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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 974
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 23/09/1812
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 974
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIJM EDDOWES, Vol. 19.] N°- 974. Wednesday, mmtal CORN- MAR KE 1\ SHREWSBURY. September 23, 1812. Price Sixpence Halfpenny This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. COACHES From the llJFEN INN, Raven Street, SHREWSBURY. THE ABERYSTWYTH Roval Mail Coach, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, at Four o'clock, through Welshpool, Llanfair, Mallwyd, and Machynlleth, to the Gogerlhau Arms Inn, Aberystwyth, early the same Evening. The NEWTOWN Coach, every Monday Morning, at foor o'CIock. WORCESTER, CHELTENHAM, and BATH New Post Coach, called THE HTBERNIA, carrying Jour lnsides only, every IMondav, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, a Quarter before Six o'Clock, through Broseley, Bridgnorth, Kidderminster, Worcester; and Tewkesbury, to the Plough Inn, Cheltenham, early the same Day: Proceeds the following Morniug to York House, Bath, whereat arrives before Three o'Clock on that Day. CHESTER, PARKGATE, and LIVERPOOL Post . .... Coach called THE RESOLUTE, everv Morning, at Six , to run from the Unicorn and Britannia Inns, to Welshpool, - • - • '' through Ellesmere, ! every Mouilay Morning, at five o'CIock. LORD WELLINGTON, NEW COACH TO ABERYSTWITH, BYWAY OR WELSHPOOL, LLANFAIR, LLANERFIL, CAN OFFICE, MALLWYD, ANI> MACHYNLLETH, COMMENCED running on Tuesday, tbe 30th June, from the Lion and Unicom Inns, Wyle Cop, and tbe Britannia Inn, Mardol, and continues lo go every TUES- DAY, THURSDAY, aud SATURDAY Mornings, at four o'CIock, as usual, and returns the same Day toShrewsbury, where it meets the Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Here ford, Worcester, Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol, London Mail, aud olher Coaches. Performed by LAV ly the Public's obedient Servants, iVt RENCE, WILLIAMS, and CARTWRIGHT, Shrewsbury, R. EVANS, Bear Inn, Welshpool, D. LLOYD, Cross Foxes, Mallwyd, T. EVANS, Eagles Inn, Machynlleth, & Co. For the Accommodation of tbe Trade and Town of Shrewsbury avid Welshpool, a COACH will be continued o'clock, carries only four Insides, t" b Wrexham, and Chester, to the Saracen's Head Inn, Dale Street, Liverpool, in ten Hours. MANCHESTER, HUDDERSFIELD, LEEDS, and YORK New Post Coach, called THE LORD WELLIS every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, o'Clock, by Way of Wem, Whitchurch, Nantwich, bacb, Knutsford, and Altringham, to the Swan Inn, Market Street Lane, Manchester, in twelve Hours. ( fS> Not accountable for Parcels and Luggage above £ 5 Value, unless paid for extra, and entered accordingly. MAKQUISWELLINGTON. This Day is published, Price only Sixpence, embellished with a fine Portrait of the Marquis Wellington, and con- taining 24 Pages of Letter Press, NUMBER I. of The History of the present IVar IN SPAIN AND PORTUGAL, FROM ITS COMMENCEMENT TO THE Capture of Madrid^ BY THE MOST NOBLE THE MARQUIS and EARL of WELLINGTON. Illustrated with Anecdotes, Civil, Military, and Political, And a Geographical View of those Kingdoms. To which will be added, MEMOIRS OF THF. LIFE OF LORD WELLINGTON. And Biographical Sketches of the most eminent Com- manders who have distinguished themselves during the War in the Peninsula. By THEOPHILUS CAMDEN, Esq. Author of the imperial History of England, British Reporter, & c. The Whole to be completed in about twenty Numbers, embellished with a Series of elegant Engravings, Maps, Charts, & c. & c. London: published by J. Stratford, No. 112, Holborn Hill; sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all Dealers in Books. And for the further Accommodation of their Friends, they intend L umiing the ahove LORD WELLINGTON Coach HE PROPRIETORS of THE SALOP FIRE OFFICE, fully impressed with a Sense of the distinguished Patronage and Preference given them by their Frieuds aud the Public at large, through this and the adjoining Counties, for 30 Years past, beg to return their grateful Acknowledgments i and trust lhat the Liberality of their Terms of Insurance, together with their prompt Manner of adjusting and payiug the Amount of all Loss and Damages sustained ou Property insured by them, will merit a Continuance thereof. Printed Receipts, for the Annual Premiums payable at MICH AELMAS, are ready for Delivery at the Office, and by their respective Agents; of whom the Proposals of this Office may be had. Farming Stock at the reduced Premium of it. per Cent. N. B Policies insuring £ 300 and upwards, are issued free of Expence, The Proprietors ot this Office have always pledged KSTAI'. LlSlj I? Ill I >, Y CHART E R . throng to give every Aid to facilitate Expedition, and keep open a Communication to the Town of Shrewsbury, where, at great personal Exertious and immense Expense on the Part of the Proprietors, Coaches are established from the LION INN daily, to all Parts of the Kingdom. One Coachman only to be employed throughout. N. B. Will not be accountable for Parcels, Passengers' Luggage, & c. above the Value of Five Pounds, unless en- tered as such and paid for accordiugly. Shrewsbury, July 1,1812. LOUGHTON INCLOSURE. ^^ intended tube made to Parliament in the next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill for dividing, allotting, inclosing, draining, and improving all the Commons and Waste Lauds ( Part of Ihe Brown Clee- hill), situate and being within the Township of Lougbton, in the Parish of Chetton, in the County ofSalop. TO YOUNG HOUSEKEEPERS. Just published, in one thick Vol. Pricc 4s. Boards, A NEW EDITION OF THE FEMAl. F. ECONOMIST, or a plain System of COOKERY, for the Use of private Families. BY MRS. SMITH. This is considered the most useful Cookery Book that has ever appeared, aud the Receipts are actuallythe Result of many Years'Experience in the Family of the Authoress. It is likewise greatly improved by the Suggestions of several experienced Housekeepers; indeed the Sale of Seven Thousaud Copies in the Course of a few Months, is a con- vincing Proof of its real Merit. FOR THE TABLES OF THE GREAT, Just published, 6th Edition, 6s. 6d. Boards, The COMPLETE CONFECTIONER, or the Whole ART of CONFECTIONARY made easy, with Instructions to decorate a Table with TASTE and ELEGANCE; the Result of many Years' Experience with one of tbe first Confectioners in the Kingdom. Bv FREDERICK NUTT, Esq. Also just published, Price Gs. Boards, the IMPERIAL and ROYAL COOK, consisting of tlie most sumptuous MADE- DISHES, RAGOUTS, FRICASSES, SOUPS, GRAVIES, & c. including the latest Improvements in Fashionable Life, By FREDERICK NUTT, Esq. . London ; printed for Matthews and Leigh, 18, Strand, and sold by W. EDDOW ES, Shrewsbury, and all other Book- sellers. 15th September, J8T2. JOSEPH ASTERLEY, Solicitor. • t^ JOTICE is hereby given, that Application will be J^ l made 10 Ihe Honourable the House of Commons, at the next Session of Parliament, for Leave to bring in a Bill for dividing, allotting, inclosing, and otherwise im- proving, certain Commons and Waste Lands in the several Parishes of Llanfihangel Generglyn, and Llangan- felin, in the County of Cardigan. THOMAS JONES, Solicitor. ~ 1^" OTICE is hereby given, lhat Application is intended J^ l to be made to Parliament the ensuing Session, to obtain an Act for uniting and consolidating the Company of Proprietors of the CHESTER CANAL NAVIGATION with the Company of Proprietors of tbe ELLESMERF. CANAL, and for increasing the Kates ofTounage now authorised to be taken on the said Chester and Ellesinere Canals re- spectively ; and for amending, varying, and altering the Powers contained in the said Acts uf Parliament relating to the said Chester and Ellesmerc Canals. POTTS, LEEKE, and POTTS, September 1,1812. Solicitors. " lyrOTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Company of IX Proprietors of the Leominster Canal Navigation intend to make Application to Parliament, in the next Sessions, for an Act to extend and improve tbe present Leominster Canal Navigation now formed, by an additional Canal and Rail Roads, or either of them which shall be found most desirable, and also to enable the Company to connect a Communication of the Mines of Coal, Lime- stone, Iron- stone, and other Minerals, by Means of a Col- lateral Rail- Road, or Collateral Rail- Roads, with tbe said Caual; that an Extension is intended to be communicated by a Rail Road or Rail Roads and Caual ur Canals, from the present Canal at or near the Aqueduct over tbe River Rca, 111 the Parish of Kuighton upon Temc, in the County of Worcester, in or through the Parishes of Neen Sollars, in the Countv of Salop, Liuilridge, Stockton, Shelsley, Mart- ley, Broadwas, Cotheridge, Wicheuford, Hallow, aud St. John's, in the County of Worcester, at or near Worcester Bridge; aud lo extend a Communication of the present Leominster Canal, by a Rail Road or Rail Roads and Canal *> r Canals, from or near Morton, in theParish of Eye, in or through the Parishes of Orlton, Yarpole, Eyton, Kings- land, Lncton, and Aymstrey, to and over the River Lug, at or near Mortimer's Cross, in the County of Hereford, and to a Junction with the original Line as formerly intended of the Leominster Canal Navigation, as far as it shall be con- sidered practicable or useful; that the said Company iutend t « l obtain Powers to form 11 Rail Koad or Rail Roads to communicate with Ibe several Mines of Coal, Lime stone, Iron- stone, and other Minerals, in or near the Clee Hills, with the said Canal, in or through the Parishes ofCleobnry Mortimer, Hopton Wafers, Cainhain, Bitterley, Burford, Hope, Baggot, and Coreley, in the County ofSalop, and also the Mines of Coal, Lime- stone, Iron- stoue, and other Minerals, by a Rail Road or Rail Roads, iii or through tlve Parishes of Mamble, Pensax, Rock, Stockton, and Abberley, in the County of Worcester with the said Canal. R. RAWLINGS, Clerk to the Company. Leominster, 8th September, 1812. " XI OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that We whose Nam^ _ 1> are hereunder written do call a SPECIAL ASSEM- BLY, and a Special Assembly is hereby called, of the PROPRIETORS of the LEOMINSTER CANAL COMPANY, to be held at the SWAN INN, TENBURY, on THURSDAY, the TWENTY- FOURTH Day of this Instant September, between the Hours of ten o'CIoek in the Morning and two o'Clockin the Afternoon, for the Purpose of taking Mr. Hodgskinsou's Report respecting the Extension and Im- provement of the saidCanat, and to considi r of thcPropriety of going lo Parliament to obtain Powers for making and securing such Improvements, and for other Special Pur- poses. HUGH POWELL, Esq. JAMES CRUMMER, Esq. WM. GREEN LEY, Esq. RD. 11 AY LING, Esq. TUOS. KING, Esq. Rev. JAMES INGRAM. Leominster, 6th September, 1812. COURSE OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. This Day is published, Price 3s. 6d. bound in blue, illus- trated by numerous Engravings, AN F. ASY GRAMMAR of NATURAL and EXPERI- MENTAL PHILOSOPHY, written on the Plan of Goldsmith's Grammar of Geography, and Robinson's Gram- mar of History, & designed as a PRACTICAL ELEMENTARY BOOK, to simplify the Study of Philosophy in Schools. By the Rev. DAVID BLAIR, Author of the Class Book, the Universal Preceptor, the Practical English Grammar, Excrcises in Reading, & c. & c. In the Plan and Arrangement of this Work, the Author has followed the justly approved Plan of tbe Books above mentioned, as far as the respective Subjects would admit. The Elementary Principles of every Branch of Philosophy are briefly explained, and demonstrated and familiarized hy Experiments, in the Performance of which little or no Apparatus will be requisite. Printed for Richard Phillips, Ludgate Hill; and to be had of W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Book- sellers, with a full Allowance to Schools. Of whom may be had, The UNIVERSAL PRECEP- TOR, or Grammar of Arts, Sciences, and general Know- ledge, 4s. Cd. SHREWSBURY. TO BE DISPOSED OF, BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE following capital and very eligible FREEHOLD PREMISES, situate in BELMONT, in the Town of SHREWSBURY, viz. LOT I. A spacious and very excellent HOUSE, a desirable Residence for a large and genteel Family, now in the Occu- palion ofthe Miss Pritchards. There is a very excellent Co ACII- HOUSE and STABLE belonging to this Lot. LOT II. A STABLE aud COACH- HOUSE, contiguous to the ahove, in tbe Occupation of Thomas Harries, Esq. LOT III. Another STABLE and COACH- HOUSE, ad- joining to Lot 2, iu the Occupatiou of Mr. Paul Wilkinson LOT IV. A neat DWELLING HOUSE, contiguous to the above, in the Occupation of Mr. Weston. Sjj" The Whole are Freehold of Inheritance, and the Land- Tax is redeemed. For Particulars apply to Mr. TUDOR, Auctioneer, or to Mr. PHILLIPS, al the College, Shrewsbury. SIR, Patent Ropery, near Sunderland, 31st July, 18I2. ABOUT four years ago, an inveterate scorbutic humour settled in one of my feet: the excruciating pain pro- duced swelling and inflammation ; my foot began to ulcerate, and notwithstanding Ihe many applications of different medi- cines by eminent physicians aud surgeons, the ulceration pro- gressively increased to such a degree, that in a few months I had not less than twenty running ulcers on my foot, by which . I was reduced to the most languishing condition, and almost to death : I despaired of ever finding a remedy. Most for- tunately forme, nearly twelve months ag>, I heard of lhat great cure performed by your Antiscoibutic Drops, on Mr, William Cassap, of Sunderland; I applied to Mr. Thomas Reed, Bookseller, of that place, for your Drops, and am thankful to God, that by steady perseverance, agreeable to your directions, I am now perfectly cured and fiee from pain. No letters of enquiry hut such as aie post paid will be answer- ed. I am, dear sir, your obedient humble servant, JOHN WILKINSON. These Drops are sold in moulded square bottles at 6s. and 14s ( one 14s. bottle is equal to three 6s. ones) wholesale and retail by Mr. Lignum, Manchester; and retail by W, F. nnowi s, Wood and Walton, Shrewsbury; Houlstons Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge and Werilock; Gitton Bndgnoilh; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Denman Wolverhampton ; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Silvester, Newport Parker, Whitchurch; Baugh, Ellesmere; Owen, Welsh- pool; Grifliihs, Ludlow; Burlton, Leominster; Edwards, Oswestry; Davies, Hereford; aud the principal Venders of genuine Medicines. THOMAS HILL'S ASSIGNMENT. WHEREAS THOMAS HILL, of CLEOBCRY MORTIMER, in the County of Salop, Timber Merchant, having this Day executed a Deed of Trust and Assignment of all his real and personal Estates and Effects, unto THOMAS CRUMP, of Chorley, in the Parish of Stot- tesdon, in the County of Salop, Esquire, and JAMES COMP- soN, of Cleobury Mortimer aforesaid, Esquire, for the equal Benefit of his Creditors who shall conseut lo execute the said Deed of Trust within six Months from tbe Date hereof, or be excluded all Benefit arising therefrom; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the said Deed of Trust is now deposited In the Hands of Mr. JOHN Fox, of Cleobury Mortimer aforesaid, foi the Signatures of those Creditors who wish to accept a Dividend under the same; and lhat all Persons indebted to the said Thomas Hill, or who have any Claim or Demand 011 his Estate, are required immediately to pay their respective Debts, 01 scud ail Ac- count of their respective Demands^ to the ^ aid Trustees, or to Mr. Fox, their Solicitor. Clcobury Mortimer, September 8,1812. NOT I CEISITE R EBY~ GtVEN, to all Persons whom it may concern, that at tbe next Session of Parliament, a Petition will- be presented to the Honourable the House of Commons, for I. eave to bring ill a Bill for continuing and enlarging the Terms anel Powers of an Act, mode in the ninth Year of tlie Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, intituled " A11 Act for repairing and widening " several Roads in the Counties of Montgomery, Merioneth, " and Salop;" And also by another Act, made in the thir- teenth Year of his said Majesty's Reign, intituled " A11 " Act for continuing and enlarging the Terms and Powers " of two Acts made in ihe thirty- first Year of bis late " Majesty, and ninth of his present Majesty's Reign, for " repairing several Roads in the CMnticsof Montgomery, " Merioneth, and Salop, and for repairing several other " Roads therein mentioned ;" and which said Roads pass, or are intended to pnss, thro' the several Parishes of Pool, Beniew, Bettws, Llandyssil, Llanmertwig, Lllanllwch- haiarn, Newtown, Penstrowed, Mochdre, Kerry, Llati- dinam, Llanidloes, Llangerrig, Aberhavesp, Llanwnog, Carno, Llanbrynmair, Cemmcs, Darowen, Pcnegoes, Mach- ynlleth, Chilrchstoke, Montgomery, Llanwyddelan, Man- afon, Tregynon, Furden, Castle Caereioion, Llanlligaii, Buttington, Guildslield, Myfud, Llangyniew, Llanfair, Trefeglwys, Llanerfyl, Llangadfan, Gartiibibio, Mallwyd, Llanw ryn, Llanfylliu, Llanfechan, Llaiisainttfraid, Llandi- silio, Llandrinio, Pennant, Hirnant, Llaugynog, Llan- wddyn, and Llanfihangel, in the County of Montgomery; Llanymowthy, Pennal, and Towyn, in tbe County of Merioneth; Bishop's Castle, Worthen, Trelystan, Llany- blodwell, Cardiston, Woulaston, Alberbnry, Ford, West- bury, Llanymynech, Oswestry, Knockiu, Westfelton, Honlley, and Ellesnicre, in the County of Salop ; and Llangedwyn, Llansilin, and Llanrbaiadr yn Mochuant, in Ihe County of Denbigh : and to make the following Roads, to be added to, and considered Part of the Road, described tbe said Acts to be tbe FIRST DISTRICT ; viz. a Road from the present Turnpike Road, leading between Mach- ynlleth and Newtown, from or near Rhyd cwm- llwyel, by the Adva, thro' the Village of Manafon, to join the Turnpike Road from Berriew to Castle Caereiniou, near Berriew ; also a Diversion of I be present Line of Road from New town thro' Aberhavesp to Machynlleth, from or near the Turn- pike Gate at Talerddig, down the Avon Yale Vallev, to join the Turnpike Road leading from Pool tliro' " Llanfair, Mallwyd, Ceinmes, nnd Machynlleth aforesaid, to tbe River Llyfnant, at Poniardwvmyn; AND also a Roael to lead from that pnrt of the Turnpike Road leading from the Vicarage House, in the Town of Pool, to Newtown, Penstrowed, and Llandinam, by Berthdu, to the Town of Llanidloes, at Groebach, near Llamliuam aforesaid, thro' the River Severn, und the Township of Gweruerm, by Tyddyn, to Croeslwybr Common, and from thence to join the Turnpike Road from Llanidloes to Trefeglwys, at Dolhavreu Turnpike Gate, near Llanidloes: AND also a Diversion of the Road from Llanidloes aforesaid to the Confines of tbe said County near Tytwch, by or near Tylwcli aforesaid : AND also to make the following Roads, to be added to the Roads described in the said Acts fo he Ihe SECOND DISTRICT of Roads; viz. a Road from the Turnpike Road froin Machynlleth to the River Llvfnaiit aforesaid, at or near Bryntyrnol, to the Exteut eif the County of Montgomery at or near Glaspwll: ALSO a Road from tbe Turnpike Road from Mallwyd aforesaid, thro' Aberangell and Llanwryn, over Dovey Bridge to Mach- ynlleth, leadiug from tbat part of the said Road at or near Glangwynedd, which lies between Llanwryn aud Dovey Bridge, to the Extent of the County of Montgomery, at or near Corys Bridge: ALSO a Road from theTurnpike Road leading from Dovey Bridge to Towyn, from or near the Court, by Gogartli, lo Aberdovey, and frum thence lo Towyn aforesaid : ALSOa Road, from the said Road leading from Llanidloes thro" Trefeglwys, to join the Turnpike Road from Newtown to Machynlleth, at and from the Western Corner or End of Glan'gwdeu Farm, to join the Turnpike Road from Machynlleth to Llanidloes aforesaid at or near F'elyn y Wem -. ALSO a Road from the last men- tioned Turnpike Road, at or near the Gate leading into the Lands aud to the Mausion House called Park, thro' part of the said Lauds, and below theHouse lo theRoad lately made, leading to Trefeglwys aforesaid : ALSO a Diversion of that ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. THE CORPORATION of the ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorised their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2i. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due on the 29th Instant, are hereby informed that. Receipts are now ready lo be delivered by the Company's Agenis undermentioned, and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Re- newal of their Policies on or before the 13th Dayof October, 1812, as tbe usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL FENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, Mi. Eddowes. Wellington. Mr. Stephen Jennins. Oswestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr. William Holbrooke. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. Wrexham, Mr. Joseph Langford. FLINTSHIRE. Holywell, Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea, Messrs. J. and W. Robert Glove. Cardiff, Mr. Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thoinas Tudor. Newport, Mr. J. H. Smithers. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, Mr. Charles Hodson, Lichfield, Mr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. Wolverhampton, Mr. James Brown, Hanley, Mr. John Tomlinson. NewcastU- under• Line, Mr. James Halmarack. WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel Perrin. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley. Nantwich, Mr, William Tomlinsnn. Nortlnvich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of Expense, where the annual Premium amounts to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses, by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being fonnd to be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, F. stales, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others; TABLES of the RATES for such ASSURANCES and for the GRANTING ANNUITIES on Lives, may be bad of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement J the Assurance on Lives to the Age of 15 Years. September 12, 1812. IUNION FIRE AND LIFE INSTITUTIONS N these Establishments ALL THE SAVlNr « APT? of tfisPKf^ bEDMTO, THE LiConseqiu- nee of this Plan, the Members of the Fire Insurauce Deoarl TT. • LT [ ., • " f'l'e j'r « « ' ums the1/ deposited. » l> e p/* Institution are nearly Ten perCent. " ' S °{ fher, a,, d ' ts ' usurers have W Advantage ot being entitled to a periodical I^ l^ rParticulars may be had of the Ageuts, gratis. LIFE OF LORD WELLINGTON. Llegantly printed iu 8vo aud embellished by Engravings of TSU- T^ » ! ls most celebrated Battles, & c.& c. This Day is published, No. I. Price Sixpence, ( enriched M' 1. YEL"^", S . uf » '<= gallant General, and a Map of Spain and Portugal), of ? oble ARTHUR MARQUIS of E WELLINGTON, Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo, & c & e. & c. With copious Details, and Delineations, Historical, Political, and M ihtary, of the various important Services in « ! engaged in FLANDERS, INDIA, IRELAND, DENMARK, SPAIN, aud PORTUGAL Also numerous interesting Professional Anecdotes, not only of his Brethren HI Arms, lint also ofthe great Generals opposed to him, in various Parts of the World. Forming a complete and general View of bis Services, and of their bene- . e, alCo„ Seq„ encesaS to the Political Situation, and honor- able Character, of the British Nation TI- , • U, FRANCIS L. CLARKE This highly interesting Work is printed on an elegant and distinct type. It will l, e comprised in 20 Numbers, tormina a handsome Vulume in Oc Boards The first six Numbers are now published. ctavo, Price 10s. 6d. „ , , - now published. Printed for J and J. Cundee, Ivy- Lane, Vaternoster- Row, and sold by W EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all OIIICT Booksellers and Dealers in Books. ^ RBIlrP' ^ ps'llrr1! 0""^' !", i"' ed> 20 Sixpenny Nos. nacixs iKSItLS into ABYSSINIA, to discover the ! ™ n « v 1 W 11 Engravings, forming a hand- some Octavo Volume. „ . „ GEOGRAPHY FAMILIARIZED. 1 his Day IS published, in four handsome Volumes, small Oclavo, illustrated with twelve beautiful Engravings and two large Maps, Price 14s. neatly half bound nnH ETRAVELS of ROLANDO ROVN I> THE w'oRLD- A consisting of an imaginary Tour thro' Asia, Africa! & c. compiled for the Purpose of introducing, in a fascinat- ing and agreeable Manner, authentic Descriptions of the Geography, Natural History, Manners, Customs, and An- tiquities of various Nations : written expressly for the Pur ledge "" tlat'" s youuS Persons iu Geographical Know- Translated from JAUFFRET, by Miss AIKIN Printed for Richard Phillips, Ludgate Hill ; and sold by EODOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers. Ot whom may Ire had those incomparable Auxiliaries to the Study of Geography, GOLDSMITH'S COPY BOOKS, HIS SCHOOL ATLAS, HIS GS AMM ARS, & C DEAN's BANKRUPTCY. rrtHE Creditors who have proved their Debts under a X Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued forth ? mrnLniM lllc Younger, of the City of c. A. L. 1 Ell, China, Glass, aud Earthenware Merchant, Uealer and Chapman, are desired to meet the Assignees of a. nd Effetls of the said Bankrupt on WED- NESDAY, the THIRTIETH Day of SEPTEMBER Instant s at eleven o'CIock in the Forenoon, at the Globe luii, in CRIDGEWATER, in the County of Somerset, 10 assent lo or dissent from the said Assignees selling the Stock in trade, Household Goods and Furniture, which belonged to the said Bankrupt, by private Contract; and on other special Business. HEREFORDSHIRE. ~ Valuable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD PROPERTY A^ TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, VERY valuable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD • . S... S , AT, K' consisting of the MANOR of MONK- LAN D, which is co- extensive with the Parish, and upwards ,', VE HUNDRED AND FORTY ACRES of exceeding fertile Arable, Meadow, Pasture, Orcharding, and Hopground now occupied as iliree Farms, with suitable and extensive Farm Houses and Buildings in good Repair, and the Whole lying within a Ring Fence The Estate is sitiiRte in tbe Centre ofthe Countv, within two Miles of the Borough of LEOMINSTER, and is abund- antly stocked with fine growing Timber. For Particulars apply to Msssrs. JENKINS, JAMES, nnd ABBOTT, NO. 8, N'ew Inn, London; or to Mr. 1' RELCE, Solicitor, Leominster. A COMPANION TO EVERY PIANO FORTE. 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And that it is intended to propose tn apply for Leave to alter and increase the Tolls, taken under and by Virtue of the said recited or mentioned Acts of the ninth and thir- teenth Years of the present King, or either of them. JOUN THOMAS, Solicitor. lith September, 1812. same, in Manner as the said Act has directed, to tbe Keeper or Gaoler, or his Deputy, ofthe said Prison. SECOND NOTICE. JOHN DA VIES, formerly of Llanfair, aud late of theTown of Newtown, in the County of Montgomery, Weaver and Manufacturer. EVAN JONES formerly and lale of tbe Town ofMachyn- lletli, in the Couuty of Montgomery, Shoe Manufacturer. LEWIS JONES, formerly of Llansaintflraid, and late of Llanervil, in the County of Montgomery, Blacksmith. THOMAS MORRIS, formerly of the Town of Bishop's Castle, in the County of Salop, and late of the Town of Welshpool, in tlie County of Montgomery, Linen Draper. STEPHEN STEPHENS, formerly of Clun, in the County of Salop, Saddler, and late of tbe Town of Newtown, in tbe Couuty of Montgomery, Inukeeper. JOHN DAVIES, Keeper of the said Gaol. DR. BOERHAAVE's RED Plbir ' Famous throughout Europe for the cure of every stage and symptom of A CERTAIN COMPLAINT. THESE Pills are mild, but powerful and speedily effi- cacious in recent as well as the most obstinate cases. The Directions are full and explicit, rendered easy to every capacity, by which all persons, of either sex, are enabled tn cure themselves with certainty, safety and secresy, in a few days, without the least confinement or hindrance of business. Too much cannot be said in praise of this wonder, ful medicine, suffice it to say, that its amazing sale within the last 50 years, though seldom advertised, is a certain criterion of its immense utility. Another supply is just received from Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church- yard, London, aud for sale by W. EODOWES, Shrewsbury; T. Poole, Chester; P. 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At first I thought it only a trifling eruption, and that it would go off upon my taking a few doses of physic • but in this I was miseiably disappointed ; for my nights and days became intolerable, from the disagreeable effects of'the violent ichorous humour, which spread in an alarming manner, and rendered my countenance horridly disgusting, tn this deplorable state I applied to, and had the advice of, several medical gentlemen, all nf whom exerted their professional skill to no purpose. Finding my complaint still inrrease, and the efforts of the faculty ineffectual, I became low spinted and a truly melancholy and disgusting spectacle;— 110 sleep at night; 110 rest in the day : what medicine to try, or how to obtain ease, 1 knew not:— my friends uere alarmed, and began to make inquiry among their acquaintance for a remedy. At length I heard of your far- famed PLOUGH- MAN'S DROPS, and had them most strongly recommended to me by several respectable persons who bad experienced their wonderful effects. A bottle was procured from Owner Yeates, ofthe Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge, by taking which 1 found immediate relief; an amazing alterat 011 took place ; the violent itching e. eased— the humour disappeared ; I received the congratulations of mv- friends, aud befo e the second bottle was finished, 1 was free from cither evil or cancer, antl as well as ever I was in inv life. My ease being well known to many persons in this neighboiubood, who have the comfort of their fellow creatures at heart, they bave requested me to send this to yen, in order to its being made public for the benefit of those who are unfortunately labouring under similar complaints. I am, dear Sir, Your most obliged Servant, SARAH PliNDREE. Witnesses. JOHN J ELF, J. WEBSTER. Jan. 28, 1811. VENEREAL— ANOTHER LIVING WITNESS! Elisabeth O'Kellv was removed from London, by an order under the hands of the Lord Mayor, to the Parish of Hig Ercall, in the county of Salon ; and having caught to a violent degree the Venereal Disorder, duiing her residence in Catherine Street, in the Strand, was so very weak, that, on being taken from the cart which conveyed her, she was near an hour walking bO yards. At a Vestry Meeting of the parish, it was resolved that application should be made to Dr. SMITH, to try the effects of his Ploughman's Drops, when, to the surprise of every one acquainted with the circumstance, she was much telieve'd in the short space of three days only, and in the course of a fortnight was recovered from her unfortunate stale, and continues at the present moment per- fectly well, and as heartv ns ever she was in her life,— The truth of this statement will be confirmed by applying to the Churchwardens aud Overseers of the Poor, or the Vestry Clerk eif High Ercall aforesaid. These Drops are to be bad in square Bottles, with these words moulded on each, " Mr, Smith's Ploughman's Drops, " ( all others are spurious), at £ 1 2s. Ihe large, and lis. the small, Duty included, at PLOUGHMAN'S HALI., Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; and of W. EDDOWRS, PI inter of this Paper, in Shrewsbury; Capsev, Wellington ; Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge; Partridge, Bridgnorth; Silvester, Newport; Craig, Nantwich; Griffiths, Ludlow; Baugh, Eilesmere; Jones, Whitchurch; Procter, Drayton; Price, Oswestiy; Painter, Wrexham; Waidson, Welsh Pool; and Fowke, Stafford; Holmes, No. 1, Royal Exchange, London; aud every respectable vender iu the Kingdom. LONDON. JRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. T^ lti GleMiS" is arrived at Falmouth from the United. Slates. Slid tf't New York on the 15th, and Halite on the 26th ult. A letter from Falmouth says- 4-' " Every thing in America wore as warlike au appearance at the lime thcGleauer sailed from, as on her arrival at New York, with accounts of the revocation ' of the Orders in ' Council-, aud it was not expected rliat matters would be made up between America and England while President Madison remained in power. Parties run very high, and much apprehension was entertained of serious disturbances Between the Federalists aitd their opponents. Mr. Wagner, the Editor ofthe Federal Republican, who was so roughly handled at Baltimore, had established his press at George- Town, near Washington, where be continued to publish, and v. here he was supported by a strong party of, Federalists. Much apprehension for lire safety of Commodore Rodgers mid the American squadron of frigates was entertained at New York at the time the Gleaner left that port, as no accounts had been rct- eiverl from him for sometime. The Belvidere had been chased \ ito Halifax by two American frigates; and the Indian, of 18 guns, had also arrived at Halifax, with about 40 sail of vessels f run St. Jo bo's and St Andrew's, and were to sail for England Ihe day after the Gleaner left Halfax. The Carteret packet arrived at New York on thc 25th of August. Three large American privnteers were carried into Halifax the day before, the Gleaner sailed from thence, and that harbour was nearly full of American prizes." This morning a mail froro Halifax arrived, which brings advices to the 25th ult. They corroborate tire report of an armistice having been concluded on the frontiers of Canada ; but litlle advantage is likely to be derived from it, if the disposition of the American Government be such as is represented in the accounts brought by the Gleaner, Yesterday licences for shins proceeding • . .... i SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13. Bv the Gotlcnburgh mail, arrived to- day, we have advices from Riga to the 22d, from St. Petersburg!, to the 27th of August, and from Sweden to Ihe 10th inst. which furnish the following intelligence : The information from Riga supplies an account of an action in the neighbourhood, when thc garrison ot that place was concerned, in which the troops under Marshal M'Oonald lost 600 prisoners, and eight pieces oi artillcrv. from the It shonld seem that the Congress at Abo was likely to br attended with important consequences. It is believed that Uie friendship of Sweden is purchased by tile cession of Finland ; and pursuant to the arrangements made there, an army, to be composed of 40,000 Rus- sians and 20,000 Swedes, is immediately to be employed on two objects— a descent upon Zealand, on account of the refusal of Denmark to co- operate with her northern neighbour", and thc invasion of I'omerania, far tiie double purpose of restoring it to the dominion of the Swedes, and of menacing Ihe army of reserve, untierthe orders of Marshal Victor. The reason assigned for the reduction in the number of Swedish troops, is Ihe appre hension of an attack on the side of Norway. Thc St. Petershurgh letters speak in very obscure terms of Ihe battle of Valentina oil the 19th ult. no official Bulletin having been published in the Court Gazette, on account of the absence of Ihe Emperor and his Minister, who had not returned from Abo; they state, however, that a victory had been obtained over the enemy, anil the latter had lost 15,000 inen in killed, wounded, and prisoners. The same letters add, that the embarkation of the 40,000 men destined lo act in the West, had already commenced in Finland. The Crown Prince was daily expected atGotlenburgh, arches were United States with grain to the Peninsula were stopped i and tn compliment to him, triumphal arches - by the Lords of Trade. It appears that they have : erecting in the environs of Ihe city, lie is in possession which they by the Lords of Trade. It appear already granted 650 of this description Consider amply sufficient. So great is the military mania for war iu America, thai two men were tarred and feathered in July-, at Pittsburg, in Virginia, for speaking against Ihe war. An Address to llieir Constituents has been published by the Members of llie American House of Kepreseu tatives, who voted against the war. After arguing against the injustice and impolicy of the war with Great Britain, the Address concludes thus; " ll would be some relief lo our anxiety if amends ivere likely to lie made for Ihe weakness and wildness of the project by thc prndeuce of the preparation. But in no aspect of this anonymous affair can we trace Ibe great and distinctive properties of wisdom. There is seen a head- long rushing into difficulties, witb little calculat ion about tbe means, and litlle concern about the consequences. With a navy comparatively nominal, we are about to enter into Ibe lists against the greatest marine ou the globe. With a commerce unprotected aud spread over every ocean, we propose to make a profit by privateering, and for this en- danger Ihe wealth of which we are honest proprietors — Au invasion is threatened of llie coloniesof a power, which, without pulling a new ship into commission, or taking another soldier into pay, can spread alarm or desolation along the extensive range of our sea hoard. The resources of our country, in their natural slate, great beyond our wants or our hopes, are impaired by Ihe effect of ai tificial restraints. Before adequate fortifications are prepared for domestic defence— before men or money are provided for a war of attack— why hasten into the midst of thai awful con- test, which is laying waste Europe ? It cannot be concealed, that to engage iu the preseut war against England, is to place ourselves on the side of France, and expose us to the vassalage of states serving under the banners of tbe French Emperor. The undersigned cannot refrain from asking, What are the United States to gain by this war ? Will tbe gratification cf some privaleersmen compensate the nation for that sweep of our legitimate commerce by ihe extended marine of our enemy, which this ilt- spirnle act invites ? Will Canada compensate tbe middle states for New Yoik, or Ibe Western states for New Orleans ? Let us not be deceived. A war of invasion may invite a retort of invasion. VV hen , ue visit the pcaccable, and, as to us, innocent, colonies of Great Britain, with the horrors of war, can we be assured that our own coast will not be visited with like horrors ? At a crisis of the world such us the present, and tinder impressions such as ihese, the undersigned could not :.!.._ . i. - ...„,.;., .., 1,1 ., 1, r Y,„ Tlniwd Sin Its have, ill secret. consider the war iu which the United States have, ill secret, been precipitated, as necessary, or required by any moral duty, or any political expediency." ( Signed hy .14 Members of the House of Representatives.) French Papers to the 12th instant have arrived in town, by which we are put into possession of the Fifteenth Bulletin of the Grand Army. No fresh engagement had taken place, as was reported in the early part of the week, in lette s from Dover. It ap- pears, however, lhat the French continue to advance. On the 27th ult. the head- quarters of Bonaparte were at Slawkovo. The Russians, as they ictreat, are taking every measure to impede the advance of the French army, by burning their bridges and destroying their roads. " Never was a war," says thc Bulletin, " con- ducted with so much inhumanity— rlhe Russians treat their own country as Ihey would that of an enemy." These reproaches, however, only serve to shew the propriety and utility of Ihe defensive measures adopted by the R ussians. We recognize in them the chagrin occasioned to Bouaparte by the difficulties thrown in the way of his advance. The Russians, in tho battles of Smolensko and Valentina are stated to have lost upwards of 25,000 men ; but if we were to lend credit lo the accounts in the French Bulletins, it would appear thai the Russians have lust more men, since the commence- ment of the campaign, lhan Ihe whole original amount of their army, a convincing proof hoiv little their statements are to he depended upon. Thc Extraordinary Sittings of the Conservative Senate, so frequently mentioned in the last Parts Papers, and supposed to have for their object some very impor- tant matters, were very generally reported at Paris to be for the purpose of sending " a Remonstrance to Napoleon, against his incautious conduct in exposing his precious person so much ; and to entreat him, at the same time, to terminate the anxiety of his fond people for his safety, by returning immediately lo the bosom of his capital, leaving the subjugation of the Russian empire to be completed hy Ins Generals, now that he has placed it in a certain and inevitable train, by the succession of victories aichieved under Iiis own eye." The French people are still in great distress, from the scarcity of provisions. Soups continue to be distri- buted throughout Ihe country, at the exjieuce of Uie Government. A letter from Palermo, dated July 24, says—" The politics of this country have taken a must favourable turn. Parliament met a lew days ago, for the purpose of considering the perilous situation ofthe coun ry.— The Nobility unanimously resolved, and announced it wilh three cheers, that the feudal system should be abolished— that thev would give up all their rights and privileges— and that the peasantry and themselves should enjoy the same laws. They further declared the Sicilian Constitution decavcd, and that it was necessary to form a new one, after that of England— lhat the Parliament should consist of Lords and Commons, and that the King should not have power lo do any filing without Ihc consent of the Parliament— that Ibe Judges are to be declared independent, and appointed for life. Lord W. Bentiuck is appointed Lord Chancellor; in fact, every thing is now arranged as favourably as we can wish. The Queen came to town next morning in great slate, supposing every thing would have gone on in thu House as she wished, and that once more she would have taken up the reins of Government, little expecting what she had to meet in Palermo. However, she Very prudently retired into the country the same morning.— Thus a most wonderful Revolution has been cTected without a drop of blood being shed, or any confusion taking place," It is reported to ha tlie intention of Government fo dissolve tho Parliament immediately after the next ( Quarterly Report of the ( Aueen's Council on the slate of his Majesty's health, liis Majesty having lately suffered another verv severe paroxysm, it is concluded that no hope can be entertained of his recovery ; and hence it is rumoured, that in the event of his Majesty's demise, the dissolution which then follows by law may lie the hearts of the Swedes, and perfect reliance is reposed in his attachment lo the genuine interests of their o'intry. In addition to the above information, it is understood thai the mail has brought a letter from Sir Robert Wilson, who is with the Russian army, and who states, that in the battle of Smolensko the loss of the French amounted to 12.000 men, whilst the loss of the Russians did not exceeed7000. French newspipers to the 12th inst. arrived yesterday, which contain the 15th bulletin of the army, dated Slawkovo, Aug. 2t. This document is chiefly confined 10 observations on the battles of Smolensk and Valentina, 11 which it is stated that the Russians lost 25,000 to 30,000 men. The R ussian army is described as retreat- ing to Moscow, burning the bridges aud destroying the roads in Iheir march. Letters have been received to- day from Washington to the date of the 11th, and from New York to that of the 13th ult. with papers from the federal city. The language employed in the latter is extremely alarming to those who know how to appreciate the blessings ofa peace. The National intelligencer, after commenting on the proposed concession of the British Government, as to the Orders in Council, and assuming that they will be revoked, contains the following violent philippic:— " The Orders in Council of llie British Government are now no longer a question with the United States ; the ques- tion of peace now requires only a proper and a vigorous use of the ample means which ihe Government is possessed of, to render it speedy,- decisive, aud glorious— a peace, when it comes, must bring with it more than tbe confession of British outrage by the retraction of ils avowed tyranny; it is not a mere cessation lo do wrong that can notv produce a peace— wrongs done must be redressed, guarantee must be given in the face of the world for the restoration of our en- slaved citizens, and the respect due to our flag, which like thc soil we inherit, must in future secure ull lhat sails under it. " The rights of neutrals must be recognized and the British, like the first tyrants of the Swiss, must no longer expect a free people to bow down aud worship the symbols of British usurpation." The private accounts, both from New York and Washington, although supplied by persons extremely anxious for conciliation, give us no prospects more favourable. Mr. Munroe was absent in Virginia, but theopiition of persous iu Ihe confidence of the Republi- can Government was, that if the revocation of the Orders were indeed received by Ihe Gleaner, it was now too late for such a measure to restore tranquillity, and nothing could be done but by ncgociation, " That is, I suppose," says one of these letters, " that Great Britain must sue for peace." This intelligence is unfavourable lo the prospects of the friends of amity between the two countries, bnt we trust thc marked disapprobation expressed by a nu- merous and intelligent body of Americans against the war, will have ils due weight with the Government of the United Stales. The Dissolution of Parliament is not expected to take place before Ihe third week in October. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER, 23, 1812. BIRTH. On tlie Uth iiist. in Chester, the Lady of the Rev. Joseph Venables, of Overtoil, of a sou. MARRIED. On Ibe 6th inst. at St. Martin's in Ihe Fields, London, Mr. Leonard Hill, to Miss Rebecca Evans of this town-.— and at the same trine aud place, Mr. G. A. Treyer Evans, to Miss Ann Banks, daughter of Richard Banks,' Esq. On Tuesday, J. J.. Durbin, Esq. to Aun, youngest daughter nf the late G. Birch, Esq of Hamstcad Hall, Stafford- shire. On Friday last, at St. Alkmoud, by the Rev. Mv. Smythe, Mr. John Davies, of the Cioss Green, to Miss Alary Billiugton, of this tow n. DIED. On the lath inst at the advanced age of 85, the Rev. John Lea, Rector of Acton Buruetl, in this county. i Ou the 14th ult. Mrs. Peregrina Kenyon, Peel Hall, I ' Lancashire, aged 76 years. Oil the 5tb inst. at his residence in NewtQwn, R. Ruffe, Esq. of Bronllali, iu the parish of Moughtrc, aged US! years. On Ihe wth inst. at Hereford, in liis 74th year, Mr. S. Wainwriglit, late vf Upper Slanway, iu this county. A few days ago, at St. Helen's near Liverpool, tlie Rev. William Wood,, during 34 years the exemplary anrl beloved Minister of a Society of Protestant Dissenters in Dudley On Saturday last, in tbe prime of life, near Bridgnorth, Mrs. Hayley, Ihe wife of Thomas Hayley, Esq. of Bewdley. Visiting Clergyman-' thi'i week at the Infirmary, the Rev. John Wiugfieid House- Visitors, Mr. VV. Bruyne and Mr. J. Sandford. On Friday last, the Anniversary Meeting of the Contri- butors and Friends to this useful Charity was held, when a very numerous and highly respectable company attended the Treasurer, Lord Viscount Cli. ve, from the Infirmary to St. Chad's church, where a most appropriate . Sermon was preached hv tlie Rev. Chi istopher Swainsun, Vicar of Chin, from Mall, vill. 16, 17. after which a collection was made at the church door, which considerably exceeded those of any former year, amounting to the very handsome sum of .£ 303. 1 is, yd. The following Benefaction and Subscriptions bave been since reported. Benefaction. James Mason, Esq. Radbrook, New Subscriptions. Mr. John I. ec, Shrewsbury, 1 1 0 John Jones, Esq. Black Hall, near Newtown .. 1 1 0 A u'nnenteil Su bscription. Wm. Owen, Esq. Woodhouse, from £ 2. 2s. od. to ! 4 4 0 Oswestry Races commenced 011 . Monday last, and was attended by a very fashionable and splendid company.— Particulars shall appear in our next; At Market Drayton, on the lotli inst. a dinner was provid- ed for about So at thc Talbot Inn, tocelebrate tbe triumphs of Marquis Wellington, when about ( io of the principal inhabitants of thai town and neighbourhood sat down to au excellent dinner. After the cloth was withdrawn, a profu- sion of loyal, patiiotic, ami appropriate toasts, and many excellent songs, promoted the conviviality aud happiness of tbe company until a late hour. At tlie close of daylight the windows of the inn were adorned with transparencies SHREWSBURY RACES, 1812. TUESDA Y, a Purse of £ 50, the Gift of the lion. William Hill and the Hon. Henry Grey Bennett, ( the best of three fbur- mile Heats), was run for by Mr. R. Benson's British Bayonet, 4 vrs. old... 1 2 tlis. dis. dis. Mr. Altlersey's hr. c. by Diam - nd, j yrs. old Mr. Bayley's 111-, e Sir Rowland, 3 yrs. old.... 3 Mr. Shaw's h. f. Fair Forester 4 Sir Wm. Wynne's gr. f. 3 yrs. old. 5 Col. Whyle's ch. 111 aged Sir W. W. Wvun's eh. e. 4 yrs. edit Same Day, a Sibeepstalces of logs, ' each, with Wigs. added by the Town. Lord Grey's br. f. Stella, by Sir Olit- er, 4 yrs. old 1 Mr. R Benson's Uncle Toby, 3 yrs. old. dis. dr. rrMIF. ANNUAL MEETINGof the MEMBERS of tile JL UNION SOCIETY will be held at the TALBOT INN, Shrewsbury, 011 MONDAY N EXT, thc anth September. Hon H. G BENNETT, President. Mr. VV. COOPER, > C( , Mr R. LLOYD, 5 Stewards. Dinner at Half past Two. Those Gentlemen who intend dining are requested to leave tbeir Names at the Bar. Mr. Egerton's Cesti- ian, by Gohnnna, aged VV. W. Whitinorc's b. h. Oft'a's Dyke, 5 yrs. di. dr. 50 d. 0 iBostscrtpf. dispensed v. ith by a special provision of'the new Parlia- been taken. They aie this afternoon sli men! regarding the settled incapacity of the' King as .1 road to Oley— Russian and Prussian wot a '' in la.", to be acted on as a s, tiled demise. •" » fM , ff, LONDON, Monday Night, September 2Is/, 1812, By the vessel which brought the Golteuburgh Mail of Saturday, a Swedish Messenger arrived. He is understood lo have been the bearer of intelligence so highly satisfactory to our Government relative to tiie disposition of the Crown Prince of Sweden, thai ail order was immediately issued for the sailing of a fleet of transports antl gun boats for Ihe Baltic. The landing of tbe Swedish armament in the rear of tlie Fiench armies w ill no longer be delayed, aud the next mail from Gottenbnrgli will, we trust, inform us of its having reached ils destination. A flret of transports for the Baltic passed Yarmouth 011 Saturday. They have been got ready w ith a promptitude in the highest degree creditable to the Admiralty. They are lobe employed in the Swedish expedition— The Swedish force is estimated at 2.0,000, lo this may be joined Ihe Russian force in Finland, about 30,000. Finland is, it is said, lo be restored to Sweden within six mouths. French papers to the 17th inst. just received, contain the sixteenth aud seventeenth Bulletins of the Grand Army. The former is dated Viasma, Aug. 31, from which place tbe Russians had retreated, having first scl fire lo the magazines houses, & c. The seventeenth is dated at Ghjut, Sept. 3, in the environs of which the army reposed itself on the 2d itud 3d. It is also slated lhat Ihe Russians are working in entrenched camps before Mogaidk, and forming lines before Moscow. The French had thrown six bridges over the river Ghjat. The French papers contain no other intelligence of in- terest The private tellers, however, assure us, that an im- mense quantity of Russian bank notes have been fabricated in Frauee, with w hich the French pay every tiling in Russia. A vessel is arrived in seven days fruni Bilboa. She is the bearer of several letters ; the following is an extract of one ofThcm thc most deserving of attention — Bilhoa, Qth September —" Since the lit ii of August, when tbe French first evacuated this place, lliey have made tw o attempts again to enter it, but failed. On tlie 27th ultimo, Count Cafferelli ( General in Chief) at the head of 900( 1 infantry, 8uu cavalry, aud several pieces of camion, entered this town. The Spanish at my,. being much inferior, with- drew, and the enemy remained here until yesterday, when about 2 p 111- they once more quitted us P. S. We just Icaj u that St. Antonie is in possession of llie English " Letters from Paris to the 18th instant state, lhat tbe Conservative Senate had terminated their secret deliber- ations with a Cons" itum foi' raising a new conscription of 120,000 men, in ihree successive ievies of 4o, 0oo each — The conscripts, it was understood, would be marched off, as soon as embodied, to depots in Prussia and Polano, in order to replace, whilst under training, tbe troops that had marched 011 to reinforce the grand army. During ber passage home, t he Gleaner spoke an American ship, which informed lier that Commodore Rogers, after cruising for some time in the latitude of one of our convoys, had proceeded to the French coast, having in company two brigs ( one apparently a prixe) and au English sloop of war, said lo have been taken within two days sail of Brest. By letters received this morning, it appears that the American General Hull has been repulsed in several at- tempts lu take Fort Maiden, in Upper Canada. They assert also, that an armisticehas been concluded. < " Riga, Aug. 22— The result ot Gen. Lowis's Expedition yesterday is lioo prisoners, and 8 officers They were taken at Kekkaw. The Chare, 1, containing their stores, they burnt. A reduubt of 7 cannon was stormed and taken. Another Russian column had taken tbe roatl to Oley ; aud a great many wounrled have been brought in from Roibuseb. Col. Thiedeman died of a wound be received from a pistol shot this morning. Ge ierat I- owis is returned. The Prussian flying artillery at Kekkaw relived with precipi- tation, and saved their cannon, so that 7 pieces only liRve ( till fighting on the ounded arecontiuu- brilliantly illuminated, ill which were displayed in letters of gold—" Marquis Wellington and Victory" -" Madrid"— " General Cotton"—" General Hill"— with suitable military trophies and ivreathsof laurel, in commemoration of this joyous occasion. A large bonfire was made iu Ihe Market, street, and harmony and hilarity were tbe order of the day. All account of the proceedings st the late Wynnstay Agricultural M ecting will he found iu our last page. Mr. Bannister, who has been repeatedly admired while unbudgetting himself at our theatre, has been engaged for three nights by Mr. Crisp. Lnsl night he performed the part of Echo, 111 Ihe Comedy of " The World ;" Sylvester Daggerwood ; and Gregory, in " The Mock Doctor," in which he was greatly applauded. This evening he will appear in the character of JobThornbury, in " John Bull;" and ou Friday, for his own Benefit, 11s Vapid, in " The Dramatist;" anil Michael Ihe Fisherman, in " The Adopted Child ;" when uo doubt his Budget will be amply refilled. An Auxiliary Bible Society for the City and ' Cuuuty of Glecester, was tunned on Thursday : and his Grace the Duke of Norfolk, and his Grace the Duke of Beaufort, w ere appointed Presidents. Foxes— We hear that an association is forming in this neighbourhood, to raise a fund for thc purpose of offering premiums for the destruction of foxes, and for defraying llie expense of prosecuting such persons as shall be known 10 introduce such vermin, whose ravages have of late be- come so great as to demand some immediate and vigorous measures to prevent their spreading. Tlic parish ofGosfortb and the adjoining parts are infested with these filthy ani- mals, iu a degree not hitherto known hy the ol. test inhabitant living, and the evil seems to increase.— f Whitehaven Paper. J Mr. Richard Cook of Chipping Norton, corn dealer, was a few days ago convicted before Edward Bulley, Esq. one of Ihe Borough Magistrates, tinder the act of the 22d and 23d Clias. the II. chap. 12. for unlawfully buying of and from a Mr. John Smith, of Chadlington, 90 bushels of oats, by a different measure than by any bushel or measure agreeable to the standard marked in bis Majesty's Exchequer,' com monly called tbe Winchester measure of 8 gallons to the bushel, in the penalties of 40s. and £ 27.15s. the value of Ihe corn, besides costs On Monday, Edmund Burkett was apprehended in Coventry, on suspicion of being concerned in Iwo forgeries, lately committed on the house of Robarts, Curtis aud Co. bankers, Loudon ; lie has since been taken under proper escort to Loudon, and exainiucd at Bow- street, tvhen il ap- peared, that lie hail upon him, when taken, six bank notes of £ 100 each, and Coventry notes to Ihe amount of £ 400, whit h he had exchanged for four other bank notes of £ 100 each, which were produced, and proved lo be tbe same paid 011 tl e forged cheeks, 011 the51 h inst. On Tuesday, John Darke, fisliei man, of Worcester, was convicted in tbe penalty: of £ 5, for fishing with a net in tbe river Severn, 011 Friday the 4th instant.— On Friday night last, about eleven o'clock, the Secretary of the Worcester Severn Association seized a net at the instant it had been used in ihe river Severn.— The Committee of this Associa- tion, have resolved to present a piece of plate to their Secretary, ( who undertook and has executed that arduou office gratuitously) as a testimony of the sense the Corns iniltee enteitaio of his essential services to the institutiou- FARMERS, GRAZIERS, CATTLE DEALERS, and others interested in HORNED CATTLE and SHEEP, arc respect- fully informed tbe 8< 1 Edition of Mr. Ci, ITER'S EVERY MAN HIS OWN CATTLE DOCTOR, revised and improved, will'be published iu a few Days. Iu this Work that de- structive Malady the Rol in Sheep, aud tbe| Parturilion of the Cow and Ewe, are particularly noticed, and a Mode of Treatment recommended which lias proved peculiarly suc- cessful. Orders sent to CROSBY'S and Co Stationers'Court, Ludgate Street, London; and to W. EDDOWES, Morris, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Houlslous, Wellington ; Smith, Ironbridge and Wcn| ock ; Edmunds, Madeley ; Silvester, Newport ; Minshall, Oswestry; Parker, Whitchurch ; the Booksellers in Chester; J Painter, Wrox haul; and all other Booksellers, will he duly atlended lo; where ihe 21st Edition uf Mr. Outer's Treatise 011 Fanning umy also be had. ASSIZE OF BREAD, Set the 22: 1 day of September, 1 SI2, for the Town and Libertiesof Shrewsbury, to take place on Saturday next. lb. oz d-. 0 0 0 0 aten 0 Household 0 10 S Wheateii 0 1 i J Household 1 0 Wheaten 1 8 Household 2 J Wheaten 3 ' V *' ) Household 4 " Cj" All Wheaten and Household Bread must be made of Wh- at only.— Wheat eu to be marked with a large VV.— Household with a larae H. MARKET HERALD. Average price of Grain in our Market on Saturday last— Wheat 15s. Ijd. per bushel of 38 quarts.— Oats as per last. Corn Exchange, September 18. to- day few further arrivals of Wheat, bnt remaining on hand : supplies of line are Penny loaf or two ) halfpenny loaves $ Twopenny loaf Threepenny loaf ..... Sixpenny loaf ..... ... Twelvepenny loaf-.,. f Wheaten _ - , ) Household To weigh j W|). te _ / § d. ditto V Whea } lloyse • r 4 2 5 7 3 I 8-. J 8 4 14 6 5 8 12 0 10 1 8 1 4 Mr old ."..'...'....'.... flr Lord Wilton's b. f. Bcrecyntbia, 4 yrs. old dr. Lord Oxford's Glanvina, 4 yrs. old dr. Hon. H. G. Bennett's ch. c. Crib, 4 yrs. old dr. WEDNESDAY, the Gentlemen's Subscription Gold Cup, Value 100 gs. ' Ten Subscribers. Twice round and a Distance. Mr. R. Benson's Uncle Toby, 3 yrs old I Mr. Egerton's b. c. Hit or Miss, 4 yrs. old... 2 Sir E Smyllie's Haiiibleton Jack, ti yis. old :! Mr. M. Benson's Lutwyche, fi yrs. oiil 4 Hon. C. C. C. Jenkinsou's British Bayonet, 4 yrs old dr. Mr. VVhyle's b. c. by Beinngbrough, 3 yrs. old... dr. Mr. Watford's b. f. Lubeutia, 3 vis. old... dr. Mi'. Shaw's Offa's Dyke, 5 yrs. old dr Mr. Devny lie's Snuff Box, 3 yrs. old dr. Some Day, the Gentlemen's Subscription of £ 50. Ihc best of three Heats ; twice mund to a Ileat. Lord Stamford's gr.' f. Olivettn, 3 yrs. old l l Mr. 11. Benson's h c. Master Harry, 3 yrs. old 2 2 Mr. Shaw's b. t. Vetnlu, 4 yrs. old." Sir W. W. Wynu's Manikin, 3 yrs. old Same Day, a Match for 50gs. Mr. Jeffreys's bl h. 1 Mr. Lloyd's br ni 2 On TilURSDAY, a Sweepstakes o/' 10gs. each, with 50gs- added by the Town. p. p. The best of'three two- mile Heats. Lord Oxford's Tinker Barnes, 3 yrs. old 1 i Mr! Egerton's Cestrian, by Gohanna, aged... 2 2 Hon. C C. C. Jeukiusou's b. f. by Meteor, 4 yrs. old 3 fell. Mr. J C. Pelhain's b. li. Merino, 4 yrs. old.,., dr. Mr. R. Benson's British Bayonet, 4 yrs. old... dr. Col Galacre's b. c Gulley, liy Orvil dr. Lord Wilton's b f. t'erecynliiia, 4 yrs. old....,, dr. ' Sir Edward Smythe, Bail, and Richard Heber, Esq. are chosen Stew ards of the Races for the ensuing year. On Wednesday evening, Madame Calalani's Concert was patronised by the attendance of nearly 350 personages of rank and fashion. Her matchless vocal powers, swelling from faint ami distant warblings to bold and ever varying melody, touched, agitated, and subdued every bosom. The concerto violin, by Mr. Yaniewiez, was beard with almost breathless attention; and the whole performance was cre- ditable lo the taste aiid skill of the conductor, und to each individual performer. Among the company at the Balls and Concert at Ihe Lion Rooms, were the Earl aud Countess of P. rtvis, Lord and Ladies Clive, Lord and Lady Bradford, Viscountess Feildiug, John Cotes, Esq and Lady Marin Cotes, Cecil Weld Forester, Esq anil Lady Katherine Forester, Hon. Mrs. Kenyon, Hon. and Rev. Ii. Hill, Lady and ihe Misses Edw ardes, Sir Andrew Corbet, Bart and Lady Corbet, Sir Thomas Trowbridge, Bart, and Lady Trowbridge, Sir Charles Morgan, Bart, and Miss Morgan, Sirs John Hill, Robert Leightou, Edward Smythe, and T. Tyrwliitt Jones, Bails. Col Egerton, Col and Mrs Kynaston Powell, Col. and Mrs. Lysler, Col. and Mrs. GAoch, Col. aud Mrs, Wingficld, Col. and Mrs Lloyd, Col. and Mrs. Chailion, Col. mid Mrs. Lecke, Majors Forester and Dickin, Mrs. Corbet, Mrs. and Miss Bevans, E. Corbet, Esq. Mr. V. Corbet, and the Miss Corbels, B. Benyon, Esq. and Ihe Miss Benyons, Miss Campbell, T. Eyton", W. Whitoiore, J. Egerton, R. Benson, VV. Sparling, B. Williames, R. S. Dickin, and E. Cludde, Esqrs. the Rev. Messrs. Rockes, & c. ^ rctmmrv C^ eatre. MR. BANNISTER. MOST POSITIVELY FOR THIS NIGHT, AND FRIDAY N1G1IT ONLY. riMHS PRESENT WEDNESDAY Evening, a celebrated 1 Play, culled JOHN BULL; or, AN LINCI. ISHMAN-' S FIRESIDE. The Part of JobThorubury by Mr. BANNIS- TER; Denis Bruigriiddcry Mr CRISP. In Ihe Course uf the Evening, The SHIPVVRECK ; or, Two Ways of telling one Story— liy tbe Ship's Chaplain, and Jack Hntilyari! the Boatswain; with a SONG, called The MAGIC HAT; or Jack Tar and the Jew; from a popular Entertainment called " Bannister's Budget." After which, a uetv Enter- tainment, never acted here, called TheSLEEP- WALKER, now performing in London wilh unbounded Applause. The Part of Souino ( the Sleep- Walker) by Sir BANNISTER.— And ou FRIDAY, for thc BENEFIT of Mr. BANNIS- TER, and positively the LAST TIME of his performing, the admired Comedy of Thc DRAMATIST. The Part of Vapid ( the Dramatist) by Mr. BANNISTER Willi an en- tertaining Selection from BANNISTER'S BUDGET, consist- ing ofSohgs, Recitations, Ikc.& c. antl a favourite Enter- tainment, called The ADOPTED CHILD. Tbe Part of Michael ( the Fisherman) by Mr. BANNISTER. A favourite new Comedy, called the SONS OF ERIN, will tie brought out iu tbe Course of the next Week ; also u new Pantomime, gotten up under the Direction of Mr. EDWARDS, called The M AGIC CAVERN ; or Harlequin in Scotland. Days of performing, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNES- DAY, and FRIDAY. THEATRE OF ANATOMY, BLENHEIM STREET, GREAT MALLLBOROUTIU- STREET. rpHE Autumnal Course of Lectures on ANATOMY, I PHYSIOLOGY, and SURGERY, will lie commenced ou THURSDAY, the lst of OCTOBER, at 2 o'Clock, BY MR. BROOKES. Surgeons in Ihe Army and Navy may be assisted in re- newing their Anatomical Knowledge, and every possible Attention will be paid to their Accommodation as- well as , Instruction. Anatomical Converzalioncs will be held act kly. when the different Subjects treated of will be discussed familiarly, and Ihe Students' Views forwarded.— To these none but Pupils can be admitted, Spacious Aparluieuls, thoroughly ventilated, and replete wilh eveiy Convenience, are open all the Morning, for Ibe Purposes of Dissecting aud Injecting, where Mr. Brookes attends to direct flic Students, and demonstrate the various Part:, if, tbey appear oil Dissection. An extensive Museum, containing Preparations illustra- tive of every Part of the Human Btrdy, uud ils Diseases, appertains to this Theatre, to which Students will bave oc- casional Admittance.— Gentlemen inclined to support Ibis School by . contributing preternatural or morbid Parts, Subjects in Natural History, ike. ( individually of little Value to Ihe Po- sessors) may have the Pleasure of Seeing them preserved, arranged, and registered, with the Names of the Donors. TERMS. £. s. For a Course of Lectures, including tbe Dissections 5 5 For a perpetual Pupil to the Lectures and Dis- sections 10 10 The Inconveniences usually attending Anatomical In- vestigations, are counteracted bv an antiseptic Process.— Pupils may be accommodated iu the House Gentlemen established iu Practice, desirous of renewing their Anato- mical Knowledge, may be accommodated wilh an Apart- ment to dissect in privately. OXFORD COTERIE. THE Anniversary uf the OXFORD COTERIE will be belli at lire TALBOT INN, Shrewsbury, on MONDAY, the Sib of OCTOBER next. JOHN BATHER, Esq. President. KJ* Dinner at four o'Clot k. SOCIETY- tOU t'HOMOTI. YG CHRlSCl. ijY KNOWLEDGE. \ T a Meeting of the Salop District Committee, held ut St Julian's Ve.- try Room, in Shrewsbury, on ihe 8th of September, im> j ; The Right Hon. Lord Ki'. svos in the Chair: RESOLVED— Thai a Copy of all Ihe larger Tracts pub lished bv the Society-, as well as every different Size of ihe Bible, Testament, aurl Common Prayer Book, be procuied hy the Secretary, and deposited with him, so lhat Sub-' scribcrs wishing to obtain Books might liaveau Opportunity of judging which ' I ract or Edition of the Bible, & c. may best suit them. The Committee received wilh great Thankfulness, £ 29. 16s. ] id from the Rev. Dr Forester, of Broseley, the Amount of a Collection made al Ins Church for the Benefit of the Society, and also . fc' 4 4s. od from the Parish of Old- bury, by the Rev. T. M. Lystei— upou which the Committee beg to observe, for ihe Information of those wl. o inighl be disposed to contribute in a similar Manner, that Iwo- tliiids of each Benefaction may lie laid oilt iu Books on the Terms of tbe Society, while the othCr third is considered as a Contribution to it for its general Purposes. As some Guide to those who might be at a Loss what Books lo order for the Benefit of Parochial Schools ( a frequent Mode of disposing of such Subscriptions), Ihe Committee beg to recommend the following List of useful Publications, with the Prices al which tliey may be had from the Society compared Willi the common Booksellers* Prices. Booksellers' Society's Prices. Prices. 36 Dozen of Leaves, or Cards being the National Central School Book, No. I 100 National Society Central School Book, No 2 100 Child's First Book, Part 2 50 Our Saviour's Sermon 011 tbe Mount 50 Catechism broken into Short Questions 50 Ostervald's Abridgement of llie Bible 50 Chief Truths of the Christian Religion 25 Psalters 25 Prayer Books 25 Testaments 25 Bibles ( bound in Calf) Additional Members admitted sin Rev. Dr. Forester £. s. d. 060 0 G 0 090 0 3 y 0 0 2 0 Ross Hall Cecil Weld Forester, Esq M. P. ditto The Rev. Jerome Alley, jun. Broseley John Pritchard, Esq. ditto Charles Guest, Esq. ditto Mrs Charles Guest, ditto Mr. WilliamThursfield, Surgeon, ditto John Onions, sen. Esq George Goodwin, Esq Coalbrook Dale Col. Clarke, Linley, rear Broseley John Rose, Esq. Inet, near Broseley Richard Collins, Esq. Much Wenlock M r, Robert Tovey, ditto Rev. Thomas Ellon Miller, RockUsUm Rev. John Miller, ditto Rev Richard Walond Rev. David Lewis 0 0 2 0 1 0 13 6 7 1 Ij <> j 8 I 9 2 9 4 1 3 ; la- • t. .. £ 2 2 O 1 1 O 1 1 0 1 I 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 ... 1 1 0 .. 1 1 0 1 J 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 t 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 HUGH OWEN, Secretary of the Salop District. TO BE LET, And entered upon next Michaelmas, AHOUSE and SHOP, well situated for Trade, near the BUTTER CROSS, Shrewsbury, now in the Occupation ( if Mr. Masscy, Mercer.— Also a small HOUSE on the same Premises, now void. Enquire of Messrs. PRYCE, Grocers. IN CHANCERY. Between John Bowen, Plaintiff, Sg William Hughes, Defendant. WANTED to be raised on Mortgage, pursuant to an Order of his Majesty's High Court of Chancery made iu the above Cause, the 17th Day of March, I807, on the Credit of certain FREEHOLD LANDS situate in the Parish ofTowyn, 111 the County of Merioneth, of Ihe yearly Value of £ iu(>', the Sum of £ 35uO. For Particulars apply to Mr. WILLIAM GIIEY , Solicitor, No 4, Gray's Inn Square, London ; or to Messrs. LLOYD, GWYNNE, and HOWELL, Solicitors, Cai niaithen. S. BASNETT, ' BRAZIER, PEWTERER, and TIN- PLATE WORKER, I| ETURNS her sincere Thanks lo her Friends'aud the It Public in general, for the kintl Suppoit she bas receiv- ed since her Commencement in Business, anil respectfully informs them that she has taken licr Son E. BASXF. TT into Partnership, with whom she intends carrying on the above Trades, and hopes to have a Continuance of those Favours hitherto so liberally experienced. Shrewsbury, Sept 22, 1812, SIX GUINEAS REWARD. STOLEN or Strayed, 011 Tuesday Night last, out of the Building belonging to M r. William Sides, of Ruyton of the Eleven Towns, 111 ihe County of Salop, a DARK RED BULL, of the Bishop's Castle Breed, 4- years old, without any white, bis Ilorns very fine, aud rather inclined downwards.— Whoever will give Information of tbe said Bull, to Mr. Sides aforesaid, shall, if stolen, receive 11 Re- ward of FOUR GUINEAS from Ihe R'uytori Association, and a further Reward ef TWO GUI N EAS from the said Mr. Sides, upon Conviction of thc Offender or Offenders ; hut if strayed, a handsome Rewurd, and all reasonable Expensses. SHROPSHIRE SUNDAY SCHOOL SOCIETY. [" N consequence of a L COMMITTEE of the The market has a middling supply " remaining 011 hand : suppl fully at last prices, other qualities dull in sale. Barley and Malt fluctuate hut little. White Pease fully keep their price. Beans of each sort are dearer, and but few here. Oats again in short supply, and likew ise fully sustain last prices. Flour without variation. Current Price of Grain per Quarter as under:— Wheat 80s. tu 148s. I While Peas 78s. to 84s. Barley 56s. to 63s. | Oats 57<. to R4s, Beans 05s. to 100s. | M lit 90s. to 98s. Fine flour, 115s. 10 120s. tier sack.— Seconds, I Ills, to 1 15s. SF. PT. 21 — There arc to- dav large arrivals of Wheat coastways, and the trade experiences a declension in price of about as. and 3s per quarter; Fine Old scarce; Rye rather dearer; in Barley and Malt but liltle fluctuation ; very few white Pease, and about as. higher ; Beaus of the two sorts fully keep their price ; Oats again in very short supply, and sales named also fully at the last quotation; l'lour reninii'M it thc lute prices. TO BE SOLD, Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery., made in a Cause BRODIE against BARRY, about the latter end of October next, before THOMAS DRAKE, Gentleman, Ihe Person appointed by the said Court, at the Tontine Iun, Iron Bridge, MadeleV Wood, in the Cuuuty ofSalop, IN SEVERAL LOTS: rr^ HE Factory or FOUNDERY, late of ALEXANDER A BRODIE, Esq. deceased, situate at Calcutls, near Broseley, in the said County, aud theST<> CK IN TRA DE, good Will, add Premises in which the Concern is carried 011. Particulars whereof may be had ( giutis) at ttie Office of John Campbell, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, situate in Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane; Messrs Devon aud Tooke, Solicitors, Gray's Inn; Messrs. Dobie and Thomas, Solicitors, Crane Court, Fleet Street ; Mcssis. Cooper and Lowe, Solicitors, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London; Messis. Harper and Sou, of Mildeley and Shifi'nal, in Shropshire; Mr. James Griffith, Solicitor, Broseley; Mr. Hazledine, Shrewsbury; and at the principal Inns at Shrewsbury. CAPITAL CRAZING FARM ANDTJALTKILN. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, AGOOD MALTHOUSE, which will Wet 46 Strikes of Barley per Week, and plenty of good Rooms therein. Likewise about 75 Acres of very superior LAND, most of it Meatlow, Pasture, aud young Clover, well calculated for feeding upon. The Owner will lei Ihe " Vlaltkilu and Farm, together with a good House and Building, either in one Lot or several Lots. The above Maltkiln and Farm are situate at HINTON, in the Parish of Pontesbury, and County of Salop For fur- ther Particulars enquire of Mr. 1' AHRY, of Hinlcn, Circular Letter issued by the DOG- I. ANF. SUNDAY Scnooi, a Meeting was held iu the County Hall, on Tuesday, the 15lli Instant, To take into Consideration the Propriety 11 of forming a Society for establishing Sunday Schools in tbe Towns and Villages in this Neighbourhood, where " these useful Institutions arc wanted"— At this Meeting it w as unanimously Resolved : I. That the Establishment of such a Society is necessary. II. That the Society be designated, THE SHROPSHIRE SON DAY SCHOOL U NION ; or, a Society for promoting the Instruction of the Young, by opening Sunday Schools for ' the free Admission of all w ho wish to avail themselves of the Advantages of these Institutions. Ill Tbe Society shall consist of Tcachcrs and otlicis wlib are friendly to the Objects of the Union. IV. The Society at their General Meeting in September shall elect a President, Treasurer, avid Secretary, and ap- point a Committee of Fifteen Members, olwhom not moie than Ten, who have attended the u* ost frequently, shall, be eligible lo be re- elected Ibe licxl Year. The President. Treasurer, anil Secjciaiy, shall be Menibeisof the Com- mittee. V. That there be two General Meetings of the Society in the Year, to be held in the Month of September, and at Easter. VI Thc Tcachers of Schools connccted w ith the Society," shall, transmit to the Secretary, previous to the General Meetings, a Statement of the Number of Chihireu 111 lluii particular Schools, number of Teachers, aud other inter- esting Information connected with the Objects of the Society. VII. The Society shall not interfere with the pecuniary Affairs or internal Management of Ihe Schools, unless re- quested; il being the principal Object of thc Society to increase the Number of Schools, and to discover and re- commend the most approved Methods ofTuilioii. VIII. That a Fund he raised to defray tbe Expenses of fhe Society, by Donations, Subscriptions, and public Col- lections. IX. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the RIGIHT WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR, for the use of the Grand Jury Room on this Occasion ; That the Thanks of Ihe Meeting be given lo Mr. IIINMF. RS, for his Conduct in tlie Chair; and also to tin Committee of Dog- Lane Sunday School. cA GENERAL MEETING is appointed to be held in the COUNTY HALI., 011 Tuesday, the 20H1 Instant, at six o'Clock in the Evening, to appoint a Commiltee, and elect a President, Secretary, and 1 reasurer.— In the mean Time any further Information may be obtained by applying to Mr HINMERB, Dog pole, Shrewsbury. ( WANTED, by Michael mas, or Lady- day. next, the Smrt , of EIGHT HUN DEED POUNDS, or thereabouts, oil undeniable Land Security — For Particulars apply to THE PRINTER of this Paper. . it MR. BLAIR, Dentist, ESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies aud Gentlemen of Shrewsbury and its Neighbourhood, that he is arrived nt Mr. VINCENT'S, Brazier, SHOPLATCII ; his Stay wrfj be to the 28th— Letters or Messages addressed as above, will be dulv attended to. HisTOOTH POWDER is sold at Mrs. Harnett's, Mr. Hulme's, Messrs. Nightingale's, Mr. Harlcy's, and Mr. Btirrey's. ROBERT " MORRIS? ' MARKET- PLACE, SHREWSBURY, SI LP ER SMI TH AND JEWELLER, Manufacturer ofTable Knives and Forks, Razors, Scissors, and ever Article of CUTLERY, | " O ETURNS bis very grateful Acknowledgements to his _ S\ Friends iu particular, and to the Public iu general, for their kind and liberal Patronage to the Firm of Richards and Morris, for upwards of twerrty Years past: and respect- fully informs them that, owing to lire Decease of his late Co- partner, Mr Richards, the Business will iu future be carried on iu the same Situation, by the saidlt. Morris only, and where he solicits a Continuance of their Favours. It. M. embraces the present Opportunity of informing bis Friends and the Public, that he is enabled to sell a great Part of the OLD STOCK at VERY REDUCED PRICES : he is also laying iu a new and fashionable Variety, consisting of Jewellery, Silver and plated Articles, See. Dessert Knives and Forks, Spoons, Spoon Forks and Skewers ( Silver and plated on Steel), Military Accoutrements, Pistols, Flasks, Ac N. B. CUTLERY made to nuv Pattern, and old Cutlery ground aud repaired ou the shortest Notice. September 2, 1812. FRUIT TO BE SOLD, At Dorringtan, near Shre, anbury. J CAVELL BEGS Leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, aud others, that he has a large Quantity of GRAPES, for Sale, at his Grapery and Pinery at DORRINGTON, on Ihe most reasonable Terms, and lie Irusts they will not be found inferior to any offered to lire Public. J. C. embraces this Opportunity to return his most grate- fulThanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public at large, for tile very liberal Favours conferred upon him during the last Season.— Dorrington, September 14, 1812. SHROPSH1 RE LIEUTENANCY. JXTOTICE is hereby given, that u GENERAL ly MEETING of the LIEUTENANCY of the County of Salop, will be holdcn al tlie Sliirehult, at Shrewsbury, in llie County of Salop, on IVE DjYES- DAY, the SEP'EAT'I Lay of OCTOBER, 1S12, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon. LOXDALE, Clerk ofthe General Meetings, Shrewsbury, ISth Sept. 1812. Desirable Slabiiftg. TO. BE^ LET, AND MAY BE ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, ALARGE STABLE, containing 10 Stalls, with every necessary Convenience, well covered, aud conveniently situated near the Centre of the Town of Shrewsbury. For Particulars apply to THE PRINTER. Phoenix Fire- Office. I ® F. NEW AL Receipts for Policies falling due at Michaelmas, are now in the Hands of the several Agents of the Company. Insurances of every Description are effected on the most moderate Terms. Stock on a Farm may Ire insured iu one Sum without the Average Clause, at 2s. per Cent, per Annum. *** persons insuring for There Hundred Poundt, or upwards, u ill not be charged for the Policy : and all Endorsements zeillbe marie Oralis. By Order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. ^ aless in? & uettom BY WILLIAM LLOYD, At the New Inn, Nesscliff, in the County of Salop, on Friday, ibe 25th Day of September, 1812, at three o'clock inthe Afternoon, either in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, aud sub- ject to such Conditions as will be then produced: LOT I. ALL those FOUR PIECES or Parcels of Meadow or Pasture LAND, situate in MELVERLEY, in the tip iiuctioti XOltTH DEVOV CATTLE, NEW LEICESTER SHEEP, AND SUFFOLK PUNCH HORSE STOCK MR ClllLDE's ANNUAL SALE will commence at the Farm- Yard, Kinlet, near Bewdley, on Wednes- day, the 30th of September, 1812, at ten o'Clock,, w hen there will be sold upwards of 30 Head of Cattle, of the pure Norlh Devon breed; consisting of near 20 ln- Calf Cows and Heifers, stinted to a most valuable Bull; and several — ^ , , . . Pair of Bullocks, well adapted to feed or to work.— About County of Salop, called Hill Leasow, Croft Meadow, Field 80 choice Ewes and Theavos, that ai- e descended from tbe adjoining Melverley Brook, and Old House Leasow, now in best Rams in the County of Leicester; and the like Number TT,,. RV„„ ,; R \< T,. I . e.. n .... ,. CK; » I„„ ™ NTII'M- .. t T\„, I....... :.. - J £>._._.. I, R,„„ ,„ near Personal Ap- SALE POSTPONED ~* kjOTICE is hereby given, that the Estate called the lM OXFORD CARRIER'S FARM, situate near the Tuwn of Whitchurch, advertised to be sold at the White Lion Inn, in the said Town, on Friday, the 25th ot Sep- tember Instant, IS POSTPONED. The said Estate is to be Let, aud entered upon at Lady Day next, Mr. ROGERS, Solicitor, at Osbastun, Oswestry, is authorised to let the same. " plications only will be attended to. September the 23d, 1812. MONTGOMERYSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. XEDWARD EARL of POWIS, his Majesty's Lieute- nant of the County of Montgomery, having received through Lieutenant- Col. Commandant CHARLES WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN, the Desire of the Persons enrolled to serve ill the Corps of Montgomeryshire Yeomanry or Volunr teer Cavalry, to assemble under the Command of their own Ollicers in the Town of Pool, iu the said County, for tire Purpose of being Trained and Exercised for 12 suc- cessive Days, to commence on the yth Day of October next; DO, in Pursuance of such Desire and with his Majesty's Approbation, ORDER that such Corps of Yeomanry or Volunteer Cavalry do assemble ut Pool, aforesaid, on tbe 9th Day of OCTOBER, at oue o'Clock iu the Afternoon, completely accoutred, for the Purposes herein beforemen tioned, 1WTATIONAL SOCIET Y fur the Education of the Poor in the Principles of Ibe Established Church.— Many Applications having been made to the Committee ofthe National Society for Liulsof Elementary anrl other Books, proper to be used in Schools upon the Madras System— the following are recommended as a convenient Set for a School of 100 Children, at its Commencement, which may be bad at Murray's, Fleet Street; Rivington's, St. Paul's Church- yard; and llatchard's, Piccadilly. They may also be pro- cured by any Member of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, on the Terms of that Society. Booksellers' Society's Prices. Prices. £ d. £ s. d. o a o o 6 o £> ale0 tipmnosi. THIS DAY, TO- MORROW, FRIDAY, S; SATURDAY- VALUABLE FUR N ITU BE AND EFFECTS, EXCELLENT HAY, Clover Hen dish, Grass Aftermath, and Pasture. BY JONATHAN PERRY., On the Premises, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, ttie 23< 1, 2trls, and 25th of September Instant, riMIF. WHOLE of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, S LINEN, PLATE, CHINA, GLASS, Kitchen Requi- sites, Brewing Vessels, a Quantity of excellent DRY OAK QUARTER BOARDS, and various other Effects, being in and Upon the Premises of Mr. BISHOP'S Residence, in DOGPOLE, SHREWSBURY.— Catalogues may be bad of THE AUCTIONEER. And likewise TO HE SOLD BY AUCTION, at the Raven and Bell Inn in Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 2( 5' h ol' September Instant, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, in separate Lots, as follows : ON THE PIKE FIP. LDS, SUTTON LANE. I. OT I. One Stack of EXCELLENT HAY of the present Year's Growth, the Produce of Eight Acres; a very abun- dant Crop, and harvested iu the best Condition. LOT II. One Stack of DITTO of last Year's Harvest; equally good. LOT 111. The CLOVER IITADISII of Eight Acres till Candlemas. LOT IV. The GRASS AFTERMATH ofthe like Quan- tity till Ditto. ON LAND TOP OF A BBE Y- FOREG ATE. LOTV. One Stack of CAPITAL HAY of present Year's Growth. LOT VI. The GRASS AFTERMATH on Six Acres till Caudlemas next ON LAND N E \ R PRESTON RO ATS. LOT VII. The PASTURE of Seven Acres till Candlemas next. The Auctioneer will appoint a Person to shew the Hay and Lands, and inform other Particulars. the Opcuujtion of Mr. John Rogers, of Kinlon, and contain ing to'gclWr by Admeasurement 17A. Sit: 111*, more or less. LOT II. All those TIlttEE PIECES or Parcels of Meadow or Pasture LAND, situateiM MELVERLFY aforesaid, called Weru l. uddan, Further Wern Ludilan, and Five- day Math, now iu the Occupation of the said John Rogers, and con laining together by Admeasurement < J.\. lR. a.' P more or less. LOT III. All that BARN, with the several Pieces or Par- cels of Meadow or Pasture LAND, situate in MELVERLEY aforesaid, called I Ire Barn. Croft, Rogers'- Garden, Ihe two Bron- hull Fields, Church Croft, the Field by the Commery, Cuckoo Croft, Llanyhyr, and a Quillet called Gwernisha, now iu the Occupation of the said John Rogers, and Con- taining together bv Admeasurement isA. lR. 33P. more or less. Mr. JOHN ROGERS, of Kintnn, will appoint a Person to shew the Lots ; aud furl her Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. ASTERI. EY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. VALUABLB FREEHOLD ESTATE. BY G. HARTSHORNE, At the Gold Lion luu, in Bridgnoith, on Saturday, the 26th ofSepteinber, 1812, between tbe Hours of 3 and 0 o'Clock in the Afternoon ; either together, or in sncli other Lois as shall tie agreed on a! the Time uf Sale; subject lo Conditions then to he pioduccd: ALL that FARM, called the HOLLY BUSH, situate in the Parish of Astley Abbots, iu the County ofSalop, containing by Admeasurement 95A. 2R. 17P. be the same more or less. The above ESTATE lies within a Riiig- Fence, and close to a good Turupike- Road leading frotn Bridgnorth to Broseley ; three Miles aud a Half from Bridgnorth, and the same Distance from Broseley; both of which are good Market- Towns; and near to Lime and Coal. Further Particulars may he known, 011 Application to THOMAS RODEN, ofPosenall. of Wethers, that are in a good State for the Batcher, or to put toTm- nips.— Several very capital Suffolk Mares, that are stinted to Mr. Childe's well- known Punch Stallion ; and a considerable Number of very superior Colts and Fillies of various Ages, that liave been bred with the utmost Cure and Attention, and that are descended from the most valuable HorseStock in the County of Suffolk. After ttie above Live Slock lias been disposed of, there will ^ aleg bv tetioii PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE BREEDING STOCK. . BY J BKOOME, On Saturday, the t7th Dayof October, iei- 2, on the Pre- mises belonging 10 Mr. LI. oYp; of THK GROVE, near Ludlow, in ihe County of Salop: L° TJt ^ EIFER, in- calf 2 Heifer Calf, out of Lut 1 3 Heifer in- calf 4 Heifei Calf, out of Lot 3 5 Cow, in- calf b Bull Calf, out ot Lot 5 7 Cow, in- calf 8 Bull Calf, out of Lot 7 1) Cow, in- calf t o Bull Calf, out of Lot 9 11 Cow ill calf' 12 Heifer Calf, out of Lot li 13 Heifer, in- Calf be offered for Sate, some excellent, clean, and well- seasoned I 14 Bull Calf, out of Lot 13 cleft OAK TIMBER, ready prepared for making into 15 Heifer in- calf HURDLES, amounting to sufficient for upwards of 60 j 16 Bull Calf, out of Lot 15 . . pwa Dozen; which, for the Convenience of Purchasers, will he put up ill Lots containing Materials for ten Dozen in each Lot. The Ploughing Match between Hereford and Devon Oxen, tbat was to have taken place at Kinlet, on tbe Day previous to Mr. Childe's Sale, is off at the Request of Ihe Proprietor of the Hereford Stock. SHROPSHIRE] 17 Cow, in- calf 18 Heifer Calf out of Lot 17 ig Cow, iu- calf 20 Ditto, ditto 21 Ditto, ditto 22 Ditto, ditto 23 Ditto, ditto THE AUCTIONEER assure' Slock has been selected 24 Cow, in- calf 25 Ditto, ditto 2f) Ditto, ditto 27 Ditto, ditto 28 Heifcr, in- calf 29 Ditto, dilto 30 Ditto, ditto 31 Four Years old Bull 38 Two Years old I.' efer, in- calf 33 Ditto, ditto 34 Dilto, ditto 35 Ditto, ditto St) Yearling Heifer 3/ Diito dilto 38 Ditto ditto 39 Ditto ditto 40 Ditto ditto 41 Ditto ditto 42 Ditto ditto 43 Ditto ditto 44 Two Three Years old splayed Heifers, the Pubbck lhat the above BY J. BROOME, At the Three Tuns Inn, in Bishop's Castle, oil Friday, , 2d Day of October, 1812, between the Honrs ot three aiid five o'C ock in theAfteruoon, together, or in tbe following, or sucl) otber Lois aS shall he agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as shall he then pro- duced; ( unless disposed of iu Ihe mean Time by private Contract, of which due Nonce will be given): LOT I AVERY compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at WH1TCOTT, in the Parish of Norbnry, and County of Salop ; consisting of a good and convenient Dwelling House, with a capital Water Corn Mill, and necessary Slables, Outbuildings, Gardens, Orchard, and excellent Meadow Land, containing together 7 A 3P.. 3SP. or thereabouts, lying within a Ring Fence, ond now in the Occupation of Bridgewater Roberts. LOT II. All that COTTAGE and excellent GARDEN, con- taining oA. oR. 20P. or thereabouts, inthe Occupation of John Mcllings. LOT III. All those Picces of excellent Meadow, Arable, and Pasture LAND, called The Woods, containing ISA 2li. 22P now in I be Occupation ofthe said John Mellings. I. OT IV. All those Pieces of excellent Meadow, Arable, and Pasture LAND, called, The Shelhooks, containing i together6A. 1R. 23P in ihc Occupation of the said John | Melliugs, and Bridgewater Roberts. LOTV. A Pieceof Pasture LAND, called The Brazners, j containing 7A. 3R. 0P. in the Occupation of the said John I Mellings. The above Premises aie pleasantly situated ill a fertile Country. The Mills consist of two Pair of Stones, the one French, tbe other Derby ; with a Dressing Mill com- and bred, with great Care and Expence, from several of the best Stocks iti Ihe County of Hereford The Sale to begin at Ten o'clock in Ihe Morning. CAt'l l A L FARMING STOCK BY GLOVER AND SON, On Monday and Tuesday, the 12th and 13th Days of October, 1812: ALL the valuable UVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of . HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, be- longing to MR THORN ES, of THE ARGOEO, in the Parish of Kinnerley, in the Cobnty of Salop. Particulars ill a future taper. TO BARGE OWNERS AND WHARFINGERS. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At Mr. Kent's, the Sign of the Crow, Frankwell, Shrews- bury, on Tuesday, the 29th Day of September, 1312, precisely at six o'Clock: LOT I ALL that substantial and well built VESSEL, called THE DIFIANCE Burden 40 Tons. LOT II. All that other well built VESSEL, called THE MARY, Burden 35 Tons. LOT III. All tbat other well built VESSEL, called THE WILLIAM, Burden 14 Tons. The above Vessels are complete in Masts, Yards, Sails and Rigging, iu a state of complete Repair, and are moored 1 opposite to Mardol Quay. Useful and modern Household Furniture and olher Effects, at Coalbrookdale. BY J. C. " STRKTCH, On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 7th, 8th, and 9th Days of October, 1812, in a commodious Room of Mr John Hornhlower's, at the Swan Inn, Coalbrookdale, Shropshire: ri^ HF. modern and fashionable HOUSEHOLD FURNL I TURE, and other Effects of a Gentleman who is leav- ing this Country ; and Part of tbe STOCK 1 N TRA DE of a Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer, a Bankrupt,— Particulars will appear in our next; and Hand Bills may be bail al the Office of tills Paper. SWINBACH, NE\ R BROSELEY, SHROPSHIRE. | BY MR. BAGNOLD, At the Tontine Inn, at Madeley Wood, in the County of Salop, Oil Wednesday, the iloth Day of September, 1812, between the Hours of four and six iu the Afternoon, ( unless sooner disposed of by private Contract,) in one Lot or more, as shall be agreed upon, aud subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced ; rilHE following Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, viz J a good and convenient Dwelling House, consisting of a Kitchen. Cellar, Brewhouse, three Parlours and six Lodging Rooms; a Malthousc capable of welting forty Bushels -, a Barn, two Slables, and other suitable Out- plele, and a plentiful Stream" Of Water in the driest Season. Buildings, a Fold Yard, good Garden at| d Orchard, two neat 1 The Meadow Land can be irrigated at Pleasure ; and there Cottages, wit li a spacious Garden to each, and several j is an excellent Lime Rock under Lot 4, which may be very Pieces of excellent Arable, Meadow and Pasture Laud, the j beneficial to a Purchaser. whole containing twenty nine Acs or thereabouts, and , The Estate lies near the Turnpike Road leading from w ithin a King- Fence: ( save only one F ield w hich is at n I. ti le I Bishop's Castle to Shrewsbury, w ithin four Miles of the Distance ) pleasantly situated al SIV IN BAC H, 111 the j former, and 16 of the latter Place. Possession to be had Parish ol, and within a Mile aud a half ot Ihc low 11 of at Lady Day next. BROSELEY aforesaid, now in the Tenure of Mr. John TI,. T„ „. „ VI 1 /-• , - V , lilaiuey, William Hc. ghvVay, and Thomas Smith. 7 ' r r J? J" eS , ISorbu7' " * •' will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply BY S. TUDOR, On the Premises, in Swan Hill Court, 011 Tuesday, the 29th of September, ist2: ALL the valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE, China and Glass, with Kitchen Furniture, Brewing Utensils, Sec. belonging 10 Mrs. CAIHERINE HARRIES. Catalogues of which will be ready for delivery upon Wed- nesday lheS3d, and may be had of THE AUCTIONEER. The Goods may be viewed on Monday preceding the Sale, from 12 o'clock at Noon till two. 0 10 0 10 u 5 0 090 0 S. 0 0 3 9 020 1 7 1 19 2 1 5 18 • 36 Dozen of Leaves, or Cauls,^ being the National Socieiy 5- Central School Book, No. 1.) 100 National Socieiy Central) School Book, No. 2. - J 100 Child's First Book, Part 2. GO Our Saviour's Sermon on) the Mount S 50 Catechism broken into Short ) Questions - - S 50 Ostervald's Abridgement of) the Bible - - J 50 Chief Truths of the Christian f Religion § 25 Psalters - - - - 25 Prayer Books ... 25 Testaments ... 25 Bibles ( bound in Calf) N. B. lt is expected that the Prayer Books, Testaments, and Bibles, will iasl at least Three Years. Of the same Booksellers may be had the last Edition of lt . Instructions for. Conducting Schools on the Mudrair System," by the Rev. Dr. Andrew Bell, price Is. fid. by- Means of which those who are desirous lo re- modcl old Schools, or to form new ones on the unproved l'lau, will receive full aud sufficient Direction. The Committee also recommend the following propor- tions of the undermentioned Articles, viz.— Two or Three Sand Boards ( sec Dr. Bell's " Instruc- tions," page 23.) Three dozen Common Slates. Three dozen Copy Books. Also, four dozen " Arithmetical Tables, for Madras Schools," which may be had of the Booksellers above named. National Central School, ' P. T. W A LMSLEY, Baldwin's Gardens, Cray's Inn- Lane. Secretary. BANKERS' LICENCES. Stamp- Office, Loudon, September 19, 1812. NOTICE is hereby giveu, that, by the Stamp Act, 48 Geo. 3, c. 149, ail Licences granted to Bankers or others, to issue Promissory Notes, payable to tbe Bearer on Demand, and allowed to be re- issued, will expire on Ihe 10th of October next, and that tliey must be renewed with- in one Month from thai Day, or Penalties will be incurred. That a separate Licence must be taken out for every Place where the Notes shall be issued, unless the Persons to be licenced had issued their Notes at several Places before the ad July, 1808, ami originally obtained one Licence for nlI such Places; in which Case only they will he again in- cluded in one Licence. That every Licence must specify the Names and Places of Abode of the Persons to be licenced, and the Name of the Place or Places where, and the Name of tbe Bank, Firm, or Title under which tbe Notes are to be issued, ami Licences to Persons in Partnership must specify the Names nnd Places of Abode of all the Persons concerned in the Partnership, whether all iheir Names appear 111 the Notes or not; and iu Default thereof the Licences will be void. With these Particulars a Specimen of the Notes must also be left at this Oifice by the Persons applying for such Licences Thai a Penalty of £ 100 for every Offence is imposed on the issuing of prumissury Notes, of the Description afore- said, without a Licence, or at any other Place, or under any other Firm or Title than is specified ill the Licence; aud a Penalty of £ 50 for every Offence is imposed on the issuing of promissory Notes of any Description, or Bills of Ex- change, not duly stamped, and 011 the re- issuing of promis- sory Notes not ullowed to be re issued, as well as on the re- issuing of Notes allowed lo he re- isMiedafter the Pcui'djixcd for that Purpose. The Commissioners of Stamps having had Occasion to prosecute sergral Country Bankers, for the Penalties incurred hy Iheir disregard of tiie Provisions of Ihe Act, this Notice Is given that all Persons concerned may in future conform thereto, aud avoid the Penalties for which they will otherwise be prosecuted; and that Persons ap- may come prepared with all the re BY'DAVIES AND SON, At the Eagles Inn, in Llanfyllin, on Thursday, the 24th Day of September, 1812, between the Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced : AMOST compact and desirable Tenement, called ERW . GROES, in IheTownship of COLFRYN, and Parish of Llansaintffraid, in Ihe County of Montgomery, now in the Holding of Evan Evans, or his Undertenants, contain- ing about fourteen Acres, be the same more or less, of most capital MEADOW and PASTURE LAND, most of which adjoins the River Verniew I'he Buildings consist of a House in two Dwellings, Barn auil Cowhouse, all of which arc entirely new. N B. The above Tenement lies about one Mile 011 tbe Road leading from Llansainlffrnid to Myfod, four Miles from Llanfyllin, and six from Pool For further Particulars apply to Mr GRIFFITIIES, Soli- citor, Pool, or THE AUCTIONEERS, at Llaufyllin. August aist, 1812. The principal House aud Farm arc Jet to Mr. Blainey, for ; seven Years from Lady Day last, at a Rent' of £ 75 for the first Year, and £ 80 per An mini- during I he Remainder of the Term, clear of all Taxes, cxcept Land Tax, which is only 25s. per Annum. ' Flic Cottages are he'd from Year to Year, the one in the Possession of William Heighway, at a clear Rent of Six Guineas, and the other at a clear llcnt of Five Guineas. There are valuable Mines of Irou- Stone, Lime Stone, Coal, and Clay under the Estate— Upon the Coal are two Pits now in work, with Gins and other necessary Utensils, aud three other Fits are in part sunk, two lo the Depth of 45 Yards each, and the oilier about 32 Yards— There is also au Iron Rail Way lo tbe Severn about 211110 Yards in Length, all- of which will be either iucludNl in the Sale, or reserved to the Vendor, as shall be agreed upon. Mr. BlaiuCy will shew the Premises ; aud further Parti- culars may be known 011 Application to Mr. MORRIS, Solicitor, in Newport, Shropshire, IIADLEY— SHROPSHIRE. BY MR. BAGNOI. n, At ihe Pheasant Inn, in Wellington, in the County of Salop, 011 Thursday, tbe 15th Day of October, 1812, between Ihe Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, unless sooner dis- posed of by private Contract; AVALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Township of HADI. EY, in the Parish of Wellington or such other Lots as shall be 1 Early in October next, either together, or in Lots, rfMIE MANOR of MINSHULL VERNON, with several I desirable Farms and Lands, situate at Minshull Ver- non, in the Parish of Middlewich, in the County of Chester, ( niprisingnear 1000 Acres: Particulars of which will ap- ear in a future Paper. 5th September, 1812. •• foresaid, in tiie following, agreed upon. Particular Quantities. Lots. Premises. Tenants A. It. P, 1 Boothill. oi Bolthole Joseph Ford - - - 2 Corbett's Orchard David Thomas - - 3 House, Garden, Build- ings, & c. - - - - Joseph Ford Yard ----- Ditto - Little Fields, or Yelds Ditto - 4 House, Garden, Build- tu Messrs. COLLINS and HINTON, Solicitors, Much Wen- luck ; Mr. JAMES COOKF, Norbury ; Mr. JOHN RICHARDS, Gain; or THE AUCTION EER, at Church Stretton. BY JTBROOMIC, On tiie Premises, on Monday, the 5th of October, 1812, ^ HE LIVE STOCK, awl IMPLEMENTS of HUS- BANDRY, of Mrs. M YTTON, of WERiN DU, in j the Parish of Churchstoke, in the County of Montgomery, comprising 12 Dairy Cows, five fat Ditto, one Waggon Mare in- foal, one Yearling Colt and one suckinsr Diito of the draught Kind ; 220 Sheep in Lots, two Tumbrils, one Harvest Cart, one double Plough, one Hand Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, two Ladders, Pikels, Hakes, and numerous other Implements. The Sale will commeiice precisely at 11 o'Clock io the Forenoon. Mr. BottcreWs Sale of Herefordshire Cattle, fyc. BY J.~ BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 6th Day of October, 1812 : ALL the LIVE STOCK, with Part of t . - IMPLE- MENTS iu HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. BOT- TERELL, of THE HEATH, in the Parish of Sioke St. . Milborough, and County of Salop; comprising 14 Milking Cows in Calf, six 3- yeirrsold Oxen, five 2- years old Bul- loeks, seven 2- vears old Heifers in Calf, 12 Yearlings, 15 Calves, one Bull, bred by Mr. Williams, of Thing- Hill; oue Waggon Gelding 8- vears old, one Ditto 4- years old, pne 4 years old brown Mare, by PETROWiTz, ( of great Total size, and likely lo make a valuable Hunter); one Blood Quantity. Mare, 5- years old, by STRIDE, her Dam by STAR— Stride A. R. P. was by Phenomehon, Phenomenon by Herod— Star was by- Highflyer, See.— this Mare is stinted to Deceiver: one Yearling Filly by FYLDENER, out of the above Msre ; one yearling Colt by PETROWITZ, his Dam by Alexander, this Colt will be of great size, and likely for Hunters' LAND, NEAR SHREWSBURY. At the Lion Inn, in Shrewsbury, 011 Saturday, Ihe lOlh Day of October, 1812, nt four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject, to such Conditions as shall be then produced, unless disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given : LOT I." ONE HALF of a MEADOW, lying at HORTON LANE, about three Milesfroni the Town of Shrews- bury, catted THE EIGHT ACRES, antl containing about that Quantity, in the Occupation of Mr. John Tomlinsou, the same lo lie divided from tbe other Half by a Fence and Cart Road, to be made In a straight Liiie from the Gate leading iuto Lot 3 to the Turnpike Road fiom Shrews- bury to Westbury., leaving Lot l 011 the Side of the Fencc nearest 10 Shrewsbury. LOT 11. TheOTHEIl 11 4LFof the said Meadow, called THE EIGHT ACRES. I. OT 111. A FI ELD adjoining Lots one and two, called THE Six ACRES, and containing about that Quantity, aud now- iu I Ire Occupation of the said John Toml'mson The Tenant will shew the Premises; and further Par- ticulars may tie known by applying to Mr. PANTING, Attorney, in Shrewsbury. LLANIDLOES. At the New Inn, Llanidloes, 011 Tuesday, the 29th Day of September, 1812, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon : T HE FOLLOWING Pa- iskes. Tenements. FREEHOLD Tenants. Richard Jones David Lloyd John Rowlands David Owen Edward Morgan loo 3 32 Thomas Clay ton 16 0 0 ESTATES: Qzantityi A R. P. 20 8 28 138 1 28 28 3 2() O 22 ingfc, & c. Robert Davis Orchard - - - - - Garden Close - -- - Calves Croft - - - 5 Priory Croft - - - Etin Leasow - - - Brick Field - - - Slang ------ they Diving lor Licences , , , oui. vte Particulars to be inserted therein, without which the Licences cannot be filled up so as to protect tbe Parties azaiust the Penalties of the Act. Bv Order of the Commissioners, WILLIAM KAPPEN, Secretary BY WRIGHT AND SON, AttheTalbot lun, in Draytou- in- Halcs, in the County of Salop, 011 Wednesday, the 7th Day of October, 1812, between the Hours of three and 6ix iu Ihe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as w ill be ihen produced, and iu the following, or such olher Lois as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale: I. OT I. ASUBSTANTIAL Brick aud Tile FARM HOUSE, w ith suitable Outbuildings, and thirty- nine Acres, or t hereabouts, of excellent LA ND, in good Condition, situate ami being at CHF. SWARDINE, in tlie County of Salop, now in the Occupation of Mr. Francis Spender ( aged 70, and very iufii- ui), under a Lease for his Life. LOT 11. A Pieceof LAND, called Castle Croft, situate iu Cheswardine'aforesaid, containing four Acres aud a Half, or thereabouts. LOT III. Three Pieces of LANDS iu Cheswardine afore- said, called Far Holly Leasow, Near Holly Leasow, and Well Meadow, containing together fourteen Acres, or thereabouts. LOT IV. Three Pieces of LAND, in Cheswardine afore- said, called the Little Birch, Green Gore, or Peggy's Leasow, and Hem Pool, containing together thirteen Acres aud a Half, or thereabouts, and which, together wilh the last Iwo Lots, are in the Occupation of the said Francis Spender. LOT V. TWO HOUSES, a Malthouse, Barn, and Nursery Ground, in the Sheep- Market- Street, in Dray tou- iu- H& les aforesaid, containing au Acre and Quarter, or thereabouts, ui the Occupation of M r. Bagnall and others. LOT VI. Two Butts in a Piece of LAND, iu Drayton- iu- Hales aforesaid, called the Three Butts. LOT VIE A Piece of LAND iu Drayton in- Hales afore- said, called Lougslow Lane Field, containing au Acre and three Quarters, or thereabouts. LOT VIII. A Piece of LAND in Little Drayton, called Little Drayt, ou Field, containing three Acres and a Quarter, or thereabouts. I. OT IX A Pieceof LAN Din Drayton aforesaid, called the Sytch Field, containing five Acres, or thnreubouts, held by a Lease granted for three Lives ( two of which arc now existing), at the annual Rent of seven Pounds, and now, Willi the three last mentioned Lots, iu the Occupation of Mrs Swanwick. LOTX. TWO small HOUSES and GARDENS on the West Side of Little Drayton Heath, iu Ihe Occupation of John Barrow and John Bayley. I. OT XI. Another small HOUSE and GARDEN next the | iHt Lol, in the Occupation of William Eaton. The Whole of the foregoing Lois, except the Sytch Field, are Freehold; free from Incumbrances, except Titheond Land- Tax ; nnd Possession of all but I lie first Lol maybe had at Lady- day next. The respective Tenants w ill shew the Premises ; and fur further Particulars apply lo Mr. J L WARREN, Solicitor, Drayton tu Hales afiresaid. Ketlcy Brook Meadow Sheep Leasow - - -. Hay Bridge Leasow Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Diito Ditto Ditto Ditto 7 Lee Meadow 8 Park Heads Park Meadow 9 Yatcley - Upper Ditto Middle Ditto Lower Ditto - - - Joseph Ford George Wbittinghan - Ditto - Robei t Davis Ditto - Ditty - Ditto - 10 House and Garden Thomas Jones Dilto and Ditto William Guest 11 Ditto and Ditto Thomas Hoof. The Whole of Kftley Brook Meadow and Sheep Leasow are now watered, and about one'Half of Has bridge Leasovv may also be watered from Ketley Brook.— The Land Tax 011 ihe Whole Estate, except Haybridge Leasow, is redeem- ed, aud Possession of nil the Lois but the last may be hud at Lady Day next, and oflhat atMiclmelmasfollowt ng. Tbe Tenants will shew t| ie Premises, and further Particu- lars may he known on Application lo Mr. MORRIS, Soli- citor, iii Newport, Shropshire. CAPITAL NURSERY STOCK, At Small Heath, near Birmingham. KAY AND HODGSON MOST respectfully inform the Nobilily, Gentry, Nursery Men, and the Public . in general, that they shall uffer, by Public Auction, on the Premises, subject to Conditions then lo be produced, tlie extensive Nursery Stock, Hot- house, & c. of Mr. W. GIBSON, who is entering into another Concern, 011 Monday, the 5th of October and following Davs, ( Sunday excepted) viz. EIGHTEEN ACRES of NURSERY STOCK, all in the highest state of Perfection, and will be. sold without the least Reserve. The above Stock presents a fine and most extensive Col- lection of Forest Trees, Flowering Shrubs, Evergreens, aud American Plants, with a choice Collection of Fruit Trees, consisting of Standard and Dwarf Apples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots, trained and untrained, which are perfectly free from blight or insects ; also a large Quantity of Transplanted Hawthorn Quick, and a Variety of other Plants, & ic & c. Further Particulars in Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale ten Days previous; of THE PRINTER OF THIS NEWSPAPER,' at Ibe Auctioneers' Rooms, High- Street, Birmingham, Cheltenham, and Union- Street, Balh, at one Shilling each, returnable to Purchasers above £ 5. The Hot- house is 75 Feet long by 18 Feet wide. The Nursery may be viewed by Tickets to be had of the Auctioneers. From tbe Time of Sale to the lst of March, 1813, w ill be allowed for removing the Trees. The Sale to commence each Morning at half past ten o'Cloek. Shed close adjoining the Turnip's for Caille to run in. The Sale will begin precisely at 10 o'Clock, as the whole 1 will be sold in one Day. A Number of Cattle and Colts to be taken lo Hay and Straw Ibe Winter. ONE HUNDRED PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE CATTLE, AND THREE HUNDRED SOUTH DOWN EWES. BY J. BROOME, Oil Ihe Premises, 011 Tuesday nnd Wednesday, Ihe 13lh and 14th of October, 1812, ihe Property of Mr. BLUCK, of LAWTON, near Ludlow, in the Couutv of. Salop : rglWENTY- SlX beautiful YOUNG COWS, 111 calf. L M Fine two Years old HEIFERS, in calf. 12 Ditto ditto BULLOCKS. 2 Ditto ditto SPAYED HEIFERS. 9 Yearling BULLOCKS. II Ditio HEIFERS. 14 HEIFF. R CALVES, q Handsome BULL CALVES. 2 Excellent YEARLING BULLS 1 VALUABLE BULL, rising six Yeais old. The Proprietor believes, that Quality of Flesh containing Ihe most Fat in tbe Muscles, will produce the greatest Quantity of Animal for Vegetable Food, and trusts the above Stock will justify his Opinion in the Approbation of the Public— that Quality is the true Standard uf Value. *#* The Ewes were bred and selected from the first Flocks in Ihe County of Sussex, and will be sold Ten iu each Lot. N. B The Proprietor offers to shew oue Pair of the above Two YEARS OLD BUI. LOCKS, against a Pair of any Breed of Ihe same Age, bred by any one Person in England, for 200 Guineas ; the Pair lo be ( bona . tide) the Properly - of ihe Person shewing.— The Shew to take place previous to the Day of Sale. THE AUCTIONEER hopes tbe Company will attend pre- cisely at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, as he intend j fo sell the Whole of the Cattle the first Day. TRULY VALUABLE AND WELL- KNOWN CHOICE CATTLE, The Property of Mr. GWILLIAM, of Dorrington, near Shrewsbury, late of Pnrslow Tlall, 111 Ihe County ofSalop, BY J." BR50MF- On the Premises, on Thursday, the 15th Dayof October, MR GWILLIAM assures the Public, that the Whole of the Cattle in this Advertisement arc bred from the HEREFORDSHIRE PRIZE BULL, shewn at Shtfltia! against Mr. Knowles's Leicestershire Bull. LOT LOT 1 Heifer, in- calf 2 Ditto ditto 3 Ditto ditto 4 Heifer Calf 1. Trefeglwys Penyffrith 2. Ditto NyoddLlwyd 3. Llandinam Gwerneryn 4. Ditto Hornby 5. Llanidloes Heety 6. Kerry Cwmgollog The Timber 011 each Lot to be taken at a Valuation. Printed Particulars may be lord of Mr. THOMAS MARSH, sen Llanidloes, and of Mr. HUMBERSTOX, Friars, Chester, where Maps of the Estates may he seen. WELSHPOOL, & c: FREEHOLD ESTATES. BY T. HOWELL, At the Bear Inn, in the Town of Pool,* in the County of Montgomery, on. Monday, the 19th Day of October, 1819; at four o'Cloek iu the Afternoon, subject to Conditions, ( unless previously disposed of by piivate Contract), an the following, or such other Lots as shall he determined OH at the! ime of Sale: LOT I. ALL that MESSUAGE, FARM, nnd LANDS, called PEN YR HERBER, with Ihe Outbuildings, and Appur- tenances thereto belonging, containing about 100 Acres of fine Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, situate in the Parish of CASTLE CAEREINION, in the County of Montgomery, with a PEW in the Church, and now iu the (- tenants. allotcd Inclosure BURVVYDD . now oc- mm Lot 111. All that well- accustomed HOUSE, called Tiir. BEAR INN, ill the Town of POOL, with the Yard, Stable, Coachhouse, and other Offices, now inthe Occupation of Mr. Rees Evaus— Also, an extensive MALTHOUSE con- tiguous thereto, now or copied by Mr. Roger Clarke. LOT IV. All that MESSUAGE or Dwelling House, with the Stable Yards, aud other Outbuildings thereto belong- ing, siluale iu Upper Church Street, in tbe said Town of POOL, together with a PEW in Pool Church, uow in the Occupation of Mrs. Mary Davies. LOT V. All that other MESSUAGE or Dwelling House, with the Stable and other Outbuildings adjoining 10 Lot 4, now in the Occupation of Mr Samuel Farmer.— Also, r. u extensive MALTHOUSE, iu complete Repair, adjoining thereto, now occupied by Mr. Jos. Cooke. LOT VI All that other MESSUAGE or Dwelling House, with the Yards, Offices, ami Outbuildings adjoining to Lot 5, with a l'EVV iu Pool Church, now occupied by Mr. Robert Cook. LOT VII. All thoseTHREE STABLES, with an exten- sive Yaid, at the Bottom of Church Street, adjoiuiug the Aberystwyth and Shrewsbury Road, now occupied with Lois 3 and 5, by the Fnid Rees Evans and Robert Cook LOT VII1. All lhat GARDEN, extending fiom the River Lledan to Part ofthe Glebe Land, called THE CROFT, aud now- occupied by tbe afurcsaid RobeitCook. Lot ! forms a complete Farm, within a ring Fencc, Part of which adjoins the Turnpike Road leading from Pool to Llanfair, distant 5 Miles from the former, and 2 from the latter. The Buildings are in good Repair, and Ihe Lands in a high State of Cultivation. The Timber tu be laken at a Valuation to be produced at tbe Time of Sale. Lot 3 is situated iu High Street, iu the Markel Town of Welshpool, near to the County Hall, aud in Front of the Road lending to Fowls Castle. The House lias lately, at a considerable Expense, been enlarged and made commodi- ous, behind which is a large Yard which extends to the New Road at tlie Back of Pool Town, leading towards Shrewsbuiy and Aberystwyth. Lots 4, 5, and 6, are good Brick- built Dwelling Houses^ with Slate Covers, suitable Cellars, other ConVeniencies. Two of the Stables in Lot 6 front tbe Bottom of Church Street, may at a small Expense be converted into one large or two Dwelling Houses ; behind the same is a large Space of Ground which may be used for carrying on any extensive Business, being sufficiently capacious for the Erection of Warehouses, Malthouse, Stables, or any olher Buildings. A Map, descriptive of the Farm, is deposited with the Auctioneer for Inspection; the respective Tenants will shew the Premises'; and for further Particulars apply to Mr ROUTLEDGE, Brook House, near Pool; the'AUC- TIONEER, in Pool; or al the Office of Messrs PEMUER- rotf and CoUPLAND, in Shrewsbury. Heifer, in- calf 6 Heifer Calf 7 Bull Calf 8 Ditto ditto 9 Bull Calf JO Ditto ditto 11 Ditto ditto 12 Ileifer ditto 13 Dillo dilto 14 Dilto ditto 1 5 Ditto ditto 15 One Year old ditto. The Ssje to begin al Eleven o'Clock in the Morning. At the same Time wilt be LET, AND MAY UE ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT ; All that very eligible and compact FARM, caiied VRON- GANI. I. WYD, situate 8 Miles from the Market Town of Knighton, and 2 from the \ illage of Llaubisier, in the County of Radnor, consisting of a good Farm House, and all convenient Outbuildings, w ith upwards of 2uo Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pastille LAND, all in a ring Fence, with a very valuable SHEt-. PWALK attached lo Ihe Farm. The present Occupier will shew the Land and Premises. COne Concern. J \ WYNNSTAY AGRICULTURAL MEETING. ' LONDON. I ROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. Dovcning- streel, Sept. 14,1812. A dispatch, of which the following is an extract, has ten this day receiv ed at Earl Bathurst's Office, ad- dressed to his I. ordship by General the Marquis of Wellington, dated Madrid, August 18,1812. Joseph Bonaparte retired from Ocana on the l6thinst. nnd his army are in march towards Valencia. Tlieenemy have abandoned Toledo, which has been taken possession of by a party of tbe Guerillas of El Medico. Since the cap- ture of the Retiro, the garrison of Guadalaxara, consisting of 700 men, has surrendered to the Empecinado by capitu- lation, on nearly the same terms as those which 1 granted lo the garrison of the Retiro— By reports from General Clinton, 1 learn that a part of the remains of the Army of Portugal had moved forward from the neighbourhood of Burgos, and some of their detachments were understood to be in Valladolid on the 14th inst. General Santocildes hav- ing withdrawn the troops of the Army of Gallicia which occupied that town Some of their detachments were like- wise on the rit'ht of the Pisuerga — I had expected they would make this movement as soon as 1 should get the troops together when I undertook the march upon Madrid. By accounts from Sir R. Hill, of the 12th, it appears that General Drouet had drawn in his right from La Guarena, but he still held Hornachos. By accounts from Cadiz to the 6ihinst. it appears that Geu. Villatte had returned to the blockade. General Ballasteros had taken 500 prisoners nt Ossuna ; and by the reports of the position of the troops, it appears that the road to Gibraltar is again open to him. [ The Gazette also contains a letter from Capt. Bremer, ofthe Bermuda, giving an account of the capture of tlie French privateer Le Bon Genie, of 16 gnns, and 6o men.] WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. Private accounts have been received from the head- quarlers of Lord Wellington, dated the 27lh ult.— His Lordship still remained at Madrid, and intended to allow the troops some days repose, before attempting any Further operations, as the heat of the weather, and the fatigues which the soldiers had undergone, rendered such indulgence necessary for their health. Tbe retreat of Soult from Cadiz was, of course, unknown at Madrid, but it was conjectured that the first movement of the allied army would be made against thatGeneraL for the purpose of compelling him to retire from the lines before Cadiz, and to abandon Andalusia. The greatest confidence was felt in Madrid of the ability of the allied array to defend itself in that city, against any force which the enemy could collect. Gen. Clinton, at Cuellar, was supposed to be equally well prepared against any attempt that might be made in that quarter. He had been joined by two regiments from Madrid. An interview has taken place between the Emperor Alexander and the Crown Prince of Sweden, at Abo, in Finland ; and private letters from Gottenburgh state, lhat the meeting was satisfactory. The Crown Prince is said to have stipulated for the restoration of Finland, as the price of his alliance ; which, in the present circumstances of the Emperor Alexander, it is probable he may accede to. A Swedish army, commanded by such a General as Bcrnadotle, might arrest the progress of the French, and give a decisive turn to the cam paign, A letter from Lisbon, ofthe 30th ult. says, " There are very curious Bulletins issued about the health of Marshal Beresford every day in the Gazette. The last says ' Marshal B.' s wound is doing very well, and his health excellent, except that his legs and feet swell very much, because he cannot lie in an horizontal position,' — Signed by the Surgeon of Head quarters.— The Marshal is so exasperated with the Portuguese cavalry, which, under that gallant Officer, General D'Urban, so shamefully deserted him lately, that he has issued orders that they shall walk beside their horses, with their swords slung on the pummels, and their jackets turned; but when the enemy appear, they may mount and charge, and retrieve their character and jackets. The infantry always behave well. They have English officers." In advancing from Smolensko towards Moscow, the French have to pass through a most extensive forest, where the Russians will have the opportunity of presenting serious obstacles to their progress. It is called the Forest of Volkonskelles, is 26 leagues in length, and on the high road, which is cut through the midst of it, there is only one village, called Wiesma, and situated halfway from Moscow. After getting out of ihe forest, the distance to Moscow is 76 miles. Advices have been received from Quebec of the date • of the 30th of July. All males approaching manhood, and under 00 years of age, were required to bear arms for Ihe defence ofthe Colony. Gen. Hull had proceed- ed from Detroit 200 miles down the river St. Lawrence. On acconnt of the deficiency of specie, paper money was preparing, to answer the demands on the Govern- ment. It is stated, that, from the same cause, the sura of 1680,000 in the £\ Bank- notes, has been sent from hence to Quebec, for Ibe purpose of paying the troops. The French ship Rivoli, of 80 guns, taken in the Gulph of Venice has been visited with astonishment since she was taken into dock at Portsmouth, her marred sides pronounce her a hard- earned prize— nearly 300 shot- holes are about her. She had 400 men killed and wounded in the action, whilst the crew ofthe Victorious consisted of only 506 men, 60 of whom were on the sick- list. Government is using the most expeditious efforts to send out reinforcements to the Peninsula. The 91st regiment, 1100 strong, is lo embark at the Nore, to proceed to Coruuna, there to receive Lord Wellington's orders. The late Portuguese journals contain what may be considered a political curiosity— an extract from the first Gazette published in Madrid after the expulsion of the French. It is dated the 16th of August, and gives, under the form of a journal, an account of the singular events which had lately taken place there. The fol- lowing is Ihe substance: From the time of Ihe victory of Salamanca, there seemed to be confusion in the Court. Frequent Councils were held, and all attempts at public communication interdicted by the increased severity of the police. In theCTeningof the ptli, troops appointed to watch the Allies at the Guadar- rama pass, brought to Madrid intelligence that the English were approaching. The popular ferment increased ; but within the palace all was confusion. What a subject may not this scene of guilt and fear— extravagant and suppress- ed joy without, and midnight councils and irresolutions within— afford to the pencil of some future Tacitus!— Jose [ ih inarched out the next morning, taking with him an immense train of baggage, and those of his- partisans who were too obnoxious tu remain behind. On the 12th, the- Freneh left in the city shut themselves up in- the Retiro, and detachments of the Allies entered Madrid. The gar- rison uf the Reiiro was blockaded on the next day, and the Constitution proclaimed amid the roar of the cannonade on the French entrenchments. On the 14th, at noon, the Retiro surrendered, when the scaling ladders were in readi- ness to be fixed against its walls. The grueral joy now knew no bounds— all doors were set wide lo their heroic de- liverers— congratulations and embracings were universal ill the streets— and this fine people gave themselves up to the wihhst expressions of sensibility.— The journal concludes wilh the account of a superb ball given to the Duke of Cindarl Rodrigo, as a mark of national gratitude. This is a proud and happy spirits taken at its height it may do great things. Spain only wants a guide to glory. A strong canvas has been commenced for the Borough of Northampton, in opposition to the North- ampton family, in expectation of an immediate dis- solution of Parliament. Twenty gentlemen, opulent graziers of Bucking- hamshire aud Northamptonshire, who occasionally at- tend Smitlifield market, dined together at the Castle and Falcon, in Aldersgate- street, a few days ago, in honour of the victory gained over the enemy on the plains of Salamanca; when each gentleman of the compauy resolved to send one of their fattest oxen to the Marquis of Wellington and his brave Army in Spain, as a testimony of their gratitude for his and their unequalled exertions in thai glorious baltle. We are concerned to state, that it is reported that his Majesty has experienced another severe paroxysm since thelasl quarterly Report of Ihe Queen's Council, wliich was more thau 36 hours in duration. Early in the morning of Friday, the 11th inst. a most respectable company asssembled al Wynnstay, the beautiful seat of Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart, preparatory lo the commencement ofthe gratifying business of the day. A great number of gentlemen and amateur farmers attended 5 among others, Earl Talbot, Lord Bradford, Lord Clive, Sir Stephen R. Glynne, Sir F. Cunliffe, Sir James Foules, Hon. G. Germaine, Thos. Cholmondeley, Esq. Rev. Offley Crewe, Rev. Mr. Lloyd, Rev. Rowland Hill, Dr. Thackeray, Major Dallas, Captain Jones, P. Yorke, Esq. Charles Leycester, Esq. Charles Morrall, Esq. T. Jones, Esq. F. R. Price, Esq, W. Childe, Esq. Kinlet, C. W. W. Wynn, Esq. J. Leicester, Esq. J. M. Jones, Esq. Mr. Croxon, Mr. Sudworlh, Mr. Boydell, & c. & c. At ten o'clock, the plowing match commenced at Bodvllten faim, a little below Wynnstay. There were five candidates foi the prize— Mr. Llovd, of Aston, Mr. Rowlands, of Pentre Clawdd, Sir W. W. Wynn, Mr. Sudworth, ofBlacon, near Chester, and Mr. Lister, of The plows were of common construction, with the exception of Sir W.' s, which was of wrought iron, and particularly neat. On starling, Mr. Sudworth's plowman evidently had the advantage of his competitors, both in skill and horses, and completed his task ( half a statute acre, two horees abreast, without a driver) 111 about two horns and a quarter, with apparent ease, and in a style of cleanliness that ( lid him much credit. Sir Watkin's plowman came in next, Mr. Lloyd's, of Aston, third, and Mr. Rowland's of Pentre Clawdd, fourth; Mr. Lister's man, owing to the accidental breaking of the coulter of his plow, was put hors de combat whilst cutting file fourth furrow. The skill displayed by tbe whole ofthe candidates for agricultural fame, was flattering to their abilities; and to a professional farmer the scene must have been truly pleasing— Mr. Sudworth's plowman did not deviate nine inches from Ihe line al which he commenced at the upper end of the butt, to the bottom 1 Plowmen, Employed by Edward Thomas Mr. Sudworth 1 John Learmont Mr. Watkin 2 John Guess... Mr. Lloyd 3 Joseph Hughes Mr. Rowlands 4 ... Mr. Lister, broke down. Scotch. L. s. d. 65 3 6 9 0 0 COVRARATTVE TRlAt OF DIPPERES T KINDS OP CATTLB. The result of a comparative trial made at Wynnstay, betwixt Welsh and Scotch Bullocks : Six of each kind, of nearly the same age and condition, were 011 the 20th of January, 18i2, put 10 eat turnips and hay in two sepatale but adjoining folds, erected for the express puipose.— On the 10th of Mav tbey were turned to grass, where tbey depastured together till sold; the Scotch on the 13th July, and the Welsh 011 the 10th of August, The result is ai follows:— Welsh. L. s. d. To prime cost, with expenses of Scotch cattle on their arrival at Wynn- stay, on October 8th, 1811 fo keep till the 20th January, 1812, viz. fifteen weeks on straw, at 12s. per week. ...... .... . « ......................... Total charge when put to turnips and hay with Ihe Welsh steers .... January 17th, 1812, to six Welsh steers, at ,£ 15 15s. each To turnips consumed ( an equal quantity by both lots of cattle) till tbe 9th of May, viz. sixteen weeks, at 1 ton 15 hundred to each lot per week, or 28 tons each, at 5s, per ton .......... To hay consumed by Welsh cattle, 5 hundred per week, or 4 tons, at £ b per ton r... . To hay consumed by Scotch cattle, 4f hundred per week, or 3 tons 12 hundred, at £ 5. pel ton May 10th, commencement of grass feeding. To Scotch cattle 9 weeks at grass, till July 13th, at 18s. per week To Welsh cattle 13 weeks at grass, till August 10th, at 18s- per week .... The Morning Post says, that Government are in 1 Faulkner Robert, Drayton hourly expectation of dispatches from the Marquis of I Frank Edward, Westfelton Wellington, that immortal Chief. The man may well Fowler Thomas, Nash be brave who is immortal. BANKRUPTS, SEPTEMBER 12. Joseph Hawkins, of Radipole, Dorset, brewer, September 21, 22, at the Crown Inn, Weymouth, October 24, at the Antelope Inn, Dorchester.— Francis Loader Hodson and William Ring the younger, of Stroud, Kent, common brewers, September 22, October ' 20, 24, at Guildhall, London.— llenry Hyde the younger, of Tunslead, Saddleworth, York, merchant, September 25, 26, October 24, at Ihe Bridgewater Arms Inn, Manchester.— Allen Pickering, of Wrockwardine, Shropshire, shopkeeper, September 24, 25, October 24, at the Cock Inu, Watling- street, Salop.— John Simpson, of Caldbeck, Cumberland, paper- manufacturer, Sep- temlierlS, 10, October 24, at the George Inn, Penrith, Cumber- land.— Thomas Stewart, of North Shields, ship- owner, September 14, October 1, 24, at the George Tavern, North Shields. 74 3 6 94 10 0 7 0 0 7 0 0 20 0 0 18 0 0 8 2 0 SFPTSMBER 15.1— William Brown, Wood- street, si k- manu- facturer, September 19, 29, October 27, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas Clinch, Crooked- lane, boot- maker, September 22. Oc- tober 3, 27, at Guildhall, London.— Joseph Coates, New Mills, Derbyshire, grocer, September 28, 29, October 27, at the Man- chester Arms, Manchester— Henry Day and Jesse Hamerton. Lime- street, money- scriveners, September 19, 26, October 27, at Guildhall, London.— William John Weston Lindsey, Borough, bo- ier, September 22, October 3, 27, at Guildhall Robert Walmesley and Michael and William Turner, B. isir.^ hall street, merchants, September 19, 29, October 27, at the Manchester Arms, Manchester. 11 14 0 133 4 0 107 5 6 July 13th, Scotch cattle sold and delivered at ^ 20 each 120 0 0 August 10th, Welsh cattle sold and delivered at £ 21. each 132 0 0 Profit on Scotch cattle 12 15 6 The company afterwards proceeded to James's farm, to examine the Stock, intended to be exhibited for the various prizes; from whence tbe party adjourned, to be present at tbe sale of South Down Ewes, and Devon and Hereford Cattle. Little eagerness was manifested by the company, ill comparison with former years, to become possessed of the valuable breed of sheep, but there can be uo hesitation iu savine, that the lots offered for sale, far exceeded in value, any that had before been sold at Wynnstay. PREMIUMS. A piece of plate, an elegant silver salver, to Mr. Sudworth, Blacon Point, for producing a plow, with two horses abreast, that did. ill two hours and a half, plow half an acre of ground, in the most husband- like manner; and two guineas to Edward Thomas, Mr. Sudworth's servant for holding the same. One guinea, to John Learmont, servant to Sir W. W. Wynn, bai t, as second- best plowman. Ten guineas, to Mr. Ormiston, Sir Watkin's bailiff, as the inventor of the best agricultural implement, the cost uf which shall not exceed 25 guineas. A silver cup, to D. Parry, Esq. for having bred the best pen of one- year old South Down Ewes. A smaller silver cup, to Mr. Edwards, of Stanstay, for having bred the second best pen of short woolled, one- year old Ewes. A silver cup, to A. D. Jones, Esq. Court, Montgomeryshire, for the best thiee year old heifer, in milk. A smaller silver cup, to Mr. Philips, of Whatley, Shrop- shire, for the second best three- year old heifer, in milk. A silver cup, to Sir Stephen Glynne, for the best one- year old sow pig. A sweepstakes, two guineas each, for the best three- year- old heifer, of any sort, in milk, ( 28 subscribers) was adjudged to Lord Bradford's Devon. Judges of the shew ; Mr. Moody, Gainsborough, Not- tinghamshire; and Mr Buckley, Norman, Leicestershire. Several ingenious pieces of mechanism weie shewn, amongst them, a portable thrashing machine— a kibbling mill, by Mr. Jeffreys, of Chester; a contrivance for watering turnips, by Mr. Boydell, of Trevallyn, & c & c. & c. THE DINNER. About three o'clock, the shew of cattle, and agricultural implements concluded, and about four the visitois began to assemble in Wynnstay huuse, and sat down to one of the most elegant entertainments we ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Tables were laid out for about, three hundred in the great dining room, where Sir Watkin presided, and upwards of one hundred dined in the beautiful oak entrance hall. The tables • ere filled wilh every rarity of the season, from tbe smoking siiloin, to the less substantial, though more epicurean dainties of the fields and woods— venison, pastied and roasted, and partiidges, were in abundance; nor was the pastry cook's art neglected, puddings, pies, & e. lusciously gracing the banquet board in every direction. Tbe viands were of the first class, consisting of madeira, sherry, claret, and port— every article in plenty.— Tire company considerably exceeded four hundred. Ou the removal of the cloth, in the great room, the follow- ing, among many loyal, constitutional, and other toasts, were given— The King. The Queen aud Royal Family. The Prince Regent. Breeding in all its Branches, By Sir W. W. Wynn, who read a report of tbe comparative trial of different kinds of cattle, and lamented much the absence of the Duke of Bedford, Mr. Coke, aud other dial inguished agricultures. The plow well used when used, and not used too often. Good Grazing— by Sir Watkin, with three. The Wooden Walls of Old England. A Gentleman, we believe the Hon. G. Germaine, proposed the health of Mr. Charles Watkin William's Wynn, Member foi Montgomeryshire— with three, which was drank with loud applauses. Mr. Wynn shortly" returned the company thanks for the great honour they had done him. Sir Watkin—" I'll give you the land we live in— those who dont like it, let them leave it." Sir Stephen Glynne—" May I propose a toast— Mr. Thomas Cholmondeley, the Member for Cheshire." Mr. Cholmondeley, with much feeling expressed his thanks. Sir Watkin, in bis usual hearty manner, drank" To our neyt merry meeting, this time twelve months;" afterwards proposing the health of Lord Clive— with three. His Lordship, in an elegantly turned, though short speech, expressed his warmest thanks- to his worthy friend ( Sir W.) who had contributed so much to rhe prosperity of rhe country—* and to the company; and trusted be should he enabled hereafti- r to follow in a bumble way, the stepsaf such a friend to agricultural improvement. Sir Watkin—" I will give. Gentlemen, the health of one who has done much for farming, Lord Bradford — no one has more actively employed himself for the interests of agricul- ture." Lord Bradford- begged to give his thanks for the hich - honour done bull,— After Ihe offer of a premium for — horned cattle from his Hon. Fi iend, lie could - not forbear tendering to the meeting a piece uf plate for the best heifer. After the health of the Judges was drank, Sir Watkin prefaced tbe healths of the - Duke of Bedford, and Mr. Coke, bv observing, that in consequence of the strong recommendation of that gentleman, he hud tried as fairly as was iu his power, the comparative merit ofthe Scotch anil Welsh breed of cattle, aud was convinced, fiom the result of his experiment, that the former had a decided prelerence; iu consequence of which, he had procured two Scotch bulls, in hopes of bein enabled to improve the native breed. [ The statement of the experiment is subjoined, j Lord Clive Iheu gave—" Our liberal host, Sir Watkin, and best thanks to him for his hospitality and attention to the Company." Three tunes three, and drank with an uproar of applause. Sir Watkin arose, amidst loud cheering, which continued a considerable time, so as to lender il impossible lo collect Ihe heads ol his address. He expressed his 9ense of tbe high honour done him, and his- conviction, that tbe united efforts of the Gentlemen who had gratified him with their company, would ultimately prove advantageous lo the piosperity of the country ; and he trusted and hoped in God the importance of the ulyeet of tbe meeting would not be neglected. Soon after six, the compauy adjourned to the letting of the tups, tor which there seemed much eagefness: oue was let for thirty- three pounds, to Edward Lloyd, Esq. of Rhagatt, another to R. W. Price, Esq. of Rhiwlas, for twenty seven pounds; the rest averaged between twenty and thirty pounds. A great part of the company again returned to the house, aud kept up the festivities of the scene, the glass— the toast-— tbe song— till a iate hour. A letter from Serampore, dated March the 12th, and received Sept. 9, gives an account of a fire ' which broke out in the printing- office, at the Mission- house, on Wednesday evening, March the llth, and destroyed 2000 reams of English paper ( which were there worth £ 5000) founts of types in fourteen languages, besides English, viz. Nagree, 2 founts; large and small Benga- lee, 2 founts; Orissa, Mahratta, Seik, Burman, Telinga, Tatuul, Cingalese, Chinese, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek; besides founts of English for carrying on ten works, which Ihe Missionaries then had in the press. The editions of the New Testament which are stopped are nine, the Ilindoslanee, Persian, Tamul, ( printing under the patronage of the Auxiliary Bible Society), and the Hindee, 2d edition, and Chinese. The editions of the Old Testament are five; the Sungskrit, Bengalle 2d edition, Orissa, Mahratta, and Hindee. Among the English works, suspended till types arrive from England, are the Sungskirt Grammar, 2d edition; Mr. Ward' work on Hindoo Manners, 4 vols. 4to. 2d edition Confucius 2d edition ; Dr. Markman's Chinese Disser- tation, 2d edition, enlarged to more than 200 pages; a Bengalle Dictionary, and a Telinga Grammar, hy Dr. Carey. The loss cannot be less than £ 12,000, and all the literary labours of the Missionaries interrupted at once. Yet this severe trial was mixed with mercy. No lives were lost, nor did the tire catch any of the neighbouring buildings. The presses are preserved, and happily all the matrices of the oriental letters were deposited in another place ; had they been burnt, it must have been years before they could have been re- placed. Great sympathy has been shewn to the Mis- sionaries by the Evangelical Clergy, and by other lite rary gentlemen who were much interested in their la bours. Nor is there room to doubt of their receiving immediate aid, both in India, and in Great Britain, from all the friends of Christianity and Oriental lite- rature. A fracas, which, at its commencement, threatened serious consequences to the parties, took place a few days since, between the Monarch reigning over a cer- tain theatre, not twenty miles south of the Thames., and one of the dramatic corps under his command, in consequence of the individual in question having on one occasion decamped during the time of rehearsal. The Chief, upon receiving this information, took occa- sion to expostulate with the supposed defaulter on this neglect of duty and breach of discipline. The charge was denied in positive terms. So confident, however, was the Chief of the correctness of his informant, that he replied to the denial by giving the supposed defaul- ter the lie direct, and immediately received the retort courteous, in the shape of a blow. The enraged Chief immediately stripped, and put himself in an attitude to return the compliment— his opponent, however, en- treated he would not tempt his fate farther, as his strength was by no means equal to the combat iu which he was about to engage. This taunt, as he conceived it, only raised the ire of the Theatrical Monarch the higher, and he swore he would have satisfaction for the injury his honour had sustained by the blow he had received; only stipulating, that if conquered in the argitmentum hacnlinum, he should then be entitled to demand the satisfaction of a gentleman. This was agreed to, and they immediately set to a- la Crib ; the Chief, however, as his opponent had foreseen, was • obliged to submit in a short time to the superior skill of his antagonist ill the polite art of boxing, and no thing then remained but to fulfil the remaining part of the contract. To do this the parlies met next morn- ing ou Fincliley Common, each accompanied by a friend ; the combat of the second day, however, was not so bloody as that of the first, for, afler exchanging shots, the seconds interfered, and a mutual apology having been made, the Mouarch again resumed his authority, tlic subject submitted to his allegiance, and they returned to town together iu a perfect state of friendship. The following is an extraordinary instance of the longevity of Eels: la the year 1781, John Meredith, an officer of excise, who resided in a cottage at Lan- vace, Brecon, put a small eel in a well in bis garden, which is about nine feet deep and three in diameter, but seldom contains more than two feet of water, ex- cept the neighbouring river Usk is swelled by floods, when the well completely fills. On a recent occasion of this nature, Ihe eel above mentioned appeared on the surface, aud was caught in a pail, when, to use the language of Margaret Price, ( carrier from Brecon to Swansea) the present tenant of the cottage, it was " as thick as her arm, and coiled round the pail from bottom to top." It was replaced in its former element, where il has existed for 31 years upon the animalcule: con- tained in the water, which latter, however, is allowed to be as pure as any water lhat can be desired. A Gentleman of Reading, it is stated, has discovered a method of making closure bricks, which admit of separation into four parts, without trouble or waste, and which, notwithstanding, leaves the ends square aud handsome for work. This is effected by means of a wire, which cuts three- fourths through the middle of the brick, after it has been moulded a day or two. The additional expense of dividing is about two shillings per thousand, and ihe saving in brickwork and labour is very considerable. These bricks are particularly useful for small piers, chimnies, ornamental work. & c. Pedestrianism.— Jonathan Waring, a Lancashire pedestrian started from London on Thursday, for a wager of > 00 guineas, fo go to Northampton and return ( 136 miles) in 34 hours, which is within two miles at the rate of four miles an hour, without stoppages. The pedestrian went the first 24 miles in six hours, and he did 55 miles in 12 hours, and half the distance in 14 hours and a half. After resting au hour aud a half, he started, on his return, with an hour at the good, and he had something under five milej to perform in the last hour. He got through tbe business, having three minutes to spare, with excessive fatigue, which is con- sidered a wonderful performance. RHEUMATISMS, PALSIES, AND GOUTY AFFEC- TIONS, with their usual concomitants, Spasm, or Hying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general Debility ( origi- nating in whatever source), are relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Essence of Mu tard Pills, after every other means had failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with Ihe Pills, In those complaints vvlieie necessary,) is perhaps the most active, pe- netrating, and effectual remeJy in the world, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half the time usuallv taken by Opodeldoc, Ar- quebusade, or any other Liniment or Embrocation; and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally efficacious for all ill- conditioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ringworms, Shingles] Breakings out ou the Face, Nose, Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and Inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads, and Scorbutic Humours of every Description. Prepared only, and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, No. 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, the Essence and Pills at 2s. 9d. each— the Cerate at Is. 1 Jd. & 2s. 9d. They are also sold bv W. EDDOWES, Newling, anil Palin, Shiewsbury; Painter, Wrexham ; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Parwidge, & Gitton, Bridgnoith; Edwards, Price, and Minshall, Oswestry; and by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. The genuine has a black ink Stamp with the Name of R. Johnston, stamped on it. Hooping Cough cured without inienrd Medicine. ROCHE'S ROYAL EMBROCATION. MANY thousands of Children are cured annually by this remedy ; on Ihe first attack an immediate application of ROCHE'S EMBROCATION will prevent the complaint taking any hold of the constitution, and a few times may completly cure. In the most obstinate cases perseverance will produce the desired effect ; and no remedy can be so well calculated for children as this, for it lequnes no medicine to be taken inwardly. Ill common Coughs, this medicine is equally efficacious and may be relied on for meu, women, and children, as safe and effectual. In no case can this medicine be genuine unless signed on the wrapper by J ROCHE, and everv stamp has the names ot Shaw and Edwards. 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard, ( who are the only wholesale Venders) engraved thereon. Piice 4s. and .£ 1 2s. per Bottle; sold also by EDDOWES, Bythell, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Ridge- way, and Procter, Drayton ; Chester, Newcastle ; Silves- ter, Newport; Fowke, Stafford; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock ; and by most of the respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. Shropshire Game Duty. AN ALPHABETICAL LIST of the GAME CERTIFICATES, at £ 3 3s. each, issued for Shrop- shire, from the 1st of July to 9th of September, 1812, inclusive. Adams William, Ludlow Atcherley Richard, Marton Atcherley John, Stanwardine in the Fields Adney John, Shrewsbury Allen William, Uffington Adams Thomas. Chetwynd Adams John, Edgmond Aingeworth Wm. Eardington Aston Geo. Middleton Scriven Attwood Alexander, Hales Owen Atcherley Roger, clerk, Bridg- north Adney Thomas, jun. Weston Albott Charles, Middleton Aingeworth William, Ryton Bromfield James, Whitchuich Brookes William Wycherley, Ditto Brazier John, clerk, Drayton Bradbury Samuel, Sutton Butterton Thomas, Souilley Broughton P. S. jun. Beiton Beckett J. Cooper, Graven- hunger Briscoe John, Howle Bickerton William, Northwood Boodle Thomas, Noneley Burlton John, English Frankton Brome H S. clerk, Dudliston Boydell Josiah, Ditto Broughton John, Llwyntidman Bentley Pet. jun. Weston Rhyn Beddoes George, Brunslow Beale Thomas, Heaili- house Beddoes Thomas jun. China Longville Baugh Richard, clerk, Ludlow Baker Henry James, Ditto Bale Lieut William, Ditto Bishop Francis, Tugford Blakeway Rich. Stanton Lacy Baugh J. W. clerk, Diddlebury Broome Rich. Church Strelton Blakeway Roger, Onibury Botterell Edward, Holdgate Bather John, Ryton Bright Daniel, Shrewsbury Bayley Thomas, Hadnal Bather Edward, Meole Brace Brookes Thomas, Osbaston Berwick Right. Hon. Lord, Attingham Briscoe William, Caynton Borrow Thomas, Chetwynd Boultbee Thomas, Ditto Brookes Ambrose, Ditto Bayley Thomas, Edgmond Bayley John, Ditto Bridgen John, Lilleshall Bayley John, Chetwynd Boats Henry Ellis, Newport Blantern Robert, Roddington Baker Win. Aston Botterell Baker Thomas, Chetton • Botfield Tho. Hopton Wafers Bishop William, Ditto Bache Thomas, Nordley Regis Bache Thomas jun. Ditto Bache Wm. Ouatt Malvern Bryan Joseph, Claverley Bennett Joshua, Ditto Bissell James, Hales Owen Bissell Thomas, Ditto Bissell Thomas jun. Ditto Butcher Joel, Worfield Bates Wm. clerk, Bridgnorth Bangham Thomas, Ditto Bangham Benjamin, Dilto Bowen William, Quatt Jarvis Hankes Christopher, Brosele Briscoe Wm. Little Wenlock Broughall Joseph, Boningale Brooke George, Haughton Cooke John, Neen Sollars Coleman Thomas B, clerk, Church . Stretton Clive Rt. Hon. Vise. Walcot Cowdell Henry, Ludlow Croxon Edw. Trefarclandd Cotgrave Thomas, Ellesmere Corser John, Whitchurch Clay John, Ditto Clive William, Styche Clarke Thomas, Peplow Cureton William, Westbury Corbett Pauton, Lougnor Corbett Uvedale, Ditto Corbet Sir Andrew, Bart, Acton Reynold Colley John, Astley Cooke Samuel, Shrewsbury Cooke Thomas, Ditlo Cooke Thomas, Meole Brace Corbet John, Sundorn Clarke Daniel, Buildwas Collier Tho, Jukes, Newport Calcot Wm. clerk, Caynham Cleobury John, Acton Rouud Childe William, Kinlet Corfield Francis, Neenton Crow George, Neen Savage Crowther Tho. Astley . Claverley Cotton Richard, Ditto Carruthers Joseph, Hales Owen Carruthers George, Ditto Carruthers John, Ditto Cookes Richard, Ditto Clare Thomas, Quatt Jarvis Childe George, Badger Corfield John, Castlehill Collier William, Shiffnal Dawes Robert, Sutton Davies Richard, Cheswardinc Dickin Thomas, Wem Dickin R. S. Ditto Denston John, Fitz Duckett John, Westfelton Davies Joseph, Oswestry Davies Arthur, Ditto Downes Sa. Ashford Carbonell Dallaway John, Boreatton Dawson Robert, Nash Dike Charles, Clun Dodson John, Cound Davies James, Leaton Duncalf John, Lilleshall Dalleway John, Chetton Deverall John, Sidbury Davies George, Bridgewalton Darby Edward, Hales Owen Davenport William Yelverton, Worfield Davenport E S. clerk Ditto Duppa Thomas, Bridgnorth Eaton William, Ashford Car- bonell Edwards John, Oswestry Ellis David, Upper Porkiugton Edwards Robert, Newtown Evans Thomas, Prescot Edwardes Sir J. T. C. Bart. clerk, Frodesley Evans John, Shrewsbury Edwardes Benjamin, Ditto Edwards John, Ditto Egerton Charles B. Meole Brace Elsmere Edward, Almond Park Evans Geotge, Hadley Evett John, Wellington Eyton Thomas jun. Ditto Espley John jun. Ditto Elsmere Thotnas, Sugdun Evans William, Cayutou Edwards George, Neenton Edwards Richard, Oldbury Edwards Nicholas, Ditto Edwards Richard, Chiverley Edwards Joseph, Ditto Eyke Richard, Rylon Farmer Benjamin, Burford Frowd Isaac, clerk, Bishop's Castle Flounders Benjamin, Ludlow Ferguson George, Ditto France Francis, Nobold Freeman John, Edgmond Farmer James, Claverley Fregleton Robert, M idelny Ferriday Robert, Dilto Ferriday William, Ditto Firmstone Geoige, Ditto Fowler John, Brockton Giles John, Neen Sollars Green Thomas,, Stoke Green Jona. Ashford Bowdler Gough Edw. Lower Porkington Godby Augustus, Oswestry Gregory William, Whitchurch Gregory Humphrey. Ash Gibbons John, clerk, Harley Groome Thomas, Smethcott Glaze George, Alveley, Giles Richard, Endon Burnell Giles John, Hone Bagot Green Harry, Quatt Malvern Gatacre Edward, Claverley Gatacre Edward, jun. Ditto Green J. Hales Owen Gitton Thomas, Bridgnorth Guest William, Ditto Game Thomas Ferguson, Ditto Green Joseph, Badger Griffiths James, Madeley Hallowes Joseph, Calverhall Heatley John, Eaton Heath John, Betton Hill Richard, clerk, Hawkstone Hill Sir John, Bart. Ditto Hill John, Ditto Hatchett Sam. Bulkeley. Elles- mere Hopkins William jun. Filz Higginson Richard, Oswestry Hurleston John, Ditto Hunt John, Ditto Hilton Rich, clerk, Dudliston Hughes John, Ifton Rhyn Hill Benjamin, Stanton Lacy Hill Thomas, Ditto Hobkirk Adam, Ashford Car- bonell Hobkirk William, Ditto Hodges Richard Bishop, Brom field Harding John, clerk, Hopesay Harries, Thomas, Cruckton Heighway Wm. Pontesbury Harrison Hamlett, clerk, ditto Heighway Samuel, Pontesford Hayward George, Dorrington Hill Hon. Rev. R. Berrington Hoggins James, Longnor Hilditch John, Shrewsbury Hill William, Ditto Howard Corbett, Rowton Hiles Thomas, Shrewsbury Hanmer Thomas, Hardwick Hales Thomas, Abbey Foregate Heighway John, Withington Hiles Bernard, Ditto Hawkins Robert, Charlton Hewitt James, Alveley Hill Tho. Cleobury Foreign Haslewood Geo. Hugh, clerk, Eardington Hinkesman John, Westwood Hyde John, Stottesdon Hinchcliffe Geo. Hales Owen Harding Andrew, Bridgnorth Howells Edw. Much Wenlock Hoole John, Beckbury Harries Richard, Middleton Harley Sedgley, Albrighton Hawkes John, Ditto Higgins Joseph, Shiffnal Harding Josiah, Ditto Harding Samuel, Grindle Hooper Charles, Manor Jones Thomas, Whitton Jones Lewis, Oswestry Jones Jeremiah, Halston Justice Philip, Drayton Jellicorse William, Howie Jervis H. Z, Cheswardine Jones David W. Llwyntidman Jandrell Richard, Pulverbatch Jones John, Shrewsbury Jones John, Horton Jones Thomas, Shrewsbury Icke Francis, Horton Jenkins Edward, Dunnington Jenkins Robert, Ditto Juckes Juhn jun. Tern Juckes Charles, Cotwall Juckes Thomas, Roddington Juckes Thomas, Tern Jenkin John, Worfield Jones Wm. banker, Bridgnorth Jones William, surgeon, Ditto Jones Henry, Ditto Jones William, Harrington Johnson Cuthbert, Shiffnal Jellicoe John, Ditto Jellicoe William, Ditto Jervoise George, Castlehill Jones Samuel, Hatton Kenyon Hon. Thomas, Prado Knowles Sir C. H. Bart. Ludlow Kynnersley Thomas, Leighton Latham John, Woore Latham Thomas, Ditto Lee John, Wem Lloyd William, Aston Leach Samuel, Llanforda Lucas Edward, Edgton Lowe — ( clerk) Diddlebury Langley T. V. Richard's Castle Lee John, Ellesmere Lee Francis, jun. Ditto Leighton Sir Rob. Bart. Loton Lloyd Tho. Little Shrawardine Loxdale Richard, Hanwood Lewis Charles, Wellington Leeke R. H. Longford Lowe Richard, Aston Botterell Lloyd Charles, Acton Round Lateward John, Neen Savage Lea William, Claverley Law William, Beckbury Lister John, Broseley Lewis George, Dukeshill Menlove Joshua Lewis, Elles- mere Menlove Tho. Welsh Hampton Muckleston Joseph, Prescot Medlicott Tho. Bishop's Castle Morris William, Clun Morris Philip, Hurst Morrall Charles, Dudliston Murhall John, Dodington Mulliner John, Edstaston Maddox Thomas, Wolverley Maddocks Robt. clerk, Kenley Maddock John, Hencott Maddock G. A. clerk, Ditto Merrington William, Grinshill Morris John jun. Bicton Massey Tho Acton Reynold Masefield John, Kinnersley Maddox John, Wrickton Meredith John, Worfield Morris Jos. clerk, Bridgnorth Milner Thomas, Ditto Macmichael John, Ditto Mytton Thomas, Shipton Meeson John, Albrighton Molineux H. W. clerk, Ryton Molineux F. G. clerk, Ditto Molineux Richard, Ditto Moor Joseph, Lizard Vickson Jonathan, Whitchurch Norcop, W. C. jun. Betton Nickson Jonathan, Wem Niccolls John, Newnham Nichols William, Madeley Owen William, Woodhouse Oseland Rich. Richard's Castle Oakeley Herbert, clerk, Oake- ley House Oakeley Thomas, Hinton Oakes Thomas, Newcastle Owen Hugh BuIkley, Tedsmere Oakley Edward, Alveley Oakley Richard, Ditto Oldbury George. Eardington Oldbury Thomas, Hales Owen Owen Edward, Albrighton Owen John, Ditto Oatley John, Ditto Powell William, Dales Owvn Powell Rich, cleik, Munslow Pinches Fran. Richard's Castle Price Tho, clerk, Stanton Lacy Price Robert Bell, . More Pritchett Gilley, Ludlow Payne Tho. Maesbrook Ueha Palmer John, sen. Ollerton Peake Eli, Pilstoue Pickstock Seth, Balderton Powell William, Fitz Peters Charles, clerk, Pontes- bury Phillips John, Plealey Phillips Joseph, D. ito Pooler James, Stockton Pelham John Cressett, Cound Pugh Robert Parry, Woodhall Pigott John Dryden, clerk, Edgmond Palin William, Kinnersley Picken John, Ditto Purton, John, Astley Abbotts PurtonWm. Middleton Scriven Purcell Thomas, Stottesden Purcell John, clerk, Sidbury Perry John, Claverley Pinches William, Ticklerton Poole Benjamin, Madeley Phillips Rich. jun. Brockton Phillips Richard sen. Ditto Phillips Revel sen. Shiffnal Phillips Revel jun. Ditto Perks Thomas, Ditto Plowden Edm. Hatton Grange Reynolds William, Boreaston Rocke John, clerk, Crungunford Russell Richard, Ludlow Reynolds Benj Chnrch Stretton Roberts Nath. clerk, Oswestry Rees Abram, Lower Porkington Richards John, Whitchurch Rowe ThomasTurner, Ditto Reynolds John, Bagley Ramell Thomas, Berrington Rogers John, Shrewsbury Richardson William, Newport Ryeland Thomas, Stanford Rhodes Edward, Wrockwardine Wood Round William, Hales Owen Smith John, Hampton'sWood Stanton John, Ellesmere Stanton Thomas, Ditto Sandford Tho. clerk, Sandford Sandford Thomas Hugh, Ditto Salter Robert, Oswestry Salway Rich. Richard's Castle Smith Samuel, Stanton Lacy Stedman Edward, Ditto Sayce John, Bishop's Castle Sayce Richard, Brockton Syer John, Ludlow Spearman John, Oxon Sandland Samuel, Tedsmere Shingler William, Broughton Smith John Wm. Shrewsbury Shakeshaft Wm. Leegomery Stanley John, Newport Sillitoe John, Edgmond Spearman Richard, clerk, Kinnersley Skelding Henry, Alveley Steward John, Billingsley Smith Tho. Cleobury Foreign Smith Jacob Child, Oldbury Smith Ferdinando, Hales Owen Stokes Charles, Worfield Skelding William, Bridgnorth Stephens John, Ditto Smith William, clerk, Badger Smith Robert, clerk, Coppice Green Shishton William, Grindle Tunstall Wm. Stanton Lacy Thomas Richard, Abertanat Tozer P. H. Oswestry Taylor James, Llwyntidtnart Tarleton Thomas, Calverhall Trevor John, Whitchurch Taylor John, Stoke Thornes John, Alberbury Topp John, Whitton Tudor Samuel, Shrewsbury Turner Joseph, Ditto Trowbridge Sir T. Meole Brace Tonge William, Claverley Thomason John, Stockton Trigger Robert, Madeley Taylor George, Boningale Venables John, Lossford Withers George, Oswestry Wilding Sam. Church Stretton Waring Thomas, Ditto Walcott Charles, clerk, Bit- lerley Wheeler Richard, Weston Waring Samuel, Ludlow Wicksteed Wm. Whitchurch Warren J. L Drayton Wood Peter, Cheswardine Whitmore John jun. Betton Wood Henry, Harcourt Park Warren George, Drayton Walford John, Wem Walmsley John, Edstaston Walmsley John, Sleap Ward John, Baschurch Warter Henry Diggory, Cruck Meole Warter John, Ditto Wood John, Grinshill White Taylor, Bicton Watkins Watkin, Shotlon Wade Cha. Gregory, Hanwood Wingfield John, Onslow Wheeler Wm. Cleobury Foreign Wheeler Humphrey, Ditto Whitmore Woolrich, Quatt Malvern Windle Tho. Hatton, Claverley Wilson Edward, Ditto Woodcock Walter, Hales Owen Whitmore Thomas, Stockton Whitmore C B. C. clerk, Diuo Wood John, Ditto Wainwright Wm. Holloway Wood William, Albrighton Wood John, Hatton Yardley Edward, Plealey Yate Timothy, Madeley Yates William, Albrighton Young William jun. Caynton House Published by Order of his Majesty's Commissioners! for the Affairs of ' Paxes, M. WINTER, Secretary. ( List of Gamekeepers in our next.)
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