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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 27
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 12/09/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 27
No Pages: 4
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rl 11 if PRINTED ET tAJYJD FOR T. E, DICEY, W. SUTTOM, * AJ¥ 1D 11. SM1THSQJV. VOL. 92, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1812. No. 27. Ready Money is expected j with Advertisements, I , Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, 1 Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. p„ rri? ft. lI $ Stamp- Duty - 3 i.£ I RICE Otf. y. ( papei. and pjint 3d_ Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, September 8. YESTERDAY arrived French Papers to the 4th inst. It is announced in the minor Paris Journals, under the form of letters from the G rand Army, that, after a succession of actions, the French had entered Smolensk, on the 18th nit. From which the Russians hail been previously compelled to retire; and that, on the 19th, there had been another partial engagement in advance of that town, in which the French claim the victory. It is remarkable, however, that po Bulletin has been published by the enemy, and that the Moniteur is completely silent upon the subject. T here is, also, another circumstance of an unsual nature; the Con- servative Senate had three extraordinary meetings, in suc- cesssion, on the 31st of August, and 1st and 2d of Septem- ber; but nothing has been published on the business which formed the subject of their deliberations. These circum- stances have given rise to the belief that something has occurred very disastrous to the French cause ; indeed a report was last night in circulation, that Bonaparte, having greatly exposed bis person in the late engagements, had been dreadfully wounded, was either dead, or not expected lo survive. A'short time will shew the dagree of credit to which this report is entitled, as well as to the reported victories above mentioned. A Cadiz Mail arrived this morning, with advices to the 2lst ult. The sir go of that place had not then been raised. The letters from I. isbo'n contain some particulars which mav serve to illustrate the skill, secrecy, and dispatch with which the operations of the British Commander- in- Chief are conducted. ' It is stated, that while the Marquis of Wel- lington remained at Cuellar, be carefully concealed his intention of marching upon Madrid, and it was industriously circulated at head- quarters, that the attention of the allies would be entirely directed against the remains of Marmont's army. Joseph Bonaparte, deceived by this statement, and ' imagining that the attempts against himself would be confined to mere demonstrations, remained at Madrid, until the British had gained several marches upon him. He then retreated with the utmost precipitation from Madrid, But the secrecy observed in the intentions and movements « f the allies, and the rapidity of their march, put it out of his power to take the direction of Burgos, where General Clausel expected him. Lord Wellington's advance upon Madrid was so rapid, that Joseph Bonaparte was completely taken by surprise, and in his flight left behind him many articles of furniture; amongst others, a grand picture of himself, his wife, and children, in the apartment" which Lord Wellington now occupies. On the. eve of his departure, Joseph called together bis officers and domestics, directing them to quit the city with as many of their effects as they could carry off; but we trust that they were still more unsuccessful than their master in securing the fruits of their rapacity. The stores, & c. taken in Madrid proved extremely useful ro our army. As soon as Lord Wellington approached that city, lie ordered the aqueducts wlyeh supply the ltetiro to be cut, which hastened the surrender of its garrison. We are extremely gratified to learn, that the army, after all its fatigues, is by no means unhealthy. Lord Wellington faimself was never in better health and spirits. The lU- tiro, mentioned in the Extraordinary Gazette is the royal garden, adjoining Madrid, like- Hyde I'ark, buton more elevated ground; and which the French had fortified to overawe the city. The Monthly report of his Majesty's health, shewn yesterday at St James's, is as follows :— " Windsor Castle, Sept. 5.— His Majesty Iris continued • early in tbe sArne state since the time of tile last monthly report."— Signed by the fhe Physicians. Accounts from India mention the death of Holkar. The Spanish Cortes have, with acclamation, resolved to erect a monument near Salamanca, in commemoration of the victory of Salamanca. ' llie Lisbon Papers state Marshal Boresford to be fast recovering from his wounds. A most handsome provision lias been made for the family nf the gallant General I. e Marchant, who died with 3( i balls in his body while advancing and cheering at the head of bis men. To the eldest son a pension is given of „ f300 a year, to each of the four daughters .£ 120 a yenr, and to each of the three younger sons „£ l00. Tor the Gazatte Extraordinary, £ c. & c.— see hist page. • ' Bunponn. Sept. 3d, 1812. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estate and Effects of Mr. WILLIAM SMITH, late of the Town of Bedford, Carrier, deceased, are requested to send ail Account thereof to Mr, Samuel HHIyard, or Mr. William Freeman, both of the said Town of Bedford, his Executors; and all Persons who are. indebted to the Estate and Ftl'ects of the said Mr. William Smith, are desired imme- diately to pay their respective Debts to Ihe said Mr. Hillyard, or Mr. Freeman, who aredul^ authorised lo receive Ihe same. G A M E. W'HEREAS theGAMEon the Manors ofTHORN- TON. THORN BOROUGH, and BEACH AM PTON, has of late Years been much IIESTROVEO by Poachers and others, This is to give ' dice. That all unqualified People found sporting on the above Manors, will be prosecuted to ihe utmost Rigour of the Law ; and qualified Persons are requested to desist from shooting or coursing on the aforesaid Manors. September 1st, 1812. NOTICF. is hereby given, That Application is in- tended to be made to the Honourable House of Com- mons in the next Session of Parliament, for Leave to bring ill n Bill for dividing anil inclosing the open and common Fields, common Meadows, common Pastures, Commons, " Waste, and other commonable Lands and Grounds, within the Manor and Parish of TUIt WESTON in the County of Buckingham.— Dated the 8th Day of September, 1812. CHURCHILL. FIELD, and WESTON, Deddington, Oxon. NOTICE is hereby given, That application is in- tended to be made to Parliament iu Hie next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill in order to obtain an Act of Parliament for dividing and inclosing the open and common Fields, Meadows, Lands, Commons, and commonable Places within the Parish or Parishes of COTTERSTOCK and CLAPTIIORM, in the County of Northampton, and for exonerating as well the said open and common Fields, Meadows, Lands, Commons, and commonable Places, as also all the old Inclosures within the said Parish or Parishes from Tithes. 22rf August, 1812. ' VJ OTIOE is hereby given, That a Meeting of theTi ustees LV of the Turnpike- Road, leading from Ranbury, in the County of Oxford, to the South End of Mill Field, in tbe Parish of Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, will he held at tbe Rr. n LION INN, in BAN BUR V. on TUESDAY the 22d Day ot SEPTEMBER next, at the Hour of Eleven o'Clock in the Fore- noon, at which Time and Place the TOLLS to arise for one Year, from the 18th Day of November next, at the Banbury Bridge Toll- Gate, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, in Manner directed by an Act passed in tbe 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads ; which Tolls produced in the last Year the Sum of =£ 476 over and above the Charges of collec ting the same, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must enter into Bond, with sufficient Sureties, for Payment of the Rents at such Times as the said Trustees shall direct. — And Notice is further giver., that those Persons who by Reason of the Occupation of Lands are entitled to compound for the Toils at the said Turn- pike- Gate, may attend and compound for such Tolls immediately before such Gate is put up By Order of the Trustees, August 27th, 1S12. EDMUND BURTON. BEDFORDSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIET Y. AT a Meeting of the Committee holden at the SHIRE- HAM., in the Town of BHDFORD, on the 4th Day of SEP- rEMBER, 1812, PRESENT, The Most Noble the Marquis of T A VISTOCK, in the Chair, Mr. Piatt Mr. Lilburne, sen. Mr. Lilburne, jun. Mr. Purser Mr, Thomas Barnard Mr. Robert Sharp Dunstable anil Sha( ford- House Turnpike- Iioud. " VTOTICE is hereby given, That a General Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from the llous formerly known by the Sign of the Black Bull, in Dunstable, in the County of Bedford, to ti e Way turning out of the said Koad up to Shaflbrd. House in the County of Heitford, will be held at the SUN INN, at MARKY AT E- STR EET, OUTHURSDAY the 24th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, » t which Meeting, the TOLLS arising, and to be collec'ed at the several Toil- Gates and Side- Bars of the said Road, will be put up for the Purpose of being LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, for such Term as shall then be agreed upon, to commence from tbe 29th Day of September next; and that the snid Tolls will be put up at such Sum as the Trus- ees then present shall think fit. And further Notice is hereby given, that the Trustees will require the Person taking such Tolls, to pay to the Treasurer one Month's Rent in Advance before lie enters upon the Collection thereof, and to execute a Bond with sufficient Sureties, to be approved ot by the said Trustees, for the Payment of the Rent a: the Times to be specified in the Contract, and for the Performance of the sevi- ral Covenants which will be required from and on the Part of the Lessee. Saint- Hlbuns, 18tb August, 1812. SPAltUOW'S- HERNE T URN PIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Sparrow's- Merne on Bushey Heath, through the Market Towns ot Watford, Herkhamsted- St— Peters, and Tring, in the County of Hertford, by Pettipher's 11ms to the Turnpike Road at Walton, near Aylesbury, in the County ot Buckingham, will be holden at the KING'S ARMS, BER KHAMSTED- ST.- PETERS aforesaid, on TUESDAY the TWENTY- SECOND Day of SEPTEMBER, 1812. and the Chair taken at One o'Clock ; when and where the Tolls arising and to be collected at the several Turnpike. Gates on tbe laid Road, known by the Names of the WATFORD and RIDGE- LANE GATES will be LETT by AUCTION for such Term not exceeding three Years, and will be put up at such Sum as may be agreed upon by theTrustees- pre- entat such Meeting, tocommer. ce on tlie 30th Day of September, 1812, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, in the Manner directed by the Act i passed in the thirteenth Year of ttie Rsign ot his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls were lett for two Years, ending the 28th Day of July, 1813. at the yearly Rentof:£ 12sl clear of all Expenses, the Leaseof which • will'bccome determined on the 29th Day of September next, under the Act of Parliament lately passed for explaining certain Exemptions from Tolls in several Acts of Parliament for Carriages employed in Husbandry, and for other Purposes. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time pay to the Treasurer on UGHTON- A ST LE Y ; of an undivided third Part of a MESSUAGE and 23 Acres of LAND, at MOUNT- SORRELL; and about 30 Acres of LAND, in ROTHLEY, QU. O R N DO N, and BARROW, in the County ot Leicester. References for viewing and Particulars may be had ol Messrs. STRONG, STILL, & STRONG, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London; of Messrs. PASES, MILES, ALSTON, & PARES, Leicester; or of Mr. CURZON, Derby. Particulars may also be had at the Three Crowns, Leicester; Bull's Head, Loughborough; Swan, Mel ton- Mo. wbray ; Angel, Market- Harborough ; Denbigh Anns, Lutterworth; Queen's Head, Ashby- de- la- Zouch ; and of Mr. FARMER, Leicester. ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chief's Office, Great George- Street, London, August26/ A, 1812. "\ TOTICE is hereby given to all Persons desirous of con- trading to supply the following Articles for the Use of the Army, viz. BREAD,— To his Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments, Quarters, and Barracks, in the under- mentioned Counties and Islands ; Alderncy Durham Norfolk Anglesea E ssex Northampton Bedford Flint Northumberland Berks ( including the Glamorgan Nottingham Town of Hunger- Gloucester ( includ- Oxford ford) ing tbe City of Pembroke Bcnvick Bristol) Radnor Brecon Guernsey Rutland Bucks Hereford Salop Cambridge finclud- Hertford Somerset ing the Town of Hunts Staflbid Newmaiket) Isle of Man Suffolk Cardigan Isle of Wight Surry Carmarthen Jersey Sussex Carnarvon Kent Warwick Chester Lancaster Westmoreland Cornwall ( including Leicester Worcester - Scilly) Lincoln York Cumberland Merioneth And in the several Denbigh Middlesex Counties in North Derby • Monmouth Britain. Devon Montgomery OATS,— To his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quarters, in the uncle t- mentioned Counties and Island : Anglesea Derby Montgomery Bedford Durham Northumberland Berwick Flint Oxford Brecon Glamorgan j Pembroke Bucks Gloucester Radnor Cambridge Hereford Rutland Cardigan Hertford Salop Carmarthen H unts Stafford Carnarvon Leicester Westmoreland Chester Lincoln Worcester Cumberland Merioneth Denbigh Monmouth / Jo. Icsellers S ci'- tij's rices. Prices. £. s. d. £. s. d. 0 6 0 0 6 0 0 10 0 0 4 0 0 10 0 0 4 0 0 5 0 0 2 0 0 9 0 0 3 9 • 0 5 0 0 2 0 0 5 0 0 o 0 1 7 1 0 13 6 1 19 T 1 6 <>* 2 1 8 1 9 a 5 18 9 4 I 3 ver- Books, Testaments, NATIONAL SOCIETY, For the Education of the Poor in tha Principles of the Established Church. ANY Applications having been tp: tde to the Com- mittee of the National Society fur Lists of Elementary and other P. ooks, proper to be used in Schools upon the Madras System— the following are recommended as a convenient Set for a School of a 100 Children at its it, which may he had at MURRAY'S. Fleet- Street, R i v i \ OTO\' s, St. Paul's Church- Yard, and 11 ITCHARD'S, Piccadilly, London. They may also be procured bv any Member of Ihe Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, on Ihe Terms of that Society. 36 Dozen of Leaves, or Cards, being the National Society Central School Book, No. 1 100 National Society Central School Book, No. 2 100 Child's Firs: Book, Part 2 50 Our Saviour's Sermon ontheMount 50 Catechism broken into short Ques- tions 50 Ostervald's Abridgement of tbe Bible 50 Chief Truths of the Christian Religion 25 ' Psalters 25 Prayer Books 25 Testaments 25 Bibles ( bound in Calf) N. B. It is . pected that the P" a and Bihles, will last at least three Vears. Of the same Booksellers mav be had, the last Edition of " Instructions for conducting Schools on the Madras System." by the Rev. Dr. A XORKW BELL, Price I .6d. by Means of which those who are desirous to re- model old Schools, or to form new ones on the improved Plan, will receive full and sufficient Direction, The Committee also recommend Ihe following Proportions of the unrler- aentioned Articles, viz.— Two or three Saud Boards ( see Dr. BELI.' S " Instructions," Page 23). Three lozen Common Slates. Three Dozen Copy Books, Also four Dozen " Arithmetical Tables for Madras Schools," which may be had of the Booksellers above- named. T. T. WALMSLEY, Secretary. National Central School, Baldwin s- Gnrdens, Grai/' s- Inn- T ane. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, That the'I'OLLS arising at the several ToU- Gntes upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Dunchurch to Hlllmorton, in the County ot Warwick! and from thence to Saint James's End, in the Parish of fusion, in the County of Northampton, called or known by the Names of the Hillmorto'i Gate, West- Iladdon Gate, and the Saint James's End Gate, will be LETT by AUCTION, tothe Best Bidder, at the House of Mr THOMAS WALTON, known by the Name of the Fox AND MOUNDS, at HARI. F. STON, in ihe s- iid County of Northampton., on WEDNESDAY the THIRTIETH Day of SEP- TEMBER instant, between the Hours of Twelve and Four o'clock, in the Manner directed b the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of his present Majesty's Reign, 1 .. regulating the Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls produced the last Year the Sums following ( viz.):— at HUlmorton Gate, til1 Sum of - Ji 194, Wesi- lladdon Gate, the Sum of s£ 167, and Saint James's- End Gate, the Sum of ^ 9'! 9, above the Expenses of collecting them respectively, and will be put up at tl ose respective Sums. Whoever happen to be the Best Bidders, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of ths> said Turnpike- Road, for Payment of the respective Rents agreed for, and at such Times as the, snail direct. By Order ot the said Trustees, It/ September, 1812. WM. TYLER SMYTH, Clerk. Manor, Advouson, and I'arm, in Waiuickshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, The latter Fnd of October, or beginning of November n" xt, at the Spread Eagle Inn, in Ru^ by, in the County of Warwick, MIR extensive MANOR with the ADVOWSON of HI LLMORTON, in t^ e said County of Warwick, together with a Mansion- Mouse, and Farm; consisting of four Hundred Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land.— The Particulars whereof will appear in a future Paper. 1 FORAGE, viz.— OATS, HAY, and STRAW, to his Majesty's Cavalry in Barracks, and Oats in Cantonments and Quarters, in the under- mentioned Counties in South Britain: Berks Lancaster Sussex Cornwall Middlesex Warwick Devon Norfolk Wilts Dorset Northampton York Essex Nottingham And in the several Hants( includingthe Somerset Counties in North Isle ot Wight) Suffolk Britain. Kent. Surry As also FORAGE to all Horses kept for his Majesty's Service in tbe Island of Jersey. That the Deliveries are to commence on and for the Twenty- fifth Day of October next ; that Proposals in Writing sealed up and marked. Tender for Army Supplies, will be received at this Office on or before Friday the 25tb Day ot September ( but none will be received after Twelve o'Clock on that Day) and if sent by Post, the Postage must be paid. Proposals must be made separately for cach County and Island, except for the Counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender, as also must the several Counties in North Britain; arid each Proposal must have the Letter which is annexed to tlie Tender properly filled up, by two Persons of known Property engaging to become bound yvith the Party tendering in the Amount stated in the printed Particulars for the due Performance of the Contract ; and no Proposal will be noticed ^ unless made on a printed ' fender, and the Prices expressed in Words at Length; and should it so happen that during the Continuance of the Contract, no Troops should be stationed or supplied in the County, the Expense of the Contract and Bond, paid in the lirst Instance by the Contractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon Application at this Office, between the Hours of Eleven and Five ; at the Mfice « t Deputy Commissary General l. indesay, Edinburgh ; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Lutycns, Guernsey ; and at the Office af Assistant Commissary Lamont, Jersey. Valuable Freehold Estates, Kenton, Huntingdonshire. To be SOLD bv A U CTIO N, Ry RICHARD SMITH, On Tuesday the 15th Day of September, 1FT2, at th.: Sign of the Swan, in Thrapston, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in four I ots, or in such other as shall be agreed on at the Time of Sale, A Desirable Track of rich GRAZING LAND, lying and t\ being in the Lordship of K E YSTON aforesaid, the prin- cipal Part of which adjoins the ' turnpike- Road near Keyston B; ir, and containing altogether 46 Acres or thereabous, and late ihe Properly of Mr. LIN LEY HURST; on which Estate are two Stacks of Hay, and an abundant Crop of Grass which will be included in the S^ le of the Estate, and immediate Possession mav be had under and subiec- to the Conditions of Sale. May be viewed in the mean Time on . Application to Mr. HUKST; and further Particulars may be had ot the Auctioneer, at Thrapston. i. ioyas, l. oniion, 31s. TIIE signal and glorious Victory oi SALAMANCA, achieved, through At a Special General Meeting of the Committee for mana° in « the PA TRIOTIC FUND, held this Day at'the Merchant Seaman's Office ; BEESTON LONO, Esq. in the Chair ; Resolved,— That the following Address to the Public be inserted in the Morning and Evening Papers. Lloyd's, London, 31s< August, 1812. on the Plains of ... - _ h tli^ Iransceudant military Skill ami Conduct oft he Marquisof WELLING I'ON, by the intrepid Gallantry aud Firmness of the brave ORjrers and Men under his command, has been duly estimated b> tln- admirinffand grateful People of thee Realms, « li, i.- e exuhTng- Satisfaction has recently been pressed in the. most general and conspicuous Manifestations of their Pride and Joy. The Committee of the Patriotic Fund feel it their Duty, on this great Occasion, to call on all their Countrymen to enable them to continue the K- li- f, so well earned and so hj- hly deserved by the brave Men who haw fallen, „ r have been disabled iu this noble Conflict, for themselves, nr the Widows, Orphans, and Relatives, vvbo depended on them for Support. This Institution, since iis establishment at the commence- ment of the present War, has offered un honorable aud grateful Assistance or Alleviation to 13,251 Cases of Officers, Seamen and private Soldiers, their Widows, Orphans, nr dependant Relatives: and, including the deserving and heroic Sufferers on tbe rccent memorable Victory of Salamanca, it has still a large Number ofthe most meritorious Cliim.' ori its accustomed Assistance. The Committee feel a firm Reliance that through the generous Sympathy of all Ranks of a discerning People, sensible of the Blessings of Security from the hostile and vindictive'Aitns of its powerful Enemy and Rival, " the. British Seaman and Soldier may stilt c„ n/ i- ' dent ly trust, that those, who are dear to him. white living. s/', a."' '" l/"! I''" e" t ° f his Jailing in the. sa-. red Cause, find. IrLends and Guardians in a grateful and generous Country: ( 1 ">" t I" who may be disabled in its Defence shall not be neglected by those whom he. has bravely defended." ( Signed) BEESTON LONG, Chairman. Subscriptions already received. Barclay, Perkins & Co Thomas Coutts & Co ' Charles Oliphant, of Edinburgh!.!!!!!!!!! ! Kundell, Bridge & Rundell !!.!!! . ! The Mercers Company Clark, Boyd & French !.!!!!. V Thomas Lowndes A Gentleman, per Wisbech Bank William Hobsnn & Son Thomas F. Dyson, Liverpool. Rev. Dr. Bell .!!!!!!!! Admiral Sir John Colpoys, K. B !!!!!!. The Hon. South Sea Company Doubtful, by Ylirad ..!..!! Richard Sealv, of Lisbon ! .'!!!.. !! Sir Francis Lindley Wood, Bart Raher( Vyner The Parish of St. Mary- le- Bonne'!!!.!.!.!!! Captain William Carlyon, R. N. .!!!.. .!!!! Thomas Botliam, Saltliill . .'.!!".'. John Gazelee, Surgeon !!!!! Taylor & Newton Inhabitants of Harwich, by joii'n H. Ipkins','" ELO! Mayor „ , J. P. WELSFCYR'D, Secretary. Subscriptions received at Lloyd's; and by the respective Bankers in Town and Country. To be SOLD by AUCTI O N, Pi; Mr.' TTTE, On Thursday the 17th Day of this instant September, on the Premises, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to the Conditions of S- sle as will be then and there protlucc- d, 4 LI. that newly erected MESSUAGE or DWK. LLING- « HOUSE, being an exceedingly good- accustomed Public- House, known h the Sign of tha CROWN, situate in the Centre of- the Town of BARRY, in the County of North- ampton, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Giegory. The Premises have lately been built at a considerable Expense, being Brick and Slated, and. consi- t ot two gov! Parlours and Kitchen, with exceFeiu Bed- Rooms and Vaults, large Y'ard, I wo good Gardens, and all necessary Out- olflces. The Premises may be enterfd on at Michaelmas next, and are considered as a desirable Situation for any Person wishing to enter into the Public Business. For further Particulars, aoply on the Premises, or to Mr. OAKD- EN, Solicitor. Daventry. To he SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. TITE, On Thursday the 1st of October, 1812, at Mr. Piddington's, the White Horse Inn, in Welton, in the Coun'. y of North- ampton, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions that will be then produced, OIX good Stone- built FREEHOLD HOUSES, and other OUT- OFFICES, all in good Repair, pleasantly situate! in the Centre of the Town of WELTON, and now in the several Occupations of William H. tynes, James Hill, John Line, Joseph Butler, William Leader, and Joseph Earl, all respectable Tenants. The above Tenants have all Notice toquit at Michaelmas next. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. GEORGE COOPER, of Welton, or of Mr. TITE, one of His Majesty's special Com- missioners, Auctioneer, and Appraiser, Daventry. To be SOLD by AUCTI O N, By SAMUEL DUDLEY, In one or more Lots, on Wednesday the 23d Day of September, 1812, at the Red Lion Inn, in Adderbury, in the County of Oxford, between the Hours of Five and Eight in the After- noon, unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of whichdue Notice will be given, ADesirable ESTATE, situate at ADDERBURY afore- said, in the immediate Vicinity of that well- known and flourishing Marker Town, Banbury ; consisting of a substantial and well- built Farm. Hoii'e, known by the Name of Hunts, lately occupied by Mr. William Gardner, deceased, with con- venient Offices, Barns-, Stables, and other necessary Out- buildings, all in complete Repair; large and commodious Yards, Garden, and Close of rich old Sward Ground thereto adjoining, containing together four Acres or thereabouts. Also several Closes or Pieces of very excellent Feeding or Grazing Land, in high Condition, containing Forty- three Acies or thereabouts; the Whole inclosed, Tithe- free, very compact, near the Turnpike- Road, and a Branch of the Grand Junction Canal runs through the Premises Conveyances to aud from London every Day, a fine Part ot the Couutiy for Field Sports. Possession of Part of the Premises may be had at Christmas next, and the Remainder ar Lady- Day, 1813. If required, . a considerable Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Security of the Premises. For further Particulars and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. WILLIAM GARDNFR, Svvanhourne, Bucks; Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, or tlie AUCTIONEER, Winslow, Bucks; or Messrs. WILLIS & SONS, Solicitors, I. eighton- Buzzard, Beds; and for a View of the Premises, to Mr. THOMAS TOWNSEND, Red Lion Inn, Adderbury. s. i'. 100 0 0 100 0 0 5 5 0 100 0 0 200 O 0 30 O 0 10 10 0 6 10 6 50 0 0 50 0 0 50 0 0 5 0 0 .250 0 0 . 1 1 0 20 0 ( 1 10 10 0 .105 0 0 . 5 9 5 15 15 0 o 2 0 2 0 0 . 5 5 0 ! 30 0 6 To be LETT . or SOLD, AJJf^ EAT- CATWORTH, in the County of Huntingdon, SJ6AR1 ot a FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting of six a Rooms, a Grocer's Shop, which has been in the Family above60 Years, with an Orchard and Garden well planted and Out- offices, very pleasantly situated in the Middle of the iarish, and a Coach goes by tbe Door six Times in a Week — fhe Stock and Fixtures to be taken at a fair Appraisement For Particulars, enquire of WILLIAM MAPISH, at Great. Catworth. Church Preferment. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, Next Month, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract ! n.' S„ fmfi « iii I'iiiiiou li. jt . i i ' Russell- Square, London. DEAN, County of Bedford. Capital Freehold Estate, lithe- free. * To be S O I. D by AUG ' i' I O N, By Mr. J. PIERSON, At the White l. ion Inn, Kimboltou, in the County of Hun. tingdon, on Thursday the 17th Day of September, 1812, at six o'clock in the Evening, in live Lots, A Valuable and compact FREEHOLD and TITHE- TREK f\ ESTATE, situate in the Parish of DEAN, in the County of Bedford; consisting of Lot 1. A Farm- Mouse and Out- buildings, with 54A. 1R. 22P. of Pasture and Meadow Land. tllA. 1R. 11'. of Arable Land, onrl 8A. 3R. 151'. of Wood Land, in the Occupation of . Mrs Sarah Murfin, Tenant at Will ' Lot 2. A Close, Part Pa. ture and Part Arable," in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Palmer Lot 3. A Cottage, Butcher's Shop, and Yard," in the Occupation ot Mrs. Murfin, or her Undertenants Lot 4. A Brick and Tiled Dwelling- House, Earn, Yard, and Garden, in the Occupation ot . Mr. Thomas Sykes _ 0 2 Q Lota. A Close af Pasture, called the Great Pasture", or Church Pasture, in the Occupation of the said Mrs. Murfin jq Printed Particulars wtil shortly be ready for Deliver, may be had ot Mr. CUSTANCE, Cambridge; Geoigc Huntingdon; Cock Inn, Faton- Socon; Cross Keys, St Neat Swan Inn, Bedford; and of the Auctioneer, Kimbolton 172 3 0 1 33 I 17 1 21 0 33 and 1 nil, For Ready Money. To be SOLD bv A U C T I O N By SNOW Sr SON, On Monday, September 2S h. ISliJ. and following Days, t- non the Premises ot STEPHEN EATON, Esq at D E E N E in the County of Noithampton, ALL the Valuable LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY ; consisting of about two Hundred and fifty capital Ewes and Theaves, one Hundred and fifty l. ambhogs, and about two Hundred Wether Sheep ; ten draught Horses and Mares; sixty Scotch an! Irish Bullocks • ten Carts three Waggons, Rolls, Ploughs. Harrows, twenty Dozen of Sheep- Trays, with Oak Heads and Iron Hoqps, & c. ; Harness for twelve Horses. — Four Carts and some ot the Ploughs are of the best Scotch Manufacture.— The Sheep will be found well worthy the Attention of Graziers in general, as they have been for many Years bred with the greatest possible Care. Five of tbe Cart Horses are Greys, fit for immediate Use, and well calculated for London Drays. ' The Whole will he Sold without Reserve; Mr. Eaton alto, getlier declining the Farming Business. Catalogues will be delivered at the principal Towns in the Neighbourhood. Residence for a small Family, Hilton, Huntingdonshire. . To be S O L D by A U C T 1 O N, By THOMAS IIAGGER, At the White Horse Inn. St. Ives, Hunts, on Monday the28th Day of September, 1815, at Three o'Clock in tbe Afternoon, in one Lot ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, ot which timely Notice will be given), THE very convenient, substantial, Brick and Sasiied FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, very pleasantly situ- ated in tbe Villageof HI LTON aforesaid ; comprising excellent Dining and Drawing- rooms in Front, with two small back Parlours, a good entering Hall, with a Staircase, eight airy Bed- Chambers, one Dressing- room, convenient Closets, and Cellats ; the attached Offices consist of an excellent Kitchen, Larder, Pantries, Wash- house, 15rewhouse, Coal and Wood- Sheds, Stabling, Coach- llouse, Cow- Lodge, I'igeries, Hay and Corn Chambers, a Court Yard in Front of the'House, well inclosed with a Briek Wall; a good Kitchen Garden backwards, with an Orchard of choice Fruit- Trees ; together with a very excellent Close ot Pasture adjoining, containing a Number of thriving Ash and other Trees, of considerable Growth, and the Whole amply supplied with most excellent Spring Water, by Survey 6. A. 2R. 36P. ill the Occupation of Mr. John Looker, the Pro- prietor, who will shew the Estate, ami give Possession- oil tbe 11th Day of October, 1812, at which Time the Purchase is to be completed. HILTON is very pleasantly situated in a sporting Part of the Country, within a few Mdes of a Pack of Fox Hounds and Harriers, 55 Miles from London, through which a Coach passes to and from every Day, three from St Ives, rive from Hunt- ingdon, and 11 from Cambridge For further Particulars, or to treat tor the same bv Private Contract, apph- to THOMAS HA cer. a. l'o: ton, Beds; cr t* Mr. L. OOKIR, the Proprietor; if by Letter, Post- paid. The Northampton Mercuty ; And General / I deer titer for ilie Counties tf Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Ilsrt < rd. Wednesday and Thursday s Posts, The LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, Sept. 10. Tiotohing- Street, Sc) if. 10. MAJOR DWyLY, " Aide- de- Camp to Major- General Cooke, has tliis morning arrived with dispatches, addressed to the Eaj- 1' Bathurst bv Major- General Cooke, dated Cadiz, sVnh August, of which the following area copy and an extract. „ MrlA Cadiz, August 26, 1312. 1 beg leave to refer yoiir Lordship to the enclosed copy of a letter to General the Karl of Wellington, reporting that the enemy abandoned his position opposite to this place antl the Is1a tic LeOu, on the night of the 24th and morning of the 25th. • MY Airle- de- CatVip Major D'O'yly will have the honour to deliver this Satisfactory intelligence. , T am, & c. GEO. COOKE. Major- Gen. Mr LORD, . Cadiz, August 26, 1812. Thave the pleasure to inform your Lordship, ibat the eneviv abandoned bis positions and works opposite to Cadiz wd the Island nil the night of the 2tth, and morning of the 25th, cxcept the town ot Port Santa Mann, where a hody of troops remained till the middle nf the day, and then withdrew to the Cartuea. lie has left a very numerous arti lerv in the several works, and a large Quantity of stores and powder; and abhougH most of the ordnance has been rendered useless, he appears to hare retired from his posi- tion with more precipitation than I should have expected. A considerable body of cavalry was brought down pre- vious to the retreat commencing. The towns of Pocrfo Real and Chiclana are now occupied hv detachments of Spanish troops, and a party from the 2d Hanoverian hussars is at the first mentioned place, to which Colonel I. mnhert had moved from the Portazzo with them, and some light tfoops from this division. I am, & r. The Earl of Wellington. A; c: Ac. GEO COOKE. ( EXTRACT.) I take this opportunity nf informing your Lordship, tljat Colonel fkerrett nnd the Spanish troops under- Gen. Cruz, School for the Education of the. Poor in the Principles of the Established Church. ADDITIONAL DONA HON & SUBSCRIPTION received since our last. Donations. AnnualSubj. Amount of Donations and Subscriptions before advertised ) £ 1,969 7 0, £- l? 3 6 0 Mr Abraham Abbott, Kingsrhorpe 0 0 0 1 1 0 Collection at Weston and Weedon 817 0 0 0 0 EL I ON, near STILTON, Huntingdonshire, September 8th. 1812. SHEW OF LONG- WOOL RAMS. MR. CltOFTS's SHEW of RAMS commences on Wednesday the 16th Instant, when the Company o'f auv Gentleman wishing to inspect the same will be esteemed a Favnur, or on any oilier Day during the Season ( Sunday excel SALEM CHAPEL, WELLINGBOROUGH. ON TUESDAY the 2' 2d Instant the above CHAPEL will be opened, when the Rev. Mr. Whitehead, of Creaton, the Rev. Mr. Fuller, of Kettering, and the Rev. Mr. Hillyard, of Bedford, have engaged to preach.— Service to commence in the Morning at Eleven o'clock, and in Ihe Evening at Six. A Collection will lie made at the Chapel Door. Wellingborough, Sept. 12, 1812. KETTERING GRAND MUSICAL FESTIVAL, OPENINC/ OF THE ' CW . ORGAN, AND For the Benefit 6f the General Infirmary. Thursday and Friday, ' October the 1st and 2d, 1S12. PATRONS., His Grace the Duke nf BUCCLEUCH & QUEENSBERRY cpted were at Manzanilla on the 22d. where they remained to drhw the attention of Marshal Soult. I beg ro state to your Lordship, that the Regency has givenjarders to commence a cut across the Trocadero, im- mediately, by a considerable number of workmen, so as to insulate it. - mvvw^ VW- W*.— LONDON, THURSDAY, September 10. The reports and speculations which have agitated the public mind with respect to the recent successes of the French armies in Russia, and the death of Bonaparte, are put an end to hv the Contents of the Monilenrs received to the 6th instant. The 13th and 14th Bulletins, though filled with statements highly Coloured in favour of the fcnemv, leaie no doubt whatever of the further advance of the French into the Russian Empire. Of the possession of Smolensko there can scarcelv he a doubt; and the capture appears to have been the effect of great skill, and perse- verance; hot it is consolatory to learn from the archenemy hinlself, that lib has not to boast of those victories which decide the fate of nations, and have more than once laid prostrate « t his feet tl'e thrones of contending mOnarcbs. Neither- front the action- of Krasnoi, nor from the attack ol Smolensko, appears auv nf the grand results which have hitherto characterised the military career, and Con finned tiie glory of the Corsican. The 13th and 14th Bulletins present no accounts nf detachments cut off, or of divisions surrendering themselves prisoners of war. On the contrary, the Russians are stated tr> be defeated, but^ retreating with regularity, and fighting everv step of their retreat. And above all, nothing is heard of treasrfn, treachery, or defec- tion, among the Russians, upon which Bonaparte had, no doubt, placed, as he has done in ail former instances, no inconsiderable reliance for the accomplishment of his views. The following is the comparative statement nf the loss of the Russians and French, according to these Bulletins:- Loss nf Ihe Russians.—- At Krasnni, on the 14th ult. 1,000 killed, 1.500 prisoners; at Smolenskn. nn the 17th, 4,700 killed, 2,000 prisoners, 7.5( H) wounded; at Valentin;' the 19th. 1,800 prisoners. 7, SOO wounded;— Total, 7,500 killed; 3.500 prisoners, 15,300 wounded. Loss of the French.— At Smolenvkn, 700 killed, 3,200 • wounded ; at Valentiua,. 600 killed, 2,600 wounded ;— Total, 1,300 killed ; 5,800 wouoded. Hence appears a total loss, in killed, wounded, and prisoners, of TWENTY- SIX THOUSAND TIIR£ E HUNDRED, on the part of the Russians, while that of the enemy is con- fined to SEVEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED. It is also stated in the language of the Bulletins, that " of twelve divisions, ichich composed the grand Russian army, two divisions have leen broken and defeated in the combats of Ostrovno; two " have met with the same fate in the battle of Mohilmc ; and six in the battle of Smolensko.— Then have only two divisions of the Guards which, remain entire.'' As the whole of the Guards do not amount to 20,000 men, it follows, if the official statement be correct, that all further resistance by the Emperor Alexander must he vain, and that the Empire of the Russias is not only at its last gasp, but its fate is absolutely decided. It is hardly necessary to say, under all these considerations, that no one will he accused of scepticism in withholding his belief from all the assurances contained in the enemy's official derails, and expressing a just confidence, that the next dispatches from the Russian armies will supply accounts essentially different from those of the Moniteur. The Court of Copenhagen is stated to have rejected all overtures for negnciation on the part of our Government. A G F. N C Y. ACommission Broker in the City of London, would undertake the Agency Business of any respectable manu- facturing or mercantile House. — Every Attention will he paid lo the Interest of the Principal, and every Accommodation afforded him fur the Extension of his Business, either by an Advance of Cash, or bv Permission to draw on t he Advertiser. Letters ( from Principals), Post- paid, addressed to Mr. WAKEFIELD, Stock- Broker. No. 8, Gerrard- Slreet, London, will be immediately attended tn. WORSTED YARN MANUFACTURE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Committee appointed according to the Direction nf an Act of Parliament passed in the 25th Year of his present Majesty's Reign, intitled " An Act for the more effectually preventing " Frnuds and Abuses committed hy Persons employed in the " Manufactures of combing Wool, Worsted Yarn, nnd Goods " made from Worsted, ia the Counties of Bedford, Huut- " ingdnh, Northampton, Leicester, Rutland, Lincoln, and " the Isle of Elv," will hold their neu half- yearly Meeting at Ihe FOUNTAIN INN, HUNTINGDON, on THURSDAY the 21th Day of September instant, for the Purpose of putting the said Act into Execution. By Order of the Committee, JNO. UPTON. Stam ford, 8th September, 1812. WELLINGBOROUGH STA'lUTE. A STATUTE SESSION for HIRING SERVANTS J.. X will be held al the H IN D INN, on FRIDAY the 25th of SEPTEMBER, 1812.— Dinner on lhe Table at One o'clock. WEST- HADDON STATUTE FAIR VI7 I LL be held on FRIDAY the 25th of SEPTEMBER instant; the said Fair will be continued annually on the last Friday in September. The Constables of the different Parishes in the Hundred of Guilsborough, are required to attend and pay their QUAR- TERAGES, at the CROWN INN, at Twelve o'clock. Qjlr Dinner precisely at One. tVest- fladdon, September 9th, 1812. ALL Persons who have anv Claim or Demand upon the Estate of Sir JOHN KNIGHTLEY, late of FAWSI- EY, in the County of Northampton, Bart, deceased, re desired to send their Accounts tn Mr. John Payrt, of Fawslev aforesaid, in order ( hat the same mav be examined and settled. Anil all Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the said Sir John Knighilev, are particularly requested to pay their respective Debts to the said Mr. Pavn ( who is duly authorised to receive the sauie) on or before Michaelmas Day next, without fail. Fawsley, lOf/ i September, 1812. NF. WPORT- P AGNELL ASSOCIATION. TWENTY - FIVE GUI V F. AS REWARD. WHEREAS 011 Saturday Night the 5th, or early on Sunday Morning the 6th of Septemher instant, some Person or Persons did feloniously kill, near * le Foot- Path in a Close adjoining Mr. Praed's Cottages, in EMBERTON FIELU, Bucks, A S II E E P, ) the Property of WILEM M S W IN N EI. I., of Fir, GRAVE ( a Member of this Association) and did steal and take away Ihe hind Quarters thereof, with the Skin thereon as far as the Brand, leaving the Remainder in the said Close. Whoever will apprehend, nr give fitch Inforinrtion as may lead to the Apprehension of the Offender or Offenders, shall, on his nr their Conviction, receive a Reward of TWENTY OU1NKAS of Ihe said WM. SWANNELL, and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS nf WU LUCAS, of New- port- Pagnell, the Treasnrerand Solicitor, to this Association Newport- I'agnell, Sept. 8th, 1812. HUNTINGDONSHIRE ASSOCIATION. TWENTY GUINEAS REWARD. STOLEN, in the Night of the 1st of Septemher 1812, from HUNTINGDON MILL COMMON, in the County of Huntingdon, A DAPPLE BROWN HORSE, ofthe Coach Kind, seven Years old, 16 Hands high, has a Slar in his Forehead, and no other White about him, a Switch Tail, not nicked, Collar pinched on his Withers and Shoulders, and, the Wounds not quite healed, and his Mane long, when he trnts throws his off Leg nut and Trots nlovenly wide in his Loins, rather a handsome Carcase, and when taken away was in remarkably good Condition ; once got hooked near the Termination of his off false Nostril, and being sewed up, has left a small Mark, which is visible upon close Inspection. N. B. TV' Star in his Forehead will very likely be blacked over, his Tail cut, and otherwise altered.— The Property of Mr. JOHN PUMFRET, of HUNTINGDON. W hnevpr will apprehend ( he Offender or Offenders, shall, immediately on his or their Conviction for such Offence, receive the" Sum nf TWENTY GUINEAS of Mr. Margetts, Attoruev- at- Law, at Huntingdon, Solicitor and Treasurer to this Association. whom Ihe said JOHN ADAMS tood indebtftd at the Time of his Decease, are request T. Tryon, Esq. . A. E. Young, F. sq. T. P., Maunsell, Esq. ' J. bore, F^ sq. Rev. I). Wauchope Rev. W. S. Paul Rev. H. R. Knapp Rev. E. Jones Rev. J. L. Welherall Rev. W. V. Robin. ort Rev. Septimus Hudson Rev. Joseph Knight Rev. E. Griffin Rev. Whitehouse Rev. Jackson o To the Debtors and Creditors of Mr. JOHN ADAMS, late of KETTERING, in the County of Northampton, Draper, deceased. ALL Persons to stn deliver an Account thereof to ( he Rev. Geo. Bugs, and John Adam « , of Kettering aforesaid, the Administrators order that the same may be examined and discharged ; and all Persons who stand indebted lo the aforesaid Estate, are re- quested In pay their respective Debts to the said G. Bugg and John Adams. Kettering, Sept. 9th, 1812. JOHN ADAMS takes this Opportunity of making his unfeigned Acknowledgments to the numerous Friends of his late Father and himself, fir the Favours they have so many Years conferred upon them; and begs to assure them, that as lie intends to continue the LAC E and D* APERY BUSINESSES, iu all their Branches, he will endeavour to merit the Continuance of their Approbation and Support. Part of the DRAJERY STOCK is now selling at reduced Prices. the Aylesbury and llockliffe. Turnpike. NOTICE is hereby given. That a Meeting of Trustees acting in the Execution ofthe Act of Parliament for more effectually amending, widening, and repairing the Road leading from Aylesbury, in the County of Buckingham, to Hockliffe, in the County of Bedford, will be holden at the GEORGE I NN, in AYLESBURY, on TUESDAY the 15th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose ot proceeding in the Execution ot the said Act. And Notice is hereby further given, that at such Meeting, new Trustees will be elected and appointed in the Room of those Trustees who are dead, or have refused to set. By Order of five of the Trustees, Aylesbury, 29/ A August, 1812. THOS. T! tf DA L, Clerk. To be I. KIT on LEASE to the Best Bidder, At an Assembly of the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of the Town of Northampton, at the Guildhall, in the said Town, on Monday the 21st Day ot September instant, at Three o'Ciock in the Atternonn, for such Terms of Years as shall be then and there mentioned, and subject to such Conditions an shall be at the same Time produced, ASubstantial MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with convenient attached and detached Offices, Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances, situate in SHEEP- STREET, in the Town of N O RT H A M P TO N, no w i n t he Occu pat ion of M r. F. Sternberg. A MESSUAGE or TENE M E NT.' with the Yard, Garden, Well of excellent Water, arid Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in SA, MT MARY'S. STREET, in the Town of NO RTH- AMPTON aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Samuel Walker. A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, next adjoining to the last- mentioned Premises, with tile Yard, Garden, and Appur- tenances thereunto belonging, now in the Occupation of John Wilford, TWO MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with convenient Out- buildings, Yard or Piece of Ground adjoining, situate in DF. RN- GATE, in the said Town, now in the several Occupations of Joseph West and Charles Prince. A large antl convenient WAREHOUSE, under the West Part ofthe Guildhall, fronting Mercers'- Row, in the said Town. TWO. large and convenient WAREHOUSES, under . the North- Part of the GUILDHALL, fronting the Market- Square. A PIECE ofe< ceedingiy rich GARDEN GROUND, well planted with choice Fruit- Trees, with a Well of excellent Water, situate at the lower End and on the West- Side of Cow- LANE, now in the Occupation of Joseph Tonsley. A PI EC'li ot exceedingly rich GARDEN, now in the Occu- pation of Mrs. Law, well planted with choice Fruit- Trees, situate behind Saint Peter's Church. A STABLE or BUILDING, with a CLOSE or PIECE of GARDEN GROUND adjoining, now in the Occupation ot George Maine and Mrs. Inwood, situate in Saint Ediriund's- End, near the said Town Fnr further Particulars, apply to Mr. JEYE « , Town- Clerk, Northampton. Right Hon. Lord Montague Right Hon. Lord Sondes Right Hon. Lord Lilford. Lord Viscount Althorp, M. P. The Hon. George Watson The Hon. and Rev. R. B. Stopford The Hon. Barbara Cockayne Medlycott Sir John Palmer, Bart. Sir Justinian tsham, Bart. Sir Charles Knightley, Burt, Win. Hanbury, Esq. M. P. T. C. Maunsell, F. sq. Charles Tihbits, Esq, J. C. Rose, Esq. | N THURSDAY M ORNING the 1st of OCTOBER, 1S12, will be performed, THE SACRED ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH. Oil FRIDAY MORNING the 2d of OCTOBER, A GRAND SELECTION OF SACRED M U S I C, From the favourite Works of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Marcello, and other eminent Composers. And on each Eveningat the Assmmi. y ROOM, at the WHITE HART INN, GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS; Consisting of Grand Symphonies, favourite Songs, Solos, Concertos, and some of the most popular Glees performing at the different Vocal Concerts. Principal Performers already engaged, Mrs. DICKONS, Master KING, Miss D. TRAVIS, and Miss TRAVIS, Mr. Goss, Mr. VAUGHAN, and Mr. BELLAMY. Leader of the Band, Dr. HAGUE, Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge. Organ and Grand Piano Forte, Mr. BARRETT. Principal Second Violin, Mr. WM. MABSHAEL; Principal Violoncello, Mr. C. J. ASHLEY ; Principal Viola, Mr. R. ASHLEY; Principal Hautboy, Mr. ERSRINE: Principal Bassoon, Mr. HOLMES; Principal Trumpet, Mr, SCHMIDTZ ; Principal Double Bass, Mr. JOVE; Double I) rums, Mr. JENKINSOH. Among the other principal Performers are Messrs. Wng- staff, Marshall, Cole, Valentine, Gee, Wilkinson, Stern- berg, Vernnn, Dorieri, & c. The Remainder of the Band will be numerous and complele, and selected frnra London, Cambridge, F. ly, Peterborough. Stamford, Leicester, Northampton, & c. & c. Sic. Further Particulars iu a future Paper. f( 3T Tickets to he h id of Collis St Dash, Kettering ; and of the Printers of this Paper,— No Money will be taken at the Doors. ORDINARIES will he provided each Day at the WHITE HART and GEORGE INNS, at Four o'Clork ; where Iufor malion respecting; Lodgings may be obtained. MUSIC for a BALI,, if required, each Evening after the Concert. >-,..- WARKWORTII FILLE. JOllS OSBORN, . Farmer, of WA IIKWOHTII, Suf- ferer by Fire, returns his grateful Acknowledgment f, r the clutritable Contributions which have been mad,- f. r hi » Relief. By a former Advertisement it anpear^ d, ihat ( lie Losses of ( he poorer Sufferers had been made good, and ihat £ 132. 9s. Id. had been given to J. Osborn ; the Whole Amount of Subscriptions since received, according to the Statement below ( after the Expenses incurred huve been deducted), has likewise been paid to him f for which lie takes this Oppor- tunity of returning his sincere Thanks. £, s- Amount of Subscriptions before advertised 194 5 5 Subscriptions since reciiaed. Parish of Greatwnrth 0 Parish of. Newbottle 6 I Parish of Boddicott 3 2 Parish of Bloxham... 7 9 Parish of Middleton ( second Subscription) 1 5 1 Printing and circulating Letters . Advertisements £\ .. 1 18 12 0 - 2 15 6 keceived BV J. Osbnrn 15 6 S 1>^! OTIClvis hereby given, That the PARTNF. B- X' SHIP lately subsisting between u « . the undersigned ROBERT GRAY and JOHN BLAKE, of tile Town of BUCKINGHAM, Surgeons and Apothecaries, WAS DISSOLVED IV MUTUAL CONSENT on llieSih Day of August last.— All Persons standing inlehted to the said Partnership are le- quested to pay their respective Debts to the said Robert Gray, hv whom all Claims upon the said Partnership will be tati- fied and discharged.— Witness nur Hands the fifth Day of September, 1812. ROBERT GRAY. Turnpike- Road from Peterborough to Thorney, NOTICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament at the next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill for continuing the Term, and altering, enlarging, and amending the Powers of an Act of Parliament passed in the Thirty- second Year of the Reign ot his present Majesty, in- tituled" An Act for amending, widening, and keeping in Re- " pair, the Road leading from SWAN'SPOOL- BR 1 DOE, in the City " of PET F. R BOROUGH, to the Town of THORN EY , in the Isle of " Ely, in the County of Cambridge, and for altering the Course " of some Part of the said Ro. id ;" and also for increasing the TOLLS granted by the said Act, which said Road passes into or through the Parishes or Places following, viz. Saint John tire Baptist, Peterborough and Eve, in the County of North ampton, and Thorney, in the Lie of . Fiiy, and County of Cambridge.— Dated this 25th Day of August, 1P12. By Order ot the Trustees, WM. MORLEY, Clerk. NOTICE is hereby given. That the PARTNER- SHIP existing between WILLIAM WELCH and TIMOTHY HALL, of NELI.- BRIDGD WHARF, in ( he Parish of Adderhurv, in the County of Oxford, WILL RK DissoLVEDonthe29ihOay of September instant.— A11 Persons indebted to the said Estate are requested forthwith to pav the same. Dated ( he third Day of September one Thousauii eighi Hundred and Twelve. WILLIAM WELCH. Witness,— PETF. R BIGNEEE. TIMOTHY HALL." 1VTOTICE is hereby given, That Application is i ~ intended to be made to ihe Honnurable House of Com- mons, iu the next Sessions of Parliament, for Leave to brin; in a Bill for dividing and inclosing the open and until Fields, common Meadows, common Pastures, Commons, Waste and other commonable Lands aud Grounds in Ihe Parish of WHADDON, with NASH, in the County of Buckingham. LANCELOT WYATT. Winslow, September 8th, 1812. ALL Persons who are indebted to the Estate of the late GEORGE THOMAS, Esq. of BRACKLEY, in the County of Northampton, are required forthwith to pay the Amnunt of their Debts to Mr. Jones, of Brackley, one of the Executors.— And all Persons who have Claims upon the Estate, are requested to transmit to him Accounts of such Claims, that ihev may be discharged. BIGG I . ESWADE ASSOCIATION, For the speedy Apprehension and effectual Prosecution of florae and Sheep- Steaters, Felons, and Thieves of every Denomination. INSTITUTED IN 1802. AT a Meeting of the Members of sncli Association, held in Pursuance of public Notice, at the Rose Inn, in Biggleswade, on Friday Ihe 5th Day of June, 1812, it was resolved to continue the following Rewards for the Appre- hension nf Offenders, guilty nf the following Offences against the Persons or Property of any Member of this Association. d. 0 jVl OlICE is hereoy given, That Application is intended IN to be made to Parliament ia the next Session, fot a Bill to be passed into an Act for continuing the Term and amending, altering, and enlarging the Powers of three several Acts of Parliament, respectively passed in the 30th Year of the Reign of his late Majesty, and in the 9th and 30th Years of ilia Reign ot his present Majesty, for amending, widening, ami keeping in Repair the Road from Hitchin, in " the County ot Hertford, through Shetford, to the Turnpike- Road fruni Saint Albans to Bedford; the Road leading thereout through Henlow Field, to Gerford Bridge, and the Roads from Shefford Way- Post to the Turnpike- Road at Hernlow, and from Henlow to Arlsey, in the County of Bedford ; which said Roads pass from, through, or into the several Townships, Parishes, Hamlets, Insliips, or Places ot Hitchin, and Ickletord, in the County of Hertford, ancfof Shitlington, Holwell, Lower- Stondon, Upper- Stondon, Meppershill, Campton, Shetford- Hard wick, Southill, Hawnes, Escorts, Cardington, Saint Mary's, in the Town of Bedford, Henlow, Arlsey, Clifton, Upper- Cildecot, Lower. Caldecot, Hatch, Old- Warden, Hill, Northill, litest on, Thorn- cut, Broom, aud Stanford, in the County of Bedford, or soma of them. In which said Bill an increase or Alteration of the existing Tolls, Rates, or Duties, granted by the said Acts, or some or one of them, is intended to be proposed.— Dated the 7tU Day of September, 1812. D. TIMES, Clerk to the Trustees. Growing Crops of Corn. To be S O L I) by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY 4- SON,, On Wednesday the 16th Day of September, lS12, in the open Fields ot ASHTON and ROAD, Northamptonshire, the Property of Mr. J. HILL ; ^ COMPRISING six Acres of Barley, 20Acres of Beans, and eight Acres of Beans and Peas, in Lots. Barns and Yards will be allowed for the Purchasers to spend the Straw in till the 25th of March next. Four Months' Credit will be given on approved Security. N. B The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneers, at the Crown Public House, in Ashton, at Twelve o'Ciock, to- proceed to Sale. JOHN BLAKE. Genteel Household- Furniture, Linen, Glass and China, valuable Library of Hooks in elegant Bindings. Cellar of choice old Wines from 10 to 40 Fears old. four Hog- sheads of fine. Ale, complete Set of Breteing- Utensils, sweet Casks, Fixtures, Curricle, and Effects— Mellon- Mowbray, Leicestershire. • To he S O L I) hv AUCTIO N„ By Messrs. BURTON HIST, On Thursday the 17th of Septemher, 1SI2, and following Dav, at Kleveno* Clock, onthe Premises, MELTON- MOWBRAY, Leicestershire, AI. I. the genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, LINEN, GLASS, CHIN<\. BOOKS, WINES, and EFFECTS, of JOHN GOO DF. R K, Esquire, ronnving ; consisting of handsome Four. post Bedsteads with Furnitures, prime seasoned Feather- Reds and Bedding, an elegant Drawing- room Suite, Set of capital Mahoganv Claw Dining Tables. Pembroke, Sofa, and Card Tables, Cellaret Sideboard, ex « ellent Drawing- room Chairs, finished in Morocco, japanned Chamber Chairs, Chests of Drawers, Chi. inev and Pier Glasses, an ornamental Mirror, Turkey. Brussels, and Kidderminster Carpets, modern Register » nd other Stoves, Kitchen- Requisites, Range, Brewing- Copper, Set of Brewing- Utensils, svteet Beer- Casks, Curricle and Har- ness, Stable Implements, and hniscelbnoous Effects. To be viewed two Days previous to the Sale; when Cata- logues mav be had on the Premises: at the principal Inns at Leicester, Grantham, Nottinsiham, Oakham, and Loughborough * nd of Messrs Burton & Rist, 62, Cornhill, London. Gout Inn, St. A/ bans, llerls. To be oeremptorilv SOLD hv AUC TION, By P. GUTTERIDG E, Without Reserve, on the Premises, on Saturday the loth of September, 1912, at Two o'Clnck, in one Lot, A IX that valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, the GOAT INN and extensive PREMISES, at ST. ALBANS, Part in the Occupation ot Mr. F. Woodbridge, Tenant at Will, and the Remainder in Hand. The Goat Inn comprises an excellent Kitchen and two good Parlours in Front, a back Parlour and Kitchen, a good Laundry, Pantries, am) other useful Offices; nine good Bed. Rooms, ex- cellent Cellaring, a compact Brewhouse, Malt and Corn- Lofts, an extensive Ramie ot S'ablins for above 60 Horses, large Yard, • with Well of excellent W iter near the J4otise; a Garden, Wood- House, and Coal- Shed; in the Occupation ot Mr. F. Wood- bridge, Tenant at Will. Also, a Cottage, in Hand; together with a Range of Stabling sn; i l. oft?, in Front, for 22 Horses, and a detached Stable for nine Horses; the greatest Partof the above Premises are bricked and tiled, and. with a small Exception, in rood Repair; they are trulv worthy of a > y Per on's Attention who may bedesirous'of enteiing th'- Public Lme of Business; it is considered a good Situation to establish a Common Brewery, or for any other Business requiring Room; it may be advantageously converted Into Dwelbng- Houses, which are much wanted in the Neigh- bourhood — Immediate Possession may be had on taking some iew Brewing- Utensils and Fixtures at a fair Valuation. Fora View of the Estate, apply on the Premises, where Par- ticulars and Conditions of Sale niay be had ; also at the Golden Linn, Sr. John- Street, and Ram Inn. Smithfield, London Royal Waggon, Barnet; Essex Arms, Watford; Bell, Hemel Hempstead; the principal Inns at Hitchin and Baldock; Red I. ion, l. uton and Dunstable; Bull, Ware; Salisbury Arms, Hatfield; and of 1'. Gutteridic, Auctioneer, St. Albans. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. T1TE, On the Premises lately occupied by Mr. FAULKNER, at l. ONC- BUCKBY, in the County of Northampton, on Tuesday next the 15th ot September, 1812, removed there for the Convenience of Sale, rTPWARDS nf 150 Ijits of genteel and useful IIOUSF.- U HOLD- FURNITURE : consisting of Four- Post Maho- gany Bedstead, with white Dimity Furniture complete, and other Bedsteads, Goose and other Feather- Beds, Blankets and Bedding ; Mahogany Nest of Drawers, capital firge Mahogany Desk, an Ornament to any Gentleman's Library, having been used for that Purpose in a Nobleman's, in this County ; Oak, Dining, and other Tables, 30- Hour Clock ( by Burning) ; Oak and other (' baits. Sets of China, Crockery Ware and Glasses, Kitchen- Range, Sets of Fire- Irons, Smok ® - Jack. with- Whimsey, Pewter, and other Kitchen- Requisites, well wor'h the Attention of the Public. The Sale to begin precisely at Ten o'Ctork. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, By Mr. DUMBT. raON, Upon the Premises, on Thursday the 24th of September, 1812, at Six o'Clnck in the Evening, A] T, those truly valuable and extensive PREMISES or INN, called or known by the WHITE HART INN, centrically situate in the populous and flourishing Market Town of RUGBY. The Premises consist ot a good Kitchen, Parlour aud Bar, Larders and Cellars, large commodious Dining- room, good Sleeping- rooms, & c. ; large spacious Yard, with newly erected Stables, capable of containing 40 Horses; good Brcwhouse, and a Pump and Well of good Water ad- joining the same. For further Particulars, enqui'e of Mr. DUMBLETON, the Auctioneer, Daventry ; or Mr. BOSWORTH, upon the Premises, who is retiring toanother Part of the Country. Prime Farming- Stock. To be SOLD hv AUCTION, B< t Mr. DVMBLETON. Upon the Premises of Mr. F1UCKLE, at M1CKLE MOOR FARM, one Mile from Daventry, in the County of North- ampton, on Thursday and Friday the 24th and 25th Days of Svpiember, 1812, LL the truly valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK of the said Mr. HUCKLE. The Live Stock consists of a prime Flock of Sheep and Lambs in convenient l ots, a Number of prime Dairy and other Beasts, 10 capital Draught- horses and Mares, with Tackle complete for the sanie; also the Whole of the Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Hurdles, and Ladders, together with the Whole of the Live and Dead Stock of the said Mr. Huckle, who is leaving his Farm at Michaelmasnext. C. talogues may be had at the principal Inns; the Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, Swan Intl. Daventry. On Account of the great Number of Lots, the Auctioneer requests the Favnur of the Company each Morning at Ten o'Ciock For the Benefit af Creditors. To be SOL D bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. KNIBB, At the Swan Inn, Newport . Pagnell, Bucks, on Monda> the 14th of September. 1812, THE prime and valuable STOCK in TRADE of Mr. JOHN SMITH, of LONDON, Lace and Warehouseman; comprising_ several Thousand Yards of Thread Lace and Edging? and Cap- Pieces, & c. from the lowest to the broadest I/ ices of every Description, bhek Silk Laces, Nottingham Patent Net, Veils, Gloves, Shawls, and Cotton Shirts, Handkerchiefs, and a great Quantity of low Goods, Scotch Gauzes, witji many other Articles too numerous to particularize. The Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Ciock in the Forenoon. Freehold Messuage in lhe High- Street, Newport - Pdgnetl, Land- Tax exonerated, with immediate Possession. To be S O I. D bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. KNIBB, At the Swan Inn. in New pot Pagnell, Bucks, on Saturday next the 19th of September, 1812, between the Hours of Two and Three in the Afternoon, ASubstantial FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, most eligibly and advantageously situate tor Trade in the Centre of . the H1 c rt- ST « ET, in N E WPO RT- P A GNF LL directly opposite the Swan Inn, containing agood Cellar, Shop, Parlour, Kitchen, three Sleeping- rooms, and two Rooms 011 the Attic Story, with a large leiden Cist rn in the Yard. 1 d other Conveniences, late in the Occupation of Mr. Jethro Inwond, Bookseller, Druggist, & c. A RIGHT of COMMON for TWO HEAD of CATTLE, in the fertile Pasture of BURY FIELD; aid a CUT oi GRASS in BURY MEADOW, are appurtenant to theabove Premises. Immediately after the Sale ofthe House, will be SOLD bv AUCTION, The singularly neat and useful SHO P- FIX TUR ES. late of Mr. IN WOOD; comprising Mahogany and Deal Counters Glass- Cases, with folding, sliding, and tingle Doors, Drawer of various Sizes, Shelves, Sic. Sec. Also, an exceedingly good Mahoganv Office or Counting- House DESK, wilh two Flaps, and Drawers complete. Also, a complete and capital Set of BOOKBINDING TOOLS, PRESSES, and UTENSILS thereto belonging, about 500 BOOKS, and sundry other Articles. N. B. A TAXED CART nearly new. Fnr every Burglary, Highway or Footpad Robbery 5 Stealing any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, nr stealing, or killing with intent to steal, any Ox, Cow, Calf; or other neaf Cattle, Sheep or Lamb 5 5 0! Wilfully or maliciously killing or maiming, or other wise disfiguring the same 3 3 0 Wilfully or maliciously setting Fire to any llou « e, Out- house, Barn, Stable, Stack or Rick nf Corn, Grain, Hay, Straw, VVood, Furze, Gorse, or Fagots 5 5 0 Stealing Corn or Grain, thrashed or unthrashed, or Hay out or from any Barn, Stack, Hovel or Rick 2 2 0 Stealing the same whilst growing, or in Shocks or Cocks ...,..., 1 1 0 Forging or Counterfeiting any Deed, Will, Bond, W riling obligatory Bill of Exchange, Promissory Note, Draft, or Order for Payment of Money, • Indorsement or Assignment of any Hill of Exchange or Promissory Note, Acquittance or Receipt for Money or Goods, or uttering or publishing the same as true, knowirg the same lo be forged, false, ( vr counterfeit, with intent to defraud any Member of this Association Stealing any Coach, Chaise, Berlin, Landau, Calash, Phaeton, Chariot, Chair, Sedan, Gig, Waggon, Cavt, Plough, or Implement of Husbandry, or anv Iron W ork or Materials belonging thereto... 2 Stealing any Pigs or Poultry, or maliciously killing th- same' 2 2 0 Robbing anv Garden or Fish Pond 1 I 0 Ditto Orchard 0 10 Stealing, or maliciously killing or maiming any Dogs 1 I 0 Cutting down, Barking, or wantonly dtunaging or destroying any Tree or Trees, Sapling, Wood, or Q. iicksets, or pulling up, d imaging or destroying auv Fir, Larch, Poplar, or other Tree or Shrub, planted in any Park, Lawn, Paddock, Garden, op other Place 2 2 0 Stealing Turnips, Green Peas, or Potatoes from the Fields ; 1 1 Breaking, or stealing any Hedges, Gates, Sheep Pens. Siilcs, Posts, Rails, Pales, or any Jrnn Work, belonging ( hereto I 1 0 Maliciously breaking the Windows. of any Dwelling House, or Olit- h- iuse adjoining v. 1 1 0 Stealing any f'imher. or Coals 110 And for other Criminal Offences, not herein- before specified such Reward or Rewards as the Committee of the Associa- tion shall direct or appoint. PRESENT LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS. 5 5 0 2 0 A1 Valuable Freehold Public- House and Malting, wilh immediate Possession. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. WOOD, On the Premises, on Monday, September 14th, 1812, precisely at Threeo'Clock in the Afternoon, \ LL. that much- frequented PUBLIC- HOUSE, the SWAN, L\ centrically situate in tha populous Village of STFWK LE Y, ir. the County of Buckingham; consisting of four comtorrable Sleeping. rooms. Kitchen, Dwelling- House, Parlour, convenient Brewltousc, with a Pump of excellent Water therein, extensive Cellar, Pantry, Wood- Barn, Stable and Pigsty, and well. con- structed and old- accustomed Malt- House, which v< ill wet li Quarters weekly, with suitable Lofts and Store- Rnoms, a large Yard, Garden and Orchard planted with Fruit Trees, the Whole containing about one Acre. Theabove Premises are " 111 the Occupation of the Proprietor are in full Trade, and immediate Possession may be had. The Purchaser to take the Brewing- Utensils and Casks at a fair Valuation. — May be viewed, by applying to Mr. William HEDGES, on the Premises ; and further Information may be had of Mr. WILLIS, Solicitor, Winslow; Messrs. WILLIS, Soli- citors, or Mr. WOOD, Leighton. Buzz. ird. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DVMBLETON, Upon the Premises of Mr. DEVONSHIRE, of KILSRY, in the Countv of Northampton, 011 Monday and Tuesday the 28th and 29th Days of Septemher, 1812, ALL the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, STOCK in TRADE, and other EFFECTS, ofthe said Mr. DEVONSHIRE. The household- Furniture consists of good Feather and Flock- Beds and Bedding, Bedsteads and Furniture, Sheets andTable- Linen ; Mahogany and other Tables and Chairs, Chests of Drawers; sweet Iron- bound Ca^ ks, Copper, Brass, and Tin Ware, together with every Article of Household- Furniture in general — The Stock consists of a prime Assortment of Drapery Gorxls in general, which will be sold in small Lots for the convenience of the Public. The Sale to commence each Day at Ten o'Ciock. Household Furniture, Mtadiw Ilay, Road Horse, $ e. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, , By T. WOOD, On Wednesday September 23d. 1812, on the Premises of Mr JOHN I. UTTFIELD, leaving his Businessat BONE- END, near Great- Berkhampstead, Herts; CCOMPRISING Four- post Bedsteads and Furnitures, V Feather and Flock- Beds, Blankets and Counterpanes ; Mahogany Drawers, Pier and Swing- Glasses, Mahogany, Chamber, and Windsor Chairs, Mahogany Dining, and other Tables, Scotch Carpet, Kitchen- Requisites in Copper, Pewter, and Brass, China and Glass, Bath Stoves, Kitchen- Range; Brewing and Washing - Coppers, sweet Iron- bound Casks, Mash - Vat and Working - tubs : Harness for three Horses, Saddle and Bridle, capital Road Horse, Rick of Meadow Hay, about 10 Tons ; Rick of old Ditio, abont sevn Tons; Corii- Rin, Barn- Tackle. Number of Sacks, Wood, & c. with various other useful Articles.— The Sale will commence at Ten o'Ciock. Catalogues may be had at the Inns at Berkhampstead ; Bell, Hemel - Hempstead ; Place of Sale; and of Mr. WOOD, LcijhtOn- Buzzard. Allen, . Tames, Snuthmills, Farmer Allen, W. Temiisford, Farmer Banks, Eattln Spcon, Far- mer ish t'. dw. Old Warden, Victualler Brit- heno, J. Biggleswade, Esquire Blanehard, Geo, Eyeworth, fanner Barber, Mrs'. Broom House . Barnet I, Mrs Stratlon Park Blewitt, T. Saudj, Hwse- Dealer Brimley, J. Willington, Far- mer- Brunt, William, Biggleswade, . Oil iper Brunt, .). Ditto, Ditto Burton, W. Dttio, Innkeeper Chapman, W'. Ditto, Attorney Conquest, G. Ditto, Glazier Ooot, T. Griiford, Farmer Donne, John, Biggleswade, Maltster Endersby, Elizabeth, Camp- ion, Farmer Fisher, W. Lower Caldecot Flint., W. Lai. gford, Farmer ' Foster, ,1. Esq. Biggleswade, Merchant Fowler, F. llenlow, . Parmer Free, E. Drax, 0. D. Sutton Rectory Gall, L. Biggleswade, Sur- geon Holbfn, R. Eyeworth, Far- mer Herbert, N. V. Esq. Girtfnrd, Merchant Hughes, Wm Biggleswade, Butcller Hewlett, Jos. Langford, Far- mer Inskip, W. Lower Caldecot; Farmer Inskip, 11. Old Warden, Far- mer Lancaster, J. Biggleswade, Draper Holme - Mills, Laxtsn, R. Mealman La\ ton, T. Everton, Farmer Maiden, Jos. Biggleswade, Builder Monk, G. W. Esq. Holine • Mo, sop, the Rev. G. E. Big- gleswade Meen, J. Biggleswade, Gent. Machin, P. Holwell, Farmer Nash, C. Biggleswade, Meal- man Nulling, D. Hotwell, Farmer Norman, W. Blunhnm, Meal- in an Norman, M. Broom, Farmer Ongley, Hon. Samuel, Sandy Place Perkins, Tho. Biggleswade, Innhnlder Peslell, W. Stntfnld, Miller and Cnrnfactor Pryor, C. Biggleswade, Iron- monger Race, W. Biggleswade, Inn- holder Race, J. Stratlon, Farmer Roberts, Wm. Biggleswade, Grocer , . Sales,' Mesdames, Broom- S » uthill Squire, J. Burder, Stratton, Farmer Sutton, Sam. Muggerhanger, Gent. SI inn, J. Bedford, Innholder Tingey, Henry, Tempsford, Farmer Thornton, S. Esq. Mugger- hanger' House Thorpe, T. Hawnes. E'sq. Walker, W. Esq. Highlands Place Wells, S. Esq. Biggleswade, Banker Wliitbread, S. Esq. M. P. Southill Holise Wilson,' S. Holme, Gent. Wilson, W. Innholder, Big- gleswade Young, J. Langford, Farmer To be S O I. D by A U CTIO N, By JOHN DAYS: f SON, At the Cobham Arms Inn, in Buckingham, on Thursday the 17th Day of September, 1812, at Three o'Ciock in the Afternoon ( in oneormore Lot or Lots as will be then announced, and under Conditions to be then produced), ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situated in the Prebend End of the Town of BUCKINGHAM ( many Years the Residence of Mrs. Marv Ashwell, lately deceased)! consisting of two Sitting- rooms, five Sleeping- rooms, Kitchens, Cellar, &.;. with Garden, Wood- Barn, Pump of excellent Waier, andother Conveniences. Immediate Possession may be had. Also, three COTTA G ES adjoining the above mentioned Pre- mises, in the several Occupations ot Wm. Fountain, Dinati Jackson, and William Betts. Fora View ofthe Premises, apply thereon ; and for further Particulars, to Messrs HEARN, Solicitor, in Buckingham. Wheat ami Barley. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DA Y < 5 SON, On Friday the ISth of September, 1812, in a Field near the Sign ot the Black Horse, in the Parish of GREAT- LINFORD, near Newport. Pignell, Bucks, NINETEEN ACRES of WHEAT, which is now CUT and shocked, and will be sold in Lots; also, SIX ACRES of BARLEY.— The Straw of the Whole to be taken off the Premises, The Sale will commence at Ten o'Ciock in the Morning. Clover and Hay, Farming- Stock, 4 c. To be S O" I. D bv A U CTIO N, By JOHN DAY &• SON, On Tuesday the 22d of September, 1812, on a Farm in SHER- RINGTON FIELD, near N , W PORT- P ACN > LI, Bucks, the Property of Mr. RICHARD HIGGINS, who is declining the Farming Business, ONE large Rick, of excellent Clover, about 20 Tons ; one- Rick otnew Hay ; four stout and very useful Cart- Horses. with Gears, a capital Five year- old well- bred Horse, fit for the Road or Hunting, one Fat Cow, 42 Ewe Sheep and Lambs, two Six- inch Carts, Field- Roll, Ploughs and Harrows, a Dressing- machine, Number of very good Corn- Sacks, Horse and Sheep- Cribs, Bean- Mill. one Churn, and other Effects.— The Clover and Hay to be taken off the Premises, and Credit given for the same. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Ciock precisely. A valuable Stock of Sheep. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY & SON, On Wednesday the 23d of September, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. R. RATL1FFE, at HAVERSHAM, near Newport- Pignell, Bucks, who has Lett a Part of his Farm, '" S'MIE under- mentioned SHEEP, in Lots: 1 270 EWES, 80 THEAVES, 63 WETHERS, 13 WESTERN EWES. - 18i LAMBS, and 6 TUPS. The Sheep will be penned for Inspection by Nine o'Clock ir » the Morning, and the Sals will commence at Eleven o'Ciock precisely. Catalogues, describing Particulars of each Lot, will be ready tor Delivery five Days before Sale;. may be hid at the principal Inns in the neighbouring Towns, at the Place of Sale, and of the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. Ljles, W. Langford, Farmer WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Biggleswade, Solicitor and Treasurer. Excellent old and new Hay, Hones, Cotes, Sheep, Sfc.. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By JOHN DA Y Sf SON, On Thursday the 24th of September, 1812, on the Premises of Mr.. HAM , at BUTTERMILK FARM, in the Parish ot" LITTLE- B RLCKFIL LL, near WOBURN, Beds, who is leaving the Farm, rrnVO Ricks of old Ilav, and one Rick of new Hay, the * Whole to be taken off the Premisesi two Ia- foal Cart Maresi, three grey Cart Yearling Colts, one Cart Silly, one Five- year- old Nag Horse, one Nag Mare by Hercules, one Colt by Sorrel, eight In- calf Cows and Heifers, one long- horned Bull and six Sturks, 50 South- down Fwes, 12 poried Ewes, and 50 polled Shearhogs, with other Effects. The Sale to'commence at ElevenoKClock precisely. Neat Household- Furniture and F. ffects, Towcesten, in the County of . Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN RAY SON, On the Premises of Mrs. GRANT, who is leaving Towcester, on Thursday the 1st of October next, and following Day, 1M1K HOUSEHOLD. FURNITURE, BREWING- VESSELS, BEER- CASKS, & c.— The Furniture com- prises Four- post, Jent, and other Bedsteads, with printed Cotton, Manchester, and Check Furnitures; fine Goose- coat and other Beds, Mattresses, Cotton Counterpanes, Quilts and Blankets, Chests ot Drawers, a Cabinet, Night- Tables, Basin- Stands, See. ; Pier and Swing Glasses, Mahogany Dining, Tea, and Card Tables, Sofa, Bedsteads with Chintz Furniture, and Drawing- mom Chairs, with Window- Curtains to correspond; Brussels, Wilton, ahd other Carpets, a Barometer, in Maho- gany Frame; Kitchen- Furniture in Pewter, Brass, and Copper; Brewing Tubs and Beer- Casks, five Milk- Leads, and vjrioua other Effects, which will be expressed in Catalogues to be had, fonr Days before Sale, at the Angel, Northampton ; Wheat Sheaf, Daventry; Tlace of Sale; and of tie Auctioneers, in Stony. Stratford. The Northampton M e r c u r y a i ; d General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Be J fort), Buetinghan-, IlarUuigdotT, Ltiw'sUT, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford T 3In « nticti Monument TO THE MEMO R V OF The Rinht Horn SPFNCER PERCEVAE. ° SUBSCRIPTIONS. Amount of Snhscriptions before advertised ..,£ 923 IS John Gibson, Esq. Custom- House, J. M. Kirbv. Ksq. Towcester... Hon. Frederick S. N. Douglas . Rev. Thomas Fawcett London 10 10 3 3 0 5 5 0 2 2 0 Subscription's are received bv Messrs. Pra- ds, Alarkworth. & 0n. Bankers. London; and by Messrs. Smith, Hall, & Co. Bankers, Northampton. The largest and most magnificent Orrery in the Kingdom. Accompanied bv the CELF. STIN A, Whose Dulcet Notes infinitely excel in Melody any Instrument ever vet invented. THEATRE, NORTHAMPTON. ON FRIDAY. MONDAY, nndTuESOAY, the 18th, 21st, and 22d of SEPTEMBER, at SIX o'clock, MR. LLOYD will give his COURSE of AS- TRONOMICAL LECTURES, illustrated by the DIOASTRODOXOV; OR, GRAND TRANSPARENT ORRERY.— This luminous Orrery familiarly explains the Seasons, the Moon, Eclipses, Tides, and Comets, and the Course. embraces everv modern Discoverv in evcrv varied Form that can charm the Eye, elevate the Mind, and connect the HATURAL with the MORAL SENSE, on a Scale of Magnitude and Splendour never yet displayed in this Town The Public will not confound this comprehensive Survey of the Heavens with any minor Exhibition of a similar Descrip- tion, n » other Person in the Kingdom being in Possession of an Arrangement so voluminous and liheral. Subscription to the Course ( three Lectures), Nine Shillings. Tickets transferable. Subscriptions are received by Mr. BIROSALL, Bookseller and Stationer; of whom may be had, an Epitome of the , Course, Price Is. PS At Inst • 1 SACRED MUSIC, & r. Sec, Just published in four Books, /' rice d'l- 2s or may It had separately. Book I and II, at 5s. each ; und III and J I', at, 6s. each, \ LM TUNES with SYMPHONIES, and an trumentsil Rass adapted for the Use of Country Choirs, and figured for the Organ or Pianoforte, composed by TlfOM AS CLARKE, of Canterbury, and sold by J. A H E L, Bnnk and Musicseller, fyc. NORTHAMPTON. Of whom may be had. Bonk I and II of Jar man's Sacred Music ( Book III, will shortlv be published); Handel's Messiah* Songs and Duets; and Vocal, Works, b. v Dr. Clarke. Also Sacred Music bv Key, Smith, Rippou, Adams. Tol hurst, Williams, Bond, and Luarh ; Creation, hv Haydn; the Clerk's Companion, by Green ; Walker's Companion to Rippon, & c. tkc. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, & c. Grand and Square Pianofortes for Sale, or to lelt out to Hire ; a very extensive and excellent Assortment of Bass Viols, best London made; Tenors, Violins, Bassoons, Serpents, Cym- bols, Tenormin*, Tambourines, Clarionets, Flutes, aud Hautboys, with every other Musical Instrument, and Books of Instructions, Reeds, Strings, & c. with a large Assortment of modern Music always on Sale. JEWELLERY, & c. Also, an excellent Assortment of morle- n Jewellery; consisting of Ladies and Gentlemen's Gold Watches, Chains, Seals, and Keys; Wedding and Fancy Rings; Gold, Pearl, Cornelian, and Coral Brooches; Coral, Cornelian, and Amber Neck- laces and Bracelets, & c. & c. Northampton, Sept 4th, 1812. NORTHAMPTON, Sept. 9th, 1812. THE Gentlemen of the TROOP of NORTHAMP- TON VOLUNTEER CAVALRY are requested to assemble on the M J ( IKET- HILL, In this Town, in marching Order, on THURSDAY the 17th Instant, at Half- past Nine in the Morning. WM. KERR, Cnpt.- Commandant. N. B. The Roll will he called precisely at Ten. ' Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. STPT EMBER 12th, 1812. THE ALTHORP, NORTHAMPTON, AND WY- MERSLEY TROOPS, are requested to assemble, in " Insnection Order, on the MARKET- PLACE, at NORTH- AMPTON, on MONDAY the 21st of SEPTEMBER instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised under their own Officers, in Pursuance of the Provisions of the General Volunteer Act.— The above- mentioned Troops will reihain in Quarters at Northampton on theSlstand22d. SPENCER. Colonel. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry, SEPTEMBER 12th, 1812. THE BRACKLEY, DAVENTRY. TOWCESTER, and CHIPPI G- W A RD EN TROOPS, arc requested to assemble, in Inspection Order, on the M ARK ET- PLACE, at DAVENTRY, on THURSO A Y the 24th of SEPTEMBER instant, at Five o'Clnrk in the Afternoon, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised under their own Officers, in Pursuance of the Provisions of the General Volunteer Act.— The above- mentioned Troops w ill remain in Quarters at Daventrv on the 24th, 25th, and 26th. SPENCER. Colonel. ; '• NORTHAMPTON MARKET WILL be hehl on FRIDAY thelSth of SF. PTF. M. ^ Eit Instant, instead of SATURDAY the 19ih, the CHEESE FAIR falling on that Day. J. CHAMBERS, Mayor. Northampton, Sept. 5th, ISIS. NOTICE SESSIO is hereby given, That a STATUTE ION for HIRING SERVANTS will he kept Hud held at the CHEQUER INN. ROWF. LL, the 2.11 of SEPTEMBER, 1812.— Dinner oil the Table at One o'clock. M. W \ TSON. rjpi HE COPY HOLD ESTATE, at UPPER and LOWEK- WF. EDON- BECK, advertised to be SOLO by AUCTION, by R. & E. BLARY, on Monday the 14th Instant, at the Sign of the Crown, Upper- Weedon, is unavoidably postponed to a future Day. N, NORTHAMPTON BOARDING SCHOOL: RS. WIClxES, with the most grateful Respe'ct. informs * her Friends, that in Consequence of t'- ie in- creased Number of her Pupils she has been under the Neces- sity of changing her Residence in AutNGTON- SrHftitT, for a larger House in SIIHEI'- STitEET, nearly opposite St. Sepulchre's Church. Sheep Street, Sept. 12, 1812 by To Wool Staplers, and others concerned in fVool. AGREEABLE to the Resolution entered into the Wool Staplers last Year,: their Annual Meeling future will be held upon the Market- Hilt. Cambridge" on the twenty- fifth Day of September. ( Signed) • Messrs. B. & W. WEDD, Foiilmire, SAMUEL LUCCOCK, Cambridge, WM. LYOJi & SON, Cambridge. Cambridge, Sept. 8. IS 12. BEDFORD MIMCAL FESTIVAL. Under the Patronage of his Grace the Duke of BEDFORD, and others of the Nobility and Gentry. ON THURSDAY MORNING the 24th of SEPTEMBER, 1812, will be performed, at ST. MARY'S CHURCH, BEDFORD, TIIE SACRED OltATORTO OF THE MESSIAH. On FRIDAY MORN IKC Ihe 25th of SEPTEMBER, A GRAND SELECTION OF SACRED MUSIC, From the Oratorios of Creation, Samson, Judas Maccabeus, . Tfphlhah. Israel i « Egypt. & c. & c. & c. And on each Evening, at ( he SWAN INN, A GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT, Consisting of Grand Symphonies, favourite Songs, Solos, Duels, popular Glees, iXc. Sic, Principal Performers from London, Oxford, Northampton, Sic. whose Names, with further Particulars, will appear in Handbills and next Week's Paper. To be S O L D by A U C T I O B„ It. 4- E. B I. A BY, On the 22d Dav of September, 1812, at the Red Lion, in WELTON, near Daventrv, ABOUT 17 Tons of excellent well gotten UPLAND HAY, standing near the said Village, off capital Land, and may be taken awav any Time before Lady- Day next, W- KLTON is only two Miles from Daventrv, two from Long- Buckby Wharf, nearly adjoins the Grand Junction Canal, and the Roads all sound and good to the surrounding Towns and Villages. Also, eight Acres of capital AFTERMATH; the Lairsound and dry, the Fences good, and a Spring of sweet Water upon the Land, to be Lelt on the 25th of March next. For a View of the above, apply to Mr. JOHN EARL, of Welton aforesaid. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand againsf the Estate of Mrs. ANN HOWK1NS, late of YARDLEY- HASTINGS, in the County of Northampton Widow, deceased, are requested to send an Account thereof to Mr Jonathan Howkins, of Castle- Ashhv. in the said County of Northampton, Grazier, Mr, Joseph Coles, of Cooknoe, in ( he said County, Yeoman, ( the Executor? of her Will); or Mr. Markhnin, Solicitor, in Northampton, in order that Ihe same may be discharged.— And all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said Mrs. Ilowkius, either on Mortgage, Bond, or otherwise, are desired ( o pay Iheir respective Debts without Delay to the said Executors, or the said Mr. Markham. SepteMer 12th. ISIS. ALL that exc PREMISES, WANTED immediately, An APPRENTICE to the DRESS and CORSET- MAKING BUSINESS. For Particulars, enquire of Mesdms. TOMPSONS, Bridge- Street, Northampton. \ 17ANTED immediately, An APPRENTICE to a * » LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPER, & c.— Apply personally, or by Letter, Post- paid, to G. W. Poo LEY, Kettering. To CABINET- MAKERS AND UPHOLSTERERS. \\ 7ANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN, who * understands both of the above Branches.— A steady " Workman may meet with gnod Wages and constant Employ, by applying at TURNER'S Furniture Warehouse, Woodstock, Oxon.— None need apply hul good Workmen. To be L E T T, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, xcellent DWELLING- HOUSE and together with the Shop in Front, now in Ihe occupation of Thomas Sudborough, Driper, & c. N. B. The Counters, Shelves, tic. in and about the Shop, to he taken at a fair Valuation. The above Premises are a desirable Si( ua( ion for any Person in Trade, being situate in the front of the Market- Place, KETTERING. Forfunher Particulars, apply to THOMAS StiDBORoOGn, of Kettering aforesaid. A' WANTED immediately, TWO JOURNEYMEN LINEN WEAVERS. — None but good Workmen / need apply, who will have regular Work, on Application ( if by Letter, Post- paid), to W. RICHARDSON, Kingsthorpe, near Northampton. WANTED, A steady, middle- aged single MAN, to drive, look after three Horses, and do other Out of Doors Work.— The most unexceptionable Character will l> e required.— Enquire of the Printers, or of Mr. ROWELL, Bookseller, Rugby. WANTS a Situation, as STEWARD or FARM BAILIFF, A single MAN of respectable Con- nections, who can be well recommended for his Ability, & c. & c. having been brought up in Ihe above Business. , Letters addressed. Post- paid, to A. B. at the Printers, fwili be duly alteoded to. SEPTEMBER 12, 1812, WHEREAS the WOODS in the Parish of SY W ELL, have for several Years past, been injured by Personi gathering Nuts, and under that Pretence other Damage has been done; Notice is therefore hereby given. That all Trespassers, in future, will be prosecuted with the. utmost Rigour. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT.~"~ NOTICE is hereby given. That the TOLLS arising for one whole Year, from the 9( h Day of December next, al the several Gates upon the Turnpike- Road lending from Towcester through Brackley and Silverstone, in the County of Northampton, and Ardiev and M iddleton- Stoney to Weston Gate, in Ihe Parish of Weston- on- the- Green, in ihe County of Oxford, will be separately LETT by AUC- TION, at the House of JOHN ROBERTS, called Ihe CROWN INN, in BRACKLEY, < tn TUESDA Y the Gth Day of OCTOBER next, between the Hours of Eleven and Four; which Tolls produced the last Year Ihe several Sums hereinafter mentioned, above the Expenses of collecting the same, and will be put up at those Sums respectively, viz.:— Bincott Wood w'rh the Check Gatevfear the Soup Office ..= 6162 Hoppersford with the Check Gate at Biddlesdon Lane 96 / Middlelon- Stoney Gate 63 Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must at the same Time pay a Deposit, after the rate of =£ 10 per Cent, as a Pledge for the due Performance of the Contract, to be then • entered into. And Notice is hereby further given, That new Trustees will then be elected in the Room of such as are dead, and • whose Vacancies are not already filled up.— Dated the 8th Day of September, 1812. J, WESTON, Clerk, Brackley. ' To be SOLD, or LETT, EITHER TOGETHER Oft lie SMALL LOTS, And entered upon at Old Michaelmas next ; Desirable inclosed and THHE- FKFE ESTATE, situate at BLETCHI. EY, in the County of Buckingham; con- sisting of a good Farm- House, pleasantly situated, with two large Barns, two Stables, and other Out- buildings; two Gar dens, a Yard, Orchard Well planted with Fruit. Trees, and two Closes of exceedingly good Pasture and Arable Land thereto adjoining, containing together, by Statute Measure, 10A, 1R IP.; and of eight other Closes or Allotments, pleasantly situated and conveniently divided and set out, containing together by Statute Measure. 8SA. 2R. 34P. about 63 Acres of which consist of old Cow Pasture Ground, never known to have been ill Tillage ; no one of which last mentioned Closes consist of more than 13 Acres and a Half, nor less than nine Acres, and the Whole of them, except two ( which adjoin to the Road leading to Buckingham), adjoin to a public Ca. r.< » ,;, » - Roaii, , md to the open Fields of Newton- Longville, into and from which immediate Communication may be made, and upon the Inci- sure ot which they would, for Allotments, be particularly eligible, and being on an Eminence, and the Prospect of the surrounding Country peculiarly pleasant and extensive, the Situation is particularly deisrable for the Erection of a Hou^ e. It sold, and desired by the, Purchaser, the greatest Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Security; or the Whole, if such Security is ottered as shall be approved of. BLETCHLIY adjoins to the West Chester Turnpike- Road at Fenny- Stratford, is about 46 Miles only from London, and easy Distances from Stony- Stratford, Buckingham, Winslow, Leigh. ton- Buzzar( l, Wobum, and Newport- Pagnell, all good Market- Towns, and the Grand Junction Canal goes thiough the Parish To seethe Estate, apply to WM. BULL, at the House; and for further Particulars, or to treat for it, to Mr. KIRBY, At- torney at Law, Towcester. ~~ To~ be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALT. that newly erected Stone- built SMOCK WIND- MILL, with arched Stage ; comprising ore Pair ot Peak, and one Pair of French Stones, Dressing- Machine, and every other necessary Convenience, capable of Grinding 10 Quarters of Corn per Day, with a Close of rich Arable Land, on which the Mill stands, containing nearly six Acres.— The Mill is very advantageously situated in POTTE RSPUIW- FI E l. D, within an easy Distance of several good Market Towns, and within one Mile of the Grand Junction Canal Also, all thai neat MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with large Yard, Garden, and Orchard, well planted with choice Fruit and other ' frees ; containing about one Acre, situate at YARDI. EY- GOBION, and near to the said Mill. The Whole- is in the Occupation of Mr. Gregory.— The Pre- mises are Freehold and may be entered on at Michaelmas next. Further Particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. MARKHAM, Solicitor, Northampton. 11 A T S. To be SO I. D by AUCTION, By Mr. DENNIS, On Thursday, September 17th, 1812, at his old- established A action- Room, NORTHAMPTON. RR< HE fashionable and well- conditioned ST< > CK in TRADF. 1 ofa Hatter; comprising Men, Youth and Boy's Silk. Stuff, Plated, and Cordy Hats, Ladies and Children's Black, White, and coloured Fancy Hats and Bonnets, & c. & c. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. In the above Stock are included 60 MEN'S SUPERFINE STU F F H vrs of the best Manufacture, and in excellent Con- dition, which will be sold singly for the Accommodation ot Retail Customers. CAPITAL INN to LEFT, Eligibly and advantageously situated. \ IX that spacious and comiiiodioos well- established Concern, now in full Business, the PEACOCK IMN on the MARKET- HILL, NORTHAMPTON, complete with every Requisite for carrying on an extensive Business, together or without all those extensive Granaries, capable of confining upwards of 1,500 Quarters of Grain, with a Kiln tor dry in • Corn. The House consists of six good Parlours on the Ground Floor, excellent Kitchen, Bar, Tap- Room, Counting- House, Lirders, Pantries, Brewhouse, Wash- House, Laundry, & c. Sec. Onthe first Floor, a good Dining- room, and upward* of twentv peasant Sleeping- rooms, suitable Attics; convenient and roomy C- liars, paved Yards, Coach - House, Piggeries, good Stablin: for upwards of 50 Horses, Garden, Pump and Well of good Water, with everv suitable Convenience. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. F. OSRORNE, the present Occupier, who is retiring from Business; and for further , Particulars, . to Mr KIRSHAW, Surveyor and Auctioneer, Northampton; if by Letter, Post- paid. Rowetl, Northamptonshire.— Freehold Estates. To be S O L I) b" v AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HA IV, At the House of Mr. Roe, the Sign of the Sun, in Rowell, in the County of Northampton, on Thursday the 24th Day of September, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the following Lots: Lot 1. \ LL those several Pieces or Parcels of ARABLE, XJL M E A DOW, and PASTURE LAND, with the Commons and Appurtenances thereunto belonging situate and being dispersedly in the open and common Fieldsof ROWELL afore- aid, called Half a Yard Land, or the Sixth Part of Throe Yard Lands, and containing by Admeasurement 14 Acres, or thereabouts. Lot 2, Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, with the usual Right of Common. Lot 3. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, with the same Right of Common. Lot4. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, and the same Right of Common. Lot 5. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, and the same Right of Common. I. ot 6. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part. of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, and the same Right of Common. The above Estates are now in the Occupation of Mr. Tongue, Butcher, who will shew the same. An Act having passed in the last Session of Parliament for inclosing the open Fieldsof Rowell, the above Lots will be found a most desirable Purchase for any pentleman who wishes to realize his Property, or to any Persons who may be desirous to increase their Allotments ir. the said Fields. For further Particulars, apply to. Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, in Notthampton. FARM TO LETT. To he LETT, and entered unon at Michael nas next, ACompact old inclosed Farm; consisting of a good Farm- House, requisite Buildings, and about 230 Acres of ARABLE and PASTURE LA N D ( Tithe- tree, except a small Pari), lying within 30 Miles of London, and a short Distance of good Market Towns. Further Particulars may be had on Application to Mr. WM. LUCAS. Solicitor, Newport- Paenell. NOTICE is hereby given, ' That Application will be made to Parliament in the next ensuing Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill ro be passed into an Act tor continuing for Twenty- one Years, and from thence to the End of the next Session of Parliament, the Term, and enlarging, and altering the Powers of two several Acts passed in the Tenth and Thirty- first Arears of the Reign of his present Majesty, " for repairing and widening the Road from Bicester, in the County of Oxford, to Aylesbury, in the County of Buckingham," which said R ad passes through, or into the several Parishes, Townships, or Hamlets of Bicester, Market- End, Wretchwick, Ambro-. den, Blackthorn, and Piddington, in the County ot Oiferd. and th » several Parishes, Townships, or Hamlets, of l. udgershall, Grendon, Underwood, Woodham, Wootton Underwood, West- cott, Waddesdon, Fleetmarston, Quarendon, and Aylesbury, in the County of Buckingham, and that it is proposed by such Bill to increase and alter the existing Tolls and Duties granted, or payable by Virtue of the said Acts of Parliament respectively. Bv Order of the Trustees of the said Turnpike. Road, Bicester, Sept. < W>. 1812. * R. SMITH. Clerk. Freehold Estate, Clifton, near Otney, Bucks. To be SOLD hv AUCTION, By Mr. BEDFORD, On- Monday. September 21 sr. 1812 at the Bull Inn, at Olney, at Four o'clock, subject to such Conditions as shall bj then and there produced, \ Small compact FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting of a » Stone- built Tenement, containing Parlour, Kitchen, two good Chambers. Barn, a Building formerly i. ved as a Black smith's Shoo, but which may easily be converted into a good Stable.' Dove- House, Pigsty, two Gardens, well planted with Fruit- Trees, and aTrghtleof Pasture Land, on which are some thriving Ash apd Elm, in the Occupation of Thomas Hawkins. For further Particulars, apolv to the Auctioneer, Bedford. Seven Votes for the County of Bedford. To be S O L D bv A U C 1' I O N, By Mr. BEDFORD, At the George Inn, in the High- Street, Bedford, on Tuesday September 22, 1SI2, at Six o'Clock, subject to Conditions to be then anil there produced, \ Desirable ESTATE, pleasantly situate in BROWN'S SQUARE, in the Parish of ST. CUTHBERT, BED FORI), comprising Lot 1. A comfortable, substantial, newly erected Tenement, containing one Sitting- room, and two Sleeping- rooms, with a useful Piece ot Garden. Ground, sitifflte in Brown's Square, in the Parish of St. Cuthbert, in the Town of Bedford, in the Occupation of John Tai lor. I. ot 2 Ditto, adjoining, with the same Conveniences, in the Occupation of Blersie Allen. Lot 3 ' Ditto, in the Occupation of Mrs. Short. Lot 4 Ditto, in the Occupation of Abraham Smith. I. ot 5 Ditto, in the Occupation of Thomas Hart. LotS. Ditto, in the Occupation of Bartholomew Smith. Lot 7 Ditto, in the Occupation of Joseph Newman. The Purchaser of each Lot to have t he U- e ot a Well of most excellent Water, and also the Dunghill and Privies in common with the Occupiers ot seven other i euements in the same Square. Particulars may be had at the White Hart, Ampthill ; George, Shetford; Rose, Biggleswade; Falcon, St. Neots; Falcon, Bletsoe; Swan, Hitchin; George, Potton; at the Three Cups Inn, Aldersgare- Street, Loudon; and of the Auctioneer, Bedford. Cold- Higham with Grimscote lnclosure. " V? C7E, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, Com- ' v missioners, appointed bv Parliament, for Inclosing Lands in thel'arish of CO LD HIGHAM with GRIMSCOTE, in the County of Northampton, and for extinguishing the ' lithes thereof, and of l'OTCOTE, in the said Parish, do hereby give Notice, that we have set out and appointed the fol- lowing Public Carriage- Roads and Highways : No. 1. The Banbury Road— One Public Carriage- Road and Highway, of the Breadth of 40 Feet, leading out of the Parish of Pattishall, at or near the North- Gast Corner of Higham Piece, and extending in a Souih- West Direction in its antient Tract by the Side of Potcote Inclosures, to Foxley Gate into the Parish of Blakesley. No. 2. The Greens. Norton Road— One other Public Carriage- Road and Highway, of the Breadth of thirty Feet, leading out of Potcote Inclosures, near Foxley Gate, and extending North- ward over the West- Side of Grimscote Heath to a Gate into Litchborough Inclosures. No. 3. The LiiMorough T, nai— One other Public Carriage- Road and Highway of the Breadth of thirty- three Feet, leading from Litchborough Gate in an Eastward and nearly straight Direction, leaving the Village of Grimscote on the North ii^ o the Banburv Road, near the l. ane into Potcote Inclosures. No. 4. Grimscote Road— One other Public Carriage- Road and Highway, of the Breadth ot thirty- three Feet, leading out of the Fast- End ot the Village of Grimscote in its ancient Track, into the Litchborough Road. Mo. 5. The Daventry and Bugircok Road— One other Public Carriage- Road and Highway of the Breadth of thirty- three Fee leading from the North- Side of the Village of Grimscote, by the Farm- House of Richard I'inckard, and extending in a North- East Direction to the Lower Mill, and thence in an eastward Direction to the Turnpike- Road near the North- East Corner of Drakehill Furlong. And we do Iterebv further give Notice, that the several Roads and Ways are marked and staked out; and that a Map, in which ibe same are accurately laid down and described, is deposited in the Officc of Mr. WILLI AM TYLER SMYTH, our Clerk, at the J CROWN INN, FOSTER'S- BOOTH, in the said Paris- h, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned ; and we do likewise give Notice that we have appointed a Meeting to be held at the CROWN INN afore5aid, in the Parish of COLD- HICHAM aforesaid, on MONDAY the FIFTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, when and where all Persons who may be injured or aggrieved by the setting out ot such Roads or the Omission of any other necessary Roads, may attend to make their Objections — Given under our Hands this eleventh Dav of September, 1812. JOHN ROPER ' WM. COLLISSON 1 THOMAS EAGLE NOTICE is hereby given, That Application will be made to Parliament in the next ensuing Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill to be passed into an Act lor continuing for Twenty- one Years, and from thencc to the End of the then next Session of Parliament, the Term, and enlarging, and altering the Powers of an Act passed in the 31st Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, " for repairing and widening the Road from the Market- Place, in Bicester, in the County of Oxford, to Buckingham Turnpike- Road, in the Parish of Aynho, in the County of Northampton," which said Road passes from the Market- Place, in the Parish of Bicester aforesaid, through Part of the Parish of Bicester aforesaid, and through th? Parish of Caversfield, in the County of Buckingham, anil the several Parishes of Bucknell, Stoke- Lynn, Fritwell, and Souldern, in the said County of Oxford, to the Buckingham Turnpike- R. oad, in the Parish of Aynho aforesaid ; and also that Application will be made to make an additional Branch of Road, leading out of the present Turnpike- Road from Bicester to Aynho aforesaid, into the said Buckingham Turnpike- Road, in the Parish of Finmere, through the several Parishes, Hamlets, or Places of Bicester aforesaid, Lauuton, in the said County of Oxford, Caversfield aforesaid, Strattoh, Audley, Fringford, Newtou- I'urcell, Sholswell, and Finmere, in the said County of Oxf'oid ; and further, that it is proposed by such Bill to increase and alter the existing Tolls and Duties granted or paiable by Virtue of the said Act of Parliament. By Order of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road, Bicester, Sept. Oth, 1812. R. SMITH, Clerk. ' To be SOL D By Mr. EARLY IN by A U C T ION, BEDFORD, OCTOBER NEXT a Farm- Pasture Laud and a comfortable Tenement, with Garden and Orchard, in the" Occupation of the Widow Cooke, iituato at MARSTON, in the County of Bedford. C f Particulars in a future Paper. tho Papers), state, that the French lost an ininirnss number, in the battle of the 1.9' h. Their loss in - OiTrf- efi and Men was. so great ( savs mio'of them)" that I the 30th ult. They state that Bilboa had been evacuated by lifts enemy, and that tile arming of the inhabitants of the pro- vince of Biscay was proceeding with g- eat activity. T he Spaniards are stated to hive gained somft advantages over the enemy in their retreat. The remains of Marmont's army was concentrating at Sepianca, tlwee leagues from Valladolid. At a late hour last night Cadie papers arrived to the 27th ult. It is stated in them, that the euemy left the greater part of the battering cannon along their line untouched, or badly spiked. Their launches had not been burned, but numbers were sunk : agreat quantity of . sabres and other arms weiefctimd in the salt pits. The enemy had taken ihe direction of Xt res. Letters received from Lisbon, mention, that itwasstronglv reported there, that Soult bad destroyed the fortifications of Seville, and of the Carthusian Convent in its vicinity, which served as a citadel: in short, tbattbe measures of the French gave every indication of an approaching retreat. The re- linquishment of the lines of Cadiz renders this account highly probable; and we trust soon to bear, that the whole r> f Andalusia is delivered from the yoke of the iuvadef. Soult, there isVeas'on to suppose, will retire, in the first in- stance, in the direction of Cordova ; and it was reported at Lisbon, that General IIill bad inarched towards that citv, with the object of forming a junction with Lord Welling- ton. Should this be the case, the French Marshal will find it cttremely difficult to reach Valencia. Yesterday, American Papeis arrived to the 3th ult. brought to Liverpool by the ship Pacific, from New York ; their contents are interesting. Hostilities had already com- menced on the borders of Canada, and ail American force, composed of 2000 of the neighbouring Militia, passed the river on the night of the 11th of July, hnd took possession of the town of Sandwich, two- miles below Detroit. On the 13th, the standard of the United Slates was erected in Canada, aud a proclamation published, inviting the Cana- dian militia to retire to their homes, and promising peace- 4 able and friendly treatment to the inhabitants on condition of neutrality. Considerable fear seems to be entertained of the junction of the Indians with the British; and the proclamation declares, that if they are once brought foi- ward, no quarter is to be given. ' The next operation was to be an attack 011 Fort Maiden, a work represented as of considerable strength. Before the Pacific sa led, the Gleaner, which took out the account of the revocation of the Orders in Council, had ar- rived at New York 011 the 4th, and her dispatches were immediately forwarded to Washington, the seat of the American Government; but nothing was known at New York of the effect they produced . when the Pacific sailed. It is satisfactory, however, to observe, that the National Intelligencer of the 4th ult. which may be un- derstood as speaking tha sentiments of the American Go- vernment, contains an article of a very pacific nature, on that point in dispute between the two countries wliicli has hitherto been considered as most difficult of adjustment— the impressment of seamen from American vessels. To put an end to all disputes on this head, the American O . vernment, it is said, is willing to enter into an arrangement, to prevent the employment of British seamen in American ships. The American Official Journal, also states, that the Government of the United States will not, under anv circumstances that may occur, form a political connection with France."— If these be the real sentiments of the Ame- rican Government, the Repeal of our Orders in Council will put an immediate em! to the war. Meetings had been held of the inhabitants of Massachu- setts, Hamshire, and other parts o'f the Union, to pass Re- solutions on the impolicy of the war. There have been als. i serious disturbances in different parts of the United States, and particularly at Baltimore. PRICES or STOCKS THIS DAY. Three per Cen. Consols, 59|— Navy 5 per Cent. An. 91 is—• India Bonds, 4 5: 1 — Exchequer Bills, 1 2p. — Omnium, Hi. \ Desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE; Consisting of 1 l » House, with ' 8 Acres of inclosed Arable and Pastt To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BROWN A SON, At the Cock, at Wootton. near Bedford, on Friday the ISth of September, 1812, as postponed from the 11th Instant, I^ IGU'T Hundred and eighty- eight valuable OAKS, and - A a large Quanti GREAT WOOD. Quantity of OAK SLABS,' lying in WOOTTON Catalogues may be had at the Place of Sale, Webb's Ptinting- Olfice. and of the Auctioneers, Bedford. Capital Lire Stock, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By II RO IVN Sf SON, On the Premises at BLETSOE PARK FARM, without Reserve ( sometime the latter End of September or beginning of October, 1812, of which further Particulars will appear in a future Paper), rpHE PROPERTY of Mr. WM. HARRIS, who is II leaving the Farm ; consisting of 100 exceedingly fine Ewes, 50 Two- shear Sheep. 50 Shearhogs, 9j Two- shear Ewes and Theaves, and 100 Lambs, two Heifers and Calves, eight In- calf Heifers, 5 Milch Cows in full Profit, two barren Cows, and four Yearling Calves. The Sale of the valuable HORSES and DEAD STOCK will take place immediately after. Removed Jar Convenience of Sale to the. Greyhound. Inn, in Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By E nw. N E A L E St SON, On Monday the 2lst Day of September, 1812, and following Day, at the GREYHOUND INN, in LUTTE RWORTHaforesaid, ALarge Assortment of elegant Wine Decanters, Ale and Wine Glasses, Finger Ditto. Butter Ditto, and Covers, Sugar Basins, Liquor Glasses and Funnels, Pepper Boxes, Silts, Vine- gar Cruets, several Sets of neat Castors with sca'let Stands, Ditto Liquor Bottle with Ditto, 12 Pair of modem and very neat plated Candlesticks, Ditto Tea- Pot and Stand, Toast Racks, several Sets of Castors with plated Stands, Ditto Liquor Bottles with Ditto, several elegant Tea- I'ots, Britannia Metal, very handsome Tea and Coffee Urns, 16 very rieat veneered Tea Caddies, several Sets of elegant and modern jnpanned and Paper Tea Travs and Waiters, in three Ditto single Trays, Brfad and Knite Ditto, very handsome Patent Snuffers and Trays, neat japanned Plate Warmer, Patent Roasting Bottle Jacks, Jicat japanned Tea Caddies and Candlesticks, several Do/. en of capital Knives and Forks, very handsome Timepiece on Marble Pedestal, two neat bronzed Busts with Glass Lamps, several neat and japanned Lamps, with a Variety of other Articles too numerous to insert, the Whole being the Property of a Person who is declining Business, and will be found well worth the Attention ot tile Public, being all new and very modern On Tuesday the second Sale Day, neat Four- post Bedstead, wilh fluted Mahogany Feet Posts, clothed with green Morine Furniture; eight Mahogany Chairs Horse Hair Seats, with two Elbow to match; two Mahogany Card Tables, Dressing Ditto, Wash- hand- Stands, Oak Dining and other Tables. Windsoi Chairs, capital Pillion, Eight- day Clock, several well- seasoned Beer Casks, small Cheese- Press, Barrel Churn, Kitchen- Re- quisites in general, with numerous otl er Effects. The Sale to commente at Ten o'Clock each Morning. BEDFORD CANAL. AN Advertisement having lately appeared in the North- ampton Mercurv, datrd Bedford, 16th July, 1812, stating a Prospectus of forming a Canal from the Town of Bedford, to connect the Navigation from thence with the Grand Junction Canal at Wouchton, in- the County of Buckingham, anil that, his Grace the Duke of Bedford, ' he Marquis of Tavistock, tin- Ear! of llardwicke, the Earl of Upper- Ossory, the Right Hon. R. Fitzpatrick, Fiancis Pvm, Esq Samuel Vt hitbread, Esq. Wrn, Lee Antonie, Esq. William Praed, Esq. Charles Harvey, Esq. the Mayor, and several other Gentlemen of Bedford, were nominated by a General Meeting held at Bedford, on the3d Inst a Committee to conduct an Application proposed to be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session, for a Bill to enable a Com- panv of Proprietors to carry the same into effect. We, the undersiened, being Inhabitants of the Town of Bedford, or Proprietors of Land through which it is proposed that the said Canal should pass, observing that theabove Advertisement, which appears to convey the Sanction of such high Patronage, has no Signature, and being sensible of many Objections, and doubting whether any Advantages are to. beobtained in the Event of the said Canal being completed,— request, that in order to obtain the Sentiments of all Persons who are anywise interested in the Undertaking, a Meeting may take Place at the AVHITE HART INN, in AMFTHI LL ( beingthe most Central Situation), on THURSDAY the 24th Instantat Eleven o'Clock, Rev. R O. Smith, Rev. J. Fisher, J. Battams, E. Bennett, E King, Henry Hugh Hoarc, Geo. Livius, P. Nash, Francis Green, John Cooke, Wm. Parker, John Green, R. Parker, John Wing. G. P. Nash, Joseph Barnard, Wm. Watkins, G. D. Yeats, John Morris, . loseph Barnard DirTlniock, Wm. Piatt, Wm. Berry, John Pateman. OTICE is hereby given. That Application is nlended to be made to Parliament in ihe next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill or Bifls for the Purpose of makiitgaud maintaining a Navigable Cut or Canal with proper Aqueducts, Tunnels, Feeders, Reservoirs, Basins, Quavs, Wharfs, Slaiths, Warehouses, and other Works, from a certain navigable Cut or Canal called the Grand Junction Canal, at Ihe Parish of Simpson, io the County of Backing- ham, into the River Ouze at the Parish of Saint Mary in the Town of Bedford, in the County of Bedford, which Cut or Canal and other Works are intended lo he made and carried, and to pass into and through the several Parishes, Townships, Hamlets, or Places of Simpson, AVoughton- on- Ihe- Green, Walton, Milton- Kevnes, and Wavendon, in the County of Buckingham; and Salford, Aspley- Gulse, Holcott, llusborne- Cra » ley, Ridgmonl, Lid! ington, Mnrston- Moretaine, Wootton, Kempston, Elstow, and Saint Mary, in the Town of Bedford, in the County of Bedford; and . also for making, completing, and maintaining Reservoirs, Aqueducts, and Feeders to supply Ihe said intended Canal with AVater, which Reservoirs, Aqueducts, and Feeders, will lie within the several Parishes, Townships, Hamlets, or Places of Soulbury, Stoke - Hammond, Bletchley, Water - Eaton; Fenny- Stratford, Newton - Longueville, Broughton, and Aloulsoe, in the County of Buckingham; and Craafield, Salford, aud Jlolcott, iu the County of Bedford. T1IEED PEAR. SE, Solicitor. To Ironmongers, I'ulUiic- Churidicrs, and Whitesmiths. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By IF. BERRY, At the Red Lion Inn, Aylesbury, Bucks, on Monday the 21st Day of September, ISI2, precisely at I hree o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, in which Case Notice will be given to the Public, ( under such ( ondi ions as shall then be produced), rpHE LEASE and GOOD WILL, for an unexpired Term J of nine Years at Michaelmas next, of a capital HOUSE and W A I! E H OUS E S, situate iu the MARKSI- PLACK AYLESBURY, Bucks, late in the Ocr upati'on of Mr. Joseph Tyler. Ironmonger, Tallow- Chandler, Whitesmith, aud Dealer in ' obacco and Snuff; wherein an extensive aud lucrative Trade has been carried on for nearly a Century ; comprising well- built Brick and Tiled Dwelling- House with large Shop, Parlour, Dining- room, three good Bed- Chambers, and three Attics; excellent" Kitchen, Scullerv with Pump, Beer and Wine Cellars, large Chandlery and Melting- Shop 1 the Meltings good), with all other neces , ary and convenient Offices, Immediately beliind'the Hou- e are nine detached Warehouses for storing Ironmongery, Snuff, and Vobacco; a Panen- makirtg Shop, large Brewhouse, Whitesmith's Shop ( fitted up very complete, and in full Trade); Grindstone- Yard, with a private Passage leading thereto; with every other Convenience for carrying on a very entensive Business. Annual Rent =£ 30 Taxes extremely low. The Purchaser will be required to take the Stock, Sec. at a fair Valuation; anil immediate Possession may be had. The Purchaser may likewise be accommodated with a Ware- hi'iiae in Silver Lane, which is not includued in rhe Lease of the other Premises, which was rented by Mr. Tyler at =£ 3a Year. May be viewed and further Particulars known 011 Application to Mr. STONE, Solicitor, . Aylesbury, or Mr. W. BERRY, Auctioneer and General Appraiser, Aylesbury, who request that all Letters of Enquiry ma> be Post- paid. All Persons h: iV ng any Demand on Mr. Tyler's Estate are requested to send in their Accounts to Mr Stone within Month from this Time; to whom all who may be indebted to Mr. Tyler are des. i, red to pay ihe Amount of their Debts within the same Per od. i- ~ in Valuable Freehold Property at Woolscott, near Dunchurch To be SOLD Uv AUCTION, By JOtlN M k RGKTTS, On Tuesday the 29th Day of September, lgli, precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Four Crosses, at Wll.- LOUGHBY, in the County of Warwick, either together or in Lots; as may be agre- d upon at the Time of Sale, and under Conditions to be then produced, ALL that FREEHOLD ESTATE, now in the Occupation of THOMAS IRESON, whose Term expires at Michaelmas 1814 ; consiiting of five Closes of rich Arable, and Pasture Land, containing 39 Acres, with the Buildings thereon; and tour Goads of Rich Pastuie Land, in Wool- coft Mick Meadow, about on^ Acre ; also, another Close of rich 1' astilre Land in f ake- Aleadow, in Wiiloughby aforesaid, containing about four Acres. N. B. Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Mortgage if required. — For a View of the Premises, apply to* the Tenant * and tor further Particulars, to Mr. Tt DMAS, Solicitor, Warwick: To be SOLD by AUCllUN. " Sometime in the Month of October next, unless an acceptable Offer shall be made in the mean Time by Private Contract, AVery compact and desirable FISF. FHOLD and TITIIE- FREF. ESTATE, situate in the Parish of WEEDON. PINCKNEY. in the County of Northampton, now in Ihe Occupation of Mr. JOHN BLACKWEI. I., the Proprietor; consisting of nine several Closes or inclosed Grounds of excel, lent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, containing together by Estimation 42 Acies ( more or less), wilh a convenient Barn, Stable, Waggon arid Cow Hovels situate thereon. A large Stone- built House in the Parish, with Half an Acre otl Ground, more or less, adjoining, may be also purchased there- with, ar. d at a little Expense Part of the Buildings upon the Land maybe converted into a Dwelling- House. The Estate is well watered and fenced, and Possession maybe had at Michaelmas next. WEETON is centrically situated between Banbury, Daventry, Towcester, and Brackley, all good Market Towns. To see the Estate, apply to Mr. BLACKWELL, at Weston- by- Weedon ; and for further Particulars, or to treat' for it, to him, or Mr. KI RBY, . Attorney at Law, in Towcester. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 12. BIRTH.] On Sunday the 6th instant, at Skeffingtou Hall, Leicestershire, the Hon. Mrs. J. Palmer, of a daughter. MARRIED] Ou Monday sennight, Mr. John Bod- dington, of Cubington, Warwickshire, to Miss Boddington, • daughter of Mr. W. Hoddiogton, of t e Castle, Kenilwortli. Tuesday last, Mr. Buswell, Attorney, to Miss Wilkinson, daughter of Mr. John Wilkinson, both of this place. DIED.] Saturday last, the llev. Mr, Aliam, Minister of the Catholic Chapel, Coventry. Sunday last, Mr. Edward Fellows, of Thornby, in this county, farmer and grazier. Lately, aged three years and five months, Marianne- Piiilippa Rattray, second daughter of Charles Katcrair, M. D. of Daventry. On Monday last, John Day, Esq. was elected Mayor of Bedford; W. Watkins, and T. Barnard, Esqrs. Bailiffs; aud Joseoh Barnard, Esq. ant! the Rev. T. Cave, were re- elected Chamberlains. The same day the Iter. Edward Walford was chosen and elected Mayor of Banbury for the ensuing year. Thursday last being the Anniversary Meeting of the Governors and Subscribers to the General Infirmary in this town, for the relief of the sick and lame poor of all counties, / lien a great number assembled at the George Inn, ttie Right Hon, Earl Spencer, Grand Visitor, in the chair; tha report of the present state of the patients admitted and discharged, and of the monies received and paid within the last year, was read and laid before them, when thev ex- pressed great satisfaction at the management of this noble charity, by which 50,006 persons have been cured, and 6,113 relieved, since the foundation of the old County Hospital in 1744.— The Governors and Subscribers afiei- wards walked in procession to the parish- church of All Saints, where a most excellent sermon was preached 011 the occasion by the Rev. Septimus Hudson, rector of Thrnpsron, in this county, from Ecclesiastes, chap, xi, verse 1. Cast thy bread upon the Waters, for thou shall find it alter many days; and a collection was made at the church doors as usual, amounting to ,£ 121. 5s.— For want of room, the Increased Subscriptions and New Subscribers, are unavoidably omitted, but shall appear inm future paper. NORTHAMPTON RACES. Wednesday, Sept. 9.— A Sweepstakes ofSOgs. each, for three year olds, five Subscribers. Mr. Tibbits's br, c. Pericles,. .. . walked over. A Cold Cup of One Hundred Guineas value, aud the surplus in specie, stl nges. Seventeen Subscribers, logs. each. Duke of Grafton's Whalebone I Lord Pomfret named Air. Astleyts Magic '.. ¥ Mr. Andrew's Discnunt 3' Duke of Rutland's Thaleslris and Mr. Tibbits's Pericles started, but were not placed. Same day— The Couiilv Purse of Seventy Guineas. General Grosvenor's ch. f. Defiance I I Mr. Astley's br. m. Elve 2 2 Mr. Harrison's b. f. Grace 3 fell Mr. Bruin's ch. h. Gundy 2 dr Mr. Jones's br. h. Orange Squeezer .. 5 dr Thursday, Sept. 10.— A Sweepstakes of lOgs. each, for three year olds, six Subscribers. Sir. Tibhits's Pericles . ) Duke of Rutland's Thalesiris 2 Same Day— The Town Purse of Seventy Guineas, all Ages. General Grosvenor's Defiance 1 1 Mr. Sisson's c. m Folly 3 2 Sir T. Stanley's Clan Alpine 2 3 Mr. Bruin's Gundy 4 4 Mr. Tibbits's Pericles , 5 dr POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, Sept. 11. AParis Paper of the 7th came to hand this afternoon. — It does not contain a single fresh article frotji the armies. There are further details relative to Smolensko. The Russians are retiring upon Moscow.— There is not a word in it relative to the object of the Meeting of the Conservative Senate. Private letters train the army ( of course not inserted iu £ 3" Prices of Grain at Mark- Laue on Friday, nearly the same as Monday last. Northampton — Saturday. Wheat 120s. Od. toli' 6s. tid. Rye 92s. Cd. to — 7v Od. Barley 70s, 0d. 10 — s. Od. Oats 60s. Od. to 63s. Oil hv the Standard M- asur* Beans 80s. ( Id. to — s. Od. NewBeans — s. Od. to— s. 0d. Peas . . — s. Od. to — s. Od. to Sipt. 26, within Paper. and Northampton, LIST of FAIRS from Sept. 14, Circuit tf this Tu. Sept. 15. Dunchurch. S. 19. Amersham, Atherstone, ( for Cheese). M. 21. Burnham, Silsoe, Thorney, and Wycomb. Tu. 2?. yVinslow. F. 25. Aylesbury, Burford, Rockingham, Stratford- en- Avon, Woburii, aud lYr. si- tiuddjn. T1 Tha Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for' the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester,. Warwick-, Oxford, and Hertford. rxattetZMfrrzaezxBei * aa* sssraaiB The LONDON" GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, of i FRIDAY', September 4. " Downing- Street, September 4. MAJOR Burgh, Ai'd- de- Camp to Che Marquis of Wel- lington, lifts this day arrived at Lord Bathurst's office withdispatches addressed to his Lordship hy Lord Wellington, dated Madrid the 13th and 15th olt. of which the following are en tracts. Madrid, August, IS.— Having found that the army under Marshal Maruiont continued their retreat upon Burgos, in a state not likely ( o tike the field again for some time, I determined to bring Joseph Bonaparte to a general action, or force him to rpiit Madrid. Accordingly I moved from Cnellar on the 6th inst. We arrived at Segovia oil the 7th, and at St. Ildefons" on the 8i| i, where I halted one day, to allow the right ol" the army more lime to come up. No opposition was made to the passage of the troops through the mountains; and Brigadier- General D'Urlxin, wilh the Portuguese cavalry, and 1st li « ht* battalion of the King's German Legion, and . < aptain M'Donald's troop of horse artillery, had been thr ugh the Guadarama pass since the 9th. He moved forward on the morning of the 11th from the neighbourhood of Gnlapagas, and supported by the heavy cavalry of the King's German Legion from Torre- lodones, he drove in the French cavalry, about two thou- sand in number, and placed himself at Mdjalahonda, with the Portuguese cavalrv and Captatn M'Donald's troop, and the cava'rv and light infantry of the King's German Legion, at Las Rityas, about three quarters" nf a mile distant. The enemy's cavalry which had been driven off in the morning, and had moved towards Naval Carnero, returned about five in the afternoon, and Brigadier- General D Urban having formed the Portuguese cavalry iii front of Majala- houda, supported by the horse artillery, ordered the cavalry to charge the enemy's leading squadrons, which appeared too far advanced to be supported by their main body, lhe Portuguese Cavalry advanced to the attack, but unfortu- nately turned about before they reached the enemy, and they fled through the village of Alajalahonda, and bacs upon the German dragoons, leaving behind them, unprotected, and unsupported, those guns of Captain M'Donald's troop which had been moved forward to co- operate with the cavalry. By the activity of the officers and soldiers of Captain M'Donald's troop, the guns were, however,' moved off; but owing to the unfavourable nature of the ground over which they were moved, the carriage of ona was broken, tind two others were overturned; and these three guns fill inlo the enemy's bands. The Portuguese dragoons having fled through Majala- honda, were rallied and reformed upon the heavy dragoons of the King's German Legion, which were formed between that village and Las Rovas. The German cavalry charged the enemy, although under many disadvantages, and stopped their further progress; but I am sorry to say, that they suffered considerable loss; and that Colonel Jouqueires, who commanded the brigade, was taken prisoner. ' 1 he left of the army was about two miles and a half distant, at the Puente de Ratamar, on the Guadarama River, and Colonel Ponsonby's brigade of cavalry and a brigade of infantry of the 7th division having moved forward to the support of the troops ill advance, the enemy retired upon Mujalahonda as soon as they observed these troops, and night having come on, they retired upon Alcorcon, leaving our guns at Majalahonda. I am happy to report that the officers of the Portuguese cavalrv behaved remarkably well, and shewed a good example to their men, particularly the Visconde de Barbacena, who was taken prisoner. The conduct of the brave German cavairv was, I understand, excellent, as was that of Captain M'Donald's troop of horse artillery. The light infantry battalion was not engaged. The army moved forward yesterday morning, and its left took possession of the city of Madrid, Joseph Bonaparte having retired wilh the army of the centre by the roads of Toledo ahtl Aranjuez, leaving a garrison in the Retiro. It is impossible to describe the joy manifested by the inhabitants of Madrid upon, our arrival; and I hope that the prevalence of the same sentiments of detestation of the Trench yoke, and pf a strong desire to secure the inde- pendence of theh country, which first induced them to set the example of resistance to the Usurper, will induce them to make exertions in the cause of their country, which will be more efficacious than those formerly made. I have not yet heard that, Astorga has fallen ; hilt the garrison which the enemy left in Tbrdesillas, about two hundred and sixty in number, surrendered to General Santocildes on the 5th instant. I have received no furl her reports of the situation of General Ballasteros since the 21st of July. I have letters from General Joseph O'Donnell, and General Roche of the 26th of July; and the army of Murcin, under the command of the former, was defeated by General D'llarispe on the S1 St of July. It appears that the Spanish troops moved forward to attack General D'llarispc's posts at Castalla and Ybi; those which attacked the former were repulsed with the loss of two thousand men and two picces of cannon ; those which attacked the latter, under the command of General Roche, conducted themselves remarkably well, and covered the retreat of the troops under General O'Donnell, and afterwards effected their own retreat, in good ordtr, IO Alicante. Madrid, August 15.— I have the pleasure to inform your Lordship, that the garrison of the Retiro surrendered by capitulation yesterday. Wc invested that place completely on the eveVng of the 13th; and in the night detachments of the 7th division of infantry, under the command of Mujor- Oeneral Hope, and of the 3d division of infantry, under the command of Major- General the Honourable E. Pakenham, drove the enemy's posts from the Prndo and the Botanical Garden, and the works which they had constructed outside of the park wall; and having broken through the wall in different places, they were established in the palace of the Retiro, and close to the exterior of the enemy's works, inclosing the building called La China. The troops were preparing in the morning to attack those works, propa at< rv to - the arrangements to he adopted for the attack of the interior line and building, when the Governor sent out an officer to desire to capitulate, rfntl I granted him the honours of war, the baggage of the officers and soldiers of the garrison, & c. ' Ihe prisoners, C50U, are oi> the road to Ciudad Rodrigo. We have found in the place 189 pieces of brass ordnance, in excellent condition, 900 barrels of powder, 20,000stand of arms, and considerable magazines of clothing, provisions, and ammunition. We have likewise found the eagles - of the 13th and 51st regiments, which I forward to England, to be presented to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, by my Aide- de- Camp, Major Burgh. I see, hy a letter from General Ballasteros to Lieiitenant- General sfr Rowland Hill of the 29th of' July, that he had been in Malaga on the 14th of that month, after an engage- ment with General Laval, nnar Coin. General Ualhfsteros was at Grazelena on the 29th. I have a letter from Lieut.- General Sir Rowland Hill of the 8th inst. and although General Drou- et had been in movement for three days, it docs not appear that his movements are of any importance. This thspa rh will he delivered by my Aide- de- Canip, Major Burgh, who will be able to explain any further circumstaiucs relating to our situation ; and I beg leave to recommend him to your Lordship's protection. P. S. Since writing this dispatch, 1 have received a letter of the 10th inst. from General ftjaiilanri, from Alicante, iu which ( hat officer informs mo that he had on that day larded at that place. Return of killed, wounded, and missing, iu an affair with the enemy's cavalry, in front of the village of Majalahoii(! a, the ltth of August, 1812.- - General total. 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 1 cornel, 1 sergeant, 48 rank and file, 23 horses, kilcdj 2 lieutemuil- coloqcls, 3 captains, 3 lieutenants, b sergeants, 85 tank and file, 17 horses, wounded ; 2 lieutenant- colonels, 1 captain, 1 quarter- master of cavalry, 41 lank and file, 81 horses, missing. Return of killed and wounded in the attack on the Retire, on the evening of the 13th of August, 1812.— Grand total, 1 rank and file killed, lo rank and file wounded. Hearing, however, that Marshal Oodiuot bad obtained a reinforcement of. 11,000 men, he halted, and presently moved forward again iu the direction of Polotzk, and falling in with a small French division, he attacked them, and took 600 prisoners, besides baggage. It was conjectured that Oudinot had re- crossed the river, and it was ascertained bihle combination, than from all the other means which her most sanguine friends have ever employed. As a member of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, t deem it a peculiar happiness to be permitted to unite also with the British and Foreign Bible Society, aud consider myself as decidedly promoting the prosperity - and character of the former, by a marked Seal in behalf of the that his loss in the late action had been much more severe latter. " Prejudice and error" may attempt lo separate and From the LONDON GAZETTE, of Saturday, Sept. 5. Abonkir, off Riga Buy, Aug. 17. SIR,— I have to acquaint ymf. that couriers arrived last liigut from Count Wittgenstein and General Barclay de Tolti, by whom we learn that no important affair has yet occurred. Count Wittgi lutein's letter is dated the ISth instant at a small village called Doschoch, about forty miles'this side of Polotzk, to which last place he bad pursued Oudinot, and leaving a strong advanced post in front of it in order to deceive him, the Count immediately took a direction with bis army towards Druya to meet Macdonahl, of whose departure from this neighbourhood he had received early imtUigence. than was at first reported. General Barclay de Tolli's letter is dated the 10th of August, at Smolensko ; it speaks only nf an attack made by Count Pahleu's cavalry on the Enemy's rear- guard, which he drove before him, taking 200 or 300 prisoners, and General Sebastiatii's carriage with all his papers. Frequent skirmishes take place, and they are represented as invariably favourable to the Russians, and every thing in the army is going on in a satisfactory way. Several small detachments from ' this garrison have been scouring the country, and have destroyed a magazine and taken some prisoners. T. M. MARTIN, Rear- Admiral. Vice- Admiral Sir James Saumarez, hart. K. B. fte- The Gazette also contains the following intelligence from Sir Home Popham, dated Bilboa Inlet, Aug. 10:— Yesterday morning, at day- dawn, General Renovates attacked the enemv, and bis dispositions were so judicious that he drove him out of the town, from whence he retreated on the high road to Zornosa, and his whole force fell back towards Darango. The Spaniards lost ten men killed, and twenty- three wounded; the enemy certainly lost more, and had six prisoners taken. Major Williams marched with a strong piquet to examine the country; but as the enemy continued to retreat, he returned to the town of Bilboa in the course ot the night. I directed Captain Malcolm to take a proportion of gun- powder, with a party of men, to blow up the Moro, as wc had Completely destroyed every work at Portugalete and its neighbourhood ; but as Gen. Renovales preferred doing it himself, I supplied bin! with powder for that purpose. ——• To the Printers of the Northampton Mercury. GENTLEMEN— A regard for truth and charity prompts me to trouble you with a few remarks on the letter signed " Laicus," published in your paper of Aug. 29. p appears to me so complete a specimen of that very " prejudice antl error" which often most undeservedly assail the friends aud measures of the British and Foreign Bible Society, as to carrv its own refutation in every sentence. Permit ine, however, for the information of those, of your readers, who may uot be aware of the actual stale of facts, to observe, that, notwithstanding the hasty aSsumplion'aml unsupported accusation of l. aicus. neither at the Woburu Bihle Meeting nor in the paragraph alluded to, was tiie remotest attempt made or even intimated, of laying any charge whatever, either of illiberally, prejudice, or error, against any persons on . account of their withholding their support from the Bible Society ; still less so for their thinking it right to subscribe to the Bartlett Buildings'Ssciety. 7'/ i. if society was mentioned throughout, the proceedings of the day by various speakers, with the highest respect and esteem. The prejudiced and erroneous objections which some have raised against the Bible Society at ( urge were, indeed, ably refuted on that occasion : but not a syllable of a personal nature transpired ; nor was a single disrespectful allusion made at the public meeting, or hinted at in the paragraph referred lo, which could have justly awakened an unpleasant sensation in the mind of any individual as a friend lo the Society for pro- moting Christian Knowledge; hut quite the contrary. The whole of the proceedings aimed at peace, unity, aud good will. May such an aim and spirit become universal amongst lis 1 " Prejudice and error" may suppose that the members of the British and Foreign Bible Society are opposed to the oilier; but it is utterly without foundation. Very many of Ihe members of the one are also members of tlieother; and nothing hut the indiscreet fervour of mistaken zeal can ever attempt to set then) at variance with each other. TheBartlelt Society, is in no danger, except from what may arise through Ihe unhappy spirit of prejudice and jealousy which exisls in spine of its injudicious advocates. The Bible Society is, and ever must be, the true friend to tlie Barflett Society. It has alreadv proved ilself to be so, not only hy the general access to its numbers and funds since the establishment of the Bible Society, hut by the particular addition of so large a number of subscribers to the old society from ( he very friends and members of the new.— Never did " prejudice and error" make a more unhappy and impolitic attempt, so far as the best interests of the Church of England are concerned, than in endeavouring to excite suspicion and opposition between these two sisler charitable institutions. 1 as much deprecate so unhallowed nn attempt as I do ( lie undesirable step of intro- ducing religious controversy into ( he channel of newspaper inlelligence. Each of these societies has distinct as well as united objects of exertion and benevolence in view ; yet both are pursuing channels of usefulness, which cannot, nor ought not to interfere with one another. They should in every instance be helpmates rather than rivals. I ain persuaded that this is the feeling and wish of the great bndv of the Church of England members of the British and Foreign Bible Society-, " Prejudice and error" have asserted, that " ihe advocates for the British and Foreign Bible Society are of opinion, ( hat bibles oughl ( o be distributed among the poor unaccom- panicd by any other religious publication." This assertion, as far as it respects the many thousand members of the Estab- lished Church who are patrons and supporters of that society, is iu direct contradiction to their constant principles and practice. They are of opinion thai, although many argu- ments urge them to support Ihe grand and benevolent exertions of the Parent Institution, which distributes bibles only, that nevertheless, prayer- books and religious tracts ought to be distributed amsng ( he poor: and i( is a remarkable fart, ( hat the members of the British and Foreign Bihle Society are continually found to he ihe must active distributors of prayer- books in ( heir respective dislricls. So very favour- able ( o the increased circulation of the prayer- book has the establishment of the British and Foreign Bihle Society proved, tbat it has recently been found on accurate investi- gation, that on the average of the eight years succeeding, compared wilh the eight years preceding ( he formation of ( he Bihle Society, no less thau nil actual increase of 14,000 prayer- books have annually been printed and sold, during tiie latter period of eight years beyond what took place in the former. Through whatever channel, or by whatever persons this increased circulation of prayer- books has been effected, il cannot bnt be gratifying to ihe friends of the Church of England, that the general influence of the Bible Society has proved so auspicious to the increased activity of the members of the Establishment in this very particular. It is a cir- cumstance which fully refutes whatever " prejudice and error" may have propagated an this subject. I can myself, from frequent and long observation on the practice of these clergymen and laymen who are the warmest friends to the Bible Society, slate, that I know of none who are more diligent and active in providing prayer- books and Church of England tracts for the use of their poor, than Ihnse who deem It ( heir privilege and honour lo be ranked . amongst the supporters of ihe Bihle Society. I will even add, that they may justly, challenge an investigation of this fact from one end of Ihe kingdom lo ( he other. The order books of the Barllett Buildings, as we'. l as of ( he Prayer - Book and Homily Societies, will prove ( hat these of their members, who are also members ol the Bible Society, are amongst Ihe most frequent of the applicants for prayer- books to be dis- tributed amongst the poor— purely then we shall shortly cease ( o hear ( he repetition of so unfounded and erroneous a charge, in direct opposition to plain and avowed matter of fact. Whom Laicus means to designate by the title of" the ortho- dox clergy and other friends of the Established Church," I know nol^ hilt I presume he does not mean to exclude the twenty- three bishops, and Ihe many hundreds of Ihe clergy of Ihe united Church of England and Ireland, w ho are members of the Bible Society, any more than the Princes, Nobles, Members of Parliament, and other elevated characters, so very large a number of whom nre patrons , and active sup- porters of this benevolent and useful instiiution. As the paragraph on which Laicus comments no where so much as hiulsat'" ( he exclusive possession of piety and talents" being the privilege of eilher the whole or any part of the advocates of ( he Bible Society ; his misconception must be added to ( he other instances of either " prejudice or error" of which those advocates have so much reason lo complain. It is much to be deplored that any other spirit than ( hat of mutual respect and active co- operation should subsist between the friends of these societies. And il is not less to be lamented, that in an age of much licentiou- ness and infidelity, pamphlets or newspapers should he made the vehicle of any attempls to divide the friends nf religion into unnatural and unnecessary parlies. Christians ought tn exhibit to Ihe w orld an union of unseparated " piety and talent" in the prosecution of the great endeavour to enlighten a whole world with the know- ledge of Ihe Word of God. The British and Foreign Bible Society, in my estimation, is gradually accomplishing that happy combination of unity with consistency, and charity with discretion, which most effectually sccures the dearest interests of the Established Church, together with the most cordial exercise of friendly and christian intercourse amongst its various members. I have no hesitation in asserting, thai Ihe Church of England never appeared in a more honourable light, or maintained a character more auspicious ( o her stability and soundness in faith and practice, thau in the prominent lead which so many of her members, in the persons of Prelates, Clergy, Nobles and Commons, are now Inking iu this happy eo operatinn of Ihe best talents of bath head and heart in the exertions of ( he Bihle Society. I aru convinced, hy daily experieuce and observation, that the Church of England is gaining more sircngth in the diminution of pre- judices against her, and the exercise of charitable and friendly affections within her pale, through the uiuaus of the divide their interests; but truth, charity, and simplicity will aim a( their union of interest and affection. And while, as a firm friend to Ihe Established Church, and a member of the Bartlett Society, I wish to see the increase of activity and prosperity in that more confined, ( hough valuable circle of operations: I anxiously look for the universal blessing which the far more enlarged plans and views of the British and Foreign Bihle Society promise to confer on every nation, kindred, and tongue throughout the whole woild. I ain, Sirs, yours, & c. A MEMBER OF BOTH SOCIETIES. 2B the Printers. Sins,— If was wilh considerable pleasure that I observed an advertisement in your paper of last week, announcing ihe purpose and design of the Prayer- Book aud Homily Society. As a friend and member of the Church of England I admire the wisdom and sound policy of an institution, ( he whole of whose funds are exclusively appropriated to the circulation of those writings which have received the legal aud ecclesiastical sanction of the church and state. The general distribution of those valuable compositions, the Homilies, so peculiarly adapted in general style, language, and ma(( er, ( o the capa- cities of the poor, in the form of single tracts, is every way desirable, and will, I hope, become universal. The Publi- cation of the same Discourses in a folio form, for the u> e of parish churches, agreeably to the canon of the church, which prescribes their being found bv the churchwardens of every parish, appears to me likewise highly seasonable and advan- tageous. Rejoicing, as I do, in the existence of such excellent institutions as " ( he Society for promoting Christian Know- ledge," and " the British and Foreign Bihle Society," I am glad to see a third society established, which from the sim- plicity of its object, and the indisputable authority of ihe only hook, which it circulates, seems calculated to meet Ihe wishes and wants of all the members of our excellent national church, in a very desirable manner,— Will you permit me to enquire, through the channel of your paper, what are the requisite conditions of becoming a member of the Prayer- Book and Homily Society, and what the privileges of its Members in regard to the distribution of Prayer- Books and Homilies ? 1 have longthoughithat, in addition to the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge ( whose excellent objects are more various and- complicated, and which, from its con- stitution and rules, only admits its members through election by ballot), a Church of England Society was wanting, w hich would freely admit to its privileges every member of the Established Cliurch, whose single aim is the circulation of. the Prayer- Book and Homilies only. Such an one has now been instituted, and will, 1 hope, tend much to promote and in crease the harmony and activity of Ihe members of the Church of England. I much approve Ihe resolution of iliis new- society lo circulate no copies of tiie Prayer- Book without ihe insertion of the 39 articles of faith.— I am. Sirs, yours, &<'. A CHURCHMAN. Another Proof of the Efficacy of that most excellent Medicine, the CORDIAL BALM of QUITO, which is an infallible Cure for all Nervous Disorders. To Mr. WITHERS, Chymist, Strand, London. SIR, MY Wife was afflicted with a severe Nervous Fever, attended with a violent beating of the Heart, Lowness of Spirits, and dreadful sick llead- ach, which reduced her so much that she became unable to speak or walk tor several Weeks, and would frequently faint and remain in that State for a- considerable Time; together with a Swelling in the Neck. During which Time I had the Advice and Attendance of several Medical Men, who after trying every Means in their Power gave her over as incurable and I expected every Hour would have been her last, when 1 fortunately saw your Balm of Quito advertised in the Glasgow Courier, and as the last Resource, 1 resolved she should make Trial of it, and therefore- bought a small Bottle of Messrs. Baxter and Co. and gave it according to the Directions, and astonishing to relate, before she had taken the Whole of the Bottle I perceived a wonderful Change for the Better, and by her taking three more Bottles, two small and one Half. guinea one, she recovered her Speech and was able to go about as usual ; and I have no Doubt but that a few more Bottles will restore her to her former State of Health. You are at Liberty to publish this Letter for the Benefit of others, Arid am. Sir, your obliged humble Servant, Glasgow, March 30, 1809. Mil R DOCK M'DON A I. D. P. S. 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PELICAN OFFICE; For Insurance on Lives and grunting Annuities. r|~ MlIS Office was established in Lombard- Street, London, 8. in the Year 1797. by a numerous and respectable Pro- . prietary; and the Heart If Direct*,;, with Confidence arising I djsouverea, or us immediately stoppmg I from the- increased Prosperity and Permanency of the U- tablish- frt'h VVoil" ds.'> t 1 O ment, as well as from the Experience of its Usefulness and Benefit to the Public, think it due to those who may he still unacquainted with the Importance and Advantages of LIFE INSUHASCS, briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar Recommendations to almost every Degree and. Rank in Society. Life Insurance is of manifest Consequence to all who hold Estates for Life, Situations and Offices, Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Professional; to Officers in the Army and Navy, & c.; as, by Payment of an Annual Premium, the Party insured is en- abled to provide for Wife, Children, or others, whose future. Weltiire he may wish in vain, bv other Means, to promote — It affords a permanent ultimate Security to those who advance Money upon Annuities ot otherwise. It renders Leases deter- minable on one or more Lives, nearly equal, in Value to Freehold Estates, as an Insurance to the Amount of the Fine, payable on the Demise of a Party nominated in such Leases, will produce the Sum tequired for Renewal. It is a cheering Refuge to Parties engaged in extensive and speculative Undertakings: it affords to Persons in Trade the certain Means of Indemnification against a bad or doubtful Debt: in short, Life Insurance, es- tablished in Policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the Test of Experience, isbecome, to almost every Situation of Human Life, a Measure equally important, useful,. and beneficial. Annuitiesaregranted upon the most equitable Terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARKE, Secretary. PELICAN COMPANY'S AGENTS AT Northampton,— G. 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My State being known to a humane Gentleman, he infoimei me of a Case very similar to mine: the Person lu- 1 been cun- 1 fined to Bed the greatest Part of two Years, and by taking a tew smal Bottles ot your Drops, was soon cured. By his Recom- mendation I was induced lo give them a Trial, and to my creat Surprise and Comfort, I soon found my Sores healed and after taking three small Bottles I could do my Work without Incon- venience. To prevent the Return of ihe Disease, I take about one small Bottle each Year, which has fully succeeded to my Wishes; and I remain yourobliged humble Servint Witness, Jos DOBELL. THOM AS KFNNARD Sold by the Printers of this Paper, and ail other Medicine Venders.. luornev, Hjr. rarner, station!. Gamble, late ot St. Neots, Huntingdonshire, paper, d. & c Sept. 12, 28, and Oct. 17, at Guiidhail, London. ney, Mr. Miller, Red Lion- square. 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They continue to he sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Bai ley and Rlew, Cockspur- Street, London, Price 2s. 9d. each ; also, by the Printers of this Paper ; and Retail by most Perfumers and Medicine Venders inevery other Town. None a- e Genuine but what have the Words, " J. HEMET, IIAYW & BLEW, C. ockspur- Street," engfaved in the Stamp, and a Label " Bay ley ft 81ew, Cockspur- Street, London," pasted on the Back ot each Bottle and Box. N 1! The ESSENCE is particularly recommended to Parents and Persons who have the Care of Children, as the greatest pre- ervariveof young and tender Teeth. BANKRUPT'S required to SURRENDER. Jol in Pollock, of Wakefield, Yorkshire, woolstapler dealer and chapman, Sept. 23, 24, aud Oct. 17. at the New Court- house, Wakefield.— Atiomies, Messrs. Foljambe, Wakefield Robert Pollock, jun. and William Pollock, of Wakefield Yorkshire, wooLtapIers, d. SEC. Sept. 23, 24, and Oct. 17, at the New Court- house, Wakefield.— Attorney, Mr. Brook. Wakefield. * Seth Botwood, of Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire, mercer, Sept. 21, 22, and Oct. 17, at the Guildhall Colfee- house, Worcester. — Attorney, Mr. Gillam, Worcester. John Boon, late of isorton- in- the- Moors, Staffordshire, shoo, keeper, d. & c. Oft. 12, 13, and 17, at the White Hart, Staf- ford.— Attorney, Mr. Parker, Stafford. John Gamble, ' ~ maker, d, & — Attorney, John Silke, of Ipswich, Suffolk, linen- draper, d & c Sept. 18, 19, and Oct. 17, at Guildhall, London.— Atto « Jes, Messrs. Bourdillon & Hewitt, Little Friday- street John Kayll, of Cross- street, Newington. Butts, Surry, money- scrivener, d. & c. Sept. 8, 19, and Oct. 17, at GuildlulL— At- torney, Mr. Bourdon, Temp. le- street. Fiancis Loader Hodshon, of Strood, Kent, brewer, Sep. 19, 26, and Oct. 2l), at Guildhall, Loudon.— Attorney, Mr. Cook. Maidstone. Nicholas Firles, of South- Shields, Durham, ship. builder, Sept. 24, 29, and Oct. 20, at the Golden Lion, South- Shields. — Attornies, Messrs. Cockerill, North and South- Shields. Thomas Watson, of Ipswich, Suffolk, miller, Sept. 21, 22 and Oct. 20, at the Great White Horse, Ipswich.— Attornies, Messrs. Brame & Notcutt, Ipswich. William Baxter, of Gosport, victualler, Sept. 24, 25, ar. d Oct. 20, at the India Arms, Gosport.— Attorney, Mr. Cruick- Stiank, Gospyrt. Ann Veysey, of Exeter, haberdasher, Sept. 15, at the Old London Ina, Exeter, 30, and Oct. 20, at the Golden Lion, Honiton, Devonshire.— Attorney, Mr. Robinson, Exeter- street, Strand, London. George Gregory, sen. of Chester, cheese- factor, Oct. I, 2. and 20, at the White Lion, Chester.— Attorney, Mr. Finchett, Chester. Thomas Brothers, of White Rose- court, Coleman- street, Mid- dlesex, woollen- draper, Sept. 12, 19, and Oct. 20, at Guildhfii. Attorney, Mr. Hall, Coleman- street. Bankruptcy enlarged. Mark Moody, of Elder- street, Spitalfields, Middlesex, fiour- factor, from Sept. 1 to 19, at Guildhall. DIVIDENDS to be made to CREDITORS. S Sept. 28: Joseph Welch, ot Birmingham, brass- founder, at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham. Oct. 9. J. Russell, Cubbir. gtoti, Warwickshire, bleacher, at the Black Swan, Wa.- w. ick, Oct. 9. T. Anse- il, ot Birmingham, baker, at the Black Swan, Warwick. CERTIFICATE to l> e granted. Sept. 29. H. Lines, of Eydon, Northamptonshire, grocer. To Messrs, Rowland 4' Son, Proprietors of the Mucassar Oil. GENTLEMAN, TAm greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of vour MACASSAR OIL, for the Recovery of my Hair, which has been extremely thin tor these eight Vears past, and obliged me to wear a Wig. and to use many Preparations, for a consi- derable Time, without anv Sign of its recruiting. Hearing of the Excellency of your Oil, I determined on trying it; in a short Time my Hair began to thicken, and, bv using it regularly for six Months, I was enabled to leave off my Wig, and have now to boast of a fine Head of Hair, which astonishes every one. 1 shall continue the Use of it, as it not only thickens the Hair, but 1 feel considerable Pleasure MI my Head after using it. — My Daughter has received astonishing Benefit from using the Macassar Oil. — You are at I. ibeity to publish this Note, and may refer any one to vour obedient Servant, W! I. L1AM HENRY JAQUES. Baker- Street, - Portman- Square, Junel'ith, 1811. <. To Messrs. A. Rowland St Son, Proprietors of the MACASSAR OIL, Kirby- Street, Ilatton- Garden, London. GENTLEMEN,— I take the Liberty of addressing my Thanks to you for the great Benefit I have received from your truly valuable MACASSAR OIL. Having had the . Misfortune to lose almost all my Hair at the Age of five- and- twentv, in Consequence of a Fever, which is very prevalent in this Country. I was lately induced, at the Instance ot a Friend, to make a Trial ot your excellent Specific. I can only say the Effects were most sur- prisihg, for in . a very short Space of Time, my Head, which was before entirely bald. was. covered with Thick and strong Hair. I am now fifty Years of Aee, and would scarcely have expected that alter having wore a Wig for five- and. twenty Years of tny Life, 1 should ever be enabled to throw it entirely aside. 1 think it but Justice to yourselves and the Public, to add my Testimony . to, ihe Virtues of vour truly estimable Oil. You have myfu> U Permission to make this Letter public, or refer any bne to me for Proof of the Merits of this invaluable Dis- coveiy — I am, Gentlemen, your obliged and obedient Servant, WILLIAM CHARLES PR1DEAUX. Spilshy, Lincolnshire, / llarch'il, 1811. The above Testimonials, selected from ail immense Number, are irrefragable Proofs of the superior Excellence of the Macassar Oil. [ View Rowland's Essay on the Hair).— Sold in Bottles at 3s. 6d — 10s. fid.—— and =£ 1. Is. each, by the Proprietors, Row- land Sc Son, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by Ap- pointment, by the Printers ot this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Per- fumer. Northampton; Swinfen, Leicester; and by all Per- fumers, Hair. Dressers, & c. in every Town throughout the Empire. Beware of servile Imitators, as the Genuine Macassar Oil is signed on the Label in Red- Ink, " A. Rowland & Son."— Of •.'. him may be had, under the august Patronage of her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, his Excellency the Duke Del intantado, and many Families of high Distinction, ALS ANA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECI- FIC, for eradicating all Disorders of the TEETH and GUMS, and rendering them extremely beautiful, and immediately expels the Tooth- Ache.— Sold at 10s. 6d. per Bottle, or small Bottles at 4s. 6d. each. — Also the Alsana Powder for cleansing tfec Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per Box, a beautiful Preparation. LONDON MARKETS. Corn Exchange, Monday, Sept. 7, 1812. The arrivals of English Wheat this morning constituted a mode- rate supply, and part of which was of light and iuferiot quality; hence samples of line old fetched nearly last Monday's prices, but all others weie cheaper. The Baltic fleet,- it U » " be noted, has brought about 13,000 quarters, and these, ac- cording to the samples obtained, produce! prices corres- ponding with those of our own growth. Tite first arrivals oi new wheats this year, have come as usual light and out of condition, but samples dry, heavy, and of superior growth, may soon be cxpected. — Rye was 4s. and Barley 2s. and 3s. p, jr quarter cheaper. — Malt likewise was2s. per ouarter lower. In White Peas littleor no alteration ; but Grey rather hifilier. — Beans, of the two sorts, have progressively risen to tha terms specified in our list below. — Oats, on the contrary, though not many here, are still a declining article. Wheat 72s. tollSs. Suffolk* — c ot= * Fine 128s. tol48s. Superfine 150s. tol54s. FineWhite — s. tol55s. Rye 62s. to 74s. Barley 52s. to 62s. Malt 8Hs to 96s White Peas - 65s. to 74s. Boilers 76s. to S2s. Grey Peas . — s. to gls. .70s. to 78s< Fine — s. to 80s„ Beans 81s. to 9$ s. Fine — s. to 96 » « Picks 7Ss. to 9Js< » ats 56s. to 64s. 1' olands 65s. to tiS » . Potatoe ditto 70s. to 72s. Averageof Wheat, 136s. 5dJ. — Is. 9J. J lower than last feturn. Fine Flour, — s. to 120s. — Seconds, 110s. to 115s. Average of Flour il9s. 5dj.— 0s. ld.' lower than last return PRICE or SEEDS. Carraway 65s. Od. to 70s. Cd.-\ Coriander 35s. Od. to 40s. 0d.( Red Clover 76s. Od. to 98s. Od ( Percvtt « White ditto 70s. Od. to! 47s. 0d.) White Mustard J2s. 0d. to 18s. Od. ) , Brown ditto 20s. Od. to 24s. Od. S per Turnip 12s. Od. to 16s. 0d'. ditto. PRICE OF HOPS. ~~ " BACS. Kent 41. 0s. to' PI. 0s. Sussex Si. 10s, to 61. 0s. Essex 31. 10s. to 71. 0s. POCK ETS. Kent 6i. 0s. tol II. 0s. Sussex. .. 51. 0s. to 91. 0s. Farnham 101. 0s. tol2l. 0i. SMtriiiTELD. — MONDAY, Sept. 7. ( To sink theoflal— per stone of 8lbs.) 4s. 4d. to 5s. 8d. I Veal 5s. 0d. to 6s. 87. Mutton ... 4s, 8d. tn 6s. Od. | Pork 6s. Od. to 7s. Od. Lamb 5s. 0d. to 6s 4d. Head of Cattli this Day — Beasts, about 2,000 — Sheep and Lambs, 16,700 — Calves, 180— Pigs, 100. PRICE OF TALLOW. ~ Town Tallow 85s. Od. Yellow Russia 81s. 0d. White ditto — s. Od. Soap ditto — s. Cd. Melting Stuff 67s. Od. Ditto rough -. 45s. Od. Graves 20s. Od. Good Dregs 9s. Od. SOAP — Yellow.. 90s. Od. St. James's Market.. 5s. Otl. Clare Market 5s. Od. Whitechapel Market 5s. Od. 15s. Od. Average perst. of81b. 5s. 0J. Mottled.. 104s. Od. PRICE OF LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 60 to 5tilb. each " 24d. Ditto, 56 to661b. each 26d. Merchants' Backs TM. Dressing Hides I9d, Fine Coach. Hides 20d. CropHities, 35; o401b. tor cutting lBd A 45 to 501b iJId. CaltSkin SO to 401b 28t(. £( to 701b SSJ. 13 to 801b ifcut. Small Seals ( Greenland! .. 34el. l arge Ditto, 120s. to 180s. per Dozen.— Goat Skins, 34s. to(> 2s. Tanr. cd Horse- Hides, 19d. to 22, i J '•'•'• ' T* — * ,. - • - ..-:-—• NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and for T. E. DICEY-, Y<' SUTTON, & R. SMITIiSON. ' to 25J. to 27J. to 251. to 2' id. to 22d. . to SOd. i to 23d. to SS4. to 45J. to 44d. to 38d.
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