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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1163
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 23/07/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1163
No Pages: 4
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- BK NOMU. ER rsE.- SATURDAY, JULY 23, 1812. [ PRICE 5J>. : y e t v u y. WHISKEY. JOHN 8c HE \ RY QUINN, U « fl * IRIIVIO » » OM MMEB1CK, I3D Terms.- * 08) PUNCHEONS of sweet strong old SPIRITS, which they well - Sell on the most favourable — They have on Sale a few Tierces of RICE. NEWRY, July 14. REAL SPANISH RED WINE. ' fl \ F. NNIS CAULFIELI) hourly expefts the arrival of . I-' the Ne- wry, Capt. 1. UIH, direft from AUCABT, with eoo Pipes, 50 Hogsheads, and 100 Quarter- Casks, *" hich he counts on to be Old Rich High- flavoured WINE, and on arrival, he w> tl sell same by Audion, without re rrve, of which due Notice will be given, with long credits. » t;>) NRWRY, June 16/ 1* 12. Ami- able Annuity Company of Neicry I feET at Mrs KEAN'S Tavern, ill Water street, on VL WEDNESDAY, the 5th day of August next, at the hour of TWELVE o'Clock, to transact the Business of the Company, and afterwards Dine together. Such Persons as are disirous of becoming Members, are requ sted to apply to the Register Fourteen days previous to, and appear at the Meeting, otherw ise they cannot be balloted for. JAMES SPENCE, Register. NF. W'RY, July 6, 1812. ( 585 FOR NEW- YORK, THE AMERICAN SK1F DESDEMONA, CAP l'AIN SHEPHERD, A Substantial, fine Ship, of about 400 Tons Burthen, now at LKITH, and shortly ejpe& ed at Wa « « « » - POINT.— For Freight or Passage, apply to ANDREW AIKEN. NEWRY, I2th June, 1812. ( 400 FARMS TO BE SOLD. In tie Matter of ANTHONY GARfET « Bankrupt. o'Clock, all the Bankrup's Fwace in TWO FARMS, in the Townland, of Lisnafiffev, near Banbridge, i* the County of of Down, held by Lease for Three Lives ana 41 Years from ( November, 1781. For further particulars, apply to Meat's M COMB and O'NEILL, the Assignees, Dromore; or, to GEORGE VAUGHAN, Agent to the Commission. 62a) DaoMoee, July 14, ISIS i i w orvi. .. ") rpO be Sold by Auit^ on, on ( L SATURDAY the 8th day f of Augus- next, at the House of - J said Batik: unr, 111 MillfiH, pre- AUCTION SALE In tie Matter of ROBERT F INLAY, a Bankrupt. upr. m Minn. t.|, pre- cisely at ONF. o'Clock. the entire HU1 LfMNGS, MA CHINERY, and other UIBNMI. S, necessary for Cirrying on the Spinning of Cotton by Steam. At. as formerly ad verttsed. ' l'he whole will be sold without reserve, ami the Terms will be decLred at the S. de JAMES MILLER. July IS. ( 810) AUC HONKER ANn VALUATOR. A WANTED IMMEDIATELY. CLOTH- LAPPER, who perfe& ly understands hi for • Business, and can give satisfactory references ' character and abilities.— Apply to JOSEPH CAMPBELL, MOOREVALl. NEWRY, July 13. LANDS TO BE LET. TO BE LF. T, several SNUG FARMS, in the Tow* land of Carrickeene, adjoining Carnlough, near Newry t on such Leases at may be agreed on. Immediate Possession may be had, and encouragement will be given to industrious Tenants ef good character. Application to be made to PATRICK O'HANI. ON. F. sq. Ntwuv. ( Iaa ,• ' ' « - ' "• ' . ' TO BE LET, From the first of Aitgu't, r'i^ HR HOUSE, No. 14, Mill- street, Belfast, at present JL occupied by Mrs. WILSON ; it is in complete repair, » nd has every necessary accommodation for a Gentleman's family; in. the rear there is a we'l- inclosed Yard, Stable, Cow- house, Sic.— also, a House for a dig. Car, or Carriage with a hack entrance ta Fergusun's- entry.-— Proposals will be received l* y ROBERT FERGUSON, • June 2t?. ( 442) Antrim Regiment, Dublin. TO BE LET, Otr the Interest in the I. ease Sold, rrpHF. HOCJSft in Mill- street, formerly AcJupied by Mrs. JL Kir. R., and at present in the possession of Vlrs Wil- son—" For terms, apply to ROBERT SIMMS, No 53, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Mr. JAMES HTNDMA^ s Office., Helfaa, on FRIDAY, 8Utjuly, at VIVO SCioct, PYJR. BAYLY'S liTssEsT in the LEASE - - If of NRW- I. OIH. K Hottss, Offices, and FARM, of which there are 27 years unexpired, from November 1$ 12. There are 20 Acres Scotch Cunningham measure, ail lately manured and limed; also JJ466 ttegisrered Trees, all thriv- | ing— There has beetles con- i lerahle sum expend.- d within these three last yt- aV- ort rbe premises, situated on the Mail* Coach road from Belfast to Antrim, 12 Miles from the for- mer. two from the latter. The HOUSF. and OFFICES being in excellent repair, are fit for the immediate reception of a Genteel Family. V'n. session will be givi- n ar November next; the Purchaser car be accofnmodatcd with Stock, Crop, aud Furniture, ate va- luation. Terms of Sale j£ l6o depart, on being kno k- d down, and a Bill at six months after date of Sale, on perfecting the deeds. Mr. BAYI. Y on the Premises, will show them, and live every infnrmarion. New- Lodge, July. 7 N. B. Yearly rent ^ S, 10,. and Tithe free. (. 58* Castle- stretlf. ( S87) Belfast, June 12 TO BE LET, And immediate Possession given, « pjU I> WF. I. ING- HOUSE, No. 48, John- street, Bel- L fast, which is ia complete repair, and fit for the re- ception of, a genteel Family. Apply it Mr. TUCKER, Commercial Ciromtle- ttfrn. r July 10, 1812. A few Acres of AF I'ER- GR ASS, near the Dublin Bridge, will be S « t from the l » t of August— Apply a. above. m TO BE LET, And Possession given the first day of October next, r]| ' HAT newty- ereAed MII. L and KILN, in the Town- ] L land of Drumgooland and Parish of Lrtughinisland, and c » nnty of Down, by the late MATHIW FI » » ' t, Esq — The Mill is well- snpnlied with Warer, and a second pair of Stones'for grinding Flour, with Dressing Machinery, & c. & c. There are Ten Town'antis will be bound to said Mill, and about Ten Acre- of stood Land. For farther particulars, apply to Mr ROBERT BROWN, Agent, who will receive Proposal- until 1st September next. ScAroao, June 39, 1812. BUILDING GROUND. To be Let, in Great Edward- Street, in Front of the New Shambles, AFEW LOTS of GROUND— one of the best Situa- " tious in" Belfast for Building, with Vaults complete. A long Lease will be given. Jior particulars, inquire of Major FOX. ( 261 ,. n •'"^ f ' LANDS FOR SALE, IN THB COUNTY OF DOWN. 71I1HE ESTATE of Bf. F. ARY and BAl. LYNAGAR- I RICIC, the Property of WM. MACNAMARA, Esq. as formerly arivertiseJ in this Paper. Application to be made to Mr. R. MACNAMARA, of Gilford, who will furni- h Rentals, and give any necessary information to Persons inclinable to Purchase— Also, to GEORGE CRO/. IF. R, Esq. Dominick- street, Dublin. ( 880 YOUNG SWINDX. ER WILL Cover Mares this Se4son, at the MARQUIS of DowNS- BineVStables HIL. tsBoaowou: lired Mures, Four Guineas, all others, Two Guineas; Halt a- Guinea to the Groom He was got by Swindler, dam by Tu) t « , strand, dam Harmony, by Eclip « e, gr. at- grand- dam Miss Spindle- shanks, by Omar, Sterling, Godolphiu, Aiabiau, Stanmon, Arabian, Pelham Barb, Spot, Wbite- legged, l. owther Barb, Old Vmtner Mare, & c.— He was a famous true Racer ; for his performances, vide Hook Calendar, of 184) 8,3, 10, a,. d 11 Good Grass for Mares, at 1'- U per night, and all ex- pellees to be P « U1 before the Mares are removed ( 921 TO BE LET OR SOLD, A FARM of I. AND IA Ballydavev, P. rish of Holvwiod, L . V contaimrg 55 Acres, 3 ROODS, and LO Perches, Cun nirigham Measure, held l « ' the Heirs of the late James WooDSiDE, urid- r HUOu KtuvtDY, Esq for Two I. ivis or Thirry- one y- ats from Nov. 1807, at the Yearly Rent of One Guiuea per Acre. The above Property would be divided into two Farms having suitable accommodating for two Families. Proposal* will be received bv Rev. J. C. WIGHTVIAN, Billydavey, or J AMES M'CU rCHF. ON, Craigavad, un- til T^ rh August, when ' he Tenant or Purchaser will be de- dared, Permis- ion has been obtained from Mr. JtuMNkiir, for letting or Selling this Farm. June ' iS, 1812. N B. A mail who lives upon the Farm will shew the Premises. ( 188 — —— . it 11 COUNTY OF TYRONE. To bt Let, from the First of November next, fir such Term as may be agreed upon, t'HE remarkable FARM of BKXNA. SA< U* T, consisting of about Forty Aer>- s, with an excellent HOUSE. A small sum of money to be laid out in repairs, would mak<* the House a comfortable and Commodious one for a genteel Family. Apply to JOHN SPEER, F. sq. Clogher. 590) July 6, 1815- ' COUNTY OF ANTRIM. A FEE- FARM ESTATE TO BE SOLD. Tie LANDS » / NOT'AI. LY and WHITEHALL, held in Fee, exonerated from Chief- Rent, and rmit dctirai/ ly situated close by the t '' ton of Batlyiattle. ' HIS Estate contains upwards of 850 Aeres Ctinniii;. - L ham, and is Set upon old Leases for Year, an. l Lives, at very low rents, producing not quite J£ 200 a- year, hut will enerease very largely at the expiration of the less.- s.— Some of the lives h » se diopp. d, and the years lave uearly expired. Ren.- fi. olls, and all other neeessaiy information, may be had by applying to STEWART and IV! ACA » T* ma*, Esqrs. Marlbfo'- street, Dublin; Taos. I.. Sriwaur, F: sq. Bsl- fa » t; or Ai. E » AN0B » M'N* IL]„ of Ballycastle. who W 11 also receive propo- als; and wheu the value is offered, the purchaser will be declared WM. SCo rT, one of the Tenants, will shew tit* I and*. 527) June 18* 2. — i ii i i n'li < i —- . — TO BE SOLD, On the Premises, on SATURDAY the ' lid day of August next, if not previously disposed of ( of • which due notice will be given. J ' HAT EXTENSIVE » nd COMMODIOUS TNN, for- merly occupied by the I te Mr WII. UAU M'CAL. (. it. Newtownards, together with S \. 1R. 4P. of ME A- DOW GROUND, in the highest condition, held under Miss DARI. f. t. ail subjeA to the small yearly Rent of Sixty three Pounds Sterlings 26 years of the Lease unexpired, and one young Life in being, from November last — It is useless to comment on the situation or convenience of thi « Concern, it being well known to be most eligibly situated for an Inn, and lately the House and Offices have und- rgone a thorough repair, makes it complete for any person wishing to purchase. Also, a BUILDINGTENF. MUNT in High- strret, newly wtlleci- in, held under the Earl of l, tiN6o » » enr, by Lease nf Sixty- one years and Three Lives, renewable, subjeA to a small yearly Rent. Also, a HOUSF. and TFNKMF. N+ and BUILDTNG- GROUND, known by the natne of DOAoan GARDEN. suI)- t& to a small yearly Rent, held uuder the E- rl of I. ON-, suNDtmY, for 8 young Lives and 81 years, renewable] fropi Nwvember, 1804. Also, all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of the Inn, consisting nf Bed', Bedsteads, l- ables, Chair « , Desks, Draw, ers, Carpets & c. Alio, a Variety of Kitchen Furniture, Farming UteiisiU, Horses, Cows, Chaises, Carts, & c, & c. Also, a Quantity of OATS on the Foot, and a large Quan- tity of HAY. TERMS at Sale. The above ro- continue from day to day until all are sold. Anv Person wishing to treat for any of the above Con- cerns,' will please apply to Mr. GEO. PATTON, New- sownards. Such Persons as stood indebted to the late Mr. WILLIAM M'CAI. LF. Y, by Bond, Note, or Book Account, are de- sired forthwith to pay the same immediately to Mr. GEO. PATTON, nf Newtownards, who is duly authorized to re. ceive the same; and anv Person having * ny demands against the Estate of the said' WILLIAM M'CALLF. Y, at the time of his decease, are requested to Furnish their Accounts without delay, to the said Mr. GEORGE PATTON, that the same may be examined and discharged. GEORGE PATTON, 1 EXSCUTORS DOCTOR M'CULLOGH, ( of the late ALEX. PATTERSON, F WILLIAM WILLIAM STREAN, JM'CAI- LEV, NIWTOWNA » » I, July 3,1* 12- ( 526 • p CATHOLIC MEETINGS. COUNTY OF CLARE CATHOLIC MEETING. EVKIK, SATURDAY, JOVE 18. The Catholic Meeting took pl » ce this day ; it was one of the most numerous and respectable we have ever witnessed. The Courtihoiise Iming- considered too small, the Meeting was adjourned to the Chapel. A number of Protestants of the first respectability attended, an I the galleries were crowded with female h? luty. At one o'clock, D- ini^ O'Connell, of Kilgory, j Esq. was called to the Chairt James O'Gorman, Esq. rove ' o prooose a series of Resolutions, which had bet'n prepared by the Bf> ard of Catholics ot' the county of Clare. He prefaced them in a short and very appropriate spe^ h— he principally insisted upon the necessity of vigour and unanimity at the present period, when the enemies of the Catholics continued in possession of alt the power of Government in this country. It was doubly necessary, inasmuch as recent experience had demonstrated how anxious those persons' were to pervert, even the plainest wrtrds in the English language, to serve the pur- poses of persecution. Mr. O'Gorman concluded, by moving the Resolutions, amidst the apphuse of the Meeting. The Resolutions were then put from the Chair, seriatim, and carried unanimously. 1 ' pon the question being put on the Resolution, pledging the Catholic Freeholders to resist the pretensions of any Candidate, for the Representa- tion of the County, who should refuse to pledgt? himself to resist any Administration, hostile to Religious Liberty, , T > hn M'Namara, E q. ( the Secretary to the Meeting, and son to Mr. M'Namara of Dublin) begged leave to say a few words. He said he felt it to be his duty to lay before them the letters which had been written by the Members for the County, and the avowed Candidate* to succeed therV), in reply to a communication of the Resobi- tions of the last Meeting of the Catholics of Clare ; the first was from Sir Edward O'Brien, Bart It merely contained an admission of the receipt of the Resoluiions, and was his humble servant— Edw. O Brien. It had the merit of being short, but it was also nearly contumacious— Sir Edward wis irt the habit of saying little— probably because h « had not much to say— his speeches in the H . use were confined to the monosyllables, Yea, or Niy, and the use of them had been quite at the disposal of the Perceval and Castlereagh Ad- ministrations, upon every other subjeft save the Catholic Question.— Sir Edward had considered hisgreat deserts as slighted under the Grenville and Fox Administration, and had given lhat as his rea- son for joining the liberal and patriotic P rcevil; he boasted too, of bis being determined not to accept of any office or emolument himself, but then, he made no scruple of obtaining them for hit family. He g » t for his services to Mr Per. eeval, a place of from £ 500 or £ 800 a year for hit brother, and it surely was a matter of great indifference to the Catholics of the Count? of Clare, whether he received these £ 500 or JCSOO a year himself, or they were pocketed by his bro- ther. He gave, indeed, his vote for the Catholic Claims, but this was a mere delusion, whilst he continued to support every Minister who may be pledged not to permit that measure to be carried. The Catholics ought not to be duped by such con- tlufl— they saw a man reinforce the squadrons nf their enemy, and they heard htm say he was their friend. It was not possible to place confidence in such empty professions, against the evidence of the adh 1E> r his part, it had been his resolution to vote for Sir Edward, and he told him so. Now he would teil him, that his co. idutf had decide I him to do direflly the reverse, and to vote against him. Sir Edward was quite consistent in voting against the Sinecure Place Abolition Bill. If a corrupting Ministry were deprived of those places, Sir Edward would naturally have the less to ex- pect for his family and friends. He was also quite consistent in voting as he had done, with the Minister, and against Patliamentary Reform — for if the Parliament was reformed, what would become of Sir Edward's controul over the rotten borough in that very town of Ennis, ivhich enabled him to traffic and barter for the representation of her County, by conceding a seat for the borotlgh to a wealthy family, and thereby secur- ing their support; and also blessing the nation with the return to Parliament of that patriotic youth, with a place of jffl200 per annum, Mr. William Fitzgerald, the eldest sOn of the Ex- Prime Serjeant. The next letter he would read was from Colo, nel Fitzgerald— it was directly the reverse of Sir Edward's, and of that of the new Candidate, Lord James O'Brien, and of Colonel Burton's. Colonel Fit/. gerald wrote in pi tin, manl/, and dignified language. He attended to the voice of his Constituents, and he had obeyed them— he voted against Sinecures— against Parliamentary Corruption, and against every profligate measure of the Administration. Mr. M'Namara said, he hoped the Catholics of the county of Clare, would have the patriotism to bring Colonel Filzgerald forward again, and return him, free of expense ; he said, that by doing so, they would immorta- lize their zeal and gratitude, and shew that they were worthy to be called Irishmen. The next letter he read was from Col. Burton : he profes- sed to be a friend to the Catholics, but strongly disapproved of their Resolution against the sup- porters of Administration— This ( said Mr. M'Namara), is our worthy Governor- General of Canada. Why, how could he become Governor of Canada, and stay at home receiving the salary, if he were to vote against the Minister ? It he was a Patriot, he would not be a Governor— and j so the thing is easily accounted for. The last letter is from Lord James O'Brien— it ' is long, dull, and prosing, and of courts concur % i with Colonel Burton. He was not surprised at the S'yle it is written in, when he reflefled that it pro- hibly was composed by the brother- in- law of Lor 1 Jame<, and the most persevering and inve- terate enemy the Catholics of Ireland h ive— he meant the Attorney- General, Mr. Wm. Saurin— that Gentleman was likely. to infuse a portion of his hostility to the Catholics into Lord James's mind, btr he believed there was nor the least danger of his being returned for that County.— He should therefore say no more in reply to Lord James's opinions, than that they were quite natural n the brother- in- law of the Attorney- General. Richard Creagh, of Dangan, Esq. a Protestant Gentleman of great respectability, then addressed the Chair, in a short, and very heat speech he said, he always was, and always would be, the decided advocate of extending the full benefit of the Consijtijtion to his friends and countrymen, the Irish Catholics ; he felt that they were entitled to it, as well from the most cogent motives of po- licy, as uoon the grounds of eternal justice and right. He said, that he very highly approved of the principle upon which the Catholics rested their claims, naijiely, those of universal toleration, and perfeft religious freedom—' hose were principles dear to his heart, and which he hoped to see soon quite triumphant. Indeed, the opposition to them daily lessened, and he was sure the Protestants of England would soon follow the example set to them by the Protestants of Ireland, and banish for ever the imputation of intolerance from those colli)- ries. At the same time Mr. Creagh must say, that he felt it his duty to declare, he conceived that Mr. M'Namara was quite out of order in the at- tack he had made oil his respefted friend, Sir Ed- ward O'Brien. Thecondufl or views of Sir Ed- ward -. vere quite foreign to the question before them ; and it really struck him to be a wanton and unnecessary introdtiflion, of a man who had uni. formly supported the Catholic Claims in and out of Parliament. ' Mr. M'Namara, in reply, vindicated his tight, as a freeholder of the County of Clare, to canvass the public condufl of the Member for the connty. The Resolution was then carried unanimously. Counsellor O'Girrnan then, in a very able speech, replete with talent and eloquence, suggest- ed the propriety of a distinft Resolution, approving of the Resolutions of the late Aggregate Meeting in Dublin. This was opposed by Mr. James O'Gorman, principally upon the ground that any such Reso- lution was unnecessary and improper, after the con- fidence expressed in their Resolutions. But after an animated discourse from Counsellor O'Conoeil, Mr. James O'Gorman declared Mmself fully con- vinced, and withdrew his opposition. Counsellor O'Gormail's Resolution then passed unanimously; and Thanks being voted to the Chairman, the Meeting broke up. WATERFORD CATHOLIC MEETING, On Sunday, the lf) th inst. a very numerous and truly respectable Meeting of the Catholics of this Connty and City was held, pursuant to no- tice. At two o'clock, the crowd was so great that no apartment in the Hotel could accommo- date them, and an adjournment took place to the Great Assembly- Room, in the New Buildings, on the Mall. At half- past two the Chair was taken, on the general call of the assembly, by a Gentleman, distinguished for his patriotism, his loyalty, and his bravery— Captain Power, of Ballydine. It was a Meeting that will be long remembered, as exhibiting a striking and gratifying feature of the " New iEra."— The Catholic Gentlemen were very numerous and highly respectable, both as to property and ho- nour. The Protestants, includirfg Military Gen- tlemen, and members of the Learned Professions, were as much distinguished for rank and conse- quence in the County and City, as for numbers and patriotism. The following Resolutions were proposed by William Barron, of Carrickbarron, Esq. and se- conded by Richard Power, of Mahon Lodge, Esq. and unanimously adopted: — Resolved— That we do again Petition the Le- gislature for the Repeal of those laws which affect our body, convinced as we are, that such is the immortal principle for which we contend, and such the perishable nature of those prejudices with which we have to contend, that discussion alone must insure success. Resolved— That we do adopt the Petition agreed upon at the last Aggregate Meeting of the Catholics of Ireland, and that the same be signed as the Petition of the Catholics of the County and City of Waterford. Resolved— That the Duke of Devonshire be requested to present our Petition to the House of Lords, and Sir John Newport, and Ridiard Power, of Clashmore, Esq. to the Commons. Resolved— That our most cordial Tin ks are hereby given to the above Noblemen and Gentles men for their uniform support of our claims. Resolved— That we owe to the Government of the Country, every satisfaction and pledge of Loyalty which can be reasonably demanded— that the Catholics of Ireland had given these pledges in the fullest and most unequivocal man- ner possible— that we have taken 0< tths of Alle- giance the most comprehensive, and adequate for tlie security of our loyalty, that human ingenuity could devise— that one of these oaths has been framed by the most inveterate of oiir enemies— that, if our oaths are believed, as we have a right to demand ( since they are the only barrier be' tweeh us and every privilege under the British Constitution), we cannot conceive that further security can be required. Resolved— That our most cordial Thanks be given lo our Protestant Countrymen for their generous support of our Claims. To their exer- tions we attribu' 3 die great progress of our cause —- to their exertions we would wish to owe its final success; We have but one common interest, and that interest must be the peace and prosperity of our native land— With them we seek to be incor- porated, persuaded as we are, that Irishmen, when united by ties of affection, must be invincible. Resolved— That the Thanks of the Catholics of the County and City of Waterford are emin- ently due, and hereby giv h and 19 h of this month, and advanced from Fnente Sahuco, in this direc tion on the 20th. I formed the Allied Army, with the exce- tion of the troops employed against the Forts of Salamanca, on the heights which ex- tend from the vicinity of Vilhares to Muorisco— our advanced posHs of cavalry and infantry fell back in good order, without having suffered any loss to signify. The enemy remained during the night of the 20th and day of the 21st in our front, having established, during the night of the 20th a post on our right flank, the possession of which, if left to him, might deprive us of some advan. ta? es which eventually might be of importance. I therefore desired I. ieiitenant- General Sir Tho. mas Gi aham to attack that post on the 22d, with the troops of the right wing; which he accord ingly did with the 7th division, under the orders of Major- Generals Hope and Bernewitz. The enemy was immediately driven from the ground, after having suffered some loss. Our tr- ops be- haved admirably well in the affair, which took place in sight of both armies. The enemy retired during the night, and on the following evening took post with his right on the heights near Caheza Velloza, and his left in Huerta, 011 the former ; the centre in Aldea Rubia. His objefl in this movement was to open a communi- cation with the forts of Salamanca. I therefore changed the front of the army, posting the right at Santa Martha, and the advance at Aldea Leu- gura. I sent Major, General Rock's division of heavy cavalry to the other side of the Tormes, to ob- serve the passages of that river— The enemy cross- ed the river on the 24th with infantry, cavalryf and artillery, in considerable force, and appeared to intend a general movement in that direction.. General Bock's dragoons behaved admirably well on this occasion, they made every effort to make us acquainted with the enemy's movement, and in spite of many disadvantages under which they la- boured, opposed his advance with the utmost vi- gor, to give us time to make the necessary dispo- sitions. As soon as I had ascertained that the enemy had crossed the Tormes, I desired Sir Thomas Graham to pass it also, with the 1st and 7th divisions, and ordered to the same point Major General Le Mar- chant's brigade of Cavalry— I concentrated the rest of the army— keeping, however, the advanced posts in Aldea Lengura. About mid- day the ene. my advanced as far as Calvaraza de Abaxo, but seeing the dipositions that were made to meet him, he retraced his steps, repassed the Tormes, at Huerta, and has since remained in the position he occupied on the 23d. The progress in the siege of the forts has not been so rapid as I had reason to expefl when I last wrote to you. Though from the labour and expense wit ich the enemy had gone to in their con- struction, I was prepaid to encounter some diffi. culties, and had therefore provided what I thought adequate means, I find those difficulties to be of a more formidable nature than I imagined. The fortf, thr, ee in number, support each other, and though not constructed regularly, are nevertheless extremely strong. The' means which I had pro vided for their reduction not being sufficient, I shall order up some more powerful. We have made breaches in the Convent of St. Vincent, one of the principal works of the enemy ; b'ut it' ' cannot be stormed until we get possession of Fort Caetano. he attack failed, and I regret to sta'e that Ma jor- General Bowes, whose zeal induced him to ad- vance with the storming party, was killed, after being wounded in the beginning of the affair— he returned to the attack after his wound was dressed, where he was a second time mortally wounded. Our loss of officers and men on this occasion was considerable. General Hill informs me, under date the 22.}, that General Drouet had received considerable reinforcements from Andalusia, after the defeat of Ball- asteros at Bornos, in the beginning of the tha month, and that he had advanced as far as Almendralejo and Villafranca, upon which Gen. Hill had concentrated his forces. I find that Ballasteros suffered considerably in the aCtion at Bornos, and I hear that he has re- treated to the neighbourhood of Gibraltar. In the North, General Santocilde- s, under the orders of Captain General Castanos, has invested Astorga, with the army of Gallicia. I b:- lieve he will experience no interruption in his attack. The Guerillas are in quiet possession of all parts of the country, and the. weak and divided garri- sons of the enemy are cut off from all communi- cation with each otlier. LIST OF KILLED ANI) WOUMDED, ISTH JUS ® . Corrtcfj Wounded. 1st Hussars, King's German Legion — Bjkers, H- ilzeran Leynards. eOth— Captain Fiije, artillery, killed. Major Thompson, 74th, dangerously woutide. 1. Captain Sir G. Colquhoun, 2d foot, killed. Captain Connor, 8th Portuguese regiment, wounded slightly. Captain Stoberd, 35th foot, dangerously wounded. Lieutenant Trumhell, ditto. Major E. Bowe3, dead of his wounds. t • Hamilton, 2d battalion 53d Poet,- wounded. Captain Owen, 1st battalion 61st foot, lost an arm, Lieut. Priaham, 11th regiment, lost a leg, and prisoner. News from the Army 0] Lord V/ ettingtait. ( The Portuguese Papers call him the Great Lord) The following are the accounts received from the army up to the 30th June. The date of the Paper containing them is the 6th July :— - " On the day and night of the 28; h, there were great rejoicings in the army 011 the occasion of the capture of the fortified convent the day before, in which five hundred French were made pri- soners. " On the 29th, the army put itself in march against the sneaky, who observing our movement} commenced retreatiag. « On the 29th, the head- quarters of the Great Lord were'at Fuente Lapenha, and Marmont continued to retreat. " It is thought Marmont will abandon the positions of Toro and Zamora, and collect his forces at Valladolid. "• A report has reached us by different chan- nels, that Joseph Bonaparte, after many difficul- ties, had collected 12,000 men and abandoned Madrid to join Marmont. Six hundred and forty- four French prisoners were expected to arrive at Almeida, on the 2d and 3d of July, amongst whom- was the Town- j major of Salamanca." . By accounts from Cadiz, it appears that Bon net had retired to Santander. On the morning of the 2d July, General Hill quitted his entrenched camp at Albuera to face the enemy, a » d on the 3d his infantry were in St. Martha, and the cavalry still farther in advance. EXTTACT or A LETTER EROM LISBON, DATED THE SIXTH INSTANT. " No battle has taken place— Marmont, it is said, after joining Bonnet's division from the As- turias ( making his force 50,000) has move'd up- on Avila, to cover Madrid, and we are anxiously looking forward to Lord Wellington's future movements, of which no one seems adequate to form an idea." DESTRUCTION, OF AN ENEMY'S CONVOY. Gibraltar, June 20. His Majesty's ships Undaunted, Blossom, and Volontaire, have taken and destroyed a French convoy of 20 sail in the Biy of Marseilles. A large national schooner, which escorted them, and 13 of the convoy, were burrtt; the others were cut off, arid sent for Port Mahon. The couvoy were all coasters.—( Statesman.) Yesterday the Assizes for this County com- menced at Carrickfergns, the Hon. Justice Fox in the Crown Court, and the Hon. Justice OS- BORNE in the Civil Bill Court. The Commission having been read, the following Grand Jury were sworn:— Hon. JOHN O'NEILL, Foreman. James Leslie, Esqi Rich. Jarvia Iter, Esq. Ed. Jones Agnew, Esq. William Legg, Esq. John Cromie, Esq. T. Morris Jones, Esq. Henry O'Hara, Esq. Ale*, M'Manus, Fsq. Hugh Montgomeiy, Esq, Robert Thompson, Esq. Ezekiel D. Boyd, Esq Samuel Allen, Esq. Langford Heyland, Esq. Alex. Henry, E- q. Geo. A. M'Leverty, Esq. Thos. B. Adair, F. sq. , Geo Hutchinsonj E- q. William Moore, Esq, James A. Farrell, F. sq. Edmund M'Gildowney, Esq. Thos L. Stewart, Esq. Cortland Skinner, Esq. JOHN CAMTBELL, Esq Sheriff. The Hon. JUSTICE FOX, in a neat and concise charge to the Jury, congratulated them that the Calendar for this Assizes, exhibited the County as undisturbed by any great c- imes, which might not be expeCted in civilized society, His Lord- ship, after adverting to the distresses of the poor The brig Martha, Captain Wr'jht, arrived in Waterford last Monday, from Cadiz, whence she d on the 1st of. Tuly. . To that date nothing ... . ,, ,, . , Per' Is decisive had happened. The Frenth have, bow. suaded theserv. ee could not fall, nto better hands, ever succ, eded, by means of a por i HI of lead he had no doubt they would perfonh their duty melted into the shells, in thWing a number of wnh propriety it them into the tow They fired shells now, al- After the P, t, t Jury being sworn, M, ntSvmcry , most withom intermiss; on) aml it wouU f Brown, Ute master of av. es*! belong, ng to Irvine. ! Wlth snme efFect> as a fow of the infants h ve in Scotland, was arraigned for the ntn der of ( been killed, and some small vessels and boats Lnarles Moore, late butcher in Belfast, but at the request of the prisoner was put off till this day. Henry Dunn, for tiie murder of Mary M'Grady/ at Belfast, . iiid also for an assault.— Acquitted.— No prosecution. John M'Kissocl, for uttering a forged note of the Commercial Bank, and also a note ofthe Bank of Ireland— Not Guilty. Elizabeth C mnolly, Mary Connolly, and Mary Bra- nagan, indifled for stealing a roll of tobacco, out of the shop of John Mot row, at Belfast, on the 2trb April— Not Guilty. Thomas Grubb and Daniel Ryan, for stealing 6 lb. of copper nails, from a loft at the Dry Dock, on the 25th of April.— Not proven. Mary Knox, for stealing one flannel petticoat, the property of Ag' es Graham, at CarnmOney, on the 1st of April last, and also for receiving the same, knowing it to be stolen. Verdidl— Not Guilty tf stealing— Guilty of receiving Darnel M'Jlister, Robert Knox, ! Vm. M'Corlin, Owen M'Loister, among many other charges, were indiifted for robbing the bleach- green of M'Cance and. Stouppe, at Glenville, in March, and carrying away five w- bs of lawn, and one of linen cloth ; and Kath. M Alister, for receiving linen, knowing it to" be'stMen. After a most patient and impar- tial trial, M'AHster, Knox, M Corkin, and M'Lnis ter vvere found QuHty ; Kath. M'Alister Not Gnilty. I Daniel M- Alister, William MCorkin, and Robert Knox, were alsrf found guilty of stealing a pair of blankets, the property'of Thomas VVolfindon of Lambeg, in December 1810. These convjflions took place, chiefly through the. evidence of Joseph Wolfindon, an approver, by whose means a dan- gerous and Systematic de- ail of depredation was brought to light, which shall be detailed in our next. ARMAGH ASSIZES. ( In cmtinuation from our Last.) Tjfvbms Robinson was. indicted under Lord El- lenborough's - act, for firing a pistol at Bryan Cullen on 13th of July inst. at Armagh, with intent to mur- der him ; and also for a riot. Bryan Cullen was the first witness examined ; says he is a blacksmith to trade ; works in Thomas- street, Armagh ; about five or six o'clock, on the eveningof 13th inst. as he was leaning over his employer's half door, he saw. prisoner passing along with great num- bers ; after passing a few yards, prisyner turned round, his colour changed, and he, fired a pistol directed at witness ; is certain the pistol was loaded, as dust fell from the wall within four feet of witness ; had known prisoner for ten years, and he knew witness ;• prisoner was with .. a,, great number of Orangemen, . who had co- lours and ; » drum as usual. On1 12th July, had seen prisoner. with a crowd, who huzzaed at witness in pas- sing, when he said he would beat ever a man in the crowd. Cross- examined.— Had given no offence to any one before prisoner'lired ; he In- atd that a soldier had turned prisoner's hand, but did not see it; he - never said the pistol ' was fired at odiers, nor did fie ask the women if it hit th< m. WITNESSES IN BR- ENCE. Hugh Drum was in the street on 13th inst. but was not with the Ora'ngefnen'•; saw a man raise his hand with a pistol in it, and throw off a soldier's hat in doing so ; he fired in the air, and not at Cullen ; soon after Cullen came into the street, and asked some women who . were looking out of a window, if that hit them ; the man who lired had passed Ste- phenson's shop near 20 yards before the pistol was j fired. Edward saw the pistol fired, but does not think it WHS fired at Stephenson's house ; if charged, it must have hit O'Callaghaii's gable ; did not know prisoner. Thomas Johnston, Esq. lives in Thomas- street, saw the pistol fired ; the person who filed had passed Stephenson's above 20 yards'} the shot was fired up- waids ; if it had been fired at Stephenson's, it must have hit many persons before it reached the wall ; the person who fired did not stop any time ; saw persons hurt by the opposite party on Sunday ; does not be- lieve that any person was wounded by Orangemen. on Suriday; dots hot believe the Orangemen beat any Roman Catholic on . Sunday ; they wouid not attack any person unless first attacked — it is not their prin- ciples to do'so. John ' M'Can lives with Callaghan, next door to Stephenson; he heard the shot and saw the smoke, but did not see the pistol lited ; went out and saw ij some marks of a new impression on Callaghan's wall. Rev. Wni. Ball, has known prisoner for 10 years, a- nd never, heatd any. thing to his disadvantage, but was a peaceable man ; observed some' disgraceful conduct on Sunday, and believes, prisoner was endea- vouring to prevent it; he never heard of a riot in Ar- magh, but it was asked if some of the Cullens wete not concerned.— Cross- examined : He has heard that prisoner was dismissed from. a yeomanry coips. Ther Jury'retired for a few minutes, and acquitted the prisoner of. all the charges. The COMMISSION at DOWNPATRICK will be open on Wednesday Morning at Nine o'Clock, the Grand Jury then sworn, and the Civil and Criminal business immediately proceeded on. It is said that there is a schism in the opposit on, and corisiderable surprise has been expressed that Earl Grey did not remain in town to support Lord Hol- land's motion relative, to Informations Ex^ fjitiia— Is it true that his Lordship, upou h- ing applied to for that purpose, positively declined ? Mr. Ponspnby, it is added, retires from the opposition lead in the House of Commons.— Courier.' • We regret to find that owing to the reserve oft' e Russian and Swedish cabinets, our relations of amity | tnd commerce, with those Poweis are not so com- pletely established as to authorise a public avowal of them. The perilous situation in which they wi'l be placed, should ' Bonaparte succeed in the war he is now waging, must excite a wish that an arrangement had been earlier agreed upon between the three powei s, for co- operation in the B iltic. The mission of Lord Cathcart, who quits town in a few days for Swideo and Russia; will, it is to'be hopeJ, put a- u taid u> . ill « usu- « j%> and jealousies. i sunk in the Bay. As Captain Wright was at f tea with some British Officers at their- qu trten E three shells fell on the barrack, which being bomb, proof, sustained no greater injury than a smart concussion. Provisions are stated to be cheap in Cadiz. American produce is in such plenty, that, for want of storage, it is frequently piled in the streets.— The people have lately shewn great apathy in the commoa- cause, and have even given unequivocal proofs of the jealousy with which they view their British allies. The Portuguese are re- presented as much more steady. The English are in great numbers in Cadiz, almost as great as the Spaniards themselves, which may b - One cause of their unaccountable jealousy.—( Water' ford Mirror.) The inhabitants of Blagdon w't iesscd a re. markable phenomenon on Saturday se'nnieht; about 4- o'clock, I'. M. a quantity of h ly, supp.- i . ed to be 2 cwt. was caught up in a v. hiriwind ; om a field iri the occupation of Major Panridjie, whilst rhe air around was perfectly calm, and was carried high above the cloud* over Mendip H: ll. A number of rooks and swallows immediately collected together, and darting up, with much cla, mour amongst the scattered iuy, were seen pur. suing it in circles through the air.— Morning Chro- nicle. A Regiment of Portuguese Cavalry ( the lj; h Cacadores, we believe), we are sorrv to learn, has been cut to pieces, but they sold their liv^ s most dearly. A great number of prisoners weie ' taken from the French on their retreat. E irl Wellington has left a strong force at Salamanca, in order to keep up a communication with P irtu- gal. The intelligence from all parts of Spain- was gratifying in the extreme. The Patriots mid Guerilla parties, w. ere busily employed as usual, in intercepting the numerous convoys which are daily setting out for France. A statement has been submitted to the consi. deration of the inhabitants of Staffordshire, re- commending to all persons to avoid, as far as pos- sible, giving oats, grain, or potatoes, to horses, pigs, poultry, or other stock," and to use the stridest caution to prevent all waste of food in their respective families, more especially in the articles of fl uir and potatoes, substituting in their, stead, rice, garden- stuff, or other kinds of food, and thereby facilitating to the public in general, as much as in them lies, the supply of the mist essentia! articles. It is siijnod by Lords Talbot, Anson, G. L. Gnwer, the Bishop of Litchfield, See. and a long list of Gentlemen of rank and fortune. On Tuesday se'nnight, a fisherman's wife, en gaged in digging for bait in the basin of Mm" trose, burst a blood- vessel in her head, and expir- ed on the spot. * " Jussum Pacha, who marched a short time since from Egypt with a formidable force to drive the Wahabees from Mecca, and was defeated by them in consequence of his troops being struck with a panic, has since taken refuge in Jaiiibo, on tl), e borders of the Red S - a, where that barbarous, but warlike people, were preparing 10 besiege him by sea and land. By the Eolus, which is arrived in the l> rvns, letters have been rec ived from New. South Walt* to the 23d of November. We stated, in a former number, that three gentlemen ( Melsrs. Briuail, Wentwor'h, and Riley), had undertaken to build an hospital at Port Pack^ on, without i » ny expence. to government, on condition that an exclusive pri- vilege should be granted them to import, for the consumption of the colonists, 45,000 gallons of spirits, in three years. This monopoly, as appears by the letters, has excited great discontf, and been prej « dicial to the interests of the inhabitants at large. Several veseU had arrived laden with Ja- maica rum ; but, owing to the monopoly, and their refusal to take the contraftors' price ( 7s. per gallon) had departed to find inotber mtiiket- The contractor's retail price is from- 25-. to 30s. per gallop. Some discontents, we hear, have also ari ea among the privates of the 73i regiment, on ac- count ofthe bad quality of the bread— on one or two occasions they had proceeded so far as to throw their rations about the streets, and post pla- card's against the Governor's residence. The following note, in the " Statement of the Penal Laws," affefting Roman Catholics, is, we jl understand, the passage self,' led for a Ciiitiltial Information against Mr. Fitzpatrick, on which subject Mr. Sheridan has given notice of a motion in tlie Home of Commons', for last Monday " At the Summer Ass zes of Kilkenny, 1810, one B: irry, was convicted of a capital offence, fur which he wis after- wards vxecuted. This man's case was truly tragical. He was wholly innacent— wa. s a respectable Catholic farmer in the county of Waterford, in good circumstances.- Hs inno- cence was clearly estalil shed in the interval between his, conviClion and execution.—- Yet he was handed—- publicly avowing his innocence !!! There were some shoe ing cir- cumstances attending this case, which the Dulte of Ricli-, mood's Administration may yet be invited to explain to fc*- r J liamellt." 4 It is with pleasure we observe, that the prices i f meal are declining in all the neighbouring max- kels; and we have also the pleasure to announce that thtee cargoes are daily expefled here, and, others at different ports in this neighboui hood. We are rejoiced to find from a c - rresi- onrU'o1 in the neighbourhood of Banbridge, that the Mm Market in that town on Monday the 2() h, exti rienced a considerable fall, owing to the timel introduction of potatoes and other vegetables, bjf some ofthe neighbouring gentlemen.— Goodniej sold at 40s. per cwt. At Canickfen us Sessions on Wednesday ' a John Kane of M'Crea's- eutrv, Belfast, w s tried I abusing the Constable of the House of Tndus'ry, a rescuing a le./' a.- who he had appiehended in. exet. tion of his duty. Kane ph- adi- il guilty, and was si,' fenced to six months imprisonment. • Tlii", we J10 ,1 will ojR'iiite as a ( heck to others, and mrv- nt | i lr » m'iuui'nijitin< j this officer in future. th A UC IT BOLD if DUO IN, Printers, Booksellers, and Stationers, BELFAST COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. A manufsflory of great value lately took fire, in Lrndon, in consequence of the overflowing of a gutter on son1!* unslacked lime, which had been laid on a floor against a boarded partition. The fire was providentially discovered in time to be got under, without doing great damage ; but this occurrence will tend to account for fires which frequently happen withoat any known cause. 60 great was the scarcity of forage in the neigh- bourhood of Quebec, in May, that the inhabitants 1 had resorted to the miserable expedient of taking ihe thatch off their barns to give to their cattle, to prevent them from perishing. Hay was 38 dollars for 100 bundles, weighing 16 lbs. each. The French General Phillipon is supposed to be still oa the coast, secreted. The vigilant ex- ertions that have been made, has effected the ap- prehension of several other French prisoners who had absconded from parole. The three lately ta- ken concealed at Folksrone, by Lieutenant Blow, cf the Impress Set vice, are still remaining in custody at Dover. Pi e engines are attached to every corps in the French service in Poland. They are employed to convey water with more expedition than by ma- nual labour, to the troops through pipes, extend- ing sometimes a mile in length. ••••••• —— •— 1 SPORTING INTELLIGENCE- ROYAL DOWN CORPORATION RACES. MONPAT, JDL> 20 Seaforde Stake-— 25 Gs. each, p. p.: the Governor adds . HO Gs. T< t) E Winner, and 20 Cis. to the Second, who saves Isis s'alies— 2 mile*. Mr. Savafcr'l b. h. Yeonnn, by Soldier, ape I, Ssr. 1 Colonel Mtrade's c. f. Little Poll, by Barnaby, 3 years old, 7sr - ..... 2 Lord Dufferm's b. m Nell Sprignins, 6 years old, 7st 111b 3 Mr. Watson's Jr. h Sir Arthur, 5 yis. old, 7st. 7ib i Marquis of Donegal's ch. h. Sharper, 6 years old, 9- t. refused starting .5 At starting, even betting— Yeoman and Poll against the Field. TT'PSOAY. County of Down Hunters' Stvffpstak<• » . Mr. Watson's br ra. Rarity, by Trifle, 5 yrs. old, walked over. ( AMI DAT. Handicap Stakes, of 5 O. eic'i, 2tl Guineas added by the Governor, lor Hunters— Race Horses admitted, three sub- scribers, or no race, two mile heats— wts. fixed by the Go- frrno-. Mr Whaley's c. c. Jeroboam, hy Teddy the Grinder, 4 yrs. old, 7st. 131b .'. 1 1 I. ord Donegall's b. m Busgay, by Archduke, aged, Sst. 61b 2 2 Mr. Watson's br. m. Rarity, 5 years old, 7st. Sib... 3 3 Mr. Batter- by's b. m. Miss Mnrphy, 5 years old, 7st. 6lb 4 4 15 to 10 on leroboim— after the first heat, 5 to 1 on him MARKETS, /. d. — O — 34 — S5 — 0 —• 24 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 123 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 1! 2lh. Notes. , per cwt. of 1 1 2lb [ ijank Notes. i BELFAST » . d. Oatmeal 40 Wheaten- meal 30 Wheat 30 Barley 17 Oats 20 First Flour 48 Second ditto 46 Third ditto O Bran O Firkin Butter 122 Russan Tallow.... 92 Buenos Ayre » do ... SO Brazil do 88 Rough Tallow 9 Rounh Lard.. B Salt Cow Ox 0 Hor « e ditto 7 Calf Skins ( Slinks). 0 4£ Veal ditto O 7 Fresh Butter 1 2 Scale ditto. Beef. Mutton Veal, Potatoes 0 New Potatoes I Liverpool Coots..... O Cumberland ditto... 24 Scotch ditto 24 Scotch maltiugditto 36 Weight of Bread this Week at the Public Bakery— White Loaf, ( I/. 1 d.) 31b. Ooz—- Brown ditto, ( IJ. U) Sib. 4oz. ^ per Stone of lfiib. per cwt. of 120lb , ough Lard 0 O — 0 0 eef ( NewShamble-) SO O — .55 0 f alt Skins 55 0 — 57 6 f low Hides. 40 0 — 45 0 J S = . S Sir""* 0 5a 0 8 C per lb. O f) S 5 ditto I 1 — 1 I|") ' 0 6- 0 lb. 0n^ z ton 0 6 — 0 7 f i 0 6 — 0 7i) o — ^ per stone. ^ pec do. per ton. r,) s gkh Y-, ANT) Reward oj One Hundred Guineas. \ FEW FORGED GUINEA NOTES, on the GAL- A I. OWAY BANKING COMPANY having been detefled, a Reward of ONE HUNDRED GUINEAS is hereby offered for such information as may secure the Forgers, payable on ConvitStion The Discovery was mack at Carlisle, through which City the Per son or P.- rssiis e. i. ' deavourirtg t « circulate the Forged Ncr. es passed on the I5( h instant, on their way ro Glasgow, frein whence it is aus- pei& ed they will proceed to Ireland. The Forced Not-* are of Letter C dated 11 th 0.5tober, 189S, and the whole so ill execu- od as to admit of imme- diate detection. The Arms are faint ari- l ind: stm& in the Quartering*, and imperletff in the supporters; the One Poun 1 One Shilling in the body of the N:> te, on a darker ground: the waved Bo der blarker and more projeiftirt^; no li'. il.- i - mart; and the signatures, John Napier and Wm. Young, so dissimilar as not to bear any comparison wittl tiie genuine Nor- s. ( 659 Cast! - • - - - - ---• * GALIOWAY BANK- Orrict, 7 ' istle- Douglas, 20th July, IS);'. J BELFAST SHIP The arnied brig Britannia, Aberdeen, for London; and St. Pa trifle, Campbell, for Liverpool, are loading, to sail in a few days. The Venus, Salter, for Bristol, clears this day, and sails st fair - wind. The armed bi ig Vine, Montgomery, is loading at Lon- don for thi- port The Fanny, Martin, for l ive- pool, waits a fair wind only. The Cere's, Savage, Irom Liverpool, arrived here ou Thursday last. The armed brig Faiitor, M'Niece, sails in a few days for London. The Margaret & Nancy, Galbraith, for Glasgow, clears to- day, and sails to- morrow. The Dispatch, Jami- on, from Dublin, arrived here yes- terday. The Hawk, M'Cormick, at Glasgow; snd the Bee, Ran- kin, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast. Married. On Tuesday seWight, Mr GEOIIOE T-'. STER, to FRAN- CIS, youngest daughter of Mrs Cor- caden, of llerry. Died. On Saturday last, SA « AI(, second daughter of Mr. Thos. Herdman, of this town. At Dun- rannon, on Thursday the lsth inst. in the 74th year of his age, the Rev. WILLIAM MURRAT. D. D. thirty- six years Master of the Free School of Dungannon, and only surviving Brother of the late Rev. Richard Murray, D. D. formerly l'rovost of Trinity College, Dublin At i. isburn, OH Tuesday evening last, Mrs FULTON, wife to Mr. Richard Pulton. At I. » rne, on 30th ult. Mrs. BOYL « , wife of Mr. William Boyle. m TO BE SOLD, • qpHE LANDS of UPPER COOLKERIN, containing hy I Survey, 99 1R. iSP. Cunningham Measure, Arable and Pasture, With SO Acres of BOG, be the same more or less, situ te in the Parish of I. oughgeel, and Barony of Dun- luce, held wider Hooh Mow t OOMSKV, Three Lives renewable for ever; ar each ren- wal;' yearly Kent .£ 13, 10s. Sixty two Acres svt to Four i'en nits, part II years to come from November next, and parr 12 years to cor e, at 5i. id yearly Rent. The remainder, on which ctjllre is lately built a good. Dwelling and Office- Houses, is now occupied by the Proprietor, of which immediate pos- session will be given. Proposals in writing, for one- third, one- half, or the whole, will be received until the iO'h » t Sept mber next, by'JOHN KERR, the Proprietor, who wiil tlievv the Premises, ana satisfy as to Title.. 661) COOLKERIN, July fS, If, 2. TO BE LET, Or thi Interest of the I. e. : re Soil, ' TtHE compact and valuable PS. OPEIt. TY, a: nr- s- nr oc- I cuoied by the Sub eriher, situ, ted on this ro- ti lead, ing to Holywnod, only a few minu'es v/ ak from B'.- I'asr The HotrSi is large snd trtost suS- tantiallv bui t, linisiie. l in a very handsome hi- nner, with On le^- Hoi/ Si- s c inv.- late. , The l. At.- D, which compr- h- nds eiglu Aer - s, chiefly Mea i dow, is in the higtie- t sra- e of perfeiftion, the whole having been covered this season with Manure. There is a most productive GARDEN, stocked with Fruit Trees of the b- st kind,— This Proper ty lus the advantage of the Tide cotfc- irig close up to the Srone Wall which endosas the whole Concern, with admirable Shore for Sea- bathing : in short, so d sirahle a Property seldom appears in the market For further particulars, apply to JOHN WA1 SOU, on the Premises. 662) Belfast, Ju'y 25. AUCTION OF BARILLA. rr I L L 1A M O R R, . NAS JUST LANDED, • 2CP " if3 ALES of A, LICANT BARILLA, $ jr. nice order, which he will . Sell by All6bion, on FRIDAY, the 31 « t infant, at ONE o'Clock, at Mr. HUGH'S Stores, I'Mivgall- Ouav. MACFAK- LAN, Auctioneer. Belfest, July 22. > (< 5^ 5 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 0* SATir& DAT, the 1 < t August, to commcnee at TWELVE o* Clock, at No. 16, Qortt- j\ f. a'Art, '' fvHK STOCK on HAND in the abovs CONCERN, L cvnsistinjf of Bur- ton Ale, in Wood an i Bot| le; Lon- don and Cork Porter ; PortaJbwn Porter and Aler in Woed only; a quantity of empty Hogsheadi and Barrels, & c.; likewise all the: Utensils necessary for carrying ori the Bot- tling Business, viz* a large Bottle Drainer, which contains nearly 150 dozen Bottles; Stilling*, See. Sic.; a Very good Beam, Scales and Weights; also, the Office Furniture, con- sisting of a Desk and Compter, Book- Case, Chairs Sic.; the entire nearly new, and fitted up in the first style. Precisely at TWO o'Clock, the same day, the LEASE of the above eligible and extensive Concern will be # et up for Sale, on which there is a large and commodious Dwelling- House, four stone* high ; an extensive Shop, long; establish- ed in. the Spirit Bm- ine- sj a!^ o, Four large Lofts, Collars, OiEce, & c- in complete repair, and on which there . ha* been lately expended upward,* of J£ 2 © 0. The above is held for an unexpired term of 31 years, with a clause of renewal, of which immediate possession be given. N. B. As tht entire of the above will be sold without reaprve, it will; be well worth t| ie attention of the Pubiic and those in the Trade— Terms at Sale. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. Belfast, July 25. ( S7S WHISKEY. f^ EORGE LANGTRY ic CO. have for VJf Sale, ONE HUNDRED PUNCHEONS Strong well- flavoured WHISKEY. t> 13) Belfast, July 14. A BALE. ri'HF. RE will be a BALL at LisnoaM. on THURSDAY L the ?, 0th of July, for the relief of th; Poor of the Parishes of Lisburr^ and l. ambeg. ADMITTANCE 5'' WM. CALDBECK, Esq. "} Stewards. Rev. JAMES MOREWOODJ Stewi 663) —— £: ioo, .£ 400, £ 500. "\ IITANTED, the Loan of either of the above Sums, up- W . n a Mortgage of a valuable Property in the Town * fA » "" to Pinur MAC,, at the Offie, of Messrs CUMINO & TANNY, Auflioneers, M, H, gh- « reel. ( 671 OATMEAL. to TONS t', e a', ove> of very nice quality, ^ aL (, a6 j„ st arrived from DUBLIN, per the Diifjtib, which will be sold cheap out of the V « ssel, lying at Clnch. s- ter- Quay. 6( i9~ Belfast, 25th July, J812. NEW DEAL CARGOES. THOMAS CORBITT & CO. AVE just landed, from « n board the EiiiaLJb and Per ten, direct from DRONTHON, Tu- o Cargoes Deals and Plank, Of good quality, Which they will dispose of at their Yard, Janies's- strtet, on reasonable Terms for good Payments. Belfast, July 24, 1812. They have also received a Cargo of WELSH SLATES, whijh will !> e sold cheap out of the Vessel. ( 6G$ NEW" TEAS. JAMi JOHNSTON AS just received, fM the lionegatt, in addition to his former Stock, SO Chests CONGO TEAS, f ROM LAST CALKS ; Which, with his usual Eitensive Assortment of GROCE- RIES aud SPIRI I S, he will sell on the l » i » « t terms. ( 558) No. 189, North- street— July 22. NO. 24, HIGH- STREET, TAVE thi* Day imported from £. G » NOON, a Large -*. and Jilegdiit Assortment of DRAH'l was % UKDA/. LIOX'S, OF TIIR NRWI5ST PATTERNS. Also, a Variety of Morocco Papers— Qo! d Papers— Fancy & ultl Papers and Gold Bordermgi— Gold Ornaments— Fire- Screen Handles— Cyprest— Splash, Egyptian & Col- tired Papers— Bristil Card Paper — Draivinn Papers— Aclcrmann s Superfine IV. iter - Colours, in Cakes and Boxes, of varioi:. Siiies— Pnrt Crayon<— Portable IVriting Desks— Gentle- men's Cabinets, Ebony Ink- Stands, l? fc. iSlc. A. 3t D. fl-. trer themselves that the p- ' sent, jn addition to tlieir lorm. r Stock, enable, th- m to uffer to the Public, a variety of tiie akove Ar- i-:!.:-, equal, if not superior, to ." my thing before brought tB this Mark- t. ( 599) July 10. " FURNITURE AND TENEMENTS BY AUCTION, On MONO AT ne ,' t tie 27,4 July inst. at ELEVEN o'Cloct at No. I, MILL STREET, • |" HE entire NEW and FASHIONABLE FURNITURE ... thereof, consisting of Mahogany, Northumberland, Card, Br akfast, I » ier; and Dressing Tables; ' Mahogany an l other Fancy Chairs, Drawers, and Bason Stands; Field Bedsteads, Fearher B - ds and Betiding ; Table Linen ; Pier aud Dressing Glasses; Biass Fender.*; Fire Irons; Stair Rods; Carpets and Carpeting; Kircheis Requisites; Lum- ber, fee & c. At TWO n'C'ock, same Day, will be set up the LEASE of TWO HOUSr. S, No. 75, and 7 « , Mill- street, held for 3l years from November, 1810, at 25 Guineas each per an- . liUni.— Terms at Sale. CUMING & TANNY, AUCTIONCBliS, NO. S4, UlGM- STREI- rr. Enlist. July 18. ( 6GO , TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Oi the Previses on WEDNESDAY the 29th July inst. at the hour of ONE o'Clock, r HAT DWELLING HOUSE, No 68, High- Street.; lately occup'ed by Mrs. M'KUE ; there are ten yeais • » f t'- e l. ease unexpired from November last, at the small Year y Rent ot 16 Gwirjea- s. This HOUSE has been long established, and the situation , loo well known to require any comment. CUMING & TANNY, Auctioneers, j 84, High- Street. Belfast, 2> th July, 1812. ( 668 • TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On tbe Premises, on the 15th August next, if not previously dis- posed of by Private Sale, of ivbich due notice mill be givent ' T'WO SMALL FARMS OF LAND, con- tinted together, situated in the Townhnd of Tullyca,- nett, on the great road front Comber to Belfast, County Down, aud ordy about two and a half miles from Belfast, and four from Comber. No. 1, contains 9 A. 1 R. suhjedl to the small Yearly Kent of f. 1, 2/. 91. per Acre; and No 2, con- tains 9 A. ' 2 R. 30 p.— Rent =£ 3, 8r. 3d. per Acre, held under JOHN M'CANCK, Esq, for two lives. There is ou No. ), a Good DWELLING- HOUSE, and sufficiency of OFFICE- HOUSES for both Farms, all in thorough repair, fit to ac- commodate a genteel Family,; and in No. 2, a good FARM- HOUSE, in thorough repair. The Lands are all in a high state of improvement, well fenced, and mostly all finely ma- nured with dung ar. d lime, and upwards of ten acres now un ler Wheat, and the remainder under Oats and Graz ng. Tile I. ands are naturally good, and fit to produce abundant Crops of any kind, and well worth the attention cf any Far- mer; or would answer well, from the situation, to accom- ' modate a genteel Family. Fifty Pounds deposit required at Sale, and the remainder on perfecting the Deeds. There will be sold on same day, a quantity of Oats on foot. An-- person inclined to purchase, may apply to the Proprietor, KOBT. TO MEN, on the Premises; or CHA3. JEFFERS, Auctioneer. An experienced LABOURER wanted, who ean be well recommended. - Tullycarnett, July 2. SALE to commence at TEN o'Clock. ( CTI4 L07AL ORANGE ASSOCIATION. E the MAST « » S, OrricRRs, and MEM » « M, he. longing to the I. OYrtL ORANGE ASSOCIA- TION, held ill Newry and its Distnft, Eleven Lodges as- sembled to the number of 543 Men, on the 12th ol July, inst. to commemorate that ever memorable day, and pro- ceeded to Newry~ Church, where the Rev. CHARLES CAMPBELL, Vicar » f Newry, preached a Sermon, for Loyalty, Brotherly Love, and true Patriotism, which could not be exceeded; and for which we return him our sincere thanks.— Signed hy order, GEORGE EDGAR, District Master. 657) WILLIAM TRUX. AND, Ditto Secretly. TO BE SOLD, A FARM of LAND, containing Ten Acres, or there- / a. abouts, on the Road from Belfast to Carrickfergui, with or without the Crop, which consists of POTATOES, FLA*, OATS, and HAY. There is a convenient Cabin, Office- houses, and Garden, on the Premises. Proposals will be received by the Proprietor, WILLIAM CHAIO, of Waring- street, No. 42, until the first day of September, 1212, wiien the Purely ill be declared. ( 666 NEW TEAS. JAMES M'MASTER has just Received, by the Donegal, from LONDON. 13 ? Chests of Teas Arrived, 20 Hhds. of Refined l. utnp Sugar, 50 Barrels New- Tori Pot- Ashes, first brands; WHICH, WITH Very Fine and Fine Scale Sugarss, And a General Assortment of Goods in the GROCERY LINE, will be sold on reasonable Terms. 649) North- street, Belfast, July 20, 1812. NEW TEAS & c. & c. JOHN MORROW has received, and for Sale, per the DONEGALL, Fine and Ccm- non Congou Teas, Very Fine, Fitle, and- Common Scale Sugars. Alicante Barilla, American Rosin, Leaf Tsbacca, Fine Cane, Common Roll, Pigtail Tobacco and Snuff, of his onvn manufacture. Which, with a general Assortment of GROCERIES, will be sold reasonably Corn- market, June 24. TO BE LET, For such Term as may be agreed on, That HOUSE in Ballynahinch, fronting ' he Square and Saintfield street, with the LAND, all in the occupation of Mr. Rontsr PATTERSON. Also, the HOUSE lately oc- cupied by Mr. JOHN BELL. Apply as above. ( 670 YARNS Taken from the Custont- House Yard in mistake. 0NE DOUBLE SKIP 50;. COP WEFT, marked on outside * N0.8S—- inside marks, No. 510, and 509. Any Person having the same, are requested to acquaint the Subscribers. THOMAS O'NEILL & CO. Belfast, July 20, 1812. ( 650 WANTS EMPLOYMENT, AS COLLECTOR, OR TO FILL ANY OTHER CONH- J DENTIAL SITUATION, ! A SF. TTLED. STEADY YOUNG MAN, who writes I JTA. a good Hand, and understands Accounts perfetftly, who has filled 1 similar situation heretofore in respectable. Houses, and whose Character, upon inquiry, will shew that he is one in whom the greatest confidence may with safety he placed. His terms will be found moderate, and Security given, if neceswry. j! A Line for H. S. N. at the Printer's hereof, shall be im- mediately attended to. ( 667 IVmllcn, Manchester, $ Weldlx re Stuff • ll'- irth /<•• . NO. 178, CHURCH- STREET, DUISLIS. B. J. M DRRMOTT F » ESPIiCTFULLY begs leave tn acquaint l is Fri- ri In V and th.- Publ c, that he has at present for sale, at Re- duced Prices, an extensive Assortment of .'-/ ootlend'- ape• if, 1 f~/ iist coat ing, Maaches- ter ( roods. SsC. S< c. He also continues to MannSidure WF. LDBORF. S I. UFFS, of the very best Qu ility, atid i, determined" ro s- ll t'le. is on such terms as he doubts not wdl injure his House, that pre- ference hitherto so amply experienced. .( 639 NEW TEAS. " T'HOMAS CHAPMAN, JUN. & JOHN CHARTERS • have some time ago formed a Partnership in the GROCERY BUSINESS, under the Firm of CHAPMAN & CHARTERS, Have received, per the Donegall, Captain COURTNEY, from LONDOU, and on Sale, 30 Chests Vine .. V Common Congou Tea, Which, with a genera! Assortment of Goods in the Grocery Line, they will on reasonable Te nts 648) 193, North-, treet— 7th Month 31st, 1812. NEW TEAS, CASSIA LIGNEA, & CREAM TARTAR. JOHN GORDON TS Larding, from on board the DO'IESALL, from JL LONDON, 57 Chests Fine ana Common Congou, Hyson, and Tiuatikay Teas. 1 Chest Cassia Lignea, 1 Cask Cream Tartar ; Which, with a General aud Extensive Assortment ef Goods in rhe GROCERY LINE, he tviil dispose' of reasonably. 652) Belf . st, July 20, IH! 2. TOBACCO, COTTON WOOL, & ASHES. 81 Hhds, Virginia Leaf Tobacco, 4- 0 of which art of prime quality, 120 Bales Upland Cotton Wool, 4- fi Barrels first sort Montreal Pot Ashes, 42 Ditto, Ditto, New Tort Ditto, 35 Ditto, D tto, Ditto Pearl Ditto, 70 Bales Meant Bjr'nla , Of superior quality, On Sale on moderate Terms for good payments, by THOMAS BELL, May 20. ' 221) S- f, North stroet. M'ADAM & MCLEEIIY inr AVE just received, per the Aurora, from LONDON, I - 1 and have on hand, Fine and Common Congou, Souchong, and Greets TEAS, Very Fine, Fine, and Second SCALE SUGARS, Refined SUGAR, and CANDT, Miserable— / ndigo~ Refined Saltpetre— Rozin, Alicante Barilla — Mustard-— Pimento Pearl Ashes— White Ginger, & c. And an Assortment of SPICES anl DYE- WOODS, which they will dispose of oil moderate terms. They have likewise for sale, NINE THOUSAND AMERICAN CANE REEDS, of an excellent Quality.. 192) Belfast, June 25 BLEACHERS' SMALTS. GEORGE LANGTRT y CO. AVE for Sale, a Parcel of - Real DUTCH BLEACH. ERS' SMALTS, of very fine Quality; A L- SO, American Pot and Pearl Ashes,, Alicant Barilla, Refined Saltpetre, , American Rosin, Fine and Common Congou Teas. 994) Bel fast, April 1ft, 1812. BLEACHERS' SMALTS. R O li /-; R T D E L A P til" AS for Sale, a Parcel of REAL DUTCH, of First - 1 Qua, icy, which he w. H'Sell on very moderate Terms. 630 Belfast, July 18, 1812. BARLEY MEAL & COAK. SE FLOUR, FOR SALE AT ANTRIM MILLS, \ TtrEI. L worth- the attention of the Public, where Ons ' V POUND WHICH r ca > be got as cheap in proportion as a TON.— Any Person purchasing the same, will be pro- tecfed. FERGUSON & LED LIE* Dated at Antrim, 9 h July, 1812. ( 622 ' J Wholesale London Hat IVahhouse. j| - tOL WARD, & ] J NO. 56, LOB U- ST R E E T, LIVERPOOL, ! i EG leave to announce to the HA rTtRs. DR. srtRs. ari<* jj- ' « ir YIiLt. isp. as of Beiflst, and neighbouring Towns, that they have opened a WHOLESALE HAT WAREHOUSE, [| Cotton- Lane, Donrgall- slrect, lktfasf, jj Where a Large, Elegant, and Fashionable Assortment rt every. Article in the above Line, will he constantly fw Sate, viz - v Ladies' White, Black, and Drab Halt and ft mneli, I Children's Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, I Gentlemen's I'. ondnn Beaver Hats, Ditto, Waterproof Heaver Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Silk Ditto, Ditto, Leghorn and Wiltvw Ditto. A I. a^ ge Assortment of MejA ami » •>>"'< HATS, of ei4hf . Quality. FEATHERS and TPi MMINGS, <> f every de- Crmtion. " ( SSS qif'VE OIL, INDIGO, See. GRIMSHAW, MURPHT, & CO. \ RE Landing) a few Pipes OLIVI? OIL, ant have re r. lV ceiyed a further supply of SPANISH FLO^ fA IN- DIGO, and Ground BRAZII. WOOD, which with vhe'r ' General '' uppty of Dye- Stujf,, they art enable i to ditpo. it On moderate Terms. THEY HAVE ALSO ON SAI. K, Bowed, ( Georgia, Orleans, and West hetta ' Cotton- Woof) Pot and Pedi- TAshes, Oil of Vitriol," and A Regn'ar Supply ofFLOU. R. S: J0) No; 50, Mustaf- d- S'reet— June I. NOTICE.. , In tie Mafer of A LL Persons indebted JAMES KILBEE, I to said Estate are desired Bankrupt V to take Notice, that any Ac- 1 counts rtfn doing unpaid on the 1st Ahgust next, will be haiyjed. to tbe I. a a- Agents with direCt oils to take. the mo^ t speedy steps for recovery there- of.— To s., ve such proceedings f> yment . is requested to he direOly made tt) said JAMES KILBisE) » r tile Beila- t Suirat House. ROBERT TENNENF, 1 CUN. GREG, }- Assignees. . JOHN M'CONNELL, J Belfast, July II. • ( 602 PARISH O- F. BELFAST. A NY Person willing to undertake the Viewing and Va- jt\ luing of those parts of'the above Parish, for which Agreements have not keen erne ed into, is requ - stsd to ap ply to Rev. EDWARD MAT, or Mr. 0 « st rT, at the Castle- Office, immediately. - And the Parishioners of said Parish' are hereby cautioned, not to draw the J ythes of the tame, under penalty of being sued for Subtraction. Citations will be issued for all arrears of Tythes, outstand- ing on the 1st day of Augd- t next. EDWARD MAY, JUN. Vicar. Belfast, July 1, 18.12. ( 5.53 p . T.-->— iThe Public are respectfully inform- f rT-?; ed, dut the following , JUv'T a BVR. ITI AB TB A. NPBSVJ, ® ? 7 REGULAR TRADERS Jgfc^ sii. Will sail for their respective forts, A. with the first fair iPinil after the dates mentioned : FOR LONDON, The armed brig FACTOR, M'NIEC- In a few days The armed brig DONEGALL, COORTENAT, 14da} » alter. FOR LIVERPOOL, The FANNY, MARTIN... In a few days. The CUNNINCHAM BOYLE, Ben, Lijiit days after. FOR BRISTOL, The DRAPER, M'MJLUN 20th August, FROM LIVERPOOL ? OR BELFAST, The CERF. 3, SAVAGE 20th July, The ANN, SHEALS Eight days after. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brijf LAGAN, HONHINE......... 15th August For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OOI1. BY, Abchurch- YjrJ. Gentlemen who have Linens to forward, will please send , them to GEORGE LANGTRY j Ur A few stout l . aJs Wasted as Apprentice*, to the Sea. HOPS, & LONDON DOUBLE BROWN STOUT. i^ fdE SUBSCRIBER has received per the WNBJ, from LONDON, SLvtif Pockets HOPS, Growth 1811, of very fine Quality, and Sixty Hhds. of high flavoured Double Brown Stout, Two years old, engaged to stand any climate, and are cow selling at his Store in ByrtVefltry, High- street. PAT. DONOHOO- Belfast; June 23. ( 49* ( GLU'E. '" jpiHE Svnsc. RtDtRS have ready for sile, BEST and IN-' li- FERIOR GLUE, of this year's MahufaSure ;• which, with their usual assortment af SOLE and UPPER LEA THFR, will be disposed of on moderate Terms, for good Payments. M'KIBBIN & JOHNSTON. 29, Mill- street—- June 29. ty The DWELLING- HOUJJE, NO. 19, Mill- streee to Let. ( 53:* BARGAINS. HARDWARE, TOTS, Vt. Vs. •" F'HE SUBSCRIBER intending to relinquish tl « 1 HARDWARE and TOY l'RADE, will sell off his STOCK at First Cost. Persons wanting Goods of this description in the Whole- sale Line, will find them worth their notice. GEORGE M'ADAM. No. 19, High- street, July 10. ( ei 1 . GEORGIA COrtON- WOOL, ORLEANS Do. Do. POT ASHES, SICILT BARILLA, LEAF TOBACCO, For Sale, on Reasonable Terms, by JAMES KENNEDY, Belfast, May 19. Donegall- Quay. ( 212 DUTCH SMALTS. A'pHOMAS BATT has just received EIGHTEEN il ^ CASKS, of a remarkable fine Quality, for Sale, with 200 Bales New Alicante Bariila, 40 Tons Teneriffe Ditto, 450 Bags Pernambucco Cotton, Oak and Pine Timber, Deals, Plank, £ sc. 6fI6) July sa, 1812. SCARLET, WHITE, Sc BLACK CLOTHS. Ij'OHNSON & FISIIER have received, by the CUM- OJF N1NOHAM B » TLT, A fresh Supply'of Scar let, lVhile, and nlach Cloths, Which have been carefully chosen, and will be sold cheap. Belfast, June29. ' r The Public are respeftfully - nform- __ Si ® ^, ed, that it is intended the following N. E. TRADERS aMfSSxMs^ Shalt sail at the undermentir, oedpcriodsi '^ « f^&_ FOR LONDON, The armed trig BRITANNIA, ABERDEEN, In a few days. The armed brig VENUS, PENDLE ION...... 14 davs after. These Vessels being arnied and completely well found, Insurance by them wiil consequently be effected on tha most reasonable terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, The ST. PATRICK, CAMPBELL 25th July. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The KELLY, M'ILWAIN.,... 25th July. The NEPTUNE, DAVIDSON Seven days aftet. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig LEVANT, M'KIBBIN,,. First fair wind. The armed brig VlNB, MONTGOMERY 14 days after For Freight, in ' London, apply to Messrs. WM. & JOHN WHARTON, Nicholas' Lane; or, in Belftst, to R. GREENLAW, Agent, Who will receive and forward LINEN CLOTH and other MERCHANDIZE WIT* CARE AND < « . IRP* E& fj- A few Stout Lad* wanted as APPRENTICES to the Sea, to whom libers I Fncoura^ ement will beiyiveo mm FOR GLASGOW, The BETSEYS, ALEX. NEII SON, MASTER, ( A constant Trader), Now loading, to sail in a few days. FOR DUBLIN. The DISPATCH, JAMMOS..., TO sail 1st August. . For Freight, apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY, The HAWK, M'C6RMIC « , at Glasgow; and the BEE, RANKIN, at Dublin, are loading fo. t Belfast. 672) Belfast, July 24 TO enmrn^ Apply to GRI1 Belfast, July 14, MONAGHAN ASSIZES The Assizes for the County of Monagan com- menced on Kith July intt. before Mr. Justice Fox, in the Crown Court, and Mr. Justice OSBORNE RA, the Civil. GRAND JUITY. Charles P. leslie, Esq. John johnston, Esq. Richard Dawson, Esq. Wm. Mayne, Kstj Edward Lucas, Esq. hu. Jackson, K « |. John Madden, Esq. James Daniel, Esq. Alex. Kerr, Esq. Wm. Henry, Esq. Dacre Hamilton, Esq. James. O'Callaghan, Esq. Robert Lucas, Esq. John Forties, Esq. Wm. Foster, ESQ roger Anketell, Esq. Richard H. Mitchell, Esq. brab. brunkcr, Esq. SkefF. Hamilton, Esq. Nath. Cooke, Esq. Joseph Plunkett, Esq. James M. Barton, Esq. Walter Tyler, ESTF Chas. EVATT, Esq. Sheriff • The following trials took place at said assizes. James Kelly, convicted of using an unlicensed still at Kathleen, on 23d June last.— To be imprisoned three months. Laurence Halfpenny, for stealing a cow the proper- ty of Philip M'Connin, on 21st June last, at. Par- raghey.'— Not guilty. Patrick Duffy, convicted of using a still at Anna- glave, on 23d March last.— Imprisoned a month. John Alexander, convicted of a similar offence at . Annya on 7th November.— Imprisoned three mrjiuhs. Sarah Scott and Catherine Nixon, convicted of shop- lifting and other felonies.— To be transported for seven years. John M'Cabe, Patrick M'Cabe, and Cormick Duffy, found guilty of using a still.— To be im- prisoned three months each. James M'Eneany and John Callaghan, found . guilty of similar offences.— To be imprisoned three months. Owen Pree for like.— Imprisoned a month. francis M'Kenna, James M'Kenna, ami Kd- . ward M- Caghey, for a riot, and assaulting William Betty, collector oft X.-' S, in tbe execution of his duty at Mulnacash on the l. ith M iv last.— M'Kennas guilty ef the riot, and Edward M'CaUghey of the riot and assault.— The M'Kennas imprisoned three months.— M'Caghey imprisoned six months and fined live marks. been abused, this witness saw Clarkin and the other prisoners in a crowd ; Clarkin in custody, the i » -:! iee two mitrht be in custody, hut did not appear to be- so, but to be walking through the crowd like oth'- r me:'. Witness took bold of Edward Finlay and MiChael Slavin and detained them, having heard they were concerned; hid conversation in the course of- that day with Clarkin and the other prisoners after the time that Marks had spoken to them. But here the Counsel for the prisoners again objected to this wit- ness giving any evidence of sucli conversations, for the reason that they b » - ing had subsequent to the hopes held out by Mark, must be considered as being giver. under influence of those hopes.— The Judge consi- dered the objection as availing, and Gray's ex iniin t- tion clos" d.— Here ended evidence for prosecution. Terence Conlan, has been long acquainted with prisoner Clarkin, who lived some time with him as servant ; he was an honest, quiet, well behaved bov. This was the only evidence offered on the prisoners behalf. Judge Fox in a most faithful recapitulation of the evidence which had been adduced, and upon which, as he went through it, he observed with his usual point and perspicuity, charged the Jui v ; who, with- out delay, returned a verdict of guilty of murder against Clarkin, and he was sentenced to be executed on 20th July. James Slavin and Edward Finlay were acquitted of the murder, but convicted Ot a riot and assault.—>• Slavin to be imprisoned a year, and Finlay six months, and then to give' security to keep the peace, them- selves. in . CM), and two securities in' aCiO each. Several persons were acquitted ot using stills, and other pel^ ty offences. SLIGO, JULY 17.— Bryan M'Owen and Owen O'Neill were put on their trial for the, murder of Patrick Moorhead, a Constable in ihe Half 13 irony. of Coolavin, in this County, in the m mth of No- vember last. The principle testimony on th.- p itt ' of the prosecutinfy. jySs that of an approver, nani- ed'M'Gowan, and whose general charter, toge- ther- with,- a variety of circumstances developed from his own d'teft and cross- examination, exhi- bited a context'of profligacy and determined vil- lainy, seldom. exceeded in the annals of human depravif- y. After three hours' patient and most deliberate investigation, during which, several wit- nesses were examined, the So'icitor- Genertl ad- dressed the Jury with a degree of impressive si » • lemniiy, eloquence, and legal ability, having the4 effedl not only of fixing their peculiar attention, but of- etciting the'admiration of every individual in Court-; after which the Jury retired; for a f,; w ipinutes, antf returned with a verdifl, acquitti g both Prisoners. His Lordship, however, ordered the prisoners- to find . hail to a large amount for rheir future'good behaviour. - e . . . ' I. i n L BILL FOR^ SKQUKING THE DUTIES OS . MALT. There is n Bill now in progress through Par- liament, for the better securing the Duties on Malt.— The preamble sets forth as follows: Whereas it- has been found that the existing regulations are insufficient to protect the Revenue arising from Malt, and that various frauds are " practised in. . respect thereof; the Bill, therefore, enacts, that Maltsters shall so construct their cist- erns, that tlie'Officers may have free a.? ee$ s to two opposite sides, and, if of certain dimensions, to provide a ladder and plank to enable the Officers to guage every part of them. If any Maltster, or maker pf Malt, shall neglect to construct tho cisterns for wetting or steeping of Grain, accord..- ing to the'manner and form directed by the Act,' or to provide the ladder and plank before men-. - tinned, he shall, for each, and every such. offence, forfeit a sum, to be fixed in rhe Committee on the Bill. The Bill also provides, that Maltsters are not to empty their cisterns more than once in four day. s; and that they shall euipty at the same time all their cisterns, having com in steep, at the same time. With respect to the floors, it enacts, that Malt- sters shall not have more than five flpyxi oCM. ilt arising from the same cistern, In their Mal'- houser, at the same time. The Bill further provides, that ' Maltsters are to lay the floors of Corn in succes- sion according to seniority, under a penalty, to be subsequently fixed. A penalty is also to attach to Maltsters, if any- increase be found either- im the floor or on the kiln, exceeding the rate of 17 bushels for evary 10 bushels of the best cistern or couch guage..— The Corn is to be laid even on the kiln by Malt- sters, in stich regular form, as may enable the Ol- ' ficers of Excise to guage the same under a penalty not yet stated. ' rhe Bill next provides, that Maltsters shall riot mix corn of different wettings, either oa the floor or on the kiln, or if they so offend, shall be for each such oiience subject to a penalty. A fine is also to be imposed on Maltsters for removing Malt from the kiln before it is completely dry, or for assaulting, opposing, mqjesting, obstruct- ing, or hindering any Officer or Officers in the due execution of this Act. The Bill then enacts, that all fines, penalties, • and forfeitures imposed by this Act, shall be sued fpr, recovered, levied, or mitigated by such ways, means, or, methods, as anyone, penalty, or for- feiture may be sued for, recovered, levic- d, or ' mi- tigated, by any law or laws of Excise, or by anv action of debt, bill, plaint, or information, in any of his Majesty's Courts of Record at Westminster, or in the Court of Exchequer in Scotland, re- spectively ; and that one moiety of such fine, penalty, or forfeiture, shall be to his Majesty, his heirs, and successors, and the other moiety to him, hfer, or them, who shall inform, discover, or sue for the same— Another clause has reference to the 152th of Charles II. and extends the. powers of that and other Excise Acts to this Act, and tlie last clause provides for the commencement of the Act on a day not yet named. BELFAST: Printed" and . Published by DRUMMOND ANDERSON, f T Self and the other Propr etors, every Monday, H ', dnuda T an '. Saturday. - Price of the Paper, when seie in any part of the United Kingdom, 8/. yearly, pa .1 ' oadvanr-. AOINTS— Messrs. Taylcr and Newton, Warwick- s^ I, nt - don— Mr. Bernard Murray, 166, Ok! Church wreet, Dul- lin— Mr Jan. Anderson, boolcsel er, Edtnhtirjih.— Mr. J .-,. Lang, poet- master, Newry— Mr. Sam. Peoples, po « t- ni, • ter, Derry— Mr. W M'Williams, jun. Arnwiih , V. Thos. Morris, postmaster, 1. organ— Mr. Wm. Adure . Ran ' alstown— Mr. John Sharp, Colerain— ML, John Leetch, Ballymena— Mr. James Ward, lisburn. i FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. • ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Jtrir 18. Copy of a Letter from Vice- Admiral Sir JAMES SAU- MAREZ, Bart and K. B. to JOHN WILSON CROKER, I Esq. dated on hoard his Majesiy's ship Victory, Wingo I Sound, July 8, 1* 12. Ji SIR— I have the highest satisfa/ LKM in transmit- ; ting to you, to be lard before the Lords Commis. sinners of ihe Admiralty, the enclosed letter which ; I have this day received from Captain Stewart, of j his Majesty's ship Dictator, detailing '. lie particu- j lars of a most gallant exploit perfumed by him j and the two sloops and the gun- br'g named in the ' margin*, upon the Danish friij/' te Nayaden, three I large sloops of w » . nume'. ous gim boats, with- ! in th<" rocks of Marclt, » . ne coast of Norway, I supported by batteries QT{ tj, g shtre; in which the • enemy's frigate has r, wn totally destroyed, and the sloops of waf completely di; S% d, besides several of the gu' .. boats sunt. It is impossi' for me to express in an adequate manner the Undaunted spirit displayed by Captain Stewart, intj aH the officers and men under bjs orders- in this arduous enterprise, which I am sure'' j will be duly appreciated by their Lordships. Captain Stewart speaks in the stronc st terms of the gallantry and zeal of Cap'ain Robilliard, of the Podargus, and Captain Weir, of the Ca- lypso, and Lieutenant Th . mas England, com- manding the Flamer gun- brig also of Lieuten- ant William Buchanan, First of the Dictator. Herewith is also transmitted, the list of the ere- my's force, with tne returns of tbe killed and wounded on hoard his Majesty's ships— I liave the honour to be, ( Signed) JAMES SAUMAREZ. His Majesty's ship Diibtor, in the Sleeve, July 7, 1812. Sn— I havi: the honour to inform yoti, that yesterday evening, being ofF Mardoe with the brigs named in the margin f. mast- heads of the enemy's squadron were seen over the rocks ; and Captain Rnbilliard, of the Podargus, in rhe mn< t handsome manner, volunteered to lead the squadron in to attack them, he having a man on b. iard acquainted with the place ; and as neither the masters or the pilots of either of the ships con- ceived themselves equal to the charge, I did not hesitate to accept his kind offer, well knowing that the British flag would meet with nothing but Iiononr in such hands. In the entrance of the passage the Pod- trgus unfortunately took the gra- siid; by which circum- stance I was deprived of the valuable and gallant services of her Commander during the remainder < f the day, and was, in consequence, obliged to h- ave the FUmer to her assistance ; but in Captain Weir, of the Calypso, I found every thing that tould be wished for, which, in a great measure, made up for the l" ss which I had sustained in the Podargus and Flamer. By this time, half- past seven r. M. WE had arrived within one mile of the enemy, who were running inside the rocks under a press of sail; the Calypso, which had also ground- ed for a short time, was now leading us through the passage, and both she and onr-. elves engaged with the squadron and numerous gun- boats— However, at half- past nine, I had the satisfaction, after sailing twelve miles through a passage, in some plac? s scarcely wide enough to admit of our studd ng sail booms being out, of running'the Dilator's bow upon the land with her b road si o towards the enemy ( within hail) as per margin J, who were anchored with springs on theii cables, close together, and supported by gun- boats, in the small creek of Lyngoe, the Calypso roost nobly following us up. In half an hour the frigate was literally hatter, ed to atoms, and the flames bursting forth from ker hatchways; the brigs had also struck, and most of the gun- boats were completely beatei> and some. sunk. The atfion had scarcely ceased, and the ship s> float, than we found r. urselves again attacked by the gun boats which had retreated on seeing the fate of their squadron, and tv « re again collecting from all quarters; but Captain V'eir, of the Calypso, having taken a most advantage- ous position, engaged them with the greatest gal- lantry and effetf ; indeed I am at 3 loss how to express my approbation of the prompt exertion of this gallant and meritorious Officer. The I'odargus and 1' lamer, in tne meantime, were warmly engaged with numerous batteries i and gun boats, both brigs being aground ; but j bv the uncommon exertion and extreme gallantry j of Captain Robilliard, and the officers and crews of the brigs, they at last got afloat very much cut up : on this occasion Lieut. England particu- larly distinguished himself. Atfthree A. M. having got the Dictator, Calyp- so; - and prize brigs in the fair way, we attempted to get out through the passages, when we were assailed bv a division of gun- boats from behind the rocks, so situated that not a gun could be brought to bear on them from either vessel ; in this situation both prize brigs grounAed. and not- withstanding every exertion on the part of Lieut. James Wilkie, of this ship, in the Laaland, who had extinguished a fire on board her which was burning with great fury, and Lieut. Hooper, of the Calypso, iu the Kiel, we had to abandon them complete wrecks, humanity forbidding our setting them on fire, owing to the number of wounded men they had on board. I cannot conclude this letter without mention- ing in terms of praise Mr.|\" Villiam Buchanan, the First Lieut, of this ship, a most gallant aud ex- cellent Officer. From the nature oi" the attack, I have been ob- liged to lengthen my report, probably more than the service performed justifies, but in that case, I trust you will only attribute it to my anxiety to endeavour to do justice to a set " of Officers and men, who, I am sure, have done their duty to ad- miration. The conduct of every individual on board '' is Majesty's ship I have the honour to has been highly meritorious, and I ^^ fl^ KT < - add the names of Lieuts. Duell, B^. ' wards, Captain Triscott, Lieu- and Lieutenant F. M'Nama- • tafc^ Mr. R. West, the Mas- • Uee, the Purser. The the Surgeon, to our ^ Kier,' gen brig. ^ Vnier, gun- brijj. ^ fe- ie, Kiel. own men as well as our enemies, has been beyond all praise, and he speaks in the highest terms of Mr. Sanderson, his Assistant. Captains Robilli. ard and Weir mention the conduct of all their Of- ficers atid men to have been such as characterize Britons on such occasions, and I am sure I can with great justice add my tribute of applause. Enclosed I have the honour to transmit a list of the killed, & c.; although I cannot help deplor- ing the loss of so many brave men, it is much less ihan could be reasonably expeiled. The Danes acknowledge to have lost about three hundred killed and wounded; I rather suspeft five. Our ships have suffered extremely in their hulls, masts, and rigging. I have the honour tn be, & c. ( Signed) J. P. STEWART, Captain. To Sir James SauinareZ, Bart, and K B. Vice- Adm and Commander- in- Chief, & c. STATEMENT OF THE ENBMY's FORCE. Nayaden, of AS guns mounting 50, long twenty- four- pounders on the main- deck, aiid .120 men. Laaland, of guns, lon « eighteen pounders, and 125 men. Samsoe. of 18 guns, long eighteen- pounders, and 125 men. Kiel, of 18 guns, long eighteen pounders, anil 125 men. Twenty- five gun- boats, carrying each two long eighteen or twetity- fcur- pouuders, and from 50 to 60 men. Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missin?, on board his Ma- jesty's ships Di& ator, Podargus, Calypso, and Flamer. Dictator— 5 killed; 16 severely, 8 slightly wounded. Podargus—- 4 severely. 5 " lightly wounded. Calypso—: t kdla. l • t severely wounded ; 2 missing. Fliirter— I kiiled; 1 severely wounded. Total— 9 killed; 26 severely, 13 slightlv wounded; 2 missing. J. Y. ^ STEWART, Captain. List of Killed and Wounded on hoard his M. jetty's Ship Dictator, 7th July, 1812. KILLED— Thos. Barnes, seaman; Christopher Lewis, ditto; John Sullivan, ditto; Abraham Ladd, marine; William Rolf. boy. ; WOUNDEII— John Merick, seamjd, dangerously; John Loyd, private marine, severely; William Roger-, ditto, ditto ; John Ooodhew, seaman, ditto; Joseph Bull, ditto, ditto; Samuel Davis, ditto, ditto; John Dixon, Vitto, ditto; Francis Emanuel, ditto, ditto; James Kendal, ditto, ditto; James Chandler, ditto, ditto; Richard Sanders, ditto, ditto; James Black ( IstJ ditto, ditto; Moys Hulotte, ditto, ditto ; William Lane, ditto, ditto; John Manuel, bov, ditto; William Quick, ditto, ditto; Mr. Hooper, midshipman, slightly; Thomas Broderick, private marine, ditto; John Nesbi. t, ditto, ditto; Thomas Farmer, captain's clerk, tlitto; John Ball, seatoari, ditto; Jeremiah Wanlien, ditto, ditto; William Richards, ditto, ditto; John Flynri, ditto, ditto. ( Signed) J. P. STEWART, Captain. ANDREW HAY, Surgeon. I rt of Wounded on board his. Majesty's Sfciop Podargus, in action the 7. th July, 1S12. WOUNDED— John Ladan, able seaman, severely; William Clary, ordinary seaman, ditto; John Cook, ditto, ditto; William Lane, supernumerary, belongi. ifr 11 hi- Majesty's ship Diikator, ditto; Mr. Gawatt, purser, slightly ; Mr Rohitliard, volunteer, 1st class, ditto; James Boyie, able seaman, ditto; Joh. i Rock, ordinary seaman, ditto; Wil- liam Marlo » , private purine, ditto. ( Signed) WM. ROBI1.' I ARD, Commander. J. DADO, Surgeon. List of Killed and Wounded on board his Majesty's Sloop Calypso, on the 7th July, IR12. KILLED— John Ward, marine; Jam- s Blake, ditto. WOUNDID— Wnr. Todman, ordinary seaman, dangewusly ( since dead); Nept Mussared, able seaman, severely. H. WEIR, Commander. List of Killed and Wounded on hoard i, is Majesty's Brig Flamer, on the 7th July, 18i2. Kn. l. fr—- Donald M'Neal, ordinary seamalt. WouNoeo— Mr. James Powell, midshipman, slightly. THO. ENGLAND, Lieutenant and Commander. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, JI; LT 18, 18J2. Copy of a Letter from Captain WEIR, of his Majesty's Sloop CalypsoJto JOHN WILSON CROKER, Esq dated off Yar- mouth, the 14th Inst. Si » — I beg you will be plea- set! to inform my Lords Commissioners of fliA Admitalty, that on my passage through the'Sleeve yesterday, I spoke the Nimble cutter, wllich had been dispatched to reconnoitre th? ij- tsmjr's position in Not way : tits Commander of which informed me, that best. Irs the frigate, one sloop was totally destroyed, and the rest disabled, which account coiresponds wtih my o, wn observation during and subsequent to ihe atfion. J. inclose a report of the Danish force prior arid since the battle, fiom which I trust their Lordships will be satisfied they can t- ffeiS nothing of impoit- ance this summer.— I have the honour to be, & c. Henry Weir, Commander. DANISH FOR. CE, f » TH AND 7rH JULY, 1812. Nayaden, of 48 guns, twenty- four- pounders, and 3S5 men, burnt. f. ogaip. of 20 guns, twenty- four and eighteen- pounders, and 120 men, burnt. Laaland, of - 0 guns, and 120 men, taken, much burnt, but afterwards abandoned, as it grounded. Kiel, of 18 guns eight. » n- pounders, and 120 men, ditto, ditto. Samsoe, of 18 guns, eighteen- pounders, and 120 men, struck. Alaart, of IS guns, eighteen- pounders, and 100 men, lay- ing at Christiansand. Seagull, of 16 guns, eighteen- pounders, and 100 men, lay- ing at Christiamaud. I. angeland, of 18 guns, eighteen- pounders, and 120 men, ditto. Alren, of 18 guns, eighteeu- poundera, and 120 men, ditto. Gun- boats out of number. ( Signed) HENRY WEIR. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, JUI. T 18. Copy of a Letter from Captain Ross, of his Majesty's Sloop Briseis, addressed to Rear Admiral MARTIN, and trans- mitted by Vice Admiral Sir JAMES SAUMAREZ to JOHN WILSON CROKEI, E « q. His Majesty's Sloop Briseis, off Pillav, June 29. SIR— I have the honour to inform you, that, in pursuance of your orders, I stood in yesferday to communicate with the merchant vessel Urania, in Pillau R « ads, when I perceived her to be in pos. session of the Frenth troops, and that it was in- tended to destroyed her on our approach ; I tack- ed and stood off, judging it the most likely way to save the ship ( which was employed by Messrs. Su'. ly and Son on the part of Government) from destruction, and the remainder of her cargo from failing into hands of the enemy, to surprise her in. the night. Lieutenant Thomas Jone* ( 2d) First of *! ie Briseis; Mr. Palmer, midshipman, and eighteen men, were sent in the pinnace on that service at midnight; when within pistol- shot, they were . hailed and fired upot by the enemy, who had six guns and four swivels on board the Urania, which was surrounded by craft and boats; but every obstacle was oirercome by the gallantry cf Lieutenant Jones and his crew, who gave three cheers, boarded over the craft, and drove the ene- my off deck into their boats on the opposite side, leaving behind part of their arms; the cable wus then cut, and she was brought out, together with a French scout that was employed unloading her. On our side 1 have to regret the loss oi one seaman ( J - n Cooper) k lied ; Jaseo Cook, se>- jeant of royal marines, badir ; Mr. Palmer, mid- shipman, and one seaman ( Robt. Starkins) slight- ly wounded; but the enemv must have suffered far m re severely, from being exnosed, in their turri, to the fire from the Urania afcer they had abandoned her,— I am, & c. JOHN ROSS, Com. To Rear- Admiral T B. Martin. THF. KING, T. MICHAEL CLARKIN, JAMES SLAVIN, ANP edWArD FInlAy, FOR THE MURDer OF ROBERT HUGHES., B l ire the Hon. Justice Fox and the following Petit Jury :— Andrew Moorhead, Wm. Smith, Walter Bell, John Mitchel, Alexander Thompson, James M'birnie, George Stewart, Thomas Blair, John Johnston, John Sloan, Francis Campbell, Alexander M'Fadden. hugh Gault— An Apothecary and Surgeon, at- tended Robert Hughes at a house on tbe road side n< » r ' Ballibay.. on Sunday . morning the last day of MSy last ; Hughes had several bad wounds when witness was introduced to him— one wound on the head, one 011 the aim, and one on the side. Hughes was speechless'r. t the timeV- lived a short while; wit- ness opened his head, it was much fractured, and must have been done by a heavy blunt instrument. Has 110 doubt Hughes died of the wounds he received'; be- sides the wound in the head, the collar bone, the shoulder bone, and the principal bone ot the left aim, were broken. Henry M'Cabe, was acquainted with Robert HugheS deceased. He met his death on Saturday the last market day of Ballybay, in the latter end of May. Witness saw him first at Robert Dixon's in . Ballybay on that evening. Witness and Hughes left Dix- on's in Older to go towards home together ; as they passed by m'Naghtin's ( publican) which was in thei. way, they called in there. It was 9 o'clock when they first met; it was between 9 and 10 o'clock that they stopped at Dixon's. Hughes, the decea- sed, was paymaster Serjeant in Mr. Roper's yeomanry corps ; he was dressed in his yeomanry uniform that night. At M'Naghtin's house, Hughes was going into a room wanting a glass. M'Naghtin's wife pre- vented him, saying, he bad nons of his company in that room. She refused to give the deceased and witness any drink. Hughes and M'Naghtin's wife had some further conversation near the door of the 100111 into which he had wanted to go. Heard voi- ces in that room ; the persons might have heard and seen, and he believes did hear and see witness and Hughes. The witness and deceased went from M'Naghtin's house towaids Aghnamullan ; there was not ; « uy pei son with them, but they were soon over- taken a few perches beyond the bridge, near B llybay, by Jauies Slavin ami Edward' Finlay. James Slavin welcomed Serjeant Hughes ( the deceased,) home from Armagh. He asked Hughes, was he as strong in the Protestant religion as he used to be ? Hughes said he was, and would die so. James Slavin replied, he could beat ever a Protestant that was on the road. Witness said these were foolish expressions to pass upon the road at such a time of night, and advised Slavin and Edward Finlay to walk on about their bu- siness. Witness is a Roman Catholic. They pas- sed forward a little space, but did not go above 24- perches, when Michael Clarkin and Michael Finlay, also coming from Ballybay, likewise overtook witness and deceased. Clarkin, as he came up to witness's left hand, looked close into witness's face. Hughes was then at witness's right hand. Clarkin said what, dont you like a Papist, Henry ? Witness replied, good night, friend— I believe it is not a Papist you want. Witness, and the two Finlays, and Clarkin, and Slavin, and Hughes, had been all previously well acquainted. Witness cautioned the party not to med- dle with any person in his company, or they would be sorry. Upon witness saying this, Clarkin, the pri- soner, knocked witness down, but he does not know with what. At this time of the assault all the four persons weie about witness and Hughes. When he got up, the foui men were gone and the deceased re- mained. Witness was much stunned, and Hughes helped him up. Hughes had nothing but a light stick or cale stock in his hands. After witness was knocked down he was so stunned that he could not perceive what abuse the deceased met at that time. Witness and deceased proceeded across the hill 011 the road to the old school- house, which is about 100 perches iVuni the place where witness hud been knock- ed down Mi ihat*! Clarkin and F: nl- rv were starrd- ing up against at ditch on the road side under shade of a bush ; the pl.- fce where they were lying in wait was within about L'f} perches of the school- house • they did rtot perceive Clarkin and Michael Fiolay. w. ho were thus concealed, till tliey came within about three yards of tliem. Hu- jhes, the deceased, was on wit- ness's ri ' ht hand, between witness and the place- where said men wvre lying. Hughes'called out. Boys are you waiting again for OS,; the sa'd last two mentioned men made- no r.' ply, but rushed forth and separated Serjeant H- ighcs and witness on the road ; rhey staggered witness- to one side, and took Hughes away about 20 yards off ro tiie side of the road near the ditch, knocked Jiim down, and layed on him with some weapon which appeared, like a bar of iron, or the barrel of a gun. It was the prisoner Clarkin who hid that weapon in his hand ; as soon as the. persons who had abused Hughes had gone off, and that wit- ness recovered himself, lie called to an acquaintance who was coming- u|> behind him on the road to assist him and Hughfj, and not allow them to be murder- ed. Witness saw Clarkin and Michael Finlay fly off, otv: went clown the road, and the other got over the ditch on the road side ; he found Hughes sense- less ; his face was ail bloody ; witness wiped the blood off his face and tried to prevail on him to speak, but in vain, he was speechless ; he never spoke afterwards, a. good deal ol blood was flowing from his wounds. • Witness took deceased into the house of one Wal- wood, which was on the road side, near at hand.— Doctor Gaulr was procured as speedily as poss> u. ® ; to deceased, who languished . for about 2£ hours, ancl died. Frank Biyans was the name of the person whom he had just before called on to assist him and Hughes. Bryans did assist witness in carrying de- ceased to Walwood's hbuse. Cross- examined.— It was between eleven and twelve o'clock at night when tiie blows wx- ce. give. n,. ij. was not a very dark night ; has been examined several lines, and always when examined gavr tllf same ac- count, wishing to do- justice. Admits that he sard. on the morning after rhis transaction that he did ' not know the names of the persons who had- killed the' deceased, but- he accounts for this by saying, that he wished that Edward Finlay and Slavin should pro- duce the persons who had been with them, rather than that he himself should declare th;.- m.— Was examined before the coroner, did not say on the inquest that- Finlay or Slavin |] ad nothing to say to the murder.— Was examined hy a magistrate befoc'e he attended On the inquest. Does not think ' he saifl at the inquest thjit the blow had been positively given with a . stone. Knew the men we!,!, - and they- knew him, and they kn ew - tivat he iv- neiW them. It was* about seven or ejght o'clock tin the next morning that he went be- fore a magiynrt?: Saw Brians before witness got up to deceased, when ' witnes£' called'' Brians, witness, was between Brians and deceased! When.. witness1 was before the magistrate lie might iiavtf SrffW " tjjfe the wound was giver! . by a stone or s£) me deadly wea- pon ; he,. could not be yet sure with whidh it was gi- ven, but rather believts that it was given jvith a bar of ilon. If he said'beforejlhe magistrate that it was positively a stone,*' he swore different from, the' rgd, fact, but did not mean to do. so, and, said that lie was much confused and through- other on that morning with fright and grief. Was examined before the. Re'v! Henry Roper, anil the coroner, and narnec} th<- per- sons as he has this day naih'e'd fllelST" Prisoners' were taken before the inquest was held. Witness was nut as well acquainted with Clarkin as with the other pri- soners, because lie is'ofte'ner from home than the othrfrs. Witness had taken some drink in flit market of Ball- y- bay, hut not much. Hughes and he drank no spirits, but merely " some small quantity, of beer. Neither wit- ness nor Hughes were the least intoxicated.; they could walk or run either, and, they got occasion enough to run that evening. Catharine M'Naghtin lives with her husband in Ballybay; keeps a huxtry;, sometimes giv « s drink in her house to her husband's friends ; knew Michael Clarkin, James Slavin, and the two Finlays ; identi- fies the three prisoners as being Slavin, Clarkin, and one of the Finlays. They ' with the other Finlay were in witness's hpuse that evening, Knows M'- Cabe, the last witness and knew . the deceased ; they also came to witness's house ; they wonted drink, which she refused them,, not having any for sale.— Hughes and M'Cabe Said they would get it some where else, and they walked " off. The conversation between witness ancl M'Cabe and the deceased was irt their usual tones, of voice.- The prisoners and' t'he other Finlay went away - together, some time after Hughes and M'Cabe had gone q- way., ,. r Michael M'Caffray, black- smith, lives'at Ballybay\ recollects the market day in Ballybay, on 30th May last ; points out Michael Clarkin at the bar. Prison- er called on witness on that dav, and left with him a crow bar to have it Welded. Prisoner , shortly after- wards called bick and paid for welding it. He then went away and returned in tile evening wanting the crow iron to take it aWayf Witness sent his boy- with him to the foi'^ e to get the crow iron. Did not see Clarkin afterwards on that evening ; the crow iron Was not, in the forge the next morning; it had been taken away. The crow iron was now produced to witness, who believes it to be the same as the one left with him by Clai kin ; the iron produced is weld- ed in the middle. John Owens, a yeoman, was one of the party who took, Clarkin, the prisoner, on the Sunday morning upon which the deceased died.; Clarkin was standing in his shirt on the floor of the room, in which were two beds. After they had brought the prisoner some distance, Witness thought, it would be right, and therefore sent a party back to look in the house for the crow bar. Moses Cherry, he was another of the party who took the prisoner Clarkin, at his uncle's house; after they had taken Clarkin and came away some distance, witness and others were sent back to said house to search fot the crow bar; they found it in the loonr where prisoner had been apprehended, concealed un- per one of the beds. The crow iron wait produced to hi in ; identifies it as the same found by him in Clarkin's room. William Mark, Serjeant in the Monaghan militia, was one of the party who guarded Claikin in the guard house of Ballybay, on the morning when he was taken ; had some conversation with the prisoner on the subject of Hughe's murder. Here the wit- ness was stopped in his examination, owing lo his re- plying to a question put by the prisoners Counsel, that he had held out hopes to prisoner if lie would confess his crime and turn King's evidence. Samuel Gray— On the mOrning after Hughes had * Upon referring to the examination lodged fey this man before the magistrate, us well as to to the dominical ot' the evidence before tin- inquest, it appeared that he had not saul that the wounds had been given by a stone, and that his examination and evidence before ' the inquest ex « i; U)-' tallied with fhiU given this d « > in CuuVt.
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