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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 975
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 30/09/1812
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 975
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 19.] N° 975. Wednesday, wmt 4 © CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. wfa in" t I'CI ^-^ r/ JL September 30, 1812. Price Sixpence Halfpenny This Paper is circulated in the most expeditions Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. and ESTABLISHED SCHOOL BOOKS, Printed for LONGMAN, HURST, BEES, OMIE, BROWN, Paternoster Row, London ; and sold by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury. HISTORICAL AND MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS for the Use of young People; with a Selection of British and General Biography, & c. By RICHMAL MANGNAL. The Ninth Edition, in 12010. Price 5s. bound. A New TREATISE on the USE « f the GLOBES; or, a Philosophical View of tbe Earth nnd Heavens; compre- hending an Account of thc Figure, Magnitude, anil Motion ofthe Earth; with the natural Changes of its Surface, caused by Floods, Earthquakes, & c designed for the In- IN CHANCERY A FAMILIAR INTRODUCTION to tbe ARTS and W Order of' li^ V" tZPZlYoceTy Au INTRODUCTION to Mr. PINKERTON'S A- BRlDGMENTof his MODERN GEOGRAPHY, fbrthc Use of Schools, accompanied with Twenty outline Maps, adapted to this Introduction, and suited to other Geographi- cal Works, forming a complete Juvenile Atlas. By JOHN WILLIAMS. Iu I vol. tamo. Price 4s. hound; and with the Atlas, consisting of Twenty Maps, ss. ( id. The Atlas separate, 4s. fid. WANTED, by Michaelmas or Ladv- day next, theSuTh of EIGHT H UNDR ED'POUNDS, oi thereabouts, on andeniablc Land Security;— For Particulars apply to THE PRINTER oft his Paper. SCIENCES, for the Use of Schools and Young Persons: made in the above Cause," tbe 17th Day of March, I « ( R7 oil containing a General Explication of the Fundamental the Credit of certain FREEHOLD LANDS situate in'the Principles and Facts of the Sciences ; divided into Lessons, Parish ofTowyu, 111 the Conuty of Merioneth, oflhe yearlv with Questions subjoined to each, for the Examination of Value of i' 200, the Sirtu of £ ar, oo. ' Pupils. By ihe Rev. J. JOYCE, Author of Scieutitic For Particulars apply to Mr. WILLIAM GRI? Y, Solicitor Dialogues, & c. In 1 vol. lamo. Price 6s. illustrated with No. 4, Gray's Inn Square, London; or to Messrs. LLOYD* Plates by Ltiwrv, and Wood- cuts bv Branston. GWYNNE, and HOWELL, Solicitors, Carmarthen ' An INTRODUCTION to the GEOGRAPHY of the ^ Trvr, rr, o ,,..„ C„ V)„„ DV — NEW TESTAM ENT ; comprising a Summary Ctirouo- X[ OT1CE HEREBY GIVEN, to all Persons whom it logical and Geographical View of thc Events recorded re- n'', 1>' concern, that at the next Session of Parliament, — • - r, ._, n. iii:„ K. r., » a Petition wi '• -• " iu- - - will be presented to Ihe Honourable Ihe House of Commons, for Leave to bring in a Bill for continuing and enlarging the Terms and Powers of au Act, made iii the ninth Year ofthe Reign of his present Majesty Kiug George the Third, intituled'" A 11 Act for repairing and widening " several Roads in Ihe Counties of Montgomery, Merioneth, " and Salop;" And also hy another Act, made in the tliir- teenth Year of Ins said Majesty's Retgh, intituled " A11 " Act for continuing and enlarging ibe Terms and Powers " of two Acts made iu Ihe thirty- first Year of his late " Majesty, and ninth of his present Majesty's Reign, for ; " repairing several Roads in the Counties of Montgomery, " Merioneth, and Salop, and for repairing several other " Roads therein mentioned ;" aud which said Roads pass, or are intended to pass, thro' thc several Parishes of Pool, : Berriew, Beltws, Llandyssil, Llnnmerewig, Lllaiilwch- i hiiiarn, Newtown, Penslrowed, Mochdrc, Kerry, Lfan- ; diuiiin, Llanidloes, Hunger rig, Aberhavcsp, Llanwnog, ; Canto, Llailblynmnir, Ccnimcs, Darowen, Pcuegoes, Macll- \ ynllelh, Churchstoke, Montgomery, Llanwyddelan, Maii- L EXERCISES upon the 1 UI. IM. M Trejyooo, Forden, Cajtte Caercinion, Llanlligan, ' pared wilh Ihc English. Bv NICHO- ( Bulungton, Guildsfield, Myfod, Llaugyuicw, Llaufair, '..< 1. C, iiii,„, .. iihvreat Inin'rovemciits. releglwys, Llanertyl, Llangadfan, Garthbibio, Mallwyd, Llanwryn, Llaufylliu, Llanfechau, LlansainlBraid, Llaudi- logical , - speeting the Ministry of our Saviour; with Questions for Examination, and an arcentcd Index ; designed for the Use of young Persons, and for the Sunday Employment of Schools. By LANT CARPENTER, LL. D. lu 1 vol. l2mo. with Maps. 3d Edit. Pricc 4s. boards. The NEW l'ANT- HEON; or, an Introduction to the Mythology of the Ancients, in Question and Answer, com- piled principally for the Use of Females. By W. JILLARD WORT. The Third Edition, with Plates Price 5s. hoards. All INTRODUCTION tothe STUDY OF CHRONO- LOGY and UNIVERSAL HISTORY. By WILLIAM JILLARD HORT. In 1 vol. royal 18mo. Pricc 4s. GRAMMATICAL QUESTIONS, adapted lo thc Gram- mar of LINDLEY MURRAY, with Notes. Bv C. BRADLEY, A. M. Price 2s. 6d. bound. The 2d Edit, considerably improved. Au UNIVERSAL FRENCH GRAMMAR, being an Accurate System of French Accidence and Syntax, on au improved Plan. By NICHOLAS HAMEL. Fifth Edition. Price 4s bound. GRAMMATICAL EXERCISES upon the FRENCH LANGUAGE, compared wilh Ihc English. By NICHO- LAS HAMEL. Seventh Edition, with great Improvements, Price 4s. bound. The WORLD in MINIATURE; containing a curious aad faithful Account of the Situation, Extent, Productions, Government, Population, Drews, Manners, Curiosities, & c. of the different Count lies of Ihe World : compiled from the best Authorities; wilh proper References to the most essential Rules of the French Language prefixed to the Work, and the Translation of the difficult Words and idioinatical Expressions: a Book particularly useful tu Students in Geography, History, and of the French Lan- guage. By NICHOLAS HAMEL. Third Edition. In 1 vol. 12ino. Price 4s ( id. bound. The SCHOLAR'S SPELLING ASSISTANT. Intended for tbe Use of Schools and private Tuition ByTHOMAS CARPENTER, Master of the Academy, Ilford, Essex. Tenth Editiun, corrected and improved. Price is. 3d. bound. The NEW ORTHOGRAPHICAL ASSISTANT; or, English Exercise Rook. Written on an improved Plan, for the more speedy Instruction of young Persons in the Art of Spelling and Pronunciation; intended for the Use of Schools. ByTHOM CARPENTER. Price as. bound. The YOUTH'S GUIDE to BUSINESS; containing an easy aud familiar 1 ntrndiiction to Book- keeping by Single Entry, Bills of Parcels, fcc. Tables of Money, Weights, and Measures, methodized and arranged on au improved Plan: aud a Variety of Arithmetical Questions for occa- sional Exercise and Improvement. Designed for the Use of Schools. By THOMAS CARPENTER. Price 2s. ( id. bound. GREEK EXERCISES, in Syntax, Ellipses, Dialects, Prosody, und Metaphrases, ( after the Manner of" Clarke's and Mail's Introduction to Ihe making of Latin,") adapted to the Grammars of Eton, Wetteuhall, Moore, Bell and Holmes. To which is prefixed, a concise but comprehen- sive Syntax. By tbe Rev. WILLIAM NE1LSON, D. D. Minister of Duudtilk, Ireland. Tbe Third Edition. In 1 vol. avo. Price 5s. in hoards, antl with the Key, Price 8s. GREEK IDIOMS, exhibited in select Passages from the best Authors, with English Notes, and a parsing Index. To which are added Observations on some idioms ofthe Greek Language. By the Rev. W. NE1LSON, D. D. M. R. I. A. Iiisvo. Price 5s. bound. A KEY to the GREEK EXERCISES. By the Rev. WILLIAM NEUJiON, D. D. M. R. LA. lusvo. Price 3s. boards. LATIN PROSODY MADE EASY. Hy .1. CAREY, LL 1). private Teacher of the Classics, French Language, aud Short llaud. Besides other material Improvements, iu almost every Page, this Edition contains a minute Account of about Fifty different Species of Verse— Further Notices of ancient Pronunciation— a Dissertation on tbe Power of the Initial S— Metrical Key IO Horace's Odes—- Synopsis of his . Metres— A copious Index, ice. & c. In svo. A new Edition, considerably enlarged and improved. Price 10s. till, in boards. A KEY to CHAM BAUD'S EXERCISES; beinga cor- rect Translation of ihe various Exercises contained ill lhat Book. By E. J. VOISIN. Second Edition. Price 4s. bound. The ARITHMETICIAN'S GUIDE; or, a Complete Exercise Book, for the Use of public Schools and private Teachers. By WILLIAM TAYLOR, Teacher of the Mathematics, & c. The Sixth Edition. 121110. Us. bound. The PRONOUNCING EXPOSITOR; or, a new Spelling Book. In three Paris. By JOHN HORNSEY. In I21110. Price 28. bound. The CHILD'S MONITOR; or, Parental Instruction. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. THF. CORPORATION of the ROVAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorised their respective Agents to receive Proposals for Ihe Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2s. per Cenl. per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due 011 tbe 59lh Instant, are hereby informed that. Receipts are now ready lo be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Re- newal of their Policies on or before tbe 13th Dayof October, 1RI2, as Ihe usual Fifteen t. iavs allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policv " ill then expite. SAM 17KL PENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, Mr. Eddnwes. R'ellinglon, Mr. Stephen Jennins, Oswestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. l. eominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Letlbury, Mr. William Holbrooke. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. Wrexham, Mr. Joseph Langford. FLINTSHIRE. Holyielt, Mr. WilliamTn'rton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea, Messrs. J. and W. Robert Grove. Cardiff, Mr Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, Mr. .1. II. Stnithers. M ONTGO M ERYb HIR E. silio, Llandlinio, Pennant, Hirnaut, Llaugynog, Llati- \ wddyn, aud Llanfihangel, iu tbe County of Montgomery; \ Llanymmvthy, Peunal, and Towyn, in Ihe County of Merioneth; Bishop's Castle, VVorthen, Trelystan, Llany- i hlodwcll, Cardistoil, Woolaston, Albcibitry, Ford, West- j bury, Llanymynech, Oswestry, Knockin, Westfelton, I Ilordley, and Eliesmere, in the County of Salop ; and 1 Llaugedwyti, Llansilin, aud Llanrhaiudr yn Mortmain, in the County of Denbigh : nnd to make Ihe following Jtoads, to be added to, and considered Part of the Roads described j iu the said Acts to he the FIRST DISTRICT; viz. a Road j from Ihe present Turnpike Road, leading between Mach- I ynllelh and Newtown, from or near Rhyd cwrti- llwjd, by 1 i he Adva, thro' tbe Village of Manafon, to join Ihe Turnpike Road from Berriew 10 Castle Carrcioiou, near Bcrricw ; also a Diversion of the present Line of Road from Newtown thro' Aberhavesp to Machynlleth, from or near the Turn- pike Gate at Talerddig, down Ihe Avon Yale Valley, to join the Turnpike Road leading from Poo) thro' Llaofair, Mallwyd, Cemmcs, and Machynlleth aforesaid, to the River Ltyfnant, at Pontardwyinyu; AND also a Road lo lead from that part of the Turnpike Road leading from the Vicarage House, in the Town of Pool, to Newtown, Penslrowed, aud Llandinam, by Berlbdu, to thc Town of Llanidloes, at Groebach, near Lhtndinam aforesaid, thro* Ihc River Severn, and the Township of Gweruerin, hy Tyddyn, lo Croeslwylrr Common, and from t hence lo join the Turnpike Road from Llanidloes lo Trefeglwys, at Dolhavreii Turnpike Gale, near Llanidloes: AND nlso a Diversion of thc Road from Llanidloes aforesaid to thc Contiues of the said County near Tylwcli, by or near Tylwch aforesaid : AND also lo make the following Roads, to be added lo the Roads described iu Ihe said Acts to'be the SECOND DISTRICT of Roads; viz. a Road fiom tbe Turnpike Road from Machynlleth to Ihe River Llyfnant aforesaid, at or near Bryntyrnol, to Ihe Extent of the County of Montgomery at or near Glaspwll: ALSO 11 Road from the Turnpike Road from Mallwyd aforesaid, thro' Aberangcll and Llanwryn, over Dovey Bridge to Macli- ynlleth, leading from that part of the said Road at or near Glangwynedd, which lies between Llanwryn and Dovey Bridge, to the Extent of the County of Montgomery, al or near Corvs Bridge : ALSO a Road from the Turnpike Road leading from Dovey Bridge lo Towyn, from or near the Court, by Gogarth, lo Aberdovcy, and from thence lo Towyn aforesaid : ALSO a Road, from Ihe said Road leading from Llanidloes thro' Trefeglwys, to join the Turnpike Road from Neivlown 10 Machynlleth, at aud from the Western Corner or End of Glangwden Farm, to join thc Turnpike Road from Machynlleth to Llanidloes aforesaid at or near Felyn v Wern : ALSO a lioad from the last men- tioned Turnpike Road, at or near the Gate leading into the Lauds and to the Mansion House called Park, thro* part of Ihe said Lands, and below theHuuse lo IheRoad lately made, leading 10 Trefeglwys aforesaid : ALSO a Diversion of that part of thc Road leading from Trefeglwys to the Town of Llanidloes, at or near the River Ceryst, 011 the said Road from Llanidloes 10 Trefeglwys hy" the two Horieths, Brynvgytir, nnd Tan yr Allt, and ending at or near the Direction Post by Pant yr Ongel, 10 join the Road leading from Machynlleth lo Llanidlues aforesaid: AND also a Diversion of the present Line of Road leading froin Pool aforesaid thro* Llanfair, and from thence to Machynlleth aforesaid, from or near Middle Sylvaen, between Pool and Dolarddyn, on the northern Side of the present Road, to join the Turnpike Road leading from Berriew. over Pout Svchart to Llanfair, near Dolarddvn Orchard : ALSO a STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, Mr. Charles Hodson. t. ic'feld, vMr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. Wiylvrhirmplon, Mr. James Hi own. Jton/ ry, Mr. John Toml'mson. fiervirasti'binder- Line, Mr. James Halmarack. WORCESTER SHl( lK. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel Perrin. li arrester, Mr. Robert ( Villain. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr, Samuel Baker, Maetlr field, Mr. William Buckley. hlairt'vich, Air. Willfarti Tomlinson. Norlhwirh, Mr. Peter Maddock. Slochpo'l, Mr. Tluvtuas Owen. N. Tl. Fire Policies will be allowed free of Expense, where the annual Premium amounts to ti. or upwards. r^ jp This Cutnpanv have invariably made ttood Losses, by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of the diffeient Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to he advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, Or other Incomes, determinable 011 the Life or Lives of themselves or others ; TABI. ES of the ROTES for such ASSURANCES and lor the GIIANTINO ANNUITIES on LIVES, may be bad of tbe said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Conqiany have determined to extend { by Sjwcial AgreementJ the Assurance 011 lives to the Age of 15 Years. September 12, I8I<>. rTpHE PROPRIETORS of THE SALOP FIRE JL OFFICE, fully impressed with a Sonse of the distinguished Patronage and Preference given them by their Friends and the Public at large, through this anil the adjoinitig Counties, for 30 Years past, beg to return their grateful Acknowledgments j and trust lhat tile Liberality of their Terms of Insurance, together j with their prompt Manner of adjusting and paying the ' Amount of all Loss and Damages sustained 011 Property • insured by them, will merit a Continuance thereof. Printed Receipts; for the Annual Premiums payable at MICHAELMAS, are ready for Delivery at the Office, and by their respective Agents; of whom tbe Proposals of this Office may be had. Farming Stock at the reduced Premium of Ss. per Cent. N. B. Policies insuring £ 300 and upwards, are issued free of Expence. The Proprietors of this Office have always pledged ! themselves to make good Loss or Damage on Property insured by them, which has been set 011 Fire by I Lightning. I Corn- Market, Shrewsbury, September 18, 1812. UNION FIRE AND LIFE INSTITUTIONS. IN these Establishments ALL THE SAVINGS ARE RETURN El) TO THE INSURED. In Conseqn, nee | of this Plan, the Members of the Fire Insurance Depart- | hie'nt. whose Period of Re- paymeut has arrived, havereceived j back Fifty per Cent, ofthe Premiums they deposited. i The Rates of tbe Life Institution are nearly ' Pen per Cenl. lower than those of other Establishments, and its Insurers have the additional Advantage of being entitled to a periodical bonus. Further Particulars may be had of the Agents, gratis. Phoenix Fire- Officei RENEWAL Receipts for Policies falling due at Michaelma » , are now in the Hands of tbe several Agents of the Company. Insurances of every Description ate effect"! on the niost moderate Terms. Stock on a Farm inav be insured ih one Sum without the Average Clause, at per Cent, per Annum. Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, br upwards, uillnoibe charged for Ihe Policy: and alt Endoiscmcnls - xillbe made fjialit. By Order ofthe Directors, H. A. HARDY, See. of Country- Department. AN UNEQUALLED SCHOOL BOOK FOR THE SENIOR CLASSES. Thi4 Day is published, illustrated by many superior En- gravings, aud printed in Konpaiiel, Price 15s. iu plain, or ltis. in elegant binding, APORTABLE and UNIQUE CYCLOPEDIA ; 01 Modern and Complete DICTIONARY of ARTS aud SCIENCES, including the latest Improvements and Disco- veries, and being a useful Book of Reference iu every Department of Knowledge aud Literature. By C. T. WATKINS, M. A. Cyclopedias being useful for Purposes only of general Re- ference, Ac in lio Case superseding the Necessity of Elemen- tary Tremises 011 Subjects of particular Study, this portable Cyclopedia answers every general Purpose of those which are fifty times its Bulk aud Price; Hnd is, therefore, IN that, and in luanv other Respecls, thc most desirable Book ever printed, for the Use of young Persons, for Hie Writing Table, the Desk, the Parlour Window, and the Schoul Room, it is without a Rival in tbe entire Compass of Literature. Printed for Richard Phillips, No. 47, Lndgate Hill; and sold hy W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Book- Hellers. SPY RING AND MARSDEN's PC RE LE. MON ACIt), FOR PUNCH, LEMONADE, SAUCES, &. c. IpAMILlES, Taverns, and Inns, will find it ex- tremely ' convenient, as it suits every domestic' Purpose, where the Lemon is nccess'ary. Olficeis and Captains of Ships, and others, will find it particularly desirable, as it Is diy aud pariah e, and will retain its Flavour iu every Climate. Prepared only at 163, Borough, London, aud sold in Bottles at 2s. 6d^ by Mr. SCOLTOCK, in Shrewsbury, and bv most IwOggists, Libraries, and Confeetirniers. Where also mav be had, their PORTABLE LEMONADE, which only requires the Addition of Waler, in Packets, Prtce 2s. ( tjf" Please to ibserve their Name on the ilottle and Wrapper, as tbe Label and Directions have been imitated bv several Jews goin^ about the Country, deceiving Shopkeepers and others, by selling a spurious Article ; making an Al- lowance to get ready Money. In Five Parts, containing a great Variety of Progressive j ' R-( md ,0 lea,| out 0f' t|, 6 present Turnpike Road, from or Let sous, adapted to the Comprehension of Children^ cal- j || ear M u| dleSylvaen aforesaid, hy Coed y cwm Farm House, culated to instruct lliem in Rcudiug, iu the Use of Stops, in Spelling, aud iu dividing Words into proper Syllables ; | nnd al the same Time to give them some Knowledge of Natural History, of the Scriptures, and of several other sublime and important Subjects. By JOHN HORNSEY. Second Edition. Price us. Od. hound. The BOOK of MONOSYLLABLES; or, aif Introduc- tion to tbe Child's Monitor, adapted to Ibe Capacities of young Children. Ill two Parts, calculated to instruct by familiar Gradations iu tile first Principles of Education aud Morality. By JOHN HORNSEY, is ( id. A SHORT GRAM MAR oflhe ENGLISH LANGUAGE, simplified to the Capacities of Children, lu four Parts. 1. Orthography. 2. Analogy. 3. Prosody. 4. Syntax. Willi Remarks aud appropriate Questions.— Also, au Appendix, ill Three Parts. 1 Grammatical Resolutions, & c. 2. Falsa Syntax, Sic GEOGRAPHICAL EXERCISE BOOKS. This Day are published, Price tHreo Shillings each, TIE GEOGRAPHICAL COPY BOOK, Part I. con- sisting pf FIFTEEN OUTLINE MAPS of the Quarters aud principal Countries in the World, including three nilctellt Maps, printed oti superfine Drawing Paper, for the Purpose of being tilled op by the Junior CTaSSes Of Students iu Geography. Tbe GEOGRAPHICAL COPY BOOK, Part II. consist- ing of the Lines of Latitude and Longitude, accurately drawn for the same Set of Maps, designed to he filled up by the Senior Classes of Students Of Geography, Or by those who have previously filled up Part I. Also, as a CoVnpitnion 10 the above, A NEW SCHOOL ATLAS, of corresponding Size with Ihe Copy Books, form- ing the most peifect, as well as the cheapest Atlas, publish- ed, Price 5s 111 Boards. By the Rev. J. GOLDSM ITH, Author ofthe Grammar of Gen'ei'al Geography, of British Geography, & c. & c. A Moment's Inspection of these Copy Books will speak more in their Praise than a Volilnle of Commentary. A grown Person may, by Means of them, become a Proficient in Geography in a few Weeks, and young Persons at School may acquire more correct Ideas in a few Months than could be attained in a whole Life without such Exercises. Printed for Richard Phillips, 47, Ludgate Hill; aiid to be had of W. EDbowES, Shrewsbury, and all other Book- sellers. LOUGI1TON 1NCLOSURE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Application is intended to be made 10 Parliament iu the next Session, fur Leave to bring iu a Bill for dividing, allotting, inclosing, draining, and improving all the Commons and Waste Lauds ( Part of the Brown Clce- lnll), situate aud being within tbe Township of Loughton, in the Parish of Cheltou, in thc County of Salop. JOSEPH ASTERLEY, Solicitor. 15th September, 1812. 1MPROVED MODE OP INSTRUCTION. Teachers of Youth are respectfully informed, that tbe following is a List of ibe Works which are adapted to the System of Instruction hy Means of Questions, by Exercises, and by working at the several Subjects, being tbe only Modes by which Knowledge call be effectually c. ommuni catrd and duly impressed on the Minds of young Persons. 1. OLAllt's UNIVERSAL PRECEPTOR, or General XJ Grammar of Arts, Sciences, anil useful Knowledge - 4s. tid. 2. GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of GENERAL GEO GRAPtlY, Us. tid. 3. GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of BRITISH GEO GRAPHY, 4s. 6d. 4 ROBlNSON's GRAMMAR of UNIVERSAL HIS- TORY, 3s. 5. BLAIR's GRAMMAR of NATURAL PHILOSO- PHY, us. tid. GRAMMAR THE WELSHPOOL, & c. FREEHOLD ESTATES, TO RE SOLD IIr AVCTIOX, BY T. HOWEL1 , Al Ihe Bear Iun, in the Town of Pool, 111 the County of Montgomery, 011 Monday, the itlth Day of October, 1812, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Condition, ( unless previously disposed of by private Contract), in the following, or Such otliei Lots as shall be determined ou at thc Time of Sale: LOT I. ALL Hint MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, called PEN YR HERBER, with theOutbuildings, and Appur- tenances thereto belonging, containing about 100 Acres of fine Aruhic, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, situate iu the Parish of CASTLE CAEREINION, in the County of Montgomery, with a PEW in the Church, and uow iu the Occupation uf David Nicholas, or his Undertenants. LOT II. All that Piece or Par eel of LAND, lately alloted to the said Farm under llie Cnereinion Iscoed luclosnre Act, containing about 4.4. situate 011 the BiitWYUi) COM VI ON , in the said Parish of Castle Caereinion, now oc- cupied bv the aforesaid 1). Nicholas. LOT II I. All that wcll- accustomed HOUSE, called TUP; BEAR INN, in Ihc Town of POOL, with the Yard, Stable, Coachhouse, aud other Oilices, now in the Occupation of Mr. Rees Evans— Also, an extensive M ALT HOUSE con- tiguous thereto, now occupied by Mr. Roger Clarke. LOT IV. All that MESSUAGE or Dwelling House, with the Stable Yards, aud other Outbuildings thereto belong- ing, situate in Upper Church Street, in the said Towu of POOL, together with a PEW iu Pool Church, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Mary Davies. LOT V. All that other MESSUAGE or Dwelling House, with the Stable and other Outbuildings adjoining to Lot 4, now in thc Occupation of Mr Samuel Farmer.— Also, an extensive MALTHOUSE, in complete Repair, adjoiuiug thereto, now occupied by Mr. Jos. Cooke. LOT VI. All that other M ESSUAGE or Dwelling House, with Ihe Yards, Offices, and Outbuildings adjoining to Lot 3, with a PEW in Pool Church, uow occupied by Mr. Robert Cook. Lot VII. AlltboseTHREE STABLES, with au exten- sive'Yaid, at the Bottom of Church Street, adjoining the Aberyfctwylh and Shrewsbury Road, now occupied witlr Lots 3 and 5, by the said Rees Evans and Robert Cook. LOT Vlll. All lhat GARDEN, extending from the River Llerlan to Part ofthe Glebe Laud, called THE CROFT, atrd now occupied by tbe aforesaid RobeitCook. Lot 1 forms a complete Farm, within a l ing Fence, Pari of which adjoins the Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Llanfair, distant 5 Miles from the former, and 2 from the latter. The Buildings are in good Repair, and the Lands in a high State of Cultivation. The Timber to he taken at a Valuation to be produced at the Time of Sale. 6. BLAIR's PRACTICAL OKAM. MAIi. of THIS I Lot 3 is situated in High Street, in the Markel Town of ENG rot ncYTi- ru- ' Welshpool, near to ihe County Hall, and in Front of the 7-._ A DAIK'SI 500_ QU EST IONS on GOLDSMI HI s 1 Koatl leading to Powis Caslle. The House has lately, at a considerable Expense, been enlarged and made cominodi- LAN D, is. 1 QU ESHONS on tbe NEW TESTA- j . Rules and Observations for assisting young to the Village of Caslle Cuereiuion near a Smithy, belonging to John Lyon, Esquire:— And which said additional Roads are intended to pass through the Parishes oT Caruo, Llanlligan, Llanwythelan, Mauafon, Berriew, Llauhryti mair, Ceinines, Llaudinam, Trefeglwys, Llanidloes, Mach- ynlleth, Towyn, Llauwryu, Llauwyuog, and Caslle Caer- eiuion. Aud that it is intended to propose lo apply for Leave to alter anil increase the Tolls, taken under and by Virtue of the said recited or mentioned Acts of the niulti and thir- teenth Years oflhe present Kiug, or either of thctn. JOHN THOMAS, Solicitor. 1 ith September, 1812. rIMl E following persons being Prisoners for Debt in His I Majesty's Gaol at Montgomery, 111 and for the County , .1 •-._ - L_ ,:..!- » .._... a.. .1' Persons to speak and write with Perspicuity aud Accuracy. I By JOHN HORNSEY. A new Edit, corrected und greatly ! improved. Price 2s. bouud. The NEW YOUNG MAN'S COMPANION, or, tbe Youth's Guide lo General Knowledge, designed chielly for the Benefit of private Persons of both Sexes, and adapted to the Capacities of Beginners In Three Purls. By JOHN HORNSEY. In 1 vol. 121110. Price4s. bound, embellished with four Copper- plates, aud twenty eight Wood- cuts. A VOCABULARY, English and Greek, arranged syste- matically, to advance Ibe Learner iu scientific as well RS verbal Know ledge. Designed for the Use of Schools. By NATHANIEL HOWARD. Price us. .1GRAMMAR ofthe GREEK LANGUAGE, 011 anew ami improved Plan; in English and Greek. By JOHN JONES, Member of the Philological Society at Mmictoeb- ter. Neatly printed ill laiuo. Thc- Second Edition. Price ( is. in hoards. A CONCISE VIEW of the CONSTITUTION of ENG- LAND. By GEORGE CUSTANCE. 3d Edit, improved aud enlarged. Price I us. tid hoards, and in 12mo. Price 7B. boards. An INTRODUCTION to PRACTICAL ARITHMETIC, iu two Parts, with various Notes and occasional Directions, for tlic Use of Learners. By THOMAS MOL1NEAUX, many Years Teacher of Arrtiulits, Short, hand, and the Ma- thematics, at thc Free School in Macclesfitld. The sth Edit, in 12nio. 4s fid. bound. RULES for ENGLISH COMPOSITION, nnd particu- larly for Themes. Designed for tbe Use of Schools, and In Aid 6f Sel'f- IiisfriictiOn. By JOHN RIPl'lNGHAM, private Tutor at Westminster School, lu l vol. 121110 Price 3s. 6tl. bound. of Montgomery, and not being charged iu Custody on the fifth Day of Juue, oue thousaud eight hundred aud twelve, with any Debtor Debts, Sum or Sums of Money, exceeding in the w hole the Sum of Two Thousaud Pounds; DO HEREBY GIVE THIS PUBLIC NOTICE, that they intend 10 take the Benefit of an Act passed ill Ihe fifty second Year of His present Majesty's lleign, entitled t( Au Act for the Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors in England," at the next General Quarter Sessions, or General Sessions of tbe Peacc, to be held iu and for the said County, or any Adjournment of auy General Quarter Sessions or General ' Sessions ofthe Peace which shall happen next after twenty one Days from the Publication of their first Notice iu the London Gazette : aud they do hereby give Notice that true and perfect Schedules containing discoveries of all their real and personal Estates, hereafter to be sworn to, are now ready to he delivered to any Creditors applying for thc same, iu Manner 11s the said Act has directed, lo the Keeper or Gaoler, or his Deputy, of the said Prison. THIRD NOTICE. JOHN DAVITS, formerly of Llaufair, and lateof IheTown of Newtown, in thc County of Montgomery, Weaver and Manufacturer. EVAN JONES formerly and lale of Ibe Town ofMachyn- llcth, in the County of Montgomery, Shoe Manufacturer. LEWIS JONF. S, formerly of Llansaintffraid, and lateof Llant- rvil, in the County of Montgomery. Blacksmith. THOMAS MORRIS, formerly of the Town of Bishop's Caslle, in the County ofSalop, and late of Ihe Town of W elshpool, in theCoiinly of Montgomery, Linen Draper. STEPHEN STEPHENS, formerly of Clnn, in the County of Salop, Saddler, nnd late of the Town of Newtown, in ihe Couutv of Montgoinci'v, Innkeeper. JOHN DAVIES, Keeper of the said Gaol. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, lhat the Company of Proprietors of the Leominster Canal Navigation intend tu make Application to Parliament, iu tbe next ! Sessions, for an Act to extend and improve tbe present j Leominster Canal Navigation now formed, by au additional ! Canal and Rail Roads, or either of litem which shall he 1 found most desirable, and also to enable llie Company to I connect a Communication of the Mines of Coal, Lime- j stone, Iron- stone, and oilier Minerals, by Means of a Col- ! lateral Rail- Road, or Collateral Rail- lloads, with the said Canal; lhat an Extension is intended lo be communicated by a Rail Road or Rail Roads and Canal or Canals, from the ! present (' anal al or near the Aqueduct over Ihe River Ilea, in the Parish of Knighton upon Teme, in the County of i Worcester, in or through the Parishes of Neen Sollars, in ; I he Counly of Salop, Lindridge, Stockton, Shelsley, Mal t- ley, Broadwas, Cotlieridge, Wicheuford, Hallow, antl St. John's, in the County of Worcester, at or near Worcester j Bridge; and to extend a Communication of the present Leominster Canal, by a Rail Road or Rail Roads and Canal or Canals, froin or near Morton, in theParish of Eye, in or , through the Parishes of Orltou, Yarpole, Eyton, Kings- land, l. iicton, and Aymstrey, lo and over the River Lug, at or near Mortimer's Cross, 111 the County of Hereford, and to a Junction with the original Line as formerly intended of the Leominster Canal Navigation, as far as it shall be con- sidered practicable or useful; that the said Company intend to obtain Powers to form a Rail Road ( ir Rail Roads to communicate with the several Mines of Coal, Lime. stone, Iron- stone, und other Minerals, in or near the Clee Hills, With the said Canal, in or through Ibe Parishes of Cleobury Mortimer, Hopton Wafers, Caiuham, Bitterley, Burford, Hope, Baggot, and Coreley, 111 Ihe County of Salop, and alsu tlie Mines of Coal, Lime- stone, Iron- stone, and other Minerals, by a Rail Road or Rail Roads, in or through the Parishes of Mamble, Pensax, Rock, Stockton, aud Abberley, in the County uf Worcester with the said Canal. R. RAWLINGS, Clerk to the Company. Leominster, 8th September, 1812. HISTORY of ENGL 8. BARROW's 5txi MENT, is. 9. ADAlR's 500 QUESTIONS on IRVING's ELE- MENTS of COMPOSITION, is. 10. GEOGRAPHICAL COPY BOOKS, I. and II. 3s each. 11. HAMILTON'S ELEMENTS of DRAWING, with Sixty Plates, 27s. 12: JOYCE'S PRACTICAL ARITHMETIC, 3s. 6d. and KEY, 2S tid 13. BLAIR's MODELS of LETTERS, 3s. 6d. 14. BLAIR's PARENT'S CATECHISM, Is 15. THE TUTOR'S KEY, Part I. and II. or Answers to all the Questions tor Tutors, 3s. ( id each. Published bv Richard Phillips, 47, Ludgale Hill; and to be had of W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, aud all other Book- sellers. BANKERS' LICENCES. Stamp- Office, London, September 19, 1812. T^ JOTICE is hereliy given, that, by the Stamp Act, 48 jL^ I Geo. 3. c. 149, ail Licences granted to Bankers or others, 10 issue Promissory Notes, pavabie to the Bearer 011 Demand, and allowed to lie re- issued, will expire 011 Ihe loth ofOctolier next, antl that they must be renewed with- in one Month from that Day, or Penalties will he incurred. That a separate Licence must be taken out for every Kings- 1 Place where the Notes shall be issued, unless the Persons to be licenced hud issued their Notes at several Places before the id July, isos, and 01 iginally obtained our. Licence for all such Places; in which Case only they will he again in- cluded in one Licence. That every Licence must specify the Names and Places of Abode of the Persons to be licenced, and the Name of tins, behind which is a large Yard which extends lo Ihe New Road at tbe Back of Pool Town, leading towards Shrewsbury aud Aberystwyth. Lots 4, 5, and 6, are good Brick- built Dwelling Houses, with Slate Covers, suitable Cellars, & other Confeniencies.. Two ofllie Stables in Lot li front Ihe Bottom of Chui- eh Street, may al a small Expense be converted into one large or Iwo Dwelling Houses ; behind the same is a large Space of Ground which inav be used for carrying on anv extensive Business, being sufficiently capacious for the Erection of Warehouses, Mallhouse, Stables, or any other Buildings. A Map; descriptive of the Farm, is deposited with the Auctioneer for Inspection; the respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr ROUTLEDGE, Brook House, near Pool; the AUC- TIONEER, in Pool; or at the Office of Messrs. PEMUERTON and CoUPLAND, 111 Shrewsbury. Al the same Time will he LET, AND MAY BE ENTERED UPON AT LADY- HAY NEXT ; Ail that very eligible and compact FARM, called Vnox- GANLLWYD, situate 8 Miles from Ibe Market Town of Knighton, nnd 2 from tbe Village of Ltaubisler, in the County of Radnor, consisting of a good Farm House, and all convenient Outbuildings, wilh upwards of 2110 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, all in a ring Feuce, with a very valuable SHEEP WALK attached to thc Farm. The present Occupier will shew thc Laud and Premises.. ( One Concern.) BY DIVINE PROVIDENCE. A MONO the manv discoveries in Medicine, none claims II the attention of mankind more than that irreat resto'ra- | live, the CORDIAL BALM OF QUI TO, which possesses inestimable power of renovating the must debilitated the the Place or Places where, and Ihe Name of the Bank, Firm, or Title under which the Notes are to he issued, and - . . Licences to Persons in Partnership must specify the Names ' constitution, whether it arises from the indiscretions of youth, and Places of Abode of all the Persons concerned in the m hy a residence in hot or unhealthy climates, the immoder- Partnership, whether all their Names appear in the Notes ate use of tea, spiritnbns liquors, o- other noxious fluids j too or not; and iu Default thereof the Licences will be void. 1 sedentary a lite, or too close an application tn statdy ; exefts- H ith these Particulars a Specimen of I he Notes must also | save grief, injudicious administration of mercury, & c. HEREFORDSHIRE. Valvahle FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD PROPERTY. • TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVERY valuable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATE, consisting of the MANOR of MONK- LAND, which is co- extensive w ith Ihe Parish, and upwards of FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY ACRES of exceeding fertile Arable, Meadow, Pasture, Orcharding, and Hopground, now occupied as three Fanns, wilh suitable and extensive Farm Houses aud Buildings iu good Repair, aud the Whole lying within a Ring Fence. The Estate is situate in the Centre of the County, within two Miles ofthe Borough of LEOMI NSTF. R, and is abund- antly stocked w ith fine growing Timber. For Particulars apply 10 Messrs. JENKINS, JAMES, and ABBOTT, NO. 8, New' Irtn, l^ indou ; or to Mr. I'REECE, Solicitor, Leominster. be left at this Office by Ihc Persons applying for such Licences That a Penalty of £ 100 for every Offence is imposed on tbe issuing of promissory Notes, of the Description afore- said, Without a Licence, or at auy other Place, or uuder auy other Firm or Title than is specified in the Licence; and a Penalty of ±' 50 for every Offence is imposed 011 the issuing of promissory Notes of auy Description, or Bills of Ex- change, not duly stamped, and on the re- issuing of promis- sory Notes not allowed to be re. issued, as well as 011 tbe re- issuing of Notes allowed to be re- issued after the Period fixed for that Purpose. The Commissioners of Stamps having had Occasion to prosecute several Country Bankers, for the Penalties incurred by their disregard of Ihe Provisions of the Act, this Notice is given that all Persons concerned may in future conform thereto, and avoid the Penalties for which they will otherwise be prosecuted; and lhat 1' ersons ap- plying for Licences may come prepared with all the re- quisite Particulars to be inserted therein, without which thc Licences cannot be filled up so as to prblect the Parties against the Penalties of the Act. By Order of the Commissidricls, WILLIAM KAPPEN, Secretary. should it proceed from habitual tendency to consumption, or by whatsoever cause the constitution becomes relaxed, wenk, or decayed, this restorative and reanimating Baltb of Life and Health, will produce the happiest effects. A few doses of this medicine will ntford immediate assurance of re. turning health and strength, by giiing tone to the muscular systent and organs of digestion, thereby invigorating and re- novating the Whole constitution. To the young it ivill afford lasting health, strength, and spirits, in place of lassitude nnd debility ; and to the aged and infirm it will assuredly furnish great relief and coinfoit, bv gently and safely invigorating the • ystem ; and if it be in the power of mtdieine to gild the au- tumn ot declining years, and calmly and serenely lo protract the closc of life beyond its nniro* span, ibis restorative is caimble of eliecting mat grand desideratum. The. Cordial B. dm of Quito Is Sold, wholesale and retail, by WESTON and Co. 229, Stadrid; London ; in bottles al. 2s. 9d.— Ills 6d and Farndy bottles 33s. each, by which there is a savittgof 9S. Sold also by W. KDDOWES, Shrewsbury and tile venders ol Patent Medicines Inrou^ lioiit Ibe united Kingdom. LONDON. oi'inet' « f Traslos Moutes, in voluntarily Reiving beyonn e frontiers of the kingdom, deserves the ( ugliest co. nmeu- lion— The whole remains of the Army of Port " gal iving been thus collected between this place and 1 orde- FROV TIIF LONDON GAZF. TTF. The Gazette contains disp-. uclics from Marquis W- elling- to ., dated Madrid, Aug. 25 aud . >, and Valladolid, Sept. 7. 3 he following is a copy ofthe latter dispatch ;— t Fcilladotid, Sept. 7, 1812. 1 quitted Madrid 011 Ihc 1st instant, in order todirect lite movement* of the troops ordered lo be collected al Arevnlo, us reported in iny dispatch of ilie Ooth August.— Wc move I from Arevulo oil Ihe 4th. and passed the Douro oil the fitii, nt the finds of Ilerrera 1111.1 I'l Abrojo— Afler General Foy hail found that the garrison of Astorga had surrendered" by capijul o. ioii, he returned to the Esia, and itiilrohfM upon Cnt- vajales, wilh a view to surprise and cut ofi'tlie Portuguese militia which had been employed under Lientenant- Geueral the Conde . D'Amaiantc, in the block- ade of Zamora. The Lieutenant- General, however, made good liis retreat, without loss, lo the frontiers of Portugal, and General Foy carried off Ihe garrison of Zamora oil the 29th of August, and maiched for Tordesillas.— I cannot avoid to draw your Lordship's attention to the conduct of ' the Conde D'Ainaraute, and of the militia under bis com- mand, in these operations. The zeal ofllie militia of the province of Traslos Monies, in voluntarily serving Vvond the " elation having sillas, we found their advanced guard yeslerdav strongly posted on the heights of La Cislerniga; and I know thai there was a considerable body of troops ill and about this town.— As it was lane in the day before our troops bad crossed the Don 10, tve did not move fortvurd this morning. The enemy retired from La Cisterniga during the night; and Ihey abandoned Ihe town 011 our approach to it in the morning, and crossed Ihe Pisucrga, and blew up the bridge. Tliey were closely followed hy the Honourable Lieutenant- Colonel Frederick Ponsonby willi a detachment ofthe I21I1 light dragoons through the town ; but some time having elapsed before Ihe infantry could come up, ( lie enemy Could uot he prevented from destroying the bridge;;— They then retired along the right of the Pisix- rga to Duenas, where their rear will prolmhty halt this night — When General Foy moved t" wards Astorga, the army ol'Gallicia retired ; and since his march to the Douro, Ibey have again advanced to Ihe Esla.— The I'ni'pecinado lias informed me tbat General Villa Campa had taken prisoners the troops which bad been the garrison, aud hnd evacuated Cueuca after the surrender ofthe Reliro, These troops amounted to one thousand men, with two guns, nnd belonged to Sachet's uriuy. Mv last accounts from Lieutenant- General M. iitland are of thc° 24lh. The Gazelle contains an account of tbe capture of a French privateer of 14 guns and 50 men, by the Saracen, Captain Harper. The Gazette also contains the following appointments: Major- Gen. C. W. Stewart to be 1111 extra Knight ofthe Order of the Bath; and Richard Allen, Esq. to he his Majesty's Consul ofthe Kingdom of Gallicia, ihc Princi- pality of Aslurias, and the Territory of St. Andero. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. Two Gottenburgh mails arrived Ibis day, which bring advices from St. Petersburgh to the 3d, and from Gotten- burgh to tbe 14th. The following are extracts of letters received by this opportunity:— " Gottenburgh, Sept. 11.— The expedition from hence, consisting of 32,000 men, to be joined by 25,000 Russians, is now lo take place, anil the troops are all to be on hoard on or before the 24th of Ibis month." " Gottenbur*> h, Sept. 14 — The preparations for the expedi- tion are continued with the utmost activity. What is its destination is 1101 immediately known, but it is expected to have a most important effect on the operations of the war. The Crown Prince, it is supposed, will reach this place to morrow. A second embargo has been imposed auxiliaiy to the purposes of Ihe expedition." The Petersburgh Gazette of the 29lh of August contains a very interesting document. It announces not only the peace concluded with the Sublime Poire, but some of llie chief conditions under which it was arranged. It is stated, that all Ihe territory between the River Pi nth and the Black Sea, 1000 wersts in extent, and comprehending a part of Moldavia and Bessarabia, are added to the Russian Empire, with Jassey, nod numerous other cities and towns of impor- tance. Colonial produce is, hy spccial permission, allowed to be transported from Sweden into Denmark. The Copenhagen letters which mention ttiis circumstance, consider it as affording a favourable view ofthe intentions of Denmark as to the olher northern powers. A11 account has been received at Lloyd's of the arrival of three or four convoys, outward bound, at Gottenburgh; and homeward bound, at the same place, of a fleet nf 1311 vessels, under the protection of the Cressy. The present Parliament is immediately to be dissolved ; a proclamation to that effect is expected in Tucsdey's Gazette. General Oudinot, it is stated, died of his wouuds at VTilnu. Wc hear that thcBisliop of Lichfield and Coventry, upon having received the following Communications from the Archbishop of Canterbury, is about to send a Circular • Letter to his Clcngy, in order that lie may obtain the additional information required to be introduced into the next Return from his Diocese to the Privy Council. ( COPY.) MY LOUD, Whitehall, August, IU4J8L2. I have received ihe Commands of liis Royal Highness llie Prince Regent to transmit lo your Grace the Copy of au Address of lite Hpuse of Commons, ; .. Dinner, at. four o'Clock. TO THE vToliTHY AM) INDlit1 END 11 NT ELECTORS OF THE TOWN OF SHREWSBURY. GBNTLEMBX, JLTAFIN'G had the HONOUR of being Tour Times * returned to Parliament, lyycur kind Partiality lo my Family and myself, 1 shall a/ nays refect ON your Favours as the proudest Period of my Life. By the Laws of my Country, those who are employed in the Situation which I have the Honour to fill, are without Question eligil/ le to he returned lu Parliament, though absent. Finding, however, that my Diplomacy, which has rendered ME incapable of discharging my Senatorial Duties so much longer than I expected, t* still likely to detain me abroad for A further uncertain Time, I deem it A bounden Duty I owe to you, and which supersedes every other Consideration, to make this Public Declaration of my Intention of relinquishing all Thoughts of offering myself a Candidate for your Suffrages for the Parliament next ensuing. Permit me to return yon my most grateful Thanks for the. MANY Obligations which I have so uniformly experienced. If al any future T ucaricy I may HE empowered to make you a ' lender of my free ser- vices, 1 hope I may again presume to be honoured wilh your Poles, interest, and Support, in the same flattering and distinguished Manner, in which you have hitherto been pleased to confer lliem on, Gentlemen, L'our gratefully obliged. And obedient humble Servant, WILLIAM HILL. Cagliari, Sardinia, 15th August, 1812. or Emoluments are gi' ORDERED*— That the said Address be resented to His Royal Highness the Piince Regent by such Members of Ibis House as are of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Couucil. ( Signed) J. LEY, C. D. D0111. Coin. 1 I 2 2 3 3 dr. VisitingClergvman this week at the Infirmary, theRev. Mr. Owen : House- Visitors, Mr. George Grant and Mr. Thomas Birch. Wc omitted to state in our last paper, that the plates were held for Ihc collection at St. Chad's, after the sermon, by Lady Bradford, supported by Sir Charles Morgan, Bart, and by Ihe Hon. Mrs Elliot, supported by Sir Thomas John Tyrwliitt Jones, Bail. OS v\ EST It Y RACES, 1812. On MONDAY, September 21 st, a Silver Cup, Value £ 50. the Gift of Sir IV. IV. Wynn, Bart, for Hunters. Two- mile Heats T. Lloyd, Esq's br. m 5 yrs. old ....... 2 3 iMr. Rogers's t> r. 111. Osweslry T, ass 3 1 Mr J. Nicholls's bl. m. Sultana 1 2 R. Mytton, Esq ' s b. g .1... 4 4 The four heats were very cioscly contested, and won only by half a length. On TUESDAY. September 293, a. Silver Cup, Value £ 50. the Gift of the Steward*. Two- mite Heats. R. Dyott, Esq.' s b. 111 Funny walked over. Same Day, the Gentlemen's Subscription Purse of£ 50 for Three and Four Year old' ' Two mile Heats. Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart.' s b c. Manikin.... R Benson, Esq.' s l>. c. Master Harry T Cholinoudeley, Esq.' s h. m. by Bening- brongli Mr. Shaw's b f Velule Sir T. Stanley's b. 1. by Remembrancer... Mr. Munsey's b. f by Meteor Eachhcat was won by only half a neck. On WEDNESDAY, Septembci 23d, the Town Subscription Purse of £ 50. Four- mile Heat1!. Sir VV. W. Wynn, Bail's b. c. by Diamond.... 1 1 Mr Shaw's br. li Hamblcton Jack 2 2 Sir T. Stanley's h. c. Clan Alpine 3 3 SirR. Brooke's b. g. by Old Tat dr. Same Day, a Sweepstakes of 53s. each, with 20gs. added by the Fund. ' The Winner lo be sold, for 50gs. One- mile Ileat. 1 2 1 2 1 2 dis. dr. dr. dr. 1 1 2 2 3 3 dr. dr. dr. dr IDosrscrtyf. LONDON, Monday Night, September 23th, 1812. A Lisbon Mail arrived last night. ' I he tollowiug are the chief articles of intelligence brought hy il: " LISBON, SEPTEMBER 12.— On the 8th, General Hill remained south of the Guadiana, his advance wits at Dombureto.— On the 3( 1 inst Gen. Hill had collected the greater part of his array in Serena ( io the north of Sierra Morrcna). It is said that King Joseph wasin Chinchila ( in the kingdom of Murcia), and expected to form a junction with Soult, who was marching iu the direction of Grenada. — According to the latest letters fioin Seville, Soult was marching from Baza, iu the kingdom of Jaen, for Granada Ou the271b August, the inhabitants of Malaga remained free from the French— They write fromVittoria, that the division of Geueral Caffarelli, successor to Dorsenue, com- posed of 10,000 men, remained quite ready . in the North of Spain, hut greatly weakened, since 1,300 troups had been ordered to Tarragona, and reinfor- ce all the- coast o'f the Cantubrlcas." The Mouiteur of [ lie aid inst. announces, that the . Russians were a I tacked on the yt ti, at IVIojaisk, and com- pletely routed: the Journal de Paris states, that this battle took place, on the Btli. This affair will probably prove similar to lhat at Smolensk, from which place the Kussians, though worsted, retired in good order, leaving no prisoner. 1' aris Papers arrived to- day, up to the 25th inst. They do uot contain, as was exported, any further particulars of the bailie noticed in the papers ofthe 23d, but the account, notwithstanding, obtains some credit. Three per Cent. Consols 57$. SHREWSBURY, 30, 1812. iliti- tnaiKi- TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT '• LECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF SHREWSBURY. GENTLEMEN, ADISSOLUTION of Parliament being confidently expected to take Place in a few Days, I have to solicit the Favour of jour Support as a Candidate for the Honour of again representing you ill the House of Commons. During the short Period I have held Ihe Trust lhat you have, reposed in me, it has been my Study and Pride to execute its Duties with all the Zeal and Assi- duity in my Power; aud if by my Conduct I have succeeded in obtaining your Approbation, I trust 1 shall uot be denied your Support al the ensuing Election. 1 have the Honour lo be, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant, H. G. BENNETT. Shrewsbury, 2sth September, 1812. No Play this Evening ( Wednesday ), on Account nf Ptcj, ara\ ions makini lor the NEW ENTERTAIN MESTs. ON THURSDAY Evening, October ist, a Grand Drama, never acted here, called Tl AlOUR THE TARTAR, lu Act the First, a Procession of Tartars on Horseback. The Horses composed of Machinery on a new and effective Construction. DANCES ofthe celebrated Misses ADAMS The Interlude of IRISH COURTSHIP. Wilh the list new Pantomime of Til E MAGIC CAVERN, or Harlrqniu in Scotland. Ou FRIDAY, the admired Comedy of THE SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER. The DANCES of the Misses ADAMS. With a new Grand Entertainment, never acted here, called THE BATTLE OF SALAMANCA, got up underthe Direction of Mr. Edwards. No Performance on Saturday. ROBERT MOITRFST MARKET- PLACE, SHREWSBUitY, SLLF~ F. LLSMITH AND J EIF ELLER, Manufacturer ofTable Knives and Forks, Razors, Scissors, and ever Article of CUTLERY, KF. TURNS his very grateful Acknowledgements to liis Friends iu particular, and to the Public in general, for tlicir kind and liberal Patronage lo the Firm of Richards and Morris, for upwards of twenty Years past ; and respect- fully informs Iheni that, owing to the Decease of his late Co- partner, Mr. Richards, the Business will in future be carried on in lite same Situation, hy the said It. Morris only, and where he solicits a Continuance of I heir Favours. R. M. embraces tbe present Opportunity of informing his Friends and the Public, that lie is enabled to sell a great Part of the OLD STOCK at vrav REDUCED PRICES .- he is also laying iu a new aud fashionable Variety, consisting of Jewellery, Silver ami plated Articles, & c. Dessert Knives and Forks, Spoons, Spoon Forks and Skewers ( Silver and plated on Steel), Military Accoutrements, Pistols, Flasks, See, N. B. CUTLERY made to any Pattern, and old Cutlery ground and repaired on the shortest Notice. September 2, IS 12. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. TO BE LET, 7' r a Term of Yean, i< r uoon a Building Lei. ^ 7lXI! TY-' l HRF. E ACRES, or iheiealionts, of go v! 1 <• sound LAND, being Part ofthe Waste, 1 ilclv divided under llie Teirtref Inclosure Act, situate in (.' LETTER- WOO D, in the Parish of Buttington, adjoining the Welsh Harp Inn, and Ihe Road to Shrewsbury. The Premises are 4 Miles from Pool, 14 from Shrewsbury, aiid3t'i0iu the Canal and l ime kiln , at Butliugtou Cross. Apply tn Mr THO, HAS Jusis, Solicitor, Montgomery. ' ' i his Advertisement will not be continued. HOPE I'XRE ASSURANCE COMPANY?--" Capital, ONE MILLION.— Office, LUDGATR 1| 1LL, LON- DON. •', RS-') NS assured with thisOflice, whose Policies expire ut If ichaelmas, are respeclfully informed, I but Ileceipis for the Renewal of the same are now ready for Delivery al ll. e Office, and with tbe respective Agents of ihc- Company throughout the United Kingdom. ' WILLIAM BURY, Secretary. N. 11. POLICIES qfASXIJR 1 Vt'K, which expire at the above Period, should, he renewed within FIFTEEN DAYS there- after. The folhviing Agents are appointed, by this' Office in the Counties of Salop, Stafford, ll'orcester, Chester, and North Wales, nfw'uitn Prop- tsals may be had gratis ; and every Infor- mation obtained. Mr. THOMAS TRCVOR, Much Wenlock — JOHN OWEN, Ludlow — T. PURDEN, Lichfield POYSER, Yo. vatl — — STRICKLAND and Co. Cliftonon Teame — VV. Lotto, Shipston on Stour — . VV. Son. A", F. vesham — ROBERT WILBI. RFOSS, Worcester HUXLEY, Chester — T. WOOUCROFT, Stockport — M. TUTIN, ' Purparley — W. li - eves, Middlewicli — ROBERT MORRIS, ' Pre Madoc. AND INDEPENDENT SHREWSBURY. Esq. or Kit gtitou, naunorsnu- e, ageu ,> n. On Saturday, at his seat at Long Stanton, Sir Tin Hatton, Bart. Lieutenant- Colonel of ibe Ely battalii Local Militia, and a lineal descendant of Lord Chasic vr E D N E S D A Y, S E P T E M B E ll MARRIED. Thursday last, at Westhury, Mr. Tung, in fact orer, of Pulton, to . Miss Joins, of Ihe foi mer place. Monday, Mr. Thomas Hall, of the Rock, near Bewdley, to Miss Green, of Chiincs, near Worcester. Lately, T. Wining, Esq of Edward- tone Grove, to Miss Hannier, only daughter of J. Haniu- r, Esq. of l- Iolbrook llall, Suffolk, aad niece of Sir Thomas Hunmer, Barf, of Haiimei- Hall, Flintshire. Mr. S. Smith Adam, of Bi- ymbo, near Wrexham, to Jane, daughter of Ralph Manley, Esq of Chester. Monday, Mr. John Weaver, of Wolverhampton, to Miss Marnier, uf Edgbaston. DIED. Sunday last, Mrs. Price, widow of the late Mr. Price, glazier, Murdol. Thursday last, Mr. Hotchkiss, barge owner, and late of llie Anchor public house, Fraukwell. Saturday last, after a long aud very severe illness, Mrs. Herbert, w ife of Mr. Herbert, tailor, Dogbute. At Aberystwith, on the 17th instant, Thomas Meredith, Esq. of K11 ghtou, Radnorshire, aged 51). * 1 0SirThomas lion of , ulcellur Hultou. This geutleman's death was unfortunately occa- sioned by a contusion on his head, frvin being thrown out of his curricle in his way home the preceding Saturday. His estates in Cambridgeshire aud Essex, which are very con. siderahle, together with his title, descend to Mr. Gardiner, his nephew. Mrs. Hayley, wife of Thomas llayley, Esq of Bewdley. Ou lilt l.- Stll iust. Harriet, the youngest daughter of Peter Harding, Esq. of Shiffnal. The Gazette nf Saturday last announces Ihe inomotion of Cornet Edward Hill, uf Ibe Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, to bo Lieutenant; also the appointment of James Parry, Gent, ( son of James Parry, Esq. of Preston, near this town) lo be Ensign iu the 28tli Regimen! of Fool Extract ofa letter from Liverpool, dated Sunday lasft to a Gentleman in this town :—" The George Washington ui- l ived here yesterday evening from Philadelphia, but 1 am sorry 10 say the news she brings is far from satisfactory. The President, anil most ofthe principal officers of stale were absent from Washington, but iheir determination I fear is too well guessed, i. e. that the Revocation of our Orders is not sufficient satisfaction for the President to annul the war measures, aud that he will do nothing towards a reconciliation lill we give up our light of search nnd blockade system : but however, the general opinion in, that if nothing is done before Congress meets in November, tlitit the Federals will make a grand effort for Peace, and » I icb it is most probable they will carry." W. O. ven, Esq.' s b. f. Vetula Mr. Fletcher's br. r. Black Boy T. Cholinoudeley, Esq.' s b m. by Bcninghro' Hon. G Bridgeiiian's Stilton Sir W. W. VVynii, Bart's Owen Glcudwr I!. Ilcbt r, I'^ q.' s b g. by Old Tat It. Lovelt, Esq's Clan Alpine The Musical Performances on the following day were fully and fashionably attended, and the receipts ( for the benefit of the Charity Schools) very considerable. Sir Thomas Mostyn, Bart, and Cecil Weld Forester, Esq. are chosen Stewards for l. be next Oswestry Races. We have given in our last page a list of llio. se persons from this and some of the adjacent counties who are al present prisoners in France, and receive the allowance from the Subscription Fund for British Prisoners. Mr. Sadler had fixed 011 Monday last for his aerial voyage across the Channel. We have been favoured by a gentle- man with a description of li is apparatus for preset valion in case of accident in crossing the water, which w ill be found in last page. I'lie Shrewsbury Yeomanry Cavalry yesterday completed then- period of exercise for Ihe present year Tbe expectation of a Dissolution of Parliament being at hand, has already created a considerable bustle iu this and other places which nre likely to be contested. The Hon William Hill retires for the present ( See his Address J. The Candidates for this borough are, the Hon. Henry Grey Bennett, Lieutenant- General Sir Rowland Hill ( nominated by liis father, Sir John Hill, Bart, at ihe solicitations of many respectable gentlemen), and Benjamin Beuyoii, Esq. An active canvas has already commenced. We understand that Mr. Hawkins Browne, who has represented the borough of Bridgnorth forseveral successive parliaments, - declines offering himself at the ensuing election. Owing to the general failure of the crop, not a single pocket of new bops was produced at the late Worcester fair — a circumstance which has not occurred since 1805. A considerable rise iu Ibis article, therefore, has taken place. Yearling Hops fetched jt" 14, the growth of 1808 £ 7, and what are termed Old Olds 4gs. There were some Sussex and Kent hops; but tsS pockets only were altogether weighed. The friends of a certain yonng Nobleman have already began their canvas in Ihe North, with the following circular letter:—" Dear Sir, Ihe promising young Lord M. intends offering himself; 1 think lie will prove au ornament lo the senate, and an honour to his country. May our exertions secure his Election 011 the 12th, and the enclosed Share secure your Fortune 011 the 2ntti, by one of the £ 20,000 Prizes in the present Lottery, is the sincere w ish," & c. & c. An ear of oats, grown ami reaped this harvest, in a field iu Suffolk, the property of Sir Thomas Goocli, contained 302 oats on oue stem, length ti ft. 4 in. and circumference one inch and a quarter. MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain in our Market 011 Saturday last— Wheat Us. 4d. to I6s. per bushel of S8quarts.— Oals ( new) 7s, 9d. fold) 13s. 6d. per customary measure of 57 quarts. Corn Exchange, September 25. Sales of Wheat arc named at a declension iu price of about : is. and 4-. pel- quarter ; a few select samples of old exceed Ihe quotation. Rye, Barley, Malt, and Beans, vary but little. White Pease arc rather higher New Oats come lo hand freely, hut are at little vaiiation. In Flour there is no alteration ; but, it is cvpccled, a reduction must take place next market- day. Current Price of Grain per Quarter us under :— Wheat TOs. to lliOs, j While Peas 82s. to 82s. Barley A2s. to 58s. I Oats ,53s. to ( i0 » . Beans l)+ s. to LL'OS. | Malt 90s. to 98s. Fine Flour, 11.1s. to 120s. per sack.— Seconds, J | 0s. to 115s. SEPT. 28,]— There are to- day very considerable arrivals of Wheat coastwise, together with the supplies remaining last week— sales in this trade very dull, ond the priccs quoied at about ins per quarter lower. In Barley and Malt there is lit tic variation. White Peas much higher, aud very scarce. New Tick Beans 84s togiiB. Oats are ill good supply, and tbis article is named somewhat cheaper. In Flour there is a reduction of about 5s. per sack. TO ' HIE WORTHY ELECTORS OF GENTLEMEN, ALLOW me to relurn you my most grateful Thanks for the unexampled Success of iny Canvas 011 Monday and Yesterday. Should 1 have omitted calling upon any one, I trust it will be attributed to 110 intentional Neglect. I have tiie honour to be, Gentlemen, Willi the greatest Respect, Your most obliged and most obedient Servant, HENRY GREY BENNETT. Shrewsbury, 30th September, 1812. TO THE FREE AIVDINDEPKX DENT ELECTORS OF TIIE BOROUGH OF SHREWSBURY. GENTLEMEN, F INUE Honourable WILLIAM HILL having declared A his Determination not to 08' er himself as a Candi- date to Represent you in the next Parliament, I venture to comply with theSolicitations of many very respectable Gentlemen of your Town, in requesting your Votes and Interest in Favogr of my Son Lieulenaut- General Sir ROWLAND HILL, at the ensuing Election. You well know, that in Ihe GENERAL'S present Situ- ation, he cannot row personally address you ; I, however, am confident that, should he he so fortunate as lo prove the Object of your Choice, he will endea- vour to merit any Confidence reposed in him, and deem the Ilouour of representing his CouutyTowu as a great Addition to those conferred 011 him by his Prince and Country. W ith grateful Thanks for many Favours formerly con- ferred on myself, 1 have the Honour to remain, Gentlemen, Your most faithful and obedient Servant, JOHN HILL. Ilawkstone, September 28, 1812. P. S. 1 shali take ail early Opportunity of paying my personal Respects to you. WELSHPOOL. RICH AIM GRIFFITHS, GROCF. lt, TEA DEALER, AND DRUGGIST, RETURNS his very grateful Acknowledgements to his Friends in particular, and lo the Public iu general, for their kind and liberal Support to the Firm ofjosiis aud GRIFFITHS, and respeclfully informs them, that he has taken to Ihe Concern, and that the Business will in future be carried 011 in the sauie Situation, by the said R. GRIF- FITHS only, where their. continued Favours will ever merit his best Attention and his warmest Thank.,. Corner Shop, Sept. 4, IS 12. Sll HEWSBURY CANA L. rpH E next GEN ERA L ASSEMBLY of ihc Company of A Proprietors of the Shrewsbury Canal, will be hold at ILIC BUCK'S HEAD, at the Long Lane, inthe Parish of Wrockwardine, on MONDAY, the TWELFTH Day of OC- TOBER next, at eleven of tbe Clock, where tlie Proprietors arc requested toallcndiu Person or bv Proxy. EG LUTON LEEK F, 2oth Sept. 1812. Clerk to Ihe Company NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, thut Application is intended to tie made lo Parliament the ensuing Session, for An Act lo amend and render more effectual an Act of Parliament passed in the 37U1 Year of Ihe Reign of His Piescnt Majesty King George the Third, inlitled " An Act for repairing or rebuilding the Bridge over the " River Severn in the Town of B idgnorth, inthe County " of Salop, nnd for opening convenient Avenues thereto." 30th September, 1812. Llwyn, Sept. 28, 1812. rpHE ANNUAL MEETING of the OFFICERS who JL have served in the late MONTGOMERYSHIRE VOLUN- TEER LEGION, will beheld at THE OAK Inn, al Welsh- pool, on FRIDAY, the 9U1 of October. Lieutenant Colonel HIIMFFRFYS in the Chair. Dinner on Table tit half past Three. HOUSE NEAR SHREWSBURY. rmO BF. LET, all that bcantifullv situated HOUSE, 8 GARDEN, STABLE, CHAISE HOUSE, & c. in K1NGSLAND, m » v in the Occupation of Mrs. Cross.—- For Particulars enquire of Mrs. Cross, 011 the Premises, or of Mr HARLEY, Jewellei, & c. Corn- market, Shcewsbury. TO BE LET, And entered upon next Michaelmas, A HOUSE and SHOP, well situated for Trade, near llie BUTTER CROSS, Shrewsbury, now in the Occupation of Mr. Massoy, Mercer.— Also a small HOUSE 011 the same Premises, now void. Enquire of Messrs. PRYCE, Grocers. LOST, In the Concert Room nt the Lion, on Wednesday, the 16th Instant; ALARGE size light brown SHAWL, with a crimson and pink Border.— If taken away by Mistake,. it will be esteemed a Favour to have it relumed to the Bar at the Lion. MONEY. TANTFD immediately, THREE HUNDRED and FIFTY POUNDS, ou Mortgage of a Freehold Lund Security. — Further Particulars may he known by addressing a Line, Post- paid, to A. D. at THE 1' RINTfiu's, which w ill bp duly attended to. Salop, 2. yh September, 1812. TO TIIE FREE AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS OF THIS BOROUGH. G ENXLEMEN, finHE very flattering Reception which I met with JL on my Canvass last Winter, for the General Election, and the numerous Promises of Support 1 then received, would not allow 1110 to entertain the least poss. ble Doubt of the Success of our Cause, by a large aud triumphant Majority, whenever that Day should arrive. It is now at Hand. And I rest per fectly assured, that, when I shall again have the Honour of paying my personal Respects to you, I shall find the same unabated Zeal in the Cause of one of our dearest Privileges— the FREEDOM OF ELECTION, It' 1 should be deemed worthy of the honourable Distinction to whicji I aspire— that of being one of your Representatives in Parliament— I trust I shall ever be , found to act the Independent Part, and faithfully to 1 discharge the Duties 1 owe to You and to Society. I beg Leave to assure vou, lhat 1 shall always con- sider the Defence of this invaluable Privilege as one of the first duties of my Life, and I solemnly declare, that I will never abandon it while that Life remains. I have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Your ever faithful and devoted Servant, B. BEN YON. Shrewsbury, September 28, 1812. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to an Order of the Hitsh Court of Chancery, made iu a Cause BROOIE against BARRY, oil Monday, the 2uth Day of October next, at eleven o'Clock in the Fore- noon, before THOMAS DRAKE, Gentleman, the Person appointed bv tlie said Court, at the Touline Inu, near tbe lruu Bridge, . Madeley Wood, in the County of Salop, IN SEVERAL LOTS : ri"\ HE Factory or FOUNDERY, late of ALEXANDER JL BRODIE, Esq. deceased, situate at Calcutts, near Broseiey, in Shropshire, and Ihe STOCK IN TRADE, ^ ood Will, Hi. d Premises iu which the said Concern is car- ried 011. Particulars w hereof may be had ( gratis) al the Oflice of John Campbell, Esq oue of the Masters of the said Court, situate in Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane; Messrs Devon nnd Tooke, Solicitors, Gray's Inn; Messrs. Dobie and Thomas, Solicitors, Crane Court, Fleet Street ; Messrs. Cooper and Lowe, Solicitors, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London; Mr. VV. Ilazleuine, Shrewsbury; Messis. Harper nnd Son, Solicitors, Madeley and SbiiVnal, Salop; Mr James Griffith, Solicitor, Broseiey, Salop; and at the principal Inns at Shrewsbury. FORFEITED RECOGNIZANCES. F the following Persons neglect to appear at the Shire Hall, in Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, the 6th Day of Oc- roBEa, 1812, at ten o'CIock iu the Forenoon, their Recog- nizances will be estreated. Barclay Robert. Barrow Richard, of Ellerdine Bennett Benjamin, Caehowel Beuuctt Benjamin, lalioiuer, Minster ley Bennett Joseph, Mius'erlev Reuue1 tJo'eph, labourer, VVorlhen' Rennet! John, of Miosterlev Bishop Richard, liorsehicsker, Forden Bootle Richard, labourer, Whit- tington Boycott Thomas, oi Belli field, labourer Brou 11 William, Cleobury Thos. collier, Broseley Davies Andrew, servant, Hau- w ood Davies John, labourer, Pontcs- buiy EdwardsTlio. of VVrenbury Frith Edwards Daniel, of Hampton1 Wood, farmer Everall John. Forster Samuel, yeoman, Dod- cott Forstjr Tho*. yeoman, Dodcott Cover Thomas, jun. Bro c'oy Green Jas. jun. labourer, Dm!- leston Groom Ssniu sen ant, Lea Harrovsmith Robert Sc Charles, of Marbury, yeomen Howard Wm. servant, Corelcy Hughes James, of Abervstwith Humphrey Jeilkin, of Ditto Ikin Joseph, Jones Richard, servant, Prcs- ton Montl'oid Kearn Win. writer, Aberystwith Lawley [ litbard, of Rowlon Ixicestcr George, Crudg- ngton l. loyd Evan, ot Wroxeter Lloyd Thomas, of Great Ness Mayor Henry, currier, Broseiey Vleeson John, miner PhiJlipsWm. Beltisfield, servant Pree. ce Thomas, shoemaker, Bit- tiirley Richard John, Pontesburv Rudd William, wheelwright, Bittertey Sniith Joseph, Teague William, Turner Jos. labourer, Bil'erlev Whitley James, weaver, Shrews- bury Williams John, labourer, Poll- tesbury Wvnn Thomas, labourer, Dnd- le-' on Wjrii, Win. servaut, Cricket BRM1INGHAM FIRE OFFICE, FOR INSURING Houses, WAREHOUSES, MANUFACTO- RIES, and otheiBu 11. DINGS, FA RM- I. NGSTOCK, GOODS, WARSS, MER- CHANDIZE, SHIPS in Haibour, and other Property, from Less aud Damage by Fire EMPOWERED r. v ACT OF PAR- LIAMENT. Persons insured in this Office, vh . so insurances become due al MICHAEL MA, are respectfully Informed that the Receipt' for renewal thereof, are now ready for delivery by the respective Aden's, aud that the same should be renewed on or betoie tlie I h Day ofOoron-. n, as tne 15 Davs allowed for Payment buyout! too Due of. eaeli Policy will then expire. Fanning Slock on anv Par: of a Farm, or in any Bnildins thereon, insured in 0110 Sum, at the reduced Rate ot 2s. per Cent. No Charge made for Policies where the Piemium amounts to 6s. nor on removal from other Offices. Losses by Fire from Lightning made good. Bv Order of the Directors, II. 1. WITH BRIDGE, Secrefaiy. AGENTS—— SHROPSHIRE S'/ rerrsbr/' v JOSEPH ENOCK. U'hftchlltrh JOSEPH LSE, Cleobtiry Mortimer JOHN EATON. Market Drayton THOMAS GRIFFITH, Jun F/ em ARTHUR BPETRNSOX, Ne- vporl RICHARD LOWI:. 1 udia- M THOMAS GRIFFITHS. I'enleu, near Ellesmere THOMAS EACHUS. Osicestry ,,.,. JOHN STANTON. Hales Owen JOSEPH GRANGER. Shifnal . lostAH HARDING. Wellington THOMAS CRAM., GE. Ellesmere ........ ANDHEIV CROSS, STAFFORDSHIRE. Stafford Josfrti HENSHAW, Pe-. kridge GEORGE BENNKTI-, Walsall ..... ... THOMAS PEAROE. I. ie. hflc/ d ... ..... TH- M AS ROTTER. Tumvcorth WILLIAM WAIN, Nc- jccctstle .. CHARLES CHS- TEH. Wolverhampton THOMAS SIMPSON. Bilston « ... . STEPHEN SASFORO. Lane End and Cheadle RICUARD NEWBOLU. Cannock CHARLES CorrERfi,. R'tgeley WN. i. IAM HAWKINS. Buntem JOHN WARD. IV, 4 LI. Aherysheilh DAVID GRIP. II H. Nert'luzvn Mr. JONES, Druggist. Weish Vool JAMES ROBERTS. Wynn Hall, near JOHN KENRICK, The above Agents nre also Agents to the Birmingham British Fire insurance Office. FTVLL E Directors are ready to grant Policies for tl. c In- 1. snraiice of Buildings, Furniture, Merchandize, Ships, Vessels, and all other Property, against Loss or Damage by FIRE, on Principles the most liberal and equitable, and 011 Terms consistent with ll. e mutual Security ofthe Office and the Public. Insurances due and payable at Mien A ELM AS DAY ninst he renewed within fifteen Days therefrom, or the Policies will be void. The increased Value of all Propcrty'renders it in general necessary in prudent Persons to add lo their Insurances , such Additions will be made by this Office without Charge for tbe Policies; nor will nuy be made for Policies for Insurance of £ 31111 or upwards. FARMING STOCK atihe reduced Premium uf as. per Cent. Proposals may be had gratis at the principal Offices in the Strand and Cornhiil, London; 01 of llie Company's Agen'ls in Ihe different Cities' and Towns in Great Britain aud Ireland. ROBERT SKELTON, Secretary. 1CHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. respectfully inform tbe Public, that tin*. STATE LOTTERY, consist- ing of 111,000 Tickets, will nil be Drawn ou ihe soth of October ; the Scheme contains two Prizes of £ 20,000 each, with numerous other large Capitals, and tlie lowest Prize £ 22. Tickets and Shares are selling at SHREWSBURY, by VV. EDDOWIS, Printer. MARKET DRAYTON, R GRANT, Postmaster. WREXHAM, J. PAINTER, Bookseller. For RICHARDSON, GOODLLCK, and Co. London, who sold, iu the Lotteries drawn 111 the PRESENT YEAR, following capital Prizes, iu ltil Shares :—• No. 3,4Ht) £ 20,000 5,518 1I>, 000 6,825 10,0( 10 11,518 5,000 3,880 3,000 6,275 8,000 11 433 3,000 3,888 l, noo ( i, J70 1,000 4 of £ 300 and 4 of £ 200. No. 3880, drawn 8th of September, a Prize of £ 3000, sold by J. Painter, Wrexham. tbe fjl jij rrtTT Contractor for the present aud the il • Jjiuil} last Lottery, returns his sincere Thanks to the Public for their distinguished Favours, and is happy to announce the following List of Capitals sold 111 Shares at his Offices, No. 4, Cornhiil, and 9, Charing Cross, London, where the fortunate Holyers may receive their Money on Demand T. BISH can with Confidence recom- mend the improved Scheme ofthe New Lottery, possessing Prizes of £ 20,000, instead of £ 16,000, yet containing more Prizes than the last Lottery, and as tlic smallest Prizes of £ 22 gave such universal Satisfaction, tlicy are retained in the NEW SCHEME. 2 of £ 30,000 are £ 40,000 . 6,0110 4,00( 1 2,000 1,800 1,200 8HO 500 400 400 - 42,900 All 10 be drawn The Soth of OCTOBER Tickets and Sbar 2 .. ... 3,000. 4 .. ... 1,000. 4 .. ... 500,. 6 .. ... 300. 6 .. ... 200. 8 .. ... 100. Ill .. ... 50. 10 .. ... 40. 16 .. ... 25. 1,950 .. .... 2- 2. CAPITAL PRIZES SOLD IS Y EISH, in SHARES, in tho LAST LOTTERY. No 3,051 ... Prize of £ 16,000 974 15 4,000 3,380 B 3,000 600 A 500 £, 738 A 500 2,736 B 500 And Seven Prizes of £ 300, and £ 200, Sec. & c. Sco- res Are selling by Ball's Agents viz J. SANDFORD, Bookseller, SHREWSBURY R. PARKER, Ditlo, WHITCHURCH A MORGAN, Ditlo, STAFFORD. P. DENMAN, Ditto, WOLVERHAMPTON. It. PARKER, Grocer, ELLESMFRE. LEOMINSTER CANAL NAVIGATION. AL the Swan R A SPECIAL the Leomii.„. v. v » .|. n « inini. • » "• » appoii - '"" ooniiua, « Inn, near Tenbury, 24th Sept. 1812 : Assembly of the Proprietors of Shares in mister Canal Navigation being appointed to Mr. Hodgskinson's Rcpoit respec\ i » r. he ex " n7o, ami improvement 01 the said Canal, and to consider the Pro pricty Ot going to Parliament to obtain Powers for making ^- curing such improvements, and for other special puiC Proprietors of Shares in the said Canal Navigation pplication have been inserted, directing them lo discontinue such Advertisements. Signed in the name and on the behalf of tlic Meeting. EDWARD BLOUNT, Chairman. R^ Y- The Order for discontinuing the Advertise- ment above alluded to wits not received in time 10 pre- vent its insertion in first page. iluabtc and very immoveable _ . F. desirably situated in llie beautiful uud fertile VALE of SEVERN, ill the Parishes of Welshpool. Berriew, and Bullington, TO BE LET, IN THE FOLLOWING LOTS, NV TRVNTS . PARTICULARS uf a FREEHOLD ESTATE Insurance and Annuity Oflice, of whom the Rut ditionsof Insurance may be had Gratis. es and Con- sume more ur less. LOT 11. Two rich and fertile Piecesnf LAND, adjoining llie River Severn 011 both sides, called Mill Meadow and Dole fawr, containing by Admeasurement 9A. lR. 17P. be Ihe same more or less. LOT 111. Three Fields or Pieces of Fertile LANDS, called the New Piece, Llygad yr uch and part of Maes y ddorwen, near tbe Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Shrewsbury, two of w hich adjoin the Canal, containing by Admeasurement l3A. 2lt. 23l'. ( he tbe same more or less) which will be put up in separate Ws ifmore a ' reeable ^ LOT IV. Two Pieces of good LAND, in Weirelawdd yr eglwys, 0,1 the Banks of ,|, e Severn,' in the Par sh of 1 SuItinglou, containing by Admeasurement 7A. 2R 2lP he the same more or less. •"•• xir. w LOT V. Three Pieces of good LAND, capable of great Improvement, ,. i tl. e said Parish of But in- tou adiof, the road from Pout Quay .0 Shrewsbury, " S . „- • „ Coch, A 2lt 25P. be the same ontainiiig by admeasurement 11 more or less. LOT VI. Rhvd ISA. 8P. An inclosed Piece of LAND, being an Allot ment of Common, containing by Admeasurement A 231 . be the same more or less. The above Lots el'Gromid lo be let to J. P, - ' the y grots, in the Parish of Berricw- by Tender, directed - I- 1. CHICHESTER, Esq. Pus,- b 1 e VVc shpo" ,„, n . he 20th of October, when the best Offers wdl eaccep l L or further Particulars apply T„ , J. WAIDSON; T? cl, h" CAERKIN10. V INCLOiURE. J COMMISSIONER'S ATTENDANCE. T lillE'CommissiOner appointed hy Act of Parliament for A inclosing Lands in the Manor of Caereitiion Iscoed, wilt attend again to carry the said Act into Execution ut the Goat t An, in the Town of Llanfair, within the said Manor, on MONDAY, the NINETEENTH Day ofOCTOBER next, at nine o'Clock in the Morning. INSPECTION OF MAPS. The Commissioner will leave immediately at the Goat Inn aforesaid, the Maps and Admeasurements of all the inclosed and waste Lands, within eaclrof the Townships ofGwaeujnog ucha, Llanllothian ucha, Bringlus, Dolgead, Heniarth, Rliosafloe and I'entyrch, within Ihe said Manor; and the same will remain at the said Inn for the Space of Twenty- one Days, for the Inspection of all Parlies terested nnd their respective Agents. He will therein shew the Line of Boundary of ihe said It audi Id Feet wide. VV. From Ihe Turnpike Road on Bron Heniarth Common southerly to Eithnog Ford, and the Mill near it. X. From Pen y Brin northeasterly over Coed yn Llay Common to Gl& scoed. By the Commissioner's Older, Ii. ED YE, Commissioner's Clerk. Montgomery, 26th September,' 1812. CAEKKINION INCLOSURE. SALE OF WASTE LANDS. rTtHF. Commissioner will sell by Auction, at the Goat | Inn, in Llaufair, till Thursday, the Twenty- second Day of October, one Thousand eight Hundred and twelve, between Ibe Hours of Ihree aiid six in tbe Afternoon, the undermentioned Lots of waste Lands, respectively situate in the undernamed Townships; in the Parish of Llanfair, i to raise Money for defraying Expenses, viz. j " IN HENlAItTH. ' LOT I. A Piece on Bron Heniarth Common, containing about 3A. 0R 4P. bounded on Ihe southeast by the T11111- ods Manor, so far as the said Townships respectively adjoin any other Manors or Lordships, aud the supposed Lines of I i{ oaJ fl0m i,| anfair lo Myfod, on the nol- lii by Laud Division_ between the said Townships, and also between () f Kichaid ( Iweu, southwest by a Cottage and inclosure i them and the Townships or Places which they respectively adjoin. If any error or inaccuracy should be discovered, he de- sires that it may be pointed out in Writing left for him w iili his Clerk at Montgomery, or with Mr William Hughes at thesaid 11111; and he will proceed to examine into and correct the same at the said Inn, on Thursday, tbe Twentv- sccoud Day of October next, at eight o'Clock in the Morning, when and where all Parties interested Iherein are to attend. RIGHTS AND CLAIMS. The Commissioner hath appointed Wednesday, Ibe Twenty- first Day of October next, at eight o'Cloek in I the Morning, at the said Goat Inn, for all Partu s who liavi or claim any Common or other Right, in, upon, or to all j or any of the Commons or waste Lands, iu the said Town- i ships of Gwaenynog- ucha, Llanilothian- ucha, Briuglis, | Dolgead and Heniarth, or any of them: and the Satnrday j next following, at the same Hour and at the same Inn, for, all Parties who have or claim any such Right in, upon 111 T to all, or any of Ihe Commons or waste Lauds, iu the said Townships of Rhosafloe anil Penlyrch, or either of them, • lo deliver or cause 10 be delivered lo him Accounts or Schedules in writing of such their respective Rights and Claims, according to Law; aud be requires Ihein to be then and there delivered to him accordingly. Every such Account or Schedule must be prepared and signed according to llie Directions of the Acts, aud must specify not only in what Townships the Messuages, Lands, Sic. in respect whereof such Rights are claimed, respec- tively are; but also in which of the said Townships the Commons or waste Lands, iu or upon which such Rights are respeclively claimed, are situate; and it is desired that such Persons as have Claims in more than one of those Townships, will make out their Accounts or Schedules separately for each Township. BOUNDARIES. And the Commissioner intends lo enquire into, peram- bulate, ascertain, set out, determine and fix according to Law, the Remainder of tbe Boundaries and Divisions of and between the said Townships of Gwnenynoe- uclia, Llan- llolhian- uchti, Llaiillolliian- issa, BringU'is, DOlgead^ tid lleniarth, on Monday, the Nineteenth Day of October next, aud of anil between the said Townships of Rhosafloe and Pentyreh, on the Friday next following; and tie will commence Ibe said Perambulation at eight o'Clock in the Morning, nt or as near as may be to Pont y Gochel, and proceed up the Division between the Townships of Llan- llothian- urha and Llanllothiau- issa ; and begin the said Perambulation between the said Townships of Rh6sfifloe and Pentyrch, at eight o'Clock in the Morning on Friday, l) ic Twenty- third Day of October next, at or as near as may be to Pont y Gochel aforesaid. VAL. VICKERS, Commissioners. 2ttill September, 1812. CAERETNIOX INCLOSURE. rpHE Commissioner appointed by Act of Parliament for Inclosing Lands in the Manor of Caereinion Iscoed, halh sel oui nil the public ntid private Carriage Roads ( except those that are intended to he stopped up, and such as are to pass over Allotments! through and over the Com- mons and waste Lands in tbe Townships undernamed: He hath also ascertained them by Marks of trigging, anil prepared aud signed a Map in which ttiey are accurately laid down anil described; and he liatli deposited the said Map Willi bis Clerk, Mr Edmund Eilyc, Solicitor, at Mont- gomery, for the Inspection of all Parties concerned ; and lie doth hereby appoint a Meeting to be holden nt the Goat iu the Town of Llanfair, within Ihe said Manor, 011 tlie Occupation of David Morris, and northeast by Lot 2. • LOT II. Another Pieceou the same Common, containing about 3. A. oR. 6P bounded on the southeast by tbe said Road, northwest by Lands of Hie said Richard Owen, j southwest by ! ol 1 and northeast by tbe said Common. " IN LLANLLOTHIAN UCHA. Or/ Coed Gaithllwjd Common. LOT III A Piece containing about 4- 1. oR 5P hounded | 011 the northeast by the Road from Garthllwyd lo Bi- iuglas, northwest by Lot 7, south by Lot 4, and southwest by an Encroachment of Edward Jehu. LOT IV. Another Piece containing about aA. oR. ISP. bounded on the east by Ihe Inst tuenltoued Road, north by Lot 3, west by the said Encroachment, and south by other Pan uf the Common. LOT V, Another Piece containing about 8- V. nR. aP. bounded southwest by the said ltoad, north by Lauds of Pryee Devereux, Esq east by Lands of Mrs. Jones, and south bv liei Lam! and other Part of Ihc Common. LOT VI. Another Piece containing about 4A. nil. 4P. bounded on the southeast by ihe Road from Llaufair io Itedw Gwnion, northwest by old inclosed Lands, and on tbe other Parts by the Common and Lot 7. LOT VII. A Piece containing about , sA 1R. 3P. bounded on tbe southeast by tbe lasJ- menltoned itoud, west by Lands of Sir Watkiii Williams Wynu, Baronet, and 0: 1 the other Paris by ihe aaiil Common and I - Ol 0. IN DOLGEAD LOT V| i|. A Piece 011 Dolgeail Common, containing about 1A. 2R. 0P. bounded 011 tbe northeast by Ihe said Road from Garthllwyd to Bringl& s, on the southeast by Lot. 3, southwest by Lands of Sir Watkiu Williams Wyun, Baronet, utid northwest by other Parts of the Common. IN BRINGI. AS. On Coreg Bron Ltech Common. LOT IX A Piece containing about 7A. oR. 4P. bounded on the west by tbe Road from Rh^ il Darwin towards Dolanog, south by the Road from Brin Dudley towards l. lauerful, east by Lot 9, and on llie north by Lands in Gwaenynog- ueba Township. LOT X. Another Piece containing about " A. oU. ? P bounded on the south by the said Road from Brin Dudley towards l. lanerfiil, west by Lot 8, cast by other Pints of the Common, and north by Lands in Gwaeuyuog- ucha Township. IN GWAENYNOG- UCHA. On Gwaem/ nog Common. LOT XI. A Piece ( including Encroachments made by William Rowlands) containing about 1A. lit. 9P. bounded ou the west by Iheltoad from Garthcylar towards Cyuliiufa, east by Lauds of Sir Welkin Williams Wynu, Baronet, and ou other Parts by the Common. ON MOKL DRAI1AYARN COMMON. LOT XII. A Piece containing about 3A. oR, 7P. bounded on the northeast by tbe Road from Brin Grigog to- wards Dolanog, southeast by Lot 13, and southwest by Pat t of the Common. LOT XIII. Another Piece containing about sA. oR. 13P bounded 011 the northeast hy the said Road, southeast by the Road from Gwaenvnog towards Llant- rful, southwest by other Parts of the Common, aud liorthwisl by Lot 12. LOT XIV Another Piece containing about SA, 9tt. 9P. bounded on Ihe southeast by the said Road from Gwacny- nog to Llanerfftl, southwest by the Road from Pont Doliiuog towards Gwaenynog, east by Lot 12, aud north- west by other Part of the Common. ON RHOS CCHA COMMON. I. OT XV. A Piece containing about 2A. 2R. 2P. bounded Inn, in the Town of Llanfair, within the said Manor, 011 I 0I1 the west by the Road from Rhyd Danvyd lo Briu Grigog, Thursday, theTweuty- second Day of October next coining, „ n the south and east by the Common, and on the north nt eight o'clock in the Morning, when and where any hy Lands of Morris Evans Versou having any Objection to the Line of Direction of All the Lots are trigged except where they adjoin inclosed Meg bv 3um'ott LCD LOW, SHROPSHIRE. BY R, BALDWIN, Oii Monday, the 12th Hay ofOctober, 1812, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Red Lion Inn, in the Town of Ludlow, in the County of Salop, ill the following, or such oilier Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, subject to Conditions to be then produced, or in the mean Time bv private Contract; npHE following desirable FREEHOLD PREMISES : - a LOT 1. All that Prick- built and commodious Inn, called THE RED LION aforesaid, in tbe. Occupation of Mr. Joseph Scott, eligibly situated near to the Market Hall, in the said Town of Ludlow; comprising three Parlours, Bar, Kitchen, Back- kitchen, Bivwhonse, roomy vaulted Cellaring, nu- merous Lodging Rooms, good Stabling, Granary, Coach- house, Yard, l*, gstlcs, and back Driving- way lo the Pre- mises. Lot II. A convenientBrick- bniif DWELLING HOUSE and Offices, 111 the Occupation of Mr. Wakefield, Surgeon, situated 111 Raven Lane, in Hie said Town of Ludlow, nnd adjoining lo Lot 1, with a good Stable in the Yard behind Ibe same. LOT III A capital substantial Brick- built MALT- HOUSE, Kilo, Cistern, Store Rooms, 31 all Bins, and other Conveniences, calculated for carrying ou an extensile Business, siluate in Raven Lane aforesaid, adjoining to Lois 1 and 2, aud now in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Rea, Maltster. lor : i View of the aliove Premises applv to I lie respective Tenants; anil for Particulars and Terms 10 Messrs. M « fi- nis and SONS, Solicitors, in Leominster and Ludlow. PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE BREEDING STOCK. BY J BROOME, On Saturday, the 17th Day of October, 1912, on the Pre- mises Belonging to Mr. LLOYD, of THE GRovi:, near Ludlow, in the Counly ofSalop: LOTTT t 11 F. IFER, in- calf 2 Heifer Calf, out of Lot 1 3 Heifer in- calf 4 Heifer Calf, out of Lot 3 5 Cow, in- calf b Bull Calf, out ot Lot 5 7 Cow, in- calf 8 Bull Calf, out of Lot 7 9 Cow, in- calf 10 Bull Calf, out of Lot 9 11 Cow in calf 12 Heifer Calf. ootofLotll 13 Heifer, in- calf 14 Bull Call', out of Lot 13' 15 Heifer in- calf 16 Bull Call", out of Lot 15 17 Cow, in- calf 18 Heifer Calf, out of Lot 17 19 Cow, in- calf 20 Diito, ditto 21 Ditto, ditto 22 Ditto, ditto 23 Ditto, ditto LOT 24 Cow; in- calf 25 Ditto, ditto 2( i Ditto, ditto 27 Ditto, ditto 28 Heifer, in- calf 29 Ditto, ditto 30 Ditto, ditto 3) Four Years old Bull 32 Two Years old Heifer, in- calf 33 Ditto, ditto 34 Ditto, ditto 35 Ditto, ditto 36 Yearling Heifer 37 Ditto ditto 38 Ditto ditto 39 Ditlo ditto 4n Ditto ditto 41 Ditto ditto 42 Ditto ditto 43 Ditto ditto 44 Two Three Years old splayed Heifers. SHROPSHIRE. BY J. BROOME, Al the Three Tuns Inn, in Bishop's Castle, oil Friday, 2d Day of October, 1812, between she Hours Of three and live o'C'ock in tlieAfleruoon, together, or in the following, or such other Lots as shall lie agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject losnch Conditions asshall lie then pro- duced ; ( unless disposed of in tbe mean Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given): LOT I. ' A VERY compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate nt / A. WHITCOTT, in the Parish of Norbnry, and County of Salop ; consisting of a good and convenient Dwelling House, with a capital Water Corn Mill, and necessary Stables, Outbuildings, Gardens, Orchard, and excellent Meadow Land, containing together 7A 3R. 35P. or thereabouts, lying within a Ring Fence, and now in the Occupation of Hridgewater Roberts. LOTII. All tbat COTTAGE and excellent GARDEN, con- taining OA. nR. 20P. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of John Mellings. LOT HI. All those Pieces of excellent Meadow, Arable, and Pasture LAND, called The Woods, containing ] r> A. 2R. 23P. now 111 the Occupation of the said John Mellings. LOT IV. All those Pieces of excellent Meadow, Arable, and Pasture LAND, called, The Sbethooks, containing together 6.4. I It. 2sP in the Occupation of the said John Mellings, and Bridgewaler Roberts. LOTV. A Piece of Pasture LAND, called The Brazners, containing 7A. SR. oP. in the Occupation of the said John Mellings. Tbe above Premises are pleasantly situated in a fertile Country. The Mills consist of two Pair nf Stones,' the one French, the other - Derby ; with a Dressing Mill com- plete, and a plentiful Stream ofWatci in the driest Season. T he Meadow Land can be irrigated at Pleasure ; and there is an excellent Lime Rock under Lot 4, which may be very beneficial to a Purchaser. The Estate lies near the Turnpike Road leading from Bishop's Caslle to Shrewsbury, within four Miles of the former, aud iGof the latter Place. Possession lo be had at Lady Day next. Tbe respective Tenants, or Mr James Cooke, Noiliury, will shew the Premises ; and for further Particulars apply In Messrs. COLLINS and IIINTON, Solicitors, Much Wen- lock ; Mr. JAMES COOXE, Norbury ; Mr JOHN RICHARDS, Gai n ; or THE AUCTION FI R, at Clturcli Stretton. At tbe Agricultural Meeting at Shrewsbury, October; 1811, 1 he Proprietor of this Stock offered to shew six Cows io M ill: at. July Meeting, 1812, against any six Cows in the County ofSalop, being his own Breed anil property, which was not accepted: and will now shew six Milkiii,; Cows against any six Milking Cows for too Guineas, to be the Property and Breeding of any one Person in Hie said County— if accepted before tbe 151 li of October. THOMAS LLOYD. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. PINE " llALK. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Thursday, October 1st, 1812, on Mardol QOny, Shrews- bury, at Eleven o Clock in the Morning : ABOUT 20 very long PINE BALK of Ihe Growth of Prince Edward's Island, the Property ol Mr. Hodges, in Quantities of two Balk in a Lot. tueeteii * SWIN'BACH, NEAR BROSELEY, SHROPSIIIRFs BY Mil. BAGNOLDj tins DAY; At the Toufir. c fail, at Madeley Wood, in tiie County of Salop, on Wednesday,, the 30th Day of September, 1812; between ti e Hours of four and six iu the Afternoon, ( unless sourer disposed of by private Contract,) 111 one Lot 01- more, as shall be agreed upon, and subject to such Conditions as shall be I hen produced ; rntHE following Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, vi?. H a good and convenient Dwelling House, consisting of a Kitchen, Cellar, Biewhouse, ihrce Parlours aud six Lodging Rooms; a Malthotise capable of wetting fortv Bushels; a Barn, two Stables, and other . suitable O11I- Buildings, -. 1 Fold Yard, good Garden and Orclnui!, two 111' at Cottages, with a splieious Garden .0 each, nnd seven, I Pieces of excellent Ai able, Meadow ami Pasture Laud, tin whole containing Iv. eutj nine Acres or thereabouts, ami within a Riug- Fence, ' sate only one field which is at a little Distance,.! pleasantly situated al' SWINBACH, in lb/- Parish of, and witfiiu a Mile and a h ilf of the Town or' BlvOSEl. EY aforesaid, no< v in the Tenure of Mr. John Blainey, William Heigbvvuy, ind Thomas Smith. The principal House atr- f Fa rati are lei to Mr. Blainey, foe seven Years from Lady Day last, at a Rent of £ 75 lor lie first Year, and £ sn per Annum during the hemaiiiderofliie Tenu, clear of ult Taxes, except Land Tax, which is oui,- 25s. per Aooum- The Cottages are held from Year to Year, the one in the Possession of William Heigliwav, at a clear Rent of Six Guineas, and tile other al a clear Rent of Five Guineas. There are Valuable Mines of Iron- Stone, Lime Stone, Coal, and Clay under the Estate—- Upon the Coal are Iwo Pils now ill work, willi Gllis and other necessary Utensils, and three oilier Pils are in pai t sunk, two to the Depth of 45 Yinds each, nnd the other about 32 Yards— There is also an 1 roil Rail Way tothe Severn about 2000 Yards in Length, all of which will be either included in the Sale, or reserved to the Vendor, as shall be agreed upon. fir. Blainfy will shew the Premises; and further Parti- culars may be ke. cwn 011 Application to Mr. MORRIS, Solicitor, in New port, Shropshire. C. D. E. any of tbesnidRoads so sel out, is desired to delivers State- ment thereof, that tlie saute maybe determined. Tbe General Lines of the said Roads so set out are as follows, viz. IN GWAENYNOG- CCHA TOWNSHIP. I'tiblte Roar!.* 30 Feet wide. A. From tbe Town of Llanfair northerly over Rlios- ncha nud Brin Grigog Commons, northwesterly over Moel Druhayarn Common, and northerly and northwesterly over Briny Clogsin Common iiud Pont Dfllanog Com- mon to Dolanog Bridge. B. Branching out of the lastinentioned Road, 011 Pont D& lanug Common, northeasterly over waste adjoining tbe River Veruiew towards the Weeg in Cyuhinfa Township. From Uanerf& l easterly over Rhfii nchaCommon, to the Boundary or Division between Givnenyitog- ucha and Bringltks Townships, near the Southern side of Evan Davies's Land Foaris 21 Feel wide. From Cynhinfa overGwaenytr t Common, southeasterly aud westerly to its Junction wilb Ihe ti 1 st mentioned Road; thence nearly in the same Direction over Moel Drahavarn Common, to the End of the Lane leading to Rlijdvgro. From the " first mentioned Road 011 Pont Dolanor Com- mon, southwesterly and southerly over Wern Dftlauog, and southeasterly and southerly over Brill y Clogsin Common, and somberly and southeasterly over Moel Drahaynrn Common, to its Junction with the lastde-' scribed' Road. F. Branching out of the last mentioned Road at the north- eastern End of Wei ll Dblanug Common, southwesterly towards Llanerffll. G. Branching out of the Road from Cynhinfa to Rh dygro on Gwaenynog Common, southerly over the same, and easterly ami southerly over Rb6s- ucha Common, towards Garthllwyd. Road 18 Feet wide II. From the Road set out over Rhos- ncba Common, westerly and southerly over IheGro to Rli^ d I'wm- path. IN P. RINGLAS TOWNSHIP. Public Roads 30 Fe t wide. From Llanfair Town northerly over Rhds- ucha Common towards Dfilanng From Brill Dadlcy( in Givaenynog- issaTownsbip) north- westerly anil westerly over Rhos- neha Common, toils Junction with the last mentioned Road, and thcnce in tbe same Direction towards 1,1 rierful. Road 19 Feel wide. Prom Itb6s- ueha Common ( in ( iwnenynog uclia) wes- terly over Ihe Waste iieai- Cau Mynydd, towards Rbyd Twmpath. IN LLANLLOTHIAN UCHA TOWNSHIP. Public Road : m Fe- 1 wide. L. From I tan fair Town northeasterly anil easterly over Coed Garthllwyd Common, ami easterly over Bedw Gwuion Common to Lljingvniew Township. Rands 21 Feet wide. M. Prom Pont V Got- hcl northeasterly over Bi- on Pent I. J. K. Lands or a Brook or Rill ; and a Map with the printed Pur ticnlars of them, are left with Mr. William Hughes at llic Goat Inn, in Ltaofair, who will shew the Lands Printed Particulars may also be seen at Ihe Public Houses in Custle- Cafreinion, Beriiew, Manafon, Llangyniew and Myfod, and most of the iieighhouringVillajes, and principal Inns in Montgomery, Pool and Llanfair. Further Information may be had of Mr. VICKEKS, of Cranmcre. near Bridgnorth, the COMMISSION ER; or of Mr E'DYE, of Montgomery, the Clerk and Solicitor in this Inclosure. By the Commissioner's Order, E. ED YE, Commissioner's Clerk. Dated 36th Sept. 1812. ^> ale0 tip miction. A SUBSTITUTE FOI! FOREIGN WINE. 1' IY W. SMITH, Oil Saturday, the 3d of October, 1812, at Five in the Afternoon, at the Raven I1111, Raven Street, Shrewsbury : UPWARDS of FIVE HUNDRED GALLONS" of MADEIRA WINE. The Flavour is particularly pleasant, and the Strength equal to Foreign Madeira. It will be put in Lots of from 2 to 10 Gallons. Samples to be tasted on application lo THE AUCTION EER; or at the Time of Sale. N. B. TheAuctioneer respectfully informs Ihe Public be will execute any Commission entrusted to him CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. BY GLOVER AND SON, j Ou tlicPremises, Oil Monday andTuesdav, the lath and 13th Iteys ofOctober, 1812: ALL the valuable and carefully selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils, & c. belonging to Mr THORN ES, of THE ARGOED, in tbe Parish of Kinnerley, iu the County of Sa- lop; consisting of lb valuable Dairy Cows, a capital Buil of the Montgomeryshire Kind, fai, 5 two- year ol 1 Heifers, 2 two- year old Bulls, 7 yearling Heifers, ( j rearing Calves; 2 capital Waggon Horses, 2 ditto Mares with Foais, 2 capital Draught Colts, rising three- years old, 1 ditto Filley, rising two- years old, a capital Chesnut Filiey, rising four- years old, by Alexander, Dam by Glaucus, likely lo make a good Hunter: 6 fat Sheep, 11 Store Pigs, Road Waggon, shelled and Harvest Geering, nearly new, Harvest Waggon, nearly new, Harvest Cart, - 2 broad wheel Tumbrils, double Plough, new, single ditto. Hand ditlo, large Pair Harrows, new, | Ditto, ditto, ditto, Smaller ditto. Land Roller, 6sctsllorses ' Geering, Craul s aud Chains, Winnowing Machine, large : Scales anil Weights, 3 roiinil Stack Frames, Kibbling M ill, 1 a double Trammel Fishing Net, 25 yards long, nearly new, a ditto, 12 yards long; : l Slacks of well Hin vested llav, & c. I On the First Day's Sale will lie. LET BY AUCTION, about SIXTY ACRES of LAND TO GRAZE till the Ist I of J an nar V, 1813. i On ( hi Second Day, WILL BE SOLD, a Part of the | HOUSEHOLD FURN 1TURE, with all the Brewing and Dairy Utensils. BY .1. BROOME, On Hie Premises, on Momlav, the 5th of Oetober, 1812, HPHfc LIVE STOCK, awl' IMPLEMENTS of HU3 1 BAND! iV. of Mrs. MYTTON, of WERN DU, in the Parish of Chtsrehstoke, in the County of Montgomery, comprising 12 Dairy Cows, five fat Ditto, one Waggon Mare in- foal, one Yearling: Colt and one sucking Ditto of the draught Kind ; 220 Sheep in Lots, two Tumbrils, one Harvest Cart, one double Plough, one Hand Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, two Ladders, Pikels, Rakes, and numerous other Implements. The Sale will commence precisely at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon. Mrl BottcrelTs Safe of Herefordshire Cattle, fyc. BY .1. BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday, Ihe 6th Day of October, IS 12: F. arlv in October next, either together, or in Lots, rpHli MANOR of MINSHULL VERNON, with seve- al 1 desirable Farms and Lands, situate at Minshnll Ver- non, in the Parish of Middlew ich, in the County of Chester, comprising near 1000 Acres: Particulars of which will ap- nenr iu a future Paper. BY~ S7TUDO R. At the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 17II1 of October, 1812, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject lo such Conditions as will be theu produced, iu the fol- lowing Lots: LOT I. AMESSUAGE, or Dwelling House, Garden, and Out- . buildings, nnd I he several Pieces of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAN D, theieto belonging and adjoining, con- taining together by Admeasurement 3bA. uR loP. more or less, siluate near l'oito's HFATH, in tbe County of Salop, now in the Occupation of Mr. John Hughes. LOT 11. Three Pieces of LAND, near FORD, called the Wn, MORES, containing 6A, ] R. 2tiP. more or less, in the Occupation of Mi-. John Gongh. LOT III. A Piece of LAND, near FORD, called the Moon LF. ASOW, containing 4/ V. lit. 34P. more or'less, ill tbe Occupation of Mr. John Gough. LOT IV. A Piece of LAND, near FORD, called the CUCKOO OAK, containing £. A. oR. SSP. more or less, in the Occupation of Mr. John Gough. LorV. Four DWELLING HOUSES and Gardens, ad- joining each other, situate 111 the Village of FORD, con tabling together 1A. 0R. 14P. more or less, in the several Occupations of Samuel l'igg, Thomas Perry, John Morris, aud Thomas Hughes. LOT VI. A DWELLING HOUSE and Garden, and Ihree Pieces of LAND, called the WHISTONS, siluate near FORD, containing together 12A. all. 3- 3P. more or less, in the Occupations of Hugh Davies, and Mr. John Gouge. LOT VII. A'Piece of LAND, situate near FORD, and adjoining the River Severn, called the MAY POLE, contain- ing 2A oR luP. more or less, iu tbe Occupation of Mr. Johu Gongh. Ford is about five Miles from Shrewsbury, near the Road leading to Welsh Pool. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and fiirttier'PuiTiculnrs may be known, and a Map thereof seen, by applying to Mr. ASTEIILEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. HAD LEY— S H HO PS III HE. BY MR. BAGNOLD, At the Pheasant Inn, in Wellington, in the County ofSalop ou Thursday, tin; 15th Day of October, 1812, between ibe Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, unless sooner dis- posed of by private Contract; AVALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in tbe Township of H A DLEY, in tlie Parish of Wellington aturesaid, in Hie following, or such oilier Lots as shall be agreed upon. ( Particular Quantities. Lots. Premises. Tenants A. R. 1>. 1 Boutbill. or Bolthole Joseph Ford - - - 2 Corbeti's Orchard David Thomas - - 3 House, Garden, Build- ings, ike. - - - - Joseph Ford Yard ----- - Ditlo - Little Fields, or Yelds Ditto 4 House, Garden, Build- ings, & c. Orchard - - Garden Close Calves Croft - 0 0 2 311 0 22 Total Quantify. A. R. p. 5 1 3 2 A 19 4 3 12 A LL the LIVE STOCK, with Part of Ihe TMPLE- r\ MENTS ill HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. BOT- TF. RF. LL, of THE HEATH, iu the Parish of Stoke St. Milboiough, and County of Salop ; comprising 14 Milking Cows in Calf, six 3- years olrl Oxen, live a- years old Bul- locks, seven 2- vears old Heifers in Calf, 12 Yeai lings, 15 Calves, oue Bull, bred by Mr. Williams, of Tliing- Hill; one Waggon Gelding 8- vears old, one Ditto 4- years old, one 4 years old brown Mure, by PETROWITZ,"( of great si2e, and likely to make a valuable Hunter); one Blood Mare, 5- years old, by STRIDE, her Dam by STAR— Stride was by Phenomenon, Phenomenon by Herod— jStar was by Highflyer, & c.— this Mare is stinted to Deceive--, one Yearling Filly by FYI. DENER, out of the above Mare; one yearling Colt by PKTROWITZ, bis Dam bv Alexander, Ibis Colt will be of great size, and likely for Hunters' Priory Croft Eliu Leasow Brick Field Slung - - . Sheep Leasoiv - llay Bridge Lcasow 7 I. ee Meadow - - . 8 Park Heads Geor; Park Meadow - Robert Davis 1 1 20 - Ditto - 1 3 . Hi Ditto - 1 1 U 2 32 Ditto - 0 Ditto - 1 2 2f> - Ditto - 2 2 18 Ditto 4 0 10 Ditto 1 1 24 w in Hand - 4 2 4 Robert Davies 2 t 37 iu Hand - 3 3 ( j Joseph Ford - _ 1 22 9 2 38 10 3 Joseph F.. .1 4 0 so Yateley - Upper Ditto Middle Ditto Lower Ditto - Robett Davis - - Ditto - - Joseph Ford - Ditto - 7 3 2 IS 1 3 SHROPSHIRE. FREEHOLD ESTATE— TYTHE FREE. BY MIL W. SMITH. At the Crown Inn, in Church Strctton, in the County of Salop, 011 Friday, the 3nth dav ofOctober, 1812, between the Hours of Three and Six 111 the Afternoon, subject to Conditions ofSule to be then and there produced, in oue or more Lots, as shall be agreed at the Time of Sale ; A VERY COMPACT and improvcable FREEHOLD A FARM, eligibly situate, nearly within a lling- Fencc,' in the Township of TICKLERTON, in tbe Parish of Eaton, in the said County, known by tbe name of THE HOLLEYS, now 01- late ill tbe Occupation of Mr W111. Cartwriglit, comprising a small Farm House, with Barns, Stabling, and other Outbuildings, aiid 6tA. oil. lP. of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land. ^ This Estate is distant about 2 Miles from Church Stretloli, 14 from Shrewsbury, 15 from Uroseley, 12 from Wenlock, and 12 from Ludlow, all excellent Markets; ' within a short Distance from Lime and Coal, and is well supplied with Water, which may he carried over a consi derable Portion of the Lands— There is a Quantity of Young thriving Timber growing upon tbe Estate, which Stakes; one 2- years old Colt by ADMIRAL, his Dam by I the Purchaser will be required to take at a Valuation to be j Collier's Grey; one hack Matt-, in foal; four strong store j produced atthe Sale. I Pigs; oue Waggon, two broad- wheel Carts, oue narrow j For a View of Hie Premises apply at THE HOLLERS ; and Ditto, one double Plough, Gearing, & c. & c. nine Acres of I for fnrthei Particulars, nt the Officeof Messrs. RUSSEL and Turnips. The Person w ho takes the Turnips'may be ac-| JONES, Solicitors, Ludlow, of whom may be had Printed commoilated wilh airy Quantity of Hay, together with a Shed close adjoining the Turnips for Cuttle to run iu The Sale will begin precisely at 10 o'Cloek, as tlie whole will he sold in one l); t ,'. Kj" A Number of Cattle and Colts to be taken to Hay and Straw the Winter. ONE HUNDRED PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE CATTLE, AND THREE HUNDRED SOUTH DOIVN EWES. BY .1. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday and Wednesday, the 131I1 and 14th of October, 1812, the Property of Mr. BLUCK, of LA WTON, near Ludlow, in tbe Couutv ofSalop : npWENTY- SI\ beautiful YOUNG COWS, in calf. L 14 Fine two Years old HEIFERS, in calf. 12 Ditto ditto BULLOCKS 2 Ditlo ditto SPAYED HEIFERS. 9 Yearling BULLOCKS. , II Diito HEIFERS. 14 HEIFER CALVES 9 Handsome BULL CA1. VES. 2 Excellent YEARLING BULLS- t VALUABLE BULL, rising sixYeais old. The Proprietor believes, that Qual ity of Flesh containing i ibe most Fat in the Muscles, will produce tbe greatest of John Jones, and proceeding southerly over Coed Garthllwyd Common to tne End of the Lane thence to Pentre. P. Branching out of Ibe said first- mentioned Road nt the ii- irl hern Corner of the same Encroachment, to the End of the Lane thence to Ganhllwyd. Q. Branching out of the « : iid first mentioned Road at the southeastern Corner of mi Encroachment made 111 re- spect of the tilt- he l and belonging 10 Llaufair in the Occupation of Oliver Davies, northwesterly towards Tyddin. R. Branching out of I be Said first described Road between I orless, of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, wi Bronheilog Tenement and a Close belonging tbeielo, able Right ofCommon 011 the Wiisies adjoining. FREEHOLD ESTATES At the Bear's Head Inn, in Newtown, on Tuesday, the6th Day of October, 1812, between the Hours of four and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at tbe Time of Sale, subject to such Conditions as shall lie then and there produced; LOT I. LL that MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, wilh Buildings thereon, calledTYN- Y- CoEi), iu the Parish of LLANDINAM, in ihe Occupation of Sarah Price, as Tenant ut Will, containing 16A iR. 4l'. be Ihc same more ilk a vain- A1 easterly and southeasterly to Peuvbrin IN DOLGEAD TOWNSHIP. lioail 21 Feet wide. S. From Coed Garthllwyd Common ill I. laullotliInn ucha, northwesterly over Dolgead Common towards Bi inglas Road 15 Fi'et wide. T. Front the last described Road southwesterly over the said Common tuTy' 11 v Cae Muwr. IN II ENIARTH TOWNSHIP. Public Road 30 Feci wide. U. Prom Heniarth Finger- post southwesterly over Bron Heniarth ami 1 lettv Goch Commons in its present Direction ( being tbe Turnpike ltoad) towards l. lanfaii Town. Road 21 Feet wide. V. From Bedw Gwnion southwesterly over Pant y Tiinliouse Common towards Llanfair Town. LOTII. All lhat DWELLING HOUSE, Buildings, and FUI- LING M ILL, called PAN DY CA EKSWS, in the Parish of 1. LANWN0CS, in ibe Occupation of Eleanor Owen, as Tenant at Will, with a Garden, Close, and Field of Land, containing 5A. oR oP. be Ihe same more or less, w ith a Right of Common on the Wastes adjoining. Lot 1 is very compact, situate near llie Village of I. lan- dinam, and adjoins the Turnpike Road leading from New- town to Llanidloes. l. ot 0 is situate in the. Village of Caersivs. the Stream of Water which used le work Ihe Fulling Mill, now works a Flannel Manufactory, and is applicable for any Purpose where a strong Stream is nei essary. The Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars upply to Mr. DRKW, Solicitor, Newtown ; or Mr RICHARD G'niiriTHCs. Laud Agent, Bi- bop's Caslle, Salop. of the same Age, bred by any one Person in England, for 200 Guineas ; the Pair to be ( bona fide) the Property of 1 he Person shewing.— The Shew to take place previous to the Dav of Sale. THE AUCTIONEER hopes the Company will attend pre- cisely at Ten o'Clock iu the Morning, as lie intends to sell the Whole of the Cattle the first Day. TRULY VALUABLE AND WELL- KNOWN CHOICE CATTLE, The Property of Mr. GWILLI. YM, of Dorrington, near Shrewsbury, late of Purslow Hall, 111 the County ofSalop, BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Thursday, the ,15th Day of October, 1812 MR. GW1LLIAM assures the Public, that the Whole of tbe Cattle iii this Advertisement arc bred from the HEREFORDSHIRE PRIZE BULL, shew n at Shiffnal against Mr. Knowles's Leicestershire Bull.; LOT 9 Bull Calf to Ditlo ditto It Ditto ditto I'j Heifer ditto 13 Dit to ditto 14 Ditto ditto 15 Ditlo ditto lU One Year old ditto. LOT 1 Heifer, in- calf 2 Ditto ditto 3 Ditto ditlo 4 Heifer Calf 5 Heifer, in- calf 6 Heifer. Calf 7 Bull Calf 8 Ditto ditto The Sale to begin at Eleven' ' Clock in tbe Morning. Particulars of the Lands; also at the Crown I1111, Church Stretton; White Hart, Wenlock ; and Raven, Shrewsbury. LAND, NEAR SHRE'vVSIIURY. At the Lion Inn, in Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the loth Day of October, 1812, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, unless disposetl of in the mean Time by private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given : LOT I." ONE HALF of a MEADOW, lying at HORTON LANE, about three Miles from the Town of Shrews- burv, called THE EIGHT ACRES, and containing about that Quantity, in tire Occupation of Mr. John Toinlinson, t- lie same to lie divided from tbe other Half by a Fence and Cart Road, lobe made in a straight Line from the Gate leading into Lot 3 to the Turnpike Road from Shrews- j bury to Westbury, leaving Lot 1 011 the Side of the Fence ) nearest to Shrewsbury. LOT 11. TheQTHGR HALF of the said Meadow, called THE EIGHT ACRES. LOT 111. A FIELD adjoining Lots one and two, called THE SIX ACRES, and cuntaining about th t Quantity, and now iu the Occu pit lion of the said Johu Tonilinson. The Tenant will shew tbe Premises ; and further Par- ticulars may be known by applying lo Mr. PANTING, Altoinev, in Shrewsbury. FASHIONABLE AND MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE aud other EFFECTS, AT CO A LTLROOK D A I. E. BY J. C. STRETCH, On Wednesday, Thursday, mid Friday, Hie 7H1, Sth, and 91 b Days of October, 1812, in a commodious Room of MI. John Hoi- nbloiver's, at the S-. vau I1111, Coalbrookdalc, Shropshire; npHE modern and fashionable HOUSEHOLD FURNI- 1 TUR E, and other Effects, of a Gentleman who is leav ing this County ; iiiul Part of the STOCK in TRADE of 11 Cabinetmaker ami Upholsterer, ( a Bankrupt), consigned and removed for the Convenience of Sale ; comprising Ma- hogany Furniture in general, viz. Dining, Caid, Pembroke, Dressing, Work, and Night Tables, Chairs, covered with Satin Hair S atiug, Pair of - Softs, Wardrobes, Chests with Drawers, Cellcret, Sideboards, Bason Stands, Tea Chests, Butlers' Tiays, Knife- boxes, A. c. large and handsome Pier and Swing Glasses, japanned black and Gold Chairs, Gre- cian Couches aud Sofas, with Squabs and Cushions, Brus- sels aud Kidderminster Floor and Bedside Carpets and Hearth Rugs, Fenders and Fire- irons, to Fourpost and Tent Bedsteads, with plain and Drapery Furniture, Goose Feather Beds and B. olsters, Hair and Wool Matt lessen, with other Bedding to correspond; an HARPSICHORD, by Kbk- niau; several Lots of PLATE, 5 Gold and Silver WATCHES, a few select PA 1 NTINGS, PRINTS, and BOOKS ; with a great Variety of useful Chamber and other Articles; the Whole of which will be expressed in Catalogues, to be had at Ihe principal tuns 111 Shrewsbury, Biidanortb, Kidderminster, Bewdlev, Kinlet, Shiffnal, Wenlock, Wellington, at the Place of Sale, and of THE AUCTION t PR, Worcester. - The Goods may be viewed one D-. iv prior lo the Sale, and to commence each Morning at ten o'Clock. ( tj" An early Attendance is particularly requested, its the Whole of the above must be disposed of within the Time limited ;| aud as the Articles offered for Sale are of excel- lent Quality, J. C. STRETCH presumes to hope the Public wil find them worthy their Attention. to House and Garden Thomas Jones Ditto aud Ditto VV illiam Guest it Ditto and Ditto Thomas Hoof. The Whole of Ketley Brook Meadow and Sheep Lcasow are now watered, aud about one Half of Havbridge Leasow may also be watered from Ketley Brook.— The Land Tax oil the Whole Estate, except Haybridge Leasow, is redeem- ed, and Possession of all the Lots but the lust may be had at l. ady Day next, and ofthat alMicbaelmas follmvi ng. The Tenants will shew the Premises, and further Particu- lars mny be known 011 Application to Mr. MORRIS, Soli- citor, iu Newport, Shropshire. CA 1' IT A L N URSERY STOCK, " At Small Heath, near Birmingham. KAY ANITHODGSOM MOST respectfully inform the Nobility, Gentry, Nursery Men, and the Public ill general", that I hey shall offer, by Public Auction, 011 the Piemises, subject lo Conditions then to be produced, the extensive Nursery Stock, Hot- be. use, & c of Mr. VI . GIBSON, v: ho is entering into another Concern, on Monday, the sth of October utid following Davs, ( Sunday excepted) viz. EIGHTEEN ACRES of NURSERY STOCK, all i: i the highest state of Perfection, and will be sold without the least Reserve. The above Stock presents a fine aud most extensive Col- lection of Forest Trees, Flowrring Shrubs, Evergreens, and American Plains, w ith a choice Collection of Fruit Trees, consisting of Standard and D » arf Apples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, aud Apricots, trained and untrained, which are perfectly free from blight or insects ; also a large Quunlitv of Transplanted Hawthorn Quick, and a Variety of other Plants, & c & c. Further Particulars iii Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale ten Days previous ; of THE PRINTER OF THIS NEWSPAPER, at the Auctioneers' Rooms, High- Street, Birmingham, Cheltenham, and Uniou- Strcet, Balli, at one Shilling each, returnable lo Purchasers abot'e £",. The Hot- lionse is 75 Feci long by IB Feet wide. The Nursery may be viewed by Tickets to be bad of the Auctioneers. From t be Time of Sale to the 1st of March, 1813, will be allowed for removing Ihe Trees. Tbe Sale lo commence each Morning at half past tell o'Clock. BY WRIGHT AND SON, • At the Talbot. Inn, in Dr. ayton- in- HaleS, in tbe Couuty of Salop, 011 Wednesday, the 7th Day of October, 1812) between the Honrs of three and six iu the Afternoon, subject lo such Conditions as will be then produced, and in the following, Or such other Lots as shall he agreed upon at the Time of Sale : LOT I. ASUBSTANTIAL Brick aud Tile FARM HOUSE, with suitable Outbuildings, aud thirty- nine. Acres, or thereabouts, of excellent LAND, in good Condition, situate and being at CHESWARDIN H, in the County of Salop, now iu the Occupation of Mr. Francis Spender ( aged 70, ami very infirm), under a Lease for his Life. LOT II . A Piece of LAN D, called Castle Croft, situate in Cheswardine aforesaid, containing four Acres and a Half or tlieicahoots. t. O'i III. Three Pieces of LAND, in Cheswardine afore- said, called Far llolly Leasow, Near Holly Leasow, at d Well Meadow, containing together fourteen Acres, or thereabouts. LOT IV. Three Pieces of LAND, iu Cheswardine afore- said, called the Little Birch, Green Gore or Peggy's Leasow and Hem Pool, containing together thirteen Acres and a Half, or thereabouts, and which, together Willi the last twu Lots, are 111 I lie Occupation ol t he said I'raur is spender LOT V. TWO HOUSES, a Malthouse, Barn, and Nursery Ground, i i Ihe Sheep- Marl el- Street, in Drayton- in- Hales afoiesaid, containing an Acre ami Quarter, or thereabouts 111 the Occupation of Mr. Bagnali and others. LOT VI. Two Butts in a Piece of LAND, in Drayton- in- Hales aforesaid, called the Three Butts. Lor VII. A Piece of LAND in Draytoii- iu- Halrs afore- said, called Longs low Lane Field, containing au Acre and three Quarters, or thereabouts. LOT VIII. A Piece of LAND in Little Drayton, called Litlle Drayton Field, containing three Acres and a Quarter, or thereabouts. LOT IX. A Piece of LAND in Drayton aforesaid, called the Sytch Field, containing five Acres, or thereabouts, Jiel. l by a Lease granted for three Lives ( two of which are now existing), at the annual Rent of seven Pounds, and now, with the three last mentioned Lots, iu the Occupation of Mrs Swanwick. LOTX. TWO small HOUSES and GARDENS on th- WestSideof Little Drayton Heath, in the Occupation o; John Borrow und John Bayley. LOT XI. Another small HOUSE and GARDEN next the last Lot, in the Occupation of William Eaton. The Whole of tlie foregoing Lots, except the Sytch Field, are Freehold; free from Incumbrances, except Tithe and Land- Tax ; and Possession of all but the first Lot may be had at Lady- day next. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. J. L, WARREN, Solicitor, Drayton- in- Hales afoicsaid. « £ BS33* b£ LONDON. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. DOWN INC STREET. SEPT. 21. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent lias been gradous ly pleased, in llie name ami on the bebalf of bis Majesty, to appoint Sir Ralph Woodford, Bart, to be Governor of the Island of Trinidad. CARLETON HOUSE, SEPT. 22 This day the Baron de Rehausen, Envoy Extraordinary nnd Minister Plenipotentiary from tbe King of Sweden, had his tirst private audience of'his Royul Highness the Pnnce Regent, to deliver bis credentials. [ The Gazette also contains a list of 21 American priva- teers, captured or destroyed by his Majesty's ships on the Halifax station, betweeu the' 1st of July and the 25th of August.] Supplement to the London Gazette OF TUESDAY, SEPT. 23. Downing Slreet, September 23. A Dispatch has heen this day received at Earl Ealhursl's Office, addressed to his Lordship by Major General Cooke, and inclosing a dispatch from Colonel Skerrett, of which the following is a copy. SEVILLE, Auo. 28. SIR— 1 have the honour to report the movements of the detachment uuder my orders since tbe date of my last. The result of which, the capture of the city of Seville by assault, defended by eight French battalions and two regiments of dragoons intrenched, will, I trust, be considered as honour- able to the allied arms, and serviceable to the cause of Spain.— On Ihe 24th inst. Gen. Cruz Mourgeon, command- ing Ihe Spanish troops, and myself, judged it adviseable to make a forward movement on Seville; for this purpose it was advisable to force the enemy's corps of observation of 350 cavalry and 200 infantry, at St. Luca la Mayor. I 7 > I'' "'. I I. NUN T..,> NNO IMIMLTNOPRL ftf t marched from Mauzanill with 800 troops, composed of the lst regiment of guards, the 87th, and the Portuguese regi- ment) Brigadier General Dowuie, accompanied with Coo Spanish troops. The Spanish column attacked on the right, and the British and Portuguese ou the left. The French were driven thro' Ihe streets with precipitation, leaving some killed, wounded, and prisoners. We took post at San Lucar without the loss of a man. On the 26th inst Gen. Cruz and myself having judged that it would he at- tended wilh tbe most beneficial effects, both on the public opinion and in saving Ihe cily from being plundered, if Ihe French could be precipitated out of Seville, the allied troops, iu consequence, marchcd for this purpose, and arrived at the heights of Castillejos de la Cuesta, immedi diately above Seville, on the morning of the 27th, at six o'clock The Spanish troops formed our advance. The French advance was driven iu ; the cavalry retired, leaving the infantry in the plain, which last were charged by the Spanish cavalry, who made many prisoners. The Spanish troops attacked a redoubt 011 our left, aud losl a good many nien. The columns advanced into the plain, by which movement this redoubt was turned, and its communication cut off; the Spanish troops under General Cruz took tile right, and made a detour to arrive and attack oil that flank of Triana ( the suburbs of Seville). I ordered the redoubt to be masked by a detachment of tho 20th Portuguese regiment, aud advanced a field- piece with some troops, to keep in check the enemy's lire at one ofthe gales of Ihe cily opposite to us, and after giving sufficient time for the Spanish columns lo arrive, the British and Portu- guese troops advanced lo the attack in front, the cavalry mill artillery advanced at a gallop, supported by Ihe grena- diers of the guards, and the infantry following. The enemy abandoned the gate; we entered the suburbs, and advanced near to the bridge of Seville wilh as much rapidity as pos- sible, in hopes of preventing its destruction, which would have rendered it extremely difficult for ns to succeed. We were checked hy the firing of grape shot and musquctry at the turning of the street The grenadiers of the guards ad- vanced to our support, and drove every thing before them. At this moment part of the Spanish column arrived; we advanced to tbe bridge under a heavy fire ; Capt. Cadoux, of the95th, with great judgment, made a flank movement or. ourleft; Capt. Roberts, ofthe artillery, brought up with rapidity two guns; a heavy fire of cannon and musquctry was soon brought to hi • r 011 the enemy, who were driven from their position 011 the other side of the river, and from the bridge, which they had only in part destroyed. The grenadiers of Ihe guards and some Spanish troops led Ihe columns that crossed the bridge. A general route ensued, and Ihe enemy were driven thro* the streets, which were strewed with their dead, and pursued at all points, leaving behind them valuable captures of horses, baggage, and money— It is difficult for me to express the joy of the peo- ple of Seville. The inhabitants, under the fire of the French, brought planks to lay across the bridge; and their acclamations ami vociferous marks of joy, added to the immense crowd, rendered it extremely difficult for tbe officers to advance tliro' the streets with their columns. The vast extent of this city, the exhausted slate ofthe troops, who had advanced iu double quick lime for three miles, and the want of cavalry,- rendered it impossible to continue the pursuit beyond the town Such was Ihe ra- pidity of our attack, that this victory over a French division, and the passage of a bridge w hich the enemy had materially destroyed, w ith his infantry and artillery, formed on the banks of the river, was achieved with a loss that ap- pears almost incredible. 1 have only to regret the loss of one officer, Lieut. Brett, Royal Artillery, who was killed, gallantly fighting his gun, at the bridge. The intrepidity of this valuable officer was observed by the whole detach- ment— The loss of the enemy must have been very great. We have taken several officers, and, 1 believe, near 200 prisoners. The couducl of every officer and soldier lias beeu above praise ; where all have behaved well, it is difficult lo distinguish ; I must, however, . mention the detachment of the King's German Legion, commanded by Cornel Wie. b. ddt; tbe artillery, hy Capt. Roberts ; detachment of 95th, by Capt. Cadoux; aud the grenadiers of the Ist regiment of guards, by Capt. Thomas. To Colonel Mainland, ist regi- ment of guards ( second in command), 1 am much indebted from the commencement of this service.; and in Ihe attack of Seville his military talents, intrepidity, and zeal, were particularly conspicuous. I am also much indebted to Lieut. Col. Colqnil, commanding a detachment of the regiment of guards; to Lieut. Col. Prior, commanding a detachment of 20th Portuguese regiment; and to Major Maclain, commanding a detachment 87th regiment. The exertions of Capt. Wynvard ( Coldstream Guards), Assistant Adjutant General, and Lieut. Ueid, Royal Staff Corps, Staff Officers attached to the detachments, have been in- defatigable. Capt. Bunbury, 20th Portuguese regiment, 1 Brigade Major, and Lieut. Smith, Royal Engineers, were 1 at this time detached on other service.— During the whole of this attack, our allies, Ibe Spaniards, have rivalled Ihe conduct of the British and Portuguese troops ; and General Cruz Murgeon, by his military talents and bravery, has principally contributed lo Ihc successful result of the day. Enclosed is a return of the killed and wounded. During last night a division of 7 or 8,000 French troops passed by. Our attack has saved Ihe city from the devastations and contributions with which it was threatened. Capt. Wynyard is the bearer of this dispatch, who will inform you of any farther particulars you may require. I have the honour, & c. ( Signed) J. B. SKERRETT. To Major General Cooke, t; c. SfC. 1'. S. A return of the guns and military stores taken will be sent as soon as the quantity can be ascertained. Two of the field pieces which llie enemy advanced against us fell into our hands. Total kil- Mand wounded.— 1 subaltern, 1 Serjeant, 1 rank and file, 2 horses, killed; I subaltern, 12 rank and file, 1 horse, wounded. Name of Officer killed.— First Lieut. Brett, Royal Artil. Name of Officer wounded.— First Lieutenant Llewelyn, slightly, 93th Rifle Corps. desperate resistance, was obliged to strike to her an tagonist's superiority of men and metal. The Alert mounts only 16 guns, and the Essex is a 44 gun ship. Advices " from Alicant, of the 15th ult. mention, that the army under Gen. Maitland, wilh the division uuder Gen. Roche, aud the cavalry of the second and third army, had set out on their march that day, in the direction cf Valencia. Later accounts of the 19th state, that the arYnv was in Aleira and that the enemy had abandoned ( fie whole line of the sea- coast, from Ali- cant to that place. French Papers to the ISth inst, containing the Six- teenth and; Seventeenth Bulletins of the Grand Army, have been received. From these documents it appears, that Bonaparte continues to advance upon Moscow. The last Bulletin is dated the 3d inst. from Ghjat, or Djatsk, which is half- way between Smolensko and Moscow. No fighting of any moment had taken place, but it appears probable that the Russians will hazard a general action before they suffer their ancient capital to fall into the hands of the enemy. According to the last Bulletin, they were forming an intrenched camp iu front ol Mojaisk, and had established lines before Moscow. As their army has experienced 110 consider- able loss since the action of Valentina, and as it must have been falling back 011 strong reinforcements, we hope the Russians may be enabled to hazard a general engagement with some prospect of success, though we fear they must be dispirited by the long retreat they have made, and the reverses which their arms have sus- tained. BANKRUPTS, SEPTEMBER 19. Samuel Taylor Goodliff, of Shouldham- stree't, Edgeware. Rnad, Middlesex, carpenter anrl builder, September 22, October 3, 31, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas Holbrook, late of of Maiden- lane, parish ol St. Pancras, Middlesex, potter, September 26, October 10, 31, at Guildhall, London.— Charles Mayhem, of ihe Baptist Chamber, Chancery- lane, Middlesex, money- scrivener. Septein- her 22, 29, October 31, it Guildhall, London.— Rowland Mor- ton, now or late of Ihe Commercial Road, Middlesex, master- mariner, September 26, October 3, 31, at Guildhall, London.— William Parsons and John Smith, of Manchester, booksellers, October 2, 3, 31, at the Dog Tavern, Manchester.— Thomas Poulter, of Petworth, Sussex, victualler, October 2, 3, 31, at Guildhall, London.— William Simpson, of Old Cock- lane, Shore- ditch, Middlesex, baker, September23, October 6, 31, at Guild- hall, London. SEPTFMBFR 22.]— James Binstead, of Chichester, innkeeper, September 28, 29, November 3, at the Golden Fleece Inn, Chi- chester.— Samuel Cheetham, cf Manchester, victualler, October 5; 13, November 3, at the MosCley Aims Inn, Manchester.— Benjamin Ager Day, lale of Aston, near Birmingham, ( bat now . of the Fleet prison) brass- founder, October 5, 6, November 3, at the Shake- pear Tavern, Birmingham.— Thomas Fricker, of Upper George- street, Mary. le- Bone, Middlesex, plumber, glazier, and painter, October 6, 13, November 3, at Guildhall, London.- Thomas ( lillcspy, of the Coal Exchange, London, coal- factor, October 3, 13, November 3, at Guildhall— John Laing and Thomas Rattray, late of the East India Chambers, London, mer- chant, September 26, October 12, November 3, at Guildhall.— Thomas Morris, of Greenwich Road, Kent, baker, September 26, October 3, November 3, at Guildhall, London.— William Parsons, of Manchester, bookseller and stationer, October 1- 2, 16, November 3, at the Moselev Arms Ir. n, Manchester Thomas Ri/ alls, of Sheffield, and William Ryatts, of Portsmouth, razor- makers. cullers, and hardwaremen, October 2, 3, November 3, at the Commercial Inn, Sheffield.— John Wade, of Manchester, saddler, October 12, 13, November 3, at the Palace Inn, Man chester. SHROPSHIRE GAME DUTY. IST of GAMEKEEPERS' CERTIFICATES, issued for Shropshire, at the Rate of ONE GUINEA each, to September 9, for the Year 1812. MANOR OR ROYALTY. Sutton Ford, otherwise Fordhouse J Boreatton, Baschurch, Birch, Prescot. t, Merehonse, l Bagley, Lee, Noneley, Plush, aud Broome GAME KEEPERS' NAMES. Adams John Bentley Thomas Bennet Richard BY WHOM AFPOTNTED, William Tayleur, Esq, Earl of Shrewsbury MR. SADLER.— A correspondent from Dublin, in a com- munication dated Sept. 23d, informs us, that if the weather is favourable, Mr Sadler is to embark with his balloon on Monday next, on his adventurous attempt to cross the Irish Channel, from that city to some part of England or Wales. — The aeronaut has determined never again to take any person up with him, in consequence of the danger he in- curred from the unsteadiness of his last companion, who in their rapid descent lay almost inanimate upon the ballast bags ; and thereby put it almost out of Mr. Sadler's power to retard the velocity with which they approached the earth by heaving out ballast.— It is with great satisfaction we finil that this intrepid experimentalist has the most perfect con- fidence in his own power in case of any accident : he has once before turned his balloon into a parachute, and in the event of falling into the water, he is furnished with a life- ireserver, a silk air vessel, which partially surrounds his lody ; and which, flaccid and taking up no room when not in use, is inflated with air by applying the mouth to a tube which is placed at the breast, and makes it impossible the wearer should sink as long as he can live. As Mr. Sadler ascends so near the sea, there is a considerable probability ofthe powerful attraction of the water drawing him down, if he does not ascend beyond its influence before he comes directly over itTo guard against this danger, a new con- structed life- boat is to lay off the Dublin Bay, to pick him up. This boat is a new contrivance, and is just finished by a Mr. Davis, the inventor, at the expense of Government.— Her hull is of ne& rly the same shape as the Northern life- boat, but below her deck the whole space is occupied by several copper chambers, water and air tight, into which, through valves, any water that falls upon her immediately sinks — A powerful forcing pump acts upon these chambers, and, by a few strokes, can either empty them, or fill them wilh condensed witer for ballast, as occasion may require. All round her decks, air vessels enclosed in a stroug casing, are placed, which are filled with hydrogen gas, and at her stem and stern two larger vessels are placed, upon which, in case she is capsised, she willfloat, and immediately swing round. In case a heavy surf presents an impediment to her being rowed against it, she is furnished with a sort of carronade, which shoots forth a grapple several hundred feet a- liead, with a rope attached to it, to which she can be warped forwards ; and from thence by projecting another, and so on progressively to any distance required. The boat is to be worked with latten sails, and oars upon rollers, on a new and curious tonstruction ; and by means of her chambers and forcing pump, forms a most powerful fire- engine for the security of Ihe harboilr. The Committee for the Relief of the British Prisoners in France have published a List of the persons at all lite Depots who have partaken of assistance from Ihe Fund. It appears that the number of our unfortunate countrymen now in captivity in that country is 15,000 and upwards, the relief administered to them in different ways has exceeded £ 30,000 per annum ; and though the subscription has been liberal and large, yet from the high rate of expenditure the funds must be exhausted if the war continue and rto exchange of prisoners take place. The following is a list of those who were natives or residents iu this and some of the adjoining counties. Buttery Christopher Bumstead Richard Corfield John Croft Charles Crutchley John Evans Thomas Filer Richard Howard William Hughes William Jordan Richard Jordan William Jarvis Richard Kidson William Mountford Edward Norris Edward Newton James Oakley Edward Pugh John Pritchard David Pritchard David Roby Richard Rudd Thomas Stephens John Stephens John Snape John Shutt Walter Sedgeley Thomas Smith Joseph Smith Joseph Till Thomas Wright John West William West William Williams William Wellington James Winwood John Yates John Name. Hughes, John Jones, David Jones, William Latham, John Lee, John Lee, John Mason Samuel Marshall, William Perry, David Powell, John Parry, John B. Pearce, William Perry, John Richards, John Richardson, Samuel Tomlin, Thomas Williams, John Jones, Allen Jones, Leonard Jones, Rees Mason, Edmund Morris, Morris Reynolds, William Reed, Paul Thomas, Thomas Jones, Pierce Molyneux, John Ellis, John Lewis, Richard Brown, Daniel Kinsey, Joseph Snape, William Davies, John Edwards, David Evans, Richard Evans, Evan Evans, Evan Griffiths, Robert Jones, Gabriel Williams, Watkin Williams, Thomas Hughes, Bridget WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. A letter was yesterday received from Constantinople ofthe 12th ult. which mentions, that several points in dispute between the Russians and Turks still remain unadjusted. One hundred and forty Russian prisoners, tired of their confinement, had embraced the Mal. toin- medan religion, some of whom had been sent lo the army, aud others to the fleet. It is stated in letters from Gottciiburgh, that the French carry along with them an immense quantity of fabricated Russiau paper- money, with which tbey pay lor such articles as they purchase in Russia. By private accounts from Riga, we learn, that the force assembled iu that town is very considerable,— not less, it is said, than 20,000 men. They are by no means confined to merely defensive opera! ions, and must derive material support from the gun- boals and other craft in the river Aa, which are manned with 5000 Russian seamen. it is said, the Russians were induced to< juit Smo- lensk!* from the apprehension that Ihe French might make themselves masters ofthe Moscow road, and on account of its being nearly destroyed by the French setting fire to it; of which baibarity they have in Iheir usual manner accused the Russians. Dispatches were yesterday received from Admiral Sir J. T. Duckworth, commanding on the Newfound lantl station. They state, that a severe engagement had taken place between the Alert sloop of war and tbe American frigate Essex. - The former, after a wort Hughes James Edwards, Morgan Davies John Duncan, Thomas Evans, Thomas Holland, John Howell, Robert Jones, Salisbury Knot, Thomas Manslow, Joseph Manuel, John M'Glenry, Francis Perry, John Pegg, Samuel Price, James Ryan, John Rogers, James Roday, David Smith, Thomas, jun. Thomas, James Turner, Thomas Thomas, William Thomas William Winn, Edward Williams, George Thomas, Jasper Barker, John Barrett, William Bell, Thomas Bowdon, George Davis, Thomas Downes, John Gould, John Griffiths, Edward Hewitt, Thomas Howells, James Jones, William Jones, Joseph Jones, Edward Maddox, John Morris, Edward Murphy, James Robert, Evan Rowley, Thomas Wynne, John Davies, John Humphreys Jo. jun. Lewis, William Peters, Roger Thomas, David Williams, Watkin Evans, Evan Edwards, Rees Foulks, William Felix, John Hughes, David Jones Hugh Jones, Thomas Jones, John Phillips, Charles Jenkins, John Mathews, David Roberts, Edward Thomas, Hugh Williams, John Evans, John Quality. Seaman . Seaman Soldier Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Marine Seaman . Soldier Ditto Carpenter , Soldier Ditto Marine Seaman Ditto Ditto No profession Seaman Soldier Seaman Ditto Seaman Ditto Ditto Ditto Marine Seaman . Soldier Seaman Mate Seaman Mate Apprentice Ditto Seaman Ditto Ditlo ife of Charles Hughes, soldier ofthe 36 th Regt J Child of Do. born I fit Cambray Master JJHIO C Wif, < Ho t of tl Private Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Serjeant Private Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditlo Ditto Dilto Ditto Ditto Seaman Private Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditlo Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Dilio Private Ditto Ditto Ditto Dilto Corporal Mate Ditto Ditto Master Mate Master Seaman Ditto Dilto Ditto Ditto Dilto Ditto Soldier Ditto Seaman Ditto Ditto Ditto Dilto Master Ship or Regiment. Mallard ' . Minerve . 56th Regt. Coldst. Guards . 6th Regt. 82d Regt. 23d Regt. 9th Regt. 95th Regl. Bouncer . . Teazer . . 2' id Regt. 36th Regt. Wolverine , 23d Fusileers 36th Regt. Theseus , . Pioserpine . Ditto Active Detained ot Paris Louisa • Staff corps Shannon . Kitty Colossus . , LaBonneCitoyenne Neptune Sarah . . Woolwich division Dreadnought 61st Regt. Friends Goodwill Ruth . . Endeavour . Friends Goodwill Ditto Agenora . Hopewell . . Agenora . . Augrouran , Friends Goodwill 23d Lt. Dragoons 3d or Buffs 4th Regt. 2d Guards 82d Regt. Isl Guards 88th Regt. 3d Guards 79th Regt. 87 th Regt. 13ih Lt. Dragoons 23d Lt. Diagoous 89th Regt. 6th Regt. 53d Regt. 88th Regt. 29t. li Regt. 53d Regt. 66lh Regt. 8 Ist Regt. Ditto 53d Regt. 83d Regt. Woolverine 9tb Regt. Ditto Ditto Ditto Dilto Ditto Ditto , Ditto Ditto . Ditto Dilto Ditto Ditto 9th Regt. , 30th ditto . 9ih Regt. . 3d Royals . 9th Regt. . Ditto • Peggy , Neptone . Anna Maria . Neptune . Kitty . Ditto . ltanger . Anna Maria . Kitty . Anna Maria . Neptune . Anna Maria . Vanguard . 81st Regt. . 32d Regt. . Peggy . Ditto . Kitty . Ditlo , Joliatinah P- t'gy Resi lenre. Aberystwith Ditto Ditto Namptivich Ellesmere Ditto Denbigh Newport Wrexham Ironbridge Wrexham Denbigh Bridgnorth Newport Wrexham Shrewsbury Wrexham Oswestry Denbigh Aberdovey Leominster Barmouth Market Drayton Shrewsbury St. Asaph Shrewsbury Bridgnorth Aberdovcy Barmouth Denbigh Shrewsbury Ditto Barmouth Ditto Ditto Ditto Dilto Ditto Denbigh Barmouth Ditto Wem . Fund Allowance. . . 1 sol pter day . . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . 15 Sols per week . . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . . 1 sol per day . . Ditto . 15 sols per week . . Ditto . 5 centimes per day. . Ditto . Ditto 75 centimes per week. . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto Depot. Sarre Louis Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditlo Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditlo Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Dilto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Arras Ditto Ditto Ditto Cambray Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto . 25 centimes per day. Cambray Ditto Barmouth Coalbrookdale Ludlow Bangor Welchampton Dolgelly Denbigh Wellington Shrewsbury Llanidloes Dolgelly Little Weiilock Shifinal Bishop's Castle Newport Wrexham llangor Wellington Whitchmch Shrewsbury Welshpool , Aberystwith Wrexham , Whitchurch Oiner, Salop , Muckley, Salop Madeley, Salop , Ditto , Broseley . Ditto • Hodnet r • Shrewsbury . Hope, Flintshire . ' Baivarden, Ditto . . Shrewsbury Middle, Salop . Noithop, Flintshire. , Marchwiel . • Shawbuiy . Farlow, Salop . . Shrewsbury . St. Asaph . Eaton, Salop Old Abbey, Salop. 20 ditto ditto 30 centimes per day • 1 sol per day Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto , Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . ' Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . 5 centimes per day , . Ditto . Ditlo . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto , Ditto Ditto 5 centimes per day. Ditto Ditlo Ditto Ditto Ditto i Aberystwith . Barmouth . Aberdovey . Ditto . Ditto . Barmouth . . Aberystwith . Aberdjivey , . Denbigh . Aberdovey . . Ditto • Barmouth . Welshpool . Ditto . Eccleshall . Aberystwith . Ditto . Llanasaph, Flintshire . Holywell St, Asaph • Occasional donations Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 1 sol per day . 15 Sols per week . Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 1 sol per day Ditto 15 » ols per week Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Aberystwith Occasional donations Ditto Briancon Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Dtto Ditto Dilto Ditto Valenciennes Ditto Ditlo Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditlo Ditto Ditto Ditto Valenciennes Ditto Ditto Ditto Dilto Ditto Longwy D. tto Ditto Ditio Ditto Ditto Besancon Ditto Ditto , Ditto , Ditto , Dilto , Ditto , Givet . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Ditto . Dilto Verdun Wyken Whittington and Middleton Styche and Woodlands All Mr. Corbet's Manors in Shropshire jEilleshall, Kinnersley, Crudgington, Ketley, Cher- ( ringfon, Tibberton, and Sheriff Hales Chetwy. nd and Edgmor. il Iloptan Castle Hales Owen, Wardley, and Romsley Ruyton of the Eleven Towns 5 Hal ton, Stanton, Lanthony, Snitton, Brotnfield, Mnn- \ l slow, and Aldon ^ Hurwarton, Wheathill, and Asbfield Peplow Clee St. Margaret Alberbury Wattlesborough and Cardeston Stockton and Worfield Middleton Scriven 5 Hogstow, Upper and Nether Heath, the Vessons, and ? I Habbeiley Office $ F. llesmere aud Middle S Hordley, Hardwick, Worthen, Brockton, and Belch- 1 \ field cum Membiis f Sandford 5 Kinlet, Moorhall, Earnwood, Cleobury Borough, and / J Cleobury Foreign f' V Downton, Upper Havton, Middletoii, Bitterley, Clee ? I Stanton, aud Ledwich ( Stanton Lacy J Hawkstone, Red Castle, Longfoid, Moreton Say, ? Wi laston, Stanton, Mostou, and Saulton $ Longford and Church Aston Acton Round, Walton, Atterley, Barrow cum Mem- J bris, Morville, Oldtmry, Haughton, Croft, Kinslow, C Underion, and Bridge Walton J Burton, Callaughton and Monkhopton Weston and OxenboM Mont ford, Shrawardine, Ruyton, Melverlev and Kinneflev f Bishop's Castle, Sadley, and Attwood, the Townships Wentnorand Adstone, in tbe Hundred of Purskiw, tbe I I Royalty or Manor of Clun Borough, the Manor of | •{ Tempster, and the five Towns in the Iluiidredjof Chin )• | and Purslow ; also the Manor of Hopesay and Aston, I in the Hundred of Purslow, and the Manor of Guilden- | I, down, iu the Hundred of Chirbury J lsombridge Eyton, Wildmoors, and Bratton Apley, Kinley, Preston Wilds, and Wombridge Shiffnal Cainham, Chelmondwick, Middleton, and Mucklewick Astley Abbots, and Caughley Rowland Hunt, Esq. { William Yelverton Daven- port, Esq. William Lloyd, Esq. William Clive. Esq. John Corbet, Esq. Marquis of Stafford Thomas Borrow, Esq. Thomas Beale, Esq. Lord Lyttelton Earl of Powis Earl of Powis ) Eliz. Baugh, and the devi- > sees in trust of the late Mar- > garet Holland, deceased Thomas Clark, Esq. J. C. Pelham, Esq. Sir Robert Leighton, Bart. Sir Robert Leighton, Bart. Thomas Whitmore, Esq, Rowley, widow Earl of Tankerville Earl of Bridgewater J. Kynaston Powell, Esq. Rev. Thomas Sandford William Childe, Esq. Sir C. W. R. Boughton, Bart. Earl of Craven Sir John Hill, Bart. Ralph Leeke, Esq. Trustees and guardians of Sir Fred. Rich. Acton, Bart. Sir Robert Lawley, Bart. Earl of Darlington Earl of Powis Earl of Powis William Tayleur, Esq. Thomas Eyton, Esq. William Charlton, F. sq. George Brooke, Esq. Rev. William Calcott Thomas Whitmore, Esq. Gamekeepers'' Certificates issued at the Rate of Three Guineas each, for the Year 1812. Anston William Birch Thomas Clarke John Clayton James Clayton James Corfield John Cooper John Dyer John Darral James Elsmere Peter Goodhall John Green Charles Gould William Hoskins John Haynes William Hewlett William Higgins Thomas Higgins Thomas Lovett Richard Lewis George Mytton Henry George Morris Henry Phillips John Parsons Edward Reynolds John, senior Read William Richards William Turner John Turner John Madeley Hampton, Colemere, and Lineal Oatley, Newton, and Spunhill, otherwise Spoonbill Wellington and Little Wenlock Lawlev Harley and Kenley Burton, Callaughton, and Monkhopton Morville and Uuderturi Dillon Priors Ercall Magna Cheswaidine Aston, Eyie, Gieat Wytheford and Muckleton Hem Newton and Bellaport Glazeley, Eudon Burnell, and Chetton Ruildwas Preston on Wildmoors Horton Minster ley ActonScott, and Wistanstow S Milson, Earnestrey Patk, and free Chace of the Brown) < Clee Hill J Cleobury North, Rocke, Henley, and Aspage Stretton in the Dale Togfoid, Broadstone Heath, Cold Weston, and Burley Much Wenlock Eaton Willey Wrockwardine Evtoii and Uppingtpn Richard Reynolds, Esq. Earl of Br'klgewater C The devisees in trust, and J Guardians ofthe real Estate ~ S and Person of Charles Ky- (_ naston Mainwaring, an Infant C W. Forester, Esq. Robert Burton, Esq. Earl of Darlington Sir Robert Lawley, Bart. Charles Hanbury Tracy, Esq. Francis Canning, Esq. Karl of Darlington Earl of Shrewsbury William Charlton, Esq. Earl of Darlington William Cotton, Esq. W. M. Moseley, Esq. Richard Heber, Esq. Thomas Eyton, Esq. Marquis of Bath J. P. Stackhouse, Esq. Thomas Mytton, Esq. Rev. T. B Coleman Earl of Craven Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart. John Beck, Esq. Cecil Weld Forester, Esq. William Cludde, Est]. Earl of Darlington Published by Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes. M. WINTER, Secretary. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, A new Edition of nearly 300 pages, in one volume octavo, price only 3i. with an elegant portrait of the Author, of AGUIDE to HEALTH, or Advice to both Sexes in a variety of Complaints, By S. SOLOMON, M. D. In tills useful Publication will be found a Treatise on female diseases, nervous, hypochondriac, and consumptive complaints, together with an explanation of the symptoms, mode of treatment, and remedies in the different stages of the venereal disease; cautions to young persons of the danger of improper connections, or improper treatment, & c. with the difference between venereal symptoms and those fre- quently mistaken lor them ; also advice to bathers at Bath, Buxtoii, Southampton, Scarbro', Harrowgate, & c. Neivous anil Hypochondriac complaints are much more prevalent in Europe than is generally imagined, attended with many dreadful and alarming symptoms, which certainly claim assistance, and deserve not, as is too generally thought, de- rision or contempt: the author has therefore been very at- tentive to the method of cure, & c. Be careful to ask for " Solomon's Guide to Health," price 3s.— Sokl bv W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury ; T. Poole, Chester ; P. Maddock, Ncrthwich ; J Craig, Nantwich ; W. Smith, Iionbridge ; and Robert Paiker, Whitchurch. UNPARALLELED CURE. SIR, Bridlington, 11th June, 1812. IF mankind in general were ready to communicate to the Public, tbe good effects they receive'from medicines, many persons would be infinitely obliged, and lelieved from the most dreadful complaints. I am now in the 92d year of my age, for 14 years 1 was lamentably afflicted with the scurvy, swelling in my thigli*, legs, arras, and hands ; my head and neck weie much swollen, and covered vvitb painful ulcers, discharging a corrosive humour which almost drove me to distraction. Such was my calamitous situation I could neither dress, undress, nor feed myself, lt was not alone from the numerous cures performed by your valuable Antiscor- butic Drops, which are published in the various newspapers, that first induced me to make trial of them, but from my own self- knowledge of their real virtue, and the many surprising cures produced from their sole use on my own townsmen and neighbours, amongst, the number I shall only mention the singular and surprising case of Johu Sinkler, of Bridlington Quay. Five years ago 1 commenced taking yourDiops ; when I had taken them about six months, to my own surprise, and still more that of all iny friends and neighbours, at my very advanced time of life, I was restored to health, and freed from pain, which blessing I have enjoyed upwards of four years. If this testimony will benefit you, or procure relief to the afflicted part of my fellow creatures, publish it at plea* sure. Letters of enquiry, if post- paid, will be answered. I am, sir, your's very gratefully, JOSlil'H ALLISON. Attested by Mr. W. HOLTBY, Bridlington. To Mr. Lignum, Surgeon, Manchester. These Drops are sold in moulrled square bottles at bs. and 14s. ( one 14s. bottle is equal to three 6s. ones) wholesale and retail by Mr. Lignum, Manchester; and retail by W. F. DDOwr. s, Wood and Watton, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iionbridge and Wenlock; Gitton, Bridguoith; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Denman, Wolverhampton; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Silvester, Newport; Paiker, Whitchurch; Baugh, Ellesmere; Owen, Welsh- pool; Griffiths, Ludlow; Burlton, Leominster; Edwards, Oswestry; Davies, Hereford; and tha principal Venders of genuine Mediciuei. To Mr. DIXON, Apothecary, SIR— I take the earliest Opportunity to acquaint you that I have received the most wonderful Benefit from tbe use of your DIXON's ANT1BILIOUS PILLS, which I carried with me to Jamaica, and all those Frienils to whom I dis- tributed them have experienced the same salutary Benefit; they declare them to be the best Medicine ever used in that Country, for Bilious and other Complaints. The following are Names of several Ladies and Gentlemen who have received the utmost Relief from your Dixon's Antibilious Pills : Charles Taylor, Esq. Jamaica ; William Shaw, Esq. Kingston, ditto ; • Mr. Woodriff, Spanish Town, ditto; G. W. Hamilton, Esq. Savanna la Mar, ditto ; J. Smith, Esq. Old Harbour, ditto; G. Aliston, E.- q. dilto; Mr. Walker, Port Morant, ditto; J. Peulinson. Esq. Salt River, ditto; Mr. Mullens, ditto; J. Burn, Esq. Savanna ; G. P. Polack. Esq. ditto; Mrs. Oliver Goldsmith, Kingston, ditto; Mrs. Perry, St. Ann's; Mrs. Woodriff, Spanish Town ; with many others of the first Re- spectability. Sir, your most obedient Servant, July I, 1811. Trios. HARROLD, of the Ship Gange?. Sold, wholesale and retail, by Mr. Butler, No. 4, Cheap- side, Corner of Paternoster- row, London; and retail by F. DOOWSS, Wood and Watton, Burrey, Morris, and Palin, Shrewsbury ; Houlston and Son, and Burgess, Wellington - Silvester, Newport; Scarrott, Sh final ; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock; EJivaids, Morrall, and Price, Oswestry ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Painter, Wrexham; Gitton, and Bang- ham, Bridgnorth ; Gower and Co. Kidderminster ; Procter, Owen, and Valentine, Ludlow ; Meredith, and Burlton'. Leominster; and most Country Medicine Venders, in Boxes at 2s. 9d. aud 6s. and family Boxes at 22s. each. Of whom may be had, BUTLER's VEGETABLE TOOTH POWDER, So justly esteemed and recommended for sweetening tlid Breath, beautifying and preserving the Teeth, and preventing the Tooth Ache, Gum Boils, and Swelled Face. IF THE PKKSONS win. continually find relief, bv tha use of BARCLAY'S ORIGIN AL OINTM EN'T, from Ihat most disagreeable disorder the 11CH, were not prevented by Ihe nature of the complaint from giving their testimony in favour of this invaluable Remedy, no other proof would be. necessary of its superior claims to tbe attention of the afflict- ed. Thousands have been effectually cured by ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION Of this Remedy, which has been in general use for up- wards of eighty years, without a single instance of its having failed to cure the most inveterate cases. It does not contain the smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate constitution. The Public are requested to observe, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Nafncs of the Proprietors, BARCLAY and SON, are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each Box; and great danger may arise from the neglect of this caution.— Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Son, ( the only successors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet Market, London, price Is. 9d. duty included; and by their appointment, by W. EDDOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Miller, Madeley Market- Place; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge, and Much Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch; Baugh, Cross, Ellesmere; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jones anil Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Welsh Pool; Morral, Price, EJwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Gitton, Bridgnorth; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Painter, Wrexham; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangerniew; Evans, Newtown ; aud by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. Printed and published by W. Eddo'joet, Gorn Market, Shrewsbury.
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