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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 23
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 15/08/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 23
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED BY * AND FOR T. E. DICEY, W. SUTTOJV, AND R. SMITHSON. VOL. 92. SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 1812. --*-— 1 ' 1 < No. 23. Ready with Money is expected ) Advertisements. 5 S Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, P 2 Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. $ PltlCF 6dl j Stamp- Duty - 3d. i I RICE 0%. ( paper an( J print 3( L Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE, of Saturday August 8. Foreign- Officc, August 8. THE Prince Regent has been pleased to appoint Edward Thornton, Esq. to be Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Sweden; and George S. Douglas, Esq. to be Secretary of Legation at that Court. Admiralty- Office, August 8.— Sir E. Pellew lias transmitted a letter from tiie Hon. Capt. Waldegrave, of the Volontaire, giving an account of the capture of the Columbe French felucca, carrying one long gun and eight swivels, wijli 45 men, on the 23d of June, off Cape Croissette, by the boats of the Volontaire, under the directions of Lieut. Shaw. One Midshipman and two seamen were wounded in the boats; and on the side of the enemy, three were killed, and seven wounded.— The felucca was commanded by an Enseigne de Vaisseau, and sent out expressly to attack the Voiontaire's boats, which were waiting to intercept the coasting trade from Marseilles. [ This Gazette also contains an Order in Council, of the 5lli inst. revoking the Order of Dec. 18, 1807, which di- rected that general reprisals should be granted against the ships, goods, and subjects of the Emperor of all the Kussias- 1 - « . viwJM% RSSSSHM » « —— LONDON, TUESDAY, August 11. The latest advices from St. Petersburgh are of the 15th nit. Fresh levies to a large amount had been ordered, and corps of reserve were in motion from all parts of the empire towards the Dwina and the Dnieper. The total amount of troops which Russia bad in the field is estimated in one of these letters at not less than 495,000 men. The letters from Sweden state, that the Expedition from that country was expected to sail about the middle of this month. Itsdestinatioo wasgenerully supposed tobeDantzie, but some accounts point to Lubeck and Stralsund. The orders from Bernadotte to collect transports were so urgent, that several British vessels with cargoes on board were unladen in order to receive troops. The policies on these • vessels, it is stated, were on Saturday cancelled at Lloyd's by the parties interested. It was generally understood, at Stockholm, that the British Government had declined granting a subsidy to Sweden. If Sweden be disposed to unite cordially with us, as it is hoped and trusted she is, there are many ways in which we can serve her more effectually than by sending our money.— No official notification had been made at Gottenburgh of the conclusion of peace with this country. Mr. Thornton is said to have left that place for the Russian head- qnarters. The Crown Prince of Sweden some time since drew to the amount of 150,000 sterling on Paris, and the bills, under the direction of Bonaparte, bad been dishonoured. To indemnify Bernadotte for this disappointment, it bad leen ordered by the Court of Stockholm, that none of the dividends due to Holland from Sweden should be paid, and that out of the sum so reserved he should be remunerated. Mittau, which is in possession of the French, is only about 30 miles distant from Riga ; the letters from thence, however, speak with great confidence of the security of that place, under any efforts the enemy may employ in the present situation of bis forces. It is added, that the Russians Lave been successful in nearly all the skirmishes they have Lad with the invaders. * Accounts from America, via Halifax, were received on Saturday; from which it appears, that a Bill had been introduced into Congress to repeal the Non- intercourse Act, aud prohibit the importation of the following articles : — Hats, shoes, millinery, clothing ready made, woollen cloths which cost more than 6s. sterling per yard, cotton cloths, of which the prime cost per yard is less than 15d. or more than 3s.; articles of silk, hemp, leather, or flax, excepting Irish linens.— The duties on importation to be doubled. A letter from Quebec was received yesterday of the date of the 1st July, and it states ij fact of great, importance, as indicating the disposition ot ilie American Government at this anxious and critical moment. It is said, that the two British ships, which had been taken by the Republicans in lake Ontario, had been surrendered Vip to the proprietors. They were laden with flour. Letters and papers have likewise been received from Quebec, to the 5th of July. The Legislature of Lower Canada had, on the suggestion of the Governor, Sir G. Prevost, passed two acts— one lor drafting the militia into the regular force; the other, granting " certain sums of jnoney, to enable his Excellency to meet the dangers with which the British North American colonies were menaced."-- In consequence of the assemblage of a large military force at the principal stations on the Hudson, avowedly destined for the invasion of Canada, Sir G. Prevost had put in motion the regular British force under his command, and had or- dered all the unmarried men between 19 and 30 years of age, belonging to different battalions of militia, to be drafted and marched to the head- quarters at Point aux Trembles. The volunteers were likewise ordered on duty. The Cana- dian Voltigeurs in particular, had embarked in batteaux for Lougeuil on their way to Fort Chamblay. The Americans, in addition to establishing posts on the Canada lines, had assembled an army at Albany; but it was indifferently equipped. It was to be reviewed early In July fcy Mr. Madison. It was supposed that immediately after this visit, the Americans would advance, anal commence offensive operations. Their settlers on the frontier stations, calculating upon the hostility of the Northern Indians, who were believed to be favourable to the British Interssts, were removing with all possible expedition. Advices have been received from Bourdeaux, from whence the latest accounts are to the 15th ult. Bread was at nine tous the pound, and the wet and cold season fed to the apprehension of an unfavourable harfest time, but the crops were abundant. Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren, K. B. who has been appointed Commander in Chief at Halifax, and of the Wind- ward and Leeward Island stations, is daily expected Portsmouth, to hoist his flag on board the St. Domingo. Sir Home Popliam has failed in an attempt onSantander, on the coast of Biscay, owing to the very superior numbers of the enemy. We are sorry to state, that Captains Sir Geo. Collier, Lake, and Malcolm, were wounded in this affair. The last cartel which left Mnrlaix was surrounded by guard- boats the moment she arrived, which continued to watch her until she put to sea. It is conjectured, from the unusual severity of this treatment, that some very unfavour- able news was afloat in France, which the Commandant there had orders to prevent reaching this country. Of the Scheldt, Jul:/ 29.— Admiral Ferrier sailed last night, in the Bellerophon, to blockade the Texel, whence Lord Amelius Beauclerc, in the Royal Oak, is just arrived. The enemy have increased their force there, which now • consists of seven sail of the line ( one with an Admiral's vflag at the fore- top) two frigates, and eight smaller vessels, ali perfectly ready for sea; and two sail of the line and two frigates will be ready shorily. One sail of the line aud a frigate lately came down from Amsterdam. They shewed no" intention to put to sea while Lord Amelius was off Catnperdown, but they were constantly exercising their sails, yards, & c. and the Admiral is said to be an enter- prising Officer. They are principally manned by fishermen, who are raised in a similar -. vay to the English militia, from every town and village, between the ages of 23 and 40. They consider their case as a hard one, and are of course discontented, but especially from being obliged to serve under the French flag— for all the ships carry the French national flag." The following Officers are to be Brigadier- Generals on the Staff under the Earl of Wellington:- Col. Inglis, 57th ; Wilson, 39th; Bvng, of the Guards; and Barns, 16th regiment. Cols. Inglis and Wilson have long served in Portugal, and were both wounded at Albuera. Mr. Peter Finnerty was liberated on Friday last from . Lincoln Gaol, after a confinement of 18 months, for a Ubel on Lord Castleteagh. For the remainder of this post— see last ptge. AT a Meeting of the Members and Fiiends of the SOCIETY for PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, hidden at DUNSTABLE, on MONDAY AUGUST 10th, 1812, The Rev. JAMES HORSEMAN, in the Chair j The Right Hon. the Eaii of Bridgewater, Sir. G. O. Page Turner, Bart, The Rev. G. Cardale, The Rev. J. S. Glenie, The Rev. J. Hadow, The Rev. J. Haw kins, The Rev. D. . Teaks, The Rev. T. Mead, The Rev. J. Pridden, PHUSEUT, The Rev. , T. Robinson, The Fiev. E. Tanqseray, The Rev. T. Warren, The Rev, J. Wheeldon, The Rev. K. H. Whinfield, The Rev. R. Whitehurst, Mark Brown, Esq. Thomas Sandys, Esq. Robert Trevor, Esq. Whinfield, Esq. It having been recommended at a Meeting of the Members of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, holden at Bedford on the 8th of June, that a Sub- committee should sit at Dunstable, who should appoint their own Secretary and Treasurer, who would communicate with the Secretary at Bedford, It was resolved, 1. That a Sub- committee be now established at Dunstable, w hich shall he open to all the Members and Friends of the Society, who may find it convenient to attend the Meetings at this Place. 2. That the Rev. T. MEAD be requested to take the Office of Secretary and Treasurer to the Sub- committee j to whom alt Subscriptions and Donations may be paid, and all Communications made relative to the Objects of this Society. 3. ' That a select Committee be appointed to assist the Secretary in transacting the Busiuess of this Society, 4. That the Right flon. tin1 Earl of Bridgewater, Sir < 7. O. Page Turner, Bart. Henry Brandreth Esq. Thomas Sandys, F. sq. Robert Trevor, Esq. the Rev. . T. S. Glenie, the Rev. . T. iladow, the Rev. J. Horseman, the Rev. J. Pridden, the Rev. J. Robinson, the l! cv. T. Warren, and the Rev. J. Wheeldon, be the said select Committee; three of whom may be competent to transact Business. 5. That a Subscription be entered into, for the Purpose of supplying poor Persons with Bibles, Testaments, Common Prayer Bnoks, and religious Tracts, gratis, within the County of Bedford, and for defraying tile necessary Expenses of this Society : and that the Clergy be requested to enquire what Bibles, & c. may be wanted, and also to promote Sub- scriptions and Donations in their respective Parishes. 6. That a Meeting of the Sub- committee be held on Monday September 14th, at Twelve o'clock, at the Sugar Loaf inn, Dunstable. 7. That these Resolutions be inserted in tile Northampton Mercury, and in the County Chronicle. 8. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Rev. T. Mead, for his Acceptance of the Office of Secretary and Treasurer to this Society. JAMES HORSEMAN, Chairman. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to- the Rev. James Horseman, for hi? great Attention to the^ Business of the Day, and for the able Manner in which he has con- ducted it. W. A. GROOCOCK LUTTERWORTH, AUGUST 3d, 1812. ALL Persons having anv Claim or Demand upon the Estate or Effects of Mrs. SARAH EW1NS, late of MARSTON HOUSE, in the County of Northampton, Widow, deceased, are requeued to send the Particulars thereof, forth- with to Mr. Buszard, of Lutterworlh, in the County of Leicester, Executor to the said Deceased, that the same may be investigated and discharged.— And all Persons in arrear of Interest upon Mortgage, Bond, or Note, arc requested to pay the same immediately as above. NOTICE TO DEBTORS ASH CREDITORS. WHEREAS the Rev. HENRY PE. MBLE, of . LOUGMTON, in the County of Buckingham, hath by Indenture, hearing Dale the 3d Day of this instant August, assigned atl his Estate and Effects whatsoever unto the Rev. . iHiiathan Brigges, of Thornborough; William Boyes, of Stony- Stratford, Draper; and John Sirctt, of ^ tony- Strat- ford, Grocer; in Trust for the equal Benefit of nil the Creditors « f him the said Henry Pemble, who shall execute the same Indenture before the 7th Day of September uext; Notice Is hereby giWo, That the said Indenture of Assignment is left at the Office of Mr. Oongreve, of Stony- Stratford, Solicitor, for the Execu- tion of the Creditors; and that all such Persons who neglect to execute the same before the said 7tli Day of September next, will he excluded the Benefit thereof.— All Persons indebted to the said Henry Pemble, are requested to pay their Debts unto the said Trustees or one of them, before the said 7th Day of September, or they will be sued for the same without further Notice. By Order of the Trustees, JOHN FR. CONGREYE. Stony- Stratford, 6th August, 1812. I1E1R AT LAW WANTED. WHF. REAS by the DEATH of MICHAEL FROST, formerly of BARKSTON, aud late of NE W- SLEA- FDRD, in the County of Lincoln, JOINER ANI> CABINET- MAKER, and of his ONLY CHILD, without Issue, several FREEHOLD ESTATES in NEW- SLEAFORD aforesaid, pur- chased by the said Michael Frost, and other ESTATES DEVISED to him by the WILL of VINCENT COBB, deceased, descended and came to J AMEs FROST, an Infant, the ONLY CHILD of. LA . VES FROST, formerly of Barkston aforesaid, and late of Gosberton, in the said County, tllueksmith, deceased; and the said James Frost, the Infant, hath lately departed this Life without Issue, OHI, Servants' Cham- bers, with Back Stair- Case, & c— The Whole amply supplied with most excellent Spring- Water. A Plan ot'the Estate may be seen, and Particulars had, of H. L. CLENNELL, Esq. No. 7, Staples Inn, London; Mr. WELLS, Solicitor, of Huntingdon; and Mr. PIERSON, General Agent and Auctioneer, Kimbolum. Printed Particulars and Conditions of Sale at the George Inn, Huntingdon andBuckden; Hoop, Cambridge, Angel, Peter, borough; and at the Auction- Mart, London. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given. That an adjourned Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road from the South- End of Peacock's Lane, in the Parish of Bromh » m, " In the County of Bedford, to the Turnpike- Road, leading from Wellingborough to Olney, in the County of Buckingham ; and also the Road from tile said Turnpike- Road, or near the South- End of the Town of Olney aforesaid, to tne Turn- pike- Road leading from Northampton to Newport- Pagnell, in the same County, will be held at the BULL INN, ill OLNEY aforesaid, on WEDNESDAY the ninth Day of SEP- TEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Fflrenoon, at which Meeting the Tolls arising at the several Toll- Gates upon the said Road will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, for one Year from such Time as the said Trustees shall then agree upon, in the Manner directed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls produced the last Year, over and a| jo* e the Expenses of collecting the same, the following Sums, viz.:— Bromham Gate J£ 10G Lavendon Gate with the Weighing Machine 162 Ravenstone Gale 74 and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must, at the same Time, give Security, with sufficieat Sureties, to the Satis faction of the Trustees for Payment of the Rent at such Time and in such Proportions as the said Trustees shall direct. JOHN GARRARD, Clerk to the said Trustees. Olney, August 6th, 1812. AUGUST 12, 1812; THE Public are informed that tiie ESTATE at FOXTON, advertised foe Snle by Public Auction, oil the 27th of August, is disposed of by Private Contiact. GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON, AUGUST 1M, 1812. AT the General Court of Governors, held here this Day, it was ordered. That the Governors, with the Weekly Committee, do draw up the Annual Report of the State and Accounts of this Infirmary, to he read at the next Anniversary Meeting of all the Contributors ; and the said Court do hereby give Notice, That the Anniversary Meet'rig above- mentioned will this Year he held on THURSDAY tin* 10th of SEPTEMBER next, immediately after a Sermon to be pre- K- hed that Morning " at the u. ual Hour, by the Rev. SEPTIMUS HODSON, Rector of Thrapston in this County; whe^ i! is hoped that all Subscribers who can, will, by their Attendance and Concurrence, manifest their Resolution and Zeal to support so great and extensive a Charity, which at so smail an Expense to themselves enables them to relieve their honest and poor Neighbours, ill the most distressing Circum- stances. with such Advice, Medicines, and Accommodations, as cannot he procured for them in any other Way. The said Court t ikes this Opportunity of informing and reminding the Public, that as the voluntary yearly Payments are the only Fund and Revenue of this Infirmary, an I con- sequently as the very Being and Existence of it depends upon their being made regular and beforehand, all Subscribers who have not alreadv advanced ' Jiejr Subscriptions for the Year ( commencing, - li, '!>• . the fit of August) are desired to do i) a- f « on_ » « ( vjismte to the present Treasurer, Mr. Charles Smith, of Northampton, Lace- Merchant; or our present Bankers, Messrs. Goslings & Sharp, in Fleet- Street, London; and the rather, as none can, according to the Statutes, have a Right to recommend any Patients till his Subscription for the curreut Y'ear is paid. NORTHAMPTON, Chairman. Gentlemen are desired to meet exactly at Ten in the Fore- noon, at the George Inn, to walk iu Procession from thence to tin- Parish Church of All Saints, to hear the Sermon ; after which a Collection will be made as usual at the Church Doors, that the Inhabitants of this Place, and olhers, may, by their Appearance aL Church, shew their Approbation, and have an Opportunity, according to their respective Abilities, of con- tributing Something towards this noble Charity. N. There will be an ORDIN AR Y ou the said Anniversary, at Half- past Three o'clock at the GEORGE INN. NATIONAL SOCIE1Y ' OR the EDUCATION of the. POOR in the PRINCIPLES of the ESTABLISHED CHURCH. — Many Applications having beeu made to the Committee of the National Society for Lists of Elementary and other Books, proper to be used in Schools upon the Madras Sy stem — the following is recommended as a convenient Set for a School of 100 Children, at its Commencement, which maybe had at Murray's, Fleet- Street; Rivirigton's, St. Paul's Church- Yard ; and Hatchnrd's, Piccadilly. They may also be procured by any Member of tin- Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, on the Terms of that Society, which are as follow : — 36 Dozen of leaves, or Cards, being the National Society Central S'chool Book, No. 1 ;£ 0 6 0 lot) National Society Central School Book, No. 2.. 0 4 0 100 Child's First Book, Part 2 0 4 0 50 Our Saviour's Sermon on the Mount 0 2 0 50 Catechism broken into Short Questions 0 3 9 50 Osterv. ild's Abridgment of the Bible 0 2 0 50 Chief Truths of the Christian Religion 0 2 9 25 Psalters 0 13 6 25 Prayer Books 1 6 0J 25 Testaments 1 9 2 25 Bibles 4 1 3 N. B. It is expected that the Prayer Books, Testaments and Bibles, will last at least Three Years. Of the same Booksellers may be had the last Edition of " Instructions for conducting Schools on the Madras System," bv the Rev. Dr. Andrew Bell, Price Is. Cd. by Means of which those who are desirous to re- model old Schools, or to form new < nes on the improved Plan, will receive full and sufficient Direction. The Committee also recommend the. following Proportions of the undermentioned A r ides, viz.— Two or Three Sand Boards ( see Dr. Bell's " Instructions," Page 23.)— Three » , « „ c « « mi Slates.— T. litee Dozen Copy Books.— Also, four Dozen V ArithmetUui ' ibles for Madras Schools," which may be had of ail the Booksellers above named. National Central School, Baldwin's Gardens, Gray's Inn- Lane. T. T. WALMSLEY, Secretary. SALE POSTPONED. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Valuable Freehold Manor, Advowson, and Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. WILLIAM SIAN'WN, At the Auction- Mart, London, on Thursday the 10th Day ot September, 1812, at Twelve o'Clock, and not on the 11th of August, as before advertised, ( unless an acceptable Oiler be in the" mean Time made for the Purchase thereof by Private Contract), in one Lot, rpHE MANOR or LORDSHIP of HAWLING, in the 8 County of Gloucester,— the ADVOWSON of the RECTORY of HAWLING,- the MANOR- HOUSE, and DEMESNE LANDS; comprising several eligible Farms with suitable Buildings, Thrashing- Machines, and every necessary Convenience, containing together about 1,651) Acres of pro- ductive Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, — about 90 Acres of Woodland and Plantations in Hand,— and 170 Acres of Land, held on Leases and Copies of Court Roll for Lives, chief Part thereof depending upon single Lives, and several Cottages. This valuable Estate, which is Freehold and Tithe- free and the Land- Tax redeemed, comprises the whole Village and Parish ot llawling, containing altogether upwards of 1,971 Acres of Land, lying very compact and well subdivided ; the principal Part thereof lett to respectable Tenants upon Leases, and pro- ducing a Net Annual Rental of more than Three Thousand Three Hundred Pounds. HAWLIHG is situated on the Turnpike- Road, leading from Cheltenham to Stow- on- the- Wold, distant about nine Miles from each, eight from Northleach, and 16 from the City of Gloucester.— The Estate may be viewed on Application to Mr. WILLIAM COOKI, of Hawling. Printed Particulars may be had at the Auction- Mart; Bell Inn, Gloucester; Plough, Cheltenham; King's Head North- leacil; Unicorn, Stow; Star, Oxford; Warwick Arms, War. wick ; and of Messrs. Graham, Kinderley, & Domville, Lincoin's- Inn, London; and Messrs. Churchill, Field, & Weston, Deddington, Oxfordshire; who are authorised to treat for a Sale by Private Contract; and at whose Offices Plans of the Estate maybe seen. ¥ 7b Ironmongers, Soup- Boilers, ValUm- Chundlers, § c. To be DISPOSED of by PRIVATE CONTRACT, * HE LEASE and GOOD WILL of very desirable PREM1SL « , long established in all the above Trades, and itua e in a capital Market Town about 40 Miles from London, of which immediate Possession may be had. Tl;.' Stock and Furniture to be taken at a fair Valuation. For Particulars, apply to Mr. STO- E. Attorney, Aylesbury, Bucks. T Growing Crops of Grain and Ilay. To be SOLD bj AUCTION, Sy RICHARD SMITH, On Tuesday the 18th Day of August, 1812, on the Premises at COURTEENHALL and QUI NTON, near Northampton, "' III'; GROWING CROPS of GRAIN and HAY belonging to Mr. VV. lLLlAM BANNISTER, in the fol- lowing Lots, viz. Lot I. A Piece of Wheat, growing tn a Close callcd Wheat Close, containing about tour Acres. 2. Ditto. 3. The Keep of this Close till Michaelmis next ( O, S.) 4. A Piece of Wheat, grjwing in a Close called Barn Close, containing about three Acres. o. A Piece of Oats in Ditto, containing about five Acres. 6. The Keep ot Barn Close till Michaelmas next ( O. S.) 7. A Piece of Beans in the Close adjoining, containing about four Acres. 8. Ditto. 9. The Keep of Bean Close till Michaelmas next ( O. S.) 10. A Piece of Oats, growing in a Close adjoining, con- taining ahout five Acres. 11. Ditto. 12. The Keep of this last Close, which is Clover, till Michaelmas next, and to be eat off by Sheep only. 13. A large Cock of old Hay, well gotten and secured, standing in the Stack Yard of Mr. Bannister, containing about 16 Tons. 14. Ditto, about eight Tons. 15. Another Cock of Hay, standing in the Farm- Yard at Quintan, about 16 Tons. The Grain and Hay may be taken off the Premises; and three Months' Credit will be given on approved joint Security, or a legal Discount allowed on prompt l'ay. The Company is requested to meet at the Niw INN, at ROAD, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, when the Sale will commence. CRAVEN ARMS, LATE THE WHITE > 111,/ II, COVENTRY. Tj AN DAS YD & WAKEFIELD return their m- rt, JLA grateful Acknowledgments to the Nobility, Gentry Commercial Gentlemen, and the Public, for I he many Favours conferred on them since their Residence at the above'lnn; and beg Leave to assure them it will he their constant Study to render their Accommodations in all Respects comfortable and agreeable. NEAT POST CHAISES. For Ready Money. To be SOLD by AUCTION, B> SNOW 4- SON, On Monday, Septemb r 2Sth, 1812, and following Days, upon the Premises ot STEPHEN EATON, Esq. at DEENE, in the County of Northampton, ALL the Valuable LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY ; consisting of about two Hundred and fifty capital Ewes and Theaves, one Hundred and fifty Lambhogs, and about two Hundred Wether Sheep ; ten draught Horses and Mares; sixty Scotch and Irish Bullocks; ten Carts, three Waggons, Rolls, Ploughs, Hariows, twenty Dozen of Sheep- Trays, with Oak Heads and Iron Hoops, & c. ; Harness for twelve Horses.— Four Carts and some of the Ploughs are of the best Scotch Manufacture.— The Sheep will be found well worthy the Attention of Graziers in general, as they have been for many Years bred with the greatest possible Care. Five of the Cart Horses are Greys, fit for immediate Use, and well calculated for London Diays. The Whole will be Sold without Reserve; Mr. Eaton alto- gether declining the Farming Business. Catalogues win be delivered at the principal " towns in the Neighbourhood, Marriott's improved Patent Kitchen Range, WHICH wi" ™ HSf> bake> boil> steam, stew, „ ,, by one small Fire, with a continued Supply of ten Gallons of boiling Water; the Consumption of the Fuel about one- third of the usual Quantity ; a certain Cure for Smokey Clnmmes; and warranted to answer, never bavin"- tailed in a slagte Instance. Kitchens fitted up with Range! embracing all the late Improvements, wilh Steam- boilers, Ovens, hot Closets, and Steam- kettles. All Kinds of Stoves for Drawing- raoms, Parlours, Halls, Churches, ftc. Humane Aten Traps, to secure Depredators without injuring tliem Spring- Guns ot different Constructions. A Patent Roastin- "!>"!> entire new Principle, constructed so as lo require neither Weights nor Pullies; the Works being inclosed. are protected from Injury and Irregularity ; from its extreme every K? u. hen e t0 ^ ° Ht ° f ° nler : calculated foe To be seen in use daily at the Patentee's Manufactory, No. 61, Fleet- jrireet, London. "" CUDDLE- HILL TOLLS. i\ B'ven, That the Sum of ONE , fX. T'H< n^ ApD '' n, Ni) S wanted by tne Trustees of the 1 urnpike- Road between DUNSTABLE and HOCKLIFFE in the County of Bedford, on Security ot the TOLLS thereof Road' 2 ™ ^ 056 ° f crpU'tins the Improvements on the said Road any Person or Persons disposed ti lend thesame, or an" Part thereof m Shares of ^ 100 each ( for which Interest at per Cent per Annum will be paid clcar of Property- Tax) are Dun^ taM '". f^ y ,, h" aflej, t' to Mr. John Hoope , of , Wir n,^ ' v| Clerk 10 thfi Truste « . ^ laid before them at their next Meeting. JOH- G HOIIPCD July 1$ tb, 1812. HOOPER. W II ERE AS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded ® * and KKIIPfl fVirtK 1 » 7 T r « 1 • IT r . . V ... . ... named, or the major Part of them, on TUURSDAY the TENTH, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, and on FRIDIY the ELEVENTH and SATURDAY the TWENTY- SIXTH Davs of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven in the Forenoon on each of the last two mentioned Days, at the SPREAD EAGLE INN, in RUGBY, in the County of Warwick, and maie a full Dis- covery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects , when and where the Creditors are to come prepared lo prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assigned, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required so finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate.- All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but lo whom the Cnmmivionei* shall appoint, but give Notice lo Messrs. Cardalls & Youn^ Solicitors, Gray's- Inn, London; or Mr Rugby, Warwickshire. Harris, Solicitor STAMP- OFFICE, NOIITIIAMPTON, \ TTHEREAS many Persons neglect to" rene'w^ their thin, , LLICKN" UES: tin Nolice " f ", eir bei" S expired is sent hem; they are hereby informed that they are required to send ,° J ' r Stamp- OfBces, without any fur, her No, ice, , t under the Ma. agement of his Majesty's Commissioners of Stamps, Which must be received at the following Period* Rritish Lace License, on the 1st August, annually.. . J) 5 0 Foreign Lace Ditto, on the 1st August, annually.. .. 3 3 0 Penalty for not taking ou, a License" and newing 1 he same annually Medicine License, within .- 111 y" Citv"," liorouVl/ Town Corporate, on the 1st Sept. annually'. £ Ditto, in any Village, ficc. Szc.. Penalty for not taking out a Licwse,' and re->'''" newing the same annually $ Fifty Pounds. a License, and re- ? „.„ y f Fifty Pounds! 1, or ? 1'... ) 0 10 ... 0 5 u 0 Appraisment LicHlse. „,, thtath July, aiinu'. ny.. Ftrra. ty for not taking out a License, and re- ) ' _ , new tog the same annually t Fifty PoutuL. Pa wnbroker!' Licence, 12 Months' from the Date J " f the last License i 5 0 0 new ing the same annually..... ..'. . . .. £ Fifty Pounds. ( Signed) RD. STRIVEN, Head Distributor for the Counties of Northampton and Rutland. Penalty for not taking out a License, and ' e- f f S To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By RICHARD SMITH, At the Turk's Head, in Oundle, in the County of North- ampton, on Saturday the 22d Day of August, 1812, between the Hours ot Six and Eight in the Evening, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced, Lot 1. A LL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the f\ Barns. Stables, and Appurtenances thereto be- longing, situatein OUNDLE aforesaid, now ii> the Occupation of Mr. Giles Patrick. Lot 2. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Appurtenances, now in the Occupation of Mr. William Todd. Lot 3. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Appurtenances, in the Occupation ot Mrs. Dorothy Prentice; together with a Piece of Ground near the same, lying at the Top of Drumming Well Yard. lot 4. All those several M ESSTJAG ES or TENEME NTS, with their Appurtenances, in the Occupation of Thomas Sellers and others. Lota. All that MALTING and MALTING- 0FFICE, with the Mills, Cisterns, Floors, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate near the said Yard, called the Drumming Well Yard, now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Bird. Lot 6. All that PLOTor P A RCF. 1. of LAN D or G ROUND, containing 1A. 1R. 3P. lying and being in HILL FIELD, now in the Occupation of Mr. William Shillcock. All the above Premises are Freehold, except a small Part of l. ot the first, which is Copyhold of the Manor of Oundle.— The respective Tenants are under Notice to quit at Old Michael- mas ne^ t N. B. The Premises in the Occupation of Mr. Patrick were some Time since occupied as an Inn, and are well calculated for any Business requiring Room. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. MICHAKL SSLBY, ot Barnwell; 01 < 0 Mr. JSALOJKSTON, Attomsy, Oundle. WOOLMERS, between HATFILLD and HERTFORD. Capital Live Stock, Farming Implements, Dairy Utensils, and various Effects. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. ROBINS, On the Premises, Woolmers, on Monday, August 17th. at Eleven o'Clock, CAPITAL Draft and Hack Horses, beautiful Milch Cows, a Bull, Calves, Sheep and Lambs, breeding Sows, & c. ; Strong- built Waggons, Carts, Chaise, and Market- Carts, I loughs, Harrows, a hire Engine and Buckets, Garden- Engine and fools, Fishing- nets, Hurdles, Billet Wood and Fagots ' & c the Property of the Most Noble the Klarquis ot STAFFORD, at WOOLMERS, near Hertford. ' May be viewed 011 Friday and Saturday preceding the Sale * Catalogues 011 tiie Premises; at the Ifjll, Hertford; Salisbury- Arms Hatfijld; Green Man, and Red Lion, Barnet ; and of Mr-. ROBINS, Warwick- Street, Golden- Square. London Freehold and Tithe- free Farm, Northamptonshire. To be SOL 1) by A U C T I O N, . By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garrawav's Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, on Tuesday the 18th of August. ISP-', at Twelve o'Clock, AVALUABLE FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE FARM, situate in N E WTON- BROMSHOLD, near HICHAM- FIRRSRS, in the County of Northampton ; consisting of a good Brick and Tile Farm- House, two Barns, Stables, Cow- House, all requisite Out- buildings, and SUNDRY IN- CLOSURES of rich Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, containing ONE HUNDRED AND SF. VENTY - FOUR ACRES, in the Occupation of Mr Jonathan Sanders, whose Lease expires at'Michaelmas next, at a very low old Rtnr of only ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY POUNDS PER. ANNUM. • NEWTON- BROMSHOLB is three Miles from Higham- Ferrers, eight ftom Tlnapston and Wellingborough, eighteentrom North- ampton, thirteen ftom Kettering, and twelve from Bedford. To be viewed till the Sale, and Particulars may be bad at the Creen Dragon, at Higham- Ferrers; White Hart, at Thrapstort and Kettering; Hind, at Wellingborough; George, at North- ampton ; Swan, at Bedford; at Garraway's ; and of Mr. Will jck, No. 25, Golden- Square, London. Valuable Furm, at Stanwick, Northamptonshire. I To be SOLD by AUCTION, By DA VIS Sf SON, * On Friday the 4th Day of September, 1812, at the Hour of Three in the Afternoon, at the House of Mr. Roberts, the White Hart Inn, in Kettering, in the County of Northampton, under such Conditions as will be then and there produced, and with the Exception of a small Close, to be in such Con- ditions mentioned, ALL that valuable FARM, situate at STANWICK, in the County of Northampton, now, and for manv Years past, in the Tenure orOccupation of Mr EKINS PENTELOW, or his Undertenants; consisting of a large and substantially built Messuage or Farm- House, with the Barns, Siables, Out- buildings, Yards, Gardens, and Appurtenances ; two small Tenements or Dwelling- houses; upwards of 85 Acres of inclosed Pasture and Arable Land, lying in convenient Closes, and seven Yard Lands in the open and common Fields of Stanwick aforesaid, with the Meadow. Ground, Commons, and all other the Appurtenances thereto belonging. The greater Part of the Estate is Freehold, the Remainder Copyhold of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Stanwick, and a considerable Proportion of the Copyhold is Fine certain. The Land- Tax of the Whole is redeemed. Part of the Land may b » entered upon on the 5th Day of April next, and the Residue on the 10th of October following. STANWICK is about two Miles distant from Higham- I erreis, and nearly in a central Situation between Wellingborough, Ket- tering, and Thrapston, all • considerable Market- Towns. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. SAMUEL STO. VE, of Knighton, near Leicester; or to Messrs. LewDHAII SC CASUALS, Solicitors, Leicester. The Northampton Mercury' ; and General Advertiser for the Counties ( jf Northampton, lied ford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester Warwick, O. v'for.!, an.' II i forn M> » T Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. LONDON, THURSDAY, August 13. UES DAY'S Gazette contains a dispatch from Captain Campbell, of the Leviathan, giving the particulars of C1 » gallant affair in storming the batteries at Lanauiila and Allassio oil the 27th of June last— And a letter from Lieut. William Henry Dixon, of his Majesty's sloop the Bntomart, to Capt. Hum', her commander, givinc an account of the capture of I. f. ote French privateer: the arrival of which at Yarmouth was announced in the Gazette of the 25th ult. Though we still continue without any direct official ad- vices from Lord Wellington, we are happy to state, that farther accounts corroborative of bis Lordship s reported victory continue to be received. Dispatches yesterday leached the Admiralty from Sir M. Pophatn, dated oft St. Andero the 4th mat; which state, that the enemy had evacu- ated St. \ ndero, and were in Strcat consternation in the north of Spain, which he accounts for by referring to Lord Wellington's vicV- w on the 92d July, which he alludes to as a certain fact, and'adds, that it was reported Marmont had WSt an arm. The Gottenburch Mail brings the following very nnpor- 1 an" i information from Riga, d'ated July 28, " That I eace iias at ien" th been ratified between Russia and I urkey. — And from the Russian head- quarters, July 21, " 1 hat the Barclay fie Tolly has, bv forced marches, joined 1 nnce Ba" ration."— Thus has Bonaparte been disappointed 111 two great objects; for one of which he has made such pro- digious exertions, and for the other lavished every kind ot promise, mid exhausted every art of negociation. A report has been received this morning. via Heligoland, tha' n great battle had been fought between the Russians and French, in which the former lost 60,000 and the latter 510,000 men. The report was brought to Heligoland by two different \ es « els but no credit is attached to it.. It appears bv Ihe eighth Bulletin of the Frem*. that they have passed the I) nioa. The passage was effected on the 20th hv the King of Naples ( Marat.) The Russians evacuated their intrenched camp at Dressa, defended by t » rWr pullisadoed redoubts, united by a covered way, and TxtrnJing 3000 toises on the river The'""^"^ heTsi"'" hi - After detailing w ithout contests -• and were either burnt, or thrown into the water. Era perof Alexander was at Witepsk. several movement" of different corps, will ,.„„.. so'ii- - light, or slightly mentioned, skirmishes, tins Bulletin slates an offensive movement on the part of the Russians, endir- in Ihe surprise of the French corps commanded by S. ha- tian, a relative of Bonaparte. A good, guard not having been kepi bv this corps, the Russians threw a bridge over i' river, crossed it, ahd fell upon the camp by surprise. The French were driven hack several leagues. A loss ot about 100 men is confessed, among whom some officers are motioned. General St, Genies, was wounded, and taken by the Russians. The bulletin is dated July 22, at Gloubokoe.— Thi-- Bulletin boasts that 20,000 Poles have deserted from the Russi in i rm v. ( But these are French accounts.)— The hope, which had been before expressed, of cutting off the corps of B: i- ration is not now repeated. It is merely said, that Latour Maubnurg follows him ( and that the force of this corps of BOOLT BINDING.- KETTERING. HARLES MAV1NS begs Leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that he is carrying on the Busi- ness ofa BOOR- BIN 1) FIR, and solicits their Encouragement and Support, assuring them that due Attention shall be paid to their Commands, which he will execute in a neat Manner, and on ( he lowest Term"'. Kettering, August 10Hi, 181?. BRACK- LEY VOl. UN I'EElt FUND. AT a Meeting, held the 10th of August, 1812, at Ihe Crown li Bi'tukley, pursuant to Advertisement, and convened for the Purpose of receiving a Statement of the BRACKLEY Voi. BNTF. EA FUNO, and'of considering of the best Mode of applying Ihe Surplus iu Hand, Resolved, That it appears to this Meeting that the Surplus of the above Fund now in Hand, Amounts to =£ 500, 5 per Cents. Navy Stock, anil a Balance of ,£ 80 Is. 6d. in the Hands of Messrs. Hevdon & Wyatt, Banhiltv. Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Meeting, that the said Surplus cannot be applied to a better Purpo- e than in promoting ihe Establishment of a SCHOOL or SCHOOLS on the M A IIRAS SYSTEM, in the Division of BRACKLE v. Resolved, That the Committee in whose Names the said Surplus is now vested, be hereby empowered to employ the Interest, and such Part of the Principal, as they lfltiy think expedient, in promoting the above desirable Object, in Connexion with tli£ National Society established at North- ampton. W. R. CARTWR1GHT, Chairman. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded aud issued forth against JOHN WILKINSON, late of DAVENTRY, in the County of Northampton, Linen- Draper, and he heing declared a. Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners iu the said Com- mission named, or the major Part of theip, on the 9th Day of September next, at Six o'Cloek in the Evening, and on the 10th " and 26th Days of the same Month, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon on each Day, at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, in Daventry aforesaid, anil make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects, when aud where the Creditors are to coine prepared to prove their Oehts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, aud the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same hut to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, lint give Notice to Mr. WAKDLE, Solicitor, iu Davetitry, AT a Meeting held at KETTERING on Tuesday ! AUGUST llth, by ( he General Committee of North- amptonshire AUXI LI A RY BIBLE SOCIETY, The Rev. GEORGE BUGO, B. A. in the Chair, The Secretaries of the Institution represented, that' such was the Demand upon the Parent Society in London for Bibles from various Parts of the Kingdom, and the Want of them so generally experienced, a Supply had hitherto been procured for this County to the Amount only of £ 150, but that from the great Exertions made by the Parent Society to meet the Demand, a further Supply might be expected ill a short Time. Inthe Distribution of the above at their respective Desti- nations— It was resolved. That the Bibles and Testaments which are forwarded at the Cost Price, be sold at the following reduced Prices to the AT I X N I- ppur, vis. Reduced Cost Price, or Poor's Prices. Nnnpateil Bible, Calf... ,4s. 5d. 2s. 3d. Million Ditto, Calf ..... ,6i. 4< 1. 3s. Od. Brevier Testament, Sheep Is. 9.1. lOd. Ditto, Calf 2s: 4. L U. 2( 1. Long Prinaer Ditto, Sheep 2s. 4d. Is. 2d. The above being the only Sizes as vet received, no further Adjudication of Prices has been made. The Nonpareil Bible will be found to be piost appropriate | to Schools and the Use of Youth. | The Preference of selling the Bibles and Testaments at reduced Prices has been already suggested ; any Departure from this System is entrusted to the Discretion of the respective Secretaries of Branch Societies, or Ministers uho make con- gregational Collections. - Resolved also. That GeorgeFreke Evans, Esq of Laxton- Hall, be added to the List of Vice- Presidents to the County Institution. The Thanks of the Meeting were also unanimously voted to the President, Secretary, and Committee of the Welling- borough Bible Society, fur their very active Exertions and the Zeal and Judgment tliey evince in the Whule of their Proceedings. The Funds, including Donations and Subscriptions, were stated to be as follow :— £ 1,435 19 8 Amount of the Wellingborough Fund 284 11 4 a Meeting of the General Committee of the brthamptonshi're Society for the Education qf tile Poor in the Principles of Ihe Established Church, held at the GEORGE INN, NORTHAMPTON, pursuant to Advertisement, OB the 13th of AUGUST, 1812, present, The Earl of NORTHAMPTON, in the Chair s Lord Lilford ; Lord Compton, M. P.;' W: R. Cartwright, Esq. M. P.; Rev. R. Baxter; Rev. G. Bolton; Rev. J. L. Crawley; F. Dickins, Esq.; Rev. T. Faucett'; Revv K. Isham ; Dr. Kerr; Rev. S. W. Paul; Hon. and Rev. L. Powys; T. S. W. Samwell, Esq.,* Rev. John Seagrave ; Rev. Thomas Sikes; Charles Smith, Estj."; lion, and Rev. R. B. Stopford; The Reports from the respective Local Committees were received anil agreed to ; and Authority given to the said Com mittees to proceed further in their Arrangements respecting the Establishment of Schools at Wellingborough, Ketteting, and Oundle, in the Eastern Division ; and at Daventry, Tow- cester, and Brackley, in the Western Division ; and that they do further proceed to consider of the Establishment of Schools ia other Towns and Villages, having regard to their Popu- lation and local Circumstances. Resolved, That the Society will receive into, ant! instruct in their Central School at Northampton, a young Man, to be trained as Master, fro no any of the above- named si* Towns, at the Recommendation of the Local Committee; and will, if so required, defray the Expenses of such Person whilst under Instruction, at a Rate not exceeding I5s. per Week. Resolved, That the Treasurer be requested to prep- ire a Statement of the Receipts and Disbursements of the Society, to be laid be/ ore the General Committee on the Daiy preceding the ensuing Michaelmas Sessions, and therefore" that the Bene- factors and Subscribers be requested forthwith to puy in their respective Donations and Subscriptions. Signed, NORTHAMPTON, Chairman. the Russian armv amounts to 22 or 24,000. The ninth French Bulletin dated Bechenkoviski, July 25, Mates that the Emperor, taking the road to Ouchatsch, established, on the 2Sd. his head- quarters at kamen. The Vicero-. occupied on the 22d, the bridge of Bots.- heiovo. A reconnaissance of 2Q0 horse, detached on Bechenkoviski, fell in with two squadrons of Russian hussars and two of Cossacs, charged them, and took or killed a dozen men, of whom one was an officer. Le Chef d'Escadron Lorenzi praises the conduct of Captains Rossi anil Ferreri.— On tile 23d, at six o'clock in the morning, the Viceroy arrived at Bechenkoviski. At ten he passed ihe river, and threw a bridge over the Dwina. fheenemv were inclined to dispute the passage; hut his artillery was dismounted. Colonel'Lacroix, Aide- de- ramp of the Viceroy, had his thigh broken by a ball.— The Emperor arrived at Bechenkoviski on the24th, at two o'clock in ihe afternoon. Tit - division of cavalry of General Count Bruyeres, and the division of General Count St. Germain, were sent on the route of Wilepsk. They reposed when they bail oerformed half their march.— Oil Ihe 20th, the Prince of I'. ckmnhl advanced upon Mohilow. The garrison, which. Consisted of 2,000 men, had the temerity to wish to defend it; hut they were sabred bv the light cavalry. On the 21st, S. OOO Cossacks assailed the advancedjposts of the Prince of Echmuhl; they where the advanced guard of Prince Bagration, arrived from Bobrunsk. A battalion of the 85th arrested this cloud of light cavalry, and drove it back to a considerable distance. Bagration appears to have availed himself of the little activity with which he was, pursued, to advance upon Bobrunsk; and thence lie returned against Mohilow.— We occupy Mohilow, Oroha, Disna, and Polotsk. We ar< marching on Witepsk, wliere, it appears, the Russian ni ir. v is concentrated.— Herewith is a plan of the entrenched camp, and of the lines which the enemy had constructed before Drissn. It is a work which must have cost much time. Peace was to be proclaimed throughout Sweden on the 8lli, and the ports to be declared open on the 15th instant. A notice was posted up at Lloyd's yesterday, stating that u — u.,.,.-, rrc-. rc ui be transmitted to the Commanders ot his Majesty's ships, not to detain American vessels pro- ceeding from Craut Britain to the United States with licenses; and also to the Courts of Vice- Admiralty, in British America and the West Indies, to liberate any such vessels as may be sent in there." Yesterday the Board of Trade signified its readiness to grant licenses, which are to continue in force during eight months, to permit American vessels laden with provisions to proceed from the United States either to Cadiz or Lisbon. One of tha two ports must be named in the license, which is not to admit of an option as to the other port. Bv the . Officers of several men of war which are arrived from the coast of Spain, it is stated that in the glorious affair of Salamanca, the enemy's artillery was carried by some desperate charges of our cavalry, who bad excellent ground for their exertions, and who bore down every thing opposed to them. Towards the end of the affair, the enemy declined the combat in- every part of the line, and sought safety in retreat. The Spanish cavalry under Sanchez came up to the several charges with great gallantry. The Prince Regent's Birth- Jay.— Yesterday the Anniver- sary of his Royal Highness the t'rince Regent's birth was celebrated, with nearly the same demonstrations uf public respect as have usually been shewn on the King's birth- day, except in the splendour and gaiety of a Court. Several hundreds of the Nobility and Gentry called at Carlton- house in the morning, and left their names in writing. At one o'clock the Park guns discharged a double Royal salute, for the first time since his Royal Highness's appointment to the Regency. A Learned Judge, who presided at a late trial, happening to be dissatisfied with the verdict, asserted that it was wrong, as clearly as 2 and 2 make 4.—" It tniry be so, my " Lord," replied one of' the Jury, " for in some situations 2 and 2 make 22 !" Counterfeit Money.— By an act passed at the close of the last Session, the makers, venders, and ut- terers of forged Bank Tokens, are liable to 14 years' transportation, the same punishment is inflicted on tti6 maker atld vender of what are termed Flash or Fleet notes. Execution.— Yesterday morning Catherine Foster, for having taken a false oath in administering to a seaman's will; and J. W. Thompson, for forgery, were, pursuant to their sentences, executed before the Debtors' door, at Newgate, in presence of a vast crowd of spectators. INSOLVENT DEBTORS. Prisoners charged for Debts under 2,000. THE following Persons being Prisoners for Debt in the respective Gaols or Prisons hereafter mentioned, and having been charged in Custody on the Fifth Day of June, one Thousand . eight Hundred and twelve, for the Non- payment of a Debtor Debts, Sum or Sums of Money, hot exceeding in the Whole Two Thousand Pounds, Do hereby respectively give this FIRST Public Notice, that tliey intend to take the Benefit of an Act passed in the fifty- second Year of his present Majesty's Reign, inlilled " An Act for the Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors in England." And they do hereby give Notice, that true and perfect Schednles, containing Dis- coveries of all their real and personal Estates, hereafter to be sworn to, are now ready to be delivered to any Creditors applying for the same, in Manner as by the said Art is" directed, to the Keepers or Gaolers, or their Deputies of the said Prisons or Gaols. PRISONERS in the Gaol in and for the County of NORTHAMPTON. Elizabeth Phillips, late of I lie Town nf Northampton, in the County of Northampton, Wheelwright. William Chrisp, heretofore of Souldrope, in the County of Bedford, and late of Rothwell, in the County of North- ampton, Baker. Robert Rands, heretofore of Kislingbary, and late of the Town of Northampton, in the County of Northampton, Shoe- Manufacturer. Total 1,720 11 0 ( Signed} OEORGE BU « fi, Chairman. The Thanks of the Meeting were at the same Time voted to the Rev. G. Rugg, for his kind Attention to the Business of the Dav. BEDFORD LEVEL. N'OTICE is hereby given, to all Persons occupying L A N DS situate in any Extra- parochial Place or Places inthe Great Level called the BEDFORD LEVEL, hint they are hereby required lo set out for the Use of his Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, all aud all Manner of Tithes henceforth to arise, grow, renew, encrease or become due from, or out of, or for, or in Respect » f, all the Extra- parochial Lands so occupied by them respectively : and that Mr. Win. Custance, of Cambridge, Surveyor, is authorised by the Right Honorable Sylvester Lord Glenbervie, Wm. Dacres Adams, Esq. and Henry Dawkins, Esq. Commissioners of his Majesty's Woods, Forests and Land Revenues, to collect such Tithes, and to receive all such Compositions for the same as may be agreed upon between him and the Occupiers of such Lands re- spectively.— Dated this 7th Day of August, 1812. By Order of the said Commissioners, GT. JONES A GREEN, Salisbury- Square. London. Solicitors— Land Revenue Department the RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. RESPECTFULLY INFORM the PUBLIC that STATE LOTTERY, consisting of 10,000 Tickets, will all he drawn on the 8th of September ; the Scheme contains the usual Number of Capital Prizes, and the lowest Prize j£ 22; in Addition to which there are EIGHT EXTRA PRIZES of TICKETS, which present the Chance of gaining all the Capital Prizes, by tho Purchase of a single Ticket, or in Proportion bv Shares. TICKETS and SHARES are selling at NORTHAMPTON, by J. ABEL, Bookseller, BANBURY, J. G. RUSHER, Printer, For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. London, who sold in the Lotteries drawn since January last, the following Capital Prizes, ill 125 Shares:— No. ,1,486 18th February =£ 20.000 5,518 30th April 10,000 6.825 4th June 10,000 11.518 30th April 5,000 6,275 4th June 3,000 IK433' 30th April 3,000 6,270 . 4th June 1,000 S of =£ 300.... and.... 4 of £ 200. rpAKEN up, on. or about the Sth of April luft. A A GREYHOUND DOG. Whoever has lost the sanie, may have him again bv appl,- ing to John Itavson, the Gamekeeper at Carlton Hall, upon proving the Property, and paying the Expenses of keeping and advertising him.— IF not claimed within a Fortnight from the Date of this Advertisement he w ill be disposed of. ' TOWCESTER ASSOCIA'FLONL WHEREAS some evil- disposed Person or Persons did, a Fortnight ago, steal, take, and carru a<* ay from a Close belonging to Mr. JOHN GOODMAN, of South- Field, in the Parish nf BLAKKSLF. Y, an old COUNTRY EWE SHEEP: and late last Night, or early this Morning, a LAMB, which was bred from a South- down Ewe, his Property. The Ewe was Reddle- marked along the Rump; and on the Lamb was a Brand on the near Side in the Shape of a Ring with the Letters I G therein. Whoever will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may he prosecuted, shall, oo Conviction, receive a Reward. of FIVE GUINEAS of Mr. GOOOMAN; and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of the Treasurer of this Association, over and above the Rewards allowed by Act of Parliament. If more than one Person were concerned in either nf the Felonies, and either will impeach his Accomplice or Arcom- plices, lit*. shall, on Conviction, be entitled to the above Rewards, and Interest will be made to procure his Majesty's Pardon. . T. M. KIRBY, Treasurer. Towtester, August ith, 1S12. CA 8tt. E- H Tit li K l\ II UCkl V TT H A M. GENTEEL LODGERS or BOARDERS) WANTED, IN the County Town of BUCKINGHAM, and in the best Street there.— The House is hah'some, and situated towards the Country, with a large inclosed Yard and Garden. It has no Shop, hut a very small geuieel Ladies* Boarding- School is kept in a Part of it. The Furniture Rooms to lett, are a front Parlour, with the Use of a Piano- Forte, a large Library, and handsome Bed- Rooms. A married Couple, a small Family, or Ladies, can be taken, anil all necessary Utensils found, hut no Linen of any Sort. Terms from 10s. to 20s. per Week for such Lodgers, accord- ing to the Bed- Rooms or Accommodations. Anv who will be quite as tile Family, may be genteely boarded for 40 Guineas per Annum each, but no Washing, Linen, or Tea fouud.— Direct, ( Post- paid), with real Name aud all Par- ticulars, for G. G. S. Castle- Street, Buckingham. William Rodgers, late of Werrington, near Peterborough, in the County of Northampton, Poulterer. William Collier, late of Thrapston, iu ( he County of North- ampton, Druggist. Samuel / Vtirsey, late of Desborough, in the Couuty of North- ampton, Farmer. Edw ard Pittam, late of Milton, in the County of North ampton, Gardener. John Spriggs, heretofore of Cottinghain, and lafe of Rock- ingham, both in the County of Northampton, Weaver. Thomas Furnists ( charged in Custody by the Name of William Furniss) heretofore of Blakesley, and late of Nether- Heyford, in Ihe County of Northampton, Labourer. PRISONER ill Ihe Gaol in and for the Town of NORTHAMPTON. Thomas Buckler, of the Town of Northampton, Cordwainer. PRISONERS in the Gaol in and for the County of BEDFORD. EnocI: Abrahams, Licensed Hawker and Dealer in Jewellery, late nf the Parish of St. Paul, in the Town of Bedford." John Robinson, Blacksmith, late of the Palish of Arlsey, in the County of Bedford. \ William Prior, Tailor, Into the rartsli of St. Paul, in the Town of Bedford. Thomas Stevens, late of the King's Head, Lower- Caldecote, in the Parish of Northill, in the County of Bedford, and also of Eaton- Socon, in tile said County. Thomas Wheeler, Butcher, late of ( he Parish of Matilden, in ( lie Coun( y of Bedford. John Smith, Victualler, late of the Parish of Woburn, in the County of Bedford. Joseph Asprey, Rope- maker, late of Biggleswade, in the County of Bedford, and Amplhill, iiuhe said CountV. Eligible freehold Estate. For S A L E bv AUCTIO N, By MASON 4- SON, On Thursday, August 20th, 1812, at Five o'Clock, at the RAM INN, NORTHAMPTON, VLL that Sashed MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, desirably situate in SHEKP• STREST; comprising a Shop, Parlour, and Yard ; Kitchen and Vault, Cellar, spacious Dining- room, lied- Room, and two Attics; late in the Occupation ol Mr. R. Page. G. HARKISON takes this Opportunity of returning his most sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public, for the liberal Encouragement he has ever received ; and as he intends, to leave Northampton in a short Time, requests that al I Persons indebted to him will immediately settlr their respective Debts; and that those who have any Claim cr Demand on th « said'G. H. will send in theii Accounts tha: the same may be discharged. ( One Concern. ) To be LETT, with immediate Possession, I^ WO NEW TENEMENTS, neatly fitted up. each comprising two Rooms/ on the Ground Floor, and one on the second Floor as large as the two below, with Part of a Garden and Orchard to each, and a Spring of ex- cellent Wafer adjoining, pleasantly situated at GREAT- HOUGHTON, two Miles from Northampton, eight fram Wellingborough, and twelve from Xewport- Pagnelh For further Particulars, apply to Mr. Hagb Higgins, at the Wii ite Hart, Great- Houghton, near Northampton ; or to Mr.- Richard Warwick, New port- Piignell, Rucks. STOLEN OR STRAYED, ON Friday Night the 31st of July, or early on Sa- turday Morning tile 1st of August, 1812, out of a Field of Mr. THOMAS RUSH A LL, of HA « POLE, near Northampton, A light- bay aged PONY, about 13 Hands high, with a Thread of white round the Middle of each Ear, discoverable only on near Inspection. Whoever can give Information nf the above Pony shall, if stolen, on Conviction of the Offender, receive TWENTY GUINEAS Reward; and if more than one were concerned, and either will impeach his Accomplice, he shall be entitled to the above Reward, and Interest made to obtain his Ma- jesty's Pardon: anil if strayed, ONE GUINEA, and all reasonable Expenses, on applying to Mr. SAMUEL ARI. IUGE, of Whilton, near Daventry ; or to Mr. THOMAS RUJUALL, Harpole. ' To be S O L D by A U Cli O IN, By MASON 4- SON, At the Rose and Crown Inn, in Gold- Street, Northampton, on Wednesday the 26th Day of August, 1812, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject i- o such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced], rpHE following FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or TENE L MENTS, situate on the East- Side of BRIDC. E- STREBI, in the said Town of NO RTH AMPT< > N, and fronting the same Street Oil the West-, in three Lots, viz. Lot 1. A Messuage or Tenement, in the several Occupations of John Smith aod John Ro » ; comprising a Kitchen, t'antry, awd Butcher's Shop, in the i'font; back Kitchen, small Yard, Stable, and Privy; two excellent Red- Rooms, and two Gartets, with rhe Use ot the 1' ump and Well of Water, situate in the adjoining Yard, or Place called Cox's Court, jointly with tile Occupiers of tile Houses in ttrat Court, and ot Lots 2 and 3. Lot 2. A Messuage or Tenement ( adjoining Lot 1 on the North), in the Occupation of John Peek; comprising a Kit- chen and back Kitchen, small Pantry, Cellar, Yard, and Privy; two good Bed- Rooms, and ceiled Garret, with the Use of the aforesaid Pump and Water. Lot 3. A Messuage or Tenement adjoining Lot 2 on the North, and in the Occupation oi Bethlehem Andrews; comprising a Kitchen and bai. k Kitchen, Pantry, Cellar, Yard, and Privy ; two good Bed. Rooms, and ceiled Carret, with the Use of the aforesaid Pump and Water. N. B. The Premises may be viewed, by applying to the Tenants; and further Particulars had of Mr. BUSWELL, Soli- citor, or the Auctioneers, in Northampton. RUN AWAY, and left his Wife and two Children chargeable to the Parish of LAVENDON, in the County of Buckingham. JOHN TAYLOR, 22 Years of Age, about five Feet four Inches high, broad set, with short . Hair, and dark Eves; had on, when he absconded, a Calico Shirt, a yellow Handkerchief about his Neck, a dark green- cilst Coat, dark Waistcoat with round Stripes, Leather Breeches or Trnwsers, speckled Stuckings, with high Shoes. For his Apprehension a Reward of TWO GUINEAS will be given by Air, YORK, Overseer of the Poor of » lie Parish aforesaid ; if he immediately returns to his Family it will mitigate the Offence; if not, severe Punishment will be inflicted. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By WM. BEESLEY, At the Red Lion, in Moreton- Pinckney, on Friday the 18th Day of August, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, subject to sucu Conditions as shall then be produced, AVery desirable small FKEF. HOLO ESTATE, situate at MO'RETON- PINCKNKY aforesaid ; consisting of two Messuages or Tenements, adjoining each oilier, with Gardens thereto belonging, in the Occupations of John Key and William Barrett; also ot a Carpenter's Shop in full Trade, and a Home- ( lo* e of exceedingly lich Pasture Land, adjoining to rhe said Messuages or Tenements, in the Occupation ot William Hem- > nir, gs ; and also of two several Closes adjoining each other, of very rich Pasture Ground, one of which contains about two Acres and a Half, and the other about three Acres and a Halt, ill the Occupation of Mr. William Carter.— The Closes are well planted- with thriving Tiees ; and the two Messuages, C'arpenier's Shop, and Homeclose are intended to be put up in one Lot, and the other two Closes in one or two Lots, which will be determined upon at the Time of the Sale. To sec the Estate, apply to the Tenants; and for further P, ar- » icuUrs, to Mt, KIRBY, Attorney at Law, inTowssster. A PUB. 1C HOUSE.. To be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, Capital newly built PUBLIC HOUSE, Brick and Slated, with good arched Vaults, excellent Kitchen, two good Parlours, several capital H - d- Rooms ; large Yard, and two good Gardens, convenient Stables, and necessary Out- offices. The above Premises are in full Trade, and may be entered on at Michaelmas next. The Situaaion is desirable, heing in a popu- lous Village, seven Miles from'Daventry, and five from Rugby. For further Particulars, enquire, if by Letter, Post- paid, of Mr. OAHDEN, Solicitor, Daventry; Mr. GROSE, Maltster, Long- Bukby; or Mr. TITE, Auctioneer and sworn Appraiser, Daventry. Church Preferment. To be S O L D by AUCTION, Next Month, unless disposed of by Private Contract, rpHE RECTORIES of HIGHAM- GOBION, near SnsoE, I Bedfordshire, and LI TT L E- THU RROCK, in Essex. -- For Particulars, apply. Post- paid, to Mr. TYNDALE, Solicitor, Montague- Place, London. Freehold Estate. For SALE by AUCTIO N, By MASON 4- SON, On Friday, 28th of August, 1812, at Four o'Clock, at th » Red Lion, in Wootton, in the County of Northampton, in l. ots, ALL those FOUR MESSUAGES or TENEMENT'S, i good Repair, and most pleasantly situated on the GREEN, 111 WOOTTON, with Yard, Barn, and other Conveniences, witn a never- failing Spring of Water adjoining, in the Tenures ot James Gregory, Surridge, French, and Harris. RAMS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, without Reserve, Together or in Lots, UPWARDS of 40 SHEARLING TUPS, bred by Mr. WM. SMITH, late of Stoke- Doyle, some Time 1.1 Sep. temher, of which Notice wilt be given, unless previously Sold by Private Contract. The above Sheep are worthy the Notice of Tup- Breeders, as they are descended from the very best Selection of the Leicester- shire Breed of Sheep, and being the Whole of one Year's Produce ot the Flock of the said Vir. Wm. Smith. For a View, and to treat for the same, apply to Messrs J. & T. SMITH, Oundle, Northamptonshire. Growing Crops of Wheat and Oats. To be SO L- D ' by AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON, For ready Money, on Thursday the 20th Day of August, 1812, on the Premises, rpwO CLOSES of inclosed LAND, in the Lordship of I. WOLl. ASTON, in the County of Northampton, near , the Turnpike- Road leading from Wellingborough to Wollaston, 1 anil now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas- Harris. Nine Acres of Prime WHEAT, J . , , Twenty, two Acres of OATS, $ 111 lj0ts" The Auctioneer requests the Company to meet him at Mr. HARRIS'S HOUSE, in WOLLASTON, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, to proceed to Sale. Freehold and Leasehold Farm, Mursley, Bucks. T11 be SOLD bv AUCTION, ( By SAMUEL DUDLEY. At the Bell Inn', Winslow, in the County of Buckingham, ori Thursday the 2ith of August, 1812, betwejri the Hours of Four and Six in the Afternoon, ADesirable FARM, situate at MURSLEY, three Miles from Winslow ; consisting of a substantial and well- built Farm- House, and every necessary Out- building, in complete Repair; a Closeot old- inclosed Pasture Ground adjoining, con- taining two Acres or thereabouts; and several Pieces and Parcels of rich Arable, Ley, and Pasture Ground, lying dispersed ill the fertile Fields of Mursley aforesaid, containing by Estimation, 60 Acres ( more or less), with Common ot Pasture thereto be- longing, now in the Occupation ot Mr. John Keys, Tenant at Will, at a low and improvable Rent. The Farm- House and Out- buildings, Part of the Home Close, and about 30 Acres ot the Land are Freehold, and the Remainder Leasehold, for the Residue of several very long Terms of Years. A Moiety of the Purchase- Money may ( if required) remain on Security of the Premises. For a View of the Estate, applv to the Tenant ; and for fur- ther Particulars to Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, or the AUCTIONEER, Winslow. Northamptonshire Freehold and Copyhold Estates. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DUMBLETON, At the George Inn, in Kilsby, in the County of Northampton on Thursday the 3d Day of September next, at Four o'Cicck in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be pro duced at the Time of Sale, in Lots, \ LL that substantial Stone- budt FftEF. twt. DDWELLING HOUSE, GROCERS ANH CHAN DLE RS' SHOPS. Warehouses, Yard, Gardens, extensive Orchard well planted and Home- Close, with their Appurtenanctts, situate, standing and being in K I I. SBY aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Mr Robert Devonshire, wherein a Considerable Trade in the Drapery Grocery, and Chandlery Line, has bien carried on tor a great Number of Years, and which may he much increased, particu- larly inthe Chandlery Business.— Also, TWO TENEMENTS in the Occupation of Samuel Bartlett, and Richard Webb. Also, all those TWO FREEHOLD CLOSES of rich GRAZING LAMD, lying and being in Kilsby aforesaid, con- taining 11 Acres ( more or less) now in the Occupation of John Salsbury, and John Clark. \ And also, all that COPYHOLD CLOSE of capital CRAZING LAN D, lying and being i n tile Fields of Kilsby aforesaid, con- taining about 11 Acres ( more or less) and now in the Occupa. tion of Mr, Thomas Margetts, The Purchaser of the Dwelling- House, Shops, and firs described Premises, may have Possession in a short Time upon taking the Fixtures at a Valuation, and Possession of the Land may be had at Old Lady- Day next. Mr. DEVONSHIRE, the Proprietor ( who is retiring from Business) will shew the Estates ; and further Particulars may he known bv applying ( if by Letter, Post- paid), to Mr Scrivener, of Sewell- Grounds, inthe Parish of Blakesley ; Mr John Gardner, of Kilsby; or at the Office of Messrs, Denny. & Son, Solicitors, Lpng- Buckby, who are authorised to treat for the same by Private Contract, till the 27th Day of August. N. B. A considerable Part of the Purchase- Money may remain upon Security of the Premises, it required. All Persons who stand indebted to the said Mr. DEVONSHIRE are desired to pay the same to the said Mr. Scrivener, Mr, Gardner, or to Messrs. Denny & S « n, before the 1st Day of September next, in order to prevent further Trouble ; and all Persons to whom the said Mr. Devonshire stands indebted, are requested to senil an Account thereof, with the Particulars of their respective Claims, to the said Mr. Scrivener, Mr. Gardner, or Messrs. Denny & Son, in order that they inay bs examined and discharged as soon as possible. Iluekby, ith August, 1812., To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J. DURHAM, On Monday the 17th of August, 1812, at the Public- House at Ivinghoe- Aston, Bucks, at Two o'clock, ADesirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate adjoining IVIN GHO E- A STO N. G R E EN, in the County of Buck. iiRham ; consisting of a Coti3ge, 01 two Tenements, witheverv requisite • Our- building; also a Yard, Garden, Orchard or Pighrle, containing together about one Acre, with two Cow Commons thereto belonging, in the Occupation of Messrs. Cook & Room, respectively. May be viewed by applying on the Premises, where Par- ticulars may be had ; also of Mr. DURHAM, Surveyor, Land- Agenr, . fee. Dunstable. Growing Crops of Corn, Farming Effects, Household Furniture, See. To be SO L D bv AUCTIO N, % JOHN DAY Sr SON, On Friday the 21st of August, 1812, on the Premises of Mrs. TAYLOR, in NORTH CRAWLEY, near NEWPORT- I'AGNEI. L, Bucks, who is leaving the Farm, '" I HIE Crop comprises 13 Acres of WHEAT, JL 13 of BEANS, 4J of BARLEY, 4 of OATS, 4 of VETCHES, and 8 of SEED CLOVER. Tbe Corn will be divided into convenient Lots, and the first Lot will be offered at Ten o'Clock precisely. Immediately after the Sale of the Corn will be SOLD by AUCTION, One Wheat Hovel- Frame, one Waggon and one Cart Ditto six other Hovel- Frames, one Corn Garner which holds 10 Quarters, one Broad- wheel and one Narrow- wheel Cart, Ploughs, Horses' Gears, 18 Sacks, Corn- Screen, Wind- Fan, Chaff- Box, Winnowing- Sheet, Cow- Cribs and Hurdles, Quantity of Wood, if c. ; one live- dozen Churn, five Milk- Leads, Buck'ets, Tubs, & c.; Household- Furniture, as Bedsteads, Feather and Flock, beds, Quilts and Blankets, Tables, Chairs, Drawers, Clock and Case, Pewter, Brass, and various other Effects. Under an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. To be S O L D bv A U C i 1 O N, By JOHN DAY A SON, On Mondiy, August 24, 1K12, and following Dav, on the Premises, at the RECTORY- HOUSE, in LOUGHTON, near STONY- STR AT FORD, Bucks, ALL the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD- FURNI- TURE, LINEN, CHINA, and other EFFECTS, ot the Rev. H. PEMBLE: comprising Four- post. Tent, and Press Bedsteads, with Furnitures; Feather- Beds, Paillasses, Mattresses, Cotton Counterpanes, Blankets, & c.; Mahogany Night- Tables, Basin- Stands, Floor and Bedside Carpets, Maho- gany and Oak Drawers, Pier and Swing Glasses, Parlour and Chamber Chairs, Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, with circular Ends, Pembroke and other Tables, China, Glass, and Earthen- ware, Bed and Table- Linen, Books, & c. ; capital Kitchen- Range, with Oven, Boilers, & c. complete, and Kitclu- n- Fur- niture in general; Patent Mangle, Mash- Vat and other Tubs, Beer. Casks, Glass Bottles, and numerous other Articles. Odr The Goods may be viewed the Day before, and on the Morning of Sale- till Eleven o'Clock, when the Sale will commence. Catalogues mav be had, at 6d. each, four Davs before Sale, at the Swan. Fenny- Stratford; Anchor, Newport- Pagnell ; Place of sa] e; and of the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. For the Benefit of the Creditors of Mr. INWOOD, Stationer, llaherdasuer, Bookseller, Druggist, <$ c. Newpvrt- l'ugneU, Bucks. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. KM IS P, On Wednesday the 19tli Day of August, 1812, on the Premises, HP, HE Genteel HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE; com- • L prising Four- post and . Tent Bedsteads. Feather. Beds, Counterpanes^ Quilts, Blankets, Bed and Table Linen, Maho- gany Dining, and Breakfast- Tables, Ditto Chairs', Pier and Dressing- Glas ses, Kitchen- UtensiT, and sundry other Effects. The Sale to begin at Ten o'clock. N. B. The Dwelling- House and F ixtures of the Shop, Hou^ e, See. will be announced on a future Day. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. KNIBB, On Wednesday the 26th, Thursday the 27th, and Friday the 28th of August, and the Week following, Wednesday the 2d, Thursday theSd, and Friday the4ttiof September, 1812, rpHESTOCK in TRADE of Mr. INWOOD, NEWPORT- 1 PAGNELL, Bucks; comprising 1,800 Lots of Stationary, Haberdashery, Books, Drugs, Dutch, Tunbridge and other Toys, valuable Jewellery and other Articles, as will be expressed in the Catalogues. — The Sale to begin eacliMorning atTeno' C lock. Catalogues, at Sixpence each, may be had in due Time at the following Inns, the Rose and Crown, Northampton; Hind, Wellingborough ; Swans, Olney and Bedford; Crown, Dunstable; Eagleand Child, l. eighton; Swan, Fenny- Stratford; Magpie, Woburn ; Bull, Stony- Stratford; and Towns adjacent. ROTHWELL otherwise ROWELLTINCLOSURE! WE, the Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act made and passed in the 52d V ear of his present Majesty's Reign, entitled, " An Act for inclosing Lands within the Parish of ROTHWELL otherwise ROWELL, in the County of Northampton," Do hereby give Notice, That we have received from the several Persons, Bodies Cor- porate or Politic, having or claiming Common or other Rights to or in the Lands to be inclosed under or by Virtue of the said Act, and of tile Act of the41st of his said Majesty, their several Accounts or Schedules in Writing, signed by them or their respective Husbands, Guardians, Trustees, Committees, or Agents, of such their respective Rights and Clalius, and that the same are left at the Office of THOMAS M ARSH ALL, in Kettering, and are open for the Inspection and Perusal of all Parties interested or claiming to be interested in tile Pre- mises, ttieir respective Agents or Attoruies, who may take Copies thereof or Extracts therefrom respectively.— Vnd we do further give Notice, that if any Person or Persons, or Body Politic or Corporate, interested or claiming to be inte- rested' in the Premises, shall have auy Object ion'to offer to any such Account or Claim, the Particulars of such OWjec( ion are ( o be reduced into Vfriiing, and signed by them, their re- spective Husbands, Guardian?, Trustees, Committees, or Agents, and lo be delivered to us at our Meeting, which we have appointed and do hereby appoint lo be held at the GEORGE INN, in KETTERING aforesaid, on the 21st Day of AUGUST instant, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, and that no such Objection will afterwards be received unless for some legal Disability, or other special Cause to be allowed by us.— Dated this first Day of August, 1812. JOHN BURCHAM. JOHN 1VESON. Tnos. MARSHALL, THOMAS LILBURNE. Solicitor and Clerk to the Commissioners. To Small Freehold lluuses, Hans hp, Bucks. be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY SON, ( In one Lot), at the Cock Public House, in HANSI. OP, 011 Thursday the 27th of August, 1812, at Five o'Clock in tbe Afternoon. rpWO MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, adjoining each I- other, and the said Public House, with a Wheelwright and Blacksmith's Shop at the Bottom of the said Yard ; also Barns, Pigsties, and other Out- buildings, in Possession of fnwood andStanmont, Tenantsat Will. l-' or a View of the same, apply 011 the Premises; and far further Particulars, to the Auctioneers, in Stonv- Stratford. Valuable Live and Dead Stock, Farmitig- Uknsils, 4- c. ' To be SOLD bv AUCTION, BV JOHN DAY 4- SON, On Friday the28thof August, 1812, and following Day, on the Premises belonging to the MANSION- HOUSE FARM, adjoining GREAT - LINFOP. D WHARF, near New port- Pagnell, Bucks, the Property of a Gentleman declining the Grazing Bus'- ness ; rpiIE Stock comprises 25 Scotch and Welsh Bullocks, j| 16 Dairy Cows aqd Heifers, Two Steers, and one Bull, Upwards of 600 Sheep and Lambs, About 20 Cart and Nag Horses, Co ts, Sec. ot various Ages, Also, Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Horses' Gears, and numerous other Articles, which will appear in Catalogues, to be had four Days before Sale, at the principal Inns in the Neighbourhood, and of the Auctioneers, in Stonv- Stratford. , N. B._ The Public are respectfully informed, that the Notes of Great- I. inf ird Bank will be taken in Payment ot Purchisers at this Sale. Under an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. To be silt D by A U C IT O N, By THOMAS HUGHES. On the Prenises of WM. BURNHILL, at AI. DERTON, near Towcester, on Monday the 24th of August, 1812, THE foil . wing CROPS of CORN, growing in the open Fields : i9 Acres of Wheat, in three Lots, 8 Acres of Barley, in three Lots, 18 Acresof Beans, in two Lots, 2 Acresof Vetches, in one Lot, 4 Acres of Oats, in one Lot, There arethree Barns on the Premises that will be appropriated for the Thrashing Com. Other Conditions, as will be expressed previous to the Sale. The Companv is requested to meet the Auctioneer at the Plough Public House. Roihzcell otherwise RoxciJl Tnclosure, in the County of ^ Northampton. WE, the undersigned Commissioners, named and ap- pointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 5.2d Year of the Reign of his present Majesiy, intitled, " An Act for inclosing Lands within the Parish ot ROTH- WELL otherwise R O W E I. L, in the County of North- ampton ;" aud in pursumce of an Act of the 41st Year of the Reign of his pa- sent Majesty, intitled, " An Act for consoli- dating in one Act certain Provisions usually inserted in Acts of Inclosure; and for facilitating the Mode of proving the several v Facts usually required on the passing of such Acts," do hereby give Notice, thai we have set out and appointed ths tollowing public and private Carriage- Roads and Highways, each of the Width of thirty Feet, through and over the Lands and Grounds by the said Act Uiiected to be divided, allotted, and inclosed that istosay,— PUBLIC ROADS. No. 1.— Thorpe- UnderwOJd and Harrington Road, com- mencing at the West- End of Nunnery- Lane, and proceeding in a westwardly Direction ntarly in it^ present Track, over Moor Field, to the Coach- Gate at the South- End ot the Road to Thorpe- Underwood ; and from thence in the same Direction by the Boundary between the Parishes of Thorpe- Underwood and Rothwell, to tbe llairington Gate where it enters the Parish 1 of Harrington. No. 2.— Rushton Road, commencieg at the North- End of Waoldrfdge's- Lane, and proceeding in a northwardly Direction to tile North- West Corner of the Little Wood Close-, and from thence in an eastwardly Diiection over Wood Field, where it enters the Parish of Rushton. No. 3.— Orton Road, commencing at the West- End of Carter's Lane, and proceeding in its present Track by the South- Side of Bastard- Leys to Breeches- Meadow, then by the North- End of that Meadow, and over the Field Closes in a westwardly Direc- tion, till it again enters the present l'rack, and southwardly over Moor Field to Orton Ford, where it enters the Parish ot Orton. \ No. 4. — Loddington Road, branching out of the Kettering and Harborough Turnpike- Road, near Kent's Bridge, and from thence proceeding southwardly neatly in its present Track ovefc Kipron Field, to the Parish of Orton. No. 5.— Thorpe R- oad, branching out of the Kettering and Harborough Turnpike- Road, at the East of Hay Pjcce, and proceeding in a southwardly Direction over Kipton Field, to Thorpe Ford Gate, where it enters the Parish of Thorpe- Malsor. No 6. — Miles Cross Road, branching out of the Kettering and Harborough Turnpike- Road, and proceedingin a northwardly Direction, and nearly in its present Track over Kipton Field to . Glendon Ford, where ii enters the Parish ot Glendon. PRIVATE ROADS. No. 1.— One private Carriage and Drift- Road, commercing \ at the Common Bank, and proceeding eastwardly nearly in th* present Track, over the Common and Wood Field, to Glendon Cart Gate. , No. 2— One other private Carriage and Drift- Koad, com- mencing at the North- End of a Street near the Market- Place » and leading over an ancient Inclosure of the Honourable Barbara Cockayne Medlycott, to the East End ot Driver's- Leys, and trom thence in a northwardly Direction over Wood Field 10 the Lodge Closes, and then in a north- eastwardly Direction to the Ford between the Parishes of Rowell and Rushton, called Abbey Ford. And we further give Notice, that we have caused the said ' Roads to be ascertained by Marks and Bounds, and that we hav: prepared a Map in which such intended Roads are accurate y laid down and described, which Map ( being signed by us the said Commissioners) is deposited with Mr. THOMAS MARSHALL, of KF. TTIRI. NC, our^ Clerk, to; the Inspection of all Persons concerned. And we further give Notice, that we shall hold our next , Meeting at the G EORCE I N N, in K ETTT RINC, on. FRIDAY the 25th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Fo e- noon; at which Meeting any Person who may be injured or , ' aggrieved, by the setting out of the said Roads, inay attend, • 1 Given under our Hands this first Day of August, 1S12. JOHN llURCHAM. JOHN IVFSON. THOI. MARSHALL, Solititon THOS. L1LBURN?. J The Northampton Mercury \ jwl General Adoenliser Scr the Counties of N,, rt1n; npt- n, fte. te. rt, flu^ msflit- n, Hinting > i, lyice^ r, U'ar yick, Oxford, and Hertford K ASK BY, near NORTH IMPTOK, tilth A- I- OTJST. I8T2. WUINGROSE, WEIGHING ' EKGIX'R MAKER . to his Majesty's Dock- Yards, respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he constructs all Kinds of WEIGHING ENGINES, callable of weighing with Ac- curacy and Dispatch from 1< j Tons to 281b>. for Qu- iys, Wharfs, and Public Roads; from2 Tons to lib. for Merchants, Grocers, nt'. d Inn Yards, 011 the most reasonable Terms. con- Northximpioishire Auxiliary Bible Society. ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS received since our last. Donations. Annual Amount of Donations and Subscriptions Subs. before advertised £ 1,829 16 9$ 208 3 6 G F. Evans. Esq. V. P 0 0 0 5 5 0 Miss Wjightr. on 0 0 0 1 1 A Pamphlet of the Proceedings ot this Society, taining the Speeches delivered on the Hay of its being formed, is preparing for Publication; and as it is intended to contain a List of Donations and Subscriptions up to the latest Petiod, it is hoped thrpe Friends of the Institution who have not yet made their Contributions will early avail themselves of an Oppor- tunity, in order that the List may appear as full as possible — Subscriptions will be received and inserted as low as 5s. 6d. conformahlv to the printed Reports of the Society. ^^^^ WANTED to Rent or Purchase, on the North or olher great Coach Road iu the Neighbourhood of Bngden, Riggles- wade, or Stevenage, a comfortable HOUSE, { on a small Scale) fit fork Man and liis Wife, Maid atid Man Servant, with suitable Out- offices, good Water, and gnod underground Cellar, a Garden, and two or three Acres o( good Sward Land adjoining.— Letters, Post- paid, to R. W Post- Off re, Higham Ferrers, mentioning Terms and Parti- culars, will ( if approved) be duly attended to. w To Parents and Guardians. ANTED, A YOUTH of liberal Education, MULTUM IN PAftVO! llenutiful Ftowees and curious Plants from every Quarter of the Globe. ' '• r> CORNFIELD most respectfully informs the i. • Nohilitv, Gentry, and the Public in general, that his beautiful Collection of CARNATIONS aud PIGOTEE8 are now in Rloorri, and open for the Inspection and Amuse- ment of the Public. P. C. flatters himself he now has the best Collection of the. moM curious foreign Plants that is to be found in anv Place of the like Dimensions in the United Kingdom, having recently collected a new Assortment from the principal Nurseries in London and the Vicinity ; and it may be truly said, that here the benevolent Mind mav con- template and admire.— Most beautiful as above may be seen Bloom, two Plants of the LOBEIIA FPI. OENS, never before blown in this Town. Also the FERRARIA PAVONIA, from Mexico, exceedingly curious. List of Prices of Carnations, Picotees, Sec. 100 Pair of Laversof Prize Carnations ami Picotees, £. s. d. to consist ot one or two Pair of each Sort, by Name 10 10 50 Pair of Ditto 5 10 40 Ditto 4 10 30 Ditto 3 10 20 Ditto 2 10 15 Ditto I 10 12 Ditto 1 1 1 Dozen of Layers of fine Cloves, ot various Colours ......... T 0 Very choice Cheshire and Lancashire Gooseberry Trees, the Fruit of which will weigh from 12 to 24 Dwts. from = 64 to £ b per Hundred. Single Dozen, One Plant of each of the finest Sorts I Printed Directions given with the Layers for their proper Soil and Management. N. B, A Number nf fine Plants of the Campanula Versi- colar Pyramidalis, warranted to bloom strong next Season. Specimens may now be seen in full Bloom. 5 0 1 0 THE NO IITil A M P TO X ORIGtNAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY WILL hold their ANNUAL MEETING at the AsRF. t. INN, NORTH\ MPTON, on. W EOWBSO V y the 10th of AUGUST instant, when the following Prizes will he given :— s' For the first sit best whole- blown Carnations, six Silver Tea- Spoons, Value ' 1 0 For the second si* best Dittn, a Pair of Silver Sugar- Tonjs, Value 0 15 0 For the third six best Ditto, a Silver NeguS- Ladle, Value 0 8 * 6 For ihe best Pot of Picotees, consisting of six dif- ferent Sorts, a Dessert- Spoon, Value Oil 6 For the best whoie- hlown Seedling Carnation, that was never blown before, ttvo Silver Tea- Spoons, Value ... i, 0 7 6 For the best- flavoured Melon, weighing not less than two pounds, a Silver Table- Spoon, Value 0 19 0 For the second- best Ditto, a Silver Bntler- Knife, Value 1 0 16 0 For the heaviest Gooseberry, a Pair of Silver Salt- Spoons, Value 0 8 0 fpf" Dinner at Three o'clock. Ordinary to Subscribers, 3si— N » n- srib « rrihors, 5s. 6d.. Mr. GEORGE OSBORN, ? StewnrA, Mr. WM. BIRDSALL, S arI19- an APPRENTICE t « aCHYMIST, DRUGGIST,& e. For Particulars, apply to Mr. M A RS. H A LL> Parade, Northampton. \ y To Parents and Guardians. " IX7ANTED, A respectable YOUTH, as an At YY PRENTICE to a PRINTER, BOOK- BINDER, & c. Apply tn Mr. J. WEBB, Bedford. To CARPENTERS, & c..& c. WANTED immediately, in a regular established Business, TWO CARPENTERS, TWO JOINERS, and ONE CABINET- MAKER, the Whole to be good Workmen, sober and steady.— Persons answering the ab » ve Description, apply to Mr. TOHN CARRINOTON, Ketterine. w >. f 1 t s f f T I V j J U " ANTED immediately. An ArvRENTICE to a LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPER. Applv to Mr. LOVGLI,, Printer, Huntingdon; if by Letter, Post- paid. WANTED at Michaelmas, A good Workman as STONE- DRESSER ; a married Man wilt be pre- ferred.— Apply personally to Mr. JAMES RICKETT, Cnlter- stock- Mills, near Oundle. No Letters will he attended to, unless Post- paid. To WUEFLWRIGHTS. WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN in the above Business.—. A steady good Workman mav have constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to JAMEI SMITH, Wheelwright, of Marston, Reds. All/ ANTED immediately, TWO JOURNEYMEN VV MILLWRIGHTS; who may have constant Employ by applying to WILLIAM REYNOLDS, Millwright, Long- fluckby, Northamptonshire. WANTED, A GAMEKEEPER, either married or single, if the former, without Incumbrance. Apply to the Printers nf this Paper, ( if by Letter, Post- paid), addressed to G. R. "\ TTANTED. A steady MAN SERVANT, for In \ V doors Work,— He must understand his Business thoroughly, and have a good Character for Honesty and Sobriety.— Enquire at Mr. MII. LER'S, Saracen's Head Inn Daventry. To be SOLO by PRIVATE CONTRACT, 170UR TENEMENTS in excellent Repair, which may be convened into one convenient and substantial , House; a desirable Situation for anv Person wishing to reside in the pleasant and healthy Village of WELFORD, in the County of Northampton. A view of the Premises may be had by applying to Mr. G. WYCKF. S, Cold- Asllby i or Mr. W. WILKINSON, Draper and Auctioneer. Welford. who will treat for the satne. Welford, August 12, 1812. Catesby, Northamptonshire— Valuable Live Farming- Stock. To l » SOLD by A U C T I O N, Bv THOMAS GRIMES, Of Covtntry, on Monday and Tuesday the 24th and 25th Days of August, 1812, upon the Premises ot Mr. AMBROSE EBURN, in the Parish of CATESBY, in the County of Northampton, fTPHE truly valuable LIVE FARMING- STOCK; com- I prising 110 neat Store Ewe- Sheep, 60 Theav- s, 20 fat Ewes, 60 Shearhogs, 110 Ewe and Wether l. ambs, and one Ram, six useful DairyCiws. 30 In- calf Cows andHeiftrs, 10 Meated Cows, eight Devonshire riullocks, one Mull Seg, and one yearling Bull; a valuable Two- year- old Cart- Filly, bay Blood Mare, in Foal, with Foal at Foot, by Hercules; one yearling Foal, a very useful brown Gelding, 15 Hands high, six Years old; four strong Store Pigs; also nine Lots of Aftermath and Grass Keeping until the 29th Day of September next, which will be told on Tuesday. Printed Particulars of the Lots will bedispersed in due Time. Household- Furniture, Brewing Utensils, Beer- Machine, ifc. To be SOL I) by A U C T I O N, * By T. WOOD, On Saturday, August 22, 1812, on the Premises of Mrs. HANDSCOMB. leaving FENNY- STRATFORD, Bucks; COMPRISING Bedsteads and Furnitures, Beds and Bedding, Bureau, Drawers, Mahogany and other Chairs, Dining, Pillar, and Claw Tables, Kitchen- Requisites in general, Kitchen- Range, Stoves, two Draught Beer Machines, Salting leads. Quantity of Pewter, Lead, & c. Iron- bound Casks, 20- Rushel Mash- Vat, two Coolers, and Working- tubs ; Malt- Mill, and llean Ditto; Harness for three Horses; large Pair of Scales and Weights complete; Quantity of Oak and Elm; Building Timber, and about 20 Loads of Manure, with numerous other Articles.— The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock. Freehold and Copyhold Estates. Old- established Public- Houses, cheerful Residences, Rural Cottages and Gardens, and some valuable Land at Putney, Wimbledon, Wandsworth, G arratt, Barnes, Mitcham, Surry ; Fulham, Harcfield, Staines, Middlesex ; and iiledlow- Ridce., / tucks, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. WOOD, At the Auction- Mart, on Thursday, September 10, at Twelve, in 27 Lots. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD PROPERTY— The FREIHOLD PART consisting of a convenient Family Residence, Garden. Stable, and other Requisites, delightfully situated on the South Sideot Wimbledon jCommnn, lately used as a Seminary for young Ladies. — Eighteen cheerful and rural Cottages on the South Side of Wimbledon Common, with Garden, See.— The Rose Sc Crown, an old- established Public- House in full Trade, with Stabling, spacious Yard and Skittle- Grounds, and two Cottages adjoining, advantageously situated in Wandswoith; the Fox & Hounds, with Garden, Sec, ; the Queen's Head and the Duke's Head, old- established Public Houses, four convenient Dwelling- Houses and Shops, a Piece ot Groundand Erections near the Bridge, and adjoining the River at Putney ; Ten small Cottages at Mitcham ; a Tenement and three Closes of Meadow Land ' Tithe- Free), containing about seven Acresand a Half at Harefield; and a Piece of Land wherein a House formerly stood at Staines. The CoPvHoi. n PART of the E" STATE consists of a House, Garden, Workshop, and other Buildings, pleasantly situated at Barnes; two convenient [ louses in Windsor- Street, overlooking the River, and a House in Brewhouse- Lane, Putney ; the Red Lion, an old- established Public - House, and two Cottage: adjoining, advantageously situated at Walham - Green ; the l eathern Bottle, an old- established Public- House, in a manu- facturing Neighbourhood, with Yard, large Garden, Stable, and Out- bouses, and a small Field, with a Tenement adjoining, used JIS two Dwelling- Houses, and Garden, at Garratt; about 14 Acres of Land, with an Allotment of Common inclosed, at Bledlow- Ridge, near West- Wykham, Bucks. May be viewed, and Particulars had 14 Days previous to the Sale, at the Dog & Fox, Wimbledon; Rose Sc Crown Wands- worth ; Red Lion, Putney; Sun, Barnes; Buck's Head, Mitcham; Red Lion, Walham- Green ; King's Arms, Fulham; Bush, Staines, Crown & Cushion, Uxbridge ; Red Lion, High- Wycombe; Mr. WOOD'S, Land- Agent, & c. Leighton- Buzzard; Auction- Mart, and at Messrs. DENNETTS SC GREAVES', 39, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, and King's Arms Yard, Coleman- Street, London. Warwickshire.— Loxley. To he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, GROVE HILT, and MEER HILL FARM, with Farm- Hou e, Tenements. Cottage- House, and Close ; Buildings also appropriitely situated in the Middle of the Estate, with a Quantity of fine old startdine Timber, timbered Hedge- Rows Wood Leys, with standing Timber, consisting of about 165 Acres more or less. GROVE HILL, a beautiful Soot upon the old Inclosure for the Erection of a Gentleman's House, with a View of Warwick Castle, Sec. Covemry, & c. The same may befse- n on the following Saturdays only: 22d and 29th of August, and the 5th of September; precisely at Eleven o'Clock, by applying to Mr. THOMAS PLUMB, Meer Hill Farm, Loitley ; and further Particulars mav be known, by I etters, Post- paid, or personal Application to G nonet P V WELL, Esq, Somerbv, near Melton- Mowbray, Leicestershire. The Whole is nosv to be sold and may be entered upon at Mi- chaelmas next, 1812. I. OXLEY is five Miles from Warwick, and three from Strat-' ford- on- Avon. IMENSJEA FJANUMENT TO THE MEMORY OF The Right Hon. SANGER PERCEVAL. SUBSCRIPTIONS. Amount of Subscriptions b- fore advertised. . i£ 310 9 0 Joshua Smith, Esq. M. P. for Devizes 21 0 0 T. S. W. Samvvell, Esq 10 10 0 Subscriptions are received by Messrs. Praeds, Mackworth, % Co. Bankers, London; and by Messrs. Smith, Hall, & Co. Rankers, Northampton. , audience to Mr. Wellf. sley Pule, when he resigned to bis Royal Highness the official situations which he held m Ireland.— liis Royal Highness r. fterwards held another Council; at Which the Recorder of London attended, and made his report of " the convicts capitally ctmv cted ' at the Old Bailey Sessions, when Thomas Bowier, for maliciously shooting ut William Barrows, was ordered for execution on Friday next. Two large fleets of merchantmen,' ladfcn with grain and naval stores, passed Yarmouth yesterday, from the Baltic. Absconded from his Family, WILLIAM DAWSON, Bricklayer, about 30 Years of Age, five Feet five or six Inches high, and dark Conjplexion; he was at Brixworlh about five Weeks ago.— Any Person that will apprehend the above William Dawson, and bring him to the Overseers of the Poor of St. Mary's, Leicester, shall receive ONE GUINEA and all reasonable Expenses. U N I) F, II AN EXECUTION. Valuable Growing Crops of Corn and Grain, Grass, After- math, Hay, Manure, Straw, Ac. with all the capital Live and Dead Stock, genteel Household- Furniture, Plate, Linen, Glass, China, Brewing and Dairy- Utensils, and other valuable Effects. To be SOLD hv AUCTION, By SROFPy « rSOV, On the Premises, on Tuesday the ISth Day of August, 1812, and two following Davs. without Reserve, the i'rsperty of Mr. WILLIAM GOTELEE, at the CHERRY- ORCHARD FARM, at C'OLMWORTH, and LOWER- BROOK. FARM, at BOI. NHtJ RS r, in the Countv of Bedford riw. CROPS and STOCK consist of 337 Acres of J Corn and Grain, Crass, and Aftermath, 60 Tons of Ha large Quantity of Manure, Straw, See.; 12 very valuable young Cart- Horses and Mares ; 118 ? heep and Lambs, two new- milch Cows; a capital new Narrow- wheel Waggon, stout Ditto, three Broad- wheel Carts and a Narrow- wheel Ditto, Thrashing- Machine of Two- horse Power, Berkshire Fallow and Seed- Ploughs, large and small Harrows, & c ; Two- wh el Scarifier, & c. ; Harness for 12 Horses, with Housings, Sec. co « nr> lete ( almost new); Wheat- Gig, Corn- Screen, and Barn- Tackle in general, 50 good Sacks, Dressing- Machine. Sec. ; Wheat Hoyel Frames, Cow and Sheep- Cribs, and other Effects. The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE consists of handsome Mahogany Four. post and Tent- Bedsteads, eight exceedingly good Feather- Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Quilts, ISlankets, and Counterpanes, Bed and Table- Linen ; Mahogany and Walnut Tree double and sinslc Chests ot Drawers, Dressing- Tables and Glasses, neat Mahogany corner inclosed Basin- Stands, Bedside and Staircase Carpeting r two capital Eight- day Clocks, in handsome japanned Cases; best high- polished Fire- irons. Brass Fender, See. ; handsome Kidderminste' Carpet, 21 Feet bv 18 FeJt; Hearth- Rugs, Sec. ; 10 handsome Mahoganv Chairs, Hair Seats, with Brass Rims,/ and Elbow Ditto to match ; handsome Pier- Glasses, in Gilt and Mahoganv Frames ; Pair of very handsome Window- Curtains, fashionable Fringe, and Tassels, full Valance, Velvet Border, Gilt Cornice, ; Mahoganv Bureau and Book- Case, with glazed Doors ; Maho- gany Dining, Pembroke, and Card Tables; Pillar and Claw Ditto ; Prints, by Morlund and others, in Gilt Frames and glazed; handsome China and Glass, Plate, Sec.-, Table- China and Earthenware, Windsor Chairs, Kitchen. Chair., Brass, Pewter, and Kitchen. Requisites in general; Brewing and Washing - Coppers, Iron- bound Casks, and various other valuable Effects The Whole of the Crops, Hay, Sec. may be taken off the Premises, and Credit will ba given for the same until the 17th Day of October, 1812, on such joint Security as shall be approved of. The Cotnpanv will please to meet the Auctioneers at the Cherry Orchard Farm, at Ten o'Clock each Day, at which Time the Auction will commence. Catalogues to be bad at the Falcon, St. Neots and Bletsne; George - and White Lion, Kicnbolton: Five Bells, Riseiy; Trefoil, Thurleigh; Crown, Great - Barford; the Inns at Tempsford and Eaton; Place of Sale; adjacent Towns; at Wehb's Printing- Offlce; of Brown & Son, Auctioneers, Bedford, DUNCHURCH TURNPIKIvROAD. NOTICE is hereby. given. That the next Meeting of the Trustees appointed for putting into Exoculion the Act of Parliament lately passed for more effectually repairing the Road from Dunchurch to HiHmorton, in the Countv of Warwick, and from thence to St. James's End, in the Parish of Duston, in the County of Northampton, will be hidden at the House called the Fox AND HOUNDS, 111 IIARLESTON, in the said County of Northampton, on MONDAY the thirty- first Day of AUGUST instruit, at Eleven of the Clock in tile Forenoon, for the Purpose of auditing the Treasurer's Account, and transacting other Business relative to the said Road. By Order of the Trustees, W. TK. SMYTH, Clerk. August I5//>, 1812. Copyhold Estate, Bloiham, Oxfordshire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE " CONTRACT, ADesirable Copyhold and Tithe- free ESTA TE, situate at BLOXHAM, in the County of Oxford, adjoining the Tuuipike- Road from thence to Banbury, and comprising a good Farm- 1 louse, with Barns, Srables, and other Buildings : Gat. den and Orchard, and two Inclosures of rich Pasture Ground, containing together about 32 Acres; Possession of which mav be had at Michaelmas next. The Estate may be seen on Application to Mr. THOMAS BARRETT, the Tenant; and further Particulars had at the Office ot Messrs. R'^. JRCHILL, FIELD, & WESTON, Solicitors, Deddington, Oxford'. hire, wlmare authorised to treit for the ^ a'e. WELLINGBOROUGH. A most valuable Freehold Inn, To he SOL D bv A U C T t O N; At the Horse Shoe Inn', in Wellingborough, on Thursday the 3d Day of September, 1S12, at Six in the Afternoon, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, ( ot which due Notice will be given), in two Lots, ' The following ESTATE:— Lot 1. \ MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, in th& Prime ' * Part of the SHEEP- STS SET, in the flourishing and populous Town of WELLINGBOROUGH, called bv the Sign of The HORSE SHOE ; comprising excellent and suitable Rooms for carrying on the Puhlic Business in a superior Stile, with large Yard, Garden walled in, well planted with Fruit Trees in full bearing, extensive Stabling. Rrewhouse, good Cellarage, and all necessary and convenient Out- Offices, which has for manv Years past, and now is, in the Possession of Mr. J'MIN DAY, the Proprietor.—' This House stands well for the Market, is established in a most respectable, extensive, and profitable Business; and in fact, its own well known Reputation will recommend it as an enviable Situation to possess in that Line of Business, better than Words can express. It is in a most perfect State of Repair, the Land- Tax redeemed, and may be entered upon at Michaelmas next. Lot1. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TF. NEMENT, in good Repnir, in FREEMAN'S- LANS, in Wellingborough aforesaid, in the Occupation of Gabriel Paget. For Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, aooly to the Proprietor, or to Messrs. HOBSONS, Solicitors, Wellingborough. PRICE OF Bank Stock 3 per Cent. Red. i per Cent, Cons... 4 per Cent. Cons... 5 per Cent, Navy .. Omnium . Cons, for ac. STOCKS. Wed: j Hoi Sat. Tu. 21S 57 b 57 H 56S4 bHi 56M • iH 74iJ m W. SP m? b'l bti b'liik Tbu. 2l3jl<) 57 Hi S6i 7431 SPJf m> 5< i Frf. 57J % 57 ftt 75i Sip India Bonds. 6 lOd.— Exc. Bills, 9d Br, Freehold and ' Tithe- free Estate, Oxfordshire. To be S O L D bv A U C T I O N, By Messrs. CHURCHILL fr TURNER, At the Wykham Arms Inn, in South- Newington, Oxfordshire, on Monday the 7th Day of September, 1812, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, ur. der such Conditions of Sale as shall then be produced ( unless an acceptable Offer be in the mean Time made for the Purchase thereof by Private Contract), AVery desirable FREEHOLD and TITUE- JREE ESTATE, situate in the Parish ot SOUTH- N E WING^ ON ; con sitting ot 42 Acres, or thereabouts, of rich Arable and Pasture Land, properly divided for Occupation, with a good Barn, Hovel, and other Conveniences thereon, in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Falkner, under a Lease of which three Years will be unexpired at Lady- Day next. Fora Vicwot the Estate, apply to Mr. RICHARD FALKNER, the Tenant; and for further Particulars, to Messrs. CHVROHI LL, FIELD, SC WESTON, Solicitors, Deddington, Oxfordshire, who are astiotiied to treat for the Sale thereof by Private Conlract. Valuable Wafer Corn Mill and Freehold l^ and. Tithe- Free, situate in Cransley, near Kettering, in the County of Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. SPONG, At the White Hart Inn, in Kettering, on Tuesday the 13th Day ot August instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless disposed of by private Contract on or before Friday next, ot which Notice will be given in the next Week's Paper, in the following Lots : Lot 1. rjllIREE CLOSES of extraordinarygoo/ 1 ARABLE I LAND, called by the several Names of Top White Hill, Middle White Hill, and Bottom fPhite Hill, adjoining the Road to ROWELL; containing together fifteen Acres, or thereabouts. 2. A WATER CORN MILL, called HOLT'S MILL, with a. Dwelling- House, Farm- Yard, good Stables, and other conve- nient Out- Offices, with six Closes of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground thereto adjoining, called by the. sevtral Names of The Mill Holme, the Mill C/ txe or Holt's Cine, Bait Bottom with the Spinney, Wasbbrook Meadoiu, IVest Bottom, and Eajt Bottom; containing sixty Acres, or thereabouts. 3. A CLOSE of most excellent convertible I. AND, called the East Green, adjoining the Road to Rowell; containing eighteen Acres and a Half, or thereabiuts. The While of the Land is convertible, of the very bett Quality, and Possession will be given at Michaelmas next':— The second Lot is a very fine Speculation for any Person wishing to settle in the Business of a Miller, it rarely happening that so large a Tract of rich Land is attached to a Mill.— CRANSLKV is well situated for that Business, and the Land and Par . cbial Taxes are very low. Mr. NUNNERLEY, of Cransley, will shew the Premises.; and for Particulars, or to treat for the Purchasebv Private Contract previous to Friday next, apply to Messrs. HODSON, Solicitors, Wellingb'i'ough. Desirable Rectory, Oxfordshire, with a I'rospett of eu- ly Possession. To be SO L I) by AUCTION, By Mr. WILLIAM % TANTtiW, At the Auction- Mart, London, 011 Thursday the 10th Dav of September, 1812, at One o'Clock ( unless an acceptable Ofl' r he in the mean Time made for the Purchase thereof by Private Contract), " MIE next PRESENT'ATION to the valuable RECTORY of TADMARTON, situate near to BANBURY, on the Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury to Shipston- upon- Stour, and within 20 Miles ot theUniversity of Oxford.— The present Incumbent is nearly 80 Years of Age. Printed Particulars may be hid at the Auction- Mart ; ot the Printers of the Oxford and Cambridge Papers; of Mr. B C. Carter, Staple- Inn, London ; of the Auctioneer, Hitchin, Herts ; and of Messrs. Churchill, Field, & Weston, Solicitnrs, Deddington, Oxfordshire, who are authorised to treat fora Sale bv Private Contract. T Neat One- horse Chaise and Harness, ' Travelling Cart, ifc. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, By BROWN Sc SON, On Saturday the 22d of -\ ugust, 1812, on the MARKET- HILL, BEDFORD, at Thf.- e o'Clock in the A fternoon, ANeat One- horse CHAISE, with Driving- box and Cushions ( neatly lined), Grashopper Springs and Pedestal.;, Lamps, Head with nlared Front, and Set of Harness with Brass Furniture- the WhMe in good Preservation,— Also a stout Travelling Cart with Iron Arms, boarded Head, two Doors behind, and Seat with Box in Front. (£ 3* The above may be viewed by applying to BROWN & SON Auctioneers, Bedford, any Time previous to the Sale. Prime well gotten Hay, Live and Dead Farming- Stock, fyc. To be S O L I) by A U C T I O N, By ROBERT ANDREWS, On Wedne day the 19th of August, 1812, on the MANOR FARM at EMBERTON, near Olney, in the County of Buckingham, \ BOUT 40 Tons of well gotten old Hay, in three Lots ; r\. about 40 Tons of new Ditto, in Lots; and 4S Acres of Grass Keep in Lots till Michaelmas next; IS capital well- bred Dairy Cows, Heifers, and Weaning calfs, 120 Ewes, Lambs, Tegs, and Shearhogs, four Draught- horses, and Flarness for eight Horses ; one Narrow- wheel Waggon, three Ditto Carts, one Dressing- machine, a Patent Chaff- Machine, and one Scuffier, a large Pair of Harrows, three small Pair Ditto, Fallow and Seed- Ploughs, Field- Roll, & c.; 12 Dozen of Hurdles, and a Quantity of Stake- Hurdles; Sieves, Sacks, and Barn- Tackle; long Hovel. Frame and Hovel Stuff". Cow and Sheep. Cribs, longand short Ladders, Forks. Rakes, Grindstones SEc. ; some Oak and Elm Timber, Wond- Hovel, and Cow- Hovel, Sea. DAIRY UTENSILS comprise a 4- Dozen Churn and Frame, nine Milk- Leads, four Pair of Buckets and Yokes. Cream- Tins, Milk- Kivers. & c. BREWING- UTENSILS consist of a 60- Gallon Copper and Grate, Mash- Vat, Tubs, Beer- Pipes, Hogshead a^ I smaller Casks, SEC.; a large Quantity of old Iron, Ac. ; a Cucumber. Frame and Lights, II Hives of Bees, SEC. Also a few Lots of HOUSF HOLD- FURNITURE, as Servants' Beds and Bedding, Chairs, Tables, and a good Smoke- Jack, Iron Oven, Door and Frame, SEC. SEE. The Sale will begin exactly at Ten o'Clock, as the Whole is intended to be sold in one Day. N. B. The Hay to betaken offthe Premises, and six Months' Credit will be given on approved joint Security ; and three Months to all Purchasers above =£ 10. for the Live Stock. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By A ND R FAV GA RDNE R, Oil Wednesday, August the 19th, 1812, rpire genteel a id useful HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, L BREWING UTENSILS, Sweet Iron- bound CASKS, sundry DAIRY and FARMING UTENSILS, and other EFFECTS, on the Premises of Mr. WHITE, ( lately deceased), late the Sign of the Black- Horse Public House, at WAVEN. DON- END, in the County of Buckingham; consisting of Eour- postand other Bedsteads, with Stuff and Check Furnitures; four exceedingly good Feather Beds, and Flock Ditto ; Blankets, Quilts, and Counterpanes; Chest et Drawers. Tables, Chairs and Dressing Glasses; Oak Dining Tables; Pillar and Claw Ditto; two 30- Hour Clocks and Cases; Dresser and Shelves; Kitchen Furniture in general; Copper and Brass I'ofs and Kettles; Quantity of Glass and Earthenware; Brewing Copper and Grate; Mash Vats; Cooling and Working Tubs; Pails; eight Iron- bound Casks; six smaller Ditto-, Wood Bottles, Sec. ; small Barrel Churn and Stand ; three Milk Kivers ; Ditto Milk Lead, Pans. & c.; a Narrow- wheel Cart; one Plough; Ditto Harrow; Wood Rakes; Hay Forks and Dung Ditto; Chaff Box; Wheelbarrow; Ladders; Hog Troughs; Ditto Tubs; sundry Horse Harness; Seed Scuttle, Sieves, Sic. ; a very good Barn Floor, 15 ft, by 12 ft. ; a Cart Hovel; seven Sacks, & c.; with a great Variety of other useful Articles. Sale to begin exactly at Half. past Ten o'Clock in the Morning. For SALE by AUCTION, On Friday the 4th Day of September next, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, at the While Hart Inn, in Floorc, in the Connty of Northampton, \ LL those eligible FiVP. EHor. p PREMISES, situate adjoining theTurnpike Road lending from Northampton to Daventry, now or late in the Occupation of Joseph Wiggins, Maltster; comprising a compact Malting- office, ( wets 10 Quarters per Week)> with suitable Garners, a roomy genteel Dwelling- House, large Barn, Stables, Pigsties, a spacious Yard, Orchard and Garden, and a Pump of excellent Wafer; also a large Garden detached, parted only by the Turnpike- Road from the Front of the Dwelling- IIouse, con- taining about Half an Acre.— The Whole will he put up one Lot.— These Premises are exceedingly well adapted, to carry nn any Concern ( together rtith the Malting) that re- quires Itootn, being within seven, five, and eight Miles of those three capital Markets, Northampton, Daventry, and Towcester, and all good Roads, and within one Mile of the Grand Junction Canal Wharfs at Weedon- Beck and Stow- IIill.— For Particulars, apply to Mr. BI. ABY, Auctioneer and Appraiser, Flonre, 1 Conditions will appear at the Time and X'lace ef SJle. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. GARDNER, On Thursday the 3d Day of September next, at the White Lion Inn, in Banburv, in the County of Oxford, by Order of the Assigness of WILLI AM RYMII. L, a Bankrupt, in Lots, and subject to the Conditions then to be produced, The following ESTATES :— AN undivided Moiety of a Freehold Estate, situate at CHACOMBE, in the County of Northampton; con- sisting of several Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, containing together one Hundred Acres or thereabouts, now or late in the Tenure of the said William Rytnill and Thomas Steeley. The Estate has lately been divided for the Purposes of Occu. pation, and the Purchaser may have the Possession of that Portion of it which has been in the Tenure of the Bankrupt at Christmas next. Also, an undivided Moiety of five- sixths Shares in a Publ House in Banbury, called the Punch Bowl, in the Tenure ol Thomas Grtnt, Junior. Also, an undivided Moiety of five- sixths Shares of Fsur other Messuages, two Stables, Piggeries, Blacksmith's Shop, Catpentet's Shop, and Appurtenances, in Banbuty, in the Occupation of Thomas Grant and his Undertenants ; also, of a Malthouse, in the Occupation of Messrs. King & Co. Also, one undivided Tenth- share in the Reversion of a Messuage, with the Garden and Appurtenances, situate an the Horse- Fair in Banbuty, in the Occupation of Mary Wilson, expectant upon the Determination of the Life Estate of the Widow Rymill therein. Also, an undivided Moiety of a Tenement in the Occupation Taylor, situate at Great- Bourton, m the County of of Oxford. Also,- a newly, erected Messuage, with thi Garden and Appur- tenances thereto belonging, situate irt West - Street, in Banbuiy, and late in the Tenure of the Bankrupt, Immediate Possession may be had of this Lot. Also, a Messuage in High- Street, in Banbury, in the Occupation of Messrs. Mander Sc Davenport. Also, Seven Cottages or Tenements, situate at Newland in the Parish of Banbuiy, in the Occupation of Isabella Terry and others. Further Particulars may be known on Application at the Offices of Messrs. APLIN, in Banbury and Charlbury, or at the Office of Mr. HENRY DORY, in Banbury. The Sale will commence at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon. POSTSCRIPT. LONDON, August 14. letters from Plymouth, received this morning, it appears that the Hermes, of 20 guns, Capt. Browne, lias arrived from Lisbon. It might have been expected that the first arrival Would have ascertained the truth of the reported victory gained by Lord Wellington— but. the. letters are niost contradictory: one of them states that the Hermes was twelve days on her passage— were this correct she might have brought news from the army one day later than the reported bmtle ; but another letter Says, she was 21 days on her voyage ! It is stated bv another communication that his Maies'y's ship Magnificent fwhich arrived at Plymouth 011 Monday from the coast of Spain), brought a Salamanca Gazette, dated several days after the battle, which not only enu- merates the particulars known before, but adds, that Gen. Bonnet died in that city 06 his wounds! Two Gotteubiirgh Mails arrived yesterday, bringing papers and letters to the 5th instant. We are liappv to state, that they confirm the report of the ratification of peace between Russia and Turkey, hv which Russia will be enabled to apply the whole of her strength and resources against France. They also bring intelligence of Prince Bagration having succeeded in joining the maiji Russian army under Barclav de Tolly, at Witepsk, notwithstanding the strenuous efforts of the Frejich to prevent it.— The accounts from the Russian Head- quarters, are of so late a date as the 24th ultimo,' at which time, it seems, Bonaparte had publicly avowed his intention of inarching direct to Moscow; but from the junction which had taken place of the Russian armies, the utmost confidence was expressed, that they would io their present position, be able to give an effectual check to the enemy'.; career. The following Bulletins, extracted from the St. Peters- burgh Gazettes, will shew that the French have been • severely handled hy the Russians in the various affairs in which they have been engaged :— " OFFICI AL INTELLIGENCE from the ARMY. " Head- quarters, at Belkomschtsehisiitt, July 4 ( 15), 1812. " The enemy having directed a great force against our right wing, the fir- 4t army has put itself in motion to oppose it. " Connt Wittgenstein, whose corps was posted on the right bank nf the Dwina, being informed that two French regiments of cavalry had approached Druja, sent MajoT- Geueral Kiilncw across the river with the Grodno regiment of Hussar?, and a few squadrons of Cossacks. Kuluew attacked the Frer. » h cavalry with the completest success. The two regiments of the enernv were completely cut up, and their Commander Brigadier- Gen St. Genie, with several Officers, aild 200 privates, wore made prisoners. " On the Ist of ( his month, Marshal Oulinot's corps appeared in front of Dunaherg, and at four in the morning commenced tin attack upon the bridge. They were repulsed bv the garrison. According to the latest accounts from Major- General Ulanow, the attack was renewed on theSid, but the eriemv were ; t'ii 11 repulsed w itli loss. ** Prince Bagratinn has transmitted an account of the success nhtained bv General. PlatofT, over the enemv. On the 28th nf June, the advanced guard, under the command of the King of Westphalia'^ ag- iiri attacked us at Mir, with six regiments of Hulans. under the command' of the General of Division Rusnezkji. This action terminated in our favour. Thesiv regiments were tota'lv defeated, find we took a number of prisoners. Our troops displayed the- most distinguished valour. General PlatofTparticularly praises the bravery of V. ljutant- General MassiltschikofT, wiin, with his regiment of Hussars, acted in conjunction with the Cossacks." " OFFICIAL INTELLIGENCE from the ARMY. " Dated July 6, ( lSth). " In consequence nf the fortunate events described in the last accounts, the first armv is rapidly approaching Polotzk with its left flank, regulating its movements by th i< e of the enemv. The occurrences since that period have not produced the slightestchange in the relativesitnatinn of th- two armies." " BULLETIN ISSUED at RIGA, July 25. Accounts of the operation? of Ihe Army, arrived here this day from Polotzk, dated July the 19th : — " In the first engagement of importance which has taken place, victory has declared for oftr country, and tile cause of humanity. Prince Bagration, who was occupied in Ihe execution of the movements, and to effect an union with the first A1 my. mi his inarch fell in with the whole of the enemy's cavalry. The Russian troops long thirsting for battle, bore down upon them; and after the most obstinate resistance nn the part of the enerwv. which adds to the glory of this affair, niue regiments of the French were completely cut to pieces; upwards of 1,000 rank and file, and more than 50 of Staff and commissioned Officers, were made prisoners. The obstacles which the enemy attempted to throw iu the way of the operations of our Second Army are now completely frustrated ; nothing now intervenes to prevent both armies, witlj their united efforts, to prepare for ihe enemv that fate which ( as far as the history of mankind teaches us) every tyrant has met with. This glorious action we consider as a pledge of future and still more glorious achievements. Our troops, animated by a just estimation of their valour in this victory, are anxious for new conquests; whilst the victims of our opponent will lose the confidence hitherto placed in his fortune, and by that lose the power and the will of resistance," Further accounts frnm Riga of the 30th mention, that Macdonald, with a corps of 15,000 men, principally Prussians, was within a few miles of that city. His want of artillery, and the small amount nf his force, made it impossible for him to undertake the siege. No immediate diynger was appre- hended ; though the suburbs had been burned to prevent them from affording any lodgment to the enemy. Te Detnn was performed at Riga on the 25th, iu celebration of the victory obtained by Prince Bagration over Davoust. A LTknse has been issued by the Emperor Alexander from his camp at Polotzk, ordering the formation of battalions of reserve in the interior nf the empire, and calling upon the Russians to rise e « masse for the defence of their country.— The Emperor Alexander was at Smolensk, on the 21st instant. Letters from Harwich this morning mention the arrival there yesterday of the Lark packet, with mails and tpas- sengers from Oottenhurgli. Lord Catbcart had arrived in Wingo Sound before the packetsailed. The most interesting piece of intelligence she brings is, that Mr. Thornton had embarked in a frigate for Copenhagen, at the invitation, it is said, of the lviug of Denmark. Directions have been received at Portsmouth to delay the sailing of Sir John Warren's squadron until further orders. This measure is supposed to have been adopted until the arrival of dispatches from Mr. Foster, at New- York, which may daily be expected. Yesterday, about half past two o'clock, the Prince Regent arrived at Carbon House From Windsor; soon after three, the following Noblemen and Gentlemen were introduced to his Royal Highness, and had the honour to kiss hands, upon their respective appointments:— Lord George Beresford, on being appointed Comptroller of the Household— Mr. Robert Peele, on being appointed Secretary of State to the Lord lieutenant of Ireland— Lord Jocelyn, 011 being appointed Vice- Chamberlain— Mr. Win, Fitzgerald, 011 being appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer for Ireland— Lord Charles Bentinck ( we uuderstand) on being appointed Treasurer of the Household.— A Privy Council was afterwards held, when the following persons were introduced and sworn in Members, and took their seats accordingly ; viz. Lord George Beres- ford, the Hon. F. Robinson, Mr". Robert Peele, Mr. William 1 Fitzgerald, and Lord C. Beutinck.— The Prince gave NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Avavs- r 15 MARRIED.] On Monday last, and not before, by special license, at Southill, in Bedfordshire, the Hon. Wm. Waldegrave, brother to Lord Waldegrave, to Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Samuel Whitbread, Esq. Tuesday last, by the Rev. John Watts, rector of Colling- tree, Mr. Charles Cowley, grazier, of Willoughby, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. Richard Wright; grazier, of the former place. Satne day; at Carlbyj near Stamford, the Rev. Mr. Wing- field, rector of Seaton, near Uppingham, to Miss Denshire, daughter of the late Captain Denshire, of Stamford. Wednesday last, at the Friends' Meeting House, Birming- ham, Thomas Langlev, of Lichfield, to Elizabeth Fardon, of Birmingham. DIED.] On Wednesday se'nnight, universally beloved, and respected, Mrs. Raworth, wife of Mr. T. Rawortb, draper, Oakham. Thursday se'nnight, at Geddington, in this county, Mr. W. Ashby, farmer and grazier. Saturday last, aged 61, Mrs. Ball, wife of Mr. Ball, tailor, of this town. Lately, at Barrow- upon- Soar, Leicestershire, Thos. Gibbs, youngest son of Thomas Gibbs, of the Bishop- Blaze, in that place. The Northampton Horticultural Society held their annual meeting at the Swan- and- Helmet inn, in this town, 011 Tuesday last, when the prizes were adjudged as follows :— The first Carnation prize to Mr. Joseph Penn, of this town ; the secontl ditto to Mr. P. Cornfield ; the seedling Carnation prize to Mr. Penn ; the picotee Prize and the seedling picotee prize to Mr. P, Cornfield; the first Melon prize to Mr. Charles Massey, of Harleston, the second Melon prize to Mr. James Stoddart, of this town ; the first Gooseberry prize to Mr. W. Paddy, of Lutterworth, the Sportsman, l ldws. 17grs. the second ditto, to Mr. T. Paddy, of Lutterworth, Sportsman, Udws. lOgrs.— Mr. Ediv. Stanton, and Mr. C'ha. Longstaffe, were appointed Stewards for the next annual meeting. On Monday last, Mr. Wm. Judd was chosen one of the Justices of the Peace for the borough of Banbury; and Mr. John Salmon, of Hardwick, was at the same time elected one of the capital Burgesses of the same borough. As the harvest is considerably later thau usual, and there is 110 probability that the latter crops will be carried by tha first week in September, it is suggested to all those sports- men who are any- wise concerned for the interest of the public, the propriety of entering into a resolution not to commence partridge- shooting befol'e the Tth or 14th of September. It is hoped there are few gentlemen iu the* kingdom who will not lie desirous, by their example to in- fluence others to adopt so proper a resolution, which can hardly be objected to by the keenest sportsman, and must be highly approved of by all those to whom agriculture is either a profession or amusement. Warwick Races are fixed for Wednesday and Thursday, the 2d and 3tl of September next. The match at cricket ployed at Leighton. Buzzard, on the nh instant, between eleven gentlemen of Leighton and eleven of Dunstable, was won by the furmer by twenty- five runs. Yesterday was played the return game between the gentlemen of Leighson- Buzzard, aud Dunstable, which was decided in favour of the Leigliton gentlemen, after a smarc contest. The Duke d'Arcmberg, ( who was taken by General Hill in the brilliant affair at Arroyo del Molino) has been conveyed under a military escort, from Bridgnorth to Norman- Cross prison, by order of the Transport Board, for having refused personally to attend the Commissary at the ordinary musters of the other prisoners of war. We are truly sorry that we have to notice another ad- dition to the black catalogue of attempts at assassination, which have lately been made in this county.— Yesterday, about two o'clock in the morning. Mr. Wallis, surgeon, of Loughborough, was called up, under a false pretence, to attend a woman who was said to be in labour; and, oil opening his front dour, some villain discharged a pistol ac his head, which fortunately missed hiin. He had previously received a letter threatening his life, but had taken 110 notice of it. A libera] reward of 300 guineas has been offered for the discovery of the person who wrote the letter or fired the pistol.— Nottingham Review, August 8. The account of the reprieve of Dawson we last week copied from a London print, was incorrect. It appears that a petition was presented to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent a few days ago, which was referred to the Judge before whom the prisoner was tried; but his Lordship having stated the crime was of such a nature, that the convict did not deserve the royal mercy, a letter was sent from the Secretary of State's office, informing the Governor of the Castle at Cambridge that no mitigation of the sentence) could be granted.— The culprit was executed on Saturday last, pursuant to his sentence. If « received the sacrament; about ten o'clock on the morning of execution, aud at a quarter before twelve be came out of the Castle, and as- cended the gateway in front where the new drop had been previ lusly erected. Ilis deportment was quite firm. He joined in prayer with the Chaplain and continued praying abo ut a quarter of an hour, when he was launched into eternity. He made an unsolicited confession of the whole poisoning business, from the time of physicing Rubens, ac Brighton, to the poisoning at Newmarket, in 1811; but averred solemnly, that he, never meant to kill, but merely to prevent the horses from winning.— To the honour of the turf ( says a Morning Paper) not a single Gentleman is involved I! Dawson's confession,— Ilis wife, took leave of him oil Thursday, and their parting was very affecting.— Not less than 12,000 persons were present to witness the execution of this notorious character. fi^ f" Advertisements which arrived too late for to day' 9 paper, shall appear in our next. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, August 14. The arrivals of Wheat both on Wednesday and to- day hive been inconsiderable, and the business done iii the MealingTiade but trifling; little or no alteration has taken place, and Monday's the governing prices for to- day.— Barley and Malt obtained as good Terms as on the 3d instant, viz. the fir,, mentioned, 67s. per quarter; and the second ( Malt) 98s. per q, alter — Small and Tick Beans ( there being but few heie) have each acquued about Is. per quarter more money.— Oats are still upon therise, and may be named 3s. and 4s. per quarter higher than on Monday. Northampton — Saturday. Wheat 144s. Cd. tol54s.'( M. Rye 100s. fd. toll s. Od. Barley.. . — s. Od. to 83s. Od. Oats 54s. Od. to 58s. Od. . By the Standard Measure. Beans — s. Od. to — s. Od. New- Beans 74s. Od. to7i » . Od. Peas — s. Od. to — s. ua. Market- 1 far borough—' Tuesday lust. Wheat ., 147s. Od. to 164s, Od. I Old Beans 80s. 6d. to — s. 0J, Barley ... 84s. Od. to92s. Od. Oats 50s. Od. to — s. Od. New Beans— s. Od, to— s. 0d. | NewDitto — s. Od. to — s. Od. By the Customary Measure. Leighton- Buzzard— Tuesday last. Per Load of five Bushels. Wheat .. 90s. Od. tolOSs. Od. | Beans, ,45s. Od. to 51s. Od. Rye — s. Od. to — s. Od. I Hogl'eas— s. Od. to — s. Od. Per Quarter. Bailey., 64s Od. to 6Ss. Od. | Oats .. 55s. 0J. to 60s. 0 Price of Grain at Banbury market the same a- 1 1 week. 1 MT- ri. 1" - r- LIST of FAIRS from August 17, to AuguiC 29, within t. ie Circuit of tbis Paver. Tfi. Aug. 20. Higham- Frrrers ( toll- free). F. 21. liedford, Deddington, Uund'. e, Rugby, and Winsiow. M. 24. Toddington. W. 26. Hinckley, and Northampton. F. 28. Coventry. S, 29. NcKjeort- PasniU. The Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the Coxnties of NortTumpton, BjJf< > rd, Buckingham,' Iluntiugtlon Leicester, Warwick, (); xf- jr.! and Hertford. SYMPATHY. AH ! whv was the ( ear form'd to flow, .. - O'er the anguish it cannot retrieve? Or the nigh for the victim of woe, When the means are too scant to relieve? Must the bosom of sympathy mourn? Must friendship and virtue repine? ill, St the heart that is tender he torn, Wh.; n its passion is pure and divine? Ye-. Pitv mist often befriend, And tfie l> r: irt that has feelings must grieve, " When llle hand is forbid to extend, And the icijA is the all we can give. Kut the heart that lias wishes to bless, Reflects llie same pleasure that's given i And the tear thai can drop at distress, Is tin alms that's accepted in Heaven ! —<: "> THE ARMY AND NAVY FOR EVER, A Song, sung Kilh great applause by Mr. UIGXVM, at Vaurhatl. ' LET Gallia exult in her numbers in war, And tyranny boast of its slaves. The love of a Ileio is Liberty's star, Of Liberty free as the waves: And England her Soldier" and Seamen can boast, By laud or bv sea conqiter'd never: And where is the Briton will nut give the toast— The Army . pnd Navy for ever? Huzza, and with three, Let the shout of joy be, The Army nud Navy for ever. The sea begirt Island of Albion's domain, By loyalty's shield circled r- iund, Triumphant the threats of its foes can disdain, Forbidden to tread on its ground ; And England, whose pride is her Soldiers and Tars, By land or hy sea conqiter'd never, Can hail as her champions, in peace or in war, The Army and Navy for cveir. Huzza, and with three, Let the shout of joy be, Her Army and Navy for ever. The dej'ds of a N ELSO N shall live while the world Keeps pace with the records of lime ; And wherever Britain's proud flag is unfutTd, Shall WELLINGTON'S fame blaze sublime; And England, thy Soldiers and Seamen still shine, By land or by sea conquer'd never, And where is the Briton the toast can decline— The Armv and Navv for ever. Huzza, and with three, Let the shout of jov he, The Army and Navy for ever? —-— Sunday and Tuesday's Posts— continued from the first page. It is confidently rumoured, that a person has arrived in town, who is said to be the bearer of dispatches from the Coti' t of Vienna. If his mission he of a confidential iiatue, as may naturally be presumed, it is not to be sup- posed that iis object iviil be permitted to transpire for the present. Tetters have been received from Majorca to the 8th ult. At that time the troops destined for the expedition to Spain had not left the island. The force in readiness consisted of between 4 and . 5,000 Spaniards, including cavalry and in- fantry. The English part of the expedition was to re- em- bark at Minorca. Jerome Bonaparte has been under the necessity of pub- lishing a Decree, acknowledging bis inability to pay the interest of the public debt of Westphalia. The Decree is dated the 12th June, nt Warsaw, and directs, that the in- teiest in future is to he added to the Capital! The Rev. Dr. B runnmark, Chaplain to the Swedish Embassy, related an interesting anecdote ofthe Dalecarlian Swedes, at the meeting in the Egyptian Hall of the Mansion House, on Thursday. It seems that the Dalecarlians, who had been accustomed to prav for the success of the English against the French, were forbidden to do so, when the Swedish Court changed its politics, and were told, Chat the English were their enemies. " O ! no," said they, " the English are not our enemies, they are our best friends : they liavi sent us curn in our distress, medicine for the relief of our . vounded men, and, above all, they have sent us the Bible!" Since the abolition of the ^ laveTrade, about 2,000 negroes liavs been rescued from slave ships by our cruizerS. These men are now at Goree, and it is from them that the West India Regiments are to be recruited; the practice is preg- tiant with dange*, being liable to be much abused. Government, it is said, intend to abolish the pound draught hitlieito allowed bv the Excise, on all weighablegoods; this regulation, it is calculated, will considerably augment that branch of the revenue, and in the article of tea alone, pro- duce an increase of ,£' 80,000 per annum. The rains in most of the counties adjoining London have been incessant during the last week; notwithstanding which the wheats have spread much in the ear, and the oats and barleys have advanced very rapidly, both in growth and ripening. The turnips promise to be a good crop, though Some lands yet remain to be sown. A field of Wheat belonging to Farmer Lewis, of Pnrton, Wilts, claims the admiration of the surrounding country: persons far and near resort to view it. His crops of wheat last year completely failed; but, without fresh sowiii", ploughing, or manure, there has this year sprung up from each old root from 00 to 66 stalks, each hearing as many ears, and these ears are as much as five inches in length, full of the finest grain imaginable; and what is more as- tonishing, a new stalk is springing from the first joint; the nature of the grain seems, however, to have changed hy being so long in the ground: it is now as fine a piece of Lammas Wheat as ever was witnessed; and what stems came up last year produced remarkably bearded ears. The burthen appears so miraculously abundant,' that the grateful man looks upou himself as peculiarly favoured by Providence. One of the most economical substitutes for hread is the following very simple dish :— Take two pounds of meat, pre- pared for a pie ; mash a quantity of potatoes, and mix them up with milk to the consistency of batter; pour it over the meat, and send it to the oven without a crust.— The potatoe batter forms a crust, and thus prepared, the meat will go much farther than in the usual way, and bread is saved. The erection of New Bethlcm, in St. George's- fields, is proceeding with great rapidity, ft has nearly reached its height, and is extremely extensive and commodious. The cells are admirably well arranged, to afford every possible comfort to the unfortunate patients; and the building, on the whole, combines Solidity and security, with neatness and elegance. A few days ago, while the ostler at the Bell inn, Thomas- street, Bristol, was dressing a gentleman's horse, the ani- mal took a fancy to his nose, tore it oft", and actually ate it ! The man is now in the infirmary, where the wound will of course be cured. Ncu) Insolvent Debtors' Art.— This Act is cxactly con- formable to the Acts of this kind of former years, except in the following special enactments:-— All persons in actual custody on the5tli of June last, and whose debts on that day did not amount to more than g£ 2,00( fc are to he entitled to the benefits df this Act. — Where the debts of prisoners exceed that sum, the same is to be referred to a Barrister of each of the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, to enquire into the same ; and if the party be imprisoned five years, he shall he discharged out of custody, should his debts amount to £ 3,000; and where the party has been coniined ten years, then to he discharged, whatever may he the amount of the debt or debts.— Prisoners not to be discharged for debts incurred since the said 5th of June.— Prisoners discharged subsequent to the 5th of June, without their consent, never- theless to have the benefit of this Act.— Act not to extend to nttnrnies or servants embezzling their clients or employers' money or property.— Nor to persons obtaining money or goods under false pretences and fictitious names, except where they have been confined ten years. — Nor to persons in execu- tion for damages for criminal conversation, or seducing, See. the daughter or female servant of the plaintiff, unless ten years in prison.— Nor to persons he'relofore remanded under former Insolvent Acts, unless where they have been ten years ' confined. — Nor to persons confined for debts due to the Crown by offending against tho Revenue, & c. unless the Treasury shall certify consent.— Nor to persons who have taken the benefit of anv Act of Insolvency passed within these last five jears.— Nor to Bankrupts in certain cases, unless first they have conformed to the laws regarding Bankrupts. The same to be certified by their Commissioners, provided always that such Bankrupt surrendered himself at least two years before the passing of this Act.— This Act is to ex tend to the different Presidencies in India, and to Prince of Wales's Island, hut liot to extend to the relief of persons confined in India at the suit of the East India Company, unless the local Governments in India consent. OXFORD, August 8. On Mondav last, Mr. Addington, of Trinity College"; Mr. Whish, of Mertou ; and Mr. Blome- tield, of Christ Church, were elected Fellows of Merlon College, in this University. LEAVING HOME. To the Printers. Sms.- J- After an illness of a fortnight, which had con- siderably interrupted my business, I ventured out on Friday last, to renew my acquaintance with those persons with whom I am concerned in certain lawful undertakings. Out of ten, however, on whom I called, only two were to be found, and the rest were divided between the populous places of resort in the east and the west, the north and the south ; and al- though my business with some of the latler was rather urgent, I could receive no more satisfactory information, than that they wet- 1 gone, and it was uiieerjain when they would return. In one or two instances, indeed, 1 was told, they were " gone for the season ;" hut this did not greatly tend to re- move my uncertainty, as the season is a period to which not even wimer itself can place limits. On finding so large a proportion as eight out of fen, departed on this annual emigration, I could not help meditating a little; and the first notion that came into my head was, that man is a forgetful animal, and that of all things incident to hire, he is most apt fo forget his misfortunes. If this had not been the case, 1 thought it impossible that the long series of com- plaints, repeated in public and private for the last seven or eight mouths, could have so stlon been buried in oblivion. I thought it impossible, that the many proofs laid before us of public calamities, bankruptcies, the ri- es of prices, and other circumstances, constituting what is called the pressure of the times, could have been so soon forgotten. But upon comparing accounts with such of my neighbours as have not left home, I begin to think that this knack of forgetfulness is a very happy circumstance in our lot, and tends vfr. y much to prevent that despondency, which, foreigners tell us, make Englishmen hang and drown themselves: and yet before 1 had time to congratulate myself on ihis important discovery, it came across my mirid that a little of that same despondency would really be a better thing ( hangings and drownings excepted) than the thoughtlessness which so universally prevails among a very numerous class, and which makes them hypocrites in lamenting the pressure of the times, anil sincere only madding to it. All this, we are tnld, arises from fashion. All the extra- vagance which prevails among the middling classes is referred to the same source; and some, I observe, when they have uttered the magic word fashion, think they have at once offered a satisfactory excuse, and silenced opposition. lam not disposed, Sirs, to quarrel with fashion; I know its omnipotency ; and, while fashion wns restricted to its original and genuine worshippers, namely, people of fashion, I con- sidered it as having rather a beneficial than a pernicious tendency on trade. But to such I think it surely ought to be confined, for in other hands I need scarcely add, that it is both destructive and. ridiculous. People of fashion are allowed their periodical emigrations; they are allowed to travel from their family estates to town, from town to the watering- places, and from the watering- places bark again to their family estates. In nil this tour, they leave no business behind them ; and, where they do not happen to be gamesters of the higher order, injure themselves as little from going abroad as staying at home'; and if iu their amusements, their routs, their journies. and their other avocations, there appear to the w it or the moralist, a certain portion of the foolish and the ridiculous, still they run no great risk of impoverishing their families, or deceiving their connections. It is a serious misfartune, that when fashion descends to the middling class, prompting them to leave their business to ser. vants, they forget that this cannot be done with impunity ; that business can suffer no interruption but what is detrimental; and that even a character for frequently leaving home on plea- surable excursions is not a very popular one with men of business, nor very likely to promote a man's interest. 1 fancy to myself that I have nf late years observed two classes of mv countrymen, the one nf those w ho choose to live fashion- ably, and the other of those who watch their conduct. The latter are never d/ ceived by the former, because they can easily discern that punctuality and industry hold no alliance with fashion. The latter, therefore, may be sometimes invited to be dazzled bv the opulence of the former, and they may accept the invitation; but they are rtof dazzled, because tliey can distinguish between show and substance ; and the strongest infatuation into which tradesmen of fashion can fall, is, when they suppose they can deceive men who. calculate. Some, it is true, they do deceive ; that is, those who partake of the same folly; but they soon discover that the blind leading the blind has never been a prudent arrangement. In allusion to this annual emigration, wiih which I set out, 1 have yetto remark, that when the consideration of business presses hard, and the necessity of economy is urged beyond contradiction, it has become fashionable to call iu health, as an unanswerable argument. Accordingly, In most families of my acquaintance, there are certain periodical coughs, which begin about July ; a certain falling on of appetite; a waut of rest; some alarming symptoms of consumption, and other disorders, which render change of air absolutely necessary; and I must d » our watering places the justice to say, that they are singularly efficacious iu removing all such complaints ; for the patients, on their return, complain no longerand I could wish, therefore, that what is so beneficial to the constitution, had at the same time some good effect on the property ; aud that those who know so well how to remove a cough or an asthma, could discover some place, where decaying, credit might bi- restored, the powers of economy envigorated, and the coil- sumption ofthe purse remedied. But I question whether such an object will be soon discovered, or even be very desirable to those who have no other end in view, than to forget their duties and. their engagements, by apeing the manners, and entering into the amusements, of people of fashion.— I am, Sir, yours. Sic. DOMESTICUS. A CARD TO THE LADIES. fT^ IIE Ladies are respectfully informed, a new Edition of ! the MIRROR oftheGRACES, or ENGLIS- H LADIES COSTUME, on DRESS, aud the various ACCOMPLISH MENTSof the FEMALE SEX, agreeably to the Principles of Nature and Rules of Propriety, is now published, and may be had of B. and R. Crosby & Co. Stationers'- Court, Pater- noster- Row, London, and all other Booksellers. Price, with coloured Plates, 6s. 6d.; plain, 5s. Boards. This necessary Companion to the Fair Sex has been translated and published in the French Language at Paris, and is sought after by the Females of that Nation with unprecedented Avidity. The Monthly Review Jo- June, 1812, speaks of this Edition in the following flattering Terms : " We think the Observations on Propriety in Dress and in Dancing evince Taste and good Sense." This Day was published, In One Hundred Numbers, Quarto, Price Sixpence each, any Quantity ot which may be had at a Time, illustrated by a complete Atlas, and embellished with numerous Engravings, ANew and comprehensive SYSTEM ef UNIVERSAL GEOGRAPHY; being a general and complete Descrip- tion of the several Empires, Kingdoms, States, and Colonies, in EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, and AMERICA ; with the Oceans, Seas, and Islands, in every Part of the WORLD. To which are added, a copious Geographical Index, alpha- betically arranged ; Tables of the Coins of different Nations, with their Value in English Money; and a Chronology of all the remarkable Events from the Creaiion ofthe World to the present Time. The whole digested upon a Systematic Plan, from the latest and best Authorities; with Notes Historical, Critical, and Explanatory. Iiy the Rev. HENRY MOORE, D. D. This Work will be found to possess very superior Advantages over others of a similar Nature. Having just arrived at its Completion, it of course embraces the most correct Account of the present State of the World, Geographical as well as Political. Europe, which has undeigone so many Revolutions within the last twenty Years, has received the particular Attention of the Author: and those who would wish to become acquainted with its present political State may obtain from this Work this much desired Information. London: Printed for A. Whetlier, 3, Paternoster- Row; and sold by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom. HEALTH ANT, LONG LIFE. DR. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS, which were con- trived by the Inventor as a Remedy for himself, and which preserved him to an advanced Age, are admirably cal- culated for Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, for Head- Achs occasioned by Indigestion or free living; for bilious, gouty, and rheumatic Complaints, and for Colds, slight Fevers, & c. arising from the Vicissitudes of our Climate. Recourse should be had to them upon every trifling Indisposition, and thus their well- known Characteristic of promoting Longevity will be maintained; for by timely assisting Nature in the due Discharge of the animal Functions, they preserve the Body- in Health and Vigour. They are excellent as a general Family Medicine, and, as they do' not require any Confinement, are particularly convenient for Travellers. Sold in Boxes 4s. 6d. each, orsix in one large Box for s£ 1.4s. by F. Newbery & Sons, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London ; and by the Venders of their Medicines in the Country. 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Rowland 4' Son, Proprietors if the Macassar Oil. GENTLEMEN, rAm greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of your MACASSAR OIL, for the Recovery of my Hair, which has been extremely thin for these eight Years rwst, and obliged me to wear a Wig, and to use many Preparations, for a consi- derable Time, without any Sign of its recruiting. Hearing of the Excellency of your Oil, I determined on trying it; in a short Time, my Hair began to thicken, and, by using it regularly for six Months, 1 was enabled to leave off my Wig, and have now to boast of a fine Head of Hair, which astonishes every one. 1 shall continue the Use ot it, as it not only thickens the Hair, but 1 feel considerable Pleasure in my Head after using it. — My Daughter has received astonishing Benefit from using the Macassar Oil.— You are at Libeity to publish this Note, and may refer any one to your obedient Servant, WfLLlAM HENRY JAQUES. Baker- Strut, Portman- Sjuare, June Tub, 1811. To Messrs. A. Rowland 4' Son, Proprietors of the MACASSAR OIL, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London. GENTLEMEN,— I take the Liberty of addressing my Thanks to you for the great Benefit I have received from your truly valuable MACASSAR O I L. Having had the Misfortune to lose almost alliny Hair at the Age ot five- and- twenty, in Consequence of a Fever, which is very prevalent in this Country. 1 was lately induced, at the Instance ot a Friend, to make a Trial ot your excellent Specific. 1 can only say the Effects were most sur- prising, for in a very shoit Space of Time, my Head, which was before entirely bald, was covered with Thick and strong Hair. I am now fifty Years of Age, and would scarcely have expected that after having wore a Wig for five- and twenty Years of my Life. I should ever be enabled to throw it entirely aside. 1 think it but Justice to yourselves and the Public, to add my Testimony to the Virtues of you* truly estimable Oil. You have my full Permission lo make this Letter public, or refer any one to me for Proof of the Merits of this invaluable Dis- covery.— I am, Gentlemen, your obliged and obedient Servant, WILLIAM CHARLES PRIDEAUX. Sfilthy, Lincolnshire, March 21, 1811. The above Testimonials, selected from an immense Number, are irrefragable Proofs ofthe superior Excellence of the Macassar Oil. ( Vie- ut Rowlani's Essay on the Hair).— Sold in Bottles at 3s. 6d.— 10s. 6d. and £\. Is. each, by the Proprietors, Row- land & Son, Kiiby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by Ap- pointment, by the Printers ot this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Per- fumer, Northampton; Swinfen, Leicester; and by all Per- fumers, Hair- Dressers, & c, in every Town throughout the Empire. Beivais of servile Imitators, as the Genuine Macassar Oil is signed on the Label in Red Ink, " A. 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TINCTURE and STYPTIC; being a Preparation of such extraordinary Virtue as not to be paralleled by any Remedy yet discovered, for its immediately stopping bleeding, and speedy Cure of Cuts and fresh Wounds ot all Denominations.— Also taken internally as a warm Stimulant, dissolving Phlegm, opening Obstructions, and promoting the natural Secretions, thereby speedily removing Gouty Attacks, Rheumatisms, & c. and may be relied on as a sovereign Remedy in the following Complaints :— Bruises, Strains, Pains and Stiffness ofthe Joints, Swellings and Contractions, for reducing Fractures, anil Dislo- cations,. Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatic, Lumbago, stiff Neck- and the Bite or Sting of venomous Animals. The Jol/ rm'itig reccnt Case cf the Heal- All has been commumcatcd to the Proprietor, as a further Proof of the never - failing Efficacy oj this elegavt Prepartion, • when resorted to loitbout Delay ;— The eldest Son of Mr. MOORE, of Harleston, near North- ampton, bait the Misfortune to have his Hand most dreadfully crushed, from being caught between a Pump and its Sweep while in Action, in Consequence ot which, the Sinews were l » i, d completely bare, and- the Hand presented a most frightt"! Spectacle; the Styptic, however, being immediately applied, a perfect Cure after three Times dressing was the Result, to the Astonishment not only of the Party himself, but to every Person who had witnessed the Case. June 57, 1812. . This Balsam will be found equally beneficial in Sprains Bruises, Cuts, or Wounds, in HORSES, Docs, See. To prevent Counterfeits, this Tincture is put up in Bottles, with ample Directions, with the following Label ;—" Prepared and sold by W. MARSHALL, Chymist, Northampton," and sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Shaw-& Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, London, at2c. 9d. and Is. ld£. per Bottle, and may be had of the Venders of Patent Medicines in general, DUTY ON GLASS. MR. SPILSBURY begs Leave to inform the Public, that from the amazing and immediate Rise in the Article of GLASS he teels himself compelled to advance the Price of his Medicine from 5>. 6d. to 6s.— The double Bottle will also be advanced Gd. per Buttle: but the largest Size will remain at the original Price. It is now a Period of ten Years since this valuable Medicine has been increased in Price, although every Article connected with it Mas made a most rap; d Advance.— Under these Circum- stances Mr. Spilsburv respectfully informs the Public, that on the 10th ot August, 1812, the above Prices will take place. Dispensary, Soho- Sjuare, July 22 IS 12. FOR THE TEETH AM) OUMS. rpiIE ESSENCE of PEARL and PEARL DENTIFRICE, I invented by the late JACOB HEMET, Dentist to her Majesty and the Princeof Wales, are greatly superior, both in Elegance and Efficacy, to any Thing hitherto made Use of; they will effectually preserve the Teeth in a sound State even to old Age; will render them white anil beautiful without the least impair- ingthe Enamel, fasten such as are loose, keep such as are already decayed fiom becoming worse, prevent the Tooth- ache, perfectly cure the Scurvy in the Gums, and make them grow firm and close to the Teeth. They likewise render the Breath delicately sweet, and remedy all those Disorders that are the Consequence of Scorbutic Gums and bad Teeth. They continue to be sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Bayley and Blew, Cockspur- Street, London, Price 2s. 9il. each; also, by the Printers of this Paper ; and Retail by most Perfumers and Medicine Venders in every other Town. None are Genuine but what have the Words, ( T J. HEMET, BAYLEV & BLEW, Cockspur- Street," engraved in the Stamp, and a Label "^ 3ayley & Blew, Cockspur- Street, London," pasted on the Rack of each Bottle and Bex. N. B. The ESSENCE is particularly recommended to Parents and Persons who have the Care of Children, as the greatest pre- servative of young and tender Teeth. THE GENUINE Dr. JOHNSONS GOLDEN OINTMENT, Piepared by WILLIAM SINGLETON, Nd. 2, UNION- PLACE, LAMBETH, Surrey. ^ J^ IIIS Ointment is an effectual Remedy in Inflam- A- mations. Films, Specks, or any other Disorder inci- dent to the Eyes; having completely effected Thousands of Cures when all other Means had failed. 41 ( fCf Purchasers are requested to see that the Bill of Di- rection given them Vvitli this Article, has the Proprietor's Name as is under- written: All not signed are Counterfeits, This Ointment? „,„ c. , , - $ No. 2, Union- Place, preparedby. ne, rVm, Singleton' i Lambeth. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church - Yard, and by the Printers of this Paper; and, Re ail, by Robins, Daventry ; Inns and Gallard, Tow. ces. er; Harrod Harborough; Inwood and Barringer, New. port- l'agnell; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, Kettering; and by all other Venders of Medicine in the King- dom; Price 2s. per Pot with full Directions. A FRESH SUPPLY Is just received by the Printers of this Paper; BARRINCERS, Newport- Pagnell; and BEESLEY, Banbury; of OOLOMOVS celebrated ABSTERGENT LOTION,, for O ERUPTlONSon the SKI N.— It is unnecessary to enume- rate the Advamages resulting to the Constitution of every Person by effectually removing Obstructions I'tom the Surface of the Skin, and thereby keeping free and open the innumerable Passages and pores through which Nature expels all useless or noxious Humours fioni the vital Fluid, and which, being obstructed, are forced back again into the Blood, and become the Sources of many dangerous Diseases. It is therefore a Matter of much Consequence, to occasionally have Recourse to SOLOMON'S ABSTERGENT LOTION; and especially when the Effects of Obstruction make their Appea ar. ee, and break out into Pimples, Redness, Carbuncles, or other cutaneous Eruptions.— The Abstergent Lotion never fails with those who give it a fair Trial, and the Public may be convinced ot the Certainty of its Success as a safe and certain Remedy fpr Herpetic Complaints in general,-— Price is. 6d. per Pottle. ) SIVEWRIGIir respectfully recommends the NEW » SMALL LOTTERY of only 10,000 Tickets, to bedrawn on the 8th SEPTEMBER, containing -£ 100.000 in Prizes, and ai o e'ght extra Benefits; by either ot which, a Blank may obiain J£ 50,000, J. S. having closed his late Concern at No. 11. Holborn, solicits the public Favours at his old and fortunate Offices, No. 37, CO& NHILL, No. 38, HAYMARKET, and No. Ill, OXFORD- STREET, LONDON ; or to Mr. W. Birdsall, Northampton, 1 Mr. E. Bates, Kettering, Mr. T. Oswin, Coventry, Mr. Thos. Cheney, Banbury; Swinney& Feirall, Birmingham, | Mr. P. Watkins, Bicester; By whom the first Prize Packet of Tickets were sold; and also the last, which produced near ^ 25,000, besides a Series ot' Capital Prizes for many Years, too well known to need Repetition. A BLANK MAY GAIN £ 50,00^ 13Y EITHER OP THE EIGHT EXTRA VRIZES OF TICKETS 3 GIVEN BY THE CONTRACTORS, IN THE STATE LOTTERY OF 10,000 TICKETS, ALL TO BE DRAWN THE 8th SEPTEMBER. SCHEME. 2.. Prizes of.. £. lfl. OitO are.. £ 39,000 2.. Prizes of 4,0() 0 are 8,000 2.. Prizes of 3,000 ? re 6,000 4.. Prizes of 1,000... are 4,000 And upwards of Two Thousand Prizes of ^ 500, ^ 300, a£ 2C0t & c. Sec. down to ^ 22, the lowest Prizes, and Every Number Kill be drawn from the Wheel. Tickets and Shares are selling at the Offices of T. BISH, the Contractor for the Lottery, No. 4, CORNHILL, and No. 9, CHARINC- CROSS, LONDON, And by the following Agents, J. FREEMAN, Bookseller, Northampton, I. TURNER, Printer, Coventry. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Montagu Lavoi, of East- Smithfield, Middlesex, slopseller, dealer and chapman, Aug. 15, 22, and Sept. 12, . at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Isaacs, Bevis- Marks, St. Mary- Axe. Henry Williams, of Oxford- street, Middlesex, linen- draper, d.& c. Aug. 18, 29, and Sept. 19, at Guildhall.— Attornies. Messrs. Sweet & Stokes, Basinghall- street. John Fryer, of the Two Brewers, Worship- street, Middlesex, victualler, d. & c. Aug. 15, 22, and Sept. 19, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Wilkinson, White Lion- street, Spital- square. Benjamin Parham, of Plymouth- Dock, l> evonshire, money- scrivener, d. & c. Aug. 18, 25, and Sept. 19, at the Auction- Mart Rooms, Plymouth. Dock.— Attorney, Mr. Smith, Ply. mouth- Dock. Edward Barlow, late of Bridge- road, Lambeth, Surry, tailor, d.& c. Aug. 15, 22, and Sept. 19, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Gale & Son, Bedford- street, Bedford- row. Charles Downward, of Liverpool, roper, Sept. 7, 8, and 19, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attornies, Messrs. Stanistreet & Eden, Liverpool. Walter Wood, of Workington, Cumberland, banker, Aug. 18, 25,- and Sept. 19, at Guildhall, London.— Attornies, Messrs. Palmer, ' l'omlinson, & Thomson, Copthall- couit, ' l'hiog- morton. street. Georfe Parker, of Castle- street, Oxford- market, Middlesex, grocer, d. See. Aug. 11, 22, and Sept. 19, at Guildhall. — At- torney, Mr. Denton, Old City- Chambers, Bishopsgate- street. Thomas Grace, of Prince's- Risborongh, Bucks, and John Saunders Woodcock, of Aylesbury, bankers, Aug. 10, 20, and Sept. 19, at the County. Hall, Aylesbury.— Attorney, Mi. Rose, Aylesbury. George Parker, of Sun- street, Bishopsgate- within, London, grocer, d & c. Aug. 18, 29, and Sept, 19, at Guildhall.— At- torney, Mr. Dawes, Angel- court, Throgmoiton- street. Joseph William Aldeihead Snuggs and Joseph Walley,. of Lime- street, London, merchants, d.& c. Aug. 15, 22, and Sept. 19, at Guildhall.-- Attorney, Mr. Windle, John- street, Bedford- row. Matthew Finley, of Wapping High- street, Middlesex, grocer, d.& c. Aug. 11, 22, and Sept. 19, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Druce, Billiter- square, Fenchnrch- street. William Foster, ot Walsall, Staffordshire, butcher, d.& c. Aug. 21, 22, and Sept. 19, at the Flitch of Bacon, Whichnoc Bridge.— Attorney, Mr. Dyott, Lichfield. Samuel Summers, late of Birmingham, dealer, Aug. 25, 2S, and Sept. 22, at the Swan Hotel, Birmingham.— Attornies, Messrs. Stubbs, Meedes, & Wills, Birmingham. George Griffin, of London, eaithenware- dealer, Aug. 24, 25, and Sept. 22, at the Swan Inn, Hanley, Staffordshire.— Attor- ney, Mr. Griffin, Hanley. William Lloyd, of Paddington, Middlesex, victualler, Aug. 15, 22, and Sept. 22, at Guildhall— Attornies, Messrs. Aldridge & Smith, Lincoln's- Inn, New- square. Thomas Foster, of Selby, Yorkshire, merchant, Aug. 21, 25, and Sept. 22, at the George Inn, Selby.— Attorney. Mi. Parker, Selby. Robert Singleton, sen. ot Manchester, dealer, Sept. 7, 8, and 22, at the Ceorge and Dragon Inn, Manchester.— Attorney, Mr. Buckley, Manchester. John Stein, Thomas Smith, Robert Stein, James Stein, and Robert Smith, of Fenchurch- street, London, merchants, Aug. 18, 29, and Sept. 22, at Gnildhail.— Attomies, Messrs. Palmer, Tomlinsons, & Thomson, Copthall- court, Throgmoiton- street. William Winter, of Seymour- place, St. Mary- le- bonne, Middlesex, painter and glazier, Aug. 15, 18, and Sept. 22, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Thackiay, Webber- row, Black., friars- roid. Bankruptcy enlarged. George Gardiner, of St. John- street, London, ironmonger, from July 2? to Sept. 12, at Guildhall. Banlcruptcies superseded. John Reece, of Newport, Monmouthshiie, grocer. Thomas Aldred, of Manchester, cotion- merchant. Timothy Thompson, ot Storkton, Durham, dealer and chap- man. DIVIDEND to be made to CREDITORS. Sept. 2. E. Toller, of Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire, corn- buyer, at the George Inn, Huntingdon. CERTIFICATES to be granted, Aug. 29. Samuel May, of Coventiy, carpenter. Sept. 1. J. Johnson, ot Birmingham, gun- barrel- maker. B. Gritilths, jun. of Birmingham, gun- maker. S. Ella, of Loughborough. Leicestershire, hosier. other grain not noticed herein. Wheat 78s. tol20s. Fine 130s. tol46s. Superfine 152s. tol55s. lineWJine — s. tol5Ss. Rye 72,. to 8 > s. Barley 58s. to ti4s. Malt 86s. ty 94s White Peas 64s. to 70s. Boilers — s. to 78*. Average ot Wheat, 137s. 9dJ.- fine Flour, — s. to 120s. Average of Flour il9s. 4d. J- Os. OdJ. higher than last return. Carraway Coilander .... Red Clover White ditto White Mustard... Drown ditto..... Turnip PRICE or SEEDS. 65s. Od. to 70s. Od.' 35s. Od. to 40s. 0d.( 74s. Od. to 92s. Od.( ... 80s. Od. tol2Ss. Od. j perewt. PRICE OF HOPS. BAGS. Kent 31. 5s, to 81. 0s. Sussex aL 10s. to 61. 0s. Essex 41. 0s. to 61. 6s. Town Tallow .. 78s Od. Yellow Russia.. 79s IW White ditto ... — s Od. Soap ditto 76s. Od. Melting Stuff'.. 64s. Od. Ditto rough - 12s. Od. Graves 20s. Od, Good Dregs _... 9s. Od. PRICE OF TALLOW. St. James's Market.. 4s. 6d. Clare Market 4s. 6d. Whitechapel Matket Is. 5d. PRICE OF LEATHER, Butts, 50 to 561b. each Ditto, 5S to 66ib. each .. Merchants'Backs Dressing Hides Fine Coach- Hides .... Crop Hides, 35to401b. tor cutting 4& to 501b Calf Skin. 30to 401b 5Cto 701b 3Dto 801b Tanned Horse- Hides, Small Seals ( Greenland) Large Ditto, 120s. to 180s. per Dozen.- PER POUND. 24d. 26d. 23d. 18d.$ 19d. J 18d. J 21d. 30it. 3Sd. S8d. 19d. 34d. - GoatSkins, 34s Y < . LONDON MARKETS. • Corn Exchange, Monday, Aug. 10, 1812. We had a tolerable supply of Wheat to- day, and the Mcaliug trade dull. Prices were down to about the same standard as Ihis day fortnight, viz. about 4s. per quarter below those of last Monday. Barley and Malt were likewise rather lower, as were most other articles, excepting Oats : these latter have been gradually on the rise since this day se'n- night. The annexed list w ill further shew the nrices of all Suflolks — s. to — s. Grey l'cas 66s. to 76s. Fine — s. to 78s. Beans 70s. to 78s. l ine — s. to SOs. Ticks 6Ss. to 74s. Oats 54s. to 60s. Polands 62s. to 6Gs, Potatoe ditto — s. to 67s. Is. 5d. higher than last returu. Seconds, 110s. to 115s. - s. Od. to 2U. Od. / . . - s. Oil. to 27s. Od. S Per bush 10s. Od. to 18s'. Od. ditto. POCKETS. Kent 41. IDs. to 81. Si. Sussex 41. 10s. to 71. 0s. Farnham 71. 0s. tolll. Os° v SMI'l'HFI E LD. — MONDAY, Aug. 10. ( To sink the offal— per stone of 81bs. I Beef 5s. Od. to ( is. Od. I Veal 5s." 8d. to 6s. 8J, Mutton 5s. 4d. to 6s. Od. | Pork 6s. Od. to " is. UJ. Lamb 6s. Od. to 7s. Od. Head of Cattle this Day.— Beasts, about 2,077— Sheep and Lambs, 17,810 — Calves, 190— Pigs, 330. N E WG AT( i AND LEADENHALL MARKETS. ( By the Caicase.) Beef 4s. 4d. to 5s. 4d. j Veal 5s. Od. to 6s. 8d » Mutton 4s.- 8d. to 5s. 6d. | Pork 6s. Od. to 7s. Od. Lamb 5s. 4d. to 6s. 8d. 13s. Sd. Average pet st. of81b. 4s. 51. J SOAP— Yellow.. 86s. Od. Mottled.. 100s. Od. to 26d. to 27d. to 241. to J9d. J to 21d. 4 to 21d. to 23d. i to 36d. ly 45d. to 44d. to 22( l, j to 36d. . to 62s. NORTHAMPTON : Printed and T. E. DICEY, W. SUTTON, Published by & R, SMITH and for SON.
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