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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1178
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 29/08/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1178
No Pages: 4
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1812 jv e w R r* SICILY CARGO. "" THE SUBSCRIBER is Landing the CARGO of . •*- the ROSE, Captain BOASE, direct from SLCII. Y, consisting of 14- 0 Tons Prime Barilla Ashes, all Lumps, 50 Cases Liquorice Paste, first Quality, 5 Tom Corkwood, He has lately Landed several Cargoes of DEAL- BOARDS, from IIKON I HON— all which he will sell on reasonable and liberal Terms, to Purchasers of large Quan- tities. WM. COCHRAN. NEWRY, August 25. ( 828 , — i . . i • — i AUCTION. SAMUEL TOWVLEY IS now LANDING, from on board the ROLL A, from J SICILY, j 110 Tuns Prime new- Sicily BARILLA, in Lumps, 1 5 Ditto Ditto Fine White R AGS, 5 Ditto Ditto SHU MAC, 16 Hogsheads Ditto LINSEED OIL, 13 Cases Ditto LIQUORICE BALL, 10 Barrels ALMONDS, in the Shell. 10 Ditto CURRANTS, WHICH, WITH 10 Hogsheads Prime New Richmond Wrappery Leaf 1 TOBACCO, and 200 Barrels British AMBER ROSIN, He will SELL by AUCTION, at his Stores, on the M< Jr chants' Quay, on MONDAY the 31st iutt. at the hour of TWELVE o'Ciock. The above Sale will be well worth the attention of those I in the Trade, as it will be without reserve, and liberal j Credits will be given. 782) NEWRY, August 17. ROBERT TELFAIR, Jux. BEGS to acquaint his Friends snd the Public, that he is largely supplied with Common Roll, ^ Cane, Pigtail, ami Superfine. Do. Engine^ Cut Grass- Cut ' Tobacco, . Of various descriptions, Succards., S; c. High Toast, Stalk, and Commo SNUFF; RAF EE, Plain and Scented; Which, with; every other Article in the TOBACCO TRADE, he wi| l dispose of reasonably, at his Manufaitory, No. 19, TKL^ AIVS- ENTRY. . HE HAS ALSO FOR SALE, PRIME VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO. CRAW FORDS WALLACE, OFFER FOR SALE, ON REASONABLE TERMS, St Domingo Sc Jamaica Cottm- Wool, St. Domingo Mahogany, Ditto, Logwood, Jamaica Coffee, Pimento, in Hags, Oil of Castor, St. Ubes Salt, Alicante Barilla « Cane Reeds, . Tcne> ifft II ' ine, Rum, in Puncheons and Hhds. and. Cor- k Whhkey. August 10, 1812. HOPS, GEORGE LANGTRY d CO. HAVE received, per the DON EG ALL, from LONDON, 26 Pocket*, of Prime Quality, GROWTH OF 1811, Which will be sold on moderate terms, no) Belfast, 30th July, 1812. TOBACCO, Wanted. TWO T OBACCO SPINNIiRS, whe can produce satisfailory Certificates of ability and sobriety. R. TELFAIR,. Tun. having resigned the GRO- CERY BDSINESS, cannot omit this occasion of returning his sincere acknowledgments to his Friends, for the partiality lie has experienced, and requests those indebted to him, wili be pleased to settle their Accounts as soon as convenient. 748) 10th August, IS 12. JOHN JOHNSTON HAS received, per the LEVANT, from LONDON, and has for Sale, 70 Chests Teas, assorted, 40 Hogsheads Jamaica Scale Sugar, 20 Bats Alicante Barilla Ashes, 50 Casks Whiting, 3( 10 Dozen Reaping Hooks, 3 Tins. Patent Shot, Gunpowder, different qualities, Liquorice B ill— English Spades, White Ginger, And an assortment of Goads in the GROCERY LINE, will he sold cheap. 806) No, 18, Ann- street— Belfast, August 23. WHISKEY, GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. have for Sale, ONE HUNDRED PUNCHEONS Strong well- flavoured WHISKEY. ^ jjj} , Belfast, July 14. DEALS, TIMBER, See. rHF, SUBSCRIBERS are Landing the Cargo of the ACKOKA, Captain FREES, from DRONTON, consist- • of 16 Thousand Nine and Six Feet Deal', and One Thousand Planks, of excellent quality, WHICH WITH 200 Tons Pine Timber, 200 Barrels first and second sort Pot Ashes, and 30 Thousand Barrel Staves, Are for Sale, at their STORES, on the BASON. JOHN & HUGH BOYD. NEWRY, August 15, 1812. ( 773 GRIMSHAW, MURPHY, & CO. HAVE RECEIVED FOR S. ALE, Six Chests East India Indigo, and Six Half Serous Spanish Ditto, Which, with every other Article in the DYE- STUFF LINE, they are determined to dispose ol on the most rea- sonable Terms. THEV HAVE ALSO OK SALE, Bleachers' Starch, We< t India Coitoti- Wool, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Mule Weft, Oil of Vitriol, Leaf Tobacco. A Parcel ef very fine Olive Oil. A Commodious DWELLING- HOUSE irt John- Street, to be Let.— Apply above. ( 812 NEWRY. AN APPRENTICE wanted to the GRO. CERY, WINE, and SPIRIT BUSINESS. Apply at the POST OFFICE. 791) NEWRY, August 17. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP, AND SALE OF TENEMENTS. THE PARTNERSHIP subsisting between SAMUEL GIB- SON, JOHN BKNN, & ROBERT GAMBLE, of Belfast, and the late THOMAS M'KIBBIN, of Portaferry, in the MALTING and BREWING TRADE, under the firm of SAMUEL GIBSON d CO. Will be dissolved on the first day of O& ober next. TOBACCO, COTTON WOOL, & ASHES. 84 Ilhds. Virginia Leaf Tobacco, 40 of which are t/ f prime quality, 120 Bales Upland Cotton Wool 4 6 Barrels first sort Montreal Pet Ashes, 42 Ditto, Ditto, New Tort Ditto, 35 Ditto, D tto, Ditto Pearl Ditto, 70 Bales Alicant . Barilla, of superior quality, On Sale on moderate Terms for good payments, by THOMAS BELL, Mav 20. ( 223) " 4, North- street. HARDWARE, TOYS, rdc. de. ' IPHE SUBSCRIBER intending to relinquish the .1. HARDWARE and TOY TRADE, will sell off his STOCK at First Cost. Persons wanting Goods of this description in the Whole- sale Line, will find them worth their notice. GEORGE M'ADAM. No. 19, High- street, July 10 ( 501 NOTICE. ALL those who stand indebted to the ESTATE of the late THOMAS RE-'. D of Belfast, will please Pay their respefiive Accounts to Mr. SAMUEL WALKINGTON, jun. of BaHihderrv, who is duly authorised to receive the same, ami to order Proceeding- for Recovery of every Out- standing Debt. Eiecutors. WM. EMERSON, DAVID M'COSH TNTTOT1CE is hereby given,. that a JUBILEF. will be given i- v! this year, to the GAME on the . Estates of SIMON ISAAC, Esq in rhe County of Down, and all Persons found trespassing thereon, will be prosecuted according . to Law. JAS. BRISTOW, Agent. HOLVWOOO, August 20, 1812. ( 822 NOTICE. ALL former permissions for Shooting on my Estates i" . the Counties of Down and Antrim, are from this date withdrawn ; and those Gentlemen who wish in future to have leave, will give in their liames ut the Castle- Office, i Belfast. DONEGALL- Dbnegall- House, Aug., 22. i( 833 NOTICE. To the Inhabitants of Glenarm, Carnalough, the Neigh- bourhood of Red Buy, and all whom it may Concern, ] OROM Mrs. ANN GIBBONS („/,„, ANN STEWART) II that no Receipt for- Rents, or Leases granted, of my Estate, or Estates, will be valued, but such as comes from myself, or my authority. To prevent Litigation, it is hoped this Public Notice will be received, as it is meant for the government of all parties concerned. ( 801) August 17. BUILDING GROUND. To be Let, in Great Edward- Street, in Front of the New Shambles, AFEW LOTS of GROUND— cine of the best Situa- tions in Bel last for Building, with Vaults complete A long l. ease will be given. Eor particulars, inqaire of Major FOX. ( 251 LANDS FOR SALE, IN THE COUNTY OF DOWN. RPHE ESTATE of BLEARY and BALLYNAGAR- - L RICK, the Property of WM. MACNAMARA, Esq. as formerly advertised iu this Paper. Application to be made to Mr. R. MACNAMARA, of Gilford, who will furnish Rentals, and give any necessary information to Persons inclinable to Purchase— Also, to GEORGE CROZIER, Esq. Dominick- street, Dublin. ( 880 HEWITT Sc M'MURRAY, /" GRATEFUL fnr the liberal encouragement tjr they have experienced since their commencement in Business, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that they are" at present largely supplied with First and Second STARfH, d BUTTON BLUE, Of their own Manufafture; Together with every Article in the GROCERY and 6PIRIT TRADE— which they are determined' to Sell oil moderate Terms, for good Payments. No. 22, Prince s- street. PUBLIC COAL YARD. JOHN IRELAND d CO. BEG leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general that til - y have now on Sale, and intend to ke constantly supplied with ENGLISH and SCOTCH COALS, of the best quality, which they will dispose of at the lowest Quay Prices. Orders from Bleach- Greens, Cotton- Mills, Breweries, Private Families, & c. left at their Yard, No. 49, Castle, street, shall be punctually executed. Belfast, / ugust 21. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. On SATURDAY tie 15/ 4 day of August next, on the Premises, at ONE .' Clod, The MALT HOUSE and BREWERY, situate in North- street, now in the occupation of SAMUEL GIBSON & CO. The Concern may be viewed, and particulars known, by ap- plving to ROBERT' M'CLEERY, ( Executor of the late THOMAS M'KIBSIN,) Portaferry; SAMUEL GIBSON, or ROBERT GAMBLE, Beltast.— Terms at Sale. Belfast, July 27. ' ( 693 The above SA LE is unavoidably postponed till TUESDA Y, the 15th Day of September next. A MOST ELIGIBLE SITUATION FOR THE GROCERY d SPIRIT BUSINESS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On MONDAY the 28 lb September next ( if not previously ais- postd of), at the Hour of ELEVEN o'Clod, on tbe Pre- misei, and immediate Possession given, rpHAT large SHOP and DWELLING- HOUSE, at the JL lower corner of Waring street, fronting the l. ime- kiln Dock, at present occupied by the Subscriber ; 34 Years of the Lease unexpired at November next; Yearly Rent £ 50. Immediately after will be Sold, the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, SPIRITS, STOCK- CASKS, SHOP- FIX- TURES, & c. & c. This is one of the first situations in town for a Retai Business. Jj. Any Person wishing t* purchase or Rent the abovt prior to tbe day of Sale, will be treated with by the Sub- scriber, on the Premises. JOHN HILL- COUNTY ARMAGH. TO BE LET, from the first day of November next, toties quoties, with a Fine, rHHF. FARM of VERMONT, formerly occupied by il Hu. KIBD, containing about 30 Irish Acres, of ex- cellent LAND, well Fenced, Quicked and Drained; the greatest part of which has been Limed* within these few years. On the above Farm there is an excellent Dwelling- House, completely finished, with Offices complete, consist- ing of Barn, Stable, Byre, Potatse and Turf- House, all in complete repair, and will not require one shilling to be tx- peuded on the Premises. Application to be made to Hu. KIDD, the Proprietor, Armagh; JAMES KIDD, Keady ; or GEOKGE KiBD. Tully- glush, either of whom will shew the Premises. ^ ^ N. B. VERMONT is situated within one mile of Keady; six of Armagh; ten of Monaghan and Ballybay; seven of Castleblany, a lid twelve of Newry, all Market and Post Town*. ( 6S: 4 NOTICE. npHERE will be a General Jubilee for the GAME of all ! L descriptions, on the Estates of the Right Hon. EAKL O'NEILI., in the County of Antrim, this Season, and all for- mer permissions to shoot are hereby recalled. The Tenants and Game- Keepers having received the most positive orders to attend to the preservation of the Game in their several districts, all Poachers and unqualified Persons found trespassing thereon, will be dealt with according to Law. 7C3) August 12, 1812. WHITE CROSS INN, NEWRY. TO BE LET, from first November next, for such Term of Years as may be agreed on, THAT Old- Establish ed INN, in Water- street, Nev ry formerly kept byMi- sTosa, with all the Stabling and Appurtenances. The above Inti is so well known as to ren ' er any comment unnecessary. NEWRY, August 24. N. B. The Tenant cm be accommodated with a 1 rge Quantity of excellent well- saved HAY, at a fair Valuation. ( 811 TO BE LET, And Possession given the first day of October next, ' tpHAT newly- ere& ed MILL and KILN, in the Town- It. land of Drumgooland and Parish of Loughinisland, and County of Down, by the late MATHEW FORTE, Esq.— The Mill is well supplied with Water, and a second pair of Stones for grinding Flour, with Dressing Machinery, & c. & c. There are Ten Townlands will be bound to said Mill, and about ' Ten Acres of good Land. For further particulars, apply to Mr. ROBSRT BROWN. Agent, who will receive Proposals until 1st September next. 53G) SEAPORD, June39, 1812. TO BE SOLD, A FARM of LAND, containing Ten Acres, or there- ITL abouts, on the Road from Belfast to Carrvckfergus, with or without the Crop, which consists of POTATOES, FLAX, OAT3, and HAY. There is a convenient Cabin, Office- hauses, and Garden, on the Premises. Proposals will be received by the Proprietor, WILLIAM CaAlO, of Waring- street, No. 42, until the first day of September, 1212, when the Purchaser will be declared. ( 666 TO BE SOLD, " ITHE HOUSE and DHMhSNE of BALLEE, contain- - L ing 72 Acres, held for i- ver under HANS HAMIL- TON, Esq. The House is roomy, the Offices good, and the l. anis of a vi- ry superior quality, with a good Walled Gar- den in full bearing It is situated in the County of Down, and B irony of Lecale, a remarkabie fine sporting country, three miles from Downpatrick, and two from the Seaport Towns of Kill'ough and Ardglass. Proposals, post- paid, to be sent to Mr. BROWN, Clough. ( 759 TO BE SOLD, Hp HE HOUSE, OFFICES, and FARM of • 1- HENRY- HILL, within a Mile and a Hall; of BAN- BRIDGE. The House anJ Offices are in good repair: the Farm contains Thirty- four and a half Acres, Cunningham Measure, of excellent Land, in high order, with several thousand Forest Trees, in full growing ;— there is also half an Acre of TURF BOG: the whole held for 1700 years from November, 1759, at the Yearly Rent of =£ 13, 16>. Also, the HOUSE and FARM of SOLITUDE, adjoin- ing the above, containing Twenty- nine Acres, like Measure at the Yearly Rent of -£ 10, 4/, held for an unexpired term of Six Years. Twenty- four Acres, three Roods, and six Perches of said Land, with the House and Offices, are Let to a good Tenant, for £ 59, lOr. per Annum. Written Proposals for said I. ands, will be received by ANDREW M'CLELLAND, Banbridge, until the 31s August instant, who will give every information respeiting the Title. ( 724) BANBRIDGE, August 4. FRENCH PAPERS, TENTH BULLETIN OF THE GRAND ARMY. _ WITEP. SK, Juty 31,1812.— The Emperor of. Rus. sia and the Grand Duke Constantine have quitted the army, and repaired to the capital. On the 17th, the Russinn army left the entrenched camp of Drissa, and matched tow.-. rds Polotsk and Witcpsk. The Rus- sian army which was at Drissa consisted of five corps d'armee, each of two divisions, aod of fjur divisions > f cavah v. One corps d'armee, that of Prince Witt- m it" n, remained for the purpose of covering St. Petersbutgh ; the four other corps, having arrived on t ie 21th at Witepsk, crossed to the left bank of the Dwina. The corps of Ostermann, with a party of the cavalry of the guards, put itself in motion at day- break of the 25th, and marched upon Ostrova. BATTLE OF OSTROVNO On 25th July, Geu. Nansouty, with the divisions Bruyere and St.' Germain, and the 8th light inFm'fry, encountered the enemy two leagues in advance of Os- trovno. The action commenced. Several charges of cavalry took place ; all of them were in favour of the French. The light cavalry covered itself with dory. The King of Naples mentions the brigade Pire, composed of the 8th hussars, and 16lh chas- seurs, as having distinguished itself. The Russian cavalry, of which a part belonged to the guards, was overthrown. The batteries which the enemy opened upon our cavalry were carried. The Russian infan- try, who advanced to support their artillery, were l> ro ken and sabred by our light cavalry. On the 26th, the Viceroy marching with the divi sion Delzon at the head of the columns, an obstinate action of the advanced guard, of 15 to 20,000 men, took place a beyond league 03trovna. The Russians wore driven from their positions one after another.— The woods were carried by the bayonet. The King of Naples, and the Viceroy, mention with praise Ge- nerals Baron Delzon, Huard, and Roussel, The 8th light infantry, the 84th and 92d regiments of the Jine, and the 1st Croats, distinguished themselves. Gen. Roussel, a brave soldier, after being the whole day at the head of the battalions, was visiting the advaac d posts at ten at night, when a sentinel took him for an enemy, fired upon him, and the ball shattered his skull. He ought to have died three hours sooner on the field of battle, by the hands of the enemy. On the 27th at day break, the Viceroy made the division Broussier file off in advance. The 18th light infantry and the brigade of light cavalry of the Baron de Pire, wheeled to the right. The division Broussier marched by the great road, and repaired a small bridge which the enemy had destroyed. At bay break, the enemy's rear guards consisting of 10,000 cavalry, was perceived drawn up en echellon on the plain ; their right resting on the Dwina, and their left on a wood lined with infantry and artillery. Gen. Count Broussier took post on an eminence with tbe 53d, waiting till the whole of his division had pas- sed the defile. Two companies of Voltiguers bad marched in advance alone ; they skirted the b: tnk of the river, advancing towards that enormous mass of ; cavalry, which made a forward movement, and sur- rounded these 200 men, who were thought to be lost, and who ought to have been so. It happened other- I wise. They concentrated themselves with the great- est coolness, and remained during a whole hour hem- med in on all sides : having brought down more than 300 horsemen of the enemy, these two companies I gave the French cavalry time to dehouche. The division Delzon defiled on the right. The J King of Naples directed the wood and the enemy's I batteries to be attacked. In less than an liOur all the | positions of the enemy were carried: and he was I driven across the plain beyond a small river which en- 1 ters the Dwina below Witepsk. The army took a j position on the banks of this river, at the distance of a a league from the town. The enemy displayed in the j plain 15,000 cavalry, and 60,000 infantry. A battle j was expected next day. Th * Russians boasted that I they wished to give battle. The Emperor spent the j rem-. inder of the night in reconnoitring the field, and I in making bis dispositions for next day ; but at day j| break the Russian army was retreating in all direc- I tions towards Smolensk. The Emperor was on an height very near the 200 Voltigeurs, who alone on the plain attacked the right of the enemy's cavalry. Struck by their fine conduct, he sent to inquire what corps they belonged to. They answered, " To the 9ih; and three- fourths of us are lads of Paris."—" Tell them, said the Emperor, " that they are brave fellows: they all deserve the Cross 1" The fruits of the three actions of Ostrovno are 10 pieces of cannon of Russian manufacture taken, the cannoneers sabred ; 20 caissoons of ammunition; 1500 prisoners ; 5 Or 6000 Russians killed or wounded.— Our loss amounted to 200 killed, 900 wounded, and about 50 prisoners. The King of Naples bestows particular praise on Generals Bruyere, Pire, and Or- nano, and on Col. Radzivill, commandant of the 9th Polish Lancers, an officer of singular intrepidity.— The red hussars of the Russian guard have been cut up. They lost 400 men, many of whom are prison- ers. The Russians had three Generals killed or wounded. A considerable nuntber of Colonels and superior officers remained on the field of battle. On the ,28th, at day- break we entered Witepsk, a town of 30,000 inhabitants. It has 20 convents. We have found in it some magazines, pauicularly one of salt, valued at 16,000,000. While the army was marching on Witepsk,, the Prince of Eckmuhl was attacked at Mohilhow.— Bagration passed the Berezkia at Bobrunski, and marched upon Novoi- bickow; At daybreak on the 23d, 3,000 Cossacks attacked the 3d chasseurs, and took 100 of them, among whom were the Coiiinel and four officers, all wounded. The generate was beat j an action commenced, The Russian General Sieverse, with two select divisions, began the attack. From eight in the morning till five in the afternoon, the firing was kept up on a strip of wood, and at a bridge which the Russians wished to force. At five, the Prince of Eckmuhl caused three chosen battalions to advance, put hims If at their bead, overthrew the Russians, carried their positions, and pursued them for a league. The loss of the Russians is estimated at 3,000 killed and wounded. Bagration repulsed, retired upon Bickow, where he passed the Borysthenes', to advance tcwaids Smolensk. The battles of Molhilow and O- ttrovno hive been brilliant and honourabe to our nrrnv. We never have had engaged more than the hair' of the force which the enemy presented, the ground not bein- r suit- able for greater developemetits. ELEVENTH BULLETIN- _ WITEPSK, AUG. 4.—" Intercepted letters from the Camp of Bragation speak of the losses sustained by his corps in the battle of Mohilow, and of the number of desertions from which it has suffered on the route. Every Pole'has remained in his country, so that this corps, which including the Cossacks of Platow, amounted to 50,000 m.- n, is now reduced to less than 30,000. It will join the grand army on the 7th or 8th August, at Smolensk The following is the position occupied by the army on the 4th Au. rust. Head- quarters at Witepsk, with four mi Iges on the Dwina— The 4th corps at Samai oc- cupying Veluj, Poi ietche and Ousirath The King of Naples at Roudenu, with the three fjjst corps of cavalry.— The first corps, commanded by the Prince of Eckmuiil, is at tbe mouth of the Boressina, on the Borysthenes, with two bridges over this last mentioned river, and one bridge upon the Beressina, with double tete- de- p'mt.— The third corps com- manded by the Duke of Elcbingen, is at Liozna.— Tbe 8th cotps, commanded by the Duke of A!> rantes, is at Orcha, with two bridges, and tetes- de- pont upon the Borysthenes— The ,5th corps, Com- manded by Prince Poniatowsky, Is at Moiiilovr, with two b- tdges and teles de pont upon the Borysthenes. The 2d corps, commanded by the Duke of Reggio, is upon the Drissa, advanced before Polotsk, upon the road to Sebei— The Prince De Schwartzesbeig is with his corps at Slunim.— The 7th corps is upon Rozana.— The 4th corps of cavalry, with a division of infantry, commanded by General Count Maubetg, is before Brobunsk and Mozier.— The 10th corps, commanded by the Duke of Tarentum, is befoie Dunaberg and Riga.— The Oth corps, commanded by the Duke of Bulluno is assembled at Tilsit.— Tiie 11th corps, commanded by the Duke of Q tstiglione, is at Stettin. " His Majesty has sent the army into quarters of refreshment. The heat is excessive, greater than what it is in Italy. The thermometer is at 26 and 27 de- grees The nights even are warm. " Gen. Skamenskoi, with two divisions of the coq » _ of Bragration, having been cut off from that corps, and not being able to rejoin it, has entered Wclynhia, effected a junction with the division of recruits com- manded by Gen. Tormazow, and marched upon the 7th corps. He surprised and cut off the Saxon Brig. Gen. Klengel, who had under his command an ad- vanced guard of two battalions, and two squadrons of Prince Clement's regiment. After a resistance of six hours duration, the greater part of this advanced gua d were killed or taken. Gen. Regnier could not co'ine up to their assistance sooner than two hours after the affair was over. Prince Schwartzenberg marched on 30th July to join Gen. Regnier, and push the war with spirit against the enemy's divisions. , " On 19th the Prussian Gen. Qrawert attacked the Russians at Ekau, in Courland, overthrew them, took 200 prisoners, and killed a considerable number. Gen. Giawert much commends Maj. Stiein, who, at the head ot the 1st Prussian dragOons, took promi- nent part in the affair. When G.' n. Graweit had ef- fected a junction with Gen. KList, he drove the ene- my before him on the road to Riga, and invested the tete- de pant. On the 30th the Viceroy sent to Weiij a brigade of Italian light cavalry, 2 > 0 men charged four battalions of the depot, who were on their route to Twor, broke them, took 400 prisoners, and 100 waggons 1 > aded with military stores. On tiie 3t') tli, the Aid- de- Camp Traire, who had been sent forward I with the Queen's dragoons of the Royal III in gu i ii, j arrived at Ousvrath, took a Captain ami 40 men pri- soners, and possessed themselves ol 200 carriages loaded with flour. * " On tbe 30th, tbe Duke of Reggio marched from Polotsk upon Sebei. He met Gen. Wittgen- stein, whose corps had been reinforced by that of Prince Repnin. An engagement took place near the Castle of Jacoubovo. The 26th light infantry ob- tained much glory. The division Legrand gloriously bore up against the fire of the entire of tbe enemy's corps. On the 31st the enemy marched upon the Drissa, to attack the Duke of Reggio, upon his flank, as he marched. The Maish. il took up a position j with the Drjssa in his front. On 1st August the enemy were foolish enough to cross tbe Drissa, and to present themselves in battle array in front of the 2d corps. The Duke of Reggio allowed half their corps to dross, and as soon as lie perceived 15,00') men and 14 pieces of cannon over, he unmasked a battery of 40 pieces of cannon, which played upon them with grape shot for nearly an houi.— At the same time the divisions Legrand and Verdier ni tde a I running charge with the bayonet and drove the 15,000 Russians into the river. All their artillery and mi- litary chests taken, 3000 prisoners, among whom were I several officers, and one of Gen. Wittgenstein, toge- I thcr with 3,500 men killed or wounded, are the result I of this affair^,. The affair of Drissa, those of Ostrov- I no, and Mohilow, might have b>- en in other wars call- 1 ed three battles. The Duke of Reggio praises much I Gen. Count Legrand, who is remarkably cool in ths I field. He also highly applauds the conduct uf the 1 26th light infantry, and the 56th of the. iline. The Emperor of Russia has ordered levies of men in the governments Witepsk iiy Mobilow, but b.- fore hij Ukases could reach those provinces, we were niasteis of them. These measures consequently have j in duced nothing. We have found at Wi'. epsk procla- mations, issued by Prince Alexander of Wirtembui: , and we have learned that the people of Russia ate amusing themselves singing Te Deum on account of the victories obtained by the Russians." Report on the demolition of tbe entrenched cainjvcf D: is. sa, and the position of Drouia, to his Excel ency the Di ke of lleggio, Commanding in Chief the Second Corp.. of tiie Grand Army. MoNSiiiGSiEUIt— I have the honour of. acquainting your Excellency, that conformably tu your orders, I repaired, on tbe 21st inst. to Drouia, with M. De Li- ulace, A> d- de- Camp to the Prince ot Neukl stcl. We found our last videttes about three quarters of a league from that town, on the road of Sit b - dka ; w, however, penetrated thither, and ' tumid that ti e tc \ vn was totally evacuated' l> y the enemy, who coi'. fiiiui ( F<* cintinuation see neat page.) BELFAST C > MMRRCIAL CHROKICLE ( In continuation from first page.) fc'mself to observing the river with one company Of Cossacks and two of dragoons ; at least, so we are t">! d by some inhabitants with whom we were able to converse. *" . . .' The river is very much confined at this place ; and its banks are rucged and impracticable. It appeared to me to be^ ibout 60 toises in width. There were two batteries on the other baok, one of seven em- brasures, to infilade the avenues of the town, and other ravines; but as these batteries were not fired, we supposed that, tbev were BO longer mounted with cannon. After having examined the position of Drouis, I next day repaired to the entrenched camp of Drissa, where I arrived, at the same time with the rear- guard of tbe division of Gen. Merle. I imme- diately set aUnit reconnOitering tbe camp j but the enemy still occupying a portion of ground in the rear of their lines, and even some works on tbe right ( turning your back to the river), it was not possible for me to penetrate every where ; the night, besides, prevented me from continuing this reconnoisance. The demolition of the works had been begun im- mediately after tbe arrival of the troops. The arch, of great breadth, formed by the line of the works, is about two leagues in extent-; and is connected with the oiher bank by batteries. There were also batte- ries on the left bank ; btft they were. quite open, in their gorge. The camp is about 2000 toises in* its greatest depth, from the most advanced works to the, river, ft was defended by a series of redoubts, and by open batteries placed - in' the intervals of tbe re- doubts. Entrenchments very steep, and of 100 toises in length, are formed in front of each redoubt. There ate two lines of works nearly similar. The ground more exposed and more practicable on the left quar- t- r, induced the enemy to increase his dcfence on that. side ; and he pl. iced - there a large lengthened work, consisting of an immense bastion, two. curtains, and two redoubts, insulated from the works bv. their foSses: The enemv. bad placed also, towards the-' centre of the curve formed by the river, a' very large'flat forti- fication to serve as a tete de. pont.' It was Jon ' the middle of the wire, of this work that the principal milton, our Consul at- Norfolk, in Virginia, who disliking to remain in a hostile country, engaged the vessel to convey him and his family to this country, DOWNING- STREET, AUGUST 24. Lord AV - llinirton's dispatches are dated Cuellar on the 4th. They state that five French army of the cen- tre after having passed the Oundarama, and after its head quarters had arrived at Uenta de Santa Risaelle, j joined Joseph at Segovia, on the night of the 27th. The allied army were not diverted, however, from the pursuit of tfce army of Portugal ( Marmont, s) tbe rear- guard of which remained on the Douro on the 28th and 29th, but our divisions having . crossed, the Erf- sma On- that day, the enemv retired across the Douro, pursuing the course of their main body to- wards Villa Vaneo abandoning Vill jdo. lid and 1ravin < 17 pieces of cannon, with a great quantity of ammu- nition, their hospital and about 800. sick and wpnnded. The Spanish General, Metqumez, took 300 prisoners near Valladolid On the 30th the advanced guard crossed the Douro, and our troops were received at VaHadolid w'th enthusiastic joy, " Lord Wellington moved on the night along tbe Cija to Cuellar, to prevent the ', unctinn between the Army of Portugal and the troops- under Joseph, and arrived at Cuellar on tbe 1st inst. On the same day Joseph retired from Segovia and marched tbrough the Guadarama, leaving in the former place an advanced guard consisting principally of cavalry. Befoie his departure, he spiked the cannon and destroyed the ammunition in the Castle, and carried off" the church plate, besides levying considerable contributions. The Army of Portugal continues its retreat towards Purges. " Accounts from Sir Rowland Htll to Lord Wel- lington, state a brilliant affair of cavalry which took | place at Ril> er on the 24th ult. The British were ubts, doub'Iess in consequence of the greater quan- tities of earth required by tltebieadth of the'platforms. These butteries ace neither palisaded in the fosse, nor [ I enclosed at their gorge; almost all the redoubts are S . palisaded in their fosses. Some palisades of the fosses, a portion of the platforms of the batteries, some bar- riers, and some trifling; entrenchments on the left, were all that remained stillunfinishud when the ene- my evacuated the canip. It is sufficient - to gl- ince at the annexed sketch,, taken with the eyfc while the, demolition was going forward, in order to form an idea of the prodigious labours such a camp must havi cost the enemy. Be- sides the immensity of its extent, it may be. said that works have been lavished upon it without much ne- cessity. These works are also very ill placed, because they do . not ftank each other at afl, or do it insufficient- ly ; and it is astonishing the Russian engineers could commit so gioss a blunder. The enemy was obliged to cut down a considerable extent of the \ vood on the left, both to erect his works and to unmask them.— Though the wood is marshy and of difficult access, the enemy had still formed abattis of sixty or seventy toisses in width, even at the opening from the wood ; so that this portion of the circuit of the camp is very Strong, as v/ ell as that of the continued work upon which it touches.' The quarter on the right is less•' strongly defended, and here would have been thetrue point of attack. During the night which preceded the departure of the division, the. enemy burnt all his magazines on the other bank. They Were im- mense, and were estimated at many millions. ( Signed) Dp. MORAS, ToloWc, July J! tij; 1812, ' Lieut. Col. of Engineers. FROM THE FRENCH PAPERS. BATTLE or FRENCH ACCOUNT OF THE SAEAMANCA. Pxniv AUG. 18..— The army of Portugal,' com- manded liy the Marsh il' Duke de Ragtisa, was, on the 24th July, encamped on the Douro, in- front of ( J the English army. The Duke passed that river on the I6th> at Tordesill is, in spite of the enemy, and after several actions, in which the French had always a marked advantage, the enemy was driven b'ick to Salamanca, when the two arniits were in front of each other on the : afeer a cannonade of some dura- tion on both sides, and while the Marshal Duke de Ra usa, resolved to give battle, was occupied in mak- ing his final arrangement, he was stricken by a shell, which broke his right arm, and wounded him in two places in the right side. This accident obliged 1pm to- quit tlte field of battle : his life is not however in danger. The General of division, Cl tuZtl, took the command just as the action commenced ; it continued for several hours with the greatest fury; prodigies « f valour, and several actions, worthy or the Frencfi name, were peiformed. Nevertheless the accident which happened to the Duke of Ragusa had, from the first, determined Gen. CLiu7. el to retire upon the right of the Tonnes. After alternate and equal suc- i cesses, he re- crossed that river at Alba, leaving one of his divisions to covcr the bridge of that place till the middle of the day following. The retreat was effect- ed without molestation from the enemy, whose loss was very considerable. The French army continued their mute on 23d July, by Pcr. eranda, whither they were followed by the English Cavalry. Our rear- guard made a successful uttack on, them, forced nhem to hiske a rapid retr'cht, 4iid killed numbers of them. The army then continued their route with « ut aav fur- ther molestation, and have resumed theh- former posi- tion at - Tordesillas, and with the Douro in their front. This intelligence has been brought to the Ministry of the War Department by M. Tabvier, Aid- de- C. imp to tlie Duke of Ragnsa, who has~ been Sent by his Ex- cellency the War Minister to the Emperor's head- quarters, LONDON, • Monday, August 24. . Tliere was a rumour circulated yesterday that a flag of truce from America had arrived at Portsmouth, with intelligence " that the com- munication made to the American Executive by Mr. Foster, previously to his departul- e from Halifax, as deemed so satisfactory, that the Go. vernmrat of the United StattS had determined cm the suspension of hostilities," A flag of ttuce is'certainly arrived at Ports- ltjous. li, but the aurvly brought orer Colonel Ha- A Lisbon mail arrived yesterday, with intelligence from our army to the 5th. ar. d from Lisbon to tbe 11th inst. Dispatches from the Marquis of Welling- ton, dated the 4th, were also received. The Lisbon papers state, that Joseph Bonaparte, with 15,000 men, was at Segovia on the 4th ;, tha> Marmont is dead of his wounds ; and that Suchet - is coming to take the comnSand of tbe army, with a strofV. r reinforcement from Valencia. The dispatches from Lord Wellington do not confirm any of these statements There have been some movements in our army in Estramadura, but they have led to nothing important. Soult marched in force upon Urnachos on the 2.9th, and Gen. Hill on the same d* y proceeded to Villa- franca and Almendralejo. But the enemy retired in the night of the 29th bv. Usagre, and General Hill marched on tbe next morning to Los Santos and Zafra. The Wizard arrived on Saturday at Spithead from the Mediterranean, and a messenger immediately landed'with dispatches. The Wizard left Mahon on the 24th July, and the next day Sir Edward Pel- lew was to sail, with an expedition, supposed for the coast of Catalonia, with 10,000 men j they are com. posed of the 1st bat. 10th, 1st bat. 81st, and 1st bat. 58th regts. 300 of De Rofl.-' s regt. 500 of Dillon's regt. the 3d and 6th regts. King's German Legion, two squadrons 20th light dratroons, and 5000 picked Spaniards, from the island of Majorca. We are happy to announce the safe arrival of the Leeward Island and Mediterranean - fleets. The. John, Eliza, and Union, arrived at Bristol frdmi Jamaica ; parted from the fleet the 21st inst. at . fonr, ]>. m, in lat. 49. long. 11.; sixty sail in com- pany. The Jamaica, fleet are therefore Safe, and may be hourly expected, i Three ^ re arrived at Deal. The Emperor A lexander was expected at St. Pe- tersburgh on - the 2d inst. One of the letters by the Gottenburgh- Mail men- . tinns a Proclamation issued by the Hettman PtatofF, || ofFerinsr bis daughter in marriage, with a portion of 200,000 rubles, to any man of his corps who should brin< r in tbe tyrant Bonaparte, dead « r alive. The WT7. ard arrived on Saturday at Spithead from the Mediterranean, and a Messenger im. mediately landed with dispatches. The Wizard left Mahon on the 24th of July, and the next day Sir Edward Pellew was to sail, with an expedi- tion, supposed for the coast of Catalonia, with 10,000 men ; they are composed of the 1st batt. Irtth, 1st batt. 31st, and 1stbatt. 58th regiments; 300. of De Rolle's Regiment; 50O of Dillon's Regiment; the 3d and 6th Regiments; King's German Legion; two squadrons 20th Light Dra- goons ; and 5000 picked Spaniards, from the island of Majorca. The harvest in the Counties of Huntingdon and Cambridge, is very forward— a good deal of wheat has already been carried. In Bucking- hamshire, Surrey, and some other of the counties in the immediate neighbourhood of the metro- polis of England, the fields are nearly cleared Every where tke produce is good and abundant. Meetings of proprietors of Manors have been held at several places in Kent, and other coun. ties, declaring that, op account of the backward- wardness ot" the harvest in particular districts, it will be expedient to postpone the first day of shooting from. the 1st until the 14th of September. CAUTION' TO FAMILIES— This morning early two servants ot Mr. Pritchard, of Printing- house- square, Blickfriars, rose to wa. sh the family clothes; previous to the commencement of which they agreed to take a cup of tea, the water for which t^ tey imprudently took from that prepared for their operations, in a copper which had not been recently used ; no sooner, however, had they began to stir about than they became alarmingly ill, and strong symptoms of poison appeared j but proper antidotes being administered, under medi. cal advice, they were, after a few hours exci uciat- ing agony, pronounced out of danger j btit still- remain seriously indisposed. Saturday, ISth inst. some bargemen, assembled on the brink ol'the Severn, proposed among them- selves to give either of the party a shilling to walk on the opposite bank, for the purpose of ascertain- ing the depth. One of them accepted the invi- tation for the reward; but had not proceeded many yards in the attempt, whert he sunk". Every effo t to rescue him proved abortive, and ihe body was net discovered until two hours after the fatal at- tempt. When found, his wrist was bitten through, probably in the agonies of dc.' th. The following important intelligence, from the I. ondnn Papers of Tuesday, was brought last night by express from Donaghadee. It leads us to ex- pect, in a short time, further accounts of the most gratifying description: < , , London, Tuesday, August 25.. We have this day tbe sa'is/ aftion of jayirig be- fore onr tea ers exclusively, a document of the Ir • highest importance so far as our disputes with America are concerned. We were always of opi- nion. that tbe prevalence of the inveterate spirit of hostility to Great Britain, at the Seat of Govern- ment, would ultimately enoanger ihe Ur ion nf ' he American States. Madison and his infuriated band of unthinking parti- zans, have been repeated-; ly w rned of rbp ruin* which they might eventtial- ' v bring upon tbe" r Common country. We are- at war with America, it is true, but the Federal States have verified the prediftion which we h. ave freqnentlv ventured, by commencing a powerful diversion in our favour. " ' .- ' The sta'e of Macs chujset's bv far the mos » pow_ j erftil member of tbe union, in the extent of. its ' f'r. ' i( ory, in the wealtb, respec) ahilitv, and imel' tjSr- c of its population, h^ s declaredlrself tbe firm ? nd determined advocate for Great Britain, and the tie; cided enemy of the. measures adopted agains* that power by the executive Government— Star. < RESOLUTIONS • : UNANIMOUSLY VOTFD AT A MASTING OF THE 1N- BITANTS OF BOSTON, JULY 18, 1812:, Resnlretl— That the fl^ cl iratipn ofw. ai:,' un ler ex stint; f c • rcnmstanc- s, is sincerely to be deprr- cn""', as it tends to impair rli » attachment of the to the'unign of the « e ]{ States, Snd thus ttrenlanuer its ejis'fnc", by sacrifnirg. tbe interests and prosperity of one portion of thehi, to gratify the pride, resentment, and mistaken policy of mother. " Rlsolved— That in a free Oov- rnment'it is at all timer the right, and in seasons of public ralamitv, it is the solemn duty; of > ve- y citizen freely to » c'- niniVn'cate hi- np- p'on^ upon the measures of the Government, an * upon the motive, of th- nii* n who administer ir, to- the end that tbes- measures and motives may be universally known, and may he duly' sveighed and considered, when the people are called upon to erercise the ripht of suffrage ; and that we will therefore discountenance all attempts to check rhe f eedom of speech and pf the press; and that we will, heirt and hand, rally round and support all tho> e who may ( by any combination of men whatsoever) he menaced with injury ta their persons or property for the indep- ndent ex^ rc'se of their natural and constitutional right*; and that we will preserve the peace ami tranquillity of this town, apt! suppress every riotous or unlawful assembly which may ( by night or day) be collefled for the purpose of restraining any man from the expression, or injuring him for the promulgation, of sentiments and op:- nions which he may lawfully declare and publish. " Resolved— That the appearance of armed men in the peaceable, constitutional, and civil assemblies of the Citizens, whether the said armed ptrs- ns are in the pay of the. Go- J vernmenr of the United States, or merely a'med for rhe oc- ' cas: on, is a measure highly indecorous ; nd alarming — inas- j milch as its tendency is to overawe the freedom of delibera- tion; audits'final tffeft to destroy the privilege of discus- sion, or to produce the wanton effusion of the blood of our Citizens— and' that, for these reasons, such in- ermingling of persons so af ed oujht tn be discouraged and reprobated.-— [ ( General Dearborn and his officers wtre all present) " Resolved Further:— That the Honourable the Senators 6f the County of Suffolk, nfid the Representa'ives of the Tew* nf Boston in theOaeral Court of this Commonwealth, be, and are hereby appointed a Committee, and are earnestly requested to rtieet and digest such a system of Measures and Resolutions, as, in their opinion, the exigvney- of'the times, and rht awful and alarming situarion of tbe country may require ; and they are requested, as soon as they shall deem it expedient, to apply ro the SeleSt fnen of, Boston for a re- gular and Constitxtional Town Meeting, when the said sys- tem may be discussen, when such firm, vigorous, decisive, and effective measures may be adopted as may suit the cir- cumstances of the country, and may be worthy the charaifter of this ancient metropolis." 13. h insr? of a battle fought near Vallrd > iid tbe 1' 1' h; between Lord Wellington's army and the remains of Marmom's army, which had b n joined by the troops under the command of J S ' pb B . nagatte, and that Lord Wellington lud been ag. sin completely successful, and that the enemy lost 15,000 men, and 20, pieces of cannoti. " BOSTON. JULY 18. [ I Kf. SOttrTIONit 4COO ASStMBI CD. " " Whereas the inhabitants of Boston and its vicinity here assembled, cherish with solicitude the imion ami- independence of the United States, and the liberties of the people ; and whereas it is their most solemn convi^ ion that the course of measures adopted by the administration of the General Ge vernment for several years pti= t, has a tendency to. disso've that union, to impair that independence, aud t » endanger those liberties; and where, s, in a more especial- man- ner, they consider the late UNNECISSART AND RUINOUS DECLARATION of WAR against Great Britain, and the consequent connexion with France, if ind ed such con- nexion do not already exist, as we have great reason to apprehend, which must inevitably grow out of such a war as fatal to our - union, independence, and liberty; a war, undertaken without due notice to our ckiaens, with, out adequate naval preparations, without permitting the re. turn of the vast property now In the possession and power of the nation against which war is declared— a war, wNxi first, future, and certain effefts, . will be to impoverish the eastern and navigatirg States, will be compelled to bear it" principal bu- dens, and a great majority of whose Rep- e- Stntatives voted against it j and whereas, the Inhabitants ol this town and its vicinity, from a relu6Unce, to countenance a belief that they are officiously disposed unduly to irfluence their feliow- citirene, and promote any of the incalculable consequences which often rcsujt from the indignation of A ree and injured people, whose interests are. b- trayed by their public servants— a balief, which has been studiously and wickedly inculcated by men high in office; in the Na- tional and State Governments, have, sirice the declaration efc war, abstained from any pubhe declaration of their senti- ments, under the conviflion that a sense of interest and duty would lead the good j; » ,< jle of other towns and Counties to • afford them- au example which they might with propriety follow ; hut the frietnlsof the Administration and of War, rot satisfied with this furbearance, have endeavoured to pro- cure an expression ef approbation from their deluded follow, ers in this and other Spates, which is calculated to exhibit a deceptive standard of - public opinion, and encourage a per- severance in their destructive '. leasnres; and thus have made it our duty, as far a< ! ti Us lies,- to couiKerait the tendency of such gross deception. Therefore " Resolved— As the opinion of the Citizens assembled at... this place— That while we acknowledge the Constitutional power of Congress to declare war, and the duty of the Ci- tisens to restrain from forcible resistance. to such a measure ; yet we do not surrender, but, on the contrary,, will main-" tain, at every hazard; the right secured to us by our State Constitution, of peaceably, expitssing our opinions, either'as individual citizens, or in a collective body, on that series of disastrous measures which for years past has been tending towards, aod has at hist terminated in the most- d stre- sipg of national evils— War! ' » war waged- against a Pfople nobly struggling for the maintenance of their" own freedortT and that of other nations endangered by rhe fraudulent, impious " » rid Sanguinary a'siult- of- the greiwst, military TyranB, and the most determined enemy to free Governments, bj' whom the world has ever been scourged.. Resolved— That we a'sert the ryht, and that we will exercise the right to deprecate this war, to explain its cau » es and consequences, so that the voice of this great people may rise up against its authors in a tone which shall convince all 1 those who abuse the trust committed to them by the people, that their day of account is at hand, and that they " must ex- piate the offenfts of destroying the- public prosperity, and jeopardizing the guverjxmtpt and . anion of these States,, by the negTeft, contempt, and indignation of that, portion of . the ! people » ho have falltn viiSims to their mi- placed confidence. ! REPORTED VICTORY OBTAINFD BY THE MARQUIS OF WELLINGTON. , By the Rapid packet, ( which arrived yesterday at Wevmowh, from Guernsey- and Jersey,) we have " received intelligence, of the arrival of the SwgrClement, M'rs'ter, at the latter place, on Sa- turday last, from Cnrunna- . The Stag 1 f C « : unna on the I8Ji ins'. ( Tues- day last ;) and the Captain rep orts, that two days before he sailed, a M jor on the Stiff of Marquis , Wellington's army had artived at that place with despatches fr'atn. his Lord hip, " with which he was left waiting for a conveyance to England by a ship of war. Th- rrpo't at Cor'unna, when Captain Clemen- 1 sailed. wa ,. th> t Ma quis Wellington had come up with tbe French army, forced them to a second engagement, and defeated them again with great slaughter.. The Joss' of the enemy in this battle is reported • o have been not less than 15,000. men in killed, wounded, and prisoners) 2t pieces of cannon, se. vend t? aj> les, and a great quantity of ammunition, The above particulars csme, as we have al- ready stated, from Corunna to Jersy :— precisely similar accounts have also beep received from the same place by another vessel which has arrived at Guernsey; but, though there is every reason to expect that yre shall soon receive glorious in" telligence from Marquis Wellington, and. it is highly . prpbahle that ere this an important blow has been struck, but. truth demands that we should stale a fact which throws some discredit on the above news :—- since we began to write this article, Corunna Papers to the 17th inclusive have been received—. this, is, one day later than the Officer with the Marquis's dispatches is said to have reached Corunna, and yet they are silent respecting his arrival, and the news reported to . have been brought by him.—( Star.) SECOND EDITION. We understand that Gen. Don, Governor of Jerspy,. thought the intelligence received by the Stag, of Alich importance, as to send o\ if an Offi- cer specially with the communication. We have heard also, that some of the letters, from Jersey, speaking of the news received by the Stag, name Major. Burgh as the. Aid- de- camp who had arriv. ed at Corunna J and- Major Burgh is, we find, the Aij5b<£ e- Cfimp next in. order for bringing- home dis- patches from Lord Wellington. Stjll, we are tola, that His Majesty's Ministers use a very com- mendable cau ion with respect to the news of the victory, and lest' their sanction by raising the public opinion- too high, should afterwards lead to disappointment, they forbear to announce it officially, thoilgh they still do not despair of see- ing it ultimately confirmed.—( Pilot.) NFXSON CLUB £) IN\- RR.—. On Wednesday LAST, a mast numerous meetine of the Nelson Club dined together, at their Cbtb House, in cejebra- . tion of the late glorious vicorv- obrairred bv rn- r j gallant Countryman, Marquis Wellington. Thos. Verner, Esq. was in the Chair, with George Bristow, Esq. as Vice- President. The dinner and wines were of the first description. Dj'ing which the excellent band of the Dumfries Miltti* played some favourite patriotic airs; and the company, highly delighted with their entertain- ment, did not separate till a late hour. The fol- lowing were among the toasts upon this occasion: The'King, The Prince Regent. Marquis Wellin^ tor, three times three. Memory of Lo.- d Nel'r. n, three times three. Marshal B<- re » ! ord, three times three. Generals Packenham, Cole, Cotton, Botlc, Stewart, cach three times three The memory of Captain favelle, late a Member of t^ e Nel- on Club. The Glorious Memory, three times three. ; . The Marquis of Donegal!, three times three. In the course of the evening the Nelson Club- House was brilliantly illuminated, and t " 0 b tr- rels of ale were distributed among the assembled populace. ILLUMINATIONS— On Thursday an illumina- tion was intended, in honour of Lord Welling-" ton's victory, but it was afterwards judged expr- dient to postpone it till yesterday evening. Ac- cordingly, in the course of the day, public notice having been rriven by Mr. VEnNFr, the Sove- reign, that it was intended to illuminate the pr'n- " cipal public buildings, and that such of the In- habitants as thought prrper, would illtiminato their houses. About eight o'clock a very. general illumination of the town took place, and c- ifi- tinued with great brilliancy till ten ; arfd we are happy to add, as highly cteditable to", the town, that not the slightest symptom of riot occuired during the whole evening. When the lights were nearly all extingu shed, several tar- barn ' s ver* conveyed to High- street, and set fiie to amidst the shouts of an immense croud of people. Many of the houses of Gentlemen in the vicinity of ' ife town, and some cotton- factories were also illumi- nated, arid had a fine effct from the distance.— We are happy to observe, that such of the inha- bitants as did not think proper to light up their houses, were no way molested by the mob, nor any mischief attempted against their houses. We ate happy to understand, that the Belfast , Br< nch of the Hibernian Bible Society, are ex- tending their operations into a larger sphere". Tbe General Meeting, which is lo be held a Bangor on Mnr. day, 31st inst. to consist of Clerpymen. nf all denominations, an-' Gentlemen of re- peflabili- ty, in Bargor, Newtownard?, Donaghadee, and Millisle, with the vicinities ot those places, cannot fail to take a lively interest in the < hjefls of such a useful institution. A great number of circular letters have been transmuted. Shou'd anv of them, however, not arrive, iu due time, it is hoped that that circumstance will not prevent any Clergyman or Gentleman, within these distrLT, from atteo ing the Meeting, and expressing ' heir willing! er. s to co- operate in carrying such a laudable design into execution. On Tuesday last, Sir William Curtis, of L^ r1* don, with a party of pleasure, arrived in his yacht, at Belfast. He had come from London by the Frith of Forth, and through the Canal, and vi, i cj the Highlands of Scotland. Wednesday the Ba- tonet went to Lord Londonderry's, and we i, n » derstand he has since sailed for Dublin. The Alderman's yacht, which is D. i'ch built, ai; d mounts 12 brass swivels, is neatly fi tcd up; ar. d among the most prominent ornaments of th C a- bin, are a curious c> lle< flion of caricitures, in ^, 11 of which, Sir William appeared to be introduced in the most laughable situations. A family in Ballymacarrett, adjoining the Long- bridge, lost within these lew days, no less thai, four children in Small- POX. None of tlr.- m, we uiukr- stand, had been innoculated, either for small or cow- pox. Such are the ravages of this disorder when taken in the natural way. , S& C( MD yrCTOBY, CORRESPONDENT- OFFICE, Half past Two o'Ciock. We stop the Press, to state the prevalence of a rumour that Lord Wellington had gained another viSpry over the French, taking a considerable part of their artillery, and killing and wound ng 15,000 men". We state this a$ u report— if hap- pily it should reach us in a more authentic form, we will endeavour to communicate the circum- stances as immediately as possible. Since writing the above, we learn that the ac- count of the battle has been brought to England bya vessel from Corunna, the Captain of which states, that intelligence was received there on the i / V NEWRY CATHOLIC DINNER— On Sunday last Catholics of Newry gave A grand Dinner o a CT. siderable number of their Protestant Friends— and the Catholics of tbe County and City of Kilkenny have announced a similar entertainment for the 15 h of Oflober next; it will, no doubt, be very , splendid. The Dinner given bv the Caiholics nf Newry, on last Sunday, was peculiarly in'en !. ing; it was a rural Fete, on a plain . it ihe foot of. Fathour Mountain. At f or o'clock, the com- pany, consisting of neaily two hundred persons, Ladies and Gentlemen, sat down to dinner. An extensive awning protected them fioin the Sun, while at either side they had a bold and command- ing view of the surrounding c urtiry, of ihe Bay ot Carlingford and ihe sea. Warren Point, wiih a fleet of shipping, lay under ih ir feet —"( the mountain on that side is nearly perpendicular)—• the day was fine, arid the scene truly grand, ro- mant c, and cheering. The dinner and wines were of tbe first order— and the fragments, which were considerable, were distributed among the surrounding cottagers.— Every face was dressed' in smiles— all was mirth and harmony. James Bowden, E- q. of Newry, the steady friend of his country— a valued and highly valuable friend of the Catholic Board, pre- sided on this happy occasion ; and when after the usual round pf loyal and patriotic toasts, be pave, " a speedy, full, andfree Emancipation to the Catholics of Ireland," the cheering and applan- e rent the air; and the « entimen w^ s re- echoed by the Pea- santry from all the adjoining he ghts. Tbe com. pan/ remained about six hours on the mountain, and after a d^ y delightfully, because rationally, passed, they returned, ro their homes, only regie'- ing, that tlje Rome " f Religion shonld so long have been maie " a w ill ot . separation to keep theri) asunder,'-—£. P< vst ) BELFAST COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. We have received a. letter, from Liverpool, date- i Wo o'clock, Sunday 23d August, > iiich says—•'" 1 have to inform you ( hat ten sail of Jamaicanietv are arrived here, out of 130 sail for Great Britain, which have not been annoyed by the United States squa- dron. On Tuesday last an American Hag- of truce p.- ssed through the convoy for England— You will hear something soon." An article in the American papers, under the head Boston, says—" Col. Burr, so celebrated for his ta- lents, and latterly so mueh talked of for his sufferings, lately arrived in Newkuryport from France and Eng land, and passed through this town on his way bo New Yeik. We notice. with pleasure every addition to the col- lection for the Museum of the Belfast Academical Institution. The Managers have just received from John Neilson, Esq. of Jamaica, some curious insects preserved in spirits. We Irope all the natives of the town, who are abroad, will follow, the example of Mr Neilson, in furnishing the Institution with specimens of rare and valuable productions of the foreign climes in which they reside. Liftrt. Gen. Sir Stapleton Cotton is appointed a Knight of the Bath. " hirt/ K At Ards House, ifvhe County Donegal!, the sent of h » r father Alexander Stewart, Esq. Mrs ROBERT MONTGO- Mrnr, of a Daughter. On the 13th inst at Nelson-;-: lace, Youghal, the Lady of Afl . m Newman, Esq. wf. a son. Married. At Desert CHHFCH, by the Rer. Mr, I. ongfield, NICHO- LAS HAMILTON, Ksq. Major in his Majesty's 5ch Regimene ® f Foot, to FSANC s ANNE, second daughter of the Rev. Sanmel J'eamiah, of Mount- Beamish. At iVk, by ' he Rev. John Madrass, Lieut. JAMES COOKE, tf the Royal Navy, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of Mathias Smith, o' Bl ickrock, Esq. Captain SwErENH am, Bengal Cavalry, to SIDNEY daugh- ter to the late Rev Stephen Fletcher, Maryborough. * Died. ' On tie ISth O& obrr last, in the island of Java, Dr. G. 1M'C » A* EN, of the Honourable East India Company's ser- vice Lately, DICK ENOI. AND, well known amongst the gentle- men of the sporting world. He had not been indisposed Irorethan a week. On the day of his death, his servant ^ atked about four o'clock, at what time he would wish to • dine, and was answered by England, at six o'clock. The cloth w s accordingly laid, but on dinner being brought up, • he was discovered dea l on the sofa, with his head leaning backwards. He was nearly eighty year6 of age, a native of Ireland, originally a journeyman cabinetmaker, but after- wards well known in most of the gambling- houses of the metropolis, and on the turf. Some years ago he was tried at the Old Bailey, for sh- ioting a young gentleman of the name « f Rolie, in a duel, for calling him a b'ack leg, and was ac- quitted, after he had fled to the continent for kmie years be- fore he returned and surrendered himsel to take his trial. BELFAST STHH* IN IE v% S, The Neptune, Davidson, hence for Liverpool, arriv- d safe the 23th instant. The Levant, M Kibben, for Liverpool, clears this day and sails 6rst fair wind The armed brig Venus, Pendleton, for Loudon, is loading to sail in a few days. The arme 1 brig Vine, Montgomery, is loading at Lon- don for this port. Ti e Hawk, M'Cormick, for Glasgow ; and the Bee, Rankin, for Dublin, are loading, to sail in a few days. The Margaret and Nancy, Galbraith, from Glasgow, ar- rived here yesterday. Ttie B.- tsevs, Neilson, at Glasgow; and the Dispatch, Jameson, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast. The Diana, M'Callum, from hence for Glasgow, arrived safe 21th ir. it. BELFAST MARKETS, i. d. t. d. Oatmeal..... 1 SP O - « l O -) Wheat..... 0 0 — 0 0 / per cwt. of 112lb IUrley . 0 0 — 0 O f Bank Notes. Oats ... 25 0 — 27 O J ' First Flour 52 O' fl 0 "] Second ditto.! 50 O — 0 0 Fourth ditto 0 0 — 0 0 F. rkin Butter 122 0- 0 0 - TTm Russian Tallow.... 92 6 - 0 0 f ^ Note,. Buenos Ayres do... K8 0 — O 0 | Brazil do 90 0 — 0 0 J Rough Tallow 9 0 — 0 0 ^ per stone of 16lb. Rough Lard 0 0 — 0 0 - j B, ef( NewShambles) 40 0 - 50 0 /. . ofl2oU) Salt Skins 56 0 — 0 0 fr Cew Hides.. 42 6 — 47 0 ) Ox ditto 0 0 — 0 0 7 ... Horse ditto 8 8 - 12 0 $ Per hld « - Calf Skins ( Slinks). 0 5 — 0 Veal ditto 0 O 8 ( per lb. Fresh Butter 1 4 — 0 0) Scale- ditto 1 0|— 0 0") ® « f ° Si- ® 6* tperlb. oflSo « . Mutton 0 6 0 1 ff Veal , 0 7 — 0 8 ) Potatoes 0 6 — 0 8 ^ per- stone. Liverpool Coats 0 0 — 0 0 Cumberland ditto... 26 0 — 0 0 / Scotch ditto 26 0 — 0 o rpert Scotch malting ditto 0 0 — 0 0 ) Weight of Bread this Week at the Public Bakery— White Loaf, ( 1/. 1^.) 21b. 12f » z.— Brown ditto, ( I/. Id.) Sib. Ooz. SPANISH RED WINE. ROBERT BATT & CO. " WTITILL SELL BY AUCTION, at their Stores, Calen- ' 17 dar street, on MONDAY the 7th day of Septem- ber, at at ONE o'Clock, 70 Pipes of Excellent Red Spanish IVINE, In such I. ots, as most agreeable to the Purchasers,— Term, to be declared at the time of Sale. 842) » Belfast, August 27. BARILLA BY AUCTION. GREG er BLACKER, ymjlix, SELL by AUCTION, at their Stnr- s, in Atin- W street, en FRIDAY next. 4th September, at ONE a'Clock, 64 Bales Alicant Barilla. Belfast, 29th August, 1HI2. N. B. The above BARILLA being the Property of a Bank- rupt, is ordered to be Sold without reserve. ( 849 ' A CARD. JOHN. M'MULLAN, - No. 31, Pottinger's- Entry, TRULY grateful for past Favours, begs leave to actjnaint his Friends and the Public, that BREAKFASTS, DINNERS, SUPPERS, and SOUPS, are always ready on the shortest notice ; and for the accommodation of Families, will be sent to any part of Town. Bottled Porter, Brown and White Spruce, in nice order— best Soda Water-^- r- A11 kinds of Shell Fish, Wild and Tame Fowl, & c. & c. in their respe& ive Seasons. (- 851 ^ DINNERS every Day from Two till l ive o'clock. SALE THIS DAY. AUCTION. HpO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, on SATURDAY the ; L 29th inst. at the Stores of Messrs PARK, TELFAIR, and CO. at the Hour" of TWELVE o'Clock, for account of whom it may concern, Fourteen fflids. and Eight Tierces Scale Sugars. MACFARLAN, Auflioneer. August 29. ( 8? 7 INDIGO FOR EXPORT. 1 f fpiHESTS EAST- INDIA INDIGO, very suitable ' ly for the Norway or Swedish Market, will be sold cheap by BERWICK & ASH. 53, Waring- street. ( 848 BERWICK & ASH OFFER F0H SALE, 110 Bales upland Georgia Cotton Wool, 46 Bales Sea- Island Ditto, 30 Bales West India Ditto, 2.5 Bales New Orleans Ditto, 50,000 Ash and Red Oak Hogshead Stavet. 820) , ' August 24. LIVERY STABLES. WILIJiM DAT IS ESPECTFULLY informs tv's Friends and the Public, I V that he has enlarged his YARD and STABLES ; and, in " future, r » . ere will be a Show and Sale of Horses at his Stables every FRIDAT—- Such as have Horses for Sale, will please take notice; and such Gentlemen as wish to purchase, will please to attend from Eleven o'clock ro Three, in the Afternoon.— A Bnrk, for the Registry of each Horse sold, & c. will be kept. , Horses sent to Livery, Or for Sale, will be taken the strictest care of, and ort the nlest moderate Terms. 835) N°- l2^. North street— Belfast, Aug. 26. M AKTINS, HARRISON, & CO. received, per the DoKExSAtL, and I. IVAN R, 184? Chests Tea, Assorted, 80 Bags Pepper, Cloves, Cream Tartar, and Shoe Hairs ; Which will be sold cheaji. Church- lane, August lj. - ' 761 August 29, 1112. TO STONE CUTTERS. PROPOSALS will be received On or before the Srst day of Oilober next, for taking down the Circular Build- ing at Ballyscullron, and removing to Belfast such parts of the COLUMNS, PILASTERS, CUT STONE, & c. as nyy be required in the ere& ionof the New Intended CHAPEL of EASE, to he laid down on the Old Church Yard Ground, ii> High street. S curity for due and careful performance will be required. Proposals to be directed to the Rev, FBWAKD MAT, Belfast, or to IOHK BowpiiN, Architect, Blessingtori « street, Dublin, and Bifchop- Mreet, Derry, where further particulars tnay be had ( 444 MASONRY, f HE GRAND LODGE of ULSTER m « * u 1 on WEDNESOAY, 2d September next, « the Do NSC ALL ARMS, Belfast, at High Mcflftdian, for the dispatch of business, of which all concerned are desired to take notice— Important business respefiing the GRAND MASONIC HALL, and ORPHAN SCHOOL, being to be agitated, a full Meeting is expeiSed. The Gentlemen appointed at last Grand X. odge Meeting, for the purpose of collecting Subscriptions for carrying the above Measure into effeift, are requested to attend the Meet- ing of the Grand Lodge, to nuke returns of the. same. G. D. IRVINE, G. S. G, L. U. S4C) , .. , SALES BY AUCTION. In the Matter of JOHN BROW2?, a Bankrupt. J o'Clock, c FRIDAY the 4 » h September, at ELEVEN ck, on the Premises, in I'rir. ce't- street, Belfast, the Bankrupt's HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consisting of Dining, Dressing, and Card Tables; Chairs, Carpets, Fenders, Fire Irons, Field Bedsteads, Feather Beds and Bedding; » variety of Glass, China, and Karthenware; an excellent Eight- Day Clock; Looking Glasses, Kitchen Utensils, & e. & c.; also, The Bankrupt's STOCK and TRADE, comprising a great variety of new and fashionable Articles in the COACH. MAKING LINE, in all stages of forwardness, Hi.-' . BAROUCHE, SOCIABLE, and outside JAUNT ING CARS— Square, Bound and other GIGS— DOG- CARTS— BUGGYS— Cbildrcns' COACHES One CHAISE BODY, nearly finished..— Secoud- h « 4 CARS, GIGS, & c. complete, and good as new. A large quantity of excellent SCANTLING of all sorts, and well- s » as ) ued. such as Fellows, Spokes, Shafts, Butts and Planks of Elra and Ash— About a dozen pair New Wheels, Springs, Bolts, Sec.—- And all the Forge and Work- shop Bellows, Anvils, Vices', Benches, Sledges, Wheeling Pits, & c — And a parcel of very fine Fir Timber, lately purchased from ? Ir. Bateson.— Terms, Cash. On MONDAY the 7tb . September, at'ONE o'Clock, will lie sold, the Bankrupt's Interest in the following Property :— A HOUSE, built by birasolf in Marlborough street, of which 31 y< - rs are unexpired— Mortgaged for 4' SS. Lease of a LOT of GROUND and SIX HOUSES in the roar of Princes- street, about SI year* unexpired— Mortgaged for .# 20$, A TENEMENT in Prinfevstreet, for which Bank- rupt has an agreement for a Lease, subject to 20 Guineas per aunum rent. A FIELD near town, about one Acre, held by Lease, about 15 years unexpired. MATHEW BLACK, I . . JOHN M'ADAM, J" WANTS A SITUATION AS CLERK, AYOUNG MAN, whe will shortly be disengaged from his present employment: He has been regularly bred to Business; can keep Books by DoUble or Single En- try. Satisfactory references can be had as to character and abilities, and security can be given, if required. Apply to Mr. SAMUEL REA, at the Chronicle Office. JL50) Belfast, August 28, 1812. TO BE LET, THAV CONCERN, in North- street, now In the occu- pation of the Subscriber, which for situation, ext » nt » nd convenience, is so well known, as to render a particular description unnecessary. Possession of the Yard, Stores, and Office- Houses, may be had at the first dav of Novem- ber ensuing; and of the Dwelling- House at May next—\ long Lease will be graate- J of these Premises to an eligible Tenant. ROBERT GETTY. Belfast, Aogust 89. ( 8* 0 HOUSE TO LET, IN . DO NSnALL- SQl/ AK V., THAT l « rge and commodious HOUSE, on the East- side of the Square, adjoinivg H, EM » e « sON BIACK'S, Esq. for a long Term of Years, at a moderate'Rent. The situa- tion is one of the most healthy and pleasant in the town -— Possession can be given immediately. Apply at No. 55, Waring- street, ( 837 A CAPITAL CONCERN TO BE LET. THE PREMISES, formerly in the Possession of the late Mr MO NEAR and his Under- Trnants, for a Term of SO Years, with Clause of Renewal 1 hese Pre mites are situated on the North- side » f High street, two doors from the corner of Bridge- street, an « ! are well- known to be the fi st stand in town for resp » fiib! e Business. They extend from front to rear, upwards of ONE HUNDRED an4 THIRTY SEVFN FEKT One of the Front Hous- s is let at £ 60 per year, the Lease of - vhich will expire 1st November, 1813—\ Sk ip let to a Tenant at will, at =£ 30 per year— The other Front Hou- e with all the Rear- Ground, a laree Yard and two Back Houses, are at present unocctpie!, and would answer w." ll for the Har- making, or many othei* Branches requiring room Any Person wishing to view the Premises, will apply at No. 55 W - ring- street, where Proposals for the whole, either join ly or se;> irately, will please be made. Belfast, Aug. 29 , . ( 838 ADVERTISEMENT. TO HE SOr. D PT PURLIC AUCTION, en VfO \ rDAV tit September nrxt, at SMH r'Clttl, at the Haute of Mr. IVw. LAM KBOWW, Innkeeper, Sainlfit'. d THAT well- known andlong- siablished HOUSE, facing the H Fsir. in Sain'Gcld, now in the possession nf Mr HAMILTON BLAKRNBY, formerly Do6tor MACARJAN'S AS this is well- known to be one of the b » st stands in SaiiitSeld for the Public Business, it needs little comment It is now in complete repair, a large sum of Money having been. expended on it this season, and is well worth the at'ention of any respeiSable famfiy. This Concern woqld make Three complete Houses for Private Families, containing in Front 45 feet, and extending back- wards 151 feet; two stories high, with large Garrets, with a Stable for Eight Horses There i> alto a House adjoining the rear, IS Feet in length, two series high, which stands far- Scullery and Cellar on the ground, and a large conve- nient Room above, together with two Houses on said Pre- mises, let to Tenants at will, producing Four Pounds a- year. The who'e 6ubjr< a to the small Rent of £\ 0. 5s. held by Lent; for 41 years, from Nov. 1800, and a young Life, then about 12 yea- 1 o'd Terms of Sale— 30 Guineas of a Deposit, on the day of Sale, and 50 Guineas on perfecting the Deeds. The remain- der may lie in the Purchaser's hands, at legal Interest, or id. in the Pound allowed for prompt payment. . For further particulars, apply to the Proprietor, WILLIAM Cosstf, who will shew the Deeds and Premises, jiJ4) SAINTFULO, Aug. 29. TO BE SOLD AT COMBER, ACOMPLETE SET of MACHINERY, far Spinning LINEN YARN, made by PKOCTOH, of Leeds, with an Upright and lying Metal Shaft, a Boiler, and Metal Tubes, for warming th » House, all in perfed order.— Applv to 854) WM. STITT. ON THE BIRTH FOR LONDON, To Sail without Convoy. The remarkably fast- sailing,- armed, manned, and licenced Schooner j SWIFT, ! WILLIAM LINES, COMMANDER, Having two- thirds of her Cargo engaged for the above port. Such Goods as may offer, will be received at a Reduced Freight.— Apply to the MASTER, on board; or, M. THONBOE, FOREIGN AND SHir AGENT. . Belfast, August ( 85* TO BE SOLD, TT'Kl? LEASE of a PIECE of GROUND in the Pass l Lotting, near the new road leading to Malone Turn- pike, containing in front 43 foet, and from front to rear 66 feet, on which there has been lately ere< Sed a commodious DWELLING- HOUSE, two stories high, 31 feet in front, leaving 15 feet of BUILDING GROUND, held by Lease from WM. CARSON & Co. for 50 years, from November, 1810 stibj- ft to the snnll Yearly Pent of £ 5, 15/. 0d. For further particulars, apply to WM BELL, the propria* tor, on the Premises; or WM. EMZKSON, North- street, Belfast. August 24 If not disposed of by Private Sale, prior to WEDNES- D\ Y, Jrl September, it will on that day be sold by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Premises, exaSly at ONE o'Cleck. ( 837 ONE HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD. WHEREAS, on the Night of FRIDAY the First, or the Morning of SATURDAY the Second day of May last, a number of Persons unknown, assembled at Ntw- CA! riE QUAY, in the Barony of Ards, and County of Down, and did maliciously cut the MAST, B » WSPRIT, SHROUDS, & c. fcc. of the Sloop BO, UNTT, OT Portaferry. Now, in order to bring to condign punishment, the per- petrator or perpetrators thereof, w « do hereby offer a Re- ward of One Hundred Pounds Sterling, to be paid in proportion to the sums respectively annexed to our Names, to sufh Person or Persons as will within Twelve Months from the date- hereof, discover on and pro- secute to con vision, tike Person or Persons guilty of said outrage, or the sum of TWENTY POUNDS, for such private information at may lead to the eonvi& ion of any o! the concerned. And wl'tlo hereby pledge ourselves to make application to the LOUD I. IEIITENANT, for the pardon of such Person or Persons, if concerned in the above Felony, as may give such information against accomplices as may lead to his or tbeir conviction. Dated POUTAIaa* T, May 11, 1812. N, B. The original Subscription Paper, amounting to d? 180, is lodged with Mr. THOMAS JACKSON, of Porja- ferry, one of the Church Wardens of the united Parish of Ballyphilip, Slans, & e. - ( 8S9 NOTICE. TF the CREDITORS of Lsexr & Bo » n, and the PRI- Jl VATE CREDITORS et H. LTCXV, in, the North of fteland, will aAlres* prior to the 19th September, a Line put paid, to Alexander J. Robinson, Esq of Dublin, they will be informed of something that will tend much to their inte- rest. ( 843 NOTICE. JAMES HEARES, of Tullyhue, Parish of Ballymore, and County of Armagh, do hereby give notice to the Public, not to credit nor harbour my reputed. Wife, MAR- THA HEAKE, otherwise GEORGE, as from her improper behaviour to me, I will not pay any thing she may contrail, and leaving me without provooation. 836) August 27, 131S. FOft GLASGOW, The HAWK, B. M'CORMICK, MAST**, ( A constant Trader), Now loading, to sail in a few day*. FOR DUBLIN. The BEE, RANKIN..„ '. v. lo a few days. For Freight, apply to • GEO. MONTGOMERY. The BETSEYS, NeiLsbn, at" Glasgow; and the DIS- PATCH, JAMESON, at D » bliu, are loading for Belfast. 810) Belfast, August 24. NFJFRY. AUCTION OF TOBACCO « c POT ASHES. ANDREW AIKEN, ^ jyTLL peremptorily Sell by Auction, at his ' ' WAREHOUSE in New- tree!, on . WEDNESDAY the 2d of September next, at TWELVE o'Clock, 35 Hogsheads of very Prime Rkhrn md TOBACCO; And, on ihe following Day, at ONE o'clock, 200 Barrels, first Brands, Ncxv- York and Boston POT ASHES. Terms declared at Sale. ROBERT MOLLAN, Broker. NEWRY, August 86. ' ( 315 riTAVE received, twr LONDON; TKiLF P< V J( D- he GEORGE, from. gar. 793) 162 chests Tea, Assorted, 42 Hhds. remarkable Fine Scale Sa 17 Hhd: Refined Sugar, SO Puncheons Jam- tier. Rum, SO Hogsheads l euf Tobaccv, 90 Cases IJfurrice Ball, 11 Half Seror- s Spanish In Sgi, 4 Chens East Indid Indigo, 5 Crises Ca- sia, 5 Cwt. Cloves, 4 Hogsheads Glue. Wme- Cellar- Entry, August 19, . SICILY BARILLA, See. I 50 '! P° NS' of Quality, lately landed, ex I SrniH. and PROVJ i>. .-. cr, from SICILY, to close Sales will be sold cheap— Apply ro WILLIAM PHELPS. Belfast, August 24, 1812 WHO HAS ALSO FOR SALS, New Alicant Barilla, Nein- T" rl Pot Asks, lst Brands, Bleachers' Smalts, Virginia Tobaca, Orleans ( if Georgia Cotton. Glauber Salts. ( 808 EAST INDIA INDIGO. " JOHN MARSHALL has received, per the i'J GEORGE, from LONDON, Three Chests East India Indigo, of a fine quality ; WHICH, WITH Fine and Common C ngou Teas, Scale- Sugars, & c. ( l1c. Will be Sold on moderate Terms, at 17, Wiring- street. 799) Belfast, August 20,1812. BLACK LAC? SHAWLS & VEILS. i-. J5K - T MARSHALL TJTAS just received, an ASSORTMENT of the NfeWEST 1 1 PATTERNS, which he will sell Cheap. 746) August 10. Wholesale Woollen, Manchester, dfc Irish Cortl Warelamse, SO. 171, CHURCU- STREET, DUBLIN, IT YNDON, BOLTON, & CO. are now Land; in/, per the Sampson, George W Anne, Preston, Uopi, and the Elix sketi f om LIVERPOOL^— One Hundred and Fifty BALES, of every description « f WOOLLEN and COTTON GOODS, Which were selefled befor e any rise took pl. tce, a » t will be found well worth the attention of Wholesale Purchasers. ( 752 BLEACHERS' SMALTS. ~~ RO BERT DE LAP TIT AS for Sale, a Parcel of REAL DUTCH, of First III Quality, which he will Sell on very moderate Terms. 631) Belfast, July 18, 1812, —' : : 1 GRAND & NOVEL '- SCHEME.' HpHE SMALL LOTTERY, which'will be Drawn the 1 8th of September next, contains a free gift from the Contractors of Eight Packets of Tickets, by which a Htank may gain £ 50.000, an advantage never bb ained before. and even the Lowest Prizes are one- third mare valuable than those in the last Lottery — The other Benefits are as follows: — of £ 16,000 are £ 32.000 4,000 ...... 8.000 S, 000 6,000 1,000 ...... 4,000 500 ...... 2 000 300 ...... I. fjOO 6 of 10 10 . 28 I 930 ^ 200 are £ 1,300 - 100 800 • • 50 ....... 560 .. 40 400 SO ....... 840 22. ... 42,460 All to be Drawn the Sth of September next. TICKETS ajid SHARKS are now Selling at ARCHER and WIPLING'S, P. M'GOURAN'S, and ARfrHBOLD and DUGAN'S, Belfast; and at HOLIDAY'S, NeWry. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AFOREMAN BAKER, for the Purtadown Public Bakery. None need apply who cannot produce pro- per recommendations for abilities and character. ," » ' ',...- Portadown, 25th August, 1812. N. B. A Person who would take a Share in the Business, would be preferred. ( 841 WANTED. AN APPRENTICE to the GEOCERY BUSINISS n Town,, a Lad of Genteel Connections will find it an advantageous Situation. Apply to Mr. SAMUSL 1 UCKEK Chronicle Office. ( H by letter, post- paid.) ( 771 ,£ 3000, OR 43.500, TO be Sunk an an Annuity tor the Life of a Gentleman, aged 57 Years; • Application to be made to FBANCU WHITI* , Attorney, Belfast. . ( SV7) Dated August 24, 1812. SALE T'- t-. i ]) 4Y. B. Y ATTCTrON,- the Premise ct A TOWN PA is. ' Gn SATURDAY r- r-. / ONE o'Glocl, rlAT PARK or, FIELD, situate on the road leading to Dunjonajd, Mr 3. Robins., .' » House, containing a^ oirt rwvo Arr- i -: ch Lau i, - enc o ed, and free of Trespass; Hel l under Lord Spe'^- e- Ohich'- s'er, for three. goixl " l, iv •? jnd' 1- 1 Yeais " front NovfrriMr last, at the small ytatty Rent of 107— I'Vom the well- ' lowrf situation for Building, or to k> rp in P - stur-, it is unn ce- sary ro 111 ':-- r,. - n,- nr.— Iin- ne- ua- e Pctnsossi. on cm given.— Tepms at safe. The Subscriber -.'. n creat with any P.- rs > n inclined to purchase before day of Sale, atid if Sold, due. r, ot, ce'iw^ l( be givetl." THOMAS RICHARDS, August 21. No ' SS; Arm- street, R- lf . st. > 1); , . ItfACFZjU. AU, jvctbheer. ~ ' MAHOGANY BY M/ CTiON. ." • jrjltVR LOOS of very fine and la- ge HOVBS* < j . M\ H' » ' OANT, to be Sol+ bv Auction in l\ mas'*%¥ t . opiv|- sit'? the New'TiniBer Yard; nn- WRP. MFSD VY., 2d S. p- tember, at ONE o'Clock. Terms deriar. ecl, at Sale.* WALTER MACfARLAN. ' Ayilkineer. _ • ' Belfast, August S6, lBig. • ( 831 .. TO . B^ SOLD BY AUCTION, - On TUESVAT lie Rtl " eple- nlrr nert, n tit Premier, at 0:-. rH o'r. Ui ( if not previously disfo. tfief). ; pHE LEAgE of ? EVPN P. WBIX1 MG- HOliSES, ijt • William- Street, North', oft Ohnrsh- street, of wfiith there are 62 Years Unexpired from May last, at- t(> e small Yearly Rent wf ft. 5s. let to Tenants at wi. ll, at a Wlerute - ate, prodacing a Profit- rent of £ M, 19/. per annum.' Proposals will be received by CUMING & TANNY,' Auctioneers, & c.. S4, Hlgh- s'reet. EeWast, August 16. . AUCTI0N~ " - I Of a most desirable CONCERN, for. the Mercan- tile or Provision Business, ' ipHAT large, commodious CONCERN, No. 25, JAMF' « L STREET, containing in front 65 Feet, and extending backward 135 Feet; on which has been Built within the ast eight yeirs, an excellent DWF. LING- HOUSE, with a large S TORE in thejear The whol- is encased by a 14 inch wall; the yard completely Paved, and on thp front there is Budding Ground for Two Houses.— This Concern will be Set up to AUCTION at Mr JAMES HYNO- MAN'S Office, Dsnegall- street, on MONDAY the 31st nst. precisely at ONE o'clock. For further particulars enquire at the Premises, or at No, 1, Calendar- street'. - ( 73.5) Belfast, Aug ti ROMAN CEMENT, For covering the outside of Ruitdings, to produce the effect of St ne, THIS excellent Composition, which has been n « ed with so much success in various public and private Buildings in England, has been imported into this country, and may be purchased ( in any quantity) at WILLIAM S A L M O N'S, S, ANGLESEA- STREET, DUBLIN J Or, of the Proprietors FR ANC'S and WHI I E, Nine- El London. The properties of this Cement are numerous. For out* side Stucco on walls, it has not been equalled ; f> r its qui1i- ties in Briilga- Building, Locks on Canals, resisting waier in Cellars or making Reservoirs, the public irs ref-- rre< l to the following Professional Gentlemen, vi* . Vl.' jir I'AVLOK, FJI- gineer; Mr. FSANCIJ JiiBNstow, and'' MiC Rlcu. sno Ei.- s. s M. Architects, in the City of l> iblin. Sold in t asks, with direCfirtns for u- injr. ( S'Jl in s 4 TO BE LET, CAPITAL STORE in Corn Market, containing a GROUND FLOOR and two estensive LOFT3, with OFFICE corople e.— Ap' ly to . WILLIAM PHELPS, , , . No a Lime. Kiln Dock A « gust 10, IS12. ( J! 13 TAVERN TO LET. ' ipHF. ESTABLISHED TAVERN, in Sugar- Hou. o. I Entry, formerly kept by Mrs. ft » » KCi. AT, it pre- sent occupied by Mr. HATLOCK, to be Let from November next. The House has late'v had a thorough repair, and is parti- cularly adapted to ' he Business— Apply to SAM. Sc ANDREW M'CLEAN August 5. (?•-'!> TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE SALE, A FARM of LAND, within a few minutes iiV walk of SA1NTFIKLD, containing Thi t - two Acres, and half an Acre of - Turbarv. Clunninghanti Me.^ u- e, at the Ye. irly Ren? of £ 1 per Acre, dur ng th.- heing o! i . vo yonng Lives, at the fall of which it will come into the hands ofVscount Noarut- IND. A liberal Credit will be given For particulars, apply to HUGH CI. RKR, Baltyma- carrett,— 1Mr. THOMAS . CLARKE, of Saintfield, will shew the Premises. August- 7, 1812 . N. B. . If the above Farm .. be net disposed of hy pr vitt Sale prior to '. he 7th September, it will be SOLD by Publie AUCTION on that Day, it the House of Mr. THQM- vS CLARKE, in Saintfield ( 781 N. B. S. 4e to commence at ONE o'clock COUNTY DOWN, ['. PlMjvErj M'Nmitr, \ BF. SOl'. D, by the Sa>, lrt Pis, ntiff; f t of the County of Oowtr, ,, t ie , £ i) ir<* ril-' oo/^ / H - use of Mr. JOHN Pa rT,. istn<, liefend. mt. V of ntnore, in , ssid Cnttnry. nn iA- : J TUHD A Y the Jrh day of Sept em- bet nelt, at ELEVEN o'Clock befo'e Nobn, by virtue " i a Writ of Execution in this Cause, All the R1GH f, Tl IT. E, and IN I EREST of the Defendant in and to Ten Acre, and upwards, of the LANDS of BALLY M AGART, in th Parish ni Kilk. el, with the PAPER MILL, HOtfSFS, an4 | Appflrlenatices thereto belonging, held under Messrs. JAIME . land CkRtSTbPHta MA a M! o *. tor , , r 900 Years,— Dated this 22 « l August; I8J2 j829) DAVID GORDON, Sheriff. f : The Public are restwiafully inform- « d, chat the following KiSLV. REGULAR TRADERS V^ P* ss'isfe. Cf tttifrr tbtir respeSivt fort', mitls th frit fair IVind after the dates snentiontd ; FOR LONDON, The armed brig DONEGAI. L, Cotra rtNAV, In a fewdaya The armed brig- AURORA, MTA* K « , 14 dayq alter FOR LIVERPOOL, The armed brig GEORGE, CAKHHST...... S9th August. The FANNY, MARTIN............ ...... Eight days after. FOR BRISTOL* . Tht SWIFT, 50th September. FROM LWEKPOOL; FOR. BHJ. FAST,, The MINERVA, Coo. KTEWAT,.^ SSth'Augnst. The CERES, SAVAOs Eight days after. FROM LONDON FOR. BELFAST, The armed brig FACTOR, M'Nusi... iptfi September. , , For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER j and WILLIAM OGILBY, Abchurch- Yard. .) Gentlemen who have Linens to forward, will please send them to GEORGE LANGTRY I , sjij— » - Tht Pot lic are vesjwftfully nform- ^ t — • i et!, that it rs inteode l the following if> S N. E. TRADERS Slat: sail at the wdtr^ entiosudfttksdtt jK'^ JJ^ . " " ' FOR LONDON1, : The armed brig VENUS, Pesnn r o N In a few days. The armed bri* LEVANT, M'Kisdm..,.., 1.4 dam after. I hrj" e Vessels being. armed'and completi- ty well found, Insurance by Jhem tyiil consequently be eiicCted ujW. t most reasonable terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, The KELLY, M'II. WAISJ 59th August. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BFLFA^ T, The ST. P. VVRlcK, CAMVBfM Sira f.. ir wind The NBPTUNE, DAVIOSON Sr ei diysafter. FROM LONDON FOR B.- LF/. S ; , The armed brig VINE, MONTOOMERV..., First f. ir wind For Freight, in London, apply to Mi B. lfsst, to R. GREENLAW, Agent, Who wtli receive tn'T forward LINEN-< - LOTH oils MERCHANDLZIE care and disrmrh,. jy A " lew Stout. La. l « wnntod • « « APPi i in Messrs. WM. IUHN ' O N, Nicholas' L « nitY civ in WHARTON; - A few stout Lad. wanted as Apprentice;' to the Sea. [ L. " f Hi*'**** • - —• " . . .• ! 5U " tbe to wlH « n . iijer*) B » icourat « n> ooj BELFAST COMMERCIAL CHllOxNICLE. esaseeaae — ORIGIN a ' I. - P- HETTl v . FL. DP- UUAUI" J1^..^ [_ For the Belfast Com nercldl Chronicle.'] THE SYMPATHETIC LYRE, i have a t'yri and well it knows Its master's , orrows, cares and wains; And whea Contentment's sons repose, To night and me its voice complains. The instrument erewhile was given, To HAMMOND by the eletiest Muse.- • V The strings were all prepared in heaven, And steeped in Pity's woe- born dews. SHENSTONE received it at his death, The son of plaintive minstrelsy; And when he gained th' immortal wreath, The Lyre of Grief was given to me. And dear to me is HAMMOND'S Lyre ! And sweet in « adly„ mourn'ul swell; Oh, how my finders know each wire, Where melancholy numbers dwell! They search where Memory's ' ales reside-— They wake them from their drousy sleep:— Past times return a flowing tide ; And o'er my mind their surges sweep ! The faded forms of pleasures flown, Roll back with scenes of other days : Their shades return to hear thy moan s Remembrance lights them with her rays. But d m, Remembrance! is thy lig^ t, And sha- ioury are the forms of old 1— The past is but a moon gilt night, Where half- seen visions we behold. Yet dear to me the twilight 4ky, Which Recollection opes to view ; When every objeit claims a si^ h, That can a sweet regret renew. OH, voic:- of ver « e ! Oh, living spring Of dirgeful solemn « ounds divine !— Oh, Lyre of many a plaintive string, While life exists thou shalt be mine! Far sweeter are thy notes of pain; More dear thy plaintive song to me, Than Mirth and Pleasure's cheerfsl strain; Or all their wild- struck minstrelsy 1 Sacred to me the strain tint pours, Consoling aneuish o'er the mind, When Feeling from distress endures, Its chilling, icy touch nnkind. Companion of my lonely hours! Harp of regret! Oh ehild of woe !— Sweet are thy pleasure- damping powers, When Pity bids thy numbers flow ! Thou wast the soother of my breast, In all my c. res, since first I knew A troubled heart—^ i mind distressed— A faithless world— a frieud untrue!— When difficulties crossed my way, As thro' Life's crooked paths I strayed, That time I knew thy friendlv sway Oh then I felt thy powerful aid ! Or when Misfortune's frowns o'ercast, Youth's falsely- flattering, < Vpril skie- ; Or when adversely blew the blast, Which wayward Fate had taught to rise. To thee my Lyre, I had recourse, And in the " joy of grief" I found Misfortune's strings had lost their force Fate's storm was but a passing sound. Oh I shall never, never part, Thy strings - e full of pathos dear! No, never, till my breaking heart Pours forth its last departing tear ! AUGUSTUS. English- street, JnX4en—? 0tl August, 1812. CORRIGENDA. In the Essay on Summer, bi- the above writ » r, which ap- peared in our Paper of the 17th inst. for " Slbieb Gbullion," read Sliebh Ghullion; for " riposing" seid reposing; ' for " Te- ronia," read Feronia; for " beautiful proviJente" read boun- tiful providence ; for " radian- beaming" read radianee- beam- ing; for " unpeiv'oas bower," read impervious bower; for 11 Wight draws bis," read Night draws on her ; and for " glittering -. oitb aitral" read glittering with astr l spangles. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. ADMIUALTV- OFFICF., AUGUST 22. ( Transmitted h/ Sir J. Saumurez. J RIGA, August 4, 1812.— The Russian g » n- boats, » o long expected, and at one time so anxiously desir- ed, arrived here on 31st ult. and now form a most important acquisition to the defence of the place. The way Capt. Stewart has conducted himself in the command of the Russian aud English gun boats, is highly praiseworthy, and his unremitting exertion, so creditable to. the country, has beet) willingly imitated by the officers and men of the Aboukir aria Kinger, Who are placed under his orders ; they have unques- tionably kept the enemy from dossing the river, at the falls above the town, where a body of irlfantry and horse still remain intrenched ; the only time they ever advahced towards the boats, they were dispersed in a very few minutes, after losing ; lye men and two horses killed. Gen. Cravart, who . commands the troops of the enemy in this neighbourhood, during the absence of Marshal Macdonald, sent on ' 27th ult. to summons General Essen to surrender, assigning as a reason to do so, that his battering train would arrive in the course of a fortnight, There has been a sharp affair in the neighbourhood of Witpsk, where it stjems a strong division of the enemy crossed the Dttna, and j attacked part of the corps of Prince Bagration ; but j ihey were repulsed, and pursued across the river to 1 the distance of several miles. The enemy sustained ! considerable loss in killed and prisoners, most of • • them Wirtemberg troops; the Russian loss is not i mentioned, except that a Gen- Okuloft was killed, j T. B. Martin. RICA, 5th Aug. 1812.— I h ive infinite Sittisfac- j *. ion in acquainting you, that a messenger is arrived from Gen. Count Witgenstein, stating, that a Severe , action was fought between his corps and that under j Marshal Oudinot, on the SOth and 31st ult. in the neighbourhood of Polosgh, or Poloch. It appears i that Oudinot had crossed the Duna, and was march- ing v. ith a view, it is supposed, of comiug round up- a, and cutting off the communication with St. ehen Count Witgenstein commenced a stuck, and obliged him to recioss the river, with the loss of 3000 prisoners, anil some can- non. The fighting had been very shjirp, and the Count was pursuing the enemy } vhen the courier came away. The loss of the killed and wounded is not mentioned on either side, except that G- n. Kul- nien, of the Russian hussars, is killed, and Count Witgenstein slightly wounded. An official report of this action will probably be published in the course of this evening, and I shall forward it to you to- morrow by a vessel going to Hano. We h ive no account from the main army since that of 29th ult. which mention Prince Brag- ra- tion having driven the enemy across the rrer. T. B. MARTIN, Rear- Admiral. P. S. 1 have this evening received the enclosed from Gen. Essen, confirming what I have respecting the affair. T. B. M. RIGA, 21TH JULY (.•> AUG.) 1812 — I hasten to communicate to your Excellency the intelligence I have just received from Gen. Count Witgenstein.— He informs me, that on the 18th and 19th inst. ( SOth and 31st July,) he gained a complete victory over Marshal Oudinot. The battle took place between Shebesch and Polotzk. Three thousand prisoners, two cannons, and a quantity of baggage and ammn nition, are the unequivocal proofs of hrs victoiy. The Count writes, that he is in pursuit of the enemy, and that his advanced posts are hourly sending in fresh prisoners. Being desirous of transmitting, as soon as possible this agreeable intelligence to Gen. Suchtelen, I venture to request your Excellency will forward the inclosed to him by the earliest conveyance. In case you should not at this moment have any vessel dis- poseable, Colonel Ballabin wiil move Admiral Sche- sihenkaff to supply one. ESSEN, Governor of Riga. To Ileai- Admiral . Martin. MILITARY PROMOTIONS. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, AUGUST 17. Corps of Royal Engineers. To he Second Lieutenants. Cadet Charles Wright, vice Kitsen, promoted. Cadet Charles Rivers, - » ice H. N. Smith, pro- Gentleman Gentleman moted. Gentleman Gentleman moted. Gentleman moted. Gentleman Gentleman Gentleman moted Gentleman mt. ted. Gentleman Gentleman Gentleman Cadet Robert Hunt, vice Elliot, promoted. Cadet Francis R. Thomson, vice Matson, pro- Cadet Hale Young Wortham, vice Vi& or, pro- Cadet James P. Catty, vice Grierson, promoted, Cadet James W. Wordey, vice Baron, promoted Cadet Geo. V. Tinlin, vice De Salaberry, pro- Cadet Andrew De White, vice Machell, pro- cadet James W Eyre, vice Fenwick, promoted. Cadet Joshua Jebb, vice Hall promoted. Cadet John Smyth, vice Scott, promoted. Dated July 1, 1812. BY THE GOTTFNBURGH MAIL. insatiable ctnHitv for plunder, he should be Mm 1 to the thinger or" f irtV'r committing himself rut sue!* an immense distance from liis territories, it would become the duty of every loyal Russian — » v « ry true friend to his country— to co- Operate cheerfully with- us in im- peding equally his progress or his retreat, by ' destroy- ing his siipnlies, his means o£ conveyance ; in shirt every thing which can he serviceable to him. We, therefore, ordeir that such of our subjects in the pro. vines of Witepsk and Pskoy, as may have articles' of subsistence, either form- in or beast, beyond their im- immediate want, to deliver them to officers authorised to receive them, and for which they shall - be paid the full value out of the Imperial treasury. The owners of growing crops within the distance of the line of the enemy's march, are commanded to destroy them, and they shall be reimbursed their loss. The pro- prietors of magazines,' either of provisions or clothing, | are required to deliver them to the commissaries for the use of the army, and they wiil be liberally remu- nerated. In general, the spirit of this order is to be carried into execution in regard of all articles, whe- ther of subsistence, of clothing, or of conveyance, which may be considered useful to the invaders; and the magistrates are made responsible for the due ful- filment of these our commands. SCOTLAND. AM ERICA, AN AC T TO EaOntBIT AMERICAN VESSBIS IIOU PRSCSSBINO TO, OK TaAUtNO WITH THE ENEMIES Ot THE UNIT- ED STATES, AND FOR OTHER EUREOSES. EXTRACT OF A LETTEIt FROM UEBAU, JUI. Y 23. " The Russian garrison, which " wai in bur town and port, set out on the 20th, with such precipitation, at break of dav, that for want of horses they were ob- liged to leave three pieces of cannon upon the battery of the port. About three o'clock in the afternoon, we saw the Prussian troops arrive, who' the preceding night were supposed to be 14 leagues distant.; they immediately took possession of the town and pint.— These troops, who were commanded by Major Reuss, consisted of two battalions of fuzileers, with two pieces of artillery, and a squadron of dragoons. Upon entering the town the Prussian Commander imme- diately placed guards in the merchants' vessels, which had not left the port. The cannons taken on board these vessels were landed and placed upon the battery of the port. The following day three Russian ships of the line, two frigates, and a bug, arrived, within a quarter of a league- of the port, and reconnoitered it in a boat, carrying 20 men. The Prussian Command- er of the battery made the garrison lay down, anil as soon as he found the boat was within the ordinary shot distance, ordered them to fire. The Officer who was in the boat, and five men, were! killed. We are ignorant of the number wounded. The boat precipi- tately regained her ship, and we soon lost sight of' the fleet." PROCLAMATION OF emPEROR ALEXANDER. - RUSMANS!— The enemy has quitted the Dwina, and has proclaimed his intention of offering battle.— He: accuses you- of timidity, because he mi- stakes, or affects to mistake, the policy of your system. Can he, then, have tdi'gotten the chastisement which your va- lour inflicted at Dun^ berg and Mihr; wherever, in short, it has been deemed proper to oppose him ?— Desperate counsels are only compatible with the en- terpri e he has undertaken and the dangers of his si- tuation ; but shall we, therefore, be imprudent, and foxe^ o the advantages of our own ? He would march to Moscow— let him. But can he, by the temporary possession of that city, conquer the empire qf Russia, and subjugate a population of 30 millions. Distant from his resources near 800 miles, he would, even if victorious, not escape the fate of the warrior Charles XII. When, pressed on every side by hostile armies, with a peasantry sworn to his destruction, tendered furious by his excesses, and irreconcileable by differ- ence of religion, of customs, of language, how would he retreat ? Russians !--*- Rely on the Emperor and the Commanders whom he has appointed. He knows the ardent and indignant valour which bfirns in the bosoms of his sdfdiers' at the boasts of the enemy.— He knows that thev are eager for battle ; that tiiiey grieve at its being deferred, and at the thought of re-, tiring. This cruel necessity will not exist lung.— Even now the period of its duration lessens. . Al- ready are our allies preparing to menace the rear of the invader; while lie, inveigled too far to letreat with impunity, shall soon have to combat with the sea- sons, with famine, and with innumerable armies of Russians. Soldiers, when the- period for. offering battle arrives, your Emperor will give the signal, will be. an eye- witness of your exploits, and reward your valour. ( Signed) ALEXANDER. PROCLAMATION OF EMPEROR ALEXANDER. On the Russian army breaking up from Drissa. Beloved subjects ! In pursuance of the policy ad- | vised by ou; Military Council, the armies will, for the present, quit their positions, and retire farther into the interior, in order the more readily to unite. The enemy may possibly avail himself of this opportunity to advance ; he has announced this intention. Doubt- less, fin spite of his boasr, he begins to feel all the dif- ficulties :; f his menaced attempt to subjugate us, and is anxious theiefore to engage ; he is desperate, and would therefore put every thing on the issue of a battle. The honour of our crown, the interests , of our subjec ts, prescribe, however, a different policy : it is necessary that he should be made sensible of the madness of his attempt. If, urged by the desiie of obtaining provisions and forage, or goaded by an Be it enfl- fled by the Senate and House "*. Representa- tives of the United Stares of America, in Congress as embled. That no ship" or vessel, owned in whole or in part, by a citizen or citizens the United States, shall be p^ rnntred to clear out or depirt from any port or place, within the limits of the United States, or territories ther- of, to any foreign port or place, till t^ e owner or owners agent, fa& or, freighter, . master or commander, shall h; ive given bond, with sufficient security, in the amount, of such ship or vessel and car^ o, not to proceed to or trade with the Fnemies of the United Stares. And if any ship or vessel owned as afore- said, shall depart from any port or ptace within the limits of the United States or territories thereof, for anv foreign port or place, without giving bond with security aforesaid, such ship or vessel arid cargo, shall he forfeited to the use of the United States; and the owwer or owners, freightrr, fudlor, or agent, master or commander,* shall severally forfeit arid pay a sum equal to th- value of such ship or vessel and cargo ; and the said master or commander, if privv thereto, and be- ing thereof convifled, shall be liable to a fine n > t exceeding one thousand dollars, and imprisoned for a term not exceed- ing twelve months, in the discretion nf the Court Sect. 2. And be it furher enaited, That if any citizen or citizens of the United States, or per- en inhabiting the same, shall transport, or attempt to transport, over land or other- wise, in any waggon, cart, sleigh, boat, or otherwise, naval oj; military Hores, . irms or the munitions of war. or any ar- ticle of provision, from ar. y place of the United States, to any place in Upper or Lower Casada Nova Scotii, or New Brunswick, the waggdti, carr, sleigH. hoar, or the thing hy wh ch the said naval or military stores, : irnis, or munitions of w ir, or artie'es of provisions are transported, or attempt- ed to be transported, together with such naval or military stores, armJ, or munitions nf war or provisions, si 1' be forfeited to the use of the United State*, and the oers n or persons aiding or privs- to the - ame, "- hal1 severally forfeit a d pay to the use of the United States, a sum equal in v- ilue to the waggon, cart, si igb, boat, or thing by which the said naval or military store*, arms, or munitions of war, or ar- ticle* of provision, are transported, or are attempted to be transported; and shall moreover He considered as guilt;- of a misdemeanor, and he liable to fv 6ned in a sum not x- cveding five hundred dollars, and imp iso- ted for a term ' not exceeding six nv. nths, in the discretion of" the Cr urt: Pro- vided, That nothing, herein contamfc'i sh II extend to any transportation for the use or on account o. f the United Stares, or the supply of its troops or armed force. Set. 3 And he it further enabled, That the Collei3ors of the several Ports of the United States b-, and the same are hereby authorised to seize and stop ri^ yal and military stores, arms, or the munitions of war, or any articles of provision, and ship or vessel, waggon. Cart, sleigh, boat, or thing by which any article prohibited as aforesaid, is shipped or trans- ported, or attempted to be shipped or transported, contrary to th. s Ad. Ser. 4 And be it further enadled, That no ship or vessel belonging to any citiztH or cirizei. s, subjesSl or suhjecSh of any state or kingdom in amity w; th the United St lies, ex cept such as at the passage of this odk shall belong ro the citizen or cirizeirs, su'- jed or subjects, of such sta- e or kingdom, or which shall hereafter he huiit in the iimita of a st.- te or king- dom in amity with the United States, or purchased hy a citizen or citizeus, suLjedt or subje& s of a state or kingdom in amity with the United States aforesaid, fiom a citizen or citizens of the limed States, shall be admitted into any port or place of the United States, unless forced by a stress of weather, or for necessiry repairs; and any ship or vessel, belonging to citizen or citizens, su'je^ t or subje& s of any state or king- dom in amity with the United States, as aforesaid, except such ships and vessels as are above excepted, which shad, from and after the first day of November next, enter or at- tempt to enier, such port or place aforesoid, the same with her cargo, shall be forfeited to the use o( the United Sta'as Sec. A. And be it further enaiSetf, That » n> British p icket or vessel with despatches destined for the United States„ afid which shad have departed from any'port or place in rhe United Kjngdoai of Great I Sri lain and Ireland or its depen- dencies, oil or before the .1st day September next, shalt not be liable to be captured or condemned, but the same shall be permitted to. enter ^ nd tiepait from an* port or place in the United S' It - 1 P- ovided, '{ hat nothing herein contained shall be- coiifilid to afieCt any Cartel or vessel with flag of truce. Sec. 6. And be it further enaifted, That the President of the United'States be, and he is hereby authorised to give, at any time withio' six months after the passage of this aft, passports for the transportation of any slwp or other pro- perty belonging to Br. tish sui. jefts, and. which is now with- in the limits of the IJuited States. Sec 7 And be it further ena& ed, That every person, beiii£ a citizen of the United States, or residing therein, who shall receive, accept, or obtain » licence from the. Govern- ment ot Great Britain, or any Officer thereof, for leave to carry anv merchandize, or send any vessel into any port or place within the dominions of Great Britain, or to trade with any such port or piaCe, shall, on convisftioh, for every such offence, forfeit a sum equal to twice the value of such ship, merchandize, or articles of trade, and shall moreover be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and be liable to be im- prisoned not exceeding twelve months, and ty be fined not txceuding 100< » dollars. H. CLAY, Speaker of the House of Representatives. --- — WtW. CR* WPOR[), President of the Senate, pro tempore. . Approved, JAM£ S MADISON. July « , 181 - 2. A patent hai been obtained for a secure and econo mical mode nf laying foundations, applicable Co the projection of wharves and piers in: o deep water. The method is to combine, above ground or water, stone, brick, < Sr other artificially com- posed materials,! into a number of distinfl masse,, ot into one entire mass, which shall constitute the foundation'or lower part of the struflure. This mass ii to be placed in the required situation, with- out clearing away the water or ground, and with- out the use of cassoon or dam, and is then to be pressed down by floating over it a loaded vessel at the recession of the tide, wiih such a degree of foice as shall be deemed sufficient, to prevent the further injurious yielding of the ground, when the superstructure shall be built up and applied to use. Greenock, August " I. JAMAICA FLEET. Arrived here on Saturday, the ship M. irlin. Ewing, from Jamaica : sni'fd th » nc< » with a fleet of SO sail. nnd'T conviv of his Majesty's fric j'p Thetis, and Garland sloop of war, on the SOth . Tune from Negril hav, parted from the fleet on Sunday, ' he 12th Jtiiv, of See lei hill, in Cuba. Captain Ewing has favoured us with th.' follow- ing particulars:— Shir. Marian, July 28, 18) 2, In Int. 3,1, 22. N. lung, fil 4,5. being in company with the ship John. John CLArk", master ; ship Starling, Sharp, m IS- ter j brig Clinker, Craig, master; and the Henry i Cerf, Brown, mas'er, all of London, and part of the fl- et which sailed from Long B iy, Jarpaic t. the SOth June. At 11, A. M. the John, beiri? the sternmost, made the signal for an eraemv in sis> ht. The Starling, Clinker, and Henry Cerf, hov ro a- head, and the John hove to windward. The schooner came up with British colours, within gun- shot and hove to. Captain Clarke being sus- picious of her, fired the first shot, when she re. turned it, and w<" re both engaged for some time. The schooner fonrrhr und » r American colours, th? John firing a number of shots, which she re- turned, and hauled to the southward. She shewed nine ports, and was full men. In the evening she bore tin and engaged the John a second time, with a long gun. supposed to be a 12 or 18- poun. der, when at 7 P M. she hauled off to the south- ward j the night coming on, and to blow and rain, saw no more of her ; and, if it had not been for Captain Clarke, she would have taken inme of us. The Henry Cerf parted from us 6th August, in lat 42. 27. N. long. 49. 8. The Marian' parted with the John, Starling, and Clipker, all. well, in lat. 18. 0. long. 22. on the 14eh inst. On the 18 h August, spoke the American ship John and Ann, from London, M'Bride, master, bound for Norfolk, all well, eight days out, in lat. 51. 15. long. 12. 7. Great praise's due to Captain Clarke, for his condufl in protefling the vessels, and we trust that his condnfl will n « t be overlooked by the Under- writers at Lloyd's. GREENOCK, AUGUST 25.— Arrived yesterday the Trelawney, Reid ; Elizabeth, M'Bride ; Mars, Alexander ; Jane, Wilson ; Alfred, Clark, passed to Port- Glasgow, being the whole division for the Clyde, except the Robust, Landels, and De- fiance, , and they may be looked for in the course of this day, as the wind is fair, and they were in company, all well, when the fleet parted on Friday last off Cape Clear. The fleet, con- sisting of about 76 sail, left Negril bay, on first July, under convoy of the Thetis frigate, and were accompanied through the Gulph of Florida bv the Garland sloop of war. On the SOth, in l it, 40.. long. 60 fell in with a squadron from Halifsx, consisting of the Africa ( 64 guns) and four frigates, who gave them information of the American war, and convoyed them in safety to the eastw. i'd of the Banks of Newfoundland The Pompey, of this port* Cowan, wis in the fl ' et for London, a « d also, the Ann . Green, Fish, for Quebec, the latter parted in lat. 40. Edinburgh, August IS. Owing to an extraordinary rise in the price of oatmeal, a crowd of people assembled in th? CbV- gate and Grassmarket, on Tuesday morning, for ' he purpose of intercepting the supplies on their road to the ma ket. Several carts were accord- ingly seized, and heir contents distributed among | the populace; at'er which the mob proceeded to : he D ilk ith roid, where they seized several more carts, and retailed the meal at 2s. per peck, which they gave ' he drivers. The shops also of the viflua'- deal- rs and bakers in Nicholson- street and pla es adjoining were threatened bv the populace, and were in consequence prudently stmt up. Io i the evening, the houses of several meal- sellers in different par's of the town were attacked and she windows broken, and we understand that in Leith there were also considerable, tumults. The Ma- gistrates, wiih a party of constables, repaired, on the first alarm, to the spot, and made every exer- tion to quell the tumult. As a necessary precau- tion, a party of soldiers was ordered from riie castle, and in the forenoon the following judicious proclamation was issued :— By Order of the Righi Hon. the Lord Provost and Magistrates of Edinburgh. The inhabitants are enjoined to avoid all riotous proceed ings in the present circumstances, as any tumult9 that Aiay be excited cm have no other effect than to deter persons who hare provi- ions, from bringing them into town, and thus to increase the scarc ty The Lord Provost and Magistrates assure the inhabitants, that they will use all the means in their power to relieve them from their present distresses, At the same time, as the Magistrates have every reasom to know, that a scarcity of grain exists throughout the country, they give the inha- bitants this public notice, of their determination to m ice use of the powers vested in them, to repress any tumultuous proceedings, and preserve rhe peace of the tity. Council Chamber, Edinburgh, 1 Stb August. Yesterday every thing was quiet, and we hope that the means already adopted may so far palli- ate the existing evil, as to prevent any recurrence of tumult or disorder, which, it must he obvious to every person of lefleflion, can have no other effefl than to drive away the supplies, and thus aggravate the existing mischief; for we may rest assured that no one who has meal to sell, will send it to be plundered. It is absolutely necessary, therefore, even for the sake of the c insumets them- selves, to proteft the f eedorn of the marker, with- out which, there can be no security that the stock on hand will be forthcoming for the maintenance of the people. The M^ g s rates, we ha » e reason to know, are using all the means in their power to procure supplies of provisions; but it mast readily occur to every one, that they must gua- rantee to farmers and corn- dealers the safety of their goods; otherwise they cannot expeft to suc- ceed in their laudable endeavours.— Caledonian Mercury. EDINBURGH, AUGUST 24.— On Friday morn- ing last, a corspe was discovered under ground, but near to the surface, on he side of the high- road between Prestonfield- gate and Clearburn, which having led to an investigation before the Sheriff, the result whereof has been to ascertain, that the corpse when lodged ( which must have keen three months ago at least) seems to have been pin in a wrapper of fine linen, having a shirt un- der it with such a frill as is generally worn hy re- cruits, arid, wh- n found, Wat in soch * p r id s' if." as rendered it difficult even to ascertain rh » but was discovered to be a boy of about 12 vears of age. The corpse was brought to, and - x v- in- . ed in, the Chapel of Else bel « ngir,!? th the W- st Kirk, where it remained till nrx- day, u- hen ii lie. came requisite, from the pnr- jd s'-. r. e the tn iv w^ s in, to inter it. As vet no discovery has He- n qb- - tained as to this very unaccountable and - mysini. ous business, nor any thing- leading to r • fas ./ a'* the public are much interested, it h to be h- vvM discovery will be'obtained, especially ': » <: appearances lead to very unpleasant infere|<- i",. ./ DUKE OF LEINSTER' 3 BIIITH- D^. Custledermat, August 22, IS12. Yesterdav, the 21st instant, being the c|, ay no which his Grace the Duke of Leinster attained his 21st year, the same wis observed in th s town and surrounding neighbourhood with every de- monstration of joy, which natural! v flowed from the esteem and gratitude held for his b.- lnved Fa- ther, who still lives in the hearts of his tenantry, and all those who were acquainted with his virtues. There was a most plenteous dinner provided hy his Grace's Agent, Mr. Hamilton in four < jif. ferent houses, for his numerous Tenantry ; and upward of forty nf the neighbouring Gentry dined at the Garter Inn— John Greene, Est), in rhe Chair, when the following Toasts were diank : " The King." " The Prince Recent." " The Duke of Leinster, and may he' long live to emu- late his Father's virtues, and, by m.- ljinff trelo: J his- resi- dence, promote its welfare and fiappines.," " Lord William Fitzgerald " " The Duke of Yurk and the Army." " Lord Wellington, and our gallant Array ou the Penin- sula." •• The Wooden Walls of England." " Henry Hamilton, the unpolluced Agent of tVe I) ukeo£ Leinster." " The Gentlemen that honored this Meeting with their attendance." " The Tenantry of Kilkea, Moone, and Manor of Grany, and long may they enjoy the blessings they hive experienced from the best of Landlords." The evening concluded with illumination j, an^ the populace were ^ fgaled wnth ten b. airels of al^ j the whole concluded with the greatest harmonv and, at a late hour, a large concourse of people retired to their re « pe£ tive homes, without tlis- smallest tumult or disturbance. The Dinner at Mjynoodi, by wh'ch the ntimiy rous Tenantry of his Grace celeb a'ed his hinh- day, exceeded i'i number and splendour iJie fes- tivities which took place at A. hy and its neigh* b urh rod. Several hundred persons, consisting of the respeftable Tenantry on his Grace's estate, aud also of some Gentlemen who wi re ir. vited Iroiri D ililiri, dined at the Inn. The lower orders of the inhabitants were plentifully regal d in the de mesne of Cart ' n, and the evening conclude 1 with a brill- ant Illumination of the To* n and Collets of Maynoolb. Among the several Gentlemen who, in honour of their cbarafte rs, had been sep irately invited^ were Henry Hamilton, James Hamilton, Robert Morgan, and William Murphy, . of Snriidifidd, Esqrs. ; the Protestant and Roman Catholic Cler. gymen of the pari.- h ; the Superiors ot both Col. eges at M iynooth, and the Officers of he Re^ ji.- ment in the Town and Neighbourhood. The following incident serves to illnsut", in a very high degree, the spirit which animates the British military. Last week a considerable num- ber of ArtilL ry. Drivers and horses were orde- ed to embark at Plymqurh Dock for the Peninsula : at five o'clock in the morning the whole par tied before the barrack- Gates, in high ' piri/ s, having, in patting from sweethearts and wives, been in- duced to take many ' « more last glasses " One of the Drivers,, however, fell from his horse and broke his thigh, when another, not ordered for embarkation, vaulted like Mercurv in'o the fal- len man's saddle, exclaiming, " ' Tis a pitty so fine a horse should want a rider— Here's Lord Wellington for ever— Serjeant, take down my name !"— a request with which the latter, with all due sang, froid, instantly complied, and the who'e party dashed through the streets to the Dock- yard, where they embarked. 0 « Monday the 17th inst. a person ua/ ned Stock, undertook fifr a considerable bet< to run from the Lower Turnpike to Staverton, a distance of four miles, and to, return in an hour, which he perform- ed eight minutes within the time. On his return, for another \# ager, he agreed to perform the same task in an hour and a half, and to start in < i few minutes. This latter run, incredible as it may appear, he accomplished with ease in an hour and ten minutes: every previous pedestrian feat, tviih- iu the limit of our memory, in this neighbour- hood, is, by this acl, surpassed. BRUTALITY— At a country wake in this county, about a fortnight ago, a buil was baited, agiee- ably to the charier of the place. Ail owner of a bulUdo^ s, which had shewn the greatest sport and courage, exhibited the bull's tongue ( whice he had deposited in his breeches pocket) as a trophy of his dog's valour and his own humanity. It is a fafl, that the dug a£ tually tore the bull's tongue up by the roots —( Staffordshire Advertiser J & A few days ago, the laird of Aucliintoriie, ing on a visit at the beautiful villa of Ardgartan, the seat of Mr. Carnegie, on the banks of Loch Long, one morning, went up the burn to fi . h, and having played a large trout f - r some Mn at las', by a su iden spring, it broke the line, and wenc olf with the hook. A few days afterwards, the same genileman, drawing a net in Loch Long, some two or three miles distant from the burn, found the very same trout, with the line and hook in its mou h. The foil • wing Calculation mny not be unac* ceptable to the l'uiilic, respecting the variation in Siock and Omnium : — Wneu C in, ols and Re- duced are at 58. makes Omnium at a Premium ot* 4i ; ditto 59, ( ii ; ditto 60, Si ; ditto 61,10; Ji'tu 62, 11- i } do. 6a, I3i; do. tii, 15i- ; d„. 65 17. BELFAST: Printed and Published hy DRUMMONO ANOHSON, fo* Self and the other Proprietors, every Monday, W ednesday an.'. Saturday. - Price of the Paper, whttt sen' to any • fslie UnitedKji. gdoni( ij. W] « ( uljt, j-. a. J in. dva^
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