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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1208
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 07/11/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1208
No Pages: 4
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NO M HER 1,208 } SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1812. [ PRICE 5D POT ASHES, & c. CR A M S IE Sf CLELAtfD, HAVE FOB SALE, 120 Barrels New- York + nd Montreal POT ASHES, 80 Casks SALTPETRE, 100 Barrels ROSIN, A few Casks Bleachers' SMALTS, Sf LEAF TOBACCO. O( Sober S, 1812. 58) TOBACCO, COTTON WOOL, & ASHES. 84 lihds. Virginia Leaf Tobacco, 40 of • which are of prime quality, 120 Bah Upland Cotton Wool, 46 Barrels first sort Montreal Pot Ashes, 42 Ditto, Ditto, New Tori Ditto, 5/ 5 Ditto, Dtto, Ditto Pearl Ditto, 70 Bales Alicant Barilla, of superior quality, On Sale on moderate Terms for pood p igments, by THOMAS BELL, May 20. ( 22!)) 34, North- street. POT ASIIES, I'EARL DITTO. NEW ORLEANS COTTON, UPLAND DITTO. BARREL STAVES, HOGSHEAD DITTO. For Sale by JAMES KENNEDY, ^ September 7. ( 912) Donegall- Quay. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. GEO. M'CLURKAN IJ> FSPECTFUl. I. Y acquaints I is Fr ends and the Public, V that he has removed to the Concern No 19 HIGH- STREET ( lately occupied by Mr Geo. M'ABAM, being • only one door from his late situation) where he is at present largely supplied with every Article in the Woollen- drapery and Men's Mercery Line. Having: ju< t added his lata arrivals of LONDON SUPER- FINE CLO L^ JS, CASSIMERED, & c. & e. being a NEW and FASHIONXSIE ASSORTMENT, suited to the Season, to- gether with the few following, chosen by himself in the METROPOLIS, he presumes, forms a variety SUPZRIOK to • what he has hitherto offered to the Public. Ladies Pelisse and Mantle Merino Cloths, of the most prevailing Colors, Plain and Napt Scarlet Superfine Coatings, English and Irish Blankets, if all sizes, English, Ir'ah, and Welsh Flannels, Plain antI Fancy Card Cloths, Green Baizes and I able Covers, Wright's Extra Beaver Hats, WITH A few Ends Irish Superior Cloths, Of a quality not hitherto to be found in the North. 19, High- street, nearly opposite Bridge- street, November 2, 1812. G. M'C. cannot omit this occasion of returning his sincere acknowledgments to his Friends, for the partiality he ha. experienced, and hopes, by his minute attention and moderate charges, to ME KIT » continuance thereof. ( 239 WE, the Undersigned BREWERS, beg leave to inform our Customers and the Public, that in consequence of the High Price of Malt, thfe great advance oil Hops, and in order to enable us to make Ale and B er of sufficient Strength, are determined, that from and after tbis date, we will not sell under the following Prices'}— Best Ale, 91. 10j. to Retailers—. V 1 » < to Private Families. Second do. 21. Bt. ditto. 21 l< y. ditto. Small Beer 1/. S:. ditto. 19th October, 18IS. A- O'BRTAJ* BELttNOHAM & Co. Portadowa. ROBERT GARRF. TT, Lisbnrn. ROBERT KENNEDY SC CO. Comber. ALEXR. HOLMES SC Co. Larne. THOMAS GUNNING, Catrickfergus. JAMES BOYD, Lurgart. JOHN JOHNSTON, DO. ROBERT RUDDICK, Warfingstow » . ALEXR. CLARKE & Co. Maghera. JOHN DICKSON, Ballymertji. FERGUSON & LEDLIE, Antrim. ANDREW LYLE, ARMAGH. THOMAS GERRAGHTY, Dungannon. ALEXANDER M'KENZIE, Dungannon. WILLIAM NAPIKR, Belfast. SAM. GIBSON & Co. Do. JOHN BELL, do. FRANCIS HUDDLESTON, DO. NEWRY. A NEW PERIODICAL PUBLICATION. Belfast, October 26, 1812. A T a MEETING of the PUBLICANS of the Town of " a Belfist and its Vicinity, convened this day, at the House of CHARLES DAVIS, for the purpose of taking into consideration, certain Resolutions entered into by the BREWERS of Belfast and other places, in which they Re- solved not to sell ALE or BRER to any Retailer, except at an advance of TEN SHILLINGS per Barrel. Now, we the Retailers of Spirits and Ale in Belfast and its Vicinity ( finding that the Public Jo absolutely refuse t » pay in proportion to said advance), have come to the follow- ing Resolution :— Thac we will not purchase from any Brewer, or other Person at said advanced BKIiR or ALE, bur will rather confine eurseives to the sale uf PORTER, SPIRITUOUS LIQUORS, & c. & c. Signed by order, JOHN M'MULLAN N B. Any Brewer or other Person who will engage to deliver good BE: R and ALE in Belfast, at the former Prices, will find it their interest to address a Lerter to Mr. CHARLES DAVIS, Smithfield, BelUt, which shall be duly attended to. ( 198 ROBERT MACK " T> ESPECTFULLY returns his sincere thanks i V to his Friends and the Public, for their liberal en- SJuragement since his commencement in business, and hopes to merit a continuance of their favour.— Having received a j., r,, e Assortment of the following articles, all chosen by hi liself, lie intends selling tliein on very moderate terms : — Black and Blut Super- fines, Green and Olive ditto, Spanish Brown ditto, Regimental Mixtw e do. Cassimeres of all shades, Bedford Cord do. Woollen Cord do. English S; Irish Coatings, I) i iib Sf Corbou Kersies, Blue Nap, Scarlet do. Scarlet Coating, Blue do. Pelisse Cloths, all shades, Gilt 4" Plated Buttons, Drab Sf Olive Velveteens, Black and White Regi- mental Cloths, Likewise, Ready- made CLOTHES for Travelling Gen- tlemen, and orders executed on the shortest notice, in the be. t style, and first London Fashions. No, 11, Bridge- street, Belfast. Fashionable Waistcoat, Ba'g up Cord, Cotton Cords do. Blue, Patent, and Plain Stocking Weirs, Dn b and Gretj do. Angola Mixture do. Bombazetts of all shades, Welbore Stuffs, English Sf Irish Flnnn Is Wlute Jeans Sf Pillow Fustian, Coloured and White Serges, Black Cotton Velvets, Sfc^ Sfe. Sfc. A MEETING of the SPIRIT AND ALE RETAILERS of'the Town of Belfast and Vi- | ciniti/, is requested at the House of CHARLES " DAVIS, SmitJifield, on SATURDAY fust, the. 1th November, at the hour of TIVEL VE o'Clock, to take into consideration several Proposals re- ceived, respecting a SUPPLY < Y BKER and POR- TER, from different places. JOHN M'MULLAN. Belfast, Nov. 3, 1812. The Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Work- ing Classes of the INHABITANTS of BELFAST' and its VICINITY, give this public Notice, that they will not buy Porter, Ale, or Spirits from, nor enter the House of, any Publican, or Retailer of Malt or Spirits, who will purchase Porter or Ale from the COMBINED BREWERS OF BELFAST, or its Vicinity, at any advanced price, as they cannot see any just reason for such advance, the Malting Grain not being higher in price now than it was twelve years ago. Signed, for Self and the principal Inha- bitants of Belfast, THOMAS CRAWFORD. <- ——________________ WINTER ASSORTMENT. Superfine, Refine, and Livery Cloths; Gown, Mantle. Pelisse Cloths, and Cassimeres; Sarcenets, Velvets, Bombazines, Bumbazets, Irish Poplins, and T- btnits. ^ oaivman # sproull - lyi- OST respeilfully inform their Friends and the Public, ' I. that they have this day received a large and elegant Assortment oi th - above GOODS, of every description; v hich, together with a cnoice variety of other Goods in the WOOLL ' N, HABKRDASHERY, and FANCY LINE, tlo- y are determined to di- pose of on the mosr moderate Terms. ( 160) ----- ARMAGH, O( Sober 19. COUNTY OF DOWN. LANDS TO BE SOLD. THE FKE and INHERITANCE of the Townlands of BLEARY and BA1. LYNAGARRICK, situate in the }*-. rUh of Tullylish ; distance about two miles front Lurgau, r- ree fr.. jn Banhridge, three fro n Tundragee ' '' / r un Pertadown, all good Market Towns. BLEAIT contain about 530 Acres; BALLTNAGARHICK, about 247 Acres, Irish Plantation Measure. The Lands are of excellent quality, with a sufficient ( quantity of Turf for both. About 223 Acres have been I. eased out for upwards of CO years, for three lives, at a very low Rent, two of which lives are dead, and the survivor upwards of 72 years old Rent- Rolls, and all necessary information respecting the Title, may be had by applying to the Proprietor, WIL- LIAM MACNAMARA, Esq Banbndge; or, to GEORGE smd WILLIAM CROZIER, Attornies at Law, Dominick- street, Dublin. N. B. The Townlan ! s will be Sold together or separate; n- the former ( Bleary) will be divided, to suit Purchasers. 158) O& ubcr 19. TO BE LET, From the. \ st of November next, for such Term as may be agreed upon, npHF. HOUSE and FARM of FAIKVIEW, situate in Jl the TownUnd of Annaboe, within a few minutes walk of Kilmore Church, in the County of Armagh con- taining 40 Acres, nearly the half Meadow of the beet kind. There hi! been a large sum of money expended in buiding a Dwelling- house witn suitable Offices, now fit for thl i e- ception of a genteel Family, or a Gentleman in the Linen Business, being situated in the center of the best Linen Markets in Ireland, within two miles of Ricbhill, five of Armagh, four of Portadown, nine of JLurgan, and four nf Tandragee. On the Farm there is a good Garden and excel- lent young Orchard, planted with a variety of the choicest Fruit Trees, all in full bearing. For particulars apply to Mr. JAMIS ROBINSON, of Rich- hill; or THOMAS ROBINSON, the Proprietor, on the Pre- mies. ( 48) FAIKVIEW, Sept. 28. TOWN PARKS TO BE SOLD. -" TWO FIELDS, on the Road to SHANKHILL, nearly L opposite Mr. WHINNERY'S Gate, containing 3 A. 2 R. 8 P held under the MARQUIS of DONEGALL, for 61 Years, from Nov 1799, at the Yearly Rent of £ 1. These MEADOWS hav « been highly Manured, and are at present in excellent heart Immediate Possession can be given. Application may be made at the Office of JAMBS T. KENNEDY & Co. Rosemary- street 212) "* Belfast, 28th Oaober, 1812. A TAN- YARD TO BE LET. To be Let, from November next, for such Term as may be agreed upon, " PHE TAN- YARD occupied by the Subscriber, in I Downpatrick, with every necessary convenience for finishing 1000 Hides yearly. Apply to THOMAS HENRY. DOWNPATRICK, OiSteber 1. ( 68 BLEACH- GREEN ROBBERY. ON SATURDAY Ni » ; ht last, the BI. E ACH- GREEN of AARON STANTON and CO. of CANNHOSPY , was feloniously entered, and SIX PlECbS of Purple and White yard- ivide Printed MUSLIN taken therefrom. FIFTY POUNDS REWARD Will be paid for proof to Conviction of the Perpetrator or Perpetrators of said Robbery ; and private information wi'l be well rewarded, and kept secret, if required, by the Car, i- mtney Bleachers' Association. 16th oaober. JOHN BELL, TREASURER. N. B. It is requested that any Person to whom the above may be offered for Sale, will take notice, that they are of two different Patterns, and not fully cleared up in the white, and from the manner in whicii they were lifted, one selvage in each piece, must have been toiu every tbree- foyrtlis ei a yard, about hill an irwh in. {} 3i> THE SUBSCRIBERS to the ' « NEWRV COMMER- CIAL TELI'GRAPH" are respeflfu lv informed, that the arrangements for PuK'ishiog that NSWSIMPER. are in such forwardness, that t1 e Ediror will be enabled to Print the fir- t Number on WEDNESDAY, the I8th day of NOVKMBIB neit. Previous ' o the Commencement of their periodical labours, the proprietors deem it exped'ent to submit to the public, a candid explanation of their principles rid plm — Aloof from the various p ir'ie- that agi- are the State, they will he calm, though not in ' ifferent snail itors and recor b- rsof each passing event. Throurh the nui- of politics, and the tem- pe- t of jirr'iig fa& nns. ImhartiatHv shall he their guide, and Truth ' heir polar star The navres of the Tn. LEGRAm shall never be contaminated bv tl » . r vin ' iiUve < ffu « ions of personal malice, nor rhe wild ravings of inveterate prejudice Ry the standard nfUilil* alone, sh ill ev- rv al of every party be esti- mated. Regirdlessof the sources whence -' ublic measures may emanate, they will speak of those in" . « ur » s a « they nav be in themselves advnntag- ons of'ijifc'ions to- h Empire, and by their intrinsic wor- h a'one w'Ti they < pp eciare their im portance Whatever terds o dr. ni<- re closelv tine links of " oeial affe& ion and harmonise the passions, shaM find readv admittance into the columns oF the TELEGRAPH The proprietors, therefore, invite every philanthropist, every lover of the arts and fpvosrite of the nvises to honor them with tlei- lucubra'ions;—' or ' hev know that the ge- nerous and feel'og minH. will often rum away with disgust, from the contemplation of war. devastation, . ihd blood, to the rural scenes of agriculture, tf e fain- haunts- of poesy, or the d'ligbt'ul fief's of sc: ence ; as rhr wearv eye, pained by the btaxe of th- meridian sun. looks for relief . amidst g'ades of mingled light and so. ide, or peaceful eroves of green They admire ' h principles o' t" e Brirish Constitution, an 1 are determined to give hem their loeal and firm sup- port tinder the influence oF th « e p inciples, and still more deeply impressed with that nob'e and peculiar tenet of Christianity—" Do uitn all me- as y, u wuli th y shouU do unto vo. i thev tfvrk the s me re'igious liherty ought to be . onceded to others, wl ich thev ' hemse v s pos es « . Neve. - theless, tbev are not so tenicious of their own opinions, as to preclude from their celumns, ca! o and temperate discus- sions i n Catholic Emancipation. or on any oth- r sub] a coo- n- a- d w'th the politics .. f the Brit sh I-' es; and on all such matters, they will uniformly preserve the striaest impar- tiality T> fficlent of bis talents, yet strons in the purity of his motiv- s. tlie editor looks with some confidence to a g- ner- r « s public, for that success, which he "- ill use every possible eflf-: ft to m rit. The .'. ifficnlties he has to encounter, in this new undertaking, are obvious: vet. 10 counter alance these, h « posses- es many important a Wantages— The situation of Nr. WRY VcentRi'; i" mercantile ctnnexions widely extend ed ; its inhabiting liberal, spirited, nd fond of information. A Hir- cr and regu'ar communication is now established be- tween ' his place and Gr a' Britain, by which he wil1 be enabb d frequently ' o anticipate the Oublin conveyance ; and as the North rn mail pa- ses rhnnigK NF. WST, h* will h. ave mmy bow s advantage, in point of priority of tinse over B'st other similar public ttions. Ad 1 to tbis, that the pro- prietors h ive made most extetis'Te connexions in LONDON, and will derive their in'o- m itum from the fou-' tain head.— In a A'ord, a better abstraa and recapitulation of the inten- tions of the Proprietors of the VKLRGRAPII cannot be g ven, than in the Wowing quotation from th » ir Prospeaus, wh eh iias alreadv been submitted t. » the Public : " Disivewing all p rty broiL or ephemeral starts of in- furiate and indiscriminate censure, this P- p- r shall b<- eyr open to free discussion, tv, - II .' ijea » , r. ivide 1 the sacre l boundaries of candour a id m • lerarion be preserved invio- | late.— Useful traas, of ev- ry descrip ' on, shall Hii'- t the mosr cordial attention Public Occurrences— Parliamentarv Debates— Foreign and Domestic lutelligenc , shall be select- ed and arranjed with care. The Agriculture, Trade, and Manufi- aures of the North— the Markets of Ireland shad b* minutely stated. The Newry Shipping List— the arrival and e lartuie ot the Packets shall be regul r'y attended to. Original Essays— Moral or iterary PmduaioHs— and all other favours of Correspondents, shall be tnankfuliy re- ceived," Ac. AGENTS are appointed for the Paper, in almost every principal Town in Ireland All Or ' ers relarva to the TELFGR APH, addressed to Mr. ROBERT M'lLLAN,' TELEGRAPH - OFFICE, corner of MAKG tit r- sgt/ ARK, NEWRY, shall be respeS fully attended to The price of the Paper, in any pat of the United King- dom ( out of Newry), if paid - n adv nee, 5s 6d. per an- num. If not in advance, Jl'i 10/— Postage free. To be published every tVedand'i and Saturday. NEWRY, Oaober SO, 1819. BLEACH ORKF. N FARM TO LET, \ 7\ 7ITHIN less than three quarters of a Mile of that cx- 1 '' cellenr Market Town BANBHIOGE, with the Gr River Ban running through its center, and a mo> t capital Fall for a BLEACH MILL or FLOUR MILL, and the Race made complete home to the Mill Site, which could not now be done at a less expenditure than = 51000 This Valuab'e FARM contains upwards of Sixty Irish Acres ef choice Ground, all of which would be Meadow, with as goo- 1 a Road as in Ireland threuirh it, an 1 most beautifully situated in - a genteel and resoeaable neighbour, hood, surrounded bv Bleach- G eens. and so completely fenced with Double Ditches, Wails, and Hedges, as to bid defiance to any Fox Hounds in the country. A Lease, for ever, free « f renewal fine, will be given, i the value is offered, and the Tenant decla- ed on the First day of November next; and should its vdue not b" offered before that day, then it will be Let by Public Cant, on MOND AY the 16th November, at BOVL'S Inn, Banbridge at the Hour of ONE o'clock, to the highest Bidder, by DENNIS CAULFIELD, NEWRY N. B. Mr. CAULFIELD has Three Small FARMS to Let, near LINABIRG, containing about Five Acres each, with G001J House- thereon, formerly in the possession of AN- THONY GARVEY, Deceased. They will be Let tegether or separately. ( 44 T VICTUALING HIS MAJESTY'S REVE- NUE CKU1ZERS IN IRELAND. HE COMMISSIONERS of His MAJESTY'S CUS- TOMS and PORT DUTIES, do hereby give Notice, that they will receive s « parate PROPOSALS on the 2Sd day of November next, for SUPPLYING the several RE- VENUE CRUIZERS in IRHLAND, for ONE Year, from and after the 5th day of January next, on their respeaive Stations, or the most convenient part within those Stations, with PROVISIONS of the EES 1' QUALITY ; a List of of the Paiticulars of which, and of the different Revenue Cruizers and their Stations, may be had at the Office of the Inspeaor of Revenu • Vessels, in the Custom House of Dub- 1 n ; and from the Colieaors of Belfast, Cork, and Limerick. file Proposals are to be Sealed up, and indorsed " Pro posds for Viaualling the Cruis r, or Cruizers, ( as the case may be,) mentioning their Name or Names, and Station or Stations, and sent to the Beard on the 2Sd day of Nnvem- ber next, to be by them takui into consideration and decided on " And security will be required for the peiformuticfibof each Contraa. By order of the Commissioners, ALLAN M'LEAN, Secretary. Custom- House, Dublin, oa. IS, 1812. ( 163 N- B. ' The different Articles are to be delivered on board the neveral Cruizers at their Stations by the Cumia^ ttKii, MR. CANNING, On Monday last a highly respe& able company, consiitinpr NF abmt 400 Freemen and Gen lemen, the friends of Mr. CANNINGS partiok of an elegant dinner at the Livernnr. L Arms Hotel. The large room was suitably fitted up for th? occasion, '. he front of the orchestra being beautifully decorated with a crown composed of larnps interwoven with wreaths of laurel; and at the other end of the room a T'ansparency presenting the number 1631, which was the number of freemen who placed Mr. Canning wi: h fo large a M . joriiy at the head of the poll. After dinner, " Non Nobis Doninc." The following toasts were, in the course of the evening, delivered FROM the Chair, which, on this occasion, was most ably and respeftably filled by J" hn G'a VON*, Esq. « H » Mi';-* ry tiie King, Duke of Lancsster," wth three times three An'hem, ' God save the King " " His Royal Highness the Prince Regent," with three times thre » . " The Queen and Roy\ l Famil /." " Our Glorious Constitution in Church and State: may it con'inue unimpaired to the End of Time," with three times three. Glee," Good Subj As." " His Royal Highness the Duke of York and the Army." " His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence and the Navy." The Chairman then rose, and after a very elo- lent speech, in which he adverted to the princi- il featu- es of the recent contest, conc'ud ' d say- N[ R—" I have n > W, Gentlemen, to give you for a toast,' the Health of our Representative, the Right HFLN. GEORGE Canning, and may our connexion with him thus honourab'Y and happily commenc- d, only terminate with his political life," which was drank with thunders of aoplause. Mr. CANNING then rose, and, in a most eloquent peech, in substance spoke to the following effeft: He obsei vad, it had been his lot ofte « to rise in ther places, with the weight of momentous ques- tions upon his shoulders, and with the anticipation of honourable controversy ; he, however, never rose in his life with such ideas, and under such embarrassments as he did at present. There it something in opposition which animates, but kind- ness only overwhelms ; and his first fear in rising to address them was, thai he might not be able to finish what he might wish to sa J, as the expression of his own feelings, and in due acknowledgment! for those which they h id expressed towards him. In a pol'nical life, of no very short duration, he observed, he had had many du- ies to fulfil, and he had endeavoured to fulfil them to the best of his power. A new duty was now cast upon him, to which he had hitherto been a stranger— he duty of representing one of the greatest, most powerful, wealthy, and enlightened communities of this grea' kingdom. A duty involving many minor duties, not only that of being faithful TO their interests, but true at the same time to the general interests of the c untry. As the Repre- sentative of Liverpool, he represented a great town, whose greatness depended upon their com- merce, and whose interests were interwoven WITH hat of the empire. He, however, felt no diffi- culty in undertaking whatever was in his p > wer to do, but he was aware that he had much TO learn, much to study, much to inquire, and much to balance in his own mind, and he LOOKED to them with all those for whose interests, and from whom he was in a great measure to derive coun- sel and instruction. There were opinions, how- ever, in which the particular politics of this gr « « t COAIN mast be intimately connected with general politics. Commerce and peace were linked to- gether. And'it had been endeavoured to be in. sinuatrd by his opponents that they alone could be the faithful guardians of their interests. He ad mitted this as a general principle. Lovers of oeace! Who were not lovers of peace? In the ABSTRACT, who were advocates of war, of famine, or of pestilence '— Those who published these pro- positions knew they were deceiving the audience they addressed. They knew that the questions of peace and war were am ingst the most difficult and complica ed questions that human iruagina- ti n could conceive, or human genius could be called upon to disentangle. Those were not simple propositions of elementary truth. N >, they were always interwoven with considerations and circumstances which they well knew would per- plex the discussion of those snbjeits with difficul- ties whenever they were proposed ; but these they kept out of sight when they wished to make an impression on popular feelings. These men talk of peace in a state of the world in which all those ties which compose the elements of society were weakened, and almost rent asunder, by the deso- lating principles of our enemy. They talk of peace, and of themselves, as the lovers and advo- cates of peace, as absurdly as if an inhabitant of . West India island, amidst earthquakes and vol canoes, should talk of physical order and perpen dicular position. Who does not love light better than darkness ? But when the storm is abroad, for purposes inscrutable to us in the moral and physical world— when Providence has let loose upon us this scourge of mankind, to talk of loving peace in the abstrafl would be a reflec tion upon the understanding of those men, it did not call in question the heart. Absurd as the doctrine was when applied to our state and the state of the world in general, with what aggravated absurdity did it present itsetf to our view in a great commercial town. Peace— with whom ? With that friend of Peace, with him who had fostered the commercial intercourse of i mankind, and with him who had told them : publicly that it is his object to destroy that which 1, was the foundation of their greatness ; that which j is the gloiy of their State. They were not con- tent with this absurdity : they describe in glow-' nig colours what are the sufferings of war, and they fain would persuade us that those who, in spite of our suiferir. gs would exhort us to per- severe, are insensible to the mise.° f nllr fel- low- creatures. Wir h. i l its miseries i- i the stag, nation » f commerc.;, and in : he privation of jn my domestic comforts : who was the man that h' 1*' * h art to look at them without being affoC. i— But he wished his adversaries would deal fit*!"'. War, he observed, was full of difficulty and din- ger; yet it had its consolations too; but how happens it that those Gentlem- n invert the glass when they look at the victories of our ener. i: es : as th ' v rtre presc- n; e. l to our view, we hear no particulars of the miseries and privations to which they subject the inhabitants of France ; but on the other hand, when they looked at our exploits thev turned the diminishing side of the glass, and presented us with a magnified view of our mise- ries. But I would ask rhem whether the mother in France, when she is delivered of a m tie chid, did not look forward to tl" I ve- ir, n- hen he was to be torn to pitiless destruction ? He would ask them whether agriculture was not languish- ing for want of male population ? The subject's of the conqueror ara consoled by glory ; but let us be mindful of their unhappiness; and in a wir from which we cannot extricare ourselves, let the perseverance which England h id already so suc- cessfully exerted, be continued ; in a w ir which htd realized such victories as our pasf history might warrant us in expecting ; but such as the boldest imagination durst not have conceived, and such as would be transmitted by the pen of the historian to the admiraton of posterity. If peace could be obtained, God forbid that it should not be so ! but is peace to be enjoyed with the security of peace ? It must be so enjoyed, or it. would only substitute a temporary repose, to be followed by a more dreadful and destructive war* It had been said, and said wisely too, that charac- ter had its inconveniencies, that a man of reput- u tion dared not do a base action, though it might be advantageous, and to extend that rem iris from individuals to national chara « ter, it might be safely asserted, that, when a nation forfeit- ed its honour, it had forfeited its existence Not such the opinions, of ou.- adversaries, who think that peace purchased at any price is pre- ferable to « - ar carried on with such sacrifices as we are making. II he thought the continuance of ' he present w ir averse to commerce, he could not - present himself with confidence to a great com- mercial community, and he w 11 knew ihit in interests were inseparable with the general inter, ests of the empire. He said, they ha^ be-? ' ' old that if they would vote for those G- rttl- fflen, th- streets of Liverpool would be fuil of the hum of ndustry, and that all would be happy, peaceful, and tranquil. H" asked but one q ies'ion in an- swer to that, which w is, if England sunk how w » » Liverpool to survive ?— They had b- ei, t ,! d, and tha' very lately too, and h" ( VI . C.) nad seen it choed in publications whi^ h were un lerstoo j to snoport the ooinions of their adversaries—- h ir, if there was nothinir in the wicke Jness of > var, there was something in the hooelessness » f onr ci th. it ought to induce 11s to listen to terms of coneilia- lon. They had been told also, that all the Allies of Great Britain were unfortu atf, but he should rather say that the converse of the proposition id ' rue ; that the unfortunate are our AU' » s, that we had stepped forward in defence of strngg'ing liherty— to rai- e ' he fallen—' o pro'eft the weak and to uphold those who relied wholly on our is. sistance to save them from the sword of the con* queror j but in fad he ( Mr. C ) saw nofhirtg that . impoverished or impiired the national hope— he believed that w; still might have grei'er p iva. tions to endure, but of ' his lie was confident, ihit we could not be saved al > ne. It. was our lot, that as the safety of the great community was in: er. woven with that ot the country, so <> as ' hst of Eagland interwoven wi h the g nerd - af. iy of Europe and the civilized world. It had been im- puted to those with who- n h » hid arte !, that th > ugh the evils of wat had affl ' led commeri- e, ih. it something was yet left by the enemy which might possibly be enjoyed. The policy of those Gentlemen had offered him a solution to that ques[ ion } we w? re told that by surre idering those measures by which i wis attempted to retaliate upon the enemy, we sh ' uld conciliate America. The surrender had been made, whether improvi. dently or not, it was not then necessary to ar^ u; that was matter of controversy, hat it wa> made fruitlessly, was matter of fail H " would n < t have it thought that he was of opinion thar no im? lio. ration could be possibly nude in the intern il -. tate of this countr^, nor relief afforded to the commer. metcial interests. One advantage, he said, arising from he in. sulated state in which had been placed by the success of the Decrees of the enemy was, that we had learned the more to look to our res mrces, and he trusted that thjre might yet be m iny blessings in store foi us,— This led h m to consider a ques- tion which had been more fully commented upon by his friend Mr. Gladstone— they might naiunl. ly suppose he meant the trade to Indii.—-\ id long before he had ihe slightest h ' pe of presenting himself to this town, the worthy Cnairman knew that he enterrained an opinion, that commercial relief was to be detived to the general commerce of this country from the extension of that trade.— He stated, that he ought to guard this opinion with two qjalificaiions, the first— that great as he thought that relief would eventually be, iie did not think it would be so extensive or so sudden as would be expedted, and the first thing to be guard- ed against with all those who engaged i: i it was—* too precipiiate reliance on the enjoyments ot the good that might be offered ; and, - econdiy, a too great despondency if those first hopes should not be re ciized. He was afraid that the first adven- inert w > uid hope too much, but he trusted they would not despair too soon. He believed it was in the ge- neral nature of c nnmerce to fiad its own level, and much must be left to individual er. iei prize » ud in- dusuy, but he trusted that ihe result would be upon the whole, beneficial. ( For continuation tee teconlpatf.} Tim BELFAST COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. "^*" MR. " ANNINO'S ELECTION. % ( In continuation from first page.) The seronrJ qualification ma « , that wp are n" t to consider the question of the India trade an be. tw » en flip Company and the countr*', and if we entered into the discuss'on with that spirit it would do iniiirv fo both : b'lt' we were fo consider oi » r empi'e in Tnd< a amornalons in the history of the world, not to he indeed hy general rnles, and not to he bright into the scop*; of general reasoning and j j^ jeroent— an emrnre dspendintr upon opi- 1' J.^ r • Oent1f> men of rhei rom- nercial knowledge on jncb a suhjefl as ' hat, would not expect such reas^ ninfr from him. but he thought it desirable tft express these heads of opinions under which - that preat and complicated question must be consi- dered. He; freely owned that much remained for him to leirn, and that he not orilv should thankfully receive, but enmestly court the communications and advice of every individual amongst them The questions of war and peace, and the question of commerce, he observed, necessarily 1e* d him to the more particular consideration of that con. Tiexion which he had so auspiciously formed with this srpat commercial fown. To have been call- ed to such , a representation in such a manner, world be, if his political life should terminate to- morrow, onp of the mos' glorious ends that he could have desired ; but when the commencement of their connexion was accompanied with a wish that it might be perpetuated, he wan; ed the cou- rage to re- echo that wish, but he ought to re echo it wiih something like consciousness of his own want of personal clVms. He said, that they had been told, that during the contest, all the exertions, and all the fre » vt- he libo- al spirit of the contest, had been on the sidp of their antagonists, and that none had voted for him but poor creatures under venal influence or tyrannical compulsion ! When he looked down the tables before him— when he viewed rhe countenances of the youths of Liver, { fool, who had been militant in his cause, in their own cause, beaming with ingenuousness, spirit, and truth, he was furnishe ' with a triumphant refutation to that assertion ; and that led him to suspe^ f that it was true on the one side and not on the other, and that the imputed ought rather to have been the imouters. He stated further^ that there was a singular coincidence between internal and external subjeiTs. Gpd forbid that he should impute to any Englishman that he was a friend to the enemies of his country. It could not be. But unconsciously to themselves some similarity of sentiment will pervade their views : it is thus ' we have heard that Lords of the soil have alone nn interest in the Constitutfon of England— but al! have alike an interest. Not the soil ffnly, not the hereditary possessor' of acres only, but those also wljo by their honest industry and commercial eriter/ irize, raise those acres an hundred- fold above their vulue. He really believed-— he was willing and ar. xious to believe, that those who used these arguments did not know how exafHy they corres ponded with the doftrine of the enemies of their country, who told them that soil ; nd territory are the only, just titles to the empire of thejand atjd of the sea. To this haughty opinion Great Bri- tain had always answered, that though small, rocky, and comparatively barren, yet as she is mighty in herself, and powerful by the efficacious ' means which her commerce affords, she has a right to the tridtnt of the pcean, the sceptre of th * world. To both those arguments he returned the same answer, - he right is in England to give, and com. merce to share, the domination of the soil. The arguments ag- ripst fiflitious greatness, and in fa- vour of nAtural right, are in both instances the sSme, and he had no doubt of the coincidence being accidental, but it was singular and striking. He would not trespass upon their time any longer, and that- ked them for the honour done to him ; and when, in looking back, he could find little to deserve it, he could only look forward with hppe that he might not disgrace it. He begged that in sirting down, they would allow him to sa- lute them as members of the antieAt and loyal tswn of Liverpool, and propose, " Prosperity to its Commerce, and Perpetuity to its Principles"— which was drank with great applause. FRENCH PAPERS. PARIS, OCTOBER 57. TWENTY- XHRRD BULLETIN OF THE GRANT) ARMY. " Moscow. October 9. " The advanced guard< commanded- by the King of Naples, is upon the Nam, twenty leagues from Moscow ; the enemy's army is upon the Kalonga.— Some skirmishes have taken place for the last three days. The King of Naples has had all the advantage, aad has always driven the enemy from their positions. The Cossacks hover upofi our flanks. A patrole of ] 30 dragoons of the guard commanded by Major Marthodj has fallen into an ambuscade of the Cos- sacks between the Toad of Moscow and Kalouga.— The dragoons sabred S00 of them, and opened them- Selves a passage, but they left 20 men upon the field of battle, who were taken ; amongst them is the Major, dangerously wounded. The Duke of El- chingen is at Boghorodosk. The advanced guard of tlfc Viceroy is at Troitskoi, upon the road to Drnit- row, The colours taken by the Russians from the Turks in different wars, and several curious tilings found in the Kremlin, have been sent off for Paris.— We found a Madona enriched with diamonds ; it has also been sent to Paris. We add here a statistical account of Moscow, which was found amongst the papers of the palace. It appears that Rostopchin has emigraied. At Voronovo he set fire to his castle, and left the following writing attached to a post :— 4 I have for eight years embellished this country house, and I have lived happy in it in the bosom of my family. The inhabitants of this estate, to the number ot 1720, quit it, at vour approach ( 1), and I set fire to my house, that it may not be polluted by your presi « ce. Frenchmen, I have abandoned to you my two Moscow iiouses, with furniture worth half a million of rubles j here you will only find ashes ( 2). ( Signed) ' Count TEDOR ROSTOPOCHIN.' < Vorouovo, Sept. 29.' " The palace of Kurakin is one of those which has been saved from the fire ; Gen. Count Nansouty is lodged in it. We succeeded with great difficulty in " ( 1) They have returned, " ( 2) In truth lie set fire himself to his country- bourn, but has l » t few imitators. All the houses in the neigll- IwufHotti of Moscow are untouched,"— Vmilen*, Oct. St. withdrawing from the hospitals and houses on lire, a part of the Russian sick. There remain about 4000 of the$£" " wretched men. The number of those who perished in the fire is extremely great. We have had | for th » last eight days a warmer sun than is experienc- d at Paris this season. We do not perceive that we - xre in the Norrh. The Duke of Reggio, who is at I Wilna, has entirely recovered. The enemy's Gen- eral in chief, Bagration, is'dead of his woends, which I he received in the battle of Moskwa The Russian army disavows the fire of Moscow ; the authors of this attempt are held in detestation among the Rus- sians ; they considered Rnstepchin as a sort of Marat; he has been able to console himself in the society ot the Epglish Commissary Wilson. The Staff Major will cause the details of the battles of Smolensk and Moskwa to be printed, and point out those who dis- tinguished themselves. We have just armed the Kremlin, with thirty pieces of cannon, and construct- ed cheraux de frizes at all the entrances of it. It forms a. fprtress ; . bake- houses and magazines are established in it. PARIS, OCT. 28. MINISTER OF ORN'KRAL POr. tOH. " Three Ex- Generals. Mallet, Lahoru, and Gui- dal, have deceived some National Guards, and direct- ed them against the General Member of Police, the Prefect, and the Commandant of La Place de Paris. They committed violence against them. They false- ly spread the report of the Emperor's death. The Ex- Generals have been arrested, they have been con- victed of imposition. Justice is going to be executed upon them. The most absolute tranquillity reigns at Paris. It has been troubled in three hotels where the Brigands went. The present decree shall be publish ed, affixed, & c. " The Minister of General Police, " THE DUKE OF ROVIGO." ( Moniteur, Oct. 24,. J " PARIS, OCT. 25.— The individuals arrested yes- terday and those suspected of being their accomplices, have to- day been transferred to the Abbaye. A mili- tary commission has been appointed to decide upon their fate. It has met to- day, and heard the charges and interrogatories read.— Moniteur, Oct. 25. PARI*, OCT. 25.— On 23d October, at half- past seven in the morning, the three Ex- Generals, Mal- let, Lahoru, and Guidal, attempted acts of violence against the authorities, especially charged with maintaining the public order of this capital. Tnree I quarters of an hour after this/ attempt, those madmen were arrested, and out of a state to do injury. Two hours after, all their accomplices and adherents, viz. about fifteen officers and sub- officers, whom* they had seduced or deceived, were under the power of the Police.. The sinister reports spread by those brigands, at first caused some alarm ; but information, from authority, was sufficient to dissipate them. Pa- ris has remained so tranquil that the public funds have not experienced the slightest alteration. The interrogatory of these guilty men has consumed the whole day, and parr of the night. It results from the witnesses, that the conspiracy, if that name can be given to such an affair, was only contained in the heads of Mallet and his two confidential principals.— No indication has been collected, which can render a single citizen of Paris or the departments suspectcd of being accomplices, or having the slightest under- standing with the guilty. There was published in the evening, in al! the quarters of the city, an infor- mation of the Minister of Police, ( inserted above).— The reading was every where received with cries of " long live the Emperor." Yesterday the three Ex- Generals, and the individuals whom they had scduced into their culpable enterprise, were conducted to the hotel of the Minister of General Police, in the middle of a double row of Gens d'Amies d'Elite. Every where, on their passage, the people expressed their indignation, and accompanied them to the prison, with shouts of" long live the Emperor." Letteis. from Moscow of tie 8tli, announce that the French array, under the King of Naples, has en- tered Ktlowga, a town situated upon the Occa, 35 leagues from Moscow, and which contains a popula tion of .13,000 souls. The remains of the Russiin army fall back before the Flench troops.— Journal de Paris. " NURENBURGH, OCTOBER 18.— The Polish Ge- neral Debrowski has beaten the Russian General! Decu and Baranow, in two bloody battles upon the Berezina. They have fallen back upon Mozy.— M irshal the Duke of Belluno's corps has arrived in the town of Minsk and its neighbourhood. GEIIONA, OCT. 17 According to intelligence this moment received from Lcmarque, Commandant of Upper Catalonia, Marshal Soult's army has fortu- nately effected a junction with the army of the centre, commanded by his Majesty the King of Spain, and with ' that commanded by the Duke of Albufera.— This mass of force, which nothing can resist, has al - ready commenced operations, the results of which n) ust be decisive." LOW LSON, Monday, November 2. I. OSS OF THE BALTIC CONVOY. The terrible calamity which has befallen a British covoy, homeward bound from the Baltic, is com- municated in some detail in the Paris Papers. The number first discovered to have been in distress, off the Point of Wittau, in the island of Rugen, amount- ed to two vessels of war, a frigate, and a brig, and twenty- two trading vessels. Of this fleet, the frigate and five sail, transports, it is said, weathered the land, and seventeen, including the rtinn of war brig, gpt on shore. The brig and eight vessels were set fire to, and we should therefore suppose their ciews were saved; and the other eight vessels got within range of the enemy's batteries, and were preserved from similar destruction. Those vessels were ulti- mately wrecked, but their cargoes, it is said, had been I previously saved. The loss of property is estimated ' at an enormous amount. The vessels were laden with Russian pioduce. The Moniteur of the 28th October, contains two long reports respecting the operations of the army of Portugal subsequent to the battle of Salamanca.— They principally relate to affairs had with the Spa nish guerillas, and speak of the siege of Burgos as follows : " The enemy afterwards made their dispositions for attacking Burgos. During three weeks they have given several assaults, which have been constant- ly repulsed. At the attack of the 2Sd of September, they appear to have lost from 2,000 to 2,500 men : and on that which took place on the 11th October, j the Highland 42d regiment was very roughly hand-! led, and lost many man. On the 14th October the j fort continued to defend itself vigorously." aSRCOMn RDITIOI— STAR- OPFIC"!. In niisno wi'h the reports in the preceding co- hims, of disturbances in Paris, it was this dav stqte- f on ' Change, that the~ communication in- France hatfeeo the coasM and ' he interior had j been stopped : and that commotions h id broken oof in several o'her departments, which threatened th » overthrow of the present Government of France, the leaders of the parties being professed Repubhcais. SECOND ETHTION— OI/ ORK OFFICE. D'spntehes were ! » <•<•! tred at ten o'clock, this diw,. . from Sir , T. Saumarez. They are dated the 21 sr last, and bring an account of the progress of the '' ussim armies. It does not appear from them that there have been any r'ecent events of importance. Dispatches from Sir Home Popham have been al- so received bv Goyernment : they are dated the 18th of October, on hoard the Venerable, on the. n"> rth coast of Spain, and detail his proceedings in that quarter. F. arl Moira his consented to TO to Tndia as Go- vernor Oeneral » f Bengal and Commander- in- Chief of the Forces east of the Cape of Good Hone. On Tuesday last the appointment was communicated to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Tndia Company, an^ was receired by them wi. th. warm. a » - nrobation. The Noble Earl was also offered the'title of Marquis of Hastings, but this he has- declined.— He is expected to sail in the month of December.— Glohe. A Gentleman a resident of Porf* ea, has sub- mitted to Government a shell, that at the immense distance of ' hree miles will explode 20 balls of combustible matter of three inches diameter, and Upwards of 1000 musket and pistol balls: these will be scattered on the horizon within a circle whose diameter is 1400 yards— The weight of the shpll will be upwards of cwt. By the armed ship Isaac Todd, arrived at Ply- mouth, from Quebec, we l° arn, that Gen. Dear- born had collected about 10,000 Americans, and. that it was supoosed he would immediately ad- vance into Canada. BELFAST COITP. SK OK F. XCHANOE, & c. Nor. 6 — Belfast on London filiKI 7- f per cent. Belfast on Dublin ( 61 ds.) 1 cent. Belfast « n Glasgow 6 per cent. Turin, Nor. 4— per cent. Oov T") eh 72$ 5 per tent. Ditro Par. / TwcrrsH, Nor. 2 S per fenr. (' sinso'e for Arc 57.4 Nor. 4— Duh. onLon. 7ij | Nor. — Lon. onD'uo. 9$ A FT RIVED. 6 MAILS SINCE OUR LA8T. ntri Bv DONAC. HABKI 1 BV DUBLIN 1 BELFAST, Saturday, A'ovemher 7, 1812. he his puS'ished an ad Iress to . the people ot France, to persuade them that the most absolute tranquillity rei'gns at Puis, which is probably about as true as the oaths- and asseverations by" which he inveigled the unhappy Ferdinand to Bayonne: but from other sources we learn, that the rmli'ary bsrnds of the police continued to pa. rade the streets night and day; that the arrests had been extremely nnm- rgus ; ' and that the. par- tisans of the detained'persons- sti'l continued to placard the walls, exiting their fel'pw citizens: to insurreWon against a tyranny srt ' fidi- Vus and. so destruffive. Be it rem mbired, that this is at the moment of a general conscription of 120.000 fresh rift ms ; thtt ' it follows a recent requisition of 2500 artisans from Paris ; and that it is hy this . time well known in the F- ebch capital, what tor- rents of French blood have been, shed for the bar- tered honour of lodging among- the smoking ruins of Moscow. The following are some particulars relative to the arrested Generals : " Mallet, a General of Brigade, a staunch Jaco- bin, was employed in the Army of Italy, under Bonaparte, before the latter went to Egypt, and about four years s'nee when the French General Miollis was appointed Military. Commander of Rome, Mallet was . his Ckefdt I'Elat Mijor, but in consequence of some violent exmesst'jns made use of by him, concerning the manner, in which the Pope was treated, he was sept fo Paris as a pri- soner, and was obliged to retire upon half- pay. << Gnillet is likewise a General of Brigade, and formerly employed under Hoche in the Vendee ; he had been in the army ever since, and being likewise of the Jacobinical school, he got himself into trouble with his friend Mallet, for having at a public table, about four years since, in company with the Senators Tracey, Girat, and Cabanes, and the Deputy Attorney- General of the Council of Prizes in Paris, F1 rent Guyot ( formerly a Member of the Convention, and a great Jacobin), made use of strong expressions against Bonaparte. — It was even reported in Paris at that time, ( hat there was sufficient ground to try them. The Se- nators w% re only reprimanded for their intemperate conduff, but the Generals Mallet, Gnillet, and Fiorent Guyot were sent to the Temple, and after- wards to the Chateau de Vincennes; the last is still in confinement, but the two former were re- stored to their rank about four months since. " Lahoire was a General of Brigade, and one of Gen. More ni's great favourites, having former- ly belonged to his Staff. Whtn this Generel was arrested in 1804, Lahoire, in company with Fres- nieres, Moreail's Secretary, fk" d to Germany, hav- ing been accused of being implicated in the conspiracy of Pichegru, Georges, & c. He return- ed to France about three years ago, but was no: restored to his rank. All these men were the friends of Fouche, and as that Ex- Minister is now in Paris, who knows what his fate may be?" ELECTIONS. A Gottenburgh Mail has arrived in London, bringing accounts from Petersbnrgh to the 14< th tilt. Nothing material, however, is communicated from the neighbourhood of Moscow. A dispatch from Gen. Wittgenstein, under date of the 25th of September, mentions, that j the troops nhder hi.- , n . na. id were incessantly employed in harassing the enemy. ' His cavalry ' had been detached on different expeditions in the ; rear of the enemy, in all of which they had been j successful. Gen. Wittgenstein more particularly ; notices an expedition which had been sent to clear j the circles of Gorodesk and Plosk from the ene- ' ray, which had been eminently successful, the ; enemy having been driven out of the circles, and ;; their magazines destroyed. Several of the ene- ! my were killed, and some made prisoners. In jl one affair alone, the enemy are stated to have i lost 400 men killed in action, or in the pursuit, i and one Lieut.- Colonel, two captains, two Com miss tries of war, and 184 privates made prisoners . j — The loss on the Russian side was ni « e Cossacks I killed and 35 woun led. From the destraftion of fheir magazines, the second division of the enemy's j light cavalry is said to be totally destitute of provi- sions, and the corn for the Bavarian division is obliged to be collefled from the other side of the Dwina. We are likewise informed by an article in the St. Petersburg]] Gazette of the 2d, that the peasants in the rear of the French have begun to j take up arms, and that in some instances they have been successful in defending their villages against the enemy. In the winter season a war of the peasantry against the invaders, could it be made hniversa , might be attended with the most im- purtant consequences. French Papers to the 29 h ult. have arrived, containing the Twenty- third Bulletin of the Grand Army, dated at Moscow on the Jj'rfi. The'se Papers, as will be seen from our extraffs, an- nounce a faft of considerable political importance, namely, a CONSPIRACY in PA RIS, having appa rently for its objeft, the overthrow of the preset) t Government. The leaders of the Conspiracy were three Ex- Generals, MALLET, LAHOURIE' and GUIDAL. It appears that a General Lahorie, the zealous friend of Moreau, with two others, named M-^' et and Guidal, headed the three parties, which at the same instant attacked the residences of the Minis, ter of Police, the Prefeft of Paris, and the Military Commandant ( for it is pow a garrison town) of that capital. Their followers were officers and others of the National Guards; a fa< 2 in itself pretty strongly evincing the regular organization of the scheme, which, according to private letters is very reasonably believed to extend through many Departments of the Empire. Savary, the soi- disant Duke of Rovigo, Chief of the Spies and Judicial Assassins of Paris, a post for which he is eminently fitted'by charafler and abilities, was enabled to suppress the explosion of this plot, and to arrest the thiee leaders above- mentioned \ the Duchess of Montebello." We are extremely happy at having it in our power' to announce an important improvement which tias taken place in the P « ! t- Office Depart- ment, so far as !- t concerns this town and neigh- bourhood. . In consequence of an application to Mr. Lee-, from the Merchants of Belfast, he has direfted the Post- Master here, upon all occasions when- it is pra< 5ticable< to open the Office for de. livery of letters by the Dublin Mail at a quarter bef ire one o'clock ; and to continue receiving let- ters> to be dispatched by the Mail of that d< y, till halt- past two. - - " Public notice has been given, that- the fees of the different classes of the College of Edinburgh, are in future to be raised as follows:— The Professors of Humanity, Greek, Mai hematics and Logic, who wei; e formerly entitled to a fee of two guineas, are in future to have three; arrd those otjier Professors who forcneriy received three, are in future to charge four guineas. On Sunday, about three o'clock, the body of a male child, three weeks old, was discovered in a ditch in a lane leading to the New Bridge in Ballymacarrett ; it was discovered by some children who saw one hand above the water; on examination of the bodv, it . appeared, that tats had disfigured it very much, and a stone had been tied to the neck. We sincerely hope that the unnatural mother or perpetrator of this deed will be brought to justice. Lieut.- Gen. Sir John Doyle, K. B. is appointed to the command of a Spanish brigade. There is now on board the Diomede a man taken going into a French port, in a smail boat, haying a four- gallon cask full of guineas on board. Among the Members who have been elected for England and. W. Jes, there are 120 whs did not sit in the 1 ist Parliament. It is n ported ' hat it is the intention of Govero- ment, as soon as Parliament meets, to bring in a Bill to confiscate all the estates in the West India islands, of those persons who are resident in Fi ance, ' Denmark, and Holland.-- This - legislative mea- sure will include the extensive properties of Ma- dame Bmaparte in Martinique, and of Count j Schemmelmar in Santa Croix, as well as various j others to a great amount. It i « said to be intend, j ed to appropriate the sums that may arise from ; the sale of these estates, toivards the reimburse- ment of those individuals who have had property confiscated in France, D- nmark, and Holland. A circular letter to the Medical Officers of the Militia . regiments in Portsmouth garrison, has made known to them, that upon their volunteering to serve in the army in the Peninsula, they will have permanent rank. On the morning of Friday the 16th October, ! a sloop belonging to Campbeltown, with a cargo ; of herrings from the North Highlands, was wrecked on the south coast of Kintyre. The hull of the vessel was entirely lost, but, by . he: timely assistance and great exertions of Captain Wallace of the Prince of Wales Revenue cutter, the- whole of the herrings and the vessel's mate- rials were saved. Captain, Wallace is entitled to great praise for the prompt and ready assist- ance he gave, and it is to the exertions of him and his crew, that the owner is indebted for the safety of so much of his property. A private letter from Paris says :—" That the Emperor Napoleon had been some time at vari- ance with the Empress, and attached himself to On Thursday, after a warm contest, the Elec- tion closed at Carrickfergns for that Borough, when ARTHUR CHICHESTER., Esq. was declared du'y el'effed, arid chaired through Carrickfergus accordingly. . . Yesterday he was also chaired though the principal streets of Belfast in a car, tas « > iiill,^ 4esorated with ribbands, laurels, & c. preceded by a band of music, colours flying, See. Loitjjfield... . Colthurst.'..". CITY . OF CORK. • GROSS POLL. .-. « ... .887 [ Hutchinson. ..*... S42 COUNTY CORK. OS033 POLL. Lord Bernaf^ 1778 I Mr- Pomonby 7.19 Mr. Hare 1464 ] Mr. Leader..'. IFI^} COUNTY T1PPF. RARY. On the close of the Poll OH Monday evening, the numbers were as follow ;—- General Mathew 3416 I Mr- Big^ vSiL-. 2772 Mr. Prittie 280S COUNTY FERMANAGH. FIFTH PAY. General Cole 1970 I Mr. Brooke ny » General Archciill 1318 | SIXTH DAV, NOV. 3. General Cole 2. T51 J Mr. Brooke 1333 General Archdall 1539 TO THE Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of DOWN. GENTLEMEN, I have just received the intimation, that you have been pleased to return me to Parliament as one of your Representatives ; and I beg leave to assure you, that I receive with equal pride and pleasure, this testimony of your public confi- dence. I shall resume, with augmented satisfaction my Parliamentary duties, entrusted with the re. presentation of a County, to the interests of which I must always feel myself bound by the strongest ties. If any thing could render this honor moi © * grateful to my feelings, it would be the mannf in which it has been conferred. Your indulgent condescension, co- operating with rhe zeal rf my friends, has suffeted my interests in no respects to be prejudiced by an inevitable, but involun. tary absenfe ; and were it possible so flattering a decision could acquire additional value, that value has been stamped upon it by the fact of its beiW taken nnder, circumstances that haVeleft no room for doubt as to the decisive sensf of die County. With an anxious desire to serve you faithfully and to merit your confidence, . I remain, GENTLEMEN, With great respect, Your obliged And obedient Servant, CASTLEREAGH, , London, October 2 t, 1812. TO THK Mayor, Sheriffs, Aldermen, Burgesses, Free- holders, 8f Freemen of the County of the Toum of CARRICKFERGUS. GENTLEMEN, I request you will accept my warmest thank-, for the high honor which you have this momeii. conferred upon me, by having chosen me your Representative. In the arduous contest for your Independence, which has now terminated in victory, I consider myself but the humble means of carrying your wishes into effect: your exertions and peresever ance have been crowned with the most complete ' success. And as you have been pleased to commit to - my care the sacred trust of guarding your in. terests, be assured that it shall be my unceasing . endeavour that my conduct in Parliament, may be such as to merit the favourable opinion which • you have done me the honor to form of me, ' I have the honor to be, With the greatest respect, 1 J GENTLEMEN, Your obliged and faithful , » Humble Servant,' ARTHUR CHICHESTER. Carrickfergus, November 5, 1812. BELFAST EXPORTS, For the Week ending November 5. Antigua ( S" Jamaica— 300 bone* Smidles— 100 hoxei Soap — It casks bottied Clarer— 42 c^ sks Port— 30,000 Bricie — 100 casks Lime— 312 barreU Pork— 12 barrels Beef 20 barrels— Tongues— 30 barrels Herrings Lisbon— 19 727 yards Linen— 2 bsxes Lint- i Shirti— 5995 yards Cotton Shirting— 769 yards Calico— 1140 y? rds Muslin— 241 bales, 4 Hhds. Beacon— 21 Hhds Hams—. 7 casks Lard—> 24 kegs Mu « ard— 5 cases Iris'i Paper Liverpool— 249,423 yards Linen— 507 fi'kins B'ift'r— 1 C>- casks Aih- s— 65 half barreU Beef— 90 Bales, 3 HhJs. Bacon— 1 truss Woollen Goods. Gremock— 50 tierces, 123 barrels Beef— 280 firkins Butter — 10 berrels Pork--- 25 tisrees, 35 barrels Coffee. MaJyport— 58 bales Irish Flax. Irvine— 86 Cow Hides— 5 barrels, 2 tiercel Pork. ' Dublin— 5 pipes Iron Liquor— 238 reams Paper— 40 ke^ i Mustard— 254 bags Shumac— 27 barrels Ginger— 20 barrels Ashes, & c Weekly Shipping and Commercial Lilt. From the non- arrival of Stamp Paper from Dublin, we are this day under the necessity of printing part of the • lication on unstamped Paper, the duty for which wilt be ! - accoH ired iur on Bath. BRLF \ Died. At Satamaaca, in Spain, on the ISth of September last, in the 93d vear of his a^ e, THOMAS N TH, Lieutenant in the 7th Regiment of Foot, only son of William Nevin, Eiq. M. D. of Downpitnck. He was early distinguished by hie manly and enterprising spirit, and has le't behind him 3 charaiier that will long be dear to hit afflicted relatives and • numerous acquaintance. In Bishop- Street, Derry, Mrs. Rajs, rdid of the late ffn Ross, Esq. BELFAST SHIP NEWS. The Kelly, M'llwain, for Liverpool, clean thi » day, end • ails first fa r wind. The coppered and armed brig Levant, M'Kibben, for Lon- don, sails first fair v. : nd. The armed brig Venus, Pendleton, is loading at London for this port, to sail in a few days. The new brig Favorite, Bishop, for Liverpool,' dears this day, and sails to- morrow. The armed brig George, Caughey, sails for London in a few days. The 1 ew brig Fame, Neill, sails for Bristol first fair wind a'ter 10th nst. The Margaret 8c Nancy, Galbraith, for Glasgow, clears Itlis day, and sails first fair wind. The Hawk, MCormick, at Glasgow, and the Diana, M'Callum, at Port- Glasgow, are loading for Belfast. The Dispatch, Jamison, is loading at Dublin for Belfast. The ship Amiable, Cowing, from Derry to America, with paasengtrs, arrived safe. ARRI VET). Svigersanner, Hanver, from Stavanger, with 368 doxen Deals, 128 pieces Timber, and 14 lozen Oars. F. Iije. beth, Hansen, from Drontlion, with 1070 dozen Deals, 70 Joten Planks, and 39 Spars. Sarah Johanstn, Hancker, from Dronthon. with 9S0 drx ? n Deals. Indosrrea, , from Larwig, with 5000 Deals and Deal Ends Marv ic Ann, Endie, from St. Ubes, with 140 moys salt, ahd 3, St< 1 Cane- Reeds. Eleven Vessels with Coals, , SAII, BD, The Lord Duncan, Crosb'e for Lisbon. The Jame » Ba'lie, Hogshead, for Antigua and Jamaica. , BEL, IF AS' Oatmeal 25 Wheaten- meal i7 Bar'ey 10 Oats 11 First Flour 4S Second ditt » 42 Third ditto 25 Fourth ditto O Bran 10 Firkin Butter 124 Russan Tallow . ,. il 15 Rough Tallow 12 Rough Lard.- 90 Pork 65 Beef( NewShambles) 50 Salt Skins 52 Cow Hides. 47 Potatoes 0 Ox ditto 60 Hor « e ditto 8 Calf Skins ( Slinks). 0 Veal ditto 0 Fresh Butter 1 Scale ditto 1 Beef 0 Mutton 0 Veal 0 Liverpool Coals 39 Cumberland ditto... 26 Scotch ditto 26 Scotch maiting ditto 0 Weight of Bread this Loaf, ( li. l per stone. per lb of 16 oz. 3 |> per lb of 20 oz. 0 > CHARITY SERMON. RR, HE CH ARITY SERMON for the Benefit of the Poo* 1 HOUSE, and INFIRMARY of this Town, intended to hare been preached in the Meeting House of the Second Ptesbyterian Congregation, on SUNDAY the 25th ult. having been postponed, or, account of the extreme inchmency of the day, is to be preacned ( without further posrponemc. it,) On SUN DAT next, the Sib instant, ~ by the Re* Dr. DHOMMONO— Divine Service to com- mence at HALF past ONE o'clock. 235) Belfast, Nov. 2, 1812. POTATOES AND FLAX. THE COMMI TTEE of the Haose of INDUSTRY, want F1FVY TONS of POTATO S of best quility; and will receive Proposals for ( he Supply of the Whole, or a Part oi that quantity. They are a so giving the highest mtrket price for GOOD FLAX— Application to be made to the STEWARD, at the House in SM thfield. 270) Belfast, Nov. 6, 1812. N. B. They have a Large Quantity of most excellent FLAX- YARN, for sale. II AUCTION— STAVES. TO be Sold by Auction, on SATURDAY the 7th inst. precisely at ONE e'CIock, 28,000 Prime Philadelphia Barrel ST A VKSy Now Landing, » <• Sushis, by WILLIAM PHELPS, At his Stores, Lime Kim Dick- ji Terms at Sale. MACFARLAV, Auctioneer. November 7, 1812. ( 27S ' ALEX. BLACK HAS JUST RECEIVED TOR SALE, ZAKT Currants— Smyrna Figs— Muscadine | and Bloom Raisins— Bitter and Shell Almonds j — Citron— Candied Orange 8f Lemon— Mace, . Cloties, Cinnamon— White and Black Pepper— Ginger— Alspice— Rice— Split and whole Peas — Macaroni— Vermicelli Coffee— Chocolate Patent Cocoa— Miserable— Sago— Isinglass— Hartshorn Shavings— Basket Salt— Anchovies Capers— Vinegar— Sal- lad Oil— Refined Licor- ice—, Spanish Indigo— Wax Candles— Playing Cards— Ivory Black— Lampblack— D UBLIN GL UE— Windsor Soap— Carraway- Seed. AND HAS ON HAND, Brimstone— Sulphur— Alum— Copperas— Chip Logwood— Black Glue— Chalk— Pins— Writ- ing and Lapping Paper— Hemp, Canary, and Mustard Seeds ; With a Vaiiety of other Articles in the GROCERY LINE — all of which he will Sell on reasonable Terms. 268) 23, High- street— Belfast, Norember 3. WILLIAM NEWSAM AS received per the MINIRVA, an EXTENSIVE AD- DITION to his former Stock of London Superfine Cloths and Cassimers, j Which he is confident will be found to equal afly in the Kingdom ; and U'ely by different Vessels, a variety of LADIES' GOWN CLOTHS, Of the most Fashionable Colours and First Quality EMBOSSED AND RUMS FY MOREENS, EXTRA MILLlfD BLANKETS, % From 11 to 15 Quarters Square, of the Very Finest Wool; and he daily experts the arrival of NF. W CARPETINGS, HEARTH RUGS & UPHOLSTERY TRIMMINGS. He has a Supply of the Articles of the NEW DRESS of the DOWN HUNT. 274) Belfast, 6th Nov. 1812. WHALEBONE, 103 JDoZEN. assnrted for Sal « . Apply to CRAWFORD, HARRISON, St. Co. 275) 17, Donegall- s reet, Nov. 6. If not disposed of previously, the Above will be put up to Auction on WEDNESDAY next, at ONE o'Cluck. LAGAN NAVIGATION. A GENERAL MF. FTING of the COMPANY of UNDERTAKERS of the LAGAN NAVIGA- TION, will be held in the Center Room o, the White Linen Hall,. on TUESDAY NEXT, the 10th instant, at TWELVE o'clock, to receive the Report of the DirecSors i for the last year, eletft Diredtori for the ensuing Year, and transact other Business JAMES MCLEERY, Register. Nov. 7. ++ ( 25 • pHE SusscaiBER has for Sale, at hi » Stores, No. 80, I Waring street, 25 Tons Home- melted Tallow, 50 Utiles Barilla Ashes, 10 Tons Sicily Ditto, in Lump. Also, of his own Manufacture, 200 Bcx- t Mould Candles, fo<• Exportation, 2-> 0 Boxes Telhtu Soap, for Ditto, First an'I Second Soap. Mould and Di'it Cund'es, best quality All ef whicn will be iold on reasonable Terms for goad Payments. Belfast, Nov. 7. GEORGE HAMILL. ( 261 HAYLOCK'S TAVERN, yo. S, FOTTINGER'S- ENTHY, BELFAST. T. MAY LOCK TT> ETTJP NS Thanks to his Friends and the Public, for II V the liberal ,- ncouragemem he has experience 1 si ce his commenrement in Business in this Town, and he is leave to inform them, he has removed from SUGAR- HOUSE ENTRY, to the above House, formerly occupied by Mr. M'MULLAN. HAYLOCK having laid in a Stock of t>> e v>* ry best WINES, SPIRITS. & c. & c. flitters himself, that by his un- remitting attention to Business, he w it be enabled to give general satisfaction NB. A BILLIARD TABLE and ROOM, in good order. A BILLIARD MARKER wanted. One who can produce a satisfaSory Charatfer. ( 260 ORIGINAL HAT WARE LONDON HOUSE, Wholesale and Retail, No. 9, Bride- Street, F.. BROAD LEY nAS rece'ved a lartre Quantity of the undermentioned Articles, wh ch he is determined to sell very cheap for Ready Money : — London Gentlemen's Stuff Hats and Patent Beavers, • Ladies' White Beavers, in great variety, Do. Black Do. Do. Do. Drub Do. Do. Children s White, Black, Drab, Green, Brown, and Purple, c, c- fe. Touths' Black and Drab Hats, _ Boys' Do. Do. Also, LEATHER HA I S and CAPS of, every large quantity of TRIM- ( 165) Belfast, Nov. 2. N. B description and colour, and MINGS and FEA rHERS. TO BE SOLD By PUBLIC AUCTION, on MONDAY the 23d " OARNHII. L FARM, containing 45 Acres, distant Six JD) Miles Irom Belfast, at present in the occcupation of SAMOSL STONE, Esq held under the Earl of LONDON- DERRY, for three Lives in being, at the annual Rent of =£ 28, 2/. '- V. This Farm has been in pasture for many years, and may be viewed at any time, on application to JOHN GRIMES, who lives in the House. N B. Au& ion to take place on the Premises. ( 264 White River Mills— Kilkeel, Nor. 3. ( 271 BELFAST WHITE LINEN- HALL. T'HE GFNERAL ANNUAL MF. ETI NG of the PRO- i PRIEToRS of the flE< F* ST WHITE 1 1NEN- HALL, will b' held in the LIBRARY RSIIU, on MON- DAY, 16th November inst. at ONE o'CIuck, to eledl, hy Ballot, a Chamberlain and Committee of Fourteen for the year ensuing, and to in « peA into a state of the Accounts. HUGH MAGILL, Chamberlain. Belfast, Nov 6. It is lequ ' sted the Members will come prepared with written Lists of Fourteen for a Committee, auJ oue Name for Chamberlain, < 3n a separate slip of p. iper. ( 269 THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, BY STEWART and HOPES, Kfngs. inn « . qu., y, and to be had df Wra. Watson, No. 7, Capel- sitreet; B. Dugdale, 6, Dame- street; Gilbert and Hodges, 27, Dame4treet J CharleS Archer, 44, Dame- stfefel ;. Martin Kecne, 5, College grefen; Wra. N. Mahon, 116, Orafton- street, Dublin; and all the Booksellers itt tile principal towns in Ireland, Price It. od DR. BLACK'S VINDICATION OF TUB MINISTERS OF THE SYNOD OF ULSTER, From the misstatements : m: l misrepresentations of the llcv. W. STEELE DICKSON; with an Appendix, contain- ing 4n Appeal to the Catholic Patrons of Dr. DICKSON'S late Publication; and an Account of the Origin, Progress, and Present State of the Fund called Rcgrum Duiium The Profits arising from the Sale ivi 1 be appropriated to the Fund for the benefit of the Wido\ v » and Orphan Kami- lies of the Ministers of the Svnod of Ulster. ST. UBES SALT. A SMALL Cargo ST. UBE3 SALT, of verv superior Quality, just arrived, di- e< 3 from thence; and will be Sold out of cne V » -" el, on mode ate terns, b) HUGH WILSON & SONS. November 4. TENERIFFE BARILLA, DITTO WINE, in Pipes, London Particular, ST. UBES SALT, SURINAM COTTON- WOOL, OAK B IRK, COD LIFER OIL, 7- 8M una 4- 4th wide COTTON SHIRTINGS, of the best Qu i tity and Bleach, For Sale, on reas nable Tfrms, by WILLIAM SIMMS. November 4. ( 247 WHOLESALE ENGLISH AND IRISH WOOLLEN WAREHOUSE. JO H V IVH IT l L F. & CO. f If AVE this day received from LiTOtrooL, a copsi- - I* rferable addition to their other late arriviK 291^ Belfast, Nov 4. General Ship Hrakerage and Commissi, A 1' u in. . s. i. ";} OHV MACARTNEY begs leive to inform his Friends ? J a d the Puhrc, that he has formed a Partnership with Mr. JOHN TOPPING, ( who was regula. lv hr d to the above Business) under the Firm of JOHN MACARTNEY ^ CO, Every attention shah be paid to such orders or corisi( rnment « of Linens, or other Merchandi se, which they may be favored with, Belfast, Nov. 2, 1S12 2S4) No. 1, Chichester- Q lay. FOUR GUINEAS REWARD. " T OST, between the Fly Boat and the Office, East Quay" Jl^ F Lane, GREENOCK, on 25th Sept. 1812, a PARCEL of PAPERS. Any one returning them to Me « rs. JOHN FERGUSON fi SON, G. eenock,.. r Mr. ALEX. F1NLAY, Belfast, will receive the abote Reward?- N- B. They can be of no use to any Person but the owner ( 267 NOTICE. AS Mr. DURAND wishes an immediate settlement of the affairs rf the late Mr. WM- GOYER, all those who stand indebted are informed, that in order to discharge the debts due by him at the time of his dearh, it is absolute, ly necessary, that they do immediat » ly pay their several ac- counts, ond that every outs anding Jabt alter being next call- ed for, will be handed to an Attorney to recover the same. 2 » 6') Belfast. Nov 6. TO JOURNEYMEN PAPER MAKERS. TDTTANTSD, a few good Workmen, who liare Families 7 V that understand working at the Business. Apply to WM. C. EMERSON. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, ACOACHM4N, who perfectly understands his Busi- ness, and can produce the most satisfactory certificates a » to sobriety and hane- tv. Apply at the Ctmmtniul Cbronictc Office { 2S3 BY AUCTION. TO BE SOI. D BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At DUN DRUM BAT, < m MONDAY m, t, tbeith AW « - i, r, at TWELVE. .' Clock, The Galliot JOHANNES, As sl. e now lies . stranded ; together with her LOWER MASTS and RIGGING, BOATS, STORES, & c & c. IJwnokum, November 5. DAN"! \" G. MR. FLANAGAN p> ESPECTFIJLLY informs ; he Ladies and Gentlemen 1 V of Bellast uid vicinity, that his SCHOOL will open atffie EXCUANOE ROOMS, on MONDAY the 9th of No- vember. at TWELVE o'clock. ' ( 222 WE, the undersigned, req iest a MRF. TINT of the ROMAN CATHOLICS of the CI ry and COUN- TY of LONDONDERRY, on MONDAY the 9th ' ay of NOVE. ViBf'R neit, fo- the purp<' Se of t . k ng into consi deration the propriety of Petitioning the Legislature, at the ensuing Session of Parliament, for a Repeal of the Penal Laws, which so seriously affeA the Catholic Boly. Richard O'Doherty. John Mi Sly/ fry. Thomas White. James M Elrevy. John 0' Doherty. Oftober 20, 1S1?. ( 190 In tit Matter of WILLIAM K'RKPATRICK.\ a Bankrupt | BY The Public are respeitfully nform- td, that it is intended the following g^ t ^ N. E. TRADERS : " Shall tail at the undermentioned periods: ^^ SBE^ S* FOR LONDON, The armed brig LEVANT, M'KIBBIM... First fair wind The armed brig VINE, MoNicoMEMf ... 14 davs after. These Vessels being armed and completely well found, Insurance by them will consequently be elfefited ou the most reasonable terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, The KELLY, M'ILWAIN 4th Nov m" er. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The ST. PATRICK CAMPBELL First fur wind. The NEPTUNE, DAVIDSON Seven days after. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig VENUS, PENDLETON... 7th November. For Freight, ill London, apply to Messrs. WM S JOHN WHARTON, Nicholas' Lane'; or, in Bel'ast, to R. GREENLAW, Agent, Who will receive an.! forward LIVEN CLOTH and otliet MURCHANSTIZE wiltl care and dispatch. A few Stout l ads, wanted as APPRENTICES u || the Se « , to whum libera. fiaa> ut » geiiiMit will be gives. fX) BR SOLD I PUBLIC AUC- nov at R \ ND \ 1. S- J I'OWV on MONDAY the 16th instant, the GOODS and CHAT PLES of sa. d Bankmnr, consisting of a consi lerahle quantity of Linen Yarn, Bleached and Brown ; a few Pieces Brown Linen and Grey Calico, with some Pieces Damaged Beet; e i Linen and Remnants.—— Atso, his entire HOUSEHOLD FURNI PURE, and Cron of H \ Y, OATS, and PO f A TOES.— Terms, Bank Notes, JAMES ORR, 1 , . JAMES M'M! TLLIN,| Auction to commence It ELEVKN o'clock each day, and continue umil ail is sMd N B. Those indebted to said Estate, ether by Book Ac- count or otherwise, are requested to discharge the same to the above Aisijjness immediately, otherwise the necessary steps will b* adverted to for recovery. Nov, 5. 25s>) COUNTY OF ANTRIM. M'COSH 13* Hm,"| no be SOLD by the Sheriff Plaintiff,; j « of said County, at the House DANIB: O UOTLK of Mr JOHN COURTNEY, Defendant t ! Ballymena. on MONDAY the WILLIAM AGNEIV, ^ 9ch inst at TEN o'clock in the Plaintiff. j forenoon, all the Defendant's Same Chatrle Interest, in . ev- ral Defendant. J I KNEMHNTS in the Town ot —. J Ballymena, by virtue of Writs of Fieri Facias, in this Cause.— Dated the 4th day of Novem- ber, 1812. JOHN CAMPBELL, 262) SHB1UFJF. P RTiF, R to^ r SALE, at No. 10, Donegall- stseer. 1 THOMAS M. COATES. Bel ast, Nov. 2, 1S12. ( S38 . r— GROCER antd tk a DEALER. JAMES MONTGOMERY t P) ESPEC I FULLY informs the Public, that he haS com- \ men " ed tHe above Business, at No. 11, High- street, Corner of Crotun- Entrif, Where he is constantly supplied with every Article of the best Quality in his Line— Also, with a great variety of Liqueurs, I'sfy Sauce, Sal/ ad Oil, &(• cKr. t< r. Which he will dispose of on the most reasonable Ternts 517) Belfast, Oa., ber 29 SCALE SUGARS. TFOUR HUNDRED CASKS for Sale at the BELFAST SUGAR- HOUSE. ( 70 Oaober 4 1812. WINE k SPIRITS, Wholesale and Retail, at No, 34, Talbot- street. MM HARD Wr. I'flfJkPK JNFORMS hiS Friends and the Public, that he has com- ' menc ^ Business in the above Line, on his o- vu ac count; an " as he managed the Business, for neafly five years, or the O'd Fstablidied Hoii « e of CBARLES VAL Jorc « u* d Co h there'or1 ' opes thst his eKperferice li t'- iat Line • vi l enable him to afford the best Artic'es to His Customers, wh'ss- la sours he re peiSlully solicits.— Any commahJs left • d' 34, Talbot street, shall be m ended to. TO BE LET OR SOLD, A LOT of GROUND, in Charles'S- tfeet, for Three Live* an' 9.) Years; md a ne t HOUSE, in • ittle George- • treet, Six Years from Ist itista'rit.— Apply as aheve SA L E irirnoitf UFA ER I ' E. CAPTAIN BAYLY, Being obliged to te ? ve this fiart f Ireland, xvi'. t Sell tfv AvAiont on the Prem'. e-, firecijely at TEN a'CI ct, on MONDA'. the flt/ j November IS HOUSEHOLD EURNI PURR, which is of th< Newe- t Fas' ion, and verv best Quality, with all ' XRMIWG UT'NSILS, STOCK, and CROP; also an xcellent BAROUCHE JAUNTING C \ R His INTEREST in the HOUSE, FARM, & c. & e of NEW LODOE. s'tuated on the M. ii! Coach road, between Belfast and Antrim 10 miit6 f nni th former, and 2 from he la- ter, will be pu' up at TWO o Clock on the First day of Sale. The Farm ron'ains 20 Scorch Cunningham Acres, all late- ly manured and limed; there are 27 years of the Lease un- expired. A considerable sum having been expended in plant- ing an I lA- ful improvements makes it a very desirable resi- dence; all the trees are register Ter ns— approved Bills at Three Months, for all Sums above £ 5 N B. The whole may be viewed any day between 12 and 5 o'Clock (, 5ig TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION^ At the Done gall- Arms, Belfast, on FRIDAY the 3Oth October inst. at ONE o Clock, JpQQ A C-' RES of the Townland of BALLLYCAIRN, in A the Co of Down, and Barony ol Castlereagn, Pert of the Estate of Daniel M Neill, Esq These I, an Is join the road from Belfast to Lisburn, wichin four niiles of tne former, and ^ hr - e orthe latter.— For iurther Pa. t. culars, se - Rental, at the office of this Paper 941) O& ober 14, 1812. N. R. The above Salg has been unavoidably postponed till FRIDAY, 13th November next, when it will positively take place. SALii fURSHFR POSTPONED TO BE SOLD. " pHE following TUWN. LANDS and QUAHTER- LANOS. in i the Lower Half B irony of Glenarm, TO BE SOLD RY PUBLIC AUCTION, in th Exchange Room of Bel- fast. at TWELVE ..' Clock, on FRIDAY the I6tbday f Oftober next, if not previously Sold by private agreement ; they will be set up and sold in the following Lots :— No. 1. Town- land of CUSHENDALL, including the Town of NEW I ON- GLENS. 2. Town land of Cully. S. Ditto of Dromore. 4. Ditto of Brocas. 5. Ditto of Drumlersky. 6. Quarter- land of Money vert. 7 The Quarter- lands of Leg, Fahel, and Coshkibb ; on the former is situated a new, and comnjo liou Hotel the three are hel I under a lease of lives, renewable for ever, at a r ut of £ S, 12/. per annum. For further particulars, apply to ALEXANDER DA- VISON, Esq. Knockboy, Ballymena; or, to JAMES ' M'CLEERY, Merchant, Belfast. ( 6 _ The Sale is further postponed, at the par- ticular request of Persons in treaty, until THURSDAY, the 19 th day of November inst. ; on which day the Auction villi positively take place, if the Lands are not previously Sold bi/ Private Contract, of which due notice will be given. November 5, 1812. SALE BY AUCTION. TO BE SOf. fi, at CAMPBELL'S Hotel, U Ann street, on TUESD 1Y, the first day of Delernber next, at the Huur of r TWRl. VE o'Ctoek noon, 1HE I. E\ SE of TWO HOUSES in CHURCH- LANE. ( No 14 and 1' 5), producing an annual Profit R nt of Pi6 3s— The above Lease was granted by \ nrnjja, EARL of DONEGALL, for Ninety- one Years, from 1767. 2. W) Belfast, November 3. TO BE. SOLD, FOUR very Han some First- rate BAY CHARIOT HORSES. They have been driven Four- in- hand and w II be So d together or in Pairs, and warranted Sound Also, a Handsome CHARIOT, built by one of the first Hnuse » in London Apply at BUSH BANK, near Ballymoney 174) . O( Sober 20. DKRSON, iieliast Commercial Chronicle. 240) November 2, 1812. WANTED, A SHARE in an ESTABLISHED BUSINESS in the A Town or Neighbourhood of B'lfast, by a Person i { Capital, who has been accustomed to Meicantile transac- tions; and can give respe& able references. Apply to the EDITOR of this Paper; if by Letter, P >, t PAITL- ' ( 2 " JQ WANTS A SITU\ TJOn7 A YOUNG M AN, who has served . his time to the Mer. ' A cantile Business; is well u< ed ( o aihV employment, and keepi-. g of Accounts. As to character, it w,|| bear the stridlest inquiry ; snfficiot security giv- fr^ qone l. An address to J K. Dundalk, wiil be part cu arlv attended, ( 247 WANTED, By an Extensive Merchant, AN ApTIVE. INTELLIGGN T YO NO MAN, well acquainted with General Mercantile Bus ness. Such may hear of an Eligible Situation, by addressing a Letter ( post- paid) to Y. IC. PosT- Orrice, NEWKV. ( 13 » A COACHMAN WANTED, TO DRIVE a MAIL COACH on the Nmth Road • A Person hiving Certificates for Sobriety and c< r ' ul Conduft, will hear ol a good Situation, by app ying at tlx DERRT MAIL COACH OFFICE. 227) Belfast, November 2, 1812. r - x ne i- upus. ar. e it'siuici Iu. ly inroiui- r: ' ~ Mf& v . ed, that the following ^ RFT- V REGULAR TRADERS V^ WF . ijSkik^ Sj**. Wili tail for their re'tpe& ive fart*, xvitb the jint fair Wind after the datei mentioned t FOR LONDON, The armed brig GF. ORG", CAUGHET... 7th November. The armed brig ENDEAVOUR, FITZSIMONS, 14 days after. FOR LIVERPOOL, The New Brig t - VORI I'E, BISHOP.... 7th Novimber. The FANNY, MARTIN Eight days after. FOR BRISTOL, The New Brig FAME. NUILL IOtb November. FROM 1 IVERPOOL FOR B- I. FA,> T, The DRAPER, DAVISON 6th November. The CUNNINGHAM BOYLE. BELL, E ght days after. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig DONF. GALL, COUR I ENA^-... 7th Nov. The armed brig AURORA STARK-, 14 days after For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILL! AM OGI1 BY, rtbcbutch- YarJ. Gentlemen who have Linens to forward, will please send them to X GEORGE LANGTRY tj A few stout l ads wanted m Apprentices to thf Sta » A LL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the r. I late JAMES ARMSTRONG, of BALLVN ,,, NCNJ are requested to pay. the amount of their r- speclive Re- counts immediately to his Executors; and all Pers- ns who have any demand on the same, will please furn;. h their \ c- count- before 1st December next, direijled to his Executo. » Ballynahmch. WM. DAVISON, 7 JOHN S. A RMSTRONG, I Executor,. WM. ARMSTRONG, J (**• FOR GLASGOW. The MARGARET W NANCT, PETER GALBRAI I H, MAS I BR, ( A constant Trader), Loading, to sail in a lew nays. The BETSEYS, NEILSON Eight days after. FOR DUBLIN. The BEE, RANKIN, a Regular Trader, loading, to sail n a few days. For Freight, please apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY. The HAWK, M'CORMictc,' at Glasgow ; the BETSEYS, NEILSON, at Port- Glasgow; and » DIANA, M'CALLUM, at Greenock, are loading fix" Belfast. 253) Belfast, November 4. FOR KINGSTON JAMAICA, The UIBB. UN I A, JAMES M'DOWi. LL, MASTER, Will be clear to sail frflm hence on the November, to joiu Convoy at Cork. For Freight or Pass age apply ( o JOHN MARTIN K CO. Oilober 31, 1812. ( 034 ^ FOR BUENOS AYRES DIRECT. " IS^ IK LHT FAST- SAILLNC COPPERED AND AKMSB '' V, i^ rfv SHIP BFLFAST, ALFXR. MT. AlNi1, MAJCER, ( djily expedled) Will be dispatched for the above Port as speedily as po sfr bie after arrival.— For Freight or Passage, apply to MONTGOMERYS, STAPLES, & CO. Belfast, 31st Odlober, 12. October 19, 1812. HE ARDGLASS. FA. K'-' T will sail only once a- week fro- n tj, j, time to the first of March ; fr » i. n A . nnr evry MONDAY, at TWELVE o'rloj" id from Pin, in the Isle of Man, every TttURSDA y y BELFAST COMMKRCIA L C H ItO N1CL E. NEW P A FvT T AM EXT. HOUSE OF COMMONS. | List of the Members returned to serve in the New Parliament for the several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, fyc. in England and Wales. Those printed in Dalies, were not in the last Parlia- ' ment. Those marked thus (•), are new for tbe resfeltive Places. All the rest are re- ele< fted. Those marked thus are returned for more than one place. ENGLAND AND WALES, LETTER ADDRESSED TO Tilt BFLFAST HARP SOCIETY FFSPECTING THF. IN CONDUCT TOWARDS MR O'NEIL, THE PROFESSOR OF IRISH MUSIC. The hope of Erin sickens— her Harp half- reviv- ed frnm its inglorious slumbers, feels once more the cold stupor of neglect steal over its chords of fire ; and our last, venerable minstrel, is drooping over the grave. Pent is his form of age : furrow, ed are his reverend brows: his temp'es are thinned by the blasts of Adversity ; artd the snows of Time fall thick on his shrinking shoulders. Thus have vou seen CROMLA OF CAVES * lift its rocky head over MOILINA'S plains, when the binmal winds stripped naked its uneven forehead, and threw its snowy redundance behind in ridgy profusion on its green declivities. O'NEILB,- unfriend d as the country whose Harp he strings— O'NEILE, the honour of our land, still holds that heavenly in- strument, which national indifference, and adverse fate have assigned to everduring torgetfulness. The Harp is dnotped to be silen'— our sweet music rrustjdie— the dear recorder of former evepts— the oracle ofvthe lales of old. , and the inspirer of our joys, ^ nd the softener of oar woes; mils: lose existence ! Oh, Erin ! oh, my country*! wbtVe is thy patriotism ? and is our ancient spirit dead ? else, why this apathy— this absence of feeling ? this doll insensibility and want of thought ? Sons o: Belfast ! why do you lose yoor fame ? To re vive the Harp, the honour » ' as reserved for you ; but your efforts have proved fruitless ! you might haVe rousfcd our'muric fism destruction ; vet you wanted eithej patriotism, perhverar^ r, or the n: eans to effeCt the laudable purpose ; for the hoary Pi ofessor O'Neile, is at present without pupil, salary, or sub- sistence! A benevolent public; the refore, must soon extend its bounty to the ill- requited Bard, or else his silent necessities cannot* long' avoid its natural duty, by giving a solicitous voice to his necessary wants.— You who instituted a " HARP SOCIETY," and courted the venerable O'Neill from another part of the kingdom, to accept of a salary for as- sisting the restoration of our eipiring music ; why did you baffle his hopes and disappoint his expec- tations, by withholding from one so dependent On his profession for support, the well- earned reward of his eminent services ? Sons of Belfast! ^ o not forget that you have been candidates for, ancUiave already received green wreaths of the/ ait est fame, for reviving our dying, mitisirelsy : then why should you permit public- censure and just reproach to sully, nay, perhaps, eternally blight the flowers which compose them for neglefting the Harp, and treating ungenerously the worthy— ihe aged Pa triarch ; the absolute master of our nation's lyre. He confided much in your honour— he left his foimer haunts—; he endeared places of his frequent • visitation— the halls of noblemen, and the palaces of ancient princes, to promote your wishes; he threw hipiself entirely on your bounty, like a re. ducing M" r. arcb trusting all to a faithful few ; he left the friends of his early days, ( in person, but not in love,) for you ! Ah ! how shall he return to those fiieuds again in greater distress than they had ever bttore found him ; how will they exclaim against your instability and misconduft, for suf- fering the Son of Milesius, to leave your town a friendless wanderer. Members of the Harp So- ciety ! return to your thinking ! do not peimit the sacred relic of our departing music, to forsake the precinCts of Belfast; fot the 1' ays will come, when you must regret any inattention to the glo- rious task you have under • ken ; and oh ! have it to say, that you cherished with assiduity, the last hours of Erin's greatest Bare. I remain, Townsmen, most respectfully yours, AUGUSTUS. Belfast, October 5, 1812. The Cave- Hill, according to our ancitrt poets. Ahinjrdon " Sir G lawyer, Bart Albans, St T Halsey, C Smith AMSnrough H Fvnes, H DavtHns Aldeborgh ' Lord Dufferin, * \ Strahin Amersham T T Drake, W S Drake Andover * H Smith. Hon N Fel! owe » Anglenea Hon B Paget Appleby * J t. owther. 7 Courtenay Arundel f* H H WUlyneux, F J Wilder Ashburton Right Hon J Sullivan, R Preston Aylssbury " l ord Nugent, T Husney Banbury Hon F H AT Douolas Barnstaple " fV M Lofien, Bt— Sir E Coote, KB Bath t. ord I Thynne, C Palmer ' Beaumaris F F Lews Bedfordshire • Marquis of Tavistock, F Pym Bedford Hon GW Russell, S Whitbread Bedwin Rt Hon Sir J Nicholl. Knt— I H Leigh Beeralston I. ord Lovaine. Hon H Percy Berkshire C Dundas, ' Hon R Neville Berwick A Allan, yH H St Pa* Beverley I Wharton, C Forbce Bewdley M P Andrews Bishop's Castle W Ctive. J Robinson Bletchingley Sir C Talbot. W Kenrick Bodmyn Right Hon C Bathurst, D Giddy Boraughbridge W H Clinton, H Clinton Bossiney ... I A S Wortley. Earl of Desart Boston Hon P D Bur'rell, W A Maddocks Brackley R H Bradshawe, H Wrotteslry Bramber • W Wilberforce, J Irving Breconshire T Wood Brecon C Morgan Bridgenorth * Hon C C Jenkinwn, T Whitmore Bridgewater G Pocock, W Astell Bridport WD Best, * H H St Pawl Bri- t » l R H Davis. J Protberoe Buckinghamshire ... Earl Temple, W Lowndes Buckingham Lord Firing*, * W H Freeirantle Callington Sir W Poynta, Sir J L Angers Calne J Jekvll, " Hon J Abercrombie Cambridgeshire . ... Lord C S Manners, Lord F G Osborne Cambridge Hon E Finch, R Manners Ditto University ... I ord Palmerston, J H Smith CameUord — Leader, S Scott Canterbury J Baker, * S R Lushingtoo Cardiff I. ord W Stuart Cardiganshire T John's Cardigan Hon Colonel Vaughati ..• S r J Graham, Bart H Pawcett .. Lord R Seymour • •• G Campbell ..- Sir R Williams, Bart ... Hon C Pag* ...* Hn A C Bradshaw, Hn F G Howard ... D Davenport, W Egertok ... J Egerton. T Grosvenor ... Earl of March, * W Huskisson ..•• Right Hon R Peele. C Broole ... Right Hon G Rose, WE Tmline ...' Lord Appsleyi M H Beach • • ^ » I. ord CastlerWgh, Hon R Cunon ..• Lord Lowther, I I. n » ther H Ptvis, R Thornton Carlisle . Carmarthenshire. Carmarthen Carnarvonshire.. Carnarvon........ fastle Rising ... Cheshire ; fcester Chichester Chipps nham Christchurch C'rencester Clitheroe Cockermouth ... Colch ester. Shrewsi ury ... ShroptSire ... Somersetshire Southampton . Southwark , Corfe Castle H Bank , P W Baker Cornwall Sir W I emon. Bir^ J H Tremayne Coventry P Moore, J Pi- tteriMrth Cricklade T Colley, J Pitt Cumberland Lord Morpeth, qj l. nwther Dartmouth A H Holdsworth, TP & a, tari Denbighshire Sir W W Wynn, Bart Denbigh Lord Ki'tviall • Derbyshire I. ord G Cavendish. F. M Munday Derby... Hon H F Cavendish, E Coke Devil" G Estcourt, J Smith Devonshire J P Bastard, Sir T D Aclland, Bart Dorchester C H Bou » erie, P Williams, jam Dorsetshire W M Pitt, E B Pojtnian Dover C Jenkenson. J Jackson Downton Hon C D Bouverie, Sir T Plumer. Kt nroitwieh Hon A Foley. Sir T E Winnington Bunwicb ..... Lord Huntiugfield, M Barne Durhamshire Sir H V Ten, pest, Bt— Lord Barnard Durham R J Lambton, R Whar,„ n Fast Looe Sir E Buller, Bart— D Vanderhcyden Edmut) d3bury Lord C Fitzroy, ^ Foster Essex T A HouWon, * C C Western Evesham W Manning, H Howarth Exeter - J Buller, IV Courtesy Eye Sir W 0arrort), Knt— M Singleton Flintshire Sir T Mnstyn, Bart Flint " Sir E P Lloyd, Bart Fowey R Wigram. IV Kasbleigi Gatttn Sir M Wood, Bart— W Congreve GermainsSt J Prinze, * H Golbourne Glamorganshtre.... T Wyndham .. C Lord R E H Somerset Gloucestershire Js| r B w Gu;, p Rart Gloucester ^ H H Molyueux, R Morris Grampound Hon A C Johnstone, J Teed Grintham W E Well. y, R Smiti Giimsby Sir R H. ren, Bart. J P Grant Grinstead, East.... G W Gunning, * J Stephen Guildford Hon T C Onslow, A Onslotu Hampshire W Chute, T F Hearhcote t Right Hon ) H Addington rw, ch I ' Right Hon N VaMiittart Haslemere Right Hon C I. ong, R Ward Hastings Sir A Hume, Bart. J Va- wtins Haverford West ... Lord Kensing'on Heist,. 11 fV Home, H Hammersley Herefordshire Sir G G Cotterell, Bart. T Foley Hereford T P Symonds, R P Scudamore Hertfordshire Hon T Brand, Sir J S Sebright Hertford Hen F. S Cowper, N Calvert Heyden G Johnsrone, A Browne Heytesbury Hon S Hood, C huncombe Highani Ferrers ... W Plumer Hindon W Beckford, B Hobhonse Honiton * R W H Vyse, G A Robinson Horsham * Sir A Pigot, Knt, « R Huist Huntingdonshire ... L « rd Hinchinbrooke, W H Fellowes Huutmgdon J Calvert, S Farmer Hythe Sit J Pearing, M White Ilchester * J W Ward, G Phillip• Ipswich R A Crickett, J Round Ives, St Sir W Stirling, Bt. W P L Welle, ley Kent Sir E Knatchbull, Bt. Sir W Geary, Bt King's Lynn Lord Walpole, Sir M B Folkes, Bart Kingttoo- on Hull... J Stanilorth, G W Denys Knaresboiough Lord J Townshend, Lord Ossulston Lancashire J Blackburne, * Lord Stanley Lancaster.. J F Cavthorne, Colonel Dtneton Launceston P H Pelltiu, J Brogden Leke.- tersbire Lord R S Manners, GAL Keck Leicester S S. nith, T Ba'olngcon Leominster J Harcourt, J W Lubboei Liskeard Hon W Eliot; * Hon C P Yorke LostwithitL Right Hon R P Carew, J W War re Lewis ... T R Kemp, G Shiffiier Lincoln- hire... Hon C A Pelham, C Chaplin Lincoln ... Liichfielil.. Liverpool., London ... J N Fazalterley, Sir H Sullivan, Bart •... G Anton, GOV Vernon » Rt Hon G Canning, ^ t. Uascoyne 5 Sir W. Curtis, Sir J. Sliaw, t H. C. Combe, J. Atkim Lurigershall M. D. Magens, J. H. Everett Ludlow Lord Clive, H. Clive • Lyme I. ord Borghersh, H. Rane I. yniington G Duckett, Sir ff. B Veate, Bart. Maidstone G Simpson, Sir F. Btviges, Bart, Ma'den j. H Strutt, B Gashell Malmshury Sir C. Ps- trm, W H Beach Malton Lord Duncannon, J C. Jfamsden Marlborough Lord Bruc, Hon. W Stopford Marlow... O William", P Grenfell Mawes, St S M. Bernard. * W Shipley Michael'*, St John Bruce, R. G. Hotarf * Me- ioneth^ hire Sir R W. Vaug'ian, Bart. MHbnrst Smith, T. Thompson Middlesex G. Bvng, W. Mellish Milborne Port Hon. Sir K. Paget. K. B R. W Caiherd Minehesd..... J. F Lntterell, 7 F. Lutterelt. jun. Vlonmouthshire ... Lord A. H. Somerset, Sir C. Morgan, Bt, Monmouth Lord C. H. Somerset Montgomeryshire . . C. W. Wynne Montgomery W. Keene Morneth H ' n. W. Howard, Wil'iam Ord Newa'k Sir S Cotton, K. B.— H. Willoughby Newca* tle- uponTyn / Vf W Ridley, C Ellison NewcastleunderLyn'Earl Gower, Sir J F Bmghrey Newport, Cornwall? Rnine, William Northev Newport, Hants Sir 1, T W Holmes P Worsley Newton, Lancashire/ F B'ackhurne, P Heron Newton, Hants Hon G A Pelham. B P Blash'ord Norfolk Sir J H Astley, T W Coke North Allerton Lord Lascelles H Pierse Nerthamptonshire. . Lord Al'horpe, W R Cartwright Northampton Earl Oompton, W Hanburv Northumberland ... J R Beaumont, Sir C Monck Norwich W Smith, C Harvey Nottinghamshire ... Lord Newark, * l. ord W C Bentinck Nottingham J Smith, Lord Ratcl'ffe Oakhamptoll A Saville, Lord Graves Orford Rt Hn C Arthbuthnot, • A E M'Naghten Oxfordshire Lord F A Spencer, J Fane Oxford J T Lockhart, J A Wright Oxford University.. Rt Hn Sir W Scott, Rt Hn C Abbott Pembrokeshire ^ John Owen Pembroke J Owen Penrhyn H Swann, P Gelt Peterborough * Rt Hn G Ponsonby, Rt Hn W Elliott Petersfieid H Jo! iffe, G Canning Plymouth Sir C M Pole, Bart B Bloomfield Plympton Col Duckett, J Macdonald PontefraA '^ Hon H I. ascelles, R P Milnea Poole * M A Taylor, B L Lester Portsmouth Sir T Miller, Bart J Markham Preston ... S Horrocks, E Hornby Queenhorough J Osborne, R Moorsom. Radnorshire .. W Wilkin* Radnor R Price Reading C S Le Fevre, J Simeon Retford, East G Osbaldesto*. C Marsh Richmond R Chalooer, * D North. Rippon Rt Hn F J Robinson, G Gippa Rochester T B Thompson, J. Calcraft Romney Sir J Duekwortl K 11.— IV Mitfori Rutlandshire Sir G Heathtole. Bart C N Noel Rye T P Lamb. Sir H Sullivon, Bart. Ryegat* J Cocks, Hon J S Cocks Salt ash M Russell, M G Prendergait San iwich > Sir J S Yerke, * J Marryatt Salisbury W Hussey, I. ord Folkstone Sarum, OM J D Porcher, 7 Alexander Scarborough Hon E Phipps, Rt Hon. C M Sutton Shaftabury R Robton, H Gurney Shoreham Sir C M Burrell, Bart., T Shelley Seaford J Leach, * C R Ellia Hon H G Bennett, Sir R Hill, K B J Coates, I K Powell W Dickinson, * W G Langton G H Rose, A Atherley H Thornton, C Calvert Suffordshiie Lord G 1. Gower, E J Littleton Stafford ...* Benoon, Cil Wilson Stamford ' Lord Hmniker, E Foulkes Steynmg ' Sir J Aubrey, Bart., J. M Lloyd tftockbridge J F Barham, G Portar Sudbury Sir J C Hippesiey, C Wyatt Suffolk T s Gooch, Sir W Rowley, Bart Surrey Sir T Sutton, G H Sumner Sussex Sir G Webster, Bart, W Burrtll Tamworth Sir R Peale, Bart lord C Towns bend Tavistock I- d W Rusaell, **. t Hn Col Fiupatricl Taunton HP Collins, A Baring Tewkesbury J £ Delude.- mull, J Martin Thttiord T Creevey, Lord W Fittroy Thirske W FrankUoH, R Greenhill Tiverton Right Hon R Ryder, W Fitihugh To. ness T. P. Courteuay, J Win Tregony * W Holmes, A Grant T uro * Sir G Warrander, Birt,, J Lemon Wallmgford * E F Maiilaud, W L Hughes Wareham & & » *>, H Broadhend Warwickshire Sir G Mordaunt, Bart, f) S Dugdale Warwick Lord Brooke, C Williams Wells .„. C Tu « lway, C W Taylor Wwidover G Smith, « T A Smith Wenloe iUn J Simpsou, C W Forester Weobly Lord St Asaph, Hon W L Bathurst Westbury " B Hill, R Sbw We- tiooe C Bmller, A IfnlUr Westminster l- « rd Cochrane, Sir F Burdett, Bart Westmoreland AM H C Lnvtber, Lord Muncaster A'eymouth and $ Sir J Murray, ' 1' Wallace Mtlcornbe Regis § / Broadkurst, H Trail ,. T, . , . § Hon W A Townshend Wh, tchurch JHon W A Braderick Wigan J H » dson, R H Leigh Wilton Hon C Herbert, R Sheldon Wiltshire R Long, P C Metbuen Wi,, chei. e* C Bewicke, C W F Fane Winchester Sir H C Mildway, R Maylor Windsor E Disbrowe, J Ranisbottom Woodstock Sir H W Dash wood, Bt W Thornton Worcestershire Hon W B l. ygon, Hon W H Lytdeton Worcester A Robarts, W Gordon Wootton Bassett ... J Atursol J Kibblewhite Wycomb Sir i' iiaring, Bart. Sir J D King, Bt Yarmouth, Norloik I. oftus, E R Laton Yarmouth , Han'* ... Sir H C Montgomery, Bt— R Weliesley Yorkshire Lord Miltoo, Hu# H La ceiles York Sir M M Sykes, Bt. Hon L Dundas IRISH MEMBERS RETURNED. Carrickfergus, Co. and Town— Arthur Chichester, Esq. Armagh City— Do& or Duigeiuu. Limerick Ditto— Colonel Vereker. Kilkenny Ditto— Colonel Blundell. Waterford Ditto— Sir John Newport, Bart. Trinity College— W. C. Plunket, E^. Monaghan County— C. P Leslie and R.. T. Dawson, Esqrs. Longford Ditto— Sis T. Fetherstona, Bt. and Viscount Forbes. Queen's Crunty— W. W. Pole and Sir Henry 1' arnell. County Tyrone— Right Hon. Sir J. Stewart, Bart, and Thomas Knox, E= q. Cavan— Hon Colonel Barry and Nath. Sneyd, Esq. Down— Lord Castlei eagh and Colonel Meade. _____ slij » 0— Charles O'Hara and Edw 6. Cooper, Esq. Antrim— Hon John O'Neill ami Lord Yarmouth. Kildare— I, ord H. Fitzgerald and R. Lacouch, Esq. - Kerry— Colonel James Crosbie and Right Hon. M. Fitzgerald. Armagh— Wm. Richardson and Wm. Robinson, Esqrs i Kilkenny— Hon. James Butler and Hon. Frudet. ck Ponsonby. Westmeaik— Gustavus Rochford and CoLPakenham. Waterford— Sir Wm. Carr Beresf » rd and Richard Power, Esq Drogheda, County and Tawn— Henry M. Ogle, Esq. Kinsile Town.— Henry Marcui, Esq. Enms Ditto— Gen. George Walpole. Mallow Ditto— James Cotter, Esq. New Ross Ditto— Charles Leigh, Esq. DonegallCounty— Sir, J. Stuart, Bt. and Gen. Geo. V. Hart. SCOTCH MEMBERS RETURNED. < Berwick County— J Bailie, Esq i Forfar County— Hon W R Maule | Edinburgh County— Jir G Cleik, Bart ' <* riri; n< r County— Sir C. Edmonstone, Bart Perth County— J Drummond. Esq Selkirk Ditto— W E Lockhart, Esq Renfrew nitto— A Speirs, Esq Nairn and Cromarty Ditto— Co'onel H Rose Wigton Ditto— Hon General W Stewart Burghs in tbe DistriA of Dumfri » . i— W R K Deuglas, Esq Aberdeen County— J Fergusson, Esq | The Scots and Irish Returns are not yet complete.] GROCERS OF DUBLIN. Ar a General Meeting of the Grocers of Dublin, the Following Sk - tch of a Petition to Parliament, was presented by their Counsel, Mr. Finlay. It is now under the consideration " f most of the high Parliamentary Characters of Ireland, whether con- nected with Government or Opposition : the Mem- bers for the City, County, and College, the ore. sen and la: e Secretaries, Chancellor of the Exche- quer, & c. kc. A Deputation waited on Mr. Peel and Mr. Poole, and were received in the most sa- tisfactory manner. The case contained in the Pe- tition is curious and interesting. It has been resolved, that a Clause should be added, praying that Petitioners may be heard by their Counsel, at the Bar of the House, in support of this Petition, and Mr. Finlay has been selected for that duty. Your petitio « ers must humbly beg nermission to mpress on the good sense and good feeling of this Hon. Hotise, that. " to increase the revenue bv in- creasing the number of publicans," is a b id re ison for a false fact— a principle which your consideration and your clemency must combine to reject— which can- not conduce to increase your revenue, nnd which ought to be rejected even if it could. Your petition- ers therefoie anxiously hope and htimbly piav :— That this twofold hardship from these two stntutc- s affecting them, as retailers of spirituous liquors, the first annulling their just debts, and the second con- tracting fair trade, may appear to you as they appear to them, unreasonable, severe and impolitic— and that your justice will incline you to remedy a hardship which affects an extensive and reputable class of the community. Aid i/ our petitioners rvill ever pray. Octobtis, 1812; To the Rigkt Honourable and Honourable tli* Knights, Citizens and Burgesses of tii* » United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of the undersigned licensed grocers, of the city and suburbs of Dublin, on behalf of themselves and the grocers of Ireland, HUMBLY SIREWETH,— That your petitioners are. li- censed to exercise the business of grocers, and also to retail spirituous liquors. That the individaals of this description in the city; and suburbs ) f Dublin, alone, exceed the number of seven hundred. That the amount of their licenses, in the single capacity of re- tailers of spirits averages annually 30,000/. That *> retailers of spirituous liquors, your petitioners are af- fected by two statutable severities, which they submit as deserving attention and relief from • : nd equity of this Honourable House- That the first se- verity springs from a clause in the 45th, and the se- cond from ore in the 47th of the King. They sht^, that by a clause in the 45th of the King, it is enacted that " no vender of wine, spirit- " uous liquors, or other liquois, therein recited, shall " recover in his action at law, any debt contracted " for'suci) liquois, if such liquors have been vended " in quantities less than the value of c20s. each time." They shew that under the above clause any man may take from any vender any quantity of svine, or spirit- uous liquors, less than the value of 20, s. and may re- peat such order, for such quantity, as often as he pleases, every day, and for as many years as he can get credit, and the vender cannot recover any thing in law for such debts, from such consumers. They submit that the majority of orders from the ma- jority of their customers in the above articles, are for quantities less than the value of twenty- shil- lings, and of that description, which by this clause, are thus made ii recoverable in law- That the Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench has ruled and en- forced this clause. That thr greater portion of thrir book debts in the above articles are thus nullified, ind trade is injured, because, that confidence is weak- ened, under which the vender could put trust in the consumer. They submit that this hardship is not confined to this city, but extends to all large towns in this island— that it is not confined to the class of gro- cers, but equally extends to publicans, and all who sell liquors by less quantities than the value of 20s.— This hardship they suffer in common with publicans ; the second hardship they suffer as contra distinguish- ed from publicans. Your petitioners shew, that by the 47th of the King, material and severe distinction was enacted, between the grocer and the pub- lican, respecting the retail of spirituous liquors. — In the 47th of the King, session 2d— chapter 12th. Section 14th.— It is thus enacted—" Provided always " that it shall not be lawful for any such grocer, & c. " to sell any spirituous liquors, wine, beer, & c. in any " quantity less than two reputed quarts—- nor sell any " spirituous liquors, wine, beer, & c. to be consumed " in the house." They submit that by these clauses they are excluded from the entire business of retail: it is taken from the grocer and given to the publican, and yet the grocer is taxed by his license, equally with the publican. They submit that whether it be the object of this act to improve the revenu? of the crown, or the morals of the people, neither object is attained, both are defeated. That the public revenue and public morality are injured together. That the revenue is injured, because the retail of spirituous liquors in quantities less than two quarts, constitutes in fact, the entire business of retail— the prohibition must operate to the grocer, as a prohibition against retail altogether. Thus all the grocers must be ex- cluded from the trade. Giving the retail to the publican exclusively, can- not increase the issue of licences, for the publican must buy licence at all events, but it must materially diminish the issue of licences, for the grocer can no longer have a motive to purchase : it must exclude the grocers from the retail business, and by their ceas- ing to take out license for spirituous liquors, the in- come of the revenue in Dublin and its suburbs alone, must be lessened by 30,000/. annually, and so propor- tionably through all the large towns of Ireland. This tponopoly may increase the number of publicans, but it cannot increase the number of licensed publicans with a rapidity necessary to counterbalance the considerable and instant dedication produced by excluding the grocers from the trade, and even if it could, a ques- tion must arise with a provident and moral legislature — whether an immediate and certain income from a solvent and defined portion of the community, ought to be resigned for a remote and precarious expectation, from a less solvent, moie fluctuating, and undefined class. Whether it be wise to encrease the class of pub- licans— whether it would not be benevolent to diminish them. Whether the interests of the poor he consul - ed, by excluding the consumer of spirituous liquors from the shop of the grocer, where he might buy his liquor cheap, and sending him to the. tap- room of the puohcan, where he must buy it dear. Whether his health would be improved, by excluding him from the grocer, where he could buy his beverage better ii quality, and sending h m to the publican where l. e must buy it worse. Whether his morals would be improved by excluding such purchaser from houses of regular habits, where he must behave decently, and sending him io houses of less regular habits, where he may act riotously— and finally, whether the p, o- iperty or tranquility of large towi. s be coustilted, by multiplying the vulgar opportunities, and midnight accomodations for inebriety, extravagance, and vice. LONDON FASHIONS FOR LADIES. WALKING Dasts —- Short pelisse of deep lilac, shot with whire, back broader tbjin ilv- V werr worn last month, and on each hip a Spanish but- ton. It is made with a collar up to the throat, and trimmed round wi: h rich fur ; sleeves long and loose, with a fur at bottom to form a cuff, rather shorter in front than behind, an I two Spa- nish buttons are placed just ar the bottom of the pelisse in front, which fastens with a loop crossing one from the other. The bosom is ornsmented n the same manner ; a belt of cmbr- dored rib- band round the waist, and a gold clasp in front. A bonnet of the ' ame materials as the pelisse, crown a helmet shape, front very small, and a wreath of laurel round it; three white feathers are olaced at the b;;;' c c- f the bonnet, and fall oyer the front; broad ribbaid, same as bonnet, is pinned under the chin. The hair is brought very low at the sides, and a single curl on the forthe id. Buff gloves, and dark brown kid boou. Large silver bear muff. EVENING Disss— Round dress of cambric muslin, cut low in the neck, demi- trairi and long ileave?, waist- something shorter than they have been worn; very low in the neck, and trimmed round the bosom with a scalloped lace, which fall* over, and is put on broad as the bosom and narrov* at the shoulders. Hat of Pomona- green satin, turned up in front, and low on each <, ide of the face. A Spanish button and loop in front, and a long white ostrich feather, which falls to the right side. Shawl of the same materials as the hut, thrown over the shoulders carelessly, and its esfe. t left to the taste of the wearer, the two end*, which fail in front, are finished with amber silk tassels, and trimmed to correspond, H. iir dressed! very full at the sides, and parted in front. Pomona slippers. White spangled fan, and white kid gloves. GINERAL OBSERVATIONS— The colours are various, but light ruby, purple, dark fawn, deep rose colour, and dark blue, are most piavelent ; for evening, dark blue trimmed with white, and fawn trimmed with blue, are very general. In jewellery, coloured stones are still worn, but gold ornaments are very general: we have also noticed clasps for the waist of mother of pearl. Halt boots still maintain their estimation, but they are now \ v » rn laced behind, which has a very pretty effect. Slippers are slashed across the foot ; if black they are slashed with blue or pink, if white with scarlet. Fans continue the same size as last ljionth Lace veils in large rich patterns are much worn, both in black and white, in the evening as shawls, in the morning thrown over a cap.—( La Belle Assemblee.) COMMERCIAL. The following letter has been received by the Pre- sident of the Chamber of Commerce. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, OCTOBER 29, 1812. SIR, My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty not thinking it expedient in the present circumstances of the war, to grant ( except in very special cases) licences for ships to sail without convoy ; but being at the same time, anxious to afford to the trade of the country every possible protection and ficility, which the othe'i, pressing demands for the naval force will permit, com- mand me to express to you their wish, that the mer- chants of the several ports in the Bristol and Lish channels, as wtil as of Gieenock and all other ports, the shipping of which could rendezvous at Cork, should communicate and cansult together, and favour me, for their Lordships information, with their opi- nion as to the several periods which may be consider- ed, with relation to their general interests, as the most convenient and proper for tbe sailing of convoys from Cork to the different potts of the world, with which the commerce of the above- mentioned ports may t> e connected. Their Lordships command me, therefore, to sug- gest to you the expediency of an early communication amongst the trade on this important subject, and they trust that the merchants, considering tin pressing exi- gencies of the public naval service, will endeavour ( whether they shall desire to fix the convoys at stal- ed times, or on the assemblage of a given number of vessels) to limit their demands as much as possible, and to enable their Lordships to economize, in as great a degree as may be consistent with an adequate, protection of the trade, the naval means of the coun- try.— I am, Sir, your very humble seruant, J. W. CllOKKR, Friday se'nnight, came on at Old Bailey, Lon. don, the trial of seven persons accused of stealing from a vessel on the river Thames, ten talcs of silk, value 2500/. and two cases of feathers, value - 20;./., One of them was master of a hoy, another was clerfc to an attorney, and five of them were employed on the river, & c. The trial having continued till eleven o'clock at night, Baron Thompson, the presiding judge, said that it would be necessary for the Court to adjourn till next day, as the prosecutors had forty more wi'nessess to examine, and the prisoners, he understeod, had as many.— The Jury were theiefore conducted to an adjacent lodging, and locked up till next day. BELFAST: Printed and Published by DROMUOMD AHDIHUN, fo » Self and the other Proprietors, iverv Monday, U', dn„., ay an' Saturduy. - Price of the Paper, when » em m ,. i, y (, 8r| of the United Kingdom. sC3, 8,- ( Id. • early, paid in . dvn'nce AG » NTS— Messrs. Tiylcr aii- t Newton, Warwick-^. I. UH don_ Mr. Bernard Murray, t( i6, Old Church street', Out* lui— M; Jai. Anderson, iooksel. tr, !£< Iuibu: gtl.—-
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