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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 997
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 03/03/1813
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 997
No Pages: 4
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^ Aotfir, pyfV) PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 20.] N0; 997. • x Wednesday, CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. March 3, 1813. Price Sixpence Halfpenny. This Paver is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES,— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings ami Sixpence, each. this Country, and lo the Lint' here drawn optween Tiilt ra- tion and Establishment. Then ] submitted lo tlie Meet- ing I tie Principles upon which any legislative Interference , wiili peculiar religious Opinions had been justified; ob- serving, lhat from the Liberality of the Times, and a just I Sense of human Infirmity, such Interference was rarely • exercised unless those Opinions were calculated to make the Persons professing them bail Subjects. To enable tbe Meeting to judge liow far tin legislature had. heeu go- : vei ned by those Principles iu Ibe Enactment of Penal Sta- tutes in Matters of Religion, and to make a just Estimate of the Policy of those Laws as affecting NonrConforinists, and particularly as relating lo the Roman Catholics, 1 re- viewed ( lie 11 isiorv of this Country so far as was necessary j to show at what Time, and for what Reason, those Laws which they now claim to have repealed were enacted against llie Roman Cat holies. 1 adverted to Ihe Distinction made by the- Act ot Toleration between them and the Protestant Dissenters ; and after a full Review of tbe Grounds as- signed. by the Roman Catholics for a Repeal of all Disabi- lities respecting them, I submitted Lo the Consideration of the Meeting, whether the Period w'as now arrived when the Roman . Catholics might . with Safely be admitted to a lull Participation of Political Power. In Reference lo the Question of their Right to such Participation, 1 dis- tinguished between natural and conventional ' Rights, aud observed thai every Stale must necessarily posses* a Power of excluding those whose Participation in Offices of Trust might prove incompatible with its Sufety. lu Ihe Discus- ; siou of those various Topics, and many others which I I C mnot now recall, I must have been singularly unfortunate j if all ni> Arguments. v. ere taken from ' Che Third Part of the j Statement, to which I had not yel made the most remote Allusion, nor had in - anv Degree in my Thoughts. After having thus discussed the Roman Catholic Claims I ou Principle, on Authority, on Expediency, and on the S Ground of Right, 1 m.- st admit that 1 did advert to The \ ' third Part of the Stutfmen', by saying lhat, among other I Reasons assigned by the Roman Catholics for llie Admis- : sion of i heir Claims, Ihey told us that lempora mutantur': I This 1 saitl was true; but asked w hether they could add et I nos mutamur in itlis Al ibis Stage uf lite Business 1 pro- | tint ed I he Third .'' art of the Statement. Their Features, as " V) the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament ! here represented, I hough not new, 1 saitl I did not expect COACHES REMOVED. WELSHPOOL, LLANFAIR, MALLWYD, MACH- YNLLETH, AND ABERYSTWYTH. WILLIAM LEIGHTON respectfully* acquaints liis Friends anil the Public, tbat tbe undermentioned Conveyances go from, the TALBOT INN, Shrewsbury Tl- at uell known and vi- ry fast Post Coach, tbe OLD PRINCE OF WALES, to Birmingham, Oxford, and George, and Blue Boar, Holborn, London, every Morning at half- past Nine; returns every Evening: carries four lusides. .. . . c , i I IVIRPOOL Li". lit Coach, every Morning at. Six, to tlie Rock Ferry, and Saracen'.. Head, Dale- street, at FOUR same Evening, ' _ CHELTENHAM favourite Light Coach, ( called the HI- BFRNIA) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Morn- ings at Six, through Wenlock, Bridgnorth, Kiddermin- ster,' anil Worcester, to Dine; audio the Plough Hotel, Cheltenham, 7 o'Cluck: carries b 1 four Ins'ules. BATH Coaches everv Monday, Wednesday,, and. bndav Monline", at Six.; and'- Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings, al Seven, through Coplbi- uuk Dale. j CHESTER. Resolute Coach, every Morning, at Six, j through Ell smere and Wrexham, to tbe Golden Lion Inn CI ester, at Twelve : carries lint four Ix ; aud returns to Shrewsbury every Evening: meets at Chester Light Coaches to. Nantwich, Warrington, aud all theNoithof England. _'.'., Coaches, to Shiffual, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, 1 Oxford, Sic. daily ; and the only Conveyance bv which j Places cali be secured lo the above Towns al all Times— ; certain. Not accountable for Paicels or Passengers' Lnggnge above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered as such, nnd paid far accordingly. ss tnicrupulousCdrisrienceS in the uxercise 01 nc- o, nevertheless, humbly conceive the Pieservation liurcli, as by Law established, to be their primary tlen Duty.— Your Petitioners rejoiced in the Re- rr JL assembled. The humble Petition of the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and other INHABITANTS of the Cvunty of ANGLESEY, SHEWETH, That your Petitioners, deeplv as they are impressed with a inst Abhorrence of all Persecution for Diflercnce ofOpi- ninn in Faith or Practice, and justly as they exult in being Members of a National Church, which has ever shewn Tenderness 10 scnipulousCiiiisj ienceS in the Exercise of Re ligion; do, of lhat Ch and Iwunden Duty. „ lief irrauted bv I he 31st of his Majesty to the Roman Ca- tholic* of Ireland; but lament, that instead of the Grati- tude and Contentment which that Measure was calculated to nrodure, it has encouraged Lliem to advance Claims ma- nifestly subversive of ihe Protestant Establishment. It, therefore becomes Ihe Duly of your Petitioners,- and Ihey do most humbly pray, lhat your Lordships, in any Measures which in your Wisdom you may adopt, for the turlber Relief of Ihc Roman Catholic" of Ireland, will take espc. rial Care that those Measures be so framed as 10 preserve that Constitution, Civil and Religious, which V ur Peti- tioners have received1 from tlieil- Ancestors, and which it is theii anxious Wish to transmit, unimpaired to their Pos- terity joui, pptnioiiers, ashoiuld, shall ever pray. Ata Meeting of the Gentlemen, Clergy, and other In- habitants ofthe County of Anglesey. held on the 19th Day of January, 1313, in tbe Shire Hall, al ' Beaumaris, 10 consider of the Claims of the Roman Catholics; . PAUL PANTON, Esq having hevu appointed Chili." Wall : On the Motion of JOHN ii. SP ARROW, Esq. seconded by the Rev THOMAS ELLIS <> WEN, RESOLVED, " _ I That Petitions be presented from tins County, to tbr Lords Spiritual and Temporal and lo the Commons of ibe United Kingdom ofGre. it Britain and Ireland, in Pur I la- ment assembled. II That tbe Petitions proposed hy tbe said PAUL PAN- TON, Esq and secuuded hy HOLLAND GRIFFITH, Esq. are unanimously approved by Ibis Meeting. III Tbat llie Chairman do request the Right Hon. the EARL OF UXBKIDGE, I ord Lieutenant uf the said County In pies - m the Petition to ihe House of Lords: and the Hon. BERKELEY PAGET to present the Petition to ihe House of Commons IV That these Resolutions be inserted unce in the Courier, the North Wales Gazette, aud once in each uf liie Cb. nter'and Salop Papers'. V. Thai the Thanks of this Meeting be given to tilt High Sheriff, for convening this Meeting. 8 ' PAUL PAN ION, Chairman. Mr. PANTON having quilted the Chair, it was un the Motion of J. B SPARROW, Esq. RESOLVED, ... That the Thanks of tbis Meeting are justly due, and are hereby respectfully offered to PAUL PANTON, Esq. for tbe truly patriotic, moderate, anil constitutional Speech made by him un this Occasion; and for his able, upright, and impartial Cunduct in the Chair. To the Ilight Hon. L3NITKM. BR PAGET, Repre- sentative of the County of Anglesey. Plasgwyn, Anglesey, 111h February, 1313- DEAR SIR, I have this Instant had the Honour to receive your Letter of the 11th, slating that you had presented the Petition 1 from the County of Anglesey against the Claims of the Catholic* lu the House of Cummnns, and thai, much lo I your Surprise, it had occasioned a Debate, as au Hon, , ' Baronet, named, ' ook Occasion lo inform the House lhat j he understood the Petition was founded upon most erro- 1 neons Statements contained in an anonymous Publication, and that ihe Person presiding at the . Meeting, naming me, had taken thai as the Ground of all his Arguments against , the Catholics. . , From what Source the Hon Baronet had derived his Information I know not; but, as it is incorrect, and as its and lamented lo see so depicted in the Nineteenth Century. If il were a true Puririiit, which, for the Credit uf the | Christian Character, 1 hoped it was nut, cuulti the Roman Catholic Claims be admitted against all toe Principles and Authorities which I had . ineiltioned, 1 liis Stir It n. leni Muni: was sufficient tu excite Distrust in persons the most friebdly to ilie Admission of thuse Claims I appeal fur the Correctness of this Summary fo Ifiose whom I had tbe honour lu adilreiav; and must. Observe lhal, after tbe free Discussion whi'ch, as Chairman,. 1 invited, it would belter have become the Hon. Baronet's Reporter to i iiave answered me, li I was wrung, lhan,| bro' Ignorance or j Design, to make tu hull a ReprHentaiiuif,. erroneous in ' itself, calcula. tedto create O'diniu agiuusl. me, ami 10 cast Discredit on a lespectable Assembly, unprejudiced, not actuated by sectarian Bigotry, or religiuus intolerance, but deeply impressed witli the Value qf that Constitution in Church ami State which they enjoy, and with the Obligation of transmitting il liuiiiibbired ioTlieir Pusterity. Obligatiun uf it iiu1lu| ifaired tu their Pusterit. y • That 1 received the Thanks ut. such art Aws. mbly is some Cunsulatiun. lu me under the Imputations cast upoii 111c 1.11 the House of Commons, and in tbe. public Papers; but,. it being necessary lhat 1 shunhl repci those Imputations, I trust that you will allow me iti make ibis Letter public, aud to . annex lu it Copies . if the IVtiliuu. aiid Resolutions of the Anglesey County Meeting. Tbe Publicatlun of the Petition and R. solutions is, 011 number Account, necessary, the ' Sheriff's Deputy nol having inserted thrm, as be uiidertuuk in. do, in the Aews- papers in which it was resolved they should appear. I remain. My Dear Sir, With Irue Regard, Your most obedient Servant, PAULPANTON * Tins Meeting was held iQth January, 1813. Tlie Meeting of tin- GENERAL BOARD of the Catholics of Ireland, r, t which The ' third Part ot the Statement, & c. was disavowed, did not lake Place until ft. h February, 1813, nearly three Mont Its aftei The ' Third Part qf the Statement, & c. had been in general Circulation. It is observable, that uiie of Ibe must revolting Passages in The ' third Part ofthe State- ment, sScc appeals verbatim 111 llie preceding Parts, which are nun n led to have the Sanction of the General Board of the Catholics of Ireland. PROMOTING SOCIETY FOR CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. Maellgnlteth District Committee. AT a second Meeting held in tbe Town of Machynlleth, 011 Monday, the 251I1 uf January, 1813, for the For- mation tif a District Committee subordinate 10 the Society fur Prunioling Christian Knowledge, in Compliance with a Recommeudaitiuu lo lhal Effect from tile Lurd Bishop uf Si. Asaph ; PRESENT, Rt v. Jcnklii Lloyd. Jones, 1 Lev. Thomas Richards, tiev. William Pug'he, tiev James Hunier: The Rev John Davies, The Rev. Robert Davies, John Davies, E- q Hugh Dalits, Esq. Rev Hugh I boinas. Resolved I Tuat a District Committee be established forthe Purpose of forwarding the Objects and Interest of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, which Committee shall be open to all the Members of that Society. II. That JOHN EDWARDS, Esquire, be appointed Pre- sident ; The Rev. George Veuables, Secretary , and Hugh Davies, Esquire, Treasurer. III. That the Committee do consist of John Edwards, Esq. Rev. Hugh Thomas, W . MARQUIS WELLINGTON LIGHT POST COACH. THE Public an: respectfully informed, lhat Ibe Propri- etors of I lie ebove Coach having purchased the WHOLE of the late Mr JONES's COACH CONCERNS, the above is the ONLY COACH which runs from Shrews- bury tu Aberystwyth. It sets out from the LION and BRITANNIA Inns to Welshpool every Monday Morning at six u'Clock, and throughout to Aberystwyth every WEDNESDAY and FRI- DAY Moruiugs at fuur u'CIuck : returns early the same Evenings Performed by the Public's obedient Servants, LAWRENCE, and ) ... , CARTWRIGHT, y Shrewsbury, R. EVANS, Bear Inn, Welshpool, D. LLOYD, Foxes luu, . Mallwyd, T. EVANS, Eagles Inn, ) , ,, ,, E. PUGH, Unicorn Inn, \ - Machynlleth, J. JONES, Royal Hotel, > » ,„ . •',. J. DAVIES, Gogertlian Arms,> Aberystwith. Not accountable for Parcels or Luggage above the Value of £ 5, unless entered as sucb, and paid for according- ly .,...' • Ht At Shrewsbury the MARQUIS . WELLINGTON meets Coaches to A LL PARTS of I he U1 NGDOM : and Places ruay be secured throughout from Aberystwyth to London or Holyhead. A HERO OF SALAMANCA. ..'. This Dai) is published, in ,3 Vols. limo. Price 15s. ! AHERO OF SALAMANCA ; or THE NOVICE ISABEL. A Novel By H. M. MORIARTY, Author of' BP. IGHTON IN AN UPROAR,'' CRIM CIIN.' SSCC. & C. Published for the Author, by JOHN SOUTEK, No. 1. Paternoster Row, London; and sold by all Booksellers in : Hit. United Kingdom. This Day is published, Price ( Ss. Boards, a new and im- < proved Edition of j rjpil E EN, CYCLOPAEDIA of WIT, containing upwards 1 5. uf Tlirl'e Thousand of tbe best Bon Mots, Laughable 4necdnl. es, and Pieces of Genuine Wit and Humour existing | iu the English Language; bein* the most complete, pure, anil classical Colli^ llun of this Kind ever published. A new Edition, in One closely printed pocket Volume, Pricc Gs. in Boards, ur 7s. Buund. In the Cutnpilaiiuu uf this Work, collections of a similar Nature in varinus European Languages, have been consult- ed, and the beet Use lias been made uf every previous collection, however, scarce or Voluminous, from which it was likelyan Article of Value coiild be obtained Londoit, prinl. it for B aud R. CROSBY aud Co Sta- liunera* Court, Ludgate street, Londun; and sola by VV. Edthiwes, Wood and Waiiuu, Murns, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Houlstuns, Weilinglou.; Smith, lroubridge and Weiiluck ; Edniunds, ' Madeley ; Silvester, Newport ; Parker, Wbtiehurch; tbe Booksellers in Chester; J. Painfer, Wrexham - and all other Booksellers. Where also may be had 1111 proved Editions of Ihe following Works lately published by < ROsBY aud Co. OV1 D'HAKT OF LOVE, and other Pieces un that subject, w it' 11 elegant Plates by Hupwood, flue post Paper, ios. titi. Foolscap, Boerds, lis. ( id. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LOVE, selected from the best Writers, l$ mo. Boards, EFFUSIONS OF LOVE, consisting of Songs, Sonnet's, Poems, aud Amours to and from Mary Queeu of Scots, Os. Boards. GI'R DLESTONE'sTR ANSLATION OF ANACREON, with Nules, fine Foolscap, 4s. Boards: THE MIRROR OF WIT,' a Collection of the best Jests, Witticisms, Ac. is. bd. AV1ATORY, DESCRIPTIVE, and SENTIMENTAL PIECES ill Prose, original aud selected, from tile best Authors, 18mo. Boards, 4s. DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, In the Parish of Aston, ADJOINING THE TOWN OF NEWPORT, SALOP. TO BE LET, OR SOLD, AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT: AL. L that large, substantial, and newly erected . MES- SUAGE, Brick and slated, comprising Hall, two good Parlours, large Kitchen, two Cellars, Pantry, Dairy and Brnwhuuse ; tour excellent Lodging Rooms ou the first Floor, four Atlicks; with the Outbuildings thereunto belonging, consisting ofa IJaiu, Stable, Cowhouses, Grain, ery, Sheds, and other Cunvenicuces, wilh a laige GARDEN, well planted with young Fruit Trees. Together wilh FOUR ACRES, or thereabouts, of excellent GRAZING LAN D adjoining thereto. Any Person renting 1 lie above may be accommodated with 20 Acrcs, or thereabouts, of good Grazing aud Meadow 1 . and. The Parochial Rates in the Parish of Aston are very reasonable. The above Premises are in the Occupation of M is. JUSTICE.— For further Particulars apply to Mr. BAGNOLD, Auctioneer, 111 Newport aforesaid. To COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS, and FAMILIES. OLD RAVKN INN AND T10TF. C, RAVEN STREET, SHREWSBURY. FERDINAND WH EF. LER returns his most respectful Thanks to his Friends, for the Support lliey have so liberally given him while at the COACH AND HORSES ; and respectfully ii forms llicm, that he has succceiltd his late Ilrather- in & » , JOHN JONES, in tbe above Inn, and having completely fitted it up as aTRA VELLERS' INN and HOTEL, he humbly solicits tbe Support of Travellers, Families, and tbe Public in general. Tlte Ceutrical tho' retired Situation of tbe House, upon the highest Ground in Shrewsbury, with an unobstructed picturesque View uf a large Portion of Shropshire, Cheshire, and North Wales, will recommend it to those FAMILIES whu wish lu spend a few Days in SHREWSBURY ; and ihe same Advantages, particularly as it is UNCONNECTED , WITH COACHES, will render it a desirable Situation for TRAVELLERS; and F WHEELER begs Leave to assure the Public, that 110 Pains nur Attention shall be wanting un his 1 Part to render th « House as comfortable a3 auy House uf j tbe Kiud in the United Kingdom. WINES, SPIRITS, & C. of the best Quality. Kj?' Excellent Stabling. February 1, 1813 Tbis Day is published, Price 4s. bound, a new Stereotyped Edition, being tbe Third, uf ENFIELD'S GEN ERA I PRONOUNCING DIC- TION ARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, shewing the Orthography, Explanation, Accentuation, antl P10- uunciatiou of all the " purest aud most approved Terms, according to the most eminent Lexicographers and Orators. " In a. very modest Preface, Mr. Enfield observes « . that the" Editor of spell a Work as this has little 10 do but to familiarize the Mind to Knowledge a'ready extant, and tu endeavour by a lu. cid Arrangement of the Materials of his Predecessors, to smooth tbe Path of Science.' Humble as sucb pretensions are, the Task is one which requires the Exercise both of considerable Judgment and Uf great Industry; utid. il is but common Justice to say. that Mr. ! Enfield has displayed both iu the Compilation and Arrange- j meut uf tbe useful little Volume before us." Anti- Jacobin Review, Aug. I807. London, printed for B. and R. Crosby and Co. Stationers' Cour. 1, Patlrno'sfe'r Row, Loudon, and sold by W. Eddowes, Wood anilWattOn, Morris, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Huul- stons, Welliugti> n; Smit h. lroiffiriilge and Wen ock, Edmunds, Madeley ; Silvester, Newpurf : Paiker, Whitchurch ; the Booksellers iu Chester', J. Painter, Wrexham; and all other Booksellers. . LEV 12AC'S FRENCH and ENGLISH, and ENGLISH and FRENCH DICTIONARY, adapted for general L'se, in which obsolete Words are expunged, ami many thousand useful Words, not to be found in any other French aud English Dictionary, are introduced. By M. L'ABBE I) E LEVIZAC', Author of tbe Grammar of the French Lan- guage. Price 12s. bound. gales cv auction. FREEHOLD LA\ D— OAK TIMBER. COUNTY OF HEREFORD. BY THOMAS DAVIES, Atthe Angel Inn, Ludlow, on Saturday, the ( ith March 1813, between the Hum's uf four mid seven o'CIock inthe Afternoon, subject to Conditions to be then produced, unless disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, ot which due Notice will be given; ARICH Piece of ARABLE LAND, called WHYSdN CROFT, containing 3A. 0R eP. situate inthe Parish . BRIMF1 ELD, close to the Village of Whvson aforesaid, 111 two Lots, divided by a Foot- path which pusses in a straight Line thro'Hie same, as delineated on Plan: Lot 1 containing | A. oR. 30P. mere or less; Lut 2, lA. 3R 12P. mure ur less. AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE; 250 OAK TREES, fit for capital Navy Timber, now growing 011 Asttwooo PARK FARMS, in the Parish uf Eve, ill the Cuuuty uf Hereford, blazed and numbered with white Paint, from Nu. 1 to No. 250 inclusive, which will be put up in one Lut. The above valuable Timber is of Considerable Length, of large Dimensions, and all of il excellent in Quality, is perfectly ( it for Navy, Ordnance, Planking, and other usef il Purposes, and is well worihy the Attention of'l'im. her Merchant" in general. The Whole is situate at little more than a Mile from ihe Leominster Canal, bv which it can be conveyed to a Turnpike Road about 7 Miles from Stourport. ASIIWOOD PARK is five Miles from the Town of Lud- low, six from Teubury, live from Leominster, mid close to the Turnpike Road leading from Ludlow lo Leominster. Fur a View uf the Land ur Timber, apply tu Mr. HALL, of Cockshuot Lydiate, near Brinitield; and fur limber Particulars, ur to neat for the same, lo Mr. TF. NCII, of Bromfield, near Ludlow. ( One Concern J VALCABLK TIMBER? w Rev Jenkin Llovd June's, Rtv. I'htitiius Richards, Rev. William Ptiglic, Rev. J allies Hamer. remaining uncontradicted, would apparently give some ! the'Increase of Subscript Sanction to the erroneous Statement made to and by bini \ u0oks. Rev. George Venables, Rev. John Davies, Rev. Robert Davies, John Davies, Esq. Hugh Davies, Esq. IV. That the Committee du conform to all ihe Regula- tions of tbe Society fur promoting Christian Knowledge, as far as they may be applicable to the Object uf iliis Meeting. V. That an abridged Catalugueof the Society's Publica- tions be printed and distributed. VI That the Committee do aid as far as in them lies ions and tbe Distribution of DESIRABLE FAMILY RESIDENCE. TO Bte LET FOR A TERM OF YEARS, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, fltYHAT CAPITAL MANSION called WOOD HI i. situate within two Miles of the Market Town of OSWESTRY, ill the County of Salop. A Tenant may be accommodated with any Quantity of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, surrounding the House, out exceeding one Hundred Acres, now on Hand, anil in a high Slate of TO SADDLERS. TO 11E DISPOSED OF, ( TIIE PRESENT OCCUPIER RETIRING FROM TRADE), \ N old established Concern in Ihc SADDLERY and J\ TRUNK M A KING Business, which has been success- fully carried on for, a grcAt number of Years The S'ock aud Fixtures to be taken at a fair Valuation. — Tbe Situation is goutl. and in one uf the first commercial To vus in Lancashire. For further Particulars address ( Post paid), to Messrs. WHITEHEAD, FISHEII, ' and Co. Princess Street, Man- chester'. • HEREAS a Recantation lias been inserted in the Shrewsbury Papers against DAVID VAUGHAN, of the Parish ofMyfod, imlie County of Montgomery, for I'he Prejudice uf THOM AS JONES, of Trefminncy, in the Parish of Myfod,' and Cuuuty aforesaid:— THE PUBLICK are hereby required lu take NOTICE, that the aforesaid David Vaiighan is an Inhabitant of ihe Tuwnship'ufTrefnanney, in the Parish Of Mvfud, and Cuunty of Montgomery, and nol David Vauglian of ihe Village uf Myfod, as generally supposed. Witness, DAVID VAUGHAN, THOMAS DANIEL, Carpenter and Joiner. JOHN JEHU. Myfod, February, 1313. DENBIGHSHIRE. Valuable Fstate. Mansion, and Coal . Mines, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. rataE PLAS- KYN ASTf > N ESTATEandCOA L MIN ES, IL not having been sold by Auction 011 llie 8th Instant, and it. being represented to the Proprietor, that it was, previous tu tbe Day of Sale, reported that he did not intend to sell; He takes this Public Method of announcing that he is ready 10 treat by Private Contract for it, either in oue or more Lots. For Particulars and Price of which, apply to Mr. GEORGE GEARY, Westbury, near Shrewsbury; ur lu Mr. THOMAS EDMUN DS, of Redual, near Osweslry. February » 0lh, '. 813. " SUFFOLK PUNCH, BOXER WILL cover Fifty Marcs only, nt ROWTON : Two Guineas each Mare, a mill alt' 11- Or on n the Groom.— Money tube paid al theTime of covering:— Good Grass for Mares at the Windmill Inn— Not one Mare more IbauSO will be covered ; aud those who wish Iheir Mares covered, are requested lo apply directly to Mr. JOHN LLOYD, Rowton. TURNPIKE TOL1. J. i Cultivation, anil have the Opli. ou of taking Ihe Growing j Crops at a fair Valuation. The House consists uf a large nf what passed at the Anglesey County Mcclti. g,* 1 think it incumbent un 111c, as I had ihc Honour lu preside at lhat Meeting, to say that the Petition was not founded on the Statements contained iu the anonymous Publication alluded lo, and that although I commented at some Length on that Publication towards Ibe End nf my Address tu the Mealing, it was not taken as Ibe Ground of the Argu- ments advanced by me on that Occasion. 1 am therefore completely at Issue with the Hon, Baronet on both his Assertions. In asserting that the Petition was founded on ' The Third Pari 0} the Statement of the Penal Laws which ag- grieve the Catholics if Ireland, Ihe Hou. Baronet appears to have been hasty ; tor, having bulb before him, he should have compared tliein, aud if he had done so, be could nut have asserted, as he bas dune, un anonymous Information, tbat the Anglesey Petition was founded 011 The ' Third Part of the Statement. " But 011 tbis, bis first Assertion, it is un- necessary to enlarge, asboih the Documents are open to public Inspection. With regard to the Hon. Baronet ssecond Assertion, that the Third'Part nf the Statement was taken as the Ground uf all my Arguments at the Anglesey Cuunty Meeting, lu ascertain its Accuracy, I must appeal to tbe Recollection of cvety Gentleman present, except the Hon Baronet's Reporter, whether the latter has made a fair Representa- tion. This is the only Test I can apply, as 111 y Address lu tbe [ Meeting, being extempore, 1 c juld uot comply with the Wishes expressed for its Publicatimi, nur can I now produce it to contradict I be Report of it made lo the Hon. Baronet. 1 have, however, such a Recollection of the Statements which 1 made, and of the general course of Argument which I pnrsuiM, as will enable me to slate that 1 began with deprecating all Intolerance, aud declaring my Wish tu attend, us Chairman, impartially tu all Parties. 1 professed a Luve uf Civil and lteligiuus Liberty, and ex- horted the Meeting to keep both in View in I heir Deliber- ations on the delicate, extensive, and important Question which they were assembled to consider. I next staled the Doctrines held relative to Toleration, limited, and univer- sal and particularly advettcd to the Medium adopted iu VII. Tbat an active Enquiry be made in all Parts of the District, what Bibles, New Testaments, and Prayer Books may be wauled, and that Ihe same be reported at aiiy Qtiarierly Meeting. V11L ' Thai the Committee do meet Quarterly, arid lhat the Days of Meeting be I lie lust Wednesday in March, Juite, September. anil December. IX. That before any Person is proposed as a Member, Ihe Secretary shall reau'the Regulations respecting Ihe Con- tributions to be paid try each ou his Admission, aud lliat when tbe Secretary writes lo announce his Election, he shall make known ibis Rule to him. X. That these Regulations be printed twice in each of the Shrewsbury Newspapers. XI. And that this Meeting do ADJOURN to the last Wednesday iu March. By Order uf the Meeting, ' G E< > 11G E V EN A BLES, Secretary TO BE LET, TH E FN A N N F. Y HA L L ; AMOST commodiiius Building: FIRST FLOOR, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Siudy, Greenhouse, Ki'lcheji, Servants' Hall, Pantry, Brewhouse, Dairy, ami Cellars; SECOND FLOOR, eight Bed Rooms, with Dressing Rooms, and Rooms fur Servants ;— Walled Garden, Orchard, and every Outbuilding lhal is necessary fur llie Accommodation of any Family; oil in good Repair.— OSE HUNDRED AND THIRTY Acivifs of Meadow, Arable, aud Pasture LAND may be had w ith the House, aud a Lease of five, ten, or fifteen Years will be granted ou fair and reasonable Terms. The Land is in a good State of Cultivation. TREFNANNEY is situated in the beautiful and fertile Vale of Myvod, on the Banks uf tbe River Virniew, ' Mont- gomeryshire,' and On the Borders uf Shropshire. Possession may be had on the 25th March, 1813. Further Particulars may he bad un Appiicatiun to CHARLES DALLAS, Esq. Trefnannev Hall, near Welsh- Pool. I, s and handsome Vestibule, Dining Room,. 23 ft- by 18l'i. Breakfast Parlour, 19 by 18 ft. a smaller Breakfast Parlour aiid Siufly, excellent Kitchen, Servants' Hall, Brew bouse, & c. handsume Staircase with a spaciuus Landing, ami Back Stair Case, Drawing Room, 23 ft. by 18 ft. with eight good Lodging Rooms, and Servauls' Rooms. The Cellars are vaulted and spacious: tbeOut- Offices consist of a Laundry, Granary, Dairy, Cheese Room, nr. a double Coach House, and Saddle Room, une six- stalled Stable, and another three- stalled Stable; Ibe Barn, Cow- 11 noses, Cart Stables, Farm Buildings, and Farm Yards, aie parti- cularly large and commodious The Woods antl Walks surrounding llie House are beautiful. There is a walled Garden yvell stocked with the choicest Fruit Trees. WOOD HILL is situated in an excellent Neighbourhood, in a most fertile Country, abounding with Game ; is near tu Line aud dual, anil to good Markets ; and is 111 every W ay calculated fot the Residence of a laige and genteel Family. The Farming Man will shew the Premises. For further Particulars apply to T. 1- JONES, Esq. Oswestry; or Messrs. GtovER and SON, Auctioneers, Ruyton Eleven Towns, in the County of Salop, ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, AND WINTER COUOU. IT is au extraordinary fact, that although these Diseases are deemed incurable by the F. culty, not one single in- stance can be adduced in wbicli tile Srtamonium, as prepared by the direction of Sujgeon Fnher, has uot either effected a cure, or afforded ibe most essential t enefit The fume of the tilled Herb thus corrected, effectually prevents the Asthmatic fit; and the Oxymel, by allaying iiritation in the lun^ s, strengthening and correcting the habit, has completely suc- ceeded in cases of Consumption that appealed entirely hope- less. The prepaied Heib for smocking, and the Oxytnel fot internal use, aie sold in London by Harris, 21, Ludga'e Hill, ( corner of St. Paul's Church Yard); and in Shrewsbury by V/. EDDOWES, Bookseller; of whom may be had Suigeon Fisher's familiar Treatise on Asthma, Consumption, £- c. Cth edition, price 2s. 6J. I ^" OTICE is hereby given, lhat the Tolls arising atthe j j . j Toll Gates upon the Road leading from Shrewsbury - to Prees and Crudginglon, aud from Harlescott to Atchani, called or known by . the Names of Old Heath, Harlescott, and Berwick Gale's, will be LET by AUCTION, lo the best Bidder, at the Shire Hall, in Shrewsbury, un Thurs- day, the 4iii Day uf March, 1813, between tlie Hours of twelve and three u'CIuck of the same Day, in lite Manner directed by ibe Act passed in tbe thirteenth Year of the Reign uf liis Majesty King Geurge ibe Third, u for regu- lating tbeTurnpike Roads." Whoever happens lo lie the best Bidder, must al tbe same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, tuthe Satisfaction uf ihe Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, aud at such Times as thev shall direct. FRANCIS ALLEN, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Shrewsbury, Feb. 12th, 1813. At the Cross Keys, in Llanvmynech, in the County cf Snlop, uu Monday, the 8th Day uf March, 1813, at'five o'clock in Ihc Afternoon, subject to Conditions: Q 17/- V OAK, 12 SYCAMORE, and 42 ALDER TH EES, ( V/ a,, d 7 Oak Pollards, scribe. ninr : ed, and growing upon a Farm called GARTH UCHA, in Ibe tartsh of Llanyblodwell, in tbe County of Salop, in tbe Molding of William Jones, adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Oswestry to Ll.. nged* ii, six Miles from ll. e tormer Place, antl within four Mil. a uf ibe Caual Several uf lhe Oaks are uf large Size, and tit far Navy Purposes. ' The Tenant will shew the Timber : and further Particu- lar may be bad of Mr. T. L. JONES, Oswestry. TIMBER. BY MR. J ™ SALTER, At the Cross- Foxes Inn, iu Oswestry, un Wednesday, the loth uf March, at five o'Cluck iu the Afternoon, subject lo Conditiuus, IN ONE LOT. 1 A OAK, 1SOAK CYPHERS, 12P, EECH, q ASH 1 U / 5 ELM, and 5 SYCAMORE TREES, Scribe. marked, and growing on a Farm called the GLECRID, 111 the Parish uf St. Martins, in tbe County ot Salop, in the Holding of Mr. Richard Barkley. *** Several uf the Oaks are of large Dimensions and worth the Attention of Ship- Builders From tlieir Vicinilv to the Ellesmere Canal, near Rhos- Wiel, they lie very cunvenieul fur Carriage ts* The Tenant will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be had at the Office uf Mr. T. L. JONES Solicitor, or of \ lr. SALTER, Timber- merchant, Oswestry* Fehruar 1 Cith ] HI3. HOUSES IN WHITCHURCH. ~ * EY W.~ GHURTO, ( Bv Order of the Assignees uf STEPHEN JARRETT, a Bank- rupt) 011 Friday, Ihe 12th Day uf March, 1813, et five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Cnnditiut. s then to he produced, at the Crown and Mitre, iu Whitchurch in the Cuuuty uf Salop ; ' ALL those two FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, extremely well sitiialed for Trade, in the HIGH- STREET, in the Town nf WHITCHURCH aforesaid, now in tbe Holdings ut John Harper Evanaon, Druggist, and John Burroughs, Cabinet- Maker, wilh the Shops, Ware- houses, aiid other. Outbuildings, Yards, and. Appurten- ances thereto belonging ; anil also a Building at the Hack' of the said Dwelling Huuses; used as a Meetiug Huuse fur Baptists. The Inheritance in Fee Simple of the above Property will be disposed of subject to the following Incumbrances : viz. A LEASE to the said John Harper Evanson, of the Pre- mises in hia Occupation for tbe Term of nine Years, frum the 29th Day of September, isoy, at the yearly Rent of 15 Puunds. t, t And A LEASE of the Whole of tbe Property, dated tho 251I1 Day of December, 1809, granted by the said Stephen Jarrett lo Stephen Jarrett the elder, of Shrewsbury, I1111-' holder ( his Father), for a long Term of Years determinable on the decease of the said Stephen Jarrett the Father, now aged about 50 Years, and Elisabeth Ilia Wife, aged about 53 Years, under the yearly Rent of one Shilling. The T frtant, by the last mentioned l. ousy, is bound io keep the House aud Buildings in good Repair. For further Particulars Application may be made at tli$ Office ot' Messrs. KNIGHT and BROOKES, Solicitors, M Whitchurch. HER b. FORDS HI li E. ~ . BEAiJITFUL WOMEN, greatest Blemish to Beauty is Superfluous Hairs THE on the Face, Neck, and Arms; HUBERT'S ROSKATIi POWDER immediately removes them, is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant, to use. Price 4s. or two in one Parcel 7s0 Sold by the Proprietor, ' 23, Russel- street, Covent- Garden, London. { r^ r* T IVQOD having been appointed the Wholesale as well as Retail Agent, for this and the adjoining Counties, will supply Booksellers and. Dealers with the above Article on liberal Terms. The following are Venders in this Toicn and Neighbourhood: W. Eddou- eSy Shrewsbury j H. P. Silvester, Newport; W. Edwards, Oswestry ; W. Smithy Iron- bridge \ T. Griffiths, Ludlow ; E, Griffiths,. Bishop's Castle ; D. Proctor, Drayton. MOST DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE.. At the Horse and Jockey Inn, at Wofi'erton, in the Pariah of Brimfteld, on Tuesday, the 16th of March, 1813, between the Hours- of four and seven in the Afternoon subject lu such Conditions as shall be then produced : ALL that most desirable and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, called the WOODHOUsE, situale in Ihe Parish of Richard's Castle; consisting uf a Farm Huuse with suitable Outbuildings, and several Pieces uf capital Arable, Meadow, Pasture LAND, aud most excellent ORCHARDING, adjoining to and surrounding the same . containing by Esliinatiun 80 Acres, mure or less, and now in the Pussessiun of Mr. John Slepple, as Tenant thereof. The above is within a Ring Fence, and forms us compact and desirable an Estate as any in the County. The Or- chards arc planted with choice Fruit Trees, now iu full Bearing, and the Estate has a valuable Right of Common un ihe Hauway and adjoining Hill, which ure sound and excellent Sheepwalks. The Estate is conveniently situated as to Market", being only four Miles from Ludlow and nix fi « m Leominster, but b very guud Market Towns, and wit it in u shurt Distaucu uf Lime and Cual, nud alsu the Leominster Caual. Pussessiun tu be had al llie Expiration uf tbe present Tenant's Lease. ' The Proprietor, Mr RICHARD OSELAN D, ofVVofferton, or the Tenant, will shew the Pieinises; and fur further Particulars apply at the Office uf Mr. F. DWAIID WEL- LINGS, JUU. Sulicitnr, Ludlow, Salup. DAY and MAR I IN beg Leave to acquaint the Pubhc that by attending to the following particulars thev wil| avoid being taken in by the vile Compositions that are offered as the genuine BLACKING, prepared by them at 97, HIGH- HOLBORN; London. — After the word BLACKING in the fiist line of the Labels the Counterfeits have a small ( as), some have the same before the word MADE in the next line, and others put a small ( ni) immediately befure- the. Number 97. Pur chasers should observe that the whole Add. e. is is clear and distinct. Sold by EDDOWES, Rowdier and Co. Shrewsbury ; Part- ridge, Bridgnorth; and Smith, lionbritlge,— Price Is, fid. a botiiey TIMBER. At the Bull's Head, in Wellington, on Thursday, the 4th Day of March, 1813, al 5 o'clock, subject to Conditions to be produced, and in the folluwing Luts : LOT 1. ASH TREES, Scribe- marked, on Lands in the JfV, Pariah of Wellington, adjoining the Spa Brook. ^ LOT 11. 17 ASH TREES, 1 Sycamore Tree. I Elm Tree, ant! 1 VVich Hazle, marked with red Paint," on the said Lands. LOT 111. 29 ASH TREES and 1 Wieh Hazle, Scribe- marked, un the Limekiln Farm, in thy said Parish uf Wellington. The above Trees sre butted and topped— Mr. JAMES WEBB, of Wellington, will shew the Timber; and fur further Particulars apply to Mr. Ct AYTUN, Lawley, near Wellington. LONDON. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. i . tp Gazette contain* dispatches from Lord Cat hear!, staling li e opera: o s „ f the Russian armies up to the 191 li . f January last. His Lordship's last letter, dated Jan. 29, toncludes as fottows:-- The Russians h ive uniformly been received by thp nhabitantH of the Prussian dominions as friends mid deliverers, of which there is ample testimony ill all private letters fioni the army, as well as in public reports. " The ret rent of llie French thiough Prussia, has, like that from Moscow, been marked hy the abandonment of magazines, tumbrils, and oilier stores, " Berthier, Victor, Macdouald, Daru, and Beanharnois, are nail ed iiiiiong the Gfla niin wbo are gone to Danlzic. 1 be precise foi re in t hat place does not appear to be clearly • ascertained; bnl cam. n't easily he estimated at more Ihun half Ihe number « l » m adequate garrison. " The intercepted courier from Bonaparte to Berthier, is said 10 have cari ied orders u Complete the provision* of J> ani2N' for a long siege." The Gazelle also contains an account of Ibe capture of an American privateer of 14 guns and 80 tutu, by the MagiCieune, Captain Gordon. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27. The adverse winds and late boisterous weather bave prevented tire arrival of Ihe fonrGottciibnrgh Mails di e, as well as the French Papers, which are expected to conic in the Expose so lung lookr d for. Itis suited by a Gentleman just arrived from Paris, that the Austrian stale prisoner alluded lo in the last French -- ; . , u „ „..„,,, j>,.:„„, i„ 1..,,.;,,,; i,„. Papers, is „ c olher than Prince Schw arlzenbnrg, who has learn, that Ibe report of the Ho » « « boW F. Mde hat 1 , g lost been .- epr. sented by Ibe French to the Emperor of Austria, ! many horses is votd ot foundation. 1 his hue biigade, as having failed lo do his duty. By a private ship from ( loitenburg we have advires from LONDON, Monday Night, March 1, 1813. The letters received to- day by tbe uiail fioni the brazils contain uo pr. ltlicai intelligence whatever: Ihey, however, couiimiuitaie llie pleasing informal ion that the Bonne Ciloyeui. e, which had been insured at Lloyd's to an im- mense amount, at so high a premium as sixty guineas per real, WHS wife al Bahia. It appears that after first pulling 11. sea, she had got 011 shore, and rece ived so much damage as to render it necessaiy for her to be hove down and repaired. A Cadiz- Mail arrived Ibis morning, aud also a mail from CoriuniM, wilh intelligence from Ibe former place lo Ihe 17TH, and from llie latter to the silt. 1 of February. The campaign was expected 10 open early, and wilh vigour, 011 Ibe; part of ihe Allies, ll was reported at Corunna I ha 1 an affair had taken place al Talnvera, between General llill anil llie French, but neither date nor circumstance is given. The ruuiour of Ibe evacuation of Madrid by ihe Ereuchis repeated; and both the C01 inula and Cadiz papers agree iu slating that King Joseph was returning lo France. A Proclamation, announcing bis departure, it is said, stales, that he is going to attend a Congress at P- ayonne. The French are reported to be in considerable strength al Salamanca. By Ihe Brnmble schoouer, arrived from Corunna, after a passage of four days, Government have received dispatches from the Marquis of Wellington. They were brought by Mr. M'Kenzie, who reports I lint " Marquis Wellington was getting on gloriously." Mr. M'Kenuie says, that he had travelled from Alicant, through Spain, without llie smallest interruption. The wl. ole of lhc fine HutKor Brigade, we are happy to announce, lands d safely ul Lisbon, after a fine passage, nnd without I lie loss era single horse. We are also happy to the Sweden ID Ihe Mth inst, with accounts from Hamburg to the t) l h, and Berlin Gazelles lo the 3d of this mouth. Kntusoff has received a magnificent sword from Alexander, which lias been presented lo ibis Commander by lite Aiclulukc Constantine : and it is ordered lhat iu future the elligy of the Prince should he worn 011 Ibe regimentals throughout the Russian army— The Emperor, before lie left thai capital, paid erery flattering mn. pliment lo the Countess Wittgenstein. He invited her lo a splendid bouquet al one of the Palaces, which had been richly decorated for Ihe occasion; and, afler the entertainment, he informed bis visitor that the edifice, wilh iis furniture, embellishments, und pleasure grounds, w as her own. Copies of the Not 8 ' liich passed between tbe French Ambassador aud Baton Eugerslroili. nl tbe dismissal of tbe former from the Court of Stockholm, bave been received by the la- 1 Gnltenbiirsth Mail. The few documents which compose ibis iii lonnlic Correspondence, anil also those annexed to ibe Rfqioit made lo Ibe King of Sweden, by his Minisict of Stale aud Foreign Affairs, clearly piove that the rupture between Sweden and France is complete. These doe. intents, contain a description of an audience, which Ihe Swedish Minister at Paiis had with Bonaparte. In Ibis, the rulfinn worked hiin'elf up lo a pitch of rage, wliii h Ihe Swedish Minister says exceeded all imagination ; and I ben withdrew, after raging for an hour nnd a quarter, without wailing for a reply. On the Ambassador's retiring fioni Ihe apartment, he was MII prised to find not .111 individual in Hie antichainbcr ; even the Officers in Waiting having gone nway " 1 know not," lie says," uhiit bad occasioned this extraordinary cirrum- laiice; whether il was the result of orders, or of ihe spontaneous discretion of Ihe functionaries; for the Emperor had frequently elevated liis voire will; sucb vehemence, lhat il was impossible not to bear him ill ihe adjoining apartments." Private letters frcm GotlMiburgh stale a fact, which, if correct, leads lo a hope of the early surre nder of Danlaic, viz that instead of40,000, as asserted in the French Papers, the garrison consists of only 10,000 men. The Swedish letters contain another report, the con- firmation of which would be of Ibe greatest importance. They stale, thai Denmark had determined to join the Allies against France, and thai four Ministers, a British, a Russian, a Swedish, and a Danish, bad assembled at Copenhagen to conclude a treaty of alliance between their respective Countries Letters from Stockholm stale, lhat the Swedish Fxpedi- tion was lo be gol ready against Ihe middle of March, and lhat Ihe Crown Prince would command in person. The expedition, il was supposed, was destined for the Prus- sian territories. There is a rumour, thai the King of Prussia, having escaped from Frenc h coercion, has put himself al the head of his troops in Silesia. A running vessel, which left Gotteiiburgli Iwodays after the last packet, has brought this account. ti is reported that Ihe Emperor of Austria has given notice lo Bonaparte of his determination to maintain a ( Uriel neutrality in all further contests be tween France and " Russia Thursday the1 Pi ince Regent held n Levee al Carlelon. Tiouse, which, commencing an hour previous to Ibe usual tune, wus hut thinly attended. 1 beie were, I. owever, pre- sent ihe Dnkes of York, Clarence, and Cumberland, the Archbishops of Casliel and Tuani, the Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Ionian Ambassadors, lite Cabi- net Ministers, & c. & c.~ Among ihe presentations were, Mr. F. asl, on his appointment as Chief Justice of Bengal, who received the honour of Knighthood, nr. d several ofEceis on promotion, & c A number of distinguished persons arrived after I lie l. evee was closed, from Ibe cause above stated, among w iiotn were Lord Fingal and Ihe I Old Mayor of Dublin; the latter was attired iu a Court dress, over which he wore a scarlet gown and a collar of S. S. similar to lliai worn hy the Lord Mayor of London. Iu consequence of his lulu arrival, the petition was delivered to Lord Sid- m . nth. The total nmenuil of the estimate of genera! expenditure ill ihe Barrack Department, for tlie year 1813, is 33o, oibl. HOUSE OF COMMONS. In Ibe course of the week a great number of petitions were presented from various places in England and Ireland, •• gainst the Claims of the Roman Catholics, and a few in th ir favour Ou WtusrsDAV, Mr. COCHRANE JOHNSTONE gave notice Chut he would on Monday next bring forward a motion, relative lo the proceedings011 au inquiry ordered by bis Majesty to be commenced, oq tbe conduct of ber Royal Highness the Princess of W ales: 011 Friday, however, the" lion, gentleman postponed ) l lill Ibe 1 liiirsday after. The CATHOLIC CLAIMS— O11 Thursday, Mr GRATTAN, brought forward his motion for referring lite Catholic Peti- tions ton Commillcc, nnd afler a speech of considerable leugth, proposed the following Resolution " That wilh a view lo m en an adjustment as may be conclusive fur Ihe peace, si length, and security of the English Constitution, and Ihe ultimate concord ol the British empire, it is highly adViseabie 10 provide for Ihe removal of ihe civil aud mili- tary disqualifications under which his Majesty's Roman Catholic subjects at present labour, making full provision ct the same liine for the iiiaiuienaiKC and security of Ihe protestnr. t succession lo the Crown, according to Hie ait of limitations, ami for preserving inviolable Ibe Protestant Episcopal Church of Great Britain aud Ireland, nnd Ihe Church of Scotland, their Doctrines, discipline, and go- vernment, as by law established." Tbe motion was seconded by Mr Pointmi. y, and most ably supported by Mr. Plmkeft, Sir Robert Heron, Mr Janus Smith, ( member for I he universit y of Cambridge) and Mr. Coortenay It was opposed by Mr. Tondine, Mr. Ranks, and Mr. Yorke.. AI half- past Ihree oVIock 011 Friday moriiing, Ibe discussion was adjourned to ( bat evening, on llie motion of Lord Casllereui* h — The body nild galleries of ihe House weic amazingly crowded, and the greatest difficulty was experienced by ibe members iu passing, until a body of constables were directed to clear , the entrance lo ihe lobby.— The uoi. se and confusion w Inch j were occasioucd by I Le tumultuous ingress of such a body j of people into the gallery, excited the attention of the void of foundation, commanded by Sir Robert llill, lias marched for Alentcjo, and will be in Sir Rowland Hill's army. Sir Grauby Cnlcruft commands the Hussar Brigade ; they were lo be immediately marched oti tu the army when the letters left Lisbon. The Insolent arrived ou Saturday ( it Torbay, with dis- patches from Lord Keith, vvl. om she left with his squadron in Basque Roads. She reports, Ihal a grent part of llie crews of Ibe French ships bad been landed, and marched to join the Grand Army in the North. Pal is Papers arrived in town last night. They are to the 24th February, but contain 110 intelligence civil or military, foreign or domestic, of any importance. This silence, at a moment when, in conformity w ith the threats and boasts of Bonaparte, we might expect every corner of Ihe French empire to resound wilh tiie din of war, evinces his difficul- ties nnd embarrassment. Marshal Ney, for his services in llie late Northern campaign, hns been created Prince of Aloskwn, and that it may not be nil empty title, the ensile and domain of Rivcli, in Italy, have been made to assume that name, and Ibus metamorphosed, have been conferred upon ( bis favourite General. If similar honours do not await the other Commanders, this distinction paid to Ney must excite great discontent and jealousy. Three per cent Consols 58. J. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 18IS. ( rfp Tht Dolgelley Bible Society Advertisement, with some others, which arrived too late for this ll eei, shall appear in our next. MARRIED. Yesterday, at St. Chad's, by the Rev. T. Stedinan, Mr.' James Powell, ol Wetn, to Miss Matthews, daughter of Tlios. Matthews, Esq. of UfUngton. Wednesday last, al Tilslon, Cheshire, John Rowland, jnn. E cp of Eilesmere, to Mary , daughter of William Leche, Esq of Carden. On their arrival at EHestnere, the principal inhabitants testified their respect on lite occasion, by roasting a sheep, and distributing it, wilh a proportionate quantity of bread and ale, to the populace. Thursday last, at Church Slretton, Mr. Thomas Waring, to Miss Smith, of Inwooo. Fridav last, nt St. Mary's, by the Rev. J. B. Blakeway, Mr. John Powell, to Miss Briscoe, both of this town. On Thursday, at South Stoneham, Hants, E. G. Jor. ei, M. D. Physician to Ihe Duke ot York, to Mary, only child of D. Andrews, Esq. of Swastling. DlF. D. Snndnv last, Msuricc Lloyd, Esq. of Qarth- Llwyd, in the county of Montgomery, aged 67. On the 23d ult. Mr. Bromfield, cheese- factor, of Whitchurch. Lately, in her S8th year, Mrs. C'omberbach, of Whitchurch ;— Also, Mr. Prilcliard. tanner, aged 51. Mr. Beddoes, fatmer, of Harnage. On the 16lhult. Mr. Oakley, ofthe Moat, near this town. Lately, Maurice Stephens, E. q. of Bcrthdu, near Llandinam, Montgomeryshire. Lately, aged 86, Henri Bunti, E q. upwards of 60 years Vestry- Clerkof ihe Parish of Christ- church, Surrey ; in him is exemplified whirl itis possible for industry, aided by economy, to effect. He rose trom the humble situation of schoolmaster to the parish children, at a salary of <£ 20 per sear, to the elevated sphere of a Justice of the Peaceand Deputy Lieutenant of the countv. He has bequeathed to the parish the totlowing dotations:—— Men's Alms Houses, .£ 10.000; Women's ditto, ,£ 5000; aud the Charity Schools, £ 5000. On Fridav last. In the 35' h vear of his ase, after a long illness borne with becoming fortitude, Mr. Richard Hiles, of Brace Meole; a man highly lespested by a numerous acquaintance. On Ihe 23d ult. the Rev. James Torkinjtoo, L. I.. D. one of the Prebendaries of ' he Cathedral of VVureestcr, Rector of Sink,- ley, Hants, and for 21 years Master uf the Hospital of St. Oswald, near Worcester. AL Wellington, in Herefordshire, al the advanced age of 103, Mrs Ursula Evans; she had retained the perfect use of her faculties till wilhiu a few- davsof her death. Lately, in the 83d year of h'sage, Mr. Jonathan Roose, of Mill Bank, Amlwch, Angle- sea, the discoverer and manager of the celebrated Copper Mine at Parts Mountain. Oil Tuesday the 23d ult. at Norton, in this county, Mr. Thomas Geotge, jun. late of Manchester, aged 38 years. FAST- DAY. — We understand that Ihe general contri- bution which is usually ma e ou litis occasion, in aid of some important object of beuevolcute, w ill, 011 ihe ensuing Fast, be raised for lhat excellent institution, the Associ- ation for ihe Manufacturing » ud Labouring Poor.'— This institution has, from a concurrence of ciicumslances most unfortunate for the deserving objects of iis bounty, us yet icceived a very insufficient proportion of pecuniary means There is ccruinly no one object appealing more closely lo the feelings, and having so natural aud powerful a tic on ihe liheruiily of a British public, as the cause of their ow n ma- nufacturing poor. Wiicn Ihe stores of charity in this coun- try are immediately freely opened ou I he tidings uf suffering humanity beyond our . holes, surely our benevolent country nieu will uot forget, Ihnt among ourselves there are now thousands to whom we are bound even by a still stronger obligation, w ho are more intimately hone of oiir bone and flesh of our flesh, enduring tbe uiost severe privations willi exemplary patience, and who must, but for tlie exertions of this Society, have considered lhat their fellow subjects re- garded the wants ol all olt. eis as more deserving of attention than theirs, and lhat because some turbulent spirits were making privations not endured by themselves the pretext for excess, Ihey were . to be visited who were silently and sub- missively suffering in the common cause. For it should be fully fell and impressed, that Ihe inhabitants uf our manu- facturing districts, have been at le- asi the greatest sufferers here from Ihe measures of our enemy; they, therefore, have the greatest cluim for our assistance. There has been a happy dispiopoiiion between the pecuniary means of the institution, and the success of its exertions, ft bas. to ait extent vv hich could scarce Iv have.- been expected, drawn fori h the local charities ofthe country— adopt, d means of adding to the common (. lock of food, by subduing the pnjudtces against fish, lhat inexhaustible and accessible provision, and introducing it iu the interior; and it has produced a most salutary impression of gratitude among Ibe poor, for t he regard which lias been thus shewn lo their sufferings.— To thi* good work, lite highest and most illustrious cha- racters iti the nation have given their personal labours and diligent attention. This institution is now making anothei- appeal to the public for assistance, and if it does not pro- duce Ihe effect which such all appeal has so seldom failed to make on the generosity of Britons, tbe efforts of this in- stitution may he expected shortly to terminate— to termi- nate uow tbat they are wanted, whatever may be supposed lo the conirary, as much as at any former period of this pressure on Ibe poor. It is suiely lo be hoped that Ihc be- nevolent Ministers of Religion iu the establishment, and of ail denominations, will afford Iheir aid aud co- operation ou tbe ensuing Fast Day, by collections after diviue service ( see advertisement) and tbat the same powerful assistance which bus on olher occasions It- en thus given lo various useful institutions, ( aud wits on the last so largely lothal truly important one for distributing Bibles to ihe army aud navy), will not 011 ibis occasion be denied to our deserving manufacturers— ( See an uccuunt of I tie proceedings at the General Meeting nf Ibis Institution, ul the Free- masons' Tavern, 011 tbe 17th instant) WOOLLEN AM) LINEN" DRAPERY, IIA BER DASHER Y AND HOSIER Y, ST. MIBV'S STREET, NEAR THE CROSS, SIIREWSBURY. J. BAHA A BY, EF. GS leave to announce to his Friends and the Public, that he has lately purchased, from Ihe different Markets, a NEW and VALUABLE ASSORTMENT in Ihe above Line, which IS NOW OPEN FOR SALE; and trusts that bis Selection lias been sucl, as will merit the Approbation of those who may honour him wilh a Call. id hop. s for a Continuance of ' Vi n e ver be her Study to merit. I ' J s'l. H ' » < rD Cambridge T- I V, a steady Man, of goo, 1 ANN MACHIN, GLAZIER, TAKES Ihe earliest Opportunity to return Tbnnks to ber numerous Friends, and Ihe Public in ge neral, for the very great Success she bus experienced, since the Decease of ber Husband, and hopes their Favours, which it will ever ' WANTED IMMEDIATELY, Character, iu Ihe above Business, who will bate'constant Employ.— Early Application will be necessary. Pride- Hill, Shrewsbury. A LAUNDRY MAID. WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family near Shrews- bury, a steady Woman as LACNDRY MAID, who is perfectly acquainted with her Business; one who likewise understands Housemaid's Work will be preferred, as she will be required lu assist Ihe Housemaid occasionally. For Particulars enquire from THE PRINTER of THIS PAPER _________ A PERSON who has served in a respectable Family, J\. either as Butler or Footman, and whose Character will bear the strictest Investigation, may hear of a comfortable Siluation by applying to THE PRINTER. SHERIFF'S OFFICE. Shrewsbury, March 3, 1813. ~\! 0TICF. is hereby given, that Ihe Assizes for the 1 * County of Salop will beheld at Shrewsbury, in und for the said County, on Wednesday, the nth Day of March, 1813 : and the Jurors are desired to attend on Thursday Morning, the I8lh, at eight o'CIock. WILLIAM CHURCH N0RC0P, Esq. Sheriff. S\ EW GARDEN ANDFL0WER SEEDS7 * HIGGINS AN? rBROXTON, CORN- MARKI- T, SHREWSBURY, RESPECTFULLY acquaint Iheir Friends and the Pub- lie, that I hey have lately received from LONDON an entire FRESH SUPPLY eif GARDEN and I- LOWER SEEDS, which ihey can warrant to be of the very best Quality, anel li ne of Iheir Kind.— The Flower Seeds arc sold iu Packets of 2s. cach, containing a great Variety of Ibe most prevailing Soils.— Kitchen Golden Seeds 111 Packelsof Is. gd. each. N. B Wanted a SHOP BOY: apply as above. AT tlie A IS MM I. MEETING of Ihe Members of the Association for Ibe Prosecution of Felons, held al the Bridgewaler Arms Iun, Ellesmere, ou February, JS13, I r W AS RCSOI. VED hy the Gentlemen then present W.. Hn'. f,''.^' 1! leman spamily, near Shrewsbury, « too 1 MAN, who perfectly understands his Busi- ness— None need apply unless tbey can be well recom- mended — I'. r. qiure ol THE PRINTER. TURNPIKE TOLLS J. T'FJ5 " hereby given, lhat the Tolls arising at the • V 1 olV,- M, r* ." I'V" ," le turnpike Road hailing from Hat- mere Hill lo Ihe bud of Cotton Wood, commonly called or known hy Ihe several Names of the Tilley Gale, Crea more G a le, and Si one and Cross Gale, with Ihe Side Gales, will he LEI BV AUCTION, lo Ihc best Bidder, at the House of William Stockall, i|, e Sign of ihe BLACK LION Inn, in VVEJI, 111 tbe Couuty of Salop, on THURS- DAY, li. e25lh Day of MARCH, lsu, between tbe Hours of one and three o Clock in Ihc Afternoon, lor one Year, in Hie Maimer directed by lire Ael passed iu Ibe thirteenth Vearof llie l. etgn of bis Majesty King George ti. e Third tor regulating the Turnpike Roads."— Tilley Gale au. l Stone and Cross Gale, with Ibe Side Gales, will be Let with immediate Possession, and I he Creamore Gale to be entered upon on the first Day of Mnv next. Whoever happens lo be ihe best" Bidder, must al tbe same Time give . Security, will, sufficient Sureties, ( who shall personally attend,) | u tlH Satisfaction of Ihe Trustees of the said turnpike Road, for Payment of the Rents agreed tor and » t such 1 ime- s Uiey shall direct, as nu lerson wnl be allowed lo hid, until such Sureties are approved of by the I cutlets then aud there present WILLIAM BICKERTON, „. Clerk lollic rruslecsoflbesaid Turnpike Koad. II em, February 25, 1 at : i. PART0N ESTATE, O11 ihe Banks of I lie Wye, Herefordshire; TO UE SOLD, ions, lielo ai the p- w- nntc . , . , , . . Ihe 411. Day of HT n, ? , desirable and singularly valuable I mportv, P. R IE 1? "' e '* mh of E » ' disley, Ihe most fertile en present, of..!!, 1?!. tonL,,- v.'_ » > y » « excellent Turnpike That in Consequence of the general good Conduct tbey ! j/: ,' nid at nil Tinieu experienced from the hue Mr. ROGERS, [ i,.. l .!..-„ I.;- I. I... ts r I- . ,,....' Ltllttv pike nee of Hereford, Hay, . - Markets, iu a Stale of good and, since bis sudden Departure, from bis Widow, Ihey I c" Ta1!.,. lm,',. » " d ^ wisislmg a a xubslanlial do propose to DINF. al ihe BRIDOEWATER ARMS INN, Road, within u convenient Disian and Leominster on TUESDAY, the 161I1 Day of March, 1813; when the Company of the Gentlemen i. f Ihe Town and Neighbour hood, and Friends of tbe House, will be esteemed a Favour by \ Cspt. PrnnoTT SIMCOCKS,^ Mr. ROBERT SANDLAMD, J Sir. JoritUA 1.. MEN LOVE, [- Presidents. Mr. W ILI. IAM BKLI. ISS, V Mr. THOMAS EDWARDS, - Dinner 011 Ihe Table at three o'Clock. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ABLACK MARE, coming six Years old, an excellent Hunter, got by SULTAN, Dam REVENGE. N. B. Particulars may he known at the Raven and Bell Inn, where Ihe above Mare now stands. A: SSOCIATloN TOR RELIEF or THE MANUFAC- TURING AND LABOURING POOR; COMMITTEE. Ilia R. H. the Dukeof Kent His R. H. the Duke of Sussex TOWN OF OSWESTRY. THE SUBSCRIBERS for purchasing Ihe TOLLS of Ihe Town of OSW ESTRY, are hereby requested lo pay their respective Subscriptions to tbe Gentlemen of the Committee, residing within the Parish or District where such Subscriber* reside, on 01• before the 28th Day ofMareh next, ir, order to enable such Committee lo contract with the Proprietors of snch Tolls for the Purchase of the same, for the Purpose of rendering tl-. e Town Toll- free By Order of the Magistrates, JONES, Town- Clerk. 27M February, 1013. ,; ' JAMES, the Baker's, CREDITORS. THE Creditors of JAMF. S, Baker, lale of Double Rutclier Row, Shrewsbury, arc desired to meet at Mr. Maiisell's, the Cock, in'Double Row, <> n SATURDAY, the 20lh of March, precisely nl three o'CIock iu the Afternoon, when a Balance of Money in the Hand* of JONATHA K PERRY, will be disposed of. Shrercslmry, 3d March, 1813. Visiting Clergyman Ibis Week at the Infirmary, Ihe Rev. Mr. Rocke:— House- Visitors, Mr. Vangbau and Mr. Eaton. Additional Subscription tn lhat Charity. Lodge of Odd Fellows ( No. 17), Broseley £ 2 2 0 Al our Fair on Saturday last, the supply of every descrip- tion of cattle, & c w as short, consequently in brisk demand, and sold at high prices. Fat Cattle at 9d. per lb. sinking Ihe offal— lean also dear; fat Sheep 9W. to lod.— Pigs high. — Salt Butter 13s. to 14s. per gawn.— Cheese ", 0s. 70s. 84s. Our rcadeis will find some further accouu'. s of tbe suc- cessful progress of our allies the Russians ill another pint of this paper. Thursday last, the Petition from the Official, Gentry, Clergy, and inhabitants of the Royal Peculiar of St. Mary, in this town, against tbe Claims i. f the Roman Catholics, was presented lo the House of Commons by Mr. Kvnuslon Powell, M P. for Ibis county. < ununified lo our Gaol 011 Wednesday laat, C. Barnell and J. Gougli, charged with stealing wheat from Mr. Griffith-, or Darn ford Hall, near Whitchurch. The Prince Regent has appointed Edv. aid Corbet, of Plus Gw vii, Montgomeryshire, and Ynysyinnengwyn, Meri onelhshire, Estj. to be Sheriff o in the room ol Ralph t. eeke, of Criggion, Esq The long pending cause respecting tiie Angell Estaies, at Slockwell, lias lately been decided in the. Court of Chancery. By the decision, a female in ilie situation nl cook in Ibe family of a Mr. Capper, enters into possession of a foi lune of three millions sterling, arising from Ihe ac. cumulation of interest ou the proceeds of property origi nallv valued al £ 500,000 The eccentric but benevolent Mr Webb, w ho was lately so liberal nt Norwich and Yarmouth, Ins I week passed lb rough Degenham lo Frainliuglouu, where be gnve away J 4.. to, aud 011 Thursday evening last arrived al Ipswich, where he continued the same liberal conduct Four country lads appealed in their slop frocks soon after Ins arrival, whom lie had directed to meet him al Ipswich; he then cloatlied th.- iu in handsome soils of clothes; tour one he H. C. Combe, Esq. M P. Aid- John lvgerton, Esq. M. l'. Joseph Fox, Esq. William Hale, Esq. Iletlry Hoare, Esq. VV. H. Honre, Esq. Christ Idle, Esq. Z. Macao lay, Esq. Sam. Mills, Esq. John Mori lock, Esq. Thomas Pellail, hsq. Thos. Pemberlou, Esq. Rich. Phillips, Esq. Wm. Phillips, Esq. Joseph Reyner, Esq. T. Rowcroft, tsq. J. 1). Thomson, Esq. Henry Thornton, Esq. M. P. J. Weyland, jun. Esq. Sam. Wbitbre- ad, Esq M. P. W. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. THF, Creditors who have not signed the Deed of Trust given hy THOMAS CRUWYS, late of Doglane, TAILOR, to LANCELOTT DOWBIGGIN and SAMUEL GRIFEIN, are hereby informed Ihal the said Deed of Trust now lies at my Office for their Signature, preparatory to a Dividend being declared; and those Persons indebted to the Estate of the said Thomas Cruwyn are hereby required to pay the same to me, within one Month from the Date hereof, or they v. ill he sued for Ibe san JOHN DICKSON, Solicitor to the said Trustees. Saint Alkmond's Square, Shrewsbury, 2d March, 1813. HOUSE A\ D~ iTo7: ~ TO BE LET, AND MAY BE ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT, AN excellent SHOP and comfortable HOUSE, desirable . for Trade, situated in PRINCESS STREET, Shrews- bury, late in tire Occupation of Mr HARBRIDGE, Hosier. For further Particulars apply to WM. SMITH, Auction- eer; if by Letter, Post- paid Relief nf the Inhabitants if Ihc Russian Provinces, suffering the severest Privations and Distresses, in Consequence of the Trench Invasion. ) npHE MAYOR nf SHREWSBURY having received nu I A Application from Ihc Committee of Subscribers in ! ,, . „„••,„ .[ « „„•„ 1 London, requesting a Subscription tube made here, doubts | !.,,. he oMheconutvofMonlgoinciy, , ,1() t ,„„ „,„,„„. IN HABITANTS nf the town and Neigh- boill hood of SH It EWSBURY, I. ossessin.. ti. e Meu. ru .. . II 1 . possessing the Means, will be anxious to contribute by pecuniary Ai. I to the Allevia- tion of sucb unparalleled Sufferings'; He has therefore directed BOOKS to be left at the TOWN CLERK'S OFFICE, | other Poultry aud the different BANKS, for the Receipt of such Sums os Any othei " Grand or Peli shall be given; which shall be forwarded to London, and the Names of ihe Subscribers inserted in llie Shrewsbuiy Pa pei s. By Order of the Mayor, LOXDALK, Town- Clerk. . of erhii ry His Grace the Duke of Rut- I land I Right Hon. Lord Rolle I Right Hon. Lord Caltborpe Right Hon Loririeignmouth lit Hon Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt. Hon. J. C. Villiers, M. P. Sir Tho. Baring, Burt. M. P. Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart. Sir Mount Cholmeley, B u t. Win. Alexander, Esq. William Allen, Esq. Thos. Babinslon, Esq. M. P. Henry Brougham, Esq. M P. Andrew Burt, Esq. Al a SPECIAL MEETING of the COMMITTEE of Ibis INSTITUTION, held at Hie Free Masons'Tavern, on the 8lli of December, 1812, His Royal Highness, the Duke of KENT in Ihe Chair; It was unanimously resolved, That it appears lo Ibis Com- mittee, from the Evidence of well authenticated Facta and Cumin. micntions from the various Quarteis lo whit Ii the Assistance of this Association has beeu afforded ; thnt tbe Measures ndopled by them foe Relief of ihe Poor in tbe Manufacturing Districts have produced Effects of extensive Benefit lo the Objects of iis Bounty, by exciting and assist- ing local Charity, adding lo Ihe general Stock of Provision by large Importations of Fish, and promoting Economy in tbe Use of Food; that it is therefore highly desirable lhat such Exertions should be continued, but lhat the Funds of the Association are at present inadequate to meet Ihe nu- merous Claims which Ihe increased Necessities of the Poor at this Season present. That in order to enable this Committee to continue suc- cessfully tlieii labours in promoting these important objects, they do earnestly recommend to Clergymen and Ministers of all Denominations in England to make COLLECTIONS after Divine Service on the ensuing FAST DAY, ul their respective Churches, Chupels, anil other Places for Public Worship, in Aid of ihe Funds of Ibis Institution. EDWARD, Chairman Subscriptions are received at tbe following Bankers in London : Messrs. Birch nnd Chambers ; Bosaiique! and Co. Comic and Co.; Down, Thornton, and Free; Druinnionds and Co; Hanunerslrys and Co ; Hankey and Co.; Hoare aud Co.; Mot land. Ransom, and Co.; Paxtoits, Cockerell, Trail, and Co.; Smith, Payne, and Smith. It is requested that any Coniinunicalions for Ihe Associ- ation may be made lo ihe Secielary W. G. Carler, Esq. Joliu- street, America square, London. WELSHPOOL ASSOCIATION. WHEREAS several Horses, Sheep, and other Cattle- have been stolen, nnd frequent Burglaries, Felonies, and Laid nies of various Kinds committed in tbe Parish of POOL and its Neighbourhood, and tbe Offenders have often escaped Justice fur want of immediate Pursuit and effectual Prosecution:— Therefore, We, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, have formed ourselves into a Society, called THE WELSHPOOL ASSOCIATION, to raise am) maintain a Fund for the Prosecution of all such Offences committed against the Property of either of us; and do therefore offer the following Rewards for ihe Apprehension and Conviction ofsuch Offenders. The felonious burning any House, Barn, or olher Building, or any Rick, & c. of Corn, Grain, Straw aud Hay Tlie felonious breaking and entering into any House, Shop, or Warehouse in the Night Tinie The like in Ihe Day Time The felonious stealing, killing, maiming or wounding any Horse, Man- or Gelding ' The like of niiy Bull, Ox, Cow, Steer or Heifer The like ofany Hound. Greyhound or Pointer 3 Guineas. The like ofany Calf, Sheep. Lamb or Hog The like of any Turkies, Geese, Ducks, or Guineas. ! Guineas. Guinea. , Guineas. I Guineas. 1 Guinea. 1 Guinea. 1 Guinea. Amount of Subscriptions before advertised i' 32Q 17 T VV. and B. Botfield John Owen, Esq. Penrhos Sir John Hcallicolc mid Co Henry Bowman, Esq Knock in Hall Miss Povey, Pitta Miss Pritcbaids, Belmont Joseph Asleiley, Esq Mr. Pryce, Dorringttm John Warier, Esq. Cruck Meole 30 JO 10 10 10 5 5 sad Mr. H. Davis, Mr. Pmtheroe, and Mr. Round against Ihcni. At two on Saturday morning, the discussion was ygain adjourned lo Monday. NORTH WALES CIRCUIT. HUGH LF. YCF. STEH, Esq, and W. KENRICK, Esq. Anglesey.— Tuesday, March 30, at Beaumaris. Carnarvonshire— Monday, April 5, at Carnarvon. Merionethshire— Saturday, April 10, al Bala. CHESTER CIRCUIT ROBERT DALLAS, Esq and FRANCIS BURTON, Esq. Miiit^ oiufrijihiu:— Saturday, Apiiv a, - at Pool. Denbighshire— Friday, April 9, v. t Rnthiii, '•' iilshire— Thursday, April Vn, at Mold. Ch- Jshire— Wednesday, April 2), at the Castlc- JofChester. CARMARTHEN CIRCUIT. SAM. HEYWOOD, Serjeant at Law, and J. BALGUY, Esq. Cardiganshire— Wednesday, April, 7, at Cardigan. Pembrokeshire— Tuesday, April 13, at Haverfordwest. Carmarthenshire— Monday, April 19, at Carmarthen. BRECON CIRCUIT. Hon. H. HARDINGE, anil AUKL MOYSEY, Esq. Glamorganshire—' Tuesday, April 6, at Cardiff. Breconshire— Tuesday, April 13, at Brecon. Ilailnoishire— Monday, April 19, at Prcsleign, 1 Cu? 7iea. 4 Guinea. Guinea. bestow in charily, and sevcrnl of the clergymen he entrust ed wilh considerable sums for the same purpose. He left Ipswich Oil Monday ii. oi'iiiiig foi Colchester, which place he declared should have XGoo of his liberality. MARKET HERALD. Prico of wheat in our maiket on Saturday Inst— 19s. Cd. per bushel of .' IS quarts. Mark- Lane, Feb. 20. We have bad 110 fresh arrivals of grain since last Wednes- day, and the market being but thinly supplied. Ihe few sales of Wheat cflccted were at rather better prices than last Monday. In other kiurls ofgrain there was but little variation in prices. Those articles for seed exceeded our quuti d prices. Cut rent Price of Grain per Quarter as under :— Wheat Ols. to I lids. 1 White Peas 102s. to 105s. Bailee 63s. to 11s, I Oats 40s to 47s. M ih 97s. to iOtis. | Beans " Ps. to 83s. Fine Flour 10 s. to 110s.— Seconds U Os. to IOJJ. MARCH 1. Sales of Wheat continue dull, but fine samples obtain higher prices.— Barley is at an advance of 2s. per quarter. — Mult and Beans are without variation Scarcely any\\ lute or Grey Pease al market, aud prices nearly nominal.— Oats are vj sale at O'.' r la: t quotation.— Flour ul late prices. TURNPIKE TOLLS. > T OTICE is hereby given, that Ibe Tolls arising nt the > several Toll Gales erertcdon tbe Wellington District of Watting Street Roads, callcd or know n by the several Names of Walling Street Gate, BureolGate, Loiigdeu Gate, l. oug Lane Gate, and Lecgomery Gate, will be LET, either together or separately, as mav then be agreed upon, BY AUCTION lo the best Bidder or Bidders, at the HAY GATE, ill the Parish . of Rockwardine, on MONDAY, the FIFTH Day ot A PRIL next, between Ihe Honrs of 11 and 2 o'CIoek, in the Manlier directed by Ihe Ael passed in Ihe Forty- eighth Year of Ibe lltign of his present Majesty King George the Third: which Tolls produced Ihe last Year the Sum of .£ 1365 above the Expenses of collecting Ihem, and will be put up al lhat Sum, or other Sums, and unde r such Conditions as the Trustees then present shall agtec upon. Whoever happens to be Ihe best Bidder, must at tbe same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to tbe Satisfaction of the Tiuslees, for the Payment ofthe Rent agieed for, and at such Times ns they shall direct. NOTICE is also given, that the Trustees wiil at tliesaid Meeting proceed to ELECT n nv TRUSTEES, in the Place of those who are dead, or who ' nave declined to Act. THOMAS PUGH, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. March id, is 13. Thomas Jones, jun. Pryce Owen Richard Griffiths Harriet Lloyd John Wall Thomas flovicil Dwelling House fit for Ihe Residence ot a Geullc man, with necessary Offices nnd most convenient and sub" Manual Buildings iiiioa a large Scale, with good Feeding Stalls Threshing Mud me. Cyder Mill, and every nece" and seasonably floated by the R iv ci Wye For Terms and other Particulars apply | « RICHARI. BRASSEY, Esq No. 71, Loniharri- Slrelt, London ; or Mr. THOMAS COLEMAN, at bis Office/ in Leouinsie, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen ; and for a View of the Property apply to Mr. PETER TURNER, H, eTenam 15th February, 1813. • This Advertisement will not be repeated. ^ aies b? auction. Some Time in April next, if not previously disposed of by A.. . „ Private Contract, ' L1. lhat DWELLING HOUSE, logelher with - v tensive VAU LTS, Garden, Yard Stable sU ^ te on « ul? K ' n0W '" THT0TC" LJAL » ' » " f Mr. GEORGE! The Partnership existing between Messrs ROBERTS and QUICK being about to be d, ss0lve. l, all Persons indebted to Ls'j. oS"' Ure ' eq" e8, eU ' U StUlt lheir « » « on mid Hogshead's furSale^ " fR" m P"" Cbe°"°> FARMING STOCK & IIOUSEHOLirFLltvTnjliir. BY WRIGHT AND SON, On the Premises at STANTON UPON HINE HEATH near DaTs of ^' ai" b: e, 8,^' nt" V " fSl"° P' ^ A LLFCHNN1^ RLIT RV? TOFK aml HOUSEHOLD . I URN II URE ol Mr. JOHN HARPER, who is changing his Residence. 4 VALUABLE TIMBER. BY WRIGTrTAND SON, On the Premises, at Market Draylon, sometime in II, e . Month of March; LARGE QUANTITY of TIMBER in the >-„ i,„ rt BO fRDSNT P1^' and olher OAK HUARUS.— Particulars 111 a future Paper. FARMING STOCK. BY F. HALLEY, On Friday next, March tbe 51I1, 1813, on Ihe Premises Mr. THOMAS ROSE, of s'lrethiil Farm, ileTcoaU Farm- "' J ° f Su' 01'' Wl'° 18 leavi » 8 ' ho rj- tHE'following FARMING STOCK, viz. six W » g,- o„ J Horses, ( excellent Workers), one'hackney Mare ( a good Hunter), one Sultan Horse Colt, rising 4- yearsold - six calved and in- ealt Cows, two barren Cows ; ei4i Sheen-' three Waggons with Gearing, two broad V\ heel Tumbrils' four Pair of Harrows, a single Plough, a Land Roll, Sleade' Winnowing Machine, and various Implements in HUH! bandry. A Quantity of Boltcn and Barley STRA W, and a Rick of good Hay.- Sale to begin al to o'CIock in ihe Mornin*. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. On Saturday, tbe' 20th Day of March, ia| 3, at the Dragon Inn, Montgomery, subject to Conditions that shall then be produced ; QEVENTY- FIVE MAIDEN OAK TREES.— The afore- O said Timber is now standing in a Wood called Cowv'el a Comley, 011 the HEN VRON Estate, in the Parish of Llan dyssil, and County of Montgomery, within three Miles of Montgomery, one from Ibe River Severn, and three from the Wharf at Garthmil. It is excellent in Quality fit for the Navy, Plank, & c. & c — For further Particulars apnlv to Mr. ALEXANDER DUNN, at tbe Henvron, whit will shew the " I iinber N. B. A small Lot of ASH TIMBER will be sold at the same Time, which is 011 the above Estate ; the Ash is fell fit for Coopers' Use. ' Ltuceuy Stealing or maliciously breaking any Gale or Slile, or stealing any Iron Work or Thing he- longing thereto Beeaking, cutting down, uiid carrying aw ay any Post, Rail or Pale, or any Hedge brother Fence Robbing any Orchard er Garden, or malici- ously pulling up or destroying any Turnips, Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots, Cabbages, Onions, Beans or l'eas growing in any inclosed Ground Tbe Devisees of the lale William Evans Earl of Powis Ilcighway and Co, Pool Town. Matthew Jones Rev. Edward Jones Gilbert Ross Ruber t Griffiths Propr etors of the Mont- Richard Griffithes gonicrvshire Canal William Owen Robert Ringer Thomas Buwen Griffith Evans Thomas Clarke George Bayley Henry Owen Robert Cook Mary Colley Mary Turner Samuel Morgan Jane Morris Thomas Bedward Pool Parish. James Roberts Field Evans, Pool Quay John Waidson George Gould, Golfa Richard Goolden Susannah Corrie, Dysrrth James Harries Margaret Pugli, Llaner- Morris Jones chidol William Jones David Lloyd, Welsh Town Thomas Jones Guilsfield Parish. Edward Push George Mcares, Trelydnn Roger Clarke Edward Brynu, Varchwell Thomas Morgan Th. inns Daniel, Varchwelt Recs Griffiths, Varchwelt Worthen Parish. E. lvv. Parry, I. eighton Hall. Castle Caereinion Parish. Johu Rogers, Trehctig Dnvid Humphreys. ROBERT GRIFFITHS, Esq. Treasurer. PRYCE OWEN, Secretary. The ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the OAK INN, oa Wi! D.\ EsiiAr, the 3d of March, 1S13. 1 i SHROPSHIRE CAPITAL OAK AND ASH TIMBER. At the Castle Inn, Bishop's Castle, 011 Tuesday, Ihe 23d Day of March, 181: 1, al five iu tbe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, Ibe following Lois of Timber, viz LOT I. Ol OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered with while ( J I Paint 1 to 81. . LOT 11. 193 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered ttl like Manner 8J to 2; 4. LOT III. 120 OAK UMBER TREES, numbered in like Manner 275 lo 400 LOT IV. Ibi OAK TIMBER TH EES, numbered in like Manner 401 HI 5fil LOT V. 50 ASH TR EES, numbered with while Paint 1 lo 50. LOT VI. 55 ASH TREES, numbered in like Manner 51 to 105. The Oak Trees are of large Dimensions and superior Quality, calculated for Frame Timber, Bea. ns, Thick- ti IV and Plunk, for the Use uf Ihe Navy or ollnr Purposes. The Whole are standing in OAKELEY WOOD, ueai Bishop's Castle, and will be found deserving the Attention of Persons 111 vvyut of capital Timber. Mr. HAY, of Bishop's Castle, will shew tbe Trees ; nnd further Particulars may be had of Messrs. TOLDERVEY and JONES, Solicitors, Bishop's Castle; or Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Welshpool, Montgomeryshire. WATER CORN MILL, LAND, & c. IN WELSHPOOL. On Friday, Ihe 19th Dayof March, 1813, at the Oak Inn, Welshpool, between the Honrs of three and six in the Afternoon, in the following, or such oilier Lois as shall he agreed upou at the Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : LOT 1. ALL that capital, substantial, and well- erected STONB BUILDING, situated near the Armoury, iuWelshpool aforesaid, being 90 Feet long, 24 Feet wide, and three Stories high, in good Repair, and formerly used as a Wool- len Factory, for which Purpose il is well calculated, or it may easily be converted into an excellent Mallbouse. LOT 11." A WATER CORN MILL, with two Water Wheels, capable of turning four Pair of Stones : there is a constant and good Supply of Water al all Seasons.— Also, tbe DWELLING HOUSE adjoining, and a PIECE of excellent GRASS LAND lying close" to the Mill Water- course, containing by Admeasurement 1 Acre, be the same more or less. LOT III. A large, well- built, and convenient STONE HOUSE, uow in two Dwellings, situate adjoining Lota, with IlieYaril* nnd Appurtenances llicieto belonging.- 1 OT IV. Ali that PIECE or Parcel of capital MEADOW LAND, well supplied with Water, nnd nearly adjoining Lot 3, containing by Admeasurement 2 Acres, be Ihe same more ov less. For Particulars apply to Mr. HUMPHREYS, at tha Rectory, Bcriievv, near " Welshpool, where a Map of the Premises may be seen. 1 T . A. ^ aies by auction* TBflDfiDttS. To- morrow and Friday, BY S TUDOR, 111 the Great Room at the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Thursday and Friday, the 4th and 5th Days of March, • » I3; LARGE nnd valuable Collection of BOOKS, consist, . jug chiefly of the Libraries of two Clergymen, deceas- ed, which comprise Sermons and Work- ofTheological Criti- cism hv eminent Divines of the last and present Centuries; a small Library of Medical Books, and a few in tile learned Profession ; together with an extensive Assortment in History, Philosophy, Poetry, and on miscellaneous Sub- jects ; also some French and Italian Works.— Among them, in FOLIO, are Locke's Works, Henry on the Bible, Cham- bers's Dictionary of Ai Is, Middleton's System of Geography, itchen's General Atlas, Chaucer's Works, Statutes at irge, Langley's Ancient Masonry, Stackhonse's. History of Bible, Scapula; Lexicon, & c.— QUARTO : Blackstone's mmentaries on the English Laws; Cm den'a Con- rdance, Brown's Bible, Glasse's Burkit, Macknight's armony, Poole's Annotations; ^ Nicholson's Philosophical urnal, Walker's Familiar System of Philosophy, Long's stronomy; Bower's History of the Popes, Warrington's Wales, Hume ami Maraulay's England; English Diction- aries by Johnson and Sheridan; Greek Lexicons; Latin, French, and Welsh Dictionaries.— OCTAVO: Sermons by Sauriu, Abernethy, Haggitt, W. Adams, Blair, Gilpin, Walker, See !, Whitaker, Foster, Seeker, Home, Sherlock, Pyle, & c. & c. Johnson's Shakespeare, Johnson's Woiks, JJoswelTs Johnson, Russel's Modern Europe, Burn's Eccle. si. ist. ical Law, Burn's Justice, Goldsmith's England, Hume's England, Anquetil'sUniversal History, Doddridge's Works, Warhnrtou's Divine Legation, Col. Beatson's Works, Gold smith's Animated Nature, Public Characters, Anacharsis' Voyage ; Bell's British Theatre, 22 vols. kc. & c. containing IN THE WHOLE Upwards of 2000 Volumes. Catalogues may be had of Mr. TUDOR, the Auctioneer, or of W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury ; and ofthe differ- ent Booksellers in the County of Salop — Sale to commence each Day precisely at Eleven. CAPITAL CORN MILLS AND LAND. BY S. TUDOR, At the Lion Inn, iu the Town of Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop, on Friday, the 5th Day of March, 1813, at four o'Clnck iu the Afternoon, iu the follow, ing Lots and subject to such Conditions us will then be produced; LOT I. ALL that capital WATER CORN MILL, containing three Pair of Stones, together with a Dressing Mill and Machine, Sack Tackle, anil every other Convenience for carrying on an extensive Business, situate ut MEOLE BRACE, close to the Turnpike Road lending from Shrews bury to Ludlow: Together with a DWELLING HOUSE, Garden, and Stable thereto adjoining — And also Two PIECES of excellent MEADOW LAND, adjoining each other and the & aid Mills, ( with the Tithes of Corn and Grain thereof), containing together SA. lit. 35P. or there- abouts. Lor II. All that PIECE of LAND, containing 2A. iR. 20P. situate near the said Mill, 011 the opposite Side of the Turnpike Road leading from Meole Bridge through theVillage to Nobold, and bounded011 Ihe North try a Road leading from Meole Turnpike Gale 10 the Church, and on the West by Lands of Mr. Minion and Mr. Hughes, and on the East by Lot 111 Tbe above Lots are in the Occupation of Mr. John Sayer, and Possession may be had at Lady- Day next, if required. LOT III. All that other PIECE of LAND, bounded by the said Roads, aud ad joining Lot ' 2, Part of which is now occupied as a BRICK YARD, aud contains a deep and valu- able Bed of Clay, together with a Shed aud Oven for dry- ing and burning Brick, and containing together 2A ; lfi. oP. LOT IV. All lhat other PIECE or Parcel of LAM) ad- joining Lota and likewise situate bets ecu Ihe said Road leading from Meole Turnpike Gate to Meole Bridge, and Ihe said other Road from the said Gate lo Meole Village, and containing oA. 3lt. 3oP. or thereabouts.— In this Lot there is au excellent Spring. The above Lots 2, 3, and 4, are admirably calculated for building upon, being elevated considerably above the Level of Ibe Ludlow aud other Turnpike Ruads adjoining them, aud command a very beautiful and ex- tensive Prospect, and the Soil is remarkably dry aud fertile, with an excellent Brick Earth underneath. LOT V. A substantial well- built COTTAGE and STA BLE, adjoining Lol 4, with a good Garden, containing OA. 1R. 7P. Lots 3, 4, and 5, arc occupied by Samuel Darlington, and Posseessiou thereof may be had al Michaelmas uext LOT VI. A PIECE or Parcel of LAND, called MONEY ERIOCF, MEADOW ( with the Tithes of Corn and Grain thereof), honnded on Ihe North by Lot 1, on the East by Lpnds of Lord Berwick, and on Ihe other Side hy Lot 7, hereinafter described, and containing lA. 3lt. 14P. or thereabouts. LOT VII. All that excellent PIECE of dry LAND, well adapted for building upon, with a capital PIECE of MEA DOW LAND adjoining to it, containing QA. » P or there abouts, together wilh the Tillies ot Com aud Grain 1 hereof) suit bounded upon one Side hy the said t urnpike Road leading from Shrewsbury to Ludlow, upon another Side by Mcole Brooli, am) ou tbe other Sides by Lots 1 and t>, and I* ands belonging 10 the Rev Edward Battier aud Mr Axon The two last Lots are also in ihe Occupation of the said Mr. Saver, and Possession may be had at Lady- Day uext, if required. The above Property is situated in one of the most plea- sant Villages around Shrewsbury, aud lies about a Mile from the Town The Mills are in complete Repair, upon a good Stream of Water, and are well situated fora Manu- factory. The whole is FREEHOLD, and lies Within the Varisti of Brace Meole aforesaid. Samuel Dai lington. and Davies, at the Mill, will shew the respective Lot* ; and further Particulars mav be had by applying at Ibe Office of Mr. WM. EGERTON JEFFRV YS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury, where Maps of the Lois may be seen. ^ alcs bg auction. VALUABLE STOCK OF HEREFORDSHIRE CATTLE, HORSES, IMPLEMENTS, & c. This, and two following Days, BY JONATHAN PERRY, Oil the Premises, at WINSBURY, in the Parish of Chirbury, and County of Salop, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 3d, 4th, and 5th of March, 1813: mHE whole of the truly valuable Stock of DAIRY 1 COWS, YOUING CATTLE, WAGGON HORSES, COLTS, BROOD MARES, PIGS, SHEEP, broad Wheel- ed Waggon with double aud single Shafts, iwo Road Waggons with Liners, Tumbrels, Ploughs, and other Im- plements, Dairy and Brewing Requisites, and Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. THOMAS BAILEY, quitting his Farm— The Stock com- prises 16 capital Milking Cow?, calved and in- calf, two Barrens, two Calving Heifers, one 2- years old Bull, 12 ! 3- years old and seven 2- years old Bullocks, six 2- years old Heifers, nine yearling Bullocks, four yearling Heifers ; 31 Ewes in- lamb, 33 Wethers, one Ryland Raui; 11 strong store Hig- s, 13 smaller Ditto, two Sows and Pigs ; one valuable black Draught Stallion, tive years old, five capital 5- year old Draught Horses,( with new Glaring), two draught Mares in- foal, a capital brown Galloway, one 4- years old Bay Colt, by ATLAS out of an excellent Mare, one 4- years old Ditto by ABATHULE, one 3- years old brown Filly by GLAUCUS, two 2- years old Draught Colts, one 2- years old Bay Colt by GENERAL, one yearling Colt by Ditto, two Yearling Fillies, a Bay Mare by BLACK TOM, in foal to GENERAL, ( un excellent Roadster), & t\ &. c. Catalogues to be had at the Dragon and Cross Foxes Inn, Montgomery; Oak Inn, Pool; Bear's Head, Newtown; Castle Inn, Bishop's Castle; Cross Keys, Oswestry ; and at the different Public Houses of Cburchstoke, Chirbury, Marlon, Wortheu, Westbury, Pontesbury, Minsterley, & c The Live Stock will comprise the first Day's Sale, and the Implements, Dairy Vessels, and Furniture the t voDa\ s subsequent.— Each Day's Sale will commence punch ally at eleven, by which Time the Public Attendance is car nestly requested. HOUSES IN HIGH STREET AND SECURITIES. | BY JONATHTN PERRY, At the Talbot Iuu, in Shrewsbury, 011 Saturday, the 6tli Day uf March, 181:!, ut six o'Clock in the Afternoon, either together, or iu such Lois as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale : ALL those TWO capital Messuages or DWELLING HOUSES and SHOPS, with the Hereditaments and ' Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in the HIGH STREET, in Shrewsbury aforesaid, in the Occupations of Mr. John Weeks and Mr Thomas Hanley, together with the extensive Workshops and Premises behind the same, in Ihe Occupation of Mr. Dunaldsou— Possession lo be had at Midsummer. ALSO THE FOLLOWING SECURITIES: ONE SHARE in lhat wcll- eslablished Concern the SALOP FIRE OFFICE. TWO and a HALF SHARES in Ihe ELLESMERE CANAL. ONE SHARE in Ihe 1RONBRIDGE; and TWO SHARES in CRESS AGE BRIDGE. For further Particulars apply 10 Mr. Wooa, Solicitor, St. John's Hill, or to THE AUCTIONEER ^ ates D? mnaii* 1 BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, without Reserve, on Thursday and Friday, the llth aud 12II1 Days of March, 1813," ALL Ihe valuable FARMING STOCK. IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, BreVmg and Dairy Utensils, of the late Rev JOHN LEA, of ACTON BURNELL, in the County of Salop. Catalogues may be had at the Raven and Bell, Unicorn, Spread Eagles, and Lion and Pheasant lnus, Shrewsbury Talbot, Atcliam ; Cound Lane Inn ; Cressage ; Pilchford ; Acton Burne. i ; aud Condover; andofTHE AUCTIONEERS. — The Sale to begin each Day at Ten o'Clock. SHROPSHIRE TIMBER. " BY GLOVER AND SON, At the House of William Millington, in Acton Burncll, in the County of Salop, oil Monday, the 15th of March, 1313, between the Hours of three and six o'Clock in the After- noon, and subject to Conditions then to be produced : rpHii following Lots of most excellent TI MBER. growing on Lands al ACTON BURNELL, ACTON PIGGOT, LANG LEY, RUCKLEY, CAUSEY WOOD, FRODESLEY, FRODESLEY PARK, BERRINGTON, and CANTLOP MILL; adjoining good Roads; Part within four Miles of Shrews- bury, and two Miles from the Severn at Atcham Wharf; tht Remainder about seven Miles from Shictvsbury, and four Miles fiom the Severn at Cound Wharf. * 33lC3 bplucttort, BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 9th and 101I1 Days of March, 1813, ALL the LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FURNI TURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to Ihe late Mr. HOGGINS, of CRESSAGE, ia llie County of Salop: consisting of eleven Cows, calved and in- calf, seven capital calving Heifers, eight 2- year Ibalcgs bp Uuctioti BY S. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the 22d Day of March, 1813 ; Al. L Ihe LIVESTOCK " arid IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, belonging to the lale Mrs. LLOYD, of THE ABBEY, near Alberbury, in the County, ofSalop; consistiug of eight Covrs iii- cal/, one calving Heifer, four splayed Heifers, one young Barren, one 2- year old Bull, two 2- year old Heifers, oue ditto Bullock, four Yeuriii'g .„,; » I..... U RA.--— . . -- — - Yearlings; four Waggon Horses; one^ eEfe i broke^ J^ Ll^ Coi't's'^ uU : tive irood , YemWs\ £ WjP'Uo » b,"* e 5 11 , n4? mh- to leanings, two Rams; oue Pork Pig, eight store Fi„ i., three Sows in- pig; two Waggons, one Harvest Ditto, one broad \\ heel Tumbril, one uarrow Wheel Ditto, oue double 1 lough, one Wheel Ditto, oue Hand Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, oue new Roller, Fodder Cribs, two Star t; Frames, V luuowiiie Macjiiut., lar) te Ri die, Corii Screen, two Dozen of Bags, Series a: d Weights, Straw Engine, two No. Description of Timber. 67 Oak 73 Ash 12 Elm 19 Alder - Trees On what Lands growing, and by whom occupied. LOT I. ^ On a Fyrai at Acton Burnell, ( Mr. Hudson, Tenant. LOT 11. ',- Trees 0 ' Cyphers Also on a Farm al Acton Bur- licit, Mr. Suuxtou, Tenant, LOT III. - Trees - Cyphers ? On a Farm nt Acton Piggot, ^ Mr. Jenkins, Tenant. LOT IV. Cyphers / On a Farm at Evenwood, Na- f thaniel Bailey, Tenant. > Tree « LOT V. 5 In Bull Hill Coppice, near to ( j aud shewn us Lot 4. VALUABLE STOCK. BY W. SMITH, On Thursday and Friday, the llth and 12th Days of March, I8L), 011 the Premises, al the HILL FARM, near Weslhury, iu IheConutv ofSalop; ALL the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, together wilh all the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, belonging to Mr. THOMAS WALL; comprising 6 capital young Cows, calved and in- calf, 1 calving Heifer, 1 Barren, 1 three- year old Bull, 4 two- year old Heifers, 6 Yearlings 2 use- ful Waggon Horses, 2 Ditto- Mares, in- foal, t three- year old Draught Colt, 1 yearling Dilto ; 1 fat Pig; 6 Sets of Geers, Road Waggon, Harvest Ditto, nearly uew, 2 Tum- brels, Wheel aud 1- laiul Plough. 2 Pair of Harrows, Land Roller, 5 Slo;. e Pigtroughs, Winnowing Fan, lung Ladder, ^ Com Screen, with suudry Lots of small Implements. The HOUSEHOLD UOODS consist of several Fonrpoit Bedsteads wilh Furniture, Stump Ditto, 6 excellent Fea- ther Beds, Blankets, Quilts, Sheets, & c. Oak Chest of Drawers, Linen Chests, Dressing Table and Glass, capital Clock, excellent Diesseraud Shelves, large Kitchen Table ami Form, two round Tables, Beaufel, Dining Table, Cradle end N ursiug Chairs, Corner Cupboard, Arm Chair, 6 Kitchen Chairs, ti Parlour Ditto, 2 Wheels, Kitchen Grate, Oven, and Ironing Stove, Pitgrate, Fender, aud Fire- irons, Biass aud Iron Candlesticks, Lots ot Glass, China, ami Earthen Ware, witb a Variety of other Article's Tbe Dairy mid Brewing Vessels comprize 2Sione Cheese Presses, 5 butter Tubs, 2 Mitts, Barrel Churn, small Dilto, sundry Che'seVats, Milk Can and Pail, Scales and Print, large Cheese Tub, 5 Harvest Bottles, large Iron Furnace and Stack, Ditto Boiler, 2 Mashing Tubs, 2 Washing Ditto, 2 Oval Coolers, 2 Buckets, 2 excellent Hogsheads, 5 good Casks, different Sizes, 4 Trams, aud a Qtuiuity of other useful Articles. Sate to begin precisely at I alf past ten o'Clock each Morning— Slock and Implements the first Day. - Trees LOT VI. J On the Island Farm, Mr. Cor- ( field, Tenaut. > On Park Gate Farm, Mr. Steed- S man, Tenant. LOT VII. Marc, will draw and carry double well; five Setsof good Gearing; oue 2- year old Horse Coll of the Draught Kind, two Dilto Yearlings; thirty- one Ewes and Lambs; two Rams; five slioug Store Pigs, three small Ditto, one Sow and Pigs, Iwo Ditto in- pig, one fat Pig; three Waggons, two broad Wheel Tumbrels, one small Market Carl, one double Plough ( nearly new), two single Wheel Ploughs, Iwo Pair of large Harrows, three Pair of small Ditto, one Roller, one Car, eight Dozen of Hurdles, Winnowing Machine ( nearly new), Ditto Fan, Sieves and Riddles, twenty Bags, two Ladders, two Stouc Cisterns, Dilto Pig- troughs, with Stone Spools, four Fodder Cribs, Scales aud Weights, with 11 Number of small Implements, ike. ike. The HOUSEHOLD GOODS nnd FURNITURE consist of Fourpost and other Bedsteads, with Hangings, Feather Beds, Bolsters, nnd Pillows, Blankets and Covers; Oak and other Dining Tables and Chairs, Ditto Dresser with Drawers; a Number of Oak Linen Chests, Ditto Cup- buards, one good Clock ; with all the Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, & c. all of which will he found in good Order, and well worth the Attention of llie Public. The Live Stock and Implements will be sold the first Day.— The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock each Morning. YVESTLEY ESTATE. BY J BROOME, On Thursday, the llth of March, 1813, between the Honrs of four and six in the Afternoon, at the Seven Stars, iu Pontesbury, in the County ofSalop : AFARM, HOUSE, OUTBUILDINGS, & c. situate at WESTLEY, in the Parish of Weslbury, containing 4^ A. 3R. 25P. he Ihe same more or less, and lale in the Occupation of Mr. JOHN INIONS.— Particulars iu our next. tC^ Great Part of the Purchase Money may remain ou Security of the Premises, if required. Valuable Cart Stallions, prime New Leicester Sliccp, and Cattle Stock, fyc. BY J. BROOME, Oil the Premises, 011 Friday and Saturday, tbe 12th and 13th of March, 1813: THE Whole of the truly valuable L1VF. STOCK, IM- PLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, with ail the Brewing and Dairy Utensils aud (' asks, belonging to Mr. GEORGE EVANS, of BURTON, late of Wenlock Abbey, in the County of Salop, who is retiring from the Farming Business ; consisting ot a beautiful brown Stal- I liuu, Prince Regent, rising six Years old, stands 17 Hands i high, without a Blemish, and is thought to be one ofthe | compactest Horses in the Kingdom, has covered two i Seasons, is a sure Foal- getter, and his Stock is much ad- ( mired ; Young Black Prince, a fine black Stallion Colt, j rising Iwo Years old, will be found as promising as any Colt of bis Age; a very powerful black Stallion, 12 Yeais j old, well known to gel good Slock, aud is a capital Worker; : eight excellent black and brown young Carl Mares aud j Geldings, wilh long Tails, one of tbe best Marcs in- foal t lo Prince Regent; oue hack Mare, by Old General, her Dam by Old Snap; oue handsome grey Gelding, rising Ladders, Stone Cistern, L itlo Pigtioughs, about 20 Dozen ot Quarries, with a Number of small Implements. Sale to begin at in o'clock in ihe Morning. N. B. Also a Gig, wilh Head and Harness complete ; all the valuable HOUSEHOLD Goons and FURNITURE will be sold by Auction the last Week ill April or the first in Mav. CAPITAL HEHEFORD8HIRE STOCK. BV .1. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Thursday, the 83th Dav of Maicli, 1813 : ALL the well- bred LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS r^ ri, ^ i^ S^ DRY, belonging ( o Mr. BRISCOE, of CULMlNGTON. Jn ihe County ofSalop. next. Particulars iu our BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, Monday, theiqih Day of March, 1813 ; A LL Ihe valuable LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS 111 HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, &. c. ike. belonging to Mr." FRANCIS COOTHBY, of GREAT LYTHE, near I. ongdeit, in the County ofSalop. Particulars in our next. BY J. BROOME. On the Premises, ou Tuesday, Wednesday; and Thursday, the tith, 7th, aud 8II1 Days of April, 1313, ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, with all the HOUSE- HOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils and Casks, ( without Reserve) belonging to the late Mr. BED DOES, of the NEW HOUSE, near Corfiou, intht County ofSalop. Particulars in our next. " BY .). BROOMF, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday and Wednesday, the 13th and 14th Days of April, 1813; ALL the valuable CIVIC STOCK null M PLEM ENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of tbe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utcusils and Casks, & c. belonging to Mr. AMI DOWN, of LLAN- HEDRICK, near Bishop's Castle, in the County ofSalop. Particulars in a future Paper. • Trees 2 Alder 15 Oak 12 Ash 24 Oak II Ash 3 Elm 1 Sycamorc 1 Aider 10 Oak S Ash 3( 5 Oak. 29 Ash 2 Birch On Langley Farm, Mr. Dcakin, " Tenant. ^ Cyphers-' LOT VIII. - Trees ^ Cypliei ? • a um it 1 Syuwwe V 0 A 1 < 4* I* ^ Trees BY S. TUDOR, At the Lion Inn, 111 Shrewsbury, on Thursday, the 4th Day of March, 1813, al four o'clock, subject lo such Conditions as shall Ire tbeu produced 1 A LL lhat Messuage or 1) W FLUNG HOUSE and x\ SHOP, wilh the Appurtenances, situate in MAR- DOL, HI Shrewsbury, and now in the Occupation of Sir. James Webster. The Tenant will shew the Premises ; and further Parti- culars may lie known by applying to Mr. PANTING, Attorney, in Shrewsbury. WHITCHURCH, SIIROPSIURE & DESIRABLE PROPERTY POK TRADE. BY LA KIN AND SON, Oil Friday, the 191b Day of March, 1813, at the While Lion Inn, in Whitchurch aforesaid, ut four o'Clock in tiie Afternoon, subject lo Coudiliuns then to be pro- duced ; ALL those new elected and convenient DM' EL LING HOUSES, with Ihe large Warehouse adjoining, also TWO other DWELLING HOUSES, and the Gardens and other Appurtenances tu the Whole belonging, most eligibly situated tor Trade and the Reception of Goods, being iu the Town aud adjoining Ihe Wharf and Bason, til Ihe Extent of the Whitchurch Branch ofthe ELLESMERE CANAL. Joseph Holland, William Morgan, Aaron Dulton, aud Benjamin Heallev, the Tenants, will shew Ihe Property. For further Particulars apply at tbe Oflice of Messrs. KNIGHT uud BROOKES, Solicitors, in Whitchurch afore- said. CAPITAL OAK AND OTHER TIMBEK, NEAR WHITCHURCH. BY LAKIN"\ ND SON, At the White Lion Inn, in Whitchurch, in the County of Salop, on Friday, the 19th Day of March, 1813, o'Clock iu the Afternoon, subject 10 Conditions li VALUABLE LIVE STOCK, BY VV SMITH, On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Ihe 15th, 16th, and 17th Days of March, 181J, 011 ihe Piemists at WHITLEY, near Shrcwshuty, in the County of Salop: LLit. e Imtv valuable and well selected LIVESTOCK, ±\ IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, wilt. Pari of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, belonging to the late Mr. JOHN JONES: Comprising 7 capital yo'tng Cows, calved and i. i- calf; 3 capital young Black ' A aggonGcld'mgs, 2 ditto Mares, in- fual^ - 2 valuable three year old Draught Colls, 1 two- year old ditto, 1 piomising two- year old Cott of the Saddle Kind, capital six- year old Chesnul Geliling, a good Hunter, perfectly sound, and Master of great Weight, an excellent Buy Hack Mare, four years old, Giey Policy, half- bred Chesuut Gelding, aged; 20 Ewes'villi Strong Lambs; 10 good Store Pigs; 3 exi eljent Waggons, with Ripples, 3 Broad- wheel Tumbrils, small Cart, with Iron An. is, 2 capital Laud Rollers, Double- wheel Plough, Single- wheel ditto, 3 Hand ditto, 1 Polaloe ditto, 4 Pair of Harrows, 2 ( Tanks and Footing Chains, Winnowing Fan ami Corn Screen, 3 long Ladders, Slack Frame, with 35 Stone Pillars and Caps, Win 110 wing Mac hi tic, Mall Mill, and Kibbling Ditto, Pair of large Scales and Weights, Quantity of Bags; Straw Etigiue, 2 Corn Coffers, 5 Paling Irons, 2 Tutors, 2 Wheelbarrows, ti Stone Pig- 1 troughs, 2 Foddering Cribs, Grindstone, 7 Sets of good I Gears, 2 Waggon Ropes, 1 Hell Rakes, with a large Q ian- J tity of Sieves, Riddles, I'ikels, Rakes, und sundry olher small Implements, j The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE comprises excellent four- post Bedsteads with Furniture, and Stump ditto, sevrral ! capital Goose Feather Berts, Chests of Drawers, Linen | Chests, Dressing Tables, and olher Chamber Furniture; Set of Mahogany Chairs, Lining aud other Tables, with a general Assortment of neat Parlour Furniture; together with every Kitchen and Culinary Requisite. Tbe Dairy aud Brewing Vessels contain Casks of various Sizes, Tubs of every Description, Cheese Vats, Cheese Presses, Furnaces, Boilers, Stone Cisterns, anrl sundry other Articles. The above Stock will be found very good and useful; Ihe Implements are iu au excellent Stale ; uud the Furniture of a most respectable Description.— Tlie Stock and Imple- ments to be sold Ihe iwo firal Days. " Sale to begiu al half- past ten o'Clock precisely. 2 Aider 18 Oak 147 Oak 35 Ash 1 Elm 1 Sycamore 24 Oak 6 Ash 3 Elm 3 Oak 2 Ash 69 Beech 42 Elm 36 Chesnut 21 Lime 11 Sycamore 6 Fir 2 Birch 1 Alder Cj pliers On. Ruckley Farm, Mr. Davics, " Tenant. LOT IX. f On Can'ey Wood Farm, Mrs. C Cox, Tenant LOT X, ^ Trees Cypher ? On a Farm at Ruckley, Mr. ^ Bailey, Tenant. LOT XI. > Trees 484 Oak 130 Ash 181 Beecli 28 Fir 7 Elm 1 Sycamore 1 Poplar 1 Cherry 32t> Oak 70 Ash 30 Elm 23 Alder 2 Birch 279 Oak 54 Ash 12 Alder 4 Elm 35 Oak 2 Ash 180 Oak St) Ash 23 Alder 1 Elm 41 Oak 44 Ash 21 Oak 9 Ash ^ Oil Frodesley Park Farm, Mr. t Hall, Tenant. LOT XII. four Years old, just broke in, by Admiral ; one 3- year old Filley, in foal to Prince Regent; one yearling Coll; nine Cows, calved aud in- calf, two calving Heifers, one ' fresh Barren, oue yearling Butt, oue 3- year old Bullock, lo 2- year olds, eight Yearlings; 52 prime New Leicester Ewes in- lamh, 40 Theuves, 30 yearling Wethers, 47 capital fat Sheep, ( the Ewes and Thcaves wilt be sold five and the Wethers 10 in each Lot); one Sow in- pig, six store Pigs, five ditto Ditto; scveruI Sets of good Gear- ing, four good Waggons, three bioad Wheel Tumbrels, one small Cart, one double Plough, three single Wheel Ploughs, three Pair of Harrows, two good Rollers, 011c Car and Chains, about seven Dozen uf tlmdles, a four Horse Power Thieshing Machine, hy Mr. Ouions, new- Winnowing Ditto, two Dozen of Bags, Stone and Wood Pigtroughs, with a great . Number of small Implements, & c, & c. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Fourpost and other Bedsteads, wilh Hangings, five Feather Beds with Bolsters and Pillows, Blankets and Covers, several Oak Diuiug aud olher Tables, Mahogany, painted Oak and Elm Chairs, Dressing Table and Swing Glass, Chests with Drawers, large and small Linen Ditto, Wash- hand Stands, large KilchenTable, Dresser, with Pewter Frame complete, ( irate, Pitgrate, Smouk Jack, two Sways, Fender and Fire Irons, with a large Assortment of Kilcbeu Furniture, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils and Casks. The whole of which will be found in good order and well worth the Attention of the Public.— Also two excellent Stone Cheese Presses, capital Hogshead Furnace and two Boilers com- plete, nearly uew. The Live Stock and Implements will be sold the first Dnv.— The Sale lo begin at 10 o'Clock each Morning. u ij' The Auctioneer begs Leave to inform the Public,' thai tlie Cattle Stock will be found useful, and the Sheep and Horses equal to any ever offered to public Sale.— The wtiote of lire Stallions, Mares, and Cart Geldings are bred try Ihe famous old Horse Black Prince, which is thought to belli* Sire of more good Waggon Horses than any other Stallion 111 his Day. VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. BY T. VAUGHAN, On Wednesday, the 171b Dav of March, 1913 ; rinHE ueataud raJdern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, \ and other Effects, beluugiug to Mrs. BYRNE, of Talbot Street, ELLESMERE, in the County of Salop, ( who is leaving Ellesmere); comprising handsome Kitchen Grate, and all other necessary Kitchen Requisites, beauti- ful Mahogany Dining Table, tine Spanish Wood, tj Maho- gany Chairs, Hair Seats, Mahogany Gardeviuc, wilh Drawers and Rccei- ses for Glasses, and nine Flint Spirit Decanters, complete Set of Foreign China, blue and Gold, modern Sopha, Brass nailed and Cotton Cover, two Maho- gany Card T ables, tine Wood, Mahogany octagon Pillar aud Claw Table, handsome Pair of Fourpost Bread Nut Tree Bedsteads, wilh Cotton Furniture, Fringe, & c beau- tiful Mahogany Wardrobe, fine W oud, Mahogany Bureau, Teut aud other Bedsteads, a valuable Engraving, by Ry- land, gilt Frame, and glazed, Swing Glass, Mahogany and painted Dressing Tables, together with the Brew ing Uleu- sils, & c, ike. Tbe Auctioneer respectfully lakes the Libert" of iuform- ing tbe Public, lhat Ihe Furniture is modern and in a hign State of^ Preservation, the Whole of which has been pur- chased New within ibe last Iwo Years, aud will positively be sold without Reserve. The Sate to begin at ten o'Clock. Trees 5 In Birrh Copy and Lawlev \ Farm, Mr. Corfield, Tenant. TIMBER. BY W CHUfiTON. On Tuesday, 91b of March, 1813, at llie Phoenix Inn, in Drayton, in the County ofSalop, at five o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will lie then produced ; ALL those 20 large valuable OAK TREES, and 2 ASH DITTO, Scribe- marked, and growing upon Lands called STONES'S LAND, siiuate at the Brown- hills, near Dray toil- in- Hales, in the County ofSalop, in the holding of Mr. Gough, who will shew the Timber. Further Particulars may be known on Application to W CIIURTON, Auctioneer, Whitchurch. - Trees LOT Xtll. ( On Frodesley Hall Farm, Mr. ( Jones, Tenant. LOT XIV. Trees Cyphers LOT " 1 ( Great Part Coppice Timher) 011 \ Frodesley Farm, Mr. Everalt, ) Tenant. XV. ^ Trees £ Cypl; J On Frodesley Lane Farm and C Cottage adjoiuiug, Mr. Bowen, J Tenant. ere LOT XVI. 4 Sycamore J £ Trees at six en to T iI'e following desirable Lots of TIMBER, numbered a. with a Scribe, and growing on a Farm al Broughall, 111 the Paiish of Whitchurch aforesaid, iu the Holding of Thomas Hughes. LOT I. 23 OAK, nnd6 ASH TREES, on a Piece of Land called Martin's Ash Meadow. LOT 11. 238 OAK, tk> ASH, and 3 ALDER TREES, on the Remuiuder of the said Farm. Tbe above Timber is well worth Ihe Attention of Ship- builders, aud lies within a convenient Distance from Ihe Ellesmere Canal, being about three Miles from Whitchurch adjoining the Road to Nautwich. JOHN CROSS, of Broughall, will shew the Lots; and fur- ther Particulars may be had from Mr. JOHN BROOKES, Mercer, at Wbitchurpb, or from Mr. LEE, Redbrook, near Whitchurch. ELEGANT AND MODERN l'URMTUHE. BY W. SMITH, On Wednesday, the 3lsl of March, and Thursday, the tsl of April, 1813, on llie Premises, at THE ISLE, near Shrewsbury, iu Ihe County of Salop, the Residence of Colonel GATACRE, W ho is leaving : ALL the Genuine HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE, Ihe whole of which was new within the last two Years.— Particulars iu a future Paper. Catalogues will be prepared hy the 2uth insiaut. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately after the Sale, The above most desirable Premises. For Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to THE AUCTION KER ; if by Letter Post- paid. { One Concern.) CAPITAL TIMBER. TO Br SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, At the Cross Keys, iu Oswestry, on Wednesday, Ibe 17th Day of March, 1813, at five o'Cloc. k iu the Afternoon ; ' OAK, 1 CYPHER, 27 ASH, 33 ALDER, and 1 ) H 12 Oak 8 Asb 113 Oak 54 Ash 25 Alder 17 Elm 8 Oak t> Ash lb Alder ? Cyphers LOT \ On Frodesley Parity Mr. Hick- ^ man, Tenaul.. XVII. •- Trees ( O11 a Farm at Berrlogton, Mr. < Meire, Teuant. 80 Oak 28 Ash 12 Elm Trees . Trees 5On Cantlop Mill Farm, Mr. f Laugford, Tenant. LOT XVIII. ( Part Coppice Timher) on a Farm at & erriugton, Mr. Elles- mere, Tenant. The above valuable Timber is lengthy and of large Dimensions ; fit for tbe Navv, excellent Cieft, Cooper and Wheelwright Stuff, or any olher Purposes where large Tim- ber is required; are Syribe- marked and numbered, each Lot commencing with No. 1 — The respective Tenants will shew lite Lois; and for further Particulars apply 10 Messrs. GLOVER aud SON, Acton Burnell, near Shrewsbury. 63 SYCAMORE, growing upon Pen y Indian Farm, in the Township of Henllc, near WHITTINGTON, iu the Occupation of Sarah and Richard Hurdley, who will shew the same upon Application. Tile above are worthy Public Attention, being of large Dimensions, and well adapted for Beams, Planks, and 01 her valuable Uses— The Situation is eligible, between Ihe Turnpike Road from Oswestry to Ellesmere, and from boih those Towns to Chirk and Llangollen; aud distant from the Canal about a Quarter ofa M ile. Fnrthrr Particulars may he known of Mr. WlLMAV LLOYD, Nantglyn, near Denbigh. BY S. BAGNOLD, On Saturday, Ihe 13lh of March, 1813, at the Crown Inn, in Newport, in Ihe County of Salop, precisely at four o'Clock iu the Afternoon ; rpllAT well bred brown Waggon Horse, MERRYMAN, J rising five Years old, sixteen Hands and a halt high, 11 sure Foat- geller, and allow ed by all Judges to be the best 01 se of tin Kind in 1 tiis Part ofthe Kingdom. Also at Ihe same Time, that high bred Blood Horse, MUSICIAN. He was got by the Earl of Stamford's Chan- ter ; his Dam own Sister to Cheshire Cheese ; Chanter as got hy Pipator, his Dam I e Sang, Grand Darn tiy Regnlus, outof Bay Brocklesby. The Horse's Dam was got by Sir Peter, ber Dam Georgiaua by Sweet briar, onl of Cappclla, by Herod, Miss Cape bv Regnlus, & c. MUSICIAN is rising six Yearn old, near sixteen Hands and a half high, is a dark bay, with four black Legs, aud for Symmetry ond Bone scarcelylo be equalled. The above named Horses niav be sceu at their Stables at MORETON, near New pert pforestiO. BY J. BROOMLS On the Piemises, on Monday, the I5tli Day of March, 1813 : ALL Ihe LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI- TURE, Brewing and Dairv Utensils and Casks, belonging lo Miss JANE GARDENER, of THE LAKE, in the Parish of Weslhury, iu the Couuty of Salop: consisting of four Waggon Horses with Gearing for Ditto, one Cow in- calf, oue 2- year old Bull, two Porks, five small store Pigs ; one Waggon, one Hand Plough, one Roller, Thresh- ing Machine, Winnowing Ditto, Winnowing Fan, Lot of Bags, Sieves aud Riddles, three Drag Rakes, Lot of small Ditto and Ptkels, six Bagging Bills, two Piling Irons, two Fodder Cribs, three Stone Pigtroughs, three Wood Ditto, two Ladders, one Timber Chain, oue Waggon Rope, with , a Number of small Implements, & c. & c. The Household Furniture consists of Fourpost and olher Bedsteads, with Hangings and Window Cnrlaius to match, Feather Beds, Bolsters, aud Pillows, Sheets, Blankets, and Covers; Oak Dining and other Tables und Chairs, Oak Dresser and Shelves, Ditto Chest with Drawers, and Linen Ditto, large Kitchen Table and Form ; good Eight Day Clock, one Thirty- hour Ditto; two Frames of Shelves, Corn r nnd other Cupboards, large Stove Grate, Pitgrate and Fender, Fire Irons anil Wire Fender, Tin Hastemr, large Oak Skreeu, two Flour rFlitis, two Cheese Presses, two Cheese Tubs, Lot of Cheese Vats, Barrel Churn, one upright Ditto, large Furnace nnd Boiler, & c. & c. wiili a Number of large and small Casks aud Tubs, the whole of which will be found iu good order, and worth the Attention of the Public. The Sale to begin with the l. ive Stock and Implements in Husbandry, precisely at 1') o'Clock in the Morning, as the whole will he sold iu ou « Day. BY J BROOME, Ou Tuesday, the lGlh Day of March, 1813: ryiHfc FARMING STOCK - d IMPLEMENTS in X HUSBANDRY, Brewing Vessels aud Casks, with Fart of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mrs. AMBLER, of WILDERLEY, near Church Pulver batch, iu the County of Salop; consisting of one capital Waggon Gelding, threeDitto Mares( one in- foal), one 3- year old Waggon Colt ; six Sets of Gearing; one Sow in- pig ; one Waggon ( nearly new), oue Tumbril, two Wheel Ploughs, one Hand Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, one Roller, four Dozen of Hurdles, three Hell Rakes, about thive Dozen of Bags, Scales and Weights, two Waggon Ropes, a Win- nowing Fan, Straw Engine, Sieves and Riddles, Corn Skreeu, ike. ami a Number of small Implements. The Furniture comprises nine Feather Birds, Bolnters, and Pillows, Blankets and Coverlids ; FourpOsl and other Bedsteads ; Oak Chests, 12 Mahogany Chairs wilh Hair Seats, six Oak Chairs, Dining Tables, kneheu Tables, Dutch Oven, ami Fire Grate. Also, about Fifteen Tons of good HAY, to be eaten on the Premises, N. B A large Quantity of excellent OAT STRAW for Cattle ; great Care will be taken of the Cattle. FARMING STOCK. BY K. POOLK, On Tuesday aud Wednesday, the 3uth and 31st Days of^ March, 1811; ALL tbe valuable LIVESTOCK, 1 M PLEM ENTS IN HUSBANDRY, and HOUSEHOLD GOODS, on Ihe Premises of ihe late Mr. YATES, of BESl. OW, in the Couuty of Salop — Particulars wilt appear iu a future Paper. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. BY R. MADDOX, On the Premises, in Willow- Street, OSWESTRY, on Thursday aud Friday, the 4th and5th Daysof March, ALL the MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BOOKS. Brewing Vessels, ( kc. belonging to Ihe late Captain BRADBR1DGE, deceased NOTICE TO CREDITORS. All Persons having Demands ou the above Estate and Effects, are desired by the Widow and Administratrix of I he said JOHN BRA D BRIDGE, to send an Account, wilh au Explanation of the Nature thereof, lo Mr HURLESTON, Solicitor, Oswestry. Catalogues may ue had at Ihe principal Iuus in Oswestry, of the Auctioneer, and uf VV. Price, Printer, Osweslry. MERIONETHSHIRE TIMBER. At the Golden Lion, iu Dolgellv, on Tuesday, the 30th Day of March, 1813, at four o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions to be then produced : ry « OAK TREES, and ; f) 3 OAK POLES, Scribe- / / t marked, aud growing on the Farms of Cefi- * creiian Issa, Cefn- creuan Uclia, Brynwhat, and Brauch y Catmint, in the Parish and situated within 4 Miles of Dulgelly, near to the Turnpike ltoad leading lo Bala. The Tenants ou the Premises will shew ihe Timber. . BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, Ihe lgili Day of March 1813. ALL the Valuable LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, ike belonging toMr. EVERAL, of THE LEASOWS, near Church Pulverbatch, in the County ofSalop. Particulars in our next.. BY .) BHOOME, On the Premises, o: i Wednesday, March 24, 1813; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS ill HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. COOKE, of NORBURY, near Bishop's Castle, in IheCountvof Salop. Particulars in our next. SHKOI'SHIRE— CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. At the Inn, in Bromfield, near Ludlow, in the County of Salop, on Friday, I lie 26th Day of March, 1813, at four in tbe Afternoon, subject lo such Conditions us shall be then produced: rHE FOLLOWING LOTS OF TIMBER, viz. LOT 1. 177 TIMBER TREES, standing on a Farm and Lands adjoining, in the Occupation of Mrs. Gardner, aud others, near OAKLEY PARK, in Ihe Paiish of Bromfield. LOTH. 21( 5 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing in ihe Pool Coppice, in the Occupation of Mr. Lasbrey, lute Part of Oakley Park. LOT III. 7„ OAK TIMBER TREES, viz 30 on Lands called High Tr, es, 14 in Sfcot's Wood, and 2t> in Ihe Stock- ing Nursery, all lale Part of Oakley Park. LOT IV 212 OAK TIM BER TREES, standing on thr. Cookeridge Farm, adjoining Lot 3, in tl. e Occupation of Mrs. Mary Titlev LOT V. 130OAKTREES, standing on a Farm al Feltou, near Ludlow, in the Occupation of Mr. Hodges. LOT VI. 120 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing on a Farm at VVhitbatch, adjoining Lot 5, in the Occupation of Mr. Acton. LOT ViL 50 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing on a Farm at Pndmure, in llit Parish of Ouibury, in Ihe Occu- pation of Mr Marston. LOT VIII. 108 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing! on a Farm al Snitton, in llie Poi ish ol Bilterley, in ihc Occupa- tion of Mr. William Butcher. LOT IX. 87 OAK TI vt BF. RTREES, standing on a Fann atSnittuu aforesaid, in the Occupation of Mr. t Toinkiuu. LOT X 108 OAK TIMBER fit EES, . landing on a Farm at Dinchop, in ihe Chapelry of Halford, in tbe Occupation of Mi*. Bright and Widow Manuox. The Trees in the foregoing Lots, numbered wilh a Scribe, arc of large Dimensions, ami of Ihe best Quality, calculated for Stern Posts, Rolher, aud Siem Pieces, Beams and Frame Timber fur Hie U< e of the Nafy, or any oilier Pur- poses for which large Timber is required. Mr. LASBREY, of Aldon, near Ludlow, will appoint a Person to shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be had at tlic OEI ICE at Powis CASTLF, or of Mr. GOULD, Golfs, uear Welshpool, Montgomeryshire. and re of a It biings LONDON.. FROM THE LO. XDQN GAZETTE. AUMIJTAyrr- OFFICE, FEBRUARY ' 23. Extract of: » letter from Captnin Paget, of the Superb. 1 have preat pleasure in acquainting you, that the Superb has just run alon^ skU- the fine American brig Star, of 330 ton. s, six guns, anil 35 men. The Prince Recent has been pleased to constitute and appoint R. Chnndos, Marquis of Buckingham, to he lord Lieutenant of the county of' Buckingham. [ This. Gazette contains an Order in Council for the Arch- bishop of Canterbury to prepare a Fwm uf Prayer for the Prince Regent ; and another Order, directing Prayers to be put up for hi* Hoyal Highness iu the established Churches of Scotland, and those of the Episcopal Communion in that kingdom.] WEDNESDAY," EBRUARY 24. This morning one of the Gottenbuigb Mails, so Ion; so anxiously expected, arrived; the advices it brings nature lo satisfy our most sanguine expectations, the follow ing official accounts The Commander in Chief of the Armies, Field Marshal Gen. Prince Kutuso'w of SirrolensKo, has'on the 13th of January ( N. S.) of this year, transmitted to his Imperial Majesty, the fallowing report from his head quarters at the village of Meretsck : — " In all accounts received from the army, statements have be en given of the extraordinary great losses sustained by th « French army within the borders of Russia, in the course of the present campaign. . Such publications may at times appear to be exaggerated,' or inserted through partiality ; but, in confirmation of them, the original report on the condition ot even the French regiment of the Guards which has lately fallen into the hands of the General of Cavalry, Count Wittgenstein, since the expulsion of the French over our borders, is laid before" your Imperial Majesty; from which it clearly appears that, by the confession ol the enemy himself, his own ruin is shown in a still more dreadful light, and seives as a substantial proof of the total destruction of >] iis army, as likewise of every thing else, that has befoie , been made pub! c." Supph mail to the St. Petersburg Gazette of Jan. 17, ( 29.) 44 Tne Commander iu Chief of the Armies, Marshal Prince Kutusow, of Smolensko, has reported as follows, to his Imperial Majesty, from his head- quarters, Orany, Dec. 2&, ( Jan 9.) :•— 44 Konigsberg, the ancient capital of Prussia, is subject to your Imperial Majesty. This vast city was occupied on the 25th December, ( Jan. 6), by the Count Wittgenstein's advanced guard, under the orders of Major- Gen. Schepeleff. H'larsha! Macdohald occupied the town with a corps a' aimee, composed of the old French Guaids, and some troops, who had escaped the destruction of the enemy's Grand Army. The wreck of his particular corps, eonstiUiting part of this total, was reduced to 2,500 men; and after the Prussians separated fiom them, there remained to him, in all, but about 7000 men. At the approach of the advanced guard, which briskly pursued, the enemy, without halting, passed by Konigsberg, and abandoned it to Major. Gen. Shepeleff, who entered it, without meeting any resistance. This astonish- ing facility in giving up the possession of this city, is a con- scquence of the victories with which the arms of your Imperial Majesty have been crowned during the last two months. Macdonald's corps is pursued by Wittgenstein's and Adm, Tchichagoff's army by diagonal routes." • Reports fi cm Field Marshal Prince Kutusn- e of Smolensko to his Imperial Majesty, dated Head » qua>' ters, Lych% Jan. 6, ( 18). 44 Admiral Tcliichagoff reports tome, that or. the 2d ( 14th) of January, the enemy was driven behind the river Nogat, and that Eibing, Marienberg, aud Marienwerder, were taken by your Imperial Majesty's troops. Count Platoff still pursues the enemy, on the road from Marienburg towards Danfzic. In the mean time, Lieut. G< n. Shtpeleff crossed the Nogat, near Sommerau,' and molests the enemy on. that side, The enemy left behind him seven pieces of ordnance on the road from Truentz to Damerau. 44 As soon as I shall obtain a more particular account of this, I shall have the honour to report it to your Imperial Majesty." Report from the same io the s ame, dated Jan. 7, ( 19). " I ha\ e the honour to report most humbly. that, after the taking of Eibing on the 31st of December ( I 2th of January), the enemy was driven from Mari•• nburg. Near Dershau he attempted to keep posess'. on of a tete- du- pont, but being also, defeated there, commerced hi* retreat, in two columns, in the direction of Dantzic arid Stargard. Cou > t Piatoff continues to pursue him conjointly with the corps of Lieut Gen. Shepeleff. Near Marienburg we took upwards of 300 prisoners, and in DushaU above 200, together with a. con- siderable number of muskets. The enemy left in the hospitals of Marienburg 40 Officers and 726 rank and file. The first day of this year ( O. S.) was crowned with a double success. The Adjutant Ge neral of your Imperial Chasseurs, K ff, arrived OH the 30th of December ( Jan. 11) in the neighbourhood of MaVienwerder; the following day he attacked the enemy atday- bieak, and drove him from his position, with so much success that he took oue General and some Officers, and upwards of 200 rank and file, and also 15 pieces of ordnance tbat weie on the teie- du- pont. The enemy was obliged to leave in Marienwerder considerable magazines and hospitals. After this success, Adj. Gen. Chiruishoff ci'osi- ed tlie Vistula, and continued the pursuit of the enemy towards Neunburg, where ihe latter had a most advantageous position ; he, therefore sent out a corps of Cossacks, io order to get into his rear, and to occupy the roads from Neunburg to Graudentz, Bionbeig and Gugal; and by tbis movement he forced the enemy to retreat.— Thus your Imperial Majesty's glorious troops entered on the lst of January ( 13), Neuberg, ti e first town on the left bank of the Vistula." An article from Zurich, under da; e of the 6th iust. says — *' We learn, that Count Gottorp has re- married at Basle, with a Lady of that town, of the bourgeois class, and that some days afterwaids he left Basle with his new spouse. It is a year since the divorce took place between Count Gottorp and the Princess of Baden, his first wife.— The four Swiss regiments in the French service are now upon the left bank of the Vistula they are under the orders of Col. D'AflYay. The other Colonels have obtained leave of absence; two are wounded, and have need of repose after the fatigues of the campaign." A Heligoland Mail anived yesterday, by which letters have been received lo the 14th instant. They * tate that accounts had been received there from Berlin, of great agitation having taken place in t hat city, in consequence of the progress of tne Russians, who were rapidly advancing toward the Prussian capital. If we may believe the French papers, the finances of Prussia have suffered nothing through the disasters ol' the late cam- paign. The probability is, that they were in a condition so bad, th^ t no contingency that could happen could make them worse. An article from Berlin, of the 7th, says—" That which pays the highest tulogiUm to the financial measuies | * adopted by Government is, that they ha\ e not in the least. ; suffered by the late military events. Up to the present time, considerable sums have been sent from all the provinces of the monarchy, tor the telief of the sick or wounded Prussian soldiers," Additional American Papers have been received, and among ihem some from New Yo k to the 20th ult. On the third reading of the Bill in the House of Representatives, to raise, at the discretion of the President, a further military force of twenty regiments, Mr. Cutts, Air. Kent, and Mr. Randolph, the latter at great length, discussed the merits, and at a late hour the House adjourned without corning to any determination,— lu other respects the Papers contain nothing important. It ha* been repotted that a French NobJerpan, in the con- fidence of the heads ofthe IJouse of Bourbon, had left town on a political mission to the Court of St. Petersburg!}. It is now rumoured, with what truth we cannot take upon us to decide, that his mission is the result of some previous com municaiions w. th Fiance. A Morning Paj> er of yesterday says:— 44 In the present disastrous sta! e of affairs, the people begin to cast the ir eyes on the Bourbon family. Communi- cations to thai effect have reached this country ; and we learn, that iu consequence, a French Gentleman, in the con& Jence of Louis XV111. has lately left Loudon for Russia. Prior to his departure, lie had an audience of Monsieur ; and he is also the bearer ot dispatches from the Russian Minister iu London to the Court' of St. Petersburg." The Nobleuran above alluded to is the Count Ua La Feronaye The Tremendous, Captain R. Campbell, lately reconnoitred veiy closely, the enemy's fleet in Toulon, which was found to consist of six three deckei s, 1 2 two- deckers, ami eight frigates, in apparent readiness for sea. Notwithstanding all the line, manoeuvres of Admiral Kmeriau, we conceive little appre- hensions from the fckill or courage of the seamen on board these vessels ; but of the vessels themselves we entertain a ver y different opinion. The Commissioners of the National Debt purchased about 20,0i: t)/. yesterday in Rt* iuced, at 69£, aud I2o, 000/. at 94*. Five millions in Exchequer Bdls have beeu thrown upon the market since the dividends. Lisbon Feb. 10.— Extracts of an official dispatch from the Marquis of Wellington to his Excellency Senior Don Mis- iel Pereira Forjaz, dated head- quarters, Frenada, Feb. 3, 1813 : — 44 I have received no information of' an alteration in th.? enemy's corps in frontof this army since 1 addressed to vour Excellency my official dispatch of the. 27th ult. and the allied armies all perserve the same positions. The enemy, in the north, obliged General Mendizabel to retire from Bilboa, and the blockade of Santona was raised.— r- I know by an inter- cepted letter, that General Longa took on the 10th of January the enemy's garrison in Salinas de Arrana, but I have not yet received an official communication of this fact. - My last accounts from Alicant, are of the 3d of Januaiy, at which time ihe reinforcements expeetexl from Sicily had not arrived." A letter from Plymouth says— 44 Bv a gentleman arrived from Moilaix, « ve are informed, that he had been lately at Paris, to get his liberation ; that when he was theie, Bonaparte seldom appeared in public, and tiiat the Parisians, vvhen they dare speak, speak out curses loud and deep. On his journey to the coast, he met several large bodies of conscript youths marching to the frontiers to join the French army. He says, they appeared mostly lads of 14. or 15 years old, very slight in their make, and appeared hardly big enough to carry a musket and knapsack on their shoulders," PRINCESS OF WALES' LETTER.— On Tuesday morning, at ten o'clock, a Cabinet Council was held at the Foreign- office, and continued their deliberations till uear one, when they adjourned to the Secretary of State's office for the Home Department, to meet a number of distinguished characters, to proceed further on the subject of the Princess of Wales's letter. There were present the Archbishops of Canterbury, Yoik, Dublin, and Casbel ; the Bishop of Loudon, the Dean of Westminster, the Lord Chief Justices of the King's Bench aud Common Pleas, the Lord Chief Baron, the Juclge of thc Arches Court, the Speaker, and the Master of the Rolls, Who were all specially summoned on Monday night — The meeting continued in close deliberation till about half- past two o'clock, when it broke up, being much sooner than was expected, their carriages not being ordered till four o'clock ; it is therefore conjectured that something was decided upon the matter, as the Ministers weie not wanted in Parliament at that early hour, nor were any of the official personages required to attend to their avocations. East India House.— On Tuesday the adjourned debate tocij* place on the Petition to Parliament for the renewal of tlie Company's Charter. After a few words from Sir H. Inglis, the Petition was read and its merits discussed by Mr. Chap- man, Mr. Hmue, Mr. Rock, Mr. Theo. Metcalfe, Mr. R. Thornton, Mr. C. Grant, Mr. Impey, and Mr. R. Jackson. Various amendments weie proposed by Mr. Hume, and rejected. In the sequel the Petition was agreed to, and also a second Petition. respecting the debt between the Company aud the Government, after which the Court adjourned. An accident almost miraculous in its issue, occurred at Windsor, a few days ago. As the carriage of Mrs. Blight, of that town, ivas going down Park- street, witli three ladies inside arid one on the box, the horses took flight, and running with great speed down the street, turned suddenly lound towards the wall at the entrance of the Long Walk, which they leaped over, dragging the carriage after them, and com- pletely teat ing down the wall where they passed. The coach- man was thrown from the box, but the horses continued their speed uninjured, till one gettmg his leg over the pole, they quietly stopped. Notre of the ladies were hurt, and the coachman very little. The wall which they cleared is four feet high on the oue sidf, and seven on the other. A Meeting of the Deputies ol the Protestant Dissenters, in and uear London, was held yesterday, W. Smith, Esq. M. P. in the chair, when it was resolved to petition the two Houses of Parliament, for the repeal of all laves zchich impose penalties or disabilities on persons who dissent from the established Church, Lord Robert Manners met with a serious accident in hunting with the Duke of Rutland's fox- hounds, on Saturday last, in Leicestershire?, from his horse falling with him at a leap, when his Lordship had his shoulder dislocated, and otherwise so se- verely bruised, that he was carried to Belvoir- castle in a state from which much danger was apprehended by the Faculty who attended him. More favourable accounts of his Lordship were, however, received yesterday. The Vice- Chancellor's Bill, as amended in the Committee iu the Commons, allots to that Officer 5000/. per annum out- of the dead fund in Cliaucery, and 2500/. per annum out of the fees of the Lord Chancellor, making the whole salary 7500/ a year. Out of the dead fund also, 200/. per annum is to be paid to the Vice- Chancellor's Secretary ; 100/. to his T> ain- beaier ; and 80/. to his Usher. Forty- two ships of war are now building and will be ready for sea in eight or nine months at farthest. It is the intention of the Admiralty, as the ship- sloops, at present having Post Captains, may become vacant, to restore them, as heretofore, to Commanders. . Return of the effective strength of the regular and militia forces, ou the 25th of December, 1812 : — Regulars ser ving at home 62,018 Dit'o, abroad . 167,131 Militia 71,741 Charles Carey Sumner, both of Hillingdon, near Uxbridge, plate g, ass- manufacturers, F< b. 22, 27, April 3, at Gu. ldhall, Lot don — James Hudson of Upper Thames- street, London, w harfinger, Feb. ' 37, March 3, April 3, at GtnldhaO— George Joel, of \ 1id dlesex street, Wh tech a pel, broker, Feb. 27, March, 6, April 3, at Guildhall, London.— Richard Mossy ot Liverpool, tobacconist. March 1, 2, April 3, at thc Angel Inn, Liverpool.— Henry Nickolls, of Birnvnghani, builder, March 5,6, AprM S, at the . Union T « jvcrn, Birmingham.— Henry Ravent of St. Aran's, Hc; rts, liquor- mer- chant, Feb. 22, 27, April 3, at Guildhall, London. — William Riste, lale of Loughborough, Leicestershire, stationer, Feb 27, March 2, April 3, it Guildhall, London— Thomas Simpson the younger, of Oxford- street, Middlesex, hookseHer, March 9, 20, April .3, at Guildhall, London.— Frederick Wilton Litchfield Stockdale, of Portugal-* place-,' Dofe-' row, Mile- End- Road', Mid- dlesex, bookseller and pnbli- her, Feb. 27, March 9, April 3, at Guildhall, London.— John Taylor, of Hazlegrove, parish of Kirk- heaton, Yoikshire, grocer March 1, 2, Aoril3, at the New Court House. Wakefield.— John Watsonf of Brooke, Norfolk, jobber, March 5, 6, April 3, at the White Swan Inn. Norwich— David WilliamSy of AhertTraw, Anglesey, shopkeeper, March 19, 20, Apr 13, at the Sportsman Inn, Carnarvon.— William Williams, of Much Wenlock, Shropshire, grocer, March 10, 11, April, 3, at the White Hart Inn, Much Wenlock.— William Wilton, of Southwark, Surrey, grocer, March 2, 6, April 3, at Guildhall, London.— Henry Wood, of Tettington Lower- End, Lancashire, cotton- manufacturer, March 11, 12, April 3, at Swan Inn, Bolton. FEBRUARY 23.]— I homas Bcvens, of the Wheat Sheaf, Drury Lane, Middlesex, Feo. 27, March 9, April 6, at Guildhall, London.— James Blicfct of Ix> wer Tliornhaaglr- street, Bedford- square, Middlesex. ta\ lor, Feb. 27, March 6, April 6, at Guild hall, Lo don..— Ann Burley, of Sittingbourne, Kent, milliner and haberdasher, March 2,9, April 6, atGuildhall, London.— William Geere, of Southwark, Surrey, chee% ernonger, Feb. 27, March 6, Aprilat Guildhall, London.— Samuel Haniford, of Liverpool, builder and shopkeeper, March 9, It), April 6, at the GlobeTavern, Liverpool — Joseph Haughton, of Toll- end, ' I rpion, Staffordshire, dealer, Mar. 1,2, April 6, at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham— Levi Holloivayy of Carburton- atreet, Fnzroy- square, Middlesex, and now of No. 2, Cumberland- row, Krtinington- Green, Surrej, saddler and and harness maker, March 2,9, April 6, at Guildhall, London ^ Thomas Kemp> of Knare> borough Yorkshire, \ a spinner, March 18, 19* April 6, at the Bay Horse Inn, Knares borough.— Ottiwell Kershaw, of Hey- side, near Oldham, Lan- cashire, manufacturer, March 15, 16, April 6, at the Palace Inn Manchester — Jonathan Kit- tow, of Bristol, victualler, March 5, 6, April " 6, at the Angel Inn, Bath — Paul Malin> of Upper Thames- street, London, iron- merchant, Feb. 27, March 6, April 6, at Guildhall, London'— George Morgan, of Poland- street, Oxford- stree?, Middlesex, victualler, Feo. 27, March 2, April 6, at Guildhall, London.— Jacfib Osorip, of St. Mary Axe, London,- broker, Mareh - 2) 9, April &, at Guildhall.— . fames RobertSy of Manchester, coiton- manufacturer, March 11, J5, April 6, at the Mosley Arms Inn, Manchester.— Thomas Rycrofty of Be mont, Lancashire, calico- printer and bleacher, March 11, 13, April 6, at the Star Inn, Manchester.— John Seymour, ot Not- tingham, victualler, March 4, 5, April 6, at the Punch Bowl, Nottingham.— Stephen Thomas Silk and John Duncan, of Earl- s'. reet, Blackfriars, I) > ndon, merchants, Feb. 27, March 9, April 6, at Guildhall.— Samuel Stanfield, of Duke- street, Grosvenor- square, Middle> ex, tavlor, Feb.' 27, March 6, April 6, at Guildhall, London— Daniel Webby ot Ledbury, Herefordshire, skinner and fellmonger, March 4, 5, April 6, at the Feathers Inn, Ledbury. rglHE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD most wonder- JL fully cherishes nature, 1 and will support the life of the aged and infirm. In all inward decays, debiliry, lowness of spirits, relaxation in either sex, whether hereditary br owing to youthful imprudencies, this medicine will afford the most wonderful relief. Its well- known characteristic of promoting longevity has been long maintained ; for by keeping the Constitution, as it were, in continual repair, it preserves the body in health and Vigour, and prevents premature decay. It requires no particular confinement, nor attention to diet. Government Security against Counterfeits, Observe particularly, that the words Saml. Solomon, Liverpool,'' 1 are printed on the Stamp. As Dr. Solomon's practice is now become so great and extensive, tbat his constant engagements require a consider- able portion of his time and attendance, he expects, when consulted by letter, the usual complmreut of a One Pound Note to be inclosed, and should, for safety, be thus directed 44 Money Letter, Dr. Solomon, Gilead House, near Liverpool. Paid double postage." F General total 300,893 Number of recruits raised during the year, ending the 24th of December, 1812, exclusive of foreign colonial corps, 14,432 : of these 1869 are boys, and 2298 have enlisted for a limited period. During the same period the total number of volunteers from the militia was 9903. • Dejsertions from the regular army at home during the year endingthe 24th of December, 1812, 3409. The return of casualties during the same period, including deaths, discharges, and desertions, is 17,579. The above return does not include the casualties in the Peninsula, and in our foreign possessions, during, the quarter ending December 25, 1812. Sir WA'IKIN LEWES V. MORGAN.— This cause, which has been pending 30 years, in the Court of Exchequer, came on the 22d inst. on a certificate ot the Deputy Remembrancer's, as to some evidence which Mr. Morgan said was read before him, and omitted to be stated in his report, on which a question arose, whether the Master had omitted an affidavit of the defendant Morgan ? but the Court were of an opinion the Master did right in refusing thc affidavit, as it contained various irrelevant matters.— Mr. Baron Thompson stated a case in Chancery, on a Master's report, which was excepted to, because it had not certified that part of the answer which was not impertinent, but the Lord Chancellor over- ruled the objection on accounted impertinence.— Mr. Dauncey, Counsel for Morgan, said Mr. Morgan bad bee n an ill- used man, if he was to lose money for want of the affidavit.— The Lord Chief Baron said, it was his own fault, he might have stated the objection half a year ago — Sir Watkin Lewes then addressed the Court, and submitted to their lordships, whether he had not much greater cause to complain ? That he had been pro- secuted for more than 30 years, and the defendant got posses- sion of his estates by surprise ; under- let them for one- third of their value, and now there was due to him about „£ 30,000 over and abo\ e the discharge of the mortgages, even at their present rents ; and defendant still continued iu possession of his estates; and Sir Watkiu submitted, whether the mort- gage deeds and the answer of the defendant impeaching those mortgages were not sufficient • and added, that upon the first mortgage of ,£ 6610 the defendant admitted in his answer there was'only 12s. and lid. paid !. And defendant pretended he gave - an accountable receipt to Sir Watki. n for the w hole, but in the rnortgage deed it was expressed the whole sum was advanced at'tbe time. In his answer he states it was composed of a bond of b£ 2400; and,, on a former occasion, tire. Lord Chief Baron had observed the deed expressed the whole sum was advanced in money at the time ol the execution, and no notice taken of any bond ; but in his answer defendant stated a bond. As lo the X 1390 making up the sum of otSOOO which in the deed was likewise declared lo be paid to Sir Watkin at the lime of the execution, it appears that defendant himself had not received that money so said to be advanced for two years afterwards ! Under sucb deeds defendant had obtained a controul over greater part of Sir Waikin's estate— The Lord Unief Baron observed, he was not surprised Sir Watkin should feel* himself much injured ; and the Barons directed the Deputy Remembrancer ty attend the . Court on a future day. BANKRUPTS, FEBRUARY 20. William George Barnard, of Fore- street, Lambeth, Surrey, barge- builder and dealer in timber, Feb. 27, March 2, April 3, at Guildhall, London.— Matthew Broughton, of Bisbopsgate- street, Loudon, haberdasher, Feb. 22, 27, April 3, at Guildhall. •— Thomas Browning the younger, of Southminster, Essex, lay lor nd diaper, Feb. 27, March 6, April 3, at Guildhall, London.— John Burton, of Belphei, Derbyshire, mercer and draper, March 5, 6, April 3, at the Kirtg^ s Anns Tavern, Derby.— Richard Cochciy William Godfrey, and William Pecte Musgrave, of Cheapside, London., lacemen, Feb. ' 27, March 6, April 3, at Guildhall.— Matthew KUioti, lateof Rotherham, Yorkshire, but now of Orange- street, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, draper, Fob. 27, March 6, April 3, at Guildhall, London.— John Fawley, of Bhack, friar's Road, S. irrey, upholsterer and turuiture- manufacturer, Foi). 23, March 6, Aprii 3, at Guildhall, London.— Samuel Garththorne and l.- aac Chislett, of Hackney- road, Middlesex, dyers and printers, Feb. 22, 27, April 3, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas Green, of Alfrelon, Derbyshire, mercer and draper, March 3, 4, Acril 3, at tbe Angel Inn, Ahreton.— Joseph Harrison and F'. dmund Jones, late of Newport, Monmouthshire, bankets, March | 5, 6, April 3, at the Talbct Inn, Bristol.— Thomas llipkins and 71OII GOUT, RHK. UMATISM, Nervous Complaints indigestion. 8cc. OXLEY's CONCENTRATED ESSENCE OF JAMAICA GINGER. This useful Medicine is recommended by several eminent medical Men, and is in consmnt use with many persons of the highest rank and respectability. It relieves and shortens the duration of Fits of the Gout, confining them to the extre- mities and mitigating the paroxysms; it removes those un- pleasant symptoms arising from Weakness of the Stomach and Bowels, viz. Flatulency, Indigestion, - and Oppression after eating; in Nervous Complaints it warms aud invigorates the Stomach, creates Appetite, and assists Digestion, and strengthens the whole system. Prepared by the Inventor and Proprietor SAMUEL- OXLEY-, her Majesty's Chymist, and sold by HUDSON and Co. 27, Hay- maiket, London; EDDOWES, and Wood, Shre vsbury; " Painter, Wrexham ; Williams, Carnarvon ; and others throughout the United Kingdom, in Bottles at 10s. 6d. 4s. 6d. and 2s' 9d. each. Dr. ANDERSON'S, or, The TRUE SCOTS PILLS, ( So well known and approved for'their Efficacy in Billious, Flatulent, and Stomach Complaints in general) - HAVE been for almost a Century, and still continue to be faithfully prepared at the original Warehou. se for Dicey and Co.' s Medicines, Nt>.' 10, Bow Church- yard, London; and are sold Retail by one or more respectable Vender in every Town throughout the Kingdom, Price Is. I| d. a Box. ifjf3 " Ask particularly for DICEY and Co. V, and to preveut Counterfeits observe that Dicey and Co. is in the Stamp. FOGS AND DAMP A1H. BARCLAY'S ASTHMATIC CANDY has for many years been proved a most effectual preservative from the effects of FOGS and DAMP AIR, whjqh at this season of the year are so prejudicial to those who are affected with ASTH- MATIC COUGHS and SHORTNESS of B- REATH. Its effects are to expel Wind, to defend the Stomach from the admission of Damps ; and to relieve those who suffer from a Difficulty of Bieathing, Prepared and sold Wholesale and retail only by BARCLAY and SON, NO. 95, Fleet Market; and retail, by their appointment, by W. EDDOWES, Morfis, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Miller, Madeley Market- place; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge, ? and Much Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport ; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch; Baugh, Cross, Ellesmere; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Welshpool ; Morral, Price, Edwards, and Mipshall, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Gitton, Bridgrioith ; Scarrott, Shi final ; Painter, Wrexham; Jones, Chirk ; Morris, Ruabon ; Evans, Llaugetniew ; Evans, Newtown; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. But observe, none can possibly be genuine unless ibe label affixed to each box, is signed in red ink by BARCLAY and SON, and much danger may arise front neglect of this caution. To Mr. DIXON, Apothecary4 SIR I have received the most wonderful Benefit from the use of your DIXONVANT1BILIOUS PILLS, which I carried with me to Jamaica, and all those Friends to whom I dis- tributed them have experienced the same salutary Benefit; they declare them to be the best Medicine ever used in that Counti y, for Bilious and other Complaints. The following are Names of several Ladies and Gentlemen who have received - the utmost Relief, from your Dixon's Antibilious Pills : Charles Taylor, Esq, Jamaica; William Shaw, Esq. Kingston, ditto; Mr. Wood riff, Spanish Town, ditto; G. VV. Hamiitou, Esq. Savanna la Mar, ditto; J. Smith, Esq. Old Harbour, ditto; G. Aliston, Esq. ditto; Mr. Walker, Port Morant, ditto; J. Penlinson, Esq. SaLt River, ditto.; Mr. Mullens, ditto; J. Burn, Esq. Savanna.; , G. P^ PoJack, Esq. ditto; Mrs. Oliver- Goldsmith, Kingston, ditto; Mrs. Perry, St. Ann's; Mrs. Wood riff, Spanish Towu ; with many others of the first Re- spectability. Sir, your most obedient Servant, July 1, 1811. THOS. HARROLD, of the Ship Ganges. Sold, wholesale and retail, by Mr. Butler, No. 4, Cheap- side, Corner of Paternoster- row, London; and retail by EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Burrey, Morris,; and Palin, Shrewsbury; liouiston and Son, and Burgess, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock; Edwards, Morrall, and Price, Oswestry; Baugh, Ellcsnhere; Painter, Wrexham ; Gitton, and Bang- ham, Bridgnorth; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Procter, Owen, and Valentine, Ludlow ; Meredith, and Burlton, Leominster; and most Country Medicine Venders, in Boxes at 2s. 9d. aud 6s. and family Boxes at 22a. each. Of whom may be had, BUTLER's VEGETABLE TOOTH POWDER, So justly esteemed and recommended for. sweetening the Breath, bejutifying aud preserving the Teeth, and preventing the Tooth Ache, Gum Boils, and Swelled Face, TO ALL WHO VALUE TIIEIR SIGHT. More important information lo the afflicted with Dis- eases of the Eyes, highly deserving Attention. MR. KREBS can with confidence recommend his Method of treating Diseases of the Eves, not as a bold ex " edient, or one of uncertainty, but as a known and long established remedy, the result of experienced success, his ancestors having been in possession of the Receipt above a Century, and practised with unrivalled success; a remedy so ; universally safe and efficacious, even when applied to infants of the most tender age ; and although the Public are already in possession of ample evidence, and numerous facts of Cures which have yielded to his COLLYRIUMS, after evi- rv other method had been tried in vain, still the following well authen- ticated Cases may serve to increase the Confidence of the most doubtful ; and having met with such peculiar success in the treatment of Diseases of the Eyes, which had baffled men ^ f considerable eminence in the Medical Profession, Mr. K. flatters himself that those Patients who chute to employ him will not be disappointed. I ANN LLOYD, Mantua- maker, Willow- Street, Oswestry, was afflicted with a Chronic Oohthalmy for several months, during which time my Eye- lids were so relaxed and my Eyes so irritable, that 1 could not follow my business, and was in danger of losing my sight. I made use of a variety of appli- cations ( recommended by the Faculty) without relief. I ap- plied to Mr. KREBS, at Manmer, and have compleatly re- covered my sight, being enabled constantly to follow my business and work at my needle. Daring the time I was under the doctor's Care 1 daily became better, and the weakness of my Eyes which ( nearly amounted to blindue^ s) is entirely removed. As Witness my hand, ANN1 LLOYD. Witness to the above Cure JOHN LLOYD, her Father. Oswestry, iVoa. 1812. WE, the undersigned inhabitants of the township of Peck- forton, iu the Paiish of Bnnbury, and County of Chester, DO HERERY CERTIFY that JAMES FOXLKY, tfving witn Mr. Charles Hampson. was afflicted with a Scrophulous Ophthalmy, which threatened to deprive him of bis sight. He applied to the Faculty without relief, until he applied to Dr. KREBS, who has perfectly restored his sight, and the Scrophalous symptoms are entirely removed. As Witness Our hands, CHARLES IIAMPSON, JOHN JONES. Peckforlon, Nov. 13///, 1312. I THOMAS HARPER, living with. Mr. Jones, of Walford ( at that lime), now of Wixall, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that ten years ago I was afflicted with a severe inflammation and inexpressible pain in mv left eye, which continued for six months ; during which time I could not follow my labour, aud was under many eminent men in the profession ; but my disorder continued to increase, resisting the use of a variety of remedies both in- ternal and external ; had blisters on my temples and behind my ears ; was let blood, and had twosetous at the back of my neck ; bnt all to 110 purpose, as a thick skin grew over my Eye, and rendered it useless, and I gave up all hope of Re- covery, contenting myself with the use of the other Eye, but that at times was very weak and bad, and in the course of last year, became so violently affected in the same way as the other began, that I feared the loss of that also. 1. was- then admitted into the Shrewsbury Infirmary, but found no relief. In this deplorable state I heard of one LUKE CLAY who had been cured" of a like complaint, and me and my wife ( as a guide), went tothe said L. Clay, to be informed of ihe truth, and enquire who cured him, for I had tried so many without relief, that I almost despaired of ever getting better; but he gave me great hopes, when he told me he had been every bit as bad as me, arid had been perfectly cured by Mr. KREBS, of Hanmer, whom lie , was sure would cure me, if I would em- ploy him ; at which I was overjoyed to think of recovering my sight again. My wife next day led me to Mr. Krebs, who told me he could make a Cure of uae if I put myself uuder his care, which I did, and in less than a week found great relief, and in less than a month I was able to follow my labour; and uow, thank God, arid Mr. Krebs, can go any where without a guide, and can distinctly see a pin on the ground with either eye, or a. hair, at a^ yard distance. While under the Doctor's Care I underwent five Operations. As Witness my hand, the Mark X of THOMAS HARPER, late invalid. WIXALL. Witness to the above Cure, J. BECKET, Church Warden, R. PARSONS, Overseer. I LUKE CLAY, Blacksmith, of Welsh Hampton, near Elles- mere, Shropshire, DO HEREBY CRRTIFY, that in April, 1810, a spark of fire flew into my left Eye ( when at work), which gave tne great pain: a violent inflammation and humour in Loth Eyes followed, which disabled me from working at my trade ; a skin overspread one eye, and deprived me of the sight of it; the other was so weak and dim, that I daily feared the loss of both; when in this deplorable state I- was recommended to Mr. KRESS, Oculist, at Hanmer, who per- formed four Operations on my Eyes, and has made a perfect Cure, which 1 cannot in humanity to the afflicted withhold publishing. As Witness my hand, LUKE CLAY, late invalid. - The truth of the above extraordinary cure is perfectly well known tothe following respectable Neighbours : THOMAS PHILLIPS, JOHN PAY, EDWARD WHITE, and JOI. IN WILLIAMS. More instances in proof of the efficacy of Mr. Krebs* method of treating Diseases of the Eyes. When a man receives an unexpected benefit from the excellence of another's judgment and ingenuity, I consider it bnt right, and a duty incumbent, with gratitude to acknow- ledge it, particularly as it may be the means of affording relief to others in affliction. A Child of mine had the misfortune, when only two years old, to Strike the point of a thatch stick in his eye, which gave him excruciating pa iu, followed by violent inflamma- tion and - swelling. Notwithstanding our utmost endeavours to relieve him by poultices, eye- waters, & e, his disorder daily increased, and a sk. n formed over the whole eye; the Other . so very weak he could not bear the tight. I was advised to. apply to Mr.. KREBS, who soon relieved him, and to our greatjoy has made a perfect cure of him. It is now upwards of three years ago, and he has not experienced tbe least Relapse. As witness my hand, JOHN D AVIES. Siitton Green, near Wrex'iam, April, 1812. THIS IS . TO CERTIFY that my son laboured under a seveie inflammation in his eye for some time, which I feared would 1 deprive him of the sight of it, as lie could get no relief till lie applied to Mr. KREBS, who has made a perfect Cure in one month. As Witness mv hand, JOHN NEWBROOK. Tilsiock, near W hit churchy tilings had been tried without rehef, until she became H patient to Mr. KREBS, who soon relieved her; the sta'e of her eyes daily improving, and in two months the sight of both eves was in every respect perfect; it is now two years siuce, and she has not experienced the lea^ t relapse. As witness our hands, ANN DAVIES, late invalid. SAM. DAVJES, her father. Mr. KREBS has restored the sight of several patients who had laboured under a Gutta Serena, and in many instances has wrought a perfect Cure in cases that were thought Incur- able, as in soipe the . disease- had continued many years, therefore would have none despair ; but at the same time he earnestly recommends all persons whose eyes arc weak, or sight, dim, to lose no time, bnt to apply immediately, as his Collyriums are found to nourish the eyes, and strengthen the sight even to old age, and when had recourse to at tho com- mencement of a disease, seldom fail to put a stop to its progress, the parties frequently finding Relief from the first application. They aie also successfully employed for the j* removal of all specks or skins situated upon the transparent Cornea of the Eye, whether arising from previous inflamma- tion, or any other cause. | jie Mr. KREBS being fully enabled to cure all diseases of 1 ( who eves ( if curable), proposes to be consulted at his house, ustees Ha timer, every MONDAY ; the other days will be at liberty 111* attend patients at their own houses, where required. as 1,0 ; MR. KRSBS, Han me > am P id. Letter*;, Post- paid, addressed Ellesmere,''' attended to. DAMP AIR AND FOGGY WEATHER Materially offsets those ajiicted with Asthma, Coughs, Co'ds, _ Hooinng Cough, and Difficulty of Breathm*. ^ ORD's original PECTORAL B ALAAM ot HOREHOUND, an elegant preparation from that well- known herb, his for near 20 years obtained the pre- eminence ( beyond prece- dent) for the cure of the above complaints; the authenticity 1 of this may be ascertained at most of the respectable venders of medicine, in the principal cities and towns iu the united kingdom. The popularity and salutary effects of this in- valuable medicine needs no comments on its virtues; the extensive demand proves its superiority as a public medicine to give immediate relief. Ttie public wi'l please to observe each bottle is enclosed in an attested Affidavit, made at tho Mansion House, London, June 7t. b, 1806, without which it cannot be genuine. Sold iu bottles at 10s. 6d. 4s. 6d. and 2s. 9d each. Sold wholesale and retail by Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church Yard ; F. Newbery and Sons; Shaw and Edwards, St. Paul's Church Yaid; Johu Evans, 42, Long Lane; Barclay and Sons, Fleet Market; R. Johnston, Gieek- Sueet, S0I10 ; W. Green, 59, Barbican; Sanger, 150, Oxford - Street; by the only Proprietor, R. Ford, Chemist, Goswelt Place, near Islington, from Barbican; by R « - Butler, Cheapside, London , also by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, and all other venders in every town. WESSELS' JESUITS DROPS. rjlHE character ofthe Genuine Jesuits Drops is s L s> ally acknowledg d, and the many thousand c so uniyer- ures. r hev GEORGE HARRIS, son of Mrs. Harris, of Longslow, near Market Drayton, Salop, was afflicted with a severe inflam- mation in the Eye, and Opacity that nearly covered the pupil and rendered it useless. No method that had been recommended, was able to procure the least relief, resisting various plans of treatment,, until his mother put him unci* the care of Mr. KREBS, by whose mode the beiy perfectl recovered his sight, aud can plainly see the smallest object Witness to the above Mrs. H ARRIS, of L. umfoid. INFLUENCED by the most lively sensations of gratitude, and being ; well assured that many of the afflicted often lose their sight for want of knowing where to apply for a cure, induces me to make the following case known tothe Public. In the Autumn of last year, my son EDWARD was afflicted with a severe acute Ophthalmy, which, rapidly increasing, soon overspread his eye with a thick skin, attended with violent pain and great heaviness in his head, which soon de- privtxl him of the sight ut that eye ; and the other daily be- coming weaker, I feared the total loss of both. 1 had re- course to different applications, but without relief, till fortu- nately I was recommended to Mr. KREBS, of Hanmer, who attended him at my house, and has made a perfect Cure of him ; the truth of which I am willing to go a hundred miles to attest, if required. As witness my hand, EDMUND JONES. Witness to the above Cure, K. E. EYT Eyton, near Wrexham, Oc*. 23, 1811. Two more equally interesting Cases. THIS IS TO CERTIFY that my son W. H. HUGHES was afflicted with violent pain, inflammation, and strong humour in his right eve, which brought ou a large skin, and deprived him of the sight of it ; the other eye was so much affected, that he was io danger of losing it. Every thing that is usually done on these occasions was< done for bim, by the Medical Men who attended him ; but to no purpose, as his disorder con-, tinned to increase with unahated violence 3 when hearing of the many Cures performed by Mr. KRESS, and being- strongly recommended to put him under his. care, I sent for him to nrv house, where he attended him, arid I have the inexpres- sible satisfaction to say. has made a perfect Cure; the truth of whieh 1 am willing to attest. As Wittness my hand, ROBERT HUGHES. Oveiton, Flintshire, October 23 FAMILIES and SCHOOLS— It is a Fact verified X by daily experience, that the utmost care and attention are inadequate to prevent even the most respectable establish- ments from the attack of that unpleasant and troublesome disorder, the ITCH, which, from its infectious nature, is most easily communicated. It will therefore be of advantage to those who suffer under this complaint to know, that they may rely on being effectually cured bv ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION OF BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT. This safe, speedy, & effectua. Remedy, has been in general use for upwards of 80 years, without a single instance of it having failed to cure the most juvete. rate cases, it docs not contain tbe smallest particle of Mercucy, or any << the, r dan- gerous ingredient, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate constitution. The Public are requested to- b- serve, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Namea of the Proprietors, BARCLAY and SON, are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each B>> x; and great danger may arise? from the neglect of this caution. — Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay andS n, ( the only successors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet Marker, London, price Is. 9d. duty included; and by their appointment, by W. EDPOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madeley Matke(- Place; Houlstous, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge, arid Much Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evan on, Whitchurch.; BAugh,. Cross,' F. llesmere ; Procter, Drayl n; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Welsh Pool; Morral, J'rice, Edward*, and Minshall, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Gitton,- midgwwth- v- S « * vw « rta, Shiffual; Painter, Wrexnam; Jones, Chiik ; Morris, R. uabon; Evans, Llangerniew ; Evans, Newtown ; and hy every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom.- ~ Dr. FREKMAN's GUTTA SALUTARIS, ~ AN INFALLIBLE SPECIFIC POR TH § SCURVY, - KING'S EVIL, LEPROSY, And all Cutaneous" Eruptions, and every Foulness an< 3 Impuiity of the Blood, however long standing.. KM,. " under I OCORBUTIC CO M PI. A INTS are the most general MaMy erftfctlv i ^ ol the Butisli Constitution, no Family is, more or les., objects. I exeoipt f ™ m them, ami thuy shew themselves in a Variety of 1 Ways ; they pro- luce Roughness, Ulceration, Sc other ilis-. lseil State- of" the Skin ; they occasion Loss of A| i. veti| e, Weak- ness, and Dejection of Spirits, ami the Ma- s of Blood heio » rendered foul, it is incapable ( tf afTordni.; a healthy Supply of Nourishment lo enable the Functions of Life to be properly and actively performed. As a Remedy for all Impurities from this Cause, Dr. FREEMAN'S GUTI'A SALUTARH has proved itself, by a Reputation of 30 Years, a certain Sptcific and never- failing Cure; it requires only a few Bottles of this invaluable Medicine to remove the most ubotiuale and inveterate Scorbutic Complaint. At this Period of the Season it is well known the Scurvy and its Consequences aie. much to be dreaded ; in- every Constitution where they are prevalent, the above Medicine n recommended as the only certain Means of curing as well as preveuling the injlady from breaking out; nor is it less successful against the efVeets at a wail known confagiop. which produces a ceitain Disease that embitters the Source- of Enjoyment j every Injury arising from tins Taint, whether externally appearing or latent in the Blood, is radically au- l sately removed by it, without the Necessity of Coniinement oi those other Restrictions which Medicines ofa less supers, r and active Kind requite, it is therefore recommended t-> Youth of both Sexes, and to those who are about to enter into a married State, and would wish to preserve firm Health antl a sound Constitution; by it they will be freed from every Debility to which their Ii regularities may have exposed them.- and be restored to their original Strength aud Vigour of Habit. In the Dibea. es of the Female Sex, where Weakness is so predominant, it never fails to check the Cause sooner than any other Medicine, and to give Strength, Animation, and general Tone to every weakened Function Sold at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cheapside. Corner of Paler* nost. er- row, London ; and by Kooowt-, Wood and Walton, Buney, Morris, and l'alin, Shiewsbury ; Uoulstnn and1 Son, and Burgess, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport ; Scarrott, near ^ Shitfnal; Smith, Ironundge aud Wonlock ; Edwards, Morrall, and Price, Oswestry -, Baugh, • Ellesmeie ; Painter, Wrex. ham ; Gitton, and Baugham, Bridgnorth ; Gower and Co. Kidderminster ; . Procter, Owen, and Valentine, Ludlow ; Went, and Burlton, Leominster ; and most Country Medicino Venders, in Bottles at - is od. and 1 Is. ra-- h. J f Printedmdpublis/ tedby '. r. Eddirwe^ Corn- MnrketyShrevMuTv,
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