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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 990
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 13/01/1813
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 990
No Pages: 4
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'^ sVWcr CORN- MARKET, SIIREIVSBURY\ PRINTED BY WILLIJM EDDOWES, January 13, 1813 Wednesday Price Sixpence Halfpenny " 1XTTLLIAM LEIGHTON respectfully acquaints liis 7* Friends and the Public, that tho undermentioned Conveyances go from the TALBOT INN, Shrewsbury. That well known mid very fust l'ost Coach, Ihe OLD PRINCE OF WALES, to Birmingham, Oxford, and George and Blue Boar, llotborn, London, every Morning at half- past Nine; returns every Evening: carries four lusides. LIVERPOOL Light Coach, every Morning al Six, to the Rock Ferry, and Saracen's Head, Dale- street, at FOUR same Evening. CHELTENHAM favourite Light Coach, ( called the Hi BERNIA), every Monday, Wednesday, aud Friday Morn- ings, al Six, through Wcnloek, Bridgiiorlh, Kiddermiil- 1>, ster, nnd Worcester, to Dine; audio the Plough llolel, Sti Cheltenham, 7o'Ctock: carries but four Insides. ni BATH Coaches, every Monday, Wednesday; and Fridav Mornings, at Six; and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday p( Mornings, at Seven, through Coal brook Dale. th CHESTER, Reoslute Coach, every Morning, at Six through Ell smeie and Wrexham, to the Golden Lion Inn, Chester, at Twelve : carries but four IN ; and rclurns.. to Shrewsbury every Evening: meets at Chester Light Coaches to Nautwich, Warrington, aud all the Noith of England. Coaches, to Shiffnal, Wolverhnmpton, Birmingham, Oxford, & c daily; suit the only Conveyance by which Places can be secured lo the above Towns at all Times— certain Ig?' Not accountable for Parcels or Passenger's Luggage above lite Value of Five Pounds, unless eutcred as such, aud paid for accordingly. PR AC TIC A L AUClllTECTUuE. This Day icas published, CORRECTED FOR 1813, PRICE 3s. fid SEWED, TAYLOR'S BUILDER'S PRICE BOOK ; containing a I correct Lis! of the Prices allowed hy llie mosl eminent Surveyors in London, to the several Artificers concerned iu ; Building, with llie Journeymen's Prices affixed to each I Article. To which are added a Variety of important Me- morandums and ' fables, useful to every Person coucerned in Building, Estimating, or Valuing. BY AN EMINENT SURVEYOR. Printed for J TAYLOR, at the Architectural Library, No. 50, High Holborn, Loudon; aud may be had ofW. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. IVhere may be had, lately published, 1. NICHOLSON'S Carpenter ami Joiner's Assistant, il- lustrated wilh 79 Plates, and copious Explanations. A new Edition, corrected, £ 1 is bound. 2. NICHOLSON'S Carpenter's New Guide, a complete Book of Lines for Carpentry aud Joinery, with 78 Plates, 15s. 3 NICHOLSON'S Student's Instructor in drawing and working the Five Orders, 41 Plates, 1MS. Gd. bound. 4. NICHOLSON'S Mechanical Exercises, or I lie Elements anu Practice of Carpentry, Joinery, Bricklaying, Masonry, Slating, Plastering, Painting, Smithing, and Turning, with 39 Plates of Tools, ice. 8vo. 18 « . Boards. 5. Pococic's Modern Finishings for Rooms, elegantly engraved 011 86 Plates, 4to. £ 2. 2s bound. 6. PAIN'S Practical House Carpenter, 148 Plates, 18S. 7. TOD'S Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Hot Houses, Green Houses, Conservatories, & c. ou 97 Plates, Folio, i coloured, £ 2. 12s. ( id. , 8. LUGAR'S Designs for Farm Houses, FarmY'ards, Dai ' ries, Collages, & C. 21 Plates, 4TO. 5s. in Boards. BY DIVINE PROVIDENCE AMONG ttie many discoveries in Medicne, none claims the attention of mankind more than that great ie* tora- Uvc, the CORDIAL BALM OF QUITO, which possesses the inestimable power of renovating lite most debilitated constitution, whether it arises from the indiscretions of youth, or hy a residence in hot or unhealthy climates, the immo'ter- ate use of tea. spirituous liquors, or olher noxious thuds ; too sedentary a life, or too ch. se an application to study ; exces- sive grief, injudicious administiatiou of mercury, & c. or, should it proceed from habitual tendency to consumption, or by whatsoever cause the constitution becomes relaxed, weak, or decayed, this restorative and reanimating Balm of Life ami Health, will produce the happiest effects. A few doses of this medicine wilt afford immediate assurance of re- turning health and strength, by giving tone to the muscular system and organs of digestion, therebv invigorating aud re- novating the whole constitution. To the young it will afford lasting health, strength, and spirits, in place ol lassiiude and debility ; and to ttie aged and infirm it will assuredly furnish great relief and comtoit, by genily and s3tely invigorating the system ; and if it lie in Ihe power of medicine to gild the au- tuum ol declining years, and calmly and serenely to protract the close of life beyond its narrow span, this restorative is capable of effecting tbat grand desideratum. The Cordial Balm of Quito is sold, wholesale and retail, by WI!- TOS and Co, 299, Strand, Loudon ; in bottles at 2s. 9d.— Ills od. and Family bottles 3t( s. each, by which there I > sa saving of 9s. Sold aiso hy W. EODONVBS, Shrewsbury, ' and ttie venders of Patent Medicines tnroujbout the united Kingdom, TURNPIKE TOLLS. TURNPIKE TOLLS, NOTICE is hereby given, tbat the Tolls arising at the several Toll Gates uoon the Turnpike Roads leading from Ellesmere lo Shrewsbury, aud from Ellesmerc to Oswestry, in the County of Salop, called or known by the several Names of Cotton Hill Gate, Stocketl Gale, and Hardwick Gale, with the Side Gates thereto re- spectively belonging, will be LET BY AUCTION, to tlie best Bidder, at the House of Mr. RICHARD JOY, known by ihe Sign of the Red Lion Inn, In COCK- SHUTT, iu the said County of Salop, on FRIDAY, tbe FIFTEENTH Day of JANUARY next, between the Hours of Twelve aud Two in the Afternoon, in tiie Manner directed hy the Act passed in the Llth Year of Ihe Reign of his'Majcsty King GEORGE the THIRD, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls pro- duced tbe last Year ihe following Sums, above Ihe Ex- peuce of collecting them ; viz. Cotton Hill Gale - - - £ 453 Stockeit Gate . - - - 214 Hardwick Gate - - - - 35 and will be put up al those respective - Sums. Whoever happens lo be the best Bidder, must, at Ihe same Time, give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. PETER PRITCHARD, Clerk to the Trustees of the suid Turnpike Roads. Bllesmre, 12th llec. 1612. LOKOOV. FliinAY, JANUARY 8.' Pars Papers to the Dili insf. have been received. It ippears from these Journals, Ilia*, some of lite General - oi Got nparte have been inclined to follow tbe example of Ihrir Master, and have been glad to escape from the horrors o! the Russian campaign. Generals I'abie and Lambert passe.) through Fraiikfpit on the 26tii of December, from the army, and 011 the same day two c" ii- icrs passed through tbat city, one going to the army, and tile olher from it to Paris. On the 19th of December, thf Dtike of Eiissano; lio aparte's Secretary ( Marel), left Warsaw, where he had arrived five days before Irom the army, and proceeded for Berlin j and on the 27th, a great number of persons belonging to him, and a great number of Officers of Bonaparte's House- hold, coming also from the army, passed through Frankfort, in their way for the capital of France Here is no avowal tbat couriers are passing and re- passing between Frtiuce and Russia, and that French Ofli, ersare daily arriving from the army ? but although this avowal contains an admission of the arrival of intelligence of every description from Russia, yet tbe French Journ h do not contain a single word of news from the army. They are, however, sufficiently anxious to nform us ofthe exertions made to reinforce it.— Twelve thousand infantry, and a train of artillery, we are told, set out from Baden, 011 the 23d, for that purpose; and 30,000 troops had arrived at Warsaw for the same destination. The Moniteur of the 31st of December a so contains letters to the Emperor from the Officers and soldiers ol the Sth, 69th, and 70th co- hort , request ng permission to join the Grand Army. Another article in the same Paper, alluding to the reports in the English Journals relative to Lord Walpole's mission to the Court of Austria, says, in'a llnte " Lord Walpole is no longer at Vienna. He was not listened to. No Continental l'ower will separate itself from France. All will be deaf to your ( England's) intrigues "—- Another note repeats the statement of a former Moniteur, that, " far from evacuating Spain, fresh troops are ma- ching thither ; with tbe boast that Spain belongs to lite French Dynasty, and 110 human power can , revent it." Spanish I'aners received at Lisbon mention the arrival of Gen. Ballasteros at Ceula on the 2d ult.: it would appear, therefore, that the interest made to pro- cure a reversal of his sentence of banishment had proved . ineffectual; and we must confess we are not displeased with this instance of the firmness of liie Span sli Government. The contumacy of Ba lasteros was of a nature so injurious to the common cause, tiiat it co, ild not have been passed over without betraying a weakness in the Spanish Authorities, wh; clt must ha* e utterly disqualified them for the situations they hold. There has been late'y observed a considerable degree ot activ ity in some of the French ports. It is imagined that the French will make a dash from the Scheldt, from Brest, and Toulon, at the same time, for the purpose of reaching America. 11 their fleets be so fortunate as to escape, though badly manned, ( heirships will have an ample supply of seamen in tbe United States Bonaparte finds it is absolutely necessary to do something to dazzle the Parisians, and to prevent them from pondering on his disasters in Russia; and in addition to what we have stated, we shall not be sur- prised to find him send immediate reinforcements into Spain, t" try his luck 111 the Peninsula. hi the siege of Ochzakow Geu. Kutusoff distin guished himself greatly. The garrison consisted of 20,000 chosen troops, aud every foot of ground was bravely dis. uted. A general bombardment from tlie troops of Kntusoff look place with red- hot shot and shells, one of which having fallen upon the enemy's magazine blew it un, and efleeted a breach in the wall, at which tlie Russians entered. Kutnsoff led tbe storm- ing partj, and was wounded in a most extraordinary wanner, a inusket. ball having passed through both temples. He fell from the top of the wall into the ditch, aud was brought in dreadful stale to the physi- cians, who after several years effected a cure ; one of his eyes never recovered. Since the arrival of Ihe Russian fleet al Chatham, the crews of several of the ships have been affected with a contagious distemper, of which some havedied. Change of diet, and want of cleanliness, have been assigned as the causes of this disorder; the violence of which, however, is now subsided, through the mode prescribed by llie medical practitioners who were sent from town. Col. Harvey, of ihe I4tli Dragoons, and a number of Officers from the army, have come home in the last packets from Lisbon, 011 leave of absence. Gen. Pack is arrived in town, from the British army in Portugal, it is stated lhat a large portion of the British troops are inefficient, through sickness or fatigue. The enemy are iu the same stale. Princess Charlotte's Birth- day,— Yesterday her Royal Highness completed her seventeenth year, when the same was observed bv the Princesses Augusta and Mary visiting her about 12 o'clock, at Warwick- house, aud afterwards took her Royal Highness to visit the Duchess of Brunswick. In the evening she dined with the Princessof Wales, at Kensington Palace. A number of distinguished personages left their names and enqui- ries at Warwick- house. Her Royal Higliness's trades- men dined together at the Thalcherl- bouse Tavern; anil, in Ihe evening, their bouses were illuminated. The Prince Regent's domestics had a sumptuous dinner 011 the occasion; and the vyhole of tbe Royal Establish- ment had an allowance of wine, the same as on the birth- davs of llie oilier Branches of the Royal Family, for the first time. East India Trade— Oil Tuesday a General Court of Proprietors was holden at the East India House, to read and lo consider on the correspondence which had takeu place between the directors and administration, respecting the renewal of the charter. The Chairman ! acquainted the meeting, lhat the ncgociation for a coil- ' tinuance of the company's exclusive trade wore a most unfavourable atpcct. The papers, which were very voluminous, were read; after which a long disru. sion took place, in which Mr. Rigby, Mr Thornton, Mr K, Smith, Mr. R. Grant Mr. Hume, and others, took a distinguished part.— Their arguments went generally to shew tlie misery which must attach to thousands, and tens of thousands of individuals connected with the Company, and residing in the metropolis, should the trade he laid open to the out- ports. t!| iou tiie whole, the determination of Ministers appears to be— that liie trade shall be partially opened to other ports ; and the equally resolved to support their ed that the tumultuous proceedings which had taken I place in the West Riding, should render their attention j necessary at this early period of tbe vear, and call forth ibe special interference of. the Civil Power He pointed out the various Offences which appeared in the Calen- dar, and ab!, laid down the Statules from time lo time enacted relative to many cases which would claim their investigation. His Lordship dwelt with great force oa th? dangerous tendency of administering unlaw- ful oaths, and expounded " the law thereon with dig- nified energy ; and concluded with expressing a well- grounded confidence, that they would not fail ro incul- cate in their respective neighbourhoods, the important duty of obedience to tiie law, as the only sure mode of securing Urn peace and comfort of civil so- ciety.— O11 Tuesday the Court was occupied the whole day with the trial of J0I111 Swallow, John Bottley, Joseph Fisher, and John Lamb, for burglary and felony in the house of Samuel Moxon, atWhitby- Upper, and they were all capitally convic'ed.— On Wednesday morning came on the trial of Mellor aud others, for shooting and murdering Mr. Horsfail.— The trial lasted eleven hours; they were all found guilty, and ordered to be executed 011 Friday last.- r- Tlie Counsel for the Crown are Messrs. Parke, Tupping, Ilolroyd, and Richardson ; and for lire Prisoners, Messrs. Williams, llullock, Brougham, Courtenev, Fitzgerald, iVc. SATURDAY, JANUARY 9. A Merchantman from Halifax, called the Jubilee, has arrived iu the Clyde. She sailed on the llth of De- cember, and has brought New York Papers to the 29; h of November, lt appears that General Dearborne, the Commander in Chief of the United States Army, had broken up from his encampment at Pittsburgh, and advanced to Chauiplain, on the Canada line nearest to Montreal. He commenced bis operations on the 16th of November, and there was a report at Halifax, on the I Ith of December, that, after entering Canada, he had sustained a complete defeat. It is also stated, that the American troops, under the command of General Harrison, are placed in a situation of great peril, in consequence of tbe Indians having intercepted their supplies. An idea of a negotiation, through tiie me- dium of Sir J. B. Warren, is . again afloat. The Ame- rican Government, it is slid, were about to open a diplomatic correspondence with the gallant Admiral, who, according to tiie latest accounts from Halifax, had sailed with a convoy lor Bermuda. The New York Papers contain no accounts of the United States and Macedonian frigates; but we understand that a private letter, { dated the 2d ultimo, announce their ar- rival in that port. The American Goverment is now probably destined to experience some of ths effects ofthe war in which they have so wantonly plunged iheir country. A squadron, consisting of 19 sail of the line, several large frigates, and five bomb- vessels, instantly proceed to the coast of America, to bombard some of the principal ports. The Funds experienced a trifling depression lb- day, on the report that Government had it 111 contemplation to fund fifteen millions of Exchequer Bills— 5 of them in the 5 per Cents; 5 in the 4 per Cents; and the remainder in the 3 per Cents Reduced. Consols for money left off at 61, and for the acco ut at 61J." Parisian Editors say that Lord Walpole was soon dismissed from Vienna— we answer that this is a falsehood. His Lordship, as we stated, was received at Vienna with every mark of distinction and favour, and how will these wretches tremble for the stability of their favourite dynasty, when we inform them, that bis Lordship's mission lias been attended with effects even more auspicious to the overthrow of Bonaparte's power, than the most ardent friends of humanity could wish I— The King of Saxony, in a laboured statemeul, has declared his inability to adhere to the continental system ; and we now tell the Editor of the Moniteur, in his own words, that Austria, Holland, Rome, Tuscany, Piedmont, Belgium, Nice, will shortly shake off the yoke, under which they have groaned.— S/ « r. It is very generally believed, lhat the Board of Trade have been influenced in their determination to suspend a I commercial, intercourse w ith France, in conse- quence of the favourable appearance of things between tbe British Government and Ihose of Austria and Den- mark. A private letter from Lisbon, of the 2Stii ult. says, " Wc hope the visit of Lord Wel. ington to Cadiz wili infuse new life into the Spanish Government.— Marshal Beresford this morning sent relays of horses to meet his lordship, as he is understood to be on ihe road here, and expected to enter this city on the lst of January. The campaign will be opened with 80,000 men ; but active operations are not expected to commence before March. All the officers who have obtained leave of absence, have had their furloughs extended to that period. Thirty- five American ships have arrived here, laden with flour aud grain." Tile 9Ist regiment, for whose safety apprehensions were entertained, effected a junction with Lord Wel- lington's army on the 14tli ult. without experiencing any loss. The Portuguese markets are literally glutted with grain. In Ihe first 25 days of December 110 fewer than 116 American vessels entered the Tagus. The cargoes were estimated at 148,000 barrels of flour, 100,000 bushels of wheal, and 24,000 barrels of Indian corn. Sir T. Graham, it is said, returns immediately to the army in Portugal, in the command of which he will supersede Sir K. Hill, who now arts as Commander in Chief during Lord Wellington's absence on his journey | to consult with the Spanish Authorities, at Cadiz. Sir 1'. Graham will be accompanied by Lord W. Russell, son of the Duke of Bedford, as second Aid- de- Camp. The last accounts from St. Domingo slate, that Petion state, Petion had completely triumphed, and the Emperor Chfistophe had been killed by one of Ins Aides- de- Camp A letter from Plymouth, dated Jan. 8, says, the Count Pelmela, Portuguese Ambassador, and General Sir Ma pleton Cotton, arrived this morning from Lisbon, ill his Majesty's ship the Lavinia, 38, Capt. Digby, ami is put under quarantine for having been previously lip the Mediterranean. Colonel Gordon, Quarter- Master- General of the Forces, is returned from the army under Lord Wel- lington, we are sorry to find, 011 account of indis- position. The Marquis of Wellington has been appointed Go- vernor ot Gravesend and Tilbury, in the room of the late Lieutenant- General Sir Thomas Musgrave. Sir G. Prevost succeeds to tho 70, li regiment, vacant j by the death of Sir T. Musgrave; Major General Ro- | binson, now Colonel of the 2d garrison battalion, becomes the Commandant of Sir G. Prevost's battalion ral Porter succeeds General The regiuieiits composing lite garrison of Guernsey, have each subscribed one day's pay for the relief of the distressed Russians— au example which it is hoped will lie emulated by every garrison throughout the British dominions. The corps which have thus handsomely ornii forward, are the second battalion 35th regiment, 97tii regiment, fourlli g arrison battalion royal veteran, and a detachment of artillery. When asked by their respective Commanding officers if they were willing to contribute one day's pay lo this charitable object, tney unanimously exclaimed " not only one day's pay, but three, live, ten— as much as you please." We have not heard any thing lately of Bonaparte's Mamelukes. It is probable tlvat they have with his other Guards in Russia bit the snow ! Joseph Bonaparte has returned to Madrid. The first place which lie visited on his arrival was the wine cellar. French Court Calendar.— The incessant recurrence of the new French Titles in all the reports from France, makes it essential to tiie Readers of Newspapers to have the Names as well as Titles. To assist our Readers we give the following list:— Sovereign of Holland— Francis Beauharnois. King of Naples— Marshal Mural, Prince Joachim Na- poleon. Queen of Naples— Caroline Bonaparte. King of Spam— Prince Joseph Napoleon. King of Westphalia— Prince Jerome Napoleon. Viceroy of Italy— Prince Eugene Beaunarnois, ( 4th corps). Princess Borghese— Paulina Bonaparte. Princess of Baden— Stephanie de la Pagerie. Grand Duchess of Florence— Eliza Bonaparte. Grand Duke of Berg— Prince Charles Louis Napoleon. Grand Duke of Warsaw— Frederick Augustus IV. King and Elector of Sax9i; y. Archbishop of Lyons— Cardinal Fesche. Prince of Poiitecorvo— Marshal Bernadolte, Crown Prince of Sweden Prince of Neufchatcl— Marshal Berthier, Vice- Constable uf Francc. Prince of Essling— Marshal Massena. Prince of Bencvento— Talleyrand, Vice Arch- Chancellor Prince of Eckmuhl— Marshal Davoust. Duke of Abrautes— Marshal J11 not. Duke of Albufera— Count Sucliet. Duke of Auerstadt— Marshal Davoust. Duke of Bassano— Maret, Secretary of Stale. Duke of Belluno— Marshal Victor. Duke of Cadore — Champigny,. Minister of Foreign Affairs. Duke of Castigliane— Marshal Augereau. Duke of Cornegliano— Marshal Money. Duke of D- aliuatia— Marshal Soult. Duke of Danlztc— Marshal Lefehvrc. Duke of Etchiugen— Marshal Ney. Grand Duke of Florence— Genera! Bacchiochi. Duke of Friuli — Marshal Duroc, Grand Marshal ofthe Palace. Duke of Monfebcllo— Marshal Lasnes, killed at Wagram. Duke of Istria— Marshal Bessieres, Commander of ttie Impei lal Gnard. Duke of Otrautb— Fouclie, Governor of Rome. Duke of Patttfa-^ General Arigia. Duke of Parma— Cauibaceres, Arch- Chancellor. Duke of Placeuza— Marshal Le Brun, Prince Arch- Trea- surer. Duke of Ragusa— Marshal Marmont. Duke of Reggio— Marshal Oudinot. Duke of llovigo— General Savary, M inister of Police. Duke of Tarento — vlarshal Maedonald. Duke of T revise— Marshal M oi lier. Duke of Valmj— Marshal Kellermau. Duke of Viccnza— General Caulincourt, Grand Chamber- lain, and Master ofSaxonv. Ex- Mar » hai Bruue, ( supposed to be murdered). Ex- Marshal Jourdou. Marshal Peuignou. Marshal Serrurier. THE FOLLOWING GENERALS OF DIVISION ARE ALSO BARONS OF THE EMPIRE, VIZ. Borde Soult, Ruard, Valtier, aud Rajol Subervie, Deuon. THE FOLLOWING G EN ERA LS OF DIVISION ARE ALSO SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1313. ' t he favours of " A Friend lo Truth and Candour ;" " J. C." ; and others, pro and con. on the subject ofthe Catholic Claims, are omitted, being aware that a newspaper controversy on the subject would tend neither to the edification nor entertainment of our readers. On SUNDAY NEXT a SERMON will be preached at WELLINGTON CHURCH in the MORNING, and at St CHAD'S, in this Town, in the AFTERNOON,/ W- the Benefit of TUB L. ON- DON FEMALE 1' F. NITENTIARY, by the Rev WILLIAM GURNEY, A. M. Hector of St. Clement Dane's London Ac- counts of the Charity may be seen at Mr. Morris's, Bookseller, Princess Street. THE MONTHLY MAGAZINE. The Printer of this Paper, respectfully informs tbe public within the circuit of this Paper, that the first Number of a new Volume of that well- known and. esteemed Miscellanv, the MONTHLY MAGAZINE, will he published on ihe first Day of February, and Persons disposed to take it in as published are requested to address their Orders to him, to his Newsmen, or to their regular Bookseller, on or about the 24th of January, when the Orders for the Month are sent to London. Several Hundred Pounds having recently been expended in reprinting those Numbers of this Work which were out ot Print, any Numbers to complete Sets, particular Volumes, err entire Sets in thirty Volumes, may now be had. of all Booksellers. It is scarcely necessary to state in this place that the MONTHLY MAGAZINE stands unrivalled, throughout Europe, for its high Literary Character ; and that it is particularly endeared, to English Headers, as a complete and accurate Record of Domestic and Family History during the Period of its Publica- tion. . so as to promise to become every Year of greatly increased interest and value. BIRTH, Monday se'nnight, Madame Lucien Bonaparte, of a son, at ThorngrOvc, near Worcester. On Tuesday, the 5th iust. Mrs. Thornes, of_ the Mount, Frankse!!, of a daughter. MARRIED. Saturday last, by special licence, at St George's church, Hanover square, Lord Viscount Jocelyn, ( eldest son of the Earl of Rouen,) Vice- Chamberlain of his Majesty's House- hold, to the hon. Miss Stapleton, eldest daughter of Lord Le Despeucer, Lately, at Bradford, Yorkshire, the Rev. Mr. Morgan, to Miss Fe nuetl, both late of Wellington iu Ihis county — Likewise, the Rev. Mr Bronte, also late of Wellington, to Miss Branwell, of Bradford. On the sth inst. Mr. John Kynaston, of Guilsfield, to Miss Pugh, of Varchwel. Same day, at Broseley, Mr. J. D Bryan, eldest son ofT. Bryan, Esq. of tbe Tuckies, to Miss Jones, daughter of T. Joues, Esq. of Abergele. Ou tbe2. nl ult, the Rev. Richard Morgan, of Llanfawr, Meiiouethshire, to Miss Williams, eldest daughter ofthe Rev. John Williams, of Yvstradmeirig, Cardiganshire Lately, the Rev. R. T St Auhyn, second son of Sir John St. Aubyn, Bart, ofClowauce, Cornwall, to Frances, second daughter of Ihe Rev. J. F. S. Fleming St. John, Prebendary of Worcester. DIED Monday last, in the 83( 1 year ofhis age, Lazarus Venaliles, Esq of Wood- Hill, in Ihiscounty. On the 3d inst. in his 14th year, Israr, eldest son ofthe late T. Colley, Esq of Cefngwifed, Montgomeryshire— a youth, whose abilities and amiable disposition afforded a hope that liis manhood would ripen into lhat highly valued character, of which his father had been so conspicuous an example. On the 29th nit. in his 79th year, Lieut. Col. J. Boag, of the Royal Artillery— This respectable veteran was one of those who served under Gen Wolfe, and was present when that hero expired in the arms of victory, oh the Plains of Abraham, near Quebec. At Sandford Hall, in this county, after an illness of two years, Isabel, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Alexander Kennedy, Esq Capt in his Majesty's 1 Ilh regiment of foot, whose life was lost in the service of his country. At ihe Deanery, Wolverhampton, after a short illness, Mrs, Hordern, wife of James Horderu, Esq. banker Thursday last, at Bath, Major General Agnew. At Clifton, aged 91, Richard Langslow, M. D. A. M, Member of the Edinburgh Royal Medical Socieiy. COUNTS OF THE EMPIRE, VIZ. Sebustiahi. Andreossi. Baraguay de Hilliers. Belliard. Bruyeres. Gouvion St. Cyr. Dcfrance. Du Tallies, Govepior of War- saw. St Germain. Ornaud. Papp, Governor of Dantzic, aud First Aid- de- Camp to tbe Emperor. Reguier. Vaudaiume, Commandant of Boulogne. Liuois, Vice Admiral. Gioucliy. Hogendorp, Governor ofKo- nigsberg. Hnhu, Governor of Paris. Loisou, Governor of the Im- perial Palace. Mauberg. Vlontbrun. Morand. Nansouty. postscript. upwur— — her former husband only eight months ago. The parties and their friends met, according to agreement, in the muldle of the moor, several miles frotn any cot- tage, where the clergyman ofa neighbouring village married them. About fifty people and .' wo pipers at- tended nt tlie ceremony, and accompanied the happy couple home. Awful Event.— At Throsby, the scat of Ear! Man- ners, on Monday evening, the 28th tilt. Mrs. Walters, wife of Mr. Walters, architect, of Budby, Notts, formed one of a numerous oall given annually at that mansion She was taken ill immediately 011 her arrival, and ex- pired, in ttie course of ten minutes, in the presence of her husband and seven children I Special Commission — The Special Commission was opened at York, on Saturday, for the trial ot offences connected with the disturbances in part of the West Hiding of the county.— 0: i Monday morning, the Hon. Baron Thompson addressed the Gentlemen of the Grand Jury, in avery impressive manner, and lamcet- Proprie ors seem , monopoly. A Vote ol Thanks was moved to the Court „,- tl, e 6. h . aud Major- Gener; ,. f Directors for their conduct, and the tu'ther const- 1 Kobinsonin the 2d battalion. deration of the discussion adjourned li. l 1 uesday, the j Lieutenant- Colonel Paterson, who lately retired from j 19th inst. . . .1 the Quarter Master General's department, at head- I On Christmas- day a singular marriage took place in , ,. uarlers> attera service of more than 50 years, hasbeen the parish of Drymen. The bridegroom was a widower ap,, ointe>| Lieutenant- Governor of Quebec, uo wards of 80, and the happy bride, aged 70, buried | A mecf, ng 0f t|, e pr0lcstant Noblemen, Gentiemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the King's Comity, as- sembled at liirr, 011 llie lOLh ult. the High Sheriff in the Chair; when, on the proposition of tbe Right Honourable the Earl of Charleville, a number of Reso- lutions passed unanimously.; the purport of wnich was to disavow the partiality towards the Catholic. Preten- sions imputed to the Protestants of Ireland; a partia- lity which they declared- was only shewn by a very small portion of that body, but stating themselves as willing to consent that ttie Catholics should be admitted to every privilege which may be compatible with the safety of our constitution 111 Church and State, and the Protestant settlement, and under such regulations as the Legislature in its wisdom may deem expedient to impose. A few days ago, at a ball given by ( he Duchess of " Dorset at Kn iwle. Lord M. Asaph had tiie misfortune lo rtipluie a blood- vessel. Medical assistance was im- mediately procured, and his Lordship has since been { irouoantca out of danger. LONDON, Monday Night, January llth, 181 3. To- day American aud Halifax papers have reached us, the former to the I3ih and the latter to tbe 20th Decem- ber :— Ttie intelligence they contain can hardly be called interesting. Ttie various accounts of the marching and counter- marching ofthe American forces, is resolved into the fol- lowing statement:— Vermont, Dec. 2 —" The so much boasted expedition to Canada has terminated, after six or eight days absence from Ptallsborgh ; a standing memento of the folly and imbeci- lity of those who have involved the nation in war. General Chandler's bi- igade is to winter iu Burlington: General Blooinfietd's brigade near Plattsburgh. The cavalry and flying artillery will go to the Southward ; nnd a part ofthem have already passed thro' Vergennes. The Vermont militia are lo be discharged as soon as they receive their pay. ' Flic success jof Mr. Madison's election is still doubted, hot It by ttie letters and papers from America.— The electors 111 Vermont are in favour of Mr. Clntlou. The American paper uf tbe most recent date in town, believes the report in circulation of the loss of the Poictiers man of war, to be an error; shewas seen all well 011 the 301 h of November; and put some prisoners on board a vessel. Accounts have reached Lloyd's, tbat the Aretliusa was safe at the Havannnh, ou the t » lh Nov ai which time she was about to sail for Vera Cruz. A report has reached this country from the opposite coast, lhat the remains of the French had surrendered upon capitulation lo Ihe Russian Generals Wittgenstein, and Tchichagoff. ' Tliey had been so completely hemmed in 011 all sides, by their active and vigilant enemy, that ttiey had no alternative left. Their supplies were totally exhausted, and their Ofiiccrs of all ranks had, for several days prior to tiie surrender, deseited from them by duzens at a lime It is added, however that the Officers who re- mained in ebarge'. of tlie troops, had ttie address to procure oetter terms for themselves than those which were granted to the corps of Day- oust and Ney. The Captain of a vessel from Ostend, which he left on Thursday last, says, that when he left thas port il was ru- moured—" T hat the Russians bad pursued the Grand Ar- my, aud iuterpused with a considerable force between it and the Polish territories ; aud after several sanguinary engagements, the greater part of the men had beeu com- pelled to lay down their arms, and surrender themselves prisoners of war. The General Officers, it was believed, were liberated 011 their parole, not to serve during the war. The advanced nuard ot ttie Russian army had entered the Duchy of ' Warsaw, and rendered the concentrating of ttie remaining troups necessary. To oppose them a further levy had been ordered." Ttie studied silence of the French papers, and the suc- cessive arrival of French Generals and Aid- de- C'amps al Paris, have induced avery general belief that some great disaster bad befallen tiie French aruiy Tbe above report, however, does not rest merely on the authority of the vesse, from Ostend. One of the few mer- cantile houses in the Metropolis which maintains au inter- course wilh Ihe Continent, iias litis . morning received, through the medium of letters from Ho land, tlie same particulars, wilh tiie additional cncumstance that the foreign corps which surrendered, men and officers, peti- tioned to lie allowed lo bear arms for Russia, against the common enemy, in hi r future contest. F,- ur Gottenhurgh mails are uow due, but from tlie slate of 111 - weather, we may Confidently expect their arrival, with a confirmation of tbe above glorious news, in a few hours. A Supplement was published lo tlie Gazette of Saturday evening, containing the Declaration of tbe British Govern- ment, 111 reply to the Manifesto ofthe President of Ihe United States, declaring war against Great Britain. It is a well expressed and forcible exposition of the priiu ciples which have actual, ( I the British Government, and developes completely the base ami subservient policy which has induced America to lend herselfto the further- ance of me ambitious schemes of France. Ou llie questions of the right of blockade, and of the reclamation of British seamen from American merchant vessels, notwithstanding auy prct'- iiiL- it privilege of American citizenship, there can be " but one opinion, either that -, ve must phu. Lt these rights as a free and independent power, or be prepared lo siliren iter our maritime greaiunss. Tins important document shall appear iu our ne^ t Three per Cent. Consols. 59$. Visiting- Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Nunn:— House- Visitors, Mr. George Jones and Mr. John Jones. Additional Subscriber to that Charity. Mr. John Bowdler, Wyle Cop ... £ 1 2s. SPORTING INTELI. IOENCE.—?> Ir. Puleston's Hounds meet this morning at Pimhill s 011 Friday at Shawbury Park; on Monday at Ercail Mill; on Wednesday, the 20th, at Attingham; and on Friday, the 22d, at Sloke Heath. We have authority to sfate, that the appointment of the Hon. Mr. Jenkinson, Lord Liverpool's brother, to the Deputy Command of Dover Castle, as related in several papers, is unfounded. LOCAL MILITIA.— We understand that, as the ser- vices of the Local Militia of this county are now ex- piring, a fresh Local Military Force must shortly be raised; nnd that in case a ba'lot is resorted to, the per- sons ballotted will not be allowed to find substitutes, but compelled to serve, or to pay fines of from 10/. to 30/. according to their circumstances in life.— Should the full number of Local Militiamen not be raised, the parishes, in which the deficiencies shall arise, will be subject to a fine of 15/. for every man deficient: and in order to avoid the inconvenience of a ballot, and the expense attendant thereon, it is recommended to the several parishes in the county, to raise the boiin'y of two guineas per man fur their respective quotas, to be applied, by order of the Commanding Officer of the Regiment in the District in which such parishes lie, in bounties to Volunteers for such parishes. At the General Quarter Sessions for this county, yesterday, Jane Jonei, found guilty of stealing a piece of printed calico and six cotton shawls, from Messrs, Ireland and Walmsley, of Wem, was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment: and Rich- rd Cooper, for slealing a ream of writing paper from Mr. llazle- dine, of this town, lo one mouth's imprisonment. It will be seen by 1111 Advertisement in a subsequent column, that books are opened in this town for re- ceiving Subscriptions for the relief of Ihe poor suf- ferers in Russia. The two subscriptions in London al- ready amount to 50,000/. and it is devoutly to be wished that the aggregate sum raised throughout the kingdom, may, in some degree, be commensurate to the necessi- ties of a patriotic people, suffering under privations of the most distressing kind, inflicted by the unprovoked invasion of Iheir country, and the wanton Sjioiliageof their property, by an ambitions and relentless foe ! General Sir Rowland Hill's Address lo his Constitu- ents, on being returned Member for this Borough, vi ill be found in another column. We are happy to find, though some unusual delays have occurred to'prevent the earlier arrival of this expression of the gallant General's gratitude, that letters have been also received from himself and brothers, of so late a date as the 22d Dec. which left the five heroes in good health, and not at all appieheniive of being soon disturbed from at present good quarters. The General incloses replies lo enquiries- after the v- elfare of some of our townsmen, at present serving in the Peninsula ; which we insert for the satisfaction of their relatives and friends : Serjeant John Prinott, well, and doing duty with the lst bait. 36th regiment. Thomas Rogers, well, with the same regiment William Wai ters, well, with the 5 3d regiment. John Davies, sick, at Ahrantes. Nearly two hundred deficient weights were seized by the constables of Cheltenham, in a lale inspection un- der the surveyor; a number of persons have beeu fined in instigated penalties, and the weights of others retiicd. Tuesday three large wheels, ( found laid near some mills) and an illegal net, were publicly burnt in the Corn Ma. ket, Worcester, by order of ttie magistrates. The above were taken by the vigilance of the Committee of the Worcester Severn Association. fhe assignees of Mr. Oakley, of Hereford, have succeeded iu an action brought against Messrs. Weston, Peuhorn, and Co. in order to recover a sum of money 1 emitted lo them, subsequently to an act of bankruptcy having been committed. Tiie trial took place on the 2! st olt. before Lord Chief Justice Ellenborough and a Special jury, and a verdict for £ 1250. 14s. was given for the plaintiffs, b ing the whoie of iheir demand. THE LOTTERY.— Tickets and Shares will continue selling by the Printer of this Paper, for RICHARDSON, GOOOLUCK, and Co. till s'. K o'eiock to morrow even- ing, when ttie whole will be returned. O11 Saturday evening a very heavy fall of rain took place at Tewksbury and other places in that district, accompanied by loud peals of thunder, and ex- tremely vivid Hashes of lightning— a visitation seldom experienced in this climate, at this season of the year. Inhuman Bobbery.— Lately, as a man of the name of llopkinson, in Coalpit lane, Nottingham, was passing 011 Suenton- streef, his attention was drawn aside by the piteous plaints of a bov, whom he found standing and shivering with cold, with a few apples in his band ; and from whom he learnt the following artless tale:— He said, bis mother was just brought to bed— that there Were three little ones younger than himself— That his fa'lher had no work to do— that there was no fire in the house— lhat all the money his, father had, he had given him to fetch a loaf willi— that as he was returning home with tbe loaf, a man had met him, and given him a penny to buy some apples, while he held the loaf— that the wretch had runaway with the loaf— and that he dare not go home. Mr. Ilopkinson went home with the boy into Platt- strcet, and found the whole of the story literally true 1 On the morning of Sunday, se'nnight about nine o'clock, as Mr. 1). Bradley, of Chevaliill, near Stour- bridge, was walking along the road, he was overtaken by two men, who entered into conversation with liir. i about the weather, & c.; tbey passed him near the top of a bill; and no person being within sight, they turned back suddenly, and seizing Mr. Bradley by the throat, knocked him down, lied his hands behind him, took his neckcloth off, and bound it round his eyes; they next, took off his siloes, and then proceeded to rob him of his watch, £ 33, and other property. One of the robbers was armed witb a pistol, and they threatened to blow his brains out if he made auy resistance. After tbev liad emptied his pockets, they, in the most cruel man- ner, threw him among some furze, where he lay in the most helpless state for near an hour, when two men and a woman accidentally passing by, went to his assistance. — The robbers have hitherto eluded ail search. RHEUMATISM.— Mrs. LAWRANCE, of Uffnigton, a few days ago received the following gratifying testimonial to tbe great efficacy of her Powdnrs : " Madam— 1 have been atBicled with the Rheumntisnj for upwards of 30 years in my hip, thigh, anil kuee. About thiee weeks ago, i was advised lo make trial of your Rhtu made Powders, which I immediately did; and by using four packets I am, lliank God, perfectly cured— 1 wish you lo publish this, tbat others who may Ire suffering from the same cause, may avail themselves of this excellent Remedy. lloddington, I am. Madam, near Shrewsbury, Your humble Servant, ] Sth Dec 1812. THO TUItNtR." ' The most respectable references can Ire given ofthe great efficacy of these Powders by Ihe Printer of this Paper, who has the sale of them; also by the venders iu general oi" medicines in ibis county. CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, aud their torment ing Itching, instantly removed by Whitehead's Es- sence qf Mustard, universailv e » leeno d for its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Sprains, Bruises, & c. but where this certain remedy has been unknown, or neglec- ted, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated, or broke, Whitehead's Family Cerate will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. Tbey are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- Street, Snho, London, the Essence and Pitts at 2s. qd. each— the Cerate at Is ijd. They are sold by EDDOWES, Ncwling, and Palin, Shrews- bury; Painter. Wrexham ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Houlstons, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Pledgers, Ludlow; Part- ridge, and Gitton, Bridgnorth; Edwards, Price, and Miu- shall, Oswestry; aud every Medicine Vender iu Ihe United Kingdom. Tbe genuine has a black Ink Stamp with Ihe Name of R. Johnston inserted on it. MARKET HERALD Average price of grain in our market on Saturday last: Wheat 17s. 6d.— Barley 10s.— Peas 13s. Od. per bushel of 33 quarts.— Oals 9s. 3d. per customary mea- sure of 57 quarts. t . r, .. . , Corn Exchange, January 8. I he continuance of adverse nin. l* _,..:. mediately taken of! at an advance of 2" per quarter— In Peas, Beans, and oilier articles, novarialion. Current Price of Grain per stunner as iioder :— Wheat 105?.. to 130s. I White Peas 90s. to 100s. Barlev CR5<. to 78s. 1 Oats 55s. to 62s. Mall 96s to 11 " s. | Beans 68s. to 72s. Fine Flour loss to 1 los.— Seconds toos. lo 1 ( his. JAN. 11.}— Our Market to- day is abundantly supplied with every article except Wheat; the Mealing trade iu brisk, and fine samples command an advance of from 3s. lo 5s. per quarter; Rye is without variation, Barley is full 2s. per quarter lower; and Oats full 4s. from this day week; Beans of bolb sorts continue uenrly as before; hut Hog Peas and Boilers are from 2s. lo 4s. pei quarter cheaper ; White and Brown Mustard Seeds are each 2s. per bushel lower, with a very dull sate; in other Giain or Seeds no material alteration. rrtllE next WELSHPOOL DANCING ASSEMBIY 1 will be at the OAK INN ROOMS, on WEDNES- DAY, the 2oth Instant. ' ' r- a- DAVID PUGH, Esq. Manager I { TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS OF TIIE BOROUGH OF SHREWSBURY. GENTLEMEN, QF. NSIBLY as I feel the Honour you have done ^ me, in electing me lo be one of your Representa- tives in Parliament, I cannot but seize the earliest Opportunity of offering you my warmest and most grateful Thanhs, and of assuring you that it will always be my earnest / Pish and Endeavour to pro- mote your Interests, collectively and individually, to the best of my Ability and Judgment. Engaged, as I am al the present Moment, in a Cause u Inch every Englishman must feel to le essentially his own, the ELECTORS of SirRiiirsnuur will not expect from me. that personal Expression of mi/ Thanks, which, under other Circumstances, I should have hastened to offer. When the Occasion of my Absence shall ecase, thy will, I trust, find vie what 1 profess myself, zealously devoted to their Interests, ai. d anxious by my Conduct in and out of Parliament to prove, that however inadequate to, I am ni t wholly unworthy of the Trust they have reposed in me. I have the Honour lo be, With Sentiments nf Ihe greatest Regard, GKNTLUMEN, Your faithful Servant, ROWLAND ILLLL. Coria, Nov. 30th, 1812. The 14Ih and 15Ih of PUIS . MONTH. TX> TOT f ot ihe Old State Lotttery Oflkcs, . Jo lkT- Jtl- j No 4, Cornhill, and No. 9, Char- ing Cross, London, respectfully informs his Friends and Public in general, Ihe Lottery will he all dravwi 14th aud 15th of'TII IS MONTH. Tickets and Shares are selling in great Variety at both the • above Offices, and by the under mentioned Agents, of whom Schemes may be bad gratis. J SANDFOHD, Shrewsbury I P. DENMAN, Wolvcr- K. PARKER, Whitchurch I hampton A. MORGAN, Stafford | B. PARKER, Ellesmere. ( B1> H sold 7 Capitals hist Lottery, and 13 tbe Lot- tery before, several Shares of w hich were sold hy his Agents to Persons io litis C onnty. N- OT1CE is hereby given, mat the Trustees of the Turn, pike ltoad3 under ail Act passed iu tbe Elrveuth Yeas- of ibe Reign of his present Majesty, entitled " An Act for repairing and widening the Road leading from V'. ein, in Ihe Countv of Salop, to) ihc Linn Rocks t Brun y Garth, and several otber Roads in Ihc Counties ofSalop nod Denbigh,'* will meet al ttie House of JOHN W INDSOR, at Rhoswiel, in the Slid County of Salop, on Wei i^- sday, tbe 3d Lay of February, next coming, at the Hour of Eh ven in Ihe Fore- noon, in order to consul! about creeling a Toll Gate on the Sine of the said Turnpike Road, at , r ucur a Ptac^ callcd Patmsiiimnwr, across a certain Highway there. leading to Saint Martin's, in tbe Ccuniv of Salop, mid Ch rk, in the Countv o! Dev- biBb. Dated the tttli day of January, 1813. 1 FRANCIS LEE, Clcik tu the said Trustees. * 1 4 Jj.'. uaij 7, 131.1. Relief of Ihe Inhabitants of the " Russian Provinces, suffering ihe severest Privations nnd Distresses, in Consequence of the French Invasion. THE MAYOR of SHREWSBURY hoviait received an Application from llie Committee of Subscribers iu London, requesting a Subscription to lie made here, duubts not but that the IN 11 Alii TANTS of the Town and Neigh- bourhood of SHREWSBURY, possessing the Means, will be anxious to contribute hy pecuniary Aid to the Alleviation of such unparalleled Sufferings: He has therefore directed BOOKS to be left at the TOWN CLERK'S OFFICE, and the different BANKS, for the Receipt of such Sums as shall be given ; which shall be forwarded to London, and tbe Names of the Subscribers iuscrltd in the Shrewsbury Papers. By Order uf the Mayur, LOXDALE, Town- Clerk. SUBSCRIBERS. £. s. d. Corporation of Shrewsbury Mr. Mayur Mr. Loxdale Rev. John Rocke... 53 10 Mr. Crump Richard Scott, Esq. John Beck, Esq Peter Beck, Esq £. s. d- 2 a o 10 10 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 SWAN- HILL ACADEMY. J. B AG LEY BEGS Leave respectfully to inform his Friends, and the Parents and Friends of those Children who were lately in the Academy conducted by his Brother, that he purposes, at the Close of the present Vacation, to open a School, in that convenient [ loom formerly occupied by Mr. TYLF. lt, on Swan Hill; and he hopes, that an unwearied Endeavour to promote the Improvement of those entrusted to hisCare, will insure him their Countenance and Support, as well ns that of the Public N B. The SCHOOL will be opened on the EIGHTEENTH IlfsTANT. Shrewsbury Jan 7 1813 WELSHPOOL BOARDING ScflOOL, BY G BAGl. KY ; WHO returns his most grateful Thanks to the Public for the liberal Encouragement he has received, and, by unremitted Attention to the Health and Mental Im- provement of bis Pupils, hopes to merit a Continuance of their Patronage and Support. TERMS. Board a< « d Classical Education 25 Guineas per Ann. Board and English Education 22 Entrance 1 Washing: - - - 2 French, Drawing, Dancing, and Music, by competent Masters, on the usual Terms. N. B Each Pupil to bring a Pair of Sheets, two Towels, and Knife, Fork, and Spoon.— A Quarter's Notice will be expected previous lo the Pupil's leaving the School. This School opens aj » aiu on the 18th Instant. Welshpool, 4th January, 1813- 1 ASSISTANT, of respectable Connex" competent to teach English Grammar, Writ- WANTED, yv 10ns, coi*. r « - - — - -- - . ... ing and Arithmetic— Testimonials of Character and Abili- ties will be expected.— Apply, if by Letter, Post- paid, to MR. G. BAGLEV, Welshpool. NKVT- IXVENTED FIKE BOXSS, containing a Chemical Liquid and Matches, for procuring instantaneous FIRE and LIGHT without PHOSPHORUS. nriHE Effects which are produced by the Combination JL of various Chemical Substances^ are frequently great and surprizing; but perhaps in no Instance are they more so thau by the Union of the two. Substances mentioned above— By the Insertion of a Match, prepared with a Metallic Compound, into a Liquid which is perfectly incombustible, FIRE and LIGH T are instantly procured with the greatest Facility, the most perfect Safety, and without the Use of that most dangerous Combustible PHOSPHORUS. On all Occasions where a sudden Light is wanted, as in Cases of Alarm, in Bed Chambers, Counting Houses, & c. & c. the use of the Chemical Liquid aud Matches requires only to be known to be generally adopted, as, from its Ease, Certainty, and Safety in Use, it exceeds any Thing of the Kind th- it bas ever been offered to the Public. Prepared and sold by R. BLUNT, CHRMtST, WYLE COP, SHREWSBURY, in neat portable Cases, 4s. each. ft. BLUNT takes this Opportunity of informing his Friends and the Public, that he has lately improved his Apparatus for the Manufactory of SODA WATER, and is enabled to supply them with an Article of ihe first Quality, and with the greatest Dispatch. CHEMICAL INDELIBLE INK, for marking Linen ; CAL- CINED MAGNESIA— Turkey Rhubarb in Powder; Purified EPSOM SALTS-, IPECACUANHA LOZENGES, & C. & c.; wilh every Prepar ition contained inthe Pharmacopoeia of the Royal College of Physicians. THEATRE OF ANATOMY, BLENHEIM STREET, GREAT MARLBOROU GII STREET. rx^ H E Spring Course of Lectures on Anatomy, Phvsiolo- J gy, and Surgery, will be commenced on MONDAY, the 25th of JANUARY, at two o'Clock, BY MR. BROOKES. Anatomical Converzalioncs will be held weekly, when the different Subjects treated of will be discussed familiarly, and the Students' Views forwarded.— To these uone bui Pupils can be admitted. Spacious Apartments, thoroughly ventilated, and replete wit h every Convenience, are open all the Morning, for the Purposes of Dissecting and Injecting, where Mr Brookes attends to direct the Students, and demonstrate the various Parts as they appear on Dissection. Au extensive Museum, containing Preparations illustra- tive of every Part of the Human Body, and its Diseases, appertains to this Theatre, to which Students will have oc- casional Admittance.— Gentlemen inclined to support this School by contributing preternatural or morbid Parts, Sub- jects in Natural History, & c. ( individually of little Value to the Possessors) may have the Pleasure of seeing them pre- served, arranged, and registered, wilh the Names of the Donors. TERMS. For a Course of Lectures, including the Dissections £ 5 5 For a perpetual Pupil to the Lectures and Dissections 10 lo The Inconveniences usually attending Anatomical Inves- tigations, are counteracted by an antiseptic Process Pupils may be accommodated in the House Gentlemen established in Practice, desirous of renewing their Anatom- ical Knowledge, may be accommodated with an Apartment to dissect iu privately. Abbey Fore^ aley January 10, 1813- MISS WEAVER respectfully informs her Friends and the Public hat her SCHOOL re- opens on the 20th Instant. " CASTLE BUILDINGS, OSWESTRY. RS DAVIES's SCHOOL re- opens on TUESDAY, 1 he 2t) ih lusi — limitary 9,1613 M TURNPIKE TOLLS. MONTFORD SCHOOL. MESSRS. CARTWRIGHTS respectfully inform their Friends tbat the above SCHOOL will re- open on MONDAY, the istli lustant.— January 12,1813. COMMERCIAL EDUCATION. CROSS most respectfully informs his Friends and T _ the Public, that his SCHOOL will open again on MONDAY, the 18th lust.— Oswestry, 13( 4 January, | S13. TIIP, GRAMMAR SCHOOL, WEM, ILL he opened again on MONDAY, tbe 251 Ii of January, 1813— Rev. F. SALT, A. B. Head Master. B IT T R R LF, Y SCH00L7 NEAR LUDLOw7 TTt WILLIAMS respectfully informs his Friends and J . Ibe Public, that his SCHOOL upens again ou . MON- DAY, Ihc I8lli of January. TV NOTICE is heieby given, lhat the Tolls arising al the Toll- Gates hereuuder- nientioned, on the Roads 111 the Western Division ofthe Third District ofthe Montgomery and Bishop's Castle Roads, in the Counties of Montgomery and Salop, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidders, at tlie House of Edmund Read, known by the Sign of the Dragon, in Montgomery, on THURSDAY, the ELEVENTH Day uf FEBRUARY next, at eleven o'CIock iu tbe Forenunu', for one Year from Lady Day uext, in Ihe manner directed by the Act passed iu the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating the Turnpike Roads; which Tulls are now let for the respective Yearly Sums following ; £• Montgomery Gate on ihe Road to Chirbury 59 Brynderwen Gate 011 the Road to Gunley 30 Whoever happens to be the best Bidder for the Tolls of any or either of the Gales, must give Security with suffi- cient Sureties to the Satisfaction of ihe Trustees, for Payment ofthe Rent agreed for, at such Times as they shall direct; and 110 Person will be allowed to bid who does not produce his Sureties at Ihe Auction FRANCIS ALLEN, Montgomery, 1th January, 1813. Clerkto the Trustees. ^ ateg lip mhori. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Raven and Bell I1111, Shrewsbury, on Monday, the 18th Day of January, 1811, at four o'Clock in the Afler nuun, subject lo sucb Conditions as will then be pro- duced, in the following Luis : LOT I AI L that spacious and substantial DWELLING HOUSE, Slaughter House, Stable, and Yard, situate in Ibe Double Butclier Row, in the Town of Shrewsbury, now iu the Occupation of Mr John Leake. LOT II All those TWO PIECES or Parrels of Meadow or Pasture LAND, adjoining tlie Wind, mill Lane, iu Ihe Abbey Foregate, within one Mile of the Town uf Shrews bury, containing nine Acres and a Quarter, more or less, naw in the Oecupalionuf Mr. Edward Bull The Premises may be viewed by applying to Mi. MORRIS, Bookseller, Princess Street, and of whom further Particu- lars may be known. Also, to be SOLD by AUCTION, at the same Time, A beautiful Lot of LAN D tor BUI LDlNG UPON, con- taining nearly three Acres, close adjoining Joins BUTTS, un the Road leading tu Moukmoor, with a good Hovel aud Pump on the Premises. Likewise, TWO DWELLING HOUSES, with tbe Appurtenances situate on CASTLE HILL, Shrewhurv, now 111 the Occupation of RICHARD PURSLOW, or his Under- tenants. DE. NBKiUSU [ UK; Valuable Freehold F. state, Capital Mansion, Coal Mines, Canal tout, Ironstone, and Freestone. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Cross Keys Inn, in the Town of'Osweslrv, in the County of Salop, upou Monday, lhC8Ui Day ot 1' ebruaiy, 1813, at two 111 the Afternoon, in SEVEN LOTS, aiid subject tu Conditions tube ihen produced: ALL that valuable FREEHOLD ES 1' ATE, and capital MANSION, called PLASKYN ASTON , comprizing near 300 Acres of excellent and improvable l. aud, situate at one Extremity uf the beautiful VALE uf LLANGOLLEN, in Ihe Parish of Rhuuhon, and distant therefrom about two M iles, from Llangollen four, Wrexham six, Oswestry eight, and Shrewsbury twenty- four Miles, aud about uue Mile from Lime. Every Part of this Estate contains numerous aud rich Veins of Coal, Canal Coal, Ironstone, and Freestone, nt the finest Qi ality, a small Part whereof only ( which is in Lease to Mr. William Ilazledine, for a Term thai will expire at Lady- dav, I8a0) has yet been worked ; and a Market being opened by Means of tbe Ellesmere Canal, and Rail Roads, which pass thro' the Estate, tlie finest Field is thereby ufferetl for the Exertions of the enterprising Collier Several of Ihe Lots afford the most beautiful Situations for the Erection of Mansions; and the Whole Estate is entitled lo an extensive Right of Common upon the adjoin ing Wastes and Rhuaboti 11 ills. Printed Particulars, with Maps desc/ iptive of the . Lots, will be prepared as soon as possible, and may be had at the Auction Mart, London; at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool; Cross Keys inn, Oswestry; Ihe Eagles Inn, Wrexham'; the llano Inn, Llangollen; the Printers of ihe SALOPIAN JOURNAL, and Chester Chronicle: of Mr. G GEARY. Junior, iu West bury, near Shrewsbury ; Mr. T. EDMUNDS, ofRedual, near Oswestry; of THE AUCTIONEER; antl at the Office of Mr. THOMAS, Solicitor, iu Llaufyllin. Robert Jones, the Schemer, who lives upon ihc Cefn, in tbe Middle of Ihe Estate, will shew Ihe different Lots, aud explain how Ihe several Strata uf the Coal lie, And any further I uformution may be bad by applying to the said Mr GEARY, or Mr. EDMUNDB. riltlERev D FRANCIS's classical, mathematical, and I commercial ACADEMY will re- uiien after the present Recess, un Ihe 18th lint.— A Vacancy for four Boarders. Ludlow, Tth January, 1813. JMEREDITH respectfully acquaints his Friends » lhat his SCHOOL will re- open un MONDAY, the 25' h lusl int — Westbury, January 13th, 1813. HIGH KKCAL SCHOOL. TWILDING and SON respectfully inform their Friends . that their SCHOOL will open again on MONDAY, the 25th Instant.— January 7. HAVANXAH SCHOOL, WHITCHURCH. Ir. FRA NCIS respectfully informs his Friends that his Ll. SCHOOL will open again nn MONDAY, the isth Instant. W JONES AND SON MOST respectfully inform their Friends and Ihe Public, their SCHOOL re- onens on MONDAY, the 18th Instant — Wewtoion, Baschurch, January 13th, 1813. Baschurch, January 13th, 1813. MISS JONES EFS Leave to inform her Friends in general, her SEMIN 4RY will open on the25th Instant. B JBELTON respectfully informs his Friends and the . Public tbat his SCHOOL will open again un TUES- DAY, the 19th Instant. CliurchStretton, Qth January, 1813. WANTED an ASSISTANT, qualified lo~ instruct Youth in the Latin Language, Writing, aud Arith- metic.— Testimonials of Character will be expected Apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to JOHN BELTON, Academy, Church Stretton. WANTED immediately, in an English School, au active and well- disposed YOUTH, about leu or twelve Years of Age, to be articled for five Years: He will be taught Writing and Arithmetic; and will be found wi h Board, Lodging, and Clothes, and all olher Neces- saries during the Term ; aud will he treated as one of tbe Family.— He will be required occasionally to leach the mi- nor Classes in Reading. A Premium will he erpected. Apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid) In SAMUEL MINSHALL Schoolmaster, Lodge, to be left at the Post- OIIiee, Chirk. MARY RUDOE's ASSIGNMENT. WHEREAS MARY UUDGE, of CLEOBURY MOR- TIMER, in the County of Salop, Shoemaker, having on the 2d Day of November last, executed a Deed of Trust and Assignment of all le r Goods, Chattels, aud Effects, unto JOHN BARKER, ot the same Place, Currier, for the equal Benefit of all her Creditors who shall consent to execute the said Deed uf Trust: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, lhat the Deed of Trust is now deposited in the Hands of Mr. JOHN Fox, ofCleobury Mortimer aforesaid; and those Creditors of the said Mary Rudge who shall neglect or refuse to sign the same within three Months from the Date hereof, will be excluded all Benefit arising '. herefrom:— And that all Persons indebted to the said Mary Rndge, or who have any Claim or Demand on her Estale antl Effects, arc requested immediately to pay their respective Debts, or send au Accuuut cf their respective Demands, to the said John Barker. Cleobury Mortimer, January 9th, 1813. TO BE SOLD, OR LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, AVALUABLE FARM, called Til E RAYS, in theParish of Stottesden, iu the Counly ofSalop; consisting , f a guud Farm House, two Barns, Stable, andsuitableOnthuild- ings, newly erected, wilh 131 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, all within a Ring- fence — The Plough Land is well adapted fur Turnips It is seven Miles from Bridg- north, Ibe same from Bewdley, and joins ihe Turnpike Road near to Kiulet.— There is a Collierv on the Premises, and Pits are uew sunk lhat aie ready for Work, which might be sold or set with or without the Farm. Any Person wishing to treat for the same, must apply lo WILLIAM PARTON, uf Shinelon, near Much Weulock, who will appoint a Person to shew the Premises. This Advertisement will appear only once more. FREEHOLD PROPERTY. At Mr. Daniel Weaver's, the Inn, 111 Wort hen on Thursday, the nth Day uf January, 1S13, at four o'Clock in tbe A lie 1 noun : LOT I ALL lhat large DWELLING HOUSE, Out- building and Garden annexed, situated in the Centre of the Parochial Village uf Wurlhen, in Ihe Counly of Salop, adjoining Ibe Church Yard, and frouiiug llie Street, very well situated for carrying 011 any kind of Business.— Laud- las redeemed. LOT 11. A Close uf LAND containing <> A. LR. nP. now- occupied as a Garden iu the said Village— Wiu- then is 12 Miles West of Shrew shin y, upon tbe Turnpike Rtiutl lo Montgomery. Posscssiun of the whole al Lady Day uext. Mr. Edward Trenthiim, the Tenant, will shew tbe Premises ; and further Particulars may he known of Mr. Sueade, Winsiey, Westbury, near Shrewsbury. MONTGOM BRYSHHuU ~ At the Dwelling House of MiHs, in Ibe Town of Llanidlues, on Saturday, tbe ltitli L'ay uf January, 1813, between the Hours uf four and six in ihe Afternoon of Ihe same Dav : AM ESSU AGE and SH EEPWALK. called RH1WLAS, situate iu the Parish uf LLANGERHIG, iu the Cuuuty uf Montgomery aforesaid Also, will he: LET by AUCTION. On llie same Dav, at the aforesaid Place, A SHEEPWALK, called CAM PENLLYDON, situate in the same Parish, 111 the Occupation of DAVIII LLOYD, Gentleman: Further Particulars may be had by applying to Mr. HUGH HUGHES, at Aberystwyth. op fettoti CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE^ AT WIST A NS WICK. This Day, BY WRIGHT AND SON, At the George Inn, in Market Dravton, in the County of Salop; ou Wednesday, the 13tll" Day of January, 1813, between the Hours of four and six o'CIock in ihe After- noon ; iu the following Lots, or in such utlier Lot ur Luis as shall be agreed upon at t lie Time of Sale, aud sulij; lo Conditions : LOT I. rgAWO PIECES of rich LAN D. situate atWiSTANswtCK, I called ilie Nub Bank, und Nub Meadow, containing bv Survey lA. sR. 2lP. be Ihe same more or less— In this Lot is an excellent Fish Pond supplied with a reduudaul Stream of fine Water, which will irrigate I he Meadow all over. LOT II A Piece of rich GRAZING LAND, situate as aforesaid, called Marsh Corner, and a small Allotment ad- joining the same, containing by Survey OA. oil. oP. he the same more or less.— There is in this Lot a Fish Pond sup plied willi the above Spring; and about five Acres of this Field may be floated at pleasure. LOT III. A Piece of fine ARAULF. LAND, situate as aforesaid, called Ihe New Piece, containing by Survey 4A lR.. 20P. be the same more or less. 1 LOT IV A Piece of rich GRAZING LAND, situate as aforesaid, culled the Well Field, containing by Survey 4A. IR. 28P be the same more or less. L. OT V A Piece of rich ARABLE LAND, situate as afore- said, called the Black Flat, containing by Survey t. A 2lt. 33P. be the sume more or less. LOT VI. A Piece of rich LAN o, situate as aforesaid, call- ed the Seed Yard, containing2A 3R. 35P. be the same more or less LOT VII. A Piecc of rich LAND, situate as aforesaid, called tbe Shaddock, containing 2A. aR. 35P. be Ihe same more or less. LOT VIII. A Piece of very rich LAND, situate as afore- said, called the Stable Bank, one half Arable, and the olher Meadow, containingoA. 2R. 17P, be the same more or less. The. Meadow part is manured with a Wash from the Dung- bills, and is in geueral mowed twice a Year. LOT IX A small DWELLING HOUSE with a Court ad- joining, situate as aforesaid, in the Holding of Joseph Wild, and a large Hemp Butt andGarden, containingoA tR 13P. be the same more or less, w ith several Fruit ' I rees thereon. LOTX. A Piece of very rich MEADOW LAND, situate as aforesaid, called the Kiln Meadow, containing 2A . all oP be the same more or less— At the Tup uf this Meadow is a Reservoir or Fi- li Pond, which is supplied with redundant Springs, and receives a great Part ofthe Wash of the Town, which Wash can be floated over the Meadow at Pleasure. LOT XI. A Piece of rich MEADOW LAND, situate as aforesaid, containing oA. aR. 8p he the same more ur less, called tbe Little Meadow. In this Lot is a small Fish Pond supplied with a fine Spring of fine Water, and tbe Meadow call be floated al pleasure with tbe Wash of the Town. This Piecc uf Land is subject to a Road across the i same, to a few Perches of Land only, belonging to Mr. \ Shaw I. OT XII A Piece of rich ARABLE LAND, situate as ' aforesaid, called the Round Yard, containing lA. III. lGP. be the same mure or less. LOT XIII A Piece of rich ARABLE LAND, situate as aforesaid, and called tlie Long Yard, containing 2. A. 2R. 29P. he the same more ov less— This Lot when laid down can be watered all over with the Soak of the Dunghills and Wash of the w hole Town LOT XIV. A large FARM HOUSE, two large Barns, two Stables, with Cow- houses and other Building", situate os a foresaid, - and a ilemp Butt and Garden, containing by Admeasurement t. A. sR. til1, tie Ihe same more or less, planted with choice Fruit Trees iu full bearing, and a Pump of fine Waler adjoining the same This House at a light Expense may be converted into two or three Dwellings, and the Outbuildings might be converted into an excellent Malt Kiln, and lies well for Ihe Purchase of Barley anil Disposal of Mall. N. 1>. The above Lands are of an excellent Quality, wel fenced, and supplied with good Shade and Water, in a very pleasant anil healthful Situation, and what render them more valuable, Ibe Whole Premises are covered with a Modus of one Shilling per Annum in Lieu of Tithe Hay.— All 1 lie Lots except Lot the9th, are in the Holding of Mr. John Collcy, Owner thereof, and the Purchasers w ill be let into Possession at L Day, next. These Premises arc sold subject to the Payment uf a Chiel Rent of . i' 4 ids per Annum, which Sum will be equally pro- portioned according to curb Person's Purchase Money. For a View of the Tails apply to the Tenant ; and for further Informational ( he Olhce'uf M r. JOHN I'UTTCRTON, Solicitor, 111 Market Drayton aforesaid, or of THE Auc TION FI RS, where Plans of the Estate may he seen. EXTENSIVE SALE OF FURNITURE, COACH C0FIII CERNS, COACH ES, HORSES, aud other EFFECTS. BY S TUDORi On the Premises, at the Raven Inn, Castle Street, 0: 1 Moil, day, the S5th uf January Instant, anil following Days, ( NOTON MONDAYTKK t BT it, as before advertised); A LL ihe neat HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUltNI- il TORE, LINEN, CM IN A, GLASS, and other Effects, belonging lo tl. e l;. te JOHN JosiES, uf ttie RAVEN INN, Shrewsbury, deceased ; consisting of 26 Stump, Sloping, Tern, aud Foui'post Bedsteads, with Plaid, Dimity, printed Cotton, and Moieen Hangings ; 7 Flock, a F'ui, and 17 capital Feather Beds, Polsters, and Pillows; Flock and Slraw Maltrasses, Blankets, Counterpanes, and Quilts; Mahogany and Japanned Chests of Drawers Dressing Tables, Bason Stands, Chairs, S- c. Bed- round and Bed- side Carpels, Swing Dressing Glasses, THREE COMPLETE SfcTS OF MAHOGANY DINING TABLES, several Sets uf • Mahogany Chairs wilb Hair Scats, two Dozn of Japanned Windsor Chair , Scotch Carpets, piiuied Cotton and Dimily Window Curtiiius complete, pier Glasses ; 30 Pair of Sheets, Dinner and Breakfast Cloths, aud ollu r Linen ; a large Table Service of blue and white Ware, Tea China, and other blue nun while Ware; Kitchen Furniture, and a capital Assortment uf Brewing Vessels, wilh a very large Ma- diing Tub, and Leaded Cooler, large Cupper 1 urnaee cumplcle, Iron Bmler, Oak Mangle, wilh sundry other Ai tides, which will be expressed in Catalogues, and will be ready for Delivery upon the lOtli Instant— The Whole, being lately laid in, ate now nearly new, and iu a good Staid nf Preservation, which renders them worthy uf Public At lion.— The Sale will begin precisely at it o'Cluck each Morning, and continue till cach Day's Sale is ended. And011 MONDAY EVENIXc, precisely at * ixo'CIock, 011 the aforesaid Premi& o, will be SOLD BY AUCTION, lu ONE LOT,( if 1101 inihe mean Time disposed of by privste Contract, of which the earliest' Notice possible will be given) all the aforesaid Deceased's SHARE of the COACH CONCERN from SHREWSBURY to ABERYSTWITH and NEWTOM ft, llnu' WELSHPOOL; consisting of 8 Horse* with Hariteas, aud Share oftmu Coaches, now working up- un Ihe said Road ur Roads. LOT II. l. itte, vise, nil the aforesaid Deceased's SHARE of the COACH CONCERN between SHREWSBURY and CIIESTI'R; consisting of four Horses witli Harness, aid Share of two Coaches, now working npnn the said lluad; together with several olher Horses aud Harness, and a Couch nearly New, uud which will be more particularly described iu Catalogues. BY S. TUDOR, On the Premises, 011 the Wyle Cop, Sluewsbury, un Wednesday, ihe 20th Instant; rniE HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, L ' belonging lo Mr. BRADFORD; consisting of Tent and oilier Bedsteads, Fcathci t> ds and Bolsters, Blankets, and Quilts; . Mahogany and olher Tables, Chairs, and use- ful Articles of Kitchen Furniture. The Sale to begin precisely at eleven o'Ciuck, CAPITAL INN, IN FULL BUSINESS; b\ W. SMITH, On the Premises, on Monday, the 1st day of February, at Four u'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Condi-* lions aS will be then produced : ALL, that well accustomed DWELLING HOUSE or IN N railed the COACH AND HOUSES, villi con- venient Stabling adjoining^ siiuate ill the Kaveu Street, in the Town of Shrewsbury, aud in the Occupation of Mr< Wheeler. The abjve Premises are very extensive, nnd desirable for any Description of Trade ; and Possession therfeof may be had at Lady Dav next Part of the Purchase- money may remain on the Premises* and furl her Particulars may be known by applying to Messrs Atioruie.-, Slnewshuty. ASTERLEY and JEFFREYS, S LANDS NEAR WEM. To be Let to the best Bidder, At the White Horse, in Wem, in the Couuty of Salop, at three o'Cluck in the Afternoon of Saturday, the 23d of January, in the following, or such oilier Luts as may be agreed upou, and subject lu Cuuditious then tu be pru- duced ; ripHE undermentioned PI ECES ,, f LAN D, comprising a JL Farm, uow iu the Holdingof Mr. George Buttery : IN TILLEY. Quantities, be the LOT same more or less. NOTICE TO C It EDITORS AND DEUTOHS. rilHE Creditors and Debtors ( iu Shropshire) of Mr 1 H F. NRY PICKSTOCK, late ofCALCOTT HALL, are requested to meet at Mr. COOPER'S, Newtown, near Ras- churcli, un MONDAY, the lath Day of JAN UARY Inst at ten u'Clock tn the Fureuonn. ANTED a Person, as UPPER SERVANT, audio r f wait upon a Lady ; she w ill lie expected tu under- stand Cuukiug, Washing, and Ironing:— Also a Young Woman, who understands her Business, as HOUSEMAID and lu do the under Work in the Kitchen. Nune need apply who cannot have good Characters from tlieir last Places — Apply toTHK PRINTER. f cumsiauces, . i iredly take place in the ensuing Spring : meau Time, a Map nnd Particular, d te, may be: seen at the Ollice of Messrs. HUTCH- i FOULKES, Solicitors, Wrexham. 1. The Meadow 2. The Croft 3. The Hick Hey - - - - - - • 4. The Black Abbey -..--. 5. The Pools, in two Pieces The Further Pouls, in two Pieces A Huuse, in Iwu Dwellings, and Garden adjuiuing - ------- 0 IN WEM. The Butisev Pasture ----- 4 The Mill Meadow, Near Bread Meadow Further Bread Meadow - - - - 20 The Hayes, ur Ruugli Croft - - - 3 The Barleys - - - - Jebli's Meadow - - - - Millingtou's Mcaduw ------ a 14. Little Ditlo 1 15. Cow Meadow Rcan - -- -- -- i 10. House and Garden - -- -- -- l I). 7- 9. 10. u 12 13 - 10 - 3 O 0 a 26 1 9 2 3 o 19 3 35 0 2 2 38 3 29 0 22 2 0 0 39 STANSTY ESTATE AND TITHES, IN THE PARISHES OF WREXHAM AND GRESFORD riMIE SALE of tliis ESTA TE is, from unavoidable I Circumstances, POSTPONED for the present, but will assuredly take p Ill the mean Time, a Man aud Particular, descriptive of of I lie Estate 1NSON and 1A January, 1813. TO BE SOLI) ITY PRIVATE COSTHACT, AND MAY BE ENTERED UPON AT I. ADY- DAY NEXT, AFARM, containing 72 Acre3, with suitable Farm HnUsc, nnd Outbuildings, iu good Repair, called BAGBURY, situate in the Parish of Hussingion ; lying al- together within a Ring- Fence. - Enquire uf Mr. TAYLOR, at the Mure, or of EVAN STEPHENS, Esq. Solicitor, New- Tow 11. This Advertisement will not be continued. Jan. 12, 1813. M 0 N TGOM E R YS111III ~ ANY Person wishing tu contract fur the PEWING of CASTLE CAEREINION CHURCH, for makinga new Window in llie East End, taking down the present and erecting anew 6allrry, aud flagging the Aisles, of the said Church, arc desired to send Iheir Proposals to the Rev. Mr. ROWLAND, at Castle Caereininn aforesaid, un or before FRIDAY, the ayih Instant; at 10 o'Clock in Ihe Forenoon. The Plans aud Specification may be seen in tbe mean Time, by^ pplynig to the Rev. Mr ROWLAND aforesaid, or to Mr. Thomas Jones, Surveyor, at Oswestry. Proper Securities fur tlie due Performance ofthe Contract • will be required. Castle Ctertimon, January 8th, ] S! 3. 82 3 5 A Mop, descriptive of the Lots, will be left with Mr. GRIFFITHS, of Ihe White Horse, 111 NVem, who will di- rect a Person .0 shew the same; and further Particulars may be had from Mr. LEE, Redhrook, near Whitchurch. A capital Freehold Estate, Staffordshire. To be Sold by Jiuclion, BY MR. LEONARD, At the Lion Inn, at Newport, in Ihe County of Salop, on Saturday, January I tie 23d, 1813, at three o'Clock iu the Afternoon, IN FIVE LOTS ( unless in the nicau Time an acceptable Oder be made for the Whole by puvate Contract :) ACAPITAL anil highly improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, very desirably situate iu the Parish of HIGH OFF LEY. 111 tbe County uf Stafford, comprising Hill Hall Farm; Old Park Farm; Spring Hill Farm, anil Sbubtloii Farm and Lands, runlainiug in the W hole about FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY- FIVE ACRES of excellent Amble, Meadow, antl Pasture Laud, all inclosed and contiguous, and Let tu reputable Tenants ut luw Rents. To be viewed till tbe Sale, by applying tu Mr, WEBB, Servant at Hatehacre Hall, High OfHey; and printed Particulars wi. li Plans may be bad at the Lion, at New- port, and at the principal Inns at Eccleuhall, Shrewsbury, Lichfield, Wolverhampton, anil Birmingham; also uf J. CuxsoN, Esq. Solicitor, at Shiffnal; uf Messrs, FORSTER, COOKE, and FRERF., Lincoln's Inn; nnd of Mr. Leonard, Laud Agent aud Surveyor, Pmsun's Green, Fulham, Mid- dlesex, and at his Office, Covert Garden Chambers; London. CAPITAL ESTATES, IN CARNARVONSHIRE, NORTH WALES In I. uis, al the Crown and Anchor Inu, iu Pwlihely, in 1 the same County, ontlie2! ith Day of January, 1813, un- less disposed nf in the meau Time by Private Contract, uf which due Notice will be given : EVERAL valuable and extensive FREEHOLD ES- TATES, some of which are delightfully situate 011 tbe Sea Coast, in the several Parishes uf LLANDEGWNING, RODVFAN, DENIG, LLANYSTYNDWY,. CRICKIETH, a • I LLAN LLYI'NI, in the said County, let at tbcnto( aud con- sequently very luw) Reuts, amounting to i' 970 per annum, and upwards. William Owen, at Llandcgwning, Mr. Maurice, at Aber- kin, and Mr. I). Rice, ofthe Crown aud Anchor, Pwllhely, inthe said County of Carnarvon, will shew tbe different Farms and Lauds in their respective Neighbourhoods, antl from whom printed Particulars may be had previous 10 the Day of Sale. Further Particulars may be had by Application ( if by Letter, Post. paid) to Messrs JONES and WILLIAMS, Su- liciturs, Dolgellv, Merionethshire, at whose Office, Maps of tbe Estates may be seen. BY J BROOME, At the Lion Inn, in Pontesbnry, in the County of Salop on Friday, the 15th Day of. January, 181between the Hours of four aud six in the Afternoon, if not disposed of by private Contract, of which Nolice will be given: LOT 1. ALL that newly- built BRICK. HOUSE, with Sash Windows, consist in ™ of a Kitchen, Parlour, large Shop, with a good Brewhonse and Cellaring, three excel- lent Lodging Rooms on ihe tirst Floor, and three good At- ticks, aud a good Garden adjoiuing the House, as the same i* now staked out, and in tbe Holding of Mr. CROSS, situate in the High Street, in Pontesbur. V aforesaid. LOT II. All those TWO DWELLING HOUSES, with the Outbuildings and Gardens adjoining the same, and now in the Holding of Mr. John Barber and Mr. William Lewis, situate close adjoining Lot I. LOT 111 Ail those FOUR DWELLING HOUSES, with roomy good Gardens adjoining the same, now in the Hold- ing of M r. Thomas Upton, Richard Jones, William Mansell, and Job Nicholls, and elo* eadjoining to l. ot 2. Mr. WILLIAM LEWIS, Tenant, will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mrs. Jones, WeUbury, or to THE AUCTIONEER, at Church Stretton, in the County of Salop. On Wednesday, the 27th of Januarv, 1813, at the Red Lion Inn, in Cockshutt, in the County of Salop, between the Hours of two and four o'Clock iu the Afternoon, for ihe Benefit of tbe Creditors of ED W A R D W1LKINSON, of ELLESMERE, in the said County, under and by Virtue of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 52d Year of ihe Reign of his present Majesty, entituled" An Act for the Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors iu England," and subject to such Conditions as will then be produced : 4 LL that new erected Messuage or DWELLING i\_ HOUSE and M ALT KILN, together with two Acres more or less, of excellent LAN D thereunto belonging aud adjoining, situate and being near LOPPINGTON, in the said County of Salop, now in the Holding of Arthur Austin. The Tenant will shew the Premises'; and further Par- ticulars may be had at the Office of Mr. LEE, Solicitor, in Ellesiaerc. VALUABLE ESTATE AND PREMISES, IN STAFFORDSHIRE. BY W. CHURTON1, At the Black Horse Inn, in Betley, in tbe County of Stafford, un Wednesday, the aolh of January, 18t3, between the Hours of three and six o'clock in the After nuun, ( subject to such Conditions as will be then pro- duced :). A L! that desirable Messuage, or FARM HOUSE, with XiL suitable Outbuildings, and other Appurtenances there- unto belonging, situate at BALTERLEY GRF. F. V, in the " i County of Stafford, together with upwards of FORTY " ' TWO ACRES uf rich Arable, Meadow and Pasture LAND, completely in a Ring Fence, wilh au extensive Right of Common, now in the holding uf Mr. James Hollius, under a I. ease which expires at Lady Day next. N. li. The above valuable Estate is in a delightful Sport- ing Country, which abounds with Game; a genteel Neigh hourhood ; is bounded 011 one'Side with an extensive grow- ing Coppice , is situate about five Miles from Newcastle, seven from Nanlwich, and uue from Belley ; and what renders the Estate still mure desirable, there is a valuable Bed uf Marl therein. Further Particulars may be known ou Application to Mr. EURBF. R, Solicitor, Market Drayton, where a Map of the Estate may be seen; and from 1 he AUCTIONEER, Whit- church, Salop— The Tenant will shew the Farm. DESIRABLE ESTATE, NEAR WHITCHURCH. TIMBER. At the Cross Keys Inn, in the Town of Oswestry, in the County of Salop, ou Wednesday, liie aiitb day of January, 1811, in ihe Afternoon, subject lu Conditions, iu the fuW lowing Lots ; LOT I. f^ Q OAK, 32 Sycamine, 31 Ash, 1 Poplar, 3 Maple, 1 OO Cherry. 0) Elm, 4 Fir, 20 Alder, 7 Chesuui, 5 Moun- lain Ash, 20 Beech,- 6 i. iine Trees LOT 11. 119 Oak ( beginning with 89 and ending with 207), 16Sycamore, 6 Ash, 2 Cherry, Ul Elm, ja Fir, 3 Alder, 10 Chesnut, 1 Mountain Ash, 3 Beech Trees. LOT ill. 50 Oak ( beginning wiib 203 and ending with 257), 55 Sycamore, a Fir, 10 Alder, 24 Ash, 11 Mountain Ash, t) Beech, 40 Elm, 6 Poplar, 8 Maple, a Cherry Trees, a Oak Rundels. LOT IV. Go Oak ( beginning w ith 258 and ending with 317), 14 Sycamore, 3 Maple, 4 Elm, a3 Ash, 2 Poplar, 1 Lime Tree, 7 Oak Rundels, 2 Ash Rundels. The abuve ' Timber is scribe- marked, nnd growing un the HAYES Land, iu the Parish and Liberties nf Oswestry aforesaid. Mr. A DAVIES, at The Hayes, and Mr. THOMAS JONES; Surveyor, uf Osweslry, will she- v the Luis ; and lor further Particulars enquire of Mr. T. TREVOR MATHER, ut l'en- trehobiu, hear Mold CAPITAL TIMBER. BY R. WALKER, On Saturday, tbe 30th Day of January, 1813, at the Pig and Castle Inn, in Bridgnorth, precisely al three o'CIock in tbe Afternoon, subject tu Conditions then tu be pro- duced : LOT 1. rglvVENTY- SEVEN capital OAKS, 27 ELMS, aud 3 JL Poplar Trees. LOT II. 3 Acres and 0 Perches uf UNDERWOOD full grown. The above Timber antl Underwood is growing on Lands al llighley, in the County uf Salop, adjoining the River Severn. For Particulars apply tu the Rev. S. BURROWS, uf High- ley, who will appoint a Person to shew the Timber, Sic. BY W CHURTON, At the White Lion Inn, in Whitchurch, 011 Friday, the 5th Day of Februarv, 1813: ALL that valuable FARM HOUSE, Outbuildings, and upwards of t) 2 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, situate at the HIGHER WICH, in the Holding of Mr. Key Particulars iu our next. Modem Household Furniture and other Effects, BY W. CHURTON, Early in the Month of APRIL next, ON Ihe Premises at A l. M INGTON HALL, near MARKET DRAYTON, and in the Comity of Stafford, tbe Property of JolIN ' TAYLEI. TR, Esq. N. IT. Particulars will appear iu due Time. To Farmers, Millwrights, and Machine Makers. BY E HALLEY, Bv Diiectionof the Assignees, 011 Wednesday, Thursday, aud Friday, the 20th, 21st, and 22d of January Instant, on ihe Premises : A LL tbe HOUSEHOLD GOODS, FARMINGSTOCK, XV and STOCK in TRADE, of WILLIAM FORREST, uf Sliiff'nnl, Threshing Machine Maker, a Bankrupt. Aiso, the LEASE of his Premises iu SHIFFNAL, for the Term of 8 Years from Ladv- Dav next: And the Posses- sion of eleven Acres of LAND contiguous tu the Town uf Shiffual, until Ladv- Day, 1814. The Farming Stuck cunsists uf two Draught Horses and Gearing ; 7 Ewes, 20 Lambs, 2 Cows, a fat Pigs, antl 1 Porket; - 2 Carls, with Iron Axletrees aud additional Trolley Botl. s, a light One- horse Cart, 4 Ploughs, 3 Pair of Har- IOWS, a Land Roll, aud small Implements; a Rick uf CLOVER, a Quantity uf STRAW aud MANURE, aud two Camps of POTATOES. " The Stock in Ttade consists of a portable Threshing Machine, a Hand Threshing Machine, ami a Washing Ma- chine, iu good Condition; various Pails of Machinery, nearly completed; Half- inch mid Inch Oak and other Hoarding; a great. Variety of seasoned Oak, Ash, Beech PLANKING" and BEAMS, Square and olher converted TIMBER, for Millwrights aud other Purpus s. Likewise OAK, ASH, ELM, and FIR Timber in the Round; a large Quantity of lrun Castings fur Threshing Mat nines and general Purposes ; Work Benches, Tools, Patterns for Castings, and an excellent Lathe, for turning Iron or Wood, and a Variety uf Touls and Iron connected witS the Smith's Shop. Tbe first antl second Day's Sale will comprise the House- hold Furniture aud Farming Stuck—' The third Day's Sale will consist of tbe Stuck in ' Trade; after which, between the Hours of fuur and five in the Afternoon, wiil be sold the Lease uf the House and Premises in Shiffual, aud the Pos- session of the Laud. The Sale will commence each Day at ten o'clock. For printed Particulars apply . to TUB AUCTIONEER, at Shiffhul; and for further Particulars respecting tile Lease and Land, to Mr. FISHER, Solicitor, Shiflnal, MON TO OMERYSHIRE. OAK. AND ASH TIMBER. EY DAVIES AND SON, On Friday, the 291I1 Day of January, 1313, al the Hons, uf Mr John Jehu, Myfod, iu the County of Montgo- mery, in the following Luis, subject to Cuuditious ihen to tie produced : LOT 1. 1 f\ 1 OAK TREES, Scribe- marked from 1 to tot, I 11 I growing in a Coppice upou GLASGOED FARM, III llie Parish of Myfotl afoiesaid LOT 11. too OAK TREES, Scribe- uiarked from 1 to 100, gru'wing in lite afuresaid Cuppice. LOT III. 100 ASH TREES, Scribe- marked from 1 toioo, growing in Ihe afoiesaitt Coppice. The Whole of the Timber is within uue Mile of tlic Village of Myfod, ftdjuiuiug the Turnpike Road leading from Llaufair to Oswestry, within Ihe Distance of eight Miles of 1 he Montgomeryshire Caual ut New Bridge, near Llanyniynecli. Tbe Oak are well woith the Attention of Ship Builders antl Timber Merchants. Mr Hopkins, on the Premises, will shew the Timber; I and further Particulars may be had by Application tu H. j JONES, Myfod. Tlie Sale to begin at four o'Clock in the Afternoon. 4 0 - 11 - 1 0 31 1 0 2 1 23 At Ihe Cross Fuxes Inn, in Osweslry, 111 ibe Cuiimy uf Suio'p, ou Wednesday, ihe 3d Day uf February, 1813, at four u'Clock in the Afteruuun, subject to such Couuiliuns us shall he theu and there produced : ritHB under- mentioned ESTATE of INHERITANCE, J^ situate in the Tuwu. hip uf TREFLACH, iu the Parish of Oswestry aforesaid, in Ibe following, or such other Luts as shall be. agreed upou at the Time uf Sale. ^ No. Total ' » on Map. Names of the Pieces. Quantity. Quantity. 7 , 1 Huusc, Fold, Garden, t< cc ... 0331 1 52 Cae ' Tu Uclrn'r Ty, and ) 7 a 3+ f Q h . \ ErwTan, ( nuw 111 une) 5 0 2 1/ f y u ( 3 Erw Clay O 2 17) 2— 4 Quillet in Maes Pen y Bryn ... 5 Diltu in Ditto 6 Cae Pull Marl 1 3— 7 Cae Dcrwcn s Cae ' r Ffyunon newyud 4— p Cae Baltiu bach 5_ 10 Quillet in Maes Owen 11 Ditto in ditlo 12 Talardd G— 13 Erw Maeu Llwyd 14 Bron y dadleu 7 15 Quillet in Mr. James's Field 8 lG Caen ne. wydd, aud Cae Pant ) ( in one) $ g 17 Cac tan Tv and Drill y Coed / aud Mall Kiln " 5 [ 0— 18 Cue Pen y Garrcg 19 Gweirgludd gocb 211 Gwcirglodd Sewydd 29 Quillet iu Mr. Venables's > Meadow S All allotment adjoining No / 18 and Nu. 20 > 11— 22 Cae Grocs Ilir 23 House and Garden 152— 24 Cae Groes II ir 13— 25 Tv Francis, Drill y Ceiling,} Do I y brochan, and Erw f Fiancis, ( in one) and Cot t tage, ( three Dwellings) 3 26 Gweirglodd Grues Hir, ( in > two parts) y 14— 87 Quillet in MaesvCaedu 15— 28 Erw Allt Til y Clay ttj— Treflach Woud, an Allot- > ment ( uniuclused) S O 21 3 13 0 lu- 2 6 a 85- T 6- 3 7 0 18 1 38- 0 35 1 20- 2 lG- 3 23- 2 15 2 lt> 5 3 22 9 1 16 9 j 16 3 0 24 2 0 0 0 0 30 0 2 14 2 3 31—- 10 3 19 . 0 2 33 0 0 15 0 3 8 1 3 0—— 1 3 0 5 2 0 3 1 2 ' 8 3 20 . 0 2 18 0 2 18 . 1 0 14 1 0 14 10 3 0 to 3 0 85 1 1 85 1 1 The Timber on tlie several Lots to be valued. These Premises lie contiguous to .. imc Rocks and C ol- lieries ; aud a Map ot the Estate mav be inspected by applying to RICHARD CROXON, Esq. Oswestry. Mr. William Downes will, upon Application, sir iy tbe Premises. 11 i i II • •.• ii i i^ F CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE OF REMARKABLE AND INTERESTING EVENT'S. FOI » THE YEAH 1812. JANUARY. 4. Account < if the melancholy shipwrecks received— of the fjero, St. George, & c. in the Baltic. 7. The Sixth Session of Ihe Fourth Parliament ofthe United Kingdom commenced, the Prince Regent's Speech for opening the Session being delivered bv Commission. 18. Mr. Walsh, M. P. tried » t the Old Ba'ley for stealing Bank- notes from Sir T. Plumer, the Solicitor- General. 2th Intelligence received of the final reduction of the Island of Java, which put an end to ths French power in the Indian Seas. 23. A comparative statement published of the Population of Great Britain, a* exhibited in the Census taken in the year 1801, and at tbe close of 1811; trom which it appeared, that tn the short space of 10 years there had been an iiiciease of nearly one- sixth. 51. Arrived intelligence of the capture of the Frerch frigate Pomone, of 44 aims, by the English fiigate the Active, of SB guns, Capt. Gordon, in the Medi'erianean. The number of bankrupts this moufh 133. FEBRUARY. 4. The full of " Valencia announced, by which the Pnemy lost 20,€ 00 nient as well as the taking of Ciudad Rodrigo. 13. The Prince Regent came ( o the full and unlimited exercise of the functions of Royalty this day, and endeavoured to form an united Government" on a liberal basis ; but his Boyal Highness having failed in his endeavours, Mr. Perceval, therefore, continued the Prime Minister. 91. Intelligence received of the arrest of the Queen of Sieilv, in corisequetice of it being discovered that she was • concerned in a conspiracy to give up the island to the enemy. 23. The Prince Regent declared, hi a note to Mr. Ponsonby, the ostensible leader of tlie opposition in the House of Com- mons, Ihat the Catholic Claims should not, hi futuie, be dis- cussed by his Mmisters a- an ordinary Government question. 25. Intelligence received of Ihe abdication of the King of Sicily, and of the Hereditary Prince having been appointed Vicar- General. The number of bankrupts this mouth 153. MARCH. 5. Mr Walsh " having been convicted at the Old Bailev on a charge ot felony," was, in consequence, expelled the House of Commons, on Ihe motion of Mr. Bankes. 23. The Parliament grant 30,0001. to the Prince Regent, for ihe four Princesses. 30. French armies march towards Prussian Poland. The number of bankrupts this month 164. APRIL, 1. French flotilla defeated before Dieppe, by Captains Harvey and Trollope, of the Rosario and Griffon sloops of war. 2. Tbe siege'of Badnjoz commenced. 6. The French make a desperate sally from Badajoz, and were repulsed by M » ] or- Gen. Bowles with great slaughter. — Petitions hostile to'tlle renewal of tbe East India Com- pany's Charter pr;* ented to Parliament, fiom several of the principal cities in the Kingdom. 11. Alarming distuibanees Inthe town nf Manchester. 13 Midnight riots iu Leeds and Its Vicinity. 17. D flinbances in the market- place of Sheffield. ? 4 Intelligence received that Badaj' Z is stormed and taken by ' be F. arl cf Wellington. — Accounts of the capture of Seville by Ballasteros. The number of bankrupts this month 173. MAY. 2. Unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the Emperor of Russia bv Spiranski, his private Secretary, and French emissaries. 7 The Rivoli, French ship, of 84 guns, taken, after a gallant action, hy the Victorious, of 74 guns. 9. Mr. Brand's motion for a Refonn in Parliament re- jected by a majority of 127. — Mr. Peictval, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, assassinated in the lobby of the House of Commons by John Bellingham. 14. An annuity of 20001. granted to Mrs, Perceval, and 50,0001. granted in total to her children. — Tbe Ami ricans lay an embargo on British vessels. 16 J. Bellingham convicted of the muider of Mr. Per- ceval. 19. Bellingham executed in tbe Old Bailey. 20. Intelligence ariives of Bonaparte's journey north- ward lo assume the command of the army collected to act against tbe Russians. 22 A motion carried in the House of Commons by a majority of four, praying the Prince Regent to form an Administration calculated to gam the confidence of the Country. 25 Commencement of hostilities between the Russians and the French, on the banks of the Wvsa. — Tlie American Congress prohibit importation from their own ports during the embargo on British vessels, 21). Two French frigates and a brig destroyed at the en- tranceof 1 ' Orient by the Northumberland mini of war. The number of bankrupts this month 120, JUNE. 3. The French army passed. the Vistula. 4. The Marquis Wellesley surrenders his authority into the hands of 1 tie Prince Regent, by which he had been empoweied to make arrangements for a new Administration. 5. The bridge and important batteries of Almarez destroy- ed by Gen. Hill. — Accounts arrived of the confiscation of all British property in America bv the orders of the Cougrcss. 9. Tbe Fail of Liverpool commanded bv the Recent to assume tne office of First Commissioner ol his Maj. sty's Treasury. 23 On the motion of Mr. Canning, the House of Com- mons risohe io c onsider, during the ensuing Session, the best pos- ible menus of conciliating the Roman Catholics. 24. Public revocation of the Oidets in Council, so far as regards the United Slates of America. — Mrs. Sirlduns takes a final farewell of the Stage. The number of bankrupts this mouth 15' 1. JULY. 13. Accounts received of Peace having been concluded between Russia and the Porte, on the 9th ot June, « t Odessa, 15. The Ui and 2d Bulletin of the grand French army received ; the foimer dated Gumbinrien, June 20 ; the latter Wilkowiskv, June 22. 16. The 3d Bulletin of the grand French army arrived, dated Jure 26, al which time Napoleon passed the Nii- men into the Russian territory. — Accounts leceived of a dreadful eruption of Mount Scuiffiieie, in the Island of St. Vincent, on tiie Cth of May. 22. Battle of Salamanca. — The Count and Countess D'Antraigues are murdered by their own servant, a Picdnini. tese, as they were proceeding to their carriage, at Buriies- teiruce, Suiiey. The murdeiei immediately alter shot himself. ' 25. The 4th and ith Bulletins of the French army are received, cla'ed June 30, and July 6, from Witna, which p! ace * as eitttteci bv the F ench on the 28th ult. 31. Dispatches from Mr. Thornton, transmitting Treaties of Peace, signed at Oiebro on the 18th of July, between Great Britain, Russia, and Sweden. The number ol bankrupts this month 125* AUGUST. 6. D. Dawson executed at Cambridge, for poisoning horses at Ntwmurkel. 11. The Bib Bulletin of the grand French army announced the evacuation of the entrenched camp at lVisaa by the Russians, and ihe passage of the Dwina by the French, on llje 2< Hti of Inly. 12. Madrid entered by the Eail of Wellington. The Retiro surrendered on the ! 4' h. 13. Tbe 9th French Bulletin, dated July 25lh, states tbe captuie ol Molulow, on ttie 20th of the same mouth, by Marshal Dnvoust. 10. Lord Clinton arrives with dispatches, announcing the signal defeat of the French nrmy under Maishal Maimont, on the 22d of July, item Salamanca, by the allied army, under I. oid Wellington. The fruits of this victory were 7000 prisoners, and upwaids, 20 pieces of cannon, two eagles, and four sTahdards, besides an immense number uf killed and wounded. 18. The Prince Regent Confers on Loid Wellington the dignity of Maiquis.' 20. Mr. Foster, the Minister of Gieat Britain to the United Slates, returns to Loudon, in consequence of the American Dec laration ol War. 23. Tbe 10th and llth Ftencb Bulletins are received, the further ilntcd the 31st of July, the latter the 4ih ot August, slating the occupation of Witepsk on the 28th of July, and claiming victories at the battles of Moliilow and O- truwno. 24 Dispatches received from Admiral Martin, dated the 5th of August, which slate the defeat of Marshal Oudiuot bv Cotltii Wittgenstein, on tbe 30th and 31st of July, near Polotsk, the latter obliging Ihe French to reeross the ijwiua, « ith the loss ot 2000 men taken piisoners and some cannon. 35. The siege of. Cadiz raised by the Erenpfc. < 21. The 12th French Bulletin is received, dated Witepsk, August 7, and stating the capture of Dunabergh on the lst of the same month. 28th. Meeting at Abo, in Finland, between the Emperor of Russia, the Crown Prince of Sweden, and Lord Cathcan. The number of Bankrupts this month 110. SEPTEMBER. 8. Arrival of Ibe 13th and 14th Bulletins of the French grand army, dated August 21st and 23d, from Sinolensko, which city was entered by the French on the 18th ot August, aften a sanguinary battle. 21. The 16th imd 17th Bulletins of the French army are received, the former dated Viasma, August 31st, the lalter Ghjat, September 3d, detailing the advance of Bonaparte a wards Moscow. 23. Dispatches from Major- Gen. Cooke announce tbe taking of the city of Seville, on the 27th qf August, by the corps under Gen. Cruz and Col. Skerriit. 14. Dispatches from Loid Wellington announce his having quitted Madiid on the lst instant, and proceeded to the North of Spain. 29. Parliament dissolved by Proclamation, The number of hjmkiupts this month 66. OCTOBER. 1. The eagles and colours taken from the enemy on various occasions, publicly deposited in the Chapel Royal, Whitehall. 2. Accounts received of the battle of Borodino, and occu. pation of Mojaisk by the French. 3. Capture of Moscow. — The 18th Bulletin of the French army, containing tbe account of the battle of Mojaisk, received. 6. Counter- Revolution in the Caraccas. — The Castle of Burgos invested, after the taking of the Hill of St. Michael by assault. 7. Surrender of Fort Detroit, and the Americau army under Gen. Hull. 9. Nineteenth Bulletin of the French army, containing an aecount of their entianceinto Moscow, received. 12. Loss of the Gueriiere, captiued by the Ame icaii frigate the Constitution. — Opening of the Drnry- lane new Theatre. — The 20th Bulletin received, with details respecting the burning of Moscow. 27. Junction ofthe French forces under Soult and Suchet in the Peninsula, The number of bankrupts this month 113. NOVEMBER. 2, Attempts of Mallet and other Ex- Generals against the French Government failed. 7. Execution of the French conspirators. 9. Intelligence of raising of the siege of the castle of Burgos, after an unsuccessful attempt to carry it by assault. 11. Several persons tried at Moscow for having been con cerned in sitting fire to thai capital, by a Military Coin- mission, appointed by Bonaparte, and some of them con- victed and executed. 12. Defeat of Murat near Moscow. — Abandonment of that capital by the French. — Polotsk taken by assault. 16. The 25' h Bulletin received, states the retreat of the French from Moscow. 18. Retreat of Lord Wellington from Madiid. 24. Meeting of Parliament. — Removal of the Spanish Gen. Ballasteros from his command. 25 Execution of Lieut. Gamsge, for the murder of a Seijeant ot Marines. 28 Capture of the Frolic sloop of war by an American frigate. — Defeat of tbe Americ. au foice in Canada by the troops under Gen. Brock, and death of that Officer. The number ol bankrupts this month 235. DECEMBER. 1. The Prince Regent opens the Session of Parliament in person, 2. Retreat of Lord Wellington to Fuente Guinaldo. 4. Thanks voted to Lord Wellington, in both Houses, for the battle of Salamanca. — The 28th Bulletin ofthe French army is received, dated Smolen- ko, November II, iu which ihe loss of many n. en by- cold and fatigue is admitted. 8. A Resolution for granting tbe turn of ,£ 100,000 to the Marquis of Wellington, to be laid out in the purchase of lands passed the House of Commons. — An Address on tbe same subject passed the House of Lords without a dissentient voice. — Dispatches from Lord Cathcart, dated Nov. 15, arrive, detailing the continued successes of the Russians. 17. Dispatches received from l ord Cat heart, dated St. Petersburg)!, Nov. 23, detailing the triumphant progress of the Russian army, and the defeat of Marshals Ney ana Davoust, with immense loss, on the 16th, 17ih, and 18tb ult. — The Maiquis of Sligo tried and convicted at the Admiralty Sessions, in the Old Bailey, for seducing seamen from his Majesty's ships, for which he was fined .£ 5000 and sentenced to four months imprisonment in Newgate. — The Prince Regent sends a Message to both Houses recommend. ng to thein to grant some » id to the Russian sufferers. 18. Tbe House of Commons votes ,£ 200,000 for the relief of ihe Russian sufferers. 22. Both Houses of Parliament adjourn over the boll days. 23. The 29th Bulletin is received, dated Molodetchno, Dec, ' 3, and presenting a dreadful picture of the sufferings of the French ariny. — Palis Papers announce the arrival of Bonaparte in that capital. u9. Arrival of a Goltenburgh Mail, containing the Rus- sian account of the battle of Beresina, farther victories of Count Wittgenstein, and capture of more than 20,000 prisoners. — Dispatch received at the Admiralty from Capt. Garden, announcing the capture of the British frigate Macedonian, by the American ship United Slates, on the 25th uf October. 30 Meeting; of Meichaftts, & c. at tbe city of London Tavern, in aid ofthe Goveinment Subscription for the benefit <> f the Russian sniTerers, at which =£ 10,200 was subscribed in a few hours, and books ordered to he opened, to encrease it — Near ,£ 12,000 has also been subscribed in Westminster, aud large additions daily a< cruing. Number of bankrupts this month 190. The total number of Bankruptcies in the year 1812, was 1783. mom THE LONDON GAZETTE. Admiralty Office, January 5, 1813. Rear- Admiral Sir Francis Laforey has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, Esq a letter from Captain Westrop, commanding his lYIajestyVsloop the Peruvian, giving an account of his having on the iMth of October captured, off Sombrero, the Yankee, American schooner privateer, of seven guns and 44 men, out 38 days from Salem, and had not made any capture. BANKRUPTS, JANUARY" < 2. Charles Blake, of Bishopsgate- stip. et, silversmith, Jan. 5, 16, Feb. 13, at Guildhall, London.— John Evam, of A hson within Mackerfield, Lancashire, dealer and chapman, Jan. 25, ' 26, Feb. 13, at the Buck m the Vine, Wigan.— John Flayes, of Ru h Mdls, Hardingstone, Northampton- hire, paper- maker, Jan. 9, 12, Feb. 13, at Guildhall, London.-— William Stocks Heaton, of Don- carter, Yorkshire, monej - sciive' or, Jan. l6, 18, fceb. 13, at the Rein Deer, Doncaster.— Daniel M* Queen, of Liverpool, mer- chant, Jan. 18, 19, Feb. 13, at the Star Inn, Manchester.— George Malpas, of Southampton- place, Saint Pancras, builder, Jan. 5, 23, Feb. 13, at Guildhv. il, London— William Parr, of Rio Janeiro, merchant, Jan. 22, 23. Feb. 13, at the Shakspeare Tavern, Birmingham—- John Sherratt, of Birmingham, shop- keeper, Jan. 15, 16, Feb. 13, at the Stork Tavern, Birmingham. — Francis Snipe See, late oi Earith, Huntingdon, butcher, Jan. 15. 16, Feb 13, at the White Hart Inn, St. Ives — John Watkins, of Nottingham, grocer, Jan. 8, 9, Feb 13, at the Punch Bowl, in Nottingham — William Wright, ol Rochester, Kent, innkeeper, Jan. 5, 12. Feb. 15, at Guildhall, London.— Thomai Young- husband and Edward Walker, of Newg& te- slreel, warehousemen, Jan. 12, 16, Feb. 13, at Guildhall, London. JANUARY 5 J— Samuel Butler, la'eof Wood- ctreef, Cheapside, London, but now of Hatfield- street, Blackt'riar's- road, Surrey* manufacturer of ostrich feathers, Jan. 9, 19. Feb. 16. at Guldhall. — Nathan Davis, of Fore- street, Limehouse, Middlesex, slop- seller, Jan. 18, 23, Feb 16, at Guildhall, London — Clement Dyson, now or late of Dungeon wood, near Huddei " field, York, * t? g'er » Jan. 25, 26, at the Rose and Crown lun, Hoddersfidd. Feb 16, at the Yew- tree Inn, Robertown, Yorkshire.—— Joseph Hartley, late of Whitechapel. Middlesex, wine- merchant, Jan. 9, 16, Feb. 16, at Guildhall, London.— Samuel King, of Ware, Herts, rope maker, Jan. 12, 16. Feb. 16, at Guildhall, London.—- Matheio Robinson J. egg and John Gray, of St. Mary- at- Hill, London, in - surance broker , Jan 12, 16, Feb. 16, atGuiidhall.— Joseph Mears, of Fenchurch . street, Loudon, merchant, Jan. 12, ] 6, Feb, 16, at Guildhall.— JamesRunisey, ol Ipswich, maltster, Jjpii 18, 19- Feb. 16, at the Bearard Crown lnr, Ipswich.— LyonDe Symons, of _ Bll - ter- sipiare, London, metchant, Jan. 12,19, Feb. 16, at G. ujldhalU - Matthew Lee Yeates, ot Exmouth. Devon, and William Good, pf Bradpole, Dorset, bankers, Jan. 19, 27, Feb. 16, at the Bull Inn, Bridpurt. THE COKDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF, An effectual Remedy for most Disorders of the Head, especially of ihe common Hcad- Ach. THE Proprietors of this admirable Snuff are under Ihe Necessity of altering the Mode of rendering it to the Pbbljc, by substituting Tin Canisters for Glass Bottles, the great advance of the latter article ( in consequence of the double duty) making itjmpossibje to vend the SnUft'in Glass, without a iery considerable advance on their Customers.— By the mode they have adopted, precisely the SAME QUANTITY of Snuff will be sold in a Canister for Is. 1^: 1. which was heretofore sold in a Bottle at that price. The Proprietors are on this occasion influenced solely by the anxious wish of continuing its supply to the pubhc without any advance. The genuine SNUFF is sold only by the Proprietors, F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard, Loudon; and Brod e, Do^ ding, and Luxford, Salisbury ; and bv all Messrs. Newbery's Agents in the United Kingdom. Price Is. l$ d. a Canister, Duty included. Observe that the words M F. Newbery, No. 45, Si, Paul's,*' are engraved in the Stamp. e Light Bread, and without the murk letter.— This extraordinary case came on for hearing on Tuesday, before the sitting Magis- trate, al Hatton- Garden, It was a a charge against a master baker, in the neighbourhood of Lincoln's- Ino Fields, for hav- ing on Saturday last, at one batch, baked several hundied quartern and half- quartern loaves deficient in weight. Tine light bread was produced, and found deficient ill weight to the j pr'omu'gated in the woild, wliie ex'ent in penally of au aggregate sum, at the rate of five e| fftCtSi as niust cou.' ince the shillings per ounce, of . fc7M. 15s. 9d. and bank notes w ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, WHEEZING, & c. W. EDUOWES, has just received a supply of tbe following valuable Medicines : FOR ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, AND WH FEZ ING. IjlISHER's prepared Stramonium and Oxymel, the re- putation of which, from its uniform success iu the cure of Diseases of the Lungs, is fully established in ihe course of a tew months; for out of 4iU) 0 tiials, it has not failed in one case to afford permanent relief, and not one instance can be adduced in which they disagreed with a Patient. FOR INDIGESTION, FLATULENCE, HEARTBURN, BILIOUS AND NERVOUS AFFECTIONS. The Essence of Ginger and Camomile.— The peculiar Stomachic propertied of the Camomile Flowers, combined wilh the aromatic virtues of the Jamaica Ginger, form the most efficacious and safe medicine that can be employed in the above Diseases, and has succeeded after the Peruvian Bark, and other tonic medicines, had proved of no avail. It corrects ae. iditv, expels flatulence, promotes digestion, allays spasms, and obviates eostiveness j hence it is a very ceitain remedy for neivous complaints, - fiead- acb, palsy, and other complaints arising from indigestion, and irregular action of the bowels, & e.— Sold in bottles at 3s. anil 6s. each. FOR THE TEETH AND GUMS. Prepared Areca Charcoal.— The Charcoal prepared from the Areca Nut is held in high estimation in the East Indies, and is Ihe only Tooth- powder employed bv Die natives, who areadrniied for beautiful and sound Teeth — ft has been lately adopted by the Royal Family, and is much recommended by the first Dentists in this Kingdom, as decidedly superior to any other article.— Dr. Lynd has employed it for 50 years, and at. the age of 78, now enjoys a complete set of Teetu, free from disease, aud firm in tne socket. Mr Hertz an eminent Dentist of Beilin, highly extols it, aod recommends ih • gums to be sponged with the Tincture of Rh. atany, in- stead of Tincture of Myrrh or Arqnebusade, to correct that spongy state attributed to Scurvy.— These prepa'aiions have ilie great recommendation of being flee from any injurious quality.— Sold in boxes of 3s. 6d. each; and the Tincture of Rbatany, in bottles of 2s. 6d, each. THE TRUE CHELTENHAM SALT. This Salt, obtained from the Cheltenham Spa, by acting pleasantly on the bow els, and at the same time correcting any vitiated state of the Constitution, is deservedly classed as the most efficacious alterative purgative known in this country, in eruptions of the skin, and scorbutic complaints, piles, & c. it is a most invaluable medicine ; an ounce dissolved iu a quart of water, readily makes tbe Cheltenham wate. r. niiice, ol JtlOi. los. Vd. were offered to Hancock the officer. The defence setup was ihat the flour was bad in quality, and the bread oveibakeil ; but tins delence was r. ot clearly established as to the overtaking; but as to the badness of the Hour, the Magistrate observed, that that circumstance was au aggravation, since the public- paid foi Hour ol the best quality, and added, that unpopular as it may be deemed by some, he should :( o bis duty, and order the full amount of ilie penalty against an opulent man, more gladly than against little dealers, who often were ruined even by the mitigated penalty, lie did so the more willingly from the consideration that it was a matter of fact and notoriety at this day in London, that with the, high price of bread in London, potatoe meal was mixed with Hour, to the extent of 50,000 tons of potatoes per week, within the bills of mortality, and which might diminish the weight of this bread, and take away the judgment of those superintending the quantity of time proper for baking it in a due degree. Judg. inent for the relators, the officers, in Ihe penalty of £ 1b 15s, 9d from which the defendant appealed, on the ground that between two and thiee hundred smaller loaves moreio the same baking aud shop, were not weighed by the officer at the time, and which, by tbe act of parliament, ihey were butind to weigh equally. Another information then followed against the same person, foi having 126 of the loaves without the letter " VV, contrary to the statute, upon which he was fan her convicted in the lowest penalty of one shilling for each omission, being a sum of 6s making in the whole « £ tSl Is 9d. A distressing circumstance took place on Chrislmas- day, at ihe house of the Earl ol'Kossljn, at Canterbury, where his Lordship resides during- his command as Cit- ner. il of the Kent district. - Lord Loughborough, the Nc hie Earl's only son, was amusing himself by slid- ing down the ballustraile of the stairs, and losing his balance at Hie angle at Ihe top of the first flight, he fell into tbe hall, and pitching upon his head, was taken up apparently in a lifeless state. Surgical assistance was immediately procured, and in half an hour symptoms of returning animation were observable. His Lordship has continued iu a stale of insensibility, with intervals of convulsions ever lince the occurrence of the accident. tONSUMl'riONS and other decays of natuie, whether the effects of natuiai consequences, or proceeding from imprudencie. s, or au ad anccd stage of life, have fruitlessly engaged the study and attention of the first physicians of this and all other nations in vain, until Dr. SOl- OMON's COR- DIAL BALM of G1LR1D was happily discovered and icll since his produced such most incredulous of its amazing restorative powers. To cuumciate its tiuiy happny healing, balsamic, and restorative efficacy, testimonies of the first authority are now extant. It is admirably cal- culated for bilious and other disorders of Ihe stomach and bowels; tor head aches occasioned by indigestion; and for preventing palsies and apoplexies, so oiten the conse. querices of free living. S dd in bottles, price lis. each ; or four in one f amily Bot- tle, tor 33 shillings, by which the puicha.- er saves one Us. bottle, by \ V. EODOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury; T. Pooie, Chester; P. Maddox, Northwich; J. Fox, Nantwicb ; W Smith, Iroubridge; Robert Paiker, Whitchurch ; and all Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. Observe particularly, that the words " Saml. Solomon, Liverpoolare printed on the Stamp. Double Postage of all Letters lo " Dr. Solomon, Liver- JKIOI, must be paid, and a fee of £\ inclosed for advice. IIGNUM'S PILLS BOOKS Lately published by J. Mawman, 39, Itidgste Street, and sold by W. EODOWES, Shrewsbury. rpHE PRESENT STATE ofTCRKEY; or a Dcscrip- 1 lion of ihe Political, Civil, and Religious Constitution, Government, aud Laws of the Ottoman Empire. By Thos. Thornton, Esq the second Edition, handsomely printed in two Volumes Octavo, price in boards, ll. is.— This Edition is enlarged with a Dissertation ou Oriental Literature, with many Articles of general Information, which are incoporat- ed in the body of the Work, and with an Introductory Chapter, which comprises the principal Events in the History of tbe Turks, and exhibits the Progress cf the Ottoman Power, and the Causes of its Greaiuess audits Decline. An Appendix is added, illustrative of the 1 hysical and ancient History of Byzantium, and the sur- rounding Countries. To render this Work more complete, a most accurate Map is inserted, ofthe Turkish Empire, as well as a Plan of Constantinople, both beautifully engraved, and carefully composed from the most aiilhcittie Materials. ESSAYS ou Ibe PICTURESQUE, as compared wilh the Sublime and Ihe Beautiful; and on tlie Use of studying Pictures, for Ihe purpose of improving Real landscape. By L'vedale Price, Esq. neatly printed, a New Edition, wilh considerable Additions and Improvements, in Three Vols. Octavo. Price 11.7s. Boards THE HISTORY ofthe HELVETIC REPUBLICS. By Francis Hare Naytor, Esq. Four Volumes, Octavo. Price ll. 16s. Boards. ' THE HISTORY OF FRANCE, urtder the Kings ofthe Rare Valois, from the Accession of Charles the Fifth 111 1364, to the Death of Charles the Ninth in 1574. By Nathaniel William Wraxall, Esq. The Third Edition, with very considerable Augmentations. Two Volumes Octavo, Itis. Boards. By the same Author. A TOUR THROUGH the WESTERN, SOUTHERN, and INTERIOR PROVINCES of FRANCE, in the Years 1775 and 1776. Third Edition, corrected aud augmented. Price 4s Boards. CHARACTERS of the late CHARLES JAMES FOX, selected and in part, written, by Philopatris Varviceusis, With Notes by tbe Editor. I11 Two Volumes, Octavo, aos. Boards. M EMOIRS ofthe LIFE and WRITINGS of Sir PHILIP SYDNEY.. By Thomas Zoucli, D. D. F. L. S. Prebendary of Durham. " Nor love thy life, nor hate ; but what thou liv'st " Live well; how long or short, permit to Heav'n I" Handsomely printed in Demy, Quarto, wilh a fine Portrait of Sir Philip Sydney, beautifully engraved by C. Warren, ll. 5s. Boards. THE HISTORY of BARBADOS, from the first Disco- very ot the Island, in llie Year 1605, till the Accession of Lord Seaforth, 1801. By John Pover. Neatly printed in oue large Quarto Volume, ll. 1 is. 6d." Boards A PICTURE of MADRID; taken on the Spot. Trans- lated from the German of Fischer, Crown Octavo, tis. Boards. THE TRAVELS of ANACHARSIS tbe Younger, in Greece, during the Middle ofthe Fourth Century, before the Christian jEra; translated from the French of the late Abbe Bartheleiny.- To which are prefixed, MEMOIRS of Ihe LIFE of J. J. BARTH ELE. M Y, written by himself in 179- and 1793 ; with 11 Portrait of the Author. Handsomely printed, in Seven Volumes Octavo, and nn Eighth in Quarto, containing Maps, Plans, Views, aud Coins, illustrative of the Geography and Antiquities of Ancient Greece. A new Edition, being the Fourth; price 4l. 4s. Boards. SMITH's INQUIRY into the NATURE and CAUSES of the WEALTH of NATIONS, 3 Vols. svo. 11.7s. Boards. SMITH'S WORKS, 5 Vols. « vo. 3l. Boards. MEMORIALS of NATURE and ART; collected on a Journey in Great Britain, during the Years 180.! and 18ti3. By Christian Augustus Gottlieb Goede Translated from tbe original German, by Thomas Home. In Three Vols, small Octavo, price lbs Oil. Boards. An HISTORICAL VIEW of the ENGLISH GOVERN- MENT, from the Settlement of tbe Saxons in Britain to tlie present Time ; with some Dissertations connected with Ihe History of the Government. By John Millar, Professor of Law in the University of Glasgow. Four Volumes Oc tavo, ll. 16s Boards. The HISTORY of SCOTLAND, from the Union of Ihe Crowns, oil Ihe Accession of James VI | o the Throne of England, to the Union of the Kingdoms in the Reign of Queen Auiie. The SECOND EDITION, collected, by Malcolm Lain?, Esq. a Vols. ll. is Boards. A GENERAL VIEW ofthe WRITINGS of LINNAEUS. By Richard Pnlteney, M. D. F. R S.— The SKCOND EDI- TION ; w ith Corrections, considerable Additious, aud Me- moirs of the Author. By William George Malon, M. D F U. S. F. S. A. Fellow of the Boyal College of Physicians^ and a Vice- president of the LiuilSPaii Society of London. To which is annexed, the Uiary of L. nnaeus, written by himself, and now translated into English, from ilie Sw edish Manuscript, in Possession of tbe Editor. Handsomely printed iu one large Volume Royal Quarto, ( uniform in Size and Type with the Transactions of the Linnaeau Society of London,) and embellished with Portraits of Liuneeiis and Dr. Pulteney, wilh a fine Plate of Mecla s, aud a I'ac- Sinile ofLinnseus's Hand writing, ll. lis 61I. Boards. ANNALS of COMMERCE, MANUFACTURES, FISHERIES and NAVIGATION; with brief Notices of the Arts and Sciences connected with lliem : Containing the Commercial Trans actions of the British Empire, and olher Countries, f otn the earliest Accounts to Ihe Meeting of the Union Parliament, in January tsoi. By David Macpherson Neatiy printed on Medium Paper, in Four large Volumes Quarto, pi- ice 81 8s. 111 Boards HOLL1NSH ED's, HAL!' s, GRAFTOIN'S, FABY. AN'S and ARNOLD'S CHRONICLES of ENGLAND, SCOT- LAN D, and 1RELAN D ; eleven VolumesQuaito, S4l. 13s. Boards. TO ilB of ALEXANDER, A Dissertation 011 the Sarco- phagus, brought from Alexandria, and now in the British Museum. By Edward Daniel Clarke, LL. D. Handsomely printed in Quarto, with five beautiful Plates, by Medlaud, 18s. Boards. A BODY of THEOLOGY, principally practical. In a Series of Lectures, with a copious Index, . by Robert Fellowes, A M. Oxou.— These Lectures embrace the most momentous Questions in Theology, and tbe most important Duties iu Morals, w ithout any mixture cf Sectarian discus- sions, or polemical asperity. They are 53 iu Number; and while it is hoped that they will piove iptetesting and in- structive to the general Reader,- they will furnish t lie Clergy with a course 01 Sermons for the Year. In two large Volumes Octavo, 18s. Boards. By the same Author, THE GUIDE to IMMORTALI- TY; or Memoirs of Ihe Life and Doctrine of Christ By the Four Evangelists. Ulusliatcd with Notes, Moral, Theological and Explanatory, & e. Three Volumes Octavo, 11.4s. Hoards. DISCOURSES, chiefly on Devotional Subjects. By the late Rev Newcombe Ccppe. To which are prefixed, Memoirs of his Life, by Catherine Cappe. Octavo, los lid. Boards. SERMONS on various Subjects. By the Rev. John Hewlett. Three Volumes Octavo, jt 5s. Boards. A SERMON preac hed on the lale Fast- Day, Wednesday, October ly, 1803, al the Parish Church of Hattou, Warwick- shire. By Samuel Parr, Li. D. The Second Edition, with Corrections and Additions, Quarto, 2s. bd. sewed. By tbe same Author A SPITAL SERMON, preached at Christ Church, upon Easier Tuesday, April 15, tsoo; to which aie added Notes. — Quarto, 7s. bd. Boards. A DISCOURSE ou EDUCATION, and on the Plans pursued iu Charily Schools. Quarto, 4s. sewed. A SERMON Oil the TRANSLATION ofthe SCRIP- TURES into ORIENT AL LANGUAGES, preached b. fore the University uf Cambridge, May 10, ISO/. By tiie Ktv. Francis Wrangliam, M. A. F. R S. of Trinity College, Cambridge Quarto, 3s bd. sewed. By tile same Author. A DISSERTATION ou ( lie best Means of civilizing the Sunjects of the British Empire 111 India, & c. Quarto, 3s. Od. sewed. The RESTORATION of LEARNING in the EAST; a Poem. Quarto, 3s. sewed. Thirteen PR AC'TICA L SERMONS, founded upon Dod- dridge's Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. To wbich are annexed, Rome is fallen, &. c. Second Edition, 6s. Octavo, Boards. neat BOOKS Just published, and sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, aud all other Booksellers. THE SCRIPTURE ATLAS, to illustrate theQIdand New Testament; RoyaWto. half bound, £ i. 12s. ( id. coloured. The SCRIPTURE ATLAS, plain, half bound, £}. as. ROBINSON'S SCRIPTURE CHARACTERS, 4 Vols. 3vo. new Edition, £< 2. 2s. Boards ROBINSON'S CHRISTIAN SYSTEM, 3 Vols. Svo. neir Edition, £ I lis. fid. Boards. ROBlNSON's ESSAYS on the PROPHECIES concern- ing the promised Messiah, Bvo. 12s. Boards. DE COURCY's SERMONS, svo. new Edition, 0s. 6d Boards. ' — CHRIST CRUCIFIED, 8yo. new Edit. 10s. Od. Boards. BROWN'S POCKET CONCORDANCE, a very Edition, with handsome Portrait, 4s. Boards. LOGAN'S SERMONS, BVO. new Edit, complete in one Volume, Price 9s. Boards. LUTHER's COMMENTARY on St. Paul's Epistle lo the GAl. A'lTANS, Bvo new Edit. 13s Boards. **" A few Copies are printed on Imperial Paper, Price £ l. IS. WAI. KEii's( ofTrnro) Fifty- two SERMONS, for every Sunday in the Year, a Vols. svo. new Edit. Mis. Boards BURN'S ( General) CHRISTIAN OFFICER'S COM- PLETE ARMOUR; new Edit. 4s. ( 3d Boards. IiURN's ( General) Who fares the best ? the Christian or Ihe Mail of the World ? new F. dit 2s. 6d. Boards. SERLE's IRONICAL DEFENCE of tbe Holy Roman Chinch, new Edit Ss. Sd Boards JANEWAY's TOKEN for CHILDREN, ( the only com- plete Edition ever published), Price 2s. od bound in red Ail Account of Ihe LIFE and CHARACTER of WIL- LIAM BIRD, who vvas executed at Cambridge for Forgery • v. ith his Letters, & c. and 1111 Address to a Prisoner bv a Member of the University; Price od. line Paper is. To Young Housekeepers, fyc. ifc. The FEMALE ECONOMIST, or a plain System of Cookery, for Ihe Use of Families, by Mrs SMITH; con- taining 850 valuable Receipts, price 4s. Boards NUTT's COMPLETE C< 6s. Oil Boards. NUTT's IMPERIAL and ROYAL COOK, consistine chiefly of very expensive Dishes; 6s. Boards. HUGllES's PICK'S CORDIAL FOR CALVES, ( sc.~~ Under the patronage of The Right Honourable Lord . Somerville The Right Hon. Earl Winchelsea J. Blackboioe, Esq. M P. other distinguished Members of tbe Board of Agriculture. UOHES's PICK'S CORDIAL, a certain Cure for tlia Scouring of Sheep, Calves, Lamb*, and other Cattle, and a valuable Restorative Cordial f r Ewes after Lambing. Til is Medicine being a powerful Febrifuge, lhe Cattle to which it is administered are speedily restored 19 strength and appetite, and are known to thrive and I*. ten much sooner than others. OBSERVE! The name of the sole proprietor JOHN HUGHES,' is written with Red Ink on each Bili of Diiectioim. Sold Wholesale by Messis. SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church Y. ud, L. ndon; Retail hy VV. EDDOWF. S Shrewsbury, and every Vender ol Patent Medicines, nnce 2s 9.1. CONFECTIONER, neiv Edit. And ir UTILITY AND ELEGANCE COMBINED. Under the illustrious Patronage of their Roval Highnesses ihe Princess of WALES and Duke of Susstx, the Spnqisb Ambassador, and most of the Nobility, MACASSAR OIL for the HAIR. This Oil is proudly recommended 011 the basis of TRUTH and EXPERI- ENCE, and the mu> t respectable testimonials— its virtues are composed of vegetable ingredients fiom a tree in the Island of Macassar, in the East Indies, li possesses pio- peiiies of the most salubrious nature for restoring the Hair, where it has beeu DA U> for vears, preserves it from falling off or turning grey, tothe latest pi nod. of life; produces on ihe iresse » a most beautiful Gl. OSS, SCENT, and CURL; also is pre- eminent lor Children's Hair, instead of Soaps, & c. it cleanses the Hair mneb easier, is extrem. ly pleasant to the infant, aiid Brings the Hair to a beautiful state ; promotes the GROWTH of Whiskers and Eye- brows; in li,;.-, render* the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, iiiexoref- siblv attracting. View Rowland's Treatise on Ihe Improvement of the human hair, illustrative of the virtues of Ihe Macassar Oil, wah a number of testimonials from Persons of distinguished Con- sideration, highly w irtny the attention of Parents, Proprie- tor ot Boarding Schools, & e & e. included with each boitle in the wrapper, which is signed 011 the outside, A. Rowland, and Son, in red ink, without nh ch'noue are genome. Sold at 3s 6d. IDs. 6d. and One Guinea per botile, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND and SON, K. roy. street, Hatton. garden; and hy iheir appointment, l> y VV. EDDOWES, Printer, and Messrs Wood and Walton, Shrewsbury ; Hoime, Hair- dresser, Welshpool; andby all Hair- dresser<, Perfumers-, and Medic ne Venders in every Town throughout the Empire. But beware of Impostor.—— the genuine has the Signatuie A. ROWl AND and SON Ol whom may be had, Potrouised by her R. ivai Higivne- s the Duchess of York, ami his Excellency the Duke del liitamado, and many ftiaiihel of high distinction, ALSA. NA EXTRACT; Or, ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECIRIC for the TEETH and Guvs. A Preparation that surpasses all others for eradicating all Disorders of the Teeth and Gums, and rendering them ex- tremely beautiful. Sold at 0s. 6< l. per bottle, or small bittles at 4s 6d. each. Also the Atsana Powder, for cleansing the Teeth, at 9d per box cc F the infallible cure of all degrees of a certain disoider. One small pill is a dose, and the taking of one box, in a recent case, will convince the patient of his speedy recovery. Nothing can be better contrived, more safe and convenient than this remedy, in totally eradicating every symptom of this destructive maladv bv sea or lam!, as it ueeds 110 con- finement, restraint of diet, or biiiderauce of business. A trial of this noble medicine will soon sound its due praise. With each box is given a copious direction, from which the purchasers will be enabled to judge of their own cases, and to treat them as tnav be requisite, without further medical assistance, with secresy and safety. These pills may be had wholesale and retail at Mr. Lig- oum's, No. 57, Bridge- street, Manchester, at 2s. 9d. the box : sold also by W. EDDOWES, Wood and Walton, Shrewsbury ; Hpulstons, Wellington ; Smith, Irotibridge and Wenlock ; Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Den- man, Wolverhampton ; Scarrott, Shiffual ; Silvester, Now- port ; Parker, Whitchurch ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Owen, Welshpool; Griffiths, Ludlow; Burlton, Leominster; Ed- wards, Oswestry; D. ivies, Hereford, and the principal Ven- I George Wood, Knt. one of tbe Barons of the Exchequer, ders of genuine Mcuicincs. ' July 31, 1808. Quarto, 3?. 6d. sewed. The HOLY LAND; aSeaton Prize Poem, isoo. Quarto, is 6d. sewed. POEMS, containing the Restoration of the Jews, a Seaton Prize Poem ( 1794), aud many Translations. Crown Octavo, 4s. Boards. LESLIE'S SHORT and EASY METHOD with the DEISTS, with his Supplementary Tract on tbe Truth of Christianity, compressed. Crown Oclavo, Is. 6d. sewed The ADVANTAGES of DIFFUSED KNOWLEDGE; a Charity School Sermon. Quarto Is. 6d. sewed. The RAISING of JA1RUS' DAUGHT ER ; a Poem. To which is annexed, a short Memoir, & c. of the lale Caroline Symmous. Crown Octavo, 2s. Od. sewed HUMAN LAWS best supported by the Gospel ; a Ser- mon preached inthe Cathedral Church of St. Peter, York, before the Hon. Sir Soulden Lawrenee, Knt. one of Ihe Justices of the Court of King's Bench, March ( j, 1803, Quarto, 2s. 6d. sewed. The GOSPEL best promulgated by National Schools ; a Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, York, before the Hon. Sir Alan ( hambre, Knt. oue of the Justices of the Court of King's Bench; and the Hon Sir A NKW YEAR's GIFT. VENEREAL COMPLAINTS Cured rt ' itkout the Use of Mercury. OPY ct a I. etier 10 Dr. SMITH, tiie Projnietor of the celebrated PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS, fioin an Officer in ' he Army, who lias just quitted Shrewsbury, in order to join his Regiment, now on a Foreign Station. •• Di ai Sir— Having jeeo completely and etfeetually cured of a venereal Complaint, ( under which I had laboured inure than four Years) and being under Orders lo embark lor Foreign Service, 1 think it incumbent on my to send yoq the following brief, statement of my late melancholy Situation* and beg vuu will Q, a « c it public. — It is now about eight Years since 1 entered into the Anny, anil was stationed in London nearly the whole of I ho; tieriod, wheie I contracted a venereal Intention, which I at tiist 1 rooted lightly, but s 1011 toon I my- self reduced to a Stale ihat rendeied it necessary iWr me'to apply fir Medical Assistance; this I accordingly did, and was treated with the usual Cons of Mei. ury, & e. and was soon so far p itched np as to !> e enabled lo return to my Duty. In a short Tioic, however, the Disorder letoriietl whli meic- ased virulence, when t applied 10 a p. ofessioiial Gentleman of tho first Respectab. lity, under whom I lingered a very coosdar-- able Time, but was at length again patched with Mercury.— I now began to feel the Effects of this pernicious Mineial; mv Giands began to swell, my Bones lo ache, an intolerable nausea at my Stomach made niv Food loathsome; low- spirited almost to Melancholy during the Day, niy Nights, painful beyond Description; thus 1 lingered on, with no other Prospect than Hint of finishing an inglorious and miserable Existence- in London, when a Friend advised me. to accept of an Appointment in a Cor s now on foreign Service, in the Hope that Change of Climate would effect ihat which it seem- ed beyond the Power of Medicine lu accomplish. — Before my Embarkation 1 obtained leave to return into this mv nativo County , w- here youi Di ops nave m en so long celebrated; my Friends advised me 10 give ilium a Trial ; a s- inih Botlie was procured, and in a very few Days 1 experienced the. r wonder- ful Effect, my Spirits » e; e exhileiated, my Appetite good, my Sleep nnturui, mv nerves braced, my Flesh sound ; and befor* I had finished the second Boitle every Symptom of L ftetion disappeared.— My self and Friends are well known in tni5 Neighbourhood ; they will most readily confirm tbe Tiuth of this Statement; and as I shall quit this Town to- morrow in order tojotu my Regiment, and will not have an Opportunity of seeing you again, peimil tne toassurt ymitlial I shall always feel the greatest Giaiitude for the Benefit I have received, aod that 1 remain youi faithful Friend and obe lien; Senaot, Shrewsbury, December 11, 1812. " J b H n.' » - These Drops aie to be nad in square Bottles, with these words moulded en each, " Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops, " ( all oiheisare spurious), at XI 2s. ihe large, and lis. the small, Duty included, at PLOUGHMAN'S HALL, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; and of W. EDDOWES, Printer of ibis 1' a. per, inShrewsbuiy; Capsev, Wellington ; Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge; Paitndge, Brilgnorth; Silvester, Newport; Craig, Nantwich; Gnfliths, Ludlow; Bangh, Eilesiritre; J ties, Whitchurch; Procter, Drayton; Puce, Oswestiy; Painter, Wiexhain; Waidson, Welsh Pool; and all otlier M dicine Venders.
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