdett, 011 account of indisposition, gave notice of a molion after the holidays, on lhe part of ihe Hon. Baronet, fur the minutes of the Court of Inquiry on Captain Phillimore. He begged to be understood as giving no opinion on the subject himself. EAST INDIA CHARTER. Oil the molion of Mr. WHITSHKD KFENE, ( lie House went inlo a Committee on this subject, when Gen. Alex- ander Kidd was called in and examined by Mr. R Jackson, 011 the part of ( he Company. Ill speaking ofthe super- stition of ihe natives, the witness mentioned a cirum- stance lhat had come wilhin his own knowledge. Two young officers of Cavalry amused themselves with shooting monkeys ( an annual held sacred hy Ibe Hindoos) inthe vicinity of an India Pagoda. The Priests, incensed at the supposed sacrilege, sallied out at the head of a number of the votaries of I he temple, and assaulted the officers with stones, who, in order 10 escape from their fury, endeavoured ) o. swim over ihe Ganges, in which attempt they were un- fortunately drowned— Mr. Young was next celled in. In the course of his examination he staled, that there were already a sufficient number of native aud European mer- chants in India, who would purchase European articles 011 the coast, if they could find a vent foi them in the inland pai t of the country. The great body of Ihe people in India had II-. I desire to purchase European goods — The introduc- tion of Europeans to a considerable number among the native powers in India, would have a dangerous tendency, hy lowering ihe European character in their estimation. The Indians were not lively, hy any change in their means to be enabled to procure European goods for their consump- tion. : Lord CASTLEREAGH Brought down a Message from the Prince Regent, stating, it at his Royal Highness thought il proper to inform I lie House, that the subsidy of last year to Portugal had been attended- with the best effects, having not only secured the independence of that kingdom, but contributed in a great measure ( o tlie successes of the allied erms in, the Peninsula. His Royal Highness, there- fore, trusted that the Honsc would enable him to continue for this year also lhat assistance, frum which such essential advantages bad beeu derived — Ordered to be 1 eferreel to ihe Committee of Supply, 011 Monday next.— Lord CASTLF- REAGH also gave notice, that on Monday next, he would move in the Committee of Supply, tlic annual grant of •=£ 430,000 to the Sicilian Government. HOUSE OF LORDS, FRIDAY, APRIL 9. The Earl of GROSVENOR took the oaths. The noble Earl soon after presented a Petition from the inhabitants of Chester, in favour of the Catholic Claims.— The Bishop of CHESTER stated, that a meeting had been convened for the purpose of signing apelition contrary to that presented by Ihe noble Earl. The persons adverse tothe Petition in favour of the Catholic Claims were as 2000 against Co.— Lord GROSVENOR admitted the statement of the Right Rev. Prelate, yet conceived' that llie signatures to the Petition he had presented were as respectable, though not so numerous, as the signatures to Ihe Petition alluded to by the Right Rev. Prelate.— The Petition was laid 011 the table. The Earl of LAUDERDALE intimated lhat it was pro- bable he should introduce the motion of which he had before given notice, for a Committee of that House to inquire into the general state of the currency, shortly after the Easier recess.— Lord GREN VI LLE moved fora return of theopin- ions of llie Commissioners of the Excise and Customs, re- specting the effect which a free trade to India w ill produce 011 the public revenue.— Ordered. The Marquis WELLESLEY, agreeable to notice, rose to move for certain papers and documents connected with the East India question. His lordship, in a speech of consider- able length, went over the Various resolutions lately voted in the other House, contending that tbe India trade was in itself uot profitable, and would not benefit individuals if admitted to it. Upon the subjeet of instructing the natives in the doctrine of Christianity, any thing of that nature should be done gradually, and should be left to w ork its way be means of establishments for education, and a ge- neral diffusion of knowledge rather than by any exertion 011 Ihe part of Government, as a recommendation 011 the part of Government would be equivalent to a command. Such was his opinion, and such bad been his practice — When he was iu India, the residence of the missionaries 1 had been chiefly in the Danish settlements, and lie had never heard of any objection to any part of their conduct. Some of them he had employed as teachers in the College of Fort William, and others in translating the Scriptures in the language of the country. No order had been issued lo force the Scriptures upon the natives, but Ihey had been left open to them, through the medium of the Oriental tongues. A christian Governor could not do less, nor should a British Governor do more. The noble lord con- cluded by movilig for certain papers, some of which were before the House of- Commons, and others might he upon the table of that House. Should these be granted, he ' should move that they bo referred to a Select Committee, • and then should submit some farther observations upon Ihe . subject.— The Earl of BUCKINGHAMSHIRE answered tho different points contained in the speech of the noble Mar- j quis, and maintai* ad lhat the measures recommended by j Government wouUf- not in the least injure the security bf) our establishments there ; 011 the contrary, the Superior j local knowledge possessed by ( lie civil officers of tbe Com- pany, would necessarily continue the India trade in a great I measure to themselves. Il was not intended to open a \ promiscuous intercourse with the interior of India, but to open the trade to some of tlie outports, and to place adven. turers under the game restrictions as at present subsisted. From his avowal of that intention, he hoped every fear would be banished of the dangers apprehended of an alarm- ing increase of a British population there. Lord GRENVILLE entered into a consideration of the general points, and avowed himself au advocate for free trade — The Earl of LIVERPOOL, in a speech of consider- able force, said, the question was, whether the Govern- ment of India, in its present state, was applicable to the welfare and interest of sixty millions. His loidsbip ob- served that nearly all the commerce of the world had been established on monopoly; circumstances, however, had proved of lale that a new ana had ensued, and that it was necessary to prevent monopoly. They could not prevent foreigners from trading to India, and the question was, whether they should open the trade to Ihe merchants of England in preference to foreigners He did not look at the trade in a narrow view, but was disposed to throw it open to all Brifiah subjects. Another great consideration was, the peculiar situation of South America, aud the facility which appeared of carrying on trade between the West Coast and India. By an open trade, the British might secure that branch of valuable commerce, and by restriction they might lose it for ever.— The question was then put, and negatived without a division. HOUSE, OF COMMONS. Sir W. SCOTT moved fftr and obtained leave to bring in a bill for the. better regulation of Ecclesiastical Cuurls in Eng- land, and for the more easy recovery of Church- rates and Tythes. The right hon. gentleman prefaced his motion with a few general observations on the stale of these Courts, 011 their history, and on the inconveniences which existed in their constitution. The object of his bill ( which is the same lostbyjthe late dissolution of Parliament), was to abo- lish excommunication generally, not only as a mense pro- cess, hut as an ultimate sentence, except in cases of great offence. . In these, he held that it would be impossible lo do'Awavwith this power in ( he Ecclesiastical Courts, as every Church must have the ability to exclude unworthy members from among tbem ; and there were crimes ( incest for example), which were not amenable lo the common laws, and so destructive to society, that there must he a punishment of force enough to repress thein:— Another object of his bill, would be to lessen the Dumber of minor Courts, wl ich had the powei of excommunicating; and lastly, to devise a more easy manner for the recovery of Church rates aild tythes, the present mode of recovering small sums beirig oppressive, from the magnitude of the expense incurred.— The hill was brought in, read a fiist time, ordered to he prilited, and tube read a second lime 011 the 28th. _ Mr. W. SMITH pre'sented " a Petition from various Dis- senters in London and its vicinity,' on the subject of convert- ing the natives of India to the christian faith. The Petit ion, he stated, was signed by 100 persons, and expressed the sense of at least Itfoo. It prayed, that the progress of christian truth should be left to its free operation, which would he attended with success in effecting the conversion of the Indians, without any danger to British interests in that part of our dominions.— Read, and ordered to lie ou the tab'e. Sir S. ROMILLY'S Bill to alter and amend the laws for the punishment of High Treason, passed through the Commit- tee— The question having been put, that the Report be received on Monday next— Mr. FRANKLAND, having opposed the principle of the bill at considerable length, moved an amendment, that for " Monday" be substituted " this day six months.'— On a division there appeared— for Ihe amendment 75— against it 60.— The bill of couise was lost. and that he was proceeding towards Hamburgh by way of Brunsw ick, with a view of taking it by surprise, A bye- boat arrived on Sunday from Heligoland, with letters and papers from Hamburgh to the Sth instant, and letlers from Heligoland to the Sth. The regular packet had proceeded from Cuxhaven, and would sail for England immediately 011 her return, and may be expecled every hour. The most important intelligence ( the capture of the army under Morand excepted) from the continent is contained in the Hamburgh Cor- respondenlen, of the 3d instant, relative to a conven- tion for Peace between Denmark and this country. The article is introduced under the head of Ihe 29th of March from Copenhagen. It states, that the British fleet, which had been augmented, was, on Ihe 24lh, at Malmc. c, on which day Capt. Uldall had befeu sent to the British admiral, with dispatches from the Danish Government. On the following das , Mr. Thompson wan also sent to Admiral Morris with dispatches, said to be relative to a convention between tbe two comi tries, by which the whole of the navigation between the Danish islands and the Baltic was to be free. The German papers state, that English ships already pro- ceed without convovs, and Danish privateering was entirely abolished. The embargo so long laid 011 the Western coast has been taken off, and grain may now be expected to England or elsewhere. Further ( con tinues Ihe papers), L'Fisher hud left Copenhagen for England, wilh dispatches relative to the pacific negoti- ations going forward ; and the universal opinion was, that Peace would he immediately concluded between Denmark and Great Britain and her allies; and the article on this subject winds up by staling that the Danish troops were soon expected to join the Russians, and to make common cause with them. The private letters from Hamburgh anil Heligoland speak confidently of a Peace with Denmark, and mention Count Bernstoff as being ready to depart for England with full powers to conclude it. The communication between Amsterdam and Ham- burgh is interrupted. Hamburgh was brilliantly illu- minated 011 the occasion of Morand's defeat. The Governor of Wanger- oog, a little island at the mouth of the Jahde, and his wife, have made their es- cape frnm the French, and have arrived at Heligoland, where they surrendered themselves to the Governor, A Minister is reported to be on the pbint of being sent to this country by the Danish Government. Paris Journals to the 9th instant, were hist night received in town. They announce the arrival of Mar- shal Soult at Paris; but do not state whether he had brought any troops with him. Bonaparte had not left the capital, nor is any day mentioned for his de- parture The Expedition for Halifax sailed on Wednesday, and which consisted of his Majesty's ships Diadem, Captain Hanchit ; Diomede, Captain Fabian ; Fox, Captain Paterson ; Romulus, Captain Knight ; and Nemesis, Hon. Captain Maude, all armed en- flute, and having on board two battalions of marines, a brigade of artillery, & c. and tbe Success, en- flute Capt. Barclay, with a detachment of the 98th regiment of foot. Private letters received from the French coast on Saturday state, that it was believed Bonaparte had actually set out for the army. His new decree for calling out every Frenchman between Ihe Bge of 20 and 60, will, it is calculated, swell the military force to 800,000 men— provided it can be enforced, of which there are some doubts from the increasing discontents of the people. The Emperor Alexander has granted his army, without distinction of rank, six months extraordinary pay, as a reward of their services during the last campaign. Three per Cent. Consols. 59|. | tranquillity, while riding out in the company of his so , without oile moment's warning, lie fell dead from his ho,•.. O11 Wednesday, at Bailiwick, the Rev. Dr. Edward She'ppard. He had nearly reached his both year, aud until these last two years displayed wonderful vivacity of mind and activity of person. • Bet. aud POSTSCRIPT. L ONDON, Monday Night, April 12, 1813. Success continues to attend the operations of the Russians, and we have the happiness of recording an- other victory atchieved by their aims.— The advantage gained by General Moranil over the German peasants near Bremerlehe, emboldened him to advance from Bremen to the Banks of the Elbe. Being reinforced ill his position near Hamburgh, he advanced lo Luneburg, with about four thousand men. Colonel Tettenborn, who had left Hamburgh to follow the movements of Morand and St. Cyr, sent off his cavalry to Luneburg, and Gener- ls Doernbcrg and Tchernicheffbaviug crossed the Elbe al Leiizen, they made a combined attack upon Morand, whom they surrounded. The action was sharp, and was continue'! for some time in the streets of Lune- Inirg ; but General Morand hiving been wounded ( he is since dead), his whole division, 3500 men, threw dow n their arms— not a man escaped. The. Russians then took up a position at Boizenberg, 011 the right Bank of the Elbe. The success if of most seasonable importance both from ( he time and the place where it was gained, in the very heart of the insurrection, and as Col. Tetteiiboru very well remarks, " cannot fail to have very great in- fluence on the public opinion in these provinces, and accelerate tiie insurrection." The Prussian army and Winzengerode's corps haying passed the Elbe at Dresden, must now be st Leipsic.— Wittgenstein is to cross the Elbe at Dessau and Witten- berg. Bonaparte boasts of having 100,000 men at Magde- burg ; he has not more than half thai number there— But jusi as the last accounts were leaving Hamburgh, a report was* iu general circulation, that Davoust had marched from Magdeburg with a corps of 14,000 men, SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 1813. ( jdr" On Lord's Day, the 18th inst. wiil be preached Two SERMONS at DOG- LANI: MEETING- HOCSE, for the Benefit of the SHROPSHIRE SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION, by the Rev. S. BARBER; Service to begin at half past ten in the Morning, and at six in the Evening. N. B. The Society's REPORT with an Address on the Origin and Utility ofthe Institution, may be had of Ihe principal Booksellers in the County, and of Mr. T. IIILDITCH, at the Society's Depository, Castle- Street, Shrewsbury. The Reverend and Worshipful WILLIAM VYSE, Doctor of Laws, Chancellor ofthe Diocese of Lichfield aud Coven- try, intends to hold his PROIIAT COURT in the Parish Church of NEWPORT, in the County of Salop, 011 WED- NESDAY, the 28th Day of April inst. on THURSDAY, the 2yth, in the Parish Church of St. Chad, ill Shrewsbury, between the Honrs of Nine and Twelve in the Forenoon, at each Place ; where all Peisons that have Wills to prove, Letters of Administration or Licences to ( ake out, orany other Business to do, may then and there appear, aud have the same dispatched. ROBERT MITCHELL, Apparitor. A CAUTION TO EXECUTORS, WIDOWS, & C hi ordei to avoid Informations and Penalties of a late Statute. Sec 10, Anno ti- icessimo septimo Georgii III. Regis. " And be it further enacted, that every Person who shall ( administer the personal Estate of any Person dying after I Ihe passing of this Act, or any Part thereof, without prov- I iug the Will of the Person deceased, or taking out Letters of j Administration, within six Calendar Mont lis after the death | of the Person so dying, shall forfeit and pay ili- e Sum of 1 FIFTY POUNDS — By another Statute, the Commissioners of Stamp Duties are to require from the Officers of any Ecclesiastical Court having the Custody or Care of Wills, or Grants of Probats and Administration, together with the Amount of the personal Estate sworu to, to be transmitted to ( hem every ( wo Mouths, Front the Oxford Herald of March 13. We have just received the follow ing letter: GENTLEMEN— lam now in the 75th year of my age, and have been afflicted with the Rheumatism lhe last 20 years, iu my hip and thigh, and all over me, but hy using Mrs. LAWRANCE'S P. HEUM ATIC POWDERS I ain now perfectly free from pain. I wish you to make this known for the benefit ofothers. I am your humble servant, JOHN NEEDLE. Wolvercott, near Oxford, March 5, 1813. ANOTHER CASE. MADAM— I have been troubled with the Rheumatism, at times, for many years, paiticularly last October, in my hips, thighs, and legs, when I made use of your RHEUMATIC POWDERS, and they perfectly relieved me from Ihe great pain 1 then suffered. I am now, thank God, qui( e comfort- able, and am Madam, your humble servaut, THOMAS WILBRAHAM. Shrewsbury, Murdol, 31>< March, 1813. K| f> The above Powdcmmay be had of TIIE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER. Visiting Clergyman this Week at Ihe Infirmary, the Sir. Stedtnau : — House- Visitors, Mr. George Grant Mr. Thomas Birch. The Marquis Of Sligo passed thro' this towu on Friday last, on his route to Ireland. The Shropshire regiment of militia is said tube under orders for Ireland. Four more criminals received sentence of death last week at Glocestci assizes, iu addition lo the 13 mentioned in our last; they were, however, all reprieved except four, The Crown Bar business occupied the attention of the court six days, and thai at Nisi Prius eight. One cause was before ihe conn sin hours on We dnesday and sixteen ou Thursday. Charies Morgan, Esq the eldest son of Sir Charles Morgan, Bart, came of age 011 Saturday last; on which occasion a salute of 21 discharges of cannon was fired at the Naval Temple, on llieKyniiii Hili, Muiuuouth, in compli- ment to ( he Tredegar family. . The Cardigan Election Committee have reported that the Hon. John Vaiighan was duly dieted, but that she petition was not frivolous or vexatious. Sir Robert Peel lias piicsented to the Governors of the Stafford General lufiraiary the sum of xsoo, for the use of thai benevolent iustitutiou. Anil Moore, cf Tutbury.— A meeting of magislrate- cjergymen, medical and other gentlemen, was lately held at Tulliiiiy, iu order to consult on ihe best means of carrying into effective c- xerution a proposal made lo 1 his extraordi- nary person 111 November last, anil then fully assented loon her part, to undergo a second watch, uuder the attentive ami close snperintendaiice of gentlemen of tbe first respectabi- lity. A committee uf regulation was formed, and seieiat resolutions passed, with a view to conducting this interest- ing and singular investigation in such a manner as fully („ establish the f act, whether she does or docs uot subsist without receiving any food whatsoever. She has consented lo the proposition made 10 lit- r by the committee, of iiein- close I y watched for the space of four entire weeks. 1 j resolved, that magistrates, clergymen, and medical gentle- men only, should constitute lhis watch, in order thai the combined testimony of persons of unquestionable respect, ability aud rank in society may afford Ihe completes! satis- faction lo tlte public at large, wilh regard lo the result cf Ihe examination. She has acceded 10 ihe proposal, that mi entire change uf bed, bedding, & c. shall be made by Hit: committee previous lo the commencement of the watvh and that every part of the room and house shall undeigo the minulest investigation, Hint her family and usual attendants shall be removed to a distance, aud thai tto. oi. t: shall approach her during the whole period of tbe watch except the gentlemen who shall be successively occupied in the office of watching. Tbe committee resolved to publish au invitation to gentlemen of the three above- mentioned classes, to assist 111 accomplishing the watch ; and u local sub committee was appointed to carry on every necessary communication, and tu superintend the watch from begin- ning to end. Certain rules aud conditions arc to be pre- scribed tii the watchers, ill ordcrihat, on the one hanft, i,„ needless exertion or fatigue may be imposed on the woman during the period of so remarkable a trial, and on the other that nothing may be wanting towards the full ascertain- ment ofthe fact, whether she receives any food or not. A wager for £" lo was decided 011 the 1 st instant, between Mr. Edmunds, of the Buildings Farm, aiid Mr. Mutislow, of Henlle, near Oswestry, each eugagiug to sow eight measures of barley, in the best mmuici and iii the shortest tinie, in i tlie proportion of three measures to an acre. Mr Munsluv.- j did not meet at the time appointed ; but Mr. Edtnun. ls sowed the quantity, in the presence of several rCspecfa! ® persons, in is minutes, upon very loose soil. Mr. Ediuuudit is in his6^ 1 year. A very interesting report has been published by the Society for bettering the Condition ofthe Poor, in Un- bundled of Oswestry and ils vicinity. The enlightened and benevolent patrons of this Association endeavour lo promote its design, by offering rewards, and by adopting Ihc sentiment of Franklin, that " more will be done for the happiness of the poor, by insuring them to provide for themselves, than could be done by dividing all your estates among them." Caution — In consequence of a sndden start, occasioned by aclapof thunder and a suddeu squall ot wind, a few, days ago, Miss Eliza Cunneys, daughter of G. Conueys, Esq of Anchress, having a number of pins in her mouth', ( » custom too prevalent, and at all limes dangerous,) unfortu- nately swallowed ten of them. Her situation is so alarming, that no hopes are entertained of her recovery The necessary types, & c have been provided under the direction of Mr. Valpy, the classical printer, fora public press at the Levant, and we expect soon to receive news, papers in Greek from Zaute as regularly as those published in the other languages of Europe. Small Pox.— A servaut girl in Halton, near Lancaster- died a few days ago of the small Pox This is at least the third fatal inslauce in that neighbourhood. These warnings ought to induce those liable to secure themselves, by vaccination , from the risque of this dreadful disease As a. farther proof, if any were wanting, ofthe power of Vaccina- tion, it has has beeu discovered in Turkey to be a preserva- tive from the plague. Ot' 6000 adults vaccinated in Constan- tinople, not 01 e caught the contagion. Horrid Murder.— A most deliberate and atrocious murder was committed at Birraiiigha- m on Monday se'iinight by John Britain, 011 Ihe body of his wife. The man, l is wne and two sons ( one of 17 and the other 8 years of a- ge) iept ii> one room : about six o'clock in tbe morning the eldest of them was uwakened by Ihe sound of some b| j-.< s; he immediately raised himself in bed, and saw his fattier w. tb an iron bar striking the head ofthe deceased, who was tying in bed as if asleep; he succeeded ill several attempts in wrenching from his hands the fatal instrument, ami Ihe neighbours being alarmed, Britain was conveyed 10 the prison. The only cause assigned for this dreadful deed is a supposed infidelty in ihe deceased, for which, however, there does not appear the least foundation. Tbe jury,, without a moment's hesitation, returned a verdict of wilful Murder against John Britain, who was committed by the coroner, to take his trial at the next assizes. MARKET HERALD Price of Grain in our maiket on Saturday lasl— Wheat 18s. 4d. to 19s. od. Marlr- Lone, Apri! o. There was no variation iu the price of Wheal ihis dav.— Barley met a brisker saie : and in tine samples, there was atv advance of Is. per quarter; but there was 110 alteration in the price ofthe ordinary quality, nor in that of pulse, or in any other sort of gram, except Oals, which were also is. per quarter dearer. Current Price of Grain per Quarter as under Wheat 130s. to 136s. | White Peas 104s. to llCe. Barley 42s. to 60s. j Oats 44s to 4Ss. Malt S6s. to 100s. | Beans 80s. lo 8 -' s. Fine Flour lo^ s. to 110s.. MARRIED. Monday last, nt the Abbey Church, Mr. Bcikeley Bayley, mercer, of this town, to Miss Taylor, niece to Mr. Taylor, maltster, Abbey- Foregale. Saturday, the Right Hon. Sir William Scott to the Mar- chioness of. Sligo. I11 London, on Friday, by the Bishop of Worcester, the Rev. John Ranks Jenkinson, to Frances Augusta, third daughter of Augustus Pechell, Esq. Wednesday last, at Birmingham, Mr. Thomas Swanwiek, grocer, of Market Drayton, to Miss Mary Kendall, second daughter of Mr. Kendall, brazier, of the former place. Thursday, Mr Joseph Bangham, of Bridgnorth, to Eliza, only daughter of Mr. Tomlinson, of Edgbaslon, near Bir- ' mingbam. Wc are requested to state that the account of the marriage of Mr John Whitfield, of Whixall, to Miss M: Woodcock, of B111 ton ( which appeared in our paper of the 24th March), is not true. DIED. At Burslem, aged 37, Mrs. Worth, wife of the Rev. Wm. Worth, and daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Saddler, of this town. O11 the sth instant, iu Ihe 25th year of her age, at Burford Tenbury, Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Sayer, Esq formerly of the High H ood, Herefordshire. Wednesday last, Jane, the wife ofthe Rev. John Williams, Master of tbe Grammar School, Yslradmeurig, Cardigan- shire. Saturday, at Warminfter, Betty Crook, aged 105; a faithful servant for upwards of ninety years iu one family : except a slight imperfection iu her hearing, she retained her faculties to 1 he last. On tbe 28th ull. aged 52, the Rev. Richard Paver, Vicar ofLedsliam, and Rector of Kirksmeaion, Yorkshire. His death was awfully sudden : in apparently perfect health aud • Seconds 11 Os. to V 5j. APRIL 12.— Although our Market was well supplied with Wheal, that of fine quality met ready sale, and picked samples of white obtained 2s. per quailer more than on Monday ; bul there was uo amendment in the price of any other descriptions. Fine malting Barley was is. per Quar- ter dearer, aud sold freely ut thai, advance — Oats are fro n 29. to 4s. pei quarter lower.— Beans were also dull sale, a > d- £ « . per quarter cheaper.— In other articles tlieie was no alteration. SMITHFIELD M4RKET, APRIL 9. This day's maiket had a short supply of the different kinds of Cattle Veal is dearer; Pork is! cheaper ;. Beef and Mutton support last prices ; aud the trade in general was not over brisk. To sink the offal per stone of 8lb. Head of Cattle, this day r— Beasts 550 Sheep 1,450- Calves 110 1 Pigs Slo. Beef .... 59. 4d. to 6s. sd. Mutton fjs. od. to 7s. 6d. Lamb .. 6s. od. to Os. od. Veal .... 6s. Oil. to 7s. 6d Pork ... 6s. od. ( o 7s. 4d SEED BARLEY. JOSEPH SMITH, Wharfinger, Shrewsbury,' has on Salt the real Isle of THAN ET BARLEY: Bristol Brow* Slont and other PORTER; CYDER; SPRING WHEAT, Horse Beans, White Boiling Peas, Ike. April 5th, 1813. WANTEDan UPPER LAUN DRY M AID : she must be. a sleadv Woman, turned 30, and perfectly used to hir Business, and have lived some Time in a respectable. Family — Apply, if bv Lelter, Post- paid, to B. B. at T. Simpson's, Printer, Wolverhampton. HOUSE TO LET. Capital Situation for GROCERS, WINE MERCHANTS, and others requiring large and commodious RoomJor Trade. AN excellent HOUSE, formerly known by the Name of the WHITE LION INN, vei'y desirably situate for Trade, next Door to the Raven Inn, Castle Street, Shrews- bury, late in ( he Occupation of Mr. George Hqi- bridge, Hosier. The House is iu good Repair, ar. d contains out he Ground Floor a capital light Front Shop, Parlour, Kitchen, Brewhousc, and Yard, with very large and commodious vaulting underneath; the upper Part contains an excellent Sitting and twelve Lodging Rooms; together with a large and Spacious Room, formerly an Assembly Room.. Immediate Possession may be had, and further Particu lars known by applying lo Mr. HICKS, Attorney, Shrews* bury, or Mr. BROCAS, Castle Street, Shrewsbury." This Advertisement w ill not'be'continued. Shrewsbury, nth April} 1813. " lill, BENVOM'S GOLD CUP. , -; Presentatiun of the GOLD CUP voted to B. • N YON Esq oil the last Anniversary of tlie glorious ' jam lis Day, will take Place in the Town Had, nn 7 ON DAY NEXT, theigth of April, at twelve o Clock at J" A Dinner will be provided at tbe San Tavern Inn, on the above Dav, agreeably to the Resolution ofthe Meeting held on the 5 th of March last Mr, Wm HAZLEDINE, 1 Mr. JOBN PRICE, {. Presidents. Mr, THOMAS JONES, ) Those Gentlemen who have not yet signified their Inlimtion of dining, are requested to do so as « arlyas con- venient. in order that Mr. Harris may know what Numbei to provide for. , Dinner at lialfpast Two o'Cloek. 4 REi GAIIMSTON AND LLOYD, TAILORS ABI1 HABIT MAKERS, SWAN HILL, SHREWSBURY, ESPF. CTFULLY inform their Friends and the Public » _ in general, that they intendL carry ine on the THIS DAY Is PUBLISHED, PRICE THREE SHILLINGS, AN ATTEMPT to ascertain the Author of tha Letters published under the Signature of JUNIUS. By the Rev. J. B. BLAKE WAY, M. A. F. S. A. SUB LUCE MALIGNA EST nr. it. J? N. v. i. g/ O Shrewsbury : priutedaml sold by W. EDDOWES. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, PRICE ONE SHILLING, In Compliance with the Request ofthe Minister of the Parish of St. Mary, and of many of I he Congregation) ASERMON, delivered in St. Mary's Church, Shrews- bury, on Wednesday, llie toth of March, 181: 3, ( be- ing the Day appointed for a General Fast). By the Rev. C. POWLETT, CURATE OF THAT PARISH. Shrewsbury, printed and sold suld W, EuDOWits : Sold also bv Lungmau, Hurst Reese, Orme, aud Brown, Pater- noster Row, and J. Booth, Duke- stieet, Portland Place, Loudon. t i > J. above Business in UH its Branches.— All Orders will be punctually executed— Regimental and Naval Uniform in Hie coro- plealest Manner, and on the shortest Nolicc. N. B. WILLIAM GARMSTON, late Foreman to Mr. U. Bo. vdler, also having the Experience of ten Years m me first Houses in London. ' . JOHN DRUHY, TEA- DEALER, GROCER, AND DRUGGIST, FLOLDVN CANWISTF. B, PRIDE- HILL, SHREWSBURY, BEGS Leave lo inform his Friends and tho Pnblick in general, he has just received a fresh Assortment ot RElTlSH WINES, of superior Quality and Flavour, viz. Raisin, Orange, Ginger, Cowslip. Eldei. Tent, Calcsvella, Red Port, Lisbon, tec. which will be sold at REASONABLE PRICES. • , Pickles; Burgess's Essence nf Anchovies : Heading and other Sauces; Wax, Spermaceti, and Kensington Candles; Schweppc's Acidulous Soda Water. CHEAP ANDTUHABLE PAINT?. Messrs. FOREST& JIITCHFLL, 21, MARY- LE- BONE STREET, GOLDEN SQUARE, LONDON, HAVING for many Years past supplied great Numbers of the Nobility, Gentry, aud the Public in general, with this Paint, of various Colours, for preserving Paik Pqling, Gates, Weather boarding, and all Work exposed to the Weather, solicit the Attention of those Persons who are desirous of Paints which combine handsome Appear- ance and easy Application with Economy— These Paints • are made with prepared FISH OIL, which renders them impenetrable to the Weather, and more durable than any Linseed Oil Colours yvliatever, and drv very quick — To be had nf Messrs. BARNES and ELLIS, Furnishing Iron- mongers, & c. sule Agents in Shrewsbury. ~ BAKNKS AND~ ELL1S, FURNISH/ NQ IRONMONGERS, STOVE GRATE MANUFACTURERS, WHITESMITHS, AND BELL HANGERS, BEG Leave to return their Thanks to the Public in general, anil their Friends iu particular, for the liberal Encouragement and Support they have already received; . and respectfully solicit a Continuance of the same, assuring them that every Attention shall be paid upon Iheir Part tn any Commands they may be favoured with.— B. and E. beg Leave to state Ihey are appointed sole Agents in Shrews- bur, for the Sale of the LIVERPOOL PATENT LAMPS, at the Manufacturer's Trices; nn Assortment uf which will he always kept, together with suitable Cottun Wicks and Oil. IKON BOOK CASFS and CHESTS, with suitable Locks, either for Counting Houses or Chinches, agreeable to Act of Parliament, fitted up ; together with every other Article in the Cast Iron Line. Orders received for SLATFR'S PATENT STEAM KITCH- ENS, and JAMES WATT and Co'S PATENT COPYING MACHINES. Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, April 1,1813. ~ WT ANTS a Place to wait on ohe or two Ladies, a young YY Woman, who can work well at her Needle, under- stands Mantua- making, Washing and Ironing; has no ob- jection lo assist in cleaning a House, wait in a Nursery, or any Thing to make herself useful, can have a good Cha- racter from her present Place, where she has lived three *' Years— Enquire cf THE PRINTER: Letters Post- paid. SALOPIAN BREWERY. CUR JOHN HEATHCOTF, and Co. have this Day I? appointed Mr. ROBERT I'UOLF. their Travelling Clerk, inthe Place of Mr. JAMES SKI OMORE.— Accounts due to this Concern are to he settled with, and Orders will in future be received by, Mr. POOLE accordingly. 10M April, 1813. GENTFEL FURNISHED RESIDENCE, SHREWSBURY. TO LET, FOR ONF. WHOLE YEAR FROM JULY NEXT, AMOST comfortable DWELLING HOUSE, com- pletely furnished ( Mrs. WINOSOR'S), possessing every Accommodation for a genteel Family ; with excellent Fruit and Vegetable Garden, & c most delightfully situated on BELMONT BANK, and commanding a delightful South View of Ihe River Severn, rich Meadows and Walks, and other adjacent and distant Country — Apply to JON ATHA N PERRY, Shrewsbury. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ALL Persons to whom RICHARD PEARCE, late of the WYLE COP, in the Tov. n of Shrewsbury, inthe County of Salop, Gentleman, stood indebted nt the Time of liis Decease, nre requested tpsend the Particulars of their respective Demands to tbe Office of Messrs. ASTERLEY and JEFFREYS. Shrewsbury, \ st ( if April, JS13. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. A LL Persons who are indebted to the Effects of ±\ the late Mr. EDWARD STANIER, deceased, are • desired to pay Ihe Amount immediately at the Office of ! H « n. PEMBFRTON, CODPLAN N, and DUKES : and those Persons who have nut already sent in the Particularsof their Demands, are informed lhat they must do so ON or BEFORE the FIRST of MAY next, or they will not be paid, as the Executors » ill then make up their Accounts, and pay over the Money in their Hands. 7 th April, I til BRIDGEWATER AllMs YxN, ELLESMERET TO BUILDERS. ^^ NY Person desirous of contracting fur the Building of a WQRKHOUSF at WIST AN STOW, in the County of Salop, may see the Plan by Application to Mr. JAMES C ARTVV RIGHT, of Wistaustow aforesaid, and will be required to send in tlieir Estimate uf tin* Expense on or before the 28tli Day of April, 1813 JAMES CARTWRIGHT,} _„„ NOEL LI. OYD, Overseers. Wistamtow, April \ 2th, 1313. T TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY', _ THE above INN, with extensive Stabling, Coach L* rc",„ l". Houses, and oilier Conveniences, chiefly hew, ai d verv complete; together with 50 A. CR ES of rich M E A DOW LAN D, close to ihe Town of Ellesmere, & a FARM within two Miles, now occupied wilh the Inn, and a containing ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR ACRES, with a goud Farm House, Baru, Stabling, and Cowhouses, ai! re- cently fitted up. The Furniture of the Inn, which is mostly new, and the Chaises, Post Horses, & c. may be had at a Valuation. For Particulars apply to Mr. CLARKE, or Mr. ItruDROP, Ellesmere. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. 1,717" HEREAS WILLIAM LLOYD, of this Town, VV UPHOLSTERER, hath by Indenture beating fl) » tethe8tli Day of April Instant, . assigned I he Whole of liis Estate and Effects unto WILLIAM COIIFIPI. D, of Berwick, in the County of Salop, Farmer, and JAMES WATKJSKS, of Shrewsbury, In the said Couuty, Ironmonger, ; 1N TRUST for the equal Benefit of themselves and all Ihe ether Creditors:— all Persons lo whom the said William Lloyd stands indebted, arc requested to send in a Statement . uf Iheir Demands : to the said James Watkins ; and all Persons indebted lo the Estate are desired forthwith lo pay Iheir respective Debt* to him the Baid James Watkins. Shrewsbury, April >; i, 1813. * ' TO MILLERS TO BT. LET, AN3 ENTERED ?. PON IMMEDIATELY, * CAPITAL newly- erected WAFER CORN MILL, consisting of two capital Pair of French Stones, and Dressing Mill complete, together with a DWELLING HOUSE anil Outbuildings, and from 5 to 21 Acres of rich Meadow and Pasture LAND. The Premises are situated at a short distance from the Town of Shrewsbury— For further Particulars apply to Mr. ASTFRLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. To be Let by Auction, RY GLOVER AND SON, At. the Golden Heart, in Burlton, in tiie County of Salop, on Tuesday, thesoth of April, 1813, between the Hours of four and five in tbe Afternoon, SEVERAL PIECES or Parrels of most excellent GRAZ- ING LAND, Part of which is the first Year's Clover— For further Particulars apply to PETER ROLLS, at Burlton aforesaid, who will shew the Und. HOUSE AND GARDEN. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, on reasonable Terms, \ CONVENIENS T HOUSE aiid GARDEN, for a genteel XJL Family, with pr without a small MALTHOUSE; also LAND to keep one or two Cows; situate near to the Turnpike Road leading from Much YVettlock to Bridgnorth. For Particulars apply, ( if by _ J. vt. ler Post- paid) to Mr. WM. JONEF, DRUGGIST and Grocer, Much Wenlock, Salop. CHILD'S ERCALL ASSOCIATION. WJ H EREAS divers of Burglaries, Felonies, Grand and T t Petit/ Larcenies have frequently been committed in the Townships of Erca. ll, Ellerton, Eaton, Bolas, Meeson, Ollerton, Pixjey, Hinstock, Waters- Upton, and Cherring- ton, in the County of Salop, and the Offenders have escaped Justice with Impunity, for want ot proper Pursuit and Exertion on the Part of the Sufferers, or on account of the Charges attending such Pursuit and Prosecution; to obviate the same in future, we whose JN'amts are heieunto subscribed, hate raised a Fund, and formed ourselves into an Association, determining to prosecute to the utmost rigour of the Law. ail Persons guilty of any of the above Offences, and to ride England through at the joint Ex- pense of the Society, after auy House- breaker, Horse- stealer, or any Kind of Cattle or Beasts, such as Cows, Sheep, Pigs, & c. as well as all Robbers of Orchards, Gar den?, and Hen Roosts ; Stealers of Spi ingles, Posts aud Rails; Hooks and I billables, T uinips ; pulling down Stiles aud Gates, and all Sorts of Petit Larceny whatsoever, at the above joint Expense of this Society : and do ' hereby offer the following REWARDS : The felonious breaking and entering any House £ s. d. in the Night Time, the Sum of 5 5 0 The like in ( he Day Time, the Sum of 2 2 0 The felonious burning any House, Barn, or other Building, or any Rick, Stack, Mow, Hovel, Grain, Straw, Hay, or Wood, the Sum of 5 5 0 The felonious stealing, killing, maiming, or wounding any Horse, Mare, or GehTing, the Sum of 3 3 0 The like of any Bull, Cow, Ox, Bullock, Steer, Heifer, Sheep, Lamb, & c. the Sum of 2 2 0 The like of any Hogs or Poultry, the Sum of... 1 i 0 Any other grander petit Larceny, the Sum of.. 110 The cutting down, destroying or damaging any Trees o » v Wood, as aforesaid, the Sum of .. 1 1 # The breaking open, throwing down, levelling or destroying any Hedges, Gates, Posts, Stiles, Pale,*, Rails, or Fences as aforesaid, the Sum of l ] 0 The steal ing or destroying any Fruit Tree, Root, Shrub, Plant, Turnips, or Potatoes, Pease, & c. robbing any Orchards or Gardens, the Sum ot ... 1 1 0 Auy Servant unlawfully selling, bartering, giving away or embezzling auy Coal, Lime, Hav, or other his, her, or tlieit Master or Mistress's Property, as aforesaid, the Sum of 3 3 0 And for evefy oilier Offence, on or against the Property of any of the said Subscribers, such Rewards shall be given as shall be agreed ou, and directed hy an annual or special Meeting of this Society, or at any Committee Meeting which they shall appoint. Ercull. John Palmer Sir Corbet Corbet, Bart. James Ben bow Rev. M. Hodski. ii Ellerton, John Wood ho use Thomas Taylor Thomas Bourne Robert MasefieId William Sharratt John Chaltcnor Margaret Dawes William James Thomas Whittingbam Eaton. Thomas Heatley John Heat ley Thomas Freeman Elisabeth Topham William Preston Pixley. Bolas. Thomas Yardley Mary Slack William Griffith Samuel Hodenhurst Ilinstock. John. Arkinstall Mary Hand Waters Upton. William Freeman R. W. B Hill Francis Terrington Meeson. John Wilde AnnGrowcock William Lockley Samuel Minor Samuel Wright Oiler ton. Samuel Lester WILLIAM LOCKLEY, Treasurer. ( j^ H Annual Meeting on the FIRST DAY of MAY. FRANK WELL ASSOCIATION^ WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, of the Parish of St. Chad, in the County of Salop, have formed ourselves into a Society to Prosecute, at our joint Expense, and to assist each other in apprehending, prosecut- ing, convicting, and punishing all Persons who shall com { mit any Burglary, Felony, grand or petit Larceny on the Persons or Properly of us the said Sutmiibers, wiihin the Township of Frankwell aforesaid Any Member of this Association, wishing to withdraw himself from the same, may do so upon paying up his proportion of all incidental Expenses, at the Expira ion of the Year, having first given notice of his Intentions. And the mid SnlWlibera have entered into such Articles as are thought most proper by a Committee of six, who shall give Instructions for the immediate detect ing of any Offender or Offenders ; aud for the better to effect our Intentions, are. to pay the following Rewards to any Persons who shall, by their Evidence, be able to convict Persons of the following Offences; and for the true and faithful Performance of the same, we the said undermentioned Persons do bind ourselves, our Heirs, and Administrators, in the Sum of Ten Pounds Hands and Seal* for bv aucttom MOST ELIGIBLE PREMISES, SPRIDE HILL, AND R0UFHILL, SHREWSBURY. THIFDAY, BY JONATHAN PERRY, At tbe Britannia Inn, Mardol, Shrewsbury, 011 Wednesday, the 14tll of April, 1813, precisely al five o'CIock in Ihe Afternoon, tugether ur in two Lots, as may ihen be preferred : ALL that substantial Brick- built DWELLING HOUSE, long established in the Wine and Liquor Trades, hut suitable for the Residence of a professional Gentleman, ur genteel private Family, situate near the Centre of PRI DE HILL, Shrewsbury, and now in the Occupation of Mr. GEORGE QUICK ; containing on the Ground Floor a com- modious Tea Room, Dining Parlour, Oflice ( or ' Compting House), and Butler's Pantry; on the first Floor— three comfortable Bed Rooms, with Closets ; and three excellent Bedchambers in the Al ticks: 011 the Basement Floor are Kitchen, Meat Pantry, Brewhouse, extensive Cellaring, anil foal Vault; and attached is a spacious newly- erected Wine Vault, with lofty Room over il, and many'otlier Conveni- ences, convertible to a Malthuuse orWarehouse ut a trifling Expence, with Garden communicating with Roushill. Also, a convenient STABLE, with Space for six Horses, and roomy Hay Loft over. The Premises are abundantly supplied with River Water from the Publiek Works, and Spring Water from a Pump thereon; and, from the united Advantages uf the most central Situation with the Command of a most delightful Prospect of the Severn, Berwick House, and t he adjacent Country, form a niosl enviable Property, and sucli lis is seldom 011 Sale. The Purchaser will hav some Fixtures to take by Ap- praisement, Particulars of which will be slated in the Conditions. Fur further Particulars apply to Mr. QUICK ( on the Premises), or THE AUCTIONEER. OAK AND ASH TIMBER. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Britannia Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 17th Day of April, 1813, in the following l. ots, and subject to the Conditions then to be produced: LOT I. 1 C) f\ MAIDEN OAK TREES, blazed and numbered 1 Oo with a Scribe, crossed with fed Paint, from I to . 130, both inclusive, standing in the Eastridge Coppice. I- OT II. 240 Maiden OAK TREES, numbered with red raint from 1 tu 240, both inclusive, standing in Eastridge Coppice aforesaid LOT in. 30 Maiden OAK TREES, numbered wilh red I amt from 1 to 30, both inclusive, standing ir, Eastridge Loppice aforesaid. LOT IV 50 A- II TREES, now cut down, lying in Fields near the Eastridge Coppice aforesaid. LOTV. 143 ASH TREES, now cut down, lying near the Bu^ nijues. The Oak Timber is long and sound, 6t fur Ship Plank, orClif't, or any other Purpose— F. astridee Coppice is in the Parish uf Worthen, and Counly nf Salop, g Miles frum Shrewsbury. Juhn Preece, or John Pugh, of the Vessons, will shew the Timber; and Particulars may be had at Mr. LLOYD'S Ofhce, Shrewsbury. auction HOUSE IN MARDOL, SHREWSBURY, AND LAND ADJOINING TO ' THE TOWN. BY SAMUEL TUDOR, At tlie Fox Inn, Shrewsbury, 011 Monday, the 3d Day of May, 1813, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in Lots, and subject to such Conditions as will be then produced : ALL that large and well bnilt DWELLING HOUSE, comprising a Hall and Staircase, ten good Lodging Rooms, and three Closets, Dining Koom, Drawing Room 23ft. 3iu. by 16ft. 6in. Kitchen, Larder, Brew house, and Cellaring, together with extensive Out- ofliccs and Ware house, situalein Mardol, late in the Occupation of Messrs. ROBERTS and QUICK, Wine Merchants, and now untenant- ed. A PIECE of MEADOW LAND, sitnate in COLF. HAM, in the Parish ofSaiut Julian's, containing 4A. '-' ll. 381', in the Occupation of Benjamin Birch, as Tenant at Will A GARDEN, adjoining to and tenanted with Ihe said Piece of Land, containing tl Perches. A PIECE of MEADOW LAND, called the Ox LEY, situate in ihe Patish of Meole, near the Turnpike Gate on the Hanwood Road, und opening into a Road ieodiugfrnm Nobold lo the said Turnpike Gale, containing 6A. 3R. 4P. in Ihe Occupation of Mr. Francis France, of Nobold, as Tenant al Will — The Land Tax has been redeemed A capital PIECE of MEADOW LAND, continuing luj Acres, situate near to the Red Barn, in Colehani, in the ! Parish of Meole Brace, lying between lite Longden Road j and the Village of Meole Brace aforesaid, the Foot- path lo which crosses the Bottom of the said Piece. The House may he seen by Application to Mr. W. HUATIFT, of Shrewsbury ; and the respective Tenants will shew ihe Lands Fur further Particulars apply to Messrs. PEMIIERTON, COUPLAND, and DUKES, Solicitors, Slnewsbury, aud THE AUCTIONEER. LIVE STOCK. BY W. SMITH, Ou Tuesday, the 20th Day of April, 1813, on the Premises, at THE BAN K, near Minslerley, in the County of Salop, ALL Ihe LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, belonging to Mr. RICIIARU TUDOR, who is leaving his Farm: consisting of six Cuws, calved and in- calf, one fresh Barren, four 3- year old Bullocks, three 2- year old Ditto, one Ditto Heifer, four Yearlings; three Sows in pig, one strong Store; nine Ewes and Lambs, nine Vtethers; four capital young Waggon Horses, with their Gears; excellent Wagguu, Iwo Tumbrels, une of which is nearly new, Ploughs, Harrows, Land Roller, and olher useful Implements HOUSEHOLD GOODS comprise two Pair of Bedsteads, two Feather Beds, Writing Desk, Dining and oilier Tables, Large Kitchen Ditto, Clock, Dresser und Shelves, with Pewter, Kitchen ( irate, Fender, and Pitgratc ; twoC'heesG Presses, Mashing Tub, Cooler, Cheese Tub, Cheese Vats, Casks, and sundty other Art icles of useful Furriiture. Sale to begin at ten o'CIock. UPHOLSTERY XTOCK IN TRADE, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AND EFFECTS. BY JONATHAN PERRY, Ou the Premises, 011 Monday, TtVeWay, ahd Wednesday, Ihe 26th, 27th, and 281b uf April," ;:: u, by Order of the Assignees: rr< HE ENTIRE STOCK IN TRADE, HOUSEHOLD I GOODS, FURNITURE, and Effects, uf Mr. WILLIAM LLOYD, Uplmlsteier, MARKET- PLACE, Shrewsbury. Particulars will be inserted iu future Advertisements, and Catalogues distributed. HOUSES AND GARDENS. BY VV. SMITH, Oil Monday, the 19th of April, 1813, at the Seven Stars, in Pontesbury, in the County of Salop, at four o'Clock ill the Afternoon, iu the following, or such other Lots ns shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject tu Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. ALL thoseTHP. EE M ESSCAGES or DwellingHouses, with Gardens, siluale in PONTESBURY, in the several Occupations uf Thomas Parry, Juhn Maddox, and John Pritchard. LOT 11 Ail those SIX MESSUAGES, or Dwelling Houses, with Gardens, situated as aforesaid, in the several Occupa- tiuus ufjuhn Pin sell, Ann Bai ker, Edward Primer, Margaret Brown, Richard Ulan and Elisabeth Hayes. LOT III. All those TWO MESSUAGES, or Dwelling Houses and. Gardens, situated as aforesaid, in the Occu- pations of John Roberts and John Barber. Mr, JOHN ROBERTS will shew the Premises; and for further Particularsapply to THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrews- bury. This Day and To- morrow, BY J. BROOME, On the Premised, at LLANHEDRICK, near Bishop's Castle, iu Ihe Coun'. v of Salop, upon Wednesday attd Thursday, the Mill and 1.5th of April, 1813: THE reserved Part of Mr. ASHDOWN's valuable Stock of HEREFORDSHIRE CATTLE, HORSES, & e. as well as Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Brewing and Dairy Utensils. The Cattle consist of two in- calf Cows, two4- vearsold Heifers, nine 3- years old Ditto, one 2- years old Ditto, one yearling Ditlo, six 3- ye. ns old Bullocks, four 1 - year old Ditto, one yearling Bull, two Bull Calves, Iwo Heifer Ditto, seven yuung Waggon Horses ahd Marcs ( oue in- foal), with Gearing for Ditto, one 9- year old draught Filly, une 2- year old Ditto, one yearling Colt ditto, a black Mure, 7- years old, by. Sultan, Dam by liea'Ufrertioiil, able lo carry heavy weight, a well known good Hunter; a brown Horse 5- yeara old, Brother lo the above black Mare, a chesnut Colt, 2- year's Ditto, a Chesiiut Mare, 5- years old, hy Sultan, Dam bv Tommy; a bay Mare, 7- years old, hy General, iu- foal to Sultan , a Ditto, by Dnngannon, in- foa! lo Brilliadoro, which IT. rse is own Brother to Lord Oxford's Victoria; a I year old Filly out of the above Mare bv Brilliadoro, One Ditto 1)^ Sultan, oue 3- years uld Colt bv Kill Devil, out uf the black Sultan Mare; clvsniil Hack, 7- ycam old, a capi- tal shooting Galloway and good Roadster to Carrv heavy weight y 20 fat Sheep, nine yearling South Down Wethers, eight Ditlo Ewes and Lambs, one South Down Ram, one New Leicester Dilto, one half bred Spanish Ditto, several half bred South Downs suitable for Forest; one very Capi- tal Sow and seven Pigs, one Ditto iu- pig, one very good Boar, twoGclls, and three store Pigs; one six- inch Wag- gon wilh Iron Amis, made at Worcester, two narrow- wheeled Ditto, Iron Arms, three broad wheeled Tiimbrils one narrow Dilto, a light one Horse Cart, two double Ploughs, ( one never used,) four single Ditto, one Ox Har- row, three Pair of Dillo, two capital Rollers, a Corn Drill by Perkins, one Turnip Ditto with Roller complete, one Caunister Ditto, Ground Car, two Turnip Cutters, Straw Engine, two Winnowing Machines bv Corufnrth, two Calf Pens, ' Set of Ox Gearing, Scale Beam and Castmetul Weights, big aud small Rakes, Pikcls, Dung ami Turnip Forks, M ith various other Articles. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE cuneists ofFoiirpost and other Bedsteads, two capital Deal Kitchen Tables, with Drawers and Forms, Brewing and Datr\ Uteu'mls, Cheese Press, a large Quantity of Iron and Wood bound Ciller Hogsheads & Barrels, in excellent Condition, many Dofieii uf Glass Bottles, and several Wood Dillo, of different Sifces, a Mangle, willi- almost every Requisite fura Farm House. ( S55 The AUCTIONEER beifs Leave lo inform the Public, the Whole of the Slock . ill be sold without tbe least Reserve, and is too well known to need any Cnmment of bis. Sumeof the Horses are very suitable for Rond Wag- gons ; one is a brown Stallion, a very quiet good Worker, sure foal getter, and Stcck very good. BY J. BHoOMi^ r ~ On Monday, the IQtli Day of April, 1S13: ALL the valuable HOUSEHOLD GOOD-, aud FUR- NITURE, Brew ills'and Dairy Utensils, belonging 10 the late Mr. JOHN 1NIONS, of WEST LEY, in the Parish of Westbnrv, and County of Salop, deceased; con- sisting of Bedsteads and Hangings, Feather Beds' and Bolsters, wilh Blankets, Coverlets, and Linen; a Set of varnished Oak Dining Tables, Mahogany and other Tables, handsome Wardrobe, Dresser, Bureau," Eight Day Clock, Writing Desk, aud Chairs, Oak Chests, Cupboards, and a Variety of other useful Articles, too numerous to mention. I The Sale to begin precisely at ten o'Clock, and will con- tinue till all is sold. ________ On Thursday and Fiiday, the 22d and 23d of April, 1813, in the Farm Yard at FLINSHAM, lieer Tilley, iu the Early in April SIXTY- SEVEN HEAD of PRIMP, HEREFORD- SHIRE of lawful Money, by Deed under our lhat Purpose, The felonious burning any House, Barn, or other Building. or any Rick, Slack, Mow, Hovel, Straw, Hay, or Wood £ 5 5 0 Tbe felonious breaking aud entering any Honse in the Night Time 5 5 0 The like in the Day Time 2 2 0 Ihe felonious stealing, killing, maiming, ur wounding any Horse, Mare, or Gelding Th^ like of any Cow, Heifer, Sheep, or Lambs The like of any Hogs or Poultry Any other grand or petit Larceny The cutting down, destroying, 01' damaging any Tree or Wood as aforesaid 110 The breaking open, throwing down, levelling, or destroying any Hedges, Walls, Gales, Posts, Sliles, Pales, Rails, or Fences, as aforesaid 1 1 0 The stealing or destroying any Fruit- tree, Shrub, Plant, Turnips, Potatoes, Cabbage, Peas, Beaus Or Carrots, rubbing any Orchard or Garden 1 1 0 Any Servant unlawfully selling, bartering, giving away, or embezzling, Iii*, her, or iheir Master's ur Mistress's prupcrtvafuresaid 110 And for every other Offence on or against the I ropertyof miy uf the said Subscribers, such Rewards shall be given as shall life agreed uu, and directed by an annua) ur special Meeting of this Society. SUBSCRIBERS' NAMES. . D. VALUABLE FURNITURE. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises, un Thursday and Friday, the sod and 23d of A p. rii, ] to 1 i, by Direetiun of the Assignees : rjtHE whole of the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNL i. TUBE, LINEN, PLATE, GLASS, CH IN A, Kitchen Requisites, Brewing Vessels, and other Effects, uf Mr. ROBERT ENOCK. Grocer, opposite the TALBOT INN, Shrewsbury; the Whole of which me of supeiior Quality; ihe Feather Beds particularly excellent; tbe Linen home made, and in the best Condition. Particulars iu Catalogues, to be distributed, and had of THE AUCTIONEER. CAPITAL TIMBER. BY R. MADDOX, At the Lion Inn, in Llansjimtffraid, in the Couctv of Mont- gomery, on Thursday, ihe 15th Dav uf April inst. ( and not 011 Friday Ihe 16th, as before advertised), in the fol- lowing or such other Lots, and subject tosuch Conditions as shall be then and theie declared: I. OT I. ONE very large OAK TREE, Scribe- marked aud num- bered 1, growing or. Bndynfo! Farm, in the Paiisb of Llanfechan, in the Cuunty " of Montgomery, uow iu the Holdingof Morris Davies. LOTII. 108OAK TRPES, Scribe- marked and numbered from No. 2lo No. 109, both inclusive ; 34 ASH, 12 SYCA MORE, t ELM, and 3 BEECH Trees, also growing upon Bodyufol Farm, The first Lot is one of the finest and largest Trees in the Principality, and the rest of the Trees are tine, well grown Timber. They lie very convenient for Carriage, being only five M iles distant from the Ellesmere Canal at Newbridge. The Tenant will shew I he Timber; and Ifur . further Par- ticulars apply tu Mr. T L JONES, Solicitor, Os » estry. ~ BY R. MADDOX, At the Unicorn Inn, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the Slst Day of April, 1SI3, between Ihe Hours ef four and six in the Afternoon, and subject to such Conditions BB will then he produced: LL that Messuage cr DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, with the Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances therein belonging, situate in llailey Sueet, in the Town of Oswestry aforesaid, now in the Possession or Occupation of Mrs. Mary Bate. The above Premises are situate near the Market Place; and the Purchaser may be accommodated with immediate Possession of ihe same. The Tenant will shew the Honse and Premises ; and fur- ther Particulars maybe had of Mr. EDWARDS, Solicitor, Oswestry. A1 FREEHOLD LANDS IN TILSTON, NEAR MALPAS, LN THE COUNTY OE CHESTER. BY WILLIAM CHURTON, At the Red Lion, in Malpas aforesaid, precisely al four o'Cluck in the Afternoon of Wednesday, the 28th Day of April, 1813, in the following, or such " other Lots as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to Con- ditions then to be produced : Quantities in Statute LOTS. Measure, be the same more or less. A. R. P. 0 1 27 6 0 31 0 2 30 0 1 32 0 3 18 3 24 0 lG 2 3 8 Messrs. Grant and Hanley Mr. J. Woodward Mr. J, Kent Mr. B. Milton Mr. J. Theodore Mrs M Liu. d Mr. W. Card en Mr. T, Cartwright Mr. Richard Edwards Mr J. Davies Mr. H. Woodward Air R. Gittins Mr. G. Gwynn Mr. II. Jones Mr. A. DR1NKWATER, Treasurer, Mr. D. MORGAN, Secretary of this Association. To whom ihe earliest Information is to be givi u respecting aiiy Offence whatever as aforesaid. N. B. The ANNUAL MEETING of this Association will be held nt Mr. J. WOODWARD'S, the Compacts, F » » nkwel(, un | he first Monday in May, 1313. R W Darwin, M. E. Thornes, Esq. Messrs. R. and N. Betton Mr. Drinkwater Mr. R. Drinkwater Mr. J. Wilson John Whitehurst, Esq, Mr. J. Gittins Mr. T. Davies Mr. D. Murgaii Mr. T. Bevau Mr. J. Ford Mr. Robert Webster Mr. VV. Grove BY RICHARD MADDOX, At the Lower Cross Keys, in I he Town of Oswestry, in the County of Salop, un Wednesday, the 5th Day of May, f 1813, between the Hours of four and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the following, or sucb other Lots, and sub- ject to such Cuuditiuus as shall then be declared ; LOT 1 ANEW erected WIND MILL, Dwelling House, and Stahlc, with a large Garden appurtenant thereto, and also a Piece of excellent Land thereunto adjoining, called tbe Mill Field, containing3A. 3R. 0P. be the same more ur less, situate near the Ellesuiere Canal and the Queeu's Head Turnpike Gate, on the Road from Oswestry to Shrewsbury, and distant three Miles from the formerTown. The Mill is of large Size and Power, and its Situation is well calculated for an extensive aud profit- able Trade. LOTII. A PIECE of excellent ARABLE LAND, ad- joining the first Lot, containing 4A. 2R. 11P. be the same more or less. LOT III. A Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, ( now occupied as two separate Mansions, with three Gardens ap- purtenant thereto, cuutaining oA 2R. 14P. be Ihe same more or less, sitnate at HINDFORD, in the Parish of Whit- tington, in the Couuty of Salop, now in the several Hold- ings of Charles Edwards and Thomas Williams. LOT IV. A PlEi E of capital MEADOW LAND, situ- ate at H IN DFORD aforesaid, close to the Ellesmere Canal, containing oA. sK.' oP. be the same more or less, now in tbe Holding uf Richard Matthews. LOTV. FOUR Messuages or DWELLING HOUSES and GARDENS, situate in MAESBURY, 111 the Parishof Oswestry, 011 the Side of the Turnpike Rood leading from Oswestry 10 Muesbury Marsh, and now iu the several Holdings of David Hughes, John Pike, Edward Edwards, and William Rogers. Mr. EDWARD LLOYD, ofthe Fords, near - West felt on, w ill appoint a Persun to shew the Pi emises; and for further Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, or toMr. T. L. JONFS, in Oiwestry. Oswestry, April l'a, 1813. " ' BY S TUDOR, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday, the 20th of April, 1913, in St. Austin'* Friars, Shis- wsbury : PART of the neat HOUSEHOLD GOODS und FUR- N ITU RE, China, Glass, he. belonging lo Mrs. I'YE- F1NCH, who is leaving Shrewsbury. Particulars of which will be expressed 111 Catalogues, and will be ready fot delivery, on Sa c. rday the l/ thlnitaut 1. A WELL ACCUSTOMED PUBLIC HOUSE, _ r\ called the WET LANE, with an excellent Malt Kiln adjoining the same, convenient Stabling, and other Outbuildings, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto belonging N. B. This Lot will he subject to the Payment of 10s. a Year to the Puor of TiUton. 2. TWO PIECES of LAND, called the Gorsty Fields, adjoining Ihe iioad leading from the Wet Lane to Dnckington...... 3. A QUI LLETT of LAND in a certain Field called Adam's Yard, near to the last- mentioned 4. A QU i L i' FT;' 0 f'i.' ANDl'i'i a Field called'tile Long Field, nuw in Pasture.. 5. A QUI LLETT uf LAND iu the same Field, now in Clover 6 A QUI LLETT of LAND in the same Field, now iu Tillage 7. A PIECE of LAND, called Iloi ton Field N. B. There is a Road thro'this to Lot 8. 8. One undivided MOIETY, or equal Half Part, . of a certain Meadow called llie Wythyns Meadow N R. This Meadow is divided by a Ditch into two Parts, and the Tenants have alter- nately taken each Part. 21 1 26 These Premises are situate iu the Parish of Tilston, about two Miles from Malpas, in the Holding of Mr. William Houghlaud ( who has a Map of, and will shew the same); and further Particulars may be had from Mr. LEE, Red- bruuk, Whitchurch, Salop. BY W. CHURTON, At the House of William Clegg, Ihe Talbot Iim, Drayton- it>- Hales, in the County of Salop, on Wednesday, the 5th of May, 1813, between the Hours of three and six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : LOT I. i Large substantial Messuage ur DWELLING HOUSE, J\_ with a good Garden and a three- stalled Stable behind the same, situate in Ihe High Street, in DRAYTON IN HALES aforesaid, and late in the Occupation of Miss Nil hulls. N. B. Possession of the Home and Garden may be had immediately. LOT II. Another substantial Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, I lie front Part uf which has lung been used as a Shup, wilh a Piece uf Building behind the same with large folding Doors, which answers the Purpose of a Warehouse, together with a small Garden and a Plot or Slip of Land lying at the Bottom of the Garden belonging to Lot 1 This Messuage is also situate in the High Street in Drayton in Hales aforesaid, and adjoins to Lot 1, and is now in the Occupation of Mrs. Povall, wliu is under Notice to Quit at Michaelmas next. There is a Pew iu the South Gallery of the Church be- longing to each House. N. B. These Premises extend in Front to the High Street near 60 Feet, and are in the Centre of the Mar- ket, and offer an Accommodation to a Purchaser rarely lube met with in a Market Town, being singularly well situated and adapted for Trade. Particulars may be had on Application at the Oflice nf Mr. J. L. WARREN, Solicitor, Drayton in Hales aforesaid. A MOST EXCELLENT FH 11 MING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, & c. BY CHURTON, On Wednesday, the 21 st Day of April, 1813, on the Pre- mises, at llie CORN H ILL, near Bettisfield, ill tbe Parish of Hahmer, and Couuty of Flint; rfM] E young, valuable, and well bred LIVE STOCK, I IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, and other Effects, the Property of Mr. OWEN MADDOCKS; comprising 1( 1 choice Cows, calved and in- calf, 7 chuiee Heifers to catve, I balked Heifer, 2 barren Cows, 5 Sturks ; Boxer, a stout and powerful Horse, rising ( i Years old, Smiler, a strong Horse, valuable 3- jk- ars uld Waggon Cult, one year- bug Waggon Filley, useful Hack Mate, stands nearly 15 Hands high ; capital Waggon and Gearing, Tumbrel, valn- 1 able duuble Plough, with Wheels ( nearly new), single Ditto, Hand Ditto, 4 Sets of Gears, Corn Fan, o< ld Implements iu Lots; Cheese Vats in Pairs, 3 Stone Cheese Presses, Iron Furnace and Bottom, 2 Spinning Wheels, Chairs, Eight- day Clock and Case, Oak Dresser, with 7 Drawers, Cupboards to Bottom, and Shelves, Quantity of Pewter, Oak Bureau, wilh numerous other Articles, it) Lots. The Auctioneer strongly recommends the above young Stock, which have been bred with peculiar Care aad Atten- tion ; therefore they cannot fail to answer every Expecta- tion to the respective Purchasers.*— The Sale to commence at ten o'Clock precisely. CATTLE, 504 Head of South Down Sheep, 9 Cart Horses, 4 Ditto Colts, & c. & c. tlio Property of Lord Oxford.— Particulars in our next. BY J BROOME, At the Crown Inn, at Chinch Stretton, on Monday, the 26th Day of April, 1813, between the Hours oFthree and six in the Afternoon, Q/ AOAK TREES, growing at BcTEVYLE and near it, ill ihe Parish of Church Strelton. The ahove Trees are of uncommon good Quality, and large Dimensions, fit fur the Navy, and itis supposed that few Lots uf the same Number will uot often be uffered for Sale.— The Rev. RICHARD WILDING, of All Stretton, will appoint a Person to shew the Trees, VALUABLE AND MODERN FURNITURE. BY J " BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the 3d Day of May, 1813, ALL the genuine HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE, Brcwin; and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to the lale Mrs. LLOYD, uf THF. ABBEY, near Alberbury, iu the County of'Sulop ( deceased). lijp Particulars iu our next. BV GLOVER AMJ SON, Oil Monday, the ltjtb of April, .1813 ; ALL the modern and genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, China, Glass, Buoks, Brewing Utensils, LIVE STOCK, Hay, Straw, Manure, & c. uf the late Mr. REAL, Surgeon, of RUYTON OF THE ELEVEN TOWNS, 111 the, Couuty of Salop. Catalogues may be had al the Admiral Duncan Inn, Baschurch; Pidgeuns, Nesscliff; New ltin Kuockiu; New Inu, Felton; Red Lion, Cockshull ; aud at the Place of Sale. The Auctioneers will be obliged by tbe Attendance of Company al nine o'CIock in ihe Morning, oil Account of the great Number of Lots, as tbe Wbolewill be disposed of ill one Day, without the least Reserve CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE. Sometime in the Month ofMay next, if nut sold iu tiie mean Time by private Contract, AVERY eligible FARM, with a good House and Out- buildings, iu complete Repair, situate at YORTON, in the Parish of Broughtou, in tbe Cuuntv uf Salop, now in the Occupation of Mr. Rubeit Scott.— Pa'rticulars will ap- pear in a future Paper, and further Information may be had by applying at the Ollice of Mr. W. EGKRTON JEF- FREYS, Shrewsbury. In Lois, ( unless previously disposed of by Private Con- tract, of which due Notice will be given), sometime towards the latter End of the Month of April, ur Begin- ning of Mav, 1813; ALL that ' MESSUAGE, Tenement andFarm, called THE BRYNN, situate iu the Townships of Sliadwell and Ediclifle, iu the Paristi of Clun, in the County uf Salop, containing by Admeasurement 134A. 2R. ail5, or thereabouts, in the Holding of Mr . Humphrey Howard. Particulars of which will appear iu a future Paper ; and fur further Information, ur to trial by private Contract apply lo Mr. JOHN OAK r: FY, Grocer, Wyle Cop," Shrews* bury. HEREFORDSHIRE. RJNO be SOLD lo the best Bidder, by Order of I JL tees of llie laie JACOB MILLS, Esquire, dec . . U I . . I . , . , ... * t he Trus- , deceased, at the Red Lion lun, in the Borough of Leuiniuster, un Fii- day, the7th uf May, 1813, in the following Lots, or in sucb other Lota as shall be agreed upon at the Time ofSale • THE FOLLOWING FREEHOLD PROPERTY. LOT I. A substantial and ne » ly- erected Brick DWEL- LING HOUSE, comprising two Parlours, Kitchen, two Pantries, Butler's Room, Dairy, Ale and Wine Cellars, seven neat Lodging Rooms, and" all proper aud convenient Offices, together with a Coach House, Granary, two Stables, two Cow- houses, Barn, Cyder Mill, Fold Yard, pleasant Garden, aud Orchard adjoining; ( a inosl desirable Country Residence, and in the most fertile and pleasant Part uf the Cuunty); with all excellent Pi, ee uf Land nearly adjoining to the Fuld Yard, which mav be couverted iutu Orchard ur Meadow Land, and the Whole contains by Admeasurement 8A. 3R. 28P. LOT 11. THREE PIECES of very rich MEADOW LAND at a convenient Distance from the Dwelling House, well fenced auil well managed, by Admeasurement 22A OR. 37P. The above Properly is situated at LAWTON, near Leo- minster, at a convenient Distance from tbe Turnpike Road leading from thence to Kington, and lale the Residence uf the said Jacob Mills LOT 111. A PIECE of ORCHARD GROUND, with the Trees young, in full Health, aiid lucky to bear, and called Cobnush Orchard, by Admeasurement 4A. SR. oP. Mr. GRIFFITHS, who resides near the House and Lands, will shew the same ; and for other Particulars apply at the Office of Mr. THOMAS COLEMAN, in Leominster; to JOHN BROWN, the Auctioneer there; or to Mr. JoHtf WHI.' HAVV', Solicitor, Cray's Inn Square, London. N. B. The Sale lo commence at four o'Clock 111 tlie Afternoon. And or1 Monday, the 10th of May, ar. dfollowing Days, will be sold ou the Premises at Lawtun afuresaid, all the Li Vii and DEAD STOCK, Utensils, Furniture, & c. of wi vh Particulars may be had of the Auctioneer. ith April, 1813. LONDON. FROM TIIE LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL, MARCH 30, 1813. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, ih the name and on the be halt of his Majesty, to give and grant onto George Ridout Bingham, Esq l ieutenant- Colonel in the 53d ( or the Shropshire) Regiment of Foot, his Majesty's royal licence and permission, that he may eceept aird wear the Insignia of an Honorary Knight Commander of the Royal Portuguese Military Order of the Tower and Sword, with which bis Royal Highness the Prince Regent of Portugal has honoured him, in testimony of the high sense wioch that Prince entertains of the distinguished courage and intre- pidity displayed by the said George Ridout Bingham in several actions with the enemy in the Peninsula. ADMIR AL1Y- 0FFIC t, AlTitL 6, 1813. Copy of a letter from Captain Salt, of his Majesty's ship Unicorn, addressed to Rear- Admiral Sir Harry Neale, and transmitted by Admiral Lord Keith to John Wilson Croker, Esq. Unicom, Mnrch 30, 1813. SIR— 1 b » g leave to acquaint you, that his Maiesty's ships Unicorn antl Stag captured this day, in lat. 48 deg. 30 tnin. N. and long. 6 deg. 30 min. W. the French privateer ship Miquelonuaise, belonging to St. Maloes, pierced lor - 20 guns; mounted, two long 12- pounders, eight long 6- pounders, aud eisht 12- pound carronades, w ith a complement of 130 men, out four days from Quimper; had taken a small brig, the Alexander, from London, bound to Lisbon, with avcargo of tin and iron; which vessel she sunk. The Miquelontraise is nearly 400 ions, only six months old, copper- fastened, arid is a very superior vessel of her class, and appears to be fit for his Majesty's service. His Majesty's ship Phoebe hove in sight at the latter part of the. ehace.— I have the honour to be, &, c. ( Signed) G. B. SALT, Captain. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7. An Heligoland mail arrived this morning with letters and papers from Hamburgh to tbe 23th of March. Sweden, couraged bv the uniform success of the allies, and the de- clining fortunes of Bonaparte, has at length embarked de- cidedly In the war. A Swedish force lias landed in Swedish Pomerania and another is ready at Carlsci ona to follow it A reinforcement of 55,000 Russian infantry, and 22,000 cavalry has arrived on the Vistula, on its march to join the grand armv. Some idea may be hence lormed of tbe immense streugth of the Russian aimy, and the extraordinary exertions making to increase it. The valiant Blucher, who sogallaully distinguished himself in the late, war between France and Prussia, commands the Prussian aimy in Silesia. Alt the Prussian troops untlerGeneral D'Yoik, 40,000, are joined lo the Russians under General Wittgenstein. Tlie Duke of Kent packet is ariiverl at Falmouth with a til- ail from Lisbon, from which she sailed on the 22d last. The Marqois of Wellington's head quarters remained at Frerrada on the loth last. An official dispatch of that date from bis lordship to the Portuguese Secretary slates, that the enemy had made no movement of importance. Marshal Soult marched thiough Madrid on the 5( 1. He took the road to Segovia, which is in the direct line for Valladolirl, but all the accounts state that he is going to France. His force is variously estimated between 12,000 and 20,000 men. The reports, however, of its being the intention of the French to evacuate the Peninsula generally, are completely contradic- ted by facts.— The arrival of several Generals of division • coming fiom Fiance, to take the Command of divisions hitherto commanded ad interim by Generals of Brigade, has been announced at head- quarters in Valladolid. A convoy with clothing tor the troops, See. fiom France was expected in that city daily. It had reached Vittoria under a strong escort.— The army was consolidating regiments and divisions for ibe purpose, of leducing the number of officers. The ob- ject. of this measure was to procure experienced officers, to assist Bonapartein forming Scdisciplir. ing his uew grand army of tbe north. Tbey are with squadrons of the third battalions from ail Ihe corps proceeding to France.— General Sir George Murray has arrived at Alieant, to take the command of the army there.— Tbe reinforcements from England, lately landed at Lisbon, aie estimated at 5,000 men. A Russian squadion of five sail of the line and a frigate, sailed yesteiday from Sheciness to the Note. The Princess cf Wales — In consequence of the vote of the Common Hall on Friday, the City Remembrancer, waited upon the Princess of Wales at Montague- liouse en Satuiday, and delivered tbe following note : Guildhall, April 3, 1813. ** The Lord Mayor,- Aldermen, and Livery of the city ol London, in Common Hall assembled,, having yesterday voted an Address to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, and ordered the Sheriffs, attended by the Remembrancer, to wait oh her Royal Highness to know when she would receive the same, the Remembrancer now attends to know her Royal Highness's pleasure in respect to tbe time when the Sheriffs may wait on her for this purpose " To this note her Royal Highness in a few minutes delivered the following answer in writing, in person: " Montague House, Bidckheath, Aprils, 1813. " Impressed with the deepest sense of gratitude for the " unexpected honour the Lord Mayor and the noble city ot London intend to confer upon me by presenting an Address of Congratulation on the happy annihilation of a conspiracy against my honour and my life, I feel myself tillable to do justice to my feelings, in- expressing my grateful acknnwledg inents for the sincere interest the Lord Mayor and the city of London have evinced for my welfare and happiness. The melancholy event of the Duchess of lltunswitk my mothei's demise, involves me at this moment in the deepest affliction : I'shall not fail, however, to send, on Monday next, an answer to the Loitl Mayor, and the Sheriffs, to expre- s mote fully my sentiments on the honour intended to be conferred up in me." On Monday the Sheriffs waited on her Royal Highness, and received the following answer: Montagus Home, Black ealk, April 5, 1812. " When the Remembrancer waited upon rile unexpectedly on Saturday last, to'give'fne the first intimation of the high honour conferred upon me by the citizens of Lond6n, in Common Hall assembled ; the answer which 1 made will have conveyed some expression uf my feelings oil an occasion io interesting, important, and gratifying to me. I am sure 1 shall not be misunderstood, when I say, that my affliction from the recent loss of my beloved mother, ant) tbe peculiar circumstances of my situation in other respects, may render it difficult tor me to give a due reception to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Recorder, Sheriffs, arid the Deputation of the Liveiy of London, 1 also feel diffident of giving them the trouble of a public attendance- upun me. 1 shall be at my apartments in Kensington Palace on Monday next, at two o'clock, fof the purpose of receiving Ihe Address. Dreadful Fire.— Soto after twelve o'clock on Tuesday night, an alarm was given that a lar^ e pile of warehouse building in the New Market, Manchester, was on fire, li was occupied by Messrs. Na'ykirs and Co Mr. Joseph Pilking'- lon, and Mr. Michael Kelly. From its first discovery the f. re increased most rapidly, and notwithstanding eveiy possible assistance was given as speedily as the time aud circumstances would permit, all the interior of these ware- houses, with the extensive stocks of goods they contained, I were reduced to ishes, without the possibility uf saving any ! thing tri. lie than tlie books ai. rl some valuable papers, and and thoet net without consideiable personal risque. Merely tlie wells of this pile of building remained.— In the suriound. ins' Warehouses' gieat injury was dune. A part ol the interior of Mr. Giay's was destroyed ; great damage is done in Messrs. S. Ash ton and Brother's; and in Ibe building formeily the Market- Hall, the Cotton and Iwist v. alehouse of Messrs. John Asi'iuwall was wiih much difficulty saved, being repeatedly on fne, and extensive damage was done togoods thrown out of that and other warehouses.— The alarm aud distress occasion- ed by this melancholy accident weie afflicting ; tor such was the jower of the flames, that we aie informed the country was illuminated for several miles round. How Ihe lire began, Or from what cause, is not at present ascertained.— In tne lirst increase of it the whole of the adjoining buildings, with their immense property, appeared to he in the greatest dan- ger, but the wind was favourable.—. Respecting tbe probable loss, we understand the aggregate, including every thing, may he about forty thousand pounds; and much was certainly saved by the most active exertions ot the civil officers of the - town, greatly aided by the military, and hv numbers of assistants. A very considerable sum on the property destioy- ed is insured al- different offices hi the town. THURSDAY, APRIL 8. Two Heligoland mails have ai rived, one yesterday, the other fllis morning. The German papers received by Ihe former contain an account uf the meeting of the King of 1' iussia aud the Emperor Alexander at. Breslau, on the 11th, and . « f a tumult, almost amounting lo a general insuriection, against the French at Diesden. The preparations made by the French for blowing up the tine bridge built over the Elbe was lire ostensible pretext for the hostility evinced by tbe people but which had for its real aud active motive a deep- rooted hatred of their oppressors. The Russians are stated to have passed the Elbe at Schandan, so that Davoust, who occiqiies the liew town of Dlesden must evacuate that posi- tion, ur incur the-" risk of- tjefiig'cut off.— A detachment of Swedes has landed and taken possession of Strttfsiitid, where they were received by their countrymen with the gieatest enthusiasm. The Emperor Alexander made his solemn entry into Breslau. on the 15th having been met, at 1( 5 miles distance, by the King and Royal Family of Prussia, and tho assembled. I hollies from all parts of the country. The unfeigned joy ex- ! ptefsed at his arrival by all ranks of people must have made j a deep impression on bis heart. Tbe shouts, the discharges of artillery, the ringing of bells, gave to the solemnity the air of a triumph-; but it was converted into a more touching and ennobling scene, by the universal exclamation ( rf " Long live Alexander the Liberator!" Fonrdays previously to ' bis, a 1 ceremony scarcely less interesting took place at Berlin, when the gallant Count Wittgenstein, the hero of the Dwma and of Ihe Bertzyna, attended by Prince Henry of Prussia, entered that capital, so lately polluted by the presence of a French garrison. Tne joy of the inhabitants of Berlin was enhanced by the gratifying contrast. . It amounted to ail enthusiasm of admiration and gratitude towards their de- liverers from an insupportable yoke. The day was speut in rejoicing and festivity, and the night was marked by a volun- tary and universal illumination. The Mail of Thursday has brought the two following im- portant documents— one an Address frohi the King of Prussia to bis subjects, which fully proves the sincerity and zeal of his present conduct; the other an Address to bis array ; both amounting to an energetic Declaration of War against Bonaparte. Address of the King of Prussia to the Public.—" It is unnecessary to render an account to my good people of Germany, of the motives for the war which is now commenc- ing; they are evident to impartial Europe.— We bent under the superior power of France ; that peace which deprived me of half my subjects procured hs no blessings ; it, ou the contrary, hurt us more than war itself. The heart of our country was impoverished; ttie principal fortresses were occupied by the enemy ; agriculture was neglected, as well as the industry of our cities, which had risen to a very high degree. Libeity of tiade being interrupted, naturally closed all the sources of ease and prosperity. — By the most exact observance of the stipulated treaties I hoped to obtain au alleviation for my people ; and at last, to convince the French Emperor that it was his own interest to have Prussia inde- pendent,- but niv intentions, iny exertions to obtain so desirable an event proved fruitless. Nothing but haughtiness and treachery was Ihe result. We discovered, but rather too late, that the Emperor's conventions were more ruinous to us than his open war. The moment is now arrived, in which no illusion respecting our condition can remain. Biaudenburgb ers ! Prussians'. Silesisns! Lithuanians! you know what you have Buffered during the last seven years— You know what a miserable fate awaits you, if ye do not honourably finish the now commencing contest.. Remember former times! — Remember the Illustrious Elector, the Great Fiederick— Remember Ihe benefits for whicb our ancestors contended, under their direction,— The liberty nf conscience, honour, independence, trade, industry, and knowledge. Bear in mind the great example of our Allies, the Russians. Think of the Spnniaids and Portuguese; small nations have even gone to battle for similar benefits, against a more powerful enemy, and obtained victory.— Remember the Swiss and the Netherlands. Great sacrifices are required from all ranks; because our plan is great, arid the number and means of our enemy not less so. You will make them sooner foi your Country, your King, than for a foreign Regent, who, hy so many examples, has proved he would take your sons and la t strength for designs to which you are strangers. Confidence in God, constancy, courage, aud tbe powerful assistance of our Allies, will favour our just cause with glorious victory. Rut, however greal the saci ifices that may be required from individuals, tbey will not outweigh the sacred interests for which tbey are given, for which combat, and you must conquer, or cease to be Prussians, or Germans. — We are now engaged . in the last decisive contest for our existence, our independence, and our property. There is no medium between an honourable peace or glorious ruin. Even this you would manly support fur your honour, because a Prussian and German cannot live without it. Rut we confidently trust, God and our firm purpose will give out just cause victory, and with this an uninterrupted peace, and the return of happier limes. " FREDERICK WILLIAM." " Breslau, March 11." THE KING OF PRUSSIA'S ADDRESS. To his A'my.—" Often have you expressed your wishes of fighting for the libeity and independence of your country. The moment for doing it is now arrived, tie is no member of Ihe nation, - by whom this is not felt. Youth and men volun- tarily fly to arms. What in them is free will, is to you, who belong to thc standing aruiv, a call. From yoo,. ordained to defend our native country, she is entitled to demand what is offered by the others.— See I what numbers forsake every thing they hold most dear to venture their lives with you in their country's cause. You will therefore doubly feel your sacred duty ! May all of you on the day of battle, or in time of trouble, keep in miml moderation, and due discipline. Let individual ambition, be it iu tbe highest or lowest of the army, sink belore that of all. He that feels for his couritiy, does not think of self. May tbe envious meet contempt when the getieral welfare only is concerned. Every thing t) l, e. must give way to this. Victory proceeds fiom God ! Shew yourselves worthy of high protection by obedience and ful- filling vour duties. Let courage, constaniy. loyalty, and good discipline be your renown. Follow the example of your forefathers ; be worthy ol tbem, and remember your posterity I — A sure reward will fall on hiin who distinguishes himself; deep disgrace and punishment oil hu: r, that forgets his duty. Your King will always be witb you, and wilh him the Crown By a return made to the House of Commons of the number of classes of non- resident incumbents, and of the number of resident incumbents, for the year 1811, it appears as follows : Non- resident incumbents by exemption 2668 Ditto by licence ... 2207 rtltto by absence, without exemption or licence ... 1033 Ditto by dilapidated churches, sinecures, livings held bv Bishops, vacancies, recent institutions, or held by sequestration 352 Ditto miscellaneous cases .,.,,.. ... 51 Total absentees 6311 Resident incumbents 4490 This Day is published, price 2s. 6J. a new edition, being the Seventh, a familiar and practical Treatise on the causes, prevention, and cure of Asthma, Consumption, Wheezing, Winter Cough, and Dropsy of the Chest ; with remarks On the efficacy of the Stramonium and Ihe Sassafras Nut, iu affections of the Lungs, by J. T Fisher, Surgeon, nnd for- merly an Asthmatic Invalid. SJI. 1 by Sherwi'id, freely, and Jones, Paternoster- roiv, EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, and all Booksellers. NEWTON' of any Powder recommended for CLEANSING and BEAU- 10,801 Distinguished Alliance.— iThe matrimonial union about to take place between the Right Hon. Sir William Scott, and the Dowager Marchioness of Sligo, has arisen out of recent circurpstances of fact so singularly interesting, as to convey, on tbe first view of them, more the appearance of fiction than of reality. The sentence parsed upon the young Marquis of Sligo, by Sir William, in his judicial capacity, is in the public recollection. The admonitory eloquence in which it tvas conveyed, made so deep and suitable an impres- sion on the noble min. l to which it was addressed, that his Lordship the - Vry nextday wrote to the Dowager Marchioness, his mother, informing her that he had recently endeavoured to write a letter to the Learned Judge, expressive of his heart- felt gratitude foi his enlightened admonition, and foi which he felt more indebted than all the precepts that had been inculcated to him through life. He requested of her there, fore, to make a personal acknowledgement of these his sincere feelings to his upright Judge, and to assure him, that a grateful sense of bis high obligation to him would terminate but with his existence. An immediate interview succeeded between the Marchioness and Sir William, and produced naturally a scene of some embarrassment and distress. Subsequent visits were the natural consequence, and to those who have the honour of being known to the parties, it would not appear surprising, that, matters of a less melancholy cast became by degrees the subjects of conversation between two persons, not less distinguished by their talents and amiable qualities than their elevated rank ut life. By what move- ments the matrimonial fiat was obtained we ptetend not to j knoy, though every card table in the parish of St. George's, Hanover- square, lings nightly with " When it was first thought of!" " How first indirectly proposed!" and many other facts, which the Right Hon. Couple themselves never dreamt of! This, however, we may venture to state, that the union is inevitably concluded upon. The celebration of ihe nuptials awaits only the expiration of Lord Sligo's sentence, on the 7th of this, month, that his Lordship may have the grateful pride of bestowing the band of an affection- ate mother on his upright and Illustrious Judge ! Estates in Scotland — The following is the distribution of Estates iu Scotland, as exhibited to the Board of Agriculture by their President:— The Large Properties, above ,£ 3000 a year, are in number 396;— 2. Ditto, from ,£ 300 to ,£ 3000 ditto, are 1077;— 3. Ditlo, under ,£ 500 year, are in number 6181;— 4. Ditio, belonging to Corporations, are 144 ;— Total 7798. So that besides this part ( one eighty- fifth part) belonging to Corporate Bodies, there is no less than one third part of ail the land in Scotland feltered under strict entail.— On the Minerals in Scotland ; it appears that Lime, chiefly in farming, is used to the amount of « £ 3" 5,000 per annum; that the best farmers, and with the best advantage, oft use 10$. per acre per annum, in lime alone; and lhat Mr. Walker ill Roxburgh, spent ,£ 2500 in one year, and on lime alone — Of Coal there is used 2,500,000 tons, <£ 833,000, the produce of 172 acres; and at that rate the mines will last above three thousand years. DENTIPRICft is by far the most pleasant TIFYING ihe Teeth ; it will be found tu answer every end that a Tooth Powder can be reasonably expected to do; while is cleanses the MOUTH of all impure and foetid particles, it WHITENS theTBETH, HEALS the GCVS, and helps to SWEETEN the BREATH. Nothing is so great a drawback lo beauty as bad Teeth, nothing more offensive than foarid Breath ; NEWTON'S TOOTH- POWDER, oil tbe first Application, improves the former, and removes the latter, while by its antiputrescent and balsamic qualities, it prevents decay, and removes all excrescences. Prepared by B. II. NEWTON, and sold by his agents Messrs. SHAW ami- EDWARDS, 66, on the Foot- Way, St. Paul's Church Yard, nearly opposite the North Gate, in Boxes 2s. Od. each : sold also bv W. I'uuowss, Bythell, Morris, Paiin, and Newling. Shrewsbury; Ridgeway, aud Proctor, Drayton ; Chester, Newcastle ; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Stafford ; Smith, Ironhiidge and Wenlock ; and by most, of the respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. HALLAM'S PILLS, The best Preparation for Indigestion, Giddiness in the Head, j Bile, and the iii effects of Intemperance, that has ever beeu recommended. THEY are the most cheap and effectual Remedy in all bilious complaints, whether arising from a tveak or deranged action of tiie stomach, from colds, whereby the secretion of bile is obstructed ; or from excess in eating cr drinking, wherein tbe bile is rendered acrid and corrosive, and regurgated to the stomach, causing sickness, jaundice, windy disorders, indigestion, & c. Their operation is very gentle and safe, never griping ; a most excellent remedy for relieving those troubled witb the piles; in habitual eostiveneas, a sluggish state of the bowels, sick head- ach, and also during pregnancy, they may be taken with singular good effect. Price 2s. 9rl. per box, duty included Sold wholesale by Messrs. SHAW anrl EDWARDS, 66, Si. Paul's Church Ynrd, London : retail by W, EDDOWKS, Printer, Shrewsbury, and every Vender uf Patent Medicines in the Kingdom. Prince and Hie Princes of his house. They will fight along with you. They, and the whole nation, will combat with you; and, at our side, a valiant people come to our assistance, and to the assistance of all Germany— n people that by glorious tleeds, has secured its independence. Tbey relied on their Sovereign, their leaJeis, their cause, their own strength— and God was with them— So will lie be with you! for we also fight the great fight ( or the independence of our country !— Con- fidence in God— courage and perseverance— be otir word." Conversion of the Jews. — Yesterday the D, ke oi Kent laid the first stone of the intended Episcopal Chapel and buildings on Ihe ground belonging to the Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews, at Bethnal- greeu- road. His Royal Highness went, with a long train of carriages occupied by theNcbiliiy and Gentry, Paiions ofthe Institution, Imm the London Tavern, aud on his arriral at the around, vvas assisted in his ceremony by Loril Etskiue, Lord Barhim, tbe Lord Maj- nr and Sheriffs, Mr. WilOerforce, & e. Ten girls, Jewish children, who have beeu brought up iu the Christian Religion, and more thau twenty boys ofthe same description, tvalked m the procession, and made a neat, cleanly appear- ance. Alter the ceremony, the Duke of Kent relumed with tbe Presidents, Stevvaids, and Visitors, to dinner at tbe London Tavern, where his Royal Highness took the Chair. One of the boys made a suitable illation in a very able iu3iiuer. A Letter from Lisbon, dated March 19, says:— " The convoy which left England on the 10th inst. arriv- ed at I his capital yesterday ( the 18th), it consisted of forty sail of transpoi ts, with detachments aud reinforcements for almost every regiment in the service; 800 horses, and above 300 ofthe Royal Artillery; the greatest activity prevails here, and the ensuing campaign, it i. s thought, will be more splendid and decisive than any of the preceding. General Sir ll. iHill's division is represented to be in the best possible equipment and health. At no period has a body of men been iu a more efficient stale. ' 1 lie 18th dragoons bave marched to join head- quarters at Freynada. The only ships lying iu IheTagus are tbe Impeleux ( Bag ship), tfce 1- reya, which was the " whipper in" to the last convoy, ond two sloops of war. Tbe Commodore ( Plantagenet) is by this time with the Cadiz division at that port, haviug parted with the Lisbon divisiun off theTagus yesterday uiurniug ; Ihe 29th regiment Is gone to Cadiz ; two Gentle- men, arrived here from that placc, have been extremely giatilicd there by the festivities and gaieties nf the late Carnival.— Throughout the country the Euglish ate almost adored.— The 10tli and 15tli Hussars are datly expecting lo the join army ; the infantry rcintoi cement marches 011 Thursday next." The lotal value, at the average market- prices, ofthe corn and grain of all sorts, meal, flour, and rice, imported into Great Britain in 1812, amounts tu £' 2,855,433, of which £ j, 641,533. is for corn, & c. from Ireland, aud the remainder ( £ 1,213,850.) from foreign parts. lu the HOUSE of COMMONS on Monday, Sir S Rorpilly's hill respecting Corruption ol Blood iu cases of Treason and Felony, was thrown out by 55 against 43. TUESDAY.— Mr. CREEVEY'S motion for the abolition of one of 1 he offices Of Joint Paymaster of the Forces, was withdrawn, on the suggestion of Mr. Wniibread, that lie ( Mr. C.) might bring It foi ward again in the present session, should the sine- cure Place bill, now gone to the Lords, be rejected there. On tbe motion of Mr. LOCKHART the House came to a Resolution lo take into consideration in the present session, the Acts of Parliament relative to Bankrupts, and the ad- ministration of those laws. WEDSFSUAY.— The Highway bill was lead a second time, aud refenei! to a Select Committee.— The Report of the Cnstoms Additional Duty bill was brought up, and agreed to, and the bill ordered to be read a thi^ d time to- morrow,— The National Debt bill was read a third lime and passed, BANKRUPTS, APRIL 3.. Edward Christopher Bryant, of Angel- eo. urt, Throgmorton- street, London, Money- scrivener, April 6, J3, May 15, ut Guild- hall, London— William Cleaver, Samuel Cleaver, Edward Cleaver, and Charles Cleaver, of Battersea, Surrey, soap- manu- facturers, April 6, 7, May 15, at Guildhall, London Joshua Cushing, of Norwich, stone- mason, April 5, 19, May 15, at the Angel tnn, Norwich.— Robert Denton, of VVaithani Holy- cross, Essex, horse- dealer, April 10, 17, May 15, at llie Guildhall, London.— David Falconer, of. Haverfordwest^ shopkeeper, April 10, 12, May 15, at the Castle Inn, Haverfordwest,— William Heather, of Cockspur- slrcet, Cbaring- crosa, Middlesex, hoot- maker, April 6, 13, Mav 15, at Guildhall, London— Evan Humphreys and William Williams, of Liverpool, grocers, April- 19, .20, May 15, at Liverpool.— William Jameson, of Hackney, Middlesex, tailor, April 10, 13, May 15, at Guildhall, London.— William Johnstone and Samuel Hood Phillips, of Haverfordwest, merchant-, April 14, 16, May 15, ai ihe Castle Ina, Haverfordwest.— Alexander M'Rae, late of Maitlen-' ane, London, broker, April 6, 16, May 5, at Guildhall, London.— Robert Payne, oi Old- street, Middlesex, wateh- wheel- • maker, April 10, 24, May 15, at Guildhall.— John Petty, ol the Strand, Middlesex, tavern- keeper, April 10, 17, May 15, at Guildhall, London.— lihomas Robert Remmett, of Frith- s'reet, Westminster, plated- marrutacturer, April 6, 20, May 15, at Guildhall, London.— William Sinnott, of Bowling- green-! ar. e, Clerkenwell. Middlesex,, scavenger, April 8, 14, May 15, at Guildhall, London— Parmenter Smith, qf Piccadilly, Middlesex, linen- draper, '' prjit'i, 17, May 15, at Guildhall, London— Christopher Stephens, of . Long- acre, Middlesex, gold-' oeater, April 10, 17, May 15, at Guildhall, London — William Turner, of Riplev, Surrey, saddler, April | 0, 17, May 15, at Guildhall, London,,— James Warren, of Coggishall, Essex, draper, April 13, 17, May 15, at Guildhall, London,— John White, of the Bartholomew Coffee- House, West SnutJii} eld,, Lpndon, victualler, April 6, 17, May 15, Guildhall— Elisabeth Whitling and Maria Naylor, ol I- ee. is, York, milliners, April 21, 22, May 15, at the Bull and Mouih Inn, Leeds. APRIL 6.]— John Andrew's, of Wigan, Lancashire, hatter, April 14, 15, May 18, at the Buck iu the Vine, Wigan William Claughton Day, of Doncasler, broker, April 22, 23, May 18, at the lied L on Inn, Doncrister, — Peter Eaton, ol Wilton, Chester, timber- merchant, Aor. i 2S, 29, May 18, at the Roe Buck Inn, Northwich.— Christopher Hopwood, iate of Plompton mills, Spof- forth, Yolk, miller, April 15, 17, May 18, at the White Hart Tavern, Kin^ slon- upon- Hull.— William Lording, of Carshaltont Surry, horse- dealer, April 13, - 27, May 1 8, at Guildhall, London. — James Payne, late- of Wellinglon- squaie, Middlesex, builder, Apr I 13, May ll, 18, at Qui'dhatl, Loudon.— Edward Poeock, late of Hnn'ingdor, pluiuherand glazier. April 10,17, May 18, at, Guildhall, Loiirio. i — John Poole, of South Shield-, ship- owner, April 15, May 4, 18, at the Rase and Crown Inp, South Shields — Charles Reeve, of L « adenlia| l- street, . London, man's mercer, April IB, 17, May 13, at Guildhall.— Dyer Tterry Smith, of Kidder- minster, , mercer, April 16, 17, Mav 18, at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham.— John Whowell, of Halhwell, Lancaster, cotton- dealer, May 1, 3, IS, al the Bridge Inn, Bolton in the Moors. UNFAILING SUCCESS liming a Perio. 1 of EIGHTY YEARS has fully established the excclleuoe of BAR- CLAY'S ORIGINA L OINTMENT, in the cure of that dis- agreeable disorder, the ITCH, which it never fails to effect in ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION. This safe, speedy, & cffeclua! Remedy, has been in general use for upwards of 80 years, without a single instance uf its having failed tn core the most inveterate cases. It does nut Contain the smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dan- gerous ingredient, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate constitution. The Public are requested to ob- serve, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Names of the Proprietors, BARCLAY and SON, are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each Box; and great danger may arise from the neglect, of this caution.—- Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Sin, ( the onfy successors lo Jackson and Co.) No. 9.5, Fleet Market, London, price Is. Pd. dtity included; and liy their appointment, by W. Epoowss, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madeley Market- place; Houistous, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge, and Much Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Paiker, Evansbn Whitchurch; Batigh, Cross, Ellesmere; Prdcter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jones and Co, F. vans, Roberts, and Powell, Welsh Pool ; ' Mortal, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry ; Griffiths, Ilishop's Castle ; Griffiths, Ludlow ; Gitton, Bridgnorth; Scarrott, Slllffiial; Painter, Wrexham; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabm; Evans, Llange'rniew ; Evans, Newtown; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. at Hamper, who per- tmile a perfect a I- l, cted withhold! B To the Afflicted with Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Consumptions, ENNKTT's COUGH DROPS are recommended as a most sovereign Remedy. The Proprietor having proved Ihe unparalleled efficacy of BENNETT'S COUGH DROPS in his extensive private prac- tice, can with confidence recommend them to those who suffer under obstinate Coughs, Hoarsenesses, Catarrhs, Difficulty of Breathing, Wheezing, Soreness of the Breast and Stomach, Obstructions of tbe Glands, Acrimony of the Fluids, and Congealed Phlegm, in all which ONE TRIAL ONLY will speedily evince their unparalleled Utility. These Drops are petfeclly rtiild and innocent in their operation, and are sold Wholesale ouly, by appointment of tbe Proprietor, bv BARCLAY anil SON, NO. 95, Fleet- M uUe. t, London, whose Names are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each Bottle ; and retail, price 2s. 9d. Duly included, by W. EUDOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madelev Marketplace; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge, and Much Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch; Batigh, Cross, Ellesmere; Proctor, Drayton ; Weaver, Montgomery; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Welsh Pool; Morrall, Price, Edwards, and Mjn' iiajl, Oswestry ; Griffiths, Bishop's Ca, stle ; Griffiths, Ludlow ; Gitton, Bridgnorth; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Painter, Wrexham ; Jones, Chirk ; Morris, Rett bon ; Evans, Llangerniew ; Evans Newtown ; aud by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. Dr. FREEMAN'S GUTTA SALUTARIS, AN INFALLIBLE SFZGIFIC FOR THE SCU. RVY, KING'S EVIL, LEPROSY, And all Cutaneous Eruptions', antl every Foulness Impurity of the Blood, bowever long standing. and SCORBUTIC COMPLAINTS are the most general Malady ol thc British Constitution, no Family is. more or less, exempt from them, and they shew themselves in a Varie'y of Ways ; they produce Roughness, Ulceration, 8c other diseased States of the Skin ; they occasion Loss of Appetite, Weak- ness, and Dejection of Spirits, and the Mass of Blood being rendered foul, it is incapable , of affording a healthy Supply of Nourishment to enable the Functions of Life to be properly aud actively performed. As a Remedy for all Impurities from this Cause, Dr. FREEMAN'S GUTTA SALUTARIS tins proved itself, by a Reputation of 30 Years, a certain Specific und never- failing Cure ; it requires only a few Bottles of this invaluable Medicine tu remove the most obstinate and inveterate Scoibtitic Complaint, At this Period of the Season it is well known the Scurvy and its Consequences are much to be dreaded,;, in every Constitution where they are prevalent, the above Medicine is recommended as Ihe ouly certain Means of curing as well as preventing the malady from breaking out; nor is it less successful against the effects of a well known contagion, which produces a ceitain Disease that embitters the Source of Eujoyment; every Injury arising froin this Tai^ t^ whether externally appearing or latent in the Blood, is radically and safely lenioved by it, without the Necessity of Confinement or those other Restrictions which Medjcmes of a less superior and active Kind require. It is therefore recommended to Youth of both Sexes, and to those who are aUiat to enter into a married State, and would wish to preserve firm Health aud u sound Constitution; by it they will be freed from every Debility to which their Irregularities may have exposed tbem, and be restored to their original Strength and Vigour of Habit, tu the Disease! of the Female Sex, where Weakness is so predominant, it never fails to check the Cause sooner than any other Med| cine, and to give Strength, Animation, and general Tone to every weakened Function. Sold at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cheapside, Corner of Pater- noster- rorv, London ; and by EDDOWES; Wood and Wattou, Bnrrey, Morris, ami Palin, Shrewsbury ; Houlston and Son, and Burgess, Wellington; Silvester, Newpoit; Scarrott, Shilfnal; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock ; Edwards, Morrall, and Price?- Oswestry ; Baugh, Ellesmeie ; Painter, Wrex- ham ; Gitton, and Baugham, Bridgnorth ; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; . Procter, Owen, and Valentine, Ludlow ; , Wept, antlBurlfon, Leominster; and most Country Medicine ! Venders, in Bottles at 4s, 6d, aud 1 ts. esch. • WESSELS' JKSUITS DROPS. r l^ Hi' character of the Genuine Jesuits Drops is so nniver* sally acknowledged, and the many thousand cures they have performed, is sufficient proof of their efiieaey in Drop, sical Disorders, operating by Urine, and are a ee'rtaih cure for all kinds of Weaknesses and Obstructions in the Urinary Pas- sages; Gravel or Strangu'aty in both Sexes: likewise in all Scorbutic Complaints and all Disorders of the Stomach antl Bowels, l. owness of Spirits, Pains in the Head, Back, 5Tc. The Relaxed aud Debilitated of either Sex, proceeding froin the indiscretions of youth, in excess of indulgences, will fiud immediate and permanent relief. The greal object to be attended to is, that patients Ant) purchasers should be careful in having the true bad genuine Preparation, as the unsafe, unsanctioned, and dangerous counterfeits attempted to be foisted on the public, by abso- lute falsehoods, are so numerous that the Proprietors request every purchaser to ask for WESSELS' JESUITS DROPS, anil unless they have the following winds 011 the Slamp, they aie gross impositions on the public : " SHAW and EDWARDS, suc- cessors to Joseph Wessels, ti6, St. Paul's Churcb- Yard," which his Majesty's Commissioners hate ordered'to be en- graved on every Slamp, to secuie them as their right. Soltl by Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London : sold also by W. EDDOWES, Bytheil, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shiewsbtny; Ridgeway, antl Proctor, Drayton; Chester, Newcastle; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Stafford; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock ; and by most of the resperwable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom.— Price 2s. 9d. and the larger Bottle, containing nine small ones, for the Convenience of Persons going fo Sea, Price ,,£ 1. 2s. TO ALL WHO VALUE THEIR SIGH F . More important information lo the afflicted with Dis- eases of the Eyes, highly deserving Attention. MR. KREBS can with confidence recommend his Melhod of treating Diseases of the Eyes, not as a bold ex- pedient, or one of uncertainty, but as a known imd long established remedy, the result of experienced success, his ancestors having been in possession of the Receipt above a Century, and practised with unrivalled success; a remedy so universally safe and efficacious, even when applied to infants of the most lender age ; and although the Public are already in possession of ample evidence, and numerous facts of Cures which have yielded to his COLLYRIUMS, after every other method hatl been tried in vain, still the following well authen- ticated Cases may serve to increase the Confidence of the most doubtful ; and having met with such peculiar success in the treatment qf Diseases of the Eyes, which had baffled men of considerable eminence in ihe Medical Profession, Mr. K. flatters himself that those Patients who chuse to employ him will not be disappointed. 1 ANN LLOYD, Mantua- maker, Willow- Street, Oswestry, was afflicted with a Chronic Ojththalmy for several months, during which time my Eye- lids Were'so relaxed and my Eyes so irritable, that 1 could not follow my business, and was in danger of losing my sight. I made use of a variety of appli- cations ( recommended by tho Faculty) without relief. I ap- plied to Mr. KREBS, at llanmer, anil have compleatly re- covered my « igbt, being enabled Constantly ! to'' fol! o'V thy business and work at my neeJle. During tbe time I was under the doctor's Care 1 daily became better, and tbe weakness of ay Eyes ( which nearly amounted to blindness) entirely removed. As Witness' my hand, ANM LLOYD. Witness to the above Cute JOBS LLOYD, her Father, Oiwestry, Nov. 1812. WE, the undersigned inhabitants of the township of Peck- forton, in the Parish of Bunburv, and County of Chester, 00 HERERY CERTIFY that JAMES FOXLFY, living with Mr. Charles Hampson, was affl'oted with a Scropholous Ophthalmy, which threatened to deprive him of his sight. He applied to the Faculty without relief, until he applied to Dr. KREBS, who has perfectly restored his sight, and the Scrophulous symptoms are entirely removed. As Witness our hands, CHARLES KAKPSON, JOHN JOSBS. Peckforton, Nov. 13th, 1812. I THOMAS HARPER, living wiih Mr. Jones, of Walford ( at that time), now of Wixall', DOtfRRsaY CBkTiFY, that ten years ago I was afflicted with a severe inflammation and inexpressible pain in my left eye, which Continued for six months ; during which time I could not follow my labour, anil was under many eminent men iu the profession ; but my d '-- order continued to increase, resisting the use of a variety of remedies both in- terna! arid external; had blisters mi my temples and behind my ears ; was let blood, and had tw 1 setons at the back of my neck ; but ail to no purpose, as a thick skin grew over 111y Eye, and rendered it useless, and t gave np all h i; re of Re- covery, contenting myself with the use of the other Eye, but that at ti nes was very weak and bad, and iu the course of last year, became so violently affected in the same way as thc other began, that I feared the hits of thit also. I was then admitted into the Shrewsbury fufir nary, but found no relief. In this deplorable state I heard of one LUKK CLAY who hatl hsen cured of a like complaint, and me and my wife ( as a guide), went, to tile said L. Clay, to be informed of Ihe truth, and enquire who cured him, for f ha I tried so many without relief, that 1 almost despaired of ever g itiug belter; but he gave me great bor. es, when he told me he had been evitry bit as bad as me, am! bail been perfectly ctiretl hv Mr; KHEBS, of Hatrmer, tvhom he was sure would cure me, if 1 would em- plov him ; at which I wAs overjoyed to thiek of recovering my sight again. Mv wife next ( lav led me to Mr. Krebs, who told me he could make a Cure of me if I put myself nnder his caie, which I did, and in ess than a tverk- found great relief, and in less than a month I was able to follow my labour ; and now, thank God, and Mr, Krebs, can go any where without a guide, and can distinctly see a pin on the ground ' vith either eye, or a hair, at a yard distance. While under the Doctor's Care I underwent five Operations. All Witness my hand, tbe Mark K of THOMAS HARPER, Ist* invalid. VVIXALL. Witness to tbe above Cure, J. BECKCT, Church Warden, R. PAHSONS, Overseer. I LUKE CLAY, Blacksmith, Of Welsh Hum ton, near Ellen- mere, Shropshire, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that. in April, 1R10, a spark of fire flew into my left Eye ( when at work), which gave me great pain : a" violent inflammation and humour in both Eyes followed, which ' disabled me from working at my trade; a skin overspread one eye, and deprived me of the sight of it; the oilier was so weak and'dim that 1 daily feared the loss of bdth ; when iu this deplorable » tiite 1 was recommended to Mr. KREIS', Oculist, formed four Operations on my Eyes, ami ha Cure, which f cannot in humanity to the publishing. AS Witness my hand, LUKE CLAY, late invalid. The truth of the above extraordinary cure is perfectly well kliown to the following respectable Neighbours : TTIO'tiXspHitLips, JOHN PAY, EDV/ A. IDWHITE, and JON:< WILLIAMS. 1More instances in proof of the efficacy of ' Jr. Krebs' method of treating Diseases, of the Lyes, When a mail receives an unexpected benefit fro n. Ihe excellence of another's judg nent and ingenuity, I consider it but right, and a duty incumbent, with gratitude to acknow- ledge it, particularly as it inay be the rneau^ of affording relief to others in affliction. A Child of mine had the misfortune, when only tivo years old, to strike the point of a thatch stick in his eve, which gave him excruciating pain, followed by violent inflamma- tion and swelling. Notwithstanding our utmost endeavours to relieve him by poultices, eye- waters, & c. his disorder daily increased, and a skin formed over the whole rye; tlie Q other so very weak he could not bear the light. I tvas advised to apply to Mr. KaeBs, who soon relieved him, antl tdour great joy has made a perfect cure of him. Il is now upwards of tilleo years ago, aid ho bas not extrerienced lie- least Relapse. As witness my band, JOHN D. VVIES. Sutton Green, near Wrexham, April, 1812. THIS IS TO CERTIFY that my sou laboured under a severe inflammation in his eye for some time, which I feared would deprive him of the sight of it, as he could get no relief till ha applied to Mr. KREBS, who has made a perfect Cure iu one month. As Witness my h3nd, JOHN NEWBROOK. Tilstock, near Whitchurch. GAORGK HARRIS, son of Mrs. Harris, of Longslow, near Market Drayton, Salop, was afflicted with a severe inflaiiw mation in the Eye, and Opacity that nearly covered tbe pupil and rendered it useless. No method that had been recommended, was able to procure the least relief, res- sting various plans of treatment, until his mother put liirn under the caie of Mr. KRHBS, by whose mode the boy perfectly recovered his sight, and can plainly see the smallest objects. Witness to the above Mrs. HARRIS, of Lumford. INFLUENCED hy the most lively s » nsations0f gratitude, an I being well assuied that many of the afflicted often lose their sight for waut of knowing where to apply for a cure, induces me to make the following case known to Ihe I'ublic. Lithe Autumn of Inst year, my sou EDWARD wa? afflicted with a Severs acute Ophihalmv, which, rap dly increasing, soon overspread his eye with a thick skirt, attended with violent p » in and great heaviness in his head, which soon de- prived him of the sight of that eye; and the other d lily be- coming weaker, I feared the total loss of both. 1 had re- course lodifferent applications, but without relief, till furtu. nately I was recommended to Mr. KREBS, of Hmmer, who attended him at my house, and has made a perfect Cure of him ; the truth of which I am willing to go a hundred miles 10 attest, if required. As witness my band, EDMUND JONES. Witness to the sbove Cure, K. F. EYTON, Esq. Eyion, near Wrexham, Oct. 23, 1811. Two more equally interesting Cases. THIS IS TO CERTIFY thai my son VV. H. HUGHBS was afflicted with violent pain, inflammation, aud strong humour in Ins right eve, which brought on a large skin, antl deprived him of ihe sight of it ; Ihe uihet eye tvas so much affected, that he was in danger of losing it. Every thing that is usually done on these occa- ioiis was done for him, by the Medical Meu who attended him ; bnt to no purpose, as his disorder con- ! linuCQ. to increase with unabated violence; when hearing of ' the many Cures performed by Mi. KRSBS, and being strongly recommended to pul him under his care, I sent for him to my house, where he attended him, and I have the inexpres- sible satisfaction to say has made a perfect Core; the truth of which I am willing to attest. As Witness mv band, ROBERT HUGHES. Oveiton, Ftinfsliih*, October < 21d, 1811. ANH, Daughter of SAMUEL DAVIES, of Marchwiel, near VVrexbitn, Denbighshirs, was afflicted with a severe acme Ophthalmy in both eyes for the space of 12 months, to so great a degree, that when she applied to Mr. KKFBS her eyes appealed to be in too hopeless a state to permit her to expert KIIV particular benefit; the opacity ou the Cornea of tbe right eye completely darkened it, the left soreluxed and weak, as to prevent her finding her way without, a guide ;- piany tilings had been tried without relief, until she became a patient to Mr. KREBS, who soon relieved her; the sta- e of her eyes daily improving, and in two months the sight of both eyes was in every respect perfect; it is now two years since, and she hus not experienced the least relapse, our bands, ANN DAVIES, SAM. DAVIES, her father. Mr. KRESS has restored the sight of several patients who had laboured under a Gutta SeVena, and in many instances bas wrought a perfect Cure iu eases lliat were ( bought incur- able, as in some the disease hail continued many years, therelore would have none despair ; but at the same time - he ' earnestly recommends all persons whose eyes are weak, or Sight dim, to lose no time, but to apply immediately, us his Collyrrums are found to nourish the eyes, and strengthen tbe - sight eveu'io old attf, and when had recourse to at the eora- rtiencefnent of n disease, seldom fail to pot a stop to its progress, lbs parties frequently finding Relief from the first application. Tliyy arc also successfully employed for tbe removal of all specks or - skins sitnuted upon the transparent Cornea of tire Eye, whether arising from previous inflamma- tion, or any other cause. Mr. Kit ens being fully enabled to cure all diseases of the eyes ( if curable), proposes to be consulted at bis bouse, in Wi/ rlmer; every MONUAY ; the other days will be at liberty to attend patients at their own houses, where required. ""'•' ' StJ " As witness late invalid. Printed andp- Mishei by W. F. ddotn, , C » n- Mariit, Shmsbury.
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