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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1002
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 07/04/1813
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1002
No Pages: 4
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ESTABLISHED V, Y CHARTER- Wednesday, Price Sixpence Halfpenny mit$ by auction. ~ This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the ^ joining Counties of ENGLAND and VV^.- Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. BOTANICAL LOTTERY. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK and Co. - f> ESPECTFULI. Y acquaint the Public tbatOovernmcnt H has fixed the Drawing of the BOTANICAL LOT- TERY for the 6th of MAY NEXT. In this Lottery there are 20,000 Tickets, one half of which [ are Prizes of various denominations, valued according to the undermentioned Scaje, extracted from the Schedule • f the Act nf Parliament: Prizes. 1 Valued at £ 5,060 £ 5,080 199 6() 15,920 200 30 6,000 < 500 16 9,000 a. ooo 5 10,000 7,0011 - 3 21,000 10,000 Prizes £ 67,000 TICKETS, Price £ 2 5s. each, arc selling at their London Offices, aud at Shrewsbury, by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Market Drayton, R. GRANT, Post- Master, Wrexham, J. PAINTER, Bookseller. TICKETS aud SHARES for the present State Lottery, containing more Prizes than Blanks, are on Sale at tbe Office of HAZARD, BORNE, and Co Stock- Brokers, ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON, WHERU No. 1,191— the last Prize of 20,0001. and the only oue io that Lottery, was sold in One Half, One Eighth, and Six Sixteenths. The present Lotlery begins Drawing the 6th of MAY. The Scheme contains 3 Prizes of ± 20,000 3 Prizes of £ 10,000, & c. & c. AGENT FOR THE ABOVE OFFICE, Mr. T. NEWLING, Bookseller, SHREWSBURY. MORE PRIZES THAN BLANKS INTHE SI A IE LOTTERY WHICH BEGINS DRAWING Oth MAY, ON THAT DAY EVERY TICKET DRAWN AND WILL BE A PRIZE. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. TJNHE CORPORATION of the JL ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSDKANCS do hereby give Notice, lhat they have authorised their resjiective Agents to ' receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at tbe Rate of per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiitms fall due on the 2.5th Instant, are hereby informed that Receipts are now ready fo be delivered by the _ Company's Agents undermentioned, and the Parties assured are requested to apply Jor the Re- newal of their Policies, on or before the 9th Day of April, 1813, as the usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL FENN1NG, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, Mr. William Eddowes, Jun. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jennius. . Ostcestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Alien. l. eominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr. William Holbrooke. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, . Mr, Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. IVrexham, Mr. Joseph Langford. FLINTSHIRE. Holywell, Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Stmnsea, Messrs. J. arid W. Robert Grote. Cardiff, Mr Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, Mr. J. II. Smithers. MONTGOM BRYi. Il I RE. SCHEME. . £ 20,000 ,. 10,000 .. 2,000.., .. 1,000... 500 300 S » o . 100....:.... 50 10,050 - 40,20, £ cc., The first drawn 1,000 Blauks,, The second drawn 1,000 Blanks, £ 60,000 30,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 3,000 3,000 2,000 2,000 82,000 , £ 211 each. £ 10 each. £ First drawn Prize above £ 30, SECOND DAY, £ 20,000. First drawn Prize above £ 40, THIRD DAY, £ 10,000 10,159 Prizes, and only 20,000 Tickets. The above Scheme is adapted 10 everyClass of Adventurers, as more than One Half of theTiekels and Shares bought an Average), WILL BE PRIZES, besides tbeir Chance ALL the CAPITALS. Tickets and Shares are selling by T. BISH, the Contractor, at his Fortunate Offices, 4, Cornbill, and 9, Charing Cross, London, and by the following AGENTS, J. SANDFORD, Bookseller, Shrewsbury R. PARKER, Ditto, Whitchurch K. PARKER, Grocer, UlUstnert A. MORGAN, Bookseller, Stafford P. DEN WAN, Dftio, Ifoteer/ Umpton. *.* Persons in tbe Country who find any difficulty in getting supplied with Tickets, Shares, or Schemes, ofthe Agents, are desired to seud their Orders direct to tbe Contractor as above. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt hearing dateou Ibe 18th Day of. Iuiv, 1812, awarded and issued forth agaiuetWILLlAM DEAN THEYOVNGKR, of the City of EXETER, China, Glass, mid Earthenware Merchant, Dealerand Chapman, intend lo meet 011 Ihe 17th Dayof April next, at Eleven of the Clock ia the Forenoon, at the TALBOT INN, in Bath Street, in the Cily or BRIS- TOL ( and not at tbe Globe Inu iu Bridgewaler, iu tbe County of Somerset, as advertised iu last Tuesday's Gazette), to make A DIVIDEND ofthe Estate and Effects ofthe said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims nut then proved will be disallowed. Dated24th March, 1813. British Fire Office, J/ lOR the Insurance of Buildings, Furniture, Merchau- . due, Ships, Vessels, aud all oilier Property, against Loss 01' Damage by FIRE. Proposals may be had gratis « t the principal Offices in Ihe Strand and Cornhill, London, or of Ihe Company's Agents in the different Cities and Towns in Great Britain and Ireland- Insurances for short Periods, ur for several Years toge- ther, may be effected at this Office, upon the most equitable Terms. Policies will not be charged for Sums of £ 300 or upwards, nor to Persons increasing their present Insurances. The whole STOCK of a FARM will be insured without Specification, at the reduced Premium of 2s. per Cent. Policies payable at LADY- DAY will be void, unless re- newed witbin fifteen Days therefrom. FELONY. WILLEY, BARROW, LIN LEY, BROSELEY, WE, the undersigned Inhabitants of the above Pa- rishes, aud ihe Vicinity, having uf late had divers Felonies committed upon our Property, have determined to offer the following Rewards to auy Person or Pei- sous eiviug such Information as may lead to llie Conviction of the Offender ur Offenders ; aud iu every Case au Accom- plice impeaching, shall be entitled to the same Reward, snd every Means used lo obtain a free Pardon. For Burglary, Sheepsiealing, and Horsestealing . tlos Fur every other capital Offence Ceeil W. Forester, Esq. M. P Willey John Rose. Inett Farm Wni. Griffiths, Arlscott Chas. Guest, Broseley March 33, 1813. | Thnmns Jenks, MartK I. C. Morris, Willey Farm Richard Wilkes, Linley Thos. George, Caughley Thomas Sleel, Barrow. J. C. MORRIS, ' Treasuler. - - - jc Reduced Fares, from the' Unicorn Inn. LONDON, COVENTRY, BIRMINGHAM, AND SHREWSBURY NEW COACH, CALLED THE ROYAL DEFIANCE, THROUGH SHIFFNAL AND WOLVERHAMPTON, By IV ay of Coalbrook Dale and Madeley. THE Public are respectfullv informed, that the above Coach sett out from the UNICORN INN, SHREWS- BURY, EVERY MORNING at five o'clock, and arrives STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, Mr. Charles Hudson. L ichfield, Mr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. Wolveihnmplon, Mr. James Brown. Hon ley, Mr. John Tomlinson. Newcastlt- under- Line, Mr. James Hahnarack. WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel Perrin. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley. S'antaich, Mr. William Tomlinson. Northwich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies w ill be allowed free nf Expense, wheie the annual Premium amounts lo 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses, by fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of the diffeient Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found t « be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves of others; TABLES of tbe RATES for such ASSURANCES and for- tlie GRANTING ANNUITIES on LIVES, may he had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Pub'ic, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement J the Assurance 011 Lives to the Age of 15 Years. Maich 12, 1813. attheCASTLE AND FALCON INN, Aldersgate- streel, LONDON, at seveu the following Morning.— Returns from London every - Evening at five o'Clock, and arrives in Shrewsbury early the following Evenirig; from whence Coaches set out for Aberystwyth, Welshpool, Oswestry, Wrexham, Chester, and Holyhead. Cari ies only fottr Insides. Performed by EDW. WILLIAMS, and Co. Shrewsbury, ROBERT PERREY, Wolverhampton. THOS. HEW LETT, and Co. Birmingham Not accountable for Parcels or Luggage above the value of £ 5, unless enteredassuch and paid for. STALLION.— 1813. SULTAN, atT. HILES's AbbeyForegate, SHREWSBURY, will Cover at three Guineas each Mare, and live shillings 1 the Groom. | SULTAN was got by St. Paul, St. Paul by Saltram, out of ! Purity, Dam of Rockingham. The Dam of Sultan was i Fanny, by Wcazle ; Weazle was got by Old Herod.— For ! Sultan's Performances vide Racing Calendar. I Sultan will be at Wenlock and Bridgnorth every Mon- I day; Shiffnal every Tuesday ; at Newport every Wednes- day; Wellington every Thursday ; nnd at Home Friday, Saturday, And Sunday. The Money to be paid at Midsiimmer; if uot, to be charged Haifa- Guinea mor « >- IVI& res barren last Year, to be covered at half Price.— Good Grass for Mares at SeVeu Shillings per Week. fflO cover this Season, at Garth, near Welshpool, at X THREE GUINEAS, ami t Crown the Groom, ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. rilHE Corporation of the Royal Exchange Assurance J have constituted and appointed Mr. JACOB SMITH, of LUDLOW, in this County, Linen aud Woollen Draper, their Agent and ReceiverTor the said Place and I'aits adja- cent, for the Assurance of Buildings, Goods, Merchandize, and Farming Stock, from Loss or Damage hy Fire ; and also for the Assurance of Lives. By Order of llie Court of Directors, SAMUEL PENNING, jun. Secretary. Extensive Colliery, Neath, South / Vales. TO BE LET, AND, ENTERED ON IMMEDIATELY, extensive COLLIERY, which may be o pellet within 100 Yards of the Neath Canal, about two Miles from the Shipping Port of Nealb; consisting of four Veins of excellent binding Coal, two of 6 Feet, one of 3*, and one of 3. There are many Cottages adjoining Ihe Premises, that may be had for the Accommodation of Workmen. For further Particulars apply ( if by Letter Pust- paul) to Mr. ATWOOD GNOLL, Neath; and Messrs. GOODEVE audRANKEN, Solicitors, Gray's luu, Holborn, London. PAVILION. The Money to be paid at the Tune of covering, er before tbe Mares are taken away. Good Grass for Mares at 7s. a Week.— Barren Mares, covered by PAVILION last Year, at half Price, and the Groom's Fee. TT10 Coverthis Season, 1813, at ACTON BURNEI., at Two J. Guineas a Mare, and Five Shillings the Groom, CLOTHIER. - Clo- thier was got by The Prince's Saltram, $ uin Jocafli. Clothier is a beautiful black Horse, 15 Hands 2 Inches high, risingG Years old. For Blood he may be equalled, but not sm passed. \ He will be at tbe Unicorn Inn, Shrewsbury, every Satur- day during ihe Season; mud the re}! of ihf Time at Acton BunwL - . . - SS * rTU) Cover this Season, 1813, at Lulwyrhc, near Much JL Wcnlock, ai Three Guineas, and Half a Guinea the Groom, Ihe beautiful Grey Horse LUTWYCHE, by Delpini, out of Miss Teazle, own Sister to Sir Oliver, Josephina, Poultuu, &. c. He is a Horse of amazing Powers, stands 16 Hands high, is 6 Years old, and perfectly free from natural Blemish. To the Afflicted with Coughs, Colds-, Asthmas, and Consumptions, BENNETT'S COUGH DROPS are recommended as a most sovereign Remedy. The Proprietor having proved Ihe unparalleled efficacy of BENNETT'S COUGH DROPS iu his extensive private prac- tice, can with confidence reeummeiid ihem to those who suffer under obstinate Coughs, Hoarsenesses, Catarrhs, Difficulty of Bioathing, Wheezing, Soreness of the Breast and stomach, Obstructions of the lands. Acrimony of the Fluids, and Congealed Phlegm, in all which ONE TRIAI. ONLY will speedily evince their unparalleled Utility. These Drops are perfectly mild and innocent in their operalion, and are sold Wholesale only, by appointment of the Proprietor, by BARCLAY and Son, No. 95, Fleet- Maiket, London, whose Names are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each Botlle ; and retail, price ' 2s. 9d. Duty included, by W. ED- DOWKS, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madeley Market- place; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge, and M uch Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch ; Baugh, Cross, Ellesmere; Proctor, Drayton ; Weaver, Montgomery ; Joues and Co. Kvans, Roberts, nnd Powell, Welsh Pool; Morrall, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Osweslryj Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Gitton, Bridgnorth; Scairott, Stiiffnal; Painter, Wrexham ; Jones, Chiik; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangerniew; Evans, Newtown j and by every Medicine Vender in ihe Kingdom. HOPE ASSURANCE COMPANY, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON; Royal Exchange, Edinburgh; and Westmoreland- Street, Dublin. FIRE OFFICE.— Capital ONE MILLION. ASSURANCES against Loss or DAMAGE by FIRE ef- fected upon every Description of Property within Ihe United Kingdom, upun Terms as beneficial to tbe assured as those of any other Office. Losses are uuiforinly paid by thB Company with the utmost Spirit of Lilieiality and Promptitude. Notice is hereby given, that Receipts for the Renewal of Policies which expire at Lady Day, are now ready for Delivery at the above- mentioned Offices, anil with the respective Agents ofthe Company throughout the United Kingdom. Policies of Assurunce, which expire at the shove Period, should be renewed within FIFTEEN DAYS thereafter, or they become void. LIFE OFFICE— Capital ONE MILLION. ASSURANCES effected upon LIVES aud MI SURVIVOR- SHIP.— ANNUITIES granted and purchased.—- ENDOW- MENTS for Children, & c. & c. Tha Proprietors of this Office linve undertaken all Re- sponsibility, and have stipulated for a Guarantee uf One Million Sterling, as an ampl « Security for all Iheir Engage- ments. The Profits arising out of this Branch uf Business, after a moderate Deduction fur Guarantee aud Expeuseof Manage- ment, are divided amongst the assured, iu proportion lo ihe Sums respectively assured; upon which Principle numerous are the Instances of Ie: i Twenty, and Thirty per Cent, in addition to the Amount of Life Policies, being paid; and Cases have occurred ( when the Duration of Life has been consideiahly prolonged), where the Payment has been more than double the Sum assured. No Entrance Money, Admission Fee, or other Official Charge, exacled 1 ner aie Gentlemen of the Army or Navy charged any additional Premium, unless called into actual Service. ' WILLIAM BURY, Secretary. BOXER, rpHE SUFFOLK PUNCH HORSE, advertised tocover JL 50 Marcs only ( this Season) at Rowton, st two Guineas a Mare, and 2s. od. the Groom, will cover I hole Mares gratia next Year which prove barren. 1813. killTdevil WILL cover this Scuson, at KINTON, near Ness- cliff, at three Guineas each Mare, and five Shillings the Groom; the Moneyslo be paid at Midsummer, or charged lor 6d. more. " ts He will be at SHREWSBURY every " Sdtitrdav, and OSWES- TRY every 11 ednesday, during the Season; and the rest of his Time at Home. LSI TO COVER THIS SEASON, AT WEM, ROSARIO: Thorough- bred Mares al Five Guineas and a Half; Hunting Marcs and others, at Three Guineas and Five Shillings. ROSARIO was pot by Ambtosio, one of the largest and speediest Suns uf Sir Peler, his Dam Portia, hy Volunteer ( the Sire of Eagle, & c.) his Grandam by Herod, own Sister to Sting. April 2d, I807— ROSARIO, when First in Train, received Fifty Guineas Forfeit at Newmarket, from Lord Fuley's ' for Two Hundred Guineas. The following Agents are appointed by the Company in this County, of whom Proposals muy be had gratis; and evett/ In- formation obtained. Mr. THOMAS TREVOR, Much Wenlock • JOHN OWF. N, Ludlow. Fifty Pounds Reward. LOST ( supposed to he stolen) about the 20th of Novem- ber last, from Mr. BEAUMONT, of the VRO. V EN D, iu ihe Parish uf Chui, in the County ofSalop, a BOX, con- taining Cash & Notes lo the Amount of about £ 250, with a Draft, Value .£ 270, Ihe Payment of which is stopped: Any Person who will give such Information as may lead to Ihe Detection and Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, shall receive the above Reward, by applying to the afore- said Mr. Beaumont. Vron E id, March 22,1813. Chaise and One, iu a Match July lst— He won Fifty Guineas at Stockbridge, beating Handicap, Sir Hugh, and Mr. Stuckey's True Blue. July3tst— He walked over at Winchester, for the Cup Value Fifty Guineas. August 41 h— He won Eighty Guineas at Newburv, beat- ing Mr. Ladbroke's Cursican, aud Mr. Duudas's Colt by Su Solomon. September istli— He won tbe Stakes at Kingscote, heat- ing Mr. Trevanion's Bucephalus and I. ord C. H. Somerset's White Rose. June 8th, 1808— He won the Handicap Plate at Madding- ton, beating Mr. Dundas's Cambrian, Mr. Goddard' « Old Maid, Sir H. Lippingcott's Chaise and One, aud Mr. Best's Augusta. July 5th— He won Fifty Guineas at Bibury, oarrying I lst. 7lb, beating Mr. Gonlbouru's Griinaldi. He also the next Day won a Handicap Plate, Value Fifty Guineas, beating Lord Egremont's Brother lo Hedley, by Gohanna, Sir H. Lippingcott's Chaise and One, aud dis- tancing Mr. Cope's Nettle: six to four ou ROSARIO; after the Heat three and four to one. July 14th— He won a Sweepstakes of Fifteen Subscribers at three Heats, carrying 10sl. 2lb. at Stockbridge, beating Mr. Seckham's b. c. by Trumpeter, out of Brda, Lord Egremont's br. c. Brother to Hedley, Mr. Fellowes's Mandam, and'Mr. Butler's Epsom. The next Day, at the same Place, he won Sixty Guineas, beating Sir H. Lippi'ngcott's Sorceress, by Sorcerer. July 2oth— He won Fifiy Pounds at Winsbester, beating Mr. Trevanion'sb. c Lewes. September 21 « t— lie also won a Sweepstakes of One Hundred aud Seventy Guineas nt Kingscote ( Fourteen Subscribers), beating Mr Dundas's Rubens, Mr. Rush's Timekeeper, and Sir H. C. Lippingctiit's Ploughboy. May 24th, 1809— At Maddiugtou he won a Match for One Hundred Guineas, heating Mr. Trevanion's Gammon, hy Beuiugbrough, oul uf Mulespiuner.—— At the same Place, the next Day, in running for a Sweepstakes of One Hundred and Seventy Guineas, he fell laine, and was taken out uf Train. ROSARIO is a dark Brown, with good Legs, upwards of Sixteen Hands high, w ith Bone and Strength 111 Proportion, nnd fine Action ; an excellent Temper and Constitution.— His Stock, which is now rising two Y ears old, are very large, handsome, and particularly promising— He is intended to attend at Drayton, Newport, Wellington, and Shrewsbury, during the Season, and the Rest of his Time al Home.— Particulars iu a future Paper. Mares accommodated at Seven Shillings per Week. FREEHOLD ESTATES, In the Town of Shrewsbury, and a Fee Farm Rent secured on Lands in the County of Salop. TO BE llOLD, Tn LOTS, to the best Bidders, on Saturday, the first Day of May next, at Iwo o'Clock in Ibe Afternoon, at the White Lion Inn, in the Town of Shrewsbury, hefore ABEL MOYSEY, Esq. Deputy Remembrancer of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, pursuant to an Order of the said Court made in a Cause intituled THE KING V. JOHN BISHOP: SEVERAL FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate in the TOWN of SHREWSBURY, consisting of a capital Mansion, with convenient Offices and spacious Garden with lofty Walls, Outhouses, and Appurtennnces, situate 011 Ihe East Side of DOGPOLE, with a PEW in the Mid- dle Aisle of the Parish Church of St. Julian ; and of two new erected Coach- houses and Stables, situale on the West Side of Dogpole; and of a Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Garden, Stable, Cowhouse, and Ap. uuiteuatices, in COLEHAM, neirr the Town of Shrews- bury, 111 the Occupation of Thomas Gvvilt; and also of several MESSUAGESoiTenements, Slnhles, Coach- house, and Gardens, situate in the said Town, called " THE FRIARS,"— and another PEW in the Middle Aisle of the said Parish Church of St. Julian on the North Side of I lie said Aisle and uumbered It. The Rem Charge, or Fee Farm Rent, Amount £ 6 12s. 4d. per Annum, and amply secured 011 Freehold Estates . 111 Clee Downton, in the Comity of Salop. Further Particulars may shortly be had, gratis, nt the Chambers of the said Deputy Remembrancer in the Ex. chequer Office, Inner Temple; of JOHN HANSON, Esq. Solicitor of Stamps, at the Stamp Office, Somerset House, or No. 65, Chancery Lane, London ; at the Place of Sale ; nod of Messrs. PEMBERTO. N, COUPLAND, and DUKES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. CAPITAL NAVY~ TIMBER— MONTGOMERYSHIRE, BY G. SMOUT, At Ihe Oak Inn, Welshpool, in the County of Montgomery, un Monday, the 19th l ay of April, 1813, between the Hours of 4 aud 6 in the Afternoon, subject to such Con ditions as shall be then produced, RI^ HE FOLLOWING LOTS OF TIMBER, viz. :— 1 LOT 1. 128 OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe 1 to 128, standing un Vavnor Park. LOT II. 56 OAK Timber Trees, numbered ill like Man- ner, standing in Fronfraitli and CcfuiddCoppices, and otber Pail ofVayuor Demesne LOT III. 130 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Marnier, standing (" chiefly in Coppices) 011 I* nrt of Vayuor Demesne, Loner Vaynoi, and Lands adjoining, in tlicOc- cupatiou of Humphrey Rowlands Junes, Esq. Richard Williams, and John Pierce. LOT IV.' 140 OAK Timber Trees, nuinherein like Manner, standing in Corfield's Wood, near Lot 3. LOTV. 89 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing ( chiefly in Coppices) 011 Lands known by the Name of UteJ. Reece's, in IheOccupatiou of John Price. LOT VI. 44 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing ( chiefly in Coppices) 011 the Pied House and Ctfu Drebocth Farms, in the several Occupations uf John Price and John Williams Lor VII. 93 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing on Plas Dup&, Puudy, and Pen v Park Farms, in the several Occupations of Jului Davies, Joseph Higgius, aud John Pugh. LOT VIII. 120 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Marnier, standing iu Allt Wood, aud Lands adjoining, Barf qf Lower Reolory Farms, iu the Occupation of Pryce LOT IX. 52 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing 011 the Village and Keel Farms, in the several Occupations of Edward Jones and Richard Davies. All the above Lots are situate in the Parish of Berriew, near Welshpool, on good Ground for converting, and close to a Turnpike Road. Those in Yaynur Park and Demesne, and Lot 9, are about a Quarter of a Mile from the Montgo- meryshire Canal; Lots 4 aud 8 are close to the Canal; aud the Remainder not more than a Mile and Half from said Canal, aud about 8 Miles from Pool Quay, where the Severn is navigable. Tbe Trees in most of tbe Lots are . of very considerable Diuieusiuns, calculated for ttie superior Purposes of the Navy, or any other Purposes for ubich large Timber is required; and the Whole will lie found deserving llie Atten- tion of Persons in want of capital Timber. JOHN PIERCE, of the Upper Living, near Bcrriew, will shew tbe Timber; and further Particulars may be had uf Mr. JONES, juo. Peu'bryn, near Montgomery; or MI- GOULD, Gulfa, near Welshpool. To Potters and China Manufacturers. CHINA CLAY AND CHINA STONEWORKS, CORNWALL. By Messrs. PEAltCE and MANN, Oil Friday, April30,1813, at the Auction Mart; THE GONNOMARIS CLAY WORKS; comprising a valuable aud highly improvable Estate, with 30 Acres of LAND, uow ih full Work, situate at Gonnumaris, in the Parish uf St. Stephen Brennell, in the Couuty of Cornwall; containing an abundant Supply of excellent CHINA CLAY, and CHINA STONE, well known inthe Trade to be ofa superior Quality, and adapted for Ihe . Manufacture of the finest Porcelain and Earthenware; with numerous Out- buildings, recently erected at H considerable Expense, for Ihe Purpose of carrying ou the Works, immediate Posses- sion of which may he hail, held on Lease for 38 Years, at a low Rent. Maybe viewed, by applying to Mr. JOHN CLOSE, 011 the Premises, where descriptive Particulars may be hail 20 Days previous to Ihe Sale; of Mr. GEORGE VF. RNON, Stoue ; Mr. VALENTINE CLOSE, Hanlcy, Stafford ; of Mr. DAWES, Angel Court, Throginorton Street; and of Messrs. PEARCF. and MANN, at their Auction and Estate Office, No. 16, Cornhill, Opposite the Bank of England. © ales Dp auctions THIS DJV, At the Cross Foxes, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 71b Day of April, 1813, at four o'Clock, subject to such- Con- ditions as shall be then produced : LOT 1. ALL that Messuage or DWELLING- HOUSE, with Ibe Outbuildings and Appurtenances thereto belonu- ing, called THE VRON, situale in the Parish of Syllatin, iu the Cuunty of Salop, together with n Piece of Land called THE ALLOTMENT, or HILL FIELD, containing 111 Ihe Whole 7A. iR. 24P. or thereabouts, and now in tbe Occupation of Mr. Edward Roberts. LOT II A MEADOW, called Erw Gamdda, near Lot 1, in the Occupation of the sameTeuant, coutaiuing 1 A. oR. 6P. or thereabouts. LOT 111. TWO PIECES nf LAND, containing together SA. oR. 2P. or thereabouts, adjoining the Road from Oswestry lo Syllnlln, called Cae Llefcney ami Erw Llef- eney, and in ibe Occupation of the same Tenant. LOT IV. A PIECE of PASTURE LAND, adjoining Ihe same Road, called CAE TAN Y FORDD, containing 2A. oR. 5P. or lliereabouls, in the Occupation of the same Tenant. LOT V. A SEAT in Syliatin Church, in the Occopation of the saoie Tenant. The Estate is situate within two Miles from Oswes- try, and not more than three Miles from Lime and Coal. The Tenant will shew the Premises ; nnd further Par ticulars may be known by applying lo Mr. DAVIES, of the Hayes, near Oswestry; or tu Mr. PANTING, Attorney, in Shrewsbury, al whose Otiiee a Map of Ihe Estate may be seen. LUDLOW, SHROPSHIRE. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD HOUSE & PREMISES. BY F. KITE, On Monday, the 12th Day of April, 1813, on Ihe Premises, between the Hours of foui and six o'Clock in the After- noon, subject to Conditions then lo be produced: ALL thai IREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Tenement, together w ilh the Outbuildings, Stable, Yard, Garden, aud Premises tu the same adjoining and belonging, situate on the East Side of BROAD- STREET, in live Town of LUD- LOW, late ill the Occupation of Mrs. AiogelI, deceased. The Honse consists of a good Kitchen, Parlour, Brew, house, two Pantries, and other Offices 011 IheGround Floor, an excellent Dining Room, 18 Feet six Inches by 16 Feet two Inches, together wilh a Silling Room, two Bed Rooms with Closets, on the first Floor, two Bed Rooms, with Dressing Room, 011 the second Floor 5 with good Attics for Servants, aud two excellent Cellars under the House. The Piemises are Brick built, and in rood Repair, aud suitable for the Reception uf a resuectahle Family, the Situation being equal to any in theTown, and Possession may be had immediately.— The Grates and Fixtures to he. takeu to by the Purchaser at a fair Valuation. For a View uf the Premises, apply lo Mr. GEORGE, or IHE AUCTIONEER, both of Ludlow. Messrs. AOAMS and ANDERSON, Solicitors. On Tuesday, the 13th, and following Days, II'tt- c HB snin sr AUCTION. All the elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ami other Effects, of the late Mrs AINGEI. L, which will be particularly described in Catalogues, lo be had three Days previous to the Sale, on the Premises'; or of tbe. Auctioneer. The Stile to begin vach Morning at 10 o'Clock, aud con- tinue till the Whole is disposed of.— A Person will attend on the Premises three Days previous to the Sale. BY THflMA^ FREiU^ At the Swan Inn, in Stourporl, ou Tuesday, the 13th Day of April, 1813, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon ; FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE ESTATES, Situate at MORI'IL, in the County of Salop. At the New Inn, in Bridgnorth, oil Saturday, the 15th Day of May, 1813, at live o'Clock in the Afternoon, iunless disposed of in the Interim by private Contract, of w hich due Notice will be given, either together or in the follow- ing or oilier Lots, aud subject to Conditions then to be produced: LOT I. ALL that MESSUAGE, with the Offices nnd Stables, in complete Repair, uow occupied hy Mr ~ tlier with a Garden and a Meadow, called Lower Moors, containing by Admeasurement LOT II. Two Cottages, with Gardens, ad- joining the above Lot ( severally) LOT III. Little Meadow LOT IV. Great Leasow LOT V. Old Clover Upper Moors - I. OT VI. Lower Quarry LOT VII UpperQuarry LOT VIII. Great Meadow LOT IX. Cunnery LOTX. Cross Field - Dittu Rough - 3 LOT XL Ash Bridge Meadow LOT XII. Bain Field 12A. Ditto adjoining 1 LOTXIIL Dock Meadow LOT XIV. Cankor Meadow 5A. 2R 27P. 4 ' 3 13— 8A. OR. OP. - 2 1 25- 1R. 25P. 4— . Dyer, loge A. R. P. 8 3 20 0 1 22 4 1 16 9 3 32 10 2 0 9 I 11 8 1 1 11 0 0 6 0 12 10 1 25 3 0 0 13 2 29 4 3 37 6 3 16 107 2 21 The above are excellent rich Meadow, Pasture, & Arable Lands; a Trout Stream runs thro' Part of the same; lie very contiguous to Lime and Coal; having the Bridgnurth, Wenlock, and Shrewsbury Turnpike Road going thro'ihe Estate, and a daily Coach passing from Holvhe- ad lo Chel- tenham, Bristol, and Bath. Morvil is only three Miles from Bridgnorth, and five from Weulock The Lands are all ill Possession of Mr. DYER, who will appoint a Person lo shew Ihc Lots; and any further Particulars may be known by applying to R. L. APPLEYARD, Esq. Lincoln's Inn, London ; Mr. GlTTow, Solicitor, Bridgnorth; ur Mr DYER, Mornl aforesaid. A LL that Freehold TAN YARD, with the Di ver, Beam f\_ House, Warehouse, Acconipt House, Bark Mill, and thefollowing Pits, viz 51 Handlers, 24 Vats, 9 Leiches, 6 Grainers, 6 Limes, and 2 Soaking Pits; together with a capital Stock of Bark and Hides in different States of Tan- ning; and all tbe Implements and Requisites for carrying on ihe Tauuing Business on a large Scale. ThisTanyard is most advantageously situated at Stour- porl, in the County of Worcester, very near 10 Ihe Stafford- shire aud Worcestershire Canal, and also near to Ihe River Severn, aud iu a good Neighbourhood for Bark, and in all Respects a most desirable Situation for carrying 011 the Business ofa Tanner. For a View of the Tauyard apply to JOHN CARTER, on the Premises; and fo, r further Particulars to Messrs, CLARKE and PARDOE, Solicilors, Bewdlcy. BY RICHALID MADDQX, On the Premises, without Reserve, on Monday and Tues- day, the 19th and 20th Days of April, 1813, ALL the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Ulensils, wilh Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. JOHN RICHARDS, of MELVERLEY, iu the County ofSalop; consisting of II Cows, calved and in- calf, four 3- years old Heifers, to calve, four 2- years uld Heifers, a 2- years old Bull, aud Iwo Barrens ; four Waggon Horses, Saddle Mare, iu- foal, Saddle Mare, by True Blue, Horse Cull, 3 years old, uf the Saddle Kind, hy Trotting Alias, 2- yeai'k old Filly ; four strong store Piss, one Sow in- pig; six Sels of Gears ; Road Waggon, wilh Shells and Ripples, nearly new, Harvest Waggon complete, and Cart, three Tumbrels, Ploughs, Harrows, Winnowing Machine, and every other useful Article uf Husbandry; large Slack Frame, Stone Caps complete; two Stacks of Barley lo go off the Premises; Cheese Tub, Presses, and Squeezer, Churns, Milk Pails, Cans and Tins, Cheese Vats, & c. & c. & c. Catalogues may be bad 011 tbe Premises, at the Inus in the Neighbourhood, and of the Auctioneer. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. At the Red Lion Inn, in Ihe Town of Lanidloes, inthe County of Montgomery, 011 Saturday, the 17th Day of April, 1813, between ( lie Hours of four and six in Ihe Afternoon, touelher, or in Ihe followiug IAIIS, and subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be Ibcii produced: LOT 1. ALL that well established INN, called ihe RED LION, with suitable Stabling and Outbuildings, and evefv other Convenience requisite at an Inn ; situate in the most eligible Part ofthe Town of Llanidloes for Trade, now In Ihe Occupation of Mr. Edward Evans. LOT 11 All thai convenient DWELLING HOUSE slid SHOP adjoining Lot 1, wilh so much of Ihe Lion Inn Gar- den as is marked out with Stakes, now in the Occupation of Mr. John Edwards. Llanidloes has a good weekly Market, several large Fairs in the Year, very extensive Trade, and a Coach runs llifo' the Town twice a Week during I lie Summer Season from Ludlow to Aberystwith— Part ofthe Purchase Money may remain on Security, if required. For further Particulars A iplvto Mr. GEORGE MEDDINS, of Newtown; or to T E. MARSH, Solicitor, Llanidloes. FLINTSHIRE.— CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. At the House of Mrs. Anne Lewis, in Rhewl Mostvn, < 111 Tuesday, { lie 201 h Day of April; 1813, at three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject 10 such Conditions as shall Ihen be produced, in the followiug Lots: r\ 1 A LOT 1. A I / I OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered with white x * Paint 1 to 214. LOT II. 201 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered in like Manuel, 1 to 201. LOT 111. 202 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered in like Manner, 1 tu 202. The above Timber are of large Dimensions and superior Quality, calculated for Frame- limber, Beams, and Planks for the Use of the Navy, or other Purposes. The Whole are standing in Whitfoid Wood, close to a Turnpike Road, aud wilhin Iwo Miles of Mostyn Mark, w here they may he conveniently put 011 board Ship ; and will he fonud deserv- ing Ihe Attention of Shipbuilders, or any oilier Person in want of capital Timber. John Edwards, Sawyer, will ahe. v the Lots ; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. ROGER JONES, of Mostyn. Mostyn, \ yth March, 1813. PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY. LONDON. IBostetrmf. FRIDAY, APRIL 2. Private advices have been received from Hamburgh fo iie 22d ultimo. A Gentleman just arrived from that city assures ns, that, taking the Freuch forces in the North of '. ermany at the highest estimate, they cannot be calculated ligher than at 160,000 men, while the Russian armies consist of at least 180,000 men Independent Jf the Russian, • oops actually in aims, the Prussian* were assembling in • reat force, and it was supposed that they would muster an uinyof 200,000 men. Nearly as uiany more were expected o be raised in Hanover, Mecklenhe;*, Poruerania, aud the other States which have beeu rescued from French do- mination. AH tbe horses, which the French agents had Sought Up in I oland and Prussia, for Ihe remount of the French artillery and cavalry, have fallen into Ihe hands of tbe Russians or Prussians, and it is considered that the want of horses alone will prevent the French for sometime from taking the field. The Russians have passedtheSaxou frontiers. It is understood that troops are immediately to be sent to Hanover from this country, and that the Duke of (" umber-, land, accompanied by Baron St. Qnintin, of tbe loth Hussars, and Col Halkett, ofthe German Legion, will . proceed to the same destination. Vavion* articles in lhe French papers betray the ferment that exists 111 Austria, Bavaria, and Wirtcmberg, us well as in everv other part of Germany. They are symptoms ot an approaching explosion. All the vassal States which Bonaparte had lirst subdued, then impoverished, and lastly forced to take up arms for his ambitious purposes, are now - become his enemies— not the usual enemies that have been engaged in Wars, hut Ihe enemies which have all and each groaned under his tyranny. Is there a family into which he has not carried affliction— is there a being through that vast Continent that has not cause to rurse and hate him > Exists there the mail whom he has not injured ? The chains he has forged are now turned iuto weapons against him; - the slave has burst his fetters to break them ou tbe head of his oppressors. Such are ihe foes he has now 10 contend with— foes animated hy the powerful impulse of revenge, have so committed themselves and conscious loo Ihat they have against him as to have no hope of mercy, should he again become tbe Lord of tbe Ascendant ll is this consciousness that, giving lo their courage all the energy of despuir, will render their hostility fierce and tremendous. And where is lie in 1 his awful crisis ! Hunting and amusing himself with halls and plays, as if the world were at peace, and himself the blessed, instead oft> « 4ng Ihe accursed, of mankind ! The blockade of the Elbe is, it appears, still maintained, and it is said that Government have too much distrust of Denmark to permit Ihe commercial shipping to proceed along the coast of Holsrein to Hamburgh. The Captain of a vessel from Holland, has arrived 111 town wilh tiie following information :—" lu Holland there is the greatest possible fermentation. The public mind is prepared for an exploM-. il, aud insurrections against the Trench Authorities are expected immediately. The French families had sent off their most valuable effects to France, aud were preparing lo follow them." The Marchioness of Downshire's amount of loss, ill plate and j, u elleiy alone, from the burglary committed the other night at her house, in Hanover- square, exceeds 4,000 guineas. A tettev from Dover, dated March 30, says—" A boat from lhe oppositecoast brings a report, that the Danish and Dutch sailors are in a state of insurrection, so that the fleet is oblige! to be dismantled ; but the fleet from the Texel is said to be ready to sail the first fair wind.— Two Freuch Officers who had broken their panale, were apprehended last . light, and delivered into the care of tbe Agent for prisoners of war." Recent letters from the army in Portugal state that it Is probable Lord Wellington will take the field immediately^ The cavalry horses have heen brought inlo some kind of. order— the whole of the artillery has been repaired, and fresh brought up from Lisbon- and the army is about lo move. Part of Gen. Hill's army lias been moved forward on the right aud on tbe left. Gen. Cole has moved in advauce with the 4th division. In the mean time the Marquis has been reviewing the Spanish and Portuguese troops, and has heen narrowly examining the fortifications of Almeida and . Ciudad Rodrigo. Ou Thursday, the Royal Assent was given by Commission to the £ 5,000,000 Exchequer Bills Bill, the 1,500,000 Ex- chequer B lis Bill, the Sugar Drawback Bill, tbe Irish Sugar Drawback Bill, the Waste Silk Drawback Bill, the Local Militia Bill, the Scotch Local Militia Bill, and several private Bills. A letter has beeu received from Bremen, of the igtb ult. stating, that Ge. i, Moraud, who commanded the F. ench re- treating army from Slralsund, and Gen. Cara St Cyr, who commanded that from Hamburgh and Bergedorf, bad ai- med at Bremen, with the Prefect of that place, and eight other French Officers, lt being impossible for tlicm to escape, on account ofthe general insurrections in the neigh- bouring districts. thtGenerals Morand and St. Cyr. with the PiefeerallU otlierOfficers, f brew themselves upon the mercy and protection ofthe principal inhabitants cf Bremen, who are said lo have given their ' word to prolect, at least I heir persons, from the fury of ihe populace There is little doubt, however, that they will be made prisoners by the Russians. SATURDAY, APRIL 3. Information from Bavaria states, that, at a Council of State at Munich, held'to determine upon the line of con- duct lo be pursued, the Prince Royal strongly urged imitat- ing tlie example of Austria, lo make a peace upon solid grounds, and effect the liberation of Germany from French influence. The King and bis prime - Minister Monteglas, were fur continuing their present political connections, without any change The discussion got warm 3 so much so, that the Prince was put under arrest. This measure had no sooner transpired, than the Burghers flew to arms, and liberated the Prince. Yesterday the Livery of London, in Common Hall as- sembled, the Lord Mayor in the chair, voted an Address of congratulation to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, stating, " lliat they viewed with indignation and abhorrence, the foul conspiracy against her honour and • LOUDON, Monday Nigh!, April 5, 1813. Various reports have heen iu circulation to- day from Ihe coos';. - It was slated that a flag of truce had ariived ut Dover late yesterday evening, with a French officer 011 board, tiieiiearer of dispatches for the British Government, lt is a i'net that a person arrived late ou Sunday evening at Deal, fiom the coast of Holland, who immediately proceed- ed " foi ward to'Government. Some have assigned to this gentleman a mission for Peace, and others as confidently affirm that lie is a delegate sent by the Dutch insurgents to represent the state- of the feeling which now exists 111 Hollaud, and to solicit military aid off the British Govern- ment. All that can be vouched foi on this subject is, that a gentleman lauded at Deal, as slated, from the Dutch coast, and was permitted to proceed to town with dispat ches. The letters brought by the Lisbon mail arrived yesterday were delivered to- day. I'he Marquis of Wellington had proceeded to the frontiers, to make i- ecovinoissances and to push forward the advanced pOBts. Marshal Beresford has experienced a severe accident. Advices from Lisbon ot the Mill ult. state, that he vvas passing by the Loretto ill his curricle, when ( lie bar or pole broke, and the horses ( two of the Prince's stallions) took fright and threw him out. His face was much cutliy the fall, aud one of the wheels nearly passed over his head. His aide- de- camp, Condc d'Alva, who was in the vehicle with him, escaped unhurt. The Marshal's wound was so serious as to pievent him from joining Ihe army. New York papers have been received to the 4th ult. Their contents are not of much importance. Tbe pro- ceedings of Congress are brought down to tbe 33d of February, and are lather of a conciliatory nature than otherwise. The private letters give strong hopes that the Government are more parific inclined of late, and that the bill for excluding foreign seamen from serving ou hoard American ships is meant lo conciliate this country. There is no doubt of its beingnassed, as well as that which has in view the suspension of the Non- impoi talion Act. The transports witn theGernian Legion and other troops onboard, sailed from Yarmouth 011 Sunday. They are to proceed up the Baltic Yesterday the following Bulletin was shewn at St. James s Palace :— « Windsor Castle, April 3 — His Majesty has been almost uniformly under a slight degree of excitement since the last monthly report." Three per Cent. Consols 58j. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 1813. MARRIED. On the 30th of Match, at Birmingham, William Jeffreys, Esq. of this town, to Ann, second daughter of Alexander Forrest, Esq. of Warstone House, near Birmingham. DIED. Sunday, at Wimbledon, after a short but severe illness, Ihe Princess of Conde, aged_ 75. On the 29th ult. Mr. Tho. Wildblood, of Great Ness. Lately, at Hold's Park, near Bridgnorth, Miss S. Purton. At Doon, near Gatehouse of Fleet, Mrs. Helen Henry, aged 91, relict of Mr. Samuel Henry, farmer there. It may be worthy of remark, that she has at present two brothers, the one aged 81, and the other P.'. ; also, a sister living, aged S3 ; another sister died four yeais ago, aged 83. MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain in our market 011 Saturday last- Wheat 18s. 8d. to 19s. Od.— Barley lis. Od to 13s. Od. per bushel of 3S quarts.— Oats 9s. 9d. per customary measure of 57 quarts. Mar. k- Lane, April 2. The Sale of wheat is vevv dull except for that of fine quality, which supports last week's prices— What Barley appeared for this morning's market, was only the remains of previous arrivals, aud being of ordinary quality, is unsale able— Malt continues exceedingly heavy sale— Oats are 3s. per quarter cheaper, wilh very huge stocks on hand— In Peas and other- articles there is no variation. Current Price ot Grain per Unarier us wider :— Wheat 1 lOf. to 138s. I White Peas- 90s. to 95s. Barley 48s. to 66s. I Oats 40s to 53s. Milt 86s. to 100s. | Beans 60s. to 14s. Fine Flour lo5 » . to 110s.— Seconds t' Os. to 1O51. APRIL 5— The market was well supplied with wheat this day, but there was no demand, exccpt for fine samples, which obtained last week's prices; the inferior sorts are from 4s to 5s. per quarter lower than on Monday. Barley was rather better sale than on this day week,' but the prices continue the same for that of fine quality— the ordinary sorts are 3s- per quarter lower.— Oats are 3s. per quarter cheaper — Peas, Beans, aud other articles continue without variation. SMITI1FIELD M4RKET, MARCH 2G. This day's Market was but thinly supplied with different kinds of cattle. Veal is cheaper ; Pork is dearer ; Beef and Mutton sold at last prices; and llie trade in general was somewhat flat. To the EDITOR ofthe SALOPIAN JOURNA I... DEARSIR, I observed in your paper of yesterday, a letter writ- ten by Mr. Knight, of Downton, wherein is stated—" It appears to be generally understood, Ihat the method of tieating cases of Hydrophobia, which was successfully adoptsd by Mr. Wynne, had not been previously practised in this country, & c.— The fact is, however, I believe, other- wise." By way of establishing his opinion, Mr. Knight relates a cure performed by bloodletting, & c. mentioned lo him by- Mr. Drew, of Bishop's Caslle, 25 years ago, and which hap- pened many yesrs before that period ; and concludes, by conferring upon Mr. Drew " the honour of having first re- covered a patient from'this horrible disease.' 1— 1 u return, I am naturally anxious to have t lie treat me ut I related con- firmed ; and, without wishing to detiact from the merits of Mr. Drew, 1 take the liberty of saying, that in my opinion the circumstances related by Mr. Knight, do not convey evidence sufficiently distinct and conclusive. to form nn idea ofthe nature of tbe disease which was cured by Mr. Dicw ; and that it is to be regretted Mr. Drew himself did not im- mediately communicate, for the advantage of fhe public, his own observations 011' the case, particularly, as at the time it occurred, it might have been fairly investigated. I remain, dear Sir, your's. & c. April 1,1813. RICE WYNNE. CHEAP AND DURABLE PAINTS. Messrs. FOR ICS MITCHELL, 21 , M ARY- LE- BON E STREET, GOLDEN SQUARE, LONDON, HAVING for many Years past- supplied gieat Numbers of the Nobilily, Gentry aud the Public in general, wilh this Paint, of various Colours, for preserving Park Paling, Gales, Weather boat ding, and all Work exposed to the Weather, solicit the Attention of those Persons who are desirous of Paints which combine handsome Appear- ance and easy Application with Economy.— These Paints are made with prepared FISH OIL, which renders them impenetrable lo the Weather, and more durable than any Linseed Oil Colours whatever, and dry very quick— To be had. of Messrs. BARNES and ELLIS, Furnishing lion- mongers, & c. sole Agents iu Shrewsbury. To be Lelbij Auction, BY GLOVER AND SON, At tbe Golden Heart, in Bullion, in the County of Stlop, on Tuesday, the 20th of April, tul3, between the Houtsof tour and five iu the Afternoon, SEVERAL PIECES or Parcels of moat excellent GRAZ- ING LAND, Part of which is the fiist Year's Clover— For further Particulars apply to PETER ROLLS, at Burlton aforesaid, who wili shew the Laud. BARNF. 8 AND ELLIS, FURNISHING IRONMONGERS, STOVE GRATE MANUFACTURERS, WHITESMITHS, AND BELL HANGERS, BEG Leave lo return their Thanks to the Public in general, anil. their Friends in particular, for the liberal Encouragement and Support thev have already received ; and respectfully solicit a Continuance of the same, assuring them Ihat every Attention shall be paid upon Iheir Part to any Commands they may be favoured with.— B. and E. beg Leave to slate thev are appointed sole Agents in Shrews- bury for the Sale of the LIVERPOOL PATENT LAMPS, at the Manufacturer's Prices; an Assortment of which will be always kept, together with suitable Cotton Wicks and IRON BOOK CASES and CIIESTS, with suitable Locks, either for Counting Houses or Churches, agreeable lo Act of Parliament, fitted up ; together with every other Article ill the Cast Iron Line. Orders received for SLATFR'S PATENT STEAM KITCH- ENS, and JAMES WALL and Co's PATENT COPYING MACHINES. Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, April 1, 1813. LONDON- WAREHOUSE. W. GOUGH, HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE THE TOWN IIALL, SHREWSBURY, EMBRACES this Opportunity of returning his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public, for the unprece- dented Encouragement he has experienced since his Com- mencement in Business: and begs Leave most respectfully lo inform them, that he has iust received a large and Fashionable Assortment of STAYS, and PATENT STEEL BUSKS, of such superior Quality, ihat he flatters himself will meet with general Approbation. N. B. Country Shops supplied 011 moderate Terms. OLD COACH AND HORSES INN, CASTLE STREET, SHREWSBURY. her life ; and were inspired with admiration at her moder- ation, frankness, and magnanimity, under her long per- secution." It concluded with au expression of confidence, *' that the Princess Charlotte, brought up under such a mother, would be a blessing to the country, and with a prayer for Ihe health, happiness, and prosperity of her Royal Highness." The Address was carried almost unanimously ; as were some other Resolutions, thanking Mr. VVhiibread, Sir F Burden, and Mr. C Johnstone, for their conduct i 11 the House of Commons, in relation to the Princess. The Address is to be presented to hcr'Royal High ness by a deputation, consisting of the Loid Mayor, the Sheriffs, such Aldermen as chuse to attend, and 100 Livery- men. A convoy is appointed lo sail for Heligoland, the Elbe, the Ems, & C. 011 the loth instaut. Some of tbe merchants largely Interested in lite Baltic trade waited 011 the Russian Ambassador this morning, and were hy him informed, that all foreign ships, French ex. cepted, would be indiscriminately admitted to the harbours uf that sea which were in Ihe possession of the Russian troops Intelligence has to- day been obtained from Paris to Mon- day, and from Dunkirk to Wednesday last The informa- tion is wholly commercial. An entire stagnation prevailed in Ibe French capital in the articles of colonial produce, und Ihe reason assigned for it is, that in the present situ- ation ot the Coniiu< » tj- France iB no longer likely to be the emporium for the supply of these productive com- modities. There has been great bustle at the Custom Mouse Ihis day, to clear the bonded merchandize, as it is understood that the augnmeiitalioii iu the consolidated duiies is to conimeiue oil Monday. The wind is still unfavourable for arrivals from Got I en- hurgb and Heligoland, and of course nothing has arrived to- day from either quarter. In the HOUSE of COMMONS on Thursday night, the Sinecure bill was ordered, oil the motion of Mr. BANKES, to he read a third lime 011 Monday,— The Reports of the Committees of Supply, and Ways and Means, were brought up and agreed lo ( w'itli Ibe exception of ihe R solution lespectiug French wines, which was ordered to be re com- mitted), and bills ordered accordingly. - Tbe Innkeepers' bill was read a second time, and commit led for this day. FRIDAY Lord HOLLAND, in the House uf Peers, and Mr. WHITBRE » D, in the House of Commons; presented Petitions iu favour of Peace. The noble Lord and Ihe bon gentleman highly applauded Ihe moderate aud re- spectful language of the Petitioners, and concurred iu their wishes for a speedy, permanent, k honourable peace; but deprecated any discussion of the question at present, nnd the proposal ol any measure which might t'end 10 fetter the Executive Govcrinenl, pending the present situation of the Continent. Boih ill presenting the Petitions ad- verted to the Proclamation of Louis XVIII. which they highly condemned.— LordCASTLEHEAGH denied any share in'the measure on the part of Ministers : Ihey knew of its production, but had no baud in it, nor did they consider themselves in any manner fettered or restrained by that publication. . The Marquis of LANSDOWN inquired, if any proposition had been lately made by llie enemy, for an Exchange of Pri- soners, » u< l whit answer had been returned by Ministers. — Lord LIVERPOOL answered, that an intimation, not written, hul from authority, was made, but 011 terms which were rejected by this Government last- year; and that Ministers, in their answer to this intimation, again stated their readiness nt all times lo agree to any exchange upon fair and equitable principles. Sir S ItoMH LY'S bill lo abolish capital punishments, in Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, Ihe Bev. Mr. Wingfield :— House- Visitors, Mr. W. Brayne and Mr. James Sandford. A respite for 14 days was received 011 Thursday last for M illard, under sentence of death in our county gaol. Thirteen prisoners had received sentence of death at ' Glocester assizes 011 Saturday night last, and thirty- six then remained for trial- Fifty causes were entered for trial, twenty only of which had been heard at that time— The Grand Jury, prior to their discharge on Saturday evening, delivered to the Court a presentment—" that the Shire Hail was a very incouvenieut building, and ill adapted for the administration of justice." The learned Judge ( Bayley) said " he was glad they had turned their attention to Ibis subject, for that he had been straining his voice al that moment, in order to enable the jury to hear his observations better than they did the pleading of the counsel in the adjoining Court." Saturday last, an inquest was taken at the Horseliay Iron Works, 011 the body of John Cart w right, a servant of Francis Darby, Esq. Coalbrook Dale, whose death was occasioned by his horse taking fright, aud plunging into the reservoir. The water being very deep, and effectual assistance not at hand, tbe body could nut be got out till the lapse of more than half an hour, when every exertion usually adopted to restore suspended animation was'resorted lo, but wbich unhappily proved of 110 avail. Thus have Ihe parents to deplore the loss of a dutiful soil, and the master a faithful servant.— Verdict— Act idental Death. On Friday last, a meeting of the friends and tradesmen of the Rev. Archdeacon Corbett took place at the Raven and Bell in this town, to celebrate the late verdict in favour of that worthy and highly respected family. Soon after three o'clock, nearly 50 sat down to an excellent dinner. After the cloth was drawn, aud the usual routine of loyal toasts had been given, the president, Mr. Harley, rose, aud, after a most appropriate eulogiuin on the character of the Archdeacon, as a divine, a magistrate, a patriot, and a gentleman, concluded by proposing his health, which was drank with great enthusiasm, and wilh three times three. Mr. Panton Corbelt, and tbe olher branches of the family, were also remembered ill the course of the evening, which was spent in the utmost harmony and conviviality. A very pleasing and festive scene was exhibited 011 tbe beautiful hill The Lawley, near Longuor Hall, in this couuty, on Monday se'nnight, at the erection of a new Pole upon the summit. The Pole vvas drawn up from Mr. Shuker's, of Penki- idge Hall, by twelve horses, preceded by a flag and a baud of music, attended by a great concouise of people, and fixed amidst the shouts aud acclamations of all firesent. A liberal treat was given by six or seven of Ihe iev. Archdeacon Corbelt's tenants, to a large company of their frieuds and neighbours at Ihe Court House, in com- memoration of the satisfactory decision at our late assizes respecting the Longnor estates. The day proving extremely favourable, it is conjectured that upwards of 2000 people were 011 the hill at various parts of the day ; and numerous and large parties of dancers ( more ( hall 200 couple) increased the hilarity of this picturesque scene. A fat sheep was roasted, and distributed, with bread, to tbe poor. The evening concluded with numerous bonfires ou the hill, and other demonstrations of joy. Ou the preceding Saturday a sheep was roasted at the Paper Mills, al Longnpr, having beeu first carried in procession, wilh music, by the paper makers, neallv dressed, with appropriate emblems, shewing the different branches of their business: the evening con- cluded wit li a dance. O11 the Thursday evening, about 150 NEW SPRING GOODS. ROBERT WILKINSON BEGS verv respectfully lo inform his Friends and C'us tomers, that he has selected in the MA NCH ESTER MARKET a very large Assortment of COTTON GOODS, which he solicits their Inspection of. Cheap IRISH LINENS, Furniture Callicoes, Sheetings, Table Linen, kc. kc. Kj* A large Quantity of plain, twilled, and figured SARSNETS. SEED BARLEY. JOSEPH SMITH, Wharfinger, Shrewsbury, has on Sale the real Isle ofTHANET BARLEY; Bristol Brown Stout and other PORTER; CYDER; SPRING WHEAT, Horse Beans, White Boiling Peas, kc. April 5th, 1813. npHOMAS LU NT respectfully informs his Friends and I_ the Public, that he has taken, and entered upon, the above Inn ; aud hopes by unremitting Attention lo all those who please to favour him with their Commands,' to merit their future Patronage and Support. N. B. An Ordinary at two o'Clock every Saturday. GOOD STABLING, PAPER HANGING. WILLIAM SMITH, Bookseller, IRONBRIDGE, and MUCH WENLOCK, begs respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public, thai he has just received a Fashion- able Assortment uf'PAPFJfS and BORDERS, from which he will he happy t- o execute their Orders. In the Press, and shortly will be published, A CATALOGUE of an extensive Collection ot'BOOKS, 111 various Languages, new and second- hand, selling as above. ANNUITY SOCIETY, S UN INN, WELI TNG TON. THE next Quarterly Meeting of this Society will be oil TUESDAY, the 13lh Day of April inst. at six o'Clock 111 Ihe Evening, wheH- all Perilous wishing to become Mem- bers may be admitted, on producing Certificates of their Age, providing they- donot exceed thirty- five Years. HOUSE AND GARDEN. TO BE J. ET, And entered upon immediately, on reasonable Terms, A CONVENIENT HOUSEandGARDEN. fora genteel 1 \ T! ly' Milh or without a small MALTHOUSE; also LAND lo keep one or two Cows; situate near to the I iirnnibn P .... . I 1 1' .. n a* « HOUSES AND GARDENS. ABBEY FOREGATE, SHREWSBURY. BE HOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ^ OUR neat DWELLING HOUSES,- with GARDENS attached, and every requisite Convenience, for the Accommodation of small Families, and a Space of Ground in the Rear, suitable for the Election of more Houses; pleasantly situate iu the Abbey Foregate.— For Particulars apply to Mr. R BYQLI. IN, Princess Street, Shrewsbury. EDWARD HULME, Perfumer, Silversmith, and Jeweller-, Umbrella, Parasol and Trunk Manufacturer, NEAR THE TOWN HA LL, WEI. SHPOOL, IMPRESSED with the deepest Sense of Gratitude for the very liberal Encouragement he has experienced since his Commencement in Business, takes this Opportunity of expressing his unfeigned Thanks to his Friends and Ihe Public, and trusts by unremitting Attention anil Punctu- ality to merit their continued Patronage and Support. E. H. begs Leave most respectfully to announce that he has now ON SALE a well- selected Stock of genuine Per- fumery, Fancy Soaps, kc. a general Assortment of Gold and Silv er Goods, fine Cutlery, Tovs, Tunbridge Ware, and every Description of Articles' in the Fancy Trade. Atso, Parasols of the most fashionable make and colour, and every Kind of Umbrellas, Hoods, and Hat Covers. Like- wise, Hair, Leather, and Paper Trunks; Fishing Rods, Lines, Hooks, and all Kinds of Fishing Tackle, & c. & c. which he offers lo the Public as being of the best Manu- facture, and having established Communications wilh some of the most eminent Houses in the Trade, he flatters himself he can serve his Customers with Such Articles as w ill give general Satisfaction 8T? Trinkets and Jewellery Goods neatly repaired; Um- brellas and Parasols repaired and new eovered on the shortest Notice. All Kinds of Ostrich, Military and Fancy Feathers cleaned, repaired, aud curled in the neatest Man- ner' N. B. E. HULME has just received a fresh Supply of the MACASSAR Oil, tbe Proprietors of which ( Messis. Rowland anil Son) have appointed him Iheir Agent feu- that Article. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co7 EESPF. CTFULLY inform the Public that the STATE . LOTTERY will commence drawing tbe 6th of MAY NEXT — The Scheme contains more Prizes than Blanks, including 3 .... of..,.. £ 30,000 I 4 .... of. £ 1,000 3 10,000 I 6 1,000 kc. kc. kc. Tickets and Shaves are selling at SHREWSBURY, by W. El) DOW ES Printer, MARKET DRAYTON, R. GRANT, Post- Master, WREXHAM, J PAINTER, Bookseller. For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co London, who Sold in the Lotteries drawn in the last and present Year, 1 Prize of ..£ 20,000 2 10,000 I 5,000 3 S, ooo & c. kc. kc. Al a very numerous MEETING of Persons friendly to the Religious Instruction, Moral Improvement, anel Civilization ol the inhabitants of our Indian Empire, held at the City of London Tavern, on Monday, the 291.1 uIt The Right Hon. Lord GAM BIER, in the Chan ,' The following Resolutions were unanimously adopted : — 1 That there are mole thau fifty millions of Inhabitants subject to Ihe British Empire in India, untie, the Influence of inhuman and degrading Superstitions, which form an effectual Bar to their Progress in Civilization. 2. That it appears to Ibis Meeting, that llit only Remedy which can be successfully applied lo this enormous evil i- .10 diffuse through Ihis pernio;, - of our Fellow- Subjects'll e Blessings ofChi istian Knowledge, « '. d of moral, social, aud domestic Improvement. 3. That this Meeting does therefore most cordially concur in the Resolutions expressed by the honourable Hove of Commons, in Ihe- Year 1793: " That il is Ihe peculiar ami bouiiden duty of II e Legislature to promote, bv all jnst anil prudent means, the Interest and Happiness of'the ' inhabit- ants of ihe British Dominions in India ; and that, fbr them Ends, such Measures ought to be adopted as may gradually tend to their Advancement in useful Knowledge, and to tin ir- religious and moral Improvement." 4. Thai this Meeting, coinciding, as it does in these just and humane Seuliments, persuaded, us welt of the political wisdom, as of the religious dutv of giving them Effect; unci lamenting that so little should" have been done iu that elm feels il to be a sacred Obligation lo exert itself te, the utmost of its power, in order to procure such Provisions 111 the new Ch tulti' to be granted to tlif East Imiia Coinpauy ' xs tjupv X. ft to d au opening for the graelnal Cummuuit ation, bv sato and prudent means, of our religious Light aud soeia'l Im- provements, and more especially such as shiell afford suf- ficient opportunities 10 those benevolent Persons who shall be desirous of soiog lo India for these purposes; and also such Provisions 11s shall prevent ihe Obstruction of ihrir Endeavours for promoting theii object in that Country so long as they shall conduct themselves in a percentile* anil orderly manuer 5. That although this Meeting has reason to hope that his Majesty's Government is favourably disposed to ll- e Principles asserted in the preceding Resolutions, vet, as the Terms ofthe Renewal of Ihe East India Company's Charter are now the subject of discussions in Parliament," aod all the conflicting Interests and Opinions involved in those dis - ceissions are supported by Petitions from all Parts of ti e Kim . lorn, it is ihe sense of this Meeting that Petitions to both Houses of Parliament, from Persons anxious to obtain and willing to promote, the religious, moral, and civil Im' provement of the Inhabitant, of India, will be seasonable and proper. 6. That a Petition to Parliament, founded 0: 1 the Reso- lutions which have been passed, be adopted by this Mee li , and that it be left for Signature at the Bar of this House* and also at the Bars of the Crown and Anchor, the Free' masons'Tavern, aud al the St Al ban's Tavern. 7. That the following Gentlemen be a Committee, with power to add to their 11 umber, for carrying into execution the objects of this Meeting, and that " the Committee oe Oiien to all Members of both Houses of Parliament, who are friendly to . hose objects, aud to all Ciergymen and other Ministers. W. Alers, Esq. T. Allan, Esq. W. Allen, Esep T G Babington, Esq. J. Bnnuel, Esq. VV. Burls, Esq. D. Cook, F. sq T. F. Forsler, Esq. J. W. F'reshfield, Esq. J. Gutteridge, Esq. L Hoslope, Esq W. H Huare, Esq. Z. Macauley, f. sq. R. Marsdeii, Esq. S. Mills, Esq. J. Miller, Esq. J. O. Oldham', Esu T. Pellalt, Esq. J Reyner, Esq. W. Samler, Esq. H. P. Sperling, F; sq. K. Stainforth lisei R Steven, Esq. J. Thornton, Esq. E. N. Thornton, W. B. Trevyfian, Esq. J. Weyland, jun: Esq. S Woods, Esq. - H SALE POSTPONED. ' V'iISi,', 9 '; e, cl'y given, Ihat the SALE of the 1 I\ VA'. ER CORN MILL, DWELLING HOUSES, anil LAND, situate •• •• POSTPON ~ w , siluate in WELSHPOOL, has been unavoidably ED— Timely Notice of the Sale will be given. elderly women were regaled with tea, & e. ntCarilington — Thus have Ihe neighbourhood evinced their satisfaction at the failure of tbe futile attempt to disturb the worthy family of Longnor in Ihe possession of their property. The 3- years old Shropshire Heifer, fed by Mr Milner, of F. ardington, near Bridgnorlli, was slaughtered last week at Birmingham. The four quarters weighed laglbs. measured round the shin bone 7 inches, aud was allow eel by competent judges tube the best heifer of her age ever seen in this part of'the kingdom. The proposed duty on French wines is certainly one agaiust which no objection can lie; and, while Ihe Legis- lature is Oil the subject, we should be glad if a remedy could be applied to the iniquitous frauds daily practised iu the size of bottles and decanters. The bottle aud decanter ought to be of full legal measure; uud Ihis might be determined hy 11 mark with the manufacturer's name, and a penalty 011 the vender for using tiny other than full- sized bottles. As lo the argument of what is to become of all the present stock of under- sized ware, it is easily answered. The preseut quart bottle and decanter would serve for pints, j as in reality ihey are no more; but to stop all such [ objections, icl the trial ofa slumped bollle, legal measure, j bo cotitiiieel lo the use of foreign wines, and, as the stock in hand is ascertained by the Excise, let 110 more wine be bottled but into full meusure. Some of the Monthly Agricultural Reports would impress 11s willi an idea, that an opinion was beginning 10 prevail, that there w'as a scarcity of the stock of wheat iu the country. We: believe there is no foundation for any alarm on the subject; and, whatever may be tbe stock on hand, il fortunately happens, that large supplies may be expected from l- lamburgh, and the ports in tbe Baltic, independent of the grain which may be brought from the Mediterranean. The Spring Crops, we are happy to bear, look well. A case, ill which John Haif, Esq. was Plaintiff, and Francis Plowden, | 5so. Defendant, caine oil a few days ago, before the Sheriff of Hie county Donegall, and a Jury composed of Gentlemen ofthe highest rank iu the Country, on a Writ of Inquiry lo assess damages. The action was brought in f.. ur distinct libels, contained iu a woi k, written by the Defendant, entitled " The HiMory of Ireland, from its Union with Great Britain, in January, 1801, to October, lato."— Tbe Jury, having retired for a few minutes, returned averdict of £ 5,000. His Royal Highness tl. e Prince Regent has been pleased, in tbe name aud on the behalf of his Majesty, to declare that Catherine Frances Feildiug, Mary Anne Fellding, and Emily Feihling, daughters of William Robert Fellding, ( commonly called Viscount FeiMing), deceased, and sisters of William Basil Percy, now Earl .. f Denbigh, Viscount Veilding, and Baron F.- ildmg, in England, also Earl of Des - noml, ^ Viscount Callan, and Baron Feilding in Ireland, shnll from hence forth have, hold, and enjoy the same titles, place, preeminence, and precedence, us if their NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ALL Persons to whom RICHARD PEARCE, late of the WY LE COP, in the Town of Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop, Gentleman, stood indebted at the'Time of his Decease, are requested to send the Particulars of their respective Demands to tlie Oflice of Messrs. AST KH LEY aud JEFFREYS. Shrewsbury, ls « of April, 1S13. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. LI, Persons who - are indebted to the Effects" of the late Mr. EDWARD STAN 1EP,, deceased, are desired to pay the Amcrjlnt immediately al ( lie Office of Messrs. PSMI ERTON, CbupLAXD, and DUKES : and those Pirsoua who have not already sent iu the Particulars of their Demands, are informed that they must do so ON or BEFOPE the FJRST of MA* next, or th'ev will not he paid, as the Executors » ill then make up their Accounts, and pay over > ilf H A' ELOPEMENT. THREE GUINEAS REWARD. HERE AS FRANCIS WAIN WRIGHT, of the Parish of RUSHBURY, and Counly of Salop, Labourer, who was named in tlie Prisoners' Calendar at the lasl Lent Assize, on a Charge of Horse stealing, has ab sconded, and left his Wife and Family chargeable lo the above Parish: Whosoever will apprehend the said Wait- wright, and bring l. iiu to Rushbury aforesaid, will be entitled lo the above Reward; and a farther Allowance, if the necessity of the case requires, bv applying to the Overseers of the aforesaid Parish.— Wainwright is about five Feet nine or ten Inches high, stout made, rather sloops in the Shoulders, fresh Colour, fair Hair, and turns in his Toes; has been seen lurking about in a Snuff coloured Coat audTrowscrs, imitating the Dress of a Sailor. THOMAS DOWN ES, ) ,, WILLIAM SANKEY| y ° verse(' rE- Rushbury, April 1, 1813. 8. That the Right Hon. Lord Gambler be requested t « present the said Petition to the House of Lords and Si ffB" rV, M, V ln " f Commons." 9. 1 hattlieCommitteebeluthomed to advertise alil. ii, discretion, the Proceedings of this Meeting; an'd ' to adoU such other means of giving effect to its objects, as to them shall seem expedient. a 10 That a Subscription be now entered into, in order tr> ? hislee. ing. XPeU* e ° f ^ ^ objects of II. That the cordial Thanks of this Meeting be given fe> Hie Right Hon. Lord Gambier, for his able Conduct in the The following is a Copy of the Petition which the Meeting resolved to adopt:— That your Petitioners are deeply impressed with the moral degradation ofthe immense Population of the British Do millions iu India, and lament that so little has hitherto been done to remove it, although the honourable the House ot Commons was pleased, in the Year 1793, 10 resolve " That it is Ihe peculiar and boundeu duty of the Bi ilish Legislature lo promote, by all just and prudent means the Interests and Happiness of the Inhabitants of ihe British Dominions 111 India, and Ihat for these ends such Measure* ought to be adopted as may gradually tend to their 4dvance meat in useful Knowledge, and to their religious and moral Improvement" That your Petitioners roost cordially concur in the iust and humane sentiments contained in the above Resolutions Y oui Petitioners, therefore, implore, your Lordships, that such Provisions may be inserted iu the new Charter to be granted to the East India Company, as shall afford sufficient facilities to those benevolent Persons who shall be desirous e> t going to India for the purpose ni communicating 10 its Population the Blessings of useful Knowledge, auel moial > el religious Improvement: and also such Provisions Provisions as ....... r.... ... men jcnueaToiirs for nro- motlng their object 111 that Country, so loug as fhev shall conduct themselves in a peaceable and orderly manner And your Petitioners shall ever pi8y,.& c Subscriptions are received by the Members of the Com mittee : by Messrs. Down & Cei. Bai- lholomew- laue • Bliare Fleet- street; Ransom and Co. Pall- mall; Mr. Hatcharel ^' Buchm- hl1 aad We, 8fS a » d Babingtm,; tbe Money in theii'Hands, 7th April, 1813. certain extreme cases, was thrown out, in tbe House of I said latcfalhe* had succeeded to the said dignities of Eur I Lords, 01 the sccoild reading. of Denbigh, & c.— Gazette. TO BE SOLD, OR LET, By private Contract, and entered upon immediately, THAT beautiful and pleasantly situated HOUSE and SI ABLE, in St, Austin's Friars, late iu the Occu- pation of Mr. EDGERLEY. For Particulars enquire at the Office of Mr. 1' ANTI^ G, Solicitor. There are seveial useful Fixtures Ihat may go with the Premises if agreeable to Jhe Purchaser or Tenant. Shrewsbury, April 5, 1813. M A ~ 1Hf SHREWSBURY. TO BE LET, ND ENTERED WPON AT MIDSUMMER NEXT, HOUSE and STABLE, now in the Occupation of Miss Lanes, Market Place'.— For Particulars, enquire' E PRINTER'S THOMAS HILL'S DIVIDEND. WHEREAS THOMAS HILL, of CLKOBURY MOR- TIMER, in Ihe Counly of Salop, late H Timber Merchant, did by Indenture of the 8ih Day of September lust, grant ail assign over all his real and personal Estates and Effects, unto THOMAS CRUMP, of Choi- Icy, in the Parish of Stottesdon, Esq. aud JAMES COMPSON, of Cleobury Mortimer, Esq. for the Benefit of themselves and all other ihe Creditors of the said Thomas Hill, who should within six Months afterwards execute such Dee. l; and the said Trustees having sold the real Estates aud the principal Part of Ihe personal Effects vested io them under the said Deed, DO HEREBYGIVE JNOTICE, that 011 TUESDAY, the 4th Day of MAY next, at the Talbot lun, Cleobury Mortimer, A DIVIDEND will be made lo Ihe several Creditors of the said Thomas Hill, who have executed the aforesaid Deed of Trust, in proportion nnd according to Ihe Amount of Iheir respective Debts; and thev are requested to attend that Day, either personally or hy their Agents legally authorized, to receive the " same.— All Persons indebted to tbe Estate of the said Thomas Hill, are request- ed lo pay their respective Debts to ihe said Trustees, previous to tlfesaid 4th Day ofMay next, or Actions will be brought without further Notice. JOHN FOX, Solicitor to the Trustees Cleobury Mortimer, April a if, 1813, Ta the Nobility, Gentry, Nurserymen and others, j planting or about lo Plant. ON - SALE, At WM. BUTLER's extensive Nursery, Prescot, nearT- iverpuol, for 1813. 1,000,000 Transplanted Scotch Fir, e) Inch to 3 Feet, 1,000,000 Ditto, Sprncc do g Inch to 3 Feet. 20,000 Portugal Laurels, q Inch to 3 Feet £ 0,000 Common Ditto. 9 Inch to 3 Feet. ' 20,000 Balm of Gilead Fir i) Inch to 3 Feet. 10,000 Silver Fir e) Inch to 2 Feet. Thirty Years Experience has enabled IV. Buller to affirm with Confidence, that the ensuing Month of April, is tbe best for removing the above, or any Evergreen ; and as he has such au immense Stock, a e- en! . ' !,- pe. Cenlage will be deducted from the usual Prices charged by regular Nur serymen ill England or'Wales. There is Water Cirf- htge from Liverpool to all Parts'of the Empire, and Ihey will be pv. t 011 War Ships or Flats, free of Expense. . .. N. B. EveryotherArticle onre& sonal Term*. March 30, 1813 NOTICE TO C REDITORS, THE CRIHITORS of the Personal Estate of the Rev RICHARD BOW EN, of MINDTOWN, in the County ofSalop, Clerk, are hereby required to lake Notice, ( bat the Settlement of their respective Demands is unavoidably postponed, by Reason of iheTrustees to his Real Estate not having completed the Sale of the Freehold Estate he- longing to the said Reverend Richard Bowen, situate in the Couuty of Radnor, with the Purchaser thereof. The Re.- I- due of the Purchase Money for llie Sale of the said Estate, after Payment oflhe Incumbrances thereon, was agreed hy them lo be paid to Mr. LANCELOTT DOWHIGGIN, of Shrewsbury, the Trustee named and appointed by the said Reverend Richard Bowcn for I he Liquidation of his common Contract Debts, 011 or before the isi of April, ] 8t3: and NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that the said Mr. Laucelott Dorwbiggin will immediately noon the Receipt of such surplus Money from tbe Trustees of Mr. Bowcn's real Estate give due Notice thereof to the aforesaid Creditors. JOHN DICKSON, Solicitor lo the Trustee ofthe personal Estate of the Rev Richard Bowen Saint Alimond't Square, Shrewsbury, ist April, 1S13, PRESTON AND KINNERSLEY ASSOCIATION* t'OP. PROSECUTING FELONS. WE whose Names are here- uuder written, being Juha- ...... bitants of the several Parishes of Preston on the Wildmoors, Kiunersley, Li grnoud, Lilleshall, and Eyton on the Wildmoors, ,„ the County of Salop, have frl^ a ourselves into a Society, anil entered inlo Articles of Agree ment, to pursue and prosecute, at our joint Expense, any Person or Persons wli. shall emmit OK attempt^ co nn it any telouyor Robbery, against or upon any or either ol o i Persous, or upon any of our Properties, within tbe several I arishes aforesaid, and in order the more effectually ta promote the Intention ofthe Society, ,',, e follow ing" Re- wards Will be paid by theTressurer to any Person or Persons hy whose information and Evidence ;, ny Offender or Ot- Offinces appended and convicted ofthe following For House- breaking, or burglariously entering * ' any of our Out- houses wilfully setting Fire loany Building or other Effects, or stealing any Hoise Mare, Filly, Colt, or Gelding, Horned Caule ul- Sheep ' Hqok Plough baiidry, inthe Night Time In the Day Buyers of Coals from Wiiggom- Vs wi\' o ' ioVve not Authority to sell them, and the Person or Persons who shall sell them " Receivers of Good, or Eff « Vs'Vhat'shail " be sloleu rom any or either of us, of the value of five Shillings or upwards Of less Value than five Sbilhng'r.^.'"".' 0 lo G And 111 all other Cases, such a Reward as |' o the Com mittee of this Society, accorelinr ' •' lne ,' om- Criuie, shall appear Preston. John Ogle Jane Hampton John Picken Kinnerdey. Richarel Spearman William Palin William Hooper William Brown Margaret Hooper Maigaret We- ston pichard Williams .. lo the Nature of the .. . .. , • • , ™ eet uud reasonable. And We arr « > that it any of us shall have Propeity stolen iminedu to give Notice to the Committee of til lZ " s'usuhied Lud we or our Servants shall and will, upon Notice Vom , ht said Committee, lmmed ately set cut different it!, 1 Pursuit 0, the Offender or UeoZs 7c" oILg^ Z Rout appointed each Member. s e THOMAS HIGG1NS, TREASURER. Sidney. John Pickin Buttrey. John Masefield Wall William Hughes Trench Farm. Ann Johnson Lubstree Park. Ann Higg'ins Uoo- Hall. Thomas Higgins, TO N u — Z II1101' Sil IKE. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, ACOMMODIOUS HOUSE, fit for the Reception of a Gentleman's Family — TONG is three Miles from Shitfnal, and ten from Wolverhampton. Apply to Mr. PHILIPS, of Tong aforesaid. scales by auction. NEAT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, HOSIERY, AND EFFECTS. BY JONATHAN PER11Y, On the Premises of Mr. GEORGE HARBRIDGE, Hosier, Castle Street, Shrewsbury, ( under an Execution by Order of the Sheriff) on Thursday and Friday, the 8th and gth Days of April Instant; THE Whole of the neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Linen, China, Glass, and Kitchen Requisites, together with the valuable STOCK of HOSIERV, and other Articles; comprising various Dozens of Men's and Women's Silk, Worsted, aud Cotton Hose, Children's Socks ; Silk, Cotton, Beaver, York, Kid, and Tan Gloves and Mitts; Travelling Cotton Caps; different coloured sewing Cottons and Silks; Net Shawls and Cravats; round and Tape Laces ; Combs, Pins, Needles, Thimbles, Tapes; black and white British Lace; working Silks, Worsteds and Cottons, Silk Purses, Ribbons, Ferrets, Silk Cords and Laces, Bracers, Silk Twist, Patent Thread, open working Canvas, Footstools, Urn Stands, and Altomans; Umbrellas, Cotton Boxes, purple aud drab worsted Cords for. Suiall Clothes, and various other Articles; together wilh the Mahogany and painted Shop Counters, valuable Mahogany Glass Case, with - 24 Squares, Cupboard and 30 Drawers, Grecian Lamp, Scales aud Brass Weights, Shop Stools, Ranges of Shelves with Divisions, & c. kc.; also the valuable Shop Front,. Sash and sliding Sash inside, the in- ternal Part containing 32 Squares. The Sale will commence with tbe Furniture precisely at half past ten o'Clock ; and tbe Stock will be put up in suit, able Lots to accommodate the Company. SEASONED POST- HORSES AND POST- CHAISES. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At tie Fox IJIU, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, tbe 10th of April, 1813, precisely nt twelve in Ihe Forenoon : SIX seasoned steady'POST- HORSES, in present working Condition, and calculated for Post or ( loach- Masters and others — Also, TWO POST- CHA1SES ( one nearly new), four Pair of Wheel and one Pair of leading Harness. ELIZABETH TREHEARN returns her unfeigned and very grateful Thauk6 to her numerous Friends for I heir very kind Support during ber bite Husband's and her own sub- sequent keeping the FOX INN, and most respectfully solicits their continued Favours, assuring them she will assiduously endeavour to render he:- Accommodations in House and Stables Comfortable and satisfactory. Finding it adviseable todiscontinnekeeping Post- Horses, she purposes making Arrangement with the Posting- Houses for tbe Supply oflier Friends. GENTEEL CHARIOT. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Fox Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 10th of April, 1613, at twelve o'Clock : A MODERN and substantial London built CHA- J~ V RIOT, new lined, Red Morroceo Squabs, Plate Glass Windows, and patent Blinds, with Barouche box, and suitable Attachments for travelling, iu excellent Condition. FREEHOLD LAND AT BICTON, IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At tbe Fox Inn, in tbeToivn of Shrewsbury, upon Saturday, the totli Day of April, 1813, at five o'clock in the After- noon, subject to such Conditions as shall Ihen be pro- duced: ' rpH E several PI ECES of LAN D, situate at BICTON, in g Ihe Parish of Saint Chad, in the Occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Trehearn, in the following Lots, and containing the undermentioned Quantities, more or less. LOT I. Name, of Fields. A Piece of Laud near Bicton ) /-.,„„,,. Village < Clovei Ditto by tetioit. HOUSE IN MARDOL, SHREWSBURY, AND LAND ADJOINING TO THE TOWN. BY SAMUEL TUDOR, At the Fox Inn, Shrewsbury, on Monday, the 3d Day of May, 1813, » t four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in Lotsjattd subject lo such Conditions as will be then produced : ALL that large and well built DWELLING HOUSE, comprising a Hall and Staircase, ten good Lodging Rooms, and three Closets, Dining Room, Drawing Room 2jfl. 3in. by 16ft 6in. Kitchen, Larder, Brewhonse, and Cellaring, together with extensive Out- offices and Ware bouse, situatein Mardol, late in tbeOccupation of Messrs. ROBERTS and QUICK, Wine Merchants, and now untenant- ed . A PIECE of MEADOW LAN D, situate ill COLEHAM, in the Parish of Saint Julian's, containing 4A. aR. 3 » P. in the Occupation of Betijamiii Birch, As Tenant at Will A CJARDEN, adjoining to and tenanted with the said Piece of Land, containing it Perches. A PIECE of MEADOW LAND, called the OXLEY, situate in the Paiish of Meole, near Ihe TumpikeGate on the Hauwood Road, and opening into a Road leading from Nobold lo the said Turnpike Gate, containing 6A. 3R. 4P. in tbe Occupation of Mr. Francis France, of Nobold, as Tenant at Will. The Land Tax has been redeemed. The House may be seen by Application to Mr. W. BP. AYNE, ofShrewsbury ; and the respective Tenants will shew the Lauds For further Particulars apply to Messrs. PEMBERTON, CouPLAND, and LUK ES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. BY S. TUDOIL7~ Without Reserve, on Monday, the lit li April, 1813, cn the Premises on tbe Wyle Con, THE HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, with a Collection of BOOKS, belonging to the late deceased MR. KicHARU PF. ARCE. Particulars of which will he expressed in Catalogues, and may be bad OI'TKEAUCTIONEER otiFriday, tbe yth Instant O 1 27 6 0 31 0 3 18 3 24 0 1< J M 0 N T G 0 M F, R Y S HIR E. BY GEORGE SMOUT, At the Bear's Head Inn, in Newtown, oh Thursday, tbe 15| h April, 1313, between Ihe Hours of five and six in the Afternoon, in small Lots, for the Convenience of the Purchasers : 1 r\ r\ ASH Trees, nf large Dimensions, 20 ALDER i nn Trees, 10 SYCAMOR E, and lo ELM Trees The., Trees are all felled, and cross cut to proper Lengths of Timber, mid the Lots numbered with white Paint, and are now at Black Hall, in the Parish of Kerry. JOHN JONES, of Black Hall, Esq. will appoint a Person to shew the Lots; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, of the Herbert Arms, Kerry, Timber Surveyor; Mr. PRFW. Solicitor, Newtown; or THE AUCTIONEER, at Aberuiule. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Thursdav, Ihe 8th of April, 1813; ALL tbe valuable FARMING STOCK, with Part ofthe HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing arid Dairy Utensils, belonging to MrsSUCKLEY, of WIKEY, in the Parish of Ruyton of the Eleven Towns, and County of Salop. Quantities. A. 11. P. 7 3 17 - 3- 23 LOT II. Thistly Marsh Pasture Road.., :.'. Field adjoining Arable Ditto above tbe Wood Wheat Meadow under the Wood.... Meadow It 1 20 0 o 1 26 0 1 2 1( 5 0 8 Rye Grass Field.., Big Field., Field adjoining Coppice LOT III. Wheat 7 LOT IV C Part Fal-> - low and ( Port Seeds Timber £ 20. LOT V. Bickley 19 o o 10 SO 0 30 25 BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Fridav, theQIh of April, 1813; ALL tbe valuable FARMING STOCK, with Part of the 1M PLEM ENTS iu HUSBANDRY, and HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, belonging lo Mr. RICHARD ATCllERLEY, of WESTON, in the Parirh of Baschurch. and County of Salop : consisting of sixteen Cows, calved and in- calf, one 2- year old Heifer, two Pair of Yearling Heifers, Yearling Bull; four strong Store Pigs, Sow and six Pigs, Ditto lo pig; four capital Waggon Horses and Gear ing, one capital 2- year old Colt; Tumbril, Plough, Water- furrowing Ditlo, Wheelbarrow, Pikels, Rakes, Iwo Drag Dilto, two Ladders, three Stone PigtronghS. & c. Cheese Tubs, Milk Pails and Cans, ButterTubs and Mitts, Cheese Presses, Cheese Vats, Wood Bottles, Barrels, Kitchen Grate, | Furnace, Boiler; with several other useful Articles of { Furniture; & c. Particulars of which are inserted in Cala- i logucs, which may l. e had at the Cross Keys, Cross Foxes, Bell, George. Queen's Head, aud olher Inns, Oswestry; Black Lion, Red Lion, and Saum Inns, Ellesmere; Britan- nia, Queen's Head, and Old Raven, Shrewsbury ; at the different Inns in Ruyton, Baschurch, Westfelton, Ness- cliff,. & c. on the Premises; aud of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton Eleven Towns. ^ ATES UP ALTERAM; FREEHOLD LANDS IN TILSTON, NEAR MALPAS, IN THE COUNTY OF CHESTER. BY WILLIAM CHURTON, At the Red Lion, in Malpas aforesaid, precisely at four o'Clock iu the Afternoon of Wednesday, the 28tli Dayof April, 1813, in the following, or such other Lots as may tie. agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to Con- ditions then to be produced : Quantities in Statute LOTS. Measure, be the same more or less. 1. A WELL ACCUSTOMED PUBLIC HOUSE, A. R P. r\ called the WET LANE, with an excellent Malt Kiln adjoining the same, convenient Stabling, and other Outbuildings, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto belonging N. B. This Lot will he subject to the Payment of 10s. a YeiSr to the Poor of Tilston. 2. TWO PIECES of LAND, railed theGorsty Fields, adjoining Ibe Road leading from the Wet Lane to Duckington ....'. ; 3. A QUI I. LETT of LAND in i certain Field cal'ed Adam's Yard, near to Ihe last- mentioned Lot 4. A QUI LLETT of LAND in a Field called the Long Field, now in Pasture.. 5. A QUI LLETT of LAND in the same Field, now iu Clover 6 A QUI LLETT of LAND ill the same Field, now in Tillage 7. A PIECE of LAND, called Horton Field N. B. There is a Road thro' this to Lot 8. 8. One undivided MOIETY, or equal Half Part, of a certain Meadow called the Wythyus Meadow 2 3 8 N. B. This Meadow is divided by a Ditch into two Parts, and the Tenants have alter- nately taken each Part 21 1 26 These Premises are situate in the Parish of Tilston, about Iwo Miles from Malpas, in tbe Holding of Mr. William Houghland ( who has a Map of, and will shew the same); and further Particulars may be bad from Mr. LEE, Red- brook, Whitchurch, Salop. BY W. CHURTON, At the House of William Ciegg, the Talbot Inn, Drayton- in- Hales, in the CountvofSnlop, on Wednesday, the 5th of May, 1813, between Ibe Hours of three and six in the Afternoon, subject to sucb Conditions as shall be then produced: LOT I. ALarge substantial Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, with a good Garden and a three- stalled Stable behind the same, situate in tbe High Street, in DRAYTON IN HALES aforesaid, and late in the Occupation of Miss Nicholls. N. B. Possession of the Houie aud Garden may be had immediately. LOT II. Another substantial Messuageor DWELLING HOUSE, Hie front Part of which has long been used as a Shop, wilh a Piece of Building behind the same w ith large folding Doors, which answers the Purpose of a Warehouse, together with a small Garden and a Plot 01 Slip of Land Iving at the Bottom of the Garden belonging to I. ot 1 This Messuage is also situate in the High Street iu Drayton in Hales aforesaid, and adjoins to Lot 1, and is now in the Occupation of Mrs. Povall, who is under Notice to Quit at M ichaelnids next. There is a Pew in the South Gallery of the Church be- longing to each House. N. B. These'Premises extend in Front tothe High Street near 60 Feet, and are in ibe Centre of Ibe Mar. ket, and oiler an Accommodation to a Purchaser 1 arelv to be met with in a Market Town, being singularly well situated and adapted furTrado. Particulars may be had on Application at tbe Office of Mr. J. L. WARRBN, Solicitor, Drayton tit Hales aforesaid. BY 3IIETIMI. SHROPSHIRE— CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. BY T. WYCHERLEY, At the House of Mr. Arthur Harrowsiiiith, at Lee Bridge, nearWeni, in ilie County of Salop, on Wednesday, the llth of April, 1813, between the Hours of two and five in the Afternoon, subject to sucb ConditiOus as shall then tie produced and agreed Upon : ry 1 OAK TREES, oflarge Dimensions and excellent / j Quality, numbered with a Scribe, and growing 011 au Estate called the HILL FARM, in tbe Township of Aston, very near Wem aforesaid, in Mr. Thomas Bayley's Possession, and only about 3 Miles from that Pari of the Ellesmcre Canal which conies up lo Quiita Brook. Mr. BAYLEY will shew the Timber. At the White Lion, Whitc. Iiurcb, Salop, on Friday, the 91 h of April, 1513, at five o'CIock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced : AVALUABLE PIECE OF FREEHOLD LAND, situ- ate at 1 he Extremity ofthe Town of WHITCHURCH, adjoining the Wrexham Road, lately occupied ns a Bowl- ing Green, containing in Length flouting Bark Hill, about 130 Feet, and in Depth about 150 Feet. Of ibe above Pieinises immediate Possession may be bad, which tieing very pleasantly situated, and surrounded on two Sides thereof with a good Brick Wall, are most de- sirable either as Building Ground or Gardens Mr. WILLIAM BUOMFIELD will shew tbe Premises; from whom, and Mr. Lows, Solicitor, Whitchurch, fur- llier Particulars may be known. In Lois, ( unless previously disposed of by Private Con- tract, of which due Notice will be given), sometime towards the latter End of the Month of April, or Begin- ning of Mav, 1813; ALL lhat MESSUAGE, Tenement andFarm, called THE BRYNN, situate in the Townships of Shadwell and Edicliffe, in the Parish of Clun, in Ihe Countv of Salop, containing by Admeasurement 134A. 2ti. 2lP. or thereabouts, in the Holding of Mr Humphrey Howard. Particulars of which will appear iu a future Paper ; and for further Information, or to treat by private Contract, apply to Mr. JOHN OAKLEY, Grocer, Wyle Cop, Shiews- burv. WIUCTIORTI HOUSES AND GARDENS. BY W. SMITH, On Monday, the jefth of April, 1813, at the Seven Stars, in Pontesbury, iu the Countv of Salop, at four o'Cloel; ill the Afternoon, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. ALL those THREE M ESSUAGES or Dwellihg Houses, wilh Gardens, situate iu PONTESBURY, iu the several Occupations of Thomas Parry, Johu . Maddox, and Johu Pritehard. ' LOT II. All those SIX MESSUAGES, or Dwelling Houses, with Gardens, sitnitted as afovsaid, in tbe several Occupa- tions of JohuPursell, Ann Bit ber, EdwardPrimer, Margaret Brown, Richard Blan aud Ensaoelh Haves, LOT III. Ali those TWO MESSUAGES, or Dwelling Houses aud Gan. cns, situated as aforesaid, in the Occu- pations of John Roberts and John Barber. Mr. JOHN ROBERTS will shew the Premises; and for further l'articularsapply to THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrews- bury. ] Arable £ 5 2 LOT VI. - Field near the Grange.. Pasture 11 2 5 Round Alloe Seeds 8 0 4 19 2 9 LOT VIL Long Aline Meadow 7 3 32 it^ y* In the fotroer Advertisements. as well as in the print- ed Particular, there was an Error in the Acreage, which is now corrected as above, aud Ihe V\ hole contains goA. SR. JlP. Mr. BoTFVYLE, of Calcot, will shew the Premises ; and for further Particulars apply lo Messrs. MAKDOCK and JACKSON, Altornies, Shrewsbury. MOST ELIGIBLE PREMISES, " PRIDE HILL, AND ROUSHILL, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Britannia Inn, Mardol, Shrewsbury, 011 Wednesday, Ibe 141b of April, 1813, precisely at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, together or in two Lots, as may then be preferred : ALL that substantial Brick- built DWELLING HOUSE, long established in the Wine and Liquor Trades, but suitable for tbe Residence of a professional Gentleman, or genteel private Family, situate near the Centre of PRl D E HILL, Shrewsbury, and now in the Occupation of Mr. GEORGE QUICK ; containing on the Ground Floor a com- modious Tea Room, Dining Parlour, Office ( or'Compting House), and Butler's Pantry; 011 tbe first Floor— Ihree comfortable Bed Rooms, with Closets ; and three excellent Bedchambers in tbe Allicks: 011 Ihe Basement Floor are Kitchen, Meat Pantry, Brewhouse, extensive Cellaring, and Coal Vault; and attached is a spacious newly- erected Wine Vault, with lofty Room over it, and many other Conveni- ences, convertible to a Malthouse oi- Warchouse at a trifling Expeuce, with Garden communicating with Robshill. Also, a convenient STABLE, with Space for six Horses, ail ti roomy Hay Loft over. The Premises are abundantly supplied with River Water from tbe Publick Works, and Spring Water from a Putnp thereon; and, from the united Advantages of tbe most . central Situation with tbe Command of a most delightful Prospect of the Severn, Berw ick House, and the adjacent - Country, form a most enviable Property, and such as is seldom on Sale. Tl) tepurchaser will have some Fixtures to take hy Ap. praiiieniQut, Particulars of which will be Btated iu the Conditions, For fivntli^ r Particulars apply lo Mr. QUICK ( 011 the Premises), , t> r THE AUCTION EER. AND ASH TIMBER. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Britannia Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 17H1 Day of April, 1813, in the following Lots, and subject to the Couditions then to be produced: LOT I. 1 CJAMA, DEN OAK tREES, blazed and numbered J| , ill with a Scribe, crossed with red Paint, froin I to 130, both inclusive, standing iu the Eastridge Coppice. Lor II. 240 Maiden OAK TREES, numbered with red Paint from 1 to 210, both inclusive, standing in Eastridge Coppice aforesaid LOT 111. 30 Maiden OAK TREES, numbered with reel Paint from 1 to 30, both inclusive, standing in Eastridge Coppice aforesaid. LOT IV 50 A^ H TREES, now cut down, lying in Fields near the Eastridge Coppice aforesaid. LOTV. 143 ASH TREES, now cut down, lying near the Bogmines. The Oak Timber is long and sound, fit for Ship Plank, orClift, or any other Purpose.— Eastridge Coppice is in the Parish of Worthen, and Couuty of Salcp, 9 Miles from Shrewsbury. Johu Preece, or John Pugb, of the Vessons, will shew tlie Timber; and Particulars may be hud at Mr. LLOYD'S OBice,' Shrewsbury. SHROPSHIRE TIMBER. BY GLOVIKITAND SON, At ( he Craven Arms Inn, T » uyton of tbe Eleven Towns, in the County ofSalop, on Saturday, tbe lotli Day of April, 1813, between the Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, subject, to such Conditions as * hall be then produced, and either in one or two Lots, as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale: OAK TIMBER TREES, and 12 ASM TREES, ) numbered with a Scribe, and growing upon a Farm at EARD1STON, in the Parish of Ruvton. of the Eleven Towns aforesaid, within two Miles of the Mont- gomeryshire Branch of the Ellesmere Canal at the Queen's Head Wharf Mr. BASNETT, of Eardiston, will appoint a Persou to shew the Timber. BY GI OVER AND SON, At the Duncan Arms Inn, New town Baschurch, on Mon- day, tie 12th Dav of April, 1813, K A CAPITAL OAK TREES. oflarge Dimensions, fit £~ i/ L for the Navv or other Purposes, wilh excellent , ,, , „ * * Clift, now growing upon a Faim, tbe Property of I S years old, by Sultan, Mr Thomas Ateherley, of WESTON, in tbe Parish of ^ ye: lrs. 0 ' Slc" e._ Baschurch, in tbe County of Salop, who will appoint a Person to shew tbe Trees. WESTON is situate close to Weston Wharf, 011 tbe Ellestriere Canal, and adjoining the Turnpike Rnael leading from Weston Wharf, and only eight Miles from Shrewsbury. GENTEEL RESIDENCE— FREEHOLD. BY J. BROOME, Ou the Premises, on Tnesdav, April, l. ltli, 1813: AI. L the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, and Part of tl-. e HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, belonging to Mr. PRITCH AUD, of WALLOP, in the Parish of Westhury, in the County of Salop; consist- ing of five Cows, calved and in- calf, one 3- year old Heifer in- calf, four 2- year old Bullocks, one 3- year old, fat, three Si- vear old Heifers, six Yearlings; four Waggon Horses, with Gearing; two Waggons, two Tumbrils, one double Plough, one s'ngle Ditto with Wheels, one Hand Ditto, three Pair of Mat rows ; one Mare in- foal by 11 igbflyer, one 2- year old Ditto, one yearling initio; Land Roller, large Cheese Press, large Fnruace ami- Grate, Scales anel Weights, and Part of tbe Brewing and Dairy Vessels. Sale to begin al ten o'Clock in the Morning. FARMING STOCK. BY S. BAGNOLD, On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 13th and 141I1 of April, 1813 : \ LL the FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in j \. HUSBANDRY, & c. the Properly of Mr WILLI AM FELTON, of TIUBERTON, in the County of Salop; consisting of 18 capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, two calving Heifers, three barren Ditto, five Heifer Stirks, and three Calves, one 4 year old Bullock, one 2 year old Ditto, aud one9- year old Bull; five useful Draught Horses and Mares, two Hackney Mares, one 3- year old Hackncv, Colt, and 2 yearling Draught Fillies ; 17 Ewes, lambed and in- hnnb, and one Ram; one Sow in- pig, and Ihree lar ge Store Pigs ; six Sets of Gearing; Bends anel Chains, two Waggons, two Tumbrils, one douhle Plough, two single Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, and two Pair of Twins, Laud Roll, Wiiinowing Machine, large Scales and Weights, live Dozen of good Hurdles, long Ladders, Straw Cribs, and various other Implements iu Husbandry, one large Stack Frame with Stone Pillars and Capstones, Wash Cisterns and Pigtroughs; also about 10 Cwt of excellent Cheese, lo be sold in small l ots for the Accommodation of the Public, The Sale to begin each Day at II o'Clock. CAPITAL TIMBER, BY R. MADDOX, At the Lion Inn, in Llansisinttfraid, in the County of Mot t. gomery, on Friday, the 16th Day of April, 1813, at six o'CIock in the Afternoon, in the following, or such other Lots and subject lo such Conditions, as shall be then aud there declared: LOT I. ONE very large OAK TREE, scribe- marked and num- bered i, growing on Bodyufol Farm, 111 the Parish of Llaufechun, iu Ibe County of Montgomery, now in- ilie Holding of Morris Davies. LOT II. 108 OAK TREES, Scribe- marked and numbered from No. 2 to No. 109, both inclusive; 24 ASH, 12 SYCA- MORE, one ELM, and three BEECH Trees, also growing upon Bodvnfol Farm. The first Lot is one of the finest and largest Trees in the Principality, and the rest of the Trees are fine, well grown Timber. They lie very convenient for Carriage, being only five Miles distant from the Ellesmere Canal at Newbridge. ' The Tenant will shew the Timber; and for further Particulars'apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor, Oswestiy. This Advertisement will not be repealed. LIVE STOCK. BY W. " SMITH, On Tuesday, the 20th Day of April, 1813, on the Premises, tttTHE BANK, near Miusterley, in the County of Salop, ALL the LIVESTOCK; IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, with Part of tbe HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, belonging to Mr. RICHARD TUDOR, who is leaving his Form : consisting of six Co « n calved and in- calf, one fresh Barren,' four 3- year old Bullocks, three 2- year old Ditto, one Ditto Heifer, four Yearlings; three Sows in pig, one strong Store; nine Ewes and Lambs, nine Wethers; four capital young Waggon Horses, with their Gears; excellent Waggon, two Tumbrels, one of Which is nearly new, Ploughs, Harrows, Land Roller, aud other useful Implements. HOUSEHOLD GOOUS comprise two Pair of Bedsleads, two Feather Beds, Writing Desk, Dining and oilier Tables, Large Kitchen Ditto, Clock, Dresser and Shelves, with Pewter, Kitchen Grate, Fender, and Pitgrate ; two Cbeesa Presses, Masliing Tub, Cooler, Cheese Tub, Cheese Vats, Casks, andsuudiy otjier Articles'of useful Furniture. Sale to begin at ten o'CIock. A1 BY W. JAMES, On the Premises, oa Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 22d, 93d, and 04th Davs of April, 181: 1; LL the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, Daily and Brewing Utensils, together with the modern HOUSEHOLD FURMTU li E, belong- ing to the late Mr. CHARLES FUKNIVALL, of OVERTON, in the County of Flint; consisting of Iwo Waggon Horses, Gearing for Ditto, a neat Gig and Harness, Coal Carl, Plough, Pair of Harrows, Stack Frame, Winnowing Fail, Sieves, Riddles, Pikels, Rakes, and sundry implements in Husbandry; a Quantity qf Dairy and Brewing Utensils, in excellent Condition.— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE com- prises prime Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Fourpost Bedsleads and Hangings, Mahogany Chest villi Drawers, Dressing Tables, and Wash- hand Stands, Set of Mahogany Dining and Card Tables, Side- board, Chairs, Cclle. et,' & e. a capital Eight- day Clock and Mahogany Case, a Quantity of Earthenware, China, and Glass, and'. various othei Ar- ticles too numerous lo insert; which will be particularised in Catalogues to be had at tbe principal Inns tu ihe Neigh- bout hood, aud of THE AUCTION EUR, Ellesmere, BY GLOVER AND SON, At Ihe Craven Arms Inn, Ruyton of tbe Eleven Towns, in the County of. Salop, oil Tuesday, the 13th of April, 181.1, at four o'Clock in the Afternpou, and subject to Condi- tions then to be produced: ASUBSTANTIAL and modern built HOUSE, situate in the Town of RUYTON aforesaid, late the Residence of Mr. READ, Surgeon; with excellent GARDEN and ORCHARD well stocked wilh choice Fruit Trees, three- stalled Stable, Cowhouse, Piggeries, with Pump, conveni- ently situated; the whole very recently built; together with a very excellent PIECE of PASTURE LAND, con- taining 3 A. 1R. OP. in a high State of Cultivation The House consists of a spacious Kitchen, with Brewbouse and Cellar, supplied with Water by Lead Conductors from Pump; Parlour in Front 15ft. loin, by 14ft. Shop olso in Front 15ft. by 14ft. - 2in which may at a small Expense be converted Into a Parlour; three excellent Lodging Rooms on second Floor, and three excellent Atlicks. Tbe House may be viewed any Time preceding the Kale, 011 Application toMrs. Read, on the Premises. The Pur chaser may be accommodated with the Fixtures at a Valua- tion. Possession mav be had immediately; and for further Particulars apply to Messrs. GLOYEII aud SON, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. CHOICE FARMING STOCK, Ac. Al Norton Wood, in the Purish nf Nortnn- tn- IIales, near Market Drayton, in the County of Salop. BY W. CHURTON, Oil the Premises, 011 Monday and Tuesday, Ihe 12th and 13th Davs of April, 1813, ALL Ibe Valuable LI VE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, and great Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the Properly of Mr. THOMAS BENBOW; comprising 12 choice calving Cows and Heifers, two barren Cows, eight Stin ks, one 2- years old Bull, two Pair of yearling Calves ; three barren Ewes; Smiler, au active Mare, rising 4- years old, Captain, Diamond, rising 3- years old, plenty of Bone and very promising, Darby, in- foul by Merryman, Madam, a powerful Mare, valuable 2- year old Waggon Fillry ; four strong store Pigs ; capital long Cart, with Gearing com- plete, two excellent Tumbrils, valuable Laud Roller, in- arly new, wheeled Plough, Hand Dilto, Guttering Ditto, Water- furrowing Ditto, choice Set of four Harrows, sixSets of Hoise Gears, Iwo Cranks and Chains, Back and Belly Bands, Coin Fun, Ditto Trial, Kibbling Mill, Straw Engine, Hopper, ti aggoti Rope, Ditto Chain, Tutor, Lots of Pikcls and Rakes, Cross- cut Saw, two Straw Wiskets, Stuck Frame, nine Stone Pillars and Caps, Water Trough and Spout, four Stone Pigtroughs, Stone Cistern and Cover, I'umpStone, two Barn Shovels, three Ridd'es, 14 Bags', with numerous other Implements, in Lots To- gether with the DAIRY VESSELS, HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, & c. tr^ The Auctioneer begs Leave to inform the Public, that the above Stock, & c. deserves the highest Encomium, and will be sold without the least Reserve. Tbe Live Stock and Implements, will lie sold tbe first Day. The Auction will commence each Day at ten o'Cluck precisely. BY J. BROOME. On the Premises, at LLANHEDRICK, near Bishop's Castle, in the Couuty of Salop, upon Wednesday and Thursday, the 14th and 15th of April, 1813: rjMIE reserved Part of Mr. ASHDOWN's valuable J Stock of HEREFOR DS11IRE CATTLE, " HORSES, kc,. as well as Pari of tbe HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Brewing and Dairy Utensils. The Cattle consist of two in- calf Cows, two 4- vearsold Heifers, nine 3- years old Ditto, one 2- years old Ditto, one yearling Ditto, six 3- yeat- S old Bullocks, four 1 year old Ditto, one yearling Bull, two Bull Calves, two Heifer Ditlo,~ seven young Waggon Horses and Mares ( one in- foal), with Gearing for Ditto, one 3- veur old draught Filly, one 2- year old Ditto, oue yearling Colt ditto, a black Mare, 7- years old, by Sultan, Dam by Beaufremont, able to carry heavy weight, a well known good Hunter; a brown Horse 5- years obi, Brother to the above black Vlare, a cliesnut Coll, 2- years Ditto, a Chesnut Mare, Dam bv Tommy ; a hav Mare, in- foal til Sultan ; a Ditto, by Dnngannon, in- foal to Brilliadoro, which Horse is own Brother to Lord Oxford's Vielbria; a 1 year old Filly out of the above Mare by Brilliadoro, oue Ditto by Sultan, one 3- years old Colt bv Kill Devil, out of the black Sultan Mare; chesnut Hack, 7- years old, a capi- tal shooting Galloway and good Roadster to carry hoavy weight; 20 fat Sheep, nine yearling South Down Wethers, eight. Ditto Ewes and Lambs, one South Down Rain, oue New Leicester Ditto, one half bred Spanish Ditto, several half bred South Downs suitable for Forest; one very capi- tal Sow and seven Pigs, one Ditto in- pig, one very good Boar, two Gelts, and three store Pigs; one six- inch Weg- gon with Iron Arms, made at Worcester, two narrow- wheeled Ditto, Iron Arms, three broad w heeled Tumbrils one narrow Ditto, a light one Horse Cart, two double Ploughs, ( one never used,) foursingle Dilto, one Ox Har- row, three Pair of Ditto, two capital Rollers, a Corn Drill by Perkins, one Turnip Dilto with Roller Complete, one Cannister Ditto, Ground Car. Iwo Turnip Cotters, Straw Engine, two Winnowing Machines by Cornforth, two Calf Pens, Set of Ox Gearing, Scale Beam and Castmetal Weights, big and small Bakes, Pikels, Dung and Turnip Forks, ' villi various other Artic les. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Fourpcst and ether Bedsteads, two capital Deal Kitchen Tables, with Drawers and Forms, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, Cheese Press, a large Quantity of Iron and Wood bound Cider Hogsheads & Barrels, in excellent Condition, many Dozen of Glass Bottles, and several Wood Ditlo, of different Sizes, a Mangle, with almost every Requisite for a Farm House. JJ3 The AUCTIONEER begs Leave to inform tbe Public, Ibe Whole of the Stork -< ill be sold without the least Reserve, and is too well known to need anv Comment of his. Some of the Horses are very suitable for Road Wag- gons; one is a brown Stallion, a very quiet good Worker, sure foal getter, and Stock very good. " BY JTBROOME, On Monday, the 19th Day of April, 1813 : AIL the valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, helonging I., the late Mr. JOHN INIONS, of WESTLEY, in the Parish of Westbury, and County of Salon, deceased; con- sisting Qf Bedsteads and Hangings, Feather Beds and Bolsters, wilh Blankets, Coverlets, anil Linen; a Set of varnished Oak DiningTables, Mahogany and other Tables, handsome Wardrobe, Dresser, Bureau, Eight Day Clock, Writing Desk, and Chairs, Oak Chests, Cupboards, and a Variety of other useful Articles, too numerous to mention. The Sale tobpgin precisely at ten o'CIoek, and will con- tinue till all is sold. MONTGOMERYSHIRE, BY T. HOWELL, At tbe Dragon Inn, Montgomery, 011 Friday, the 9th Day of April, 1813, at five o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions : LOT I. q - J OAK Timber Trees, marked with a Scribe 1 to 81, () J standing OIIARGOED FARM, in theParish of Church- stoke, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Williams. LOT II. 40 ASH Trees, marked in like manner 1 to 40, standing on t he same Farm. LOT 111 40 ASH Trees, marked in like manner 41 to 80. standing 011 the same Farm. LOT IV. 40 ASH Trees, marked in like manner 81 to 126, standing on tbe same Farm. LOTV 20 WYCH ELM Trees, scribed 1 lo « 0, standing on tbe same Farm. LOT VI. 21 WYCH ELM Trees, numbered 1 to 41, stand- ing 011 I be same Farm. LOT VII 8 WALNUT Trees, numbered 1 to 8, standing ou the same Farm. LOT VIII. go ALDER Trees, numbered 1 to 20, standing on the same Farm. LOT IX ao Ditto numbered 21 to 40, standing on the same Farm. LOT X 20 BIRCH Trees, uumbered 1 to 20, standing on the same Farm. LOT XI. 41 OAK Trees, numbered 1 to 41, standing on the BACHKLDRE FARM, ill the Parish Of Churchstoke, in the Occupation ofRiehard Owens. LOT XII. 10 ASH Trees, numbered 1 to 10, standing on the same F'arm. LOT XIII. 10 ELM Trees, numbered 1 to 10, standing on the same Farm. LOT XIV, 40 OAKTrees, numbered 1 lo 40, standing 011 STONEKOUSE FARM, in ibe Parish of Churchstoke, iu the Occupation of Richard Morris. LOT XV. 45 OAK Trees, numbered 1 to 45, standing on PENTREMANT FARM, in tbe Parish of Fotden, in the Of eupntion of John Price. LOT XVI. so ASH Trees, numbered 1 to 20, standing on the same Farm. LOT XVII 14 ELM Trees numbered 1 to 14, standing 011 tbe same Farm The Timber on Argoed Farm is about eight Miles from the Montgomeryshire Canal ; tbat 011 Baclieldre Farm about six Miles; tbat ou Stonehouse about five Miles; and tlnst on Pentrenant Farm four Miles, all nearly ad- joining good Turnpike Roads. The Timber are in general of great Lengths, and very cleft y. The Tenants will shew the Lots : and Particulars may be had of Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, Timber- Surveyor, Kerry, Montgomeryshire. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. ' CAPITAL OAK AND ASH TIMBER. BY J. BROOME, On Thursday and Fiidav, the 22el and 23d of April, 1813, in the Farm Yard at FLINSHAM, nearTitley, 111 the Early in April SIXTY- SEVEN HEAD of PRIME HEREFORD- SHIRE CATTLE, 564 Head of South Down Sheep, 9 Cart Horses, 4 Ditto Colts, & c. & c. the Property of Lord Oxford.— Particulars in our next. VALUABLE AND MODERN FURNITURE. BY J BROOME, On the Premises, on Mondav, the 3d Dav of May, 1811, * LL tbe genuine HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- J\_ NITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to the lale Mrs. LLOYD, of THE AEEEY, near Alberbury, in the County ofSalop ( deceased). KJ> Particulars in our ucxt. BY T. HOWELL, At the Lion Inn, in Newtown, in the County of Mont- gomery, ou Tuesday, the 20th of April, 1813, at five in the Afternoon, the following Lots of l imber, subject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. ^ R\ R\ OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe | 1 to 192, standing in Llwynmelen Wood, Part of Berthddil Demesne. LOT II. 30 ASH Trees, numbered in like Manner, stand- ing in the same Wood. LOT 111. 120 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing in other Part of Llwynmelen Wood and Lands adjoining. LOT itf. 42 ASH Trees, numbered in like Manner, stand- ing in Llwynmelen Wood and Lands adjoining. LOTV. 144 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing in Glyn Bach Coppice, Part of Glyn Farm, in the Occupation of Evan Evans. LOT VI. 155 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner,| standing chiefly in Coppices on Glanfeinion Farm, in the Occupation of John Davies. LOT VI1 116 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner, standing iu a Coppice 011 Glanfeinion Farm afore- said. LOT VIII fio OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like y Manner, standing chiefly in Coppices Part of Coed Bach { and Coed y Gaer Farms, in the Holding of David Owen. The. Farms ou which the above Timber now stands are situate in the Parish of Llandinam, and close to the Turn- pike Road leading from Newtowu to Llanidloes. The Trees are of large Dimensions, appear perfectly sound, and the Oak applicable for Frame Timber, Beams, Thick st ti li-, and Plank for the Navy, or other superior Purposes. David Owen, of Coed y Gaer, will shew the TimSr> r ; and further Particulars may be had at theOlficeof Mr. WILLI 1MES, in Pool; ot Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Pool. CHOICE TIAMBER, AND QUARTER BOARDS. BY WIUOLRF^ ND SON, On the Premises, at Maiket Drayton, in the County of Salop, on Tuesday, ibe 13th Dayof April, 1813, alien o'CIock in the Morning : Al. L Ihe Scantling Timber, Quarter and olhei Boards, Timber in the Round, Cranes, Blocks, Ropes, and other Appendages in the Timber Business, belougiii" 1 to the late Mr. vy 1LLIAM BAKER, of Market Drayton aforesaid ; consisting of 7000 Feet of Inch Oak Quarter Boards, 745 Feet Inch and half Inch Cotliii Boards, Feet Oak Flitch inch Boatds, a Quantity of Cooper's Railing Staves and Bottom.., a Number of Gate antUVicket 1' osrs of different Sizes, 3_ y solid Feet of Sea tliug, 103 solid Feet of Wall Platiing, Silling, & c four excellent Oak Gales, and a Quantity ,.. Rails tod Posts, 11 excellent Oak Nathesof large. Dimensions, 10 Plough Feet, a Num- ber of Ladder Pius and Sloats, one capit. Oak Tree of the following Dimensions,— 35 Feet long, by I3| Inches Girth, one other Oak Tree, 33 Feet long by 141 luchesGirth, one other Oak Tree 10 Feet long by 16 Inches Girt! ; greatest Part of an excellent Timber Carriage, wilh Cranes, Chains, Ringers, Pulley Blocks, Ropes, Nibbs, and other Appcu dages used in the Timber Business. N. B. The above Timber is of excellent Quality, and will be divided into such Lots as may accommodate the Public; tbe Oak Boards have been sawed and horsed upwards of tin • ee Years ' y the Ltensils nearly new j and the Whole will be sold, without Reserve. FLI NTH IRE ESTATES. * ' BY MR, THOMAS JONES, Bv Order of the Assignees of George Gregory, the Elder, a Bankrupt, at the Black Liou lun, in Mold, it; liie County of Flint, on the 97th Day of April, 1813, at three o'Clock iu the Afternoon, precisely, subject to such Conditions as will be then uud there produced, and in the following Lois: LOT I. AN elegant and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, called Tryddyn Lodge, with tbe Outbuildings thereto belonging, situate near the Village of Tryddyu, 111 the Coun- ty of Flint, together with ihe several Fields and Parcels of 2 ANDS and PLANTATIONS, therewith Itcid, now in the Occupation of Mr Robert Davies, containing by Ad- measurement 70 Acres, Statute Measure.— Tryddyn Lodge is a newly- erected Dwelling House, contains in Fruut 14 Yards, has a Stone Portico Entrance, two Parlours to tbe Front, w ith Kitchens und suitable Offices, three Bed Rooms on th. e first Floor, and four Bed Rooumou the second Flooi, and is in every Respect adapted foe the Residence ofa gen- teel Family. The Land lies in a Ring Fence, gradually descending toa beautiful Dingle, with " Plantations, S. C The Village of Tryddyu is situated four Miles from Mold, seveu M iles from Wrexham, and twelve Miles from Chester, lies uear lo several Gentlemen's Scats, and iu the midst of a sporting Country, abounding wilh all KiudsofFish and Game.— This Estate is held by the present Tenant under a Lease for seven Years from Mav last. LOTII. All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Outbuildings thereto belonging, and the Land therewith held, containing 52 Acres, Stumfe Measure, call- eel FRANK'S FARM. This Estate lies wilbin a Ring Fence, near tbe Village of Tryddyn, and is now iu the Occupatiou of John Keirbrd, as Tenant from Year lo Year LOT 111. R I! YD AT A LOG INN, with the Stables, and other Outbuildings thereto belonging, and about statute Acres of Land, therewith held, uow in the Oicupatiou of William Jones, Tenant from Year to Year.— This Estate, which i. s also within a Ring Fence, adjoins Lot 2, and tiie House, w hich is also new, is peculiarly well situated lor au Inn as it lies al tbe Point where tbe two great Roads lead- in' from Mold and Lfanatimiu to Wrexham unite. Tbe Situation of these Estates ( all of which aie Free- hold) is most desirable; Coal lias been discovered uniter Tryddyn Lodge, and both Coal and Lnne of superior Qualily and in the greatest Abundance, lie within two Miles of tbe Centre of tlieni. The Roads in the Neigh- bourliourhood are good, nnd the Country affords excellent Materials for their Repair, and abounds witii Stone tor Buildiiig of the first Quality. The respective Tenants will shew the Estate. Au Elevation and Plan of Tryddyn Lodge, nnd Maps of the Estates may be seen, and further Information bail, 011 Application at " the Office ot Mr. FINCIIETT, Solicitor, Abbey- Square, Cheater. AND ALSO, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the White Lion lun, in Ibe City of Chester, on Wed- nesday, the 281b Day of April lust, at six o'Clock in the Evening, precisely, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, Ihe FREEHOLD and INHERITANCE of and in all that DWELLING HOUSE, with the WARE- HOUSE behind the same, situate iu Crane- Street,- iu ibe said City of Chester, and late in the Occupation of the said George Gregory, the elder Mr. FLNCHETT will direct a proper Person to shew the Premises; ai. d further lnfoimation may be had, on Ap- plication at bis Office, in Chester. TIMBER— SHROPSHIRE. TO BE SOLD, Pursuant to an Order of the Lord Chancellor, made in the Matter of William Cotton, Esq, a Lunatic, with Ihe Ap- probation of ROBERT STEELE, Esq one ofthe Masters of tbe Court uf Chancery, : t Ihe Phoenix Inn, Market Dray- ton, Shropshire, on Saturday, tbe 10th of Api il, 1813; / CONSIDERABLE QUANTITIES of OAK, ASH, < U ALDER, BIRCH, - id ASP TREES, standing uud growing on the Estates of tin said William Cotton, in COLEHLRST and BELLA PORT, in tiie Lola; Particulars whereof may be had at tin said Muster's Chambers, iu Southampton Buildings, Chance, v Lane, London; of Messrs CARS, and KENSIT, Solicitors, John Street, Beet- ford Row, Loudon; of THOMAS DICKEN, Esq, Market Drayton; of Messrs. LAMCERT and SON , 6, Bedford Row, London; of Mr. JENINGS, Solicitor, Elm Court, Temple, London; of Mr. CHURTON, Anctiotieierj Wbitcbnitb, Shropshire; aud at the Place of Sale. LONDON. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. FOREIGN- OFFICE, MARCH 50. The Prince Regent lias been pleased to eanse it to lie -. ienified by Viscount Castlereagh, to the Ministers of Friendly and Neutral Powers residing at this Court, that the necessary measures hare been taken for the blockade ofthe ports ar. d haiboius of New Yoik, Charleston, Port Royal, Savannah, and ofthe River Mississippi, in the United States of America ; and that, from this time, all the measures authorised by the J a. v of Nations, will be adopted and executed with respect to all vstsels which may attempt to violate th » said blockade. DOWNING STREET, MARCH 29. A letter, of which the following aie extracts, has been this day received from Col. Hamilton, Lieutenant Governor of Heligoland, dated Match 23: — In my letter dated the 17th inst. I had the honour to represent to your Lordship, that in consequence of the effect which the glorious success of the Russian arms produced, and the favourable reports from different parts of the Hanoverian Coast, I detennined immediately to take every step, which the inconsiderable foice at my disposal would admit of, to promote the great and just cause. Lieut. Ranks proceeded with two gun brigs, reinforced bv two serjeants and 30 veterans, to Cnxhaven, from which the French had departed with great- expedition, after destroying all their gun- boats, and dismount- ing the gnns from the strong works constructed for tbe defence of the harbour. On a summons from Lieut. Banks, the Castle of Ritzbuttel, and bntteries at Cuxhaven, weie surrendered to beat the disposal pf his Majesty, by the Burghers; and the British and Hamburgh fligs were immediately displayed. Major Kcntzinger, an Officer perfectly qualified for such a mission, was sent to Cuxhaven, having received instructions to communicate as soon as possible with the Russian General and the Senate of Hamburgh ; and this Officer was im- mediately followed by a detachment from the 8th Royal Veteran Battalion, and a supply of all the arms, & c. which were not actually employed hy this garrison. The loyal People of Hanover, who have been so long oppressed, display every where the British colours, and G. P.. upon their habita- tions. In the Wezer, the inhabitants of that part of the country assembled in considerable numbers, and took the strong and important battery and works at Bremerlee; and a corps of about 1500 Fiench having assembled in its vicinity, which threatened to retake the battery, application was made immediately to Major Kentzinger for assistance, who, having left Cuxhaven with a party of his soldiers in waggons, was met by these brave and grateful men, who gave him the pleasing intelligence that ibe enemy had marched off in great haste, in consequence of the landing of Ihe British iroops, which weie reported to amount toa considerable number. Baron de Tetteuboin, Colonel Commandant ofa corps of that division of the Russian army commanded by Count Wittgenstein, entered Hamburgh on the 18th inst. amidst the acclamatioos aud every demonstration of joy on the part of tbe citizens. ILL consequence of this happy event the ancient Government has been testored, and a Mail for England is now dispatched from that city. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, MARCH 30. Letters fiom Lieut. Banks ofthe gun- vessel the Blazer, dated off Cuxhaven, the 16th and 17th inst. March 16, 1S' 3. SIR,— Ibeg leave to inform you, foi the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that, from the intel- ligence communicated to me by the Lieutenant- Governor of Heligoland, aud what I otherwise learned by the arrival of vessels frrtn Ibe Continent, of the distressed state of the Ftencli forces at Cuxhaven, and of the entrance of a Russian army into Hamburgh, 1 judged it expedient to take the Brevdageren under my orders, and proceeded to the River Elbe, which 1 entered early this morning, with the hope of intercepting such of the enemy's vessels as might attempt to make their escape; two of the gun vessels we found deserted iu the entrance of Ibis river, and were afteiwards destroyed ; on a nearer approach to this place, I observed some weic burning, others weie sunk and drifting about in all directions; and I have the satisfaction to inform you of the total destruction of the French flotilla that was stationed at Cuxhaven, which were 20 large gun schuyts: the timelv appearance of his Majesty's brig prevented the escape of two, and, 1 firmly believe, led lo the destiuetion of the lest by their own hands: Ihe Hamburgh flag is displayed un the batteries and ca6tleof Ritzbuttel, and I inteud to gain a communication with the thore.— I am, & c. ( Signed) F. BANKS. March 17. SIR,— I beg leave to acquaint you, for the information of my lords Commissioners of tbe Admiralty, that having had communication with the Civil Authorities of Ritzbuttel they expressed a desire 1 would take possession of the bat- teries that had been lately evacuated by the French. 1 accordingly this morning disembarked the small detachment « f 32 of tbe Royal Veteran Battalion from Heligoland, and took possession of Cuxhaven batteiy. Fort Napoleon, which is half a mile higher tip the river, I shall order to be destroyed. Every thing in these forts is in • disorder; the guns dismounted; the carriages and stores destroyed. The French withdrew from this place yesterday morning at five o'clock; their collective force was about 1200; they made Iheir retreat by Bederkesa to Bremen. I enclose a copy of the articles concluded on between the Civil Authorities and myself; I shall foiwaid a list ol military and other stores the moment I am able.— I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) F BANKS. . Articles concluded between the Civil Authorities of Ritzbuttel, ai. d Lieut. F. Banks. The HamStrgh flag shall be hoisted in conjunction with the British, at Ihe Fiench batteries near Cuxhaven, until his Britannic Majesty's pleasure is known. All military and other notes belonging to the French shall be delivered up to the English. The British troops shall take immediate possession of the WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31. A mail from Cadiz has arrived, by which letters and papers have been received from that city to the 11th instant. They confirm the report of the dismissal of the former Spanish Regency, and the appointment of a new one, wilh the Cardinal de Bourbon at its head. The reason assigned for the removal of the former Regency is, that they had not acted with sufficient firmness in causing the decree cf the Cortes for the abolition of the Inquisition to be read in the churches of Cadiz. We shall be happy to find, tbat a change of Government produces a change of system, but we are not very sanguine in our expectations on the subject. The Car- dinal de Bourbon, who has been named President or the Regency, is understood to owe his appointment solely to his relationship to the royal family. He is not considered as a person of any energy or talents.— Some of the private letters intom us, lhat the first order issued by the new Regency was to compel the refiactorv Clergy to read in their churches the Dectee abolishing the inquisition, and the next day was to determine whether they would mcui or not the heavy penal- ties inflicted for disobedience. The Cadiz papers of the 9th inst, are nearly filled with the debate which took place in the Cortes the preceding day, on account of the Regency's not having enforced the reading of the Manifesto of tbe Cortes, issued on tbe 22d of February, abolishing the Inquisition, in the different parishes, on Sun- day, the 7th, tvhich eniled by the dismission of the then Regency, and appointment of another, consisting of three persons. The business began in consequence of an official dispatch received by the Cortes from the Secretary for Grace and Justice; who, by order ofthe Regency, transmitted thtee representations from the Capitular Vicar, the Ecclesi- astical Council, and various Parish Curates, stating the in- conveniences which would arise from reading, for three successive Sundays, the Manifesto of the Cortes. The Re- gency added, they did not like to take vigorous measures, for fear of disturbing the public tranquillity, and requesting the Cortes would act as they thought most advisable.— Senor Zumalucarregtii condemned theii not having had the orders of the Cortes carried into execution ; imputing their conduct to their owu private opinions rather than zeal,— Trian said, the conduct of the Ecclesiastics, and particularly that of tbe Regency, Was scandalous.— Senor Arguelles at- tributed all the disobedience of the subaltern authorities to the conduct of Government ; and demanded the Cortes should remain permanently sitting till means were adopted to prevent the terrible evils with which tbey were threatened.— Several members opposed this, which was, however, carried by an immense majority .— Senor Arguelles moved, that a Regency should be named, ad interim, composed of individuals pointed out by the 189th article of the Constitution.— Senor Calatrava said, the proposition should be approved, and lhat quickly, as the good of the country demanded it.— This was also supported by other members, who declared it was dangerous to have at the head of the Government men who, in the execution of the laws, feared to disturb the public tranquillity ; and finally Carried it by 86 against 48,- s- One Commissioner was then appointed to receive the new Regency, and another to dismiss the old. — At llirte quarters past eight o'clock, P. M the new Regents appea, redwhen the President pronounced a discourse analogous to circumstances, in which he expressed the satisfaction they felt in the patriotism ofthe Regency, and that by fulfilling the sovereign Resolutions they would coniribute to the liberty ami independence of the nation.— The President of the Regency replied, that as the employment was only temporary, he accepted it; that he would shed the last drop of his bluod in the public service; aud that he would fulfil, and punctually cause to be fulfilled, the Constitution, and the sovereign Resolutions of the Na- tional Congress. HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY, MARCH 29. The Duke of NORFOLK presented a petition from certain manufacturers, chiefly cutlers, of the town of Sheffield, prav- ing for a participation in the trade to India and China. His Grace took the occasion to say a few words respecting the ad- vantages which would accrue to those manufacturers were these trades laid open, insomuch, he said, that our cutlery had fouud its way through Moscow to the Empire of China, a distance of 6000 miles, and yielded a profit. The Earl of HARROWBY moved the order of the Day for their lordships to resolve into a Committee on this bill, which being teady. Lord Walsingham accordingly took the chair.— Several of Ihe clauses of the bill were much discussed.— A few amendments proposed by the Bishop of London, Lord REDEIDALE, and others of their lordships, in the course of the above, were agreed to.— On the prominent clause in the bill, which went to provide for the stipends of Curates, on a ratio proportioned to the value of the living, the number of the parishioners, See. a discussion of seme length took place. — The Bishop of Loudon adduced a variety of objections to the measure, and concluded by proposing the substitution of a clause, the effects of w hich were to empower the Bishop or his Oidinary to appoint Curates at a salary not exceeding .£ 200 per annum, in which, in certain cases, the value of tbe glebe land held by him was to be included, & c.— The Earl of HAHROWBV combated the proposed amendment with great force, and pointedly observed, it was not alone the pecuniary interests of patrons or incumbents that were to be considered ; the spiritual interests of the parishioners, and the cure of souli, were also to be considered. He also reminded the Commit- tee, that the bill was ofa prospective nature, and no present incumbent could be affected hv it.— The Aichbishopof CAN- TERBURY argued in support uf the amendment..— The Eail of LIVERPOOL observed, he never considered the property of the Church but as a property connected with duty. It was in- cumbent on Parliament to provided a resident Minister for those parishes which had none; and he trpsted the Commit- tee would at leait agree inthe principle of the original clause. — Lord GSENVILLE followed, and ably supported the argu- ments advanced by the two last speakers — Lord RBDESDALE also supported the otigiual clause.— The Lord CHANCELLOR declared he should vote neither way on the present occasion. He seemed to think thehijl, jn its present shape, could not be adequately efficacious as to ils salutary objects : something of a more comprehensive nature, accompanied by a strict inquiry into the actual value of livings, would be necessary; and he took occasion to remark, that the frequent traffic with respect to benefices aud advowson* was quite shameful.— The Bishops of EXSTES and WORCESTRR, and some others of their lord* ships, delivered their sentiments.— The House divided on the amendment i the numbers were—^ contents 15, non con- tents 11; the amendment was of course negatived.— Tbe remaining clauses were then agreed to, with some verbal amendments.— The bill went through the Committee, and was ordered to be reported.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. , nth ( 0 wounded on tne part ot me enemy ; lire gancy u » » i> n » s le fiist, and the Blazei's cutter, In the most gallant manner, ie second. They proved lo be Ibe Danish gun boats " Die i. inge Troutman." commanded by Lieut. Lutkin ; and " Die batteries, and garrison the same, Executed ou board his Majesty's brig the Blazer, thii of March, 1813. [ Transmitted by Admiral Young.] Brevdageren, River F. lbe, March 21. SIR.,— Agreeably to your arrangement, I proceeded with the galley of the Brevdageien, and cutter of the Blazer, m search of the Danish privateer, said to infest the upper part of the river. At day light this morning we discovered two galliots, which were at first supposed to be merchant vessels; hut on approaching them they hailed, and instantly opened a fire. In this critical situation there was no safety but in resolutely boarding, and I tuok advantage of the cheerful readiness of our people. We carried them under the smoke of their second discharge, without tbe loss of a man, and only two wounded on the part of the enemy ; the galley boarding the the Junge Liebe," Lieut. Writt, eac. b Mounting two long 18- pounders, and three 12- pounder larronades, with a complement of 26 men each. When you consider that each of these formidable vessels was corned by a single boat, oue by a cutter with 12 men, and the other by a galley wilh nine, the conduct of the brtve fellows under my orders needs no comment; and, 1 beg to return my sincere thanks to them, and to Mr. Dunbar, Ihe Master of the Blazer.— These two'vessels were sent, three days ago, frum Gluckstadt, for the express purpose of intercepting the trade from Heligoland I beg you to report the above piccetding to the Commander in Chief, who, I trust, will approve of my conduct on this occasion.— 1 have the honour to be Sec. T. B. DEVON Lieutenant, and Commander. A letter fiom Cspt. Hoste, of ihe Bacchante, transmitted by Sir E. Pellew, dated off Otranto, the 6th of January, gives an account ofthe capture of five aittitd vessels, oil that day, by the Bacchante and Weazle sloop, under Lieuts. O'Brien, Hood, and Gossliiig, ofthe former, and Lieut. Whaley, uf the latter. These vessels wtte bound from Corfu to Otiauto, fur the purpose of conveying moueyfor the payment of tbetioops on the island, and although the boats met with a spirited resistance, they were carried without, any loss ou our part. Sir K. Pellew bas transmitted a letter fiom Capt Mounsey, < f the Furieuse, giving an accuunt of his having on the 10th of January, captured, i ff Mont* Christo, L'Argus French biigantiiie prlvateor, pierced for 12 tuns, but only four long Impounders mounted, and 85 men, eight days from Leg- horn, without making any capture. { This Gazette also contains lists of 57 vesfw. ls captured, or i « - captnred, by the ships under tbe command of Lord Keith, between the 31st of July 1812, and the 25th ol March 1813- of three American schooners, captured by the ships under Sir R. Bicker ton— ot eight American vessels, , aptured by the ships under Sir R. Calder, from the 30th of December to the 24th of March— an account of the American vessel Culamet, captured and sent into I. eilh by the Night- ingale— a list of 27 vessels captured and detained by the squadron under Admiial Stirling at Jamaica, between the 23d cf June and 30lh of October, 1812— and of 62 American vessels, brought in as prizes, withiu the jurisdiction of the Vice Admiralty at Halifax, from June 1, to December 14, 1812.] Opening of Mr. Pitt's Monument at Guildhall.— On Saturday, the 27tb ult. the Right Hon. George Canning, with Lord Granville Leveson Gower, the Hon. Charles Bagot, H. Bankes, E- q. M. P. and Charles Ellis, Esq. M. P. met the Committee of the Corporation of London, at Guildhall, and attended, with them, the opening of tbe monument erected to the memory of the late Right Hon. W. Pitt.— The Hall was much crowded, not only from the temporary notice which had been given of the opening of the monument, but from the great number of persons attending the Commissioners of Bankrupts; and when the covering of the monument was lowered, so as to admit the head of Mr. Pitt to be seen, a seeming anxiety was spiead over the whole Hall, and the utmost silence prevailed ; but when the covering was entirely temoved, and the whole mrudiment was displayed, one general acclamation of applause burst furth. DESCRIPTION OF THE MONUMENT. Tbe massy substance on which the figures in this compo- sition are placed, is intended to Iepresent the island of Great Britain and tbe surrounding waves. Ou an elevation, iathc centre of the island, Mr. Pitt appears in his robes, as Chan- cellor of the Exchequer, in the attitude of a public orator. Below him, on an ititetmediate foreground, two statues characterise his abilities; while, with the national energy, which is embodied, aud riding on a symbol of the ocean in the lower centre, they assist to describe allusively the effects of his Administration. Apollo stands on his right, impeisonatiug eloquence and learning. Mercury is in- troduced on his left, as the representative cf commerce, and the patron of policy. To describe Ihe unprecedented splendour of success whieh crowned the British Navy while Mr. Pitt was Minister, the lower part of the monument is occupied hy a statue of Britannia, seated triumphantly on a sea horse ; in her left hand Is the usual emblem of naval power j aud her right grasps a thunder- bolt, which she Is pre. pared to hurl against the enemies of her country. The inscription, written by Mr. Canning, is clear and nervous. It it as follows: WILLIAM PITT, Son of WILLIAM PUT, Eail of CUATMAM, Inheriting the genius and formed hy the precepts of his Father, devoted himself fiom his early years to the ser.' ice of the State. Called to the chief conduct of the Administration, after the clqse of a disastrous war, He repaired the exhausted Revenues, he revived and invigo- rated the Commerce and Prosperity of the Country ; And he had re- established the Public Credit ou deep and sure foundations ; When a new war was kindled in Europe, more formidable than any preceding war from the peculiar character of its dangers. To resist the arms of France, which were directed against the Independence of every Gnvernmeiit and People ; To animate other Nations by the example of Great Britain; To cheek tbe contagion of opinions which tended to dissolve the frame of Civil Society; To array the loyal, the sober- minded, and the good, in de- fence uf the venerable Constitution of the British Monarchy, Were the duties which, at that awful crisis, devolved upon Ihe British Minister; And which he discharged » ith transcendent zeal, intrepidity, and perseverance: He upheld the National Honour abroad ; he maintained at home the blessings of Order and of true Liberty ; And, in the midst of difficulties and perils. He united aud consolidated Ihe strength, power, and resources of the Empire. For these high purposes. He was gifted by Divine Providence with endowments, Rare in their separate excellence, wonderful in their combina- tion ; judgment; imagination ; memory ; wit; force and acuteuess of reasoning ; Eloqueuee, copious and accmate, commanding & persuasive, And suited frum its splendour to the dignity of his mind and tu the authority of his station; A lofty spirit j aud a mild ingenuous temper, Warm aud steadfast in friendship, towards enemies he was forbearing antl forgiving. His industry was not telaxed by confidence in his great abilities. His indulgence to others w as not abated by the consciousness of his own superiority. His ambition was pure from all 6ellish motives; The love of power and the passion for, fame were in him subordinate to views of public utility : Dispensing for near twenty years the favours of the Crown, He lived without ostentation, aud he died poor. A GRATEFUL NATION Decreed to hint those funeral honours Which fcre rescued for eminent and extraordinary men. THIS MONUMENT Is erected by the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, fc Common Council, To lecoid the reverent and affectionate regret Wilh which the City of London cherishes his memory ; And to holt) out to the imitation of posterity Those principles of public and private virtue, Which ensure to nations a solid greatness, And to individuals an imperishable name. Mr. Canning, Lord G. L. Gower, the Eon. C. Bagol, Mr, Bankes, and Mr. Ellis, with William Huskisson, Esq. M. P. and Robeit Percy Smith, Esq. afterwards partook of an elegant entertainment, piovided by order of tW Committee, at the AlbiortTavern, it> AldersgiW. itieet, Mr. D. GIDDY having brought up the Report of the Sine- cure bill,— Mr. HoiriyaDsaid, the tendency of Sinecure Places was not as represented, to extend the influence of the Crown ; they would even in some instances produce the contrary ef. feet. It was well known that sinecures were more properly at tbe disposal of the Ministers for the time being than of the Crown. Theu supposing that Ministry to go out, the appoint- ment to Sinecure Places, so far from increasing the influence of Government, would give strength to opposition, to whom the gratitude of tbe persons appointed is naturally due. It was bard, he Said, that the children of Ministers, being left unprovided for, by the operation of this bill, if passed into a law, should have cause lo regret that their patents had not devoted their lives to other pursuits than the service of Iheir country, [ t was more expedient, as well as constitutional, to have recourse to tlse provision by Sinecures, than apply for grants to this House, When valuable public services were performed, of naval and military merit, the House might fairly judge ; but of civil services, they could not impartially judge. Even the family of Mr. Perceval, whose qualities and important services were admitted by all parties, was not provided for merely for his civil services, but rather on ac- count of the peculiar circumstances that distinguished his lamented and untimely end. He would, therefore, ruuve, that instead of the word " now," be substituted " this day six months."— Mr. BANKES said, that if the hon. member who last spoke hod more minutely considered the objects of this bill, he Would have found that it was intended by it to place every provision for publ ic service within its operation, iu the [ froper hands, a responsible Ministry, not at the disci e- tion of Parliament. Tbe bill did not give, as objected to it, a claim to every person who had served a certain time; but, on the contrary,- left a discretion in the crown, to be directed by the public interest. It * » s not fak t » expect a system of ideal perfection— all that was in the contemplation nf the ftamers of this bill was to place offices on a mote fair and proper basis. It was urged, that the effect uf this bill would be to exclude from office talent without fortune ; it Would exclude, on the edtrtrary, ignorance and incapacity. His ( Mr. Bankes') bill was no innovation, but a strict imi- tation of the principle extensively laid down by Mr Burke and Mr. Pitt. He would deny this measure to be an un- worthy sacrifice to popularity. If it were objected, that Mr. Burke and Mr. Pitt had left those places untouched, he ( Mr. B.) would urge the increase of the public burthens, lie hoped the present Honse of Commons would uot dis- appoint the public by rejecting a measure which the last Parliament were willing to agree to, even against the voice of the Minister. Lord CASTLSREACH said, he felt a difficulty in resisting any measure, whose object was the reduction of the public burth- ens, particularly when countenanced by the last Parliament. The majority, however, was not so decisive and triumphant as his hon. friend ( Mr. B. ) now contended; but supposiug the bill tb pass this House, it was siire oi meeting mote resistance in another quarter, and If discountenanced in another House there could be no use, in pressing it here. [ Criej of order nOTv proceeded from many members, upon which Ihe SPEAKER declared, that this House couM not allow itself to be swayed hy the opinions of another.]— Lord CAST LEREAGH then said, as a measure of economy it would completely fail. Tne pensions provided by the bill, and which were to commence immediately, would nearLy equal what was saved by the abolition of Sinecure Places,— He ( Lord C.) was satisfied that the West India patronage should be placed on a different footing from what it was at present, without, even waiting for the final success or failure of the bill. A sweeping measure, which abolished near 350 places at once, would cause a very material derangement in our official system. The provisions of this bill would bear hard upou that pat ty in the state which happened to be out of power ; yet he ( Lord C.) would contend that public men, out of office, might do important service to theircouqtty. Mr. Burke and Mr. Pitt acted upon principles different from this bill. They abolished offices, not as being sinecures, but as tending tu strengthen the influence of Govern- ment, or unnecessarily increase the public burthens. He ( Lord C ) conceived this bill too aristocratical in its tendency; it went to exclude the wantof personal fortune from the offices j of state, Tbe measure. was unconstitutional, and aristocra- tic al in a higher degree than was allowed by the principles of the British Constitution.— Mr, CANNING observed, lhat having supported the measure in a former Parliament, he should state briefly to the Honse his ground for thinking tbat the bill now befoie them was entitled lo their support. The question respecting a different sentiment being held in anothei place, for alluding to which the noble lord had so properly been called to order, was not a subject for the consideration of lhat House, particularly on a question of economy and finance. On other questions, a similar difference of opinion had prevailed, but the perseverance of the House had ulti- mately triumphal. This had been particularly erident in the case uf tlie Slave Trade, where the repeated rejection of the bill, in another quarter, had never been urged as a reason against its being entertained in tbat House. The nuble lord had taken up the question in the light of economy and of a political arrangement. For many years the question had been agitated for a total abolition of Sinecure Offices, as being subservient to no useful purpose. The argument in favour of retaining them had been, that though in theory sinecure and office are contradictory terms, yet that Mr. Bin ke. had seen in these offices a means of rewarding efficient services; and lhat if, abstracting from theory, you looked round into public life,. you would find tbe individuals who were best entitled to pensions in the possession of Sinecure uffices. This no doubt held good with respect to almost all tbe great Offices of tlie State, which would generally be found in the possession of sume individual or his immediate descendant, who had rendered eminent services to the public. To Ihe justiee of this no objection could be made, aud here the noble lord and himself were agreed. If the present bill were of an aristocratical tendency, he should say, that such a measure could not be adopted without injury to the constitution; and to such a mvasure he should never give his sup; ioi t; but on the contrary, the bill enabled theCrown to allure more talent into the service ofthe State. The noble lord had staled that the bill would bear hard upon those who had not beeu, as he expressed it, in the habits of office. If the Crown were in possession of a fixed fund, and at any given time, for the reward of public scivices, this argument would hold good. But this was not the case. He himself was no zealot on this subject. The mode was indifferent, the means were the ques- tion. But if the mode of rewarding services by Sinecure Offices had fallen into disrepute, ther, some other mode must be resorted to for accomplishing the end.— A power was sub- stituted to reward merit, and to prevent abuse, a certain time was selected. As things uow stood, tbe Crown might have a great Minister, who, upon his retirement from office, might sink into poverty, because Ibe Sinecure Offices were full. Tbe system of sinecure was so full of uncertainty, that Parliament bad been obliged to prop it up, by providing iu some instances a suitable remuneration. He wuuld suppoit tho bill, because it endeavoured to effect the same end by a hetter mode than was dune at present.— Mr. Ralhurst, Mr. Stephen, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. ltyder, and Mr. Croker, op- posed the bill; and Mr. Ponsonby, Sir j. Newport, Ihe Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. H. Thornton, Sir Fiederick Flood, Mr. Huskisson, Mr. Wilberforce, Mr. Lytlelton, Mr. Protheroe, arid Mr. W. Smith supported it. On a division there appeared for receiving the Report 94, against it 80.— The Report was then brought up ; the clauses were gone through, aud the third reading appointed for Thursday. TUESDAY, MARCH 30. Mr. P. CAREW obtained leave to bring in a bill for enforcing the due performance of the Duties of Surveying of Turnpike Roads.— In answer to a suggestion by Mr. Canning, Mr. Grattan said heshoulJ postpone bringing in the Catholic bill till immediately after tha Easter recess. On the order for the second reading of tbe Weymouth Election bill, Mr. C. W. WYNN objected to it, on the ground that there was no information before the House which could induce members to agree to it.— Mr. B/ ITHURST said, the object of this bill was to prevent the splitting of votes by will. At all eveuts he wished the bill might be allowed lo go into a Committee.— Mr. Alderman ATKINS stated the various abuses which the bill weut to remove. Persons paying a rent of only sixpence a year, had split the same into a great number of parts, and left them by will to as many individuals, all of whom exercised the right of voting— The bill was read a second time, and an order was made for giving an instruction to the Committee to make the bill general all over the kingdom. The Committee was ordered for to morrow, and also that tiie pet itionerragainst the bill be heard at the bar by counsel Tbe House then resolved into a Committee on the Affairs of the East India Company.— Lurd CASTLGREACU moved, that Warren Hastings, Esq. be called as a witness,' and also that that Gentleman be indulged with a chair.— Ordered.— Mr. Hastings was Ihen called in, and Mr, Adams appeared at the bar as Coiiusel for the Company, aud examined Mr. Hastings respecting the effect of Euiopeans sojourning in India, as far as respected the British Settlements— The whole of his evidence bore against the opening of the ttade lo India, in a commercial, political, autl religious view. Lord TEIGN MOUTH was then called in, and was asked a va- riety uf questions respecting the manners, religion, and mo- rality ofthe native Indians. His Lordship said, he had been 24 years in the Company's service iu India— much of that time in the Revenue Department, and four veais aud a half in the situation of Governor- General of India. He thought that an unrestrained influx of Europeans in India would be prejudicial to this country as connected with India. At first he had no doubt ( if the commerce with India were laid open), there would be a great number of commercial adventurers; but the disappointments which he thought they must meet with, woukl prevent any great influx of Europeans inio that country. If an unrestrained inteicourse were to take place between thf natives and Europeans, its tendency wuuld be to destroy the influence of the European character in India.— He did not think lhat any intercourse could induce the natives to a greatei consumption of Enropeau articles. He said their moral character was very low, as connected with the standard of European Christians. Their most prominent vices were fraud, duplicity, and servility ; and their religion was not calculated to correct the vices of their c haracter. He was in- formed, but did not know it of his own knowledge, that widows burned themselves with the bodies of their deceased husbands. Infanticide was nut very common : and was tor- bidden by their laivs. They sometimes immolated themselves by lying under the wheels of carts at the festival of Jaggernat. The murder of a Brachman was more criminal than tbat of any other person. After many other statements of a similar kind made by the witness, the Chairman teported progress ; and it was agreed lhat the examination of witnesses should be resumed to morrow, at half- past four, and continue for three houis.— Adjourned at one o'clock. HOUSE OF COMMONS— WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31. On the motion of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, two millions were voted to replace advances made by the East India Company for the public service. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER rose, and stated, he had to inform fhe Committee of propositions which he had made that morning to the Private Bankers of London, who waited upon him by appointment. His first proposition was, immediately to fund ,£ 12,000,000 of outstanding Exchequer Bills in the Navy 5 per Cent. Stocks. For every ,£ 100 of Exchequer Bills the holder was to reef ive ,£ 115 10s. Navy- Stock, with an option to the holders of the Bills to subscribe an additional sum of 50 per Cent, in money, for which deben- tures would be given. Those debentures were to bear an in- terest of 5 per per cent, payable half yearly, and the principal to be paid or funded iu April and October, 1815, ur the first of April or October twelve months after tbe ratification of a definitive Treaty of Peace. In the event of their being fund ed, the holders would have Ihe liberty of choosing the parti- cular stock, By this plan the light hon. Gentlemau said the public would pay a " less rate of interest by 18s. per cent, thau they did last year on Exchequer Bills. The nexi subject to which he would call Ihe attention of the Committee was the imposition of New Taxes. In order to carry into effect his new plan of Finance, the right hon. Gentleman proposed New Taxes, tothe amount of <£ 1,121,093. These taxes consist principally of an additional duty on tobacco, estimated to pro- duced 100,000; anaddition of 25 per cent, to the consolidated customs on goods imported ( except tea, sugar, wine, cuttonwool and raw silk) 3 or .£ 900,000; a duty un French wines of about 13d, per bottle, £ 30,000; anaddition of one- thiid tothe duties un goods imported from France and her dependencies, the produce uncertain ; on goods exported, an addition of one half per cent,— The next atlicle he proposed was a duty of one penny per pound, on Ihe importation of foreign hides.— Lastly, a duly of tlnee half. pence per. pound additional on cotton imported from America in British vessels, and sixpence likewise additional per pound on the same cotton imported in foieign Vessels, The proposed tax on cotton was universally objected to by tbe House, in consequence of which the first Resolution was withdrawn ; and it was ordered that the House resolve itself into a Committee on the same subject on Wednesday next " T\ R. BOERHAAVE's Europe for the Cur. ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION OF THE LONGS AND WHEEZING. CO uniformly successful have the PREPARED STRA- ^ MONIUM aud OXYMEL ( as directed by Surgeon Fisher) proved in the above diseases, that out of 10,000 trials that have been made of them, not one instance can be adduced in which they have either failed to affsrd the most permanent relief, even in the most desperate cases, or in auy respect disagreed with a patient. They have also com- pletely succeeded in the cure of far advanced cases, aftet the dried Stramonium had produced nausea and giddiness and had failed to afford the least benefit. The reputation of these remedies, which aie as innocent as they are efficacious, is so fully established hy their general good effects through- out the country, lhat it is only necessary to say, that Surgeon Fisher's Pieparations of the Stramonium are sold in London only hy Harris, corner of St. Paul's Church- yard ; and by W. EDDOWES. Buokseller, Shrewsbury. RED PILL, famous throughout ( of every stage aud symptom uf A CERTAIN COMPLAINT. These Pills aie mild, but powctfnl and speedily efficacious iu recent as well as the most obstinate cases. The directions are full and explicit, and rendered easy to every capacity, hv which all persons, of either sex, are enabled to cure them- selves with certainty, safety, and secrecy in a few days, w ith- out the least confinement or hindrance of business. Where an early application is made fur the cure of a cer- tain disorder frequently contracted in a moment nf inebriety, the eradication is generally completed in the short space of two days. Many thousand persons of both Sexes have ex- perienced the satisfaction of being perfectly cured, after severe and injurious methods had been practised to no purpose. A supply is iust received from Loudun, aud for sale by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury. 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Strand Bridge— A compensation case, of the highest im- portance to the parties interested, was decided on Friday, the 26th March, before the Sheriff of Surrey and a Special Jury, at the Sessions House, iu Horseulqnger- laue.— The claim was made hy the Principal and Fellows of Jesus College, Oxford, against the Strand- bridge Company, for the purchase uf the freehold and, inheritance of a piece of land, about three acres and a half, situate near Cupel's Bridge, Lambeth, late in the occupation of Messrs. Beaufoy aud James, as a Vinegar Manufactory, and which was required tube taken for the purpose cf the Strand- bridge Company, under their act of parliament.— The verdict recorded was .£ 14,017. BANKRUPTS, MARCH 27. John Banks, of Blnningham, seedsman, April 16, 17, May 8, al the Swan Hotel, Birininghau} — Henry Bolton, of North Shields, house- carpenter, April 15, 16, May 8, at llie Commercial Hotel, Noith Snit- Jd..— John Buller, of Taunton, Somersetshire, linen- draper, April 7, 8, May 8, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol.— William CriiJield, of Maidstone, grocer, April ti, 10, May 8, al Guildhall, London.— J. Dllhe, Cheapside, boot and shoe- maker, March 30, April 10, May 8, at Guildhall, London — Thomas Edwards, of Stantnoie, M'ddlrsex, plumber,. April 3, 10, May 8, at Guildhall, London.— David Gass, of o. tlord- slyeet, j,-\ vel: er, April 3, 10, May 3 at Guildhall, London.— Jacob Gogerley, Great Ormond- street, scrivener, March 30, April 13, May* 8, at Guild- hall, London.— James Holt, of Southall, Middlesex, innkeeper, March 30, April 13, May 8, at Guildhall, London Tobiat Love, of Church- row, Aldgate, victualler, April 3, 6, May 8, at Guildhall, London.— John Luke, wf Clieapside, boot and shoe- maker, March 30, April 10, May 8, at Guildhall, London.— John Manning, of Peterborough, Northamptonshire, April 21, 22, May 8, at the Angel Inn, Pcteruorough.— Thomas Morris, of Aldgate High'slreet, linen- draper, April 3, 10, Mav 8, at Guildhall, London.— Ruth Eliza Stuart, ot' Broad- street- point, Portsmouth, victualler, April 3, 8, May 8, at Guildhall, London.— John Williams, of Oxiord- strcct, draper, March 30, April 10, . May 8, at Guildhall, London.— James Alexander Wood, of Little Cock- pit- yard, Kin » ' s- road, liveiy. stable- keeper, April 3, 8, May 8, at Guildhall, London. MARCH 30.]— James Alway, of Morcton- Hampstead, inn. keeper, April 9, 10, May 11, at the Globe, Exeier.— Charles tlider, ofTlawkhu- st, grocer, April 3,10, May 11, at Guildhall, London.— Alexander MiGregor, Goodge- streel, baker, April 6, 20, May 11, at Guildhall, London.— Henry Nickolli, of Birm- ingham, builder, Aprit 10, 12, May 11, at the Union, Birming- ham.— Emblin Stevens, of Brick- lane, Spitalfields, tallow- chandler, April3, 13, May 11, at Guildhall, London.— John Stoneman, jun. of Northlawion, draper, April 14, 15, May'll, atthe Globe, Exeter. M' ACASSAR OIL for the HAIR. This Oil is proudly recommended oil the basis of TRUTH and EXPER1- KNCK, and the most respectable testimonials— Ils virtues are composed of vegetable ingredients from a tree in the Island of Macassar, in the East Indies. It jiossesses pro - perties of the most salubrious nature for restoring the tiair, where it has been BALD for years, preserves it from falling off or turning grey, to the latest period of life ; produces on the tresses a most beautiful GLOSS, SCENT, and CURL; also is pre- eminent for Children's Hair, instead of Soaps, Sec. it cleanses the Hair much easier, is extremely pleasant to the iufant, and brings the Hair to a beautiful state ; promotes the GROWTH of Whiskers and Eye- brows; in fine, renders tbe Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, inexpres- sibly attracting. View Rowland's Treatise on the Improvement of the human hair, illustrative of the virtues ofthe Macassar Oil, with a number of testimonials from Persons of distinguished Con- sideration, highly worthy the attention of Parents, Proprie- tois of Boarding Schools, & c. & c. included with each bottle in the wrapper, which is signed on the outside, A. Rowland anil Son, in red ink, without which none are genuine. Sold at 3u. 6d. IDs. 6d. and One Guinea per bottle, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND and SON, Kirby- street, Hatton. garden; and by their appointment, by VV. EDDOWEa, Printer, and Messrs Wood andWatton, Shrewsbury; Hulme, Hair- dresser, Welshpool; and by all Hair- dressers, Perfumers and Medicine Venders in every Town throughout the Empire, But beware of Impostors— the genuine has the Signature A. ROWLAND and SON. Of whjim may be had, Patronised by her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, and his Excellency the Duke del lnfantado, and many families of high distinction, ALSANA EXTRACT; Or, ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECIFIC for the TEETH and GUMS. A Preparation that surpasses all others for eradicating all Disorders of the Teeth and Gums, and rendering them ax. tremely beautiful. 10s. 6J. per buttle, or small bottles at 4s. fid. Also the AUana Powder, for cleansing the Teeth, ot per box. Sold at each. 2s. 9d.
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