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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1199
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 17/10/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1199
No Pages: 4
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NOMHER 1,109] SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1812. [ PRICE 5D." SWEDISH liON, & c. SAMUEL GIBSON HAS rer fired, per tbe Resolution, Capt. RABERG, direft from GOTHENBURGH, a well- aborted Parcel of Swedish BAR IRON, and Best Redwood 1\ and 3~ Inch PLANK. He is also largely supplied with BRITISH IRON, of every denomination and Scantling required j together, with Kieve, Puvfheon, Tierce, and Barrel Iron Hoops Nail- Rod Iron, various sizes—' Cart and Car Axles— Ditto Cast Metal Boies— Plough Sock Moulds, on the English and Scotch plans— Blister, German, Sheer, Spring, Sf Tilted Steel; AH of which will be sold on moderate terms at his Stores, JDonegall- street. Belfast, OAober 10. A few Buts of DUTCH CROP and OMBRO MAD- DERS', and best Garbled ( London Ground) TURKEY ROOT, for Sale. " ( 82 POT ASHES, & c. | CRAMSIE 8S CLELAND, HAVJS FOR SALE, 120 Barrels New- York and Montreal POT ASHES, 80 Cash SALTPETRE, 100 Barrels ROSIN, A few Casks Bleachers SMALTS, if LEAF TOBACCO. jg) OClober S, 1812. POT ASHES, PEARL DITTO. NEW ORLEANS COTTON, V PL AND DITTO. BARREL STAVES, HOGSHEAD DITTO. For Sale by JAMES KENNEDY, September T. ( 912) Donegall- Quay. VINEGAR & MEAD BREWERY. 33, Castle- street, Belfast. ANN REILLY, thankful to her Friends, for the 1, Serai Support she has been favoured with since her commencement in Business on her own account— begs to acquaint them, that she has on hand, A targe Supply of MEAD, Superior to any offered for Sale in this Tow » . Likewise VINEGAR, Engaged to picilt for home and foreign consumption. JOS) OCIober 9. COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINE- MAKING, At No. 3, Queen- street, Belfast. " IFAMES STEVENSON ( late MANAGER t » • Messrs. M'CAMOND, M1LFORD, and BAYLY) begs leave to inform the flenrlemen of Burssr, and its Vicinity, in the SPINNING TRADE, that he has com- menced the above business in all its branches. From J. S's long experience in Spinning, as well as Ma. chine- making, both in Scotland and in this Country, he is confident that Persons wanting Machinery wii find it their interest to apply to him, as any Machinery he will make may be depended on to answer the purpose— By his atten- tion and punctuality, he hope! to merit a share of Public Favour. ( 6: 1) Belfast, Otober 3 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At my 0filet, on WEDNESDAY the 2lit inst. at the hour of TWO oXIoci precisely, THF. INTEREST in the LEASE of that HOUSE, No. 17, Church- Lane, as lately occupied by the Rev. R. ACHF. SON, of which 34 years are unexpired at November neit, at the small Yearly Rent of =£ 30 per Annum. On the ground floor are a Shop and Kitchen ; on the first floor, a Drawing- Room and Bed- Chamber; on the second, four good Bed Rooms; and o « er all, two lofty Garrets— Attach- ed is a Yard and Bick- Hiuse, all in complete repair, with abundant supply of Pipe Water. The situation for general business, independent of its vicinity to the New Markets, tenders it extremely eligible. Terms will be declared at time of sale. Further particulars may be know, and the premises viewed, on application to R WALTER MACF4RLAN, Oftober 5, 1812. AUCTIONEER. ( 72 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 0n tbe Prsmisei, on THURSDAY the ' 22d inst. at the Hour of ONE o'Clock, - without reserve, THE LEASE of a very good DWELLING- HOUSE with Back Houses attached, in Mill street, at present occupied by JOHN LYNCH, Publican, of which 52 years are unexpired from November next, at the low Rent of ,217, \ s 3d. per annum. The situation is one of the first in the street lor selling Spirituous Liquors, being long estab- lished in that line. In the rear there are about 300 Feet of BUILDING GROUND, bounded in Front by M'CRBA'S Entry, off Mill- street. Further partic « lars may be known, and the Premises viewed, on application to MACFARLAN, Audtoneer. October 12, 1812. ( 127 TO BE SOLD, THE LE ASE of FIVE HUNDRED ENGLISH ACRES in the Parish of Aghagallsn, in the County of Antrim, ying between Lurgan and Lishurn, in a fine Wheat Couutry, adjoining the Canal. These Lands are of the best Quality , with Turbary annexed, and are held nnder the Most Nohle the MARQUIS of HERTFORD, for one Life, at the Yearly Rent of £ 100, 8/ 6id. including Duties Proposals in writme, addressed to the SUBSCRIBER, will he received for the whole, or for separate Farms. GEO. DOWGLASS. MOUNT IDA, DROMORE, O& oher, 1, 1812. ^ y. A part of tbe Purchase- Money may remain in the hands of the Purchaser, on security. 79 TO BE LET, F; : m rhe 1st of November next, for such Term as may be agreed up'm, t pHE HOUSE and FARM of FAIRVIEW, situate in L the Townland of Annaboe, within a few minutes walk of Kilmore Church, in the County of Armagh, con- taining 40 Acres, nearly the half Meadow of the best kind. There h is been a large sum of money expended in bui ding a Dwelling hovise with suitable Offices, now fit for thl re- ception of a genteel Family, or a Gentleman in the Linen Business, being situate 1 in the center of the best Linen Markets in Iieland, within two miles of Richhill, five of Armagh, four of Portadown, nine of Lurgan, and four of Tandragee. On the Farm there is a good Garden and excel- lent young Orchard, planted with a variety of the choicest Fruit Trees, all in full bearing. For particulars apply to Mr. JAMES ROBINSON, of Rich- hill; or THOMAS ROBINSON, the Proprietor, on the Pre- miser, < 4 ® . FAtavisw, Seyt. 28. ROBERT GAMBLE JHTAS RECEIVED per the LAGAN, FROM LON- O DON, Hyson, Tvtankav, Fine and Common Congou TEAS, ISINGLASS, short Staple. AND HAS FOR SALE, Strong Jamaica Rum, Cork, Limerick, and Duhlm Whiskey, Jamaica Scale Sugars, American Pot and Pearl1 Alicant Barrila J New Orleans and St. Domingo Cotton, Amltr Roz'm—- Ginger— Cassia Lignea— Cloves— Cof- fee— Miserable— Liquorice Bait— Creamtar! ar,& c. Which will be disposed of on moderate Terms eg) Belfast, OCloher 5, 1812. TOBACCO, COTTON WOOL, & ASHES. 84 Hhds. Virginia Leaf Tobacco, 40 of which are of prime quality, 120 Bales Upland Cotton Wool, 46 Barrels first sort Montreal Pet Ashes, 42 Ditto, Ditto, New Tori Ditto, 35 Ditto, D tto, Ditto Pearl Ditto, 70 Bales Alicant Barilla, of superior quality. On Sale on moderate Terms for good payments, by THOMAS BELL, May 20. ( 223) 34, North- street. IMPORTED JBYf and the SUBSCRIBER, ex the LEONIDAS HUGH JONES, direCt from JAMAICA, viz:— 28 Hogsheads Fine and Vtry Fine Sugars, 27 Puncheons Rum, highly Taxed; AND HAS ALSO FOR SALE, 30 Bales Prime Alicante Barilla, Mess Beef in Tierces, Barrels, and half Barrels, 1000 Nice Dried Hams, fit for exportation or home- keepers' use, 4- 0,000 American Barrel Staves, 10,000 Do. Hogshead Do. * 3,500 Quebec Pipe Staves, from 2| a f>\ feet long ; WITH, Tierce, Barrel, and Half Barrel Wood Hoops, Which will be di- posed of on reasonable terms at my Stores Waring- street. JOHN HAMILL. Belfast, September 24. ( 5 TO BE LET, For Five years, from the First of November next, [ T IMEPARK FARM, in the County of Antrim, Five 1.4 miles from Ballycastle, containing 3 ! A, 2R. e, 5P. Cunning1 am Measure, on which are a comfortab'e House, Office- Houses, enclosed Yard, and Garden Apply to JACKSON WRAY, Esq. Bentfield. Ill) OCtober 10, 1812. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Dublin, 5tb October, 1812. THE RESPECTIVE OFFICERS of His MAJESTY'S ORDNANCE do hereby give Notice, that they will, on MONDAY, the 9th day of November next, receive seal- ed Proposals ( in Writing) from such Persons as m » v he will- ing to supply FORAGE for the ORDNANCE HORSES in IRELAND, from the 1st day of January next, to tbe 3.161 December, I SIS, at- the undermention d Places, viz : — Lotigford, Loughrea, Naas, Waterford, Omagh, Island- bridge, Pigeon- house, Sf City of Dublin. } Athlone, Belfast, Bandon, Ballincollig, Charlemont, Clonmel, Enniskillen, Fermoif, Limerick, The Rations per day for each Horse are to be Sixteen Pounds of Hay, Ten Pounds of Oats, and Six Pounds of Straw. Ballincollig Horses of Civil Department. CHay, lbs 20 Ration per Horse per day } Oa: s, lbs 12 C Straw, lbs 6 The RespeClive Officers of the Ordnance, reserving to themselves the Power of accepting such Proposals as raay be offered, either for the Term of Six or Twelve Months, as they shall think proper. Security will be required for the due Performance of such Contract as may be accepted, and no Tender will be receiv- ed after Twelve o'clock on the above dsy, nor any attend- ed to, unless the Proposer, or some Person properly authoris- ed on his behalf, be present at the time to nam « his Securi- ties, whoso Assent to become his Sureties must be produced in Writing under their own Hands. The printed Regulations may be seen on Application at the Office, Lower Castle- Yard ; or to the Officer command- ing the Artillery at each Station. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Dublin, 5th October, 1812. qpHE RESPECTIVE OFFICERS of His MAJESTY'S II ORDNANCE do hereby give Nnt'ce, that they will, on WEDNESDAY, the 11th day of November next, re- ceive sealed Proposals ( in Writing) from such Persons as may be w illing to supply FUEL and CANDLES for the ORDNANCE BARRACKS and STATIONS in IRE- LAND, from the 1st day of January next, to the 31st day of December, 1813, at the undermentioned Places, viz.:— Athlone, Clonmel, Belfast., Dnncannon- Fort, Bandon, Enniskillen, Bantry Bay, Fermoy, Banagher, Limerick, Shannon Bridge, Longford, Meelick, and Loughrea, Killogue, Loughsxvilly, Carrickfergus, Naas, Charles- Fort, Omagh, Stations in Cork Tullamore, and Harbour, Waterford. Charlemont, The Proposals to mention the Price of Coals ( besr Qua- lity^ per Ton; Turf, per Kish Or Box ; and Candies ( Mould, Dip), per Pound. The Contractor is also to deliver such Fuel and Candles for the Engineer's and Storekeeper's Departments, as may be required, at the some rate as for the Royal Artillery, and Royal Artillery Drivers. Security will be required for the due Performance of the Contract, and no Tender will be received after Twelve o'clock on the above day, nor any attended to, unless the Proposer, or some Person properly authorised on his behalf, be present at the time to name his Securities, whose Assent t » become his Sureties nwi.- t be produced in Writing under their own Hands. ' The printed Regu'ations may he seen on application at the Office, I. ower Castle- Yard; or to the Officer command- ing the Arti'iorr at each Station. SALE POSTPONED Till WEDNESDAY the c2$ th October inst. TO BE SOLD. HPtHE following TOWN- LANDS and QUARTER- LANDS, in t the Lower Half Barony of fjlenarm, TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, in the Exchange Room of Bel- fast, at TWELVE o'Clock, on FRIDAY the ISth dav - f OClober next, if not nreviously Sold by private agreement; they will he « et up and sold in the following Lots ?— No. 1. Town- land of CUSHENDALL, including the Town of NEWTON- GLENS. 2. Town- land of Tully. 3. Ditto of Dromore. 4 Ditto of Brocas. 5. Ditto of Drumfersky. 6. Quarter- land of Money vert. 7 The Quarter- lands of Leg, Fahel. and Coshklfch ; on the former is situated a new, and comma liou Hotel; the three are held under a lease of lives, renewable for ever, at a rent of £ S, 12t. per annum. For further particulars, apply to ALEXANDER DA- VISON, E- q, Knockboy, Ballymena; or, to J AMI'S M'CLEERY, Merchant, Belfast. ( s TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Donegall- Arms, Belfast* on FRIDAY the 30th October inst. at ONE o'Clock, < 3>< 2( 3 A CRES of the Townland of BAt- ttrCAiRN, in - 1 oi the Co or Down, and Barony of Castlereagh, Pa- t of the Estate of Daniel M'Neill, Esq. These f ands join the road from Belfast to Lishurn, within four miles of the former, and three of the latter — For further Particulars, see Rental, at the Office of this Paper 941) Oaoher 14, 1812. No I. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On the Premises, on MONDAY, the 2d < f November next, at TEN o'clock. T'HF FARM, DWELLING- HOUSE, & c. with or wi- hout the BLEACH- GREEN of SUM- MER- HILL, situated two miles from - sntrim, and ten from Belfast, on the Six- mile water. The B'each- green is capa- ble of finishing 10,000 Pieces of Linen in the season, and has a constant supply of Spring and River Water, The Farm consists of fifty Scotch Cunningham Acres, well fenced and drained, and in high cond'tiou " The Dwel- ling- house and Offices are extensive, and in good repair; held by Lease under the Earl of MASSAR EN E for liv> s renewable for ever. Annual Rent aC40, II/. 6d to which are annexed I If Acres, with a New House three stories high, 68 feet by 24, formerly occupied in the cotton business ; held by Lease for 41 years or three lives ( each ' bout 15 years old at present), front November, 1802; yearly lent £ 37. No. II The LEASE of a FARiV situated on Clady river, containing 21A. SR 4P. held under Lord Viscount TEMPLE TON, for 49 years froai Nov. 1811; yearly rent £ 55, 6s. 3d. On theee premises has been ereCled, and now is in - good re- pair, a large House ' our stories high, containing 6 Beetling Engines, and Framing for Two, 10 ft. 6 in. in the beims, with a regular and never- failing supply of water — Adjoin- ing the above, there are 12A. 3R. 8r. which are held on a Lea- e of 10 years, at the yearly rent of £\, 14, per Acre. These at present form one Farm, from their conti- guity. For Particulars, apply to Mr. HUGH SWAN, on the Premises. ( 85) OCfober 8,1812. LISNABLAUGH, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ! n the Town Hall, of Cole rain, on SATURDAY the 7 tb November next, at ONE o'Cloct, by Order of tbe Trustees under tbe Will of the late HI GH Lrts, Etq. qpHE LEASE of the Townland of LISNABLAUGH, 1L held under the* tj » rp<* « ii » . - if C. Jenin, containing about 115 Acres, Plantation Measure, situate nearly two miles and a half from Colerain, adjoining the Road leading to Bushmills ; there is 27 Years of the Lease unexpired at November next. The Lands are Let to solvent Tenants, and produce at present a Profit Rent of =£ 133 18*. per annum; they will rise considerably on the expiration of part of the Tenants Leases, which have but a short time to run. One- fourth of the Purchase Money to be deposited at the time of Sale, and the remainder cn perfecting the Deed of Conveyance. SAMUEL LYLK, Esq. of Lodge, Derry; or, JAMES HAMILL, jnn. of Englishtown, Colerain, wiil give any in- formation required, as to Rent- Roll, & c. 52) COLERAIN, 29th Sept. 1812. GENERAL ELECTION. pui COUNTY OF ANTRIM TO WIT. JRSUANT to his Majesty's Writ of Election, to me directed, bearing date the third day of October, and returnable on the 24th day of November next, I will, on WEDNESDAY the 21st day of October instant, at the Hour of ELEVEN o'Clock in the Forenoon, in a Special County Court, to be then held at the COURT- HOUSE in CARRICKFER(; US, for the County of ANTRIM, proceed to the Election of two Knights, to re- present said County in the Parliament of the United Kingdom, to be holden at Westminster, on said 24th day of November, as by said Writ I am commanded.— Dated this 8th day of Oc- tober, 1812. JOHN CAMPBELL, Sheriff of the County of Antrim. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, $ f Freeholders of the County of ANTRIM. GENTLEMEN, Encouraged by the very flattering proofs I have already experienced of your favourable opinion, which you may believe are most grate- ful to my feelings, I am anxious to take the ear- liest opportunity to express my gratitude, and to solicit the honour of your support on tha occa- sion, which- the dissolution of Parliament lias now afforded to you. Should I be so fortunate as to be again chosen one of your representatives, it will be my constant endeavour to merit your approbation, by using my best exertions to promote the interests of the County of Antrim, to which I feel myself bound by every tie of gratitude and attachment. I have the the honour to be, GENTLEMEN, With sincere regard, Your faithful and much obliged Humble Servant, JOHN O'NEILL. Tullymort Lodge, October 4, 1812I GENERAL ELECTION. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of ANTRIM. GENTLEMEN, Your late worthy Member, Mr. M'NAGHTENJ having declined to offer himself upon the present occasion, permit me respectfully to solicit the honour of your support— I trust it will be in my power to do so in person before the day of Elec- tion. Should I, by your favour, be returned for this great and opulent County, I shall endeavour by diligent attention to your Interests in Parliament, to make you tha best acknowledgements in my pjwar.. I have the honour to be, GENTLEMEN, Your most faithful And obedient Servant, YARMOUTH. Lisburri, October 7, 1812. To the Mayor, Sheriffs, Aldermen, Burgesses, Freeholders, and Freemen of the Corporation of CARRICKFERGUS. GENTLEMEN*, In consequence of the dissolution of Parlia- ment, I take the earliest opportunity of offering myself to your consideration, and of soliciting your support at the ensuing Election; If my pretensions to represent you should meet your approbation, and you should deem me worthy of your confidence, it shall be my anxious endeavour, by a constant study of the particular interests of your Corporation, and un- remitfing attention to the general duties which so weighty a trust imposes, to prove to you how highly I estimate the honour which I now solicit. I remain, GENTLEMEN, Your ob die t and faithful Servant, ARTHUR CHICHESTER. Belfast, October 3, 1812. To the Free and Independent Electors of the BOROUGH of DOWNPATRICK. GENTLEMEN, Ever grateful for the firm, manly, and disin- terested Support you were pleased to give me in the year 1802, I seize, with alacrity, the oppor- tunity of a Dissolution of Parliament, to solicit its renewal at the ensuing Election. On the former occasion my Success was solely owing to your exertions, and on the present, confidently relying upon the kindness of my old Friends and Neighbours, I doubt not a similar result. It is unnecessary to recal to your recollec- tion recent transactions in the History of your Borough, they are fresh in the memories of you all; permit me, however, to observe, that the contest in which we shall be engaged, is not so much for my gratification, as the maintenance of your Rights and Interests. Believe me, GENTLEMEN, Ever to remain, Your faithful and affectionate Friend and Servant, CHAS. STEWART HAWTHORNE. Down, 3d October, 1812. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, < 5j- Freeholders of the County of DOWN. GENTLEMEN, In consequence of the dissolution of Parlia- ment, I beg leave to offer myself for the honour of your support and interest at the ensuing Elec- tion ; and should I be so fortunate as again to obtain that proud situation which your kindness has so frequently placed me in, I shall endeavour to shew my gratitude by a faithful discharge of all my Parliamentary duties. I have the honour to be, GENTLEMEN, Your obedient and faithful humble Servant, JOHN MEADE. Gill- Hall, October 3, 1812. • •• « nip' i i • i ' — » To the Gentlemen, Clergy, 8s Freeholders of the County of DOWN. GENTLEMEN, Encouraged by the assurances of support I have Received from a numerous and most respect- able body of Friends, I am induced to offer my- self as a Candidate on the present dissolution, to represent your County in Parliament. I am fully impressed with the importance of the honour I solicit, and it would be no less my duty than my desire, to make that solicitation in person; but in the present situation of public af- fairs, the duties of my • ffice absolutely preclude my absence from hence. I must therefore trust to your indulgence, to ! interpret favourably this omission; and that you will be assured, if hono ured with your confidence, I shall endeavour, faithfully and zealously, to dis- charge the trust reposed in me. I remain, GENTLEMEN, With great truth and rcspect, Your faithful and obedient Servant, CASTLEREAGH. Dov: ning- street, Foreign Office, 29th September^ 1812, GENERAL ELECTION. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the City and County of LONDONDERRY. GENTLEMEN, Having so recently experienced your distin- guished partiality, I confess it is with more than ordinary pride that I address you on the present occasion. To this sentiment you originally gavu birth: it has grown with your favour; it has in- creased with the repeated testimonials of your approbation. It is not a crime to possess it, whea, you are the source from whence it is derived; { I: feel, however, that to keep it in due limits, I should always place before me your unbounded partiality, not my own humble deserts. I am conscious it is usual, on occasions like th# present, not. only to make professions, bul to state political principles and feelings; forgive me, how - ever, if I do neither. I confess the great object of my life has been to become a Soldier; a close adherence to my professional pursuits has occupied me ever since we have been acquainted. In habits • f intimate friendship with the Hero of our Ar mies, I have devoted all my attention to study his great attributes, and humbly to tread in his tran- scend, mt career. Here must be my apology, if your interests have been momentarily overlooked. The time, I trust, will come, when it will be thy good fortune to be more in the County which has penetrated me, with kindness; till then, with a becoming and honest confidence, nothing assum- ing improperly from the past, but deeply solicitous and anxious, for the future, I submit myself once again as the object of your choice in the repre » sentation of your County, and am Your faithful and obedient Servant, CHARLES STEWART, October 5, 1812. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders, of tig City and County of LONDONDERRY. A DISSOLUTION of PARLIAMENT having tnkeq place, the Friends of Colonel PONSONBY beg leave to request for him your Votes and Interest at the ensuing Election. Cordial and powerful as the support was which he experienced from you, on a late occasion, his conduct since can neither have cooled the ardour, nor diminished the number of his Friends. Al- though he has not been watching your interest in Parliament, he has been fighting your Battles the Field. That he acted a conspicuous part in the glo- rious affair of Salamanca— that, at the head of his Cavalry, he obtained the approbation of Lord WELLINGTON— that, on the faB of LE MAR- CHANT, he was immediately promoted, and up- pointed to the command of his Brigade, are cir- cumstances that surely do not weaken his claims on your support. His personal merit, as a Soldier, has proved to you that he will protect your Rights in the Field ; and the constitutional conduct of his Fa- mily is a sufficient pledge that he will guard your Interest in the Senate. Important and necessary as his presence is in the Peninsula, a personal application cannot be expected; but, his Friends are confident that tile warm and zealous support he will now experience, will be worthy of tha Free and Independent El ectors of the City and County of LONDON- DERRY. 9th October, 1812. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of ARMAGH. Eighteen years have now elapsed, since you first returned me to Parliament; and during the time I was your Representative, I never gave a vote in that House which was not dictated ( ac- cording to my idea of the Constitution) for the welfare of the Kingdom in general, and more especially for the advantage of the County I had the honour to represent. Should ynu again place me in that exalted situation, I shall invariably pursue the same line of conduct. I extremely regret, that the delicate state of my health must prevent me from paying my respects to you in person. I have the honour to be, GENTLEMEN, Your most obliged And obedient humble Servant, WILLIAM BROWNLOW,, Lurgan- IIouse, October 3, 1812. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, Freeholders of lite County of TYRONE. GENTLEMEN, With gratitude for the favours repeatedly con- ferred on me by the County of TYRONE, find tor the generous confidence long reposed in me, I once more offer myself to your notice, and re- quest the favour of your votes and interest to re- place me in the distinguished situation of a Re- presentative of this County in the next Parliii- ment. My conduct during forty- four years that I have ! served in that capacity is now before you, and at the approaching Election you will pass judgment upon it. To your decision I shall bow with deference, having the honour to be, GENTLEMEN, Your obliged and faithful Humble Servant, , JAMES STEWART, [ j Killymoen, Qetoler S, 1812. Bttl/ F AST C() M M F. LtClAL CHR() N TO LT>, Monday, October 12. DISPATCHES FROM SPAIN. Two Lisbon Mails and one Corunna Mail are ar. rived— fnjretlier with dispatches from Lord Welling ton. They state, that the attack on the exterior line of the enemy's works at Burgos on the ' 11A iih. did i not succeed. His Lordship therefore meant to pro- ceed by sap. The messenger who brought the dis- patches says, that on the nigh? of the 28th, after he had left head quarters, he heard a heavy explosion, which was supposed to he the' blowing Up of part of the Castle of Burgos. The C- runna Diary aays that it was taken on the 81st. Government have no later accounts from Lord Wellington than the 27th. A detachment of Spaniards were landed at S rnto- na ; but the French he in? 5000 strong they retired. Soult left Granada on the 15th, and effected his junction with Suchet. on the 20th at Juiwlla. Ballas- terns following Soult closejy entered Granada on 17th. General Hill'was at Toledo ori the 23d, and was expected at Madrid bv the etid Of September. BULLETIN. r " War Deportment, Downing- street, Oct. 11. It appears by the < lisp; itct> received this morning, from the Marquis of Wellington, dated Villa Toro, 27th ult.. that on the 22d, his Lordship directed an attempt to be made to storm the exterior line of the enemy's works at Burgos. The detachment of the Portuguese troops, who attacked on the. flank, were so strongly opposed, that they could not make any progress; and the attack in front by the British was not persevered in. " Marshal Soult left Granda on the 15th ult. and it is said, marches by Caravaca upon Valencia.— Gen. Ballasteros entered Granada upon the 17th. « The town of Consuesra surrendered by capitu- lation to General Elio on the 22d. Abstract of killed and Won tided of the army under the com. mand of Marquis Wellington, in the Siege of the Castle oi' Burgos, from the 20th to 26th September, inexclusive Total British losa— 1 Major, 2 Captains, 1 Lieutenant, 1 En- si, 2 seiieants, 47 rank and file, killed.— 6 Captains, 4 Lieut*. I Ensign, 10 Serjeants, 217 rank and file wounded.' Total Portuguese Loss— 1 Capt. 1 Ensig n, 3 rank and file killed.— 1 Major. S Serjeants, 47 rank and file, wounded. General Total— 1 Major, 3 Captains, 1 Lieut: 2 Ensigns, 3 serjeants, 50rank and file, killed— 1 Major, 6 Captains, 4, Lieuts. 1 Ensign. 13 Serjeants 264 rank and file wounded. Names of British Officers killed and wounded during the above period. KIM. ED.— Major Lawrie, 70th foot, 1st bat— Capt. SeharnhOrst, art line Int. German legion.— Lieut Hansinsr, ditto, ditto— Ensign Cullen, 42d foot, 1st bat— Capt. Wil- liams, Royal Engineers. WOUNDED.— Lieut. M'Kinnon. I st bat. 42D foot, severe- ly— Lieut Rossing 1st line bat. German Legion, severely. Capt Breymatin, 2d ditto, ditto, slightly — Capt Fraxe'r, 1st bat. Coldstream guards, severely - Ensign Hall, 1st hat. 3d foot guards, slightly.— Lieut. Stewart, filst foot, acting engineer, severely.— Capt Williamson, 1st. Bat 42d foot, se- verely.— Lieut Walton, 2d bat. 24th foot, severely, since dead.— Capt Dancey. Uoval Artillery, slightly.— Capt Kenny, mh roaiinent, acting engineer, dangerously.— Capt Marshall, 1st battalion 79th foot, slightly. Gov rnment, on Saturday, received a confirma- tion of ' he intelligence that Bonaparte, at the head of » he French army, entered Moscow on the 14th. Nearly the whole of the city was in ntins, the Kremlin being almost tbe only building which had escaped the ravages of the flames. The Rus- sian armv, it is said, had retired in tbe direflion of Yarrowslavl; but a strong: division had been post- ed on the road to Petersbnrgh, to cover the capi- tal from the incursions of the enemy. The guards marched from Corunna on the 30th ult. and 1st instant, in two divisions, to join Lord Wellington. Sir H. Popham had returned to Santander, after an unsuccessful attack upon Gu- j- t. iria. Sir Home had detached the Surveillante to Cornnna for mortars and supplies^ and when she joined, he intended to attack th'C'Cas'le of S in- tuna, in which, it is said, there are 150& Ffench troops shut up, the country round it being clear of the e emy. The fort is well provisioned, and, if not attacked, might hold out a long time. The Bramble schooner Was waiting at Corunna to bring any dispatches that might be received from Lord Wel'incton. The following trait of benevolence, which oc curred a short time since, reflefls as much honour on the poor debtors in Newgate,, as it serves to shew the want of feeling in the inhuman being whose conduct called forth their gener- us exer- tions. An interesting female, with an i , f< nt at her hreast, whnse only proteflor is a prisoner of war in France, was. taking home some needle- work iu the evening, for which she was to have received a single shilling, when she was seized by two men, and with her infant at her breast, shewn into a coach, and conveyed to Newgate, f° r a debt of 17s. which she had contrafled and was unable to pay. The debtors immediately opened a subscrip. tion, each one contributing his mite, they raised sufficient to pay the debt, and the same evening cheered the poor creature into liberty. On Tuesday a most melancholy occurrence took place at the boil- house of one of the whale fishing companies of Aberdeen. Two young children, who had been allowed incautiously to approach the cauldron, unfortunately slipped their feet, and, dreadful to relate !, were precipitated amongst the boiling blubber. One of them ' survived Only a few minutes, and of the other no hope is enter- • Uined.—£< » /. Mer. CONTESTED ELECTIONS. . CITY OF LONDON. The following was the state of the poll this day at twelve o'clock Alderman Combe.. Sir W. Curtis.. .. Sir J. Shaw.... 4735 4229 9790 Alderman Atkins S422 Mr. Waithman 2358 Alderman Wood 2163 FROM THE FRENCH PAPERS. PARIS, OCTOBER « TWENTIETH BULLETIN of the GRAND ARMY , Moscow, Sept. 17. « " The Rnsshns have celebrated 7r Drum fo' the bittle of Polotrk. Tfi Drums hive Keen snntr for the battles of Riga, for the battle of Ostrowno, and for that of Smolensk. According to the Russian ac- counts the'' were every where conquerors, and th » v drove the French to a irr^ at distance from the field of battle. It was then amidst the strains of the Russian Te Drum that the armv arrived at Moscow. There thev thought themselves conquerors, at least the po- pulace thought so, for well- informed persons knew what was passing. " Moscow is the entrepot of Asia and of Europe. Its warehouses were immense ; every hou e was pro- vided for eifht months with necessaries of everv de- scription. It was only the evening before, and day of our entrance, that danger became known. We found in the house of the miserable Rostopchin some papers, and a letter half written ; he fled without finishing- it. " Moscow, one of the finest and richest cities in the world, is no more. On the ]< k'i the Russians set fire to the Exchange, to the Bazar, and the Hospital, On the 16th a violent wind arose. Three or four hundred ruffiaos set fire to the cit. y in 500 different places, at the same moment, by order of the Gover- nor Rostopchin. Five- sixths cf the houses were built of wood: the fire sp'ead with a prodigious ra- pidity; it was an ocean of flame. Churches of which there were 1( 500— above 1000 palaces, immense ma- gazines, nearly all have fallen a prey to the flames.— The Kremelin has been preserved. " Their loss is incalculable for Rus « ia, for hor commerce, and for her nolvlity, who had left all there. It is not over- rating its value to state it at many mil- liards. " About 100 of these incendiaries have been ap- prehended and shot ; all of them declared that they actcd under the orders of Rostopchin, and the Direc- tor of the Police. " Thirty thousand sick and wounded Russians have been burnt. The richesc commercial houses in Rus- sia are ruined. The shock must be considerable.— The cloathing, the magazines, and the equipments of the Russian array have been consumed. They have thus lost every thing; thev would remove nothing, because they always thought it impossible for us to reach Moscow, and because they were willing to de- ceive the people. When they saw all in the hands of the French, they conceived the horrible project of destroying, by fire, this first capital, this holy citv, the centre of the Empire ; and they have reduced to beggary 200,000 respectable inhabitants. This is the crime of Rostopchin, executed by felons liberated fi'jm the prisons. " The resources which the army had found are consequently much diminished ; however, we have collected, arid are still collecting, a number of neces- saries. All the cellars are untouched by the fire, and the inhabitants, during the last 2- t hours, had saved many articles. They endeavoured to stop the pro- gress of the fl imes, but the Governor had taken the horrid precaution to carry olf or destroy all the en* gines. " The armv is recovering from its fatigues ; it has abundance of bread, potatoes, cabbages, and other ve- getables, meat, salted provisions, wine, brandy, sugar, coflTe-, and m short provisions of all sorts. " Th » advanced guard is twenty wersts oil the road to K- issan, bv which the enemy is retreating.— Another French advanced guar d is on the road to St. Petersburgh, where the enemv has not a single sold. es.* « The temperature is still that of All turn n ; the soldiers have found, and continue to find, a number p- lisses and furs for the winter. Moscow was the depot of those articles." PCLfAST COURSfi OF EXCHANGE, Ike. OCT. 13 — Belfast ori London ( 21 d « .) 7 } 8 per cent. Belfast on Dublin ( 6,1 ds.) 1 pe- cent. Relfast on Glasgow gi per cent. / « || » , OCT. 12— per cent Gov. Deb 7i!{ • 5 per tent. Ditto Par. SHREWSBURY. FOURTH DAY, OCT. 10. Hon. H. G Bennett.... 549 I Beu. Beiiyon, Esq...... 336 Lt. Gen. Sir R. Hill... 830 f NOTTINGHAM. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9. ' J. Smith 427 | R. Arkwright 173. J Lord Runcliff 324 Dr. CroniptKit has declined. SATURDAY. J. Smith 739 I R. Arkwright 374 | Lord Runcliff 559 LIVERPOOL. » SATURDAY, OCT.' 10. Canning... 520 Gascoyne 481 Brougham i87 BRISTOL. OCTOBER 10.' Davis 1209 1 Protheio 1106 | Romilly SIP 0X1ORD. SATURDAY, OCT. 10. l. Lckhait „.' 556 I Wright . ,548 \ Eden. Creevy... 473 Tarkton.... 6 Bust 256 548 Svc/. r'H, OCT. 9 — 3 per ent. Consols for Ace. 57 J | Ocr. J2.— Dnbion I. on. | Oct. 9.— Lon. nnDub. 94 ARRIVBD. MAILS SINCE OUR LA8T. 1 . ' Br DONAGBABBK... 2 ................. Bv DUBLIN....... ..... nui i l BELFAST* Saturday, October 17, 1812. In the preceding column our Readers will find important extrafts from the London Papers of Monday, containing accounts from the gallant Marquis WELLINGTON, to the 27th ult. by which it appears that an unsuccessful attempt was made against the enemy's works at Burgos on the 22d. Some of the Journals state, that his Lordship had pushed on to Vittoria, leaving a, sufficient force behind, him to blockade Burgos; but this advance is not warranted by probability, nor is there any authority for such a fa< Sl in the bulletin issued from the War Office. The Twentieth Bulletin" of fhe French < irmy, describing the dreadful desolation of the great city of Moscow, will be read with mingled feel- ings of horror and surprise. We should'scarcely have expefled to fintf'lsuch a ip" cies of warfare prailised in the 18: h century. This fine city ap. pears to have been totally destroyed, with a fe- rocity and disregard of humanity that would ac- tually have disgraced the Goths and Vandals of former ages. • • n > • • PACKET BY EXPRESS. . At a very early hour this morning, after this Paper was at press, the London Journals « / Tuesday last, were transmitted to us by express from Donaghadee; but they do not afford any intelli- gence sufficiently important to induce us to make any material alteration in the arrangements for this day's publication. . It is again rumoured, but apparently . without authority, that an armistice has been agreed- upon between the French and Russians. Government have, at length, issued Letters of Marque and Reprisals against all vessels - belong- ^ ing to the United Sutes. At the late General1 O larter. Sessioos of the ;£ Peace for this C > untv, held at Antrim <> n the.& h inst. an anneal was to have bieen- heard from the p town, of Lisburn, nri a question whifch has been much agitated there,' Whether a pra^ fiee adopted 1 by some manufacturers of musfih arid calico, of I paving the persons employed by. them in- gowd v i or by way of trock, instead of money, be legal) This appeal, however, was not- heard,. owing to an info- mality that had occurred in the mariner of1 exhibiting tbe information, which, it- was then ruled, sh" ou! d have been in, writing; arid produced' on the appeal, but whiph having been omitted in this instance, the apoeal w- as therefore dismissed without entering into th<- merits of the JCI- e,.— But immediately after this'determination, the Se-' nior Justice present, in the fullest manner, dectar. ed it to be the decided opinion-. of the Bench,. that ; the pra ctice above. mentioned is direftly contrary tb law, 17th Geo. 2, chap. 8,- se£ l.; 7> which expressly' says, « ' That in case any person or persons con- cerned in employing any artificers, workmen, ser- vants, or labourers, in any of the trade* or manu- j faflures of this kingdom, shall pay any such arti- ficer, wotkman,. servant, or labourer, so employed' in any of the trades or manufaftures aforesaid, hii, her, or their wages, or other price agreed on, or any part thereof, either in goods, or by way of truck, or in any other manner than by ready mo- ney, and shall be thereof lawfully convidfed upon the oath or Oaths of one or more credible witness or witnesses before any two or more Justices of the Peace for the- fvounty, city, town, or place where such offence shall be committed, upon an informa. ttinn exhibited! within three calendar months after saicl offence t mmitted, and which Justices aia hereby empowered and required to take, shall for- feit the sum of ten pounds, to be paid to ihe in- former, apd to be levied by warrant pr warrants of stiqh . lust ices, for distress and sale of the of- fender's goods." It is, theiefore, to he hoped, that a praflice thus manifestly illegal, and which the Legislature has wisely prohibited, as opening a door to fraud and oppress on, will henceforth be entirely abolijhed. On Monday last, Mr. MayWood opened his" budget in the town of Armagh, before a numer- ous and fashionable audience, who seemfcd. highly gratified with the perfoi rji uice. Our correspon- dent, indeed, states, that lie never before saw an audience, f> r such a length of time, so well enter- tained with the exertions of an individual. On the night of the 7th inst. as a man named Quan was leaving Warrenpoint, he missed his way and fell into a lime- kiln ; and, shocking to relate, his legs and thighs were literally roasted. Next morning he was taken out dead. LL is sup- posed he was intoxicated. " Mr. COBBKTT has announced himself as a Can- didate for the Representation of the County of Southampton. We understand that a Meeting of Clergymen and Gentlemen of various denominations, was lield at Cookstown, on the 29th of September, for the purpose. of considering th* propriety of form- ing an Auxiliary'Brati^ i to the London Mission- ary Society. After . a full discussion of the sub- it was unanimously agreed, to form a Society under the designation of tiie Tyrone AuxilUry Mis- sionary Society ; the objefl of which is to aid the operations of « • » ,. areut institution. t\ subscrip- tion was accordingly opened for this laudable pur- pose, which we hope will receive general and li- beral support. CHRISTENING OF THE EARL OF HILLS- BOROUGH. The Earl of HillsDotaugh, who was born on the 6th of August last, was baptized on the 13th inst. at the Marquis of Downshite's house at Hillsborough, by Dr. Leslie, Bishop of Dromore, by tile names of ARTHUR WILLS BLUNDEU. SANDYS TURNBULL WINDSOR. The Sponsors were Lord William Fitzgerald, for his Graee the Duke of Leinster, Lord Arthur Hill— and The Marchioness of Downshire Sandys. In the evening there was a splendid Ball and Supper, at which were present 263 of the principal Nobility and Gentry of the Country. CARRICKFERGUS COUNTY MEETING. In compliance with a Requisition, signed by a number of respeflable Electors of the Coun- y of the Town of Carrickfergus, a general Meeting of the Freemen of the County was convened, on Tuesday, by the Sheriff at the C runty Court- House, for the purpose of taking into considera- tion the Dr' prietv ' f voting an Address of Thanks to JAMES CRAI< J, Esq.' their late Representative in Parliament, f r. the very wor. thy and upright manner in which he had discharged the duties of that important trust— Mr, CRAIG having previous- ly addressed a Utter of resignation to his Con- stituents. ROBERT M'GOWAN, Esq. Sheriff, in the Chair. The Requisition having freen read, JOHN CAMPBELL, Esq. addressed the Chair, in a neat, concise speech, expressive of the general sense entertained by the Ele^ ors, of the i'ery pro- per and praiseworthy conjjjuiS of Mr. Craig^ as their Representative in P- jriiament. He said, he was happy that the Meeting has been convened ( or the purpose of returning Mr. CRAIO thanks, for his honr urable and uptight conduct during the time he had been their Representative in ihe Imperial Parliament, duting which time he had had but one objeift in vr4w< the general interest of the Empire, arid for which be was entitled to the thanks of the public; but whether Mr. CRAIG'S condtitf, as a Member of Parliament, or as a Mem- ber of the Corporation, was e « n* idered, it Would be found he had made their interests the invariable rule of h* is conduff; consequently he was entitled tq the sincere thanks of every well- wisher of the Corporation, and no doubt he would obtain them from every disinterested Member. Mr. CAMP-; BELL concluded, with moving the following ad- j ciress, which was seconded by WM. STSVENSOH, I Esq.:— ' To JAMES CRAIG, Esq. Scoutbush. SIR— We, the F'eemen and Freeholders of the County of the Town of Catricklergus, request, that you will, permit us to express our sinct re and heartfelt approbation, of the ze. il, integrity, au'J.^ terleoendence. which has so conspic'i-> Uslv ' siT'ked I y- » ir Parliamentary conduct ; anil; a' the same time, beg. leave ' o return you our- < varm° st ar- LCN' 1 » '! eds? TT><> NTS for the care and soliciijpde wi'h which yon hiv? wa'ched over oirr common Inte- rests., We therefore,' at this most . important pe. rind, would feel ourselves wanting tn pra'irnde, were we not thus publicly to express the'liye'v in. rerejt we t ke in whatever concerns your welfare, har> otr\ « ss. and prospe- irv ; h ^ oinor, that the dav will come, when, the inderendent E'eflors of Car riefcfersus, will once mire have an. opDortunhy of eVincibiT to the world how much thev value yon as, a Genrlemm, and a<: ^ person worthy to repre- sent. them in Parliament." The Re*. TDWARB MAY then rote and address, " d the meeting, in a verv animated and imoressive < pfeech, wherein, afrpr alluding to a former con- test which he himself had sustained with Mr. CRAIO. f< Sr the representation of that County, he expressed his astonishment a', and severely repro- bated the condufl of some of Mr. CKAIG'S former friends towards that Gentleman. He considered M-. CRAIG as possessed of hose virtues which entit- led him to their warmest support; and paid s^ me very handsome copftohmei'* to'his private charac- ter and public cindtK*!. He observed, that al- 1hpueh he coulrl not sny that Mr. CRAIO'S politi. cal conrlufl oerf( jfllv coincided with his own politi- cal sentiment?, vet he would say, hp cordially be- Teved that hii condufl was governed bv the most upright and consri- ntious motive^. Alluding to the opposition which had been raised against Mr. CRAIO, he observed, that the interest which was united against him had been surreptitiously ob- tained. There was a deep and a base combina- tion against him ; it had been very properly termed a Star Chamber Council; wherein the privileges of the free FT<& prs were overpowered and superseded. Mr. KTCY,-' in ver, y pointed terms, alluded to the condttft of a NqWe Marquis, in a n ighbouring County, whose influence was well known in the Corporation of Carrickfer^ ns; and particularly animadverted on that Nobleman's recently taking into his confidence the man who had exhibited such a decided hostility rn the patriotic measures adopt- ed by the Nohle Marquis's late F tther. They might succeed in reducing the Cuinty of Down to a close Boron^ h, but such conduit drew forth his sfronge t and most decided disapprobation.— Mr- MAY concluded a very handsome speech, by ' expressing his great esteem and regard for Mr. CRAIG, both in his public and private capacity. ARTHUR CHICHRSTER, E- q. said, that as he had ar or. e tim" t! oi> ht it probable, that he should h ve met Mr. CRAIG a< hie opponent in the con- test which was likely tn ens ie, lie was satisfied he would have found in him, a fair apd manly com. ; pnitor; as he had observed in that Gentleman's charafler,"' every trait of honour ap:( integrity. But the party who had combined to turn him out, had determined to d' tr^ v all competition for thrfr favour, and endeavoured to take the right of elec- tion jrito their own hands ; and in their secret coun- cil, had taken on themselves to nominate; without respetf to the independent Eleflofs of the Corpor- ation. the person who should represent them in Parliament ; and thus, not only to deprive theiri of th- efficacy of their elective, franchise, hut , aJso of some of their rights and privileges as Freemen' of the Coiinty, ( allsdi g, as we prestrme, to the free rue of the commonable- grotinds belonging to, the Corporation..) . Mr. C. observed* that he might say for himself, and also f. rr that parfy with whom he afted, that their best exertions had been, and should be, u « ed to check the Inroads which had been made, as well on their property, as on their political power. The party which endeavoured to- use this confront over them, talked to them of in-, dependence, w hile they afled so as to depr ive them of eve- y other freedom than that of uttering their comp'aints ; but he hoped, with the> r assistance, to be able to resist this, usurpation. He took this op- portunity of expressing his high esteem arid regard for Mr. Craig, their late Reoretentative, and to assure the electors,- that should they do him the high honour of returning him, as his successor, he should never give a. vote in- the House of C< 5m-' mon-:, which he did not in his conscience consider for the benefit of his country ; , arid, ir Woald be" his best'reward, to be acknowledged by them to have been their honest Representative. • Both Mr. May's and Mr. Chichester's speeches were loudly cheered. The Address of Thanks to Mr. CRA IG WJJ then, unanimously voted with loud acclamations. The SHERIFF having left the chair, and JOHN CAMPBELL, Esq. having been called to it, Resolv. ed unanimously— That the Thanks of this Meet- ing be given to ROBERT M? GOWA « , Esq. the She- riff, for his prompt compliance with the requisition for calling thi » Meeting, arid for his very proper conduA in the chair. The, following Gentlemen were. then" appointed a^ Commiuee, 10 wait, on Mr. CRAIG with the Ad; dress: JortK CAMPBELL, Esq. DAVIS BOWMAN, Esq. WILLIAM STE- VENSON, Esq. Resolved— That the proceedings of rhis Meet- ing, be published; in the'. B. EJ » f> s* COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. The Committee having1 Waited on Mr. CRAIG, that Gentleman was pleased to return the- follow- ing answer;-— | To the Freemen and Freeholders of the- County of the. Toum of CARRICKFFJIG US. GENTLEMEN," j I beg you to accept my sincere thanks for the j warm manner in which you have been pleased to j express yoUr approbation of my eondutf in Par- liament, and yoVrr affeflionate and friendly dispo- sitions towards me; and to be assuied, that I shall always be devoted to your interests, and ready to maintain your rights. Circumstat ces, with which you are acquainted, • have induced me to'withdraw my name from the ' list of Candidates for your Representation oil the i present occasion ; but, if you should continue to think me worthy of your confidence, my services shall be. at your command at a future opportunity. I remain, Gentlemen, With sincere esteem, Your faithful humble servant, JAMES CRAIG. Sccullush, Odder 16, I SI 2, GENERAL EJECTION SIR, Hillsborough, l'Uh Oeioier, 1812. We, the undersigned Freeholders of the Coin - ty of Down, request you will .. convene. Meetii^ r of the Freeholders of the Co. unty, on MONDAV next, at Downpatrick, to put, two ptoper'persoiiti iu nomination to Represent the Cotaity. ' :• •• WM. MONTGOMERY. - J. M. RE ILLY. ' ELDRED C. POTTING ER E. S. RUTIIVEN.- JOHN L. REILLY. CHI 11. FORTESCU. E. To Dayic! Gordon,. Esq. High 1 Sheriff, Co. of Down. ° j In compliatioe with tlie above Requisition, t appoint the Hour of TWELVE o'clock, on MON DAY next, at the Court- House of Downpatrick, for the purpose therein mentioned. 6. GORDON, SHERIFF 15th October, 1812. To the Independent ELECTORS of lU. County of DOWN. The Committee for Securing the Freedom of Election in your County, have earnestly solicited Mr. SAVAGE to offer himself as a Candidate to represent you in Parliament— You are therefore anxiously requested to hold yourselves in readi- ness, as Mr. SAVAGE is hourly expected from Dublin.— Subscriptions having been already large- ly entered into, to set on foot, and promote this great, national object, the Committee inform the Friends of Independence, and their Country, that Subscription Books are opened at the Northern Bank, Belfast, and S'ewy Bank. October 14, 1 « 12. [ We are auttiouse'd to' i ,„ r » t' e followin^ ;] — TO. THE FREEHOLDERS of the County of DfyW, GK. VTLEMRN, I have heard, with much pleasure, that yon are, again to have an opport'inity. of elcciingani honest and' tried Representative— I mean ., ••>, who neyer deceived you, or gav « a vote ag ii( ist the interest of his Cnuntry ": " You will - there! r I hope, prove to the world, that the Comity « > f DOWN is not yet ( as has been foully insinuated)^ made a Borough of by compact. A neighbour- ing County once, fintcd fttr its hidrpvidcnc*, feels the insults of such arrangements j the Free- holders are not now even asked for their vot but treated jike Ptt'e fop sale ; the Landlords only are applied to, as if die Freeholders v ere their, property, and thought unworthy of being even calkd on by those who wish to get an ex- alted situation, and too frequently for the pur. pose of qualifying them to add to the bur bens of the People,— Tbe honest Ejectors of DOWN, should be" proud to hand that independence to their children, which their fathers gave to them ; and above alt, the Gentry of Down . should keep it in their recollQction « that if their- County ( S . once'suffered to be made a Brtro' igh of, thefr now courted influence will shortly dwindle into neglect and disgust, for there will then be no favours to ask, consequently none to grant j it will, in fact, be like that neighbouring County, where the Great act regardless of the People, and even, in matters of | he first consequence, to the interest of the Country. AN INDEPENDENT , F. R. ECTOR. GENERAL ELECTION. " County of the Tmm of CARBIC'KFEROOS, To- xvit. JDURSUANT. to his Majesty's Writ to us di- rected, for the Election of one Burgess for said County,, to be returned to a Parliament to be held at Westminster on the 24tli day of No- vember next: We do hereby give notice, that on MONDAY, the ,26th day of October instant, be- tween the Hours of ELEVEN in the morning and TWELVE at noon, of said day; at the Court- house of said County and Town, we will proceed to hold said Election, whereof all persons concerned are desired to take notice.— Dated this 13th Oc- tober, 1812. THOS. KIRK, 1 c It. M'GOWAN, J hHKK, FFS' On Saturday evening tire Ri<; ht Hon. J. P Cu - ran, Master of the Rolls arrived at Newr y, wliete lie had received a warm. invitation to stand a C indidate for the Representation of that Borough. When he had approached within about two miles of the town he was met by a vast concourse of people who toolc the horses from hfs cariiage and drew him in. Oti Monday the election commenced ; the Right Hon. J, P. Cur ran was put in noinenation by Mar k D ve- lin Esq. and seconded by Reilly Esq. ^ Gene- ral Needham was proposed by W. Beat!] Esq. and seconded by Dennis Caulfield Esq.— The election proceeded and on Tuesday evening Mr. C.. rran was two a- head of General Needham. The state of the poll on Wednesday was, for Mr. Curran 75— for Gen. Needh. im 71. The rival candidates for Downpatrick, are con- testing the Borough with the greatest eagerness. The eleflim commenced on Wednesday, but the two first days were spent incettling preliminary arrangements for the poll. Some symptoms' of public rioting occulted { arid it i> even sa'u',' that M jor « VaS uiKoUii.; w.< ui ii^ i.- i. jjELJfAST COMMERCIAL CHRONICLF.. The Committee of the House of Industry, ac- knowledge the receipt of a quantity of vegetables from Mrs. Ewing, Macedon ; Mr. Wm. Tenent, Mr. Edwtird Lindsay, Nurseryman, and Mr. Wm. Ritchie, Ship- builder. Such contributions are very useful to that establishment* v The Sale of DIVE LUNG- HOUSE and OFFICE-. 110USES, of JAMES QT'AIL, of Downpatrick, is Adjourned tillfurther Notice. HERRINGS, Married. On Tuesday evening, at Portadown, Mr. JAMES ORHI- » EN, Cotton Man'ifaiihuer, of Colerain, to the truly amiable Mrs. SAEAH SI. BAM, of Portadewn. On the 8th infant, STEPHEN HOLLAND, of Carryreagh, County Antrim, Est} to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of the Rev. D. Cristie, of Magilligan, County Derry. GEORGE CAKROL, E » Q of South King- street, Dublin, Attorney at I. aw, to the agreeable and accomplished Mi- s MANNING, daughter of John Manning, Esq. of Rathdrum, County Wicklow, with a fortune of .£. 3000. At her brother's house, in North Anne street, Duhlin, ALICIA, second daughter of the late Mr C. Magrane, nier- • hant. of Drogheda, to Mr. JOHN STOKES, of O. mond- quay, Dublin. At the Residency at Bagdad, on the 8ih of January last, by the Rev. Wm Canning, Sir WILLIAM WISEMAN, Bart. Captain Royal Navy, to CATHERINE, third daughter of Sir James Mackintosh. ~~ Th^ i. On the 1J th inst. Miss M , RY REID, Ann- street. On the 25th of Sept. M, at Flower Hill, near Dungan- uon, County of Tyrone, Wirs of Thomas Richardson, Esq. 6th Wen India Regiment. At L. oughbricklaiid, Mr. GEORGE FIVET, Watch- maker, K't of the city of Dublin. BELFAST SHIP NEWS. The Neptune, Dav: d'On, for Liverpool, sails first fair wind The coppered and armed brig Levant, M'Kibben, is load in£ for Loudon, tu ail in a few days The Draper, Davison, for Liverpool, and Aurora, Starks, for London, sail first fair wind. The armed b ig Donegal!, Courtenay, is loading at Lon- don for thin port The Ha * k. Vt'Cormick. for Glasgow ; aud the Dispatch, Jameson, for Dublin, are loading, to sail in a few days. The Betseys, Neilson, at Glasgow ; and the Bee, Rankin, at Dublin, are loading for. Belfast. BELFAST EXPORTS, For the Week ending the Sth instant. Gottenlurgb—* 720 bushels White Salt. Liverpool— 139,387 yards Linen— 1500 yards Irish Calico 170 firkins butter— 1 bale Woollen Goods— 1 Hhd Stocking Web— 336 barrels Irish Wheat. tyb'sUbaven— 6 bales Irish Flax. JS'evory— 30 puncheons Rum— 5 casks Fustic— 20 casks Logwood— 105 Hh. ls Scale Sugars, C'teraine— 200 barre's Herrings Lame— 55 barrels Tar— 200 Deals— 70 Oars— 50 Hand- spikes. For the Week ending the 15th inst. London— 4250 firkin* butter Liverpool— 20 Hhds. Bacon— 10 Hhds Hams— 100 firkins Butter— 16 bundles Calf Sk'iis— 761 Hides Glasgow— 54 92.5 yards Linen Qtoth— 240 firkins Butter— 26 tierces, isf barrels Beef— 7 Hhds. Hams— 100 Hides — SO barrels Pearl Ashes. Potbelly— 320 Punk. Maryport— 61 Cow Hid s. Dtrry— 20 bags Shot— 10 dozen Oars— 100 barrels Dant- zick Ashes— 8. Hhds. SHgar— 18 casks Salts— 4 Hhds. Logwood— 5 puncheons St. Ubes Salt. Goods on Band in Store to the 10th October, 1812. S25S puncheons, 174 HMN. Rom— 1019 hhds. and tierces, $ 7 barrels Muscovado Sugar— 7S5 casks, 140 bags Coffee — 100 bags Pimento— 1 pipe Olive Oil— 351 pipes and 27 tihds. Spanish Red, 21 hhds. Claret, 122 pipes and 44 hhds. Portugal, 129 pipes, 110 hhds. and S5 quarter casks Tene- riffe, 8 pipes and 1 hhd. Madeira, 2 butts, 5 hhds. and 3 < jr. casks Sherry, Wine—- 887 Wids Tobacco if. Weekly Shipping and Commercial Lilt. > TTHE SUBSCRIBER is now Landing, Wi JL on board the Brig BRIDGEWATER, 54 1 BARRELS SCOTCH HERRINGS, Which he will dispose of on moderate terms, at his Stores, ' corner of Xjtne- K iti- Dock. ISAAC ARROTT. Belfast, Odtober 17. ' 141 . ————— COUNTY OF DOWN. AGENERAL MEETING of the GOVERNORS and DEPUTY GOVERNORS of the County of Down, will be held at Newtownards, on TUESDAY the 20th inst. at ONE o'clock, pursuant to the Militia Aft in that case made and provided.—- Signed by Order, ROBERT DICKSON, C. G. M. Dromore, OAober 6, 1812. ( 136 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At GLENAVY, on MONDAY tbe 9. d November next ( if not previously disposed of by Private Sale,) IT INYGARVE FARM, beautifully situated between Glenavy and Crumlin, commanding a view of Lough Neagh, containing Fifty Aires of Land, Twelve Acres of which are Meadow, highly improved. There is an excellent DWELLING HOUSE, in thorough repair, on the Premises, with every other necessary conve- nience. Any comment on the fert:' ity of the soil is deemed unne- cessary, from the situ3' ion of the Farm, and the opportunity which persons inclined to purchase may have, in viewing it previous to the day of Sale. It is held by Lease, for twent\- one Years and one good ! ife, commenting at Nov 1800, under the Most Noble the Marquis of HeairoRD; and subj'idt to the small yearly Rent of 13<. 6d. per Acre. Proposals, in Writing only, will be received by WM WHIT1. A, B> q Lisburn ; Mr. ALEX. STEWART. North- street, Belfast; or, Mr. EDWARD QUlGLY, Glenavy ; either o! whom will give every necessary infor- mation. ( 144) oaeber 17. BELFAST MARKETS'. " I a. J. s. d. New Oatmeal..-..^ 25 6 — 27 0 New Barley- meal... 21 6 — 0 0 New Rye- meal...... 23 0 — 0 0 20 0 — 21 0 New Barley.. 10 0 — 12 0 11 — 0 0 46 0 — 0 44 0 — ' 0 0 Bran 10 0 — 0 0 Firkin Butter 122 • — 0 0 Russ an Tallow ,... 120 0 — 0 0 Rough Tallow 13 0 — 0 0 Rough Lard 90 0 — 95 0 Pork 60 0 — 72 6 JSeef( NewShambles) 40 0 — 50 0 Salt Skins. 52 6 — 57 « Cow Hides. 42 6 — 50 0 Potatoes .... 0 6 — 0 « 4 Liverpool Coals..... S4 li- 0 0 Cumberland ditto... 24 0 — 25 0 Scotch ditto 24 0 — 0 0 Scotch maltingditto O 0 — 0 0 ! per cwt. of 112lb. ; Bank Notes. 1per cwt. of 1121b Bank Notes. ^ per stone of 16lb. Iper cwt. of 120) b, - per ton. White Weight of Bread this Week at the Public Bakery- Loaf, ( 1/. Id.) Sib. eoz— Brown ditto, ( 1 » - Id.) Sib. 4oi Weight of Bread this week at Drojrheda Household Twelve penny Loaf— 4lb. 6oz 7dr. STAVES. TO be Sold by Auftion, on MONDAY, the 19th inst at ONE o'Clock, at the Lime- Kiln- Dock, 5000 New Tori Barrel STAVES, Now landing BY WILLIAM PHELPS, ex the Cunningham Boyle, from LIVERPOOL. 149) October 1 7, 1812. STORES, & c. TO BE LET. CRAMSIE and CLELAND intend removing to the CONCERN, No 3, LIME- KILN DOCK, at pre Sent occupied by Mr. PHELPS; wiil Set that which they now occupy ^ CALENDAR- STREET, consisting of two small YARDS, STORES ( in which there is a great deal of Cellar room), OFFICE, and DWELLING- HOUSE. , It is parti- cularly well adapted for the PROVISION BUSINESS. 143) O& ober 17. BLEACH- GREEN ROBBERY. \ N SATURDAY Night last, the BLEACH- GREEN of AARON STANTON and CO. of CARNMOV£ Y, was feloniously entered, and SIX PIECES of YarJ- wiile Printed MUSLIN taken therefrom. FIFTY POUNDS REWARD Will be paid for proof to Conviftion of the Perpetrator Perpetrators of said Robbery j and private information will be well rewarded, and kept secret, if required, by the Carn- mtney Bleachers Association JOHN BELL, TtiEAsuREit. 16th O Sober. N. B. It is requested that any Person to whom the above may be offered lor Sale, will take notice, that thev are of two different Patterns, and not fully cleared up in the white, and from the manner in which they ware lifted, one selv- ge in each piece, must have been Loiu utefj thtee- ilWtln of a yard, about Iiatf uu . nth au » NOTICE. THE AUCTION SALF. at the late BENJAMEN En- WARD'S. Esq. Bridge- End, an lately advertised in this Paper, will be proceeded u;* oti on Monday the 19th OiJto- ber, inst. at the hour of ELEVEN o'clock; consisting prin- cipally of Bed- Room Appohitmen s, & c. and some Glass- 140) DAVID GORDON, Sheriff. JAMES HYNDMAN, Age t. October 17. 1812. A PROFIT RENT OF £ 17,. 17*. Gd. PFU A VVTNR. To he Sold by Auction, at TWELVE o'Clock, on THURSDAY th' 22d October, on th Premis. s, A WELL- SECURED PROFIT RENT, arising out of DWELLING- HOUSE, No. 121, Ann Street Belfast, at present occupied by Mr JOHN MURPHY, Cnnfecftioner; held by Lease for thirty- one Years, frciii first February, 1801 For particulars, apply to MICH1E1. MOONEY, No. 41, Hercules- street; or. CUMING & TANNY, Auctioneers, 84, HIGU sUEir. Belfast, Oiftober 17. ( 133 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. On MONDAY the 2Glb OR her inst at ONE o'Cloel. at our 8fjice, 84, High- street, and immediate Possession given, THE LEASE of the DwrtLiNo- HOUsE, No 17, Prin- ces'- street fhr1 e Stories high, at present occupied by Mr. WILLIAM HENRY. It ionsists « f a Parlour, Kitchen, Pantrv, Scullery; a back House and Loft in the Yard; a Drawing- room and three B" d- ehambers. with a largw front Cellar that Wsmld lot for *£ 10 per annum. There are 4.1 Yesrs of a Lease from M : y, 1805, at the Yearly Rent of ,£ 23, 19J. 9J. CUMING & TANNY, Belfast, 0( 9. 17. ( 135) AUCTIONEERS, & e. APPRENTICE WANTED. ASM^ RT LAD, of go , d connexions, would be taken Apprentice to a Merchant in Belfast, Application to be made to Mr. ANDERSON, Chronicle- Office. ( IS7 A CLERK WANTED, ^ PPLY to MONTGOMERYS, STAPLES, & CO. oaober IS, 1812. WANTED, By an Extensive Merchant, AN ACTIVE. INTELLIGENT YOl'NG MAN, well acquainted with General Mercantile Business. Such may hear of an Eligible Situation, by addressing a Letter ( post- paid) to Y K. Pos r- OirfICE, NEWRT. ( 1SS £ i, noo. ONE THOUSAND POUNDS TO BE LENT, on ap- proved Real Secuiity. Apply by Letter, post paid, to WILLIAM JOHN DIL- LON, Attorney at Law, Antrim ; or 42. Cap - l- tre- t, Dlib- jiu. ( 129) OAober 16, 1812. NOTICE. To the Parishioners of Knotllreda Parish. THAVB appointed Mr. FETHERSTON H. of BEECH- HILL, my Agent, to receive all Tyrhesdue tome from the first day 6f October, 1812; and I am determined to put the Law in force against all who neglect paying the arrears befere the 12th day of Novesnlcr next: and any one presum- ing to remove their Crops, without first agreeing with Mr. FETHERSTON H stall be dealt w th according to Law; and no re- peot to persons will be shewn on aiiy aceouut.— Dated this £ 9th September, 1812. Signed 132) MERVYN PRATT, RECTOR. NOTICE. To the Parishioners of Knocllreda Parish. if SHALL devote every THURSDAY, from SEVEN 1L o'clock in the Morning, till ONE, for the purpose of receiving all Tythes due to the Rev MERVVN PRATT, and settling with the Parishioners for a certain number of years . I will n » t agree with any person till he first pays his arrears* JAMES FETHERSTON H. 133) Oilober 18, 1812. COUNTY OF ANTRIM CATHOLIC MEETING, WE, the undersigned, request a Meeting of the CATHOLICS of the COUNTY of ANTRIM, at the EXCHANGE- ROOMS, Belfast, on MONDAY the 19th of October instant, at the hour of ONE o'Clock, for the purpose of taking into considera- tion the propriety of renewing our application to the Legislature for a Repeal of the Penal Laws Which affect the Catholic Body.— Dated this 9th October, 1812. John 0' Haghian, Alexander M'Donnell, Charles O'Hara, James Murray, Thomas Griffith, James O'Hara, Charles Magarrdt, Archibald M'Donnell. COUNTY OF TYRONE. ' ipHE ROMAN CATHOLICS of the CO. TYRONIt, T are requested ro meet at QMAGH, on MONDAY 26th instant, to prepare Petitions ttl the Legislature, pray- ing a total Repeal of the Penal Statutes which atTc&. cheni on account of their Religious Opinion*. Oaober 3, 1812. Gilly Mac Hugh, John Grtbbon, Thomas Grilbon, Daniel MaeLaughlin, Charles Kelly, Terence Fox, Thomas R. Gertighty, Bernard W Motion, M. D. Peter Quinn, Francisr Meahan, WitTiam 0' Kane, Edward Most. JO TIN CROSSLEY OESPECTFULI. Y informs the Public, that ll.\ i h< has commenced the SOAP- BOILING Sf CHANDLING BUSINESS, AT SO. 113, AS'SJ- STHEET, Where he will be constantly supplied with ' © very Article HI his Line; and has at present on hands, BLEACHERS' BEST SOAP, MOULD <$• DIPT CANDLES, BLACK SOAP, GREEN DITTO. As the above Articles are entirely his own Manufacture, the Public may rely upon them being of ihe v-.- ry best quality. Belfast, Oauber 18. 122) - SC. ALK src; AKs: OOUR HUNDRED CASKS for Sale at the BELFAST SUGAR- HOUSE. oaober 4 1812. ( 70 NEW TEAS. A LEXANDER HASl. ETT is Landing, par I'm- the Kelly ( via LIVERPOOL), KEIF TEAS, from the last Sales, Which will be sold Cheap, per the Chest only. 128) Belfast, Oaober 14. HARDWARE, kc. 8tc. . npHE SUBSCRIBER has received by the la'fe Vessels ' L from LONDON, LIVERPOOL, 8tc. & c. a large addition to his former Extensive Assortment of Hardicare and Ironmongery Goods. HE 19 WELL SUPPLIED WITH Sheet Copper— Rolled Iron, of different scantlings — Fenders— Fire Trows-—/ irate « Locks Hinges— Cast and Wrought Nails, S,- c. Sf- c. Which will be sold Cheap, for Good Payments. He would Let, and give immediate possession of his COTTAGE, on the White- House Shore, to an eligible Tenant, completely Furnished, to the first of May; with tbe GARDEN and GRAZING FIELD, until the 1st March next. He would likewise I et or Sell his FARM at the Clowney, containing about nine Irish Acres, in the very highest con- dition. Possession can be given at the first November. ROBERT PATTERSON. Belfast, Oaober 10. ( 94 FLOU II COKNR MILLS, TO BE LET FOR EVER. ^ HP. FLOUR and CORN MILLS of REA, with a i Dwelling house, and Houses for Miller, Kilnman & c* eighteen Irish Acres of excellent Laud, and one Acre of Bog, situated in the County Monaghan, five miles from Carrick- macross, Cast. eblaney, and Ballybay. The Flour Mill is in complete repair, and capable of manufaauring 5000 Barrels ol Wheat iu the year; its central situation lor the supply of Wheat ( which is laid do> vn at the Mills), and the demand for Flour, is so obvious as to it- quire no comment. The Corn Milt his two pair of Stones, and is, with the Kiln, in comple e order. There are Ten Townlanils bound to it - There i » a coustanc supply of Water ill the driest season, and an unoccupied fall tif sixteen feet. Application to be made co Ru » s* r Ivata, Rea Mills, CalyvklMW^ MI 1130 By the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland, A PROCLAMATION. RICHMOND. & c. WHEREAS, we have received information upon oath, that the Coach conveying his Majesty's Mail from Londonderry to Dublin was, on tbe- night of Sunday the 27th day of September lak, attacked by a party of men, at present unloiown, at or near Green Hills, in the county of f^ ath, who fired several shots at said Coach, and thereby severely wounded one ot the Guards belonging thereto, and succeeded in robbing the same : And whereas his Majesty's Post- Masters- Gene- ral have offered rewards for the apprehension of the Persons concerned in she said outrage and Felony : 11' Now we the Lord Lieutenant and Council do hereby publish and declared, that if aBjr person or persons concerned in the said outrage shall, within thespaceofSix Calendar Months next after the date of this our Proclamation, discover the person or persons concerned in said offence, so a » that he Or1 they be apprehended and convicted thereof, such person or persons so discovering, shall/ jgceive his Majesty's most gracious ai) d free pardon for the same. Given at the Council Chambei- fh Dublin the 1st day of October, 1812. Charles Cashel. Robert Peel. James Fitz Ge- rald. Patrick Duigenan. Wm. Han'tfcock. GOD SAVE THE KING. The Public are respeftfully > nfofm- ed, that it is intended the following M'fiksi N. E. TRADERS. ^ MF SI ail tat! at the under mentiomd feriaitt ^^^^^ ROR LONDON, The armedbrjg LEVANT, M< KtBBiN...,.,*! a a few days. The armed brig VINE, MONT COMER*.... 14 dajs after. U" These Vessels being armed and completely well found, Insurance by them will consequently be effected on the most reasonable' terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, The NEPTUNE, DAVIDSON........ First fair wind. The KELLY, M'ILWAIN Seven days after. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The ST. PATRICK, CAMPBELL In a f. w d ) » FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig BRITANNIA, ABERDEEN, on first de- livery of the Teas from the Sales. For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. WM- & JOHN WHARTON, Nicholas' Lane; or, in Belfast, to R. GREENLAW, Agent, Who will receive and forward LINEN CLOTH and nthet MERCHANDIZE wiA care and dispatch. fy A few Stout Lads wanted as APPRENTICES to th « Sea, to whom liberal Eocuuggegum Will be gi « u. j'^ vtu ^ tate 3Lottcr>>. Two Prizes of Twenty I housnnd Pounds, | AND ONLY 10,000 TICKETS. All to be Drawn on the 10th October next. SCHEME 2 Prizes of .£ 20 000 ., .. are ... =£ 40,000 2 4 4 580 . 1 800 10 500 1050 22 . 42,900 10,000 Tickets a£ 100 000 THOMAS WAHID HAS 8 ECETVED A first Supi> lv of TICKFTS # SHARES,| And as the Drawing begins so * oon, recommends % U imme- diate pinch se,' to prevenr disappointment crt* PRIZES PAID ON DEMAND. Readv Money Orders on Dublin, or limits at Two or I Thre- Days' sight, tf more agreeable, can always. be had to I anv amount, by applying td 959) ; THOMAS WARD. WANTED AN APPRENTICE to the APOTrti? C*?& Y BUSI- NESS, duly qualified. Application to be made to ALEX HAMILTON. BALLYMONET. OAOBER 2. ( 57 I A TANYA RD TO BE LET. Ta be Let, from November next, for such Term | as may be agreed upon, pHE TAN YARD occupied by the Subscriber, 11 Downpati ick, with every necessary convenience fori fini « hing 1000 Hides yeirly. Apply to THOMAS HENRY. DOWNPATRICK, Oa. ber I. ( 68 COLERAIN ACADEMY. 4N ASSIST AN r wi'l be wanted, on t - e 1st of Januaryl next, in the Rev. WILLIAM GUIl. EP.' S ACA-| DEMY, qualifi> d to teach English, Writing, Accounts, audi Geography, with the use ot' the Glomes. Letters, post paid, will be attended to. 41) 0< 5bber 1,1812 £ 500 " Ij^ O BE LENT oil approved security. Appl j -*• to L. DRUMMOND. COLERAINE, 10th Oaober, 1812 "( 12Sj • £ 500. WANTED, on Interest, the above Sum. for which un- exceptionable Security can be given, on Premises! situated in the town of Lisburn. Application to be made to THOMAS E. HIGGINSONl At'ornejr. 31) LISBURN, September 30, 1812 BLEACib- GRVF. N FARM TO LfET, WITHIN less than'three quarters of a Mile of that ex cellent Market, Town UANBKIDGE, with the Grea' Rivr- r Ban running through its center, and a mo- t capital Fall for a BLEACH MILL or FLOUR MILL, aud tr, e Race made complete home to the Mill Site, which could not now be done at a less expenditure than £ 1000. This Valuable FARM contains upwards of S xty Irish Acres ® f choice Ground, all of whic'i would be Meadow, with as goo ! a Road as in Ireland through it, and most beautifully situated in a genteel and reaj- eftabK neighbour- hood, surrounded by Bleach. Green,, and so completelv fenced, with Double Ditches, Walls, aad Hedges, as to bid' defiance to any Fox Hounds in the country. A Lease, for ever, free sf renewal fine, will be given, if the value is offered, and the Tenant declared on the First day of November next; and should its value hot be offered before that day, then it will be Let by Public Cant, on MONDAY the 16th November, at BOVL'S Inn, Banbridge, at the Heur of ONE o'clock, to the highest Bidder, by DENNIS CAULFIELD, NEWRY. N. B. Mr. CAULEIELD has Three Small FARMS to Let, near LI. NADERB, Containing about Five ^ cres each, with Good Houses thereon, formerly in the possession of AN- THONT GARVET, Deceased. They will be Let t » gether or separately. ( 44 BUILDING GROUND. To be Let, in Great Edward- Street, in Front of the New Shambles, \ FEW LOTS of GROUND— one of tbe best Situa- tions in Bel'ast for Building, with Vaults complete A long Lease will be given Eor particulars, inquire of Major FOX. ( 261 NOTICE. ALL former permissions for Shooting on my Estates in the Counties of Down and Antrim, are fiom this date withdrawn; and those Gentlemen who wish n future to have leave, will give in their names at the Castle- Office, Belfast. DONEGALL- Donegall- House, Aug, 28. ( 8S8 The Public are respectfully inform >. JK? 1** 8 ed, that the following jfe- Mj REGULAR TRADERS Will tail for tbtir rtipeSl'ws / arts with tbe frit fair Wind after tbe datet mentioned': FOR LONDON, The armed brig AURORA, S r ARKS First fair wind The ariped brig GEORGE, CAUGHET 14 days after. FOR LIVERPOOL, The DRAPER. DAVISON In a few days. The FANNY, MARTIN Eight days after. FOR BRISTOL, A NEW BRIG, JOHN NEAL, Mas er.'.....- 27tb Oaober FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The MINERVA, COURTENAT. 17th Oaoher. The CKK. ES, SAVAGE. Eight days after. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig DONEGALL, COUR I ENAT, 24thOaobe-. For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OG1LBY, Abchurch- Yard Gentlemen who have Linens to forward, will please send them to GEORGE LANGTRY A few stout Lads wanted as Apprentices to the Sea. FOR LISBON, THE FAST- SAILING BRIO LORD DUNCAN, ROGER CROSBY, MA » TER, EUKS23 Will be clear for sea in ten days. For Freight or Passage, apply to DAVltjON, MOORE & CO. Belfast, OA. 13. ( I ® ' at time ot ile. By 01 der of the Commissioners, a\ RCHER BAYLY, Assignre. MILLER, Auft. oneer. Belfast, paober 11,1812. ( 11$ . In tbe Matter of JAMES KILBEE, a Bankrsspt, NOTICE. ] J^ HE CREDITORS of said 1 Bankrupt are ri- q les'ed to take notice, that the Comrm'- sip'i^ rs have fixed THURSDAY'he 12- h November next, to tnake a Div dend of said Bankrupt's Estate.— Dated 13th Oaober, 1812. 116) RAMSEY St GARRETT. FOR GLASGOW, The HAWK, B. M'CORMICK, MAST » « , ( A constant Trader), Now loading, te sail in a tew days. FOR DUBLIN. The DISPATCH, JAMESON... in a few days. For Freight, apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY. The BETSEYS, NEILSON, at Glasgow ; and the BEEr RANKIN, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast 124) Belfast, oanber 13. A PACKET, " Between Ard^ lass,. Counttp of Dcnvn, § Peel, in the Isle of Man. A NEW CUTTER, elegantly fitted up, with two Cabins, one with ei ht B* ds, and the other with two, completely fouud and manned, is now stablished between these two Ports, and will sail twice a Week from each of them, from March to Ofiober; anl once a- Week, fro< A Oaober to March ; 1 he days of sailing trom PEUL, Mon- days and Thursdays 1 and froal AROGIASS, IVednesaayi » nti Saturdays, ill the Morning, in tlie Summ r Month— aud, in he Winter Months, from ARDGLA, 8 ou the Mondays, au4 from PteL on Thursdays. FARES— Cabin Passengers, Half- a- Gninea; Stserag*, Si. SS ; Horses, 16/. 3/; and a Carriage, on - our wheels, a Guinea and a Half. The Harhoar of ARDOLASS, being now the safes' and best Harbour on the Ea^ c Coast of Ii eland, where a Ve* el Can came in and go: out at any time of Tide, this Commu- nication with the Isle of Man, and the North of Engiaud, will be the shortest and the most co- Timodioui from any part of Ireland North of Dublin.— As there are noMf six Packets constantly plying between Douglas and Liverpool ind a Government Packet from Douglas to Whitehaven, ,0 that Travellers going through the Isle of Man, ran lie sure ot a conveyance to Englan. i without delay.— The Pa- sa^ e from Ardglass to Peel, is from three to tour- hwirs; front Peel to Douglas, is ten English nv e- j and the passage f. ota Douglas to Liverpool, from eight to twelve hours. At Ardglass, a farouche attends the arrival « f the Packet tc> carry Passengers'to Dowiipatrick ; in 1 from Dowripauick there is a Stage Coach that plies to Nevvry, and anoilvr to Belfast— besides Post- Hotses < uid Carriages on every Road leading to Downpatrick. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Customhouse rf Londonderry, on Tuefdofy the 20;' A October next, rrHE HUTCHINSON, Revenu -*- BARGE, measuring about 45 Tons with, ail her TACICLE, SAILS, FURNi-. TURK, and APPAREL. The Vessel and Materials may he viewed at any time, oft pplicuion to the Officer in Charge. Custom- House, £ ( 4 Lgi. donJtrry, 2ith Sejtenibsr, 1813. i BELFAST' COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. turned out that not a man could he detained as a seaman ;) vet by brutal force they were dVagp- ed on board a King's ship. I shall not insult yon- I feelings by detailing th' a feeing scenes that took 1 place on the separation of these men from their relations and friends; I only require of you to re. sent the injuries done to your countryman. If | your late Representative has no influence whatever at the board of Admiralty, then no blarne at- taches to him ; but I dare say, that he has evinced to some of you, t^ at he does posse" influence and weieht there, and indeed, that his is the prevailing | opinion. Now then, Gentlemen, let us examine what he I has done for his countrymen, at the time they stood in so much need of a friend. The merchants of f Derry assembled and memorialed the Irish Govern- ment i the Secretary writes an answer promising redress, and he concludes his letter to Sir Charles | Saxton, ( the Lord Lieutenant's Secretary) in these words—" and their Lnrdshirs direCt me to add, that if satisfactory proof be obtained by them, that | any of the persons so impressed have not been used to the sea, or worked on navigable waters, they shall be immediately discharged, and means will | be taken to return them to Londonderry at the public expence." This was a laudable resolution in the Board ; but what has been the fad ? after a detention of some weeks, ( which however, may not have been the fault of the Board or their Se- cretary, )% b& ut twenty or twenty. five of these un- happy men were landed at Derry, and the remain- der of them put on shore in Dublin, without sixpence in their pockets, and must have legged their way home, but for the humanity of some merchants of Dublin, who raised a collection for them, to which Sir Charles Saxton either foi himself, or the Irish Government, contributed. The merchants of Der- I ry conceiving, however, that the Admiralty ought not to stop at the bare discharge of these men again met, and memorialed the Government, that the sums they had paid for their passage, might he reimbursed to them. They might with justice have asked some recompence for the harsh treat- ment they met with ; and such a liberal proceed- ing was generally expeded from the Admiralty. But though, I believe, three months have elapsed since a polite answer was given by Sir Charles Saxton to the Memorialists, saying, that he had transmitted to the Lords of the Admiralty, their memorial, no further answer has been given. There is no otjier body has it in its power to vindicate the wrongs of its countrymen but your- selves ; and I think you will not shrink from such an important duty. Shew the Ministry and the Admiralty what opinion the public have of their [ condufl on this occasion; and rejeCt their Secretary, if he does not enter into a solemn promise, " that he will use every diligence, and every means in 1 his power, to procure justice for these ill- rented Irishmen." HUMANITAS. October 15, 1812. GENERAL ELECTION. To the S DJTOR of the SE IF AST CHRONICL S. SIB J am a personage of no less consequence than a forty shilling Freeholder of the County of Antrim. I have been told by my father some- thing about the method of electing Members of Parliament in his day ; but my ideas are so con- fused about it, and probably erroneous, that if you permit me to ask the following questions, through the medium of your excellent Paper, simple answers to them will clear up my benight- ed understanding, and prevent me from dying a mere ignoramus, forty shilling freeholder, to the great discredit of that respectable body: and that no other person shall be pu' to the trouble to set me to rights, I request some brother voter of mine, if he should be so high up as a twenty pounder, will do the job for me : Was it intended by the law and the constitu- tion of these realms ( of which we so very justly I boast) that the freeholders should freely and with- j out undue influence or controul, elect members to serve them in the Commons' House of Parliament ? If such be the law, why have they not been called upon for many years past, and why are ! they not called upon NOW, to exercise their j rights in the County ot Antrim, at the approach- ] ing General Election ? j Can their votes he DISPENSED WITH ; and can my Lords A. and B. return their friends C. and D. to serve the freeholders of this so far famed, popu lous, and enlightened County ? j Being far removed from any obligations to, or deriving any authority from the people, if mem- bers so returned, serve themselves,, their friends, or a corrupt party, whether is the blame to be attached to them, or to the freeholders ? Can freeholders be compelled to vote just as they are BID !!! If so, where is the vestiges of that liberty we hear so much talk about ? Ah ! Mr. Editor, these times are pregnant with many things. Immediate and direct answers to these few questions, will clear up the mist which anfortunately hovers over the ideas of A FORTY SHILLING FREEHOLDER. Ballymoney, October 1 h TO THE ELECTORS of DOWNPATRICK. You are canvassed by two very respectable Gen- tlemen for the representation of your borough j I have veiy little acquaintance with either, anp would be perfectly indifferent about the event of the election, but thai one of the Gentlemen is Se- cretary to the Admiralty. Now, Gentlemen, I beg leave to remind you, that last sumn;: r, a num- nier of pnor people ( several of whom had disposed of their all far the purpose,) after paying for their passages, embarked,^ to the number of about a hun- dred, in different vessels for America: and when these vessels were on the point of sailing, they were boarded hy order of a Lieutenant Morgan of the Navy, and though every man ot thein were lands- men, and totally unused to the waters, ( as it has ADVICE TO ELECFORS. [ The la^ t - Edinburgh Review contains an article on Reform in which they prove, that though the state ol the Represen- tation is indeed most lamentable, much good might be done by the exertions of the Reformists, who may return one, if not two Members, for every popular place. But how, it may be aslced, is this good work to be achieved ? Hear the Reviewers:] « • We contend, then, that the problem in ques- tion has been already praflically solved. When ? — in 1807. By whom :— By the Electors of West- minster. The manner in which they returned Sir Francis Burdett ( we are now speaking merely of the mode of Election, and not at all of the person upon whom their choice fell) deserves to be held up to eveiy EleCtor in the empire as the mode! of his duty to the country, each time that he is called to the exercise of his franchise. The expence of a contest in Westminster was above < 80,000 nearly thirty years ago. Perhaps, if conducted now on the same scale and principles, and by the same persons, it would exceed £ 150,000; and yet the Committee who managed the election of 1807, have published a report, by which it appears that they did not spend any thing that could be called a considerable sum. They chose a man who ne- \ ver asked their votes; who in faCt was confined !, to a sick bed, and only heard of ' he contest for him ' after it had been triumphantly closed;— they paid every penny of the expence ; and even gave the two shillings which a Member pays when sworn in at the table of the House of Commons. We have not the report in our recollection ; but we believe the whole charge was Under £ 2000. This was raised by subscription ; and so far the Member was ! spired this expence; but the great advantage of t jf ! method alluded to was, that it economized the ex- penditure, as well as encouraged the cause, and kept down opposition. If a private man and ftis friends had been at the head of the business, they must have spent twelve or fifteen thousand pounds at the least. We have no doubt it cost Lord Cochrane, the other member, as much to the full. This must always be so,^ wbile the law is as it at present stands.— A Committee, entrusted with a subscription fund, can do things not merely in safety, but with credit," which would be looked upon as ab- solute meanness in a private individual; and this runs through the whole charges of a contest The powers of a subscription, too, are indefinite, and rise with the zeal of the party ; that is, with the heat of the contest, and the demand for funds. This is a formidable consideration for either a private autagonist, standing on his own or on family interest, or for a Government, which is strictly watched as to its expenditure, and not supported by a great popnlar clamour. Thus it may probably happen, that the bare proposal of a subscription fund will deter the Ministerial an- tagonist from standing ; much more when it is considered that a hundred pounds of that fund will go as far as a thousand, which he has either to expend of his own money, or charge upon his estates ; or, if those be entailed, to borrow upon ruinous annuities. And some how or other, it is observed, that the whole loyalty of the country ( as it is most falsely called), never produces very great effects in such contests of the purse ; and that the Jaith of the High- church Party is not quite up to moving the mountain. " Here, then, is a strong arm of power, which the people have from their numbers, and may al- ways use, if their zeal be proportioned to their deep interest in the stake. In all popular places let them open subscriptions, in proportion to the abili- ty of each man ; and let the fund be collected bv degrees, to suit their individual convenience.— Thev may contribute a small weekly sum for two or three months before hand ; and when the Elec- i finn arrives, it will poss'bly be returned to them, from h ving produced its desired effeCt of extin- guishing all ooposition; or it may b ™ applied in aid of similar funds elsewhere J or it may be want- ed ; and then it will be found too strong, when used with strict pconomy, to be resisted. It is not necessary to confine this subscription to the voters — qtiite the contrary; let those who wish well to the cause, contribute to assist it: and whether they can now bear an aCtive part in the contest or not, bv actually voting, they may well shore in the triumph ; for they may be assured rhey are paving the wav for a time when ' hey will themselves have votes to give— votes which their money ha5 now purchased. Persons in higher s'r. ti^ ns may se* the example of liberality, proportioned ' o their means ; and those in any station, who find it in- convenient to afford money, may assist with their labour ;—- Canvassers— Messenger?— Agents— Printers— may a'l contribute to the good Cause, in proportion to their zeal for it; and each mite, whether of money or other helo, propagates the spirit which leads to success, while it renders an a « sisfance to the power that immediately gains it. All this is not mere theory; it may be realized in any place where there is an enthusiasm for Li- berty, and where the mode of election enables that zeal to find a vent. The well- disposed have only to communicate freely, and to co- operate under judicious and honest advice. They have only to begin betimes to take their measures;— and such a force— such a legitimate, peaceful, constitutional force— will be speedily arraved in beh ' If of Liber- ty, Economy, Peace, and Reform, as mu= t carry the blessings of those measures in triumph through every cottage in the Empire. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, OCT. 10. Letter from Admiral Sawyer to J. W. Croker, Esq. dated his Majesty's Ship Africa, at Halifax, Sept. 15, SIR— It is wi'h extreme concern I have to re- quest yon will be pleased to lay before the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty the enclosed copy of a letter from Captain D. rcres, of his Majesty's late ship Guerriere, giving an account of his hav- ing sustained a close aCtion, of near two hours, on the 19th ult. with the American frigate Constitu- tion, of very superior force both in guns and men | ( of the latter almost double), when she Gnerrrere beinir totally dismasted, she rolled so deep as ro render all further efforts at the guns unavailing, and it became a duty to spare the lives of the re- maining part of her valuable crew, by hauling down her colours. The masts fell over the side from which she was about to be engaged, in a very favourable position for raking by the enemy. A few hours after she was in possession of the enemy it was found impossible to keep her above water; She was, therefore, set fire to and abandoned, which I hope will satisfy- their Lordships that she was defended to the last. Captain Dacres has fully detailed the particulars of the aCtion, as well as the very gallant conduct of, and the support he received from, the whole of his officers and shin's company ; and I am happy to hear he it., with the rest of the wounded, doing well; they have been treated with the greatest humanity and kindness, and an exchange having been agreed on, I am in daily expectation of their arrival here. A list of the killed and wounded is herewith sent, which, I regret to say, is very large I have the honour to be, & c. H. SAWYER, Vice- Admiral. Boston, September 7. Srn— I am sorry to inform you of the capture of his Majesty's late ship Guerriere, by the American frigate Constitution, after a severe action, on the 19th of August, in latitude 40 deg. 20 min. N. and longi- tude 55 deg. W. At two p. m. being by the wind on the starboard tack, we saw a sail on our weather beam, bearing down on us. At three made her out to be a man of war, beat to quarters and prepared lor action. At four, she closing fast, wore to prevent her raking us. At ten minutes past four, hoisted our j colours and fire^ several shots at her ; at twenty mi- j nutes past four are hoisted her colours and returned our fire, ware several times to avoid being raked, ex changing broadsides At five she closed on our starboard beam, both keeping up a heavy fire and steering free, his intention being evidently to cross our bow. At twenty minutes past five our mizenmast went over the starboard quarter, and brought the ship up in the wind; the enemy then placed himself on our larboard bow, raking us, a few only of our bow guns bearing, and his grape and riflemen sweeping our deck. At forty minutes past five, the ship not answering her helm, he attempted to lay us on board ; at this lime Mr. Grant, who commanded the forecas- tle, was carried below, badly wounded. I immediate- ly ordered the marines and boarders from the main deck ; the masier was at this time shot through the knee, and I received a severe wound in the back.— Lieutenant Ken: was leading on the boarders, when the ship coming to, we brought some of our bow guns to bear on her, and had got clear of our opponent, ] when at twenty minutes past six our fore and main- ! masts went over the side, leaving the ship a perfect . unmanageable wreck. The frigate shooting a head, . I was in hopes to clear the wreck and get the ship , under command to renew the action, but just as we had cleared the wreck, our spritsail yard went, and the enen.' y having rove new braces, & c. wore round within pistol- shot, to rake us, the ship laying in the trough of the sea, and rolling, her main deck guns under water, and all attempts to get her before the wind being fruitless ; when calling my few remaining ; officers together, they were all of opinion that any 1 further resistance would only be a needless waste of 1 lives, I ordered, though reluctantly, the colours to be I struck. The loss of the ship is to be ascribed to the early i fall of the mizen- mast, which enabled our opponent to choose his position. I am sorry to say we suffer- nhotit twenty, the first lieutenant of marines and eight killed, and first lieutenant and master of the ship, and eleven men wounded, her lower masts badly wound- ed, and stern much shattered, and very much cut up about the rigging. The Guerriere was so cut up that all attempts to get her in would have been useless. As soon as the wounded were got out of her, they set her on fire, and I feel it my duty to state that the conduct of Captain Hull and his officers to our men has been that of a brave enemy, the greatest care being taken to prevent our men losing the smallest trifle, and the greatest attention being paid to the wounded, who, through the attention and skill of Mr Irvine, surgeon, I hone will do well. I hope, though success has not crowned our ef- forts, yon will not think it presumptuous in me to say, the greatest credit is due to the officers and ship's company for their exertions, particularly when expo- sed to the heavy raking fire of the enemy ; I feel par- ticularly obliged for the exertions of Lieutenant Kent, who, though wounded early by a splinter, continued to assist me ; in the second Lieutenant the service has suffered a severe lo3S ; Mr. Scott, the master', though wounded, was particularly attentive, and used every exertion in clearing the wreck, as did the warrant of- ficers. Lieutenant Nicholl, of the royal marines, and his party, supported the honourable character of their corps, and they suffered severely. I must recommend Mr. Snow, mnster's- mate, who commanded the fore- most main deck guns, in the absence of Lieutenant Pullman, and the whole after the fall of Lieutenant Ready, to your protection, he having received a severe contusion from a splinter. I must point out Mr. Garby, acting purser, to your notice, who volunteered his services on deck, and commanded the after- quarter- deck guns, and was particularly active, as well as Mr. Baanister, midshipman. I hope, in considering the circumstances, you will think the ship, entrusted to my charge, was properly defended— the unfortunate loss of our masts, the . ab- sence of the third Lieutenant, second Lieutenant of marines, three midshipmen and 24 men, considerably weakened our crew, and we only mustered at quar- ters two hundred and forty- four men, and nineteen boys , on coming to action ; the enemy had such an advantage from his marines and riflemen when close, and his superior sailing enabled him to choose his dis- tance. I enclose herewith a list of killed and wounded on board the Guerriere; and have the honour to be & c. JAS. R. DACRES. I. ist of Killed and wounded. KILLED— H. Ready, 2d lieutenant; W White, captain of forecastle ; G Griffith.-., quarter gunner ; f. Smith ( 2j, gun- ner's mate; H. Brown, W. Brown ( 2), A. Covvie, J. Perur- snn, J. Turk, W. Balsers, and R. Rogei s, seamen ; R. Cheese- man, landman ; J A. Fox, Serjeant of marines; T. Pratt and W. Woodcock, privates ditto. WOUNDED— James Rd. Darcus, Esq. Captain, severely; Bartholomew Kent, first Lieutenant, slightly ; Robt. Scott, master, severely ; Samuel Grant, master's mate, do.; Wm. J. Snow, do. contusion; James Enslie, midshipman, slightly. R Bail lie, boatswain's mate, dange- eusly; H. M'Kiniev, or- dinary seaman, dangerously; W. Stone, captain mast, slight, ly; P Murphy, quarter gunner, dangerously; H. Dent, or- dinary seaman slightly; J. Little, able seaman, dangarously; P. Peterson, ditro. slightly; W. M- llington, ordinary sea- man, dangerously; J. O'Hara, ditto, ditto; W. Cooper, abb seaman, slightly ; L. Norman, ditto, dangerously ; W. Jones, landman, slightly; K. M'Dona'd, able seaman, severely ; J. Cromwell, quarter- master, s.- verely ; R. Taylor, able seaman, dangerously ; S. Miller, ciptain of afterguard, ditto; J. Miller, ordinary seaman, ditto; G. Read, able seaman, se- verely ; R. Williams, ordinary seaman, slightly ; J Copland, ditto, dangerously; H. Virdae, dirto, severely; P Dwver, landman, slightly ; A. Ferguson, ordinary seaman, ditto; W. Simers, ditto, ditto; J. Hebbs, ditto, severely; J. Campbell, ditto, ditto; P. Stemsted, ditto, slightly ; G. Emmerson, sail- maker, severely ; G. Mather, ab'. e seaman, slightly ; M. Rear- don, ordinary seaman, severely; W. Hall, able seaman, slightly; D M'Michan, carpenter's crew, ditto ; J. Southgate, ordinary seaman, ditto; T. Chandlers, landman, severely; J. Smith ( 3), able seaman, dittr ; D. Hort, ordinary seaman, slightly ; J. Crooks, able seaman, ditto; A. Griffin, landman, ditto ; T. Hardy, ordinary seaman, ditto ; J. Morris, able seaman, ditto; J. Sholes, boatswain's- mate, ditto; T. Har- rington, armourer, slightly; J. Roach. ordinary seaman, ditto; S Kelly, boy, ditto; S Robson, marine, severely ; T. Grow- ther, ditro, ditto ; R. Spry, ditto, ditto ; J. Tabe, ditto, dan- gerously ; M. Archer, ditto, ditto ; W, Jones, ditto, slightly; J. Gos, ditto, dangerously ; T. Chambers, ditto, severely ; S. Long, ditto, slightb ; J. Fountain, ditto severely ; W, Coope, dirto, dangerously ; E. Dakea, ditto, ditto; W. Ryan, ditto, slightly. Total— 15 killed ; 63 wounded.— Grand Total 78. ( Signed) JAS. R. DACRES. JOHN IRVINE, Surgeon. NEW THEATRE, DRURY LANE. London, October 12. The progress of the new Theatre in Drury- lane, from the first serious and successful effort to raise it from the mass of ruins left by the late calamitous fire, to which the late beautiful Theatre on the same site had fallen a prey, to the comple- tion of the fabric, was watched by the public with an extreme but very just and natural interest.— The opening on Saturday attracted, of course, an immense crowd, by whom every part, except the boxes of the lower circles, kept according to the usual routine for those who had bespoken them, was filled in a very few minutes after the opening of the doors, for which numbers had been waiting from two o'clock. Nothing can convey an idea of the enthusiastic joy displayed by the people in the pit, on viewing the splendour and beauty of the magnificent pile around them, purposely light- ed up before the opening ; it is, indeed, sublime, elegant, and brilliant— perhaps too brilliant, be yond the power of description. The first sensa- tion universally felt and displayed, was, the hap- piness of being placed once more in another scene of rational amusement, and pleasing moral in- struCtion felicitously adapted for beguiling sor- j row of its poignancy, for warning wavering weak- || ness from guilt and error; for confirming virtu- ous integrity in its resolution ; for melting the mind in generous sympathy; and exalting the soul to deeds of noble daring. The first moments were therefore passed in acclamations of self- con- gratulation. After this tumult of joy had sub- sided, they gave way, by a similar impulse, to ex- pressions of gratitude towards those who had prin- cipally contributed to rear this splendid palace from a mass of ruins and cinders, and from pecu- niary exbarrassments still more hopeless. Mr. The following is the Address, as spoken bv Mr. Elliston :— ADDRESS. FROM THE PEN OF LOUD BYROSt. In one dread night our city saw, and sighed. Bowed to the dust, the Drama's tower of pride—* In one short hour, behel * the blazing fane, Apollo sink, and SHAKSPKARE cease to reigq. Ye who beheld, oh sight admired and molurned, Whose radiance mocked the ruin it adorned J Through clouds of fire the massy fragments riven. Like Israel's pillar,' chase the night from heaven. Saw the long colu. nu of revolving fiames Shake its red shadow o'er the startled Thames, While thousands throng'd around the burning dome, Shrank back appalled, and trembled for their home, As glared the volumned blaze, and ghastly shone The skies, with lightening* awful as their own, Till blackening ashes and the lonely wait Usurped the Muses' realm, and marked her fall; Say— shall this new or less aspiring pile, Reared, where once rose the mightiest in our isle, Know the same favour which the former knew, A shrine for SHAKSPEARE— worthy him anJyen t Yes— it shall be— The magic of that name Defies the scythe of time, the torch of flame— On the same spot still consecrates the scene, And bids the Drama he where she hath been This fabric's birth attests the potent spell, Indulge our honest pride, md say. How -. veil! As soars this fane to emulate the last, Oh ! might we draw our amens from the past, Some hour propitious to our prayers, may boast Names such as hallow still the dome we lost, On Drury first your SIDDONS' thrilling art O'ervvhelm'd the gentlest, stormed the sternest heart; On Drury, GARRICK'S latest laurels grew, -) Here yout- last tears retiring Roscius drew, C Sighed his last thanks, and wept his last adieu. ) But still lor living wit the wreaths may bloom That only waste their odours o'er the tomb ; Such Drury claimed and claims— nor you refuse One tribute to re/ ive his slumbering nurse, With garlands deck your own MEANDSR'S bead I Nor hoard your honours idly for the dead! Dear are tbe days which made our annals bright, Ere GARRICK fled or BaiNSLitr ceased to write, Heirs to their labours, like all high- born heirs, Vain of our ancestry as they of theirs, While thus Remembrance borrows Banquo's glass To claim the sceptered shadows as they pass, And we the mirror hold, where imaged shine Immortal names, emblazoti'd on our line, Pause— ere their feebler offspring you condemn, Refleift how hard the task to rival them ! Friends of the Stage— to whom both players and Play* Must sue alike for pardon or for praise. Whose judging voice and eye alone dire& The boundless power to cherish or rejetif, If e'er frivolity has led to fame, And made us blush that you forbore to blame—* If e'er the sinking Stage could condescend To sooth the sickly taste it dftie not mend- All past reproach may present scenes refute, And censure, wisely loud, be justly mutt-!— Oh I since your fiat stamps the Drama's law., Forbear to mock us with misplac'd applause ; So pride shall doubly nerve the amor's powers, And reason's voice be echo'd back by ours! This greeting o'er— the ancient rule obey'd—• The Drama's homage by her heraid paid—• Receive our welcome too— whose every tone Springs from our hearts, and fain would win your own. The curtain rises— may our Stage unfold Scenes not unworthy Drnry's days of old ! Britons our judges, Nature for our guide, Still may we please ; long— long may y. u pr side. position, i su ed severely in killed and wounded, and mostly whilst she lay on our bow, from her grape and musketry, in ! Whitbread, who was in one of the boxes on the all fifteen killed, and 63 wounded, many of them se- j staEe> was accordingly hailed with frequently and verely; none of the wounded officers quitted the j enthusiastically repeated grateful shouts; and si- deck till the firing ceased. ]{ radar greetings were bestowed on Lord Holland, The frigate proved to be the United States ship 1 who was in the next box : Mrs. Garrick, the vener- Constitution, of thirty twenty- four pounders on her j able relid of the British Roscius, received the main deck, and twenty- four thirty- two pounders and : same homage. The performance of the play, two eighteen pounders on her upper deck, and 476 I which was Hamlet, had nothing very particular men; her loss in comparison with oars is trifling, ij in it. A Mr. Hicks has been several days sounding round the wreck of the Royal George. It is now SO years since that ship sunk nt her anchors, at Spithead. We understand Mr. H. has laid a plan before the Admiralty Board for removing her from her present situation, which is to be put into execution in the next spring. The principal part of which is said to be, to fix 28 hook, and pur- chases in the port- holei, on each side, the falls ( or ends) of which are to be brought on board of two line of battle ships, and half of them fastened on the foremost, and half on the aftermost capstan. At lo w water these purchases are to be hove taught, and, as the tide rises, it is expected die wreck will move from its present position; when the ships to which it will be attached, will drift it into shoal water, tin il the wreck again touches the ground : the tackles will be again hove taught, and thus, by the revolving of the tide, it will be conveyed close to the shore. It is calculated, that by the strength of the hooks, purchases, and the buoyancy of the ships, a weight of 56,000 tons might be lifted ; which is more than four times the weight of the wreck It has been ascertained, that there is very little sand and mud round it. The present position of the wreck is such an injury to the anchorage at Spithead, that the Admiralty, it is said, have de- termined to afford every assistance to the plan for removing it, by ships, spars, tackling, & c The estimate of the projector's expences exceed £} 3,000; to repay which he is to have the hull of the ship, and whatever might remain in her, including guns, ballast, See. Wednesday morning, Wm. Gwin, who lodged at the George Inn, in Canterbury, threw himself from the window of an attic chamber, and died almost immediately, his skull being fractured by the fall. A young man who slept in the same room with him, stated, that he was awakened in the night by his huzzaing, as if for joy that he had escaped the pursuit of some person ; that he heard him repeating prayers for nearly half an hour ; that he went to the window and opened it, but presently after returned again and prayed He then went again to the window, put his knees on the window- board, still praying, blessing his family, and concluded with exclaiming— Hae goes I here goes! here goes ! and then threw him- self out. The Coroner's Jury returned a veidrct of— Insanity. To the EDITOR of th, BELFAST CHRONICLE. SIR— I have been repeatedly informed hy dif- ferent seafaring men, that the following curious experiment has been frequently tried, with inva- riable success:— Take a strong qu^ rt glass bottle full of air, cork it as close and tight as possible, and sink it at least 35 fathoms in the sea, on pril- ling it up again the air will be found to be ex- pelled, and the bottle full of sea water, but the cork remains perfeClly close and tight. If nny of your numerous Readers can confirp the truth of this phenomenon, and at the same time explain the mode by which it is accomplished, it would much oblige, your humble Servant, Q. BELFAST: Primed and Publishtti by DRUMMOND ANDERSON
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