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List of Non-commissioned Officers and Privates of the Irish Militia


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List of Non-commissioned Officers and Privates of the Irish Militia
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List of Non-commissioned Officers and Privates of the Irish Militia

Date of Article: 08/03/1813
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No Pages: 1
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KILMAIJTHAM II 0 5 I> I T A L. LIST OF MILITIA SOLDIERS— continued. NAME S. John Morgan - Dennis Higgins Jas Green Dan1 Gallagher Patk Gallagher Patk Foley" - John Dee Maurce Collins - Jas Carmedy John Campion Willm Fuller - Mich1 Gay John Gibbons - Thos Gilmore - Jas Irwin - Patk Killalae - Heny McDermott Robt McDowel - Jas Meehan Thos Salmon Geo. Taylor Edwd Smith Jas Slevin Patk Keane Patk Keane Peter Hogg Thos Gorman - Jas Fleming Patk Egan John Dwyer John Bennis Mich1 Battle - Peter Bolus Anthy Clancy - Chas Dunn Edwd Fletcher - Josh Fry Patk Hogan Thos Malony - Edwd Murnave William Shinnick Itegiraents of Siilitia from which admitted. Date of Admission. Kerry Limerick Kerry Sligo - Donegal Kerry South Cork - - North Cork - - Kilkenny - - Armagh - - - Longford - - Wicklow - - - Tyrone - - - South Down Limerick City - Wexford - - - Donegal - - - Wicklow - - - Leitrim - Roscommon Leitrim - - - Limerick City - Roscommon Clare - - - - Kildare - - - Leitrim - - - Limerick City - Limerick County Sligo - - - Fermanagh - - Tipperary - - King's County - Clare - - - - Limerick County Tipperary - - 1812— continued. 24- th June City 29th July 26 August - - 30th September Cause of Discharge. Rheumatic. Pulmonic complaint. Rheumatism. Rheumatic. Pulmonic complaint. Prolapsus ani. Worn out. Worn out. Rheumatism. Asthma. Worn out. Scrofula. Schirrosity of the stomach,, General ill health. Diseased shoulder. Scrofula. Paralysis,. Insane. Liver complaint. Scrofula. Catarrh. Worn out. General debility. Asthma. Pulmonic complaints Worn out. Diseased spine. Asthma. Worn out. Haemoptysis. Rheumatism. Rheumatism. Pectoral disease. Rheum atism. Rheumatism. Asthma. Rheumatism. Incontinence of urine. Ulcerated leg. Rheumatism, Dropsical. I7th March 1813. By Order of the Governors of the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham, ( Signed) William Plunkett, Audr & Reg'. OPINIONS of the Law Officers of the Crown in Ireland. 11 • . ' 1 Query Are Privates of the Militia, not wounded or maimed on actual service, Irish Militia Act ^ entitled to the benefit of Kilmainham Hospital ? c< 117' S, OO. JI , Mr. Townsend's Answer to the foregoing Query: Answer:— In my opinion, they are not so entitled unless they were so before they entered into the Militia; service in the Militia, as Privates ( unless in the cases above mentioned) in my opinion, neither gives nor takes away a right to the Kilmainham Pension. The Attorney and Solicitor Generals Answer to the foregoing Query: We concur in the Answer given to the above Query. . - Quen/, '
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