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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1213
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 18/11/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1213
No Pages: 4
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NOVEMBER 18, 1812 WEDNESDAY Dublin, 33, Sachville- street, Nov. 14. HOUNSLOW- HEATH GUNPOWDER. J. ELLIOTT begs leave to inform the Dealers in Gun- 9 powder, that he has this day landed, per the Join is" Mary, from LONDON, a general Assortment of HOUN- SLOW- HEATH GUNPOWDER. Samples of which shall be Sent free of expence, wherever ordered. Office, 33, Sackville- street, at Nelson's Pillar. ( 323 NEW ESTABLISHMENT. GEO. M'CLURKAN llD ESPECTI'ULLY acquaints his Friends and the Public, JI that he his removed to the Concern No. 19, HIGH- STREET. ( lately occupied by Mr. GEO. M'ADAM, being only one door from his late situation) where he is at present largely supplied with every Article in the Woollen- drapery and Mens Mercery Line. fcaving just- added his late arrivals of LONDON SUPER- FINE CLOTHS, C/ tSSlMERES, & c. & c. being a NEW , « nd FASHIONABLE ASSORTMENT, suited to the Season, to- gether with the few following, chosen by himself in the METROPOLIS, he presumes, forms a variety SUPERIOR to what he has hitherto offered to the Publifc. Ladies Pelisse and Mantle Merino Cloths, of the most prevailing Colors, Plain and Napt Scarlet Superfine Coatings, English and Irish Blanket', of all sizes, English, Irish, and Welsh Flannels, Plain and'Fancy Card Cloths, Green Baizes and Table Covers, Wright's Extra Beaver Hats, WITH A few Ends' Irish Superior Cloths, Of a quality not hitherto to be found in the North. 19, High- ttrcet, nearly opposite Bridge- street, November 2, 1812. G. M'C. cannot omit this occasion of returning his WKCtre acknowledgments to his Friends, for the partial. ty he has experienced, and hopes, by bis minute attention and aioderate aharges, to MERIT a continuance thereof. 5 ( 239 AUCTION OF Timber, Plank, Deals. Oars, < Sf Lumber VICTUALING HIS MAJESTY'S REVE NUE CRUIZERS IN IRELAND. THE COMMISSIONERS of His MAJESTY'S CUS- TOMS and PORT DUTIES, do hereby give Notice, that they will receive separate PROPOSALS on the 23d day of November next, for SUPPLYING the several RE- VENUE CRUIZERS ill IRELAND, for ONE Year, from and after the 5th day of January next, on their respe& ive Stations, or the most convenient part within those Stations, with PROVISIONS of the BEST QUALITY ; a List of of the Particulars of which, and of the different Revenue Cruizers and their Stations, may be had at the Office of the Int, petflor of Revenue Vessels, in the Custom- House of Dub- lin ; and from the Colleftors of Belfast, Cork, and Limerick. The Proposals are to be Sealed up, and indorsed " Pro posals for Viitualling the Cruiz r, or Cruizers, ( as the case may be,) mentioning their Name or Names, and Station or Stations, and sem to the Board- on the 23d day of Novem- ber next, to be by them taken into consideration and decided on." And security will be required lor the performance of each Contrail. By order of the Commissioners, ALLAN M'LEAN, Secretary. Custom- House, Dublin, Oft. 15,1812. ( 163 N. B. The different Articles are to be delivered on board the several Cruizers at their Stations by the Contrailors. BLEACH- GREEN ROBBERY. ON SATURDAY Night last, the BLEACH- GREEN of AARON STANTON and CO. of CARNMONEY, was feloniously entered, and SIX PIECES of Purple and White yard- wide Printed MUSLIN taken therefrom. FIFTY POUNDS REWARD Wi'd be paid for proof to Convidtion of the Perpetrator o Perpetrators nf said Robbery ; and private information wi/ be well rewarded, and kept secret, if required, by the Car Bleachers' Association. 16th oaober. JOHN BELL, TREASURER. N B It is requested that any Person to whom the above may be offered for Sale, will take notice, that they are of two different Patterns, and not fully e'eared up in the white, and from the manner in which they were lifted, one selvage in each piece, must have been torn every three- fourths of a yard, about half an inch in. ( 139 THE SUBSCRIBER has for Sale, at his Styes, No. 80, Waring- street, 2." Tons Home- melted Tallow, £ 0 Bales Barilla Ashes, 10 Tons Sicily Ditto, in Lump. Also, of his own Manufa& ure, 200 Boxes Mould Candles, for Exportation, 250 Boxes Yellow Soap, for Ditto, First and Second Soap, Mould and Diot Candles, best quality ; AH of which will be sold on reasonable Terms for good Payments. GEORGE HAMILL. Belfast, Nov. 7. ' C261 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ON THE PREMISES, On WEDNESDAY, the 24th. November, at ELEVEN o'Clock, tHE entire MACHINERY, employed in the - A BLANKET MANUFACTORY of JAS. SLOAN and CO. consisting of Two Carding Engines, 20 inches— Jenny and Slabing Machines, 24 Spindles each— 12- 4th Looms— Stinters, for drying Cloth and Blan- kets— a Horse Wheel, with Metal Segments— Water Wheel, and Tuck Mill, fyc.— Also, a large MULE, six years old. As the above Machinery are nearly new, and of the best quality, they will be worth the attention of those concern- ed in the Trade. And, at TWO o'clock, same Day, will be Sold, their INTEREST in a MILL near MAGHERALIN, which would » nswer well for a Flax or Corn Mill. 296) Ballymakeenan, near Lurgan. LORD COCHRANE AND THE NAVY. On the re- election of Lord COCHRANE as Mem- ber ( with Sir F. BURDETT) for Westminster, his Lordship addressed the following Letter to his Constituents : To the Electors of Westminster. GENTLEMEN— Being unable to convey in words the sensations I experience in reflecting on the manner in which you have returned me to Par- liament, I shall leave it to you who are capable of such acts, to estimate my feelings. Permit me, however, in acknowledging the receipt of your letter of the 10th instant, and transmitted to me through your Committee, to trespass a little on your attention, to offer my congratulations on the effect which has already been produced by the example set by you on a former occasion, to the electors of the United Kingdom— and to anticipate, that on every fu- ture recurrence to the elective franchise, the noble principles for which you are contending will be felt more strongly, and that " the people, rousing from their apathy," will imitate the city of West- minster in the purity of their elections. In this view of the subject. Gentlemen, I can- not but congratulate you on the recent exercise of the royal prerogative by the Prince Regent ; and being fully convinced that dissolutions of Parliament contribute to the emancipation of the Crown, even more ( in the present state of the re- presentation) than to the liberty of the subject, I confess that I am not one of those who anticipate that the late constitutional measure will be fol- lowed by a breach of the law. Gentlemen, no part of the cant of the times seems to me more absurd and hypocritical, than the declamation by party men against what they term the overwhelming influence of the crown," when the fact is notorious to us all, that the rul- ing faction in Parliament seize the offices of state, and share them amongst themselves. If a doubt as to this truth is entertained by any one, let him reflect on the language of the parties themselves, " Such an Administration cannot stand." And why, Gentlemen ? Not " because the royal pro- tection has been withdrawn, but because a suffi- I cient number do not agree as to the division of ! the spoil. What motive has the Crown for sup- porting scandalous abuses that are hostile to the interest of the public ? As far as the question regards those who fatten on the plunder of their country, it is needless for me to put it. Our li- berties in these days are not in danger from vio- lent and open exercise of regal authority— such \ acts, being free from the deception practised by " the mock representatives of the people, would not i be tolerated for an instant. No, Gentlemen, it is by the House of Commons alone that the Constitution is subverted— the prerogatives of the Crown usurped— the rights of the people trampled upon. Gentlemen, I shall not attempt to enumerate the decisions of the late House of Commons that will stamp indelible disgrace on the memory of the principal actors, who cannot escape from the the contempt and execration of posterity, like the nameless individuals who composed their corrupt majorities. The ejects, howsver, of the system of corruption can be more briefly stated— the pro- longation of war— the increase of the national debt— the depreciation of our currency— the dis- appearance of our coin— the stagnation of cur commerce, and the consequent unaxampled em- barrassment oi our manufacturers. THE FLOUR MILLS and CONCERN at KNOCK, formerly Advertised in this Paper, for Sale, not being Sold, they will now be Let, for whatever term may be agreed upon, and immsdiate possession given. For further particulars, apply to HEWITT & M'MUR- RAY, 22, Prince's- street, Belfast; or, JOHN HEWITT, Knock- Mills, who will sh « w the Premises, ( 194 LANDS TO BE SOLD. tHE FEE and INHERITANCE of the Townlands of . L BLEARY and BALLYNAGARRICK, situate in the Parish of TtiUylish ; distance about two miles from Lurgan, three from Banbridge, three from Tandragee, and three from Portadown, all good Market Towns. BLEARS- contains about 530 Acres ; BALLYNAGARRICK, about 247 Acres, Irish Plantation Measure. The Lands are of excellent qxiality, with a sufficient quantity of Turf for both. About 223 Acres have b.- en Leased out for upwards of 60 years, for three lives, at a very low Rent, two of which lives are dead, and the survivor upwards of 72 years old. - Rent- Rolls, and all necessary information respecting the Title, may be had by applying to the Proprietor, WIL- LIAM MACNAMARA, Esq. Banbridge; or, t » GEORGE and WILLIAM CROZIER, Attornies at Law, dominick- street, Dublin. N. B. The Townland's will be Sold together or separate ; or the former ( bleary) will be divided, y> suit Purchasers, i 58) 0# obcr 19. ON THURSDAY, THE 19TH OF NOVEMBER INST, j ABOUT 200 TONS of NORWAY TIMBER j — a Ouantjty of SWEDISH PLANK— NORWAY DEALS— and a Variety of lUMBF. R, will be Sold by ! Auction, at the Stores of Mr. O'HANLON, on the Mer- I chants'- Quay, at the Hour of ONE o'Clock. As this Au& ion wilt be without reserve, to close Sales, it , will be found worthy the attention of Persons wanting those Articles. ROBERT MOLLAN, BROKER, j NEWRY, November 14. ( 330 ON SALE. ANDREW AIKEN is now landing the following Goods, which he will sell on moderate Terms, for good Payments, viz.:— 4.5 Tons assorted Swedith Iron, 60 Ditto ditto English Iron, 80 Tons Pitch Pine Timber, 50 Barrels Pitch, 140 Kegs Patent Pine garnish . 20,000 Barrel Staves, 20,000 Hogshead Staves, 100 Barrels Pot Ash* s, 10 Puncheons Jamaica Rum, 10 Ditto Leeward Ditto, 36 Pipes Port Wine, 14 Ditto Teneriffe, 20 Baskets Single Glo'ster Cheese, 400 Barrels White Herrings, prime quality. 7 Slabs English Marble, 100 Tons Galway Kelp, SO Bales Barilla. S26) NEWRY, Nov. 14. QUEBEC CARGO. ANDREw AIkEN IS now landing the CARGO of the Margaret, JOHN SIMPSON, Master, from QUEBEC, cousUtuig of 180 Barrels first sort POT ASHES, 60 Ditto ditto PEARL Ditto, 2500 PIPE STAPES, 400 PINE PLANK, from 25 a 60feet long, 70 Pieces OAK TIMBER, 25 a 40 feet long, 24 Ditto HICKERY, 20 a 30 ditto, suitable for Gig and Jaunting Car Shafts, 170 OARS, Which he is determined to sell on fair terms, for good Payments. ( 304) NBWRY, Nov. 10. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, BY ROBERT COCHRAN, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, Armagh, THIRTY- SIX JOURNEYMEN BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS, Good Workmen, to whom he will give constant employment, the highest wages, and every en- couragement. ( 210) Armagh, 0&. 30, 1812. BREWERY. To be Let or Sold, and immediate Possession given, ' ipHE Extensive BREWERY of MONEYMORE, with ' l COPPERS, BARRELS, and all necessary Fixtures. On the Premises there is a Large MALT- HOUSE, and attached to it a New CHANDLING- HOUSE— A large Sum has lately been expended in putting this Concern in thorough repair. For further particulars, application to be made to JOHN MILLER, Esq. Moueymore ; or WILLIAM MILLER, Esq. Derry. ( 287 COUNTY DOWN. THOMAS WALKER, ITT0 be S0ID Plaintiff I I JL by the SHE- Tbe Rev. WM. STEELE DicKSON, VRIPF of theCoun- Defendant. I ty of Down, on - JTHURSDAY, the 12th day of November next, at Noon, in the House of WILLIAM KEOWN, Inn- keeper, Saintfield, in said County, by virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias, in this Cause, marked £ 407, 14/, Id All the Right, Title, and Interest of the De- fendant in and to one- third part of the Towuland of RING- NEAL, in the Parish of Tullynekill, held under the Repre- sentatives of the late HENRY WARING KNOX, Esq. deceas- ed, for a Term of Years.— Dated this 12; h day of Oitober, 1812. 300) WM. ShARMAN, late Sheriff. The above Sale is adjourned to THURSDA Y, the 10th day of December, at NOON, at the Cor- poration Arms, Hillsborough. • TO BE LET, From the \ st of November next, for such Term as may be agreed upon, npHE HOUSE and FARM of FAIRVlEW, situate in JL the Townland of Annaboe, within a few minutes walk of Kilmore Church, in the County of Armagh, con- taining 40 Acres, nearly the half Meadow of the best kind. There has been a large sum of money expended in buiding a Dwelling- house witn suitable Offices, now fit for thl re- ception of a genteel Family, or a Gentleman in the linen Business, being situated in the center of the best t. inen Markets in Ireland, within two miles of Richhill, five of Armagh, four of Portadown, nine of Lurgan, and four of Tandragee. On the Farm there is a good Garden and excel- lent young Orchard, planted with a variety of the choicest Fruit Trees, ail in full bearing. For particulars apply to Mr. JAMES ROBINSON, of Rich- hill; or THOMAS ROBINSON, the Proprietor, on the Pre- , mises. ( 48) FAIRVIEW, Sept. 2S. FLOUR. A SITUATION FOR FLOUR & CORN MILLS. To be Let for a long Term, or Sold out, THE CONCERN called the FALLS COTTON MILLS wi-. bin one and a half miles of Belfast, and well calcu- j lated for Flour and Corn Mills, having one fall of water of j fifteen feet, and a second of twenty- one and upwards, making j a fall, if united, of thirty- six feet eight inches. j On the Premises are already built Three Mills, two of them with Machinery for driving by water, the third by j steam. Also, 25 Houses for Workmen, one for the Mana- ger, and Offices, & e. . There is 3lso a Neat Dwelling- House, in a beautiful situa- tion, with Plantation, neatly disposed, to be Let or Sold, | either separately, or as part of the general Concern.— A quantity of Land attached to the House, above Nine Acres. ; Application to be made to W. B. JOY, 39, Waring- strm. RANDALSTOWN INN TO BE LET, And immediate Possession given. " ITT is now fitted up in the most commodious manner — Jl The Tenant will be accommodated with a suitable j Quantity of LAND, as may be agreed upon.— Also, to be ; Let, a large and convenient STORE- HOUSE, adjoining ^ Proposals will *> e received at the Office of the Right Hon. I the EARL O'NEILL, at Harryville, Ballymena.— The Te- j nant will tin declared on the 1st of December next — Mr. DAVID MOORE will shew the Premises. P. AICKIN, Agent. November 12. ( s01 — ~ I TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On MONDAY, 23d November, BARNHILL FARM, containing 45 Acres, with the DWELLING- HOUSE and OrriCES thereon, distant J Six Miles from Belfast, at present in the occupation of | SAMUEL STONE, Esq. held under the Earl of LONDON- BERRY, for three Lives in being, at the annual Rent of jt' 28, 2/. 2d. This Farm has been in pasture for many years, and may be viewed at any time, on application to JOHN GRIMES, who lives in the House. N B. Auction to take place on the Premises. ( 264 NOTICE- ALL Persons who were indebted to the late BENJA- MIN EDWARDS, of Ballymacarett, County of Down, at his decejpe, are requested forthwith to pay the amount ot their respective Accounts to me, otherwise legal proceedings will be taken to recover the same.— And all Persons to whom he stood indebted will Please furnish their Accounts to me, that they may be put in a train of settlement. BENJAMIN EDWARDS, Executor. Bridge- End Glass- Works,? Belfast, Nov. 9, 1812 J , he charges a fee ! I am aware that I have trespassed longer alr.- ndy on your attention than I ought to have done, ha t the pure principles on which you conduced th » eleflion allowed me to address you personally : however, as this opportunity did not occu » -, you will, I trust, forgive my adding an extract from a statement which I made two years ago in tha House of Commons, on the subjeCl of the Navv Estimate, with a view to contrast the reward.^ granted for different hinds of services. Gentlemen, it appears on the pension list of the navy, for the year 1810, that " Thirty- one Com- missioners, Commissioners' wives, and clerks, have £ 3,899 more amongst them than is paid to all the wounded Officers of the navy of England ! Thir. teen daughters of Admirals and Captains, some of whom fell in the service of the country, have amongst them all, from the gratitude of the nation, a sum less than a Commissionei's widow ! viz. 4 Daughters of the gallant Captain Courtney, each per an. num .510, 10/. t ditto of Admiral Sir A. Mitchel- J 2 ditto of Admiral Epworth I 1 ditto of Admiral Keppel... >£ 25 each. 1 ditto of Captain Mann I 4 ditto of Admiral Moiriarte J « " Captain Johnson receives £ 45 a- rear for the loss of an arm— and poor Lieutenant Chambers who lost both his legs, gets £ 80, whilst the Cleik*' of the Ticket office retires on £ 700. " To speak less in detail, 32 Flag Officers, 22 Captains, 50 Lieutenants, 180 Masters, g/ J g„ r. geons, 23 Pursers, 91 Boatswains, 97 Gunners, 202 Carpenters, 41 Cooks, cost the country a£ 4,0i! fi less than the nettproceeds of the sinecures of Lord's Arden, Camden, and Buckingham !—. All the su- perannuated Admirals, Captains, and Lieutenants, have but £ 1,012 more amongst them than Earl Camden's sinecure alone I All that is paid to tha wounded Officers of the British navy, and to the wives and children of those dead or killed in ac- tion, does not amount by £ 2lh to as much as Lord Ardeu's sinecare ! The Marquis of Buckingham's sinecure will maintain the whole victualling departments at Chatham, Dover, Gibraltar, the Downs, Heligo. land, Malta, Cape of Good Hope, and Rio Ju neiro, and leave 36,5466 in the Treasury. Three of these comfortable sinecures would maintain the Dock- yard establishments at Portsmouth and Ply- mouth— and the sinecures and offLes executed wholly by deputy, would more than maintain the ordinary establishment of all the royal dock- yqr ls in the kingdom. Calculating at tlie rtte of al- lowance made for Captain Johnston's arm, Lotd Arden's sinecures are equal to the value of 1022 Captains' arms, or, by poor Lieut. Chambers's pension, to 482 pair of Lieutenants' legs H !" Comment is unnecessary. Such, Gentlemen, is the reward for long and faithful services} that for exertion, I have already shewn you. Thus the war lingers on, the supplies for which are voted by those who are interested in its con t- nuance— nor will it ever be terminated success- fully in pitched battles, by the military force . if England against ihe resources of France. Ev. a on the supposition ® f perfeCt equaliiy, mire m a would perish before the contest could be decided, than England now maintains on the Continent- could we supply the deficiency ? Gentlemen, to shew you ihat there is no hop » from a change of pary, unless a reform in tha Commons House of Parliament shall previou- ly t ike place, " the pensions given by the Jate Wh g Administration to Commissioners, Clerks, and others, whom they forced out of office to make room for their friends, amounted in 13 mouth* to £ 1508 more than the present Administration have given away in the three years that havj elapsed since."— i. e. up to the year 1810. The example of the industrious bee demon- srrates, by the laws of Nature, that the drone s not to live at the expence of the community, no . withstanding what the Whigs have said of sin - cuies being held by tenure, equal to that of fre - hold property. I have the honour to be, Geati.- men, respeCtfu; ly, your obedient humb'e servant, lit, POIWUN- square, 1 Ich Ojt. COO Hit vNH. Ci'if'IMK. llCl AL cU110NI OLE. 3, ON1" ON. Friday, November 13. The Royalist sloop of war, Cantain Downie, on the 8d instant, boarded a ship going from Ostend to Bourdeaux, the roaster of which reported, " that an account had heen received at Ostend, just be- fore he sailed, that ' he French were driven from Moscow, and that . Bonaiarte was almost out of Russia. Thus it is now berond the possibility of doubt that the recent disturbances in France were occasioned bv the reverses in the North. A mili- tary despot, like Bonaparte, can only count upon the submission of mankind to his authority during the continuance of his prosperous career. Every ariival of individuals from the Continent, since the commencement of his monstrous usur- pation, has incontestlb'y proved that tf- rror was one of the most formidable weapons which he employed to keep under the population of France. His military successes, and his barbarous system of carrying the seat of war out of the territory of those who owned him for thpir Sovereign, adde- J to their antipathies against the frightful state '{ pnarchy which preceded his elevation to the throne, may also have rivetted the attachments, or rr rather the acquiescence, of numbers to his sway j Vut amid all this apparent tranquillity, there has been a spirit of rebellion secretly stirring among Iiis subjefls, which only requires events like those which are now passing in the North, to fan it into flame.—( Star.) We have seen a letter that arrived this morning in town, via Corunna, which states, that Marquis Wel- lington still continued to retrograde with the main ;: rmv, and had on the 31st ult. already fallen back beyond Valladnlid ; the enemy, in great force, fol- lowing liis movements with great rapidity. The following particulars of the late insurrection at Paris, are communicated by a gentleman recently arrived from Paris:— " The three Ex- Generals, Mallet, Guidal, and Lahorie, already sentenced and executed, endeavour ed to bring about a new revolution in Paris. " They made - se of a facitiotis Scnatus Consultum, by means of which they succeeded in deceiving the garrison of Paris. Having gone on 22d October, at four o'clock in the morning, to the barracks occupied by the first division, and the dtagoons of Paris, they read to them a Proclamation, in which they inform- ed them of the death of the Emperor, on the 7th, and ordered them in the name of the Regent to follow them. " The troops believing what was told them, obev- ed their orders, and suffered themselves to be led to dif- ferent po? ts, where they relieved the guards ; and at seren in the morning, presented themselves at the Mi- nister's of the General Police, and at the Prefect's of the Police, both of whom they arrested, and carried them to the prison of Laforce, under an escort of 300 nii- n. • « Mean. vhile another division proceeded to the liouse'of the Commandant of Patis, Gen. Hullen, ( not S'avary). Mallet informed him. that he was no longer Commandant; and on Hullen hesitating to resign his command, a pistol was discharged at him by Mallet, which mortally wounded him in the head. " Mallet next proceeded to the Chief of the Etat- Majer of Paris, to arrest him; but this officer ( who appears to have been apprised of his danger) had se- vens! offici- is in his apartment, who, proving too powerful for Mallet, arrested him ; they then har- rangued the troops who followed him, and having suc- ceeded in pursuading them that Mallet was a conspir- ator, and that the Emperor was not dead, the whole laid down their arms. The troops cantoned at Ver- sailles and Gros Bois were now sent for, and the bar- riers haying been shut, the conspirators were at rested. " At. two o'clock the Minister of tlie Police and the Prefect wer ™ liberated, the officers of the first di vision were arrested, and the troOps sent out of Paris. " On the first report of the Emperor's death, which the conspirators spread all over Paiis, the Bank was surrounded by a multitude, who endeavoured to ex- change their noles for specie; but, in a short tinie, order and tranquility were restored, and every thing quiet." A Gentleman who arrived in town yesterday, from Paris, which he left a few days ago, states, that the Ex Minister, Joel Barlow, had set out for the head- quarters of the French Army, in or- der to solicit Bonaparte to furnish the American Govemment- wkh sail ol the line and 36 fri- gates, to be manned with American seamen. He adds, that the agitation in Paris still continues, and previous to his leaving Morlaix it was reports ed, that Savary ( General of the Police) had been killed. . Preparations are making, with activity, for the F. arl of Moira's voyage to India, in the Seahorse fri- gate, Mr. Tierney and Mr. Peter Moore are both mentioned as likely to have high situations in the new Government. They are both men of superior talents • for business ; and the Iptter, from a long residence in India, is, in a peculiar degree, conversant with its in- terests. Mr. T. Moore, the Irish Anacreon, we under- stand, proceeds with Lord Moira to India. HOVSF OP PEERS.— The repairs in the House of Lords are conduced on a grand scale. The work men are busily employed in beautifying it Ur the reception of his Royal Highness the Re- , pfnt. The Throne is to be fitted up with suitable etyle. The Woolsack and Seats are to be re- co- vered with new - scarlet cloth ; the bronze and chandeliers polished; the netting laid down a- fresh ; the tapestry, ( Spanish invasion) consider- ed the finest specimen in the kingdom, to be pio- perly cleaned, and the ventilation arranged. A few days ago, immediately after the late high tide, was discovered undeT the cliffs between Lyme- Regis and Charmouih, the complete petrefaflion cf a crocodile, seventeen feet in length, in an im- perfefl stale. It was dug out of the cliffs nearly on a level with the sea, about one hundred feet be- low the surface of the earth. LIGHT GUINEAS AGAINST HEAVY GUINEAS.— A Gentleman in the countiy sent to his banker in the City, a parcel of gold of the above descriptions, with dirtffions to pass the value to his credit in account. The banker credited his correspondent with the heavy guineas at the rate of £\, 1/. each the value by law established ; but the light ones he sen; to a goldsmith, who returned for them bank- njfit^, at the rate of £ 1, each. FRENCH PAPER?. PARIS, Nor. 6 — On Sunday, the 1st, her Ma- jesty th" Empress, after Miss, gave an audience at St. Cloud. His Majesty the King of Rome, had just arrived in a carriage from Paris, whither he had rode so far as the Rue Richelieu, in ' he forenoon, and returned in good spirits, bv the Bois de Boulogne. The Arch- Chancellor of the Em- pire preceded the Conservative Senate Deputation, whose happv province it was to read to the mo. ther of the French people, the copy of the suppli. catory address transmitted in the middle of last ' month, to his Majesty the Emperor, inflating his ' return. Lr. ud cties of " Long live Napoleon," ac- companied by frequent discharges of ordnance at the regalar intervals, gav* » to this haopy proceed- ing a charafter the most cheering. The following is the address read by the Arch- Chancellor:— " SIRE— Fame, the attendant of your exploits, has poured on the attention of your people, the full voice of your triumphs. " Like the sons of the earth, sown by Cadmus of old, the minions of Alexander, subdued self- immolaters as they are, no longer leave to the Eagle of France, the ungracious work of glutting itself with conquest, satiated as it must be by the carnage of Srsolensk, Mojai- k, Borodino and the once palace of the Czars. Its wings overspread the Empire of the perverse Alexander :— their sha- dow covers the realms. Viftory strews her lau- rels beneath yonr feet. From the Kremlin of Mos- cow, to the ratio of Madrid, your soldiers have covered themselves with glory. The day that saw the revived sun of Austerlitz rise, saw that of the ill- fated Alexander set. " Pardon, Sire, the supplications of your peo. pie. They love your fame— they exult in your conquests. " But, Sire, to be brave is to be merciful ! Let || the Fathers of the French people shew that the hand that can crush can soothe; enough of gliry is thine ! Wreak not your vengeance on a wretch- ed empire enslaved hy a Tyrant at once Weak and arbitrary. Though the Monatch may err, yet the endurance of the punishment direfled against his head, falls on that of his every subjefh Let it be the boast of your People, Sire, that in the eause of humanity they ventured to stay their Monarch in his career of viftory, and to say, in intreaty, to the irresistible— return ! " Yes, Sire !— delight the country by whom yru are revered, by revisiting its bosom ? To the gloom of his native winter leave the dull and dreary ftuss: let not his darkness be eradicated by the gladden- ing beams emanating from the countenance of our Emperor, our Friend, our Father! Honour not by destroying him, the matricida! incendiary of his native land, but bless by your return, 52,000,000 of yonr European people. " Think, Sire, for a moment, chastisement is alone withheld from the enthusiast, Wellington, in respect for your absence ; the hour of your re- turn is fixed on for his insolence receiving the check so long withheld from him and his band of madmen. Misuse not the time which might be employed in otherwise crowding prosperity on your people, by subjugating such discreditable and savage opponents. " For once, Sire, let your benignity overcome the incitement of youi glory." Signed, See. Her Majesty the Empress shed tears:— the sympathy was universal, and that was not a little heightened by the presence of his Majesty the King of the Romans. Every hour the resem- blance of his Majesty to his august parents is more striking. The smile is that - of the Empress. It is sard that . the portrait of his Majesty the King of the Romans, by David, is nearly com- pleted— it is a full length one,— Journal de L'Em- P ™ _ 4 BF. LFAST COURSE OF EXCHANGE, & c. ffor IS.— Be'fast on London ( 2Ids.) 7 7J percent, Belfast on Dublin ( 61 ds.) 1 per cent. Belfast on Glasgow S per cent. r* i « H, ATor. IS— 3l pec cent. Gov. Deb. 72* • 5 per cent. Ditto Par. These le'ters did not contain anv particulars respecting the operations of the army. It was supposed, that subsequent to the date of those letters, the Trench light troops had intercepted the communication between head. quarters and Corunna. Lord Wellington had sent orders to Corunna, for the troops which had arrived there, to go round to Lisbon. CORUNNA MAIL. Bvei. im, Nor. 12.— 3 per cent. Consols for Aec 59$ Nov. 13.— Dub. on Lon. 7 | Nor. 12 — Lon. onDub. 9i MAILS SINCE OUR LAST. nut BY DONAGHABKX 1 BY DUBLIN 0 BELFAST, Wednesday, November 18, 1812. - . —— A considerable degree af anxiety prevails for the arrival of dispatches from Lord WELLING- TON, who, according to the last accounts, was retiring upon Madrid. An important battle is expefled, in which we trust the military genius of his Lordship will again be pre- eminently sue- | cessful. No further official intelligence has arrived from Russia; but the account of the retreat of the French from Moscow, is corroborated by private letters, which speak of the exultation of the Rus- sians as unbounded. The next news from this quarter must be of great importance. The Packet of to day had not arrived when this Paper was put to press j but by an express arrived in Dublin, we have the following anticipa- tion of the London Journals of Saturday the 14th ; BY EXPRESS. SECOND EDITION. Sun- Office, Three o'Clock. We stop the Press to state, that Government have just received Dispatches xfrom Colonel Bouike, dated Corunna, 8ch inst. They do net contain any intelligence direct from the Marquis of Wellington ; but Col. Bourke had received letters from, the head- quartets of the army,, which were dated on the 24- th ult. On that day the bead- quarters of the army were at Duenas, which, our readers will recollect, when the last accounts were received by the Fortunee, were the head, quarters of the eaeaiy. SPANISH PAPERS. CORUXUA, OCT, 29 Lord Wellington, know. ing of the junction of Soult and Suchet, and that they intended to make an excursion to Madrid, || for which purpose they had already arrived at ii Belmonte, marched fronT the neighbourhood of.| Burgos to reinforce Gen. Hill, and prevent any j fortunate result for the French. TOLEDO, OCT. 12.— Sonlt, with 13,000 infan- i try, and 7,000 horse, is approaching, and is al- ready in San Clemente ; but notwithstanding this, we are perfectly easy, as our forces are superior. Medico's horses are gone to join Penne and Mo- rillas, and Medico remains, ad interim, Governor of this place, with all his infantry, which he is en- deavouring to augment. MADRID, OCT. 19— The vanguard of Soult's army continued in Alvacete, under the orders of Drouet ; it is composed of 15,000 men, and has 1000 horse in La Geneta. The enemy seeing thJt the Castle of Chinchilla presented obstacles to their excursions, strength- ened its siege, in rfrder to take it by assault, without loss on their part. They collec'ed all the peasantry in the neighbourhood, and made them march before ; they made three attacks, but in vain, because they had neither made a breach in the Castle, nor filled up the fosse, the peasants nevertheless suffered considerably. On the 8ih, in the evening, a shell fell Iri the Castle, which wounded its gallant Goverm r and 50 men out of its valiant and small garrison of 200. This accident, and hiring lost 15 ^ r 20 men by the enemy's fi e the anterior days, obliged it to capitula- e on the 9' h. When the official" ac- count is received, we shall give the details to the public, which, according to the statements of an artillery man, do great honour to that unfortu- natie garrison.— Madrid Gazette, October 20. MADRID, OCT. 16.— A letter which we have seen from the head- quarters of the 2J and 3d ar- mies, dated the 11th inst. says, that Soult on'the 5th inst. marched for Calaspana ; the last divi- sion, which consisted of fromtfour to 6,000 men, with a considerable number of horse, were on the 3d before Caravaca. On the 7th an enemy's battalion of infantry and 300 horse, presented themselves within can- non shot of Penas de S. Pedro, and received some fire, to which they did not reply, but continued their march towards Tabarra. In this point there were on the same day 6 or 7000 men, which are supposed to be a part of Soult's and a part of Suchet's troops, who proceeded from Al- vacete to protect the passage of the former. It is thought that there is a corps of from 9 to 10,000 men, with a considerable quan'ity of ar- tillery, in Alvacete.. The enemy wish to mam- tain themselves in that point to facilitate the col- leftion of provisions. For the same pnroose, ano- ther enemy's corps of 400 infantry and 303 hotse scours the neighbourhood of Jorquera. We know that the public would be pleased by our giving intelligence of the movements and prq- gress of our armies. To their just demands we must reply, that the publication of certain military faffs do- not forward the military operations; the enemy might derive great services from it. We have received several Valencian Gazettes, and observe that the French say nothing of the po- sitions or movements of their armies. Will it not be time enough for us to inform them of what they do not know, when they instruft us ? For this reason we will content ourselves with saying, that the fears of some pusillanimous persons are un- founded and vain; the hopes of the secret agent, of the intrusive King, who disieminaie alarmss deserve the most severe punishment. We have force sufficient; we have Chiefs worthy of con- fidence ; we are secure. This is what we can an- nounce. MADRID, OCT. 17.;— The intrtsive King, who expefted to remain in Catalonia, and fix his resi- j dence in the capital of Arragon, has changed his 1 opinion, and is preparing to proceed to Pampe- luna. Is this city he can receive communication with more facility, and take measures with the Senate. Massena has ordered 50 pieces of the artillery brought from Castile to be collefled in San Domingo de Vittoria, and Orduna to be for- tified. Soult, obliged to change his direftion, has desisted from going to Valencia, and proceeding by Arracete to Rota and Villaneuva de Jara, in- dicates by his movements the crossing the Province of Cuenca, with the idea of marching to N varre by Arragon. To this change is attributed that of Joseph, and it is said that both, little satisfied with Suchet, are going to try their fortune with Massena. It appears that Gen. Hill has his head quarters iu Belmonte, from whence he dispatched advice to Lord Wellington and Gen. Ballasteros. We do not doubt but Soult intends paying us a visit, and of even making a bold movement to prevent the jun& ion of our troops with Gen. Hill. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. The following Letter was ypsterdar received in this Town by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, from J. W. CROICER, Esq. " Admiralty- Office, \ 2th November, 1812. " SIR— My Lords Commissioners of the Ad- miralty having communicated with the Merchants at the several Western Ports interested in the West India trade, for the purpose of making an arrangement for the appointment of Convoys from Cork to the West Indies, I have it in com- mand from their Lordships to, acquaint you— That, with a view of meeting the general wishes of the Merchants, as far as may be practicable, as expressed in the various communications re- ceived from the Western Ports, they will appoint a Convoy to sail from Cork on the ISth of next month, or as soon after as thirty vessels shall have assembled ; another to put to sea on the 28th of January, or as soon after as twenty ves- sels shall be collected ; and another pn the 5th of March, or as soon as twenty vessels shall have assembled : but in case that number shall not have arrived by the 20th of the said Aionth, the last- mentioned Convoy is to put to sea the mo- ment wind and weather will permit, after that day, with the trade that may be then collected. " It being their Lordships' intention, in the present circumstances of the war, ndt to issue licences for ships to proceed without convoy, ex- cept in very special cases ; and their Lordships being desirous to afford every facility and pro- tection to the trade of his Majesty's subjects to Portugal, Spain, and Gibraltar, compatible with other important services, I have their commands to express to you their wish, that the Merchants of the several Ports in ' the Bristol and Irish Channels, as well as of Greenock, will commu- nicate and consult together, and favor me, for their Lordships' information, with their opinion as to the several periods which may be consider- ed, with relation to their general interests, as the most convenient and proper for the sailing of Convoys from Cork for those destinations ; and whether they desire that the said Convoys should be fixed at slated times, or on the assemblage of a given number of vessels, their Lordships con- fiding, that the Merchants will limit their requests as much as possible, to enable them to provide for the other important and increasing demands on his Majesty's Naval Service. " I am, Sir," & c. We have just received a sfatement from a Cor- respondent in Jamaica, upon th^ subject of- the I distress endured- bv a crew belonging to> a ship 1 • that was short of food and water. It states, that J for hineteen days the crew we're- without food, ; most of them died, and those who survived owed jj their lives to the Captain, who advised them ihV their extremity not to drink sak- water, a! s it was j evcessively noxious, but to dip in the sea thiplj I clad. By this prafiice the cravings of thirst an t t hunger were afluallv removed Jor some time! i and their- spirits were kept up under all ha hor- rihle circumstrwi. t- ec of their situation. I' is sup- posed that, hy diiping in. the sea, their bodies ab- sorbed through the pores as much pure wafer as nourished the vessels. A thick pla'e of. saline matter was formed like a pellicle upon the surface of their bodies, which they used to pick off in large pieces. On Saturday last, the Roman Catholic Board held a meeting at the nsnal place of assembling in Capel- street, at which, after some discussion, it was resolved to give a public entertainment to the Friends of Religious Freedom, without any limitation as to the number of the guests. A proposition was made to exoress the disap- probation of the meeting towards such persons of the Roman Catholic Body, as had, during the late Elections, supported Candidates professedly favourable to the present Ministry ; the ultimate decision upon which was, after some discussion, postponed to a future day that was specified. A letter from Canada to a Gentleman in this town, under date of the 28th Sept. says—" Yes- terday 600 Indians came down from St. Ridges to join the Cocknawaga Indians; thev are all encamped at St. Philips, about 16 miles from Montreal, and six from the other camp. I assti'e you to look at them, with their faces painted, their tomahawks and scalping knives, it would strike terror to the strongest heart. The American In- dians are all joining ours in . the. tipper Provinces, on account of General Harrison beating them back on the Wabash." EXTRACT OF A LETTER TO A MERCVNTIJ. B HOUSE IV BERRY, DATED QUEBEC 29TH SEPT. " We are in daily expectation of hearing of an engagement taking place on the lines to the. southward of Montreal, on which much will de- pend ; if we are successful, we think the cam- paign will end for the winter ; but, if itnfortu- our troops shall be obliged'to fall back, it is dffi- cult to say what may be the consequences, unles we receive reinforcements from home', which we anxiously look for." The division of the Russian fleet which was at Cronstadt, consisting of 11 sail of the line, be- sides frigates, sailed from thence on the 24th for England. The whole fleet, consisting of 18 sai- of the line and 12 frigates, will follow the examl pie— a noble demonstration, of the firmness of Russia, and of her relianee upon the honour and integrity of the British Government. It is conjectured, that Joseph Bonaparte has taken refuge from the bustle of hostility in Pam- peluna. Yesterday, his Grace the Lord Primate ar- I rived at the Donegall - Arms, on his way to Doriaghadee. The Marquis of Downshire also passed through town yesterday, on his way to Hillsborough, from Donaghadee. ROBBERY OF THE FI. Y. DROGIIEOA, NOV. 14.—- Between the hours of three and four o'clock this morning, the Newry up coach was stopped at the turnpike of Munleer, by 12 armed villains, who closed the gate, ft » d at thejc ' ach- man and guard, and wounded both—- they then rob- bed the passengers; and trom what we have leary « d, the villains must'h ive got Hear 1300/. Mr Waitern, of this, town, was in the coach, and lost his watch and money. The Belfast up coaqh was not x quarter of a mile before the fly. The robbers had horses, and left tijem in the haggard of a farmer, feeding on sheaf oats which they pulled from a stack. The gate- keeper was afraid to venture out of his hoyse. In consequence of he recent robberies of the Dublin antl Newry Fly, which tra » elled at night, the proprietors have determined ro commence run- ning it in Company with the Harp Coach, which starts from Newry, for Dublin, at 5 o'clock every morning; and from Dublin, at 7 o'clock each morning, for Newry. This regulation is to con- tinue unlfl four passenger coaches ( which arc in a state of forwardness,) are prtpaied, and which will Jaccompany the Mail between Newry and Dublin, each day. HERRINGS— The shoal of herrings, as report- ed by the Manks fishrrmen this st » son, occupied a. jpjic> oTtoor'lew - tftSti } 5 miles. The sea ap- p e a r ed J i t^ r ® 1 lj 1 i it g wj t h t h e m. ? MELANCHOLY, ACCIDENT. * On Wetdn?^ day night last, th° | 2th inst. Ar. chiljahi M'Falls, cooper to the M- a-' hera Brewery, and wife, having gorte to rest in their usuil good state " fi heahh, were- both next morning, found dead in be3, occasioned bv the gab'e of an, outer house adjoining", having during the night, fallen upon rbe" roof of their dwelling- house, where they were, and crushed them to death t artd, wonder- ful to relate, tine of ehaircrhildreo, { bout two years of age, which lay betwixt them, whs found alive, though somewhat injured, after being dug from the ruins with its father and mother ; the latter of whom, we are sorry to add, was far - advanced in pregnancy. M'Falls himself ( and who is much tind justly regretted by all whi knew him,) was remarkably industrious, well- cnnduft d, and exemolary in the duties of his family ; has left behind him, three helpless infants to deplore his and their mother's untimely fate.— Having b - en one of the Migh- ra Yeomanry, he was buried by them on Friday la^ t, with military honour*. A detachment, of the Dumfries Regiment of Mili ia stationed fwre, like- wise attended ihe funeral, together with many other respectable people from bothtowu - and conn. try. i r - - - . To tie EDITOR of the BELFAST CHRONfCZR. SIR— Having seen in your Pmer of Wed" es- day last a paragraph, signed by Messrs. Ruthv^ n, Cumin?, Srnv'h, and Trotter, stating, the calling in of the Military at the late Elefti in for t! ii » town to have been unnecessary ; I beg to state, in contradiflion to those four Magistrates, the follow. ing facts • That i » i November, 1S06, a mob, consisting ef some hundreds of people, nine- tenths of whom were not Eleflors of ( he Borough, were ascpmb'ed in the streets at night, who, with sticks and stones, broke ihe windows of almost every oerson who supported Mr. Croker at that eleiffion, a'i'd ' he . same condnff was loo evidently to be apprehend- ed at the; late contest; fi- T on Sun lay night; pre- vious to ' he poll, a similar mob p- araHed he streets the greater part of the night, in the'most riotous and threatening manner, breaking the win- dows of some of the inhabitants, and throwing stones at some, which induced a nupiber of the most recpeflable people of the town to ca? T upin me, as a Magistrate, to adopt some means for the proteflion of their lives anfl properties ; decWi g, at the same timp, that th^ y had prepared fire- arms, and were determined to rerist any attack, similar to that made on their houses in J806. la consequence of this call I sent off ? n express to Lisburn for a party of dragoons, which arrive d just in time to prevent the most fatal consequence-, as the mob had assembled this night in still gror. et: numbers, collefied from very distant as well as contiguous places, insulting and menacing the- peaceable inhabitants in the most violent and ter- rifying manner. When those Magistrates stated their perfect tisfaflion with the tranquillity of the town, it ' would have been becoming in them not to h . ve. forgotten, that as I was walking quietly home about 10 o'clock at night, 1 was attacked bv this mob with paving stones, one of which knocked off my hat, and that in all probability I should have been murdered in the streer, had - nor a party of Dragoons come to my assistance ; a circumstance of which those gentlemen were informed. « •> far indeed, the partizans of Mr., Hawthorn may have grounds for their assertions, when fhey say that they apprehended no danger; becau- e it is a nri'o- rious fafl, that the attacks of the mob were uni- formly direfled against the other side. And I would ask Messrs. Cumine and Smylh, who re- side five or 6ix miles from Down, how tfiey coti'd take upon them to say any thing re pefling the- tranquillity of the town at night, when other Ma- gistrates, residing in its immediate vicinity, do not think proper to put their names to such a declaration. ' I am, your obedient servant, ALEX. MILLER. Down, Nov. 14,1812. Down, Nov. 14. Rev. Ralph Wilde Rev. James Nelsoij, Rev. Emd. Cnstis Thumas Neviu Josh. Houghton Wnv Nevin, M, D. J. itnes Wallace John- Saul Patrick M'Cartan George S . yers William ' I hsmpson James Thompst n Hugh Wallace Thomas Henry Alexander Craig Rowland Craig John Craig William Bleakely John M'Kitterici John Rowan William Rowan John Macoubrey James Cairns JAS. RICHARDSON. Tbeophilns Gar! n « r Charles M'Lt- ster Robert Town'ey Samuel Hunter Rithard Graham Samuel Woods Henry Carson Patrick Magsrfy Daniel Doegierty Adam Hughes Adam Hughes Gordon Bigham Warren Corran Andrew Millar Felix Corran Henry Corran Thomas Ferguson Oeorge Graham James Napier Michael Denvir Unce Innis John Hayes. < - vT * 4 To the EDITOR of the BELFAST CHRONICLE. • — Sm— In reply to a publication in your Puper of the 11th inst. signed by a number of person* calling themselves Eleflors of Downpafrick, I feel nothing further necessary in vindication of myself, than merely to publish the names cf some of those who authorised me to sign for them } which, to all who are acquainted with the Town of Down, will shew how far I was correft in say- ing, that I did so on behalf of the principal Inha- bitants. I have only further to observe, that if thete are 200 names signed to the paper alluded to, a considerable number of them must be marki- men, minors, and persons possessing w > houses in Down, stme of which I see even in : he number y^ u have pu& lished. I ani » Sir, yami obedient seivant, A\ TO CORRESPONDENTS, the Sermon preached n> the Roman Catholic Chapel at Newtownards, and forwarded by CAHDIOUJ tor insertion • may have been extrimely appropriate when delivered; buj • is somewhat unconnected with the design of a Newspaper. A - B ELF AST COM MERC IA DaNCInG » M r H ull I J ] f3 ESPPCTFUL- I. Y inform" the Nobility *** Oentty of j J » V i+ ie North, that he has had the hooonr of rec- ivtnir, | from a Futiily of the First Rank, the RUDIMENTS of the ! gERMaN WALTZ, which at p> e » - nt it the monopoly of 1 taste amnngtt the Highest Circles i i London, nil which he <„ i proposes ro te c ' on the fallowing terms;— ) I Patv* T » t « rio » — In Belfast, Two Guineas per Month, j IIf exceeding five miles disrance, One Guiiea pe" Lesson. : PosLtc Scuoor..— One Guinea Entrance, Three- d df- guineas per Quarter — Music, 3/. 3d. 321) * November IS. COTTON WOOL BY AUCTION. ON FRIDAY NEXT, COth instant, at ONE o'Clock, 83 Balls West [ mill COTTON WOOL, \ Of exe- llent Quality, will he Sold by Auilion, at the Stores of the Subscribers, Calendar- street MOntGOMERYS, STAPLES, & CO 1 November 14. ( 31^ DAVISON & REFORD HAVE RECEIVED, per the BRITANNIA, from LONDON, Fine and Common Congou, Souchong, > TEAS: Green and Hyson, J Refined Sugars, Black Pepper, Mustard, Creamtartar, and Isinglass* Which, with the following, wilj be Md on Moderate Terms: Very Fine, Fine, Second, and Refined Sugars, Molasses, Spanish and East India Indigos, Coffee, Saltpetre, Candy, , Alicante Barilla, first quality, ' Ac. They also expert, per first arrivals from LoNDONfand GLAS- ao< r, 120 Hhds. Scale and Refined Sugars, 60 Puncheons Rum, Spanish and East India Indigos, ' Ac. - Ac. 849) 106, High street— Nov 18, 1812. Referring to the above. I.: K,' IRG5 k IQHN VP AO AM ruspe£ tfu! ly assure their Friends and the Public, rh. r their present Stock is very complete itid composed of the be » t quality oi every Art cie m the Trade and laid in on su- h T rms as enable rhem to sell ( at leasr) as cheap as a tv orttfcr House, for the same description of Goods, which they are d. eter " ined to do for regular Payments. N B G & J. M A. request thos who are indebted to the late Firm will have their Accounts settled soon as possible. ( S'^ 9 W1 I. LI AM NEWS AM RJT AS deceived per the MINRUVA, an EXTENSIVE AO- LIL DITJON to his former Stock of iy> rntnn KNf tjr/ ifie ( Hoths and Casxinvers\ Which LIE is confident will be fbund to EQUAL any in the KINJ/^ OM ; and lately by different VESSELS, a variety of LADIES' GOWN CLOTHS, Of the most Pashionnhk Cnhurs Hnd First Quality, EMBOSSED ANO RUVtSKY MOREENS, EXTRA. MILLED BL ANftE TS, From II to 15 Quarters Square, of ti e Very' Finest Wool ; and h. ' ailv expels the arrival of NEW C > RVE riNfis, Hf'Rth rims ft UP ' OLSTERY TRIMMINGS. He has a Sunph/ of the Articles of the NEW D R ESS df the D 0 WN IIUNT. 274) ' Belfast, 6th Nov. t812. , ' NEW TE \ S, & c. JAMES GARDNER • TAS received, per the LAGAN and FACTOR, * trom LONDON, 27 Chests Fine and Common Congou and Green TEA, 30 Casks Refiued Saltpetre, 15 Casks Best Durham Mustard, 3 Hogsheads Powder Loaf Sugar, 1 Chest East India Indigo, I Box Shoe- Hairs, AMD HAS ON SALE, Jamaica and Surinam Scale Sugars, Scotih Molasses, in Puncheons, Best Jamaica Green Coffee, in Barrels, Best Alicant Barilla Ashes, Cod, Oil, in Casks from 30 to 80 Gallons, Cheshire Cheese— Spanish Indigo, fyc. Sfc. Which, w th a General Assortment of DYE WOODS, fresh from his Mill, will be Sold reasonably. 325) 174, Nortt- street— November 16. IN) T ASHES, CRAMS IE 8F CLELAND, HAVE FOB SALE, 120 Barrels New- York and Montreal POT ASHES, 80 Casks SALTPETRE, 100 Barrels ROSIN, A few Casks B1- ackers' SMALTS, % LEAF TOBACCO. 58) * Oaober 3, 1812. WANTED, A QUANTITY of GOOD KEEPING ^ POTATOES — Apply to D VlSO>, MOORE, St. CO. Don^ gall Quay, Nov 14. ( 317 COMPLETE WINTER asSORTMENT. wm. burns, Merchant- " Tailor, AUCTION OF COTTON WOOL. GREG & BLACKER WILL SEI. L by AUCTION, at t'< » ir Stores in Ann. s- reet, at ONE e'Clock on MONDAY the 23d N » - vem'ier, 1812, 500 Bales Prime Georgia COTTON WOOL. 314) Belfast, 14th November, 1812. - NEW TEAS, & c. CLAWSON & HILL ARE just Landing, out of the FACTOR, from LON. DON, 00 Chests Tea, assorted, Black Pepper, Which, with ROLL TOBACCO, SUPERFINE ft COM- MON PIGTAIL, and SNUFF, of a superior Quality, their own ManofaifJ. ire, and a General Assortment of Goods in the GROCERY LINE, they will Sell oti reasonable Terms 343) Rosemiry- street— Nov. 18, 1812 LAGAN NAVIGATION. lOCK- KEePFR WANTED. T^ Ty ANTED by the COMPANY of UNDER TAKER! of the LAGAN NAVIGATION, a Person, to take charge of the R'ck End other- Locks at the west end of the Head Love'. No Person will he appointed who cnnot be re- commended for honesty, sobriety, and industry, and who cannot give security for the fait ful discharge of his duty., A married man, by trade a Weaver or Shoemaker, will be pre erred Salury; Eight Pounds p<; r Annum, a House, and Grazing for two Cows. > Appyt? JAMES M'CLEERY, 351) REGISTER. BELFAST AnD DUBLIN CART COMPANY. ST. UBES SALT. A SMALL Cargo ST. UBES SALT, of very superior Quality, just trrived, diieift from thence; and will be Sold our of the Vessel, on mode ate terns, by HUGH WILSON & SONS. November 4. ( 254 Wholesale English and Irish Woollen Warehouse. JOHN WHITTLE # CO. A RF r- ceivinsr from on board the St. Patrick. * several BALES, containing a Variety of F " SHIOM- AHLE GOODS in ' heir Line; amongst which, are lfE- I. JCE CLOTHS, of most approved Colours, & c. ftc *„• Thev have al. J received a Quantity of BUFF CASSIMERES. 322) Belfast, November 16. FOR SALE, T) Y the SUBSCRIBER, at his STORES. i « NORtH STREET, Yellow Russian Candle Tallow. ROBERT GETTY. November 11. ( 310 A BOOK- KEEPER. A STEADY Married Man, an lijiabhant of Belfast, » who can produce undeniable certificates of charaAer an 1 abilities, would engage by the month, in Town, to set- tle Books.— Apply at the ChRONICLE Orvice. ( SS2 HAYLOCk'S TAVERN, NO. 3, POTTINGES'S- ENTrY, BELFAST. T. HAYLOCK ETURN'i Thanks to his Friend » and the Public, for A \ the liberal encouragement he has experienced since his commencement in Business in this Town, and betjs ' eav- to inform them, he has removed from SuGeR- HOuSE EnTRY, to the above House, formerly occupied by Mr. M'mULlAN HAYLOCK having laid in a Stock of the v ry b sj WINES, SPIRITS, & c. Sic. flitters himself, that by bis nil. remitting attention to Business, he wdl be enabled tt> g ve genera! satisf . otion. N B, A BilLiaRD TABLe and ROOM, in good order. A BILLIARD MARKER wanted. One who can produce a satisfactory Character. ( 2fiO SCALe SugArS. fOUR HUNDRED CASKS for Sale at tha BELFAST SUGAR- HOUSE. October 4 1812. ( 70 WANTED, 4SHARE in an ESTABLISHED BUSINESS in tfl* • Town or Neighbourhood of Belfast, by a Per » oH trf Capital, who has been accustomed to Mercantile transac- tions; and can give respeaable references. Apply to the EniTdR of this Paper ; if by Letter, Post paid. ( 258 X' 7' K) '" ipO be sunk on an Annuity, for- the Life of a Female l aged 35 — Apply to JOHN OGLE, Attorney, Newry If by Letter, Post- paid. 998) NEWRY, S pteniber 25.' AN ELEGANT LANDAU tO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, in front of the DON r. ! GALL- ARMS, on FRIDAY next the 20th of " No. vember IT may be. seen,. on any day previous the Sale, at the Donegall- Arms. ( 318) " Novemhe, 16. FOUND, LINEN PURSE, containing a Quantity of BaNk- NOtES.— 1 he Owner may have them by applying at 104, High- street. S16) Belfast, November 15. FOR KINGSTON, JAMAICA? With the first Convoy from Cork it in D*. cember, THE BRIS MARINER, THOMAS FRASER, MASter, Burthen per Register 203 i ons Stands A I at Lloyd's— Has a considerable part of ha Cargo engaged.— She will be di< patohed without delay. For Freight or Passage apply to R. J. CUMMING. November 11,1812. FOR BUENOS AYRES DIRECT, TH& FAST- SAILING COPPEREB ANT) ARLWI » BELFAST, ^ StstJ^ ALEXR. M'lAiNE, MAsTeR, (' ai'y expected) Will b « dispatched for ihe above I'oit as speedily as ble after arrival.— For Freight or Passage, appiy io MONTGOMERYS, STAPLES, St CO. Beif. ist, 31st Oaober, 1812. WANTED, \ PERSON properly qualified to act as SINGING CLERK, in the THIRD PReSBYTERIAN CONGRR- GATION. Such a Person, whose chamber will bear the striaest ex- amination, and who is able to teach Sacred Music may appU ro JAMES JOHNSTON, North- tttert. 334) Belfast, N v. 17, 1812. sOLOMON jAMeSON, who left my Service without v having given any notice of his intending to do so, 1 re- quest will not be engaged, he being my Servant. JOHN HAMILTON. Belfast, Nov. 13, 1812. ( 348 SHEET LEaD. LYLE & RIDDEL " O- AVF just received, per the ceres, h furtbe- supply * ' I of the above, assorted from 1 to » IS per foot, which will be sold in any quantities, on low '' erms. They areas usual, well stocked with IRONMONGERY • HARdwARE, and CUTLERY GOODS, ANVILS, BEL lOWS, VICES, and SHEET IRON. 286) High- street, 107. AN APPRENTICE WANTED. 4SMART LAD would be taken as APPRENTICE to the WHOLESALE and RETAIL of GROCERy and SPIRITS In Belfast— A Fee will be expeAed. For further particulars apply to Mr- DRUMMOND ANDERSON, Belfast Commercial Chronicle, 3S9) November IS, 1S12. COUNTY OF DOWN SESSIONS. cOUNTy dOWN~\ '' HHE- GFNERAl QUAR*< To Wit TER SESSIONS held at J NEWRY on the 12th O^ ober last, having been adjourn- d ti'l the 19th and then further adjourned till MONDAY the 7th December next, the said Sessions will beheld at NEWRY on MONDAY the 7th December next, pursuant to said adjournment, when the Crown and Civil Bill business will be proeeeded on as usual. JOHN CRAIG, 340) C. PEACE AMD REGISTER EAST INDIA & SPANISH INDIGO. EDWARD HILL IS at present landing, from on board the St Patrick, a fur- ther Supply of the above Article, principally of the very first Quality, which he is enabled to seli on the most reason- able terms. He daily expeas, per the Betscyi, from GREENO « K, a few tons COD LIVER OIL. 303 No. 4, Corn- Market, Belfast, Nov. 12. NO. 125, HIgH STrEET, hAs iust received LONDON SUPERFINE JI CLOTHS and other GOODS, suitable to the pre- sent Season, which he will sell Cheap for Short Payments. N. B. A S' it of Clothes, & c. at Six. Hours Notice. All kinds of CLOTHES, for travelling Gentlemen ready made. regIMKNTALS mate with Correctness. BUTTONS and ORNAMeNTS, fbr every Regiment, furnished on the shortest Notice. Belfast, November 9. The Public are reipeetfully nlorm- TMS^ V that it is intended the following N.- E. TRADERS ^^. Jrifij.. Stall sail at the under mentioned periods FOR LONDON, The armed brig LEVaNT, M'KIBBIN... First fair wind. The armed brg VINE, MONTGOMERY ... 14 days after. ( 3* These Vessels being armed and completely well found, Insurance by them wid consequently be effe& ed on the most reasonable terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, The ST. PATRICK CAMPIELL.,, In a ew days. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, Tlie NEPTUNE, DAVIdSON 16th Novimber. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig VENUS, PENDLETON... 18th November For Freight, m London, apply to Messrs. WM. & JOHN WHARTON, Nicholas' Lane; or, in Belfast, to R. GREENLAW, Agertt, Who wilt receive an' forward LINEN CLOTH ind other MERCHANDIZE wick car." and dispatch A tew Stout Lads wanted as APPRENTICES t. • the « s » H. » ni ' i^. we. Pnroo- vem> » o! 1 Se rivw ON SALE BY THE SUBSCRIBER, WEIGHTY OX, and COW BUTT LEATHER, © f Dublin Tannage, together with a gener 1 assortment of Weighty and Light BUTT— KIP and CALK SKINS of his own Manuraaure— COD OIL— a few Bales of New Orleans COTTON WOOl and daily expeas the arrival of two Cargoes of OAK B \ RK, all which will be disposed of on liberal terms to Wholesale Purchasers JOHN BARNETT. November 13. ( 306 CHANCERY. in the Matter of - j J N pursuance of an BENJAMIN NEVIN, L 1 Order made in this a Minor. \ Matter, hearing date tbe J 3d day of March 1812, 1 will, on 1 UESDAY the 24th day of November instant, at the Hour ol ONE o'Clock in the Afternoon, at my Chambers, on the INNS'- QUAY, set to the highest Bidder, from the First Day of Nov mb" r inst during the minority of the said Minor, now aged ahout Nine Years--- All that and those the TOWN and LANDS of BAl. LYMACRUSE alias B A' LYM VCRUEOS. an t CANNYREAGH, situat- ed, lyititr, and being near the Town of Donairhadee, in the Ceunty ol Down.— Dated the 9th day of November 1812. STEWART KING. For particulars. apply to WM MEREDITH, Solicitor for said Minor, No 21, Temple- street. ( 34? BLEACH- GREEN & FARM TO BE SOLD, Cnibe Promises, on MONDAY the 29th init. at the Hour of TWELVE o'Clock, ' i|"> HE PREMISES are situated in Mandreagh, two miles 1 distant from Antrim, and ten from Belfast, on the Six- mile River, adjoining the Village of Dunadry. The Farm contains 20 Irish Acres, tithe free, in very high condition.— The BLEACH- HOUSE is J44 feet in length, three Stories hi « fa, 94 feet, of which are 2S feet in width, and 50 feet 17| feet in width, in which are two Double Beetling Engines, 10 feet 10 inches in the beams, Water Wheel 4 feet ill the fall; on another Wheel are Wash Mills, and one Engine 8 feet in the Beams. The BOILING HOUSE contains two Fuinaces, and Rub Boards. The supply of Water is abundant and regu'ar — There is an exteu ive DWELLING- HOUSE and OFFICES, all held under the MARQUIS of DONEGALL, for the remain- der of 81 Years from May, 1802, at the Yearly Rent of £ 19, m. The situation would be eligible for the Spinning of Cot- ton or Linen Yarn. Terms of Payment at Sale. The BLEACH- GREEN, and abont Seven Acres of LAND, will be sold separately if agreeable to the Purchaser. For further particulars, apply to Mr. HUGH JOHN- SON, in Belfast; or to JAMES SWAN, on the Premises. November 12, ( 346 FOR SALE OR CHARTER, fn> The Brig HENRIETTA, THOS. REillY. MASTER, V^ Sst&' jiF Lately arrived from Oporto with a Cargo ol Wine ; Bur- hen per Registei 101 Tons; is in thorough repair, and ready for Sea without any expence.— Apply to the CAP- TAIN, on board, at the Merchants'- Quay ; or to gEO. LANGTRY & CO. Belfast, November W ( etSQ h jt? vw. The Public are respeafuily inform- £ fe?^ ed, ttiat the following REGULAR TRADERS WW tail for their reipeft'tDe / arts, < w » ib tbe Jirtt fair after the dates miniione. J : FOR LONDON* The armed brig ENDEAVOUR, FN ZSIMONS, 28th Nov. The armed brig FACTOR, N'Nucs 14 days after. FOR LIVERPOOL, The MINERVA, COURTENAY Inafewd yt. The CERES, SAVAGE :... Eight days after. FOR BRISTOL, The New Brig FAME, NEILL First fair wind. FROM LIVERPOOL F03 BFt. FAST, The CUNNINGHAM BOYLE, BELL, 21st Novem « er. The New Brig FAVORI TE, BISHOP... E'ght days after, FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig AURORA, sTARKS.....' 28th November. The armed brig GEORGE, CAUGhEY 14 days after. For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OGILBY, Abchurch- Yari. Gentlemen who have Linens to- forward, will please setid - hem t « GEORGE LANGTRY A fow stout IjkU Kfifed u Apprtatka to- the Sec FOR SALE. rr> v ' f* 1 RAW FORDS & WALLACE wXW^ i,,-, ^ eff-. r for, Sale The Armed Brig ELK, Burthen --' 66 I ons, per Regmer, Yarmouth !- uilr, Of an easy draft of water, and well found in every respect. The Brig and Materials can be seen, by applying to Captain RITCHIE, on board. 599) November 10, 1812. - II??-, F O K GLASGOW, JStk, The vztsets, M ® A. NFILSON, M* « r « « , ( A constant Trader , to sail in Five- Days. The DIANA, JOHN M'CALLOM, Master, Eight days after. For Freight, please apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY. The HAWK, M'CORMICK, at Glasgow; the MAR- CARET & NANCY, GALBrAitH, at Greenock; and the DISPATCH, JAMeSON, at. Dublin, are loading ' or Belfast ' 850) Belfast, November 18. FOR DeMERARA, The Coppered Brig GREEN HOW, ARtHUR RUsSELL, MASTER, a To sail next Convoy from Cotk. For Freight or Passage, apply to , HUGH WILSON & SONS. Belfast, JJovember 10. , • 150 Tons best LIVERPOOL COAL to l/ e Sold out of said Vessel. FARMS FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD Br AUCTION, at the Houte of Mr. James OkR, in Kiriculken, on WEDNESDAY the 16th December next ( if not previously disposed sf by Private Con- traSt, of - which due Notice shall be givtn), 3TUFTY TWO ACRES, THIRTY- FIGHT PERCHES. . of as fipe LAND as in the Barony ol Ards, with HOUSES and OFITICE- HOUSIS- These Lauds, part of the Townland of Ballyesborough, near Kirkcubben, will be set up in one Lot, or in such small Parcels as may at sale be found agree- able to Bidders; subjea to Five Shillings an Acre Yearly Rent, for Thirty- one Years, concurrent with Three Lives to be named by the Putchasers— A Map of the Premises may be seen at Echlinvil. e, where a Person will also attend to sbeW the Lands Applications as to Terms, and Proposals to be made per- sonally, or by letter, post paid, to ChARles ECHLIN, Esq Eehlinville; or to H. WALLACE, Attoruiy, Downpatrick, or No. 19, Anglesea- street, dubiiu, 337) , 1P12. v^ FOR TRINIDAD, ' The Brig FRANCIS, ' JZMrm, Captain DAWSON, Dail>' e* Pr6i,'< 1 ia port.— For Freight or Passage, anpiy to Campbell SWEENY V. B. Two hundred ana Fifty tons, LIVERPOOL COALS, By above Vessel, will be sold, deliverable on arrivaL ( sit* \ " births. , A few days ago, at the Cottage, Saintfleld, file Lady « f the Rev. H. H. WoLSey of a Son. Married. On the 2d November, THOMAS EdWArd MicheLl TURTON, Esq. onlv son of Sir Thomas Turton, Bart, to louisA, second daughter of Major- General Browne, < f the Sussex distriS. On Thurady the 12th in « t. the Rev THOMAS CARR, ro Miss MORGAN, niece to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Limerick. At fearbane Church, the Rev W. HARVEy, Rector of Wallstown, to CONSTANIIA MARIA, second daughter of E. Armstrong. Esq. of Gallon, in the King's County, and niece to Lord Ashton. BELFAST SHIP MEW'S, The new brig Favorite, Bishop, hence for Liverpool, was obliged to put into Strangford 16th imt. by contrary winds. The armed brig George, Caughey, for London; and the tiew brig Fame, Neill, for Bristol, are detained here by con- trary winds only. The Minerva, Courtenay, loading for Liverpool, sails in a few days. The Draper, Davison, from Liverpool, arrived here yes- terday. The Neptune, Davidson, from Liverpoel, arrived here yesterday. The Levant, M'Kibhen, for London, sails first fair wind. The St. Patrick. Campbell, loads for Liverpool, to sail first fair wind after the 21' st inst The armed brig Venus, Pendleton, is loading at London for this port. to sail in a few days. The Bee, Rankin, loading for Glasgow, sails first fair wind. The Betseys, Nei'soo, from Glasgow, arrived here 16th inst. and loads for that port. The Hawk, M'Cormick, at Glasgow; tbe Margaret and Nancy, Galbraith, at Greenock; and the Dispatch, Jameson, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast. tHERE will be a BALL and SUPPER at the KING'S J1 ARMS INN, at lISBURN, On FRIDA Y, November 20. I. ADIES* TICKET 3; 4d. GENTLEMEN'S * 5s. Od, • 833) W. CAlDBECK, Esq. 1 „ T. CRAWFORD, Esq. j0T1 WM. PARK, WM. TELFAIR, k CO.; HAVE RECEIVED, per the FACTOR, from LON- DON, 2! » Chests Cone- on, Green, Hyson Tea, 1( 1 7tales Mack Pepper, 30 Casks nert' Mustard, * 8R SALE; WITH 210 Hhds. and Tierces Scale ' tnd Refined Sugars, 150 Bales Alicant Barilla, 80 Bags Lisbon and AUcant Miserable, 10 Cases Liquorice Bait, 100 Barrels Refined Rosin, 10 Half Srmns Spanish Indigo, 40 Ba< rs Pimento, 20 Casts Jnmiiia Ginger, 15 Puncheons Molasses, 5 Hogsheads Candy, LIKEWISE, 160 Punch'ons Jamaica Rum, 10 Puncheons Cork Whiskey, I'd Puncheons Hid Antigua Rum, 10 Pipes Spanish Red Wine, And will in future be regularly supplied with every Ar- ticle . n the SPIRIT TRADE g45 Wine- Cellar- entry, November 18. COTTON & ASHES BY AUCTION, ripo he Sold by And ion, on FRIDAY the 20' h inst. bv I WILLIAM PHELPS, at his Stores, No. 16, Corn- Market, 28 Bales Bowed Georgia, 1 16 Do. New Orleans, \ COTTON WOOL. 20 Bags St. Domingo, ) SO Barrels 1st Quality New- Tori Pot Ashes, 15 Do. 2d D*. Terms at Sale— To Commence precisely at Half- past Twelve o'clock. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. November 16. ( 3t4 ROBERT BATT & CO. ITT AVE for tale at their Stores, Calendar- street, the fol- Jl lowing Gooda:— + 00 Bales of Best ATicant Barilla, 300 Bales of Pernambucco Cotton Wool, 50 Ditto New Orleans Ditto. 15 Tons of Riga Rhine Hemp, TOGETHER WITH American Pot Adits, Rosa Corkwood, Barilla Mats, Smalts of different Qualities, Spanish Red Wine, in Pipes and Hogsheads, Claret, in Hogshtads, 838) Belfast, November 17. NEW GARDEN SEEDS, AND FLOWER ROOTS. ELIZABETH BELL, has received, per the Britannia, I from LONDON, a choice collection of fine FLOWER ROOTS, with a few Sacks of GARDEN SEEDS, consist, ing of PEAS, BEANS, & c. for Early Sowing. Catalogues of Seeds and Roots to be had at the Shop, No. 12, Church- lane, Belfast. ( 341 STAVES. ~ ROBINSON TODHUNTER •' O^' ILL Sell by Auction, at their Stores, Sir ' v John's Quay, on TUESDAY, 24; h inst. at ONE o'Clock 10,000 of Baltic § American White Oak Pipe Staves, 30,000 ef American White Oak Hogshead Slaves, The greater pait of which being of very good quality, will be found deserving the attention of Purchasers. JOHN STRAKER, AUCTIOSEEH'. DUBLIN, November 13, 1812. ( 33 « SALE TO- MORROW. NOTICE. THE AUCTION SALE at the late BENJAMIN ED- WARDS'S, Esq. Bridge- End, as formerly Advertised in thi » Paper, will recommence on THURSDAY the 19th inst at ELEVEN o'Clock, consisting of GLASS- WARE, Sic. JAMES HYNDMAN, Auctioneer. Nov. 18, 1812. ( 347 TO BE SOLD, At tit Donegall- ArMS. by a Gentleman going to England, / jpwo BRIGHT BAY HORSES, each able to carry 16 JL Stohe; on* of them five, the other six years old.— Poth engaged sound, free from vice, and to draw, either in * fgle pr double Harness. ( S35 SCHOOL BOOKS, sAm. ARCHER begs- to MaJSV-. s of ACADEMIES, TEAChERS, and Dealers in Sooits iu tb° Country, that he has a large StOCk of F loio- is of the following School books, wnich he is enabled to Sell at the mast moderate Prices to those who buy ia quantities:— Mans n's Diction- ry, [ bover's D: 0,! onary, Spf'lin^ Bopk, . liNp^- nt's Ditto, Printer, •; P-, fiii's Preodi Gra nm.- r, Sandford and Merron - 3 vols. F, bl « , eich vol - old sen: r-> r- lv, ; — Flem- nr5,' * Enfield's Sneaker, 2 volt, soldj . • Spelling, separately, CGr. nupar of r. aw, Gough' « Arithmetic,' i—— — Ohrciology, Murray's First B > ok, |—> H's orv, — dueling. Thi os > phy In'rodqaioD, —— Cb- p. i. sro, | 1 Reader, i1 ... — — Afffl- u'tnre, . — — Grammar, { Blair's Kirst C'trechi.' irH » Dtto abridged, j .•- Class BooK Moor's Sp iling Book, , • » Heading Exercis-*, ! Universal Dittd, IjEntlck's Thssinrds, F - nning tin the Globes, — English D ainn iry, : Moore's} VSpnitor, jJones's Sheridan's Ditto, Goldsmith's Greece, lYouth's Instruilof, ———- " ii i' ^ Boyse's Pantheon, England, I '. :— ir m. of Geog. All sorts of Latin School — — irgeGeography B-) >! ts, r) eli » l-, ini e. l- Buyer's French Grammar, | tions of the Classics. N B. A new Edition of the lilliputian is if the Press, and will be ready iti a foitnight. GROCERY ANd WHolesALE SPIRIT- BUSINESS jERPMiaH WARD respe( 5tfully irifvns his Frii- nd* f't and the Public, he has removed to that old established Concert), i\' o 97, High street, lately occupied by JAMES CUNNINGHAM, esq' ( formtlfi/ by Mr. ANdReW THOMSON,) where he inr- oids cs- ryio the GROCERY and WHOLESALE; SPtRI f BtftlNK.^. From his knowledge of that trade, ant Ids de'ermiuatio'i to be supplied with every article of the be< r qoal. tv. hope* to m-- et a continuance of that support which he receiv.- d at his former Establishment in IWitl strett ; and for whit i sup- port, he tikes this opportunity of returning his si ic: re Thanks^ Beifast, Nov. 10, 1812. N. B The HOUSE and SHOP, No. 94, Hi^ h- S re.- t, M be Let, or tbe Interest in the Lease Sold,-— Also, that com- modious DWELLING- HOUse, No. 1, Queen- street, to be Sold on the first day of December next, oti the Preiuis--!, Rent free, for the term of Thirty Years from first Ma, y la- t i the situation is healthy an! pleasant, aod toe House roomy, convenient, an I in excellent repiir— For further particulars, apply as ahove Mr SHaW, 76, Milt- s'reer, will shew the Queen- street Premises.— Terms at time of Sale, DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. ' T'HE Partnership in the DRUCt OIL. und (^ OI. O'JR. ! IR. ADE, which h s been cirried on for some time past, under the Firm of M'AD AM, MARSH At. L, Ik CO. expired on the 1st instant, by mutual consent— The S- ock and Coiiceru being disposed of to GEORGE and JOHN M'ADAM, they will settle all the Accounts of the late Firm. JAMES M'ADAM. ANDREW MARSHALL. JAM'S M'CLEERY. Belfast, Nov. 16. JOHN M'ADAM. MESSRS. JEMISON Sf PATRICK, 17> EG leave to apprise the Public, that they ' ' have established an OFFICE and COVIVIODIOUS STORES, At No. 6, Calendar- Street, For the ptirpoa* enndu& ing the Carrying Trade between BELFAST and DUB' IN. November 16. TTTTrnTTNlCLE. ORIGINAL POETRY. [ For th• Jkffast Commercial Chronicle.'] ' STANZAS • On A DEAD CANARY BirD. tf'KITTBN BY DESIRE OP THE HOV. MRS. » OH ! rest sweet bird— for than canst rest Beyond the reach of care and pain, Whilst I on earth, alone, distrest, Grief's hourly prey shall long remam. I tore to » ' » w the little shrine, Where low my favourite's relics lay; And muse on joys which once were mine, When liit'ning ts thy carols gay. Thy song made cheerful many an hour, Wben anxious hope— when doubt and fejf, O'er this fond bosom, held their power, Thou would'st the ling'ring momerys cheer! Wken life on ev'ry side look'd gajv And plea ure smil'd at LoveVappeal, Around, my bird would fluttering play— And all my joys thou eeo'm'd to feel- J And there were eyes, i> „ w closed in death, That often lesmV delight on thee; Who sighed to y , , hee yield thy breath, For thou ir_. rt dear to love and me. And that ' fond j, eart— now cold and dead, wf ch throbb'd with joy to hear thee sing; Tj>" lt form which s'eop'd to see thee fed, Now soars upon an angel's wing. And there were days ef pure delight, Which thon hast cbeer'd thy mistress through, When many a peaceful slumber light, Around her couch affe& ion drew. Sweet bird, embalm'd with many a tear, Still shall tby relics grace my room, Where he— but ah ! who smoothed his bier, And laid him silent in the tomb ? None, none; the friend of kappier days, Was plung'd beneath the cnmsoh'd wave ! " Twill break my heart— tho* millions praise— He died the death of all the brave 1 Sweet bird, that sang in other days, Live in thy mistress's memory still. May peace be her's— he anxious prays, Who never vrish'd a mortal ill. She will not love thy relies less. Because this humble strain is long : For Heaver, in pi' f oft will hle* s With light and trurh-^ a S. iltoa's song. I. IB, White- CottAge, Creloea. LETTERS OF JUNIUS. arts or inquiries, or rewards would be equally in. effeflua). As to you, it is clearly my opinion, that vou have nothing to fear from the D. of B . | I reserve some things exoressly to awe htm, in case he shonld think of bringing you before the' Ho. of L I am sure I can threaten him pri- vately with such a storm, as would him tremble even in his grave. Yon may send to- morrow to the same place without farther notice; and if you have any thirjg'of your own to comrnnni- cate, T shall be glad to hear it. " C " London, Ju'v ' he 21st, 1703. SIR— I take tbe liberty to acquaint you. that the hearer of this, PvTr Milingroe was an Fnsigujn the regiment of which T was Major, sod tha' he is of an unexceptionable chara& er, both as an Officer and Gentleman. I ant, Sir, y ur most obedient Servant, CHA. LEE. " Sunday. « Sik— The spirit of your letter convinces me that you are a much better wit - r than most of the people whose works you publish. Whether you have guessed well or ill must be left to our ; future acquaintance. • For the matter nf assist, ance, be assured that, if a question should arisi upon any w itings of mine, you shall not want it. Yet yon see how things go, and I f ar my assist- ance would not avail vou tnuch. For the other points, of printino & c. it does not depend upon us at present. Mv own works you shall con- stantly have, and i point of monev, be * s< ifed you never shall suffer. I wish ' he inclosed to be announced to- morrow conspicuously for Tues- day. I am not capable of writing anv thing more finished. Your Sividicn< is Mr. Whitworth. I assure you I have not confided in him. Your friend, " C." The next letters are extremely interesting, from their relation to so particular a man as D- ivid Garrick : thev are inserted among the private letters to Mr. Woodfall in the first volume, and a fac- simile of them is also given at the beginaing of the third volume. A new and complete edition of the celebrated letters of JUNIUS has been published, with fac- similes of the hand- writing of the author, in his confidential, thoogh anonymons correspondence V'i'h Mr. WOOBFALL, the Printer ; and also fac- simile* of the hand- writing of all the distinguish- ed persons of the time, who were severally sus- pected of being the author.--- It was hoped, that this publication would decide the question which has so long been the subject of such anxious in. rqU'ry, as to who JUNIUS was. This publication, with all these curious documents annexed, do not*, however, enable us to come to a determination on that point, but they afford the means of bringing the future investigation within a more furrow compass, by ascertaining that so many of those tirho have been alternately named as the author, were not so in reality.—-. We subjoin several of the letters for the sake of the matter : for of the hand- writing we cannot, of course, give any imitation. Facsimiles nf the hand- writing of Junius, in his private letters to Mr. H. S. Woodfall. " Saturday. « SIR I have received the favour of your note. F om the contents of it, - I imagine you may have something to communicate to me : if that be'" he case, I beg you will be particular, and also, that you wi'l tell me candidly whether you know or suspect who I am— Direct a letter to Mr. William Middleton, to be left at the bar of the New Exchange Coffee- hrtise, on Monday, as early as you think proper— I am, Sir, your most pbedient, and most humble servant, C." ( Private ) « SIR— The last letter you printed was idle and improper, and I assure yon printed against my own opinion. The truth is, there are people about me whom I would wish not to contradiCt, and who would rather see Junius in the p ipers, ever » o improperly, than not at all. I wish it could be recalled. Suppose you werf to say— We have tome reason to suspect that the last letter, signed JU-.' MS, in this paperi was not written by the real Junius, though the observation escaped us at the time: or if you can j hi' off any thing yourself m " re plausible, you will j much oblige me, but viihout a positive a*>. ertion. ! Don't let it be the same day with the inclosed. Begging your pardon Tor this trouble, I remain your friend and humble servant, " C. « SIR— I have received your mysterious epistle. I dare say a letter may safely be left at tbe same place; but you may change the direflion to Mr. John Fretly. You need not advertise it. « Your's, u C." " Friday. " SIR— It is essentially necessary that the in closed should be published to- morrow, as the great question comes on on Monday, and Lo « d Granby is already ftaggeud. If you should re- ceive any answer to it, you will oblige me much by not publishing it till after Monday. " C." " Thursday night. " I shall be glad to see ihe pacquet you speak of. It cannot come from the Cavendishes, though there could be no end of the family. They would rot be so silly as to put their arms on the cover. As to me, be assured that it is not in ihe nature of thiogs vhat they, or you, or any body else should ever know me, unless I make myself known. All " Friday. " The above to that Scotchman should be printed conspicuously to- morrow. At last I have concluded mv great work, and I assure vou with no small labour I would h^ Te you begin to advertise immediately, and publish before the meeting of Parliament. Let all my papers in de- fence of Junius be inserted. I sholl now supply you verv fast with copy and note'. T' e poper and * ype should at least be as good as Wheble's- You must correct the press yourself, but I should be glad to see corrected proofs of the two first sheets. The dedication must stand first. Shew the dedication and preface to Mr. Wilkes, and if. he has any material objection, let me know. I say material, because o£ the difficulty of getting your letters. " C." " Secret Beware of David Garrick. He was sent to pumn you, and went directly to Richmond to tell the King I should write no more." " TO MR. DAVIB CARRICK. " I am very exactly informed of your imperti- nent inquiries, and of the information you so busily se t to Richmond, and wish what triumph and exultation it was received. I knew every par. tictllat it the next day. Now mark me, vaga- bond— Keep to your pantomime*, or be assured you shall hear of it — Meddle no more, thou busy iqf'Tmer ! Ii is in my power to make you curse the hour in which you dared to interfere with " JUNIUS." " I would send the above to Garrick direflly, but that I would avoid having this hand too com- monly seen. Oblige me then so much as to have it copied in any hand, and sent by the. penny post, ' ha* is, if you dislike sending it in your own writ- ing. I must be more cautious than ever. I am sure I should not survive a discovery three days, or if I did, tlr y would attaint me by bilk Change to the Somerset Coffee house, and let no mortal know the altera'ion. lam persuaded you are too ho- nest a man to contribute in any way to my de- struction. AH hooouiat ! y by me, and at a pro. j per time you shall know me. " I think the second page, with the widest lines, looks best. What is your essential reason ?— for the change. I send you some more sheets. I think the paper is- not so good as Wheble's, but I may be mistaken— the type is good. The asper- sions thrown upon my letter to the Bill of Rights shall he refuted by publication. Prevail upon Mr. Wilkes to let you have extrafls of my 2d and 3d letter to him. It will make the book still more new. I would see them before they are printed, byt keep this last to yourself. " To Mr. Woodfall" " Private and particular." Tbe citizens of l ondon appearing to have an interest not only in th* subj-' Ct of this bve law, bur in the penalty of en- forcing it ( for i t. 3/ of if being unappropriated remains as I appr- hend in the hands of the Chamberlain for the use of rhe city), tb.- re seems to be a manifest impropriety in diredling it to he sued for in the Mayor's Court, where the head of the Corporation is tile Jud^ e. snd Freemen are bv tbe con- stitution of the Court to return and impmnel the Jury, though the Jury itself perhaps is not necessarily composed of Freemen. J. DUNNING. LORD MAYOR'S DAY. London, Tuesday. Nov. 10. Yesterday Seine Lord Mjvor's D ty, the usual festivities were observed. The ceremonv of swear, ing the new Chief Magistrate ipto office at - be Exchequer hav'ng be*> n performed, the procession returned to Bhckfriars Bridge betwe" n three and f - ur o'clock. The arrangements in the interior of Guildhall were judiciously adapted to the splendour of the occasion, and the acc modation of the comp. iny. In the centre, immediately over tbe State chair, was placed the bust of the Mnqois of Welling, ton, crowned v^ itb laurel, and relieved bv stan- dards, fires, and colours, and su mounted by the word Sdamantai in letters two feet in length, bril- liantly illuminated, and extending the .^ entire bteadth of the hustings. The knigh s in armour occupied elevated si'uatt ins in the cturr-, and on each side of be S> « r » ch; « r. On the Sh- riffs' hustings, the British Navy, in let'ers of the same magnitude as those of Salamanca, pr oduced an admirable effefl ; and the borons of b ef, at each end of the Hall, duly administered by skilful car- vers, gave perfect sati- faflion to civic epicurism. tbe mouth is about three feet and a half, and con. tains nine rpwn of small'- curved teeth both in the Fac-< imiles of the hand- writings of Gentlemen, tvkose names have been mentioned as the Au- thors of the Liters. MR. BOYB'S. Mr. Woodfall will oblige his old Corresf indent by keeping the 6vst place in to- morroio'z Public Advertiser ( about h. ilf a column, or a little more,) for a pap r on an immediate sub- •< 5l. He will send it m two or three hours at farthest— and nother some time before dinner to- morrow— which Mr. W, will please to insert in the same manner on Wednesday. Norfelk- strest, May 4. MR Wll. KES' 6. That the Warders appointed to keep a close prisoner shall not presume to leave him for a moment alone, either night or Jay, or to change their duty with other Warders, but by particular leave or ori'er from the Constable, Lieutenant, De-: ury- Limtenant, or in their absence the Major of the To'* er. They are to permit no person to have admittance into tbe room he is confined in, or to » pesk to him, but by a particu- lar order brought them by , t( ie Major, or Gentleman Goaler. CHA. R- UNSIORD. MR. HORNF. TOOKE'S. J * BI w » ! l pleased and perfetilly satisfied. If you will sign a fair copy ot the enclosed, and cannot get Mr. C. to present it lor yeu, send ir to me, and T will get it presented. Whatever happens, d « you persevere and persist, and won- der at nothing. All stands well. MR. BURKE'S. The wisdom of Government is of more importance than the laws. I should study the temper of the people before I ventured on more anions.— 1 would consider the whole of the prosecution o( a iibel ol such importance as Junius, as ; trie piece, as one consistent plan of operations. After the usual loval oasts of ecrem ny, viz. rhe King, the Pi i c* Regenr, the Queen and Fa- mily, the City of London, & c. The Lord Mayor began by giving " his Ma. j, sty's Mi nisters, who had honoured him with their presence that day." The Earl of Liverpool, who was seated on the right hitnd of the late Lord Mayor, rose and returned thanks, and assured the. Company, that hi Majesty's Ministers felt it to be th tr duty to endeavour to deserve, and it was their most earnest wi- b to receive the approbation Of the Citizens > f London. The L r< i M tyor then guve " Ferdinand the 7th, ant! the gallant people of Spain." The Spa- nish Ambassador rote and bowed to the company, and Lord Vi- coum Castlereagh, in his name, ex- pressed his sincere thanks for the hon Ur done him. He felt m st sensib'y that tbe war in which the two nations were so cordially engaged, was a war in which tht pe. pl- of Great Britain felt an interest as iivcly » » those of Spain That it was I not a Writ of the Government, bat of the nations; and that it w< s not merely for Spain that they were fighting, but for ttie h tman race. He as. silted the Hall thai his Excellency participated in the feeling that had been so unequivocally pro- nounced hat day : and he was confident that the Spanish pe pie entered tully into the sentiment that thtir heart, nr. d best connexion and triend- sh'p, was Great Britain. " The Emperor of Russia, and success to the Russian War." Tljfi Rttssian Minister made his reverence, a > d Lord C. istlereagh, in his name, expressed his gra- titude for the manner in which th6 Emperor, whom he represented, had been honoured. He assured the Company that his Imp' rid Majes y was most firm in his resolution to withstand the invader of his territories— that he had the mosi undoubted persuasion of the loyalty arid valour of his people— arid the feeling that in the cour- e he was pursuing he had with him the heart and wishps, not only of every » ne of his own subjects, but of all eniigh'ened Eu: ope, He was also in- structed by his Excellency to say, that his Im perial Majesty was convinced that the true and permanent interest of his States was to maintain a perpetual friendship and connexion with Great Britain ; and which : he Noble Viscount said he hoped would be immortal. The Earl ot Liverpool begged leave to follow up the last sentiment of the Nobie Viscount's speech br a toast— " Perpetual friendship and connection between Russia and Great Britain." The Lord Mayor then gave— " The Ottoman Portt," The Ambassador raade his bow, and Lord Cas- tlereagh returned thanks in she name of Uie Su- blime Porte. ' The King of Sweden." was then given, aud the Minister also requested Lord Castlereagh to express his thanks. Several other toasts were given, aud the whole of the Gentlemen thus kep. together till the pro- per time to join the Ladies in the Drawing- room, when, after paying their re peCK to the Lady Mayoress, the Ministers withdiew. The Bail was opened by the Spanish Ambassa dor, and the Loid Mayor's second daughter.— The country danccs comnjeiiced to the tune ot Lord Wellington^ wh'ch gave additional sp rits to the whole company. TS^^-.' » JUL!. 3I. LJLIJ J m ENORMOUS LARGE FISH. its head'is rather small, considering the magnitude jj and had been tolerably trad ible for some nt^ es , of the body, and its eyes are very near the nose, ,$ but on returning they became totally unaianS >. . and much resemble those of aif ox. It has two | able. When about a mile from the house the t^ i - piracies on the snot like nostrils j the width of : men were'hrown. off. The horses still proceed and, arriving at the very high and strong rro<> park gates, which were hoih I > cked and bolted, upper- arid under jaw. It has five amazinglv large ' I they darted through, shivering thepi to pieces, gills, which falling upon each other, resemble the 3 Still dragging the carriage af. er them, thev gal capes' of a coachman's coat. Its putural fins measure four feet six inches ; its dorsal fin, three feet and a half. Its tail is horizontal, and full eight feet wide. It has two smdl fins towards the tail, nearly opposite to each other ; and con- jeOural computation assigns to its total bulk the ponderous weight of five or six tons. The skin of this astonishing creature is, uniformly rough, of a dusky colour, but whiter towards the belly, and it apppars to have only one laree spinal hone from one ex'remity to the other. It is a fem. de, and the mnmmee are of a peculiar consirtiflion On opening one of them, the fisherman's hand was covered with milk. There are two fins concealed within the mamma, which each measure two feet si* inches. The oil of this fish, it is expeOed, will increase the profits of the fish- rmen in a very con- siderable de. gree ; they, therefore, intend disposing of the animal to the best bidder, before it reaches a putridinous state, and they can exhibit it HO longer. BRIGHTON, NOV. 10.— The enormous fish, was yesterday sold by the proprietors in the usu d way of their disposing of other fish ( commonly known by the name of Dutch Auction ;) it was put up at jgl. 50, and kept reducing £ 5 at a time, till it 1 came to £ 10, when it was purchased by Mr. Weller, who exhibited it during the day, and wlr'ch produced to him many pounds. The ; emolument which this animal has produced to the fishermen has been very large : we are assur- ed by the party that they have received between 2 and ae300. In the afternoon of yesterday hand bills, announcing that the fish would be opened this diy, were distributed round the to" n, and numbers of Gentlemen attended to wit- ness the operation. The fish, we are now perfedly satisfied, is the Squalus Maximus, or Basking Shatk, as described in The Philosophical Transactions for 1803, tndis also described in the B. itish Zoology, Vol. III. page 78. Upon opening this fish, the company present were much surprised at the enormous size of the liver, which consists of two lobes, measuring in le" gth upwards of il feet, each being 16 inches thick, and is supposed to weigh considerably above wo tons. An assay h « been made, and the oil proves to be of a very sutierioi qu tlity, yielding above eight quarts in ten of pure o 1. "- O.. XJ- JJ- I MISCELLANEOUS. The following extract from " Lloyd's History of the Seven Yeats War," will elucidate the plans of Bonaparte in his northern campaign. It is ex* tracted from that part of his work in which he treats of the frontiers of the European Powers : " On the Russian frontier towards Europe, the country on the Russian side of the Dwina is for the" most part covered with lakes, forests, marshes, & c. and of course is very thinly inhabit- ed. On all this frontier, an enemy can onlv ad- vance towards Riga, and from thence towards Petersburg, or towards Pleskow, which is tbe key into Novogorod and Moscow ; the loss of Pleskow, on the lake PeipUs. brought on that of the Swedish provinces. Had Charles the Twelfth been able to keep it, he might h: ive prevented the Russians from supporting themselves on the Nieva in Ingria, and by acting on their line from Moscow to Novogorod, have forced them to Twer, behind the Volga. This Pleskow is a most important post, it they ( the Russians) had a powerful enemy to contend with on that fron- tier, but the have nons ; for the Prusians, how- ever formidable, were they totally disengaged on the side of Germany, can never advance to the Dwina : their main fo ces are behind the Oder, and must be supported from thence, and by land, because the Prussian Monarch has no fleet The Russians can, first, send a fleet to ravage the coast from Memd to Stettin. Secondly, can ad- vance in front into Prussia, and occupy it b » fore the Prussians can send a fufficient army to pre vent it. Thirdly, they can send Considerable body of troops, particularly liirht troops, to act on the Prussian line from Konigsberg to the Vis- tula, and even to pass this river and advance to- wards the Warta. Such troops want no maga- i zines. " Smolerisko is fortified, but not so as t » be able to make any considerable resistance. This is the most imp ' rtant point on all the Russian frontiers; it is oniy 200 miles, from Moscow, through which the communications between Petersburgh and the southern provinces pass ; by occupying Moscow, the empire is overturned. It was through this pass ( draolensko) rhe Poles always eoteied Rus- sia, and for a long series of years contended with success against the Russians, and even set up an impostor on the Throne of that empire. Il Charles the Twelfth, being master of Poland, instead of going to Puttawa, had taken Smolensko, and from thence advanced to Moscow, victory would have given him that important place, and for some time the empire. He could not, however, have'pre loped with the utmost speed across the oark, to- wards the river wharf, into which tlrey plunged, ' The servants coming up, with assistance, a mah„ at the risk of his life, jumped in, cut the traces,- and with difficulty, succeeded itl getting them out, Wonderful to relate, the horses were neither of them materially injured, and they are now doiug well. The men escaped unhurt. An Innkeeper was lately ( on the information' of a Rev. Gentleman of Berkshire) fined £ 5 for coursing a hare, which he immediately paid, antf- then preferred ati inforniaiion ag unst the fcfrfia plainant, for having shot a pheasant before the commencement of the present season, which sub- jected tha Reverend informer to a penalty of £ 3(\ and costs* Mrs. S. W— d, of Naseby, in Northamptonshire* wns lately delivered of a daughter, who stands in icla- tions which few in this kingdom can have ; tny pre- tension to. Besides uncles, aunts, cousins, & c. which are very numerous, she has also eleven grand, fathers and grandmothers living- in the same village, within a few hundred yards of each other, viz. three great grandfathers, four great grandmothers, tv.' i grandfathers, and two grandmothers; the oldest of whom is upwards of ninety yens of. ige, and enjoys, with the rest of her ancient relatives, a good state Oi health. We have the pleasure to inform our readers, that, '. he British and Foreign Bible Society has voted 2( XX'/. worth of paper, to replace that consumed by the ( he- at Serampore, in addition to their annual grain of 20( Kit. for translating and printing the Scriptures in all the languages of the East; and that also paper to the amsunt of 1000/. and some types, were on their passage p ior to the receipt ofjthe information giveo in our paper sbtrie days ago. EXTUAOROIS- ARX PRODUCTION—: A tree belong- ing to Young Lowson, Esq. of Haughton, ne. r Darlington, this year bore 2000 peaches; 300 fell off and 700 were taken away as a preservative for the remaining thousand. Ope half of these are as Lrge is when it bore only one- tenth of the number. Io a garden at Haddington, thete is at this m"~ merit, an apple tree in full blossom in one parr, and in another the apples are completely set, the same as in the month of May, which shows the mildness of the season. There is at present in a garden, at Firebum. Mill, belonging to Mr. Scott, a peat tree In full biossom, with Jiis year's crop of fruit on it at the same time, of which there is a Considerable quae-, tiiy. I: has a southern exposure. APFLES AND PEARS.—- Considerable pains ate raking to bring in'o one point of view the Apples^ P ars, and other Fruits produced in different parts of G eat Britain, in order to prevent the confu- sion arising from the same species of Apples and other Fruits bearing different names in different counties, and to bring their comparative ineri'S to a fair competition. To further this objeCt, Mr, L. P ilhps, jun. of Wandsworth Roid, h.> s lately calleCled more than five thousand capital sorts of Fruit Trees, from some ot which upwards ct 8{ J different sorts of Apples and Pears, i > high per- fection, and with, their names regularly marked, were produced to the Members of tbe Society of Arts, & c. at their house in the Adelphi or Friday, The Gentlemen who attended appeared to express great approbation of Mr. P/ sillips* endeavours, and to be of opinion that much public advantage would arise from his exertions. BRIGHTON, Nov. 6— In my letter of Tuesday last, I observed that an enormous fish, supposed a grampus, had been entangled in the nets of one of the herring b^ ats belonging to this place, and that a numerous body ot fishermen were then en- gaged in endeavouring to draw the stupendous animal to land} and in which task they, rffter The List of the Navy recently published, enume- rates the following number of Oficers, viz.— ^ Vdmirnl of tlie Fleet. 1 Admirals of the Ked..:... 22 '••• White... 31 Blue 21 Vice- Adm. of the Red 2.7 White.,. 2.3 Blue..,. 23 Rear. Adm. ofthe lied 22 White... 25 Blue.... 23 32 Superannuated Rear- 1 Admirals.. | Superannuated and ( Retired CapCuns.... / Post Captains Commanders Retired Commanders... Lieutenants 3527 Of which 223 are noted u* unfit lor sea service. n 797 SVS 50 THE FRENCH NAVY". List of French Ships in Toulon on the 2Sth of OClober from a Report of Ei^ ht Deserters to his Majesty's Ship Bombay, off Porgereullos:— Guns Imperiale 120 Roi de Rome... 120 Due de Monte Bello 120 Commerce of Paris 120 M ajes'eux 120 Auscerlitz 120 Wagram 120 Donawerth HO Sceptre ..."..*. 80 Ulm 74 Danube 74 Breslnu 74 • Snffrem 74 Genois 74 Maguanime 74 Ajax 74 Guns Besie...„ 74 Hannibal, tfermer'y Eng- lish) 7* Romulus 74 Trident yj. 74 Villa de Marseilles. 74 Penelope 41) Pauline Amelie 40 Incompetable j. 40 Proserpine( fornierIy Eng- Jish) fig Medie 3( j Indien 3s Beile Poule...., 36 Guns. ..... „„„..„, •! « .*. . Charlemagne 84 served it, while connected with Sweden, for the | Ambuscade 92 same reason he could not preserve his provinces ' rJantz c 78 on the Baltic; one u. f riunate event, which must * 68 final. y happen at such an immsnse distance, w ould iieces arsty have tuiued htm."— Vol. 2d, chap. 4ih, page 176. Such is the plan for the invasion of Russia, sketched by an Englishman, and executed by Bonaparte It appears from this plan, that it will be unsafe for he French Emperor to ad List of the Flushing Ships, as nea'ly as can be made out from the Dutch Hand- writing: Guns. .... 84 great perseverance and labour, succeeded. On j vance from Moscr. w towards Petersburgh, until Declamates 84 La Ville de Belun. 92 Concaventi 81 Alban 64 Trej n 72 Pultissk 84 Pacificator 7si Hollendon 94 Trump 6' 4 Cha ham..... 94 Augustus.... Tilsit.. Jllu tre Friedland ( new ship).. Hue 7S 84 1- 2 44 Friedand..., 40 HeopUr 41; Minerva 33 Eugene 4a Terpsichore 4J Htissard 14 Bulletin a Commerce de Lyon, and one name unknown. JUNIUS'S. To Mr. Printer Woodfall, in Paternoster- row. Mr. FARB EK— My servant informs me of a paper left at my house, which he carried to you, and about which you said, it would be necessary to write to me— Be so good as to let me know what it is: and if you want to see me, call on me as soon as you can, as I go out oi town to- day. Yours, tic. Jiiday. W. G. HAMILTON. the following day an announcement of what liad ! occurred was made to the town, and ttie imm n e ; number of all ranks and descriptions of persons 1 that have since paid and continue to pa , three ' pence, six pence, and even a shilling a bead for a [ sight of this extraordinary inhabitant of the deep, will well reward the fishermen tor the injuries done in their nets, and the subsequent labour and diffi- culty to which they weie compelled to submit in towing it to land. It is now considered, that this singular creature belongs to the class Mammoliis of Lini ass, and under Ceia. It measures uuvi arcis of twenty seven feet in length, and 13 in girib, he h., s obtained possession of Riga and Pleskow, | the conquest of the other capital will ^ hen be 5 easy. But no fuither operations on the side of i the French must b; lookeJ for until the Baltic is completely fiezen ; when that event takes place, the siege of Riga will commence, and be carried on with great activity, for then no succours can be sent to it bv sea. Superb and five others of ti. e Liue, names not known. The following cunous circumstance occurred a I few days ago, at Weston, near Oi ley :— Two \ young blood horses, the property of William Va vasour, Est}, were yoked to th? breaking carriage, , BELFAST: Printed and Published by DHUMMOND ANDIHSOH, fof Self and the other Proprietors, every Monday, H'- dnnJar an ' Sa'JrOay. - Price of tne " aper, when sent to any pari ot rhe Unites Kingdom, y>' 3. Us. 3rf-> early, paid in advance AGENTS— Messrs. I'ayler a « ij Newton, Warwick- s^ 1 on. don— Mr. Bernard Murray, 1 § 6,014 vhurch street, ,; uh- 1m—- Mr. las. Anderson, bookseller, ItdinuUi^ h— vir Ja » . Lang, post- master, Ncwry— Mr. a. m. fcup. ci, <. « fct- mj » . ter 1/ erry— Mr. W M'Wiiiixnu, jun. Armagh.— Mt. ' 1 bos. Morns, postmatcer, Lux gar.— Mr. Wm. .- Uam, Ran alstown— Mr. John Sharp, Coierain—- Mr. Joha L^ ttch, Uakjiucai— Mr. Jau?* s Ward, Luimifc mm
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