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The Edinburgh Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  James Donaldson
Volume Number: XCIX    Issue Number: 5127
No Pages: 8
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The Edinburgh Advertiser
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The Edinburgh Advertiser

Date of Article: 16/02/1813
Printer / Publisher:  James Donaldson
Volume Number: XCIX    Issue Number: 5127
No Pages: 8
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VOL. XCIX. - THE NO. 5127. EDINBURGH ADVERTISE R. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1813. SATURD/ Ws POST. - From the LONDONJPAPERS, Feb. 10. LONDON. HE AMERICAN GeneralsSMiTH and PORTER have had a duel, in consequence of a dispute on the frontiers of Canada, when the Militia refused to enter the territory. SnciDF..— Mr CLANFIELD, a Member of the Stock Exchange, put a period to his exst- ence on Saturday, by shooting himself with a pistol, at the Pough Inn, Wackwall, Mr C. had intended to dine at the Plough with a party of friend?, and had been sent thither for the pur- pose of preparing the landlord for the compa ny. After giving the necessary orders, he had a cup ot colfee, mixed with a glass of brandy, and read the newspaper. He then availed him- self of the absencecf the waiter, to rep. iirto the chimney corner, where he shot himself through the heart. DaaADFi'L MURDER— As Mr. J. DEVOY, a • wealthy farmer was returning from Athy, in Ireland, t » his house about two miles from that town, at five o'clock in the evening; of Siturday, he was waylaid, and murdered in a most barbarous man- ner, within 200 yards of his house. Next morning au Inquest was held by C. G RATTAN, Esq; one of tbe Coroners of the county of Kildare. After an examination of witnesses for lix hours, the Jury returned a verdict of Wilful Murder, against J. Surr. e, late of A thy, labourer ; a man of the name ot J. Maker, is alto confined in the gaol, having been charged by Byrn<-, who is taken into custody, ( on his voluntary confession) with assisting him to . commit the murder. It appears that Di Tor had * - on-! to Athy, in expectation of receiving a large , n of money, for corn he had told, and Byrne and Mailer (; co « rding to Byrne's confession) who were two of Deroy's ploughmen, knowing this, agreed to wait his return home, ard rob and mur- der him; for which purpose, one armed with a fait- handle, and the other with a plough- coulter, they concealed themselves, until they saw the un- suspecting Dvwy approach : the moment he pass ed,' they jumped on. r the ditch, and by repeated blows, brought him to rhe ground, and then beat the back part of his head to pieces; as soon as they perceived he was dead, they stripped off ids clothes and boots, which Byrne put into a sack which he had brought with him, and threw . the dead body into a ditch of water.. DANCING AND CARP SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLIES. IN THE ROOMS, GEORGE STREET. THE Fourth DANCING SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY, will he O: I THURSDAY Even- ing, the 18ih curl, Et nine o'clock; The FIFT H, on Thursday the 25th instant ; and T he FASTENS EY, fiN ASSEMBLY, at which dancing subscription tickets are received, will be n Tuesday the 2d of March. Single Tickets of admission, Five Shillings. The SUBSCRIPTION CARD ASSEMBLIES tontinue regularly on Mondays. Admission to non- subscribers, Three Shillings, ANNUAL BALL. TWf^ THANlEL SOW respectfully begs leave to arquaint the Nobility and Gentry, that hts ANNUAL BALL is fixed to be hckl in George Street, Assembly Rooms, upon Tuesday the 9th of March, on which occasion several New Airs and Dances will be performed. The Dances will be publish?'! imm- edutelv after that evening. Prince's Street, Feb. 6, 1813. FIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. T^ HE DIRECTORS inform those who are In- sured with this Company, th3t the RE- CEIPT S for the PREMIUMS and DUTY due at Candleaias Ia » t are in the hands of the different Agent-, where these insured will please call for them. JAMES KY. D, Sec. Cupar, Sth F? b. 131,3. CLOSES, URN SCHOLARS. THK Annual Meeting of Mr R. MUNDELL' 3 SCHOLARS, will be held this year, in Macewan's Tavern, Royal Exchange, on Saturday the 20th February. Dinner on the cable at five o't lock. Gmtlemen are requested to leave their nann- s with the waiter, before the day of meeting. A. R. CARSON, Sec. ~ ESTIMATES WANTED. FOR BUILDING a TOLL- HOUSE at LEAD- BURN, on the road from Edinburgh to Peebl s ami Dumfries- shire. The Estimates must be given in to Peter Hamilton, overseer on the Straiton Road, at Pentland, on or before first March nexr. X> A VIAGKI) SHUMACK FOR SALII, For Behoof ot Underwriters. TO be SOLD by auction, in the Exchange Saie- Voam, upon Thursday the 23th curt, at twelve a'clock. TJ_ J AGS SICILIAN SHUMACK, partly 3OU JT) Damaged, per the Neptune from Pa- lermo. To be seen any lawful day, by applying at the Counting- house of Mr W. G. Cassels, or to W. GR INLY, Broker. Leith, 15th Feb. Ml3. ~" ON SALE, ST. Petersburg!! Best PEARL ASHES Riga, Thlesenhaussen, Rakr. FLAX. Riga, Dnijjna, Rakr. FLAX. ARCHANGEL MATTS. ARCHANGEL TAR, All of Superior quality, by " BALFOUR, JUNOK, & CO. JLeith, lJlhEeb. ISIS, CORRI'S ROOMS. FaiDAV, 19th FEBRUARY 1813. GRAND CONCERT. MR CORRI respectfully informs his friends and the public, that, at the particular de sire, and under the patronage of his PUPILS, he wiil give a GRAND CONCERT on the above- evening, for which expr< ss purpose he has engaged MISS MELVILLE, Frcm ' he. London and Bath Concerts. From the various engagements of Miss MEL- VILLE, the above will be the only night she can have the honour of appearing in Edinburgh this season. N. B. The doors will open at seven o'clock, and the Concert begin exactly at eight, and finish in time for private parties. PLAN or THE CONCERT. ACT I. Grand Symphonie— Mozart. Song, " Shall I in Mamre's," Mr LEES.— Handel Trio Violoncello, Viola, and Bassoon— Messrs SIMPSON, DUN, and SCHAFER— Linley. Rondo, " Ah serena il mesto ciglio," Miss MIL VILLE— Cimarosa. Glee ( first time), the prize glee for 1812, " Burn in you blaze," Messrs LEES, URQUHART, TEM TLETOM, and TRUEMAN.— Sir J. Stevenson. Ballad, Miss MELVILLE, with Harp accompany- ment by Miss GIOLIVETTI, Airs; with variations 011 the Harp, Mis3 GiOLI- VETTI. ACT II. Haydn's Grand Symphonfe," X. a Reins de France." Glee ( first time), " See beneath yon bower ot roses,'' Messrs LIES, URQUIIART, TEMPLETON, and 1' RUXMAN.— Sir J. Stevenson. Song, 11 O magnify the Lord," Miss. Mzi VILLS. — Handel. Pleyel's new grand Concertante in F. for Violin, Violoncello, Tenor, Bassoon, Flute, and Clario- net, by Messrs SIM rsoN, Do N, OARDN ER, WEIS- RECKER, SCUAFIR, and STABUINI. Duet from Haydn's Creation, " Graceful con- sert," Miss MELVILLE and Mr Lets. To conclude with Haydn's " Earthquake,"—. from , La I'assione. Leader of the Bind, Mr STABILINJ. Between the acts, Master MOWAT will sing the Thorn. Ticket*, Five Shillings to be had at Mr Corri's Music- shop, and at the Rooms on the night of the Concert. LUSTRES AND GRECIAN LAMPS, & c, JOHN RANKgN, CUT GLASS MANUFACTUR- ER, Middle of I. Eira W. iu, solicits the public to yie'v his Stock of Useful and highly Or- namented GLASS, i; c at his Wan house, where the f rea'est variety is displayed of any house in Scotland. His Improved GRECI LUSTRES, an I ether Hanging 1. AMP3. GIRANDOLES, and CANDLEST ICKS, may be used in tbe most elegant apartments, drawing and dining- rooms, side- boards, libraries, halls, and wherever a Bril- liant and 1 Lasart light is required. N. B.— His assortment of PLAIN FLINT GLASS of every description is also very extensive. SALE OF VALUABLE STOCK OF DRAPERY W1THOU 1' RESERVE. C- i F. ORGE SINCLAIR, Manufacturer and Dra- y per, NO. I, ST PATRICK- STREET, having de- termined to give up his present line ot business, did on the 2t> th nit, commcnce a sale ot his whole Stock of Goods, consisting of COTTON SHIRT'INGS of very superior fabric, PRINTED CALICOES, CAMBRIC MUSI. IN-, HOSIERY, FLANNELS, BED- TICKS, with a variety of other articles in tbe Drapery line, as enumerated in hand- bills, to be had at his Warehouse. I he goods having been manufactured and laid in under tbe most favourable circumstances, G. S. begs leave to recommend his present Sale as well worth the attention of the Pjbllc, the whole being to be sold off without reserve. ROMAN CEMFNT, COAL T AR, PAINTS, & c. AS tbe Season for using these Articles now ap- proaches, the Subscriber, ( sole Agent 111 Scotland for the manufactories,) returns thank* to his numerous Friends, for their orders last year, and bigs to acquaint them, that he bas received from London a lar^ e supply of ROMAN CE- MENT, COAL TAR, COAL TAR BROWN, and PAINTS of various colours, in different sized casks, which will be sold as formerly, on the best terms for contractors and others.— As also, OIL of VITRIOL, ol superior quality. JOHN. WALKER, Agent. Leith, SthFeb. 1313. DRAINING AND PLAN TING. C- t EORGK LOGAN rejpectfi Ivy informs his W Friends and. the Public,, that he has now commenced DRAIN3&, PRACTICAL PLAN- NER, and PRUNER of WOODS, also, the laying out of POLICY GROUNDS and ROADS. The experience which he lias had in these different Branches, both in England and Scotland, wiil, he irustj, procure him the employment cf Gentlemen of taste, as his terms are moderate. Kirkcaldy, 12th Feb. 1813. • : TURNIPS FOR SALE. IT AM! LI IS can be Supplied with . excellent ' TURNIPS in quantities, not less than one cw'r. at Three Shilling's per cwt. The Turnips to be paid when delivered. Orders to be left at Messrs Dicksons and Co- Shakespeare f'quare, where a sample of the Tur- nips may be seen. Not to be repeated. " BREWERY, & c. XO BE LET. To be LET, and entered to at ^ Whitsunday next, AN Extensive BREWERY, with Grain Loft, Malt Barns, an excellent Kiln, a Dwelling* house, and, other premise?, ail situated ill Camp- bell's Close, Cowgate. Apply at Mr CampV. U' 5 Nft 50, At) srawby Place. j SALE OF RARE AND VALUABLE BOOKS, Without reserve. JOHN BALLANTYNE and CO. respectfully inform the Public, that the following extreme- ly rare BOOKS will be exposed on the days of sale during the week. Sale begins each day at half past 12 o'clock precisely. Auera Legends, 1495. Black letter, perfect, in Russia, 4to 1ury rare — A ' Treatise, excellent and copendious, shewing and declaring, in manner of tragedy?, rhe failes bf sondry most notable Princes and Princesses, & c. First coropyled in Latine by the excellent Clerke Bocatius, an Italian borne and sence that tvme translated into our Englishe and vulgar tong, by Dan John Lidgate, Monke of Butye, and now newly imprynted, & c. ( 4 leaves wanting), black letter, folio, curious wooder. cuts. extremely rire.— 1 he life and death of Hector, by John 1. ideate. Folio., London, printed by Tho mas Purfort, 1S14, folio, ( 2 leaves wanting).— Fasciculus Temporum. Black letter, folio, in the finest preservation. Venice, 1430, curious wooden cuts.— Stultifera Nauis ( the Ship of Fooles). Folio, Hack letter •. Translated out of l. atin into Englishe by Alexander Barclay, Priest. Extremely rare, cu- rious wooden cuts; impressa 1750, by Joh 1 Ca- wood, printer to the Qucene's Majestie. ( Sightly wormed at the end) — Qlaus. Magus Histories de Gen- tibui Sefttentrionalibtis, & c. Itomx 1555, full of mo- t curious .. wooden cuts,, in the original vellum binding, gilt leaves, a most beautiful and perfect copy.— Voyages de Corneille le Brun. 2 vols, folio, about 200 plates scarce.— Biblia Sacra. Venice 1481. Strutt's Dresses and Chronicles ot England.— Cla- rendon's History of the Rebellion, with l. ife.— 4 vols, folio. Oxford, 1807.— The Works of Wal- ter Scott, Esq; in quarto, half bound, Russia, un- cut, royal paper, of which a very few w « re print- d, illustrated with nearly 100 engravings, See. 3tc. unique, Edinburgh, V. Y. Edit. Opt. of Variorum Classics, chiefly in fine bindings and gilt leaves. Seneca— Juvenal— Te- rence— Martial— Ovid— Elzevir'sLivy - Liman— Q. Curtiu;— rare small Tacitus, mi— Aldus' Livy— Folio, 1520, & c. Dramatic Works.— Ben Johnson, first folio.— Beaumont and Fletcher, both folios.— Lives of Attars, of Dramatic Authors Tracts relative to the Stage, and a variety of the best editions of Shakespeare, Beaumont, Masslnger, & C in various bindings. Harding, Arnold, Rastell, froi. sart, Hall, Fabyan, Grafton, and Monstrelet's Chronicles, fic. Voy ages quarto— Cook, Pordock, Dickson, Jte. Sc. seve- 1 thousand volumes i: t all classes of literature, En- cyclopaBd'a*, Atlasses, See. Catalogues of the particulars of each day's sale may be had at Hanover Street, where the. books . oi » y be seen. After the sals of the books is finished ( of which due notice wiil be given), the following fine and genuine PAINTINGS, having been acquired by JaiiiN BALLANTY. NE and Co. in the course of their trade, will alto be sold, and may be seen, in the mean t'me, at No. 6, Hanover Street; — A humorous painting of David Teriiers the younger. ' The subject, tbe desceirt of a conjunr to the infernal regions, and containing upwards of = 0 figures ( very rich antique frame). " The incredible prices which are at this day given for the paintings of this Muter,, in every part of Europe, are incontestible evi- dence of the universal esteem and admiration ot his works,''— FiUin^ ton's Dictionary of Fuin- ters, it » . edit. 1810, ft 531. Smith's Forge and Castle, with a distant view of Rome. Abraham Begeyn. * » » " Begeyn's figures and animals are in gene- ral well d.- signed and pleasingly coloured, touched with great freedom, and much in the manner of Scrchem. Some capital pictures of this Master are to be seen at the Hague, which are very highly esteemed. They are land- scapes, with views ot rivers, ruins, and pieces of architecture, enriched with figures, and a variety of animals, finifhed in a masterly man- ner."— Pilki* gton, ut Sufi. ft. 34. Cottage and Trees, & c. Hobbimar, the figures by O s'ade ( rich frame). Fishermen Swimming their Dogs— Mori land — Thed- aih of Msrniion, a large picture by PococKe ( rich Irarre.) Kelso Abbey, Village, and at'jacsnt scenery, by William*; a. very large picture, and tlie same that was so much admired at rhe last exhibi- tion n York Placf, It is thought to be the chef d tenure of the artist ( rich frame, cost 25 guineas). Interior, wilh Lady and Servant— Funke. Inte- rior, with Boors refreshing— Ostade. Lawyer — Adrian Ostade. View of T'ivoli— Moucberon. Ferry— Cuyp Battie Piece— Hugtenburgh. Smith's Forge— Sihalketi. ' I he Paintings, with some splendid Books and Atfasses . will be sold on Saturday first, the 20th inst. No. 6, HANOTER STREET, " I Monday, 15th February, 1813. J DRAUGHT STAI. LION. THE Linlithgowshire Agricultural Society, hereby offer a PREMIUM of 40 GUINEAS, for the be3t STALLION of the Draught Breed, which shall be shewn at the Public Cro, s of Lin- lithgcvy, on the second Friday of April next, ami shall meet the approbation of the / udge « , appointed by the Society, ' The Horse gaining the Premium, must Cover within the limits of the County, dur- ing the ensuing season. Linlithgow, 7cb. 12, 1313. SALE OF GROWING WOOD. There will be SOL:* by public roup, on Monday the 22d February, on the Estate of KAUGUTO. N, parish of Corstorphine, AVariety of TREES of different kinds. The Roup to begin at 11 o'clock forenoon, on tbe Farm of Saughton, or Stanhope's Mills., , Nut to t> a repeated. BY ORDER OF THE HON. THE COMMIS- SIONERS OF EXCISE. ON Friday the 19th February, 18: 3, at twelve o'clock, noon, will be exposed to sa e at the 1'. xcise Warehouse, Fldii. biirgh, sundry parcels of FOREIGN and BRITISH SPIRITS, and BRI- TISH WINES, TANNED LEATHER, RAW- COFFEE BERRIES, SALT, a- d the Material) of several private STILLS, after being broken up, all as lately condemned before his Majesty's Justice* of the Peace. ' The Goods to be seen at the Exeiee Warehouse of Edinburgh, two days previous, and on the morning of the day of sale, uhere printed catalogues may be had. The Highland Whi6ky wiil be sold for private use only, and dealers will take notice, that no Permit wili l> e granted for its removal into their stocks. ROBERT LAURIE. Eoinr. 12th Feb. 1313. Bv ORDER OF THE DEAN OF GUILD SC HIS COUNCIL To the fro/ rieters of Hcus's. WHEREAS a < reat part of the Pavement, as well as many of the Cans, Chimney Top.., and Roofs of Houses, within this city, are, to the great danger ® f the pu'- Iic, in a very insufficient state, and have been rendered still moEe so by the late high winds, the proprietors of all such house) are, therefore, hereby warned to get the same, as well as the pavement, properly repaired, without delay, to prevent danger to the public, certifying those who fail to do so, within three weeks from this date, that prosecutions will be instituted a- gainst them, before the Guild Court, for their ne- glect. Edinr. Fe>>. H. ! w WILL SHOATLY BE CLOSED, ANDROrDES Mr FORTUNE'S ROOM, PRINCS'S STRSET. MR HADDOCK, desirous of giving t'u ear- liest intimation of closing his so much ad- mired Mechanical Exhibition in Edinburgh, begs leave to acquaint the public, that, from letters he has received from his house at Cork, he fears his stay in this city must be short, business at home requiring his personal attention. Day exhibition begins at one o'clock, and even- ing ac eight— Boxes 2s. fid.— Children under 11 years Is. 6- j.— Upper Box Is. ed.— Children Is. FIFE AND MID- LOTHIAN. '' JIHS TRUSTEES for Improving the CcmniK- I. nicRf- i'. n betwixt the Counties of FIFE and Ml U- LOTMIAN, by the Ferries of Kinghorn Ct B-. initisl. ind,' and Leirh ai: el Newhaven, are re- quested to meet at KIKKCACLV, on Wednesday the 17th day of February 1813, at la o'clock noon, to consider of Letting the INN at PET I'YCUR, ( the present tenant having become bankrupt.) and also, to proceed in the other purposes ot the trusr. Those wishing to take the Inn from this time r > Whitsunday 1314, will elther^ appear personally the above meeting, or transmit their offers to Mr William Douglas, Kirkcaldy, on or before the da/ of tbe meeting. THOs. HCRSBRUGH, C. lx APPEAL DAYS. PROPERTY TAX, BERWICKSHIRE. "\ fOTICE is hereby given, that the Commis~ l^ i sioners of PROPER ! Y TAX, tor the County of BERWICK, will hold Meetings at the places after- mentioned, for Discussing Appeals on the Assessment for the year, From 5th April, 1812, to 5th April, 1S13. At GREENLAW, on Monday the Sth March 1813, at 10 o'clock forenoon. At LAUDER, on Tuesday tbe sth March 1813, at 10 o'clock forenoon. At DUNSE, on Wednesday the 10th March 1313, at 10 o'clock forenoon. At COLDSTREAM, on Friday the 12th March 1813, at 11 o'clock forenoon. At AYTON, on Monday the 15th March 1813, at 11 o'clock forenoon. And it is again requested, that all persons wish- ing to Appeal, will lodge their Appeals with rhe Clerks, 14 days at least before the first day of Ap- peal, and that they will for their own convenience attend the Meetings a; the places nearest their residence. By Order- of the © ommissione- s, DOUGLAS AlNoLIE, 7 r, e. JAMES BELL, jCleiks. Property Tax Office, Dutise, 12th Feb. 1313. R SEEDS, & c. GA, ENGLISH, and AMERICAN SOWING I- l. AX SEED. Si'. PETERSBURG!! FLAX, and ASHES, AMBtS, Sec, Apply to JOHN PAUL,-. Timber Hadi, Leith. J. P. has secured a considerable quantity of SEEDS, and will have a full Supply ihroiunoat the ensuing Sowing Season, of tne same irinJs which for yeais past have proven so advantageous to Sowers. As agent for . Messrs T. io$ tPE and* Coi- i. ETT, Sopthwark, he will be jaiiy furnished with Samples, and a state . of. the Londwn Seeit Market. ' J he Trade . wdl be . supplied on the's^. m ® liberal terms as, before... WANTEO, a few . Hundred tj- ftrrers RYfi GRASS SEED, ANNUAL, and ' PERENNIAL* of sound and good q lality. I ~ WANTED, A SCHOOLMAS TER, for tbe Parish of SYM- INGTON, Presbytery ot Bigs; ar HE must be qualified to te:. ch l. atin & Greet-, tnglfsn, Writing, Arithmetic, a,: d Book- keeping. T fie Sch'Jcl is generally weii attended, , nd from the Salary, SaJioolwages, « nd other per- quisites. belonging to the office, it might afford a decent livelihood to a diligent teacher. The. Htnl- , tors have appointed a meeting to be held at Sym- ington, on Tuesday the 23d of March next, for a comparative trial, on whkh; day, Candidates, with- teitimoniTs of their moral characters, t, re reluct* ted to attend. 106 CHURCH TO BE BUILT. npHE Heritors of the Parish of CLACKMAN- i NAN, having resolved to Build a New PARISH CHURCH, capable of containing Twelve Hundred persons, and having procured a Plan and Specification thereof, such persons as may be willing to Contract to Build the same, are requested to give in sealed Estimates to the Rev. Dr. Moodie, at Ciackmanan , or to Mr R. Jameson, at Alloa, betwixt and the first day ot March next, when the Heritors are. to meet to open and ex- amine them. The Plan and Specification lie with Dr Moodie, who will point out the situation on which it is pro- " posed to build the Church, and give whatever fur- ther information may be required. HOUSE FOR SALE. ~ FIRST FLAT up Stairs, No. 17, PARK ROW, BRISTO, possessed by Mr Sandy, W. S. containing dining- room, drawing- room, with bow, ' TWO bed- rooms, light bed closet, and kitchen, & c. with two cellars, one of them catacombed, and share of water- pipe. Feu- duty 21. Apply to Braidwood and Giles, Upholsterers, Adam's Square. ~ ~ SHOPT& cT TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE BARGAIN. To be SOLD, THAT SHOP, NO. 533, head of LAWN- MARKET, as presently possessed by Mr. JV1. Spottiswood, consisting of shop, room, kitchen, three closets, ahd large cellar below the shop.—• The shop, & c. is in excellent order, havti g lately undergone a complete repair Apply to John Ross, 3S0. Castlehill. ' TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC ROUP, Within the Royal Exchange Coffee house, Edin- burgh, uhon Wednesday the 3d day of March, 1813, ( if not previously disposed of by private bargain,) at tv.- o o'clock afternoon. ri^ HA r B AKE- HOUSE AND OVEN, upon the )|_ north side of the High Street, at the foot oi the ANCHOR CLOSE, with the Area and Wood- shade upon the easMiide of the said Bake- house, all RI presently possess; d . by the Incorporation of Ba- kers of Edinburgh. For particulars apply to Robert Henderson, writer, Roxbugrh Place. S H LI E P F A R M T OT E IU : RYHE FARM of UPPER CHATTO, in the J_ parish of Hounam, is to be Let for five yean from Whitsunday 1813, by public roup, at the Cross Keys Inn, Kelso, o:> Friday the 19th of March nex% at two o'clock afternoon, if not pre- viously let by private bargain., This farm consists ot up . yards of lSOO. acres, of the best sheep land in the south ol Scotland. For further particulars apply to Mr Hope, W. S. Edinburgh, or Mr Low, at Gordonbank. WOOD. To be SOLD by public roup, at HOPES, near Gif- ford, upon Saturday s- 7' h curt. ACons derable quantity of Full Grown Wood, consisting of ASH, OAK, ELM, BEECH, PLANE, BIRCH, and GEFN. The Wood wiil be sold in Lot?, i* ol the very best quality, and weil adapted to Millwrights, and couotry purposes.— The roup to. bey. in. precisely at half- past ten o'clock, and Thomas Somerville, gardener, Jwill « h » w the Wood any day before tbe sale. : Hopes, loth ' , - * —; SXITB OF " WOOD • J'o be SOLD by public roup, at PEISCAITLAND, Ea; t Lothian, on Tuesday the 23d - February, ABOUT 100 ' Trees 1 of fiill- frrown BEECH, with some ASH, APPLE, PEAR, and CrirlRRY Trees. , The roup to begin at H o'clock forenoon. " TtTilMBER Mi- RCHANTS, BUILDERS AND OTHERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, T T? WARDS of 80,000 Cubical Feet of SCOTCH ' U FIR ' TIMBER, of excellent quality, tbe Smaller Trees of which are known to be the best in the Highlands of Scotland, lor Spars, Oars, and Boat- MastS. Those ordering Cargoes of Logs of the above mentioned Timber, may also have any quantity of Deals. Apply to D. Ovans, Silver Sreet. BERWICK, Jan. 89, 1.813. SALE OF OAK it COPSE WOOD. To be SOLD, on Friday the 12th of March next, bv public roup, on the groiind, at 12 o'ciock coon, rgtHE Whole COPSE WOOD, and TRF. ES of | every kind, growing on the South Bank of the ESK, opposite to. Elk wilb, oil the larni of Roads, and Waulkmill l ards; and also, the whole Trees, chiefly OAK, growing on the North Bank oi the link, Dc- low Eskai. IIs, on the . farm of East- field of Peiiicuick. The Wood will be sh? wn By Mr Scott, overseer at Penicuick Ho^ se, and by applying at tbe office of John Irving, W. S. tbe articles of roup will be seen. ' " SALE OF OAK AND CORKWOOD. To be SOLD by public roup, on the Stb day of March next, at one o'clock afternoon, within the • Office of Mr Littlejohn, in Stirling, rpHE Whole COPSE WOOD, . consisting chief- | ly of OAK, including about 2Sii OAK TREES, already marked as Wet- dings, o> the E state of Boquhan, growing upon the Lands of Bo- q jhan, Glentirran, ar. d Dasher, about eight milts from the shore of Stirling. ' Two seasons will be allowed for cutting the Timber, it required. William Bennet, overseer, or George Millar, wright at Boquhan, will shew the haggs & woods f* „ » < e, and by applying to Alex. Littlejohn, the .... or, at Stirling, other particulars will be learned. THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER, 1315. SALMON riSHINGS UPON THE RIVER TAY, AND GRASS PARKS t e Vicinity of NE. WBURGH, FIFE, « . ' TO i. ET. O be LIT by auction, within the hou^ e of Robert Nici i, vintner in Newbu.- gh, on Tueiday the lfi" day of March, 5813, I. RRIHK SALMON FISHINGS upon the River TAY, b. longing to the Lands r. f Mug- drum, Mugdrum- Inch, and Liiidores, for. one or more years, as iiiteniling tacksmen may incline. En- ry immedhte'y. '>. Several em osed FIF. l. DS of the Estate of Magdram, in the immediate vicinity of Newburgl, lor pasture only. En'ry immediately for the en- umg seas or. Roup o begin a: 12 noon. TO- MORROW THE 17RH, THE LOTTERY DRAWS, SWIFT & CO. ( tbe Contractors) are selling the Tickets and Shares in ( Treat Variety, at their Offices, NO. 11, Poultry, No. 12, Charing Cross, and NO. 31, Aldgate High- Street, London; and bv their Agents, ARMSTRONG & SMITH, North Bridge, Edinr. D. N1VEN 8c CO. Trongate, Glasgow.. 1,070 A Prize of. L. ai^ ooo 10,428 A Prize of. 10,000 1,303 A Prize of: 1,000 11,128 A Prize of. 1,000 FIVE OTHER CAPITALS, In the Last Lottery, ( just finished) WERE ALL SHARED AND SOLD ET B I S H, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing Cross, London ; Who is now Selling TICKETS and SHARES in variety of Numbers, for the S TATE LOTTERY, which will be all drawn the 17th and 18th of THIS MONTH. Scheme contains only 7,000 Tickets, yet has Prizes of 20,0001. 10,0001. S. OOOE 2,0( 101. & c. tee. « ,* Tickets & Shires are also " Selling by BISH's Agents, as under : A. SIEV WRIGHT, Southv- Bridge, Edinburgh. MURRAY, BAXTER, & CO. North Bridge, E- dinburgh. T. OGILVIE, Bookseller, Glasgow. J. REID, Bookseller, Berwick'. Oreat part of the Capitals were Sold by the above Agents, to Persons in this country. ~ GRASS PARKS ro LET. ~ " To be LET by public roup, at CRATGIP. WAIL, on npHE Grass Parks of CRAIGIEHALL and _ S_ LENY, adjoining to the great road from E- dinburgh to Q jeensferry. These Parks have lein long in grass, are finely watered, sheltered, and fenced, and are well known to produce very rich pasture, and from the invrovejnents lately made in. draining and tap dressing, the value of the grass, is greatly encrea& ed. DLJiVpiNOSTONE GRASS PARKS. " ' To be LET lor. rhc- Season, by public roup, Tuesday the2d of March n - at, at 1£ o'clock noon, T> HB l^ RASS PARKS within the Policy at 1 D UD DIN GST ONE. Roup to begin on the grounds, on Saturday tire 6' th day of JVlarch, at one o'clock afternoon. GRASS PARKS TO BE LET. To beLe r for fhe Season, by public roup, rl'IHA 1' FIELD of fine old Pasture GRASS, X, Consisting of nine acres or thereby, Scots measure, iyir. g upon the south side of tbe Mussel- burgh Road, a little way to the eastward of the Barracks, and opposite to the property of Wheat- field, belonging to the heirs of the late Mr Ben. Yule. The roup to be - on l( he grounds, on Satur- day the 6; h day of March, at 3 O'clock afternoon. ~ GRASS- HARKS, IN FTFE! ~ To be Li? T, on Friday the 2d of Apri 1, THE GRASS PARKS of MON THRIVE, in tbe parish of Scoone, and county oi Fife. The roup to begin at the farm steading at 12 o'- clock precisely. ORA" SS PARK'S! To be IJET by Toup, in . Pasture for the Season, on Tuesday tbe 9th of March 1813, fTIHK GRASS PARKS of ALDIK & WF. jTER X. ALD1E, four miles west from Kinross, and su miles from Alloa and Dunfermline, all well watered and fenced. The grass is good, and con- veniently situated for roads and markets. ' The roup to begin on the grounds, at twelve o'- clock noon. " SALE. 08 SUPERIORITIES Iff PERTH-"" SHIRE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Friday the 5th of March 1813, at two o'clock afternoon, . rj^ HK SUPERIORITIES of the following. I LAND in the county of Perth :— Valued Rent. ftudutyi The Superior^. of OVER CLAYWHATTS... L. 185 0 0 L. 1 S 9 1- 3 Ditto, Middle and Nether CLAYWHATTS 185 0 0 2 IS 4 1- 3 Ditto, Lands of ROCH- I ALZ1E and others 84 33 0 0 13 0 2 3 Ditto, RUNAGULLI- ON...., ... » 95 12 8 1 2 2 2- 3 Ditro, WEST FOR- REST 120 0 8 0 11 I 1- 3 Ditto, WATER SHEAL a. idFORriSTof Alyth 99 4 5 0 5 0 Ditto, Land, of KING SEAT... 27 4 10 0 5 6 2- 3 I,. 706 13 11 1. .6 18 3 These superiorities are leparately valued in the ces'- boolrs ; they belong to different vassals ; seve- ral of them are i: i non- entry, arid the entry of sin- gular successors is not taxed. ' Apply to William Dallas, W. S. HOUSE IN MF. LIVLLIi STREET, TO SELL OR LE I . THAT HOUSE on the South Side of MEL- VILLE S TREET, consisting of three storeys, besides sunk storey, back green, & e. The house is on a smaller scale thai: any of the houses in that Street, and may be entered to immediately. Price and rent moderate. Apply to Mr Thos. Hamilton, Royal Exchange. R TOBET7ET" ORKOLD, Entry Immediately, THAT Dwelling- house, No. 10, CATHE- RINE S TREET, being tbe third storey from the . Street, consisting of five rooms, closets, and a kiteben, with cellar behind. The house contains water and soil pipes, and is in the most complete state ot repair, ntver having been occupied since it wa « painted. The rent or price moderate. Apply to Mr Francis Bruce, Sadler, Canongate, or Nithaiiiel Grant, Solicitor, 21, New Street. Not to be repeated. ~ FARM TO" LET. To be LET for any number of yr^ rs, not exceeding 13 & entered toat tfceterrn of Whitsnjld„ y, 18!.", T- iHk FARM of C ARC AN ' , in the parish oi j| Heriot, aad county of Mid- Loth'an. This farm has ntver b en measured, but is suppo- ed to contain about 400 acres of excellent sheep pasture, and 50 acres of arable and meadow land. Apply to the Proprietor, at NO. 11, Brou^ hron street, Edinburgh. A servant at Bortiwiekhall, n l hew the farm. THE DREADFUL l- IRE which happened fn BISHOP S LAND, High Street, Edinburgh, on Sunday evening laic, must satisfy every one of tbe necessity of INSURING their PROPERTY, which being done it so very trifling an expence, leaves no excuse for neglecting so important a duty, to them- 6elves, their families, and friends, connected~ with them. The NEWCASTLE or TYNE FIRE- OFFICE haveappointed Mr. JOHN MUIR, Mer- chant, Front of the Royal Exchange, their AGENT In EDINBURGH. The Capital and responsibility of this Office, and the punctuality and honour with which they have discharged their engagements, give them hopes to share further in the public favour. The Term* of 1 tsurance are moderate, and printed proposals may be had at Mr. Mom's Hardware Shop. NOTICE TO CAT I'LE DEALERS OF SPRING MARKETS, AT COLINSBURGH ANDS CERES, FIFE, rjnHE East of Fife AgricuItqre'Soeiety, conceiv- . that it would be of geheral advantage to their district, ai-. d a convenience to the dealers who annually resort to the country in spring, have re- solved to hold CATTLE MARKETS at COL- INSBURGH, on WEDNISHA? the 10th of March, and at CERES on FRIDAY following, the 12th, of which they give this public notice. The members ot the Society having resolved to send their own cattle, sad a'. tend the markets, they beg leave to recommend to tke farmers in the dis- trict to bring forward their sale- cattle, as the means of insuring them a fair competition, and tbe real market price. ROB. PATTULLO, Sec. ST ANDREW'S 10th Feb. 1813. HOUSETN SL T'A'TR1CK1 S SQUARE, A STABLE IN ROSE LAME, FOR SALE. ' To be Soi. D by private bargain, T" iHE TWO Uppermost FLATS, - nf the House, NO. 18, on the east side oi S T. PATRICK'S SQUARE, consisting of five good rooms au4 kit- - cheneach, with suitable cellars, : c. in. the area f and back ground. ' The situation is convenient and \ agreeable, and the houses themselves comfortable. ' The taxes and public burdens .. 1 Very. moderaty, . A LDO, a good STABLE: and 1AY- LOF 1' above in ROSE LANE, presently possessed- by . Mr Lawrie. ' i he whole will be shewn by - the prcfen: t.- nants, and furtfasr application may he made to Mt- ssr;; Mackenzie and Innes, W. S. 61, Frederick S rett. ( One concern.) — LYCEUM IN NICHOLSON'S STREET. I To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal fx- > change Coffee house, Edinburgh, on Wednesday 1 24th February 18: s, at two o'clock afternoon,! unless previously sold by orivate bargain, rPHiS Small PROPERTY has been used as an ] X exhibition and lecturing room, to which it j may still be advantageously applied. It is, besides, j excellently calculated for a merchant's counting j room and warehouse, or a tradesman's - work- shop, ' and might be easily fitted up as a chapel or meet- i ing bouse. It'consists of one spacious room, 46 i feet long by 18 broad, and about 20 feet high, with * two smaller rooms communicating with it, and tliert is a plot of ground, neatly laid our, in front , i which, if necessary, might afford additional accom- i roodalion, b. y building upon it. The walls, rt? of, j and jhe other parts o: the building, are substan- j tial, and almost new. Tfte access is from the fiiolt i frequented part of Nicholson's Street, fronting the square, and the situation is altogether well adapt- ed lo a per » on in business. Mr Richard, in Hili Place, will shew the premi- ses, and further particulars may be learned by ap. plying to _ ® neas Macbean, W. S. 05, North Cas- tle Street. If not sold, the subject, will be let. HOUSES, WITH AN AREA FRONTING THE COWGAL'K & HIGH SCHOOL YARDS. To be SOLU by roup, in the Royal lixqhange Cof fee- house, on Mondjy the 1st of March 1813, at two o'clock afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private batpetin. SEVERAL DWELLING- HOUSES & SHOPS on the south side of the COWGATIi, op- posite to the Episcopal Chapel, as presently pos- sessed by Duncan M'Gregor, broker, and others. —' This property is at present rented at upwards of 5- 11. Sterling, aud covers an area of about 45 feet in front'to the Cowgare, and as much to the High- School Yards, forming most eligible stances where- on new Shops and Dwelling- house, may be erect- ed. For farther particulars application may be made to Gibson, Christie, and Wardlaw, Clyde Street, who have powers to conclude a private bargain. TO BE SOLD, THAT large and commodious DWELLING- FtOUSE, belonging to, and possessed by Mri Bruce, situated at the bottom of the World's- End Close, Edinburgh, consisting of dining- room, draw- ing- room, three beo rooms, two light closets, a large garret room, kitchen, with a water- pipe brought into it, laundry, with wine, beer, and coal- celiari. ' The Hsose is insured in the Edinburgh Friendly Insurance OiSce, on the old plan, and draws a divi- dend of 11. 2- i. 2d. yearly, and will be sold either with or without the benefit of that insurance as may be agreed on. f To be seen every day from eleven to three o'clock. For farther particulars, apply to Henry Mon- crieff, W. S. Dundan- itreet. HOUSES TO BE SOLD OR LET, Of various sises and descriptions, ON THE NORTH SIDE OF S I OCKBRIDGE. ANUMbER of these HOUSES are single, and others in fiats. Tne single houses are very neat and commodi- ous, and are bu lt to accommodate genteel fami- lies, of moderate fortune, and are of a description very niuch. wapted about Edinburgh. The piices oniy from about . JSQl. to 8001. ' ihe fia: s are also exceeding good houses, & the prices also moderate, being from about 5001, to 4tR. J. These houses possess all the advantages both ol a town and country residence, being in a fine situa- tion, in the near neighbourhood of St. Bernard's Well, and, a.* the same time, not more than five minutes walk I'rom the New Town. They hav*-, besides, th- s peculiar advantage, ' hat, ' being situated without < he extended royalty, th. y are tree of all the city taxes, wh; ch now amount to 20percert. o: i the rent. Apply at the house. FEB. ID, CAPITAL HOUSE IN PRINCE'S STREET. To be Soi u by private bargain, and entered to & C Whitsunday next, or sooner, rpHAT large and commodious HOUSE and 1 Offi- et belonging to, ar. d lately occupied by the Hon. Henry Er& kine, containing excellent pub- lic room, and every accommodation for a la, j, e family. The house which extends 39 feet in front, has a private stair to the bed- chamber's floor, and is so constructed as to admit of being converted into se- parate possessions. The premises, from their situation, and the Hrfee accommodation they contain, and to which , ev; ral rooms may be added at a moderate expence on the space at present occupied by the priyat; stair, are particularly well fitted for a hotel. The feu- duty it only 31. lis. 3d. The bouse will be shewn on Monday!, bstweeit the hours » f 1 and 3 o'clock ; and further particu- lars may be learned by application at the Cham- bers of Messrs Inglis and Robertson, 46, Queen Street; or at Mr Trotter, Prince's Street. Mr Trotter will give directions lor shewing the house. If not soid by lath March, the premisses will be let for one or more years. TO Bt SOLD, ~ " 1HAT convenient and elegant Lodging, or Dwelling- house and Garden, No. 9, GIL- RIO. UR PLACE. The Lodging consists of a sunk storey, present- ly occupied ill cellarage, a parlour floor, containing a large dining- room, small parlour, and kitchen, a drawing- room floor, containing a large drawing- room, two bed- rooms, ami bed- closet, and an at- tic storey, containing two bed- rooms and closet. The Garden is tastefully laid out, and well stock- ed with fruit trees. There is also a washing- house and pump- well. Apply to - the Proprietor at the house, or t » Francis Eraser, writer, at his Chambers, 7, Drum- mond Street, who is possessed ot the title- deeds. DUDDlNGSiONE HOUSE TO UC. I. I , . r" pHIS Elegant RESIDENCE, as lately poises- X sed by Lord Viscount Primrose, with twen- ty aci* es of Grass Ground, is to be Let for one or more years, as shall be agreed on, from the term of Whitsunday next. ' The many advantages of the place, can hardly be set forth in an advertisement, bs • surrounded by a spacious park, and situated v ! i: in three miles of Edinburgh, it possssses the be:; - r', - f being at once a town and country resi- drr;.: house is suited for the accommoda- tion u, i.' oblemanor Gentleman's tarni'v, an the Offic. a. i Stables are very extensive an commodious. ' The house may be seen every day from 12 to 3 o'clock, and for the r<-•-; application may be made to Mr Guthrie '•, huidingstone Cottage. DUDDINGSTONE CO iTA' 71 TO BE LL T. THIS most desiraele RESIDENCE is built > n the style of an English cottage Orn. e, and consists of dining- room, drawir. g- rooiu, parlour or book- room, three bed- chambers, and two dressing- rooms, besides servants apartments, bnd many eonvtniencies. There is a complete court of of- fices, containing coach bouse, two stables, cow,* house, washing; hQuse, laundry, & c. Sees There L also ar- nexed to it an excellent garden we 11 and in high order, and between six and seven acres of land in pasture. The house is situated within three miles of Edin- burgh, in a rich and beautiful part of the country, commanding a fine view, and possessing the advan- tages of both town and country residence, as weli as that of sea- bathing.— To be seen on Tuesday* and Pridayr, from 12 till S o'clock. HOUSESTNT'UPACFIFFTFOR S. CLH. Upset Prices further Jieduced. To be SOLD by public roup, within tbe house of Alexander M'Nab, vintner in Cupar, on Satur- day the £ 0th day ot February 1813, at one o'clock afternoon, rrH£ following Parts of the HERITABLE 1 PROPERTY in the CftOSSGA I E of CU- PAR, belonging to the sequestrated estate ot Wil- liam Galloway:— 1. That SHOP possessed by Mr. Bogie, haber- dasher, with the two Cellars immediately under the same.— Upset price 4001. 2. That SHOP possessed by Mr. Andrew Jack, tin- smith, with the two Cellars under it Upset price 3801. 3. That New DWELLING- HOUSE, of two stories, and SHOP possessed by the said William Galloway, and Cellars under the same, with the back house, and part of the back area and garden. Upset price 4401. A pl? n of tbe property, with the articles of roup and title- deeds, are in the hands of Jamea Kyd; writer in Cupar. . TO BE LF.' f\ ' " For such a numbtr of years as may be agreed up- on, and entered to as to tbe houses and grass, at WhiMunday next 1813, and. as to the arable land, at the separation of next crop Irom th « ground, r I ' HE FARM, of PENTLAND MAINS, ai X possessed. by the heirs of the late David Ru>- sell. This farm lies in the parish of Lasswao'e, 6 miles from J dinf) urgh. It consists of i! iO Scots acres, whereof 149 are arable, of mceeding food quality, and 61 acres of pasture and meadow iWid, Oilers ill writing to be addressed to Mri Gibson of Pent land, 23, Howe Street, on or before the 17; h of March. sh William Jobnrton, smith, New Pentlapd, will tw the te- sm. ' FARM TO LET. To be LET for N'ne Years, and entered to im- mediately, rpiHE FARM of MH'Cf 1ELSON, in the } a- ti r'* h of Stow, and county of Edinburgh, co » - sisting ot 960 acres or thereby. 1 he iarm I aving been in the natural possession of the late Proprietor, is in a high state ol cultiv^. lion, the infield or inclosed land, consisting oi mi- wards of 400 acres, being all in gra. « , sown off af- ter fallow or turnips, completely limed and unit- ed, ( wiih the exception of 80 acres,- 0 cf wi. ich twss in iailc- w and turnips last year). The Dili land is excellent soiiud pasture. Apply to Wiiiiam Cunningham, writer in Dons', until tiie 15th March, after which, the fa in will be let to the first respectable tenant offering an a, te- qaate rem. The Steward at MitHWson will ihow the farm. Duiis-?, lit Feb. ! « 3. F& B. lO. VILLA OR DWELUNG- HOU5E AND GAR- DENS IN HOPiuPARIC. To be LET, FOR one or mere yeais, from Whit- sunday nest, THAT Villa in HOPE PARK, formerly pos- sessed by the honourable Baron Cockburn, and. latterly - by the now deceased Mr Tod. the proprietor, with the* Gardens and Grounds thereto belonging, consisting together of five or six En- glish acres. The accommodation in Jodging and. o Bees is complete, the public rooms large andele- gint, the supply of excellent water abundant, and t ie situation combines the advantages both of a Dwn and country residence for a large and genteel family. A fenant may be further accommodated wi\ h an adjoining park, of about- thrce acres. Or, i t, c premises will be divided into two distinct possessions; the one consisting of a dwelling house, containing the principal dining room, drawing- room and parlour, four bed- rooms, store- room, closets, kitchen, scullery, & c. with wash bouse, coach- house, fcmf- stalled stable, hay- loft, byre, & c. and a large and weii stocked garden, and the other grounds or not, as desired; and the other consisting of a dwelling- house of dining- room- drawing- room , five bed- rooms, and closets, wai& r- jset, and other convenie. ncies, - with a small garden. The house may be seen every lawful day, from " re to four.. o'clock, and further particulars learned bf application to Richard Cowan, W. 3. South Cas- tl e Street. TO 131L SOLD, " AVERY Valuable and extensive PROPER- TY, near the head of CANONGATE, 3?. dinburgh, consisting of the following subjects, V z :— i'hatlarge Lodging, entering from CHfSSELLS'S COURT, CANONGATE, consisting of three fiats, besides the sunk flat md garret ftac, and containing clinin - room, drawing- » - oom, twelve bed- rooms, with closets, kitchen, Jaundry , cellars, water- pipe, and; many other accommodations; also a large garden, stable, arid other offices, ail presently pos- sessed by Mrs Alian. The house is uncommonly well built and finished, entirely free from smoke, and capable of accommodating- a large and genteel family.-- Ai. so, The TENEMENT fronting the HIGH STREET of Ganongate, on the south side, between Watson's iJiose and Miine's Close, containing, on the ground Hit, two large Shops, presently possessed by Mr tin smith, and Mr Milne, grocer, vvitlT a O liber of small Houses, a Wright's Shop, and Timber yard, hi hind the same, in Watson s Close \ < d Milne's Close. The front to the High Street ia .- leirly 40 feet. The property lies a'l contiguous, and occupies in Waole rather more than half an acrey and ia capable • being converted to many important purposes, as a property of so great extent is seldom to be met Within a situation so very central. Mrs Allan's house will be shewn till the first of March, from 12 to three o'clock. JJMr For be?, in Milne's Close, or the tenants, will § hew the other parts of the property ; and further particulars may be learned by applying to Mrs Al- vJ n, or to Messrs Thomson, and Fieeming, W. S. THE. EDINBURGH ADVERTISER. 1813. M.. 8, South Frederick Street, Edinburgh. ' SUBJECTS IN CANONGATK. I Tn.. lie SOLO by Private Bargain. AIL and WHOLE these SUUJtCTS,. lying in Hammerman's Close, and fronting the High Street of Canongate, on tbe south side there- or, opposite the Church ; consisting of several tene- ments of houses, and workshops, with an area in front, and a large green behind the same, all as pre- sently possessed by James Lowden, as a Pin Ma- aafactcry, and others, tenants therein. 1 he extent of the premises, their Central situa- tion, and easy access, having a large area behiml, and another in front, entering immediately from the street, must render them a desirable purchase either tor builders or manufacturers, as a more ad- vantageous situation for- a manufactory or work- shops of any kind can seldom be met with. Entry may be had to the premises at Whitsun- day r. ext, and the subjects maybe viewed every lawful day.-—- The title deeds maybe seen, and fur- tbei* particulars learned, by applying to Mr James Chalmers, Solicitor at Law, Chalmers's Close. VILLA To LET. ~~ To be LET, furnished or unfurnished, for three or more'y^ ars, and entered to iit Whitsunday next, or sooner if required. rpHE VILL A ol MOUSEBANK, with the offi- ces, gardens, orchards, and other tends be- longing thereto. The house contains a dining- room, parlour, four bed- rooms, store- room, and closets, a commodious kitchen, with two ' apart- ments above for servants. The offices consist pf a stable, ch lise house, byre, dairy, barn, wash- house, and fowl house,. See. And the lands _( which, are enclosed), extend to about ten acres, including, two gardens enclosed with walls, and stocked with'wall and. standing fruit trees, twoorchards, and athr, v- ing plantation laid out in pleasure walks, and other- ways, so as to render, the place a pleasant country residence. Th. e premises are well supplied with water ; and the house and offices have lately undergonea tho rough repair. ' lobe seen Tuesdays and Fridays, from 12 till 3 o'clock, and for particulars apply at the house, or to Richard Prentice, Solicitor, l- la Princes- slreet, Edinburgh. Bfc. AU TIFUL. COUNTRY RESIDENCE. Centrally situated 18 mileslrom each oftheTowns of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling. To be l. i r furnished, for ihe term of one, two, . - or . three years, as m^ v be agreed on, MUiaAVO. NS. IDE HOUSE, with the Offices, Garden, and Orchard. The Dwelling- house contains a. drawing and dining- room, parlour, li- brary, and bed- ro^ ms, & c. and suitable dccommo.. dation for a family. The stables have ten stalls,' and- adjoining to them ih.; re is a good byre for j c.. ws, a dairy, & c. 1 be garden affords abundance j of vegetables nod fruits. The Maus on house is drlightfully retired,, being j situated on ' he Banks of the Avon, an excellent j ttouting stream, and the . tenant will fiaye the pri- I v.' lcge of shoot eg and'tishing on. the manor. It is ; within. three miles of . Linlithgow, five of Bathgate, j ai d s . ven . of Edkirk markets. Tin- premises, to be entered on at Whitsunday j next, apply to Vlichael Liiining, W. S, Edinburgh. Nr., Is.' - The. tentnt may have a contiguous Grrfss Park of 13 acres, iihe requires it. Join Garieriir , » n the syot -. fill shew : hi ptsraiiM. SALS OF SUBJECTS IN CANAL STREET. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, upon Friday the 26th February, atone o'clock alternoon, •" T^ HE following SUBJECTS, part ofthe seques- I. trated estate of MICHAEL BRUCE TBLLLCII, vintner in Edinburgh.— 1. All arid Whole the one half of the ground Sto- rey of that tenement of land lying in CANAL STREET, as presently possessed by J. Dobie, con- sisting of two rooms and kitchen, with a cellar and the privilege ofthe area behind, and pump well. 2. All and whole the third Flat of said House, as possessed by Mr Grey, fltshcr,, consisting of four roems and kitchen, three light closets, and other canveniencles, with a cellar. 3. The Garret Storey of said Subjects, consisting of five rooms, kitchen, and other coriveniencies, as, presently possessed by Mr Hodge and . Mr Sander- eon. The tenants will shew the subjects ; and for fur- ther particulars application may be made to Mr i John Bonar, 74, Leith Street, the trustee on the | estate, or William Macewan, Writer to the Signet, | George Street, who is in the possession ofthe title- deeds. Edinr. 8th Feb. 1813. PORTOBgLL O— To be SOLD or 1. ET ' AHOUSE of E ght Rooms, Kitchen, & c. in Wallace Park, with a deep back ground. Tnis House is in a fashionable situation, and will accommodate a genteel family. If sold, the time ot payment will be made in every respect to suit the purchaser. Apply at Mrs Newland's, Post- office, Portobello, or Messrs Ross and Cunningham, Hanover Street. Edinburgh, 5th Feb. 1813. PROPERTY IN HADDINGTON FOR. SALE To be SOLD by public roup, within the King's Arms Inn, Haddington, Upon Friday the 19ch day of March next, at six o'clock afternoon, r[ 1HAT large Tenement ot I, and, situated on I the south side of the TOLBOO TH GATE STREET of HADDINGTON, and presently pos- sessed by James Newton, Andrew Puntor, Miss Reid, and others. This tenement contains two Shops and back Shops, a good Dwelling- house, large Granaries, and Cellars, witk other conveni- encies, and from its situation is well calculated for any kind of business. The present rental is about L. 43. Application may be made for further particulars to lames Greig, W. S. or to Alexander Donaldson, Town Clerk of Haddington. GROUND FOR. FEUING IN THE VICINITY OF LEI TH. To be SOLD by public auction, in the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Friday the 12th day of March next, at two o'clock after noon, FIVE ACRES or thereby, of the LANDS of- BRICKFIELD, as now divided, being the Western Half of that property, situated at the east end of Leith Links, on the road leading to- wards Restalrig. To be set up in whole, or in lots, as shall be af- terwards arranged, and for further particulars, in- quire at Mr Swinton, W. S. Shandwick Place, or ac Mr Neilson Lamb, writer in Leith, either of whom will shew the plan, and give every other in- formation. FARMS IN THE CARSE OF GOWRIE AND riFESHlRE TO LET. To be LET, for such number of years as may be agreed on, and entered to at Whitsunday 1818, as to the houses, yards, and natural grass, and as to the arable lands at the separation of that year's crop from the ground, . fTIHE following FARMS, in the Carse of Gow- _ f_ rie, part of the Estate of LEYS, lying in the parish of Errol and shire of Perth, viz.— 1. The FARM of NEWBIGGINO,. consisting ot about 141 Scots acres, as presently possessed by Mr James Just, on which - here is a good mansion- house, pigeon- house, orchard, and garden. 2. The MYRE of NEWiSIGGING, consisting of about 58 acres, as presently possessed by Mf John Anderson. 3. The FARMS of EAST & WEST GRANGE, consisting of above 64 ecrt s, presently possessed by Mr. Alexander Mitchell. 4. BRIDGE- END of GRANGE, containing op- j wards wf 10 acres, presently possessed fey Mr. George Blair, of which above five acres consist of a good orchard, surrounded by a large ditch, & well stocked with fruit trees to full bearing. 5. The MYRE of BOGMYLN, consisting of ahout 14acres, presently possessed by Mr- Wil- liam Fife. ' These farms are situated abotjt mid- way betwixt Perth and Dundee, in the vicinity of the village of Errol, near the harbours of Polgavie and Erroi, ar. d within two miles of Inchtuce, where there is a weekly corn market in winter and spring. The soil is excellent, producing every species of grain in the greatest luxuriancy. ' The present tenants of the farms are bound to have in the lust year o^ their leases one- sixth pait of the lands in clover*, one- sixth in pease or beans, and one sixth . in barley, andthe incoming tenant wiil have liberty to sow in grass seeds with - the barley. Also to LET, for such number- of years a9 may be agreed on, and entered to at" Martinmas 1813. The Farm of the MAINS ot N ii W TON of B A N- DliRS TON, in the parish oi Kingsbarns and shire of Fife, presently possessed by Mr Andrew Philp, This. farm contains about ? 91 Scots- acres of ara- ble land, cf a very superior soil. It is situated within a few miles of St Andrew's, in the immedi- ate vicinity of Crail and Kingsbarns, having the German Ocean for its boundary on the east, and the highroad ftom- St Andrew's t » Crail and Ans- truther on the west. J. imestone gravel and sea- weed for manure, are got in abundance on the shores of this property ; and so desirable a farm, in every point of view, snd one so well worthy the at- tention of a farmer of sMlland capital, seldom fcc- curj. ' Proposals in writing, may be given io to James Thomson,' W. S. 54,' North Cattle Street, Edin- burgh, and such as are not accepted of, shall be concealed, if desired. Mr* Alexander Wicol, at Mtiirhouses, will point out the boundaries ot the farms m the Carse of Gov- rie. ' The time for giving in oilers ' » prolonged to tbe 10th of Mirth next. A CAPITAL FARM IN STRATHMORE, TO BE LET. ^ pHE FARM of L1NROSS, in the parish of Airlie, presently possessed by George Kirk- aldy, containing two hundred & eighty- two acres arable, and one hundred ah-. l sixty acres, yet un- cultivated. The soil is excellent, producing grain ofthe best quality, and the climate good. It is Known to be one ot the earliest farms in that part of the county. The accommodation of houses is. fit for any tenant. The entry at Martinmas next For further information, apply to Patrick Proc- tor, I. ord Strathmure's factor, at Glaminis, to whom, or to James Dundas, clerk to the signet, Edinburgh. Offers may be given in ally time be- fore the 21th February. LANDS IN lOHtA. tSrdH. il. To be SOLO by roup, in Anderson's inn, Brechin, on Tuesday the 2d day of March, 1813, at two o'elock afternoon, I- iHli LANDS of LITTLE KEITHOCIC and COTHIE WAHDS, . consisting of abou' 4S Seots acres, alt arable, and inclosed and subdivided into convenient fields, surrounded with hedge rows, and belts of wood, mucq of which is faradvsncei1. ' There is a sufficient steading of office- houses ad- joining to a clump of old planting, of some extent, and considerable valae. The situation is beautiful and convenient. The lands extend to the turn- pike road from Brechin to Laurencekirk, and have a stream partly passing through, and partly bounding them, which is highly ornamental. The ground, where the well known market, tfee- Trlr, i- ty Fair of Brechin is held, forms their southern boundary. They are little more than a mile dis- tant from Brechin, where there is a ready market for the produce, & iid plenty of manure can be had. There is a Lime Work on the property, which may be wrought to a great extent. The lands hold partly of the Crown, and partly of the town of Brechin, to which a tri3iug feu duty is payable. A considerable part of the grounds is under grass, arid access to the whole, excepting a few a- cres, may be h . d immediately after the sale. For further particulars application may be made to Messrs. Gibson, Christie, and Wardlaw, Clyde Street, Edinburgh, or to Mr Ritchie, Banker, Brechin. LANDS FOR. SALE IN ftiii LUUnn uf LANARK, By Private Bargain, To BE SOLO. ALL and WHOLE -, th- Forty Shilling Land of Old Extent of MIDDLESBAT of HOS- PUAL SHI ELS, commonly called MIDDLE- HOUSE, with the Pertinents, being a Third Part of the Six Pound Land of old extent of Hospital Shiels, lying within the Barony of Lee, parish of Carluke, and Sheriffdom of Lanark, consisting of - 893 acre3 1 rood and 15 falls, or thereby, Scots measure. ' The lands will be sold sSther in one lot, or in three lots, as under : Lot. firat to consist of 107 PRIZE VESSEI S AND CARGOES FOR. SA1. E, AT LEITH. To he Sold by public - auction, at the Exchange T„ vrrn, Leith, on Thursday the 18th day of February 1813, at 12 o'clock noon, " - HE Three following PRIZE JKy'tJlr i VESSEl. S, now lying in the ^' fsdSU Wet Dock, Leith, viz. i- ai^ v - A jst. The Danish Sloop TWENDE SOSTRE, about 30 tons measure- _____ ment, prize to his Majesty's Ship Rifleman, J. Pearce, Esq. commander. 2d. The Danish Sloop STADT FLENSBURG. about 4- 1 tons measurement, prize to his Majessy's ship Sarpedon, T. Parker, Esq. Commander. 3d. ' The Danish Schooner FukSOGET, about 63 tons measurement, prize to his Majesty's ship Forward, R. Barks, Esq. Commaijder. ALSO, The CARGO of the Twende Sostre, consisting of 379 Firkins Butter 776 Pieces Bacon, and I Fathom Firewood. The CARGO of the Stadt Fiensburg, consist- ing of " Bar- 20 Barrels Pearl ley 10 Barrels Pease 4 Barrels Oatmeal, and 1 Barrel Beef. Arable land, Meadow and pasture, l-. ot second Co consist of Arable land. Meadow ai. d pasture, Lot third to consist of Arable land, Pasture and moss, A. 44 14 38 3 71 0 17 ' il 1 • it, 6o 3 21 149 0 29 59 3 123 1 32 210 0 10 Acres 393, 1 15 On lot First, a steading of houses has been lately built. 1 here is also a steading of houses on lot second, and the soil ot both these lots is principal- ly light and dry, and are capable ol < » e& riiig any kind of crop. Lot Third is principally a ciay so?:, on which, there is at present working a good lime- post, nnd . it is believed a seam oi coal runs through this part ot the properry. The greater part, ofthe lands is enclosed with stone dykes and hedj. es, and the whole is capable of gr « at improvement. Immediate possession may be given of Lot 1st. Lots id and 3d, are under lease for the next six crops. The public burdens on the whole are trifling. . For particul vrs, application may be made to the Proprietor, who resides upon, and will shew the lands, or to Alexander Boswell, W. S. 10, London Street. FARMS AND LIME QUARRY IN M1D~ LOTHIAN. To be I. ET for such term of years as may be a- grted upon, t- pHE Fallowing '- FARMS, on the ES TATE of PENICUJCK. .- Arabic. Pasture. A. R. A. t. Mount Lothian, containing 403 . 3 330 , 3 2. Easter Ravensntuk, - 98 0 41 ' 2 3. Wester Ravensneuk, or Cold- shoulders, - - - 120 0 115 0 4. Halfot Dykeneuk, - 8 2 250 0 ' The entry to Mount Lothian to be at Whitsun- day next,. as to tbe houses and grassland Martin- mas 1813, as to the land in tillage, ' To Easter Ra- vtnsr. euk at Martinmas 1813. as to the lands in tillage, and Whitsunday 1814, as to the houses and pasture. To C'oldsboukiers and Half" of Dykeneuk, at Whitsunday 1314, as to the housts ar. d gas. ture, and - Martinmas there. fter, as to the land in tillage. ' The entry to the I- iifee ( quarry to be in Oct. 1813. These Farms are capab. e of great improvement. Mount Lothian abounds with Limestone, and'con tains: a great quantity of excellent turnip soil. Ra- veosneuk lies close to the village of penicuick, and the new turnpike road from Edinburgh to Peebles and Dumfries, runs through the farm, t The farms of Easter and Wester RaYensneuk, and Half of. Dykeneuk, will be let either together as ac present or separately. ' Offerers will specify what sum they wili require to be laid out in making enclosures, and building houses, on the tenants paying interest ® n the outlay. The LIME QUARRY and DRAW. KILN of Mount Lothian, will be Let, either along with that farm or separattjy. The demand for lime has been uniformly greater than the tenant can. supply. " The farmi will be shewn by applying to Mr Stewart, at Pentcuick House, or MrScott at Kerseweli. For further particulars, apply to Jonn Irving, W. S. Prince's Street, to whom offers In writing must be given in, between and the Istday MjMarch nej, t, ' Ihe offers will bi concealed, i! required. 3800 Gallons Corn Brandy 20 Barrels 1 Wheat 17 Firkins J Flour 10 Barrels Ground Buck Wheat The CARGO of the Forsoger, consisting of 54 Pieces Oak " Timber | -. 13 Fir Deals 228 Oik Knees j 5 Bolls Barley 3 Oak Boards 1 1 Ditto Rye, and 8 Oak Bulks | 1 Ditto Pease Apply to RAMSAY, WILLIAMSON, & CO. Leith. By ORDER OF THE HON. COMMISSIONERS OF HIS MAJESTY'S CUSTOMS. To be SOLD by auction, at che Custom- house, Greenock, on Friday the 26th day of February curt. ---— J.-, The Hull, Materials,' and Stores et the carvel built Cutter PR INCF. ER- NES T AUGUS TUS, late in the ser- vice of the Customs, burden by ad- jneasuremeut 60 tbns. The Cutterj& nd her materials may be seen upon applying at the Custom- house, Gree- nock . " TO BE SOLO, By public roup, in Mrs Walker's, vintner, Grange- mouth, on Wednesday 17th March next, at one o'click afternoon, The Sloop FRIENDSHIP of CAR- Jtpi? t* j[ RON, 72 Tons register, with all her ' appurtenances, presently lying in Grangemouth. For particulars, ap- ply to James Russell, writer, Fal- kirk, or at the vessel. A VHRY DESIRABLE FARM IN RQX- BURGHSH1RE TO LET. To be LET, for 19 years after Whitsunday next, by public roup, within the house of Mrs. Turnbnll, vintner in Jedburgh, on Tuesday the 2d of March 1813, ar 12 o'clock noon, T'HE Farm of TIMPENDF. AN, lying in the parish of Jedburgh, at present occupied by Mr. John Ridd-. 1I. The total contents ot this farm are 852 English acres, whereof 540 acres are in the highest state ol cultivation, and mostly inclosed with well kept and thriving hedges. The farm lien on the south bank of the Tiviot, within three miles of'Jedbui- gh. .' The great road from Kelso to Ha- wick runs through it, and the great road from Jed- burgh to Edinburgh bounds it in part on the north east. The dweiliiig- house, offices and garden, are neat. and commodious and the ground adjoining to the bouse is in rich pasture, laid oil with great taste, and surrounded and ornamented with stripes and clumps cf wood,. For particulars apply to Mr. James Heudersor), Writer in Jedburgh ; or to Messrs. Balderston and Scott, W. 8. " The servants at Timpendean will shew tbe grounds and marches. ~ I. ANDSTN FIFE. ' * UPSET " PRICES REDUCSIO. To be Sr> j, n by Public Roup, in the Royal Ex. change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Tuesday the 3Citb of March 1813, betwixt ti e hours of « n<; Mid two afternoon, it net " previously disposed of by private bargain, Lot L' JPHH LANDS of GRANGISANK or LUM- 3 PIS LANDS, consisting of 22 acre* Set ts or thereby. ' These- lands ly within five min- utes walk of the cross of Dunfermline. They are of a strong deep loaov, and nearly inclosed with A stone wail, and being contiguous to the public road, are easy of access. They are out of lease. From the vicinity of this property to Dunlermline il would feu to great advantage, or might be let fot • gardens. Lot II. The . Lauds of West and East CAMPSB and ELY CANTY, consisting oi 197 Scots teres or thereby. These lands are sitaated about two miles west from Dumterniline. They lye contiguous, and each having a separate steading of houses, they will be sold either together . cw in three separate lots, " These lands are. i>' ciosed> and- subdivided, with hedges or dykev ' The soil is a strong clay loam adapted lor the culture, of wheat and ether valua- ble crops, knd being so ne; r Dunfermline, are well sitB- ir- ed lor manure and markets. On- West Campst> there is " a Mansion- house, which,, at a moderate expence, might accommodate a genteel family, Irj these " lands, thereare valuable coal and iron stone, a small part of which ia at present wrought by thf Earl of Elgin, under lease. JohnTillocb, the farm oveiseer, will shew these lands. Lot 111. The LANDS of SWIN I ON'S BEATIT, This properry contains 45 Scots acres or thereby, and lye about foyr miles to the eastward of Dun- fermline* and nearly contiguous to the great post road. - The whole is inclosed and subd- ividtd, and there is a substantial steading of houses on the pr pert-/. ' These lands are of a good quality, and a out of lease. ' They abound with coal, which., presently working ; and roads have been reci"' made to the pits a' a considerable expence. drew Aitken, atNethej- Beatb, » il sti w'lheseh Lot IV. I he LANDS of ME1KLE BEA_ containing about 207 acres 3 roods 35 falls fitjSi wasvrv,- or thereby. ' There is a good steady of houses. iipoiv this property, ardi tbe lands fiiax mostly inclosed and subdivided with stone walls^ ul They are at preseit almost entirely in- grass, anjO are all cut of lease. These lanc3 also aomain iff valuably coal. For particulars apply to William Dallas, writ, jo ths signet, or JJavid yrrHtTj Dunftsaiini,.. e> T 7 108 TIIE MONDAY1! POST. THE PRINCE'S FETE. R] PHE following are some farther particulars A- of the Supper at Carlton House :— The QUEBN and PRINCESSES having left the sup jier- room, the PRINCE continued some time at table, entertaining fais noble guests, and pro- moting conviviality, in the most aff„ ble and en- paging ntsnner. His ROYAL HIGHNESS gave tlie health of " the EMPEtt0R- 0f RUSSIA, the LIBERATOR of EUROPE," which calling up Count LIEVEN, the RUSSIAN Ambassador, his Excellency re urned thanks in a repetition ot silent and reJpectif. il bows. The PRINCE next pave " the ALLIES, and the braveSp- iNisH and PORTUGUESE Nations;" on which Count FERNAN NUNEZ, the SPANISH Ambassador, rose, and in a neat and very eloquent speech, expressed his thanks, taking occasion to ob ierve, that SPAIN had now been nearly five years deprived of her beloved Monarch, not- withstanding which, and the unsettled state that latrented event had left her in, the nation had not hesitated to raise the cry of war against her urjust Aggressor, and to take the oath of never laying down the sword u> freed of her uti- itist oppressors• At that moment it was ( con- linued his Excellency)' hat SPAIN saw ENG- LAND generously extending towards her that protecting hand from which, since that period, euch unbounded benefits have incessantly flow- ed j and to which her long and obstinate resis- tance to the attacks of a powerful and unprin- cipled enemy, is it) a gteat measure due; but il any thing in particular tended more than ano- ther, said his Excellency, to animate his coun- trymen, it was the assurance so graciously gi- ven by his ROYAL HIGHNESS from the Throne, that ENGLAND would never separate herself from the cause of SPAIN. With this assurance, and the continued efforts ot the ALLIES of the PENINSULA, in which he could assure his ROYAL HIGHNESS that SPAIN would most cordially and strenuously join, and the glorious successes of the Imperial arms of RUSSIA, it was impossible, his Excellency thought, that any doubt could be longer entertained of the speedy Liberation of the PENINSULA, and of those countries which now groaned under the Tyranny ot France. His Excellency concluded hi3 energetic speech by stating, that great as the efforts of SPAIN had been under such accu- mu'ated distress, he was persuaded they would have better answered the expectation of the BRITISH Nation, but for the unfortunate cir- cumstance of the absence of the Sovereign, to which, more than to any want of good will in the nation, the diminution of means and re- sources was to be attributed. The last toast given by the PRINCE, proved one of those hap py thoughts for which his Royal Highness, in his convivial moments, has been always distin- guished. It was impossible to give the healths of the FREN « H PRINCES present at table in a more elegant and delicate way, than by his ROYAL HIGHNESS'S giving " HENRY the FOURTH ot BOURBON, and his FAMILY."— The compli- ment was felt by the Princes, and the Duke D'ANGOULEME and the Prince DECONDE re ceived on the occasion the kindest testimonies of regard from all the company. EDINBURGH LETTER OF THE PRINCESS OF WALES TO THE PRfNCE REGENT. [ This Letter first appeared in the MORNING CuaoNiCLK, ( commonly denominated the,- Organ of Opposition) and has since been copied Jnto the other Papers ] SIR,— It is with great reluctance that I presume obtrude myself upon your Royal Highness, and ftp solicit your attention to matters which may, at first, appear rather of a Personal than a Public na- ture. If I cauld think them so— if they related Wierely to myself— 1 should abstain from a proceed- ing which might give uneasiness, or interrupt the more weighty occupations of your Royal High- ness's time. I should continue in silence and re- tirement, to lead the life- which has been prescrib- ed tome, and console myself for tbe loss of that society and those domestic comforts to which I have so long been a stranger, by the reflection that it had been deeaied proper I should be afflicted • without any fault ot my own— and that your Royai Highness knows it. 14 But, Sir, there are considerations of a higher nature than any. regard to my own h3ppiness, which render this address a duty both to Myself and my Daughter. May f venture to say— a duty also to my Husband, and the People committed to feis care ? There is a point beyond wilich a guilt- less woman cannot with safety carry her forbear- ance. if her honour is invaded, the defence of her reputation is no longer a matter of choice ; and it j gnifies not whether the attack be made openly, manfully, and directly— or by secret insinuation, and by holding such conduct towards her as coun- tenances all the suspicions that malice can suggest. If these ought to be the feelings of every woman in England who is conscious that she deserves no reproach, your Royal Highness has Coo sound a judgment, and too nice a sense of honour, not to perceive, how much more justly they belong to the Mother of your Daughter— the Mother of her who is destined, I trust at a very diitant period, to REIGN over the BRITISH EMPIRE. 44 It may be known to your Royal Highness that during the continuance of the restrictions, upon your Royal Authority, I purposely refrained from making any representations which might then augment the painful difficulties of your exalted station. At the expiration of the Restrictions I still was inclined to delay taking this step, in the hope that I might owe the redress I sought, to your gracious and unsolicited condescension. I have waite !, in the fond indulgence of this expec- 1 tation, until, to my inexpressible mortification, I 2 find that my unwillingness to complain has only- produced fresh grounds of complaint ; and I am at length compelled, either to abandon all regard for the two dearest objects which 1 possess on earth— mine own Honour, ap. d my beloved Child, s or to throw myself at the feet of your Royal High- ness, the Natural Protector of both, I presume, Sir, to represent to your Royal Highness, that the separation, which every suc- ceeding month is making wider, of the Mother and the Daughter, is equally injurious to my character and to her education I say nothing of the deep wounds which so cruel an arrangement inflicts upon my feelings, although I would fain hope that few persons will be found of a disposition to think lightly of these. To see myself cut off from one ot the very few domestic enjoyments left me— cer- tainly the only one upon which 1 fcset any value, the society offmy Child— involves me in such mi- sery, as I well know your Royal Highness could never inflict upon me If you were aware of its bit- terness. Our intercourse has been gradually di- minished. A single interview weekly seemed suf- ficiently hard allowance for a Mother's affections ; that, however, was reduced to- our meeting once a fortnight; and I now learn that even this most rigorous interdiction is to be still more rigidly en- forced. " But while I do not venture to intrude my feelings as a Mother upon your Royal Highness's notice, I must be allowed to say, that in the eyes of an observing and jealous world, this separation of a Daughter from her Mother will only admit of one construction— a construction fatal to the Mo- ther's reputation. Your Royal Highness will also pardon me for adding, that there is no less incon- sistency than injustice in this treatment. He who j dares advise your Royal Highness to overlook the evidence of my innocence, and disregard the sen- tence of complete acquittal which it produced, or is wicked and false enough still to whisper suspi- cions in your ear, betrays bis duty to you, Sir, to your Daughter, and to your People, if he counsels you to permit a day to pass without a further in- vestigation of my conduct. I know that no such culumniator will venture to recommend a measure which must speedily end in his utter confusion— Then let me implore you to reflect on the situation in which I am placed; without the shadow of a charge against me— without even an accuser— af- ter an Inquiry that led to my ample vindication— yet treated as if I were still more culpable than the perjuries of my suborned traducers represented me, and held up to the world as a Mother who may not enjoy the society of her only Child. " The feelings, Sir, which are natural to my unexampled situation, might justify me in the gracious judgment of your Royal Highness, had I no other motives for addressing you bat such as relate to myself. But I will not disguise from your Royal Highness what I cannot for a moment conceal from myself, that the serious, and it soon may bs, the irreparable injury which my Daughter sustains from the plan at present pursued, has done more in overcoming my reluctance to intrude up- on your Royal Highness, than any sufferings of my own could accomplish; and if for her sake I pre- sume to call away your Royal Highness's attention from the other cares of your exalted station, I feel confident I am not claiming it for a matter of in- ferior importance either to yourself or your people. 44 The powers with which the Constitution of these realms vests your Royal Highness in the re- gulation of the Royal Family, I know, because I am so advised, are ample and unquestionable. My appeal, Sir, is made to your excellent sense and li berality of mind in the exercise of those powers; and I willingly hope that your own parental feelings wiil lead you to excuse the anxiety of mine for im- pelling me to represent the unhappy consequences which the present system must entail upon our be- loved Child. " Is it possible, Sir, that any one can have at- tempted to persuade your Royal Highness, that her character will not be injured by the perpetual vio lence offered to her strongest affections— the studied care taken to estrange her from my society, and eveo to interrupt all communication between us ? That her love for me, with whom, by his Majesty's wise and gracioua arrangements, she passed the years of her infancy and childhood, never can be extinguished, I well know, and the knowledge of it forms the greatest blessing of my existence. But let me implore your Royal Highness to reflect how inevitably ail attempts to abate this attachment, by forcibly separating us,* if they succeed, must in- jur* my Child's principles— if they fail, must de- stroy her happiness, j " The plan of excluding my Daughter from all intercourse with the world, uppears to my humble judgment peculiarly unfortunate. She who is des- tined to be the Sovereign of this great Country, en- joys nor. e of those advantages of society which are deemed necessary ( or imparling a knowledge of mankind to persons who have infinitely less occa- sion to learn that important lesson ; and it may so happen, by a chance which I trust is very remote, that she should be called upon to exercise the pow- ers of the Crown, with an experience of the world more confined than that of the most private indi- vidual. To the extraordinary talents with which she is blessed, and which accompany a disposition as singularly amiable, frank, and decided, I wil- lingly trust much ; but beyond a certain point the greatest naturalendowments cannot struggle against the disadvantages of circumstances and situation.— It is my earnest prayer, for her own sake as well as her Country's, that your Royal Highness may be induced to pause before this point be reached. " Those who have advised you, Sir, to delay so long the period of my Daughter's commencing her intercourse with the world, and for that purpose to make Windsor her residence, appear not to have regarded tbe interruptions to her education which this arrangement occasions, both by the impossibi- lity of obtaining the attendance of proper teachers, and the time unavoidably consumed in the frequent journies to town, which she must make, unless she is to be secluded from all intercourse, even wich your Royal Higbueas and the rest of the Royal Family. To the same unfortunate Counsels I as- ( tfU1 cribe a circumstance In every way so distressing I plIKrF both to my parental and religious feelings, that my * RIKv'k Daughter has never yet enjoyed the benefit of Co N- FIRMATION, although ab » ve a year older than the age at which ail the other branches of the Royal Family have partaken ot that solemnity. May I earnestly conjure you, Sir, to hear my intreaties upon this serious matter, even if you should listen • to other advisers on things of less near conccrn- / men to th « welfare of our Cbiltlf ADVERTISER, 1813. " The pain with which I have at length formed the resolution of addressing myself to your Royal Highness is such as I should in vain attempt to ex- press. If I could adequately describe it, you might be enabled, Sir, to estimate the strength of the mo- tives which have ni3de me submit to it. They are the most powerful feelings of affection, and the deepest impressions of duty towards your Royal Highness, my beloved Child, and the Country, which I devoutly hope she may be preserved to go- vern, and to shew by a new example the liberal af- fection of a free and generous People to a virtuous and constitutional Monarch. 11 lam, Sir, with profound respect, and attach- ment which nothing can alter, " Your Royal Highness's " Most devoted and most affectionate t4 Consort, Cousin, and Subject, ( Signed) « CAROLINE LOUISA." " MONTAGUE HOUSE, 14th Jan. 1813." REMARKS. The Letter was transmitted on the 14th ult. to Lord LIVERPOOL, SC Lord ELDON, sealed, by Lady CHARLOTTE CAMPBELL, as Lady io Waiting for the month, expressing her Royal » , xxr r . , , Highness's pleasure that it should be presented cess ot 1° ha, r ' TJT per8? er^ PNT ! anri , hereLs. n O- , n order_ that her Royal Highness should frequent societies where she might have a know- FEB. 16. I under the supermtendaftce of a Prelate, the Bishop of SALISBURY, selected by his MA- JESTY, as her Royal Highness s Preceptor.— The care and attention with which that Reve- rend Prelate has discharged the duties ot hi) important office, might have rescued him, we should have thought, from something like an indirect censure on the subject of her Royal Highness nat having yet been CONFIRMED.— The particular period at which that Religion* b. nefit should be conferred would naturally be left to tbe decision of that Pious Personage who has had the superintendance of her Royal High- ntss's education. We presume not to know why it has been delayed ; but it is too much to assurce that the PRINCE must be to blame for this circumstance, which the PRINCESS declares to be " every way so distressing, both to her parental and religious feelings." Her Royal Highness is but 17, an age at which her studies must be supposed to be still going on. But it seems that those studies ought ( according to the Advisers ot the P; in- to the PRINCE REGENT ; and there was an o- pen copy for their perusal. On the 15: b, the Earl of LIVERPOOL pre- sented his compliments to Lady CHARLOTTE CAMPBELL, and returned the letter unopened, as we have stated. Oa the 16th, it wasreturned by Lady CHAR- LOTTE, intimating, that as it contained matter of importance to the State, she relied on their laying it before his Royal Highness. It was again returned unopened, with the Earl of LI- VERPOOL'S compliments to Lady CHARLOTTE, saying, that the PRISCE saw no reason to de- part from his determination. On the 17th, it was returned in the same way, by command of her Royal Highness, express- ing her confidence, that the two Noble Lords would not take upon themselves the reiponiibi- lity of not communicating the letter to his Royal Highnexs, and that she should not be the only subject in the Empire, whose Petition was not to be permitted to reach the Throne. To this an answer was given, that the contents of it had been made known to the PRINCE. Oa the 19th, her Royal Highness direct- ed a letter to be addressed to the two Noble Lords, desiring to know whether it had been made known t> his Royal Highness, by being read to him, and to know his pleasure thereon. No answer was given to this letter, and therefore on the 2Gth she directed a letter to be written, expressing her surprise, that no answer had been given to her application for a whole week. To this an answer was received, addressed to the Ptincess, stating, that in consequence of her Royal Highness's demand, her letter had been read to the PRINCE REGENT on the 20th, but that he had not been pleased, to express his pleasure thereon. Here the correspondence was closed— and some days after this, copies of the letter were in circulation. We consider the Letter as the advice given to the Princess of WALES by her Counsellors! By what arguments could they have prevailed on her to make this appeal ? or if she thought such an appeal necessary, by what argument? could they have persuaded her to suffer any copies of it to be taken with a view, as they must be sure, of its getting iventually into print. The PRINCESS is advised to complain that the separation from her daughter is equally in- jurious to her own character, and to the educa- tion of her daughter; and she adds, that the society of her Daughter is the " only domes tic enjoyment upon which. she sets any value." But her ROYAL HIGHNESS adds, that " the se- rious, aiid it soon may be, the irreparable in- jury which my Daucrhter sustains from the plan at present pursued, has done more in overcom- ing my reluctance to intrude upon your Royal Highness, than any sufferings of my own tver could accomplish " This plan complained of is " the exclusion of the Princess CHARLOTTE from all intercourse with the world."' During the earlier part of her Royal Highness's life ( she is now but 17) her studies necessarily and naturally engaged the greater part of her time, though we believe we may say, without the fear of contradiction, that during all the time she was pursuing those studies, her health was consulted by innocent amusements, by air, by exercise, by all possible mean*, as indeed the excellent state ot her Royal Htglincss's health sufficiently proves. Would her mother have had her have that intercourse with the world, late hours and fashionable paities, which befsre 15 cculd not have been maintained without in- juring that constitution and that mind which it was so vitally necessary to improve and gua'd ledge of mankind imparted to her. Such as Balls and Routs .' la there much valuable knowledge to be obtained ftom them, much health for the body or the mind ? Instead of reading our best books on the Constitution, would they have hsd her waste her nights at the Opera Howe or the Theatres— or have had her improve her judg- ment of the powers of harmony, by a nearer intercourse with celebrated singers? Was her Royal Grandtather' 6 education, at her age, pro- secuted in the way now recommended ? and yet, we believe, no Monarch ever sat upon the Throne with more ability, more judgment^ and more knowledge of the Constitution and laws of the Country. As to the last part urged in the Letter, the point of CONFIRMATION, we will not say all we think upon it. We believe the most rigid Divines have never considered it as essential to the foul's welfare: in the Church of England, it is no Sacrament. The statement that " al! the other branches of the Royal Family have been confirmed a year younger than the Princess CHARLOTTE now is," is not correct— The PRINCE, her father, was not confirmed till he was near eighteen, nor was the KING, her grandfather. Where then is the justice of the complaint? because the Princess CHARLOTTE has not been confirmed at an earlier age than her Father and Grandfather? No event that has occurred for a long time is more to be deplored than the publication of this letter. Can it produce a healing effect— can it solten— can it soothe? It places the whole Royal Family, the PRINCE and PRINCESS, the DAUGHTER, the QUEEN, the PRINCESSES, and every single individual, in a most painful predicament. We deprecate the advice that has been given to the PRINCESS— We think she will be among the first to iament it. If her Counsellors thought the could succeed in mak- ing an impression unfavourable to her Consort, to the QUEEN, and the rest of ihe Royal Fa- mily; was that an impression which they ought to have coveted ? If they thought she could not, to what a situation, to what an extremity did they risk reducing her? We acq » it the Princess of WALES of hay. ing written the Letter. It is evidently not her productive- And we cannot but think that there is a good deal of bad taste in so much parade and affectation of maternal tenderness and do- mestic feeling when we must be convinced that it is not a Mother who herself expresses her own feelings, but some p.- rsons employed to make out a case, and who talks of" sympathies and feelings" with all the cold and canting common- place of thorough bred metaphysicians. — The Letter is evidently from the pen of a Lawyer. The publication of Family disputes in all cases is ill advised, and more particularly so, when they are the disputes of personages the most exalted in their stations of ltfr, and pub- lished probably with a view of setting the father and his daughter at variance. If the letter was obtained and published through a breach of confidence, we consider it as a high misdemeanour— if its publication was designed, as a proof of great indiscretion. The PRINCESS of WALES hascertainly been ill- advised in consenting to this publication, and w « hope she will be cautious, lest she should be rendered the instrument of a Party, who care not how much disturbance and disorder they raise io the State, and whose aim it is to bring Royalty into contempt. We do not here allude te the supporters of such an Opposition as has usually existed in this country, which may be considered in some degree as necessaiy to pre both in a public and in a private point of view ? tect the Constituiion, and preserve the due ba- Since fifteen her Royal Highness has been much in public, much in diflerent parties, [ See, for in- ance, the prominent part she took at tlie Ftte, published in last ADVERTISER, page loo), much with her illustrious Fathrr, and much also with her Mother— And we must take the liberty, with all possible deference to the Princtsi of WALES, to say, that the Prin cess CHARLOTTE has not only natural talento to boast of, but that those natural talents, have been carefully improved by rlie but educatien lance of its powers, but to a set of Factious Re- volutionists, who, under pretence of a Reform in Parliament, would in reality subvert the whole fabric of the Government. A copy of the Letter, it is said, had fallen into the hands of Sir FRANCIS BURDETT ; whether he was accessary to its pubhca. ion, we cannot say. He is tobiing forward a moiion next wetk, respecting the PRINCESS CHAR- LOTTE, and the Regency, in the evi- nt of she . PRIKCU of WALES dying before hia father. Feb, 16.. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. A great number of Petitions continue to be presented to both Houses of Parliament, against the East India Monopoly, and against the Roman Catktlic Claims. HOUSE OP COMMONS. Wednesday, Feb• 10. The Call of the House Which stood for this day, was postponed to this d3y se'ennight. Mr KENRICI obtained leave to bring in a Bill for facilitating the Inclosureof Waste and other Lands. Thursday, Feb• 11. VICE- CHANCELLOR'S BILL. On the motion for the second reading of this B; M, Lord CASTLEP. EAGH said, the chief argu- Went in favour of the Bill was its general neces- sity. Unless some adequate means could be found for rendering the Appellant System more perfect, it \? ou! d be impossible to carry on the Judicial System of the Country in an effectual manner. The Appeals now before the House of Lords were so numerous that they could not be decided for many years. Many ot these cases might be protracted for eleven years.— Theiefore some remedy was absolutely neces- sary. Mr BANKS agreed fully in the statement which had been made of the deplorable state of business at present in the Court of Chancery. The system existing at present was attended with such delays of justice, ns to fall short of nothing less than an absolute denial of it ; but this Bill would nat prove a remedy unless they coul i insure the attendance of the Noble Lords on Appeal Causes. He did not think the other parts of the Bill wottld prove at all a remedy for the greiv. ince complained of, and- concluded by moving, as an amendment, " that instead ot now, the Bill should be read a second time this day six months." Mr M'DON ALB opposed the Bill. Mr SMITH said, nineteen out of twenty of these Appeals were from Scotland, and many of them were very frivolous and vexatious. He thought some measures should be taken for having them finally decided in Scotland. Mr STEPHEN supported tlve measure— a mea- sure which was loudly called for by the state of business in the Court of Chancery, and appeals before the Lords. He reprobated the levity with which this Bill had been treated, as the subject was of a very grave and serious nature. The number of appeals at this moment stand- ing were 27S, of nrhich number one had been standing 20 years, seven upwards of 11 years, 59 upwards of seven years, and 77 upwards of five years.— The lion. Gentleman then pro- e= eded to state the number of causes pending before the Chancellor, and observed that the suitors of the Court must at least enjoy an ex- istence of Ant ' tdeluvtan length to afford them a chance of seeing their suits terminated. This had been the state of things tor several yraro. — He thought this Bill wouli prove a sufficient remedy. Mr CANNING contended that this measure would increase the evil, as it Would oblige the Lord CHANCELLOR to try the causes twice instead of once. It would be no degradation to the House of Lords if they were to re- sort to measures similar to those formerly a- dopted by the House of Commons, in order to insure a sufficient attendance to facilitate the dispatch of business. Such a determination would soon lessen the evil complained of, and make any other remedy unnecessary. The present measure was perfectly inadequate; it was ridiculous to talk ot sending it to a Com- mittee to be made what it ought to be, The unwillingness of the Learned Gentleman ( Mr STEPHEN) to countenance any thing like levity on this occasion, brought to his recollection The language of Master Stephen, in livery Man in his Humour, who was of opinion that every thing should be done gravely, and in a gentlemanly hke manner, and that nothing but solemoity should prevail—( A laugh!)—- He then commented at some length on the restric- tions under which the new Officer proposed to be created by this Bill would labour.— Scrub in the play, Mungo in the farce, and Saneho Panza, compared with him, weiejud- pes of definite jurisdiction. Like Sancho, the Vice Chancellor, would have the cases prepar- ed and laid before him, and his judicial au- thority would afford matter of merriment to all mankind. He objected to this measure in toto, on this ground, that it went to create a Ma- gistrate who was not fit to be introduced into Brit ish Jurisprudence. The SOLICITOR- GENERAL ( Sir W. GAR- ROW), in an admirable speech, gavs his opi- nion in favour ol the Bill, and against the A- mendment. He insisted on the necessity of providing justice for the subjects of the realm, now exposed to many in conveniencies by the delays io the Couits of Law; and concluded an open and manly exposition of every part of the measure, by giving his decided approbation to the Bill, as a sound practical remedy for a great evil. Mr COBRTENEY, Mr ABERCROMSY, Sir SAMUEL ROMILLY, Mr PONSONBY, and Mr M- A. TAYLOR opposed the Bill. Mr Serjeant BEST and Mr WETHERAL sup- ported the Bill. THE EDINBURG H The House divided upon the amendment, Ayes - - 123 No.- s - - 201 Majority - 79 The original question for the second reading of the Bill Was then carried without a division, and it was committed for Monday. Adjourn- ed at three o'clock in the morning. Friday, Feb. 12. SINECURE PLACES. Mr BANKS aft. r a few observations, moved for leave to bring in a Bill to abolish certain Sinecure Places. Lord CASTLEREAGH did not oppose the motion, but said he would oppose the Bill, ajid shew that it would not be conducive to osco- nomy, and wonkl encroach upon the just Pre- rogativeof the Crown. Leave was given to bring ill the Bill.— Adjourned to Monday. ADVERT I SE R, TUESDAY'S POST. From the LONDON GAZETTE, Feb. is. PROMOTIONS. WAR Office, Feb. 13. STAFF— George Let'ebvre, Charles Hopkins, John Rendafl, to be Deputy Assistant- Com- missaries- General to the Forces. AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN. By the quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, and of Oatmeal per boll of 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, from the returns in the week ended the 6th Feb. 1813. AVERAGE OF ENGLAND AND WALES. Wheat 1203. 7d.— Rye 84s. 8d.— Barley 67s. lod. — Oats 43s. 5( 1— Bsans 84s. lid.— Pease 88s. Id. — Oatmeal 46s. 2d.— Beer or Big. — s. od. Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Maritime Districts of England and Wales, by which Ex- portation & Bounty are to be regulated in Great Britain. Wheat 118s. lid..— Rye 84s. 3d.— Barley 66s. 5d.— — Oats 42s. Id.— Beans ,82s. 5d.— Pease 88s. 5d. — Oatmeal 43s. 8: 1.— Beer or Big — s. I'HE Average Price of BROWN or MUSCOVADO SOOAR, computed from the Returns made for the Week ending the 10th Feb. 1813, is Fifty- six shit lings and ten pence farthing per cwt. duty exclusive 13. From the LONDON PAPERS, Feb. LONDON. On Tuesday the PRINCB REGENT visited the Princess CHARLOTTE of WALES, at War- wick House. Yesterday the PRINCE REGENT again visit- ed the Princess CHARLOTTE. On Wednesday the PRINCE REGENT held a Court at Carlton House. His Royal High- ness also held a Pi ivy Council for pricking for the Sheriffs for the ensuing year, which was at- tended by most of the Cabinet Ministers. His Excellency Count FOSCARDE, the IONI- AN Ambassador, was at the QUEEN'S Drawing- room on Thursday. Admiral Sir R. G. KEATS, K. B. is appoint ed Commander in Chief at Newfoundland, in the room of Admiral Sir J. T. DUCKWORTH, K. B. Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling, in Pagodas, from the Modeste from India, and 20 tons weight of dollars from the Brazen, from Jamaica, are arrived at the Bank. The lightning, cn Tuesday, slightly struck Richardson's Hotel, in Covent- garden, passing between a crowd of people who were standing up for shelter there, but providentially without doing injury to any one. It broke two panes of glass in the kitchen w indow, but did no other mischief. DRURY LAKE THEATRE— A new Farce was on Wednesday night performed at this Thea- tre, for the first and last time, intitled, " The Absent Apothecary." It is said to have been written by one of the Brothers who wrote the Popular Work of the " Rejected Addresses." Notwithstanding every effort of the Manager and promises to have it altered, and the obnoxi- ous passages expunged, it was completely damn- ed. The Manager said, " Ladies and Gentle- men— It certainly is not the wish of tbe Pro- prietors to represent any Piece which is obnoxi- ous to you, but when alterations are made, will you suffer it again to be Submitted to you !"•— Loud cries of " No, no," again burat forth. Some of the audience called out " Yes," but these were completely overpowered by the op- position. The Manager having ascertained that the " Noes had it," bowed and retired, and of course " 1 he Absent Apothecary" will henceforth be absent. Much of this opposition is imputable to pri- vate resentment, as many writers and their friends must have smarted under the wit and humour of the Rejected Addresses. " The ActiVe, Carnachie, from Newfoundland to Demerary, taken by the Highflyer privateer of Baltimore, arrived at Charleston I6th December. " ' i'he Maria, GuelL- rmo, from Port Royal to the Indian coast, was ta:, en and plundered on the 22d November, by the J. iberty privateer of Bal- t tmore. She afterwards captured two schooners. " The Quebec, Adams, from London, to Gib- raltar ; Seaton, of Hu\ from Rio Janeiro to Lis- bon ; the Cana la transport, from Portsmouth , and the 1 ittle James, from Lisbon to America ( taken by the Zenobia sloop of war,) have been captured near Lisbon by the Paul Jones privateer of New York, of 16 and 120 men. ' I'he Quebec was captured 20th ult. after a running light of three hours ; since retaken by the Dervvent sloop of war, and arrived itf Portsmouth on Tuesday. The Canada was given up. The Paul Jones has also taken a vessel of 14 guns and 30 men. " The Lark, Green, from New Brunswick to Kingston, Jamaica, with fish, was taken in Novem- ber, by the Rapid American privateer, and carried to St. Domingo. " The Dart, Tait, from Grenada, and the Hope, M'CIemenis, from Tobago, both bound to Glas- gow, are taken by an American privateer, and carried into Salt- m. " The Bacchus, Hall, from Glasgow to Pic'ou, taken by the Revenge privateer, was carried into Boston i6th December. " A vessel was totally lost with all the crew, on Tuesday, near Portland. She is supposed to have been a foreign brig, built with fir, and ia . ballast. " The Queen, late Cor. key, from l. iverpool to Demerary J which was taken 11th November, off Demerary Bay, by the General Armstrong priva- teer, is lost on Nantucket Shoals, with all the crew. " The Mary, M'Allister, from Cork to Liver- pool, which was deserted by the crew near the Sai tees, 3d inst. has been driven on shore near Wt- j,- ford, and gone te pieces. About 400 casks of butter are saved. " Winds at Deal.— Feb. 9, W. and squally j 10,1 W. U. S." STOCKS ONSATURDAY. INTEJ- LIGKNCE FROM LLOYD'S LIST. " Arrived 1 Corunna, 1 Lisbon, and 4 Irish Mails.— Due 1 Leeward Island, I Lisbon, 1 Cadiz, 3 Gottenburgh, 2 Heligoland, 1 Brazils, and 4 Irish. " The Calcutta, Higginson, from Madras to New York, arrived at Guernsey 7th ins... prize to the Two Brothers privateer of that Island. " The i. dward privateer, from St. Maloes, was taken 7th inst, by the Derwent sloop of war ; but having run foul of her, she sunk. The crew con- sisting of 40 men, were s ivet. " ' i'he Brazen 6loop of war, arrived at Ports- mouth from Jamaica, parted from her convoy on the 22d ult. " A very large merchant vessel standing to Ply- mouth from the southward, was captured ahoot four o'clock on Sunday afternoon, £ leagues from Penlee Point, by a brig and a lugger. " A loaded brig w3s captured off Portland on Tuesday, by a privateer. Imp. 3 per Cent. 57 jj. Imp. Ann. 4 f. India Bonds, 8s. dis. 3^ d Exch. Bills, 3s. 6s. pr. Omnium, 6 £ pr. 3 per Cent. Cons, for ' Feb. 38 J. Bank Stock, 219J 220- J. 3 per Cent. Red. 58 J. 3 per Cent. Cons. 58 i 4 per Cent. Cons. 75^ j. 5 per Cent. Navy, 88$. Batik Long Ann. 15 1- 16th. ' BANKRUPTS. G. Astor, the younger, ot J. ondon, Merchant. G. French and G. H. Eades, of London, Brokers. Chetwood Jones, of London, Merchant. Roger Todd, of Liverpool, Sadler. R. Sowdon, of Exeter, Linen- draper. Robert Cromp'. on, of Wigan, Paper- maker. John Reynolds and J. Kendall, of Whitechapel, Wine merchants. C- Toplis, jun. of London, Warehouseman. J. Thompson, of London, Jeweller. John Macpherson, of Holborn, l. inen- draper. EDINBURGH. From the LONDON GAZETTE, Feb. is. Whitehall, Feb. 13. His Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT has been pleased, in the name and on the be- half of his Majesty, to nominate and appoint ALEXANDER MACCONOCHIE, Esq; Advocate, to be his Majesty's SOLICITOR- GENERAL in Scotland. ADMIRALTY OFFICE, Feb. 13. Admiral Lord KEITH has transmitted to JOHN WILSON CROKER, Esq; a letter from Captain CHRISTIAN, of his Majesty's ship Iris, staling, that on thezd inst. the Iris and Rein- deer sloop captured the American schooner let- ter ot marque Cashier, of thiee hundred tons, carrying 6ix 12 pounder guns, and forty men, one of whom was killed, and several wounded, during the chace. Admiral SirRiCHARD BICKERTON, in a let- ter of the loth inst. to JOHN WILSON CROICER, Esq; reports the capture, by his Majesty's sloop Derwent, on the 7th, off the Lizard, of tht Edouard French privateer, pierced for 16 guns, eight mounted, and 49 men on board ; out at St. Maleea the preceding evening, and had not made any capture. Vice- Admirai THORNBOROUGH has trans- mitted to JOHN WILSON CROXER, Esq; a let- ter from Captain UPTON, of his Majesty's ship Sybille, giving an account of his having, on the 5th instant, captured the Brestois French pri- vateer schooner, carrying 4 gum and lO^ tarro- " xades ( all 9- pounders,) and 124 men. AF EAST INDIES. OFFICE OF COMMISSIONERS FOR THE FAIRS OF INDIA, FEB. M. This Gazette contains a Dispatch from Co- lonel GILLESPIE, commander of the Forces in Java, to the Hon. T. S. RAFFLES, Lieutenant- Governor of thatlsland, dated DJOCJOCARTA, June 25th, 1812, of which ihe following is an Extract:— On the afternoon of the 16th inet. you did me the honour to acquaint me, that the SOL- TAN of DJOCJOCARTA, had refused his acqui- escence to those terms, which in your wisdom you had been pleased to offer; that confident of the strength of his' fortified position, he had determined to brave the consequences our pow- er might inflict, anJ that he had assembled his army from all parts of the kingdom, who were prepared and determined on resistance. The tioops I had collected at this period of the ser- vice, though few in numbers, were formidable in gallantry ; they consisted altogether of about six hundred firelocks, a proportion of artillery, and two troops of his Majesty's f2d dragoons. The remainder of our force, with our principal ^ supply of ordnance, were coming forward cn- 1813. • 1&> der the orders of Lieut.- Colonel MACl. EoD. and were expected to join my head- quaiters during the course of that night. Hostilities had in Some measure commenced upon the previous evening. On ourarrivslatDjocjocarta, Lieut.- Colonel WATSON reported, that a constdeiable body of the SULTAN'S troops had left the Krattan, through the east gate, and had pro- ceeded upon some offensive or predatory ex- cursion, which I thought it my duty immediate- ly to prevent. I accordingly desired a detach- ment of fifty dragoons co escort me on a re- connoitring party, and I proceeded with my Staff along the east wall of the Krattan, and pursued them on a road to the eastward, which the peop! e~ of the country reported they had ta- ken ; after a very circuitous route, we arrived again upon the environs of the town, where we fund large bodies of the enemy collected, who were well armed, and evidently prepared for resistance. At this period, you had not com- municated to me any final determination with respect to the SULTAN of DJOCJOCARTA, and I was therefore withheld by sentiments of ho- nour, from dispersing those people by force of arms, which I had afterwards reason to regret. Mr CRAWFURD, the resident, who accompani- ed nieon the excutston, endeavoured, by eVery possible means in his power, to induce them to return. His solicitations and threats were e- qually unavailing, and we were at length so in- sulted by stones from the houses, arid one of our dragoons was so severely wounded by a spear in the side, that we were compelled to act upon the defensive, and in a short time thty were dispersed, in this affair I regret to say, that ' one jsrjeant, and four dragoons were wounded, the Serjeant and one of the privates dangerously, and in another part of the town, a set joint's pattole of twenty five dragoons, was fiercely attacked by a considerable number of the SULTAN'S troops, whom they cut their way through, with the loss cf one man killed, ( aDd one wounded. Every thing was prepared for offensive ope- rations, as well as our scanty supply of ammu- nition would admit. I am always an advocate for promptness and decision, and I am aware, that any measure of a contrary nature, would not only weaken the confidence of our troops, but increase the insolence of tisi enemy. I therefore directed Major BUTLER to open A fire from our fort, which was immediately re- turned by the Sultan, but with inconsiderable effect. Captain TEESBALE, of the Royal Na- vy, was wounded, and a magazine in the batte- ry having accidentally blown up, I lost the ser- vices of two active Officers, Captain YOUNG, and Lieutenant HUNTER, who were severely burnt by the explosion. Light parties were de- tached to scour the villages on the right and. lett, and a body of the SuMn's troops kept Major DALTON, & part of his battalion on the alert during the night; they were attacked four successive times with great spirit, but they re- pulsed the enemy with steadiness and good con- duct. At about three o'clock in the afttrnoon, I became exceedingly anxious for the arrival of Lieutenant- Colonel MACLEOD and his party.— I therefore detached Lieutenant HALE with twenty- five dragoons, to obtain some informa- tion respecting him, and I afterwards supported him with a further reinforcement of forty men, under Lieutenant KEIR, of the same regiment. The first detachment under Lieutenant HALE, was repeatedly attacked by large bodies of the Sultan's infantry, in situations where cavalry were unable to act. The promptitude and ce- lerity of this Officer's advance, excited my warmest approbation ; he was severely wound- ed him8elf, and lost five of his dragoons in the conflict; but notwithstanding his perilous and hampered situation, he esecuted his important trust by joining Lieutenant- Colonel MACLEOD. On the following forenoon, the whole of this party arrived, consisting of a detachment of the royal artillery, the grenadiers of his Majes- ty's f9th regiment, and the flank companies and rifle company of his Majesty's 78th. This re- inforcement determined me upon my plan of operations. The palace or krattan of the Saltan, is sur- rounded by regular works about three miles in circumference,; at each corner there is a formi- dable bastion, enfilading tha curtain, and the principal entrance in front is strongly defended by cannon. The whole of the fortification is surrounded by a wet ditch, and the gate- ways are all provided with draw bridges, to prevent the passage across. With all these obstacles to our success, I relied upon the gallantry of my troops, and determined upon the assault on the morning of the 20th instant. In ail the prepa- ration necessrry, I experienced much assistance from Lieut - Colonel MACKENZIE, of the Engi- neers, and Major THORNE, Deputy Quarter. Master- General, who procured every informa- tion that could possibly be obtained, and with whom in concert I arranged the plan of attack. The principal part of the force was divided into two columns; the leading one commanded bv Lieut.- Colonel WATSON, of his Majesty's 14th foot, and the other by Lieut.- Col. MAC- Lfio » , of his Majesty's 59th regiment; Lieut.- Colonel DEWAR, of the sd Bengal Native In- fantry, commanded a smaller party, and made a detour towards the rear of the Krattan. J^ a- jor CHANT conducted A centra! attack in fiont. 110 At half an hour before day. tie e'Kinna under the command of Lieut- Colonel WATSON, and Lieut.- Colonel MACLEOD, moved forward to the east curtain, under cover of the fi e from our fort. They- were, however, discovered by tiie enemy, be'ore the scaling ladders were planted. The, alarm was instantly given alotig the works, which only increased the activity an 1 emulation of our troops. Litut.- Coionel WATSON advanced in the most gaiiant stile, * nd 3oon obtained possession of the rampart.— Part ot ALjor DALTON'S battalion crossed the ditch at the NE.- bastion, under Captain LEVS, and running along the berm, admitted Lieut.- Cblonei MACLEOD with the second column, who blew open the Prince's gate and entered. ' The action then became general. Major DAL- TON, with part of the light infantry battalion, led rn a spirited stile to the south gate, where they admitted Lieut.- Coionel DEWAR, and sav- ed tie life of the PRINCE REGENT. The gal- lant 14, h proceeded to scour tiie ramparts, and the capture of the SULTAN rendered the vic- tory complete. I have the honour to report to you, that during this arduous conflict, the 1 oomogotg Semood Deningr. at was killed.— Lieut.- Coionel DEWAR had the good fortune to encounter his party, and as he wad known to be '- he most powerful Chieftain in the interest oi the Sultan, and his instigator in every hostile proceeding a « amst the BRITISH Government,. I consider tnis e vent as of the greatest political importance. About the conclusion of the assault, I was iiys « 1f severely wounded in the ano, thus,- with less than one thousand firelicks 8c; gaily engaged, we have defeated upwards of hvjn- ien thousand men, and afforded a lasting proof of our superio lty and power. I siall re.' rain from entering into further particulars, as von were present upon the spot, and our co>- '. iii communications. with each other have ren- d. rM them unnecessary. I . have the honour to solicit yoijr particulir attention to the valuable services of Mr CRAW- FURD, Resident. It is impossible I can comey to you, how deeply I am impressed with a sense of his talents and exertions. Mr. ROBINSON, of the civil service, and Mr. HAJDIE, were ^ jso Volunteers upon the occa- sion. I cannot speak too highly of their eager, ness and zeal. Mr. DEANS, Assistant to the Resident, was essentially useful in, conducting Li- utenant- ColoneJ DEWAR'S party to the souih gate. 1 am, & c. R. R. GILLESPIE, Colonel. Rhurn of the Killed and Wounded. Killed, 23.'— Wounded, 76 j— Total, 99. [ END OF HIS GAZETTE.] THE EDINBURGH FRENCH PAPERS. Paris Papers have arrived one day later than those that arrived on Thursday.— They shew more than any we have read for some time pasr, the unfavourable rumours that prevail, and tbe failure of ail the Government attempts to in- duce a belief that the war uVh RUSSIA is like- ly to take a favourable turn.—- They speak of " the terrors which have been generated by fear," of the '' chimeras that buoy up certain people The PRINCESS of WALES'S Letter to . the PRINCE ot WALES, ( which has caused a great rlf- al ol Speculation, both in ihe Political and jFa'biona'/ e World,) is' published in this Paper, rage 10S, with Rematks t: pon it. .- vrrffiffWnm—- - PR1VA1 ii CUR li ES PON DUNCE. " LONDON, Saturday Evening, Feb 13 Half past Seven d'Cbek. " Acccoms have bee » received from Paris which state, that the Emperor of AUSTRIA was not inclined to accede to, the wishes of Bo- H^ PA& TE, with respect, to a large ineiease. of his c. ontingtn', that the opening of the Senate Wo. silehrred in consequence, and tiiat the Ex- change on Londtn had got up. to 2Qf. The Exchange yesterday, from this place to Paris was printed 2 if, per pound sterling. " We learn that Lord WALPOLE still conti- nues at Vienna, and he permanence of his du- ties at the Court of FRANCIS is a strong confir- mation of the intelligence from the opposite coast, that the Empeior is not helmed to contri- bute any, futther assistance for the prosecution « f tbe Northern war. " By a packet from Corunna after the short voyage of three days, we have advices to the 8ih inst. It was repotted at that place tha; the French had evacuated Santander, but they bad paid a very recent visit to Asterga, where they had levied contiibutions, and on. defect ef pay- ment, had taken away with them the principal magistrates, and several respectable inhabitants as hostages. " It is expected that the new arrangements between Lord WELLINGTON and the Spanish Government would be chiefly operative in the- province of Gallrcia, where a hardy and nume- rous population was to supply its valuable re- sources for the public service. " It is understood that the Loan will be post- poned to as late i time ss possible this year, and that the exigencies of Government will be in the meanwhile supplied by a large issue of Exchequer Bi Is. STOCKS dosed this Eve- ning as follows:— " Red. Ann 58^.— Consols 58^ — Ditto for the Account 5it|." HOUSE OF LORDS. Thursday, Feb. 11. SCOTS APPEALS. Coontc! were finally heard touching the Seors Appeal Cause " CRAIGDALLIE v. Aix- MIS and Others," viz— Mr. R. GRANT, to tbe end of his argument, for the Respondents, and Mr. ADAM, for the Appellant, in reply.— The case was ordered to be taken into COflsi deration on Wednesday next. blind to their true interests, or too much inclined to wish for a change," ". of the most absurd, news which every where obtained full belief." Pjblic opinion is every where against BONA- PARTE and the War, and hence lie is reductd to the necessity of falsehood or exaggeration ; of fabricating articles from Hamburgh, War saw, Poien, Dresden, and other places, in which he affects to speak in the most cheering and con-, fident terms— but it is clear they are not be- lieved ; he cannot make the people think ligl t- ly of the RUSSIANS who destroyed his im- mense army, and forced him to an igoomini- ous flight— Ahiit, exceisit, evasit, erupit—" If the Russians," he says, " were what they pretend to be, they would ha^ e already passed the Elbe, and been marching to the Rhine."— He thus confesses that he has ncr adt quale force to oppose their crossing the Elbe— and across the Elbe it is probable they are. MACDONALD has gone batk to Parir. Not a word is said of MURAT, who is evidently in disgrace. On the 27th ult. there wtre brought before a Military Commission, of the First Military Div lion, Alexandre- Andre Boutereu, private teacher, and JoseJ Marie Fernandez Caamano. They were accused of being accomplices in the plot of the Ex- General MALLET Boute- reu was condemned to death, and executed on tbe 28 h, at the entrance to the Plain of Grenelle. The measures which we conjectured to be in contemplation have been adopted. A RE- GENCY. hjs, been provided by the Conservative Senaie, and confiimed by a Decree of NAPO- LEON, in the event of the death of BONAPARTE during the minority ot his son— The AUSTRIAN PRINCESS IS to be the Regent, and she is to be assisted by a Council. She and her Son are to be crowned— a spectacle that may amuse ihe PARISIANS for a day, but will do as much to wards consolidating BONAPARTE'S Dyrasty as his Bulletins have done towards persuading the people that he has not been defeated and dis- graced by the RUSSIANS.. His power may last during his life, but the moment he dies, all these laws and regu'atiens and prcv: sions for ensuring respect and obedience to his son will be mere waste paper, the " shadow of a shade." The farce of the coronation of the Empress MARIA LOUISA and ' he little King of ROME is to be got up with all expedition, and sanc- tioned by the POPE, for which purpose the pa- rade of the late reconciliation between the Pon- tiff and BONAPARTE took place. By the * r/ iffthus attempted to be thrown t- round the name of MARIA LOUISA, it is evi- dently intended to flatter and cajole the House of AUSTRIA not only to influence the Court of VIENNA to remain true in its alliance with France and render additional assistance ( o the ambitious projects of its Ruler, but also to give the EMPEROR of AUSTRIA a deep interest in the naintenance of the Cor sic an line on the French throne. PARIS, Feb. 7.—" His- MAJESTY this day review ed a great numberof the iight troops and infantry, as well as the cohorts of theliis' class. His MAJESTY formed a c rele of the Officers and soldiers, and, after addressing each of them, the Eagles were distributed to the different Re- giments, which ceremony was answered by the soldiers with 6houts 6f " Long live the Empe- ror," and by swearing to defend them to the last extremity." There is some news from the North in these Papers. All the hopes of the French, which, , hot six months ago, were to be contented with nothing less than the subjugation of RUSSIA, are now fixed upon ; he successful defence of one of their own fortresses. DANTZIC is said to be garrisoned bv upwards of 30,000 men, and capable of making the most obsunate and vigorous resistance. Thorn is defended by 6000 men ; the Bava- rians are between that town and Posen ; SCH- WJRTZSNBERG is at Pultusk and Ostrolenka, RIGNIER on the right, and the Prussian carps is re formed between Stettin & Poien. Stettin, however, is a considerable distance from Pol:,.. We have some loose and scattered informa- tion relative to the RUSSIANS, but no detailed accounts. They had crossed the Vistula be- low Ihorn, and bad advanced to Brornberg, and even Marienberg : but NEY is said to have sent General GERARD to Bromberg, who had re- pulsed- them. But . the brevity with which this information is given, makes us ( doubt it. A Berlin article of the 25/ h ult. says, that the Russians had. repassed the Vistula, with the e xception of detachments at crmderg, and that the main army is between Pultusk and Ottro- lenka But this we had just before been inform- ed was the position ot the Austrian army. The RUSSIANS had advanced nearly to the Vder. The King. of PRUSSIA has been removed by I his French jailors from Berlin to Breslaw.— \ This has ksn done in cocjequeoce of the pub- ADVERTISER, 1813. lie opinion of Berlin heing. so decisively hostile to the French. Breslaw is a strong fortifica- tion, where the KING will be detained more closely and securely. Hi3 MAJESTT is evi- dently in such a state of duress, th^ t h: 3 sub- jects cannot be 6aid to owe him any allegiance, nor can orders emanating from him be consider- ed in any other light than as the orders ot BO- NAPARTE. There are apprehensions of a ris- ing at Btrlin against the French. The Meeting ot the Legislative Body is postponed to the 14th. BONAPARTE finds great difficulty HI making- his annual Expose. LISBON PAPERS LISBON Papers are arrived to the sd inst. brought to Falmouth by the Duke of Kent pac- ket. They speak of the campaign being about to commence, and express a confident expecta- tion, that it will be shot t, brilliant, and decisive. That this expectation will be fulfilled, there is every reason to hope. By a Decree of the SPA- NISH CORTES-, full powers have been conferred upon ihe Marquis ot WELLINGTON as GKNR- RALISSIMO of the SPANISH ARMIES, which will enable him to unite the forces or SPAIN I an^ PORTUGAL in a concentrated effort. The | eneftiy, on the other hand, from the utter im- 1 possibility of subsisting their troops in large j bodies, except for a veiy short time, must be J rendered unable to make an attack with any prospect of success, and can only maintain their footing in the Peninstda by defending strong positions. Even this system, however, cannot long prevail against the unit- d energies of the people ot the Peninsula, directed to one great object, by the skill, the talents, and sagacity, of the BEROOF SALAMANCA. These Papers continue to speak of the depar- ture of several dt the partitans of JOSEPH tor FRANCE. There is every reason to expect that the next campaign in the PENINSULA will be opened with a vigour heretofore unpiecedented. Be- sides the increased energy inspired by Lord WELLINGTON into the Spanish Authorities, in his recent visit to Cadiz, from which we may look for the employment of a larger and more effective Spanish force in co- operanon with his Lordship in the field; and, besides, the very considerable force brought from Sicily to Alt- cant, from which we look for very signal ser- vices under so able a man as Lord WM. BEN- TINCK ; we find that the most active and per- severing efforts are employed to prepare every disposable regiment at home for effective ser- vice ; and to send out every regiment as soon as it is so. It is calculated, that, by these exer- tions, reinforcements to the amount of 20,000 men will have joined the BRITISH Army under Lord WELLINGTON before the end of March. The F'rench have committed the greatest cruelties at Valencia, winch they plundered for five days previous to evacuating i . GRENDO, Jan. 4.—" ' I here is now no doubt but what the French will * hip Perth- shire, belonging to Clyde. This vessel sail- ed from St. John's, Newfoundland. Off Altavela, on the 29: h ult. about 10 p. nt. she fell in with the American privateers Lady Madison, GARKICOMB, and Lagle, CONOLLY, of one gun, and fifty men each, which eng? ge4 the Perthshire for upwards of half an hour, when she was cempeiled to strike. At the lat- ter part of the action, Captain M'KINLEY re- ceived a mortal wound, and died in a few ini- nutes after. After plundering the ship of the most valuable articles, Mr A. PRATT, as prize- mas- ter, and sixteen men, were put on board of her, with orders to proceed for the first port in the United States they could make, but yesterday se'tnmght, off Cape Tiburon, they fell in with the Farms, which recaptured the Perthihire.— The Perthshire mounts 12 guns, & had 18 men. Mr WRIGHT, the mate, gallantly fought her lor a short time after the master was wounded." Ti e brig Mars, Ferguson, from Jamaica to Clyde, is on shore near Oban; and it is feared that she will go to pieces, and that very l. ttli O her cargo will be - a ed. The privateer schooner Revenge, of Balti- more, has sent into Wilmington, North Caroli- na, the ship Betsey, of Glatgow, from Tcne- riffe, for Barbadoes, in ballast. The Salerno, late Cor ran, from Fictou for Liverpool, put into Stornoway, in great dis- trers, having five feet water in the hold, and lost the greatest part of hrr crew. WEXFORD, Feb. 8.—" On Friday morr, jng, the sloop Mary, of Dumbarton, Duncan M Alister, master, was wrecked at Ballyholy, in the barony ot Forth, supposed previously to. I have struck on some of the Suites Rocks, as, on her grounding she immediately went to . pie- ces. She was laden with butter, poik, turpro tine, and oa s. About 400 casks of butter, and some of the poikhave beensi. ved, which were lodged in his Majesiy's stores. Tke crew took to their boat, and fortunately reached Water- ford the same day." GREENOCK, Feb.' IS.—" The schooner Pa- lerr/ w, of Leith, arrived yesterday at the quaran- tine station, Ho. y Locb, iiom Malta. Tiie Id- lotting vessels. froir. this port were arrived there: — D'fiance, ATHOL, eight days from Gibraltar; Weir, ; Columbo, M'NELLAGE. " Atrived last evening, the Mercury, MOT- LEY, from Oporto, a running ship, after arapid passage of eight days." The Little Jacob, of North Bergen, is arrived, prize to his Majesty's sloop Clio, by which she was captured on the coast of Norway, with a cargo of Stock Fish, for the Mediterranean. This vessel is eaid to have been trkin by the Danh, about four years ago, off the Moray Frith, being than a fishing smack belonging to Harwi. h. JAMAICA. JAMAICA Papers are received to tbe 131b of December, a drpute had aiist- n between ihe Hcuse of Assembly and the Council,, the former alledging that the latter had made an ur. wairant- able attack on the privileges of the House of Assembly, by attempting to amend a- Money Bill, whilst the Council contended that the Bill as one of regulation, and not of supply. The K nerai i Assembly was soon afterwards pro roijued to tfie 12di ult. Two shocks of an earthquake were felt at Kingston. on the Sta and S h ol DCecmber, but they did i; c material tia- Tsge. On the 29th ult. Mr GEORGE AIDE, ship- master, Limekilns, having pui chased some po~ tatot s at South Queensferry, put them into his boat, and left the ferry about seven o'clock in the even ng, contrary to the advice of many, ( his boat being previously stove by the acciden- tal falling of a barrel lull of herrings). Nut coming home, search was made for him along the nor. h shore, wfen the boat was found float- ing opposite Rosyth Castle. His body was found r- n the north shore, opposite to Fiope- toun House. , The Managers cf the Charity Ball, held at Hawick, have teen enabled to distribute among the iabcuring poor of the parches of Hawick, Wilton, and Cavers, Thnty- four pounds. IS'A very curious circun, stance cccurred in Dunblane on Sunday morning last an early hour. A man afier pillaging his neighbour's garden of a quantity of greens, was returning home with them under bis arm, tut Owing to the da knesa ot the right, mistook the- road and tumbled in- to a draw- well about IS feet dttp, situated at 1 the tnd of the pi oprletor's housr, when, by Lis • bawling and ciying, he awak- n- d the owner ot the garden and his family, who came to ihe door in great haste, and to their u'mcst acto- oistiment found ihe poor plunderer t UDding up to the middle in water, ahrort frightened" rut cf his. senses. A ladder was inirre ' iatei. y p o- cured and put down into the well, uhen the thief ascendid, and r,. n oft, s fa3t as his feet could carry him, without thanf irg his kind an. l benevolent deliverers. The i_ t£ « I5 were found ia the well. FEB. 10. HIGH COJRT OF JC75TrCRRY. Yesterday came on before the High Court ' of Justiciary, the trial of Thomas Somerville, for peijui Y, at the iist. nce of ROBERT BALLAN- TVNE, tenant in MUlbtll, pariah of Carnwath, with concurrence of his Majesty's Advocate.— After the examination of witnesses for the par- ties, Mr JEFFRS Y addressed the Jury for the prosecution, and Mr JOHN CLERK iorthe pri- soner ; the LORD JUSTICE CLERK summed up the evidence. The Trial continued till near eleven o'clock l ist night, and the Jjrv are to return their ver- dict this afternoon. The particulars will ap. pear in next ADVERTISER. ALARMING FIRE. Sunday night, about eight o'clock, a destruc- tive fire broke out in the fourth storey of Bi- shop's Land, north side of the High Street. On the fi. st alarm, the engines belonzing to the City, and the different Insurance Office! were brought to the place, and also two from Leith, and one from Leith Fort. They were kept playing most of the night, and succeeded at last in keeping the fire confined to the fene- ment wTiere it began. Water was rather scarce at first, but afterwards there was a plen- tiful supply for all the engines, fourteen in number. The three upper storeys and garret are totally destroyed, the second and shop flat greatly injured, and the uppti^ part of the tene- ment to the east was at onetime on fire, but it was soon got under. About two o'clock yes- terday morning, partol the front wall fell, but providentially without injuring any person.— The fire was not got under till tour o'clock yes- terday morning, and about seven o'clock it a- gsin broke out, but it was soon after finally got the better of. Same of the firemen were hurt, but it is hoped not dangerously. The Lord Provost and Magistrates, the con tables ordinary and extraordinary, the police, lirenien, & c. were early on the spot. The Commander in Chief, Colonel Sir GEORGE LEITH, Major EVATT, and several other Officers belonging to his Staff, were also present during the greater part of the night. Detach- ments from the 27tii Foot, and from, the Ayr- shire and Perthshire militia, and likewise a de- tachment from Leith Fort were ia attendance, and were of great service in preserving order a;: d k.- eping ihe street clear. The engines were WI Jg. ht with gre. it effect, and the spectators ui all descript one were busily employed in L nging continual supplies of water. A poor WO nan, who had been delivered of a child the right before, was carried out. 1 he family residing in the house where the f, re was fii st discovered, were at church when it " fc. ofc- out; so that it is nut known how it ori- ginated. ' The principal part of the building, and most • f the stock ind furniture are injured. Tile absence of the Superintendant of Police on this trying occasion, is much to be regret- ted, he hiving been confined to his room since Thursday last, by severe indisposition. A Troops of the 6th Dragoon Guards took a v ry active p^ rt: he directed the pipe of one of the best engines with great skill and effect, he seem'd to he animated by the spirit of a Muggins or a Higginbottom, ( two firemen who fell a sacrifice to their intrepidity at the burn- ing of Drury lane Theatre); for a considerable time he directed the pipe of ihe engine fiom the top of a long ladder, where die burning embers and red hot elates were falling u/ vn him and around him in every direction THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER, 1813.' BIRTHS. At Dalkeith- house, the Marchiontss of QUEENSBERIV, of a daughter. ^ The LADY of Sir G. S. M'KEWZU, Bart, of a son. * Mrs JOSEPH BELL, 29, St. Andrew's Square, of a daughter. The Lady of ROBERT ROBERTSON, Esq; of Prendergue. it, ot a daughter. At Stamford- hill, the Lady of M. GILMORE, Esq; of a son. MARRIAGES. At Dundalk House, in Ireland, Lord Vis count POWERSCOURT, to Lady FRANCES JO CELYN, eldest daughter ef the Earl of RODEN. At Stirling, on the I5: h inst. by tUe Rev. Dr Someiville, of Stirling, WILLIAM MACHINE- TOSH, Esq; Barker, Stirling, to ANN, eldest daughter ot John Sutherland, Esq; Cnici Ma- gistrate of Stirling. DEATHS. At I- lanha Novo, in Portugal, on the sodi December, in consequence cf a lever, brought on by fatigue, in the service of his country, Lieutenant THOMAS TKITTER, of the Royal Artillerv; an officer of much promise, oldest son of . William Trotter, Esq; Edinburgh. At Coimbra, Dr GEORGE CABBELL, Phy- sician to the Forces, of a putrid fever. At her house, Tiviot Row, the Hon. MARIO* MACK AY, daughter of tbe first Geo. Lord Ray. At Powderhall, ALEXANDER. MACDONALD, Esq; ol Calley, Writer to the Signet . i At Edinburgh, Mr ROBERT ESPLIN, late Brewer. At Perth, WILLIAM STEWART, Esq; Wri- ter, and joint Town Clerk of that- City. On the evening of Sunday se'ennight, as he was return- USIleral lvla ing home from the country, his horse, being 1 Anonymous ; .1.. t - 1 I i- ll — I SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR THE RELIEF OF THE INHABITANTS OF RUSSIA, Suffering in consequence of the Prench Invasion agreed to at a Meeting of the Noblemen, Gentle- men, Mcrchjnts, Bankers, Traders, and other in- habitants of Edinhnrgh, l. eitb, and their vicinity, held in the Parliament- house, on Monday the lltli day » f January 1813.. Amount of subscriptions formerly published - - - I.. 2138 15 Alexander Pitcairn, Esq. Forth Street S James Davidson, Esq. W. S. 5 2 2 3 2 1 S seedsmen Archibald Tovry, Esq. merchant MrDufhn - - Bain Whyt, Esq. W. S. - -• Messrs. Campbell and Yule, merchant! Mr Thomas Hotchkis, brewer Mr Peter X. amoiul brewer Mr John Ranken, Leith Walk The Rev. Mr Wright of Markinch Messrs. Dickson & Co. Shakespeare Sqsare S The Hon. Lord Polkemmet - 10 Burnet Biuce, Esq; Advocate Mr Watson of Saughton Messrs. John Sinclair and Son Professor Du. ibar A. G. C. M. .... Adam I. ongmore, Esq. Exchequer • Robert Suttie, Esq. Gayfield Place Ralph Bruce, Esq. David Stewart, sen. Esq. W. S. - Hon. Lord Meadowbank Samuel Martin, Esq. of Antigda John Campbell, Esq. Receiver- General of the Customs Mrs Arbuthnot, Queen's Street MUs Arbut- hnot ... Dr Thomas Hay - The Hon. Mr Baron Hepburn John Anderson, Esq. bookseller Proceeds of the Edinburgh Forum Meet- ing .... Mr Young, George Street Gsneral Maxvyell 3 2 I 3 5 0 10 10 2 2 10 10 2 2 2 1 1 3 1 2 5 0 10 10 10 10 1 1 1 1 2 2 10 10 2 2 imperfectly frost- shod, fell, when Mr STE- WART'S leg was seveiely fractured. Amputa- tion became indispensable ; he survived the o- perat'on only about thirty hours. Mr STEW- ART was universally valued, both in his pro- fessional and personal character. His honour- able and independent principles, his amiable and social disposition, and his gentlemanly and unaffected manners, rendered him a favourite in every circle. At Bei wick, Mrs HOGARTH, relict of David Hogarth, Esq; lateof Fairburn- Mill, much re- gretted. At Errol, on the 2d of February, the Rev. ROBERT WATSON, Minister of the Associate Antiburgher Congregation there, in the 77th vear of his age, and 53d of his ministry, much and justly regretted. At Mauchline, JANET GIBSON, consigned to immortality by BURNS, in his HOLY FAIR, under tiie Turf appellation ol Racer Jess. THERMOMETER. PridIf, Feb. 12,— 8 o'clock Even 45 Greatest degree of Cold in the night 41. o , , - f8 o'clock Mora..... Sal*. Say, ' | 8 o'clock Even Greatest degree of Cold in the night 8 o'clock Morn 8 o'clock Even In the night 8 o'clock Morn 61 5 5 SJ Sunday, — ] 4, Greatest degree of Col — 15 Monday, •{ I At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Po- lice held yesterday, it was unanimously resolv- ed, " that the Commissioners are fully satisfied » h » t every possible ex. rfion has been made on the part of the Superintendam towards rendering the cleaning department as perfect as possible ; And the Commissioned are happy to tak; this opportunity of expressing their very 8' rang sense of the " uniformly zealous, and highly proper conduct of the Superintendant in the discharge of the whole arduous and important duties wherewith he_ has been entrusted." We understand that the Hundn d Guineas lost on Friday on the street ot Fisherrow, as advertised in last ADVERTISER, were that even- ing recovered. A carter passing to H'aiding- C ton had picked it up, and we regret to add,' j got it changed, ( with the fraudulent intention 43. 40. 36". 38 41. 37. 39 8 o'clock Even 41. Greatest degree of Cold In tbe night. 36. Tuesday, 16,— 8 o'clock Morn 38 BAROMETER, ( Feb. 16.) 8 O'CI. OCK MORNING, TWENTY- EIGHT, EIOUT TWENTIETHS— RI- M. UK ALLY LOW. WFATHBR AT EDINBURGH, Feb. 13, and 13, Clear, and Squally, with Showers— 14, Cloudy, with Rain in the morning— 15, Clear, with Sun- shine. PLOUGHING MATCH. " BROOM HO USE, 15th FEB. 181S. " TheRATHO FARMING SOCIETV had their aa- nual Ploughing Match- on Friday last, according to custom, on the farm of their President for the time, at present Mr THOMAS CHAPMAN, in Broom- house. Nineteen Ploughs started precisely at 9 o'- clock, when a keen and anxious trial of skill took place amongst the competitors. The whole work was uncommonly well performed, a bad ploughed ridge could not be observed in the whole field.— The Judges appointed for the occasion, came upon the gromtid at 3 o'clock : the ploughs being previ- ously dismissed, when with much hesitation and difficulty, the prizes were awarded. The frit to John Brure, Fervant to Mr JAMES HARDIE, in Currie.— The second to David Denholm, servant to Mr THOMAS NEWTON, in Hermiston.— Tbe third to Archibald Bisset, servant to Mr. JIRCHIBALD YOUNG, in Ingleston— And the fourth to John Newland, servant to GEORCE REID, F; sq; of Ra- tho Bank. T he members of the Soeietv present, with the Judges, and a few neighbours, dined with of retaining the money,) at the Bank of Scot- i Mr CHAFMA K, and tbe evening was soer. t with Ws branch, Haidtngton, when the fraud was { that sociality pecyd. arl^ cbaraciensticti Farmers. Janje, Farquhar, Esq. George Street Captain John Thomson Mr John Swanson, Aimvteli Anonymous - - . William White, Esq. bookseller Alexander Campbell, Esq. Mili Hill Subscriptions continue to be received attheCoun" cil Chamber every day, from one to three o'clock where two members ot the Comwittee will attend.' HI CORN AND CATTLE MARKETS. MARK- LANE, LONDON, Feb. 8.—" Having had- no fresh arrivals of Wheat siace Monday, in con- sequence of adverse winds, what was left over from Wednesday's market, obtained brisker salet than on that day, but without any advance in price — There was rather more life in the Barley Trade, and fine samples were taken of at an advance of Is. per quarter upon Wednesday's prices, but the inferior sorts remain without alteration ; Oats ave Is. per quarter dearer, as our stock having had no increase to our Monday's supply; in other articles there is no alteration. Wheat ( English) 100s. 120s. 1301. Ditto ( Foreign) 100s. lsios. 150s. This day there] were 430 bolls of Oatmeal In Pdinburgli market, which sold— First, 11. 17;. Od.— Second, 11. 16s. 6d.— third ll. 16s. tid.— Ket. il price per peck, ot best Oatmeal 2, 5- J.— Second as 4d.— 1 here were also 55 bolli of I'ease and Barley Meal, which fold— I'ease 11. 8s. Od.— Barley 11. 6 » . Od.— Reta. l price per peck, Pease Is, lid— Barlev Is. 9, t. HADDINGTON PHICES OF GRAIN. Fes. If. Wheat sold heavily, and prices were nearly the same as last week— Barley was rather oil the de- cline ; best 47s. current prices ses. to 38s.— Oats ihe same as last day ; best 43s. current prices 29-;. 6d. To 35s.— Pea, e and Beans S0s. t< » 4' Js. 846 Bolls of Wheal in the market, whereof 6 3 sold thus:— 25 at 1.. 3 rt 0 I 54 at L. 3 2 0 12 at L. 2 14 O St 3 5 6 I IS 3 10 IB 2 13 S 77 3 S 0 | 150 3 0 0 2 2 1 3 O 29 S 4 6 I 20.': 2 19 0 10 3 12 O 28 '.. 3 4 0- j 6 2 18 0 11 2 9 0 58 .3 3 c| 17 2 17 0 7 2 8 O 10 3 £ « I 5 2 15 6 16 2 6 O 10... 3 2 6 | 34 2 15 0 16 2 5 9 31 Bolls of Grey Wheat, and 152 Unsold. Average, 31. Os. Id. 2- 12ths. Wheal, I Parley, I Out,, j Pens,, I Beans. First 6S< OJ I 47s Od j 43s Od ] 42s Od | 42., Od Second..... 62 » Od | S8S 6d 35s Od Slis Od | 3t>< Od Third. 55) bd | 32s Od I ^ 9= 6d ] 30s Od 1 30s Od DALKEITH, Feb. 11. There were 2010 bolls grain in the market. AH kinds of grain sold heavily, with the exception of Barley, which sold readily. First Wheat e" d. current 60s. ir. terisr SJs — Barley 46s. to 3^.,.—. Oats 42s. to 26s.— Pease and Beans 4. s. to 28'- i-' er ball. The Subscriptions at Glasgow, for the RUS- SIANS, ( exclus ve of the subscriptions by the LADIES,) amounts to upwards of 4,700l. STIRLINGSHIRE. RELIEF TO THE RUSSIAN SUFFERERS. STIRLING, Fna. 12, 1813. AT a Meeting, called hy the Convener, of the Noblemen, Freeholders, Commissioners of Sup- ply, and Heritors ot the County ot STIRLING, held here this day, for the purpose of considering the propriety of opening a . SUBSCRIPTION ler the RELIEF of the RUSSIAN SUFFERERS. Sir Taos. LIVINGSTONE, of Westquarter, Bart. ^ ie Convener, in the Chair, The following Resolutions were proposed, second- ed, and unanimously adopted :— 1st, That the distinguished valour ar. d patriotism evinced by the RUSSIANS, ill repelling the late atro- cious and unprovoked Invasion of the French, has afforded to the rest ot tiie Nations of Europe, a glorious example of what may be achieved by cor- dial co- operation against the most powerful efforts ot a Foreign Enemy, and has excited in this meet- ing, feelings of admiration which cannot be too strongly expressed. 2d, That this Meeting, feel it to be their duty as Men, as Britons, and as Christians, to contribute by every means in their power, to relieve distress so Aggravated and so undeserved. 3d, That a Committee be appointed, to consist of Sir Thomas Livingstone, Mr Graham of Gartur Wheat, First.... 66s 6d Second. 60s Od Third... 54s Od Barley, 4tis Od 42s Od 32s Ud Oats. | 42s Od 35s od I 26s Od J Pease & Beans. 41 o 3t o 3J 0 MOON'S AGE, AND HIGH WATER AT LEITH Wed. 17, Fhurs. 18, Frid. 19, M< to* s Ag. 17 18 19 Mori. 3 32 4 5 4 36 8 ft 4 wi 4 51 Major Murray, younger of Pplmaise Mr Forbes of Callander Mr Stainton of Lefham Mr- M'Allum cf Thorn- hill The Chief Magistrate of Stirling Col. I. N. Rind of Wes- ter Livilands. Mr Muschet of Bi< k- faill Mr Speirs of Culcreuch Mr Kincaid ot Kincaid Mr Gartshore Srirling of Craigbarnee And Mr Davidson of Col- aiurn, W. S. discovered bv Mr ERASER, ng-.- nt for the Bank. It may be in the recollection of our readert that in the month of October last the Leeds mail was robbed n<- ar Higham Ferrari, and 19 oi the bags abstracted. No cluo was lound til) lately, by which' the perpetratois ol this crime could he iraced. It is now strongly suspect » d tl/ at Hufton IVbite, wan one of t.' ie de- predators. He was concerned in robbing the Paiilij Bank at Glatgow, in summer isn - and, after a clo3e pursuit from Edinburgh fo London, he wa< apprehended bv A. CAMP- BELL, of this City, and some Bow Street office s in a house in St. George's Fields. He was tried at th » Surrey assizes for returning from transportation, and sent to the hulks, from which lie again contr. red ' o escape, and h2s been at large exer since. The Post- Office lias offered a r- ward of 30 )!. tor his appreiijjristoa. The company, with heartfelt satisfaction, congratu- lated each other on Ihe happy let Providence had, in thi- se eventful times, assigned them; that while their brethren in most of the nations of EUHOTE, were UNCERTAIN of SOWIN G what was PLOUGH en, or P v: APING what was SOWN, they progressively w*^ on, improving the means to procure an abun- dant harvest, confident that in due time, under a Benignant Providence, they will reap a certain re- turn, for- their laborious industry." TELEGRAPH.— The rapid conveyance of intelli- gence by the Telegraph is known to be of the ut- most utility, and the manner. of working it consi- dered togt- mcus when performed by men ; but our wonder reust increase to astonishment when we are told tiiat an Automaton Figure al the ANIIIUII- BES, has been constructed, so as to work the 1 e- legraph it> all its vaiiety of signals. It is to be fear- ed th. u Mr. HAPdo'C( T* s short stay in Edinburgh will l> « rhe means of disappointing thousands, wo from a laudable curiosity would wish to partake of this rational enicruintnMit.—( 6'/ e Adver pa^ e Is*..) Any three a quorum, Sir Thomas Livingstone,.' Convener, with power to rhe Committee to pro cure Subscriptions, and otherwise carry the object of this meeting into effect. 4th, That these Resolutions be printed, and cir- culated to the Members ot Committee, and copies transmitted to the different Clergymen of the County, with a request that they promote the Sub- scription, amongst their Congregations; and also tbat tke Managers of the Banks in the County, be requested to receive the subscription money, and rewiit the same to Mr. WINGATE, Writer in Stir- ling, ( appointed Treasurer), to be lodged by him in tbe Stirling Bank, until the Committee shall closed the Contribution, when the amount shall be trans- mitted to Samuel Thornton, Esq; Treasurer to the Crown and Anchor Subscription, Londan. 5th, That these Resolutions be published in tlic Newspapers. ( Signed) THOs. LIVINGSTONE, Preset. EDINBURGH- TRACT SOCIETY. The annual meeting ot'the EDINBURGH RELI- GIOUS TRACT SOCIETY will be held in M'Ewen'^ new rooms, Royal Exchange, on Thursday next, the 18tb curt, at 12 o'clock, when the report of the Commitee w. ll be read, and the office- bearers elect- til for tbe ensuing year. The attendance of the members and all others friendly to the object of the Society is respect: ully requested. SHIP NE IVS. Arrived In CI. TDE.— The Union, Tulluch, from Lisbon, and Mercury, Motley, from Oporto, with wine and fruit; and Rodney,—, from Jamaica, with sugar a-: d rum. LOTH, Feb.. 16.— Arrived the Beaufort Castlr, from Limington, yi'h bark ; Atalanta, Storie, ar. d Lively, Balis, Irom Yarmouth, and Active, Allar, from Burnham, all with grain ; Concord, M'Dow- gal, from Newcastle, and John > id Mary, Abbey, from Sunderland, with coals ; Young William . Cottrell, from Teignmouth, with pipe clay, and Pirfour, Wright, from Hull, with pot clay; Beaver, Swinard, from Yarmouth, » ith barley ; Montague, Storey, arid Fife, Wishart, from Hull; Pharos, Young, from Dublin ; Venus, Dunlope, for Bellas!; Bee, Waddell, from Nei^ cstle ; Cygnet, Caithness^ Hfeshire, Millar; John, Anderson; King George, Crighton; Comet, Cummmg!, and Thames, Ditli, Irom London all with goods. CLEARED Our.— Mary, Petric, for I. erwick, and Ann, Bennet, for Belfast, ail with good,. SCOTS BANKRUPTS, ( 5 THOMIS WILSON, merchant and corn deale :<> riiion— Creditors to men in Thin's, there lstb tist. and 20 h March, at 1 o clock, to chuse factor and trustee. JOSEPH Mint, merchant, MunlM Creditors to meet m M'Vuae'. vCumncck. Soth jn„. „ olh March, at 1 o deck, to chuse factor and trustee ANDREW Jot LIE, grocer, L « lie.- sCredit„ it' t0 meet m Scott's, there, 18th inst. and 18th March » t It c clccfc, te cause factor and truitse, ' WINES, & c. rrtENNANT & Co. beg to acquaint their friend* and the public, that all orders addressed t » No. 12, Hanover S reet, ( wh.- re for two vears past,) their principal stock of WINES, SPIRITS, and 1 FiAS, have been kept, wi'. l be most carefully at- tended to; and their friends will be supplied with tbe above articles there, until their premisses in Bishop's Land, High Street, which have been des- troyed by the late unfortunate and calamitous fire, are rebuilt. 12, Hanover Street, 16th Feb. 1813 OjTWEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY FlRST^ TUE STATS LOTTERY WILL HE DRAWN IN LONDON. "-" PICKETS and SHARES may be had, in great t variety, till Friday first, at two o'clock, of ANDREW SI E V W R I G H T, 102, South Bridge, Edinburgh, After vjkich all untold tnua be returned to the Contractors. The above is tbe only office in Scotland where NO. 1070, drawn the grand Prize of TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS, last Lottery, & six other capital Prizes, were sold. TOTmORROW^ VVIDNESDAY 17th FEBRUARY, THE STATE LOTTERY. BEGINS drawing in LONDON, and will FINISH on the IOILOWING day, TICKETS & SHARES, Are Selling in great, variety ftf numbers, and will Continue on Sale, at FORREST'S OLD OrricE, opposite to the Trcn Churcfc, Edinburgh. TILL FRIDAY E'IGBT. PlUCESi Half, I.. 11 14 0 I Eighth, L. 2 13 « Fourth, 5 19 0 | Sixteenth, 1 10 6 Commissions punctuallyanswered. Schemes gratis AU^ IGN- OF~ HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE A QUANTITY OF FINE HONEY, & c. To be SOLD by WM. ROSRRT.' ON, at No. 10, Welt Register Street, on Friday, 19th curt. A FUR LARCifc assortment of DINING Sc DRAW- ING- ROOM, BED- ROOM, & KiTCHF" Nil URE, Forty Pints oi FINE HONEY, he sold in small quantities; CriihA STONE- WARE, See. & c. ' Sale to commence at 11 o'clock forenoon. lO BE LET, -— 1 — TVfO go « d VAULTS, SOUTH ' BP 1DGJJ Apply to Francis Brides, Nk'. drr StiW" Edinbatgb. JStl* Feb. 181 s. " 112 T NOTICE TO CREDITORS. rT'HE Creditors of Mrs. M. LINDSAY, Mil- J liner in Haddington, are requested to meet in Mr Lamb's, Innkeeper there, on Wednesday 3d March, at 12 o'clock noon. Haddington, Feb. 14,181S. LANDS IN KINROSS- SHIRE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the house of William Gibson, innkeeper in Crook of Devon, ori Monday the Ist of March, 1813, between the hoars of 12 and I afternoon, T'UE LANDS ot WAULKMILL ot TILLI- BOLE, lying within the united parishes of Fossaway at d Tillibole. The subjects lie six miles west of Kinross, on both iidea of the t urnpike road leading from K.; nros3 to Alloa and Stirling, and on the south side of the Water of Devon, command- ing several falls of water fit for driving any weight machinery.— As also. The SUBJECTS in KINROSS consisting of a Dweiiing- House, Garden, and Offices, possessed fcy Mrs. Grie% t For further particulars apply to David Ktltie, Writer in Crook of Devon, who will show the subjects of Waulkmill; or to Hubert Marshall, Writer in Kinross, who will show the subjects theie. ' The purchaser will have immediate entry to tbe whole, or at Whitsunday Grst; at which term the price will be payable. Kisaoss, Jan. 12, 18.13. HE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER, FARMS IN TUG COUNTY or LINLITHGOW,^ 1813. TO LiTI To be LST, either as presently possessed, or in One Farm, for 19 years from Martinmas 1813, T^ HE MILL and MILL LANDS of BURDS- M1LL, presently possessed by Da- A. B. r. vid Fortune, containing - - 47 3 31 The FARM of HIDDLEFAULDS, as possessed by James Walker, - - 58 2 29 The FARM of LOANEND, MU1R- £ ND,& c. possessed by Lewis Alexander 113 0 7 PAPER- MILL AND GROUNDS AT BAI. ERNO, NEAR EDINBURGH. UPSET PRICS ONLY L. 800 STERLING. To be SOLD by Public Roup, within the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Wednes- day the 2 i it day of April 1813, at two o'clock ri^ HF- TliASE of the Extensive PAPER- MILL of B/ U. ERNO, upon the Water of Leith, si's miles west from Edinburgh, on th; I. arark ro. d, xviththe Whole MACHINERY and UTEN- SILS belonging to it. , , This Mill was originally constructed for work- ing six vats, but was latterly restricted to four en gines and four vats. All' the other requisites are on an equally extensive scale, and can easily be either restored to the original establishment, or in- creased, as there are plenty of out- houses, drying- lofts, & c. sbout 10 Scots acres of lahd, an over- seer's house, and about 20 houses for servants. The supply of both river and spring water is also equally abundant. The endurance of the current lease is 32 years from Whitsunday 1813, and it contains an obliga- tion on the landlord to renew it for 29 years more, 911 specified terms. The buildings were only erect- ed within these 25 years, * nd are consequently so substantial that they might easily be converted to wiy other purpose than their present one, & their vicinity to Edinburgh and other local advantages make them worthy of attention. The premises will be shewn by ihneas Suthcr- land, at the Mill; and every other information will be communicated either by Mr Robert Wilson, Accountant, No. 17, Howe Street, or by Messrs. Craiistoun and Veitch, W, S. No. 48, Casile Street, Edinburgh. Nth— I he Grounds will be Let for culture for the ensuing crop, for which offers may be addres- sed as above. N VALUABLE. FARMS IN THE COUNTY OF ROXBURGH, To LET. To be LET by public roup, in Christie's Inn, Jed- burgh, on Wednesday the 17th day of February 1813, at one o'cloi k afternoon. IN ROXBURGUSHIB S. Sst. nnHEFARM of DOLPH1NSTON, con- x raining 13-: 4 acres, 1 rood, and 34 falls. English measure, or thereby, about 500 acres cf which are arable, and a great deal more may be made so, being of a dry soil and capable of great improvement. ' Sd, OXNAM MILLHEUGH, and MILL LANDS. This farm contains aboot 200 acret. F. ng- Total - 219 2 27 The above farms are situated about 11 miles west from Edinburgh, and about half a mile' south ot the turnpike road from Edinburgh to Glasgow by Bathgate, on the north side of Almond Water, and ill the neighbourhood of lime. The lands are rr ostly inclosed, of a suptrior qua- lity, and adapted for all kinds of crop. GiTers to be given in to Mr. John Keir, factor to the Earl of Hopt- toun, at Phiipstoan, near South Queensfirry, betwixt and the first day of April next, who will give any further information that may be required. SAI. K Of LANUS IN LANARKSHIRE! To be SOLD by public, roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 24' h March net-, at two o'clock afternoon, unless previously disposed of by private bargain, ALL and Haill the Forty Shilling Land ot the Four pound Land of old cxteur of GREEN HFii. D, with the t ends, parsonage, and vicarage thereof,. lying within the parish of Caruwath, and shire of Lanark, as presently possessed by Robert Tiveedie, These lands consist » f nearly 500 acres, are mostly arable and pasture, and haye b^ en en- closed with stoue dvkss within these few years, and the whole capable of the greatest improve- ment, having great abundance of Limestone upon the property. ' The riends are valued upon a trifl- ing rental, and the feu and tierd duty, amount on- ly to about 60 nierks Scots annually. The public burdens are very trifling. For further particulars application may be made to Thomas Megger, W. 3. Edinburgh, who will shew the plan ai d title- deeds, and who is also em- powered to conclude a privi'. e bargain. The tenant will shew the lands. The lease can be furchosed at a moderate tvm. EXTENSIVE FARM IN_ FIFE TO BE LET. To be LET, for such a number < f years as can bt agreed upon, and entered to at Martinmas 1813. " ' HE FARM of LETT! AM, in the parish of Scoonie. ' This farm consists of about 400 acres of strong land, excellently calculated for wheat crops. It has 3 southern exposure, and is wholly inciosed and subdivided, and the inelosures are well watered. ' 1 here are good roads in tv, r; direction to and from the farm, « nd it is in tbe vi- cinity of the sea port of Leven. ' The lands are in the natural possession of the proprietor, and will be in high order at the time of entry, the grester part having been completely fallowed, limed, and drained, at a great exptnee. If nn- i- e agreeable to offerers, abour a hundrtd acres on the west part of the farm will be let se- parately. ' The steading is fully adequate to the farm, and will be delivered- oyer in good order !•> . h-,- e- nt For further particulars, apply to Mr Due. Can, W. S. or Mr Hor- drugh, Cupar, by whom offers will be received. The plan will, be seen in the hands of Mr Horshrugh, and James Sharp, over- s'.'! r at Lttham, will shew the lands. TO BE LET Tor such a number of years as may be agreed on, HE HOTEL and INN at ARDROSSAN. T The entry to be at Whitsunday next, but the tenant may get possession sooner, if required. ' This Inn is very extensive and commodious in all its premises. Completely furnished in the most comfortable manner ; and in which an Innkeeper of character, who is disposed to be attentive and obliging, will b* sure of meeting with encourage- ment, not only from the Noble Proprietor, but the public at large. Apply to the Earl of Eglinton's Factor, Mr Ro- bertson, Bower Lodge, Irvine. Feb. 6, 1813. lst, CAPI TAL FARM IN FIFE TO HATTON- HILL, possessed by Mr White, measuring 233 LET. WIT. 2d, OR MIS ION, possessed by Mr William Thomson, 218 0 21 2d, NORTH HILL of OR AN OF, lying in the centre of tbe two before s> tate farms, and occupied by do. ill I 36 A. 563 1 0 Entry to BattonMil at the^ paration of the crop. To Ormisron and North Hill of Grange, at Mar- tinmas 1813. Tbes lands are within a mile of the port of Ne#- burgh, the great shipping port for grain, and in the neighbourhood of all sons of markets. The turnpike road fiom Newburghto Auchtermuchty. runs through the heart of the lands, and joins other turnpike roads, so that the roads are excellent in every direction. The lands. are of excellent qua- liry, capable of great improvement, and fitted to bea^ all soits of crops. They will be let in one or two farms, and for 19 years or such period as of- ferers may incline. Ore- third ot the rent to be payable in wheat, barley and oats, convertible at the highest Fife fiars. Offers to be given in on or before l? t March 1813, to Mr. Maitland, the proprietor, Rankeilour, by Auchtermuchry, or to James Herriot, W, S. Edin- burgh, which will- state the further accommoda- tion required. ' I he present tenants will shew the lands, and further particulars may be known by applying a3 above. M11 . LSAND FARMS NEAR STIRON G7" To be LET, for such a number of YTIRS as can be agreed upon, and- entered to at the terms resjeec- FEB. I a ESTATE IN ROXBURGHSHIRE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, upon Wednes- day the 14th day oi April 1813, a; two o'clock afternoon, THE Lands and Estate of MAINFIOUSE, ly- ing four miles south from Kelso, in the pariah of Eckford, andcovr. ty of Roxburgh. ' The estate consists of about 386 acres of very good land, all arable, completely inclosed and subdivided, lying compactly together, with a fine exposure to the south. There is a commodious Mansion- house up- on the estate, with a Garden, Orchard, and com- plete set of family as well as farm ofiices, having- a Thrashing- Mill by water, all lately built at a great expence. The lands are surrounded by thriving and valuable plantations of above 60 acres, which afford a shelter to the grounds, and are at the same time ornamental to the place as a residence. The f u- duty is trifling, and the teinds are valued' and exhausted. For further particulars implication may be made to Messrs. Ftrritr, Writers to the Signet, Edin- burgh, who are in possesion of the title deeds ; or to George Jerdon, Writtr in Kelso. The lands wil be seen by applying to Mr Joh i Aitken, at Main- house. N. B. A consideraVe part of the price will ba allowed to remain in the hands of a purchaser up- on good security. TO BE SOLD, A VALUABLE ESTATE In the Parish of Kilbarchan, & county of Renfrew ' HF, LANDS of THIRD- PARTof AUCHIN- T Huh measure, mostly all arable, and of a good s. il. 3d FERN1H1RST PARKS, containing about 60 English acres, all arable, well inclosed, and ot 4 good soil. , .., , The entry to the « e three farms will-, be at Whksunday next, 1813. as to the houses and grass, and the separation of the crop from the ground, as 4o the arable lands. . . , 4th 1 OCHENDS LANDS, containing about 20 acres'English measure, of a good soil, and well inclosed. The entry to this, farm will take place whenever it is let. The two first farms lie in the parish ft Oxnam, and within three miles of the county town of led- bureh The two last lie within the parish ol Jedhurgh, and within little more than a mile of & hat •• own I- is intended to Let the whole on Leases for IS years from the respective teams of entry ; an, for farther particulars, application may be made to Messrs. Wemvss and Walker, 55, George Street or Mr Francis Brodie, Northumberland otreet, Edinburgh, the Factor upon the estate; or Roiert Wilson, ' baron officer at Fermhiri t, WVTFNSIVE FARM IN PEEBLES AND SEL- £ KIRK- SHIRE TV LET. TR, he LIT, fsr sbrh a humber or years as may be agreed upon. Entry at Whitsunday 1813, r PHE FARMS of CARLRONA, FAWN- 1 EURNHEAD and- HIGH LANDS HI EL, ly- iflf in the parishes of Traquair and Ya. row, pre- s^ s y possessed by Mr. th. omas Gibson. the htff consist of « . res English measure or thirifby, upwards of 200 aires whereof are arable and well inclosed, and rhe remainder sl. erp pasture. The arable lands are of a good dry soil,, arc. well adapted for turnip husbandry ; aad the sheep pas Mire is sound and healtl4y. fi This farm lies upon the r. ver Tweed, about four mih- s below the town of Peebles wh. re there is a excellent weekly market lor all kinds of gram. A new ( arm- house ar. d a complete .< er. of offices were built upon the lands a few years ago. Prono-: S » in writing will be received by the pro- prietor at Car Irons, by PeeU- « , e, r by Messrs 00- mervU'e and Scott, W. 3. No. 43. Ncrthnmber and street, Edinburgh, betwixt and tf Idarcll next, - evhen th. farm will be let at Peebles, lui in- case an Ldequ^ e offer is in the mean time Made, a bargain may he Immediately concluded of Wh'ch due notice will be given. James lWglcisb, ™ .. . - it t r, t, lir » ri » . C& rCitsflHWiU tiie Un^. FARMS IN 1' W E ED DA L E. — TO BHl. EI', For • uch a nr. mber of years as may be agreed on. ABOUT Two Hundred and ' i'hjrty Acres" ot the estate of WEST LINTON and EAST Sr'ARK, together with LINTON COTTAGE and Of- fices. all at present in the possesion of the proprie- tor, who will give entry immediatcrJv', and build any additional Oifices that may be required. Also the Farm of UN TON- BANK, as at presen- possessed bv John Ales- andf r^ and containing about Forty- fcve arable aci es., besides some Pasture and Plantations, with an adjorping field < f about I hir teen acres, presently occupied by . the villagers.— j These two posse ssi' 233. will make a compact f\ riv. of from ^ Fifty- t ight toSi^ ty afcr. es, and have a: stead- ing attaclied to them in the; v. liage of Linton. Both th « ie Fr. rms jye in the pari-- h of Linton, and shire of pet hies: fhey are completely inciostd and subdivided ; with the 1 > inton- Bank ffariwu the incoming tenant will get the btntiit of a Fal- low'- Break, ^ ud the Crop and Dung on the Farm at a valuation; and" every encouragenvent will be given to an active and industrious. tenant. The lands will be .- bown by Thoma? Kirkpa trick, at Linton Cottage, and ef/ ers will be rt ceiv- td trither by Mr. Stewart at Haystoun, by I^ e'e' bles, or Mesfr^. C^ anstoun & Veitch, W. S. Bkiitar. N& ie.— If adequate offers be not received for th;- se Farms betwixt and the 12th March, the GRASS PARKS will be rouped for the ensuing season, on Thursday the 1,5th April. Ul> et Price Media e l. EHAU1 IFUI, ESTATE FOR SALE. To be- SOLI by public roup, on Monday the Sth day - d March 1813, at 2 o'clock afternoon, with- in tbe Royal J xchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh, if not finviot/ ih/ disposed of ly private bargainy ' UK ESTATE of ASKOMIL, in the district I of Kintyre, and county of Argyll. These tends, which are of the very, best quality, ar « situ- ated comi- juous. to the populous and very thriving bureh of Cam » belto** n, one sid « of its. beautiful amr> hitheatre being bounded by this compact pro- perry., which, In point ef every local advantage, cannot he surpassed. The rent, at present, is &- bout 8001. sterlijig. None cf the lease « have above ten years to run, and- a considerable part, in the • it*? of a sale, is only let from ye a r to year; and, the proprietor has been ofiered per annum, for a Lime Rock upon the Jarrs, which is so situated, that vessels can be ladf- n aImMt from the quarry. There are most desirable" situations for budding upon many parts of the property, commanding one of the finest views that can be conceived; and so eligible a purchase is sehi<> m offered to the notice of the public. The feu- dunes a:: d burdens are in- considerable. Application may be made to Mr Russel', accoun- tant, Northumberland Street, who has - power, to sull by private bargain. ' The title- deeds, racks, and a plan of the estate are in the hands of MessriLock- hart & Kennedy, Frederick Street, Edinburgh, who will inform as ro other particulars. Mr David ; Stiuart Galbreath, at Campbeltown, wiUtfiv* di- ! rectipiid fof shtwithe l^ ids. tiveiy after mentioned, v z. RPHE MILLS of AIR THRY, presently fst. . sessed by John Ferguson and others, si- tuated on the Water, and. very near the Bridge of Allan; consisting of three P'aper Mills, and Corn and Barley Mills, with suitable houses, expensive drying and can houses, & c, with 27- acres of good dry land of tb « best quality immediately adjoining. ' These premises are only three mites distant from Stirling; at- the same distance from Dumblane, ven miles from the Port of Alloa, aud two from the River Forth, at which there is a good shipping- place. They have at all times a plentiful supply of water from the River Allan, sufficient for ma- chinery of any kind or e xtent; and the stage coach from Glasgow to Pt r- th. passes through the premises daily. In point of local advantage, the situation of rhe « e Mi Us cannot be surpassed ; and are therefore weli worth the attention of persons engaged in the • j^ er- making, prhnin^, distillery, or corn tivde — Entry to . the Mills at Lammas, 18H, ; nd to the Mill Lands at Martinmas thereafter. 2d, The Farm of DRUMDROUIA with a good Farm Steading, presently possessed by Ro- ; bert Buchannan, consisting of about 140 acres of good dry field so:!;, adapted for. all hinds of crops. r These lands are all subdivided, inclosed, and well sheltered, and; may be entered to at Martinmas next. This farm lies contiguous to the Mills, and will be Let. along with them, or separate, as offer- ers incline. 3d, The Farm of TOWHRSFIELTS.. situated about half a mile from the former, and con i. sting of 4S acres, 2 roods, and 2 falls, with the Old Mill Farm adjoining thereto, consisting of 60 acrep, one rood, or thereby, of good dry field light sou, par- ticularly adapted for turnip husbandry & grazing. These lands are^ so all inclosed and subdivided.— En ry to the former at Martinmas next, and to the latter at Martinmas 1814. Offers for both to be let together will be preferred. Offers may be given in to William Walker, V » r. S Forth Street, Edinburgh; Messr*. Murray and Campbell, Writers, Stirling; or to James Boyd, at Ho wis- Farm, Factor on the estate, who will give orders for shewing the lands and mills, and evtry other necessary information. LANDS IN THE COUN i Y OF FDINBURGH.' To he - fur e? 7ifit only Sbld by ft blic r .//•*, Ir, the Royal ivxcKange Coffee house, Edinburgh, on Wednesdliy thy Sd day < f March 1813, at two o'clock af ernoon, the following lands, as for- mer ly more particularly advertised, I. r- pHE Estate of GAVIKSIDE, including the JL l. ands of MUIRHOUSEHILL, consist- ingot 154 Scots acres or thereby? whereof there are 13acres in very valuable full grown timber, a considerable part of which mig>> t, be cut with ad- vantage to the place. II. ' The i^ tate ct 3ROTHERTON1, adjoining to G^ viesidc, on the south east, and consisting also of 154 Scots acres , or thereby, all well laid out, plant- ed, and inclosed. These lands are in the best state of cultivation, and contain a good deal of valuable and very.- ornamental plantatiors. ! II. The Lards of EASTER BLACKMIRE & KILI ENDEAN, adjoining to Brotherton, on the south side of the public road and consisting of 55 S^ ots acres or thereby, well adapted either for fell- ing, or to be occupied as a small compact farm, be- ing bounded on the north ar. d south by public roads. The above lands hold of the crown, and I? e Con- tiguous to each other, 15 miles from Edinburgh, three miles from the post town of Mid- Calder, and one mile from Livingston. They are all inclosed and subdivided, and having been for many y, ear's in the . natural possession of the proprietor, very considerable sums have been laid out in their im- provement. With the exception of a small pendi- cle,. they, may, be all entered to immediately. The teinds are valued and exhausted by the mi- ni iter's sdpend, which for- the ivhole of the above lands, amounts 6nly- to L. 2: &:' 4d. sterling, and the other public burdens are equally moderate. The terms of payment of the prices mill be made to suit ihe convenience of purchasers. For further particulars inquire at Messrs Ander- sons and Russel, W. S. or Wm. Alex. Martin, W. S. ov, Gearge Street, Ediubiirgk, NAMES, KIBBLES TON, NFBANY, and ROWAN- TREE FLA T. These Lands are situat • ed in the most populous part of tbe county of Ren- frew, in the immediate vicinity of the villages ot Johnston, Lochwinnoch, and Kjlbarchan, and near Paisley, They extend to three hundred and- four- teen acres © r thereby, completely- inclosed, lying quite compact, and consisting almost entirely of arable land of the first quality, and. capable of tha greatest improvement, having abumUr ce of lime immediately adjoining, and every accommodation from roads and markets. On he premises ther^ are several fine situations for building, the whole lands lying on a gentle slope with a southern expo- sure rising from the River Cart, which forms the southern boundary of the property. The proprietor has rigkt to the whole teind.*.—- The public burdens are moderate, and the lan.]* are held of a subject superior for payment of t~- n shillings o£ feu- duty, to be doubled at the entry of heirs and singular successors. Mr. R. Fiodgart, at Mountop, near Johnston, will give directions for shewing the lands. The title- deeds are in fhe hands of James Dundas, C. S. Edinburgh, to whom or Robert Grahame and An- drew Mitchell, writers in G; asgow, application- may be made as to further particulars. FARMS IN WEST I OTHIAN TO BE LE l' 7 AND TERM FOR RECEIVING OFFKRS PROIONGED. To be LET ( together or separately), for nineteen years, and entered to at Marrinma. s 1813, lst, nriHOSli parts of the MAINS of HOUS » JL TON and NORTH FIELD, at present possessed by JAM ES NEI 1.1, on the east of the road leading. from Houst< n to Biriny, including Housij and Yard, rented by THOMAS B » OYV: IV, COHTATNII^. 76 acres, Scotch measure, or thereby. 2d, T> n LAND'S of FOR KNEIJK, or CARRI- ERS JARM, presently possessed bv JOHN Mrrct- ELL ; and tbo^ e P: rts of HOUS TON MAINS and NORTHFiELD, lying on the we> t of the foresa; d road-. 1 ading from Houston to Binny. con- ainiiig in whole 77 acre « , Scotch measure, or thereby. 3d, The MH Land MILL- LANDS of HOUS- TON, and TWO PARKS, called RASTER BFUGHBURN and ' CT. INKIE, yontaining in w hole 65 acres, Scotch measure, or thereby. The great'r part of these L nds is of exeeilent- quality, and fit for raising i v< ry kind of cr'> p ; asd the situation is most desirable, the premises be'ng situated close by fhe village of Uphall, 12 miles from Edinburgh, and partly intersected by the great road from Edinburgh to Glasgow. Coal i3 , • wrought in the adjoining lands ; and lime is to be had. in thegreatest abundance, at the distance of only thfee miles, For farther information, application may bd made to Mr Gideon Pitlob, at Xii khili; or to Messrs Inglis and Robertson, 46, Queen Street; to either of whom rffers may be given in, in the above, division— or for Nos. 1 and 2— pr for the whole lands as one farm, between and the 12th day of March next, when tbe lands will be John Gilchfibt, Gardener at Houston, willshewv the iands.. VALUABLE ESTATE I> J ARGYLLSHIRE, FOR SALE, WITH FREEHOLD QUALIFICATION. To be SOLD, by public roup, on Wednesday, the 10th day of March. next, at 2 o'clock, afternoon^ within the Royal Exchange Coffee house, Edin-. burgh, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, rg^ HE ISLAND of MONK or MUCK, with tl e. adjoining ISLANDS of ART UNAN, EL- LAN- NHACH, and EGA MULL., lying in the. County of Argyll, and west coast of Scotland. These islands lie about 3 miles to the north of the Sound of iMulJ, and about lo miles from the end of the new road from Fort WITam to Aras, a? g, where there is. an excellent inn ard harbour, they are of easy access, and pleasantly situated, in the most fertile ard early » f the Western Islands. They are supposed to contain upwards of 1200 acres, almost all of which is arable, of the best qua- lity, and susceptible of the highest state of improve- ment. There is excellent shelter for black cattle, and several beautiful situations for bulding. The Kelp Shores are valuable ; the present rent is 4501, but a very- considerable rise may re obtained, ss~ the whole is out of. lease. T he lands hold of the crown3 and afford a freehold qualification. The cod- and ling fisheries hav? been successfully carried on by the tenantry of Monk for many years, : and migct be great! y, increased by an enterprising proprietor, as these inland.--, irom their fertility, would support a great population, and they are the nearest to the fishing grounds. For further particulars, apply to Alexander Mun- dell, Esq; 45, Parliament. Street, London, or Ro- bert Brown, jun. writer, 129, George Street, Edin- burgh. The ground officer in Monk will shew, the lands. Polished by JAM£ S^ DONALDSQ^
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