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List of Non-commissioned Officers and Privates of the Irish Militia


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List of Non-commissioned Officers and Privates of the Irish Militia
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List of Non-commissioned Officers and Privates of the Irish Militia

Date of Article: 08/03/1813
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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4 I R E L A N D : R E T U R N S R E L A T I N G TO \ LIST OF MILITIA SOLDIERS— continued. N A M E S. Geo. St. Lawrence Jas Cook Patk Connel - Jas Barnes John Carthy Arundel Davis - Benjn Hammond John Mc Casker Owen Rice Jas Wilson John O'Neil - Fras Mountain - Roger Mallen - Matthw McDaniel Thos McAuliffe - Robt Howard - Owen Heagny - Mich1 Furn Mich1 Cherry - Matthw Brien - Jas Flood Murty Killy Regiments of Militia from which admitted. Date erf Admission. 1810— continued. King's County - South Cork - - Armagh - South Cork - - Carlow - - - King's County - Armagh - - - Tyrone - Monaghan - - Tyrone - - - Donegal - - - Tyrone - - - Wicklow - - - Kerry - - South Down Tyrone - - - North Cork - - Monaghan - - King's County - Wicklow - - - Galway - - - 29th August 2bth September 31st October - 28th November 26th December Cause of Discharge. Rheumatic. Asthmatic. Insane. Incurable palpitation. Consumption. Paralysis. General bad health. General debility. Pulmonic. Rheumatism. Asthma. Rheumatism. Dropsy. Worn out. Worn out. Paralysis. Diseased ankle joint. Fistulous complaint. Varicous veins of right leg Dir- eased liver. Asthma. Debility. ADMITTED IN TtiE YEAR l8ll. John Boyle Patk Feally Jas McDonald - Philip Mc Sorely Bernd Magoveran Edwd Savage - Thompn Hurst - Robt Gaul John Daly John Connel Willm Boyle - Richd Boseman John Curton Thos Marshall - Josh Pepper Jas Potter Geo. Waugh Jas Michan John Kelroe Willm Browne - Patk Fanning - Willm Farrell - Owen Higgins - David Jackson -' Thos Lynch John Mc Loughlin Geo. Magil John Norris Matthw O'Donnel Hugh Smith Richd Venton - Geo. Waddle - Thos Smith Willm Shea Mich1 Shea David Pollock - Edmd Pennington Thos Mullen - Mich1 Moore - Chas Mallen - Jas Mc Gurgan - Arthr Mc Crory Tyrone - - Armagh - - Tyrone - - Cavan - - Armagh - - Cavan - - South Cork - Limerick City Donegal - - Armagh - - Wicklow - - Tyrone - - Cavan - - Wexford - South Cork - Limerick City Wicklow - - Tyrone - - Monaghan - Armagh - - Wexford - - Tyrone - - Limerick City Tyrone - - Wexford - - Louth - - Tyrone - - Louth - - Cavan - - Londonderry Kerry - - North Cork - Kerry - - Londonderry Kerry - - Galway - - Kerry - - Tyrone - - Londonderry 30th January 27th February 27th March - 24th April 29th May 26th June - - Worn out. Pulmonic complaint. Sore leg. Dropsical. Consumption after measles. Worn out. Profusion of the breast bone. Deafness. Internal disease in the head. Asthma and debility. General debility. Ulcer 011 right leg. Paralysis. Bone of his nose carious. Diseased bladder. Scrofula. Epilepsy. Scrofula. Asthma. Paralysis. Worn out. Pulmonic complaint. Deafness, and weakness of lower extremities. Worn out. General debility. Worn out. Diseased knee. Rheumatic. Worn out. Rheumatic. Rheumatic and worn out. Sore leg. Worn out. Severe cough. Enlarged knee joint. Worn out. Worn out. Sore leg. Worn out. Consumption. Paralysis. Worn out.
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