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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 998
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 10/03/1813
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 998
No Pages: 4
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allof im PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Yd. 20. N°- 998. Wednesday, • - ^ -. - ..." % < CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY. March 10, 1813. / Vice Sixpence Halfpenny. This Paper is circulated in the mast expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. DOLGELLEY BIBLE ASSOCIATION. \ T a numerous Meeting uf tiie Inhabitants of tbe J\_ Town aud Neighbourhood of Dolgclley, on Monday, January 25, 1813, the following Resolutions were unani- mously adopted: 1. That an Association be formed at Dolgelley, for the purpose of aiding and co operating with the British and Foreign Bible Society, in the Dissemination of the Holy Scriptures both at Home nud Abroad. 2. The Designation of this Society shall be, DOL- GELLEY BIBLE ASSOCIATION 3 That tbe Association shall consist of all who are dis- posed to promote tbe Object in view, without Respect to any Difference of Religioun Sentiment. 4. That eacti Subscriber of five Shillings and upwards, annually, shall be a Member of the Association, until such Time as be shall intimate the contrary to the Secretary.— Douations and Subscriptions to any Amount shall also be thankfully received.— A Subscriber of five Guineas shall be a Member for Life. . 5. The only Copies of the Scriptures to be circulated by this Association shall be the authorized Versions, without | fjote or Comment. 6. That the Concerns of this Association be transacted by aTreasnrer, Secretaries, Collectors, aud a Committee of 24 Laymen, to be chosen nnnually hy Ihe Association, at their General Meeting, any five of which lo be deemed competent to net. ... . . 7. That such of the Clergy, and Dissenting Ministers and Preachers, of every Denomination, as arc Subscribers, be considered as Members of the Committee, aud be per- mitted lo attend and vote at their Meetings. I That IbeCdmmitlee meet every two Months ( or oftener ! if occasion requires), on the first Monday in the Month, at the Time and Place appointed by them. 0. That lhe Commillee, at their Meetings, shall consider and devise Means fur promoting tbe Objects and Increase of this Association. . 10. That the Committee divide tbisTown nnd Neighbour- hood into Districts, and appoint proper Persons as a Sub- committee for each District, for the purpose of soliciting Subscriptions, and to enquire whether auy Families or In- dividuals are in waut of Bibles andTeslameuls aud unable lo procure them, in order lhat they way be furnished there- with at reduced Prices, or gratis, according to their Cir- cumstances.* 11 That every District Committee he entitled to all the Privileges of the General Bible Association, and that tbey receive" Biblc3 anil Testaments to the Amouut of half the Money lhat they pay tbe Treasurer of this Institution, if they should be wanted. 19. This Association is to join with Ihe Merionethshire Bible Association, aud become a Branch of it. 13. That a General Meeting be held annually, on Ihe first Monday in February, when one of ibe Secretaries shall read the Peporl of the Transactions of the Commit- tee for the preceding Year, and the ditlereut Offices of the Institution shall be filled hy Vote STATE LOTTERY OFFICE, LONDON, MARCH, 1813. TT> TCJTT having contracted with Government . I> I I I for a STATE LOTTERY of 20,000 Tickets, ( not to he divided as of late Years into two, but Numbered from No. 1 lo No. 20,000) to be Drawn precisely as iu the former popular Lotteries previous lo the Class System heing adopted, which is uow done awav. He has the honour lo submit Ihc following Scheme, being fully approved of by Ibe Lords of the Treasury, and peculiarly adapted eiiher to Clubs and Societies, or lo individual Ad- venturers, for bv a Novel Arrangement mure lhan Half of Ibe Tickets ahd Shares purchased are almost SURE TO BE PRIZES, indepeudant uf their Chance for all the Capitals. This is a Feature unknown hefore the present STATE LOTTERY, CONTAINING MORE PRIZES than BLANKS. MACHYNLLETH AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. AMEETING will be held on TUESDAY, 16th MARCH, 1813, in Ihe Town Hail of Machynlleth, Montgo- meryshire, for Ihe Purpose of forming an Auxiliary Bible Society, in Aid of the Funds of tbe BRITISH aud FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY, in London The President will take the Chair at eleven o'Clock precisely. © aless oy auction. VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; & c. BY T. VAUGHAN, On Wednesday, the 171I1 Dav of March, 1913; THE neat and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and oilier Effects, belonging to Mrs. BYRNE, nf Talbot Street, ELLESMERE, in the County of Salop, ( who T- r SCHEME. 3 of. .... £ 20,1100 ... nre....^ 3 .... 10,000 4 2,000 6 1,000., 6 500 10 300 . ... 15 200 20 WP 40 50 ... 50 40 1,000 20 3,000 IO (>, 000 5 • 10,159 Prizes. 9,841 Blanks. 20,000 Tickcts. £ 6n, noo 30, nun 8,000 6,000 4.( 100 3, NOO 3,000 2,000 2,0( 10 • 2,000 20,000 30,000 It is presumed, that 110 Person, who knows any Thing of is Icavui- Ellesmere); comprising handsome Kitchen the Nature of Ihe intended Society, and has any Regard - ....... tor Ihe Bible, or any Concern for the social, and eternal Happiness of bis Fellow- men ; need being urged to come forward to support so excellent und truly benevolent au Institution. AT the ANNUAL MEETING of ihe Members of Ihe Association for I tie Prosecution of Feluns, held at the Bridgewater Arms lun, Ellesmere, on Ihc 4th Day of February, 1813, IT WAS RESOLVED hy the Gentlemen then present, That in Consequence of Ihe general good Conduct they had at all Times, experienced Iroiu the lale Mr ROGERS, and, since his sudden Departure, from his Widow, lliey do propose 10 DINE al ihe BRI OGPWATFR ARMS INN, on TUESDAY, il> e ibi|, Cav of March, 1813; when the Company of the Gentlemen uf the To 11 and. Neighbour- hood, and Friends of Ibe House, w » ll be esteemed a Favour by Capt PERROTT SiMcocKs.- Mr. ROBERT SAN OLAND, J Mr Jos 11 u A L MENLOVE, V Presidents. Mr. WILLIAM BELCISS, \ Mr. THOMAS EDWARDS, } Dinuer ou the Table at three o'Clock. £ 200,000 Part ofthe Prizes to be determined as nnder : The first drawn 1,000 Blanks, £ 20 cach Tbe second drawn 1,000 Blanks, £ 10 cach. Tickets and Shares arc Selling at theContractor'sFortunate Offices, 4, Cornhill, and9, Charing Cross, London, uud by the following Agents IN THIS COUNTY. J. SAN DBORD, Bookseller, Shrewsbury R. PARKER, Ditto, Whitchurch R. PARKF. R, Grocer, Kllcumre A. MORGAN, Bookseller, Stafford P. DEN MAN, Ditto, Wolverhampton SHERIFFS OFFICE. Shrewsbury, March 3, 1813 JtfOTICE is hereby given, that the Assizes for the County of Salop will be held at Shrewsbury, in andfor the said County, on Wednesday, the lie- Day of March, 1813 : and the Jurors are desired to attend on Thursday Morning, the ISf/ i, at eight o' lock. If IL lA AM CHURCH NOHCOP, Esq. Sheriff. To COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS, aud FAMILIES? OLD RAVEN INN AND HOTEL, RAVEN STREET, SHREWSBURY. I^ ERDINAND WHEELERictip'iiB his most respectful Thanks to his F'rieuds, foe f^ ie Support they have so 14. After the Sums appropriated to purchase Bibles and Testaments for Distribution in this Town and Neighbour- hood, andfor defraying incidental Expenses, llie Residue of the Funds of the Association shall be reunited annually tothe Treasurer of tbe MerUmellnhlre Bihle Society. 15. That a Book be now opened for the Receipt of Dona tions aud Subscriptions from the Persous present at this Meeting; aud lhat the Treasurer and Secietanes be r, e- uncsted 10 receive Donations and Subscriptions from such Persons as may be disposed to contribute. lfi That every Order on Ihe Treasurer for the Payment of Money be signed by the Chairman, aud two other Mem- bers ot the Committee, iu pursuance of Resolutions to be made by the Committee or the major Part qf them, at their ^ n'^ i'iit Captain William Owen be requested to accept nf the ( Mice at Treasurer; aud Mr. Ellis Rees, and Mr. Hugh Price, he requested to become the Secretaries of this Association for Ihe current Year. is. That the following Geulleineu be appointed the C010- miltee for the present Year : Thomas Jones, Esq. Yuysfaig Howel Pugh, Esq. Dolgelley Humphrey Owen, Esq. Dolgellcy Mr. John Williams, Llanelltyd Mr. Robert Joues, Dolgclley Mr. Robert Pugli, Helygog Mr. Lewis Humphreys, Dolgclley Mr. Richard Jones, Dolgelley Mr. Edward Richards, Dolgelley Mr. Ellis Roberts, Dolgclley Mr. Robert Pugh, Dulfawr Mr. Edward Joues, Dolgelley Mr. Johu Jones, Pandy- isiif Mr. Hugh Lloyd, Dulgelley Mr. Roger Edwards, Dolgellcy Mr. William Owen, Dolgelley Mr. Griffith Pugh, Dolgelley Mr. Griffith Williams, Dolgelley Mr. Owen Lewis, Dolgelley Mr. William Pugli, Faner Mr. Evan Williams, Doluwchengryd Mr. Richard Lewis, Erw- goed Mr. Lewis Evans, Bwlcb- gwynn Mr iGriffith Ellis, Dolgclley. •* We approve of selling Bibles and Testaments, as possessing several important Advantages over gratuitous Distribution, asm that Case thty mill be held in higher Estimation though purchased at a low Hate; and also by that Means the application of the Fmdi will be more extended' in Usefulness; but, at the same Time, tke Committee are left at Liberty to act as Exigencies may require, to relieve in Cases of ext reme Poverty .— If the Parties cannot pay immediately, they may be allowed to discharge the small Debt by Installment. That the Cordial Thanks of tliia Meeting be given to the Rev. THOMAS CHARLES, for his zealous, able, and inde- fatigable Exertions to promote Ihe Formation, Prosperity, and Usefulness of this Institution. CAEREINION INCLOSURE. THE Commissioner having allotted such of IheCom- nionsaud Waste Lands us are situate in the respective Townships of Gwaenynog uclia, Briuglas, Dolgead, Llan- llolhian uchn, and Heuiarth, iu the Parish of Llanfair. within the Manor of Cacreinion Iscoed, and authorized the immediate Inclosure thcieof; and having also duly ordered, directed und appointed all Comuiun aud other Rights 111, over and upon ihe same Lands, to be ex- tinguished 11 poo and after the TENTH Day ot MARCH next coming, by Virtue of the Statute in that Case provid- ed i The Freeholders, their Tenant", and all Commoners, Cottagers and others are to TAKE NOTICE, that no Cattle can be lawfully turned iu, or depastured on auy of llieWastc Lands within Ihe abovementioned Townships uu or after that Day, except by the Patties to whom Ibe Allotments • remade, or Iheir Tenants, in theiruwn lespective Allot- ments only : And lhat, even iu either uf those Allotments, neither the Owner, nor his Tenant, or auy other Person, can legally keep Sheep or Lambs for seven Years lo come, unless he fences end preserves the youug Quick Hedges on • very Side such his Allotment. E. EDYE, Commissioner's Clerk. February 26th, 1813. TO BE LET, TREFNANNEY HALL, AMOST commodious Building: FIRST FLOOR, Dining Boom, Drawing Room, Study, Greenhouse, Kitchen, Servants' Hall, Panlry, Brew house, Dairy, and Cellars; SECOND FLOOR, eight Bed Rooms, with Dressing Rooms, aud Rooms for Servants :— Walled Garden, Orchard, and every Outbuilding that is necessary for the Accommodation of any Family; all in good Repair.,— ONE HUXDREI) AND THIRTY ACRES of Meadow, Arable, and Pasture LAND may be had with the House, aud a Lease of five, ten, or fifteen Years will be granted oil fair aud reasonable Terms. The Land is in a good Stale of Cultivation. TREFNANNEY is situated iu the beautiful and fertile ValeofMyvod, on the Banks of Ihe River V'trniew, Mont- gomeryshire, and ou the Borders of Shropshire. Possession may be had up the 23th, March 1813. Further Particulars may lie had un Application to CHARLES DALLAS, Esq. Trefnaiioey Hall, near Welsh Pool. liberally given him while al the COACH AN D HORSES ; and respectfully informs them, that he has succeeded his late Brother- in law JOHN J9NI- S, in the above Inn, and having completely titled it up asa'I'RAVi. LLEJis' INF) and HOTEL, he humbly solicits the Support of Travellers, Families, and the Public in general. TheCeutrical tho' retired Situation of the House, upon the highest Ground in Shrewsbury, w ith an unobstructed picturesque View of a large Portion of Shropshire, Cheshire, and North Wales, will recommend it to those FAMILIES w bo wish 10 spend a few Days iu SHREWSBURY ; and the same Advantages, particularly as it is UNCONNECTED WITH COACHES, will render it a desirable Situation for TRAVELLERS ; and F WHEELER begs Leave to assure lhe Public, that, 110 Rains nor Attentiou shall be wanting uu his Fart to render the House as comfortable as auy House of the Kiudiu Ihe United Kingdom. WINES, SPIRITS, See, ofthe best Quality. Jj' . Excellent Stabling. February 1, 1813. Grale, and all other necessary Kitchen Requisites, beauti- ful Mahogany Dining Table, fine Spanish Wood, t) Maho- gany Cliairsj Hair Seats, Mahogauv Garilevine, with Drawers and Recesses for Glasses, and nine Flint Spirit Decanters, complete Set of Foreign China, blue and ( iold, modern Sopha, Brass nailed and Cotton Cover, two Maho- gany Card Tables, tine Wood, Mahogany octagon Pillar and Claw Table, handsome Pair of Fourpost Bread Nut Tree Bedsteads, with Cotton Furniture, Fringe, & c. beau- tiful Mahogany Wardrobe, fine W ood, Mahogany Bureau, Tent aud otber Bedsteads, a valuable Engraving, by Ry- land, gilt Frame, and glazed, SwiiigGlass, Mahogany aiid painted Dressing Tables, together with the Brewing Uten- sils, & c. & c. The Auctioneer respectfully takes the Liberty of inform- ing the Public, that the Furniture is modern and ill a high Slate of Preservation, the Whole of which has been pur- chased New within the last two Years, and will positively be sold without Reserve. The Sale lu begin at ten o'Clock. VVATER CORN MILL, LANDT& c! " IN WELSHPOOL. On Friday, the 19th Day uf March, 1813, nt the Oak Inn, Welshpool, between the Honrs of three and six in the Afternoon, 111 the following, or such other Luts as shall be agreed upon al ihe Time of Sate, and snbject to such Conditions as shall be then produced: LOT I. ALL that capital, Substantial, and well- erected STONE BUILDING, situated near the Armoury, in Welshpool aforesaid, being 90 Feet long, 24 Feel wide, aud three Stories high, in good Repair, and formerly used as a Wool- len Factory, for which Purpose if is well calculated, or It may easily be converted intnaii excellent Maltliousq. LOT 11. A WAFER CORN MILL, with two Water Wheels, capable of turning four Pair of Stones : there is a constant and good Supply of Water nt all Seasons.— Also, the DWELLING HOUSE adjoining, and a PIECE of excellent GRASS LAND lying close to Ihe Mill Water- course, containing by Admeasurement 1 Acre, be thesnme more or less. LOT III. A large, well- built, and convenient STONE HOUSE, uow in two Dwellings, situate adjoining Lot 2, willi Ihe Yards and Appurtenances thereto belonging LOT IV. AllthatPIECEor Parcel of capital MEADOW LAND, well supplied with Water, and nearly adjoining Lot 3, containing by Admeasurement 2 Acres, be the same more or less. For Particulars apply to Mr. HUMPHREYS, at the Rectory, Berriew, near Welshpool, where a Map of the \ Premises may be seen. bp auction. BY S. BA « NOLD, On Saturday, the 13th (> r March, 1813,, at the Crown Inai 111 Newport, in Ibe Couuly of Salop, precisely at four o'Clock in the Aftemoou ; THAT well bred brown Waggon Horse, MERRYMAN, rising five Years old. sixteeu Hands and a halt high, a • lire Foal- geller, and allowed by all Judges to be the best Horse ofthe Kind iu this Part of the Kingdom. Also at the same Time, that high bred Blood Horse, MUSICIAN. He was got by the Earl of Stamford's Chan- ter ; his Dam own Sisler to Cheshire Cheese ; Chanter wail got by Pipalor, his Dam LeSang, Grand Daui by Regnlus, out of Bay Brockleaby. The Horse's Dam was got by Sir Peter, her Dam Georgians bv Sweelbriar, out of Cdupella, by Herod, Miss Cape hy Reg'uliis, & c. MUSICIAN is rising six Years old, near sixteen Hands and a half high, is a dark bay, with four black Legs, and for Symmetry and Bone scarcely to be equalled. The above liamed Horses may be seeu at their Stables at MORETON, near Newport aforesaid. FA MO US STALL tONS'. BY HENSHAW" AND SMITH, On the Premises, on Friday, the Iptli Day of March; 1813, precisely at oue o'Clock •• TWO famous STALLIONS, the Property of Mr. WARRI LOW, of Ihe LEF. S HOUSES, in the Parish of Draycot, near Chenille, in the Cuuntv iff Stafford, ( if not disposed of by privute Contract, of which due Notice will be given): LOT I. A well known handsome blark Waggon Stallion; 17 Hands high, wide Quarters, short legged has cut tret) seven Seasons, and his Stock proves capital : he was got hV tbe noted old Derbyshire Meiryman ( whoseCharaclerstuoU high to make any Comments on, the Property of I lie late Mr. Massey, of Birchwood Moor, his Dam one'of the beat bred Waggon Mares iu ihe County, of Stafford. LOT 11. The beautiful brown Waggon Stallion, Sweet William, rising four Years old, near 16 Hands high, a proved SlocKgetler ; for Richness of Colour, deep Carcase, hand- some turned wide Quarters, short legged, aud clean flat Bone, scarcely such a one can be met with on this Island; he was got by the above black Horse, his Dam descended from a Family of the best brown Waggon sort in Ibis Kingdom. Pedigrees of both will appear al tbe Place of Sale. For any further Particulars apply to Mr. WARRILSW, of Lees Houses aforesaid. DES. IRABJ. E FAMILY RESIDENCE. TO BE LET FOR J TERM OF YEARS, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, THAT CAPITAL MANSION called MOOD HILL; situate within two Miles of the Market Town of OSWESTRY, iu the County uf Salon. A Tenant may he accommodated with any Quantity of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, surrounding the House, not exceeding one Hundred Acres, now 011 Hand, and in a high State of Cultivation, and have the Option of taking the Growing Crops at a fair Valuation. The Houije consists of ( 1 large and handsome Vestibule, Dining Room, 23 ft. bv 1 n, ft. Breakfast Parlour, 19 by 18 ft. a smaller Breakfast Parlour and Study, excellent Kitchen, Servants' Hall, Brewliouse, & c. handsome Staircase with a spacious Landing, anil Back Slair Case', Drawing Room, 23 ft. by 18 ft. wilh eight good Lodging Rooms, and Servants' Rooms. The Cellars are vaulted and spacious: the Oul- OIIices consist of a Laundry, Granary, Dairy, Cheese Room, & c. a double Coach House, aud Saddle Room, one six stalled Stable, and another three- stalled Stable; the Barn, Cow- Houses, Cart Stables, Farm Buildings, aud Farm Yurds, are parti- cularly large aud com moil ions The Woods and . Walks surrounding the House are beautiful. There is a walled Garden well stocked with the choicest Fruit Trees. WOOD HILL is situated in an excellent Neighbourhood, iu a most fertile Country, abounding with Game ; is near to Lime and Cual, and lo good Markets ; , and is in every Way calculated for the Residence of a large and genteel Family. The Farming Man wili shew tlie Premises. For furtlier Particulars apply to ; T. L. JONES, Esq. Oswestry; or Messrs. GLOV ER and SON, Auctioneers, Ruyton Eleven Towns, in the County of Salop. TURNPIKE TOLLS. ~~' NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising at the several Toll Gales erected 011 the Wellington District uf Watling Street Roads, called or known by the several Names of Walling Street Gale, BurcutGate, LungdenGate, Lung Lane Gate, and Leegomery Gate, will be. LET, either together or separately, as may then be agreed upon, BY AUCTION to the best Bidder or Bidders, at the HAY GATE, in the Parish of Rockwardinc,, 011 MONDAY, the FIFTH Day of APRIL next, between the Hours of 11 and 2 u'Clock, iu tbe Manner directed by the Acf passed in the Forty- eighth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George Ihe Third: which Tolls produced the last Year the Sum of £ l3t) 5 above the Expenses of collecting Ihem, and will be put up at that Sum, or other Sums, and under such Conditions as the Trustees then present shall agree upon. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder, must at flic same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to ihe Satisfaction uf the Trustees, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. NOTICE is also given, lhat the Trustees will al the said Meeting proceed 10 ELECT NEW TRUSTEES, in the Place of those who are dead, or who have declined lo Act. THOMAS PUGH, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Marchid, 1813. ALBION FIRE AND LIFE INSLRANCE COMPANY NEW BRIDG, E STREET, LONDON. ' EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. RXUI E Company has occasion for NIL Agent iu cach of . JL the undermentioned Places; viz. Salop. Bridgnorth Ludlow Qsweslty Shiffnal Shrewsbury Whitchurch Stafford. Cheadle Leek . Lichfield Stafford Stone Wolverhampton CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. On Saturday, the 20th Day of March, 1813, at the Dragon I1111, Montgomery, subject tu Cunditiuns that shall then be produced ; SEVENTY- FIVE MAIDEN OAKTREES.— The afure- said Timber is now standing iu a Wood called Cowy'd a Coinley, 011 the H EN VRON Estate, in the Parish of Llau- dyssil, and Couniy of Montgomery, within three Miles of Montgowerv, one from the River Severn, und three from the Wharf at Garthmil. It is excellent in Quality, fit fur the Navy, Plank, Ike & c— For further Particulars applv 10 Mr. ALEXANDER DUNN, at the Heuvron, who will shew the Timber. N. B. A snull Lot of ASH TIMBER will be sold nt the same Time, which is ou the above Estate ; the Asli is fell, fit for Coopers' Use. Persous well situated, and respectably connected, may, by proper Exertion, render such Agencjcs worthy their Attention. Any Individual of this Description, desirous of becomingan Agent, will be pleased to address his Appli- cation, in Writing, to the Company's Secretary, in Lon- don; stating his Qualifications, ami referring lo Persons of- Character, by whom he is known, and can be recom- mended. By Order of the Board of Directors, WARNER PHIPPS, Secreti ry. A HERO OF SALAMANCA. This Dai) is published, in 3 Volt. iguu. Price 15s. HERO OF SALAMANCA ; or THE NOVICE ISABEL. A Novel. By H. M. MORIARTY, Author of ' BRIGHTON IN AN UPROAR,' ' CRIM. CON.' Jkc. & c. Published for the Author, by JOHN SOUTER, NO. 1. Paternoster Row, Loodou; and sold by all Booksellers in the United Kingdom. .(" i A TO SADDLERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, ( THE PRESENT OCCUPIER RETIRING FROM TRADE), AN old established Concern ui Ihe SADDLERY and TRUNK MAKING Business, which has been suci ss- lully carried un tor a great number of Years The Stuck and Fixtures lo be taken at a fair Valuation. - The Situation is good, and in one of the first commercial Towus in Lancashire. For further Particulars address ( Post paid), to Messrs. WHITEHEAD, FISHER, aud Co. Princess Street, Man Chester. WHEREAS a Recantation has been inserted in the Shrewsbury Papeis against DAVID VAUGH AN, of the Parish of Myfod, in the Couutv of Montgomery, for the Prejudice of THOMAS JONES, of Trefnanncy, 111 the Parish of Myfod, and County aforesaid:— THE PUBLICK are hereby required lo lake NOTICE, that the aforesaid David Vaughan is nil Inhabitant of the Township of Trefnanney, iu the Parish of Myfod, and Couuty of Montgomery, aiid not David Vaughan'uf the Village of Myfod, as generally supposed. n linens, THOMAS DANIEL, JOHN JKHU. Myfud, tid February, 1813. WHITCHURCH, SHROPSHIRE. DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR TRADE. BY LAKIN AND KONJ Oil Friday, the 19U1 Dayof March, 1813, at the Whi{ OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered in like Manner 275 to 400. LOT IV. 161 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered in like Manner 401 10 561. LOTV. 50 ASH TREES, numbered with white Paint 1 to 50. LOT VI. 55 ASH TREES, numbered in like Manner 51 to 105. The Oak Trees are of large Dimensions and superior. Quality, calculated for Frame Timber, Beams, Tbickstutf and Plank, for Ihe Use of the Navy or other Purposes. The Whole are standing in OAK ELEY WOOD, uearBishop's Castle, and will be found deserving ihe Attentiou of Persous in w ant of capital Timber. Mr. HAY, of Bishop's Castle, will shew the Trees; aud further Particulars niav be hadof Messrs. ToLDERVEY aud JONES, Solicitors, Bishop's Castle; or Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Welshpool, Montgomeryshire. MERIONETHSHIRE TIMBER. At the Golden Lion, in Dolgellv, 011 Tuesday, the 30lli Day of March, 1813, at four o'clock iu ti e Aflernuon, subject to Conditions to be then produced : fy / OAK TREES, and 7( 58 OAK POLES, Scribe- / marked, anil growing un the Farms of Cefu- * ' creuan Issa, Cefu- creuan Ueha, Rryuwhat, and Branch y Caeuaut, in the Parish aud situated within 4 Miles of Dolgelly, near to the Turnpike Road leading to Bala. The Tenants on tbe Premises will shew the Timber. DAVID VAUGHAN, Carpenter and Joiner. SHROPSHIRE— CAflTAL OAK TIMBER. BUTLER'S Celebrated Vegetable Restorative Tooth Powder. BEAUTY of Countenance and regularity of Feiturei are allowed to distinguish the British Fair ; but the Proprietor of BUTLER'S TOOTH POWDER would beg leave to remind hia Cuuntr* women, that the lustre ot their charms loses half il. influence where the Teeth are discoloured, or shew a rotten and unhealthy appcarance; this is the more inexcusable, the pre- jenl preparation affords ihc infallible means of removing every blemish of the enamel, and is safe in ils application, being com- posed of vegelalilcs. ll is recommended tu the attention of all ranJcs, as clearing awav every imperfection, either in Ihe colour or the decay of the t nuniel of Ihe Tielh ; as rendering the brealh sweet and delectable, and making the gums of their proper shape and vermilholl hue, and a certain preventative against tlie Toulh- acb. No composition ot this, kind ever brought lor » « rdio public notice, has met such universal approbation ; and the Proprietor has lo boast that it is in daily use uf Ro\ ally itself. Sold wholesale and mail, at Mr. Bullet's, No. 4, Cheapsiile, Corner of Paternoster- row ; also b> Eonowts. Wood aid VV a' • Ion, Morris, and Burrey, Shrewsbury ; Edwards, and Morral, Oswestry; Rauih, Elleiniere; Pa'ntcr, Wrexham; llouMons, Wellington; Snnth, Iroobridge; Scarrott, Stnft'nal; Gltlun, and Biughaui, - Bridgnorth ; Goner and Pcunall, Kidderminster. TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE » hereby given, lhat the Tolls arising at Ihe Toll- Gates upou the Turnpike Road leading from Harmerc Hill to the Find uf Cotton Wood, commonly called or known hy the several Names of the Tilley Gale, Creamore Gate, uud Stone and Cross Gate, with the Side Gates,. will lie LET BY AUCTION, to Ihe best Bidder, at the House of William Slockall, the Sign of tbe BLACK LION Inn, iu WEM, in the County of Salop, 011 THURS- DAY, the 251 h Day of MARCH, ISIJ, between Ihc Hours uf oue aud three o'Clock iu the Afternoon, for uue Year, iu the Manner directed by the Act passed in Ibe thirteenth Year of the Reign of bis Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads."— Tilley Gate and Sloue aud Cross ( late, with Ihe Side Gates, will lie Let with immediate Possession, and ihe Creamore Gate to be entered upon on the first Day of May next. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, ( who shall personally attend,) lo the Satisfaction of iheTrustees of Ihe said Turnpike Road, for Payment of Ihe Rents agreed for, aud at such Times as they shall direct, as 110 Person will be allowed lo bid, until such Suretie are approved of by the Trustees tin n and there present. WILLIAM BICKERTON, Clerk to the Trustees ofthe said Turnpike Road li'tm, February 85, 1813. TOWN OF OSWESTRY. THE SUBSCRIBERS for purchasing the TOLLS ofthe Town of OSWF. STRY, are hereby requested to pay Iheir respective Subscriptions to the Gentlemen of the Committee, residing within the Parish or District where such Subscribers reside, on or before the 28lh Day of March next,, in order to enable such Committee to contract with the Proprietors of such Tolls for the Purchase of the same, for the Purpose of rendering the Town Toll- free. By Order of the Magistrates, JONES, Town- Clerk. 27' A February, 1813. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. AND DEBTORS. THE Creditors who have not signed the Deed of Trust given hy THOMAS CRUWYS, late of Doglaue, TAILOR, to LANCELOT* DOWBIGGIN and SAMUEL GRIFFIN, are hereby informed that the said Deed of Trust now lies at my Office for their Signature, preparatory fo, a Dividend being declared; and those Persons indebted to the Estate of tbe said Thomas Cruwvs are hereby required to pay the same to ine, within one Mouth from the Date hereof, or they will he sued for the same. JOH N DICKSON, Solicitor to the said Trustees. Saint AlkmnmTs Square, Shrewsbury, 2d March, 1813. rriO cover this Season, at Garth, near Welshpool, at X THREE GUINEAS, and a Crown the Groom, PAVILION. TheWtoneyto be paid attheTime of covering, or before the Mares are takeu away. Good Grass for Mares at 79. a Week -"- Barren Mareit covered by PAVILION list' Year, at half Price, aud the Groom's Fee. Al the Inn, in Bromfield, m ar Ludlow, in the County uf Salop, on Friday, the 2dlH Day of March, 1813, at four in the Afternoon, subject lo such Conditions as shall be then produced: rHK FOLLOWING LOTS OF TIMBER, viz. LOT I. 177 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing on a Farm and Lands adjoining, in the Occupation of Mrs. Gardner, aud Others, neai'OAKLEV PARK, in the Parish of Bronifield LOT II. 216 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing iu ihe Pool Coppice, ill ihe Occupation of Mr. Lasbrey, late Part of Oaklev Park. LOT III. 70 OAK TIMBER TREES, viz. 30 011 Lands called Higli Trees, 14 111 Scol's Wood, aud 2tj 111 the Stock- ing Nursery, all late Pin I of Oaklev Park. LOT IV. 212 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing 011 the | Cookeridge Farm, adjoiuiug Lol 3, in Ihe Occupation of j Mi's Mary Titley LOT V. 130 OAK TREES, standing 011 a Farm at Felton, near Ludlusy, in the Occupation of Mr. Hodges. LOT VI. 1211 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing on a Farm al Whilbatch, adjoining Lot 5, iu Ihe Occupatiou of Mr. Aclon, LOT VII. 50 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing on a Farm at Padmore, in the Parish of Onibury, in ihe Occu- pation of Mr. Marslon. LOT VIII. 108 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing on a Farm at Soitton, 111 ibe Parish of Bitterley, in Ihe Occupa- tion of Mr. William Butcher LOT IX. 8? O AK TL U B ER TREES, standing on N Farm at Suitloil aforesaid, in the Occupation of Mr. I'. Tumkins. LOT X. 108 OAK Tl M BER TR EES, standing on a Farm at Dinchup, iu ihe Chapelry uf Halford, in the Occupatiur. uf Mr. Bright and Widow Manuox. The Trees ill ihe foregoing Lots, numbered with a Scribe, are of large Dimensions, and of the besl Quality, calculated for Stern Posls, Rolher, aud Siem Pieces, Beams and Frame Timber for Uie Use of the Navy, or any other Pur- poses for which large Timber is required. Mr. LA5RREY, of Aldon, near Ludlow, will appoint n Person to shew Ihe Timber ; and further Particulars may be had at the OFFICE at Powis CASTLE, or of Air. GOU& D, Golfs, near Welshpoo', Montgomeryshire. CAPITAL OAK AND OTHER TIMBER, NEAR WHITCHURCH. BY LAKF\~ LND SON, At the While Lion Iuu, in Whitchurch, in Ihe Comity of Salop, ou Friday, Ihe 19th Day of March, 1813, at six o'Clock in the Afternoon; subject lo Conditions then to be produced : THE following desirable Lots of TIMBER, nniriKered with a Scribe, aud growing ( in a Farm nt Rroughull, in the Parish of Whitchurch aforesaid, in the Holding of Thomas Hughes. LOT 1 2.') OAK, ando ASH TREES, una Piece of Land called Martin's Ash Meadow LOT 11. 238 OAK, tin ASH, and 3 ALDER TREES, on the Remainder of Ihe said Farul. The above Timber is well worth the Attention of Ship- builders, and lies within a convenient Distance frour Ihe Ellesmere Canal, being about three Miles from WhilchOrcii adjoining the Road to Nautwich. JOHN CROSS, of Broughull, will shew the Lots; and fur- ther Particulars may be had from Mr JOHN BROOKES, Mercer, at Whitchurch, ur from Mr. LEE, Redbruolt, near Whitchurch HOUSES l.\ WHITCHURCH. * BY W. CHUHTOv, ( By Order of ibe Assignees of STEPHEN JARRETT, n Bank- rupt) on Friday, Hie 12th Day of March, ISI3, al live o'Cloc- k in the Afte'rnoun, subject tu Conditions iheti to he produced, al the Crown and Mitre, 111 Whitchurch, in the County of Salop; ALL those two FREEHOLD DWELLING IIOI'SF. S, extremely well situated for Trade, IU ihe HIGH* STREET, inlbeTuwn of HITCHURCH aforesaid, uow in the Holdings ut John Harper Evaiisun, Druggist, aud John Burroughs, Cahiuet- Maker, w. ih the Shops, Ware- houses, ami other Outbuildings, Yards, mid Appurten- ances then lo belonging; and also a Building at lhe Back of the said Dwelling Rouses, used as a Meeting Hunse fur Baptists. The Inheritance in Fee Simple of the ribove Property will be disposed of subject tu Itie following lucituibrauees : viz. A LEASE lo the said Juliu Harper Evausuu, of Ihe Pre- mises in his Occupation for the Term of nine Years, from the 29th Day of September, I8U9, at tlie yearly Relit of i 15 Pounds. And A LEASE of llie Whole of the Property, dated the • 251 li Dayof December, 18 9, grained by ihe said Stephen Jarrett to Stephen Jiurrlt the elder, ol Shrewsbury, Inn- holder ( his Father), for a toiigTerm of Years d** leruiinuhl'e ou the decease of Ihe said Stephen Jarrclt Ihe Faltier, now aged about 5b Years, and Elis ibelh his Wife, aged about 53 Years, under Ihe yearly Rent of une Shilling The Tenant, by Ihe lasl mentioned Lease, is buund ffl keep the House and Buildings 111 good Repair. For further Particulars Application may be made at llie i Office of Messrs. KNIGHT aud BROOKES, Solicitors, iu I Whitchurch. HEREFORDSHIRE. MOST DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE. At the Horse and Jockey Inn, at olicrtou, in 1 he Parish of Brimfield, 011 Tuesday, Ihe ttith uf March, isi ), between ihc Hours of four and seven in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : ALL that most desirable and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE called Ihe WOODHOUsE, situate in ihe Parish of Richard's Castle; consisting of a Farm House, willi suitable Outbuildings, and several Pieces ut capital Arable, Meadow, Pasture LAND, and must excellent ORCHARDING, adjoining to aud surrounding the' - ame, containing hy Estimation 80 Acres, more or less, and now in the Possession of Mr. John Stepple, as Tenant thereof. The above is wilhin a Ring Fence, anil forms us compact and desirable tin Estate as any in ihe Coiinly. Tbe Or- chards are planted with choice Fruit Trees, uow iu full Bearing, and the Estate has a valuable Right of Common 011 Ihe Hauway aud adjoining Hill, which are sound and excellent Sheepwalks. The Estate is conveniently situated as lo Markets, being only four Miles from Ludlow uud nix from Leominster, both very good Market Towns, and within a short Distance of Lime aud Coal, aud also llie Leominsler Canal. Possession lo be had at tbe Expieatiou of Ihe present tenant's Lease. The Proprietor, Mr RICHABO OSELAND, of Wnffertofl, or the Tenant, will shew the I'lemises; and for luillitr Particulars apply al the Office of Mr. EDWARD WIL. LINGS, JUU. Solicitor, Ludlow, Salop. LUNDON. Tliev Not KIWI IS said aDOUl plans nir inc Kuaning ..,.„!„..-.., ... rejects of conquest, and the most perfect silence is pre- ervt- d as to the allies and foreign relations ol France — Vitli respect to tlie interior economy ofthe French empire, FBI DAY. MARCH 5. French papers to the 27th nit. are received. 1 oniim- mcate no information of ihe slightest importance from Ihi North of Europe. It appears, however, ilial Bonaparte's Marshals, who served with him in the Rus- sian campaign, are not the only officers who have fallen into disgiaee with him Marshal Jourdun, who was lately Governor of Madrid, and Commander in Chief of the artviii*! immediately under Joseph Bonaparte, has heen re- colled from Spain, and it would seem placed und< r arrest; hut nothing is mentioned lo lead us to judge of Ihe nature of I lie di- irge against hiin. Paris Papers lo the 2d instant, have been received iu toti'u. They contain the annual Exposition of the state ot the French- empire, but il is Ivy far the most meagre and uuinteri sling production of Ihe kind that bas appeared since Bonaparte lias wielded the destinies of France, a word is said about plans for tbe ensuing campaign pr " " set With respi - H^ H the- Expose assures the world licit agriculture and inniiit- JacturCs'were never iu a more flourishing slaee ; thilt greul improvements have take'n place in Ihe breed of cattle; and Ihe population of France, under the benign influence of ' the tow pox ami llie conscription, continues lo increase. Yesterday One of the most splendid Courts was held at Carleton House which is in the memory ol the oldest per. son, consisting of a Levee, a Privy Council, a Chapter of tbe Knights of the Garter, and au Investiture of the Knight's of the Bath.— After 1 lie Levee, bis Roval Highness held a Privy Council to which tlie Marquis of Buckingham was iulrodiiced, and sworn in Lord Lieutenant of the couulv of Buckingham.—- A Chapter of Ihe Garter was then held, at which Ma'rquis of Wellington was eleeled a Knight, in the room of the Marquis of Buckingham— Admiral Berkeley and General Lcith were afterwards in- vested, with the Order of lie Bath. The Princess Charlotte is so much letter that she has not take0 ftnv medicine for this week past Thfe. Report of Ibe proceeings of the Mrnibers of the Privy fCouticil, to whom was referred Ihe Letter of the Print ers iff Wales to the Prince Regent, and to which her Royal Highness alluded in her Letter to the Speaker of the House of Cohi'iiSons, us hliving hurl a copy of it transmitted toiler by I. Op! Stdnioulli( tec lust page), slates, that their Lordships had taken inio consideration Ihc Documents relative to the Inquiry in l- aofi.; anil lhat, under all the cir< uinstances of the case, it appears proper, that the inter- course bel ween the Princess of Wales and her daughter, the Princess Charlotte, ' should continue subjtct to restraint and regulation —- The postponement of the confirmation ofthe Princess Charlotte is stated tp have taken place in conse- quence of the declared vv ill of Ills Majesty, \ ylio had directed that such ceremony should not lie perfoimerl until her Royal Highness had completed her jglh year — The Report concludes with noticing tbe passage in Ihe Princess of Wales's letter wilb respect to " suborned Iradueers," for which insinuation there js slated lo have been no foundation. Official notice has been given, llrat convoys for the Baltic sie 10 sail from the Nore and ( lumber immediately. The Hotspur, arrived at Portsmouth from Lisbon, has brought an account of the lamented and melancholy end of Lieiiteunm- Geueral Sir W. Erskine, Commander- in- Chief of the cavalry under thc orders of Sir Rowland Hill..— 111 a fit of delirium, Sir William threw himself out of the upper window of a bouse where he w as quartered, aud was killed on the spot. A violent dejection of spirits, anil unhappy disposition to commit suicide, first appeared iu Sir W. after hisieluni from Walcheren; and it is said lo have been occasioned by witnessing tbe miseries to which bis country- men were subjected in lhat wretched expedition. It is most remarkable, thai shortly afler bis arrival from Zealand he attempted the same mode of destruction as that by which he perished. He was at Ramsgate, in a low slate; and, contriving with great dexterity lu he left alone in his room, he started from his bed, and threw himself at the window; the resistance he there met repelled him back into his room, breathless and bloody. After this lie recovered, and was again employed. SATURDAY, MARCH 6. The Gazelle of this evening contains dispatches from Sir George Prevost, Commander- in Chief ofthe forces iu North America, detailing the particulars of an attack made by the Americans, on the 28th of November, 011 the Niagara fron- tier, iu winch Ihey were completely repulsed w ith consider- able loss. Tbe British, regulars and militia, had 17 killed, 47 wounded, and 35missing Lieutenant King, of tbe royal artillery, was wounded, and taken prisoner; and Lieutenant Lamont, of thc 49th foot, was severely wounded. Thc Apellcs sloop, Captain Rubb, bas captured, iu the North Sea, a French cutler privateer, of 14 guns and 51 m eu.— Gazette. Dutch lettei- B assert, that the King of Prussia had given his sanction to llie neutrality arranged between the Russian r'lW¥ rW'tlaifrf ' of King's flench, yesTerdTy, Mr. H. While, jun. Ed tor of The. Independent Whig, was, after a trial of six hours, found guilty of a libel, rent- cling on the conduct of the Duke of Cumberland, and inferring that Sellis, the assassin ( ins Royal Higliness's lute servant) did not fall by hirfown hand, but wasslaiu by another, meaning the Duke himself. A Lisbon mail arrived this morning wilh letters and papers lo lire 21st ult. The British bead- quarters remained at Frevniida on the 10th No movement of any importance had taken place in the respective armies. Detachments from the armies of Soult, Portugal, nnd tbe Centre, ure returning lo France. The names of several oftlie regiments from which thry are taken are specified. They are all to meet at Madrid, aud llience procccd to the Pyrenees. These drafts from the veteran troops are no doubt selected for tbe purpose of forming new regiments in France, lo tie tilled up with raw Conscripts. Tbe arrival of Bouapiirtr at Paris has been publicly announced at Madrid by order of King Joseph, who adds, I bat be is going to visit lits brother to confer with him 011 the affairs of Spain. This morning arrived a mail from Malta and Gibraltar; by which we have the pleasing intelligence, Itiat the plague al Constantinople is much decreased; and that a Board of Health had lately heen established at Alexandria HOUSE or COMMONS— On WEDNESDAY the Chancellor of the Exchequer slated the outlines of his important New Meusures of Finance. Tbe expedients he had in view were, firsl « - To facilitate the redemption of tbe Land- Tax, by all persuns paying Ilie same, and not having immediate funds for the whole redemption, to arcoinplibli their pur pose by a simple notice to the Collector, to pay two or three yeais al ouce, until llie whole is liquidated : the sums Ihus charged lo. be directly applied lo the Sinking Fund. Secondly— To render available the growing produce of the Sinking Fund for the payment of the interest of uew loans, so that there w ill be 110 necessity, fcr four years to come, lo impose auy additional taxes ; and this without iu the slightest degree infringing upon Ihe security of the public creditor. And, thirdly— To fundull Exchequer Bills out- standing and unpiovided for at the end of each year, whereby a great sum iu floating interest would be annually received Mr. Vansittart observed, that the Sinking Fund hud now redeemed the whole of the National Debt which existed at ihe'period ofils Institution; and the new scheme, he added, proceeds upon ilie following assumption—" Thai whether Ihe Sinking Fund be applied to the purchase of • Stork already existing, or ill reducing the amount of stock to be created by loaiis, Ihe effect will be nearly the same; and tbe equalization ofthe public iucomc and expenditure may be considered as a primary advantage of the Sulking Fund no less than Ihe actual redemption of debt." He concluded by ruuviug several resolutions, which be proposed to take into consideration 011 Monday se'nliighl, THURSDAY Mr. C. Johnstone I use to proceed with his1 motion respecting Ihe Princess of Wales, when Mr. Lr/ gon moved the standing order for the exclusion of strangers, which was accordingly enforced ; after which Ibeliuu. Mr Dennett moved that the House uo now adjourn ; anrl Lord Yarmouth seconded Ibe motion. A good deal of alteration took place ; but npon a division Ihe numbers were, against the adjournment '-' 43 for it 139,—- Some debate theu ensued, during which Mr. Johnsloue said, lhat as the exclusion of strangers bad been enforced, lie loo should exercise his discretion, by bringing forward bis motion only when it suited bill!— Co;.<. Vyse, Member for Beverley, ubserviug that the motion was only pot off because ihc gallery was cleared, thought it fair to apprize the Huu. Member, lhat, whenever the motion was urged, Ire should mov* the exclusiou of strangers. After some further conversation, Mr. Johnstone pledged himself to bring forward bis motion to- morrow. The Liverpool Committee liaVe declared Mr. Canning and Gen. Gaseoyire duly elected. FRIDAY— A division look place on a motion for the second reading of a Bill to alter a clause iu Ibe Brecon Canal bill; for it 31, against tt 46!).-— After that division strangers were not readmitted. Mr Johnstone having risen to make his motion respecting the Princess of Wales, the standing order was again enforced by Mr. Lygein, and all I he avenues were cleared.— Il is understood, however, that Mr. Johnstone, after a very able speech, proposed a number of resolutions, the object of- which was to bring before the House the documents connected with the Inquiry iu 1808, in order to a more public and constitutional record ofthe < 0 nph te acquittal of thc Princesi of Wales at that time. But the sense of the House appeared altogether against the motion Mr. Whitbread, after a moot brilliant speech moved an amendment, fur the production of the recent Bcpott ofthe Privy Council, but afterwards withdrew it. Mr. Johnstone was pressed to withdraw bis motion, but refused, although he acknowledged his chief object to be siceonq lislied by the triumphant testimonies borne 011 all sides uf the House, to the Princess's perfect innocence. Lord Ccsllereagh, Sir S. Romilly, and Sir T. Plomer, severally bore their high testimony in favour of her Royal Highness. Ill short, lo use Mr. Caiming's words, " such honourable aud repeated sentence? of acquittal were pioiioiiuced for her," that 110 further investigation could exhibit her more innocent, and therefore none was necessary. In Ibis feeling ihe House coincided, and Mr. Johnstone's motion was negalived. without a division. . postscript. LONDON, Monday Night, March S, 1813. Yesterday Ihe following Bulletin was shewn at St. James's Palace :— " Windsor Castle, March 6.— His Majesty, since the last Report, has heen generally tranquil, hut rather less 60 during the last week " Of the seven Got ten burgh mails due, the 4th and .5th are arrived, with letters and papers from Sweden to the ' 25Ml ult, aud from various parts of the continent of a recent date. Upon the whole, the intelligence is as favourable for the cause of Russia as the most sanguine friends of that nation could possibly expect. The following is all that Government deern necessary to publish until the arrival of the oTher mails " Foreign Office, March S. " This morning a messenger arrived at the Foreign Office, Downing Street, with important dispatches from iiussia for Government, stating, among other important intelli- gence, that the Danes had called in their ships that were annoying our trade ; and have shut out of their ports ail Ilie French privateers." Another messenger, who sailed before the former, is also 0* 1 the road with dispatches for Government : the full contents of these dispatches have not yet transpired. At length the expected overture for Peace from Austria is 011 the eve of being made. An Austrian messenger, with important dispatches, is arrived. Letters from Gottenburgh state, that he comes to announce the departure from Vieuna for England of an Austrian ambassador, ou a mission for a General Peace. The statu qko ante helium is said to be the basis of the Peace he has to propose. The journals in general on the continent which still continue under thc coutroul of the French, are holding out the prospect of Peace, and that Austria has undertaken to he the mediator. Warsaw is undoubtedly in the hands of the Russians. All accounts concur iu stating that it was taken possession of on the 8th ult. after some resistance on the part of the troops who defended the. tete de pout. The important fortress of Dantzie we are inclined to believe still holds out, although there are accounts from Rugenwaldeof the 13th ult. which state it to have fallen early in that month by capitulation. Peace bet veen Great Britain, her allies, . rid Denmark is Raid to be in great forwaidiiess; something like a Con vention has already been concluded with Denmark, which nt all events will secure her neutrality. : T he King of Prussia is with his army in Silesia, aud the recruiting in that quarter is carrying on with great success. Some are ai a loss to guess on which side his Maiesty will arrange himself, others express themselves certain of his joining Russia heart aud hand. Marshal Mey is said to be going to Spain, and that Soult will replace him in his command. It is much feared that the Packet having on board the first Gottenburgh Mail due has foundered at Sea. Three perCent Consols 5 SHllEWMiUllY, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1818. " Serious Thoughts ou Agriculture," written no doubt with the best intention, are not sufficiently correct for the public e / e.— The lines to Louisa, omitted thiswee/ c for want of room, shall appear in our next. MARRIED. Saturday last, at Acton Burnell, by the Rev. R. Corfield, the Rev Robert Marldocks, of Keuley, to Miss Mary Hay ley, uicce of tbe late Rev. John Lea, Rector of Acton Burneil. At Shifliial, ou the 25th ult Mr. Earp, of the Citadel, Hawkslune, to Miss Dyke, of this town. At Wcslbury, Mr. Tho. Hurdley, lo Miss Mary Perkins. Thursday, by special license, atVV imbledon, iu Ilie county ol'Surrey, the Hon. William Henry Lyltelton, M. P. brother to Lord Lyttelton, to the Right Hon. Lady Sarah Spencer, eldest daughter uf Earl Spencer. DIED. On the Qth ult. much lamented by her family and friends, Mrs Lluyd, of The Abbey, late of Row ton, iu this county. Ou Ihe2tith ult at Dolgelley, Mr. Lewis Jones, skinner, at an advanced age.— At the same place, oil the 2il instant, in theti9ih year of hi* age, the Rev Owen Lloyd, Vicar of Stapcubill, near Buiton- upoii- Treut. Lately, at Overton, Flintshire, aged 65, Mr. Charles Furuivall,— Also, Mr. Francis Beckett, aged 25. Lately, at Myfod, Mrs. Elisabeth Owen, of Mathrafacl, Montgomeryshire. A few davs ago, at Derrymorc, iii the vicinity of Neu- ry, flu u,.. i>' cSi-— r— ixt. eruli, agen 115 years. Lately, in Douaghmore, Mrs. Mary Meighan, at the very advanced age of 129. She had her perfect recoiled ion and memory until the lasl two years. During the lasl 30 vears oi her existence, she lived in the greatest penury and' dis- tress, and would 110I afford herself any kind of natural sup. purl, relying for subsistence on the aid ofa generous public; yet, after her decease, there were found buried under the place where the lay, .£ 1600, which hcrson- iu- luw now pos- sesses. ST. DAVID'S DAY. Monday being t he Anniversary of St. David, Tit ular Saint of Wales, the Most- Jsobli the Marquis of Downshire, President, tbe Vice- Presidents and Stewards of the most honourable and toysl Society of Ancient Britons assembled at the Welsh School H n-. se, iuGray's Inn Road, where they breakfasted, ar. d aflerwa i » went in procession to St. George's Church, lla-. mvci Square, iu the following Order : A Band of Music, the Treasurers with plumes of Feathers and silver Leeks in tl'ieir Hals, followed by the Girls with Silver Leeks on their Breasts, and the Boys with the same in Iheir Hats, diessetl iu new- Clothes, who from their hc- al 1 hy and neat appearance presented a strikingly interest- ing sight lo the 1111 nerous Spectators ; Hie City Marshal led the procession of Carriages, which were very numerous : passing Russel Square's they balled, and saluted at Samuel Homfray's, E- q. lu Hanover Square the Children halted at Duwnsliire House, where the Marchioness with her lovely family condescended to appear al Ihe Windows, antl accept the expressions of Gratitude testified in the most respectful manner bv the Curtsies of the Girls and the Huzzas uf the Boys. The Prayers vvere read in fhe Ancient British Language, with all the puritv of native accent, bv Ibe Rev Hugh Jones, of Lewlsham and an excellent Sermon in English by the Rev. Dr. Middleton, Archdeacon of Huntingdon, from 24th Chapter of tb' Acts and 171I1 Verse. From Church thev proceeded thro' Pall Mall, St James's Square, where the Children saluted nt the Mansions of Sir C Morgan, Sir W. W. Wyuu, anil Ibe Duke of Norfolk : at Carleton House tbe Children, drawn up in line, 111 reiter- ated loud acclaims testified their strong sense of Grati- tude to their Royal Putrun, by whose munificence the Charity has flourished. At the Freemasons' Tavern they were joined by a large party of Noblemen ami Gentlemen, and partook of an ex- cellent Dinner, afler which Noll Nobis was sung.— The King, Quceu, Prince of Wales, and several loyal aud appro- priate toasts antl sougs were given antl snug during the Even- ing : the Children, attend by the Treasurers, the Stewards of the Dav, paraded thc Room, whose healthy appearance and extreme neatness called forth repeated bur- Is of ap- plause from the Company ; after which ihe Children sang an Ode to Charity in n peculiarly sweet manner, which was most highly applauded. The healths of Ibe noble President, Sir W VV. Wvnn, Lord Bulkeley, Lord Kenyo. n, Dr. Middlelon, and several distinguished Characters, were drank, who returned ap- propriate acknowledgements ; after which a Collection was inade for tile benefit or " tire Charily, and tbe Treasurer announced the amount 6f Subscriptions to be as follows : His Roval Highness the PRINCE or WALES, £ Cannual) ....,.„.„ The must Noble the Marquis of Downshire, PRESIDENT .,....'... The Right Hon. Earl Percy, PRESIDENT ELECT ! "... Lady Williams Wynn, ( annual ) . Si r Wat kin Williams Wvun,"' Bart, M. P. ( annual) Charles VV Williams Wynn, Esq. M . P. ( annual J Henry Williams Wynn, Esq. . VI. P. ( annualJ ... Miss Williams Wynn, ( annual) Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. M. P. ( annual) Charles Morgan, Esq M. P. ( annual) Tbe Right Hon the Earl of Uxbridge, ( annualJ The Right Hon. Lord Bulkeley, ( annual) The Right Hou. Lord Keiiyon, ( annual) Benjamin Hall, Esq. M. P. ( annual) Wallet Wilkins, Esq. M. P ( annual) The Hon P. R. D Burretf, M. P. ( annual) Sir Thomas Mpstvn, Bai t. M. 1' Col Wood, M. P. fannual) 105 0 0 105 0 0 50 0 0 20 0 0 52 10 0 10 10 0 10 10 0 5 0 0 52 10 0 52 10 0 215 5 0 26 5 0 2t) 5 0 26 5 0 25 0 0 25 0 0 25 0 0 21 0 0 21 0 0 21 0 0 21 0 0 21 0 0 21 0 0 20 0 0 10 10 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 5 0 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 47 13 0 303 2 c 1196 5 6 Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. R. Scott:— House- Visitors, Mr. Cramp and Mr. Eddowes. Additional Subscriber 10 that Chari y: Mrs. Glover, Shrewsbury C1 1 0 Committed to our county gaol, by the Rev. K. Wilding, 01 the 2d instaut, Richard Lewis, lor having in his possession a quantity of mutton and wool, the properly of Edw. Shepherd, of Stokcsay.— By John Croxon, EH). on the 4th, John James, lor stealing a quantity of fat, the p- operty of John Roberts, chandler, of Oswestry.— Ou ihe same day, hv John l. ee, Esq. Mayor, John Puislow Ihe elder, Caih Purslow his wife, aud John Purs'otv the younger, fur stealing two Ewe Sheep, the properly of James Davies, of Leighton. William t'ngh, Esq. of Caer Howell, is appointed Sheriff of the County of Montgomery, 111 the room of Edw. Corbet, Ksq. of Plas Gwyn. Commissions in the Local Militia, signed by the Lord Lieutenant of this County. WEST REGIMENT.— Thomas Latham, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Whitmore, promoted.— John Bowen, Gent, tube Ensign. NORTII REOIMRST.— John Groom, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Lloyd, promoted.— Thomas Drury, Gent, to be Surgeon, vice Kent, deceased CENT HE REOIMEST. — William Jeffreys, Esq. to be Captain, vice VV a I ft yd, resigned, WREKIN REGIMENT. — Ralph Harvey Leeke, Esq. to be Captain, vice Tranter, deceased.— William Moselev, Esq lo be ditto, vice Lurpeut, resigned — George Phillips-, Esq. to be ditlo, vice Anstice, resigned.— George Pritchard, Gent, to tie Ensign, vice Langley, resigned. The l. ord Chancellor has appointed F. divard Harper, jun. of Shiffual, in this county, Esq. to be a Master Extraordinary in il| c High Court of Chancery. Mr. Miluer, of Eardington, near Bridgnorth, intends to send one ol his tlii e'e- year old Shropshire Heil'ers to Bridgnorth fair oil the 18th instant.— She is au upeu one, anrl is cunsideietl tu be the fattest and heaviest heifer ever seen ir. this part of the kingdom. Mr. M. otfeis to shew her, alive antl dead, against any one of Ihe Herefordshire breed, of the same age and beihet, for 50 guineas. Leather Tat;.— lit tha House of Commons, ouTuesday, Mr. Benson stated, that be bad obtained the consent of the Chan cellor of the Exchequer to have the Petitions against this ' fax referred lo a select Committee; which vvas then appointed. The Oxford Circuit commenced at Reading, 011 Monday, the 1 st inst. belore Mr. BaronGrahnin mid Mr Justice Bailey, when Mary Ogbouru, for house- bieakina ; John Smith- foi robbery ; Charles Dormer, for sheep- stealing; aud S. Brougli- tou, Wm. Super, anil John Paisons, for horse- stealing, le- ceived sentence of death, but weie all reprieved. There were 17 other prisoners in tiie calendar, of whom one for j uttering counteiteit no'es, two lor house- breaking, arid one for horse- stealing, were sentenced to tianspollution, tbe first lur 14, ar. d the three others for 7 years. At Oxford, there were 23 prisoners for trial; of whom, Robert Sparkes, T. Wilkins, W. Smith, . las. Clarulge, aiul- W. Law ford, all for house- hreaking, were capitally couvicted.— Sarah Stewart, for noose- breaking ; and B, Wiggins, \ V. Lati- cash'lie, aud G. Pliipps, for deer- stealing, were sentenced 10 be tiansporled for seven years. Al Worcester, where the Commission 0[> ened 011 Saturday last, there were 45 prisoners for irjal— At Stafi'oid assises, which commence to- morrow, there are 49 piisoners for trial. The Commission for this County will be opened on Wed- nesday nex . The number of prisoner* at pieseut in the calendar is nearly 3U. Bristol Fair.— The supply nf leather at this fair was small, yet sales in general flat; the following were the prices: Light crops and middling do. 2ld. to 22d. Heavy do. 22d. to .' oil. Best light shoehides 22d. to 2s. Best saddlers do. 2jJ; d. to 2JV.. Secoutl do. Sid. to22d Irish aud inferior diltsud. toUld. Bulls Kill, to 17d. Inferior buffaloes 14d. to Itid. Prune heavy do 17th to iqd. Light rounded do. 18tl. to 20il Heavy close rounded do. 2s to2s. till. Horse hides igd. t » 2id. Spanish do. 2od. to 2s. Best skins its. 1- nl. to Ur. lid. Second pattern do. 3s. t> d. to * 3s. 2d. Heavy do. r. s to 3s. lid. Welsh do. 2s. 91I. til 3s. Heavy do. 3s. to 3s. tjd. Small seals 2t. 10tl. t0 3s. Kips 2s. 3d. tit. tsd— Hau'^ o di. Buenos Ay res hides (>,' d. lo sd. Samuel Hoinfray, . Es^_/ qnnval) , Pauton Corbeft, Esq Vice- President H. T. Grant, Esq. Vice President Thomastholmondcley, Esq Vice- President Captain Rice Jones, Vice President The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bangor .. James Humphries, Esq. Vice- President William Davisun, Esq Hart Davies. Esq. jun. M. P. Vice. President Mr. Archdeacon Davics VV. Bosanguet, Esq Samuel Gist, Esq. ( annual) John Willoclt, Esq. ( annual) Collected at the Church Dilto at the Tables at the Taveru After the President had left the Chair, Sir Watkiu Lewis was called 10 fill it, when several more popular Toasts were drank, and. the remainder of the eveuing spent with Ihe utmost harmony and conviviality. MARK El HERALD. Average uric ® of wheat in our market on Saturday last— l£ s, 311. per bushel of 3S quai'ls. Oats 8s. 6d. to 10s.. 2d. tier bushel of { ft; parts. " ' ' Mark- Lane, March 5. The Market to- dav has « tolerable fresh supply of most articles; and trade," in general, appears brisker than on Wednesday. Fine Wheat readily obtains last prices; inferior arc heavy sale. , The same ma- be noted iu Barley, Malt, Pease, anil Beans, are at little variation. Having some arrivals' of Oals from the Baltic, this article rather gives way in price. Flour is without alteration. Current Price 0/ Gratn. per Quarter us wider :— Wheat 78s. to 134s. I White. Peas 94s. to 106s. Bat- lev 56s. to 74s. I Oats 26 . 32>. 38s. Malt- 98s. to. 106s. | Beans 76s. to 84s. Fine Flour lo- s. to lios.— Secouds leOs. to lll5r. M ARC H ti — We have large fresh arrivals of Wheat, and sales arc at a reduction of3s or 4s. per quarter. Barley and Malt are likewise in good supply ; thc foi- mer supports last prices, bnt the latter is is and 2s. per quarter lower, lu Pease and Beans there is little alteration. Oals have advanced 2s per quarter, though we had 25,000 quarters in last week. Flour remains at late prices, ASSIZE OF BREAD, Set the 9th day of March, 1813, for the Town and Liberties of Shrewsbury, to take placc 011 Saturday next. BUTLER, WANTED. APERSON who lias served in a respectable l'amily, either as Butler or Footman, aud whose Character will bear tbe strictest Investigation, may bear of a comfortable Situation by applying to THE PRINTER. HOUSE AND SHOP. TO BE LET, AND MAY BE ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT, AN excellent SHOP ami comfortable HOUSE, desirable for Trade, situated in PRINCESS S TREET, Shrews- bury, late in the Occupation of Jlr H ARERIDGE, Hosier. F'or further Particulars apply to WM. SMITH, Auction- eer; if by Letter, Post- paid, TURN 1' IKETOT. IS. NOTICE is hereby given, that theTolls ansiug at llieToll Gate upon tbe Turnpike Road near tlicToiVN of WEM, LEADING TO S11AWBURY, called or known by the Name of the Shaw bury Gate, will be LET BY AUCTION lo the best Bidder, ( with immediate Possession) at tiie House of Mr. William Stockall, known bv the Sign of tlie BLACK LION, in VVEM aforesaid, onTHURSDAY, theTwENTY- FI FTH Day of M ARCH next, between tbe 11 dms of one and three o'Clock in Ibe Afternoon of the same l) ay, in the Manuer directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year ol* the Reign of his Majesty King George the ' t hird, " for re- gulating Ihe Turnpike Roads,;"— Whoever happens lo be the besi Bidder, must at the same Time give Security wilh sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the^ Rent agreed for, aud at such Times as they shah direct. EDWARD HANMER, Clerk lo the Trustees of the said Turnpike Koad. Stanton, l6th February, 1813. ' HOUSE, MALT110USE, W1MIMII. L, LAND, AND TWO COTTAGES FOR LABOURERS, friTH t OMFEA'lEi\ T OUTttUILOlA'CS, AT HARLEY, NEAR MUCH WENLOCK, SHROPSHIRE. TO BK LET, Andentered upon at Lady- Day next, ri^ HE above uew erected PREMISES, together with i. Twenty- five Acres of excellent LAND, ih a very high state of Cultivation; these Premises are, witiiout exception, tbe most complete and convenient within Ihe Couuty, as well as adapted for doing au immense Quantity of Business. — The Mallbouse will wet and dry 70 Bushels ( Winchester) at aTihie.— Anil Ihe Mill, which is erected iu an excellent situation on n Stage, lti Feet high, drives two pair of French Stones, one pair 4ft. 6iu. und the other 4ft. Hin.— The Mall- corning floor and Store Rooms are adequate to I lie above, nnd so constructed, thai all the Mall may be ground by llie Mill ( there being a M all- mill fixed for that purpose) aud these Siore Rooms arc equally convenient for the Mill as the Mnlltiouse. This is a fine Opportunity for any Man wishing to embark in the above Line, and from the Quantity of Room, he nuiy deal generally in all Kinds of Grain, Seeds, & c. See. HA RLEY lies iu an excellent Corn ' Country, 011 llie Turn pike Road leading from Shrewsbury to Bridgnorth, being Midway, or ten Miles from each, two Miles from Much Wcnlock, and between five and seven Miles from tbe very populous Markets of Wellington, Dawley, Miitlele'y Wood, Ironbridge, and Broseley.— These Buildings also are litlle more than a Mile and half from Ibe Severn, where Con- nections may be formed in any Part of that line River from Shrewsbury to Bristol, us well ns on Ibe Canals in Con- junction.— Every Encouragement wilt lie given lo a good Tenant, with a Property sufficient for the undertaking — To treat fur ibe same apply lo Mr. W. ALLEN, of Harlev aforesaid. WINTCri, a WORKING SURVEYOR on the LELESMERE ROAD.— Enquire- of Mr. ED- WARDS, Harlcscott, near Shrewsbury. Mareh nth, lsi3. W4fr l, y a < 3e" » emau in H. e Neighbourhood of iV « nmn 2'' " " et!<,- y' scb'er' 1""; e8t « OAKOCNEh.— Nuue need apply hut such as llroroWghly understand their Business.- Enquire of Till: PRINTER for I articu lars. WANTED, in a small respectable Family in the Country, a careful steady person iu the Capacity of COOK aud UPPERSERVANT, who perfectly understands her Business, and can assist in getting up Linen. ALSO an active young Person as HOUSEMAID, and to wait upon two young Ladies, who can work well at her Needle, has some Knowledge of ihc Mantua- making Business, and ia a good getter up of Linen— No one need apply who cannot . obtain a good Character from her ln; t Placc.— Apply for a • Reference to THE PRINTER ; or Ad.' ress A. Z. to his Care. No Letters but what ure Post- paid will btii'ecelved. CARRIAGES TO BETSOLI). AHANDSOME POSTCHA1SE, in good Repair, with Barouche Seat, suitable for Gentlemen's Travelling. A handsome modern- built ONE HORSE CHA1SB, with a. Head, plated Mouldings round the Body, Lamps, with pur- ple Morocco Back antl Elbow, best plated Harness. The Whole little worse lhan new. Enquire of R. ACTON, Coaclimaker ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chiefs Office, Ureal George Street, London, 36th l'ebrunrj/, 1813. ^• OTICF, is hereby given to all Persons desirous of 11 contracting to supply the following Articles for the Use of I he Army, viz. [ Wheaten lb, 01. dr. ? J Household ' ^ j White . Twopenny loaf Threepenny loaf .„., Sixpenny loaf ..... ... Twelvepenny loaf .„ 5 6 10 Penny loaf, or two ? , , halfpenny loaves ( W , fid. ditto \ WTheiiten } Household 0 J Wheaten 0 ) Household 0 13 \ \ Vheaten 1 3 i Household I 10 Wheaien 2 7 Household 3 4 j^ p All VVheaten and Household Bread must be made of Whtat only.— Wheaten to be. marked with a large W.— Household with a large H. - i; 8 12 9 15 2 14 4 12 8 A CARD. Mrs. 1?. PlUTCHARD, MILLINER, DRESS MAKER, HOSIER and GLOVHH-, WITH Gratitude tenders, her best Thanks, for the liberal Favours she has been so highly honoured with; respectfully announcing to her . Friends and thc Public, she has formed a new Connexion w ilh one of Ihe first Sarsuelt Manufacturers in London ; anil lias now FOR INSPECTION a very extensive Assortment of rich coloured and black plain and twilled SARSNETTS for the Spring, Funeral Silks, Crapes, black and coloured Bomhazeens; a Variety of new Straw Bonnets and Hats; REAL IRISH POPLINS; willi other fashionable Articles iu her Pro- fessions ; which she is enabled and determined lo sell oil as moderate Terms as any House in Ihc Kingdom N. B FUNEIIALS completely furnished.— Country Shop- keepers anil Milliners supplied with coloured and Funeral Silks, Crapes, ( kc CHEAP ASIN LON DON, for Money only. WOOLLEN AND LISTEN DRAPERY, HA RF. RDASUF. R Y AND HOSIER Y, ST. MARY'S STREET, NEAR THE CROSS, SHREWSBURY. J. BARN ABY, BEGS leave to announce to his Friends and the Public, that he has lately purchased, from the different Markets, a NEW and VALUABLE ASSORTMENT in the above Line, which IS NOW OPEN FOR SALE; and trusts that his Selection has hem such as will merit the Approbation of those who may honour hiin with a Call. " ~ TO TIIE CLERGY. " " VHEClergv are mostdvaiil't'tfully informed, that the . OFFICE for CLERICAL. AFFAIRS, in DOCTORS' COMMONS, is duly appointed and sanctioned by Authority, for tbe PURCHASE, DISPOSAL, aud TRANSFER of every Species of CHURCH PROPERTY ; providing for and procuring CURACIES — It is judged requisite to give this Public Notice of Ihe same, and to request that all Commu- nications may be addressed ( free of Postage) when explicit Particulars will be immediately forwarded to Parties ap- plying. WASTELL and POOLE, ti, Wardrobe Place, Doctors' Commons. WANTED immediately, a PERSON to join tbe FIRM of an intended ALE & PORTER BREWERY at SHREWSBURY. The Country is populous, and the Building and Premises are admirably situated to the River Severn.— Apply to H. SILVISTTTT, Terrace, Shrewsbury ; if by Letter, Post- paid. ad Month () th, 1813. BREAD, To His Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments, Quarters, andBar. racks, iu the un- der- mentioned Counties and Islands: Alderuey, Anglesea, Bedford, Berks, ( including theTown of llun- gecford,) Berwick, Brecon, Bucks, Cambridge ( includ- ing the Town of Newmarket,) Cardigan, Carmarthen, Carnarvon, Chester, Cornwall, ( includ- ing Scillv,) Cumberland, Denbigh, Derby, Devon, Durham, ( includ- ing Holy Island,) Essex, Flint, Glamorgan, Gloster, ( including Ihe City of Bris- tol,) Guernsey, Hereford, Hertford, Hunts, Isle of Man, isle of Wight, Jersey, Kent j Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, M iddlesex, Monmouth, Montgomery, Norfolk, Northampton, Northumberland, Nollitigham, Oxford, Pembroke, liadtior, Rutland, Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Suffok, Surrey, Sussex, Warwick, Wtslnioi eland, VI orcesler, York. And in the several] Counties inMurtli Britain. OATS, To His Majesty's Cavalry iir Can- tonments und Quarters, in the under- mentioned Counties and . Island : Auglcsca, Bedford, Berwick, Brecon, Bocks, Cambridge, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Carnarvon, Chester, Cumberland, Denbigh, Derby, Durham, Flint, Glamorgan, Glostr r, Hereford, Hertford, Hunts, Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, Monmouth, Montgomery, Northumberland, Oxford, Pembroke, Radnor,' Rutland, Salop, • SI afford, Westmoreland, Worcester. FORAGE, viz. OATS, HAY, and . STRAW, to His Miijesty'sCavalry in Barracks, aud Oats iu Canton- ments and Quar tern, in the under- mentioned Coun- ties in South Britain : Bei ks, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hants, ( including the Isle of Wight,'; Kent, Lancaster, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northampton, Nottingham, Sonierse t, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwick, Wilts, York. And In Ibe several Counties luN or I it Britain. As also Forage to all Horses kept for His Majesty's Service iu the Island of Jersey. MONEY. rpH E several Sums of i'Sooo, £. 1000, £ 1000, Bud ^ inoo, to lie advanced Oil approved FREEHOLD SECUBI- - tur Particulars enquire of THE PRINTER. E TY, WATER CORN' MILL. TO BE LET, F. eeeh Sioues, one Pair of Derby Stones, one Dressing Mill, winch is constantly supplied wilb a full Slivam of Water 111 the driest Tunc, anil never stopped with Floods Application to be made personally to J EVANS, who will • be a Mr Harrirs's, ot Ibe Sun Tavern, . Shrewsbury, o, l- nday, the liih of March, from two till four o'C'eck in the Afternoon. FURNISHED HOUSE. TO BE LET, A-\ N. N ENTEH,: D UPON AT LADY- DAY NSYT 1. " nd '" « sl convenient HOUSE, suitable for a small- genteel family, with a Garden 111 front, which is a South Aspect, the Situation is most desirable foe ,„„„ adjoining N. B. An approved Tenant may be accommodated with a Piece ot Land, aud . an addiiional Gaiden, if requisite I he pieseul furniture might also be purchased at a fair Valuation, if more desirable. BP AUCTION. L COACH or POST HORSES, POST CHAISFS SE, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PLATE * LINEN, and EFFECTS. TL' GEORGE I A'A", BE IV I) LEY. CAPITAL COACH HEARSE BY JONATHAN PERRY On Monday, the 15th of March Instant, and three follow & S '. tasl or Keseive ; T M1K Whole of I he Effects in and upon the Pr the above liiu • !-;__ remises of ne atiiive 11111; comprising seven seasoned young and powerful Post Horses, in full working Condition, two neat and modern Post Chaises, one Hearse complete, various Sets of four Horse anrl Pair Harness, wilh many ulber Articles in the Slable Department. Also, tbe entire HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Plate, Linen, elegant Ball Room Chandeliers in Or Molu, Brewing Vessels, Cellar Stock, anil numerous other Articles of Value. The. Furni- ture consists of 20 Fourpost, Tent, and other Bedsleads, w ilh Hangiugs, 21 Feather Beds, mostly of prime Quality Matli asses, Blankets, Counterpanes, aud Quilts, Dressing and Night Tables, SwingGlasses, Basou Stands, Chests of Drawers, and every other Description of Bed Room Ar- ticles, various Mahogany Dining, Penibruke, and Pillar Tables, Chairs, Carpets, Pier Glasses, and oilier Furniture in Dining Rooms, Assembly Room, Parlours, Bar, Oxc. wilh the general Requisites iu Kitchen and Offices. The Plate are four Silver Taukards, three Pints, Coffee- pot, eleven Table Spoons, Soup Ladle, Waiter, & c. in all more than 220 Ounces. The Linen are 34 Pairs cf Sheets, 24 Table Cloths, i » ..— 1. « —. /- M-. I.- oi « - * • & c.. tile The Sale will commence with the Horses, Chaises, aud olhei Out- stock, on MONDAY the 15th, at eleven precise- ly; and the Cellar Stock, Plate, and Linen w ill form oilier Part of thai Day's Sale.—' TUESDAY'S Sale wi( l commeuce wilh the China, Glass, Services, Earthen Ware, and the Furniture in Progression, as per Catalogues, to be had at the Crown lull, Bridgildrth ; Lion Inn, Kidderminster; Stourpoi t Inn, at Slourport; Talbot lnu, Stourbridge ; Dudley Anus, Dudlev: Eavle nod s » ,„. n. r.._ e,, , Mortimer; 15 Breakfast Cloths, Pillow Cases, Napkins Whole 1,1 , « c,,. prol, l. — ' 1 , . - r - , —. ." " 15c ; Dudley Anus, Dudley; Eagle aud Serpent Inn, Cleobury *• and ou tbe Preiaists. VALUABLE FARMING STOCK. BY JONATHAN I'KRllV, On Wednesday, the 31st March lustaut'; mHE entire LIVE STOCK, FARMING IMPLE- 1 M ENTS, DAIRY aud BREWING VESSELS, of THOMAS. LLOYD, Esq. al Ford, near Shrewsbury ; con- sisting of nine valuable young Cuws and Calves, one barren Ditto, two 3- years old feeding splayed Heifers, two 3- years old fat Bullucks, one 3- ycars old fat Heifer, n l'- i- 0f ling Bullocks, and ones- years old liull'of taced Bishop's Castle Breed ; five excellent l » t" Horses, with Gearing, one half- bred Oelding, al\ yega„ old useful for Saddle, Draught, or to carry double one handsome black Mare, 5- years old, bv Suliarr n , , e Old Ma. sk, suitable to'F. efd or Road, ole 3- yea . " d h, l/ bred Filley, and one 2 years old Gelding iT T That the Deliveries are lo commence on and for the 25th Day of April next ; lhat Proposals in Writing sealed up and marked, Tender for Army Supplies, will be received at this f 1 ITion A r% - nu UA CVVMA ' I' I. 1 - . 1 — . . v l\ • « , . , rch, ( but Day) and Harrows, Turnip Drills, Land Rolf, winuowi,""'" ^ " f Scuffles, Hurdles, Sieves, Riddles, Pilcels, Rakes" small Implements: also, a capital Stone Cheese Pre ing Machine, ie8, and other rTyOT sheads, and various oilier Dany and Brewing Vessels I lie- Sale w ill continence precisely al Elev, ,, ,.,.-' to Catalogues ,0 be disliLted, ' and w' Ctf TIONKER.— ) he Brewing and Dairy Vessels will be , ohL aboul twop'Clock. u- FREEHOLD LAND AT B1CTO. V IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERKY, lun, in thcTotvn oCShreivsbury, upo'nSatun Day ol April, lata, at five o'clock in Ihe Ai bject lo such Conditions as shall theu be THE 8nve'' a) " BCISS of LAND, situate at BICTON In 1 the Parish of Saiul Chad, iu llie Oee. i,,, , ii„,, . V vi' At the Fox ihe loth noon, su duced: Office on or before Thursday, the 25th Day of Milri- none will be received aftei- Twclve o'Clock 011 that D if sent by Post, the Posiage must be paid. Proposals must be made separately for each County and Island, except for the Counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender, as also must llie several Counties in North Britain: and each Proposal must have the Letter which is annexed to tbe Tender properly filled up, by two Persons of known Property engaging to become butind with the Party tender- ing 111 the Amount slated in Ihe printed Particulars for I lie due Performance of the Contract; and 110 Proposal will be noticed unless made ou a printed Tender, nnd the Prices expressed in Words nt Length; and should it so happen that during the Continuance of the Contract, no Troops should be stationed or supplied 111 the County, tbe Expeuce of the Contract and Boud, paid in the first Instance by Ihe Contractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissi Chief. the uiidermentioiied Quantiiies, more or'leV'"* LOl' I. Nbmes of Fields. " f. Quantities. " ' A. R. p. A Piece of Land near Bicton ) Village £ Ditlo 7 3 13 3 I 6 0 4 0 25 3 35 S o 0 G ry lu Particulars ofthe Contracts may be had upon Application at this Office, between the Hours of eleven and five ; at Ihe Office of Deputy Commissary General Limlesay, Edin- burgh ; at Ihe Office of Deputy Commissary General Coope, Guernsey; and at thc Office of Deputy Commissary General Low, Jersey. Note.— Some material alterations having been made in the Tenders for supplying Bread to ihe Troops in llie Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney, ond Forage in the island of Jersey : sucli Pernios a » H) ay be ihtsiious of i tendering to supply the same, must apply for the proper Particulars. Culture. Clover 3 2 Years' i < Ley I LOT II. Tbistlv Marsh Pasture Road..'. Field adjoining Arable Ditto above the Wood Wheat Meadow under lite Wood.... Meadow LOT III. Rye Grass Field .. Wheat LU I i V, vPart FalO Bie Field ] low aud V * I Part Seeds) Timber £ 20. LOT V. Field adjoining Bickley (£ Me > LOT VI. 5 Field near tbe Grange PuBinre 11 2 Round A Hoe Seeds 8 0 11 0 si 18 s 30 7 0 s 19 3 30 5 2 ss This Lot is sold subject lo LOT VI I 19 a 6 Long Aline IVL a Righ t of Road to Lot 7. Meadow _ 41. BoTiiVYLE, of Calcot, Will shew e Pm for further Particulars apply iu Messrs M n JACSSOM, Altorh e9j Shrewsbury MAD 7 3 30 cmises ; and DDOCK antl FIVE' QOi. v'KAS LIFCVVAltti. STOLEN, on Monday Night last, the Sth March, 1813, out ofa Stable belonging to Mr. T. PUGH, of Leighton, near Welshpool, a light CHESNUT GELDING, of the Saddle Kind, four Years old, about 15 Hands and a Halt high, with a white Face, aud cut Tail; has lately been broke, and rode little. Whoever will give Information of the Offender or Often, deis, shall, on his or their Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, on Application to the TREJIUKHI nf the Buttington Association, or to the aforesaid Mr. T. PUGH. tsp auction, BY GLOVE It AND SON, Oil the Premises, without Reserve, on Thursday aud Friday, the II lb and 12th Days of March, 1S13, ALL the valuable FARMING STOCK. IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils, of the late Rev. JOHN LEA, of ACTON BURNELL, iu the County ufSalop; Catalogues may be had at the Raven and Bell, Unicom, Spread Eagles, aud Lion and Pheasant Inns, Shrewsbury , Talbot, Atchara ; Cound Lane Inn ; Cressage; Pitchford; Acton Burncll; and Condover; and of I HE AUCTIONEERS. -'• The Sale to begin each Day at Ten o'Clock. SHROPSHIRE TIMBER. BY GLOVER AND SON, At Ihe House of William Millington. in Acton Burnell, in the Counly of Salop, on Monda y, the 15th of March, 1813, between ihe Hours uf three inld six o'Clock in the After- noon, and subject to Conditions Ihe:. Jo Ix- produced : rrUtE following Lots of most excellent TI M BER. growing J. 011 Lands al ACTON BURN'ELL, ACTON PIGGOT, LANGLEY, RUCKI. CY, CAUSEY WOOD; FRODESLEY, FRODESLEY PARK, BERRINGTON, and ( INTLOP MILL.; adjoining good Roads; Part within four Miles of Shrews- bury; and two Miles from the Severn al Atcbam Wharf; the Remainder about seven Miles from Slnensbury, and four Miles from the Severn at Cound Wharf. ,, T ... , On what Lands protein?, and No. Description of Timber. bti whom occupied! LOT I. 67 Oak 73 Ash ( 12 Elm ( rs Alder 75 Oak 40 Ash I 27 Alder | 1 Elm 20 Oak 28 Ash 3 Elm 87 Oak 28 Ash 25 EI111 2 Alder ] Birch 0 Oak 9 Ash 5 Elm 47 Oak 17 Ash 6 Elm 2 Alder 4 Ash 40 Oak 30 Ash 74 Fir 7 Beech 8 Elm 5 Chesnut - Trees - Trees J On a Farm at Acton Buruell, / Mr. Hudson, Tenant. LOT II. - Cyphers ^ Also on a Farm at Acton Bur- ^ uell, Mr. Suaxlun,. Tenant. LOT III. - Trees On a Farm at Acton Piggot, " Mr. Jenkius, Tenant. - Cyphers >• Trees Cyphers LOT IV. f On a Farm at Eveuwnod, Na- t thaniel Bailey, Tenant. LOT V. bp aucttotr. ' BY GLOVEITAND SON, On the Premises, ou Monday, the 22d Dav of March, 1813, ALL Ibe valuable FARMING STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. JOSEPH HUMPHREYS, of HAUGHTON. HI the Parish of Wcstfeitou, aud County of Salop, who is d> clinitig the Farming Business. Catalogues lo be had at Ihe Cross Keys, Cross Foxes, Queen's Head, George, Plume of Feathers, Sun, Cross Guns, aud other Inns, Oswestry; Bridgewater Arms, Black 1.1011, Red Lion, Swan, and other Inns, 111 Ellesmere; the different Inns in Westfellon; Inus in Kuockui; Cross Keys, Llahymynecli; Kinnerley ; Nessclilf; Craven Arms, Kiiyion ; and of THE AUCTION EERS. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESL'ATE. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Keys Inn, in the Town or Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 24th Day of March, 1813, and subject lo Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. ALL that capital FARM, called CRAIGNANT, situate within two Miles of the Market Town of Llaufyllin, in the Couuty of Montgomery, containing by Admeasure- ment 84 Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with a valuable Right of Common on the adjacent Hill, which is about to be inclosed. LOT IL A valuable M EADOW, situate near Llanfechan, late in the Holding of Mr. William ' Fallen, containing by Admeasurement 2 Acres, 3 Itoods. LOT 111 An Allotment near Llanfechan, adjoining the Frith on KiTrhiew Farm. The Timber on the Premises to be taken at a Valuation then to be produced. Particulars may be had by appUiug to Messrs. GLOVER and SON, at ftuylou Eleven Towns.—' The Tenant / will shew the Premises. TIM BLR, BY GLOVEti AND SON, At Ilie Cross Keys Inn, iu the Town of . Oswestry, 011 Wednesday, tin 241b Day of March, 1813, subject lo Conditions and Lots then lobe produced: - I / . f- s OAK Timber Trees is Alder Trees 1Afil> 35 °! lk Cyphers 3( j Larch and Fir II Oak Saplings Tfees 12 Ash Cy phers. 1 Sycamore— t Poplar The above Timber is growing upon Flas- Ucha Estate; is of large Dimensions. and fit for the Navy and other Purposes.— Plas- Ucha is situaied close upon the Turnpike Road leading fruui l. langedwin to Knockiu, and about live Miles from the Moiilgoiueryskiie Canal at Moreton Common. N. B. A Person is appointed on the Premises to shew the Timber; aud for further Particulars apply to Messrs. GLOVER and SoN, Auctioneers, at Ruyton Eleven Towns. BY GLOVER~ AND SON, On the Premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 25lli and 26th Days of March, 1813, ALL the valuable and well- bred FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS iu HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Uteusils, belonging to Mr. BuofiKri ELD, of BAG- LEY, in the Parish of Hordley, and County of Salop, who is declining Business. , Catalogues may he had at the Bridgewater Arms, Red Lion, Black Lion, Eagles, Swan, & c. Ellesmere; Cross Keys, Cross Foxes, George, Queen's Head, kc Oswestry ; Black Lion, Weni ; White Lion, Whitchurch; Castle, Old Raveu, and Britannia Inns, Salop; Red Lion, Cuck- sliutt; Craven Anns, Ruytuu ; Duncan lun, Newtown; and of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton Eleven Towns. '^ ate. 3 bp auction, WESTLEY ESTATE. B\ J BROOME, On Thursday, Ihe lltli of March, 1813, between the Hours of four aud six in the Afternoon, al t he Seven Stars, in Pontesbuiv, in ihe Comity of Sal.. 0 : AFARM," HOUSE, OUTBUILDINGS, & c. situate at V » EST LEY, iu I lie Parish ot Westbury, containing 45A. 3lt. 25P. be the same more or less, and lale in the Occupation of Mr. JOHN INIONS — Particulars ia our next. SCy* Great Part of the Purchase Money may remain 011 Security of the Premises, if required. Valuable Cart Stallions, printe A riv Leicester : heep, and Cat Lie Hock, iqc. . » BROe) . lE, On the Premises, 011 Friday and Satifrdity, the iatl, aud 1311rof March, 1813: . rCllli Whole of the ttuly valuable LIVE STOCK, TM' 1 CLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, . villi Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FURNITURE. i. i; k s, ll ' Brewing aud Dairy Utensils and Casks, belo : ..> Wr. GEORGE EVAN'S, of BURTON, - late ,. f iVenlnck Abbey, in the County of Salop, who is retiring lin. r. ;:; e Farming Business,; consisting ot a b'eauui^ i - i. i- lioii, Prince Regent, rising six Y *, « vld, ilmj; :/ . i..... s high, without a Blemish, and is thought LO :.,. out of SJK compactest Horses in the K 1.. .1: be liy Old General, grey ' Gelding, i i > Trees On Bull Hill Coppice, near to ^ and shewn ns Lot 4. Trees LOT VI. C On the Island Farm, Mr. Cor- i field, Tenant. i On Park Gate Farm, Mr. Steed- Trees S man. Tenant. LOT VII. rees " J i Cyphers LOT VIII f On Langley Farm, Mr. Deakin, r Tenant. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Monday, the 20th Day ofMarch, 1813, Al- l. the valuable FARMING STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS iu HUSBANDRY, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Miss ROGERS, ofWiLCOT, in the Parish of Great Ness, and County ofSalop. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the Gth DayofApiil, 1813 ; ALL the truly valuable and ' well- selected FARMING STOCK and 1M PLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, be. longing to CHARLES DALLAS, Est), ut THE FARM, near Trefilauney, ill the Parish of Myfod, and County of Mont- gomery. Catalogues to be had at the Oak and Bear Inns, Welsh- pool ; King's Head, and Cross Foxes, Llanfair; Goat and Boar's Heud, Llaufylliil; Lion and Talbot, Shrewsbury; Bridgewater Arms, Ellesmere; Black Lion, Wem; Cross Keys aud Cross Foxes, Oswestry; Cross Keys, Llauy- mynech; tbe lun ut Liausaiulffraid ; on the Premi. es, aud ofTHE AUCTIONEERS, al Ruyton Eleven Towns. lo Prince Regent; one hack Mare, Dam by Old Snap; one handsome four Years old, just tnoke 111, by Aifulii'a ; one 3- year old Filley, in fual to Prince Regent $ one yearling Colt ; nine Cows, calved and in- calf, iwil cMving Heifers, one fnsii Barren, one yearling Bull, one'. Sf-' vV'ar old l^ iiilock, lo 2- year olds, eight Yearlings; 52 ilfflflc fine Luceslt- r Ewes in lamb, 40 Theaves, 30 ' yearling Weill, rs, 47 capital fat Sheep, ( the Enes and ' fheaves will he sold live and the Wethers 10 in each Lot) ; one Sow in- pig, six store Pigs, live ditto Ditto; several Sets of good Gear- ing, four good Waggous, three broad Wheel Tumbrels, one small Cart oue double Plough, Ihree single Wheel Ploughs, three Pair of Harrows, two good Rollers, oue Car and Chains, about seven Dozen of Huidtes, a four Horse Power Thicalling Machine, by Mr. Onions, new Winnowing Dillo, two Dozen of Bags, Stone and Wood Piglroughs, with a great Number ot sniall Implements, & c. 84c. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Fourpost and other Bedsteads, with Hangings, five Feather Beds with Bolsters and Pillows, Blankets and Covers, several Oak Dining and other ' Tables, Mahogany, painted Oak and i Eim Chairs, Dressing Table'and Swing Glass, Chests with Drawers, large and small Lftvett Ditto,' Wash- hand Stands, large KilclienTable, Dresser, with Pewter Frame complete, Grate, ' Pitgrate, StuoakJuck, two Sways, Render aud. Fire Irons, with a large Assortment of Kiiflieu Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks. The whole of which will be fouiid in good order and well worth the Attention of the Public.— Also two excellent Slone Cheese Presses, capital Hogshead Furnace dpil t\^ o Boilers com- plete, nearly new. - The Live Stock und Implements will he sold the first Day.— The Sale lo begin at 10 o'Clock each Morning. 5^ 7* The Auctioneer begs Leave to inform 1 lie Public, thai ihe Cattle Stock will be found useful, and the Sheep and Horses equal to any ever offered to public Sale.— Tbe w hole of the. Stallions, Mares, and (.' arl Geldings are hied by the famous ohl Horse Black Prince, which is thought lo he ihe Sire of more good Waggon Horses than any other Stallion in his Day, bp ixfetimi BY J. BtiQOME, On the Premises, 011 Friday, the 19U1 Day of March, 1813, ,4 LL the Valuable LIVE STOCK and IM PLEMENTS X? L in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, & c belonging 10Mr, EVERAL, of TIIK LEAS IWS, near Church Pulveibatch, in the County of Salop; consisting of six Cows in- calf, one calving Heifer, two 2 years old Bullocks, oue ditto tlcifer, three Yeavliugs, il. ree Waggon Horses, one ditto Mare in- foal, oue 2- years old Colt of IheCartKind; 250 Slieep ill Lots; one Gilt Ill- pig ; one Waggon, two Tumbrils, one Harvest Cart, two Ploughs, two Pair of Harrows, one Rol| er, one Cur, VViuno-. ving Fan, Corn Screen, Sieves and Riddles, Lot of Bags,, with a Number of sniall Implements, The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, large Oak Chest, Hanging Clothes Press, Oak Table and Form, large Mash- ing Tub, two Hogsheads, Furnace aud Boiler, with a Number of Wood Bottles, & c. Sate to begin al 10 o'Clock. BY J BROOME^" On the Premises, on Wednesday, March 24, 1813; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. COOKE, of NORBURY, near Bishop's Castle, in the County of ; ilop 5 consisting of eight excellent young Cows, calved old Heifers in- calf, ck, three 3- yenis Bullocks, seven ditto " aggon Mares, ( with aring for live, oue yearling Colts of the draught Kind, one hack Ditto } about LM0 Sheep, in Lots; two Waggons, two Tumbrils, one Wheel Plough, one Hand Ditto, and two Pair of Harrows. Sale to begin a jo o'Clock in the Morning. CAPITAL HEREFORDSHIRE STOCK. BY .1. BROOME, On Ihe Premises, on Thursday, the 25th Day of March, Trees On Ruckley Farm, Mr. Davies, " Tenant. Cyphers' LOT IX. Trees Cyphers ? On Causey Wood Farm, Mrs. C Cox, Tenant LOT X. 147 Oak 35 Ash I Elm . 1 Sycamore 24 Oak 6 Ash ' 3 Elm 3 Oalc 2 Ash < 50 Beech 42 Elm 36 Ckesnut 21 l. imc It Svcumore 6 Fir 2 Birch 1 Alder - ^ Trees ( On a Farm at Ruckley, Sir, C Bailey, Tenant. Cyphers) LOT XL VTrees BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, without the leui- t Reserve, on Wednesday, the 31st of March, and Thursday and Friday, the 1st aud 2d Days of April, 1813; A LL the valuable and well bred FARMING STOCK, JX IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mr. KENT, of M ARTON, in ihe Parish of Middle, und County ofSalop. Catalogues to be had at the Lion, Talbot, Castle, Old Raven, and Britannia tuns, Shrewsbury; Black Lion, Buck, White Horse, and Bull Inns, Wem ; Bridgewater Arms, Red Lion, Black Lion, Swan, and Eagles, Ellesmere ; Cross Keys, Cross Foxes, George, and Queen's Head Inns, Oswestry ; Red Lion, Cockshutt; Craven Arms, Ruyiou ; Duncan, Inn, Newtown; on Ibe Piemises; aud of THE AUCTIONEERS, at Rnyton Eleven Towns. 484 Oak 130 Ash 181 Beech 28 Fir 7 Elm 1 Svcnnior 1 Poplar 1 Cherry 32( 1 Oak 70 Ash 30 Elm 33 Alder 2 Birch 97!) Oak .54 Ash 12 Alder 4 Elm 35 Oak 2 Ash ISO Oak 8fi Ash 33 Alder 1 Elm 41 Oak 44 Ash 31 Oak () Ash 4 Sycumore 12 Oak 8 Ash 113 Oak 54 Ash 35 Alder 17 Elm 8 Oak 6 Ash 16 Alder 1 > Tic re I < On Frodesley Park Fann, Mr. £ Hall, Tenant. LOT XII. ( til Birch Copv and Lawley ( Farm, Mr. Coriicld, Tenant. ^ 1'' ^ Trees LOT XIII. ( On Frodesley Hall Farm, Mr. 1 /. limes, Tenant. LOT XIV. } ( Great Part Coppice Timber) ou V Frodesley Farm, Mr. Everall, S Tenant. BY GLOVl'ft AND SQ\, On the Premises, 011 Monday, the 5th of April, 1SI3; ALL the valuable and choice DAIRY of COWS and FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS lu HUS- BANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Uteusils, belonging lo Mrs, EVANS, of WESTON, iu the Parish of Oswestry, aud Couu- ty ofSalop. Catalogues to be had at the Cross Keys, Cross Foxes, Bell, George, Queen's Head, and other Inns, Oswealry; Black Lion, Red Lion, and Swan Inns, Ellesiuere; Britan- nia, Queen's Head, and Old Raven, Shrewsbury; at the dillerent inns iu ltuylon,- Baschurch, Westfelton, Ncss- cliff, & c. ou the Premises; and of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton F- leven Towns. " BY S. TUDOR, On Monday, the 15th March Inst. on the Premises, on the Wyle Cop ; ALL the neat and useful HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURJSITURE, consisting of several Tent aad other bectsUads and Hangings, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pil- lows, Blankets, Quilts, neat Oak Bureau and Bookcase, Bureaus, Chests of Drawers, ^' hairs, Tables, Pier and Swing Glasses, & e. China, Glass, and several valuable Lots of home- made Linen, in the best Preservation j toget her wilh Kitchen and Brewing Utensils, belonging to MUs BOWDLER, who is declining Housekeeping. The Sale to begiu precisely at leu o'Clock in the Morn- ing, continue until one, and from two in the Afternoon until the Whole is disposed of. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Monday, the 15th Day of March, 1813: A LL the LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUS- XX BANDRY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI- TURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to Miss JANE GARDENER, of THE LAKE, iu Ihe Parish of Weslbnryi iu the County Of Salop: consisting of four Waggon Horses wilh I . earing for Dillo, one Cow in- calf, one 2- year old Hull, two Porks, five small store Pigs; one Waggon, one ILind Plough, one Roller, Thresh ing Machine, Winnowing Dit. to, Winnowing Fan, Lot of. Bags, Sieves and Riddles, three Ding Rakes, Lot of small Ditto and Pikels, six Bagging Bills, tWd Phiug Irons, two Fodder Cribs, Ihree Stone Pigtrouniis, three Wood Di* to, two Ladders, o,. e Timber Chain, oue Waggim Rope, with a Number of small Implements, Sic. Ste •'•*•• The Household Furniture cousi. ts wt'Fohrpost and other Bedsteads, with Hangings and Window Curtains to match, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Sheets, Blankets, and Covers ; Oak Dining and other Tables and Chairs, Oak Dresser and flu Ives, Ditto Chest with Drawers, and Linen Ditto, large Kitchen Table and Form • good Eight Day Clock, oue Thirty- hour Ditto : two Frames of Shelves, Corn r and other Cupboards, large Stove Grate, Pilgiate and Fender, Fire Irons and Wire Fender, ' Tin Hastcner, large Oak Skreen, two Flour Tubs, two Cheese Presses, two Cheese Tubs, Lot of Cheese Vats, Barrel Churn, one upright Ditto, large Furnace and Boiler, & c. & c. with a Number of large and small Casks and Tubs, the whole of which will he found in good order, and worth Ihe Attention of the Public. The Sale to begin wilh the Live Stock and Implements in Husbandry, precisely at 10 o'Clock in the Morning, as the whole will he sold in oue Day. BY J BROOME, ' On Tuesday, the ltilh Day ofMarch, 1813: rrUIE FARMING STOCK aud IMPLEMENTS in 1 HUSBANDRY, Brewing Vessels aud Casks, with Pari Of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging ' to Mrs. AMBLER, of WILDER LEY, iteM'elimch Polsici- bateh, in the County of Salop; cons- sung of one capital Waggon Gelding, three Ditto Mares ( one iu- foal), one 3- year old Waggon Coil; six Sets of Gearing; uiieSow in- pig ; one Waggon ( nearly new), one Tumbril, two Wheel Ploughs, one Hand Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, one Roller, four Dozen of Hurdles, three Hell Rakes, about tlir e Dozen of Bags, Scales and Weights, two Waggon Ropes, a W. iu- uowing Fan, Straw Engine, Sieves and Riddles, Corn Skreen, & c. aud a Number of small Implements. The Furniture comprises nine Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets and Coverlids ; Fourpost and other Bedsteads; Oak Chests, 12 Mahogany Chairs with Hair Seals, six Oak Chairs, Dining Tables, Kilclicu Tabjes, Dutch Oven, and Fire Grate. Also, about Fifteen Tons of good HAY; to be eaten 011 the Premises. N. B A large Quantity of excellent OAT STRAW for Cattle ; great Care will be taken of the Cattle. 1813 i A LL the well- bred LIVE STOCK ntid IMPLEMENTS f\. iu HUSBANDRY, belouging to Mr BRISCOE, of CULMIN'GTON, iu the County ofSalop; Consisting of 12 Cow s calved ami in- calf, five young Barrens, live 2- yeurs old Bullocks, five diito Heifers, six Yearlings, capital Herefordshire Bull ; four Waggon Horses, one ditto Mare, iu- foal; Gearing for Ditto; two Sows iti- pig; Lot of Sheep, about 100; three Waggons, one with Liners, two broad Wheel Carts, o.. e narrow Ditto, one Wheel Plough, and two Hand Ditto, three Pair uf Harrows, Roller, Winnowing Fan, Sieves ami Riddles, Pikels and Rakes, with a Number of other Implements. S. ile tu begin at lO o'Cloek in theiUorning. PRIME SMOAKEY FACED STOCK. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 30th and 3Isl Days of March, 1813; ALL tbe truly valuable and well selected LIVE STOCK , and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY,, withal! the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Di'. ii y Utensils and Casks, belonging to Mr. WOOD, of EDGE, in the Parish of Pontesbui v, in the Couuty of Salop; consisting of 11 excellent Co\ is in- caif, tbur' 2- years old Bullocks, two Ditto Heifers, six Yearlings, seven capital Waggon Horses, Gearing for Ditto, oue Hack Mare in- foal, one 2- year old Filley iu, dillo; 20 Ewes with Lambs and in- lamb, two good Rams, four fat Wethers; three Waggons, all with Iron Liners, three broad Wheel Tumbrils ( two with Iron Liners), oue Trolley Cart, one Double Plough, one single Wheel Dilto, two Hand Ditto, five Pair of Hariows, iwo capital Rollers, Winnowing Machine, Bags, with a Number of small Implements, See. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils aud Casks, will be found in good Order, and well worlh the Atteution of the Public IS. t>. The Live Stock and Implements will be sold the first Day. Sale to begin at ten o'Clock each Morning. VALtJAbLE STOCK. . , BY VV. SMITH, Oh Thursday and Friday, the llth and istlr Days of March, 1813, 01 the Premises, at the H • LL FARM, ucar Westhurv, in iheCouutv ofSalop; ALL the LIVESTOCK, IMPLEMENTS ill HUS- BANDRY, together wilh nil the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Daily and Brewing Vessel", belonging to Mr. THOMAS WALL; Comprising 6 capital young Cows, calved and in- calf, .1. calving Heifer, ' 1 Barren, 1 three- year old Bull, 4 two- year old Heifers, 6 Yearlings; use- ful Waggon Hoi see, 3 Ditlo Mares, iti- foal, i three- year old Draught Colt, 1 ycalling Ditto ; 1 fat Pig; 0 Sets of Geeruj- Road Waggtin, Harvest Ditto, nearly iiew, 2 Tunk. hreW, Wheel auci Hand Plough 2 Pair - of Bar lows, I. Mini Roller, 5 Sto„ c t i-' tiuujhs, Winnowing Fan, long l. add; r, ' Corn Screen, with sundry Lots of small Implements. ) The HOUSEHO LD GOO US consist of several Fourpost Bedsteads with Furniture, Stump Ditto, 6 excellent Fea- { her Beds, Blanket*, Quills; Sheets, & c. Oak Chest of Drawers, LiiiciiGbes s, Diessiug. Tahle and Glass, capital Clock, excellent Dresser and ' Shelves,, large Kiicbtn Table and Form, two round Tables, Bci. nl, t, Dining Table, Cradle and N ursiug Chairs, Corner Oupbucrdi Arm Chair, 6 Kitchen Chaiis. . j Parlour Ditto, a Wheels, Kitchen Grate, Oven, and Ironing Stove, Pilprale, Fender, and Eire- irojis, Bioss and Iron Candlesticks, Lots ot Glass, China, and Earl ben Ware, nith a Variety of olher Articles. The Dairy and Brewing Vessels comprize sSlone Cheese Presses, 5 TultCr Tubs, 2 Mitts, Barrel Chum, small Ditto, sundry Chef se Vals, Milk Can and pail, Scales and Print, huge C heese Tub, Harvest Bottles, large Iron Furnace and Stack, Ditto Boiler; s Mashing Tubs, 1s Washing Ditto, a Oval Cinders, 2 Buckets, 2 excellent Hogsheads, 5 goud Casks, different Sizes, 4Trains, and a Quantity of other useful Articles Sale, to begin precisely at ) alt' past ten o'CIock each Morning— Stuck and Implements the first Day. VALUABLE LIVE STOCK, " BY VV. SMITH, Oil Monday, Tuesday, aiid Wednesday, the 15th, ] GtK, and 17th Days of March, 1813, on the Piemises at WHITLEY, near Shicwsbuiy, in the Countv of Salop: ALE the truly valuable aud well selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS ill HUSBANDRY, with Pari of II c HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, belonging to the late Mr. JoHN JONES: Comprising 7 capital young Cows, calved anil in- calf , 3 Capital vo g I Black Waggon Geldings, 2 ditto Marcs, in- foal; 2 vaiuuule three- year old Draught Colts, 1 two- year old ditto, 1 I promising two- year old Colt of the Saddle Uiud, capital six- year old Chesuul Gelding, a good Hunter, perfectly sound, and Master of great Weight, an excellent Bay Hack Marc, lour years old* Grey Policy, half- bred Chesiiut Gelding, , aged; 30 Ewes with Strong Lambs; to good Stoie Pigm' 3 exi client Waggons, with Ripples, 3 Broad- wheel TuiuWil*. sniall Cart, wiih Iron A- i'hiitj 2 capital ' Land Rollers, Double- wheel Plough, Single- wheel ditto, 3 Hand ditto, j Pidati. e ditto, 4 Pair of Harrows, 2 Clanks and l ooting Chains, YViiitioVing Fan and Corn Screen, 3 long Ladders,- Slack Frame, with 35 St one Pillars and Ciips, WiiiiiowiiigMachine Mail Mill, and Kibbling Ditto, Pair of large Scales and Weights, Quantity of Bags; Straw Engine, 2 Corn Coffers, 5 Paling irons, 2 Tutors, 2 Wheelbarrows, 6 Stone Pig- troughs, 2 Foddering Cribs, Grindstone, 7 Sets of good Gears, 2 Waggon Hopes, 4 Hell Rakes, wit'u. a large Quan- tity- of Sieves, Riddles, Pikels, Rakes, and sundry other sniall Implements. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE comprises excellent four- post Bedsteads with Furniture, ar. d Stump ditto, sevi ral capital Goose Feather Beds, Chests of Drawers, Linen Cht sis, Dressing Tables, and other Chamber Furniture• Set of Mahogany Chairs, Lining and oilier Tables, w ill, a • general Assortment ot neat Parlour Furniture; together with every Kitchen end Culinary Requisite. The Dairy and Brewing Vessels contain Casks of various Sizes, Tubs of every Description, Cheese Vats, Cheese Presses, Furnaces, Boilers, StuuC Cisterns, aud sundry other Articles. J At Ihe Fox Inn, in Shrewsbury, 011 the 20th March, 1813, the LEASE of the said FARM, for 13 Years from Lady Day, 1813. (. One Property. J BY .1. BROOME, On the Piemises, Mondav, the99th Day of March, 1813 ; ALL the valuable LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS ill HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNL'L URE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils aud Casks, & e. kc. belonging lo Mr. FRANCIS BOOTHBY, of GREAT LYTHE, near Longdeu, iu the County of Salop. Particulars in our next. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday and Wednesday, the 13th and 14th Days of April, 1813; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Uteusils and Casks, & c. belonging 10 Mr. AsHDoWN, of LLAN- HEDIUCK, near Bishop's Castle, 111 the Couuty of Salop. Particulars in a future Paper. BY J. BROOME, On the Piemises, 011 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, tlie til h, 7tli, and 8! li Days of April, 1813, ALL the truly vah able LIVE STOCK and IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, with all the HOUSE- HOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils null Casks, ( wiihoutReserve), belonging to the late Mr. BEDDOES, of the NEW HOUSE, near Coifion, iu tl. e County ofSalop ; consisting of 16 Cows, calved and in- calf, four Heifers in- calf, Iwo Barrens, eight 3- yearsold Bullocks, eight 2- yenrs old Dillo, two Splays, Ihree Open Heifers, fourteen Yearlings, one 4 years old Bull uf llie Hereford- shire Breed; nine Waggon Horses, one capital black Stallion, 5 years old, Gearing for lo Horses, oue 2- yeais ohl Filly of the Draught Kind, one Yearling ditto, one Hack • • i. i u. * .1 1:..,, ft, I . Theabnve Stock will be found very good and useful • the Implements are in au excellent Slate : anil the Furniture of a most respectable Description,— The Stock and Imple- ments to he '. old the two first Days. Sale to begin at half- past ten o'Clock precisely. FARMING STOCK AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS. BY W. SMITH, On Monday, the 22d Day ofMarch, 1813, onilie Premises, at NEWTON, in ihe Parish of Saint Mary, Shrewsbury'; ALL the LIVE Sl'Ot K, and IMPLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOOLiS, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, belonging 10 Mr. JOHN REYNOLDS, who is Laving his Farm: consisting of four good Cows, calved and in- calf five capital yearling; Heifers, oue ditto Bullock ; one valuable Waggon Gelding, 8- years old, one capital ditto Mare iu- foal, one 2- year old Colt of Ihe Draught Kind, very pionmiug, one useful Mare, lo ride or draw ; one young Sow, with 11 Pigs, ditlti Brawn and Gilt ; ihree Waggons, wilh Ripples ( 2 of them nearly new), two Narrow- w hi el Tumbrels, I oeblc- wliccl Plough, Single ditto, three Pair of Harrows, Laud Rollers, new OakW innowiug Mat hine, three Stuck Frames, with Stone Pillars and Caps, Straw Engine, Paling Iron, Hopper, Sieves, Riddles, & c. six sets of Gears, nearly new, long Ladder, five Slone Pig troughs, huge Stor. t Cistern, new Beam Scales and \\ eights, Lot of Bags, with a Variety uf small Implements. , The HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, comprise Halt- tester aud Stump Bedsteads, several good Feat her Beds, Blankets, and Quilts, Oak Dressing und Dining Tables, Li lien Chests, Corner Cupboard, six aud Iwo Arm Chairs, w ilb Hair Seats, capital Weather Olass, excellent Gun, large Kitchen Range complete,' Oven, Sway, and Pitgrate, two Stove Grates, capital Kitchen Table, with Form, excellent Oak Dresser and Shelves, with Cupboards, Slone and Woou Chi ese Press, lion Furnace and Boiler, Cheese VatsV JMiih Milts, Cheese Tub aud Churn, Milk Pails and Cans, large Mashing Tub, Oval Horse, 4- years old, by Admiral, one ditlo Mare, 4- ycara h'oofer, Hogshead, two Halfditto ah. I sundry Other Casks j • 0| d Colt, by Ditto, ones- year* ' a K'Ciir, ' imelJ of ot, 1 « '' useful Articles; the whole • J - v, > • . . t. I ( 11 u'liirti u'i'. i ! » » • fikiuwt in » i\ pvrt> l! n* ti vt'i- t. 41' I - Cyphers' LOT XV. , Tree! ,0n p,. 0,|,, 5| ey Lane Farm and * CCottage adjoining, Mr. Bowen, I Cyphers ^^< MUl,,,• LOT XVI. ^ Trees s Cyphers ? On Frodesley Park, Mr ^ man, Tenant. Hick- Trees ^ Trees LOT XVII. 5 On a Farm at Bcrrington, Mr ( Meire, Tenant. C On Cantlop Mill Farm, Mr I l. aiigford, ' Tenant. 80 Oak 28 Ash 12 Elm ' } r C < Farm ; ) I mere, 1 LOT XVIII. . , . ( Part Coppice Timber) 011 a Trees •{ Farm at Berrington, Mr. F. lles- Tenant. The above valuable Timber is lengthy nnd of large Dimensions; fit for the Na » v, excellent Cleft, Cooperand Wheelwright Stuff, or any othci Purposes w here large 1 m- ber is required; are Senbe marked and numbered, each Lot commencing with Nn. 1 - The lespectiveTenants will shew th ™ Lots; and for farther Particulars apply to Messrs. r. I. OVER and SON, Artnn Burncll, near Shrewsbury. BY S. TUDOR, On Wednesday, the 84lh Instant, on the Premises, in ! BELMONT; fTlMlE neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS ami J. FURNITURE, aud a GRAND PIANO FORTE, belonging to ROBERT 1' EMBER. TON, Esq. who is removing Residence. Particulars of which w ill be expressed in Bills, and may be had nf THE AUCTIONEER, 011 Saturday the 20th Inst. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. BY S. TUDOR, At the Raven Inn and Hotel, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 3d Day of April, 1313, precisely at four o'Clock in Ihe Afternoon, » nbiect lo Conditions theu to be produced : LOT 1 VERY capital OAK TIMBER TREES, marked and numbered with » hitePaint, begiiiuiug with 1 and ending with 82 ; some few of which are til for Naval Purposes, the Remainder capital Cleft und Building Tim ber, bearing great Length. LOT 11. 31 OAK TIMBER TREES, marked aud num- bered as above, beginning wilh 1 aud ending with 31. grow- ing al a short Distance from Lot 1, and same Quality. The above Timber is growing upon Lauds at Fit/, near Shrewsbury, upon the Batiks ofthe Severn, and where there is a goud Wharfage, nut more than 150 > ards from the most distant Trees thai are to be fallen, and within about five Miles from the Ellesniere Canal at Weston Wharf The Timber is remarkably healthy, and the Bark very clean and kind— May be viewed on Application to WILLIAM LLOYD BAYLEY, Esq. of Fitz aforesaid, who will appoiut a Person to shew ihe Timber. For further Particulars apply tu THE AucTioNrrn. BY J. BROOME, i On tbe Premises, 011 Wednesday, the 17th of March, 1813 : ALL ihe valuable LIV E STOCK, and IMPLEM ENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of tilt HOUSEHOLD ] GOODS and FURNITURE, aud alj tbe Brewing and Dairy Utensils, h. longing to Mr. WATTERS, of MIN- I TON, near Church Slretton, in the County ofSalop; con- I sif ting of four Cows, calved aud in- calf, four 2 years old j Heifers, Ihree 2- years old Bullocks, four Yaartiuga; three ! VVaggou Horses, one Ditto Mare iu. foal; five Sets of j Gearing; one year old Draught Colt, oue Couey ; two Waggons, out broad Wheel Tumbril, oue narrow Wheel Dilio, one Double Plough, one Wheel Ditto, two Hand Dilto, three Pair of Harrows, oue Roller, with a Number of small Implements, & c. too tedious to mention. ' The Sale 10 commence at ten o'clock. in the Morning. old, by Dilto, one 3- yean , Ditto, by Ditto, one Ditto, hy Ditto, oue Yearling, by Dilto, one Brood Mare, oue Poney; one hundred and twenty- seven Ewes, with Lambs and in- lanib, fifty Ewes llogs, eighty- six Wethers, forty- six Yeanug Ditto, one Ram , Iwo Lots of Pigs ; three Waggous, with Liners, two Broad- wheel Carts, one Narrow Ditto, oue horse Ditto, two Double Ploughs, two Single- wheel Dillo, Ihree Pair of Harrows, two Rollers, t ime Wheelbai row, Winnowing Machine, Lot of Bags, Sieves, and Riddles, Rakes, aud Pikels, eight Dozen and half of Hurdles, Number of Pig- troughs, six Fodder Cribs, with a Variety of other Articles too tedious to mention. ' The HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, will be found iu good Order, aud well north the Attention ot the Public The Whole of which will be sold without the least Reserve. - ' ' ~~ TIMBER. FARMING STOCK. BY R. POOLE, On Tuesday aud Wednesday, Ihe 30th and 3ist Days of I . the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS IN HU SB AN DRV, and H O U S E HO LD GOODS, on the Premises ofiheUle Mr. YATES, of BESLOW, in the County ofSalop,— Particulars will appear in a future Paper A 0: i the Premises, al Montgomery, on Thursday, the 35ih March, 1813; AQ U A N T I T Y of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing Utensils, Books, Prints, and other Effects, belonging tolSir. T. JON ES, Solicitor, who is removing to Welshpool. The Sale to comniencc at eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, anil end the same Day, BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the 22d Day ofMarch, 1813; ALL ihe valuable LIVESTOCK aud IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to Ihe lale Mrs. LLOYD, of THE ABBEY, near Alberbury, iu the County of Salop ; consisting of eight Cows in- cal/, one calving Heifer, four fat splayed Heifers, ( excellent Beef), oue young Barren, one 2- year old Bull, two 2- year old Heifers, one ditto Bulluck, four Yearlings ; five capital Waggon Horses, with long Tails and Gearing; one hack Mare, one Ditto in- foai, two 4- year old liaclf Horses, two 3- year old Dillo ; 11 Ewes in- lauib, 111 Yearlings, iwo Rams ; one Pork Pig, eight store Pigs, three Sows in pig; iwo . Waggons, oue Harvest Ditto, one broad Wheel Tumhrij, one narrow Wheel Ditto, one double Plough, one Wheel Ditto, two Hand Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, one newtRoller, Fod- der Cribs, two Stone Stack Frames, Winnowing Machine, large Ri . die, Corn Screen, two Dczen of Bags, Scales and Weights, Straw Engine, two Ladders, Stone Cistern, Ditto Pigtronglis, about 20 Dozen of Quarries, with a Number of small Implements. N. B, Also a Gig, with Head and Harness complete — The Waggon Horses are young, good Workers, perfectly sound, and in high Condition.— Alt Ihe valuable HOUSE- HOLD GOODS and FURNITURE n ill be Sold by Auction in . Ihe early Part of May. Sale to begin at lOo'Cloek in the Morning. BY R. POOLE, At the House ofThomas Griffiths, at Rockwardlne, in the County of Salop, on Monday, the 15th Day of March, 1813, between Ihe Hours of four and six o'clock in the Afternoon, unless disposed of in the mean Time by Private Contract; LOT I. ct / OAK Timber Trees and 1 Cypher, L/ I LOT 11. 87 . ASH Ditto, 3 ELMS, and 1 SYCA- ^ MOR F-, Sci ibed aud marked with red Paint. The above Timber is now growing ou certain Pieces of Land at ALSCOT, near Wellington, in the Couuty of Salop, in the Occupation of Mr. George Felton, who Will shew the same ; aud further Particulars may be known ou Application to Mr. DIXON, ofthe Marsh ; or Mrs. POOLE, Adiuaston. of which w ill he found in ail excellent Mat- e. The Sale to begin positively at half- past teu o'Clock, wilh the LIVE STOCK. ELEGANT AND MODERN FURNITURE. BY W. SMITH, Oil Wednesday, the 31st of March, and Thursday, llie 1st of April, 1813, oil the Premises, at THE ISLE, near Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop, the Residence of Colonel GAT ACRE, w ho is leaving : ALL the Genuine HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE, the whole of which was new within the last two Years.— Particulars iu a future Paper. Catalogues will be prepared by the 20th instant. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately after the Sale, The above most desirable P. eaiises For Particulars, and lo treat for the same, apply to THE AUCTIONEER ; if by Letter Post- paid. ( One Concern. J VALUAELE HEREFORDSHIRE STOCK. BY .1. BROOME, Oil the Premises, on Saturday, tlie 27th March, 1813 ; ALL Ihe capital LIVE STOCK belonging to Mr. RE A, of DO WTON,( near Ludlo*), in IbeC ounty of Hereford.— Particulars iu » ur nexl. TIMBER. At the Bear's Hrad Inn, Newtown, 011 Tuesday, the 30th of March, 1813, between Ihe Hours of three and six o^ Clock in Ihe Afternoon, in the following Lots, and subject to such Conditiousas will be there produced: LOT I. O/ A CAPITAL OAK Maiden TREES, growing on (") l 1 Penticrhedin Farm, in the Parish ot Llauilwchairn, numbered with a Scribe from 1 to 80 inclusive, and aiewell adapted for the Navy, ike. Lor II. 131 Capital OAK Maiden TREES, growing ou Caeeoedefer Farm, in the Parish aforesaid, numbered with a Scribe from 1 lo 131 inclusive, and are well adapted for Ihe Navy, & c LOT III. 50 OAK POLLARDS, standing on the afore- said Farm, also numbered wilh a Sciiiie from 1 to 50 inclusive ; said Pollards are sufficient for'Building Timber, Sheeting Boards, See. LOT IV. 17 Maiden ASH TREES, growing 011 the afore- said Farm, numbered wilh a Scribe from 1 to 17 inclusive Tbis Lot is well worth the Attention of Wheelwrights, Coopers, HouseJuiuers,& c. The above Timber is about a Mile from Newtown, and 7 from the Canal at Garthniil. The Tenants will shew ihe Timber; and further Par- ticulars may be had of Mr. EDWARD HUMPHREYS, at Montgomery; or of Mr. JOHN EVANS; Timber Surveyor, near Cefngwifcd, Trcgynou. INGESTKIE— FAT CATTLE. BY HENSHAW AND SMITH, Oil Friday, Ihe eOih Day of March, 1813, al lngestrie Farm, near Staffoid, in the Countv of Slaffonl: rj^ IIEundermentioned I'RIM E FAT OXEN and COWS, i_ the Property of EARL TALBOT ; consisting of 91) fat Oxen, and six fat Cons, mostly ofthe HEREFORD BREED, and oue capital well bred Hereford Bull, rising four Years old; also, a few capital well- bred Hereford Dairy Cows. Sale to begin at eleven o'Clock precisely. FARMING STOCK, & c. NEAR DUDLESTON. On the I remises, 011 Friday aud Saturday, the 19th and 20th Days of March, 18( 3J ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy aud Brewing Vessels, neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, aud other Effects, the Property of Mr. THOMAS GARNER, nt Ihe FLANOG, near Dudlestou, in the Parish of Ellesuiere, and County of Salop. Particulars iu our nexl. M 0 N T G 0 M E R Y S « 1IIE T1M B E R. At the Bern's Head Inn,- in Newtown, 011 Wednesday, the 31st Day of March, 1813, at five o'Clock in the Afternoun, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : HjlHIi following Lots of'UMBER, standing on Bryn- L talch Farm, in the Parish of Llandyssil, adjoining ilie Turnpike Road leading from NcivlowntoGariliuiil, distant front the latter Place about three Miles 011K : LOT I. 400 OAK TIMBER TREES, Scribe- numbered 1 to 400, iii Cefny Coppice. LOTII 105 OAK TIM BER TREES, numbered in like Manner 401 tu505, in Ditto LOT III. 100OAK TIMBER TREES, numbeted in like Manner I to 100, in Bron- y gillt Coppice. The Trees are of great Length, excellent in Quality, and well adapted for Cleft and Navy Planking. Mr. PRYCE, ofBryulalch, will shew ( he Timber; and further Particulars may he hall of Mr. ELLIS, Mercer, or Mr. T. DREW, Solicitor, Newtown aforesaid; uuil also of Mr. JOHN EVAJIS, Timber Surveyor, ueai Cefngwifed, Tregyuou. LONDON. FROM TUB LONDON GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE; MARCH 2. Ccpv of a letter from Captain Chethain, of Ips Majesty's ship Hamadryad, to Jolm W ilson Dicker, Esq. dated in the Downs, the lst instant. SIR, I beg voir will be pleased to inform my I- ords Commis - sioners of the Admiralty, that yesterday at half oust seven P. M. i'eachev HeaiMiearing N. E. about seven miles, a French lunger pri- vateer came out from under tbe lanil, and ired at his Majesty's strip ' under mv command ; I tacked and brought her under our lee guns, snrl fired several slrnls at her, and from iier obstinate endeavour* to escape, sire sunk- at half past nine; anil, 1 am sorry to say, without a possibility of saving any of the Crew. " Copy of a letter from Captain Galway, of his Majesty's ship Dryad, Addressed to Cqmmoiiore Malcolm, and transmitted by Admiral Lord Keith, to John Wil- on Croker, Esq. Sift, Dryad, Basque Reads, Vic.' 27, 1812. 1 heg fo acquaint von, that cruizing, in the execution of your orders, between Belieisle and the Isle Dieu, on the morning of Ihe 23d in- lant.' we saw a large brig on Jlie weather beam, in shore ol us, which i infthediatelv' chased. The weather being thick and Iwv, we soon lost sight; but clearing a little again about eleven ' o'clock, she was perceived on tfie'weather bow working into the Isle Dieu. I continued staiidirig after her hy tlie'lielp of the lead, the fog clearing at intervals, to push TlirOugh the'passage between the island and the main, should she have endeavoured to escape by tha' way •• bul getting closer in, we discovered her nt anchor under die battery cf the island. I determined, if possible in ibis situa- tion, to Jay heron board, and bore up for that purpose; but the inornent I did so she cut hei cable', hoisted her jib and foretop. sail, and ran upon the rocks. The batteries then opened a heavy fire, and hulled us three or four times, and wounded the foremast badly, but without any other effect; and in the course ol that night and the following day, the brig went to pieces.— I have nol been able to find '. out her name, or any other particular more than that she was a * Frenih national brig of war, mounting 42 gun « . WEDNESDAY, MAUCH S. The important debate on tlie Catholic Question ter- minated last nighf; when Mr. Gratlan's motion for a Committee, was carried by a majority of 40 j the numbers being— Ayes 264— Noes 224. The House will go into a Committee on Tuesday. It is not, we understand, the intention of the friends of the Catholics ' to do more than bring in a bill, pro forma, which may Re read a second time, and suffered to lie o^ erto the nexjt session, in order to allow every'member a reason- able time to consider of its provisions. It is stated, that a Proclamation, in the French lan- guage.' piirpofting lo lie signed by Louis XVIII. is in theprdss, dated from Hartwell, the 1st of February, and containing an animated invitation to the French people to throw off the yoke under which thev have so long groaned, and to re- establish the family of the Bourbons on the throne Of their'fathers? in which • case amnesty is offered to ail who return to their alle- giance ; property is assured to its present owners, and the abolition promisedtif the laws of conscription. The mission of M. Bassan tothis country, for an ex- change of prisoners has fdtalty " failed. After we have so long borne the burthen of supporting 50,000 men, to the great convenience of our enemy, it would argue a most extraordinary stretch of kindness toward him, to consult his convenience as much in the restoration xii them, at llie very moment when he is in the utmost warit of their services. The Freva, Capt. Scott, will sail ill a few days for fcisbou, with 100,0001. in Specie, for the payment of the troops in tlie Peninsula. Generals Graham and Stewart return lo the army by her. A letter from Cadiz, dated the 17th ultimo, says— i< The Americans, and Greeks from the Black Sea, ar- ri'vte in great numbers i provisions promise to be down to nothing » and as the A merican Government have not been able lo prevent their ships sailing with provisions for the Peninsula, brother Jonathan continues to carry hir rc supplies of wheat, flour, and rice. Flour is now without a price, and every s ore in Cadiz piled up to the lop. It is now Ibree P. M. and six Americans in sight." • It is said to be the determination of the Duke of York, that every one of the Generals now serving on the Staff, in Great Britain and Ireland, who has not served iu the Peninsula, shall he sent out for the ap- proaching campaign ; and also the Adjutant- Generals, Quarter- Master Generals, Paymaster Generals, Medi- cal and Commissariat Departments. Yesterday 360 men of the 3d regiment of foot guards marched from Porlman- street Barracks, under the com- mand of Col. Cotton, to embark at Portsmouth for Cadiz, to reinforce the British Army under the com- mand ofthe Marquis of Wellington. Bonaparte, by the decree he has made for the pur- pose ol elevating Marshal Key, has brought Moscow into Italy, but he has a precedent for the circumstance by an Act passed in this country, for bringing Malta into Europe. The crmes of Bonaparte are certainly aggravated by his unfeeling conduct and the gross manner in which he insults the people of France. He shews not the least remorse for being the cause of the destruction of upwards of 350,000 Frenchmen; and while their dead bodies are collecting in heaps, for the purpose of being consumed by fire in Russia, lie is preparing a Corona- lion and a grand Carnival, as if the overthrow of one • of the finest armies that ever left France was a subject of merriment and rejoicing I Some idea may be formed of the exactions of the French fiom Ihe unfortunate inhabitants of Prussia, when it is stated from official returns, that 70,000 horses were carried off from thence for the. use Uf the' French army ; and that the citizens of Berlin were compelled to" furnish rations for 650,000 individuals, in- cluding the whole of the French army, with its attend- ants, on their progress to Russia. In Ihe reign of Henry V. a law was passed against the perusal of the Scriptures in English. It is enacted, " That whatsoever they were that should read Ihe Scriptures in the mother tongue, they should forfeit land, catcl, lif, and godesfrom llicyre heyresfor ever ; and so be condempned for hcretykes to God, enemies to tile Crowne, and most errant traitors to the lunde." On contrasting the above statute with the indefatigable exertions that are now making lo print and circulate the Bible, what a revolution in public sentiment ap- pears to have taken place I In llie Court of King's Bench, last week, a case of sonic interest to the public was tried. This was an action, LANGTON t', HUGHES, to recover the sum ol 1371.19s. 9d. for goods sold aud delivered. The plaintiff was a druggist, in London, and Ihe defendant a brewer, at Chester. The agent for the plaintiff proved the delivery of the drugs, consisting amongst other things, of Spanish juice, isinglass, and ginger, at different times in June, 1804, and June and July, 1805. For the defendant, it w as argued, that the plaintiff could not recover, as by the 42d of the King it was made • illegal for a brewer to use any thing except malt and hops in the brewing of beer j and therefore, it must be illegal, even in a druggist, under that Act, to furnish him with drugs, knowing them to be intended for that purpose. By another Act, the 51st of the Kiug, it was enacted, that a druggist, knowing al the time of fur- nishing drugs, that they were to be so used, should not be entitled to recover.— The Solicitor General stfb- I milled, that none of the drugs furnished in this instance were deleterious, and thai this transaction taking place previous tothe passing of the 51st of the King, Ihe plaintiff was entitled to recover.'— Lord Elleuborougb observed, that the Act of Ihe 42d of the King made it illegal for a brewet lo use any ingredient in the making of beer, except malt aud hops. A person furnishing drugs, knowing that it tvas intended so to use them, was assisting iti breaking an act of parliament, and therefore not entitled to recover. He would, however, reserve tbe point, if the Solicitor General wished it. • It had been said that the drugs used in the present in- " slauce were not of a deleterious quality. It might be so ; but if oue person was allowed to use One drug, « m% cr might use another, and there was no saying where the evil would stop.— The Jury found a verdict tor the defendant, aud his lordship reserved tlic point for future argument. The Princess of Wales.— In the House of Commons on ] Tuesday, before tbe regular business commenced, the Speaker said he felt it his duty to communicate to the House, that on Ihe preceding day he had received a letter addressed to him as Speaker of the House of Commons purporting to be from her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales; it was however delivered by a person unknown lo tbe Messengers of the House. Under these circumstances, respect to the House, and respect to the illustrious Personage whom it concerned, induced him not to communicate it to the House, till he had authenticated that it was the production of the person whose name it bore. He had ltow done so; and by leave of the House, he would read it.— Cries of— Head! read! The SPEAKER then proceeded to read as follows :— " Montague Bouse, Blackheath, March 2, 1813. " The Princess of Wales, by her own desire, aud with the advice of her Council, did yesterday transmit a Letter to Mr. Speaker, which she was anxious should have been read without delay to tbe House of Commons; aud the Princess requests the same may now be read without further delay to the House. Her Royal Highness incloses a duplicate of the Letter which she yesterday transmitted To Mr. ^ Speaker." The Duplicate ivas then read, and was as follows :— " Tbe Princess of Wales informs Mr. Speaker, that she has received from Lord Viscount Sidmouth a copy of a report made to his Royal Highness the Priiice" Regent by ceitain Members of the Privy Council, to whom it appears his Royal Highness has been advised to submit Certain Documents relative to her conduct. The report is of such a nature, ( bat her Royal Highness is persuaded no person can read it " without perceiving that by it aspersions are cast upon her'character; yet, in its terms, It is so vague aud uncertain, it is impossible to understand precisely what is meant by it. But as'the Princess is unconscious of having committed any offenCe, ihe. feels it due to herself and the illustrious House to which she is allied by blood and marriage, and to the People atnongst whom she holds so exalted a rank, not to acquiesce for a moment iu any imputation on her character or honour. She does' riot'kobw the'nature of the evidence on which the Privy Council have proceeded, and still le* s has she been heard tu her defence-; she only knew of the inquiry by com- mon funionr, till the result wascomrtlunk- ated to her by Lord Sidmouth. Her Royal Highness knows not to w hom she can apply for redress, whether to the Privy Council as a body, or in iheir individual capacity. ' Hrfr TtO'yal Highness, is there- fore, cdlnpelled to throw herself on the wisdotli and justice of " Parliament for tlie fullest investigation Of her conduct during her whole residence in this countty. Siie fears no scrutiny, however strict; and desifes only to be tried by fair and impartial Judges, and in an open manner, according to the laws of the land ; and her only desire is, that she Inay be treated as innocent, or proved to be guilty." After a pause, which continued for some time, Mr. Wttrt BinAti observed, that the letter which had just been lead, could not fail ' deeply to impress the House with its im- portance, not only to the person concerned as a subject, but also to the Royal Family, and to the public; and he theiefore thought it should not be passed over in silence, after having been read lo the House. He had waiterl till he saw the noble loid who forn ed one of his Majesty's confidential advisers at the time the inquiry originally took place into her Royal Highness'* conduct, and who now, as then, held a situation w hich caused him to be consulted as a Privy Counsellor, and under the ( opular name of a Cabinet Minister; he had, he agaiu obseived, w aited till lie saw that noble lord sit down and thereby give, an intimation that be intended to remain silent,- before tie had risen to address the House, and to ask the Nollle ', oid if it was the intention of his Majesty's Ministers to adopt any steps on this important subject.— Lord Castle it it AGS observed, that a motion on this subject, standing in the Notice Book, at no more distant a day than the day after to- mnnow, he did not consider it would now be necessary to call the attention of the House to any statement of his on tbe occasion. Whatever delicacy he might feel on the subject, the hon. Gentleman whotiad given notice of that motion would iinj ose on him the necessity, however much be might regret it, of going into an explanation on the question and for ibis reason also, he had felt it would not he right to anticipate that discussion on the present occasion.— Mr. WHITBREAO dbserved, he did not know if the Hon. Gentle- man wbo gave that notice was iu the House or he should as', hiui if, on the notice w hich he bod given, he had held any communication with her Royal Highness or any of her advisers; if he should answer in tbe negative, it would then be for the House to determine whether some proceedings should not be hefd on the preseut Letter, w hich was altogether distinct from that notice. He understood, however, that the Hon Gent, was not in the House ; iie could not, therefore, put any question to him, or take any further step ou the • ubject at present.— Till: subject then dropped. An Order in Council of the 20th ult. having directed the Archbishop of Canterbury to prepare a Form of Prayer to be offered in alt the Churches, for the Prince Regent, the following is the form adopted : " Protect, we beseech thee. Almighty God, his Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, Regent of this United Kingdom. Shed abundantly thy blessings upon him. Enable him so to execute the high authorities with which he is invested, that what he shall do, in the name of our beloved Soveteign, may be done for the good of his people, for the honour and security of his dominions, and for the maintenance of thy true religion. Grant this, O merciful God, for Jesus Christ's sake our Lord and Saviour. Allien." As the Holyhead stage- coach was lately passing along Ogwen- pool, from Capel Cerig, the coachman was blown off llie box, and Unfortunately, in the violence of the fall, fractured his knee ; the guard then got hold of the reins, but had not proceeded far before the coach was blown over; the passengers escaped unhurt, but the vehicle was so much damaged, they were obliged to be conveyed to Bangor Ferry in chaises. The important trial between the Hon. F. Cavendish and the Atlas and Globe Insurance Companies, termin aled last Tuesday, in the Court of Common Pleas, Dublin. It was an action to recover a sum of 16,5001. from the defendants, who bad insured the plaintiff's house and library, oil Clontarf, to that amount; both of which were nearly destroyed by fire in July last. The defendants contended, that the fire was not acci- dental i and the Jury, alter a trial of four days, gave a verdict in their favour. The Petition of the Apothecaries to the legislature repre- sents the decline of their business, both in regard to respect- ability and profit, from the intrusion of ignorant pretenders, and Ihe practice of chymists and druggists, to prescribe and visit. The practicers of pharmacy, it is observed, cannot obtain a maintenance without adding surgery, midwifery, kc. and their numbers from this cause are daily decreasing. This withdrawal ol resectable and well educated men, throws the practice into the hands of those less competent— not only to the great injury of the public health, which must be affected by prescriptions being made up by ignorant persons, but to the detriment of his Majesty's naval service, the hospital- mates for which were generally reared, or, at least, obtained Ihe rudiments of their knowledge while ap- prentices to apothecaries. The difficulty to procure young men propeily qualified for this service, was shewn during the expedition to the Scheldt, and has since increased. The remedy the apothecaries suggest is to be allowed to charge for visiting, and to prevent the druggists from prescribing, many of them being ill- qualified, having received no education, and in some cases emeiged from the situation of porters into that line. It was acknowledged by a professional man, on a trial on Saturday, in the Court of King's Bench, that, " when apothecaries were employed, a great quantity of medicines must be ordered, as it was only in that way they could charge for their attendance." Last week a woroau, of the name of Crawford, was drummed out of Edinburgh for petty theft, and was with another transported l'roin Scotland to this country. Illegitimate Children.— Wilkinson v. Adam and others.— The Lord Chancellor on Monday pronounced judgment in this great cause, which arose upon the construction of the will of the testator, Mr. Wilkinson, an iion founder, who had devised lo three illegitimate daughters a property of about a million sterling. The doubtful words in the will were " to such children as I have, or may have, by Ann. Lewis." The opinion of the Law Judges, to whom the case was submitted, had been delivered in writing, on a former day, wheu his Lordship reserved farther consideration of bis final decision j and now, in a space of an hour and a half, gave a learned and elaborate discussion upon the various doctrines on cases so ably argued at the Bar on both sides of this new anrl interesting case. The case he. should ground his decree upon principally, was that of Mallam o. the Duke of Devon- shire, decided by Lord Hardwicke, about the year 1720, iu whieh it, was settled that illegitimate children may take as a class, or hy various olher designations, without obtaining names bv reputation, or the other strict rules laid down by Lord Coke, whose rules, in such cases, related to deeds, and not to wills. From the best consideration he could bestow upon the case, be fc. lt in unison with ihe Law Judges, that these children being begulten aud born in the life- time of the testator's wife, and the will made so recently before the death of the testator and his wife, were the objects in his contemplation at that time, and not the future possible Children Of the said Ann Lewis by him, after the death ot his wife, and his possible inteimarriage afterwards with the said Ann Lewis, w ho was, alter the wife, piovidnd for in the will. Upon evety ground, therefore, he felt satisfied that the children, lepresented by the defendants, the Executors and Trustees of the Will, in this case must tuke the fortune, real and personal, agaiust the plaintiff, the heir at law and nephew ol tha deceased.— Judgment for the defendants. Leather Tar.— The following is an account of the duty on Leather, taken from the papers laid before the House of Commons: SINGLE TAX. * Quarter ending 10th October, 1811, ,£ 99,5* 6 12 8 Quarter eliding 5th January, 1812, 84,147 19 10 DOUBLE TAX. Quarter ending 10th October, 1812, .£ 180,236 0 8X Quarter ending 5th January, 1813, 137,023 19 31 By the above statement, it appears the duties since the Double Tax took place, have gradually fallen off: Ihe gross produc e of the Double Tax, for the first three mouths, is l- 5th less than twice the amount of tbe Single Tax, for tbe cor- responding three months in the former year; and for the last three months, ending the 5fh of January, amounts only to 5- 8ths more than the Single Tax for tbe corresponding three months iu the former year: — and such is stated to be the situation of the Trade, from the circumstance of the Double Tax having already almost acred as a prohibition lo the Tanning of Foreign Hides iu this country, that when the stock of the Tanners, which was bought before the Tax took place, is sold off, aod after the extra expences that will be paid by Government for Leather goods, wilh the extra draw- bocks on Leather exported, are deducted from the amount of the Double Tax, the Single Tax will be proved to be more advantageous to the revenue than the Double Tax— a Tax, which has already proved so destructive to a great Staple Manufacture, that ofall others, fur various reasons, should, at this time,' have been spared from taxation. W. West ant! R. Wait, clerks in the employ of Messrs. Dew and Watson, of tlie Long- room, Custom- house, were charged at the Mansion- House, with an assault oil Ti J. Waters, a Quaker. Tbe complainant stated that be had been near t4 years at tire Custom- house, but that several of the junior clerks in tbe Long- room, have of late, at the instigation, as he supposed, of a person who wishes to supplant him in his business, thought proper to annoy him whenever he entered the Long- room, wilh placards and caricatures, tending to ridicule his character aud religious principles: One instance in particular, was that of dressing up a boy iu a large bioad- brimmed pasteboard hat, and setting him to walk up and down before him, and thrust the brim in his face; all this naturally attracted a crowd of persons round him, many of whom joined in the uproar, in the course of which various assaults were committed on his person, from which he was prevented frotn tlefending himself by manual force by his religious principles, and was in consequence left totally without protection, and preveuted from going on with his business. He then produced hi* great coat, which had been torn in the scuffles, his silk umbreiia nailed to his desk, and a large piece of coal which had been thrown and struck him ; and said, as he considered the two persons now in charge to have been principally concerned in theaffrays, he had made them the subject of his present complaint. Being asked if he was actually a Quaker, he replied, that he professed Ihe principles ofthe people of that persuasion, but was about to erect a meeting- house, se- parate from those of the present society j that he had taken Counsel's opinion upon the validity of marriages that might be solemnized in it, and they were of opinion that he was fully entitled to all the privileges of the people of that persuasion. The Magistrate persisting in requiring the complainant's oath, in support ofthe chbrge, as it was of a criminal nature, which he refused to give, on account of his religious scruples, then said that he found himself bound to dismiss the complaint; he, however, firjt addressed the parlies upon the extreme impropriety of their conduct, and expressed his wish that this public notice would deter them for the future, which having faithfully promised, they wefe dismissed. FOGS AND DAMP AIR. BARCLAY'S ASTHMATIC CANDY has for many years been proved a most effectual preservative from the effects of FOGS and DAMP AIR, which at this season of tbe year are so prejudicia' to those who are affected with ASTH- MATIC COUGHS and SHORTNESS of BREATH. Its effects are to expel Wind, to defend the Stomach from the admission of Damps ; anil to relieve those who suffer from a Difficulty of Breathing. Prepared and sold wholesale and retail only by BARCLAY and SON, NO. 95, Fleet Market; and retail, by their appointment, by W. EDBOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Miller, Madeley Market- Place; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iroubridge, and Much Weulock ; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch ; Baugh, Cross, Ellesmere ; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Welshpool ; Morral, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry ; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle ; Griffiths, Ludlow ; Gitton, Bridgnoith ; Scarrott, Sbilfnal j Painter, Wrexham ; Jones, Chirk ; Morris, Ruabon ; Evans, Llaugeiniew ; Evans, Newtown; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. But observe, none can possibly be genuine unless the label affixed to each box, is signed in red ink by BARCLAY and Sow, and much danger may arise from neglect of this caution. HALLAM'S PILLS, The best Preparation for Indigestion, Giddiness in the Head, Bile, and the i. I effects of Intemperance, that has ever been recommended. f'TIHEY are the most cheap and effectual Remedy JI. in all bilious complaints, whelhcr arising from a weak or deranged action of the stomach, from colds, whereby the secretion of bile is obstructed ; or from excess in eating or drinking, wherein the bile is rendered acrid and corrosive, and regurgared to the stomach, causing sickness, jaundice, windy disorders, indigestion, & c. Their operation is very gentle and safe, never griping; a most excellent remedy for relieving those troubled with the piles; in habitual costiveuess, a sluggish state of the bowels, sick liead- ach, and also during pregnancy, they may be taken with singular good effect. Price 2s. 9d. per box, duty included. Sold wholesale by Messis. SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, London : retail by W. F. DDOWES, Primer, Shrewsbury, and every Vender of Patent Medicines in the Kingdom. NEWTON'S DENTIFRICE i) by far the . most pleasant of any Powder recommended for CLEANSING and BEAU- TIFYING the Teeth ; it will B « found to answer every end that a Toolh Powder can be reasonably expected to do; while is cleanses the Mou'ru of all impure and festid particles, it WHITENS the TEETH, HEALS Ihe GUMS, arid helps toSwEETEH the BREATII. Nothing is so great a drawback to beauty as bad Teeth, nothing more offensive than foetid Breath ; NEWTON'S TOOTH- POWDER , on the first Application, improves the former, anil removes the latter, white by its antiputrescent and balsamic qualities, it prevents decay, and removes all excrescences. Prepared by B. H. NEWTON, and sold by his agents Messrs. SHAW mid EDWARDS, 66, oti the Foot- Way, St. Paul's Church Yard, nearly opposite the North Gate, in Bokes 2s. 9d. each : sold also by W. RDDOWES, Bythell, Morris, Palin, and Newling. Shrewsbury; Ridgeivay, and Prrtctor, Drayton ; Chester, Newcastle ; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Stafford ; Smith, Ironhiidge and VVenlock; and by most, of the respectable Medicine Venders ill the United Kingdom. ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, WHEEZINO', See. rj^ HB names of a Royal Doke, of several Noblemen and I Doctors, are to be found in the list of cures of the above Diseases, effected by the prepared STRAMONIUM.— The. fume, liv allaying the irritation of the Lungs, acts as a charm. TheOXYMEL, by promoting expectoration, quieting cough and strengthening the system, has been found to Succeed in tbe cure of Consumption of the Lungs, alter all other remedies, advertised regular, had failed. The reputation of this valu- able remedy is so effectually established by the very beneficial effects it uniformly produced, that it is only necessary to say that the prepared Herb for smoking, and the Oxyinel for in- ternal use, may be obtained from Harris, 21, Ludgate Hill, ( corner of St. Paul's Church Yard) ; and W. EDOOWES, Bookseller, Shrewsbury ; of whom may be hud, 6th edition, just published, Surgeon Fisher's Familiar Treatise on the Causes and Cure of Asthma, Consumption, See. HUGHES'S PICE's CORDIAL FOR CALVES, fee. Under ( he patronage of The Right Honourable Lord Somerville The Right Hon. Earl Winchelsea J. Blackbnrue, Esq. M P. And other distinguished Members of tbe Board of Agriculture. TJUGBES's PICK'S CORDIAL, a certain Cure for the BANKRUPTS, FEBRUARY - 27. Daniel Astley, ot' Slattocks, Lancaster, innkeeper, March 17, IS, April 10, at the. Dug Tavern, Manchester.— John Bath, ol' Brookhurst, in the parish of Alverstoke, Southampton, baker, March 19, 20, April 10, at the India Arms Inn, Gospoit.— Sarah Bcwen and Ilenry Joyce, late of Shad Thames, in the parish of St. John, Southwark, Surrey, lightermen, March 9, 23, April 10, at Guildhall, London — Olding Butler, of Colchester, Essex, haberdasher, March 6, 13, April 10, at Guildhall, London.— Sannel Catlow, formerly of Mansfield, Nottingham, but late of Wimbledon, Surrey, schoolmaster, March 6, 13, April 10, at Guildhall, London.— Richard Clark, of Burntwood- Lodge, Wandsworth, Surrey,' and of Clenteni's- lane, London, grocer, March 2, 16, April It), at Guildhall, London.— James Cobden, Of Chichester, Sussex, common brewer, March 8, 11, April 10, ai'lie Dolphin Inn, Chichester.— John Street Dickson, late of tyy lane, London, but now of Albion- buildings, Aldersgate, book- seller, March b, 13, April It), at Guildhall — Thomas Fowle, of Barming, Kent, coal- urerchant, March 6, 13, April 10, at Guildhall, London.— William Gilbert, of Chiswfll- street, Mid- dlesex, grocer, March 6, 23, April 10, at Guildhall, London. Walter Edward Hodgson ma John Gabb, of Crown Office- Row, Inner Temple, London, March 2, 13, April 10, at Guildhaii Philip Hooper and Thomas Bedford, of Bartholomew- place, Bartholomew'- close, London, timber- merchants, March 2, 9, Aprtl 10, at Guildhall, London.— John Kenyan, ot Rochdale, Lancaster, hatterj March l0, 11, April 10, at the Blue Ball, Roch- dale.— Joshua Martin, of Dover, cabinet- maker, March 6, 13. April 10, at Guildhall, London.— Robert Maunder, of Exeter, wine- merchant, March 12, 13, April 10, at the Globe Tavern, Exeter.— Richard Porter, late of. Woolwich, baker, March - 2, 13, April 10, at Guildhall, London.— Henry Royle, of Eichclls, ill the parish of Stockport, Cheshire, victualler, March 10, 11, April 1( 1, at the Castle Inn, Stockport.— John Savage, of the City of Bath, Somerset, bookseller, March 36, 18, April 10, at the Elephant and Castle Inn, Bath.— James Smith, lale of New- gate- street, London, tailor, March 2, 13, April 10, at Guildhall. — Thomas Stockleg. ot KuigSworth, Herts, butther, March 2, fi, April 10, at Guildhall, London. MARCH 2.]— Ilenry Neale Badcock, of Axniinster, Devonshire, ironmonger, March 24, 25, April 13, at the Dolphin Inn, Honi- ton— John Craiishaw, jun. of Kcclesa! Bierlow, Yorkshire, iron- master, March 24, 25, at the Three Cranes Inn, Batnsles, York- shire, April 13, at the Swan Ion, Aberford, Yorkshire George Goodalt, ot Hecknriindwicke, Yorkshire, carpet- maker, March 22, 23, April 13, at the While Swan Inn, I. eeil .— Joshua Hide, of Honiton, Devonshire, wheelwright, March 24, 25, April 13, at the Dolphin Inn, Honiton.— Thomas Hoakman, of Coventry, ribbon manufacturer, March 23, 24, April 13, at the George Inn, Coventry.— Abraham Jones, of Chester, irinr and - pint merchant, March 17, 18, April 13, at ihe Hop- pole Inn, Chester— Thomas Key, of Ne. wcastle- under- Lime, grocer, March 19, 20, April 13, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— William Matthews, of Winch- comb, Gloucestershire, grocer, March 4, 20, April 13, at the Plough Hotel, Cheltenham.— Thomas Pinchin, of Stockton, Dur- ham, spirit- merChint, March 22, 23, April l3j at the Black Lion, Stockton.— Edward Pritchard, of Mitford, Pembrokeshire, saddler, March 16, 30, April, 13, at the Mariner's Inn, Haverfordwest,— Robert Redhead, of Woodhatch, Surrey, rectifier and distiller, March 9,23, April 13, at Guildhall, London Richard Walthew, of Liverpool, liquor dealer, March 18, 19, April 13, ai the Punch Bowl, Liver| Kiol.— Thomas Weightman, of Vork, glove- manu- facturer, Ma'cli 5, 22, April 13, at the Saracen's Head Inn, York.— William Worthington, of Shiffnal, Shropshire, hat- manufacturer, April 1, 2, 13, at the Talbot Inn, Shiffnal. UTILITY AND ELKGANCE COMBINED. Under Ihe Illustrious ftitrouage of their Royal Highnesses tbe Princess of WALES and Duke of SUSSEX, tbe Spanish Ambassador, and most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL for tbe HAIR. This Oil is proudly recommended on the basis of TRUTH and EXPERI- ENCE, and the most respectable testimonials— Its virtues are composed of vegetable ingredients fiom a tree in the Island of Macassar, in the East Indies. It possesses pro- perties of the most salubrious nature for restoring the Hair, where it has been BALD for years, preserves it from felling oft or turniug grey, to the latest period of life ; produces on the tresses a most beautiful GLOSS, SCENT, and CURL; also is pre- eminent for Children's Hair, instead of Soaps, & c. it cleanses the Hair much easier, is extremely pleasant lo the infant, nod brings the Hair to a beautiful state ; promotes the GROWTH of Whiskers and Eye- brows; in tine, renders the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, inexpres- sibly attracting. View Rowland's Treatise on the Improvement of the heman hair, illustrative of the virtue's of the Macassar Oil, with a number of testimonials from Persons of distinguished Con- sideration, highly worthy tbe attention of Parents, Proprie- tors of Boarding Schools, & c, & c. included with each bottle in the wrapper, which is signed on the outside, A. Row land aud Son, in rerl ink, without nhich none are genuine. Sold at 3s. 6d. 10s. 6( 1. and One Guinea per bottle, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND ami SON, Kirby- street, Hattou- gardeii; and by their appointment, by W. EDDOWES, Printer, and Messrs Wood and Watton, Shrewsbury; Hulme, Hair- dresser, Welshpool; and by all Hair- dressers, Perfumers ami Medicine Venders in every Town throughout the Empire. Bill beware of Impostors— the genuine has the Signature A. ROWLAND and SON. Of whom may be had, Patronised by her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, and his Excellency the Duke del lnfantado, and many families of high distinction, ALSANA EXTRACT; Or, ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SreciFic for the TEETH and GUMS. A Preparation that surpasses all others for eradicating all Disorders of the Teeth aud Gums, and rendering them ex- tremely beautiful. Sold at 10s. 6< l. per bottle, or small bottles at 4s. 6d. each. Also tbe Alsana Powder, for cleansing the Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per box. Scouring of Sheep, Calves, Lambs, and other Cattle, and a valuable Restorative Cordial for Ewes after Lambisig. This Medicine being a powerful Febrifuge, ihe Cattle to which it is administered are speedily restored to strength and appetite, and are known to thrive and fatten much sooner than otheis. OASERVE I The NAME of the sole proprietor, JOHN HUGHES. wiiten with Red Ink on each Bill of Directions. Sold Wholesale by Messrs. SHAW and EMVARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, London; Retail by W. EDDOWF. S, Shrewsbury, and every Vender of Patent Medicines, ) ir « e 2s. 9rl. RHEUMATISMS, TIONS, with thew TO THE AFFLICTED WITH the RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT SCIATICA, LUMBAGO, PAINS of the BACK and K1DNIES, NUMBNESS, PALSY, & c. is particularly re- commended The Cumberland Bituminous Fluid. This most extraordinary fossil production, since Its happy discovery, has excited the astonishment of many eminent medical characters, who have witnessed its unrivalled efficacy in the above complaints, and determined the discoverer to render it, if possible, as useful as it is pre- eminently excel- lent ; for wbich purpose he takes this method to jjive publicity to its merit. Upon application to any of the medicine venders, may be bad gratis, an account of a number of surprising Cores effected by this extraordinary medicine, in the most hopeless and de- plorable cases, wilh the most unquestionable reference to people of the first respectability, from amongst whieh the following is selected. Copy of a Letter from J. Makepeace, Esq of Hexham, Northum- berland, to Mr, Ramsay, Apothecary, Penrith. Sir. Hexham, June 22, 1S11. I was most grievously afflicted with ihe Rheumatism for several years, particularly across mv Lorns and my Hip, and Knee Joints, which at times eomjiletely 4eprived me of the power of walking. 1 had the advice of several eminent Pbysi - cians, and by their recommendations went to Bath and tried the effects of the Waters, without gaining any relief. After making use of various Medicines to no purpose. I by the advice ol a Friend, was induced to try yoor Medicine, from the use of which I am happy tp say I have received the greatest relief, as I can now walk without pain or lainVness, and enjoy as good health as can be fexpected at my advanced period ol life, being in my S7th year, which I attribute solely to the use of your invaluable Medicine. You have tuy full liberty to make what use you think proper of this Letter. lam, your obedient Servant, JOHN MAKEPEACE. The above medicine is put up in bottles wilh full instructions, at only 2s. 9d. each. Invented and prepared only by G. Ramsay, Apothecary, Penrith, ( many yeais of Apothecaries' Hall, London); Sold wholesale by Barclay and Sons, No. 95, Fleet Market London; and retail by W. EDOOWES, Shrewsbury, and other Medicine Venders. rpHE ODONTALGIC, A HORSERADISH, a THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD is highly esteemed in the East and West Indies, for nourishing and invigor- ating the Nervous System, and acting as a general Restoiative in debilitated Constitutions, arising from Bilious Complaints contracted in hot climates. The cold and tremulous nerves are warmed and steadied : the relaxed fibres, or soft flabby flesh rendered firm ; the muscles invigorated ; the emaciated limbs covered with firm flesh ; and tiie exhausted vessels re- plenished. Such as have the caie and education of females, the studious as well as Ihe sedentary part of tbe community, should never be without the Cordial Baim of Gilead, which removes diseases iu the head, invigorates the mind, improves the memory, and enlivens the imagination; revives and exhilarates the languid drooping spirits, promotes digestion, and braces the nerves. Sold in bottles, price lis. each; or four in one Family Bottle, for 33 shillings, by which the purchaser saves one 1 Is. bottle, by VV> EDDOWKS, Printer, Shrewsbury; T. Poolet Chester; P. Maddox, Northwich; A. Fox, Nantwicli ! W. Smith, lronbridge and Wentlek; Robert Parker, Whit", church ; and all Medicine V « nd « rs in the United Kingdom, or CHEMICAL ESSENCE of Cure for the TOOTH ACH ; and CARBONATED DENTIFRICE, an elegant and efficacious Tooth Po viler, resulting from the recent Discoveries iu Chemistry. The Essence possesses the property of safely and im- mediately stopping the Tooth- Acb, and has tiie peculiar effect, if it eome in contact wilh the exposed nerve, to p'event tbe recurrence ot that torturing mafady, its operation being the same as a styptic on a bleeding vein ; in colds and rheumatic affections of the jaws it will he found particularly beneficial ; also in the painful Dentition of Chiltben. The Carbonated Dentifrice restores to ilie enamel all its native whiteness, gives a tlorhl colour to the sums, and by its peculiar antiseptic quality, removes every unpleasant colour from ihe mouth, and imparts to the breath a most delicate fragrance. Kj" 1 Observe the Names of Barclay and Son are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each, price 2s. 9d. Prepared by Mr. King, Apothecary,. Brock street, Bath; and sold wholesale and ietail by his Agents, Messrs. Barclay St Son, Fleet market, London. Also by W. KDCOV/ ES, Morris, Palin, and New- ling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madeley Market- place} Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge, and Much Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Paiker, Evanson, Whitchurch ; Baogh, Cross, Ellesmeie ; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, anil Powell, Welsh Pool • Morrall, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Caslle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Scarrott, Shiffnal ; Painter, Wrexham; Jones, Chirk ; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llange.- niew; Evans, Newtown; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom, PALSIES, and GOU I'Y AFFEC- ostial concomitants, Spasm, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general Debility, ( originating in whatever source), are relieved aud frequently cured by Whitehead's E. seace of Mustard Pills, altar every other means had failed. The Fiuid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pills, in those complaints' where necessary,) is perhaps tbe mosl active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in tbe world, generally curing CHIIBLAINS by one Application ; and the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half the lime usually taken by any other LloW ment or Embrocation; and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is particularly efficacious for all broken Chilblains, and HT- couiiitioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ringworms, Shingles, Breakings out Q'l the Face^ Nose, Ears and Eyelids, Sore and Inflamed Eyes, Sore Head- s-^ and Scorbutic Humours of every Description. Prepared only, and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apotbecarr, No. 15, Greek- street, Soho,- London. The Essence and Pills at 2s. 9d. each ; the Cerate at I-. and 2s. SM. Sold by IV. EDDOWIS, Newling, and Paliu, Sbiewsbury ; Painter, Wrexham; Baugh, Ellesmere; Houlstona, Wellington £ Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow; Partridge, and Gitton, Bridgnorth; Edwaids, Price, and Minshall, Os- westry ; and every Medicine Vc- oder in the United Kingdom. To the Afflicted with Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Consumptions, BENNETPS COUGH DROPS are recommended as a most sovereign Remedy. The Proprietor having proved the unparalleled effiaaey of BENNETT'S COUGH DROPS in his extensive private prac- tice, can with confidence recommend them to- those who suffer under obstinate Coughs, Hoarsenesses, Catarrhs, Difficulty of Bieathing, Wheezing, Soreness of the Breast and Stomach, Obstructions of the Glands, Acrimony of the Fluids, and Congealed Phlegm, in all which ONE TIUAL ONLY will speedily evince their unparalleled Utility. These Drops are perfectly mild and innocent in their operatiou, and are sold Wholesale only, by appointment of tbe Proprietor, by BARCLAY and SON, NO. 95, Fleet- Market, London, whose Names are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each Bottle i and retail, price 2s. 9d. Duty included, by W. EDDOWES* Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madelsy Maiket place; Houlstons, Wellington ;" Smith, Iroiibridgw", anrl Much Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch; Baugh, Cross, Ellesmere; Proctor, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, anil Powell, Welsh Pool; Morrall, Price, Edwards, and MinshaU, Oswestry ; Grilfiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow ; Gitton, Bridgnorth; Soarrott, Shiffnal; Painter, Wrexbami Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llaogerniew, Evans, Newtown ; and by every Medic me Vender in tbe Kingdom. LIGMJM'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. ~ SIR, Nantwich, 1th November, 161- 2. IN justice to your highly esteemed Antiscorbutic Drops, f am induced to make known to Hie public, the wonderful effects I have received fiom that valuable medicine. Fur ten years I wa » most severely afflicted with large ulcers and scorbutic eruptions, which at tiraos nearly covered my « hol « body. I had tried the prescriptions of the faculty in t. lii* neighbourhoo d and also numerous highly boasted of public medicines, to no putpuse; at this time I appeared . such a melancholy spectacle that my life was despaired uf; as the last resource, or remaining hope of recovery, a friend advised me to make trial of your Drops; and, wonderful to relate, and far - beyond all hirmati expectation, after taking only four small bottles, I was restored to a gixid mate cf health.— It is now two years since my cure ; ar. d, thank God, I remain as well as ever I was in my lite, though in the 78th year of my age. My grandson, son of Mr. James Willett, grocer, Nantwich, was also grievously afflicted with large blotches and scorbutic, eruptions; he is - now taking the second small bottle of your Drops, and thinks, by the time it is finished, a perfect cure will beeffected. You havemy permission toinake those cases as public as you please, and any person wishing further in- formation, may receive it by a pessimal application, or ad- dressing a letter, ( post- paid) to my son- in- law, Mr. Juinrs Willett, Grocer, Pillory- Street, Nantwioh; or SIR, Yoor most obedient humble Servant, JOHN PL. ATT, Faddeley, near Nantwich. Attested by Mr. THOMAS CRAIG ; and Mr. A. Fox, Bouk- seller, Nantwich< To Mr. John Lignum, Surgeon. Manchester. These Drops are sold in moulded square bottles at lis. and 4s. 6d. ( one lis. bottle is equal to three 4s 6d. ones,) wholesale and retail by Mr. Lignum, Manchester; also re- tail by W. EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Shrewsbury ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Smith, Ironbridge and Weulock ; Gitton, Bridgnorth; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Den- Wolverhampton ; Scarrott, Shtffnal ; Silvester, New- port; Paiker, Whitchurch; Baugh, Ellesmeie; Owen. Welshpool; Griffiths, Ludlow; Burl ton, Leominster, Ed- wards, Oswestry ; Davies, Hereford ; and the principal Venders of genuine Medicines in the United Kingdom. EVERY MAN HIS OWN DOCTOR. BY the EFFICACY of Dr. BOERHAAVE's INFAL- LIBLE RED PILL, ( 4s, 6il. only per box), PERSONS OF EITHER SEX ( assisted by the invaluable copious Direir- tions therewith given) are enabled to eiadieate Effectually the most Malignant VENEREAL INFECTION, and to facilitate the Recovery of Health, with Ease and Safety, Certainty and Secresy, in a few days. For bilioos Diseases. Scurvy, Scrolula, and Impurity Of Blood, the Efficacy of this medicine is so well known and highly attested for 51) years past, that any further commeut is rendered unnecessary. Another Suoply is just received from London, and for sal* by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury.
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