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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1170
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 10/08/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1170
No Pages: 4
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MONDAY, AUGUST NEWRY, July 16. jf\ r w n Y. REAL SPANISH RED WINE. BENNIS C AULFIELD hourly expeifts the arrival « f the Nruiry, Capt. I. UIK, direft from AUCANT, with . 200 Pipe*, . • 50 Hogsheads, and 100 Quarter- Casks, Which he counts on to he Old Rich High- flavoured WINE, 4nd on arrival, he ' wdl sell same by AuAion, without re- serve, of which due Notice w II he eiv » n, with long credits - 449) NEWRY, June 16, 1313. WANTED IMMEDIATELY. CLOTH- LAPPER, who p- r'e& ly understands his j\. Business, and can give sat'sfaaory references for • hara& er and abilities.— Apply to JOSEPH CAMPBELL, MooaiVAi. t. KERCH VALLEY, ADJOINING THE TOWN OF DUNGANNON. TO BE SOl. D nr A" CTI0N, on tbc Premiw. at lb, Hour of ONE o'clock, 0. THURSDAY, lie 20/ 4 day of A, tu, t next, ril- tHREE Fxcellent DWELLING- HOUSES, situated on ! l Four Acres of good Land snirable for Genteel Families. Two of them have walled in Gardens, with Coach and Of- fice- Houses, and are at present l. et ro Tenants at will, for Sixty Pounds per Annum The other is in an unfinished state, but can be completely finished at a small expense. The ahove a e h » IJ in Perpetuity under the Right Hon. I. ord Viscount No K i BLAND. suhjeiS to the small yearly Rent rf IVenty Pounds per Annum, and will be sold sepa- rate or together, re'accom nodate the Purchaser. Anv information respe& ing rh- same, may b* had hy ap- plying VIr DAViD COULTER, Ballvgawlev; Mr. Wit 1.1 AM SPROUI. L, Reifast; or Mr DAVID COUL- TER, Dnngannon, who will shew the Premises. « 92) July 29, 1812. ami Ammunition, when prohibi ed by Proclama- tion or Order in Cotmcil ;" but it il nevertheless our pleasure, that nothing herein contained shall extend, nr be construed to extend, to any of his Majesty's ships of war, or anv other ships ir ves. sels or boats in, the service of his Maj sty, or em. ployed or freighted by his Majesty's Board of Ordnanee, « r by the Commissioners of his Ma. j « sty* s Navy ; nor to prevent any ship or vessel from taking or having on board such quantities of Naval Stores as may be necessary for the use of such ship or vessel during the course of her in- tended voyage, or by Licence liom the Lord High Admiral of Great Britain, or the Commissioners of the Admiralty for the time bHng ; nor to the exportation of the said several articles to Great Britain, or to his Majesty's Yards or Garrisons, or to his Majesty's Colonies and Plantations in America or the West Indies, or to Newfoundland, or to his Majesty's Forts and Settlements on the Coast of Africa, or to the Island of St. Helena, or to the British Settlements or Faftories in the East Indies : provided that upon the exportation of any of the said articles for the purpose of trade to Great Britain, or to his M jesty' » Yards and Garrisons, or to his Majesty's Colonies and Planta- tions in America or the West Indies, or to the Island of Newfoundland, or to his Majes- y's Forts and Settlements on the Coast of Afiica, or to the Island of St. Helena, or to the British Settlements or Faftoties in the East Indies, the exporters ol soch articles do first make Oath of the true desti. nation of the same to the places for which they shall be entered outwaids, before the entry of the same shall be made, and do give full and sufficient security by Bond, ( except as hereinafter excepted) to the satisfaction of the Commissioners of his Ma- jesty's Customs, to carry the sai l articles to the places for which they are so entered outwards, and FROM THE SPANISH AND GUESE PAPERS. PORTU- PR6CXAMATTON OF THE GOVERNOR CP PALENCIA SPANIARDS— The wished for time has arrived, when, shaking off the heavy voke of slaverv which oppressed us, we may speak the language of truth, hitherto unknown. The army which avenges " loriois Spain, ad- vanced rapid'y ro restore the great rights of man amone the nations, and to render it respected even by the infamous wretches who have en- deavoured to crush it— 122,000 infantry, and 10,000 cavalry, are one of the supports of our be- loved liberty. At its sight, the hosts of the en » » - my, loaded with the public execratirn, will fly in a panic, to hide themselves in the clirts of the Py. rennees, to avoid the fatal blow which threttens them ; but even there thev wou'd not be secure. 8000 French destroyed, and p ecas of cannon, nailed up in the assault of the fort of Salam inca, among the first achievements of our faithful allies and our brave countrymen. Illustrious Palentians, let your courage revive, our country is already free. Banish those un- founded tears which have alarmed you. Point out to me those melancholy prophets of ill- suc- cess, to whom tears afford consolation— fear them not, I make them feel the power of the law. NOBLE CASTILI^ S— Your country Calls vou— follow the steps of the immortal hero of C istile, the great Ruix Deaz, of the warlike Ci 1— recol- lect the dreadful picture of your humiliations, and take veneeancc— look on the streets vet stained with the innocent blood of your good brethern—, remember the ravaging ot your fields, the sack- ing of your houses, the burning of vour once flourishing towns and villages, the violation of your females the oppression of yourselves, the TO BE SOLD BY PITBl IF AUCTION, On the Premises, on MONDAY, the lUh of August next, at TWELVE o'Clock, No I : j' ^ ^ FARM, DWELLING- HOUSE, and BI. EACH- GKZSN of Sumrtntrhill, situated two miles from Antrim, an ten from B- lfast, on . the Six- mile- water. Phe Bieschgreen is capable of finishing 10.000 P c" » of Linen in ' he sea- on, and his a constant supply of Spr > ng and Riv r Water Th » Faim consists of fif'y Scotch Cunningham Acres, well fenced and dr ined. and « n hisrt conditmp I'he Dw 1- ling- hnuse and Offices are exten- ive, and in good repair; held hy Lease under the Earl of Ma sarene for lives renew- able for ev- r. Annud r- nr £ 40: 11 : 6- to which are an- nexed N^ Acres, with a New House three stories high, 56 feet bv 24 formerly occupied in rhe cotton business; held by lease for 41 years, or thre" lifes ( each about 15 years old at presem) from Nnyemher 1802; yearly rent -£ S7 No 2 A I. FASF. of nearly 29 Acres, tenure the tame as No I si'uat- d on Cladv river, and nearly adjoining the for sner ; yearly rent £ 1 . 6 : S l on which has he„ n I » rely ho'U. a - ery targe convenient Dne'lin • house, with suitable offices nearly fi^ is ed. The Firm is well - ncloned and lately ma- nor d ; t e situation is remarkably well adapted for a coun tiv residenc — Both Concerns are tythe free. No 3 The LEASE of a FARM situated on Clady river, which separates it from No 2 containing 12 A. 3R 4 P. heM under Lord Viscount t'emp'eton, for 49 years from Novenibe 1811 ; yearly rent £ 5.5: 6 : 3— On these pre- mises has been erected, and now is in good repair, m large Hou'e tour stores high, containing 6 BeetHm; Engines, and Framing f » e Two, 10 ft 6 in. in the beams, with a regul r • nd never- f iling " pp'y of wiier— Adjoining the above, there art 21 A. S R 8 P which are held on a Lease of 10 years, at the yearly r » t o! £ I •. 14: l{ per acre. These at present form one F rm. from their con- iguity. For Particulars, apply to Mr. HUGH SWAN, on the Premises, July 4. 1812. for the purposes specified, and noneo. h- r; and jl ° PPress, on OI tl such Bond shall not be cancelled or delivered up il Prof « nat. on of the sactuary, and the indign. ti until ptoof be made to tHe sitisfaiti n of the said Commissioners, by the produflion, within * time to be fix- d by he said Commissioners and speci- fied in the Bond, of a certificate or certificates, in such form and manner as hall be di'efted by the said Commissioners, shewing that the ( aid articles shall h ive been all duly landed at the places fo which they were entered outwards: But it is out plea- ure, eveitheless, that the following articles, viz. Bar Iron, White and Tarred Rope, Tallow or tSjJill Grease, Tarpaulins for Waggon Covers, Pitch, Tar, and Turpentine, shall be permitted to be exported u- pon payment of the proper du'ies, es cast on your religion, and listen to the cries of your tender infants.— Rouse yourselves, in fine, from that lethargy in which you have been sunk, and do not render yourselves deserving of a se- vere chastisement. MANUEL ToBAn. Palencia, Juae 59, 1812. LISBON, JOTV 20.— « The following is the news in circulation in this city Marmont is reinforce), and expefling more troops under Caffarelli, when it is supposed he will attack Lord Wellington. Castanos is bom W YOUNG SWINDLER . ' II L Cover Mares this Season, at the Msiguij of I"' Downsnint'sStables, HII. LSBOHOVOH: Bred Mares. Four Guineas, all others. Two Guineas; Half a. Guinea to tht firoom He w, js got by Swin r. d3m hy Tugg, grand- dam Harmony, hy Eclipse gr at- grand dam Miss Spindle- ehanks, h. v Omar, Sterling, Go- iolphin, Arabian. Stannion, [ Arabian P - lham Barb. Spot, White- legged, l. owrher Barb. Old Vintner Mar-, & c.— He was a famous true Racer; for his performances, vi le HookCalend; r, of 1808,9, 10. and II Good Grass for Marrs, at I, W per night, and all ex- pence- to be paid before rhe Mares are removed ( 921 BV TBI LORD LIEUTENANT & C » UNCIt. OF IRELAND A PROCLAMATION. MCHMOND, trV. WHEREAS the time limited by our Pro. clamation of the Twenty- firs' day of Ja- nuary last, prohibiting the transporting into any parts out of Ire and, of any Pig- Iron, Bar- Iron, Hemp, Pitch, Tar, Rosin, Turpentine, Anchors, Cables, Co dage, Masts, Yards, Bowsprits, Oar « , OakuT), Sheet- Copper, or other Naval Stores, has expired ; ' And whereas it is judged expedient that the said prohibition should be renewed and continued some time longer: Now we the Lord Lieutenant General and Ge. reral Governor of Ireland, bv and with the ad- vice of his Majestv's Privy Council, d » hereby or. der, require, prohibit, and command, that no per- * on or persons whosoever do at any time for ' the space of six months from the date hereof, presume to transport into any parts out of Ireland, anv Pig- Iron, Bar- Iron, Hemp, Pi eh, Tar, Rosin, Turps- ntine, Anchors. Cables, Cordage, Masts, Yards, Bowspri s, Oars, Oakum. Sheet- Copper, Sail- Cloth or Canvas, or other Naval Stores, or do ship or lade anv Pig- Iron, Bar- Iron, Hemp, Pitch, Tar, Rosin. Tnrpentine, Anchors, Cables, Cordage, Masts, Y rds. Bowsprits, Oars, Oakum, Sheet- Copper, Sail Cloth or Canvas, or o her Na- val Stores, on board anv ship or vessel, in order to transporting the same into any part beyond the sea=, without leave or permission first being had or obtained from the L rd Lieutenant or other Chief Governor or Governors and Privy Council of Ireland, upon pain of incurring the forfeimres inflifted by an Afl passed in Great Britain, in the Thirty- third year of his Majesty's Reign, entitled, " An Afl to enable his Majesty to restrain the exportation of Naval Stores, and more effcflually to prevent the exportation of Salt- Peue, Arms, with, . t Bond being ente- ed into by the Me. cbant j| Astnrga, and Mendizabel is supoosed Exporter, to any of the British Plantations in the If « Burgos. One report s- ates, that Marmunt West Indies, or to any of his Majeity's Settlements j| in South Amerifa; provided the Merchant Ex porter shall first veiify upon oaih that the articles so exported are intended for the use of a particular Plamation or Settlement, to be named in the entry outwards, and not for sale, and that the said Plan tatinn or Settlement has not before been lurn'shed with any supply of the said articles during the same season ; ana provided also, that the exporta lion of the said articles shall in no case exceed the value of Fifry Pounds sterling for any given Plan- tation or Settlement, whether by one or more shipments within the same season. And the Commissioners of his Majesty's Cus. toms are to give the necessary directions herein as to them may respeflirely appertain. Given at the Council Chamber in Dublin, the 24th day of July, 1812. Erne. Tyrawly. De B1 a qui ere. Frankfort. Wm. Saurin. S. Hamilton. COD SAVE THI KING* had detached a considerable force tp the relief of Astorga. LISBON, JUIY 18.— The army of the Great Lord remained in the same positions on the 10- li instant, and the head- quatt^ s wore in La Seca The enemy blew up the bridge of Tordesillas, in the night of the7' h inst. at the same time with- drawing the garrison, which they had there. Up to the 8' h, S67 deserters and French pri. toner* had been sent to Almeida. Entire guards and piquets of the enemy have been ma le prison- ers. The party of Don Sanches performs prodi- giet of valour. M- rmont seems determined to quit Valladolid, and remain perfeftly upon the defensive. The F. ench, in order that they mi>; ht be free from no species of wickedness, when tliev evacu. ated Salamanca, T- rs, Gamnra, See & c. took with them the most beau'iful and rich marri- d ladies, and now demand enormous sums from the unhappy husbands for their ransom. They not o » ly are Vandals but Algerines. Marmont, b- ides having 1000 men in Astor. ga, also left 500 in Tamora, and 700 in Toto, who are completely blockaded. Gen. Hill's army is in the same position ol Le- rena. There are continual skirmishes between the advanced parlies, in which the French daily suffer loss. There is a rep rt in circulatio n, of an ailion between the Engli- h heavy horse and French ca- valry, in which the latter suffered very considera- bly. This report, however, requires confirmation. MADUD, JUNE 25— Every day the departure of Joseph is reported by his satellites, but whether tor Talaveri- or Burgos they do not inform us. ALMAGRO, . TUNS 24— At two o'clock this mornirg the French Guaid evacuated this place. It is said that they have done the same at Man- zaravei. LISBON, JULY 14-. FBOM RIO SECO— The French have at Tor- desillas intercepted the correspondence with Spanish General. The bearer was shot. More than 600 prisoners arrived heie to- day. any part out of Ireland or carry coastwise any write from Castile> lhat the mirnber of gpnpowder or saltpetre or any sor of arms or £ wh<) have ^ ammunition, or shtp or lade on board any shtp or i, Pconsidfri( Jei and ! hat , hJe G, leri„ ts> alw / 0 vessel . n order to transport. ng the same tnto any • ,) e feared h becoms formi iahle, since they had parts beyond the seas, or carry, ng the same coast- , ^ Great Lofd ^ ( hem and do ^ ^ ( he wise, without leave or permission in that behalf ^ communi„ tion be( ween lbe r h . first obtained from the Lord Lieutenant or other ^ - Porluguer., July 18. Chief Governor or Governors and Privy Council i 6 J s J of Ireland, upon pain of incurring and suffering the respective forfeitures and penalties inflicted by an Act passed in Great Britain, in the 29th year of his late Majesty's reign, eira- led, " An Act to empower his Majesty to prohibit the ex- portation of saltpetre, and to enforce the law for empowering his Majesty to prohibit the exporta- tion of gunpowder, or any sort of arms or am- munition ; and also to empower his Majesty to restrain the carrying coastwise of saltpetre, gun- powder, or any sort of arms or ammunition." And the Commissioners of his Majesty's Cus. toms are to give the necessary orders herein as to them may respectively appertain. Given at the Council Chamber iu Dublin, the 24th Day of July, 1812. Erne. Tyrawly. De Blaquiere. Frankfort. Wm. Saurin. S. Hamilton. GOP 1AV1 TIIE KING. * Y THE Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland, A PROCLAMATION. RICHMOND, & C. Whereas the time limited by our Proclamation of the 21st day of January last, for prohibiting the exportation out of Ireland or carrying coast- wise Gunpowder or Saltpetre, or any sort of Arms or Ammunition, has expired : And whereas it is judged expedient that the said prohibition should be renewed and continued for some time longer : Now we, the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by and with the advice of his Majesty's Privy Council, do hereby order, require, prohibit, and Command, that no person hr persons whatsover ( except the Master General of the Ordnance for his Majesty's ser. vice), do at any time for the space of six months from the date hereof, presume to transport into " While von maintain the line » F D > uro, I will maintain myself in ( cypher), anil perhaos may be ablf to join you by m? ans of - a r- ipi . l an ' retr^; grade march, which may disconcer the English phlegm ; bur if ( cyphsr), and will b » ! o$ t, I will oroceed ' O our frontier, continuing with an essort to France, and dispatching the a'my from Irun. " T, however, stiil entertain h . pes, founded on your a. tivity, and that of rhe other Generals, in the bravery and discipline of our trooos, in your rudence, And the slow- ess of the enemv, and o her causes which may retard, and perhaps frus- trate their plans. Mina is, and always will be ( cypher), j " Observe this, Marshal, and in the mean time accept the assurance of my regard. " Ymur's, " JOSEPH." FROM THE LOMDON GAZETTE. At the C urt at Carlton- House, the Slst of J ly. 18l2, pre* em, his Royal Highness the Prince Regent in Council. I is this day ordered bv his Royal Highness the P'ince Regen', in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, and bv and with the advice of his M ijestv's Piivv Council, that no ships or vessels belonging ro any of his Majesty's stibjeffs, be per- mi tf- d ro enter and clear out for anv of the ports withi the territories of the United States of Ame- rica, until further orders: And his Royal High- ness is furthi- r pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his M ijesty, and by and with the advice aforesaid, to order, that a general embargo or stop be made of all ships and vessels whatsoever be- longiog to the citizens of the United S'a'es of America, now within, or which shall heretofore c > me into any of the ports, harbours, or roads, within any part of his Majesty's dominions, to. gether wiih all persons and effefis n board all such ships and vessels; and that the C > mmanders of his Majesty's ships of war and privateers do d^ ain and bring into port all ships and vessels belonging to the citizens of the United States of America, or bearing the flag of the said Uni'ed States, except such as may be furnished with Bri." tish licenses, which vessels are allowed to proceel acco'ding to the tenor of the said licenses; hut rhat the utmost care be taken for the preservation of all and everv part of the cargoes on board, any f the said ships or vessels, so that no damage nr embezzlemen' whatever may be sustained ; and the Commanders of his M ijesty's ships of war and p ivateers are hereby irlstiufted to detain and bring into port every such ship and vessel accordingly, except such as are aHove excepted ; and the Right Hon. the Lords Comraissionetsof the Admiralty, and Lord War ten of the Cinque Ports, are to give the necessary direflions herein as to them may respeflively appertain. CurrwritB. By the Commissioners for execo'ing the office of Lord High Admiral of the United King- dom of Great Britain and Ireland, Sec. Whereas, bv an aft passed in the 43d year of the reigs of his present Mij- stv, for the better prote. Tion of the trade of the United Kingdom during the present hostilities with France ; a power is vested in us to grant licence to vessels to sail without convoy, and we have, in pursuance of ' h » said \ ft, granted sundry licences accordingly ; and whe'eas we see fit to revoke certain of these licences, as hereinafter specified. We do hereby voke and declare null and void, and of no effeft, all licences granted by us to any ship or ves <* l to ail without convoy to any port or place of North America, Newfoundland, the West Indies, or the Gulph of Mexico, which ship or vessel shall not have cleared out before this' revocation shall be known to the colleftor or other officer of the cus- toms of the port at which such ship or vessel shall be. Given under our hands and the seal of the office of Admiralty, the 31st July, 1812. ( Signed) MELVILLE. WM. DOMETT. To all whom it may concern. GEO. J HOPE. By command of their Lordships, J. W. CHOKER. INTERCEPTED LETTER. » * OM THE PRETENDED KING TO MARMOWT. « Madrid, July la " To THE MARSHAL DUKE OF RAGUSA.— have received at the proper time all your accounts, which, in truth, are not very flittering, and I have taken my resolution in consequence. " The most natural would be ( what follows is in cypher) but it is necessary to leave something to chance. I have varied my idea, and though the new plan may not be conformable to your's, it is the most convenient to my own securiiy. is to go with half the army to ( cypher), and thence to proceed to ( cypher), unless I before re. ceive information from you, that you have beaten and routed the English. Of this I flatter myself hut little, notwithstanding the aftivity of ( cypher and ( cypher), who have effected their juiiftion with you. GUILDFORD ASSIZES. TOULMIN AND OTHERS v. cox. This was an action of trespass, brought by the Trustees, in whom the property of CV. rist Church- yard was vested, against the defendant, for en- croaching on the Church- yard wall. This action is against the same person who was convicted last year of encroachment in the Blackfriats- road, near Christ Church, by erecting a small portico in front of his house ( a linen- draper's), and which has since been pulled down and shaved away, with part of his projecting wall. The present action was brought for building the wall on the back of his house upon the Church- yard wall.— The title to the wall occupied a considerable time in ptoof; but it appeared that the Church- yard was originally given by the will of a certain per- son, of the name of Marshall, to Trustees and their successors. The title was regularly traced down to the present plaintiffs; and it appeared that al- out 50 years ago, the then Trustees built the wall instead of a wooden fence, which for. merly enclosed the Church- yard. The defendant, by his Counsel, contended, that he had a right to build upon the wall by the Building Act, as a party- wall. Lord Ellenborough said, it was the good fortune of that Act to be understood by nobody, not even the framers of it could reconcile it to common sense, and it'was not for a Court to attempt to inoculate it with a sense which did not belong to it. — It was, however, clear, that the plaintiff could have no right to take possession of a wall which was exclusively the property of others. The Jury found for the plaintiff. HUTCHINSON, QtU TAM, tl. PIPER. This was an action against the Dorking Bank for usury, the same caie which was tried last Spring Assices. The alleged usury was stated to h ive b ' en committed in he> r transactions with P T. Botham. Esq. a Gert'lemin wel) known in this county, formerly an active VTig- isTate, anj a . Candidate to represent this Borough in Parlii- ment. The tr irisactiorts took p1 ice in the years 9, and 10, and w? re stated to bp as follows: That when Mr. Botham discounted a- iy B lis with them, thev charged him the usual discount, but instead of cash, they gave him other bills not due, which they g ive an I ch irged as money, some of which identical bil's he had previously discounted with them, thus paying discount twice over. The Counsel selected six cases of this sort, but failed in the proof of any one of them. The plaintiff was therefore nonsuited. Sir William Garrow, the S » licitor. General, ar- rived express from Norwich, as Cotiiual for the defendantin this case. At the York Assizes, Elizabeth WoorWr an. l Su sannah Lyall, were charged with the wilful murder of a new born nt ile infant. The following is a brief hut correct sketch of this extraordinary case :—- On 12th March, the wife of G. N- edham, of Black- burn, near Rotherham, was delivered of two children, a giil . ind a boy. The former was perfectly formed, but in the boy there was a deficiency in the superior part of the head, the brain not being protected by anv bony matter, but nv; rely covered by a membrane. Wood- ger, a midwife, and the other prisoner, conceiving that it was not likely to live, formed the design of putting a period to its existence, which was accomplished by drowning* it in an earthen vessel. It was then buried, but was taken up again on 17th March, for the pur. pose of the Coroner's Inquest. The Surgeon who 1 examined the body stated, that the child was perfect. ' ly formed, except his head, which was deficient in the superior part an inch and a half. Any pressure upon it must have produced dangerous consequences ; and he did not think the child could have survived more than two h » urs. The prisoners used no concealment, and it was clear they acted under mistaken anprehen- sions as to the law, and thought they were justified in what they did. Several ladies gave the prisoners a most excellent character for humanity. The evidence having been gone through, his Lordship in his address to the jury, said---" I think this prosecution may be of great use to the public, in removing an erroneous opinion, that the law allows the light of deliberate!"' taking away the life of a human being under any cir- cumstances whatever. It is therefore highly neces- sary that the contrary should be known." The Jury f() und the prisoners guilty, hut recommended them to mercy, on account of the mistaken notion under which they acted. His Lordship said hi would not pass sentence upon the prisoners, but should write by that flight's post to the Secretary of State, to nyike a re- presuntation ot the case to the Prince Regent. — gg> e » i" aj — At the Leicester Assizes, J. Batson and T. Tan" ser, charged with having written a treasonable and hreatening paper; and T. Thornelow und R. Poach, for sticking the same on the wall of a but. cher's shop in South Kilworth, were acquired. The learned Judge condemned iti strong language the eagerness and precipi'ation with which sucll prosecutions were entered into ; the whole, he said, was the result of the grossest ignorance and im- becility, and ought to have jjeen treated with contempt. Three of the parties could neither write nor read.— J. Pickering, the ostler at the Bell Inn in Leicester, brought an afti in to recover the keep of three horses left in his care for about a month, for which he demanded thrse guineas; but the decision of the Judge, which it is of mportance should be known, was, that ostlers, chamber- maids, waiters, coachmen, and guards cannot compulsively obtain ' rom their master's customers any remunera'ion for their services, and that it is quite optional whether they shall be paid any thing, and how much, J. L'e, for stealing a mare, was convifted and received sentence of Death. ' He stole the mare in the night of the 19 h " It. Two days after he was apprehended ; on Thursday his trial came on, and he was convifted and sentenced ; so that in less than four days thf robbery was committed, the prisoner apprehended, the horse recovered, and the prisoner convifted. LONDON POLICE, AUCUST 1. MUSIC AND BELLES LETTRES. GUILDHALL.— Yesterday two young men, named Vaughan and Knowles, were charged by the patrole of St. Dunstan's in the West, with disturb- ing the neighbom hood at an unseasonable hour. It appeared by the acknowledgment of Knowles, that he is a printer, and of Vaughan, that he i « a musical man, and in the employment of a music- seller near the Exchange. The man of letters and the man of harmony, on a return from their night's gambols, through Flee - street, were amusing them- selves with inspecting the door- plates in the street, and ringing the house- bells of Mr. Gosling, the Banker, and several other respectable inhabitants. The patrole, however, very properly interrupted their entertainment, and sent the compositor of types and the composer of harmonies, to comp'ie themselves in the City orchestra at the Poultry Compter, in order to reheane their perform tnces before the Magistrate, and to have the proofs of their works duly corrected. Alderman Atkins considering this kind of frolic pregnant with the nio^ t serious mis- chief to families, who, alarmed in sleep with the apprehension of fire, might jump from their win- dows ' twixt sleeping and waking, before they had time to discover the real cause of disturbance, bound both the parties over to appear at the Ses- sions, and take their trial for the misdemeanor. INQUEST.— On the 18th ult. an Inquest was held at the Barley- Mow, in Nottingharp, on jhe body of R. Bates, who, it appeared from the evi- dence of Ann Wood, had, on the aforesaid even- ing, been craving charity at the dooi ot the Judge'! lodgings, and s . id he had fasted two d iys, when she gave him two small bits of venison, each - f which he swallowed whole ; she then gave him a glass of ale, and while dt inking it h- fell down, became insensible, and shortly espinu. Vtidi'f, Died bj the Visitatm of God, BELFAST COilMRHCIA. L.. CHRONICLE. ILIV. III LONDON, Wednesday, August 8. A Heligoland mail arrived this morning with advices to the 31st ult. It was understood there that the exned'tion preparing in Sweden was de- stined, to attack Zealand, and that it would con- sist of .50,000 Swedes and 15,000 Russians.— The Britomart, Thresher, and all the gun boats that could be collected, had sailed to attack an enemy's convoy of 20 vessels, in the Ems. The following letter was received from Fal- mouth :— Falmouth, Aug. S, 1812. Arrived this day the Swiftsure packet, Ci. pt. Turse, with Mails from the Mediterranean, sailed from Malta 1st July. His Majesty's ship A! cesr£, 38 guns, was to sail from thence on the following day, with a convoy for England. The Swiftsure sailed from Gibraltar on the 22d ult. at which time the French General I. aval, with 6000 infantry and COO horse, was in sight of that garrison, and had interposed his force between it and the '- laniards under Ballasferos, effectually cutting off their communication with that place. It was. eipeijUd that the French would attack Ballasteros and endeavour to destroy his force; but as Ballasteros had about SOOO troops with him at Torgiceca on the 21st ult. no apprehensions were entertained of the result of an en* gagensent The Swiftsure brings accounts that, the expedi- tion to the eo! st of Catalonia had sailed from Majorca:, about 8000 British and German troops formed part of the expedit'on, which > vith the Spaniards that had joined them at Majorca, made the t ital about 13,000 troops. News of great importarce may be shortly expected from that quarter The letters by the Serapis, from Malta, are to the 19th June. The harvest in Sicily has been extremely abundant, both in the corn fields, and the vjne yards. The plague had rcged with great violence both at Smyrna and Constantino- ple ; and at the latter, appeared to be penetrating into the inferior. The Algetine cruizers detain all Spanish vessels, and send their crews into slavefy. On seeing the arrival of the Pope at Paris an- nounced some time since in the French Papers, we expressed some anxiety to know the objeft of bringing him there, being perfedfly convinced that it must have been done with the view to make him subservient to some new grand stroke of Bona- parte's policy. We learn now, from a highly in formed Gentleman, just arrived from France, that it is generally supposed at Paris that his Holiness has at length been iriducedtoyieidto the persuasions and severities which have so long been made use of to - renderhim more tradable to Bonaparte ; and that the first act br which he would be called upon to manifest this disposition, would be by giv- ing his benediction to the new kiogr'nm of Poland, — The Catholic religion being the national reli- gion of Poland, it is supposed that the re- establish- ment of the nation will be highly gratifying to his Holiness, and that he will readily second Bo- naparte, by giving Jus sanflion, to the measure. It is said at Paris, tbat the Pope will henceforth re- side in that city, an being the grand capital of Catholic BurOpe'.— Pihf. Government, in order to check the escape of French prisoners, as also the guinea and smuggling system, gave orders, a few days since, for the seizure of all sjailies of a certain description, car- rying eight oars ; seven'eeft were seized at Deal, ten at Folkestone, Sandgate, & c. They are- a beautiful description of boats, about forty feet lone, painted on the outside so as to elude the sight at sea in the flight; so neadyand lightly cors- ruffed that nothing can catch them, and in calm weather they can row over to the French shore in two hyurs. We have some accounts from Cadiz of an un- favourable kind. The Government has been so much alarmed by the discontents in the place, and thexshells of'the enemy, as to have deliberat- ed upon the removal of the public authorities to Ceuta. The range of the shot from Cabezuela is over nearly half the place, and the Countess of Altami- na h:: s received a wound in the breast from the rubbish, set in action by a shell which had fell in- to her apartment. Precautions are taking by co- vt ring the building with sacks of wool, to pre- vent the intrusion of these unwelcome and pon- derous visitors. ' The whole expedition which is to proceed to the East of Spain, consists of about 5000 men, 500 of which had arrived from Lisbon. The Garrisons of Cadiz, and the Isla, compos, ed a force of thirty thousand men, including Spa- niards, Fnglish, and Portuguese, and comprehend- ing eight thousand volunteers. The number Of French continuing the besieging army, was not more than 7" 00, but they had entrenched them- selves with so much labour and skill, as to render their situation almost as impregnable, to use the mi- litary simile introduced into our letters, as the Rock of Gibraltar. BFI. FAST . COURSE OF EXCHANGE, & C. Ave 7 Belfast on London ( 2Ids.' 1 3J per cent. Belfast on Dublin ( 6t d*.} 1- pe- cent. Belfast on Glasgow 7| per jenf. fsim, Aug. 8— per cent. Gov. Deb. 7l{ 5 per tent. Ditto 100$ ENGLISH, Ave. 1— 3 per cent. Consols for Acc. 56 J Ave S.— Dub. on Lon. 9 | AUG. 1.— Loti. onDub. 9f ARKIVSD. MAILS SINCE OUR LA8T. BUS 2 , Bv DONAGHA » E « ... 0 2 BY DUBLIN 0 BELFAST, Monday, August 10, 1812. The following are some of the most prominent articles of intelligence contained in the London Papers of Wednesday, among which we are happy to find such corroborating accounts of the Vic" tory of Lord WELLINGTON over Gen. MARMONT, as leaves no doubt of the fact, and that it has been one of the most decisive battles fought in the Peninsula.— We are most anxious For the Official details of this important event. CAPTURE OF MALAGA BY GENERAL BALLASTEROS. . A Gibralar Mail arrivecT this mornin's". with let- ters to the 2) th ultimo. They communicate the gratifying imtlligence of the Capture of Malaga* by the Spaniards under BlHasteros, who was ra- pidly advancing along the coast. The French seem to be withdrawing from Grenada and Valen-. cia all their firces ' O proteil: Cifal~ n< a, where the British ejtpecJrton must have long since landed, ft sailed fron Port Mahoti on the 6 h of July, and we may expe£ f d aily to hear of some brilliant ex- p'oits in Calalor. ia.— have been brought in. THE GREAT VICTORY. The intelligence of this most splendid viiSory over M irmont, was brought by the Sybil yacht, which left Corunna on the 28thj and landed a Gentleman of the name of Jackson at Lyming- \ ton, by whom the Cfoiunna Extraordinary Gazette 1 was transmitted to Government, ^ addition to ! AMERICA. We have tils morning received Boston and other American Pjpers to the 30th of June. Thev con- tain what mty be considered, in the present state o<" our relations with America, highly gratifying intelligence. The inhabitants of Boston have ;; come forward in a most intrepid and manly man- ner and publicly declared their repugnance against the President's doct ine of war with Great j Britain. Mr. Randolph has also published an ; Address to h'S. construents, which we will ven. ture to pronounce to he one of the most eloquent productions which ever came from the Press in America. It breathes the purest spirit of patriot- ism and peace, and happv would it be for the • Americans if their Councils were directed by such A field of wheat belonging to Farmer Lewis, of Purton, Wilts, claims the admiration of the sur- rounding country, persons far and near resorting to view it. His crop of wheat last year complete- lyfailed j but without fresh ploughing, sowing, or manure, there has this year sprung up from each old root from 60 to 66 stalks, each bearing as many ears, and these ears are as much as five inches in length, fall of the finest grain imaginable; and, what is more astonishing, a new stalk is springing from the first joint. The nature of the grain seems, however, to have changed by being so long in the ground : it is now as fine a piece of Lammas wheat as ever was witnessed ; and what stems came up last yeat produced remarkably bearded ears. The burthen appears miraculously abundant. A man in Liverpool has proposed to undertake the famous Barclay ta; k of walking 1000 miles in 3000 hours, at the rate of a mile in each successive hour. This has often been attempted, but has never yet been performed by any person, . except Captain Barclay himself. The offer* we btdieve, has not yet been accepted, nor any proposals made to him on the ssbjeft. He is 40 years of age, and not remarkably strong or robust. A shark of a considerable size was caught in the herring nets, on Wednesday night, off the Heads of Ayr. A most shocking murder was lately committed in Barbadoes, of which the following are tbe par- ticulars :— A negro man was about to be sold by His mistress, and having heard of this intention l> e questioned his owner on the subject, which teing affirmed, he cut her throat, and stabbed her in several other parts, and then hung himself. that document, we have to communicate toj- day tha following: Extract of a Dispatch from Lord Wellingtin to Gene- ral Castanos, which arrived at Ferrol on Tuesday, July 28, A. M. immediately tefore the tailing of the Sybil cutter,: " On the 22d July. - 812, the French army, un- der the command of Marshal Mtrmont, was com- pletely routed near S ilamanca. by the allied army, t* which was united the third division of the S. h Spanish army. • « ' The enemy lost many eag'es, almost all their baggage, and an immense quantity of military stores. Their loss in killed, wounded, and prison, ers, is'estimated at from 10 to J2,008 men : the lajtter being 4,000, among, whom is General Bon- net, who is also wounded. The routed army re- tired by Alba de Tormes, and the victorious arrry was in close pursuit." It is reported by a second dispatch, that' the enemy's loss is greater ; and the British loss is es- timated at between three and four thousand men. — Don Julian Sanchez displayed great gallantry ;• out of 1,400 horse, which he commanded, 700, feli upon the field of batrle. " LLOTD'S Airs. 5, 1, » . M— A letter has just been read in the Subscription Room, from the Cap- tain of the Sybil cutter, dated off the Wight, % i Angus., and addressed to Messrs. Haylett and Bro- thers, Austin Friars; it confirms in every in parti- cular the dispatch < aid to be sent from Lord Wei. lington to General Castanos, but it does not add a single circumstance to the intelligence." The following are from our Correspondents at the out- ports : — " PORTSMOUTH, AUG. 4— This morning, be- tween three and four o'clock, the Sybil yacht, from Corunna, landed Mr. Jackson, an Officer, at Lymington, with dispatches from Lord Welling- ton, and the Governor of Ferrol, containing an account of the defeat of Marmont, with 10,000 men,. & e The Sybil left on the 28th ult." Another Letters- same date. " An Officer landed, last night at, Lymington, with dispatches, stating, that Marmont was de- feated, with the loss of 10,000 men, in killed> wounded, and prisoners: eight eagles, four Gene- rals, and 8000 horses, taken. « The above information was brought by the Beagle, Capt. Smith, and the action must have been fought about the 22 d." " PLYMOUTH, AUG. 3— We are all in high spi. rits here at the receipt of the good news from Co- runna via Falmouth, brought by the Speculator lugger, in four days, with dispatches from Sir H. Douglas, dated Benevente, which states the'en- tire defeat of Marmont's and Bonnet's' army, af- ter a hard fought battle of two days, viz. the 22d and 23d July, between Toro and Tordesillas, which ended in a glorious victory on the part of. the immortal Lord Wellington. The enemy, be- sides, killed and wounded, have lost 4000 prison- ers, and 25 pieces of cannon, and were in full re- treat for Vallodolid." An extras of a letter from a Gentleman, high in the Commissariat department, dated the 25th of July, says : " We have this morning received accounts, that Lord Wellington has had a glorious adlion with Marmont, near Medina del Campo ( the writer is mistaken in the place) defeated him, and had taken 4000 prisoners. It is understood, that the numerical force of the contending armies was nearly equal, estimating Portuguese and Spaniards as equal to French sol. diers— that the British cavalry, thohgh confessedly 1 superior in quality, was inferior in numbers} and j that the French artillery consisted of 80 pieces of • annon. In the retreat of the French, the British > cavalry are said to have made aterrible slaughter, j Government, it is said, have no doubt of Lord : Wellington's victory. . Letters from Spanish Of- j ficers, written from the field of battle, were sent, as well as Lord Wellington's letter to Castanos, i{ energy and true. wisdo$ r » J — ... By the Alice, arrived from Quebec; ( which place she left on the 5th July), we learn, tharths Canadians were fully persuaded the war with America was inevitable, and in consequence there- of, were actively training the militia, exercising the regulars., and embodying every male from 16 to 50. They felt confident oT the " security- of Quebec, from every attempt of the Americans.-^- No vessel was to leave there after the Alice,'" with- out convoy. . * * V* ; SECOND EDITION; V Courier- Office, Three o'Clod. The Captain of- « he- P- eyche frigate winch, is: at. Ferrol, has sent Mr- Jackson, the. Surgeon of that ship, with the Account of the V^ ory,. received by the Governor of Ferrol, Bardaxei, from, the Governor of Corunna. .. - w-'. " The letter says, that he has only time to^ sgnd the particulars, just received there from the Cap. tain General Castanos—( they are^ th'e same as was published from the Corunna Gaze'te Extraordinary •) The Governor of Ftrrro!- transmirted- t- jw-. intelli- gence immediately to the Captain of the Psyche, and in his orders to the people of Ferrol,!' he * di-' iie< 3s Te Deum; to be sung, and illuminations to take place in'celebration of the great event/ - The dispatch from the Captain of the'Psyche, merely conveys a Copy in the original Spanish of'the di^ patch to the Governor of Fer, ro!."\" Mr. Jac£ ffih> we understand, says, that there were several let- ters received in Fert- ol from Spanish Officers who had been in the'battk*. ." ' General Bon''- 6. t is wotlnd- . j | ed, apd a prisoner. - M irniont retreated at night by ' Alba. . •, „ ' • '• - . . " The field of battle for two . leagues, is covered with dead bodies. Among them is the Colonel of the' 101st regiment. The English loss is not great; the Portuguese have lost but few ; and the Spanish loss is trifl ng; in all not more than 2500." A Supplement to the Gazette of the Asturias, dated on the 25th July, also tranmitted by Sir Home Popham, states, that " Dm Carlos D'Espagne, with Don Julien Sanches, had beaten the enemy most severely a{ Castillo VVdrillo. The number lost by the French was 2700 in killed only. The French retreated with great precipitation." The above seems to be an account of the share which the Spaniards had in an adion previous to the grand battle on the 22d. The Asturias Gazette then proceeds to state tha the French had lost the whole of their waggon train, and that Earl Wellington, with characteris- tic heroism, had invited the inhabitants to come to Salamanca, and search for their property among the plunder. • . The adherents of the French in Valladolid havebeStrabligedtovtake up arms, and to prepare ( M- their departure for France— King Joseph is at Valladolid, along with them, on his way either to or from Madrid. In a- private, letter from, Vincente de la Bar- qnera, dated the 29: h July, also transmitted by Sir Home Popham, the- Mtriter, after detailing the foregoing fafj, in'for^ w his friend, that there were then two breaches in the - walls « f Astorga, and that" If' expefled to surrender every hour. The same writer states, that General Silveira, the. Portuguese General, had been sent a close prisoner td a castle in Portugal, for disobedience of orders rn the late acticav - Earl Wellington's offici i! dispatches to Go- verimwut.- ^. particulars, qf.. tUt above bjj. l-. liant victory, have not yet arrived, but no' doubt whatever can now be entertained of the authen- . ticity. af^ the. reports, that have reached us. . . BY EXPRESS. o'Cloci• Chronicle- Office, We stop the Press to acknowledge the receipt of London Papers of Thursday - last, by Express from Donagha « lee, and are happy, to find they coDtajn the following important intelligence.:—^ SECOND edition; Confirmation of the Total Thstnretion of Marmanfs Army, by EarVIVel l/ ngtuu. Captain Blaquier'e" of " the Navy has artTveifai the Admiralty, with the most ample cenfirma-^ tion of the gratifying intelligence of the Total Defeat, and, in short, the Total Destruction of the French Arrxiy under Marmoht; , . The intelligence brought by Captain Blaquiere was received by Sir Home Popham," Trow- orrtte coast of Spain, frsiri tlie ' Spanish Governor of Gijon, on the 29th ult. _"'•," '" " The Spanish Governor transmits to Sir Home Popham a copy of the following short dispatch from the Earl of Wellington. himself to the Span- ish General Santocildes :'— " GARDEN ABOVE THE TQR- MfiS, JULY 23, 5 in the Morning. • " GENERAL— I wrote you yesterday morning, and I now do it. with the pleasure of acquainting you that we have beat Marmont, who is retreat-. , ing rapidly, apparently on Alba de Tormes, and- we are pursuing him. I trust yoiT wiTl therefore proceed to conclude the operations concerted be- tween us. . t: f ( Signed) " WELLINGTON:"-''- Sir Home Popham has also transmitted to the Admiralty a copy of the following Bulletinissu- ed at Salamanca on the day after the battle ;— Field of Battle, near Salamanca, July 23,1S12. " The French army under Marmont was com'- pletely defeated yesterday by that of the Allies under General Lord Wellington, Duke of Ctudad Rodngo, in the fields of Salamanca, on the left of the Tormes, near the Arrapelo, after seven hours continual fighting, during which the allies j displayed prodigies of valour. " The enemy was dislodged from all his ad- vantageous positions, and lost a. l the artillery j which be had posted on them. His loss in killed, ! from the Admiralty to the Treaiury, as conclu.;] wounded, and prisoners, cannot be less than Ten ; sive on the subject. jj or Twelve. Thous^ nd- r- Fear. Thousand P.- iscners We have received Paris Papers to the 31st last,' coriVi in log fftfffifiVfe fi tlrBltl he ttn" of the. Grand ftrmy.— Bonaparte remained at_ W'ilna on the 16th. , The jnaij^ Rus. s[ an' army, consisting of nine ditrisions of'infantry and four of cavalry, occupied ' the' entrenched camp at Drissa, where it vais watched by a large pajj^ of. tHe French army, under the King, of Naples. Dtissa is . upon the. Dwina, between Dunaberg and Polock, • In its retreat, an action took place on the I Otht, near Mer, bet\ « een'it5" re" ar- guard - and a'Polish division of light cavalry, in- . wHich the loss of the Rus sians is stated- at 1500 killed and wotrfided, and that of ithe. Polish . division at 500. This is the only action <> f consequence said to have taken place. The French, however, appear to have suffered much " g& Ste'r - losses tif their pursuit; but whether from battle, want, or fatigue, we cannot say, fts'tfie Bulletin states that 2000 horses are oa their march to repair the loss of the artiller y,,. Ptince Bagrathn's corps was, on the 1st of July, at Kobr'ti, in Lithuania. A hope is expressed, that it will not be able to form a junflion with the main army." These aie'the principal military points in the . Bulletin. To swell it, Bonaparte is' obliged to retrace his steps, repeat former accounts, and interlard them with historical observations, and boasts of his ample supply of provisions. He appears, however, not a little afraid . that Daritfcit,' ttrfe of the sotfrces of this supply, may' be cut off. Its'. fortifications are ordered to be immediately strengthened. - • • ' Eigirt th'dusanl Prussian labourerji are put in re. qu. isiu n. for that purpose.,- *. AMERICA.— Upon* looking Over our files cf ArAetic^ n. Papers, sepeiyed yesterday, we, were agreeably surprised tn find, that by the ftlstrUfliOns sent by '. he. Aroeripan Eiesident to the out- ports, on the stibjeS of the War, America is, to adl on the defensive only for the present. ' This is acomplete refutation orail'the reports which have been late, ly in circulation of tht attacks upon Canada, and it corresponds with the pondutff of > the American frigates towa ds1 Ihe BelVidei a, in merely^ driving her off the American coast. • Til the Bill respecting the Stamp Act', which has lately passed the House of Commons, is the following clause;—" If any person shall have, keep, or use any greyhound, hound,- pointer, sett- irg dog, spaniel'or other dog, or any gun, net, or other engine for the taking or destruction of any hare, pheasant, partridge, heath fowl, commonly j called. black game,, or grouse, commonly called ; red game, oir any other sort of game whatsoever, : without having duly obtained a certificate for the same, according to law, every " such person shall, for every such offence, forfeit and pay the sura of £ 4: 0." '' ..'-".•;'.'... '] Monday night- the Earl De Lawair arrived at Swinbtirrt's hotel, in Limerick, and on Tuesday morning proceeded for Mount Shannon, the seat of the Countess of Clare. It appears by an advertisement in a Liverpool paper, that Mr. Sadler, the celebrated Aeronaut, intends to visit Dublin, and thence to cross in his Balloon to England. It appears, also, from the ' same advertisement, that, on one occasion, he | travelled in his B. illoon upwards of 120 miles in an hour and twenty piinutes.- and, on another, 51 j Uiiles in . forty- eight minutes. New potatoes have been selling; currently in ! j. Glasgovf' riiarlcets at 2/. th^ peek ot 42 pounds. ^ "' The Lord Chancellor and his Lady, embtrkeff at D maghadee for Porrpatrick, on'Thursday lasr, on board the Westmo- land Packet, , The Right Hon. tteLorii ' PfJ'. idatit of- the Cpti r t of Session, Scotland, landed. a^ Dana^ haJee, from Portpatrick, on Thursday las', on his way to Dob- 1 in, on a visit to his bro her the Right Hon. Sir John Hope, Commander of the Forces in Ireland. Lord Viscount Lifford landed on Saturday. His Grace the? Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint- Robert Peele, E° q. to b- his Chief Secretary, , in the room of the PJght Hon. William Wellesley Pole, resigned. His Grace the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint John Smyth, Esq. Barrister at Law, to be one of the Divisio.*)! Justices at the First or Castle Division of the District of the Metropolis. The Treasurer of tbe B. U'ast Chariahle Society acknowledges to have received £ 1, 2s. 9,/. fro n Lord Viscount Tempieton, by ( he hands of t: ia. Rev. Mr. Gooch. Also, the sum of £ i, being part of a fine levied off Thomas Williamson, cotto - mannfa& urgr, by Thomas Verner, E<- q. for paying Mrs. Taggart, cotton- wir> der, in truck. , Also, the sum of £ J, part of a fine levisd by Thomas Verner, Ev>. off George Wilson, carter to Robert Toroen, for stealing manure out of th* Commissioners'Yard, in Fountain- litre. To the EDITOR of tbe BELFAST CHROMIC I. E. Whilst the cautious Autocrat of alt the Russi a is, by sagacious and well- timed retreat, " hidit > e the grasp of the French Despot, and peradv-- . ture drawing; him into a snare ; whil- t the im- mortal Wellington is staining tl e rapid citrrei r of the D'ouro wish the crimson tinfl'nre of Gallic blood ; and war, with its inseparable concomi- tants, pestilence and famine, is spreading far a: J wide the work of destruction, it is a pleasing ta k to record the merit of a more humble individual j and humanity, while it heaves a sigh on can- err - plating the splendid misery of war, will, wi> h a smile of benignity, plant the civic wre . th on the brow of him, who, at this crisis of particular c - lamity, steps forward to relieve the craving wan s of nature, . and alleviate the distresses of the poor. Some weeks since, when the scarcity of oar- meal, See- was becoming every day mote alarm- ing, Mr. JOHN JOHN- STON, an eih* nent* brewer, >- f Lurgan, in the County of Armagh ( a district: abounding more with small' and poor ma mfV- • turers, than any other neighbourhood in 1 i t ian :), had a. large stock of kiln- dried bar'??, which he had laid in for the purpo- e of making in the or- dinary course of his busin-.' ss, deeply atfefted by the universal cry of want arid sea retry, he had the whole ground into meal, and sold the ssoie at prime cost I ('- when he might have had lis per cwt. profit on it wholesale), in quantities not ex- ceeding one steti'e to one person, and from that down- wards, in smaller quantities, as suited the purse of the purchaser ; and all who wanted, far or near, were supplied so long as it lasted. But, alas! when it was done, the. rapacity of the- farmer, and the rnealrnonger, once mote rear- ed its head, and prices the most enormous were again demanded. Mr. JOHNSTON determined to continue that re- lief, which be. had already afforded ( PROVIDENCE having blessed his industry with the means of keeping: puce with the benevolent conceptions of his mind) ; indefatigable in his pnrstii's, he, al- most in an instant, obtained a supply of oa- m . d, which he sold in manner and form above- men- tioned, at the rate of is. 2d. per stone. This supply was likewise exhausted, and the poor were again at the mercy of aforesaid harpies,— the farmer and the meal monger. This once more called forth the energy of rht- ir kind and considerate friend. Mr. JOHNSTON agaia obtained an adequate supply for tbe consurnpt f this week, at the former moderate, price; and vfiji' continue so to do, until a plentiful harvest shall realize the present propitious prospefts, and ren- der his exertions no longer necessary. Biush, ye men of heredi'ary opulence, and hide your heads under the consideration « f bsitijr- outdone by an individuil— where means have ' arisen, under Divine permission, solely from his, own honest, persevering industry. If even the small still voice of conscience shall urge you to feel for anothei's woe, may it inces- santly say—" Go thou, and do likewise!" Ballybltugh, 1th August, 1812. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, Freeholder if' the City is County of Londonderry. GENTLEMEN— His Royal Highness the PRINCJS REGENT has been graciously pleased to appoint me to be Comptroller of his Royal Highness's Household ; and by this distinguished mark of his Royal Highness's favour, my Seat in Parlia- ment, as your Representative, has become vacant. Duty and respect towards his Royal Highnesj demand my immediate attendance in London, which, I fear, will preclude the possibility of my returning to this Country in time to solicit, from you, individually, the honour of your Support at the Election which must now take place. Permit me, however, unfeignedly to express tn you, my gratitude for the confidence you have heretofore reposed in me, and to assure you, that it is, and ever shall be, my highest ambition to deserve it. Governed by the sincerest feelings for t) prosperity of the City and County of London- derry, I presume to request, and hope for, a con-* tinuance of your support on the present occasion. I remain, Gentlemen, faithfully, Your obedient and very hurr ble Servant, GEORGE BERESFORD. August 4, 1812. Died. On Saturday morning, a" t Dtiblin, General VA 1.1. r N c ET, one of the Vice Pre. idt- nts of th* Dublin Society. , At Corfuinty Norfolk, S. - Mojjtt, aged 102. Hf fotrirhe at d> « fnulc of Quebec, underthe celebrated General Vi'wie. II BKLKAST COMMERCIAL CHliOtflCLF. JO THE Gentlemen, Ckrgt/, and Freeholders, OF THE COUNTY OF XONDONDEW. GENTLEMEN', • His Royal Highness the PARTIES REGEN'T having been graciously pleased, during my absence from Eng- and, to offer me a situation in his Royal Highness's family, I could not hesitate, on my arrival from the army in the P oinsula, in accepting this flattering mark, of his royal favour; and when I considei, with equal pride and pleasure, that it is only one act of a long se- ries of unbounded condescension and kindness, that has marked the conduct of that Illustrious Personage towards me, for many years, 1 trust I shall stand ac- quitted with the County for vacating my seat at an Unusual period, and submitting myself again to the criterion of their verdict. I can yield to none in es- timation of the v , lue, dignity, and importance of being one of their Representatives— To none in the deepest gratimd? for the repeated honours conferred upon me — To none in the anxious ! ao;> e and honest ambition to retain thorn; and, above all— To none in never Cetisin - i ( forts to deSeive th m. Alter so long, and, I trust, so iminvite an acquaintance with the Countys further professions woul t be idle and superfluous ; but 1 feel I have sttoo , ly to appeal to an indulgence and consideration which, I hope, my peculiar predicament may rvnoer paidonable, The state of my health, add- ed to the s- veiest domestic calamity, obliged, me to le ve tne at my in Spain, and I am not sufficiently re- established to undertake tli" active duties of a personal « anv,.- s; if therefore, I might flattei myself to stand excused with the County, foi not bein^ on the spot at the present juncme, I woul j seize; ihe fu st moments of returning health to visit a countiy whic. v contains every thine I hoid most dear, and value highest. I shall only add, that, whatever may be the event, on the present occasion, I look forward, with an humble and honest confidence, that, in the discharge of my professional duties these last five years ( altho' una- voidably absent from attending to the immediate in- terests of the County,) I have not acted in any man- ner to alienate its affections or forfeit the good opinion manifested towards me heretofore, in so distinguished and honourable a mariner. 1 have the honour to be, Gentleman, Your faithful and obedient Servant, CHARLES STEWART. Cheltenham, July 30, 1812. BELFAST SHIP NEWS. The Diana, M'Callum, is loading for Glasgow, to sail in a few d. ys The Dispatch, Jamison, it loading for Dublin, to sail first fair wind. The Hawk, M'Cormick. is loading at Glasgow for Belfast. Tire Betseys, Neils, n, for Glasgow, sailed yesterday. The coppered and armed brig Britannia, S'- iilj this even- ing, wind permitting. I he armed brig Venus, Pendleton, it loading for Lon- don. to s rl in a few days I he Neptune, Uavrlson, is loading for Liverpool, to sail first air wind ifter S. tturdav. Thearme' h'i? Vine, Montgomery, is loading at Lon- don ' or this poit, to sail fir- t fair wind after 13rn in « t. The St. Pacck. Campbell, irom hence for Liverpool, ar. rive ' safe 6ch inst. Tlie Minei va. Courtenay. sailed yes'erdav for Liverpool, Th- Ceres . Savage, it loading for Liverpool, to clear on Saturday first. . . 1 e (. un ingham Bojle, Bell, from hence, arrived'safest Liverpoo 4rh i- St The J' si- d brig Donegall. Cotirtenay, it loading for Lon- don, to u I fi st ' Ur wind aft r 15th inst. 1 he arired brig l. agan, Honrinn, it loading at London for this port. The l. raper, M Mullan, from Bristol, arrived here on Saturday la « t. NEWRY SHIPPING LIST, For the Week ending August 8. ARRIVE? Frende Bredre, of and fr » m Drohthon, Hummt, dealt and • ar. Rolls, of Yarmouth, Springall, from Messina and Catania' with linseed oil, barilla, licorice, almonds, raisins, ragt, ihu tnac, and corkwood. Betsey, of - Vbr> s- with, Lloyd, from Carnarvon, tlates. U. oon, Delaho. de, and Industry, George, of and fro » i Abervsrwith, with bark. Be-, of Newport, Nicholas, and Hawke, of Cardigan, Davi- s, from Liverpool, with rock « alt. Ailive, of and trom Carnarvon, Jones, with slates. Two Brothers, of Belfast. Robinson, from Glasgow, with cast'rron, bde goods, cod oil, and coals., Bergetha, of and from Dronthm, Peterson, with dealt sn< 1 oars. Karen Margaretta, of and from Dronthon, Holm, with deals, tar, and wooden ware. Twelve Vessels with Coals. RAILED. Jane, of asd for Carnarvon, Roberta, with cows and linen Cloth. Princess Royal, sf Fithguard, Wade, for Carnarvon, with linen cloth and hortes. Nelson, of Cardigan, David, for Ilfracombe, with linen cloth. Newry, of Newry, Seeds, for Liverpool, with linen cloth, butter, linen yarn, tanned leather, tow, hamt, and tannert* Peggy, of Dysart, Williamson, for Kiiksldy, with flax Mary, ot Miltord, Williams, for Parkgate, with cows. A& ive, of Campbeltown, Magill, for Liverpool, with oatt. William, of Newry, Quinn, for Glasgow, with linen cloth, flax, linen yarn, and pork. Mary, of Drogheda, Owent, for Liverpool, with oats Hornby, of N- wry, M'Anulty, for Dublin, with staves, hard- wood, and timber. Fourteen Vessels in ballatt. NEWRY MARKETS, AUGUST 8. eiUWFQRDS* & WALLACE OFFER FOR SALE, OV REASONABLE TERMS, St. Domingo 8? Jamaica Cottttn- fVool, St. Domingo Mahogany, Ditto, Logwood, Jamaica Coffee, Pimento, in Bags, Oil of Castor, St. UW Salt, Alicante Barilla, Cane Reeds, Tcne> iffe / Vine, Hum, it/ Puncheons and Iihds. and Cork / FhLkey. 741) ~ August 10, 1812. ROBERT TELFAIR, Juw. BEG8 to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that he is largely supplied with Common Roll, ) PigU and [ TOBACCO, Superfine, Do. J Engine- Cut Crass- C, ut Tobecco, Of various descriptions, Succards, § c. S, c. High Toast, Stalk, and Common S U FF, RAP EE, Plain and Scented; Which, with every other Article in the TOBACCO TRADE, he will dispose of reasonably, at his Manuta& ory, No. 19, TitsAia's- enrsv. HE HAS AL- SO FOR SALE, PRIME VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO. ty Wanted. TWO TOBACCO SPINNERS, whoean produce satisfactory Certificates of ability and sobriety. R. TELFAIR, Jun. having redgried the G* e- CIRY BUSINESS, cannot omit thit occasion of . returning his sincere acknowledgments to his Fr ends, tor the partiality he hat experienced, and requests those indebt d to him, will be pleased to settle their Accounts as soon as convenient. 748) 10th August, 1812. - I in' t , i MUS BELFAST ALMANACK. JOSEPH SMYTH retarna his sincere thanks to those Correspond tuts who have hitherto furnished con- iwlnications for this: work He now requests that hose who have not yet forwarded their communications fo- 1813 will be so good as to send them, p > « t paid ( direltj to fmefit Smyth, 115, High- street, Relfiet), before tbe first of Oiluber next, as the work w II be put to prm at that time, J. 3. has for Sale, a great variety 0r 5CHOOL BOOKS • of the lattst and best editiont— Country Bi iksellers and Dealers in Books will fin ! it their interest to apply us above. Arrangemautsare making for publishing a D13. BC PO IY for the town of Belfast. ( 740 H 746) BLACK LACE SHAWLS Sc VEILS. P.< 1 BEET MARSHALL AS ju « t received, an AssoatutNT of ih* NEWEST PATTERNS, which he will sell Cheap. August 10. t. d. 1. i. Wheat .. 78 6 — 83 9 per barrel of 20st. Oats. .. 2 I — 2 84 per stone of ] 41k. Oatmeal ... 85 0— 38 9 per cwt. of 112lb. Barley ... SO 0 — 35 0 per barrel of 16st. First Flour ... 47 0— 0 0 " Second ditto ... 45 0— 0 0 Third ditto ... 43 0— 0 0 Fourth ditto ,.. 36 0 — 0 0 • per cwt. of 112lb. Pollard ... 8 4— 0 0 Bran ... 7 6— 0 0 Butter .. 107 4 — 112 0 1 Rough Tallow.. ... 9 0— 9 6 Flax Dressed .... 24 9 — 26 0 per stone of 16lbs. Ditto Undressed. .... 14 9— 16 9 Barilla ( Sicily)... 29 6 — 32 0 1 Ditto ( Alicant; ... 38 6 — 40 0 per cwt. of 112lb;. Pot Anhes 43 0 — 45 6 Iron ( Swedish) .. Do. ( British) ....,£ 28, 10/ — ^ 25 ....• fil* — £ 16, 10/. . per ton of 20 cwt. Beef... Pork... 43 ... 32 0 — " 5 0 — 33 R • per cwt. 112 lb. Liverpool Coals. .... 33 0 — 36 0 - Swansea ditto... ... 33 0 — 34 per ton. Malting ditto... ... 32 0 — 34 9 J . Weight of Bread » t the Public Bikery this Week. White Loaf, 13/. ilb. 14oz. | Hotrsehold Loaf, ISrf. Sib 6ox, fiiown Luaf, 7a. lib. loi.— Small Bread in proport. oo. WHISKEY, ROSIN, See. & e. FOR SALE BY WILLIAM SEED W ROBERT BAILIE. 220 Puncheons Cork and Dublin Whiskey, 100 Barrels American Rosin, 100 Bundles Iron Hoops, 1200 Double Pieces Grey CaHeots, 30 Boxes Tin Plates, 3 Pipes Madeira Wine ; And daily expeS, per the Bet, from Dublin, SO TONS OATMEAL, Which will be sold out of the Vetsel, « ") . Belfast, August T. SALE TO- MORROW. SUGARS BY AUCTION. 1 t'iA lO OGSHHADS JAMAICA SCALE SUGARS • 11 will be put up to Publi* Sale, on TUES- DAY, the 11th August, at HUGH WILSON & SONS, 7C0) Corporation stre « t AN APPRENTICE WANTED rv* 0 a RESPECTABLE MERCANTILE HOUSE, in • L Town. Apply to Mr. ANDERSON, Chronicle- Office. 747) ABguit ia WANTED IMMEDIATELY, l N APOTHECARY to the BILVAST Hosrtrai. arid A DIS « » NSAUT.— The particulars may be learnt by application to Dr. M'DOWNELI, or Dr. Tuousoti, Physi. cians to the Hospital; or to Mr. M'CLOKEV. or Mr. Mali SIAU., Surgeons. (+* 9) August 1( 5. SALE OF HAY GOV! [ SUED. '' PHE remainder of tbe prss? nf Crop of well saved HAY, : L In Cocks, will be SOLD BY AUCTION, at Park- mount, To- morrow ( TUESDAY, the 11th August in- t ) at ELKVEN o'clock; or previously disposed of by pri » ate Sale.— Apply to Mr. CAIRNS. ( 73 » Terms— Approved Bills at Four Months. GRAND & NOVEL SCHEME. • npHE SMALL LOTTERY, which will be Drawn the ,' L Irh of September nest, contains a free gift fro. n the Contractor! of Fight Packets of Tickets, by which « litank may g. ill £ 50,000, an advantage never ob ained kel'ore, and even the Lowest Prizes are one- third mote valuable l\ i- xr\ ttiOse in tbe last Lottery— The other Benefits are a, follows i— 2 of £ lfi, 000 are £ 3J, 000 b of £ 200 are £ 1,500 2 ....... 4.000 .... .. 8.000 8 ... .. 100 80 > 2 8,000 .... .. 6,000 10 .... .. 50 5 » 0 4 1,000 .... 40 .... .. 40 - 100 4 500 .... .. 2,000 28 .... .. 30 ....... 840 6 ...... SOO .... .. ' 1,800 1 93C .... .. 22 ... 42,460 Alt to be Drawn the Stb of September next. TICKF. TS and SHARKS are hoWSeilng at AftCHER and WTRLING'S, P. M'GOURAN'S. and \ RCHBOLD and DUGAN'S, Belfast; and at HOLIDAY'S, Newry. ( 745 STATE LOTTERY. Only 10,000 Tickets, TO BE 8TH SEPTEMBER, 1812, With Elbur extra Prizes, besides other, ol £ 1M OOO value1 rfefOMAS WAR;.) AS received his First Supply of TICKETS and SHARES, comprehending a Vari ty of Numb>-: s, not to be equalled in any Provincial Town in Ireland, and direfi Irons the CONTRACTS* Schemes ar Urge to be had gratis, at his FORTUNATE OFFICE, 1.5. High- street, Belfast Ready Mont) Orders em Atilim, or Drafts at T> vo or Three Days Sight, can be had at all times, and to a- y enient, for a trifling Premium, by applying to THOMAS WARii. ( 64-' a- HAVE HOPS. GEORGE LANGTRT £ 5* CO. DOHEGALL, from received, per ihe LONDON, 26 Pockets, of Prime Quality, GROWTH OF 1811, Which will be sold on moderate terms. 7l#) Belfast, 30th July, 1B13. WHISKEY. ( jQ. EOR. GE LANGTRY & CO. have for « is) Sale, ONE HUNDRED PUNCHEONS Strong w « ll- fldvoured WjilSK. S. Y, Belfast, I. ly 14. ON SALE. New Orleans Cotton / Vu I, Cork IVhiskey, New~ York Pot Ashes, A few Casks Russian Candle Tallow. Apply to ROBT. GETTY K J \ t. LUKE. Aug. ust C ( 729 To all whom it may concern. NOTICE it hereby given, that the Penaltic prescribed by Law, will be generally and itriMly enfore- di throughout the County of Antrim, againtt all Persons who keep or u e Dogs or Guns for destruction of Game, Whole, tale Dealers in Spirits, Grocert, Chandlers, Retailers « f Spi- rirt, and all Persons rvhatiwve* exercising any Trade, Pro- fession, or Calling, suhjedl to any of th « Licence Duties, • ato shall not have obtained their resptiKvi I iceicei on or befiro th 1 ilh day of this Month.— Dated at Belfast, the 8th day of August, 181?. s D'ARCY MAHON, IrlspeAor- General of Stamp Duties throughout Ireland. The Stamp Act, which will bear upon all Defaulters of the above Duties, and of every other branch of the Stamp Revenue, will commence its operation To- morrow. ( 744 " ' ' TO BE LET, ACAPITA!. STORE in Corn Market, containing a GROUND FLOOR and two extensive LOFTS, with OFFICE complete.— Apply to WILLIAM PHELPS, No. S'Lime- Kiln Dock. If August 10, 1813. ( 74$ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At tit DoxbSAH-^ HM), Belfast, St 0\' B o'Cloti, on fJtT- D AY / hi i! 5lh Seft ember, OR. ANGF. FIELD HOUSE and DEMESNE, containing about S40 Acres, Cunningham Measure. The Town- land of OR ANGEFIF. LD, on which the House stand-, con- taining about 140 Acres, is held in fee, discharged from all Rent whatever The Townland « f BALLYRUSHBOY, containing about 74 Acres, is held in Lease for Eight Lives, now in being, and 99 years after t'- eir demise — The re- mainder is a FARM in the Townland of BALLTHACKA- tioat, held by a Lease for Two Lives. ' There is a valuable MILL, both for Wheat and Oats on the Perpetuity The Mansion- House and Offices are in the most complete ttate of repair, a very large sum of money having been lately expended on them in new roofing and alterations. The quality of the Land is excellent, and the whole it beautifully and aiivantageouely situated in the county of Down, within two miles of the town of Belfast. For particulars, inquire of ROBERT B ATESON, E « q. at Orang field ; or THOMAS L. STEWART, Esq Belfast. 74' 2) August 6. NEW TEAS. " TOHN IRWIN Si CO. have received, per the * i' DONEGALL, from LONDON, 4 Parcel of TEA, from last Sales, ID ADBITIOH TO THKI8 rOKMIR STOCK, Which, with every Article in their Line, will be disposed of on moderate Terms. 713) 6, Rosemary- street— August S. DRONTHON DEALS. HENRY JOT TOMB W ROBT. HOLMES RE Landing out of the Fuglens Reede, Cap- ain HOLME, from DHONTHON, a CARGO of bett Merchantable Deals, Flank, and Hundspokcs, which, with PINE and OAK TIMBER, Quebec and Memej PIPE STAVES, they will dispose of reasonably. ( 730 N1 W :: O )!< S, - ' O AM.' ARCHER has imported from I- OMDON, Mirier** Cj/ Trivela through PersW— Rdgeworth's New Tales of Fashionable Life 3 vols.— Chareaubramfs Travels to Jernsa- letn, 2 vols.— Same Work in Fr nehr— Self Contra , 3 vols, —* The Loyalists, by Mrs. West, 3 vols— Temper, by -\ trs. Opie 3 v<- ls— S.' le6Hon » from rhe G nrlemah's Magazine, 4 vol*.— i ife of John Knox— HiTs I. ectu'ps- i- Stae! on the Influence of I^' te- atnre, 2 vols— The Wife, by Mrs E ^ e- vvortb. 3 vo: s— De\ var% s Ob « erv » t! ons mi Ireland— Sketches r^" a Tour t' roug^ h th « - N > rrh of Ireland—• Macgi iN accoUat ® f Tunis-— Tour of Dr . Syntax— Joyc ' s Intr'- da6lion to th « Art*— Won lers of the Huynan Horly — Wonders of \ nim. t- ed Mature—^ Nicoll's Planter's Kt'emW— Fe- ney C^ vt! e, 4 vols —- Brown on Rural -. ffa ts 2 vols— Hnves'' Interest Ta- ble/— FabtT on the State of Fram e— T ghe's Psyche— Me- moirs of Wm Smellie, 2 vols-—- Pindar's Works, new ed rion, J^ vols.— Percy's We iquea of Poetry.-— A great variety of Children's Bo< ks, & c ( 712 A LI & PORTBR STORES, NO- 10, DONEGALL- STREET. THOMAS M. COATES flT AS on han't aQrr. nrit of BE1. I. INGH IM? PALE ! 1 H" TT and POR TKR, in'Wood and Bottle; also. C. IDRR. PKKRY, SPRIT E BEER, SOIU- W.'.- 4LF, R & C..& C. vvhr'ch ht1 will sell on reason, hie terms 731) Belfast, August 7. SCARLET, WHITE, & BLACK CLOTHS. JOHNSON & FISIHKR have received, by the CUM- MNCHAM BSVLE, I / resit Supply <> t ' furlet / Flute, anil oltcfr Cloths, Which have hern care'uily ihos- n, and w lj br so'd cheap. 522) Bs- lhst, June29. GEORCrj ! i. OnON- lVOdL, ORfJZASS Do. Da. POT ASHES, SICIl. r B RILL A, LEAF TOBACCO, For Sale, on Reasunanle f'eims, by JAMES KENNEDY, Belfast, May 19 Bonegali- Qu- iy. ( 212 BARGAINS. HARDWARE, TOTS, < Je. " I'HE SUBSCRIBF. R intending to relinquish the H\ R1> WARE ^ nd ror IK iDE, wili te 1 off Ills STOCK, a; Fir- t C" t'. Persons wanrirrg* Goods of this descript'OTih the Whole sale Lure will find them worth their. iiO c • ' GEORGE MADAM No. 19, HJ^ h- srreet, July 10 ( COj SALE THIS DAY, MACKDONL To he Sold, " TiHAT much admired Vft. LA, the residence of the late , I JOHN EWIN'O, Psq situire on the Shoe-' between lie!, fast and Carrickfergut, and but Four Miles distant from the forme* The Hoiise and Offices ire in petieS order, ar, d fit for the reception of a Genteel Family, with air » * cel! ent GARDEN and DEMESNE, containing in the whole a'. out 20 Acres. of Land, Irish Pla6tttion Measure, held under - I • MARQUIS of OON « OAC. L, for 61 Years, from tke 1st May 1805, ar the a'nall Annual Rent of £< J, 4t. i J. For Panic, liars apply to Mr. SAMUEL BROWN, or JOHN H HOUS TON, ESQ. The Premises triay be viewed every WBDNESDAT and SIROFCTFAT, between ' he Honrs of Twelve and . Two o'clock, if not disposed of by Private Contrail, before FRIDAY, tbe' ? 8th of Aji Jiist next, tire srwne will on that day be Sold by Public Aiift on, at the Hour of ONE o'clock in the after- noon, at the Oo\ EGALt.- AKii » . s, Belfast. . Terms of Payment to he declared at the Au< 5Uon. July 18. TO BE LET, From the I st of November next, '' HHAT DWEL1. NG- H0USE and SHOP, No. 17, « Hiffh - st' - ft, formerly occupied by !# ie lare WUMAM M'Kec. Woollen. DrapeV, and at present by Mr. G E o ft a it MTIOIRIS— l- s situation needs no comment ( bein? lonj; esrahlisheii), and one of the best situations for business " in the Town of Belfast. Aoply to Mrs. JAME M'KEE, King- street. 7^ 8) Belfast, August 6'. TO BE SOLD, THE HOUSE, OFFICES, and FARM of ' HENRY- HIU , Wi thin a Mile and a Hnlf of BAN- BRIDGE. ' The House anJ Offices are i » ^ ood repair: the- Farm contains Thirtj-. four and a half Acres, Cunningham Mea- ure, nt e* - ellent Land, in hiph order, with several thousand Forest Tree,, in full growing ;— there is also hait an Acre of TURF BOG: the whole held/ for 1700 year* from November 1759, at the Yearly Rent of £{$, Iti,. Also the HOUSE and FARM of SOLITUDE, adjoin. ih;>" he above, conraitiing Twenty- nine Acres, like Measure, ar the Yearly Reut of £ 10, 4/. held for an unexpired term of Six Years Twenty- four Acres, ihree Roods, and s x Perches of said Land, with the House and Offices, ate Lrl to a good Tenant, for .659, 10/ per Annum. Written Pro osals for - aid Lands, will be received by ANDREW M'CLELLAND, Banbridge, until the Slst August instant, who will give every information respciSluijj the Title. ( 724) BAN5RIDGE, August 4. THE SUBSCRIBER Will Sell by Public Aulihm at tfnfitrwnards, M MO NT) AY the 10lb day tf A* g « < t « f* f, at ONE o Cloth in tie After- noon, his Interest in the following Tehiwents rind t, andi • " r< HF INTFRST in - he LEASE of that Extrn NO- 1 SIVE DWELLING HOUSE*- IN' CONCERN.-? in Newtownards afo. esaid, r » w » cc « pvsd by him'M jut tm; tpwh'ch there is a 1 rge B. ck Yard & c. and Stabling fur Twenty Horset. attached. Ov- r the Stable three is a lar;: e Room, nrrw vrs* d as a Store,,. wl> iji oitght he convene, J rtito a Granary The Dwellin.- Honse is in Wc. l'erit re. j> iir, and fit ' or the immedia e recevrioo of a Tenant, attd well worth the attention of an) P rs » - n wishing to commence the bustness of an Inn keeper ihere is another great ad- vantage to be deriv » d Irtmi this Concer i, - ameiy, tint - t s one of those Hooaes in Newtownards, ro. which the. Spirit Licence is attach d, nn-' er the approhjti. n of LORD I . ON. DONDI R R v These Prenfit'S are held fir three younr hv.' s, ' or SI years, which ever la^ t longest, rand are. only su - j- ct to j the small yearly Rent of _ || No. 2.— The IN TERFS T in the LEASE of Eight \< res p of Choice MEADOW LAND, adjoining tile sa .1 J\, wn, if held for the Term of one good Life, at Two Guineas" p r J Acre j it also, the INTERN, T < 0 the LEASE o< 3 \ cres of Excellent l. AND, also adjbr. ing the Slid Town, and h » | d tor one eead Life, at the - year y Rent- of £>, 16, . These Lands are partly se with Potatoes in 1 O f, - old the remainder Uid I! O » WI in rfeaJow, and have . very appear- ance of an abundant Crop; • • * Terms at Sale. WM. M'DOVVELL. NewTowuA* DS^ July 11, 1812 * ( 714 ;—" •••<••.—• M'ADAM & MCLEERY HAVE just received, per the Aurora, from LONDON, and have on hand, Fine and Common Congou, Souchong, and Green TEAS, Very Ftne, Fine, and Second SCALE SUGARS, Refined SUGAR, and CANDT, Miserable— Indigo— Refined Saltpetre— Rozin, Alicante Barilla Mustard.— Pimento Pearl Ashes—- White Ginger, & c. And an Assortment of SPICES an I DYE- WOODS, which they will dispose of on moderate terms. They have likewise ror sale, NINE THOUSAND AMERICAN CANE REEDS, of an excellent Quality. 492) Belfast, Jun 25 AUCTION • '' Of a most desirable CONCERN, for ' the Mercan• j tile or Provision' Business, |' HAT laroe, c<> mmodibuiCONCERN,: No 26; J AMES STREET, containing in i- rpm 65, Feet,- ami ext. n . ing TO BE SOLD, ^ FARM of LAND, conrairvna; Ten Acres, or ibere- i abourl, on the Road ' rom B - Ifast to Carrickfergus, with or without the Crop, wh ch consists of Po r i run, FTAI, OATS, and H* » . There is a convenient Cabin, O. ffic houses, and Garden, On the Premises Proposal* will be r ceive I by the Proprrtor, WI;. I. IAM CKAIO, of Waring- street. No. 42, until the first ilay of September, 1212, when the Purchaser will be declar. d. • . . ( siss TO BE LET, And Possessim giv. n the first day of October next, j HATH- w f- trefted MILL and KILN, in the Towo. ' land of Dru- ogooland and Parish of Loughinisland, and County of Oo^ n, by the late Msrstvt FOR c, Esq The Mill is Well- snp- ilied with Water, and a secon. i pair of . Stones for grinning Floilr, with Dressing Machinery, & c. & c. There are T « n Townlands will Be bound to said MiH, and about ' t" e. n Acre of goo. l Land. For further particulars^ apojv to Mr ROS- RT Broift, Affent, who will receive- Proposals un- il 1st Sept » m v next. S3S) SBAFORO, JuneS9, 1& 12. BUILDING GROUND. " To be Let, in Great F. dvi'- r. l- Front of th. New Shambles, \ FEW JOTS of GROUNK-^ meof the best Situs. * tions in Pel ast for Building, with Vaults coaip'ete. A loni; Lease Will '' it / iven. f'. dr particulars, inquire of Major FOX. ( 2rjl \\ T E - appoint' fh » Pert OrSober' SESSIONS to he b Id in ' * B Ai. I Y MONEY, as the Sessions at which OV- R - SEF. R3 shall Account, pursuant to the statute, for a! Ac- counts 3.,- ht in at this . Ass. xes and Nilled in Court, but st others. ( Signed) JOHN O'NEILL, Foreman. Grand Jury- Rook, Jwly .27, 1312. ( 717 .£ 300, £ 400. £ 5I)(\ yyAN l Et>, the Loan, of either of rhe above Sums, up- | * j . n a Mortgage of a valuable Property in the f'owa : of ' Belfast. I Apply tn Pui'ill MARUIRI!, at the Office of Messrs. ' Cw^ ING & t'AHN.- J Au. itioneers, 84. Hig'- st- i- et. ( 671 i NOTICE " TS hereb; S'ven, that any Person found Trespassing on my J1 EsrATt in the County of ARMAGH, with Dogs, Cans, or Nets, wjthout my permission in Writing, will be punished as the Law in 8 « h ca* es direfls. JOHN WHALEY. DbXli), A « gutt 5,1111 * V . SJWtThe Public are respeafully inform ed. that the following Mfi^ fe^ REGULAR TRADERS WiU rait for titir rijfe& ive torts, • vMi xviib tbt ftrtt fair Wind after tbe dates mentioned : FOR LONDON, The armed brig DONEGALL, Coo « ti » Xr, 15th August The armed brig AURORA, STARKS 14 days after. FOR LIVERPOOL, The CERES, SAVAGE 15th August. The FANNY, MARTIN{ Eight days alter. FOR BRISTOL, The DRAPER, M'MaLtiN tOth A « gust. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The CUNNINGHAM BOYLE, Bin. 15th AiignM. • The MINERVA/ fcooRTiNAY Eight days alter. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig LAGAN, HONKINI 1 jrh August The armed brig FACTOR, 14 days after For Freight, in London, apply. to Messrs, ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OGILBY, Abchurrfi- Yard Gentlemen who have I. mens to forward, will please send them to GEORGE LANGTRY 15- Afc » ' stoat Lads waaud M Apprentices le the'jea. ' backward 135 Feet; on which has been Built wi- hin the last eight ye- rs, an exci lleiit' D WF. t. l. ING'H lUSE, wijh a large S I ORE m there. t fhe whole raenc osed hy a'l * inch wall; the yartl compleiely - Payed, and on the front there is Bu lding Ground ,! or Two H .- uses.— This Concern will be' Set up to AUC1 l - N at - Mr J V VIES HYNil. j MAN'S Office, Dsmegall'street,- pn MO.- fllAY th,: a, l « lust, precisely tit ONE o\ I > ck. For iurther particulars enqu re at the Pr.- mises, or at No. 1, Calendar- street. . . ,( 735) Belfast. Aug- S • WANTED. AWRITING- MASTER, having a few Leisure Hours, wiShes- to employ that time in the Tuition of a PRI. 11 YATE FAMILY.— W" ojild have no objeotiou to go a mile into theCoUirr*. Apply at the Office of this Paper. ( C9 » TO BE SOLD BY- AUCTION, On SATURDAY the 15th inst. « n the Prtt » iits, - at the. hour of ONE o'clock, '• pHE LEASE of a large co'ninlorfloiis " DWELLING." I HOUSE, with sui * ble OFFICES, and two Acres of MEADOW, at rhe low R.' nt of £ 3 per Annum Also, if required, • icre'l " of ME ADOW, the » R, nt iClO The whole adjoining Mr. JOHN WATSON'S con « - rii, im the road leading to Holywo > d'i and onlv two ttiinutes wa'k from Bel- fast.— The Meadow extending' frotn'thertfr of'. tbe HnusJ- to the Shore, retnli rs thti situ ti 111 v- iy cotiireniftnt. lor S.-. a, Bathing—' T' e whole hi Id under LORD Sfeitcck CUICHE,- Tit for a long term of year- — Terms at Sale. MACFARLAN, ^ Auctioneer • AtfeU't 3. ( 7,19 l'he Pubbc arc respectfully nform- cd, that it is intended the following 5 » N. E. . TRADERS < $ bat naif at tbe under mentioned period*: '^^^ Scim ; FOR LONDON, The armed bng BRI TANNIA, ABOOIN, First fair wind The armed br g VENUS, Pusolehs...... 14 dais after. Vj-" These Vessels being armed and completely well loni,.! Insuranre by them will consequently be effected cit th « most reasonable terms FOR LIVERPOOL, The NEPTUNE, DAVIDSON In a few days. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BEL EAST, The KELLY. M'II. WAIN F , sr lair wir. d. The ' Sf.- PATRItK,: Os'limU. v.'. M S Y, h d ys alter.-. - FROM I ONLK'N -' FOR- B-'- LF l S r,. - The arme^ l brig . MO| STJ> OST. STLR-.— WA. WSH. For Freight, ill London, apply to Messrs WM at JOHN WHARTON, Niclwlaa1 Lane; rr, m'Bel/ jit; to"' ' R. GREENLAW, Agent, Wto- o wili- feceive w! fonwarli. lMEN (.' I^ OTH and other MKRCHANDI^ fi wiffe care and ( hspatch. rt' A lew'Stout Lads winter! as APPRENTICES" t « the Sea, to whom i'teni Eucoursgemefif * ilf tte^ iveu. FOI! GLASGOW, The DI > NA, JOHN 11 - CA1. I. U -. i. MAST » « , ( A constant Trader), Now loading, to sail in a few days. FOR DU It LIN. The DISPATCH, JAMISON... ..... First fair wind. The BEE, RANKIN..'. Eight days after. For Freight, apply to MONTGOMERY. is loading at Gl ' vow fof ( 7S6> Belfast, August 7. FOR BUENOS AYRES. DIRECT, GEO. The HAWK, MTormkS Belfast. tUt rst l- SMMNO ARMtD BRIO LORD NELSON » * J I'HO vlSON, Msjro, • j£ 3& fSt> Will « i « ar to. seit first fair wind after the 15tn Air- u- t.— For Freight or Passage, apply to MONTGOMERYS, STAPLES, & CO. WHO H AVI FOR SALE, Richmond Leaf' i obucco4 Cot ton-/ Fool. • JHani barilla, and Buenos At, res "> al/ htt>. 723) Calend. T— treet. July 28, 18fS. FOR ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND, HE RRMARKABLC FINE FAST- 8AIL1N6 £ C H OO N K K FRIENDS, EDWARD CONWAY, MASIER, Has the p inclpal part of hi r Carpo enga. td, anil w ll posU rively sail for the above port in 10 days— For Freight or Passage, apply to .. . ... . THOS. & WM DAVENPORT. jLoN- ei'UOtaRV, 4th Au ust, 1 « 12. the providence, 10!) Tons Burthen, EDWARD PHILIPS MASTCR, FOR DUBLIN, To feil first fair Wind after Saturday, 8 h in « t WiH take a few'Tons Freig! t, at 15*. per Ton.— A piy 10 WILT. I AM P & - An^ aw-' B.- '( 727) ' No. S, tiw « * Kai.- D » ? te BKLFAST COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. POETRY. [ For the Belfast Comer Ail Chronicle.] FROM " THE EMERALD ISLE," A POF. M, BY CHARLES PHILLIPS, ESQ. DESCRIPTION OF BRIAN BOROIH ME. BHIAK— the clorv and grace of hi* age, BIIAN— the shield of the Emerald Isle; The lion, incens'd, was a lamh to his rare! The dove was an eaple compar'd to hit smile! Tribute on enemies— hater of war, Wide flaming sword of the warrior throng, Liberty's beacon, Religion's bright star, Soul of Seneca, light of the Song ! The Sun has prawn old, since ClmtarPs bloody WITI Saw thee sleep the sweet sleep of the Patriot brave! But thv glory, still infantine, hovers on hiVh, The light of our soil, and the Sun of our sky! And, centuries hence. Time shall see that sweet light, Unheeding her envy, still youthful and bright. Oh, had T the pow'r. holy scourge of the T) iae, To waken the glories that circled thy reizn. The Captive wou'd triumph— the Tyrsht should die. Bit, alas ! to the Angels above ' tis but given, While chaunting the Vesper of Heroes at even. To psuse at thy name,' mid the music of Heaven, And shed the mute tear on thy memory ! Oh, there were days in the MLAND or JAIK r » No bard could dare to sing; Holy deeds, which the pen that paints Must come from an Anrel's wing. It is not now for impious Time The hallow'd tale to tell. Of sicred lore and song sublime, And learning spread thro' many a clime, By the tongue of COLDMBKILLI ! It is not now fbr a downward age. Or the feeble hand that writes, To dim, with his degenerate page. The wisdom meek, and martial rage. Of CONN, of the hundred fights! It is not now for the spiritless song, Or the tame and tuneless lyre, To tell of wond'ring crewds that hung On the Hero hand and Poet tongue. Of CORMAC, heart of fire! The Days are gone, and the Bards are dead, That well could tell the tale ; Like the flow'r of the valley, they flotrrish'd and fled, Like the song of the mountain gale 1 brought in a peak at the centre of the Worn-, the hacks are j police office for arte - pting mpWV during th 1 lower than usual, and the short sleeves h ive The neck Oh was it not noble and fair to behold Our Isle like a warrior tac'd. With her spear of the hills, and her buckler hold, Her banner of green, and her helm of gold, Stand ready for battle brac'd. The sur\ on that day Lent his lioliest ray, **" u I. rT^ tcn the I* « t tot plt'tne; The SHAMROCK was seen With a lovelier green, And the air shed a sweeter perfume; The face of our Isle Wore an heavenly smile, As if conscious and proud of her brave"; And rhe laurel flow'r, At that holy hour, Bow'd its h'oom o'er the warrior's grave— To tell him the I and He had died to defend, WAS NO LONGEI THE HOM « of A SLAVE !! Tt> the EP2T0S of tie BftLFAST CHRONICLE. SIR— Amongst other difficulties attending our Paper Circulating Medium, there is one of great inconvenience and l° ss to the poor in respefl to Forged Notes ; an instance of which will appear in my case, which I request leave to state as follows: I happened to take for a genuine No'?, one from my neighbour the other day, which turned out to he a Jorgery; upon discovering this I asked my neighbour to refund the amount; he refined. 1 applied to a magistrate, who saiJ, " that unless I would swear that my neighbour Inetv it to ft forged when he eave it t') me, and also sjive upon oat h some plausible reason why I thought he Inew it, j. that he knew of no o her legal steps I could take, | to ground a prosecution on, for the recovery of ; the amount." This I could not do, having no such suspicion, and although my neighbour con- fessed that it was probable he gave me the very same Note, and that I offered to swear he did, it seems I have no remedy, and must lose the amount, nnd that, to a poor man like me, in such hard times, is extremely distressing. Nor am I the only sufferer ; there are hundreds groaning under similar distress by forged Notes, and it occurs to me, that if persons passing such, whether to their knowledge' or nor, were compellable to re- fund the same in good Notes, upon the affidavit of the receiver, and one or more credible witness or witnesses, that more tan would be taken in re- ceiving Bank Notes, and forgers would not be so successful in cheating the poor. If a law is extant to redress such cases, perhaps the insertion of mine in your extensive paper, will induce some humane lawyer to point it out, through the same nedium, and thereby be the friend of A Pool MAN. Ballymoney, August 8. LONDON FASHIONS FOR AUGUST. From I. a little Atsemblee. Coloured sarsuets trimmed with lace, are very much worn both for full dress, and dinner parties ; for the former the Clarence front is universal. This new and most elegant addition to full dress is now worn over a sarsnet gown, it is shaped at the bosom esactly as the gown, and is also the same length in front; ji flounce of lacc laid on the sarsnet rather full goes round the dress. This dreiw is said to have been introduced by her Majesty, who has frequently appeal- ed in it. Pale pink, grass green, lilac, Maria Louisa blue, and buff, are the colours most prevalent, the two latter ar « highest in estimation. Lace was never mor » worn tban at present. For dinner dresses, sprigged muslins over coloured sars- m- t slips, ore much worn, and liave a very olegant eflect.— T; it drcafcte aru mostly urjdt high pu th « - boulder, « od sT'i- tre, an gained something in length, as IDS also the waist, is tisnallv disolayed in full dress. i For morning dresses, the most recent invention is the ! Grecian peasant's jacket, svith a netticoat to correspond : the form of this dress is extremely simple, it is gaged round the neck in four parts, and confined to the waist hy the petti- coat which is worn over it, the sleeves are very full, and aie also gaged at the waist. The Polish twill is alto much worn for morning dresses : it is a sort of chambray, and can hardly be distinguished from sarsnet. For full drew, coloured crapes, embroidered round the bottom in large wreaths of flowars, have a very elegant ap- pearance ; the emhroidery. is mostly of worsted, but we have noticed a few in coloured silks. White crape dancing dresses, richly embroidered ? n silver, are also much worn, hut the robe n In , » r/ 7;> « is the TTv> st tasteful and elegant; it is made of white crape, studded with small steel stars, the form is that of a simple frock, and the waist is somewhat shor'er than is now worn for other dresses, round the bottom is a light embroider)' of miniature steel spangle. Frnm jtckerminn'* iry. EVEN- IN ft Da ass.— A svhi'e crape robe, with short Ci- r cassian sleeves and demi- high waist, with full frills of lace, the robe worn over a white satin slip Epaulets of variega- ted gold ball- fringe, ornamented at the feet, and bottom of the waist to correspond. A Moorish tnrban of Indian gold muslin, with a cluster of flowers on the left side. Neeklnce, ear- rings, and bracelets of brilliants, pearl, or sapphire set in gold. Gloves of white French kid below the elbow Slippers of white satin, with gold rosettes and fringe. Oc- casional scarfs of white lacc. PROMENADE COSTUME— A plain jaconot or imperial cambric muslin round dress, formed high in the neck, and trimmed round the bottom in the front. Collar and sleeves, with full borders of plaited muslin. A white satin hussar cloak, ornamented with deep crapes and antique floss trim- ming and tassels. A Lavinia hat of fine moss straw— a small cap of lace beneath, ornamented with a small bunch of flowers on one side, and tied with cerulean blue ribbon on il one side. A rosary cross and bracelets of the coquilla nut. ' Boots, or Roman shoes, of . blue kid. Gloves a lemon co- lour; a parasol of correspondent shot sarsnet, with daep ball- friugtd awning. English Monthly Agricultural Report. The latter hay- harvest is scarcely yet finished in many parts ; the quantity as great as ever known, but most of it damaged, and of inferior condition. The turnip lands have worked well, but sowing is not yet completed ; the forward tur- nips and cabbages appear healthy. The fallows in a mellow and friable state. All lands through- out the island, capable of growing a crop of con, have been applied to that purpose. The stoutest wheats have been a good deal beaten down by the rains and thunder- storms, whilst the light crops upon poor lands have been apparently improved. Mildew and smut have been discovered within the last fortnight, with a considerable quantity of brands or burnt ears.. The mildew or blue mould has been early and universal upon the corn this year, although un- noticed till of late ; but, as far as the limited per- sonal inspection of the present reporter has extend- ed, corn has never been more clean and free from vermin and impurities, under such circumstances, than in the present season. This is probably to be attributed to the unusual mildness of the N. E. winds, and to their short intervals of duration, al- though so frequent, a circumstance most'favour- able and preservative of the crop of wheat. In various parts the crops in funeral are most luxuri ant and bulky, and a friend from the coast of Sussex boasts of long and large ears of wheat, with great plenty of them. Throughout the coun- try the ears of wheat are said to be of moderate sine, and the promise for both corn and straw to be considerable. Chilling N. E. winds, the bane cf vegetation, have detracted much from the pre- sent, which might otherwise have been the largest crop of corn ever grown in this country. These frequent and unavoidable accidents add unspeak- able for. ee to the thousand arguments in favour of a bill of general disclosure, an advantage which Scotland- has enjoyed for more than a century, and to which so much of its prosperity is to be attributed. Rye among the best pf the crops, and harvest expected within a fortnight inthe'for- wardest counties. Accounts of harvest in foreign parts thus far satisfactory. Heavy complaints from too many quarters of tenancy- at- will and short leases, those lamentable* preventions of improvement, and poisoners at the very source of public and private interest. Rent as high as the times will bear, but long leases, the power of transfer, no obligation to summer fal- low, and no absurd pettifogger's restrictions The above complaints are mixed with high en- comiums upon certain landlords, most particular- ly of Norfolk and Scotland. Of potatoes the report generally satisfactory.— The fruits much blighted, and the same malady must necessarily have extended to the hops. The wool trade at a stand, nothing having transpired at any of the marts as a sufficient guide. The oak- bark harvest was successfully finished. cooflig- atiop, The whole of the builjinnrs ; n- e burnt down except the small frrn: wing to Ar ' V itreet, an ' considerable exertion was necessary to pres"' ve the different valuable boil ings around The premises and the whole of the men's tools are insured to an extent' which comole'elv cvers the loss, and the books and a considerable part of the fur" i- » ir" and stock are saved.- r- The Magi- strates, Commissioners of Police, and Constables, did all thev could to preserve order and take care of the proper'v. The fire was entirely got under bv one o'clock. GLASGOW, Atrc. 1— It is with the most un- feigned grief, however, we have to mention, that sev- n young men were buried in the ruins The nam s of the unfortunate sufferers are, Thomas Edie, clerk in a warehouse; Andrew Dougal, a eardener ; James Falconer, a chair- maker j Janes Rentoul, a painter; David M'Gregor, a wright; William Henry, of the Aberdeen Packet; and one body unclaimed. Mr. Walter Hanna, flesher. and Mr. John Caldwell, clockmaker, were very much burnt, and stveral others hurt, but none of them dangerously. We have not access to know the circumstances of all the relatives of these un fortunate sufferers, but if any of them require pe- cuniary assistance, such a consolation would, we have no doubt, be immediately afforded them by a public subscription.—( Glasgow Paper.) The property was insured as follows :—• Sun Fire Office... jSSfiOO I Caledonian...£ 3300 Atlas 5000 I Hercules S300 Globe... 3000 | 21,200 Rape a good crop. Middlesex, July 27. DREADFUL FIRE. GLASGOW, JULY 30.— Last flight, betwiit nine and ten o'clock, an alarming fire br- ke out in the work shops conneAed with Mr. John Retd'f ex tensive cabinet warehouse, in Virginia. street. It had made considerable progress before it was dis- covered, and from the quantity of wood and other combustible materials in the building, the flimes, in a few minutes, burst from the roof with great fury. So rapid was its progress, that the awful illumination it produced over the town was the first thing that gave the inhabitants the alarm From the construction of the building, and the confusion that arose in removing the furniture, the firemen, although soon on the spot, and al though they directed the engines in the most pow- erful manner, could do little to stop its progress. The water was at first but scanty, but intimation having Ween sent to the engine man at Dalmar nock to set the engine to work, a plentiful supply was soon obtained from the fire- plugs. When the beams of the main roof gave way, the weight of slates and brick work which came down with it, carried all before it to the bottom, and we are loi rv to say that considerable fears are entertained tor the lives of two or three persons that are a mis. sing, lest they should have been buried in the ruins. Mr. Hannah, a son of Mr. Hannah, flesher, has been much burnt, and several others were huif, but none of them are considered as in a dargeiou* slate. EAST INDIES. By the recent arrivals from India, Calcutta and Bombay Journals to the close of January, and Madras Papers to the 1st of March, have been re- ceived. Letters from Batavia state, that Col. Gillespie, the commander of the forces, was dangerously ill. The troops remaining in garrison at Batavia, were the 59th regiment, the 5th and 6th batta- lions of Bengal Volunteers, and two companies of artillery, with sick and convalescents of various corps. A colonial corps was organizing in Java. A report had reached Batavia of the m issacre of the Dutch garrison of Palambing hy the na- tives. The Sovereign of that place had a profit- able contract with the Dutch for tin, and on re- ceiving intimation that Batavia had changed mas- ters, lie murdered the garrison, aiid possessed himself of their effects. Previous to this, an ex- pedition, under Capt. Phillips, had sailed from Ba- tavia against Palambang. The coffee found in the store- houses at Java is estimated at 40,000 tons. The quantities of rice, sugar, pepper, and other spices, are also very large. Subaltern's shares of prize- money ha3 sold as high as j£ 400 each ; and a Captain's was esti- mated to be worth £ 750. The beautiful country mansion of former Dutch Governors at Burten- zorg, including a large and profitable estate, had been purchased by Mr. Raffles, for a lack of ru- pees. Mr. A. Seton, Governor of Penang, was visiting the principal forts and settlements in Java in December last. Col. Baptiste, with a well- appointed force, had been actively eirp'oyed iri the North of Hindos- tan against Durgeon Sal, a Rajpoot Chieftain, whose capital and fort of Bahdur Ghur, he had taken by stoim. Durgeon Sal hid, however, found means to escape with a few of his partizans, and the greater part of his treasure. Mulhar Rao, the infant son of Holkar, had heen raised to his father's throne; but notwithstanding the solicitations of the Bae, who aAed as Regent, the Court « f Poonah had refused the kheblaut of investiture, urtil a certain sum due to the Peshwa, had been paid. For this sum, as well as for some troops to quell the mutinous Sirdars, who had in siigared the ba'talions to revolt, the Bae had ap- plied to Ameer Khan ; hot the latter had declined both requests. The Bae's Minister, had in con- sequence disbanded a part of the military force, raised new battalions, and puhisnea those who had conspired aguinst the infant Sovereign and his mo- ther's life. Mr. Stephenson, a Cadet in the Bombay Estab- lishment, was killed in December in a duel. A verdift of Manslaughter being found against his antagonist, and his second, thry were tried at the ensuing Bombay Assizes, fownd guilty, and sen- tenced to three mouths' imprisonment; and Mr. S——' s second to four. A shock of an earthquake was on the 28 h De- cember felt throughout the presidency of Calcut. ta ; it was accompanied by two distinil undula- tory movements of the earth, attended by a loud explosion. Much alarm was excited, but no da- mage wa; done. Capt. Bartholomew, of the Mary, of Calcutta, in his voyage to the Prince of Wales's Island, hav- ing landed with five of his crew on the Lesser Andaman, were all murdered. The Bombay Courier, of Jan. 4, says: " On Thursday afteinoOn an atrocious murder was com- mitted in a house in the Bendy Bazar. Four Hin- doos, under the pretence of having coin to dispose of, decoyed into the house, Mulchund Cassindass, and his mettah, Nana Purberam, who had with him a considerable sum of money. Some circum- stances having excited suspicions in the neighbour- hood that all was not right, the diior, which was • secured by a padlock, was broken open, and on the floor of an inner apartment the bodies were found, with small ropes drawn round their necks, and a large wound in the belly of each, from which the entrails were hanging. The murderers, who es- caped with their plunder, have not yet been appre- hended." ' AMERICA. Extract of a Letter from a Trans- Atlantic Correspondent. " You will have heard, perhaps, before the ar- rival of this, of our expedition to Canada. Laugh as Englishmen will at these Tankey resentments, I can assure you, Sir, that all these circumstances, give to America the strangest dash of her John Bull temper. These transient flashes of the pub- lic spirit, mark the interest which a free- born mob takes in its national affairs. As far as I have been able todevelope the American charac- • to war ; and this proneosity has been sh'rrnetied rather than abated, bv the manner in which she h is been reined in. The forbe: » - ance of her Go- vernment, in respect to France has produced one good effect— it has fostered and cherished in the national mind, a risio? antipathy to the Fiench character, which is dramatized and caricatured, exactly the same as in England. The wide and ild Atlantic rolls between them without effect. America derives from her sire those qualities, over which climate establishes no controul. She possesses, in common wi> h her parent, a contempt of French manners, and a defiance of French power. This is exemplified by a thousand in. stances every day ; but by none so strongly as by the works of her ablest and most popular writers. During a la^ e ferment, stirred up against the English influence, the French Ambassador ap- peared at the Assembly. On this occasion, one of our periodical writers, who is read as far ! as America extends, gave the following sketch of Monsieur's dancing abilities—' I have been con- siderably employed in calculations on this subject ( dancing) and by the most accurate computa- tion, I have determined that a Frenchman passes, at least, three fifths of his time between the hea-" vens and the earth, and partakes eminently of the nature or a gossamer, or soap bubble. One of these jack- o'- lantern heroes, in taking a figure, which neither Euclid or Pythagoras himself could demonstrate, unfortunately wound himself — I mean his foot— his better part— into a lady's cobweb muslin robe ; but perceiving it at the in- stant, he sat himself a spinning another way, like a top ; unravelled his step, without omitting one angle or curve, and extricated himself without breaking a thread of the lady's dress ! He then sprung up like a sturgeon, crossed his feet four times, and finished his wonderful evolution by quivering his left leg, as a cat does with her paw, when she has accidentally dipped it in water. No man « of woman born,' who was not a French- man, or mountebank, would have dune the like.'" ROBERT HERON. ter, it possesses, in spite of the maudlin exertions A miscreant wat lodged ia the I of its Coveiumeot, th* true English propensity The following interesting article is ertrafled from D'lsraelis' " Calamities of Authors." The following letter was written by the late Ro- bert Heron, in a moment of extreme bodily suffer- ing and mental agony, addressed to the Literary Fund. In : he house to which he had been hurried for debt— at such a moment, he found eloquence in a narrative, pathetic from its simplicity, and valuable from its genuineness, as giving the results of a life of literary industry, combined with talent, and produftive of great infelicity and disgrace :— THE CASE or A MAH OF LETTERS, OP REGULAR EDUCATION, LIVING BY HONEST LITERARY IN- DUSTRY. " Ever since I was eleven years of age I have mingled with my studies, the labour of teaching or of writing, to support and educate myself, " During about twenty years, while I was in constant or occasional attendance at the University of (" dinburgh, I tauebt and assisted young persons, at all periods, in the course of education ; from the alphabet to the highest branches of Science and Literature. " I read a course of Leflures on the Law of Nature, the Law of Nations, the Jewish, the Gr^ cian, the Roman and the Canon Law, and then oh" Feudal Law ; and on the several forms of Muni- cipal Jurisprudence, established in Modern Europe. I printed a Syllabus of these Leitures, which was approved. They were intended as introduftory to the professional study of Law, and to assist Gentlemen, who do not study it professionally, in the understanding of History. " I translated Fourcroy's Chemistry twice, from both the second and the third editions of the ori- ginal; Fourcroy's Philosophy of Chemistry ; Sa- varys Travels in Greece ; Dumourier's Letters ; Gesner's Idylls in part ; an abstradi of Zimmer- man on Solitude, and a great diversity of smaller pieces. " I wrote a journey through the Western parts of Scotland, which has passed through two edi- lions ( a History of Scotland in six vols. 8vo. j a Topographical account of Scotland, which has been several times reprinted ; a number of com- munications in the Edinburgh Magazine; many Prefaces and Critiques; a Memoir of the Life of Burns the Poet, which suggested and promoted the subscription for his family, has been many times reprinted, and formed the basis of Dr. Currie's life of him, as I learned by a letter from the Doc- tor to one of his friends ; a variety of jtux d'esprit, in verse and prose; and many abridgments of large works. " In the beginning of 1799 I was encouraged to come to London. Here I have written a great multitude of articles in almost every branch of Science and Literature ; my education at Edin- burgh having comprehended them all. The Lon- don Review, the Agricultural Magazine, the An- ti- jacobin Review, the Monthly Magazine, the Universal Magaaine, the Public Characters, the Annual Necrology, with several other periodical works, contain many of m/ communications. In sUch of those publications as have been reviewed, I can shew that my anonymous pieces have been distinguished with very high praise. I have written also a short S/ stem of Chemistry in one vol. 8vo and I published, a few weeks since, a sma. ll work called " Comforts of Life," of which the first editionw as sold in one week, and the se- cond edition is now in rapid sale. " In the newspapers— the Oracle, the Porcu- pine, when it existed, the General Evening Post, the British Press, the Courier, & c— I have pub. lished many Reports of Debates in Parliament ; and, I believe, a greater variety of light fugitive pieces than I know to have been written by any one other person. I have written also a variety of compositions in the Latin and the French languages, in favour of which I have been honoured with the testimo- nies of liberal approbation. " I have invariably written to serve the cause of religim, morality, pious Christian education, and good order, in the most direct manner. I have considered what I have written as mere trifles, and have incessantly studied to qualify my- ; elr for something better, i can prove that I have, for many years, read and written, ORe day with another, from twelve to sixteen hours a- d . y. As a human being, I have not hern free from follies and errors. But the r^ C'ir of rr> v lifi- has b;- erj ten? p ® rate, laborious, bumble, q iiet, and, to the uttipst of my power, hf neficent. I can prove the general tenor of my wiitings to have be n candid, and ever adapted to exhibit the most favourable views of the abilities, ( Jisposilions, and exertions of otheVs. 41 For these last ten months I have b- en brought to the very ex'(¥ unity of bodily and pecuniary dis- tress. I shudder at the thought of perishing in a jail. " 92, Chnn£ » rv- lane, " Feb. a, 1807." ( In Confinement.) The Physicians reported " That Robert He- ron's health was such as rendered him totally in- capable of extricating himself from the difficulties' in which he was involved, by the indiscreet exer- tion of his mind, in proira^ ed and incessant lite- rary labours." About three months after, Heron sunk urder a fever, and perished within the walls of Newgiie. LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The literary world will immediately he fied with the publication of the valuable ADVER- SARIA of the late Professor P > rson. They coosi'l of the Notes and Emendations on ti e diffrrent Greek Poets, which were the fruits of the learning and sagacity of the first scholar of his aire, A t all periods of his life, porson wa> s in the habit r f ] no ing down his restorations of coriupt ptssaget, " and the grounds of b' « opinions, in tiie margins of books, and in copy- books or loose pipers. Af- ter his dea'h, the whole of these precious remains were purchased of his executors hy Ttini'y Col- lege, Cambridge. This Society, anxious to saiisf y the curiosity of the public, as well as to c. insu't the fame of their late illustrious member, by th? publication of this colleAion, commited to Pio. fessor Monk and Mr. Blomfield the charge of ex- trafling and editing whatever was fit to meet the public eye. These gentleman have bc." n above two years occupied in this task, and have now completed a volume, containing all that was left by Porson, concerning the Gret k Poets. His oS- servations are digested and arranged by the ed tors in the mode most convenient to the reader ; and ait additional value is given to the publication, hy two copious Indexes. One, of the authors, amend- ed and illustrated ; the other, of the subjects neat- ed. The volume is not a large one, but the in it- ter contained in it, if expanded in the ordinary mode adopted by Casaubon, Bentley, Dawes, Valckenaer, Rurhnken, & c. in their Miscellaneous Works and Epistola Ciiiic « , would fill many vo- lumes. In the correlations of the fragments in Athen* us, Porson has given specimens of his cri- tical acuteness, aided by his astonishing memory and learning, that exceed all belie!. And a greater number of these interesting remains of the Gre, 1c stage, are is this publication restored to their ori ginal purity, than'h is been efFefled by the whole host of critical scholars, th* tthela » t two centuries have produced. This book is beautifully prin'ej at the Cambridge University press, in Greek types, ordered expressly for this purpose, and ca^ t after the models given by the late Professor him- self. On Wednesdav se'nnight a considerable? bet f was decided by Mr.' Weston, of the L im> Inn, Wilney, Oxon, a well- known good shot: lie fve t i at and bit 20 penny pieces thrown into th- a: r ( successively ; the wager was to mirk 17 in 23. Monday, Limerick was vis: ted by the most vi- vid fl ishes of lightning, accompanied with a> vful j peals of thunder— the eleftric fluid struck a cabin | on the Windmill- road, in which were three women and two children, who were all much burned ; one womau has been taken to the County Hospi.' tal, and her life is considered in imminent danger. — Limerict Gazette. M. Votite, Dire& or of the Central Treasury of Holland, has published an Address, by order of the Minister of Finances at Paris, inviting the opu- lent citizens at Amsterdam to contribute to the loan to the King of Prussia ; and informing them, that their liberality and confidence exercised ou this occasion, will be peculiarly grateful to the feelings of his Imperial and Royal Master. On Saturday evening, as D. trby Lyan, a bugle- man belonging to C ip ain Hutchinson's corps of yeomanry, was on his return horn he was attack- ed by a man of the name of Kennedy, and two others named Kenna, who beat him in a most un- merciful manner, and fraflured his scull danger- ously. Kennedy and one of the ICennas have been apprehended, and committed by Sir Richard Jones — Cbmmel Herald. 0: i Sunday, as a number of boys weie amusing themselves in the orchard near R.; hecn, in a sort of shim fijht, throning s " oes, & c. one of the stones struck a petson named Neil, who was rid- ing on the toad. Neil immediately alighted, and thtew a large stone at one of the boys, and eom- pletely beat in a piece of his sctiil. The poor lad is now under. the care of Surgeon Philips, and notwithstanding the violence of the wound, it is expecled he will survive. Neil has absconded.— Hid. On Monday a very spirited horse, belonging to a" Gentiemsn in C'ahct, ran away vtfith a gig and seivant in it, from one of the Inns, and continued iis course most violently through ihe West gate and Iiishtowii, when it was stopped by the gig upsetting and being broken. The velocity of the animal's motion was checked for a moment at the West gate, by coming in eontaA with another horse, ( which was thrown and severely hurt) and this interruption affoided the servant an oppor- tunity of ge ting out, and escaping serious ii. j ir y. We regret to state that in its progress through the street, the gig passed over a mr. st int- rr- siir'£ ft- male child, about three years old, of Mr. Thorn p. on, shop- keeper, in John- street, and fraftined her skull, but we understand there aie strong hopes entcit lined of her recovery.— Ibid. BELFAST: Printed and Published by OKUUMOND ANDEKION, fee Self and the other Proprietors, every MmJ< ij, H'rdnt. Ja^ an Saturday. - Price of the Paper, when sen' to - nv (>„ » ot the United Kingdom, S/. 3rf. vearlv. ;> A'< 1 n - livanc-. AGENTS— Messrs. I'aytcrainl Newton, Warwick- s^ Lon- don— Mr. Bernard Murray, ISG. Old Church " feet, tin— Mr JM. AuUersoo, busiksel « r, Eii jibu. gh,
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