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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 52
No Pages: 4
The Northampton Mercury page 1
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford

Date of Article: 13/03/1813
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 52
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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vW'iVPTCt IFETEL ' M And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford. VOL. 92. SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 1813. No. 52. Ready Money is expected ) with Advertisements. i 5 Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the. Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ? 2 Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. 5 „ S Stamp- Dutv - FUICE bdh. 1 Paper and Print :} d. SATl ( Voi Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON,. TUESDAY, March 9. SATURDAY'S Gazette contains three letters rom Sir George Prevost, Bart. Governor and General Commander in Chief of the forces in North America, addressed to Earl Bathurst. - The first, dated Chamblv, Nov. 21, 1812, states, " that the efforts of the enemy at Sackett's Har- bour, on Lake Ontario, enabled them to send out 011 the 10th instant, seven sail of armed vessels, manned by the crew of one of the American frigates, and commanded by some of their naval officers, having on board a considerable detach- ment of troops for the purpose of carrying th . port of Kingston by surprise, and « f destroying his Majesty's ship Royal George, then lying there " I liave much satisfaction in reporting to your I. nrdship, that the vigilance and military skill of Colonel Vincent, who is in command at Kingston, frustrated their designs, and after many hours of in- effectual cannonade, the Americau flotilla hauled off, and on the following day returned into port; 1 have also the honour to report to your Lordship, that having received information of the advance of the enemy with their whole force of regulars and Militia encamped at Pittsburgh, from that place to the village at Champlain, about six miles from the province line, with the avowed purpose of penetrating into this frontier. I directed the brigade of troops at Montreal, consisting of two companies of the royals, seven companies of the 8th, or King's, four companies of the Montreal volunteer militia, and the 5th battalion of the embodied Canadian militia, with one troop of volunteer cavalry, and a brigade of light artillery the whole under the command of Colonel Baylies, to cross the St. Lawrence, and advance to the support of Major- General De Rottenburgh, whose front was threatened by this movement of the enemy ; the troops crossed with uncommon expe dition on the evening of Thursday lust, the 19th instant, and reached La Prairie that night. " I am happy to inform your Lordship that • tumediately upon the Sarin being given that the ' » my were advancing, the sedentary militia ,,' fed in from all quarters with a zeal and ji'ty which I cannot too much praise, and which .1,,' tires me that I shall derive essential assistance irom them when the occasion shall require it. " The enemy, since the advance ta Cbamplain have made several reconnoissances beyond the lines into the province; one in particular, on the night of the 19th, with a detachment of cavalry and a body of about 1,000 of their regular in fantry, the whole under the command of Lieut.- Colonel Pike, who is esteemed in the United States an able officer, but falling in unexpectedly with a small party of voyageurs and Indians, one of our advanced pickets, by whom they were fired upon, they were thrown into the greatest confusion, and commenced a fire upon each other, which was attended with a loss of about fifty of their men in killed and wounded, when they were dispersed. Our picket made . good their retreat unmolested, and without a man being hurt. By several deserters, who have since come in to us; and some of whom are of the reconnoitring party we have ascertained their loss, and that but • mall proportion of the militia accompanied tbem that night to the lines; the others having waverei' ' ' oecting advancing beyond them." '' he second, dated La Prairie, Nov. 28, 1812 , " Since my last report to your Lords!.) {- '. n » (' hatnhly, the- vigour of the enemy's opera tWns against Lower Canada has gradually de dined, and terminated on the 22d, at noon, in complete retreat, which was effected in two div ' sions on that and the following day, upon Platts- burgh, Burliinton, and Albany; at which places. I am informed, they propose to take, up their winter quarters." The third is d ited* Quchec, Dec. 17, 1812, and states that Sir George had just received, by ex- press, dispatches from Major- General Sheaffe, commanding in Upper Canada, " containing a report of another attack made bv the enemy, on the 28th ult. upon the Niagara fcontier, between ilie posts of Chippawa and Fort Erie, which I - have the satisfaction of announcing to have been repulsed in a manner highly creditable to his Ma- jesty's arms, and the militia employed upon the occasion, with trifling loss. The enemy lias suf- fered considerably in killed and wounded; and tine captain ( King) and thirty- eight men were taken prisoners. I have to lament that Lieut. Kiiis: of the royal artillery, and Lieut. Lamont of the 49th regiment, have been wounded severely; the former fell into the hands of the enemy, but, I trust, will have been released." Return of killed, wounded, and missing of the following corps of the division of the army serving in Upper Canada, under the command of Major- Oeueral Shetiffe, in an affair with the enemy on ihe 21st and 28th of November, 1812. General total— 1 serjeant, 16 rank and file, killed; 1 ' captain, 3 lieutenants, 4 serjeants, 39 rank and file, wounded; 3 drummers, ' 2 rank and file, missing. - fcThisOarettelikewi. se contains official comtati- • '• iVtuion of Lord VVhitworth's appointment as ;. fird of his Majesty's Bedchamber— of the Mar- ' lis of Buckingham fifing sworn in Lord Lieu- tenant of ihe County of Buckingham- - of the Marquis of Wellington, at a Chapter held at Carlton- Ifouse, March 4, being elected a Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter— of Admiral Sir . T. C. Berkeley, and Major- General Sir James Leith receiving the honour of Knight- hood and Investiture of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath— and of the Prince Regent directing that the corps of Royal Military Artificers and Labourers be hereafter called the corps of lloval Sappers and Miners. Bulletin shewn yesterday at St. James's Palace : — TVinisbr Castle, March 6.— HisMnjesty, since the last report, hits been generally tranquil; but Tatlier less so during- the Inst week.— II. Halford, 11. BitiUie, W. jieberden, J. Willis, R. Willis." This morning two Gotteyburgh mails arrived, by v l'; ch have been received a Journal of the ope- rat'n . is of the Russian arinv, from the 20th ot January ( the date to which Lord Cathcart's last .. dispatches brought accounts), to the 30th of the same month. A cordon of light troops, under ( Jen. Platoff, has been drawn round Dautzic, in irder to cut off all communication with that city. !') ie Austrians, under the Prince of Schwart- { eribcrg, and Ilegnier's corps, continued to retire ns'tie Russians advanced. The Austrians were cfirvrting their march towards Pultusk. The town o" Brombere, with considerable magazines, had fiilen into the hands of the Russians, who were e. er where bailed as deliverers. The inhabitants " of Warsaw were in anxious expectation of their arrival. According tri the latest accounts, the voad- qimrters of the Emperor Alexander were at w'llen^ erg. Tl'e advices received from Gottenburgh are to the 7411.1 ult. They advert to a rumour which has 1 en some time in circulation, of a proposition ' laving been made by the Emperor Alexander for ... wgdew to take possession of Norway, which Russia was to guarantee to her, and it is now Said that the King of Denmark has offered to break his alliance with France, provided this offensive guarantee be withdrawn. The exchange between Hamburgh and London continues to improve in favour of the lausr. I' A letter from Gottenburgh of the 21st says," A messenger from the Austrian Court will proceed by the packet to I' ngland, with proposals of peace to your Government. It is said, that the Emperor of Austria is determined to have a peace on the same footing as the treaty of Luneville, iu 1801, and will join against such power as will not accede to his proposals." The treaty of Luneville gave her Istria, Dalmatia, the Venetian Isles, the City of Venice, the Canals, and the country included between the hereditary Stales of the Emperor, the Adriatic Sea, arid the Adige, from its leaving the Tyrol to the mouth of the said sea. The German Princes on the right bank of the Rhine remained untouched. There was no consideration of the Rhine. Now, can it be supposed, Bonaparte will accede to this demand on the part of Austria? A Letter from Vienna of the 18th ult. says, " Prince Schwartzenberghas arrived here from the army, on his way to Paris, as Ambassador Extra ordinary to that Court. I he Austrian troops now form the right of the French Grand Army, and keep open the communications with the Viceroy. A great number of troops from the interior are expected at Magdeburg. A report is prevalent here that Count Otto and another distinguished character will soon take their departure for England." The following bulletin was issued yesterday:— Foreign- Office, March 8.—" This morning a Mes- senger arrived at the Foreign- Office, Dnwning- street, with important dispatches from Russia for Government, stating, aiming other important intelli- gence, that the [ lanes had railed ill their ships that were annoying our trade; and have shut out of their ports all tile French privateers. Another Messenger, who sailed before the for- mer, is also on the road with dispatches for Govern- ment ; the full contents of these dispatches have not yet transpired." All the Prussian ports, those occupied bv the French excepted, are open to the ships of this country, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, and it is said a commercial treaty has been concluded between the Courts of Stockholm and London. The Berlin Gazette of ihe 9; h, announces that " Baron Wessenberg, Austrian Minister to the Court of Munich, whom his Master has recalled, is going to London, charged on the part of his Sove- reign to make propositions of peace to the British Government." It is added that another Minister, formerly attached to the Austrian Legation at the Court of St. Petersburg, is going upon a similar mission to the head quarters of his Majesty the Emperor Alexander." By the last accounts from Berlin, the Russians were not far distant, and were anxiously wished for. Warsaw is said to have surrendered on the 6th ult. an event that was to be expected, for Miloradovicli was on the 26th January at Prastuitz, not more than 20 leagues distant. Thorn is said to have been taken by Gen. Woroneow. This morning arrived Lisbon papers to the 23d ult. They contain nothing of importance from the army. The number of French in the Peninsula is estimated at 117,000 men. The French, after making a requisition of corn and money in San- tander, evacuated that town on the 1st ult. and marched towards Reinosa. The head- quarters of Soult are said to have been transferred from Toledo to campo de Criptana. The death of Joel Barlow is at length confirmed beyond all manner of doubt. The Journal de I'aris, after a brief summary of his life, concludes with saying, " Motives of high importance called him in October last to Wilna, on his return from which city he was suddenly carried off by a de- fluxion on the lungs at Zarnovice, near Cracow. New York Papers to the 31st of January have been received in town. They furnish intelligence from Washington to the 24th of that month, fin the 15th, in the House of Representatives, Mr. Pickens submitted a Resolution, proposing an amendment upon the Constitution, with regard to the election of Electors for the President and Vice- President. The Resolution was referred to a committee of the whole House. A Resolution proposed by Mr. Condett, " that the committee on Military Affairs be instructed to report a Bill, authorising an increase of bounty ou enlistments in the army of the United States," was negatived by 44 t- o 43. On the 20lh a confidential message was received from the President, upon which a discussion, with closed doors, took place on that and the following day. According to letters from Washington, this message was accompanied with voluminous documents, and was genei ally believed to relate to the negociation with France, which it was rumoured had taken an unfavourable turn, n compliance with a Resolution of the Senate, a document had been laid before them ; establishing, as is pretended, the fact, that the number of foreign seamen, of all nations, naturalized in the United States since the year 179( 5, amounted only to 1580. The Legislature of Virginia had passed aw, that slaves purchased hereafter shall not be admissible into thatState. From Private letters of authority, it is learned that of 13,000 Wurtemherg troops, only 300, chiefly officers, are remaining. Of 37,000 Bavari- ans, only 4000 are in existence. The regiments of" the Grand Duke of Frankfort, which consisted of 2,000 men, are reduced to about 70 privates, and a few officers, who had rrrived at Konigsbetg. The Saxon infantry has been partly saved, not having gone to Moscow; but the cavalry ( three regiments of dragoons), under Gen. Kielman, has been entirely destroyed. The French have trans- ferred their head- quarters to Frankfurt on " the Oder. The Prussians every where co- operate wjth the Russians, and it is reported that D'Yorck is to have the command of 70,000 men, and that 40,000 are raising in Silesia. A letter from Fiance, received this morning, states, that a Mr. Lee had been requested by the French Government to act as Minister for the United States, in consequence of the death of Joel Barlow, but had refused, until he should receive instructions from the American Government. Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales took an airing yesterday in her carriage in the Parks, when she was overtaken by the Princess of Wales. The two carriages immediately drew up alongside each other, and a conversation com- menced, and continued about ten minutes. A man, of the name of Kent, of a respectable appearance, has for some time past been very troublesome at the Treasury, and at Mr. Vatisit- tart's in Downing- street, on account of some claims which he says he has upon Government. On Thursday evening he was at Mr. Vansittart's house, and insisted upon seeing that Gentleman: his business not being of a nature that Mr. V. had any thing to do with, he declined seeing him; in consequence of which, he behaved in a very out- rageous manner, and broke the windows with a stick. He was seized by the servants, who fcave him into the custody of the sentinel at the door of the Foreign Office, who kept him till the arrival of a Bow- street officer. JPedestrianism.— Mr. Yeoman, who undertook to go 360 miles in six: days, completed his task at eleven o'clock oil Saturday night, six miles from Ba- singstoke: lie was reduced I wo stone by the under- taking, his legs were inucli swollen, and fie was altogether in a deplorable state ; nothing but deter- mined resolution could have enabled him to will the match; he was 10 hours doing 47 miles the last day. MESSRS. GI respectfully Notice to Debtors and Creditors. ALL Persons who are indebted to the. lute FRANCIS CROOK R, of RUGBY. in the County of Warwick, Plumber and Glazier, are- j desired forthwith to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Robert Crooke. of Rugby aforesaid ( the sole Executor). — And all Persons who have any De- mands on the Estate and Effects of the said Francis Crooke, are required to send an Account thereof I above Business, without Delay, either to the said Robert Crooke, or to Messrs. Caldecott & Benn, Solicitors, in Rugby aforesaid. Rugb,!, 4th March, 1813. To Stone- Masons and others. MOULTUN - PARK STONE. RE F. N & FITZHUGH most pectfully inform their Friends and the Public in general, that they have declined the STONE BUSINESS in Favour of Mr. GF. ORGE WHITING, whom they hope will be favoured with the Orders and Support of their Friends in the BiiinsH PAINT MANUFACTORY, 41, LONDON- WALL, opposite BETIILEM, LONDON. MPENETRABL'E PAINTS, for Park Failing, Weather Boarding, and Outside Work nf every Description. Invisible Green, per Cwt. 56s. Dark Olive Green . 70s. Bright Olive Green 112s. Black Paint SSs. Yellow Paint 56s. Chocolate 50s. Stone Colour, pet Cwt 58s. I. ead or Salt Colour 56s White Paint 53s. Light Blue 80s Red Paint.., 40s. Sec. Sic. Prepared Oil to thin the above for Use, 5s. per Gallon. Linseed Oil, per Gallon 5s. Sd. Turpentine „ l$ s. Od. Best White Lead, per CtW.. 5Ss. fld. Second Ditto 52s, Od. The Impenetrable! Paints are very Ornamental, GEORGE WHITING HAVING taken and entered upon the STONE QTMRRIF. S, at MOUI. TOS- PAHK, in the Parisli of Kingsthorpe, near Northampton, of Messrs. GREEN & FiTzftUGii, begs Leave to solicit the Favours of his Friends and the Public in general ; and hopes, by Attention to Business, to be enabled to serve them with all Sorts of PAVING STONES, - CHIMNEY- PIECES, & c, & C. N. B. All Orders sent to Charles W hiting, Duston; John Whiting, Statuary, Northampton; or to George Whiting and Thomas Fitzhugh, at the Quarries ; will be thankfully received and punc- tually executed. Kingsthorpe, March 5th, 1813. lioherts's Medicated Vegetable, 1 Voter. " g- yCEY,- SUTTON -&. SMITIISON respect- fully inform their friends and the Public, that they have just received a fre- li Supply © f this celebrated Medicine, the superior E fficacv of which in the radical Cure of CANCER, SCROPHU1. A or KING'S EVIL, I. E PROSY, SCURVY, and all other SCORBUTIC ERUPTIONS, such as and being ground in Linseed Oil dry in a very short Scald Heads, ulcerated sore Legs, Flushings, pimpled Time; they also possess great Durability, will Faces, & c. has been confirmed by the Experience ot stand in hot Climates, and are a Cure and Preventive many Years. for the Worm and Dry- rot. They are easy of Ap- 1 Sold in Bottles at 6s. and 22s. each, Duty included, plication, and will cover a Surface considerably greater than other Paints UPTON & Co. Oilmen and Colour- Manufac- turers, London tValt, and Kennet TVha f, mo.-> t respectfully offer their Thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, for tjie Patronage with which they have for many Years been honoured and as Advertisements have lately appeared, offering Paints prepared from Fish Oil, under the Till " Impenetrable," they feel it proper to state, that the Paints sold by them are ground in Linseed Oil, I by'the Signs of the COCK, and SUN*. The Cock are very beautiful in Appearance, and are not in consists of a good House, Cellar, Brewhouse, Barn, any Manner whatever prepared from Fish Oil, or Stable, and other Out. buildings. The Sun consists Coal Tar; — a Circumstance sufficient to distinguish a roomy House, Brewhouse, Yard, and Out- them from any others, and particularly from those I buildings. Thorn Quick Sets. To be SOLD, Cheap, UPWARDS of an Hundred Thousand capi- tal THORN SETS.— Enquire at the Plough, Strniton-' Audley, near Bicester, Oxon. To be SOLD by TENDER, - bMIE two well- established PUBLIC- HOUSES, 8. situated in the Town of Buckingham, known Question.— They also Oeg lieave to subjoin the Prices of the Lamp Oils, which are very fine of their Kinds; the Sperm Oil is warranted genuine, and cannot be exceeded in Fineness of Quality at any Price. Genuine Sperm Oil, per Gallon. 8s. 6d. Good Burning Oil 7s. Od. Chamber Oil 5s. 6d. Pale Seal Oil 4s. 6d. Southern Oil 4s. Gd. Common Ditto 3s. Id. ' lenders to be sent, Post- paid, sealed and directed, to WILLIAM CLARK, Royal Oak, Tingewick, on or before the 19th Day of March, 1813. T Virliiuble and extensive Fishery. To be LETT, ' With Possession at Lady- Day next, ' piIH FISHERY of FOTHERINGHAY, ex- is tending tour Miles entirely over the River Nen. — The Waters are abundantly stocked with fine Fish, and the Banks on both Sides afford the greatest Facility of taking them. Further Particulars may be had of Mr. W. BRAD- SHAW, at Fotaerinchay. 2Id February, 1813. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, In May next, •^ HR Great TITHES of the Parish of GOl. D- INGTON, in the County of Bedford; also a D WE LLING- HO US fi, and an excellent BARN and OUT . BUILDINGS, in the Occupation of Messrs. Smithson & Willson; together with about 120 Acres ot MEADOW and ARABLE LAND, in Lots, situate at GOLDINGTON aforesaid, within two Miles ot the Town of Bedford. Further Particulars, and due Notice of the Time and Place ot Sale, will be given, and in the mean Time Information may be had of Messrs. SHEFHARD AoLiNc- roN,& GREGORY, Solicitors, Bedford- Row, London ; and the Premises may be viewed on Ap- plication to the said Mr. SMITHSON. BEDFORDSHIRE. Valuable FREEHOLD PASTCKE, ARABIE, and WOODLANDS, [ MPUOPRIATB TJTU- ES, MID A roirsoN of ine VICARAGE. To lie SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, In One or more Lots, SEVERAL eligible FARMS; consisting of good Farm- Houses, with suitable Out- lSuildings in good Repair, and excellent Pasture, Meadow, and Arable Land, in the Occupation of responsible Tenants, and extensive Woodlands in Hand, amount ing, together, to 1365A. OR. 30P. Part of which is Tithe- free. Also the Advowson and Next P Vicarage, and the Impropriate T 500 Acres ot Land. The principal Part of this Estate lies within a Ring Fence, is capable of very great Improvement, and may be entered upon at Michaelmas next. For Price and Particulars, apply by Letter ( Post- paid), to Messrs. FORSTER, COOKE, and FRERE, Lincoln's- I nn, or to Mr. CUSTANCE, Cambridge. DAVF. NTRY npHIRD SUBSCRIPTION BALL and 1 CARD ASSEMBLY, will be on MONDAY the 15th Instant, at the PEACOCK INN. Resident Non- Subscribers not admitted, ft^" Stewards as usual. To the Debtors and Creditors of Mr. JOSEPH PULLEY, of AMPIHILL, in the County of\ Bedford, Surgeon and Apothecary. WHEREAS the said JOSEPH hath by an Indenture bearing Dat Day of February iastant, assigned ove and Effects to Mr. John N'orthwood, of Maulden, in the said County of Bedford, Mealman, and Mr Vincent Wallis, of the Town of Bedford, in the said County of Bedford, Yeoman, in Trust for the equal Benefit of themselves, and such other Creditors of the said Joseph Pulley, as shall execute the Assignment, on or before the 18th Day of March next; Notice is hereby given, That the said Deed of Assignment, now lies at the Office of Mr. Eagles, Solicitor, Amptliill, for the Signature of the Creditors of the said Joseph Pulley, and that all Persons who shall neglect to execute the same, on or before the said 18th Day of March next, will be excluded the Benefit thereof. — All Persons who stand indebted to the said Joseph Pulley, are requested to pay their respective Debts to the said John Northweod, and Vincent Wallis, or the said Mr. Eagles, on or before the 11th Day of the same Month of March, or Proceedings will be taken to recover the same without further Notice. Ampthitt, Feb. llt/ i, 1813. PUILEY is hereby given, That a Gen ate the 10th' , MeetinS of " he HUNTtNGDONSHI This Estate LV), LUN'TIiIiR CAVALRY is appointed tr OLNEY BRANCH BIBLE SOCIETY. THE Annual Meeting of the OLNEY BRANCH BIBLE SOCIETY will be held Ml the Church, at OI. NEY, on THURSDAY the 18th of MARCH. The Doors of the Church will be opened at Half- after Eleven o'Cluck in the Morning, and the Chair will be taken precisely at Twelve. Huntingdonshire Volunteer Cavalry. ITIPP « „;„ « .„ Ti,.. k - General IRE , , to be held at the GEORGE INN, in HUNTINGDON, OU TUESDAY the 23d Day of MARCH Instant, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, when and where all Persons belonging to the said Corps, are hereby particularly desired to attend on special Bu » inesa relative to the Corps. BEN J. W ELSTEAD, Captain- Commandant. Kimbatton, 2/ 1 March, 1813. N. B. Every Man to appear in Uniform, and to bring with him all his Equipments. A Dinner will he provided, and the Forfeits expended. Final Notice to Debtors and Creditors. ALL Persons indebted to the Estate and Effects of the late- Mr. WILLIAM CORBY, of To WCESTER. Tailor and Salesman, are desired forthwith to settle their Accounts with Mr. J. Willsher, Grocer, or Mr. J. Kirby, Baker, of Towcester, his Executors, otherwise they will be sued for the same without further Notice. Andall Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the said Estate, are desired to send* in their Accounts, in BUCEPHAI. US ( Brother to Benvolio, Bere- order that the same may be discharged, nice, and Boadicca), will Cover at FAWSLEY, | Toiccester. March 5th. 1813. Three Guineas. Towcester, March 5th, 1S13. VANDYKE will Cover this Season, at WAKE- FIELD LODGE, three Miles from Stony- Stratford. — Racing itlares gratis", except the Groom's Fee; all other Mares at Two Guineas each, and Half- a- Guine » the Groom.— VANDYKE was got by Sir Peter, his Dam by Potatoes. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, At the Swan Inn, at Leighton- Buzzard, in the County ot Bedford, on Tuesdav the 4th Day ot May next, at Eleven o'clock, in 95 Lots, ITIE MANOR of DAGNALL, with its S RIGHTS, MEMBERS, and APPURTE NANCES, in the County of I'. uckingham ; and sundry MESSUAGES, FARMS, and LANDS, situate at Dagnall, and in the Parishes of EDLF. S- BOROUCH, EATON- BRAY, LITTLE - G A DDESDEN and STUDIIAM, in the Counties of Buckingham, Bedford, and Hertford. Printed Particulars may be had at the Swan, in Leighton; or of Messrs. STRONG, STILL, & STRONG, Lincoln's- lnn, London, where a l'lau of the Estate mav be seen. Greut- Linford Mansion- House, Manor and Lands, To be L E T T, For a Term of seven Years, with Possession at Lady- Day next, "' f^ IIE MANSION comprises a very desirable I. Residence for a small genteel Family ; con taining eight Bed Chambers, seveial Attics or Servants' Sleeping- Rooms, large Dining Parlour, two Sitting- Rooms, Sludy, Hall, butler's Paniry, large Kitchen, Larder, excellent toomy Wine and Beer Cellars, Scullery, Dairy, Brewhou, se, Wash and Knife House, with other convenient Out- Offices, Stabling for W Horses, Coach- House, large Barn Cow- Hou'e, Piggery, Dog- Kennel, Farm- Yard, large Orchard well planted with choice Fruit- Trees, ex- cellent Kitchen Garden, planted with Standaid and Wall Fruit- Trees, large Lawn, Shrubbery and Plea- sure- Crour. ds tastefully laid out, and delightfully situated, commanding extensive Views of the sur- rounding Country.— I'he Manor, containing 1,700 Acres, which is well stocked with Game, will be Lett with the Premises ; also the Fishery on the River Ouse, about one Mile and a Half, and the same on the Grand Junction Canal for two Miles, which passes through the said Parish, and near the Mansion. With the Premises may be had any Quantity of rich Grazing Meadow and Pasture Land, not exceed- ing 300 Acres, the Whole of which is contigious to the House and Premises.— The Whole forms HAY for DROVERS, & C. DEALERS and others niny be accommo- dated with good HAY for their Cattle, at a reasonable Price, on dry Lair, uext the Turnpike- Road between Bronghton and Woburn. Enquire of Mr. SMITH, at Broughton TolUGatg, near Newport- Pngnell. Howell, Northamptonshire. To be LETT, to a Private Familv, TIiAT commodious Slated HOUSE, e'xcellen, I- Garden, and Premises, a Pump of good Water, & c. late in the Occupation of the Rev. Mr. Woad, and may be entered upon at Lady. Day i ext. For a View of the same, and Particulars, apply to ALEXANDER SWARD; if by Letter, Post. paid. N. B. A good Pew in the Church. Vuluiible Farm at Rashden, in the County of resentation to the I Northampton— Tithe: f, ee and Land- Tax redeemed. I'iihes, extending SOLD by AUCTION, A Thornboraugh, near Buckingham. To be SOLD, MESSUAOE or TENEMENT, with the Out- buildmgs, Yard, Garden, Orchard, and t\ ffo Closes of rich Pasture Land thereto adjoining and lying together, in the Parish of THORN- BOROUGH, in the County of Buckingham, con- taining, by Admeasurement, ISA. 3R. 21P. ( more or less), in tlfe Occupation ot Mr. Benj. . Ridgway. The Premises are Freehold, but subject to ; Annual Corn Kent in Lieu of Vicarial Tithes. Possession may be had on 6th April next. To see the Premises, apply to Mr, Benjamin Ridgway, the Occupier, or to Mr. Wm. Ridgway at tlie Lonb Tree, Thprnborough ; and for further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, to Mr, JOHN KING, Solicitor, at life Offices, either in Buckingham, or Bicester. II KS'iX) N, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, li, j Messrs. I! F, It. It V ^ IIAYWAUD, On Wednesday the 17th of March, 1813, at the Crown Inn, ISrackley, in the County of Northampton, at Two o'clock, AVery compact and valuable INCLOSED ESTATE, Tithe- free, of which immediate Possession may be had; consisting of 175 Acres, more or less, of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, a good Farm - House, convenient Out- buildings and Appurtenancc:, with a Piece of Garden Ground, situate in the Parish of W ESTON, in the County ot Northampton, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Bleek Twenty- eight Acresofthis Fstatein two Inclosures of Meadow and Pasture are Freehold, and . the Re mainder in several Inclosures, including the House a id Garden, is held of the Warden and Fellows of All Souls College. Oxlord, under a Lease for twenty Years, which is usually renewed at the End of every seven. WESTON is distant from Brackley six Miles, Tow cesier seven, and Banbury 10. For a View of the Estate apply to the Tenant, Mr. Bleek. Printed Particulars may be bad 11 Days previous to the Day of Sale, at the principal Inns in the Neigh- bourhood; and iurther Information of Mr. HAY- WARD, Solicitor, Brackley, at whose Office a Plan of the Estate may be seen ; Messrs. LOWES SC COW. BURN. Solicitors, Temple, London; and Messrs. BERRY & HAYWARD, General Agents, Aylesbury. CAPITAL TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At Mrs. Bosworth's, High< ate- House, on Tuesday the 30th Day of March, 1813, R! PIIF, following TIMBER TREES, marked, n standing and growing in the Liberties of C R EA- TON and TEETON, which will be sold together with the Oak Bark, Tops, Stc. in such Lots as miy appear most expedient at the Time of Sale ; consisting ot 31 Fine Urge Oak Trees in Creaton Wood. 10 Ditto Ditto, near Mr. J. Bosworth's House. 16 Elm Ditto, near Ditto. t^ w'u n ? near Ditto. 2 Fine Hollys, > A Quantity of Lime Trees, Ditto, and 10 Birch Trees in Mrs. Bosworth's Garden. 30 Elm Trees upou Mr. John Mallard's Farm, at Tee ton. 15 Oak Ditto, Ditto. The above Timber is well adapted for the different sesof Carpenters, Wheelwrights, and Builders; the Oak and Elm carrying great Lengths, and the Oak Bark being of a most excellent Quality. Mr. JOHN BOSWORIH, of Creaton, will shew the Timber. , , . The Sale to commence at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon. In the beginning of April next, unless sooner dis- posed of by Private Contract of which, as also ot the Time and Place of Sale, in case of no such Disposition, due Notice will be given, 4 Capital FARM- HOUSE, with suitable Barns, Ot Stsbles, Yards, Out- buildings, and Appurte- nances, pleasantly situate in RUSHDEN, in the County of Northampton, adjoining the London Road, with several Cottages thereto belonging ; and together with two convenient Orchards or Homecloses of prime Land also adjoining, containing about six Ac res. Also TWO several PLOTS of very useful and improvable ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, communicating with the said Farm Homestead, con- taining about 120 Acres, conveniently subdivided into six Closes. And also, THREE several CLOSES of exceed- ingly rich PASTURE and MEADOW LAND, lying on the North- Side of and adjoining to the said Turn-| pike- Road leading from Wellingborough to Righam- I errers, and extending from thence to the navigable River Nen, containing together about 56 Acies, all now n the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Edward Wood, or liis Under- tenants, under a Demise from Year to Year. The above is Cooyhold of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Rushden, and pays a Fine ot one Year's Quit Rent ( about £ 3. 5s.) upon Admission. RUSHDEN is situate withinone Mile of the Borough of Higham- Ferrers, 12 Miles of Bedford, and five of Wellingborough. For a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenant; and for further Particular, to the Rev. RICHARD PEARCE, of Husband's- Bosworth, Leicestershire ; or lo Mr. GOODHAI. L, Solicitor, Wellingborough. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CON TRACT, "- J^ wo Closes of very rich GRAZING LAND, t_ adjoining each other, situate and being in W A L- G RA V E, in the County of Northampton, Containing by Estimation 55 Acres, or thereabouts, now in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Drage. Possession may he had at Lady- Day next. Enquire of Messrs. ABBEY & SON, Solicitors, Northampton. Rothioell, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the George Inn, Kettering, in the Month of March iast. unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, AVery valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in . ROTH WELL; consisting of a very good ... ...... . very Homestead and Buildings, in the Town of Kothwell, dt- sirable Situation for any Person who may be in Want and the Allotments to be lett out under ihe lnclosure of the same, and will be found worth their Atten- Act for the great Tithes, which will be situated in tion.— Great- Linford is a pleasant Village within one ' he MOOR FI ELD, adjoining the Harrington andFoxaJl Mile of Newport- Paenell, five from Stony- Straifapl, 1 Roads, ami u, th » • i- rprai- vtcra, r. tarthc Hipsbo- *•-• ' ' rough Pieces; this Possession of which may imma- | diately be had. Particulars will speedily be published, and may be had of Mr. Wm. Plagues, of Husbami's- Bosworth ; of Messrs, Barretts, lalbot, and Turvile, Grsy's- Inn, and of Messrs. Claridgeand Iveson, Pali- Mall, Lon- 15 f: om Northampton, and bi from London The Premises may be viewed after the 12th of this Instant March; and Particulars known of H. A. UTHWATT, Est), at Linford; or of JOHN DAY & SON, Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford, Bucks. N. B. If Application is made by Letter, it is requested the Postage may be paid, or it will nosM" 11; a° d to whom any Person inclined to treat by be fended to. Private Contract may address any Offer. Capital Turnip Land, in Wellingborough. AKELV, BUCKS. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, Io S O L D by AUCTION, By Mr. St'Om, L * THOMAS TiOLDOM, At the Hind Inn,' in Wellingborough, in the Countv Wednesday the 17th Day of March, 1813, be- Thmsday the 25th Day of Tf"^' 0 of fwo and t of Noithampton, on Thursday March, 1813, at Five in the Afternoon, ACLOSE of uncommonly rich and prodn ARABLE LAND, containing 28 Acres, our in the Afternoon, at the Sign of the Greyhound in Akely, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced ; Lot 1. A LL that good old- nccustoined PUBLIC- XJL HOUSE, Brick and Stone- built, known by the Sign ot the GREYHOUND, in AKELY afore- said, now in the Tenure or Occupation of Joseph Osborne, wiih Brewhouse, Blacksmith's Shop, Pent- House, Stable and Pigstjes thereto belonging.-— AIso a large Orchard well stocked with choice Fruit- Trees, and a large Garden adjoining, and a Pump with Well of excellent Water in the Garden ; likewise a COT- TAG E or TE NE ME NT adjoining the Public- House, in the Occupation of John Ludgate, a weekiy Tenant. Lot 2. ACLOSE of very capital O LD SWARD, c mtaining by Estimation two Acres( more o: less), witfj a good Pond of Water therein for Cattle, lying about At ( he Swan Inn, Wellingborough aforesaid, on I - 0 Yards tiom the above Public- House, now in the Thursdav the 18th Day of March, 1813, at Six I Occupation of William Barrett: Possession whereof nctive I in the East Field of W E LI. I N GBt > RO U G H, and in | the Tenure of Mr. James Bc- ile, The Premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, are in a| very high Stale of Cultivation, and are very conveni- ently situaied for the Occupation of Persons residing ill or near Wellingborough. Apply to Mr. ARTHUR LOVELL, at Mear's- Ashby ; or Messrs. HOOSON, Solicitors, Wellingborough An eligible Freehold Estate, at Wellingborough, in the County of Northampton, To be SO L D bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. SFONG, Freehold Estates, Touicester, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By THOMAS HUGHES, At the House of Mr. Wm. Eales, the Nelson's Arms, Public- House, in Towcester, on Wednesday the 17th Day of March, 1813, between the Hours of Four and Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, in Lots, as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, ALL those five several newlv erected capital Brick and Tile built M ESSU AG E S, TE N E- MENTS, or DWELLING- HOUSES, situate and being in the HIGH- STREET, of TOWCESTER aforesaid, at a Place called Jubilee- Row, and near unto a celebrated Well of Water, known by the Name of Blackwell, and which Runs in Front of the BuilJings. To see this Estate, apply to Mr. Tho. Willson, of Towcester, the Proprietor. And also, all that capital and substantially built, newly erected MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or DW El. LI NG- HOUSE ( now used as two Messuages or Tenements), with the Workshops, Yard, Garden, and Out- buildings thereto belonging, situate and b ing in the High. Street of Towcester aforesaid, and at the said place called Jubilee- Row, in the Tenures of Messrs. May. These Premises are entirely new, well finished, and in excellent Condition, and fit for the Reception of a genteel Family, or a Person in Trade. Forfurther Particulars, applyat theOfficeof Mr. LOVELL, Solicitor, in Towcester. o'Clock in the Evening ; CONSISTING of a substantial Stone- built Dwelling- House, situated in the elevated Part of MARKET- STREET, and late in the Occupation or Mr. l. ettice. Surgeon, deceased ; containing a good sized Parlour and Drawing- room, boifi lighted with Bow Windows, and fronting the Street; a Shop Kitchen, and Scullery on the Ground Floor; sixairy Sleeping- Rooms, audtwogood Cellars. A Building conveniently near but distinct from the Dwelling- House, comprising a Brewhouse, a Two- stall Stable. Chaise- House, and roomy Loft over the Whole. An extensive Garden well planted with Fruit Trees, fenced by a lol. ty. Wall and bordering to Market- Street on the North, and Cheese- Lane on the F. ast, is pecu- liarly well calculated tor erecting eligible Dwelling Houses, or appropriating to the Requisites of an extensive Business. Likewise, iu separate Lots, TWO PEWS in the North Gallery of WELLINGBOROUGH CHURCH, in the Occupation ot the late Mr. Lattices' Family. N. B. Possession may be had on or before the first Day of May next. For further Particulars, and . a View of the Pre- mises, apply to THOMAS SANDERSON, of Welling- borough. ^ BISI- I having contracted with Government T. Tickets ( not to be divided as of late Years into two, but numbered from No. 1 to No. 20,000) to be drawn precisely as in the former popular Lotteries previous to the Class System being adopted, which is now done away. He has the Honour to submit the following Scheme, being fully approved ot by the Lords of the Treasury, and peculiarly adapted either to Clubs and Societies, or to Individual Adventurers, for by a Novel Arrangement more than Half of the Tickets and Shares purchased are almost sure to be Prizes, independent of their Chance for all the Capitals. This is a Feature unknown before the present STATE LOTTERY, containing more Prizes than Blanks, SCHEME. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS MARTIN, ( By Order of the Trustees and Executors of Mrs. REBECCA CLAPHAM, deceased), at theGriffin Inn, in Southam, in the County of Warwick, on Friday the 9th Dav of April next, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given) AGood compact and desirable FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE ESTATE, situate in the Parish of SOUTHAM, in the County of Warwick ; consisting of a Farm- House, Yard, Garden, Orchard, Out. buildings, and four Closes of Arable and Pasture Land, containing together 43 Acres or thereabouts, more or less, and now in the Occupation of Mr William Spraggatt, who is under Notice to leave on the 5th Day of April next. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. Richard HARPER, at the Dun Cow, Southam ; and for further Particulars, or to treat for the same, to Mr. ROLLS Solictior, friors- Marstou, near Daventry, 3 of .. .. =£ 20,000 3 ... 10,000 4 ... 2,000 6 ... 1,000 8 500 10 300 15 200 20 100 40 50 50 40 1,000 20 3,000 10 10,159 Prizes 9,841 Blanks. 20,000 Tickets. .=£ 60,000 30,000 8,000 6,0001 4,000 3,000 3,000 2.000I may he had at Lady- Day next. Lot 3. A capital'Brick- built MESSU A G E, stand- ing in the Middle of the Village of AK E LY, nsar to the Church, late in the Tenuieor Occupation of Mrs. Rebecca Brittain, but now divided into Two Tenements, and in the several Occupations ot Thomas Williams and Edward Brittain, with a large Barn and Stable adjoining, and two Pieces of Garden- Ground belonging.— Also a CLOSE of vcrv rich OLD PASTURE adjoining, containing by Estiai ition one Acte and a Half ( more or less), now in the Tenure of the said William Barrett; Possession of this Lot may be also had at Ladv- Day next. Lot 4. .' » COITAGE or TENEMENT, with Wood- Barn adjoining to Lot 3, now in the Tenure or Occupation ot William Caw-. utt. Lot 5. One other COTTAGE or TENEMENT adjoining the last mentioned, with Wood- Barn and large Piece of Garden Ground belonging, in the Oc- cupation ot Thomas Bates. For a view of the Premises, apply to WrLLiAK BARRETT, in Akely ; and for further Particulars, enquire of Mr. MILLER, at his Office in Buck- ingham. jVj OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS i/ N arising at the Toll- Gate on the Turnpike- Road leading from Royston, in the County of Hertford, to Wansford Bridge, in the County of Huntingdon, so far as relates to the Middle Division of th-.* said Road, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, at the COURT- H A I. L, in the said Town of HUNTI NGDOV, on TUESDAY the 23d Day of MARCH next, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reignof his present Majesty King Georgo the Third, For regulating Turnpike- Roads." The above Tolls produced the last Year JT635, above the Expenses of collecting them, and will be put up at that Sum.— Whoever appears to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for at such Times as thev shall direct.— Dated this 16th Day. of February, 1RI3. HENRY SWEETING, Jun. Clerk to the Trustees. A. Part ot the Prizes to be determined as under: The first drawn 1,000 Blanks £ 1[) each. The second dtawn 1,000 Blanks, £) 0 each. Gentleman consulted Mr. Spilsbury, at his Dispensary, 15, Soho- Square, last Summer, having an encrusted Eruption of the pustular Form covering his Hauds, attended with violent Pain, and Swelling of the Glands of the Arm from Irritation. 2,000 I liis Nights were sleepless, and his helpless State ( his a nnn I Hands being useless) rendered this Case in so young a Man distressing. Much of the Virulence had been produced by previous improper Treatment. Being directed to a mild sedative Plan, the aggravated Symptoms gave Way, and tiie Patent. Antiscorbutic Drops restored his~ Hands to their natural State; and he now expresses himself as enjoying abetter State ot Health than the two preceding Years N. B. The Genuine Medicine, Spilsbury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, has the Words, " By the King's Patent," expressed on the Bottles, Bill of Direction, and outside Wrapper, and the King's Duty is printed in black Ink. — In Bottles of Six Shillings— Double, ,000 20,000 30 000 30,000 ^ 200,000 Tickets and Shares are selling at the Contractor's Ten Shillings and Sixpence— and largest One Pound Fortunate Offices, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing- Cross, Two Shillings, Duty included.— Compound Essence: London, and by the following Agents :— .... J. FREEMAN, Bookseller, NORTHAMPTON. J. TURNER, Printer, COVENTRY. Jlcgins Vrawing the 6th of l^ ay next. Eight Shillings. This Medicine is peculiarly successful in Scurvy Gout, Rheumatism, Scrophulous and Bilious Com- plaints. Wednesday and Th ursda y s Posts. LONDON, THURSDAY. March, li. ADanish itian of war, with'a flag nftruce on board is arrived in the Humber. Site brought over a Messenger, who arrived in town last night. The official Accounts received state, that Berlin was enteirf. d on the 19tli ult.— Genera! D'Y- orck, with the Prussian troops under his com- mand, is actually enriployfed in the siege of Dant- sic, in concert with the Russians.— At Hamburgh, the French are employed in packing up their ef- fects. The accounts ' if the flusSian successes had heen received throughout the Austrian territories with the greatest exultrttiofi. A Mail has been received from Heligoland, but it does not supply anv important intelligence. There was, it would appear, a rumour prevalent in the island, founded on the information received through a person who arrived there previous to the sailing of the packet, that the Frejich troops had been withdrawn from Hamburgh. It ' YM11! distinguished jlonmif which vc 1- done ine in electing riie this l> av to To the GcKTibiEN, (" LP. r. r. V, and Fkr; rim DiRi the COUNTY of BUCKINGHAM; ( SENTX- EWE!*, ou have be nne of your Representatives iit Parlifrrhent, demands my nnst grateful Acknowledgments. The Motives to which I attribute this unanimous Mark of your Favour, however roplancholly, cannot but be highly fluttering to me. Accept, Gehfttemi'u, ray sincere Thanks, and my best Wishes that I had more ample • ind active Means than those which I possess to do you Service. 1 have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your most faithful and obedient Servant, THOMAS GLTENVILLT. Aylesbury, 6th March, 1813. scarcely credible that at ' such a moment so im- portant a post would be stripped of its garrison unless under the pressure of an over- ruling neees- sity. Hamburgh has been annexed to France, and so far as the fiat of Bonaparte can avail, js to all intmts and purposes a city of the French empire Were he to abandon it at such a time, it would be the most undeniable evidence of his weakness, and he could not hope to derive as much aid from its garrison as he would necessarily sustain injury from the impression it would make to his disad- vantage. In the event, however, of the Russians having entered Berlin, as stated in the article from F. lsineur brought by the Gotteubgrgli Mail, he would have no alternative but to call in all the troops distantly detached, and to concentrate his force with all possible expedition, for the dernier resort against the approaching downfall of his tottering power. Colonel Neil Campbell is gone on a mission to the North.— The King of Denmark is so much distressed for money, as to be compelled to dispose of his plate. The following is the Letter which was written from the Prince to the Princess of Wales on their separation, with the Answer of her Royal High- ness :— " MADAM— AS Lord Cholmondeley informs me that yon wish I would define in writitlg ( li) the terms upon which v. e are to live, I shall endeavour to explain myself upon that head with as much clearness and as much propriety as the nature of the subject will admit. Our inclinations are not in our power, nor should either of us be held answerable lo the other, because Nature has not made n « suit- able to each other. Tranquil and comfortable • ocielv, however, ia in our power. Let our inter- course, therefore, be restricted to that j and I will distinctly subscribe to the condition ( 6) w hich you Squired through Ladv Cholmondeley, that even in the ei « nt of any accident happening tomy daughter, which I trust Providence will in its mercy avert, I shall not infringe the terms of the restriction, by proposing at anv - period a connection of a more particular uatere. I shall now finally close this disagrerable correspondence, trusting ( hat, as we have completely explained to each other, the rest a! our lives will be past in uninterrupted tran- quillity. " With great truth and sincerity, vour's, " GEORGE P." " Windsor Castle, April 30, 1796." ( a) The substance of this I. etter had been previously conveved in a Message through Lady Chalmondeley to her Royal Highness ; but it was thought by her Royal Highness to be infinitely too important to rest merely upon a verbal com muni cation, a, id there- fore she desired that his Royal Highness'* pleasure • upon it should be eommanicated to her in writing. ( b) Upon the receipt of the message alludpd to in the foregoing note, her Royal Highness, though she had nothing to do but to submit to the arrangement which his Royal Highness should determine upon, • desired it might be understood, that she should Insist that any such arrangement, if once made, should be considered as final; and that his Royal Highnesj° s< should not retain the right, from time to time, at h pleasure, or under anv circumstance, to alter it. ANSWER. " The avowal of your conversation with Lord Cholmondelej, neither surprises nor offends me. tt is merely confirmed what you have tacitly insi- nuated for mis iwelveiaomli. But after iUte, ii would be awantof delicacy, or rather, an unworthy meanness in me, were I to complain of those con- ditions which you impose upon yourself. " I should have returned no answer to your letter, if it had not been conceived iu terms to make it doubtful whether this arrangement proceeds from TOU or from me; nnd yon are aware that the credit of it belongs lo you alone. " The letter which Jou announce to me ns the last, obliges me to communicate to the King, its to my Sovereign, and my Father, both your avowal mid my answer. Y « u will find enclosed the copy of my letter to the King, 1 apprise you of it, that 1 may not incur the slightest reproach of duplicity from you. As I have at this moment no protector but his Majesty, 1 refer myself solely to him upon this subject; and if my conduct meets his appro- bation, I shall be in some degree, at least, con- soled. I retain every sentiment of gratitude for the situation iu which I find myself, as Princess of Wales, enabled by your means to indulge in the free exercise of a viriue dear to my heart— I mean charity. " It w ill be my duly likewise to act upon another motive— that, of giving au example of patience and loignation under every trial. " Do me the justice lo believe that I shall never reuse to pray for your happ^ ess, and to be your mrfch devoted " CAROLINE." 6th of May, 1T9G." On Tuesday night the Catholic Question was again brought forward in a committee, and Mr. Grattan moved the following resolution;—" That with a view to the preservation of the Church and the State, and uniting all classes of his Majesty's subjects, it would be necessary to remove the disabilities which his Majesty's Catholic subjects laboured under, taking care at the same time, to adopt such measures as should secure the safety of ' be Episcopal Church of Great Britain and Ire- land, and the Church of Scotland." T he above Resolution was carried by a majority ot 67, there being for the Resolution 136, against it, 119. When the Claims of the Catholics come to be considered in detail, nnd the Safeguards and securities ricc. essary for the Protestant Establish- ment, ii is greatly - probable that there will be as many different opinions as there are sects. The estimates for the service of the Transport Board amount this year to ^£' 3,800,500. The principal items of this sum are ^' 1,900,000 for t he- hire of transports, supply ot provisions to soldiers on board, & c. and 150,000 for the mainte- nance, clothing, & c. of prisoners of war at home and abroad. OUNDLE ASSOCIATION, a General ileeting of the Subscribers FUN 1) for the more effectually preventing FELONIES and other MISDEMEANORS, within the Town and Neighbourhood of OUN D LE, in tli< » r. niiiKu / if Ntnrthamntnn hplrt t 1 he Tfll \ T ^ CX. to a 1 in til? County of Northampton, held at the Talbot fnn, in Oundle aforesaid, OH the 24th Day of February, 1813, It was ordered. That the Subscribers to this Fund, he requested to pay into the Hands of Mr. Balderston, of Oundle afforesaid, Treasurer, on or before the 27H. Hay of March instant, the Sum of Ten Shillings each for their Subscription for the Year ensuing, and that the several Subscribers who have not made Good any of their former Subscription*, do pay up their Arrears, otherwise the present Year's Subscription cannot he received. JOHN RALDERSTONT, Treasurer, n,, ndle„ Slh March, 1813. fUR ALSTON WAGGON. I Wl'ORTLR & l'ALMER respectfully' S> inform Ih. e Puhtie, that their WAGGcJ * continues to set nit' from Thfapston every Moinfn> Morning and arrives at Cambridge on Tuesday Morning) returns to Godmanchester, Bull Inn. the same Evening, dud from thence on Wednesday through Huntingdon to ThVapstuiLi from thence on Thursday to the Fleece Inn, Northampton, to Blisworth ou Friday, leaves Northampton on Sa- turday Morning, and is at . Thrap> ton in the Evening. Goods forwarded from Northampton by Land and Blisworth by Water, to most Parts nf England and Wales; and from Cambridge to the Counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex, and the Isle of Ely. The Proprietors cannot he accountable for small Parcels of more than Five Pounds Value, unless entered and paid for accordingly.— Packages of Glass, and Leakage from insecure Casks, are entirely at the Risk of the Owner.— Goods lying in the Warehouse seven Days after the Owner has been informed will be charged for Warehouse Room. Loudon Goods deliveted at the Bull Inn, or the Catharine Wheel, Bishopsgate- Street, by Nine o'clock on Saturday Morning will be in Thrapston on Wednesday N iaht.—- Charge, 4s. 6d. per Cwt. By the Public's humble Servants, PORTER & PALMER. N. R. W. PAIMEII goes with the Waggon. N1 VALE OF AYLESIiUKY BANK. Messrs. GRJCE 6F IFOODCOCH'S 8dHKRvrrcr. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, hearing Date the 4th Day August, 181?, awarded and issued forth against THOMAS GRACE, of PRINCE'S-^ ISBOROUGH, in the County of Buckingham, and JOHN SAUN- DERS WOODCOCK, of AYLESBURY, in tli. e said County, and both of the Vale nf Aylesbury Bank, Bankers, and Co- partners, intend to in » et on MONDAY the 5th Day uf APRIL next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, at the COUNTY- HALL. in AYLESBURY, in the Countv of Buckingham, in order to make a Dividend of the separate Estate and Effects of the said Thomas Grace, one of the said Bankrupts ; when find where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend ; and all Claims not then proved n ill be disallowed. OTICE is hereby given, That the next Quarterly Meeting of the Trustees of the Turn pike- Road leading from Old- Stratford, in the County ot Northampton, to Dunchurch, in the County, of Warwick, will be held at the CROWN INN, in Fos TER'S- BOOTH, in the said County of Northampton, on MONDAY the22d Djyot'MASCH instant, at Eleven o'Clock iu the Forenoon; previous to which al Persons' who have any Claims or Demands upon the said Trustees, are desired to deliver an Account thereof to Mr. Benjamin Gurden, of Dodford.— Dated this 8th Day of March, 1813. EDM. BURTON, Clerk to the Trustees. TTIRAPSTON ASSOCIATION, Tor ' ha Prosecution of Felon*, & c. WII F; Rli \ S oh Mtmif- i? Niaht the isi Instant, or eariv on Tuesday Morning, some Person or Persons di I break into a Out- house belonging lo Mr. JOHN A ftHOT, of Cft \ NPORD, in the County of Northampton, ( a Member of this Association,) and stole therefrom a SADDLE and BRIDLE nearly new; th>" Saddle is of a large Size; Maker's flame on both Sides, Botisor, Tbrap- ston, with Spring Bars, and extra funnels ( life Spring Bar on th." near Side new) with polished Stirrups, a Crupper, and while Girths i the Bridle a single Rein Curb, and polished Bit. Whoever will apprehend the Offender or Offen- ders who'committed the above Robbery, shall, no Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUI- NEA S from the Treasurer, and a further Reward of ONE GUI SKA fromthe said John Abbot ; and if more than one were concerned, and w ill impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, shall, on his or their Conviction, be intitled to the above Rewards, and Interest will be made to obtain his Majesty's Pardon. N. B. Several Robberies of this Kind have been lately committed in the Vicinity* « f Thrapston, the Public are requested lo take Notice of any Person who may ofl'er the same fur Sale, particu- larly Gipsies. THOMAS KNIGHT, of Islip, Treasurer. Weed. i- Harracks, Northamptonshire, March fiM, 1813. CONTRACTS FOR ORDNANCE FORAGE. O UCli Persons as fire desirous to contract foi O supplying the ORDNANCE HORSES ia the orth- West and Inland Districts, with FORAGE, for six Months from the ; st of April next, are desired to send in fenders to the Officer Commanding the Royal Artillery at this Place, on or before the 20th Instant. It is expected the Tenders shall express a I'rice - eparately for each Article. of Forage, viz the Oats at : per Hundred, Avoirrfupoi. se; the Hay and Straw at llSlbs. each, instead at per Ration, as heretufore. It will also be specified in the Contract that the Con'ractor shall, when required, supply th- under- mentioned Articles in Lieu of Oats, in the following Proportions, viz. :— f or every lb. of Oats Ditto Ditto Ditto And also, when demanded in S. t bles, in Lieu of Hay To COVER, this Season, At WHITTLE BURY LODGE, near Towcester npRIUMVIR, Grandson both of Eclipse I and Highflyer, at Ten Guineas, and Ten Shil- lings the Groom. Triumvir was got by Volunteer ( Son of Eclipse) out of the Highflyer Mare ( Sister to old Tat) out of Plaything, by Matchem. He is 16 Hands, of vefy large Bone, and superior Action. Farmers' Mares, and Mares which have hunted with the neighbouring Hounds, may be covered ut Three Guineas and Five Shillings. fj. B. The greatest Care taken of the Mares, and only the actual Cost of Keeping charged.' of Bailey lib. of Mali J ditto of Oatmeal l- 3d of Bran lib. | ditto. Green Forage for Horses but in Quantity not to tlf IinnEAS mi Monday Nig'it last, the » » , sni of. Muivh Hist, about Six o'clock in lie Evening, a BOY", who is Deaf and Dumb, WJS ROBBED of a WATCH, between Little- Harrowden and Orlingbury, by a Soldier and two Recruits.— The Soldier was a tall Man, wnh large Whiskers, and dark Complexion, supposed to be a Corporal by the Description the Lad gave ; he was marked w. i: h a Fis+ i on his Rist, and had. a Itin^ on his Finger.— The two Recruits were short Men.— The Watch w as au old- fashioned one, with dark Figures.— Whoever will apprehend the ah. ive-. Mnj), and bring them to Mr. BILLING, Constable, at Great- Harrowden, shall be handsomely rewarded for their Trouble. exceed the Value of Hay allowed for each Horse The Oats also will not be required to weigh more than37lbs. per Bushel, and the Stable Dung will, at the same Time, be considered in the Calculation. To be L E ' f T, And may bs entered on at Laty- Day next, ( With or Without an excellent COLD BATH, and Dieting Rooms adjoining), \ CLOSE OR GARDEN GROUND, WEII * planted with Fruit Trees, situate near SCAR- LET WELL, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Tonsley. Enquire of Mr. COLE, Sheep- StreetL Northampton, T1 HE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, hearing Date the 5th Day of August, 1812. awarded and issued forth against THOMAS GRACE, of PRINCE'S- RISBOROIJOH, in the founty of Buckingham, and JOHN SAUN- DERS WOODCOCK, of AYLESEURY, in the said County, and both of the Vale of Aylesbury Rank, Bankers and Co- partners, intend tn meet on MONDAY the 5th- Day of APRIL next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the COUNTY IIALL, in AYLESBURY, inthe County of Buckingham, in order to make a Dividend of the separate Estate and Effects of the said John Saunders Woodcock, one of the saitl Bankrupt's; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend ; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. V T1 HE Commissioners in a. Commission of Bankrupt, bearing Dale the 5th Day of AnKiist, 1819, awarded nnd issued forth against TIIOM YS GRACE, of PutscE's- RisBoRouGn. in the County of Buckingham, and JOHN SAUN- DERS WOODCOCK, of AYLESBURY, in the said County, and both of the Vale of Aylesbury Bank, Bankers and Co- partners, intended tn meet on MOKOAY the 5th Day of A PRI L next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, at the COUNTY- HALL, in AYLESBURY, in thei County of Buckingham, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Banktupts; when and where the Cre- ditors who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. JOSEPH ROSE. Jlylesburi), March 9th, 1813. N. B. The Times and Manner appointed for PA YMENT of Dividends will be advertised in this Paper. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estate or Effects of PHILIP BOX, late of BUCKINGHAM, in the County of Buck- ingham, Banker, deceased ( in respect of his late Bank or otherwise), are requested forthwith to apply to Mr. John Bartlett, or Mr. John Seeley, ( his Executors) in Buckinghim aforesaid, for Pay- ment and Discharge thereof.— And all Persons now standing indebted to the stiid Estate are hereby required to pay their respective Debts to tile said Executors, on or before the sixth Day of April next. Buckingham, Aih March, 1813. IIODGES'S INSOLVENCY. UCH of the Debtors of Mr. WICK ENS HODGES, of DUNSTABLE, Straw Hat Manu- facturer, who were indebted to him on the 24th Day of November, 1810, when the Assignment of his Estate and Effects was made for the Benefit of his Creditors, and who now remain indebted to the Estate, are. hereby desired to take Notice, that coercive Measures will be taken against all such Persons who shall fail to pay the Debts due from them respectively to the Trustees, Messrs. Basset! & Exton, of Leighton- Blizzard, Bankers, or to Mr. Day, of Wohurn, their Solicitor, on or before the 2d Day of April next; soon after which Day a second and final Dividend will be made, of which due Notice will be given. 12 « March. 1813. To COVER, this Season, 1813. At J. BROMWICH'S, MOULTON, near Northampton, HAT beautiful Chestnut BLOOD HORSE, POPINJAY.— Thorough- b ed Mares, FIVE GUINEAS and a HALF; Half- bred Mares, FFLNI G UIN £ AS. POPINJAY WAS bred by J. Heathcaat, Esq. and was got by Buzzed ; bis Dam by lioudrow, out ot Escape's Dam, by Highflyer; he is Half- Brother to Selim and Uubens ( who are boih now covering at iOgs a Mare), and out of the same Mare as Lord Grosvenor's famous Mare l'lover, who beat Major Wilson's Juniper, ami all the best Horses in England; she was supposed to be the best Mare that ever started at Newmarket, Popinjay is a remarkably well proportioned fine shaped Horse, ot most excellent Temper and Con- stitution, 16 Hands high, with superior large Bone and Strength, free from al! natural Blemishes, and is allowed, by Breeders of Experience, to be as com- plete a Blood Horse as any in the Kingdom. He has of late been covering at General Grosvenor's, at Stocken Hall, near Stamford, where may be seen some as tine Stock as any in the Kingdom, being large, handsome, and full of Bone, and as they have proved themselves good Racers and Hunters, need no Comment.-- He may be seen by applying as above. ( pf* J. B. hopes those Gentlemen who wish to make Use of his Horse, will have no Objection to pay the Money at the Time of Covering; and those Maresthat cometo remain with the Horse till stinted, to pay for tire Covering and Keep before they are taken away. — Grass, Hay, and Corn, at the usual Prices. Popinjay has proved himself a true honest Racer, which~ oiay be seen by the following Performances, at Newmarket. At three Years old.— Second Spring Meeting.— He beat the Duke of Grafton's brown Colt First- Fruits, a. b m. 6!> gj.— He received Forfeit from Mr. Adams's bay Filly Cuckoo, r. m lOOgs. h. f.— Sweepstakes lOOgs. each, h. f. across the Flat. — He received For. teit from Sir II, T. Vane's Colt, by Coriander, and Mr. Ladbroke's Lazarus. — He afterwards beat La- zarus, lOOgs. h. f. — He beat Mr. Windham's Chestnut Colt, by Woodpecker, out of Platina, r. m. 200 Guineas, h. f. At four Years old. — Craven Meeting.— He received SOgs. from Mr. Howorth's Truss, r. m. 200gs. — He beat Mr. Rook's Dick Andrews, r. m. lOOgs. who is now covering at 25gs. a Mare, at Newmarket. — First Spring Meeting, across the Flat.— He received Forfeit from Mr. Cox's Offian, lOOgs.— Sei ond Spring Meeting, May 4 — He beat Mr. Cox's Cocoa Tree, r. m. 20() gs. — May 6. — He beat Mr. Cox's Pet, a b. m. 200gs.— Third OetoberMeeting. — He beat Mr. Wilson's Triumvir, ab. m. lOOgs.— Afterwards an Aecident in Training put an End to his Career. POPJNJAV will be at the Peacock Inn, Northamp- ton, every Saturday during the Seassm, and will be shewn for the first Time there, on the 20thof March; and for once at the following Places, Angel Inn, Har- borough, 23d of March; King's Head, Lutterworth, 25th of March; Crown Inn, Wellingborough, 31st of March; White Horse, Towcester, April 6; Wheat Sheaf Inn, Daventry, April 7th. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAI' the General Annual Meeting of the Trustees, appointe I by Act of Parliament tor repairing the Highways from Old- Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to Dnnchurch, in the County of Warwick, will be held at the WHITE HORSE INN, in TOWCESTER, in the said County ol Northampton, on THURSDAY the 15th Day of AfsiL next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day, for transacting such Matters as shall be then thought necessary tor repairing the said Highways; at which Time and Place the TOLLS arising at the several Tolh- Gates on the said Highways, will be LETT to FARM, by AUCTION to the Best Bidders, between the Hours of Eleven o'Clock in the Fore- noon, and Three o'clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in Manner directed by an Act passed in the 13th Year ot the Reigri of his present Majesty, for ngulaiing Turnpike- Roads ; which said several Tolls were lett in the last Year ( clear of the Salaries for collecting the same) at the respective Sums here inafter- mentioned:— The nid- ftratford Gate ,£ 561 77ie TowetsUr Gate 592 The Stow- Hill Gate, mil/ t the Ticket Gate at Heyford Cane 581 The Drayton Lane. Gate, 581 and will be respectively put up at those Sums, under such Conditions as will be then aad there produced. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must forth- with pay ^ 50 in Advance tor each Gate, and rind Sureties and give Security for I'av- meYit of; the Residue of the Rents at such Time and Times as shall he then agreed upon, between'them and the said Trustees.— And at the same Time and Place new Trustees will be elected and chosen in Stead of such Trustees as shall be then dead. EDM. BURTON, Clerk to the Trustees. Daventry, March LLRI, 1813. To Butchers, Bakers, and others. To he L E T T, And entered upon immediately, AHOUSE, with two Kitchens, a Parlour, and good Cellar, a large Shop, Yard, Garden, Stable, and Barn, situate in LOWER- W E E DON- BE C K, and suitable for any Business that requires Room. Enq uire of Mr. John Lowe, Dodford ; or ol Mrs. Earl, Lower- Weetlon. Grazing Land to Lett. T « he LETT, And Entered upon at old Lady- Day next, ABOUT FORTY ACRES of extremely rich GRAZING LAND, situate in the Ilacs- let of MUSCOTT, near Brockliall. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. Freenvm, Flower. To be SOLD, \ CURRICLE SPRING GIG, lined with * Blue Leather, nnd nearly as good as new with a moveable Head, Brass mounted. Harness complete; with or without an useful Six- year- old HORSE; likewile, a capital HACKNEY MARE. Price of the Gig, Forty Guineas the Horse Thirty- five Guineas; and the Mare, Fifty Guineas For further Particulars, enquire at Highgaie. House; or of the Printers of this Paper; if by Letter, Post- paid, addressed C. E. Aih and Elm Timber? To he SOLD bv AUCTION, By WILLIAM BEKSLEY, On Moud. iv the 15th Day of Maich, 1813, ' jlMIE following TIMBER, now standing, blazed I and numbered, on a. Farm in the Occupation of Mrs. A. Bull, WEEDON- BY- WESTON. in the County of Northampton, viz. S? Ash, 14 Elm, and three Sycamore ; the most Part of the A : h and Syca- more is of a remarkably good Quality, and large Dimensions, The'Companv is requested to meet the Auctioneer on the Farm at Eleven o'Clock, and proceed to Sa'e. N( O Truli/ valuable Live ' and Dead Farming Stock, S( C. 4' C. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By E n IV. SEALE SON, On Tuesday the 16th of March. 1813, on the Pre. mises of Mr. T. WORM LE1G HIO N, of LUT TERWORTH, in the County of Leicester, who quits his Farm at Lady- Day next, Old Style; COMPRISING 30 valuable In- lamb Ewes, Wether and Ewe Tegs, 11 capital ln- calf Dairy Cows, one Cow and Calf, four yearling Calves, two capital In- foal Draught Mares ( five Years old), one , Draught Horse Ditto, thiee Store Pigs, two exceed- ingly good'Narrow- whe^ 1 Waggons, one S x- ineh- whsej Cart, Ploughs,' Harrows, Gearing for three Horses, two Thillers Ditto, five* sorted Ladders, Drags, Rakes, Barn Tackle in general, with numerous other Effects. About It) Tons of exceedingly good Hay ( well gathered), a Quantity of Straw, which may be taken oil the Premi es, and about 80 Acres of Grass Keep- ing, until the 5th Day of April next. The Sale 10 commence at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. N B. The Soundness and well- known Celebrity ot Mr. Wormleightoi/ s Flock of Sheep need no Comment. - 1 THOMAS HULL'S ESTATE. rrHE Creditors of THOMAS HULL, - » Upi'ER- BopOi VGTtis, in the County Northampton, Covv Dealer, who have not already executed ( he Deed nf Assignment, arc requested to do so on or before the 29th Day of March instant, as the Trustees are about to make a first and final Dividend, and such Persons as shall uot have signed tl. e Deed by that Day, will he excluded the Beiicfi of the said Dividend.— By Order of the Trustee", APLIN X SON Banbury, 8th March, 1813. Sale of Oak, Ash, and Elm Timber. To be SOLD, Oil Monday next, the 15th Instant, at the Sign of the Swan, in Preston- Capes, in the. County of North, ainpton, TL1 LF. VEN OAK TIMBER TREES, JCJ 92 ASH Ditto, 14 ELM Ditto, in Lots, blazed and numbered, and standing in the Parish of PR ESTO N. C A PES aforesaid, of prime Quality, and lari; e Size, several flom one to two Hundred Feet Meetings. And on Tuesday following, the 15th Instant, at the Sign of the Windmill, in Badbv, A large Quantity ot capital ASH and ELM TIM- BE R TREES, ot the above Description, and equal in Regard to Size, Quality, & c. standing in the Parish of FAWSLEY. About 80 Lots of UNDERWOOD to be sold each Day. For other Particulars, enquire at the Places ot Sale. To be SOLD by A U CT 1 O N, 7? y Ab. CHENEY, On Thursday the 18th Day of March, 1813, upon the Premises, atTHORNBY, Northamptonshire, PARI' of the valuable ami useful HOUSE- HOLD- FUR N ITURF, and other E F FECTS, the Properly of Mr. JOHN I'HIPPS; consisting ot Four- post Bedsteads, with morine Furniture; Flock Beds, Oak- Dining, Tea, and Dressing- Tables, Maho- gany Tea- Table and Tea- Boards, stained and commoQ Chairs, Brass and Iron Pots and Kettles, Cheese- Press, Pewter Plates, and Culinary Articles in Tin, Brass, Copper, Sec.. ; a Gun, Kitchen and llath Stove. Grates, Fenders, Smoothing- irons, Brass Can- dlestick', Fire- irons in general, and other Kitchen Requisites ; a large Assortment of Earthenware and Classes, Rakes, Forks, Shovels, Cutting- Knives and Scythes, and sundry Lots of Farming- Utensils, liarn- Tackle, tec. & c. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock exactly. Turnpike Tolls to l. ett. OITCF. is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from BIGGLESWADE, in the County of BED- FORD, to A LCONBU R Y- H L LL, in the County of HUNTINGDON, is. appointed to be held at the FALC& N INN, in. S. AIN. r Nr. ors, in the County of Huntingdon, on WEDNESDAY the FOURTEENTH Day ot APRIL next, at Tweiveo'CIock, when the TO LLS arising at the three several Turnpike- Gates on the said Roads called BIGGLESWADS- GA? E, TEMSFORD- GATE, and SOUTHOE. CATS. VIII be LETT by AUCTION, TO theBe^ t Bidder or Bidders, either together or sepa- rately, for the Term of one, two, or three Years, as the Trustees then present shall direct, to commence from the first Day of July next, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King Gcorce the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike- Roads:" which Tolls are now lett at the Annual Rent of two Thousand four Hundred and Sixty Pounds, clear of all Chirges of collect far them, and were pot up at that Sum, at a Meeting of the Trustees, held the seventeenth Day of February last ; but no Person appearing, to bid for the same, it was ordered by the said Trustees, that the same should be put up at their next Mie ing, at such Sum or Sums as should be then agreed upon. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the said Trusters, for Payment of the Rent ot Rents agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct ; and such Bidder Bidders will be required to pay one Month's Rent in Advance at the Commencement of the Term. J. WELLS, Cleik to the trustees. Eynesburj, St Nea/ s, 8th of March,' 1813. Freehold Estate. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, % WILLIAM BKESLEY, On Mouday the 22d Day of March, Id 13, at the Rose and Crown Inn, B> field, in the County of Northampton, precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, on such Conditions as will be then and there produced, ASubstantial Stone- built DWELLING- HOUSE and Appurtenances thereto belonging, late in the Occupation of Mr. TJones, of BY I- 1 ELD aforesaid ; comprising two Parlours, large Kitchen, good Cellar, and three comfortable Sleeping- Rooms', Barn, Pigsties, capital Pump and'excellent Well of Water, and other Conveniences ; spacious Garden, well. planted wi- thchoiceFruit- Xrees, surrounded with S'one Wall. The above Premises have been lately fitted up in g meet Style, and are a desirable Situation either tor a Tr « desrnan, a genteel Family, or a Person retiring from Business. Also, a TENEMENT near the above, in good Repair. BVrtEtD is situated an easy Distance from the Capital Market- T © wns of Banbury and Daventry, and the Turnpike- Road liea through the same. N It. Immediate Possession of the above Premises may be had. Neat Fu. it Chaises, capital Fost- Horscs, STAR INN, DUNCIIURCH, Warwickshire, To he SOL!) bv AUCTION, By EDW. NEALE 4 SDN, On Tuesday the 23d Day of March, 1813, precisely at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, on thePremi^ es of Mr. WM. SEDGLE'Y, the Star Fnn, in Dun church, who is declining the Posting Business ; COMPRISING two very modern arx! elegant built Post- Chaises, four capital Post- Horses, three ditto Mares, in good Condition, and fit tot immediate Use ; six Sets of exceedingly good Chaise- Harness, Part of it lately new; two long Sets Ditto, four exceedingly good Post- Saddles, Brass mounted. Messrs. Neale solicit the Attendance of their Friends, as the above Horses a'e particularly steady Worker^, and well worth Attention. IIOLLS'S BANKRUPTCY. rlT, nE Commissioners in a Commission of » - Bankrupt, bearing Date the 31st Day October, 1808. awarded and issued t- jrth ago ins RICHARD I. YN DON RO LLS, late of SOUTH « M in ( he County of Warwick, Money- Scrivener, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet . on the 23d Day of March next, at Ten o'Clock in the Fore- noon, at the Warwick Arms Inn, in the Borough of Warwick, in order to make a further and final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt ; when and where the Creditors, w. iio have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or tliey will be ex- cluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; and alt Claims not then proved will be disallowed. THOMAS TIDMAS, Solicitor to the Commission. Warwick, 8th March, 1813. KLK1NGTON ' S BAN ICRU PTCY. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and sued forth against JOHN F. LKINGTON, late of ItoonY, in the Cnuqtj of Warwick, Carpenter anil Joiner, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Com- missioners iu the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on Wednesday the ' 24th, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, nnd Thursday the 25th of March inst. and Saturday the 24th Day of April next, at lileven o'clock in the Forenoon, on encli of I he said last mentioned Days, at the Spread Eagle Inn, in Riighy aforesaid, and make a full Disenvery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects, when and w here the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees-, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish Ilis Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his. Fiffecls are not to pay or deliver tile same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but. give Notice to Messrs. Iviiuierley, Long, & Austen, Solicitors, Gray's Inn, London, or to Messrs. Caldecott & Benn, Solicitors, Rugby. llugyy) GIU Maixk, 1813. ' To Coach Proprietors, Innkeepers, 4' C- To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. HOLLOW AY, On the Premises of Mr. DANIEL HAMSHAW, at BOWDEN INN, near Market- Harboroujh, in the County of Leicester, on Thursday the 18th of this current March, 1813, I^ IGHT very capital COACH HORSES, full .- i of Bone, very active, and in high Condition, fit tor immediate Use, have proved themselves, and will be found worthy on Inspection; likewise, an active stout ROAD HORSE, and an useful CAR T MARE; also two Sets of COACH HARNESS complete, in high Preservation. At the same Time to be disposed of, that very noted STALLION, NED, late the Property of His Grace the Duke of Rutland. He is ot a dark brown Colour, black l egs, rising seven Years old, stands fifteen Hands two Inches and a Half high, full of Bone, good tempered, and free from all natural Blemishes.. NED was got by Teddy tile Grinder, Dam by Pre- cipitate, Grandam by Woodpecker, great Grandam E verlasting, by Eclipse, great great Gran JamTlyaina, by Snap, out of Miss Belsea, by Regulus. Ned is Brother to Discount. — Everlasting was the Dam ol Skyscraper, Goldfinch, Topgallant, Leviathan, Brown George, and Lazarus. At three Years old Ned beat Mr. Lloyd's Fun, the Ab. Mile IOOgs. \ at tour Years old he beat Genera! Grosvenor's Trump across the Flat 59gs ; a Sweep- stakes of SOgs. each, first three Miles of the B. C. beating Weaver and Hylas: at Warwick he won the ^ 50 for all Ages, b° ating Prisoner, Wbitenose, and Doubtful. And the same Year, at Leicester, he ran four capital Heats against Hylas ami Viper, and the last was allowed a dead Heat. — l ot the Truth of this see the Racing Calendar. ( PIT The Auctioneer flatters himself, that aftei stating the above Pedigree of that very valuable Stallion, Ned, nofurther Comment from him will be deemed necessary ; he hopes to have the Pleasure of meeting the Company to proceed to the Sale of this very Capital Stock, precisely at Twelve o'Clock. ' The abovementioned Horses and Harness may be in- spected three Days previous to the Sale. A ' cut Household- Furniture, Flute, Linen, China, Prints, 4' C. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, /)* SAMUEL DUDLEY, On Monday the 5th Day of April, 1813. on the Premises of Mr. GUNN, at PADBURY, in the County of Buckingham, who is going to reside in a distant County ; rjpHE FUKNITUItE comprises Four- post 1. Mahogany and other Bedsteads, with Dimity and Check Furnitures; Feather- Beds, Bolsters; and Pillows, Mattresses, Counterpanes, Quilts, Blan- kets, Sheets, and Table- Rinen ;" Mahogany Chests of Drawers, Dining, Card, and round Tables, Pier and Swing Looking- Glasses, excellent Time- Piece, and Eight- day Clock, in Mahogany Case ; a Harpsichord ( by Burttiburh}, with a Number of Books on various Subjects; four Mahogany Chairs, and two Elbow Ditto, Chamber and other Chairs, Dinner- Tray, Knife- Case, and Tea- Boards; Floor, Bedside, and Staircase Carpeting, Hearth- Rugs, and Fire- irons; a large Iron Chest, four capital Prints, glazed and Gilt Frames, with a Number of smaller Ditto; Quantity of Plate, fine old China and Glass, Earthen- ware, Sec. ; an Assortment of Kitchen- Requisites, in Copper, Brass, and Tin; Brewing. Copper and Mash- Vat, several Iron- bound Hogsheads, Half- Hogsheads, smaller Casks and Tubs, with a Variety of other Effects, which will appear in Catalogues, and may be had six Days previous to the Sale, at the White Hart, Buckingham ; Place of ' Sale ; and of the Auctioned, Winslow. The Sab will begin at Eleven o'Clock precisely, as the Whole will be sold in one Day, if possible; Elegant modern Household- Furniture, Library, China, Plate, and other Effects, To be SOLD by AUCTION, lit/ Mr. P1ERSON, On the Premises, at the RECTORY HOUSE, SH, EL; TON, Bedfordshire, oa Tuesday the 16th Day ot March, and two following Days ; COMPRISING very handsome Bedsteads, with rich Furnitures,; Feather- Beds, Blankets, Mat- tresses, and Counterpanes; Mahogany Dining and other Tables, Chairs, Sofa, Carpets, Pier and Swing Glasses, a good Barrel- Orgiw ( by Lorrgman), German Flute,. Patent Mangle, Quantity of elegant Plate, Kitcheh- Requisites, anda treat Variety of other valu- able and useful Effects — The Library, of nearly 8011 Volumes, contains. Classical, Religious, and modern Publications, Universal Magazine from 1747 to 1800, 107 Volumes; Encyclopaedia Perthensis, 23 Volumes; Humphrie's Holy Bible, with Notes, Commentaries, and handsome Copper- Plate Engravings, 3 Vols. Folio, Carey's Atlas of Counties, Robertson's Works, II Volumes, Bum's and Williams's Justice; . id many choice and valuable Works, which are for the most Part handsomelv bound, gilt, and lettered*, and in a high State of Preservation. Also, a Cock of capital Hay. handsome Hacknev and Gig Horse, Cow, Sheep, and sundry oilier useful Implements, Garcien- Tools, & c. See. The Books, Longman's Capital Hand- Orean; and a valuable German Flute will be sold on Tuesday the 16th of Ma'ch, and the Hon ehold- Furniture and other Effects, on the two following '^ ays. The House will be open forlnspection on Saturday the 13th, and Monday the 15th of March ; and the Sale will commence each Morning at Ten ' oClock. Catalogues will be ready for Delivery ten Days previousto the Sale, and may be lnd at the principal Inns Kimbolton and Hisdiam- Ferrers; Swan, Bedford; Hoop, Cambridge, and qf Mr. Pierson, General Agent, Kimbolton. To'be'SOLD bv AUCTION, By R. SF E. BLA- BT, On Thursday the 18th of March instant, on the Pre- mises, at SROCKHALL, near Northampton and Daventty, t LL ihe modern, genteel UOUSEHOLD- TUB- < 3 Nf fURE, FARMING. IMPLEMENTS, and sundry" EFFECl'S of Vit. MARRIOTT, who is Uoing to re ide in a distant County; comprising a litge handsome Mahogany Dining- Table, a Ditto with circular Ends ( t'ie two- may be added together to form one large l. ablej'; other Mahogany and Oak Dining, Pembroke, Card. Claw, aid Dressing. Tables, Mahogany Sideboa'd ( beautiful Wood).; Ditto Chests of Drawers, Ditto Bureau, Ditto modern liair-$ eat " Chairs, w th Elbows to correspond; modern Mahogany Hair- stuffed Sofa, Pier and Swing- Glasses, several wets of Bamboo and other Chairs, modern Glass Vace Hall- l. amp. Eight day Clock in an Oak Ca e, an elegant Dinner Service ot Wedgwood's Ware, c unple'e ; a Supper- Tray complete, arid a Quantity ot excellent Earthenware; japanned Plate Warmer P late - Basket, Winner and other Trays. Knives apd Forks, a handsome nlated Table- Cross, With a Lamp, Ditto Castor and Toast. Rack; a gen- teel Assortment of cut and other Glass Ware, very handsome Ted- Urns with Patent Cock's j Feather and Hlock- Beds, Bedsteads and Furnitures, Mattresses ; large ami small Copper and Iron Boilers, Kettles and Saucepans, Rarheir and Kitchen Fits- Irons, with Kitchen-' Ueqjtsites and Culinary in general; about live Dozen ol stout bottled Potter, sweet 1 ron- bounji Barrels, Mash. Tub and other Tubs and Buckets. Two- doa<* n Ba'tfCl- Churn, M Ik- Tins, stout Market- Cart; double and single Ploughs, nearly new; several' S- heet and Seed- Harrows, Rakes, Forks, a Quantity of Fagots, and a great Variety of othet useful Articles; alsoone I n- cal f Cow. rear I v calving ; one Barren Ditto, and 48 Ewe and Wether Tegs, in l ots. The Whole of the Furniture has been new within tlte last three Years. The Favour of the Company is requested early, a< the Sale will begin exactly at Pen o'Clock. on Ac- count of the slumber of Lots, the Whole being to be sold in one Day. To Freehold Estate, Ellington, Hunts. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. PIERSON, On Friday the 2d Day of April, 1813, at the George Inn, in Kimbolton, between the Hours of Four and Six in the Afternoon, A Ll that desirable CLOSE of rich PASTURE .' * LAND, known bv the Name of Wigl « nd or Grove Close, situated in the Parish of ELLING- TON, containing by Survey, two Acres and a Half, now iu the Occupation ofMr. Joice, as Tenant at Will The above Estate is Tithe- lree, and Land- Tax redeemed. For a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenant ; and for Particulars, to Mr. PIER'SON, Kimbolton. To be SOL I> by AUCTIU N, By R. JARVtS, On the Premises of the late GEORGE THOMAS Esq. at URACKLEY, in the County of North- ampton, on Monday, ' Tuesday, and Wednesday, the ? 9th, 3' th, and 31st Days ofMa'ch, 1813, I'TPWARDSof 500 Lots of valuable IIOUSE- vj HOLD. FURNITURE, and other E F F E C t S ; comprising Four- post Mahogany and other Bedsteads, arrayed in Dimity, Chintz and Needle- Work Fur- nitures; bordered Goose and other Feather- Beds, Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts, Counterpanes, Linen, Books, some Paintings, China and Glass, Blue- and- whire Table- Service, double and sii^ gle Chests ol Drawers, Bureaus and Bookcases, inlaid Cabinet, Pier and Dressing- Glasses, Floor and Bedside Car- pets, rich Damask Silk, and other Window- Curtains ; Mahogany Sideboard, Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, four Feet by ten Feet; Card, embroke, and Dressing- Tables, capital Piano- Forte ( by wooJ) ; four Guns, Pistols, silver mounted ; Kight- Day Clocks and Cases, Mahogany Night- Chairs and Tables, Corner and Square Wash- Stands, Trays, Silver and Ivory handled'Knives, and Forks, hand- some plated Candlesticks, Sec. ; Sets of Mahogany and other Chairs; lu: ge Quantity of Pewter and Earthenware, Kitchen and Laundry - Requisites, seasoned Iron- bound Casks, Dairy- Utensils, Silk and other Fishing- Nets, Quantity of Wool, One- horse Chai'- e and Harness, Child's Four- wheel Carriage, seveial Bridles and Saddles, two useful Carts with Gearing, two Sets of Gears, Pair of Harrows, Corn- Bins, Winnowing- Fan, Hurdles, Ladders," Malt- Mill and Screen ; Quantity of Timber, Fagots and Fire- Wood, and Variety of otl- ier Effects, which will be specified in Catalogues, to be had at tfie Inns in Brackley; Swan Inn, Buckingham; Crown inn, Bicester; Saracen's Head fnn, Towcester; and at the Auctioneer's, Banbury. ( pir" May be viewed the Mornings of Sale till Ten o'Clock, at which Time the Auction will commence. To be SOLD by AUCIION, /;,;> II. ff E. HK A [ i V, On Wednesday the 24th of March instant, at the Sign of the White Hart, Weedon- Beck, near Da- ventry, Northamptonshire, in one or more Lois, as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, \ COPYIIOLB PLOT of I AND, of about Half an Acre, with a Dwelling- House, used as a Grocer's Shop, and other Buildings thereon, occupied by Mr. Green ( at Will). These Premises are most commandingly situated upon the Brink of the Grand Junction Canal, join, the great Chester Road to London ami the Royal Depi- t, and within a tew Yards of the Grand June, tion Wharf, at WEE DON aforesaid. This is a truly desirable Situation for Building Warehouses. Sl> eds, or any other Buildings in the Mercantile Line, on Account of its Locality to the said Canal i nd Road. Conditions will appear at the T; meof Sale, which will commence at Thiee o'clock in the Afternoon. Valuable Live and Dead Stock, be SOLI) by AUCTION', % RICHARD SMITH, On Monday and Tuesday, the 22d and 23d Davs ol March, 18I3t on the Premises of Mr. JOHN WEBSTER, at D'E ENE, . near Oundle, North- amptonshire ( who is leaving his Farm), r| MlK following LIVE AND DEAD STOCK ° consisting of s. x fat Oxen, 16 In- calf Cows, 10 ditto Heifers, eight Three- year- old Steers, 11 Two- year- old Heifers, six Two- year- old Steers, 12 yearling Steers, 21 Calves, and two Bulls, which are all of the Leicestershire Breed, and bred from Bulls belonging to Richard Astley, Esq and Cows purchased ot Thomas Princeps, Esq. ; 100 Ewes, lambed and In- lamb, three Rams, and 10 Ewe Lambs ( suffice it to say, this small Flock is selected from Mr. Webster's whole Flock) ; 10 Cart Horses and Mares, a Hackney Mare in Foal, a Two- year- old Blooci Filly, a yearling Blood bay Colt, a yearling Filly, a young Boar, three In- pig Sows, 10 Store Hogs ( all of the real Berkshire Breed); a Timber Draft and Carriage, a Six- inch- wheel Waggon, five Narrow- wheel Waggons ( one nearly new, with Iron Arms), two Six- inch- wheel Carts, two Narrow- wheel Ditto ; a Water- Cart, several Ploughs and Harrows, a Stone Post Hovel with Caps, a lar^ e Spike- Roll, two Wood Ditto, Piece of Timber for a Roll, Twitch and other Drags, several long and short Ladders,- large fencing Trays, Hurdles and Fleaks, Harness for 12 Cart- Horses, Florsf, Cow, ^ nd Sheep Cribs, Hen and Turkey Pens,' Hog Troughs, two Hand Bean Mills, two Winnowing' Machines, Grain Screens, Sieves, Forks, Rakes,. Waggon and Cart Ropes. Sack- ing, and Variety of other Implements of Husbandry. The Live Stock will be sold the first Day's Sale, and the Remainder the second; and the ^ ale will commence punctually at Eleven o'Clock each Day. Catalogues will be ready six DayS previous to the Sale, and may be had at the Printing- Office, Oundle; Falcon Inn, Uppingham; King's Arms Inn, Weldon; White Hart Inn, Kettering; and of the Atjctkmser, Swan Inn, Thra^ stoa. Desirable Copyhold Estates in Geddington. To be SOLD l » y AUCIION, By BRAMPTON % BATES, On Thursday the lath Day of March, 1813, at the House of Mr. Baines, known by the Sign of tht Duke's Arms, in Geddington, in the County of Northampton, about Three o'clock in the Atter. noon, upon such Conditions as will be then and there produced, IN FIVS LOTS, \ LL that PIECE or PARCEL of inclosed r\ ARABLE LAND or GROUND, lying anil being in the Lordship of NEWTON, adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading fiom Gecidin^ ton to Weldon, containing two Acres, be the same more or less. And also, all that ALLOTMENT, PIECE, or PA RCEL of inclosed ARABLE L A N D or G ROUN D, situate, lying and being in the l. ordshi|> of GEDD1NGTQN aforesaid, containing about two Acres, be the same more or kss, which last described: fieceor Parcel of Arable Land or Ground is situate, lying, and being near the Toll- Bar in Geddington aforesaid, late in the Occupation of Sarah Moore, deceased. N A nd also, all those Til R E E several MESSUAGES or TF. N EMENT. S, together with the Yards, Gardens, Oat- houses, and Appurtenances ro the same Premises belongihg, or > n any wise appertaining, one of whict* Messuages or Tenements were Tate in the Tenure or Occupation of Sarah Moore, deceased, and the other two in tl: ie Tenure or Occupation of John Hames and Widow Diar. Possession of the Rents and Profits of the ah- vs Estates may be entered upon at Lady- Day next, the ftth of April, 1813. For further Particulars, and a View of the abow . F'states, apply to Mr. THOMAS DAINTY, of Ged- dington aforesaid. Fur HEADY MONET. To te SOLI) by A U C T I O N, By BRAMPTONSr BATES, On the Premises, Tate in the Occupation of Mr, SAMUEL ASI1BY, ot GEDDINGTON, in the County of Northampton, Farmer, deceased, on - Thursday the 1st Day ot April next, rspHE following LIVE STOCK, Sic. 1L 7: 1 l. ambhogs, 60 Lambs, 9, Sturks, 2 In- calved Heifers, 4 Steers 6 Yearling Calves, and 1 Foals ; also 1 Nairow- wheel Waggon, and one Ditto Carf. Also a Number of other useful Lots ; consisting of Half Hogsheads and other Bariels, Barrel Churn, & c, & c. ( it Time will permit). Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock in the Morninft. 1' he Creditors of the said Mr. SAMUSL ASHBT, deceased, who have nut already delivered in their Accounts, are particularly requested to deliver n the same before theSth Day ot April next, to the Admi. nistrators, or to EBWATD BATES, of Kettering, in order that the same may be forthwith discharged ; and ail Persons who stand indebted to the said Estate, arc 1 desired to pay their respective Accounts immediately to prevent further Application. V Under a Commission tf Bankrupt. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By BROWN 4- SON, On the Premises, on Friday the 19- h Day of March, 1813 ( instead of Tuesday the 16th, as before ad- vertised), LL the LIVE ami DEAD STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, GRAIN in the STRAW, excellent Nag, Gig, and Coach HORSES, large Quantity of MANURE, HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, of Mr. WM. ATTWOOD, Hcr » e- Dealer, at Ecsrow. near Bedford. aBankrupt; comprising very useful Coach, Gig, and Nag Horses, ln- calf Cow; Hovel of Wheat, about- 39 Loads; Ditto of Barlev, about 25 Quarters ; three Bushels of Tares, large Quantity of Manure ; stout Dung- Cart, Plough, Harrows, Roll, Barn- Tackle„ Dairy- Utensils, large Corn- Bin and smaller Ditto,, four good Saddles, Bridles, Horse- Cloths, Forks,. Rakes, ChnlF- Box and Tools, stout Gears and Chains, three- bayed Hovel- Frame, Sec. & « A neat One- horse C H AJ SF. and HA RNESS complete. Hous F. HOLD- FURNITUR E consists of neat Maho- gany Four- post, Tent, Half- tester, and other Bed- steads, with Copper- Plate audother Furnitures, six exceedingly good Goose and oth? r Feather . Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, lilankets. Quilts, and Counter-' panes, Wool Mattresses; neat Mahogany Knee- Hole Dressing Chest of Drawers complete, handsome Urn Dressing- Glasses in Mahogany, liasin-. Stand, & c. ; handsome Mahogany Chamber and Parlour- Cha'us with Hair Seats, and Elbow Dittato match; Kit- chen Ditto, Mahogany Two- leaf Dining, Pillar and Claw, and other fables, exceedingly good Eight, day Clock; neat BrusstTs' Carpet,. 1- 5 Feet by 12 Feet; Hearth- Rug, Fire. lions, frc. ; Chimney- Glass, four Feet by one Foot eijhj Inches, in a neat Gilt Frame ; Pier- Glass, thiee Feet by one Foot eight Inches, in Gilt Frame;, Silver two- handled Cup, Table and Tea- Spoons, China, Glass, & c. ; good Copper Coal Scoop, Wind- up Jack, Brewing and Washing- Coppers, Dairy- Utensils, tiarrtienwaie, and various other Effects. The above Horses are in excellent Condition, and will be found woithy the Attention ot Coach- Pro- prietors and others. ( 3* May be viewed two Day previous and on the Morning of Sale, until Ten o'Clock, when the Sale will commence. Catalogues will be delivered at the Swan, F. lstow ; Cross Keys. AmpthiH ; Swan, Biggleswade; Falcon, St. Neots; White Hart, SheSord ; ihe Townj adjacent, Mr. Webb's Printing- Office,. and of EKOW. N & Son, Auctioneers, Bedford. The Auctioneers tequest the Favour of the Com- pany to attend precisely at Ten o'Clcck, 011 Account j of the Number ol Lots to be sold in cue Day, » t > • K I f £ S T le i- • 11 f- fc- r. o -- i- ir li- lt ' or e- : ir dy lie Ihs of er- : llil ted tmJ the an, or oc > ij> • V : J be< t ite, Ion > « •> ES tns, ises ict » : or her and -, ve ihe love ed- M-. the on . art. „ ' ting mm, . tins. HE,-, their i it lbs dmi- 4 g. i'l I and aru v lately 1 i arriv * 16. PI. E- ( I the ! SE>, ' Itl). WM. itod. . } ibout ' three stout inkle, Jkio, orks, ft Willi, " > lete. i laho. K Bed. b i 6 « er-- Huis I Urn i bails I Kit. find kht, t meat Knot t" hie, land Pro. I the Sale ow ; Icon, cent, rorn- . ount BLUN DELL'S SACRED MUSIC, ( Just published). Musical Instruments, Paper Hangings, Borders, Jewellery, & c. JABF. Lbegs Leave respectfully to inform • I ho Public, that IN* has several PIANO- FORTES, with addition IL Keys, on Sale, or ID lett out oil Hire, amongst which if one in a very beautiful inlaid Case, with Drawers, Pedal, & c. quite new, and a mast delightful Tone, Price only Thirty Guinea*.— A. GRAND PI A VO- PORTE, ( by Stoddart), in excellent Preservation : with so large an Assortment of BASS- VIOLS. TENORS- VIOLINS, ( among which are several old fine- toned Italian Instruments'), BASSOONS, C I. ARIOS ETS, GERMAN FLUTES, 11 AUTISO YS, & c. & c. as is rarely- seen in any one Country Shop; also Cymbals. Tamhorines. Trumpets, Poller's Flutes, with six or eight Keys, Books of Instructions, Reeds and Strings for every Instrument ; likewise an extensive Collection of modern primed Music always on Hand.— The most esteemed Sacred Music, com- prising Clarke's Edition of the Vocal Works of Handel, jfour Vols. Folio ; Clarke's Tunes for Country Choirs, fosr Books; Key's Ditto, four Books; Tolhurst's Ditto, four Books; Harrison's Sacred Harmony ; BLUNDliLL'S ANTHEMS, & e. ( just published) ; Jarmau's Hymns and An- thems; Handel's Messiah; Willnughby's Sacred Harmony, in Parts ; with many oilier Publications of high Celebrity.— Orders for new Music executed every Week. Fancy coloured Gold and Silver Papers and Borders, Bristol Board ; Hand Screen*, plain and ornamented ; a large Assortment of JEWELLERY, always on Sale ; likewise an exten- sive Selection of Modern PAPER- HANGINGS and IIOROSRS, besides the newest Patterns of Ditto, from which Orders are executed with the strictest Punctuality and Dispatch. FINE DON DRIED APPLES, on Ihe same Terms as from the Person who prepares them at Finedon. COUNTY ASSEMBLY. Tlfe nest COUNTY ASSLMT. I Y wi 1 be holdeu at the GEORGR INN, on WEDNES- DAY, the 17ill of MARCH, 1813. SAMULL ISTi'J). r- q. JOHN NEVHERt' OT E, Esq. Stewards. • NORTHAMPTON' ASSEMBLY. THE NORTHAMPTON FOURTH SUB- SCRIPTION ASSEMBLY will be holden on Fn rn A Y next, the ] 9 ( h of! MARCH. Dancing lo commence at Eight o'clock. Mr. Alderman CHAMBER'S,? stewards. Mr. D1X. S N. P.. Resident Inhabitants inadmissible as Non- ^ ubscriliers. BEDFORD CANAL. THE Committee appointed to conduct an A pplication lo Parliament, for an Act to make a Navigable Canal from the Grand Junction Canal to Bedford, request a Meeting of the Subscribers to be held at the SWAN INN, BEDFORD, on WED- KESIIAY the lTih Day of MARCH inslant, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, in order that the Com- mittee may report Iheir Proceedings, and the Rea- sons which have induced them to defer tile Pro- ceeding further until another Session. THEED PEARSE, Solicitor. Bedford, March 10Hi, 1813. Wanted * • T }<; R of One Uitiklred Pounds Reward! Fo the Clergy, Parish Clerks, & c. throughout the County of Northampton, and its Vicinitv. I), the M AURI AGE REOIS- JOl- JN ORXl- BAR. of the above County, and of du* Temple, London, vfith Miss. AN^ GKLL, of the said Coturty,' which is supposed to have taken Place in 1T00, or thereabouts. Any one furnishing the above, shall on the Re- covery of a considerable " Estate, receive the said Reward, which shall be properly guaranteed. Direct to Miss HIRON, York- Row, Kennington, Surrey. Drake's Debtors and Creditors. ALL Persons who have apy Claims or Demands upon the Estate or Effects of Mr. ANTHONY DRAKE, late of HBLMDON, in the County of Northampton, Shopkeeper, deceased, are required to deliver the Particulars of the same immediately, to his Trustees and Executor?, Mr, Charles Fairbrother, Mr. George Parkins, or Mr. SamueJ Burton, all of Helmdon aforesaid, or to Mr. ICirby, Attorney- at- Law, in Towcester, that the same may be examined, and if approved, dis- charged. And all Persons who stood indebted unto the said Anthony Drake, at the Time of his Death, and have not yet discharged their respective Debts, are required to' discharge thes'me without further Delay, either to the said Executors, or Mr. Kirby. Towcester, March 5lh% 1813. VYTCI1LEY HUNT RACES, IS 13. ON WEDNESDAY MARCH 17, A SILVER CUP, of tile Value of Fifty Guineas, " ill be given by the Members of the Pytchley Hunt, to > e rim for by Horses not thorough bred, which have never won, and which are, bona fide, the Property r Farmers residing within the Country hunted by the Pyt'chley Hounds, or usually hunting wit!* them. To carry 13 Stone each, and to be rode by Farmers. If feats twice round the Courae.— The following; Horses are named ;— VIr. Sharman's Chestnut Gelding, Asparagus, aged. Mr. J. AspinaPs Chestnut Gelding, 4 Years old. Mr - R. Karl's Brown Gelding. Mr. S. Pell's Brown Gelding. Mr. S. Wilson's Hay Horse, Peeper. Mr. G. Odell's Bav- brown Gelding, Haphazard. Mr. S. Sharman's Bay Gelding, Crispin, 6 Yearsold. Mr. T. ctanton's Bay Gelding, Tall v. ho. Mr. J Winckle's Brown Ga ding, Rifleman. Mr. W. Manning's Brown Mare, aged. £ 3f To start at One o'Clock precisely. T. DUMBLETON. C. C. Just published, Price One Shi/ ling, j\ N ADDRESS to the PUBLIC.— By A HENRY OT WAY, Esq. with a few Lines added in a Postscript, on seeing the Bill of Mrs. Otway's Proctor. Lutterworth: Printed and sold by J. B > ttrill ; sold also by J. Richardson, 91, Royal Exchange, London, and all other Booksellers. PEACOCK I N: \ T, MA R K RT. SUUA R /•', $ Q HTHA MPTOX. LK1HSIIAW must lvspeclfuHy itifurms . his Friends nmlilie Public iu'^ rneral, th; ii he has token Ihe ubove INN, 1o enter upon ihe' <^ me at I, A1) Y- IMY next; where'Re hopes, bv slricl Aiieotion lo everv Pan of the fruitless of the said Inn, lo secure I he future Favours of a generous 1' ub! ii\ which it will lie his Priite to merit. O N" 1.- IN N .1 U R 1 I L I. IL 1. . I. FKK1. S it his Duty to em! portilnily to ( hank his Frien A CURACY WANTED, in the Neighbourhood of Woburn, Bedfordshire, either for a short Time, or for a Continuance. Apply to the Classical Assistant, at Mr. Daniel's School, Woburn Sands. WANTED, i Daventry, b CURACY in the Neighbourhood of bv a Clergyman in full Orders, " with a few Acres of Laud, with double Duty, or two Churches. Apply if by Letter, Post- paid, to the Printers of this Paper, addressed C. Y. WANTED, an Apprentice to a SU ltd EON and APOTHECARY.— The Premium • will not he a Consideration with a Youth of re- spectable Connexion. For Particulars, apply to Dr. KERR. To Straw Bunnet Makers, 4' C. WANTED immediately, soiriey good Hands ; also an A PTR ENTICE to the above ISusinej « , and an A PPB ENTICE to I he MILLINERY and DRESS- MAKING BUSINESSES. For further Particulars, apply, if by Letter, Post- paid, to Mrs. DENHAM, opposite the White Horse Inn, Towcester. STOLEN or STRAYED, . ON Sunday Night the 7th, or Monday Mornins Ihe 8th of March, 1813, out of a Close belonging to Mr. JOSEPH IIiutsT, of Elk- ington, near Welford, Northamptonshire, A Black In- foal HACKNEY MARF, Nine Years old, about 15 Hands high, has a speck on the near Eye, a Saddle Mark, and Switch Tail, if not altered. If Strayed, any Person giving information, shall be handsomely rewarded ; if Stolen, whoever will discover Ihe Offender or Offenders, shall on Con- viction receive FIVE POUNDS, over and above M hat is allowed by Act of Parliament, of the said JOSEPH HURST. Northaiftplonslure.— Valuable inclosed I'reeltold i'. stale, Tithe- free. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY S,- SON, On Tuesday the 16th Dav of March, 1813, in one Lot, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, at tiie White Horse Inn, in Towcester, in the County ot Norihampton, A Very eligible ESTATE; comprising a con- t\ venient Farm- House, with Bams, Stables, Cow- House, Yard, Garden, and other convenient Out- buildings, and about 50 Acres ot rich Meadow. Pasture, and Arable Laud, in a high State of Culti- vation, and divided into ' convenient Allotments, situate at DUNCOTT, in the Parish of G RE E N'S- NORTON.— The above- mentioned Premises are in complete Repair, a very considerable Sum having been expended on therti withtn the last six Months, are now iu the Occupation of Mr. John Slheppard, a< Tenant thereof, under a Lease, of which eight Years now remain unexpired.— This Estate is only two Miles from Towcester, and eight from Daventty and Norihampton. For a View of the Estate, apply to the TENANT ; and for further Particulars, to Mr. J. N. WILKINS, Solicitor, of Bourton- on- the- Water, near Moreton- in- VI arsh, G loacestershire j or to the AUCTIONEERS, Stony- Stratford. GEORGE CLARKE, ( Sov- iy- l. ttV to Mr. WILL IA it flGG, SHOE- M A N UP ACTURER, LON DON), embrace every Op- nils and ihe Public in general, for Ihe very distinguished Preference which he lias experienced ever since his Commence- ment, and which he alone can attribute to his honourable Mode of dealing, and the uncommonly extensive Variety of Stork, which, above must others, he is enabled at all Times to produce at his SHOE WAREHOUSE, opposite the Cock Inn MIRK- STREET, STON Y- S I'LTA TFORD, Bucks and he begs Leave to assure them, that he ( not- withstanding the additional Charge ou Leather) iias made no Advance upon his Cou^. Stony- Stratford, March 8th, 1813. PUBLIC- 1IOUSE TO LEI T, And mail be entered upon immediate ly, Called the'STAR, at TOWCESTER; " HIE Stock, Brewing- Utensils, and Furniture to be taken at a Valuation. — For a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenant ; and for further Par- ticulars, to N. WILLSOX, Maltster, Cotton- End, neat Northampton. WANTED, A YOUNG MAN to assist in the Retail Shop of an IRONMONGER and SEEDSMAN— Reference for Honesty, In- dustry, and Sobriety will he required. For Particulars, apply to the Printers of this Paper, if by Letter, addressed I. S. Post- paid. WYMKRSLEY ASSOCIAHON. WHEREAS on Tuesday Night, or early on Wednesday Morning last, some Person or Persons did lake and carry away from a Turnip Pen in a Close called Bean Furlong, in t he Parish of Git EN DON, in the County of Northampton, A FAT SHEARHOO SHEliP, The Property of Mr. SAMDEI. SEAORAVE, of GRENDON aforesaid, a Member of this Association, and did kill such Sheep in an adjoining Close, leaving the Skin, Head, and Lnfruils. Whoever will apprehend, or cause to be brought to Justice, the Person or Persons who c- finmilied the above Felony, so that he or they may be pro- secuted, shall receive a Reward of FIVE GUI- NEAS of Mr. CHABI. ES MARKHAM, Attorney, in Northampton, the Treasurer and Solicitor of this Association; and shall also, on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, receive a further Reward of FIFTEEN GUINEAS of the said Mr. Seagrave. And if more than one Person were concerned, and either will impeach his Accomplice or Accom- plices, he shall be entitled to the same Rewards, lad Interest will be made to procure his Majesty's Pardon. Northampton, March 12M, 1813. \ IT- ANTED immediately, A Jourr » * BLACKSMITH. — One who und rnevman understands Shoeing well, and Jobbing Work in general, may hear of coustaut Employ and good Wages by ap- plying to J. & G. WRIGHT, Kettering. Wanted at Lady Day next, ASteadv MAN atid his WIFE, without Incumbrance, to undertake the Management of the POOR- HOUSE in the Parish of HAYNES, iu the County of Bedford. For Particulars, apply to ihe Churchwardens and Overseers. To be SOLD, At F. MULLWER'S Coach - Manufactory, NO U Til A M I3 TO K, \ Neat, light, modern- built Q1ARIOT, lined /.\ with Morocco, Squabs, Patent Lamps, and Collinge's Patent Axle- Tie.: s. Also, a neat PHAE- ro. v, with Crane Neck Perch, hung on C Springs, and has a Barouche ISox in Front. — Likewisj, several new and Second- hand light UIG S, of different Descriptions. N. H. A MOURNING CO* CH and IIEARSEfor HIRE. , at WILLIAM 1313. rro COVER, this Season, S. BLENCOWE'S, C HA R WE I. TON, North amptonshire, that well- bred Stallion, HERCULES, at One Guinea and a Half each Mare, and Five Shil- lings the Grooin. HERCUI. ES was got by Alexander, his Dam Cowslip, own Sister to the Maid- of- all- Works, by Highflyer, Grandain own Sister to Tandem, by Syphon, Regulus, Snipe, Cottingham, Warlock, Galloway, by Snake, Bald Galloway, & c. & c, Alexander was got by Cld Eclipse, out of. Grecian Princess, by Forrester, Co latio's Colt, Son of the Godolphin Arabian, Bustard, Lord Leigh's Charming Molly, by Secund, ice HERCULES will attend Towcester on Tuesdays, Daventry oil Wednesdays, Banbury on Thursdays, and Northampton on Saturdays Good Grass for Mares, at the usual Prices.— The Money to be paid at the Time of Covering To be SOLO by AUCTION, By li. J. 4 R VIS, On Tuesday the 2jd Day of March, 1813, on the Premises of the late Mr. HENRY WESTON, deceased, at HI. N TON, near Brack ley. ALL the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other E F FE GTS ; comprising Fou'- post Bed- steads and Furniture, Fearher and Flock Beds. Blan kets, QtMts, Linen, Chest of Drawers, Bureau Clock, Mahogany Dining and other Tables, Maho- gany and other Chairs, 1' ier and Swing Classes China, GIJSS and Earthenware, Copper, Brass, and Pewter Utensils, 20 Milk Le. id « , and two Cream Cisterns, Milk Tubs, Rivers, and Buckets, three Churns, and other Dairy Utensils, eight capital I ror bound Hogsheads, several more smaller Casks, Mash andother Tubs, Brewing and Washing- Coppers, Meat Safe with Pullies. two Winnowing Fans, Corn Screen, Sieves, Sacks, Forks, Rakes, Cart- Ropes, several Ladders, and other Effects, which may be viewed the MorningofSaleti. il Ten o'Clock, at which Time the Sale will commence. To be LETT by TENDER, In ihe Parish of FLOWER, Northamptonshire, APIECE of GROUND, containing up wards of five Acres, either together or in Lo* s, lo different Occupiers, for the Growth of Potatoes, from Lady- Day to old Michaelmas. For further Particulars, and to view the Ground, apply to Mr. William Marriot, White Hart Inn, Flower. VERNON'S BANKRUPTCY. To be SOLD by AIJCTIO N, By JOHN DAY 4- SOX, On Tuesday ths 16ih Day of March, 1813, at Six of the Clock iu the Afternoon, at the White Horse Inn, in Towcester, in the County of Northampton, v Variety ot' OUTSTANDING DEUTS, ton i » considerable Amount, uncollected, and remain ing due to Messrs. JOHN HAMMAN and SAMUEL DEACON, as Assignees of the Estate and Effects of THOMAS VERNON, now or late of Towers ™ aforesaid, Grocer and Tallow Chandler, Dealer and Chapman, a Bankrupt. For further Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr LOVELL, Solicitor, in Towcester. Fa rming - Ejfeets, Dairy- Vessels, Household- Fur- niture, S, c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Hy JOHN DAY it SO V, On Wednesday next the 17th of March, IS13, and following Day, on the Premises of the late Mr TARRY, at PINION- END. in the Parish ol HANSLOP, Bucks, A LL the neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE t\ & c.; comprising Four- post ando; her Bedsteads witk Manchester, Check, nnd other Furnitures Feather and Flock- Beds, Mattresses, Quilts and Blankets, Chests of Drawers, Dressing- Tables Night- Tables, Pier and Swing- Classes. Bureaus Dining, Tea, and other Tables, one Eight- day and one 36- Hour Clock and Case, Sofa and Cover, Par lour and other Chairs, Kitchen- Furniture in general nd various other Furniture. DAIRY- VESSELS, as a Churn and Frame, 16 Milk- Leads, Cream- Cistern, Milk. Tubs, Rivers and Buckets. FARMING- EFFECTS, as 51 Ewe Sheep, 40 South- Down Ditto, 20 Shearhogs, and 40 Tegs; Four In- calf Heifers and three barren Ditto, two stout Waggons, one Six- inch and two Narrow. wheel Carts, Drag and small Harrows, Wheelbarrow, Lad lers. Grindstone, and numerous other Articles. The Sale to commence with the Furniture on Wed nesday Morning, at Eleven o'C'. lock, and to finish wit the Dairy- Vessels. The Farming. Stock will com inenceat Ten o'Clock precisely on Thursday Morning COURTEENI1ALL. Genteel and neat Household- Furniture, 4' C- To be SOLD bv AUCTION, III! Mr. KimHA ( V, On Mondaythe ) 5th and Tuesday the I6ih of March, 1S13, the Property of the late Dr BAY LEY ; PHE FURNITURE consists of Four- post Bed- ' steads, with Mahogany Four- posts, Tent, Bu- reau, and other Bedsteads, with various Furnitures, Feather- Beds, Counterpanes and Quilts, Blankets and Mattresses ; Mahogany Set of Dining- Tables, eliptical Ends and turned F^ et, Pembroke and other Tables, Sideboard, Mahogany Chairs, Hair Bottoms. 3rass nailed ; double and single Chests of Drawers, Conversation Stools, handsome Sola, witji Bedstead complete; Morine and other Window Curtains; Mahogany Bookcase, with glazed Folding- doo s, and Cupboards under; Oak Bureau Writing- Desk and "' hesrsof Drawers, Carpets, Swing- Glasses, Passage Floor. Cloth, Turkey Tatiern; Barometers, Violon cello. Violin, China, and Earthenware. Fenders, Fire- Irons, Sec. ftc. Kitchen and Scullery- Uten< ils in genera', in Copper, Iron, Tin, and Brass ; Sweet Iron- bound Casks. Tubs, Pails, & c. See. ; a Bail) Chair, on four Wheels, nearly new ; with a Vaiiety of other very valuable Articles. The Sale to commence e » ch Mnrr. ine at Ten o'Plnck. A To be LEU', Either for a Term of Years, or only from Year to Year, and entered upon immediately, or at Lady- Day next. Large handsome sashed and convenient MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, pleasantly situated near the White Horse Inn, in the HISH STREET, of TOWCESTER ; comprising A Cellar, two Parlours in Front, a Kiichen, two Dressingand six Bed- Rooms, and two Garrets ; with a Brewliouse, Barn, Stable, and other Out- Offices, Yard, and Garden thereto adjoining arid heloneing, and a large well- situated I'EW in the Parish Church, late in the Occu- pation of Mr. Lovell. The l'remisesare very substantially built, and in the most complete Repair and Condition, and are well adapted for a'private or professional Family, or at a trilling Expense may be made very convenient for a Tradesman. For further Particulars, or to treat for the same apply to Mr. KIRBY. in Towcester. Freehold Estate, Milton- Ernest, Beds. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By 1Y. WHITE, At the Falcon Inn, Bietsoe, on Wednesday the 24th Day of March, 1813, at Six o'Clock in the Evening,' under Condi ti. ns to be produced at the Tirre of Sale, ADesirable FEKEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE and LAND, situate at MI LTON- E RNEST, in tin County ot Bedford j consisting of a good I'ailour ond Kitchen, four pleasant Bed- Chambers, large Cellar; Barn, Butcher's Ship and Fasting- Pen; a Yard, in which is a Pump and Well of fine Water; large Garden and Close of rich Pasture Land, con- taining one Acre, be the same more or less, ' l'ithe- l'rte, adjoining the public Road, where Coaches pass to and from London every Day, in the Occupation of John West, or his Undertenant, at a very low and improvable Rent. May be viewed by applying on the Premises ; and for further Particulars, or to treat by Private Contract, apply to the Auctioneer, Bedford. Freehold Estate, Town of Bedford. Land- Tax redeemed. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. WHITE, At the Rose Inn, Bedford, on Monday the 29th Day of March, 1813, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, under Conditions to be produced at the Time of Sale, in one or two Lots, as may be most agreeable to the Company, rpWO well- built Tiled ar. d Plastered TENE- L MENTS, containing three Rooms to each, with large Gardens, Out- offices, Yards, and Well of fine Water, in the Occupation of Messrs. Sweatinan and Fleming, pleasantly situate opposite Castle Close, inihe Patish of ST. PAUL, BEDFORD. For a View of the Premises, and for further Pa ticulars, anplv to W. WHITE, Auctioneer, Bedford Under a Bill of Sale. 1IOUSEHOLD- FURN ITURE, & c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Dy MASON % SON, On Tuesday the 1 fith Day of March, IS13, on the Premises of JOHN BUNTING, Carpenter, of LONG- BUCK BY, Northamptonshire j f CONSISTING of Bedsteads and Beddin V.-' Tables, Chairs, Drawers, Coffers, ilO- Hou Clock, and Kitchen Requisites, and other Effects; upwards of 1,000 Feetof Inch Elm, and Ash Boards, Ash Plank and Slabs; Ironmongery, as Joints, Nails and Screws, Tool. Chests and Tools, Grindstone, Laths, Wheelbarrow, and sundry Articles. The Sale tocommence at Ten o'Clock. Freehold Estate and Titlie- Ftee, at Road. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAT If SON, On Thursday the ISth Day of March 1813, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Cock Public- House, in Road, in the County of Northampton in one or more Lots, as shall be agreed upon at thi Time of Sale ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), ALL those Pieces or Parcels of ARABLF LEY, MEADOW, and PASTURE GROUN! lying and being dispersed in the Open and Common Fields of ROAD aforesaid, and ASHTON and HARTWELL, in the said County of Northampton containing by Admeasurement 28 Acres, or there abouts ( lie ihe same more or less), in the Tenure o Occupation of Mr. Charles LongstafFe, together with the Tenths and Tithes thereof ; and of about six Acres more of Land, lying in the said Fields, some or one of them belonging to his Grace the Duke Grafton. To see the Estate, apply to the Tenant ; and furthe Particulars may be known on Application at the Office ot Mr. I. ov t LL, Solicitor, in Towcener. The ptibfij, webelieve, mityrety on the following is a t'act r— In one of the battles in Russia the Cossacks' took the standard of the Imperial Guards, worked by ihe EnipreS3 of France her- self. As soon as the Emporor of Russia heard if its being taken, he would not suffer it to be deposited with the others in the Imperial Cathedral of Petersbur^ i, but sent it to the Emperor of Austria, with a letter in bis own hand writing. To which the Eniperorof Austria replied, thanking his Imperial Majesty for bis delicate politeness, and congratulating him on the success of his arms. Princess of Wales.— ft appears by the report of the four Commissioners ( Lords Erskine, Gren- ville. Spencer, and Ellenborough), appointed by the King to investigate the charges against this Illustrious Lady, that the principal stain on the reputation of her Royal Highness was certain acts of levity between tier and Captain Manbv, as deposed Wy one of the witnesses named Robert Bi « lj » ood.— This man's evidence, however, has been since decisively contradicted by Capta Manbv, who, three months after the Commis- sioners' Report was written, made affidavit as follows:— " I do solemnly, nnd upon my oath declare, that ilie said passage ( in Bidgood's evidence) is a vile and wicked invention; — that it is wholly and abso- lutely false;— that it is impossible he ever could have seen ( what he swore lie saw) any such thing as 1 never, upon any occasion, or iu any situation had the presumption lo lake that liberty, orlootl'e any such liberty t* her Royal llighness's person The evidence of Bi. lgnod was, that while waiting in an anti- room, he, by ihe aid of a mirror placed mi the opposite side of the room in which Captain Man by and the Princess stood, saw Captain M kiss the Princess. The intelligence received from the North li had so material an effect on marine insurances al Lloyd's, that peace premiums are revived, an policies are effected to the Baltic at 8 guineas, to return 4 per cent. On Thursday in the House of Commons a div siou took place on the third reading of the Vice- Chancellor's Bill— For the motion, 127; Against it, 89; Mf. jority in favour of the motion, 38.— Mr. Canning then moved as an amendment that should be limited to seven year's. This matin was likewise lost, the numbers being for it, 114; against it, 145. The Bill was then passed. Price of Stacks this Day— i per Cent. Red. shut. S per Cent. Cons 59iL 4 per Cent. Cons. shut. Navy 5 per Cent. Ann. 89. India Bonds 3 4d, Exrh- nner Bills, 4 ( jp. Cons, for Acc. 59J. Capital Oreu Ca't it'itt. on. To be - OLD by AUCTION, B'i Mr. KIRS HAW, On the Market- Hill, NORTHAMPTON, on Satur- day the SOih Day of March. 1811 I Grey CARIV OLT, rising three Years old, t\ got by Mr. Higgins's famous Grey Horse, out of a Mare by Farmers'Delight. The Sale to commence at Twelve o'Clock. Live and I > ead Farming- Stoclc. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, V,< J Mr. KIRSHAW, On Tuesday the 23d Day of March, 1813, on a Farm at WOQTTON, near Northampton, now in the Occupation of Mr. W. DUNKI. EY, who is leiving his Bargain, A LL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK on the said Farm ; consisting ot eight Draught- Horses and Mares; two Heifers, one. in Calf; about 10- 1 South Down, Welsh, Dorset and oiher Sheep; fourWaggons, three Six- inch Carts, three Ploughs, one double Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, Field- Roll, a Win- nowing- Machine, Cow and Sheep- Cribs, Hurdles, a 47- round Ladder, two others, Hog- Troughs. Siblet, Forks, Rakes, Shovels, Drags, Chaff. Box, Bushe Sacks, with various other useful \ rticles. Capital I jive Dairy- Stock « To be S O L D In ADC T I O N, By T. WOOD, By Order of the Executors of the late Mr. JOHN FOX, on the Premises at GROVEIUIKY, near Leighton- Buzzard, on Saturday the 27th of Maich 1813; ( OOMPIU- ING 23- new- inilcfTed, birren, and fat Cows, fight fat Calves, 75 Couples, one Ram; one useful Draught- Vl- are and Colt, two young Cart- Horses; two Six- inch- wheel Carts, one narrow Ditto, Ladders, Forks, Rakes, & c. The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock precisely. To be SOLD by AUCTION; By YV. WILKINSON, On Monday the 29th of March, 1813, on the Premises ot Mr. R HERBERT, of WELFORD, who is leaving a Part of his Farm, JMHR ff- TllREELambW, one Leicestershire 1 Tup, a very capital black Cart- Horse, sixYe< rs old ; two store Pigs, Wind- Fan ard Frame, two good Chaff- Boxes, with sundry Barn- tackle; one Pair ot Harrows, one Single- wi. iel Plough, and various other Articles.— The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock. The Sheep will be warranted sound. POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, March 12. FIVE Gottenhurgh and two Heligoland mails havi lo be SOLD bv A U C T 1 O N, By IF. WHITE, On the Premises, on Friday the 2d Day of April, 1813, PART of the very valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, of JOHN H1GGINS, Esq. 1URVEY ABBEY, in the County of Bedford. Further Particulars will appear in next Week's I'aosr. Household- Furniture, Baking Utensils, fyr. To be SOLI) bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAYS, SON, On Saturday ihe ? 0th of March, 1813, on the Pre- misesof Mr. D A V1 ES, in LlTl'LE- BRICKH1 LL, Bucks, who is leaving the Country ; CCOMPRISING Four- post and other Bedsteads, J with Furnitures, Beds and Bcditine, Mahogam and other Tabies, Chairs, Pier and Swing Glasses, Eight- da*' Clock in a neat Oak Case, A la turn, K itchen and Stove Grates, Fire- Irons, and Kitchen furniture in general, small Cnppcr, Maah- Vat, and other Tubs, Half Hogsheads, Beer- Casks, & c. & c. A capital Dough Trough Pi Feet long ( new), one smaller Ditto, Flour- Bin, large Pair of capital Steel- yards, weighs upwards ot five Cwt. Scales and Beams, Peels, Fire Forks, Bushel ami oiher Measures, Pan- nell. Pig Troughs, Wheelbarrow, Ladders, Quantity of Manure, and other Effects. The Sale 10 commence at Eleven o'Clock precisely. BK( IOK11AMPTON, WARWICKSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Hy Missis. LOVE DAYS, At the Warwick Arms Inn, Warwick, on Saturday the S7I5I Inst, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, \ Very valuable ESTATE, Tithe- free, and Land - Tax redeemed,- situate at BROOK- HAM P TON, in the County of Warwick, in the Occupation of Mr. Daniel Serjeant; consisting ot Ihe Manor ot Brookhampton. — A substantial Farm. House, which, with a small Addition, may be made fit for the Resilience of a respectable Family, and Vli Acies of excellent Meadow, Grazing, and Arable Land, lying very compact, and within a Ring Fence, includinga Water- Corn Mill, anda Windmill. BROOKHAMPTOW is situate between Kineton, and Wellsbourn, nine Miles from Stallord, It) from War- wick, and adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury to Warwick, and in the Centre ot Lord Middleton's Hunt. The Tenant will shew the Estate ; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. J. W. GOLSY, Solicitor, Banbury. Captital Inn and Premises, Stony- Stratford, Bucks. To be SOLD by AUCTION, About the latter End of April next, or Beginning ol May ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), ALL that old- established and well- accustomed INN, most desirably situated in the HIGH STRIET, in STONY - STRATFORD aforesaid, called the GEORGE INN, with the Garden, Yards, ' extensive Stables and Granaries, and other Buildings and Appurtenances thereunto adjoining and belonging. Immediate Possession may be had. These Premises ate now in full Trade, and are well woith ihe Notice of any Person wishing to enter into the Public Business. ' The House and Oui- buildings ate extiemcly com- modious; there is Siabiing for M) or 60 Hor> es, arid Granaries which will contain 1,000 Quarters of Corn Fuuher Particulars will appear in a future Paper. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. RICHARD I oisGMAN, the Proprietor ; and for further Particu. lars, or to treat for the same, apply to Mr. CoKctivt, Solicitor, Stony- Stratford. Farming and Dairy Effects, Househuld- Furniture, § c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY if SO If, On Monday the 22d of March, 1813. on the Pre- mises of Mr. W VI. PAINE, at TI CK FOR D- PARK, near Newport- Pagnell, Bucks, who is leaving the Farm : r| MIE STOCK comprises one stout Cart- Horse, X five Years old, and one Four- year- old Ditto, five Cows, two Yearlings, one Bull, one weanling Calf, two Hovel- Frames with Stone Posts and Caps, and threeother Ditto, two Six- inch and one Narrow- wheel Cart, one Tax- Cart and Harness, Horse- Har- ness, Sharp Roll, Ploughs, Harrows, Horse- Trough, Cow. Stalls and Ciib^, Hog- Troughs, Hurdles, Dressing - Machine, and other Barn Tackle, large Corn- Bin, Churn, Milk- Leads; Tubs and Buckets, Household- Furniture, as Bedsteads, Beds, Table>, Chairs, & c. large Brewing Copper, one smaller Ditto, Brewing Tubs, Beer Casks, 1,000 Fagots, and various other A rticles. l'he Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock precisely, as ihe Whole is intemled to be sold 10 one Day. Uay, Farming und Dairy- Stock, Dairy- Vessels Household- Furniture, 4<"• To be S () L 1) by AUCTIO N, liy JOHN DAY % SON, On Wednesday the 24th of March, 1813, on the Pre mrsesol Mr. JOSEPH MORRIS, at GRAND. BOROUGH, near WINSLOW, who is leaving the Faim ; CCOMPRISING six Stacks of Old and New y Hay, 11 very useful Dairy Covvs, one Bull, ihree Sturks, 40 capital fat Shearhog Sheep, a valu- able Cart- Horse, th." e Ditto Mares, two of which ate in Foal, two stout Cart- Colts, one Waggon, one Six- inch and one Nairow wheel Cart, Ploughs, Dr. tg and small Harrows, Horse Gears, li? Dozen Hurdles, Ladders, Cribs, Barn- Tackle, a S'ven- dozeu Churn, lil Milk- Leads, Cream- Tubs, Buckets, small Copper, Beer- Casks, Kitchen- Grate, Smoke. Jack, and several Lots of Household- Furniture, with numerous other Articles. The s. de 1o begin at Eleven o'Clock precisely wiih the Stock.— The Whole is intended to tie sold in one Day. e arrived in the course of the week; their contents arc of the most gratifying nature. The Russians, continuing their almost unresisted pro- gress, entered Berlin on the 19th ult.; the town anil fortress of Pillau Surrendered on the 8th ult.; and Warsaw, Thorn, Lieliau, and Poscn, have been entered by our victorious allies.— The occupation of Warsaw is believed to have been preceded by some arrangement in which the Austrian Pi ince Schwartzetiberg, was a party.— The Emperor of Russia was at Plock on the Vistula 011 the 4th ult. Lorn Cathcart left Peters- burgh for the army oil the 12th ult,— The King of Prussia is state ! to have declared war against France, anil to have gone to the Emperor Alex- ander's head- quarters. The reports of an approaching accommodation with Denmark continue . to gain ground, and we are happy to find that an arrangement is likely soon to lie effected between theCourts of Loudon and Copenhagen. Two Danish Officers. have ar- rived in town, who came passengers in a Danish sloop of war, bearing a flag of truce, which put into the lluiuber. One of these Gentlemen, is stated to he Captain Lutkius, son of the Danish Admiral of that name. 1 lie particulars of the mission with wliiuh they are charged have not precisely transpired ; but it is reported that they imve brought a proposition from the Court of Copenhagen, that a perfect friendship shall be renewed between this country aipl Denmark, and that the ports of Norway and the Danish Islands shall be open to the navigation and merchandise of Great Britain, the same as the most favoured nations, but that Denmark shall not be required to engage in any offensive operations against France. In the present situation of the finances of Denmark, defensive measures are all that can he expected from her. The Captain, it is reported, was also the bearer ol tetters written by the King of Prussia himself to our Government. Letters from Petershurgh mention, that Roman- xoff has withdrawn from public affairs, and bis place is supplied hy four distinguished persons, who are all of them supposed to. be firmly attached to the. system of policy recommended by Great Bri- tain. Their names are I'scbitchakoff, NovosilsofF, D'Oubril and Kotshuby. Treaties of commerce are concluding between this Country, and the whole of the Northern Powers.— Not only the Ports of Russia and Sweden, but of Prussia, Denmark, and Norway, will be shortly opened to the trade of Great Britain: We have stated above that Lord Cathcart has left the Russian capital for the array. The cause of his continued residence there alter the depar ture nf the Emperor, is now satisfactorily ascer- tained. Resides the highly beneficial Commercial Treaty which bis Lordship has concluded withth Court of St. Petersburg!], the uegociations with the Danish Minister, so happily terminated, were surely of sufficient importance to detain him. A free trade to Norway, the recal of the Danish letters of marque, the exclusion of all French privateers from Danish ports, and ihe mutiin NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 13, MARRIED.] On Thursday se'nnighr, at Otirrdle, Mr. W. Reachlouse, to Mrs. Henderson, of the Talbot inn. Monday last, Mr. T. Gimson, hosier, to Har- riet, second daughter of Mr. Wallis, both of . eicester. Same day, at Litchfield, T. Young, Est}, mer- chant, to Miss Mary Holmes, of Birmingham. Tuesday last, at Belgrave, Mr. G. Warner, of Leicester Abbey, to Miss Ann Hebb, second daughter of Mr. Hebb, fanner and grazier, of Long- Claw'son, Leicestershire. A few days agoy at Lillingston- Lovell,' Oxon, Mr. Richard Hurst, of Leckbamstead, Bucks, to Miss F. Ridge, daughter of Mr. John Ridge, of the former place. A few days ago, Mr. John Bosh, solicitor, Bristol, to Miss O. S. Wheley, of Stratford- oii- Avon. DIED.] On Wednesday se'nnighr, at the par- sonage, Little- Addington, aged 74, the Rev. W. Sanderson, A. B. 43 years rector of that parish. Saturday last, aged 18, John, youngest son of Mr. W, Norman, of Oadby, Leicestershire. Sunday last, in the 41st year of her age, Mrs. Carver, wife of Mr. Carver, farmer, of Leicester Forest, and daughter of the late Lawrence Will- man, of Enderby Mill. S. une day, Mrs. Giove. s, of the Royal Oak, in Nuneaton. Same day, aged 72, Mrs. Croniwel!, relict of the late J. din Cromwell, gent, of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Same day, Mr. Blvthe, grocer, Uppingham. He was taken very itl in court, w! i Ist attending the assizes oil the preceding Friday, at Oakham. Monday last, Mrs. Ballard, wife of Mr. Ballard, ribbon- manufacturer, of Nuneaton. Tuesday, after a long indisposition, much la- mented by his family and friends, Mr. Rollason, Coventry, upwards of 25 years proprietor of tiie Coventry Mercury. Same day, in his 65th year, the Rev. James Eyre, Master of the Free School at Solihull. A lew days since, at Loughborough, aged 32, much regretted by his brother officers, Capt Pepper, of the 4th Dragoons, or Queen's Bays— His remains ivere interred at Loughborough, with military honours. Lately, at West- Had don, in this county, Mis. Hanburv, wife of Mr. J. llairbury, watchmaker, of that place. Lately, of a lingering illness, which was sup- ported with much Christian fortitude, Mrs. Neale, of Kimbolton. Lately, two tenements werer burnt down at Newton- Lorigvitle, Bucks, owing to a beam taking fire, v. Iiich was imprudently laid in the chimin V of a new dwelling- house; the wind was extremely igb, and tiie fire threatened devastation to a considerable extent of premises, but through the unwearied exertions of the inhabitants in general, n procuring water, and throwing wet sheets over some thatched barns, which were contiguous thereto, belonging to Gilbert Flesher, Esq. the Humes were prevented from extending farther. Thursday l;\ st, the body of a line male infant was found by some watermen,- 11 rating on the river Nen, near the lock, below Oundle bridte t is supposed to have been born alive, and thrown nto the water immediately afterwards, where it appears to have Idin some time. On Thursday the 4th inst. an inquisition was taken at Lidlington, in the county of Bedford, before I?. A. Reddall, coroner of the honour ol' Ampthill, upon view of the body of John White, labourer, aged 84 years, who on the Tuesday pre- ceding died suddenly iii the yard were he was ac Work.— Verdict accordingly. On Monday was committed to the rmmty Gaol, by J. P. Clarke, Esq. Samuel Irons, charged with stealing a quantity of wheat, the property of Win. Armstone, of Crick, Thomas Evans, who -. vas convicted at our last assizes, and left for execution, has received from the Judge a respite of his sentence tilt further orders. ASSIZE INTELLIGENCE. At the assizes for the county of Buckingham, Richard Aris, for breaking into the house of Will. West, of badgers hall, labourer, and stealing up- wards of £ 14 ; George Prior, for stealing a Mare, the property of B. Cutler, of Hambledon ; and William Tuck, Thomas Tyler, and Samuel Smith, for robbing Samuel Pearson, of a pocket- book, containing about £' 2H in bank noles, in the parish of Iver, were capitally convicted, and received sentence of death, but were afterwards reprieved.— Richard Ginger, for stealing wearing- apparel from John Norris, to be transported fur seven years.— Joseph Page, for stealing a -£\ note r. nd some silver, iu the parish of Penn, lo be imprisoned > i. v months, and kept to hard labour. — Charles proud, for steal- ing fowls and ductrs Ihe property of H. Pliui, of Iver, to be imprisoned two sears, and twice « hipped.— John Gilder, for stealing a bushel i. t' wheat the property of T. IJriaris. of Loiig- Crendon, lo be imprisoned one year, and tw ice publicly whip- ped.— J . Jones, for stealing peas, and T. Human, for stealing wheat, to be imprisoned tine month.— William Gilkes, for stealing hurdles, and William. Wright, for stealing two loaves, ivere acquitted ) and against Thomas* Page, and Win. Nichulls, for privately stealing, irt Wing, no bills were found. At Bedford assizes, wliicfi ended yesterday, William ill own, alius Thomas Green, for stealing 25 sheep the property of W. Martin, of Derry, Hunts, was capitally convicted, and received sen- tence of death. — David Latham, for stealing bank- notes, at Dunstable, to be transported seven years. — Joseph Williamson, for aiding rind abetting the said David Latham ; Samuel Parsons,, for stealing barley ; Juhu Stokes, for stealing bay ; and John Parker, for stealing stockings, were severally fined Is. lo be imprisoned six months, and kept t > hard labour.— William Manning, for assaulting Thomas Barker, to be imprisoned six months, and kept to hard labour.— James Goodman, and Thomas Gillet, for stealing wood, lined Is. to be iinpri'oned rnie month, and kept to hard labour.— John l'leckuey, for stealing a fat hog, Ihe properly of Sir Hugh Inglis, to be imprisoned one month. — Sophia. Bishop, for stealing a pocket- book, at Bedford, tobe'im- prisoner two years, and kept to hard labour.— John Stokes and John Godfrey, charged with stealing wheat, were acquitted. — Against William Taylor, charged with stealing limber, no true bill. — And Francis White, James Tebworth, and John Henley, charged with having commit led a rape, were de- livered by Proclamation. Yesterday se'nnight, at the assizes for Rutland, the following prisoners took their trials: — William Almond, Henry alias Harry Ikliltliiglon, fur a bur- glary in the house of the lipv. [ t. Luc. is, received sentence of death.— Edward Hare, charged wnir being concerned with the same, acquitted. — Joh. i Holmes, for't burglary in the house i » f John Cuu- iiinglon, condemned.— Ann liill. charged in beinj concerned « ilh the same, acquitted. At tiertf.* rdiThomas Adams, for horse stealing; • l imes Kluckabv, George Smith, and Dan. Drake, for sheep stealing; Johu Chtipman, and r. lijatf Siead, for stealing muslin ; and Kdward limine, for a burglary, received sentence of death Smith and Rootle are lefl for execution s the remainder are reprieved — James Jhcksou, for stealing wearing apparel; Win. Ctr- orge, for stealing from a dwell- ing- house a silver spoon, to be transported tuc seven years. At Oxford, Robert Sparks, Thomas Wilkins, Wm. Smith, James Claridge, and Win. Law ford, for burglaries were condemned.— Bcnjiniiii Wigtiiti*, Wm. Lnncushtre, and G. Phipps, for killing a fallow deer, in an enclosed part of 1 tie forest wf Wlu. - wood; and Sarah Stewart, for burglary; were sentenced to seven gears' transportation. Lately, the Rev, Fdward Seagrave, rector of Westc « r- Barton," Oxon, second son of ihe late Rev. E. Seagrave, rector of Castle- Ashby, near this town. Lately, at Bath, Mrs. Piomer, eldest daughter of die late Rev. Mr. Wright, dissenting minister, of Oundle. — r^ ir-— PROMOTION.— 17th llegt. of Light Dragoons, Capt. John Atkins, from tlie 19th Light Dragoons, to be Capt. of a troop, vice Brown, w ho exchanges. Commission dated 23th February. The Marquis of Buckingham has been pleased to appoint the Rev. J. L. Dayrell, LL. B. to be one of his Lordship's chaplains. The Earl ofC'lnnuurll lias appointed the Rev. H. K. Woolley, to be one of his Lordship's domestic chaplains.— The Rev. 11. R. Woolley lias been presented by George Thomson, Esq. to the rectory of shillingston, in the county of Dorset. Wednesday last being the ( lay appointed for . i general fast and humiliation, tl. e same wits ob- server! in this town in a becoming manner. We have the pleasure of announcing the for- mation of a Juvenile and Subsidiary Bible Society, at Wellingborough, in aid of the Branch Society at that place, on the plan recommended bv the Parent Institution, of receiving subscriptions of one penny per week. ' Ibis will open a way for individuals of the labouring class tn cast in their mile also, and unite their exertions- with others who have already distinguished themselves bv their liberality: by these means, therefore, the more numerous and useful part of the community will be enabled to participate m the satisfaction f promoting the benevolent designs of the original Institution. The following exirart is copied from . Mr. Grat- tan's Speech on the Catholic Claims, and is recom- mended to the particular attention of the friends of the liberty oV the press:—" I would have the iberty of the press unrestrained in everything but one— the people should not abuse one another about their allegiance.— It is a system that you cannot put ail end lo, too soon— you are one people you have but one interest— the outcry which i raised among you is neither the voice of religion, nor the voice of nature, and it cannot be appeased too soon." A caution to poac/ nrs.-^ On the 20th of Feb. Richard Wiinior, J on. of Loughtou, paid five pounds for coursing, not being qualified.— And Francis Smith, five pounds for the same offence, and also twenty pounds for sporting without having taken out a certificate. Caution to Bakers.— Joseph York, John Cole, and William Ibbs,- all of Kimbolton, were last week convicted in several penalties by the Rev. D. Lewis, one of the magistrates for the county of Huntingdon, for exposing to sale divers large quantities of bread deficient in weight.— It is hoped Mr. Lewis's example will be followed by the 1 Magistrates in other places— if they cannot lu » er release of prisoners, are the ba* isof this friendly [ the high price of this necessary article oflife, they arrangement. may insist upou the poor receiving their weight. (£ f The Ord. r to discontinue the Advertisement of the Mansion- House, tec. Great- Liufoid, lobeku, inserted m the first t'dge, arrived too late. '-' it E' iS t'S^* THE pyrCIILEY HOUNDS WILL MEET ON Tuesday, March 16, .. at Finedon Obelisk, rhursluy, — IS, .. at Moonsliine Gap, Saturday, 20, .. at Brampton llei milage^ At II ilf- past Ten o'clock each Dav. THE OAKLEY HOUNDS WILL- MELT O » Moudov, March 15, at Cross- Albans, Thursday, IS, at Cole- Braj field, Saturday, £ 0, at Colwo'rth, At Half- past Ten o'Clpck- each Day, The QUOIIN HOUNDS will meet on Monday next, at Scraptoft ; on Wednesday, at C^ iruy Wood ; and ou Friday, at A> leato. i Towd. The Assize of Bread, ret die ljili of Maroh lie place on Monday The Toic'n of Northampton, ) TO WIR. ) ISI3, for tiie said Town, to t the 15th of March, and to be iu force sevn liays for the said Town of Northampton. lb. oz. dr. The Sixpenny Loaf, Wlteuteu, i-. lo weigh 1 5 < i Ditto Household, is lo weigh 1 12 LI The Twelvepenny Loaf Wheaten lo weigh 2 10 I i Ditto Household, is to weuh ... H 9 8 r M. N L W BY, Mayor. Corn- Ejcihange, London, F/ iilay, March 12. The northerly winds since Monday have caused us abundant supplies of most articles, and the prices- are lower ; Jiut the trade is extremely dull at. present ; fcurce any sales miEtlc.—- Ordinary Wheals, Barley, and Oats, have declined i: i value; the ( wo former full 2s. pr- r quarter, but btst qualities nf each remain as la. t uoied. Wheat Rye Parley New Oais .. Beam New beans.. Peas b Northampton - ftnturdvy. .... IU » 4 Od 66s. Oil. Od. to ISOs 9' i 45s. .7.7.. 78s.' tiie Standard M- IO Od. to d. lo Od. to 0d. t. .46s Ms Od. Od. Od. C< t. Od. liil. Market- Haritordugh— Tuesday last.. Wheat -~. H8s 0d.' to PJSs. I d. Barley 68s. Od. to SOs. tW. New Oais 4ris. lid. to 50s. t ; Old Oats — S". Od. to — a. tvl. New Beans 80s. od. to — s. 01. Old Beans — s, Od. IO — s. Od. By the Customary Measure. Leighton- Buzzard— Tuesday last. lJer Load of five Bushels. Wheat 78s. to 8os. Did Beans .. 60s. to 64 s. New Ditto .. 40s. to £ » . Rye 503; to 5£ s. Hog Peas. .. 50s. to 5JS. Per Quarter. to 68s. Oats 4Js. ( O 54s. Davent. ry— Wednesday lost. Wheat I'iis.' od. to 147s 0d. Barley 68s. Od. to 76s. Od. Oats 45s, Oil. lo 55s. Gd. Beans - 84s. Od. to 110s. Od. Hog t eas 84s Od. to — s. Od. By the customary Measure. Price of Grain at Banbury, nearly as last week. LIST of FAIRS from March 15, lo March 21, within the Circuit if this Paper. M. March 15. Oakham. Sa. 20. Winslow. Tu. 23. Alceslert Dunchurch, and Woburu. W. 24. Loughborough. Tli. 25. Huntingdon. Audi HOUSE of COMMONS, FRIDAY, Mwch 12. SIR C. Pole reported from the Committee on the Pembroke election, that Sir J. Owen was duly elected, and Mr. Cartwrigkt re ported ' from ' he Liverpool Committee, that Mr. Canniug and Geo. Gascoyne were duly elected; and that the Petitions were not frivolous or vexatioHS. A division took place. on the Abergavenny Canal Bill, which was lost, 163 to 103. Strangers continued excluded for a considerable time, when they received information that no per- son should be admitted during the remainder of the evening. The standing order for the exclusion ' of strangers having been moved, a long discussion took place on Mr. C. Johnstone's motion, in which l. ord Castlereagh, Sir S. Ro'milly, Mr. Whitbread, Mr. Brand, the Attorney- General, Mr. Ponoonby, Mr. S. Wortley, Mr. Canning, the Solicitor- General, and Mr. Bathur t, look a part. We understand that Mr. C. Johnitone, in bringing forward hi motion, took a Review of the evidence adduced during the Inquiry in 1805, much of which, he contended, was not deserving of credit. He ob- served, that the circumstances attending the Inquiry ought to belaid before the public, and her Royal Highness, if innocent, be restored to that tank to • which her situation in this country entitled her. lie concluded by moving two long resolutions, de- claratory of the opinion of the House, that tlie papers and documents relative to the Inquiry in- stituted into the conduct of her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales in 1805, should be laid on the ta" ble. Mr. J. Wharton seconded the motion, lord Castlereagh opposed it; on the ground of the impropriety of interfering in the domestic ar rangements of the Prince Regent, who had, he contended, an equal right with every other indivi dual in the country,, to regulate the concerns of his own family, and to superintend the education of his daughter. He contended, that the Minute made by the Privy Council on the subject was a proof of the Princess's innocenre; and that 1 lie enquiry • Which had taken place was fully justified by the circumstances. Sir S. ftomilhi spoke to the circumstances of the enquiry of 1806, as far as came within his own knowledge, and bore strong testimony to the inno cence of her Royal Highness. Mr. IVhitbread accused Ministers of want of candour, in not having brought this subject hefore the House in some shape before this time. Me did rot, however, think that the production of all the documents moved for was necessary. The Letter of her Royal Highness to the House he considered » s a document of much importance, and one deserving of a specific motion. The Report alluded to in that Letter wasalso a document of great importance, and one which ought to be laid before the House. He should therefore move, as an amendment, that all the words of the original motion should be omitted, for the purpose of inserting the following :—" That a Copy of the Report of the Privy Council, trans- mitted by Lord Viscount Sidmouth to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, should be laid on the table." Mr. Brand secouded the motion. The Attorney and Solicitor Generals, Mr. S. • Wortley, Mr. Pousonby, and Mr. li. Bathurst, severally delivered their opinions ; the great Law Officers acquitting the Princess of Wales of any stain of criminality, and generally justifying the line of conduct which bad been pursued on this occasion. Mr. Canning expressed his full conviction of the Princess's innocence, which had already been fullv established by the investigation which had taken place, and which was fully authenticated by the minute of the Privy Council: he opposed the pre- sent motion, on the grounds, that it would not add to the testimony already existing, and might Ije attended with great inconvenience; he could not support the interference of the House in the do- mestic concerns and arrangements of the Prince Regent, andtherefore should oppose both themotion and amendment. Mr. fVnitbread then intimated a wish not to press his amendment; which was withdrawn accordingly. The. Solicitor- General and Mr. Uathunl opposed the motion. Mr. C. Johnstone replied, and said, he should persevere in having his motion put, although he plainly perceived it would be negatived, that his resolutions might appear on the Journals of the House. The motion was then put and negatived, without a division. The other Orders of the Oav were then disposed of, and the House adjourned til! Monday. Monday March 8. A KM Y ESTIMATES. The House, on the motion of Lord Palmerston, resolved itself into a Committee of Supply, Mr. Lushington in the Chair. Lord Palmerston said. In rising to state to the House the Army Estimates, it would not be neces- sary for him to detain them long. The Estimates • were in the usual form, but as there was some little increase, it would be proper for him to state to the House in what manner the increase arose ; and the best mode of making himself understood would be, to detail the different heads upouwhich that increase bad arisen. The Noble Lord then proceeded to state, that the increase of our land forces, during the present year, had been 12, S00, and to defray the charges of pay, clothing, & c. of these addi- tional troops,' would require an increase on last year's grant of ^ 390.000. He would proceed' to divide the expenditure under heads, and state on which head the increase had arisen. This addi- tional expense had half of it at least arisen on the estimates of our regular troops, in which, exclusive of foreign corps, there was an increase- of 9,100men which would also require an increased grant on that head of expenditure, to the amount of ^£ 99,000. In the household troops there was an addition of 970 men, which would increase that head of expenditure .£ 3,800. In the cavalry there was an increase of 419 men, and of = 59,000. The additi- onal number of infantry was 5,300, and the in- creased expense =£ 109,000. Another addition arose from the Increase of the 1st battalion of the 41st, and two other regiments, from 400 to 600 men. The veteran battalions had also been increased by 2,000 men, and the whole expepse of those battalions was uftw £ 85,000. An additional troop had also been added to the waggon train, so that there was now 12 troops, nine of which were employed in the Penin- sula, and three at home. Two additional fenciblc regiments had also been raised in America, whose services were to be limited to North America and the West Indies. There was also an increased expense of £ 151,000 on the charge for the re- cruiting service. This service had been considerably more successful during the last year than in the pre- ceding one, and there wes therefore aa excess of ,£ 80,000 for England, and £ 70,000 for Ireland : there was, however, an excess in hand, under the head of non- effective, amounting to £ 440,000, and it was intended to apply that excess to the service of the present year. The next head was the embodied militia, and here there was a saving of =£ 17,000. The next was the Staff, foreign and home; in the foreign there was an increase of =£' 11,000, but in the home there was a diminution of £ 3,000. In. the office of the Commander in Chief there was an increase of ,56,000, and in the Pay- ofiice an increase of £ 35,000, arising principally from the* additional number of paymasters which it had been found necessary lo employ. The War- otX* ce demanded nearly the sitme ; hut in the Adju- tapt- General's office there was a decrease of £ 900, and of £ 500 in the Qiiartermaste'- Geueral'sr office. Under the head of Chelsea Pensioners there was an increase of ,300, caused by providing new clothes for the pensioners, which occurred once in four years. The expenditure in the payment of Widows' Pensions had also increased £ 1250 in this year. Under the head of Volunteers there was a diminu- tion of £ 25,000, there having this year been no application for clothing ; and in the Local Militia there was a clear diminution of s£ 53,00i). It bad ionnerly been the practice, as individuals in the foreign corps became unfit for service, to send them home; but, under the present situation of the con tinent, this had appeared as an act of injustice; they had therefore now been formed into two veteran battalions, at an increase o^ expence. Under the head of Military College there had in fact been no increase of expense, although the proposed grant was =£ 9,000 more than last year, thev last year having had funds to the amount of =£ 8,800 in hand. The grant to the Military Asylum uas increased =£ 250 ; this arose from the increased price of precisions- The Compassionate List also had increaied 4,700. In the Irish Commissariat there • was ar i ncrease of £ 28,000 arising from the advance in the | rice of forage, and the increased consumption of great coats and shoes. The Barrack Department also lud exceeded somewhat in amount what it was ast yetr, Upon a general view of the subject, it would be found that 12,237 met. had been added to our army, and £ 390,000 to our estimates; find notwithstanding the casualties, our army was trengtheredat least 10,200.— The recruiting service,! it he before stated, had beerrmoVe productive than' for many years past; some Gentlemen might attempt to account for this on the ground of com-, mercial distress, but when be considered that the recruiting had been equally successful in each dis- trict, he was inclined to believe it did not arise from that cause alone, but from our improved mode of recruiting ; the plan now adopted was not to send young officers, with parties of their regi- ments, into each district, but to send a number of teady officers, who understood the service, under those controul all the recruiting parties in the district, whether belonging to their particular regiment or not, were. In fact, the total number of men raised by recruiting during the year was 14,172, w hereas last year there were only 11,000; and if to these were added those who had volun- teered from the militia, deserters recovered, and foreigners raised, the whole force added to the army would be found to amount to not less than 39,000. The casualties were 29,000, of which 20,000 had been accounted for by the returns lying on the table.— The Noble Lord concluded by ob- serving, that he was ready to enter into any expla- nation which Gentlemen might require, or to answer any questions which mi^ ht be put to hi in : he then moved, That a sum not exceeding £ 2,637,941 be granted to his Majesty for defraying the expenses of his Majesty's Land Forces for the year. Captain Bennett could not agree that any advantage bad been derived from the new system of recruiting the regular army from the militia^ Mr .' Huskisson said, he was sorry to see an increase in the Army Estimates; he also adverted to the cir- cumstance ot sending out the Life Guards to the Peninsula, and said he had been informed that those troops, although well adapted for home service, were not the fittest to be sent abroad. Mr. H. Addington said, the whole expence of volunteering from the militia into the line was only about four guineas. With respect to the volunteer corps, the subject was now under the considerationo( Government, and there were many good reasons why no plan on the subject was yet brought forward. Mr. Fremdntle highly disapproved of sending the Life Guards on foreign service, in which they could not be available; and censured the extravagant mo/ le of raising men, by which each man cost £ 31. — He wished to know what claims General Delancey had upon the country for the large surhs proposed to be given him for services not well performed. Mr. Creevey called the Attention of the Commiitee to the great expenses of the Paymaster's department, and proposed, as one remedy, to " fling overbo. rd ' one of the paymasters. This was no more than what had been some time ago recommended by a Com- mittee of that House, before whom it \ vas clearly proved that the office could be performed by one paymaster, ' A Lord C. Somerset, in reply to what fell from Mr. Creevey, said, there was a Bill now before the House, for regulating the office in question. Mr. Long addressed the Committee on the proposal for abolishing the office of ohe of the Paymasters of the Forces, and entered into a history of the office '-- In 1732, among the economical reforms introduced by- Mr. Burke, theie was a plan for regulating this office. The Paymaster was allowed £ 4,000 a year, and the other emoluments arose from money in the hands of the Paymaster. At a subsequent period, in 1797, it was determined by a Committee, that this office could not be abolished without detriment to the public service. Lard Palmerston replied to several objections which had been made to his former statements. Mr. Whitbread was astonished that he had not heard from any of the Right Hon. Gentlemen on the other side ( according to rumour) what was the nature of the increased exertions which were intended to be made in the Peninsula during the ensuing campaign. With respect to the hussars, he thought the mode ol dress ridiculous. The saddles too were ( instead of being good English saddles) composed of two sticks, with a skin stretched over them. Lord Cas. lereagh said, that he had been informed by military men, that the Engli'h saddles made the horses' backs sore, which was not tile case with the saddles used by the hussar regiments. He had also been told, that the old helmets cracked with heat, and the rain then insinuating itself, destroyed the helmets in a short time. Mr. Bankes and Mr. Smith contended for the neces- sity of a strict economy. They bad been told that they were not fit judges of the propriety of the sol- diers' dresses ; but they had only to take the opinions of the men who were condemned to attire themselves like so many mountebanks. Lord Milt* said, that men could not shut their eyes to such monstrous absurdities as the present dresses of our hussars. After a few observations from Lord Castlereagh and Mr. Huskisson. the House divided. — For the motion 40 — Against it 124. On our return to the gallery, Mr. R. Thornton moved for the production of some papers relative to the East India affairs; and Lord Castlereagh post- poned his notice on this subject till Friday se'nnight. The other orders were then disposed of, and the House adjourned at half- past twelve o'clock. ——- oO'J/ J/ 3/ B c* RUSSIAN PROCLAMATION. Bv tlie Grace of God, We, Alexander the First, Emperor and Autocrat of AH the Russias, & c. & c. & c. God and all the world are witness with what objects and what forces the enemy has entered our dear country. Nothing could avert his malevolent and obstinate intentions. Proudly calculating on his own forces, and on those which he bad embo- died against us from almost all European powers, and hurried on by desire of conquest and thirst for blood, he hastened to penetrate even into the bosom of our great empire, to spread among us the horrors and all the misery of a war of devastation, and to come upon us by surprise, but for which he had long been preparing. Having foreseen, by former proofs of his unmeasured ambition and the violence of Ms proceedings, what bitter sufferings he was about to inflict upon us, and seeing him already pass our frontiers with a fury which nothing could arrest, we have been compelled, though with a sorrowful and wounded heart in invoking the aid of Godb to draw the sword ; and to promise to our empire, that we will not return it to the scabbard so long as a single enemy remaius in arms on our territory. We lixed firmly in our hearts this determination, relying on the valour of the people whom God has confided to us; and we have not been deceived. What proofs of courage, of bra- very, of piety, of patience, and of fortitude, has not Russia shewn ? The enemy, who penetrated into her bosom with all his characteristic ferocity j and rage,, has not been able to draw from her a single sigh by the severe wounds he has inflicted. It would seem that with the blood which flowed, her spirit of bravery increased ; that the burning villages animated her patriotism, and the destruc- tion and prnfai- ation of the temples of Gild strength- ened her faith, and nourished in her the sentiment of implacable revenge. The army, the nobility, the gentry, ( he clergy, the merchants, the people, in a word, all classes, all estates of the empire, neither sparing their property nor their lives, have breathed the same spirit— a spirit of courage and of piety, a love equally ardent for their God and for their country., This unanimity, this universal aeal, have produced effects hardly credible, such as have scarcely existed in any age. Let us con- template the enormous force collected from twenty kingdoms and nations, united under the same standard, with an ambitious and atrocious enemy, flushed with success, which entered our country; half a million of soldiers, infantry and cavalry, accompanied by fifteen hundred pieces of cannon. With forces so powerful he pierces lino the heart of Russia, extends himself, and begins to spread fire and devastation. But six months have scarcely lapsed since he passed our frontiers, and what is become of him ? Let us here cite the words of the Holy Psalmist— I myself have seen the ungodly in great power ; and flourishing like a green bay- tir e. '• I went by, and lo, lie was gone: I sought him, but his place could no where be found." PSALM xxxvii, v. 36, 37. This sublime sentence is accomplished ill all its irce, on our arrogant and impious enemy. Where are his armies, like a mass of black clouds, which the wind has drawn together? They are dispersed as rain. A great part welting the earth with their blood, cover the fields of the Governments of Moscow, ICalouga, Smolensko, White Russia, and Lithuania. Another part equally great has been taken in the frequent battles, with many generals and " commanders. In fine, afier numerous bloody combats, in the end whole regiments, imploring the magnanimity of their conquerors, have laid down their arms before them. The rest, composing a number equally great, pursued in their precipitate flight by our victorious troops, overtaken by cold and hunger, have strewed ( he road from Moscow to the frontiers of Russia with carcasses, cannons, waggons, and baggage; so that, of those numerous forces, a very inconsiderable part of the soldiers, exhausted and without arms, can with difficulty, and almost lifeless, return to their country, toserve as a terrible example to their countrymcn of til" 1 dreadful sufferings which must overtake tliu- sc rash men, wha dare to carry their hostile designs' into the bosom of powerful Russia. To- day we inform our well beloved and faithful subjects, with a. lively jov, and grateful acknowledgments towards, God. that the reality has surpassed even our hopes, and that what we announced at the commencement of tilts war, is accomplished beyond all measure; there is no longer a single enemy on the face of our territory, or, rather, there they all remain, but in what state? Head, wounded, and prisoners. Even their proud Chief himself, has, with the utmost difficulty, escaped, with his principal officers, leaving his arwjy dispersed, and abandoning hig cannon, of which there are more than a thousand pieces, exclusive of those buried or thrown into the water, which have been recovered, and are now in our hands: the scene of the destruction of his armies surpassesall belief. One almost iinaginesthat our eyes deceive us. Who has been able to effect this ? Without derogating from t!* e merited glory of the Commander in Chief of our armies, this dis- tinguished General, who has rendered to his country services for ever memorable, and without detracting from the merits of ether valiant and able com- manders who have distinguished themselves by their zeal and ardour, nor from the general bravery of the troops, we must confess that what they have accomplished surpasses human power. Acknowledge then Divine Providence in this wonderful event.— Let us prostrate ourselves before his Sacred Throne, and evidently seeing His hand chastising pride and impiety, instead of boasting and glorying in our victories, learn from this great and terrible example to be modest and peaceable executors of His law and His will; to resemble not those impious pro- fanators of the temples of God, whose carcasses, without number, now serve as food for dogs and crows. God is mighty in his kindness and in his anger. Let us be guided by the justice of out actions, and the purity of our sentiments, as the only path which leads to Him. Let us proceed to the temple of his sanctity, and there, crovvned with his hand, thank him for the benefits which he lias bestowed upon us; addressing to him our ardent I supplications, that he will continue to extend to us his favour, and to put au end to the war ; granting! us victory on victory, and the wished for peace and tranquillity. Given at Wiina, the 6th of January, in the year of our Lord 1813, and the 12th of our reign. ALEXANDER. Another Proclamation announces it to be the Emperor's determination to commemorate the late victories, by the erection of a church in St. Peters- burgh, dedicated to Jesus Christ. CAMBRIDGE, March 5. The following Gentle men were OH Wednesday last admitted to the uuder mentioned degrees':— Doctor in Divinity— The Rev. A. Bulwer, of Pembroke hall, Rector » f Heydon, in Norfolk, Master of Arts— S. Canning, Esq. of King's college, by Royal Mandate; the Rev. G. R. Leathes, of Jesus college, Rector of Gissing, & c. in Norfolk. bachelor in Civil Law— J. Beague, of Emmanuel college. Bachelors in Physic— J. R. Park, of Jesus col lege; and R. Formby, of Caius co'lege. The Rev. W. K. Reeve, M. A. Fellow of Clare hall, is admitted a Senior Fellow of that Society. OXFORD, March. 6. On Saturday last the fol- lowing Gentlemen were admitted to degrees: Masters of Arts— R. 15. F,. Mynors, Esq. of University college, Grand Compounder; Rev. R N. Raikes, of Oriel college. Bachelors of Arts— Mr. J. Jago, and Mr. J Souihcomb, of Exeter college; Mr. A. Adair, of Oriel college; Mr. J. Britton, Mr. P. E. Boissier, Mr. H. Hale, J. H. Randolph, Esq. II. R. Dukin field, Esq. Mr. E. M. Salter, and Mr. A. Pechell, of Christ church ; Mr. J. Bartholomew, of Corpus Christ! college; Mr. E. 11. Rice, and Mr. B. C Potter, of Worcester college; and Mr. W. Raw lings,, of St. Edmund hall. On Tuesday the following gentlemen were ad- mitted to degrees: ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE, Established bi/ llaj/ al Chatter in the Reign u) George I. for assuring Houses, Building), Corn, Hay, Goods, fyc. and also for the Assurance of Lives. MARCH, 1813. ' PHIS CORPORATION have reduced the Pie- it. mi urns on Farming- Stock from 2s. 6d. per Cent, to Two shillings; and existing Insurances covering such Property will be reduced as they become due, upon Application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 25th Instant, a.,; hereby informed, that RECEIPTS are now ready to be delivered to the COMPANY'S respective A GENTS uuder mentioned ; and the Parlies assured are requested to apply for the Renewal of their Policies, on or before the 9th Day of April next, as the usual fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond tile Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUF. L FENNING, Jun. Secretary. NO RTHAM PTONSHIRE. Northampton,— Tn FOB H u. us J EVES. Thrapston,— JAMES ROBINSON. Towcester,— JOHN JENKINSON. Wellingborough,— WILIUM WARREN. Daventry,— VVI L LI AM Ki NDRICK. BEDFORDSHIRE. Bedford,— M. PARTRIDGE. Biggleswade,— JOHN LANCASTER. I. cighton,— D. WILLIS. Luton,— D. LWILLIS. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Aylesbury,—- BILL TURNER. Beaconsfield,— Twos. WITTS WALFORD. Buckingham,— ROHF- RT MILLER, Chesham,— CRE ED & BAY LIE. Great- Marlow,— THOMAS EMES. Newport- Pagnell,— R. COLLISSON. Olney,— RICHARD HARROLD. Stony- Stratford,— J. BILLINCTON. Winslow,— R. READING. HUNTINGDONSHIRE. Huntingdon,— ROBERT STAFFORD. St. Neots,— WM. DAY. Stilton,— J. BODGER. LEICESTERSHIRE." Leicester,—• JOHN KING. Market- HarboroUgh,— WM. SPRIGS. Melton- Mowbray,— KDW. BRIGHT. WARWICKSHIRE. Birmingham,— JAMES KINDON, Coventry,— JESIMIEI. SMITH. Kineton,— THOMAS ABSOTTS. Rugby,~ ™ R ICHARD BLENCOWE. N. B. l'ire Policies will be allowed, free of Ex- pense, where the Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. * Assurances on Lives being found to be advan- tageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estatss, or other Incomes determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others, Tables of the Rates for sucll Assuran- ces, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, maj> be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special Agreement) the Assurances on Lives to the Age of 75 Years I) r. RADCLIFFE' 5 ELIXIR. ; OOR a general alterative Medicine this Elixir tL has stood unrivalled tor more th: in Haifa Century, and t'ae Public cannot tiavc Recourse to a more effi- cacious Remedy, as a Purifier of the Blood from ail Humours, whether contracted by too free Living, or; from Surfeits, Jaundice, Scany, or Humours after; the Measles or Small- Pox; & c. & c. For all Ob- rructions in the Bo vels, and for the Cuie or Worms in Children or Adults, it will be found equally sei viceable. In Complaints incidcntto the Female Sex, it iias frequently proved of the greatest Service; it assists Digestion, strengthens the Stomach, and has been found of infinite Service to those who take long. Voyage-;, as a Preservative against the Scurvy. fcg" Be careful to observe that the Words " Dicey § f Co. No. 10, Bo- w Church- Yard," are printed in the Stamp aiiixed to each Bottle, as counterfeit Sorts aie oifered tor Sale in almost every Town. Sold, Wholesale, at the original Warehouse for Dicey & Co.' s Medicines, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London, Price Is. Id. J a Bottle, Duty included; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and by one or more respectable Vender in every Town throughout he Kingdom. church; college. and Rev. E. J. » Townsend, of Merton Gentlemen, Farmers, Graziers, IjC. flLL find the following Case ail additional Proofofthe superior Efficacy of the CALVES' CORDIAL, for the Scour of Calves, Oxen, Couus, Horses, Sheep, SIR, Glanmlh IVootton, Aug. 29, 1812. Pray send me a iarge liottle of that excellent Medi- cine BIGGS's CALVES' CORDIAL: the two small Bottles 1 had of you not only saved my two Calves, but my Cow also, which was nearly reduced to a Skeleton, but they are all three cured of the severe Scouring, and are growing fat. I wish you to make it known to the Proprietor, and that every Farmer and Dairyman would never be without it, as I am well assured they would find it to their Advan- tage.— Yours, & c. GEORGE YOUNG. Sold Wholesale by Evans & Son, 42, Long- Lane, Smithfield ; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Daventry; Tookey, Oundle; Power, and Collier, Thrapston; Coilis& Dash, Kettering; 1 nns, Towcester ; Swin- en, Leicester ; and by most Venders of Medicines. DAY & MAK. 1IN BEG Lsave to acquaint the Public, that by attending to the following Particulars tlie'y will avoid being taken in by the vile Compositions that are offered as the genu'ne BLACKING, prepared by them at 97, HIGH- HOLBORN, LONDON. — After the Word BLACKING in the first Line'of the Labels the Counterfeits have a small ( as ) some have the same before the Word MADE in the next Line, and others put a small ( nr ) immediately before the Number 97.— Purchasers should observe that the whole Address is clear and distinct. Sold by Birdsall, and Inwood, Northampton ; Bates; Daventry; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell , Pol well, Towcester; Page, Oundle; and Norris, Bedford— Price Is. 6d. per Bottle. A tery valuable Freehold and Tithe- free Farm To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT ( CONSISTING of a good Farm- House, Barns J Stables, Cow- Sheds, Piggeries, and many other Out- oEfices thereto belonging; and about 150 Acres of rich Paittne and Arable Land, be the same more or less, now lying in the Parish of BOZEAT, in the County of Northampton; and also two Cottages, with Barns, Gardens, See. now in the Occupation of Thomas Hollis and John Hobbs. BOZEAT is ten Miles from Northampton, six from Wellingborough, and five from Olney. The Farm may be entered at Lady- Day; and for further Particulars, enquire of Mr. HANCOX, at the Farm. For COUGHS, HOARSENESSES, & c. II. Greenough's PECTORAL LOZENGES of'l'OLU, the greatest Demand for which, after fifty Years' Trial, proves them a superior Re- medy for all Coughs, Hoarsenesses, Sore Throats, and those Complaints occasioned from ta'ring Cold in the Chest. The Genuine only have R. HAY- WARD printed on the Stamp, by whom they are prepared as Successor to T. Greenough, the Invenfor. Sold, by his Appointment, by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, Northampton, and the Venders of Genuine Medicines. The g eat Restorative to Health is MANN's APPROVED - MEDICINE, RECOMMENDED by Physicians, and patro- 1 nized by Ladies and Gentlemen of the first Dis- tinction. Sold in Bottles, at 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. each, Duty included ; with the Words, Thos. Mann, Horsham, Sussex ( the Inventor and sole Proprietor,( engiaved oil the Stamp, without which it cannot be Genuine. No Medicine has been so much blessed in restoring suca M ultitudes, when all Hope of Recovery has been given over, in Consumptions, Coughs, Colds, Convulsion- Fits, long- standing Asthmas, Hooping- Goughs, Influenza, Dropsy, relaxed Habits, and in a low Nervous debilitated State; also Ladies in a pregnant State may take Doses of from 10 to 15 Drops with perfect Safety; and the Infant from the first Week to the Aged, in any State. Ample Directions accompany each Bottle, with many authentic Cures, aiming which is one from an eminent Physician, toge- ther with fifteen Affidavits sworn by different Jus- rices of the Peace for the County of Sussex, and many other respectable Characters, who have wit- nessed their Names to many astonishing Cures effected by this celebrated Remedy. It strengthens the Coat of the Stomach, helps Digestion, creates an Appetite, and re- animates . the whole Frame. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, at his Warehouse, Horsham, Sussex; and by W. Sutton & Co. ( late Dicey & Sutton,) No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London ; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper; Robins, Daventry; Beesley, and Marriott, Banbury; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Osborn, Woburn ; Bull, Harrod, and Dawson, Mar- ket- Harborough ; Price, and Swinfeii, Leicester; Wilcox and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Palgrave, Bedford; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton ; Sanderson, Thrap- ston ; York and Summers, Oundle; Hord: n, and Jacob, Peterborough; Munn, Kettering; Emery, and Fox, St. Neots; Loveil, Huntingdon; Wallis, Olney; Mather, Wellingborough; and by all the ptincipaf Venders. Devon j Monmouth Durham ( includ- Montgomery ingHoly Island) ' NorfolK Essex Northampton Flint Northumberland Glamorgan, Nottingham Gloster ( includ- Oxford ing the City of Pembroke Bristol) Radnor Guernsey Rutland Hereford Salop Hertford Somerset Hunts Stafford Isle of Man Sulfolk Isle of Wight Surry Jersey Sussex Kent Warwick Lancaster Westmoreland Leicester Worcester Lincoln York. Merioneth Middlesex Derby Montgomery Durham Northumberland Flint Oxford Glamorgan Pembroke Gloster Radnor Hereford Rutland Hertford Salop Hunts Stafford Leicester Westmoreland Lincoln Worcester. Merioneth Monmouth viz.— Oats, Hay, and Straw, to his ARMY CON TRACTS. Commissary in Chief s Office, Qreat- Geo'ge- Street, London, 26th of February, 1813. OTICE is hereby given to all Persons desirous of contracting to supply the follow- ing Articles for the Use ofthe Army, viz. BREAD,— To his Majesty's Land Forcesdn Canton- ments, Quarters, and Barracks, ill the under- men- mentioned Counties and Islands : A Iderney, Anelesea, Bedford, Berks ( including the Town of Hungerford), Berwick Brecon, Bucks, Cambridge ( in- eluding the Town of New- market), Cardigan Carmarthen Carnarvon Chester Cornwall ( in- cluding ScillyJ Cumberland Denbigh Derby OATS,— To his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Counties and Island : Anglesea Bedford Berwick Brecon Bucks Cambridge Cardigan Carmarthen Carnarvon Chester Cumberland Denbigh FORAGE, Majesty's Cavalry in Barracks, and Oats in Can tonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Counties in South Britain: Berks Middlesex. York Cornwall Norfolk And in the se- Devon Northampton veralCounties in Dorset Nottingham North Britain. Essex Somerset Hants ( including Suffolk As also Forage the Isle of Surry toallHorseskept Wight), 1 Sussex for his Majesty's Kent Warwick Service in the Lancaster Wilts Island of Jersey. That the Deliveries are to commence on and for the 25th Day ot April next; that Proposals in Writing sealed up and marked, Tender for Army Supplies, will be received at this Olfice on or before Thursday the 25th Day of March ( but none will be received after Twelve o'clock on that Day) and it sent by Post, the Postage must be paid. Proposals must be made separately for each County and Island, except for the Counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender, as also must the several Counties in North Britain; and each PropossI must have the Letter which is annexed to the Tender properly filled up, by two Persons of known Property engaging to be- come bound with the Party tendering in the Amount stated in the printed Particulars for the due Per- formance of the Contract ; and no Proposal will be noticed unless made on a printed Tender, and the Prices expressed in Words at Length ; and should ii so happen that during the Continuance of the Con- tact, no Troops shoujd be stationed or supplied in the County, the Expense of the Contract and Bond, paid in the first Instance by the Contractor, to be re- funded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon Ap plication at this Office, between the Hours of Eleven and Five ; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Lindesay, Edinburgh; at the Office of De- uty Commissary General Cooper, Guernsey ; and at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Low, Jersey. Note.— Some material Alterations having been made in the Tenders for supplying Bread to the Troops in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Al- derney, and Forage in the Island of Jersey ; such Persons as may be desirous of tendering to supply the same, must apply for tht proper Particulars NEWTON'S DENTIFRICE IS by far the most pleasant of any Powder recommended for CLF. ANSI NG and B EAUTI F YI N G the Teeth-, it will be found to answer every End that a Tooth- Fo- tvder can be reasonably expected to do, while it cleanses the Moora of all impure and foetid Particles, it WHITENS the TEETH, HEALS theGu.\ is, and helps to SWEETEN the BREATH. . Nothing is so great a Drawback to Beauty as b. d Teeth, nothing more offensive than fcctid Breath ; NEW- TON'S TOOTH- POWDER, on the first Application, im- proves the former, and removes the latter, while its antiputrcscent and balsamic Qualities prevent Decay, and remove all Excrescenses. Prepared by B. II. NEWTOM, and sold by bis Agents Messrs. SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, on the Foot- lVay, St. Paul's Churdi Yard, nearly opposite the North Gate; in Boxes 2s. 9d. each ; and Retail by the Printers ot this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton ; Higgs, Harborough; Loggin, Aylesbury; Tomalin, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Gallard, Towcester; Poulter & Knighton, Stony- Stratfcri; and Page, Oundle. JOB TWINING, of PAINSWICK, a Lad about fifteen Years of Age, was grievously afflicted with the King's Evil or Scropbula. He was much reduced, and totally helpless, being confined several Weeks to his Bed, and incapable of stirring Hand or Foot. There were many Wounds in difierent Parts of his Body, his Thigh was quite bare, and the Ligatures plainly to be perceived. In this deplorable Situation ROBERTS'S MEDICATED VEGE- TABLE WATER was administered to him, gratis, by the Use of which he is perfectly restored, and since bound Apprentice. The Case was properly a Psoa Abscess, which is generally deemed incurable. This celebrated Restorative in Cases of Cancer, Scrophula, Leprosy, ScAirvy, and all other Scorbutic Affections, such as ulcerared sore Legs, Scald- Htad, Flushings, pimpled Faces, Stc is prepared and Sold by Daniel Roberts, Painsiuick, Gloucestershire, in Half- pint Bottles, at tis. each ; and in large Bottles, con- taining five Half- pints, at 22s. each, Duty included ; with remarkable Cases of Cancer, and Directions, signed by the Proprietor ; sold also by Sutton & Co. late Dicey & Sutton, Wholesale Agents, London ; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, Barnes, New- port- Pagnell; and respectable Venders in general. Ot whom may be had, the Proprietor's REMARKS on the SCROPHULA, Sec. Price Is. printed by VV. Phillips, London. i'o Thomas Taylor, Esg. No.. 9, New Bridge- Street London. SIR, IConsider it but an Act of Justice due to the Merits of your Leake's Patent Pills, to commu- nicate to you the*. following Cuie, which has recently been performsd by then;: — An Acquaintance of mine, who by the breaking out of an old Venereal Complaint ( attended by a Complication of Disorders arising therefrom) was reduced almost to a Skeleton, and although he had the best medical Advice which could be obtained, and tried a Variety of Patent Medicines, nothing could be procuied winch seemed to suit his Case, or to do him any Service; he remained in a most reduced and pitiable Situation for two Years, unable to follow his Profession, and scarcely able to walk or even to stand on his Legs ; in Fact, rio one who knew him ever supposed it possible for him to recover. He was advised at last to try your Leake's Pills— he did so, adhering strictly to the Directions given with them; he had not taken more than four Boxes before he found an Alteration for the better j this encouraged him to proceed, and by taking a few Boxes more he found his Appetite and Strength gra- dually return, anil is now as healthy and stout as any Man I know. You are welcome, Sir, to refer any Person to me for a Confirmation ot the above Account if it should be doubted. — I am. Sir, your obedient humble Servant, THOMAS PURDAY Library, Folks/ one, July 10, 1805. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, Thomas Taylor, Memberofthe Royal College of'Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street; where he will give Advice, without a Fee, to Persons taking these Pills, and will answer Patients' Letters if Post- paid, on the same Terms, ob. eiving in all Cases the most inviolable Secrecy; no Patient's Name or Case having been mentioned, but at then o « n particular Request, by the Proprietor, during the Course of more than 38 Years that he has had tlie con- ducting of an extensive Sale of the above Medicine and the Practice arising therefrom. They are also sold, by his Appointment, by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Tomalin, Bates, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; Sharpe, Warwick; Rollason, Coventry; Price, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Seeley, Buckingham; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leigh- ton ; Knight, Coliis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Mather, Wellingborough ; Beesley, Banbury; Tookey, Oundle; Palgrave, Bedford; Atkinson, Manchester ; and by one Person in every considerable Town in Great- Britain and Ireland, in Boxes of only 2s. 9d each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Persons of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease and Secrecy. N.. B. Every Box sold in Great- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour of the Commis- sioners, is printed at the Stamp- Office— T. Taylor, No. 9, New Bridge- Street— to imitate which is Felony, all others are Counterfeit. Thomas rtepkins,. of Brwfee- stfect, Wejtminsr « \ » bridge, Surry, tobacconist, ct..& c. . Vlatdi IS, T\ , nd April 17, at Cuiidhail.— Attorney, Mr. Kvgtr-, Cross- street, H i- tton- eaiden. John Rothweil and. John DucVenfield Cboriev, la e of Haliwell, Lancashire, bleachers, d. tr c. March 17, 18, and April 17. at the Ship Inn, Lc- lton. — At- torney, Mr, Hulton, Boiton. ' i- honvis Heddon Incledon, of Taunton, Somerset- shire, druggist, ( I. & c. March 16, 17, and Apr I i7, at tlje Commercial Rooms, Bristol.— Attorney, Mr. Cooke, Bristol. John Molison and William Archdeacon, li t of Cannon- street, London, calendeters, March 19, ifs, and . April 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Pike, Air- street, Piccadilly. Thomas Oliver, of Queen's Head- passage, New- gate- street, London, victualler, d. & c. March 13, 20^ and April 17, at Cuildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Bourdillon & Hewitt, Little Friday- street. Richard Cort, of Salisbury- square, Middle'es, d. Si c. March 13, IS, and April 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Hurd, King's- Bench- walks, Temple. James Du Bois, of Brixton, Suiry, insurance- broker, d. See. March 9, 16, and April 17, at Guild- hall. — Attornies, Messrs. ' l'empier & Glynes, Burr- street, East- Smithfield. Henry Jones, of Canterbury, stone- mason, d. tk c.- March 9, 20, April 17, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Williams, Cursitor- street, Chancery, lane. •• Robert Proder, of Monk- Wearmoutb, Durhamj innkeeper, d. & c. March 30, 31, and April 17, at the Bridge Inn, Bishop- Wearmouth.— Attorney, Mr. Hinde, Bishop- Wearmouth. Daniel Aust, of Walcot, Somersetshire, carpenter, March 13, 2S, and Ap'il 17, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol.— Attornies, Messrs. Biddufph At Hare, Bristol. Edward Weston, of Church- lane, Chelsea, Mid- dlesex, bricklayer, d. & c. March 13. 20, and April 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Blofiekl, New Inn. Daniel Goodall and T. Wilkii » in, of Paternoster, row, London, car let- manufacturers, d. & c. March 16, 28, and April' 20, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. James, Bucklersbury. John Wilson Spencer, of Wood- street, Cheapside, London, ribbon- merchant, d. & c. March 16, 20, and April 20, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Mason, Bread- street- hill. John Hat wood, of Warwick, grocer, March 22, 23, and April 20, at the Woolpack, Warwick. — At- torney, Mr. Kitchen, Barford, near Warwick. William Norbrook, of Ipswich, victualler, d. & c « March 22, 23, and April 20, at the Coach and Horses, Ipswich.— Attorney, Mr. Burnett, Chatham- place, London, Thomas Marsh, late of Newman's- row, Lincoln's- Inn- fields, Middlesex, watch- maker, d. & c. March 13, 20, and April 30, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr, Allan, Berner's- street. William Natler and John Cockerton, of Sheffield, feltmongers, d. & c March 30, 31, and April 20, at the Commercial Inn, Sheffield— Attorney, Mr. Sbearwood, Sheffield. - James White, late of King's- Ripon, Huntingdon- shire, horse- dealer and farmer, April 6, 7, and 20, aC the Swan and Talbot Inn, Stamford.— Attorney, Mr. Redifer, Stamford. Jonathan Cooper, jun. of Great- Grimsby, Lin- colnshire, tanner and feltmonger, March 24, 25, and April 20, at the Angel Inn, Glamford- Biiggs.— Attor- nies, Messrs. Nicholson, Brigg. James Phillips, of Exeter, innkeeper, d. & c. March 11, 25, and April 30, at the Hotel, Exeter.— Attorney, Mr. Turner, Exeter. George Harwood, of Beverley, Yorkshire, inn keeper,' d. & c. March 24, 25, and April 20, at the Tiger Inn, Beverley.— Attcniey, Mr. Shepherd, Beverley. George Bradbury, of Stockport, Cheshire, grocer, d.& c. March 16, 18, and April 20, at the Castle Irn, Stockport — Attorney, Mr. Ciayton, Stockport. Abraham Hurley, ot Rudskle, Corsham, Wilt- shire, maltster, d. & c. March 23, 24, and April 20, at the Old Down Inn, Stow- Easton, Somersetshire. — Attorney, Mr. Evered, Shepton- Mallet, George Tyndall, of Oxford- street, Middldsex, linen- draper, d. & c. March 18, 20, and April 20, it Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. Richardson, New Inn. James Piatt and Arthur Kaye, of Pol ton le- Moors, Lancashire, grocers, d. & c. March 16, 23, and April 20, at Guildhall, London. — Attornies, Messrs. Blandford & Murray, Mitre- court- buildings, Temple. Anthony M'Kinrot, ot Tonola, in the West Indies, merchant, March 13, 23, and April 20, at Guild- hall, London. — Attornies, Messrs. M'Dougall & r Hunter, Lincoln's- Inn, New- square. Evan Edwards, of Old- street- road, Middlesex, twine- spinner, March 13, 23, and A pril 29, at Guild- hall.— Attorney, Mr. Jesse, Tyson- place, Kingsland- road. John Paget, of Great Tower- street, London, insu- rance- broker, d. & c. March 16, 23, and April 20, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Nind, Throgmortoa- street. Btmkru} ytcies superseded. Thomas Hayman, ot Honduras- street, Old- street, Middlesex, rectifier. Christopher Ganer, late of Broad- street, Carnaby- market, Middlesex, piano. forte- manufacturer. CERTIFICATE to be granted. March 27. John Hill, late of I'eterboriiugh, North- amptonshire, draper. DIVIDEND to be made to CREDITORS. April 5. T. Grace, of Prince's- Risborough, Bucks, and J. Saunders Woodcock, of Aylesbury, bankers, at the County Hall, Aylesbury. LONDON MARKETS. Com Exchange, Monday, March 8, 1813. Our market is now well supplied with grain in ge- neral, but we had many buyers this morning. 1 ine Wheats sold at about our last quotation, but ordi- nary kinds hung on hand. — Malting Barley being ill goon demand, has expereinced no alteration from iast Monday, but inferior is about 2s. per quarter lower,-. and isdiificultof sale. — Hog Peas, boilers, and Tick Beans, are in plenty, and about 2s. per quarter lower; and the latter are extremely dull otf sale. — Although the supply ot Oats has been very- liberal, yet a brisk demand has enabled best heavy samples to support the last noted prices, and obtain, the terms of this day se'nnight, but light inferior kinds are at Is. per quarter lower.— We have had a large arrival of Flour, which has produced great dulness in this trade. Wheat .... 9,) s. Superfine... — s. Fine'White.. — s. Rye . 70s.- to 78s. barley Fine Suffolk Malt FUST received, a large and valuable Supply by the Printers ol this Paper ; also by Mr. Sharp, Perfumerand Hair- cutter, Northampton; Ward, Da- ventry; Swinfen, Leicester; Nettleship, Lincoln; Moxon, Gainsborough; of that invaluable Production, under ihe illustrious Patronage of their Royal High- nesses the Princess of Wales and Duke of Sussex, his Exc- ilency the Spanish Ambassador, and many Families of high Distinction, MACASSAR OIL FOR THE HAIR. This Oil is proudly recommended on the Basis of Truth and Experience, and the most respect, die Testimonials. It possesses Properties of the most salubrious Nature for restoring the Hair where it has licen bald for Years, preserve's it from falling off or turning grey to the latest Period of Life ; produces on the Tresses a most beautiful Gloss, Scent, - id Curl. This Oil is infinitely efficacious in renovating Children's Hair, promotes the Growth of Whiskers, Eye- Brdws, Sec. — In fine, it is pre- eminent for renovating the Human Hair, and rendering it truly legant and beautiful. Merchants, Captains, & c. will find this an Article of pre- eminent Utility for preserving the Hair in hot Climates. For general Utility is enclosed, a Treatise on the Improvement ot the Human Hair, giving a full De- scription of the Virtues of the Oil, with Testimonials from Persons of distinguished Consideration. This interesting Book and the Oil, is a Vade Mecum for every Family throughout the World; it is included with each Bottle in the Wrapper, signed on the Out- side, in red Ink, " A. ROWLAND & SON."— Price 3s. 61. ; 10s. 6d. ; and =£ 1. Is. per Bottle. Sold Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND & SON, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by their Appointment, by their Wholesale Agents in London.— Also by all Perfumers and Medicine Venders in every Town throughout the Empire. No Macassar Oil is genuine without the Signature on the Label, in Red Ink, " A. ROWLAND & SON," to counterfeit which is Felony. Of whom may be had, Patronised by her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, his Excellency the Duke del Infantado, and by the most eminent Physicians, ALSANA EXTRACT, Or ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECIFIC, for the TEETH and GUMS. A Preparation that surpasses all others for eradica- ting all Disorders of the Teeth and Gums; and ren- dering them extremely beautiful, extracted from Abyssinian Herbs by a Native ot that Country. Sold at 10s. 6d. per Bottle ; or small Bottles at 4s. 6d. each. Also, the ALSANA POWDER, for cleansing the Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per Box, White Peas.. SOs. tol05: tolOOs. I Suffolks — s. to — s. tol2Js. Grey Peas .. 80s. to 84s. to — s. Fine — s. to 88s. toI35s. Beans 70s.. to 75s, Fine — s. to 84s. Ticks 66s. to 72s. Oats 28s. to 34s. Polauds 27s. to 3- U. Potatoe ditto47s. to 4Ss. 51s. to 55s — s. to 73s 95s. tolOOs Average of Wheat, 123s. lOd. i— 5s. Od. J higher than last return. Fine Flour, 105s. to UOs. — Seconds, 95s. to 99s. Average of Flour I09s. 4d.— Os. 0d£. per sack higher than last return. BANKRUPTS reauired to surrender. . Thomas Stevenspn, sen. of Leicester, grocer, March IS), 20, and April 20, at tne White Hart Inn, Lei- cester.— Attorney, Mr. Pilkington, Leicester. William Stewart, of Hatton- gatden, Middlesex, grocer, dealer and chapman,, March 9, 20, and April 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Smith, Hatton- garden. Thomas Richardson, of Milton, Kent, grocer, d. & c. March 13, 16, and April 17, at Guildhall — Attornies, Messrs. Milne & Parry, Hare- court, Temple. John Smith, late of Eversholt, Bedfordshire, grocer, d.& c. March 14, IS, and April 17, at Guild- hall.— Attornies, Messis. Robinson & Fline, Charter- house- square. John Hearn, of Black- Notley, Essex, cattle- jobber, d. & c. March 9, 23, and AJ'ril 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Dugelby, Old City- chambers, Bi- shopsgate- stteet. Samuel Hewitt, of Bishopsgate- street, London, linen- draper, d. & c. March 9, 20, and- April 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Browne, Crosby- square, Bishopsgste- street. John Turner, of Hertford, merchant, March 13, 20, and April 17, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Piatt, Tanfield- court, Temple. John Charlton, ol Newcasiie- upon- Tyne, baker, d. & c. March 22, 23, and April 17, at the George Inn, Newcastle- upon- Tyne.— Attorney, Mr. Forster, Newcastle- upon- Tyne. Robert Withy, of Cbarter- house- street, Charter- house- square, Middlesex, twine- maker, d. & c. March 13, 16, and April 17, at Guildhall.— Attor- ney, Mr. Patten, Hation- garden. William Moates, of Great Trinity- lane, London, coal- dealer, March 13, 20, and April 17, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. Wilson, Angel- court, Tlirogmorton- street. William James RoVerts, late of the White Horse, Fetter. lane, London, coach- proprietor, d. & c. March 16, 27, and April 17, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Bovill & Tustin, New Bridge- street. William Jowsey, of Lower Shadwell, Middlesex, mast- maker, d. & c. March 13, 20, and April 17, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Allison, Hundleby, & Pointon, F'reeman's- court, Cornhill. Walter Gledhill, of Jermyn- street, Westminster, warehouseman, d. Sc c. Jiarch 16. SO, and April 17, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Richardson, Fisher, & Lake, Bury- street, St, James's. William El^ ar, of Maidstone, Kent, grocer, d. & c March 13, 23, and April 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Scudamore, Maidstone. Robert Brett, of Salford, Lancashire, common- brewer, March 18, April 2, and 17, at the Man- I Chester Arm3 Inn, Manchestsr.— Attorney, Mr. 1 Dicjar, Manchester, PRICE ot SEEDS. Carraway 80s. Od. to 86s. Od.-) ... 40s. 0d. to 45s. 0d.( „.,„_, . . 90i. Od. tola ' s. 0d. C Percw' « .. 65s. Od. to 180s. Od.) 35s. Cd. to 58s. Od per quartet ... 20s. Od., Coriander . - Red Clover White ditto Rye Grass White Mustard Od. to 28s. Od. ,> Brown ditto 30s. Od. to 34s. Od. S per Turnip 18s. Od. to 24s. Od. ditto. PRICE OF HOPS. AOS. Kent 101. 0s. to 131. 0s. Sussex JOI 0s. to 121. Os. Essex 111. 0s. to 131. 0s. Poc K ET&. Kent. Ill, 0s. to 161. Os; Sussex HI. 0s. to 141. 0s., Farnham 201. 0s. to 261. 0s, SMITHFIELD.- MONDAY, Match 8. Beef.. 5s. 8d. to 6s. 8d. | Veal 6s. 8d. to 8s. 01. Muttoi- 6s. 4d. to 7s. 4d. | Pork 7s. Od. to 8s. Od, Head of Cattle this Day — Beasts, about 1936— Sheep 10,370. — Calves, 90— Pigs, 230. NEWGATE AKO l. EAUENHALL MARKETS. Beef.. 5s. fid. to. 6s. Od. | Veal . 6s. Od. to 7s. 8C. Muttoi. Ss. 8- 1. to 6*. Id. | Pork. 7s. Od. to 8s. Od. PRICE OF TALLOW, & c. Town Tallow 100s. 6d. Yellow Russia98s. Od. White ditto 97s, Od. Soap ditto . ,94s. Od. MeltinsStuft' 7Ss. Od. Ditto rough 52s. Od. Graves 24s. ftd. Good Dregs. 9s. Od. SOAP— Yellow.. 104s. Od. St. James'sMarket- 5s. lid J Clare Market 6;. Od. Whitechapel Market 5s. 101, 17s. 9J. J Average per st. of81b. 5s. 111. Mottled.. 114s. 0d. PRICE OF LEATHER, PER. POUND. Butts, 50 to 561b. each ' i'id. to 24*. Ditto, ,56 to661b. each 25d. to 26d. Merchants' Backs 21d. to 23J. Dressing Hides 2lid. to 21d. 4 Fine Coach- Hides 21d.| to 23d. CropHides, 35to40lb. lor cutting .. 19d. J to 21i. 4s> to 501b 21d. to 231 i Calf Skin SO to 401b 32d. to 361. 60to 701b 33d. to 45.1. 70 to 80lb 3Sd. to 44i. Small, Seals ( Greenland) 34d. to 491. Large Ditto, 120s.- to 180s. per Dozen. Goat Skins,, 34s. to 62s. j" — ————— Northampton : Printed and Published by and fot T, E. Diecr, tV. SCTTQP, $ ft, SMITHW.
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