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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 28
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 19/09/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 28
No Pages: 4
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PRIJVTEB BY aJVB FOR T. E. BICEY, W. SUTTOJf, * AJVB R. SMITHSOJV. VOL. 92. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1812. No. 28. Ready Money is expected ) with Advertisements, ii 5 Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ) ( Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. 5 T, _ S Stamp- Dutv - 3d. i PRICE { PAPEI. AND £ RINT 3D* Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE, of Saturday, Sept. 12. rpHIS Gazette contains extracts of dispatches from Sir J. Howard Douglas and Lieut.- Col. Parker Carrol, re- specting the operations of the Galician and Asturian Spanish armies, under Santocildes and Mendizabal. The dispatches from Sir Howard Douglas give a detailed account of the operations of the Galician army in the reduction of Astorga, and against the enemy's force which made an attempt to raise the siege of that place, and which succeeded in carry- ing off the garrisons of Toro and Zamora. Those from Colonel Carrol give a gratifying statement of the good conduct and the steady bravery of the new levies in Biscay, in the several affairs which they had with the enemy in the vicinity of Bilbna, and in which they succeeded in repulsing si strong French corps commanded by General Rouget, who made an attempt to regain Bilboa. The French General Caffarclli was greatly mortified at the failure of this attempt, and had reinforced Rouget with a view to another attack upon Bilboa. LONDON, TUESDAY, September 15. A Lisbon Mail arrived this morning, with accounts to the SOth ult. The principal event mentioned in them, is the evacuation of Seville by Marshal Soult, on the 17th ult.; he was retiring in the direction of Cordova. A Gottenburgh Mail likewise arrived this morning, with advices to the 7th ult. The intelligence from the Russian army is not of so late a date as the French Papers. The Russians claim the victory in the battle of Polotsk, and state that the French were completely driven back with the loss of 7,500 killed, and 2,500 prisoners. From Riga it is Stated, that a sortie had been made by the garrison, in which thev took eight gnus and 500 prisoners. The expected interview between the Emperor Alexander and the Crown Prince had taken place at Abo. Lord Cathcart was present nt the meeting, but nothing had transpired with respect to its objects. Letters were on Saturday received from Quebec of the 19th of July. They state," with great confidence, that the means of defence in that part of our settlements are fully adequate, and that the Americans are in no condition to make their appearance in that quarter. By a Swedish vessel advice has been received from New York to the 11th ult. which is two days later than those by the Pacific. Nothing had been heard from Washington as to the determination nf Government, in consequence of the British CG. icrssion as to the Orders in Council. The harvest in Sicily had been so abundant, that the price of wheat was reduced to half its former value. The like was the situation as to this essential article in all the European parts of the Mediterranean. At Malta it had been lowered from 85 to 32 scudi. Bv the Malta mail arrived on Saturday, Lord William . Rentinck communicates the interesting intelligence to Government, that vassalage, vileinage, and all feudal rights, are for ever abolished in Sicily— a new Constitution on the model nf the British is to be formed— great joy throughout Sicilv in consequence. The Siege of Cadiz bv the French commenced the 6th of February, 1810, and was raised on the 25th of last month ; a period of two years, six months, and 19 days of attack and resistance, Don Pedro, a Spanish Prince, husband to the daughter of the Prince Regent of Portugal, is dead, at the Brazils.— His issue are heirs to the Crown of Portugal. The most active preparations are making by all parties to meet a Dissolution of Parliament, expected to take place in the ensuing month. Saturday the first division of the 1st Foot Guards arrived at Portsmouth, nnd embarked on board the Alfred, 74, Captain Horton, for Spain. " Three pints of wheat dibbled in a « » iece of ground, on which formerly stood a blacksmith's forge in the parish of Berkley, Sussex, produced this year sir bushels and three gallons. ' Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. STPTEMBER 12th, 18) 2. THE ALTHORP, NORTHAMPTON, AND WY- MERSLEY TROOPS, are requested to assemble, in Inspection Order, on the M A R K P. T- P L A c B, at NORTH- AMPTON, on MONDAY the 21st of SEPTEMBER instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised under their own Officers, in Pursuance of the Provisions of the General Volunteer Act.— The above- mentioned Troops will remain in Quarters at Northampton on the 21st and 22d. SPENCER, Colonel. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalri/. SEPTEMBER 12th, 1812. THE P> RACK LEY, DAVENTRY, TOWCESTER, and CHIP PING- W AII I) EN TROOPS, are requested to assemble, in Inspection Order, on the MARKET- PLACE, at DAVENTRY, on THURSDAY the 24th of SEPTEMBER instant, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised under their own Officers, in Pursuance of the Provisions nf the General Volunteer Act.— The above- mentioned Troops will remain in Quarters at Daventrv on the 24th, 25th, and26th. SPENCER, Colonel. ALL Persons who are indebted to the Estate of the late GEORGE THOMAS, Esq. of BRACKLEY, in the County of Northampton, are required forthwith to pay the Amount nf their Debts to'Mr. Jones, of Brackley, one of the Executors.— And all Persons who have Claims upon the Estate, are requested to transmit to him Accounts of such Claims, that they may be discharged. NOTICE is hereby given, That a STATUTE SESSION for HIRING SERVANTS will be kept and held at the CHEQUER INN, liOWF. IL, the 23d of SEPTEMBER, 1812.— Dinner oil the Table at One o'clock. M. WATSON. BEDFORD CANAL. AN Advertisement having lately appeared in the North- ampton Mercurv, dated Bedford, 16th July, 1S12. stating a Prospectus of forming a Canal from the Town of Bedtord, to connect the Navigation from thence with the Grand Junction Canal at Woughton, in the County of Buckingham, and that his Grace the Duke of Bedford, the Marquis of Tavistock, the Earl of Hardwicke, the Earl of Upper- Ossory, the Right Hon. R. Fitzpatrick, Francis Pvni, Esq. Samuel Whitbread, Esq. Wm. Lee Antonie, Esq. William Praed, Esq. Charles Harvey, Esq. the Mayor, and several other Gentlemen of Bedford, were nominated by a General Meeting held at Bedford, on the 3d Inst, a Committee to conduct an Application proposed to be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session, for a Bill to enable a Com- pany of Proprietors to carry the same into effect. We, the undersigned, being Inhabitants of the Town of Bedford, or Proprietors ot Land through which it is proposed the said Canal should pass, observing that the above Advertisement, which appears to convey the Sanction of such high Patronage, has no Signature, and being sensible of many Objections, and doubting whether any Advantages are to be obtained in the Event of the said Canal being completed,— request, that in order to obtain the Sentiments of all Persons who are anywise interested in the Undertaking, a Meeting may take Place at the WHITE HART INN, in AM PTHI I. L ( being the most Central Situation), on THURSDAY the 24th SEPTEMBER instant at Eleven o'Clock. ' To the Debtors and Creditors <> f JL/ R. JOHN ADAMS, lute of KETTERINO, in the County of Northampton, Draper, deceased. ALL Persons to whom the said JOHN ADAMS stood indebted at the Time of his Decease, are requested fo deliver an Account thereof to the Rev. Geo. Bugg, and John Adams, of Kettering aforesaid, the Administrators, in order that the same may he examined and discharged ; aud all Persons who stand indebted to the aforesaid Estate, are re- quested to pay their respective Debts to the said G. Bugg and John Adams.— Kettering, Sept. 9tli, 1812. JOHN ADAMS takes this Opportunity of making his unfeigned Acknowledgments to the numerous Friends of his late Father and himself, for the Favours they have so many Yean conferred upon them; and begs to assure them, that as he intends to continue the LACE and DRAPERY BUSINESSES, iu all their Branches, he will endeavour to merit the Continuance of their Approbation nnd Support. Part of the DRAPERY STOCK is now selling at reduced Prices. NOTICE is hereby given, That the PARTNER- SHIP latetv subsisting between n « , the undersigned ROBERT GRAY and JOHN BLAKE, of the Town of BUCKINGHAM, Surgeons and Apothecaries, WAS DISSOLVED I! Y MUTUAL CONSENT on the 8th Day of August last.— All Persons standing indebted to the said Partnership are re- quested to pay their respective Debts to the said Robert firav, hy whom all Claims upon the said Partnership will be satisfied and discharged.— Witness our Hands the fifth Day of September, 1812. ROBERTGRAY. JOHN BLAKE. To be LET I' on LEASE to the Best Bidder, At an Assembly of fhe Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of the Town of Northampton, at the Guildhall, in the said Town, on Monday the 21st Day of September instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, for such Terms of Years as shall be then and there mentioned, and subject to such Conditions as shall be at the same Time produced, ASubstantial MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with convenient attached and detached Offices, Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances, situate in SHEEP- STREET in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, now in the Occupation ot Mr. F. Sternberg. A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Yard, Garden, Well of excellent Water, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in SAINT MARY'S. STREET, in the Town of NORTH- AMPTON aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Samuel Walker. A MESSUAGE orTENEMENT, next adjoining to the last- mentioned Premises, with the Yard, Garden, and Appur- tenances thereunto belonging, now in the Occupation of John Wilford. TWO MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with convenient Out- buildings, Yard or Piece of Ground adjoining, situate in DERIS- HATE, in the said Town, now ' he several Occupations of Joseph West and Charles Prince. A large and convenient WA REHOUSE, under the West- Part of the Guildhall, fronting Mercers'- Row, in the said Town. TWO large and convenient WAREHOUSES, under the North- Part of the GUILDHALL, fronting the Market- Square. A PIECE Ofetceedingiy rich GARDEN GROUND, well planted with choice Fruit- Trees, with a Well of excellent Wafer, situate at the lower End and on the West- Side of COW- LA NE, now in the Occupation of Joseph Tonslev. A PI EC IT of exceedingly rich G A R DEN, now in the Occu- pation of Mrs. Law. well planted with chiice' Fruit- Trees, situate behind Saint Peter's Church. A STABLE or BUILDING, with a CLOSE or PIECE of GARDEN GROUND adjoining, now in the Occupation ot George Maine and Mrs. lnwood, situate in Saint Edmund's- End, near the said Town, For further Particulars, apply to Mr. JEYES, Town- Clerk, Northampton. To Ironmongers, Tallow- Chandlers, and Whitesmiths. To be SOLD bv AUCTI 0 N, By W. BERRY, At the Red Lion Inn, Aylesbury, Bucks, on Monday the 21st Day of September, 1812, p- eciselv at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, in which Case Notice will be given to the Public, ( under such Condi'ions as shall then be produced), THE LEASE and GOOD WILL, for an unexpired Term of nine Years at Michaelmas next, of a capital HOUSE and WAREHOUSES, situate ia the MARKST- PLAC*, AYLESBURY, Bucks, late in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Tyler, Ironmonger, Tallow- Chandler, Whitesmith, and Dealer in Tobacco and Snuff; wherein an extensive and lucrative Trade has been carried on for nearly a Century : comprising a well- built Brick and Tiled Dwelling- House, with large Shop, Parlour, Dining- room, three good Bed- Chambers, and three Attics: excellent Kitchen, Scqllerv with Pump, Beer and Wire Cellars, large Chandlery and Melting- Shop ( the Meltings good), with all other necessary and convenient Offices. Immediately behind the House are nine detached Warehouses for storing Ironmongery, Snuff, and Tobacco; a Patten making Shop, large Brewhoitse. Whitesmith's Shop ( fitted up very complete, and in full Trade); Grindstone- Yard, with a private Passage leading thereto; with every other Convenience for carrying on a verv entrnsive Business. Annual Rent £ 30. Taxes extremely low. The Purchaser will be required to take the Stock, 4- c. at a fair Valuation; and immediate Possession mav be had The Purchaser may likewise be accommodated with a Ware- house in Silver Lane, which is not inclndued in the Lease of the other Premises, which was rented bv Mr. Tyler at £ 3a Year. May be viewed and further Particulars known on Application to Mr. STONE, Solicitor, Avle^ nrv, or Mr. W. BERRY, Auctioneer and General Appraiser. Aylesbury, who request that all I etters of Enquiry may be Post- paid. All Persons having anv Demand on Mr. Tyler's Estate are requested to send in their Accounts to Mr. Stone within a Month from this Time; to whom all who may be indebted to Mr. Tyler are desired to pay the Amount of their Debts within the same Period. Rev. E. O. Smith, Rev. J. Fisher, J. Battams, £. Bennett, E. King, Henry Hugh Hoare, George Livius, P. Nash, John Cooke, William Parker, John Green, R. Parker, Francis Green, John Morris, G. D. Yeats, Joseph Barnard, Wm. Watkins, John Wing, G. P. Nash, Joseph Barnard Dimmock, William Piatt, William Berry, John Pateman, Chas. Pinfold. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising for one whole Year, from the 9th Day of December next, at the several Gates upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Towcester through Brackley and Silverstone, in the County of Northampton, and Ardiey and Middleton- Stoney to Weston Gate, in the Parish of Wcston- on- the- Green, in the Connty of Oxford, will be separately LETT by AUC- TION, at the House of JOHN ROBERTS, railed the CROWN- INN, in BRACKLEY, on TUESDAY the 6th Day of OCTOBER next, between the Hours of Eleven and Four; which Tolls produced thelast Year the several Sums hereinafter mentioned, above the Fixpenses of callecting the same, and will be put up at those Sums respectively, viz.:— Bincott IVoodwi'b the Check Gate near the Soap Office ..£ 162 Hoppers ford with the Check Gate at Biddlcsdon Lane 96 Middlelon- Stoney Gate 66 Whoever happens to he the Best Bidder must at the same Time pay a Deposit, after the rate of £ 10 per Cent, as a Pledge for the due Performance of tile Contract, to be then entered into. And Nntice is hereby further given, That new Trustees will then be elected in the Room of such as are dead, and whose Vacancies are not already filled up.— Dated the 8th Day of September, 1812. J- WESTON, Clerk, Rrackley. BEDFORD, Sept. 3d, 1812. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estate and Effects of Mr. WILLIAM SMITH, late of • he Town of Bedford, Carrier, deceased, are requested to • end an Account thereof to Mr. Samuel Ilillyard, or Mr. William Freeman, both of the said Town of Bedford, his Executors; and all Persons who are indebted to the Estate nad F, fleets of the said Mr. William Smith, are desired imme- diately in pay Iheir respective Debts to the said Mr. Hillyard, or Mr. Freeman, who are duly authorised to receive the same. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO HE LETT. " JVTOTTCE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at . Lxi the several Toll- Gates upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Dunchurch to Hillmorton, in the County of Warwick, and from thence to Saint James's End, in the Parish of Duston, in the County of Northampton, called or known by the Names of the Hillmorton Gate, West- Haddon Gate, and the Saint James's End Gale, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the House of Mr. THOMAS WALTON, known by the Name of the Fox AND HOUNDS, at HARLESTON, in the said County of Northampton, on WEDNESDAY the THIRTIETH Day of SEP. TEMBER instant, between the Hours of Twelve and Four o'Clock, in the Manner directed bv the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of his present Majesty's Reign, for regulating the Turnoike- Roads, which Tolls produced the last Year the STIM3 following ( viz.):— at Hillmorton Gate, the Sum of £ 194, West- Haddon Gate, the Sum of £ 167, and Saint James's. End Gate, the Sum of £ 239, above the Expenses of collecting them respectively, and will be put up at those respective Sums. Whoever happen to be the Best Bidders, must at the same Time give Security with -' sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road, for Payment of the respective Rents agreed for. and at such Times as they shall direct. By Order ot the said Trustees, lrr Set tember, 1812. WM. TYLER SMYTH, Clerk. Turnpike- Road from Peterborough lo Thorney, TVrOTICE is heteby given, That Application is intended L\ to be made to Parliament at the next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill for continuing the Term, and altering, enlarging, and amending the Powers of an Act of Parliament passed in the Thirtv- second Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, in- tituled" An Act for amending, widening, and keeping in Re. " pair, the Road leading from SWANSPOOL- BRIDGE, in the City " of PETERBOROUC. H, to the Town of THORNRY, in the Isle of " Ely, in the County of Cambridge, and for altering the Course " of some Part of the said Road j" and also for increasing the TOLLS granted by the said Act, which said Road passes into or through the Parishes or Places following, viz. Saint John the Baptist, Peterborough and Eye, in the County of North- ampton, and Thorney, in the Isle of Ely, and County ot Cambridge.— Dated this 26th Day of August, 1RI2. Uj Oidnrcf tbs Trustees, WM. MORLEY, Clerk. Household Furniture, Meadow Hay, Road llorse, fyc. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Bv T. WOOD, On Wednesday September 23d, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN BUTTFIELD, leaving his Businessat BONE- END, near Great. Berkhampstead, Herts ; COMPRISING Four- post Bedsteads and Furnitures, J Feather and Flock- Beds, Blankets and Counterpanes; Mahogany Drawers, Pier and Swing- Glasses, Mahogany, Chamber, and Windsor Chairs, Mahogany Dining, and other Tables, Scotch Carpet, Kitchen- Requisites in Copper, Pewter, and Brass, China and Gla< s, Bath Stoves, Kitchen- Range; Brewing and Washing - Coppers, sweet Iron- bound Casks, Mash - Vat and Working - tubs : Harness for three Horses, Saddle and Bridle, capital Road Horse, Rick of Meadow Hay, about 10 Tons; Rick of old Ditto, about seven Tons; Corn- Bin, Barn- Tackle, Number of Sacks, Wootl, & c. with various other useful Articles.— The Sale will commenceat Ten o'Clock. Catalogues may be had at the Inns at Berkhampstead : Bell, Hemel - Hempstead ; Place of Sale; and of Mr. WOOD, I. eighton- Buzzard. Valuable Freehold Property at Woolscott, near Dunchurch. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN MA ROETTS, On Tuesday the 29th Day of September, 1812, precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Four Crosses, at WIL- LOUGHBY, in the County of Warwick, either together or in Lots, as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and under Conditions lobe then produced, ALL that FREEHOLD ESTATE, now in the Occupation of THOMAS IRESON, whose Term expires at Michaelmas 1814; consisting of five Closes of rich Arable, and Pasture Land, containing 39 Acres, with the Buildings thereon; and tour Goads of Rich Pasture Land, in Woolscott Mick Meadow, about one Acre ; also, another Close of rich Pasture Land in Lake- Meadow, in Willoughby aforesaid, containing about four Acrer. N. B. Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Mortgage, if required. — For a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenant; and for further Particulars, to Mr. TIDMAS, Solicitor, Warwick. LEICESTERSHIRE. To be S O L D by AUCTION, By Air. FARMER, On Wednesday the 7th Day of October next, at Fouro'Click in the Afternoon, at the Three Crowns Inn, Leicester ( in Lots), AN undivided MOTETY of sundry FREEHOLD ESTATES; consisting of a Messuage and 55 Acres of rich Pasture and Meadow Land, situate at SUTTON- IN- THE- E LMS, in the Parish of BROUG1ITON- ASTLEY ; of an undivided third Part of a MESSUAGE and 23 Acres of LAND, at MOUNT- SORRF. LL ; and about 30 Acres of LAND, in ROTHLEY, QUO RNDO N, and BARROW, inihe County ot Leicester. References tor viewing and Particulars may be had of Messrs. STRONG, STILL, & STRONG, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London; of Messrs. PARES, MILES, ALSTON, SFC PARES, Leicester; or ot Mr. CURZON, Derby. Particulars may also be had at the Three Crowns, Leicester; Bull's Head, Loughborough ; Swan, Melton- Mowbrav; Angel, Market- Haiborough; Denbigh Arms, Lutterworth; Queen's Head, Ashby- dc- la- Zouch ; and of Mr. FARMER, Leicester. To be S O L D hy A U C T ION, By R. 4- E. BJ'. ABY, On the 22d Day of September, 1812, at the Red Lion, in WELTON, near Daventry, ABOUT 17 Tons of excellent well gotten UPLAND HAY, standing near the said Village, off capital Land, and may be taken away any Time before l, r, dy- Day next. WELTON is only two Miles from Daventry, two from Long- Buckby Wharf, nearly adjoins the Grand Junction Canal, and the Roads all sound and good to the surrounding Towns and Villages. Also, eight A. RTJ of capital AFTERMATH; the Lair sound and dry, the Fences good, nnd a Spring of sweet Water upon the Land, to be left on the 25th ot March next. For a View of the above, apply to Mr. JOHN EARL, of Welton aforesaid. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DUMBLFJON, Upon the Premises, on Thursday the 24th of September, 1812, at Six o'Cluck in the Evening, AIL those truly valuable and extensive PREMISES or INN, called or known by the WHITE HART INN, centrically situate in the populous and flourishing Marker Town of RUGBY. The Premises consist of a good Kitchen, Parlour and Bar, Larders and Cellars, largo commodious Dining- room, good Sleeping- rooms, Sec. ; large spacious Yard, with newly erected Stables, capable of containing 40 Horses ; good Brewhouse, and a Pump and Well of good Water ad- joining the same. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. DUMBLETON, the Auctioneer, Daventrv ; or Mr. Bos WORTH, upon the Premises, who is retiring to another Part of the Country. At a Special General Meeting of the Committee for managing the PATIllOriC FUND, held this Day at the Merchant Seaman's Office ; P. EESTON LONG, Esq. in the Chair ; Resolved,— That the following Address to the Public be inserted in the Morning and Evening Papers. Lloyd's, London, 31st August. 1812. THE signal and glorious Victory on the Plains of SALAMANCA, achieved, through Ihe transcendant military Skilland Condnetofthe Marquisof WELLINGTON, hy the intrepid Gallantry nnd Firmness of the brave Officers and Men under his command, has been duly estimated by the admiring and grateful People of these Realms, whose exulting Satisfaction has recently been expressed ill Ihe most general and conspicuous Manifestations of Iheir Pride and Joy. The Committee of the Patriotic Fund feel it their Duty, on this great Occasion, to call on all their Countrymen to enable them to continue the Relief, so well earned and so highly deserved by the brave Men who have fallen, or have been disabled ia this nohle Conflict, for themselves, or the Widows, Orphans, and Relatives, who depended on them for Support. This Institution, since its establishment at the commence- ment of the present War, has offered an honorable and grateful Assistance or Alleviation to 13,254 Cases of Officers, Seamen and private Soldiers, their Widows, Orphans, or dependant Relatives: and, including the deserving and heroic Sufferers on Ihe recent memorable Victory of Salamanca, it has still a large Number of the most meritorious Claims on its accustomed Assistance. The Committee feel a firm Reliance that through the generous Sympathy of all Ranks of a discerning People, sensible of the Blessings of Security from the hostile and vindictive Aims nf ils powerful Enemy and Rival, " the British Seaman and Soldier may still confi- " dentty trust, that those who ore dear to him while living, " shall, in the Event of his falling in the sacred Cause, find " Friends and Guardians in a grateful and generous Country: " and that he who may be disabled in its De fence shall not ' neglected by those whom he has bravely defended." ( Signed) 15EESTON LONG, Chairman Prime Farming- Stock. To be SOLD hv AUCTION, By Mr. DUMKIETON, Upon the Premises of Mr. HUCKLE, at M1CKLE MOOR FARM, one Mile from Daventry, in the County of North- ampton, on Thursday and Friday the 24th and 25th Days of September, 1812, ALL the truly valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK of the said Mr. HUCKLE. The Live Stock consists of a prime Flock of Sheep and Lambs in convenient Tots, a Number of prime Dairy and other Beasts, 10 capital Draught- horses and Mares, with Tackle complete for the same; also the Whole nf the Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Hurdles, and Ladders, together with the Whole of the Live and Dead Stock of the said Mr. Huckle, who is leaving his Farm at Michaelmas next. Catalogues may be had at the principal Inns ; the Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, Swan Inn, Daventry. On Account of the great Number, of Lots, the Auctioneer requests the Favour of the Company each Morning at Ten o'Clock To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. DVMBLETON, Upon the Premises of Mr. DEVONSHIRE, of KILSBY, in the County of Northampton, on Monday and Tuesday the 28th and 29th Days of September, 1812, ALL the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, STOCK in TRADE, and other EFFECTS, of the said Mr. DEVONSHIRE. The Household. Furniture consists of good Feather and Flock- Beds and Bedding, Bedsteads and Furniture, Sheets and Table- Linen ; Mahogany and other Tables and Chairs, Chests of Drawers; sweet Iron- bound Casks, Copper, Brass, and Tin Ware, together with every Article of Household. Furniture in general.— The Stock consists of a prime Assortment of Drapery Goods in general, which will be sold in small Lots forthe Convenience of the Public. The Sale to commence each Day at Ten o'Clock. be Subscriptions already received. i. £. s. 100 O 0 Thomas Coutts & Co 100 0 0 Charles Oliphant, of Edinburgh .... 5 5 0 Rundell, Bridge & Rundell 100 0 0 The Mercers Company .... 200 0 0 Clark, Boyd & French .... 30 0 0 10 10 0 6 10 e William Hohson & Son .... 50 0 0 Thomas F. Dyson, Liverpool .... 50 0 0 Rev. Dr. Bell .... 50 0 0 Admiral Sir John Colpovs, K. B .... 5 0 0 0 0 Doubtful, by Ybrad .... 1 1 0 Richard Sealv, of Lisbon .... 20 0 0 Sir Francis Lindley Wood, Bart .... 10 10 0 Robert Vyner .... 105 0 0 The Parish of St. Mary- le- Bonne .... 5 9 5 Captain William Carlyon, R. N .... 15 15 0 Thomas Bntham, Salthill 2 2 0 John Gazelee, Surgeon .... 2 0 0 Taylor & Newton .... 5 5 0 Inhabitants if Harivich, by John Hopkins, Esq. Mayor .... 30 0 6 H'eedon- Barracks, Northamptonshire, 8th Sept. 1812. CONTRACT FOR ORDNANCE FORAGE. SUCH Persons as are desirous to contract for supplying theORDNANCE HORSESinthe NORtH- W F. ST ami INLAND DISTRICTS with FORAGE, for six Months from the 1st of October next, are desired to send in Tenders to the Officer commanding the Royal Artillery at this Place, on or before tile 21st Instant. It is expected that the Tenders shall express a Price separate for each Article of Forace, viz. : Tfie Oats at per Hundred Pounds, Avoirdupois Weight ; the Hay and Straw at per 112lbs. each, instead of per Ration as heretofore. And it must also be specified in the Contract, that when required, the Contractor will supply the under- mentioned Articles in Lieu of Oats, in the following Proportions: viz. For every lb. of Oats of Barlev lib. Ditto of Meal Jib. Ditto of Oatmea i- Srd lb. Ditto of Bran liib And alsowhen demanded, green Forage to Horses in Stable, in Lieu of Hay, but in Quantity not to exceed the Value of the Hay allowed for eachHorse.— The Oats also will not be req-. iire 1 to weigh more than 371bs. per Bushel. SPAUROW's- HERNE IUK . PIKE. LVTOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Sparrow's- Herne on Bushey Heath, through the Market Towns of Watford, Berkhamsted- St,- Peters, and Tring, in the County of Hertford, by Pettipher's Elms to the Turnpike Road at'Walton, near Aylesbury, in the County of Buckingham, will be holden at the KING'S ARMS, BERKHAMSTED- 5T - PETERS aforesaid, on TUESDAY the TWENTY- SECOND Day of SEPTEMBER, 1812, and the Chair taken at One o'Clock ; when and where the Tolls arising and to be collected at the several Turnpike- Gates on the said Road, known by the Names of the WATFORD and RIDGE- LANE GATES will be LETT by AUCTION for such Term not exceeding three Years, and will be put uii at such Sum as may be agreed upon by the Trustees present at such Meeting, to commence on thfeSOth Day of September, 1812, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Raign ot his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls were Lett for two Years, ending the 28tb Day of July, 1813 at the yearly Rent of £ 1281 clear of all Expenses, the Lease of which will become determined on the 29th Dav of September next, under the Act of Parliament lately passed'for explaining certain Exemptions from Tolls in several Acts of Parliament for Carriages employed in Husbandry, and for other Purposes. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time pay to the Treasurer on « Month's Payment of the Rent, and give Security with sufficient Sureties, to tiie Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Remainder at such Times as they shall direct — Dated this 19tii Dav of August, 1812. HARRY GROVER, Clerk to the said Trustees. J. P. WELSFORD, Secretary. Subscriptions received at Lloyd's; and by the respective Bankers in Town and Country. To be L E T T, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, ALL that excellent DWELLING- HOUSE and PREMISES, together with the Shop in Front, now in the occupation of Thomas Sudborough, Draper, & c. N. B. The Counters, Shelves, & c. in and about the Shop, to he taken at a fair Valuation. The above Premises afe ! l desirable Situation for any Person In Trade, being situate in the iroiii ol the i » n » i » . et- Pioc, KETTERING. For further Particulars, apply to THOMAS SUDBOROUGIT, of Kettering aforesaid. Goat Inn, St. Albans, Herts. To be peremptorily SOLD bv AUCTION, By P. GUT'l'ERIDGE, Without Reserve, on the Premises, on Saturday the 26th of September, 1812, at Two o'clock, in one Lot, ALL that valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, the GOAT INN and extensive PREMISES, at ST. ALBANS, Part in the Occupation ot Mr. F. Woodbridge, Tenant at Will, and the Remainder in Hand. The Goat Inn comprises an excellent Kitchen and two good Parlours in Front, aback Parlour and Kitchen, a good Laundry, Pantries, and other useful Offices; nine good Bed- Rooms, ex- cellent Cellaring, a compact Brewhouse, Malt and Corn- Lofts, an extensive Range of Stabling for above 60 Horses, large Yard, with Well of excellent Water near the House; a Garden, Wood- House, and Coal- Shed ; in the Occupation of Mr. F. Wood- bridge, Tenant at Will. Also, a Cottage, in Hand ; together with a Range of Stabling and Lofts in Front, for 22 Horses, andadetached Stable for nine Horses; the greatest Part of the above Premises are bricked and tiled, and, with a small Exception, in good Repair; they are truly worthy of any Person's Attention who may bedesirous of entering the Public Line of Business; it is considered a good Situation to establish a Common Brewery, or tor any other Business requiring Room; it may be advantageously converted into Dwelling- Houses, which are much wanted in the Neigh- bourhood.— Immediate Possession may be had on taking some few Brewing- Utensils and Fixtures at a fair Valuation. For a View of the Estate, apply on the Premises, where Par. ticulars and Conditions of Sale may be had ; also at the Golden Lion, St. John- Street, and Ram Inn, Smitbfield, London; Royal Waggon, Barnet; Essex Arms, Watford; Bell, Hemel- Hetnpstead; the principal Inns at Hitchin and Baldock; Red Lion, Luton and Dunstable; Bull, Ware; Salisbury Arms, Hatfield; and af P. Gutteridge, Auctioneer, St. Albans. To be S O I, I) bv AUCTION, By SAMUEL DUDLEY, In one or more Lots, on Wednesday the 23d Day of September, 1312, at the Red Lion Inn, in Ackierbury, in the County of Oxford, between the Hours of Five and Eight in the After- noon, unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, ADesirable ESTATE, situate at ADDERBURY afore- said, in the immediate Vicinity of that well- known and flourishing Market Town, Banbury ; consisting of a substantial and well- built Farm - House, known by the Name of Hunts, lately occupied by Mr. William Gardner, deceared, with con- venient Offices, Barns, Stages, and other nccessary Out- buildings, all in complete Repair; large and commodious Yards, Garden, and Close of rich old Sward Ground thereto adjoining, containing together four Acres or thereabouts. Also several Closes or Pieces of very excellent Feeding or Grazing Land, in high Condition, containing Forty- three Acres or thereabouts; the Whole inclosed. Tithe- free, very compact, near the TurnpiSe- Road, and a Branch of the Grand Junction Canal runs through the Premises. Conveyances to and from London every Day, a fine Part ' ot the Country for Field Sports. Possession of Part of the Premises may he had at Christmas next, and the Remainder at Ladv- Day. 1813. If required, a considerable Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Security of the Premises. For further Particulars and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. WILLIAM GARDNER, Swanbourne, Bucks; Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, Winslow, Bucks; or Messrs. WILLIS & SONS, Solicitors, Leighton- Buzzard, Beds; and for a View of the Premises, to Mr. THOMAS TOWNSEND, Red Lion Inn, Adderbury. For Ready Money. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By SHOW < 5- SON, On Monday, September 2Sth, 1812. and following Days, upon the Premises of STEPHEN EATON, Esq. at DEENE, in the County of Northampton, ALE the Valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY ; consisting of about two Hundred and fifty capital Ewes and Theaves, one Hundred and fifty Lambhogs, and about two Hundred Wether Sheep ; ten draught Horses and Mares ; sixty Scotch and Irish Bullocks ; ten Carts, three Waggons, Rolls, Ploughs, Harrows, twenty Dozen of Sheep- Trays, with Oak Heads and Iron Hoops, & c. ; Harness for twelve Horses.— Four Carts and some of the Ploughs are of the best Scotch Manufacture.— The Sheep will be found well worthy the Attention of Graziers in general, as they have been for many Years bred with the greatest possible Care. Five of the Cart Horses are Greys, fit for immediate Use, and well calculated for London Drays. The Whole will be Sold without Reserve; Mr. Eaton alto- gether declining the Farming Business. Catalogues will be delivered at the principal Towns in the Neighbourhood. Residence for a small Family, llilton, Huntingdonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS HAGGER, At the White Horse Inn, St. Ives, Hunts, on Monday the28th Day of September, ISIS, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one Lot ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, ot which timely Notice will be given), •" f^ HE verv convenient, substantial, Brick and Sashed I FREEHOLD DWELI. I NG. HOUSE, very pleasantly situ- ated in the Village of HI LTO N aforesaid; comprising excellent Dining and Drawing- rooms in Front, with two small back Parlours, a good entering Hall, with a Staircase, eight airy Bed- chambers, one Dressing- room, convenient Closets, and Cellars ; the attached Offices consist of an excellent Kitchen, Larder, Pantries, Wash- house, Brewhouse, . Coal and Wood- Sheds, Stabling, Coach- House, Cow- Lodge, Pigeries, Hay and Corn Chambers, a Court Yard in Front of the House, well inclosed with a Brick Wall; a good Kitchen Garden backwards, with an Orchard of choice Fruit- Trees; together with a very excellent Close ot Pasture adjoining, containing a Number of thriving Ash and other Trees, of considerable Growth, and the Whole amply supplied with most excellent Spring Water, by Survay 6A. 2R. 36P, in the Occupation of Mr. John Looker, the Pro- prietor, who will shew the Instate, and give Possession on the 11th Dav of Octobcr, 1812, at which Time the Purchase is to be completed. HILTON is very pleasantly situated in a sporting Part of the Country, within a few Miles of a Pack of Fox Hounds end Harriers, 55 Miles from London, through which a Coach passes to and tiom every Day, three from St Ives, five from Hunt- ingdon, and 11 from Cambridge For further Particulars, or to treat for the same by Private Contract, apply to THOMAS HAGOSR. Pottqn, Beds; pt to Mr. LOOKER, the Proprietor; if by Lettw, Fest- paii. BIGGLESWADE ASSOCIATION, For the speedy Apprehension and effectual Prosecution of Iforse and Sheep- Slealers, Felons', and Thieves of every Denomination. INSTITUTED IN 1802. \ Ta Meeting of the Members of such Association, - CV held in Pursuance of public Notice, at the Hose Inn, in Biggleswade, on Friday the 5th Day of June, 1812, it was resolved to continue the following Rewards for the Appre- hension of Offenders, guilty of the follpwing Offences against ( he Persons or Property of any Member of this Association. For every Burglary, Highway or Footpad Robbery 5 5 li Stealing any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, or stealing, or killing with intent to steal, any Ox, Cow, Calf, or other neat Cattle, Sheep or Lamb 5 5 0 Wilfully or maliciously killing or maiming, or other wise disfiguring the same 3 3 0 Wilfully or maliciously setting Fire to any House, Out- house, Barn, Stable, Stack or Rick of Corn, Grain, Hay, Straw, Wood, Furze, Gorse, or Fagots 5 5 0 Stealing Corn or Grain, thrashed or unlhraslied, or Hay out or from any Barn, Stack, Hovel or Rick 2 2 0 Stealing the same whilst growing, or in Shocks or . » i a Forging or Counterfeiting any Deed, Will, Bond, W riling obligatory Bill of Exchange, Promissory Note, Draft, or Order for Payment of Money, Indorsement or Assignment of any Bill of Exchange or Promissory Note, Acquittance or Receipt fur Money or Goods, or uttering or publishing the same as true, knowing the same lo be forged, false, or counterfeit, with intent to defraud any Member of this Association 5 5 g Stealing any Coach, Chaise, Berlin, Landau, Calash, Phaeton, Chariot, Chair, Sedan, Gig, Waggon, Cart, Plough, or Implement of Husbandry, or any Iron Work or Materials belonging thereto... 2 2 0 Stealing any Pigs or Poultry, or maliciously killing the same 2 2 0 Robbing any Garden or Fish Pond 1 ] 0 Ditto Orchard 0 10 6 Stealing, or maliciously killing or maiming any Dogs 1 1 0 Cutting down, Barking, or wantonly damaging or destroying any Tree or Trees, Sapling, Wood, or Quicksets, or pulling up, damaging or destroying any Fir, Larch, Poplar, or other Tree or Shrub, planted in any Park, Lawn, Paddock, Garden, or other Place 2 2 0 Stealing Turnips, Green Peas, or Potatoes from the Fields 1 1 0 Breaking, or stealing any Hedges, Gates, Sheep Pens, Stiles, Posts, Rails, Pales, or any Iron Work, belonging thereto | 1 0 Maliciously breaking the Windows of any Dwelling House, or Out- house adjoining 1 1 0 Stealing any Timber, or Coals 1 i 0 And for other Criminal Offences, not herein- befor" specified, such Reward or Rewards as the Committee of tile Associa- tion shall direct or appoint. PRESENT LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS. Allen, James, Southmills, Farmer Allen, W. Tempsford, Farmer Banks, J. Eaton Socon, Far- mer Bishop, Edw. Old Warden, Victualler Bricheno, J. Biggleswade, Esquire Blanchard, Geo. Eyeworth, Farmer Barber, Mrs. Broom House Barnelt, Mrs Stratlon Park Blewitt, T. Sandy, Horse- Dealer Brimley, J. Willington, Far- mer Brunt, William, Biggleswade, Draper Brunt, J. Ditto, Ditto Burton, W. Dltio, Innkeeper Chapman, W. Ditto, Attorney Conquest, G. Ditto, Glazier Croot, T. Gritford, F- inner Downe, John, Biggleswade, Maltster Endersbv, Elizabeth, Camp- ton, Farmer Fisher, W. Lower Caldecot Flint, W. Larigford, Farmer Foster, J. Esq. Biggleswade, Merchant Fowler, F. Ilenlow, Farmer Free, E. Drax, D. D. Sutton Rectory Gall, L. Biggleswade, Sur- geon Holben, R. Eyeworth, Far- mer Herbert% N. V. Esq. Girtford, Merchant Hughes, Wm Biggleswade, Butcher Hewlett, Jos. Langford, Far- mer Iiiskip, W. Lower Caldecot, F'armer Inskip, II. Old Warden, Far- mer Lancaster, J. Biggleswade, Holme- Mills, Laxton, R. Meulman Laxton, T. F. verton, Farmer Maiden, Jos. Biggleswade, Builder Monk, G. W. Esq. Holme Mossop, the Rev. G. E. Big- gleswade Meen, J. Biggleswade. Gent, Machin, P. Hoi well, Farmer Nash, C. Biggleswade, Meal- man Nutting, D. Hoi well. Farmer Norman, W. Blunham, Meal- man Norman, M. Broom. Farmer Ongley, Hon. Samuel, Sandy Place Perkins, Tho. Biggleswade, Innholder Pestell, W. Stotfold, Miller and Cornfactor Pryor, C. Biggleswade, Iron- monger Race, W. Biggleswade, Inn- holder Race, J. Stratton, Farmer Itoberls, Wm. Biggleswade, Grocer Sales, Mesdames, Broom- Southill Squire, J. Burder, Strattnn, Farmer Sutton, Sam. Muggerhanger, Gent. SI inn, J, Bedford, Innholder Tingey, Henry, Tempsford, Farmer Thornton, S. Esq. Mugger- hanger House Thorpe, T. llawnes. Esq. Walker, W. Esq. Highlands Place Wells, S. Esq. Biggleswade, Banker Whitbread, S. Esq. M. P. Southill House Wilson, S. Holme, Gent. Wilson, W. lunholder, Big- glesuade Young, J. Langford, Farmer Draper Lyles, W. Langford, Farmer WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Biggleswade, Solicitor uud Treasurer. f The Northampton Mercury » and General Advertiser for the Counties of North jti ton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. NO\ TNIKG- STREFT, SEPT. 14. Extract of a dispatch from the. Marquis of Wellington, dated Madrid, jug. 1' 8. JOSEPH BONAPARTE retired from Ocana no the 16th inst. aild his al- tny are in inarch towards Valencia. The • frterav have ahandoned Toledo, which has been taken pns- • ession of hy a party of the Guerillas of El Medic. Since the capture of the Retiro, the garrison of Gnadalaxara, consisting of ? 00 men-, has surrendered to the Empecinado by capitulation. ' Bv reports from Major- Gen. Clinton, I learn that a part of the remains of the arrtiv of Portugal had moved forward from the neighbourhood of Burgos, and some of their detachments were, understood to be in Valladolid on the 14th inst. General Sanfocildes having withdrawn the troops of the army of Galicia which occupied that town. Some of their detachments were likewise, on the right of the Pisuerga. I had expected that they would make this movement as soon as I should get the troops together, when I undertook the narch upon Madrid. By accounts from Lient.- Gen. Sir R. Ilill of the 12th, it appears that Gen. Drouet had drawn in his right from La Guarena, but he still held Hornachos. By accounts from Cadiz to the 6th inst. it appears that General Villatle had returned to the blockade. General Ballasteros had taken 800 prisoners at Ossuna ; and by the reports nf the position of the troops, it appears that the road to Gibraltar is again open to him. Admiralty- Office, September 14.— Le Bon Genie privateer, having on board 16 guns (£ nur only mounted) and 60 men, was on the 11th inst. captured by the Bermuda sloop, off Boulogne. — « rx. x. VVVVVX^ V^—— I, ON DON, THURSDAY, September 17. The veteran Kutusoff, on his return from the Commat. d of the Russian armies on the Danube, tins been nominated Generalissimo of the forces in the North; aud Count Barclay de Tolli, and Prince Bagration, are to serve under him. He has also been created a Prince of the Empire. " Massena," says a letter from Madrid, " is said to be hastening with reinforcements, but Lord Wellington has seen his face before, and his back too,— so that his name will do nothing and his arm little to stop the conqueror in his career." Several detachments of dragoons embarked yesterdav at Portsmouth for Lisbon. Lieut.- Geil, Stewart and the Earl of Dalhouse proceed with tliein. An exchange of prisoners has been established between the United States and Great Britain. The American Papers contain an Address from several Members of the Congress to their Constituents, m which thev very strongly protest against the war with Great Britain, and condemned the rashness of their Government. BEDFORD MUSICAL FESTIVAL. Wednesday and Thursday the 7th and St*" of October, and not on the 24th and 2,' iih of September, as before advertised. Under the Patronage of his Grace the Duke of BEDMBII, and others of the Nobility and Gentry. ON WEDNESDAY MOIINING, the 7th of OCTOBER, 1815?, will be performed, at ST. MARY'S CiiURtn, BEDFORD, IHE SACRED ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH. On TIIURDAY MORNING the 8th of OCTOBER, A GRAND SELECTION OF SACRED MUSIC, From the Oratorios of Creation, Samson, Judas Maccabeus, Jephthah, Israel in Egypt. & c. & r. & c. And on each Evening, at the SWAN INN, A GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT, Consisting of Grand Symphonies, favourite Songs, Solos, Duets, popular Glees, < » c. & c. Principal Performers from London, Oxford, Northampton, & c. whose Names, with further Particulars, will appear ill Handbillsand next Week's Paper. T Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. HE Gentlemen of the KETTERING TROOP are requested to assemble on the Market- Hilt in KETTERING, on Wednesday, Sept. 30lh, at Five o'Clock in the Evening. The Troop will remain in Quarters, at Kettering, until Monday October 5th, inclusive. Kettering, Sept. \ lth, 1812. O. WATSON, Captain. The TK( W1 To Wool Staplers, and others concerned in Woof. A GREEABLE to the Resolution entered into by A the Wool Staplers last Year, their Annual Meeting in future will be held upon the Market- Hill, Cambridge, on the twenty- fifth Day of September. ( Signed) Messrs. , B. & W. WEOD, Foulmire, S \ MUEL LUCCOCK, Cambridge. WM. LYON & SON, Cambridge. Cambridge, Sept. 8, 1812. THREE GUINEAS REWARD. HERE AS on Saturday Night the 12th Instant, BENJAMIN MASTERS, late ofthe White Horse Public House, Sheep- Street, BROKE OUT OF THE TOWN GAOI,, where he was a Prisoner for Debt ; any Person who will secure the said B. Masters, and give Information to R. ROBERTS, Keeper of the Gaol, shall be immediately paid tlte above Reward.— Masters is about five Feet five Inches high, and by Trade a Bricklayer. Northampton, September 19tA, 1812. In the Vicinity of Bedford. THE VALUABLE MANOR, extensive FISHERY, impropriate Tithes, Advowson, and next Presentation to the VicaraeeofCLAFHAM. several valuable Tithe- free Karmsand extensive Wood Lands, a large Quantity of Building Land, and well accustomed Public Houses, situate in Clapham, Bedford, Goldington, Bolnhurst, Thurleigh. Marston, and Wootton, all in the Vicinity ofthe populous Town of Bedford, amounting together to Two Thousand One Hundred and Twenty- nine Acres One Rood Fourteen Perches, will be Soi. n by AUCTION, some- time in November next, ot which timely Notice and Particulars will be given. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. Gentlemen of the WELLINGBOROUGH OOP are requested to as « emhle at WELLING- BOROUGH, on Wednesday, Sept. 30th, at Five o'clock in the F. vening. The Troop will remain iu Quarters, at Wellingborough, until Monday October 5th, inclusive. F. DICKINS. ROMAN, or PARKER'S CEMENT, JX/ TANUFACTURED by CHAS. FRANCIS & WHLTF; IT A NINE ELMS, near London.-- It is used for all Pur- poses of Stuccoing, and gives to an old Brick House ihe Ap- pearance of anew Stone Building; likewise for Brick- Work under Water, keeping Wet out of Cellars, & c.— In making Tanks, Vats, and Cisterns, it will be found to answer all the Purposes of Lead; at one- third the Expense.— Sold by Mr. JAMES CHAMBERLAIN, Plasterer, Northampton, in Co « ks of about five Bushels, or in smaller Quantities, with full Directions for using. G A M E, HOGS1YE- END STATUTE \ I/ TLL be held tit the RED LION, on Wednesday » » the 30th of September, 1SI2. Dinner on the Table at One o'Clock. HP HE GAME in the Manor of FINEDON having J*- been lateky destroyed, particularly by Persons coursing, Notice is hereby given, That all unqualified Persons found sporting on the above Manor, will be prosecuted, and qualified Persons are re- quested to desist from shooting of coursing thereon. Finedon, September 10th, 1812. A To be SOLD,— A BARGAIN, Large Strong Town . built CHAIR with HARNESS. Enquire at the BELL INN. Northampton. To the Creditors of John Page. THE Creditors of JOHN PAGE, of ASPT. ET- GIJISE, Beds, Carman, ( who have delivered Particulars of their respective Demands to the said John Page, or at the Office of Mr. Day, Solicitor, Wnburn) may receive a final Dividend of Seventeen Shillings and Six- penee in the Pound, at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, at Woburn, on Saturday the 3d Day Of October next. Wohtrn, 18th Sept 1815. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. TITE, On Thursday the 1st of October, 1812, at Mr. Piddington's, the White Horse Inn, in Welton, in the County of North- ampton, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will he then produced, JIX good Stone- built. FREEHOLD HOUSES, and other OUT- OFFICES, all in good Repair, pleasantly situated in the Centre of the Town of WE ETON, and now in the several Occupations of William Haynes, James Hill, John Line, Joseph Butler, William Leader, and Joseph Earl, MI respectable Tenants. The above Tenants have all Notice toquit at Michaelmas next. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. GROROE Coorru, of • Welton, or of Mr. TITE, one of His Majesty's spec al Com- missioners, Auctioneer, and Appraiser, Daventry. To be L E T T, And entered upon immediately, or at Lady- Day next, ROR A TERM OF YEARS, 1 Very desirable and eligible FARM, situate at I STEWKLEY, in the Countyof Buckingham. The Farm consists of about 230 Acres ot convertible Arable. Meadow, and Pasture Land, newly inclosed, ring fenced, and mostly sub- divided.— For further Particulars, and a View ofthe Lands, apply to the Rev. C. ASHFIELD, Stewkley, near Leighton- Buzzard. STEWKLEY is distant about nine Miles from Aylesbury, five from Leifihton- Buzzard, and six from Winslow. BROMHAM SWAN STATUTE SESSIONS IfOU HIRING SERVANTS, will be held on THURSDAY October 1st, 1812. Dinner at One o'clock. SUC11 persons who still stand indebted to the Estate ofthe late JOHN SANDERS, of BURTON- LATTIMER, in the County of Northampton, Breeches- Maker, deceased, and who neglect to pay their respective Accounts tn Thomas Marshall, Solicitor, Kettering, on or before the II 111 Day of October next, will he sued for the same without further Notice.— And all Persons who have any Demand on the same Estate are requested to send ill an Account thereof, in order that an immediate Distribution of his Effects may be made. Persons who , I. County of Northampton, Maltster, Mortg A LL Persot XJL WILLIAM Bond, stand indebted to the late M EDI'. Y, of BCRTON- LATTIMER, in the , , .— itsier, either on Mortgage, Note, or Simple Contract, are requesied forthwith to discharge their respective Debts.— And all Persons who have any Claim or Demand on ihe Estate or Effects of the said William Edev, are desired forthwith to send in an Account thereof, in order that the same may be liquidated. By Order of the Executors, THOMAS MARSHALL, Solicitor. Kettering \ 5th September, 1812. BRITISH AND FOREIGN BI'ILE SOR'IR. L Y. THE General Committee of the NORTHAMPTON- SIIIRE AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIF. TY will meet at NORTHAMPTON, on TUESDAY next, at Half- past Eleven o'clock, at the TOWN- HALL, when the Details of Itie present State and Progress ofthe Institution will be fully entered into. The Dours will lie opened for the Admission of Ihe PiiBTitf September 19 th, 1812. S1 TV Cold- IIigham with Grimscote Inclosure WE, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, Commissioners appointed bv Parliament for inclosing lands in the Parish of COLD- HIGH A M with GRIMSCOTE, in the County of Northampton, and for extinguishing the T » in.- nirirur, ....<• „ r t- o o 1„ • « v Mill! rari « fl, Tin hereby give Notice, that we intend to meet nn TUESDAY the sixth Day of OCTOBER next, at Ten o'Clirek in the Fore- noon. at the House of Mr. Henrv Roper, for I lie- Purpose of ascertaining, setting out, determining, ami fixing the Boun- daries of the Parish of Cold- Higliam aforesaid, and of the Parish and Manor of Greensnorton adjoining thereto.— Given under our Hands this eleventh Day of September. 1812. JOHN ROPER, WM. COLLISSOV, THOMAS EAGLE. Cold- Higham with Grimscote Inclosure. 7" F, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, Com- missioners, appointed bv Parliament, for Inclosing Lands in theParish of CO LD- HIGH A M with GRIMSCOTE. in the County of Northampton, and for extinguishing the Tithes thereof, and of POTCOTE, in the said Parish, do hereby give Notice, that we have set out and appointed the fol- lowing Public Carriage- Roads and Highways : No. 1. The Banbury Road— One Public Carriage- Road and Highway, of the Breadth of 40 Feet, leading out of the Parish of Pattishall, at or near the North- Enst Corner of Higham Piece, and extending in a Souih- West Direction in its antient Tract by the Side of Potcote Inclosures, to Foxley Gate into the Parish of Blakeslrv. , No. 1. The Greens- Norton Road— One other Public Carriage- Road and Highway, of the Breadth of thirty Feet, leading out of Potcote Inclosures, near Foxlev Gate, and extendin? North- ward over the West- Side of Grimscote Heath to a Gate into Litchborottvh Inclosures. No 3. The Lifblortwgb Road— One other Public Carriage- Road and Highway of the Breadth of thirty- three Feet, leading lrom Liichborough Gate in an Eastward and nearly straight Direction, leaving the Village of Grimscote on the North into the Banburv P. oad, near the Lane into Potcote Inelosures. No. 4. Grimscote Rqaf— One other Public Carriage- Road and Highway, of the Breadth ot thirty- three Feet, leading out of the Fast. End ot the Village of Grimscote in its ancient Track, into the Litchborough Road. No 5. The Da-,, entry and Bughnole Road— One other Public Carriage- Road and Highway of the lireadthof fhirtv- three Feet, leading from th- North- cide of the Village of Grimscote, bv the Farm- Houseof Richard Pinckard, and extending in a North- East Direction to the Lower Mill, and thence in an eastward Direction to the Turnpike- Road near the North- East Cornet of Drakehill Furlonsr. And we do hereby further give Notice, that the several Roads and Ways are marked and staked out; and that a Map, in which the same are accurately laid down and described, is deposited in the Office of Mr. WILLIAM TYLER SMYTH, our Clerk, at the CROWN INN. FOITVR'S- BOOTH, in the said Parish, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned ; and we do likewise give Notice that we have appointed a Meeting to he held at the CROWN INN aforesaid, in the Parish of COLD- HIOHA aforesaid, on MONOAY the FIFTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, when and where Persons who may be injured or aggrieved bv the setting out of such Roads or the Omission nf any other necessary Roads, may attend to make their Objections.— Given nnder our Hands this eleventh Dav of September, 1812. TOHN ROPFR. WM COL I ISSON. THOMAS F.<\ GLF Clover and Hay, Farming- Slock, 4' C. To be S O L D bv A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY & SON, On Tuesday the 22d of September, 1812, on a Farm in SHE R- RINGTON FIELD, neai N iwfont- I'AGK ELL, Bucks, the Property of Mr. RICHARD HIGGINS, who is declining the Farming Business, ONE large Rick of excellent Clover, about 20 Tons ; one Rick of new Hay ; tour stout and very useful Cart- Horses, with Geats, a capital Five- year- old well- bred Horse, fit for the Road or Hunting, one Fat Cow, 42 Ewe Sheep and Lambs, two Six- inch Carts, Field- Roll, Ploughs and Harrows, a Dressing- machine, Number of very good Corn- Sacks, Horse and Sheep- Cribs, Bean- Mill, one Churn, and other Effects.— The Clover and Hay to be taken offthe Premises, and Credit given for the same. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock precisely. A valuable Stock of Sheep. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAY 4' SON, On Wednesday the 23d of September, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. R. RATLIFFE, at HAVERSHAM, near Newport- Pagnell, Bucks, who has Lett a Part of his Farm, THE under- mentioned SHEEP, in Lots: 270 EWE", 80 THE A VF. S, 63 WETHERS, 13 WESTERN EWES. 18il LAMBS, and C T r 3. The Sheep will be penned for Inspection by Nine o'Clock in the Morning, and the Sale will commence at Eleven o'Clock precisely. Catalogues, describing Particulars of each. Lot, will be leady for Delivery five Days before Sale ; may be had at the ptincipal Inns in the neighbouring Towns, at the Place of Sale, and of the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. COBURN'S BANKRUPTCY. THE Creditors who have proved their Debts under a Commission of Bankrupt hearing Date the fourth Day of October last, awarded and issued forth against THOMAS COBURN, of Witney, in the County ofOxford, Woolstapler, Dealer and Chapman, are desired to meet the Assignees of Ihe Estate and ICffects of ihe said Bankrupt, on the ninth Day of October, 1812, at F. Ieven ofthe Clock iu the Forenoon, at the Marlborough Arms Inn, in New Woodstock, in the said County of Oxford, to assent to or dissent from, the said Assignees commencing and prosecuting a Suit at Law, or in Equity, agaiii. l Henry Leake, late of Kidlington, in the said County of Oxford, Gentleman, the Purchaser of Staple Hall Inn, with its Appurtenances, ( Part of the said Bank- rupt's Estate) for refusing to pay the Deposit, and to comply with the Conditions of such Sale," and on other special Affairs. By Order of the Assignees, II. J. NORTH, J. V. HARRISON, Woodstock, Sept. 4th, 1819. their Solicitors. MARK STOLEN or ST RAYED. STOLEN or S TRAYED, out of STANWICK UPPER MEADOW, on Monday Night the 7th Instant, A bright bay' NAG MARE, rising three Years old, a Slar in her Forehead, and cut Tail. Whoever will give Information of the same to Mr. GEO. GASCOYEN, the Owner thereof, if strayed, shall he hand- somely rewarded for their Trouble ; and if stolen, on giving information of the Offender, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall receive a Reward of FIVE; GU IX EAS from the Treasurer of the Highain- Ferre. rs Association for pro- secuting Felons, over and above all reasonable Expenses. Stanwick, near Higham- Ferrers, I\ th s'ept. 1812. CAPITAL INN to LETT, Eligibly and advantageously situated. \ LL that spacious and commodious well- estafilished Concern, now in full Business, the PEACOCK INN, on the MARKET- HILL, NORTHAMPTON, complete with every Requisite for carrying on an extensive Business, together or without all those extensive Granaries, capable of containing upwards of 1,500 Quarters of Grain, with a K lln tor dry ing Corn. The House consists pf six good Parlours on the Ground Floor, excellent Kitchen, Bar, Tap- Room, Counting- House, Larders, Pantries, Brewhouse, Wash- House, Laundry, & c. Sec. On the first Floor, a good Dining- room, and upwards of twenty pleasant Sleeping, rooms, suitable Attics ; convenient and roomy Cellars, paved Yards, Coach- House, Piggeries, good Stabling for upwards of 50 Horses, Garden, Pump and Well of good Water, with every suitable Convenience. For a View of the Premises, rpply to Mr, F. OSBORN, the present Occupier, nuho is reiiringfrom Business ; and for further Particulars, to Mr. KIRSHAW, Surveyor and Auctioneer, Northampton; if by Letter, Post- paid. Branch Bible Society. IfARL CARYSFORT having accepted the Office A of President of a BRANCH BIBLE SOCIETY . including the Towns of OUNDLE, THRAPSTON, and their Vicinity, in Aid of tile Northampton Auxiliary Society, has appointed FRIDAY, OCTOBER Sd, for the Establishment of it.— The Secretaries of the County Society will attend. The Meeting will be held at the TALBOT INN, and the Chair taken at Twelve o'clock. Bedfordshire Auxiliary Bible Society. NORTH- WEST" BRANCH. HARROLD. APUB LTC MEETING of the Friends of the BRITISH and FOREIGN BKSLF, SOCIETY will he held at the Town of HARROLD, on Thursday, September 24( A, 1812 for tliePu rpose of forming a BR A NCH SOCIETY and COMMITTEE in order to further Hie beneficent Designs of the Parent Insti- tution, among the Parishes situated in the North- West District of the County of BEDFOUD, and Ihe Vicinitv : Lieut,- Colonel GARSTIN" has accepted the Office of President, and will take the Chair at I leven o'clock. Subscriptions and Donations will be then received in Aid of Ihe Funds of ihe Parent Institution, and for the Purpose of distributing Bibles and Testaments, at reduced /' rices or gratuitously, amongst the Poor of Ihe District, according to their Circumstances. Seats will be reserved for Ladies, and for their Accom- modation, Ihe Doors will be openedat Half- past Ten o'clock. Auxiliary Bible Society for Huntingdonshire und its Vicinity. rff^ HE Annual Meeting of tiie above Institution, will be S held in the TOWN- HALL, at HUNTINGDON, ou WED- N E9DAY the 30th of SEPTEMBER, 1812, His Grace the Duke of MANCHESTER ( President), in the Chair. C3" A Report will be made of the Proceedings of the Committee, and such Resolutions br- submitted as may tend to promote the interesting Object of the Society. The Chair will be taken at Eleven o'Cloek. 1 i t. Sale of prime Grazing Stock, Northamptonshire. Ci RAZIERS and the Public are respectfully informed, r That the valuable and entire STOCK of FATTING OXEN, COWS, HORSES, new Leicester SH F. F P, IMPLE- MENTS, Sec. belonging lo Mr. JOHN HIGGINS, of NEWBOI. D GROUNDS, near Daventry, who is retiring from Business, is intended to be DISPOSED of by AUCTION ( without Reseive), upon the Premises, on the 8th and 9th Days of Octobei next. Particulars of the above Stock ( which is of considerable Extent, and it is presumed will be found well worthy of Atten- tion), will appear in future Papers. Excellent old and nexo Hay, Horses, Cows, Slieep, § c. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DA Y &,• SON, On Thursday the 24th of September 1812, on the Premises of Mr. HALL, at BUTTERMILK FARM, in the Parish of I. lTTI. E- BRl CKHI LL, near WOBURN, Beds, who isleaving the Farm, rp\ VO Ricks of old Hay, and one Rick of new Hay, the I Whole to betaken off the Premises; two In- foal Cart Mares, three grey Cart Yearling Colts, one Cart Filly, one Five- year- old Nag Horse, one Nag Mare by Hercules, one Colt by Sorrel, eight In- calf Cows and Heifers, one long- homed 3' ull and six Sturks, 60 South- down Ewes, 12 polled Ewes, and 50 polled Shearhogs, with other Effects. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'CI oat- precisely. Neat Household- Furniture and Effects, Towcester, in the County of Northampton. To be SO L D by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY 4: SON, On the Premises of Mrs. GRANT, who is leaving Towcester, on Thursday the 1st of October next, and following Day, HTHE HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, BREWING- 1 VESSELS, BEER- CASKS, Sec.— The Furniture com- prises Four- post, Tent, and other Bedsteads, with printed Cotton, Manchester, and Check Furnitures; fine Goose- coat snd other Beds, Mattresses, Cotton Counterpanes, Quilts and Blankets, Chests ot Drawers, a Cabinet, Night- Tables, Basin- Stands, & c. ; Pier and Swing Glasses, Mahogany Dining, ' lea, apd Card Tables, Sofa, Bedsteads wiib Chintz Furniture, and Drawing- room Chairs, with Window- Curtains to correspond; Brussels, Wilton, and other Carpets, a Barometer in Maho- gany Frame; Kitchen- Furniture in Pewter, Brass, and Copper Brewing Tubs and Beer- Casks, five Milk- Leads, and vjrious other Effects, which will be expressed in Catalogues to be had, foar Days before Sale, at the Angel, Northampton; Wheat Sheaf, Daventry; Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratfurd'. .. Freehold Estate, Clifton, near Olney, Bucks. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. BEDFORD, On Monday, September 21st, 1812, at the Bull Inn, at Olney, at Four o'clock, subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, ASmall compact FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting of a Stone- built Tenement, containing a Parlour, Kitchen, two good Chambers, Barn, a Building formeily used as a Black- smith's Shop, but which may easily be converted into a good Stable, Dove- House, Pigsty, two Gardens, well nlanted with Fruit- Trees, and a Pightleof Pasture Land, on which are some , thriving Ash and Elm, in the Occupation of Thomas Hawkins. For further Particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, Bedford. Seven Votes for the County of Bedford. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BEDFORD, At the George Inn, in the High- Street, Bedford, on Tuesday September 22, 1812, at Six o'Clock, subject to Conditions to be then and there produced, ADesirable ESTATE, pleasantly situate in BROWN'S SQUARE, in the Parish of ST. CUTHBERT, BEDFORD, comprising Lot 1. A comfortable, substantial, newly elected Tenement, containing one Sitting- room, and two Sleeping- rooms, with a useful Piece of Garden Ground, situate in Brown's Square, in the Parish of Si. Cuthbert, in the Town of Bedford, in the Occupation of John Tayloi, l- oi 9 Ditto, adjoining, with the same conveniences, in the Occupation of Bletsoe Alien. Lot 3. Ditto, in the Occupation of Mrs. Short. Lot 4. Ditto, in the Occupation of Abraham Smith. Lot 5. Ditto, in the Occupation of Thomas Hart. Lot 6. Ditto, in the Occupation of Bartholomew Smith. Lot 7. Ditto, in the Occupation of Joseph Newman. The PuW. haserof each Lot to have the Use ot a Well of rrftst excellent Water, and also the Dunghill and Privies in common with the Occupiers of seven other Tenements in the same Square. Particulars may be had at the White Hart, Ampthill ; George, Shefford; Rose, Biggleswade; Falcon, St. Neots; Falcon, Bletsoe ; Swan, tlitcliin; George, Potton; at the Three Cups Inn, A Idcrsgate- Street, London; and of the Auctioneer, Bedford. A To be LETT, Aud entered upon at Michaelmas next, for a Term of six Years, if required, Convenient DWELLING- HOUSE and PREMISES, situate in the Village of BRAD WE LL, in the County of Buckingham, with every requisite Out- building, together with a Garden and a small Pightle of rich Sward Land adjoining. The above Premises would be a very eligible Situation for a Butcher, being situate vvithin easy Distances from the Market Towns of Stony- Stratford and Newport- Pagnell. For further Particulars, apply to Messrs. WORLEY'S, Soli- citors, Stony- Stratford. Valuable Printing Materials, Circulating Library, HjC. HjC. To be SOL I) bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. P1ERSON, At the GREAT ROOM, WHITE LION 1 N N, KIMBOLTON, ( removed there tor the Convenience of Sale), on Thursday and Friday the 24th and 25th Days of this instant September, ALL the S l'OCK in TRADE, PRINTING MATERIALS, CIRCULATING LIBRARY, M USICA L 1 NST RU- MENTS, Sec. See. of Mrs. SMITH, late PRINTER and BOOK- SELLER.; comprising a well- chosen Collection of Types, adapted to a small Business ; capital Press, and every Requisite thereto belonging ; several choice Books, in elegant Bindings, Bibles, Prayer- Books, & c. & c.; with theusual Assemblage of Articles appertaining to a Stationer's Shop ; together with an excellent Double- barrel Gun ( by Richards). The Circulating Library consists of about 600 Vols, of Novels and Romances, most of them quite new, and will, together with the other Articles, be put up in convenient Lots to suit all Purchasers. The Musical Instruments comprise Clarionets, Fifes, Flutes, Flageolets, Sec. Also, at the same Time and Place, will he soi. n, The LEASE of the HOUSE and PREMISES, seven \ ears of which will be unexpired at Michaelmas next. , The DRUGS and PATENT MFDICINEJ of the aboye Business to be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT; Application to be made to Mr. PIERSON, General Agent, Kimbolton. May be viewed the Day preceding the Sale, arid Catalogues had at the Printing- Office, Oundle,- George Inn, Huntingdon, Bugden, and Stamford; Angel, Peterborough; Hoop, Cam- bridge; Fountain, Huntingdon; of Mr. Pierscn, Kimbolton; Placeof Sale; and at Mr. Bell's Shop, at Thrapston. The Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Ciock. To be Farm to Lett. LETT by AUCTIO N, FOR A TF. RM OF SEVEN YF. ARS, By Mr. BEDFORD, On Tuesday September 29th, 1812, at Four o'Clock, at the Swan Inn, Bedford, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, AVery compact and desirable inclosed FARM, consisting of 97A. 2R. 13P. ( Chain Measure) of Arable and Pasture Land, great Part Tithe- free, in the Parishes of KEYSOE and PERTENHA1. L, in the Comity of Bedford, now in the Occu- pation of Mr. Win. Pike. — The Farm comprises a comfortable Dwelling House, and convenient llomestall, with good Garden and Orchard; also a Cottape and Orchard near, with 73 Acres and 24 Poles ot excellent Pasture, and 21 Acres 1 Rood and 29 Poles of rich inclosed Arable Land. Further Particulars ( if required) may be had, and a Plan of the Farm seen, by applying to the AUCTIONEER, Bedlotd. Woburn and Dunstable United Branch Bible Society. APublic Meeting of the Friends of theBRITISH and FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY will be hetd in the Town of DUNSTABLE, on WEDNESDAY tile 30th of SEP- TEMBER, 1812, wlieu Subscriptions aod Donations tn Aid of the Institution will be received, and tiie united Committees of Woburn and Dunstable w ill assemble for the Furtherance of Business, pursuant to the Resolutions adopted by the General Meeting held at Woburn, August 21st. The Chair will be taken at Eleven o'Clock. Dunstable, Sept. 17lb, 1812. Bedfordshire Auxiliary Bible Society. THE first General Anniversary Meeting of tha Subscribers and Friends to this Society throughout the Countyand its Vicinity, will be beltl on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9lh, 1812, at the CouNTY- HALt., in BEDFORI>; His Grace the Duke of BEDFORD, President, will tako the Chair at Eleven o'Clock. A Report of ihe Proceedings nf the Society since i< 9 Formation will be read, a new Committee formed, and the other Annual Business of the Institution transacted The Doors will be opened at Half- past Ten o'Clock, and Ladies only admitted till the Chair is taken. To the Debtors und Creditors of the late Mr. CHARLES AULT, deceased. ALL Persons to whom Mr. CHARLES AULT, late of the Old Peacock Inu, called the Sand House, in HEATn- AND- REACH, inthe Parish of LEUGHTON- BUZZARD, - Beds, stood indebted at the Time of his Decease, are particu- larly requested to deliver an Account of tlieir Demands to Mr. Day, Solicitor, Woburn, within one Month from the Data hereof; and as it is intended to settle the Accounts as soon a » possible, the Debtors to the said Estate, are desired to pay their respective Debts within the Time aforesaid, to the saili Thomas Day, or to Mr. John Stopp, of Potsgrove, or Mr. James Clarke, of the Plume of Feathers Inn, Leighton- Buzzard, the Executors. Woburn, nth Sepi. 1812. ( I H1GHAM- FERRERS TURNPIKE- ROAD. T^ OTICE is herebv.. given, That a Special Meeting L ' of Ihe Trustees of the Higham- Ferrers Turnpike- Road, leading from Westwoort Gnte, in the Parish of Knotting, in the County of Bedford, through the Towns of Ruahden and Higliam- FVrrers-, nnl over Artleboroiigh Bridge, to the Turnpike- Road iu Bartnn- Seagrave Lane, ill the Parish nf Ba^ lon- Seagrave, in the County of Northampton, will be held al the House of JOHN MCE, known hi- the Name Sign of the GIIEEN DRAGON, in HIGHAM- FERRERS. MONDAY the 19th Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, in order to take into Consideration the Propriety of removing the said Gate called Westwood- Gate, and also the Weighing- Engine, from tlieir present Situation to a certain other Part of the said Turnpike- Road, where tile Road from Newton- Bromsliold unites with ihe said Turnpike- Road, and nearer to the South- End of the Town of Rush, len.— Also of erecting a Toil- Gate on the Side nf the said Turnpike Road, across ( he said Road leadingto Newton- Bromjhold, at or near the said Place, where the same unite- wiih Ilie said Turnpike- Road.— Also of erecting one other Toll- Gate on the Side nf the said Turnpike- Road, across the Entrance of a certain Lane in the Town of Rushden, leading towards Newtnn- Rronishold, called Church- Lane.— And also of erecting a Toll- Gate on the Side of ihe said Turnpike- Road, across the Entranre of a certain oilier Lane in the Town of Rushden, leading towards Newton- Bromshnld, called Well's- I . line.— And for the further Purpose of making such Orders therein respectively as shall he deemed necessary and proper, and of transacting other Business relating to the said Turnpike- Road. By Order, WILLIAM ALLEN, Clerk to the said Trustees Migham- Ferrers, 14th Sept. 1812. Truly valuable. Live und Dead Stock. To be SOL D by A U C T I O N, B. iI }'. WARREN, On Monday and Tuesday the 5th and fith Days of October, 1812, ALL the capital LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of . HUSBANDRY, Part of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNI- TURE, DAIRY- REQUISITES, and BREWING- UTEN- SILS, on the Premises of Mr. WM. HILLS, at RISELY, in the County of Bedford, who is quitting his Farm; consisting of 119 capital Leicestershire Ewes, 68 Ditto Theaves, 57 re- markably good Shearhogs, and 126 1 ambhogs, all of which have been bred with the gteatest Care and Attention ; a valuable fat Cow, eight Ditto in Profit, one Ditto down calving, nine valu- able In- calf Heifers, and a very handsome yearling Bull ; nine capital Cart Horses and Mares, from tour to seven Years old; two Foals and a Filly, of the Cart Kind; and an excellent well- bted Hunter, rising four Years old, worthy the Attention of Gentlemen; Sow and six Pigs, two In- pig Sows, and seven store Hogs; a Waggon and three Dung Carts, valuable Leices- tershire and other Ploughs, three large Hariows, good Scuffler, capital Horse- Hoe, three good Shaft and other Rolls, 36- round Ladder and small r Ditto, Cow and Sheep- Cribs, ten Dozen of Hurdles, Flarness complete for nine Horses, Barn- Tack.! e in general, some Sacks, two valuable Eight- post Hovel- Frames, large Lead Horse- Trough, Bean- Mill, large Quantity of old Iron, and variousother Effects. Second Day's Sale.— HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, Sec. consists of six very handsome painted Parlour Chairs, with neat worked Seats, and two Elbow Ditto to correspond ; six very handsome Mahogany Ditto, Brass nailed, and Hair- Seats, with two Elbow . Ditto, and six neat Walnut- tree Ditto; neat Dining and other Tables, some Kitchen Chairs, three Flock- Beds and Bedding, three Servants' Bedsteads. Bedsieal with Harateen- Furniture, Che^ t of Drawers, Linen- Chests, 30- Hour Clock, Buffet, two neat Sets of China, va'ious Lots of Earthenware, Kitchen- Req- iisites in general, large Diess'r, Brass Pots and Kettles, Sec. ; Quantity of I'ewtei, four Milk- Leads, two Milk- Pails, Kimn? ls, Cheese- Press, and other Dairy- Requisites, capital Two- dozen Barrel- Churn, recently new, large and small Tubs, five valuable Iron- bound Half- hogshead Casks, and a great Number of other valuable Lots. — Forty Lots of Fagots and hard Wood, two Cwt. of good Family Cheese, Sec. Sec. The Auctioneer begs Leave to state, that the above Live Stock are well worth the Attention of Gentlemen Breeders, and maybe viewed any Day previous to the Sale, by making Application on the Premises. The Sale to commence each Day at Nine o'Clock in the Molding, on Account of the Number of Lots, To be S O L I) by A U C 1 I O N, By Mr. BEDFORD, EARLY IN OCTOBER NEXT, ADesirable FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting of a Farm- House, with 18 Acres of inclosed Aiableand Pasture Land, and a comfortable Tenement, with Garden and Orchard, in the Occupation ofthe Widow Cooke, situate at MARSTON, in the County of Bedford. ( ft" Particulars in- a future Paper. SALE of RAMS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, without Reserve, By Ii. SMFl'U, Oil the 2cl Day of October, 1812, at Peterborough, UPWARDS of 40 Shearling RAMS, bred by Mr. W. SMITH, late of Stoke- Doyle.— The above'Rams are descended from ill' best Selection ot the Leicestershire Breed of Sheep, and are the Whole of one Year's Produce of the Flock of the said Mr. Wm Smith. May be viewed any Time previous to the Day of Sale, by applying to Messrs. J. & T. SMITH, Oundle, Northamptonshire. The Sale to commence precisely at ' Ten o'Clock. Estate, ut Brigslock. To be S O L D bv AUCTIO N, By niCHAhn SMITH, At the Angel Inn, at Brigstock, on Saturday the 3d Day of October, 1812, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, in such Lots as shall be then agreed on, ripwo MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with suitable t Out- houses, Gardens, and Oichard thereto belonging, situate in BRIGSTOCK aforesaid. AlsoaC LOSE of PASTU RE LAN D adjoining, containing about two Acres, and in the Occu- pation of Mr. Christopher Colson and others, with Possession at Lady- Day next. May be viewed in the mean Time, and further Particulars had of Mr. WILLIAM YORKE, of Brigstock. SLAWSTON, near Hullaton, Leicestershire. Valuable Live Stock, Hay, and Keeping.— For ready HLoney. ' To be S O L I) by A U C T 1 O N, By RICHARD SMITH, On Mond- jy the 5th Day of October, 1312, on the Premires of Mr. GEORGE WEBSTER, at SLAWSTON, who is leaving that Farm, r » > HE following LIVE STOCK, HAY, KEEP, & c. it namely : 20 fat Beast and spay'd Heifers, of the short- horned Breed, in Lots of two ench ; four fat Cows, an In- calf Cow, 96 breeding Ewes, and 9;> Lambs, in. Lots, ofthe real Leicestershire Breed, which will be found worthy the Notice ofthe Public; a valuable Waggon- Horse, four Years old; Two- year- old Cart Colt, and a Cart- Mare Also four Lots ot Hay and Keeping, til! the 5th Day of April, 1813, namely Post Hill Close, containing 46 Acres, with two Stacks of good Hay, to be consumed on the same ; Haggit's Close, containing 29 Aitres, with a Stack ot old Hay standing in Post Hill Close, to be consumed thereon ; Furlong's Close, containing 3A. 3R. OP. with Part of a Stack of Hav, standing IH the Stack Yard, and the Remainder of the last Stack, with two Yards to fodder it out in. The Sheep will be penned for Inspection on the Premises, at Ten o'Clock, and the Sale will commence oil them punctually at Eleven e'Clock in the Forenoon. To he SOLD by AUCTION. By WM. BEESLEY, On Monday the 28th Day of. September, 1812, precisely at Frur o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Crown Inn, Weston- by- Weedon, in the County of Northampton, AVery compact and desirable FREEHOLD and TITIIE- FRK5 ESTATE, situate in the Parish of WEEDON- PINCKNEY, in the County of Northampton, now in the Occupation of Mr. JOHN BLACKWELL, the Proprietor; consisting of nine several Closes or inclosed Grounds of excel, lent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, containing together by Estimation 42. Acres ( mote or less), with a convenient Bain, Stable, Waggon and Cow Hovels situate thereon. A large Stone- built House in the Parish, wiih Half an Acre of Ground, more or less, adjoining, may be also purchased there- with, and at a little Expense Part of the Buildings upon the Lard may be convened into a Dwelling- Honse. Ihe Estate s well watered and fenced, and Possession maybe had at Michaelmas next. WEEDOV is centrically situated between Banbury, Daventry, Towcester, and Bradley, all good Market- Towns. To ee the , Estate, a; opIv to Mr. BLACKWELL, at Weston- by- Wee ion , and for further Particulars, or to treat for it, to him, or M- KIKBY, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. BEDFORDSHIRE. Lidlington, near Ampthill and Neuport- Pagnell.— Eligible Freehold Estate, '. Tithe- free. To te SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, on Wedne duy the 3hhSeptember, 1812, st Twelveo'Clock, \ Desirable FRFUHHD ESTATE, Tithe- free, lying in the Pari- sh ot : IDLING TON, comprising upwards of S2 Acres of excellent Meadow and Arable Land, all lying compact, in Possession of Mr, Wm. Sinfield, whose Teim expires at Michaelmas next. May be viewed by applying to the TENANT, or to Mr. EVANS, Land- Surveyor, Ampthiil; where Particulars may be had, and at the Swan, Bedford and Newport; George, Northampton and Woburn; White Hart, St. Albans; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick. Stieet, Golden- Squaie, London; where a Plan ot ihe Estate may be seen. CajHtal Live Stork, Implements if Husbandry, Dairy and Brewing- Utensils, Household- Furniture, 4' C- 4' c'- To be SOL I) by A U C T 1 O N, By G. KF. RBV, Without the least Reseive, on Friday and Saturday the 2d and 3d Days of October, 1812, on the Premises ot' the late Mr. THOM AS BRICKNILL, at K I NG'S- SUTTON, North, amptonshire, nearBANaURY, Oxfordshire; COMPRISING five capital Cart Mares, twoColts, Pony, four fat Cows, tlnee Milch Ditto, two fat Pigs, five store Ditto, four W'aggons, four Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Harness for five Horses, nine Milk- Leads, Cream- Cistern, Seven- dozen Churn, ' Three- dozen Ditto, Brewing and Washing- Coppers, capital 16- Bushel Mash- Vat, Tubs, and seasoned Reer- Casks ; alsoa large Quantitv ot Household- Furniture and other Eflects : Particulars of which will be specified in Catalogues to be had ( one Week previous to the Sale) at the principal Inns in the Neighbourhood, Place of Sale, and of the Auctioneer, at the Buck and Bell Inn, Banbury. N. B. The Farming- Stock will be sold the first Day. To be SOL D by AUCTIO N, By / SOW. . YE A L E Si SON, At the House of Richard Groocock, known by the Sign of the Shoulder ot Mutton, in Arnesby, in the County of Leicester, on Friday the9th Dav of October, 1812, between the Hours ol Two and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to sitch Conditions as will then be produced, unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given in this Paper, , A LL those TWO CLOSES of PASTURE LAND, lying < \ and being in the Lordship or Liberties of ARNESBY aforesaid, containing together 27 Acres or thereabouts, now in tiie Occupation of John Willey. Further Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. JOHN LUCAS, of Walton; Mr. THOMAS LUCAS, of Husband's- Bosworth; Mr. JONATHAN CLARKE, ot Swinford ; or Mr. WORTHING TON, Solicitor, Lutterworth, To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By ANDREW GARDNER, On Wednesday, the 23d of September, 181?, A Quantity of useful TIMBER, some neat IIOUSEHOLD- lTV FURNITURE, and other E F F E CTS, oil the Premises lately occupied by Mr MASON BENNET, at ASPLEY- GUISE, in the County of Bedford ( who has removed to another Part of the Village); consisting of a Quantity of Oak, Elm, and Ash Timber, Beech Planks and Boards, Holly Ditto, four Walnut- Tree Planks three Inches thick, Oak Quarter Boards, 100 Bundles of Oak Lain, about 2,000 Feet of Elm Boards, eight capital framed Oak Gates, with Posts to Ditto ; large Quantity of Building Stuff; Glass Lights with Frames and Iron Casements; Fire Wood in Slacks, & c. Sec. ; likewise one Tent Bedstead, with white Dimity Furniture; Four- post Bedstead, with blue Stuff Ditto and sundry Bedding, Mahogany and Japanned Chairs, Dining and Tea tables. Deal Butfet, Kitchen- Range, Bath Stove Grates, Pots and Kettles, Hogsheaci and Half- Hogshead Casks, Tubs, & c.; with a great Variety of other useful Articles. The Sale to begin at Half- past Ten o'Clock in the Morning. UNDER AN EXTENT. Neat and valuable Household- Furniture, 4- c. To be SOLI) by A U C T I O N, By BROWN 4' SON, On the Premjses, on Thursday and Friday the 24th and 25th of September, 1812, A LLthe neat and valuable HOUSEIIOLD- FURNITURE- T\ capital BREWING and DAlRY- U'fENSILS, GLASS CHINA, PLATE, LINEN, prime LIVE STOCK, and other EFFECTS, of Mr. JAMES FINLAYSON, at the RECTORY- FARM, near the Church, at COI. M WO RTH, in the County ot Bedford; comprising handsome Mahogany Four- post, Dome- top, and Tent Bedsteads, with elegant Chintz, Dimity, Cotton, and Check furnitures, lined with yellow Calico, full \ Drapery Valance and Fringe; exceedingly good Feather- Beds, Holsters, and Pillows; handsome Counterpanes, Blankets, and Quilts; Bed and Table- Linen, capital Folding l'aliasse and Wool Mattiesses, Mahogany Chest of Drawers, painted and other Dressing Tables, handsome Diessing. glasses in Mahogany, neat black Chairs, capital Mahogany and painted Basin- Stand's, Bedside Carpets, Window- Curtains, Staircase Carpeting, very handsome Mahogany Two- leaf Dining, Pembroke, and Pillar and Claw Tables ( line Wood), six handsome and fashionable Mahogany Chairs, with best Hair Seats, double Brass nailed, and two Elbow Ditto to match; Turkey and Brussels Carpets, J handsome Mahogany Side- Table, with Cellaiet Drawers; neat f Sofa, with handsome Cover, on Castors; Mahogany Desk,' Tea- ' Chest, complete Set ot best Liquor- Bottles and Stand, Glass China, Table and T ea- Spoons, handsome japanned Elbow Chair, with Cushion ( Roman fashion), Wimlsor and other Chairs, capital Kitchcn- Crate wiih Iron Back, excellent Smoke Jack with extra Wheels, Patent Oven, Hearth- Grate, Register and Bath- Stoves, Copper, Brass, ar- d Tin Ware, Kitchen- Re- quisites in general, a large Quantity of Earthenware, Sec. Sec. I. IVESTOCK, BREWING and DAIRY- UTENSILS, & c. consist ot 77 Sheep and Lambs, three Cows in tuli Profit, capital 80- Gallon Copper and Grate, SO- Gallon Ditto, 16- Bushel Iron- bound Mash- Vat, capital Cooler, large Tubs, Iron- bound Pipes and smaller Casks, Wash- Tray s and Pails, small Churn, Milk- ^ Kivers and Pans, Butter- Scales, Cheese- Vats, Quantity of ' Wood, Glass Bottles, and various other Effects. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock each Day. The Furniture may be viewed the Dav preceding the Sale, and Catalogues had, in due Time, at the Swan Inn, Biggleswade- Falcon, St. Neots; George and White Lion, Kimbolton; Five Ringeis, Risely; Falcon, Bletsoe; the Towns adjacent; Place of Sale; Webb's Printing- Office, and of Brown & Son, Auc. tioneeis, Bedfoid. The 1 . ive Stock, Out- Door Effects, Brewing- Utensils, & c, will be sold the first Day. Valuable Live Stock. To be SOLD by AUCTION k By BROWN Sf SON, > On the Premises, without Reseive, on Monday the 28th Day of September, 1812, at Eleven o'Clock, ALL the truly valuable and well selected FLOCK of SHEEP, New- milch and In- calf HEIFERS and fat COWS, the Property Mr. WILLIAM HARRIS, at BLEISOE- PARK- FA RM, in the County of Bedford ( who is leaving the same); consisting of 100exceedingly fine Ewes, 50 Two. shear Sheep, 50 Sheaihogs, 95 Two- shear Ewes and I heaves, and 100 capital Lambs, five fine Heifers and Calves, fiye In- calf Heifers, three Milch Cows in full Profit, two fat Cows, and fourfine Sturks. The Whole of the absve valuable Stock is in high Condi- K tion, and wotthy the Attention ofthe Public. May be viewed any Time previous to the Sale, by applying on the Premises.— Credit will be given until the ltjth Day of Januaiy, 1813, on approved Security, or a Discount tor ready Money. Catalogues are ready fcr Delivery at the Falcon, St. Neots, and Bletsoe; Five Ringers, Risely; George, and White lion, Kimbolton ; Green Dragon, Iligbam- Ferrers ; Hind, Welling- borough; Swan, Biggleswade; Cross Kevs, Ampthill ; the adjacent Towns ; Place ot Sale; Webb's Plinting- Office ; aid ot Brown & Son, Auctioneers, Bedford. Mr. HARRIS'S Sale of valuable young Draught HORSES, t with the DEAD STOCK, will t » ke Place in « short lime, „ t which dun Notice will be given. The North? m;> ton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, , IiUinl inguon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Ileriford. MtORTHAMPTON BO/ RDING SCHOOL. •>. 3. WICKES, with the most grateful Resj. ect, informs her Friends, that in Consequence of the in- creased Number of her Pupils she has been under the Neces- sity of changing her Residence in AM NGTON- STREET, ( or a larger House in SHEEP- STREET, nearly opposite St. Sepulchre's Church. Sheep- Street, Sept. 12, 1812. .. M'KORKELL'S CONCERT and PUPILS' BALL, WEr. LISGBOROVGII. IHE Nobility and Gentry are respectfully informed, that Arrangements are making for the Performance to - take Place the End of SEPTEMBER, which will consist of Songs, and the following popular Glees:— ' " Fill high Ihe Grape's exulting Stream." SPOFFORTH. ^ Ud " With Sighs, sweet Rose, I marked thy faded Form. C A I. LCO TT. Concerto, Pedal Harp. DIJSSEIC. Overture to Tphigenia. GLUCK. Solo. Pedal Harp. MUTER. f Grand Svmphonv, Krumpholtz, Harp, two Violins, Flute, Violoncello, and Double Bass; and the Pupils' Performance of a Variety of Dances.— Particulars in a future Paper. Abing'on- Street, Northampton, Sept. 19th, 1812. fmentiet> Monument TO THE MEMOHY OF The Right Hon. SPENCER PERCEVAL. SUBSCRIPTIONS. Amount of Subscriptions before advertised ..£ 914 18 Samuel Blencowe, F. sq. Marston- St.- Lawrence . 5 5 Pari of Westmorland , 21 0 Earl of Aylesford - '.. . " Thomas Ashton Smith, Esq. M. P 21 0 The Verv Rev. the Dean of Lincoln 5 5 Charles Pinfold, Esq S 0 Subscriptions arc rereived by Messrs. Praeds, Mackworth, fi Co. Bankers, London; and by Messrs. Smith, Hall, & Co. ' Bankers, Northampton. ~ " NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. IN Pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the Fortv- second Year of his present Majesty's Reign, in- titled " An Act for amending the Laws relating to the Militia in England, ami for augmenting the Militia;" Notice is hereby given. That a General Meeting of the Lieutenancy of the Connlv of NORTHAMPTON will be holden at the George Jiyn, in the Town of Northampton, on TUESDAY the sixth jpay of October next, at Twelve o'Clork at Noon. By Order of the most Noble Chnrles Marquis of the County of Northampton, His Majesty's Lieutenant of the same County, CII \. M ARK II AM, Clerk nf the General Meetings. Northampton. Sept. 19th, 1812. w FORSTF. R'S BOOTH . ST A TUT F, . For , the. H I 11 1 V G of S K R VA'N TS, ILL be heldnt the GEORGE INN, on THURSDAY ne\ t the 24 th of this instant SEPT EM BER. Dinner on the Table nt Half- past One o'clock. BOSTON INN STATUTE WILLbs. bnlden on THURSDAY the lst of OCTOBER, 1812.— The Constables of Ihe Wytnersley Hundred are requested to attend to pay their Quarterages. ( J^ T Dinner on the Table at One o'clock. KETTERING GRAND MUSICAL FESTIVAL. ( I. PEN IN FF OF TRIFL NEW ORGAN, AND For the Benefit of ihe General Infirmary. Thursday and Friday. October ihe 1st anri 2d, " 1812. PATRONIS. His Grace the Duke of BUCCLliUCH & QU EENSBERRY T. Trvnn, Esq. A. F... Young, Esq. T. P. Maunsell, Esq. J. Dore, Esq. Rev. D. Wauchope Rev. W. S. Paul Rev. H. R. Knapp Rev. F, Jones Rev. J. L. - Wetlierall Rev. W. V. Rohin- on Rev. Septimus Hudson Rev. Joseph Knight Rev, E. Griffin r* ev. Whitehouse Rev. Jackson V SITUATION WANTED for a YOUTH, in a serious respectable Family, as an APPRENTICE to a SADDLER and HARNESS- MAKER.— A moderate Premium will be given, fetters. Post- paid, addressed to U. S. Post- Office, Towcester, " will meet Attention. WANTED, A stout YOUTH as an APPRENTICE to a BUTCHER.— Enquire of Mr. JOHN DUNKLEY, Northampton. WANTED immediately, A stont active LAD, as an APPRENTICE to a PLUMBER, GLAZIER, and PAINTER, apply personally, or by Letter, Post- paid, to JOHN ODKI. L, Wellingborough. " To CA BINET- MAKKRS AND UPHOLSTERERS. ' ANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN, who understands both of the above Branches.— A steady Workman may meet with good Wages and Constant Employ, by applying at TURNER'S Furniture Warehouse, Woodstock, Oxon.— None need apply but good Workmen. w Right lion. Lord Montague Right Hon. Lord Sondes Right Hon, Lord Lilford Lord Viscount Althorp, M. P. The Hon. George Watson The Hon. and Rev. R. B. Stopford The Hon. Barbara Cockayne Medlycott Sir John Palmer, Bart. Sir Justinian Tsham, Barf. Sir Charles Knightley, Burt. Wm. Banbury, Esq. M. P. T. C. Maunsell, Esq. Charles Tibhits, Esq. J. C. Rose, Esq. ON THURSDAY MORNING the lst of OCTOBER, 1SI2, will be performed, THE SACRED ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH. On FRIDAY P'. ORNING the 2d of OCTOBER, A GRAND SELECTION OF S AC R E D MUSIC, From the favourite Works nf Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Marcello, and other eminent Composers. And on each Evening at Hie ASSEMBLY ROOM, at the WHITE GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS; Consisting of Grand Symphonies, favourite Songs, Solos, Concertos, and some of the most popular Glees performing at the different Vocal Concerts. Principal Performers already engaged, Mrs. DICKONS, Master KING, Miss D. TRAVIS, and Miss TRAVIS, Mr. Goss, Mr. VAUGHAN, and Mr. BELLAMY. Leader of the Band, Dr. HAGUE, Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge. Organ and Grand Piano Forte, Mr. BARRETT. Principal SeeoOd Violin, Mr. WM MARSHALL; Principal Violoncello, Mr. C. J. ASH r. EY ; Principal Viola, Mr. R. ASHLEY; Principal Hautboy, Mr. ERSKINE: Principal Bassoon, Mr. HOLMES ; Principal Trumpet, Mr, SCHMIDTS? ; Principal Double Bass, Mr. JOVE; Double Drums, Mr. J EN K I SSON. Among the other principal Performers are Messrs. Wag- staff, Marshall, Cole, Valentine, Gee, Wilkinson, Stern- berg, Vernon. Dorien, Stc. The Remainder of the Band will be numerous and complete, and selected from London, Camhridge, Fly, Peterborough, Stamford, Leicester, Northampton, & c. & c. & c. Further Particulars in a future Paper. Tickets to he had of Collis & Dash, Kettering; and of the Printers of th' 14Paper.— No Money will be taken at the Doors. ORDINARIES will be provided each Day at the WHITE HART and GEORGE INNS, at Four o'Clock; where Infor- mation respecting Lodgings may be obtained. Music for a BALL, if required, each Evening after the Concert. PEELE'S COFFEE - HOUSE AND HOTEL, tfos. 177 AND 178, FLEET- STREET, LONDON. MARY GURNEYbegs to inform her Friends and the Public in general, that the above House has been re- built, and is now open for the Reception and Accommo- dation of Gentlemen and Families. — From the centrical Situ- ation of Peele's it will be found particularly convenient to Gentlemen and Families from the Countiy, whether on Busi- ness or Pleasure, not being more than tew Minutes walk from the Royal- Exchange, or either of the Theatres.— To Gen- tlemen of the Law the Situation is also particularly adapted, being in the immediate Vicinity of all the Law Offices and Inns of Court, and frequented by the most eminent Gentlemen nf the Profession in London. — Another Convenience attending Peele's is, that most of the London, with all Irish, Scotch, and Provincial Newspapers are taken in and filed, and may be referred to since the Year 1772, the London Gazette* sinre 1760. Gentlemen honouring this House with their Favours may depend on having well- aired Beds, Soups, Dinners, Wines and Spirits of superior Quality. ASSEMBLY: ... , ON WFDvfe'tiAY the 3' 0th of SEPTEMBER an AS- SEM BLY will be held at the GEORGE I\' N. The MAYOR and BAILIFFS ELECT. Stewards. Dancing to commence at Eight o'Clock.— Tickets to be had at the Bar. Northampton, Sept. 19i>/ i, 1812. WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN FELT- MONGER. and also a PARCHMENT- MAKER.— Good Workmen may meet with constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to Mr. JonN BALL, Oundle. To DISH- TURNERS. WANTED, A JOURNEYMAN DISH- TURNER.— A steady Man and good Workman may have constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to Mr. BISSIL, Quorndon, Leicestershire. r WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN BLACK SMITH.— One that can Shoe and Job well, may iave constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to WM. COLEMAN, Long- Buckby. * VI RAN TED, A JOURNEYMAN BLACKSMI TH V V One that can Shoe and do Farmer's Work well, may have constant Employ, by applying to S. LILLIG, Broughton, rear Kettering. WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN I3LACK SMITH.— A good Hand may have constant Employ by applying to WM. CHATERS, Claybrook, Leicestershire. ^ VrrANT ED, at Michaelmas, as COOK in a Family v » where two other Female and one Man Servant are Jtept, A steady middle- aged PERSON, who understands her Easiness in every respect.— No one need apply who cannot be well recommended. Enquire of Mr. JENKINSON, Towcester. SARACEN'S HEAD INN, BIRMINGHAM. rT" MIE' Public are respectfully informed, that a 1 LIGHT POST COACH to CAMBRIDGE ( carrying only four Inside) sets out from the above Inn every Monday, Wednesday, aud Friday Morning, at Five o'clock, through Coventry, Dunehurch, Daventry, Northampton, Welling- borough. Thrap. ton, and Huntingdon, to the Blue Roar Inn, Cambridge; from whence Coaches go the nest Morning to Newmarket, Bury, Fakeiiham, Ipswich, Norwich, and all Parts of Norfolk. Leaves Cambridge every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning, at Si x o'Clock, and ar- rives in Birmingham the same Evening, - from whence Coaches go the next Morning to Wolverhampton, Shifftial, Shrews- bury, and all Parts of the North. Performed by the Public's humble Servants, W. G1DD1NG, Birmingham, PACKWOOD, Coventry, SHAW, Northampton, BLUNSOM, Thrapston, EKIN, Huntingdon, and G. GIDDING, Cambridge, who will not be accountable for any Luggage above the Value of Five Pounds, uiilesj entered as such and paid foraccordingly. MR. LLC TROVF Northamptonshire Quarterage- Money. THE Chief Constables are to collect and pav in, at the ensuing Sessions, Twelve single Quarterly Payments. CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. Northampton, Sept 12th, 1812. One of the Chief Constables of each Hundred must attend in Person at the Sessions. STRAYED, on the Nigbt- of Sept. 13th, 1812, from OXENDON, near Market- Harborough, A BAY MARE, about thirteen Hands and a Half high, with three black Legs, aud one hind Leg a little White at the Foot ; the upper Lip hangs rather over, she is low made before, and strong on the Loins. Whoever will give Information to Mr. Wright, at Oxendon, which shall lead fo the Recovery of her, shall be handsomely rewarded. To be SOLD, or LETT, ANew- milch ASS, with a FOAL a few Days Enquire of JAMES CLARK, Blisworth. old. To be SO L D, n^ HREF HORSES, which were regularly hunted A with the Pytchley lfouuds during the Whole of the last Season.— To be viewed, and further Particulars kiyiwn, by applying to Samuel Lewiu, at Fiuedon, near Wellingborough, any Day before tile 26th instant. The above Horses have been taken up from Grass above six Weeks, and are in good Condition. • 1. i ft it r ;; • ir I r " VX7" ANIT. D, a steady, middle- aged single MAN, v T ( o drive, look afier three Horses, and do other Out of Doors Work.— The most unexceptionable Character will be required.— Enquire of the Printers, or of Mr. ROWELL, . Bookseller, Rugby. Manor, Advowson, and Farm, in Warwickshire. To he SOLD by AUCTION, The latter End of October, or beginning of November next, nt the Spread Eagle Inn, in Rugbv, in the Countv of Warwick, rjMlF, extensive MANOR with the ADVOWSON of . J. HILLMCKRTON, in the sail County of Warwick, together with a Mansion- House, and Farm; consisting of four Hundred Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land.— Tile Particulars whereof will appear in a future Paper. HE next Meeting of the ' Trustees of the Turnpike T i > N EWPORT- PAGNELL, in the County of Buckingham, will he holden at the NEW INN, in HACKLETON, in Ihe County tif Northampton, on MONDAY the 28th Instant, at Eleven o'Clork in the Forenoon,— By Order of the Trustees, R. ABBEY, Clerk. Dinner at Half- past Two o'Clock. Northampton, Sept. 19th, 1812. Turnpike- Road from Rugby to North- Kilworth. 1\ JOTICE is hereby given. That the next Meeting ± > of the Trustees of this Road will hf » holden at the SPREAD EAGLE INN, in RUGBY, on THURSDAY the FIFTEENTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Twelve o'Clock in Ihe Forenoon, and that al such Meeting, the TOLLS arising at the Clifton and Kitworth Toll- Gates, with the Catthorpe- Bar, onthis Road, will be LETT by AUCTION to tlie Best Bidder, either together or separate, as the Trustees shall think proper; and also subject to such Conditions in respect lo the Tolls to be taken, as will then be produced.— The Tnflls arising at the said several Gates, were lett last Year for the Undermentioned Sums, viz :— Clifton and Catthcrpe- Bar £ 131 0 0 South- Kihoorth Gate 55 0 0 And the said Gates will be severally put up at such Sums respectively, as the Trustees present shall think fit ; and who- ever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time pay one Month's Rent in Advance, and give Security to tlie Satisfaction of the Trustees for Payment of the Rent Monthly or Quarterly, as shall hy Iliem be then required, previously giving to the Trustees the Names of such intended Sureties with their Acceptance of the Engagement. By Order of the Trustees, CALDECOTT & BENN, their Clerks. Rugby, 17tt Sept. 1812. Turnpike- Road, from Rugby to Lutterworth. NOTICE is hereby given, ' That the. next Meeting of the Trustees of this Road will be liolden at the SPREAD EAGLE INN, in RILGBY, 011 THURSDAY the FIF- TEENTH Day OCTOPER next, at Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, and that at such Meeting the TOLLS arising at the Rugby and Brownsover Toll- Gates on this Road, will be LETT by AUCTION* to the Best Bidder, either together or separate, as the Trustees shall think proper ; and also subject to such Conditions in respect to the Tolls to be taken as will then be produced.— The Tolls arising at the said several Gales Huiounted last Year to the undermentioned Sutns, viz. : — Rugby- Gate £ 174 0 0 Ditto, Town Catch- Gate..... 17 5 0 Brownsover. Gate, - about ......... 140 0 0 And the said Gales will be severally put up at such Sunn re- spectively as the Trustees present shall think fit ; and who- ever happens to be Ihe Best Bidder, must at the same Time pay one Month's Rent in Advance, and give Security to the Satisfaction of the Trustees for Payment of the Rent Monthly or Quarterly, as shall hy them be then required, previously giving to Ihe Trustees the Name of such intended Sureties, with their Acceptance of the Engagement. By Order of the Trustees, CALDECOTT & BENN. their Clerks Rugby, nth Sept. IBLL Amicable Society, Sergeant's Inn, London. Instituted bij Queen Anne, in 1706. THE DIRECTORS have the Satisfaction of inform- ing the Public, that after a very careful and strict Ex- amination of the Circumstances which have occurred during tile Experience of more than rt Century, the Society has been enabled greatly to increase the. Benefits originally insured to the present Members, by the progressive Advance of each Share to £ 200, besides such contingent Additions as may be produced in the Year in which the Death happens. The Directors have likewise the Pleasure to state that under the Authority of the supplementary Charier, which his - Majesty has been recently pleased to grant for extending the Benefits of this Institution, they are enabled to oiler to the Public the Means of effecting Insurances from £ 200 to £ § , 000 at the various Ages from S to 67, whether forthe Whiileof Life, for any Number of Years, or 011 anv Contingency depending on Life or Survivorship, at considerably reduced Premiums. At this OfSre tlie various Kinds of Insurance are entitled, in Proportion to the Amount insured, to participate iu the Ad- vantage " f the contingent Additions to the Claims arising by- Deaths in each Year. By Order of the Court of Directors, J. PEN8AM, Registrar Plans of the Institution with Tables of Rates of In- surance may be had at the Office of this Paper. Oreat- Kington and Wellesbintrnt Turnpike Gates. NOTICE IS hereby Given, T hat the next Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike Road leading from Upton, in the Parish of Ratley, to the North- End of Bridge- Street, in the Town of Great- Khjgton, aud from thence to the Guide Post at the Town of Wellesbourne- Hastings, in the County of Warwick, will be held on TUESDAY the Twenty- seventh Day of OCTOBER next ensuing, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the House ot G EO- RGE SH ELER, known by the Name or Sign of the White Swan, situate in the Town of G R E AT- K I NCTON aforesaid, at which Meeting the TOLLS payable at the respective Turnpike Gates on the said Road, together with the respective TOLL- HOUSES thereto belonging, will be LETT by AUC- TION, either separately or together, as theTrustees shall think proper, to the Best Bidder, on such. Conditions as will le then produced The Tolls arising at the said Turnpike Gates were Lett last Year for the Sum ot £ 206, and will be put up at such Sums as the Trustees present shall think fit. And whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must, at the same Time, pay down one Month's Reit in advance, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Remainderof the Rent Monthly or Quarterly as shall be required by the Trustees then present. Also that new Trustees will be elected in the Room of those who are dead or refuse to Act, and such other Business done and transacted as by the several Acts is required. By an Act passed inthe last Session of Parliament the Tolls have been very considerably increased, and the Trustees will at the said Meeting consider of the Propriety of reducing or raising the lolls at present directed to be taken on the said koad. KEI. YNGF. GREENWAY, Clerk to the Trustees. Warwick, 15September, 1812. A' To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, I. I. that newly erected Stone- built SMOCK WIND- MILL, with arched Stage ; comprising one Pair ot Peak, and one Pair of French Stones, Dressing- Machine, and every other necessary Convenience, capable of Grinding 10 Qu. iriers of Corn per Day, with a Close of rich Arable Land, on which the Mill stands, containing nearly six Acres — Tile Mill is very advantageously situated in POTTE RSI'U R Y- F1 E LD, within an easy Distance of several good Market Towns, and within one Mile of the Grand Junction Canal Also, all that neat MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with large Yard, Garden, arid Orchard, well planted with choice Fruit and other Trees; containing about one Acre, siftiate at Y A RD LEY- GO BION. and near to the said Mill. The Whole isA, the Occupation of Mr- Gregory.— The Pre- mises arc Freehold and may be entered on at Michaelmas next. Further Particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. MARKHAM, Solicitor, Northampton. Valuable Freehold Kstate, called Staple Ball Inn, and Lease- hold Premises, in Witney, Oxon. To be SOL D by A U C T I O N, By CHURCHII. O S," TURNER, On Friday the 9th Dav of October next, at the Marlborough Arms Inn, in New- Woodstock, in the County ot Oxtord, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, under such Conditions as shall be then and there produced ( by O rder of the Commissioners, aud with the Consent of the Mortgagees of Thomas Coburn, a Bankrupt), in the following Lots: Lot 1. A LL that long- established, well- accustomrd, and l\ very respectable FRUEHOLII INN, the STAPLE HALL INN, at WITNEY aforesaid, 011 the high Road from Gloucester and Cheltenham to Oxford and Woodstock, excellent Stabling tor 40 Horses, with good Wool and Hay. Lofts, spacious Yard, Coach- Houses, and ot her requisite Buildings; Kitchen and Pleasure Gardens ; together with a Close of rich I'a. ture Land adjoining the Inn, containing about four Acres, and I'art of a rich Meadow as the same ts now staked out. Also a Pew in the Church.— The Land- Tax is redeemed. Lot 2. All those extensive BUILDINGS and PREMISES, called or known by the Name ol HOPTON'S, desirablv situated fronting the Turnpike- Ro? d aud the said Inn, calle i the Staple Hall Inn, in Witney afore- ti'd ^ comprising - A Stone- builtand Slited Dwelling- House, containing a Parlour, Kitchen, back Kitchen, and Pantry, wilh Chambers and Garrets over the same, in th.- Occupation ot Daniel Hammond; Subl" for seven Horses, Granary, Counting- House, Wool- Loft, Yard and Chaise- Shed, a small Stable for two HOraes, with a Loft over: and two Cot- tages on Wood Green, late in the tIccupaiion of the said Th » s. Coburn, or his Undertenants, forthe Estate and Interest which the said Thomas Coburn had therein. Printed Particulars mav be had at the Office of Messrs. North & Harrison, Solici ors, and the Auctioneers, in Wood- stock ; Mr. Loveli, Solicitor, Towcester, Northamptonshire; Mr. Robers^ n, Solicitor, Oxford; at the Place of Sale; at the Staple Hall Inn, and other Inns in the Neighbourhood ; and at ihe Office of Mr. Martindale, Solicitor, Edward. Street, Ca- yendishr Square, London. Rowell, Northamptonshire.— Freehold Estates. To be SOL 1) by AUCTIO N, By Mr. KIPS HAW, Atthe House of Mr. Roe, the Sign of the Sun, in Rowell, in the County of Northampton, on Thursday the 24ih Day of September, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the following Lots: Lot 1. A LL those several Pieces or Parcels of ARABLE, XJL MEADOW, and I'ASTURE LAND, with the Commons and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate and being dispersedly in the open and common Fields of RO WE LI. aforesaid, called Halt a Yard Land, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, and containing by Admeasurement 14 Acres, or thereabouts. Lot 2. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, with the usual Right of Common. Lot 3. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same. Quantity, with thesame Righr of Common. Lot4. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the sama Quantity, and the same Right of Common. LOT S. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, and the same Right of Common. Lot 6. Another HALF YARD L AND, or the Sixth Part ot Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, and the same Right of Common. The above Estates are now in the Occupation of Mr. Tongue, Butcher, who will shew the sa ne. An Act having passed in the last Session of Parliament for inclosing the open Fiejdsof Rowell, the above Lots will be found a most desirable Purchase for any Gentleman who wishes to realize his Property, or to any Persons who may be desirous to increase their Allotments in the said Fields. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, in Northampton. Household- Furniture. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, On the Premises of the late Mr. COCKERILL, situite at ii AN BU l< Y. LAN E, in the County of Northampton, on Thursday the 1st Day of October, 1812, LL the neat and useful FURNITURE and other UTENSILS of the said Mr. COCKERILI, ; consisting of Four- post, Half- tester, Turn- up, and Bureau Bedsteads, with various Furnitures; Feather and Flock- Beds, Blankets, Counter- panes, and Quilts, Bed Ca'roets, Mahogany Bureau, Chairs, Tables, Pier anil Swing Looking- Glasses, Chests of Drawers, Clock, japanned Waiters, platod Tankards Pints and Half- Pints, a Two- draft Beer- Engine, Glasses and Earthenware, Kitchen and Scullery- Utensils in general, in Copper, Brass, and Pewter ; large Brewing- Copper, one smaller ditto, Mash- Vat, Urnler- vat, Cooler, and gathering Tubs, Hop- Sieves, and three 6- Hog- sliend Casks, two 4- Ditto, four 3- Ditto, and several Pipes and Puncheons; Barrel - Churn, Milk - Leads, Quantity of Cheese- Vats, and Dairy- Utensils in general, with a Variety of uselul Household- Furniture, and other Effects. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock. Capital Live Slock, Implements of Husbandry, 4" C. Hulcott, near Aylesbury, Bucks. To be SOLD by A U C TI O N, By Messrs. BERRY Jf II AY WART), On the Premises, at HULCOTT, near Aylesbury, Bucks, on Monday and Tuesday the 28th and 29th Days of September, 1812, at Eleven o'clock each Day ; npiIE valuable FARMING- STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of 1- HUSBANDRY, 1) 31 RY UTENSILS, and other EFFECTS, of Mr. FIOGG, who is leaving that Farm; com- prising 35 Head of New milch, In- Calf, and Barren Cows and Heifers; 20 fat Cows, a Bull, a fat Ox, 100 Ewe Sheep, up- wards of20 Cart- Horses, Colts and Yearlings, seven fat Hogs, among which is one of extraordinary Growth and Dimensions ; three Farmers' Waggons, six Carts, a Market- Cart and Harness; a Taxed- Cart and Cart Harness, Harness for 10 Horses, Horse Churning Machine, a Nine and a Six- dozen Churn, 21 capita! Milk- Leads, tile entire Brewing- Utensils, excellent Beer Barrels',' Servants' Beds and Bedding, SOIIK Lots of Household- Furniture, and various o'her Property. The Whole of this choice, well selected, and valuable Stock, will be submitted to Sale without any Reserve. Catalogues will be prepared and ready for Delivery 14 Days before the Sale, and may then be had on the Premises ; at the Swan, Leighton; the Bell, Winslow ; the Cobham Arms, Buckingham ; the Bull, Stony- Stratford; the Greyhound, Thame'; ihe King's Arms, Bicester ; the Red Lion, High- Wycoinbe ; the Crown, Uxhridge ;, the King's Arms, Berk- hamstead ; and the King's Head Inn, Aylesbury ; and any Gen- tleman living out of the Reach of these Places may have one sent him by the Post, on expressing his Wish by Letter Post- paid, directed to Messrs. BERRY & HAYWARD, General Agents, Ayleshury, Bucks. The largest and most magnificent Orrery in the Kingdom : Accompanied by the CELF. STIN A, Whose Dulcet Notes infinitely excel in Melody any Instrument ever yet invenfpd. THE ATI! E, Nt HIT 11A MPTON. LAST TIMES. . On MONDAY, and TUESDAY, the 9: 1st, and 22d of SEPTEM- BER, at Six o'clock, OYD will fmish his COURSE, of AS- OVTICAL LECTURES, illu- trated hy the DIO ASTRODOXON ; on, G R A V D T- RVNSPAREXT ORRF'RY.— This luminous Orrery familiarly explains the Seasons, the Moon. Eclipses, Tides, and Comets, and the Course, embraces every modern Discovery in everv varied Form that can charm the hhje, elevate, the Mind. and connect the NATURAL with the MORAL SENSE, on a Scale of Magnitude aud Splendour never vet displayed in this Town. The Public will not confound tlii* comprehensive Survey of the Heavens w ith any minor Exhibition of a similar Descrip- tion, no other Person in the Kingdom being in Possession of an Arrangement so voluminous and liberal. Doors opened ot Half- past Mve. P. o « e>, 4'. — Pit. 2s. 61L— Gallery, Is. 64. fcaT Tickets may be had nf Mr. BIRDSALL, Bookseller and Stationer: of whom may be had, an Epitome of the Course, Price Is. To be SOLD by PllTvATE CONTRACT^ A Vcrv, desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at 1IELM- i « DON, in the County of Northampton, in the Occupation of Mr. JOHN KENDALL; consisting of three several Closes of very good Grazing Land, containing together about 24 Acres, with a convenient Barn and Stable thereon, and well fenced and watered. Possession may be had at Lady- Day next, and if required, a House, Close, and Orchard may also be purchased at Helmdon, and . entered upon at the same Time, and the greatest Part of the Purchase- Money may rrmain on Security, if required. HEIMDON is conveniently siniated for Banbury, Towcester, Brackley, and Buckingham Markets. To see the Estate, apply to Mr CLARKE, in Helmdon : and to treat tor the Purchase, apply to him, or to Mr. KIRBY, Attorney at Law, Towcester. Market- Hdrborouxh, Leicestershire— Freehold Estate. To be SOLI) bv AUCTION, By Mr. HOLLO WAY, At the George Inn, in Market- Harborough, inthe County of Leicester, on Wednesday the 30th Day of September, 1812, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, AConvenient, substantial, Stone and Sashed FREEHOLD DWELLING. HOUSE, situated near the Centre of the Town of M ARKF. T- HARBOROUGH, in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Cox; comprising a good Cellar, large Parlour, and Entrance on the Front, with a convenient Kitchen, Pantry and Scullery, one large Bed- Room in Front, and two smaller on tbe same Floor,' with three Sleeping- Rooms in the Attics; also a private Ya- d, wherein is a Brewbouse. and an extensive Rrick and Slated Building adjoining, which for many Years has been used as a Wool- Warehouse, containing 45 Feet in Length mid 19 Feet in Breadth, thiee Stnrv high, and may he converted in* o Dwellings or to any other Purpose as mav be required; and within a Yard on the South Side, of the sa. ie Warehouse is a Piece of Ground, containing 30 Feet in l ength and 11 Feet in. Breadth, which may be built upon, if r quisite; and a never- failing Well of good Water for the uae of the same Premises. Possession mav be had at St. Thomas next; and for further Particulars, apply to M'. JOHN NUNNELEY, Grocer, or of the Auctioneer, Market- HarhoroUgh aforesaid. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 6th of October, 1812, PART of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, of JOSEPH BARKER, at the Oid George, in MILL LANE, in the Town of RE DFO. RD, ( who is leaving thesame}; consisting of Bedsteads with Furniture; Feather and Flock Beds; Blankets and Quilts; Chairs and Tables; China, Glass, and Earthenware; Copper, Bra< s, and Pewter; Fenders - ind Fire I rons ; good W- bour Clock, with the Day of the Month ( by Pepper, Biggleswade); large Cooper Boiler; four Brass Pottage Pots, two Bakepans and a Warming- pan quire new; several Second- hand Pottage Pots, Saucepans, Frying- pans, and Copper Utensils; . small Brass Furnace; good 100- Gallon Copper and Grate; capital Oak Mash Vat; Underback ; Cooler, with large Oak Working Tub to correspond; Iron- bound C; » sk, wi^ ioh contains 270 Gallons, a 250- Gallon Ditto,* eight Iron- bound Pipes; several Hogsheads, and smaller Casks, allot' which are sweet and in high Preservation; several Prints and Paintings, fee. & c. Sale to commence precisely at Ten o'Clock, and the Whole vrill be ? oM wirbmif Reserve. N. B. The Whole or any Part of the Brewing Utensils may be taken at a fair Valuation, anv Time prior to the Sale, by applying tothe Auctioneer* on the Premises. A] To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By ROBERT ANDREWS, On Tuesday the 29th of September, 1812, at the Sign of the Horse- Shoe, in Lavendon, in the County of Buckingbam, at Four o'Clock, \ Smalt compact FREEHOLD HOUSE and PREMISES, \ with Shop, & c. lately new built, situate in LA V E N DON aforesaid ; comprising a neat House and Parlour, and a good Shop, two good Bed- Chambers, with Closets, Arc. ; a newly built• Cellar, Yard and small Garden, & c. in the Occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. ABBOT, who is going to reside at the Tinker, in Turvey, in the County of Bedford. The above Premises is a very desirable Situation for any Person wishing to keep Shop, & c as the Whole lias been fitted up at a con ' siderable Expense within these last twelve Months,— May be entered on immediately. At T- vo o'Clock ' he same Afternoon will be SOLD by AUCTION on the said Premises, The COUNTER, DRAWERS, SHEI. FS, SCALES, WEIGHTS, and a Quantity of DRAPERY GOODS; con sisting of printed Cottons, Muslins, and Shawls, Handkerchiefs Stockings, & cj aLo some Sweet. beer Casks, Tubs, & c. and a Number of other Articles. POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, Sept. IB. INTELLIGENCE FROM AMERICA. INTELLIGENCE was received this morning from Fal- mouth of the arrival at that port of the Gleaner, from the United States, wilh dispatches for Government.—- She left New- York 011 the loth, and Halifax on the 26tii ult. The intelligence she brings is not of a favourable nature. Everv thing in America wore as warlike an appearance at the time the Gleaner sailed from, as on her arrival at New- York with accounts of the revocation of the Orders in Council; and it was not expected that matters would be made up between America and - England while President Madison remained in power. Parties ran very high, and much apprehension was entertained of serious disturbances between the Federalists and their opponents. Much ap- prehension for the, safety of Commodore Rodgers and the American squadron of frigates was entertained at New- York at the tune^ he Gleaner left that port, as no accounts had been received from him for some time. The harbour of Halifax was full of American prizes. The following appears in a second edition of the Star :— Two o'Clock. We stop the press to announce, that we have this moment seen a letter from Liverpool, announcing the arrival there of the ship George Washington, in 22 days from New- York, with the agreeable intelligence that PEACE BETWEEN ENGLAND AND AMERICA was considered as certain when this ship came awav. Our Readers will observe, that the George Washington sailed ten days later than the Gleaner. French Papers arrived this morning to the 12th instant, bringing the FIFTEENTH BULLETIN of the GRAND ARMY. Slawkovo, August 2.7. The General of Division Zayoncheick, who commanded a Polish division at the battle of Smolensk, was wounded. The behaviour of the Polish corps at Smolensk astonished the Russians, who used 10 despise them. They were struck with their steadiness, and the superiority which they dis- played over themselves. At the battles of Smolensk and Valentina, the enemy lost twentv Generals killed, wounded, or taken, and a very great " number of officers. The number 01" men killed, taken, or wounded, 011 these occasions, may amount to from 25 to 30,000 men. The enemy's army, in retiring, burn the bridges and destroy the roads, in order to retard the march of the • Tench army as much as possible. On the 21st, they had re- passed the Borysthenes at, Slob- l'niwa, always closely followed by our advanced guard. The commercial establishments at Smolensk were quite untouched 011 the Borysthenes, in a fine suburb, to which the Russians set fire, for the sole purpose of retarding our march a single hour. Never was war conducted witn so much inhumanity : the Russians treat their . own country as they would that of all enemv.—'! he country is fine, and abundantly supplied with every thing. The roads are admirable. Prince Schwartzenberg writes from Ossiati, on the 27th, that. his advanced guard has pursued the enemy on the road to Divin,— that he iias taken some hundreds of prisoners,— and obliged the enemy to burn his baggage. General Bianchi, however, who commands tbe advanced guard, has succeeded in seizing 800 baggage waggons, which the enemy could neither carry off nor destroy. The Russian army, under Tormasow, has lost almost all its baggage. The equipage of the siege of Riga has begun to move from Tilsit for the Dwina. General St. Cyr has taken a position on the Drissa. The rout of the enemy at the battle of Polotsk on the 18th wa complete. The enemy gave out that he would make a stand at Doroghohouj. Ilead quarters were there this 26th. The Viceroy manoeuvres 011 the left, at two leagues* from the great road ; the Prince of Eckmuhl 011 the great road; and Prince Poniatowski on the left bank of the Osma. The heat is excessive: it has not rained for a month. The Duke of Bellunn, with the 9th corps, 30,000 men strong, has set out from' 1 ilsit ( or Wilna. This corps is to form the resen e. PRICES on STOCKS THIS DAY. Three pet Cent. Consols, 59}— Naw 5 . per Cent. An. 9PJ — India Bonds, 7 8( 1. — Exchequer Bills, 9d pir — Omnium -'- i NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBEU W. —>#<•— MARRIED. On Saturday se'nnighr, at Creat- Barford, Berl ford .' ill ire, Mr. R. N. Gumming, surgeon, ofChelsea, to " Miss Smyth, daughter of the late Dr. Robert Smyth. Saturday last, Dr, Mayo, of Albany, ro Frances-! avinia, youngest daughter of tne late W. Fellowes, of Ramsc- y- Abhey, Hunts. Monday lant, Mr. Thomas Ponron, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr, T. Roe, farmer aud grazier, borb of < ( Id. Tuesday last, Mr. Marston, grazier, of Enderhy, to Mis? M. Clifton, only daughter of Mr. Clifton, apothecary, of Leicester. Thursday last, Mr. Yfm. Edmunds, of Plumpton, 5> Miss Aris, of Lrf/ s- Weedon, in this county. A few days ago, at Cosgrove, ill this county, by the Rev. H. L. Mansel, Mr. T'ho. Pittatn, farmer and graz[ er, near Ptirv, to Miss E. Pittam, of the former p. lace. Lately, at Campton, Bedfordshire, Lieutenant Turner, R. N. to Miss Walker, daughter of the late liev. Charles Walker, rector of Cosgrove, in this county. DIED.] On Monday last, Mr. T. M. Willday, an eminent hat manufacturer and banker, of Atherstone. Lately, at Kettering, Mr. Adams, draper, & c. he wu? universally respected by all who knew him, and in hiin ths poor have lost a good friend. —— On Tuesday last, upwards of 230 of the principal inhabitants of this town dined together at the Georgri Inn, by invitation of Earl Conipton, one of the represent tatives in Parliament of this borough. His Lordship pre- sided on the occasion; and from whose urbanity and socia deportment giving the highest zest to the elegant enter- tainment provided, the day was passed with peculiar harmony and conviviality. Several very happy and appro* priate toasts were given from the chair; and a number of loyal and constitutional songs were sung by different: gentlemen. The company did not separate till a late hour. The approaching Grand Musical Festival at Kettering, on Thursday and Friday the lst and 2d October ( see adver- tisement ill this page) it is thought will be equal to any one of the kind that has taken place th's season.— In the chancel of the Church, which is considered by musical amateurs to be the best adapted m the countv for the*, occasion, is erecting, for the accouinio lat; in of the nobility and gentry, a commodious gallerv, while other parts are un- dergoing necessary arrangements for the public at large ; and from the great respectability and talents of the eminent performers, vocal and instrumental, already engaged, and this very handsome patronage obtained on the occasion, litilj doubt can be entertained of a very large assemblage taking place. Last night Mr, Llovd delivered his opening lecture at our Theatre to a very respectable audience, who appeared highly delighted with the intellectual information and moral tendency of the treat. The two following lectures,, whicif of course will be still more important, cannot fail ol exciting a general interest in the minds of those who'take delight in contemplating the works of the Creator ; as the various phsenoinena of those selected are familiarly illus- trated by the aid of his Grand Transparent Orrery, and combined with the dulcet, notes of the Celestma, produce an effect the most pleasing and sublime.— See Advertisement. At Leicester Races 011 Wednesday, the Belvoir Stakes was won by Mr. Dyott's br. f. Betsy ; the Gold Cup of lOOg- i. by Colonel Williams's br. c. ; and the Nobleinfn and Gentle- men's Purse of o£ 70 by General Grosvenor's ch. f. Defiance^ — Ou Thursday the Quorndan Stakes was won by Mr. Dyott's b. m. Fanny ; the Subscription Purse of 10,; s. each", by Mr. Astley's Elve ; and the Burgess's purse of <£ T0 by Mr, Astley's Magic. The peck loaf at B; tth and Oxford has, within the last few days, been reduced 4d, in price; and from the abundance of the crops a further reduction was expected. In Loughborough market, on Thursday se'nnight, wheat averaged about sixteen or seventeen shillings a quarter less than on the preceding market day. Harvest and Plenty.— The prudence and foresight of the cultivators of the ground, in sawing plentifully at seed- time; a succession of fruitful showers, and the genial beams of the sun; the favourable weather 111 the appointed weeks of harvest— all, all have conspired, by the Llcs.-.: iig of Providence, to ' fill our barns and store- houses with food for man and beast. From all the provincial Newspapers, we have the heart- cheering information of abundant crops, and in most places of their being well housed. The mar- kets are every where falling, and the most confident expectations are formed of further reduction. But a fey days ago, the Winchester bushel of wheat sold in otirmarke for upwards of a guinea; on Saturday last, the sami measure was at an average of thirteen shillings and sixpence A few weeks ago, potatoes were as high as eight shillings a measure; the average price ill our market on Saturday was not more than two shillings and sixpence! Truly this is gratifying news, which while it administers joy and gladness to the - poor, should excite in their hearts the tribute of praise to the God of the seasons.— Chester Pi. per. On Thursday se'nnight, an inquisition was taken at the parish of Long- Grendon in the county of Buckingham, before James Burnhdm, gent, oiie of liis Majesty's coroners for the said county, on vie. v of the boiiy of Elizabeth Hammond, a poor woman if that place, ivho v as fuu- ml dead in her bed.— Juror's verdict accordingly.— And on Saturday last, another inquisition was taken before the same coroner, at Winslow, on view of the body of Samuel Pirkins, a pauper in the workhouse of the said parish, who was found dead in his bed.— Verdict accordingly. On Friday se'nnight, an inquisition was taken at North- Crawley, in the county of Buckingham, before R. A. Redd% ll coroner of the honour of Ampthill, upon view of the body of William Clare, a child between four and five years pf age, who on the Wednesday preceding fell into a brook and. was drowned. Verdict — Accidentaldeath. On Monday lastj was committed to the county gaol, by Wm. Robinson, clerk, James Cooper, charged with stealing a bushel and a half of wheat, two iron bars and a sack, tha property of Joseph Bland, of Grafton.— Also, 011 the s; an » e and following day, to the above gaol, by Edw.'" GH'. iiii, Clerk, Wm. Elliott and H'm. Barrand, charged with breaking open the shop of John Cox, of Stoke- Albany, and stealing therefrom a quantity of shoe- leather, his property. To CORRESPONDENTS. LAICUS'S third Letter, notwithstanding tile order for PAYMENT — the long Epistle of LAICUS IN HOPE, from whose wactof charity we have no faith in his significant suggestions— the very lengthened and whining rhapsodies of THE POOR. PILGRIM, so profusely embellished with personalities and the colouring of the slougli— and several other profound lucubrations, all on the same subject and similarly bespat litre.'!, we most respectfully beg io decline inserting, a> tile, would occupy nearly one half of our paper, and we are persuaded exhaust the patience of our most indulgent renders. Advertisements and other Communications, unavoid- ably omitted this week, shall appear in our next. Prices of Grain at Mark- Lane on Frutai as Mondav last. nearly tlie same Northampton —• Friday. Beans 78 Od to 84s. Od. NewBeans •— s. 0d. to— s, Od. Peas . . ..— s. Od. to — s. tki. Wheat 120s. Od. tolS2s. Od. Rye 84s. Od. to —. Od. Barley... — s. Od. to — s. Od Oats ..., 57s. Od. to— s. Od. By the Standard Measure. Market- Harljorough—' Tuesday lust. Wheat .. — s. Od. to 130s. Od. I Old Beans— s. Od. to — s. 0', Barlev — s. Od. to— s. Od. Oats — s. Od. to — s. Od. New Beans— s. Od, to— s. Od. | NewDitto — s. Od. to— s. Od. By the Customary Measure. Leighton- Buzzara—' Tuesday last. Per Load of five Bushels. Wheat .. 70s. Od. to 95s. Od. | Beans. .50s. Od. to 55s. Od. Rye 40s. Od. to 46s Od. | Hogt'eas— s. Od. to — s. Od. Per Quarter. Barley..— s. Od. to — s. Od. | Oats -- 56s. Od. to 63s. 0 Prices ot Grain at Kanburi , la 1 LIST of FAIRS from Sept. 21, to Oct. 3, 1 it un the. Circuit tfl^ h Paper. Winsloio. Aylesbury, Burford, Rockingham, Stratford- on- Avon, Woburn, and Wcst- lladdon. Chesham, and llugby. Buckingham, Daventry ( two inyf) Nottingham, and Peterborough. 3. Wanduver. M. Sept. 21. T'u 22. F. — 25. M. 28. Tu 29. W — 30. F. Oct. 2. ^ } 4 ^ • — _ _ * n, e Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Hiintirigdori, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE GAME - DUTY. A < ICT in - 1„ haWlcal Order, of the CERTIFICATES that have been issued to Persons ( not acting as Gamekeepers) At'Tf, T' Z!„ f VORTIIAMPTON, under the Act of Parliament of the 48th of his present Majesty Kins; George L Th^ r^ itled " An Act for repealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes, and granting new Dalies in lieu thereof, and tl, 2 ji ill t D,, ti es to be consolidated therewith ; and also for repealing the Stamp Duties on Game Cer. tfica. es, and rrant irtg m* w Duties in lieu thereof, to be placed unde'r the Management of the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes between teltay If July and the 16th of September, 1812, both Days inclusive flames, Residence, and Description of the Person1'. Allhorp Visrnunt, Rrirtgtnn Adams William, Towcester, Gent. Atterburv John, Northampton Abbey Robert, Ditto, Gent. Andrew Robert, Harleston, Esq. Aspinal John, Moulton Allington Rev. Wm. Twywell, Clerk Arnold John, Brixworth, Gent, Ayres Winkles, Greensnorton Blencowe Robt. Willis, Dallinstnn, Esq. Blencni'e Robt. Willis, jun. Ditto, Esq. Britten John, Jim. Pitsford Bayley Arden, Courteenhall, Esq. Bouverie Edward, Hardimrstnn, Esq. Barber William, Jnn. Moulton Benton Jnhn, Northampton, Esq. Butcher Edward Robert, Ditto. Esq. Blencowe Rev. Thomas, Marston- St- Lawrence, Clerk. Blencowe John Jackson, Cul worth, Esq. Barrett Thomas, Farthinghoe Beftnclerk Hon. and Rev. Henry, Whit- tlebury. Brooke Arthur Brooke De Capel, Great- Oakley, Esq, Bnswell Edward, Sen. Clipstone Buswell Edward, Jan. Ditto Buller William. Maidwell, F. sq. JJosworlh Charles, Brampton, Esq. I'oulton Rev. Henry, Coltingham, Clerk Baker Thomas, 1 slip Barnard Lord Viscount, Sulbv Bellamy William, Great- Weidon Brown John, Jun. Loddington Bollard Wm. Newton- Bromshold, Gent. Burton Leonard, Ringstead, Esq. Baldwin John, Farthinghoe Bromley Thomas, Byfleld Burt William, Greensnorton Buckle Samuel, Pcterbnrough, Gent. Bull John, Ditto Beaver Hosea, Walton, Esq. Bellairs William, Etton Bateman Rev. George, Easton, Clerk Brown Thomas, Ourlle Brown John, Barnwell- All- Saints, Gent. Bliss Thomas, Stow, Grazier Botfield Beriah, Norton- Hall. Esq. Brooks William, Norton, Grazier Bliss James, Ditto, Ditto Bliss John, Ditto* Ditto Barnett Thomas, Staverton, Gent. Cooke John, Paltishall, Yeoman Conke Thomas, Easton- Neston, Yeoman Chinner Charles, Chacombe Cooke Thomas, Whittlebury * Jart* right Wm. Ralph, Aynho, Esq. Capell John, Flnote Crawley Rev. J. L. Nether- Heyford, Clerk Cooke John, Hothnrpe, Esq. Clarke John, Sen. East- Haddon Chapman Thomas, Sprattou Clark William, Brixwnrth. Gent. Clark Thomas, Broughton, Gent. Chinner John, Chacombe Cleaver William, Greensnorton Campion Joli*, Oundle Chapman Joseph, Cotterstock Cdiew Josiah, Sutton Cole John James, Peterbnrough Clarke William, Helpstone Clarke John, Ditto Clarke J. P. Welton- Place, Esq. Canning Hubert, Hellidon, Gent. T) rage William, Moulton, Esq. Dore John, Sudborough, Esq. I) e Rippe Abraham, Wakerly Bent John, Milton Davy George, Exeter, Devon, Gent. Dickins Stephen, Holcott, Gent. Drage Benjamin, Scaldwell, Gent. Ilunkley William, Staverton, Grazier Dainty James, Welford, Ditto Denny Wro. Rd. Long- Buckby, Gent. Earl Robert, Dallington Eaton Stephen, Deene Eastwick Rev. John, Weekley, Clerk Edmonds Robert, Ditto Errington Thomas, Wold Edwards William, Blakesley Eyles Thomns, Polebrooke, Gent. Edmonds Sam. West- Haddou, Grazier Ellintt John, Towceiter, Gent. Flesher Rev. John Thos. Tiflield, Clerk Farmer Robert, Brorkhall Freeman John, Whilton Freeman John Harris, Helmdon Fawcett Rev. Thos. Ayitho, Clerk Fitzroy the Honourable General Charles, Whittlebury Farrer Rev. Richard, Ashley, Clerk. Freeman William, Whilton Fletcher Thomas, Rushden, Esq. Fletcher John, Ditto, Esq, Fairbrother William, Byfield Fonereau Rev. Claudius, Clapton, Clk. Gunning George, Horton, Esq. Gurden Fanner, Tnwcester, Gent. Gibbins John, Adstone Gladwell Henry, Lowick Garralt Richard, Thorpe- Malsor Griffin Rev. Edward, Dinglcy, Clerk Greene John, Kettering Gotch Jnhn Cooper, Ditto, Esq. Goodhall J. N. Wellingborough, Esq. George Thomas, Farthinghoe Gates" Philip, Peterborough, Tanner Gates W. . Tun. Peterborough, Attorney Gulliver Wm. West- Haddon, Gent. Gulliver John, Ditto, Gent. Gee George, Jun. Elkington, Grazier Gee John, Ditto. Ditto George Joseph, Gayton, Yeomnn Hnrnsby Rev. Titos. Ravensthorpe, Clk. Hayes Jnhn, Hardingston Harris Wm. Wootton, Esq. Hall John, Northampton Hillvard Clark, Ditto, Esq. Humfrey Rev. Nathaniel, Thorpe- Man- deville, Clerk Haddon John, Newhottle Hirons Richard the Younger, Chacombe Hanbttry Rev. Geo. Kelmarsh, Clerk Herbert George, Jun. Sihbertoft Hunt Rev. Samuel, Wakerlv, Clerk Hanbury Wm. Kelmarsh, Esq. Harrison Rev. II. B. Bugbronk, Clerk Hensman Henry, Pytchlev, Gent. Hill Charles, Wellingborough, Esq. * Humfrey Ptolemy, Thorpe- Mandevllle Healey Ceorge, Peterborough, Esq. Hudson Timothy, DiMo, Publican llensnn C. Bainton, Esq. Hopkinson Wm. Sutton, Esq. Hewilt Richard, Sen. Dndford, Graz'rer Hewitt Richard, Jun. Dittn, Ditto Hall Samuel, Stavertnn, Ditto Harrison S. W. Drayton- Grange, Esq. Hill Thomas, Tiffield, Gent. Jeffs William, Marston- St- I. awrence fves Cornelius, Rradwin, Esq. Ives Cornelius, Jun. Bradwin, Gent. Jilks John, Milton, Dog Breaker Isted Samuel, Ecton, Esq. Jones George, Wilby, Farmer Ishnm Rev. C. E. Polebrooke, Clerk Johnson Job, Dogsthorpe, Gent. Jena way Joseph, Lilbourn, Grazier Jackson George, West- Haddon, Gent. Kightley John, Northampton Keep Joseph, Brotighton, Farmer Ring William, Waltnn. Esq. Knibb Adam, Barnwell- St- Andrew Knichtlev Rev. Henry. Norton, Clerk Kilsby Robert, West- Haddon, Gent. Lowndes Rev. J. Farthinghoe, Clerk Leigh Jnhn. Avnho Lockton Rev. T. Chureli- Brampton, Clerk. Langton Richard Henry, Teeton Linnetl Thomas, Northampton Lovell Isaac, Sen. Paulerspttry, Gent. Lovell Isaac, Jun. Ditto, Gent. Lem Joseph, Pattishall, Gent. Lovell John, Towcester, Gent. Levett Rev. Edw. Deene, Clerk Lilford Right Hon. Lord, Lilferd Lambert John, Juu. Middleton Longslaff George, Piddington Lane Thomas, Irchester, Esq. Langley William, Scaldwell, Gent. Leonard Rev. Wm. Croughton, Clerk Lynn Francis George, Southwick, Esq. Law Farmery, Cliff- Regis Law Thomas. Ditto Linton Rev. R. Fotheringhay, Clerk Leeds Edward, Eye Lloyd Rev. John, Barnack, Clerk Lovell Thomas, Winwick, Grazier Lovell William, Ditto, Ditto Lovell Isaac, Ditto, Dittn Lovell William, Cold- Ashhy, Grazier Lovell Thomas, Ditto, Ditto Mansel J. C. Cosgrove, Esq. Mansel Rer. H. L. Ditto, Clerk M'Korkell Jnhn, Nnrthampton Milles Henrv, Clipstone Maunsell T. P. Thorpe- Malsor, Esq. Maxey Richard, Grendon, Gent. Maxey Charles, Diltn, Ditto Miller Bartlett, Chapel- Brampton Manning John, Harpole, Gent. Montgomery Rev. F. Milton, Clerk Malim Rev. G. W. Higharn- Ferrers, Clk. Manning John, Rushden, Gent. Markham Jnhn, Walgrave, Gent. Mills Rev. T. Peterborough, Clerk Millwood James, Ditto, Yeoman Mason Samuel, Ditto, Gent. Miller Daniel, Eye Males John, Nassinglon, Gent. Marlow Edward, Brauns'. on, Yeoman Manning W. 1). Little- Houghton, Gent. Northampton the Marquis of, Castlc- Ashby Netliercoat John, Haslebeech, Esq. Orton Thomas, Welford, Surgeon Parley John, St. Mary Magdalen, Lon- don, Gent. Partington Rev. H. Little- Billing, Clerk Potterton John, Boughton Preston, J. I). Arcy, Pitsford Pearsou Martin, Sprattnn Perring Rev. B. Courteenhall, Clerk Poinfret the Right iion. the Earl of, Easton- Nestnn Payne William, Gayton, Yeoman Powys Hon. & Rev. Fred. Aldwinckle Parsons Henry, Little- Weldon Parsons James, Brixworth, Gent. Pell Samuel, Mear's- Ashby, Gent. Pulver Samuel, Brotighton, Gent, Pulver Benjamin, Ditto, Gent. Pulver John, Ditto, Gent. Parkinson John Law, Duddington Pank George, Peterborough, Yeoman Payn John, Fawsley, Gent, Published by Order of his Majesty's Pell gamtiel, Catesbv, Grazier Quartley Rev. Hen. Wicken, Clerk Quartley Rev. Hen. Reade, Dittn. Clk. Robinson Rev. W. V. Grafton- Under- wood, Clerk Rokeby Rev. L. Arthingworth, Clerk Rolf Samuel, Harnole Uulledge I). W. Peterborough, Esq. Rose Nathaniel, Jun. Ditto, Shoemaker Robinson James, Thrapston Rowell. Edw. Sen. Warmington, Gent. Richardson J. L. Benefield Roberts Rev. R. Stoke Doyle, Clerk Richardson John, Cliff- Regis Rushin Thomas, Cold- Ashbv, Grazier Spencer Right Hon. Earl, Brington Scriven Richard, Nnrthamptnn, Gent. Shaw John. Ditto Smvth Christopher, Ditto, Esq. Smyth Wm. T. Ditto, Esq. Smith John. Aston- le- Walls Schnley Godfrey, Canon's- Ashhy, F. sq. Sawhridge Hen. B. Easl- IIaddon, Esq. Samwell T. S. W. Upton. Esq. Scriven Thomas. Castle- Ashbv, Esq Stratford F. P. Thorpe- Ltibenham, Esq. Sanderson Itey. Tho. Little- Addington, Clerk Stopford Hon. and Rev. R. B. Barton- Seagrave Stanley Wm. Hen. Cottingham, Gent. Slater John, Jun. Haslebeech Sihley William, Harrington Scriven Richard, Harpnle Simons William, Kislinghtiry Sanderson Thomas, Grendon Sharman Samuel, Wellingborough, Esq. Sharman Samnel, Hardwick, Gent. Slater Rev. Thomas, Wilby, Clerk Stnckdale Rev. Wm, Walgrave, Clerk Strickland Walter. Brixworth, Esq. Stalev Thnmas, Warkwnrth Smith Thomas. Thrapston Smith John, Oundle Smith Thomas, Ditto Saunt Lewis, Jun. Benelielil Selby Michael, Barnwell- St.- Andrew Southwell Daniel, Clapton, Gent. Serecold Rey. J. J. Peterborough, Clk Swift William. Eye, Farmer Salsbury Amli. Guilsborongh, Grazier Smith Theophilus, Weedon- Beck, Gent Smith Thomas, Ditto, Ditto Smith John, " itto. Ditto Savage Lieut. 14th Regt. of Ft. Weedon Barracks Sheppard R. F„ Stoke- Bruerne, Gent. Tew Richard, Byfield Taylor Thomas, Thorpe- Mandeville Tyley Rev. J. Great- Addingtnn, Clerk Trvon Thomas, Bulwick, Esq. Tryon Rev. J. T. Dittn, Clerk Thursby Jnhn Harvey, Abington, Esq. Tresham Chapman John, Wold. Gent. Theed Rev. Edw. Thrapston, Clerk Upston William, Culwor. h Vowe Hungerford, Islip, Esq. Vane Rev. R. M. Sudborough, Clerk Vincent James, Daventry, Victualler Westmoreland Earl of, Apethorpe Watkin Rev. Edw. Northampton, Clerk Watts Rev. John, Ditto. Clerk Wills George, Boddington Wilson Samuel, Moreton- Pinkney Wvkham F. Farthinghoe- Lodge, Esq. Whitton John, Greensnorton Wilsnn Daniel, Moreton- Pinkney Weston Robert, Stnchbury Willes Rev. W. S. Astrop, Clerk Wise Win Yardlv- Gobion, Yeoman Wright Thomas Manning, Holdenby Watts John, Jun. Kislingbury Wright Rev. John. Great- Billing, Clerk Williams Rev. R. Great- Houghton, Clk. Wade Thomas, Clipstone, Esq. Ward Matthew, Ditto Wright Win. Jun. Irthlingborough Warinaby Rev. T. Stoke- Albany. Clk. Whitlark George, Loddington Wallis John, Jun. Irthlingborough Webster Rev. G. E. Deene, Clerk Webster Daniel, Ditto Webster John, Ditto Wake Sir Wm. Courteenhall, Bart. Williamson Jas. Wellingborough. Gent Wood Thomas, Brixworth, Gent. Wood William, Ditto, Gent. Wise William, Middleton- Cheney Wise John, Dittn Wise Richard, Ditto Whitton William, Sulgrave Weston John, Brackley, Esq. While Rev. S. Maidford, Clerk Walcot William, Oundle, Esq. White William, Thrapston Warner Charles, Eye Wright Robert, Upton, Farmer Wardle John Metcalfe, Daventry, Esq. Wakefield Richard, Fawsley, Gent. Whitmell Samuel, Charwelton, Gent. Wakefield John, Jun. Farthingstone, Grazier « Ward John, Guilsboroush, Esq. Ward Rev. R. Lamb, Ditto, Clerk Wadsworth J. Luug- Buckby, Grazier Waters John, Towcester, Gent. Young Rev. Dr. Braybrooke Yorke William, Brigstock Young Allen Edw. Orlingburv, Esq. Yorke John, Thrapston Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. Latham Thomas, Beaconsfield, Esq. Langton Joseph, Cifipenham, Esq. Langton William, Dilto, Esq. Linzee Rev. Edw. Penn- House, Clerk Lodgwick Mr. Langley, Gent. Longland W. D. Stoke, Esq. Lucas Samuel, Upton, Gent. Lasenby Henry, Chateridge, Gent. Law William, Gaivcutt Long Rev. P. Shabbington, Clerk Lunnon Thomas, Hedsor Lunnon William, Ditto Monsieur His Royal Highness, Hartwell Mason Edmund, sen. Cipnenham, Esq. Mason Edmund, juri. Ditto, Esq. Moreton John, Denham, Gent. Mountrey Jephson Richard, Eton, Esq. Mason Kender, Beel- House, Esq. Monk Charles, Aylesbury Morecraft John, Haddenham Marshall Rev. Charles, Caversfield, Clk. Moreland Thomas Tyringham Bernard, Lower- Winchendon, Esq. Mason John. Marsh. Gibbon Nicholls William, Aylesbury Newman John, Wendover Newhv Rev. Joshua, Haddenham, Clerk Nicholls VV. T. Chalfon,- St. Giles, Esq. Newmin John, Iver, Gent. Nash William, Langley, Gent. Nugent Christopher, Beaconsfield, Esq. Newman George, Radclive Piercey William, East- Burnham, Gent. Parker Peter, Chalfont- St.- Giles, Gent. Paddon Benjamin, Ditto, Gent. Pomeroy H. W. Chalfonr- St.- Peters, Esq. Puddiphant Thomas, Denham, Gent. Pocock John, Upton, Gent. Piper Richard, Ditto, Gent. Plaistowe Thomas, Chesham, Gent. Potter James, Botley, Gent. Paulett John, Addington Perkins Rev. William, Twyford, Clerk Partott John, Btill Pigott William, Dodder'shall, Esq. Peedey Anthony, Slsahbington Page John, Upper- Winchendon Prestage J. Chipping- Wycombe Borough Price James, jun. Ditto Powys Rev. Thomas, Fawley, Clerk Quarme Robert, Boveney, Esq. Quelch William, Stoke, Gent. Roper William, Btrrnham, Esq. Rowles Edmund, Boveney, Gent. Robinson James, Farnham- Royal, Gent. Robinson Richard, Ditto, Gent. Reeves Thomas, Weston- Turville Richardson Robert. Gawcott Ridgway Thomas, Tiiornborough. Risley Rev. John, Tingetvick, Clerk Reynolds John, Long- Crendon Rose William, Quarrendon Roberts Lieutenant- General, Bradenham Senior James, Aylesbury, Esq. Stone John, Ditto Smith John, Princes- Risborough, Esq. Smith Edward, jun. Ditto Stace John D. Wendover Smith James, Princes- Risborough Stevens James, Bledlow Sloper John, Beaconsfield Stvle John, Datchet, Gent. Salter Christopher, Stoke, Esq. Sprigg Henry, Wexham, Gent. Style Robert, Wvrardisbury, Gent. StathamJohn, Amersham, Gent. Suttherv George, Chesham, Gent. Simonds John, Ditto, Gent. Suttherv John, Hundridee, Gent. Street J. W. Chesham- Waterside. Esq. Sumner Lieut. Chipping - Wycombe Borough Steevens T. Chipping- Wycombe Parish Spicer Stephen, Ditto Stone John, Radnage Spicer Freeman Gage, Wooburn Sheppatd Thomas Cotton, Thornton Sheldon John, Marsh- Gibbon Stone John, Long- Crendon Stringer Richard, Ditto, Esq. Smith Thomas, Oakley Temple Right Hon. Earl, Woottod- Un- derwood Thompson Richd. Famham- Roval, Gent. Thurlow William, Burnham, Gent. Turvey John, jun. Aylesbury Thorp George, Ditto Taylor Thomas, Great- Marlow Parish Turner William, Brill, Esq. Turner Rev. Thomas A'Beckett, Wootton- Underwood, Clerk Unwin William, Chalfont- St.- Giles Vernev Rev. Rt. Middle. Claydon, Clerk Watson Burton, Beaconsfield Williamson Thos. Farnham Royal, Gent. Way Benjamin, Denham, Esq. Wicks William, Iver, Gent. Woolley Thomas, Stoke, Gent. Weller Edward, Amersham, Gent. Weller John, Ditto, Gent. Woodman William, Aylesbury Wright John, Bledlow Wells Joseph, Ellesborough Wells James, Haddenham Wells Rev Joseph, D. D. Halton Weedon William, Wendover Wilson Richard, Aston- Clinton Wjrr Edward, Hillesden Winter William, Long- Crendon Wallinrton Thomas, Ludgershall White Capt. Thos. Chipping- Wycombe Parish Wilkins Samuel, Ditto Wethered George, Little- Marlow Wi'hers Thomas, Radnage Widmer Richard, Hughenden Wethered Charles, Great- Marlow Town Webb Richard, Great- Marlow Parish Stone Capt. f'bas Great- Marlow Town Published by Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. BEDFORDSHIRE GAME - DUTY. ' A LTST, in alphabetical Order, of the CERTIFICATES that have been issued to Persons ( not acting as Gamekeepers) in the County of BEDFORD, under the Act of Parliament of the 48th of his present Majesty King George the Third, intitled, " An Act for repealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes, and granting new Duties in lieu thereof, and certain additional Duties to be consolidated therewith ; and also for repealing the Stamp Duties on Game Certificates, and granting new Duties in lieu thereof, to be placed under the Management nf the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes ;" between the 1st Day of Julv and the 16th nf September, 1812, both Days inclusive. Names, Residence, and Description of the Persons. Alderman Robert, Farndish, Gent. Addington Thomas, Goldington Antonie Wm. Lee, Sharnboook, Esq. Aspinwall Rev. Wm. Stagsden, Clerk Brown William Tilbrook Bull Henry, Wilden Battams Thomas, Turvey Battams George, Ditto Britlain John, Chillingtort Best Barber, Goldington Bedford John, Bedford Budd John Francis, Ditto Clare John, Wilden Davy C. W. Bedford, Esq. Dennis Richard, Sharnbrook, Esq. Dyson James, Wilden, Esq. Emery Wm. Goldington Franklin R. Great- Barford, Esq, Grant John, Bedford, Esq. Green Francis, Ditto, Esq. Gadsby Rev. Thos. Ditto, Clerk Graham Lieut. Lewis, Ditto Garston Robert, Harrold, Esq. Golding'Miller, Biddenham, Gent. Gibbard John, Sharnbrook, Esq. Goodhall Daniel, Ditto, Esq. Cell John, Ditto Hart John, Wilden Higgins John, Jun. Tufvey, Esq. Johnson Gndschill, Bedford, Esq. Kidman Thomas, Bedford, Esq. Lavender Charles, Biddenham Metcalfe C. J. Roxton, Esq. Mesham Rev. R. Bromham, Clerk Neal Robert, Harrold Palmer Charles Fish, Bedlord, Esq. Parker William, Ditto Pedlev William, Great- Barfotd Poil Richard, Turvey Pain Thomas, Felmersham Polhill Thomas, Renbold, Esq. Palmer Geo. Goldington Published by Order of his Majesty': Palmer John, Ditto Poyntz Rev. N. Odell, Clerk Read George, Renhold Sharp Robert, Bedford Smith John, Ditto Smith John, Ditto Sismey John, Pertenhall Skevington Samuel, Turvey Skevington William, Ditto Scarbrow C. T. Goldington, Esq. Thomas Lieutenant James, Bedford Tebbs Jonathan, Pertenhall Tavistock the Marquis of, Oakley Trevor the Right Hon. John, Bromham Wilson Thomas N. Bedford, Esq. Willis Joseph, Ditto, Esq. Watts Rev. Edmund, Bolnhurst, Clerk Wilkinson James, Roxton Wills Thomas, Ditto Wagstaff" Richard, Puddington, Gent Wills William, Colmworth Ward Rev. T. Watson, Sharnbrook, Clerk Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. NOTICE is hereby given, Thai Appjio- itun : intended to be made to Parliament in the nevt Sessi n for Leave to bring in a Bill or Bills fur the Purpn- e » t makingand malutaininga Navigable Cut or Canal with proper Aqueducts, Tunnels, Feeders, Reservoirs, Basins, Qaavs. Wharfs, Slaiths, Warehouses, and other Works, from a certain navigable Cut or Canal called the Grand Junctim, Canal, at the Parish of Simpson, in the County nf Bucking- ham, into the River Ouze at the Parish nf Saint Mary in the Town of Bedford, in the County of Bedford, which Cut or Canal and other Works are intended to be made , and carried, and to pass into and through Ihe several Parishes. Townships, Hamlets, or Places of Simpson, Woughton- on the- Green, Walton, Milton- Keynes, and Wavendon, in th. County of Buckingham j and Salford, Aspley- Guise, HolcoP Iliisborne- Crawley, Ridgmoilt, Lidlington, Marstou- Moretaine Wootton, Kempston, Elstow, and Saint Mary, in the Town of Bedford, in the County of Bedford; and also for/ 1 making, completing, aud maintaining Reservoirs, Aqueducts, and Feeders to supply the said intended Canal with Water, 1 which Reservoirs, Aqueducts, and Feeders, will lie within' the several Parishes, Townships, Hamlets, or Places of Soulbury, Stoke - Hammond, Bletchley, Water - Eaton Fenny- Stratford, Newtou - Longiteville, Broughton, anil Moulsoe, in the County of Buckingham; and Craafield Salford, and Hnlcott, in the County of Berlfnrd. THEKO PEARSE, Solicitor., > UTILITY AND ELEGANCE COMBINED. Under the Illustrious Patronage of their Royal Itighnesses Ihe Princess of WALES and Duke of SvssE. T, the Spanish Ambassador, and most of the Nobility, MACASSAR OIL FOR the HAIR. This on is PMUDIT recommended on the Basis ot Truth and Experience, and the most respectable Testimonials— its Virtues are composed ot vegetable Ingredients from a Tree in the Island of Macassar • the East- Indies. It possesses Properties of the most salub: Nature for restoring the Hair when it has been bald for Ye. preserves it from tailing ofFor turning Grey, to the latest Per ot Life ; pioduceson the Tresses a most beautiful Gloss, Scet and Curl; alsq is pre- eminent for Children's Hair, instead Soaps, & c. ; it cleanses the Hair much easier, is extrem pleasant to the Infant, and brings the Hair to a beautiful St promotes the Growth ot Whiskers and Eye- Brows;— t. renders the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, pressibly attracting. " View Rowland's Treatise on the Improvement of the Hu a Ha r, illustrative oftlie Virtues of the Macassar Oil, with Number of Testimonials ( highly worthy the Attention of Parents included with each Bottle in the Wrapper, which is signed oi. the Outside, A. Rowland and Son, in red Ink, without whiit none are genuine. Sold at 8s. 6d. 10s. 6d. and One Guinea pA Bottle, by the Proprietors, Rowland & Son, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden; and by their Appointment, by all Wholesale and Retail Perfumers and Medicine Venders in London; and by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Perfumer, Nortn. ampton; and T. Ward, Daventry, who have just received a fresh Supply; and by all Perfumers, Hair- Cutters, and Medi- cine Venders in every Town throughout the Empire.— Beware ot Counterfeits; the Genuine is signed A. Rowland & Son.—( I whom may be had, patronized by her Royal Highness t Duchess of York, and his Excellency the Duke Del in fan tad. and by thefirst Physicians in theWorld, ALSANA EXTRAC1 or the ABYSS1N1N1AN BOTANICAL SPECIFIC, fa eradicating all Disorders of the TEETH and G U MS, and renl dtring thetn extremely beautiful. Sold at 10s. 6d. and 4s. bd. per Bottle, or in Powder, at 2s. Sd, per Box. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE GAME - DUTY. A LIST, in alphabetical Order, of the CECTIFICATES that have been issued to Persons ( not acting as Gamekeepers) in the County of BUCKINGHAM, under the Act of Parliament of the 48ih of his present Majesty King George the Third, intitled, " An Act for repealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes, and granting new Duties in lieu thereof, and certain additinnal Duties to be consolidated therewith ; and also fur repealing the Stamp Duties on Game Certificates, and granting new Duties in lieu thereof, to be placed under the Management of the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes;" between the Ist Day of July aud the 16th of September, 1812, both Days inclusive. Names, Residence, and Description of the Perseus. Angouleme hisRoyalllighness the DucD. Hartwell . Ayton John, Great- Missenden, Esq. Aldridge Jnhn, Ellesborough Anthony John, Chalfont- St.- Giles, Cent. Acton Samuel, Iver, Esq. Atkins John, llpton, Gent Abbey Edward, Ditto, Gent Andrews John, Ditto, Gent Ashe Rev. Edward, Marsh- Gibbon, Clerk Arnatt George, Tingewick Aubrey Sir John, Dorton, Bart. Brown Michael, Chipping- Wycomb Bennell John, Radnage Barnes Samuel, Great- Marlow Town Blincoe John, Wooburn Briggs Rev. Jon. Tiiornborough, Clerk Iirown William, Steeple- Claydon Box Philip, Buckingham Bennett Rev. Wm. Maids Morton, Clerk Box Thomas, Buckingham Kainbridge John, Ditto Barratt Thos. Brickwell, I. eckhamstead Hayes Rev. Adam, Adstock, Clerk Bnrley John. Water- Stratford Burgess James, Bourton Burley William, Water- Stratford Buckle John, Aston- Sandford Berry Mr. Walton Badrick John, Bierton with Broughton Berry his Royal Highness the Duke D. Hartwcll Bull Rev. Israel, Aylesbury, Clerk Brooks John, Bledfow Bailey William, East- Burnham, Gent Boncey Richard, Ditto, Gent • 8oncey William, Ditto, Gent Brown Edmund, Cippenham, Gent Ileal by W. G, Chalfont- St.. Peters, Gent Baylis John, Ditto Bovingdon Thomas B. Penn, Gent Buckland Thomas, Langley, Esq. Blagrove John, Wyrardisbury, Esq, Buckland Virgo, Ditto, Gent Boddv Samuel, Woodside, Gent Ball John, Botley, Gent Charsley John, Beaconsfield, Gent. CrowderWm. Chalfont- St.- Giles', Esq. Charslev Timothy, Ditto, Gent Cirter James, Farnham- Royal, Gent Clarke William, Penn, Gent Clarke Charles, Ditto, Gent « » s Thomas,. Daulwt, Cc » t Clayton William, Eton Cain Isaac, Langley, Gent Clarke Ambrose, Stoke, Gent Cooper James, Initio, Gent Cordery John, Wexham, Gent Christmas William, Flendridge, Gent Cox Caleb, Jun. Great- Missenden Collett Henry Stratfold, Wendover Collett William Stratfold, Ditto Chandler Samuel, Stone with Bishopstone Caswell John, Brill Crook John, l. ong- Crendon Cozens John, Ditto Chaplin Acton, Pitchcott Cannon Thomas, Long- Crendon Crafts John, Jun, Chipping- Wyconibe Borough Cozines John, Sen. Little- Marlow ClaytonSirW. Grcat- MarlowParish, Bart. Clayton George, Ditto, Esq. Clark William, Barton- Hsrtshorne Drake Thos. Tyrwhitt, Shardelois, Esq. Drake Charles Tyrwhitt, Ditto, Esq. Drake John Tyrwhitt, Ditto, Esq. Drake George Tyrwhitt, Ditto, Esq. Dawes Tlnmas, Wexham, Esq. Dell Thomas, Jun. Aylesbury Darvill Richard, Princes- Risborough D.' trvill John, Bledlow Dayrell Richd. Lillingstone- Dayrell, Esq. Dover Michael, Bourton Dover John, Aston- Sandford Deane James, Great- Marlow Parish Eaeleton John, Dorton Fitzgerald Captain, Chipping- Wycombe Parish Franklin John, Aylesbury Franklin George, Dinton Forster John, Jun. Wendover Freeman Rev. J. Stuatt, D. D. Chalfont- St- Peters Francis William, Taplow, Gent Fountain John Denham, Gent Fountain Edward, Ditto, Gent Field William, Upton, Gent Field Thomas, Chesham, Gent Ferrett William, Ditto, Cent Field James, Bellingdon, Gent Fuller Benjamin, Hundridge, Esq. Fuller John, Ditto, Esq. Francklin Joseph, Haddenham, Esq. Gramont the Dukede, Hartwell Grover Montague, Boveney, Esq. Gaskell Wm. Chalfont- St. Gilcs, E. sq. Crimsd » ll John, Ditt « , Cent Grove Edmund, Farnham- Royal, Gent Grove John, Penn, Gent Greenfell Pascoe, Taplow, Esq. Greenfell C. Pascoe, Ditto, Esq. Gosden George, Datchet, Gent Goodwin John, Ditto, Gent Geere William, Stoke, Gent Gomme William, Hundridge, Gent Ooodali Rev. William, Dinton, Clerk GraceThomas, Jun. Princes- Risborough Gibbons Philip, Bledlow- Ridge Gibbs John, Sen. Chipping. Wycombe Borough Gibbs John, Jun. Ditto Gardiner Rear- Adin. Lord, Little- Marlow GoldswainJ. Great- Marlow Parish Glen Rev. James, Long- Crendon, Clerk Heyboitrn William, Sen. Bledlow Heybourn William, Jun. Ditto Harper Mr. Bledlow- Ridge Hedges Edward, Haddenham Holdam John, Hulcott HonnorTimothy, Great- Missenden Hester Thomas, Princes- Risborough Hoare Joseph, Jun. Wendover Heame Joseph, Beaconsfield Hatch John, Chalfont- St.- Peters Hothain William, Seer- Green, Esq. Hughes Edward, Iver, Gent Harvey Robert, Langley, Esq. Hester Richard, Stoke, Gent Hepburn William, Chesham, Gent Hepburn George, Ditto, Esq. Hepburn Patrick, Ditto, Esq. HearnThomas, Jun. Buckingham Hinson Richard, Maid's- Moreton Harper William, Twyford HazardR. Chipping- WycombeParish, Esq Hazard John, Ditto, Esq. Hughes Rev. Wm Bradenham, Clerk Hammond Richd. Great- Marlow Town lrbythe Hon. Geo. East- Burnham Jones Rev. W. Chalfont- St.. Giles, Clerk Ive Edward, Langley, Gent Jennings Thomas, Stoke, Cent Ives Thomas ( Road| Great- Missenden Ives Captain Thomas, Great- Missenden Jarvis James Wells, Haddenham Kingham Richard, Princes- Risborough Kirby William, Lillingstone- Dayrell King John, Buckingham King Richard, Lenborough Kirby Jeremiah, Maid's- Moreton Lake Lord Viscount, Aston- Clintoa Lle^ d Edward, Srtwt- Muisande* NOTICE is hereby given, That Application is in- tended to be made to Parliament in the next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill iu order to obtain an Act of Parliament for dividing and inclosing the open and common Fields, Meadows, Lands, Commons, and commonable Places within the Parish or Parishes of COTTERSTOCK and GL APT HORN, iu the County of Northampton, and for exonerating as well the said open and common Fields, Meadows, Lands, Commons, and commonable Places, as also all the old luclosures within the said Parish or Parishes from Tillies. 22d August, 1812. Hut/ twill otherwise Roxvell Inchsure, in the County of Northampton. WE, the undersigned ' Commissioners, named and ap- pointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 52d Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, intitled, " An Act for inclosing Lands within the Parish of ROTH- WELL otherwise RO WE I. L, in the County of North- ampton j" and in pursuance of an Act of the 41st Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, intitled, " An Act for consoli- dating in one Act certain Provisions usually inserted in Acts of Inclosure: and for facilitating the Mode of proving the several Facts usually required on the passing of such Acts," do hereby give Notice, that we have set out and appointed the following public and private Carriage. Roads and Highways, each of the Width of th irtv Feet, through and over the Lands and Grounds by the said Act directed to be divided, allotted, and inclosed, that is tosay,— PUBLIC ROADS. No. 1.—' Thorpe- Underwood and Harrington Road, com- mencing at the West- End of Nunnery- Lane, and proceeding in a westwardly Direction nearly in its present Track, over Moor Field, to the Coach- Gate at the South- End of the Road to Thorpe- Underwood; and from thence in the same Direction by the Boundary between the Parishes of Thorpe- Underwood and Rothwell, to the Harrington Gate where it enters the Parish ' of Flarrington. No. 2.— Rushton Road, commencing at the North- End of Wooldridge's- Lane, and prnceeding in a northwardly Direction to the North- West Corner of the Little Wood Closes, and from thence in an eastwardly Direction over Wood Field, where it enters the Parish ot Rushton. No. 3.— Orton Road, commencing at the West- End of Carter's Lane, and proceeding in its present Track by the South- Side of Bastard- Leys to Breeches- Meadow^ then by the North- End of that Meadow, and over the Field Closes in a westwardly Direc- tion, till it again enters the present Track, and southwardly over Moor Field to Orton Ford, where it enters the Parish ot Orton. No. 4.— Loddington Road, branching out of the Kettering and Harborough Turnpike. Road, near Kent's Bridge, and from thence proceeding southwardly nearly in its present Track over Kipton Field, to the Parish of Orton. No. 5.— Thorpe Road, branching out of the Kettering and Harborough Turnpike- Road, at the East of Hay Piece, and proceeding in a southwardly Direction over Kipton Field, to Thorpe Ford Gate, where it enters the Parish of Thorpe- Malsor. No 6.— Miles Cross Road, branching out of the Kettering and Harborough Turnpike- Road, and proceeding in a northwardly Direction, and nearly in its present Track over Kipton Field to Glendon Ford, where it enters the Parish of Glendon. PRIVATE ROADS. No. 1.— One private Carriage and Drift- Road, commencing at the Common Bank, and proceeding eastwardly nearlv in the present Track, over the Common and Wood Field, to Glendon Cart Gate. No. 2.— One other private Carriage and Drift- Road, com- mencing at the North- End of a Street near the Market- Place, and leading over an ancient Inclosure of the Honourable Barbara Cockayne Medlycott, to the East End nt Driver's- Leys, and from thence in a northwardly Direction over Wood Field to the Lodge Closes, and then in a north- eastwardly Direction to the Ford b" tween the Parishes of Rowell and Rushton, called Abbey Ford. And we further give Notice, that we have caused the said Roads to be ascertained by Marks and Bounds, and that we have prepared a Map in which such intended1 Roads are accurately laid down and described, which Map ( being signed by us the said Commissioners) isdeposited with Mr. THOMAS MARSHALL, I of KITTERINC, our Clerk, tor the Inspection of all Persons concerned. And we do also give Notice that we have not changed or altered any Turnpike- Roads in the Lordship, but have left the same sixty Feet wide. And- we further give Notice, that we shall hold our next Meeting at the GEORGE INN, in KETTERING, on FRIDAY the 25th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Fore- noon; at which Meeting any Person who maybe injured or aggrieved, by the setting out of the said Roads, may attend.- Given under our Hands this first Day of August, 1812. JOHN BURCHAM. JOHN IVESON. THOS MARSHALL, Solicitor. THOS. LILBURNE. T LOAN on PUDDLE- HILL TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Sum of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS being wanted by the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road between DUNSTABLE and HOCKLIFFE, in the County of Bedford, on Security of the TOLLS thereof, for the Purpose of completing the Improvements on the said Road, any Person or Persons disposed to lend the same, or anv Part thereof in Shares of £ 100 each ( for which Interest at £ b per Cent per Annum will be paid clear of Propeitv- Tax) are requested to signify the same in Writing, to Mr. John Hooper, of Dunstable, the Clerk to the Trustees, to be laid before them at their next Meeting. JOHN HOOPER. July 29th. 1812. > J OTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees * of the Turnpike- Road, leading from Banburv, in the County of Oxford, to the South End of Mill Field, in the Parish of Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, will be held at the RED LION INN, in BANBURY, on TUESDAY the 22d Day ot SEPTEMBER next, at the Hour of Eleven o'Clock in the Fore, noon, at which Time and Place the TOLLS to arise for one Year, from the 18th Day of November next, at the Banburv Bridge Toll- Gato, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, in Manner directed by an Act passed in the 11th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads ; which Tolls produced in the last Year the Sum of ,£ 476 over and above the Charges of collecting the same, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must enter into Bond with sufficient Sureties, for Payment of the Rents at such Times as the said Trustees shall direct.— And Notice is further given, that those Persons who by Reason of the Occupation of Lands are entitled to compound for the Tolls at the said Turn- pike- Gate, may attend and compound for such Tolls immediately before such Gate is put up By Order of the Trustees, August Hth, 1812. EDMUND BURTON. NOTICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made tn the Honourable House of Com- mons, in the next Sessions of Parliament, for Leave tn bring in a Bill for dividing and inclosing the open and common Fields, common Meadows, common Pastures, Commons, Waste and other commonable Lands and Grounds in the Parish of WHADDON, with NASH, in the County of Buckingham. LANCELOT WYATT. Winston, September 8th, 1812. NOTICE is herebv given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament ia the next Session, for i Bill to be passed into an Act for continuing the Term and amending, altering, and enlarging the Powers ot three several Actsot Parliament, respectively passed in the 80th Year of the Reign of his late Majesty, and in the 9th and SOth Years of the Reign of bis present Majesty, for amending, widening, and keeping in Repair the Road from Hitchin, in the County of Hertford, through ShefFord, to the Turnpike- Road from Saint Albans to Bedford ; the Road leading thereout through Henlow Field, to Gerford Bridge, and the Roads from ShefFord Way- Post to the Turnpike- Road at Henlow, and from Henlow to Arlsey, in the County of Bedford ; which said Roads pass from, through, or into the several Townships, Parishes, Hamlets, Insbips, or Places ot Hitchin, and Ickleford, in the County of Heitford, and of Shitlington, Holwell, Lower. Stondon, Upper- ^ tondon, Meppershall, Campton, Shefford- Hardwick, Southill, Hawnes, Escotts, Cardington. Saint Mary's, in the Town of Bedford, Henlow, Arfctcy, Clifton, Upper- Caldecot, Lower- Caldecot, Hatch, Old- Warden, Hill, Northill, Beeston, Thorn- cut, Broom, and Stanford, in the County of Bedford, or some of them. In which said Bill an Increase or Alteration of the existing Tolls, Rates, or Duties, granted by the said Acts, or some or one of them, is intended to be proposed.— Dated the 7th Day of September, 1812. D. TIMES, Clerk to the Trustees. BANKRUPTS required to SUKRENDEB. Joseph Hawkins, of" Radipole, Dorsetshire, brewer, dealer and chapman, Sept. 21, 22, and at the Crown Inn, Weymouth and Melcombe. Regis, and Oct. 24, at the Antelope Inn, Dor- chester.— Attorney, Mr. Spencer, Dorchester. Henry Hyde, jun. of Tunstead, Yorkshire, merchant, d. & c. Sept. 25, 26, and Oct. 21, at the Bridgewater Arms Inn, Man- chester— Attorriies, Messrs. Duckworth, Chippendall, & Denison, Manchester. , Allen Pickering, of Paine's- lane, Wrockwardine, Salop, shopkeeper, d. lee. Sept. 21, 25, and Oct. 24, at ihe Cock. Inn, Watling- street— Attorney, Mr. Nock, Wellington. Thomas Stewart, of North- Shields, Northumberland, ship- owner, Sept, 14, Oct. 1, and 24, at the Geoige Tavern, Nortn- Shields.— Attorney, Mr. Mathews, North- Shields. Francis Loader HodShen and William King, jun. late o' Strood, Kent, common- brewers, d. & c. Sept. 22, Uct. 20, sin- L 24, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Gibbs, Strood. John Simpson, late ot Calbeck, Cumberland, paper- maou. facturer, d. & c. Sept. 18, 19, and Oct. 24, at the George inn, Penrith.— Attorney, Mr. Harrison, Penrith. Tnomas Clinch, ot Crooked- lane, Cannon- street, London, boot and shoemaker, Sept. 22, and Oct. X, and 27, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. Popkin, Dean- stree', Soho. William John Weston Lindsey, of High- street, Southwark, „ hosier, Sept. 22 and Oct. 8, and 27, at Guildhall, London.- Attorney, Mr. Popkin, Dean- street, Soho. William Brown, ot Wood- street, Cheapside, London, silk- manutacturer, Sept. 19, 29, and Oct. 27, at Guildhall, London. — Attorney, Mr. Cranch, Union- court, Broad- street. Henry Day and Jes> e Haineiton, of Lime- street, London, money- scriveners, Sept. 19, 26, and Oct. 27, at Guildhall, Lonuon. Attorney, Mr, Abbott, Abchurch- yard, Lombard- street. Robert Walmesley, Michael Turner, and William Turner, of Basinghall- street, London, merchants, Sept. 19, 29, and Oct. C'UiWtiall London.-- Auornies, Messrs. Lowless & Crosse, St. Mildred's- court, Poultry, John Coates, late of New Mills, Derby, grocer, Sept. % 29, and Oct. 27, at the Manchester- Arms Inn, Long- Millgat Manchester— Attorney, Mr. Dicas, Manchester. i. Bankruptcies enlarged. t John Day, of Luton, Bedfordshire, tailor, from Sept. 25 to Oct. 10, at Guildhall, London. lhomas Woodhouse. of Lower- Shadwell, Middlesex, butcher, from Sept. 15 to 19, at Guildhall. Bankruptcies superseded. W. Poole, late of Owen's- place, Goswell- street- road, Mid- dlesex, coal. merchant. ,. N'- Wilcox, Cundy, of New Norfolk- street, Hanover- square, Middlesex, dealer. ' DIVIDENDS to be made to CBEDITOUS. Oct. 16. Joseph Lovell, of Birmingham, pin- manufacturer. at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham. Oct. 3 E. Short, ot Hinckley, Leicestershire, innholdet, at the George Inn, Hinckley. CERTJFICA- IF. to be granted, f: J- Gardiner, sen, and W. Gardiner, of Leicester, and l. Gardiner, jun. of London, hosiers. THE GENUINE MEDICINE, Spilsbury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, Has the Words, " By the King's Patent," expressed on the Bottles, Bill of Direction, and Outside Wrapper, and the King's Duty is printed in black Ink.— In BottlesofSix Shillings,— Double Ten Shillings and Sixpence,— and largest One Pound Two Shillings, Dntv included.— Compound Essence 8s. To Mr. SP1LSBURY, 15, Soho Square, London. SIR, Cranbrook, July 18,1812. HAVING experienced so much Benefit from your PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, without In. gratitude I cannot let it remain unknown to yourself and the Public. 1 was sadly afflicted with the Scurvy in my Legs, which for two Years gradually became worse, till I had above 400 Holes in them, above 20 of which were much broader than a Shilling. My State being known to a humane Gentleman, he informed me of a Case very similar to mine: the Person had been con- fined to Bed the greatest Part of two Years, and by taking a few small Bottles of your Drops, was soon cured. By his Recom- mendation I was induced to give them a Trial, and to my great Surprise and Comfort, I soon found my Sores healed, and after taking three small Bottles I could do my Work without Incon- venience. To prevent the Return of the Disease, I take about one small Bottle each Year, which has fully succeeded to my Wishes ; and I remain your obliged humble Servant, Witness, Jos. DOBELI.. THOMAS KENNARD. Sold by tha Printers of this Paper, and all o; Ust Medicine Venders. LONDON MARKETS. Corn Exchange, Monday, Sept. 14, 1812. Our arrivals of Wheat to- day were pretty considerable, but; there was so little ot fine old, and the demand so urgent, tha' samples of that quality fully maintained last Monday's prices :• the new on the other hand, still coming light, and not in the, best condition, were held 3s. and 4s. per quarter lower.— Rye « imu a chcaPer> a '" se quantity having arrived in the last Baltic fleet; the same fleet likewise brought some Barley, and which is become a heavy article at reduced prices.— Malt and teas underwent but little variation; but Beans, ofthetwc kinds, were againdearer.— Oats, sinceour last, have gradually given way, and to- day saies were made on the terms specifi • in our list below. " j^ j" OTlCE is hereby given, That Application will be i ^^ made to Parliament in the next ensuing Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill to be pissed into an Act for continuing for Twenty- one Years, and from thence to the End of the next Session of Parliament, the Term, and enlaving, and altering the Powers of two several Acts passed in the Tenth and Thirty- first Years of the Reign of his present Majesty, " for repairing and wideniqg tlie ^ oad from Bicester, in the Cpuntv of Oxford, to Aylesbury, in the County of Buckingham," which said Road passes through, or into the several Parishes, Townships, or Hamletsof Bicester, Market. End, Wretchwick, Ambrosden, Blackthorn, and Piddington, in the County ot Oxford, and the several Parishes, Townships, or Hamlets, of Ludgershall, Grendon, Underwood, Woodham, Wootton Underwood, West, eott, Waddesdon, Fleetmarston, Quarendon, and Aylesbury, in the County ot Buckingham, and that it is proposed by such Bill to increase and alter the existing Tolls and Duties granted, or pavable by Virtue of the said Acts ot Parliament respectively. By Order of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road, Bicester, Sept. 9tb, 1812. R. SMITH, Clerk. NOTICE is hereby given, That Application will be made to Parliament in the next ensuing Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill to be passed into an Act for continuing for Twenty. one Years, and from thence to the End of the then next Session of Parliament, the Term, and enlarging, and altering the Powers of an Act passed in the 31st Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, " for repairing and widening the Road from the Market- Place, in Bicester, in the County of Oxford, to the Buckingham Turnpike- Road, in the Parish of Aynho, in the County of Northampton," which said Road passes from the Market- Place, in the Parish of Bicester aforesaid, through Part of the Parish of Bicester atoresaid, and through the Parish of Oaversfield, in the County of Buckingham, and the several Parishes of Bucknell, Stoke- Lynn, Fritwell, and Souldern, in the said County of Oxford, to the Buckingham Turnpike- R. oad, in the Parish of Aynho aforesaid ; and also that Application will be made to make an additional Branch of Road, leading out of the present Turnpike- Road from Bicester to Aynho aforesaid, into the said Buckingham Turnpike- Road, in the Parish ot Firrmere, through the several Parishes, Hamlets, or Places of Bicester aforesaid, Launton, in the said County of Oxford, Caversfield aforesaid, Stratton, Audley, Fringford, Newton- Purcell, Sholswell, and Finmere, inthesaid County of Oxford ; and further, that it is proposed by such Bill to increase and alter the existing Tolls and Duties granted or payable by Virtue of the said Act of Parliament. By Order of the Trustees of the laid Turnpike- Road, Bicetto, Sept, 1812. R. SMITH, Clerk. Wheat 70s. tol24s. Fine 140s. tol47s. Superfine 154s, tol57s. Fine White — s. tol58s. Rye 60s. to 68 » . Barley 52s. to 60s. Malt 81s. to 96s White Peas 64s. to 74s. Boilers 76s. to 82j. Average of Wheat, 136s. 3d, SufTolks — s. to — Grey Peas 70s. to 73s^, Fill ® . — s. to SOs. Beans „-. 88s. to 96s. Fine — s. to 98s. Ticks 84s. to 95s. Oats 56s. to 62;. Polands .... 64s. to 67s. Potatoe ditto 69s. to 79s. 0s. 2dJ. lower than last return. Fine Flour, — s. to 120s.— Seconds, HOs. to 115s Average of Flour 119s. 6d£.— 0s. CdJ. higher than last return. PRICE or SEEDS. Carraway 65s. Od. to 70s. 0d.-\ Coriander 35s. 0d. to 40s. Od. f Red Clover 76s. Od. to 98s. Od. f P « c* » « , White ditto 70s. 0d. tol47s. 0d.) White Mustard 12s. Od. to 18s. 0d.; , . i Brown ditto 20s. Od. to 24s. Od. S per " Turnip 12s. Od. to 16s. Od. ditto. SMITHFI ELD. — MONDAY, Sept. 14. * ' To sink theoffal— per stone of 8lbs.) Beef. 4s. 8d. to 5s. 6d. Mutton ... 6s. Od. to 6s. Od. Veal 5s. Od. to 6s. 8d. Pork 6s. Od. to 7s. 4d. Lamb 5s. Od. to 6s. 6d. Head of Cattle this Day.— Beasts, about 2,715— Sheep and Lamlw. 17,000.— Calves, 150— Pigs, 200. PRICE OF TALLOW. Town Tallow 86s. Od. Yellow Russia 84s. Od. White ditto — s. Od. Soap ditto — s. Od. Melting Stuff" 67s. Od. Ditto rough 45s. Od. Graves 20s. Od. Good Dregs 9s. Od. SOAP— Yellow., 90s. Od. St. James's Market., 5s. Od. Clare Market 5s. Id. Whitcchapel Market 4s. lid 15s. 0d. fr Average per st. of81b. 5s. Od. Mottled.. 104s. Od. PRICE or LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 50 to 561b. each 24d. to 25d. Ditto, 56 to 661b. each 26d. to 27d. Merchants' Backs 23d. to 25d. Dressing Hides 19d. to 2id. Fine Coach- Hides 20d. to 22d. Crop Hides, 35to401b. tor cutting I8d. J to 20d i 4S to 501b 21d. to 23d. Calf Skin 30to401b 28d. to S8d. SOto701b 38d. to 45d. 50 to 801b S8d. to 44d. Small seals ( Greenlandl 34d. to 3S4. Large Ditto, 120s, to 180s. per Dozen.— Goat Skins, 34s. tofl2s. Tanned Horse- Hides, 19d. to 22d \ • •• " "*"" .. ' —^ l^ TJl •;'[' J NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published hy and for T. E. DICEY, W SUTTON, & R, SMltlliOX. >
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