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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3464
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 15/03/1813
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXV    Issue Number: 3464
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal Printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LXV. NO. 3404.} MONDAY, MARCH 15, 1813. [ PRICE Six- PENCE. This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY, and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to. Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARwicK.- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, and Mr. WHITE, FLEET Street, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers It mav also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. SUSSEX. I Hereby GIVE NOTICE, to the Gentlemen of the Grand Jury, a- ul to all Mayors, Bailiffs, Coroners, Constables, Petit Jurors, anil other Persons, having any thing to do at the NEXT ASSIZES, or General Gaol Delivery, to he hohlcn at Horsham, for this County, that the JUDGES of Assize will OPEN the Commission W the Evening of Monday the i& d of March, instant, and proceed to business at'ten o'clock in the forenoon of the following day. EDWARD NAPPER, Sheriff. LEWES ASSEMBLY. rpr- fE NEXT ASSEMBLY will bi> at the STAR ROOMS, on Thursday, the tSth March instant. R. DUNN. STEYNING. THE NEXT ASSEMBLY will be nn Fiidav, J. the 19th of March, 1813, at the White Horse STAR INN, SHOREHAM. JLIPSCOMB begs leave respectfully to in- . form liis friends, and the public in general, that lie has tukm the above old established INN, lately occupied by Mr. Crafts, and to assure iticm that it will be his constant rare to provide genuine wine?, spirit*, / tie. beds well aim!, and « • very oilier requisite. Markets held as usual- at the above house every « e- cond Tuesday. Good accommodation for Commercial Gentlemen. NOTICE. THE Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor, of the parish of Cuckfield, particularly requtfst that . ill persons who have any Claims or Remandron the parish, will deliver the same to Mr. Samuel Picknell, lie Vestry- Clerk, on or be- fore the 25th day of March next, that the same mav be audited and settled. Cuckfkld, Feb. 27, 1813. WEST- GATE HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT. MRS. BOYCE and DAUGHTERS ( Succes- sors to the Misses Richardson) impressed with a sense of the favour conferred on tliem, by the rejurn of a L'reat number of the Young Ladies, lake an early npp. irtouily to assure those friends and the public in general, that no care nor exertion shall be wanting, that may contribute to the health, and accelerate the improvement of the hearts and understandings of their yupil*. Mrs. Boyce proposes to accommodate three parlour boarders. Chichester, March I, i » l3. Patent Agricultural Machines for Sowing Seed s manufactured by BENNET and SON. CCHITTY and Co, beg to acquaint the Gen- . tlemen Farmers in Sussex, tV. it they have now for sale Bennet and Son's Machines as above ; also that they are appointed Sole Agent's for the di- posal of tbcm iu this county. and will be happy to receive or « lcrs from those Gentlemen Farmers who hive not uiade ( rial of tliem. The use of these Machines being « o generally known, snd admired fur ilu- ir regularity, expedition, and aston- ishing saving, ill the quantity of seed, ihcv only beg reference to those numerous Gentlemen who have them in their possession. N. B. Seeds of the best quality to be had as usual at their Brewhouse, in Star Lane, Lewes. IMPORTANT TO THE ARMY. Band W. RIDGE, of CHICHESTER, having • established extensive Warehouses in that City, beg leave to oiler their services in furnishing the Army in general, but more particularly ' Regiments passing through the Sussex District, with Necessaries, Clothing, and Accoutrements, of every ( description. Their Stores arc so extensive, and such arrangements hive been made to merit patronage and approbation, that a Regiment may lie supplied at an hour's notice, with every article required for the complete equipment of the Soldier. N. B. Regiments going to, or returning from the Peninsula, would find great advantages in ihe contiguity of the above warehouses to Portsmouth. BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, 41, London Wall, opposite Bethlem, London. IMPENETRABLE PAINTS for Park Paling, Weather Boarding, and Outside Work of every de- scription. per e* t. | per rut. Invisible Green - .< t> s. j Stone Colour - 5f) s. Pali Olive Green 70s. • Lead or Slate Colour . His. JSrightOli^ eGreen lias. White Fain^ - 5t> s. BUck Paint - 5lis. Light Blue - « os. Yellow I'aint - 5< JS Red Paint - 40s. Chocolate - - 5ns. Prepared Oil to thin the above for use, 5s. per gallon. per gall. per rwt. l. inseediOil ^ c. tjd. Best While Lead Otis. Turpentine - Ki*. Second ditto - 52s. 2 he Impenetrable Faints are very Ornamental, and t. eing ground iu Linseed OiI, dry 111 a very short time; they also possess great disability., will stand iu hot cli- mates, and are a cure and preventive for the worm and dry rot. Tliey are easy 0/ application, and will envir a surface considerably greater than other Paints. UPTON and Co. Odmen and Colour Manufacturers, London Wall and Kennet Wharf, most respectfully oiler their thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, for the patronage with which tliey have for many years . been honoured ; and as udverineuients have lately ap- peared, offering Paints prepared from Fish Oil, under the title - Impenetrable," tltey feel it proper to state, • hat the Paints sold by tliem are ground in Linseed Oil, are very beautiful in appear, Hire, and are not in any manner whatever prepared from Fish Oil, or Coal Tar ; —. 1 circumstance sufficient to distinguish litem front any others, anH particularly from those 11; question.— They al- n beg leave to subjoin the Prices of their Lamp Oils, which are very fine of their several kinds; the Sperm Oil is warranted genuine, and cannot be ex- ceeded in fineness of quality at any pricc. per gall. per gall. Genuine Sperm Oil 8 0 Pale Seal Oil - 4 ti Go<> d burning Oil 7 < J Southern - 4 li Chamber Oil - 5 6 Common ditto - 3 10 STRAYED, Into an orchard, at Small Dole, near Henfield, abou t the loth of November last, ABAY HOUSE, about 15 hands high, with black mane and tail, and two white m irks under the saddle. The owner may have him, by paying all expetices of keep and advertising. Apply to Wm. Sayers, Small Dole. Ringmer, March 4, 1813. CONTRACT FOR FORAGE. PERSONS who may he desirous to undertake the SUPPLY OF FORAGE to the Ordnance Horses in the Sussex district, for Six Months, from the 1st of April next, may send Tenders, sealed up, and en- dorsed " Proposals for the Supply of Forage," and per- sons' names, addressed to Col. COOKSON, command ing Royal Artillery, on or before the 17th lustant at noon. , The Ration of Foragj, to be iolbs. uf Oats lilbs. of Hay Slbs. of Straw The Tenders to expres* a price separately for carh article of Forage, viz. the Oats at per hundred pounds avoirdupois ; the Hay and Straw, at per hundred pounds each. And must be delivered at the respective Artillery Stations in the District, at the expence of the Contrac- tor, who is also to furnish such horses with oats of albs, per ration, as may be billeted within the District ; and it is expected the Contractor shall receive the Stable Duug, making an allowance for the sauie after lite rate of per horse per week, and which must he removed weekly ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chief's Office, Grent George Street, London, 2<> lh February. lata. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons desir- ous of contracting 10 supply the following articles lor the use of the Army, viz. BREAD, To his Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments, Quar- ters, and Barracks, in the undermentioned Counties and Islands: Alderney Isle of Wight Anglesea Jersey , Bedford Kent Berks, including the Town Lancaster of Hungerford Leicester Berwick Lincoln Brecon Merioneth Bucks Middlesex Cambridge, including the Monmouth Town of Newmarket Montgomery Cardigan Norfolk Carmarthen Northampton Carnarvon Northumberland Chester Nottingham Cornwall, including Scilly Oxford Cumberland Pembroke Denbigh Radnor Derby Rutland Devon Salop Durham, including Holy - Somerset Island Stafford Essex Suffolk Flint Surry Glamorgan Sussex Gloster, including the Warwick City of Br. stol Westmoreland Guerusey Worcester Hereford York, Hertford Hunts j And in the several Coun- Isle of Man j ties in North Britain. OATS, To his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quarters, in the uuderuientioited Counties and Island ; Anglesea Hereford Bedford Hertford Berwick •• Hunts Brecon Leicester Bucks Lincoln Cambridge Merioneth Cardigan Monmouth Carmarthen Montgomery Carnarvon Northumberland Chester Oxford Cumberland Pembroke Denbigh Radnor Derby Rutland Durham Salop Flint I Stafford Glamorgan 1 Westmoreland Glosler j Worcester. FORAGE, VIZ. OATS, HAY. and STAW, to his Majesty's Cavalry in Barracks, and Oats in Cantonments and Quarters, in the under- meutioiied Counties in South Britain: Berks Nottingham Cornwall Somerset Devon Suffolk Dorset Surry Essex Sussex Hants, including the Isle Warwick of Wight Wilts Kent York, Lancaster ' Middlesex I And in the several Counties Norfolk I in North Britain. Northampton As also Forage to all Horses kept for his Majesty's service in the Inland of Jersey. That the Deliveries are to commence tin and for the • 251 li day of April next; thai proposals in writing sealed up and marked, Tender for Army Supplies," will be received at this Office on or before Thursday, the 2- itli day of March, ( but unue will be received alter twelve o'clock on that day) and if sent by post, the postage must he paid. Proposals must he made separately for each County and Island, except for the Counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which nrusi he included iu one Tender, as also must the several Counties to North Britain; and each Proposal must have the letter which is annexed to the Tender properly filled up, by two per- sons of known property engaging to become bound with the party tendering in the amount stated iu the printed particulars for the due performance of the Contract; and 110 Proposal will be noticed unless made on a printed Tender, and the prices expressed in words at length ; and should it so happen that during the couti- nuaunce of the Contract, no troops should he stationed or supplied in the County, the expence of the Contract and Bond, paid in the first instance by the Contractor, to he refunded to htm by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be bad upon appli. cation at this Office, between the hours of eleven and live; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Liudesay, Edinburgh ; at the Office of Deputy Com- missary General Cooper, Guernsey ; and at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Low, Jersey, Note, Some material alterations having been made in the Tenders for supplying Bread to the Troops in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney ; and Forage in the Island of Jersey; such persons as may he desir- ous of tendering to supply the same, must applj for the proper particulars. TO THE FACULTY. TO he disposed of HALF of a very exten- 1 fcivc COUNTRY PRACTICE, in a Market Town, in the county of Sussex. For further iu for million* apply to Mr. Samuel Long, Surgeon, Hailsham, Sussex. TO BE LETT BY TENDER, AN EXTENSIVE SOUTH DOWN FARM. ERRINGHAM FARM, in the parish of Old Shoreham, containing eleven hundred acres of land. May l » e viewed by application to the tenant; and proposals, in writing, sealed up, will b* ceivcd l> y the landlord, any time previous to tlw? ^ May, Possession to be had at Old Michaelmas next, Buckiugham Place, March 6,1813* SUSSEX. SOUTH DOWN FARM, TO BE LETT TOGETHER, From Michaelmas next, by PROPOSALS, on Satur- day, May I, 1813, at the Star Inn, Lewes, for seven fourteen years, TWO FARMS, 55 miles from London, and JL four fratn Lewes, containing 63?| A. 3R. IOP. of arable, pasture, and Down land, with two good farm- li it.- es, barn*, stables, ox liou* e, and requisite out- ! mi! dis » « s, called ASHAM and ITFORD farms, siiua: e in the parish of Beddingham, and now in the occupa- tion of Mr. Joseph Martin, who will shew the premises. The lease may be perused by applying to Mr. Dunn, at the Star Inn, Lewes; and the proposals for rent must he delivered in, signed by the party, sealed u;>* and post paid, mi or before the 3otU day of April, 1813, to Mr. Dunn, as above, containing therein reference fur cha- racter and responsibility ; atyi if the same shall be sa- tisfactory to the proprietor, the person approved will be requested, pursuant to notice, to execute the luase, and counterpart, on the ist day of June, idi3. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. AT a Meeting; of t! ie Trustees, of fhe Turnpike- road leading from Arundel to the Junction of the Petworth and Pulborough roads, and from thence to foin the present Turnpike- road, on Fittleworth Com- mon, in the county of Sussex, holden at the Crown Inn, in Arundel, on Tuesday the 2d day of March/ instant, the TOLLS arising at the Gates on the said * oad, were put up at the sum of I89I. ( for which they were. letten the last year) 10 be let by Auction for one year, from the 1st day of May then and uow next, inclusive, but there was no bidder for the said Tolls. NOTICE is therefore hereby GIVEN, that the next MEETING of the said Trustees will be holden at the Crown Inn, in Arundel, on Tuesday, the t) th day of April next, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the fore- tioon; at whirl) meeting, between itic hour*-# f eleven and twelve o'clock, the TOLLS WILL BE LETT BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, for one'year, from the said first day of May next inclusive, in manner directed by the act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, " for regulating Turnpike- roads," and will be put up at such sum or sums, as the said Trustees shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the said Trustees, for the payment of the rent agreed for, at such times as they shall ap point. Notice is hereby also given, that the said Trustees will, at their next meeting, elect some fit person to be a Trustee in the room of Robert Horne, deceased. WM. HOLMES, Clerk to the said Trustees. Arundel, 3d March, I9i3. KENT.— HAWKHURST RECTORY. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE GREAT and SMALL TITHES of the parish of Hawkhurst, extending over nearly 4288 acres of land, of ^ hich about 37 I acres are at present hop ground ; 564 wheat ; 600 acres summer- corn ; loon acres in tares, fallow seeds, and potatoes ; the remainder in meadow, pasture, orchards, and gardens. And also about 43 acres of glebe land ( FOR A RENEFICIAL LEASE OF 21 YEARS) from Lady- day, IS 13, renewable in the u* ual mode, on the expiration of every seven years. The Tithes are now lett at an annual rental of about l_ 4ool. making, with the glebe land and other ' i^ hts, the yearly rental of isonl. Immediate posses- sion may be bad of the glebe land. Hawkhurst is situated aixYut five miles from Cran- brook, and about 15 from Rye. Further particulars may be known on application, personally, or by letter, to Mr. Robert Morrell. Solici- tor, Oxford, by whom proposals will be received. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AN eligible Freehold Farm, called PERRY- LANDS, situate iu the parishes of West Grin- sted and Shipley, within the Rape of Bramber, in Sussex, comprising a Farm- house, barns, and other buildings, and 143A. oR. 7P. more or less, of rich ara- ble, meadow, and pasture land, lying together, in the possession of the proprietor. The buildings are in gond repair, nnd the land is in the highest state of cultivation ; the farm nearly ad- joins the turnpike- road leading from Worthing to Horsham, is situate in the centre of good markets, being distant about seven miles from Horsham, sevc' 11 from Steyning, and nine from Pulborough. The purchaser may have possession at Michaelmas next, or immediately, on taking the growing crops, & c. by valuation. Mr. Agate, the proprietor, will shew the premises; and further particulars maybe had, on application to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, where a map of the estate may be seen. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Steyne Hotel, in Worthing, on Friday, the 1f) tb day of March instant, at two o'clock in the after- noon, by order of the Assignees of the estate and eliects of Mr. Richard Good, a Bankrupt, ATruly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situ- ate in Montague- street, at the corner of Trafalgar Place, in Worthing. T^ ese premises are most conveniently arranged, and comprize & good Lodging House, and a House fitted up as a residence, with a bakehouse, show shop, and every convenience requisite in the baking and confec- tionary business. The premises are quite new, and iu excellent repair. Immediate possession will be given to a purchaser. The estate may be viewed by applying to Mr. James Penfold, of Goring; or Mr. John Nickles, of Worthing aforesaid, Coruchandier, theAssignees ; and f « » r further particulars apply to Mr. John Watts, Solicitor, War- wick street) Worthing. HORSHAM COMMON. Freehold, and Com Tythe- Free Lands. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By PLUMER and SON, On Saturday, the 2oth day of March, 1813* at the King's Head lnn, Horsham, between the hours of five and six o'clock in the afternoon, THE Seven following Allotments of Land, ad- joining to the north- east side of the turnpike- road, leading from London, into the town of Horsham ;— A. R. P. Lot 1st containing 3 0 o 2,1 • 2 0 o twl —- 2 o o 4: If - 2 < O 5 th — 2 o o fjth I. I~—. u. 2oo 7th —. 200 A plan of the above allotments may be seen, and particulars bad, 011 Application to Mr. Clark, Hill's- Place, Horsham ; and of the Auctioneers. N. B. Possession of the above Seven allotments will be given on or before the first of April next. Also, if not previously disposed of by Private Con- tract, all that capital Messuage, Barn, Garden, and Premises, together with 4A. 2R. () P. ( more or less) of excellent Meadow Land, ( copyhold of inheritance, held of the manor of Marlpost) situate in the Bishop ric, within the town of Horsham. \ TherMessuage com- prises— a parlour, kitchen, wash- house, and cellar, three good bed chambers, a sitting- room, with attics over the same ; the premises are iu good repair, and are now in the occupation of Mrs. Dendy. And the niea dow Land in the occupation of Mrs. Heath. The above premises may be viewed, on application to Mr. Clark, Hill's Place, Horsham, of whom parti- culars may be had. Also, of Mr. Stedman, Solicitor, Horsham ; and of the Auctioneer. N. B. Possession of the above mentioned Messuages, Lands and Premises, will be given at Michaelmas next. Very valuable Freehold, Copyhold, and Lease- hold Estate, for Long terms, with extensive Manors; a capital Mansion- house, gardens, . and pleasure grounds, in the county of Sus- sex, on the borders of Hants. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Early in the ensuing Summer, THE truly valuable FREEHOLD, COPY- HOLD, and LEASEHOLD ESTATES, with the extensive Manorial rights over several parishes, with a plenitude of game and fish, of the late John Utterson, Esq, and will be divided in various lots. , These estates are situate about 4( 3 miles from London, in a most beautiful and picturesque part of the county ; two miles from Liphook, 24 from Portsmouth, six fiom the Market Towns of Midhurst and Petersfield. the high road from the Metropolis to Portsmouth, runs through the centre of the property. Descriptive particulars will shortly he given, and further information may be obtaiued, by applying 10 Messrs. Rhoades and Son, Solicitors, Chichester. TUNBRIDGE, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MURRELL and WILSON, At the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, on Saturday, March So, 1813, at twelve o'clock, IN TWELVE LOTS, AValuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, of the first can » cqiiencr, partly Tythe free, and Land Tax redeemed ; cmitaiiiiut; near FOURTEEN HUNDRED ACRES OF FINE FREEHOLD LAND, producing a ! ara; c quantity of fine thriving timber, for the growth of which the soil is pnrtirularly favourable, situate iu one of ihe most fertile parts of the county of Kent, within a mile of the Town of Tunbridge, six from Tunbridge Wells, and 28 from London, in the parishes of Tunbridge and Leigh; comprising the MANOR of DATCHURST or HADLOW PLACE, abundantly stocked willi game, for which there are excellent pre- serves. The Manor Farm of BARNETS, on which is erected a capital new family house, wiili suitable ollices, in a particularly pleasaut situation, at a short distance from the turnpike road, which at an easy expence may be completed, and will ilicn form a truly desirable resi- dence for a respectable Family. And Seven other Farms lying contiguous, in high cultivation, with a convenient portion of fine arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land to each, forming very compact and separate estates of from 50 to Sfiiti acres, with farm houses and necessary buildings, generally iu excellent repair, and iu most cases held by distinct titles. The whole of tlie estate is well watered, the river Medway, and some smaller streams, passing through several parts of it. May be viewed 28 days previous to the 9ale, by appli- cation to each Tenant on the estate.— Descriptive par- ticulars, with plans, may be had of Messrs. Scoones and Son, Solicitors, Tunbridge ; Star, Lewes ; Crown, Seven Oakes., Bell, Maidstone; Crown, Rochester; Bell, Bromley; Mr. Carter, Solicitor, Staple Inn, London; and of Murrell and Wilson, Skinner- street, London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room, in Pall Mall, on Friday, March lg, at one preciiclv, in Eight Lots, AVery valuable and desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, free of great tythes ( excepting only twenty- three acres), and laud- tax redeemed, called HALL's HOLE, near the turnpike road leading from Tunbridge Wells to Woodsgate, 35 miles from London, in a beautiful and sporting part of Kent; consisting of a brick- built Farm- house, now erecting, and nearly completed, designed as a compact dwelling for a Gen- tleman agriculturist, with capital barn, cattle lodges, granary, & c. and three hundred and fifty two acres of arable, meadow, hop garden ( just coining into high con- dition), and wood land, well stocked with game ; the whole ( except one iuclosme) are in hand ; the poor rales low. Also a Messuage, with five inclosures, called Neale's Farm, near Woodsgate, freehold, tythe- free, and land- lax redeemed; and sundry substantial freehold dwelling houses and messuages, with gardens, in the Town of Tunbridge, in the occupation of Capt. Thomas, Messrs, Wayte, Martin, and others; Jewhurst, Stronghill, Wise, and Clarke, respectable tenants at will. A person attends who will. shew lots one and tu rn upon refereuee to the Sussex Tavern, Tunbridge Wells. The dwellings in the Town of Tunbridge may be viewed with leave of the tenants, only. Printed particulars may be had of Messrs. Scoone and Sons, Solicitors, Tunbridge Wells; also of itte Printers of the Lewes and Maidstone Papers; at tlie Crown, Tunbridge ; Royal Oak, and Crown, Sevenoaks ; at the Auction Marl, Bartholomew- laut ; and of Mrs Christie, Pall- Mall, London. BRIGHTON. Freehold and Leasehold Tenements, Carpenter's Yard, Ground Rents,& c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By. Mr. ATIREE, At the King's Arms, George- street, Brighton, some time in the present Month, SEVERAL Freehold Messuages, or Tenements, Carpenter's Yardr& r. situate in New Steine- street, and Margaret- street; als. several Leasehold Messu- ages, or Tenements, siiti'ile in Little St. James's- street, further with various ground rents arising from pro- perly, situate in Little St. James's street afori said; particulars uf which will be given in a future paper. For further information apply to Mr. Crosweller, So- licitor ; or to Mr. Attree, at his Estate Office, St. James's street. PELICAN OFFICE, FOR INSURANCE OF LIVES and GRANTING ANNUITIES.— This Office was established in Lombard- street, London, in the year 1797? hy a numerous and respectable Proprie- tary; and the Board of Directors, with confidence, aris- ing from the iucrcased prosperity and permanency of t'le establishment, as well as from the experience of ii9 usefulness and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the impor- tance and advantage of Life Insurance, briefly to sug- gr- st son\ c of its leading and peculiar recommendations in almost every degree and ruuk in society. Life In- surance is of manifest consequence i(> ofl who hold Estates for Life, Situations and Offices, Civil, Ecclesi- astical, or Professional; to Officers in the Army and Navy, & c. a*, by payment of an Annual Premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for Wife, Children, or others, whose future welfare. he may wish in vain, by other means, to promote. It affords a permanent ul- timate security to those who advance Money upon An- nuities or otherwise. It reuders Leases, determinable on one or more Lives, nearly equal in value to Freehold Estates, as an Insurance to the amount of the Fine, payable on the demise of a party nominated in such Lease, will produce the sums required for renewal. It is a cheering refuge to parlies engaged ill extensive and speculative uitderialiiiigsit afford* to persons iu trade the certain means of indemnification again* t a bad or doubtful debt: in short, Life Insurances, established m policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed hy the test of experience, i* become, to aluin* t every situ- ation of human life, a measure equally important, use- ful, uinl beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under a Special Act of Parlia- ment, g runted to this Office. THOMAS PARIKE, Secretary. Pelican Company's Agents at Chichester— R. PHILPOTT. Portsmouth— J C. MOTTLEY. Lymington — J. WEST ENGLAND'S PLAGUE ARRESTED, MR MADDEN respccifully informs the Public ( to prevent any spurious Medicine being iu » v posed on the afatcied) he has app- nntid Mr. COLE- MAN, Library, Rye, to be his SOLE AGENT for rliai Town and Neighbourhood, to vend his VEGETABLE ESSENCE for cases of Consumption, Asthma, Colds, Coughs, and oilier Pulmonary Complaints, price 7s. each bottle, with foil directions. From the numerous testimonials which he lias been favoured with, of the efficacy of this valuable uieaicitie, ite begs to subjoin the under, which he has received from a respe* tunle Clergyman, From the Rev. W. Holland, Minister of St. Luke's Chapel Sir, a short time since, I took the liberty of recom. mending ihe bearer ( Elizabeth Wright) to jour kind- ness. She has been sixteen or seventeen years tuurl* afflicted with her breuih; out your medicine, tinder Ihe divine blessing, has restored Iter to a measure of ease she had long been a stranger lo ; and I have no dooIn but a short continuance in its use will perfect het recovery. I am, Sir, your obedient Servant, W. HOLLAND, Minister of St. Luke's Chanel, Gee- street, March 17, isi I. From Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, li « J, Old street, St. Lake's Honoured Sir, Having expetieitced great oeoefit from your medicine, in the perfect ' recovery of my health, I return you u. y most hearty liiaoks lor the same, and am, honoured Sir, your much obliged humble servant, E. WRIGHT. log, Old- street, St. Luke's, June g, isn. Sir, permit me, also, lo return uiy thanks for your kind attention lo toy recommendation. Your obedient servant, W. HOLLAND, Minister of St. Luke's Chapel. Dr. MILLER's RESTORATIVE NERVOUS CORDIAL and PILLS ARE decidedly tlie most healing and strength- ening Medicines that have beeu offered lo the public scrutiny, they are unrivalled in their qualities to relieve and restore the consumptive, l! i<>*<. t) lot Bre afflicted with nervous disorders, and, indeed, the grand iprfciiic for mental or bodily weakness ; ility are suc- cessfully applied to young persons unwell, particularly from the age of fourteen to iwmty years, » l* o iu the deel inc of life, the use of tliem is of the <* realest iiji parlance. For convincing proofs of the tame, see one of the books, that are iu pi.- se* » ion of the undermentioned Agents, which contain mwuerous certificates of cures actually performed in the counties of Kent and Sussex by these Medicines. ' TUe Cordial is in hol ies at 4s ( 5d. each, duty in. eluded. There is a great saving by purchasing a lis, bottle, and with each bbtllc is given a bi. ok of direc- tions and advice. The Restorative Pills, which ure re- commended to be taken with the Cordial, are i> s. yd per box. The Nervous Cordial, Antiscorbutic Drops and Worm destroying Sugar Cakes, & c. may be had ofibe follow iog persons, viz, ARTHUR LEE, School Hill, Lewes ; Battle, J. Cuthbert Hastings, J. Norton Bexbill, T. Wedd Heathtield, J. Ellis Burwash, G. Children Horsham, T. Mann Brighton, Mr. White Lamberhurst, R Foster Cuckfield, J. M. George Lewes, J. Davey, chemist Dallington, J. Pardon * Lindfield, W. Darrant Dilcheling, J. Browne Maresfield. J. Mrynard Ea- toourue, T. Baker Rye, M, Colemas E Grinsted, Palmer & Son ——, Cook Son. druggists Edenbridge, W. Corke Sandhurst, J. Beach —— , R, Parsons Tuubridge Wells,, . Sprange Groombridge, T. Killick Uckfield, I. Porknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R, Chester Hadsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, W. Norkes Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew Winersham, J. Wood Dr. Mider continues to give bis advise iu ti « » li| t civics, at Mereworth, as usual, Foreign Intelligence, SURRENDER OF PILLAU—- REPORTED SURRENDER OF WARSAW, Arc. TWO Gotten burgh Mails arrived on Wednes- day flight with letters and papers to the first instant.— The surrender of Pillau, a sea- port town about twenty mile* to the westward of Konigsberg is officially announced ; but there are many other events of much greater importance stated, for which, however, we have not equal authority.— Among these it is said, that Warsaw has surren- dered to the. Russians, and that the Austrians in ts neighbourhood had entered into a capitulation with the Russians, similar ' a that of the Prussian army. In aid of the general turnout- to this ef- fect, we have the following intelligence upon this very im|> oitaot subject ; ...... ..... WARSAW, FEB. 6. The Gazette of this day contains the following PROCLAMATION The Prefect ( if I lie Department of Warsaw, to the Citizens iiiul Inhabitants « f the Metropolis of Warsaw. " Citizens !— lu consequence of the present change of circumstances, I have taken oil mlyself the adminis traiion of (' his city, after tlx dcpcrrttlre of the Council of Ministers .— I new hasten to inform the inliabitinM tftid citizens. ftial a Convention is now in treaty with the Commander iter of the Austrian Army, which is to ( lctcrirti'iit live fate of this nietrnpoli-. 1, therefore, lost 110 filne, Citizens', III giving you the information; anil as t / st-. nll remain with ^ ou, I require of yon to keep the greatest order and public peace. 1 likewise . request ibe Presidents of tlie' Municipality and Police, fo secure > Ire prisons, magazines, Government houses, and' rn chief your own quiet, by calling together a suffi eient number of the National Guard. Even in ease of; armies entering t1ie city I wdl tint cease in the midst of tlreni. Yo tch fiyr . your welfare ;- but 1 must require from you tttiniiyjjiv, concord, and unity and respect towarfs ' fix? $ ii$ mi| ig. Magistracy ; aud this I have snrity*.: 1. rigKt '. ti' cxjie. ct, 40m- safety and your persons ' lng'enlrueiit to'my ? » re. Therefore- it behoves you til this statiori> to ^ ire 110 cans-- for disturbance of the public peace and order, and which you may expect will af- d be observed 011 the other side ; and I cart as- ''' jrur'e, hath as a Magistrate and ' Citizen, that it is by With conduct only, that We may look for ait atttcliora- tiotl of our situation. ; •* Given at Warsaw, the 5t1i ot February, 18* 3,' « SZYMANOWZKI." The Goltenburgh, accotnts further state, that Dantzic, Thorn, Posen and Liebau, had fallen to " t tie hands of the Russians ; that the latter en- . feied Berlin on die I9tlt last, and that a battle had . jiK- viousiy taken place at Posen, in wjiich the French were defeated1, and obliged to retire to Frank fort upon the Oder; and that the King of : - Rrussia 5- ia fiad declared against France, and set oul ' tii infertile Emperor of Russia at Willenburg leaving ' the whofe of his army, amounting to '•'' tPtfMV' nieir, undct- General D'Yorck.—- These ac- '': eoiiirf » ilo not'appear,, howeye/ to rest tipori any _ lteu'. iii> iia\ hoJty. Lord Cathcart, it is said; took his departure ' from St. Petersbnrg on the IS h ! tfeir !|. & fm>; havirtg previb'u'siv " entered mto a ' I ciiifijtiiiVti with the Danish Government, upon of1 a free trade to Norway, the cessation of ' irivitvrritrg " against England in Danish ports, aii'i'ttie retofaiiotnif all Danish prisoneis 111. this country. The- latter Statement corresponds with ' » nellfj> eiK# received ty- preriotts mails AUGSBURGH, FEB.' 8. There di- rrv day passes throti- gh litis- place . fresh '- oclw in the be t stiiie, who 41 e aoiwg to' set br. ii ikIS. to . the system of Russian invasion. The $ § lh" cohoit of. national troops of the 1st han ' yes- terday arrived ii> tlws town, and to. 4ay cerntfnneii its march, We expect Fieie several French gene- - ral. The th cohort ariived-; This- morning --- ( Correspondent.- Feb). ' • - - LONDON. '-' i .' IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT." HOUSE OF LORDS, ( THURSDAY) newal of ttyfiEast India Company's Charter Two petitij, ir » - sv< jrp. pi- e3(! ii''' t| a^ ain' « t Jlie Roman Catholic Clamis.;- and one in fav. guj" of them. The Chenish . Miners Bill, ' he ' Crown Debtors , Subsisence, jil / he Excise Salt Bill, were read, a thud time ai> d, passed. • . The. oitief otuleisiof the Day were tben disposed of, and th- e House adjuirned. HOUSE of COMMONS. THURSDAY: Mr. Wharton brought itt j Bill for ( lie better pi otet-' m of' Mail. Coaches from Robbery by the Guards 01 o'heiu'i- e. wl' oh war read a first time. VICE CHANCELLOR'S BILL. Lord Castlereagh nvived ' he ' Order of the day foi 1 lie ' htMi reading of the above. Bill. On tlie ( fives'ion " Int live Bill now read a third time," a division took place, when theie appealed, . ... - - • » ——•• • . For the motion • * - • \ t7 Against it • • - - - - 89- Majority * - - 38 A rffuctmion ' hen took place, we understand, upon a propositi"!* of Mr. Canning's, to limit the powers of the Bill to seven years. On a division taking place, the numbers were, Against the motion - - - \ 1t . In favour of it - - r l't The Bill was then passed.— Adjourned. ' Wednesday bteing ' Fast Day, the same was ob teived » nh all doe sivleninitv in the metropolis.— The shops were all shut, and there was not the slightest app^ a- raR. ce of business more than it seen on a Sunday. Advices have been received from Paris to the Oth, and ftom tlie- coast of France to the 7tlr in- stant ; hoi tjiev contain nothing of importance. We underhand that iheaccou- nt of the entrance of the Russians ' rnto Berlin, on the 19th last, is coiffi' ined. General D'Yorck, with the Prussians under bis romtnand, is actually employed in the siege 0/ Dantzic, in concert witb the Russians.' A lite date of the last accounts from Hamburg, the French jii, that city were busily employed 111 packing up their effects. The tie deparliie of the Earl of Moira and the . Countess " of London and Moira from Portsmouth, is fixed fi i the l& ih rnsiant, the day before,. t> t. - Patrick's day — Dr. Hare, late, of Calcutta, ac- companiva ' be Noble Earl in the capacity of . State and Family Poysician. General Picton's hOrSeS are on board the con'-', vov under weigh for the Peninsula. The gallant General will follow iuunediaiely. A vast . reinforct- tii^ oi g" es un' in ilie « ;. vlr*> y. T Captain Leinken , bas aiwv^ d « V'th dispatches fi'otr Copenhagerku | , « l> M|- 1> t has deiive edat Lord Castlereagh's • ffice . ( it-.- came in a Danish ship of vvaty Hiving a Hag « f " me HI> I> aid. It i 1111- deuto .- l ibat these < sfftei « |- c. muio ' a'iir t » tile finis up. HI « h el' Hantqutily Is pio^ Hised to j, e ,. st.- iirci l> f weeri Great Bamm it in and Denmark. we are con t ilv inior cd as to the siibject- inattcrof th « ' tua- » , mvi. ffensiVeo'| Wraiions against France tra ( be ipproaching campaign aie to' be en- tererf iiwerJby Denmark, but perfect tueridslup is to f> e renewed, and all the ports of Norway and Hre Danish island are ' » be open tn the navigatwn flnri n| e.' clMiHii » e of Great Britain as to the most f* v$> » f< A nation. THE PRINCESS OF WALES. The following fs a Copy of the King's Letter to her Royal Highness, during Lord Grenville's Ad ministration; and also of the recent Correspondence upon the prohibition of her Royal Highness's in- tended visit to the Princess Charlotte on the 11th of February last: " The King having referred to his confidential Ser- vants tlie proceedings anil papers relative' to the writ- ten Declarations wbiclf had been laid brfore bis Ma- jesty, respecting the conduct of the Princess of Wales, has been apprised by them, that after the fullest consi deration of the examinations taken on that subject, and of the observations and affidavits brought forward by the Princess's Legal Advisers, they agree in the opinions submitted to hit Majesty in the original Report of the four Lords by whom his Majesty directed that the mat ter should, in the first instance, be enquired into ; and that in ihe present stage of the business upon a mature and deliberate view of this most important subject, in all its pttrts and bearings, it is their opinion, that the facts of this case do net warrant their advising that any farther step should be taken in the business by his Ma- jesty's Government, or any other proceedings instituted upon it, except such only as Ilia Majesty's Law Servants may, on a reference to tbenr, think fit to recommend for the prosecution of Lady Douglas, on those parts ofher deposition, which may appear to them to be justly liable thereto. " In this situation his Majesty is advised that it is no longer necessary for biin 10 decline receiving the Princess into liis Royal presence. " The King sees, with great satisfaction, the agree- ment of Ills Confidential Servants, ill the decided opinion expressed by the four Law Lords upon the falsehood of the accusations of pregnancy and delivery brought for-' ward against the Princess in Lady Douglas. On the I other matters produced by the course of Inquiry, the King is advised, that none of tlie facts or allegations stated in preliminary examinations, carried oil in the absence of tile parlies interested, are to be considered as legally or conclusively established. But in those ex animations, and iveu in the answer drawn in the name of the' Princess by her legal advisers there have appeared ciretvnistttOCeii bf etindtlct oil the part of the Princess, whloli hitj Majesty could never regard but with serious (^ cern. The elevated rank which the Princess holds, hi tlm country, and the relation in which she stands tn his Majesty and the Royal Family, must always deeply involve both the interests of the State, and tjie personal feelings of his Majesty, in the propriety and correctness of her conduct; and his Majesty, therefore, cannot forbear to express, in the conclusion of the hit sitiess, his desire and expectation, that such a conduvt may in future be observed by the Princess, as may fully justify those mark- s of paternal regard which ( lis Majesty always wisheo to shew to every part of the Royal Fa- mily. His Majesty has directed that this Message should be transmitted to the Princess of Wales by his Lord Chaucellor; and that Copies of the Proceedings whirli have taken place 011 the subject should also be com nmnicated ' to his dearly beloved Son,, the Prince « f Wales." LORD LIVERPOOL'S ANSWER TO HER ROYAL. HIGRNESS. " Fife- House, Feb. U, ISJ3. Lord Liverpool has the honour to inform your Royal Highness, that in consequence of the publication in The Morning Chronicle of the 10th instant, of a let ter addressed by your Royal Highness to the Prince Regent, his Royal Highness thought fit, BY THE AD VICE OF HIS CONFIDENTIAL SERVANTS, to signify hrs commands that the intended visit of the Princess Charlotte- to vour Royal Highness oil the following day, sbnuid 1 rot take place. - » Lord Liverpool is not enabled to make any further communication to your Royal Highness on the aubjert of your Royal Highness'- note.". 1 To this letter the Princess of Wales commanded Lady Ann Hamilton, her Lady in Waiting, to re. ply as follows to Lord Liverpool:—— Montagus " Lady Anne Hamilton is eoinni lulled by her Royal Highness thi- Princess of Wales to represent to Lord Liverpool, that 1 lie insidious inu- itton. respecting the publication' of the letter addressed b » the Princess of Wales, on tlie J4th of January, to ihe Prince' Regent, couve (,- d i'ii liis Lordship's reply to her Royal Highness, ti- tis vofd of foundation, anil as false as a ihe former accusatioiis of the trad iccrs of < ber Royal. Highness, bonour iu. the year 1806'., ',! Lady A. Hamilton is further commanded to- say, tliat dignified silence would have been the line of con 4uct- tbe Princess would have preserved upon such in. sinuation ( n> « re than: uuhecounng' Lord Liverpool), did not the e( l'e< 1 arising from it operate to deprive her Royal Highness of I lit sole real happiness she can pos sess. in this world— that of seeing her only child. And the Confidential Servants of ihe Prince Regent ought to feel ashamed of their conduct towards the Princess iii avowing to her Royal, Highness their ailvifce to the Prince Regent," that upon UNAUTHORZED and un- founded suppositious a Mother aiid Daughter should be iirccntod from meeting—. a " probitinu posjtively against the law of nature— Lady Anne Hamilton is com- manded further to desire Lord Liverpool, to lay ibis paper before the Prince Regent, that,- his Royal High- ness may be aware into what error his Confidential Ser- vants are leading him, and will involve him, by conii- selliiig and signifyiiig such eouiiuands." Here ended the correspondence. The abinet meetings and jiroceeding ssucceeded almost immediately ; but touching tlie nature, the fo m, and lie object of these proceedings, the Princess of Wales being left to conjecture;" her Royal Highness, on ihe 27th February, addressed the subjoined letter to the Earl of Harrowby : — COPY OF A LETTER ADDRESSED BY THE PRINCESS OF WALES TO THE EARL OF HARROWBY FEB. iriia. " The Princess of Wales has received reports from various quarter of certain proceedings lately luid by Ins Majesty's Privy Counsel, respecting her Royal Highness; and the Princess ha, felt persuaded that these reports imi- t be uufouuded, because she could not believe it possible that any Resolution should tn- taken by that most Honourable Body 111 any re. p. i t afl'ecting her Royal Highness, upon statements winch she has had no opportunity of ANSWERING, EXPAIN ING, 01- EVEN SEEING. " The Princess still trusts, that there is 110 truth 111 these rumours; but sjie feels it due to hcrself'to lose 110 time in PROIESTING against any Resolution affecting her Royal Highness, wbn'ii may be so adopted. The Noble and Right Honourable persons who ar « Said til have been selected fur these proceedings, are too- just lo'discid^ soy ttnn^ touching her Royal High- ness without affording her an opportuuity of laying her case before, tlictu. The Princess 1101 bad any power tu- choose the Judges before whom any inquiry may be carried oil; but she is perfectly willing to nave her WHOLE conduct inquired into by any persons who may be selected by her accusers. The Princess only demands that she may be beard in defence 01 in expla- nation of her conduct, if it is attacked; and thai she should either be treated as niuocent, or proved to he guilty." Lord Harrowby replied to the effect, that a copy of the Ministers' Report, laid before the Prince Regent, hittd- bcen- transmitted that same evening to the Princess of Wales, by the Viscount Sid- mouth. ';.'_'", ., , The public are already in possession of the sub- Sequent results The Gazette pf Tuesday contains a Proclamation, allowiug fr'ofn tlie - J. illi of March next, for the space of twelve mouths, tlje. iniportation from any port or place whatsoever, into aqy port or place of Great Britain, of any beans, called kidney. or French beans, tares, leu tiles, « aj lvancies, and ali oilier sorts of pulse ; and also - of- bull-'. Cows. oxen, calves, sheep, lambs, and - wine : and of . beef, pork, mutton, veal, and lamb ( except salted beef - and pork); and of b„ ron, hams, tongue- butter, cheese, potatoKs; rice, sago, sago powder, tapioca, vermicelli,. miHet.- seed', poultry, fowls, eggs, game, and sourcrout, in any- British ship or vessel, or in anv Other ship or vessel belonging to persons of any kingdom or state in amity with ins Majesty, aud navigated in any manner whatever, without paying any duty whatsoever, exccpt in respect to lite article of rice, which', . when im- ported, shall be subject to such duties as may by law be payable thereon. . STATE PAPER,. ADDRESS TO THE PEOPLE OF FRANCE: LOUIS XVIII,& r. &<• , The moment is at length arrived, shen Divine Providence appears ready to break in pieces the instrument of its wrath The Usurper of the throne of St. Louis, the devastator of Europe, experiences reverses in his turn Shall they have no other effect but thai of aggravating the cala- mities of France; aud will sli" not dare to over- turn an odious power, no longer pro ected by the illusions of victory ? What prejudices, 01 what fears, can prevent her from throwing he self into the arms of her King; and from recognizing in the establishment of his legitimate authority, the only pledge of union, peace, and happiness, which his promises have so often guaranteed to his op- pressed subjects ? Being neither able, nor inclined to obtain, but by their efforts, that throne which his rights and their affection can alone confirm, what wishes should he adverse to those which he has invari- ably entertained? what doubt can be started with regard to his paternal intentions? The King has said ifi his preceding declarations, and he reiterates the assurance, that the Admini strative aiid Judicial Bodies shall be maintained in the plenitude of their powers ; that he will pre- serve their places to those who at present hold them aud who shall take the oath of fidelity to him that the Tribunals, Depositaries of the Laws, shall prohibit all prosecutions bearing relation to those unhappy times of which his return will, have fi>( ever sealed the oblivion ; that, iti fine, the godp polluted by the name of Napoleon, but which, for' the rrrtjst part, contains only the ancient ordinances and catftuins of tlw » realm, shall rerjiaiit iii forie, vilb , the exception of enactments cot| taary ! tt>; dofc- rines of religion, which, as well as Ithe liberty,' of' he people, has long been subjected ( o tbe- saptice if the Tyrant. 1 The Senate, in which ate seated > some min, so nsily distinguished for their talents, and whom so h'ahv set vices may render illustrious in the eyes of France, and of posterity—' hat corps, whose utility md importance - Can never be duly appreciated tiil ifter the restoration— can it fail to perceive The jlorious destiny which summons it to become, the irst instrument of that great benefaction which will pinve ihe most sound, as well as the most ho,- nnurable guarantee of its existence and its pr^ to- » atives ? ' On the subject of property, the King, who fias already announced his intention to employ the most proper means for Conciliating the interests of all,' perceives in the numerous settlements which have taken place between the old and the new land- holders, the means of rendering those cares almost superfluous. He engages, however, to interdict all proceedings by the Tribunals, contrary to such set- tlements— to encnurage voluntary arrangements, and, on the part of himself and his family, ti set the example of all those sacrifices which may con tribute to the repose of France, and tlie sincere happiness of all Frenchmen. The King lias guaranteed to the army the main-" tenance of the ranks, employments, pnv, and ap- pointments which it at present onjojs. He promises also tlie Generals, Office's, and soldiers, who shall signalize themselves in snpport of his cau e. re wards more subs'antial, distinctions more honour- able than any they can receive fiom an Usurper-- always ready to disown, or even to dread their ser- vices. The King binds himself a" ew to abolish that pernicious conscription, which detroys : he happiness of families, and the nope of ' he country. a Such always have been, such still aie the in- eti tions of the King. His re- es'abl. is. nieui on ' he throne of hh ancestors will be for 1; ranee onlv t" e happy transition from ihe calaniit'es ot a war which tyaniiv perpptu tesi to the blessings of a si i. nl peace, fm winch foreign powe » s cao Iirvei. ^ riv security but in the; worth of the legitimate., Sove reign. -• Harrwell, Feb. IV 18 3. • L. • A'Meeting of the Catholic Board was held in. Dublin on Saturday last. Major BRYEN ire the Chair, at which Mr. Lawless gave notice of the following - Resolution, for the consideration of the Catholic Board, on Saturday day next :--- " RESOLVED-" That we hcai tily congratulate our Fellow- subjects of every Religious Persuasion, in the British Empire, on the late gloiious and successful struggle ot the Friends of Civil and Religious Liberty, in the Imperial House . f Commons, from winch we may" confidently date the commencement of . that harmony vvhtch is likely to subsist lici c- nfter, among men of all Denominations and Religions in the Country, which must obliterate the, remembrance of past injuries, and make Ireland as United as she will be Unconquerable " The Emperor of Russia had his h ad quarters 011 the 4th last at Plotsk, on the Vistula, between Thorn and Warsaw, and was expected to proceed immediately to the latter place. His army, in its vicinity, amount'd t, 60,000 men. When the h ir- rois cxpetiejiced in that capital in 1704, when it was stormed, plundered, and burned by the Rus- sians, under Suwarrow, are considered, it is not mater of surprise, that the approach of so great a force should have excited great alarm with n its Walls. The following was posted up at Lloyd's on Thursday: " The Hortense and Elbe French frigates arrived .11 Brest the jih ultimo-; frrtm a cruise ( ibey sailed trour Brest Ihe Jill December), during which lliey eaptimn aud burnt tive vessels, viz. the Dobridge, from the River Plate; a ibree- niasted ship from Monte Video; a brig from the Havannah; a galliot, from Sierra Leoue ; and an English brig vvlth flour for Lisbon." j Mr. Proudman), the messenger, expor enced many difficulties in his journey to . St Peters- burg ; he lost his Change of clothes, and pail of his baggage, and tlie cold was so int. i me as to occa sion the dtpiivaiion of the u^ e ) « . ithree of the toes from one of his feet, his lunbs being lue- rallv frost- bitten. One of our fishing- boats, says a Penzance letter dated the 5th insiant, picked up yesterday a bot tie at sea, covered with barnacles, in which was a letter addressed to whoever might find it. I11 the inside of the letter was as follows:—." Ship Fanny, Captain Palmer, lat. 3<> N. long. 24 W. passengers on board, J. M. Nale. . J. Russet, W. Cooper, W. Barnwell, from New York, bound to Liverpool, out 30 days, all well. Wind S. by E April 16. 18t8 ' It is calculated that the bottle his travel led 0S3 miles, and has been in the water nea ly a year. The Fanny airived at Liverpool the loth of May following. GREAT PEDESTRIAN FEAT.— Mr. Yeoman ' he pedestiian. w'io undertook to go 36 • miles in six days, comp'eted bis task at eleven o'clock on Saturday night, six tnihts from Basingstoke lie was reduced two stone bv the under taking, bis legs much swollen, aiid he was al'ogethei t'n a deplor able state. Nothing but determined sesoltilion could have enabled him to win the dating match, He wis n't expeoed to proceed after Friday, and he was 10 hours doing 47 . miles; tile last day. A Gentleman wh ', it was stated a few days since died of the effects of a duel, a fe w miles fi ' tiv What ford, and on whose body an inquest sat, " uins " tit to he a Mr. Hiplett, formerly belonging to ' he Staff of a Dragoon Regiment now serving m Por tugal,— His adversary is only surmised at. ' seventeen, and whose parents are' in indi- i riiciimsfances, led to the hvmeneal altaf i t week bv 1 Gentleman of title, and in less than fo irtf- en davs she was transformed from wheeling a barrow ot linen i, lying togtt'uer, and- nearly all tytlie free, in ihe parish of WARMING CAMP, within ouc- njife of ihe town of Arundel, ' For further particulars entire personally to Mrs.. Leadbetter, Wanning Camp • ' or,' by letter, post- paid, to the Auctioneer, Arundel.-;. „. . ROYAL OAK INN, MAYFIELD, SUSSEX. TO BE PEREMOTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION. . . . By Mr. MOTT On the premises, on . Monday; the sgth ji day- of March, 1813, at five o'clock. in line afterijpun, jitrbtU idnjinsed- of in the mean time 15j" private contract, of vvbielwif- it happens, notice will'be giveii, » i; -• . ALL that freehold," long established, good - no Customed, and cotbm> d1i » rrs drveijlwig lion e, or INN railed or - known by: riie naaie isign of ilue" ROYAL OAK, eligibly situalje^. in the qs- uire of iliu Town of Mayfield, wiili the co ieh- b*> us( 4i, s, tables, yjit- buildinas, yards, gardens, and appurtenances jiereto beioiijing. ' . , r , ., N. B. Immedrate posses- ion may. bi had. For fui . her'. pariicula'- s, and a- - trea'v, apply to the Auctioneer, it Cranbrook. Kent; or t » Mr. Stoue, Soli- citor, at May field, aforesaid. The Estate and Effects of the late Rev. Dr. Delap. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, • BY VERRALL AND SON. By the direotion ; if the exe 111 " rs, HI Thursday ar>' Friday the isih and ? 6th of ibis instant March 11. ( un le^ s an aijif;-' " 1-, .-. ifer. sitould b, 111. de prior,' i. i' -' wh'< li'C4- te due. 1i. 1iH c \ Viii be si. eu) A LL ifiose definable aiid extensive Freehold Prenises, ex-' er i troiu " Land Tax, situate lie ihe ..., isl <. 5 St. Thomas a Becker tt I. by Lewes, in the county ci. Sussex, the. residence of the late Rev. Dr. Delap Also, the genuine and i. th e Houshold Furniture, a w 1! sclented Library of Books, a d: iiner- service of bulu.- - md.- wbi. aetug ' u'ebtna, and utber valuable Effects of the - aid . Rev. Doctor. . The Kitchen; nud Washing Requisites, China, Glass, aud Stone Ware.' B. ds. Bedding, and Chamber Furni- ture will be sold the First Day. Tire Book-, and otlu r personal Property, the second Day, biguuniit* eat 11 morning at Eleven. o'Clock. The Estate ai the Bear Inn , iil,) in the Chiff. at seven O'ClOCK IU the evening, 011 Thursday the - J5lb. N, B. The Premises may be viewed niiv day a tie/. I lir I5tli instant, between the hour- of ten and two. , Th » Furniture, Books, ike two day- bet. ire the S. ite, and writ ten Catalogues seen ai ' he house. Further paitieulars 111a5 lip knowu of tbe Auctioneers. Borders of Sussex- and Kent. • Eligible FREEHOLD - MANOR FARM, of One Hun- dred and Eighty Three Acres, exonerated from. Land Tax. ' . , * TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY WINSTANLEY AND SON, At the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, on Wednesday, March 04, at twelve o'clock, in- one Lot," unless previously disposed of by Private Contract,' AValuable and improtfeb . FREEHOLD ESTATE; called Hollywish Farm, eligibly situate- in the parish of Hartfield, Sussex,_ a fine sporting, part^ of ihe country, seven miles from East Grinsted seven miile « from Tunbridge Wells, ten front Westerham, thirty from Brightom, and thirty- two from London'; c'oilsislirig of S good Farm- house, vilh suitable outbuildings.;, ail in excellent repair, farm yards, gnt- dcu", avid sundry •' enclosures of meadow, pasture, arab-, aud woodland, lying within a ring fence, iu a high state of culU\ ati<; n, wr- timbered aud watered, containing, togetVi- r, Id3A. IR. 3de in possession of a yearly tenant J ver low rent of 160I. per annum. * l* To be- viewed by application to the tenant. Printed particulars at the principal lu. is at Bromley. Seven 0aks, Tunbridge, Tunbridge Wells, East Grin sted,; Libraries Brighton; place of Sale ot Messrs>.' - Edwards and Lyon, Solicitors, Bloom bury square; nod of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster row, where a plan may he seen. TUNBRIDGE, KENT, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room, in Pall Mall, London, 011 Friday. March 10. at rule precrsety, in Iw. i I,, is, \ MOST ' desirable and valuable FREEHOLD il ESTATE, couslsii g .. f ihe Manor of Tunbridge, wiili Courts Leet and Baron, Quit Reins Fines, Tolls of Markets and Fairs, and e\ tensive Fishery Also the ancient Castle of Tunbridge, of winch part ris been formed, ai great * xpence, into a mo- t ^ nb taiiual and co. mf(,.- tabfe stone uilt Mansion. aith pflices nf every I description, and capital w'i, ii.- d kitchen & » rden « , in high j order, ihe intcrinr lli- Castle no* Uid. out a « a ii'- au- tinI lawn an i modern i » or? ground, ovi r hanging tin river Medway ; iht' Kiep i. vd us environs form 1 \ ift'nable plant- vii- in of ash. ^ te. f , r poles la the whole a bunt six acres, with the freehold Castle. meadows, about tweiiiy seven acres, and the Priory meadows, nearly tifry- six acres, watered by the r..^ r Medway, forinni'* a 111,1st desirable resid'n e, 111 a genteel leubtioui bond, and 111, a country unequalled for beauty. y. id eriility. The premises 111a, V viewed, with tickets,' to | lf. |, ad of Messrs. Scoones - ind Son, Solicitors, Tunbridge qf wlinin particulars may he bad ; and of Mr. Christie, Pall Mall. Particular, may also .. had of ihe Printers • if he' Lewes and Maidstone Papers ; at the Crown, Tunbridge; Crown an'd Royal Oak, Sevenoaks; and . Auction Mart, London. " BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. THE greatest blemish to Beauty k SUPER- FLUOUS H AIRS < ni the Face, Neck and Arm0s. — HUBERT'S ROSEATE . POWDER imiueditttely re- move'! them; It is arf ifegant article, perfectly itniO4 cent and pleasant to use, price is. or twit in one parcel 7s.— Sold by tbe Proprietor,- No. 23, Russel- street, Cos Vent Garden, London; wholesale and retail, by > Y. Lee, Lewes; retail by Mr. White, Brighton; Baket, Easthourne; Norton, Hastings ; Pike, Romney ; Rea. der, Cranbrook; Speange, Tunbridge Wells; Verrall, Uckfiel; Goldring, Petworth.; Binsted, Chichester; Blanch, Arundel; Stafford, Worthing, and by most Booksellers, Perfumers, and Venders in tbe United Kingdom. Good allowance to dealers, Mann's Approved Medicine, Recommended by Physicians, nnd patronized by La. dies and Gentlemen of the first distinction. SOLD in bottles at 2s. Cd. and 4s. 6d. each, du- ty included, engraved on the1 stamp, THUS. MANN, HORSHAM, SUSSEX," the Inventor aud sole Proprietor; without which it cannot be genuine. N0 Medicine has been so much blessed in restoring such multitudes, when all hopes of recovery have been given over ill Consumptions, Coughs, Colds, Convulsion Fits, longstanding Asthmas, Hooping Cough, Influenza, Dropsy, Relaxed Habits, or in a low Nervous debiliiated suite Also Ladies ilia pregnant state may take doses of 10 or 15 drops, with perfect safety ; and the infant from the'tirst week, to the aged, in any state. Ample directions accompany eacb bottle, with many authentic cures; amongst whh- h'ri one from an'eitfiueut Physician, together with f. l'. affitlavifsj SWrii before different Jus. tices of the Peace for Ihe county of Sussex, and many other respectable characters, who liave witnessed their name to' many astonishing Cures effected by this cele- brated Remedy. It strengthens the'coat of the stu. - madly helps digestion, creates au appetite, and reani- mates Ihe whole frame. Mr. PETER LEONARD, aged 52 years, of the 1st Battalion of, the 44th Regiment, jiad been afflicted with an asthma for fourteen years: nu his return from Malta to England, he could not lay down to rest for two months, owing to the shortness of breath and violent c. mgh, being obliged to be bolstered up in his bed ; on his coming tii Horsham Barracks application wa9 made » » Mr. Mann, of Horsham, by taking his APPROVED MEDCINE, great beuefit was soon experienced ; that he could take bis rest with comfort, and By the tcsti- - mony of Ilia own hand, lie believes by the blessing of God, it has been tbe means of saving liii life. Witness my band at Horsham,. lliis lath day of January, lisi3v ;.•.'.".. . . PETER LEONARD. Just published, A LARGE AND VALUABLE SUPPLY, BY. " Mr. W. LEE; - PRINTER; - LEWES; Gre gory, Lamia, Saunders, Phillipson, Mrs. How- ard J,. fie;, and at ihe Libraries, Brighton ; Wyatt, Lit- tle Hampton mid Allingham, Riegate, oi that luvalu able; ) M- « Hl^ i.- pnn, - y , Under lllusiriom Patronage of their Royal High nesses lite Princess yf . Wales and , Duke of Sussex. His Excellency the Spanish Ambassador, and luiiuy ' families lif high distinction, MACASSAR OIL FOR THE HAIR. This Oil is proudly recommended 011 tbe basis of Truth tjttd Experience, and the most respectable testi- months; It possesses properties ol the jn . st salnbuaus nature fttr restoring Ihe Hair where it has been bald for years, preserves it trII. II falling off or turning grey !•- » - the latest period of life ; produces on ihe tresses a most beautiful gloss, . cent, and - curl. This Oil is infinitely efficacious ui renovating Chil- dren's Hair, promotes the growth of whiskers, eye. brow-, 3tc In fine, it is pre- eminent for renovating *.•, » • human hair, and auding to it an incomparable uv- aiity,. - ' _ ... Merchant-. Captains & c. will find it an article pre e. u. ucui utility fa. preserving tbe hair iu hot cli- liiaten. v' . irovement bt . he Human Hair, giving a full description •• t the uriues of the Oil, wnli testimonials from per- si> os of distiuguishv d c usidt ration. Tins interesting book aud tin Oil, is a Vade Meeura for even family throughout the world; it is included with each brittle 10 ihe wrapper, signed on the outside 111 red ink, " A. R0WLAND aud SON," price 3s. 6d. 1 ( jd II. Is per buttle; sold wholesale aud retail by the proprietors, Rowland aud Son, Kirby- street, Hat. mil Garden, Loudon : and by their appointment by Sir W. Lee, Printer, Lewes; aud by their Agents as iiinm , and b, 1. l ist perfumers, medicine venders, & c. in LeweS ; and 111 every town throughout tbe empire. * » .* A CAUTION. The extensive sale of this Oil, and it- high popularity,, has induced some insidious per- sons tn counterfeit and imitate it; to-" prevent such im- pnsition, iinni: caii be genuine without'the above book and signature, A ROWLAND AND SON. Of whom may , be had,' patronized by her Royal Highness, the DUCHES p « s or YORK, his Excellency the DUKE DEL INFANTADO, and by tbe first physicians iu tbe world, ALSANA EXTRACT, Or, flic Abyssinian Botanical Syrup, for eradicating all di orders of. tlie TEETH and GUMS, and rendering 1 hem extremely beaulifuly and prcvents? tbe tootb- aeh. Sold at 10s. tid-. and ' 4s. fid. per biottle, duty included. Also ilie ALSANA AROMATIC' POWER for cleansing the teeth and gums, at 2s gd. per hoxt' " v- v ; • MARKETS. ' CORN EXCHANGE MARCH 12. - Our • market - fti- day'- btewted a large supply of Wheat, " princifally " fmtir Scotland the sale of which* particularly - fine samples was very brisk at Monday's pr- tt- es, . We have also a good" supply Oats, frjpttl Huston.,, which experienced a ready • i'llfl at t^ e. last (|, u » ted' prices;. Barley is p'entiful, bii' « i hout ' yariatfo'n; Tick . Beans are rather looking downward, 1) ut ntf soecific alteration can ne' ntiled .' Boilling Peas, Malt, Rye, and other kinns of grain, : t're - wiih'ouf alteration. Wheat 80s. 9" s. « iOs. Tick Beans - 7- is. 77!. Fine ditto ISOs. 138s. - Old Ditto . — s. Rye - - - 70S1. 8' is. Oats Q2s. Barley - - 4.7s. 7 is Poland ditto - 40s. 47s. Malt - - 93s. | C13 Potatoe ditto — S. 5| s. White Peas |.. 6s ii^ S , Rape seed » 551, Oil. Grey Peas - 80s. 8K„ Fine Flour 105 « . 110s. Beans - •'. ODs. 83s. Seconds". 1' iOs. 105 » SMITHFIEld Market. This, day's market had an indifferent supply of the ill tie en 1 kinds nf ca- tie:- Beef, Mutton, Veal, and Pork, sold at last prices, atrt the trade in general wa not over brisk. The sales in the Haymarket were trifling. Hay, Straw, apd Clover, fetched last prices The following prices an4 numbers are a correct statement;-,. To sink the offal per stone of 8lb. Beef . 5s. 3d. to 6s. gd. Mutton . Ss. 6d. to 7s, 4d. Lamb . 0s. od. to Os. Od. veal . 5s. 1 od.' to 7s. 6d, Pork- 5s. 6' d. to ' 7,. 2df HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY. Beasts , - 5i, 0 Sheep and Lambs - r, 550 Calves . . 120 Pigs » - - v : ayo 1 . ' Postscript. From Saturday's London Gazette, Carlton- House, March 13, IS 13. HIS Royal Highness the Prince Regent, hf » s been pleased, in the name, and on the be- half of His Majesty, to appoint Viscount Lake, to' be one of the Lords of His Majesty's Bed- chamber. . , ,, BANKRUPTS. ' John Elkington, Ruby, Warwick, carpenter- Wil- liam Bowdler anil Michael Collins, OldChange, Lon- don, warehousemen—— 1Geo. Price, Tottenham- Court New Road, taylor George Chadwin, Brassington, Derby, cornfactor John Reedhead, Heworth, Dur- ham, dealer— John Foster, Catherine Foster, Elizabeth Foster, and Robert Roebuck, Pontefract. shopkeepers - Edward Waters, Newport, Monmsuth. coal- mer chant Isaac Thompson, Keckle- Grove, Whitehaven, merchant— John Greeves, Lynn, Norfolk, upholsterer — John Sheen, Abchurch- lane, wine and brandy mer- chant - John Samuel. Barnes,, Sweeting's Alley, Corn. hill, merchant- - Philip Wilson, Wapping ' Wall, pub lican—< William Seton Maitland, North- street, Red Lion- square, merchant .- James Wright, Bristol, tim- ber- merchant William Atwood, Elstow, Bedford,. horse- dealer— Joseph Samuel Swan, Friday- street, warehouseman—— Charles Falconer, Wapping, vic- tualler - John West. jun. Bath, butcher - Samuel Eades, Bramshaw, Wilts, yeoman John, Guilds ' ate of Buenos Ayres, South America,, but now ( if Loudon, merchant-— Thomas Granger,.. High Holborn, tallow- chandler. ' ...- nc-,' ' — ~— . ill' il• * 11 " LONDON* ; DEFEAT OF HIE FRENCH AT POSEN.— ENTRANCE OF THE RUSSIANS, INTO BERLIN-' REVOLT AT HAMBURGH. - The two Gottenburgh Mails due are arrived, wlilt papers from, that city to the 9th instant. A paper of the 2d contains the following articles< COPENHAGEN, FEB. 27.. After a bloody battle on the 18th, near Posen, If), 000 Russians entered Berlin on the 20th ; 7,000 Jtaveternained there, and the remainder continued their route. Cossacks have been seen at Lentzin, fourteen miles from Hamburgh. A Courier arrived this night to Government, and announced that the. Russians were expected at Hamburgh to day, which place the' French Au- thorities have left. The whole of Prussia is re- ported to he in s state of insurrection. . ••-".- . ' -'- ALTONA, FEB. Qfi. On Monday last the populace of Hamburgh; stopped some chests and casks of money, together • with other effects belonging to the French Autho>- rities. This brought on a skirmish with the Duanes ; the alarm became general ; twenty were- killed on both sides. All the bureaus of the Duanes have been pulled down and ransacked; some of the Commissioners of Police shockingly maltreated, and their houses pillaged ; the Mayor was insulted in the streets ; the cockades weie torn from the National Guards ; the eagles thrown down and trampled on, with many other excesses; the Duanes from Lubeck have fled . hither, and the tumult is general through Hanover. Jn the House of Lords on Friday, the Mar- quis Wellesley brought forward his promised motion respecting the conduct of the war in Spain. The noble Marquis Was nearly four hours upon bis legs, and concluded an admira- ble speech by moving— Thai the House rcsolve itself into n Committee tu eOiisutcr] the conduct ' of the war in Spain, and tu ascertain the cause of our failure upon that occasion i This motion after a long debate, was lost, oil a division, by a majority of 76. LEWES, MARCH 15, 1313. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has directed tW severl Corps of Local Militia, in Great Britain, to be assembled for training and exercise, in the present year, for fourteen days, exclusive of the days of arriving at, and de- parture from the head- quarters of the regiment. No corps to assemble before the 20th of April, or subsequently to the 2.0th of September. The Purity of Election, which has, for so many years past distinguished the Corporation j of Seaford; some- uncourtly person has at length had the temerity to arraign, . bv causing to be presented to the House of ( Commons, a peti- tion against the return of Messrs. Leach and Ellis," on the score of BRIBERY ! ! ! The pe- tition is- to be taken into conideration on Thurs- day, and a number of the electors have, in con- sequence, been summoned to. appear and give . evidence before the Committee appointed to decide upan its merits. Our Assizes commence at Horsham, on Mon day next, at which there are now 24 prisoners for trial, three having been committed since we made a report iflf the Jail. Calendar last week, viz Patrick Devine, a private of the 18th Hussars, and his Wife, charged with stealing divers ar- - tides of mess plate, - froth t » chest wherein it W. as deposited J'and ! William Widget, charged • with stealing several' pieces of' cotton and a quantity of tobacco, tfie, property of Henry Chalking, of Frant. ' a si ... j A Ball, Rt the New Inn, at Seaford, on Thursday se'nnight, given for the* benefit. jof the unfortunate mariners, who were saved from the wreck of the Ship Nimrod, was numerous- ly attended by the officers of the 63d Regi- ment, stationed at Bletchington Barracks, and their Ladies; and by all the respectable inhabi- tants'of Seaford aild its ' Vicinity. The Ball was up under the direction of Major Legeyt, Commandant of the (> 3d, and . las. Cooke, - isq. " Captain ST the Seaford Volunteer Artillery, lv' 1() se politeness in officiating as Stewards' deservedly obtained thera the thanks and approbation of'" thecompany, who depart- • ed highly gratiti^ d with the regularity with which " the amusements of the evening were conducted, and with the heartfelt, satisfaction of knowing ttot the proceeds of their enter tainment allorded relief to those whom the ca- lamities of shipwreck had. placed in a situation so much to need it. The mode commonly practised ot filling up coffins with bran or saw dust, so injurious to the feelings of the relatives bf'the deceased, might,, we think, be remedied by the lid ot the coffin being so stuffed with woollen materials as to fill up all the vacant parts of the coffin, and still to press . gently on the body, and in snch a manner as to keep it steady, without doing it any injury, or suffering it to mix with such gross ma- ' terials vis bran, so soon alter the spirit has left it. Last Saturday morning the SSth Infantry, which had been some time stationed in our Barracks, under the command of Capt. Cross, marched front hence to Bletchington, The punctuality of the officers left them nothing to fear from the unpleasant visitation of Duns. Last Saturday, in the forenoon, the remains of the Countess Dowager of'. Chichester, were interred, at her own request, privately, in the family vault at Laughton. Her Ladyship was in the 79th year of her age, and, perhaps, there has not been an instance of a. more perfectly- amiable character, so many years most respect- fully maintained in the several relations of life — the dignity of her rank having been preserved with the most endearing complacency, mildness, and. benevolence to all. She- appeared remark- ably cheerful - on the Thursday, and ... at night went to bed seemingly well. She rang her bell at six in the morning for her maid, complained she was uncomfortable, and expired before se- ven, without a groan or a struggle. For' such a blessed and peaceful close o. f life, her truly christian piety had fully prepared her 1 - The same day, the remains of Mr. William Cooper were interred in the family vault, in the church- yard of St. John, in this town. A DELICIOUS REPAST. — One day last week, a man, commonly called Tom the Tanner, of gluttonian fame, took for his meal, at the Brewer's- Arms, in this town, for the ' amuse- ment of his companions, six cotton twelve- can- dles, four penny loaves, a pot of small beer, and upwards of a quart of wash, which was warming over the fire for young hogs! This man possesses a stomach as insatiate ^ s it is accom- modating ; a shoulder of mutton, weighing seven or eight pounds, he has frequently devoured, when gratuitously obtained, and deemed it insufficient for a dinner. On Monday, a bag fox, turned out before Lord Whitworth's hounds, on Ashdown Forest, afforded n most excellent chase, to a numerous field, and died gallantly, after many vigorous and wily exertions to escape. A gentleman who wished to time the run of reynard, on applying his hand to his fob, discovered, to his great mortification, that he had lost a valuable gold watch. Our market, on Tuesday, was very scantily supplied with mutton, which sold high. The supply of beef was better, but, by no means, large. The scarcity of fat stock was made manifest, on the following day, at Hailsliam Market, which fell much short of its usual plenitude. William Turmaine, who,, was capitally con- victed and received sentence of Death, at the last Dover Sessions, as mentioned in a former paper, suffered on Monday last, and at the gal- lows behaved in a manner becoming his unhap- py situation. Last Monday evening as Mr. Bourn, a re- spectable farmer ol Hellingly, was returning home from the Bat and Ball public- house, on the Dicker, where he had been drinking a little too freely, he fell from his horse, and was drag- ged, with one of his feet hanging in the stirrup, until he was severely wounded and bruised, and until he was discovered by a person, who procured assistance, and got him to the house of H. Mason, esq. of The Broad, where he has ever since lain in a dangerous state. MARRIED. A few days sinqc Mr. . Mercer, of Seddlescomb, to Miss Wood, of the Jointer- Farm, Ditchling. DIED. At Croydon, on the. MB inst. iu the 29th year of his age, James Chatfield, esq. late of the Hon. East ludia Company's Civil Service, Madras. He was possessed of exem- plary manners, a strong mind, and true christian fortitude, which enabled him to support a se- vere tpid painful affliction, which baffled the most eminent medical skill for upwards of six years, with patience and resignation. His loss is deeply lamented by his relatives, and de- servedly regretted by his friends. On Saturday evening, in child- bed, at her father's house, in this town,' Mrs. Crofts, lady of the Rev. P., G. Crofts, and daughter of Wm. Campion, esq. Mrs. Crofts expired about two hours after her delivery, of a still- born child, to the inexpressible grief of her re- latives and friends. BRIGHTON, MARCH 15, 1813. The Earl of Egremont has resigned the command of our Western Regiment of Local Militia. His Lordship is? succeeded by W. S. Poyntz, esq. us appears by the following list of Commissions, signed by the Lord Lieutenant, copied from the London Gazette of Tuesday : W. S. Poyntz, esq. to lie Lieutenant Col. Comman- dant, vice tlic Earl of Egremont— dated June, 181- 3. James Holmes Goble, esq. to be Lieutenant- Colonel, vice Biddulph, resigned— dated October i, I8I- 2. Richard Warren, esq. to lie First Major, vice Goble, l » romnted— dattd as above. Henry Hall Viscount Gage, to be Second Major— dated February 34, IS 1 William Henry Merrick*, esq. to lie . Captain— dated May 16, iHog. . i > Thomas Lowry Skelton, esq. to be ditto— dated June C, John Geere Blagden, esq. to. be. ditto— dated April l6, 1811. ! George Butcher, esq. to be ditto— dated May 1,13( 1. John Sayers, esq. to be ditto— dated May -> o, 1SI I. John Mellersh,, esq. to be ditto— dated May I, 1814. Samuel Twyford, esq. to be ditto, vice the Honourable George King;, resigned— dated Decembers, I81- J. William Sargent, esq. to be ditto, vice Peachy, resigned — dated as above. John Diggens, esq. to be ditto, vice Ellis, resigned— dated December 12, 1812. Robert Tichborne, esq. to be ditto, vice Baller, resigned — dated as above. Edward Hide, gent, to be Lieutenant— dated June as, 1 S 10. Thomas Chatfield, gent. to be ditto— dated July 7,1SI0 Henry Trew, gent, to be ditto— dated April 0, IS 11. Walter Calhoun, gent, to be ditto, vice Carver resigned — dated December 12, 181- 2. John Ide, gent, to be ditto, vice Horsee, resigned— dated as above, George Baker, gent, to be ditto, vice Rice, resigned— dated February a4, I S I j. George Murrell, gent, to be Ensign— dated Sept. 9, IS 10. James Stenning, gent, to be ditto— dated Sept.' 27, 1810. James Berkshire Street, gent, to be ditto— dated May ! 8, 1812. Thomas Archer, gent, to be Adjutant and Captain- dated April 24, I809. William Raper, gent, to be Quarter- Master— dated March 0, 1- 810. William Groggen, gent, to be Surgeon— dated October lo, 1810. James Berkshire Street, gent, to he Assistant Surgeon — dated May 18.18I- 2. We congratulate the neighbourhood of Cuck field, and the cause of justice, on the accession of Thos. Lamb, esq. of Tilgate, to the magis- tracy. At the Vestry Meeting, on Monday last, it was finally resolved to oppose the turnpike.- bill now pending in Parliament, for the en- largement of power's, as stated in our last. Last week the 4.1st infantry Marched, in two divisions," from this town, ton their route to Hi 1- sey Barracks, preparatory to their embarking for Halifax. On, Thursday the County of Clare Militia arrived here from Horsham, to occupy the sta- tion which the 41st had quitted. At the Parish Church of Lindfield, in the forenoon of the Fast- Day, the Rev. Mr. Prosser delivered a very appropriate and im- pressive discourse from the 5th Chapter of Isaiah, and the 4th. verse. The new Missionary Chapel lately erected at Lindfield, . was' opened on- the above ! day, ' by the Rev. Mr. Sturt, who preached from the 8th arid <> th verses of the V3-> d Psalm. In the afternoon Mr. Jones gave a discourse from Na- hum, chap. 1, ver. 7. . And in the evening, a very, excellent sermon wai. preached, with great force and energy by the Rev. J. Styles, who took, his text; from the latter part of the 22d verse of the 26th chapter of Genesis. — But we do not find that in either church or chapel, any collection for the relief of our poor starving Manufacturers, was attempted* although from the forcible appeal, and humane recommenda- tion ivhich had publicly gone forth on their be- half, a contribution might have been reasona- bly expected at both places,: DIED. On Monday last, iiT - a lingering de- cline, Mr. George Phillips, of Horsham, leaving a wife and infant family to lament his loss. . : ' '"' "'.". On Wednesday evening last.. Edward " Carle- ton, of Brooksfield, esq.. Major Commandant of the Arundel Volunteer Battalion, and one qf the most active - j j » t conciliating ' magistrates • o^ this county. ' f He was a: loyal subject, a sin- cere friend, aud a real gentleman; loss will be deeply felt, and greatly regretted, by all. who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. On the New Steine, Brighton, at the advanc- ed age of 77, full of christian- faith, hope, and charity, Mrs. Sarah Ellison, relict of the Rev. Stanhope Ellison, formerly rector of Wittris- ham, and vicar of Boughton- under- Blean, in the county of Kent. FOR THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. ON THE: ROMAN CATHOLIC CLAIMS. HALF ALLEGIANCE,— HALF GRACE. Savs BETTY to THOMAS, why won't my dear Life. Give all honours due to his most loving Wife ? Cries THOMAS, because you're not true to my bed, But grant, at least, half of your favors to. NED ! CURACY. ~ ~ ACURATE wanted for the, parish Church of St. Michael, in Lewes,— Letters ( post- paid) directed to the Rev, George Jenkins, Post- Office, Lewes, will be duly answered. A SHEPHERD WANTED. WANTED immediately. , to take the manage- ment of a Flock of , from five to six hun- dred Ewes, a married Man, as SHEPHERD, who can be recommended from his late employers for care and attention. He will have a cottage and firing found him. For further particulars, apply to Mr. William Woodhams, Lullington. WANTED, a Situation BS GAMEKEEPER, or to shoot and look after a small farm. The advertiser is a single man, a good shot, and un- derstands the breaking of dogs, & c. and can be well re- eommended from his last place. Letters, post paid, address A. B. to be left at the Sus- sex Advertiser Office, Lewes, will he duly attended to. WANTS a Situation, a middle- aged Wo- man as COOK and HOUSEKEEPER, in a small family; or Cook where a kitchen maid is kept, who perfectly understands iu- r business, and CQI^ have an undeniable character from her last place. Letters. post paid, addressed to B. A. at Mr. Wm. Verrall's Music Shop, C1lif, Lewes, will be immediately attended to. ESTATE AND FARM WANTED. WANTED to purchase a FREEHOLD ESTATE, from 3 to tis. uoo value, and one from 20 to £ 5o,' ioo , « . r to rent a FARM,' from 200 to 1,00( 1 acres, uilh or without the option of purchasing hereafter : uo objection to an extensive TYTHE FARM. Applications, post paid, to be made to Mr. Shee, Land Surveyor, and Agent for the disposal and purchase of Landed Property, No. 41, Southampton Row, London. Education, at Elm Grove Academy, Henfield, Sussex. • MR. R- MAISH, respectfully begs leave to i-' X thank his friends and the public, for the encouragement with which he has been already favoured: and lo assure them that every exertion shall lie used to promote the improvement of his pupils, whose personal cleanliness and domestic Comfort are objects of par- ticular attention. TERMS, ' r ;' _ ' Twenty- two Guineas per annum, Washing one Guinea, entrance one Guinea. The Spring Quarter, commences on the 25th instant. N. B. Further particulars itiay.. be known by address- ing a line to the Rev. John: Polticary-, Blackheath, Kent, iu whose Academy Mr, Marsh was engaged six years. Henfield, March 8, 1913, " ~~ ARUNDEL RAPE, \ NOTICE is hereby given, that tbe next Session of SEWERS for the Rape of Arundel, in the County of Sussex, will be holden on ' Wednesday, the 7th day of April next, at' Eleven o'clock in the fore-' noon, at the Crown Inn, Arundel. WM. HOLMES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Arundel, 10th March, 1813. POLING INCLOSURE. WE, the COMMISSIONERS named, arid ap- pointed in and by an Act of Parliament, passed in the 5^ d year of his present. Majesty's Reign, entitled An Act for INCLOSING Lands in the parish of Poling, in the County of Sussex," do hereby GIVE NOTICE, that we shall meet at the Beach- house, Lit- tlehampton, on Monday, the 5th of April next, at ten o'clock 111 the forenoon, precisely, ( by adjournment from the 23d of Nov.. last) for the purpose of settling the draft of onr award, and doing all other acts as may, at the said Meeting, appear to us lo be requisite or necessary for carrying into execution, the powers of the said Act, and of the General Inclosure Act therein referred to. Dated this 10th day of March, 1813. CALEB RICKMAN. JAMES PEN FOLD. DAVIS'S CREDITORS. THE Creditors of JOHN DAVIS, of Brigh- J. ton, Carrier, are requested to MEET at the Old Ship Tavern, in Brighton, on Wednesday, the 24th day of March instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, to take into consideration the state of his affairs, with a view to coming to some arrangement thereon. By desire ef some of the principal Creditors, THOS. ATTREE. Brighton, I3tli March, 1313. TO BE LETT BY . TENDER. EITHER TO : . . . PLOUGH OR GRAZE, ONE Hundred and Eighty Acres of very ca- pital MARSHLAND, situate in Iho parish iff Broomhill, near Rye,.' iiow in the occupation of Messrs. Farncomb and Co. the whole tithe. free, and the parochial rates very low. \ * Such buildings as are wanted, to be erected at the expence of the Tenant, for which lje is to. be . paid, at a fair valuation, at the expiration of his lease, if he then quits, the premises. A Term of seven years may be had for grazing, and fourteen for ploughing ; and . possession had the. 5th of April next. Proposals to be sent, scaled up, and post paid, to Mr. JOHN NEVE, at Tenterden, on, or before t'. ie 1st day of April next, containing therein a reference for character and responsibility. • Mr. Southerden, at Camber-, will shew the Estate. To Innkeepers, and Keepers - of • Taverns, - and * Hotels* A most desirable, if not, perhaps tlic must . desirable situation ill the United Kingdom. TO BE LETT, For a term of Three or Seven Years', with immediate possesion,_ " ALL that well- known, capital Inn, Hotel; and - Cjl Tavern, with the stabling ond other appurtenances tbereunto belonging, . generally , called „ by the name of the NEW INN HOTEL, situate in North: street, and nearly in the centre of the Town of Brighton, in the county of Sussex. Apply to Mr. Thomas Attree,. Solicitor, Brighton. • » r~ SEA FORD',' SUSSEX:. . r~". Capital Freehold Marine Villa. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY & SON, AVERY dcsiraWa FREEHOLD. ESTATE, consisting of a capital modern- built Marine Re' sidence, w. ith suitable- attached- • and ib'tached coach house, stabling, out- buildings, extensive gardens, shrubbery, yards, ,& c. most delightfully situate at Sea- ford, a pleasant part of tlve county of Sussex, between Brighton and Eastbourne. The House ^ s in very com- plete repair, and contains accommodations for a family of the first respectability, viz. dining, and drawing rooms, each 20. ft. by 17, breakfast parlour, study, four principal bed.- chambers, light dressing- room, six- ser- vants' apartments,' principal and. secondary stair- cases, excellent kitchen, and all. requisite domestic, conveni- ences. Seaford is a borough town, Tiiid is situate about 13 miles. from Brighton,. 11 from Lewes, 8 from Eastbourn, .' iiid. ybout 63 from London.. - - Xhe day of sale will- be duly notified in this and other papers. Ill the interim, the House may be viewed t> v applying to WINSTANLEY aud SON, Paternoster- row, London. . .- . . . . - - r- Borders of Sussex and Kent.— Eligible Freehold Manor Farm of One Hundred aud Eighty- three . Acre's, exonerated from Land- Tax. " ' TO BE SOLD .. BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY and SON, At the MART,, opposite the Bank of. England, en Tues- day, April 13, at twelve, in one Lot, unless previ- ously disposed of by private contract, A Valuable and improveable FREEHOLD ES- ii TATE, called the HOLLYWISH . FARM, eligi lily situate in the parish of Hartfield, Sussex, a fine sporting part of. the country, seven miles from. East- Grinstead, seven from Tunbridge- Wells, ten from Westerham, thirty from Brighton, and thirty- two from London ; consisting of a good Farm House, with suita- ble out- buildings, all in excellent repair, farm yards, gardens, and sundry, enclosures of meadow, pasture, arable, and wood Land, lying within a ring- fence, iu a high state of cultivation, well timbered and watered, containing, together, 183A. lit. ,' lliP. in possession of a yearly- tenant, at a very low lent of ltjol. per annum. To be viewed by application to the tenant; printed Particular at the principal Inns at Bromley, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge, Tunbridge- Wells., East- Grinstead ; Libra- ries al Brighton ; place of' Sale ; of Messrs. Edwards and Lyon, Solicitors, Bloomsbury Square ; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster Row, where a plan may be seen. ' ' 1 • > TO BE SOLD BY' - AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Bear Inn, in the Cliff, on Thursday, the 25ih day of March instant, at seven o'clock iu the even- ONE Original Proprietary Share in the Com- pany of Proprietors of the Ouse Navigation, with all the Dividends, Profits, Claims, and advantages aris- ing therefrom, since the establishment of the said Com- pany. Further . particulars may be knov/ 11 by applying to Mr. Wm. Cave of Fletching Mr. Thomas Woollgar, of Lewes; or of the Auctioneer. Timber at Mayfield, in Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn. in Mayfield, on Wednesday, the 7th April, 1813, at three o'clock in the afternoon, iu three Lots, LOT I. ONE Hundred and Thirty- two OAK TREES, and Fifteen BEECH, with Lop, Top, and Bark, hammer- marked with the figure r, on the Place Farm, in ilie Furnace Wood, and Furnace Bottom. . LOT II. Two Hundred and Nine OAK, Five BEECH, and Thirty ASH, with Lop, Top, and Bark, hammer mark ed with the figure 2, in Old Mill, Farm, in the Mine Pit Wood, and iu two Arms of the Quarry Wood. LOT III. One Hundred and Eighty- eight OAK, with Lop, Top. and Bark, hammer- marked witli the figure 3, iu the' Furlong Wood, on Old Mill Farm. The greatest part of Wic above Oak Timber is large, and well calculated for^ ne navy use. John Weston, at Mayflel^ Vicarage, will shew the Timber tin Lot arid iWr,' Thomas Peckham, the te- nant^ Lots' 2 and 7. . s i N. B « A ' deposit'c^ ^[ pfV. ce) i(. will he required. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By older of tbe Assignees nf' JOHN PHILCOX, a Bank- . rupt, at the Royal Oak Inn, St. James's- street, Brigh- r ton,- on Wednesday, 4be aist of March, 1813, between . 4he hours. of eleven and - twelve o'clock in the fore- noon, AValuable PIECE of LAND, containing three acres and upwards, tenantry measure, ly- ing rn the sixth furlong, near the Rock Brewery, and the end of St. James's- street, in Brighthelmston aforesaid, most desirably situated either for an enclosed field or garden, or for buildings. For further particulars apply " to Mr, Mills, at the Old Bank ; or at the office of Mr. Hill, Brighton. " " TO BE: SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. LAMBE, On Wednesday, the 24th March, at Hailsham, at three o'clock in the Afternoon, in eight lots, ONE TIMBER TUGG, with sundry chains. One Plough. ' ' . One Waggon, nearly as good as new,. One large Cart. Three good Cart Horses. One two year old calf. And sundry horse harness, WORTHING. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, BY MR- STUBBS, On Wednesday next, March 17, 1813, at eleven o'clock, AN elegant assemblage of HOUSHOLD FUR- NITURE, part of which is to be sold under a distress for rent. Removed for convenience of sale to 29, Warwick street. '--•-•'". Catalogues may be had sat the ' principal Inns in Worthing, and its vicinity; and of Mr. Stubbs, Auc- tioneer, - 15 High street, Worthing, "' OAK TIMBER. . TO BE SOLD- BY AUCTION, ,;.. - By' TESTER " a. iif BATES, At tiie' Board Arms, in ihe' parish of Lindfield, on Sa'* turday, toe 27th' day of March,' IS13, at lour o'clock in the afternoon, in two lots, - , - LOT I. FIFTY- FIVE OAK ' TREES, now standing - in - A-' Court Wood, in the Parish - e. f Lindfield, wiihin 300 yards of the Ouse Navigation, " hammer marked, and marked - iv'itli white paint W, C. LOT II. Seventy Oak Trees, also standing in, the above Wood, hammer marked W.. C. The timber may be viewed, 611 application to Stephen Langridge, of Horstedkeynes; arSii J'prtbcr particulars known at the office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor, Cuckfield. . SUSSEX. ~ Lancing, near Worthing. " TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By JAMES SAYERS, Oil Monday, the 291 h day of March, 1813, between the hours of four and six in ( lie; afternoon, at the house of Mr-. Steele, bearing the sign of the Three Horse Shoes, Lower Lancing, under a decree of foreclosure of the High Court of Chancery, THE following valuable COPY HOLD ESTATES; pleasantly situated .. in Lower Lanc- ing, in the occupation of Miss Dabbs. LOT I, .;: A Field of Arable Land, COijtaining,. seven acres and a half, customary measure, more or less, bounded 011 the east by Col. Lloyd's land, on . the south by land of Mr. William^ Dabbs., and 011 the west by laud bulongina" to Mr John Holmes. ' A Field of'prime' Arable Land, containing three acres, more pr less b'dutvrted Wi ti. e east by land belong- ing til; Mr.' John' Holmes, on the' north . by lands of Col. Lloyd, a. nrl Mr; Holmes, re; pe;, tiveIv ; and 011 the west, partly by Col* Lloyd's land, itgd partly by a lane leading' to Sompting. " ' LOT III. ,' , A Close of Land, containing, one. acre and eleven rods, customary ' measure, riiost dcjirably situated, bounded on the north- west by land of Col. Lloyd, otC the north east by land of Mr. Holmes., and on the south- east by the* public highway leading to Worthing. LOT IV. A firm- bliilt Dwelling- house, erected witlrin the last iG years, and' small Cottage - atfaelirtf, large garden, gate- room, stable; barn, carthouse, and two small closes of land immediately adjoining Wifefcto, containing by estimation two and a half acres, iu more % less. This lot is wdl adapted for a. pleasant marine resi- dence. 1 . -.,-- *,. • s,-<, : Lancing is . ft pleasant - and healthy ^ village, two miles from Worthing. four from Shoreham, Und eleven from Brighton ^ tbej roads ^ re excellent. MrUier [ larticuiars may. hi; kn, wa by applying to Messrs; Dally- and .. Blagden, Solicitors, Chichester; or to the Auctioneer, North street . Chichester. - -.-•... - ... . SUSSEX, - - KING'S., HEAD INN, AT BILLINGSHURST. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the premises, 011 Monday, the sth day of April, 181j), between three and five o'clock in the afternoon,' . subject lo such conditions as shall th, eu be produced, unless previously disposed of by private contract, A LL, . that . commodious, Snd well- accustomed' ^ X. INN, called the KING'S HEAD,- advanta- geously situate near the centre of tlie village of Billings, hurst aforesaid, With good stabling, a coach house, gar- dens, aud other conveniencies. The premises are freehold, and iu the occupation of James Trower, as a yearly tenant, who has notice to quit ut Michaelmas next, For a view apply to the tenant- and for further par- tieitlars to Messrs. Ellis au « Hale, Solicitors^ Petworth ; or Mr. Hughes, Brewer. at . Storrington. Valuable Freehold Estate, near Lamberhurst, Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. 1> J MURRELL ntnj - WILSON, At the AUCTION MART, 011 Saturday, March 2. » , at 12, by direction of flic Assignees of Messrs. Collins} with possession at Michaelmas next, A Valuable and Truly Desirable FREEHOLD . L V ESTATE, situate on the London road, about one mile from Lamberhurst, eight from Tunbridge, and thirty- eight from London, called BALWIN's andf ROOTS FARM, and part of WIMSHURST FARM, containing together, One Hundred aud Five ACRES of good Arable, Meadow, and Wood Land, with two Farm Houses and Buildings, ond Two good Cottages by the roadside; for many years in the occupation of Mr. James Wiles, whose lease lately expired, and who will give possession at Michaelmas next. . May be viewed, 011 application to the tenant-. Particulars may be had at the Chequers, Lamber. hurst ;* the Camden Arms, Pembury ; Crown, Tun- bridge ; the Kent and Sussex Tavern, Tunbridge Well, ; Crown, Seven Oaks; Bell, Bromley; Star, Maidstone; Bull, Cranbrook; at tbe place pf Sale; of Messrs. Baker and Sons, Nicholas- lane ; and Messrs, Young and Hughes, Mildred's- court, London, solicitors; aud of Murrell mid Wilson, 20, Skinner street. Snowhill. - , - - STATE LOTTERY OFFICE, - LONDON, MARCH, 1813. TBISH having contracted with Government . for a STATE- LOTTERY of « o, ooo Tickets, ( not to be divided as of late Years into two, bet Num- bered from No- I, to No, 2o, 001,1) to be Drawn precisely as in the former popular Lotteries previous to the Class System being adopted, whidi is now done away. He has the honour to submit the following Scheme, being fully approved of by the Lords of the Treasury, ami peculiiiTty adapted either to Clubs a* d Societies, « r to> 1 mil » i( 1 it. 1 ! Adventurers, for* by a novel 1 ftrrangeuient more than Half of the Tickets and Shares purchased are al- most - SURE TO'BE" PRIZES, independent of their Chance for all tbe? Capitals. This, is, a- Feature unknown '' before iht' present STATE LOTTERY,-' CONTAINING .. MORE PRIZES THAN BLANKS, „.,; -. SCHEME. '' "' 30,0.10 • 4 —^ rr ,8,000 *<• 6- I, OQO , - -. .. G. OOQ s — , .5.00 , 4,000 io — y'- o . . 3,000 IS.,' 200 ; 8,000 20 -—— IHO — 2,000 46 ; — 6) — 3-. , a, ooo 50 4,0 —• , 2,000 1,000 ' 2(). 20,000 3,0o0 IV , — .30,0110 6,000 5 ' 30,000 ,10,159 Prizes. 9,841 Blanks. 20,000 Tickets , ,£ 200,000 Part of the Prizes to be determined as under : The first drawn I, tioo Blanks, — £ io each. " The second drawn I,( mo Blanks, jfiu each. Tickets and Shares are Selling at the Contractors!! Fortunate Offices, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing Cross, London, and by the following Agents in this County. Mrs. Spooner, Library, Worthing. J. Nash, Bookseller. Tunbridge Wells. . J. Evenden, Druggist, Tunbridge. S. Mills, Bookseller, Portsmouth. Begins Drawing the 6th of MAY next. LEWES, MARCH, i3,18) 3... L » . d. 1. s. d. Red Wheat * a 0 o ' to 6 0 0 White Ditto - 6 4 0 to ti () 0 Barley - - - C6s.- to 68s. Oats, - - 44s. to 46s, In Barley and Oats NO alteration. ON FOSSILS. [ CONCLUDED FROM OUR LAST.] TO THE PRINTERS OF THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. GENTLEMEN, THE most are of the fossil shells Nantilites Scaphites. Oval Ammonites, and Turrilites. Two species nf Nautilies occar, viz. N. Pompirius, and N. Sphaciicus. Of the Turrilites, the marl stratain contain* three distinct Species, each dif- fering, in an essential manner, from any before discovered". In the Turrilite figured by Mr. Par- kinson, the wieaths pass in the ordinary direction, i: i4. from, the left hand to the right; but ill the Hamsey Turrilite, the Course of the volutions is revered, ami" passes from the right hand to the l. fi, m every specimen that I have yet met with. J ifta not awaredial ibis curious circumstance has been noticed' by Oryctolbgists, and therefore am led to conVlirtfe,- that die species found at Ham- sey. has ne> er before been described ; should this opinion be correct, this fossif mav, perhaps, be distinguished by the appellation of the HAMSEY REVERSED TURRILITE. The remains of Zoo. phyies, bearing a close affinity to the Alcyonia, are, ill this neighbour hood, more numerous than anv other class of animal fossils. So great is their number, that almost every heap of chalk bears mai kings derived from Alcyonites ;• and Hints villi alcyonic ramifications on their surfaces, are found on the Down's in considerable numbers.— A great diversity exists, both in the external form, and in the disposition of ihe ramifications of these h < dies ; awl many of thein vary very materially from any that have been noticed by authors.— Deeply interesting as is the examination of these wonderful remains, I must forbear to enter into ii more minuely, lest it should ocoupy too much of your valuable Journal; the particular of such an enquiry, will probably, at some future period, he offered to the public in another form. Many of the fossil substances enumerated above, appear to have suffered but little changesince their introduction into the mineral kingdom ; others have sustained a conversion into calcareous spar, & their Cavities have been filled with Hint ; some have un- dergone a siliceons impregnation ; in many spe- cimens . ve ohser v'e- ci vstalltzed carbonate of lime* in others, civstallized quartz; and sometimes they arc found impregnated with sulphuret of ) rrtrt', or pvrites, a mineral frequently met viith j ji the chalk, both in its octaedral, and cubical foriris. This slight sketch of the strata and secondary fossils of Lewes, affords - many interesting and im- portant frets, The evident displacement which ; oriie of ihe stra. a hive sustained, and the com- plete reiriov'a! of others ; the discovery of innume- rable remains of animals, differing in their forms and'organUhition from anv that are no* known to exist; the regularity observable in the confine- ment of certain frwsik to particular strata ; and the agreement which exists between the fossils of our strata, and those of France, are phenomena which impress the mind with astonishment.— A circum- stance equally sriryrisiilg, is- the slate of preserva- lion- of the fossil alcyonia: The structure of the recent animal is exceedingly delicate, and so ten- der, as scarcelv to a, dmiu of the least violence without sustaining the greatest injury> vet how admirably are t'he fossil alcvonia preserved, the rajnificjtions o: their fibres being ttill most beau- tifully displayed ! — Does n . t this fyct gi've us every reason to conclude, that these animals once exis- ted in the verv places where we now find them entombed, and which1 hi the earliest ages of this globe, « "•'<• m'ii ited at rile bottom of the ocean t Tuns, Gentlemen, I have given a slight survey of the principal phenomena which an examination of the strata of Lewes and its environs presents ; for lis imperfections and defects many excuses could be offered, but for them 1 implore your in- dulgence. I trust that every one will feel . con- vinced of the interest and importance of the stu- dy of these " Remains of a former World ;"— which, as Bergman beautifully observes, " Sunt •• instar mimmoinin memotialium, qua: de piae- len'tis globi nostri fatis testamur, ubi omnia " silent monunienta historica" I remain, Gentlemen, With the greatest respect, G. A. MANTELL. Lewes, March 3d, 1813. * The " white shining V p- i, mentioned in your Journal, as having been found at Beachy Head, is riMi- d, Crvstatlized Carnnate of Lime; beautiful spe- rimens of liiis'spar are found in ihe vicinity of Plump ton. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. RIOTS ATBERLIN7 BONAPARTE GOING TO VIENNA. Two Gottenburgh Mails arrived this morning with letters and papers to the 30th Jan containing accounts from St. Petersburgh to the 28th of Jan. At the date of the latest advices from the Emperor, his Majesty's head- quarters remained at Lyck. The following are extracts from the Cottenburgh Papers CARLSHAM, JAN. 28 Accounts from Rugenwalde stale, that several riots have taken place at Berlin; in one instance the populace forced the French to retire into lite binaries, from which several shots were fired. On this occasion it was found necessary to order all the Prussian troops under arms. It is not sup- posed that Dantzic can make a protracted resist- ance, or that the defence of Custrin, Stettin, or the tele de punt constructed at Frankfort will be obstinate A report is in circulation, that Napoleon is going to Vienna. GOTTENBURGH, JAK. 30. M. Tuteschoff, Ambassador, and M. Haul, Con- sul from the Court - if St. Petersburgh, proceed to England by the first packet, on their way to Spain BANKS OP THE VISTULA, JAN. 17. The most reasonable calculations make the united forces of Wittgenstein, Chichagoff, the garrison of Riga, and the principal at my of Kutusoff, amount to but from 120 to 140,000 men, including the Cossacs, of whom a great number have departed to secure the booty ihey have made, equally a* the expellee of their friends and enemies lr aopeirs to be believed, that the enemv will endeavour to form the siege of Danizic. We learn that the garrison of Dantzic consists of 30,01) 0 men, without leckoning many isolated individuals who rejoin, and are to be formed into picquets for sorties.—( Coi respondent, Jan 2( 5.) AUGSBURGH, JAN. 10. The public Journals announce that the ex Prussian Minister Stein, and the late Governor of Moscow, Rostopeiun, have been appointed Rus sian Cabinet Ministers.— Rostopehin is named Minister of the luieiior. London. Imperial HOUSE of LORDS. Monday, MARCH 8, I813. ROMAN CATHOLICS. The Earl of Westmeath presented a petition from the Protestants of Roscommon, against the Claims of the Roman Catholics. The Duke of Sussex presented a petition from the Catholics of the county of Wexford, praying their Lordships to take their case into considera- tion. In presenting this petition, his Royal High- ness considered that he was only discharging his du- ty as a- Peer of Parliament. It did occur, upon the present occasion, that his sentiments were in unison with those of the petition,—- but had a peti- tion containing sentiments totally opposile to his own been placed in his hands, he should have held himself hound in duty, as a Peer, to have presented it to their Lordships' consideration. The Duke then presented a similar one from the county of Sligo. The, Marquis of Lansdown presented a petition from the Catholics of Limerick to the same ef- fect. The Noble Marquis presented a similar petition from the Catholics of the Queen's County. Earl Fitzwilliam presented a petition from the inhabitants of Leeds, in favour of the Claims of the Catholics. The above petitions were severally read, and or- dered to lie on the table. Several petitions were presented for and against the renewal of the East India Company's charter. — Adjourned. TUESDAY, MARCH 9. The Lord Chancellor presented a petition from the inhabitants of the cities of London and West- minster, and their vicinity, against the Claims of the Roman Catholics. His Lordship observed that this petition was signed by 60,800 persons. Viscount Melville presented a petition from the Presbytery of Edinburgh against the Claims of the Roman Catholics, which is to be taken into fur- ther consideration on Thursday* as doubts ate en- tertained whether, in point of form, it can be re ceived. Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, MARCH 8. The order of the day was read for a Committee of the whole House on the Army Estimates, and certain papers being referred to it, Lord Palmerston rose, and brought the Estimates before the House. The sum of his Lordship's statement is, that the British army, at present, is more numerous, by 12,237 men ( of whom only 2,000 are natives of the United Empire, the re- mainder being Germans, Fiench, and Spaniards) than it was in the preceding year— and that the es- timates of the present year, are much greater, by 3S4, OOOl. than those of 1812. Amongst the Items is the sum of ten thousand pounds for the fitting out the four troops of Life Guards for fo- reign service.— In the course of the discussion which took place, several Honourable Members in- dulged themselves in faceteous remarks on the queer appearance which. our regiments of cavaljy at pre- sent make, bowing beneath a heap of far and fea- thers. In the Committee, Mr. Creevey, pursuant to notice, moved for the abolition of one of the Joint- Paymasterships of the Forces— but the mo- tion was lost on a division. The further conside- ration'^ the Estimates is postponed till Friday. Lord Castlereagh put off his minion on the sub- ject of the- East India Company's Charter, till Friday se'nnight. Adjourned. TUESDAY. Lieut.- General Sir John Stapleton Cotton took the usual oaths and his sent. After some pause, the Speaker in a neat and elegant speech thanked the gallant General, in ills name of the United Commons, for his dis- tinguished services and unrivalled exertions in the Peninsula, and particularly at the glorrous battle of Salamanca. Sir Stapleton Cotton returned thanks, COMMITTEE ON CATHOLIC CLAIMS. On the motion of Mr. Grattan, the House resolved itself into a Committee, to consider the laws affecting the Roman Catholic subjects of these Realms. Mr. Grattan rose, and after entering at conside- rable length on the subject, moved— " That it be I lie opinion on this Committee, That, with a view to such eoneilintory adjustment of the existing dif- ference between different classes of his Majesty* sub- jects, as may be conducive to the peace, strength, mid security of the Protestant Church, and the ultimate concord of the British Empire, ii is highly advisable to provide for llie removal of all civil and military disabi- lities under which bis Majesty's Roman Catholic sub- jects labour, providing fur the security of the Protestant succession, according to the Act of Limitation, and maintaining invintable lire Protectant Episcopal Church of Great Britain ami Ireland, . and the Church of Scot- land, its dor- tripe, discipline, and government, as by law established," Mr Abbott ( the speaker) Mr. Bathurst, Dr. Duigenan, and Mr. Bankes, opposed the motion; which was supported by Mr. Ponsonby, Sir J. Hippesley, Sir J. Newport, Lord Desart, Lord Milton, Mr. Wilberforce, Lord Castlereagh, and Mr. Canning'. Strangers were then excluded, and the Com- mittee divided, when there appeared—. - Ayes 186 Noes iig Majority for the Resolution— 67 On the motion of Mr. Grattan, leave was given to bring in a Bill ; and Mr. Grattan and Mr. Pon- sonby appointed for that purpose— Adjourned. The estimates for the service of the transport board amount this year to 3,800,5001 The prin- cipal items of this sum are 1,900,0001. for the hire of transports, supply of provisions to soldiers oil board, See. ; and 1,150,0001. for the mainte- nance, clothing, & c. of prisoners of war at home and abroad. An extended cultivation of that useful, and now absolutely necessary root, potatoes, is most earnestly recommended. PRINCESS of WALES. The following Letter from the Prince to the Princess of Wales, with her answer, were written on their formal separation ;— " Windsor Castle, April 3ft. 1796. " Madam — As Lord Cholmondeley informs me that you wish I would define in writing ( 1), the terms upon which v/ e ai e to live, I shall endeavour to explain myself upon that head with as much clearness, and with as much propriety, as the na- ture of the subject will admit. Our inclinations are not in our- power ; nor should either of us be held answerable to the other, because natute has uot made ussuitable lo each other. Tranquil and comfortable society is, howevet, in our power ; let our intercourse, therefore, be restricted to thai, and I will distinctly subscribe to the condition ( 2) which you required through Lady Cholmondely, that even in the event of any accident happening to my daughter— which I trust Providence ill its mercy will avert— I shall not infringe the terms of the restriction, by proposing, at any period, a connection of a more particular nature. I shall now finally close this disagreeable correspondence, trusting that, as we have completely explained ourselves to each other, the rest of our lives will be passed in uninterrupted tranquillity.— I am, Madam, with great truth, very sincerely your's, ( Signed) " GEORGE P." ( l) The substance of this letter had been previously 1 conveyed in a message through Lady Cholmondeley to her Royal Highness; but it was thought by her Royal Highness to be infinitely loo important to rest inertly upon a verbal communication, and therefore she de- sired that bis Royal Highness's pleasure upon it should be communicated to her in writing. ( a) Upon the. receipt of the message alluded to in toe foregoing note, bet Royal Highness*, though she bad nothing to do but to submit to the arrangement which his Royal Highness should determine upon, desired it might be understood,, that she should m, i* t that any sutb arrangement, jf once made, should be ronsidered as final . ami that bis Royal Highness should not retain the right, from tune to time, at his pleasure, or under any circumstances, to alter it. PRINCESS'S ANSWER. " The avowal of your conversation with Lord Cholmondelay, neither surprises nor offends me. It merely confirmed what you have tacitly insi nuated for this twelvemonth. But after this, it would be a want of delicacy, or lather, an un- worthy meanness in me, were I to complain of those conditions which you impose upon yourself. I should have returned no answer to your lelter, if it had not been conceived in terms to make it doubtful whether this arrangement proceeds from you or from me; and you are aware that the credit of it belongs to you alone. The letter which you announce to me as the last, obliges me to communicate to the King, as to my Sovereign, and my Father, both your avowal and my answer. You will find enclosed the copy of my letter to the King. I apprise you of it, that I may not incur the slightest reproach of duplicity from you. As I have at this moment no protector hut his Majesty, I refer myself Solely to him upon this subject; and if my conduct meets his approbation, I shall be in some degree, at least, consoled. I retain every sentiment of gratitude for the situa- tion in which I find myself, as Princess of Wales, enabled by your means to indulge in the free ex- ercise of a virtue dear lo my heart— I mean charity. It will be my duty likewise to act on another motive— that of giving an example of patience and resignation under every trial Do me the justice to believe that I shall never cease to pray for your happiness, and to be your much devoled •• CAROLINE." 6th of May, 1796. Her Royal Highness- the Princess Charlotte of Wales took an airing yesterday in her carriage in the Parks". About half after four she was driving up Constitution Hill, from St. James's Park, and when within a few yards of the gate at Hyde Park- Corner, was observed by her Mother the Princess of Wales, who was driving from Hyde Park down Piccadilly. The moment her Royal Highness per- ceived her daughter, slie stopped her carriage, and ordered her servants to turn ami drive after her. In the mean time the Princess Charlotte's carriage continued its course into Hyde Park, where it was overtaken by her Royal Mother at the bridge in Rotten- Row. The two carriages immediately drew up alongside each other, and a conversation commenced between the Princess of Wales and the Princess Charlotte, and continued about ten minutes, during which time the servants alighted from behind the carriages, and stood at a distance. This scene attracted the attention of the passen- ge. is, many of whom stopped, and formed not a small groupe upon the walk.— The conversation between the Royal Personages was very animated ; arid the Princess Charlotte manifested in her looks every expression of joy. ~ The following account of a conspiracy disco- vered in the United States, is extracted from a New Yolk paper of the 29th January ;— " NEW YORK. Jan. 29. " We learn that Government has at length seiz- ed upon the clue of a treasonable conspiracy, and that two; of the principal British emissaries are either in arrest, or so closely beset as not to be able to escape. A series of treasonable practises has been some time known to the Executive, and theactors have been sultercd to proceed unmolested, but are carefully watched, Three of the princi- pals were accredited British Agents before the war, in our sea- ports ; their designs have extended from Boston to Orleans, and there is evidence of more than seventy persons, of what is usually denomi- nated respectable standing aiders, abbettors, and agents ; with a few persons of a different reputa- tion. " We omit the names and particulars only with the view to avoid any interference or interruption of the measures which Government may think proper to adopt,— and it not improbable that this may have been the subject upon which Congress were lately employee! with closed doors." Several squadrons of French and American fri- gates are now at sea. Mr. Calcraft introduced a Bill on Wednesday, to regulate the practice of surgeons, apothecaries, men- midwives, and dispensers of medicine,— This Bill is strongly opposed by the chemists and drug- gists. Sir Richard Goodwin Keates, K. B. Vice- Ad- mi 1 of the Blue Squadron of his Majesty's fleet, is appointed Governor and Commander in Chief of the Island of Newfoundland. The King of Denmark has been so much dis- tressed tor money, as to be compelled to dispose of his plate. COURT OF KING's BENCH, In the Court of King's Bench, on Saturday, an action rain, was Plaintiff, and Sir Win. Scott, Judge of the Admiralty and Consistorial Courts, was De- fendant, to recover damages for alledgcd temporal injuries done to the plaintiff, in consequence of a sentence of excommunication passed upon him by Defendant. The damages were laid sft 10,0001. It appeared in evidence, that Sir William; pitying the case of the plaintiff, gave him a sum of 1501. and promised his interest to procure him a plare in Somerset- house, which, however, he did not, the place desired by the Plaintiff being that of Marshal of the Admiralty. The Jury gave a ver- dict for the plaintiff, damages 40s. at the same time the foreman read a paper to his Lordship to the following effect,—" The Jury beg leave to as- sure the Lord Chief Justice, that by this their verdict, they do not mean to attach the slightest impeachment on the most lespectable character of Sir William Scott. At the Winchester assizes, Lieutenant William Stuart, charged with having feloniously killed Lieutenant John Bagnall, in a duel, at Portsea, and Lieutenant John O'Hanlan, for having been present, and aiding the said Lieutenant Stuart, were acquitted. Captain Evans, of his Majesty's sloop Recruit, and two marines, are in custody at Halifax, for the murder of a constable, and other acts of out- rage.— Evans is supposed to be insane. A woman is now ii: Bury Gaol, who, a few days previous to her commitment, went to visit her child, at nurse in ' Halesworth ; she afterwards took the child, a boy five years old, to a pond in the neighbourhood, ' stnpped him Baked, and threw him into the water. The boy struggled, three times got out, and 011 his knees begged for mercy, but the inhuman mother at length accomplished her purpose. Surely nothing short of complete insanity could have impelled a parent to the perpe- tration of a deed so horrid. One day last week, a party of the Guards es- corting deserters, halted at Godalmin, in Surrey, and one of the pieces, on being 1 amoved, went off, and the ball went through the ceiling, and through the foot of one of the detachment in thv room above. On Sunday evening last, the wife of J. Crown, a journeyman shoemaker, No. I6t Colchestei- street, Whitechapel, was . safely delivered of four boys, named the same evening, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, by the Rev. D. Matthias, rector of the parish— they are likely to do well. DIED—- On the 6th instant, at Sidmouth, the Lady of Charles Edward Pigon, esq. of Shern- ford, in the county of Sussex, and fourth daugh- fer of the late Sir Richard Recroft, bart DAY and MARTIN beg leave to acquaint the Public, that by attending to the following parti culars ihey will avoir! being taken iu by the vrle compo- sitions that are offered as the germani BLACKING, pre- pared by them at 97. High Holborn, London. Alter the word Blacking in the first line of the labels the counterfeits have a small ( as) some have the same be- fore the word M t OK iu the next line; and others put a small ( ur) immediately before the Number 97. Purchasers should observe that the whole address is clear arid distinct. Sold by Baxter, Lewes; Virgoe, Eastbourne 1 and Blaker, Brighton.— Price it. 6d. per bottle. PERIODICAL AND FIXED COUGHS. DISORDERS of the Breat and Lungs, Con- sumptions, Nervous and Bilious complaints, and all intrrual weakness or debility are imiucdiaiely re- moved by WHARTON'S MEDICATED JELLIES These salutary and elegint prcp. ir itr- nis and restorative* are composed of extracts from Vegetable Brims, by an im proved process, which collects all their essential pro- perties. They supply nutriment with medicine, and are us agreeable to the palate, and grateful to the sto- mach, a, the most delicate conserve. The exhausted, depressed, and emaciated patient, is earnestly entreated to try them for one week; tins will ascertain tbeir elli- eacv, much mure pnwerfuily than a volume writteu in their praise. J. W. strongly recommands to the afHirted, his in- comparable COLLYRIUM, or LOTION for the Sight, ,,!' inestimable value, and virtue, for every disorganization of the Eye. This mild and comfortable application gives instant relief in nil iiifiauiui. itious of tbat noble and useful orga.., strengthens it, and preserves its power* from decay, and produces an effect that is truly astun ishing and incredible. This valuable mediciurj is en- tirely free from vitriol or arty other corrosive acid, which a trial will prove. These specifics are offered to tbe public on tbe broad basis of genuine integrity. They afford a cheap, safe, and certain remedy, and with the Divine blessing, a speedy re- establishment, in every case tbat admits of a possibility of cure ; mi important consideration 111 the present umen, when tbe cal& itfi. y of sickness or disease is materially aggravated by the high price of every necessary of life, and the advanced charge of medical attendance. He fervently hopes that tbe atilicied will give his medicine a patient trial, aud thai none will despain, many deplorable and hopeless cases have yielded to bis efforts; and patients who have been consigned to the grave by men justly eminent tor iiu- dicnl ability, bate been restored to their families aud fiends, and are now living monuments of the hap py and powerful effects of persavering assiduity and patient attempts. All persons who chuse to apply to J. W. are desired to send their communications, post or carriage paid, ( none other can be received) with such an enclosure as their circumstances will afford, and a particular state of their case, and of their feelings under it, and proper medicines, with advice in writing, will be sent to order. Patients afflicted with Gout, Rheumatism, Cancer, Scropbula, Scurvey, Piles, or any ulcerated or cuta- ueous affection, will Hud his herbal applications su- perior to aoy article in the materia njcdica lor inno- cence, safety, comfort, and cure, however highly tbe latter may be celebrated or esteemed in ordinary prac- tice. A private and successful experience of almost 40 years in London, induces and enables him to offer the blessing of health and ease, through ihe useful me dium of a Newspaper, to thousands whom otherwise he can never expect to know or see. He feels it to be his duty so to do, and it is his pride and his pleasure to perform this duty, disdaining mercenary considerations be covets nothing but honest fame, and indulges no higher ambition than to be useful to his suffering fel low Chistians lor the short period that remains to him of mortal existence. Military and oilier Gentlemen, whose professional duties expire them to vicissitudes of climate, bad air, the use of unwholesome witter, or epidemic distemper, ate respectfully invited to take with tlreni Ins Antifebrile Lotion, and Stomach Lo- zenges, in fever wards, hospitals, and camps. The use of these, will it is presumed, intirely supersede the ne- cessity of any other medicine, and are certainly tbe best presejvutives of health 011 foreign stations tbat have ever been invented. Private complaints iu cither sex treated with a delicacy, secrecy, aud success, suited to the occasion, All his medicines are prepared by him- self alone, with the most delicate cleanliness and exact care, will be warranted genuine and of tbe highest and best quality, perfectly pure, free from every noxious and injurious article whatever, and it kept air light, will preserve and retain their healing efficiency for auy length of time in every climate. MARKET. CORN EXCHANGE. MONDAY, MARCH. 8. Our market is now well supplied with grain in general, but we had many buyers this morning. Fine Wheats sold at about our last quotation, out ordinary kinds hang on hand.— Malting Barley alteration since last Monday, but inferior is about as. per quarter lower, and is difficult of sale.—- Hog Pease, Rollers, and Tick, Beans, are in plenty, and about per qnaner lower ; and the latter are ex- tremely dull of sale.— Although the supply o£ Oats has been very liberal, yet a brisk demand has enabled best heavy samples to support the last noted prices, and obtain ihe terms of this day se'nnight, but light inferior kinds are at Is. per, quarter lower.- - We have bad a large arrival of Flour, winch has produced gieat dullness 111 this trade. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 90s. 100s. Beans 70s. 75j. Fine ditto 130s. Old ditto — s. — Rye 70s. 78s. Oats S4s Barley 5ts. 5b% Poland ditto 27* S » s. Malt 95s. 100s. Potatoe ditto 47s. 4S « . - White Pease > Rape Seed . Ml. Cut. ( boilers) J 90s'"- 1UJ Fine Flour 10v> s. 11,1s. Grey Pease 80s. 84s. Seconds t)> s yf) s PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover( n.) 90s. 0d. to 120s. 0d. per cwt. Old ditto 0s. Od. to — s. Od. ditto White ditto 65s. od. to 180s*, os. ditto Trefoil 10s. 0d. to 70s. 0d. ditto Rye Grass S3s. Od. to 58;. Od. per quarter Turnip 18s 0d. to 24s. 0d. pet bushel Red & Green 26s. 0d. to 30s. 0d ditto W. Must. S. 20s. 0d. to 23s. 0d. per bushel Blown ditto ,30s 0d. to S4s. 0d. ditto Carraway Seeds - - 80s 86s. ditto Coriander Seeds - - 4-' is 4~< s. ditto Cinque Foin - 70 » . 8< S<. per quarter Canary - - 90s. 105s. ditto. Oil Cake, at the Mill, £ 20 0s. per thousand PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be sold a: 18ird the quartem loaf, wheaten, CALCULATION S. Sack of Flour - - 109 4. Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 i 123' 5 Eighty Quartern Loaves at lS* d. 123 4 against the Baker - - - 0 1 SM1T11FIELD - MARKET, MARCH. 8. This day's market had a, tolerable good supply of different kinds of cattle. Beef and Mutton were dearer; Pork and Veal support last prices, and the trade in general was rather brisk.— The sales in the Hay Market were lively — Straw has got Up in price ; Hay and Clover obtained last prices. — Tile under- mentioned prices and numbers arc a coriect siatcment— To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day. Beef 5 8 to Ii 8 Beasts - - 19OG Mutton C 4 to 7 4 I Sheep & Lambs 1037U Lamb o o to 0 o Calves - tj< » Veal 0 0 to 8 o Pigs - - 23d Pork 7 o to 8 0 NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS _ , d- d. s. d. s. d. Beef 5 O lo 6 0 I Pork 7 0 to 8 O Mutton >> 8 to 6 1 I Veal 0 0 to 7 8 PRICE or LEATHER. d. d. Butts, 50lb. a fl^ lb. - 22 a 24 Ditto, 56b a & 5lb. - 25 a 20 Merchants' Backs . 21 a Dressing Hides - 20 a 2fr Fine Coach Hides - g| i a 2,';* Crop Hides for Cutting 19J a 21 Ordinary - „ — a Tanned Horse • 21 a 25 Calfskins, 3olb. to40lb. 3.3 a , 5 lb. to7nib. 33 a 4 701b. to 80lb. 38 a 44 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 34d. 42rf. large, per doii. l2os, ( 80s a Od PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. •£ s. d. £ s. d. Averse. Hay S 0 .0 to 5 12 0— 4 6 0 Straw - 2 2 0 to 2 1 1 0— 2 ( 3 < i WHITECHAPEL Hay 4 4 0 to 5 Ifi 0— 5 0 O Clover 7 0 0 to 8 o 0- 7 lo o Straw 2 2 0 to 2 8 0— 2 5 SMITHFIELD. Clover 6 10 0 to 7 o ( tT- 0 j. rj 0 2d Crop 0 0 0 to o 0 0- 0 o o Old Hay 5 0 0 to 6 0 0— 5 to (> Inferior 2 10 0 to 4 4 0— 3 7 0 Straw 2 0 0 to 2 10 0— 2 5 o PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d St. James's Markets 11 Town Tallow loo 6 Clare Market 60 Yellow Russia 08 0 Whitechapel ditto 5 10 White ditto 97 0 soap ditto 94 0 17 91 Melting Stuff ; s ( 1 Average price 5 11 Ditto rough 0 Graves 24 ,, Yellow Soap, 104s — Mottled, 114s Curd, us Candles, per doz. 14s. od — Moulds, l is. Od PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS £ £ *• £ s. J. , Kent lo 0 to 13 0 Kent 11 0 to l6 ( 1 Sussex 10 0 to 12 0 Sussex II o to 14 o Essex 11 o to 13 0 Farnham 20 0 to 2fi o Bags J" 0 to 0 0 Yearl oo. otl S Bags} « 0 to 0 0 Pock0 O to 0 O Old Hop Duty, laid at ,£ 30,5611. 195. 3 < J RAW HIDES. Best Heifers and Steers, per st. Ss 4d to 3s Sd Middlings os 8d to 3s Od Ordinary os 4a t( J 2s 6d Market Calf each ....... 17s od to os od English Horse ,,.,-. ... 14s od to 16s Od Sheading ss od to Cs Od Primed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS Will also BE receded, and care fully forwarded to the Printers, by MR. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth •, MR. WHITE, Arundel- Mr. CHAMPION HORSHAM PALMER, East- Grinsted ; Mr. COLEMAN, Rye ; Mr. BARRY, Hastings •, and by the Newsmen
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