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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 31
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 10/10/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 31
No Pages: 4
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PRIJVTEB BY %/ iJVB FOR T. E. BICEY, W. SUTTON, * AJVB R. SMITMSOJV. VOL. 92. d SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1812. — No. 3!. Ready Money is expected ) with Advertisements. S 5 Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, £ ? Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland, 5 ~ j. S Stamp- Duty - 3 be licensed had issued their Notes at several Places befrtfe iHe 2d July, 180S, and originally obtained one Meen- e for all such Places; in which Case only, they will be again included in one Licence. That every License must specify the Names nnd Places of Abode of the Persons to be licensed, and the Name of . the Place or Places where, and the Name of theiRauk, Firm, or Title under which the Notes are tube issued; and Licenses to Persons in Partnership must specify the Names, and Placei of Abode, of all the Persons concerned in the Partnership, whether all their Names appear in Ihe Notes or not; and in Default thereof the Licenses will be void. With these Parti- culars a Specimen of the Notes must also be left at this Olficfc, by the Persons applying for such Licenses. ad That a Penalty of £ 100 for every Offence is imposed, an the issuing of promissory Notes of the Description aforefcaid, without a License, or at any other Place, or under any other Firm or Title, than is specified in the License; and a Pt'ijaKy of £ 50 for every Offence is imposed oil the issuing of promis- sory Notes of any Description, or Bills of Exchange,• not duly stamped, and on the re- issuing of promissory Notes' not allowed to be re- issued, as well as on the re- issui'ng . of Sffifts allowed to be re- issued after the Period fixed for thai PaS- pBA. Th, Commissioners of Stamps having had Oecasirtn to prosecute several Country Bankers, forthe Penalties lucurrid by their disregard of the Provisions of the Act, this Notice is given that all Persons concerned may fn future conform thereto, aud avoid the Penalties for which they will other- wise be. proseeuted; and that Persons applying for Licensed, may come prepared with all the requisite Particulars: tp he inserted therein, without which the Licenses cannot be fiiVed up, so as to protect the Parties against ihe Penalties of tbo Act. By Order of the Commissioners, WM. KAPPF. N, Secretary^ A Turnpike- Road from Rugby to Lutterworth. ^ JOTICK is hereby given. That the. next Meeting 1 i of the Trustees of this Road will be liolden at the SPREAD EAGLE INN, in RUGBY, on THURSDAY the FIF- TEENTH Day OCTOBER next, at Twelve o'clock in the Forenoon, and that at such Meeting Ihe TOLLS arising at Ihe Rugby and Brownsover Toil- Gates on this Road, will be LETT by AUCTION to the Best Bidder, either together or separate, as ( he Trustees 4hall think proper ; and also subject to such Conditions in respect lo the Tolls lo be taken as will then be produced.— The Tolls arising al the said several Gates amounted last Year to the undermentioned Sums, viz. : — Rugby- Gate £ 174 0 0 Ditto, Town Catch- Gate 17 5 0 Brownsover Gate, about - 140 0 0 And the said Gales will he severally put np at such Sums re- spectively as Ihe Trustees present shall think fit ; and who- ever happens to be Ihe Rest Bidder, must at the same Time pay one Month's Rent in Advance, and give Security to the Saiisfaclion of the Trustees for Payment of the Rent Monthly or Quarterly, as shall by ( Item be then required, previously giving lo the Trustees the Name of such intended Sureties, with their Acceptance of Ihe Engagement. Bv Order of the Trustees, CALDECOTT & BENN, their Clerks. Rugby, Mth Sept. 1812. N< HIGH A M E E R R E R S TURN PIKE- ROAD. OTICE is hereby given, That a Special Meeting of the Trustees of Ihe Fligham- Ferrers Turnpike- Bond, leading from Weslwood Gate, in the Parish of Knotting, in the County of Redford, through rhe Towns of Rushden and Iligham- Ferrers, anil over Artlehorough Bridge, to the Turnpike- Road in Uarlon- Seagrave Lane, in the Parish of Barton- Seagrave, in the County of Northampton, will he held at the House of JOHN MEE, known by the Name or Sign of ihe GREEN DRAGON, in HIGIIAM- FERRERS. oil MONDAY the 19th Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, in order to lake into Consideration Ihe Propriety of removing the said Gate called Westwood- Gate, and also the Weighing- Engine, from Iheir present Situation lo a certain, other Part of the said Turnpike- Road, where the Road from Newton- Bromshold unites with llie said Turnpike- Road, and nearer to the South- Fnd of the Town of Rushden.— Also of erecting a Toll- Gale on the Side of Ihe said Turnpike Road, across Ihe said Road leading to Newton- Ilrnmshold, at or near the said Place, where Ihe same Hnites wilh the said Turnpike- Road.— Also of erecting one oilier Toll- Gate on the Side of the said Turnpike- Road, across the Entrance of a certain Lane in the Town of Rushden, leading towards Newtorl- Brom- hold, called Church- Lane.— And also of erecting a Toil- Gate on the Side of Ihe said Turnpike- Road, across the Entrance of a certain other Lane in the Town of Rushden, leading towards Newton- Bromshold, called Well's- Lane,— And for Ihe further Purpose of making such Orders therein respectively as shall he deemed necessary and proper, and of transacting other Business relating to the said Turnpike- Road. By Order, WILLIAM ALLEN,' Clerk lo the said Trustees. High am- Ferrers, 14/ A Sept. 1812. To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, ( ABOUT THREE MILES FROM 3EDFORD), Comfortable HOUSE for a small Family, containing two Parlours, Kitchen, and back Kitchen, six Bed- Rooms, and a Dressing- room. There is a good Garden and Orchard. For further Particulars, apply. to Mr. WEBB, Printer, Bedford. In the Vicinity of Retford. RIMIE VALUABLE MANOR, extensive FISHERY, 8 impropriate Tithes, Adyowson, and next Presentation to the Vicarage of CLAPUAM, several valuable Tithe- free Farms and extensive Wood Lands, a large Quantity of Building Land, and well accustomed Public Houses, situate in Clapham, Bedford, Goldington, Bolnhurst, Thurleigh, Marston, and Wootton, all in the Vicinity of the populous Town of Bedford, amounting together to Two Thousand One Hundred and Twenty- nine Acres One Rood Fourteen Perches, will be SOLD by AUCTIOM, some- time in November next, of which timely Notice and Particulars will be given. Comfortable Residence at Higham- Ferrers, u- U/ i immediate Possession. To be L E T T, Either for a Term of Years, or from Year to Year, AVery desirable RESIDENCE in IfIGHAM- FERRERS! in the County of Northampton, late in the Possession of Mr. JAMES BROWN, deceased, and subsequently of his Family; comprising a large Dining- parlour, a small Sitting, room, and a good Kitchen with a Back Kitchen, Breivhouse, Dairy, and other Conveniencies, on the Ground Floor ; three excellent Sleeping. rooms on the second Floor, and the same Number of commodious Attics.— The Estate is well watered, and has good Cellarage, an extensive Yard and Orchard, and well- planted useful Garden, with a Bam, Stable, and other suitable Out- olfices, all in capital Repair: it has likewise the leculiar Advantages of being situate on the Turnpike- Road from < ettering to Bedford, having a Mail to London pass the Door cveiy Evening at Six o'Clock, and a Day- Coach three Times a Week, and of being in the Neighbourhood of several Packs of Fox- Hounds. The Premises are well adapted for a small genteel Family, and are also calculated for any Trade or Manufacture which requires Room.— Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. For a View apply to DAVID RAPPIT, on the Premises ; and for further Particulars, lo Mr. JOSEPH BROWN, of Irthling- borough ; or to J- GOODHALL, Esq. Solicitor, Wellingborough. A To be L E T T, Roomy HOUSE in an airy Part of NORTH- AMPTON, with a Stable and Chair House. Enquire of the Printers. Alauor, Advozcson, and Farm, in Warwickshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, The latter End of October, or beginning of November next, at the Spread Eagle Inn, in Rugby, in the County of Warwick, TpIIE extensive MANOR with the ADVOWSON of I HILLMORTON, in the said County of Warwick, together with a Mansion- House, and Farm ; consisting of four Hundred Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land.— The Particulars whereof will appear in a future Paper. Estates in Asliby- de- la- Zouch. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In the Month of October or early in November, 1812, in Lots, Verv valuable ESTATE in ASHBY- DE- LA- ZOUCH consisting of upwards of 500 Acres of very valuable Land, partly adjoining the Town ; together with several valuable Messuages and Buildings therein. Particulars will shortly be published, and may be bad at the principal Inns in tin Neighbourhood ; of John Evans, Esq. St. Mildred's Court, Poultry ; and ot Messrs. Claridge & Iveson, Pall. Mall, London, where Plans ot the Estate may be seen. A A Longford, near Biggleswade, Beds. To be DISPOSED OF by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Newly built bricked, tiled, and sashed DWELLING- HOUSE, neatly fitted up; comprising a good Dairy, Kitchen, Hall, and Parlour; five very pleasant Chambers ; Yard and Garden, l'umpof good Water, Wood and Coal- House, Cow. Hovell, Stabling for five Horses, two Barns, Hovels, Piggeries, Sec. standing in six Acres of old Inclosure. with all the Pollards and Spires growing thereon, and very valuable common Rights attached, for three Cows, with immediate Possession. For a View of the Premises, apply to ROBINSON, the Bailiff, on the Premises. For further Paiticulars, and to treat for the same, apply to T. HAOGER, Potton, Beds, who will accommodate the Purchaser with ten Acres of open Field Arable Land, if required; it by l etter, Post- paid. Vatuable Freehold F. states, in the County of Bedford. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By HOGG ART $ PHILIPS, At the Auction- Mart, opposite the Bank of England, on Friday October 23, 1812, at Twelve o'Clock, in Lots AN highly valuable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATE, within seven Miles of the County Town of Bedford, situate in the several Parishes of PA VINO HAM, CARLTON, and STE V1NGTON, a fine Sporting Country, and within a short Hide of the Marquis of Tavistock's Flounds. The Estate consists of upwards of 300 Acres of rich Arable, Pasture, and Wood Land, divided into Farms, with Farm- Houses, Barns, Stabling, and Out- buildings, and will be sold in convenient Lots of Farms as the printed Particulars will describe. Half the Purchase- Money may remain on Mortgage, and early Pos. session will be given. The present Rental, which is extremely low, does not exceed £ 450 per Annum, and the Lease expires at Lady- Day 1S13. May be viewed, and Particulars had 15 Days prior to the Sale, at the Swan Inn, Bedford; White Hart, Ampthill; Hind, Wellingborough; of Messrs, Hodson, Soli- citors, Wellingborough; at the Auction- Matt; and of Messrs. HOGCART & PHILIPS, 62, Old Bread- Street, Royal Exchange, wheie a Map of the Estate may be seen. CONTRACTS fok STRAW. . > Commissary Chief's Office, tj> idt) nt Ibth September, 1812, -, t WANTED for the Rarracks in the under- rtleivtiorted Counties in South Britain, for the Barracks'in itforth. Britain, and in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Aldtriley. such Quantities of Straw for filling'Paillasses as may- frouv Time tu Time he required by the respective Barrack . Masters for the Time being. The Deliveries to commence on the 1st of November next, and to continue until the 31st of October following. Proposals, made separately for each County in South Britain, for the Whole of the Barracks iu North Britain, also for the Whole of those in the Three Islands of GuecAsey, Jersey, and Alderney, sealed up aud marked " Tender for Straw," will he received at this Oflice, uuiil Twelve o'diock on Tuesday the 13th of October; but no Proposal will'be noticed unless made on, or annexed to, a Printed Particular, and the Prices inserted iu Words at Length ; nor uulessra Letter be subjoined to such Proposal from a Person of. k » iown Property engaging t « become bound with the Party tendering for the due Performance of the Contract. If Tenders are sent by Post, the Postage must be paid. Particulars of the Contract may be had on Application at this Office between the Hours of Eleven and Five, to Deputy Commissary General Lindesay, Edinburgh; Deputy Com- missary General Lutyens, Guernsey ; and Assistant Commissary General Lainont, Jersey. COUNTIES. Berks— Chester— Cornwall ( including Seilly)— Cumberland — Devon— Dorset— Durham— Essex— Hants— Hunts— Isle of Man— Isle of Wight— Kent— Lancaster— Middlesex— Norfolk. — Northampton— Northumberland—- Not ting ham— Somerset- Suffolk— Surry— Sussex— Warwick— Wilts— Yoik— North Britain— Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney. A'] Great- Kington and IVellesbourne Turnpike Gates. NOTICE is hereby Given, That the next Meeting nf the Trustees ot the Turnpike Road leading from Upton, in the Parish of Ratley, to the North- End of Bridge- Street, in the Town of Great- Kington, and from thence to the Guide Post at the Town of Wellesboume- Hastings, in the County of Warwick, will be held on TUESDAY the Twenty- seventh Day of OCTOBER next ensuing, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the House of GEORCE SHEI. IR, known by the Name or Sign of the White Swan, situate iu the Town of GREAT- K I KOTOS aforesaid, at. which Meeting the TOLLS payableat the respective Turnpike Gates on the said Road, together with the respective TOLL- HOUSES thereto belonging, will be LETT by AUC- TION, either separately or together, as theTrustees shall think proper, to the Best Bidder, on such Conditions as will le then produced The Tolls arising at the said Turnpike Gates were Lett last Year forthe Sum of £ 206, and will be put up at such Sums a>- the Trustees present shall think fit. And whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must, at the same Time, pay down one Month's Rent in advance, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Remainder of the Rent Monthly or Quarterly as shall be required by the Trustees then present, Also that new Trustees will be elected in the Room of those who are dead or refuse to Act, and such other Business done and transacted as by the several Acts is required By an Act passed in the last Session of Parliament the Tolls have been very considerably increased, and the Trustees will a' the said Meeting consider of the Propriety of reducing or raising the Tolls at present directed to be taken on the said Uoad. KELYNGE GREENWAY, Clerk to the Trustees. Warwick, 1 htb September, 1& 12. Genteel Household- Furniture, Glass, China, Brewing and Dairy- Requisites, SfC. $ c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By nrcriARD SMITH, On the Premises at STOK E. OO Y LF„ near Oundle, on Wed- nesday and Thursday, the 14th and 13th Days of October, 1812, rpHE PROPERTY of Mrs. BERKELEY ( who is leaving i- that Neighbourhood); consisting of Mahogany Feet, Post, Tent, and other Bedsteads and Furnitures, Goose and other Beds, Blankets, Quilts, and Mattresses, Pier ant Swing- Glasses, Mahogany and other Chests of Drawers, Mahogany Wardrobe, Mahogany Dining, Tea, and other Tables, an Eight- day Clock, modern painted and other Chairs, Sets of China, and Wedgewood Dinner Table Service, China, Glass, Kitchen- Requisites; Hogshead Brewing- Copper, Mash- Vat, Cooler, swecr Hogsheads and Half Ditto, and other Effects. The Sale to begin each Day punctually at Ten o'Clock, Catalogues may be had tour Days previous to the Sale, at thi Printing- office, Oundle; King's Arms, Weldon; Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, Swan, Thrapston. Freehold and Tithe- free Farm and Lands, exonerated from Lund- Tax, in the County of Bedford. To be S O L I) by AUCTION, By Mr. PRICKETT, At the Auction- Mart, near the Bank of England, London, on Wednesday the 2lst of October, 1812, at Twelve o'Clock, in lour Lots, Truly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE ; containing up- wards of 113 Acres of valuable productive Land, situate at CAMP FON, in the County ot Bedford; one Mile from Shefford, seven from Hitcbin and Ampthill, and nine Miles from the Town of Bedford, in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Ibbs, Tenant at Will. Also, two FREEHOLD CLOSES of very rich GRAZING LAND; containing upwards of eight Acres, near SILSOE, in the said County, in the Occupation of Mr. James Poulton, Tenant at Will ; and likewise a CLOSE of exceedingly good GRAZING LAN D, called LITTLE. BR ADE ; containing nearly five Acres, situnte at UPPER- GRAVENHURST, in the aforesaid County of Bedford. May be viewed, and printed Particulars had of Messrs. HINDLEV & ROE, Solicitors, Baldock, where a Map may be seen .. Particulars may also be had at the Swan Inn, Bedford ; the Sun, Hitchin; the Swan, Biggleswade; the White Hart, Shefford; White Hart, Ampthill; the George Inn, Silsoe ; at the Auction- Mart, London; and ot Mr. PRICKITT, Highgate, Middlesex. Freehold, Stone- built and sashed Dwelling- Hou< e, valuublf Close, Household- Furniture, and other Effects, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. JAR VIS, On Monday the 12th Day of October, 1812, on the Premises of Mrs. DERBYSHIRE, at BRACKLEY, in the County of Northampton, at Ten o'Clock; rplIE HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE comprises Four- post I- Bedsteads in various Furnitures, large seasoned Feather Beds, Blankets, Q uilts, Pier and Swing Glasses, handsbmu Inlaid Wardrobe Chest of Drawers; Mahogany Pier Table wllb circular Doors and Well, curious Inlaid Satin wood, organized Piano- Forte, Brussels and Kidderminster Floor Carpets, large Moreen and Dimity Festoon Curtains, Mahogany Dining and other Tables, Japanned and other Chairs, Eight- day Clock, Paintings, Prints, curious old China, Glass, valuable Earthen- ware; Books; Sets of Ivory. handled Knives and forks; FeftSer* and Fire Irons; Kitchen Requisites; six Iron- bound Hogsheails, Stc & c . also a 90- Gallon Copper Furnace, Washing Ditto, Mash and other Tubs, Corn- bins and Garners, Leads, Ladders; two ln- calf Cows, Sheep, and a Variety of Articles- which will be specified in Catalogues, to be had at the liuis in Brackley ; Swan, Buckingham; Crown, Bicester; King's Arms, Dfcd. ingtoit j and of the Auctioneer, Banbury. At Five in the Evening will be Sold by Auction, the afore, said PREMISE; ( if not before disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be giyenji mostdesirabiv situated near ; he Market- Place.— The House consists of Entrance Hall, Dining and Breakfast Parlours, Drawing- Room, convenient atid Jirjr Bed- Rooms, good Attics, Kitchens, Pantries, Beer aud Wine Cellars, Dairy, & c. and is replete with every Accommodation for the Residence of a genteel Family.— The back Cou. t con- tains BrewhouseandWash- house with Laundry and Granaryoyer, Pump- house, Coal- house, Stable, and other Out- buildings, large Garden stocked with the choicest Fruit Trees, with Green- House, and Alcove.— The above is well adapted tor a Professional Gentleman ot private Family, as the Town of Biackley. and its Vicinity is the most resepctable. Also a CLOSEofabout four Acresofmost excellent Pasture, near the above, with a Cow- House thereon, being Leasehold under Magdalen- College. Immediate Possession may be had.— For further Particulars, apply to the Auctioneer. r CONSUMPTION CURED. N Cases of approaching Consumption, HOPE'S HECTIC PILLS have never been known to fail. In the more advanced Stages, the most unexpected Cures have taken Place, even after their remained no apparent Possibility of Recovery; and in the most deplorable and complicated Cases, Life has been lengthened after all other Medicines had ceased to act. Those who are satisfied that in regular Practice there is no Remedy for Consumption, will feel it their Duty to try this Medicine, which is compounded with a Drug never before used. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by G. Walker, 106, Great Port- land- Street, London; a. id Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton; and may also be ordered of any Person who sells Patent Medicines. Price 2s. 9d. each Box. tjpf" Jus! published. An ESSAY on the CAUSES, PREVENTION, and CURE, of CONSUMPTION ; in which the Dangers of Bleed. By L. HOP*, Price 2s. A1 ing and Starving are explained. Rich Grazing Land, Leicester. To be SOL D by A U C T I O N, By Mr. PRICKETT, At the Sign of the Saracen's Head, in the Borough Town of Leicester, on Saturday the 24th of October, 1812, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in three Lots, Desirable and truly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, exonerated from Land- Tax, situate near BR ANSTONE- GATE, and the Town of LEICESTER, on the East Side of the Road leading from thence to Narborough, in the Occupation of Mr. Joshua Wilcox; comprising a Brick Messuage, erected a few Years since, with a Barn, Offices, Yard and Garden, and four Closes of extremely valuable productive Land, extending from the said High Road, to the River Soar, and containing upwards of 17 Acres. May be viewed, and printed descriptive Particulars mav be had on the Premises ; and^ lsoat Mr. Neale's, the Saracen's Heacf, Leicester, where a Map of the Lots may be seen ; at the Fox, Melton- Mowbray ; the Bull's Head, Hinckley; the Fox M:\ ket- Hiirborough; the Plough, Loughborotgh; at the Auction- Vart, j- ondon i aijd of Mr. PRI. sk^ tTJ Hi^ hjate, Misilss A' To be SOLD by AUCTION, By ROBERT JARVIS, At the Dolphin Inn, in Middleton- Cheney, in the Countv of Northampton, on Wednesday the 14th Day of October, 1812, between the Hours of Two and Five o'Clock in the After, noon ( unless previously disposed ot by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given), LL those several CLOSES or inclosed"! GROUNDS ef rich ARABLE, and PAS- I A. R. r. TURE LAN D, TiTHE- FRts, situate in the Parish o * of Ml D DI. ETON- CHEN E Y aforesaid, now in the. 3 ' Occupation of Mr. Daniel Golby, and containing J by Statute Measure Also, a CLOSE or inclosed GROUND of COPY-) HOLD LAND, TITHE- FREE, adjoining the before^ mentioned Closes or inclosed Grounds, alin thei 5 2 18 Occupation of the said Daniel Golby, and containing) by Statute Measure —— 35 I 25 For Particulars, apply to Mr. PETER BicNtLL, Solicitor, Banbury; and tot a View ef the Premises, tp ihe said Ml DAMSL Com. . . T i e Northampton Mercury-; and General Advertiser fct the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Iluritinsjdon, Lvicester, War U'K K'Ford: and f. ertft oM JL Wednesday and llit& sdatfs Pasts, The London Gazette E'xthionlinary. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7. Foreign- Office, October 7, lQi'J- ADispatch, of which the following is a qopy, was this dav received by Viscount Ca » tlereagh,. Uis Majesty's principal Secretary of Si ate for Foreign Affairs, from His Excellency Viscount Cathcart, His Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to; the Court of the Emperor of Alt the Russias. MY LOUD, . Petersburg, Sept. 13. I am most happy in having to begin my correspondence from Sr. Petersburg, by announcing that the arms of His Imperial Majesty have beqri victorious in a most obstinate and general action, fought on the 7th September,' at Hie village'of Bro'dihn. between Mbjaiske andTjWe, on the great'road from Smolensk to Moscow. It appears that Bonaparte had concentrated his forces after tin affair at Smolensk.— Prince Koiitousoff, on his part, had selected a position, and had'established his forces in its vicinity. ' . + On the 4tii September the enemy made a recdnnnisSance ill force, and was driven back with loss.— OB the 5th Sept. the French attacked the left, and were repulsed with con- siderable slaughter, both in the action and in the retreat, and with the loss of seven or eight pieces of ordnance.— On the 6th September, nothing yf consequence took place ; hut Prince Koutousoff brought up his reserves, completed his dispositions, and added several entrenchments, and batteries on his left.— Ou the ? ih September, under cover of a thick mist, the French again attacked the left with great impe- tuosity, and with all the means and successions of fresh troops that they have hitherto employed in their most des- perate exertions.— Tliev were received by the divisions of grenadiers belonging to the left wing, commanded by Prince Bagratii. ni; and the centre of the Russian line having in its turn attacked the mass directed against the left, the affair became general.— Prince Koutousoff dates his dispatch / rom the field of battle. The enemy are stated to have covered their retreat by the Wirteinherg infantry, and by lar^ e corps of cavalry — Ceil. Platow, however, with the Cossacs followed them, • aad killed or took great numbers, ' The enemy retreated upwards of thirteen versts. I have detained this dispatch two days, in expectation of further events, and of a more detailed report; but as letters have been received as late as the Oth September, I . bav j thought it expedient to transmit in its present form, the account of ap- affair which must for ever add lustre to the military achievements of this empire, and which, though it may not be decisive, must at least prove a most important feature • in the history of this war. I have seeii letters from distinguished officers of great, experience; they consider tliis as by far the most dreadful and destructive engagement they ever witnessed, infinitely fceyond that of Prussian Eylau. Several general officers htive been wounded, besides those named; and the loss of officers of other ranks is stated to have been in proportion to that of the men. I have not Heard the Russian loss estimated at less than itwenty- five thousand men. The loss of the French should be infinitely greater, because of the pursuit, and because the fire of their artillery ceased at an early hour, while that of the Russians con- tinued as long as the guns could be brought to bear. The new raised troops from Moscow were brought up, and appear to be perfectly efficient. Those who wcre ingaged behaved well. The right wing was not much called upon ; and of the guards one battalion only is stated to bay sustained any loss. Reports have been received of the junction of the. bead t of the army at Moldavia with Gen. Tonnazotfs corps, which, with another corps, consisting of several divisions, which bas joined that officer, will amount to an army of eighty thousand men, of the best description. The corps of eighteen thousand men which embarked at nelsingfors, has landed at Revel, and is by this time near Riga, which will ieadf to an immediate reinforcement of . Ceneral Wittgenstein's corps. Too much praise cannot be given to the national spirit which animates all ranks of the Russians, especially those properly so called, and the most sanguine expectations which were formed of their conduct have been exceeded. It appears that much reliance was placed by BmUparte on the effects of his attempts to introduce French principles, and a popular cry of emancipation and liberty; but. that they have been received as an artifice to destroy their liberty and their religion; and it is very confidently asserted that he has given very strong marks nftiiidignation, against those upon whose reports of the disposition of the people he relied. I have enclosed herewith, translations of the Bulletins x » f the affairs of the 5th and 7th September, new style. The accounts of the battle of the 7th reached the Em- peror early on the morning of his name- day, which is nlways celebrated with religious anil other ceremonies, and • illuminations. His Imperial Majesty immediately sent an Aide- de- Camp to notify it to me; and after divine worship in the Cathedral, in presence of their Imperial Majesties and the whole Court, an officer was ordered to read the Bulletin aloud, which gave the populace an opportunity of expressing their exultation. A cdrps of militia, of ten thousand men, received their Colours this morning, and are to march i: i two days from hence. I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) CATHCART. t ( Translation.)-^ Bulletin, No. I. ' " Prince Koutnusoff, General of Infantry, Commander- in- - Chief of all the armies, reports to His Imperial Majesty as -- follows, from the village of Brodino, under date of the Oth '" September:— After my'last most humble report to Your _ Imperial Majesty, in which I announced that I was waiting the attack of the enemy in the position of Brodino, the 5th September, the eneiny directed a very strong force against our left flank, which was commanded by Prince Bagration. Observing the impetuosity with which the main force of the enemy threw themselves upon this point, I judged it necessary, in order to fix his attack, to direct it against the • heights, which had been previously fortified. The engage- ment lasted with great obstinacy, from two o'clock until very late at night; and your Majesty's troops displayed ou that day, the bravery which I had observed from my first joining the army. The second division of Cuirassiers being obliged to make its second attack in the dusk, particularly distinguished itself, and in general all the troops, so far . from losing an inch of. ground, defeated the eneiny on every side with much greater loss than they sustained themselves: eight guns were taken, of which three, being rendered totally useless, were left on the field. Many officers deserve to he individually named to your Majesty, a list of whom I shall forthwith have the happiness of transmitting; for the present I confine myself to giving your Majesty a short precis. ( Transkidon.)— Bulletin, No. 2. General Prince Koutonsoff, Commander- in- Chief of the armies, makes most respectfully to his Imperial Majesty the following report from the field of battle at the village of Brodirin, the 8th of September:— Since my report of the attack which the enemy bad made on the 5th inst. with a considerable force upon the left flank of our anny, nothing of importance was undertaken against us during the whole of the 6th. But yesterday, at day- break, that is to say, about four o'clock ill the morning; the enemy availing himself of the foggy weather, again directed the whole of his forces against our left flank. The battle became general, and lasted until night: the loss on • both sides is great; that/ if the enemy, to judge from his terrible attacks upon our fortified position, must greatly . have surpassed ours. Your Imperial Majesty's troops fought with incredible valour. The batteries passed from the possession of one party to that of the other, and the result was, that the eaemv with his superior force, has, in BO one part, gained « n inch of ground. I remained at night master t » f the field of battle, ,3o soon as I shall have recruited my troops, supplied my artillery, and augmented my forces by reinforcements from Moscow; 1 shajl, trusting in the as- ' sistancaof the Almighty, and the incredible valour of the army, see what I can undertake against the enemy. Prince Bagration to our great regret, has been wounded '. inutile foot by a ball. Lieutenant- General Tootschkoff, Prince Goftschakoff, Major- Generals Bachmstieff, Counts Woronzoff and Kretoff, have been wounded. We have taken from the enemy some prisoners, some guns, and a general of brigade. It is still night, and 1 have not been able to procure any more details. His Imperial Majesty, in acknowledgment of the disthv " guished services of the General of Infantry Prince Kou tousoff, has been pleased to appoint him Marshal General and to grant to him 100,000 roubles, and also five roubles to each soldier who has had a share in this meinuruble battle. LONDON, THURSDAY, October S. Dispatches received from the Marquis of Wellington, dated Villa de Torn, near Burgos, 21* t Sept. were published on Monday morning in a Supplement to. the Gazette. IIis Lordship, it appears, had been joined on, the 10th, at Pain- pblica, bv three divisions of infantry and a sin- ill body of ca- valry, ( if the Army of Galicia, under the Capt - Gen. Cutanea. On the nth the enemy took a strong position behind Celada del Oaminri, from which they retired in the night. The enemy, fiaving left a garrison of 2,500 men ix the Castle of Burgos, continued bis retreat ( leaving some clothing and other stores, and a large quantity of wheat and barley) ibfou'ch'Burgos tn'Briviesea, where, it is reported, he has been joined bv 7,000 conscripts. It is likewise reported, that ( lie Prince of Ealing has been ordered by the local government of Prance to come and take the command of the army.— On the moraine of'the 19 th, the Marquis'of Wellington passed the fiver Arlazon, and the enemy's out- posts were immediately driven in. At night the hornwork which they had constructed on the Hill of St. Miguel, commanding part of the Cattle, and which they had occupied in strength, was stormed and carried: In this operation Brigadier- Hen. Pack, Lient.- Col. Hill of 1st. Portuguese reg. Col. Campbell of 10th, Major Williams of 4th Ca^ adores, Major Dick of the 43d reg. and the Hon. Major Cocks of the 79th regiment commanding the light infancy . battalion distinguished themselves; the latter, in particular, led the attack, of the enemy's posts in the morn- ing, and entered the hornwork by its'geirge at night. Three pieces of cannon; one Captain, and 62 men were taken. The Joss of the British was severe ; 13 officers and 44 men were killed; 10 officers and 241 men wountied. Lord Wellington adds, that " the whole of the army have crossed the Arlazoii, with the exception of the fifth division of Spanish infantry^! have accounts from Sir Rowland Hill of the 15th; he was then at Truxillo, and had received my orders, and was to be at Oropesa on the I8th.— I have not heard that Marshat Soult has yet left Granada ; he waS still there on the 8th. General Ballasteros bad followed the enemy's movements from the Giladalete, and had beeu very successful; he was at Coxa ou the' 6th. The enemy had abandoned Andujar and Jaeo.— THe last accounts I have from Alicant are of the 10th instant. Joseph Bonaparte's army and that of Suc'hel, were still in Valencia." • BULLETIN'.— Downing- Street, Oct. 5. By accounts, from Cura^ oa and St. Thomas, dated the 5th arid 25th August, it appears that the City of Caraccascapitulated to the Royalist army, auder Gen. Monteverde, on the 28th jHly ; and that La Guirasurrendered at discretion on the 31st. Gen. Miranda ie closely imprisoned at the latter place. The greatest distress has been experienced at the CaraCcas." Tuesday's regular Gazette contains a dispatch fromLordW, Bentinck, dated Palermo, August 31, inclosing a letter from Capt. Hall, the officer in charge of the army flotilla, giving an account of a descent which he conducted ou the enemy's coast; 1 he result was the destruction of eleven vessels, laden with silk, oil, fee. the Contribution of Lower Calabria, which were collected at Pietra Nero, in order to be forwarded to Naples. Four officers and 36 privates were made prisoners, Our loss was five men killed, and 14 wounded.— 1,200 men were assembled to protect the vessels; and the French General Manhe, having had intimation of the attack, had himself, on the day previous, visited the defences, of Pictrk Nero, made the officer commanding there acquainted with our object, and was himself on the spot during the attack. The Guerriere frigate, Captain Dacres, has been cap- tured by th » Constitution American frigate, after a gallant action; fought, on the part of the Guerriere, under the most disadvantageous circumstances, she having in the very first onset lost her mizen- mnst, which made her perfectly unmanageable, and soon after the whole of her masts went overboard. The Guerriere had only at quarters 244 men; the Constitution 476, carrying 30 24- pounders on her maia- deck; 24 S2- pounders, and 2 18- pounder9 on her upper deck; the Guerriere had 15 killed, and 63 wounded, and was found in such a state that the Americans were obliged to set her on fire.— Commodore Rodgers has arrived at Boston after an unsuccessful cruise, having destroyed five or six small vessels of little or no value. Mr. Alderman Scholey is elected Lord- Mayor for the ensuing year. Thursday, about half- past twelve o'clock, Mr. Sadler ascended in his balloon from Drurncondra, crossed the Channel, and descended in the sea near Ormshead, off Liverpool, at five o'clock in the afternoon. JOHN SHEPHERD & Co. No. 18, Cullum Street, Fenchurch- Street, landon, RESPECTFULLY inform Wine- Merchants, Inn- Keepers, and the Public in general, that they have for SALE, at thsir Wine and Spirit Commission Warehouse, J. d, Old Tom Gin ... 9 0 per Gallon Old Jamaica Rum 14 " Very fine Old Cogniac Brandy .... 32 .. Very fine Port Wiue 44 0 per Dozen Old Sherry of superior Quality 4tj " Fine Old Dry Lisbon... 44 Teneriffe 44 Rich Mountain 42 Claret of the finest Growth.. 90 Ripe Stout 7 Fine Ripe Burton Ale „ 8 Fine CockageeCyder.... * •.. 8 Very curious Rum Shrub 40 Red and White Noyeau 50 Very curious Crusted Old l'ort Wine, six Years in Bottles... 54 Curiouslyfine Old West- India Madeira 56 Very old & curiously fine East- India Sherry 60 British Hollands, superior to some Foreign 18 6 per Callon. Genuine Ditio of the most curious Quality 31 " Porter of the best Quality I Stout Ditto Ditto 2 Burton Ale Ditto 3 Which they offerat the above low Prices.— Porter, Stout, and Ale, in Casksof not less than 10 Gallons ; Spirits in Quantities ot not less than two Gallons; and Wines, & c. in Quantities of not less than one Dozen, to be taken away at the Expense of the Buyer, and paid for at ihe Time of Purchase. Wine and Spirit Merchants, Inn- Keepers awl others, residing in the Country, will have their Orders executed, by remitting the Amount, and the same shall be forwarded at their Expense, by any Conveyance they advise, and the greatest Dependance may be placed on the Quality of the Goods; J. SHEPHERD & Co. pledging themselves that the above Articles arc all pf the most Genuine Quality. * 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 6 6 0 0 0 0 0 BEDFORD CANAL. AT a Meeting held at the WHITE IIART IVNt, in AMPTHILL, on the 24th Day of SEPTEMBER, 1812, Pursuance of an Advertisement inserted in the North- ampton Mercury on the 12th and 19th of September instant; HENRY HUGH HOARB; Esq. iu the Chair; A Prospectus to connect the Navigation of the River Ouse from its Termination at Bedford, bv a Navigable Boat Caual, with the Graud Junction Canal at Woughton, in the County of Buckingham, having beeu read, and in Answer thereto the following Observations having been submitted to the Con- sideration of the Meeting ( viz.) That the Proposals for making such Canal have been brought forward, and recommended to the Public for their Support, without sufficient previous Notice having been given for a General Meeting, whereby the Sentiments of tli- Pcrsons interested iu the Undertaking might have heeuiibtaincd, and for want of which the noble and highly respectable Persons, whose Names are introduced as Patrons of the Plan, have not had an Opportunity of fairly discussing its Merits, and of deciding ou its Propriety and Utility. That with respect to the Conveyance of Corn from London to Manchester, & c. alluded to in the said Prospectus, it appears From the best Information that can he obtained, that the. Export thereof from the County of Bedford does not exceed the Quantity imported, consequently nearly the whole of the Grain grown in the Couuty is consumed therein or in its immediate Vicinity. That for the purpose of importing Shop Goods to Bedford from London, Birmingham, & c. much Facility might be acquired by making good the Road from Newport- Pagneli to Bedford, by Means of a Turnpike which recently was and now is in Contemplation, and might be completed at a small comparative Expense. That the Sale of Barley for making Malt for the London Markets cannot be considered of material Advantage to the Country through which the Line- of Canal is intended to pass, and therefore is out an Object of great Importance in the proposed Canal. It is fully admitted that the immediate Country through which the Canal is proposed to pass is a most fertile District as stated in thfe said Prospectus, hut it cannot be deemed to be " in an- insulated State from the Badness of the Roads,". 6ome of them being in good Order and the other under a State of Repair; and it is considered that cutting a Canal through so much rich Pasture and improvable Land would be a wantou and prodigal Waste of valuable Property, and peculiarly objectionable at a Period when Doubts are enter- tained whether the whole Produce of our native Soil" ii equal to the Consumption of its Population. That the only apparent Advantages to be derived to the Town and County of Bedford, in the event of a sufficient Subscript'mn being entered into for completing the said Canal ( of which considerable Doubts are entertained) would be the Introduction of Slate and Lime, for Building or Manure ; and the said Line being thinly inhabited, it does not seem probable that there could be aay great Demand for those Articles, in its immediate Vicinity. And in Respect to the Supply of Pit Coal to the Town of Bedford, which it is presumed is the chief Advantage expected, it is necessary to observe, that uo Benefit will be derived by the Introduction of Pit Coal through this Canal, if Goveru- ment, ( o protect the Revenue, determine ( which it may be fairly presumed they will) as iu the Case of the Cambridge and London Union Canal, that whenever the Branch from VThaddon to join the Grand Junction Canal is adopted, a Duty shall take place on Pit Coal coming down that Canal, similar to that which is paid on Sea Coals at Lynn. That takiug into Consideration the various Objections that mHSt attend the Completion of the said Canal, and that Failures in similar Undertakings have in many Instances been experienced after a fruitless Expenditure of considerable Sums of Money, add the Destruction of valuable Portions of Land, It is resolvedj' That under all Circumstances the proposed Canal if carried into Effect will be extremely Injurious to the Proprietors and Occupiers of Land, through which the same is intended to pajs. That no probable Advantage can be derived to the Town of Bedford, or to the Public at large, by the Adoption of the Measures proposed by the said Prospectus. Thai Application be made through the Chairman to the Members for the County and Town of Bedford, and to the Members for the County of Buckingham, to request them to oppose the passing of any Bill that may be taken to Parlia- ment for the Purpose of making the said'Canal. That a Subscription be entered into for the Purpose of defraying any Expenses that may attend the Oppositiun to the passing of any such Bill into a Law. That Mr. LUCAS, of Newport- Pagnell, be, and he is appoiuted Solicitor, That Mr. BARWARD, Banter, of Bedford, be appointed Treasurer, to receive Subscriptions. That these Resolutions be inserted in the Northampton Mercury. H. H. HOARE, Chairman. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to Henry Hugh Iloare, Esq. for the able and impartial Manner iu which he has conducted the Busioess of the Day. A Subscription was immediately entered into, to a con siderable Amount. To the GEXTHV, CLERGY, and FNEETMt, ui: ns of the COUNTY of BUCKINGHAM. GESF I. FTMBKS THE Prince Regent having been pleased, if> the Name and on the Behalf of his Majesty, to dissolve the Parliament, I beg Leave to offer myself again to your Choice. The flattering and Uninterrupted Marks of Kindness with which vou have honoured my Family and myself, during the- many Years In which I'have represented yon in Parliament, encourage me anxiously to hope that I shall not solicit your continued Favour and Protection in vain. I have mi Pro- fessions to make, save of tvarm and unbounded Gratitude for the Confidence which you have reposed in me. Inappealing to my Conduct since ynd have permitted me to represent you, to mv Attention to my Parliamentary Duties, and more especially to the local Interests of the County, I claim no Merit, but that of returning, to the best of my limited Abilities, the favour which I have received at your Hands. I feel how insufficient is the Return; but as on those very imperfect and inadequate Exertions mu^ t rest the only Appeal which I can make to the past, so the Assurance of the zealous, independent, and conscientious Employ meut of t hem, should you be pleased agaio to return me to Parliament, is all that I can offer to entitle me to the Continuance of your Kindness in future. I have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, With the greatest Respect, Tour veryfaithful and devoted Servant, Wotlan, Oct. 3, 1812 CHANDOS TGMPtE. P. S. The High Sheriff has fixed the F. lectioii for Tuesday the 13th Instant, at \ vlesburv, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. To the GENTLEMEN, FREEHOLDERS of the COUNTY of BUCKINGHAM. \ Consciousness of. having acted faithfully in Par- ZJL liament to the Public and my late Constituents, excited iu me the natural Desire of submitting my Conduct to each of you at your Dwellings, previous to the Election, relying with Confidence on vour Approbation. The Period fixed for the Election is so short as to pre- clude the Possibility of carrying that Desire into Effect; I am therefore under the Necessity of paving my Respects to you by Letter only, and if from Error I shall remain un- acquainted with the Residence of any of you, I hope you will acquit me of intentional Neglect, my Wishes extending qually to every Individual. I have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Yuur faithful Servant, XVknitdon- ltall, Oct. ilk, 1812. W. LOWVDF. S. To 1' rcuiers and Boat- Owners. To be SOLD, AWO substantial well- built FLY or TRADING- BO ATS, now lying at BANBURY- LANE DOCK oil the Grand Junction Canal, near Northampton.— For Particulars, apply to ROBERT BAKER, Boat. Builder, at the above Dock. . r To be SOLD, or LETT, AN ASS and FOAL, three Days old.— Enquire of Mr. B » FTRNO I. OM sw HIGGINS, Hanslop. rp\ SPARROW'S 11EHNK TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees of this Turnpike- Road will meet by Adjournment on TUESDAY the 2Jth Day of OCTOBER next, at the KINC'J ARMS INN, at BERnaAMSTED- SAiNT- PtTtR, in the County of Hertford, by Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, when they will examine the Treasurer's half- yearly Accounts, and receive the List of Per- sons liable to do Statute upon the said Raad, and deolate and order the Number of Davs' Duty to be performed by each Parish and Place.— Dated the 23d Day ot September, 1212. HARRY GROVER, Clerk to the said Trustees. TO BE SOLD, ASmall, neat, light PHAETON, without a Head, built very low, remarkably easy, with Dicky to drive from painted Green, and has been used a very short Tims.- r- Also HARN ESS ( in capital Condition) for one Horse, and pUted Furniture. — Enquire of F. MULLINER, Coachmaker, North, ampton ; who has likewise for Sale, A good Second- hand TR A- VELLING CHARIOT, and a TANDEM GIG. To be SOLD by A U C T ION, % THOMAS HOLDOM, On the Premises, at BOTTLE- CLA YDON, near WinSLO\ V, Bucks, on Tuesday the 13th of October, 1812," ' PART of the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IIOUsEHOLD- F U RN1T U R E, fee. of M rs. N E W M AN, who is declining the Farming Business; comprising Bedstead and Furniture, Flock. Beds, Blankets, and Covers; Tables; Drawers, sweet Iron bound Cask, Copper, Brass, and Tin Ware, Washing and Brewing. Copper, Mash and other Tubs, nine Milk- Leads, Rivers, Buckets, Six- dozen Churn and Stand, Harness for four Horses, two Ploughs, two Silt- inch- wheel Carts, with Ladders complete, and one Narrow- wheel Cart; six South- down Ewes, Mare and Colt, two Bacon Hogs, five Dozen of Hurdles, three Ladders, Hog. Trough, Rick of Straw, & c. with various other useful Articles. The > ale will commence at Ten o'Clock precisely. Warwickshire valuable Freehold Estates, ' Tithe- free and Land- Tax redeemed. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the King's Head Inn, in the City of Coventry, on Friday theSOth Day of October, 1812, at Five o'Clock in the After- noon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced, WO very valuable and desirable FREEHOLD ESTATES _ ifl the following Lots : Lot 1. All that substantial Fann- House, with the Barns, Stables, Out- buildings, Yards, Garden, and Appurtenances, and several Closes, Pieces, or Parcels of Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture Land thereunto belonging, containing together about one Hundred and Eighty- four Acres, situate in Parish of WOOL- STON, in the Countv of Warwick, commonly called the Niw FARM, and now in the Occupation of Mr. William Mann. Lot. 2. Ail that other substantial Farm- House, with the Barns, Stables, Out. buildings, Yards, Garden, and Appur- tenances, and several Closes, Pieces or Parcels ot Arable and Pasture Land thereunto belonging, containing together about two Hundred and thirty Acres, situate in the Parish of WOOL. STON aforesaid, commonly called the HEATH FARM, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Mann, The Buililingsare in excellent Repair, and the Fences in good Condition; the Estates are well watered ; the Poor Rates very low, and Possession ot both the Lots may be had at Lady. Day next. The Estates adjoin each other, and are distant from Coventry about seven Miles, from Rugby about six Miles, from Warwick about 13 Miles, and from the Turnpike- Road leading from Coventry to London about a Mile ond a Half. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and printed Particulars may be had of Messrs. ODDIS, ODOIE, & TOASTER, Sollcitota,. Cory- Street, Lincoln's Inn, London ; ot Mr. VVM. SUTTON, of Dunchurch; and of Messrs. WOODCOCK'S, & Twist, Solicitors, Coventry. Kettering, Northamptonshire. Under an Assignment for the Buielit of Creditors. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, At the White Hart Inn, in Kettering aforesaid, on Saturday the 17th Day of October, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the GREAT - LIN'FORD BANK, OcroRra 3d, 1S12. rTMlR Holders of Nates on the GKEAT- LIN FORD A. BN 1C , ar, e. respectively informed, That owing to the Decease tif Mr. UTHW ITT. the Payment of the Notes is farther postponed till the IGth of DECEMBEB next, Which will then be paid in full, with Interest. HENRY ANDREWES ANDREWES. To be SOLD, ~ ABAY WORSE, fifteen Hands and a Half high, seven Years old. , warranted sound, and master of eleven Stone up to any Honnds.— May he seen at Mr. WRIGHT'S, Oxendon, near Market- Harborough.— A fair Trial allowed. Household- Furniture and Vraperu- Goods, To be S O L.. D by A U C T I O N, By Mr. WILKINSON, On Tuesday and Wednesday the 13th and 14th of October, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. GHORGE NEWTON, at WEST- HADDON, Northamptonshire, who is about to remove to a Distant Part: • IM1E HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE consists of Bed- 1 steads, Tables, Chairs, Barrels,. Tubs, Buckets, & c.; also a large Assortment ot Articles well worthy the Attention of those in the Wool and Harateen Trade, as Skips. Bins, Piece Engine, Warping Ditto, Spooling Wheels, two Machine- Pots, a large Counter, & c— The above will be sold on Tuesday the 13th. And on. the following Day, A large Assortment of DRAPER* GOODS; consisting of printed Calicos, plain Ditto, Sheetings, Shirting Cloth, Cords, Velveteens, Neck. erchie. fs, Shawls, Muslins, & c. & c. Sale to commence each Day at Ten o'Clock. Modem Household- Furniture and Effects, To SOLD by AUCTION, % JOHN BAY Sf SON, On the Premises at MIDDLE WEAL F> » « , in CALVERTON, near Stony - Strafford, the present Occupier leaving the Country, on Monday the 12th Day of October, 1812, rI^ llE FIJRNIIUKE comprises Bedsteads with different I Furnitures, Feather Beds, Mattresses, Cotton Counter- pine\ Quilts, and Blankets; Mahogany and other Drawers, Night- 1.' ble » , Basin- Stands, l'ier and Swing- Glasses, Easy. Chairs, Wardrobe, Secretaries, Mahogany Dining, Tea, Card, and other Tables, two Elbow and six Mahogany. Chairs to match, Chamber- Chairs, Sofa in Mahogany frame, with Satin Horse- Hair Covering; Wilton and other Floor Carpets, Hearth- Rugs, Book- Case with glazed Doors, Eight- day Clock in Oak. Case, capital Prints on various Subjects, Kitchen- Furniture in general, thre- Hogshead and smaller Bier- Casks, Brewing- Tubs, and numerous other Articles. The Furniture is in excellent Preservation, and may ' J viewed the Sa urJay before sale, and on the Morning of Saw until Eleven o'Clock.. a- which Time rile Sale will commence. Hamuli:! Kiepine, Oats, Beans, 4' f. To be S O L 1) " by A U C IT O N, Hv JOHN 1) AY 4" SON, On Wednesday the llth Day of October, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. l'AIN, of ltCKFDRD PARK, near Nswport- PaS'ielH, Bucks, who is leaving his Farm, npWO Ricks of capital Hay ( one Rick to be taken off); X one Rick of Oats one Ditto of Oats and Vetches, one Ditto of Beans and Oats, one Ditto of Barley, one Hovel of Ditto, two Bay of Bailey in the Barn, 87 Acres of Swatd Keeping, 60 Ditto of Stubble Keeping, and 13 Acres of Ringe Wood, m Lots; six In- calf Cows, one stout Nag Horse, Que Cart. Horse, & c. kc. N . B. The Si raw to be spent on the Premises; Barns and Yards will be allowed for spending the same till new Lady- Day next. A BULL 1 Notice to Debtors of Mr. WILLIAM CliOXTON, late of GBEAT- CATWORTH, Butcher, deceased. ALL Persons who still stand indebted to the Estate of the said WILLIAM CROXTON, deceased, are hereby peremptorily required to pay the same to Mr. John George, of Bythorn, James Keffnrd, or James Brown, both of Great- Catworth aforesaid, the Executors, named in the Will of the said William Cro vton, or to Mr, Day, of Saint Nents, their Solicitor, within fourteen Days from the Date hereof, nr Proceedings will be had for the Recovery thereof, without further Notice. St. Neots, October 8th, 1812. To the Debtors and Creditors of Mr. JOSEPH TIMMS, of KETTERING, T'N the County of Northampton, IVool- stapJer and Maltster. HPHE said JOSEPH TIMMS having executed an Assign- l. ment of all his Estate and Ettects to John Keep and John Cooper Gotcli, Bankers; the Rev. George Bugg, Clerk ; John Satchell, Gent, all of Kettering; and Edward Martin, ot God- manchester, Gent, in Trust for the Benefit of his Creditors: . Notice is therefore hereby gioen, That the said Deed of Assignment now ties at the Office of Thomas Marshall, Solicitor, in Kettering, for Signature of the Creditors, who are particularly requested forthwith to execute the same, in order to enable the Trustees to make an immediate Distribution of the F. flects. All Persons standing indebted to the Estate late of the said Joseph Tlmms ate directed to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to the said Trustees or their Solicitor, within one Month from the Date hereof, or they will be sited for the same without further N itice. By Order of the Trustees, Ktntrinz, 5th Oct. 1812. T- HOS. MARSHALL, Solicitor. Truly capital Live and Dead Farming- Stock, , Dairy and Brewing- Utensils, 4' f. Southcott, near Leighton- Buzzard, To be SOLD bv AUCTION,' By T. WOOD, On Wednesday October llth, 1812 ( and not on Monday the 12tbi as before advertised) on the- Premises of Mr. JAMES TURNEY, retiring from Farming Business; COMPRISING three young Draught- horses, two In- foal Mares, one Ditto and Colt, 2.8 new milch and In- calf Cows, one Bull, 140 store Sheep and Lambs, seven fat Bacon Hogs, and six porking Pigs ; one Narrow. wheel Waggon, two Six- inch- Wheel Carts, one Narrow- wheel Ditto, and a. Market Cart; Harness complete for eight Horses; four Plnyghs aud' Tackle, three Pair of Harrows, Shaft- Roll, two Ladders, Hog- Troughs, Six- dozen Churn and Stand, 16 Milk- !. ea » is, Cream. Tubs, Tins and Kivers, three Pair of Pails and Yokes, 60- Galloii Copper, 10- Bushel Mash- Vat and Working- tubs, three sweet Iron- bound Pipes, two Ditto Pllrteheons and smaller Casks; Bean- Mili, Number of seasoned Beech Planks, Hurdles, Fold- Stakes, 1,600 Fasots, with numerous bther Articles " of Household- Furniture and Effects, May be viewed the Morning of Sale till Ten o'Clock, when the Sale will cofnmence. afternoon precisely, HE following truly desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE or . ESTATES of INHERITANCE, held in the Manon of KETl'ERING, and which will be disposed of under such Conditions as will be then produced :--- A truly desirable and substantial well- built Stone and Sla'ed Messuage, Tenement,- or Dwelling House, with larg: Yard, Garden well planted with choice Fruit Trees, Stable, and other convenient Out- buildings belonging, and a large and extensive Warehouse adjoining, most eligibly situated nearly, the Centre of the Town ot Kettering, an.; now or la( e in the i ' ccupation of Mr. Joseph Timms ; the Whole foiming a complete Residence tor a centeelFamily, Woolstapler, or any Business requiiingRuom. A Messuage, Tenement, or Public House, known by the • Sign of the Crown, with the Brtwhouse, Stables, Barn. Yaid. Out. buildings, and Appurtenances, ai) d two Tenements ad. joining, situate in Tanner's Lane, in Kettering aforesaid, and now in the several Tenures of George Bailey, Samuel Knight, and another. Another, Messuage, Tenement, ot Public House, known by he Sign of the fhrea Cocks, with the late Bridewell, Yard, liarn, Stables, Out- buildings, and Ap'fiurtenanees thercro belonging, situate in a certain Place in Kettering aforesaid, called the Hog Leys, and in the Occupation ot . tared Martin. Three several Messuages or Tenements, with the Yards, Outbuildings, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, also situate in Kettering aforesaid, in a certain place called KichardV Leys, and in the several Occupations of Thomas Goode, Joseph Law, and James Raines.. Another Messuage, Tenement, or Public House, known by the Mgn. yf tire , Hower- de- Luce, with the Malting- Office in the, Yard, Barn, aiid lirewhouse adjoining, also situate inKet- j lerinftatotesaid, in a certain Place called Norland, and in the Oceupitjon of William Reesby and the said Joseph Tiinms, \ Messuage, Cottage, or Tenement ( formerly a Bar. i), Yard and Appurtenances, also situate- in Ketieting, in a Place called Newlands, and in the Tenure of Thomas Spence. ' A most convenient and desitable Allotment of Land, situate in the Upper Field,' and nearly adjoining the Town of Kettering, containing seven Acres and 37 1' erches, and also in the Tenure of the said Joiepfi Tiinms. t he ( cspeciive Estates may be viewed by applying to the Tenants; - and. further Particulars, at the Office of Tuos. . Vt^ KSiiA'u., Scjli^ tor, in Kettering. Buildings, and Materials. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY 4" SON, In Lots, on Thursday the 15th of October, 1813, on the Pre- mises, ( late Hie SWAN INNJ, in L1TTLE- BRICKH1LL, Bucks, near Woburn, Large well- built Brick and Tile GRANARY, on Stone Posts and Caps; large B \ RNS, STABLES, and other LD1NGS, LEAD HORSE - TROUGH and othet EFFECTS. Catalogues, deicribing the Particulars of each Lot, may be had six Days before Sale, at the principal Inns in the Neigh- bourhood; Place of Sale; and ot the Auctioneers in Stony. Stratford. The Lots may be viewed by applying on the Premises. NOrthumptonsliiie cupilut Manor and Freehold T. stutt, iithe- J'ree. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY^ SON, At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, in Day- entry, en Wednesday th; 4th Day ot Njvcmbcr, 1813, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one or more Lots, unless previously disposed of t> y Private Contract, of which due Nqtue will be given, tHE MANOR of WEST- HADDON, in the County of Ndrthamptoti, co extensive with ihe Parish, containing about 3,500 AcreS of Land abounding wiih Ga. ne. Aud two substantial and well- built ( Brick and file) Farm- Houses, with suitable Offices in moat excellent Repair, and upwards of' 758 Acres of very rich Atabie, Pasture, and Meadow' Land, in the Parish of West. Haddon aforesaid, lying within a King Fence, properly subdivided and well watered ; together with several Cottages, and three Closes of ancient Pasture Land, itt the Town ot West- fladdon aforesaid, in th * several Occupations of Mr, Robert Kilsby, Mr.. Samuel Edmunds, Samuel Baucutt, and others, as Tenants from Year to Year. The Turnpike- Road from Northampton to Coventry runs through the Centre of this Estate, which is distant from the former 10 Miles, from the latier 20 Miles, lrom Dunchurch nine Miles, and from Davcntry six Miles. For furthes, Particulars or to treat for the Estate by private Contract, apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid , to Mr. BURTON, iu Daventry ; or to Mr. HINOMAN, Dyer's- Court, Alderman- Dury, London, at whose Offices a Plan and Survey of the fcsiate may b;. seeiij. I Clover and Meadow Hay, Horses, Shtep, To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By T. WOOD, „ - On Friday October 16th, 1S12, on the Premises of Mr. JEFFCOTT, on the VXCARAOB FARM, at STEWKI. EY, Bucks, in Lots, I • • . , rp* WO Kicks of Clover Hay, three Ditto of prime Moa- l dow Ditto, 100 Acres of'Heibage till l. ad\- Day next, five capital Draught Horses, two ln- foal Mares, 200 South- down Sheep, Harness for eight Ho'ses, Carts, Ploughs, and other Implements of Husbandry, with sundry other Articles. The Hay may be taken off the Premises, and Credit'wi^ oe given till the 21st of Decern he i next, on approved Security. The Company are requested to meet at the Bull ami Butcher, Stewkley, at Ten o'Clock, and, then proceed to, Stile. Kettering, Northamptonshire. To be DISPOSED OF by PUBLIC AUCTION, By Mr. 1\ PELL, On Wednesday the 2lst ot October, 1812, and following Days, on the Premises, ALL the very valuable, genteel, and useful IIOUSE- HOLD. FURNITURE and sundry EFFECTS late the Property of Mr. JOSEPH TIMMS, of KETTERING, Woolstapler and Maltster; consisting of Feather and other Beds, Bedsteads in . various Furnitur. es, Blankets and Coverlids, Bed and Table- Linen,; Pier and Swing- Glasses, a capital Clock, Carpets, Dressing- Tables, Bureaus, Chests of Drawers, Chairs, Dining and other Tables, a capital Blue- and White Dinner Set, China and Glass, Copper, Pewter, and Brass; Brewing and Washing- Coppers, and other necessary Brewing and Washing- Utensils ; one Road Mare, two Cans, Rick ot Hay, Barn- Tackle, ic. with other Implements in Husbandry. A choice Collection of BOOKS. The Sale to be'^ in ealh Morninj It Ten o'Gloefc... Catalogues will be dcliyersd in dus Time. Rowel!, Northamptonshire.' To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, On Wednesday the 14th Day of October, 1812/ at the Sun Inn, Roivell, at Three o'Clock iu the Afiefufion, THE following desirable FREEHOLD ESTATES; con- sisting of a Messuage, Tenement, or Fartn. Hi use., and Homestead, large Barn, Stables, Out- buildings, and Appuf tenances, situate in MUSTINC I. ANS, in ROWELL afoiesaid, in the Occupation ol John Richardson. . This Homestead is particularly desirous for any Person having open Field Property, commandu. g a very desirable situation toi an Allotment, the back Gates openingupon Breeches. Several Pieces or Parcels of LaUd, lying dispersed, in the open. Fields of ROWELL aforesaid, callou Acrement Lard, and fon • taming five Acres or thereabouts, more or less, in the Occupation of Mr. Austin. A Cottage Common belonging to a Messuage, Cottage or Tenement, in the Occupation of Hannah Tebbutt, W idow. And several other Pieces or Parcels ot Land, also lying dis- persed in the open Fields of ROWICL aforesaid, containing one Acre, more or less, in the Occupation of the said Mr. Austin. The respective Tenants will shew the Estates; and further Particulars may be had by applying at the Office of Tnos MARSHJUY, Solicitor, in Kettering, . T. O ' . by S P 1.11 by U C I- 1 O N, • By K. 4- K. /> I. A BY, ' On-' F- riday the 16th Day of October, 1812, at the Ram on the Farm iir. NORTON FIELD, near Daventry, in the County l » ot'. Norahnmpton; - ' " r J> H'E^ itpjtSl LIVE and DEAD FARMING- STOCK of J Messrs,., TflOM* S & W1 LLI AM tl U MPHRE Y ( who ire leaving Part of that Farm) ; comprising 60 Wether Lambs, 80 Ewe D. tto,. 120, Ewes, ten in each Lot; and 68 Shearhogs, • n seven Loss; .12. Sturks, two in each Lot; eight Heifers, In- calf; twofeeding Cows; one Fiveryear. old Draught- horse, one aged Ditto,. one Four- year- old Cart- Mare ln- foal; one Six. year- old Ditto Ditto, one aged Ditto Ditto, all by Mr. Jessop's nuted Horse; one stout Five- year- old, Nag Mare; Gearing for six Horses,, complete, and in very good Preservation ; two stout Narrow. wheel Waggons, one Ditto nearly new, two Ditto Six- inch Ga'ts ; 40 Acres of Grass Keep upon excellent I. and| - Until the- 25tli of March next; and two Ricks of Hay to be spent upon the Premises. C'rtslll will be given tor the Keep and Hay until the Time, for taking away ' the Stock Ifwith faking a Depositj. The above Stock has" been bred and selected with the. utmost Care, and is" well worth the Attention of the Public.--. The sheep will be penned bv Ninfe o'Clock, and the Sale begin ' precisely at Ten.— Catalogues may be had at the Place of Sale. A cold Collation will be provided on the Spot, for the Con- venience of the Company. THE GENU I fit Dr. JOHNSON'S GOLDEN OINTMENT, Prepared by WICCIAM SIMSLETON, No. 2, UHION- PLAC*, LAMBETH, Surrey. rI^ HIS Ointment is an etfi » ctual Remedy in Inflatn- * inations, Films, Specks, or any other Disorder inci- dent to the Eyes; having completely effecfed Thousands of Cures when all other Means had failed. ' gO ; Purchasers are requested to see that the Bill of Di- rection given'them witli this Article, has the Proprietor's Name is is urtder- written: All not signed are Counterfeits, This Ointmen>? c. , ,„„ S No. 2, Union- Place, preparedby me, S Singleton, ^ i: ambeth. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church - Yard, and by the Printers of this Paper; and, , Retail, by Robins, Daventry ; Inns and Gallard, Tow- cester; Harrod Harborougii ; Inwood and Barringer, New. port- Pagneil; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, Kettering;' and by all other Venders ot Medicine in the King- dom; I'riae 2s. pet l'ot withfull Directions. 1 To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, liy 1W E > TO V, On the Premises of Mr. HENRY WESTON ( deceased), of HINTON, near Brackley, Northamptonshire, on Tuesday the 13th Day of October, 1812, ALL the LlV'f. and DEAD STOCK, and other EFFECTS; consisting of Horses, Cows, Sheep and Pigs; Waggons' Carts', Ploughs, Harrows, and other Implements of Husbandry ; also, about 80 Tons of excellent Hay, and the Keeping of up. wards of 100 Acres of Land, until tne 20th ot March next. The Hay and Keeping will be divided into Lots, for the Con venience ot Purchasers; and dry Ground will he set out in each Lit, forspending the Hay, if the Weather shoaid make it necessary to . relieve the tender or wet Land. Two Months' Credit will be given, o: i approved Security. Catalogues may be had in due Time, at the Inns in the Neighbourhood ;' the Place of Sale, and of the Auctioneer, Hinton aforesaid. N. B. All Persons havirganyClaimor Demand onthe Estate and F. fleets of the late HENRY WESION ( deceased), are requested to transmit an Account thereof, to Mr. HORWOOD, of Hintoti; Mr. MALINS, or Mr. Bu- rTERiiEEn, of lirackley.— And all Persons indebted to the said Henry Weston ( deceased), aredesired. to settle their Accounts, with the aforesaid Messrs. Horwood, Malins, and Butterfield, immediately. Witn, Sept. %) ti>, 181- 2. Truly valuable Live and Dead Farming- Stock, Dairy an it Brewing Utensils, Household- Furnitute, & c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, • BEES LEY, On Mohday and Tuesday the 2fith and 27th Days ot October, 1812. on the PremKesof. Mr. EDWARD CROSS, M RTON. WOOD FARM, in the Parish of MO RTO N- PINKN E Y, in the'Cpiintyof Northampton, who is retiring from Farming Business; COMPRISING three capital Draught Mares, 95 Dairy Cov/ s, one Bull, one Heifer, four Sturks, two yearling Calves; 65 Ewes and Theaves, eight Cocks of prime old and new Hay, and 139 Acres of Keeping till Lady- Day next; two Waggons, two Carts, Water Ditto, large and small Harrows, two Ploughs, Shaft- Roll', two'Stone Staddles, Ladders, Hog- Troughs, Harness for five Horses complete, Eight- dozen Churn, 12 Milk- Leads, Cream. Cistern, Water Ditto, Tins, Kivers, three Pair of Milk- Pjuli, small Copper, sweet seasoned Beer. Casks and- Tubs, and an Assemblage of Household- Fumiiure.— The Sheep have been well bred wi great Care for a Number of Years, and the Stock is in capital Condition, and worthy the Attention of the Public. the Live Stock, Hay, and Keeping will be sold the firs' Day, and the Sale will commence each Day at Eleven o'Clock. The Sheep will, be penned in convenient Lots, and . may be inspected one Hour before the Commencement of the Sale. Credit will be given, if required, for the Hay and Keeping till St. Thomas's Day next, with givingappioveJ joint Security, and paying down a Deposit of Ten per Cent. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affections with their usual Concomitants, Spasm, or flying Pains, Fla- tulency, Indigestion, and general Debility ( originating in what- ever Source), are relieved and frequently cured by hVbiteheaft Etience of Mustard Pills, after every other Means have failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pills, in those Complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most active, pene. trating, aad eflectual Remedy in the World, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES, in less than Half the Time usually taken by any other Liniment or Embrocation ; and if used immediately after aiiy Accident, it prevents the Part turning black. Prepared only, and sold by R. Johnston, Apothecary, No. 15 Greek- Street, Soho, London, at 2s. 9d. cach Box or Bottle, They are also sold by the Printers of this Paper; Higgs, Market- Harborpugh; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leifhton ; Tomalin, Daveritry; Mather, Weltingbonugii; Baxter, Bicester; Marriott, Banbury; and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom ( pT ' lhe ^ Genuine has a black Ink Stamp, with tile Nun.; of" R. Jchii5ton inseyed an it. w t i l e Northampton Meicury; and General Adveitsier for the Counties of: . Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwic k, Oxford, and Hertford. To HIE GENTLEMEN-! CIEW. Y, AND Fitfxnor. DEns OF THE COUNTY OF NORTHAMPTON. GBNTI. EMEN, IRe turn you my most sincere and heartfelt Thanks for the Honour you have tills Day done me tn nominating mr as a proper Person to represent the Count) of Northampton in Parliament. The highest Gratification I can receive, is to enjoy the. Con- fidence o f mil Fellow Countryman ; the first iVish af my Heart is to deserve it. I have the Honour to he, Gentlemen, Your most obedient, humble Servant, Northampton, Oct. 7th, 1812. ALT HO It P. ~ NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. HAVING received His Majesty's Writ under the Great Seal of Great- Biitain, to me directed, for the 1 Election of TWO KNIGHTS to serve in Parliament for the said County. I DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, That a SpEclit, COUNTY COURT mill be holden at the COUNTY HALL, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, in the said County, on Thursday the lath Day of Octnbcr instant, at the Hour of Ten in the Forenoon, for the Purpose, only, of pro- ceeding to such Election, of which atl the Freeholders of the eaitl County, and others concerned, are required to take Notice. 3d October, 1812. PETER OENYS, Sheriff. TO THE GENTLFMFN, CISBOY, AND FREEHOLDERS OF THE COUNTY OF NORTHAMPTON. tGrNTI. F. M'EN, H\ V IN G been this Day voniiiiatcd as one of your Representatives in the ensuing Parliament, permit me to request the Favour of your Attendance and Support on the Vay of Flection ; when I trust 1 may again look forward t>> being placed in that high Station winch it has been my Pride so long to fill) and in which it will ever be my Object to acquit myself to the Approbation of my Constituents, I have the Honour to be, Genllt- men, Your very faithful and obliged Servant, Northampton, Ore. 7th, 1812. W ! i. C A RT W R IGHT. the Manchester Mi. il Coach- Office, Northm^ pton. THE Public are respectfully informed, That MANCHESTER MAIL COACH- OFFICE is re- moved from the ROSE AND CROWN to the GOAT INN, in GOLD- STREET, where Places and Parcels may be taken and booked for. London, Manchester, Chester, Holyhead, Liverpool, and other Coaches which daily pass through Northampton. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. AT a Meeting of the Gentlepien, Clergy, and Free- holders of the County of Northampton, held at the COUNTY- HALL, in the Town of NORTH A M PTON, OCTOBER 1, 1812, convened by PETF. R DCNYS, Esq. Sheriff, in order to consider of and nominate proper Persons to represent this County in Parliament, the following Gentlemen were put it) Nomination, Viz. WILLIAM RALPH CARTWRIGHT, Esq. was pro- posed by Sir Charles Kniplitley, Bart, who Has seconded by Thomas Reeve Thornton, Ksq. Lord Viscount ALTHORP was proposed by Sir William Wake, Bart, and seconded by Edwnrd Bouverie, Esq. PETER UENYS, Sheriff. Resolved unanimously. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the High Sheriff, for his impartial Conduct in the Chair. To the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and FIIFFHOLDERS of the COUNTY of HUNTINGDON. GENTLEMEN, PERMIT us again to return our Thanks for the very flattering Assurances of Support which we have received npon our Canvass. It is very much our Wish to pav our ilespects to every Individual Freeholder, but should the Shortness of the Time prevent us from doing So, we trust It will be attributed to the real Cause, and nut to any Want of Attention on our Pifrti. We remain, Gentlemen, Your most obliged and faithful humble Servants, HINCHINGBROOK. WILLIAM HENRY FELLOWES. Huntingdon, Oct. Bth, 1812. The Day of Election is fixed for Tuesday the 13th Instant. BEDFORD LUNATIC ASYLUM. ' ATa Meeting of the VISITING MAGISTRATES, held jk at the Asylum, on Saturday the 3d Instant, It was resolved, That Patients, to the Number of Ten. be admitted to this ASYLUM, not Paupers, upon the Production of Certificates from Medical Persnns that they are fit Objects for Confinement, and the Undertaki ng, on the Part of some respectable Housekeeper, to pay the Weekly Sum of Twelve > Shillings, for the Maintenance of such Patient upon the ordinary diet of the House. Any extra Diet, or Indulgence, to be paid for extra also. W. LEECH, Secretary to the Infirmary. Bedford, October 1th, 1812. To GROCERS AND TALLOW- CHANOJ. ERS. WANTED immediately, A YOUNG MAN, fully acquainted with CANDLE- MAKING, and to assist lit a Retail Shop occasionally, who can give satisfactory Re- lerence as to Character,—— Anply to W. TOWNSF. ND Jlordi'sley- Street, Birmingham, if by Letter, Post- paid. WANTED immediately, An active LAD, as an APPRENTICE to an IRONMONGER, WHITE SMITH, GUN- SMITH, and BELL- HANGER, « tc. where « Brazier, and Tin Plate Workers ( ire constantly kept. Jle may learn either er a Part of any of the above Trades, nnd will be treated as one of the Family. Apply personally or bv Letter, Post- paid, to W. TRIPP, Brnckley. WANTED immediately, A JOOIINBYMAN Khi.'! MONGER, and also a PARCH M K NT- MAKER. Good Workmen may meet with constant Employ and good " Wages, by applying to Mr, JonN BALL, Oundle. WANTED, in a regular Family, A good plain COOK, willing t » nndertake a small Dairy,— Good Wages will he given to a steady midille- aged Woman, who ran be rtell ' penmmended.— Apply at the BELL, Aspley Guise, near Woburn. WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, A YOUNG MAN, who perfectly understands the Farmihg Busi Hess. Buying and Selling Live stock, & c. Groom a Pair o J Torses, Milk four or five Cows, and superintend and take the active Part of a small Farm.— Nout- need apply whose Character will not bear the strictest Scrutiny. Enqtiire of the Printers of this Paper. OCTOBER' 7ih, 1812. AT the Annual Meetingof the Northamptonshire Society for the Education of the Poor io the Principles of the Established Church, held at the G FORGE INN, NORTHAMPTON, The Most Nobis the Marquis of NORTHAMPTON, President, tn the Chair. The prior Proceedings of the.. Society, together with the State- ment of the Treasurer's Accounts, being read and approved of, [ t " Was resolved. That the Thanks of this Society be given to the Rev. R. Baxter, for the Zeal and Ability with which he has filled the Office of Secretory, and that he be requested to continue his Services until the next Meeting- of the General Committee. That the Thanks of the Society be made to Mr. C. Smith rhe Treasurer, for bis Exertions, and that he be solicited to continue his Services. Resolved, That the future Meetings of the General Committee be held quarterly, on the first Day. of the Sessions, at Eleven o'clock, at the Room inlhe School- House, St. Giles's- Street, Raolved, That a Letter be addressed by the Treasurer, to the several Members of this Society whose Donations or Subscriptions remain unpaid, that the same may be collected previously to printing a Statement of the Society's Accounts NORTHAMPTON, President. Resolved, That the Thanks of this Societv be given t; o the President, the Mrst Noble the Marquis of Northampton, for his uniform Attention to the Concerns of this Society. R. BAXTER, Secretary, fro tempore fidr" The Printers are sorry that the Advertisement of the above Meeting should have been omitted in last Week's Paper. Additional Donations and Subscription. Amount of Donations and Subscriptions Donations. AnnualSubs before advertised £ 1,988 19 0 £ icJi 11 ( Rijht Hon. J. C. Villiers 10 10 0 ( I 0 ( Rev. Dr. Smith, Daventry 10 10 0 0 0 ( Rev. R. W. Leonard, Aynhoe 12 2 0 111 Bedfordshire Society for promoting Christian . Knowledge. NOTICE is hereby given, That the General Annual Meeting of the BEDFORDSHIRE SOCIETY for PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE will he held at the SESSIONS HOUSE, BEDFORD, on Friday the 16th Day of October instant,, when the Attendance of the Friends of the Society, as well as the subscribing Members, is earnestly requested. The Duke of BEDFORD will take the Chair. The Clergy are requested to transmit to the Secretary an Account of the Books which are wanting in their several Parishes, and the Subscriptions they hare collected for the general Fund. ( J3T Benefactions and Subscriptions will he received by the^ Secretary. JOHN BRERETON, Secretary. Bedford, Oct. 9, 1812. Bedfordshire Auxiliary Bible Society. FIRST GENERAL ANNUAL MEETING. THE Friends and Subscribers to this Institution are informed that owing to public Business connected with the General Election, the Anniversary Meeting of the Society will be postponed from Friday, the 9th of October, to TUESDAY the twentieth of OCTOBER, 1812, when Hi Grace the Duke of BEDFORD will take the Chair the COUNTY- HALL. The Doors will be opened at Half- past Ten o'clock, and Ladies only admitted till the Chair is taken. the WORTHY and INDEPENDENT ELECTORS or the TOWN of NORTHAMPTON'. GENTLEMEN, ACCEPT mu warmest and most sincere Thanks for the very flattering and distinguished Maiiner in which you have this Bay again elected me one of your Representatives in Parliament: And I beg to assure you, that I shaft en- deavour to discharge the Duties of the important Trust, which ou have thus reposed in me, by a zealous Attention to the constitutional Privileges of the People, awl an earnest Regard the Rights arid In terests of ' my Constituents. 1 have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obliged, and faithful Servant, Northampton, October, 5th, 1812. ' COMPTON. the WORTHY and INDEPENDENT TLECIORS of the TOWN of NORTHAMPTON. GENTLEMEN, PERMIT tne to offer you my most warm and sincere Thanks for the very handsome and flattering Manner in which you hare a second Time elected me one of your Representatives in Parliament. The high and important Duties of the Trust thus reposed in me I shall endeavour to discharge to the utmost of . my Abilities, and shall he ready at all limes to attend to the Wishes of my Constituents, and ever anxious to promote the Interests of the Town of Northampton. I beg Leave to subscribe muse, If, with Gratitude, Gentlemen, Your obliged, and very faithful Servant, WM. HANBURY. Kelmarsh, October 10th, 1812. NORTHAMPTON, Oct. 2d, IS12. IN Compliance with a Requisition ( which has been delivered to me), signed by a great Number of very respectable Inhabitants of this Town and of the Neighbour- hood, Ida hereby give Notice, Jbm a MO P for III RING S BR- YANTS, will be held on the MARKET- SQUARE, in this Town, on SATURD T Y the 17th Day of OCTOBER instant, and also oil the SATURDAY then next following. M. NEWBY, Mayor. InttntieiJ Monument TO THE MEMORY AN The llight Hon. SPENCER PERCEVAL. SUBSCRIPTIONS. Amount of Subscription* before advertised J£ L, 08I I 0 His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch 26 5 0 Rev. Robert TIarvey Knight 1 1 0 Subscriptions are received by Messrs. Praeds, Maekworth, & Co. Bankers, Loudon; and by Messrs. Smith, Hail, & Co. Bankers, Northampton. E. NEWPORT PAGNELL, Oct. lsi, 1812. TYE, PLUMBER and GLAZIER, respectfully returns her sincere Thanks to her Friends and the Public in general for past favours, while in Partnership with THOMAS HBATON, deceased, and begs Leave to inform them that rlie Business will be continued as usual, When their Orders will be punctually attended toarid tftankfullv received. might have ' been . re- established. More than 400 Frencl and Germans were arrested by Ins orders; in fine, lie had taken the precaution of ' carrying off the firemen with the fire engines; so that the most complete anarchy lias deso- lated this great and fine city, and the flames are devouring it. We have found in it considerable resources of every kind. ' The Emperor is lodged in the Kremlin, which is in the centre of the city, like a kind of citadel, surrounded by liigh walls Thirty thousand wounded or sick Russians are in the hospitals, abandoned, without succour, and without nourishment. The Russians acknowledge that they lost 50,000 men in the battle of the Moskwa. Prince Bagration was mortally wounded. A list has been made of the Russian Generals wounded or killed in the battle : it amounts to between 45 and 50." A Mail from Halifax arrived yesterday, with letters and papers to the 12th nit. Congress, it is said, has been hastily convened at Washington, by the President. The revocation of the Orders in Council had prftduced no change in the purposes of the American Government. The Guer- riere frigate, taken by the Americans, was sunk the morning after the action.— The capture of General Hull had pro- duced a great sensation throughout, the whole of the United States. The American Brigadier- General, who ffMtered . his imagination that lie should take Canada by terror, has hewi terribly mistaken. His bombastic Proclamation has happily served to discover both his weakness and his wickedness, and his friend " Citizen King Madison," now finds, to his cost, that his favourite Man of Wur has been damaged— in the Hull" ' This day at twelve o'clock the state of the poll for the Citv of London was as follows :— Curtis, 3222— Combe, 3619— Shaw, 2881—' Vtkiiis, - 2( 501— Wood, 1621— Waith- nian, 1743. For the Borough of Southwark,. Calvert, 2011 — Thornton, 1644— J. Burdetr, 161. An honest Liveryman yesterday, at Guildhall, spelling out with some difficulty the names of the Candidates as • they stood on the printed state, of the poll, asked a by- stander what the two lowest names were.— Ob, savs the other, the two W.' sf— I thought so, saidfthe enquirer— i. Worscrer and Wtrsirer ! The prodigious sale and ascendency of the Monthly Magazine may be conceived from the circumstance that. one great wholesale bookseller in Paternoster. Row vends 850 copies for its own trade, on the last night of every mouth. The same house uses 550 of the Monthly Review, 275 of the European, 500 of the Gentleman's Magazine,' 250 of the Medical Journal, 250 of the British Critic, and others in proportion. PRICES or STOCKS THIS DAY. Three per Cent. Consols, Navv 5 per Cent. An. — India Bonds. 6; 7d.— Exchequer Bills, 0 0d. — Omnium, 4Ip. Tie MO I! TO VGES. READY to- be advanced upon Freehold Securities, various SUMS of MONEY, from £ 200 to £ 3i00(). Apply, personally « e bv Letter, Post- paid, to Mr. JAMES A\ DKRTON. Attorney at Law, Kimboltort, Tlunts. THE First Annual Meeting of Subscribers and Friends to the AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY for HUNT ING DONS II lit E and its Vicinity, was held on WEDN BSD AY Ibe 30th of SEPTEMBER in, the TOWN- HILL, HUNTING- DON. The Earl of SANDWICH, presided. When his Lordship had stated the Objects of the Meeting, the Rev. J. K. Martyn, one of the Secretaries, after some intro- ductory Remarks, read a Report of Proceedings since the Formation of the Society. The different Resolutions which were proposed were carried unanimously. Several interesting Speeches were delivered by Clergymen and Dissenters, and it was truly gratifying to witness the Harmony which prevailed, the Proofs which were presented of mutual Affection, and the general Concern which appealed to exist for the Prosperity of the Institution. The Proceedings of the Day, including the Report, List of Subscribers, the State of the Funds, and Speeches w hich were delivered, will be speedily published for the Benefit of the Society. *** Several Additions were made t- 0 the Subscriptions and Donations. \ t Wanted at Old Michaelmas next, ASteady middle- aged WOMAN, to superintend the Concerns of a FAKM- HOUSt!, nnd who has a general Knowledge of Cooking, and getting up Linen. A Person answering the above Description, and who can produce an unexceptionable Character from her late Employer, may hear of a Situation, by applying personally, or by Letter ( Post- paid), to Mr. J. CIIETTLE, Kettering. To LABOURERS, & c. " VI7" ANTED immediately, about FIFTY LA- * * BOURERS, who have been generally employed in Digging ( or in the Use of the Spade); liberal Wages will be jiiven.— For further Particulars, apply to JOHN ABBUTT, ofCranford, Northamptonshire. FIFTY POUNDS REWARD. WHEREAS some evil- disposed Persons were detected bv THOMAS PINCKAKD, in ROBBING his ORCHARD at GRIMSCOT, on the Night of Monday the 5th Instant, and in Consequence of such their Detection, tl: d cruelly beat the said Thomas Pinekard, with Intent to murder him. Whoever will give snch Information as will lead to a Discovery of the said Offenders, so that they may he brought to Justice, shall, upon their Conviction, receive a Reward of FIFTY POUNDS from the said THOMAS PINCKAHO ; or if either of the Offenders will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, he shall, on his or their Conviction, receive the sibove Reward, and Interest will be made to procure his Majesty's Pardon. Grimscot, 9th Oct. 1812. STOLEN or STRAYED, ON Sunday Night or early on Monday Morning, the 21ft of September last, out of a Close in BITTESWELL Lordship, near Lutterworth, A BROWN MARE, if the Nag Kind, six Years old, about 15 Hands high, goes rather lame on the near hind Leg, and blistered on each Leg. Whotver will bring the said Mare, shall, if strayed, receive ONE GUINEA and all reasonable Expenses"; if stolen, shall, on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, receive FIVE GUINEAS REWARD, by applying to Mr. THOMAS GLOVER, Lutterworth. October 5th, 1812. Under an Execution. To be S O L D by AUCTION, By Mr. KNIBB, On the Premises of Mr. L'ELHAM, LINEN and WOOLLBN- DRAPKH, LACEMAN aird HABERDASHER, in NEWPORT- l'AGNKLl., Bucks, on Wednesday the 14th of October, 1812,. and following Days, rpHE prime and valuable STOCK in TR ADE, com- Jl prising the most fashionable Articles: as India Cambrics, Prints, Muslins, Irish Linens, Woollen Cloths, Kerseymeres, Dimities, Corduroys, a large Quantity of Cotton Threads, Mecklin Ditto, and a Variety of other Articles too numerous to particularize. — The Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Clock,, V / v > To be SOLO by A U C T I O N, ' By Mr. JARVIS, On Tuesday the. 20th of October, 1812, on the Premises of the late Mr. WM. HITCHCOCK, of CH1PPING- WARDEN GRANGE, in the County of Northampton,— C1 REY MARE by Gohanna, stinted to Doubtful; grey H Yearling and Filly, out of Ditto by Starling ; Blood Mare, by Phlegon, stinted to Doubtful; tour Colts and Fillies out of Ditto by Doubtful; Two- year- old Mare, by Hercules; Blood Mare, stinted to Doubtful ; sucking Filly, outot' Dirto tiy Fildiher; three Hackneys, and four capital Cart- Horses, nearly S00 very useful Sheep Stock, in Lots. Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock, as the Whole will be sold and delivered the same Day. Catalogues to be had at the Red Lion, Banbury ; Wljeat Sheaf, Darcatry; and principal Inns in the Neighbourhood DESIRABLE SHEEP KEEPING. To be LETT, HE HERBAGE on the RACE- GROUND, in NORTHAMPTON FIELD, containing about 117 Acr>- s, for SHEEP KEEPING, from the 12th of November uext until the 14th of February following. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. Alderman JONES, Northampton. T To be SOL I), AN ASS, which foaled about a Week since.— Apply to JOHN WUOLSTON, Wellingborough. BUTLER'S V EG STABLE TOOTH- POWDER IS allowed by several Physicians to be the only Remedy for Diseases in the Teeth and. Gums, and to preserve them in the highest State of Perfection to the latest Period, it being composed of Vegetable?, will render thetri beautifully white, fasten such as may be loose, keep those that are decayed from becoming worse, eradicate the Spurvy, and cause the Gums to adhere to the Teeth, render them of a healthful red, and the Breath delicately sweet, and prevent that dreadful Malady, the Tooth- Ache, Gum- Biles, and swelled Face, Soldat MV. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, London; by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Balaam, Northampton ; Loggirt, Aylesbury; and most Medicine Venders and Perfumers, iu Boxes at 2s, 9d. each. , NORTHAMPTON, 9th October, 1812. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estate and Effects'of ANN BATTISON', late of the Town of NORTHAMPTON, Widow, deceased, are requested to semi an Account thereof to her Executrix, Mary Coleman, the Wife of Aaron Coleman, of Gold- Street, Northampton, shoemaker, or to ' Mr. Buswell, Solicitor, Northampton.-^ And all Persnns who stood indebted to the said Ann Battisou at the Time of her Decease, lire desired to pay their respective Debts immediately to her said Executrix, or to Mr. Buswell. To the Debtors and Creditors of TIMOTHY SMITH, late of WALGRAVB, in the County of Northampton, Tailor, Draper, and Grocer, deceased. ALL Persons, to whom the said TIMOTHY SMITH stood indebted at the Time of his Decease, are requested to deliver ; m Account thereof to his Widow, Mrs. Hannah Smith; his Executors, Mr. Robert Knight, of Walgrave, and Mr. Richard Knight, of Hanoington, or to Mr. Buswell, Solicitor, Northampton; in order that the same may be examined and discharged.— And alt Persons who are indebted tothe Kstnteofthe said Timothy Smith, are desired forthwith to pay their respective Debts to his said Widow, and Exe- cutors, or'ta the said Mr. BtisweH. The above- named HANNAH SMITH, returns Thanks to the numerous Friends of her said late Husband and herself for the Favours they have so many Yejrs conferred upon them, and fis she intends to carry on the Drapery and Grocery Businesses, earnestly solicits a Continuance of their Favours, which she will always endeavour to merit. N. B. FUNERALS furnished. IVatgrave, 9th October, 1812. To be SOL D, rpWO CLOSES of exceedingly rich MEADOW LAND, L situate in ST. JAMES'S- FNO, in the Parish of DUSTON, containing tive Acres and a Halt, or thereabouts, with a laige Stable and an open Hovel at each End, Enquire of Messns. ABBEY & SON, Solicitors, Northampton, who have very eligible Freehold Securities for different Sums of Mc- ev, Irom =£ 3,000 to ,£ 100 wanted forthwith. Valuable and useful ' I'ahle and Bed- Linen, late the Property of a Family gone Abroad, removed for the Convenu. nce of ate. To be SOL D bv A U C T 1 ON, B„ Mr. lUTtSHAW, AT HIS AUCTION ROOM, The GOAT Itj, NO RTH AM PTON, on Tuesday and WeJ. nesday the 20th and 21st of October, 1812, AMost valuable Assortment of TABLE and { JED- LINEN; comprising several eb- gant, fine, and stout Damask Table- Cloths, from five Quarters to eight Yards long, and some with Napkins to correspond; rich Damask Napkins, capital fine Holland, Russia and other Linen Sheets, and a few real Marseilles Quilts, of large Dimensions, all nearlv equal to new; the Whole forming an Assemblage which, for Pattern and Quality, will be worth the irVimodiate Attention of the Gentry, Innkeepers, and the Public in general, such Goods being rarely oftered by the Hammer.— To be viewed on Monday the 19th. Catalogues to be had at the Swan, Newport ; Bull, Stony- Stratford ; White- Horse, and Snucen's Head, Towcester; Sa- racen's Head, Daventry ; Talbot, Welford ; Angel, Harborough ; George, Kettering; andot the Auctioneer, Northampton. A' ROSE- AND- CROWN INN, NORTHAMPTON. JOHN BOWMAN ( from the WHEAT SHEAF) having entered upon the above Inn ( late in the Occupation of Mr. Mdennan BRIGOS), begs respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he has made everv necessary Arrangement for the comfortable Accommodation of Com- mercial Travellers and others, who may constantly depend upon receiving every possible Attention, and of being served with good WINES, LIQUORS, & C. & c.— Good Beds are like- wise provided for those travelling by the Coaches, w ho w ill find this a particularly convenient Situation, a » all the Coaches miming from and through the Town, pass within a short Distance of the Door. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By Mr. THOMSON, On the Premises, the Sow AND PIGS I N N, in WE LLI NG- BOROUGH, in the County of Northampton, on Thursday next the 15th Day of October, lft 12, and following DaV, LL the neat and useful HOUSF. HOLD- FURM TURF., STOCK in TRADE, and sundry F. FPF. CIS, of Mr. JOHN ALLEN, who is leaving the Inn ; consisting of Four- post and other Bedsteads, with various Furnitures; Feather and Flick- Beds, Bed and Table- 1. inen. Chest of Drawers, Dining, Tea, and other Tables, Chairs, an l£ ight- day Clock, Wheel Barometer, China, Glass, and Earthenware, an excellent iarve Kitchen- Range,, Crane and Smoke- Jack, Kitclien-^ eqnisite., in Copper, Brass, and Tin; a 120- Gallon Copper, nearly new; Mash- Vat, Coolers, Ice. ; iarge Iron liourid Beer- Casks, Pipes, Hogsheads, and smaller Casks; a Quantity of Port- Wine, Brandy, Rum, and Gin; tine Ale, & c.; Hay and Straw, with various useful Articles. The Sale to commence each Morning at Ten o'Clock. Just published, Price 8s. in Boards, AN ATTEMPT towards a NFW HISTORICAL and POLITICAL EXPLANATION of the BOOK of REVELATION. By the Rev. JAMES BROWN, » . D. of Barnwell, North- amptonshire In this Work the Book of Revelation is shewn to be an emblematical Representation of the Whble Providence of God io this preserir World - Displaying, especially, in the Persons and Characters ot the two portentous Beasts the monstrous Nature and Miserable F. ifects of the Corruption and Depriva- tion of Government and Rule, by the Perversion of Regal and Imperial Power. Sold by Cowie, Successor to Vernor, Hood, & Sharp, Poultry, London; Hill, Edinburgh; Drakard, Siamforil; Deigbton, Cambri'ge; Bliss, Oxford j and by aU Booksellers in Town and Country. POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, Oct. 9. YESTERDAY, Government received another dispatch from Lord Cathcait, dated Petersburgh, th « 18th , ult. in which his Lordship inclosed the official account published at Petersburg, of the proceedings of the Russian army , from the ' time Prince KutousoIF took th command to the 8th of September. This account, after detailiii2 the operations. of the battle on the7th of September at Borodino, re- assorts that the French were on that day repulsed at every point, aod that they retired towards the beginning of the night, leaving the Russians masters of the field of battle. Lord Cathcart had not ascertained any subsequent movements of the Russians, but he understood that a change of position was determined on, of the par- ticulars of which, however, no intelligence had been received. Paris Papers to the 4th inst. were received yesterday morning, containing tUe 19th Bulletin of the French Arm v. NINETEENTH BULLETIN of the GRAND ARMY. Moscow, Sept. 16.— After tlve battle of the Moskwn the French arniv pursued the enemy upon Moscow, by the three routes, Mqjaisk, ^ venigorod, and Kalouga. The King of Naples was on the 9th at Konbinstoe, the Viceroy at Rouzn, and Prince Poniatowski at Feminskoe. ' The head- quarters were on the 12th transferred from Mojaisk to Peselina; on the 13th they were at the castle ofBerwska; on the 14th, at mid- day, we entered Moscow. The enemy had raised on the Sparrow Mountain, two wersts from the city, some redoubts, which he abandoned. The city of Moscow is as large as Paris; it is an extremely rich city, full of palaces of all the nobles of the Empire. Tho Russian Governor, Rostapchin, wished to ruin this fine city when he saw it abandoned by the Russian army, lie had armed 3,000 malefactors whom he had taken from the dungeons; he also summoned together 6,000 satellites, and distributed arms among thetn from the arsenal. Our advanced Ktiaid, arrived in the centre of the city, was received by a fire of musketry, which issued from the Kremlin. The King of Naples ordered a battery of a few pieces of cannon to be opened, dispersed this rabble, and took possession of the Kremlin. We have found in the arsenal 60,000 new muskets, nnd 120 pieces of cannon, on their carriages. ' The most complete anarchy reigned in the citv; some drunken madmen ran through its different quarters, and every where set fire to them. The Governor Rostapchin had caused all the merchants and shopkeepers to be carried off, through whose instrumentality order NORTHAMPTON, SATUUDAY EVENING, OCTOBER. 10. BIRTH.] On Sunday last, at Guilsborough- Gransze, in this county,' the Larlv of John Ward, Esq. of a daughter who survived irs birth but a few hours. MARRIED.] On Saturday last, Mr. John Stokes, of Cablecot, in Rutland, to Miss Sanderson, of Kettering. Tuesday last, at ^ t. Michael's, - tam'ljrd, Mr. Adams, to Miss Harrison, both of that place. A few days ago, at Ehirton- oii- Trent, Mr. John Knight, draper and mercer, Nottingham, to Miss Lettdaui, daughter of Mr. William Leedatn, of'he former place. \ few days ago, Mr. Francis Smith, builder, to Miss Hannah Bruce, both of Warwick. Lately.,, at fjhock'lej, the Rev., Wm. Brockhurgt, to Miss Piercy, of the s. ape place. DIED.] On Monday last, at the house of Michael Wodhull, F. sq. Theuford, in this county, aged 75, Mrs. Ingram, of Welford, Warwickshire. Same day, at Huntingdon, of a decline, Mr. John Butler, aged 36, many years of the Royal Navy, A few days ago, after a short illness, while on a. visit amongst bis friends, at Kettering, in this, county, Captain Edward Tonilin, of York- street, Westminster, in, the 50th year of bis a^ e. lit. hud been iu. bis Majesty's seryice, upwards of- 43 years.- A. few days ago, universally esteemed and respected by all who ktievr linn, Mr Joseph Watson.—- He was house- steward anil butler, to Joint Harvey, 1' jsq; » f^- Ickwell- Bury, in the county of Bedford, and had beon in that family upwards of half a century, progressively filling various situations therein, with the strictest inregrity. Lately, aftef a few days' illness, Eliza,, second daughter of Mr. Robert Hawkins, Wellingborough. Lately, at. Hertford, Emma, youngest daughter of the late R. Skinner, K « q. „ f New I own House, Hampshire: Lately, in the West Indies, Mr, James Cobb, son of the late James Cobb, Esq. of Kettering. - CXSSS.-. c> o- On Monday last, F. arl Compton, and WJIanbury, Esq. were re- elected Representatives in Parliament for this borough, and were afterwards chaired amidst the acclamations of ihe inhabitants. A numerous and very respectable meeting of the Free- holders was held at the County- hall, in this town, on Wednesday, pursuant to notice from the High Sheriff, for the purpose of nominating proper persons to represent this county in Parliament; when Lord Viscount Alrhorp, and William Ralph Cartwright, F. sq. the two late members were again proposed, and received the approbation of the meeting. The latter was nominated by Sir Charles Knigbtlev, Bart, and seconded by T. R. Thornton, Esq. The former was proposed by Sir William Wale, Bart, and seconded by Edward Bouverie, Esq.— The election will take place on Thursday next.— See Advertisements. ' On Monday last, Lord Brooke, and Charles Mills, Esq. were again choseu representatives for Warwick. On Monday last the Hon. Frederic Sylvester North Douglas was elected Member of Parliament for the borough of Banbury, by the unanimous votes of the Corporation.— He was cordially received, nnd drawn into the town by tho populace, and as warmly supported by the electors, lii an elegant and animated speech addressed to the electors on the close of the iJoll, lie gave the niost decided proofs of his ability as a Speaker, and expressed the constitutional principles of an enlightened statesman. On Tuesday last Samuel Whitbread, Esq, and Lord Oeor « e William Russell, were unanimously elected - Mem- bers to serve in Parliament for the town anji borough of Bedford. Mr,. Farmer and Mr. Calvert were re- elected Members lor the Borough df Huntingdon, on Monday last. On Monday last, G. W. Detm, Esq. son of the IIi « li Sheriifbf thrs counlv, declared hhnseifa candidate for the town and county of Kingston- upon- Huli, in opposition to the two old members, Lord Marion ( son of Earl Stanhope,) and Mr. Staniforfh, and a Mr.- Blackmail, a new candidate, whose name the electors were prejudiced against on account of some wag giving it out before be arrived that he was a native of Africa, and immediately on his arrival the populace set fire to his coach, and burnt it to asiies, in consequence of which he declined the contest. The poll- commenced on Monday at three o'clock, and finished on Tuesday evening, when the numbers for Mr. Staniforth were 1142; for Mr. Denys 907; for Lord Mahon 363; whereupon the two former were declared duly elected. The following was the slate of the Poll at Stamford on the third day ( Thursday) :— Lord Hentjiker, 3o4.— Mr. Foulkes, 360— Colonel Noel, 254. Membe- s returned to serve in the New Parliament, within the Cii- cuit of this Paper. Thnse marked thus * are new Members. Brarkley-- R. A. Bradshaw, and Henry Wrottesley. Esqrs. Buckingham—* Vis. Kbringloti, and * W. II. Freemantle, Ksq. Cambridge— Hon.- Gen. Finch and Gen. Manners. Coventry — Peter Moore, and * J. Butterworth, Esqrs. East- Grinstead— G. W. Gunning, and J. Stephen, Esqrs. Hertford— Hon. IS.' Spencer Cowper and N. Calvnt, Esq. Leicester— 8. Smith, and T. Babington, JJsflrs. Oxford ( University)— Right Him. Charles Abbot. Peterborough— lit. Hon. G. Ponsonby, and Hon. W. Elliott. St. Alban's— Jos. Halsey, and » Christopher Smith, Ksqrs. Stafford— Ralph Benson, Esq. and Col. Wilson. Tamworth— Lord C. Townsend, and Sir It. Peele, Bart. meeting of the friends of the British and Fore^ n Bible Society, held on Wednesday se'nntghr, at ibe town of Dunstable, was attended by a very numerous and respec- table assembly.— The Rev ." Mr. Wa- ren, vicar of Kensworth, and Lecturer of Dunstable, presided in the chaijv The interest and satisfaction uniformly excited and alfo; d< d ;, t the public meetings of this Society, were highly conapicuoui on the occasion. ' The united Committees of'Wobilrn and Dunstable, passed different resolutions, for the furtherance of the great and benevolent purposes of the Society.— The Clergy and others present, addressed the meeting wit!* much animation and aiiility, and afforded very interesting and extensive information relative to the rise, progress, and utility of the plans of the Parent Institution. The Grand Musical Festival, celebrated at Kettering Inst week, we are happy to find aflWded the greatest delight and satisfaction to the nobility, gentry, clergy, and otheri who patronized it in that opulent part of the county. On Thursday morfting the companv began to assemble rit lei* o'clock, and notwithstanding the heavv rain and gloomy ap-. pearance of the atmosphere, the church, though not. filled in every part, exhibited the gratifying sijht. of a njmt rt-. p- vfable audience, assembled to hear the chef d'tetwre of the irfimoH!, if Handel. It is needless to observe, the Messiah wa^ iudiciou- ly chosen for tile occasion, and was opened by Mr. Vaughnn i t a masterly and chaste style, that reminded its of fiie Rite eminent Mr. Harrison. Mr. Goss, Mr. Bellamy, awl. Maste* King performed vrith taste, science, and judgment th£ song « allotted them, and were followed by Mrs. Dickons, who was ill excellent voice; throughout the whole performance that admirable and accomplished singer exerted her powers With great pathos nnd effect, particularly in " I know that tnv Redeemer livelb," " Thou wilt not leave his soul in IleU;" and ill the beautiful air " lie shall feed his fl ick," Mrs. 1). gave to it a refinement of taste and simplicity we have seldoal heard.- r- The pleasing changa of tine weatber on the following mowing bad the desired effect of bringing together a still more numerous assemblage of the nobility, gentry, & c. tn a Selec- tion of Sacred Music, comprehending the matchless and divine compositions of Handel and Haydn, which were executed with increased energy and effect. The chorusses were powerful, ami performed with Ihe greatest precision, particularly " iL- gavi them hailstones," " The horse atul his rider," which, vt i; h the others, were admirably supported by the celebrated Miss Travis. M r Barrett presided at the organ i and the ban l was ledby Professor Hague, with his usual ability.— Theeveoinf concerts had to b. inst an elegant assemblage of fashionable company, whose plaudim gave sanction to the disUoguiaheJ talents of the vocal and instrumental performers Concertos were performed by Messrs. Ashley, Holmes, Erskiue, and Schinidlz, on their respective instruments, which received thct greatest applause^ The songs and glees w ere happily selci. e l , many of which were encored, particularly " The soUiet- tir'd," by Mrs. Dickons, who exhibited her extraordinary powers of taste and execution in that admirable compr. sitio. i. The invocation glee, " Glorious Apollo," was admirably performed, and gave a zest to all the others. In a word, this musical treat afforded the highest mental gratification ; au4 the sons of Apollo will never forget the kiodues? and hospi- tality of the inhabitants of Keitering, and the liberality, yf the gentlemen of the committee who conducted it.— Most of the neighbouring families honoured the ball each evening witii ( heir company, and dancing was kept up to a late hour. We understand, that it is intended in the autumn of ISIS again to entertain the town and county of Northampton nitii a Musical Festival, out on a scale the most magnificent ami superior. Front the general satisfaction given by, and the encomiums paid to our very worthy and spirited tnwihma. i*, Mr. Barrett, for his grand treat in 1809, we feel no hesitation in expressing oar conviction, that whatever may be his fuiuie efforts to meet the wishes of a liberal public, tiiat public wiR tut fail amply to reward him for every display of taste, jadj- ment and exertion for its rational atnusemeut. On Monday night some villains were detected by Mr. Pinckard, of Grim- cot, in this county, robbing his orchard, when they beat him in the most cruei and inhuman m ttuiei*, A reward of Fifty Pouads is offered for the discovery ot the offenders-— See advertisement iu this page. Yesterday, an inquisition was taken at Little- Bnngton, in this county, before li. Abbey, gent, coroner, on view i>( the body of Mary Jollins, who on Monday se'nnig'lit took an infusion of sublimate of mercury, and died in conse- quence on Thursday last.— After an investigation of eleven hours, the jury returned a. verdict of felo de se, and the body was directed to be buried iu a public highway, ' The following are the increased subscriptions, and new subscribers to the General Infirmary, during the last year:—• Increased Subscriptions. s. tl. £. it. Mr;. Jane Corrie,... 3 0 Mr. Bull........ . 0 10 ts Sir J. Lamrham, Bart. 3 3 0 Parish of Holcutt . 2 2 0 Parish of tlcilderiby.. 2 2 0 Rev." 8. Hudson. . 1 1 y Parish of Denton 2 2 0 Mr. C. liillyard. . 2 2 0 Hev. J. Sawbridge.. 0 10 6 Parish ot' Road.. . 2 2 0 New Subscribers. Mr. Thomas Axis, Oakley Bank . I 11 6 Rev. J. Prettyman, Sherrington . a g 0 Mrs. Dalbiac, Northamptoni. 2 2 o Hon. & ( lev. 11. L, Hpbart, Chippingwardc. i,.. .. 2 2 Charles Pinfold, lisq. Chichejey . ,5 0 0 Rev. Mr. Griuishuw, Burtou- Lattimer • • » 3 .0 Mr. S, Rice, Northampton... . I 11 li Parish of Great- Houghton .# . 3 3 " O Parish of Westoii- Undi- rwood. .. 3 Mrs. Piuncefort, Grcat- Biickhill, Bucks . F li 6 Francis Webb, Esq. Hrauuston .. 5 St1 » ) Mr. Wm. Smith, Nortiiamptou ... 2 2 0 Rev. A. D. Moirire, l-' loore.. f) 2 o James Bartlett, Esq. Buckingham . .'. 3 3 Miller & Marshall, Northampton 2 y 0 Mrs, Harden, N orthautptoti... .. 2 ij. D Dr. Thackerav, Northampton .. 2 2 .0 Charles lleygate, Esq. West- lfaddon .. 3 3 0 Mrs. E. Tras. er, Northampton ......... ....... 2 2 0 Mr. 11. Manning, Kingsthorpe ,,,,,,; 2 -• i 0 Capt. Howard Vyse, Stoke, near Windsor 5 5 (> Sir Charles Knightley, Bart. Fawsley .. 21 0 t) Rev, John Field, Harpole... , .. 1 1 0 Parish of Ashley. .. 2 2 0 Parish of Hauninsrton - 2 2 0 Mr. John Walton, Ciia pel- Brum pton .. 2 2 0 Mr. W. Parker, Northampton ............... • .. 1 11 1,6 Mr. John Edens, Northampton .. 1 11 li Rev. L. J. Vigour.' aux, Briugt ou '.; 1 " f 0 Mrs. Wright, Blakesley....,. .. 1 IT ' 6 Mr. Page, Gydmi.. 2 2 a Sir James Langham. Bart, Cottesbrook .10 10 0 Mr. John Bli kec, Nortiiamjit in .. 2 2 It Hon. Mrs. V- illiers, Whitllebu 2 2 0 Hon. Mi » s Villiers, Ditto • 1 1 Rev. Wm. Harding, Sulgrave g 2 0 On Thursday, Henry Parker West, Esq. was elected mayor of Stamford, for the ensuing year. A motion was made to grant the freedom of the borough to James Tork- ington, Esq. of Stukeley, the deputy recorder; but it was negatived. A few days since, a donation of £ 500 from A. Z. was paid by Samuel Whitbread, Esq. to the Treasurer of the Bedf./ rd Infirmary, for the benefit of the institution; also a benefaction of twenty guineas by the Right llu". Lord Ceotie WiHiaut Ru. sse/ L TilE CIIACE. LORD VERNON'S Fox HOUNDS will meet on Monday Octo- ber 12th, at Sudbury ; Tuesday I3ih, at Longford Car ; Thursday 15th, at Bradley' Moor; au. l Friday 10th, at Highlands " Park. Cohi- Exchunge, l. olidon, Friday, Oct. 9. This day there was Som^ briskness in the sale, of fine Wheats, which tullv maintained Monday's prices, having fc'w' t esh arrivals. — liacley and Malt remain steady ia v due. — Ken T cli .. Beans sustained a further decline ot 4s per quariei do Wed- nesday, having good Supplies, and at this depression remained to- day, wiiti out few sales made.— Oats have obtained better prices both Wednesday and to- day, having but sft . r. supplies. Other articles have experienced no variation worth notice since Moiidav. Northampton Wheat 112s. Cd. tolSgs, Od. Rye... » 80s. Od. to 83 » . Od, Barley... 58s. Od. to 63s- Od Oats .... 55$. Cd. to — s. Od, b>- tiie Standard Measti — Saturday. Beans ... .88-. Od. to —=. Od. NewBcans — s. tU. to— s. Oil. l'eas ....— s. 0J. to — a. oa. Market- Harborough— Tuesday List. Wheat .. 110s. Od. to 126s. Od. I Old Beans — s. Od. to 82*. 0'.' Barley i— s. Od. to— s. Od. I Oats — s. Od. to 64,. Oct. New Beans — s. Od. to — s. Od. | NewDitto — s. Iki. to bis. 0,1. By the Customary Measure. Daventry,— Wednesday lust. Wheat. _ 120s. Od. to 123f. Od. Rye — s. Od, to — s. Od. Barley .. 58s. Od. to 68s. Od. By the customary Measure. Oats 52s. Od. to 67s. Od. Beans ... 8Ss. Od. to 9\ s, Od. Pease — s. Od. to g'ls. 138. Banbury— Thursday last. Per Bushtll , Wheat.. 14s. Od. to 15s. Od. | Hug Peas — s. Od. to — s. 3d. Beans .. 0. Od. to lt) s. 8< t I Per Quarter. Barley.. 62s Od. to 63s. Od. | Oats 50s. t ® — s. • Bread 2s. lid. the Half peck. 24, within the ion' > LIST of FAIRS from Oct. 12, to Oct. Circuit of this Paper. M. Oct. 12. Fenny- Stratford, Hitchio, Highum- Ferrers, Oundle, Solyhull, and Warwick. • 15. Banbury. . * 16. Market- Bosworth. . j 17. Alcester, lvinghoe. 19. Luton, and Market- Harboroagh. , ^ 22. Newport- Pagnell. 84. Leigh ton- Buzzard, and Stow- on- the- Wold. > Th.- F. - S. - M, - Tb.- S. - The Northampton Mercury* tiWd Geiieral Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Hudttngdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford, ir tl 61 a tl f di OI > 111 nr p p< 8> B , ti b. tk tl C • Si e< b it A » < b • ii f t t ( The London Gazette Extraordinary. TUESDAY, OCTOSER 6. Dotcning- Slreet, October 6, 1812. CAPfAtN COO RE, Aide- de- Camp to Lieutenant- Gen. Sir George Prevost, Governor in Cliief of Mis Majesty's Provinces in North- America', arrived this morning with dis- patches from the I ieut.- Gen. to Earl Bathurst, one of his Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, containing the following Letters from Maj.- Geh. Brock : SIR, Head Quarters, Detroit, August 16. _ I hasten to npprize your Excellency of the capture of this Very important post. Two thousand five hundred troops llare this day surrendered prisoners of . war, and about 25 pieces of ordnance have been taken without the sacrifice of it drop of British blood. I had not more than TOO troops, Incli ning militia, and about 600 Indians to accomplish this Service. When t detail my good fortune vou'r Excellency will be astonished. I have been admirably ' supported by Coi'oiVel Proctor, the whole of my staff, and, t may justly Say, eVery individual under rny command.--- Signed,. ISAAC BROCK, Maj.- Gen. Head- Quarters, Detroit, August 17, 1312. SIR,— I have had the honour of informing your Ex- cellency, that the enemy effected his passage across the Detroit Kiver on the 12th ultimo, without opposition, and that after establishing himself at Sandwich; he had ravaged the country as far as the Moravia town. Some skirmishes occurred between the troops under Lieiitftnant- Colonel St. George and the enemy upon the river Canard, which uni- formly terminated in his being repulsed with loss. I judged it propfef tn detach, a force down the River Thames, capable of acting in conjunction with the garrison of Amherstbuhg offensively, but Captain Chambers, whom 1 had appointed to direct this detachment, experienced difficulties that frustrated my intentions. The intelligence received froni that quarter admitting of no delay, Colonel Proctor was directed to assume the command, and his force was soon after increased with sixty rank and file of the 4lst regiment. In the mean time, the most strenuous measures were adopted to counteract the machinations of the evil- disposed, and I soon experienced the gratificatian of receiving voluntary offers of service from that portion of the embodied militia the most easily collected. In the attain- ment of this important point, Gentlemen of the first character and influence shewed an example highly creditable to them; and I cannot on this occasion avoid mentioning the essential assistance I derived from John M'Donell, Esq. His Majesty's Attorney- General, who, from the beginning of the war, has honoured me with his services as mv Provincial Aide- de- Camp. A sufficiency of boats being Collected at Long Point for the conveyance of three hundred men, the embarkation took place on the 8th instant, and in five days arrived in safety at Amherstburg. I found that the judicious arrangement which had been adopted im- mediately upon the arrival of Colonel Proctor, had com- pelled the enemy to retreat., and take shelter under the guns of his fort:-- that officer Commenced operations by sending strong detachments across the river, with a view of cuttiag off the enemy's communication with his reserve.— This produced two smart skirmishes on the 5th and 9th instant, ill both of which the enemy's loss was very con- siderable, whilst ours amounted to three killed, and thirteen wounded; amongst the latter I have particularly to regret Captain Muir and Lieutenant Sutherland, of the 41st regiment, the former an officer of great experience, and both ardent in His Majesty's service. Batteries had likewise been commenced opposite Port Detroit, for one eighteen- pounder, two twelve, and two five and a half inch mortal's; all of which opened on the evening of the 15th ( having previously summoned Brigadier- General Hull to surrender), and although opposed by a well directed fire from seven twenty- four- pounriers, such was their con- struction, under the able directions of Captain Dixon of the royal engineers, that no injury was sustained from its effects. The force at my disposal being collected in the course of the 15th, in the neighbourhood of Sandwich, the embark- ation took place a little after day- light on the following morning, and by the able arrangements of Lieutenant Dewar of the Quarter- Master- General's Department, the whole was, in a short time, landed without the smallest confusion at Spring Well, a good position, three miles west of Detroit. The Indians, who bad in the mean time effected their landing t'. vo miles below, moved forward and Occupied the woods, about a mile and a half on our left. The force, which t instantly directed to march against the enemy, consisted of thirty royal artillery, two hundred nnd fifty 4ist. regiment, fifty roval Newfoundland regiment, foui* hundred militia, and about six hundred Indians, to which were attached three six- pounders and two three- pounders. The services of Lieutenant Troughton, com- manding the royal artillery, an active and intelligent officer being required in the field, the direction of the batteries was intrusted to Captain Ilall^ and the marine department and I cannot withhold my entire approbation of their conduct on this occasion. I crossed the river, with an intention of waiting in a Itwng position the effect of our force upon the enemy' camp, and in the hope of compelling him to meet us in the field; but receiving information upon landing, that Colonel M'Artliur, an officer of high reputation, had left the garrison three days before with a detachment of five hundred men, nnd hearing soon afterwards that his cavalry had been seen that morning three miles in our rear, I decided on an im- mediate attack. Accordingly the troops advanced to within one mile'nf the fort, and having ascertained that the enemy had taken little or no precaution toward the land side, I resolved on an assault, whilst the Indians penetrated his camp. Brigadier- General Hull, however, ^ prevented this movement, by proposing a cessation of hos- tilities, for the purpose of preparing terms of capitulation. , Lieutenant- Colonel John M'Donneil and Captain Glegg ivere accordingly deputed by me on this mission, and re- turned within an hour with the conditions which I have the hsnour herewith to transmit. Certain considerations after- wards induced me to agree to the two supplementary articles. The force. thus surrendered to his Majesty's arms cannot be estimated at less than two thousand five hundred men. In this estimate, Colonel M'Arthur's detachment isincluded, as he surrendered, agreeably to the terms of capitulation, in the course of the evening, with the exception of two hundred men, whom he left escorting a valuable convoy at some little distance in his rear; but there can be no doubt the officer commanding will consider himself equally bound by the capitulation. The enemy's aggregate force was divided into two troops of cavalry.; one company of artillery regulars; the 4th United States regiment; detachments of the 1st and Sd United States regiment, volunteers; three regiments of the Ohio militia ; one regiment of the Michigan territory. Thirty- three pieces of brass and iron ordnance have already been secured. When this contest commenced, many of the Tndian nations were engaged in active warfare with the United States, notwithstanding the constant endeavours of this Government to dissuade them from it. Some of the prin- cipal chiefs happened to be at Amherstburg, trying to procure a supply of arms and ammunition which for years had been withheld, agreeably to the instructions received from Sir J- amcsCraig, and since repeated by yourExcellency. From that moment they took a most active part, and appeared foremost on every occasion ; they were led yes. tcrduy by Colonel Elliott and Captain M'Kee, and nothing could excerd their order and steadiness. A few prisoners . were taken bv them during the advance, whom they treated with every humanity; and it" affords me much pleasure in assuring your Excellency, that such was their forbearance and attention to what was required of'them, that the enemy sustained no other loss in men than what was occasioned by . the fire of our batteries.. The high sense I entertain of the abilities and judgment « pf Lieutenant- Colonel Myers, induced nie to appoint him to the important command at Niagara; it was with re- luctance I deprived myself of his assistance, but had no • other expedient; his duties as head of the Quartermaster- General's department were performed to my satisfaction by f. ieiiteriant- Colcnel Nicholls, Quartermaster- General of the militia. Captain Glegg, my Aid- de- Camp, will have the honour of delivering this dispatch to yourExcellency; he is charged with the colours taken at the capture of Fort Detroit, and those of the 4( h United States regiment. Captain Glegg is capable of giving your Excellency every information respecting the state of ibis province, and I shall esteem myself highly indebted to your Excellency to afford fciin that protection, to which his merit and length of service give him a powerful claim. 1 have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) ISAAC Bitock, Major- Gen. P. S. I have the honour to enclose a copy of a Proclama- tion which I ISSUED immediately ou taking POSSESSION of this gauntry. I should have mentioned in the body of my dispatch the capture of the Adams; she is a fine vessel, and recently repaired, but without arms. Capitulation for the, Su& dntW tjf Fort Detroit. Art. 1. Fort Detroit with all the troops, regulars as well as militia, will be immediately surrendered to the British forces under the command of Maj.- Gen. Brock, and will be considered prisoners of war. with the exception of such of the militia of the Michigan territory, wlis have not joined the army. 2. All public stores, arms, and all public documents in- cluding every thing else of a public uatute, will be immedi- ately aiveu up. , 3." Private persons and property of every description tfill be respected. 4. His Excellencv Brigadier- Gen. Hull having expressed a desire that a detachment from the State of Ohio, on its way to join his army, as well as one sent from Fort Detroit, under the command of Col. M'Artliur, should he included in the ca- pitulation, it is accordingly agreed to. Tt is, however, to be understood, that such part of the Ohio Militia as have not joined the army will be permitted to return to their homes, on condition that they will not serve during the war; their arms will be delivered up if belonging to the public. 5. The garrison will mnreh out at the hour of twelve o'clock this day, and the British forces will take immediate jios- sessiort of the forti Approved W. HULL, Briradier Gen. ISAAC BftOCK, Maj.- Gen. An Article supplementary to the Articles of Capitulation, concluded at Detroit, August 16th. It is agreed that the officers and soldiers of the Ohio Mi- litia and Volunteers shall be permitted to proceed to their re- spective homes, on this condition, that they do not serve during the present war, unless they are exchanged. An Article in addition to the Supplementary Article of Capi- tulation; concluded at Detroit, August 16th. Tt is further agreed that the officers and soldiers of the Mi- chigan Militia and Volunteers, under the command of Major Wet herall, shall be placed on the same principles as the Ohio Militiaand Volunteers are placed by the supplementary ar- ticle of the 16th instant. W. HULL, Brig.- Gen. ISAAC BROCK, Maj.- Gen. Return of Ordnance taken at Detroit. I ronOrdnance, 9 24- pouuders, 8 12- pounders, 5 9- pounders, 3 6- pounders.— Brass Ordnance, 8 0- poanders, 2 4- pounders, I 3- pnunder, 8- inch howitzer, 1 Sj- iiich ditto.— Total of Ordnance taken 33. F. TROUGHTON, Lieut.- Col. Com. Roy. Art. N. B, No time to take ao Inventory of Ordnance- stores, & c. and no return could be procured from the American Officer. Proclamation by Isaac Rrock, Esq. Major- Ceneral com- manding his Majesty's Forces in the Province bf Upper Canada, Sfc, ftc. Whereas the territory of Michigan was this day bv capi- tulation ceded to the arms of his Britannic Majesty without any other condition than the protection of private propefty, and wishing to give an early proof of the moderation and justice of his Majesty's goverment, I do hereby announce to all the Inhabitants of the said territory, that the laws here- tofore in existence shall continue in force until his Majesty's pleasure be known, or so long as the peace and safety of the said territory will admit thereof; and I do hereby also declare and make known to the said inhabitants that they sha'l be protected in the full exercise and enjoyment of their reli- gion, of which all persons both civil and military will take notice, and govern themselves accordingly. All persons having in their possession, or having any know- ledge of any public property, shall forthwith deliver in the same, or give notice thereof to the officer commanding, or Lieut.- Col. Nichnll, who are duly authorized to receive and give proper receipts for the same. Officers of militia will be held responsible, that all arms in possession of militia men he immediately delivered up, and all individuals whatever who have in their possession arms of any kind, will deliver them np without delay. Given under my hand at Detroit, this sixteenth day of August, 1812, and in the fifty- second year of his Majesty' 8 reign. ( Signed) ISAAC BROCK, Maj.- Gen. the BRITISH EIRE INSURANCE OFFICE. THE Directors are ready to grant Policies for insurance of Buildings, Furniture, Merchandise, Ships, Vessels, and all other Property, against Loss or Damage by FIRE, on Principles the most liberal and equitable, and on Terms consistent with the mutual Security of the Office and the Public. Insurances due and payable at Michaelmas- Day must be re- newed within 15 Days therefrom, or the Policies will be void. The increased Value of all Property renders it in general necessary in prudent Persons to add to their Insurances ; such Additions will be made by this Office without Charge for the Policies; nor will any be made for Policies for Insurance of £',> 00 or upwards. Farming Stock at the reduced Premium of 2s. per Cent. Proposals may be had gratis r. t the principal Offices in the Strand and Cornhill, London, or of the Company's Agents in the different Cities and Towns in Great- Britain and Ireland. ROBERT SKELTON, Secretary. HAZARD, BURNE, & Co. Stock- Brokers, respectfully inform the Public, that TICKETS and SHARKS for the ensuing LOTTERY, are now on Sale at their Office, No. 93, Royal Exchange, London. This Lottery consists of only 10,000" Tickets, the Capital Prizes are greater in Value than in the last, and the Drawing will take Place on TUESDAV the 20th of this Month. Price of a Ticket =£ 21 15 0 Half ....=£ 11 6 0 [ Eight =£ 9 18 6 Quarter 5 15 0 | Sixteenth 1 9 6 C3" Letters, Post- paid, duly answered, and Orders from the Country, accompanied with Remittance, punctually attended to. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE, Established by Royal Charter in the Reign of George I. for assuring Houses, Buildings, Corn, Hay, Goods, 4' C. arid also for the Assurance of Lives. SEPT. 1812. rpilIS CORPORATION have reduced the Premiums I oil Farming- Stock from 2s. 6d. per Cent, to two Shil- lings ; and existing Insurances covering such Property will be reduced as they become due, upon Application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 29th Instant* aie hereby informed, that R ECEI PI S are now ready to be delivered to the COMPANY'S respective AGENTS under mentioned ; and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Renewal of their Policies, on or before the 14th Day of Oct. next, as the usual fifteen Daysallowed for Payment beyond the Daterif each Peiiicy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Jun. Secretary, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Northampton,— THEOPHILUS JEYIJ. Thrapston,— JAMES ROBINSON. Tovvcester,— JOHN JENKINSON. Wellingborough,— Wit, MAM WARRIN, Daventrv,— WI L LI AM KKNDRICK. BEDFORDSHIRE. Bedford,— M. P ARTRI DGE. Biggleswade,— JOHN LANCASTER. I. eightoh,— D. WILLIS. Luton,— O. I,. WILLIS. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Aylesbury,— BILL TURNER. Beaconsfield,— THOS. WITTS WAI. FORD, Buckingham,— ROBERT MILLER. Chesham.— CREED & BAYI. II. Great- Marlow,— THOMAS EMES. Newport-. l'agnell,— R. COLLISSON, Olney,— RICHARD HARR^ LD. Stony- Stratford,— J. BII. LINGTON. Winslow,— R. READING. HUNTINGDONSHIRE. Huntingdon,— ROBERT STA*? ORD. St. Neots,— WM. DAY. Stilton,— J. BODGER. LEICESTERSHIRE. Leicester,— JOHN KING. Market- Harborough,— WM. SPRIGO. Melton- Mowbray,— EDW. BRIGHT, WARWICKSHIRE. Birmingham,— J AMES KINDON. Coventry,— JESIMIEL SMITH. Kineton,— THOMAS ABBOTTS. Rugby,— RICHARD BLENCOW*. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed, free of Expense, where The Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occa- sioned by Lightning. Proposals may be had of theditferent Agents. %* Assurances on Lives being found to be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes determinable on the Lite or Lives of themselves or others, Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have deter- mined to extend ( by special Agreement) the Assurances on Lives to the Age of 75 Years rpiIE DIRECTORS of this INSTITUTION, i fidence derived from its eminent Success, inv PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE, ( Specially empowered by Act of Parliament), Foi lie Insurance of Lives, the Grant and Purchase of Annuities, and ike Endowment of Children, Scutham'plon. Streei, Strand, PRESIDENT, The Most Noble the Marquis of BUCKINGHAM, K. 6. VICE- PRESIDENTS, Marquis OFSATISBURY, K. G. j Viscount DUNCANNON, Earl TEMPLE, I Viscount CHRTWYND, Viscount BOLKELY, | Lord BRAYBROOK. TRUSTEES, The Marquis of BUCKINGHAM, Lord BRAYBKOOK, I Sir JOHN C. TURNER, WILLIAM PRAED, Esq. M. P. | S. B MORLAND, Esq. M. P. and fifteen Directors. Managing; Director— J. DJTIBEN RF. JUMONT, Esq. F. J. S. with Con- nvite public Attention to the important Benefits which it is calculated to produce. Even on the ordinary Plan of Insurance Companies, the Utility of Life insurance is manifest; but how much more advantageous is it on the Plan of the Provident Office ? In the common Mode the specific Sum insured, is recovered, but nothing more. — In that of the Provident Office, while equally secure of the specific. Sum insured, the Member is entitled to share the Surplus Profits; and this, it has been seen, will frequently double and treble the Sum stated in the Policy !— and this also without any additional Charge of Premium I Military Men are not charged with any extra Premium unless called into actual Service. Insurances are extended to any Part of the World. No Admission Fees are required, nor is any Charge made for Policies, except the Stamp Duty. A Pamphlet fully explaining the Principles and Terms of the Institution mav be had at the Office, and of the Agents and Booksellers, Price ( id. Agents are appointed in the principal Towns, who are like- wise Agents to the County Fire- Office. STATE LOTTERY, ALL TO BE DRAWN TUESDAY 20TH or THIS MONTH— ONLY 5,000 NUMBIRS— MORE THAN 2,000 PRIZES — ONE NUMBER WILL GAIN * S40,000— TWO PRIZES OF <£ 20,000— TWO PRIZES OF =£ 3,000, & c. Sec. BISH, Contractor for the Lottery, No. 4, Cornhill, £ • and 9, Charing- Cross, sold the following Capital Prizes in the last Lottery :— No. 3,651 In 16 Shares =£ 16,000 No. 971 In 11 Shares 4,000 3,880... In 12 Shares 3,000 No. 600 Whole Ticket 500 2,736 In 9 Shares 500 2,738. In 12 Shares 500 2,760 In 8 Shares 300 3,689 In 9 Shares 300 And 4 Prizes of =£ 200, SEC. SEC. TICKET « and SHARES are selling by BISH'S Agents, viz. J. FREEMAN, Bookseller, Northampton. J. TOR ER, Printer, Coventry. Part oi the =£ 16,000, and other Capitals, were sold by Bish's Agents in this and the adjoining County. This Day was published, A New Edition, of nearly 300 Pages, in one Volume, Octavo, Price only 3s. with an elegant Portrait of the Author, of AGUIDE to HEALTH, or ADVICE to BOTH SEXES in a . Variety of Complaints, by S. SOLOMON, M. D. In this useful Publication will be found a Treatise on Female Diseases, Nervous, Hypochondriac, andconsumptiveComplaints, & c.& c.; also Advice to Bathers at Bath, Buxton, Southampton, Scarbro', Harrowgate, & c. Nervous and Hypochondriac Complaints are much more pre- valent in Europe than is generally imagined, attended with many dreadful and alarming Symptoms, which certainly claim Assist- ance, and deserve not, as is too generally thought, Derision or Contempt.— The Author has therefore been very Attentive to the Method of Cure, & c. OdT Be careful to ask for " Solomon's Guide to Health," Price 3s.— Sold by Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Beesley, Banbury -, and may be had of all Booksellers. DAY & MARTIN BEG Leave to acquaint the Public, that by attending to the following Particulars they will avoid being, taken in by the vile Compositions that are offered as the genuine BLACKING, prepared by them at 97, HIGH. HOLBORN, LONDON. After the Word BLACK. I NG in the first Line of the Labels the Counterfeits have a small ( as ) some have the same before the Word MA D E in the next Line, and others put a small { nr ) immediately before the Number 97.— Purchasers should observe that the whole Address is clear and distinct. Sold by Birdsall, and Inwood, Northampton; Bates, Daven- try; Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Folwell, Towcester ; Page, Oundle; and Norris, Bedford.— Price Is. 6d. per Bottle. PELICAN OFFICE, For Insurance on Lives and granting Annuities. rpHIS Office was established in Lombard- Street, London, 8 in the Year 1797, by a numerous and respectable Pro- prietary ; and_ the Board of Directors, with Confidence arising from the increased Prosperity and Permanency of the Establish- ment, as well as from the Experience of its Usefulness and Benefit to the Public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the importance and Advantages of LIFE INSURANCE, briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar Recommendations to almost every Degree and Rank in Society, Life Insurance is of manifest Consequence to all who hold Estates for Life, Situations and Offices, Civil. Ecclesiastical, or Professional; to Officers in the Army and Navy, & c. ; as, by Payment of an Annual Premium, the Party insured is en- abled to provide for Wife, Children, or others, whose future Welfare he may wish in vain, by other Means, to promote — It affords a permanent ultimate Security to those who advance Money upon Annuities or otherwise. It renders Leases deter- minable on one or more Lives, nearly equal in Value to Freehold Estates, as an Insurance to the \ mount of the Fine, payable on the Demise of a Party nominated in such Leases, will produce the Sum required for Renewal. It is a cheering Refuge to Parties engaged in extensive and speculative Undertakings : it affords to Persons in Trade the certain Means of Indemnification against a bad or doubtful Debt: in short. Life Insurance, es- tablished in Policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed bythe Test of^ Experiencj, isbecome, to almost every Situation of Human Life, a Measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuitiesaregranted uponthemost equitable Terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARKE, Secretary. PELICAN COMPANY'S AGENTS AT Northampton,— G. OSBORN& SON. Leicester,— G. B. HODGES. ' Market- Harborough,— THOMAS GURDEN. Loughborough,— C. LACEY. Newport- Pagnell,— BARSING'ER & SON. Aylesbury,— EDWARD ADAMS. Warwick,— Messrs. BRACEBRIDGES & Co, , Banbury,— JOHN HAWTYN. La_ mbden, of Bristol, pin- manufacturer, Oct. 23, 24, . 17, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol.— Attorney, THE GENUINE MEDICINE, Spilslrury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, Has the Words, " Bythe King's Patent," expressed on the Bottles, Bill of Direction, and Outside Wrapper, and the King's Dutv is printed in black Ink,— In Bottles of Six Shillings,— Double Ten Shillings and Sixpence,— and largest One Pound Two Shillings, Duty included.— Compound Essence 8s. To Mr. SP1LSBURY, 15, Soho Square, London. SIR,_ _ Cranbrook, July 18, 1812 HAVING experienced so much Benefit from your PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, without In. gratitude I cannot let it remain unknown to yourself and the Public. 1 was sadly affiicted with the Scurvy in my Legs, which for two Years gradually became worse, till I had above 400 Holes in them, above 20 of which were much broader than a Shilling. My State being known to a humane Gentleman, he informed me of a Case very similar to mine: the Person had been con- fined to Bed the greatest Part of two Years, and by taking a few small Bottles of your Drops, was soon cured. By his Recom- mendation I was induced to give them a Trial, and to my great Surprise and Comfort, I soon found my Sores healed, and after taking three small Bottles I could domy Work without Incon- venience. To prevent the Return of the Disease, I take about one small Bottle eacl\ Year, which has fully succeeded to my Wishes; and I remain vour obliged humble Servant, Witness, Jos DOBEL'L. THOMAS KENNARD. Sold by the Printers of this Paper, and all other Medicine Venders TO THE PUBLIC. THE DIRECTORS of the EAGLE INSURANCE OFFICE, LONDON, in return for the very flattering Tatronage their Establishment has received, beg Leave respect- fully to offer their grateful Acknowledgements, and thus publicly to pledge themselves to a Continuance or the same Promptitude and Liberality, in the Adjustment of Losses, FOR THE TEETH AND GUMS. THE ESSENCE of PEARL and PEARL DENTIFRICE, invented by the late JACOB HEMIT, Dentist to her Majesty and the Princeof Wales, are greatly superior, both in Elegance and Efficacy, to any Thing hitherto made Use of; they will effectually preserve the Teeth in a sound State even to old Age; will rendet them white and beautiful without the least impair- ingthe Enamel, fasten such as are loose, keep such as are already decayed from becoming worse, prevent the Tooth- ache, perfectly cure the Scurvy in the Gums, and make them grow firm and close to the Teeth. They likewise render tlie Breath delicately sweet, and remedy all those Disorders that are the Consequence of Scorbutic Gums and had Teeth. They continue to be sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Baylcy and Blew, Cockspur- Street, London, Price 2s. 9d. each; also, by the Printers of this Paper ; and Retail by most Perfumers and Medicine Venders in every other Town. None are Genuine but what have the Words, " J. HEMET, BAYLEY & BLEW, Cockspur- Street," engraved in the Stamp, and a Label " Bayley Se Blew, Cockspur- Street, London," pasted on the Back of each Bottle and Bex. N. B. The ESSENCE is particularly resommended to Parents and Persons who have the Care of Children, as the greatest pre- servativeof young and tender Teeth. To Mr. D. ROBERTS, PAINSWICK, Gloucestershire. IVest- Uuckland, near Barnstaple, Devon. SIR, AugustI0M, 1809. WITH great Pleasure I write you these few Lines, con- ceiving it tobe my Duty to do so for the Benefit of others: — For three Years I was afflicted with the KING'S- EVI L intmy Throat; I procured the Assistance of most of the Apothecaries and eminent Surgeons in this Neighbourhood, who, I am con- vinced, endeavoured to their utmost to relieve my Complaints, but all their Efforts were unavailing,— Month after Month I grew worse, until I had four Holes in rny Throat at once, and I scarcely enjoyed a Moment's Rest Day or Night. In thjs deplorable State I continued for three Years as aforesaid, despairing of ever receiv. ing a Cure ; until, by the Advice of a Friend, I was induced to try your invaluable Medicated Vegetable Water, and by taking about Haifa Dozen of the small Bottles, I am happy to inform you I received a perfect Cure.— My Sister, who had an ulcerated sore Leg of 19 Years' standing, was also perfectly cured by taking four small Bottles.— A Niece of mine being now afflicted with the Evil in her Breast, occasions my requesting you to forward four Small Bottles by the first Conveyance. 1 am, Sir, your humble Servant, MARY VICARY. P. S. Many other Cures have been effected in this Neigh bourhood by your truly valuable Medicine. I, GEORGE DAVIE, of SWYMBRIDC. E, in the County of Devon, was afflicted with the Evil in both my Legs, so that I was not able to follow my Labour for two Years, nine Months of which I was confined to my Bed. In that distressed State, I applied to most of the skilful Surgeons in the Neighbourhood, but without obtaining Relief.— At last 1 was recommended to try Roberts'* Medicated Vegetable Hater, and by taking three of the small Bottles 1 am now, thank God, perfectly sound.— Witness my Hand this 9th Day of October, 1809, GEORGE DAVIE. Witnesses to the above, HENRY BRITTON, L. MASON. This celebrated Restorative in Oases of Cancer, Scrofula, Leprosy, Scurvy, and all interior Scorbutic Complaints, such as Scald- Head, ulcerated sore Legs, Flushings, pimpled Faces, & c. is sold in Half- pint Bottles at 6s. each, and in large Bottles containing five Half- pints at 22s. each, Duty included, with Cases of Cure, and Directions signed by the Proprietor, Daniel Roberts; by Appointment it is sold by Dicey & Sutton, Whole sale Agents, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper; Barnes, Newport- Pagnell; Wheeler, Aylesbury ; Jones, Ox- ford ; Beesley, Banbury; Sharpe, Warwick; Hodson, Cam- bridge; Drury, Lincoln; and most respectable Venders of Medicines in the United Kingdom. Letters, inclosing the usual Compliment, TfiUbe imme- diate! v anwwcietl i « tjii most MtiUiit Mwjtrtr. For Pimples, Blotches, Freckles, Ring- IVorms, Black- lVo, ms, Car- buncles, & c. Sfc. the greatest Clearer and Beautijier of the Face, is undoubtedly TYCE'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS; WHICH are seriously recommended to all Mothers, Guardians, the Faculty, and Public in general, as a certain Cure for foul Humours of the Blood, pimpled Faces, Surfeits, Scurvy, Scrofula, Scald- Head in Children", Sore Eyes, Sore Legs, Venereal Ulcers ( when Mercury has failed), festering and other Eruptions on the Skin, whether from Inoculation ot the Small- Pox, Cow- Pox, or any Cause whatever, effecting the same, in Jess Time, with greater Safety, and at a smaller Ex- pense, than any other Medicine yet discovered. Price 2s. 9d. or five Bottles ( value 2s. 9d. each) in one, for 12s. The following Case is a strong Proof of the superior Efficacy of these Drops:— An Infant, aged four Years, the Son of Mr. Bunutt, Miller, of Whitchurch, had a violent Scorbutic Erup. tion all over his Body, particularly the Face, insomuch that a Swelling on the Side of the Nose, the Size of a Pigeon's Egg, entirely closed one Eye, and much affected'the other. Having had all the Medical Assistance possible for eighteen Months without Relief, he was induced, through Recommendation, to try these Drops, which had the desired Effect; and in three Wet ks the Child was perfectly cured, the Sight of the Eye re. stored, and has continued in perfect Health ever since. This Infant had been inoculated for the Cow- Pox, about three Months prior to the Appearance of the Eruption, Many other remarkable and well- attested Cures, which are too long for Insertion in an Advertisement, may be seen in the Bill of Directions round each Bottle.— Be particular in asking for Tyce's Antiscorbutic Drops. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by t'ne Proprietor, Joho Tyce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, and Etige, Northampton; Mather, Welling- borough ; and all Venders of Medicines in the Kingdom. any Premises destroyed by Fire, and in the Abatement of ONE- TENTH part of the Premium usually paid to other Offices. Damage by Lightning made Good. Policies expiring at Michaelmas may be renewed within Fifteen Days. from that Period. AGENTS. Northampton,— Mr JOHN FREEMAN, Stationer. Yardley- Gobion,— Mr. WILLIAM SANDERS, Draper. Wellingborough,— Mr. PALMER, Brandy- Merchant. Daventry,— Mr. N. TARVER, Ironmonger. Towcester,— Mr. JAMES KIRBY, Baker. Wecdon,— Mr. NATHANIEL TARVER. Bedford,— Mr. JOSEPH BROWN, Auctioneer. Dunstable,— Mr. JOHN DURHAM, Surveyor Melton- Mowbray,— Mr. ROBERT TAYLOR. Hinckley,— Mr. ROBERT DRING, Grocer. Fenny- Stratford,— Mr. BENJAMIN DUMVILLE, Draper, Litrle- Brickhill,— DAVID KIKG & SON, Grocers. Amersham,— Mr. KERSLEY FOWLER, Innkeeper. Oxford,— Mr. JAS. RICHARD DEWDNIY. Cheshunt,— Mr. HENRY CRAWTER. Hertford,— Mr. J. H. KIMPTON, Auctioneer. St. Albans,— S. G. SHAW, Bookseller. Redburn,— Mr. THOMAS ASHBY. Market. Street,— Mr. THOS. EMERTON, Schoolmaster. Ware,— Mr. EDWARD HOBES, Auctioneer. Rickmansworth,— Mr, THOMAS WILSON, Ironmonger; Bishops. Storford,— Mr. W. BATES, Schoolmaster. Walthacn- Cross,— Mr. COPE, Grocer. Coventry,— Mr. JOHN MERRIDEW, Printer, Birmingham,— Mr. CHAS. BENNETT. SIVEWRIGHT is happy to announce the usual good Fortune that attended his old- established Offices. the8th of ceptembeV, having shared artil sold THE LARGEST PRIZE therein, No. 3,651, ^ 16,000, with various other CAPITALS, in 40 Shares.— Also The ONLY .£ 40,000 I The Last =£ 25,0( 10 The First 30,000 ] And Prizes for 102,000 Inone Lottery alone, and where he confidently trusts thesame . Success will attend his Friends and future Purchasers in the New Small Lottery, of 10,000 Tickets., containing two Prizes of =£ 20,000, and more Prizes than the last, all to be Dtawn, 20th October, for which Tickets and Shares are on Sale in great Variety at No. 37, CORNHILL; 38, HAYMARKET; and No, 111, OXFORD- STREET.— And also by his A^ pnts, Mr. WILLIAM BIRDSALL,— Northampton, T. OSWIN,— Coventry. Messrs. SWINNEY & FERRALL,— Birmingham. Mr, E. BATES,— Kettering. T. CHENEY,— Banbury. S. F. BAXTER,— Bicester. , By whom Part of the above Capitals were sold. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER, Daniel Charles Pontifex, of, Holborn, Middlesex, silk- mercer, Oct. 10. 17, and Nov. 14, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Walker, Cthancery- lane. Joseph James Long, of the Minories, London, mercer, dealer and chapman, Oct. 6, 13, and Nov. 14, at Guildhall.— Attoi- ney, Mr. Walker, Chancery- Jane. William Erskine Datid; on, of Soutli- Blyth, Northumberland, block and mast- maker, Nov. % 3, and 14, at the Ceorge Inn,' ' Newcastle- upon- Tyne.— Attorney. Mr. Purvis, North- Shields. John D ukenfield Chorley, of Bolton, Lancashire, whitster, d. & c; Oct. 27, 28, and Nov. 14, at the Bridge Inn; Bolton.— Attorney, Mr. Hoardman, Bolton. Joel George Young, of Percy. s reet, St. Pancras, Middlesex, builder, Oct. 6, 20, and Nov. 14, at Guildhall.— Attorney. Mr. smith, Bedlord- row, Joseph Read, of Ringwood, Hants, maitster, d. & c, Oct. 23, 24, and Nov. 14, at the White Hart Inn, Ringwood.— At. torney, Mr. Rowden, Wimborne- Minster, Dorsetshire. James Howell, of Surry- streer, Strand, Middlesex, tailor, d. & c. Oct. 10, 20, and Nov. 14, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Parnell & Raffles, Church. street, Spitaltields. Joseph Brierley, of Sheepwashes, Lancashire, cotton- spinner, d. & c. Oct. 21, 22, and Nov. 14, at the White Bear Inn, Man- chester — Attorney, Mr. Fearnhead, Ol. ham. Alexander Sculthorp, of New Bridge street, Vauxhall, Mid- dlesex, ironmonger, Oct. 10, 20, and Nov 17, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs, Rogeis & Son, Manchester- buildings. John Eaton, of Crooked- lane, Cannon- street, London, trunk- maker, Oct. 10, 17, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attor- ney, Mr. Wasbrough, Sun- court, Cornhill. Henry and Nov Mr. Stephens, Bristol. William Marsham, of Winchmoor- hill, stock- broker, Oct. 10, 20, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Hine, Hall St. ircase, Inner Temple. Charles Cock, of Week, St. Cuthbert, Wells, Somersetshire, miller, Oct. 20, 21, and Nov. 17, ai the Old Down Inn, Stone- Easton.— Attorney, Mr, Evered, Shepton- Mallet. John Hanson, of St. John- street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, innkeeper, Oct. 13, 20, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Wilkinson & Greenwood, Queen- street, Cheapside. William Bearchell, of Bell- lane, Spitalfield, Middlesex, glass. manufacturer, Oct. 10, 20, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Bennett, New- Inn- buildings, Wych- street. Thomas Mair, of Broad- street- buildings, London, merchant, Oct. 10, 20, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Swain, Stevens, MapleS, & Pearse, Old- Jewry. Joshua Gregory, William Fishbourne, and Samuel Mappin, of Sheffield, cutlers, Oct. 13, 14, and Nov. 17, at the Tontine Inn, Sheffield.— Attorney, Mr. Thompson, Sheffield. Richard Miles, of Brompton, Middlesex, tallow chandler, Oct. 10, 17, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. James, Earl- street, Blackfriars. John Solomon and Morris Solomon, of Mitre- court, Aldgate, London, watch- manufacturers, Oct. 10, 24, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Isaacs, Bury street, St. Marv- Axe. Samuel Patten Irish, of King- street, Soho, Middlesex,' tailol, Oct. 10, 24, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. l'ikc, Air- street, Piccadilly. Thomas Selby, late of Ipswich, Suffolk, upholsterer, Oct. 21, 22, and Nov. 17, at the Great White Horse, Ipswich.— Attorney, Mr. Hammond, Ipswich. John Tyler, of Mounts^ rel, Leicestershire, miller; Oct. 15, 16, and Nov. 17, at the Crown Inn, Mountsorel.— Attor- ney, Mr. 1' ilkingtcn, Leicester, John Steele, of Fullwood, otherwise Ribbleton, Lancashire, skinner, Oct. 28, 29, ahd Nov. 17, at the Buck- i'th'Vine, Wigan.— Attorney, Mr. Gaskell, Wigan. John Buckley, of Mosslcy, Ashton- under. Line, Lancashire, nnkeeper, Oct, 23, 24, and Nov. 17, at the White Bear Inn, Manchester.— Attorney, Mr. Gibbon, Ashton- under- Line. Robert Denton, late of Eastcheap, London, chocolate- maker, Oct. 13, 20, and Nov. 17, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Pope, Modiford- court, Fenchurch- street. John Shephard, of Marland Mill, Rochdale, Lancashire, corp. mi Her, Nov. 11, 12, and 17, at the Navigation Inn, Rochdale.— Attorney. Mr. Clarkson, Rochdale. Bankruptcies enlarged. Charles Fidler, of Ewell, corn- dealer, from Oct. 6 to 27, at Guildhall, London. William Wilson and William Goodair, of Stepney, Middle- sex, dyers, from Oct. 6 to 12, at Guildhall. Thomas Peacock, late of King- street, Southwatk, coal- mer- chant, from Oct. 10 to 27. James Johnson, of Bury- St.- Edmunds, Suffolk, boot and shoemaker, from Oct. 10 to27. William Reed, of Catnberwell, Surry, carpenter, from Oct. 10 to Nov. 3. CERTIFICATES to be granted. Oct. 17. R. Dowding, of Wapping- wall, London, cooper. Oct. 24. Richard Anderton, of Birmingham, cutler. 4 Stomach Complaints — Wind — Gout — Spasm— Colic — and General Debility of the Stomach and Intestines. CORNWALL'S ORIENTAL CORDIAL, is a Medicine of established Reputation for the Relief and Cure of the above Complaints^ it was first discovered and used in the East Indies, where Debility of the Stomach and Intestines are severe and alarming, by a Physician of Eminence and Character, and has been long recorrtmended in this Country by a great Number of respectable Individuals, who have experienced its salutary Influence, among whom is the Brother ot the late Lord Alvanley, and Lord Brydges Rodney. It restores Tone to the Stomach, removes the Effects of unripe improper Fruit,— Spasm— Colic— Wind-' Gout— and Indi- gestion— and generally strengthening the Svstem, resists the Attacks of those Diseases which too often terminate in sudden Dissolution. UTILITY AND ELEGANCE COMBINED. Under the Illustrious Patronage of their lloyal Highnesses the Princess of fVjt. r. S and Duke of SUSSEX, the Spanish Ambassador, and most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL for the HAIR. This Oil is proudly recommended on the Basis ot Truth and Experience, and the most respectable Testimonials— its Virtues are composed of vegetable Ingredients from a Tree in the Island of Macassar in the East- Indies. It possesses Properties of the most salubrious Nature for restoring the Hair when it has been bald for Years, preserves it from falling off or turning Grey, to the latest Period of Life; pioduceson the Tresses a most beautiful Gloss, Scent, and Curl; also is pre- eminent for Children's Hair, instead ot Soaps, & c. ; it cleanses the Hair much easier, is extremely pleasant to the Infant, and brings the Hair to a beautiful State * promotes the Growth ot Whiskers and Eye- Brows;— in line, renders the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children inex- pressibly attracting. View Rowland's Treatise on the Improvement of the Human Ha: r, illustrative of the Virtues of the Macassar Oil, with Number of Testimonials ( highly worthy'the Attention of Parents) included with each Bottle in the Wrapper, which is signed on the Outside, A. Rowland and Son, in red Ink, without which none are genuine. Sold at 3s. 6d. 10s. ( id. and One Guinea per Bottle, by the Proprietors, Rowland & Son, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden; and by their Appointment, by all Wholesale and Retail Peiturners and Medicine Venders in London; and by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Perfumer, North- ampton ; and T. Ward, Daventry, who have just received a fresh Supply; and by all Perfumers, Hair- Cutters, and Medi- cine Venders in every Town throughout the Empire.— Beware ot Counterfeits; the Genuine is signed A. Rowland & Son.— Of whom may be had, patronized by her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, and his Excellency the Duke Del lnfantado and by the first Physicians in the World, ALSANA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECIFIC, for eradicating all Disorders of the TEETH and GUMS, and ren dering them extremely beautiful. Sold at 10s. 6d. and 4s. 6d per Bottle, is Powder, at Ss. 9d. per Bux. Ease from Lameness and Pain, in a few Honrs. THE BRITISH OINTMENT for CORNS, prepared by W. NAYI- OR, Chvmical Colour- Maker to His Majesty, .' his most excellent Ointment never fails curing hard or soft Corns in a very short Time, and gives Ease in a few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little on the Corn, Night and Morning, with the Finger. The Pro- prietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is not, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public. By Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Tomalin, Daventry ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough; Palgrave, Bedford; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; and by one Medicine Vender in every Market Town, Price 2s. 6d. Duty included. LONDON MARKETS. Corn Exchange, Monday, Oct, 5, 1812. The supply of Wheat in the course of last week and this morn-, ing was considerable, and the consequence has been a further decline in price of 10s. per quarter in that article ; a few fine samples, however, readily obtained 120s. per quarter; interior qualities remain as difficult of Sale as hitherto.— Rye is also cheaper, and Barley and Malt are each lower, about 2s. per quar- ter.— Hog Peas likewise are rather lower, but White Boilers have advanced in price full 10s. per quarter, there being but a small quantity here, and a good demand, with an idea pre- vailing that the crop of this article will be deficient.— WQ\ have good supplies of new Beans from Kent and Essex, which have lowered the prices about 5s. per quarter.— A tolerable supply of Oats, since last Monday, lias produced a decline in value of about 3s. per quarter — Flour has experienced a further abatement of 5s. per sack.— Other articles remain nearly aj last quoted.. Wheat 60s. to 70s. Fine 80s. tolOOs. Superfine — 5. tollSs. Fine White — s. tol20s. Rye 54s. to 64s. Barley 48s. to 54s. Malt 80s. to 94s White Peas...... 76s. to 92s. Boilers 94s. tolOOs. Average of Wheat, 132s. 4dJ. Suflolks ..— s. to — s. Grey Peas 72s. to 80s. Fine — s. to 82s. Beans 86s. to 94s. Fine . . — s. tol02s. Ticks SOs. to 85s-. Oats 50s. to 56s. Polands 58s. to 62s, I'otatoe ditto — s. to 63s. 5s. 8d. higher than last return. Fine Flour, — s. to 110s.— Seconds', 100s. to 105s. Average of Flour 119s. 6dJ.— 0s. Id. i lower than last return. PRICE or SEEDS. Carraway ,65s. Od. to 70s, 0d.) Coriander 35s. 0d. to 40s. fld. f , Red Clover 60s. Qd. tolOSs. Od. C per cwt* White ditto 90s. Od. to! 50s. Od.) White Mustard .. 16s. Od. to 20s. Od. > , , Brown ditto ,22s. Od. to 28s. Od- S per 11 Turnip 12s Od. to 18s. Od. ditto. PRICE OF BAGS. Kent .... 101. 0s. tol21. Os Sussex 91. 0s. tolll. 0s. Essex 101 0s. tol2l. 0s. HOPS. POCK ETS. Kent... 101. 0s. tolSl. Osi Sussex. .. 91. 0s. tolll. 0s » v Farnham 161. 0s. to20i. 0s. WYMAN's ANTIBILIOUS PILLS O O justly esteemed for their easy and certain Operation O in removing all Bilious Complaints, Obstructions in the Liver, Indigestion, Sick Head- Ach, Jaundice, & c. They are an excellent Remedy for Persons of Bilious or Costive Habits ; for Persons of sedentary Lives, where sufficient Action of the Bowels is not kept up ; also for Persons who have impaired their Constitutions by free Livinsi; and in early Attacks of the Gout are peculiarly useful, by alleviating the Severity of the Fit, and shortening its Duration. They have been found highly useful preparatory to, or during Sea Bathing. These Pills require no particular Regimen or Confinement, and do not con- tain any Mercurial or Antimonial Preparation. Prepared and sold by W. Wyman, Surgeon, Kettering. Sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London ; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Sanderson & Beale, and Mather, Wel- lingborough; Tomalin, Wilkinson, and Bates, Daventry; Reeye, Higham- Ferrers ; Yorke & Summers, Oundle; Beesley, Ban- bury; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable; Alsop, Luton; Harrod, and Bull, Market- Har- borough; Inns, and Gal laid, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Palgrave, Bedford; Gardner, Biggles- wade ; Richardson, and Rogers, Stony- Stratford; F. Wheeler, Aylesbuty; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Ward, Hinckley; Eaton, Thrapston ; Jacob, Peterborough ; Roberts, Southam ; Sharpe, Warwick; Luccock, Kimbolton; Emery, St. Neots; I. ovell, Huntingdon; Tapp. and Perks, Hitchin ; Wallis, Olney ; Rowell, Rugby; Warde, Stratford- upon- Avon; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry ; and by every Vender of Medicines in the Kingdom. Price 2s. 9d. per Box, Duty included. Be earefui t* ask let WJMAN'S Anti- bilieits Pill?-, SMITHFI ELD. — MUNDAY, October 5. ( To sink the offal— per stone ot 81bs.> Beef 4s. 4d. to 5s. 4d. I Veal 5s. Od. to 6s. 4d. Mutton ... 5s. Od. to 6s. Od. j Pork 6s. W. to 8s. Od. Lamb 5s. Od. to 6s. 6d. ffead of Cattle this Ay.— Beasts, about 2,7;) 0— Sheep and Lambs, 19,100— Calves, 160— Pigs, 300. NEWGATE AND LEAOENHALL MARKETS. ( By the Carcase.) Beef.. 3s. 8d. to 4s. 8d. 1 Veal 4s. 8d. to 6s. 0d. Mutton 4s. Od. to 5s. 01. 1 Pork ( is. Od. to 8s. Od. Lamb 4s. 8d. to 6s. Od. PRICE OF Town Tallow 91s. 6d. Yellow Russia 94s. Od. White ditto — s. Od. Soap ditto 88s. Od. Melting Stuff 72s. Od. Ditto rough 45s. 0d. Graves 20s. Od. Good Dregs ; .. 9s. Od. SOAP— Yellow.. 98s. Od. TALLOW. St. James's Market.. 5s. 31. Clare Market - 5s. 5d. Whitechapel Market 5s. 3.1. i 15s. lid i Average per st. of81b. 5s. 41. Mottled.. 112s. Od. PRICE of LEATHER, PER POUND. 25d. to 27d. 29d. to 24d. to 26d. 20d. to 2lri. 5 21d. J to 23t'. Butts, 60 to 561b. each Ditto, 56 to661b. each Merchants'Backs Dressing Hides Fine Coach- Hides Crop Hides, 35to4l) lb, tor cutting.. 45 to 501b CaltSkin S0to401b £ 0to701b. n to 801b. .. J 38d. Small Seals ( Greenland) 33d. Large Ditto, 120s. to 180s. per Dozen.— Goat Skins, 31s. to 62 Tanned Horse. Hides 19d. J to 21d. 19d. 36cL 38d. to 23d, i to 21d. to 4 (>-.', to 4fd. to J5 . to 36-'. \ NORTHAMPTON: Printed and T. R. DICKY,- SUTTON, Published bv auc fo & R. SM'. THSON.
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