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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 1
No Pages: 4
The Northampton Mercury page 1
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford

Date of Article: 20/03/1813
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 1
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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mr ) V . I/ TSFLL mw& m i 36 ^ JL/ SNIC y ' And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford VOL. 93. SATURDAY, March 20, 1813. No I. Ready Money ; s expected t wiih Advertisements, i S Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buqkingham, ) ( Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Putt of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. ^ T, ^ .. S Stamp- Duty - 3< i.| PRICE bdh. 1 Paperand Print .^ d. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, March 16. ANOTHER Gottenburgh Mai! lias arrived bu{ it brings advices only one day later than the Mails which arrived on Saturday. So late as the 23th ult. it f. ppears that Daritzic still continued to hold oat, but Its surrender was considered inevitable, as the woiks commanding the' place had been taken by the Russians. The private letters ihrow some doubt on the reported entrance of the Russians into Berlin, which is said to have remained in the possession of the French up to the 28tl> lilt, from the proclamation, however, issued l> y Augereau on the 21st, it is perfectly clear they entertained a serious apprehension, that they would he speedily dispossessed. The letters and papers confirm the former ac- counts of thcspirit which is roused iu Germany. In Hanover 20,000 peasants are stated to be in arms, tindar Lubec, Bremen, and Hesse Cashel dis- turbttncei similar to those at Hamburgh had taken place. The French garrison at Hamburgh had been forced to retiie from that city, but having strengthened themselves by a junction with the garrison of Lnhec, thev. returned, and seized some of the most obnoxious citizens, six of whom it is said were shot. The French remained in pos- session of Hamburgh on the 2d. The advices from Sweden state, that the expedi- tion solong preparing in that country, will now certainly be put in motion, and that the Crown Prince will place himself at its head, for the pur- pose of re- occupying Swedish Pomerania. Gen. Hope, who lately went on a military mission to the north is returned to England, and is under- stood to lie the bearer of a treaty of concert and alliance between Great Britain and Sweden, the leading articles of which arc reported to be,— 1. That Colonial produce and British, manufactures shall be admitted into Sweden under the same duties and arrangements as in the time of Gustavus JVdolphus. 2. That the flag of Great Britain shall be respected, as that of the most favoured na- tions. 3. That a subsidity of about ^ 60,000 per month shall be paid to Sweden as the condition of her employing a body of troops to act on the southern shores of the Baltic against the common enemy. Intelligence from the Continent continues to he xeceiv- ed of the most " ratifying description. Prussia appears to be in a state of general insurrection. D'Yorck has advanced to Stettin, which he is besieging. The different French corps are retreat- ing in varimus directions, without plan or concert. Jlagdeburs; is the chitf point of assemblage, both for veterans and conscripts; the latter are in a very refractory state; 45,000 are collected at Osnaburg, but scarcely a night passes, that 50 or 60 of thetn ifo not desert.— An ineffectual sortie was'made fromDantik on the 26th of January.— On the 18th ult. a sanguinary battle was fought at Katisch, near Posen, auainst Regnier, with the Saxons, who being defeated, made the best of their way tow ard Glogau, in the vicinity of which place the fugi- tives crossed the Oder. It is stated, that the popu- lace of Dresden refused to let the King of Saxony leave that capital, exclaiming that the Russians • were arriving as friends.— The Danes openly avow their hostility to the French. The passengers by the Mail bring a report, • hat the French andSpxnn troops, under Kcenies after their defeat near Posr- n, attempted to re- treat into iiilesia, but were opposed by the Prus- sian troops. French ' Papfrs to the 12th inst. have artived in town. They state that Bonaparte was preparing to quit Paris to place himself at the head of his army, anil even give the routes by which he was to proceed. Some private letters from Paris assert, that lie bad actually taken his departure. According to the latest accounts from Copen- hagen a vessel was fitting out there for a person of distinction, supposed to be an Austrian Ambas- sador for England. A private letter from Lisbon of the 20th ult. jays:—" Lord Wellington made a movement, in anticipation of the French, to secure an important pass, which he had no sooner effected than 2000 t f the enemy appeared before it, with the same intention; hut, finding they were foiled, they im- mediately made a precipitate retreat. It is ex- pected the campaign will open iu April. Lord Wellington is so impenetrably seciet in his opera- tions, that it is all mere conjecture here." Letters tiave been received from Constantinople to the 17 h of January, which state, that the British an « l Russian interest was completely pre- dominant in the Divan, since the late successes i> f the latter Power, The plague had wholly dis- appeared lit Constantinople, and in the neigh- bourhood ( if the Black Sea, and the communication with the Austrian States, by Brodi, had been - coinplrti ly re- established. Twenty- three ships from Odessa, bound to the Mediterranean, had been detained at the Dardanelles, but it was presumed dhat they would be immediately released. Our ' Minister, Mr. I. istnn, had been ill, but was recovering rapidly from his indisposition. So ntirrwrntis are the documents given in the daily Londim prims relative to her Royal High ness the Princess of Wales, independent of the depositions of various persons taken by the Com- missioners in 1806, upon what is called the Deli- cate ( or rfHlicr as we conceive it) the Indelicate Investigation, that even an abridgment nf them, would more than occupy the limits of our paper. Let it now, however, be understood, that the • most palpable perjury has been committed, and that the weight of evidence strongly preponderates jn favour of the Princess of Wales— for not only is the main charge of her having had a child dis- proved beyond a shadow of doubt, but even the evidence of those servants who stated her Roynl Highness to have acted with improper levity on various occasions, is positively contradicted bv other servants. The utmost that can be alleged against her, is, perhaps, comprised in the evidence of Mrs. lisle, suter of Lord Cholmondeley, and one of the Princess's household, who said, her Royal Highness behaved as any woman would do who liked flirting, hut nothing more.— REMARKS. Levity of conduct is not a single act, but a habit: the evidence given in 1806, related to pretended indiscretions of her Royal Highness in 1802, four years previous. How comes it then that during the whole four years, when left to her natural bias, and without suspicion that she was the subject of observation— it may again be asked, how came she, of herself, on the suggestions of her own mind, to desert the. propensities nf her nature, and conduct herself with propriety ? Not a tittle of evidence is produced against her from 1802 to 1806.— Sir John Douglas has called on Lord Castlereagh and Mr. Whithread to explain whether they had as- serted in the House of Commons that Lady Dou- glas was a perjured person? Both declined to answer the question.— Sir John Douglas was pre- sent at Court on the day when the Princess of Wales was first received after the Investigation, and spoken to graciously by the Queen.— New In- vestigations are going on, not UY Ministers, but by directions of the Regent.— Mr. Lawrence U painter, Capt. Manby, and Messrs. Edmeades and Mifls, apothecaries, at Greenwich, all deny, on oath, those parts of the evidence of the Princess's servants, ia which they were introduced or im- plicated, Yesterday, at two o'clock, a Cabinet Council was held at the Foreign Office, which remained sitting till near five ; supposed to be for the pur- pose of taking into consideration the dispatches from Viscount Cathcart at Russia, by Mr. Lisle, rhe King's Messenger, who arrived at the Foreign Office on Saturday, accompanied by two officers; one of whom had ail interview with the Prince Regent soon after his arrival. The Earl of Moira, it is said, has been so pes- tered with written applications for appointments in India, as to have had his privilege for postage exceeded, through the last two months, to the amount of not less than from three to four gui- neas per day. In the last page will be found an address of the head of the Bourbon family to the French nation. Considerable law arrangements are expec- ttd to take place before the next Term. Sir T. Plomer will be appointed th ® Vice- Chancellor, and Sir YV. Garrow succeed him, of course, as Attorney- General. Sir V. Gibbe is also spoken of as [ lie successor of Sir J. Mansfield in the Chief Justice- ship of the Common Pleas, and Mr. Parke is to be the new Puisne Judge. It is said that the German Legion is immediately to lie transported to the north, to take part in the active operations which, it is hoped, will signalize the approaching campaign. Mr. Proudman, the Messenger, experienced many difficulties in his journey to St. Petersburgh. The cold was so intense as to occasion the loss of the use of tin ee of his toes, his limbs being literally frost- bitten. St. George's hospital, by the death of the last of five brothers, at the age of 86, all dying with- out issue, has become possessed of a property of ^ 80,000. An extensive gang of forgers have recently been discovered, including men who have kept their carriages and country houses, broken tradesmen, and old and experienced thieves. The artifices used by ibis associated band, have in numerous instances succeeded in defrauding bankers, A. c by forged cheques, of considerable sums of money. One of the party is in custody. A woman is in Bury Gaol, who, a few days previously to her commitment, went to visit . her child, at nurse in Ilalesworth; she afterwards took the child, a boy five years old, to a pond in the neighbourhood, stripped him naked, and threw him into the water. The boy struggled, and three times got out, and on his knees begged for mercy, but the inhuman mother at length accomplished her purpose. Surely nothing short of complete insanity could liave compelled a parent to the perpetration of a deed so horrid. Mr. Scott, who formerly made several attempts to get access to the Lady of Mr. W. L. Pole, in the course of last week renewed his importunities at Wanstead- liouse: demanding, in the most im- perative manner, that the servants would not prevent his introducing himself to the. Lady; when Mr. Pole himself came down to him, and whom he threatened to kill, if he denied his request. The servants at length succeeded in securing him, and had him taken before n Magistrate at VVattham- stow, by whom he was committed to Barking Bridewell, Mr. Pole making declaration, that his life was in danger from him. When searched, ( here was found a carving knife in h s coat pocket. — The same morning on which be pttid this visit, he arrived At Snaresbrook by the Norwich stage ; and during his journey, he betrayed evident symptoms of derangement. His fri « nd>, who reside at Norwich, procured him to be sent to a mad- house; from whence he escaped two days after; but was again secured, and safely lodged in his latter quarters. Lately died, in Donagh; nore, Mrs. M. Meighan, at the advanced age of 129 years. She had her perfect recollection and memory until the last two years. During the last 30 years of her ex- istence she lived in the greatest penury and dis- tress, and would not afford herself any kind of na- tural support, relying for subsistence on a gene- rous public; yet, after her decease, there were found buried under the place where she lay, ,£ 1,600 which her son- in- law, an auctioneer, and valuer of wares, now possesses. CAMBRIDGE, March 12 The subject of the Seatoiiian prize poein fur the present year is, " The, Death o f Said and Jonathan." OXFORD, March 13. On Thursday, F.. Ashton, ^ Esq. of Brasenose college wag circled Probationary Fellow of that Society — On Saturday last, Mr. F. Winstanlev was elected Exhibitioner of Queen's college, on the Michel Foundation,— On Tuesday the following Gentlemen were admilled to degrees : — Bachelor in Civil Law— The Rev. D. G. Siacy, of New college. ' Ulaslers of Arts— The Rev. L. V. Vernon, of Christ church $ Mr. C. IJrury, of Queen's college. Bachelors of Arts— Mr. J. Poole, and Mr. W. Smith, of Brasenose college; Mr. \ V. Airfield, of Oriel college. Ampthill Branch Bible Socictu. THE Anniversary of this Institution will lie held at AMPTHILL, on FRIDAY the 9th of A PR it,, at Eleven o'clock " in the Forenoon. Huntingdonshire Volunteer Cavalry. NOTICK is hereby given, That a General Meeting of the HUNTINGDONSHIRE VOLUNTEER CAVALRY is appointed to be held at the GEORGE INN, in HUNTINGDON, on TUESDAY the 28d Day of MARCH Instant, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, when and where all Persons belonging to the srtid Corps, are hereby particularly denired to attend on special Business relative to the Corps. BENJ. WELS TE AD, Captain- Commandant. Kimbolton, 8d March, 1813. N. B. Every Man to appear in Uniform, and to bring with him all his Equipments. A Dinner will be provided, and the Forfeit, expended. Security combined with Profit. SUFFOLK AND' GENERAL COU xTRY AMI- CABLE INSURANCE OFFICE. AGAISST LOSS BY FIR K. Established at llury and Ipswich, in 1803. HPHREE- FIFTHS of the net Profits arising I from the Premiums received in this Office will, at the Expiration ot every three Years, be » e'Urued to the Insured, who although they thus participate in the Success ot the Concern, will be wholly exonerated from any Risk or Liability to a Call for the Purpose of making good Losses, the Proprietors being sole!) responsible out of an ample Capital, and pledged personal Security. The Business~ of this Office is conducted in- a Man- ner equally consonant with Liberality to the. Insured, and to Economy in its Management. The Rates of Insurance are as reasonable as those of any other Office in the Kingdom. Farming- Slock, whether in Buildings or elsewhere on the Farm, at 2s. per Cent. Persons whose Premiums tall due at Lady- Day, are requested to apply tor their Receipts to Mr. EACI. ES, Agent fdr AMPTHILL and its Neighbourhood. Rouicll, Northamptonshire. To be LETT, to a Private Family, •" jPIIAT commodious Slated HOUSE, excellent I Garden, and Premises, a Pump of good Water, & c. late in the Occupation of the Rev. Mr, Wood, and may be entered upon at Lady- Day next. For a View of the same, and Particulars, apply to ALEXANDER SWARD; if by Ltiter, Post- paid. N. 15. A good Pew in the Church At CAPITAL T1M1SUK. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Mrs. Bosworth's, Highsate- House, on Tuesday the Suth Day of March, 1813, • rilE following TIMBER TREES, mark< f. l, " standing and growing in the Liberties of C RE.' TON and TEETON, which will be sold together . Willi the Oak Bark, Tops, & c. in such Lotsas tr. sv Appear most expedient at the Time of Sale ; consisting of 31 Fine large Oak Trees in Qreaton Wood. lft Ditio Ditto, near Mr. J. Bosworth's House 16 Elm Ditto, near Ditto. 2 Kme'llollys, £ near Ditt°- ' A Quantity of Lime Trees, Ditto, and 10 Birch Trees in Mrs. Bosworth's Garden. 30 Elm Trees upon Mr. John Mallard's Farm, at Teeron. 15 Oak Ditto, Ditto. The above Timber is well adapted for the different Uses of Carpenters, Wheelwrights, and Builders; the Oak and Elm carrying great Lengths, and the Out. Bark being of a most excel lent Quality. Mr. JOHN BOSWORTH, of Creaton, will shew the Timber. The Sale to commence at Three o'Clock i- Jhe Afternoon. LONDON ANO STAMFORD COFFEE- MART. rl"' nK Nobility, Gentiy, Tradesmen, and X ntilers are respectfully informed, that Mr. THOMAS IS A ft RETT, Grocer, s;. I.„, FORD> is appointed SOLE AGENT at STAMFORD, and all Places in the Vicinity thereof, for the Sale of sound wholesome COFFEE, which he has engaged to purchase nnlv from the Coffee- Mart, Skinner- Street, Snow- Hill, London, established by Mr. Ww. Deacon, under the Authority and Sanction of the Committee of British Coffee Planters and Merchants. WM. HOLDEN, Tren. and Sec, West- India Committee- Rooms, New City- Chambers, London. Best Rritish aud Datcli Coffee.... 2s. 2d. peril). Stcond Ditto Ditto Is. lid. peril). Third Dilto Ditto Is. S. L per lb. N. fi. The Committee have engaged to supply the (" oiler- Mart themselves wilh sound wholesome C- jffee nulv, and have bound Mr, Deacon under a fnavy Prnatty, not to introduce into the Marl Coffee of a different Description. ilRl 1TSH PAIN r MAN UK AC I'ORY, - II, LESDOS- WALL, opposite BBTHLBM, LO. VDOK. IMPENETRABLE PAINTS, for Park A Palling, Weather Boarding, and Outside Work tif every Description. Invisible Green, per Cu- t 5Ss. Dark Olive Green . 70s. Bright Olive Green 112s. Black Paint 56s. Yellow Paint 56s. Chocolate 50s. t" Stone Colour, CW Lead or Salt Colour White Paint Light Blue .... Red Paint Sec. Sec. 56s. 56s 58s. 80s. 40s. Prepared Oil to thin the above for Use, 5s. per Gallon. Linseed Oil, fir Gallon 5s. fid. Turpentine 16s. ( Id. Best White Lea- i, per C- wt. ,56s. ( M. Second Ditto 52s. Od. The Impenetrable Paints are very Ornamental, and being ground in Linseed Oil dry in a very short Time; they also possess great Durability, will stand in hot Climates, and are a Cure and Preventive fur the Worm and Dry- rot. Thev are easy of Ap- plication, and will cover a Surface considerably greater than other Paints. UPTON & Co. Oilmen pod Colour- Manufac- turers, London Walt, and Kennet fVha f, most respectfully offer their Thanks to the Nobilitv, Gentry, and tile Public, for the Patronnge with which they have for many Years been hounured; and as Advertisements have lately appeared, offering Paints prepared from Fish Oil, under the Title " Impenetrable," they feel it proper to state, that the Paints sold by them are ground in Linseed Oil, are very beautiful in Appearance, and are not in any Manner whatever prepared from f ish Oil, or Conl Tar;— a Circumstance sufficient to distinguish them from ^ ny others, and particularly from tho « in Question.— They also beg Leave to subjoin the Prices of the Lainy Oils, which are very fine of heir Kinds; the Sperm Oil is warranted genuine, ind cannot be exceeded in Fineness of Quality at any Price. Genuine Sperm Oil, fer Callon. 8s. fid. Good Burning Oil Ts. fid. Chuaiber Oil 5s. 61. Pale Seal Oil 4s. 6ri. Southern Oil 4s. fid. Common Ditto 3s. Id. BOTANICAL LOTTERY. SWTKT & Co. respectfully acquaint the Public rhat Government has fixed tile Drawing of the BOTANICAL LOTTERY for the 6th of MAY NEXT. — In this Lottery there are 20,000 Tickets, one Half of which are Prizes ot various Denomi- nations, valued according to the undermentioned Scale, extracted from the Schedule ot the Act ot Parliament : Prizes. I .. Valued at. =£ 5,080 =£ 5,080 199 80 15,9i0 2) 0 30 6,000 600 -. 15 9,000 2,000 5 10,0 0 7,000 3 21,000 10,000 Prizes. =£ 67,- 000 TICKETS, Price £ 1 5s. each, are selling at their London Oifices, and by their Agent, J. WEBB, Printer, BIDFOID, UNION FIRE and Lit L, INSTITUTIONS. IN these Establishments ALL THE SAVINGS ARE RETURNED TO THE INSURED. In Consequence of this Plan, the Members of the Fire Insurance Department, whose Period ot Re- payment has arrived, have received back Fifty fer Cent, of the Pre- miums they deposited. The Rates of the Life Institution are nearly Ten per Cent. Imver than those of other Establishments ; and its 1 nsurers have the additional Advantage of being entitled to periodical Bonus. Further Particulars may be had gratis, of Mr. JAMES ABEL, Northampton; or of any of the Agents, who are appointed in the principal Towns in this County. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, At the Swan Inn, at Leighton- Buzzard, in the County ot Bedford, on Tuesday the 4th Day o! Mav next, at Eleven o'clock, in 96 Lots, : HE MANOR of DA ON ALL, with its RIGHTS, MEMBERS, and APPURTE- NANCES, in the County of Buckingham; and sundry MESSUAGES, FARMS, ar. d LANDS, situate at Dagnall, and in the Parishes of EDLES- BOROUGH, EATON- BRAY, LI TT r. E - G A D D E SD E N and STU^ HAM, in the Counties of BuckinghanT, Bedford, and Hertford. Printed Particulars may be had at the Swan, in Leighton; or of Messrs. STRONG, STILL, & STRONC, Lincoln's- Inn, London, where a Plan of the Estate mav be seen. OUNDI. E ASSOCIA I ION. AT a General Meeting nf the Subscribers ton FUND for the more effectually prevention " ELONIES and other MISDEMEANORS, iijtmilie Tpvmantl Neighbourhood of Oil N 1) 1,!:, the County of Northampton, held at the Talbot n, in Oundle aforesaid, oa the 24th Day of February, 1813, It was ordered, That the Subscribers to this Fund, be requested to pay into the Hands of Mr. Balderston, or Ounrlle aforesaid. Treasurer, on or before the 27il. Day of March instant, the Sum of Ten Shillings each for heir Subscription for the Year ensuing, arid that the several Subscribers who have not made Good ny of their former Subscriptions, do pay up their Arrears, otherwise the present STear's Subscription cannot be received. JOHN BALDF. RSTON, Treasurer. Oundle, 8th March, 1813. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, % THOMAS MARTIN, ( By Order ot the Trustees and Executors of Mrs. REBECCA CLAPHAM, deceased), at theCriffin Inn. in Southam, in the County of Warwick, on Friday the 9th Day of April next, at Five o'Cloek in the Afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by- Private Contract, of which Notice will be given), \ Good compact and desirable FREEHOLD and TITHE. FREE ESTATE, situate in the Parish of SOUTHAM, in the County of Warwick ; consisting of a Farm. House. Yard, Garden, Orchard, Out- buildings, and tour Closes of Arable and Pasture Land, ontaining together 43 Acrrs or thereabouts, more or iess, and now in the Occupation of Mr William Spiaggutt, who is under Noticc to leave on the 5th Day of April next. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. Richard HARPER, at the Dun Cow, Southam ; and tor furthe Particulars, or to treat for the sami, to Mr. ROLLS, Solictior, triors- Marston, near Daventry. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High A Court nf Chancery, made iu a Cause of M AC- DOWALL against Box, the Creditors of the Rev. THOS. WI N FIELD, late of the Parish ofFiNMERK, in the County of Oxford, Clerk, deceased, are, on or before the 31st Day of March instant, to come in and prove their Debts before JOHN Spa I N GETT HARVEY, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers, in South si in pi on- Bui blinds, Chancery- Lane, London, or in Default therenf they will peremptorily be excluded the Benefit of the said Decree. For Particulars, apply to Messrs. IIEIRN Solicitors, Buckingham. NOTICE IS H Half- yearly TURNPIKE MEETING. hereby given, That the next y Meeting of the Trustees of the Tuinpike- Road leading from WENDOVER to BUCKINGHAM, in the County of Buckingham, will beheld tit the BELL INN, in WINSI. OW, in th same County, on FRIDAY the TWBNTY- THIRI) Day of Apttit. next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon.— Dated the 15th Day of March. 1813. LAN. WYATT. N( O'lTCE is hereby given, That the next Quarterly Meeting of the Trustees of the Turn pike- Road leading from Old. Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to Dunchurch, in the County of Warwick, will be held at the CROWN INN, in Fos TER'S- BOOTH, in the said County of Northampton on MONDAY the 22d Day of MARCH instant, at FI even o'Clock in the Forenoon; previous to which all Persons who have any Claims or Demands upon the said Trustees, are desired to deliver an Account thereof to Mr. Benjamin Gurden, of Dodford. — Dated thi 8th Day of March, 1SI3. EDM. BURTON, Clerk to the Trustees To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. 8f E. BLABY, On Wednesday the 24th of March instant, at the Sign of the White Hart, Weedon- Bcck, near Da ventry, Northamptonshire, in one or more Lots, as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, \ COPYHOLD PLOT of I AND, of abnqt Half an Acre, with a Dwelling- House, used as Grocer's Shop, and other Buildings thereon, occupied by Mr. Green [ at Will). These Premises are most comm. rndingly situated upon the Brink of the Grand Junction Canal, , joi the great Chester Road to London and the Roy; DepSt, and within a tew Yards of the Grand Junc- tion Wharf, at WEEDON aforesaid. This is a truly desirable Situation for Building Warehouses, Sheds, or any other Buildings in i Mercantile Line, on Account of its Locality to the said Caual rnd Road. Conditions will appear at the Time of Sale, which will commence at Tniee o'Clock. in the Afternoon, Valuable Farm at Rushden, i'l the County of Northampton—' lithe- fee and Land- Tux redeemed. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In the beginning of April next, unless sooner dis posed of by Private Contract of which, as also ol the Time and Place of Sale, in case ol' no such Disposition, due Notice will be given, \ Capital FARM- HOUSE, with suitable Barns, L V Stables, Yards, Out- buildings, and Appurte- nances, pleasantly situate in RUSHDEN, in tin " ounty ot Northampton, adjoining the London Road with several Cottages thereto belonging ; and together with two convenient Orchards or Homecloses of prime Land also adjoining, containing about six Acres. Also TWO several PLOTS of very useful and mprovable ARABLE and PASTURE LAND communicating with the said Farm Homestead, con tainingabout 120 Acres, conveniently subdivided into six Closes. And also, THREE several CLOSES of exceed. iiRly rich PASTURE and MEADOW LAND, lying on the North- Side of and adjoining to the said Turn pike- Road leading from Wellingborough ta Higham Ferrers, and extending from thence to the navigabi River Nen, containing together about 26 Acres, all now in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Edward Wood, or his Under- tenants, under a Demise from Year to Year. The above is Conyhold ot Inheritance, held of the Manor of Rushden, and pays a Fine of one Year1 Quit Rent ( about £ 2. 5s.) upon Admission. RUSHOEN is situate withinone Mile of the Borough of Higham- Ferrers, 12 Miles of Bedford, and five of Wellingborough. or a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenant and tor further Particulars, to the'Rev. RICHAR I'EARCE, of Husband's- Bosworth, Leicestershire; to Mr. GOODHALL, Solicitor, Wellingborough. Valuable Live and Dead Stock, SfC. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, On Monday and Tuesday, the 22d and 23d Days of March, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN WEBSTER, at DEENE, near Oundle, North- amptonshire ( who is leaving his Farm), " piIE following LIVE AND DEAD STOCK: « - consisting of s- x fat Oxen, 16 In- calf Cows, 10 ditto Heifers, eight Three- year- old Steers, tl Two. year- old Heifers, six Two- year- old Steers, 12 yearling Steers, 21 Calves, and two Bulls, which are all of the Leicestershire Breed, and bred Irom Bulls belonging to Richard Astley, Esq and Cows purchased of Thomas Princeps, Esq. ; 100 Ewes, lambed and in- la- nb, three Rains, and 10 Ewe Lambs ( suffice it to say, this small Flbck is selected Irom Mr. Webster's whole Flock); 10 Cart Horses am! Mares, a Hackney Mare in Foal, a Two year- old Blood Filly, a yearling Biood bay Colt, a yearling Filly, j young Boar, three In- pig Sows, 10 Store Hogs ( all ot the teal Berkshire Breed) ; a Timber Dvafi and Carriage, a . S^ x- incl^ heel Waggon, five Narrow- wheel Waggons ( one nearly new, with Iron Arms), two Six- iiicll- wheel Carts, two Narrow- wheel Ditto ; a Water- Cart, several Houghs and Harrows, a Stone Post Hovel with Caps, a large Spike- Roll, t\ u » Wood Ditto, Piece of Timber tor a Roll, Twitch and Othar Drags, sever. ', long and short Ladders, large fencing Trays, Hurdles and Fleaks, Harness lor 12 Cart- Horses, Hoise, Cow, and Sheep Cribs, Hen. and Turkey I'ens, Hog Troughs, two Hand Bean Mills, two Winnowing Machines, Grain Screens, Sieves, Forks, Rakes, Waggon and Cart Ropes, Sack- ing, and Variery of other Implements of- Husbandry. The Live Stock will be sold the first Day's Sale, and the Remainder the second; and tli^ ale wilr commence punctually'at Eleven o'Clock each Day. Catalogues will be ready six Days previous to the Sale, and :: iay he, had at th? Piinting- Olfice, Oundle; Falcon Inn, Uppingham ; King's Ann, Inn, Weldon; White Hart Inn, Kettering; and of the Auctioneer, Swan Inn, Thrapston, RICHARD STANYON, rrjTII- DllESSEn ASD PEKFUWER, BEGS Leave to inform, the Nobility, Gentry, and others in KETTERING and its Vicinity, that he has taken and entered upon the SI. op anil Premises now in the Occupation of Mr. SMITH, adjoining the Dwelling- House nf Mr. Adams, Draper, in Kettering aforesaid, where he intends carrying on the above Branches ; and hopes, by stiict Attention, and his inmost Endeavours to give Satisfaction to his Employers, to inerii the Coun- tenance and Support of a generous Public. Kettering. March \ 1th, 1813. OUCEPHALUS ( Brother t, BenvOlio, Bere- » » nice^ and Boadicea), will Coyer at FAWSLEV, at Three Guineas. d 7 try valuable Freehold and Tithe- free farm, To be SOLD, or LE'l'T, CONSISTING of a good Farm- Hoi. se, Barn?, Stables, Cow. Sheds, Piggeries, and many other Out- offices thereto belonging; and about 150 * cres ot rich Pasture and Arable Land, be rhe same more or less, now lyingin the Parish of BOZEAT, , n the County ot Northampton; and also two Cottages With Barns. Gardens, & c. now in the Occupation ol Thomas Hollis and John Hobbs. .'''" SAT is ten Miles trom Norihampton, six from Wellingborough, and live from Olney. The Farm may be entered at Ladv- Day ; and for further Particulars, enquire ot Mr. HANCOX, at the Farm. Kf The Crowing Crops to be taken at a fair Valuation. Albion Fire and Life Insurance Company, NEW- BRIDGE- STREET, LONDON; EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT; A CENTS: — Northampton,— Vacant. Banbury,— Mr. JOHN GARDNER. Oxford, — Mr. JOSEPH ANDREWS. TNSURANCES falling due at Ladv- Day, should J- be renewed within 15 Davs from that Period. Abatements are made, according to the Plan which originated with this Company, on the Premiums of all Fire Insurances OUT OF LONDON. A large Ad- vantage is allowed on Lite Insurance; and every Facility is a3or, led by which the Interest and Conve- nience ot the Fublic nn » be promoted WARNER PHI 1- PS, Secrerary. JVj Ol ICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arls, nS at ths Toll. Gate on the Turnpike- Road leading ,' rom Royston, in the County of Heitford, to Wanslord Bridge, in the County of Huntingdon, so tar as relates to the Middle Division of the said Road will be LE IT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, at the COURT- HALL, in the said Town of HUNTI NCOON, on IUESDAY the 23d Day of MARCH next, between the Hours ot Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Yeai- ot the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Ihird, •' For tegulating Turnpike- Roads " The above IVsls produced the last Year ,£ 635, above the xpenses of colleoting them, and will be put up at Sum — Whoever appears to be the Best Bidder, at the same Time giVe Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of th.- Tiu - teei of th- said I'urnpike- Road, for Payment of ihe Rent aereej or at such Times as they shall diiect Dated ' this loth Day of February. 1413 HENRY SWEETING. Jun. Clerk to the Trustees. that must To Stationary, Perfumery, and Household- Furniture. To be ' SOLD by AUCTION, By SAMUEL DUDLEY, n Thursday' the 1st of April, JS13, and following Day, on the Premises, rHE STOCK in TRADE and other EFFECTS, of Mr. H. W. STUBBINGS, Bookseller and Stationer, in the Market- Square, WINSLOW, who is retiring from Business ; comprising a numerous Assortment of Books of different Descriptions, several Articles in the Fancy Japan and Perfumery Line; also Household- Furniture ; consisting of an Oak Bedstead, and Flock Bed, capital Oak Dining. Table, Mahogany Dinner Tray and Waiter, Dresser and Shelves, a Counter, one Ditto complete, with Drawers, Glass Cases, Pair of Venetian Blinds ( equal to new,, a Copper and Grate, with various other Articles. The Whole of the above Stock is well worth the Attention of the Trade, which has been new within the list fifteen Months, and will be sold without Reserve. The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock precisely. be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, On the Premises at GI. Al'THORN, near Oundle, Northamptonshire, on Wednesday the 31st Day of March, 1813, HPHE LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and IMPLE- J- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. WILLIAM SANDEkSON, who is leaving his Farm; consisting of 14 Young and useful Cart- Horses and Mares, three Two- vear- old Cart- Colts, two yearling Ditto, a Five- year- old Hackney Gelding, two ln- calt Cows, 30 store Hogs, four Sows and Figs; two stout Narrow, wheel Waggons, three Ditto Dung . Caits, Field- Roll, Scuffl- r, Dressing- Ma- hir. e, Horse, Cow, and Sheep- Cribs, Horse- Har- ness, Ploughs, Harrows, Troughs, and a Variety of other Implements in Husbandry. The Sale to commence punctually at Ten o'Clock on the Dead Stock. Eight Months' Credit will be given for all Bargains of or above £ 10 on approved joint Security, or. a legal Discount allowed on prompt Pav. ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chiefs Office, Great- Gearge- Street, London, 26th of February, 1813. VTOTICEis hereby given to all Persons -- * » desirous of contracting to supply the follow- n- i Articles for the U> e of the Army, viz. BREAD,— To his Majesty's Land Forces in Canton- ments, Quarters, and Barracks, i: i the under- men- msntioned Counties and Islands : I Neat Household- Furniture, Plate, Linen, Chinar Prints, SfC. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By SAMUEL DUDLEY, On Monday the 5th of April, 1813, and following Day, on the Premises of Mr. GUNN, at I'ADBURY, in the County of Buckingham, who is going to reside in a distant County ; > HF, FURNITURE comprisus Four- post Mahogany and other Bedsteads, with Dimity and Check Furnitures; Feather- Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Mattresses, Counterpanes, Quilts, Blan- kets, Sheets, and Table- Linen ;' Mahogany C hests of Drawers, Dining, Card, and round Tables, Pier and Swing Looking- Glasses, excellent Time- Piece, and Eight. day Clock, in Mahogany Case ; a Harpsichord ( bv Buntibarb), with a Number of Book? on various Subjects; four Mahogany Chairs, and two Elbow Ditto, Chamber and other Chairs, Dinner- Tray, Knife- Case, and Tea- Boards ; Floor, Bedside, and Staircase Carpeting, Hearth- Rugs, and Fire- irons; a large Iron Chest, four capital Prints, glazed and Gilt Frames, with a Number ot smaller Ditto; Quantity of Plate, fine old China and Glass, Earthen- ware, & c. ; an Assortment of Kitchen- Requisites, in Copper, Brass, and Tin; Brewing- Copper and Mash- Vat, several Iron- bound Hogsheads, Half- Hogsheads, smaller Casks and Tubs, with a Variety of other Effects, which will appear in Catalogues, and may be had six Days previous to the Sale, at the White Hart, Buckingham ; Place of Sale ; and of the Auctioneer, Winslow. The Sale will begin at Eleven o'Clock precisely. Live and Dead Stock, Household- Furniture, § c. Ti? b « SOLD by AUCTION, B; J RICHARD SMITH, On the Premises at STANWICK, near Higham- Ferrers, Northamptonshire, on Thursday and Frida) the Sth and 9th Days ot April, 1813, nPHE LIVE and DEAD STOCK, FUR- I NITURE, See. belonging to Mr. EKINS I'ENTELOW, who is leaving his Farm; consisting of abrut 80 Ewes and Lambs and Gist Ewes, 80 Lambhogs, scve. i very useful Draught Horses, In- I'oal Cart- Mate ( by M Higgins's Farmer's Delight), a Hackney Mare, six Years old, a Ditto, three Years old; five young Cows, in full Profit; five In- calf Cows and Heifers, three barren Cows, eight store Hogs, two Narrow- wheel Waggons, three Carts Ploughs, Harrows, Harness tor 10 Cart- Horses Horse, Cow, and Sheep- Ciibs, Hurdles, Ladders, Hog. Troughs, Winnowing- Fan, Screcn, Sieves, am: other Implements of Husbandry. The FURNITURE consists of Servants' Bedsteads and beds, Chairs, Dining, and other Tables ; Kitchen and Dairy. Requisites, sweet Pipes, Hog. heads and smaller Casks, Tubs, and other Effects ; also several Lots of Fire- Wood. The Live and Deadstock will be sold on the fir Day of Sale, and begin with the Sheep; the Re- mainder on the second, and the Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock each Day. Six Months' Credit will be given for Lots of or above £ b, on approved joint Security, or a legal Discount allowed on prompt Pay. Cuplital Inn and Premises, Stony- Stratford, Bucks To be SOLD by AUCTION, About the la'ter End of April next, or Beginning of May ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), \ LI. that old- established and well- accustomed l\ INN, most desirably situated in the Hio STREET, in STONY - STRATFORD aforesaid called the GEORGE INN, with the Garden, Yards., extensive Stables and Granaries, and other Buildings and Appurtenances thereunto adjoining and belonging. Immediate Possession mav be had. These Premises aienovv in full Trade, and are well worth she Notice of any Person wishing to enter into the Public Business. I'll-: House and Ou'- buildii'gs are extremely com- modious; there is Stabling for 50 or 60 Horses, and Granaries which will contain 1,000 Quarters of Corn. Further Particulars will appear in a future Paper. For a V sew of the Premises, apply to Mr RICHAUD [ LONCMAN, the Proprietor ; and for further I'articu. | Lira, or 11 treat for the same, apply to Mr. CONGKEVI, 1 Solicitor, Stony- Stratford. Freehold Public House. To be SOLD by AUCTION, WITH 1HC ALE L1CBNST, On Wednesday the 7th of- April, 1813, unless sooner disposed ot by Private Contract, ' pHE OAK INN, with Barn, Stable, Brew 1 house. Wash- house, See. situate in the Parish of ST. PETER'S, BRACK- LEY, in the County of Northampton, wirh a large extensive Garden, Ley ailil ploughed Piece adjoining. — Immediate Possession may lie had. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. THOS. ARNOLD, of Brackiey aforesaid. Alderney, Anelesea, Bedrord, Berks ( including the Town of Hungerford), Berwick recon, Bucks, Cambridge ( in- cluding the Town of New- market), Cardigan Carmarthen Carnarvon Chester Cornwall / in- cluding Scilly) Cumberland Denbigh Derby Monmouth Montgomery Norfolk Northampton Northumberland Nottingham Oxford Pembroke Radnor Rutlar d Salop Somerset Stafford Suffolk Surry Sussex Warwick Westmoreland Worcester voik. in Cantonments bounties and Derby Montgomery Durham Northumberland Flint Oxford G la morgan Pembroke Gloster Radnor Hereford Rutland Hertford Salop Hunts Stafford Leicester Westmoreland Lincoln Worcester. Merioneth Monmouth Freehold, Thrapston. To he SOLD by AUCTION, In April 1813, if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, AClose of exceedingly rich PASTURE LAND, containing four Acres, situate in THR A PSTO N, in the Occupation of Mr. Robert Ward, who is unde Notice to quit at Michaelmas next. For Price and Particulars, apply to Messrs, SHEHARD, Oundle or Thiapsteii. Neat Post Chaises, capital Post- Horses, STAR INN, DUNCHURCH, Warwickshire, To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By EDW. NEALE # SON, On Tuesday the 23d Day of March, 1813, precisely at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, on the Premises of Mr. WM. SEDGLEY, the Star Inn, in Dan- church, who is declining the Posting Business ; COMPRISING two very modern and elegant built Post- Chaises, four capital Post- Horses three ditto Mares, in good Condition, and fit tor immediate Use; six Sets of exceedingly good Chaise Harness, Part of it lately new ; two long Sets Ditto, four exceedingly good Post- Saddles, Brass mounted. Messrs. Neale solicit the Attendance of their Friends, as the above Horses are particularly steady Workers, and well worth At'emion. BROOKHAMPTON, WARWICKSHIRE. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Messrs. Ij) YE DAYS, At tilt Warwick Arms Inn, Warwick, on Saturday the 27th Inst, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, \ Very valuable ESTATE, Tithe- free, and Land. Tax redeemed, situate at BROOK- HAMPTON, in the County of Warwick, in the Occupation of Mr. Daniel Serjeant; consisting of the Manor ot Brookhampton.— A substantial Farm- House, which, with a small Addition, may be made fit for the Residence of a respectable Family, and 272 Acres of excellent Meadow, Grazing, and Atable Land, lying very compact, and within a Ring Fence, includingi". Water- Corn Mill, anda Windmill. BROOKHAMPTON is situate between Kineton, and Wellsbourn, nine Miles from Stafford, 10 from War. wick, and adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury to Warwick, and in the Centre of Lord Middleton's Hunt. The Tenant will shew the Estate ; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. J. VV. GOLBY, Solicitor, Banbury. Devon Durham ( includ- iagHoly Island) Essex Flint Glamorgan, Gloster ( includ- ing the City of Bristol) Guernsey Hereford Hertford Hunts Isle of Man Isle of Wight Jersey Kent Lancaster Leicester Lincoln Merioneth M iddiesex OATS,- To his Majesty's Cavalry and Quarters, in the undermentioned Island : Anglesea Bedford Berwick lirecon llucks Cambridge Cardigan Carmarihen Carnarvon Chester Cumberland Denbigh FORAGE, viz.— Oats, Hay, and Straw, fo his Majesty's Cavalry in Barracks, and Oats in Can- tonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Counties in Soitth Britain: Berks Middlesex York Cornwall Norfolk And in the se- Devon Northampton veralCounties in Dorset Nottingham North Britain. Essex Somerset Hants( including Suffolk As also Forage the Isle ot Surry to al I Horses kept Wight), Sussex for his Majesty's Kent Warwick Service in the Lancaster Wilts Island of Jersey. That the Deliveries are to commence on and for the 25th Day ot April next ; that Proposals in Writing sealed up and inaiked, Tender for Army . Supplies, will be received at this Office on or bctoie Thursday the 25th Day of Match ( but none will be received after Twelve o'Clock on that Day) and if sent by Post, the Postage must be pa d. Proposals must be made separately for each County and I slano, cxcept for the Counties comprising North and S mth Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender, as also must the several Counties in North Britain; and each Proposal must have tile Letter which is annexed to the Tender properly filled up, by two Persons of known Property engaging to be- come bound with the Party tendering in the Amount staled in tile printed Particulars for the due Per- formance of the Contract; and no Proposal will be noticed unless made on a printed Tender, and the Prices expressed in Words at Length ; and should it so happen that during the Continuance of the Con- tract, no Troops should be stationed or supplied in the County, the Expense of the Contract and Bond, paid in the first Instance by the Contractor, to be re- funded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon Ap- plication at this Office, between the Hours of Eleven and Five ; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General I. indesay, Edinburgh; at the Office of De- puty Commissary General Cooper, Guernsey ; ancl at the Office of Deputy Commissary C- encral Low, Jersey. Note.— Some material Alterations having been made in the Tenders for supplying Bread to the Troops in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Al- derney, and Forage in the Istnnd of Jersey: such Persons as may be desirous of tendering to supply the same, muit apply for the propter Particulars. t Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE of March 16. Foreign- Office, March 16, 1313. ADispatch, of which the following is a copy, has beeft received by Viscount Castlereftsrh, his Majesty's principal Secttetary of State for Fo- reign affairs, from his Excellency Gen. Viscount Cathcart, K. T. ' his Majesty's Ambassador Ex- traordinary totheteourt of Russia, dated MV LORD, ' St. Petersburg*, Feb. 6, ISIS. By the continuation Af the journal of military operations from the Slit h to the 23th of January, it appears, that oil the 20th of January Prince Schwartzenhcrg's brad- qtiaiters we're sit Pultusk. and his advanced posts, tvhich had been drawn in from* Snyacloff and Novogrodek', Were- established in Ostrolenka. I have no details of the movements of Genera! Snellen's column on the left, bat I have reason to believe that it advanced near tlie line of the Bug upon Warsaw, observing Regnier's corps on the left hank of that river, which corps in a former report was stnted to have formed a support to the right of the Austrian auxiliary force. General Mlltoradowitrh's column hn- cniitlmiM fo move from Augustnff hv Radziloff and Lillle Plozk, in the direction of Hudrk, a small village west of Novogrodek, meeting near Lom# a, with General VassizchikofTscorps, which had coutinucd to follow the Austrian advanced posts, and this movement obliged the latter to retire to Oltrolenka. The Field- Marshal's column, with which the Emperor was present in person, moved from Ligne. to Johanisberg, an, I from thence to Willenbourg, combining its movements, so as to reach the last named jrlace by the time General- Milloradowiich's corps could arrive uear Pyatnitz on the 27th of January. General Wintzingernde, with a slrong corps of light troops, formed an advanced guard to both these columns, marching bv Muschinilz upon Cor- fhell, and covering the country round that place.— These movements have driven in the advanced posts of the Austrians; As the Russian army was expected again to move on the 30th, apparently in the direction of the Vistula, it seems probable that the Austrian corps • will continue its march, and paw that river. General Itegnier was on the 19th at OkunielF, to the eastward of Warsaw. The French hearl- qnnrferj being established at Posten, it is possible that Regnier, since that date, may have marched down the Vistula in that direc- tion, passing behind the rear ofthe Austrians, hut if he should have united with Prince Srhwartzen- berg, the reinforcement would not placetheir united force in a situation to resist the troops opposed to tfcem. Meanwhile the advanred corps on the right, which drove the enemy from Marienhourg, Elbing, aud Dorschnu, live continued their operations, and have invested Dantzir. General Count PlatofTs bead- quarters being within a few English miles ot that city, in a western direction.— General Count Wittgenstein has resumed the command of the right column; and as part, at least, of the ordnance in- tended for the siege of Riga has been secured, it is probable his usual mccess may attend him in re- ducing Dantzic. Count Michael Wornuzow has succeeded in faking possession of Rromberg, with its valuable maga- zines on the left bank of the Vistula, hetwera Thorn and Graudentz, and Admiral Tchichagoff is moving in that direction, with the remainder of the force under his command. The garrison of Grandenlz is evclreively Prussian, and it appears by these reports, that, upon the next movement of the head- quarters, every thing on the right bank of the Vistula will be in thejiccupation of the Russian forces, except the garrisons of Graudentz and Thorn, no mention being made of any carrison left by the enemy at any other post on the Vistula. ( Signed) CATIICAllT Damning- street, March 14. — A dispatch, of which the following is an extract, has been this day re- ceived at Earl Bathurst's Office, addressed to his Lordship hv Gen. the Marquis of Wellington, K. G. dated Fren'ada, Feb. 24, 1813. After the enemy had Tetired across the Tormeft, und their troops had taken up their cantonment those on the Upoer Trtrmes collected again on the l9lh ingfant frftrt Piedrahitn, Congosta, F.' l Barco and Avila; and on the morning of the 20tn a body of about fifteen hundred infantry and one hundred cavalry, under the command of the General of Division Foy, endeavoured to surprise and attar ked Lieut.- General Sir Rowland Hill's post at Briar, consisting of the 50rh regiment arid 6ih Portuguese Ca^ adores. which troops were under the command of Lieut.- Col. Harrison of the 50th. The surprise did not succeed ; and the enemy we're repalsed with loss, and were pursued for some distance by the 6th Ca^ adores, under Major Mitchell. 1 inclose Colonel Harrison's report, from which your Lordship will observe that the Colonel men- tions the good conduct of the 50th regiment, and 6th Ca^ idores. The enemy have lately collected at Benarente about five or six thousand men from their garrisons on the l> ouro; and made last week an incursion beyond the Esln towards Puebla de Sanabrin. There has been no other movement that I have lieard of. Extract of a Report from Lieut.- Col. Harrison to LieHt. rGen. Sir R. Hill, dated llcjar, 20th Feb. I have the honour to report to you, that a little brfore dry- break this morning, our picquets were attacked, and after some smart firing were obliged to fall back : but on being reinforced by some com- pnnits of the 50th regiment, and 6th Cafadores, the enemy were driven back, leaving some dead ; they retired across the bridge, on the road to Con- gosio, nnd were for some time fallowed by JLtjor Mitchell with the 6th Ca^ adores, to whom I am much indebted for the assistance he has afforded me on this occasion. I beg leave also to mention Capt. Moraz, of the 6th Catpadores, who particularly distinguished him- self in checking the progress of the enemy's advance, and was slightly wounded. I have every reason to be satisfied with the good ronrtucl of the officers and men of the50th regiment. Rid 6th Cnqadores, who compose the garrison of this place. • W^ m^ YCsWw- LONDON, THURSDAY, . March 18. Hamburgh Papers to the 3d inst. have arrived, frotn which it appears that rigorous measures wore taking by the French Authorities to put down the spirit of resistance which had mani- fested itself among tlie inhabitants. A private letter is said to have been received from Ham- burgh, stating that the Cossacks on approaching that town were joined by the inhabitants, and that the insurrection in the environs was general Large reinforcements, however, were sent from Magdeburgh and Wesel, and a series of obstinate actions were fought, during which the French and the Russians alternately obtained possession of the place. The French sent repeatedly to Altona for assistance, but the Commander of the Danish troops did not shew any disposition to give the required aid. Much blood is sa'd to have been spilt in the contest, and when the French succeeded in re- establishing their autho- rity, tliey executed several of the inhabitants without any previous trial. With regard to Berlin, various letters have been TF- ccived, which state, that the French continued there on i he 25tli. The Austrian Government has ptiblishwKa De- claration, very different from the assurances given by the French Papers, that Austria would support If. maparte with all her means. In th * docu- ment it appears that the corps of observation ar< to be increased, but merely to secure the Austrian frontiers. The Emperor also says, that a peace, " the basis of which may form a guarantee of its durability, is the end of all his Majesty's active exertions." Fourteen battalions of Prussians nre stnted to have been raised in the short interval of ten days, in the vicinity of Colberg. A similar spirit is said also to prevail in the Duchy of Berg. Captain Lutkins is on his return to Denmark with dispatches, containing the acknowledgment of the receipt of the proposals from that power, and an assurance of the friendly disposition of this country, accompanied, however, by a decol- lation, thatany peace made between Great- Britain and Denmark must be in concurrence with our Northern Allies. Since the expedition to Co- penhagen, on account of the indignation it ex- cited, it bad been the custom at the theatre there to represent robbers, and other nefarious cha- racters, under the gai b and semblance of English- men. An order has, however, been issued by (. tie Danish Government to discontinue this practise. Count WAssenliach, the Nobleman arinOunced in the Hamburgh and Altona papers, as coming from Austria, is now on his Voyage hither, and may be daily expected. The report of Sir R. Wilson having left the Russian army appears to have been incorrect. By the lastaccounts, dated the beginning ofFebruary, lie was in perfect health near Warsaw. Admiral Mope, one of the Lords of the Admi- ralty, is appointed Commander in Chief of the British squadron iu the Baltic. Before Mr. Whitbread made his Motion yes- terday. in the House of Commons, he presented a Petition from Sir John and Lady Douglas, in which they prayed " that the House of Commons will adopt such proceedings as may enable them to be re- sworn to their depositions, before such tribunal as would legally subject them to prose- cution should they be proved to be false." Mr. Whit bread then made his Motion. It was originally intended hv this Gentleman to move a prosecution for perjorv against Lady Douglas. But such a Motion he could not make, because no such prosecution will lie for nil oath token before Privy Councillor?. Debarred from litis course the Hon Gentleman then called upon the accusers of ilie Princess of Wales to produce their charges, and to bring her Royal Highness to a public trial, llence it was generally suspected that his motion would have been shaped by, or bad some relation to, this call— No such thing. He concluded bv making a motion against the two papers in which the documents relative to the investigation in 18GG were first given. This mode of proceeding excited s'une feeling of surprise, for it frittered away the original comp! aint-- couhl do no good to the Princess of Wales, nor could it bring the testimony of. the Douglases or anv other of the witnesses, to a legal investigation. In fact the Speech and the Motion did not seem to belong to each other. The pro- ceedings before the Commissioners, in 180( 3, were declared to be a complete and absolute acquittal, and vet the publication of them was characterised as a high offence, deserving of reprobation and punishment ! The Motion of Mr. Whitbread against a pari of the public press, was withdrawn nt the sugges- tion of another Opposition Member, Mr. Tierney, who moved as a i Amendment, " that the Printers of the two Papers should be brought to the Bar, to answer by whose authority they bad published the Documents, and from whom they had received tlietn."— To this amendment one objection was urged, which was, that it must be wholly nuga- tory, for the Printers could not be compelled to answer the questions.— And so the amendment was negatived, and nothing was done. There are many' difficulties and ohstacles in this Unhappy business that seem to be almost inseparable. In the first place, it is apprehended, that neither Sir John nor Lady Douglas can be placed in a situation to be legally examined, that is, to be legally s bject to prosecution for their evidence, if proved to be false. " But," says Mr. Whitbread, " produce the charges against her Royal Highness, and bring her to a . public trial.'' This course of proceeding, to be sure, would enable the Douglases and other witnesses to be legally examined. But such a proceeding is abso- lutely barred by law. Her Royal Higlmess's advisers will teli him, that no prosecution for treason can he instituted after the expiration of three years from the time such treason is alleged to have been committed. Sir Sidney Smith was absent in the Mediter- ranean when the delicate investigation was in- stituted; but it is stated, that on his return he had : fu auditnee of the Prince, at which he £ ave a sa- tisfactory explanation upon all the matters in which his name had been implicated. We are informed, from good authority, that the Duke of Sussex has suspended Sir J. Douglas from attendance upon his Royal Highness in the capacity of Equerry.— Pilot. The Duke of Cambridge, it is said, is to proceed immediately to Hanover, to assist, by his presence, in an attempt to restore the Electorate to its le- gitimate sovereign. Ail the troops which can be spared in the West Indies, are now assembling at Barhadoes, where a large expedition is fitting out against America. About 4000 tons of shipping have sailed within thesi few days from the Downs, to make part of the expedition in question. Baron Geramb, so well known by bis eccen tricities in England, is said to have been shot in France, by order of Bonaparte. The discussion of the new Financial Plan has been postponed in consequence of the indispo- sition of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. It be brought forward this day, if the continued ill- ne s of that Gentleman does not prevent it. The trial between the inhabitants of Wanstead and W. P. Long, Esq. came on at Chelmsford on the 5th ; upwards of GO witnesses were in attend- ince to prove a road through Wanstead Park ; which was fullv established, and a verdict given accordingly. The park, which has been closed up since the marriage of Miss Long with Mr. Pole, will now be re- opened to the public at large.— Mr. , ong also failed at the Essex assizes, on Thursday last, to oust bis tenant, E. Wright, Esq. from his extensive firm of Rochford Hall, in that county; a special Jury, after a long trial, returned a ver- dict in favour of Mr. Wright. Biggleswade and Pdllfm Brtinch Bible &> c'iety. W M. ASl'ELL, Esq. M. P. Pre- i'dcnt. NOTICE is I « rt% given-, That tlie First Anniversary of lhe above Society, will hr held at POTTO s, oil FR t o A Y the 2.1 Day of A Ml It.; 1813, at Eleven o'clock in the Morning. N EWPORF- P. YGNELL ASSOCIATION, For Protection of Property and Prosecution ot Felons and Robbers. NOTICE is hereby given, ' 1 hat the General Annual Meeting of the Members of this Asso- ciation Will be held ai the SWAM INN, iu NF. W- PORT- PAGNELL, on THURSDAY the 25th Day of M ARCH instant, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of examining and passing the Treasurer's Account*, renewing the Subscriptions, aud appointing a Committee for the Year ensuing. WILLIAM LUCAS, Treasurer anil Solicitor. Newport- Pognrll, March IS th; 1813. ( tf" Dinner at Two o'Glork as usual. Pa RTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. WHEREAS WM. PAGE the Elder, and THOM AS PAGE the Younger, of KET- T I. RI N'G, in the Cnunty of Nnithampton, BRUSH- M A N UFACTURERS, have dissolved Partnership in the. above Business; which will in future be carried on by the aforesaid Tuos. PAGE the Younger, on his own separate Account, THUS. PAGE. Kettering, March 15, 1813. A LL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estnte or Effects of P III LI P BOX, late of IU'CK IVGH AM, in the County of Buck- ingham, Banker, decea « ed ( in respcct of his late Batik or otherwise), are requested forthwith to apply to Mr. John Bartlett, or Mr. John Seeley, ( his Executors) in Buckingh tin aforesaid, for Pay- ment and Discharge thereof. — And all Persons now standing indebted lo the said Estate are hereby required to pay their respective Debts to the said Executors, on or before the sixth Day of April next. Buckingham, 4th March. 1813. THOMAS HULL'S ESTATE. rPIIE Creditors of THOMAS HULL, 1 Uprea- BoouiNGTON, in the County of Northampton, Cow Dealer, who have not already executed the Deed » f Assignment, are requested lo do so on or before the 29lh Day of March instant as the Trustees tire about to make a first and final Dividend, and such Persons as shall not have signed Ike Deed by that Day, will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend.— By Order of the Trustee*, APLIN 4 SOX Banbury, 8th March, 1813. TllltAPSTON WAGGON. 17 POUTER & PALMER resfcectfullj » Tnforln th* Pn( Mic. IH. it their WAGGO continues to « -' t olf from Th'rapstoti every Moiula\ Morning nnd arrives at Cambridge on. Tuesday Morning '; returns tri , Godmanchester, . Btill Inn the same Evening, and from thence on Wednesday hrnugli Huntingdon to Thrapston ; from thence on Thursday to the Fleece Inn, Northampton, to Blisworih on Friday, leaves NoHHnrpptoii on Sa- ur. lay Morning, and is nt Thrnpsfon in the Evening. Goods forwarded from Northampton by Land and Rlisworth l> y Water, to most Parts of England and Wales; and from Cambiidge lo the Counties of Norfolk, Su. Tolk, and Essex, and the Isle of Ely. The Proprietors cannoi be accountable for sin: il' Parcels of more than Five Pounds Value, unless rnlered and paid for accordingly. — Packages of Glass, and Leakage from insecure Ca^ ks, are entirely at ( he Risk of the Owner.— Goods lying in Ihe Warehouse seven D: i\ s after the Owner has been nformed will be charged for Warehouse Room. Loudon Goods delive'erl at the Bull Inn, or Ihe Catharine Wheel, Bishopsgate- Street, bv Nine o'clock on Saturday Morning will he in Thrapston on Wednesday Night.— Charge, 4s. 6d. per Cwt. By the Public's humble Servants, PORTER & PALMER. N. B. W. PiiMitn roes with the Wasrgoo. Wanted fit Lady- " Day next, A Steady MAN and his WIFE, without L A. 1.11 utnhrancp, to liode. rtake the i\ iana£ proeul . t" I lie POOR MOUSE in the Parish of llAY. N ES, in the Couiilv of Bedford. For Particulars, apply to the Churchwardens and Overseers. PIICENIX EIRE- OFFICE. OENFAVAL Receipts for Policies falling due " A; at- Lady. Day, are now in the Hands of the se- veral Agents of the Company. Insurances of every description are effected on the most moderate Terms. Stock on a farm may be insured in one Sum with- out the Average Clau-. e, at 2s. per Cent, per Ann. Persons insuring for Three Hundred PoUrvls, or upwa < ts, will not be charged for the Policy : And all- Endorsertiehts will he made Gratis. By Order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. Backs.— Charitable Donations. WHEREAS there , is Reason to believe that there are divers Charities and Charitable Dona- tions within this County, the Trustees or Feoffees whereof Have hitherto neglected to register Memorials or Statements thereof, as required by the Act ot Parliament lately passed, " For registering and securing of Charitable Donations," notwithstanding Notice of such Act of Parliament has been transmitted to all Parishes and Places in this County. Notice is therefore given to all Trustees and Feoffees of Charities and Charitable Donations, that they are required by the said Act of Parliament to register, within six Months from the passing thereof, a Memo- rial or Statement ( in the Form contained in the Sehe. dule to the said Act annexed) ot the real and personal Estate, and of the gross annual Income, Investment, and the general and particular Objects of all and every Charity and Charities, and Charitable Donations, in the Office of the Clerk ofthe I'eace for the County within which the Poor, or other Persons, shall be, who are the Objects of such Charity, And Notice is hereby further given to all such Trustees and Feoffees, who have hitherto omitted to register such Memorials or Statements as aforesaid, that in Case any Difficulty occurs in preparing the same, it is incumbent on them to apply to the Court of Quarter Session, pursuant to the Directions of the said Act, for such further Time, not exeeeding six Calendar Months, as to the Court shall seem neces- sary for the Purpose of enabling them to prepare and duly register such Memorials er Statements as afore- said. By ( vrder of the Court, ACTON CHAPLIN, Clerk of the I'eace. Aylesbury, March 16, 1813. NF. WPORT- PAGNF. LL BRIDGES. _ * Toils to be Lett. NOTICE is hereby given, I bat a Special Meeting tif the. Trustees appointed by and ariing in the Execution of an Act of Parliament, made and passed iu Ihe 49th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act for taking " down and re- building certain Parts of North bridge,, and Tickford Bridge, in the Parishes of k " Newport- Pagnell, and Lathbury, iu the County " of Buckingham ; and for widening and making ' " more commodious the said Bridges, and the " Approaches thereto," will be held at theSvAn [ JIN, in NEWPORT- PAGSEH. aforesaid, on SA- TURDAY the Third Day of APRII, next, at Ihe ' Hmir of Eleven in Ihe Forenoon, for the Purpose i of LETTING TO FARM, in Manner directed by I the said Act, the TOLLS granted thereby, and to I arise and be collected by Virtue thereof, at the said North Bridge, and Tickford Bridge, from the j sixth Day of the said Month of April; and also lo consider an Application mrde by Mr. Provis's Attorney, to the Treasurer for Payment of his Bill. — Dated the 19th Dav of March, 1813. WILLIAM LUCAS, Clerk to ibe Trnsteei. ELKINGION'S BANKRUPICY. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and sued forth against JOHN KI. KINGTON, late of RUGBY, in the Count of Warwick, Carpenter and Joiner, Dealer and Chapmaii, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is' hereby required to surrender himself lo the Com- missioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part uf them, on Wednesday the 24th. at Si* o'clock in the Evening, and Thursday the 25th of March inst, and Saturday Ihe 24th Day of April next, ar Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, onjeessary, as a Mr" JONPJ, of Newgate- S each of the said last mentioned Days, at the Spread advertised an Edition of the Book, to whi Eagle lnu, in Rugby aforesaid, and make a full most unwarrantably affixed Mr. Edwards Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effocts, 1 without his Knowledge or Consent, when and W here the Creditors are to come prepared i" prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting In choose Assignees, nnd at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are ta assent to, or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons Indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Not fee to Messrs. Kindcrlev, Long, fc Austen, Solicitors, Gray's Inn, London, or to Messrs. CalHecott & Bonn, Solicitors, Rugby. Rugby, 6th March. 1813. F. OWAltDS'S GENUINE ED11 ION. This Day was published, in one large Volume, Svo. Price One Guinea, 4£ RPHE BOOK!" or. The Proceedings and SL Correspondence Upon iho Subject ot the Inquiry into the Conduct of her Royal Highness the j PRINCESS of WALES, under a Commission ap- pointed by THE KING, in the Year 1806. Faith- fully copied from authentic Documents. London i Printed and published by R. Edwards. Crane- Court, Fleet- Street ( Printer of ihe original Book in 1807), and sold by all Booksellers in the United Kingdom. In this Work are included a Narrative of recent Events, and a Statement of FACTS relative to the CHILD now under the Protection ot her Roval Highness, disclosing Circumstances of great Interest, and which are exclusively in the Possession of tbt Publisher. ( pf* The Public are requested to be particular in their Inquiries for Edwards's Genuine Edition, nrinted and published by- him in Crane- Court, Fleet- Street. This Caution is now become absolutely ne- - Street, has hich he has [ mpri/ it. To COVEIi, this Season, At WHITTLEHURY LODGE, near Towcester, HpRIUMVIR, Grandson both of Eclipse * and Highflyer, at Ten Guineas, and Ten Shil- lings the Groom. Triumvir was got by Volunteer ( Son of Eclipse) out of ihe Highflyer Mare ( Sister Id Tat) out oE Plaything, by Matchem. Aylesbury nut Hock/ iff. Turnpike lolls to be Lett. VTOIICE is hereby given, That the next Li Meeting of the trustees ot the said Turnpike, will be holden at the SWAN INN, in LSIGHTON BUZZARD, in rt, c COuntv of Bedford, on THURSDAY. the 52d Day of APRIL text, at Eleven o'. Clock in the forenoon, at which Meeting, between the Hours of Twelve and Two, the TO I. L S arising at the Gate and Side- Bar upon the said Road at A\ lesbury, together with the TO LI.- HOUSE, will be I. F. TT by AUCTION, to the highest Bidder, tor - he Term of one Year, in toe Manner directed by an Act passed in the 13th Year ot his present Majesty's Keign, " For regulating the Turnpike- Roads; and that the same will be put up at the Sum of or at such other Sum as the Trustees present shall direct. Whoever happens tobe the HighestBidder, must pay downonc Month's Rent in Advance, and give Security, with sufficient Surety or Sureties, to the Satisfaction ot the Trustees, tor Payment of the Remainder of the Rent, at such Times and in such Manner as shall be required by the Trustees present at such Meeting. THOS, TINDU. L, Clerk to the said Trustees. Aylesbury, March 12, 1313. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rI'M 1 AT the General Annual Meeting of the 1 Trustees, appointe I by Act of Parliament tor repairing the Highways from Old- Stratford, in the Caunty of Northampton, to Dunchurch, in the County of Warwick, will be held at the WHITE HORSE INN, in TOWCESTER, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 15th Day of APRIL next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. of the same Day, tor transacting such Matters as shall be then thought necessary for repairing the said Highways; at w hich Time and Place the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates on ihe saitl Highways, will be LETT to FA R M. by AUCTION to the Best Bidders, between the Hours of Eleven o'Cloi k in the Fore- noon, and Three o'clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in Manner directed by an Act passed in ihe l$ th Year ot the Reign of his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads ; which said several Tolls were let! in the last Year ( clear of the Salaries Cocli Public- House. To be L E T T, ANN ENTKRED ON DIRECTLY, ' I^ IfE COCK PUBLIC- HOUSE, in NORTH, a. CRAWLEY, Bucks, in full Trade, an old- established House, and in excellent Repair, ami well situated for Business, with arj « my Yard and Garden, convenient Brewhouse, aud other Oiiices.— Pari of the Furniture, the Whole of the Brewing- Uteusils, & c. to be taken at a fair Valuation. For more Particulars, apply on the Spot, or to Mr. KNIBB, Auctioneer and House- Agent, in Newport- Pagnell, Bucks.— No Letters will be noticed, unless Post. paid. Hay, Straw, Household- Furniture, Sfe. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By T. WOOD, On Wednesday the 24th of Mareh. 1813; on the Pre- mises of Mr. JAMES FOWLER, leaving hi* Farm, at H A RDI N G- G RO U NDS, in the 1' arisli of Todiiington, Beds ; COMPRISING 10 Tons of prime Upland Har, extremely well- gotten, and may be tak n oU'the Premises, Quantity of Straw and Stubble, three Dozen of Hurdles; Bedsteads and Furnitures, Chairs and Iables, Kitchen Requisites, Iron- bound Casks, and sundry other Elf'ects. The Sale will begin at Eleven o'Clock. Capital Live Dairy- Stock, < St. To lit SOLD by A U C T I O N, By T. WOOD, Bv Order of the Executors of the late Mr. JOHt « FOX, on the Premises at GROVEBURY, near Leighton- Buzzard, on Saturday the 27th of March. 1B13; /" COMPRISING 2? new- milched, barren, and V- J fat Cows, eight fat Calves, 75 Couples, one Rata; one useful Draught- Mate and Colt, two young Cari- Horses; two Six- inch- wheel Carts, ono narrow Ditto, Ladders, Forks, Rakes, & c. The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock precisely . Me is 16 Hands, of very large Ilone, and superior I for collecting the same) at the respective Sums here- To be L E T T, And may be entered on at J. ady- Day itrxt, AComfortable IIOUSE, with suitable Cotive- Hiencics, and a good Well of Water in the Yard, and Blacksmith's Shop adjoining, in the Town of WI LB A RSTO N. Enquire of Mr. JOHN BLUNSOM, at Barton- Sea- grave, near Kettering, Northamptonshire. Action. Farmers' Mares, and Mares which have hunted with the neighbouring Hounds, may be covered at Three Guineas anil Five Shillings. N. Bf The greatest Care taken ofthe Marcs, and only the actual Cost of Keeping charjed. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By IK. tvii. nrs'sov. On Monday the 29th of March, 1813, on the Premises ot Mr. R. HERBERT, of WEI. FORD, who ii leaving a Part of his Farm, Freehold Estate. be S 0 L D bv AUCTION, By WILLIAM HKF. S1. EY, On Monday the 2' il Day of March, IS' 13, at the Rose and Crown Inn, Bvfield, in the County of' Northampton, precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, o, n such Conditions as will be then and there produced, Substantial Stone- built D W E L LI N G- HOUSE and Appurtenances thereto belonging late in the Occupation of Mr. T. Jones, of BY FI EI. D To A iuafter- mentioned : — The Old- Stratford Gate .£ 511 . The Totecester Gate. 59- 2 The Slow- Hill Gate, with the Ticket Gale at I'eyft/ rtl t. ane 581 The Drayton t. ane Gate. 581 and will be respectively put up at those Sums, under such. Conditions as will be then and there produced. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must forth- with pay ;£ 50 in Advance for each Gate, and find Sureties and give. Security for Payment of ihe Residue of the Rents at such l ime and Times as shall be then Hgreedupon, between them ami the said Trustees.— And at the same Tithe and I'lace new Trustees will ns elected and chosen iu Stead of such Trustees as shall be then dead. EDM. BURTON'. Clerk to the Trustees. Daventry. \ farcb 11t. i, 1SLJ. ' nHIRl'Y- THREELambbogs, one Leicestershire Lforesjid; comprising two Parlours, large Kitchen. I- 1 up, a very capital black Cart- Horse, six Years good Cellar, and th old; two store Pigs, Wind- Fan and Frame, two good Chafl'- Boxes, with sundry Barn- Tackle; one Pair ot Harrows, one Single- wheel Plough, and various other Articles.— The Sale to commence at llleveno'Clock. The Sheep will be warranted sound. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By THOMAS HAGGF. R, On the Premises, on Monday March 22d, 1313 ^ LL the neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNI TURE and EFFECTS, of Mrs. I'EETERS (| ate Mrs EMERY), at the Shoe- Warehouse, POTTON, Bed fordshire, who is removing to a great Distance. Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock. Catalogues are in Circulation, and may be had at may be had all the neighbouring Towns; of the Printer, St. | Neots; and ot the Auctioneer, Potton. three comfortable Sleeping- Rooms, Barn, Pigsties, capital Pump and excellent Well of Water, and other Conveniences ; spacious Garden, well planted with choice Fruit. Trees, surrounded with a Stone Wall. The above Premises have been lately fitted up in g'nteel Style, aud are a desirable Situation either tor a Tradesman, a genteel Family, or a Person retiring from Business. Also, a TENEMENT near the above, in good Repair. BYPIELO is situated an easy Distance from the capital Market- Tewns of Banbury and Daventry, and the Turnpike- Road lies through the same. N B. Immediate Possession of the above Premise; VALE or AYLESBUI1Y BANK. Messrs. GRJCE JF IVOOVCOCK'S BJHKKVPTCY. rT" MIE Commissioners in a Commission of J- Bankrupt, bearing Date the 4th Dnv of August, 1812, awarded and issued forth against THOMAS GRACE, of PRINCE'S RISBOROUGH, iu the County of Buckingham, and JOHN S\ UN- DERS WOODCOCK, of A r I. KSBUR Y, in the said Countv. Riid both of the Vale of Aylesbury Bank, Bankers, and Co- partners, intend lo meet on MONDAY tlie5tli Day of APRIL next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, nt Ihe COUNTY- I1 A LL, id A Y LESBURY, in tile County of Buckingham, in order lo malic a Dividend of the separate Estate and Effects of Ihe said Thomas Grace, one of ihe said Bankrupts j when and where Ihe Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded ( he Benefit « f ihe said Dividend; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. A White Wood, Woodbury, near Gamhtigay, Cam- bridgeshire. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By THOMAS DAGGER, In Lots, at Eleven o'clock, on Tuesday the 23d efi March, 1813, OIXTY prime OAK T IMBER TREES, which O are blazed and set out, with their Tops; also 720 POLES of UNDERWOOD, of large Growth, mostly Oak and Birch, very u eful for Stakes, Spars, inclosing. Sec. tor which Credit will be given to the large Garden and Close of rich Pasture Land, con- 29th September next, on approved Security. I tabling one Acre, be the same more or less, Tithe- —— - j free, adjoining the public Road, where Coaches pa lo be SOLD by A U C T I O N, to and from London every Day, in the Occupation of Ht/ THOMAS HAGGF. R, John West, or his Undertenant, at a very low and On the Premises, on Wednesday the 21ih Day of inProvable Rent. March, 1813, 1 M"" h* neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE s, THREE HORSESHOES, GAM LING AY, Cambridgeshire, Catalogues of which are in Circulation. Freehold Estate, Milton- Ernest, Beds. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. WHITE, At the Falcon Inn,' lilets rc, on Wednesday the 21th Day of March, 1813, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, under Conditi' ns tobe produced at the Tirre ofSale, Desirable FREF. HOLD DWEI. LING- HOUSF. and LAND, situate at MI LTON- E RNEST. in the County of Bedford ; consisting ofa good Parlour and Kitchen, four pleasant Bed- Chambers, large Cellar; Barn, Butcher's Shop and Fasting- Pen; a Yard, in which is a Pump and Well of fine Water. \ LL the f\ and FFFECTS, at the THREE Turnpike Tolls to Lett. NOTICE is hereby giveu, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from BIGOLESWADE, in the Countv of BED- FORD. to A LCONBUR Y- H I LL, in the County of HUNTINGDON, is appointed tobe held at the FALCON INN, INSAINR NEOIS, in the County of Huntingdon, on WFDNE? D\ Y the FOURTEENTH Day of APRIL next, at Twelve o'Clock, when the TO LLS arising at the three several Turnpike- Gates on the said ROKIS called Bi GO. t. ESwADE- G ATE, TEMSFORD- GATE, and SoyxiioE- GARX,. will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, either together or sepa- rately, for the Term of on-', two, or three Years, as ' lu Trustees then present shall direct, to commence Irom the first Day of July next, in the Manner directetl by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third. " for regulating the Turnpike- Roadswhich Tolls are now lett at the Annual Rent of two Thousand lour Hundred and Sixty Pounds, clear of all Charges ol collecting them, and vvrre put up at that Sum, at a Meeting of the Trustees, held the seventeenth Day of February last ; but no Person appearing to bid for the same, it was ordered by the said Trustees, that the same should be pui up at their next Meeting, at , uch Sum or sums as should be then agreed upon. Whoever happens tobe the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same ' Time give Security with. sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the said Trustees, for Paymrnt of the Rent ot Rents agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct; and such Bidder or Bidders will be required to pay one Month's Rent in Advance at the Commencement ofthe ' Term. J. WELLS. Clerk to the Trustees. Eyrtesbury, St Neots, 8/ 6 of March, 1813. Genteel Leasehold Premises, Neat Household- Furniture snd Eificts, Sr. JOHN'S, BEDFORD. To be SOL I) by AUCTION, By BROWN Sf SON, On Tuesday the 30th Day of March, 1813, at Fivo o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Saracen's Head, St John's, Bedford, subject to such Conditions as will bethen produced, \ LL those neat and genteel LEASEHOLD PREMISES, pleasantly situated in the Paris!* of ST. JOHN, BEDFORD; comprising a good and convenientKitchen, back Kitchen, Cellar and Offices ; pleasant Parlour, three very comfortable Sleeping- Rooms ; a well- laid out Garden, planted with choice Trees, and convenient Passage to tke Front, now in the Occupation of Mr. Gee. . The House and Premises form a desirable Resirlenca tor a small genteel Family, and are in complete Repair. The above Premises are Leasehold, under the Master 3nd Co- Brethren ot St. John's Hospital, of which 3- i Years are unexpired. For a View, apply on the Premises ; and for further Particulars, to Messrs. BROWN & SON, Auctioneers. Bedford. And on Wednesday the 31st Day of March, 1813, w ILL be SOLD bv AUCTION, on the Premises, All the neat and useful HO USE HO L D- F U R- N1TURE, and oilier EFFECTS, of the said Mr. GEORGE GEE, St. JOHN'S, BEDFORD; com- prising full- sized Sacking- bottom Tent Bedsfads, with Dimity Furnitures ; three good Feather- Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Counterpanes, Blanket*, Wool Mattresses ; Mahogany double Chest of Drawers, Pasin- Stands, Dressing- Glasses, painted Dtessing- Tables, Bedside Carpets, Mahogany Dining, Pem- broke, and Pillar and Cla. v Tables, jupanned Chairs, Pier- Grass, Kidderminster Carpet, Hearth- Kug, Bath Stove, Eight- day Clock, in Wainscot Casej Windsor Chairs, neat Forest Front Kitchen- Range, polished Crane, and Kitchen- Requisites in general, Quantity ot Earthenware, and various other useful Articles. Catalogues may be had three Days previous to the Sale, and the Furniture viewed on the Morning of Sale, which will commence at Eleveno'Clock. THE Commissioners in a Commission ol Bankrupt, bearing Date the 5th Day of August, 1812, awarded nnd issued forth against THOMAS GRACE, of P- RII » CE'S- RISBOROUGU, in the Countv of Buckingham, and JOHN S \ U. V- DERS WODDCQCK, of AYLESBURY, in ihe said County, niul both of the Vale of Aylesbury Bauk, Bankers and Co- pinners, intend to meet on MONIIAY the 5th Day of APRIL next, nt Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the COUNTY H. vr. r,, iu AYLESBURY, in the County of Buckingham, in order 10 m- ike a Dividend of the separate Instate and Effects of the said John Saunders Woodcock, one ofthe said Bankrupts; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their l) ebt « , are lo come prepared to prove the same, or they will he excluded the Benr- fir of the said Dividend ; and nil Claims not then proved will he disallowed. T " HIE Commissioners in a Commission of AugiiM, 1812. awarded and issued forth against THOM AS GRACE, of PRINCE'S- RISBOROUGH, in the County of Buckingham, and JOHN SAUN- DKRS WOODCOCK, of AYLESBURY, in the said Conntv, and both of the Vale of Aylesbury Bank, Bankers and Co- partners, intended to meet on MONDAY the 5th Day of Armi- next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, nt the COUNT Y- II A LL, in AYLJSSBDRY, in the Couoly of Buckingham, in order lo rmikea Dividend of llie Eilnteand Effects of the said Bankrupts; when mid where the Cre- ditors who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will he excluded the Benefit of Ihe said Dividend; and all Claims not then prnved w ill be disallowed, JOSEPH ROSE. Aylesbury, March 9Ih, 1313. N. B. The Arrangements for PAYMENT » f the Dividends will be notified by Advertisement in the Northampton Mercury on Saturday the 1 Oth of April next. Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire. To be SOLO by AUCTION, By THOMAS IIAGGER, In Lots, at fen o'Clock, on Thursday the 25th Day of March, 1813, EIGHTY- FOUR large ELM TIMBER TREES, a great Quantity of useful LOGWOOD and FAGOTS, which are felled and numbered on the (' remise* at GAM Ll N GAY aforesaid, at six Months' Credit, on approved Security ; Catalogues of which are in Circulation, and may be had at all rh: adjacent Towns; Cock Inn, Gamlingay; and of the Auc- tioneer, Potton. N. B. T. HACCER respectfully informs Coach- makers, Wheelwrights, Carpenters, and others, that three Parts of ihe above- mentioned Timber, are Witch Elms, of large Dimensions, great Length antl good Quality. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By THOMAS ' DAGGER, In Lots, on the Premises, at Ten o'clock, on Friday the 26th of March, 1813, in I. ITTLE- HE^ TH arid OLD TILE- KILN CLOSE, at GAM 1.1 NGAY, Cambridgeshire, SIX Hundred and Seventy prime OAK and ASH TIMBER TREES and POLLARDS, with their Lops and Toppings. And at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, at the COCK INN, Eight Hundred Bushels ot fine KIDNEY PO- TATOES, ftom 20 to 50 Bushels in a Lot, Part of which are a very forward Sort, and Part backward Wimpole; 60 Bushels of r, ood F. AT1NC TURNIPS, and 12 Cwt. of the b st YELLOW TRANS PLANTED SWEDISH SEED, warranted, one Cwt. in each Lot Six Months' Credit will be given on approved May be viewed by applying on ti e Premises ; and for further Particulars, or to treat by Private Contract, apply to the Auctioneer. Bedford. Freehold Estate, Toan of Bedford. Land- Tax redeemed. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. WHJTF, At the Rose Inn, Bedford, on Monday the 29th Day of March, 1813, at Six o'Clock in the Evening. und, r Conditions tobe produced at the Time ot Sale, in one or two Lots, as may be most agreeable to the Company, IHVO well- built Tiled and Plastered TENE- 8 ME NTS, containing three Rooms to each, with brge Gardens, Out- offices, Yards, and Weil of fine Water, in the Occupation of Messrs. Sweatman and Fleming, pleasantly situate opposite Castle Close, in the Palish ofSr. PAUL, BEDFORD. For a View of ihe Premises, and lor further Par- ticulars, applv to W WHIT*, Auctioneer, Bedford, Live. Stock, I. eat Household- 1 urntture, 15c, To be SOLD Uv AUCTION, By W. WHITE, On the Premises, on Thursday tlit; 1st Day of April, 1813, at Eleveiio'Clock, ART of the valuable LIVE and DEAD FARMING- STOCK, neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, of Mr EL1NG, at the Horse and Jockey, at C LA P HAM, near Bedford, who is declining the Public Business; consisting of tluec good In- calf Cows, thtee llirto Heifers, three yearling Cjlves ; capital black Cart- Mare, in Foal, five Years old ; a Tony, fast and sa't Goer ; 24 well- bred Leicestershire I. anibhogs, 22. South Down Ditto, fat Hog, and eight fresh s'ore Pigs ; 211 Dozen of Hurdles and Stakes. Two- horse Oak Shaft- Roll, capital Malt- Screen, Ditto Mill, Quantity of hard Wood, & c. & c. ; Four- post Sacking- bottom and corded Bedsteads, with neat Furnitures, Turn- up Ditto, Stump Ditto, Flock- Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Blankets and Quilts ; Chamber .- ttiti Kitchen- Chairs, Dining andTe*. Tables, good Eight- Security, and Catalogues had at all the adj tcent Towns; day Clock in neat Case, and a 30. hour Ditto with Printing- Ofiice; Bedford; Bull, St. Neots; and of | various other Effects the Auctioneer, Potion. May be viewed on the Morning of Sale. To he SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS HAGGER, About the Middle ot April, 1813, ALL the very choice and valuable LIVE STOCK, AG U1CU t. TU R A 1.1 M P L E ME NTS I HORSE HARNESS, & c. 011 the Premises ot the Rev. WM. W I LK1 E SON, at WOODBURY LOW FARM, GAMLINGAY, Cambrideeshire. Further Particulars in a future Paper. ( t3" The AUCTIONEER will feel obliged by the| Purchasers at Mr. D. Rowel's Sale, for Credit, October last, at Honey don, near Eaton, Beds, at- tending to dine with him at the Bull Inn, Sr. Neots, on Thursday the 1st ot April, to settle for s'uiirj 1 respective Purchases, To be SOLD bv AUCTION, Ry It. J ART IS, On Tuesday the 23d Dav of March. 1813. on the Premises of the late Mr. HENRY WESTON, deceased, at HINTON, near Brackley, ,1 LL the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and f\ other V. F FFCTS ; comprising Four- post Bed- steads and Furniture, l- eather and Flock Beds. Blan- kets, Quilts, Linen, Chest of Drawers, Bureau Clock, Mahogany Dining and other Tables, Maho- gany and other Chairs, Pier and Swing Glasses China, Glass and Earthenware, Copper, Brass, and Pewter Utensils, 20 Milk Leads, and two Cream Cisterns, Milk ' Tubs, Kivers, and Buckets, three Churns, and other Da; ry Utensils, eight capital Iron- bound Hogsheads, several more smaller Casks, Mash andother Tubs, Brewing and Washing- Coppers, Meat Safe with Pullies, two Winnowing Fans, Corn- Screen, Sieves, Sacks, Forks, Rakes, Cart- Ropes, several Ladders, at. d other Effects, which mav be viewed the Morning of Sale till Ten o'Clock, at which Time the Sale will commence. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. WIUl'E, On the Premises, at Grove Farm, Turvey, 011 Friday the 2d Day of April, 1813, PART of the valuable I. 1VF. and DEAD FARMING- STOCK and I MP i. E M K NTS of JOHN H1GC1NS, Esq. of l'UKVEY ABBEY, in the County of Bedford ; consisting of a Flock of prime Leicestershire Sheep, bred with the greatest Care; verv fresh Scotch Oxen, capital Team of Horses, good Waggon, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, new Stuffier, Cart- Harness, and other Implements. The bale to commence at Ll. vcn o'Clotk. To be SOLD by AUUUuN, By R. J A IIP IS, On the Premises of the late GEORGE THOMAS, Esq. at liKACKLE Y, in the County of North- ampton, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 29th, 3 th, and 31st Days of March, 1313, r TPWARDS of 500 Lots of valuable HOUSE- iJ HOLD FU RN ITU RE, and other E I FEC I S ; comprising Four- post Mahogany and other Bedsteads, arrayed in Dimity,' Chintz and Needle- Work Fur- nitures; bordered Goose and other Feather. Beds, Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts, Counterpanes, Linen, Books, some Paintings, China and Glass, Blue- ahd- wliite Table- Service, double and single Chests ot Drawers, Bureaus and Bookcases, inlaid Cabinet, Pier and Dressing- Glasses, Floor and Bedside Car- pets, rich Damask Silk, and other Window - Curtains ; Mahogany Sideboard, Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, lour Feet by ten Feet; Card, I embroke. and Dressing. Tabies. capital I'iano- Forte ( by Broad- wood) ; four Guns, Pistols, S'lver mounted; Eight- Day Clocks and Cases', Mahogany Night- Chairs and T. ibles, Corner and Square Wash. Stands, Trays, Silver and Ivory hat- died Kniwy and Forks, hand, some plated Candlesticks, & c. ; Sets of Mahogany and oilier Chairs; large Quantity of Pewter and Earthenware, Kitchen antl Laundry - Requisites, seasoned Iron- bound Casks, Dairy- Utensils, Silk and other Fishing- Nets, Quantity of Wool, One- horse Chaise and Harness, Child's Four- wheel Carriage, several Bridles and Saddles, two useful Carts with Gearing, two Sets of GearS, Pair of Harrows, Corn- Bins, Winnowing- Fan, Hurdles, Ladders, Malt- Mill and Screen ; Quantity of Timber, Fagots and Fire- Wood, and Variety of other Lllects, which will be specified in Catalogues, t> be had at the Inns in Brackley; Swjn Inn, Buckingham; Crown Inn* Bicester; Saracen's Head Inn, Towcester; and at the Auctioneer's, Banbury. £ 3T May be viewed the Mornings of Sale till Ten For READY MONEY. To te S O 1, D bv AUCTION, By BRAMPTONSf BATES On the Premises, late in the Occupation of Mr. SAMUEL ASHBY, of G E DDI NGTON, in the Countv of Northampton, Farmer, deceased, , oa Thursday the 1st Day ot April next, RPHE following LIVE STOCK, !_ 70 Lambhogs, 60 Lambs, 2 Sturks, 2 In- calved Heifers, 4 Steers G Yearling Calves, and 2 Foals ; also I Nat row- wheel Waggon, and one Ditto Cart. Also a Number of other useful Lois; consist. 1 g of Half Hogsheads and other Barrels, Barrel Churn, Sec. Sec. Sec. fit Time wilt permit). Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. The Creditors of the said Mr. SAMUEL ASHEY, deceased, who have not already delivered in their Accounts, are particularly requested to deliver , n the same beforethe6th Day ot April next, to the Admi- nistrators, or to EDWATD BATES, of Kettering, in order that the same may be forthwith discharged ; anrt all Persons who stand indebted to the sakl Estate, are desired to pay their respective Accounts immediately, ro prevent further Application. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In LOTS, At the Gecr^ e Inn, Huntingdon, on Saturday the 3d of April, 1813, between the flours of Four and Six in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced), A LL that FARM- HOUSE, with the Barns, t\ Stable, Granary, and pther Out - buildings thereto belonging. Also, all those 67 Acres of LAND adjoining the same, divided into six Closes, with excellent Quicks, in Tenure of John Crooks. Also, all that CLO< Eof PASTURE, containing - 1A, 1 R. or thereabouts, inTenureofS. Chapman. Also, all that CLOSE of PASTURE, conta: qing 1A. 1P or thereabouts, in Tenure ot John Crooks. The above Premises are FREEHOLD, in the Parish ofWINWICK, in the Counties ot Huntingdon and Northampton. Also, all that CLOSE of FREEHOLD PASTURE LAND, containing 2A. SR. or thereabouts, in the P.. rsh of OLD- WKSTON, in the said County of Huntingdon, in Tenure of John Crooks, abutting North upon Winwick Lordship, upon Lands in Tenure of Wm. Barnwell. Also, all that HOUSE, GARDEN, and ORCHARD, opposite the May- Pole, in ALCOV. Bli RY ; containing 2R. or thereabout^ in Teuureei Edward I. adds. Also, all that CLOSE of PASTURE LAND, in Alconhury alortsaid; containing ISA. or thereabouts, abutting West upon the London Road, and North upon Lands belonging to Mr. Saunders. The Premises at Alconbury are Copyhold, Fine certain. Possession may be had, of the Close at Alconbury; and of ail the Lands in Tenure of John Crooks, at Lady- Day next. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr Smith, or of Mr. Sutton, of Sawtry ; or of Mr. Tomson, of Coppingftr. l. To - be " SOLD bv AUCTION, In May next, ' PHE Great TITHES of the Parish of GOLD- I I NGTON, in i| te County of Bedford; also .1 DWEhLlNC- HOUSE, and an excellent BARN and OUT- BUILDINGS, in the Occupation of Messrs. Smith on & WiHson; together with about 120 Acres ot MEADOW and ARABLE LAND in Lots, situate at GOLD1NGVTON aforesaid, within two Miles nt the Town of Bedford. Further Particulars, and due Notice of the Time and Place of Sale, will be given, and in the mean Time Information may be had of Messrs. SHXHIAKD, ADHNGION, & Gas . on Y . SoJiqito'S, Bedford- Row, London ; and the Premises may be viewed cr. . A r . . r , .— . ............ , .. ll,. mc L icons** may oe 0 Cluck, a. WuK'h iiaic the Auction will commence. ' plication to the said Mr, SMIT; IJO. N'. A p. T - V ' i \ " V • s I. K ir ( i 1C r » is is | » il » id ' » - cs le ra te- st1 • ti- er k il- ls i'.. k E- h- s » IK. Ci ! c » l-. e K t. •' If irn, | th » mi- , in antt ate tdy I— ihe and is of rns, tngs the Ills, nirig It. jiin? ris'i and RE the j of mn I; ill ami > V. re •{ . in uts, aril: line o. i Friday and Saturday's P. sts. LONDON, FRIBAV, March 19. PTM1E Russian General Wittgenstein issued a X proclamation at Konigsheig on the 7th of January, calling in the most animating. Uiittua^ e on the Germans to assist in breaking their chains, and to restore Germany to freedom. A Committee of seven leading Members of the House of Commons, English and Irish, sits daily at a house in Westminster, to arrange the pro- visions of the new Bill for the Relief of the Roman - Catholics. This Committee consists of Mr. Grattan, Mr. Canning, Mr. I'lunkeit, Mr. Wil- berforce, Sir J. Newport, Mr. Stuart Wortlev, and Mr. Ponsonhv. It was at first supposed, that these Gentlemen would have assumed for the ground- work of their measure the draft of the Bill prepared by Mr. Butler,' at the desire of Lord Castlereagh; but Mr. B. having had in view a total repeal, while the Resolution of the Com- mittee of the whole House, on which the new Bill is to be framed, turns much on limitations and securities; to which limitations and securities several of the Gentlemen above named are par- ticularly attentive, it has been found inconvenient and impracticable to adopt Mr. Butler's measure for a mtfdel. It is also stated, that the concessions to be proposed in the new Bill will be considerably reduced, in order to do awav exceptions, which might be fatal to the protjressof the measure. The • friends of the Catholics conceive that it is Better to take even a partial relief, rather than by insisting- en what will not be conceded, to lose all, and thus to perpetuate, with increased ill- will, the eontests to which it is so desirable to put an end. Mr. Grattan has already stated, in his p'ace in the House of Commons, that the Bill cannot be sub- mitted till just before the Easter recess, when he proposes to have it read a first time, and then piinted, and circulated for full consideration throughout the country. It is generally under- stood, that the Bill is not to be pressed through in the present Session. St. Patrick's Day.— The Anniversary Dinner was celebrated on Wednesday, at the City of London Tavern; Lord Darnley in the chair, in the absence of the Duke of Devonshire. Some'dif- fcrence of opinion appeared when the health of the Printe Regent was proposed. Oil his Itoya' Highness's health being again drank among the donors, the applause was as usual. But th s was followed by the announcement, that the Princess of Wales had subscribed a£ 50, and the applause exceeded all that ever was remembered. The crv was, that the health of the Princess should he drank alone ; Lord Darnley, as Chairman, desired to give it coupled with that of Lady Loudorn and the other Patronesses, At length, after a speech from General Mathew, recommending the oblivion of all polifical feelitu s on an occasion of charity, the Chairman gave the health of " the Princess of Wales, and the other Patronesses." This generalization seemed so satisfy all parties, and the other toasts were drank without opposition. HOUSE OF LORDS, Friday, March 12. Tie Marquis of Wcllesley brought forward Ws motion for the Bouse to go into a Committee of Inquiry on the conduct of the war during the last rampalgn in the Peninsula. The Noble Marquis, ioan energetic speech of four hours' duration, con- tended that the campaign had manifestly failed, and that its failure arose from the insufficiency of the means afforded for expelling the French from Spain — an insufficiency, not arising from the weakness of the resources of the empire, but from the want of ability in those by whom they were administered. Had nt: additional force of I5.. 000 men, cavalry and artillery, been granted to Lord Wellington early in the year, he had no doubt but the French would have been now either behind the Khro or Pyrenees. His Lordship concluded with moving for tile Com- mittee. Earl Bathurst replied to the Marquis Wellesley • he denied that the campaign had failed ; enumerated the advantages obtained by tile clearing of the South of Spain of the enemy, and taking Badajos ami Ciltdad Rodrigo; and maintained that the utmost possible efforts had been made by Minister1;. Lord Wellington, he said, was perfectly satisfied with the conduct of Administration, fnd had never re- quired a greatwc force. F. arls Grey and D- irnley spolte for the Committee ; }' jr.'.,' Liverpool and Aberdeen against it.— Contents 31: Proxies, 8— 39. — N. rt- Contents, 70; Pro* ie « , 45— J15.— The motion was consequently lost by a majority of76. — Adjoiirnod to Monday, MONDAY.— On the motion of Lord Waltsingham, the resolution of the Committee of Privileges, de- claring that General Knollys had not made good his Claim to Ihetitleof the Earl of Banbury, was agreed to without a division. TUESDAY. — Lord Grenvii'e enquired of Earl Liverpool, at what time Government mean; to discuss the subject of the East- India Charier in that House; Lord Liverpool replied, that certain Reso- lutions respecting the East India Empire, would come before the House of Commons in a few days; and that Government intended to adopt such a course of proceeding, as will admit of I hie important sub- ject being discussed siiatiltaneouaiy in both Houses Tif Parliament. WEDNESDAY.— The Bills on Ihe table were read in progress, and the House then adjourned. THORSDA Y,— There was no business of interest before their Lordships. BT W. : ( 1K0CE R, TV f- ft* Wi. LI. I Leave 1 Public, SHUO BUS IN F. SS ; • a general Assortment nfS which lie doubts not w'- H * those who may please t Command*, either at his on Wednesdays and Salui Market- Place, during tlif RRO and WHITE CI. OV the most reasonable Term-. vrow :. t t L 7' S TP !!, tje. • ) ! Ol'! II. ! HT> his Friends and he has commenced i'"' intend.- to k'eep for Sol. ! : 1- 1 S of the best Qualin . ncel t- i" Approbation of favour i. im with llieit . i>,.- » . in ' I igh- Sireet, ot : . s it his Shop in the Reason. SHEDS, & r. & c. on fid?* An Apprentice wanted to the Grocery and Candle Trade. " THE BO K," Complete. This Day was publVied, in one Volume Octavo, Price' 10s. 6( 4. Boards, ' gMIF, WMOi. R of the DF. POSI HONS on the " INVESTIGATION ot the CONDUCT r/ 1 the PRINCESSof WALES, betor- LoVds I'r.- ki e, Spencer, Grenville, and EUenhorough, the >| our Commi sinners of Inquire, appointed by'* the King, in th? Yeir 1806 : Rreoa ed for Publication by the ' ate Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. To which isadded, in HISTORICAL PREFACE, including every Fait that has transpired since the Period of the Inves- tigation. The Whole forming one o! the most inte. resting Documents ever laid before the Bfitish Public Bv C. V.' WILLIAMS. Esq. Author of the Life of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. London; Printed for Sherwood, Neely, & Jones, 20, Paternoster- Mow. S. IIAI. L MOST respectfully informs tiIs Friends and the Public, that h? h is commenced giving INSTRUCTION in the FRENCH LANGUAGU, • nid by an uniform Attention, he trusts he shall be foHi. d worihv of that Patronage he has now the Honour o solicit. TEUMS:— One Guinea per Quarter.— Entrance Half- a- Guiuea. S. IF A i. i. may be spoken WITH at Mrs. Leigh's, ^ lieep- Sireet. * erthampiton, March 20th, 1S13. WE, the undersigned Trustees of the Northamptonshire Division of the Tnrnpike- Road leading from Market - Harborough, in the County of Leicester, to the Pound in the Parish of Brampton, in the Countv of Huntingdon, do hereby give Notice, That a special Meeting of Ihe Trustees for the said Division will he held at the George Inn, in KETTERING, in the County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the FIRST Day of A Pint, next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for Ihe Purpose of nominating and appointing a Surveyor of thai Pat t of the said Road leading from I he Warren- Hill Poll- Gate to Thrapston Bridge.— Given under our Hands this 4th Day of March, 1813. R. I!. STOPFORD. JOHN KEEP. ( H NS. GIII BO V. PEACOCK INN, , MARKET- SQUAR !•', NORTHAMPTON. LKIRS 11 AW most respectfully informs , his Friends and the Public i. i general, that he has taken Ihe above INN, to enter upon the same at LADY- DAY next; where he hopes, bv strict Attention to everv Part of ihe Business of Ihe said Inn, to secure the future Favours of a generous Public which it will be his Pride lo merit. CU1JSI the SCRIP HONS for the R EL IFF of PEOPLE of RUSSIA, suffering by the FRENCH 1 N V \ SIO. V. Amount of SUBSCRIPTIONS before advertised 4 0 Mr. Wm. Ager 1 I 0 Collection at Weston- Favell, by the Rev. Robert Hervey Knight Ill 6J Collection at Earl's- Barton, by Ihe Rev. It H. Knight 4 4 Subscriptions are received at the Ranking- Houses of Messrs. Smith, Hall, & Co. and Messrs. Percival & Son, in Northampton. T. C. M AUNSKLL. CHARLES T1BBLTS. J. C. GOTCH. r . v i of L. D- also RN 1 of 30111 , in thin ' ime kiln >> o, IOW, Ap. Fine- toned Patent Parrel Organ ( by Longman), 4e. Sfc. To be SOLD, \ Patent CHAMBER ORGAN, with three Barrels, plays 30 Tunes, fitted up with Triangle and Drum, with six Stops, in a rich Ma- hogany Case, inlaid, with a Gothic Top, six Feet hijli, two Feet four Inches wide, in high Preser- vation; also, anextensive DINNER SERVICE, of Bliie- nud- While real Nankeen China; consisting of two Soup- Tureens, Dishes and Covers, four Sauce Tureens, Dishes and Covers, 44 oblong Dishes, 100 octagon Plates, 28 Soup Plates, with Dessert Dishes and Plates, Sauce Boats, Fish- plates. Patties, Artichoke Cups, Leaves for Pickle, Baking Dijlres, & c. & c. in all 230 Pieces. The above may be seen at ASIJTON'S FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, BRIDGE- STREET, NORTHAMPTON. J. Ashton takes this Opportunity of returning ( lis sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public in general for past Favours, and begs to inform them, that he has now on Sale a large and elegant Assortment of FURNITURE, in Mahogany ( Town- made), and other Woods; Bedsteads and Furnitures. Mattresses, prime seasoned Goose and other Feather- Beds, which will be offered lo the Public on Ihe most liberal Terms, N. B. Two capital Iron BOOKCASES, Second- hand. adapted for the Counting- house oi for Church Registers. FIFTY GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS sometime in the Night of Saturday the 13th Day of March instant, or following Morning, TWO FAT SHEARHOG SHEEP, The Property of Sir Thomas Mostyn, Bart, were killed in a Ground, in B A INTO N , in Ihe County of Oxford, and ihe Carcases were feloniously stolen and carried away, and the Skins, Heads, and Entrails, except the Hearts, were left iu the Ground. ' This Notice is therefore given, That any Person or Persons who will give Infor- mation of the Offender or Offenders, so as lie, or they, mav be convicted of , he Felony aforesaid, shall, upofcsuch Conviction, receive a Reward of FIFTY GUI NBAS of the said Sir Thomas Mostyn or by applying to Mr. Henry Walford, of Bicestet, Attnrne^- at- Law, for the same. — And if- more than one w » re concerned in the above Felony, any one who will impeach his Accomplice or Accom- plices shall also be entitled to thr like Reward, upnn being admitted an Evidence, and Endeavours will be used to obtain his Majesty's Pardon. AJ To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. tll'E, On Thursday and Fiiday, the 21tll and 25th Days of March, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. MUM FORD, Draper, DAV ENTRY. LL the neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE and other EEFECTS; comprising excellent Feather and Hock- Iieds, Four- post and Tent Bed. steads, with Chintz, Dimity, and Morine Furnitiues ; a handsome Set of Glass Salvers, Mahogany Dining and Card- Tables, Sofa, handsome Mahogany Bureau Book- Case, with Glass Doors; Mahogany and other Chairs, with Horse- Hair Seals; Pier and Swing Glasses, Gilt Frame*, Dressing- Tablas, Wash- Hand- Stand, Bottle and Basin, Bedside and other Carpets ; several Lots ot China, Glass, and Earthenware; a handsome Eight. Day Clock, Oak Case ( by Mam)-, five Iron- bound Pipes and other Casks, in prime Condition ; Copper, Brass, and'Pewter, iu general ; a capital Draught- hotse, Cart and It.; rness comple'e, a Number of new Sash Frames; 12- Bushel Mash- Vat, and other Brewing- Utensils in general, tec. & c. The Sale to aommence each Morning at Ten o'clock To COVER, this Season, 1813, At HARLESTON PARK, near Northampton At Twa Guineas the Mare, and Five Shillings the Grootn, r| MIORN.— lie was got by Beninghroujh I- Grand Sire, King Fergus, by Eclipse; his Dam Constantia, by Walnut ; his Giandam, Contessijia, bv Young Marske ; his great Grandain, Tuberose, by Herod, out ot Grey Starling, by Old Starling. THORN is full 15 Hands high, perfectly good tem- pered, sound, and free from liicmish. The Money to be paid at the Time of Covering. N. B. Most of the Mares put to THORN last Year have proved in Foal. His Stock are very hasdsome large, and bony. To be SOLD, DISCOUNT, rising eight Years old, perfectly sound, and free from Blemish.— For Price, & c. enquire ot JOHN SAN DERSON, Stud- Groom, Harleston- P » rk. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, By Mr. TITE, On Thursday, the 1st of April, 1813, between the Hours of Four and Six in the Evening, at Mr. Piddington's, the White Hotse Inn, WM. TON Northamptonshire, I7UVE capital Stone and Brick- built MES- - SUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, with good Gardens to the same, and in good Condition, pleasantly situated in the Centre of the Town afore- said, and now in the several Occupations of Thomas Grant, Mary Baseley, and others, all respectable Tenants. The above Premises are freehold, and may bs en tered upon immediately.— The Premises will be put up in one or more Lots, agreeable to the Company then present. For further Particulars, enqu: re of Mr. Thomas Pettifer, the Plough Inn, Hillmorton, Warwickshire; Mr. John Perkins, Welton ; or Mr. The, Auctioneer and Sworn Appraiser, DaVentry. CURACY \ y ANTED, in the Neighbourhood of v » Daventry, bv a Clergyman In full Orders with a few Acres of Land, w ilh double Duty, or two Churches. Apply if by Letter, Post- paid, ( o Ihe Printers of this Paper, addressed C. Y. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. FURZE, On the Premises, on Monday the 29th Day of March 1813, and following Day, t LL tin; neat HOUsElIOLD- FUR. NTTURF. AY LINEN, Sea. IMPLEMENTS of a Butcher Shop, and sundry Effects, of Mrs. WHITE, at the Crown and Sceptre Public House, at AMPTHI1. L Metis, who is declining Business; comprising lOgood Four- post, Tent, and other Bedsteads, with Crimson. Harateen, Morine. Cotton, and other Furnitures good Mahogany Wardrobe Bedstead, with Folding doors and Cotton Furnitures, eight good Feather. Beds, two Flock Ditto, Counterpanes, Quilts, and Blan- kets, 12 Pair of good Sheets, 12 Table - Cloths, Pillow- Cases, Napkins, Towels, Sec, ; double and single Chests of Drawers, in Mahogany, Walnut- Tree, and Oak; good Pier and Dressing. Glasses, good Oak Bureau and Book- Case, with Glass Doors ; eifiht good Oak Dining- Tables, good Pillar and Claw and Dressing- Tables in Mahogany, Oak, & c. ; Maho- nPHIS being the fi GYPSUM as a' NORTHAMPTON, March loth, 1812. GYPSUM. e proper Season for using Manure or Top Dressing for Seeds and all Kinds of Spring Crops on light Land, particularly where the Drill System is practised to. he sowed in the Drills with the Seed :— Gentlemen. Farmers, Gardeners, Stc. are respectfullv informed thev mat be supplied with the above Article, by ap- plying lo Mr. J. WRIGHT, tit the County Gaol, or to J. Cn . AMKERLAIN, College- Lane, at the reduced Price of 2,. 8tl. per Bushel ; and of J. C. may be hud, as usual, WELSH SLATE. STONE TROUOHS, YORKSHIRE STONE, prepared FLOOR PLASTER, REED, LATH, & C. Price t> f Stich this Vaj— 1 per Cent Red. shut. Sper Cent. Cons. 59U i Pet Cent. Cons. shut. Navv o per Cent. Ann. 883j. India Bonds 2d. Exchequer Bills, 4 fip. Cons for Acc. 59J. To be SOLI), - JMlttEE SHARES in the NORTHAMPTON- 1 SHI RE COUNTY FI RE- OFFICE. Enquire of Mr. Howtts, Solicitor, Northampton. On Monday next trill be published, Price is. A LETTER, addressed to CHARLES SHORT, Esq. Chairman Of a Meeting of Medical Gen lemen. of the County of Bedford ( held at the George Inn, Bedford), on Friday the 12th of March instant; containing Observations upon the proposed Bill for regulating the 1'' actice af Apothecaries. Sur- geon- Apothecaries, and Practitioners in Midwifery," & c. Bo MEMBER of the ROYAL COLLEGE of SURGEONS. Bedford : Printed by J. Webb , and sold by Crosby Sc Co. Stationers'- Court; Richardson, Ro\ a!- Ex- change ; Harding, Pail- Mall; and Seeley, Fleet- Street, London ;— Abel, Northampton ; Lovell, Huntingdon ; Austin, Hertford, and all other Book- sellers. Hunters. To he SOLD, ' JMIREE exceedingly good HORSES— Enquire * of Mr. Coxi, George inn, Northampton; or Mr. INNS, Saracen's Head Inn, Towcester. To ' Timber Merc/ nnts, Carpenters, Wheelwrights, and others. To be SOLI) by TICKET, In A LTHO R P- 1' A RK, on Friday the 9th Day of April. 1813, \ Large Quantity of fine ELM, ASil, BEECH, and SYCAMORE TIMBER TREES; also some WALNUT, LIME, and CHESTNUT. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. BAILEY, Althorp. House. ROAD MEETING. THE next Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Town of North- ampton to Newport- Pagnell, in the County of Buckingham, will be lyilden at Ihe NEW INN, HACKI. ETON, ill the County of Northampton, on MONDAY the 09th Day of MARCH Instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, R. ABBEY. Clerk to the Trustees. Dinner at Half- past Two o'Clock. To be SOLD, ,4 Very good One- Horse CHAISE, with Head, A Leather Pocket, Sword- Case, Drop- in- Box, and plated Harness ; the Whole in vtry good Condi tion, little worse for Wear — Apply to Mr. RPBIRTS White Hart, Ketterng, where the Chaise may be seen. — No Letters answered unless Post- paid. hive and Dead Farming- Slock. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. K IRS HAW, On Tuesday the 23d Day of March, 1F13, on a Farm at WOO TTON, near Northampton, now in the Occupation of Mr. W. DUNKI. EY, who is leaving that Farm, ALL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK on the said 1 arm ; consisting of eight Draught- Horses and Mares; Harness for site Horses; two Heifers, one in Calf; 25 South- Down Ewes and Lambs; 40 nolle Ewes lambed and ln- lamb, 15 Welsh Wethers, 14 Sliearhogs, six Dorset Ewes and Lambs and a small Lot of Tegs ; four Wateons. three Six- inch Carts, three Ploughs, one double Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, Field- Roll, a Winnowing- Machine, Cow and Sheep- Cribs, Hurdles, a4T- round Ladder, two others, Hog- Troughs, Siblet, Forks, Rakes, Shovels, Drags, Chaff- Box, Bushel, Sacks, with various other useful Articles. The Sheep will" be penned by Nine o'Clock, and the Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. Farming and Dairy Effects, llouseiiold- Furniture, 4' C. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J DUN VAY Sf SDN, On Monday the 22d of March, lt? 13, on till Pre mises of Mr. WVl. 1' AINE, at TIC K. F OR D PARK., near Newport- Pagnell, Bucks, who leaving the Farm; r| MlE STOCK comprises one stout Cart- Horse S- five Years old, anil ons Four- year- old Ditto, five Cows, two Yearlings, one Bull, one weanling Calf, two Hovel- Frames with Stone PostsandCaps and three other Ditto, two Six- inch and one-- Narrow, wheel Cart, one Tax- Cart and Harness, Horse. Har. ness. Sharp Roll, Ploughs, Harrows, Ho/ se- TrOugh Cow- Stalls and Cribs, Hog-' f roughs. Hurdles Dressing - Machine, and other Barn Tackb, large Corn- Bin, Churn, Milk- Leads, Tubs and Buckets Household- Furniture, as Bedsteads, Beds, Tabl- Vs Chairs, See. large Brewing Copper, one smaller Ditto, Brewing Tubs, Beer Casks, 1,000 Fagots, and various other Articles. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock precisely, as ths Whole is intended to be sold in one Day. Hay, Farming and Dairy- Stock, iinwy- V- enseli, Household- Furniture, Ifc. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By JOHN D tr 8? SON, On Wednesday the 24th of March, 1813, on the Pre- mises ot Mr. JOSEPH MO R R[ S, at GRAND- liOROUGH, near WINSLOW, who is leaving the Farm ; COMPRISING six Stacks of Old and Xew Hay, 11 vary useful Dairy Cows, one Bull, three Sturks, 40 Capital fat Shearnog Sheep, a valu- able Cart- Horse, three Ditto Mares, two of which are in Foal, two stout Cart- Colts, one Waegon, one Six- inch and one Narrow wheel Cart, Ploughs, Drag and small Harrows, Horse Gears, 12 Dozen Hurdles, Ladders, Cribs, Barn- Tackle, a S vcn- dozen Churn 10 Milk- I. eads, Cream- Tubs, Buckets, small Copper, Beer- Casks, Kitchen- Grate, Smoke. Jack, and several Lots of Household- Furniture, with numerous other Articles. The Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock precisely wit! the Stock.— The Whole is intended to be sold in one Day. WANTED immediately, a Person qualified to teach WRITING and A R IT H ME TIC ; and to assist in the general Business of a small SEMINARY. Enquire personally ( or hy Letter) lo A . Z. Posl- Oifice, Fenny- Stratford. Rucks. WANTED immediately, An Apprentice to the MILLINERY and D RESS- M A K I N G. Also a Young I'ersou on Improvement would meet • with a desirably Situation by applying lo Mrs. I. OVL'LL, Olnev, Burks, if by Letter, Post- paid. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to tiie WOOLLEN and LINEN DRAPERY BUSINESSES. For Particulars, apply to Mr. WEST, Banbury, 18 good Leather- Bottom Ditto, three Dozen Wood and Rush- Bottom Ditto, Deal Clothes- Press, good 33- Hour Clock, Fenders and Fire- Irons, good Copper Pottage Pots, Brass Kettles, Tea- Kettles, Clothes. Horses, Wash- Tubs and Trays; Quantity of China, Glass, and Earthenware; good Canvas Meat- Safe, good Salting- Tub, lined with Lead; Water and M ilk- Pails, small Chum, large Iron Beam, Scales, and Weights, Pair of Steelyards, good Bullock- Wheel and Rope, Set of Pullies, Meat- Rails and Hooks, good Chopping - Blocks, Cleavers, Choppers, Knives, Trays, tcc. ; useful Donky, Pannel and Bridle, small Cart and Harness; Part of a Cock of Hay, about four Tons ; three Dozen of Hurdles, Wheelbarrow, Lad- ders, Sheep and Hog. Troughs, with a Number ol other useful and valuable Effects. The Sale to begin each Day at Ten o'Clock. AIT'ANTED immediately, A Journeyman » » CLOCK- MAKER, wlio may have constant X. tnploy, by applying to J . EDEY, Kettering. A single Man will be preferred. MAN SERVANT WANTED. ' steady and oc casionallv to drive a Pair of Horses. For Particulars, apply to J. AISEL, North- ampton ( if by Letter. Post paid), by wliora two other Men Servants are wanted. WAN ! ED in a Private Family, A YOUNG MAN, as FOOTMAN, i WANTS a SITUATION in the GRO- CERY BUSINESS, A YOUNG MAN of Respectability. lie has been engaged in that Line, and can have a gnnd Character from his last Place. A Liwe, addressed to A. li. at the Post- Odice, Bicester, Oxfordshire, will be duly attended to. A To ROAD MAKERS. NY Person willing to contract to make about a Mile of NEW CABT- IIOAD, and for 1 he repairing adike Quantity ofOi. D CART- ROAD, will please fo apply lo Mr. NEWTON, at Draytou- Jlouse, near Thrapstou. N. B. There tire several good Slone- Pits nearly adjoining the sHitl Roatls. Freehold Estate, Ellington, Hunts. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. PIERSON, • On Friday ihe 2d Day of April, IS13, at ll. aCeorg Inn, in Kimholton, between the Hours » f t our and Six in the Alternoon, ALL that desirable CLOSE of rich PASTURE LAND, known by the Name of WigUnd or Grove Close, situated in the Parish of Et. i. lNG- ' iON, containing bv Survey, two Acres and a Half now in the Occupation of Mr. Joice, its Tenant at Will The above Eklate is Tithe- ftec, and Laud- Tax redeemed. For a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenant aad tut Particulars, to Mr. 1' ISHSON, Kimbalton. ODELL, BEDFORDSHIRE. Neat modern Household- Furniture, Hay, Manure, Sic. <$ r. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Hi) Mr. JAMES HALSE. On the Premises, at the Rectory- House, on Monday the 5th Day ot April, 1313, PART of the PROPERTY of the Rev. Mr. FO YNTZ, who is removing to a distant County; comprising one Half- tester Bedstead, Bed, and Fur- nitute, complete ; Pair of very large Witney Blankets, Set of Mahogany Dining- Tibies, Dumb- W » i: e', Sideboatd, with Drawers for Plate; and other Tables, Mahogany and other Chairs, Piano- Forte ( by Breid- vctJ), Swing - Glasses, very handsome Mahogany Wardrobe, Napkin. Press, Plate- Warmer, Tea- TrJys, and an Urn, high Chamber Fenders, Kitchen- Furniture, large Deal Cupboard, Meat- Sate, Steel- yards, Kitchen and Laundry- Requisites, Glass, China, and Earthenware, Glass Bottles, Iion- bounl Casks, ' Tubs, Pails, Beer- Horse, See. Also, Part of a Rick of well- made Hay, and some Loads of Manure, two Ladders, Stable - Utensils, Garden- Tools, and six Hand - Glasses, Scythes Cutting Knife, and sundry other useful 1 mplements. ' The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock, and the Whole may be inspected on Friday and Saturday previous to the Sale. Catalogues may be had in due Time on the Premises ; at the adjacent Towns ; and at Mr. WEBB'S Printing- office. Bedford. Farming 4' Dairy Effects, Household- Furniture, If To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAYSON, On Tuesday the 30th of- March, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. WliSTBURY, of SHETWOOD, near Buckingham, who is leaving the Country; COMPRISING two Waggons, one Six- inch and one Narrow- wheel Cart, three Ploughs, two Pair of Harrows, a very good Field- Roll, one R ck of new Beans, Hovel- Frames on Stone and Wood Posts, Cow- Cribs, Hurdles, Ladders, Hog- Troughs, & c. Grindstone and Frame, Sheep- Troughs, Old Iron, & c. Sic. Dairy Utensils, as a capital Horse- Churn, neatly new, 13 excellent Milk- l eads, one Cream Cistern, four Pair of Milk Buckets with Yokes, Butter Kivcrs, Cream Tins, A.- C. a Hogshead Brewing- Copper and Grate, one Washing Ditto, one Ten- Bushel Mash- Vat, Underbacks, and Brewing- Tubs in general, Iron Oven, Door and Frame, Dough- Troughs, seven Beer- Casks of one Ho^ sheal each three Hal f- Hogsheads, and smaller Casks, Household Furniture as Four- post and Bureau Bedsteads, Tables Chairs, Clock and Case, Roasting- Jack, and Kitchen Furniture, with numerous other Articles. The Sale to commence with the Farming Articles, at Ten o'Clock precisely, as the Whole of the Effects are to disposed of in one Day, if possible. Corn, Hay. Horses, Coics, Sheep, llo^ s, Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Vessels, and other Effects,- To be SOLD bv AUCriO'. V, By JOHN DA Y A SON, On Thursday the 1st ot April, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. CHAPMAN, at WHADDON, near Stony- Stratford, who is leaving the Farm. Patticulars will appear in next Week's Paper. Neat and ge. nt. ecl Household - Furniture, Plate, Wines, Curricle, and Horses, with other valuable Effects, To ' be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, Oh the Premises of the late WM. HARRIS, Esq at WOOTTON- HALL, near Northampton, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the30th and 3lst Dais ot March, 1813"; TMIE FURNITURE consis. s of handsome Four- S post and ' Tent Bedsteads, fine. Goose and other Feather- Beds, Down Pillows and Bolsters, large Mattresses, Blankets, and Counterpanes, Urge Brussels Carpets, Bed- round Ditto, Window. Curtains, Maho gany Dining and other Tables, Mahogany and painted Chairs, Bureaus, Chest of Drawers, Writing- Des'k. Pictures, exceedingly handsome Sideboard CelUref, • with Plate Drapers, ish. igc. capiat Wood, banded, neatly inlaid - with Vases, and ornamented Brass Back with Lustres, complete ; Pier ami Chimney. Glasses Swing Ditto and Dressing - Tables; Books, con- taining Howard's Encyclopedia; Spectator, eight Volumes; Guajdian, two Vols.; Burn's Justice four Vols, ; Blackstone's Commentaries, tour Vols. Butler's- Hudibras, two Vols. ; Boyer's Dictionary two large Bibles, and about 100 other Volumes ; on double- barrelled 17- nn onrsitiglS Ditto, one Brace ot Pistols, Silver mounted; one Biace ot Ditto, with Spring Bayonets. N. eat Curricle and two capital riding Horses. About 60 Dozen of Port Wine seven Dozer> of Madeira, a Quantity of Hock and Claret, which will be sokr in I ots. Silver Table, Dessert, and Salt Spoons. Brewinc - Utensils in general, sWeet Iron- bound Pipes and Hogsheads, D^ aiiy- Utensils, Kitchen and Scullery . Requisites, with various other valuable Articles. Ths Sale'to commence each Morning at Ten o'Clock N B. The Wines Curricle, and Horses, will h? sold on the first Day. — Catalogues rrv+ v be had itrtln^ Ti i> ie TJve and Head Tanning . Stock, and loipiv. uc. uts of Husbandry, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HA IV, On the Premises, at the Farm- House of the late WM. HARRIS. Esq. at WOOTTON TOWN, near NORTHAMPTON, on Thursday the lstand Friday the 21 Days of April. IS13; CONSISTING of 19 Welsh Sheep, 80 Tlifa. es, and 134 Ewes, lambed and I n- lamb ; 100 South- down Ewes, lambed and In- lamb; one Dorset- Lamb- hog, 107 Lambhogs, two Rams, two Cows, 20 Oxen, oneIn- pi « Yelt, anil six Cart Horses; Harness for eight Horses, litre,; Waugons, three Broad- wheel Carls, one Narrow, wlicel Ditto, 32 Dozen and a Half of Hur- dles and Stakes, Sheep- Cribs, Troughs and Racks, one Roil and Frame, four Ladders, two Ploughs, Harrows, ScnflL- rs, Hay- Knives, Sacks, Cart- Ropes, Fans and Frames, Winnowing- Machine, Lead Horse Trough, ten. Cow- Cribs, Forks, Rakes, Bushels, Sic. ; one Hovel of Wheat, with the Timber, Posts, and Caps; one Hovel of Oats, Ditto; six Quarters of Barley, Wheat in the Barn, a Quantity of Oats in the Barn, thrashed and winnowed, Oats in two other Barns, Part of a new Hay Stack, Part of an old Ha. Stapk. Part of a Stack of new Hay, and Clover Hay in the Field. The Straw to be spent on ihe Premises, the Hay iniy be taken off the Ground The Sheep and neat Cattle will be sold on the first Day.— Sale to convnence each Morning at Ten o'Clock. \ Thornborough, near Buckingham. To be SOLD, MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with th Out- buildings, Yard, Garden, Orchard, and wo Closes ot rich Pasture Land thereto adjoining and lying together, in the Parish of THORN BOROUGH, in the County of Buckingham, con- aining, by Admeasurement, ISA. 3R. 21 P. ( more or less), in the Occupation ot Mr. Benj. Ridgway The Premises are Freehold, but subject to an Annual Corn Rent in Lieu of Vicarial Tithes. Possession may be had on 6th April next. To see the Premises, apply to Mr. Benjamin Ridgway, the Ojcupier, or to Mr. Win. Ridgwav, at the Lone Tree, Thornborough ; asd for further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, to Mr JOHN KINC, Solicitor, at his Offices, either i Buckingham, or Bicester. T TOWN of DERBY. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. SHAW, On Wednesday the 14th Day of April next, at the Bell Inn, in Derby, at Twelve o'Cloek in tht Forenoon, \ FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting of a very i \ capital Family Residence, with a Coach- House, Five- stall Stable, and extensive walled Gardens, situa'C at the UprtR END of NUN'S- GREEN, in the Town of DERBY, in the Occupation of Dr. Garlike.— The Whole will be sold in one Lot, and immediate Possession may be had. References for viewing, and Particulars may be had of Messrs. Strong, Still, & Strong, Lincoln's. Inn, London; of Vles. srs. Pares,- Miles, Alston, and Miles, Leicester; otMr Curzon, Deiby ; or of Mr. Shaw, lie Auctioneer, at Deiby. Live and Dead Farming- Stock, Dairy- Vessels, Pari of the Household- Furniture, and other Effects. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY ft SON, On Friday the 2d Day of April, 1813, and following Day, if necessary, on the P remises ot M r. S 1' E P IIF. N GRAVES, at BE ACON'S - HOUSE, in the Parish of Finmear, near Buckingham ; " M- IR STOCK comprises eight useful Cart- Horses and Maris, two Colts, 11 Dairy Cows, four In- calf Sturks and three Yearlings, 80 Ewe Sheep, lambed and to lamb, 31 Tegs, one Boar, and two In- pig Sows; three Waggons, one Six. inch and two Narrow wheel. Carts, four Ploughs, three Pair of Harrows, Drag- Hairows, Field- Roll, four Hovel. Frames with Stone Posts and Caps, 14 Dozen ot Hurdles, eight Dozen of Fleaks, nine Sheep- Racks, Quantity of Wheelwright's Stuff, Harness for L Cart- llorses, Toiks, Rakes, and Barn- Tackle, Ilog- Troughs', [. add rs, Poles, Sic.; 20 Quarters ot Barley, and eight Quarters of Oats in Sacks; Dairy Vessels, as a Nine- dozen Churn and Frame, nine Milk- Leads, Milk- Tubs and ' Buckets:— Household- Furniture, as Bedsteads, Fe. i'hsr and Flock Berts, Quilts and Blankets, Mahogany and other Cha rs, Dining and Tea Tables, Sic. Brewing- Copper and Grate, Mash- Vat and Brewing- Tubs, Beer- Casks, as Puncheons and smallerDitto, witti other Articles. Til? s. ale to commence with the Farming- Stock, at Ten o'Clock precisely, as much as po siole will De Sold the first Day. r 10 lie SOLD bv AUCTION, By BRAMPTON If BATES, On Monday'the 29th of March, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. GEORGE ROBINSON, at BURTON- LA IT! ME R, in the Countv of Northampton; HE following LIVE STOCK, & c.: — 18 Lambhogs ) 1 I n. lamp Theaves 1 Two- year- old Nag- Colt I Filly 1 Policy 1 Nevv- rnilch Cow 1 In. calvcd Cow 11 Well b ed Store. Pigs 1 Stout Six- inch Waggon 1 Dung- Cart 1 Light Ditto, one Taxed Ditto 1 Large Harrow, Field- Roll, three Ploughs Harness complete for six Horses, with a Variety of other Lots. Sale to commence- at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely. — Three Months' Credit on approved joint Security. POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, March 19. AKing's cutter arrived yesterday from Heligo- land, bringing the important information of Hamburgh having been evacuated by the French forces; and that in consequence the commercial intercourse between that Island and the Continent was re established. No less than twelve boats arrived at once from the coast, with merchandise, letters and papers. The reason of the rneuiy evacuating so important a post as Hamburgh, obviously arises from the necessity ofcoticentrating all their forces at Magdeburg, to resist the triumphant advance of the Russians, and the growing st. rensth of the German patriots. It is stated that the Russians are in possession not only of Warsaw and Berlin, buteven of Dresden; that the Eidperor Alexander is g'> ne to meet the King if Prussia at Breslau ; and that the Austrians have intimated, to Bonaparte, that he must with- draw his armies within the Rhine, as a preliminary step to a negociation for a generttl peace. It is confidently declared, that General D'Yorck, as ( » mmander- in- Chief of the Prussian armies oc- cupied Berlin, on the 5; h instant. A botly of Cossacks had beeA pushed as far as Wittenbourj oil the Elbe, about half- way between Magdeburg! and Dresden, as early as the 25tli ult.; in conse- quence of which the King of Saxony took the alarm, and fled to Piauen, about 120 miles from his capital, having dispatched ( lis family about 70 miles further, to B- cmth.— Insurrections are general throughout Prussia, and numerous new battalions have, in consequence, been raised in the Prussian territories. It is said, that n't the peasants in the neighbourhood of the llatisc Towns anil Hanover, are arming; ifutl that tile French soldiers on the Coast are so fearful of venturing into the interior, that iliev have pro- cured flat- bottomed boats at Cuxhuven, with a view of stealing along the shallows which border l. iose shores, until they can reach place of safety. From the Altona Mercury, of March 5, Dresden, Feb. 25.— The Russi tns are advancing in force from the frontiers of Austria towards Wittenbourg. In consequence of this inte- Higencc, the Prince and Princess are gone to Bareuth; only the Princess E'izabeth . remains here, liis Majesty the King has, for a time, repaired to Plauen, in the Voightland. The Government i^ carried on by a Commission consisting of four Ministers of '• tate. From the Bteshtu Gazette. IFrtrs « a>, Feb. 5.— The Imperial Russian- armv has occupied the whole country about Warsaw, but the barriers are still in the possession of thr National Guards. The Magistrates remain a- usual in their places. ( lis Excellency Genera! Millaradovitch, on the 9th iust. rude with a great retinue through the town. The Russians entered Berlin with their main force on the 7ib. Paris Papers arrived yesterday to the 10th inst I'hey observe a profound silence relative to the state of Dan'zic, Hamburgh, Dresden, and Berlin; and merely slate that considerable forces are col lectins at Erfurt", whither the contingents 6f several Princes are repairing, A vessel is arrived at Rrist il from Alicanf, whicl has firoiight letters to the 11th of February, At that time the combined army had not commenced hostile operations, although some light corps had advanced some distance from the town. The second Italian regiment had inulined ; in conse- quence of which they were disarmed, and about .,- t. <-.._ c:„: i.. i : i c NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, MJRCU 20, BIRTH.] On Thursday the 4th instant, at Catltorpe- llall, Leicestershire, the l^ itly til the lie v. Thomas Smith, of a daughter. MARRIED,] On the 11th inst. Edw. Ferrer'* Esq. of Baddesley- Clinton, Warwickshire, to the Right JIoii. Lady Harriet Ann Ferrers Townsiiend, Idest daughter of the late Marquis Townshend. Wednesday last, Mr. W. Hester, of the Bowl. ng- Green House, to Miss Robinson, both of Leicester, Same day, at Banbury, Mr. Win. Letts, vio- ualler, of Napton, to Miss Ann Saul, of the former place. Thursday last, at Kingsthorpe, near this town, Mr. T. Green, son of Mr,- Jerome Green, to Miss Fitzhugh, daughter of Mr. C. Fitzhugh, both of that place. Lately, at Croydon, Surrey, Mr. Darker, batter, jnd hosier, ol Peterborough, to Miss Outran), of the former place. Lately, at Nuneaton, Mr. John \ Vard, grocer, of Coventry, to Miss Sarah Bright, of the former place. DIED.] On the 21st ult. nt Shefford. P. eds, in the SOili year of her age, Mary- Ann, second latighterof Mr. Robert BloomfitM, author of' The Fanner's Boy,' and other distinguished poems. On the 10th inst. at the house of her sister, Mrs. Fermor, Albion- place, Bath, Miss Willes, youngest daughter of the late John \ Villes, Esq. of Astrop, in this county, and grand- daughter of Lord Chief Justice Willes.. Saturday evening last, at Uinwit k, Bedfordshire, Mrs. Fr ist, wife of Mr. John l'ros", fanner and grazier, of that place.— She has left a disconsolate husband and ten children to la neut her loss-. Tuesday last, Mrs. llaynes, shnj. heeler, North- liar, Banbury. A few days ago, in the prime of Life, Mr. Geo. Becre, proprietor and occupier of the Bear inn, Banbury. Lately at Why, in Kent, Mrs, Judith Tookcy, at the advanced age of 79 years, daughter of the Rev. Watson Tookey, formerly rector of Stoke and Rockingham, in this county, and sister to Mrs. Timson, of Leicester. - onSStZS^ r*. Local Militia.— In the Local Milit a no one who is balloted can be all med to find a Substitute, hut must, according to his station in life, pay a fine or serve in person; atir! there is also a fine of fifty pounds on every person subscribing to or entering into any agreement for finding a Sub- stitute. All fines are to be levied and paid to Government, and for every person fined, tl < t district will be balloted over again; and if the men ( after those who have paid their fines are deducted) should be deficient, for every such vacancy a fine of fifty pounds will be levied on the parish. The payment for raising volunteers prevents all further trouble.— The Sections in the Loral Militia Act ( 52 Geo. III. c. 33.) arc 01, 35, and 36. A Subscription Pigeon Match took place on Midgham common, Bucks, on Monday, ten uui- neas each, half forfeit. Ten Gentlemen shot ot eleven birds each. The three best shots were Messrs. Keene, Gilbert, and Croft, who k:' iing all their birds, they shot off their ties, and Mr. Keene won the match A Pugilistic natch betwixt Carter and Molineux, the black, is fixed to tukeplareon the 21 of April, within twenty miles of Oxford, for 100 guineas. In the night of Monday se'nnight the shop win- dow of Mr. Lofttis, in Pars mVlane, Banbury, w as broke open bv cutting through the shutter and the glas=> t and various articles, such as gold watch. seaL, silver, knives, ike. stolen out, to a consider- able amount.— The . same, night Mrs. Cofemao, grrrcer, of- Neithrop, hail her shop broke open, and robbed of various articles. Tuesday se'nnight, a Calf or prodigious size, was taken out. in" a cow, the prouerry oi Mr. J. Lnirtt, farmer and crazier, of llituu'i'- t'm, \\ ar, vickshice. It measured in Icn;- tit 3 feu 5 ' itches, girth. round 4 feet 4 inches, in breadth c r s the shoulders 19 inches and a half, and weight " H'bs. Yesterday se'nnight, an imposition was tak< n at [ larpi'hv in this county, before I!. Abbey, I'. 1 t. C'iroti'-'', on view of the bo^.' v of I homas Sha- v, an infant about two yeais id who Itcing left ahoie ill a room for a few minutes, his chitilts caught fire, and the child was in consequence so drt-. adfully burnt as to survive but a few hours tierward". Verdict,— accidental death. Leicester n'sves " ill commence on Tuesday next, the calendar is very heavy, there beii'£ lip- wards of forty pris'iiu rs to take their trials. At the. stalford As> i/. ts, wlrrh c litim^ oced ye^- terdav se'unighf, ihe foil " vit- ig prisoners took their trials:— John Johnson, for sheep- sto. iiini'; I! irh: ir, l Allerfoo, stealing wearing apparel; IV. Williamson, hottse- hreakint;; J . liti Mittoii, Hubert Nicb. dU, alius Su- aggei iug Jack, forgcrv ; I ho< nu* Coilnf, rape; Michael Smith, stealing cotton iri I tir'si. r : Thomas Cooper, horse- stealing; and Kli/; t:• » • li Mule, burglary— Guilty— Death.— Oo tiie Friday I 1 Hay, Horses, Cows, Implements of Husbandry, Daity Vessels, Household- Furniture, fyc. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY.] SON, On the Premises of Mr. GI- ORGE PALMER! the king's Head lun, in hRDUGH TON, near Newport- Pagnell, who is leaving the same. ( PIT Particulars of which, with the Day of Sale, will appear in next Week's Paper. Live, and Dead Farming- Stock, Hay, Part of the Household- Furniture, Dairy- Utensils, & c. the Property of Mr. George Morgan, at Olney, in the County of Buckingham, who is removing to the George Inn, in Kettering, in the County of Northampton, To be SOLD by AUG T I O N, By ROBERT ANDREWS, Or. Wednesday the 3ist of March, 1813: Ml!'. STOCK consists of four Dairy Cows, two Draught Horses, ore Road Mare, Harness for five Horses, a good Narrow- wheel Waggon, a Cart almost new, Floughs, Harrows, I- ield- Roll, Cow- Cribs, Hurdles, Lead Horse- Trough, very good long anil short Ladders, Wheelbarrow, Chaff- Box, Sec. ; Winnowing - Gig, Com - Screen, Sieves and Barn- Tackle, Waggon- Hovel, Cow- Stalls, Sec. j two Buts of tlm, a Quantity of sawed Stull', Oak Lop Poles, Fagots, Fire. Wood, tic, ; two Ricks and two Cocks of well gotten Hay, a Quantity of dry Wheat Straw and a Rick of Haum, about 40 Bushels of Potatoes, several Lots of Dung, Sic.; a good Four- dozen Barrel Churn and Frame, five Dairy- Leads, two Pair of Pails and Yokes, andother Dairy. Utensils ; Brew- ing and Washing- Coppers, two Beer Pipes, Hog- shead and smaller Casks, about four Hogsheads of good Ale, Tubs, Vats, & c ; Four, post and Stump Bedsteads, Feather and Wool- Beds and Bedding Chaits, Tables, Pots, Ketiles, Grates, Fenders and Fiie- Irons, a Number of Glass Bottles, Sic. Sale to begin exactly at Ten o'Clock, as the Whole is intended to be sold in one Day. embark for Sicily. The combined amounted to nearly 33,000 men. It is with the deepesc regret we announce the capture of another ot our frigates, the Java by the Americans. Our Readers will find tht painful detail in the following statement published in the United States. The Java was a 38- gtin frigate ; General Ilis- lop and suite were ou board her. Thev were landed, oo parole, at St. Salvador. ( JUST FROM BOSTON) BY AT R. LUDLOW, PURSER OF THE CONSTITUTION. Mr. I. tnllow, Purser of the Constitution, has just arrived iu this city, on his way to Washington, with the Flag of his Britannic Majesty's frigate Java.— Mr. Ludlow reports the event of the en- gagement to be as follows, viz.— The Constitution, Commodore Bainbridge, fell in with his Britannic Majesty's frigate Java, near the Brazils. The engagement took place ami lasted two hours, when the Java struck her colours, lo the superioi skill of the heroic Bainbridge.— The amount of the killed on board the British ship, « as 69. and 101 wounded; 50 of whom soon after died, among them the Captain. The Java was so com- pletely shattered, that after the engagement ( tht prisoners being taken out of her) was sunk. — The Java was said to be a fine frigate, nev. built, mounting forty- nine guns, and otdv six weeks out of thick, commanded by Ilenry Lam- bert. The Constitution had nine killed and ' lb wounded, five of whom have since died. The Constitution in 15 minutes after the action was in complete repair, and ready for another action. — The Constitution, her gallant officer and cre « have safely arrived at Boston— 1 he action took place on the 29th of December. It has been proposed in Congress to suspend the Non- lmpoi tatiuii Act till the 1st of January, 1B11. By a vessel airived at Liverpool, a report has been received that the Essex AUKTICHII frigate has been captured by the Poiciiers, and carried into Gibraltar lowing, William Ilowe, alias J lin Wod put to the bar; charged with the « Ifui nuii- i Mr. Benjamin Robins, on the IBtli Drceo- <"• fie tvas found guilty upon the m ' M r! • ample trstitnohv, executed on Thursday, bolv afterwards delivered to the sur^ em: dissection. ' ffl'jOBS: O— PYTCIILEY HUN I' RACE*. On Wednesday a Cup value fifty Guineas Hunters, the best of three heats, twice rout course, I3st. each, rode. by F':. riiv: rs. Mr. W. Manning's hr. mare, aged . .*. 1 Mr. S, PrllV brown gelding I i v. Mr. Sharmitn's ch. g. Aspar. vus, aged 3 1 3 Mr. R. Karl's bruvvn gcldi.- g 4 3 4 Mr. T. Stanton's baj g" ldin< r. Tall}- ho dist. Mr, J . A s pi lull's chestnut gei ling tl i i, Mr. Odeli's b. gelding, Haphazard .. di- l, — i a ® ' • THE PYTCIILW HOUNDS WILL M* et ON Monday, March .. at Billing;, Wednesday, .. at Artliin^ ivorth, At Half- past Ten o'Clock eac! i ! « nv. Lord FiT2 vvi LLI A M* s bound:, will Friday next, at Stan wick Pa.- urc-. The QtJQRN HOUNDS will mrrt (> n, > u » « rH/ next, at Scraploft ; on We'dnesdav, at VVidiii** rept> oI Inn ; and on Friday, at IveHiehv. The Tuicn of Northampton, > The of MreacJ, TO WIT, J s « n ihe. £ 0tU of M/ i' Oh IS13, for the said Town, to tak « * place on > the 22d of March, and to be in force sev « 2< i, to Apn. 3, within tlu Circuit of this Paper. Tit. March 23. Atcester, Onnchurch, andWoburn. W. 24. Loughborough. Th. 25. Huntingdon. M. 29. Stamford, and Warwick. F. Aaril 2. Hitchin, and Lutterworth. HOUSE of COMMONS, Monday, March 15. Tim RMSCEM OF WALKS. MR. iVhitbread observing a NoMe Lord ( Gaetlereagh) in liis place, wished to put a question or two to him on a subject which He had honed the discussion of a former night 1iad set at rest forever -, but the tumult and disgust which had been excited in the public mind bv the documents rvhich had appeared in certain public papers known to be under the influence of Government, as well n « the communications which had frnvi certain quar- ters been made to himself, & S well HS to the Noble Lord, laid hitn under >>('• necessity of again advert- ing to it. A' it must be apparent to the Noble Lord, to the House, and to the Country, that the subject could nnt rest wheie it now wns, lie should therefore put three questions to the Noble Lord, Which he railed on him to answer ; and if the Noble Lord could not or would not answer I hem, he called on any oilier Gentleman in the House who was able to do it. The first question was, wlietlier the Prince Regent had been advised to order his I, aw Officers to prosecute Lady Douglas for per- jury? Secondly, whether Lady Douglas had been examined by a Magistrate and the Solicitor to the Treasury, In the presence of Sir J. Douglas, be- tween the 12th of February and the 5th of March ? And thirdly, whether the examinations taken were in existence? Upon the answers he should receive to these questions would depend the nature of the notfee " f a tnotirtn which he should give. Lord Castlereagh said, lie must decline answering Hie Hon. Gentleman's questions, till he was in- formed of the object to which they lended, espe- Tially as the Hon. Gentleman had signified his in- tention of grounding a motion on Ike answers he should receive. Mr. Whittread replied, he could have no objec- tion to stating to the Noble Lord what the object of his question was. The crisis was fast approaching when cither Ihe Princess of Wales must be brought to ( rial, or Lady Douglas must be indicted for per- jurr. Her Royal Highness came down to thellouse, ' nnd threw herself upon it for protection. What passed in the House had been ina; le public, not- withstanding the precautions which had been takeh ( » prevent it. It was also a fact publicly known, that Sir J. Douglas had called on hitn ( Mr. W.) and that he had received atiote from that Gentleman, : ind had answered it; both the note and answer had been published, though he was Ignorant how they had been obtained, as he never communicated them in any one for thai purpose. Sir J. Douglas had also stated, that he and Lady Douglas had been re- examined heforea Magistrate during the period he had mentioned, although the Noble Lord had de- clared them unworthy of credit ; and that Lady Douglas had repeated w hat she had before sworn to. He had declared his intention of approaching the House with a Petition, feeling himself to lie an injured person, and that he ( Mr. W.) had said, if he wished so to do, he would most certainly under- take to present his Petition. He ( Mr. W.) again nsked the Noble Lord if any prosecution had been ordered. The Princess must desire jt— she must be innocent—( hedeclaration of Ministers and the House had told her she was so— yet now, through the me- dium of the newspapers, she was held up as guilty. — If no such prosecution had been ordered, he should feel it his dntv to move an humble address to his Roval Highness, praying, " That he would be pleased to direct his law officers to prosecute Lady Douglas on such parts » f her evidence as, to use the language of the Report, was liable thereto." Lord Castlereagh said a few words, but in so low a tone we conld not collect ( he purport of them; from what followed, however, it appeared lie de- clined answering ( he question, Mr. Whitbrtadobserving, if the Noble Loid would not satisfy him on the subject, he called onany other Gentleman who could give hi in the information re- quired. He then repeated his former questions, nnd added another, namely, " whether, since the 5th of March, there had becu any re- examination into old, or enquiry to institute neiv matter of accu- tatinn against her Royal Highness! If he had no answer to this, he should content himself with hav- ing done his duty now, and give notice of his inten- tion of moving the Address on Wednesday next; because he w as convinced that the public could no longer bear to be insulted b\ the ( orient of disgust- ing matter which had been poured upon them j iring the last two days; and bfcause he was convinced her lloyal Highness desired nothing so much its to be treated as innocent, or proved to be gtiilly. Lord Castlereagh said, he was not to be turned aside from that path which he was persuaded he ought to pursue, by any taunts which the Hon. Gentleman might throw out against him. With respect to the mischiefs which might arise in con- sequence of the documents which had been allu ed to being made public, the responsibility would fall Oil the shoulders of those who had caused that pub lication ; and heavy indeed would it fall oil the Hon. Gentleman, for he was the first person who liad read any of those secret documents; he should have read all, or none ; by making a garbled state- ment of one part of Ihe transaction, he had called for the publication of other parts. Mr. IV kith rend denied having made a garbled statement: he had read the minute of the Cabinet from beginning to end ; a document to which the respectable name of the Speaker was affixed, and which had been published by ( he late Mr. Perceval, rnd of which hundreds were in circulation. But ,„;.. - I . iT„.„ i . . i ,, of Students and Schools, with familiar Experiments, serve their p aces t those who at present hold ; and Piates. LBy thc Rev. D. BLAIR. them, and who shall take the oath of fidelity to us, bound. him; that the Tribunals, Depositaries of the MORTIMER'S GRAMMAR of TRADE, MANUFAC- Laws, shall prohibit all prosecutions bearing | * URFS,_ and COMMERCE, or popular Accounts of all relation to those unhappy times of which his return will have for ever sealed the oblivion ; that, in fine, the code polluted by the name of Napo- leon, but which, for the most part, contains only the ; » icient ordinances and customs of the realm, shall remain in force, with the exception of enact- ments contrary to the doctrines of religion, which, the different Branches of Trade and Manufactures- Persons employed— Origin and Uses of Commodities — Terms used— Maxims of Experience, & c. subdi- vided to be committed to Memory, with some Hun- dred Questions on the Theory and Practice of Com- merce, 3s. 6d. bound. It is presumed such a Work should be put into the Hands of every Boy intended for Business. • A GRAMMAR of BOTANY, or a complete and faml- PRINCE AND PRINCESS op WALES. Delicate Investigation, complete. This Day was published, uniformly printed in Octavo on yellow wove Demy, No. I, Price Sixpence ( to be continued Daily, till completed), of rpIIE WHOLE of the DEPOSITIONS on the | INVESTIGATION of the CONDUCT of Ihe PRINCESS of WALES, before Lords ERSKIN SPENCER, GREUVILLE, and ELLENBOROUGH, the Four Commissioners of Inquiry, appointed by the King. To which will be added, an Historical Pre- face, including every Fact thai: has transpired since the Period of the Investigation, — the Whole forming one of the most iotetcsting Documents ever laid before the British Public. By C. V. WILLIAMS, Esq. Author of the Life of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. London: Printed for Sherwood, Neely, & Jones. Pateinosier- Row. Surgery, Medicine, Chemistry, and Botany. Lately published by CROSBY & Co. 4, Stationers' Court, Ludgate- Street, ^ I^ N EPITOME of MODERN- SURGERY, intended .. L i t fl I t ! 1 n VKAMMAK VI ^ Ul 1J, 1 , UL fl VU. LI| JJUlt UUU 1 JliM- as well as the liberty ol the people, has long been llar introduction to the Science of Botanv, for Bota- subjected to the caprice of the Tyrant. nical and Medical Students, and for Schools. " The Senate, in which are seated some men so By Dr. THORNTON, justly distinguished for their talents, and whom so Author of the Family Herbal, with many Tlates, many services may render illustrious in the eyes rw/ wcr-> « . i'c'£ Ure ' c'. i 1- . n • • i t . . J I I , I - I DICKSON'S GRAMMAR of the first Principles of of France and posterity— that body whose utility Agricultur?, intended for the Use of young Persons, and importance can never be duly appreciated | as a branch of liberal Education, illustrated by 11 Engravings, 5s. GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of the LAWS and CONSTITUTION of ENGLAND, intended for general Use and young Students, 4s. bound. GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of GEOGRAPHY, ren- dered into easy Verse, describing the Situations, Manners, and Produceofall Nations. 4s. Halt- bound. FISHER'S GRAMMAR ot the ENGLISH LAN- GUAGE improved.— By the Rev. J, WILSON ; in which Fisher's Plan is preserved and the Work PELICAN OFFICE, For Insurance on Lives and granting Annuities. MllS Olfice was established iu Lombard- Street, London in the Year 1797, by a numerous and respectable Proprietary; and Board of Directors, with Confidence arising tiom the increased Prosperity and Permanency of the Establishment, as well as from the Experienceof its Usefiilnessand Benefit to thePublic, think it due tothose who m- iy be still unacquainted with the Impotance and Advantages of LIFE INSU- RANCE, briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar Recommendations to almost every Degree and Rank in Society. Life Insurance isot manifest Con- sequence to all who hold Estates for Life, Situations and Offices, Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Professional; toOfllcers in the Army and N^ avy, & c. ; as, by Pay- ment of an Annual Premium, the Party insured is enabled to provide for Wife, Children, or others, whose future Welfare he may wish in vain, by other Means, to promote — It affords a permanent ultimate Security to those who advance Money upon Annuities or otherwise. It renders Leases determinable on one or more Lives, nearly equal in Value to Freehold Estates, as an Insurance to the Amount of the Fine, payable on the Demise of a Party nominated in such Leases, will produce the Sum required for Renewal. It is a cheering Refuge to Parties engaged in exten- sive and speculative Undertakings': it allords to Persons in Trade the certain Means of Indemnification against bad or doubtful Debt: in short, Lite Insurance, established in Policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the Test of Experience, is become, to almost every Situation of Human Life, a Measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable Terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARK II, Secretary. PELICAN COMPANY'S AGENTS AT Northampton,— G. OSBORN & SON. Leicester,— G. 11. HODGES. Marker- Harborough,— THOMAS GURDEN. Loughborough,— C. LACEY. Newport- Pagnell,— BARRINGER & SoN._ Aylesbury,— EDWARD ADAMS. Warwick,— Messrs. BR ACES R I DGES & Co. Banbury,— JOHN HAWTYM. till afier restoration— can it fail to perceive the glorious destiny which summons it to become the first instrument of that great benefaction which will prove the most solid, as well as the most honourable guarantee of its existence and its prerogatives? " On the subject of Property, the Kinj, whol has already announced his intention to employ the most proper means for conciliating the interests of I all, perceives in the numerous settlements which have taken place between the old and the new landholders, the means of. rendcring those cares almost superfluous. He engages, however, to interdict ail proceedings by the Tribunals contrary to such settlements; to encourage voluntary ar- rangements, and, on the part of himself and his family, to set the example of all those sacrifices which may contribute to the repose of France, and the sincere union of aM Frenchmen " The King has guaranteed to the army the more perfect by various Amendments from Walker, Sheridan, Lowth, and others, 2s. Gd. bound. JON ES'S GRAMMA R of CHRONO. LOCY ; including Artificial Memory, ant! its Application to the great Events of History; 3s. 6d bound. Agriculture, Gardening, Angling, iJ- o. Lately published by B. and R. CROSBY^ and Co. 4, Stationers'- Court, London, and sold by all Book- sellers, the twelfth Edition, Price 2s. sewed, or 2s fid. bound RIMLE GARDENER'SPOCKET JOURNAL; or, DAILY ASSISTANT in the MODERN PRACTICE of EN- concise - , . - , CLISH GARDENING, in a concise monthly Display maintenance of the ranks, employments, pay, and ofall the General Works throughout the Year, with appointments which it at present enjoys. lie a Description of the various Implements, promises also to the Generals, Officers, and sol- By JOHN ABE RCROMB1E, diers, who shall signalize themselves in support of ,. „ Man His'! wn Gardener, his cause, rewards more substantial, distinctions^ more honourable, than any they can receivc from| Parliament), withmany Plates, Svo. Boards 12s. an Usurper— always ready to disown, or even to dread their services.' The King binds himself| anew to abolish that pernicious conscription, which destroys the happiness of families and the hope of the country. " Such always have been, such still are the intentions of the King. Ilis re- establishment on ihe throne of his ancestors will be for France only the happy transition from the calamities of a war which tyranny perpetuates, to the blessings of a solid peace, for which foreign Powers can never find any security but in the word of the legitimate Sovereign. " Uartwell, February 1, 1813," This Day wa3 published, in 6 Vols. 8vo. hand- somely printed, Price £ 3 3s. Boards, a new and complete Edition of rilHE WORKS of the late Rev. WILLIAM I. ROMAING, A. M. Rector of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, and St. Ann, Blackfriars, and Lec- turer of St. Dunstan's in the West, London; to which is now added the Whole of his Letters, a;, d Essay on Psalmody ; or Singing Psalms. London: Printed for B. and R. Crosby & Co. ; J. Walker; Sherwood, Neeley, & Jones; J. Black; T Hamilton; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown L. II. Seeley ; l. ackington, Allen, & Co. ; Cradock & Joy ; and Gale, Curtis, & Fenner. A CONCISE TREATISE on the ART of ANGLIC interspersed with several new Discoveries, and form- ing a complete Museum for the Lovers of that pleasing Recreatiou.— By THOMAS BEST. The Eighth Edition improved, with a Frontispiece, representing the various Flics used in Angling, 2s. fid. sewed. HA YN ES on the improved Culture of the STRAW BERRY, RASPBERRY, and GOOSEBERRY, designed to introduce a 1' ational Method of Cultivation, by which abundant Crops of superior Fruit may be uniformly obtained in all Seasons, Svo. 7s. Bds. Royal 10$. 6d. ABF. RCROMBIE'S TREATISE on the GARDEN MUSHROOM, Price 3S. DICKSON'S GRAMMAR of the PRINCIPLES of AGRICULTURE, illustrated by 11 curious and inter- esting Plates, 5s. bound. A TREATisEor. the CULTURE of the PINE APPLE, Second Edition.— By W. GRIFFIN, Gardener to I. M. Sutton, Esq. Kelliam, Notts, 10s. 6d. POTT'S BRITISH FARMER'S COMPLETE AGRI- CULTURAL DICTIONARY, with many Plates, 4to. £ 3 13s. fid. fcr Students and Practitioners.— By SAMUEI COOPER, Author of the Dictionary of Surgery Svo. 9s. fid. Boards. A MEDICAL GUIDE for Invalids to the principal Watering Places in Great Britain, giving a View ot the Elects of each Water.— By W. NBSBIT, M. D. 5s A nevv Work addressed to every Class of the Com munity, for the general Purpose of establishing, presery'ng, and improving Health. Dt. CHURCHILL'S GIN utNsGurBE to HEALTH, intended as an Antidote to the pernicious Effects of Quackery, or the most rational Means of pieserving Health, preventing and curing Diseases. To which are added, Remarks on Exercise, Air, Cleanliness, Sec. cursory Observations on Excesses, and the dread- ful Effects they produce on the Animal CEconomy, as well as the immediate Use of Debilitating Medicines. " Health is the Soul tharanimates all the Pleasures of Life, and without it a Man starves at the best ot Tables, is poor, and wretched in the midst of the greatest Treasures:— Without Health Youth loses all itsVigour, Beauty all its Charms, Music is grating to the Ear, Conversation disagreeable, Palaces are Pri- sons, Riches useless, Honours and Attendants Cum- bersome, and Crowns themselves are a Burthen." Sir W. TEMPLE. " Dr. Churchill has judiciously divided his Sub- jects into distinct Essais, each of which contains a Fund of useful as well as improving Matter, the Solidity of his Reasoning and Arguments, lead on the Reader to the Conclusion, with increasing Delight and Satisfaction ; it his Maxims are adopted, they will evidently prove of universal Advantage." Gent. Mag. April, 1810. A DOMESTIC PHARMACOPOEIA, or COMPLETE ME- DICAL G u I DF. tor Families, describing the Symptoms and the Modes of Treatment, from the best Authori- ties, 5s. Boards. MEDICAL BOTANY, or a COMPLETE FAMILY IIER- AL ; consisting of a full and accurate De- cri^ tion ot English and Foreign Plants, wiih their Medicinal Properties and Compositions ; adapted to Family and other Uses, illustrated with nearly 300 Engravings on Wood, by T. Bewick, of Newcastle, from Drawings by Henderson— By. J. THORNTON, M. D. Author of the Grammar of Botany, Lecturer on Medical Botany at Guy's Hospital, Sec. Sec. In one large and elegant Volume, Royal 8vo. =£ 2 2s. — Demv £ 1 lis. 6d. Boards. A GRAMMAR of CHBMISTRY, being an easy and practical Introduction to that useful Science; in- tended, for the Use of Students and Schools, with familiar Experiments, Questions, and Plates. By the Rev. D. BLAIR, 4s. bound A GENERAL DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY, con- sisiing of the Principles of the Science, Facts, Ex- periments. and a Nomenclature for Students. By W. NESBIT, M. D. 8s. 6d. - " SAFETT iM/ nrnm TO THE PUBLIC. NPHE DIRECTORS of the EAGLE INSURANCE I. OFFICE, LONDON, in return for the very flattering Patronage their Establishment has received, beg Leave respectfully to offer their grateful Acknow ledgments, and thus publicly to pledge themselves to a Continuance of the same Promptitude and Libe- rality, in the Adjustment of Losses, which they have hitherto adopted with such general Satisfaction. ( i5T The Advantages gained by insuring at this Office, consist in the PAYMENT of RENT of any Premises destroyed by Fire, and in the Abatement of ON E- TENTH part of the Premium usually paid to other Offices.— Damage by Lightning made Good. Policies expiring at Lady- Day may be renewed within Fifteen Days from that Period. AGENTS. Northampton,— Mr. JOHN FREEMAN, Stationer. Yardley- Gobion,— Mr. WILLIAM SANDERS, Draper. Wellingborough,— Mr. PALMER, Brandy- Merchant. Daventry,— Mr. N. TARVER, Ironmonger. Towcester, — Mr. JAMES KIRBY, Baker. Weedon,— Mr. NMHANIII TARVER. Bedford,— Mr. JOSEPH BROWN, Auctioneer. Dunstable,— Mr. JOHN DURHAM, Surveyor Melton- Mowbrav,— Mr. ROBFRT TAYLOR. Hinckley,— Mr. ROBERT DRING, Grocer. Fenny- Stratford, — Mr. BEN JAM IN DUMVI L L E, Draper Little- Brickhill, — DAVID KING & SON, Grocers. Amersham, — Mr. KERSLEY FOWLER, Innkeeper. Oxford,— Mr. JAS. RICHARD DEWDNEY. Cheshunt,— Mr. HENRY CRAWTER. Hertford,— Mr. J. H. KIMPTON, Auctioneer. St. Albans,— S. G. SH.\ W, Bookseller. Redburn,— Mr. THOMAS ASHBY. Market- Street,— Mr. THOS. EMERTON, Schoolmaster. Ware,— Mr. EDWARD HOBBS, Auctioneer. Ricktnansworth,— Mr. THOMAsWILSON, Ironmonger, Bishops- Stortford,— Mr. W. BATES, Schoolmaster. Walthasn- Cress,— Mr. COPE, Grocer Coventry,— Mr. JOHN MERRIDEW, Printer. Birmingham, — Mr. CHAS. BENNETT. John ShSen. of Abchurch- lsne, London, v- ir. e. merchant, d.& c, March 20, 27, and April 24, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr Druce, Billlter. square. John Samuel Barnes, of Sweeting's- ally, Cornhill, London, merchant, March 20, 27, * td April 24, at Guildhall — Attorney, ' Mr. I'ellatt, Ironmongers', hall, F'enchurch- street Philip Wilson, of Wapping- wall, Middlesex publican, d; Sec. March 20, 27, and Apr: l 2l" jt Guildhall — Attornies, Messrs. Wadesou, Barlow, Se Grosveuor, Austin- Friars. Will iam Seton Maitland, ot North- street, Red Lion- square, Middlesex, merchant, d. & c. March 20, April 3, and 24, at Guildhall. — Attornies, Messrs. Kcarsey Se Spurr, Bishopsgate- street- within. James Wright, of Bristol, timber- dealer, d. & c, March 17, 25, and April 24. at the Rummer Tavern, Bristol. — Attorney, Mr. Clissold, Bristol. William Attwood, late of Elstow, Bedfordshire, torse- dealer, MarchSl, April 1, and 24, attheSwan nn, Bedford.— Attornies, Messrs. Swain, Stevens Maples, & Pearse, Old- Jewry. Joseph Samuel Swai , of Fridav- street, London, warehouseman, d.& c. March 16, 27, and April 24, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. Ellis, Chancery- lane. Charles Falconer, ot Wapping, Middlesex, vic- tualler, d. Se. c. March 20, 30, and April 24, at Guildhall,— Attorney, Mr. Lang, America- square. John West, jun. of Bath, butcher, d. & c. March 16', April 6, and 24, at the New Inn, Bath.— Attor- ney, Mr. Sheppjrd, Bath. Samuel Eades, late of Bramshaw, " Wiltshire, yeo- man, d. & c. March 19, 20, and April 24, at the Greyhound Inn, Fo. dingbridge. — Attorney, Mr. Woodvear, Downton. John Guild, of London, merchant, d.& c. March 23, 30, and April 24, a; Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr- Hartley, New Bridge- street, Black friars. Thomas Grainger, of High- Holborn, London' tallow- chandler, d. & c. March 20, 27, and April 2- t| at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Richardson, Clement's Inn. John Parry, of Newgate- street, London, tobac- conist, d. Se c. March 20; 27, and April 27, at Guild- hall.— Attorney, Mr. Deykes, Haifield- street, Black- triar's- road. John Bryon, late of Park- street, Hanover- square Middlesex, horse- dealer, March 23, 30, and A pril 27* at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Robinson, Bolton- row' Piccadilly. * William Thomas Clark, of Holborn. London gun- maker, tl. Sc c. March 20, 30, and April 27. at Guild- hall.— Attorney, Mr. Bishop. Serge. nt's- Inn. William Moir, late of Eajt- street, Red Lion, square, Middlesex, merchant, d. & c. March 20 27 and April 27, at Guildhall. — Attornies. Messrs! Sherwood & Hutchinson, Cushion- court, Broad, street. Ebenezer Palmer, of Old- Jewry, London, paper, hanger, d. Sec. March20,27, a- d April 57; atGuild. hall.— Attorney, Mr. Hope, Copthall. court, Throe, morton- street. Robert Priestly, of Warren- street, Fiizroy. square Middlesex, upholsterer, d. Si c. March 20, 2i, and April 27, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. Stevcnton, Percy- street. Tottenham court- road. John Sheffield, of Bath, carver and gilder, March 20, April 3, and 27, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. Cheveley. Great Pufteney- street, Golden- square. David Havard, of Carmarthen, innkeeper, d. Se c. at the Talbot Inn, Carmarthen. Richard Tongue, of New- Malton, Yorkshire, hawker, d. Se c. March 30, 31, and April 27, at the Blacksmith's Arms Inn, Scarborough. — Attorney, Mr. Brearey, Scatborough. Richard Camidge, of Filey, Yorkshire, tailor, d. Se c. March 30, 31, and ApriJ 27, at the Black- smith's Arms Inn, Scarborough. — Attorney, Mr. Brearey, Scarborough. John Joseph, of Cornwall- row, and Curtis's Half, penny- hatch, Lambeth, Surry, iron- founder, d & c" March20, 27, and April27, a: Guildhall Attornies" Messrs. Swain, Stevens, Maples, Se Pearse, Ol& I Jewry. Alexander Maschmeyer, of Liverpool, merchant March 30, 31, and April 27, at the Globe Tavern! Liverpool — Attornies, Messrs. Crump Se Lodge! 4. iv.- » iool. Henry Shroud, of Tooley- street, Southwark, Bi- shopsgate- street, London, victualler and porkman, d.& c. March 20, April 3, and 27, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Wilde, Warwick- square. William Booth, of Whaplore, f. incolnshire. ale and liquor- merchant, d. Sec. April 2, 3, and 27, at the Spiead Eagle, Lincoln.— Attorney, Mr. Cope, Boston. Henry Frazer, late of Nightinple- lane, Upner East- Smithfield. London, grocer, March 20, 27, aid April 27, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Smith Se Henderson, l. eman- street, Goodman's- fields. Bankruptcy enlarged. David Fvans, of Bala, Merionethshire, shop- keeper, from March 16 to April 29, at the Green Dragon Inp, Exeter. DIVIDEND to be made to CREDITORS. April 3. William Gardner, of Luton, Bedfordshire, sack- manufacturer, at Guildhall, London. CERTIFICATE to be granted. April 3. William Cropley, of Cambridge, hard- wareinan. BALM OF QUllO. \ MONG the many Discoveries in Medicine: l\. none claims the Attention of Mankind more than that great Restorative, the CORDIAL BALM OF QUITO, which possesses the inestimable Power of renovating the most debilitated Constitution, whether it arises from the Indiscretions of Youth, or by a Residence in hot or unhealthy Climates, the immoderate use of Tea, spirituous Liquors, or other Stomach ' Complaints— Wind— Gout— Spasm— Colic\ noxious Fluids; too sedentary a Lite, or too close - and General Debility of tlie Stomach and \ an Application to Study; excessive Grief, injudicious Intestines. ( PO11NWELL'S ORIENTAL CORDIAL, is a This Day was published, Price 4s. bound, it new Stereotype Edition, being the third, of 17 NFIKLO'S GENERAL I'HONOUNCINO Dic- ^ TIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, shewing the Orthography, Explanation, Accentuation, and Pronunciation of all the purest and most approved Terms, according to the most eminent Lexicographers and Orators. " Ina very modest Preface, Mr. Enfield observes ' lhat the Editor of such a Woik as ihis has l ittle to^ lo but to familiarize the Mind to Knowledge already extant, and to endeavour bv a lucid Arrangement o* the Materials of his Predecessors, to smooth the Path of Science.' Humble as such Pretensions are, the Task is one which requires the Exercise both ol con- siderable Judgment and of great Industry ; and it is but common Justice to say, that Mr. Enfield has displayed both in the Compilation and Arrangement ut the useful little Volume before us." Anti- Jacobin Review, Aug. 1807. London: Printed for li. arid R. CROSBY and Co Stationers'- Court, Ludgate- Street, and sold by all Booksellers and Stationers. Of whom also may be had, LEVIZAC'S FRENCH asd ENGLISH, and ENGLISH and FRENCH DICTIONARY, adapted for general Use, in which obsolete Words are expunged, and many Thousand uselul Words, not to be tound in any other French and English Dictionary, are introduced.— By M. L'ABSEDE LEVIZAC. Author of the Grammar ol the French Language.— Price 12s. bound, LONDON MARKETS. Corn Exchange, Monday, March 15, 1813. Our market was abundantly supplied with Grain this morning, but the general quality is but ordi- nary ; and having many Wheat buyers at an early hour, 6ne dry Essex or Suflo'lk samples readily obtained the prices of this day se'fiuight ; but a large quantity of Yorkshire and other Wheals of rough quality remained on band.-— Fine dry Barley was also in brisk demand this morning ( although very in sale oi) Friday) and is full as dear as on Monday last; but inferior kinds hang on hand.— Malt and Peas of boili kinds have experienced no variation worth notice, and sell but slowlv ; and Beans are extremely dull, and full 3s. per quarter lower.— We have a large quantity of Oats* from various English ports, besides Irish on sale ; but this trade is extremely dull, and fine qualities only, which are scarce, support our last quotation; other eorts are about 2s. per quarter lower.— A large arrival of Flour since this day se'nnight has produced a decline ia ' tie prices, w hich at present are almost nominal. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec tions with their usual Concomitants, Spasm, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general Debility ( originating in whatever Source), are re- lieved and frequently cured by ll'hitehead's F. s ence of Mustard fills, after every other Means have failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard { used with the Pill, in those Complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and ellectual Remedy in the World, generally curing the severest SPRAINS ASD BRUISES in less than Half the Time usually taken hy any other Liniment or Embrocation; and if used immediately after any Accident, it preventsthe Part turning black. Prepared only, and sold by R. Johnston, Apothe cary, No. 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, at2s. 9J. each Box or Bottle. They are also sold by the Printers of this Paper; H iggs, Market- Harborough ; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton ; Tomalin, Daventry; Mather, Wellingborough; Baxter, Bicester; Marriott, Banbury; and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. The Genuine has a black Ink Stamp, with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on it. \ Gentleman consulted Mr. Spilsbury, at . his r\ Dispensary, 15, Soho- Squafe, ! a* t Summer, having an encrusted Eruption ot the pustular Form covering his Flands, attended wilh violent Pain, and Swelling of the Glands oi the Arm from Irritation His Nights were sleepless, and his helpless State ( his Hands being useless) rendered this Case in so young a Man distressing. Much of the Virulence had been produced by previous improper Treatment. Being diiected to a mild sedative Plan, the aggravated Symptoms gave Way, and the Patent Antiscorbutic Drops restored his Hands to their natural State; and he now expresses himself as enjoying abetter State o' Health than the two preceding Years. N. B. The Genuine Medicine, Spilsbury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, has the Words, " By the King'; Patent," expressed on the Bottles, Hill of Direction and outside Wrapper, and the King's Duty is printed in black Ink.— In Bottles of Six Shillings— Double, Ten Shillings and Sixpence— and largest One Pound Two Shillings, Duty included.— Compound Essence Eight Shillings. This Medicine is peculiarly successful in Scurvy Gout, Rheumatism, Scrophulous and Bilious Com- plaints. Medicine of established Reputation for the Relief and Cure of the above Complaints, it was first discovered and used in the East Indies, where Debility of the Stomach and Intestines are severe and alarming, by a Physician of Eminence and Character, and has been long recommended in this Country hy a great Number of respectable Individuals, who have expe- rienced its saluta'y Influence, among whom is the Brother ot the lute Lord Alvanley, and Lord Brydges Rodney. It restores Tone to the Stomach, removes the Etiects of unripe or improper Fruit,— Spasm— Colic — Wind— Gout— and Indigestion — and generally strengthening the System, resists the Attacks ol those Diseases which too often terminate in sudden Dissolution. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Shaw & Edwards, 65, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, North- ampton ; Higgs, Harborough ; Loggin, Aylesbury ; Wilkinson and Toma. lin, Daventry ; Gallard, Tow- Administration ot Mercury, Sec. ; or, should it pro- ceed from the habitual Tendency to Consumption, or by whatsoever Cause the Constitution becomes relaxed, weak, or decayed, this Restorative and re- animating Balm of Lite and Health, \ vili produce the happiest Effects. A few Doses of this Medicine will afford immediate Assurance of returning Health and Strength, by giving Tone to the muscular System and Organs of Digestion, thereby invigorating and renovating the whole Constitution. To the young it will afford lasting Health, Strength, and Spirits, in place of Lassitltde and Debility ; and to the Aged and Infirm it will assuredly furnish great Relief and Comfort, by gently and safely invigorating the System; and if it be in the Power of Medicine to gild the Autumn of declining Years, and calmly and serehely to protract the Close of Life beyond its narrow Span, this Restorative is capable of effecting that grand Desideratum. The Cordial Balm of Quito is sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Weston and Co. 229, Strand, London; in Bottles at 2s. 9d.~ 10s. 6d. and Family Bottlqs 33s. each, by which there is a saving of 9s. ; sold also by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Edge, Drug- cester; Poulter & Knighton, Stony- Stratford; and gist, Northampton; and the Venders ot Patent Paije, Oundle.— Price iv and 22s. | Medicines throughout ths United Kingdom. I T C II, BE it ever so inveterate, perfectly cured in twenty- four Hours, by an Ointment called TYCE's OINTMENT, which is agreeable in Smell, does not contain a Particle of Mercury, or any per- nicious Ingredient, but is so Innocent that it may be used with the greatest Safety orvt Persons of the most delicate Constitutions, pregnant Women, and Child, ren at the Breast. The superibr Efficacy and Repu. ration of this Ointment having induced some Persons to counterfeit it, the Proprietor finds it necessary to caution Purchasers to be particular in asking for Tyce's Gin n. c* it. One Box, Price Is. 9d. will cure one grown- up Person, or two Children. Also, at the same Place may be had, TYCE's INFALLIBLE CHYMICAL LOTION for the same, by the Use ot which Persons may cure them selves with so much Secrecy as not to be discovered even by a Bedfellow, being without Smell or Stain. Price 2s. 9d. each Bottle. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London; and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Mather, Wellingborough; and all , Venders ot Medicines in the Kingdom. Wheat Fine . Superfine 93s. tolOOs. — s. to 122s. to — s. Fine. White.. — s. toplfis Rye Barley Fine Suffolk Malt 7rts. to 7Ss. 48s. to 5ls. — s. to 73s. 95s. tolOOs White Peas.. 90s. tolOSs. Sutfolks... — s. to — s. Giey Peas ..— s. to 88s. Fine — s. tollOs. Beans 70s. to 75s. Fine — s. to — s. Ticks fifis. to 72s. Oats 28s. to 32i. Polands 27s. to Sis. Potatoe ditto405. to 4G.. Average of Wheat, 127s. Od. J— 3s. 2d. higher than laaS return. Fine Flour, 105s. to 110s.-- Seconds, 90s. to 97s. Average of Flour 109s. 3d.— 0s. Id. per sack lower tliaa last return. PRICE OF SEEDS. 80s. Od. to 86s. 0d.> 40s. Od. to 45s. Od.( 81s. Od. to 115s. Od.( 60s. Od. to 180s. Od.) 40s. Od. to 6Cs. Od per quarter .. 29s. Od., perewt. Carraway .... _ Coriander Red Clover.... White ditto Rye Grass White Mustard 20s. Od. to 28s. Od. > . Brown ditto 30s. Od. to 34s. Od. S per bus" Turnip 18s. Od. to 24s. Od. ditto. PRICE oj- HOPS. Kent 101. 0s. to 141. 0s. Sussex SI. Os. to 101. 0s. Essex 101. 0s. to 141. 0s. Poc KETS. Kent 121. 0s. to 171. 0s; Sussex 101. 0s. to 141. 0s. Farnham 161. 0s. to 251. 0s. KANKltUPI'S required to surrender. John Elkington, late of Rugby, Warwickshire carpenter, dealer and chapman, March 24, 25, and April 24, at the Spread Eagle Inn, Rugby.— Attor nies, Messrs. Caldccott & llenn, Rugby. William Bowdler and Michael Collins, ot the Old Change, London, warehousemen, d. & c. March 20, 27, and April 24, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Barrows & Vincent, Basinghall- street. George Price, ot Tottenliam court New- road, Mid- dlesex, tailor, d. & c. March 16, 23, and April 24. at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Vincent, Bedford, street, Bedford- square. George Chadwin, of Brassington. Derbyshire, corn- factor, d. & c. April 7, 8, and 24, at the Nevv Bath, Matlock.— Attorney, Mr. Wolley, Mjtlock. John Reedhead, of Ouseburn, Northumberland, d. & c. April 5, 6, and 24, at the George Inn, New- castle- upon- Tyne. — Attorney, Mr. Brockett, New- castle- upon- Tyne. John Foster, Catharine Foster, Elizabeth Foster, and Robert Roebuck, of Pontefract, Yorkshire, shopkeepers, March 30, 31, and A pril 24, at the Bull and Mouth Inn, Leeds.— Attornies, Messrs. Lee 6e Raynar, Leeds. Edward Waters, of Newport, Monmouthshire, coal- merchant, d. & c. Match 23, 24, and April 24, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol.— Attornies, Messrs. Vizard & Hutchinson, Lincoln's- Inn, London. Isaac Thompson, of Keckle- grove, Cumberland, merchant, April 5, 6, and 21, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attorney, Mr. Dawson, Liverpool, John Giesves, of Lynn, upholsterer, d. & c. March 20, 27, and April 24, at Guildhall, London.— At. ( torney, Mr. Luckett, Wilson- street, Finsbury- squaie, SMITHFI ELD. — MONDAY, March 15. ( T o sink the offal— per stone of Slbs.) Beef.. 5s. 8d. to 6s. 8d. | Veal 6s. 8d. to 8s. 01. Mutton6s. 01. to 7s. 4d. , | Pork 7s. Od. to 8s. 0J. Head of Cattl) this Day — Beasts, about 2254— Sheep 10,770.— Calves, 110— Pigs, 260. NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL- MARKETS. Beef.. 4s. 8d. to6s. Od. I Veal .5s. 4d. to 7s. 8d. Mutton5s. 4d. to 6s. 4d. | Pork. 7s. Od. to 8s. Od. PRICE OF TALLOW, Sec. Town Tallow 103s. 6d. Yellow Russii96i. Od. Whiteditto 94s. Od. Soap ditto .. 92s. Od. MeltingStuft' 78s. Od. Ditto rough 52s. Od. Graves 24s. Od. Good Dregs. 9s. Od. SOAP— Yellow.. 104s. Od. St. James'sMarket 5s. I Id.& Clare Market 6s. Od. WhitechapelMarket os. lOd. 17s. 93.£ Average per st. ofSlb. 5s. lid. Mottled.. 114s. Od. PRICE or LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 50 to 561b. each 22d. to 23d J Ditto, 56 to 661b. each ? 4J. to 25d. Merchant:.' Backs 21d. to 23d. Dressing Hides 19d. J to 20d $ Fine Coach- Hides 20d. J to 22d J Croo Hides, S5to401b. tor cutting .. 19d.| to 21d. ..'. to 501b 21d. to 23d. Calt Skin 20to401b 32d. to 36d. 5Cto 701b 38d. to 45d. 70 to 801b 38d. to 44d. Small Seals ( Greenland) 34d. to 42,1. Large Ditto, 120s.- to 180s. per Dozen. Goat Skins, 34s. to62s. Northampton : Piinted and Published by and for if', ii. Dtcei'x FT. Svnsif, Sf H. SXITHSOS. a
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