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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 25
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 29/08/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 25
No Pages: 4
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£ 5 . ^ JU i| ii PUlJ^ TMh BY kAJYID FOR T. E. BICET, ^ SUTTON, il. SMtTMSOJV VOL. 91'. SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1812. No. C5. Ready Money is expected ^ with Advertisements. S 5 Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ) < j Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland, ^ p „ S Stamp- Duty - 3d. I JR RICE 0%. ( PAPER AND PRINT 3D_ A Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON TUESDAY, August 25. AMail from Lisbon, and dispatches from Lord Welling- ton, arrived yesterday. His Lordship entered Valla- tiolid on the 31st ult.; and on the same tidy the beaten French army was at Aranda de Douro, bavins; been joined in its flight by some trifling reinforcements. L. ord Welling- ton's head- quarters were then transferred to Cnellar, where they still remained on the 4th inst. at w hich date also, the force under Joseph Bonaparte, slated at C000 French and ' 9000 Juranientados, is stated to have been at Segovia. Marmont is reported to havedied of his wounds at a village iiear Valladolid, anil his remains had been sent to France. The wreck of his army was understood to be in full retreat for Burgos. A report was prevalent at Lisbon, that Suchet had arrived nt Madrid from Valencia, with 15,000 men, on his way to take the command, in the room of Marmont. French Papers have arrived down to the date of Thursday last, containing the Tenth and Eleventh Bulletins of the Grand Army, ns well as the French version of the Battle of Salamanca. The former give the particulars of various actions which were known, through the medium of the Gottenburgh mails to have taken place, between detached corps of the opposing armies, and in which the enemy, in contradiction to the Russian accounts, of course claim the of December next, advantage. The public, however, may easily guess the degree of credit they are entitled to, when they are informed, that in one instance, the Bulletin state s, that 200 Voltigeurs, " lads of I'nris," killed 300 Russian horsemen out of 10,000, by whom they were surrounded for a whole hour!- - and in the action between Prince W itgenstcin and Oudinot ( the fame affair as stated by Admiral Martin, in Saturday's Gazette), the French are declared to have not only driven the ulmle of the Russians, 15,000 in number, into the Diissu, but also to have ki'led and wounded 8,500, and made 3,000 prisoners, with all their artillery and militarv chests taken!— The Eleventh Bulletin, after describing the positions of the various corps, coolly says, " His Majesty has sent the army into quarters of refreshment. The heat is excessive, greater than what it is in Italy."— It mav there- fore be concluded that his Majesty is at a stand.'— The account which the enemy give of the Battle of Salamanca is very short. The Duke of Ragusa ( Marmont) it is stated being strickcn by a shell, which b oko bis right arm and wounded him in the side, the General of Division Clause!, then took the command, just as the action commenced— " it continued for several hours with the greatest fury; prodigies of valour, and several actions, worthy of the French name, were, performed. Nevertheless, the accident • which happened to the Duke of Itagusa hail, from the first determined General Clausel to retire upon the right of the Tortr. es." The ship Friends arrived at Portsmouth, on Saturday, in 24 days, from Norfolk, in Virginia. She was taken up . a cartel, to bring home Colonel Hamilton,- late British Consul at that port; also Captain Wilkinson, of the Africa, and several others, released prisoners of war. The rescindinj- of the Orders in Courted was not known when the Friend sailed. On the 8th'inst. she fell in with the Belvidera, Captain Brvort; and Shannon, of 33 guns, Captain Brok on the Banks of Newfoundland, which ships had captured the American sloop of war Nauiilus, and with the ./ Bolus, Lord James Towosend, in company, chased the Constitution frigate 34 hours, but which escaped by superior sailing. The four British frigates Belvidora, Shannon, / Eolus, and Guerrierc, under the command of Captain Broke, were then steering, with all sail, for the southward, in pursuit of Commodore Rodgers' squadron, which consisted of four frigates and two sloops.— A number of merchant vessel bad been captured on both sides. „ Mr. Shaw, the Messenger, arrived in town yesterday from America, who came in the Bloodhound, from Arirrapoli which left that port on the 26th tilt, witli dispatches from Mr, Baker. At that period no account had arrived in the United States of the suspension or revocation of the Orders in Council. A report of the suspension of hostilities, stated to be founded upon the intelligence brought by the Friends, has not bren confirmed bv any authentic communication, and is, therefore, discredited. The Nautilus, American , loop of war, had been captured by the Belvidera and Shannon frigates. Commodore Rodgers had burnt many ships that he had taken, in order not to diminish his crews by manning them. Gibraltar letters of the 27th ult. have been received. They state, thatBallasteros had taken Ossuoa by surprise, together with some hundred prisoners , and that he was proceeding to join O'Donnel, at Bacza. The following is an extract of a letter from Gibraltar, dated July 27th:— " The latest accounts from Cadiz are to the 24th. The shells appear to annoy that city very much, and every kind of business is at a stand. A letter from Wingo Sound dated July 26, 1812, states, that several Officers of the Navy have been appointed by Sir J. Saumarez, at the request of the Emperor of Russia, to command divisions of t' e Russian flotilla in the Dwina. Jt was expected Sir James would make further appointments of a Lieutenant from each line- of- battle ship to the service. They would be under the direction of Captain Stewart, of ihe Sheldrake.— The Plantagenet antl Zealous were goin^ up the Baltic with a large convoy. The Mars and Cressy * ere on their passage from Hano with a convoy. A gentleman who left the Turkish capital on the 20th y ' June, nrtd who Was passenger on board the ship which has brought the dispatches from Mr. Liston, states that the French Agent a' that Court was much disappointed in con- ttquetice of his ill success, and that, contrary to what has been stated, Gen. Andreossi had not arrived. The peace between Russia and Turkey had not been proclaimed. The Wizard sloop arrived on Saturday, at Portsmouth, with dispatches from our Ambassador nt Constantinople, w liirh are reported to contain the terms of the prat e con- cluded between the Turks and Russians. The Wizard left I Mahon on the 24th nit. Sir Edward Pellew was laying there, intending to sail on the following day, with 10,000 troops, it was said, for the Coast of Catalonia. In the month of August, 1811," the Queen of Etruria arrived at Rome, was put into a convent, wilh her daughter, deprived nf her jewellery, and every thing of value. The Duke D'Angouleme, husband nf the daughter of Louis XVI, is about to join the army in Spain. The Chief of the Cossacks in the Russian army has offered his daughter in marriage, with a portion of two hundred / thousand roubles, to any man of his corps who should bring in the tyrant Bonaparte, dead or alive. For Saturday's Gazette, & c. fye.— see last page. Bedfordshire Agricultural Society. Meeting of the Committee of this Society will be held at the SESSIONS- HOUSE, in Ihe Town of UEn- FORD, on FRIDAY the 4lh Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon. T. TIMES, Secretary. Bedford. Aug. IS th, 1812.- NORTH A M ITO V, August 22d, 1812. \ LL Persons who are anywise indebted to Mr. JTJL JOHN ADAMS, late of the Town of NORTHAMPTON, Ironmonger and Seedsman, are desired lo pay their respective Debts to Mr. Monday, or Mr. John Cole, of the said Town of Northampton, on or before the 29th Day of September next, or Proceedings will |> e immediately after taken for the Recovery of the same without further Notice. TOWCESTER, August 19" Ni, 1812. ALL Persons having anv Claim or Demand upon the Estate or Effects of the late Mr. WILLIAM CORBY, Tailor and Salesman, are roquesled tn send the Particulars thereof to Mr. Joseph Willsher, Grocer, or to Mr. James Kirby, Baker, of Towcester, his Executors. — And all Persons indebted lo ( he Estate or Effects of the said William Corby, are desired to pay Ihe amount of their respective Debts lo Mr. Willsher, or Mr. Kirby, who are duly authorised lo receive the same, on or before the 25th Day BUR CLARY. FIVE GUINEA'S REWARD. WHEREAS Oil Saturday Night the 22d, or early on Sunday Morning the 23d of August instant, some Person or Persons did break open and enter the Dwelling- Honse of JOHN* WRIGHT, of NoR. Tn- CRAWi. EY, in the County of Buckingham, Taflor, anil did feloniously steal and take away therefrom, divers Quantities of Goods and Wearing Apparel, consisting of Calicoes, Dowlas Waistcoats, second- hand Coats, Gowns, and white Petticoats. Whoever will give such Information as may lead to ( he Ap- prehension of the Offender or Offenders, shall, nn his, her, nr their Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of thesaid John Wright. North- Crawley, 26t/ i August, 181'?. N BOUGIITON - 1' AlfK. . TOTICE is hereby given. That all Persons . found passing over any Part of BOUGTITOV PARK, the Property of her Grace Elizabeth Duchess of liuoclrilch and Queen- berry, except along Ihe Carriage Road leading im- mediately lo Boughfon- House, will he considered as Tres- passers, and prosecuted accordingly. " ROBERT EDMONDS. Houghton House, 20( 7i August, 1802. TOWCESTER, August 19th, 1SI2. THOMAS CORBY, TAILOR and SALESMAN, Son and Successor to his late Father, WILLIAM CORBY, lakes this Opportunity of returning Thanks ( o the Friends and Customers of his late Father, for their past Favours, antl humbly hopes for a Continuance of ( he same, assuring them that rverv Attention nn his Part shall be paid; and having purchased a fresh Supply of Goods from the different Markets, he has an Opportunity of serving his Friends on very reason- able Terms. Notice to the Debtors rind Creditors of Mrs. JANE CLARK, of LONO- BUCKHY, deceased. ALL Persons having any Claim upon the Estate and Effects of the said Mrs CLARK, are requested to deliver an Account thereof, to her Executors Mr. John Robinson, of Broadway- Lane, in the Parish of Lnng- Hurkhy aforesaid, Mr. Hubert Robinson, of Long- Buckhy aforesaid, and Mr. Joseph Faulkner, of Norton, in order lh;; t the same mav he immediately discharged.— And all Persons who are indehted to the Estate and Effects of the said Mrs. Clark, are desired immediately ( o pay their respective Debts lo thesaid Messrs. Robinson and Faulkner, or to Messrs. Denny and Son, of Lorig- Buckhy aforesaid. By Order, DENNY tic SON. Solicitors to the Executors. l. nng- BurJby, 21 si Angus/, 1819. SIIUM'I EBOTHAM'S BANKRUPTCY. w rpFTF. out- standing Debts due to the Estate of THOS. SHUFFLEBOTHA M, of DUNSTAISLR, Reds. Linen Draper, a Bankrupt, amounting to a considerable Sum, will b - SOL!) hy AUCTION, in one Lot. Dne Notice of the Time of Sale will he given, as soon as Lists of the Names, Places o!' Abode, and Amount of the Debts of every Person indebted to tlii- Estate is completed.— And all Persons indebted to liiis Estate, who are desirous of preventing the public Ex- • posure of their Names, are requested immediately to pay their s. nyeral Bills to Mr.- W. Dresser, al Dunstable, who is nulho- rised to p-.- eive the same ; S. alkeld, Auctioneer, 4, Middle New- Street, ."• igh- Square, London. N B. The Sale will heal Dunstable. N'OTICE TP DEBTORS AM) CREDITORS. Ill'. UEAS the Rev. IIF. NRY PEMBI. E, of LotjotiTov. in lhc « Coiinty of Buckingham, hath by Indenture, heai'in? Date ihe ,' ii Dav of this instant August, assigned all his Estate and Effects whatsoever unto the Rev. Jisnathan Rrigges, of fhornborough: William lloyes, of Stony- Stratford. Drapers and John Sirett, of Stony- Strat- ford, Groi-' r; in Trust for the equal Benefit of all ihe Creditors « f him the said Henry Petuhle, who shall execute ( he same Indenture before ( be 7lh Day of September next; Notice is hereby given, That the said Indenture of Assignment is left at the Office of Mr. Cougreve, of Slony- Slratford, Solicitor, for the Execu- tion of the Creditors; and t- hat all such Persons who neglect ( o execute the same before tiie said Tlh Day of September next, will he excluded the Benefit thereof. — All Persons indebted ( o ( he said Henry Pemble, are requested to pav liteir Debts unto Ihe said Trustees or one of^ them. before ihe said 7ih Dav of September, or Ihev will be su;? d for the same without further Notice. Bv Order of ( he Trustees, JOHN FR. COXGREVE. Stony- Stratford, 6lh August, 1812. XT OTIC E is horebv given, Tbat the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of WI LLT AM ME Al); formerly nf DUNSTABLE, in the County of Bedford, since of CASTLE- STR I: ET, C A v EN oisrr- SQC AH K, in the County of Middlesex, Clerk, but last a Prisoner for Debt in the King's Bench Prison, in the Couniv of Surrey, anil discharged from Im- prisonment under and by virtue of an Act of Parliament made and passed in Ihe 51. t Year of the Reign of his present Majcstv King George Ihe Third, Entitled 41 An Act for Ihe Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors in England," intend pursuant lo Ihe Directions of the said Act of Parliament, rj the. Expiration of thirty Days frnm the Date hereof, to matte Dividend of all Ihe Estate and Effects of thesaid William Mead, w hicli shall then have been received or got iu by the said Assignees, to and amongst his Creditors, in Proportion and in Regard to each Creditors respective Debt, and the said Creditors are hereby required to make oul and deliver within I he Time aforesaid, at ( he Office of Mr. Hdope'r, at Dunstable, Bedfordshire, or to Mr. Ilunl, No. 7, King's Bench Walks, Temple, London, ( he Solicitor and Agent, for the saiil Assignees, the Amount of their respective Debts ; and to make oul Ihe Justness and Identity of such Debts, bv Oath or due Proof in Writing in Manner directed by the said Act. — Dated the 15th Day of August, 1812. Northamptonshire and Warwickshire Association, for the Prosecution of Felons. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. LOST, supposed to be STOLEN, on Wednesday Night the 5th, or early on Thursday Morning the 6th of this instant August, out of a Close in the Parish of Hetlldnii, in the Countv of Northampton, Hie Property of Mr. Wifliam Ralphs, a Feeding EWE SUEEP, marked with a Cross in the Middle of a Circle, with a Pitch Brand on the near Hip, and a Dot of Reddle between the Shoulders. Whoever will give Information of ( he Offender or Offenders, so that heorihey mav be prosecuted, shall, on Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUIN HAS of the said William Ralphs, and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS nf Mr. Richard Griffen, Treasurer to this Association, over and above ( he Rewards allowed by Act of Parliament.— If strayed, any Person giving Information ( hat may lead to the Recovery thereof, will be handsomely rewarded for their Trouble, by ine, WILLIAM RALPHS. Htllidon, August IS th, 1812. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded aud issued forth against WILLIAM HOWARD, of Wooorotti), in the County of Northampton, Brickmaker, and he being declared a ^ ankrupt, i$ beirby required to sur- render himself to ( he Commissioners in ( he said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on THURSDAY the TENTH, at Six o'clock in lb a Evcuirtjg, and on FRIDAY the ELEVENTH and SATURDAY the TWENTY- SIXTH Days of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven io the Forenoon on each of the last two mentioned Days, at the SPREAD EAGLE INN, in RUGBY, ill the County of Warwick, and make a fail Dis- covery and Disclosure of his Estate and EliVcIs; when and where ( he Creditors aie to come prepai- Cd lo prove their Debts, and at ( he second Sitting to choose Assignees, and al Ihe last Silting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and Ihe Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons indebted to ihe said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver tile Same bill to whom ( he Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice" to Messrs. Cardalls tk Young, Solicitors, Gray's- 1 nn, Loudon; or Mr. Harris, Solicitor, Rugby, Warwifdtsh'ire. Market- Harbonvgh and IPtlJ'ord Turnpike Roads from Northampton. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees » f tiie said Turnpike Roads will be held at the House of Mrs. Bosworlh, called llighgate House, in ( lie Parish of Spratlon, in ( he County of Northampton, on TNURSIJAT the 3d Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the Hour of Eleven in the t ureuoon. CU AS. MARK. I1VM, Clerk IO the Trustees. Northampton, Au « vsfSS, 1312. MEDICINE DUTY. Stamp- Offi. cev London, 15th August, 1812. NOTICE is hereby given, that an Act Was passed in the last Session of Parliament, to amend the Act of the fortv- fourth Year of his Majesty's Reign, for granting Stamp- Duties in Great Britain, so far as regards the Duties on Medicines, and on Licenses for vending the same; and that the Duties granted bv the Act of the 4' ilh Geo. 3, Cap. 98, are, from the 1 st of September next, to attach upon the several Medicines and Medicinal Preparations and Composi tions, set forth or described in the Schedule annexed to the new Act, which includes Soda- Water, and all Powders and Compositions for making if, as well as many Articles not specially named in ( he former Act. A Penally of ^ 10 will be incurred by every Person who shall sell, or expose lo Sale, or offer, or keep ready for Sale, or buy, or receive, or keep for Ihe Purpose of selling by Retail, on his own Account, or on Account of any other Person, any Packet, Fox. Botlle. Pol. Phial, or other Inclnsure, containing any of the Articles liable ( o Duty, without Paper Labels, duly stamped, being sufficiently fastened or affixed ( hereto, as the law requires. And a Penalty of £ 20 will be incurred bv every Person wiio shall sell, or expose to Sal.', or keep ready for Sale, any of the said Articles liable lo Only, without taking out a License from the Commissioners of Stamps, for that Purpose, annually, within one Month after the 1st of September, on which Day alt Licenses previously granted will expire; except Victuallers and others, who shall only sell Soda- Water, or other artificial Water, to be drank in their Houses or Shops, and which shall actually be drank therein, provided ( he same be sold in Bottles, with Labels duly stumped pro- perly affixed thereto, as the La w requires. Information having been received, that many Druggists and others keep ready for Sale, and sell, several Sorts of Lozenges anil, other Articles, liable ' o ihe Medicine Duty, without stamped Labels ( hereon, this Notice U given, that all Persons concerned may conform to'the Provisions of the new Act and nf Ihe firm - r Acts therein referred to, and avoid the Penalties, fur which they will otherwise he prosecuted. By Order of the Commissioners, WM. HAPPEN, Secretary. GAME. NOTICE is hereby given, That all Persons disco- vered trespassing in Pursuit of GAME, or NUTTIXt} in ( he Woods or on the Manor of CLIFTON- REYNES, in ( he County of Buckingham, ( he Property nf ALEXANDER SMALL, Esq.; or in ( he Woods and on the extra- parochial Manor of PETSOE, and other Lands and Estates in Ihe Parish of EsruEHTON, in ( he aforesaid County, the Properly of the Rev. Dr. WILLIAMS, will be prosecuted to the full Extent of the Penalties. Clifton- Hall, Aug. ZG'h, 1812. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS, \ I7ILLIAM BUSBY, of M ARSTOS'- PlLI. INGE, ill » • the County of Bedford, Farmer and Grazier, having conveyed and assigned all his real and personal Estates to Mr. John Drake, of Woburn, and Mr. William Nash, of Norlh- Crawley, upon Trust, ( o he Sold for the Benefit of his Creditors, Nolice is hereby given, That the Trust Deed is lodged ill the Hands'of Mr. Cooch, at Newport- Pagnell, for the Signa( ure of ( he Creditors.— And that ( he Trnsfs ( hereof w ill he executed with as little Delay as possible.— All Persons therefore having any Claim upon the said Estate and Effects, are requested to send an Account thereof, in Writing, to the said Trustees or ( o Mr. Cooch. And all Persons indebted lo Ihe said Estate, are requested fn discharge their respective Deuts ( o ( he Trustees without further Notice. By Order of the Trustees, GEORGE COOCIt, Solicitor, Newport- Pagnrll, 25M August, 1812. Grazing Land, ut Arthingzcorlh. To be L E T T by T E N D E li, And entered upon at Michaellhas next, npwo CLOSES of extremely rich GRAZING LAND, * containing togethtr about 25 Acres* situate » t ARTH1NG- WORl'H, in the County of Northampton, and adjoining the Lordship of Great. Oxendon. Mr. MATTHEW WARD, the present Tenant, will shew the Land; and Proposals for taking i: must be sent ( Petf- paid) t-> the Office of Messrs. HODSON, Solicitors, Wellingborough, cn or before the 9th of September next. Security will be required for I'ayfnent of the Rent. A LOAN on PUDDLE- HILL TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Sum of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS being wanted by the Trustees of tiie Turnpike- Road between DUNSTABLE and HOCKLIFFE, in the County of Bedford, on Security of the TO LLS thereof, for the Purpose of completing the Improvements on the said Road, any Person or Persons disposed to lend the same, or anv Part thereof in Shares of =£ 100 each ( for which Interest at £ b per Cent per Annum will be paid clear of Property- Tax) are requested to signify ihesamein Writing, to Mr. John Hooper, of Dunslable, the Clerk to the Trustees, to be laid before them at their next Meeting. JOHN HOOPER. July 29tb, 1812. SURRY and' SUSSEX TURNPIKES, 15th AUGUST, 1812. • Vf OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at 1. N the Toll- Gates upon the said Turnpike- Roads ( Weighing Kngines exoept « dj known by the Ndtne of Nnvlngto* Gate, CamLerivell Gate, Kcnnivston^ Common Gate, Vtiaxbali Gate, Kingston Gale, and Croydon Gate, and at the Bar across the l< ntrauce into Hurlevlord. Street, on Kennington Common, all in the County of Surry » will be LETT by AUCTION, on Lease, for the form of one Year, from the 29th Day of September next, to the Best Bidder, at the House of Mrs. BOONE, the Sign of the GREYHOUND, at CROYDON on SATURDAY the 19iliDayof SEP- TEMBER next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two, in the Man- ner directed by ihe Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of lv- Majesty King GeorgetheThird, " For regulating the Turnpike- Roads," which Tolls were the last Year let for the Sum ot 14,470. the Lessee paying the l; xpen » es of collecting them, and will be put up at such Sum as the Trustees shall think fit, and subject to such Conditions as shall be stated at the sai. i Meeting. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must at the same Time s; gh an Agreement for taking such Lease, and give Security, Willi sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of ihe Trustees of the said Turnpike- Roads, for Payment of the Refit agreed for, by equal monthly Pay ments. One Month's Payment is to bo advanced and paid down to the Treasurer, at the Time of signing such Agreement, and one Month's Payment is to be always paid in advance tilt the Expiration of thesaid Lease. SAMUEL WEI. CHMAN, Clerk to the Trustees of the said TurnpikevRoad. For Particulars relating to the Leas , enquire ot Mr. WEI. CM- MAN, 12, Stamfoid- Street, Christchurch, near Blaektriars Bridge, Surry. S PA R ROW ' S- IIE RN E TU RN PI ICE. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Sparrow's- llcrne on Bushey Heath, through the Market Towns of Watford, TSerkhamsted- St.- Peters, and Tring, in the County of Hertford, by Pcttiphcr's Elms to the Turnpike Road at Walton, near Aylesbury, in the County ot Buckingham, will be holden at the KING'S ARMS, BERKHAMSTF B- ST.- P ETERS aforesaid, on TUESDAY the TWENTY- SECOND Day of SEPTEMBER, 1812, and the Chair taken at One o'Clorlc; when and where the Tolls arising and to be collected at the several Turnpike- Gates oil the said Road, known bv the Names of the WATFORD and 1UDGE- I. ANE GATES. will be LETT by AUCTION for such Term not exceeding three Years, and will be put up at such Sum as may be agreed upon by the Trustees present at such Meeting, to commence on the 30th Day of September, 1812, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls were Lett for two Years, ending the 2Rth Day of July, 1813, at the yearly Rent of =£ 1281 clear of all Fxpenses, the Lease of which will bccome determined on the 29th Day of September next, under the Act of Parliament lately passed for explaining certain Exemptions from Tolls in several Acts of Parliament for Carriages employed in Husbandry, and for other Purposes. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time pay to the Treasurer one Month's Payment of the Rent, and give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of ( he Trustees, for Payment of the Remainder at such Times as they shall direct — Dated this 19th Day of August, 1812. HARRY CROVER, Clerk, to the said Trustees, PELICAN OFFICE, For Insurance on Lives and granting Annuities, npilIS Office was established in Lombard- Street, London, I in the Year 1797, by a numerous and respectabli Pro- prietary ; and the Board of Direetwt, with Confidence arising from the increased Prosperity and Permanency of the listablish- ment, as well as from the Experience of its Usefulness and Benefit lo the Public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the Importance and Advantages of LIFE INSURANCE, briefly to suggest some, of its leading and peculiar Recommendations to almost every Degree and Raak in Society. Life Insuiance is of manifest Consequence to all who hold Estates tor Life, Situations and Offices,' Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Professional; to Officers in the Army and Navy, Sc. ; as, by Payment of an Annual Premium, the Party insured is en- abled to provide for Wife, Children, or oth= rs, whose future Welfare he may wish in vain, by other Means, to promote.— It aitords a permanent ultimate Security to those who advance Money upon Annuities or otherwise. It renders Leases deter- minable On oneormore Lives, nearly equal in Value to Freehold Estates, as an Insurance to the Amount of the Fine, payable on the Demise of a Party nominated in such Leases, will produce the Sum required for Renewal. It is a cheering Refuge to Parties engaged in extensive and speculative Undertakings: it a fiords to Persons in Trade the certain Means of Indemnification against a bad or doubtful Debt: in short, Lite Insurance, es. tablished in Policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the Test ot Experience, is become, to almost every Situation of Human Life, a Measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable Terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARKE, Secretary. PELICAN COMPANY'S AC. ENTS AT Northampton,— G. OSCORN & SON. Leicester,— G. B. HODC. ES. Market- Harhorough,— THOMAS GURDEN. Loughborough,— C. I. ACF. Y. Newpbrt- l'aymfllf— BARRINGER & SON. Aylesbury, — EDWARD ADAMS. Warwick,— Messrs. BR ACF. BRIDC£ S & Co. Eanbury,— JOHN HAWIXN. I) UN CI IU RC11 T U R N PIK E- R O A D. Kf OTICE is hereby given. That the next Meeting l ^ of the Trustees appointed for putting into Execution the Act of Parliament lately passed fiir more effectually repairing the Roarl from Dunchurch to Hillmorton, in the County of Warwick, and from thence lo St. James's laid, in Ihe Parish of Duston, in the County of Northampton, w ill be holden at the House called the Fox AND HOUNDS, in IIARLESTON, in the said County of Northampton, on MONDAY the thirty- first Day of AUGUST instant, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of auditing the Treasurer's Account, and transacting other Business relative to ( he said Road. 15y Order of the Trustees, W. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. August 15 th, 1812. AUGUST, 1812. NOTICE is hereby given. That Application is in- tended to be made to Parliament in the next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bill for dividing and inclosing ( he open and common Fields, Meadows, Lands, Commons, and commonable Places, wil hin Ihe Parish or Parishes of COTT ERSTOCK ami GLAPTHORN, in ( he County of Northampton, and for exonerating as well the said open and common Fil l Is, Mea- dows, Lands, Commons, and commonable Places, as also all ( he old Iuclosures within the said Parish or Parishes, from Tithes. MARSTON TRUSSELL INCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given to the Proprietors of Lands and Estates in the Parish of MARSTON- TRUSSELL, in the County of Northampton, aud to all oilier Persons whom it niav concern, that Application will be made lo Parliament in the ue. xt Session for an Art to in- close all the open and common Fields, Meadows, Pastures, csmmonable Lands, anil Was( e Grounds in the Parish of Marston Trussell aforesaid, and in any Hamlets or Places thereto belonging, or lying within t'ie said Parish; and for making Compensation for the Tillies arising in, over, upon or ' in respect of Ihe several Lands, Grounds, Hereditaments, • and Premises in the said Parish of Marston Trussell, or in any Hamlets or Places thereto belonging, or for any Moduses Compositions, or other Payments in lieu of Tillies. GEORGE WARTNABY, P. O. ADAMS, Market- JIarborongh, August 18r! A, 1812. NOTICE is hereby given, That Application will be made to Parliament in ( he next Session, for an Act to enlarge the Term and Powers of an An passed in the thirty- third Year of ( he Reign nf his present Majesty, intitled " An " Act for repairing and widening the Road from the Foot of a " certain Bridge in the Parish of Little- Bowden, in Ihe " County of Northampton, commonly called Saint Mary's " Bridge, to the West- Side of the Toil- Bar at the Nortli- 1' End of Ihe Town of Rockingham, in ( he said County ;'' which Road pnsses through ( he several Parishes of Little- Bowden aforesaid, Dingley, Brampton, Stoke- Alhany, Wil- harston, Carlton, Midtlletou, Cottingham, and Rockingham, in the said County of Northampton.— And Notice is hereby also given, That in the said Act so intended to be applied for Provision will be made for altering and increasing the present Tolls and Duties authorised to be taken aud levied on the said Road. GEORGE WARTNABY, Solicitor. MarUl- Uarlorou£ h, August ISf/ i, 1812. POINTER. To be S O L D, Capital POINTER DOG three Years old, very staunch and has been shot over ( he last two Seasons by its present Own r, who has no further Use for him. Enquire at Mr. Surra's, White Hart, Stoke- Albany, near Mnrket- Marbarongh. I Fan icish ii r.— Loxleu. To be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, f? ROVE I DLL and MEER HILL FARM, with Farm- VJT House. Tenements. Cottage- House, arid Close; Buildings also appropriately- situated in the Middle of the Estate, with » Qua titv of fine old standing Timber, limbered Hedge- Rows Wood Lrys, with standing Timber, consisting of about 165 Acre^ more or less. GROVE Hu t., a beautiful Snot upsn the old Inclosure for the- Erection of a Gentleman's House, with a View of Warwick Crtsrle, & c. Coveniry, See. The same miy be seen on the following Saturdays only: 22d and 29th of August, and the 5th of September; precisely at Eleven o'Clock, by applying" to Mr. THOMAS PLUMB, Meer Hill Farm, Losley ; and further Particulars may be known, by l etters, Post- paid,- or per-. onal Application to G FORCE I'YWELL, Esq. Somerbv. near Melton. Mowbray, Leicestershire. The Winle is no-. v tube sold and may be entered upon at Mi- cbaeimas next, 1812. LoxLEY is five Miles from Warwick, and thr;- e from Strat- ford. on- A yon. For SALE bv AUC 1 ION, " On Friday the 4th D; iv of September next, at F'our o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the White Hart lull, in Floore, ill the County of Northampton, A L- f- those eligible FRKF. HOT. D PREMISES, situate J\ adjoining Che Turnpike Road leading from Northampton ( a Daventr*. now or late in the Occupation of Joseph Wiggil", Maltster: comprising a compact Mailing- olli- e ( wets 10 Quarters per Week), with suitable Garners, a roj> m\ genteel Dwelling- House, large Barn, Staiil^ s, Pigsties, a spacious Yard, Orchard and Garden, and a Pump of excellent Water: also a targe Garden detached, parted only by the Turnpike- Rori'l fr- m the Front of the Dwelling- House, con- taining at jo tit Half an Acre.— The Whole will be put up in one Lot.— These Premises are exceedingly well adapted to carry on any Concern ( together with the Mailing) that re- quires Room, being within seven, five, and eight Mites ' of tho- e three capital Markets, Northampton, Daventry, and Towceste'r, and all good Roads, and within one Mile of Ihe Grand Junction Canal Wharfs at Weedon- Beck and Stow- HilL— For Particulars, apply to Mr. BLABY, Anclioneer and Appraiser, Floore, Conditions will appear al Ihe Time and Place of Sale. WELLINGBOROUGH. A Most valuable. Freehold Inn, :. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, At the Hor- e Shoe Inn, in Wellingborough, on Thursday the 3d Day of September, 1812, at Six in the Afterno m, unless previously disposed of bv Private Contract, ( of which due Notice will be given), in two Lots, The following FSTA TE Lot 1. A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, in the Prime i V Part of the SHEEP- STR EET, in the flourishing and populous Town ot WELLINGBOROUGH, called bv tie Signof The HORSE SHOE ; comprising excellent and suitable Rooms for carrying on the Public Business in a superior Stile, with large Yard, Garden walk- d in, well planted with Eiuit Trees in full bearing, extensive Stabling, Brewhouse, gooit Cellarage, and all necessary and convenient Out- Olfices, which has for many Years past, and now is, in ihe Possession of Mr. JOHN DAY, the Proprietor — This House stands well for the Market, is established in a most respectable, extensive, and profitable Business; and in fact, its own well known Reputati n will recommend it as an enviable Situation lo possess in that Line of Busings, better than Words can express. It is in a mdst peifect State of Repair, the Land- Tax redeemed, and may be entered upon at Michaelmas next. Lot 1. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, in gocd Repair, in FREEMAN'S- LANE, in Wellingborough aforesaid, iu the Occupation of Gabriel Paget. For Particulars, and to treat f ir the Purchase, apply to the Proprietor, or ; o Messrs. HODSONS, Solicitors, Wellingborough. NOTIC I tended to be made lo the Honourable Solicitors. Fahable Farm, at Stanwick, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, l! y DAVIS Sf SON, On Friaav the 4th Day of September, 1SI2, at the Hour of Three in the Afternoon, at ti e House of Mr. Roberts, the White Hsrt Inn, in Kettering, in ihe County of Northampton, under such Conditions as will be then and there produced, a- d with the Exception of a small Close, to be in such Con ditions mentioned, A LL that valuable FARM, situate at STANWICK, in / the County of Nor'hampton, now, and for many Years past, in the Tenure orOcinipation of Mr EKI NS PENTF. LOW, or his Undertenants; consisting of a tarj* e apd substantially built Messuage or Farm. 1 louse, with the Barns, Stables, Out buildings, Yards, Gardens, and Appurtenances; two small Tenements or Dwelling- houses; upwards of 85 Acres of inclosed Pasture and Arable Land, lying in convenient Closes, and seven Yard Lands in the open and common Fields of Stanwick aforesaid, with the Meadow- Ground, Commons, and all other the Appurtenances thereto belonging. ' The greater Part of the Estate is Freehold, the Remainder Copvhald of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Stanwick, and a considerable Proportion of the Copyhold is Fine certain. The Land- Tax of the Whole is redeemed. Part of the Land Inay bj ente- ed upon on the 5th Pay of April next, and the Residue on the 10th of October following. STANWICK. is about two Miles distant from Higham- Ferrers, and nearly in a central Situation between Wellingborough, Ket- tering, and Thraoston, all considerable Market- Towns. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. SAMUEL STONE, of Knighton, near Leicester; or to Messrs. LOWDHAM & CARDALE, Solicitors, Leicester. Desirable Rectory, Oxfordshire, with a 1' rospect of early Possession. To be SO L I) by AUCTIO N, By Mr. WILLIAM. STANTON, At the Auction- Mart, London, on Thuftdav the 10th Day of September, 1812, at One o'Clock ( unless an acceptable Offer be in the mean Time made tor the Purchase thereof by Private Contract), HPHE next PRESENTATION to the valuable RECTORY H of'TADMARTON, situate near to BANBURY, on the Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury to. Shipston- upon- Stour, and within 20 Miles ot the University of Oxford.— The present Incumbent is nearly 80 Years of Age. Printed Particulars may be had at the Auction- Mart ; of the Printers of the Oxford and Cambridge Papers; of Mr. B C'. Carter, Staple- Inn, London of the Auctioneer, Hitchin, Herts ; and of Messrs. Churchill, Field, & Weston, Solicitors, Deddington, Oxfordshire, who are authorised to treat for a Sale by Private Contract. Oak ' Timber. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By. BROWN « ? SON, On Friday thellth Day or September, 1812, at Eleven o'Clock ( under Conditions to be produced at the Time of Sale) at the Cock, Wootton, UPWARDS of 400 fine OAKS; also, a large Quantity of OAK SLABS and PIECES, now lving' in WOOTTON GREAT WOOD, in the Parish of WOOTTON, near BEDFORD. The above T; mber is very useful for Carpenters, Builders, & c. and will be found of the best Quality. Catalogues to be had, seven Days previous to the Sale, at all the adjacent Towns; PJaosof Sale i apd of Brown & Son, Auc- tion*?;*, Bedford. is hereby given, That Application is in- House of Com- mons in ( he next Session of Parliament, for Leave ( o brill*- in a liill for dividing and inclosing the open and comrtlfH Fields, common Meadows, common Pastures, Commons Waste, and other commonable Lands and Grounds, - v ithfo the Manor and Parish of TURWESl'OV in ihe County of Buckingham. — Dated the 20lh Dav of August, 1812. CHURCHILL. FIELD, and WESTON, Deddingtnn, Oxon. HIDDEN 11 AM INCLOSURK I" THOMAS THORPE, the Commissioner appointed to carry into Execution an Act of Parliament lor '. inclosing I Wds- in BIDDEN HAM, in the County of Bedford, do hereb'v give Notice, that 1 have set out and appointed tli- following public Carriage- Roads, through and over the Lands and Grounds in'Biddenham aforesaid, intended to be divided and inclosed, that is to say, ' . One Public Carriage- Road of the Width of thirty Feet,' com- mencing at the public Carriage- Road in the Parish of Saint Paul. Bedford, and proceeding wejtv. ardly in its present Tnci: to Bromham Bridge, and called the Bedford and Brorriham Road. And one other Public Carriage- Road ot the Width nf tiiiity Feet, branching cut of the last- desctibed Road, and proceeding South- westwardW in a straight Line- to the East- End o! the Village of Biddenham, called the Bedford Road. And 1 do hereby further give Notice, that I have ascertained the said Roads by Marks and Bounds, unci have prepared aud signed a Map in which such intended E ads are aicm. i eij b it down and described, and have caused the same tb he deposited with THEED PEARSI, of Bedford, Gentleman, the CI rk' o thj said Commissioner, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned And 1 do hereby further give Notice, that a Meeting will be hrlii at_ the SWAN INN, in the Town of BEDFORD, on I" EIDAY RHJ 25th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Hbre- noon. And all Persons who may have any Objection totha setting out or appointing of thesaid Roads, or anv ot thetn, cc to the Omission of any other Road, are required to deliver Mich Objection, in Writing, to me the said Con missioner. at the - a il Meeting.— Given under my Hand this 21st Day of Augu-. i. IS12 TH"\ 1AS THORPE. S'l A GSD EN IN ( LOSU11E. ~ TTHOMAS THORPE, the Commissi. iner appointed to , carry into Execution an Act of Parliament for inclosing Lands in STAGSDEN, in the County ot Bedford, dq her by gi- e Notice, That 1 have set out and appointed ihe following Public Carriage- Roads and Footways, through and over the Lands and Grounds in Stagsden aforesaid, intended to be divided and inclosed, that i. to say :— One Public Carriage- Road, of the Width of Thirty- five Feet, except where the same passes between old luclosures, com- mencing at a Public- House, called Dropshort, and proceed'ni; westwarilly in its present Track, into the Parish of Astwood, in the County ot Buckingham, being the ancient Road from Bromham to Astwood, and called the Bedfor. I Road. One other Public Carriage- Road of the width of Thirty Feet, branching out of the last described Poad at a " Place called Two Sticks, and proceeding Southwardly in a str> igbt Line iito a Lane, called Common Hill- Lane, being the Wesi- EI. 1 Road. Oil? other Public Carriage- Road of the W . drh ot Thirty I eet, except whete the same passes between old Indo or s, com- mencing at the Bedford Roaa, at a Place called Wick- End M.- adow, and proceeding Northwardly in its present Track, to the Berry- Farm Homestead, and from thence in the s irr. e Di- rection across the Berry- Farm Home Close, ami along the North East Sides ot Wood Close. Ley Close, Little- Postwick Field, and G rear- Postwick Field, into the Parish of 1 urvey, being the Turvey Road. One Public Footway of the Width of three Feet, commencing at the West- End of the Town- Street, in Stagsden, nd pro- ceeding westwardlv along the South Side of the Bedford Road, to a Place called Two Sticks, and from thence cioss'og West- End Field by Heronwick, into an old Inclosure called Dean's Close, at West- End. One other Public Footway of the Width of three Feet, com- mencing at the North- East End of Chur.. hrLane, and pro ceeding North- liastwardlv across Church- Field andEury- Ead Field, into an old I nclosure called Wood Close. One other Public Footway of, the Width of three Feet com- mencing at the North- West End of Church- Lane, and proceeding North. Eastwardly across North- End Meadow, into North- End- Lane. And one other Public Footway of the Width of three Feet, commencing at the South End of a Lane called Bur.- End- Lane, and proceeding South- Eastwardly across Beck's A-. hfield, into the Bedford Road at Dropshort. And I do hereby further give Notice, ( hat I have ascertained the said Roads and Footways bv Marks and Bounds, a ad havs prepared and signed a Map in which such intended Roads an 1 Footways are aceurately laid down and described, and havj caused the same to be deposited with Theed Pearse, of B.' dr'o'd, Gentleman, Clerk to the said Commissioner, forihe Inspection of all Persons concerned ; aud I do hereby further give Nolice that a Meeting will be held at the SWAN INN, in the Town of BEDFORD, on FRIDAY the 25th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; and all Persons who irav have any Objections to the setting out, or appointing of th'e said Roads and Footways, or any of them, or to the Omission ot any other Road or Footway, are required to deliver such Objections in Writing to me, the said Commissioner, at ths said Meeting.— Given undei my Hand this 21st Day ot Aurust. 1812. THOMAS THORPE, * The Northampton Mercury'; and General Advertiser for the Counties ( jf Northampton, lied ford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester Warwick, O. v'for.!, an.' II i forn ) KdM< TVednesdaifs and Thursday's Posts. From the LONDON G \ ZETTE of August. 25. DOWVING- SIREEr, AUGUST 25. • Tttlract of a dispatch from the Marquis of Wellington, dated CueU'ar, 4th August. TIF, French army of the centre, after having ' passed through the Guadarrama pass, and after its bead had arrived at thp Vehta de San Raphael, returned to Segovia, wbe, re Joseph B maparte arrived on 2? th July, at night. T he object of this movement was apparently to divert the allied troops from the pursuit of the army of Portugal, and to enable the latter to maintain themselves upon the Douro; in which, however, the enemy did not succeed. Their rear- guard remained in some strength on the left of the Douro during the 28rh and 29th; but the light and 1st divisions, and the cavalry, having crossed the Eresma and C'ega rivers on the latter day, the enemy's rear- guard retired during the ivght across the Dotiro, and thence followed the Movements of the main body towards Villa Vanez, abandoning Valla- dolid,' and leaving there 17 pieces of cannon, a large quan- titvof « j] iot and shells and Writer stores, and their hospital, with about i. > 0 sick and wounded.— The General in Chief MacquitW rook 300 prisoners in the neighbourhood of VoIUd did, on 80' h ; our Advanced guard crossed the Douro, and our parties entered Valladobd on the same day; and I had the satisfaction of being received bv the people in that city with t'io same enihnsi » tic jov, as I had been iu all other parts of ihe country. The'armv of Portugal having thus crossed and quitted the Dtitini, i* wan neceSsarv to attend to the movements of the arm* of the Centre, and to prevent a junction between the two on the Upper Douro, which, it was reported, was in- tended. While, therefore, the advanced guard And left continued the pursuit of the army of Portugal, I m ived the right » lo. tc> the Cega to Cuellnr, where I arrived on the 1st i > s'. Joseph Bonaparte retired from Segovia on the morning of rhe 1st, and marched through the Guadarrama; add lie left at Segovia an advanced guard, principally of cavalry, tinder Oen, Fspert; having destroyed the cannon and ammunition which was in the castle, having carried off the church pinto and other valuable property, and having levied a considerable contribution on tlie inhabitants of the town. T have no' yet heard whether a detachment, which I sent to To the Del/ tors and Creditors of Mr. SAMUEL AS : I BY, lute of GEDOISOTOK, ill the County of Northampton, Farmer, deceased. \ LL Persons to whom the said SAMUEL ASIIBY stood indebted at the Time of his Decease, are requested to deliver an Account thereof to Mrs, Jane Pueknell, or John Ashby, of Geddingtou aforesaid, the Administrators, as soon as may be, iu order that the sany* may he examined and discharged. — All Persons who stand indebted to the F. state aforesaid, are requested to pay their respective Debts to the siiid Jane PIK knell, aud Johu Ashby, immediately, in order lo prevent further Application. Gtrldington, 24 moberg. It. appears, however, that they captured only eight pieces of cannon, the rest having been removed by the Russians previous to the evacuation of the fortress.— A park of 100 pieces of artillery, which had advanced on the Niemen, and was intended for Dunabehr, had been ordered to fall back to Dantzic. The heat is represented ns ex- ressive, and the crops are said to be superb.— This document is destitute of any important intelligence.— It is thought probable that Bonaparte wHI retreat, and that the retrograde movement of the artillery is for that purpose. TWELFTH BULLETIN of the GRAND ARMY. Witepsk, August 7. " At the battle « f the Dri « * n. the Russian General Koiilnleii, a distinguished officer of ihe lreht troops, vsas killed: ten other Generals were wounded : foHr Colonels were killed, " General Ricard, with his brigade, entered Dunaburgh the lit of August. He found eight pieces of cannon, all the ' remainder had been taken away. The Duke of Tare'ntum also arrived there on the 2d. Thus Dunaburgh, that the rnernv has been fortifying for five years, where he has expended several millions, which cost him more than 20,000 men during the labour, has been abandoned without firing a musket, and is in our power, like the other works of the ene ny, and like the intrenched camp which lie had on the Drissa. " In consequence of the taking of Dunabtirgh, his Majesty' has ordered tlint a park of 100 pieces of artillery, which he had formed at Magdeburgh. and t^ hicli he had advanced upon th"* N'iemen, should retrograde to Danizlc, and be put iu deprtf in that plare. At the commencement of the campaign, two besieging parks of artillery had been prepared ; one against Diinabiirjgh, the oilier against Riga. The magazines < if Witepsk are provisioned, the hospitals organized. These ten days of repose are extremely useful to the army. The heat is besides excessive? we have it warmer here than in Italy. The harvest is superb ; vt appears that this extends to aM Russia ; last year it was bad every where ; tlie crops will not begin to he cut before ei » ht or ten das*. Hi? Majestv has made a large square ( place) before the palace which lie occupies af Witepsk: this palace is limited upon the left bank of the river Duma. Every morning at six there is a ( trftuH parade, at which all Ihe officers of the guard appear. One of ihe brigades of guards, in fine condition, alternately defiles." A gun- brig arrived yesterday from Iiiga, which brings accounts from that place to the 13th inst. At that period it is stated General Victor ( Belluno) bad joined the other forces of ( be enemy in that quarter, which amounted alto- gether to 40,000 men. They had broken ground, and were cannonading the town, but with no great effect, as onr gun- h » ats and other ships of war annoyed the enemy in return. The operations in this quarter will become daily more and more important. By the Manchester Packet which arrived yesterday, let- ters and papers have been received from Gibraltar to the 8th inst. and from Malta to the 13th of the preceding month. The crops of corn throughout the shores of the Mediterranean, beyond all former example, were abundant, and 300 ships laden with grain were to set sail from Odessa, in consequence of the arrangement for Ihe trans- port from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, permitted under > he articles of peace concluded between Russia and Turkey. , A dreadful fire broke but on Wednesday morning at Mr. Holland's, tallow- chandler, in South Andley- strect, which consumed his and three other boosts, 400 tons of tallow, & c. VALF. OF AYLESBURY BANK. Messrs. Grace aud Woodcock's Bankruptcy. THE Holders of Notes and other Creditors of Messrs. GR ACE & WOODCOCK, who have not al- ready proved their Dehfs under the Commission, are informed that for their Convenience several Meetings for receiving the Proofs of Debts will be appointed Immediately after Harvest, of which liinely Notice will he given in Ihis and other Papers. All Persons indebted to the Bankrupts' Kstate, are de- sired forthwith to discharge their Accounts bv paying the Amount due either to Mr. Itickford. or Mr. Robert Dell, of Aylesbury, tile Assignees, or to their Account at the Bank of Messrs. Rickford and Son, Aylesbury. By order of the Assignees, JOSEPH ROSE. Aylesbury, 24th August, 1812. I'o the Debtors and Creditors of JOHN TAYLOR. WHEREAS JOHN TAYLOR, now or late of BYFIELD, in the County of Northampton, Baker, hath made an Assignment of all his real and personal Estate to James Hartley, of the Parish of Edgecott; in the same County, Miller, arid William Potter, of By field aforesaid, Butcher,- for the Benefit of such of his Creditors as shall execute the said Assignment before the 29th Day of September next ; Notice is hereby given, That the said Assignment is left with the said James Hartley, where such of the Creditors of the said John Taylor, as think proper, may execute the same and receive the Benefit arising from it; but such as do not execute the same before the sai. l 29th Day of September Devt, will he excluded all Benefit arising therefrom.— All Persons who have any Claim or Demand on Ihe Estate and F. fl'ects of the said John Taylor, are desired to send an Account thereof to the said Messrs. Hartley and Potter. — And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Estate, are desired lo pay their respective Debts forthwith to the said Messrs. Hartley aud Potter., 86t>* August, 1812. RUN- AWAY A I'I'REN 1TCE. WHEREAS JOHN SMITH, an Apprentice to _ John Puddephatt, of Dunstable, in the County of Bedford, Carpenter and Joiner, did on the ISth of this instant August, RUN- AWAY from his Mister's House.— This is lo caution all Persons from employing or Otherwise harbouring tlie said John Smith, as they will be prosecuted for so doing. The said John'Smith is about IS Years of Age, about five Feet five Inches high, rather stout made, of a ruddy Com- plexion, Brown Hair aud Eyes; had on when he went away Corduroy or Velveteen Jacket and Breeches.— His Sunday's Dress, is a Dark Brown Coat, Light Waistcoat, and Blue striped Pantaloons. Any Person apprehending the said John Smith, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall be reimbursed all reasonable Expenses, aud handsomely rewarded for their Trouble. Dunstable, 23d August", 1812. New Northamptonshire Tups to be Lett. MESSRS. ROBINSON & BLISS, respectfully inform their Friends, that their SHEW of TUPS will commence as follows; at Mr. ROBINSON'S, September Sth, ahd at Mr. BLISS'S, on the 10th of September, 1812. AUGUST 27, 1812. WHEREAS the GAME in the Manor of MORE- TON'- PINCKNEY, for these several Years last past has been DESTROYEO by Poachers and unqualified Persons; This is therefore to give Notice, that all Poachers and unqualified Persons that are found trespassing thereon, will be prosecuted as the Law directs. ". MANORS OF BOUGH TON AND PITSFORD. WHEREAS some evil- disposed Person or Persons have lately BROKE OPEN an EEL TRUNK, placed in Ihe River Nine, in ihe Lordship of BOLHIIITON, aud stole therefrom Ihe Eels, the Property of R. W. II. Vyse, Esq. Any Person giving Information of the Party or Parties who committed the above Felonv, shall, on his or their Con- viction receive TEN GUINEAS Reward of Mr. Thomas Potterion, of Roughton. And Notice is hereby given, that the several Tenants on these Manors have received strict Orders to warn off and prosecute all Poachers and unqualified Persons w ho shall be foynd tilling or destroying Ihe GAME, or otherwise trespassing thereon. And it is particularly re- quested that no qualified Persons will sport upon the said Manors, without having first obtained Leave from Richard William Howard Vyse. Esq. Houghton, August Will, 1812. Dunstable and Shuft'ord- House Turnpike- Roud. NOTICE is hereby given, That a General Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from the House formerly known by the Sign of the Black Bull, in Dunstable, in the County of Bedford, to t; ie Way turning out of the said Road up to Shatford- House in the County of Hertford, will be held at the SUN INN, at MARICY ATE- STR F. ET, on THURSDAY the24th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, at which Meeting, the TOLLS arising, and to be collec'ed at the several Toll- Gates and Side- liars of the said Road, will be put up for the Purpose of being LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, for such Term a> shall then be agreed upon, to commence from the 29th Day of September next; and that the said Tolls will be put up at such Sum as the Trustees then present shall think fit. And further Notice is hereby given', that the Trustees will require the Person taking such Tolls, to pay to the Treasurer one Month's Rent in Advance before be enters upon the Collection thereof, and to execute a Bond with sufficient Sureties, to be Spprr ved ot by the said Trustees, for the Payment of the Rent at the Times to be specified in the Contract, and for the Performance of the several Covenants which will be required from and on the Part of the Lessee. Saint- Albans, Wh August, 1812. OVERSTONE and SYWELL MANORS. IT being, very much wished to promote the Increase of GAME lately brought into these Parishes, it is earn- estly requested that all Persons will forbear SHOOTING " ti any of the Lands and Woods in either of them : all which Woods are intended to be shut up during the Whole of the approach- ing Season. STRaYkd, INTO the Lordship of HARRINGTON, in the County of Northampton, A SHORT IIORN'D COW. Whoever has lost the same, may have her again, on de- scribing Ihe Marks and paying the Charges, bv applying to Mr. RICHARD TURNER, of Harrington aforesaid. Sheep Stealing. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. \\ 7 IIERE AS late on Tuesday Night, or early on • » Wednesday Morning, some evil- disposed Person or Persons did KILL a FAT, EWE SHEEP, and take away the two Shoulders thereof, leaving the Skin, and the other . Part of the Carcase in a Ground, called Sharp's Ground, belonging to Mr. Darnell. Whoever will give such Information that the Offender or Offenders may be brought to Justice, shall, on Conviction, receive the above Reward, over and above w hat is allowed by Act of Parliament. Hail- Weston, Au gust 20th, 1S12. A Quantity of Carrots, which it is supposed had been pre- viously stolen, were lefl by the Side of Ihe Carcase. NORTIMULWORTH ASSOCIATION. Ten Guineas Reward, over and above the Rewards allowed by Act of Virrliainent. \\ J HERE AS on Saturday Night, or early on Sunday * * Morning last, some evil- disposed Person or Persons, did maliciously KILL a SHEEP, and take away the Legs and Shoulders thereof, out of a Close in the Lordship of SWINFORD, the Property of Mr. WILLIAM WEBSTER. Whoever w ill give Information of the Offender or Offenders so that he or they may be brought to Justice, shall, on Con- viction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of the said Mr. Webster, and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of the Treasurer » f this Association, over and above the Rewards allowed by Act of Parliament; and if more than one were concerned, and either will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, he shall, on Conviction, be entitled to the above Rewards, and interest will be made to procure his Majesty's Pardon. JOHN BUI. L1VANT, Treasurer. North- KUveorth, ° 5th August, IS 12. BRITISH AKn FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY, WOKURS ami DUSSTA BLE. Bedfordshire. APublic Meeting was held at WOBUIIN, on Friday the 21st of Aagust, 1812, for the Purpose of forming a BRANCH of the Bedfordshire Auxiliary Bible Society, for the Towns and neighbouring Districts of WOBURN aud DUNSTABLE; , His Grace the Duke Of BEDFORD, President, in the Chair. After his Grace had opened the Meeting, the Gentlemen deputed from the Bedford Central Committee, by Desire of his Grace, addressed the numerous aud respectable Assembly in Explanation of the Nature and Design of this beneficieut Institution. The Resolutions were moved by Henry Hugh Hoare, Esq. seconded by the Rev. the Rector of Turvey, and carried unanimously by Shew of Hands. Motions and Addresses were also made by the Rev. Dr. Johnson,--' the Rev. Messrs. Gauntlet', Nethersole. Whittingham, Ramdeur, Hunt, Patrick, Caslledine, Wake, Keeley, Messrs. Hall, Runri'nan, Osborne Drake, Martin, Camps, Grant, Tift, Salmon, and Wheeler. Mr. Camps was appointed Treasurer of the Woburn District, and Mr. Scriven, Treasurer of the Dunstable District. Mr. Salmon was appointed Secretary, and Mr. Wiffen Assistant Secretary of the Woburn District. Mr. Watts was appointed Secretary of the Dunstable District. Twenty- four Gentlemen in er- c'r District were appointed as Committees for the Conduct of Business. The Annual Day of Meeting was fixed for the last Week in July. Upwards of s£ 150 were subscribed towards the Funds of this united Branch Society. The Committees will speedily enquire into the Necessities of the Poor in their respective Districts, particularly observing the highly judicious Distinction recommended bv the Parent Society, of selling at reduced Prices wherever they cao do'so with Propriety, and only giving where actual Necessity requires it. The Money for which Bibles and Testaments are sold w ill be wholly applied to the Purchase of more Bihles and Testa- ments at the Bedford Bible Depository, for the further Supply of the labouring and necessitous Poor of these Districts. The unexampled Demand for Bibles and Testaments at the Parent Depository in London precludes the Supply from arriving quite so speedily as the Committees desire, hut as they are gradually and regularl y issuing out, they will eventu- ally meet the Wishes of the Parlies concerned. COFFEE MART. So. 2', $ kinncr-. Street, /. o. vno. v, established by IV. De. ioon, in 1811. IDO hereby certify, that Mr. W. DEACON, Skin- ner- Street, LONDON, is the only Person authorised by the Committee of British Coffee Planters and Merchants, in London, lo jell sound wholesome COFKEE, Wholesale, and in Quantities not less than a single Pound Weight, within the City of London aDd in all Parts of Ihe Country. W. HOLDEN, Treasurer and Secretary, West- India Committee Rooms, New City Chamber., London. Mr. Deacon has appointed the following his sole Agents for their respective Places:— Messrs. Oshorn & Son, North- ampton; Mr. W. H. Cooper, Leicester; Mr. J. Keep, Not- tingham ; Mr. J. Walker, Coventry ; Messrs. F. & J. Holmes, Warwick; Messrs. Beech & Son, A iherslone: Mr. T. Cox, Chichester; Mr. J. Durham, Colchester; Mr. N. Westthorp, Harwich; Mr. W. Kirkhnm, Coggershall; Mrs. C. Mingay, Norwich; Messrs. Ransom & Barrow, Lynn; Mr. J. Ilagreen, Bury- St.- Edmunds; aud Mr, 15. Hartley, Leiih; all who have engaged to buy Coffee only from the London Coffee Marl a* above, and to sell best roasted Coffee at 2s. uqr lb.; the Second at Is. 9d. per lb.; and the Common at Is. Bd. per lb.— Agents for other Places will be appointed by Application to Mr. Deacon, as above. ( fcj" Letters lo be Post- paid, and Payment to accompany Orders. To be SOL D, At PATTIS1IALL, in the. Counti/ of Northampton, rpHE FRUIT of SIX I EEN WALNUT TREES, 1 in full bearing. Wardrobe of useful Bed and Table Linen, late the Property of a Foreign Family of Distinction, gone Abroad. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SI'ONG, Of Wellingborough, on Thursday next, Sept. 3d, 1812, at the HIND INN, whither the Goods have been removed for the Convenieucy of Sale, AMost truly valuable Assortment of TABLE and BED- LI N E N; comprising elegant fine and stout Linen, Damask Table- Cloths, from 6- fourths to eight Yatds long ; some with Napkins tu correspond; tine and elegant Damask Napkins, real fine Holland and Russia Sheets, aud a few real Marseilles Quilts, of large Dimensions, all nearly equal to new, being intended for an Establishment, and never been in Use. Tile Whole forming an Assemblage, which for Patterns and Quality will be worthy the immediate Attention of the Nobility, Gentry, Innkeepers, and the Public in general, as such Goods are seldom offered for public Sale under the Hammer. l o be viewed one Day previous to the Sale. pn NEW STATE LOTTERY. DDING & Co. No. 1, Cornhill, and No. 3, baring Cross, London, who sold in the last Lottery, No. 6.1.11 a Prize of j? 500, and No. 3,48fi and 1,205, the two last Prizes of =£ 20,000 ever sold, also2.921, Ihe first Prize of s£ 400, all in Shares ; return their grateful Thanks for Ifie Patronage, of Ihe Public, and acquaint Iheni that the New Lottery of 10,000 Tickets, In he drawn on the 8th of Sep- tember, contains no Prize of less Value than sC' 22, and has the usual Proportion of Capitals. Purchasers at Pidding & Co's Offices, will also lia^ e eight extra Benefit* with fhe four first- drawn Blanks, each of which, in both Classes, will he entitled to twenty, whole Ticket*, deposited nt the Bank of England for the Holders af these fortunate Blanks, so that a Blank may now gain Fifty Thousand Pounds. Orders from the Country, enclosing the Amount, Post- paid, will uieet the same Attention as if the Parties were present. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. GARDNER, On Thursday the 3J Day of September next, at the White Lion Inn, in Banbury, in the County ot Oxford, by Order ot the Assigness of WILLI AM RYMI LL, a Bankrupt, in Lots, and subject to the Conditions then to be produced, The following ESTA TES :— \ N undivided Moiety of a Freehold Estate, situate at CHACOMBE, in " the County of Northampton; con. sistingof several Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, containing together one Hundred Acres oi thereabouts, row or late in the Tenure of the said William Ryitiill and Th imas Steeley. The Estate lias lately been divided for the Purposes of Occu- pation, and the Purchaser may have the Possession of that Portion of it which has been in the Tenure of the Bankrupt at Christmas next. Also, an undivided Moiety of five- s'xths Shares in a Public House in Banbury, called the Punch Bowl, in the Tenure of Thomas Grant, Junior. Also, an undivided Moiety of five- sixths Shares ot Four other Messuages, two Stables, Piggeries, Blacksmith's Shop, Carpenter's Shop, and Appurtenances, in Banbury, in the Occupation of Thomas Grant and fiis Undertenants; also, of a Malthouse, in the Occupation of Messrs. K> ng& Co. ALo, one undivided Tenth- share in the Reversion of Messuage, with the Garden and Appurtenances, situate in the Horse- Fair in Banbury, in the Occupation of Mary Wilson, expectant upon the Determination of the Life Estate of the Widow Rymill therein Also, an undivided Moiety of a Tenement in the Occupation of . • ... Taylor, situate at Great- Bourton, i » the County of Oxford. Also, a newly erected Messuage, with the Garden and Appur- tenances thereto belonging, situate in West - Street, Banbury, and late in the l'enureof the Bankrupt. Immediate Possession may be had of this Lot. Also, a Messuage in High- Street, in Banbury, in the Occupatiorf of Messrs. Mander & Davenport. Also, Seven Cottages or Tenements, situate at Newland in the Parish of llanbury, in the Occupation ot Isabella Terry and others. further Particulars may he known on Application at tht Offices of Messrs. APLIN, in Iianbury and Charlbury, or the Office of Mr. HENRY DURY, in Banbury. The Sale will commence at Three o'Clock iu the Afternoon. To PRAYElt- BOOK A- ND HOMILY SOCIET Y. MEMBERS of this Society maybe supplied, at reduced Prices, with the Book of Common Prayer of the United Church of England and Ireland, in Pica, Loug- Prlmer, Brevier, Minion, and Nonpareil; Specimens of which may be seen at the Society's Booksellers, with or with- out the old or new Version of Psalms, and with the 39 Articles. Such Clergymen as may contribute a congregational Collection, may receive three fourths in Prayer Books at Cost Prices, without any further Payment. This Day was published, to be had of the Society's Book- sellers, TAYLOR & HESSEV, 93, Fleet- Street, and sold bv J. HATCHARO, 190, Piccadilly, London, The FIRST HOMILY, of the United Church of England and Ireland, on the READING of HOLY SCRIPTURE. Price 4s. fid. per Hundred. The SECOND HOMILY, ontheMiSEUY of all MAN KIND. Price4s. 6d. per Hundred. The THIRD HOMILY, on the SALVATION of ALL MANKIND. Price 4s. 6d. per Hundred. The remaining Homilies will be published with all conve- nient Speed, as separate Tracts, uniform with the above. A liberal Allowance is made tu Members of the Society, and to Booksellers. To enable Clergymen and Churchwardens to comply with the Direction of the 80th Canon, whereby it is ordered, that the Bonk of Homilies be provided for every Church at the Charge of the respective Parishes, it is proposed to publish a handsome Folio Edition of the Homilies, in one Volume, bound in rough Calf which w ill be sold at the Cost Price, viz. One Guinea, to such Persons ns shall send in their Names to the Secretary of the Society, the Rev. Henry Budd, Bridge- Street, Blackfriars. BEDFORDSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given, That in Pursuance of the Powers contained iu an Act passed in the last Session of Parliament, entitled " An Act for the Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors in England," a Special Session of the Peace for the County of Bedford, will be held at the SHIRE- IIAEL, in Ihe Town of BEDFORD, in and for the said County, on SATURDAY the 5th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, for the Purpose of administering theOath « , and further Proceeding according to fhe Directions of the- said Act, for the Discharge of such Prisoners in the Custody of the Keeper of the Prison of the said County, upon Process for or by Reason of any Debt, Damage, Costs, Sum or Sums of Money, or Contempt for Non- payment « f Money, who by Virtue of the said Act shall ormay be entitled to be discharged. THEEO PEARSE, Clerk of the Peace. Redferd, Aug. 24M, 1812. Com Thrashing Machine. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT A N excellent CORN THRASHING MACHINE • TX. ( of thref Horse Power) complete. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same apply to Mr. William Knight, or Edward Bates, of Kettering, Northamptonshire, n Northamptonshire Freehold and Cupi/' iold Estates. ' I'o be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DVMBLE1XM, At the George Inn, in Kilsby, in the County of Northamnton, on Thursday the3d D.: y of September next," at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be pro- duced at the Time of Sale, in Lots, \ - LL that substantial Stone- built FREF. HOI. D DWELIJNG- I V HOUSE, GROCERS AND CHANDLERS' SHOP'S Warehouses, Yard, Gardens, extensive Orchard well planted, and Home- Close, with their Appurtenances, situate, standing and being in KILSBY aforesaid, now in thSOccupation of Mr. Robert Devonshire, wherein a considerable Ttade in the Drapery, Grocery, and Chandlery Line, has b. en earned on for a ^ reat Numberof Years, and which : niy be much increased, particu- larly in ihe Chandlery Business. — Also, TWO TENEMENTS, in the Occupation of Samuel Bartlett, and Richard Webb. AT so, all those TWO FRSEHOI. D C1. OSES ot rich GRAZING LAND, lying and being in Kilsby aforesaid, con- taining 11 Acres ( more or less) now in the Occupation of John Salsburv, aud John Clark. And also, all that COPYHOLD CLOSE of capital G RAZ1 N C LAN D, lying and bsir. g in the Fields of Kilsby aforesaid, con- taining about 11 Acres ( more oi less) and now in the Occupa- tion of Mr. Thomas Margetts. The Purchaser of the Dwelling- House, Shops, and first- described Premises, may have Possession in a short Time upon taking the lixturesat a Valuation, and Possession of the Land may be had at Old Lady- Day next. Mr. DEVONSHIRE, the. Proprietor ( who is retiring from Business) will shew, the Estates; and further Particulars may be known by applying ( if by Letter, Post- paid), to Mr. Scrivener, of Sewell Grounds, in the Parish of Blakesley ; Mr John Gardner, ofKilsby; oral the Office of Messrs. Denny, Sc Son, Solicitors, Lonjt- Buckby, who are authorised to treat fpr the same by Private Contract, till the 27th Day of August. N. B. A considerable Part ol the Purchase- Money may remain upon Security of the Premise:., it required. All Persons who stand indebted to thesaid Mr DEVONSHIRE, are desired to pay the same to the said Mr. Scrivener, Mr Gardner, or to Messrs. Denny & Son, before she 1st Day of September next, in order to prevent further Trouble ; anil all Persons to whom the said Mr Devonshire stands indebted, are reque. ted to send an Account thereof, with the Particulars of their respective Claims, to the said Mr. Scrivener, Mr. Gardner, or Messrs. Denny & Son, in order that they may be examined and discharged as soon as possible. Hudtbu, 4th August, 1812. To be LETT, AGood FAMILY HOUSE, in an airy Part of NORTHAMPTON : consisting of two Parlours, four Chambers, and two Attics ; a small Garden, Stable, and Chaise House; a separate Garden if desired. Enquire of the Printers. BEDFORD RACES, is 1.2. ON THURSDAY the Stl Day of SEPTEMBER, will be RU for on COW MEADuW, near BEDJOSD, The VVOBUR STAKES ot TEN GUINEAS EACH, with TW 6NT GUINEAS Run RNf .... • TV added from the Race Fund; Three- year- olds carrying7st. ; Four- year- olds, Sst. 21b.; Five- year- olds, 9st. 61b. and Aged, 9st. 51b. Mares allowed 31b. The Best ot thr « " wo- milc Heats'. The Winner to be sold for 300 Guineas, if demanded within a Quarter of an Hour after the Race, the Owner of the second Horse being first entitled, & c. To be named on Tuesday pre. ceding the Race, and the Stakes paid to Mr. Win. Brown, CIcu of the Course, at the Time of naming. SUBSCRIBERS. Duke of Bedford i W. Lee Antonie, F. sq. T ~ 1- .- R- , . . . — John Fletcher, Esq. General Onilo w Biggin Mill, near Rugby, Warwickshire. To be L E T T by T E N D E R, For a Term » f Years from Ladv- Day next, \ Newly erected WATER CORN MILL, with new and complete Machinery, overshot Wheel about 18 Feet Diameter, and three Pairof Stones ( two Pair of French and one Pair of common) ; with an excellent Dwelling- House in complete Repair, a newly erected Burn and Stable, and twelve Acres and a Half ot exceedingly rich Meadow Land in several Inclosures adjoining theteto, situate and being in the Parish of C LI 1 TO N- UPON- DUNSMORE, in the County of Warwick, now in the Occupation of Mr. Joshua Hill, who will shew the Premises. The Tenant will aLo be accommodated with 18 Acres ot excellent Arableand Pasture Land in three Inclosures, adjoining the said Meadow- Land, on a Lease from Year to Year, at a fair Rent.— Security will be required for Payment of the Rent, & c. For further Particulars, apply ( if by Letter, Pust- paid), to Mr. WAT- ON, Solicitor, Lutterworth. () C § * BICCIN MILL is within le> s than two Miles of the Oxford Canal, thtee of Rugby, and five of Lutterworth, with good Roads to each of those Places. Marquis of Tavistock Samuel Whitbread, Esq. General Fitzpatrick On the same Day, a PURSE of FIFTY POUNDS, gi* en bv his Grace the Duke ot BEDFORD, for Three- year- old Colts and Fillies; Colts to carry 8st. 71b.; Fillies, 8st. 51b. The Best of three Heats, once round the Course. On the same Day, A S W E E I'STAK. ES of TEN GUINEAS EACH, for Hunters that have been regularly bunted, and Certificates produced, tec. One Mile and a Half Heats. To be rode by Gentlemen— carrying 12st. The Horses tobenamed to the Cleik of the Course at the Time of Entrance for the I dates, & c. at w hich l'ime the Stakes to be paid and close. The Winner is expected to give the Clerk of the Course Two Cuineas.— Five Subscribers or tio Race. SUBSCRIBERS. Duke of Bedford I Geo. Tower, Esq. Samuel Whitbread, Esq. | John Spencer, Esq. Wm. Lee Antonie, Esq. | Charles Foster, Esq. On FRIDAY the 4th Day of SEPTEMBER, The NOBLEMEN and GENTLE MEN'S SUBSCRIPTION PURSE, of FIFTY POUNDS, free for all Horses, Sec.-, t lie Best of three Four- mile Heats; Four- year- olds carrving 7st. 1 lb; Five- year- olds, 8 « t. 51b ; Six- year- olds, Sst. 9; b. ; and Aged, Sst. 111b. Hor n rhat have won one Plate or Sweepstakes in ISI2, to carry 311). extra ; two Plates, & c. 51b. ; three or more, 71b. extra. On the same Day, The TOWN PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, free for all Horses, Ac. The Best of three Heats, twice round the Course; Three. year- olds to carrt 6st. 61b.; Four- year- olds, 8st.; Five- year- olds, 8? t. 101b.; Six- year- olds, 9st. ; Aged, 9st. 21b. Horses that have won one Plate ot Sweepstakes in 1812, to carry 31b. extra ; two Plates, & c. 51b.{ three, or more, 71b. extra. On the same Day, given by the GENTLEMEN of the OAKLEY HUNT, A CUP, Value TEN GUINEAS, ani FORTY GUINEAS in Specie, by Subscription of Five Guineas each, for Horses which have never started, paid or receive! Forfeit, and bona fide the Property ot Farmers resident within the Limits of Lord Tavistock's Hunt. No less than five Horses to start, without Permission of the Steward. Four. year- oldi carrying list. ; Five- year- olds, list. 101b. ; Six- vear- olds. and Aged, 12 t. 21b. Mares allowed 31b. To be rode by Farmers, Three- mile Heats. A Certificate to be produced of the Horses having been at the Death of five Foxes with the Oakley Hounds, during the Season 18U- 12. SUBSCRIBERS. Duke of Bedford s, DEAN, County of Bedford. Capital Freehold Estate, Tithe- free. be SOLD by ADC T I O N, By Mr. J. ' PIERSON, At the White Lion Inn, Kimbolton, in the County of Hun- tingdon, on Thursday the 17th Day of September, 1812, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, in five Lots, A Valuable and compact FREEHOLD and TITIIE. FREE /\ ESTATE, situate in the Parish of DEAN, in tile County of Bedford ; consisting of A. R. r. Lot 1. A Farm- House and Out- buildings, with 54A. 1R. 22P. of Pasture and Meadow Land. 114A. 1R. IP. of Arable Land, ondSA. 3R. 15P. of Wood Land, in the Occupation of Mrs Sarah Murfin, Tenant at Will Lot2. A Close, Part Pasture and Part Arable, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Palmer Lot 3. A Cottage, Butcher's Shop, and Yard, in the Occupation ot Mrs. Murfin, or her Undertenants Lot4. A Brick and Tiled Dwelling- Ilouse, Barn, Yard, and Garden, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Sykes Lot 5. A Close ef Pasture, called the Great Pasture, or Church Pasture, in the Occupation of the said Mrs. Murfin - Printed Particulars will shortly be ready for Delivery, and may be had of Mr. CUSTANCE, Cambridge; Geotgc Inn, Huntingdon; Cock Inn, Eaton- Socon; Cross Keys, St. Ncots ; Swan Inn, Bedford; and of the Auctioneer, Kiinbolteu. ... 172 3 0 1 38 1 17 1 24 2 0 12 0 38 Residence for a small Family, Hilton, Huntingdonshire. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 6 N, By THOMAS IIAGGER, At the White Horse Inn, St. Ives, Hunts, on Monday the28th Day of September, 181?, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one Lot ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given), CJM1E very convenient, substantial, Brick and Sashed 1 FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, very pleasantly situ- ated in the Village of HI LTO N, aforesaid ; comprising excellent Dining and Drawing- rooms in Front, with two small back Parlours, a good entering Hall, with a Staircase, eight airy Bed- chambers, one Dressing- room, convenient Closets, and Cellars ; • the attached Offices consist of an excellent Kitchen, I. atd- r, Pantries, Wash- house, Brcwhouse, Coal and Wood- Slieds, Stabling, Coach- House, Cow- Lodge, Pigeries, Hay and Corn Chambers, a Court Yard in Front of the House, well inclosed with a Brick Wall; a good Ritchen Garden backwards, withan Orchard of choice Fruit. Tiees ; together with a very excellent Close of Pasture adjoining, containing a Number of thriving Ash and other Trees, of considerable Growth, and the Whole amply supplied with most excellent Spring Water, by Survey 6A. 2R.. 36P. in the Occupation of Mr. John Looker, the Pro- prietor, who will shew the Estate, and give Possession on the 11th Day of October, 1812, at which Time the Purchase is to be completed. HILTON is very pleasantly situated in a sporting Part of the Country, within a few Miles of a Pack of l ox Hounds and Harriers, 55 Miles fiom London, through which a Coach passes to and from every Day, three from St Ives, five from Hunt- ingdon, and 11 from Cambridge. For further Particulars, or to treat tor the same by Private Contract, apply to THOMAS IIAGCER, - Potton, Beds; ot to Mr. toaxsK, the ProprietJi; if by Letter, Post- paid, Freehold and ' Tithe- free Estate, Oxfordshire. To be S O L I) hv A U C T 1 O N, By Messrs. CHURCHILL Jf TURNER, At the Wykham Anns Inn, in South- Newington, Oxfordshire, on Monday the 7th Day of September, 1812, at Four o'Clock in the afternoon, under such Conditions of Sale as shall rhen be produced ( unless an acceptable Oiler b^ in the mean Time made tor the Purchase thereof by Private Contract), AVery desirable FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE ESTATE, situate in the Parish ot SOUTH- N E W I NGTON ; < jpn- si^ tingof 42 Acres, or thereabouts, of rich Arable and Pasture rand, properly div'ded for Occupation, with a good Barn, Hovel and other Conveniences thereon, in the Occupation ot Mr Richard Falkner, under a Lease of which three Years will be unexpired at Lady- Day next. . For a View ot the Estate, apply to ' Mr. RICHARD F A LXN ER, the Tenant; and for further Particular., to Messrs. CHURCHILL, FIELD, SC WISTOH, Solicitors, Deddington, Oxfordshire, who are authorised to tre. it for the Sale tlver of bv Privite Contract. Valuable Copyhold Estates, in Upper and Lower- Weedon- Beck, Northamptonshire. For S A L E bv A U C T I O N, By R. ' E. SLA BY, Or. Monday the 14th of September, 1S12, at the Old Crown, at Upper- Weedon, and within a few Yards of thesaid Village, ACLOSE of exceedingly rich PASTURE LAND; con- . taining three Acres and a Half ( more or less1, the Mounds are in good Repair, and a Quantity of thriving Timber Trees growing thereon.— For a View of this Lot, apply to Mr. THOS. EARC, the Tenant, whose Term expires at Lady- Day next. Also, a decent D W E I. LING. HOIJS E, a capital Butcher's Shop, Fasting. pens, Barn, Stable, Pigsties, large Yard, Garden, and other necessary Offices, with a Pump ot excellent Water In the Ya- d, and a new Stone- built Cottage House adjoining, being a most complete and desirable Situation for a Butcher, having been occupied in that Line of Business, for agreat N um- ber of Years ; standing in the Centre of that large and populous Village, LOWER- WEE DON, within a few Hundred Yards of the Rojal Barracks, where there is continually agreat Number of Troops stationed — The Grand Junction Canal runs close by the Village. WEPD N is f> ur Miles from D. iventry, eight from North- ampton, and eight from Towcester, all principal Markets, and Turnpike- Roa. ts. — Possession of this Lot ni. rv be had imme- diately if required — For a View, apply to Mr. J-. VERNON, o. I the Premises; and for further Particulars, to Mr. J. EARL, Whilton ; or Vlr. RLABY, Auctioneer and Appraiser, Floore. Sale to begin at Four o'Clock precisely. Goodnh3ll Johnson, Esq. Rob. rt Garstin, Esq. Mr. G. Tower C F. Palmer, Esq. Sir G. Ludlow Lord Ludlow Mr. Watts Mr. Small Mr. Hoare tec. at the RED LION IN » , For Ready Money. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By SNOW If SON, On Monday, September 28: h, 1812. and following Days, upon the Premises ot STEPHEN EATON, Esq. at DEENE, in the County of Northampton, 4 LL the Valuable LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS r\ of HUSBANDRY; consisting of about two Hundred and fifty capital Ewes and Theaves, one Hundred and fifty l. ambhogs, and about two Hundred Wether Sheep : ten draught Ho se- and Mares; sixty Scotch and Irish Bullocks; ten Carts, three Waggons, Rolls, Ploughs, Harrows, twenty Dozen of Sheep- Trays, with Oak Heads and Iron Hoops, & c. ; Harness tor twelve Horses. — Four Carts and some ot tire Ploughs are of the best Scotch Manufacture.— The Sheep will be found well worthy the Attention of Graziers in general, as they have been for manv Years bred with the gr- atest possible Care. Fiveof the Cart Horses are Greys, fit for immediate Use, and weil calculated for London Diays. The Whole svill be Sold without Reserve; Mr. Eaton alto- gether declining the Farming Business. Catalogues will be delivered at the principal Towns in the Neighbourhood Manor, Advowson, and Farm, in Warzckkshim. To he SOLD by AUCTION, The latter End of October, or. beginning of November next, at the Spread Eagle Inn, in Rugby, in the County ot Warwick, '}" IIE extensive MANOR with the ADVOWSON of 1 HI I. I. S NO RTO N, ill' the said County of Warwick, together with a Mansion- House, and Farm; consisting of toui Hundred Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Laud.— The Particulars whereof will appear in a future Paper. S. Whitbread, Esq. Marquis of Tavistock F. I'ym, Esq. W. Lee Antonie, Esq. J. Fletcher, Esq. Ceneral Onslow Hon. S. Ongley G. W. Monk, F. sq. S. Thornton, Esq. , To enter aud shew for the Plates _ - , BEDFORD, onTuESDAY preceding the Races, between the Houn of Four and Seven o'Clock in the Afternoon ; and must thm produce proper Certificates of Age and Qualifications, and it the same Time pay Two Guineas Entrance, and Ten Shillings and Sixpence to the Clerk of the Course.— Horses entering it the I'ost to pay Double Entrance, & c. No less than three reputed running Horses to start for either ot tlie Plates, without Permission of the Steward.— If but one Horse enter, the Owner to be allowed Ten Guineas; if two, Fiie Guineas each, and their Entrance- Money to be returned. — 11 any Dispute arise either in entering, running, & c. to be decided 3f the Steward, or whom he shall appoint. No Person will be allowed to erect a Booth, or take a Waggon, Cart, tec tor the Purpose of selling Liquors, tec. until Notice is given to the Clerk of the Course, and at the same Time pay, it a Stand or Booth, One Guinea; Waggon, Tea Shillings and Sixpence ; Cart, Sec. Five Shillings. To start precisely at Twelve o'Clock. Ordinaries as usual; an Assembly in the Evening of th: second Day's Race. Gi N. EDWARDS, Esq. Steward. WM. BROWN, Cleik. Freehold and Copyhold F, states. Old- established Public- Houses, cheerful Residences, Rural Cottages and Gardens, a'* d some valuable Lund at Putneif, Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Garratt, Uarnes, Mitchem, Surry: Fulham, Hurefield, Staines, Middlesex; ani Bledlou- liillge, Bucks. To ' be SOLD hv AUCTION, By Mr. WOOD, At the Auction- Mart, on Thursday, September 10, at Twelve, in 27 Lots. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD PROPERTY— The FREEHOLD 1' ART consisting of a convenient Family Residence, Garden, Stable, and other Requisites, delightfully situated on the South Side of Wimbledon Common, lately usel as a Seminary for young Ladies.— Eighteen cheerful and rural Cottages on the South Side of Wimbledon Common, with Garden, & c.— The Rose & Crown, an old- established Public- House in full Trade, with Stabling, spacious Yard and Skittle. Grounds, and two Cottages adjoining, advantageously situated in Wandsworth; the Fox Sc Hounds, with Garden, & c. ; tin Queen's Head and the Duke's Head, old- established Public Houses, four convenient Dwelling- Houses and Shops, a Piece of Ground and Erections near the Bridge, and adjoining the River at Putney ; ten small Cottages at Mitcham ; a Tenement and three Closes of Meadow Land( Tithe- freel; containing about seven Acres and a Half at Harefield; and a Piece of Land wherein a House formerly stood at Staines. The COPYHOLD Part of the ESTATB consists of a House, Garden, Workshop, and other Buildings, pleasantly situated at Barnes; two convenient Houses ill Windsor- Street, overlooking the River, arid a House in Brewhouso- Lane, Putney ; the Red Lion, an old- established Public House, and two Cottages adjoining advantageously situated at Walhain- Green ; the Leathern Bottls, an old- established Public House, in a manufacturing Neighbour, hood, with Yard, large Garden, Stable, and Out- hoUses, anda small Field, with a Tenement adjoining, used as two Dwelling- Houses, and Garden, at Garratt; about 14 Aciesof Land, with an Allotment of Common inclosed, at Bledlow- Ridge, near West- Wykham, Bucks. May be viewed, and Particulars had 14 Days previous to tfi » Sale, at the Do? Se Fox, Wimbledon ; Rose and Crown, Wands- worth ; Red Lion, Putney; Sun. Barnes; Buck's Head, Mitcharn; Red Lion, Walham- Green ; King'sArrns, Fulham f Bush, Staines; Crown and Cushion, Uxbridge; Red Lion, High- Wycombe; Mr. WOOD'S, Land- Agent, & c. Leightoc. Buzzard ; Auction- Mart, and at Messrs. DEN srrts & C R EAVES', 39. I. incoln's- Inn- Fields, and King's Aims. Yard, Coleman- Stre t, London. V Valuable Freehold Public- House and Malting, with itmnediula Possession. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. WOOD, On the Premises, on Monday, September 14th, 1812, precisely at Threeo'CIock in the Afternoon, Sleeping- rooms. Kitchen. Dwelling- House, Parlour, convenient Brewhouse, with a Pump of excellent Water therein, extensive Cellar, Pantry. Wood- Earn. Stable and Pigsty, and well- con- structed and old- accustomed Malt- House, which will wet 12 Quarters weekly, with suitable Lofts and Store- Rooms, a large Yard, Garden and Orchard planted with Fruit Trees, the Whole containing about one Acre. The above Premises are in the Occupation of tl. e Proprietoi* are in full Trade, and immediate Possession may be had. The Purchaser to take the Brewing- Utensils ai d Casks at a fair Valuation.— May be viewed, by applying to Mr. William HEDGES, OO the Premises; antl fnrthet Information may be had 1 of Mr. WILLIS, Solicitor, Winslow ; Messrs. WILLIS, Soli- citors, ot ill. Woes, Lcifchton- Buzzard, " He Kcitl. ampton Mercury ; ml. Cfeneral Jdvcrther for the Coin, ties of Northampton, Bed. for \ Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwu. k, Oxfo. nl, and Hertford By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. ( GOODMAN'S PATENT SADDt. F- CLOTH, * f » prevent ihe Saddle running forward withnut the Use of a Crupper, & c. Likewise his New- invented WATER- PROOF TRAVELLING BAGS, For Gentlemen, and Travellers in general. rpHE Utility of the I'ATKNT SADDLE- CLOTH is al- JL lowed to surpass all other Inventions of the Kind ever liefore offered to the Public, being so constructed that it by no Means alters the Hearings of the Saddle, nor is there auv unpleasant Appearance in the wearing of it, as no nne would Suppose it to be anv Thing more than a common Saddle- Cloth. The Patent Clnth being first placed nn the Horse, the Saddle may be put nn in any Situation required, where it vjiU remain firm, without any additional Strap. Buckle, & c. By the use of this Cloth the Girths ofthe Saddle do not require to be buckled tight, a Relief to the Animal which must be obvious to every one. It may be used with any Saddle, being com- pletely separate. It is peculiarly adapted for the East or West Indies, as it entirely prevents a Sadslle running forward on Mules or any other Beast of Burthen. It wiR be found of great Utility to the Saddle of a Single- korse Chai.. e, as it removes the overbearing on the Crupper, which is nften the Occasion of many serious Accidents, by causing the Horse to kick or stumble, especially going down Hills. The Patent Cloth may likewise be made so as to prevent a Saddle running backwards, » r what is generally termed a Horse running through his Girths ; and further, to prevent a Lady's Saddle from roekioe on either Side. The NEW- INVENTED TBJVEII. HO BAGS have many WpA- ior Qualities— they are completely Water- Proof, will contain the Change a Gentleman may require for a Fortnight's Journey, may be packed with more Facility than any others, • « ill answer every Purpnse of a Portmanteau, and the most delicate Linen cannot receive the slightest Injury. They are generally used by the Gentlemen nf ihe Pvtchley Hunt. To be had, Wholesale and Retail, of the Patentee, J. GOODMAN, Saddler, & c. Northampton; Mr. Slollard, Saddler, No. 1, Pavement, Moorfields; Mr. Smith, Saddler, No. 49, Long- Lane, West- Smilhfield ; and nf Mr. Tilley, Saddler, Long- Acre, London;— Mr. Isaac, Saddler, Banbury; Mr. Gird, Saddler, Leicester; Messrs. Homer & Collis, Saddlers' Ironmongers, Birmingham ; and of the Newsmen who carry the Northampton Mercury ; and of one Saddler only in every principal Town ofthe United Kingdom. GRAND CONCFRT A* rr PUPILS' BALL, WELLINGBOROUGH. MR. M'KORKELL hits the Honour to acquaint the Nobility, Gentry, and his Friends, that his CON- CFRT and BALL will take place enrlv in October.. The Concert will consist of ll; e most favourite Songs and Glees, Concertos on the Pedal Harp and Piano- I'nr. te, Duets, and new Overtures; and the Pupils' Ball of a Variety of Dances. Tickets lOa. ( id. each. A select Band will be engaged for the Occasion. Further Particulars in n future Paper. A BALI, afterwards for the Company. Abington- Street, Northampton, Aug. 2Y>, 1812; I. O. NG- BUCKBY, ' 38th August, 1813. THE Public are respectfully informed that the DWtfLLlNG- HOUSK, GROCER'S and CHAN!) LF. R'S SHOPS, with the Appurtenances advertised to be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Dumbleton, at the George Inn, at Kilshv, the' 3tl Day of September next, are disposed of by Private Contract.— The Sale of ibe three Closes of Land will lake Place according to the Advertisement in the second Page of this Paper. " DENNY .& SON. R. PAGE, r. KJTBBR and FANCY BRBSQIIRS MAKER, (\ ST respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he has removed from his late House to lie opposite Side of Ihe Street, where lie intends carrying on lie above Business, and embrace* Ihe present Opportunity of returning hij grateful Acknowledgments to his Friends for the liberal Support he has experienced, and hopes, by an unre- mitting Attention, to merit their Patronage. KERSEYMERES and CORDS of the best Quality and newest Patterns, ( jTl* GAITERS, GLOVES, and BRACES nfeverv Description. ' Sheep- Street, Northampton, Adjust 8th, 1812. CURACY. WANTED, at old Michaelmas, A Gentleman to serve a Church not far from Thrapston and Higham- Ferrers.— A good House and Garden, and a few Acres of Land, if required.— Single alternate Duty, tenable with another Church. It would suit a G" ntleman with a Family, and who wishes for a permanent Situation. For Terms, and other Particulars, apply by Letter, Post- paid, to V. R. PoBt- Ofiire, Thrapston. AYOUNG MAN, who lias served an Apprentice- ship in the GROCERY and TALLOW- CHAND- I. LR1NG, wishes for a SITUATION in either or both of those Branches.— Satisfactory References may be had. Applications made { Letters, Post- paid), to Mr. BUTCHER, Grocer, & r. Tring. Herts, will be strictly attended tn. WANTED, An APPRENTICE to a GROCER and TALLOW- CHANDLER.— Enquire of the Printers, if by Letter, Post- paid, addressed G. T. C. There will be a Premium required. N. BR A'FT, GUNMAKER, NORTHAMPTON, BEGS Leave to inform Gent I em en Sportsmen that he has for Sale a BRACE of good GREYHOUNDS, that are fleet, and have run one Season. Also, a good POINTER BITCH, which has been shot over I wo Seasons. To be SOLD, ABRACE of well- bred POINTERS, that have been shot over two Seasons. Enquire of Mr. BBATT, Guninaker, Northampton; or RORERT FARMER. Brockhall, Northamptonshire. To be LETT or SOLD, ANew- milch'd ASS and I'OAL.— Apply to WM. ORSISORN, JUII. Bozeat, Northamptonshire. To Capital Residence far a Miller ami Baker, GREENS- NORTON, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE he Lett, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, ABrick and Stone- built WINDMILL, carrying two Pair of Stones. D ressing- Machines, and every Convenience for the Business ot a Miiler; also a very Rood DWELLING- HOUSE, and Bake- House, with Yard, Garden, Batn, Stable, Pigsties, and other Buildings thereto belonging, with a Close adjoining, containing about two Acres ( wherein the Wind- Mill stands) situate and being in the pleasant Village of GREENS- NORTON, in the County of Northampton, and in the Pos- session of Mr. WINCKLKS CLEAVER, the Proprietor. Any Person wishing to enter into theabove Business will find tilts a most desirable Situation, being now in full Trade, and within very convenient Distances from the Market- Towns of Northampton, Towcester, Stony- Stratford, Daventry, Brackley, and Banbury.— For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. W. CLEAVER, Greens - Norton ; or Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, Northampton. o KETTERING MUSICAL FESTIVAL, AT THE OPENING OF THE NEW ORGAN, Furi the Benefit of the General Infirmary. The following Noblemen and Gentlemen have already given their Patroiiaje. His Grace the Duke of BUCCLEUCH & QUKENSBERRY Right Hon. Lord Montague Right Hon. Lord Sondes Right Hon. Lord Lilford Lord Viscount Althorp, M. P. The Hon. George Watson The Hon. and Rev. R. B. Stopford Sir John Palmer, Bart. Sir Charles Knightley, Bart. T. C. Maunsell, Esq. Charles Tibbits, Esq. J. C. Rose, Esq. A. E. Young, Esq. T. P. Maunsell, Esq. J. Dore, Esq. Rev. D. Wauchope Rev. W. S. Paul Rev. H. R. Knapp Rev. E. Jones Rev. J. L. Wefherall Rev. Joseph Knight Rev. E. Griffin Rev. ——- Whitehouse Rev. Jackson Smnitteii ' a? 3tti! inent T o T ii E lit R M ri R Y o V The Right lion. SPENCER PERCEVAL. SUBSCRIPTIONS, Amo" nt of Subscriptions before advertised. n£ 893 11 0 Sir Vicar* Gibbs . $ 0 0 0 Wm. Flack, Esq. Wart...; 5 5 0 Subscriptions are received bv Messrs. Praeds, Mackworth, K Co. Bankers, London; and by Messrs. Smith, Hall, & Co. Bankers, Northampton. School for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church. ADDITIONAL DONATION and SUBSCRIPTIONS since our last. Donations. AnnualSubs. mount of Donations and Subscriptions before advertised £ 1,964 7 0 £ 195 3 0 Rev. Thomas Smith, Rector of Clay. Cotort ( whose Subscription last Week, through a clerical Error, improperly appealed in the Bible Society's Ad- vertisement)' .... Rev. John Henry Renouard, Rector of Little- Billinp 0 0 5 0 To TALLOW- CHANDLERS. WANTED, A middle- aged MAN, who perfectly understands his Business, and can give the most satis- factory Reference as to Character. Apply to TOWN SEND & Co. Bordesley- Streef, Birmingham, if by Letter, f'ost- paid. WANTED, A JOURNEYMAN GROCER and TAL- LOW CHANDLER.— Apply personally, or by J. etter, ( Post- paid), to W. SMITH, Olney. N. B. An APPRENTICE is also wanted. W ANTED, A stout Lad, as an APPRENTICE to a BUTCHER.— Enquire of J. Rooms, Haekleton. WANTED, A JOURNEYMAN CARPENTER and JOINER, « ho may have constant Employ and gond " Wages.— He may have Board and Lodging in the Tlouse, if required.— Apply to EDWARD MASTERS, of Kilsby. gCj" Likewise au APPRENTICE wanted. To Coach and Cart- lVheelwrights. WANTED immediately, A steady MAN who well understands both Businesses, and to have the Care of the same.— None but a good Hand need apply. Apply lo the Printers, if by Letter, Post- paid, addressed C. C. W. WANTED, A steady middle- aged MAN, well reenmmended, who understands the Management of a Garden and Fruit Trees, and who will be willing to make himself useful in other Employ when not wanted in the Garden.— Apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid), mentioning Terms, to Mr. M ARSHALL, Printer, Aylesbury. FINAL NOTICE to the Creditors of EDWARD BUT LIN the Elder, of HOLLOWELL. SUCH of the Creditors of the said EDWARD BUTL1N who neglect to deliver their Accounts and rxecute the Deed of Assignment, which is at the Office of Messrs. Denny & Son, of Long- Buckby, for that Purpose on nr before the 14th Day of September, 1812. will be excluded the Benefit arising from the Estate and Effects, as a Dividend will immediately after that Time be made. By Order nf the Trustees, DENNY & SON, Solicitors. HUNTERS. To be S O L D, By Mr. tClRSHAfV, On Wednesday the 9tii of September, being the first Day of Northampton Races, at Mr. LENTON'S, the Sign ot the King's HORSE- MARKET, NORTHAMPTON, at Atms, in the Ten o'Ciock : 1. A CHEST. NUT GELDING, by Diomed, Dam by Le XI. Sang, six Years old. . A Brown HORSE, by Moorecock, Dam by Le Sang, a capital Hunter, rising seven Years. 3 A Brown HORSE, bv Volunteer, Dam by Little Isaac, a good Hunter, has carried a Lady, rising seven Years. 4. A Bay GELDING, by Hercules, outof a Hunting Mare, a high Leaper, very fast, andacapital Roadster, sixYearsold. N. B. The above tour Hunters are the Property of a Gen- tleman, who, on Account ill Health is compelled to give up Hunting. 1 To the Debtors and Creditors of ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, of the ' Town of NORTHAMPTON, Widow. ALL Persons who still stand indebted to the Estate of the said EL1ZABKTII Pll ILLI PS, are particularly requested to pay their respective Debts, either to Mr. Newby, of Northampton, or Mr. Wooding, of Weston- Favell, the Assignees, or to their Solicitor, Mr. Howes, of Northampton, on or before the fifth Day of September next, or they will lie sued for the same; and such of the Creditors of the said Elizabeth Phillips, who have not sent in their Accounts, are desired to transmit the same to Mr. Howes,- mi nr before the said fiffli Day of September, iu order that a Dividend may be calculated, which may he received hy Application at Mr. Ilowes's Oflire, any time aficr the 12th Day of September next. Northampton, August 29, 1S12. PUBLIC HOUSE. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ACapital newly built PUBLIC HOUSE, Brick and Slated, with good arched Vaults, excellent Kitchen, two good Parlours, several capital Bed- Rioms ; large Yard, and two good Gardens, convenient Stables, and necessary Out- offices. The above Premises are in full Trade, and may be entered on at Michaelmas next. The Situation is desirable, being in a popu- ons Village, seven Miles from Daventry, and five from Rugby. For further Particulars, enquire, if by Letter, Post- paid, to Mr. OAKDEN, Solicitor, Daventry; Mr. GROSE, Maltster, Long- Buckby ; or to Mr. TITS, Auctioneer and sworn Appraiser, Daventry. Rowell, Northamptonshire.— Freehold Estates. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Mr. KIRS HAW, At the House of Mr. Roe, the Sign of the Sun. in Rowell, in the County of Northampton, on Thursday the 24th Day of September. 1812, at Three o'Ciock in the Afternoon, in the following Lots : Lot 1. ,1 LL those several Pieces or Parcels of AR ABLE, XV MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, with the Commons and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate and being dispersedly in the open and common Fields of ROW ELI. atoresaid, called Halt a Yard Land, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lauds, and containing by Admeasurement 14 Acres, or thereabouts. Lot 2. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, with the usual Right of Common. Lot 3. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, with the same Right of Common. Lot 4. Another HA I. F YARD LAND, or the Sixth Partof Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, and the same Right of Common. Lot 5. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Partof Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, and the same Right of Common. Lotfi. Another HALF YARD LAND, or the Sixth Part of Three Yard Lands, containing the same Quantity, and the same Right of Common. Theabove Estates are now in the. Occupation of Mr. •— Tongue, Butcher, who will shew the same. An Act having passed in the last Session of Parliament for inclosing the open Fields o£ Rowell, theabove Lots will be found a most desirable Purchase for any Gentleman who wishes to realize the Property, or to any Persons who may be desirous to increase their Allotments in the said Fields. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, or the A uctiON f. KR, in Northampton. IRTHLINGBOROUGH, Northamptonshire. Freehold and Copyhold Estates. To be SOL 1) by AUCTIO N, By Mr. THOMSON, At the White Horse Inn, in Irthlingborough, in the Countv of Northampton, on Friday the lltli Day ol September, 1812, at Five o'Ciock in the Afternoon, 1 FitBEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate Ji\ near the Centre of the Town of I RTHLI NG BORO U G H, with a large commodious Grocer's and Ironmonger's Shop, in full Trade, in the Occupation of Mr. Beale.— Also another Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE adjoining, in the Occupa- tion of the Rev. Mr. Hall, with two large Barns, two tables, Brewhouse, Granary, and other Out Offices, a large Dove- house with Shed under it, lately erected; two Pieces of Garden Ground, and an Orchard well planted with Fruit Trees, and a never- failing Well ot good Water.— The Premises are substan- tially built, and in good Repair, and will be found a very de. single Situation for any Trade that requires Room.— The Whole will be sold in two or three Lots, as will be expressed in the Conditions of Sale. Also, A CLOSE of rich ARABLE and PASTURE LA N D, Part Freehold and Part Copyhold, lying near the North- End of the Town of 1 RTH LING BOROUGH aforesaid, adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading to Kettering, containing 22A. 2R. I8P. in the Occupation ot Mr. John Chapman, and which will be divided and sold in three Lots, to be expressed in the Conditions of Sale. — Possession of the I. anil may be bad at Michaelmas next. The Copyhold Land is equal in Value to Freehold, being fine certain, and very small. N. B. There is an excellent Lime- Stone Quarry in the Clfte and a Spring runs through the same. Mr." JOHN FLAWNE, of Irthlingborough will shew the Close; and for a View of the other Premises, apply to the respective Tenants; and for further Particulars, to Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, Northampton, or to the Auctioneer, Wellingborough. ON THURSDAY MORNING the 1st of OCTOBER, 1812, will be performed, THE SACRED ORATORIO OF TIIF, MESSIAH. On FRIDAY MORNING the 2d of OCTOBER, A GRAND SELECTION OF SACI1 ED MUSIC, Frnra the favourite Works of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Marret] o, and other eminent Composers. And on each Evening at the ASSEMBLY ROOM, at the WHITE HART INN, GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS; Consisting of Grand Symphonies, favourite Songs, Soloi, Concertos, and some of the most popular Glees performing at the different Vocal Concerts. Principal Performers already engaged, Mrs. VAUGHAN, Mr. Goss, Mr. VAUGHAN, and Mr. BELLAMY. Leader of the Band, Dr. HAGUE, Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge". Organ and Grand Piano Forte, Mr. BARRF. TT. Principal Second Violin, Mr. WM. MARSHALL; Principal Violoncello, Mr. C. J. ASH LEY ; Principal Viola, Mr. R. ASHLEY; Principal Hautboy, Mr. ERSKINE: Principal Bassoon, Mr. HOLMES; Principal Trumpet, Mr. SCHMIDTZ ; Principal Double Bass, Mr. JOVE; Principal Double Drums, Mr. JENK IWSON. The Remainder of the Baud will be numerous and complele, and selected from London, Cambridge, Ely, Peterborough, Stamford, Leicester, Northampton, & c. & c. & c. Further Particulars in a ftitnre Paper. ORDINARIES will be provided each Day at the WHITE HART and GEORC. E INNS, at Four o'clock; where Infor- mation respecting Lodgings may be obtained. MUSIC for a BALL, if required, each Evening afler ihe Concert. Cous, Sheep, and Farming- Stock. To be S O L 1) by A U C T I O N, Bu JOHN DAY if SON, On Monday the Ulst of August, 1812, rpiIF, remaining Part of the valuable S TOCK of COWS, i SHEEP; also, WAGGONS, CARTS, PLOUGHS, HARROWS, and other EFFECTS, on the MANSION- FARM, at GREAT- LINFOR. D, near Newport- Pagnell. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Ciock precisely. Northamptonshire Auxiliary Bible Society. ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS received since our last. Donations. Annual Amount of Donations and Subscripting Subs. heforeadvertised ; includin*;£ 207.4s, 4d. § Donations, and £ 11. 2s. Subscriptions, made by the Wellingborough Branch Society ,£ 1,432 13 292 12 6 Sheffield Grace, Esq. Laxton- Hall 0 0 0 2 2 0 Miss Harvev i 0 0 0 1 1 0 For the Benefit if Creditors. To be SOLI) bv ' AUCTION, By Mr. KNIBB, At the SWAN INN, NEWPORT. PAGNELL, Bucks, on Mondav the I4th of Seotember, 1812, QNILE STOCK IN TRADE of a LAC EM AN : com- * prising Thread Lace, Edgings, Veils, Patent Lace, Silk Shawls, and a Variety of other Articles. The Sale to begin at Eleven o'Ciock. Corn, Hay, Dairy- Stock. § c. To he SOLD by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY Sf SON, On Wednesday the 2d Day of September, 1812, on the Premises ot Mr. JOSEPH MORRIS, who is leaving his Farm aL GRANDBOROUGH, near Winslow, Bucks, IFIFTEEN ACRES of WHEAT, 34 of OATS. 8 of SEED CLOVER. 9 STACKS of HA Y. 200 ACRES of KEEPING. Also, 20 Dairy Cows, 60 Ewes and Lambs, one Tup, three Yearling Cart Colts, six Bacon Hogs, and other Effects. The Hay and Keeping will be divided into convenient Lots, and sold until the 25th of March next.— The Straw and Hay is to be spent on the Premises. Credit will be given on approved security. l'o be S O L D by A U C TI O N, By JOHN 6 AY fy SON, At the Cobham Arms Inn, in Buckingham, on Thursday the 17th \ Day of September, 1812, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon ( in one or more Lot or Lots as will be then announced, and under Conditions to be then produced), LL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situated in the V Prebend End. of the Town of BUCKINGHAM ( many Years the Residence of Mrs. Mary Ashwell, lately deceased); consisting of two Sitting- rooms, five Sleeping- rooms, Kitchens, Cellar, See. with Garden, Wood- Barn, Pump of excellent Water, and other Conveniences. Immediate Possession may bo had. Also, three COTTAGES adjoining the above mentioned Pre. mises, in the several Occupations of Wm. Fountain, Dinah JaCkson, and William Betts. For a View of the I'remisos, apply thereon, and for further Particulars, to Messrs HEARN, Solicitor, in Buckingham. Griming Crop of Clover. To be S O L D by AUCTION,- By ROBERT ANDREWS, fin Wednesday next the 2d Day of September, at Two o'clock, at the Sign of the Crown and Castle, in Sherrington, in the County of Buckingham, ABOUT 20 Acres of CLOVER, in two Lots, lying in the Field adjoining the Turn pike- Road at SHERRINGTON. Theabove is a very tine Crop, and may be stacked on the Premises till Christmas next, or taken off when the Purchaser thinks convenient. May be viewed bv applying t » Mr. WINSKILL, at the above- mentioned Public House. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Sometime in the Month of October next, unless an acceptable Oiler shall be made in the mean Time by Private Contract, AVery compact and desirable FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREF.. ESTATE, situate in the Parish of WEEDON- PINCKNEY. in the County of Northampton, now in the Occupation of Mr. JOHN BLACKWE1. L, the Proprietor; consisting of nine several Closes or inclosed Grounds of excel- lent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, containing together by Estimation 42 Acres ( more or less), with a convenient Bam, Stable, Waggon and Cow Hovels situate thereon. A laige Stone- built House in the Parish, with Half an Acre of Ground, more or less, adjoining, may be also purchased there- with, and at a little Expense Part of the Buildings upon the Land maybe converted intoa Dwelling- House. The Estate is well watered and fenced, end Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. WEEPON is centrically situated between Banbury, Daventry, Towcester, and Brackley, all good Market Towns. To see the Estate, apply to Mr. BLACKWELL, at Weston- by- Weedon ; and for further Particulars, or to treat lor it, te him, or Mr. KIK?*, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. SALE POSTPONED. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Valuable Freehold Manor, Advowson, and Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. WILLIAM STANTON, At the Auction- Mart, London, on Thursday the 10th Day of September, 1812, at Twelve o'Ciock, and not on the 11th of August, as before advertised, ( unless an acceptable Olfer be in the mean Time made for the Purdue: thereof by Private Contract), in one Lot, RRIHE MANOR or LORDSHIP of HAWLING, in the I- County of Gloucester,— the ADVOWSON ofthe RECTORY of HAWLING,— the MANOR- HOUSE, and DEMESNE LANDS; comprising several eligible Farms with suitable Buildings, Thrashing- Machines, anil every necessary Convenience, containing together about 1,650 Acres of pro- ductive Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land.— about 90 Acres of Woodland and Plantations in Hand,— and 170 Acres of Land held on Leases and Copies of Court Roll for Lives, chief Part thereof depending upon single Lives, and sev- ral Cottages. This valuable Estate, which is Freehold and Tithe- free and the Land- Tax redeemed, comprises the whole Village and Parish of Hawling, containing altogether upwards of 1,974 Acres of Land, lying veiy compact and well subdivided; th- e principal Part thereof lett to res, pei, table Tenants upon Leases, and pro- ducing a Net Annual Rental of more than Three Thousand Three Hundred Pounds. HAWLING is situated on the Turnpike- Road, leading frnnv Cheltenham to Stow. on- the- Wold, distant about nine Miles from each, eight from Northleach, and 16 from the City ot Gloucester.— The Estate may be viewed on Application to Mr. WILLIAM COOKF, of'Hawling. Printed Particulars may be had at the Auction- Mart; Bell Inn, Gloucester; Plough, Cheltenham; Kins's Head North' leach; Unicorn, Stow; Star, Oxford; Warwick Arms, War wick ; and of Messrs. Graham, Kinderley, & Domville, Lineoln's- Inn, London; and Messrs. Churchill, Field, Weston, Deddington, Oxfordshire; who are authorised to treat for a Sale by Private Contract; and at whose Offices Plans of the Estate may be seen. A. J LEICESTERSHIRE. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. FARMER, On Wednesday the 7tli Day of October next, at Fouro'Clock in the Afternoon, at theThree Crowns Inn, Leicester ( in Lojs), AN undivided MOIETY of sundry FREEHOLD ESTATES ; consisting of a Messuage and 55 Acres of rich Pasture and Meadow Land, situate at SUTTON. IN- THE- FLMS, in the arish of EROUGHTON- ASTLEY ; of an undivided third Part of a MESSUAGE and 23 Acres of LAND, at MOUNT- SORRELL; and about 30 Acres of LAND, in RO'L'HLEY, QUORN DON, and BARROW, intheCounty ot Leicester. References tor viewing and Particulars may be had of Messrs. STRONG, STILI., 8C STRONG, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London; of Messrs. PASES, MII. ES, ALSTON, & PARES, Leicester; or of Mr. CURZON, Derby. Particulars may also be bad at the Three Crowns, Leicester; Bull's Head, Loughborough; Swan, Melton- Mowbray ; Angel, Market- Harborough ; Denbigh Arms, Lutterworth ; Queen's Head, A » hby- de- la-£. ouch ; and of Mr. " ARMER, Leicester. Valuable Lite Stock. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By Messrs. BERRY % HAYWARD, On the Premises at CHAPEL GROUND, in the Parish of FI. F. ET- MARSTON, near Aylesbury, Bucks, nn Wednesday the 9th of September, 1812, by Order of the Assignees of Messrs. GRACE & WOODCOCK, MIE entire valuable LIVE STOCK, HAY, and _ HERBAGE ; comprising 38 fatCows, 80 Sheep and Lambs, four capital Cart- Colts, a bay Nag Horse, a Mare and Foal; a Rick of very prime Meadow Hay, about 40 Tons; two Cocks of Ditto, about 20 Tons; a Stump of old Hay, about four. Tons ; and the Herbage of Ground and Meadows until the first Day of November next. Catalogues of which Will be immediately prepared and deli- vered, at the Inns in the Neighbourhood; the King's Head I nil, Aylesbury; and at Messrs. BERRY & HAYWARD'S Auction- Office, Aylesbury. T Sbtteholds in the Town of Bedford. To Be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BEDFORD, On Thursday, September 10th, 1812, at Five o'Ciock, at the Swan Inn, BEDFORD, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, ADesirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in two Lots ; consisting of a convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, formerly the FRENCH HORN, advantageously situate in the HIGH- STREET, in the . Centre of the Town; containing a good Cellar, Shop, Parlour, Kitchen, Pantry, three Sleeping- rooms, and three Garrets, in the Occupation of — BASSETT; and the OLD GEORGE PUBLIC- HOUSE, in MILL- LANE; comprising a convenient Parlour and Kitchen in Front, a large Dining- room, with Sleeping- rooms above, two other Sleeping- rooms in Front, ' ervants and Soldiers' Rooms, a newly erected Brewhouse, a Wash- house, Wood- house, capital dry Cellar, small Garden and Yard, with a Pump of excellent Water, in the Occupation of Mr Joseph Barker. The Dwelling- House is advantageously situate for Business of any Description, being in the Centre of the principal Street in the Town of Bedford ; and the Public- houseis a most desirable Thing, being well known, in full'Trade, and to. ally unconnected with any Brewery. The Tenants have had Notice to quit at Michaelmas next ; anil further Particulars, if required, may be had of the Auctioneer, Hich- Street. Bedford. / To be POSTSCRIPT. LONDON, August 23. TtIF, following appears in second editions of the Courier and Snn :—" A Letter has been received this morning at Apsley House, from Captain Malcolm, of the Rhin, who is cruizing on the const of Spain, datid the 14th instant, to which there is the following postscript:—' MORE GLORIOUS NEWS PROM LORD WELLINGTON ! !"— Though there is nothing to add to the above brief but cheering paragraph, on the authenticity of which the public may rely, there is great reason for indulging the hope, that, it is the harbinger to confirm the reports in circulation, of another glorious victory in the Peninsula. An article extracted from the French papers, dated Berlin, August 8, states, " That according to accounts from Konigsberg, the convoys laden with provisions for the French Army in Poland, and which had been embarked upon the Niemen, have received orders to halt, as such a quantity of provisions has been found in the magazines, that the army is supplied for some time." The Twelfth Bulletin states, that " a park of artillery, of 100 pieces, which had been advanced upon theNiemen, bad been ordered to be removed back to Dantzic," and the reason given was, that Ounaberg bad been taken, where the French found eight pieces of Cannon. But this could not have been the real cause; for Bonaparte, though he says that the Russians had been fortifying Duoaberg five years, knew very well that the works had been long discontinued, the ffro'und being found unlit for erecting fortifications on an enlarged scale, andthat Duiiabers; was only a post for de- fending the passage of the Dwina, which post was not meant to be kept after the river was past. These 100 pieces of artillery, therefore, could not have been sent, back because Ounaberg had surrendered,' for Ounaherg could not stand a siege. The attentive reader cannot fail coupling this retro-. grade movement of the heavy artillery with the above article fifcn Berlin. ' The orders for the convoys to halt mav be true, but the reason uiven for them cannot be the real one; foi in none of the Bulletins does Bonaparte stnte that he has made himself master of any very large suppliesof provisions. On the contrary, it has been repeatedly stated, that, the Russians destroyed their magazines as they retreated. Is Bonaparte then contemplating the probability of a. retreatf. 11ns he abandoned the plan of penetrating into the interior or Russia? TliKSitmmer. is toonoirrar mintary operations, the Winter too cold, and the rainy season, which will soon set in, will be too wet!— The sudden halt of bis army at a time when rapid and vigorous operations were most neces- sary— the order for a park of artillery to be carried further back to his rear— and for the convoys of provisions which had advanced upon the Nlemon not to proceed in their march, are circumstances that can hardly be reconciled with the idea of bis intending to push on after the Russians. The Moniteur having broken silence on the delicate subject of the battle of Salamanca, the Journal de 1' Empireof the 21st, gives a list of the British Generals who were killed or wounded, and it is observed, that " perhaps the English armv was never so near complete destruction as on that day." As they are in the habit of translating many of the speeches of our uis$ senators, why do not the French Editors give a translation of our Extraordinary Gazette, detail- ing the actions of our brave Generals! ' This would be giving to the people of France a representation of what is said by both parties, and then they might be left to draw their own inferences. If the Parisians reflect at all, what' nn opinion must they have of the contemptible artifices and juggles practised by their " wise, liberal, and beneficent" Government. From the whole of the French official reports it may be satisfactorily inferred, that the French have lost as many, and perhaps more men than their adversaries in the north ; they have still gained nothing but a position upon the out- skirts of the Russian Empire; and the main Russian anny is still to he subdued. Under these circumstances sanguine hopes are eeneraiK entertained that the issue of the present contest will prove favourable to the common cause of Europe. Accounts were yesterday received iu town, stating, that the Russian army which had lately been acting against the Turks on the Danube, is now returning by forced marches to join the main armv under the Emperor Alexander. It is stated m letters from ST. Petersburg!), that the Em- peror had arrived there from Moscow, and would return again to the army in a few days. The Russians are in good spirits, and expect, if the French advance into Russia Proper, that they will leave their bones there. The following intelligence was brought by the Cherokee sloop of War, which arrived in Leith Roads on Friday morning, from Gottenburgh:— 11 ffingo Sound, Aug. .10,—" Lord Catheart arrived here onthe7th. Mr. Thornton, who is just returned from Zealand, sailed again with Lord Cathcart yesterday for Sweden,, to make arrangements with the Crown Prince. The Swedish store- ships sailed yesterday for the Sound, and the armament will be off in a few days.— It is said Bernadotte will he at Gottenburgh immediately. Lord Cathcart returns here lo go up to Russia. The Russians are doing wonderfully well." A letter from Gibraltar states, that the American Consul had arrived in the Bay from Algiers, in consequence of the commencement of hostilities between the l) ey and the United States. It seems that the Consul had taken Out presents from his Government, according to the custom with those employed on missions to this African Prince, hut they were not sufficiently valuable to satisfy the avarice of the latter, and his disappointment was expressed, as is usual with him, by a Declaration of War. This rupture is likely to have a beneficial effect on our commerce with the Mediterranean. In spices, and numerous other com- modities, the Americans have carried on a successful competition in that sea with our Own traders; and by the obstructions they will now meet with, we shall, in several articles, be enabled to supersede them in that extensive market. We have been assured that within a few weeks about twenty thousand pounds have been invested iu the British Funds, which are supposed to have been transmitted to this country by Marmont, and which, we learn from the same quarter, is understood to be a provision for himself and wife jointly, in case of any revolution in the affairs of Bonaparte, an event that is by no means improbable, con- sidering how much he has outraged humanity, and what havoc of mankind his ambition has occasioned.— Sun. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Avium 29. MARRlF. D. J On Tuesday se'nnight, at Carlhv, hear Stamford, the Rev.' 1'. Wingfield, rector of < eaton,' In the county of Rutland, to Miss Denshire, daughter ofthe latn Capt. Denshire, of Staiiiford. Wednesday Se'unidit, at Sutton; in the Isle of Ely, Mr. Cooper, grocer, to Miss Chambers, both of that place. Sunday last, in London, Mr. T. Clark, son of Mr. William Clark, painter, of Markct- Harborotigb, to Miss Charlotte Foot. Monday last, at Oxford, R. F. Cox, Esq. banker,, to Mis* Folker, only daughter of Win. Folker, Esq. of that cirv. Same day, at Wliissendine, Rutland, Mr. Wm. Re'dmile, of Ryall, to Miss Snowden, of the former place. Tuesday last, at llanwell church, hy the Rev. Mr. Randolph, John Ilewson, jun. Esq. of' Onndle, iu this county, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late James Montgomery, Esq. of Prescot- street, Goodman's- fields. Thursday last, at Stanstead, Herts, Mr. R. Blachford, jun. of Lombard- street, to Miss llankin, eldest daughter of tiro. Hankin, Esq. of Newlands, Herts. Lately, at St. Alban's, Herts, J. W. Ifnollys. Esq. of South Ville, to Miss A. S. Lowe, of Sr. Alban's, DIED.] On Tuesday se'nuight, at Donningtoti, Leicester- shire, in his 43d year, the Rev. T. W. Patterion, many years minister of the Independent Congregation of Ashby- de- la- ZoUch and Bardon. Frid ay se'nni^ ht, at Stamford, Miss Lucv O'Brien sister of S. O'Brien, E sq. of Glaston, near Uppingham. Wednesday last, at Stamford, Mrs. M. Hunt, aged 73, widow of the late Alderman Hunt. It gives us real pleasure to find that the efforts made in many places to capacitate the youth of both sexes, to read the scriptures, are Commensurate with the measures taken to furnish them with tbein.— We learn that an exact and minute investigation has been made into the parish of Kettering, bv the Committee of the Branch Bible Society in that place.— The result is 9ucli as must gratify every pious and benevolent mind, and is highly favourable to tha present standard of icligion and morals established there.— ft appears that in a population of more than 3,100, only five individuals are found, between the agesot five and fifteen years, who cannot read : and of these five, three or four now go to schoo'l.—' The following is an abstract of the enauirr made among the lower classes of the inhabitants:— Number of families enquired into, 54G ; number of individuals, 2,047 ; number of bibles in their possession, GOG ; number of families without bibles, 100 ; number of imperfect bibles, 125; number of persons who cannot read, G3 ; age of those who cannot read, between five and fifteen, 5; above fifteen, 58 ; only three or four of the above 58 persons appear to ba under thirty years of age. Leicester Races will be on Wednesday and Thursday, the 16th and ltth of September. Several respectable inhabitants ofthe parish of St. Marv', in Nottingham, were on Thursday summoned before tliu Magistrates, by the Overseers of the Poor, for refusing t t pay their assessments, upon the mistaken supposition that they were not due until the end of a quarter. The Magis* trates, after hearing the case, directed the parties forthwith to discharge their assessments with the expenses incurred, the law being perfectly clear, that every person is liable to pav his assessment immediately upon the rate being made. The last Mutiny Act contains a provision for empowering a Field Officer or Captain within ihe district, or ( in case of there being no such officer) a Magistrate, to grant an exten- sion of furlough to soldiers, who may be prevented by illness from going to their regiment previous to the expiration of their furloughs. About six o'clock on tjiemorning of Wednesday se'nnfgh', during a dreadful storm, the lightning split an oak tree, of large dimensions near the house of Mr. Marshall, at Hatton, Warwickshire, it entered at the top of the tree, ard rended it in thrfee directions to the root; the bark was thrown ii the distance of 16 yards, and the tree left entirely bare as if it had been peeled. On the same morning, It sheep out ol" 13, which had taken shelter under some trees, on the farm of Mr. Murcott, of Bagiuton, were killed by the electric fluid ; one was struck blind, and the other escaped without injury. It is rather singular, that a few year3 ago, 11 sheep were killed by lightning on the same farm. A new- built farm- bouse a'. Willeslev, two miles from A « l> by- dc ln- Zouoli, L ® iwtershire, was burnt down about seven or eight o clock on Wednesday morning iasf, ow- im* to the lightning, which was truly terrific. I he . outbuildings were fortunately detached, from the house, cuiis. qucntlv they were saved; but we are sorry to. hear, that very iirtle indeed of the. household- furniture escaped ihe flames, . p-. ij house was the property of Sir Charles Hastings, who, . no understand, witnessed the conflagration. The engines from Ashbv arrived too late. SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BEDFORD, F. 4RLY IN OCTOBER NEXT, VDesirable FREEHOLD ES TATE; consisting of a Farm- House, with 18 Acres of inclosed Arable and Pasture Land, and a comfortable Tenement, with Garden and Orchard, in the Occupation ofthe Widow Cooke, situate at MARSTON, in the County of Bedford. Further Particulars, with Time and Place of Sale, will be advertised in a future P? per. Execution of iioolh at Stafford.— On Saturday se'ni. ighr, Booth was brought upon tbe- scaffold to suffer the punishment due to his sentence. The most distressing occurrence took place at the time of his execution ; the rope slipping he fell to the ground, and many people thought that lie was dead, but the unfortunate man got up and fell on his knees praying to the Almighty for his misdeeds ! The assistants then prepared the s< . tffold again, but, o-. ving t> iiie most culpable negligence, the drop remained fast, when Booth gave the signal for it to fall; and it was not until much l'o: e'ej had been applied that the drop fell, when the unfortunate criminal at length suffered the dreadfyI sentence of the las . — The number of people that attended was not so numerous as was expected, but all appeared much shocked at the suffering. of the malefactor. On Friday last, the trial of John Lnrnas, for the murder of his master, Geo. Morrey, farmer, of Hankelmv, and Edith Morrey, wife of the said G. Mori- v, for aiding ati. I assisting him in the murder, c, ame on at Chester, when alter a trial of great length the Jury, without retiring, gave n verdict of Guilty against both the prisoners. The Judje then passed the awful sentence of the law upon them.— The prisoners were ordered for execution on Monday the 24lh. iust. On receiving bis sentence, Lomas stretched out his band, and exclaimed," I deserve it all— t don't wi- h to live, but I hopfe for mercy." lie maintained the greatest composure throughout the'trial. Mrs. Morrey, the miserahl 2 widow, pleaded pregnancy; a Jury of Matrons was instantly linpannelled, and they returned a true bill. Her execution", therefore, will most likely be procrastinated till the com- mencement of the ensuing year. Corn- Exchange, Loudon, Friday, Aanust 28. The Mealing Trade was al. mosl at a stand still on Wednesday, and not very brisk this morning, our buyers holding over to take the chance of next Monday's supply and con » eqoent prices ; there was, however, bui little alteration from the terms of last Monday .— In other articles it mu- t be noticed that Barley fetched Is. Malt 2s. and White Pease 4S. pep Quarter more than on Monday.— Beaiislikewise, nfe., c: i sort, were 4s. per Quarter dearer.— Good Poland Oats sold as high as 80s. per Q. iarier; Potatoe for mo- v money. Northampton — Suturduy. Beans — s. Od. fo— s Od. NewBeans 79s. Od. to— s. Od. Peas . . ..— 5. Od. to — 00 Wheat I44s. Od. toHSs.' Od. Rye 80s. Pd. to — s. Od. Barley 62s. Od. 10 78s. Od Oats 60s. Od. to 62s. Od. , By the Standard Measure. Market- Hurborough— Tuesday lust. Wheat .. 140s. Od. to 160s. Od. I Old Beans 80s Od to S^ s Od Barley . .. 84s. Od. to s.— Od. Oats .. „ 59i Od to— < <••' Uew lSeans— s. Od. to— s. Od. | NewDitto — s. 0d. to — s. Od) By the Customary Measure. Leighton- Buzzard— Vuesduy lust. Per Load of five Bushels. Wheat .. 80s. Od. to 9Ss. Od. | Beans, ,46s. Od. to 50s. Od. Rye — s. 0d, to — s. Od. | Hog Peas — s. Cd. to — s. Od. Per Quarter. Barley.. 60s. Od. to 63s. Od. | Oats .. 55s. Od. to 62s. 0 Daventry— Wednesday lust. Wheat., 150s. Od. tol60s. Od. Rye — s. Od. to — s. Od. Barley ... 70s. Od. to 75s. Od. By the customary Measure. Oats 50s. Od. to 60s. Od. Beans... 80s. Oil- to 81s. Od. Pease 75s. Od. to 70s. Od. PRICE OF STOCKS. Sat, Hon. 1 Tu. Wfd: l Thu. dank Stock ....... Hoi 220* 24 221243 J per Cent. Rett. .. mi bm 58 « ! 58j5ti i per Cent. Cons... 58 § bm 4 per Cent. Cons... 75* • m m* 75H 5 per Cent. Navy .. y u — 5 you 90- St 90*| Omnium . a& ibv biio alio Cons, tor ac. btiii 08|| 1 58H 5841 India Bonds. 5' SL- Exc. Bills, Id Fri. 59 58J| 75* 90H 6ip 59 Banbury,— Thursday last. Per Bushel I Od. to 20s. 6d. I Hog Peas — s. Od. to— s. Od. 6d. to 10s. 6d. I Per Qaarter. Barley.. 75s. Od. to SOs. Od. | Oa; s... 5Ss. to 63s. Bread 3s. Od. the Hall- peck. Wheat.. 17s. Beans.. 9s. LIST of FAIRS from August 31, to Sept. 12, within the Circuit of this Paper. 1 F. Sept,. 4. Ashby- de- la- XoucM, Buckingham, Drigstock, Chipping- Norton, and tVaricick. M. 7. Daventry. W. 9. Oakham. Tli3 Northampton - Mercury; and General Advertiser for ths Counties of Northampton, ' RjJfonl, Dickxri^ ham; It iritirt> Ion, Ljicsst - r, arwidk, Ojtforil, an. I Mertfo. d. c- jsr** amtmmmrnBH To the Printers of the Northampton Mercury. r ir NOTHING is more common than for Men to asperse the motives of those who differ from them in opinion, especially in matters concerning Religion; anil lo this cutis? ranv he fairly ascribed, in the account given ... your last pit iter, of the meeting at Wnburn, for the purpofe of for, nil.- a Branch of the " Bedfordshire Auxiliary Society, the charge of illiberalilv, " prejudice, and error oca ins the orthodox clergy and other friends of the I'. stalilisiieo Chnrrh. who pre time to wilhhpld their . intp. aliSed suppnr to Ihe measures there proposed. Let us, however, coolly and diMms. iortaleiv consider wilh what propriety this viin. irtive aud uncharitable accusation can apply. The advocates tor the " Briti. il and Foreign Bible Society" are of opinion mat Bibles on- lit to be distributed among the poor unaccompanied hv any other religious publication; and such a distribution will certainly answer every purpose that the Dissenters can desire, since, from Ihe circumstance of their using extem- poraneous prayers, nothing farther is requisite for the de- votional exercise of their respective congregations.. I o tlie poor, however, of Ihe Established Church, Ihe addition ot Prayer Books is so essentially necessary, that wilhout them thev would be incapable of assisting at Divine service ; anil vet because the friends of the Establishment prefer subscrib- ing to a lone- established L-. stimtion, I mean the " Society tor promoting Christian Knowledge," through the medium ot Avhich I'raver Books and oilier religious publications can be obtained, as well as Bibles and Testaments, they are, tor- sooth. lo be considered as influenced solely bv " prejudice and error," whilst Ihe Dissenters of every denomination, and other advocates for the " Auxiliary Eible Society," are com- plimented in Ihe paragraph alluded to with the exclusive possession of " pietv and talent." I am AuguslHth, 1812. To the Editors nf the. Northampton Mercury. Sins,_ The statement in your paper nf last week respect- ing a penny per week association of the I. adies of Glasgow having remitted to me £ 9Q for the Eastern translations," is truth, but not the whole truth. Within Ihe last six months I have received from th. it association in favour of the trans- lations carrying on bv Dr. Carey and his colleagues, at Se- rn. npore, £ 207 18s. 4d. Nor is this all ; a similar associa- tion of Ladies at Liverpool has. wilhin Ihe last three months, remitted for the same object £ 145 : and what is remarkable, both these associations lj- ere formed at a lime of. Treat com- mercial distress. As the subject has been introduced jlo the pnblir, I trust vou will feel > ilh me lhat justice to the parties required some further particulars. lam. Sirs, yours, ,% c. Kettering. Aug. 25, 1312. ANDREW FULLER. . Sirs. Yours. Ike. LAICUS. From the LONDON GAZETTE, of Saturday August 22. Defeat of Bonaparte, in Russia. The Gazette contains dispatches from Admiral Sau- tnare7, containing the following important intelliEence from Admiral Martin :— Riga, August 4. T he Russian gun boats so long expected, and at one time so anxiously desired, arrived here on the 3lsr ul>. and now form a most important acquisition to the defence of . lie place. The way Captain Stewart has conducted himself in . he command of the Russian and English gun- boats, is highly praiseworthy, and his unremitting activity, so creditable to the country, has been willingly imitated by the officers and men of the Aboiikir anil Ranger, who are placed under his orders; ihey have unquestionably kept the enemy from crossint; the river at the fijls above the town, where a bodv of infantry and horse still remain entrenched : the only time they ever advanced towards the boats they were dis- persed in a very few minutes, after losing five men and two hoi « es killed. General Cravart, who commands the troops of the. enemy in this neighbourhood^ during the absence of Marshal Macdonald, sent, on the 27th ult. to summons General Essen to surrender, assigning as a reason for doing so, that his haltering train would arrive in the course of a fortnight. There has been a sharp affair in the neighbourhood of Witepsk, where it seems a strong division of the enemy crossed the Dnna, and attacked part of the corps of Prince Bagration ; but they were repulsed, and pursued across the river lo the distance of several miles. The enemy sustained a considerable loss in killed and prisoners, most of tliem Wirtemherg troops; the Russian loss is not mentioned, except that a General Okuloft was killed. T. B. MARTIN. Sir, Rig", August 5 I have infinite satisfaction in acquainting you, that a me sender is arrived from General Count Witi'f. nstein, Stating, that a severe itction was fought between his corps and that under Marshal Oudinot, on . he 30th and 31st ult, in the neighbourhood of Polosgh or Polocb, ft appears that Oudinct had crossed the Dnna, and was marching with a vie ™ , it is supposed, of coming round upon ltiga, and cutting off the communication with St. Petersburg!, when Count Witgenstein commenced a most spirited attack aiJd obliged him to re- cross the river, with the hiss of three thousand prisoners and . some cannon.— The fighting had been very sharp, and the Count was pu suing . he enemy when the courier came away.— The loss of the killed and wounded is not mentioned on either sMe, except that. Gen Kulnieu " f the Russian hussars is killed, and Count VVitgen- slein slit'hllv wounded. An official report of this action will probably he published in the course of this evening, and I shall forward it to you to- morrow bv a vessel going to llano. We have no accounts from the main army since lhat of the 29th ult. which mentioned Prince Bagration having driven the enemy across the river. T. B. MARTIN, Rear Admiral. P. S. I have this instant, received the enclosed from Gen. Essen, confirming what I have stated respecting this affair. ( TRANSLATION.) SIR, Riga, 2 Hit July ( 5th Aug.) 1812. 7 batten to communicate to your Excellency the intelli- gence I have just received from General C unt Witgenstein. He informs rrie, that on the 18th and 19th inst. ( 30th and Slstof July) he gained a complete victory over Marshal Oudioot. Tiie battle took place between Schebesch and Polotzk. Three thousand prisoners, two cannons, and a Quantity of baggage and ammunition are unequivocal proofs of his victory. The Count, writes that lie is in pursuit of the enemy, and lhat his advanced posts are hourly sending in fresh prisoners. Being desirous of transmitting as soon as possible this agreeable intelligence to General Snr. htelen. T venture to request your Excellency will forward the enclosed to him by the earliest conveyance. In case you should not at this moment hive any vessel disposeable, Colonel Ballabin will move Admiral ScheflhenkafT to supply one. I am, & c. ESSEN, Governor of Riga. The Gn/ ette contains the appointment of Lieut.- Gen. Sir Stapleton Cotton, Bart, to be an extra Knight of the Bath. lie should be made sensible of the madness of his attempt. If urged hy Ihe desire nf obtaining provisions and forage, or goaded by an Insatiable cupidity for plunder, lie should be blind to ( lie danger of farther committing himself at such an immense distance from his territories, it would become the duty of every loyal Russian— every true friend to his country, lo co- operate cheerfully w ill) us in impeding equally his pro- gress or his retreat, by destroying his supplies— his means of conveyance; in short, every thing which can be serviceable lo him. We, therefore, order, that such of our subjects it. the province* of Wilepsk. and Pkoy, as may h ive articles of subsistence, either for man or beast, beyond their immediate want, to deliver them to officers authorised lo receive the. n, ami for whjcli they shall be paid the fall value out of tiie Imperial Treasury. The owners of growing crops within the distance of Ihe line of Ihe eneinv's inarch, tire commanded to destroy them, and they shall be reimbursed their loss. The proprietors of magazines, either of provisions or clnathing, are required to deliver them to the Commissaries for the use of the army, and they will be liberally remunerated. In general, the spirit of this order is to be carried into execu- ron in regard to all articles, whether of subsistence, of cloathipg, or of conveyance, which may he considered useful he invaders ; and the Magistrates are made responsible for the due fulfillment of these our commands.— ALEXANDER." The following Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for the repeated successes obtained over the French Army in Portugal and Spain, by the Allied Forces under the command of Marquis Wellington, and especially for the Victory obtained on the 22.1 nit. in the neighbourhood of Salamanca, was on Sunday read iu all Churches and Chapels throughout London , d Westminster, and within he Bills of Mortality; the same to be ' end in al! other Churches and Chapels throughout England and Wales, on the Sunday following:— " Gracious God I accept, we implore Thee, the praises and hanksgivings of a grateful Nation, for Ihe successes Thou hast repeatedly vouchsafed to the Allied Army, in Portugal and Spain. Thine, O God ! is the greatness, and the power, and the victory, and the majesty : without Thee, there is neither success in the ' wisdom, nor strength in the courage nf man: the skill of the captain, and Ihe obedience of the soldier, e thine. Direct our hearts, O God I so to exult in victory that we forget not whence it comelh ; so to use il, that we provoke not Thy heavy displeasure against us. Continue, we pray Thee, Thv favour and protection to our Captains, and Soldiers, and Allies. Unite their counsels, and prosper their enterprises for the general good. And of Thy great mercy, O God ! open the eyes of our blinded and infatuated enemies ; that Ihey " lay see and understand Ihe wickedness they are working. Touch them with the spirit of remorse; awaken their justice ; and correct their inordinate ambition: so that at Thy appointed time, and under Thy good Providence, the miseries of war mav cease, and destructions he brought to a perpetual end. These prayers and thanksgivings we humbly submit to Thy Divine Majesty, in the Name and through the meditation of our Lord and Saviour . Tesus Christ. Amen." Singular advantageous State Lottery. HORN SB Y & Co; Stock Brokers, 26', CornWll, London, beg Leave to remind ilieir Country Corres- pondents, that the Lottery is big will, important Chanres, and solicit their Favours on the present Occasion.— The Drawing begins in a few Days, Tuesday the 8th of September. Only 10,000 Tickets.— A Blank may gain £ 50,000. Orders by Post or Carrier executed on the same Terras as if present. Hornsbv & Co. have divideil among their Friends upwards of Three Millions Sterling, which they trust is the best Re- commendation for the future Favours of Hie Public. II AZARD, BORNE, and Co. Stock Brokers, respect- EI Gil Til OF NEXT MONTH. SWIFT 6c Co. beg Leave to recommend to their Friends and the Public, the Scheme of the present STATE LOTTERY, as it contains, hes'des the usual Money Prizes, EIGHT EXTRA PHIZES of Tickets, which present the Chance of gaining all the Capital Prizes, by the Purchase of a single Ticket, or in Proportion by Share ; the Whole will be determined on the 8th of SEPTEMBER. TICKETS and SHARES are selling in great Variety, at SWIFT and Co's. London Offices, No. I], POULTRY, I And 31. HIGH- STREET, No. 12, CHARING. CROSS, I ALDGATE. And by their AGENT,— J. WEBB, Bedford. Who sold the following capital Prizes in the last five Months: No. 5,497... a ..£ 20,000 2,270 2,000 3,268 S « 0 No. 995.. 3,724.... 6" ... £ 4,000 400 200 This Day icas published, \ New Edition, of nearly 300 Pages, in one. Volume L\ Octavo, Price only 3s. with an elegant Portrait of the Author of A CUIDE to HEALTH, or rtdvice to loth Sexes in a Variety of Complaints— By S. SOLOMON, M. D. Ill this useful Publication will be found a Treatise on Female Diseases, Nervous, hypochondriac, and consumptive Complaints, together with an Explanation of the Symptoms, mode of Treat- ment, and Remedies in the different Stages of the Venerea! Disease ; Cautions to young Persons of the Danger of improper Connections, of improper Treatment, & c. with the Difference between venereal Symptoms and those frequently mistaken for Cem ; also Advice to Bathers at Bath, Buxton, Southampton, Scarborough, Harrowgate, & c. London: Printed for the Author ; and sold by Matthews and Leigh, No. 18, Strand, and Sherwood, Neeley & Jones. Pater- noster- Row; also by evcrv Bookseller in the United Kingdom. A BLANK MAY GAIN £ 50,000, BY EITHER OF THE EIGHT EXTRA PRIZES or TtCKifrs GIVEN BY THE CONTRACTORS, IN THE STATE I. OTTERY OF 10,1.00 TICKETS, ALL TO BE DRAWN THE 8th SSPTEMBER. SCHEME. 2.. P rizes of.. £. lff, l) C0 are.. £ 32.000 2.. Prizes of 4,00 > are 8,000 2.. Prizes of 3,0' 0 are 6,000 4.. Prizes of 1,000... are 4,000 And upwards of T'. vo Thousand Prizes of £.' 00, £ 300, £ 200, & c. & c. down to £ 22, the lowest Prizes, and Everif Number Kill he drawn from the Wheel. Tickets and Shares are selling at the Offices of T. BISH, the Contractor for the Lottery, No. 4, CORNHILL, and No. 9, CHARI NO- CROSS,' LONDON, And by the following Agents, J. FREEMAN, Bookseller, Northampton, J. TURNER, Printer, Coventry. INSOLVENT DEBTORS. Prisoners charged for Debts under o£' 2,000. Till'' following Persnns being Prisoners for Debt in ( lie respective Gaols or Prisons hereafter mentioned, and having been charged in Custody on ihe Fifth Day of June, one Thousand eight Hundred and twelve, for the Non- payment of a Debtor Debts, Sum or Sums of Money, not exceeding in Ihe Whole ' rwo Thousand Pounds, Do hereby respectively give this THIRD Public Notice, that they intend to take the Benefit of an Act pas'ed in the fifty- second Year of his present Majesty's Reisn, inlilled " An Act for the Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors in England." And Ihey do hereby give Notice, that true and perfect Schedules, containing Dis- coveries of all Iheir real and pcrsomal Estates, hereafter lo he sworn lo, are now ready lo be delivered lo any Creditors applying for Ihe same, in Manner as by the said Act is directed, to the Keepers or Gaoiers, or their Deputies of the said Prisons' or Gaols. PRISONERS in the Gaol in and for the County of NORTHAMPTON. Elizabeth Phillips, late of the Town of Northampton, in the County of Northampton, " Wheelwright. William Chrisp, heretofore of Souldrope, in the County of Bedford, and late of Ilotbwell, in the County of North- ampton, Baker. Robert Rands, heretofore of Kislingbnry, and late of the Town of Northampton, in the County of Northampton, S h oe- M a nil fac I u re r. William Rodgers, late of Werrington, near. Peterborough, in Ihe County of Northampton, Poulterer. Williatn Collier, late of Thrapstoo, in the County of North ampton, Druggist. Samuel Nursey, lale of Desborough, in the County of North- ampton, Farmer. Edward Pittam, lale of Milton, iu the County of North- ampton, Gardener. John Springs, heretofore of Cotlingham, and lafe of Rock- ingham, both in the County of Northampton, Weaver. Thomas Furniss ( charged in Custody by the Name of William Furnis) heretofore of Blakesley, and laie of Netlier- Ileyford, in the County of Northampton, Labourer. the present STATE LOTTERY, are on Sale at their Office, No. 93, Royal Exchange, London. This' Lottery, consisting ol" r. nly 10,000 Tickets, will be drawn on the 8t! i of next. Month. The Scheme contains Prizes to the Amount of £ 1C0,000, exclusive of which arc Eight Additional Benefits, each consisting of Twenty Whole Tickets, to be allotted to the Holders of the four first drawn Blanks. Price of a Ticket £ 21 15 0 Half £ 11 6 0 I Eighth £ 2 18 6 Quarter 5 15 0 | Sixteenth 1 9 6 ( py Letters, Post- paid, duly answered, and Orders from the Country, accompanied with Remittance, attended to by return of Post. PRISONER the Town of NILULSW, S. TUAINM, CUTVS, SIC. & T,. ARSHALL'S HEAL- ALL ; or ETHEREAL BALSAMIC TINCTURE and STYPTIC; being a Preparation of such extraordinaiy Virtue as not to be paralleled by any Remedy yet discovered, for its immediately stopping bleeding, and speedv Cure of Cuts and fresh Wounds ot all Denominations.— Also taken internally as a warm Stimulant, dissolving Phlegm, opening Obstructions, and promoting the natural Secretions, thereby speedily removing Gouty Attacks, Rheumatisms, S; c. and may be relied on as a sovereign Remedy in the following Complaints :— Bruises, Strains, Pains and Stiffness of the Joints, Swellings and Contractions, for reducing Fractures, and Dislo cations, Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatic, Lumbago, still' Neck- and the Bite or Sting of venomous Animals. The following recent Case of the Heal- All has been communicated to the Proprietor, as a further Proof of the never- failing Efficacy of this elegait Prepartim, when resorted to without Delay .— The eldest Son of Mr. MOORE, ol Harleston, near North- ampton, had the Misfortune to have his Hand most dreadfully crushed, from being caught between a Pump and its Sweep while in Action, in Consequence of which, the Sinews were laid completely bare, and the Hand presented a most frightf.' l Spectacle; the Styptic, however, being immediately applied, a perfect Cure after thr e Times dressing was the Result, to the Astonishment not only of the Party himself, but to every Person who had witnessed' the Case. June 27. 1812. This Balsam will be found equally beneficial in Sprains Bn jises. Cuts, or Wounds, in HORSES, DOCS, Stc. To prevent Counterfeits, this Tincture is put up in Bottles, with ample Directions, with the following Label ;—" Prepared and sold by W. MARSHA LL, Chymist, Northampton." and sold, Wholesale and Retail, bv Shaw S: Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, I. on ' on, ar2s. 9d. and Is. ldfc. per Bottle, and maybe had of the Venders- of Patent Mediciries in general. the Gaol in and for NORTHAMPTON. Thomas Buckler, of the Town of Northampton, Cordwainer PRISONERS in the Gaol in ar. d for the County of BEDFORD. Enock Abrahams, Licensed Hawker and Dealer in Jewellery, late of the Parish of St. Paul, in the Town of Bedford. John Robinson, Blacksmith, lale of the Parish of Arlsey, ill the County of Bedford. William Prior, Tailor, late of the Parish of St. Paul, in the Town of Bedford. Thomas Stevens, lale of the King's Head, Lower- Caldecote, in Ihe Parish of Northill, in the County of Bedford, and also of Eatoo- Socon, in the said County. Thomas Wheeler, Butcher, late of the Parish of Maulden, in Ihe County of Bedford. John Smith, Victualler, late of the Parish of Woburn, in the County of Bedford Joseph Asprey, Rope- maker, late of Biggleswade, hi the County of Bedford, and Ampthill, in the said County. PROCLAMATION of the EMPEROR ALEXANDER. [ Published by the Commander- in- Chief, General Bennigsen."] " Itrssitus!— The enemy has quitted the Divina, and has proclaimed his intention of offering battle. lie accuses you of timidity, because he mistakes— or affects to mistake— Ihe policy of your system. Can he ( hen have forgotten the chastisement which your valour inflicted at Dunaherg and Mihr, wherever, iu short, it has been deemed proper to oppose l. im? — Desperate Counsels are alone compatible with the enterprise he has undertaken and the dangers of his situa- tion; but shall we, Iherefwe, be imprudent, and forego the advantages of our own ? lie would march to Mo- cow— let him. But can he, by the temporary possession of that city, conquer iht' Empire of Russia, anrl s. ibju- jate a population of 30,000,000. Distant from his resources near 800 miles, he noul l, eve* if victorious, not escape the fate of the warrior • Charles XII. When, pressed on every side by hostile Armies, with a peasantry sworn to his destruction— rendered ftn tous hy his excesses, and irreconcileahle by difference of religion, of custom*, of language, how would he retreat ? " Itc ssi INS !— Rely on your Emperor and the Commanders whom lie has appointed, lie knows the ardent and indignant v. iloar which burns in the bosoms of his soldiers at the boasts of the enemy, lie knows that they are eager for haltle ; that they grieve nt its being deferied, and al the thought of re- tiring. This cruel necessity will not exist long. Even now the period of its duration lessens. Already are our Allies preparing In menace llie rear of the invader; while he, inveigled too far to retreat will) impunity, shall soon have to coinhat with the seasons, wilh famine, nnd with innumerable Armies of Russians.— Soldiers, when the period for offering battle arrjves, your Emperor will give the signal, will bs an • ye- witness of your exploits, and reward your valour. ( Signed) " ALEXANDER." Proclamation of the Emperor, on the troops breaking up from Drissa. " BELOVED SCBJECTS!— In pursuance of ( lie policy ad- vis'd hy our Military Council, the armies will, forthe present, quil Iheir positions and retbe further into the interior, in order : hc more readily to unite. The enemy may possibly avail himself nf this opportunity to advance; he has an- nounced this intention. Doubtless, in spite of his boasl, he begins to feel all the difficulties of his menaced attempt lo subjugate us, and is anxious therefore lo engage j he is despe- rate, and would therefore put every thing upon the issue of a battle. The honour of our Crown, theinterests of our subjects, . prescribe, however, a different policy : it is accessary that THE GENUINE MEDICINE, Spilstrury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, Has the Words, " By the King's Patent," expressed on the Bottles, Bill of Direction, and Outside Wrapper, and the King's Hutv is printed in black Ink.— In Bottles ofSix Shillings,— Double Ten Shillings and Sixpence,— and largest One Pound Two Shillings, Duty included.— Compound Essence 8s. To Mr. SP1LSBU RY, 15, Soho Square, London. Sin. Cranbrook, July 18, 1812. HAVING experienced so much Benefit from your PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, without In- gratitude I cannot let it remain unknown to yourself anil the Public. I was sadly affiicted with ti e Scurvy in my Legs, which for two Years gradually b- came worse, till I had above 400 Holes in them, abovc- 20 of which were much broader than a Shilling. My State being known to a humble Gentleman, he informed me of a Case very similar to mine: the Person had been con- fined to Bed the greatest Part of two Years, and by taking a few small Bottles of your Drops, was soon cured. By his Recom- mendation I was induced to give them a Trial, and to mv great Surmise and Comfort, I soon found my Sores healed, and after taking three small Bottles I could domv Work without Incon- venience. To prevent the Return of the Disease, I take about one small Bottle each Year, which has fully succeeded to mv Wishes; and 1 remain your obliged humble Servant, Witness, Jos. DOBEM.. THOMAS KENNARD. Sold by the Printers of this Paper, and all other Medicine Venders. '/' his llay if as published, No. 1, ( to be continued Weekly.) Price only Eight- pence, and to be comprised in about 120 Numbers, Printed on a beautiful Wove Paper, with Superfine Ink, on a new and large Type cast on Purpose; and embellished with a noble and superb Frontispiece, drawn by Corbould, ar. d engraved by Warren ; of rpHE New and Grand Imperial FA MI IV BIBLE ; con- I tainingthe Sacred Textof the OLDancl NEW TESTAMENTS, with the APOCRYPHA at large. Illustrated with Notes and Annotations, Historical, Chrono- logical, Geographical, and Explanatory. Forming a complete and full Exposition and Commentary on the Holy Scriptures, wherein the difficult Passages are ex- plained, Mistranslations corrected, and the see uing Contra- dictions reconciled. By the Rev HENRY MOORE, D. D. Enriched and embellished with superb Engravings bv the most eminent Artists.— Nearly Ohe Half of the Numbers being already printed off, any Quantity of them may be had at once. London: Printed for A WHELI IER, 3, Paternoster- Row J and sold by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom. GUTTA SALUT A R IS, IS a certain Cure for Venereal, Glandular, anrl cu- taneous Disorders, Gleets, Stc.— A Bottle or two will convince the Patient of its salutary Effects; a few large Bottles have effected a Cure, after Salivation, and every other Means have proved abortive, and even when the Disordir has beer standing several Y'ears. No Remedy can be better contrived, more safe, ormore convenient than this, for such as are obliged to go Journies, or to Sea, as it needs r, o Confinement, or Restraint ot Diet; and ,40 Years' Experience, by Dr. Freeman, in an extensive Practice, has proved it no less successful in those Debilities which arise more from Imprudence than a certain Cause. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paternoster- Row; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; l. oggin, Aylesbury; and most Medicine Venders; in Rottles. at 2s. 9d. 4s. 6d. and Us. each. By Divine Providence, rpiIE CORDIAL BALM OF QUITO, Price 2s. 9d. is - S- the best Remedy in the Universe tor Nervous Complaints, the most powerful Restorative and re- animating Balm of Life and Health, and Ihe safest and best Medicine in the World. Those who have impaired their Health by a Residence in hot and unhealthy Climates; the Young of either Sex, whose In- firmities threaten premature old Age, a Life of Misery, and an early Dissolution; and those more advanced iri Years, whose tottering sapless Flames appear withered and almost worn out, are the more immediate Objects of this soothing Balm, the benign Influence of which may be extended to the whole Class of Valetudinarians. For in all Cases and in all Ages, wherethe Solids are relaxed, where the Constitution has received a Shock, or is by any Means debilitated, this RESTORATIVE and RE- ANIMATING BALM of LIFE and HEALTH will produce the happiest Efleets. The cold and tremulous Nerves will be warmed and steadied ; the relaxed Fitfrcs will be biaced and rendered firm; theMuscles will be invigorated; theSinews will be strengthened; ( he emaciated Limbs will be covered with firm Flesh; the exhausted Vessels will be replenished; the impoverished watery Blood will become rich and balsamic, and its languid Circulation restored to the sanative Impetus; which is the true Criterion of Health; the languid drooping Spirits will be revived and exhilarated; Digestion will be piomsted ; in short, the Tone of the Nerves will be restored, and bv these Means the Whole Constitution will be renovated. Feebleness, Lassitude, Anxiety, Melancholy, and all the. deplorable Symp- toms of Disease will vanish; and Sttength, Ardour, Serenity, and every Evidence of renovated Health Will be the hap^ v Result of taking this inestimable Balm in due Time, according to the Directions for Use which accompany each Bcttle. The Cardial Balm of Quito is sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Weston & Co. 229, Strand, London ; and Retail by the Printers of this Papsr, and Mr. Edge, Northampton; and all respectable MeUisine Venders, Price 2s. 9d, per ilsttle. To Messrs. Rowland ! f Son, Proprietors of the Macassar Oil. GENTLEMEN, TAM greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of your MACASSAR OIL, forthe Recovery of my Hair, which has been extremely thin for these eight Years past, and cblig - d me to wear a Wig, and to use many Preparations, for a consi- derable Time, without any Sign of its recruiting. Hearing of the Excellency of your Oil, I determined on frying it; in a short Time my Hair began to thicken, and, by using it regularly for six Months, 1 was enabled to leave off my Wig, and have now to boast of a fine Head of Hair, which astonishes every one. I shall continue the Use ot it? as it not only thickons the Hair, but I feel considerable Pleasure in my Head after using it. — My Daughter has received astoni> hing Benefit from using the Macassar Oil — You are a! Liberty to publish this Note, and may refer any one to your obedient Servant, WILLIAM HENRY JAQUES. Baker- Street, Port man- Square, Jur. eTttb, 1811. To Messrs. A. Rowland Son. Proprietors of the MACASSAR OIL, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London. G ENTLEMEN,— I tak° the Liberty of addressing my Thanks to you for the great Benefit I have received from yo- tr truly valuable MACASSAR OIL. Having had the Misfortune to lose almost all my Hair at the Age of five- and- twenty, in Consequence of a Fever, which is very prevalent in this Country. 1 was lately induced, at the Instance of a Friend, to make a Trial of your excellent Specific. 1 can only say the Effects weie most sur- prising, for in a very short Space of Time, my Head, which was before entirely bald, was covered with Thick and strong Hair. I am now' fifty Years of Age, and_ would scarcely have expected that after having wore a Wig for five- and. twenty Years of my Life, I should ever be enabled to throw it entirely aside. I think it but Justice to yourselves and the Public, to add my Testimony to the Virtues of your trulv estimable Oil. You have my full Permission to make this Letter public, or refer any one to me for Proof of the Merits of this invaluable Dis- covery.— I am, Gentlemen, your obliged and obedient Servant, WILLIAM CHARLES PRIDEAUX. spilsby, Lincolnshire. March 21, 1811. The above Testimonials, selected from an immense Number, are irrefragable Proofs of the superior Excellence of the Macassar Oil. ( Fieiv Rowland's Estay on the Hair).— Sold in Bottles at 3s. fid.— 10s. 6d.- ar. d £ 1. Is. each, by the Proprietors, Row- land Ar Son, Kirby- Street. Hatton- Garden, London; andbyAp- pointment, by the Printers ot this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Per- fumer, Northampton; Swinfen, Leicester; and by all Per- fumers, Hair- Dressers, Sec. in every Town throughout the Empire. Beware of servile Imitators, as the Genuine Macassar Oil is signed on the Label in Red Ink, " A. Rowland & Son."— Of whom \ mav be had, under the august Patronage of her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, his Excellency the Duke Del Infantado, and many Families of high Distinction, ALSANA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECI- FIC, for eradicating all Disorders of the TEETH and GUMS, and rendering them extremely beautiful, and immediately expels the Tooth- Ache. — Soid at 10s. 6d. per Bottle, or small HUNTINGDONSHIRE ASSOCIATION. Instituted 25th May, 17S7. FOR the speedv Apprehension, and effectual Prosecution, of HORSE and SHEEP STEALERS. FELONS, and TH I EVES of every Denomination, and other DISORDERLY PERSONS committins Offences in the said County, or else- where, within the Distance of 15 Miles from the Town of Hmtingdon, on the Persons or Property of any of the Sub- scribers. A I ist of the Subscribers on the 13th Day of July, 1812. A. L Mr. John Adaman, Huntingdon Mr. W Ashbv, Ditto T. Allnutt, Esq. Ditto B. Mrs. Beaumont, Hartford Mr. S Bleake, Godmanchester Miss Bayley, Little- Stukelcy Mrs. Birien, Houghton Mr. W. Bradshavv, Huntingdon Mr. J. Blott, Witton Mrs. Buttcris. Old- Hurst Mr. Robert Baker, Huntingdon Mr. Richard Bale. Ditto M-. John Baker, Ditto Mr. John But ler, G reat- Ravcley Mr. Peter Beard, Sawtrv Mr. Thomas Blott, Whitton Mr. John Butler, Ramsey The Rev. .1. S. Banks, Hem- ingford- Grey Mr. Fdw. Bates, Huntingdon Mr. Richard Beckett. Ditto Mr. Win. Bowyer, Diddington Mr. Robert Beard, Ramsey Mr. Thos. Bb. tr, Woodwalton Mr. George Baxter, Sawtry Mr. Thomas Blinkhorn, Ditto Mr. William Butt, Hartford Mr Robert Bond, Jun. Great- Stukeley Mr. John Brown, Godman- chester Mrs. Brandon, Conington- Lane Mr. Chas. Bryant, Huntingdon Mr. John Bradley, Wildgoose- y. eys Mrs. Eradshaw, Great- Gidding Mr. John Brown, Brougbton Mr. Francis Black well, Hough- ton Mr. Edward Bellamy. Denton Mr. Roheit Bacchus, Al'conbury Weston C. Mr. John Clark. Godmanchester RobeitCooeh, Esq. Huntingdon Mr. Win. Child, Jun. Yaxley Mr. Wm. Child, Ditto Mr. William Campion, B, iry Mr. VV. Clarke, Hemingford- Abbots Peter Cowling, Esq. Fenstanton Mr George Cawley, Hunt- ingdon Mrs. Cupiss, Houghton Mr. Thos. Cawcutt, Box worth Mr. Samuel Clark, Huntingdon Mr. James Clark, A Icon bury The Rev. Sam. Cooper, Wistow Mr. Wm. Chapman, Buckden Mr. H, Clark, Ditto D. Mr. JOIM Dring, Wistow Mr. Charles Dawes, Huntingdon Sir James Duberley, Gains- Hall Mr. J. Danns, Great- Stukeley Mrs. Dawes, Glatton Mr Dockerell, Huntingdon Mr. J. Dockerell, Jun. Ramsey E. The Rev. E. Edwards, Hunt- ingdon Mr. Robt. Edis, Great- Stukeley Mr. Thomas Ekin, Huntingdon Mr. G. Ekins, Womihurst Mr. John Edgson. Sawtry Mr. M. Edis, Huntingdon F. W. H. Eellowes, Esq. M. P. Ramsey- Abbey Mr. John Fox, Huntingdon The Rev. Robert Fowler, War- bovs Mr. II. Fuller, Great- Stukeley Mr. Lewis Flint, Ellinzton Mr. Edward Fountain, Ramsey Mr. Joseph Fetch, St. lyes Mr. William Fyson, Woodhurst Mr. John Fowler, Upwood Mr. Robert Foottit, Huntingdon RobertGodbv, Esq. Huntingdon Mrs. Gray, Waybridge Mrs. Gray, Buckworth Mr. Thomas CoodlifFe. Oldhurst Mr. William Green, Alconbury Mr. John GoodlifK-, Warboys Mr. J ihn Or. inwell, Witton Mr. Henry Gale, Little- Stukeley Mr. Thomas Gale, Stow Mr. Edward Goodman, Fen- stanton Mr. Wnr. Gale. Great- Stukeley Mr. Samuel Garrett, Alconbury Mr. John Grunvvell, King's- Ripton Mr. Thomas Garner, Houghton H. Lord Viscount Hinchinbrook, Hinchinbrook Mr. W. Hatfield, Huntingdon John Hodgson, Esq. Buckden Mr J. P. Holmes, Alconbury- Hill Mr. S. Hart, Abbots- Ripton Mr. E. Hows ™ , Huntingdon W. Herbert, Esq. ditto Mr. T. Hitchcock, Saurry Gen. Hussey, Woodwalton Mr. W. Hitchcock, Wennington Mr. J. Hatfeld, Sawtry The Rev. D. J. Hopkins, Huntingdon Captain Hooke, ditto Mr. Ernest Hubner, ditto Mr. W. Hatfield, Yaxley Huntley, Esq. lleming- ford Grey - I. Mr. J. IKberson, Bcnwick Mr. J Ibberson, Ramsey Mr. F. Ibbersr- n, ditto J. Mr. Ed. v. Johnson, Wistow Mr, J. Jackson, Upton Mr. .1. Julian, Bury K. Mr. W. King, Broughton SIVEVVRIGHT respectfully recommends the TSFAV SMALL LOTTERY oi only 10,000 fields, to lie dun n on tile 8th SEPTEMBER, containing £ 100,000 in Prizes, and al • eight extra Benefits ; by either of which, a Biank may obtain £ 50,000, J. S. having closed his late Concern at No. 11, Holbom, solicits the public Favours at his old and fortunate Offices, So. 37, CORNHILL, No. 38, HAYMARKET, and No. 141, OXFORD- STREET, LONDON ; or to Mr. W. Biidsall, Northampton, Mr. T. Oswln, Coventry, Swinney& Fei. rall, Birmingham, Mr. E. Bates, Ketterir. fr, Mr. Thos. Cheney, Banbury, Mr. P. Watkins, Bicester; By whom the first Prize Packet of Tickets were sold; end also the last, which produced near £ 25, COO, besides a Series of Capital Prizes for many Years, too well known to need Repetition. George Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Buckden- Park J. Lawrence, Esq. Huntingdon Mrs. l amb, ditto Mr. J. l. ewin, Clapton Mr. E. Ioveli, Littlc- Stukeley James Linton, Esq. Heming- fo. d Abbotts Mr. VV. Lerftan. Huntingdon Wm. Lovedav, Esq. Ditto Mr. T. I ongland, Warbovs Mr. T. Lovell, Huntingdon M. D. Mackie, Esq Huntingdon Wm. Marpetts, Esq. ditto Mr. R. Miles, Godmanch.' ster Mr. J. Martin, Ditto Mr. .7. Marfin, Rroujhton Mr. William Martin, Bury Mr, W. Mails,. Huntingdon Mr. John Morton,' Ofiord Mr. James Morton, Offorel- Darcey The Rev. Edw. Maltby, D. D. Buckden Mr. Edw. Martin, Brampton Mr. Robert Movse, Broughton Mr. William Mackness, Con- ington Mr. Edward Martin, Alconhttry Mr. John Martin, Jun. God- manchester Mr. S. Martin, Great Raveley Mr. G. Margetts, Godman- chester Mr. James Marin, I. eigbton K. G. C. Mitchell, Esq. He: mingford Mr. T. Marshall, Alconbury Mr. Mark Moon, Buckden Mr. Thomas Margetts, Jun. Fleming ford- Grey Mr. Edmund Maile, Hunt- ingdon Mr. Thos. Martin, Buckworth Mr. Wm. Margetts, St. Ives Mr. Thomas Margetts, Sen. Hemingford- Grey Mr. George Mills, Huntingdon N. Mr. John Natt. Abbot's- Ripton Mr. John Nickolls, Little Stukeley Mr. Chas. Negus, Huntingdon Mr. Charles Norman, Buckden Mr. John Nix. Wennington Mr, Thomas Nunneley, God- manchester Mr. Christ. Newton, Spaldwick Mr. Ralph Newton, Sawtry Mr. Wm. Newsam, Leighton P. Mr. John Pumfiett, Hunt ingdon Mr. John PhUpott, Ditto The Rev, Wm. l'anchen, Ditto Mr. Bradfield Pitts, Stilton Mr. Richard Poolev, Ramsay Mr. John Pooley, Upwood Mr. Thomas Pooley, Little- Raveley Charles l'asheller, Esq. Hunt- ingdon Mr. Thomas Prior, Sawtry Mr. Geo. Palmer, Conoington Mr. James William Pocock, Fluntingdon Walter Peck, Esq. Hilton Mr. Thomas I'ooiey R. James Rust, Esq. Huntingdon Mrs. Rowe, Ditto John Rooper, Esq. Abbot's- Ripton Mr. William Rose, Ramsey Mr. . Tas. Reynolds, Fenstanton Mr. John Rowell, Houghton Mr. S. Rowe, Huntingdon S. John Earl ot Sandwich, Hinch- inbrook Chas. Slow, Esq Huntingdon Mr. Thomas Sanders, Ditto H. Sweeting, Esq Ditto Robert StaffTd, Esq. Ditto John South, Esq. Buckden Mr. Samuel Stratton, Abbot's- Ripton Mr. Joseph Scrafton, Eroughton Mr. Abrh. Stafi'urth, Ramsey Mr. James Smith, Ditto Mr. Thomas Smith, Sawtry Mr. Robert Smith, Ramsey Mr. Thomas Sutton, Great- Stukeley Mr. Richard Saunders, I. ittle- Raveley William South, F. sq. Buckden Mr. John Scarborough, Ditto Mr. Wm. Southwell. Ramsey Mr. Smith, Copmanford Mr. William Speechley, Jun. Yaxley T, James Tori: ington, Esq. Little- Stukeley George Thornhill, Esq. Did- dington Mr. John Thompson, Copman- ford Rev. Richard Tillard, Bluntis- ham Mr. Robert Taylor, Huntingdon W. E. P. Tomline, Esq. Buck- den U. Mr. Thomas Usher, Buckden DavidVeasey, Esq. Huntingdon ' W. Mr. Leonard Waller, Hartford Mr. J, Wood, Huntingdon ' Mr. J. Watkins, Caldecott Mr R. West, jun. Alconbury- Weston Mr. F. Wallis, Great- Raveley Mr. John West, Up wood Y. Mr. S. York, Little. Stukeley BANKRUPT'S required to SURRENDER. Jarrett Lyre, of Chard, Somersetshire, ironmonger, dealer and chapman, Sept. 2, 3, and Oct. 3, at the Mermaid lpu, Yeovil. — Attorney, Mr. White, Yeovil. Danie! Dean, ot Stockport, Cheshire, bookseller, d. Se c. Aug, 9, Sept. 5, and Oct. 3, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Turner. Red Lion- square, Holborn. Francis Haywood, ot Liverpool, merchant, Sept. 14, 1", and Oct. 3, at the Bull Inn, Preston.— Attorney, Mr. Daw- hurst, Blackburn. Christopher Slater, of Leeds, woolstapler, d. & c. Sept. 24, 25, at the Star and Garter Inn, Leeds-, and Oct. 3, at the Sadd; 4 Inn, Leeds.— Attorney, Mr. Granger Leeds. George Frederick Stoll, of Ratcliffe- highway, Middlesex* ictoaller, d. Sec. Aug. 25, Sept. 17, and Oct. S. at Guildhall. - Attorney, Mr. Concanen, G. eat l'rescolt- street, Goodman's- fields. Thomas Newman, of Uxbridge, Middlesex, draper, d. & c. Aug. 29, Sept. 1. and Oct. 3, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Meddowcroft, Holborn- court, Gray's- Inn. Edward Ledger, ot King- street, Cheapside, London, ware- houseman, d. & c. Aug. 29, Sept. 9, and Oct. 3, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr Lloyd, Broad- street. Rupert Leigh Hipkins, late of Devonshire- place, Middlesex, merchant; Aug 25, Sept. 5, and Oct. S, at Guildhali.— Attor- ney, Mr. Stevenson, New- square, Lincoln's- Inn. Henry Taibart, of Exeter, spirit- merchant, d. Sec. Aug. 31, Sept. 1, and Oct. 3, at the Star Inn, Exeter.— Attornev, Mr. Bassell, I- xerer. John Wilson, late of Ludlow, Shropshire, rope- maker, d. Sic, Sept. 15, 16, and Oct, 3, at the Crown Inn, Ludlow — Attor- ney. Mr. Daws, Angel- court, Tbroemorton- street, London. John Roberts, of Cranbourn- strret, Leicester. spuare, Mid. dlesex, silk. viercer, Aug. 29, Sept. 5. and Oct. 6, at Guild- hall.— Attorney, Mr. Johnson, Charlotte- Street, Fitzroy- square. John Lacy, of Red Lion- street, Holborn, London, stationer, Aug. 29, Sept. 5, and Oct. 6, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr, Castle, Cursitor- street, Chancery- lane. James Harropfand not Hanop, as before inserted), of Silk- stone. Yorkshire, wood- merchant, Sept. 2, 3, and 29, at the Ramsey King's Head, Barrnsley.— Attorney, Mr. Mence, Barnstey. John Comes and Joshua Wood, of Paddinston- street, Pad- dingwm, Middlesex, coach- makers, Aug. 29, Sept. 12, and Oct* 6, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Sweet & Stokes, Basinghall- srreet. James Read, of Rood- lane, London, warehouseman, Aug. 29, Sept. 12, and Oct. 6, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Dodd, Billiter- sqnare. William Welch, late of Manchester, butcher, Sept. II, 12, and Oct. 6, at the Dog Tavern, Manchester.— Attorney, Mr, Boardman. Manchester. Peter Guichenet, late of Langbourn- chambers, Fenchurch- street, London, merchant, Aug. ? 9. Sept. 1, and Oct. 6, at Guildhall — Attorney, Mr. Hackett, Old Bethlem, New Broad- street. William Wilson and William Goodair, of Stepney, Middle- sex, dyers, Aug. 2S, Sept. 19, and Oct. fi, at Guildhall — At- tornies, Messrs. Fairbanks Sc Penny, Seething- Iane, Tower- street. John Roberts, late of Russia. row, Milk- street, Cheapside, London, baize- factor, Aug. 29, Sept. 17, and Oct. 6, at Guild- hall.— Attorney, VIr. Harrison, Lambeth- road, Surry. Walter Wood, Thomas S mith, Robert Smith, and John Sjein, of Workington, Cumberland, bmkers, Sept. 5, 19, and Oct. 6, at Guildhall, London. — Attornies, Messrs. Palmer, To. n- linsons, and Thompson, Copthall- conrt, Throgmorton- street. Charles Fidler, of Ewe!!, Surry, corn- dealer, Aug. 29, Sept. 5, and Oct. 6, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Parnther, London- street, Fenchurch- street. Daniel Blachford, of Leadenhall- street, I. oRdon, laceitian, Sept. 5, 19, and Oct. 6, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Few, Ashmore, & Hamilton, Henrietta- street, Covent garden Dan iel hberhardf, of Sedg'ey, Staffordshire, iron- dealt'r, Sept. 19, 19, and Oct. t>, at the Royal Hotel, Birml ^ hain.— Attor- nies,. M essrs. Stubbs, Medes, & Wells, Biimmghrin. William Pearce, of Liverpool, liquor- merchant, Sept. 14, 15. and Oct. 6, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attornics, MesSrs Fisher Ripley, Liverpool. Thomas Tedstill, of Tyldesley with Shackerlev, Lancashire, calico- printer, Sept. 16, 17, and Oct. 6, a: the Bridge Inn, Bolton — Attorney, Mr. Hulton, Bclton. Ban kruptcies enlarged. Thomas Aldred, of Salford, Lancashire, dealer in cotton twist, from Aug. 29 to Sept. 17, at Guildh- ll. Richard Dowding, of Wapping- wall, Middlesex, cooper, from Sept. 1 to 8, at Guildhall. John Scott, ot Witham, Essex, . scrivener, from Sept. 5 to Oct. 3,- at Guildhall, London. Charles Mumford, late ot Strood, Kent, grocer, from Auir. 22, to Oct. 10, at Guildhall, London. Simeon M.- tz, ot Devonshire- st- reef, Portland- place, Mid- dlesex, dealer, from Aug. 29 to Sept. 29. Johr, Clement Hancock, ot the llaymarket, Middlesex, crocer from Sept. 12 to Oct. 21. ' Bankruptcy superseded. Morris Lewin Mozley, late'of Threadneedle- street, London, merchant. DIVIDENDS to be made to CREDITORS. , Sept. 12. George Stevens, jun. ot Bedford, grocer, at Guild- hall, London. Sept. lj. Henry Halford, of Oakhams Rutland, linen- draper, at the Swan and Talbot Inn, Stamford. Sept. 21. Joseph Frabkjvn, of Uppingham, Rutland, merchant, at the Angel Inn, Grantham. CERTIFICATE to be granted. Sept. 12. Thomas Pinks, of Aston, near Birmingham, brass- found: r ° Total Number of Subscribers, 211. Balance in the Treasurer's Hands, as stated at an adjourned Meeting on the 13th of July, 1812. £ 141. 9s. 5d. W. MARC ETTS. Solicitor and Treasurer. EMOLLIENT BALM. rjpHIS Vegetable Compound is used in Shaving, as a 8 Substitute tor Soap, but far preferable; a constant Use of it removes that yellow Taint from the Complexion, occasioned by the Use of Soap Lather.— For washing tile Hands of Ladies or Gentlemen, it cannot be excelled. Price 2s'. Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yird, are appointed the only Wholesale Venders ; may be had Retail of the Printers of this Paper, W. Birdsall, and J. Edge, North- ampton; and of every other Vendercf Medicines intlr: Kingdom. FOR THE TEETH AND GUMS. HplIF. ESSENCE of PEARL and PEARL DENTIFRICE, ^ invented by the late JACOB HEMET, Dentist to her Majesty and the Princeof Wales, are greatly superior, both in Elegance and Efficacy, to any Thing hitherto made Use of; they will effectually preserve the Teeth in a sound State even to old Age; will render them white anil beautiful without the least impair- ing the i'namel, fasten such as are loose, keep such as arealready decayedfrom becoming worse, prevent the Tooth- ache, perfectly cure the Scurvy in the Gums, and make them grow firm and close to the Teeth. They likewise render the Breath delicately sweet, and remedy all those Disorders that are the Consequence of Scurbutic Gums and bad Teeth. Thev continue to be sold. Wholesale and Retail, by Bayley and Blew, Cockspur- Street, London, Price 2s. 9d. each; also, by the Printers of this Paper ; and Retail by most Perfumers and Medicine Venders in every other Town. None are Genuine but what have the Words, " J. HEMET, BAYLEY & BLEW, Cockspur- Street," engraved in th » Stampi and a Label " Bayley & Blew, Cockspur- Street, London," pasted on the Back of each Bottle and B « x. N. B. The ESSENCE is particularly reeommended to Parents Bottles at 4s. fid. each.— Also the Alsana Powder tor cleansing and Persons who have the Careof Children, as the greatest pre. the Tscth, at 2s. Sd. per Box, a beautiful Preparation. ' 6 « iyativeof young andtejidex Testh. LONDON MARKETS. Corn Exchange, Monday, Aug. 24, 1812. On account of the harvest, large supplier of Wheat were not expected, nor had we much here this morning. A few- samples having fetched lather more money on Friday and Hie same terms being complied with to- day, prices were esteemed about 2s. per quarter higher than on Monday — Barley fully maintained last prices, and rather more was given for bright Kentish samples.— Mall subject to but little variation. — \\ lute Peas, nnd Beans of II, e twosorls, have all of them acquired hetler prices, as will he specified ir, our figures below.— Oals still coine very sparingly to hand and have been daily advancing in price : their current value Is likewise given in the subjoined list. Wheat . .... 76s. to! 90s. Fine 13,) s. tolSOs. Superfine 152s. to! 54s. Tii. eWhite — s. toI55s. Uve 72s. to 80i. Barley 58s. to 65s. Malt 9js. to 9Ss White Teas 64s. to 72s. Boilers — s. to 80>. Suflblks — s. to R2s. Grey Peas 50s. to 76s. ' lne - s. to 78s. " eans Us. to 82s. - s- to 84s. f'cks 72s. to 80s. ) ats fi4:. to 70s. ' o'ands 72;. to 76;, Potatoe ditio, — j. ( Q Average of Wheat, 140s. Sd.~ 2s. 4d.* higher than last return fine Flour, — s. to 120s. — Seconds, 110s. to lljs Average ot Flour il9s. 5d. 4- 0s. () d{. higher than last return PRICE o! SEEDS. Carraway 65s. Od. to 70s. Od.- Coriander Red Clover White ditto..... White Mustard.. Brown ditto.... Turnip 85s. Od. to 40s. Od. f 70s. Od. to 96s. Od f Percwt> 9ds. Od. tol4.' s. 0d.) 12s. Od. to 18s. 0d. ) 20s. Od. to 24s. Od. S Per bus, « 12s. Od. to 16s. Od. ditto. BAGS. Kent 51. 0s Sussex 41 li) s, Essex 51. 10s, PRICE or HOPS. to 71. 7s. to 61.10s. to 71. 0s. POCKETS. Kent 51. 12s. to 91. 0s. Sussex . _ .51. 5s. to 71. 10s I arnham 71. 0s. tol2l. 12^ SMITHFI E LD. _ MONDAY, Aug 24 ' ~ ( Tosink theoflal- per stone ot gibs.) Ceef 6d. to 5s. 6d. I Veal 5s. 4d to fis M Mutton ... 5s. Od. to 6s. l) d. | Pork ... ,6s.. Cd.' to 7s Id „ , r,. , '' amb - 5S- IO 5s- ' d. ' ' Head of C. attlt this Day - Beasts, about 2,197- Sheep and Lambs 17,380- Calves, 200- Pigs. 270 ^ mns. PRICE OF TALLOW. Town Tallow sis. Od. Yellow Russia 82s. 0 L White ditto — s. 0d. Soap ditto 76s. Cd. Melting Stuff 66s. Od. Ditto rough 42s. Od. Graves 20s. Od. Good Dregs 9s. Od. SOAP— Yeliovv.. 90s. Od. St. James's Market.. 4s. 9d. Clare Market 4S. gj Whitcchapel Market 4s.' 8.1." 14s. 2d. Average per st. ofSlb. 4s. 8d. J Mottled.. 104s. Od. PRICE or LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 60 to 561b. each o. jd Ditto, 56 to 6Slb. each ". '. '. iGd. Merchants' Backs 26 L Dressing Hides Il9d" F ine Coach. H ides . — 2tld' Crop Hide-... 35to401b. for cutting I 18d * 4S to 501b "' Id Calt Skin S0tc401b fOto 701b 3g( l" ' i!) to 801b ssd] Small Seals ( Greenland) 34^ Large Ditto, 120s. to 180s. per Dozen.— Goat Skins, 34s.' to62s" Tanned Horse- Hides, ijj t0 njJ'j to 25d. to 27d. to 25' J. to 2' W. to 22d. to 20d. J to 23d. to SSd. lo 45d. to 44d. to 36d. NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by anrl for T. K. DICEY, V. SUTTON, & R. SM1THSON.
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